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File: 1683073418590.png (75.83 KB, 481x462, q85liabh2qv91.png)

No. 1819423[Reply]

Previous two threads:

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
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No. 1841616

If a woman ran Ukraine instead of Zelensky I know this war situation would have been over a long time ago. Fucking moids who are incompetent at stopping wars.(derailing)

No. 1841633

I'm really not sure what trad means. If the husband works and the wife doesn't, is that automatically trad or does it need to include the full larp? What if both work but they do the larp, does that count as trad?

No. 1841688

Ok and if a woman ran Russia instead of Putin this shit wouldn’t have started in the first place, what exactly is your point?

No. 1841718

File: 1686028450683.jpeg (18.47 KB, 400x300, ECDA73A4-3A46-40B6-80C2-474244…)

Remind them this queen existed… idc about politics she was simply beautiful and a huge influence for me as a little girl

No. 1841749

File: 1686036495058.png (112.92 KB, 650x540, 35.png)

God I hate that fucking loser so much, I hope he gets sent away for a long time.
I think westerners really romanticize women in conflict, leftist men especially "oh this is the type of badass commie mommy I want" However, they don't consider historically women have only went to war when there's no opportunity to leave, the nation is in dire straits and most of the proper soldiers are dead, something like that is actually really dark and I think men shouldn't have to do it either but they are better deposed to be doing that, it's just how biology shapes what we can do. If there was a war and I had a son and daughter, I'd be heartbroken if any of my children were conscripted but I'd rather my son go off to war then my daughter. It wouldn't be that I wouldn't love my future son it's just that I'd know he'd be more capable in a war.
The largest anti-war campaigns in pretty much every country were by proto-feminist suffragette related group, who didn't want their son's or brother's to die in a meaningless conflict.

File: 1669698164373.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1697, 0FB4EDB7-B70F-404C-81E4-81B617…)

No. 1713275[Reply]


Joshua Block, otherwise known as worldoftshirts, is a TikTok “influencer” with severe autism, a drinking problem, and an obsession with New York City and its metro system (quelle surprise, an autist obsessed with trains).

Josh posts constantly when he is active; threads may fill up quickly. As with any other thread, sage any post that does not contribute direct milk.

>started a CafePress store called WorldofTShirts, which is basically just him slapping .png images onto t-shirts and mugs and up-charging items that include his own “jokes”

>these include repetitive jokes about him being banned from Tinder for looking for “sugar mommies” and banned from the Gucci store for an undisclosed reason
>works as a janitor at a school in Long Island where he lives
>travels to NYC whenever possible via Long Island Rail Road (LIRR), often staying in and wandering the city until the early hours in the morning or up to days at a time
>serial turnstile hopper and sometimes posts direct evidence
>has been doing the above for apparently the last three years and has never gotten more than a fine and has never been the victim of violence, giving him the (self-proclaimed) title “King of New York”; paid for billboards proclaiming such and advertising his CafePress store
>scream-sings melody-less renditions of songs, most commonly “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys
>turned 21 this year and since then has become a belligerent alcoholic, to the point of vomiting on the subway
>the drinking problem has exacerbated all of the above and his comment section often encourages the behavior
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1736799

File: 1672784096381.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2063, AB5985F5-DD8B-45F3-8325-F9A496…)

He’s going international nonnas. This is gonna be a shit show

No. 1736917

UK can keep him

No. 1736936

his "fans" are really worse than he is. One thing about him is that he seems to leave women alone, he's completely into whatever he's dancing to or eating. I hope it stays like that. correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1737305

There's more or less a community of people on TikTok that religiously follow Joshua, Daniel Larson, Bandit, and WileySquires2000 (all pretty much the same type of cow as Josh).
It gets really deep. There's a tight-knit group of followers on Discord that all dabble in a manipulation ring revolving around those four autistic scrotes. OxtheGreat covers it on TikTok a bit.
I think Josh's behavior can be attributed to them more than we know- think of it like PVCC and BlueSpikes to Chris Chan, but to multiple cows.

No. 1841525

oh please. oxthegreat is such a weirdo, he might even be a bigger cow than those 4(necro)

File: 1667826255075.jpeg (829.99 KB, 907x1670, 1663953175841.jpeg)

No. 1695895[Reply]

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is a vague dislike of capitalism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other online personalities exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

Famous 'Breadtubers' include Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, Xiran Jay Zhao and Shaun.

>recap from the previous thread

>Vaush being his usual misogynist self >>1372915
>Hontra severely misunderstands the russian and chinese revolutions >>1373800
>to the surprise of nobody Vaush turns out to be a rich kid >>1394444
>Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube >>1403035 >>1403168
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1836616

Are we actually surprised and acting like the vast majority of men don't want to fuck 15 year olds? Can we just be real here for a second? You will probably not find a single man who wouldn't fuck a 16-17 year old if given the opportunity. That's just a fact. Vaush isn't a freakish anomaly. He's the average male. I'd say 100% of men's preference is 17-16, 90% would also fuck a 15 year old and 80% would go down to 14 too. Yes even your boyfriend. If you don't believe me just look at how men are speaking and joking about being attracted to teenage girls. Look into the comments sections of literally any video featuring a teenage girl. Look at which prostitutes are trafficked for the highest price. The proof is all around you. Vaush just feels empowered to be honest because he knows none of his male admirers would cancel him

No. 1836795

Sometimes I wish these faggots would get the Uncle Joe they deserve.

No. 1841384

File: 1685976627130.png (362.85 KB, 655x1013, Screenshot.png)

The online left will never be able to succesfully pander to actual workers, look at this keyboard freak
>"this image has done untold damage to all left wing discourse cause it doesn't account for praxis and obesity"
shut the fuck up.

No. 1841492

File: 1685994763969.jpg (55.72 KB, 741x357, iMR9CSYTtEP.jpg)

Someone from the IWW(once one of the largest workers parties in America), unironically commissioned picrel, posted it on their official social media, and defended it against those who expressed disgust. They even went so far as to label any detractors as "reactionaries". It like they internalized the conservative label of 'degenerates' and embraced it, ignoring the fact that most people would find the artwork gross and perverted.
So yeah the western left is in a sad pathetic state RN.

No. 1841639

>the IWW (once one of the largest workers parties in America)
Ten years of relevance in the pre-WWI era, followed by a hundred years of LARPers wearing their organizational shell as a skinsuit. A sad fate.

File: 1676167642695.jpg (440.49 KB, 900x675, twitch general.jpg)

No. 1766148[Reply]

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1660389

Recent drama:
>lgbt+ Boycott backfires and makes Hogwarts Legacy the current most popular game
>XQC/Adept are going through a 'divorce' lawsuit
>atrioc on hiatus after buying deepfakes of his friends
>twitchcon lead to serious injuries, andriana chechik broke her back and is recovering
>Amouranth exposed her abusive husband on stream
>OTK returns to normal to no fanfare
>W crew accused of sexual assault
>Anisa removes her tits and idubbbz doubles down on owning the 'haters'
607 posts and 114 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841693

File: 1686024306416.jpg (234.06 KB, 720x2546, Lol.jpg)

Anisa's new tattoos. Lol

No. 1841697

Destiny is such a fucking cow it makes me root for Hasan when they get in cat fights

No. 1841723

File: 1686029340052.jpg (64.09 KB, 720x1118, Ct.jpg)

No. 1841756

you are so stupid.

No. 1841811

It infuriates me to see him make fun of good hard working people who actually contribute something positive to society just because he thinks being twitch rich makes him a boss. So much money yet no talent or skills to actually build something good

File: 1681625465481.jpeg (248.81 KB, 1170x1983, 1677079448817.jpeg)

No. 1809563[Reply]

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors or links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media.

Rules link

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> Classic angry posts about men not financially supporting her begin to increase. It starts zero in on romantic partnerships (not clients/subscribers) and lament over emotional unfulfillment. It’s suspected to be a symptom of Pumpy’s growing inner turmoil over not getting the girlfriend treatment from Ty.
>> Hair fallout masquerading as Hair loss saga: It’s not just “muh lupus” anymore, it’s also “muh abortion.”
>> New trophy, a sphnx kitten (Sorrow).
>> Toys with the idea of having her implants removed for health reasons (muh lupus).
>> Claims to have postpartum depression from muh abortion.
>> Pumpy and Ty break up right before Christmas but, don’t worry, they get back together in time for her to spoil him with $5000 cash and $1k sneakers.
>> Genders aborted fetus as a “her” that she was previously so proud to yet, a generally odd move for someone who identifies as a they/them. Reveals feeling in shambles with the upcoming “birthday” of fetus.
>> Olive, one of her cats, has liver failure and she e-begs to pay the vet bills ($2k) while Ty clutches the $5k she gave him for Christmas. She also blames the new kitten, Sorrow, for Olive’s liver failure and claims that it happened because the new kitten has “food aggression” and prevents Olive from eating. Nonas note the new kitten is MIA.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841539

This is like year old milk

No. 1841553

Ok well I didn’t know so now we’re all on the same page.

No. 1841614

Is this supposed to look good or something?? Looks like a naked retard imo

No. 1841674

Miss "I don't Photoshop stop making fun of me for losing weight" while not actually being skinny just photoshopping her legs arms and face into oblivion. Get this girl some therapy and away from photoshop

No. 1841675

Samefag but why the fuck is her nipple covered in blood?

File: 1684795970912.jpg (14.87 KB, 275x206, 1681998027206.jpg)

No. 1832500[Reply]

Since 80% of the previous Jake and Kaya thread was just baseless speculation and Kaya just isn't that interesting anymore, I'm splitting off Jake into his own thread.

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Kaya's ex boyfriend, after dating for around a decade. Cheated on her with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Used Joker-esqe makeup and mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, but has since generally given the gimmick up as his popularity rapidly declined post break-up. Appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Has big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star. Occasionally scars us with his ugly nudes via a rarely updated OnlyFans account.

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's (Kaya) long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets part-time at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything.

>>1808524 Allegations about Jake's behaviour on tour come out, he threatens 'legal action' on person who puts a video up.
>>1808526 >>1808527 >>1808528 Jake makes a response, publicly names the Victim.
>>1808858 The video about the allegations gets put back up.
>>1809547 Jake starts deleting/privating old vlogs and videos with Kaya in them.
>>1809574 It backfires and tanks his Socialblade score.
>>180979Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1841762

File: 1686039128047.png (827.49 KB, 1282x680, jakesadge.png)

His views on YT have never been worse too kek. Here I thought it was bad when he couldn't break 20k views in a week, but he hasn't even crossed the 10k point in an entire month already. If claire's donations were legit, it's likely the only real money he's made in a long time. At this point he'd almost be better off taking that job at tesco. Maybe then he'd at least be able to have a little "mummy and daddy time" with Kat.

No. 1841787

The fact Jake actually used to be attractive is crazy, it seems to align with him being more confident in his bisexual gender expression versus now where he tries and fails to be macho and comes across like a TIF. He is too proud and angry to be his true self, that ship has sailed long ago but I think the pivot away from more camp/gay/bi expression is actually his downfall, he seems much more confident in these old photos

No. 1841805

What's crazy to me is that you see an unhealthily skinny looking young man in makeup with absurdly dumb looking hot pink hair and you think "attractive". Really not sure what being an anorexic J* skinwalker reads as "confidence" to you but ok.

No. 1841807

If he wants to be uwu skinny twink again why does he want to use steroids? Don’t they make you bulk up af? I wonder from all the ana behavior why he’s not skinny but such a little chub chub? I bet he’s secretly binging in his studio - oh and all these cocktails!

No. 1841833

in the smile room video i guess someone asked if he had eaten and he's like "there's several ways i could answer that but very little" or whatever and idk if he wants ppl to be concerned or he's trying to push the narrative that he's losing weight/toning while off camera.

pretty sure he's mentioned that he wants muscles with a lean torso but he wide lol. very curious of what he looked like before the alt stuff as he's built all of his aesthetics off other ppl and none of it seemed to be successful for him cos now he's a poorly designed vr thing.

File: 1684167659823.png (155.98 KB, 1963x1324, difference (1).png)

No. 1827733[Reply]

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1163 posts and 198 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841371

What's that? A faghag dyke?(sage your shit)

No. 1841372

They just love using homophobic slurs as cool identities.

No. 1841378

Kek what the Fuck?

No. 1841405

So many girls troon out to escape sexism or being objectified, and then there's the other half doing it specifically to be objectified sexually (but not in a female way because "all women are gross sluts, unlike us trans men"). I'm surprised there isn't more infighting, but then again the first group is clearly not one to face their issues head on and probably cry in silence instead

No. 1841715

Honestly seems like the ones actually attracted to women are the ones who want to avoid being objectified as a woman while the ones attracted to men want to larp as gross little shota femboys with their nasty neckbeard moid boyfriends.

File: 1684520791826.jpeg (115.53 KB, 828x1472, B01E71A2-9FB5-4621-8A88-83B606…)

No. 1830495[Reply]

A continuation of this thread:


SUMMARY: Effina Hyatt aka Fotouh Al Sahlamm is a silver spooned, 23-year-old self-hating Kuwaiti and plastic surgery/filter addict who rose to z list notoriety after she married washed up has-been/former MDE member, 38 year old Charls Caroll after a whirlwind courtship of less than year.


>Effina marries her senpai Charls Carroll after years of stalking MDE despite Charls being 14 years her senior and openly fetishizing virginity, she flies out to live with him in his squalid rented apartment

>Effina is caught editing her own baby photos

>Effina’s online fashion “boutique” which she claimed included clothes designed by herself is exposed for being cheap Aliexpress sweatshop dresses which she was inflating the price of tenfold

>Screencaps found incriminating Charls for being involved with underage fans in previous years.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
207 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841344

File: 1685970800095.jpeg (257.76 KB, 1170x1674, IMG_8271.jpeg)

There’s something seriously wrong with this bitch

No. 1841365

File: 1685973743663.jpeg (905.84 KB, 3769x2121, 2903B86C-A20D-453A-A5DE-302FD2…)

Sam was in the same place as Charles and Erick tons of times recently, but they won’t take pictures together because they’re still salty about Sam bullying everyone. Also where the hell is Nick?

No. 1841682

bruh, i've never seen someone paint foundation over their lip before now. whyyy would you want to look like you have thin lips?oh wait- foot is racist af lmfao

No. 1841736

there are pics of them together, but keep spewing your retard headcanon and then move the goalpost when you are proven wrong.

No. 1841760

Post the pics then cow

File: 1671108693888.png (472.46 KB, 514x789, 1667670091303.png)

No. 1727907[Reply]

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid. Traces her tattoo designs, vocab includes "shots!", "drinks", and giggling
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
907 posts and 224 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841514


Didn't she work in a call center and a clothing store for awhile? Though iirc, she didn't last long at those jobs. I agree, she should get a job at a bar or something. Hell if she really is creative, she try her hand at designing merch like she somewhat did a few years ago. It's clear she's not into YouTube anymore though tbh, with the content she makes it's not surprising why she got bored of it even if it's the most easiest thing to make.

No. 1841590

she would not survive as a bartender or anything in a bar/club - during busy evenings there is a lot of moving around and a lot of stress, plus she would be whiny because she has to work and not party with clients lol
but I agree she hates doing yt but she likes the influencer lifestyle. maybe if she tried she could go back to modeling?
my bets are that within next year or two she would be forced to do something (just like with jake dumping her) - when her audience gets bored

No. 1841608

Honestly I feel like her best bet rn is to continue hosting events and to network/learn how to get involved with event organization. She seems to know almost everyone at least casually, makes friends fast, has a decent platform in the scene, etc. She's already hosting both slimelight and monsterqueen, next step would be using some of her connections to start her own event with a partner or few. I also can't see her as a regular bartender due to her being a big baby when it comes to any kind of real stress, but she could definitely guest-bartend for places, again using her connections. She's really lucky to have the kind of following she does, she should use that to her benefit and actually play into her strengths. I also agree it's very obvious she's lost her love for YT too. Her content is always so thrown together and half hearted, she needs to be honest with herself and either move on or , again, use it to her benefit for something she actually wants to do.

No. 1841753

She will still have benefits and mummy and daddy's money

No. 1841774

File: 1686043663165.jpg (276.12 KB, 1080x1089, Y9SQHiZ.jpg)

It's been three weeks since her last Youtube video…let’s see what Kaya has done in that time…
She went on a largely undocumented two day trip to London for Monster Queen, posted 3 TikToks and deep cleaned her house! She’ll be 30 in 10 days folks…
She lasted a year at British Gas/PayPal before she quit (she had so many sick days that PayPal were close to firing her but she beat them to it) and in 2015 she infamously lasted a month at Lush because ‘her feet hurt too much’. If she got a bar job she’d probably complain that ‘the old plantar fasciitis is playing up’ and find excuses to hide away in the staff room and scroll through Instagram. She can’t seem to do a job that requires standing but it seems like she can walk just fine - the only catch is she refuses to wear anything apart from tall shoes. She seems to love driving around (in her platform shoes no less) so she could probably be an Uber driver or pizza delivery girl…but there’s probably some reason that she can’t do that either. Lol I can imagine Kaya turning up to a job centre and declining every offer and making the staff tear their hair out from frustration.
There’s no way in hell she can do more than casual hosting once a month. She would never commit to event organisation as she lacks the hunger to learn or the discipline to stick with it. She’s always said she loves Youtube because it allows her to do a bit of everything she likes but in the last few years her content has become increasingly repetitive and uninspired. She has thousands of pounds worth of gear to film, stream and edit with as well as thousands of dollars coming in from Patreon each month – what’s holding her back? There’s no reason for her to stagnate. There’ll come a point where Kaya will eventually have to pick a career and commit to training and/or study if she wants to keep a roof over her head long-term. Youtube and hosting is fun and flexible but it doesn't have a long lifespan for 97% of people.
Edit: that pic was from celeb cows, got the right one now

File: 1669960712529.png (1.73 MB, 1404x986, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 4.23…)

No. 1716408[Reply]

Nicole Ann Bell (better known as Nicole Dollanganger) is a 31 year old musician/artist from Toronto, Canada, mostly known for her music about true crime, domestic violence, school shooters, DDLG, and other nonsense that Tumblr loves. Despite claiming to be a musician, Nicole has not released an album in 4 years, and a large portion of that one was recycled music from old EPs.

Expired Milk
> posted gore and CP on her Tumblr
> Grimes set up a record label for her, nothing really came of it
> constantly delays albums
> shelved Hillbilly Noir to release an album of recycled songs
> notoriously unreliable, cancels shows
> blatantly steals concepts/aesthetics from books/movies

Current Milk
> releases "new" song, it's actually one she posted in 2018
> desperately trying to be relevant now Ethel Cain stole her aesthetic
> is 30+ still making music for teenage anorexics on Tumblr
> got new wig or something idk
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
25 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1841488

never mention Mitski in the same breath as that vile man ever again

No. 1841619

Ayrt that's a comparison people are making now. Idc about mitski because she's made out of milk and toast but I know her fanbase overlaps with Cain fans since theure just sorta sad generic nlog music

No. 1841651

File: 1686015290464.jpg (137.17 KB, 765x1022, johnson.jpg)

>Uffie is still around

No. 1841802

anon Mitski is a musical equivalent of a butterface, except disguised as ~deep~. Perfect mix for coquettes, self proclaimed femcels, Phoebe Bridgers fans and zoomer indie NLOG girls thinking they have ~exquisite music taste~

Btw i see Patience (Torturegardens) is still around creeping and uwu praising Nicole in her comment section, too bad Nicole dropped her ages ago just like anyone else

No. 1841829

she toured with alice glass last summer, she looks very different now but she seemed very happy to perform and had good stage presence

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