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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

File: 1583142838651.png (Spoiler Image, 6.56 MB, 2048x2048, 274420D9-5429-4D6C-82F2-1472D8…)

No. 939654[Reply]

> part of the spam community
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
> has a dentist boyfriend who is her “slave”, lives in some other random guys apartment for free?
> incredibly attention seeking, posts pretty much every aspect of her fucked up life then complains when people use her like a reality tv show
> posted a video of her trying to cut her own neck with a piece of glass
> crashed her car while high on xanax and posted the video to tiktok
> “best friend” with jaelle stiles
> jaelle is also super attention seeking, they are basically the same
> very toxic friendship, nika emotionally manipulates her
> took jaelles virginity with some 40 year old professor
> uploaded pictures of jaelle carving a bloody “nika” into her leg
> both live stream often, always so unusual and drugged out
> most of their followers hate on them
> jaelles dad is apparently really mentally ill and abusive. treats jaelle like shit while he is “in love” with nika and showers her with money and gifts
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No. 956254

Just being in the presence of Jaelle and Nika should constitute as child abuse.

No. 956269

File: 1586410381758.png (Spoiler Image, 10.08 MB, 1242x2208, 2C49F14C-639F-4327-BED6-49EA75…)

This is a nitpick…. but her man’s thumb is so disgusting to me. I don’t know why she’s in a relationship she needs therapy for her trauma and she needs to get tf away from Nika

No. 956290

File: 1586417358948.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1553, 2FAA7C9C-EE97-42B9-A71C-DBBD94…)

jaelle stiles refusing to take help. delusional as hell.

No. 956296

File: 1586420056013.png (101.93 KB, 1742x673, jaellestiles.png)

She was pretty desperate for Admin to remove this thread not long ago.

No. 956339

oh please “the threats are coming from your website” girl people have been hating on you two forever lolcow didn’t cause any of the hate, you did with your actions and need to post everything online.
the only thing this site is responsible for is people seeing how fucked both of you are and not believing your bullshit anymore.
but that’s probably exactly why you would want the thread taken down, the more people find and read it the less ass kissing idiots you’ll have supporting you.

File: 1550626286666.jpeg (50.95 KB, 391x480, med_gallery_1096490_64753_2064…)

No. 779628[Reply]



>ANTI-VAX because "evil chemicals" but is perfectly ok with terrible cosmetic injections

>thinks fruit has auras and personalities
>really underweight but encourages a diet of only fruit because it's "natural and what we were born to eat" even though ALL fruit is historically GMO'd from it's original tasteless form decades ago (you really believe apples and bananas been around forever? lol not saying they are bad but you get the idea)
>also has a diet book, great when people with eating disorders give diet advice
>"certified detox specialist"
>Claims doctors make up illnesses like cancer and schizophrenia
>claims to be well-versed in biology but also says science taught in schools is bullshit

Lots of other stuff too. Anyone else seen her?
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No. 874504

with a face like that, do you really think she’ll be a “trophy wife” lol
jesus christ.. fuck this idiot. Mentally ill or not, fuck her for giving such dangerous advice.

No. 955526

Here is the origin story I have discovered from her twitter, I know people can mature from being so ignorant, especially since these are old tweets, but part of maturing is recognizing you were kinda stupid at one point in life lol. It is wrong for a 29 year old woman to continuously promote an unhealthy body image and life style to followers who are primarily underage and highly impressionable. I blocked her a while ago because that’s usually best to do when people are as delusional as she is, but I do think it is important for things that are out on the internet to be organized in a coherent matter so that the lives of influencers can be more transparent to their followers. Make with this what you will:

Emily Sara Siegel is an only child, she grew up as a rich jewish toddlers and tiaras type kid in the suburbs of Washington DC area and attended private school. Her parents divorced when she was in high school and she moved with her dad to San Francisco in her senior year, she attended the Bently school her senior year and graduated high school in 2009. She then went to USC with the intention to pursue a bachelor in fine arts (art history and visual culture) but dropped out to pursue her fashion blog “barbierawk” full time in early 2011 during her 3rd year. She wasn’t well liked in high school or college by her peers, she saw herself as the “private jet princess” (this is on her twitter). She and her father also do not speak with her mother anymore. After dropping out is when she started promoting this illusion of a healthy lifestyle, starting with attempts at going vegetarian and vegan and eventually straight up promoting meditation her twitter followers by then end of 2012 (at age 22). In 2013 she started dating Dennis Hegstad and started her clothing brand “fete” and from what I can tell in 2014 she moved into the all white apartment in Los Angeles with her then boyfriend, he helped her gain followers but they broke up in spring of 2015. From 2015-2016 she basically transitioned into the @blonde we love to hate by creating her blonde blog posting more selfies and talking about Kundalini and Astrology. She started with the gg33 cult by the end of 2018 and basically is still on that high going into 2019 and now 2020.

My point in compiling all of this information is that her life has been carefully curated and hand picked to be the way we see it, she isn’t a “mystical being” or angel or whatever. She is just a rich girl from a broken homPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 955529

File: 1586283862975.png (542.44 KB, 1130x1636, Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.24…)

No. 955551

I have been following her for years because she never fails to deliver with her stupidity. I don’t have a screenshot but I recall her saying in an insta story that she doesn’t burn in the sun because fruit makes you alkaline and if you burn you’re just acidic. Genuinely my favourite quote of hers.

No. 956285

A whole cunt.

I'm glad this post got revived, decided to look it up after months from quarantine boredom and luckily someone or two of you provided some good 'ol milk. (Is that what it's called?)

Her recent photos on IG really accentuate her "The Simpson's"-like upper lip.

File: 1584136398291.jpg (522.97 KB, 1200x1200, 1583808457646.jpg)

No. 945131[Reply]

Last time on "This is the Song That Never Ends" Edition…

> Crazy Katie/K.T. is……still crazy

> People are STILL dunking on Hoelly, because she STILL refuses to acknowledge that her own actions are sketchy at best (and potentially supporting a pedophile as well as being extremely emotionally abusive at worse)

> Holly complained that she apparently isn't allowed to shitpost without being reminded of the fact that she's an adulterous tramp whose actions led to the downfall of not just one, but TWO marriages. After also being offended at the vulva-like appearance of the last thread pic, she ended up removing it from her instagram.

> Holly and Jared both took a brief break right around when their anniversary would be with Holly declaring she was going camping (only to post a picture of herself at a coffeeshop that same morning); Things have been….icy since they returned.

> She declares that she will be taking a hiatus from twitter due to it being so "unhealthy" for her, with the exception of posting about her Mental Health Monday or Spooky Saturday streams; Legitimately no one believes her - and she returns within 3-5 days, just to start some weird tension over credit in regards to photos of ProJared

> The Great "Is it a cold sore or is it Herpes?" Debate of 2020

> The Great "How Many Birds is an Acceptable Number?" Debate of 2020

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 956229

Can you provide evidence of this?

No. 956242

lmao this fanfiction bait.

Jared is pretty well known as childfree, and he may have even had a vasectomy.

No. 956243

i mean the curls are fine, the color though is an extremely jarring contrast to her pasty face. doesn't help that her eyebrows are all kind of wonky and the exact same shade, so all you see is two messes of black

if you're the same "black boyfriend" anon, just know i love your fruity bullshit so much

No. 956283


anon, holly considered being called "mom" a misogynist insult.

Highly doubt she'd let herself stay pregnant far enough to get a miscarriage.

No. 956284

Quarantine gave us a lot of time on our hands, huh anon?

File: 1583511332546.jpg (56.38 KB, 587x471, EFEchHwU0AEJxFK.jpg)

No. 949693[Reply]

We have a tradthot thread, but what about pickme lefthots like the ones from Chapo and redscare?
324 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 956266

File: 1586409107871.png (2.3 MB, 1647x1023, image.png)

Is this Dasha? It looks like 'rona shut-down has been hitting her hard…
>Her argument about how nobody focuses on the systemic cause is pretty irrelevant to what people are taking issue with on her still going out
Not to mention that everybody except the usual suspects are furious with the institutional response towards the virus.

No. 956272

She was never going to be a serious actress and despite her efforts she has to already know that. She’ll still split $25k each month because of the pod. Hard to really say her “life is over”.

No. 956280

File: 1586414234064.png (401.06 KB, 2138x1310, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 2.37…)

which one of you thots snitched?

No. 956374

This and a lot of things Dasha has said makes it seem like she just in general struggles to grasp that other people are also people in the same way she is. Like other people also have ‘full lives’ the exact same as you that they also won’t be able to live if you put their health and life at risk

No. 956376

this was unbearable. and it just so obviously feels like not just a sincerely inebriated moment, of course she's flaunting her 'i'm skinny' body in a stupid french maid costume.


none of us say 'looksmax' or anything like that. the few people that use 'femcel' on here are the same idiots that visit /r9k/ and male spaces and co-opt their retardation. they aren't radfems. and that's also a stupid way to try to disregard criticism or viewpoints that have literally nothing to do with anything anyways

File: 1575323589326.jpg (61.02 KB, 887x1024, Ko4Q6gd.jpg)

No. 900676[Reply]

>"30 year old female"
>obsessed with personal cows, keeps making videos about them and uses her "degree in psychology" to diagnose their disabilities
>known for threatening to sue ED

>Eve starts offering $15-35 porn-tiers on Patreon
>gets called out on KF
>KF anon (Eve? Eve stan?) tries defending Eve, ends up looking special ed
>Eve deletes one of her YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon
>also her dog is dying

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pfnHcmeg9ameeKwOij_cw (recently purged)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 955899

File: 1586365867158.png (62.56 KB, 518x814, VgTxygg.png)

Her posts are getting more and more deranged. Her recent post doesn't make much sense, but it sounds like she's claiming to be underage now, pretending to have been groomed and somehow trying to protect teenagers from pedophiles? It's kind of odd considering she's an alleged pedo herself.

Tinfoil, but I'm guessing that both Eve and Krystal prey on young/underage girls online. The difference between them is that Krystal appears to be somehow smart and careful, while Eve is a schizophrenic retard.

No. 955904

File: 1586366240549.png (9.89 KB, 523x231, 8M8kYKY.png)

Another confusing post, but from what I can tell, she's still lurking, and is planning on getting this thread deleted. I wonder if she's going to try to sue Lolcow, like she did with ED.

No. 955917

Pretty sure she's talking about getting anonymous messages on Tumblr and deleting them

No. 956199


She claims she wants to protect people, but she doesn't post the proof she supposedly has? Classic Eve.

No. 956238

Because she has no proof.

Also, Krystal hasn’t even been on Tumblr for some time, so I doubt she’d even be active, let alone actually doing sex-trafficking like Eve claims.

File: 1520695858207.jpeg (41.87 KB, 800x403, 461F0AB2-3B0B-4448-BAD3-1F03BF…)

No. 525536[Reply]

While discussion of Null is tabled, the rest of the posters at Kiwi Farms have the possibility of being fertile ground for farmers. The fact that they attach a pseud to themselves makes it easy to follow them when they begin to moo.

This thread is for discussion of posters you find milky, internal modmilk, or even to show appreciation for favorite posters. They’ve got a thread about us, it’s time to return the favor!

(dyn plz go)
1036 posts and 129 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 953574

That's pretty standard stuff for a forum to keep track of.

No. 956219

Kiwifarms is not the standard site.

No. 956228

So they track that without you logining in? So what can they do with that information if one goes to the site to browse? Especially if you don't have an account? How can they use it to dox you specifically? Is a VPN and a browser like Brave not enough?

No. 956271

There's literally nothing they can do to find out who you are unless you've given them leads, e.g. by slowly sharing information about yourself in posts or signing up with a username or email address that somehow connects to your identity (or connects to other content that can be used to find your identity). Unless you think that the threads you browse will somehow reveal who you are then you're fine.

No. 956312

KF is a dishonest reddit clone occupied by autistic trannies and unfunny boomers. It's not that deep.

I remember when that dude who pumped silicone into his junk was on the news and the userbase reacted to his dick pics as if they were the most horrific scarring images on the internet. This is the site that claims 4chan is a "hugbox". I wonder how hard they would clutch their pearls upon seeing Nikocado's dirty asshole

File: 1584979616066.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3152x2364, shayna.jpeg)

No. 948843[Reply]

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Summary of recent milk:

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog

>shay makes awful alien porno she's been planning for years, squeezes into outfit she bought 40lbs ago.
>bad dragon alien dildo covered in possible dog hairs and tooth marks
>her boyfriend of 6 months leaves her and she kicks off on twitter
>her therapist gives her a variety of new coping mechanisms for her "bipolar" including deleting twitter's app when she's "manic"
>of course shay doesn't do any of this and continues to rant and harrass people and threaten to kill herself on twitter
>shay is upset she wasn't nominated for mv awards anal star, so she nominates herself
>changes twitter handle to buttstuffbarbie and goes obsessive over anal, even though she barely does any anal videos
>shay starts editing her photos beyond recognition
>admits that she's self conscious about her body…but uses this as an excuse not to work! what a surprise!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1165 posts and 375 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 956277

File: 1586412270963.jpg (51.76 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg)

I swear y'all are so out of touch with what an actual average-weight woman looks like (shayna is actually below the average size for a woman her height in the US). She looks pretty spot-on for 140 pounds at 5'5".

i'm sure a lot of you aren't amerifags, but the average american woman is 5'4" and 160 pounds. we're a fatass country. By american standards, Shay is still on the low-ish end of normal. Your average Tulsa walmart patron would consider her skinny.

She absolutely needs to watch her diet and start exercising before things get much worse, but the spergs trying to claim she's obese are clearly bone rattling.

No. 956279

you seem to be missing out on the fact that she's literally supposed to look good for a living. she's not the average office worker sitting at a desk 8 hours a day- she absolutely DOES have time to dedicate to working out and looking put-together, she just doesn't because she'd rather smoke weed and get drunk all day and then finger her asshole for 5 minutes for the day's onlyfans content.

No. 956294

Bitch has pink eye from not washing her hands or wearing those nasty lashes too much and they finally cultivated enough bacteria. That or an allergic reaction. Editing aside, that shit ain't right.

No. 956321

Weed anon, she's on weed. Smoking (ridiculous amounts of) weed gives you bloodshot eyes and sometimes you might forget to bleach your eyes on Snow if you're stoned enough.

No. 956379

Nah that's not bloodshot, they're literally swollen and her waterline and tear ducts are bright red.

It would honestly be hilarious if she just poorly tried to put pink shadow underneath her eyes or something and failed miserably.

File: 1579501446279.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1567132245751.png)

No. 920764[Reply]

>edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi from Tumblr
>wrote a graphic fake trauma narrative about life in a child sex trafficking ring hosted in a warehouse, every part of which was laughably fabricated
>created fake Hidden Wiki screencaps describing CP videos of herself and a character named "Sam", her closest friend in the ring
>skinwalks relentlessly, first an actual girl named "Sam" she was briefly friends with IRL, then Courtney Love, then Ginger Bronson, then various others Tumblr users
>obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, enjoys gore/porn of the character Sora
>made multiple sockpuppet Tumblr accounts to make her claims and the people she invented look "real", catfishing as multiple girls (mainly Ginger Bronson)
>is known to plagiarize whatever media she's interested in for her narrative
>previously posted journals on a MCR blog site pretending to grieve over a friend who died ("Danny") and even made a fake FB memorial page, using photos of an unrelated person
>has had her family and authorities notified, but her behavior has largely stayed the same
>admits to watching CP, killing/torturing animals

>has retreated to a private IG account and still posts the same bullshit lies
>claims to be addicted to heroin and meth, and that her alleged drug dealer has been trying to fuck her
>has been seeing a Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist (Ellen Lacter) and posting about how much she helps her (one time, Soren claimed she was kidnapped by the "bad guy" on her birthday and raped, while her therapist was on the phone with her the whole time)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
100 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 954751

Assuming she's referring to her uwu DID with this one since it's ~developed from her traumas~

No. 954935

but does soren even pay taxes…

No. 956134

>adopted from the slums of india
>refers to washington state, USA as a "third world shithole"


No. 956143

You guys…
Does this sound like Soren…?(imageboard)

No. 956187

Way too coherent imo, also Soren isn’t Jewish as far as I recall?

File: 1535890692325.jpg (257.25 KB, 796x749, pumpy.jpg)

No. 678440[Reply]

A thread to discuss problematic attention-whoring autist/bpd/bdd cam girls.

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman
> Started her camming career catering to pedophiles.
> Installed bolt-ons and claimed anorexia recovery.
> Covers herself in ugly tattoos and gets tired of them in two months.
> Retarded dyslexic.
> Hoards exotic animals and kills them shortly afterwards.
> Notable for being the most boring cam girl ever, complains about how bored she is and yawns 90% of the time on cam. Too tired to care for her skin and hair.
> Has an affection for trashy men, gets dumped, finds another one soon. Currently dates a midget and supports him with her own money.
> Needs money to get bigger boobs.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1078 posts and 393 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 955365

Its entirely possible to get a kidney infection from a UTI but you don't loose your kidney from UTI, it would be from an untreated kidney infection.

Really only people who should get that are being who are asymptomatic when it comes to Thier UTi

No. 955750

Looks like eevee (@eeveefrost) was just doxxed tonight, dude on twitter is sperging hard on this girl

No. 955764

He is sperging but she is an idiot for drawing attention to him/the tweet and continuing to for over 2 hours.

No. 956132

2 hours? They were still going at it today, she was streaming all night and today on Twitter complaining about her mental health

No. 956249

he just used her legal first name, it's not like he actually doxxed her. there are hundreds of thousands of women named megan, she's just drawing more attention to it for asspats

File: 1534167589763.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, super serious.jpg)

No. 663556[Reply]

Discuss cows with poor acting skills pretending to have Multiple Personalities or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for views.

Videos will usually include:
>Switching personalities on camera in every video
>Awful acting
>Meet all 20 of my personalities that just happened to come out on camera
>Presenting incorrect "facts" about Dissociative Identity Disorder
>Clickbait titles on "serious" issues
>Talking about childhood abuse in an insensitive manner

Here we can share YouTubers hopping onto this trend of faking mental illness for views.
274 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 955852

The difference between Jessekah and Chloe is that Jessekah follows through on her threats to do some wild shit. They're both lulzy but Jessekah seems genuinely unhinged. Chloe just seems like a tumblr girl who got enough followers to inflate her ego and validate her uwu fragile mentality

No. 956022

File: 1586381424064.png (1.31 MB, 1226x2048, PicsArt_04-08-06.27.51.png)

Chloe [allegedly] had a suicide attempt.

No. 956081

File: 1586388097413.png (560.98 KB, 1292x2048, Screenshot_20200408-181802.png)

Was just coming here to post something similar. What is the point in censoring words like that if you're still saying the word? Censoring a letter isn't going to un-trigger someone kek

No. 956101

It’s only to prevent herself from either having her post removed or getting shadow banned, she doesn’t really care about triggering anyone

No. 956305


Why do I feel like this is a manipulation attempt to shut up her "haters".
>I'm gonna kill myself if you keep questioning me uwu

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