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No. 458822

No. 458830

Unpopular opinion,
I don't like when the OP pic is not an image of an unpopular opinion thing.

No. 458831

I decided to check out Megan Thee Stallion because so many people told me how amazing she supposedly is, but that mv is just plain disgusting. Why are wealthy and powerful women doing this to themselves??? It's like they're no longer real people, they're reducing themselves to gigantic shaking asses and tits. Repulsive and sad at the same time. Call me sheltered but I find that disturbing to look at.

No. 458832

I haven't watched but the thumbnail looks like a video that you would only ever see on BET uncut (late night cable). Now it's just out there for girls to see easily.
Maybe the thumbnail is misleading and I'm too old.

No. 458834

i'm pissed the vent thread OPs are no longer actual vent pictures

No. 458837

Propaganda so other women believe that being a hoe is soo ~empowering~ and other women will emulate them. Tbh this song fucckkkinggg sucks and Megan isn’t even hot

No. 458839

My straight friends all talk about how mediocre dick is, these women all sing about how great dick is.. who do I believe? lol

No. 458844

The visuals are straight up a worse Nicki Minaj. Wasn't cute on her, isn't cute on this bitch.

No. 458846

i'm straight and the average dick is extremely mediocre, your friends are right. a man who actually knows how to please and isn't selfish is one of a kind.

No. 458847

I honestly just like content and don't care the slightest about the creators. I almost feel like walking in a mine field every time i mention something i liked consuming because someone would go "but anon! how dare you, dont you know that artist flipped off a fan 3 years ago?!!!" ugh.

Are you listening to a song to see if you like it or are you googling the artist entire life to see if its ok to even listen to the song and see you liked it? give me a break. A movie or an album or a tv show won't suddenly change their intrinsic qualities because one of the artists is a meanie or a nazi or even a criminal. Let them go to jail but don't start messing with me and start shaming my taste in media if i still enjoy the work for what it is.

It sounds ironic because i am on a gossip site but i really only find entertaining to be voyeuristic with trainwreck people who are not even famous, not the Kardashians or Quentin Tarantino. I really don't care about the creators that much and find cancel culture a silly concept at best, a dystopian phenomenon with scary implications for the future at worst.

No. 458854

This is utter garbage, holy moly. I only know one female rapper/artist who’s empowering an have great messages an is really talented an that’s Snow tha product. I may be biast but I also use to enjoy nicki at one point long long ago aswell so.. take it as is, go listen to snow and see how you like her.

No. 458865


I hate rap, hip hop, reggaton, trap, all that shit so fucking much.

No. 458875

I agree with you. Celeb women do not even register as actual women to me. They're like… plastic beings. I caught a glimpse of this cardi b x bernie sanders interview, and bernie looks like a (ugly, haggard) regular old man and cardi looks like a plastic doll.

I am not looking forward to that Stripper movie with JLo coming out and hoeism being cool for the next couple months.

No. 458898

yeah its stupid. I hate how every single uo thread is linked too, there are too many to keep doing that now and no one is ever going to re read them anyways. only link the last one or don't link any at all.

No. 458899

I used to think I just hated rap/hip-hop because basically the only thing that gets popular is cumbrain/porn star aesthetic BS like this and Cardi B.
I wish more female rappers like Janelle Monae, Kilo Kish, Noname and Angel Haze were popular. It's never them, and always this shit instead. I'm fucking tired of hearing about how great it is to be made of plastic and have straight sex. Pop music and culture is so annoying.

No. 458912

>I used to think I just hated rap/hip-hop because basically the only thing that gets popular is cumbrain/porn star aesthetic BS like this and Cardi B.

i hate it all, even the ones who think they are being artsy fartsy and clever. I detest all of it. Its all a scourge.

No. 458921

male rappers act like trash all the time and sing about sex and barely anyone says anything, not to mention male rappers can look like fat fucking goblins and no one says anything but female rappers have to spend thousands pumping up their lips, tits, ass and sucking fat out their waist because anytime a female rapper doesn't look like a complete freak of nature nobody in the community can never stfu about her ass and tits

anytime ariana grande involves herself in the rap community literally 90% of the discussion is about her body not being curvy enough, it's ridiculous, meanwhile most male rappers are hideous potatoes and no one says shit(pink-pill derailing)

No. 458934

Y'all need some early 90s Queen Latifah in your lives if you don't have her there already. I actually didn't like the music as much at first but I loved the message in "U.N.I.T.Y." and really wished we heard more women rappers like this in the mainstream. It's grown on me so much musically and I just really love that this was a hit.
"Who are you calling a bitch?"

No. 458935

You're entitled to your (wrong) opinion, anon, lmao.
I hate all flamenco music.

No. 458936

Anon, are you really somehow still surprised when you come across misogynistic double standards?

No. 458937

man I love this song. i love queen latifah

No. 458939


Rap is to music what Le Petomane is to theater.

No point discussing on the quality of the farts.

No. 458941

Once more, you're entitled to your (wrong) opinion, anon. Not sure why you reported to me, but there's no accounting for taste.

No. 458948

I'll be that bitch and say I secretly love making fun of ugly folks with shitty personality. Unless it's a disability or deformity, I'll take every cheap shot I can get. Like damn you're ugly inside AND out. What came first the chicken or the egg?

No. 458949

Agreed. The only male rappers I even give the time of day are either clipping., now-irrelevant ones from the 90s, or little no-name internet ones.
I'm tired of hearing all these ugly, loud fuckers encouraging drug dealing, abusive behavior, and happily insulting all girls that don't look exactly the way they want them to.
Rap needs to go down the same path as rock IMO. The edgelord scrote-made trash gets old, so it's shuffled into its own little territory (sort of like how genres like "pornogrind" aren't considered the face or pinnacle of rock or metal music as a whole) and the artists that get famous are the ones who actually start creating sincere work with meaning. I don't care if people just want something to shake their ass to in a club, I'm just sick of that sort of thing being given all the accolades, and I'm done with men getting passes to do, say and look however/whatever they want (and this is both in and out of rap).(pink-pill derailing)

No. 458951

Same, I used to think I hated all rap but then I looked into female rappers, rappers from foreign countries and those who rapped about different topics than the typical ones in rap music. So many popular rap songs (and the videos that accompany them) by males are extremely misogynistic and I feel like nobody talks about it enough. Maybe they do in fact but in my experience everytime somebody tries to bring it up online people always have to derail it with stuff like "but classic rock is misogynstic too". I totally agree that classic rock and other genres also have their issues but we can still have a discussion on the issues with rap too.

No. 458954

Hey, fellow Snow fan! I love her, she's so fucking good and I hope she doesn't fall prey to this shit. I was a Nicki fan too, and I still love listening to her older stuff……I hate how it feels inevitable, like you get a female rapper who hits a certain point and she HAS to go sexdoll. No one gets to stay normal.

No. 458957

>>458955 goddamn, is spelling that hard? Good unpopular opinion tho, i do not agree but mumble rap is fucking stupid imo.

No. 458964

the only male rappers/group I listen to Akala and The Coup. And only just like 5 coup songs because I like the beat.

anyway this song is what made me decide to completely drop mainstream male rappers. i still give women a try now and then but i'm tired of the hot girl summer shit.

No. 458971

>Maybe they do in fact but in my experience everytime somebody tries to bring it up online people always have to derail it with stuff like "but classic rock is misogynstic too".
I think people who say this are missing the point that rock largely cleaned up its act. It has long since been allowed to expand and prove its versatility in content, lyricism and execution. The misogynistic shit may still exist, but it's not what's centered as the face of the genre anymore. These days, when you say "rock", you can mean anything from the earliest stuff, like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, to The Beatles, to your local emo kid's favorite band (MCR), to riot grrl, to Arctic Monkeys, to someone like Mitski. It's diverse to the point where if you say "I hate rock music", people will probably look at you funny and/or think you're an autist.
On the other hand, when you say "rap", most people who haven't done a lot of digging will just think "Oh, like Chris Brown, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj? Uh…Lil Peep?". If you say "I hate rap music", people will probably assume you just hate misogynistic, superficial, and/or hypersexual lyrics, because that's basically the only content that gets praised. The true versatility and artistic potential of this genre is completely ignored in order to sell the same shitty images and stories that we've all seen. It's annoying. Logically, saying you hate rap in itself makes about as much sense as saying you don't like hearing the human voice in music at all (and there are actually people like that, though it's pretty rare) unless it's singing, but because we're shown the same annoying iterations of rap repeatedly, the entire medium of creativity is pigeonholed. 99% of its potential is not allowed to blossom, and I hate that. I was surprised to learn that even Nicki Minaj has some good music ("The Crying Game" is lovely), but with shit like this >>458831 and Anaconda making up the bulk of her most popular tracks and repertoire, I can never call myself a "fan" with a straight face. There's too much garbage mixed in, and she's constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator by stuffing her ass and portraying herself as a sentient blow-up doll whenever possible.
Also, this is an unpopular opinion, but if Chris Brown and xxxtentacion are allowed to be famous despite being objectively horrible people, Azealia Banks should be allowed too. Awful words and actions aside, she runs circles around all the popular rappers these days. At least all her music doesn't sound the same, and isn't solely about being a stripper or having huge tits/ass and getting money.

No. 458982

I get that Snow is a good rapper, but anytime I've tried to listen to her music it's just so fucking boring and bland. She isn't a good songwriter imo. My favorite female rappers are Jean Grae and Rapsody.

>Also, this is an unpopular opinion, but if Chris Brown and xxxtentacion are allowed to be famous despite being objectively horrible people, Azealia Banks should be allowed too. Awful words and actions aside, she runs circles around all the popular rappers these days. At least all her music doesn't sound the same, and isn't solely about being a stripper or having huge tits/ass and getting money.

I've always thought this exact same thing. Obviously Azealia is a mentally ill shit-stirrer but nothing she has done or said is objectively worse than anything popular male artists have done. Chris Brown literally tied to kill Rihanna and people still defend him to this day. When it comes to Azealia though people say she can't be the GOAT because she's an "asshole." Meanwhile, Nas was accused of abuse by his ex-wife Kelis.

No. 458992

Seconding this.

Also, when I decided to accept that I just didn't like male rappers, I immediately had such a better time. Who are some of your faves, anons? I like Leikeli47, Sammus, Nitty Scott, Sampa the Great, Nadia Rose, Lady Leshurr, and Jean Grae of course. The fact that Jean Grae never got bigger really chaps my ass, it feels like there's no room for her. I always think like, could we ever have a female Frank Ocean? Who's THAT good and THAT boundary pushing AND female, without reducing her to something more consumable?

No. 458994

Tierra Whack is good for non-sexualized rappers. I like Doja Cat too, she's sexualized but she does it in a weird, funny way, almost like parody so it doesn't bother me as much.

No. 458996

I was about to mention Sammus but you beat me to it, Psalm One and Tierra Whack

No. 459001

Lil simz

No. 459002

Her bars are flawless anon and she isn’t sexualised at all

No. 459003

This is the only good male rap song in the past ten years and no one can convince me otherwise

No. 459004

Rico nasty is also a cool, non sexualised female rapper.

Fucking hell. Azealia Banks really is a tragedy. She runs circles around other rappers females and males, lyrically. She's a great lyricist and story teller. I like how some of her songs like miss camaraderie sound like fables. Mental illness and substance addiction really is sad.

The bar is so low for male rappers, I don't even bother listening to male rappers.

No. 459006

Ooh wow. I'm new to rap so everything in this post is new to me I can't wait to check it out. I've been working my way through things sort of chronologically and my personal favs so far are

JJFad, but they are very hit-or-miss
Yoyo, particularly Make Way
Champ MC, particularly Ghetto Flava
Lauryn Hill, every album great
Rapsody of course, I'm addicted to the song "pay up"

I work alone long hours in a lab so I can listen to the filthiest shit I want however loud I want it's lovely. My guiltiest pleasure is Deadly Venoms but I wouldn't reccomend them. Unless you're into that. Their vulgarity is cathartic for me.

No. 459012

The second you make a topic or opinion about gender politics is the moment it becomes derailing.
The pink-pill thread exists for a reason, use it.

No. 459014

Some more female rappers that haven't been mentioned yet: Gifted Gab, Blimes, Omeretta the Great, and Rocky Badd (but she's always involved in a lot of beef.)
The Buttress is also very good, especially if you like rap that sounds wutang-esque.

No. 459038

File: 1567837345325.png (780.17 KB, 463x613, lmao.PNG)

Indie weeb designers make ugly as sin clothes

No. 459040

Not really an unpopular opinion except on this message board, but I like h3h3. Ethan can be obnoxious and out of touch sometimes but I actually like them as a couple and like their podcast. Plus Hila is cool.

No. 459045

I don't really like the fact that children/family movies have "adult jokes" in them; not necessarily because I find it inappropriate, but because it seems people think the only way an adult could enjoy something for kids is to shove sexual jokes and stuff. Idk I find it very immature and stupid, like adults can only enjoy something is there are suggestive theme in it

On a kinda related note, adult cartoons fucking suck. They're not for adults at all, they're made with the ideas that teenagers have of adults - swearing, drugs, drinking, sex, dirty jokes. None of it is funny and interesting in the slightest. And I'm sick of fourteen year olds thinking they're some philosopher because they watched Bojack Horseman and think they know everything about life and the world. I dislike this promotion of nihilism and making everyone think it's cool and smart to be miserable, and these kinds of show just reinforce that, consciously or not

No. 459059

Same, i dont really get the hate. Some bits can get annoying and its not my fave podcast i go to when I need something in the background but i do keep up with it and its alright.

I like that he was the only one to speak up about pedo Michael Jacksons documentary without being a pseudo intellectual trying to grasp at straws to prove that michael wasnt guilty.

No. 459060

late 90s/early 2000s fashion was a fucking train wreck, and I hate seeing twenty and thirty year olds go on about how cool it is while dressing like their pre-teen selves. When somebody posts an outfit inspired by that time period its always stuff 11-16 year olds wore. Nobody ever dresses like an adult from then because the clothes were ugly AF.

No. 459061

I hate most things about that era honestly..

No. 459064

The only male rapper I frequently listen to is Aesop Rock

No. 459069

Mainstream fashion yes, it was awful. But I like the kinda grunge Avril Lavigne style and I would wear it again.

No. 459080

File: 1567849897330.jpg (284.4 KB, 1300x1233, destinys-child-arriving-at-the…)

I think the appeal is how relaxed they were compared to today, kids dressed like kids and not businesswomen or fashion models, teens could dress like teens, college kids could dress like college kids and so on, your facial features, makeup and hair wasn't analyzed by everyone, people actually looked human and not like dolls, you could dress fun and comfy and style yourself and your room in such a way, you didn't HAVE to dress like in expensive overdone clothing to look good and put together, it wasn't a big deal if you didn't have your ass and hips stick out 4 feet, phones were simple and you could go out and have fun without everybody snapchatting every moment

now it just feels like if you go out in something colorful or you don't have a perfect figure, you end up on some fashion don't twitter post because some asshole took a creepshot

No. 459081

Same. He’s tops.

No. 459084

agreed but I could add I understand if people want to be poly, I'm not one to judge until they themselves start judging others

most young western polygamous people are either weird fat fucks who go on twitter too much, insecure thots, trendy tumblr folk, or involves an obvious shitty relationship dynamic of the girl being insecure and desperate and the guy being a bitter needy insecure asshole

No. 459085

Im tired of seeing this cause the 2000s was mean as fuck to every woman who didnt have a perfectly skinny barbie figure, so much even Beyonce was fat shamed by a lot of publication and people because of her so called big thighs and not having a size 00 body. Yeah no one could take creep shots but the 2000s were mean as fuck for women. Yeah its true you didnt have to look extremely perfect and snatched like you do now but there were still overaching anal perfectionist standards put on women. Honestly I say everything after the 90s as far as female beauty standards have been too porn influenced and awful.

No. 459086

I like Megan but yeah I gotta agree, cause her lyrics dont make much sense to me since she brags about having a big ass and sexualizes other women and basically only praises men for having dicks and says her only type is money, effectively catering to this sex worker aesthetic lifestyle that is destroying the mentalities of people consuming this shit.

I mean, personal life and rumors aside, cause I heard Meg was bisexual and fucked women, but her lyrics dont even come across as that, its just look at me im hot, my body is sexy, i use it to get money off of men, hmm hmm reducing myself to a walking stereotype is so empowering guise.

Like what I dont get is why she cant make music focusing on a mans physical traits, or charisma, or sensuality, thats empowering no? Its fucking stupid old school songs do this more than a so called post feminist society lmao

No. 459089

>Im tired of seeing this cause the 2000s was mean as fuck to every woman who didn't have a perfectly skinny barbie figure, so much even Beyonce was fat-shamed by a lot of publication and people because of her so-called big thighs and not having a size 00 body. Yeah no one could take creepshots but the 2000s were mean as fuck for women

I guess, but it wasn't as rampant as it is now, the worst they did back then was leave an unflattering magazine article, nowadays if your body isn't perfect nobody can shut up about it, you get meme'd over twitter, anytime your name pops up anywhere half the comments will be about your body, they didn't over-analyze things like ratios, shoulders, chest width, etc. you can still be considered attractive and feminine even if your nose isn't small and button-like or your lips are pumped to your nose

I'm not saying shaming never happened but it's definitely not as insane, obsessive or strict as what people nowadays are doing

No. 459091

I guess yeah compared but I dont have good memories of the 2000s tbh. But then again my dumbass was on the internet most of the time in the 2000s so all I saw was the rude autism become mainstream by the 2010s that I always saw.

No. 459093

Thanks Anons for all the women rapper suggestions!

No. 459100

It's nostalgia goggles, you're remembering the positives. Beauty standards were not lax in the 2000s, you were likely too young to see things properly.

No. 459120

File: 1567866211955.jpeg (34.28 KB, 450x299, 56BA972D-1984-4D8B-AC04-3E2182…)

Sushi isn’t that great.

No. 459122

I don't like it with raw fish, but cooked crab sushi is absolutely delish

No. 459123

File: 1567866358193.jpeg (498.17 KB, 1936x968, 85A44735-87BF-4A3B-B079-9BCFC2…)

Unless you consumed a lot of age inappropriate celebrity content, you probably were too young to absorb those messages.

I was subscribed to CosmoGirl in the early 2000s, this magazine was targeted at young girls and was filled with diet and exercise advice, which would never happen in a magazine now. Celebrity gossip rags like Star would shame any celeb woman who dare left the house not perfectly made up and publish the photos for everyon to see. Britney Spears was mercilessly mocked by the whole world for putting on a few and performing the 2007 VMAs and not being perfectly thin.

No. 459126

File: 1567866586485.jpeg (52.44 KB, 300x300, 05B6707D-E6D4-44F9-9A97-E28D85…)

Quotes from an archived Today.com article called “Was Media unfair to called Britney Spears Fat?” dated September 10th, 2007

>But what about the nastiest comments of all — those about her body? “Lard and Clear,” read Monday’s headline in the New York Post.

>“The bulging belly she was flaunting was SO not hot,” wrote E! Online. And so on.

>More profoundly, in an age where skinny models and skeletal actresses are under scrutiny for the message they’re sending young girls, what does it say that we’re excoriating a young woman for a little thickness in her middle?

Keep in mind, Britney only looked like this. Things aren’t perfect now, but Lizzo was able to perform on that same VMA stage a couple weeks ago. A fat woman would’ve never even been invited to the VMAs back then.

No. 459127

I grew up in he 90's with no internet and only magazines and kids/teen TV to influence us, the 90's mags were cruel when it comes to how they wanted young girls to look. Nowadays they might favor a small waist but bigger bum/hips/thighs but in the 90s the pressure was on to be skinny from head to toe

At least now naturally hourglass or slightly pear shaped women are seen as having a womanly figure, 'tiny all over' was the only acceptable option back then

No. 459131

i wouldn't mind if laboratories used felons for the testing of their experiments. they are completely useless anyway so their existence could at least have some meaning.

No. 459135

I've heard of lab rabbits being blinded by having products put in their eyes. Now that you mention this it'd be a way of dealing with sex offenders, especially pedos. Blind them seeing as men are so visual when it comes to sexual enjoyment

No. 459171

This era was so fucking stupid, I swear. Thats why I cant stand any praise for it when they basically shamed women for looking like women. God forbid you have sexually dimorphic features unless youre a porn star, oooh no.

Shit like this makes me honestly annoyed as fuck.

No. 459172

what about the wrongly accused innocents in prison

No. 459179


I always felt like that after mid 90s era was just punishment for feminism gaining traction in the 60S and 70S. Like you sluts dare ask for female empowerment? Okay, suffer the consequences and now you either have to be skinny anachan tier or a bimbo porn star to be considered beautiful in our society, or we will mercilessly mock you. It felt like some fucked up psyop thing tbh

No. 459184

File: 1567871907368.jpg (153.04 KB, 925x1280, b13d472a2b75f9e7dfd98fb1f75881…)

Yeah, I'm really gonna need people to pull back "girls could dress like girls and things were better!!!" style talk. Jesus, even a little further back, the mocking of Monica Lewinsky as "fat" was EVERYWHERE, and like, sure, you can cherry pick one picture of Ashley Tisdale looking like a young girl, but there were fucking "countdown to the Olsen Twins' 18th bday" on the radio, all the Friends girls were RAIL thin, and even Christina Aguilera's first big single was about "you gotta rub me the right way~." The makeup was subtler, but it was still there, and the emphasis on these insane impossible perfectly flat stomachs was omnipresent.

I don't think there was a "better" time. It's all just worse in different ways. You go back to the 80s, it was hyper toned, giant titted, enormous hair Barbie types. The forties and fifties, women were wearing girdles and tons of makeup and heels. You go further and you got corsets. There were maybe eras where we were more forgiving of certain flaws, but there was no time when things were really, actually better.

No. 459192

File: 1567872052818.jpg (15.17 KB, 166x258, Backlash,_first_edition.jpg)

This might be interesting to you, anon. Written in 91 so it's not exactly the era you're talking about, but you're onto something. I'm reading a book right now called 90's Bitch that's similar, and I'm really digging it so far.

No. 459196

My memories of the 90s are teens writing into agony aunt pages about wanting boob jobs and it being the time when fully shaved pussy really became an expectation

The fashion was trashy, I'll always remember a store near me selling 'bald pussy' T-shirts that had a print of one of those hairless cats on it.. it was a store for 13-17 year olds, not even adult sizes. My mother was horrified when we spotted it and I pretended I didn't know what it meant

No. 459201

File: 1567872680357.png (278.33 KB, 653x410, Queen_of_Mean.png)

It's nice to see that disney kids can now have body types that aren't rail thin

No. 459202

Yup thats about that time when pedophilia became en vogue.. seriously fuck this decade everything suffered from it, obesity rates, fashion, music, entertainment, just fuck it.

Thanks anon, I will check it out!

No. 459205

It's for the ones who we do know are definitely guilty.

No. 459218

While the look of the 90s-2000s wasn't great by any means it was and still is more healthier compared to the shit that's being peddeled today

Comically large asses,boobs and lips and woverall women looking like carcicutes of human

No. 459219

I don't think female pedophiles are anywhere as bad as male pedophiles

Let young boys be in relationships with older women

No. 459221

They are vastly unhealthy in different ways. Before was starving yourself to death to be thin. Now it's plastic surgery and body modifications galore. Pick your poison.

No. 459222

Hard disagree.

No. 459223

Both are bad

No. 459224

Next is gonna be eating yourself to a comawhile having pedophiliac features as much as possible. Its gonna get worse

No. 459225

TBF starving yourself to death is cheaper then surgeries and body modifications and also one recover from anorexia but surgeries and body modifications leave permanent damage to the body

No. 459229

Yeah but it fucking sucks. What if I wanna build muscle because I love being active? Starving myself just aint gonna cut it. And to be frank, I will always love eating , which is why I make my physical activity level high, which I love to do, specifically so I can lose weight while still eating a lot. Also, starving makes you weak, and frail, and is a very misogynist ideal to put on women when you specifically want them like that cause its sexy for scrotes. I dont like it.

No. 459231

I agree with the first part because almost all male pedophiles penetrate their victims and that is very physically damaging and emotionally traumatizing for the child. Female pedophiles still cause emotional damage even if there usually isn't any physical harm or penetration, still doesn't mean they should be in relationships with little kids.

Anon, staring yourself is very damaging. Your body is literally cannibalizing itself and leads to organ malfunction and failure. In severe cases you can't recover fully from it. In comparison breast/butt implants, liposuction, fat transfers aren't nearly as bad. Ofc they are not natural but none of those cause damage to your major organs like heart, kidneys, liver, as well as your hormones and reproductive system. Starvation destroys your whole body, not to mention how it worsens your mental health as well, when your whole body is practically shutting down.

No. 459233

recover from anorexia

I've always heard that anorexia is like alcoholism, that it never fully leaves you and you can relapse at any moment or under enough stress

The whole big ass trend is weird to witness as a 30 something year old. A big bum was the one worst thing that you could have when I was growing up. Funny how quickly trends change

No. 459235

I personally prefer this era because there's more variety. The Kardashian look may be in vogue, but before then, it was either the Paris Hilton/"porn star with huge tits but everything else skinny" look, or the heroin chic look, anyway. Plastic surgery addiction is definitely not being newly introduced to the "trend" lexicon.
Besides, it's not hard to find alternatives at all. The internet has made it all so easy. There are so many aesthetics to mix and match, all sorts of individuals doing their own thing that you can look up to, and so many different communities to join so you can find "your type" of people in. Things have really changed for the better. I think this is the only era where Lizzo, Adele, Normani, Grimes and Ariana Grande could've all been successful at the exact same time. Fat is okay, skinny is okay, muscular is okay, and almost everything in between is acceptable as well. Compare that to the insane standards and nitpicking of >>459126.
The only downside is that even non-celebrities, when creating an internet persona, are expected to be polished and retouched to perfection, to the point where it defies reality.

No. 459238


No. 459253

File: 1567877591436.jpg (103.52 KB, 675x1200, DqcycI5W4AEQy37.jpg)

niche rant incoming, but my unpopular opinion is that i think the white pube (uk "art critic" duo) are a pair of posh, hypocritical, fake-woke, spoiled children.

i tried to get on board with them bc they seem to be in high demand at the moment and i thought i was missing something. turns out i wasn't. anything they don't understand (art history, for instance lmao) they declare irrelevant and try to say things like love island and the legend of zelda are more culturally enriching. to me it just screams wilful ignorance of all the really hard work contemporary art historians are putting into decolonising art history.

they went to the rca and have an inflated sense of importance/ego as a result. they act as though they are above reproach and criticism themselves because of their "positionality" (both liverpudlian, i think, which they seem to think makes them some kind of oppressed because they're not londoners? one's british asian and one's just a regular ol' white uggo who claims she's working class). this is something that especially pisses me off actually bc they're from such privilege (i hate this game of oppression top trumps but they're such big players of it that i feel i have to mention it) - the bame one's dad is a fucking investment banker and the other one owns a gallery in her mid-twenties (don't care how you rationalise it, that reeks of family money). and again, both studied at the rca which is off-limits to anyone from an actually poor background bc of the living costs in london and the expectation that your family will contribute towards your education. like any posh fake-woke kids, they seem to obfuscate this because it compromises their image. all of this has afforded them this sense of superiority where they feel justified in attacking ppl and responding to honest criticism with nastiness, blitheness, and siccing their followers on the commentor.
for instance if either of them saw this, i can guarantee it would screenshot and put on their insta with some shitty comment, and their hoardes of lazy, ignorant student stans/early career art kids would be like omg girls no u r the best, everyone donate to twp's patreon 4 emotional damages and their intellectual labour!
that's another thing, it always seems like these characters are constantly lauded for their Very Important Work - it's some kind of catchphrase in sjw circles.
they're also so incapable of discussing their thoughts and takes and ideas that they frequently close their comments sections, which actually seems like shitty praxis for what they're purporting to be all about.

the thing that really soured them for me though was their attack on nina edge (picrel), a bame artist who does work for housing in liverpool, who tweeted through a community account that she was legitimately concerned about the safety of women with the introduction of self-id laws. that was it. they witch-hunted her on social media and sought to get her fired from her position at ljmu. completely disregarding the fact that edge has been operating on the "right side of history" since before they were even born - in active, beneficial roles in bame, lower-income, and rural communities. what the fuck are they doing for others? all i see them doing is travelling, playing the fucking nintendo switch at "work", bullying or shitting on people, and refusing to learn anything that is remotely challenging or grow as people???? so intensely self-righteous and ignorant.

and they're somehow above reproach. perhaps because weak art students love their idea that you don't have to care about learning anything important or difficult, because you can just use identity politics and """intuition""" and an overgrown ego born from personal privilege to just thug your way through stuff.

No. 459268

i know she is a tool but i love simply kenna/cozykitsune's style and aesthetic. imo she is gorgeous

No. 459279

This isn’t really unpopular though. While most people hate Kenna herself, they still like her aesthetic.
I personally don’t like her aesthetic because it’s just plain boring.

No. 459289

i think she's really pretty with natural styles

No. 459368

Kenna is actually quite pretty and I don't see what's so sperg worthy about her, at this point it just feels like dried milk and lots of weebs being jealous of her

No. 459372

do ppl really hate lil lunchbox? i watch her vids once in a while and she's cringy but entertaining. she seems like a pretty decent person too, she just got issues lol

No. 459377

I'm not a big fan personally, I find the all brown autumn theme a bit lame. The pink/pastel colour scheme was nice for a while but she stopped that already.

Anyway, ever since reading the spergy jealous nitpicking about her on PULL she seems infinitely less tragic compared to how pathetic some weebs can be. Her existence just reminds me of them instead of the dumb shit she's said/done herself.

No. 459416


on her premium snapchat she always tell us to have a nice day and stuff

No. 459436

why do people even like Steven Universe? i tried to watch it and i only made it a few eps in, it didn't fucking interest me at all and I didn't care for it, tried to watch it and didnt understand what the hype was, ppl who aren't tumblr sjws like it too… and what is supposed to be appealing about it, what?

like call me a nostalgiafag… but I'm not really fond of modern kids cartoons and every one I've tried to watch hasn't appealed to me at all, I barely get into any of them at all, but I can rewatch stuff from my childhood all day and I can watch some modern adult animation, maybe it's the generational gap?

No. 459446

i think lil peep was actually a really talented kid and fairly introspective without flexing too much and he was actually pretty unconventional in some respects considering his surroundings

No. 459447

Yeah maybe you’re just getting old anon.

No. 459450

I can vibe with a bit of Steven Universe. I enjoy watching cartoons made by people who grew up watching
the same cartoons I watched growing up. I would never admit this in my normal life lmao

No. 459451

Idk. I’ve watched it and I don’t call myself a fan, I don’t like it but I don’t hate watch it either. To me it’s just a show I picked up and binged a season because it was colorful, it was there and I stuck around to see how it ends. Maybe with a little Stockholm syndrome and thinking, until it ends, there’s a chance it’ll stop being boring and wishy-washy. Well I stuck around and it doesn’t get any better.

There’s a lot of weird "ironic" humor in modern cartoons (and SU) that I don’t like because a bunch of bland cal-arts adults digging elbows at each other doesn’t make up for the lack of soul in a good cartoon and being ‘self-aware’ doesn’t mean the execution wasn’t flawed or that your concept was shit in the first place. To be honest, if you’re an adult and you’re not minding anyone’s kids I think there’s no point in watching children’s cartoons when there is a whole world of other media out there to engage with that isn’t restricted by who it’s aimed at. To actually answer your question I think SU’s ‘popularity’ is down to its LGBT clout while it’s trendy and turbo nerds can salivate over the anime references. If this aired a decade ago I doubt there would be any lefty Tumblr people for it to appeal to. Tbh all the fans of this cartoon I’ve seen are twenty somethings with zero culture and heavily involved in fandoms.

No. 459454

It Chapter Two is a whack ass comedy film smh

No. 459460

Came here to post this exact thing anon kek Its not better than that cheesy ass 1990 mini series. Ending was boring and the movie is way too long for what it is.

No. 459509

Oreos are fucking nasty and disgusting

No. 459512

True but I legit think it's hard to adapt the adult part of IT anyway. They even cut out some plot points that would have made it even funnier (the turtle and bill's wife ordeal).

No. 459518

Stephen King fucking sucks and I wish more people would recognize that.

No. 459525

I'm British and I think they taste awful. The biscuit part is so dry. Custard creams are better.

No. 459526

He does but I really liked the Stand.

No. 459553


>creepy fujo aunt has looged in

No. 459560

I remember this pathetic libfem going around on this website whining about the ebil radfems on pinkpill and gender critical, saying that this site had a "female pedophile" problem saying that the women on this website were encouraging female pedophilia and that it's not as bad as male pedophilia. a bunch of anons pointed out that this was bullshit. this is probably her just being a salty cunt trying to make us look bad. or it's a scrot doing the same thing.

what the fuck does "pedophiliac" features mean? do you mean retaining child like features?

No. 459565

I don't care how good it is, no superhero/capeshit movie deserves any movie award.

I really hope you're joking

No. 459566

I mean penetrating someone against their will or when they are underdeveloped is worse than other types of molestation cos pain and injury are an added reality but it's still fucked up

Boys who are sexually abused can grow up to become pedos themselves so it creates a cycle of more kids being abused..

No. 459569

>I don't care how good it is, no superhero/capeshit movie deserves any movie award.

The promotion budget for Joker alone is probably a lot more than the production budget for all the rest of the movies on Venice.

Its very skewed. Like how they keep giving Pixar the same Oscar award for animation every year. The other movies that compete all have like a tenth of the budget and are these passion projects that take forever to complete but its always some Pixar 200 millon dollar movie that gets it at the end, for everyone else being a nominee is a good enough award.

No. 459572

70s were the pedo decade.

No. 459574

I miss the HWNDU stream and some parts of the first seasons are really wholesome. I still go and rewatch it from time to time :(

No. 459581

Is that omocat?

No. 459595

Not on that mainstream and consumerist level the 2000s did though

No. 459598

Not that anon but this looks like something Mookie would draw? But it's been a while since I followed either of them and I have no idea if Mookie is willing to draw things that are not related to haikyuu.

No. 459607

Chocolate flavor is meh, Vanilla is infinitely better.

No. 459611

brittany's boyfriend was hot as fuck

No. 459665

I hate the level two chef guy from these series of videos, people who laugh at their own jokes are obnoxious and his laugh makes my ears hurt. Dude needs to lay off the helium and food network for a couple days.

No. 459666

How is she a fujo if she's saying 'let young boys be in relatonships with older women'?
A fujo is a girl who likes BL (pedophilic or not) not straight pedophilia.

No. 459674

the one who had a meltdown over eggs or whatever?

No. 459676

The horror movie music in the audio of the video gets me every time.

I hate Brittany Venti but I was actually really worried about her when her boyfriend started breaking plates in front of her and screaming at her, dude's not right in the head.

No. 459679

yeah, he is really handsome. he kinda looks like leonardo, river phoenix and the alikes. such a shame that he's nuts.

No. 459686

in that he looks like squinty-eyed white trash with a perc habit from loxahatchee as do the rest of them without the styling, i guess.

No. 459688

hard agree

No. 459690

oh hai yaoimaster

No. 459694

wanting to fuck other people while in a relationship is just as bad as literally cheating. just NOT doing it is only better in that there's no health risk and risk of literally leaving, but it's just as bad otherwise. most people shouldnt be in relationships.

so many people are allowed to lust over others while in relationships and it's seen as ok because they don't literally cheat. what's the difference? the desire is still there

No. 459696

same, such a shame "vanilla" is used to describe something basic or unadventurous. have you TASTED vanilla?

No. 459704

True, we should all chemically castrate our partner and ourselves immediately upon entering a relationship!!

No. 459705

Retard-chan, you can't control attraction. I'd agree if you said something like "continuing to fantasize over and cyberstalking other people while not single is cheating" I could agree but you literally can't control merely being attracted to a random person.

No. 459706

attraction doesn't mean necessarily wanting to fuck someone, but if you're the type of indiscriminate person that desires lots of people sexually (as many men are), i dont understand what the point is of being in a relationship that emphasizes monogamy. i don't want to fuck other people. i expect the same of someone else. i guess that's not so common or something.

No. 459708

I wish it was socially acceptable to say "yes, sex is a crucial part of relationships for me" without being seen as a nymphomaniac. It's not shallow to think sexual compatibility is more important than romance. I'm not going to deal with a man just for his personality or looks if he's completely shit in bed. If he can't do the fucking bare minimum to make me cum I'm dipping, I don't care how much of a great personality you have.
It's like when troons say "are you reducing the gender you're attracted to their genitals? there's more to relationships than just sex!!".. yes, there is, but it's still really important. A significant other is basically a best friend that you fuck after all.

No. 459709

i agree with u but i wish people wouldnt shit on me bc i dont want sex either

No. 459711

I think most people’s experience of monogamy is “I would fuck someone else but I won’t”. People usually can’t help being sexually attracted but they can control whether or not they act on the attraction, ie repeatedly fantasizing about it (cheating lite) and or downright pursuing it. If you’re looking for someone who is “you-sexual” though… rip, Especially if you’re straight lol

No. 459722

yeah, it would appear so. that's incredibly pointless though imo. i don't understand a romantic relationship that isn't basically 'open' if you're two people that think or feel that way. if they want to fuck other people anyways, why not just have an open arrangement or be single? idk why people who are desiring of others are in monogamous relationships. it's like dating a dude that wants to fuck anthropomorphic horses to me. like, it'll never happen because they don't exist, and even if he had the self control not to if they did, at the end of the day, the fact that he wants to plow a pink talking pony is upsetting enough.

No. 459728

It's anime trash swag, but the image was drawn by Mookie probably because neither Tat or Jenny can draw.

No. 459729

Do people actually feel some sort of crazy all encompassing lust for strangers on the daily or something? Like I've been with the same guy for 10 years and while I've obviously been like "wow that person is not/cute" I've never felt my loins desperately burning to fuck them nor have I ever fantasized about it. I'm genuinely not interested in having sex with people who aren't my partner, no matter how hot or cool they are, and I honestly thought most people (barring cheaters and polywhatevers) felt the same way.

No. 459734

Anon, I'm the same and worry my bf isn't. It's soul-crushing at times, honestly. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing he chose me and that maybe he's memed himself into believing some of this, and would be more like me if he were able to chill. Like that he'd just be able to think "that person's cute/hot" but go on with his day, even if it was a friend. Sometimes it seems like he's borderline me-sexual or is at least really attracted to me so maybe it's possible. Sometimes it does sound like it's more like me, but others it sounds like the opposite…
I look at people and think they're attractive and may stare or get butterflies, but it's never enough for me to want to actually fuck them. I don't even think about fucking them. Is that actually normal? I thought people just thought other people were hot and maybe got a little aroused at most looking them over? Usually it's more objective than emotional for me and I don't think about it very much, definitely not enough for it to show up in my fantasies or make me want to be poly.
>ie repeatedly fantasizing about it (cheating lite) and or downright pursuing it
Thank god, other people feel upset by this too? I hate knowing my bf would watch porn and look at other girls nudes. He even said that doing the repeated fantasizing doesn't actually make specific fantasies go away, which is what some people claim. I feel like people think I'm crazy for it bothering me. I really don't even let serious fantasies or recurring ones about other people into my head and ones about friends are a total no-no to me. I don't care enough to bother with any of them and I feel like once I'm down that road, I can't turn back, so I've never entertained them because I have a ton of sexual self-control. Bf thought maybe I'm "repressed" but I honest to god don't give enough of a shit and they barely cross my mind, I don't feel like I'm really forcing myself.
I can't control other people and should not, but I have feelings, you know? Sometimes I cry because I wish I was "normal" with my attraction so I wouldn't feel like some sort of Christian role model that doesn't exist and wouldn't feel like a dumbshit for being actually person-sexual.

No. 459736

Never. People just let their libido do their thinking and justify their failing the marshmallow test as an adult by acting like sex and lust are magic powers that literally force you to fuck.

No. 459741

I don't get why any woman would even WANT to be a pedophile? Being around teen boys in school was enough to pretty much hate that era of malehood and never wanna deal with them again. Plus they'd be pornsick and know jack shit about pleasing you. Adult women already set the bar low for adult men, don't push it into the ground by trying to date a dumb kid.

No. 459748

File: 1567986564330.jpg (44.38 KB, 618x461, n64rainbowroad.jpg_618x0_.jpg)

Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road is overrated and boring.

No. 459757

that song is so catchy though

No. 459759

Real vanila bean is a masterpiece

No. 459772

In the long run, no, starving yourself is not cheaper

No. 459782

>Mario Kart 64 is overrated

No. 459814

I don't understand this series. It's always "4 levels of ___" but it's only three chefs. shouldn't it be three levels of what ever?

No. 459881

Wanting to fuck someone can be fleeting, and it is fleeting most of the time. Everyone is different, I think it's unfair to crucify someone for a thought crime that is literally just lizard-brain driven and is momentary. Again, being attracted to someone is a random thing and not something one decides to do. Also attraction is wanting to fuck someone, unless youre asexual.

Like, if your bf is a retard cumbrain that is obsessing over other women in front of you and jacks off to porn non stop that's obv a problem but you'd be silly to think normal people don't see a random person on the street they think is legitimately fuckable. One can think that for a minute, then move on. It's like thinking about a french fry or something but you don't actually care enough about a french fry to ruin your good diet.

Anyway, my unpopular opinion (in NorCal) is that Burning Man is a retarded drug fest that people exaggerate the vibes of because they're all high as fuck and think they're having spiritual moments. I fucking hate these wannabe boomers.

No. 459886

>Also attraction is wanting to fuck someone, unless youre asexual.
no, it definitely is not. you can be attracted to someone but not be sexually attracted to them, or you can be slightly sexually attracted to them, maybe wanting to kiss them at most. there are different ways to be attracted to someone, and feeling "attraction" doesn't mean you want to fuck them.

>but you'd be silly to think normal people don't see a random person on the street they think is legitimately fuckable.

that's weird. i don't think of some random "attractive" guy and imagine fucking him. like literally a thought can go to "that person is cute" and no further. just because someone is attractive doesn't mean you want to fuck them. i think zayn malik is a good looking guy but i have 0 interest in fucking him. you can be attracted based on multiple things, too, and it still not result in a sexual attraction. it's pretty fucking weird that so many of you immediately jump to imagining fucking complete randos

No. 459887

I don't actually "jump to imagining fucking complete randos" 24/7, it has happened maybe like 2 times a year at best, and has been fleeting. I will say though, just bc your attraction mounts slowly and you'd want to kiss someone on sight rather than wanna think about fucking them, doesn't mean everyone is that slow on the escalation. I find that people that have had one night stands before have an easier time imagining fucking someone than someone that is less sexually available. There are people who definitely obsess over randos but they're not very common and they're not all your dumbfuck cumbrain boyfriends. Some people have higher sex drives than you which makes them momentarily think about random shit, that is all.

No. 459890

>I don't actually "jump to imagining fucking complete randos" 24/7, it has happened maybe like 2 times a year at best, and has been fleeting.
tbh i feel like you're a bit offended bc you know it to be true and it's more than twice a year, and more often when you're in close encounters with people like coworkers and such.

>I will say though, just bc your attraction mounts slowly and you'd want to kiss someone on sight rather than wanna think about fucking them

i literally don't even think about kissing them. that's weird.

>There are people who definitely obsess over randos but they're not very common and they're not all your dumbfuck cumbrain boyfriends.

almost all men do this, lbr, but i see it a lot from women too. it's a pointless relationship. you have a glorified friendship peppered with sex between each other, though ultimately apparently you desire more than each other. i just dont understand why people like this are even in monogamous relationships. i'm just saying, it doesn't make much sense. more people should just have socially monogamous relationships and not sexual then instead of trying to veil their degeneracy just to end up with failed marriages and broken families

No. 459891

First of all can you stop deleting and reposting the post over and over? I can see you doing it lol.

I'm not sure why you need me to be exactly the way you assume people to be. I told you how things are for me, I don't have a high libido so I rarely see someone I'd actually wanna fuck. Believe it or not.

Sexuality isn't what makes a relationship, especially if we're talking about a marriage. Exclusivity doesn't mean "no thought crimes". People sometimes think about smacking a friend they love bc the friend is being annoying, people sometimes get the impulse to eat something they shouldn't, one sometimes has the weird urge to jump off when they're near a cliff. These are impulses that people have to varying degrees and sexual attraction is among them.

You sound insecure, fam.

No. 459895

>First of all can you stop deleting and reposting the post over and over? I can see you doing it lol.
i made a small correction. that's what you're supposed to do, delete and repost your correction, anon.

>People sometimes think about smacking a friend they love bc the friend is being annoying, people sometimes get the impulse to eat something they shouldn't, one sometimes has the weird urge to jump off when they're near a cliff. These are impulses that people have to varying degrees and sexual attraction is among them.

i think wanting to smack your friend is very different from wanting to have sex with randos or whatever. someone that automatically jumps to the thought of fucking strangers is already someone that is not very discerning, most likely generally, and it's likely they'd act on that if there were no consequences. you can cry "thought crimes" as if not acting on it is all that matters, but i still don't wanna be with a dude that has "fleeting thoughts" about wanting to poop on my chest, even if he never acts on it. it's just the principle. as i said, i just don't see the reason why people who are prone to this type of thing even try to fit into sexual monogamy when it clearly doesn't suit them. i think there are people who sexual monogamy AND social works perfectly for, and this narrative about wanting to have sex with others but denying yourself it makes you a "good spouse" being normalized is just way weird. sexual and social monogamy obviously isn't for them.

No. 459897

I feel similar confusion. I never imagine fucking/sexually assaulting strangers without consent, (which a stranger obviously cannot give) but apparently this is normal.

Are people's relationships just them getting turned on by, and imagining fucking other people until they die?

No. 459901

>Are people's relationships just them getting turned on by, and imagining fucking other people until they die?
seriously, yes, and then everyone patting themselves on the back for not fucking all the other people they imagine fucking. it's so bizarre to me that people are seeing strangers irl and start to imagine what it'd be like to get fucked by the barista. like, i just don't understand why these people get married? like, fine if you think that way, i don't think this is necessarily inherent to all humans and i think it's really weird that they insist on entering arrangements they are unhappy with, clearly. i see the same insane cognitive dissonance play out over and over again. "well, i'm fine with him wanting to fuck x minor celebrity but if he were to get to know her in person, THEN i'd be jealous". like, he already would fuck her and wants to fuck her? why is that already not offensive? all of these marriages are literally based around "only as good as my options and what my circumstance reasonably allows". they're pointless.

No. 459902

No. 459905

>people sometimes think about smacking a friend they love

what?? what the fuck?

i think you're projecting here i have never, ever thought about assaulting my friends holy shit

No. 459909

>shit on my chest
You're crazy.

No. 459926

NTA but honestly ngl it depends on the culture. Pretty much every culture where theres less focus on feelings and being sensitive OR the culture is more passionate and heated is more argumenative and feisty.

No. 459941

She was obviously joking there, I lol'd. And you're crazy if you think guys don't think up any manner of absurd things they'd like to do to you while you're naked.

Case in point: the entire porn and fetish industry

No. 459978

Euphoria is cringey as fuck. The characters make me wince because of how absolutely bone chillingly cringe they are. And I don't use that term often.

When Rue is describing each character at the beginning of every episode or doing a monologue it sounds like a teenager's tryhard fanfiction. It's got that quirky "witty" style which normal people just don't sound like.

For example when she was describing the jock dude's relationship with the bitchy Hispanic girl she said something like, "He absolutely despised body hair. And the first thing he noticed about her was that she was practically hairless…" What normal person notices lack of body hair before other things? Why are you trying to make a totally empty and typical character seem interesting with such a stupidly specific and unrealistic description.

Or when the trans girl is sitting in the car with her friend and says something like "no heteronormativity in my area.." or something like that I felt like I needed to gag. Nice buzzword.

Everyone is going on about how "beautiful" the show is visually and it's not. It's too fucking dark for no reason.

People say how beautiful the makeup looks are and they aren't anything fucking special or cool. They aren't "ground breaking." They are literally just makeup looks that have been on Instagram for years before the show even began.

The fact they copy makeup looks from Instagram and casted Instagram stars as the actors (besides Zendaya which tbh is pretty good in this show) just proves the fact that Euphoria is a show for Instagrammers and Twitter stans.

Sorry for sperging a bit here but this has been on my mind for a while and it needed to be said.

No. 459989

Oldish post (I'm catching up) but Megan Thee Stallion is pretty much everything I hate in society right now. I actually started off following her on Twitter then unfollowed because I got sick of her bragging about going to college and "giving back to her community". How the fuck is any of this shit empowering? If she just silently went to school it would be different. Her bragging about it constantly makes it seem like some unattainable feat. She's playing into misogyny and is getting praised for it, I'm not sure how people don't see this. Her lyrics are typical "I love dick, money, and I call the shots" bullshit and quite frankly I'm sick of hearing about her.

No. 460037

Wearing high heels is impractical, can cause longterm health risks, and almost on par with wearing tight corsets or foot binding. I would rather wear socks and sandals my whole life than put those medieval torture devices on my feet.

No. 460039

good opinion, agreed

No. 460040

corsets are less harmful than high heels tbh

No. 460069

i started watching it and didn't really get it. the only likable character in the entire show is the protagonist

No. 460071

I agree with you both. If I'm in a relationship my desire for other people shuts off completely. I might be able to find someone objectively attractive, but without lust and desire, if that makes sense. Like how you can look at a female model and assess that they are indeed attractive, but get nothing from it.

I even stopped looking at porn (I was pretty addicted before) because I think it's disrespectful to look at anyone else period, and I expect my partner to do the same. I am pretty lucky because my boyfriend is similar, he is very devoted and only thinks of me. I'll probably get jumped on a lot as naive for believing that but his actions and demeanor have proved it to me.

Nah, I think it's normal for it to bother you. But a lot of people settle for the reality that most partners allow their eyes to wander and don't have a very strong sense of loyalty. It's always played up as something out of their control and sure, maybe the initial thought comes out of nowhere, but once you entertain it and give it attention that's 100% on them. For example if you're fantasizing about someone you are going out of your way to do that and get off on it, it's not innocent behavior. Imagine if someone fantasized about killing someone in their mind. Suddenly it matters even though it's not real, and they didn't actually do it, huh? Imagining cheating on your partner is just as bad as doing it, at least to me.

No. 460074

girls with hair longer than mid-back length are crazy.

No. 460086

I had a lurk of that big long hair forum where they post pics of themselves and seriously, they seem so strange tbh. Religious or horse girl types mostly. Also a weird old man who would post his ugly shoulder length grey hair constantly for asspats from girls, creepy af.

No. 460119

nta but what exactly is a horse girl type?

No. 460128

No. 460129

I didn’t know super long hair was a fetish until I saw a thread on /wsg/ that was entirely women braiding or pulling their hair down

No. 460133

Can kind of confirm? I'm a neet with avoident personality disorder and I've had waist length hair several times. I would hide behind it if I had to be in public. I don't like people touching me and I was afraid to go to a hairdresser. My record is 4 years between haircuts.

No. 460142

I twigged on when I started getting weird messages on tumblr and realised I'd been reblogged onto some hair fetish blogs. I was just lazy with my look, why did that have to be fetishised?
It's a pain to know that since the tumblr purge only targeted conventional porn it's all still out there.

No. 460181

The 4th level is the food scientist

No. 460182

I agree it's always a girl who's too lazy to get a hair cut and thinks she's a special snowflake because of it, I think people like that also ignore that not getting a hair cut doesn't let your hair grow out evenly and creates a ton of split ends….

No. 460207

File: 1568108339952.png (1.78 MB, 1198x1192, knj.png)

I think "e-girls" are actually rather cute.

No. 460210

File: 1568109243967.gif (809.82 KB, 498x356, 1562718650197.gif)

Full bush is disgusting. I grew my pubes out due to having a hectic couple months and not having a convienient time to shave, it's been horrible. The scent of all my vaginal fluid and urine gets trapped in them and I can smell it through yoga pants just halfway through the day. I have to thoroughly shampoo them for at least 5 minutes in the shower to get the scent out, but it just gets gross smelling again within a couple hours. I don't understand how anyone prefers having their vag in this awful state.

No. 460211

This happens on my armpits. All my body hair is grown out then I shave and repeat.
When that armpit hair gets to be near a quarter inch, it smells faster even with normal deodorant use.

No. 460212

This happens on my armpits. All my body hair is grown out then I shave and repeat.
When that armpit hair gets to be near a quarter inch, it smells faster even with normal deodorant use.

No. 460215

People have different vag lips/discharge/scent/hair amount. Some women could avoid washing with a full bush for a week without there being an obvious vaginal smell (though I'm sure the rest of the body would smell) and some women can be completely shaven and wash twice a day and have a really strong vaginal smell.

Plus yoga pants aren't the most breathable item of clothing for your vagina.

No. 460222

I've had a full bush for the past 5 years and had zero issues. As the other anon said, everyone's fanny is different. The one time I did shave during that 5 year period, I've never felt so disgusting and irritated in my entire life. Different strokes and all that. Go get a nice wax/shave and treat it nice.

No. 460225

Having a full bush might not suit you but smelling bad a couple hours after showering isn't exactly the norm. When you say you shampoo your bush are you using specific products for that area cos you could actually be upsetting the natural balance down there and causing a smell that way

I'd see a doc about possible yeast problems if I smelled bad that quickly after washing, pubic hair alone does not cause that

No. 460227

Similar to this I'd been watching Doja Cats video for Juicy lately and the comment section is her being praised for her 'body positive message' cos her ass is naturally big instead of surgically created. She's still singing a whole song about asses and showing her ass the whole video. She naturally has a body type that is trendy right now so where's the 'positivity' in that? Her vid is just sexual ass shaking, no different than all the other porny music vids being made

No. 460231

female genital area has different pH than the rest of the body, and discharge changes it even further. Most shampoo has strong detergents that are not recommended even for the scalp for the every day use. Anon, if you're shampooing your coochie for 5 mins everyday you're fucking up badly and the smell is your poor vag fighting back lol. Use products intended for genital care, but do some research before so you know they're gentle and without shitty stuff

No. 460242

My hair is pretty long and the only reason why I'm not seeing a hairdresser is because I've never met one who isn't absolutely retarded when it comes to wavy or curly hair. Everytime I saw one they would just cut way more than asked and it would look like shit on me. I don't know if I should cut my split ends myself or find a hairdresser just for that but they're so expensive.

No. 460258

Yeah it's over washing that causes problems a lot of the time. I recently had a change in discharge and my doc warned me against using flushable wet wipes. Appears they were the cause of my problems despite their gentle/skin-kind claims. Shampoo or shower gel should certainly never go near that area. Your vagina has its own cleaning system so water in the shower is enough to finish the job

No. 460268

Nah you just don't know how to take care of yourself. Wearing yoga pants + super tight panties not fully made of cotton, and then shampooing down there is the worst combo. No wonder you smell.

No. 460275

it's absolutely worth it to get a curly cut! they fix the whole shape of your hair based on your curl pattern and show you how to style it to bring out the texture. I went a year between curly cuts and learned how to trim curly hair in-between so both times being $100ish wasn't terrible, I've spent more to be disappointed at a high end salon so.

No. 460287

Mine doesn't smell because I always wear cotton panties and loose pants/skirts but the hair is so coarse it ends stabbing me and it itches like hell. Trimmed is the way to go.

No. 460372

i like freelee the banana girl

No. 460392

I like having pubes, maybe change your diet/wear looser clothes/ stop using much product? I never really had this problem despite having a full bush

if the urine thing bothers you what I usually do is shave my inner thighs and almost to wear my pubic area is, then I shave my butt and labia area but keep a triangle

No. 460431

Meant to ask when this came up, but what are other popular accounts in this aesthetic? I want to look at more pretty shit.

No. 460432

or you know, some people have bigger thicker bushes. mine is a fucking nightmare.

No. 460433

I used to like the videos where she showed what she ate during the day and the ones where she would watch videos and comment on them. I didn't always agree with her but I still liked watching her nonetheless. Honestly I kind of liked some of VeganGain's normal food and vlog videos too. I don't really follow drama surrounding vegans so I'm not 100% sure what's up with them.

No. 460436

Being basic is sometimes alright. No need to shoehorn yourself in some niche. Actually just thought of this a while ago thinking if I had less things to worry about, that would be easier on my head.

No. 460445

i think the main issue with being a "basic bitch" isn't the interests, but the actual person behind them. there's nothing wrong with liking starbucks and brunch, but it isn't a personality trait. it's weird in itself to see people who check off so many of the same boxes. a lot of these types of girls tend to be curious about other hobbies, but worried about criticism. if they're not, they're usually pretty vapid, which again, is the problem.

No. 460449

>but it isn't a personality trait

Liking obscure bands and getting into obscure hobbies just to pretend you are ~not like other girls~ isn't either. Some girls would do all sorts of posturings just not to be called a basic bitch, and caring so much about those labels is insanely shallow and narcissistic.

No. 460454

A shit ton of people on this site are into the same 5 things as well. I feel like the “geeky weeb girl” is the new basic bitch/actually more prolific. I haven’t even met a Disney obsessed girl in real life but I’ve met plenty of the other type

No. 460499

i wasn't implying that was either though, my point is vapid people tend to all like the same 5 or 6 things.

No. 460513

True, but shampooing your vag is still a recipe for a yeast infection. Doing all that probably made the problem of the smell 10x worse when trimming and regulary rinsing it with warm water would have been sufficient.

No. 460561

They hate babies

No. 460603

SOS was Rihanna's last good single

No. 460640

I'm the same when it comes to my vag. I'm an extremely hairy woman so my pubes grow really long and thick and I'm also somewhat hormonal so my sweat tends to smell. I didn't shave for one month and I do use products designed for cleaning my private area that are PH balanced and only wear cotton panties that are washed separately from the other clothing at a higher temperature and wear overall breathable clothing. I just couldn't do it because it was extremely uncomfortable for me. The smell down there wasn't that bad but it was definitely worse than when I don't have hair down there and the worst part was the itchiness, my pubes made me really fucking itchy even if I trimmed them.

Now I only shave my vag and my armpits because having hair there makes my life harder but I don't shave any other parts of my body because it's unnecessary.

No. 460663

Nta but similarly I'd love to just leave all my body hair alone as it doesn't bother me looks wise and I'm not concerned with others judging. But deodorant does go on better after shaving and pubic hair gets too itchy. I leave my legs alone though

No. 460718

Lmao, this never fails to make me laugh.

No. 460899

People who collect/obsess over makeup/have 10 different eyeshadow palettes,foundations,mascaras, are straight up weird to me. There's no reason to have THAT much makeup. As someone who wears makeup every day and enjoys it, I really can't fathom why there are so many makeup brands as they are all literally selling the same shit under a different name. I actually can't believe they're all still not bankrupt. Anyways, people like Tati honestly just piss me off with how much makeup they have.

No. 460913

People are smalltime hoarders. Insta and youtube are full of different collector communities where people are spending small fortunes on collections where I don't know if there's enough joy coming from it or whether it reaches a point of just obsession to complete sets

I don't do make up but I own a few toys and browse those tags on Insta, people get such a buzz from buying that moderation goes out the window

No. 460933

File: 1568228886307.png (274.37 KB, 680x371, EEH1qicUcAYZD0V.png)

The new iphone is ugly. Makes me sad because iphones used to be the prettiest phone, but now this bitch ugly and expensive.

No. 460934

File: 1568228999388.jpg (607.45 KB, 1080x3240, ZomboDroid 11092019120859.jpg)

I get the concept, I do. I've had the idea to combine hardware with jewelry myself. But some of these designs are retarded and awkward.

No. 460936

I love unemployed by Tierra Whack so fm

No. 460937

I really like Chynna (so fucking underrated) and Princess Nokia.

No. 460939

the things that happen to all sorts of different animals in laboratories is horrific. blindness is the least of it (they actually use rabbits to test products in their eyes as rabbit's have no tear ducts and can't 'expel' the product). in some places where they test on monkeys they will operate on the monkeys to remove their vocals chords before they start the testing so they can't make noise as they try to scream.

seriously, please choose cruelty free products where possible. there are a barbaric things going on in these labs simply for product testing on items like makeup. even if you live in places like the eu where testings is banned, you could still be giving your money to companies who test in china.

sorry for the longwinded reply, this is just something that hurts my soul. those poor bbs

No. 460940

glad I didn't bother to see it

No. 460942

I'm worried I look like a horse girl honestly

No. 460943

I find this too with my pit hair

No. 460949

>they fix the whole shape of your hair based on your curl pattern and show you how to style it to bring out the texture
That's exactly what I want too. But so far I've never really found any hairdresser who was able to do that. Typically for the few times I asked to get my hair cut I'd say I never straighten my hair because mine is fragile and I have dermatitis on my scalp. So I want to cut my hair to whatever length, and once it's over the hairdresser will almost always cut it way shorter than asked because they always miscalculate the different lengths between straight wet hair and my naturally curly hair. And then they almost always say "now all you have to do is to straighten your hair!" despite everything I tell them at the beginning.

I've seen a few videos about girls with 2c and 3a curls getting new haircuts recently, I'll definitely use them as references to ask what I want precisely next time.

No. 461066

People who stan jeffree star honest to god need professional help. He's a fucking psychopath in his 30's who makes a living off of putting himself in other people's drama and "canceling" companies. He went fucking burzurk during that James Charles thing and was literally getting off to the fact that people were talking about him and praising him for being against James's " predatory behavior", despite the fact his character was built off of predatory behavior. All he had to do was say sorry (even though he did it because he realized he had shit to share). Holy crap he's insane.

No. 461071

It's so fucking dumb when people call their SO their "wife/husband" when they're not actually married. It doesn't matter if you see yourselves as ~basically married~ because you live together and have a cat or whatever, if you're not legally married you are not fucking married. Calling them your husband/wife is just factually wrong and needlessly confuses people. Just call them your "partner" since that's actually what they are. If you want to call yourself ~married~ so bad then GET FUCKING MARRIED.

Just to clarify, this rant doesn't apply to gay couples who aren't allowed to legally get married where they live. That's very different than people who can easily get married, but don't bother yet still insist on saying they are.

No. 461072

The James Charles thing really sealed the deal for me that he hasn't changed at all and is still a despicable person prone to aggression and threatening others. Also as you pointed out extremely hypocritical because he is always being inappropriate and/or encouraging others like Shane in being inappropriate about Nate yet he tried to "cancel" James over the same kind of alleged behavior.

No. 461077

>doesn't apply to gay couples who aren't allowed to legally get married where they live

So definitions apply except to where you think they don't? Who are you to assume someone doesn't have a good reason to not marry on paper.
Marriage can be a shit deal for a lot of people, it doesn't mean they love their spouses less.

No. 461081

weird my skin always got really sensitive and started to hurt if i shaved all my hair off. i have rather light pubic hair though so letting it be is not that big deal for me

No. 461082

i side-eye dog people so hard because they, at heart, believe they are owed attention or affection from animals, even if they don't literally say it. that's what they think. i think they should be avoided completely. they place dog-human relationships on a pedestal and this really says a lot about them, if you think about it.

this is not a criticism of dogs. dog people who are "meh" to cats or most other animals that have a healthy and necessary sense of self preservation or caution are unwitting attention whores or narcs that think they deserve an animal's affection or attention. if you ever listen to them talk, they always say how "loving" human-dog friendships are like, transcendental in their pureness, you realize that they actually prefer relationships that are centered around another person or being living for them, to value only them, at their own potential detriment. they'll never say this outright, though, obviously, because no one wants to be thought of as an attention whore or narc, but they'll get overly offended the minute you suggest that this speaks volumes about them. it's something you have to listen for.

No. 461083

An unsettling amount of people have the mindset "if you're not married, you're single" so sometimes its just a way of caution and not a "we're soooo in love" thing. If someone lies on legal documents about it though they're completely dumb, lol. But I'd just keep the former in mind, the person might've been harassed in the past.

No. 461086

i'm genuinely a bit confused by this one, anon. is it that you dislike people with dogs in general or just the really hardcore "my dogs are my babies :))) that's why i have to bring them everywhere with me" type people?

No. 461095

not people who own dogs, i think you can own a dog but be unsettled by the fact that they are really, really psychologically unhealthy animals (partially bc of breeding and also conditioning) my problem is the fact that 98% of dog people or dog owners talk these traits about them up as if they're ideal and pure. they're AWFUL traits. i love animals and i wouldn't expect a thing from them and i'm horrified to see animals forgoing their self preservation and healthy skepticism to obsess over people at the risk to their own safety. we reward dogs for this. it shouldn't be rewarded. imagine wanting your child to have the traits dogs have and see their parents the way dogs see their parents/owners. that'd be awful. dogs deserve respect but dog people fundamentally have no respect for them, or else they would see that this is not right. no animal, no child, no person, should be praised and conditioned to be the way dogs are. it's horrible. even dogs that aren't abused have a 'battered wife' mentality and that's what people literally love about them. that's literally the reason why people love dogs over other animals and claim they're special for. it's awful. and the only way someone can be proud or not terrified to see that, is if they're a lowkey narc or just a massive attention whore. anyone that prefers dogs over like, almost any other animal is a lowkey crazy

No. 461097

Agreed. I work at a vet and I see this shit constantly. People really do think all dogs owe them affection, and when they approach a strangers dog I the waiting room who is sick or totally disinterested in them they get super offended and say shit like "what's wrong with your dog? MY dog LOVES people!!" Note that these types of people's complaints about other pets is ALWAYS "they don't even love u lol." Like they need a random animal validating their feelings every second of every day or it's worthless.

Also crazy cat ladies get a lot of flak but crazy dog people are 100 times worse. They are a literal nightmare to work with and my job has made me despise them. (Responsible sane owners are fine, of course.)

No. 461098

>So definitions apply except to where you think they don't?
I never said it changes the fact they're by definition not married. I said that my rant doesn't apply because it doesn't bother me when people in that circumstance say they're married, since it's not their fault they can't do it legally due to discrimination.

>Who are you to assume someone doesn't have a good reason to not marry on paper. Marriage can be a shit deal for a lot of people, it doesn't mean they love their spouses less.

lolwut. Where do I say couples love each other less if they're not married? You're projecting. If you don't want to get married, that's fine, but marraige is a legal commitment and if you're not willing to make it, then why say you are married? It's stupid. It is factually inaccurate and something you're CHOOSING not to do. The word "partner" exists to describe people in serious relationships that aren't married, why not call your SO the thing that's actually true? Save the legal label for people who actually make the legal commitment. This logic shouldn't be hard to understand.

No. 461100

NTA but I'm curious what a good reason to not marry your partner who you already pretend you're married to is. I have nothing against couples who don't want to marry for whatever reason, but if you're already pretending they're your spouse then you might as well bite the bullet.

No. 461102

I think people will look back on those youtube videos of huge makeup collections stored in those ikea drawers and cringe instead of thinking it's cool like now. Past a certain point it's just pure consumerism. I understand some people enjoy collecting stuff but so much of that is going to go unused and eventually expire.

No. 461104

It's usually that they want the "maturity" points without having to make the commitment. I hate being dismissive like that, but that's really what it boils down to most of the time.

No. 461107

exactly, and i agree about "crazy dog people", a lot of people will concede that they're insane narcs, but what i'm getting at is that this is actually almost all dog owners/dog preferrers, save for maybe those that found a dog they rescued or just don't want to see them abused. 99.99999999999% of dog owners or those that "like dogs better" idealize the traits in dogs that end up getting them abused. they're narcs or attention whores. i'll take in stray dogs i've come across because obviously they need to be saved, but i think they are psychologically unhealthy animals in comparison to most others and it wouldn't ever occur to me to think that dog-human relationship dynamics are at all "ideal" or "pure" or that dogs are special and "better" than other animals for being battered wives.

people that "prefer dogs" better - not just crazy dog people - are people that idealize animals or people with a battered wife mentality, so long as they're the object of affection for that person or animal. they think "well, i'm not betraying this animal's trust or obsession by abusing them physically or verbally, so this level of worship is deserved and pure and righteous", and that's very wrong. if you're anything but horrified by the way dogs see and treat people, you don't love dogs, you're just a narc, imo

No. 461108

What the fuck? Dogs are my favorite animal so I’m an abusive narc now? You sound crazy. I don’t even own pets and I don’t hate cats or other animals, I just think dogs are cuter.

No. 461112


don't look into the dog hate thread kek

No. 461113

>Dogs are my favorite animal so I’m an abusive narc now? You sound crazy. I don’t even own pets and I don’t hate cats or other animals, I just think dogs are cuter
overly offended, very typical. it's kind of dumb to have a favorite animal just because they're "cuter". you can just say "i think dogs are cuter", you have no real basis for them to be your favorite then, which is almost as lame as dog people that love animals for having unhealthy mentalities. i think weasels are probably the cutest animals but they aren't my favorite animals. anyways, reach harder in trying to get offended by 1 person's opinion, but approach most people who prefer dogs and they'll say "they're special, they're better because -insert people worship, obsession, no sense of self preservation, essentially-". most don't say they prefer them over other animals for their appearance

No. 461116

That thread really highlights how deeply unhinged many on this site are.

No. 461117

How? A lot of people in that thread admit they've been bitten by dogs or dislike dog owners for not training their dogs and they just don't want to be around them. Why do dogfags have such a problem with valid criticisms, accountability and reality?

No. 461118

NTA. Maybe I am a shit owner because none of my dogs have ever acted like battered wives and in my eyes they are independent creatures who at any moment think God knows what. They are like toddlers in the sense that they will do whatever the fuck they want and it's your job to keep them safe.
I love dogs cause we can sort of communicate with them, but they are also mysterious creatures who look at a world in a different way than us humans do.

No. 461119

>convieniently leaving out how many posters wish death and violence upon dogs who haven't hurt anyone

No. 461121

i don't see it in that thread though?

No. 461123


i think you may be confusing it with Vermin girl telling everyone how she would poison cats to protect her precious pidgeons.

No. 461124

Yeah I agree. If you're serious about your partner why not just go do a quick courthouse affair? It doesn't have to be a huge affair, and you get a lot of benefits from marriage as well (depending on where you live). The couples that have been together for decades and even have kids without tying the knot confuse the fuck out of me. Just seems like a waste but whatever.

No. 461128

>dog hate thread leaking
Lock when?

No. 461129






>literally every article online (and feel free to find more) centers around how all of the traits that are unhealthy and dangerous for dogs, are their most valuable qualities

if you can't see that that's not right, you don't love dogs, just admit it.

why are you people so offended to be viewed with skepticism by anyone? why do you think you're owed that people should trust your motivations or your character, when they don't even know you? the onus is on the person to prove that they are decent, to animals, to children, to people, etc. it is not healthy for everyone to assume everyone is necessarily good, but dog people get offended when they aren't granted immediately "good person" status. i know you guys really want to reach hard to be offended by an admittedly unpopular opinion, be honest with yourselves and others and stop lying about why most people prefer dogs. if you yourself want to try to claim you're "not like other dog owners", fine, but admit that how most people view dogs agrees with my opinion: they are unconditionally loving to their own detriment, will sacrifice their safety in exchange for being treated with even less than basic dignity, etc. you can claim you don't see dogs this way, but most "dog lovers" admit they see them this way, they just frame it positively.

out of 1094 posts, literally there are like, 3 that say anything similar, and i don't think those are acceptable. if you refuse to admit that people typically say godawful things with much, much higher frequency about other animals or consider animals that don't act like dogs to be deserving of death or harm, you're lying. maybe sort out how dog people speak about other animals before you try coming for people that have come across countless dog owners and side-eye them for good reason.

this is about people that prefer dogs, not even dog owners or dogs. dogs are fine and should be respected.

No. 461133

You do realize the human-dog relationship is glamorized by media to be wonderful and amazing and has been shoved down everyone's throats since childhood? Just because people like dogs and think a human dog relationship is a fun happy thing doesn't make them abusive.

No. 461137

Samefag, but I hope you're just as critical of cat owners who talk about how their cats are just as loving and affectionate as dogs are.

You'd get your point across much better if you simply stated why human-dog relationship are unhealthy for dogs (and you had me when you were explaining why) and ways to mitigate that, rather than saying shit like everyone who calls dogs their favorite is a narc

No. 461138

In the US
>tax burden isn't increased because the federal government won't assume I have more access to money just because I have a significant other
>won't have to worry about my partner fucking up my credit or saddling me with mutual debt, our affairs are our own unless we share it
>if we ever decide we don't want to continue the relationship divorce is really expensive

No. 461142

File: 1568250293505.jpg (72.86 KB, 640x459, catss.jpg)

cats rule, dogs drool

No. 461144

>Just because people like dogs and think a human dog relationship is a fun happy thing doesn't make them abusive.
i never called them abusive. i said they're almost always attention whores or narcs. keywords: "almost always", "attention whores", "or narcs". it's actually you guys that claimed i called them abusive, because surprise, surprise, "dog people" are dramatic and overly offended (as i said) when anyone, people or animals, is suspicious of them. you are not owed immediate trust by animals or people. it's not a crime for people or animals to be suspicious of you. people with healthy boundaries don't get overly offended when people or animals are suspicious or cautious of others.

>and ways to mitigate that
the purpose of my op and subsequent posts weren't to get into ways of mitigating that, that's really for another thread. this was my unpopular opinion, which is that certain 'small things', specifically that dog preferrers prefer them because they're often obsessed in a way that no other animal generally is, something that seems innocuous to most, really isn't. every post in response is a refusal by dog fans to admit that what i mentioned really is the case for most dog fans, or even a sizeable chunk of them, and own their shit as a community, and admit it's really weird and wrong. i'd have more respect for them if they did.

i s2g this is troonery or tra levels of entitlement

>immediately very upset when anyone suspects them of anything

>refusal to condemn toxicity in a community and quash that toxicity for the sake of animals, all because they're personally offended by the implication that they could be thought of negatively
>projection about other animal lovers and denial about how abusive and cruel dog fans are to other animals and general dog fan rhetoric toward other animals specifically because other animals aren't fanatically obsessed with their owners/parents

No. 461146

Anyways I enjoy monster energy drinks.

No. 461148

me too! ultra sunrise is my fav, I like that it doesn't feel like my teeth are melting while drinking it

No. 461149

>tax burden isn't increased because the federal government won't assume I have more access to money just because I have a significant other
You get tax benefits from being married and filing jointly, though, especially if one spouse makes substantially less money than the other. But if you both make good money then yeah, you will get taxed more, naturally.

>won't have to worry about my partner fucking up my credit or saddling me with mutual debt, our affairs are our own unless we share it

Spouses aren't typically responsible for the debt of the other unless they co-signed for it. Also, don't marry a deadbeat. If you don't realize your partner is garbage with money before marriage then you fucked up. (See every stupid r/relationships post where people are like "just found out my fiancee has 100k in debt, our wedding is in 4 hours, am i overreacting?")

>if we ever decide we don't want to continue the relationship divorce is really expensive

If you're already planning ahead for divorce, why even pretend to be married in the first place? Again, the disdain isn't aimed towards couples who decide to avoid marriage, but people who pretend they are married anyway. Gets real awkward when you're "divorcing" your "husband" every few years. Just call them a partner or boyfriend and go.

No. 461166

I think it's fine to cautionary assume most men are financially deadbeat, and have a healthy fear of divorce since it's so common.

I'm fine with vow ceremonies, and rings, I just don't understand why someone would let a piece of paper dictate what they decide to call their spouse. If your guy performs like a husband, then he's a husband as far as anyone else is concerned.

No. 461168

Plus common law marriage is a thing.. if you live with your partner, call them your husband/wife, and it’s generally accepted by friends/family.. you’re technically married.

No. 461169

Common law marriage is still subject to the same norms as legal marriage to be recognized - such as filing joint tax returns and joint accounts/credit cards, and you still have to have your relationship legally dissolved if you break up. So other than saving money on a ceremony or marriage license, you're still going to wind up being responsible for everything you would be in a legal marriage. A deadbeat common law partner can still fuck you over and you could still even wind up owing spousal support in the event of a breakup. Avoiding a "real" marriage just to wind up in a common law marriage doesn't get you any of the technically single benefits. That said, in the US, common law marriage is recognized by less than 10 states so it's not a factor for most people anyway.

It's not about the ceremony or a piece of paper, it's about intention. LARPing as a married couple when you have no intention to be married or even stay with them is just couples pretending they have it together and getting "maturity points" like another anon said. If you've been living with your partner for a decade and have kids and bought a house together, whatever, sure. If you've been dating for like 2 years and don't even live together and still call him hubby, you're retarded.

No. 461186

File: 1568264024979.jpg (23.43 KB, 500x375, kitty and shiba.jpg)

I like cats and dogs (just not those yippy annoying small ones and pitbull type dogs) but I hate dog owners who think cats should be outlawed or that cats are satan, it's a fucking cat Jim, what the fuck did it do to you? I guess maybe a part of it is bitterness now due to cats being the second most popular pet after goldfish.

No. 461207

I don't even get why there's always been this autistic dogs vs cats cold war anyway. Preferring one over the other is forbidden, I guess.

No. 461208

I love both, am a dog owner. The only problem I really ever have with cat owners is when they have one that kills a ton of small animals and then don't take action to try to stop them. I know it's their instinct, but having to watch birds dying or having them leave dead birds places over and over is too much, especially when cats can actually pose a threat to songbirds and wildlife in an area if they're not controlled. I understand a lot better why some people go as far as saying they should be kept indoors since seeing this. Where I live there's also a serious risk of local wildlife killing your cat instead of the other way around, so people might be more proactive about outdoor time safety.
I still love seeing the neighborhood cats outside regardless since I don't have one. I don't get why you have to just like one or the other.

No. 461222

I think there should be mandatory educational classes before you are allowed to own an animal.

No. 461227

Common law marraige is actually not a thing anymore for the most part, at least in the US and UK. The UK doesn't have it at all and the US only has it in a handful of states. 10 plus another 5 if common law marraige applied to you before they did away with it in the 90's. Also New Hampshire, but the only right you get is inheritence, so I don't feel lile that really counts.


No. 461293

>I just don't understand why someone would let a piece of paper dictate what they decide to call their spouse
Because that "piece of paper" is the difference between a partner and a husband by definition. If it's just a "piece of paper" to them then why is the lable of "marraige" so important?

No. 461329

Except for gay people, said anon.
Either there's exceptions to definitions or there's not.
Anon implied that if gay people can't get the piece of paper then their union is implied through their romantic partnership and commitment.
There's no romantic difference between a couple that's been together for a long time, or had a ceremony without signing the piece of paper.

Besides, original anon reneged and said she was referring to annoying couples that call each other hubby/wifey, the same lot of immature people throwing 'monthaversaries' for themselves to celebrate a relationship that hasn't even made it a year.

No. 461356

>Either there's exceptions to definitions or there's not.
Anon implied that if gay people can't get the piece of paper then their union is implied through their romantic partnership and commitment.
But that's completely different because in that instance you have a couple who is committed enough to get married, but not legally allowed. As opposed to a couple that can get married but won't. It's unfair to gay people who live in countries with marraige inequality to equalize the two circumstances.

No. 461422

Lack of piece of paper is lack of piece of paper, according to your definition. And as mentioned earlier, it's not like people never have personal interests to not get married on paper. Not really yours to decide, hence why it's definitely unpopular for its inherent dickishness.

No. 461442

>And as mentioned earlier, it's not like people never have personal interests to not get married on paper.
As previoisly stated, if people don't want to get married that's perfectly fine, but they're still not married and it's a choice they're making. You might see acknowledging reality as "dickish" for some reason, but that doesn't make it any less real.

Why are you so defensive about people finding it annoying when people refusing to get married say they are? Especially when you just see it as ~a piece of paper~? If that's all it is, then why is the legal label so important? It makes no sense.

No. 461533

Very unpopular opinion for here but I have no problem with most transgirls, I don't want to make their lives worse than they already probably are and I feel bad for them since they have to live with a mental illness that effects their lives everyday. I hate transmen though since they're a bunch of self hating women who bitch about other women enjoying themselves, doesn't help that dysphoria is more uncommon in women so it just makes it all the more obvious they're faking it for attention.(pink-pill OT)

No. 461539

I nearly went ftm a few years ago and tbh I was full of trauma and trying to get away from sexism. That mixed with a repressed attraction to women. I've heard other detrans women describe the same reasons but then I see some that go on to transition will end up joining in with mens culture of misogyny and it's gross when you see it. It'll be interesting in the next few years to see if detransition figures ever become a real thing on paper cos I can sense an increase coming

I fully noped out of continuing hormones when for the second time I was in the middle of two men talking about how 12 year old girls should be legal.. put me back with the women please

No. 461541

>and it's a choice they're making
There's tons of factors that could be heavily influencing them to not make that choice. It's valid.
Why don't gay people just uproot their lives and move to countries where gay marriage is legal and why do they choose to continue to live in oppressive countries? There, see, everything can be boiled down to making a "choice" when you decide you know every single factor at play and assume people are not going far enough to commit out of sheer stubbornness.

I fail to see how anyone calling a partner their husband or wife without the paper would get you bothered. Unless they're an obnoxious couple airing it in the first place you sound like a busybody to even care.

No. 461543

Usually that seems to be the reason for that, it's the reason why a lot of girls pretending to be trans still wear skirts and like very feminine things like sanrio characters. I'm pretty sure it's a phase for most of them but it's really shitty to see them putting down women who are content with their gender and don't feel the need to pretend to be a different one as an attempt for men to accept them.

Good to hear that you never went off the deep end though anon granted cringy teenage phases are a thing everyone goes through, I'd say I was probably worse since I was an anti feminist twat.

No. 461546

Reminds me of this video where the girl at the beginning claims that their mansion is by women for women but meanwhile they have men whipping them and they're giving lap dances to them later on, there's literally nothing enpowering about being slutty no matter what fun beach party or cute house you put on top of it to mask it.(pink-pill OT)

No. 461547

Yeah for some it's just a way of distancing yourself from a past sexual assault, then once you start to pass you are included in mens chats and you realise that even the most normal seeming guys come out with pedo shit when women aren't in the convo

You won't ever find a whole group of women talking about how fucking 12 year olds should be normal, in my college I met two groups of guys saying this and waiting for me to nod along

No. 461548

That corset sure looks comfortable

No. 461560

I don't really understand. Transmen are usually that way because they were sexually assaulted, looked down on for being a women, etc. Essentially they were made to feel worthless bc they were female. With transwomen on the other hand, majority do it because they were brainwashed by porn or they have it stuck in their head that being female = easy sex = easy life.

No. 461578

Yeah and transwomen insult and hate on women all the time

No. 461597

I kinda get it. It's cringey to hear misogynistic shit coming from women. also because women like that never fucking shut up about it. it's like listening to mgtows.

No. 461625

Transwomen are more misogynist imo, their fetishes implying that femininity means slutty and submissive and thoughtless. They think women are a caricature.

No. 461663

thread pic makes me want pancakes tho

No. 461669

File: 1568331184710.jpeg (315.42 KB, 1478x1109, 6f7289706e78de54.jpeg)

No, I feel the same way as you. It's hard to find a single mainstream woman who hasn't objectified herself in at least one song. If it's relevant to the lyrics and message, and it isn't overt, I can take some sexuality in a song or video, but this is so blatant and plastic it's disgusting. How do people get off to this? The only pornographic content I like is slow, erotic, and usually still fully clothed. Naked ass in my face does nothing; it's actually repulsive. Now that I'm a radfem, I avoid anything "erotic" in general. I'm sick of being reduced to being a sellable product. My body is not a commodity, and it sure as hell isn't empowering. And, this is overlooking the song content entirely. There's no real melody, and lyrics are the same repeated drivel of sex, drugs, money, and being "bad" in general. Bleh.

She talks like she's in a cult. She has the Utah LDS stare.

No. 461681

TiFs get totally fucked in the head by T and start mimicking men's violence against women. "Misogyny is super gender affirming!!"
On the other hand though, TiMs are sexist before and after cutting their dicks off.

No. 461683

Most of them aren't even "truscum" (mental illness) just a lot of 30yo porn addicted men what the fuck anon, but yeah let's hate some 19yo annoying girls with internalized misogyny who totally did all this for a trend like women always do right?.
Agreed. I'm not saying TIF arent insufferable and disrespectful but saying you prefer transwomen over them? Tif's couldn't get to their insanity level no matter how many T shots they take, they're scary.

No. 461689

File: 1568335475456.png (252.07 KB, 960x444, transs.png)


I hardly have a problem with any particular group, there no context in which i will approach someone who is minding their own business and harass or question them , even less insult them or anything remotely like that but i don't appreciate the policing and the newspeak and all the made up rules that are now being enforced not only on female spaces but society in general. Its stepping over several lines and sensible people are being made to walk on eggshells and take abuse to cater to one specific group or other.

I guess i have a similar opinion with other topics that are now being de platformed or considered to racy or politically incorrect,. If some people just don't like others for whatever reason leave them fucking be with their opinion , you are allowed to challenge and dissent, if if weren't such a push and so much silencing and discrimination of opposition voices then maybe it wouldn't get so heated and antagonizing and some people would not feel the need to radicalize. This are very dangerous tools for politicians and political factions, pretty much anyone accused of "bigotry" for dissenting is thrown to the wolves and canceled even when they are bringing valid and important issues to the table. Its happening with these feminists who feel trampled by the trans agenda and are not being listened but is not exclusive to them.

No. 461702

Makeup really isn't an art because everyone strives to look the same. I.e every single MUA on Instagram

Lip injections never looks good on people and makes them look like a human duck.

No. 461705

depends anon, some thots claim they use makeup as self expression/art while only using it to cover up flaws and conform to beauty standards, there are yt artists I like who use makeup artistically though. I just wish people were honest

No. 461712

It literally is a trend though anon what are you talking about? Besides I can’t think of something more sexist than a woman pretending to be a man and hating on other women for not doing the same while going on about how petty they are. It’s literally just an evolution of the ‘I’m not like other girls’ shit.

No. 461722

File: 1568345386425.jpeg (499.75 KB, 1536x1534, 6B8C2582-DBF3-4DD7-B2FB-084DB0…)

True. Only one of these can be considered ~art~. The rest are still performative conformity, regardless of how talented the artist is. I wish the “makeup community” would shut the fuck up about how empowering corporate shilling is and realize that not all makeup is equal.

No. 461724

Likewise I feel like makeup could have been art, but in reality everyone just uses it to hide their flaws and insecurities. It's sad bc some people are quite talented but they use it for all the wrong reasons.

No. 461725


Being shitty at something just to non conform seems pretty lazy excuse to me and has the depth of a puddle. Any angsty 14 yr old can do that.

No. 461736

>men who hate women, are addicted to porn and cry "muh mental illness" are okay, but women who hate themselves and want to escape female gender roles are the true demons and fakers
Nah, anon. Both groups are heavy in misogyny, which makes me dislike them, but the things MtFs say about women while trying to emulate us at the same time and play the perpetual victim (even though many of them are actually violent or outright rapists) earn them a special place on my shitlist. Doesn't help that I've seen several transbians bitch that lesbians are evil for not wanting their "girldicks", while I've only seen maybe two FtMs try that with gay men.
FtMs are often annoying, eyeroll-worthy cows who bend over backwards for male validation, but they're pretty much just tomboyish, mentally ill handmaidens to me. MtFs are an actual threat, as many are just incels with trap fetishes (among others, like diaper shit) and bi/gay men with anger issues.

No. 461741

That's fair. I think I'm more talking about actual trans people with mental illnesses as opposed to the fetishy Bruce Jenner types but I get your point. Most MTF trannies I know are just self hating though.

No. 461758

everyone on imageboards is some kind of social reject: the more outwardly normal you seem, the more awful your hidden problem.

No. 461759

It seems like people who say 'nah' tend to be some version of redpillers who want to tell you what jews are like.

No. 461764

Are you ESL or just retarded…

No. 461784

Take GC talk to pink-pill. Derailment bans have been issued, and read the sticky.

No. 461796


Or it could just be their local usage of the word 'no'. 'Nah' and 'Nay' are genuinely used where I live and I'm almost entirely certain the vast majority of the elderly country bumpkin folk where I live aren't red pilled.

No. 461838

This and the new make up culture aka skincare is mostly bullshit too. Of course you need to wash your face and moisturizing is good but spending hundreds of dollars on these products is stupid and it's even stupider to act as if all the millions of different products are essential when you could focus more on taking care of what you eat and exercising and not frying yourself up in the sun.

No. 461841

Agree. Things like the 10 step Korean skincare routine are scams. Save your money.

No. 461844

I can’t help but wonder if all of this extensive skincare stuff wouldn’t be deemed necessary if they didn’t wear makeup, or at least not so much, surely that must damage your skin to some extent?

I’ve never worn makeup and I don’t seem to have of the issues that I often see complained about skin wise, but I also don’t use any sort of skincare supplies so perhaps it’s more so a case of me not fucking up the natural balance of the oils? Kinda like how you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday or it’ll throw off it’s balance and make it a grease factory with split ends

No. 461845

I don't use make up either in my every day life, I only wear it to parties and even then I sometimes only put eye make up and do my brows and leave the rest of my face alone even though my skin might not be perfect that day, it just feels better than messing up with my face and then have to worry about it

No. 461847


No. 461863

Dairy is good for you in moderation, sugar and carbs aren't the devil

My figure has never been better once you learn to moderate not give up

No. 461872

I kinda miss leafy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 461878

Lesbians in the work place can be just as bad as men. I quit my last job because my managers thirst for women was overbearing. I should have reported her behavior but our GM was a lesbian as well and they were up each other's asses.

Just because we both have vaginas doesn't mean I feel less uncomfortable about your obsession with pussy. She constantly talked about it and had to remind us how gay she was, and I really wish I had the balls to tell her nobody cares. It wouldn't have even bothered me so much if she were just a regular employee, but you're supposed to be my fucking boss, be professional and keep that shit to yourself.

No. 461879

Why wont you post this bait on pp that's where your audience is

No. 461880

I don’t wear make up either, but have bad skin nonetheless. My skincare routine is so simple though. Wash, apply my prescription cream, moisturize. I feel like doing anything more might be pushing it.

No. 461886

how bad is your skin and what is the root of it? I had acne but the sad part is other than that my skin was bright, smooth, wrinkle free with rosie cheeks. Turns out I just had hormone problems and ended up getting hormone treatments to regulate them. the only thing I really have to worry about is those red marks after pimples go away

masks and oils can help ofc but shouldn't be a daily thing

No. 461887

Agree, people forget that you have to eat and drink things in MODERATION.

No. 461897


Skinny people who say that they don't put on any weight even though they eat tons of unhealthy food just exaggerate how much unhealthy stuff they're eating

No. 461900

I really don’t know actually! I’ve never been able to afford to get it figured out. I’ve been on accutane even and my acne still persisted lmao. I stopped drinking completely recently and the severity of my zits has gone down, but I still get them (even with my prescription cream). I’m in my early 20s and have had acne since I was 8/9.. it could be hormonal but different birth controls never helped, drastically changing my diet hasn’t helped, living in different climates didn’t help, my current prescription has been the only thing to do much of anything.. it’s a mystery lol

No. 461907

This. Spending 100s of dollars on skincare is a scam. The beauty industry in general preys on women's insecurities. I've had pretty bad, cystic acne since puberty and a couple years ago I got referred to r/skincareaddiction somewhere on the internet. The information about skin types is tremendously valuable and doesn't meme expensive creams. I realized that the issue is hormonal and I'm able to keep my acne mostly at bay by taking spearmint pills and using drugstore products.

No. 461924

The Korean skincare routines are super expensive and bullshit too. They also usually have the worst ingredients.

No. 461931

A big problem with a lot of modern day skincare is that it's basically "treat the symptom not the cause". Yes you can apply harsh exfolators on flakey and oily skin to fix it, but those are symptoms of weak skin, eczema, or hormonal issurs and harsh exfolators do nothing to fix those issues long term.

No. 462009

>I’ve been on accutane even and my acne still persisted lmao
could it be from dirt or a bad diet?
> it could be hormonal but different birth controls never helped, drastically changing my diet hasn’t helped, living in different climates didn’t help, my current prescription has been the only thing to do much of anything.. it’s a mystery lol

yeah it definitely sounds like a dirt, stress or diet thing, do you stress often?

No. 462014

consider asking your doctor about spiro, anon. particularly if you see your worst breakouts around your period. i know you said bc didn't help but it also didn't help me at all. spiro on the other hand cleared up my skin completely.

No. 462015

I had to do 2 rounds of accutane to get it to work and it took several years, then do a course of retinol cream. How long were you on it?

It's hard to imagine that if accutane doesn't work, something else will, it's such hardcore stuff. I recommend accutane to anyone with severe cystic acne because at that point it's a real medical issue that needs real medicine.

No. 462017

Donna was the only likable character on the original Beverly Hills 90210.

No. 462176

Here's a hot take I doubt very many people have: I think my Christian friends are way less judgmental than my progressive SJW friends.

After being non-religious most of my life, I converted into being a Christcuck a few years ago. As you can tell from me being on this thread, I'm not really the most devout Christian. I still like to party and read gay fanfiction. I also became more of a hoe after I converted.

I'm not super close with my Christian friends, because I can't be totally open about myself. But I do love their company when I do spend time in fellowship. I also never feel stressed out about them finding out about who I "really" am. In our interactions, I don't feel like they spend a lot of time telling people not to do stuff and we rarely talk about sex. We've never talked about homosexuality either.

On the other hand, I feel way worse about being around my SJW friends. Most of them are really into racial issues. I'm Asian so I don't get scrutinized, but I'm paranoid about them finding out that I'm sympathetic to whites. I'm very trans critical too so there's that to worry about that too. I lived with some of them this summer and it was so uncomfortable at times because they would never shut up about white people.

Because of this, I think I would rather spend more time with my Christian friends than my SJW ones. Weirdly enough I feel the best around my trans atheist best friend though.

Thanks for reading.

No. 462189

File: 1568467036769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1453x1000, 2009118741_bxoU3PMY_0800.jpg)

Kim Jung Gi's art is soulless.

No. 462204

I agree anon. He is clearly very good but he's way overrated imo. There's no substance in his art and the amount of naked women he draws and the circumstances he puts them in is super gross to me

No. 462205

what is this supposed to signify and why do they need to be naked

No. 462227

He has dynamism but like.. the themes are so redunant and also even the body type he draws for the girls are boring

At least someone like Ralph bashiki draws these interesting hourglass figures with thicc muscular thighs even if they look all the same. They just look too scrawny

No. 462368


who's art has "soul" according to you?

No. 462398

wait this is the amazing artist people were talking about in the art thread? i see some artists can't keep their dick out of their art.

No. 462410

Sometimes cows are right to say that the people making fun of them on gossip websites are pathetic jealous losers and the epitome of 'ur ugly so i wont have sex with u' types of trash.
I'm so thankful for anonymous chan sites for this reason. If I saw a user with marked patterns for posting and certain afflictions over specific topics nothing could stop me from judging the fuck out of them as badly as the cows themselves.
They're so obsessed and angry it's like they're not even real people.

No. 462449

most people aren't that jelly of the cows but a lot are. the ones who are though can be annoying. i just like gawking and laughing at people so jelly-chans really bother me with their whining. somewhat unrelated, i feel like if i had more of an online presence i'd have a thread on PULL (weeaboo dream bs), so i guess i can understand the salty-chans.

No. 462451

>be male
>draw tits
"amazing!! a timeless genius!"

No. 462452

I like his art, other than most of his women. He puts all this detail into everything, and then just draws boring cutesy pseudo-anime chicks a lot of the time.

No. 462457


He said himself in some interviews that when he is not drawing he is masturbating. He is kinda simple minded, his life experience outside of art is is just fapping and going to military service so thats all he draws most of thje time, military stuff and naked women. At least he is incredibly good at it.

No. 462458

Sometimes the people on gossip sites can be more amusing cows for me than the actual cows themselves.
Yeah, I remember seeing interviews with him saying that. He's pretty cumbrained, but I still like the detailing he does in a significant portion of his art.

No. 462464


I can see where they are coming from because some anons really are crazier than them.

I lurk Kiwifarms every now and some users are literally on every page of every thread that exists on the site. They lurk every thread every day, follow every cow there is. Even for me its crazy, sometimes i waste a lot of time but some anons really be batshit and addicted to stalking cows on another level.

No. 462494

File: 1568524138378.jpg (111.48 KB, 1188x876, CmWCMh7UEAAAULV.jpg)

he's kinda cute ngl

No. 462539

How can you be a true artist with such limited vision and banality?

No. 462577

Is his job just letting people watch him draw?

Also, doesn't he have a wife and kids and lets them see his perverted drawings?

No. 462625

Anti Vaxxers are a necessary evil if we are serious about stopping the over population of earth and the climate apocalypse.
Bring back natural selection for humans.

No. 462626

lmao I drew porn of him back in the day

No. 462629

Unpopular opinion especially online but I wanna deck any idiot in the face that says stupid shit like muh natural selection

No. 462636

Go ahead if you can.
I'm completely consistent that natural selection would most likely affect me too.

No. 462650

He is a perv. He will draw shit like schoolgirls having sex with ugly middle-aged men and pretend people only dislike it because of "nudity". I watched an interview with him and he would give his kids his sketchbooks to draw in and they would see his porn art and go "eww dad" and he just thought it was funny.

No. 462685

File: 1568573691264.png (980.42 KB, 720x918, Screenshot_2019-09-04-15-12-54…)

On a simaler note these sailor moon redraws have become a 'remove soul' button.

No. 462692

I think it's a bit dishonest to only complain about his private NSFW sketchbook doodles that he only recently began to show the world.

No. 462693

Wow those redraw eyes are terrifying.

No. 462695

File: 1568577117838.jpg (195.3 KB, 960x674, IMG_5203.JPG)

i think some of the first ones were good

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