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File: 1656253661880.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1993, F2B6DA8F-BB1E-4860-9B6F-D63BC6…)

No. 1572641[Reply]

Leticia Servin Collins, known as Love Notes for TLC (her daughter’s initials) on YouTube and hereinafter referred to as Letitty, is a 34-year old insane woman from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

>homeless, living in her car where she shoots most of her videos

>most of the videos are either shorts of her dancing or long-winded rants, sometimes mukbang style, about varying topics, and are supposedly for her daughter (TLC) to watch when she is older
>in these videos Letitty often goes into gross details about her sex life, baseless accusations of DV/SV (more on that later) and constant suicide baiting
>survives on disability payments and YouTube donations
>Letitty lost custody of TLC when divorcing her ex-husband due to her numerous arrests and psychiatric holds, including an incident where she smeared soiled period products all over the walls of an ER room after being taken in when she was found wandering town naked and in psychosis
>lit her daughter’s crib on fire
>once murdered an entire litter of puppies by putting them in a freezer while working at an animal shelter/clinic, claims they told her to do so (they did not)
>was arrested in October 2021 for showing up to her ex-husband’s house unannounced, demanding to see TLC, and threatening his new wife
>doxxed her daughter’s social security number on a video with the excuse of “my ex can just get her a new one since he won’t let me see her”
>uses dating apps like Bumble to meet with men and sleep with them in exchange for a place to stay that night
>falsely accused a man of rape after the fact because he didn’t want anything more serious than a fuck buddy; Letitty is now around 6 months pregnant and the baby is supposedly his
>smokes weed while pregnant
>threatens to kill or otherwise harm her unborn child
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1572643

Was wondering when she would get a thread. Has OP seen the original OWL videos?

No. 1572653

Hers and Adonis Paul since he was the first to cover her as a cow.

No. 1572698

Most recent arrest video for the false rape report

No. 1573157

DiSaBlEd ViCtIm

File: 1641948025923.png (1.72 MB, 1384x1048, tradthots_op.png)

No. 1414901[Reply]

Tradthots #8

Last thread here

A 'trad' in this context is a woman with pronounced "traditionalist" values especially around gender which usually shows up as "anti-feminist" attitudes emphasizing how women should be subservient to men and essentially embrace being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen." We all know what a 'thot' is and most of these girls in fact show up on social media with photos not-at-all subtly focusing on their looks. Our "tradthots" mostly try to have the best of both worlds, consciously or not. While claiming traditional values they embrace modernity and many of the gains of feminism in their pursuit of grift and clout.

Most have pickme tendencies and are addicted to the dopamine hits off male attention in social media despite the fact that some are (supposedly happily) married and claim to believe that a woman should reserve her sexuality for her husband. They tend to be from well-off backgrounds and have lived very sheltered lives of privelege although many come off as possibly having some trauma problems. Their attention to the female role and the female body often comes off as performative and even fetishistic, to appeal to their audience of MGTOW red pilled incels, neckbeards, and wignats.

Many of our tradthots are quite preoccupied with the outer trapings of religion, usually identifying with reactionary trends within Roman Catholicism or sometimes Eastern Orthodoxy. Some are quite fond of parading around in conservative dress or a chapel veil, but almost invariably this comes off as weirld sexualized too. Meanwhile all the religious talk on social media falls flat and seems performative. Reached for comment, Jesus Christ had this to say: "they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen … they have their reward." (Matthew 6:5)

A few examples are:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
922 posts and 170 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1573215

"pro choice" is a bullshit category. The majority of women support some restrictions on abortion. I don't, but most do.

No. 1573217

Nta, but are you the retard redditor who doxxed herself and turns out is related to some rapist named Edward 'Eddie' Okenica from Georgia or something >>>/ot/1241182.

No. 1573219

>Nta, but saying women can't choose what to do with their body vs saying ignore the minority women who swear they don't mind not having autonomy and you can totally use them is not as bad. You don't even have to get an abortion, you should just have the option to do so. But no, tradfags want to stop anyone for good girl points from their moids. Ironically, most righty men are against all forms of child support while being pro-forced birth and treating women as a resource/service/incubation unit and not a member of the opposite sex who can have kids. Scrotes just want the status a child brings, not the effort it takes to raise one because that would cut in on their total hedonism time kek.

No. 1573238

>I was talking more about the arson, but it's inevitably going to escalate to murder and you know it. And it will be men doing it.
Given the open fedposting I've seen from liberal women and men alike I can see a few women pulling a Solanas, especially a woman who lost a daughter/sister/etc to a botched abortion. Is your argument really just theorizing about assassinations that haven't even happened yet? All the abortion-related assassinations have been committed by anti-choicers, all of whom were men.
>Like you do for your senile, daughter raping, fake President? Yeah, I do. Polls show that Democrat women absolutely consider Joe Biden to be a great guy, not some lesser of two evils. They regard his daughter raping and pedophilia are as just a case of "boys will be boys".
No one thinks this, and I say this as someone who hates Biden and only voted for him since Trump was the only other choice(an actual daughter fetishist and likely rapist). Your orange daddy figure lost, get over it.
>Nobody disputes that liberal men are better than conservative men, that isn't what I was saying at all. What I am saying is that most liberal women support liberal men beating up women who don't wear masks or sending rape threats to pro life women. I literally have never met an exception and I very much doubt that you are one yourself.
Where have these poor widdle anti-maskers been "beaten up?" Security Full Nelson-ing some anti-mask tard and taking them out of the store when they refuse to wear a mask? Boo hoo. And no one supports rape threats, even at anti-choice women.
>You are embarrassing yourself. You've sputtered for years about muh kids in cages,muh deady pandemic and muh insurrection (where one of your moid goons murdered a woman in cold blood). Nothing about abortion until Dobbs.
Again, you're having a schizo moment. I'm sorry your radlib Boomer aunt who posts too much on Facebook pisses you off, but you're ascribing a very particular set of beliefs to anyone you believe to be a liberal. Did you take your mood stabilizers today?

And you're talking about the dumb air force woman who was shot for trying to breach a restricted section of the White House? Stupid games, stupid prizes. She died for nothing aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1573255

All the abortion-related assassinations have been committed by anti-choicers, all of whom were men
Because right wing men are violent, misogynistic goons. So what? Nobody is saying that right wing men are good.
>No one thinks this, and I say this as someone who hates Biden
Surveys clearly show that liberal women adore Biden. Every blue check mark woman says that Biden is a great guy. While I have heard liberal women call Hillary a bitch, I have never heard a liberal woman speak of Biden with anything except admiration. I also recall my wine aunts simping super hard for sex pest Cuomo as well.
>Your orange daddy figure lost, get over it.
I don't have to get over anything because the Desantis Presidency is going to make you wish for the good ol' days of Trump.
>Given the open fedposting I've seen from liberal women and men alike I can see a few women pulling a Solanas
Solanas attacked an asexual man who was himself a radfem, and the reason she tried to kill him was because she thought that he had ripped her off, it wasn't part of some gender struggle.
If you seriously think that women are going to start murdering anti abortion activists, that is some nuclear grade cope. It will be entirely men and I'm pretty sure you know this as liberal men are violent and unhinged even by moid standards. Women tend to be extremely reluctant to kill people, even for a good cause. Men are much quicker to resort to violence.
>especially a woman who lost a daughter/sister/etc to a botched abortion
That's not going to happen as this isn't the 1950's and there will be remain tons of options for women to have safe abortions. There is no political will to actually enforce draconian abortion restrictions.
>Where have these poor widdle anti-maskers been "beaten up?"
It was all over Twitter and Tik Tok for the duration of the pandemic. Always the same thing, some insane, fat, middle aged white guy starts screaming at a woman in a supermarket for not wearing a mask and then he physically attacks her when she doesn't give into his bullying. Literally every single liberal woman supported such attacks, although some choose to do like you and pretend that they weren't aware of them.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1488743845008.jpg (87.8 KB, 720x720, 13524282_10153740371202951_808…)

No. 263852[Reply]

Nathan Larson is the red pill libertarian candidate in Virginia's 31st House of Delegates district election, 2017. The central theme of this campaign is: Restore, strengthen, and defend the family.
This is achieved clearly by raping your daughter, beating your wife, and generally being a violent sociopath who thinks anal sex is "alpha". He uses a photo of him and his wife, possibly to try and convince others that there are people out there who find him both attractive and tolerable.
Here are some great links on his own self-made wiki to get things started - warning, you may shoot yourself in the fucking head!


Wife isn't sexually attracted to you anymore? Fuck that noise, she's your property! Bonus: Search until you find where he explains that spanking your wife in front of your children is necessary to let the children know that YOU are the true adult, the wife is essentially a big child. Now try to suppress the urge to bleed out in a tub!


This guy is probably very angry at women that make him feel stupid.

Here's his wife's youtube channel, which only features a very sad video honoring the man of the hour, Nathan Larson.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 263873

Jesus christ, I didn't even read that part. Because I have a hate boner for this man I have it in my own mind that he certainly didn't coerce the other parent out of it. His inane views and promoted treatment of others must have translated very clearly in a real life relationship

No. 631690

The Youtube video of the wife got taken down. Anyone know if there is another one online?

No. 1573070


No. 1573127

>white supremacist
>asian wife

No. 1573140

That's 99% of white supremacist males kek

File: 1611181828570.jpg (207.37 KB, 1080x820, Lobotomize-all-singlets.jpg)

No. 1137319[Reply]

A community of people who supposedly have multiple personalities and are Very Online about it. Most are completely self-diagnosed and demand extensive special treatment from everyone around them. If you doubt their wild claims, you are an evil cishet oppressor.

- Referring to anyone without the disorder as "singlets"
- Demanding that other people call them by multiple names, keeping track of which "alter" they are talking to
- Some of these people are "dating" their own alters
- Some claim to have child alters who must be treated like minors
- Some claim to have "fictives" or "introjects", aka alters based on fictional characters from popular media. According to them, this is totally different from kinning.
- Using extensions like PluralKit to switch between names/accounts online depending on which personality is "fronting", which implies that they have control and awareness of these supposed switches
- Insisting that you can't hold a person responsible for what their "alter" does, the biggest get-out-of-being-an-asshole card ever
- Extreme entitlement to having everyone else enable their delusions

They use a lot of trans buzzwords, probably so that people are too scared to criticize them. Recently, a Twitter thread about "things you should never say to systems" went viral, with thousands of unquestioning supporters retweeting to show how woke they are. Highlights to follow in the thread below.
256 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1569628

File: 1655974188445.jpeg (447.62 KB, 960x1187, 330BABED-0F6D-4622-AE0B-C8DC3E…)

so close to realizing yet so far

No. 1569631

File: 1655974549492.jpeg (285.16 KB, 960x714, A4589E9C-CD46-455F-A0CC-07A547…)

claims to not have reg amnesia only emotional amnesia ????? literally picking and choosing “symptoms” so that they’re quirky enough to have osdd but not enough for it to impact their life in any way shape or form kek

No. 1569634

Not shitting on mother's with mental issues but whenever I see DID people or troons who are parents I feel so sorry for the children and also wonder where they get the time for larping such nonsense.
Reeks of narcissism.

No. 1570058

i thought you guys were talking about my best friend from middle school this all lines up so well its kind of scary.

No. 1573119

Kinda surprised to see someone I used to know in this thread lol. But anyway, they told me in DMs that they're mtf.

File: 1426187406551.jpeg (29.15 KB, 400x400, ffxkd0v8kpzznbmjp8ww_400x400.j…)

No. 145842[Reply]

187 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1572229

kek keep seething

No. 1572724

Gotta wonder if her hololive coworkers are aware of who she is

No. 1572997

Probably not, but the jp ones don’t care and most of en are just as bad as her.

No. 1573082

Karen may have some dirt but there's nothing about the rest

No. 1573202

Amelia’s got a history of being a loud screaming autist goblin.

File: 1656281606015.jpeg (217.73 KB, 1125x1125, 4FF16AFD-39D0-43B9-91C6-C1D8A3…)

No. 1573043[Reply]

> tiktoker with 100k+ followers
> 23 year old ex meth addict, newly reformed spirituality witch or whatever
> draws on themselves on tiktok lives for attention and calls it an “art project”
> totally not getting validation from the horny men who call them sexy in the chat
> doctor shopper. went to several therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists just to hear what they wanted
> DID faker, among other disorders. was pretty normal up until 6 months ago. has 300+ “alters” including dogs and cats.
> slept with their ex best friends rapist out of spite and loneliness
> threatened to murder someone over a skateboard they bought for their ex boyfriend
> threatened to break into exes house and steal back the playstation 5 they bought for him as a christmas present
> apparently has been sexually assaulted by over 400 men
> abuses their cat and blames it on their mental illness

No. 1573051

oh look a typical basic attention whore they/them female. yawn. call us when she (you) does anything interesting.

No. 1573054

I agree with this nonna >>1573051 she is looking kind of dime-a-dozen here but I've said that before about legit cows so how about some screencaps/links to her doing crazy depraved shit?

No. 1573055

nice self post

No. 1573058

considering its tiktok we're talking about, this person is pretty unremarkable. the majority of creators on there are exceptional to the point that none of them stand out.

No. 1573148

Take your gender neutral faggotry back to reddit.

File: 1508708375847.png (795.5 KB, 747x855, alythread.png)

No. 407792[Reply]

Aly_sjourney, our EX anorexic, our queen of recovery, our stable, healthy woman shows us all what true recovery looks like: Threatening to delete your account and feeling suicidal af unless you get at least 5 comments. Never reaching a BMI of 18.5 regardless of eating 3000 (!) calories a day. Feeling weak and frail at work due to never eating anything other than cookies and donnies. That is true recovery.

Don’t blame Aly, it’s just that she simply cannot deal with her boss’ yells at work, her father’s yells at home and her haters’ yells on Instagram. It makes her want to die.

Previous thread:


> Goes from BMI 18.4 to 17.5 within 3 days and never seems to gain any weight despite constant "binging"
> Is contemplating drinking ENSURES again, but they might make her feel like a fake EX anorexic
> Still having constant photoshoots outside of McDonalds
> Eyeliner wings are getting so long, they’re flying her to recovery
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1152 posts and 294 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 431393

That anon is clearly not well versed in our lingo. Now where's the newer thread …

No. 434625

Where’s the milk?

No. 1573160

that outfit is really cute, I dont think it looks like a "street corner hooker" at all. What are you, a Puritan? I'd wear that outfit

No. 1573314

File: 1656307695301.jpeg (28.58 KB, 1026x208, do you see the problem here.jp…)

4 years late but not incorrect. I don't see how this thread got bumped though because you saged? The "diabeetus" thing made me smile, though.

No. 1573332

nta but I'm sad it got bumped. I thought our recovery queen was back. Damn it.

File: 1654910032602.png (295.25 KB, 595x496, manifesting 2 boyfriends i gue…)

No. 1556689[Reply]

Katherine McMahon, also known online as Katherine Harlow, the Madame Blush, and the Park Avenue Pinup, is a 24 year old scam artist in NYC who forfeited the college education granted to her by her decently successful family to LARP as a disabled, autistic, downtrodden, salt-of-the-earth in her endless sage wisdom sex worker. Whenever she feels like pretending to have a job, she can be seen performing burlesque in her signature sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone underwear. She is truly one of the best costumers in burlesque. When she isn't performing, which she usually isn't, she can be found offering her "luxury" services as a financial dominatrix on Twitter. Survival sex workers speaking about their personal experience with assault beware (!), as she is seemingly only 'in community' with a single dead, trans, black woman who never truly knew her, and is now too dead to tell poisonous bird women online to stop using her name and image for ally points.

Recent milk:

> After oh so subtly throwing shade at dommes who use their sub-funds to pursue a higher education >>1510534 Katherine continues to pander to her pedo "sissy sub", receives payment not in four figure purses, but rather a wooden spoon >>1510865

> Advocates for kind, considerate discourse online >>1511131 but only after claiming that her so-called profession "enrages civilian women" because they are sad, undervalued, insecure, and jealous misogynists, and that nobody should "come for her" unless they want to be "dragged through hell and back" >>1510835 >>1536571
>Ironically calls Amber Herd out as a fake survivor of domestic abuse >>1511567 only to claim that 'victims never behave perfectly' and that she feels unsafe speaking out as a survivor of domestic abuse after the trial has concluded >>1533744Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
207 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1573115

What prevents her from getting some bangs cut in? All of her fashion choices are so incompetent that it's difficult to understand unless she is on the spectrum or something.

No. 1573231

File: 1656298849699.png (12.25 MB, 8185x2160, old milk.PNG)

Bless. This is why they look so dated to me.
She reposts a lot of her content so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had mentioned the shoes in the past, I don’t recall. However, she posted >>1572456 and >>1572573 within the last few days. Some cows are repetitive and pointing it out is par for the course.

No. 1573347

I mean, maybe spare a thought for the 5% of "bisexual" people who actually sleep with both sexes.

No. 1573349

Glued fake gems? That's Kathy's look tho!

No. 1573371

She has mentioned the shoes in past; it was a whole discussion here of her begging for and getting them >>1463831 Another anon already pointed out her reposting the smoking video months ago >>1435564 Read the threads, especially if you're a summerfag.

File: 1650093007196.jpeg (2.15 MB, 2880x3840, E9EC200E-49D3-4887-9FBE-E50F3E…)

No. 1502873[Reply]

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling
Tik Tok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2Yvoe6/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amandabret

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell -

The last few months have seen Mandy and Dan through the halcyon days of their passionate and ever-changing-in-duration love. Have they been together eight months or ten? Who's to say? Time is but a concept to these New York royalties!

Is Dan a girlfriend abuser whose dick doesn't work? Probably! Will Mandy eventually kill him during his "detox" the way she killed Eric? I'm hoping! As their drug usage intensifies, will her ramblings become longer and somehow even less coherent? Most likely! More importantly, will her meatball eyes keep getting meatier as her photoshopping gets more desperate? Let's find out!

(Since the last thread summary we've seen a lot of infighting and rudeness directed towards Amanda's normal- eyed brother, Domenick. I request you be polite to him as a favor to me because the gentle unraveling of Mandy's lies are a welcome addition to these threads.)

previous thread 1 >>943302
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
846 posts and 202 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1572933


He has a very feminine browbone and forehead

No. 1573009

Is he vegan? He looks like he could use some protein

No. 1573034

A man literally has to try to be this out of shape

No. 1573099


He has an alcoholic body, it’s not new. It’s like all the skinny old men you see with little pot bellied shaking at the liquor store in the morning. Scrawny arms and legs and a mini beer belly because he eats only what he needs to survive and is bloated from just drinking a ton of alcohol constantly

No. 1573108

wow look at all the trash just sitting on the floor in the hallway. Mandy slobs really living up to her name huh

File: 1655955070798.png (367.71 KB, 375x666, 1655258795312.png)

No. 1569364[Reply]

New camgirl thread

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hoffman:
> Moves in with Cody to find out he was fucking another women. She was friend-zoned. She still let Cody drive her car around
>Claims she had a miscarriage but didn't tell anyone about it
>Claims an Uber driver sexually assaulted her and she lost her $7000 ring in the car
> Claims she has an auto-immune disease
>Claims she got chlamydia and it ruined her chance of having kids
>Gets livestock tattooed on her
>Claims to be celibate but then brags about having sex
> Claims she was approached at the mall, the guy stuck his boner in her face
>Claims the maintenance man of her apartment entered her apartment without permission
>Claims a man was pretending to be her neighbor but he didn't actually live in the building. Posted a video of two men getting in a fight in the hallway of her building. Begged for money to move out
> Claimed she was two months pregnant and was getting an abortion.
>Tried to profit off of her pregnancy. Claimed she had such a tummy from being pregnant but the next day it disappears
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1572230

reminds me of plasticnproud/arianna mcmillan, another e-thot who declared that she aborted her "gemini demon"

No. 1572544

File: 1656244350733.png (8.58 MB, 1170x2532, ED1B7900-7E47-4E87-83F3-A07942…)

Out with Ty’s friends, drinking, and attempting to buy their friendship with overpriced booze

No. 1572882

File: 1656269173377.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2250, 539F51F9-5385-4DA3-8534-8B49D3…)

The lies just never end with her, she probably molested some other girls after being sexually abused herself as a kid, but she was NOT about any g/g stuff from the time she started camming. Except with Loretta. And she’s so fucking awkward.
She could never turn any woman on bc women don’t want to fuck malnourished little girl bodies. I’m so grossed out rn lol.

No. 1572989

I mean she’s hooked up with girls on cam long before Loretta but yeah I don’t buy that she was fucking women before men because all she talks about from her teens before camming was that one emo guy she likes to post a few times a year.

No. 1573087

It’s common for molested kids to inappropriately touch other children because they don’t know any better. It happened to me with a childhood friend who was sexually abused herself. I have a feeling this is the case with Pumpy and it’s gross she’s flexing like this. She had no chemistry with the women she worked with on cam so it’s hard to believe she’s genuinely sexually attracted to women. Once again this is attention seeking behavior because she has to make pride about herself.

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