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File: 1610050295984.jpeg (782.19 KB, 1763x1723, ham sandwich.jpeg)

No. 1124866[Reply]

As we hear solostinmymind has shuffled off her mortal coil, we reflected on others we have known in these threads who have checked out of life.

Bakeranon gifted us some n2f recipe bakes at Xmas, which left her with a squiffy tummy. Your efforts are much appreciated and we hope it doesn't stop your future experiments.

N2f is looking incredibly ill as she tics and twitches her way through videos of her eating.

Meanwhile, we're stuck with those who think that eating disorders are a game and oh so glamorous.

Ham went off to ~relapse~ when called out for her LARPing on her ig account. She returned this evening to show us that she cried and ate porridge. We missed you, Ham, we haven't been able to eat anything since you left.

As Britain goes into lockdown, Ganer has a breakdown as her gym closes. Like a trooper, she continues her questionable progress at home.

Georgia is out of NF (for now) as Lee checked in for a nose hose.

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No. 1134273

File: 1610916490827.jpeg (165.36 KB, 828x1586, B6226D7E-8FA7-4831-A800-DC00E7…)

seems instagram has mistaken my milk-searching for genuine interest, as this was lurking on my explore page… this girl is really smart enough to go to medical school???

No. 1134279

Nah, it was me not picking up on it like a humourless cunt.

Is this the end of her account then? 2here does she go from here? Can she humiliate herself any more?

No. 1134280

Your onto something there.

No. 1134287

She made the same mistake in another those stupid dancing videos. Maybe it's a TikTok thing?

No. 1134314

and definitely smart enough to know the difference between "your" and "you're" as a native speaker

File: 1604181580450.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.81 KB, 1038x1244, F608F037-F0F2-4ABA-AFAA-300391…)

No. 1071952[Reply]

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Adora Batbrat
Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
The Niggers of Wessex (Psychara, Felvae, Feigsfar)
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk
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No. 1133981

>>1133977 (the 'transness' here almost coming off as just another form of self harm. It's sad).

No. 1134087

That sounds like a you problem actually. Maybe want to stop hatewatching people?

Well, if I trust anybody to handle history responsibly and thoroughly it's this chud. Remember when he kept going on about his viking heritage, but didn't realize the connection between the vikings and the normans?

This will be equal parts fasci and hilarious.

No. 1134172

>>1134087 And… what are you doing here exactly? Funny how that works huh.

No. 1134183

File: 1610911193831.png (61.84 KB, 500x149, amem.png)

No. 1134200

I don't want to destroy your bubble, but addiction is an illness. Some people are prone to it and get addicted to literally everything whereas others don't.
That's why she went from hard drugs to alcoholism to now having this strange relationship with ghosts. Which is just another coping mechanism/addiction if you will. Just unhealthy behaviour all round.

I couldn't care less whether Dorian lives at home, identifies as he or she. This is a gossip forum but I don't think it's gossip to drag someone for their actual illness or their inability to lead a normal life.

Not to wk Dorian, they've been entertaining and sure have done weird/questionable shit. But your reasons for hating them are bullshit.

File: 1610708957150.png (118.66 KB, 606x544, PULL.png)

No. 1132200[Reply]

Nyx has pulled the plug of PULL 3.0 citing deep issues with its culture as her reason.

After the closing of PULL 3.0:
>Users migrate to Discord and trash talk Nyx for closing the site without enough notice.
>Pusheen (former mod), Monocakes and RockingHorseFly pile on.
>Leaked screenshots show that Pusheen, Monocakes and RockingHorseFly had known about Nyx’s plan to shut down PULL for at least 8 months.
>They refused Nyx’s offer to become admins of the current site because it was not good enough. They told her they were already archiving the entire site and working on creating a new one.
>Pusheen, Monocakes and RockingHorseFly have done jack shit for PULL 4.0 all this time. Instead, Pusheen (the leader) has been busy writing a petty fanfiction about Biscuit and Nyx, making Sims porn of PULL users and bragging about participating in sex orgies that never happened.
>lolcow leaks Pusheen's selfies and the username she uses for all her accounts.
>PULL Discord gets nuked by owner to protect Pusheen.
>lolcow and KF uncovers Pusheen's nudes and accounts in tumblr, twitter, instagram, reddit, fetlife, abdlic, fanfiction, proana sites, a Columbine Massacre forum, etc.
>Grooming accusations are made against Pusheen and her boyfriend (both aged 20+). They run a witchcraft/otherkin discord full of underage users where sex stories and nudes are shared frequently.
>Discord #2 is created… and nuked again because admins did not know that it's against the TOS to post loli in the server.
>Discord #3 is created.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1134094

Is it me or the whole convo very Americanised lmao. Plenty of other countries have good access to contraception and sexual education, making it sound like all women face the same issue is so dumb.

Ironic for them to be discussing what seems to be a popular opinion in America on an unpopular opinion channel too, and then getting annoyed when someone with… an unpopular opinion, if you can count it that, says something different

No. 1134107

they're not exactly wrong when they say that men opening their mouths tends to lead to them saying something retarded though, maybe that's just my scrote related jadedness talking. Got kicked from the server ages ago but I do remember that seeky fag being annoying in the past. At least he's not bananas tier

No. 1134128

The vast majority of countries don't have access to contraception and sexual education. It's very ethnocentric to say it's just the US.>>1134094

No. 1134174

File: 1610910716598.png (38.12 KB, 507x335, 498712983.PNG)

Why do men?
Don't even follow their own rules

No. 1134226

Yeah those screenshots are almost based. They shouldn't be humoring him in the first place but they're not wrong, why the fuck is a scrote chiming in when women are talking about birth control just to say "maybe being a woman isn't fun but having sex with a woman sure is lololol #ihavesex".

This thread keeps missing the mark. Stop bringing your internal slapfights in here because you're too cowardly to do anything but passive aggressively circlejerk in your group chats about how "it's the [insert weaponized autism here] for me!!!!", you love to talk about how you're better than us because you're not anonymous but whenever you have drama the first thing you do is come here to ~expose~ each other anonymously. Cease. Come back when someone else is outed for being a degenerate or when you find out you had yet another snowflake in your midst all along.

File: 1605408594843.jpg (134.3 KB, 602x797, SIMPING SHOE.jpg)

No. 1082559[Reply]

Last time:
>Simps and defends Vaush and his pedo ways
>Trying to get some attention by pretending she's bi for Ashleigh
>Is trying to latch onto several people to try and maintain relevance
>Still on her same old pickme shit but trying to find a wider audience
>Is also trying to grift herself into the leftist/communist audience
>Got into a slapfight with fellow idiot Sargon of Akkad
>Is seething because she's not Belle Delphine, is desperately trying to skinwalk her the way she did Boxxy. Sadly for her people have eyes.

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
741 posts and 135 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1134142

File: 1610908251378.png (65.75 KB, 742x581, shoeonhead.png)

Try moving out of your parents house and cooking a meal first maybe.

No. 1134163

The fact that preg managed to get a new gf before she could says all you need to know about her prospects of getting someone else and starting a family. Lord keep this woman from having kids, we don't need more manchildren and future pickmes running around

No. 1134166

She will have to settle for one of her cuck simps if she wants to start a family. No man with self-respect will want to date June, especially not with all the cringe images and screenshots out there of her on a leash under Preg's table and her saying shit like "I worship his cock 24/7". She ruined all her prospects of finding the tradjock man she truly wants by acting like a degenerate whore for so many years.

Her only options are soyboys like Vaush who will only be attracted to her because she is willing to wear ponytails and pretend to be the child they truly want to fuck.

No. 1134170

Just imagine the horror of a june/vaush hybrid. The face of a donkey. The body of a walrus. It would be freakshow tier

No. 1134248

I fucking hope this bitch never has children. She's a womanchild whose entire life revolves around the internet. Those kids would be so fucked up.

File: 1480129847916.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, jess.jpg)

No. 204019[Reply]

Jessica Celebra aka Jessica Rosa is a narcissistic 20-something-year-old rich white girl who is well-known on Tumblr for her sad babydoll nymphet photography & clothing, and reselling used clothing originally bought at thrift stores for $50 each; also notorious for throwing paranoid fits and deleting her blog every 2 months & coming back a week later with a new name and persona (but never fails to come off as holier-than-thou).

She thinks anyone who takes photos of pink things & buildings with a film camera and posts them to Tumblr is copying her & has thrown several fits about it; at one point she (a grown woman) publicly bullied a 16-year-old girl (with aspergers syndrome, no less) for such.

Originally known in around 2012 for her blogspot, The Tragic Sense, and her Lookbook (both no longer accessible) where she posted her faded film photography and outfits.

Jess moved to tumblr in ~2013 and gained popularity under her first url, dollgraves, assumed a sweet fragile nymphet uwu persona, and deleted her blog in (I think) 2014.
Remade her blog under the url ghostbabygirl not long after, but threw a fit because everyone was copying her and only she can take faded film photos of her masturbating in a tutu and bloody panties :(
Deleted again in 2015, came back as Jess Woods (url jess-woods); photography consisted of more greenery but was mostly the same.
Deleted once again mid-2016.

Jess's current blog is moonprincessjess.tumblr.com where she now assumes the name Jessica Rosa & posts photos of city buildings, chandeliers, and vegan fairy DIY rose baths and lavender teas.

Links -
Blogspot: thetragicsense.blogspot.com (now defunct & inaccessible)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
569 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1056287

Not as far as I know. If she does she hasn't linked to it on any of her old social media. It's been three years since she left tumblr and she's in her late twenties now, she probably has different priorities and/or interests. I don't think we'll see her come back. It's a shame because I'd still like to see her make a comeback.

No. 1109954

File: 1608324537920.png (531.49 KB, 498x665, moderpublic.png)

Just leaving this here because I think this is unseen and I guess I want to preserve it

No. 1117768

all her hard work, wasted. she could have posted shitty blurry vlogs and recipes, no face or body required, and her fans would have eaten it up.

No. 1134164

File: 1610910053660.jpg (372.78 KB, 1944x1452, 42998136_1863012923768577_3981…)

The last I saw of her.. taken from the Vaughan library facebook

No. 1134169

Wish scrotes would stop bumping old threads cause they have a chronic need to share their jerk-off material.

File: 1607884349104.png (2.49 MB, 2000x1600, botched.png)

No. 1106584[Reply]

SUMMARY: ScorpioAssHeaux / AliceAmoreLove / PickledPetShop / Ariana McMillan is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.


>Has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky; constantly talks about needing more surgery to feel better about herself.

>Posts before and after pics of her surgery nonstop, unable to see her own obvious physical decline and downward spiral despite spending hours staring at own face.
>Previously obsessed with fillers, but just got a facial fat-transfer despite her face already looking a catcher’s mitt. Begged a plastic surgeon to just “take her money” when he declined to do the procedure, got her way.
>Has a history of animal abuse: most notably a video of her spraying her hamster with water while it is backed into a corner in a cage >>1034430, and letting a pet gecko get so malnurished that gecko's jaw broke. Instead of taking it to the vet, PnP posted pictures of the Gecko to tumblr asking what she should do much to everyone's dismay. Currently owns a cat she hates and constantly posts videos of her "aggressively" playing with on Snapchat. Posted on tumblr she was going to spend money on her dog's much needed hip surgery, but never mentioned it again after annoucing her fat-facial grafting surgery.

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1081838
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
940 posts and 239 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1134235


Her face is exactly the same as her pre surgery face when she smiles…..also I’m dying inside at the amount of photos she’s posting from the same photo set with the same underwear kek she’s so lazy

No. 1134242

Wasn't she begging for shrooms after she got out of surgery in texas, though? Does that somehow not qualify as hard drugs?

No. 1134284

My sides anon

No. 1134312

Ariana only has a "crush" on this woman because they look similar. Bad fake boobs, bad fake lips… Botched faces. Also, Ariana's eyebrows are atrocious.

No. 1134315

Long time lurker, she’s pretty from certain angles in my opinion, I do like her smile. But in most selfies this bitch truly looks like she stank. It’s the musty underwear and botched titties for me, but also the ugly personality. You can’t buy that kek. She’s just not feminine, like she wants to be. And she could start by changing herself inside. Slight Ot but on twitter I had complimented one of her mushroom art and didn’t even realize it was her until she liked the reply, I didn’t notice it was her pickled pet shit account. But it surprised me that I actually found one of her pieces to be nice and cottagecore-esque. She truly is the cow I love to hate.

File: 1579501446279.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1567132245751.png)

No. 920764[Reply]

>edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi from Tumblr
>wrote a graphic fake trauma narrative about life in a child sex trafficking ring hosted in a warehouse, every part of which was laughably fabricated
>created fake Hidden Wiki screencaps describing CP videos of herself and a character named "Sam", her closest friend in the ring
>skinwalks relentlessly, first an actual girl named "Sam" she was briefly friends with IRL, then Courtney Love, then Ginger Bronson, then various others Tumblr users
>obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, enjoys gore/porn of the character Sora
>made multiple sockpuppet Tumblr accounts to make her claims and the people she invented look "real", catfishing as multiple girls (mainly Ginger Bronson)
>is known to plagiarize whatever media she's interested in for her narrative
>previously posted journals on a MCR blog site pretending to grieve over a friend who died ("Danny") and even made a fake FB memorial page, using photos of an unrelated person
>has had her family and authorities notified, but her behavior has largely stayed the same
>admits to watching CP, killing/torturing animals

>has retreated to a private IG account and still posts the same bullshit lies
>claims to be addicted to heroin and meth, and that her alleged drug dealer has been trying to fuck her
>has been seeing a Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist (Ellen Lacter) and posting about how much she helps her (one time, Soren claimed she was kidnapped by the "bad guy" on her birthday and raped, while her therapist was on the phone with her the whole time)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
516 posts and 108 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1134066

Jeez. As much of a lolcow as Soren always was, I hope that she isn't actually dead. As kooky as she is, she is still very young and still has time to turn this all around, I think.

No. 1134076


She faked her death at least once before, didn't she? Besides how would her followers know unless her mum or someone else logged into the account to say something.

No. 1134089

She's faked her death twice that the threads have picked up on, and has baited untold times.

No. 1134096

instafag here, she has definitely not posted literally anything on the oathful account to indicate anything happened so i have no idea where all those comments are coming from

No. 1134101

Was she still having complications with the tube dick surgery?

File: 1593444406730.jpg (89.35 KB, 1200x770, Kiwis-Adelgazar.jpg)

No. 998558[Reply]

Last thread >>525536

>Null is planning on leaving the site in search of his tradwaifu

>MirnaMinkoff is one of the most annoying posters to have ever existed(shit OP)
1075 posts and 227 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1133997

>doing the "anime is for pedophiles and the Japanese are a race of pedophiles" shtick like some of the worst 00's SA goons (who were also often projecting.)
A pedophile saying that plenty of anime appeals to people with pedo tendencies isn't projection, you fucking retard.

And no, nobody was posting CP to try to take the board down, there was rampant CP on /b/ fifteen years ago, and butthurt fans on /sp/ will still spam it whenever their team is getting completely BTFO (I saw it firsthand once in a Colts/Texans game thread).

No. 1134019

The trib-fags who posted it literally bragged about how Null had to spend all night awake having to delete the CP they spammed, I remember one especially who seemed schizo (Agent Johnson?) and who thought that Null
literally spent every second of every day thinking about him, he made several posts about "Just let us post CP on the main board, kids can consent, we will keep doing this until you cave in" and whenever someone replied to him telling him he's a pedo-fag he thought it was Null.

9chan was a shitshow and I watched it burn down (glad it is dead, nobody needs more imageboards for scrotes to be pedophiles on) but it was very much deliberately ruined by pedos who were not satisfied that they were only allowed to post loli (and only 2D) on a board that didn't show up on the overboard.

Also sage your posts, Kiwifag. Since you scrotes want to stay here so desperately, at least try to integrate and read the site rules.

No. 1134086


Think the point was how he's denying he's a pedophile and then saying stuff like "I can't watch even these literal children's films, it feels like child porn to me" (it is true though that lots of peds are involved in children's entertainment, but that's not where he's coming from) sounds like projection (or at the least very neurotic), retard. Especially when there's good evidence he is one.

There were other people who saw what happened (>>1134019) and who moderated 9chan at the time and attested it was basically being raided/they were going after him. But you're right that people posting CP on 4chan and other imageboards (even if they're completely unrelated to anime) has been a constant phenomenon going back many many years, so it's pretty weird (not really) he's making over what he experienced as some kind of revelation.

No. 1134098

He said that he thought the people who posted loli and the people who posted real CP were different people before he saw for himself when he ran 9chan that it is the same people using the same IPs and tripcodes. If he was actually a pedo, why didn't he keep 9chan up?

I don't wanna wk Null of all people, but the pedo shit is such a reach and so easily thrown around nowadays that it takes away the impact of the word. I don't think you can hold something someone said as a 15 year old against them 15 years later. There's plenty of other shit you can say about him like that he's an incel loser who lives in a third world country cause he thinks he will find an UwU tradwife there. Or his absolutely retarded views on politics.

I personally think he's right about anime, I can't stand retarded weebs screeching about their cartoons anywhere they go. They are also by far the worst users on any site including KF.

No. 1134189


Grant Amato was into regular anime as far as I can tell. This might actually be the one thing where Null is onto something. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

File: 1587264292302.jpg (100.06 KB, 980x653, Titanic-Sinclair-Poppy.jpg)

No. 961466[Reply]

Last Thread: >>>/snow/581474

Thread Summary
>After much back-and-forth and vaguing (and some false counter-accusations launched by Poppy involving Josh Moran), the lawsuit is settled - Mars keeps the right to all music and videos she made with Titanic, Titanic has to delete any and all nudes of Mars, and they are not to speak of or interact with one another (online or offline) outside of court
>Titanic reportedly attempts suicide while Poppy is on tour, he messages fans about it
>Poppy and Titanic break up, Poppy makes her new relationship with Ghostemane public
>Poppy posts a statement on Twitter essentially calling Titanic abusive and attention-seeking, disavowing him and accepting no responsibility for her role in attacking Mars
>Poppy fires her entire band and puts out a song indirectly attacking Mars
>Titanic's brother, Alex, pops up to defend his brother on Reddit, then on YouTube via Edwin's Generation. He can't seem keep Mars out of his mouth despite Poppy being the main subject, makes several claims about both women without much proof, claims Mars "traumatized" him, then moves to defend Titanic some more on Twitter
>Maggie Levin makes a film about the Mars/Titanic/Poppy situation, titled Into The Dark: My Valentine
>Mars Argo friends and fans react negatively, Mars unfollows her (former) friend who starred in the film
>Titanic gets with a new girl, Chelsea, aka @nobodysdreamgirl on IG
>Poppy stans trick Chelsea into openly shit-talking Poppy in a group chat with them, leak screencaps and also that she made a Twitter account to argue with them
>Titanic spergs in his own IG comments, responding to negative comments with long rants, insults interspersed with "love and light"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
381 posts and 96 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1130757

She seems very easy. She doesn't show much personality, is clearly insecure and fame hungry etc. People like her are easily manipulated.
Nitpicky of me but I can't get over her sausage lips, they look so awful.

No. 1133990

File: 1610899539022.jpg (95.04 KB, 735x711, IMG_20210117_100348.jpg)

more cokeposting from tits

No. 1133991

File: 1610899568589.jpg (94.14 KB, 724x831, IMG_20210117_100352.jpg)

No. 1133994

File: 1610899712055.jpg (53.67 KB, 730x420, IMG_20210117_100357.jpg)

No. 1134131

Isn't he broke as fuck?

File: 1597303855452.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2880x3840, 5BB0D2E1-5B37-415C-9C98-707B7D…)

No. 1022186[Reply]

Social Media
Ig: bratoutofhell
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/bretdarling

Amanda Bret / Amanda Schafemeyer / Labozetta/ bratoutofhell - 32 year old self obsessed woman living in Long Island with her parents while promising to move back to Brooklyn or beyond soon! Her life goal is to remain relevant on instagram, cannot help but constantly air out her dirty laundry online and constant oversharing, public breakdowns, etc. Has spent quarantine lurking in her parents' garage, getting engaged and then dumping Eric from Tiger King, not using her Peleton, photoshopping herself to oblivion, not bothering to make any sort of statement about BLM or police brutality, and of course "recovering" from "a partial mastectomy".

previous thread 1 >>943302

previous thread 2 >>971778

New milk since last thread was formed:

Erik and Amanda are engaged! >>975716

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
936 posts and 286 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1133288


You know she's only trying to fuck tattooers because she thinks she'll get the homie price for work, when she's really just made fun by every tattooer she encounters as a poser try-hard that's annoying. Bitch doesn't understand you get the homie hookup by being a homie, not by being a thirsty ho that turns down an offer of tape over her nipple because she wants male attention so badly.

No. 1133350

But she has soo much money though!!! Lol

No. 1133982

a friend of mine tattooed her inner thigh and said she was “moaning orgasmically” the whole time and made the whole session really awkward for him. any respected artist would see right thru her bullshit

No. 1134021

This doesn’t surprise me in the least and is absolutely fucking hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

No. 1134227

I'd ban her from the shop just for that alone. Hope your friend is coping since the worst hour of his life.

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