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Townhall postponed: Now May 6th 8PM GMT. More info here. Townhall chat is HERE

File: 1526061311203.png (535.51 KB, 506x675, lilithshoop.png)

No. 579509[Reply]

The original thread had to be removed due to complaints about one of the featured subject's photos. From here on out, do not post any old nude or erotic imagery of Blade. Newer images are fine as long as it's provided that everyone depicted is a) of age and b) the images aren't revenge porn.

Original thread:

Vapid, try-hard IG heroin junkie
>Shops waist into unrealistic proportions & denies it, broken back from constantly sticking her ass out as far as possible
>Scammed people for money using her cat's health as an excuse
>Has been sent to expensive, high class rehab resorts 3+ times only to last days; claims it's because she is too psychotic
>Most recently kicked out of the Betty Ford Clinic because she "paints demons on rocks"
>Cannot form complete sentences in speech or writing
>Claims other girls steal her totally original, never-before-seen aesthetic

More info from a former peer on PULL:
>goes to NYU, Her father is a lawyer i believe who pays for her and her sister
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No. 808989

File: 1558277846864.jpeg (215.47 KB, 750x931, 12C85647-E3F4-4453-B7CB-580B20…)


No. 809614

Is that Lilly Rose Depp in the middle?

No. 809670

No. 810805

How the fuck does she get invited to these functions she’s got to be entirely unpleasant to be around

No. 810806

File: 1558484978271.jpeg (325.85 KB, 750x1116, C7405878-C930-4BF2-947A-15E760…)

Is this guy not making fun of her? He draws stuff like this a lot and she always acts like she’s in on the joke

File: 1548410268789.png (Spoiler Image, 2.38 MB, 1099x1456, banks.png)

No. 771485[Reply]

Azealia Banks, a 27 year old controversial rapper with too much overflowing milk from the Celebricow threads.

>Claims to be a Witch and practices Witchcraft
>Suspected by many to be a farmer due to many odd instances of praise, white-knighting and deflection of any discussion of her: >>>/ot/353765
>Frequently uses racial slurs in her many feuds and controversies
>Long history of arrests and assault
>Has an online store where she sells homemade skin lightening soap
>Has had several twitter accounts frozen
>Admits to bleaching her skin and compares it to hair extensions and nose jobs

Milkiest Moments:
Slaughtering Chickens in her closet:
>Article with pictures and video of the closet (NSFW): https://tinyurl.com/y7jvgchr
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 806637

File: 1557809539278.png (144.35 KB, 1172x624, ar38l2s.png)

the lack of self awareness

No. 806638

File: 1557809824653.png (232.44 KB, 1158x1080, z5EIo9Y.png)

No. 810801

File: 1558484615672.png (1.38 MB, 1074x1555, Screen Shot 4.png)

>huh, haven't heard from Azealia in a while, wonder what she's up to

No. 810803

File: 1558484655847.png (Spoiler Image, 599.25 KB, 961x623, Screen Shot 3.png)

No. 810804

File: 1558484710717.jpg (162.21 KB, 1080x1080, D7CTYJFW0AAEjNM.jpg)

>uh huh, seems about right i guess

File: 1541986831216.jpeg (403.63 KB, 715x400, Pet Youtubers.jpeg)

No. 730730[Reply]

From Left to Right:

Tyler Rugge
-Has over 30 animals.
-Supports Taylor Nicole Dean
- Hoards animals like most pet youtubers and likes to buy the trending animal of the month.
- Had a betta fish in a fluvial tank but it 'disappeared'. Didn't care what had happened to it.
-Keeps animals in too small enclosures.
-Keeps a single rabbit in a room without hides and barely any enrichment.
- Queen of the mean girls of pettube
-Pretty much confirmed that Maddie Smith and him are living together.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tylerrugge/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tylerrugge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tylerrugge
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 810788

File: 1558482768253.png (841.27 KB, 750x1334, 13F1AD68-7515-4EEA-92F4-D8326D…)


He’s trying to say they’re just “fruit flies”. They’re definitely not.

No. 810791

Carolin asks, should I breed my parrots?

The look on Marlene's face is for real.

No. 810793

Carolin's been churning out the content. Here she is playing avian vet.

No. 810796

File: 1558483516273.png (602.42 KB, 677x1169, Screenshot_2019-05-21-17-01-03…)

She finished writing her book just as the Bird Tricks videos were released. Only 13 comments, eh?

No. 810800


> "I am not your guru"

Literally wrote a fucking book on parrot care.

File: 1526236695279.png (437.5 KB, 603x617, 1524428096455.png)

No. 581474[Reply]

First Thread: >>>/snow/381948

Thread Summary: Mars Argo returned from hiding to slap Titanic and Poppy with a lawsuit alleging abuse and theft. They responded by releasing a flurry of passive-aggressive videos and then making allegations of their own towards a man named Josh Moran.

Essential Information:
Titanic Sinclair is the stage name for Corey Mixter. Poppy is Moriah Pereira. Mars Argo is Brittany Sheets.
Titanic and Mars dated from 2008 to 2014. They created GroceryBagDotTv together, and then transitioned to making their own music. They only released one album, Technology is a Dead Bird in 2009. They then began Linden Place, which was canceled after their lead single was released. Most of their videos were deleted but can be found with a simple search as fans reupload them.

After their breakup, Titanic began seeing Poppy. Subsequently, Poppy’s looks completely changed from alternative, semi-Punk brunette to “kawaii, barbie, child” bottle-blonde. This look was strikingly similar to Mars'. Recently they achieved moderate fame for her strange youtube videos and Japanese-inspired pop music. The Poppy videos were directly inspired, and sometimes complete copies, from GroceryBagDotTv videos (such as “Delete Your Facebook”).

Poppy has intense, mostly unhinged fans who call themselves “Poppyseeds.”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 807088

I think her wig is on crooked again too. That corset is pretty nice though ngl.

I think the anon who made that "enter ana-chan" post ages back was onto something

No. 807095

Yeah, she's starting to look skeletal. IIRC even her fans on Reddit have been saying she's anorexic and that they hope she's doing okay. Looks like she isn't.

No. 807454

Tits, you read this thread? Get your girlfriend some help before she goes all Eugenia Cooney on us.

No. 807509

Act like Tits cares 1 bit about her health

No. 810711

File: 1558472624707.png (27.92 KB, 654x305, 4853fbcd1e6049b3826bde0f2e2317…)

Funny that "don't be weird" is coming from Tits

File: 1550684024177.png (453.03 KB, 492x413, katiecarney.png)

No. 779776[Reply]

Who she is: 32-year-old YouTube personality who gained traction by making videos about how she lives in her car. Her account went from 15k to 150k in summer 2018 over the span of one month.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/katiewasheredotcom/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiecarney/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/katiecarney (hasn't posted content since February 2018, posted an apology for not updating in October, hasn't posted yet but keeps linking the account in all her videos and collecting between $200-500 depending on how many patrons she's had)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katiewashere (not updated often)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/katie_carney?lang=en (not updated often)
MySpace: https://myspace.com/carntinarc (OLD and not used in years, interesting to look at the old photos though)
Blog: https://thekatiecarney.wordpress.com/ (not updated since 2011 when she was 24, some nice cringey stuff though)

- She had to sleep in her car for 10 days out of necessity, made a video about it on her channel, and then didn't check it for a long time. When she logPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 801992

Another reason why she has no girlfriends, way easier to find guys to pay your way on Tinder. Another woman would probably expect some semblance of personal responsibility out of a 30+ year-old whereas the average Tinder guy will put up with an immature woman if he thinks he can eventually smash

No. 804712

She shouldn't really be making all these 'what I eat in a day' vids. Chips and hotdogs… I know she can't eat certain foods but it's an embarrassing food diary. There's no nutrition and there's no real cooking involved. Why share it?

No. 807226


She's made ANOTHER QandA type vid and my god does she love to talk about herself. She's describing her personality as if she thinks she's so 'quirky and different' and she's adding to her list of special health complaints that make her quirky. She was 85 pounds when she finished high school, she has some mad sleep disorder that she went for lots of tests on. People keep saying she's an introvert and she insists she isn't.

One of the questions was about her short-lived relationships lol, she made up some bullshit excuse and glossed over it, anything so she doesn't have to reflect on why! That and she wants someone to travel with her but it's so hard to make that work… it's cos you're insufferable and quite the narcissist Katie.

13 minutes of me me me, I'm quirky, I'm this, ooh I'm talking about myself in the third person. I have a million health stories. - She's so self absorbed it's bizarre to watch.

No. 808037

Maybe if she didn't force him to sleep in that small little car he would not have left her in LA.

No. 810504

Another boring vlog today, all she talks about is Doctors appointments, her many vague health complaints and then her dull diet, I can't even hate-watch her anymore

File: 1544730130487.jpg (70.9 KB, 750x1045, DuP-j2hUUAA2zUe.jpg)

No. 748723[Reply]

The 7th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.

726 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 810239

Cleaning and maintaining a house is really not that difficult if you have a schedule and are disciplined. As other canons have said.
The thing with her is that she doesn't clean after herself immediately. She leaves the dishes until there's a pile, Leaves the laundry until there's a pile, doesn't vacuum or dust until there are layers of dust on everything !!
She is truly lazy and
waits for the last minute. She never cooks in advance she never goes grocery shopping in advance. That's not really smart.

No. 810382

Her hair is so thin and limp here. She needs to stop bleaching it and just grow it out so it can be healthy again. I'm wondering if there's some kind of dietary adjustment she can also make.

Honestly? Getting a good quality pink wig is probably the better option at this point. It can cover her lumps, and provided she takes care of it, it will look fuller and nicer than her natural hair.

No. 810448

No. 810520

Her whole cleaning thing is her procrastinating on doing work. It's obvious that she doesn't care about creating art anymore, which is sad. I honestly think that her becoming a full-time YouTuber was a mistake. Sure, the initially boost in money is nice but look at what has happened to her as far as time management.

No. 810559


Tbh I struggle with my house and it’s smaller than hers. But I have medical conditions that prevent me from keeping on top of it. I don’t earn as much as her but I pay for a weekly cleaner because it’s just hell on Earth. She could pay for a cleaner too?

File: 1542497175648.png (10.08 MB, 4054x4128, Spechie Thread.png)

No. 733867[Reply]

Spechie is a bad artist, tracer, YouTuber, and popular with edgelord 13 year olds for her "I'm not like other girls" schtick and bad anime art and muddy paintings

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTvL2iGT_R9Ld4M46xO3AQ
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/spechie_
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Spechie_
TUMBLR: http://spechie-heck.tumblr.com/
DEVIANTART: http://spechie.deviantart.com/

Fresh Milk:

> Lied about her PS4 being 'hacked'

> Got caught allowing racial slurs in a server she moderates
> Made a creepy shrine to her boyfriend
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
302 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 807189


I thought that was supposed to be her as shrek bc of the shitty caked on makeup and read Shrekina as Shrekie

i feel like she draws more "joke" art than real art tho? Maybe bc her "real" art would require actual effort & probably wouldn't look that good in the end and she knows it. Spending ur time and effort on parody sketches is the #1 way to not improve.

No. 807606

Random question, but does spechie open up her discord anymore?

No. 810354

File: 1558442953483.png (471.15 KB, 833x959, A89EC6BB-DA22-4706-9476-9894EE…)

“Not to flex but My ‘art’ hasn’t deteriorated and has only gotten better over the years”
Also spechie: shits out

No. 810645

This girl has such an ego, I’m surprised that the one video that was taken down didn’t diagnose her with narcissism because she literally fills ALL of the symptoms.
I’m still convinced that the black diamond pic, the body at least was traced because this girl can’t do shit without reference

No. 810652

What the fuck is that crotch? Someone needs to tell her to actually start studying anatomy.

File: 1551536178286.jpg (217.33 KB, 850x684, 1548959882407.jpg)

No. 782532[Reply]

Previous thread >>660175

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots, updated from last thread:

>Ashley Elisa

>Med school drop out
>Acts like she's hot shit
>Anons pointed out how she looks like a donkey
>New cow from last thread
YouTube link:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
380 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 810117

File: 1558421043923.png (741.4 KB, 1778x777, 3i3M8Gc.png)

Apparently, she responded with this when some random journalist asked her for an interview.
If this is real, it's cringy as hell and even more blatantly obvious that she's a kid who barely "gets" what she's allying herself with (not that you exactly need to be galaxy brained to comprehend "alt-right" stuff).

No. 810129

I mean, it's not as if she's wrong though. The reporter in question was absolutely not approaching her in good faith. There was nothing Soph could gain from agreeing to those terms but a lot that she could lose - anything she said in a formal interview could be taken out of context used directly against her for the next couple of decades. Just, she phrased it like a spastic when as simple, concise "fuck off" would have more than sufficed.

No. 810164

Yeah, it's more the poor grammar and way of responding. From the image she has, you'd expect more like a "Nope, fuck off you transparent shill. Regards, Soph" with maybe a "Praise Kek" at the end at worst.
Instead, she responds with some cringy rant full of "14 year old on Minecraft" tier jokes (because, no surprise, that's what she actually is underneath the political signalling and indoctrination from internet racists) that she probably thought was utterly ebin and BTFOing that journalist.
It's the kind of shit you go back and read at like 16 or even 20, and feel ashamed of sending because you were such an obnoxious kid.

No. 810302

So why are we talking about her? What happened to Rule 3?
Leave her brain to bake for a few more years and see if she's still acting like a 14 yr old then.

No. 810322

She's a public figure. No rules are being broken in discussing her, as long as no one decides to be a creep and post obviously private images/content, her real name or other doxxing material, or makes an entire thread dedicated just to her. See also the /meta/ thread.
If she drops out of the public eye and just decides to be a normal kid, then it'd make sense to not discuss her.

File: 1551320787518.jpg (1.03 MB, 1999x749, aria.jpg)

No. 781702[Reply]

Aria Rose is a plain as bread basic white girl from Canada known for making videos against “egirls” and how much she hates them, everyone's favorite Arabian hoe–Pokimane is usually her main target. In her commentary videos she's always condemning the shit out of egirls, cosplay girls and loli girls. In typical egirl fashion she claims she's not like those other whores while doing exactly the same things the girls she is talking about does. A few weeks ago Aria started a campaign called #reworkmercy movement to make Mercy more dps damage than healing but the thing is, she sucks at OW, carried to gold Mercy egirl main ofc someone with 0 credentials is definitely certified to start this kind of revolution! Aria is also a pull rat, she makes threads and posts her crappy opinions on that toilet under her real user name.

Her hypocrisy is pretty amazing, the things she complains about is exactly what she does.
>egirls having white knights and using them to attack people when she has her own white knights and launched an attack on a ow streamer and a little kid for having an opinions about her
>complains about egirls using filters and photoshop when she uses blur and filters for her pics
>Hates how loli uwu girls pander to pedos and weebs when she liters her room full of the same cute shit the loli girls have, wear the same cute clothing and uses anime girls for her avatar and banner. Made a thread and video mocking and talking about how terrible loli egirls are, deleted and pretends it never happened after being called out
>criticized Lilypichu for her fake ass egirl voice when she uses a fake egirl voice too
>criticizes and calls others out but can't take criticism back
>actively posts on Pokimane's pull thread
>keeps shoving it down everyone's throat how she's NOT like those other ebitches! And how she's totally different and totally not jelly of them
>fake down to earth attitude
>always paints herself as the victim of egirl attack when she's the one doing the attacking
>claimed that the evil egirls threatened to break her legs for “exposing” them +claiminPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
419 posts and 169 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 809516


LOL. This person is literally LilyPichu's friend.

No. 810294

File: 1558437010282.png (50.73 KB, 629x499, mercy.png)

No. 810337

Wow. It only took 9 days for her positivity bubble to burst and for her to go right back to being a toxic, hypocritical person, lmao. This salt was delivered via expedited shipping.
Aria is the last person who should be judging others for that behavior when it's literally all she does.

No. 810473

>read thread
>see people defending lilypichu and nyanners

you guys don't have to go that far. bitch is cringe, but the discord messages between her and rasp aren't some kind of sick burn on her.

No. 810479

Moved to >>>/w/49365.

File: 1550626286666.jpeg (50.95 KB, 391x480, med_gallery_1096490_64753_2064…)

No. 779628[Reply]



>ANTI-VAX because "evil chemicals" but is perfectly ok with terrible cosmetic injections

>thinks fruit has auras and personalities
>really underweight but encourages a diet of only fruit because it's "natural and what we were born to eat" even though ALL fruit is historically GMO'd from it's original tasteless form decades ago (you really believe apples and bananas been around forever? lol not saying they are bad but you get the idea)
>also has a diet book, great when people with eating disorders give diet advice
>"certified detox specialist"
>Claims doctors make up illnesses like cancer and schizophrenia
>claims to be well-versed in biology but also says science taught in schools is bullshit

Lots of other stuff too. Anyone else seen her?
147 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 809419

Yeah her dad's name is David Siegel. Google David Siegel airline CEO and youll find his linked in and stuff. He's been the CEO of multiple airlines and companies. He got his masters from harvard. It's so ironic to me that he is well educated and clearly has always worked really hard but is okay with his daughter being an uneducated wackadoodle and lazy as hell.

No. 809431

you mean the Jewish timeshare billionaire from Queen of Versailles?

No. 809479


She doesn't look like their eldest daughter who is still alive.

No. 810263

nta but that is David A. Siegel, who is a real estate investor. The post clearly says "google David Siegel airline CEO." David A. Siegel of the Windemere Resorts has never been the CEO of any airline.

However, David N. Siegel is an airline executive - though his career seems to have been in decline since the early 2000s. The resources available to her are probably fairly modest, as far as west coast rich kids go. That would explain why daddy didn't do more to get her clothing line off the ground. Then again, he probably knows that she's too retarded to do much, and that a trust fund should hold her over until she becomes a trophy wife to a richer man than himself.

No. 810532

why would I google if this is an image board

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