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File: 1667061916433.jpeg (43.85 KB, 440x616, 440450C0-13F5-4BB5-9F88-0D85A6…)

No. 262428

Previous thread:


Recent topics:

> A google doc was released about paradises ex member Wib making racist comments


> Pinkii is back on shit-tok after losing it and she’s calling people that dislike her ‘fat and ugly’


> Cinnagal is currently in Japan and tiktok isn’t happy about it.


> Cows are discussing the validity of Lizziebee’s blog

https://www.hellolizziebee.com (blog in question)


No. 262434

now who picked this photo of wib kek

No. 262443

Why are cows even discussing lizzie’s blog. It’s the biggest and easiest source for gyaru information and you’re all complaining because she stays out of drama.

No. 262539

You didn't even bother to summerise properly let alone link to any of the milk from last thread.

No. 262704

because it's full of shit info.

No. 268303

File: 1669504812537.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, BB1325E9-E814-4C33-9599-278268…)

Pinkii stealing $1500 from her friend and skipping out on rent

No. 268311

Had to fund her totes gyaru shein hauls

No. 268323

Pls God learn to screen record or link the video so others can view the milk

No. 268327

Why can't you do that yourself

No. 268332

Why should anons have to when you're the one half-assed posting and not archiving?

No. 268347

Kek NTA in the first place get off your lazy ass and screen record if you want it

No. 268366

If you want anons to discuss the milk then actually bring some, it's the bare minimum newfag.

No. 268378

her @ is solenevelvet on Tiktok and Instagram, the videos are uploaded to both platforms.
Apparently she asked Nat to pay the rent she owed, Nat ignored her, snuck into her house while she knew she wouldn’t be home (she’s not on the lease and even though she had a key, that’s breaking in). She took all her shit (apparently so much stuff it took an hour to all move out according to Solene she knows this because of her security cameras) and she stole Solene’s HELLO KITTY FIGURES at her grown age.
Disgusting. She apparently still has the key too.
All of this can be found in Solene’s comments but I can get the screenshots of some of the comments explaining this if you guys would like.

No. 268379

No. 268381

File: 1669527025319.jpeg (91.03 KB, 828x468, 8AA5769B-2B55-4D8F-94EC-51479A…)

Some screenshots of some of the comments from the video

No. 268382

File: 1669527083182.png (296.31 KB, 828x1792, 42350A52-A1C4-4E1A-B3EB-F8E933…)

No. 268383

File: 1669527268945.jpeg (81.42 KB, 828x489, C7FDC2EE-7841-48DD-A4E3-EAA5D5…)

No. 268384

File: 1669527333186.jpeg (198.27 KB, 828x1247, 9E9C31E5-C23A-4404-A47B-E9F034…)

Natalia’s responses:

No. 268385

File: 1669527379496.jpeg (69.91 KB, 828x371, 0707A21C-7B9A-4989-8888-96AED5…)

(found under her most recent Instagram post)

No. 268403

looks like she deleted this off her story. oof.

No. 268423

File: 1669537992575.jpeg (239.78 KB, 1284x493, 3F5DB9A4-B81B-4E11-B685-D2180E…)

No. 268427

File: 1669538600390.jpeg (411.86 KB, 1284x1288, A87389BE-C633-4E7B-AE5F-2BA90A…)

Yeah, fuck this scrote. I’m more inclined to believe Natalia over this fucker. I’m not going to pick a side and call her a thief over some egirl with a bad dye job posting some one sided text messages that can be easily deleted to look like she’s a victim. She was too quick to post this to social media.

No. 268428

People on here are always WAY too quick to take Natalia’s side. Tbh that ethot does seem like she did this for clout and sympathy, but she has a much bigger following than Natalia so I have a hard time believing that she made this up for clout. Nat has a record of not paying people, but I still dont know what to believe exactly.

No. 268434

Siding with Nat over a scrote is just what Anons should be doing in principal. Men will shit themselves over a woman denying them. As for the thot, lord knows what the truth is but her behavior, comments and tags, as well as refusing to go to the police even though she has “proof” makes me doubt her. It’s not hard to go and delete messages to post screenshots.

No. 268435

None of this is gyaru related? Take it to the pinkii thread where they're already talking about this.

Meanwhile y'all completely overlooking the paradise drama is showing these threads are just filled with paradoggies kek

No. 268439

for the last time this thread isn't a callout thread for moralfagging it's for drama.

No. 268445

I think she is pursing legal action based on this story from Natalia, which she later deleted

No. 268446

People don’t care about Paradise because everyone knows they’re a hot mess and people can’t project on them or be jealous of them. Let’s be honest, most people come on here to voice their frustrations on people who are generally popular and well-liked off this site out of spite and jealousy.
Most people here don’t care about real “drama” and that’s why I hope this thread dies.
But, to say “take this to the Natalia thread” is ridiculous, she calls herself a gyaru legend and makes songs talking about being gal. If someone is claiming to be gal, they can get posted to this thread.

No. 268449

I think she removed her go fund me because she just wants people to spread awareness on the situation. People in her comments are asking how they can help, and she’s saying just to spread awareness and share the video. Surely if this was all for money she would ask people to donate. But she’s not.
I also have a hard time believing she did all of this for clout when she has 4x the amount of followers as Nat, and she’s the one who helped Natalia get sponsorships.
I mean who knows she could be lying for an unknown reason, but the motives don’t make sense if you analyze this closely. Anyone else understand what I mean by this?

No. 268460

what the fuck are those retarded tags and sad emotes she's trying too hard. I believe pinkii is a sketchy bitch in any case but something is fishy

No. 268463

She removed the gofundme because something is up and none of this is true. If she was really out there hurting over this supposed theft of 1500, why is she not allowing people to help her recoup her losses? Shit is weird.

No. 268490

I wonder if Natalia saw the allegations, and started her own legal action over “slander” etc and that’s why the other girl took down the gofundme.
Although I’m inclined to believe Nat would be the type to be a bum roommate (“influencers” who move to LA tend to only flex on camera whilst sleeping on the floor), deleting things is Suspicious on solene’s part

No. 268522

it's more likely she's going to charge her so she took the stuff down.

No. 268635

Idk, I feel like if she was asking for money you guys would just call her a grifter and a liar, if she didn’t you’d say it’s suspicious (like you are now.)
I think either way you would be on Nat’s side it seems.
Let’s just see how this transpires.
I think it’s funny to see people defend Nat no matter what she does on this site. She could kill someone and people would play devil’s advocate. Why do people think she can do know wrong when she’s known for being a cringe and terrible person?

No. 268649

If that was the case, Solene definitely would’ve taken the videos down. Stop finding ways to defend Natalia when nobody truly knows what’s going on here. We’d have to wait it out and see. Does anyone have updates from either of them?

No. 268672

Nta but I'm on the fence. Requiring evidence to support someone's claims isn't inherently supporting Natalia, at least that's not my intention. Let the milk flow, I'm eager to see what really happened regardless of who comes out looking better.

No. 268673

File: 1669614565931.jpeg (49.15 KB, 828x257, A15E59E5-05EC-4813-8F86-249259…)

only this post from solene which is highly speculative. i did think that natalie was growing suspiciously quick on instagram recently. its normal to blow up like that on tiktok but not instagram. again this is all heavy speculation but i do think it’s suspicious. wouldnt put it past her to do that to make sure that other people in the community dont pass her following on instagram like they have on tiktok. to keep up that “gyaru legend” crap.
who knows though.

No. 268677

File: 1669615305924.jpg (512.69 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20221128-170019__01…)

Fuck this all happened quick it was just 4 days ago Natalia was liking her photos and 3 days since Solene posted the expose videos.

No. 268678

That’s kinda why I have a hard time believing that Solene randomly decided to turn on her for no reason. But again, who can trust either of these washed up LA egirls?

No. 268679

File: 1669616039310.jpeg (125.05 KB, 768x690, 3ED454E6-2766-4170-A8EE-F4F0BD…)

people r speculating that Yuka necro’d her own thread to self post this shitty music video

No. 268681

File: 1669616734018.png (9.91 MB, 3072x4095, Abysmal ratio .png)

Are you sure she's not talking about herself kek? The interaction level on some of her recent posts for an account 279k followers is straight up embarrassing. I don't completely doubt this could've all been for clout because she's completely irrelevant despite the "large following", with Natalia managing to have a much more organic looking ratio (not ruling out that she may also be buying likes/followers). Natalia is also irrelevant but it is pretty trendy with zoomers to shit on her after all. Maybe she was hoping to go viral? That being said, I don't know Natalia outside of being a lolcow so I'm not discounting that even though this girl looks suspicious she may be telling the truth. Hell they both may be lying and the truth is somewhere in the middle. The one thing I don't doubt is that ugly scrote is just mad she won't fuck him. Probably expected sex for helping her out in typical moid fashion.

No. 268699

lmao oh my god nonner it was meee i am not Yukapee! i feel like i pissed everyone off now just because i posted a trashy music video

No. 268703

No. 268704

this made you sound more like her kek

No. 268710

She absolutely wanted it to go viral but is seething that she got less than 2k views on her call out video. The tags, her tone in replies, the woe is me comments—Solene is clearly clout chasing. Anyone can objectively see that.

No. 268712

File: 1669641325073.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1245x2052, 57210864-F296-4218-BBA3-25C693…)

Why is she pinning this? And everyone wants to believe a woman who is quick to use someone’s obvious sexual abuse against them to judge their character? Natalia was a minor being manipulated by grown men. Punching down on someone’s sexual abuse history is gross as fuck, especially over some hello kitty figures that were allegedly stolen.

No. 268724

This doesn’t mention anything about her abuse or grooming, so Solene isn’t siding with her abuser or making fun of her abuse. This is a stretch, even though it’s fucked up to bring up her Yuka days, this comment doesnt encompass everything that happened so please stop reaching.
I feel like there are better people to get clout off of. Again, Nat is known to use people and not pay them, so I don’t put it past her. Too many people here are jumping to her defense when we don’t have enough evidence for each side and it’s very suspicious how she’s defended in literally every situation across this site. People always take her side no matter what it is and it’s very obvious.
Not saying Solene isn’t a weirdo ethot, but I’m just saying everyone on here seems like they made up their minds right away.

No. 268726

And if Natalie cared about grooming and child safety, she wouldn’t be admiring Belle Delphine after knowing she sold CP and knowing she clearly edits herself like a child and acts like a child in her porn. It’s very sad actually. You think she’d care about this stuff more but she clearly doesn’t.

No. 268746

My god lip fillers make you look so much older LA girls all get them and they never look right they are so obvious kek. Serving aunty with greasy bangs in that last picture she looks like she had a face lift and i don't mean it in a good way

No. 268756

She wasn't just a minor being manipulated by grown men, she was a minor being manipulated by grown men and her own parents who were very okay with her having these men in her life, when what they should've done is tried to restrict her "idol activities" and get law enforcement involved if they could. Instead they were fine with it because they were throwing free shit at Natalia, and encouraged her using older men even if it meant being groomed and traumatized by them, not that she seems to be all that traumatized since she had some corny shit about fucking people's dads as her twitter nickname kek

No. 268757

if you go back and look at what she looked like before she moved to la, she was so pretty without the fillers too. its such a shame, her, natalia and every other fame hungry los angeles hoe gets them and they all look like that one scene in monsters inc (you know the one)

No. 268781

You can't say that she wasn't traumatized by any of it. I'm pretty sure her trauma manifests in the stuff that she produces now and the people she admires. Not all victims get the help they need nor do they deal with it healthily. I don't want to armchair her though, but Natalia does not seem very "okay".

No. 268860

>I heard from a few people that even back then she would use others for gain and even an older man in Japan
This is peak moid logic I can't believe a woman is siding with literal pedophiles. They always say shit like "she took advantage of me" and "she knew what she was doing". This is peak Humbert in lolita autism. I would unpin this if I were Solene, it actually makes her seem less credible.

No. 268881

i sort of disagree with this. she probably knew what she would gain, but not what the consequences and risks were. that's why men justify using and grooming young girls.

No. 268885

It doesn't matter if she was trying to gain something that's literally how pedophiles incentivise young teens into doing things that are dangerous or traumatic. Seeing as they can't fully understand the gravity of the situation or the consequences it's the adult's job to protect them and not exploit them. I can't believe we're resorting to this argument just because Natalia is a shit person.

No. 268892

I agree, she needs help but she’s almost 28 and she’s still being a weirdo on the internet. She needs therapy and she can’t get mad when people criticize her for doing problematic shit.

No. 268939

Ayrt, yes she needs help and because of that she’s going to chimp out on the so called problematic stuff she’s been accused of which are all nonissues outside of admiring belle delphine.
This sounds a lot like you’re trying to say that she willingly got groomed to be famous in Japan. Don’t be a stupid shit. You can dislike Natalia and agree that she was taken advantage of by all the adults in her life. Two truths can coexist.

No. 268953

stop twisting my words. she didn't want to be groomed, but she did want to be famous, and she used the eternal loli shit to do that, she just didn't realize how fucked up it was. she can be opportunistic and still be getting groomed, they're not mutually exclusive. it's not victim blaming to point out that she did infact want efame. she's still doing suspicious things for efame to this day. she's not responsible for being groomed, but teenagers actions still have intention, they just don't have the inhibitions to make smart, rational decisions.

No. 268979

You’re basically saying “she was a teenager who wanted efame”, and even if you’re pointing out that she was groomed, the way you’re framing it makes it seem like she sought it out and is responsible for how grown men chose to abuse her as a teenager, I.e. victim blaming.
Nat’s a talentless hack but it’s irrelevant to bring up her teenage years when she was groomed as “proof” that she’s opportunistic when there’s other things to point out.

No. 269069

Yuck this bitch is so obviously fake. What a dogshit human being.

No. 269131

Does anyone have Ashley’s instagram (same Ashley from the Ashley/Shiena drama) I get insanely nostalgic for those everyday_gyaru and gyaru secrets days.

Last I heard she married some Japanese street thug who left her as a single mom and was living back in America.

No. 269171

It's tsuyameki. She lives in Ocean, NJ and has left gyaru completely since then.

No. 269206

that's not what i'm doing, if you're too stupid to comprehend what i said, that's fine.

No. 269239

Okay thank you so much

No. 269275

people ask about Ashley every thread. at this point you have to respect her legacy

No. 269390

But Ashley hasn't been gal in literal years, I think it's time to leave her alone tbh

No. 269391

"Legacy"?? Sure, you like to talk about every other gaijin gyaru or close to the style while living in Japan, and suddenly no one can talk about Ashley? Stop whiteknighting and GTFO lolcow

No. 269393

It's not wking, all the old milk on Ashley is out there if people use half a brain cell to find it, there's just no NEW milk bc she's been out of the style and quiet for years. Ya'll are just beating the horse dead(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 269409

Nta but no one said you can't talk about her you absolute sperg they just said they respect the cow's legacy cause someone is curious about her every thread.

No. 269471

Imagine chasing hosts and other Japanese moids for years only to getting knocked up by some scrote who abandons you and the kid and then you end up having to move back to jersey I genuinely feel bad for her that’s like a living nightmare

No. 270394

are there any updates with the pinkii/solene stuff? or did it completely drop off?

No. 270473

Nope, no updates. Pinkii went on her story to say “omg where are are these followers coming from” when she’s clearly buying them because they’re a bunch of bots and her following keeps on going up and down. Felt like an indirect response to Solene.
Solene is just promoting her terrible egirl tracks per usual.

No. 270722

File: 1670393381550.jpg (934.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221207-170008.jpg)

Anyone know what video she's referring to? I didn't notice a 15k blow to Natalia's IG but maybe other anons did or know where to get the analytics? Big kek if what she's claiming is true but I also can't get over the smugness of this story when her ratio is actually embarrassing at 279k followers, the vast majority have also got to be bots. From an outside perspective they both look to be as irrelevant as each other.

No. 270723

Sorry for samefag but I'd be really surprised it was actually a 15k blow when only 2k people interacted with her callout on IG and 1.7 for part two. Maybe Instagram was just cleaning bots and she's trying to make herself seem more influential than she actually is kek?

No. 270730

I dont have screenshots but I can attest to the fact that Natalia was about to reach 70k before Solene made those posts. She did lose that many followers and then suddenly starting growing again out of nowhere. Her following has been going up and down like crazy for like a week now. It’s definitely suspicious

No. 270736

File: 1670402153375.jpg (3.37 MB, 4096x3072, Tiktokcallout.jpg)

I'm really surprised because it's not like her callout went off or anything even on tiktok. I could just be retarded but I'm really surprised 15k people even saw the drama let alone cared but I'll take your word for it anon.

No. 270743

I find it ironic that she’s mentioning this when it’s clear her own account is obviously purchased with bots. Her engagement is no better than someone with 1k followers. Even with her sad attempt at trying to go viral over some half baked story, she still has shit numbers.

No. 270773

Ayrt and I agree, it is weird and it doesn’t feel like Solene has that kind of pull. But I did watch it happen in real time. Perhaps her and Solene just shared a lot of followers? But her following has been pretty wonky, going up and down constantly. I haven’t seen any other large creators complain about this issue though, if Instagram was removing bots you’d think you’d see this happen to more people. This whole situation is very strange.

No. 270782

Why does every LA egirl spend this much on plastic surgery to look this ugly? they look like botched blowup dolls and not in a cute bimbo way it'll look terrible when they start to age

No. 270783

While I do believe Pinkii would pull shit like that and is buying bots for sure it's crystal clear Solene pulled this half-assed stunt to try and get attention and promote her equally shitty music.
What's with 'inffluencers' arguying in Instagram stories at their big age? Aren't they embarassed enough from their joke of a career and washed up looks? Put this much effort into finding a real job

No. 270788

She actually looks really happy and like she has a good life.

No. 270877

File: 1670451807500.jpg (3.15 MB, 4096x2304, 193837283782.jpg)

Before anyone says I'm posting Cinnagal to distract I'm the anon who initially posted this >>270722
Just leaving this his for posterity because it seems spicy, zoomer "gyarus" are cannibalising each other again.

No. 270878

File: 1670451911177.jpg (555.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221208-092015.jpg)

This girl already has a story highlight crying and apologising for whatever she did. I'd post it but it's pretty long.

No. 270897

sexualizing japanese school child uniforms is gross obviously, but otknoharuka is getting so cocky about being the only one who's black AND totemo kawaii ninhonjin. kek

No. 270944

Thank god someone else shared this. I’m waiting for the multiple back to back videos about this person, otherwise these girls are just a bunch of hypocrites and clearly went after Pinkii to propel themselves further. Imagine being on vacation and still obsessing over stupid drama that doesn’t matter.

No. 270945

File: 1670465422684.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2294, DFCA4D02-2209-4A6E-A58E-25BC71…)

No. 270952

File: 1670466064798.jpeg (25.61 KB, 202x202, 9B031671-8007-431E-9167-E0CE55…)

spot the difference

No. 270985

You should take a look at this person’s content, very weird and pedobaity. Maybe do that before jumping to their side.
Natalia doesn’t nearly have enough clout to propel anyone else’s career. Not saying they should’ve called her out, but this narrative gets shat all over every thread and it’s so played out.

No. 270989

People love milking dry cows on this thread, that’s pretty much what all the threads are at this point. We all know the Gyaru threads are some of the shittiest on this site unfortunately.
I really wonder what happened here. Natalia has been silent since she posted something about an active legal case (not sure if Solene pressed charges, or Natalia is suing for slander) but Solene is still shading Natalia? Which would be bad for a legal case in court?
Maybe Solene is just jealous of Natalia’s better engagement? But it’s not like Natalia is some huge influencer, she seems to lose followers on Tiktok every time she posts. This whole situation is very confusing and I just want to hear some updates already. Maybe we never will though.

No. 270993

ye solene looks….unfortunate. pinkii still looks pretty decent despite some obvious filler. i hope she doesnt do anything else to her face but she has tweeted about wanting surgery to get a “belle delphine” nose (whatever that means) and wanting breast implants. neither are bad things i guess but i feel like her nose really makes her face look like…her?

No. 270995

File: 1670475710710.jpeg (185.24 KB, 734x1207, F37577BD-090A-4809-8A3B-0640E8…)

please dont take this as wking because im not saying i disagree with these points but kokotan should really tell her members to space out their lolcow posts and instagram story posts. maybe kai wants to be caught but this is like the 5th time someone has seen her story posts line up exactly with posts on lolcow.
feel free to post here, this site is open to everyone, but please just make it less obvious because it makes it look like a vendetta post and it takes away the anonymity of this site.
which results in shit shows like the last 2 threads.

does anyone have evidence of someone in the gyaru community doxxing this girl? im very curious

No. 271000

Ntayrt I think she does, not by merit of being relevant but from being infamous amongst certain crowds because of the last time she made the rounds on tiktok. That and the nature of those kind of call out videos, regardless of who they're about, tend to get traction with the younger generation. She's just an easy target who won't get you any backlash if it doesn't quite pan out. Honestly I think people cared more about her posting lewds in a cosplay of a 16 year old anime character than they did about her aledgedly stealing money and items from someone's apartment KEK.
We can't see the username or time frame it was posted in because you held down when taking the screenshot, IG is dumb and does that now. I'm also not sure who's post lines up perfectly with the story.

No. 271010

File: 1670480336119.jpeg (218.63 KB, 826x1353, B25AD456-6A2B-46D1-BD91-DD808C…)

my bad anon, heres the full screenshot. its from @kaimiterru’s story, a member of paradise who has been talked about a lot on these threads because she tends to get caught posting to lolcow.

No. 271012

File: 1670480709353.jpeg (245.96 KB, 828x1441, B6F5F3D1-A263-497B-9040-3EA97A…)

all these posts about this particular situation were made at the exact time these stories were posted, 7-8 hours ago.
usually i would just think this was a coincidence but kai has also been caught doing this multiple other times, as well as self posting her own stories on previous threads (she didnt crop the “your story” thingy in the corner)
i understand shes eager to talk about people she hates but shes not careful about it at all and it’s been annoying people in the thread for a while

No. 271016

Kek, it lines up with my post about gyarus cannibalising each other. It's a coincidence (I'm not a burgerfag so I live in a different timezone) but you obviously have the right to choose not to believe me.

No. 271017

And samefagging to say it's understandable why you'd think this. If I remember correctly she outed herself last thread by having her icon showing.

No. 271018

agreed, maybe it wasn’t her but if anything it shows her and paradise still live in this thread and jump with excitement anytime this thread posts about someone they dont like.
i can get the screenshots from the last thread if people want to see the evidence, it’s been posted so many times though.
but she posted a story implying lolcow was racist for posting about her being a former koreaboo, and then went on lolcow with a screenshot of her own story (it said your story in the corner) saying “wow pugmiterru calling lolcow racist?”
the worst part is her referring to HERSELF as pugmiterru…

No. 271019

File: 1670482017906.jpg (2.97 MB, 4096x4096, Kai.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she would still read here especially after getting mentioned and outing herself. She started sperging about jolifuku around 9 hours ago and Haruka is also talking about it so it does pertain to the pwocketangel stuff I posted.

No. 271022

File: 1670482118352.jpg (814.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221208-174736.jpg)

Second image is in direct reference to >>270945

No. 271029

Shut the fuck up. Not everyone who posts about something is Kai. That person is used as the bogeyman whenever someone posts interesting milk, every single time. It just feels like a thinly veiled way to try to shut down the conversations.

No. 271030

You’re free to ignore the speculative posts about Kai, I just found it interesting since she’s done stuff like this before. Other anons also acknowledged it might not be her, but if anything it just proves she lurks in this thread like it’s her job. It’s just an observation, calm down.
She has a tendency to obsess over minors in the community. It’s honestly creepy.

No. 271031

Also, doesn’t pwocketangel regularly post in outfits that look a lot like Jojifuku? So why is Kai defending them while also trying to shit on Haruka for allegedly doing the same thing?

No. 271032

you have to admit that priest kink post made by pwocketangel is pretty sick

No. 271033

File: 1670485113945.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1284x1401, 6232CFBB-91AC-4F9E-BBBC-C4719E…)

Haruka needs to pick a thought and stick with it. She wants people to not wear a retired Japanese school gym uniform
because she doesn’t want to sexualize children but then she wants to support Jojifuku because SHE personally doesn’t see that it’s pedobaity. How does anyone look at this fashion trend and not see that it’s catering towards creeps?

No. 271034

Priest/Nun kinks have been a thing since the beginning of time. Cinnacow’s post is the biggest reach I have ever seen because the girl she’s shitting on never said she wanted to be a little kid being molested by a priest. She just wants to fuck a priest.

No. 271035

I mean saying you want to be “taken advantage of” by a priest when you have a history of pedobaiting is questionable to say the least. Also can I ask, multiple people have called this out, so why do people always harp on Cinnagal in particular?

No. 271036

“taken advantage of” ≠ just wanting to fuck. If you said “someone took advantage of me” that does not imply that you had consensual sex with them. Let’s be honest here, put your hate for Cinnagal aside for one moment to think critically.

No. 271038

This is also the fashion that pwocketangel seems to wear the most, while also saying stuff like “I want to be taken advantage of by a priest”. Please stop picking and choosing and just siding with the people who the people you don’t like are against

No. 271039

Anon, read >>270877. I’m not harping only on Cinnacow, it was a reference to her literal statement that was posted here. Get a grip. I’m not defending pwocketangel but I’m not going to jump through hoops for a reach so ridiculous just to purposely say “yeah she’s trying to be a child molested by a priest”. This is like telling adult women who read “problematic” smut that’s borderline rape that they obviously want to be raped. Take your head out of your ass and touch grass. You can have legit criticisms of people without making assumptions of their intentions.

No. 271041

Ayrt and that’s fair, I think the priest thing just looks bad in conjunction with her very pedobaity behavior, such as how they dress, type, ect. But I do understand that that’s an assumption.
Also, I’ve realized that Natalia, Haruka, and Jax have the biggest followings in the gaijin gal community by far, so of course they’re going to be hot topics on every thread, even when they’re not really being milky

No. 271051

File: 1670489692584.jpg (3.22 MB, 4096x2304, 1637395329.jpg)

I'm not sure honestly anon, but here's the rest of the jolifuku stories (I didn't bother to screen record two of them) if anyone wants to decipher what her contention is.

No. 271055

this thread has nothing to do with gyaru anymore. it's just you retards bitching about hot takes from people who may be gyaru. it's so obviously full of newfags.

No. 271091

Agree, anon. Not even milky. I blame the weeb children from tiktok flooding the thread with cinnacow and her buddies.

No. 271098

Be careful, if you even so much as imply that she’s not as milky as people wish she was, you’ll get flooded with back to back paragraphs freaking the fuck out.
The borderline obsessive posts about Cinna are what killed this thread and it’s tragic.

No. 271115

Just like the endless posts about how no one cares and this isn’t milk. No one is stopping you from posting shit you’re interested in and no one is forcing you to engage either.

No. 271183

These threads have been trash from the beginning, it's almost like they haven't read the rest and just get upset whenever their fave gets posted.

No. 272476

File: 1671124422049.png (767.29 KB, 750x1334, AF18971D-E0AD-408A-8085-B38693…)

Why is Haruka suddenly under the delusion that she’s some famous jfashion model? This is genuinely hilarious to witness.

No. 272578

Natalia also sold these and nobody bat an eye, and Haruka has more followers than Nat. I dont think it’s that weird

No. 272596

Maybe on tiktok, but not ig. Also the comparison doesnt really work considering Haruka hasnt done any industry work at all as far as I’m aware. Additionally it seems that most of her audience consists of tiktok tweens so.. who is she really marketing to?

No. 272597

Haruka modeled in some gal magazines in Japan, also Natalia is in the “industry” but she’s not very respectful. Also, if you add up all their followers across social media, Haruka still has more. There is also evidence Natalia bought followers on Instagram. In terms of engagement, Haruka also has way better engagement than Natalia on Instagram with half the followers. Her Tiktok is also doing better than Natalia’s ever did.
I’m sure Tiktok teens will buy them if she decides to sell them, she’s pretty huge on there right now. Most followed gal by far.

No. 272598

not very respected* or popular

No. 272660

What are the examples of her modeling in mags recently? I genuinely do not recall hearing about this, just her wishing to be scouted (ie the measurements in her bio). As for Nat, I’m not a fan of hers either so I don’t really have much to say about the rest. I think selling photocards in the case of both of them is corny though

No. 272792

I can’t keep up with them pseudo baby „gals“.
Is Haruka the one who claims her Japanese mom was gal?

No. 272817

yeah, thats her. No idea why tiktok zoomers put her on such a high pedestal for having a gal mom when there isn’t anything particularly special about either of them. her mom literally just looks like most people did in the early 2000s, its not like her mom was tsubasa or some shit. just tiktok zoomers secretly jealous that they aren’t japanese im guessing

No. 272819

you sound kinda jealous, anon. people on tiktok are crazy though and think no one can be asian or japanese or haffu, and they believe so much insane nonsense they learn from people making shit up.

No. 272852

nta but how does anon sound jealous? Haruka is pretty but her coords are only mid, she’s not special. she has potential but needs to not coast on her identity or assume it makes her the most valid gal on earth without even trying. people who do that shit as teenagers end up as disappointing adults.

No. 272856

You have the be over 18 to post here

No. 272875

she does, she's being way too dismissive about it. it's not a big deal, but it's still interesting and it would be nice to have that kind of insight. anon sounds way too negative about it.

No. 272903

It always bothered me that Haruka uses her mom as a status symbol yet never actually attempts to get her to provide any actual insight on gyaru history/topics. If you’re just going to casually bring her up to flex and prove a point then you might as well not mention her at all. It’s admittedly pretty neat to have a parent that was in the scene, but again it’s like she has a great resource to provide information but she.. doesn’t utilize that lol
She seems to be moving more towards weird pedo-baity styles anyway so I guess she only uses gal for a bit of clout so she wouldnt care about that

No. 272936

Maybe that's just her opinion? Like do you even know where you are? I could turn around and say you sound way too emotionally invested it goes both ways.

No. 272957

Calm down, you're proving her point.

No. 273076

Why is Haruka posting sexy photos of herself if she’s constantly making callouts about the sexualization of minors. Isn’t she underage herself? Lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 273101

WTF are you posting this then?? You just shared a minors down the shirt photo to a website that keeps getting cp raids. Holy shit, are you this retarde

No. 273106

this girl Is Norm (Tokyo's Lenses) biological daughter

No. 273107


No. 273156

Pinkiipiss has onlyfans n artist n can't pay her rent.kek no one buying. Hang it up. Your glorious nippon idol days is ancient.

No. 273163

>Calm down
Anon how long have you been using this imageboard to actually assert that wasn't calm kek?

No. 273176

>taking it literally

No. 273283

>I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 273616

File: 1672420561461.jpg (222.68 KB, 720x1110, Screenshot_20221230-184011_Ins…)

>guys! Do not segulize me!

No. 273617

File: 1672420599903.jpg (223.76 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_20221230-183926_Ins…)


No. 273618

File: 1672420680173.jpg (231.38 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_20221230-183942_Ins…)

Hmmmm…. definitely not… it take someone special to be a hypocrite. I hate joifuku as well but I don't dress up to "Condone" it

No. 273619

>zoomers rewriting history to say jojifuku is a legit fashion not pedo!!
>conveniently forgetting it's mainly a body check fashion for anachan japanese girls salivating at their ability to fit in little girl clothes
every time

No. 273620

shes so cute i wanna fuck her so bad

No. 273622

rope yourself scrote

No. 273634

How the hell are people getting jojifuku now out of basic e-girl clothing? I don't see that at all, please explain. And shes not even underage, so that adds to the whole wrf of this. Just sounds like idiots throwing buzzwords just for controversies sake.

No. 273647

Seethe fatty

No. 273664

go bonerattle in your used scalped mezzo piano on tiktok, ageplayer

No. 273671

File: 1672473654980.jpg (9.28 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg-13.jpg)

I think there's a big difference in egirl clothes and toddler clothing . jojifuku is LITERALLY wearing children clothes in order to look like a child. It's not yumekawa either like she says it is . (She thinks just because she's half Japanese she knows these trends better )pic rel is yumekawaii

No. 273672

File: 1672473722015.jpg (10.39 KB, 183x275, images.jpeg-14.jpg)

The posing and hairstyle LITERALLY screams this . She's a pedo baiter

No. 273674

some jojifuku photos are set in porn studios and a lot of ageplay porn was done with the tag. you can find that stuff in mickey moon's old threads even.

No. 273697

File: 1672500229096.jpeg (69.67 KB, 750x255, A4C3D442-8041-4CFC-A2E0-AFE734…)

Meanwhile on her own depop she tags her clothes as jojifuku and ‘kiddore’…

No. 273698


No. 273716

This is the biggest reach I’ve ever seen. Pink knee socks = pedobaiting but the thread exploded when someone dared to say it’s weird to strip in a high school classroom set you bought with the caption “school >.<“, while also wearing a cosplay uniform that’s a seifuku.
That’s a million times more pedobaity than a literal 17 year old wearing knee socks and playing switch in bed.

Realize how people go ~feral~ to defend Natalia over ~any~ controversy but then go and nitpick the ~fuck~ out of people that have called her out trying to find any crumb or drop of evidence that they’re the real issue so you can post them here. When people don’t agree and say some posts feel like a vendetta, the thread explodes and people lose their fucking minds.
I am convinced Natalia and her friends are the main people on this thread. Even on the Mikan thread people said weird shit like “Mikan is just mad that Natalia is sooooo naturally likeable!!!” (least liked gal in the entire comm besides Wib and Paradise)
On her own thread people defend her in essays and essays and come up with ANYTHING to make people go on her side. Including this new obsession with Haruka because she had double Natalia’s following with ease. The obsession with trying to prove everyone wrong is so real.

No. 273717

Question for the thread;

Haruka said jojifuku is okay to wear as long as you don’t sexualize it. The origins of it are gross, but she said just don’t sexualize or infantalize yourself in it.
Now, high school classroom sets like the one Nat used, are made for high school underage fantasy porn. If Haruka is pedobaiting because she’s wearing a style associated with it (even though it’s actually an offshoot of Fairy Kei that gross scrotes decided to make a fetish), then how is Natalia not a million times worse in terms of pedobaiting and trying to sexualize and harm children?

No. 273724

jojifuku is not a style, it's wearing cutesy children's clothing from actual children's brands. it's half body checking half ageplay, had egregious amounts of porn made of it from the beginning and only later did people start claiming it was a fashion. it's not related to fairy kei or yumekawa or anything similar. but even if it was a fashion, it revolves around wearing literal children's clothing brands, not just tranny thigh highs and cute stuff that looks similar.

No. 273730

File: 1672525216269.jpg (107.07 KB, 750x1125, FC44S3oWEAUuve0.jpg)

>it's an offshoot of fairy kei
No it really isn't, it was originally mostly ageplay shit that got a spread/article in KERA and talked about by Pikarin, there's a reason pretty much every picture/photoshoot of it usually is in this backdrop (picrel).
After it was mentioned in KERA it became more watered down with people not into ageplay being curious about it, but it's still very much part of its roots.

No. 273732

it's actually embarrassing how obsessed with pinkii Haruka id when people are probably laughing at both of them.
go make more obnoxious tiktoks pretending to be a jfashion authority despite looking like dogshit instead of deluding yourself into thinking anyone who thinks you're an annoying twat is some kind of pinkii stan.

No. 273746

What does Pinkii have to do with Haruka’s actions? This is just a bad attempt at derailment. Both can be weird, but Haruka’s behavior is a lot more cringe in my opinion. She just turned 18 and is now suddenly posting nonstop wanting a ‘stalker sugar daddy’ and saying she wants to make an onlyfans all while parading around in her childish looking clothes. It’s strange as fuck and even concerning that nobody finds this disgusting and bizarre. Instead of kissing her ass maybe stop excusing this weird ass shit

No. 273765

And when those same men turned out to be coombrained moids she blasted them to be creepy. Like what do you expect of these moids? . And the whole ass "I'm a niche idol buy my photocards" thing as well . The h in haruka stands for high on delusion

No. 273786

I know "hi cow" isn't allowed or whatever but this has to easily be one of the more blatant self posts I've ever seen on this website

No. 273807

We know noona but it's funny seeing her provide milk kek

No. 273819

I like how Haruka is like "I live in Japan I model for gal magazines I'm an authority on Japanese fashion my mom was gal!!!!" and she looks and acts like every other weeb girl on tiktok. Would love to know what magazines she supposedly modled in kek
Even her tiktok is her seething about pinkii and mentioning how she's totes Japanesu desuuuu like who fucking acts so performative and brags this hard about it? No wonder her account gets deleted, going to laugh if it happens again because she can never learn

No. 273821

File: 1672605407583.jpg (928.04 KB, 960x1469, MYXJ_20230101153409183_save.jp…)

"huh why do i keep getting banned? all i do is instigate drama and shit talk other creators constantly, surely that doesn't paint a target on my back… #realgyaru #gyarucore #cutecoremethden #dirtyasscarpet #amazongyaru #aliexpressgyaru"

No. 273827

I find it so funny that the other ‘anon’ couldn't even name the magazines she was apparently in when asked. Considering how shit her social media presence is I can’t imagine how or why she would be picked up by a Japanese magazine in the first place especially considering she doesn’t currently live there

No. 273851

Pinkii hasn’t done a single thing in weeks for this girl to even rant about and yet this is the only content she makes the moment she makes another tiktok account.

No. 273854

Is that really all she does? I barely ever see her talk about anyone else, she mostly does those tiktok dances and gyaru tiktok trends, young weebs love that content. she has a lot of viral videos. shes young and understands the algorithm well. tiktok isnt a hard app to grow on its reductive to say thats the only content she makes
isnt this a response to a video pinkii posted

No. 273857

Before she got banned she'd make responses and callouts and get into drama with people all the time
And even if it is a response it sure doesn't read like one, she still comes off as obsessed with natalia

No. 273859

File: 1672620799453.jpg (788.94 KB, 925x1427, MYXJ_20230101194816163_save.jp…)

Maybe this is what is being referenced but it has nothing to do with unsolicited sexual comments? It really just feels like haruka reaching for any chance she can to yaas queen slay Natalia or whatever
And before ""someone"" wants to accuse me of being a pinkii WK I don't like her either, Natalia is an obnoxious clout chaser too who also acts like she has to prove herself when she really doesn't and is way too old to be acting the way she does

No. 273879

This was posted eons ago in tiktok time. Natalia has been radio silent outside of her random tweets and posts about her shitty music which is why Haruka making this response video just seems like a ploy to get views. These girls all screech the same thing. “We don’t need to talk about Pinkii to get views” but they do it every couple of weeks. Rinse and repeat.

No. 273895

Haruka would not get nearly as much views and followers if she didn't involve herself in trashing pinkii and others, and talk about how she's gal by proxy because her mom was "gal". otherwise nothing would be separating her from the wannabe gals that think if they wear a top lash and long ugly nails, they're aromatically gyaru, which she also already does

No. 273921

How many drama videos did she make recently besides this one? She mostly just makes those tiktok challenge videos. she probably did get some followers from callouts since tiktok likes to push that shit out. drama is good for engagement, but tbh it just feels like a lot of weebs follow her bc they know shes japanese and she makes a lot of japanese culture and japanese fashion videos.

Nobody in the entire gal comm built their entire platform on calling other people out and I hate that narrative.

No. 273923

I understand saying that people call others out for attention, that’s definitely a common occurrence. But to say that Haruka got 500k (double Nat’s following) for calling Nat out is such a reach. People say that about anyone who has made like 3 callout videos, even if they have 300 other videos not mentioning anyone.
Talk about whatever you guys want to but let’s not act like these people didn’t build 90% of their platforms on Japanese fashion. I would blame Tiktok zoomers for blowing these creators up, but it just sounds bitter as hell and delusional when you act like these people are just callout tiktokers when that’s not actually what’s happening.
Please, if you have screenshots of the dozens of videos of Haruka where she allegedly called all these people out to gain her following please share, but I’ve barely ever seen her call someone else out or start shit. To me it looks like people get mad whenever another gal blows up to 100k plus so they run here to post them saying that they only have a following for starting drama when most of them seldom ever mention drama.
Paradise starts way more shit than she does.

No. 273948

Was this conversation not originally about Harukas creepy pictures? I dont understand why anyone else is being brought up.
Its impossible to discuss anything other that pinkii and paradise in this thread, theres so many other annoying people to talk about in this community, so why is it constantly derailed?

No. 273949

Laughing at the Haruka Defense Squad that can’t say anything besides ‘You’re all jealous’
Who the fuck cares how many followers she has? Are you gonna say anything about literally anything else being talked about here or what? Her old account had plenty of posts for instigating arguments to get views, related to Nat or not. However that’s not exactly the most pressing matter here, and I’m not sure why that keeps getting said over and over. We get it, Pinkii bad Haruka good. Haruka have more tiktok followers desu.
Can you say literally… literally anything else in defense of her? No?

No. 273966

So if you don’t know what you’re talking about, why do you insist on stating that “SHE HARDLY MAKES CALL OUT VIDEOS”. Her videos were arguing with people and instigating shit every 4-5 videos. Just because her accounts keep getting deleted doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. You can detach yourself from her asshole now.

No. 273967

I don't have caps because quite frankly I don't give enough of a shit, and no one ever said she exclusively got big off of callouts just be patient and watch, it'll happen again because despite lurking here and potentially taking criticism to heart she won't believe she can't help herself especially when it comes to Natalia. See: The caps that anons have actually provided for you kek

No. 273968

File: 1672697411772.jpeg (723.14 KB, 1284x2561, B75D07A0-0FC5-40EA-B4DF-D8BB8D…)

Yeah, of course you’re not going to see the discourse she always got into with a total of 10 videos on a fresh account.

No. 273974

Can't dress or do makeup worth half a shit but wants to somehow be an authority because she's half japanese and her mom was "gal"? can't even bother cleaning her room before making smug tiktoks i guess its no wonder she's lazy enough to think being half japanese is enough to be gal

No. 273976

Is she trying to get jumped at a convention or something? What is this?? I used to legitimately follow this girl on tiktok thinking she was cute but I couldn't get behind all of the "callouts" and drama she had began to involve herself in. Regardless of her being "right" or "good", her content became mostly politically charged. As well as that cinnagal chick. She should really take a break from the internet for a while and regroup if she doesnt want an entire thread made about her. Frankly some of the nonsense she spews is hypocrytical and makes no sense at all. These gyaru bitches need help imo

No. 273979

It keeps getting derailed because WK’s or cows themselves jump in and shit up the thread to derail it.
These girls are insane and throw each other under the bus for any amount of clout and to make themselves look like the victim, whilst simultaneously always being dramamongers because they’re not necessarily interesting or pretty enough (by “gyaru standards”) to get any engagement otherwise.
Once that gets brought up in the thread, they always jump in with “where’s the drama and proof? You guys sound obsessed” or “Why are we bringing up X when another person did worse?” to deflect

No. 274027

fucking this. newfags from tiktok also can't understand the these threads are generals, meant to be about community drama, so posting about multiple people isn't derailing or "ignoring issues" or whatever. just comment about the topic you're interested in, and if it didn't get enough comments it was probably boring. this place is for drama and newfags need to fuck off if they want to use it to call people out.

No. 274038

This is fair but also a lot of the posts on the past threads were unsaged vendetta posts. A lot of people were also just posting random Instagram screenshots from gal’s accounts and presenting it as milk with no context. A lot of people have been wanting to hijack this thread and make it all about a handful of people. But it’s true that you can just post your own opinions on people as well.
I also notice that a large majority of the drama in the community never gets posted because people would rather talk about the same 4 people than use the thread for it’s purpose
Someone did try to make a thread on her iirc but it was immediately shut down because it was a shitty thread and tbh there isn’t anything that could be said about her in her own thread that can’t be said here. She doesn’t even post often
I think the thread keeps getting derailed because people are disappointed to see the same 5 talking points and old drama dragged up every 3 months. Most things have been said already (the Haruka stuff is new though) and it’s just tiring.
Also, whenever someone changes the topic or posts something actually interesting/milky, people spam the thread with the same people over and over to make sure they’re the entire thread. It’s just weird and that’s another reason this thread/site is dying

No. 274040

i agree it’s mostly zoomers from tiktok that are killing this thread and site. half of them derail because their fave is being posted. the other half use this site to spam, vendetta post, and to keep an archive of the other tiktok zoomers that they resent.
honestly it feels like whenever anyone is posted at this point, people come on here to derail.

No. 274072

i'm >>274027 and while i agree, the vendetta posters are the same tiktok zoomers trying to use the thread to call out people. it doesn't just happen itt, /w/ is completely full of vandetta-chans crying about racefishing and transphobia and bringing up literally whos. they act like we're supposed to be the moral police, which is why derail what they believe is petty drama to moralfag over some nobody. they don't realize what these threads were like a year ago because they weren't even in the community. those tiktok newfags aren't even real gyaru and they're making it hard to want to associate with the term.

No. 274080

>No one ever posts ACTUAL drama.
So then post it or shut up. I don’t understand why it’s hard for people to share what they want to talk about and ignore the stuff they don’t give a shit about.

No. 274084

I’m not going to say this again because this has been discussed on the threads multiple times and it’s tiring but I think the issue here is that people are tired of people spamming the thread with clear vendetta posts that contain no actual milk. The moderation on this site went to absolute shit in 2022 and people are treating it like PULL.
I started to get quite frustrated when there was a lot of stuff going on in the comm but nobody wanted to talk about it, instead they wanna just talk about how someone they dislike isn’t pretty which isn’t really milk. Whenever someone would try to post actual drama, people would respond by spamming the thread with the same people over and over so no actual gyaru community discourse can actually take place. This is my take on it at least, I’ve seen multiple other anons on this thread share the same sentiment though

No. 274106

THIS. People on here never wanna seem to use the thread to talk about new or interesting topics most of the time, whenever someone tries it’s always derailed because people insist on making this thread about the same topics over and over.
Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but people never really talk about half of the absolute train wrecks in this community because they can’t project on them. If you truly think someone is ugly and messy, you don’t really need to post them and knock them down a peg. You don’t need to use this site to convince other people to hate them either. But across the site people are using it to shit on people they have personal issues with or are jealous of. There are plenty of people in the community with shitty make and shitty takes and I never see them posted. I know I could post them myself but my point is that this thread hasn’t been an actual gal comm thread for a long time. Probably since the second one of the beginning of the third.

No. 274113

and I’m not saying that poster was necessarily jealous of Haruka. But weebs are weirdos and cry over not being perfect nipponjin themselves. Seems like people hate that she’s black and Japanese and feel like she can’t actually be Japanese if she’s black. I think a lot of the mass reporting she gets are from people who just wish they were Japanese because they put the entire culture on a pedestal. I know for sure that people on this thread know what I mean when I say that.
Also this community is huge (esp in recent days) yet I only see the same people (the biggest tiktokers specifically) get posted here. They also tend to be the most boring as well. I don’t really care who is caught up in vague Tiktok drama, especially when there are never any screenshots provided. A lot of anons on this thread expressed the same but people absolutely lost their minds when anons said they don’t care about milk they can’t actually see. Not saying Haruka isn’t wrapped up in drama, but if you don’t care to SS it then don’t be surprised when people don’t milk the thin air you provided as evidence. What do you want people to say in response to “trust me bro”?? It’s every time at this point. It’s almost like people are just saying anything to talk about certain people.
Everything on this site needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt now because people never post proof anymore

No. 274127

Sorry, but what ‘proof’ is missing from this thread? Unless I’m forgetting something the only thing that’s missing a screenshot is Haruka’s old drama posts that are quite literally inaccessible due to her account being deleted recently. Additionally, I feel like the race related stuff you brought up actually plays out as the opposite. I don’t think people hate her for being half Japanese, I see people using that to make her community related posts more ‘valid’ if anything. Even besides that 99% of the gaijin gyarus I see are absolute sjw’s (or at least posing as such) so I can’t see anyone holding a race based vendetta against her unless they’re somebody on the outskirts of things being a freak in private

No. 274133

NTAYRT but iirc some of the paradise evidence was missing and some screenshots of things cinnagal allegedly said was missing too. i could be wrong though.
its definitely possible that weebs would mass report someone who was half japanese, they do it to haffus a lot. they accuse them of lying about being japanese. its creepy as hell but im surprised you haven’t seen that kind of behavior in the jfashion/anime community. super common.

No. 274136

To be honest I’m not super into the online community at all, I have people I like that I keep up with and thats about it.. that’s not to say I don’t lurk here and there though because otherwise I wouldn’t be on this site lol. If that is genuinely something that happens frequently then that’s quite appalling. From what I know about Haruka though she has frequently provided legitimate proof of her being Japanese so I don’t see why people would doubt that of her in particular, quite weird

No. 274137

ive seen so many people who are half east asian (usually japanese or korean) be harassed into showing photos of their family because people dont want to believe that theyre asian. it’s super creepy and weird. even after they show proof people will harass them. the new gen of weebs wants to act like theyre progressive when in reality they still put japanese people on a weird pedestal. half of them would do anything to be part japanese its fucking gross. it’s why im a bit skeptical of the hate haruka gets, especially because this site is just pll 2.0 these days

No. 274141

people have tried to post actual gal drama but it quickly gets flooded by people who have hard ons for pinkii, haruka, cinna, kai, etc, see: >>262025 >>261598 >>261633 >>261656

We get it we hate all the tiktok kids. Just because they claim they are gyaru doesn't mean that they are so why are you guys so obsessed with them when the rest of the nonnies here for milk about actual gals? There was absolutely no need for us to be deep diving into pinkii's weird egirl rental scam arc when she literally has her own fucking thread that was talking about it >>/w/27657. No one cares about cinna, kai, or haruka other than the fact that they are all annoying terminally online weebs/koreaboos.

There's loads of shit no one talks about like:
- someone made a video about paradise when all the wib stuff was blowing up (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wYOqrXe4dk)
- niccu still shading people in the name of kkg (https://www.tiktok.com/@meatmeatkun7/video/7176462657464290606)
- that weirdo tumblr girl giving gyaru advice saying shit like you don't need makeup to be gyaru (https://controgal.tumblr.com/)
- there's a interest form posted in sekai for a new circle in LA (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFIr_VQ7awvvKx4IiN9ZpQyTr0_Afg4pIdbhhpSIzE2vvGkg/viewform)
- the gyaru subreddit is tragically active (https://www.reddit.com/r/Gyaru/)

I'm sure y'all are probably just gonna post some dumbass haruka bullshit and drown this out anyways but it's nice to see other nonnies feel the same

No. 274180

With the way things are going gyaru is going to end up being the next “egirl.” people are joining with little to no knowledge of the subculture and it’s frustrating.

i wonder who nicco is talking about considering half the community has beefed with him at some point

im also not surprised that the paradise drama made it to youtube, they’re a hot mess and it’s coming back to bite them in the ass. especially because they went out of their way to constantly start shit with people in the comm and now they’re desperate to get anyone to like them. some of their members do have good gal looks though, nene and pocha come to mind but besides that, they need to stop focusing on drama so much and start helping the baby gals in their galsa with their makeup. they joined gal for the fashion, not the drama (i hope) and some of them certainly could use the help

No. 274181

The followings they've accrued aren't being implied to be because Pinkii is popular, it's because it's trendy to make call out videos in general, particularly related race/culture (and if you can shit on a white girl with a checkered past in the process even better). Dumb teenagers thrive on this kind of cancellation because it makes them feel apart of something greater as well morally superior. That's not to say some of their followings aren't organic, but it's a tactic that can be easily used to gain traction. Solene failed miserably because no one cares about two white girls having a domestic, they'd rather talk about the the sexualisation of Japanese women and hold someone accountable for that even though Japanese moids are the final boss.

No. 274187

Gyaru basically already has reached egirl levels. Haven’t seen more than a handful of gals recently doing anything properly or even with any effort at all. The amount of people trying to work in their own rules and biases to it all while looking like shit amazes me

No. 274214

this has happened to me and i just block people. it's disgusting. weebs who lie about it are cringy but harmless in my opinion.

No. 274346

Are you braindead? This is a gossip site dumbass . Newfags like you are derailing the whole ass site. >hating on her cuz she half Japanese
Nope I think people are annoyed she's trying to make a trend out of pedo baiting by listing it as kidcore . She's a huge narc and a hypocrite who thinks no one can Google the gyaru subculture to understand it . Her mother may be a gal but does she what negative connotations were associated with it? It's a style which shows female sexuality it glorifies it . Haruka is a narc who thinks no one can be gal more than her .

No. 274407

This. The subculture is all but dead except for a very few. The only thing keeping it relevant to the younger generation is all of the clout chasing egirls calling themselves gal with minimal effort.

No. 274470

File: 1673027754637.jpeg (206.16 KB, 828x1295, CCAAFA8E-C9A7-477D-81A2-43BF09…)

Niccu threatening to expose cybr.grl as a racist/white supremacist because she won’t post their KKG interview

No. 274527

File: 1673074642786.jpg (224.12 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230106-142211_Ins…)

Not only her." Pedo gal Queen" haruka is threatening to do that too. With what proof? I dunno. they all are citing a interview that I haven't seen

No. 274528

File: 1673074788626.jpg (224.44 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230106-142219_Ins…)

>you are famous so thus should help other creators by proxy
>what do you mean you cover niche subcultures and interview people who actually wear it?

No. 274529

File: 1673074884209.jpg (381.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230106-142216_Ins…)

No. 274530

Seems like it takes one weirdo to know another weirdo . Is there any proof of this besides testimonials?

No. 274543

Literally what the fuck is the gyaru community it's just retards cancelling each other for clout and sperging about race 24/7. Also why are they so fake concerned about a fugly coom face sheltered Japanese moids draw in hentai manga? What relevance does this have to literally any living woman I would genuinely love to know?

No. 274556

Wtf are you talking about? Haruka and KKG hate each other, she was defending cybr.grl, not siding with Nicco? Why are you trying to manufacture milk by trying to purposefully take things out of content just to shit on someone you don’t like? I understand criticism but you’re purposefully lying. Haruka and her buddies were all making fun of Niccu on their stories. This is so fucking weird tbh

No. 274557

Apparently ahegao came from a manga with child abuse. When the child was being abused, she made that face and that’s why it became iconic. Pretty sick if you ask me, the face is linked directly with pedo shit. If you’re upset and disgusted by jojifuku, this is just as gross if not worse

No. 274564

File: 1673100199795.jpg (125.5 KB, 720x522, IMG_20230107_145950.jpg)

whats with niccu trooning out and suddenly acting like a moid on twitter? wont make you less of a woman

No. 274579

>Apparently ahegao came from a manga with child abuse
It's just a standard orgasm face in hentai manga since like the 90's, it could have originated in loli hentai, but that's totally besides the point, the fact that it's sexual is bad enough. It appears literally everywhere what are these children talking about kek

No. 274587

this is not true at all jfc.

No. 274590

File: 1673116410997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,138.85 KB, 676x573, 084BB3A1-DD68-457C-8D44-40CC04…)

Heads up this is gross but yeah, this is literally true and you can look it up yourself.
I don’t understand why people on here were saying that jojifuku is inherently fucked up and disgusting because it originated as a pedobaiting style, yet a face that was originated out a pedos disgusting fantasy is fine.
Pick a stance I beg, because either both are gross or you’re being massive hypocrites

No. 274604

File: 1673120972295.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.77 KB, 820x1500, 4f5.jpg)

Sorry I forgot to spoiler but noona is kinda right it goes way back . But its hella creepy to think it took 20 years to make a comeback. The ahegao has a implication of going crazy so its kinda problematic . But it's kind of a reach to say its harmful to actual women . But jojifuku indeed is . A girls body shouldn't be sexualised and I hate every gal appropriating it. Especially haruka

No. 274664

there was way way more hentai before 1994, fuck zoomers are retarded.

No. 274668

Can we stop acting like every post on lolcow is made by some kind of collective consciousness? I've been seeing stuff like this a lot lately
>But people said this therefore they must also think this, pick a stance ect
Which would be all well and good, except we're not all the same anons so we're gonna have different opinions. Personally I think it's disgusting wherever it originated but this made me kek. Twitterfags are such unintentional spergs
>The earliest known record I could find
So we're supposed to just take the word of some random ass weeb who's language implies even they aren't sure?
>Unless you're an Asian woman reclaiming your autonomy by using ahegao, you're contributing to their fetishisation and exploitation.
This is what happens when an entire generation can't distinguish between reality and fiction. Does this mean that Vietnamese girls can make ahegao face even though this specific depiction has no relevance to them? What about all the various depictions of ahegao on characters that are canonically not Asian? Let alone the fact that the vast majority of anime/manga doesn't look human, let alone specifically Japanese. I'm not advocating for people to keep doing that hideous expression, but I can't help myself from pointing out how ridiculous this all sounds.

No. 274678

If you had read ir properly you could understood that I meant that haruka was doing that to niccu. Perhaps I should've simplified for your austism. Its just ironic she's such a white Knight for cyber.grl because I wouldn't think she would want to be associated with a racist herself. Remember she hates "yt people"

No. 274711

The post says “Niccu accusing cybr.grl of being a racist for not posting the interview”
Your post said “Haruka is doing the same” with a vague screenshot of cybr.grls @ from haruka’s story. Your post wasn’t worded correctly whatsoever and gave no context. Try harder.
What does Haruka “hating” white people have to do with anything at all? Nobody in this entire situation is white?? Anything to talk about Haruka though. This thread always obsesses over the biggest gals at the time, and always tries to humble them or make them feel like shit. Wish I saw actual community drama/updates literally ever.
ties into what noona was saying earlier about how people don’t really come here to talk about “ugly” or messy gals because they don’t feel like they need to knock them down a peg. nobody cares, but if there is a huge emerging gal, the thread finds any crumbs to be on their ass. not saying it’s NEVER warranted before people twist my words, but i think we can all agree that this thread is seldom used for actual community drama. and when it is, it’s just rehashing the same natalia/cinna or paradise bullshit (they start shit all the time, yet people only wanna talk about kai being a former and likely current kboo). i know i can come here and post any drama myself, but im just shocked that nobody on this thread seems interested unless it’s about roasting some tiktok zoomer with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers

No. 274714

File: 1673203337177.jpg (39.29 KB, 490x625, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

>people dont post good drama
>stop hawting on pupolar gyaru >:(
>I have milk but dont post it (so humble)
>wait what do you mean lolcow is a gossip site
Either post the milk or shut up

No. 274719

zoomers are racist so they don't realize that chinese or viet or koreans are as far culturally from being japanese as russians. i see chinese people all the time speaking on how to wear kimono and stuff, which is nonsense. they're really ruining gyaru, and basically the entire internet.

No. 274724

Nta and sorry for the offtopic sperging but this is complete bullshit.

Shoujo Tsubaki isn't porn (the average Berserk reader would find it mild at best). And the third picture is not even from it.

>reclaiming your autonomy by using ahegao

this is the stupidest thing I've ever read, and I'm saying this on lolcow dot farm, a website dedicated to documenting stupid people saying stupid things.

Hell, OP's literally a fakeboi who does porn, if this was the FTM thread she'd probably get called a pedo coomer herself. Why are you getting your information from some genderspecial pickme on Twitter anyway ?

No. 274740

nta but we should just try not to acknowledge these sjw twitterfag tiktards. maybe they'll leave eventually…

No. 274790

I mean they are on a transphobic site … won't that make them one too! Omg! Destroyed by their own hubris kek

No. 274791

File: 1673257885885.jpg (37.82 KB, 415x739, images.jpeg-19.jpg)

Astugfurallah sister. What has haruka bintl gyaru has done to you?

No. 274818

File: 1673280434250.jpeg (38.92 KB, 828x364, D198F599-6497-42E0-B498-ED2259…)

lizzie following win’s new account kek

No. 274819


No. 274820

would not be surprised if she weaseled her way back into the community since paradise decided it would be a good idea to still suck her strap for a few weeks after it came to light that shes a nazi and admitted to attempting to rape someone
ppl had to berate Lizzie about it for a week before she even spoke up. none of them care
ive seen Koko post more aggressively about people’s make than she did towards Wib during this situation

No. 274821

On that topic, recently I’ve heard them try and spin that Koko didn’t know anything about Wibs past actions and she kicked her as soon as she found out about her past. We all know that’s a straight lie, I guess she’s trying to twist it to look better considering she wants more clout and for people to forget. That “ride or die” post has kind of become a meme in the gal community so I’m not sure who she thinks she’s fooling. Not sure what actually went down in Paradise spaces but it seems like she waited until the utter last minute to kick out Wib. Did she ever even apologize for the whole letting a known nazi rapist in the community around minors thing?

No. 274823

As far as I can tell that's an inactive looking account
I don't know that much about wib but I feel like it would be dumb to come back under a similar name

No. 274826

It was posted in the old thread that she had a new Instagram account and the people that followed it including calypso from paradise. She used frog.. something muscle as the username. So no, it’s not too outlandish.

No. 274828

File: 1673284433881.jpeg (278.68 KB, 838x1518, A278C6CE-4742-4BC1-B62A-0582A1…)

Wibs new Instagram for reference.
It seems risa also follows that tiktok account so it’s safe to say it’s her new one.

No. 274830


true, she sticks to the frog theme for her insta but to use the exact same name as before for her new tiktok? no one can be that dumb, i think its an old account

No. 274831

no she hasn’t and she won’t. she would rather gaslight people about the events than actually take accountability. they get so mad when random people dislike them but that tends to happen when you stick by someone who has such a documented history of being scum. i know wib eventually left, but again we all remember that took weeks and koko clearly did not want to kick her and was trying to see if it would go away if she ignored it long enough.
agreed, but im guessing this wasnt an account that lizzie was following until recently. wib was one of the biggest pot-stirrers known to the gaijin gal community, wouldnt be surprised if she was bored with her life and her job and misses fighting with children or literally anybody she had the excuse to attack.
i agree that people only really come here to shit on a handful of people. and it’s usually not interesting or completely gal related

No. 274833

she probably thinks it’s been long enough that people wont see, or maybe lizzie thinks her following list is set to private. either way she’s disingenuous as hell in my opinion

No. 274843

File: 1673288647800.jpeg (461.83 KB, 629x1105, 5EDD145B-878B-4887-94B6-673DB9…)

british bulldog trying to play the victim … wib is a 5 foot 120 pound dumbass and you were that scared of her? we all saw the document. we all saw you kick those girls out for telling the other members. we all saw you give them the evidence in the first place. you can’t play the victim this time

No. 274900

who posted this?

No. 274901

No. 274902

This is the reason this thread is cancer kek. Only took her 20 minutes to catch the posts and then respond to them on social media. Holy shit I hate the newfag "gals" shitting up the place.

No. 274912

GYARU gaining popularity again was a mistake.

No. 274938

figures. i blocked her ass.

No. 274967

File: 1673362418986.jpeg (48.13 KB, 828x428, 2D03E49D-7F28-491E-9CA5-487FA5…)

So not only does calypso follow wibs new account, she also follows Gyaru60’s admin account.
You know, the Instagram page that were calling people hard racist slurs in their dms, publicly and tagging black gals?

As for her following wibs new account in the first place, So much for “we’re all scared of wib” koko.
Maybe the owners of gyaru60 were closer to home than we think.

No. 274983

No. 275017

who cares about calypso though, she doesn't and has never given a fuck about being problematic or associating with problematic people in the comm

No. 275065

That’s one singular person still in contact with Wib apparently though, has there been any sign of any active Paradise members interacting with or following her? As the other anon said as well, Caly doesn’t really seem the type to give a fuck about anything ‘problematic’ anyway

No. 275084

it’s less about people trying to call her out for being problematic or associating with problematic individuals. it’s about how koko was claiming that her and dozens of other grown adults were jusrt soooo afraid of Wib and that’s why they didn’t kick her at first. Why would Kes be following someone that everyone was so afraid of?
Paradise have contradicted themselves and lied so much they cant even keep track of it anymore kek

No. 275085

esp considering that paradise and koko have strict rules about who can associate with who. they get mad if a member associates with someone they dont like or someone who has “wronged” them. if they r arguing with someone, they tag each other in to dogpile them. if wib is really such a shit person and manipulator you would think absolutely nobody would associate with her

it is wibs fault for being a nazi and a predator, but it’s kokos for allowing it to slide for weeks and never apologizing even once. what does she expect? us to all forget her pushing back so hard for weeks and defending wib?

No. 275129

>Problematic problematic problematic

No. 275132

Was in quotes for a reason fag

No. 275340

It was a joke about the sea of redtext, no need to take it personal anon.

No. 275342

File: 1673498034741.jpg (93.51 KB, 832x621, image.JPG)

why do so many people worship koko??

No. 275376

Never seen someone say that before lmfao, who ‘worships’ her? 99% of the comm apparently hates her and is constantly posting about her being a racist nazi lover. Also, considering the person who made that shirt is a random Japanese man, I’m certain he doesn’t know or care too much about gaijin gals and just wants to make his cringe shirts of whoever lets him.

No. 275389

no need to explain it was a joke noona. This thread reeks of newfags and tiktarders. Always remember you need to be 18 to post here

No. 275708

File: 1673633329328.jpg (135.97 KB, 720x1280, 325170397_840304670410603_8950…)

They're cancelling Rozy now

No. 275709

is this person retarded? that necklace is not an iron cross. i hate zoomers so much.

No. 275712

No. 275713

They sure were quick to call someone a nazi for no reason jesus christ. Do they even know what that word means at this point? Apparently being a violent extremist means wearing a fucking necklace now. How braindead can you be

No. 275724

That definitely is an iron cross necklace unfortunately, but I’m sure that she absolutely had no idea. calling her a nazi is a huge stretch. why dont people just calmly tell her the meaning of the necklace and move on?

No. 275734

anon, it's not.

No. 275737

congrats on being a fucking idiot who doesn't know how to use google. Rozy has already made an apology saying she didn't know and took down the posts.

No. 275739

>implying she didn't just do that to shut people up
it's not an iron cross either way. similar doesn't mean same.

No. 275742

It’s not similar it’s literally the same. It’s really not that hard to use google anon. There’s been a huge debate apparently in Germany on whether or not to bring it back in the military.

No. 275744

File: 1673647068770.jpg (128.01 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20230113_165557_Chr…)

Pretty sure this is why it's a motif all over chrome hearts & d.i.a.. hell some of the most popular d.i.a belts have it right on the buckle

No. 275746

Whether it’s the iron cross or not the point is they immediately jumped on her, someone who isn’t even white and has never posted or done anything to insinuate her being a nazi or even racist, instead of just being civil and taking it to dms. That was an older post as well so why the fuck would they just be mentioning it now? Either they saw in the past and didnt care until yesterday or they dug through her account to find anything they could in order to make her seem like a bad person for no reason. I’ve seen plenty of people not know the meaning of that symbol and were simply told what it was and that was that. No dogpiling, no callout posts, just a quick check in. Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 275747

Exactly it felt like they saw her post on the Koko shirt and decided to find anything they could to make her look like a horrible person

No. 275750

The chrome hearts cross isn’t the same it’s elongated at the bottom like a regular cross. The iron cross is squared

No. 275751

They do still use a squared cross as well but it’s still a bit different than the actual iron cross with the points being scalloped

No. 275752

anon, please show me on that image where the iron cross is because all i see is a skull with an X behind it, and that's not an iron cross.

No. 275754

nta but anon, the cross is the black part… the "x" is her skin…

No. 275755

bahaha, thank you

No. 275758

you're so fucking crazed. zoomers like you also think swastikas aren't all over asia.

No. 275763

Manji are used by Buddhists tho

No. 275768

No lmfao I’m fully aware those are buddhist symbols. Try being educated maybe.

No. 275773

You’re such an idiot oh my god

No. 275777


You fucking zoomers are insufferable and the sole reason this community is miserable.

Anyone in your family drive a Ford? Do you like Hugo Boss? Have IBM products in your house? Ever eaten Maggi? Drink Fanta? Ever taken a ride in a Mercedez-Benz? Porsche? Volkswagen?

There are dozens if not hundreds of companies and brands that supported the Nazis and/or benefited from their time in power. Do you guys go and cancel everyone who still uses or supports these brands even if that person has no prior history of being racist or a Nazi supporter? If you're going to virtual signal this hard why don't you do it right and go after actual neo nazis and racists instead of shitting up this thread and what's left of this dead comm? It's unreal how holier than thou y'all act when seething in your shein and dollar store eyeliner isn't earning you the internet clout you think you're entitled to kek

No. 275779

Bro literally no one here is trying to cancel Rozy can you not read

No. 275787

Nta but learn to sage your retarded teenage crusade, or better yet don't post it here like farmers are interested in participating in cancelling people for the most trivial shit. You newfags stick out like a sore thumb and desperately need a reality check which farmers are happy to oblige.

No. 275791

Ah so you can’t read.

No. 275802

File: 1673669530525.jpeg (12.27 KB, 554x554, 1293948482939393.jpeg)

No. 275830

File: 1673692226941.jpg (339.63 KB, 633x758, gayurocryingovershit.jpg)

although this thread is shit all you newfags keep me keking

No. 275923

Not sure how anyone can watch this and take haruka seriously

No. 275924

The interesting tidbits come from her mom, it's interesting to see her take on it with Haruka giving smug interjections mostly to a minimum. I'd probably like the video more if I didn't know who Haruka was but knowing she spends more time starting drama with people on TT (or did) and trying to "call out" people than actually giving decent info.
>"I look up to older generations"
How do you sit there and say that when all your looks are like new age tiktok gal stuff? Better yet how do you sit there and listen to your mother talk about how respecting each other was part of gal culture when you fail to do that so often? That's what made it hard to listen to imo

No. 275935

the thing that gets me is gyaru in japan didn't actually call themselves that. she's kinda talking out her ass.

No. 275940

ayrt, why did you link that person? i'm confused kek

No. 275943

This is one of the people that were calling Rozy out, sorry for not specifying noona

No. 275946

Her mom is normal about it but she's clearly unaware of her daughter's unhinged behavior online. Interesting info but Haruka being part of it poisons the well, considering how gatekeepy and judgy she actually is about gal despite the fact that she dresses like she's cosplaying gal.

No. 275961

File: 1673762056580.jpg (160.01 KB, 750x1023, IMG_20230114_194120_613.jpg)


Honestly, the video is quite basic and a bit boring
But her mom's accent is incredibly funny to me, feels a bit blaccent like
especially knowing other pictures haruka posted of her in her gyaru days, i don't think it's out of reach to say her mom probably did b-kei at one point lol
The Snoop Dogg in the back of this pic is great

No. 276023

it's definitely kind of delusional that some people claim gyaru has no black influence, but weirdo white weebs are just like that ig

No. 277628

File: 1674142124450.jpeg (78.7 KB, 750x430, 88A3369B-E430-4F8B-B13A-5B25CA…)

Since we’re already touching this subject, can we stop having this conversation every fucking year? These girls need to realize Japanese girls came up with gyaru. Period. Yes there have been many black artists featured in egg. Yes they‘ve had an influence on gyaru. No denying this. Did black ppl invent it though? No. These girls need to do some reading on gal history fml

No. 277630

yes, it's inspirations originated from hollywood culture in general which did include black people (obviously) but it was still it's own thing. everything gains inspiration from something else. like how himegyaru was inspired by lolita and young hollywood socialites. it's not that deep, but tiktards think that everything needs to be.

No. 277640


Agreed. It's clear that there's influences of black culture in gyaru, which is probably what they're mistaking as the fashion style originating from it. Definitely not the same thing. And also, wasn't the whole "tanning to rebel against white skin" thing debunked in the video above? It was less of a social movement and more of just a fashionable thing to do at the time. Not only that, but they explained that gyaru and yamanba aren't the same thing, although they fall under the same umbrella like goth and emo do- and since yamanba literally means mountain witch, I feel like if anything it was more counter-culture than gyaru with the extremes it went to as far as very deeply tanned skin with outrageous makeup and hair that would be an antithesis to the typical Japanese look at the time.

No. 277656

all the people claiming this narrative with their whole chest are either armchair gyaru or zoomers who want an excuse to be valid in the comm while putting in as little effort as humanly possible

No. 277669

Why is it so hard for these people to understand that most people have a variety of influences and a subculture isn't a hivemind ?

Even in overseas communities people like both japanese and western media ffs. But whenever it comes to Japan, it's either people thinking all japanese fashion styles exist in a 100% pure nihon vacuum and they invented it all out of thin air, or a debate on who is allowed to claim the subculture.

No. 277677

ot but considering how much tiktok gals lurk here im surprised there hasnt been more peaking in the community regarding troons kek

No. 277679

tiktok gyaru are just trend hopping anyway. they'll never peak, just cape for trannies unless it goes out of style to do so. i hope the trend stops soon so they all go ruin something else.

No. 277688

Hard agree. These same people are burgers and probably think they're the ancient Egyptians, Isrelalites and European aristocracy all at the same time, so claiming to be the blueprint for an entire subculture that takes partial influence is probably the least egregious example kek

No. 277765

Nayrt I really want to beleive this too, but tiktok has had gyaru in its grasp since 2020 and I don't see these dumbasses letting go of it anytime soon. So long as the whole "y2k" wave is in with the zoomers anyway.

Speaking of that, does anyone know of any actual good gaijin gyaru? Everyone I've seen is either half assed or legit just wearing the trendy e-girl bullshit from aliexpress and wierdly political sjw content. But we're supposed to beleive its gyaru.

No. 277784

Other than Akipoyo and other old gals who have been around for the longest
The new gen of gaijin gyaru is pretty bad all around

No. 277799

agree with >>277784, tiktok gyaru especially are just doing everything wrong. they're all wearing the same ugly kawaii aliexpress egirl clothes and leg warmers(not actual socks) and yamanba makeup. i feel lucky i wear romagyaru and himegyaru styles so no one associates me with thst mess. i just call it himekei/romakei or romantic style now when people ask.

No. 277816

Even when tiktok gaijins do manba or yamanba, they make it look even worse
Gals lining their bright white lip in black and thinking its a good idea in any capacity

No. 277827

yes exactly! it's so baffling to me that people can know so much and so little about something at the same time. i am going to keep rocking gyaru though, even kogyaru style nanchatte. i don't want to let idiots ruin the fashion for me, i just wish there were more actual gals instead of bandwagon jumpers.

No. 277904

Wishthat larasuzanne would stop tagging her trash y2k fashion as hime gyaru. Her make up isn’t even close to gyaru. She just trend hops and brings her drama everywhere.

No. 277905

File: 1674336817915.jpg (289.19 KB, 720x1247, IMG_20230121_213301.jpg)

didnt haruka just turn 18? why is she thinking of making an of now? and obv her friends influenced her because "sex work is totes empowering uwu, slay queen"

No. 277912

so sad to watch a mildly annoying zoomer turn in to a full fledged cow. haruka should get out from these "friends" sphere of influence while she still can

No. 277923

That's sad, her fake friends are a bunch of faggots.

No. 277930

me too, i am so sick of her. she was doing this to lolitas too, and they got her to leave their fashion. hope we can too. she overspent on some la pafait accessories and pink aliexpress crap and she doesn't even do her wigs right.

No. 277951

File: 1674354218516.jpeg (497.06 KB, 750x1287, FCA19639-CF79-4557-AC42-319F2F…)

Worst part is this isnt even the first time she mentioned it

No. 278038

I'm already disappointed on her mom's behalf kek.

They're insanely bad considering it's entirely feasible to put together an outfit with a distinct gal aura even just with fast fashion.

I think the problem is mostly that all these new gyaru are nerdy types who just don't have what it takes, and should just pick a quirky Harajuku style like Decora that doesn't require a good grasp on fashion trends or a strong attitude.

I think the reason we don't have as many good gaijin gyaru as we could is because most people learn about gyaru through being a weeb and lump it all together with styles like Lolita and other such styles that would be considered "otaku" in Japan while gyaru is not.

No. 278054

i agree, and infact older gaijin gyaru did that too. they were lolitas before and made up a ton of substyles that gyaru doesn't have and wearing matchy-matchy outfits because all they knew how to wear was lolita. and honestly that's still happening. but not all alt fashions are equal, and gyaru had tons of mainstream popularity that other alt fashions will never have.

No. 278080

Fantastic, she can exploit herself for a few months, make some chump change, and the sets will be out there forever perused by moids who took a passing interest and downloaded the set for free from one of those OF dump sites. Terrible idea. Just stick to being a gyaru icon, ffs. OF is not the move. The friends encouraging her to do it are retarded yesmen too.

No. 278115

>following trends
Except a lot of gyaru especially if you're not following reiwa "gal" is influenced by old trends? I don't disagree with what you're saying but if you look at the most well put together gaijin gals, it's not like they entirely follow current trends either. I'm not even sure if Japanese gals do, otherwise wouldn't they be wearing a lot of Korean fashion or jirai kei?

No. 278122

nta but she didn't say anything about following current trends, she said fashion trends, which could mean researching older fashion trends rather than current ones. easier jfashions like she mentioned such as lolita or decora don't require the thought that gyaru does. for instance lolita is all about buying brand sets and requires little understanding of how to coordinate clothing. you have to know how to wear normie clothes before wearing gyaru because it relies more on your own sense of style. that's why so many gaijin gyaru suck, including older ones. they don't know how to match clothes and either treat it like lolita where all shades have to match or copy outfits from photos.

atleast she's probably just going to do basic egirl of crap.

No. 278124

same anon but she will deff do a seifuku set while shitting on yukapee on the same breath, but its ok if she does it bc shes Japanese and the only one allowed to wear it, kek

No. 278125

when someone uses the word trend/trendy that's what comes to mind, whatever is currently popular. copying outfits isn't a bad idea if you're starting out, it's a good way to build that sense of cohesion and having things read as gal. I don't think gal is this super expert level subculture you need to just effortlessly be good at to pull off so i hope that's not what people are saying kek, it does absolutely take dedication that a lot of tiktok zoomers don't have but still want to be seen as gal anyway which is annoying

No. 278132

Haruka confirmed to be underage, making this whole only fans mess even more creepy

No. 278135

File: 1674433042328.jpg (129.11 KB, 750x1280, IMG_20230122_190404_756.jpg)

Proof here.

No. 278136

File: 1674433132936.jpg (626.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230122_190226.jpg)

No. 278137

File: 1674433180549.jpg (699.53 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20230122_190353.jpg)

No. 278139

>>278137 Where's her mom ? kek. That's just sad

No. 278141

>>278135 unsurprising that shes a weirdo after her whole jojifuku era
guess her mom is good for featuring on youtube videos but not watching over her kid

No. 278142

i could not imagine so boldly admitting to posting about a 16 year old.

No. 278143

How is a minor gonna pedobait. That makes no sense.

No. 278144

>”you have to be an adult to post here”
continuously posts about a minor who is clearly being neglected or groomed as “milk”
people on this thread almost seem excited to milk a minor becoming a sex worker because of being groomed by the internet. it’s weird and sick. she’s a child and posting all of this certainly will not help.
imagine being so pathetic that you’re trying to milk a situation like this as a grown adult.

No. 278145

Brainrot brainrot brainrot that's a fucking child who's talking about starting an onlyfans . Half the fucking comm can't decide whether they want to protect minors or pander to pedofiles and haruka does it in the same breath bffr

No. 278146

Nta but this is fucking disgusting and needed to be talked about. Those other comments are unnecessary but for minor safety purposes people should know about this. Knowing that her friends in the community are literally allowing and enabling her behavior is fucking grim. This isn’t even drama, it’s something illegal.

No. 278147

If she’s a minor sexualizing herself it shouldn’t be seen as milk. It should be seen as something very sad, there is something deeper going on but people just want to point and laugh a vulnerable minor. Sick fucks.

No. 278149

Then maybe find a way to contact her parents or someone that can help? Stop acting like you’re high and mighty or helping shit by posting this to laugh at her. People are calling her a cow and milking this, this site isn’t used to “inform” people on minor safety. You know that, stop with the bullshit.
Hasn’t this exact site been raided with CP recently? Child safety my ass.

No. 278150

a minor shouldn’t be fucking punished for sexualizing themselves, if that is happening online there is clearly some form of neglect or grooming. i know that you’re saying she’s contradicting herself but have you ever considered that she is 16 and not being properly monitored?

No. 278151

You can’t even post minors on here dumbass so you’re also being wrong. Instead of defending yourself about you “milking” a minor obviously being groomed how YOU can also reach out to her. But no y’all think that shit is funny when it’s not.

No. 278153

>>278147 The majority of people in the thread aren't laughing, in fact we don't even know if the pictures were posted with malicious intent. I hope you're actively trying to find a way to contact her parents instead of just being all talk and telling people they're sick fucks.

No. 278154

and im not saying minors should be able to post this sort of stuff, im saying if they are there is an underlying serious issue and you’re making it worse. you dont give a fuck about child safety.

No. 278155

The thing is? I didn’t make that post and this is all public info which her ADULT FRIENDS have been hiding. I don’t think it’s funny, I don’t think it’s milk, I think it’s baffling that nobody at all has said anything from the beginning. I’m concerned for her. I am not involved with Haruka so how the fuck do you expect me to do anything about it? My point is no matter HOW the info gets out it means that it will make sure that she cant go ahead with selling actual fucking c/p. That is what is important to me here. And now her friends cant pretend its not a thing either. Someone in her life needs to act like they fucking care about her because this is unacceptable

No. 278156

Mind you, this is the same thread that would piss and shit themselves crying while defending pinkii about her being groomed yet now y’all are laughing and making fun of present time victims. Y’all are really dumb.

No. 278158

What is milk about a child being groomed. Quickly.

No. 278159

I don’t think that it would be smart for any adults to “expose” Haruka for being groomed, this is something that should be dealt with with care and not plastered all over the internet carelessly like it’s any normal gyaru drama.

No. 278162

i think it’s foolish to believe that this is information that adult gals in her circle have purposefully gatekept. most people dont see half the shit going on in the community because it’s always messy. if you really cared you would reach out to gals she might be friends with and ask them if they know what’s going on. posting it here to be documented forever while she is probably going through something traumatic is negligent

No. 278163

>>278159 so they should have just sat back and let her create her o/f and lie about her age? this is effective because now she cant make the o/f
whats been exposed here is her lie

No. 278164

It’s not, that is literally what I just said. I’m not conversing with someone that can’t read.
While this may not be the right platform I again am not the OP of those photos, reply to them not me. She was already on this thread for parading as someone 18 so until literally right now nothing exactly could be said about that. If anything this also ensures that she will no longer be posted which is good for her because as I mentioned, something is very very wrong here

No. 278165

>>278159 It would've been delt with care if she kept it private, unfortunaly she decided to be a public figure, lie about her age and h-post on main

No. 278167

obviously not. but exposing someone who is clearly being neglected and bringing attention to it is not going to help. that tends to push defiant kids away even further. i have no idea whether or not people in her circle saw this and confronted her on it since story posts can be hard to catch. but im sure within the next few days they will find out about what’s been posted here and i hope they do something.

No. 278168

no, it's not expert, harder doesn't mean hard. but you can't just throw shit together and make a cohesive outfit, which is what zoomers are doing. same with makeup. also past trends were still trends at one point, which is my point. an example of what i mean
is zoomers buy new liz lisa and think it's gal just because they read that liz lisa catered to gyaru in 2010s, but liz lisa doesn't cater to current(neo) gal or older gal trends. therefore they need to do more research. like that larasuzanne girl who buys himekei accessories and pink y2k stuff and wears lolita wigs calling it hime gyaru. none of that stuff works together. and gyaru isn't really like lolita, where all the brands that cater to gyaru only sell gal clothes. and even brands that did only sell gal clothes sell different styles now like ma*rs.

No. 278170

You don’t “decide” to be a public figure it literally just happens. And that doesn’t matter. Public figure or NOT SHES still a kid and y’all are sick asf for sitting up here laughing at her obviously being a victim.

No. 278171

Y’all are literally not doing anything but making fun of her and putting her on blast for absolutely no reason. How is putting a minor on a site that they’re not even allowed to be posted on, talking about her mother, and ignoring that she’s being groomed more effective than maybe going out your way to talk to them personally. You have fucking worms for brains I swear

No. 278172

>>278171 you do know what she was abt to do was a crime right? To lie abt your age in order to produce an o/f is not a legal thing to do? A few comments on a lolcow thread was not the worst outcome of this situation for her.

No. 278176

Just caught up on the thread….Jesus
Not to necro this but it’s pretty funny to see her work with a clear fetish account. Ahegao is just as morally questionable as jojifuku, not sure why she was surprised that this guy ended up being a total creep when his profile was full of gross shit and red flags
This is also a product of most of the popular gals on Tiktok being black or mixed. The cultural overlap can be confusing to people who don’t actually know anything about gal and how that fusion happened.
I don’t think you can make one without a valid ID. It wouldn’t be possible anyways but the implication alone is stomach churning.

No. 278180

yeah, unless she has a relative who looks similar enough to her that she could use their id, which i highly doubt she has, she wouldnt be able to get past the verification process. agreed that it is very uncomfortable to think about

No. 278181

it’s so crazy how this site works honestly. While y’all are sitting up here only talking shit and degrading black gals in the comm actual shit happened. Only saw one post on here about koko doing a collab with a ahegao brand but no one talking about how the brand was a literal pedophile and instead of koko apologizing for it she deflected and said “it could be someone in the comm”.Ahegao literally came from a child being assaulted and literally everyone in this comm knows not to do the fucking face. Everytime there’s actual shit in this comm it’s literally never on here, yet the only shit on here is y’all degrade black gals for absolutely reason. And don’t pull that “why don’t you post it” shit, y’all are the chronically online ones who know everything yet you only post black gals on here then get mad when they call y’all out for racism. The stupidity levels are off the CHARTS on this thread.

No. 278183

Lolwut? Why are you sperging about Koko for no reason? Is it her fault if the guy is a pedo..? because I don’t think that’s on anyone but him. The ahegao debate is also retarded because if you look at actual Japanese sources so many of them say that nobody knows where it’s from. Either this is bait or you are genuinely slow.

No. 278184

I never said it’s koko’s fault for someone being a pedophile that wouldn’t make sense..but her sitting there and acting clueless on how they could be a pedo is her fault. The dude posted nothing BUT ahegao which people in this comm have been exposed for or called out multiple fucking times so don’t act surprised when the person who’s obsessed with something pedophilic turns out to be a pedophile. And it wasn’t just her either I saw another paradise member on there as well. Y’all didn’t even just post the account to be like “oh by the way this person is a pedophile gyaru fetishizer preying on gals and children btw” y’all come on here to bully an actual victim instead and then claim “this way is more effective”. Make it make sense.

No. 278185

I hate the trend of assuming that every underage girl who decides todo OF or is posting "sexy" selfies is being groomed. Haruka's into gyaru which is a glamorous and sexy fashion, and she's at an impressionable age where she's experimenting with her sex appeal and is bound to go overboard and do stupid shit without realizing the implications of it. I think most girls went through a phase like that, myself included, it doesn't always mean someone's been grooming them. If left unchecked it can lead to trouble, but a lot of people grow out of it, too.

No. 278186

File: 1674443944265.jpeg (496.07 KB, 990x823, C381D31A-5C6F-4832-B3BF-E12A61…)

“The ahegao debate is also retarded because if you look at actual Japanese sources so many of them say that nobody knows where it’s from.“ yet……the source of the original ahegao face has been talked about multiple times…so are we gonna keep playing dumb orrr what

No. 278187

>>278181 completely off topic. the ahegao shirts are cringe but haruka almost made cp of herself and u just wanna talk about ugly tshirts instead

No. 278188

t. Obvious newfag who thinks race is way more important than it is
Kindly fuck off or integrate you sound retarded.

No. 278189

HUH??? Do you know how fucking dumb you sound??? “Just because a young girl wants to do sex work doesn’t mean she’s being groomed” are you trolling or are you just that fucking stupid. You don’t hear normal kids just randomly go “I wanna be a pornstar”. Stop fucking deflecting freak

No. 278190


Shoujo Tsubaki is not a loli comic, and only retarded zoomers believe this shit association that someone pulled out of their ass, How many times do we have to go through this? Y'all believe anything you read that sounds vagely believable, jfc.

No. 278191

Please show where haruka ever made cp of herself. And don’t let it just because picture of her in a skirt or thigh highs either being clothes ≠ cp unless she was wearing actual lingerie or something

No. 278192

And you sound like a pervert but what else is new since some of y’all are excited to see a fresh 18 year old do sex work just so you can nitpick at what her body look like

No. 278193

>>278192 except she aint 18 shes 17 at best and 16 at worse, thats the whole fucking problem

No. 278194

That is a fucking twitter thread. I said Japanese sources not whatever dumb Americans decide to interpret things as
Look up this: アヘ顔 起源
‘Ahegao origin’ first result is literally of a Japanese blog saying that the source is unknown and what it is assumed to be from isn’t even porn.

No. 278195

>>278191 i said almost because haruka was going to make an o/f and she is a minor.

No. 278196

Do you know how dumb YOU sound? You lack any sort of critical thinking about the issue. You heard a theory get thrown around and think it applies to every situation without any nuance. Sometimes it's just not that fucking deep.

No. 278197

If it’s not then why is it still a kid in the manga…and why are there other loli hentais that involve children who are being assaulted make that same fucking face. Not only that but Asian women countless times saying how that face is harmful to them. Again, stop fucking deflecting and excusing shit. Y’all only care about people “pedobaiting” when it’s someone you don’t like when the haruka is a fucking minor and minors can’t fucking pedobait.

No. 278198

The zoomers from the AliExpress gyaru comm have clearly made their way here to sperg about race and defend baseless accusations with literal twitter posts. Honestly it's embarrassing to read.

No. 278199

A theory??? Yet you can literally google “harmful ahegao history” and the same fucking shit will pop up??? With proof?? Stop fucking talking bro you trying everything and anything to defend a PEDOPHILIC FACE. If you like kids just fucking say that. That’d make more sense than you trying to pull anything to try and sound smart when you sound like a kid fiddler

No. 278200

Then turn off you phone or exit the site. If you don’t like people calling y’all out on your hypocrisy, don’t look at it then. Maybe if y’all stop tripping over your fat fingers on the keyboard trying to excuse pedophilic things you wouldn’t have to look

No. 278202

>>278197 what would you call a minor making an o/f, talking about how they want a stalker sd and h.posting on main? its weird considering harukas following is largely teens

No. 278203

I know…y’all have stated that multiple times and she literally said in the screenshots “in the future” or “later” yet regardless yall would still be doing that.

No. 278204

Haruka implying she’s going to get into onlyfans at some point is bad, but did she ever explicitly say that she was going to create one NOW as a minor? Saying she was about to post child porn makes it seem like she had already set up her account. I’m glad it was brought up before we found out her true intentions, but this also isn’t something that should be milked.
I’ve also seen a lot of asian women say they feel like the ahegao face contributes to their fetishization. Do what you will what that info, but people from her own galsa have said not to sexualize gal so it’s ironic that she decided to work with someone who gets their rocks off to gals with their mouths open

No. 278205

>asian women
stop lumping asians together. all asians aren't japanese and i'm sick of zoomers thinking they are, especially when you guys ree about cultural appropriation and chinese do it to japanese all the time under your nose.

No. 278206

She never actually made one because you need a whole valid 18+ ID and since when is a teenager talking teenage things CP??? Do you know what cp actually is or are you just make shit more than what it is

No. 278207

Soooooo, she lied about her age? Where are people in the thread getting grooming from

No. 278208

File: 1674445026581.png (813 KB, 1125x829, 1659240672580.png)

And I bet it was "fact checked" by Snopes too KEK

No. 278209

Who is lumping Asian women together??? Because it’s literally not only Japanese women who have to deal with fetishization. And just randomly saying “zoomers” trying to validate your weirdo argument tells you you’re too fucking old to be on this site in the first place. Fucking hag foaming at the jaws trying to make fun of an actual minor victim.

No. 278210

we need to ignore tiktards. they don't know anything and don't want to learn. they just believe and parrot the first thing they hear. they add nothing to the thread, if we ignore them they will post less, and hopefully get banned once the new admins ban all their sjw rhetoric.

No. 278211

“KEK” god go outside grandma. I hope y’all don’t go out in public saying “kek” “splurging” “tinfoiling”

No. 278212

thank god you zoomers are so retarded you will kill yourselves in a few years.

No. 278213

Are you not doing the same??? Vomiting up the same idiotic ideology the only losers who use this site has?? Or is it different because you’ve been doing this shit for like 12 years and never grew out of it?

No. 278214

It’s interesting how people are genuinely defending this as if it’s normal or healthy. Even if she didn’t already make it, you all do realize she is talking about sexually exploiting herself either way? And more importantly that her friends know about this and are encouraging it? This is what is wrong here. As if moids wont jump on the ‘barely legal’ shit anyway considering she’s actively advertising it as a kid and putting herself out there into that market early. Why is there more outrage about the fact this was posted instead of outrage that this is a thing at all? Put that energy towards protecting a young girl from being manipulated.

No. 278215

And I hope break your hip tripping on dia belt before I do that. Much love though.

No. 278216

They'll an hero on their 25th birthdays because they unironically believe moid propaganda about "the wall".

No. 278217

File: 1674445625756.jpeg (140.3 KB, 828x1423, AF6E7C7A-DA62-41DE-84DC-F5A8B3…)

Calypso at it again.
How is koko going to backtrack and say everyone was scared of wib now?

No. 278218

I genuinely cannot believe paradise (mainly KoKo, Kai and the newgen rabid child soldiers) continue to spout the rhetoric that because wib left, (let’s remember she wasn’t removed nor did they want to remove her) they are suddenly absolved of all blame.
Your member calypso is literally friends with her and admits it on top of the fact you refused to remove her bojack horseman looking ass.
The lie that everyone was scared of wib and that’s why they defended her openly… has just been exposed by their own members.

No. 278220

I thought Koko hated Wib now because Wib manipulated her. She said that Wib made herself the victim in a situation where she was really the abuser. Recently the way she talks about Wib has changed completely and she makes it seem like Wib really fucked her over. I’m surprised she’s okay with members of her galsa still publicly supporting Wib. It really doesn’t look good on them to have any association with her at all. I know Kes is half black but they’re desperately trying to move on from the situation while their members are bringing their new narrative into question kek

No. 278221

> I’m going to say something edgy, that’ll make me look real tough

Who’s the real retard here. Someone who simply hasn’t done their research? Or the cow that blew a gasket in reaction.(learn2sage)

No. 278222

I mean I understand them wanting to move on and show growth but shit like this just shows that they’re trying their best to cover it up but don’t actually give a fuck.
It sucks because Nene and Pocha have a lot of potential and their gal is really good, some of the newer members have really good make as well. But they’re definitely dragged down by some of the other members who talk a lot of shit but don’t read as gal. Free Paradise members from the bounds of putting random color in the droop! (Sorry kind of off topic)

No. 278223

File: 1674446354236.jpeg (465.63 KB, 1170x1169, 59C00CC8-0884-4060-B51A-6F0187…)

Yes such a based goddess with famous quotes such as:

No. 278224

The only reason they want to ‘move on’ is because it’s giving them negative backlash. That’s why when their leader put her rather large snout to the ground to find new recruits all she could kick up was a bunch of children and cosplayers.

No. 278226

Yeah paradise, I get it same drama as always
But I really do not want to glide over the fact that this minor has been lying about her age
I already thought it was weird that she was selling photocards, and some of the things that she says are a little bit abnormal, but knowing that she lied about her age? It's scary seeing her go down this path honestly.

No. 278230

she’s a black person in paradise. all the black gals in there hate their own race so it’s not surprising. she’s the female Kanye west joking about being a nazi while black

No. 278232

It's getting posted to deflect, the AliExpress gyarus do it all the time and then project by saying the previous discussion is a distraction. Honestly I feel sorry for Haruka, she has some seriously shitty friends for encouraging her to take her clothes off for money the moment she's legal and able.

No. 278234

Or they’re posting actual milk instead of talking about a minor victim.

No. 278235

thousands of young girls are getting tricked into onlyfans as soon as they turn 18. it's absolutely insane, appalling and sad. even if you don't like her, you can feel sympathy. and all the libfem sjw retards are reeing about grooming but as soon as she's 18, they will being calling her a sexy qween.

No. 278236

I agree, it’s sad. I didn't mean to gloss over any of it, I just was responding to old posts and wanted to give my opinion. The Wib stuff does get old espresso considering there has been other drama with them that hasn’t been talked about on here. But here we go again.

No. 278238

So you literally agree that young girls making OF as soon as they turn 18 is literally grooming.

No. 278239

Learn to sage and integrate newfag we can tell you're not from here.

No. 278240

They already are honestly, just look at any of her comments under her posts
The problem is I think everybody was under the impression that she is 18 which is still kind of weird itself
But now that this is out it's a whole new level of gross.

No. 278241

Nobody gives a shit. Paradise is the KKK, Haruka's about to start her journey into becoming Shayna, yada yada yada. I miss when we talked about who looked the the most busted in this fashion instead of fucking politics.

No. 278242

That’s what gets me honestly, even if someone just turns 18 it shouldn’t be legal imo. Being legal in the eye of the law doesn’t change anything when it comes to mental development and maturity. This comm is so backwards

No. 278243

Since when was this an onlyfans debate thread. Since when has LOLCOW cared about ethics and moral debates. Either wrap those lips around the udder for your milk or get the fuck out

No. 278244

This I can get behind. Pls post busted gyaru for our viewing pleasure.

No. 278245

Can’t ever tell who’s more retarded the people complaining about content they choose to not curate or the people who only ever use this site to be sjw’s

No. 278247

File: 1674448842547.jpeg (746.24 KB, 763x1403, E3CCFF49-C4BA-4D67-959E-8AC6E1…)

It’s not hard to see who looks the most busted.
I can’t tell wether to look at the dookie stains on her jacket, the same tired ass hair clips that don’t match ANYTHING, the shinier-than-thou synthetic extensions or her crooked teeth.

No. 278250

Koko has gotten her lashings on here. We can leave her alone

No. 278252

I genuinely wanna know how did she go to all that effort only to leave those obvious brown smears on her jacket?
You're not the arbiter of who can and cannot be posted anon. Post someone else of interest if you're so inclined.

No. 278253

File: 1674449528362.jpeg (15.29 KB, 196x189, 072CDAAC-43B9-437E-9FF2-61ADB4…)

She boasted about being able to smell her pussy, I don’t think she cares about shitstains on her clothes.

No. 278254

There are so many busted ones it's ridiculous
Look up any so-called "gyarusa"
All full of beginner baby gals, looking terrible in full confidence while having a name like "cousins gyarusa"
Hell, even the gyaru tag is fully trash

No. 278264

guys come on! she's a perfect o-gyaru!

No. 278287

Pocha Boom is also a member of Paradise right? And as far as their twitter goes, they’re very black-positive. So I never understood how they can voluntarily be their token black member. Idk, after all, internalised misogyny and racism can lurk in anyone.

No. 278305

They have multiple black or mixed members. And from out of their mouths is where I’ve heard some of the worst anti-black rhetoric in the community.

Not to mention their white members seem only positive in any direction on a surface level so they don’t get shit on. Like how they’re notorious for baby gal hate, you can see it all over tiktok, yet constantly make tiktoks about how much they LOVE baby gals. I think the whole thing is ironic considering 80% of their members now look worse than most baby gals.

No. 278309

>source: a random white person/furry from twitter said it
you can't be serious

No. 278311

Genuinely who gives a fuck? Have you never shit talked someone in private before? Besides, these ‘baby gals’ are ruining the com which anyone with eyes and a brain can see. I shouldn’t have to see someone in a Hot Topic anime tee-shirt calling themselves gyaru and other no standard zoomers hyping it up. More than half the com is BEYOND mediocre. Better they get their shit together quick than stay in an echo chamber and ruin shit for everyone else now that these ‘no concrit’ gals are on the rise.

No. 278314

What rhetoric?
Post the milk if you have it please, if you're going to keep derailing to talk about Paradise.

No. 278316

Nobody is derailing, if you have a topic you wanna speak about then go ahead. But if this is in reference to the Haruka situation, she’s a confirmed minor so we shouldn’t be speaking about her on here anymore anyways.

No. 278317

Noona I think what they’re trying to say is that they put a lot of energy into attacking baby gyarus, yet only 3 or 4 of them look truly gal. I’m exempting the minors in the galsa from this argument btw, their grown members look like they all just started. It’s just funny to see them make a name for themselves for attacking other’s makeup and coords, only for their own galsa to have mostly bad makeup.
Also, funny to see how they’re trying to kiss up to baby gals now. If I was a baby gal I wouldn’t take concrit from any members. Pocha, Nene, Ronja, Avery, and Drey are all pretty good but I wish the rest would step it up, especially considering how bold they are online.

No. 278318

It is derailing, people are actively trying to go back to talking shit
We don't care about old milk so unless you have some new milk to show us about Paradise?
I'd much rather talk about anything else, shit baby gals, how this community is literally dying altogether
Hell I would rather talk about shit going on in the JP community, this thread is boring me to tears

No. 278319

cows can be posted if they're 16+ newfag.

No. 278320

I’m just discussing the current topic. Whenever someone is talked about on here that doesn’t want to be it’s always “derailing, where’s the milk, this is just shit talking”. This has been said time and time again, but just talk about what you want to talk about. Reply to the posts you want to reply to. Nobody is forcing you to talk about Paradise or any other person posted here.
People keep saying minors cannot be posted here, I know the rules say you can be 16 and be posted. I am not sure if that’s a rule that people actually follow considering the mods on this site don’t really do shit.

No. 278321

If you paid attention it’s clearly not about the message it’s the hypocrisy and the way they whore themselves out for tiktard brownie points

No. 278323

I’m sorry Nonnie but if you haven’t noticed already, the past 3 threads are just the same rehashed drama with no new takes or updates. Shocked you didn’t figure that out from the Cinna x Natalia drama that was dragged for months on end even though both of them seemed to move on. People ran out of milk and just started posting random screenshots of her account going on 3 paragraph long rants. It was a wild time to be on this site.
I also see interesting stuff on people’s stories, people in this community are always fighting. There are thousands of gaijin gals yet everyone talks about the same 3 or 4 cows with the same points over and over.
Most posts about Koko, Kai, Cinna, Natalia, ect reek of vendetta.

No. 278325

We are talking about shit baby gals. They just happen to be in paradise.

No. 278326

They’re holding on to the fact that one of their galsa members (Nene) has a huge Tiktok following, 100-200k if iirc.
I’m sure they miss the days when they had association with more gals with “clout”. I think a lot of the older gals in there hate younger gals who gained any kind of traction because they want gyaru clout desperately.

No. 278328

then post any of this yourself? you listed off the things you wanted to speak about but didn’t start a conversation about any of them.

No. 278329

the people saying that are incorrect, don't parrot them. they're probably confusing the rule about not being able to use the site if you're under 18. this thread is obvious crawling with underage posters anyway.

No. 278331

my sage dropped for some reason. i wish the site would get fixed already.

No. 278332

I genuinely think the only members that look good are Pocha… and that’s it. I’d say nene, but he’s a bit of a wet blanket kek. I’ve seen one of their new pup recruits delilah in everygal and their MOM’s tiktok comments insulting them in baguette language. Which is… interesting considering she looks like something out of a Tim burton film on hard drugs.

No. 278333

The only time I even remember seeing Paradise publicly saying anything negative to other gals unwarranted was from their members who are under 17 which I honestly can not bring myself to care about. If anything else happened then I stand corrected but it just sounds like whining to whine. And from what I’ve seen, they don’t have anyone that looks worse or more half assed than what you’d see scrolling down the gaijingyaru tag on Instagram.

No. 278335

Missing the point much?
The gaijin gal community looks like shit, them included.
The difference is they swear blind they’re the best. It’s comedic.

No. 278337

Maybe you’re just out of the loop, I saw them just last week arguing with Japanese people in Instagram comments about whether or not something is gal. Wish I had screen caps but it was a huge yikes. Iirc Koko ran a Tiktok called “youllneverbegal” or something like that where she posted baby gals. I also see them on their stories shading baby gals and their makeup a lot. I understand that they’re not any worse than the rest of the community, but they are some of the loudest people about this.
What I’m saying is don’t throw stones in a glass house. Fix your fucking make before attacking anybody else, especially because they act so high and mighty about it.

No. 278338

Yeah I got what you said thanks for the unnecessary rehash. It’s not just Paradise, I’ve seen plenty of partially relevant gals appoint themselves as the top of the comm while looking like shit. Don’t act like it’s just Paradise because you’ve got a hate boner for them. And again, I still don’t think that many of them look as bad as you say. Some could definitely work on their style but it’s not complete shit

No. 278340

Never said it was just them, but it’s funny when anybody does it. Why the WK? I’m not saying all of them are complete shit, but most of them don’t look gal at all and none of them have improved since joining Paradise.
You’re free to talk about those other people here if you so choose. Nobody is stopping you.

No. 278341

can you elaborate on wet blanket? kek

No. 278342

nta but don't engage with those types. they don't understand how threads work and think we have to stick to one subject (whatever they're interested in) or it's derailing.

No. 278343

>they don’t understand how threads work
Meanwhile the people on here larping as regular posters always take it personally when someone responds with a differing opinion. This is a public forum, if you only want people to respond who agree with you then maybe keep your thoughts to yourself.

No. 278346

By who?

No. 278347

a person who spoils other people's fun by failing to join in with or by disapproving of their activities.
"don't be a wet blanket"

No. 278350

What’s wrong noona why is the photo deleted? Was gone before I could load it, I wonder what it was.

No. 278351

Disagree, I think Nene’s gal is pretty good especially considering how the people around him look. Must be kind of embarrassing for older members to be so behind a 16 year old in terms of makeup and fashion skills. Especially some of the newer members…yeesh.

No. 278356

this isn't a forum, newfag.

No. 278363

Twitterfags kys
Reading through the thread and it seems like most everyone is onboard it’s sad and disturbing that an underage kid wants to go into OF

No. 278380


To be fair, I think we can all smell her rank pussy through the thick glass of our screens from this pic alone.

No. 278462

So much shit going on on TikTok wow. I may be missing out on some great gal content but I also miss out on lots of drama so I’m glad I don’t use TikTok lol

No. 278569

Post it then instead of sharing this pointless anecdote

No. 278608

File: 1674645897936.jpg (568.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230125-222013.jpg)

Looks like the AliExpress gyarus cowtipped

No. 278610

File: 1674646016134.jpg (457.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230125-222043.jpg)

No. 278685

When you're about to be 18 in a few months, it still does not absolve you of making inappropriate only fans jokes while being underage to your audience which also has a lot of minors.
Rather than trying to excuse the fact that she is not 18, she could have at least apologized for lying.
She can make as many inappropriate jokes as she wants to in private but unfortunately she has a platform and she's got to learn how to use it right, no matter what age she supposedly is

No. 278723

Aliexpress gyaru… Haruka? Are we talking about the same gal here. Kaiposting at its finest

No. 278725

nta but just say you hate kai and can't read.

>Looks like the AliExpress gyarus cowtipped

anon literally said that the aliexpress gyaru (ITT) cowtipped not that haruka is an aliexpress gyaru

No. 278820

no one cow tipped, she definitely lurks

also the "tt is going to ban people under 18" almost sounds like such bs, but maybe it's true? i mean isn't tt mostly kids and teens? weird rule

No. 278844

File: 1674751107710.jpeg (207.71 KB, 647x618, 40692A8B-C204-4081-ABAE-937A52…)

No. 278851

Apparently the easiest way to mass report someone and get their account take down is to spam report that they’re under 13 (the age to make a tiktok account.) That’s probably what’s happened to every single one of her accounts

No. 278852

this thread is so boring

No. 278853

ffs check people’s ages before posting them here. it’s clearly in her bio. they have adult members, why do people insist on bringing up their youngest members like nene and delilah? they look better than a lot of the grown gals in there.
get a grip and leave the kids alone

No. 278865

Emily (emiriichu) goes by emimi or emiberry now and has deleted all videos from her gal era.
Her gal insta is still there. If you want to grab screenshots for inspo now's the time.


She's still into j-fashion and has new accounts:

Heh, I loved her gal looks so much that I never fully realized what a unlikeable attitude she has. It really shines through in her new videos, but that's just me. She seems happy so good for her I guess.(namefagging)

No. 278867

File: 1674758617037.jpg (328.69 KB, 719x1130, Screenshot_20230126-123955_.jp…)

Haven't heard from kuroyaya in forever till i see this? Running out of gal looks = more racism accusations i guess

No. 278868

File: 1674758742413.jpg (274.04 KB, 929x1029, Screenshot_20230126-193629_Chr…)

There's so much milk out there though!

Like Georgie role-playing on her blog that she's living in the 2000s for years now. I love her looks and she seems sweet but it's so weird to me bc she seems super serious about it ??

Also did we ever learn why she and Emi had a friendship fallout? They were best friends, Emi leaving gal can't be the (only) reason. I remember Emi saying in one of her videos that gal "is for teens". Like wtf there's more than enough gals past nineteen and they look good! My best guess is she tried to hurt Georgie with that statement bc Georgie is over thirty…

No. 278870

>>278865 that milks so old its basically cheese atp

No. 278871

>>278868 akipoyos too unproblematic for cow lmao yall had to bring up the least weird thing ever "she rps like its the 2000s" shes been doing that for a while, its just cutesy cause thats when gal was full power

No. 278872


Funny that you post this, I was about to. I thought Yaya was doing good in educating people about being black/mixed in Germany but apparently Hekku Wrekku/Sondsr has brainwashed her a bit too much.

Sonder is a manipulative pos who was caught begging for money and spending it for crap before while claiming it was about life and death and whenever someone pointed it out they were being racist, see the public shaming of Pacifica galsa or whatever their name is.

Now yaya is doing the same?! They could provide receipts for every damn thing but now that someone reported their tiktok they blame their ex galsa and we're supposed to believe it just like that?? Way to lose credibility. Yaya cant tell friend from foe anymore. Mental health is not a joke and neither is being black in a world that tries to erase you everyday, but sharing private shit like that aint it hun.

No. 278873

What discord is this and >>278155 why do you assume they're adults?

No. 278874

More than half of this so-called gyaru community is brainwashed by that Niccu/KKG era of drama
Everyone and their mother will jump on the bandwagon to call out racism even if there's absolutely no proof of it
This is a private issue that could have been handled privately but racism rumors get clout

No. 278876

File: 1674761116020.jpg (149.48 KB, 1136x1301, 20230126_202449.jpg)

TikTok is fucking ruining gyaru at this point. just got this in my recs. Girl is cute but this ain't no gal makeup its egirl duh

No. 278882


Sowwyyyy im still a baby gal

No. 278883

File: 1674762545880.jpeg (422.1 KB, 1169x2126, DBA7E99E-3010-4B01-B4EC-B036A2…)

No. 278885

File: 1674762570399.jpeg (467.99 KB, 1170x2060, DFA5351D-C44F-4B27-9F51-1DAA4E…)

No. 278886

File: 1674762670047.jpeg (424.46 KB, 1165x2057, 987D0FD3-1128-4421-A64E-85086B…)

out of all of the ex plutonium members this is the one that i’m most curious about, because peg seems to have this ultra sjw image online, like what really happened here?

No. 278889

>Niccu threatening to expose cybr.grl as a racist/white supremacist because she won’t post their KKG interview

Interesting bc cybr.grl posted a vid featuring Reila and Yaya, who are POC but not dark at all

Also Reila hasnt uploaded her interview with Yaya and.. was it Hekku? to this day, I wonder why

No. 278891

If you think about it, japanese girls were mimicking Namie Amuro which at the time was influenced by Black rnb singers. You cant deny that fact

No. 278903

gyaru is still a few steps removed from anything actually american, black, hollywood or otherwise. they were following and altering american trends to make them their own.

No. 278919

File: 1674772975363.jpeg (413.76 KB, 828x1200, 1661643018245.jpeg)

>because wib left, (let’s remember she wasn’t removed nor did they want to remove her)

The post said she was expelled. Maybe a weak try at wanting to save face, idk.

No. 278921

She redid the video with other less “problematic” darker skinned black gals.

No. 278930

>there's so much milk though!
>Georgie RPs that it's the 2000s on her blog!
You must be 18 to use this site.

No. 278952

She’s gotten super skinny I hope she’s doing okay(sage your shit)

No. 278972

I remember watching a commentary channel expose the fact there was a whole community of underage girls on tiktok performing for pedophiles for tips in the form of "stickers" I think it was. They were doing things like wearing skimpy clothing, bending over, showing feet with code words. One young girl had a pole in the background of her live and was swinging around it. Any user caught acknowledging the issue publicly on the site would cop a permanent ban, not the young girls who're being exploited by dirty old men, or the dirty old men themselves. It seemed like an active attempt to cover up the controversy since it was shown to have happened multiple times. The algorithm also made it extremely easy to have an entire tailored feed of underage girls in a few clicks. Someone else may be more informed on this issue as to whether they're finally acknowledging and tackling it.

No. 278975

File: 1674792146861.jpg (289.05 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20230127-150040__01…)

Samefag just found an article for some context. I'm not a tiktok user so I don't know what protocols they've implemented since April 22


No. 278979

it's still a huge problem and in fact is worse. as long as users don't tag uploads, anything flies.

No. 279142

File: 1674871206514.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.08 KB, 526x635, 38D63E7A-D00F-4C75-86A1-CBE061…)

One of the girls that was exposed on twitter for being a huge bully was cosplaying gyaru and using it to fuel her asian fetish. she’s also being accused of lying about being japanese. surprised that she flew under the radar of this thread.

No. 279144

God I hope she’s not lying about being Japanese, that would make her defense of Pinkii so much worse(learn2sage)

No. 279150

stop fucking posting her in every thread.

No. 279158

This is so bleak but this happens basically instantly as soon as a girl livestreams. I livestreamed once on twitch (fully dressed with a hoodie) and my one viewer immediately started asking to see my boobs and offering me money. Those girls could be sitting there opening Kinder Surprises and the creeps would still appear and be asking these things. Phones should have an age restriction for real, it's the only way to prevent it.

No. 279199

Who cares fuck does this have to do with anything
This is gal related, no? I don’t believe this girl was ever part of the community but she did label herself as gal. I wonder if gal will end up becoming the new egirl, the makeup is definitely headed that way
All of these older white gals end up looking the exact same. The way a lot of older white gals (especially ones into softer styles) do their makeup is very uncanny valley. Something about the enlarging makeup on already bulging eyes doesn’t look right to me, especially when they’re very pale. A lot of vet gals with more “Western” features tend to carry some bitterness with them about how they’ll never be “gyaru desu” enough. Some white gals make it work more than others. Random rant but these pictures made me think of that.

No. 279212

File: 1674911632922.jpeg (240.88 KB, 828x1017, 1DECCCF9-A5AE-434A-A769-AE3D1D…)

Yeah, don’t get me wrong I think she looks very pretty here but gal just doesn’t completely suit some people and that’s okay. A tan would help a lot, it’s very jarring

No. 279230

She doesn't look that bad though, maybe if she changed the eyemake style to something less extreme but still recognizably gal, or at the very least changed up the lower eye lining style. Not only can some people not tan but some people don't look good with a tan. It's not a big deal.

No. 279232

File: 1674920090877.jpg (738.87 KB, 960x1453, MYXJ_20230128103057795_save.jp…)

Haruka has been sperging out over a bunch of shit again
>I put my weight and height in my bio for collabs
You can also discuss those things privately with companies like a normal person. What do you expect when most people see weight and height in the bio as a bodycheck because that's what proana "vent" accounts do. You're nowhere near being a model in Japan, maybe you should save that "professionalism" for when you actually decide to be professional instead of using your platform for drama mongering any chance you get

No. 279235

It's directly relevant to
Given the fact there's underage cam shows taking place on the platform I'd say her reasoning is probably bullshit.

No. 279236

It’s not horrible by any means, I was just posting an example of what I meant when I said that the makeup can look kind of “uncanny”.
As far as I saw, Haruka didn’t really get into much drama. She grew to 500k on Tiktok mostly from the fact that the algorithm likes to push out younger people and teenagers seem to like following other teenage gals (would explain why her and Citrus are so popular.) You can have your own opinions on her but she isn’t really known for drama the way many other gals in this community are.

No. 279237

File: 1674920765740.jpg (1.2 MB, 960x1668, MYXJ_20230128102850393_save.jp…)

Girl why are you this mad about literally one person even joking that you're aliexpress gyaru? No one is calling you that because they think that's all you wear, it's because your coords that don't rely on brand are shitty and tacky like your personality.
>classisn at it's finest….
kek if you're this pressed and even going out of your way to prove yourself from one person using it as a joke hashtag in this thread, you're probably not that worried about "classism" as you are being associated with all the aliexpress buying teenagers that whiteknight you, very telling
maybe you should go vacuum and clean your dirty ass room instead of crying about this

No. 279238

I would be a bit frustrated if people only seemed interested in tearing apart everything I post on my story and making me the cow for the entire community while other drama goes unnoticed.
In future threads everyone needs to make an effort to make sure this thread doesn’t entirely become about one person. Not saying that’s happening atm but I see this being mostly a Haruka thread in the future. Boring.

No. 279239

I said it and I will say it again. She needs to gtfo the internet before she loses her sanity at 18. It's sad seeing her grow up to be a full blown cow and she's obviously lurking hard atp. I feel kinda bad for her. But not bad enough. This is priceless.

No. 279240

File: 1674921370525.jpg (447.26 KB, 960x1621, MYXJ_20230128102751696_save.jp…)

Interesting take considering I see her actively post about drama more than any other gal besides maybe Koko/paradise. Maybe you're following a different Haruka because she's been getting into it on tiktok and now ig, like she just posted a million stories trying to address shit said on here (because that's always a good idea) and pretend we were "cyber bullying her mom" which nobody was
In the case of the weight in bio thing the took someone's story vaguely posting about her and blasted it for no reason staring they were calling her an "uwu otaku" when that was probably referencing those kaliacc egirls that so it. If you seriously see this stuff she pulls and say "b-b-but she doesn't get into drama!!" you're either blind or "have a rather unique investment in defending her honor", we'll say

No. 279242

if you don't want to be "made the cow" and "have your posts torn apart" maybe don't post retarded shit and try to "prove the haters wrong". we all know haruka doesn't care about that though.
if there's other drama then people could post it, except no one does.

No. 279244

Is this because the term has been thrown around here and this retard misinterpreted >>278723 KEK
Why do all of her stories have some vague relevancy to this thread? The fact that she's consistently got anons justifying behaviour as well makes it all the more suspicious.
Stop responding to the thread girl you're doing yourself no favours!

No. 279245

While I do think there are legitimate criticisms of Haruka, I do find it quite strange that everyone ITT is taking all of this anger out on her when it’s her parent’s fault. I know teenagers need to be personally responsible to a certain extent, but all of the shit people are on her ass for really just comes down to a lack of parenting.
Her mom was in cybr.grls video, there’s absolutely no way in hell that Haruka’s mom doesn’t know how famous she is. She’s the most famous gaijin gal to ever exist on the internet, and whether that be for better or for worse, the point is her parents definitely know.
A lot of the things people are criticizing her for are things she will hopefully grow out of, but I cannot help but think that there is some form of neglect taken place here. This isn’t the right way to address neglect.

No. 279246

yes and one person up thread used #aliexpressgyaru in a joke post >>273821 which she took to heart I guess

No. 279247

Gyaru in general is tacky though, hard to be truly gal without being tacky.

No. 279248

I don't think that's the point and I don't think anyone is talking about being tacky in the gal-desired way here

No. 279249

Where did you get the impression anyone is angry? Just a few days ago everyone was actively worrying and admonishing her for lying about her age and posting about wanting to get into onlyfans. Most people here concluded it was sad and that she has shit friends.

No. 279251

she is still doing gyaru? Hated her back then

No. 279252

>everyone is taking anger out on her
laughing at retarded drama posts =/= anger, it really isn't that deep
>most famous gaijin gal to ever exist on the internet
lol no
>it's her parents fault!!!!
armchairing this hard about it is weird, tons of kids who act like this have normal parents, Haruka is old enough to understand but she doesn't care because it brings her attention, positive or negative. she'll cry about people talking about her mom here like she wasn't the one exposing her mom to it to begin with (not that anyone is even talking about her mom or bullying her here or whatever tf she was on about in her other stories)
if you don't like the heat maybe don't make your goal of being this super famous totemo gyaru moderu or whatever the fuck and then throw yourself into the fire constantly

No. 279259

What gaijin gal has accumulated over half a million followers? I’m just wondering who you think the most famous ones are

No. 279262

would love to see proof Haruka has over 500k followers, though you'll probably provide her deleted tiktok as proof as if it matters. or better yet I'm sure she'll be the one to provide this proof to prove to LC how she is literally the most famous gal and we are all just jealous on her upcoming next LC spergout kek

No. 279264

followers barely mean anything when 80% are creepy men. in gal's heyday gaijins actually joined gyarusa in japan and participated in the community and it meant something.

No. 279267

Who would you say is the most well known/has done the most for the community then?

No. 279272

not haruka that's for sure, but also why do you care so much about what some random anon thinks has done the most/is the most famous, as if it matters? If you want to think Haruka did those things and is that, then you do you, though I feel kinda bad for you.

No. 279277

Im just curious what your opinion is, just attempting to have discourse since this thread is mostly dead anyways

No. 279278

Pinkii, obviously.

No. 279279

Most well known and done the most for the community are two different things. If you want notorious there are tons but they're not really "famous" for contributing to the comm (ex: Shiena, Ashley, Sui, Barbie, Keichamu, Akipoyo, to name a few). Even if they do make informative posts or blogs they're probably not known for that either just look at Darla and Lizzie.

No. 279312

>done the most for the community
gyaruoftheday, for beginning the widespread downfall of paradise/wib kek

No. 279319

It’s crazy because if Koko was not called out, Wib would still be tormenting everybody to this day. She would've just held onto it.
It does seem though as if they’re starting to mind their business and focus on gal which is nice. Some of their members certainly need it. They’re still learning the difference between Ganguro, Ya/Manba, and Banba and they should focus their energy on doing the style right finally. I hope to see some improvement with gals in the community across the board (especially some of the ones who have been spoken about here).

No. 279322

this >>277905is where the grooming allegations are coming from. I have to agree, glamorizing and talking up your OF to a 14-16 year old is insanely gross and definitely could be considered grooming. No underage people should know about your OF.

No. 279389

tbh I think it's more about older western gals refusing to grow up and upgrade their style to something more age appropriate, and there's also the overall obsession with the more extreme styles due to desperately wanting to be recognizable and "alternative".

Ane ageha isn't lacking in models who are around 30 and/or have features like a stronger nose or thin lips. But in the west, the type of outfit and hairmake you see in AA isn't considered very loud or alt, it's closer to what's considered conventionally sexy and glamorous, so everyone is stuck in their uguu dolly eye era and it gives them the busted Venus Angelic look.

Not about this gal in particular >>279212 (and I don't know how old she is tbh) but it isn't at all about her not "suiting" gyaru, or even the lack of tan, it's 100% her poor styling choices because she put looking obnoxious far above looking good.

It's not really about where you buy though… It's a joke. Anon could have called it Shein gyaru or whatever. It's entirely possible, again, to make good coordinates entirely from fast fashion. What makes these gals tacky is that they aren't fashion litterate in the slightest, they just buy a bunch of stereotypical looking items from completely unrelated eras that they mash together into a messy outfit topped with a cheap shiny wig. It's not about the money, we know they're teenagers.

And Haruka absolutely looks like a cosplayer too, because it doesn't matter how spoiled you are with brand items if your styling and hairmake is lacking. I'm not gonna go over her going apeshit on social media about a fucking imageboard because I know she's young too but she should stop wasting her time lurking itt and learn how to style a wig instead. You can really just do your thing, improve yourself, grow up into a cool gal that is worth looking up to, and we'll all go on and forget this shit, I promise.

No. 279392

Thanks for the explanation noona, I completely agree and this is what I think I was trying to say. There’s something off about their looks but I can’t put my finger on it and you hit the nail on the head.

I also do trust (and strongly hope) that this thread will move on from Haruka eventually. There have been other cows that have been left alone because they’re showing that they’re at least trying and don’t produce that much milk anymore.

No. 279394

totally disagree with all this. gyaru is supposed to look a bit trashy. the girl upthread looks bad in it because she's unattractive. many gaijin gyaru are unattractive and bad at makeup in general so they look even worse.

No. 279402

I agree but I’d also argue that some of it is to do with the fact that most of them don’t know their face shape. The only influences in Gyaru are either other Gaijin gyarus (which is never a good start) or Japanese gyarus who obviously have different features to most westerners. If all these Gaijin gals took the time to understand their face shape, what colours suit their eye colour, skintone and style and what shapes coordinated their face shape then they’d look so much better. Most of them would rather bitch about someone else’s make than focus on their own.
It doesn’t help that a lot of the Gaijin Gyaru comm act allergic to concrit and act like you’re bullying them when you tell them their make needs work(learn2sage)

No. 279417

definitely. it's a mix between not suiting the fashion and bad styling/makeup. everyone either follows japanese guides or western guides to a T and you can't follow any guide exactly. younger gyaru have the same problem. they weren't previously into any fashion or have experience doing makeup and think it's just about being quirky and weird, which is why they're into the older styles now too.

No. 279502

Miyu Rockbridge of course. She has been scanning and/or sharing magazine scans for years and helps to preserve them and makes them accessible to gaijin gals. Hell, she created Gal Revo. She received so much shit for not looking gal enough but still did more for the community than most.

No. 279520

I see new galsas pop up everyday and most of the time at least a few members aren’t actually gal. There are people in Paradise for example that have no gal looks or haven’t shown their face. It aggravates me that anyone thinks they can make a gyarusa without putting any actual effort into gal

No. 279521

Concrit isn’t bullying and a lot of people need to understand this. Sometimes it clearly comes from a condescending place, or the person giving the concrit looks a mess themselves, but most of the time it’s just a tip. I’ve seen very few gaijin gals improve their style or makeup over time, usually they pick a makeup look the first couple of months that they’re gal and stick to it, even if it doesn’t look gal at all.
What bothers me the most is the lack of eyebrow grooming, and lack of understanding of what the droop is, where it’s supposed to go, and the effect that it’s supposed to have.

Very few gaijin gals will make any sort of progress, which is concerning.

No. 279527

File: 1675108846300.jpg (260.78 KB, 1920x1252, EUD-Y4yUUAAI5Yn.jpg)

looking like the camera angle when an anime character is about to go insane kek

No. 279532

>She redid the video with other less “problematic” darker skinned black gals.
Where'd Reila post this then? It's not on her youtube, I just checked.

No. 279536

>New galsas pop up all the time
>Once again cycles back to paradise which has been around for a while now

For fucks sake I'm not trying to dickride them but if there's new galsas maybe talk about them instead and actually contribute to the conversation instead of hate banging paradise. They probably love having their metaphorical cocks sucked all day here

No. 279544

Yeah I agree 100%, I think the lack of effort can also be blamed on the generation and cultural differences. If you compare 90s Japanese Gyarus to present day Gaijin Gyarus it’s not hard to see what group put in the most effort into their looks.
I definitely agree with the eyebrow grooming like please for the love of fucking god wax and bleach your brows or even just use a light colour brow gel cause it throws off the entire look without it

No. 279568

It's not generational or cultural differences it's literally just social media.

If you look at Heisei gaijin gyaru compared to Reiwa the key difference is the rise of social media use. In the past it was mostly isolated to blogs and niche fb groups/livejournal/ricoche. You basically only knew about gal if you were exposed to some sort of jfashion or cosplay already otherwise you probably would never come across it. At that time, most gaijin gyaru came from lolita or were anime convention weebs but now that we have things like Tiktok where you can reach a much larger audience quickly so the amount of misinformation and newbies/baby gals joining the style for clout is through the roof.

There's a lack of effort because of microtrends and the ease of gaining efame dressing alt. Gyaru is no exception to this especially when you consider the normalization of anime; it's not that weird to be a weeb or dress gaudy anymore so lots of people want to get in on it.

Gyaru is only popular with zoomers because it's y2k adjacent and more accessible than other jfashion styles thanks to things like shein knockoffs. The fact that Reiwa galmo's more or less just dress on fast fashion trends and also buy from shein further reaffirms that there doesn't need to be a lot of research or work done anymore in their minds. These kids don't actually like putting in all the work to do their hair and makeup. They want a quick and easy way to feel unique on the internet and amass a large following because they all aspire to be some sort of influencer or microcelebrity. In the end they just want something to feel special in so they can be worshipped for doing nothing but existing.

No. 279593

at this point shes knowingly becoming a cow,stop lurking haruka you making up drama of ''other'' gals you supposedly like and shoehorning yourself into every gyaru discourse is embarrassing, people took offense to the sex joke because youre underage and shouldn't be promoting wanting sugar daddies and having a OF. and the whole jojifuku hypocrisy

No. 279628

>tbh I think it's more about older western gals refusing to grow up and upgrade their style to something more age appropriate
People can wear whatever the fuck they want. Sure there are exceptions, e.g. if their job requires otherwise et cetera.
Fashion and makeup is for everyone. If a 30-something wants to dress in youthful street fashion, they can. "Refusing to grow up" my ass, quit projecting.

>and there's also the overall obsession with the more extreme styles due to desperately wanting to be recognizable and "alternative".

Why dont't you shut your fucking trash mouth already? You don't even bother to take into consideration that while there are ppl appropriating gyaru for e-fame, most gals dress in oldschool/heisei style because they like it. It's just you imposing your personal notion on it. Get a reality check - there are gals in Japan who dress in modern gal style (read: watered down heisei; reiwa) and those who sport oldschool (old heisei), and it's the same in the west. Simple.

No. 279630

Yaya, since you think you're the community's beacon of morale, why haven't you posted about Chris yet, who has made racist remarks before, or how Shannon/Shiena is an ableist bitch? Because you only talk about issues when they fit your agenda. It's crazy those people still get your support despite being human trash. Instead you attack your former galsa mates publicly with no proof to back up your accusations. Just sad. Keep seething in your anger. It's no surprise black/brown gals aren't safe even in spaces made for them (kagayaku kurogal) with people like you, niccu and hekku in charge.

No. 279632

what's the tea on Shiena being ableist?

No. 279645

>Safe spaces
>Muh racism
>Thinks Lolcow posts are morality driven
Do you actually know where you are cause this is retarded?

No. 279654

anon doesn't realize that there are still gyaru in japan who wear what they wore 10 years ago.

No. 279701

Aww anon, did that trigger you? Fuck off, I ain't talking to you there. Was talking about yaya's instagram shticks, not locow. Bold of you to use retard when you're this dense yourself kek(lost newfag)

No. 279714

nta but no one gives a fuck about those topics other than newfags. take it to twitter.

No. 279731

Not sure why you’re so triggered nonnie. People can dress however they please but people can dislike it.
I think she looks really pretty honestly but the eye makeup with her very white features is jarring. A lot of older gals are good at making gal makeup read as gal on their features, but it still feels unsettling. I do think this is a product of them wanting to look like certain Japanese gals when their features won’t really allow for it. I also find that gal make tends to be jarring on people with naturally lighter eyes.
Also, anon wasn’t saying that all gals do it to trend hop and for clout, I think they were just saying that’s one of the reasons the social media has a lot of bad info on gal. A lot of people on Tiktok get praise for being “gal” while doing the absolute bare minimum because people being alt and individualistic is trendy amongst Gen Z.
There is a lot that could be said about younger gals and the minimum effort they put in.

No. 279751

No, but you sound disabled. Fuck off back to twitter or learn to integrate outside of just saying "kek". The rest of us want to be spared from losing brain cells reading that shit.

No. 279869

'kek' is one of the laziest attempts at integration here, along with performative radfeminism that a lot of zoomers seem to adopt, mistakenly thinking it's part of general board culture. Good riddance.

No. 280346

Nyart but most don't. Even those who wear "old style" in Japan mostly wear an updated version of it. And ironically that wouldn't even be considered gyaru in the west by most, despite being, you know, quite literally modern day gyaru. Sure there might be some who are still doing the exact same shit (with emphasis on "some"), but that's like now finding an all-out Y2K emo/scene kid and say "see, alt kids still do emo style". Even e-girl, which is the closest to that look now, looks different enough to tell apart from it.

I've wondered in tge past if these tiktok "gyaru" where gonna use "modern Japanese gyaru" as a reasoning why their looks are different so they could use it as a bullshit reason to try to shut the older gyaru up (not that they look anything like modern gyaru either, but it's not like they've never shouted bullshit before and it's harder to factcheck for the average internet teen). But I guess just shouting gyaru on e-girl looks need no excuse to them at all, it's good to go as is.

No. 280365

Who do you nonnies think are some of the most underrated gaijin gals? I feel like I see the same gaijin get posted as inspo on pinterest and ig. Trying to go through hashtags to find inspo is horrible.

No. 280378

Now now, people were complaining to post milk and not treat this as a forum and you want to talk about good gals now? Y'all don't know what you want

No. 280380

Heh, nice try wanting to shut me down, troglodytes. You can throw insults around all you want, your opinion means naught, and your replies show that you have no actual contribution to make either. Thanks for the laugh though.(STILL lost newfag)

No. 280385

Can you validity any of these claims? I don’t know why you expect the community to discuss these topics while you aren’t giving any context or evidence.

No. 280407

File: 1675654695965.jpg (24.68 KB, 559x460, 1664280197787.jpg)

>Replies to a 3 day old argument to act unbothered

No. 280516


well you know how Emi deletes all her shit every time she changes an aesthetic
pretty sure she did the same with her friends

No. 280535


Emi and Georgie are still friends and hang out from time to time. Georgie literally blogs about it but you wouldn't know cause you don't actually keep up with either of them:


You guys are so fucking boring with your vendettas no wonder this thread is shit.

No. 280539

This thread has been a vendetta thread for a while and people keep pointing it out. I’d say everything went to shit in the middle of the third thread.
It’s obvious that a lot of anons here keep on trying to milk the most insignificant things, things nobody would care about unless they’re somehow personally invested.

No. 280813

File: 1675884142724.png (1.08 MB, 832x808, Screenshot 2023-02-08 141726.p…)

the gaijin gyaru community might be some of the dumbest people I have ever seen. What hoops did you jump thru to consider this a substyle?


No. 280829

thanks lolitas. most gyaru substyles aren't real. and things like amerikaji and himekaji were only gyaru when gyaru was popular and they exist still independently from gyaru.

No. 280879

eh, this isnt that bad. it should’ve been phrased “forgotten gyaru trends” rather than substyles but the post actually provides some history and helpful tips to get the look. i’ve seen much worse.

No. 280900

fuck off

No. 280977

File: 1675981847721.jpeg (673.16 KB, 1284x2215, 43CD77BE-033E-455B-813C-6033DB…)

I wish this tacky cow would stop being obvious that she lurks this thread. When people say shit like this, they’re just huffing their own farts to seem like they know better than anyone but this is the first time she’s ever mentioned this. We know you saw this post and ran with it. >>280829

No. 280986

could be wrong but i think i’ve been seeing people on that side of the gal community echo this sentiment recently
A similar sentiment was echoed in the caption of this post iirc but i cant seem to find it?

No. 280988

looks like they deleted the post, probably because of this

No. 280995

she could have a worse stance on the minors doing agejo discourse tbf

No. 280997

why the fuck is it pixelated like that

No. 281000

yeah im not sure what/who this is about but go off i guess.
who the hell could have a vendetta against akipoyo? that shows how far gone this community is. still shocked at how people turned on lizzie. that’s when i knew nobody was safe.

No. 281001

File: 1676003835047.jpg (1.87 MB, 1439x1800, Habgmhwywu.jpg)

Some gals from Paradise considered this small business a scam and their Gal line is more cosplay looking. Just wanted to know what nonnas think

No. 281003

are they the same brand that sold that hello kitty bikini? i thought that was pretty cute. i like the skirt design but it’s definitely overpriced. but i also think people are used to being able to buy items of clothing for under $40, which isn’t realistic if it’s not fast fashion. people rag on “aliexpress/shein” gals but also bitch when a small business isn’t selling things at regular mall pricing.
paradise is accusing them of being a drop shipper type brand but from what ive seen their deigns are original, but i could be wrong. it doesn’t seem cheap to produce this kind of stuff. but i want to see what everyone else thinks about this.

No. 281004

What did Paradise say about it exactly?

No. 281009

File: 1676006598088.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 2D2FE404-F70C-4CCF-811D-02F5D2…)

This is what one of the members said

No. 281013

File: 1676007799587.jpeg (256.75 KB, 828x1434, E77D3B61-CC93-4405-A174-0763FE…)

Maybe this is what that’s about

No. 281015

Did any of the members post evidence that this businesses is actually an aliexpress drop shipper/scam that’s pretending to make their own designs? Because even though you can definitely find similar things on Aliexpress/Shein for cheaper (like those cursed oversized-style leg warmers), I’ve never seen that specific print anywhere.
It’s a big accusation to hurl at a small business and throw a tantrum about just because you can’t personally afford it. It’s expensive as fuck so it’s fair if you can’t buy it, but I’m not sure why they’re making this such a big deal.

No. 281017

It’s censored because everytime Cinnagal gets posted in this thread, there’s the same three morons who screech up and down that she’s not relevant and it’s vendetta posting. Also, her make was shit. No one needs to be subjected to that.

No. 281019

That doesn’t make any sense, you’re still posting her. You went through extra work and got yourself upset for no reason considering nobody reacted or gave two shits kek

No. 281024

I mean they don't own any of the characters they make prints of, but that's it. If they were dropshippers someone would have found that out already. And is it really dropshipping if they happen to have alibaba/aliexpress suppliers that print the design and sew the clothes up for them?

No. 281025

Are you done projecting or?

No. 281027

this isn't gyaru. it's ugly y2k shit with a peeling coat of gyaru paint.

No. 281038

This, it looks like "gyaru" that male mangaka started drawing way after gyaru was a thing, like 2015 onward.

No. 281050

> gal died because of consumerism

No. 281054

It looks very Cinnagal-core, kek.
It's ugly as sin yeah, but it's such a retarded tantrum to throw too. Also
>gal died because of consumerism
Absolutely pathetic take

>she looks bad in it because she's unattractive
anon she looks absolutely fine. She's not ugly. Her hairmake is just a disaster and it makes a whole world of difference. The wig color, wave style and bangs are unflattering as hell, the eyelash application is fucked, the eyebrows don't match, and I don't even know where to start with the messed up eyeliner/shadow shaping, it looks y2k posca marker manba tier crusty. It's hard to tell what she was even going for to begin with… It might sound like I'm roasting the hell out of her here, but she's not beyond salvation at all, she could be a really cute gal. Honestly I don't even understand what it is that everyone finds so hard about gyaru make-up, I can understand eyelashes/eyeliner can be complicated because a very minor fuck-up can easily make it look off, but the rest is quite simple.

>I'm not refusing to grow up, you're projecting !
>shut your fucking trash mouth already reeeee

Yeah right. Years upon years of magazines full of hairstyles and make-up looks to pick from and you're going to tell me you can't find anything that you like AND that fits your features at least a little bit ? I don't buy it. In literally every subculture, just as in normie fashion, most people adapt their personal style to their changing features as they age and it's not a big deal to them, it just happens over time and they hardly even have to think about it. Comfort with oneself is usually linked to a certain degree of harmony.

There's also this thing called improvement. "Age appropriateness" isn't a set of hard limits, it's far more abstract, however something that tends to remain true is that if you suck at what you're doing, it will be more noticeable if you're older.

No one mentally balanced is having this kind of early onset midlife crisis over the fact that they don't look good with 3 stacked wigs and sauceplate lenses anymore. Do it if you want, but others are allowed to question your common sense.

No. 281056

this post sounds so British kek. Cinna’s looks have improved a lot. I’ll admit a lot of her looks last year were cheap looking and low effort, but it’s definitely better (in my own opinion.)
it’s true that a lot of older gals refuse to age out of substyles that no longer suit them.
someone with a good eye could style some of these items and make them look cute.
“consumerism killed gyaru”, maybe it killed Manba, but consumerism as a whole is a cornerstone of the lifestyle and subculture. It’s frustrating to see Paradise members once again spread misinformation about the subculture. Pocha clearly has Yamanba down but the rest of his friends are still struggling with the style. I’m tired of people who have never once pulled off a gal look be some kind of gal elitist. (Not talking about Pocha here)

No. 281057

The reason a lot of people find gyaru makeup difficult is because they try to copy and paste Japanese gal’s methods of doing makeup instead of suiting it to their own eye features. A lot if baby gals don’t even really know what gal is supposed to look like unfortunately.

No. 281060

> who the hell could have a vendetta against akipoyo? that shows how far gone this community is. still shocked at how people turned on lizzie. that’s when i knew nobody was safe.

Nobody’s having a vendetta here? If you put yourself out there people can criticise you. Doesn’t make it a vendetta.

As for Lizzie, I think one reason is that she defended Wib for too long which made ppl turn away from her. I sort of understand her hesitation, I mean, imagine you are good friends with someone and allegations about said friend come to surface, you might not want to believe them at first.

No. 281061

Wib was such a dick though, there’s absolutely no way Lizzie was friends with her for so long and never saw her be a shit person.
I don’t think every single post made here is a vendetta post, but at least half of them are.

No. 281063

Very surprised that the brain dead “consumerism ruined gyaru” take was from Pocha and not one of their newer members. He’s been gal for a while as far as I know.
I believe Kai mentioned her gal anniversary is coming up, I wonder how many years it’s been considering that she still doesn’t look gal at all most of the time.

No. 281069

>Very surprised that the brain dead “consumerism ruined gyaru” take was from Pocha and not one of their newer members. He’s been gal for a while as far as I know.
I was about to say that gal has always been about consumerism - gal used to equal trendy and that came at a price. Part of it's downfall and that of brands was people not buying gal brand clothing anymore bc gal had lost it's popularity back then (rise of Larme kei, ryousangata and others) and shops like H&M and Forever21 gained popularity in Japan due to accessibility. I think this was 2010 to 2015-ish? Mitsu from Universal Doll had written great articles on that topic but it's sadly gone.

No. 281070

File: 1676043768449.jpg (797.19 KB, 1600x3134, 20230210_162828.jpg)

No. 281071


No. 281072

File: 1676044100381.jpg (562.6 KB, 1600x1233, 20230210_162540.jpg)


I'll admit that saying she's ableist was a bit strong but it really rubbed me the wrong way. In the very least she doesn't adhere to her own "rules", heeled sneakers or not. She is condescending and thinks she can dictate others how to dress. I'm not gonna support that just because her make and codes are nice.

No. 281076

Hello anon, can you share the name of the brand? Id like to check it out. Thx!

No. 281089

they couldn't because the items are ugly on their own.

No. 281110

NTA but the brand is helloangelgirl

No. 281120

Thank you!

No. 281137

I have to admit that's pretty funny. I think calling her ableist was a bit much but she's also really hypocritical when it comes to things like this. She makes an exception on her hard rules for herself when it's ~aesthetic~ so she probably doesn't see a problem with her rady sneakers just because they're wedge heeled and look nicer than typical joggers.

this looks like if tiktok gal cosplayers started a brand based off of AI prompts. it is ugly as sin and it's embarrassing to see anyone justify it just because it's a small business.

No. 281220

File: 1676112508984.jpg (363.49 KB, 1600x2228, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-IYJs…)

The Manba page on fb supports Koko and uses Kuronba, which is a misspelling of kuronbo, a racial slur similar to the n-word. Who runs this page?! I was about to comment but no way am I gonna use my private account.

No. 281272

Honestly looks like a sex shop costume you can buy in a bag, wig included. I think what makes it worse is the porno looking mini blouses and their ass cheeks hanging out their skirts in other posts, was this designed by a coomer?

God I hate Shiena’s cords and make ever since she got kicked out of Japan. The heavy tsurime shaped eyeshadow makes her look like a washed up drag queen. Hairmakesan was really doing her favors.

No. 281278

How many people know what kuronbo means ? It's rarely encountered outside of online antique markets. The page owner may just not know about it.

Some years ago people used the term kuronba frequently due to widespread ignorance (kinda like some people thought AV gyaru was a substyle), at the time they just took it from tags on japanese gyaru pics I think, and didn't bother figuring out. Tbh I can't wait for some zoomer to rediscover the Japanorama gyaru episode where the two yamanba girls claim they were inspired by Adamo-chan and go apeshit over it, if that hasn't happened already.

this outfit is a hot mess though.

No. 281286

Kicked out of Japan? I briefly read about the situation but not in depth if anyone wants to give more context. Her makeup seems to have always looked similar though.
> I cant wait to see people be upset about caricatures of black people
I still can’t believe she got the opportunity to do this video over the thousands of other gals who look more put together (and are not nazi huggers). She even admitted herself that she’s not putting in the effort she thinks she is, she has potential so I hope she uses it to the fullest extent.

No. 281288

File: 1676139528493.jpeg (72.48 KB, 1024x602, 8594F0BD-A23A-4D66-993B-B4B13A…)

She has a thread but the TLDR her visa husband turned her in to authorities for their visa marriage where Shiena would pay him in order to stay in Japan after her school visa expired. She was arrested, broadcast on TV and subsequently deported back to Canada where she acted like nothing happened.

No. 281289

Go read her thread >>>/snow/671659

It's run by some guy named Shaka Diamante

No. 281317

I thought it was Bou from An Cafe. She was deported in 2018, that means her entry ban will be lifted soon and she will be able to come back to Japan. 

No. 281320

No, her ban is for at least 10 years iirc (if not for life). They made an example of her so she got a much harsher punishment even though it was her first offence, confessed immediately and showed remorse. The other anon is wrong it wasn't the dude who turned her in, she refused to actually live any semblance of a married life with him and it raised suspicions. She didn't live with him, send her mail to his place, or even have photos/proof of a relationship. On top of that she didn't split her payments to him up so the transactions raised a huge red flag. It was a very obvious fraud marriage so it's no wonder she got caught.

No. 281358

A bit off topic but I wonder if Natalia is also banned/somehow otherwise prohibited from entering Japan. She’s been flopping all over the place recently and I could’ve sworn that she mentioned something about returning last summer. You’d think it would be a perfect time to return and cash out on the weeb projection

No. 281495

>How many people know what kuronbo means ? It's rarely encountered outside of online antique markets. The page owner may just not know about it..
There have been multiple posts about it, e.g. on tumblr and on sekai no gyarusa. But I understand you can’t have your eyes everywhere in any community, so yes, I agree with you.

No. 281510

File: 1676244636797.jpg (322.08 KB, 718x1200, IMG_20230212_232452.jpg)

sage because nonmilk
but why are jax's codes so cheap looking? this reel came up in my explore and even tho im used to her looking like she just came out of a shein warehouse, this one makes no fucking sense
im begging her to throw away those hello kitty thighs she uses on every single video

No. 281585

Because she shops primarily on AliExpress like every other zoomer/tiktok "gyaru".

No. 281644

Its so obvious that she found everything in this outfit by searching 'kawaii' and that's so sad

No. 281674

File: 1676328370700.jpeg (262.86 KB, 828x1635, FC9F2ABF-DAF9-4F90-B3C0-180E08…)

Natalia is starting a new gal circle apparently. Weird considering that she always has seemed to think she’s “too iconic” to actually be part of the gyaru community. Which makes no sense because she used to have a gyarusa (Blackout) before she got some Tiktok clout.
She also seems to be the only one who isnt East Asian. I think most members are Japanese since they speak the language in these videos.
She’s also the only member who looks like they’re actually gal? Feels like this is a last resort clout grab “look at me and muh proximity to Japanese people!!1!”

No. 281675

Not really milk or significant but I thought I’d post it here just in case it becomes relevant later for whatever reason.

No. 281683

Sage bc this is old milk for sure. Anyway: was shiopan gyaru once? She recently went rage mode on twitter upon a comment that said it's stupid to engage in prostitution and adult entertainment in Japan when your visa prohibits it. She defended it. I wondered why, googled her handle and voila, found an old gaijin gyaru thread. Didn't know she went by Ksara and that she used to work illegally in Japan.

No. 281711

Well, she did gravure, although that is not strictly porn.
Ksara was rumored to have a fake marriage, same as Shiena

No. 281776

Wow, what is up with all those girls… her, Shiena, Ashley, Sere, Gaya, Kisu, Shani and so on… Sometimes I think gyaru attracts the most crazy people with zero interest in keeping a low profile.

No. 281789

File: 1676382676537.jpeg (49.62 KB, 273x481, B32BCA63-B6E3-40D5-9920-D5096A…)

I know these are jokes but now it’s just getting pathetic.

No. 281790

File: 1676382700445.jpeg (Spoiler Image,47.03 KB, 270x466, 44197469-0995-4E9A-95E4-B0C467…)

No. 281791

File: 1676382732341.jpeg (51.98 KB, 274x486, E44AA473-A6ED-4979-8662-DAD102…)

Clicked spoiler by accident on the last image, but they’re all SFW

No. 281850

Tell me you’re stupid and immature without telling me you’re stupid and immature.

No. 281851

Isn’t she 25 or something wtf is this pity party

No. 281855

She’s saying that it’s a joke in the comments of all of these videos, but considering the fact that she had a scandal where she allegedly stole rent money and robbed a friend recently, I think there’s a grain of truth to it.
Pretty sure she’s going to be 30 this year or next year.

No. 282184

File: 1676645706943.jpeg (592.1 KB, 1125x1905, 9F2C352F-E99F-4E02-8724-D36DD9…)

Who got her mad now? And why is she always writing an essay that no one asked for?

No. 282333

It’s because she buys from Shein and doesn’t buy brand and it shows

No. 282872

File: 1676975341038.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 1170x2090, B7EB0F8E-24E7-4EF2-B84B-E62ED1…)

i hate tiktok

No. 282873

accidentally spoilered this but maybe it's for the better

No. 282933

Why would you choose to publicly admit that you’re basically just playing dress up in your room, that’s embarrassing. The state of tiktok “gyaru”

No. 282988

Tbh I get this feeling from many gals in the western community. As if it’s cosplay, not being themselves. Sure, not everyone’s got a job that allows flashy clothes and hair/nails/etc. but it’s like some people put on a persona when they’re in gal. It’s so weird.

No. 282995

File: 1677014808882.jpg (329.29 KB, 1600x1135, 20230221_222353.jpg)

It says a lot about a community that a racist fuckface can post there and get likes. Even by black folks.

No. 283001

Has anyone ever actually said HOW Kokotan was racist? Or is it just because she was friends with Wib? Whenever you ask someone about that it just circles back to miss Froggy Fascist which really doesn’t answer the question for me. Still lost to this day on this topic considering they are no longer in contact and she has publicly shamed Wib for her actions

No. 283025

I'd like to know too. It's like the shit with jkr being "transphobic" but no one ever bothers to provide evidence on the subject when character assassinating her.

No. 283057

This has been explained in this thread and the last one multiple times but I’m not sure where this narrative came from that she kicked Wib and condemned her as soon as the information came out.
Koko was on her story for a couple weeks calling Wib her ride or die, and acknowledging lolcow posts about herself but not the Wib situation. She was defending her for a long time, I guess at some point the pressure became too much and she “kicked” Wib out. Only more recently has she started condemning her and claiming that she kicked her right away. Afaik Koko knew about Wib’s past for a while and this only blew up because she told other people.
I think it’s less that Koko has directly been racist, but more so that she defended a nazi until she absolutely couldn’t anymore.
Now she’s trying to say she was a victim of Wib’s manipulation for sympathy and changing the story as if we all don’t remember.
I don’t know why she can’t just admit what she did and apologize. I’ve never seen a single apology from her, just a pity party.

No. 283153

>a couple weeks
The doc was created on the 15th of August and posted on the 16th, Wib was officially said to be kicked on the 27th. So how much is a couple? Thats one week and a few days. That’s the other thing that get’s me, this time period changes depending who you ask. Lying makes you sound unreliable. Additionally unless I’m missing something ‘Koko knowing’ is just word of mouth? The doc itself says it was discussed with the members that left around the same time Koko found out.. in fact the exact line is “wibs past with Eva Braun was bought up when 2 former paradise members, Hannah & Yendia (@diagyaru) expressed their concern to koko.”
Doesn’t that sound like she didn’t know..?
I read up in the last thread and still found nothing relevant to that. If I’m missing something please include a screenshot.

No. 283182

I am not purposefully lying, you do realize that a couple generally means two? And 27-16 is 11, which isn’t far off from 14 days? I was a few days off, I’m sorry I don’t remember in suspicious detail like you do.
It would be fine if Koko took her time making that decision and explained that (though there’s nothing to explain.) But she was also defending Wib during that time and essentially saying fuck you to anybody who brought up her past. She refused to give anybody an answer, which made a lot of people uncomfortable considering nobody wants a Nazi in their community. It’s one thing to take your time, it’s another to literally taunt people to defend your literal nazi friend. The statement where she kicked Wib, they also clarified that they kicked her because it was “best for Wib and everybody uwu” not because she’s a nazi. But I can try and find the information about Koko knowing by sorting through the doc and threads.

The cherry on top for me is that Koko is playing victim after we watched her laugh at people who asked her to kick Wib out. She’s saying Wib is some big bad who manipulated her for pity points. She’s never apologized once, and now just lies about it. Tbh, it seemed like Koko originally wasn’t gonna kick Wib and was just waiting for the backlash to die down. It didn’t so she eventually “kicked” her, and now is mad that people don’t trust a word out of her mouth.

The fact that you’re counting the days in between the doc and Wib being kicked means you’re very likely a Paradise member defending yourself. If you’re someone who doesn’t know anything about the situation and you’re simply playing devil’s advocate, then why do you know all of this information? Including the dates, the names and usernames of the people who released the doc. Very obvious WKing, but we all know this thread is mostly them anyways. Do better, you guys fucking suck at staying anonymous on an ANONYMOUS site.

No. 283185

u really memorized the dates? kek but im sure ur totally not personally invested in this at all. i guess from your own perspective it is more difficult to see how obvious ur being.
maybe instead of defending yourself/your galsa on lolcow for the 80th time, you should put that effort into changing your behavior so that people in the gal comm might change their minds about you.
an apology is a start, but maybe just be honest about the fact that you defended Wib for a long time and you now know it’s wrong. i know fessing up to defending a nazi isn’t ideal, but it’s better than assuming we’re all stupid and don’t remember how things went down.
changing people’s opinions on lolcow isn’t going to help you, nobody takes this site super seriously. start doing the hard work of reconciliation with your own community first.

No. 283195

File: 1677091461879.jpeg (242.46 KB, 750x401, E3598AEC-729D-44DF-9EF7-08292E…)

…Paranoid much? If you look at the doc on the google drive app and not the web browser you can see when it was created lol. As I said I also scrolled in the last thread which has it posted on the 16th.. and the date of Wib’s departure is on the Paradise Instagram page. This is all public information. I’m not reading the entirety of your schizophrenic paragraph because I simply don’t care enough but maybe calm the fuck down

No. 283244

I just reread parts of thread #3: tiktok SJWs & egirls edition bc there's one thing I don't understand about Wib and Hekku.I know this is getting stale, but bear with me.

Hekku scammed people, claiming it was about survival but money was actually used to go to conventions and buy shit. Wib made this public. There were discussions on some discord between members of pacifica and paradise (judging from the screenshots). Hekku blames her ex galsa that they didn't warn her about Wib making those accusations (despite Hekku telling them not to contact her prior to this). Hekku screams racism. After this whole ordeal Wibs past unfolds, people collect evidence about Wib and Kokotan (see Google doc).

Now what I don’t get is this comment saying >>202262 Wib had donated to Hekku? Why would a racist and (former?) Nazi donate money to a black person?

>I don't blame Wib for saying it since she donated to Hekku to help her survive and like most sane people, most people do not consider new hair accessories to be essential to one's survival, and to post about it right after getting money from Wib for medicine/food is especially low.

As far as I understand, this is how the scamming got uncovered. Did Wib do this on purpose? I mean, Hekku was stupid enough to post on fb about holiday matsuri.

No. 283253

This whole situation was twisted by kagayaku to fit Hekku's narrative that's why it's so confusing to follow. What really happened was that Hekku was ebegging and got mad at pacifica because they didn't act like the white savior allies Hekku craves. Hekku already had rumors of being a grifter but they were a nobody in the gyaru comm so that meant no one really knew about their pattern of ebegging.

Melly started a campaign to raise money for Hekku by selling art online and when Wib saw this she told her that Hekku was a scammer. Melly then asked Ray (pacifica) about it and was dismissed because pacifia felt like there was no real standing in the claims (at this point no one knew about the Tomoe shit or Hekku's past in general). Melly then took the screenshots from the chat with Ray and shared them with Hekku for reasons unknown, who then turned on pacifica for not approaching them directly about these rumors even though in the screenshots you can see them defending Hekku. If I'm not mistaken, Melly ended up funding Hekku's whole goal to keep their storage unit which was over $1000.

For once imho Wib didn't do it to start drama, it sounded like she donated to Hekku and figured out it was a scam so she tried to warn other people to not donate and it somehow blew up into this whole thing where everyone is a racist.

No. 283260

So apparently archiving so you can go back and verify your sources now means you're personally invested when it's a given if you're not obviously new? Kek as if the Reddit spacing and use of italics didn't give them away, the flagrant use of the word Nazi does.

No. 283291

You're the real mvp anon. Thank you for taking the time to fill in my blanks.

No. 283299

It’s worse because they also mentioned how weird it was that I ‘knew the names’ of the people involved when I directly quoted (as in copy and pasted) from the document they frequently attempt to source.. and they didn’t even really answer my question. If anything Kokotan may have been a bit insensitive but I’ve still not seen any images of her being directly racist.

No. 283300

In the end, it doesn't really matter, she's still guilty of complicity. In such a case, you either own up to your mistakes and apologize so everybody can move on or pretend like nothing happened (which she chose to do ) so people will rightfully keep calling her racist. End of story.

No. 283302

>guilty of complicity
You’re genuinely saying nothing here. Complicit in what? Apologize for what? Wib was kicked in less than two weeks. She hasn’t condoned anything about Wib’s past (again from what I have seen, feel free to provide screenshots if I am wrong). If an ‘I’m sorry’ is the only thing that deems her racist or not then I’m going to assume that this outrage is misplaced and dramatized. It seems like people are more upset about her not kissing ass after this situation instead of anything she actually did which tells me everything I need to know honestly. And assuming you’re the anon from before, yes it does matter to ensure your facts are correct when discussing something.

No. 283324

What’s not clicking? During those two weeks she was worshiping Wib, implying that she’s going to keep her, called her her “ride or die”, ect. She only kicked Wib out once the backlash and lolcow posts didn’t die down. She did not give a fuck about Wib’s past, she kicked her out as a last resort. There are SS in the last thread of the posts Koko was making during the situation.
Now she’s trying to claim Wib manipulated her and she was just too scared of that tiny frog. She keeps making pity posts claiming she was afraid of Wib and that’s why it took her so long. It’s pathetic and a cop out to act like Koko wasn’t taunting people about this.
I don’t know where all the sudden WK is coming from? All of this stuff has been posted in the last thread. Not sure if people are new or purposefully being dense.
2 weeks wouldn’t have been bad if she wasn’t PUBLICLY LAUGHING ABOUT IT AND DEFENDING WIB AT THE SAME TIME. Even went on her story to worship Wib’s Parapara as people were asking for accountability.
TLDR: Koko was defending Wib publicly while people were asking for her to be kicked. She only stopped because the backlash didn’t stop. If people left her alone after a few days Wib would still undoubtedly be in Paradise to this day. Stop WKing for someone who is a liar, especially when you’re feeding into their delusional narrative as if we all don’t have memory.
Do you guys need for people to go and repost every single thing Koko said defending Wib to rehash it?

No. 283331

I understand you’re trying to play devil’s advocate anon but this isn’t really the situation to do that. 11 days isn’t really that long to kick somebody out, but the issue is that Koko was posting with/about Wib during that entire time. So to the average person, it looked like she was entirely ignoring the backlash to defend someone with a shitty past. To me, that shows she was waiting it out.
Now that she wants people to like her again, she’s trying to act like she’s a victim. Own your decisions and stop trying to rewrite what happened.

No. 283344

WK’ing is when you have a different opinion apparently. Cope. Also this isn’t even directly about the Koko situation but why do some of you not think adults can be manipulated or fearful of another adult? Didn’t know you could age out of power dynamics. The internet astonishes me daily. Also you once again said nothing new so don’t care.
I can see that and as I said it could certainly be taken as insensitive but to reiterate my point I am not seeing racism. That is really all I’m saying. I don’t wish to rehash this over and over because it’s pointless but what I don’t get is why this is still being treated like she was posting herself seig hailing and performed several hatecrimes. My original opinion still stands and it’s strengthened in part by the fact that 99% of the time trying to have an open dialogue about this just turns into complete freakouts as observed earlier. If all anyone can tell me is once again that she treated the situation in a way they didn’t like, they’re free to feel that way and I can understand it, but this has blown up to a level in the com that I can’t engage with 80% of people because I have to deal with retarded politics instead of just talking about and bonding over a fucking fashion style.

No. 283346

I don't trust any of these tiktok gyaru for a reason especially not the more popular ones. It's cosplay to them for attention, they're to embarrassed to walk outside like that

No. 283351

At the end of the day you cannot be surprised when people don’t want to associate with someone who didn’t handle a nazi situation very well. I know people are saying it’s cringe to use the term nazi, but she went by Hitler’s wife’s name and had an interest in speaking German. I don’t think calling her a nazi is hyperbolic by any means, she seemingly self identified as one.
I’m not saying that Koko definitely wasn’t manipulated. But I am saying that it’s awfully convenient that months after Wib was kicked, she suddenly started barking that narrative when nobody wanted to associate with her. It just seems like a lie made to cover her ass since she knows that everyone saw her publicly defend and compliment Wib for almost 2 weeks.
Also, if Wib is such an evil manipulator, then why would she be cool with her galsa members regularly posting about how they’re still friends? Paradise cracks down and shits on anyone who dares to mention them, even in passing. They block people and regularly get into fights over things as insignificant as makeup.
But sure, Koko would be cool with a nazi who manipulated her still associating with her galsa members.

No. 283369

>Word salad
>End of story.
Kek where do you think you are?
>I know people are saying it’s cringe to use the term nazi, but she went by Hitler’s wife’s name and had an interest in speaking German
We need to call the police immediately, someone's being edgy on the internet.

No. 283403


Let me correct you. she kicked wib out less than 2 weeks after the DOC was published. she knew about every single thing in the doc for months. she didn’t give a fuck about wibs actions until it was public knowledge and she was getting backlash for it.

No. 283405

> posted blackface and refused to apologise when all the black members of her gyarusa / groupchat were asking her to
> admitted to a former black friend she would say the n-word during a rant whilst drunk
> sat and watched as her white ex boyfriend tried to defend singing the n word in songs to a black person
> knew about wibs racism for months, kept it to herself, only removed wib when it was made public
> literally admitted to being racist towards south asians and black people in the past
> “i just wonner be black!!”
> had a tumblr dedicated to the columbine shooters, the same shooters who targeted the POC kids and called them slurs before brutalising them. named her cat after one of the shooters
> Told a black member to die after exposing the wib stuff, lied and said it was only towards the white member, backtracked when screenshots proved different
> borderline did blackface imo
> weaponised racism by posting receipts CA & blackface receipts on a velvet member (these receipts were 10 years old and they had already apologised unlike wib) only posted these after wib went on a rant about how she was bullied by said member

let’s discuss other shitty things she did too!

> snuck a minor into a club, left them there to do coke with some scruff on the side of the road

> tried to leave another member in a club without their knowledge “she’ll find her own way back”
> had a playboy bunny themed meet with an underage member (16), who was predictably dressed in a sexualised playboy bunny costume
> spread a former members sexual assault story as “lore”
> said another former member was straight because of their sexual trauma involving women (this member was openly bisexual, leaning towards women)
> tried to cancel the same member for saying homophobic slurs, the same ones she uses herself (another case of weaponising)
> claimed she was bullied and manipulated by the two who made the doc, but then suddenly she was actually manipulated by wib (she is a 22 year old woman)
> admitted to lying about being autistic
> “i can lose weight but you’ll forever be built like a door” worry about being built like the house koko.
> was youarenotagal on tiktok

> before the doc was released and wib was kicked out, she had sent fresh SH, screenshotted members in their underwear without knowledge or consent, threatened to hate crime chinese people, threatened violence on a minor, koko witnessed all of this first hand and did nothing. being a leader of a galsa means you ARE responsible for your members actions and the safety of others. wib had shown clear signs way before the doc. in wibs intro to paradise the day it was made she had expressed she was a former white supremacist openly. the signs were there.

80% of these claims have receipts available. how long will you defend this freak until you realise how much of a weird fuck they are?

No. 283408

File: 1677238114543.jpeg (327.99 KB, 1244x1736, 1AAA2B5C-C384-44F1-B761-6B5616…)

Blurred for obvious reasons but how has this flown under the radar? in what world is it appropriate to organise a meet with 3 adults and a 16 year old child dressed like this. the theme being playboy which i shouldn’t even have to explain the context behind playboy. Koko, Risa, and Nat are adults. Oldest being Risa who is in her 30’s. They’ve taken this same minor to bars before also. if Koko, Risa and Nat were men this would’ve been reported.

No. 283410

File: 1677239543936.jpeg (752.23 KB, 842x1440, 45669B39-36E6-4932-8A0B-B45C70…)

“We wish her the best”
“She was stalked and harassed out of the circle”

Posted the same day the “expelled” post was posted. Why make out she was a victim and bullied out on your temporary story but make it seem like you took the moral high ground and kicked her out on the permanent insta post? Is it because you knew people would look back at the post and think you “did the right thing” ?

No. 283423

>Kek where do you think you are?
That's it? That is your comeback? It'd make me laugh if it wasn't so sad. Don't you have homework to do or something?

No. 283431

All this shit has been posted in this thread like 400 times I'm so sick of this old ass powdered milk. Have they done anything in the past month that warrants interest? or are we just going to keep copypasting shit that happened last year? Like we been KNOWN

No. 283438

>>was youarenotagal on tiktok
Kek was she? I remember Calypso was gyarugospel but deleted fucking everything when being outed by zoomers

No. 283443

I swear I saw screen shots of the ginger asianfisher girl (iirc was ex paradoggy) admitting she was gyaru gospel

No. 283467

No. 283476

Clearly not if people are still asking retard

No. 283486

no receipts because I left the server a while ago, but on the server koko made after wib left/was removed from paradise she nuked the whole server and deleted all the chats and pocha had to remake them
kinda weird to do that and then claim wib left on her own terms

No. 283488

People only do that stuff when they have shit to hide.

No. 283489

Weird how she said wib had ‘graduated’ in the story but was expelled in the insta post. Both posts were posted at the same time too

No. 283505

It's not a comeback but it's ironic you percieved it that way and then asked if I had homework to do kek. You can't just sperg into the void here and pretend your opinion is final, this isn't twitter.

No. 283848

File: 1677537346779.jpg (66.35 KB, 535x947, Staar_(@staarwont)__TikTok_-_G…)

I'm so sick of tiktok "gyaru," this girl keeps coming up in every related tag, and if anyone dares to point out her makeup is not gyaru at all, she (and her followers) immediately follow up with "clearly you don't know what gyaru is," or my favorite that I saw from her, "but I'm wearing full Liz Lisa"

No. 283887

There seems to be tons of them sprouting on my FYP every day with that same exact makeup done exactly that way. If it's some kid playing with makeup I'll ignore and let them live their jfashion fantasy but sometimes I see people like this having awful make and making the dumbest takes or the same one over and over to get followers like "remember, black girls started gyaru!" and "kogal isn't the only style you guys!1"

No. 283898

That “baby Gyaru” makeup looks horrible. I hate when they draw on the bottom that way. I’ve seen people who do makeup well also do that too, and it looks horrible lol. Non Asian Gyaru need to learn to start doing makeup meant for their eye shape, and to stop copying things they see(learn to sage)

No. 283900

Imagine wearing a style that predominately focuses on high maintenance beauty and can't be bothered to shape their eyebrows

No. 283918

Most of those "baby gyaru" girls dont do their eyebrows and act like they are doing already too much only because they have a few links for tutorials about stuff for beginners and a lot of followers who worship them(being ignorant as fuck and knowing gyaru only from tiktok). Doing your eyebrows is the minimum you could do to make your face at least suitable for gyaru makeup lol

No. 283919

tiktok kids love throwing a fit when you remind them that you have to wear the fashion to be part of a fashion subculture(do not post minors)

No. 283924

theres a line between wearing cheap but accurate gyaru clothes(you can even customize it and spend just a little more money) and wearing any shit you find in Shein that is pink or white with ribbons just because you're lazy af and call it gyaru

No. 283927

What is it about gyaru that appeals to these tiktok kids? It’s certainly not the fashion, the makeup, the tanning or the hair, otherwise you’d see them actually try to look it and not get defensive when you tell them it’s not gal. It’s certainly not the lifestyle or attitude, since these tiktok gals rarely go out in general unless it’s for school, never mind going out in gal. Is it just another alternative label for them so they can feel special? Because that’s exactly what it looks like

No. 283934

That's exactly what it is, with J-Fashion especially gyaru, they seem to put it on half assed just for a tiktok for likes, and move on to something else when they get bored. This current gyaru "boom" is fake imo

No. 283939

>do not post minors
Sage for OT to the thread but I'm pretty sure the girl in the picture is at least over 16? Did the rules change?

No. 283943

Saw a comment somewhere that she’s 14 so the previous post should prob be deleted

No. 283958

it's because it's a y2k trend and they think gyaru is the same as quirky jfash so they can do what they want and anything goes. they don't understand what it is. they don't want to learn the subculture they just want to latch onto something they think is unique and be even more unique than everyone else doing it. lolitas who joined gyaru in the 2010s did the same shit.

No. 283962

this tbh, then you tack on the snowflake entitlement for acceptance and tolerance so gyaru and whatever is left of the comm basically got ruined beyond repair imho i don't think there's any coming back from this cause even the vets have disengaged with the comm at this point. seems like all the bigger discord servers and facebook groups are more or less dead now too.

i thought that tiktok kids would've moved on by now but gyaru has only been getting more popular by the day. it's so bad in any related hashtag on socials i feel like I need to bleach my eyes every time i try to look for inspo. there's no way these kids think they look good let alone good enough for validation lol

No. 283975

Not that I'm defending this but do they live somewhere that 16 is the aoc?

No. 283990

In the UK it's 16.

No. 284199

I don’t think children playing with makeup deserve to get posted here for laughs. Who cares? They’ll either quickly outgrow gal or improve.

No. 284383

Why do people on tiktok get offended at adults wearing kogyaru but none of them talk about the fact that japanese gals literally did AV porn with school uniforms…?

No. 284434

Tiktok gyaru could care less about JP gyaru tbh, at most they are good for inspo pics but Tiktokers really dont care
even modern JP gals do it but it doesn't give relevant clout to call that out, Pinkii is a better target for them

No. 284504

It's gross either ways but there's a key difference between JP gals who've been gal and integrated kogal style since their teens and moved on, and adults who come from countries where it isn't even a thing, and out of all the substyles they could choose, choose to larp as a JP highschooler. There's no justification for it. Sorry you want to feel like a sexy teenager because you have some insecurity about being a young adult, but it's not an excuse.

No. 284595

??? Japanese gals literally do PORN with school uniforms and roleplay as students aka MINORS. How is that not a thousand times worse than wearing kogal as an adult? Most teens cant afford gal lmfao

No. 284599

"but JAPANESE GALS DO X, why can't I do it???" isn't a proper justification as clearly detailed above. One is specifically porn, which is a telling example that anon brought up considering their thought process. They could've used nanchatte style as an example instead but clearly they wanna cosplay as a teenager on some Belle Delphine shit. Anyone who doesn't have two brain cells to rub together to get that fact is just hopeless.

No. 284600

NTAYRT but everyone dresses up as random shit to do porn in not just the japanese so what is the point of this line of argument? every country has school uniforms and i guarantee you there's someone doing porn in it. it's weird when people actively choose to specifically larp as a jp highschooler (with the shitty japanese and calling people senpai) when they have so many gyaru substyles to choose from but imo it's not inherently weird to dress in kogal as an adult, there are whole business in asia that rent school uniforms to adults for photoshoots and daytrips to disney or other theme parks. if you make it your whole aesthetic and you're acting like an autistic child while doing it then there's obvs something wrong with you. kids doing kogal as their gateway style into gal isn't weird or gross just because they're not japanese, stop being fucking weird about clothing.

No. 284602

Western countries that implement uniforms usually have a more plain/modest style and private schools are most likely to have them. Asian school uniforms are more of a regular thing so I kind of understand people wanting to relive their nostalgic highschool days through those rental companies, but westerners have a habit of of fetishizing/idolizing Asian school uniforms to an unusual degree so jumping into the kogal substyle as an adult is weird to me. It usually comes more from the ego as in they want to present themselves as younger than they actually are due to some psychological hangup about aging in our society that tells girls they hit "the wall" at 25 which is why we see so many DDLG freaks and pedopanderers; they've hinged their value mainly on their youth, which, in essence, isn't very gyaru imo. Gyaru is about being "wild and sexy" and defying the norm (or was, anyway), not that ageism isn't extremely present in Japan as well. I think it's far more admirable to be unapologetic about one's age and own it rather than hide it in some insecure larping.

No. 284603

this was a very well written response, thank you nonna i totally get where you're coming from

No. 284605

I don’t think this is nearly as much of an issue as people are making it out to be right now. I seldom see any gals start off with kogal. I can’t think of a single gal off the top of my head that does kogal everyday or even often enough for it to be memorable. Most gals end up trying it out at least once for a post, but it just sounds like people are being outraged for the sake of it. If not I’d like to know where this discourse came from because I’m not seeing a spike in people doing kogal.

No. 284700

File: 1678227084434.jpg (172.86 KB, 494x640, 00-Cover-(b).jpg)

No. 284706

It's funny that they kept certain people included in the magazine but if they've been working on it for 2 years, it makes some sense to just include it regardless of drama. Does Hekku even still do gyaru?

No. 284723

I can’t be the only one who thinks that magazine is super cringe

No. 284733

Honestly I think this is the closest foreign gyaru can get to being anything like the Japanese gals they admire, it does miss the mark in some ways and a handful of the gals/gyaruo look cringe (some of the editing is horrendous, some coords aren't too great, while others could use some light touchups here and there as well as better staging) but overall it's got the vibe down. The heart and passion are there. Comparing average westerners doing gyaru as a hobby, who have more varied looks and genetics to Japanese models whom are more homogenous where the plastic surgery techniques are also different (also i'm guessing the Japanese magazines were a little more selective about who they had model for them although you could find unattractive girls here and there as well) is kind of an unfair comparison imo. At least 70% of them seem to have gotten it down or made a decent attempt. When it comes down to it most gyaru is pretty much cali girl aesthetics run through google translate and then back into English again so of course it's gonna look kind of hmmm when westerners try to emulate it.

No. 284919

File: 1678333172921.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 720x1312, no.png)

Man I didnt want to do it because it would bring back this shit but at this point… how tf is this agejo? Why does she keep being one of the worst gals I've ever seen? She dresses almost so bad and egirl-ish as pinkii and cries about when people tell her codes are bad. It doesnt even feels like shes been doing gal for 2 years because I've seen gals less """"experient"""" serving better than her. She could do better(I guess?) but she dont want to. She keeps wearing sanrio shit and calling it gyaru, she keeps weraing "softgirl" clothes and calling it hime or agejo. Why. Just why.
Also, shes wearing stuff from that ugly brand lmao

No. 284926

The orangey pink shade, and the skirt itself is awful. Is have your bra completely out agejo? I know that bra PEEKING out is a thing and usually well coordinated but full on just a bra and no other layers except a cardigan is just not a good look. It screams dance club skanky rather than glam and sexy gyaru. Also, the bra seems to be somewhat ill-fitting at that.

No. 284929

Yeah right? Putting only a bra, a mini skirt and legwarmers doesnt make you look agejo. Her excuse was that it was inspired on agejo wearing bikini,but then what the fuck are those legwarmers and the cardigan then?

No. 284984

Can't tell if all the tiktok "gyaru" promoting this brand/this line were sent PR or actually paid for this with their money, hope it was the former because lol
On what planet is a bra, skirt and leg warmers that are meant to be some weird tsuyome and kogal mix at best "tsuyome"

No. 285120

This reminds me of when people who don't know anything about gyaru try and create a gyaru character, like shitty ecchi manga or a pandering to coomers vtuber, all she's missing is the thong strings showing.

No. 287070

any new gaijin gals that are actually worth a follow? some of them have the potential to be great but give up after 2-3 looks and that's a shame. they tend to easily forget gyaru isn't cosplay

No. 289533

Most of the new ones have terrible makeup, they put white inside the droppy, dont even do their hair and dont have one single decent co*de. Its rare to see the ones who really do it right and didnt gave up. From 2021 to 2023 it looks like it went downhill like hell. A good part just enters and after a few months they give up, and most of those who stay, spent 2 years to continue being the same ugly shit.(sage your shit)

No. 289563

It’s bc anons like giving their attention to cinnacow, pinkii, and lately haruka… there are gyaru that look good, anons just don’t care unless they can seethe that it isn’t gyaru(sage your shit)

No. 289614

maybe you'll find some new faves in this galsa that just started https://www.instagram.com/kirakiragals_la

No. 289680

are you joking lol
one look at their page and it's trash

No. 289684

File: 1680307004301.jpeg (84.33 KB, 750x487, DBAF3E4E-C7B5-4DDF-9152-16D178…)

Ugly, landwhale, uglier, boring, troglodyte/trasvestite?
Lovely lineup were got here. Peak gal. Cho kawaii.
Cowboy hat looks okay but good god the rest of them

No. 289742

File: 1680326395841.png (499.82 KB, 420x807, auntie.png)

ngl I feel kind of bad for this girl out here looking like someone's auntie on her way to church. The rest of the group should be helping their members glow up, this is a mess. kek

No. 290085

No. 290113

Sage your shit
Also why is anon getting mad that everyone that gets posted on this thread gets shit on, that’s literally the point of the site

No. 290140

It’s a choice to be a asshole no one is stopping anyone from being nice

No. 290149

File: 1680508412466.png (1.04 MB, 914x685, nycgals.png)


No. 290209

learn to sage you fucking retard

No. 290217

don't feel bad she probably doesn't take concrit like 99% of the comm

the longer you look the worse it gets

No. 290224

There isn't a single gyaru in this photo. How have standards dropped this low?

No. 290252

TT and entitlement from newbies and baby gals. no one wants concrit and vets have basically been shunned by hoards of these snowflake children for not accepting and praising them for doing less than the bare minimum. there's literally no one left to have a standard let alone maintain it.

No. 290277

Tiktok is genuinely ruining gyaru, any time I've seen legitimate concrit, not even anyone being rude, to someone who's labeling their basic "kawaii doll" makeup gyaru, they get 100 replies of "haven't you ever heard of baby gal??" "there's more than one style of gyaru"

No. 290279

this thread is a joke, self-posting is against the rules you retards.

No. 290291

File: 1680558938319.jpeg (941.02 KB, 3368x3016, A471875E-99F0-4FA6-9945-89886D…)

Well here’s some new stuff
> After the whole “No make no gal” debacle, it appears that the new topic is constructive criticism
> Multiple people are addressing this by posting stories as if they were personally targeted (retarded baby gals STILL won’t accept concrit and stay looking like shit)
> Meanwhile other gals are leaving the comm, either for “racism”, or the jirai kei epidemic

No. 290294

didn't realize lolcow needed tone indicators for sarcasm but i guess the whole population on here is beyond retarded now so everything is taken literally

No. 290433

Who's leaving for jirai?? On bottom right pic

No. 290456

No. 290457

No. 290538

File: 1680705825014.png (244.71 KB, 1168x787, jirai gal .png)

>>290433 >>290457
screenshot for those who don't want to leave the site.

No. 290611

I don't get why these kids make such a big deal out of leaving gal as if they actually did something and were someone important in the comm. She was a gyaru cosplayer at best kek

No. 290975

It's literally just clothing. I wish western jfashion wearers weren't so cult like. Maybe it wouldn't be such a shit show. They act like they will die if they step into another subculture.

No. 291073

You all a bunch of losers who are not even in the gal comm just obsessed, yall a bunch of fat and ugly couch potatoes! It makes me laugh all you moan about is cinna gal and pinkii they are nobodies in the gal comm no one even heard about them

No. 291076

This whole thread is so american Im glad in europe we dont have pinkii or cinna gal no wonder why US gals makeup are so fucking ugly, to have an amateur like cinna gal as inspo i would rather die haahaha the land of dreams my ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 291116

File: 1680969807403.jpg (485.53 KB, 1284x2282, 340280801.jpg)

No. 291117

File: 1680969787855.jpg (485.53 KB, 1284x2282, 340280801.jpg)

No. 291162

Yeah I’m not a fan of the mommyjacking either.

Has anyone tried out this brand themselves? What say you nonnas?

No. 291167

I can’t speak to the quality of the entire collection but I ordered the button down sweater out of curiosity. It sucks to admit but it’s honestly heavy and warm. Doesn’t feel like drop shipper quality and it also came with an extra pack of buttons. The buttons have good weight to them. The skirt looks pretty cheap though, does anyone know if it’s bad quality?

No. 291186

I can’t say for sure because I don’t own it, I saw someone else wearing it, but the material was really shiny, albeit thick.
That being said though, people calling brands “classist” for being pricier is always hilarious, whether it be lolita, or gyaru now. Poorfags love complaining when they can’t afford above shein rags.

No. 291196

I mean… this isn’t really gal to begin with, it’s a bastardized version of what was popular 20ish years ago. It’s not being marketed towards actual gyaru because this isn’t what they wear. Honestly it looks more like one of those Bodyline sex costumes that aren’t meant to be worn outside.
It’s obviously being run by idiots because they’re using Cinnamonroll and I’m sure they don’t have the license for it. They’re probably doing these “drops” to try not to get hit with a cease and desist.

No. 291199

File: 1681008462073.jpg (2.1 MB, 1100x13660, cinnagal sperg.jpg)

Cinnagal is having a unhinged spergout at capsulebunny/katie
Capsulebunny has her own history and is close friends with some of the worst gaijin "influencers" but cinnagal just looks pathetic. cinnagal writes like she invented japanese fashion when she barely even resembles gyaru kek. Between capsulebunny and natalia natchan, it looks like cinnagal has a vendetta against women who have lived in japan

No. 291200

File: 1681008741152.jpg (1.11 MB, 1200x8520, cinnagal capsulebunny.jpg)

Capsulebunnys response
this is a retarded fight, two weeaboos treating asians like helpless anime babies kek

No. 291201

File: 1681009201634.jpg (477.72 KB, 3072x4096, 1.jpg)

sorry for spam but i just noticed mikan mandarins's profile picture at the top of capsulebunny's screenshot
Looks like shes screenshotting cinnagals posts and sending them to capsulebunny

No. 291210

She said so much but nothing at all

No. 291215

Can’t wait for her WK’s to come in and shit up the thread saying there’s “no milk” even though she’s a drama mongering instigator.

No. 291228

Haven’t bought it but my biggest issue is.. why would anyone want to pay $300 for a school uniform cosplay? And that’s not even me bitching about the price, I’ve spent my money on some pretty expensive clothes, but everything from their brand looks like a costume and not clothes anyone would wear normally. It’s even worse when I see people style it for ‘agejo’ looks because at that point a secondhand ma*rs set would be cheaper and more versatile. I don’t get it

No. 291232

Was funny that she claimed Tenshi Kaiwai was a totally new harajuku fashion just dropped when it's already been around a while.

No. 291290

That’s the thing… it’s a “gal” costume. These “Western Gals” don’t seem to understand that it’s weird that they seem stuck in 2007. That style of gyaru is dead in Japan. Even Ma*rs and other brands that they’re trying to mimic no longer produce clothes like that, it’s comparatively very normy now (no bright colors/patterns, less sexy cuts on the clothes). It’s one thing if you like the old style and want to wear it, fine, do what you want, but stop acting like you’re a gyaru brand when that’s no longer what the style is. If you wore this in Japan you’d be looked at like you were wearing a costume because that’s what it is.

No. 291298

File: 1681055572244.jpeg (165.89 KB, 1170x1987, 640B64D1-F21A-4272-B1F7-72479E…)

> sexualising uniforms bad
> the only ppl talking about it is me and paradise

Explain this on paradises leaders Depop page then? Fyi, there’s more than one up.

No. 291300

File: 1681055639053.jpeg (217.12 KB, 1170x1940, EFD95F36-6C09-48A1-B2C7-FEF347…)

It’s the ddlg tag for me

No. 291305

its not worth that much kek

No. 291320

Yeah, I personally prefer older styles as that’s what drew me to gal in the first place but I think it’s kind of dumb to create your whole business model around being a ‘gal brand’ but focusing solely on one time period/look thats not even currently trendy. Even selling it as ‘kogal clothes’ is really ridiculous because those girls just altered the uniforms they already had w. Besides this though, while it may be temporarily profitable for them I can see this quickly turning into a lot of backed up stock once ‘overseas gals’ stop giving a shit

No. 291349

File: 1681084088146.jpg (141.15 KB, 720x1309, IMG_20230410_004115.jpg)

cinnagal's rant over capsulebunny "misgendering" her kek

No. 291365

Ah yes, my favorite flavor of tranny, the they/them girl who is obviously in every way female but insists they're ‘nonbinary’ whenever it’s convenient (ie to call someone transphobic for no reason)

No. 291369

cinnagal, gal, girl… wtf is wrong with her? She's reinforcing female crap by looking girly and using female descriptors in her naming. Dumb. IDG these people.

No. 291393


I’m not suprised kek, Mikan despite always whining at how toxic the internet is is actually very toxic! and has a track record of a hard time keeping friendships becuz of it.
All these girls are just very self centered and care about nothing more than a following. CapsuleBunny claiming she’s only upset because of the Japanese influencers used when in reality she’s just made she’s not getting followers/attention from the post. That group of foreigner Influencers in Japan are all like that.
Cinnagal needs to stop picking fights with people who are just like her, it’s like two walls talking to each other kekkkk these kawaii influencers are the worst.

No. 291401

File: 1681109525116.jpg (1.07 MB, 1100x9713, 1.jpg)

Cinnagal continues to sperg about pronouns

No. 291402

File: 1681109624625.jpg (1.67 MB, 1100x11656, 2.jpg)

Capsulebunny's response

No. 291404

File: 1681110526823.jpg (263.87 KB, 1080x1909, 3.jpg)

Here's the individual screenshot of cinnagal talking about mikan mandarin being her "friend" but sending sc to capsulebunny. Capsulebunny should watch her back because mikan mandarin is likely sending sc about her to someone else kek
I doubt anyone sent cinnagal anything about this because she definitely reads the thread

No. 291439

File: 1681136941407.jpeg (164.91 KB, 1170x2084, F1D5B1A5-CBA7-4703-B787-2F2828…)

This is what I hate. Bitches ‘’niggafying’’ every community they come barging in to. It’s not a skin color issue but the attitude these individuals always bring along with it. They kick down the door on their way in wanting to fight with everyone from the get go, cause drama then moan racism because everyone gets sick of their shit. How can they expect a good experience and be accepted in any comm when they always bring in negativity and thrive from it.

No. 291446

Capsulebunny being twofaced by being nice and understanding in private the DM with Cinnagal and then being a bitch on twitter for her followers two seconds later is gross and fake but I am not surprised, However Cinnagal needs to stop splurging on her story and move on. It’s kinda embarrassing. Gaijin Gyaru and Kawaii Gaijin in Japan are the worst.

No. 291502

Oh god I hate this. Just wear the fucking clothes. I remember when I dabbled into Lolita and attempted (keyword attempt) gyaru I didn't name myself "Black lolita" or "black gyaru" and do a whole dance about it.

It's a goddamn style. Quit acting embarrassing like this.

No. 291514

You just know cinna is going to use that as a hashtag and wear the style to death. Using the same cinnamoroll backpack and the ugliest blue garments you've ever seen.

No. 291542

File: 1681167756704.png (1.85 MB, 1125x9744, A2865EC8-333D-47A7-A37B-187EBC…)

A few of cinnagal’s stories. I couldn’t be fucked to get them all, since it was mostly reiterating the same retarded shit again. Let me just say that while the “misgendering” “twansphobia” shit is absolutely unhinged attention seeking whiny victim behavior, capsule bunny looks like a two -faced bitch here as well. Literally having a polite conversation with cinnagal and at the exact same moment creating a bitchy Twitter thread about her.

No. 291555

It’s funny they are both lame kawaii uwu creators fighting with each other that “my totez real Japanese friends said I am in the right so follow, like, subscribe for more content”.

Cinnagal needs to change her name to cinnathey or cinnathem, her own username is dysphoric uwu. But I’ll give her that she dresses herself like a fucking troon rather than a female.

No. 291595

Fr, having "gal" in her own nickname and then complaining that people call her that. Capsulebunny is fake, but Cinnagal is just embarrassing. She didn't even @ her, Cinnagal basically outed herself and then complained about it. She was the one in the wrong, yet she's having a fight about it. Also the fact that someone can be so pressed, because someone didn't call them "they/them" is beyond me. Pick a better fight.

No. 291644

File: 1681210218359.jpg (151.38 KB, 1422x1207, Uhavetobequitepaaalle.jpg)

This wasn't mentioned as much but CapsuleBunny really did seem like she was mentioning skin color and not makeup like she was claiming in her video. Don't want to side with Cinna too much on this but her tone gives that idea.

No. 291648

The way her face looks dry (especially the makeup) and aged while surrounded by kaweewee merch is always such a harsh contrast kekw, she beats moomoo for top vagina eyes spot.

No. 291657

I don’t understand why westerners get butthurt over Japanese beauty standards within a JAPANESE fashion that is catering to JAPANESE people. Without defending Katie, Japanese women are not all naturally uwu pale princesses and in certain fashions will opt for foundations that are lighter than their actual skin tone and filter their photos to oblivion, as in gyaru they will go for foundations that are darker. It isn’t a tutorial centered around 5 black people living in America that like jfashion. I don’t know why it would warrant a PSA that black people don’t need to follow this step and they are all melanated queens, if the step doesn’t apply to you just skip it. It’s the equivalent of crying over a Japanese hair tutorial not being applicable to your 4c textured hair. Saying pale makeup isn’t saying no black people can wear the fashion. The fact that Katie had to lie afterwards about what she meant is sad.

No. 291665

Capsule Bunny and some of these other “Kawaii influencers” are over 30 and stilll act/treat others the way they do. Very sad.

No. 291673

wearing a bonnet with a hoodie/t-shirt kind of thing makes you look like a giant toddler, that combined with her haggard face gives me ventriloquist puppet vibes

No. 291678

Even if she is talking about skin, is she wrong? I don’t see the point of getting upset at her for describing the aspects of a style she didn’t even create. She never even said anything about race in the first place, she was heavily emphasizing the fact that this style is ‘for girls who don’t like to go out’ which I think for anyone would result in a lack of a tanner skin tone. But either way I don’t see why anyone would be mad at her because it seems completely and purposely ignorant of the fact that the people who created this style do in fact want to appear as ghostly as possible w. Especially as a described offshoot of Jirai

No. 291681

To be fair, if you are making a video advertising this style to a Western audience then it’s not a great idea to say things like that. It’s strange to expect people in the West to lighten their skin to fit an aesthetic in Japan. Shows how out of touch she has become.

No. 291683

This tutorial is for Westerners, not Japanese people. So yes, it's retarded for her to pretend like no people with dark skin would ever watch. There are a ton of black gals in Western comms at way higher rates than other jfash

No. 291684

it is 2023 and 90% of her audience are other western weebs. no excuse for her to be perpetuating the idea that you need to be pale to execute a style. it was stupid to say but shes too dense and caught up with playing dress up to care kek

No. 291685

And then to make a response claiming that everyone that follows you knows you fight for inclusivity in this community. The video was also a try-on haul featuring ACDC Rag. Imagine making an ad for an international brand and casually saying something colorist. I would be so embarrassed.

No. 291702

Yes you do need to be pale to execute the style! THATS THE FUKIN STYLE! Like you also need a tan to do manba and that’s why lazy ass black girls always jump on the gyaru wagon so they don’t have to make effort with anything they do but get asspats for existing. Why do western commss always try to bastardize every jfashion they can get their grubby paws on so no-one gets their feelings hurt. Like a black girl can’t just put on some lighter ashy powder or something for a paler makeup look.

No. 291707

You literally can't just put on lighter powder or foundation without looking like ashy Larry. Are you retarded?

No. 291708

Sounds like a you problem really

No. 291715

KEKKK. She's drawing more attention to her wrinkles and eye hollows with that makeup, too. Tenshi Kaiwai is one of the most pointless, soon to be short lived substyles. I really don't see the appeal when it's so hard to pull of the look.

No. 291743

Let’s call it what it is. It’s a microtrend.

No. 291745

Can we keep the gyaru thread gyaru please, could care less about jirai or tenshi kawaii

No. 291746

Atp they need to make a cinna thread because they’re that obsessed.
Oh wait, I’m sure they tried and it flopped.
Maybe because it’s two cows mooing at each-other for validation… just a tinfoil though.

No. 291759

No. 291771

it's literally not. it's how dark skin has always worked. which is why you never see anyone doing it, and people who do are mocked.

if you don't know anything about makeup stop offering your retarded opinion

No. 291775

Late and halfway through this unhinged rant but Katie is right to imply she's not a real "j-fashion influencer". She's literally an aliexpress tiktok zoomer, at least Katie wears brand and actually lives in Japan. I don't even have some particular allegiance to Katie, I just have fucking eyes and find it hilarious how much this has triggered her.

No. 291777

move the capsule bunny discussion to j vlog thread, makes more sense there tho i dont think there is much milk there, she’s just cringie and twofaced(learn2sage)

No. 291780

Its incredibly obvious cinnagal's fellow aliexpress gyaru have infiltrated the thread, insulting Katie like highschoolers and sperging about colorism. This is the gyaru thread, oldfags don't cry about needing to be more tan to execute the style so who cares about the semantics of what Katie said? She didn't say "no black girls allowed" so the double standards are ridiculous. Inb4 "anons" start sperging about microagressions and condone the the fact cinnatroon is desperately trying to play whatever victim card (race, gender ect.) she can whilst drumming up more drama like she always does. Katie is obviously two faced but cinnagal and her lackies are fucking retarded perpetual victims.

No. 291912

File: 1681369633949.jpeg (237.34 KB, 1170x2082, IMG_0022.jpeg)

Oh wow can’t wait for this hot take. If she somehow manages to blame the yt pepo for a Japanese fashion trend I’m gonna lose my mind.
>Acts insanely unhinged
>Why can’t I be angel too uwu

No. 291934

This is the Gyaru thread, not Jirai, J-Fash general or a Cinna thread. Please keep all milk relevant to the style and community.

No. 291972

So if an aliexpress “gyaru” wears a different outfit for one day they are off limits? Stfu and go minimod somewhere else, gyaru is DEAD. There’s a reason why it’s the same people posted on here again and again, hardly anyone dresses like that anymore.

No. 291977

gyaru is well and alive. but i agree that the cinna discourse is boring af.. gaijin gyaru drama nowadays is boring anyway, they should bring back gyaru secrets or something.

No. 291988

Gyaru has been dead, its always been a niche culture outside of japan
Doesn't mean you need to keep track of and talk about the same person over and over again. Plenty of other aliexpress gyaru for you to choose from.
I agree on bringing back gyaru secrets, I prefer that format than this repetitive thread.

No. 292056

Is there a particular reason we can't shit on people's make in this comm? Or does cow not wanna be like gyaru_secrets?

No. 292061

it was definitely done in the past but it wasn't that interesting in comparison to cow behavior

No. 292098

I think it's fun. there isn't much more you can talk about with these people anyway, it's all just kids in their bedrooms and noones trying to marry hosts for a japanese visa anymore

No. 292382

is it bad that I want gyaru secrets to come back to watch the tiktok "gyaru" crowd shit themselves and declare war?

No. 292520

I feel the same way, I want them to all kill themselves off so that only the actually dedicated gals remain. Or at least the non ugly ones w. Would be more fun than the other retarded nonsense I always see people arguing about anymore

No. 292704

Natural selection lmao imagine turning them against eachother

No. 292801

File: 1681750117206.png (3.89 MB, 2518x1668, pTbfwLdYqJYuH5re.png)


I went through the gyaru hashtag on instagram and it's definitely something

No. 292814

File: 1681752382032.jpeg (370.11 KB, 2048x2048, 68EC62D6-C44E-4EDB-9B8D-F390BC…)

This is so damn sad. I kek’d at picrel the other day

No. 292822

that's a good one thanks for sharing nonnie

a bit unrelated but is anyone else annoyed with people like zach (poob) in the comm? seems like they just live off the classic gaijin weeb high of "i lived in japan and talked to real japanese gals desu" energy and don't contribute much other than parroting and commentary

No. 292829

Same here, anon. Poob doesn't even participate in gyaru/gyaruo. Not that I've seen anyway? And yet he had a lot to say about the comm in general and it's just annoying to me becaude out of the time I was more active he did a lot of the drama stirring but I just never saw him wearing gyaru or gyaruo at all? Is it because he's friends with Pinkii that he gets a say at anything at all? I don't understand poob at all.

No. 292835

seems like he just love bombs gaijin gyaru with "yas queen slay" type comments and collects them like little clout pokemon which is funny cause i don't think he is actually friends with real gyaru just gyaru posers like pinkii

No. 292840

not gyaru but wib got banned from a UK convention for hanging out with a sexual assaulter. just normal wib behaviour.

No. 292861

File: 1681765991766.png (3.08 MB, 2518x1668, 7xEpo3CrJeKU4LTy.png)

the gajin gyaru tag on instagram is nightmare fuel

No. 292863

Just got word hellolizziebee has blocked all the ex members of paradise and everyone who spoke out against them. So much for not picking sides kek

No. 292865

looking at her blog she doesn't seem to be hanging out with anyone gal anymore locally since the wib drama so maybe she's just tired of being brought up in it? she's older than a lot of paradise members so i'm sure she has an actual life to live. she wrote a post a while back about feeling burnt out so maybe it has something to do with that.

post: https://www.hellolizziebee.com/struggling/

No. 292869

True but she still follows Koko and Kaimiterru in particular. Didn’t Kai post 60+ stories the other day all relating to gal drama? I don’t think she would’ve blocked the ex members because she’s sick of hearing about it. I haven’t heard a peep from them for months.

No. 292871

kek maybe she was waiting for the drama to die down so she could quietly pick a side. always knew something was up with her

No. 292877

idk and i don't follow any of them or comb through their followers/following but she did mention in the blog post she doesn't like to check instagram or social media much these days so maybe it's just taking a while for her to unfollow everyone? just speculation on my part not trying to wk you could very well be right

No. 292939

everyone knows lizzie wants to be apart of paradise. paradise just won’t let her join because it will “ruin her image” her image has already been ruined. people are finally starting to see she’s not this squeaky clean cutesy gyaru she claims. she’s a standard white privileged woman who’s doesn’t care wether someone is racist or not. perfect for paradise.

No. 293004

Noticed this as well. People probably just use him for info honestly. I literally don’t know why he’d have relevance to anyone in this comm besides for that and his relentless asskissing of gals, mid or not.

No. 293105

File: 1681866176741.jpg (83.76 KB, 826x608, CrMarjnPNxK.JPG)

No. 293111

Reeks of selfpost. Who even is this w

No. 293146

File: 1681888057523.jpeg (196.13 KB, 1170x2080, 85303628-A0C9-4C0F-8CA4-C88FA9…)

This being an obvious self post probably means they posted the other gals in the hashtag. Considering in every screenshot, they’re not logged in and they’re on the website version.

No. 293157

File: 1681902133822.jpeg (77.35 KB, 1182x1148, IMG_4085.jpeg)

Fairly new to the paradise drama so I was stalking their socials. Knew i recognised a member who now goes by koitan, previously Emma coyde. Got exposed for falsely accusing people of r@pe and p3dophilia. This bitch was humiliated all over facebook just over 2 years ago.


No. 293162

Tired of you vendetta bitches. This is irrelevant and has nothing to do with Gyaru.

No. 293167

it's actually so hilarious how retarded ya'll are ITT because literally everything is a self post to you as if it's hard to find screenshots on instagram from public accounts

seek therapy nonnie why are you chasing irrelevant vendettas here after 2 years kek

No. 293190

Whether or not it’s a self post what’s really retarded is posting some random (and irrelevant) girl because she does OF and literally nothing else. What was so interesting about this that every account had to be linked. I could name several gyarus currently that are sex workers and still fit the look. If this is peak entertainment for you I implore you to go to your nearest highway and play in traffic.

No. 293213

it has everything to do with gyaru when it’s a paradise member you tard. is paradise not a galsa for gyarus? GYARUS?

No. 293218

not trying to whiteknight but i've seen this person on a few sites posting in the gyaru tag before, it's not unlikely nonna just came across her picture

No. 293227

seethe and cope nonnie, we don't see you bringing anything to the discussion here other than crying about how sex workers are people too though that wasn't even the point of that post. no one cares that she does sex work, we're here to talk about the tragedy of her calling herself gyaru because she bought a dia belt. like >>293218 said this person has been posting around a lot on other sites so it's fair game to talk about them

No. 293229

File: 1681936401125.jpeg (182.35 KB, 1170x1434, IMG_0689.jpeg)

Not to wk but she appears to be one of the better gyarus in current day and actually wears gyaru cords unlike a lot gals. The only crit I would give is her boring non gyaru make but at least she looks pretty I’ll give her that.

No. 293244

she’s cute. she just appears to do modernised toned down gal make. i don’t see an issue with her.

No. 293252

If youre going to talk about Paradise, talk about Kai's long fucking story not this bitch with bad brows.

No. 293288

are you special? kai has been chewed up and spat out numerous times on this thread already. everyone knows she’s fucking insane and at this point, is purposely dragging paradise down and making them look worse.

this post either sounds like kai herself or another member resentful of her.

No. 293372

File: 1682017748560.jpeg (401.32 KB, 1170x1550, IMG_0746.jpeg)

Black girls really calling anything gyaru now. Just looks like a dancehall yardie to me kek

No. 293373

And black girls claiming to be B Kei is HILARIOUS, are you black or a black person larping as a japanese person larping as a black person?

No. 293470

Back to TikTok

No. 293504

Yes, in B-Kei is inspired by dancehall, reggae, rap, r&b etc. fashion. So not that bad, at this point a lot of the gaijin comm is doing more retro versions of gyaru fashion. So kudos.

No. 293574

She has the posture of my meemaw

No. 293581

Have you never heard of B-kei? Kek

No. 293608

It’s not a good look and it screams a certain other cow who gets frequently posted here but it’s probably a one off thing. Her makeup isn’t that bad, the outfit it just off

No. 294114

shiena shared the vlog from >>289742

No. 294618

I’ve been wondering for abit but why hasn’t the gyaru community created an extensive guide like they have in the Lolita com?? It’d be a lot of work but worth it perhaps since baby gals suck ass these days

No. 294641

there are guides from several different people but no one reads them and you're one of them apparently kek

No. 294857

Because if you create a guide you’ll be called a gatekeeper, racist, and that your guide is wrong because “gyaru doesn’t have rules”

No. 295932

File: 1683591751001.jpeg (81.88 KB, 747x1347, 261F2969-ED34-4C79-B110-CCA977…)

Paradise’s loudest and proudest defender, Kaimiterru, leaves Paradise and calls them racist. Thoughts?

No. 295933

File: 1683591819135.jpeg (118.02 KB, 712x1352, 98F8798C-1D63-4964-BCF1-4D2795…)


No. 295934

File: 1683594352012.jpeg (110.49 KB, 754x1214, F486DCC4-A3A5-40A9-A12D-3CD5EF…)

She must be refreshing this thread, sad for her to think Paradise members are the only people who would post about her here.
Part of you has to wonder if she’s making some of this stuff up. If this was really an issue in Paradise, why didn’t she leave before the “racism”?

No. 295935

File: 1683594400873.jpeg (75.06 KB, 727x1311, E5E587CB-348E-4A81-B6AC-C6FE7B…)

Please give us this non-existent milk

No. 295937

If she had it she should just spill it. It’s not like paradise have ever done anything for her besides make her look a clown and get her blacklisted from all social events in the process.
Unless… she doesn’t have milk on them and it’s a bluff.

I’ll wait.(sage your shit)

No. 295938

Is she going to post it here? Or on her story nobody watches. Most irrelevant paradise member.

No. 295939

I also don’t find it to be a coincidence that she started doing this once the community drama had officially dried up.
I can’t imagine she’ll leave silently, she’ll probably find another fashion community or online space to shit up. She can’t help but constantly involve herself in drama. Maybe she’ll go back into her Kaireaboo phase, but hopefully she actually goes offline and gets the help she needs.

No. 295940

Turns out she no longer follows Koko. Turns out she really did separate herself. I thought she was joking for some big prank

No. 295942

She also no longer follows this beast, Coydie.

No. 295943

File: 1683597386340.jpeg (153.68 KB, 716x1117, 9CB1AF77-4485-407C-8064-FC9D6B…)

Statement from @_koitan_’s story

No. 295944

> Muh white privilege
I wonder who’s doing meth and heroin. Can’t be koko because it makes you lose weight.

No. 295945

Iirc, it has been mentioned before that some people in Paradise do coke/hard drugs. Not sure why she’s sharing any of this stuff like it’s news. We’ve known for a while that they’ve apparently endangered minors/friends, that they do drugs, ect. She probably has nothing new on them.
It would be nice if they would either shut the fuck up or post the screenshots of what happened if they want this to be a public beef.

No. 295947

She has no milk. End of.

No. 295951

Yeah you're right, who cares. Looks like she was just a larper anyway. Seeing Paradise have all this fun together without her and she was stuck at home maybe doing make for an anime convention. I think it's just milk itself she ranted and raved on how Parasite was a real Gyarusa where everyone was close and a great time. The koreaboo to gal pipeline? What's next to come?

No. 295966

File: 1683604476416.jpeg (139.04 KB, 828x1111, B3AE8E36-D6F7-41EC-850F-852F9A…)

Why is this 25 year old Parasite member bragging about hanging out and drinking with a bunch of minors? The drinking age in France is 18.
She has a child as well, this is creepy, trashy, and depressing. Does she not have friends her age?

No. 295969

File: 1683607939008.jpeg (89.03 KB, 607x821, IMG_8914.jpeg)

literally how can you be this stupid?
the bottles are clearly empty..maybe because it’s a fucking trash were ppl throw EMPTY BOTTLES?

No. 295970

This post is from one of the minors accounts, not the girl you’re accusing.(sage your namefagging)

No. 295971

Lol shut the fuck up Kai, reeks of self post, get a life

No. 295972

Ah yes because it’s normal for a 25 year old to hang out with 15/16 year olds and pose with alcohol bottles. Paradoggie outting themselves for being creeps once again. Not surprising considering Koko’s closest real life companion seems to be a 16 year old.

No. 295973

Koko isn't even that pic you retard

No. 295974

I never said she was, comprehension skills. Just saying that Paradise has a habit of doing this.
You’re probably one of the kids in the photo but when you get older you will realize how creepy it is.
Don’t think it was her, she released a statement saying she’s leaving and went private so we can stop beating that dead horse now I suppose. Sad because I thought she would at least go out with a bang.

No. 295975

> names
> no saging
Most definitely the kids in the photo.

No. 295976

Bruh gals have been taking pics like this forever, it's just a bit of fun, idk why you're in this comm if you're gonna be so sensitive

No. 295977

You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 295978

File: 1683613222754.jpeg (141.5 KB, 691x1280, CDD4B1CC-D4DF-4228-AC23-8AC705…)

you forgot to include this (per their own request)

No. 295980

i feel like that selfie just proves the point of her being an ugly bitch more

No. 295983

File: 1683617037498.jpeg (61.37 KB, 750x744, 0CBF1AD7-7F45-4512-A0C7-8DA08A…)

She needs to humble herself. I wasn’t aware the bloated face/blown out tattooed eyebrow combo was sexy. She’s a landwhale with a troon voice and not much else w

No. 295988

Amazon hair flower sperm brow combo. Why does every new paradise member look like koko in some capacity? Then again it’s not hard to look uggo.

No. 295989

bulimia cheeks or just obese? fucking ugly either way kek

No. 295991

Who left PARA☆DISE?(sage your ☆)

No. 295992

is this what the gyaru comm has come to ? dissing gyarus for.. having fun ? being WILD ? this is what spending too much time on sjw spaces on tiktok will do to you

No. 296020

A few members took Paradise out their bio.

No. 296023

File: 1683650476129.jpeg (139.28 KB, 828x1125, IMG_8929.jpeg)

The paradise member delilah (@9delilah6) is lying about being black to wear braids.
turns out "papa" isn’t black.

No. 296025

Delilah isn’t white. Why are you doxxing a 16 year old anyways?

No. 296026

delilah is algerian, you imbecile. those are imazighen braids, an ethnic group from north africa. how uncultured do you have to be to make such idiotic statements, and how miserable does your life has to be to have nothing better to do than anonymous bully someone born in 2007.

No. 296030

Beady little mole eyes

No. 296034

Koko’s been absolutely silent of course, she always allows her gyarusa members to defend her tooth and nail, but when anything goes down she’s completely silent.
Pocha also has left Paradise I believe.

I hope these members realize how foolish they look. To defend this gyarusa for over a year, just for your “haturz” to be proven right is embarrassing.

No. 296035

Pocha left first and it was for a completely different reason. Don’t speak on shit you don’t know about.

No. 296037

Way to reveal yourself as a Paradise member, this was not public information. Nobody knows what happened, who left when, or why.
If you don’t want this to be spoken about, maybe do a better job if controlling your current and former members.
Of course when a gyarusa that’s been known to be a cesspool of racism and general shitty behavior gets outed by their own WK black members for being racist, you can’t expect people to not pry. Especially Kai who was on her story everyday fighting someone new in the name of Paradoggie.
Pocha unfollowed Koko so I’m sure it’s juicy regardless.
You guys have made your pig pen. Lie in it.

No. 296039

Nobody was racist at all. Kai was being a crazy fucking bitch per usual and after she got called out on her shit, she dropped a nuclear level accusation then started posting screenshots and supposed info on lolcow so she could be a cute little dancing cow for you all.

You’re all fucking losers btw. Being transphobic, body shaming others and race shaming others on anon makes you worse than any baseless thing paradise has been accused of. I suggest you suck my ass from the back.(are you lost?)

No. 296040

north africans aren't black you retard. check actual amazighen braids hers look like cornrows.

No. 296041

Stop defending yourself on Lolcow, you’re not even replying to the posts that you’re responding to, COYDIE.
If there was no racism, post the screenshots and prove that. We’ll be waiting. Until then all I can assume is that everyone was right to call them racist if their biggest defender left in a frenzy, as long as their favorite token black friend Pocha.

No. 296045


besides pocha and kai, is there anyone else who left?

No. 296046

File: 1683656469787.jpeg (243.13 KB, 752x1251, 106611F2-AEB1-4872-A5D3-C32564…)

1 of their newest members, @b1g.rice on IG, posted this statement yesterday.

No. 296047

Very cute you’d use my first name, I don’t mind though because I was being obvious and I couldn’t give less of a fuck. If you want screenshots, happily dm me for them, and I’ll ask Koko if they are okay to share. I’m not posting screenshots on lolcow for all these hungry retards.

No. 296048

holy shit coydie, it’s so obvious it’s you ! revealing informations about ex-members people are not even supposed to know about, don’t you realize you’re digging your own grave ?

No. 296049

Nene took Paradise out their bio. Another token black paradoggie. Koko really fucked up.

No. 296050

maybe the “aggressive” accusations about kai aren’t racially motivated. but i do feel it’s interesting to note they allowed wib to run rampage in that ‘gyarusa’ for a good year before kicking her out. and even then, they were reluctant to do so. but as soon as it’s a black woman it’s different. it’s just interesting.

No. 296053

People aren’t meant to know about it? It’s not like I dropped Area 51 codes. I’m just debunking your crayon eating bullshit. I’m quite frankly sick of innocent members being doxxed, especially minors.

No. 296054

Kai wasn’t kicked from paradise, she said fuck you to all of us then dipped. So no it’s not like we were letting her run rabid.

No. 296055

Post them to your story like you’ve been posting your little rants. You guys made this public beef, nobody is going to personally DM you for information about a situation that YOU and Kai started publicly.
Kai didn’t seem to mention you by name, you’re the one that outed yourself as the white person she was beefing with, dumbass.

No. 296056

Kai kicked off the public beef with the parasite story she posted. Also by very obviously self posting on lolcow, like she always does. So no, we didn’t make the beef public, 4head

No. 296058

post! the! screenshots! the whole comm is on the edge of their seats

No. 296062

I’m not posting screens for people who are too pussy to hit my inbox but will stalk me on anon sites and give me like 100 sex bots a day. You dogs can starve until mommy deems you worthy for your little treat.

No. 296063

Kai’s stories are all posted here afaik, none of them mention you by name. You’re the one who made a statement about how you’re “totally not racist and not everything is about racism”, which was how people were able to put two and two together. YOU outed yourself as the racist, not Kai.

No. 296064

You’ve clearly got something to hide then. Why tiptoe about it? If one of your biggest doggies is calling you racist why stay silent? oh coy, you’ll never learn.

No. 296066

Okay then don’t complain about the speculation because nobody is going to take anything you say seriously. We’ll continue on with our conversation, screenshots or not. So you get to choose whether or not we continue with context.

No. 296068

Oh honey, I’m not racist though. What’s wrong with me saying that? It’s true. I’m not racist. Neither was any of the recent events that took place.

Also saying I’m tiptoeing isn’t gonna bait me into posting shit, try harder.

No. 296070

“Try harder”? You’re the one that came here and revealed yourself. You’re the one who gave the offer of DMing for screenshots, we’re simply not interested. As I said, we’ll continue talking about this with or without your alleged screenshots that totally disprove the allegations of racism. Bye now!

No. 296073

based on past actions im gonna go ahead and assume that koko is telling coydie not to post the screenshots because they make everyone involved look bad. that’s why nobody has posted them. oh well.

No. 296074

I know whoever wrote the doc is somewhere laughing right now.

No. 296075

Trust me, we don’t look bad. I want to respect the privacy of the group before anything else happens, cuz we know how misconstrued shit can get. If Kai gets the balls to respond tho, I might leak em to my story. Who knows! All my lovely fans who reside on here will then see them! So cool!

No. 296077


u will always look bad u look like koko ur ugly and can’t do makeup x

No. 296078

> “we know how misconstrued things can get”
Oh those screenshots are incriminating for everyone involved, for sure.

No. 296083

confirms my theory that koko is playing this up as “don’t release the screenshots because it’s not what’s best for the group and i just care about you guys”, but in reality they’re all trying to do damage control and cover their own ass. they do this every time.

No. 296093

It seems the Paradise IG has cut down their following list, considering they only follow members I’m assuming more people left too. Somebody fucked up bad

No. 296095

its dropped by about 8 people i think in one night, someone has to have fucked up royally, and by someone i mean koko

No. 296096

Kek you probably said some real racist shit. I'm gonna believe Kai on this one. If all the black members from Paradise dipped and you no longer have Kai to loudly defend you guys on her soap box, it is just safe to assume you're cowardly, Coydie. Funny how that's synonymous in a way.

No. 296101

Kai was crazy in paradise. She always made us look bad. I don’t understand how anyone can believe anything she says. Do you not see her rambling about people who haven’t mentioned her in months? Let’s be honest with ourselves.

No. 296102

People must have thought we were encouraging it too when she did it on her own(sage your shit)

No. 296103

How crazy was she really? She seemed to love Paradise to death. Sad to turn your back on your own friend. Guess you all weren't as close as you guys claim to be.

No. 296104

I think what really makes Paradise look bad is a member fighting tooth and nail slandering her past ‘friend’ while her leader ignores everything and buries her head in the sand as always. If Kai of all people is saying you people are psychotic freaks after all she said in defense of the group I’m inclined to believe there’s some truth to it.

No. 296105

Everyone in there talked shit about her because she’s fucking psycho. Always made weird accusations. Funny how the one time they disagree with her on something she’s saying they’re racist and giving everyone what they want. She turned her back.

No. 296129

Paradise always claims they have the receipts when it comes to drama. But when it matters? Oh no! Better hide them! Pathetic. Maybe Hekku was right about Koko being a white supremacist.

No. 296130

or maybe hekku is just a weird-ass drama craving bitch.

No. 296131


> let me ask my mwaster if I c-can pwost

Coydie you’re like her poorly genetically engineered clone that came out undercooked because they couldn’t separate the lard from the dna strands.


No. 296133

Yet you, in your own words, didn’t kick her out. You guys are spineless fucking backstabbers kek - it’s all fine when she’s fighting your ‘enemies’ but when she disagrees with you suddenly you hated her the whole time

No. 296135

Kai is insane. Until I see some screenshots, I’m not believing shit.

No. 296136

File: 1683682850133.jpg (139.07 KB, 1238x2047, Untitled68_20230509213924.jpg)

Average white woman behavior.

No. 296138

i hope you'll realise soon how embarrassing it is to leak the dead name of a trans person. Grow tf up.

No. 296140

File: 1683683766953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,105.24 KB, 828x1335, 04191E90-3344-48D6-A832-5ADD05…)

Sorry, our apologies. Would you prefer us to use the one dedicated to gay hentai instead?

No. 296141

What’s this traced from? What’s the reference image.. asking for a friend.

No. 296145

File: 1683684974620.jpeg (186.48 KB, 1170x1964, IMG_5148.jpeg)

genuine question. how is it doxxing if it’s public information on their instagram?

No. 296146

oh man, she used to be pretty. what happened?

No. 296147

No she didn’t. Being uglier than you were before doesn’t mean you weren’t still ugly.

No. 296157

With Kai gone. Coydie is most likely gonna be the next member voted off the Paradise island. Making a fool of herself on here being Kokos shield.

No. 296162

File: 1683695841836.jpeg (199.61 KB, 1000x1241, 5FD983FF-538C-40E8-B6C4-9D65E7…)

I can’t believe kai is actually taking this shit from an inter-bred kennel dog yet before whenever anyone even breathed in her direction she’d go on a sperg rant.
These are the people that made you look like a clown, kai. Air their pimple-laden asses out to dry.

Screenshot from (_koitan_)

No. 296163

The answer is it's not doxing

No. 296166

Biggus dickus him also thiccus, kek.

No. 296174

Can’t believe they’ve almost got me feeling bad for Kai … Paradise are such spineless users

No. 296176

And the paradise following list drops to 19… a 1/3 of the gyarusa has left, I can’t even begin to imagine the shit show going in there currently

No. 296198

If anyone's being a circus clown, it's Coydie. Was she so scared to tell this to Kai's face in their chat? I'd hate to be apart of such a nasty, backstabby gyaruza.

No. 296221

File: 1683740391387.jpeg (482.08 KB, 3464x2594, E29EDEF0-D125-4BAA-B47B-52504F…)

>Oh honey, I’m not racist though.

No. 296223

“my dad was half romanian”
“i’m half romanian”
which one is it? are you quarter or half. still white either way.

No. 296224

It’s depressingly pathetic to see this >>295983 person who is whiter than white try and claim that they’re somehow a POC. It’s embarrassing to try and prove you’re not white this much.
This generation of white people are so insecure about being white, especially these weebs that want to hold on to being “ethnic” because it’s trendy now. Seems like the comment about Coydie being Koko’s clone is strikingly correct. They both wish they could do blackface and get away with it.
You are white. Nobody would think you were anything but white. Your skin, hair, nose, lips, and aura are all fucking white. I’d be so embarrassed if a group chat screenshots leaked where I was begging to be seen as non-white to feel special. Correct me if I’m wrong but these aren’t even from the conversation that set things off, Coydie just regularly ranted about how they’re totally a POC uwu.

No. 296225

>I'm not white
>I'm Irish
Ginger is the whitest white there is.

No. 296227

File: 1683742363036.jpeg (87.21 KB, 789x697, 59553640-0F4A-4935-8090-6C868E…)

So they’re claiming to be both half Romanian and half Gypsy/Romani/Roma.
Except those are not the same thing.

No. 296228

File: 1683742498151.jpeg (40.14 KB, 737x418, 5026B6F1-43C1-4A9A-A7AD-ECBF78…)

Coydie is literally barking about how they need to be seen as a totally ethnic POC while also mixing up two groups that they claim is so essential to their culture/place in society. My bets are this bird is half Romanian (descendent of Romans) and confused that with ROMA/gypsy for POC points. God so dumb. Koko sure knows how to pick em!

No. 296229

“i wish dark tanning wasn’t so stigmatised :(“ imagine how black people felt watching minstrel shows. being told their skin was too dark, that they needed to bleach their skin to fit the beauty standard but yeah. i wish blackface wasn’t so stigmatised :((:()

No. 296230

File: 1683742604861.jpeg (62.09 KB, 800x456, 6D19C09B-D66E-484B-A289-817F73…)

Roma = Gypsy: Descendant from North India
Romanian = Descendants of Romans, as in Italy, as in WHITE.

No. 296231

This makes me believe that they snapped towards Kai and the black other members even more, they’re probably mad that they’re not a POC or anything close and clearly have a weird tan/dark skin fetish like Koko and a lot of white weebs in this community do. They were probably tired of being told shut the fuck up about overtanning, you’re white, and snapped.

No. 296232

File: 1683743500677.jpeg (72.95 KB, 1101x1101, IMG_1944.jpeg)

No. 296233

Koko relaxing somewhere while her members cook. If Koko as the leader decided to keep Coydie after all of this, she should at least publicly defend the decision instead of leaving Coydie out to dry. I’m sure this won’t be the last screenshot to be shared.

No. 296238

What a ridiculous combination of words(sage your shit)

No. 296271

File: 1683754798740.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.88 KB, 526x1013, 7093A1A9-2BB2-406C-84FF-1F7CE0…)


No. 296273

File: 1683754825526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.21 KB, 526x1018, A6E6565C-6CC5-4BA4-9A14-31A539…)

2/2. this aged poorly kek

No. 296274

Koko has paler foundation that’s her own shade, and considering she usually doesn’t even wear foundation there’s no doubt it was in an attempt to imitate yamanba that only painted face.

No. 296381

Koko is always up to something and just stays quiet about it. If you're going to be that much of a coward you shouldn't lead a gyarusa.

No. 296424

Well by process of elimination (and the rumour that she left that kid to go do coke with a hobo in an alley) she’s the one doing coke in front of children so. She’s probably not all there in the head.

Paradise isn’t even a galsa anymore. It’s cosplayers and fugly baby gals (koko has expressed her distain for baby gals before). There’s other uk galsas that are doing more meets in a month than paradise has done all year.

Paradise, the hollow shell TIRED laid in its coffin galsa disbanding… when??

No. 296427

All of the ‘passable’ gals in that group have left since the kai drama. Koko will probably continue to drag it out for the validation her attention whore, O.A.P diaper-ass-wiping needs. Her hair is greasy as fuck and her make gives drag queen.

No. 296432

kek those girls from the doc must be so happy right now

No. 296434

I’ve heard through the grapevine that she’s into dead bodies which is funny considering she works at a carehome… where lots of people die. If anything warrants a topkek it’s that.

No. 296436

Tinfoil, they had future vision.
Because they clearly were correct, excuse the samefagging. This thread is dead.

No. 296437

The other UK gals look shitty too. No one in the comm is worth looking at tbh.

No. 296440

wasn’t future vision, receipts were clear in the doc. no one wanted to listen because uwu gyaru cho kawaii

No. 296441

The writers of the doc are former paradise fags. A kpop gooner and the other is black but swapped spit with the racist Koko on video.

No. 296442

This made me chuckle, nonny. Good one

No. 296444

before finding out she’s a racist i assume?

No. 296445

Untrue. The good galsas and nagacircles aren’t as popular bcs they’re not racist like paradise lol. The only reason they’re ‘known’ is for the wrong reasons.

No. 296446

way to out yourself paradise fag. no one has seen that video except paradise. get back in your kennel

No. 296447

which galsas? As far as im aware its the same tiktok garbage. its nago cir btw