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File: 1406613871766.jpg (8.85 KB, 175x219, 175px-LOLCow.jpg)

No. 34166

Do you or a friend know a person who's like that and want to tell an interesting story? Post your stories here!

No. 34167

I'm not friends with this girl anymore, because she turned out to be a huge self absorbed bitch. So not gonna feel guilty about this Anyways:
> Had a friend who was a huge koreaboo
> Her playlists at parties consisted of 89% K-pop, and she was like an angry wolf if you asked if we could just put on some relaxing indie or something, because most of us don't really like K-pop. If it was her party, then fine. But she also had a tendency to play ''DJ'' at other peoples parties
> I say ''DJ'', because all she did was put songs in a spotify playlist and claim that she was a DJ and how easy it was. I am an actual DJ, and let me tell you. That is not how it works.
> Did auditions for a musical with a K-pop song and was upset that people didn't understand the glory of K-pop and were like ''Uhm why is she singing in Chinese''
> Deperate to be Ullzang and competed in these FB Ullzang competitions for the most likes
> Called Korean boys her ''Oppa''
> Let people compliment her on her flawless skin. All her friends know how it really is and that she just uses layers and layers of make-up to hide how irregular her skin is
> Says that girls who Photoshop themselves are fake (I agree) but she is like a whole different person with make-up then without, it isn't even a subtle difference. So I am not sure if she is the person who can rant about fake people
> When I wanted to cut my hair in a side-cut. ''Oh just like [insert some k-pop artist]! How cool, makes you look more like a k-pop idol''
> Besides Koreaboo, also a huge weeb that never grew out of the delicious yaoi phase and has a very ill concept of what Lolita is.
> When I tried to teach her how not to be Ita and do it right. ''Anon it is my personal lolita style. So please, stop''
> Kay then walk around in hot topic mini skirts and mini top hats and claim you are an expert Lolita. Hope the hungry lolita comm will tear you apart.

No. 34168

She sounds 12, my friend.

No. 34169

Do we know the same person? I use(d) to run in a very kpop-centric crowd and I feel like this is 70% of the people I know

No. 34170

She used to be my bff when I was 6 and loved pokemon. Met her a while later, she liked anime and stuff (I was 14 and a weeb at the time) so we became friends again. But then, little contact just months later.

> 16 y old

> "hey anon! I want to come visit you, want to meet some people I met at xcon who live in your city, so can I sleep over?"
> Go long with it, over my weeb phase however and not so keen on meeting a bunch of weebs but whatever, it's just a weekend, right?
> Go with her meet people, so many guys flirting with her
> "oh I'm a hot gamer girl haha! My breasts are big, don't you think?"
(note, I'm like a 90 lbs ana looking bitch so anyone with a b cup is big compared to me, but her's were maybe a c cup)
> she herself makes comments about her body being sexy all the time.
> guys are so low que they go along with it (she's a chub though)
> everything is kawaii and desu and all the pokemon sounds being imitated by my childhood friend (as well as sounds and quotes from games she's an expert in; kingdom hearts and Final fantasy mainly).
> never meet her again
> on facebook, she has gaming videos on youtube, a cosplay page, posts lots of bad animu drawings she makes and streams, still uses meme's and "trollface", along with a personal blog with rants.
> posts lots of personal issuse on fb for all to see "wow so depressed" "my bf and I are having troubles!" etc.
> same with body shot in swimsuit "baww so fat and pale desuuu"
> bunch of beta fags complimenting her all the time

Idk, is this what you guys look for?
actually, maybe it's not but she's heaps entertaining to have on facebook sometimes though.

No. 34171

Holy shit this sounds like someone I actually know. Is this USA or Canada..? Sry I'm mad curious. I've wanted to talk shit about this koreaboo chick I've known for sooooo long

No. 34172

Sad thing is, she isn't 12. I knew her since we were 15 years old. She is in her 20's now and still hasn't grown out of this behaviour.

I dunno, maybe. I don't think so though. A lot of weebs/koreaboos act the same retarded way.

The GAMUR GURL types are so annoying. They give others a bad reputation. When someone talks to me about games, and I reply that I love playing games too. I always get a huge amount of trivia quiz questions about all sorts of game related things. Just because ''Gurls only game for the attention'''

No. 34173

My uncle Dave,
>>He had a tooth infection
>>He also had leftover antibiotic that was prescribed to his dog by a vet
>>He grinds it up and injects it into his leg with a fucking syringe
>>area on his leg turns blackish
>>he calls his uncle, who is a vet in Florida.
>>"Hey. I took some of that dog antibiotic, is that okay?
>>I don't know, Dave, are you a dog?

No. 34174

She sounds like someone I know, too. Funny how these whores all sound like the same person, haha. Mine was named Emily. She was so obnoxious and dumb, my god. She thought she was hot shit because so many guys seemed to like her. In reality, she's just the only girl who gives those betas the time of day, so they latch onto her. She also went though a different relationship every month, and thought she was in love each time. She hung out with this group of a bunch of lame ass guys and made all the conversations about herself by being and obnoxious shit. They ate it up, too.

No. 34175

>girl in my mtg community
>she's around 18, average age for the room is like 23
>keeps screaming about magic and how she can't draft
>continues to scream about how she is the true nerd gurrlllZ (I'm sitting right there and at least know how to draft).
>continued to scream about batman and how she is 1 tru fan
> can hear her throughout the store positively crooning about how popular she is with teh boyz
>playing with my friend, "looks like in getting really popular around here, huh anon?! ;3"
>"I wouldn't call it popular"
>"well I guess they're getting to know my silly personLity!!! ;3"
>"I wouldn't call it silly."
>"oh boo anon! So tsudere! What would you call it?!"
>"annoying as fuck."
Laster that evening we all decided to head to IHOP for pancakes. My boyfriend masses a small group so he started calling it team pancake. This girl and her betas then start getting excited and screaming about team pancake cheering through the store (while people are trying to play). We let them know we'd rather not.
"Meet you there tsundere kuns!!!!"

>meanwhile at IHOP

"I'm pan sexual! That means I love people for them and not their bodies! NyaAaaaannmmnnmnnnnnn"

Waitress ignored her table for 40 minutes. We were long gone before they even ordered.

No. 34176

Its in Europe, but seems girls like her are not too uncommon.

No. 34177

This girl isn't a weeb

>>Used to work in McDonalds, quit and a week later updated her FB status to Model

>>Modeling consists of wearing stripper like clothing in front of those shitty low rider cars

>>Asked for 50 likes for a picture of her in a thong

>>Only got like 27, puts it up anyway. It's a picture with her, bent over a car hood, dress pulled up revealing a string thong and her fucking ass cheeks splayed out like it's a Thanksgiving turkey.

>> OH! Her entire family and friends and random people (She adds anyone and everyone) are on her FB and can see said picture

>>Did I mention this was taken during the day, in a park, children running around, during a shitty low rider competition?

Like every car show ever, be it rice rockets, low riders, 2 fast 2 furious cars, they all have girls "modeling" for them. The sluttier they dress the more attention they get. This girl would climb on the hoods of the cars, dressed in some crazy stripper getup and do sexual poses and would simulate sex on the hoods.

>>OH! She has a little girl, ex baby daddy tells her to quit her shit or he'd take their daughter away.

>>NO WAI, I'm a model and I'm gonna make it big soon. Baby daddy calls CPS, gets a lawyer and gets to keep their daughter.

>>She doesn't give a fuck, continues "modeling" and partying. Oh I didn't mention her partying? She does X, coke, and drinks like a sailor, but weed is beneath her. Constantly brags about it on FB

>>Is at the club every weekend. Meets guys, grinds on them, they exchange numbers, date for a week, she's in love, guy realizes she's clingy and crazy as fuck (She's the type that goes through their FB messages, their phones, calls female contacts and tells them to back off etc etc), sprays one of his t-shirts with his cologne and sleeps with it at night. Dude bails the fuck out.

>>Rinse repeat. Sometimes guys stick around longer, sometimes they just fuck her once.

>>She takes giant turds. Know how I know? Because she forgets to flush the damn toilet.

>>She's pregnant right now with some nasty ass Puerto Rican guy that ALWAYS wears something that says NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Boriqua, or the Puerto Rican flag. He has to tell fucking everyone that he's Puerto Rican. He gets offended when someone confuses him as Mexican.

>>He's never been to the east coast (we're all South Texan Fags) His mother is Puerto Rican, that's it. He has never set foot on Puerto Rican soil.

>>She got a pink breast cancer ribbon tattoo for awareness. Doesn't donate any money to charity, doesn't do marathons, no one in her family has ever had breast cancer.

>>One more thing about her recent pregnancy, she didn't know for like five weeks. During that time she was drinking and snorting coke, even though she was actively trying to get pregnant by two guys because she wants another bebe.

So much on this girl, I'll stop for now.

No. 34178

Sounds familiar, though I'm sure we don't know the same person. It's just so common, it's alsmost frightening. The crazy Koreaboo I know, although she's capable enough to function properly in society for the most part, is also a huge, rude brat and gets whatever she wants from her family. She's not super lolcow though, because she is at least smart enough to have a lid on her crazy.

But then my bf works at a Korean restaurant and apparently they hired a Koreaboo. I never met her, but have only heard a few stories from bf.
>watches the TV they have on for customers that shows Korean music videos or something, when she should be working
>she's always commenting on idols
>"omg [insert K-pop idol here] made me so mad!! [Something about him dating someone or some shit] rant rant rant!"
>bf is like k
>apparently a gross pizza face
>how the fuck did she even get hired
>recently fired now
>but seriously why the fuck did they hire that

No. 34179

File: 1406758280564.jpg (88.34 KB, 417x626, thong.jpg)


And here she is, I think they photoshopped the cellulite on her legs, but she still has a nice ass.

Everyone on her FB could see this. She has fourteen year old cousins, her mom, her dad, her aunts, and uncles. Like jfc girl.

No. 34180

File: 1406758571838.jpg (305.66 KB, 960x639, butt2.jpg)

When she gets dumped she hangs out with her daughter and changes her entire FB profile to pics of her and her daughter. As soon as a new guy comes along she deletes everything that has her daughter on it and puts pictures of her and her new temporary man.

No. 34181

File: 1406759277494.jpg (175.43 KB, 639x960, traditional.jpg)

One more for you Unichan pervs.

Remember, don't stick your dick in crazy.

This girl one time took a picture with a guys shirt (buttoned up cholo style) and a hand gun saying she was a down ass bitch and she would fuck up anyone that messed with her or her man at the time (She was talking specifically to the guys baby mama) She got dumped like a week later and the guy went back to his ex.

She also went through his texts, his FB messages, his phone calls, and his phone contacts (guy had like 100 girls). She went ape shit and started calling and threatening every girl she could.

She also lived with him for a week and he told her she was smothering her. When she pulled that stunt (calling and messaging his female friends), he kicked her out. She had no ride home so she had to sleep on his couch until someone could pick her up in the morning (he told her he never wanted to see her again and to gtfo of his couch by morning)

No. 34182

File: 1406760205585.jpg (133.95 KB, 717x960, cancertat.jpg)

The infamous cancer tattoo the post that came along with it:

*"My new tatoo Cancer awareness to those who are fighting , passed, survived
<3 My Love & Deepest Respects <3*

She also had a threesome with her FIRST COUSIN (female), and some dude in their neighborhood that they were both in love with and thought was hot.

She also had a threesome with two guys she barely knew because she didn't want to go home. No one else wanted to party anymore and wouldn't let her crash at their place. The guys said she could crash at their place and continue partying if she fucked them. She actually did it just because she didn't want to go home.

No. 34183

Why did I just know she was a brown hispanic?

No. 34184

Omg. Why. That tattoo is fucking huge, holy shit. And it's right on her arm. Wow. When you said she got a tattoo like that, I thought you means a small one on some discreet part of her body. God, that looks awful. Why the hell would she do that?

No. 34185

That's one tacky ass photo.

No. 34186

I dunno whether or not I should post pics of her since I'm still friends with her on facebook but she has got to be a pixyteri potential. Im not really friends with her since she only added me after I took pics of one of her cosplays. So anyways…

>Age 23 who recently got a GED and doesn't plan to go to college or do something with her career.

>Depends on her parents whenever she's facing trouble such trouble at work or whatever.
>Believes that she's cosplay famous just because of her dressing up in combination of two naruto cosplayers. Hell she even sells prints of herself even though she only cosplay a few characters.
>Spams facebook groups with her cosplay progresses and selling prints of herself. And whenever she gets kicked out of groups for making non-relating posts she demands that her friends report the page or calling the admins immature.
>Even though she has under 1000 likes on her facebook page she creates events and panels where its all about meeting her in her Naru cosplay like if she was Yaya Han.
>Have people to pick her up at cons and never pays them back or even said thank you.
>>Believes that she is close friends to Cosplay in America after the guy who runs it said that he likes her outfit.
>Always posts self-pity drama on facebook and whenever you tried to reason with her she will go apeshit and won't listen to a word you say as she believes that she can say whatever you want and you're not her mom.
>Whenever a person tries to expose her lies she would delete her posts afterwards and pretend nothing happens.
>Did I mention that she loves to create drama and can never take criticism?

No. 34187

Post pics. Seems like she adds people on a whim, she likely wouldn't be able to link this to you. There must be more people on her friends list just in it for the lulz.

No. 34188


Maybe because I mentioned her posing for low rider cars?

No. 34189


I thought it was bizarre when I saw it on my news feed. I'd understand if breast cancer ran in her family, some family member or close friend died from it, if she was actively involved in the breast cancer movement, If she donated and spread awareness about the cause, but like… No. None of those things happened.

She thinks getting the tattoo is contributing to the cause, but all it is, is an ugly ass tattoo on her fucking arm that's going to be there foorreeevveerrrrrr.

I have seen so many beautiful tattoos, yet she chose this. I don't know how her dumbass mind works.

No. 34190

Off topic, but I saw the old dude in the cowboy hat and immediately thought, "Yep, that's the Valley"

No. 34191

File: 1406785694346.jpg (25.3 KB, 300x300, profile_picture_by_browniewase…)

Here you go

No. 34192

Oh yeah mine doesn't work. So that is a difference. But she is really spoiled and always posts these huge clothing/circle lens hauls that her mom paid for. She is also the type that is ''So in love with senpai''
> When we were still friends, she is going to college
> Joins a study group and falls head over heels in love with her mentor. A generic pretty boy.
> Keeps blabbing about how in love she is, especially if he noticed her
> Guy kinda sounds like a huge self absorbed douche, but okay
> He also looks like her ex boyfriend, and not to mention. That relationship only lasted 2/3 months, we all had to hate her ex to the bone when they broke up, then she was 1 month single, now totz in love again.

I got sick of her when she accused me of never being their for her, and always dumping my problems on her (lolzno) I was always the one who listened to her bullshit about how angry her dad made her, w/e. She didn't even give a fuck when I told her I may have MS (Turned out to be Fibro in the end) and how scared I was for the test results. She just was like ''Oh yeah, stay strong. So have I told you about Sempaaaai yet?? He totally looked at me today <3''

That is such an ugly tattoo. Holy shit, typical for such a slut.

No. 34193

She also always inquired about my sex life. Because I was the only one of her friends with experience. I understand if you want some advice if you are actually gonna have sex for the first time. But it was all the time. Like bitch what I do in the bedroom is my business.

No. 34194

No. 34195

Oh god. Some of these are really terrifying. I feel like Koreaboos are getting worse than the weebs nowadays.

Also my personal lolcow:

>wanted to be a lolita for the longest time

>thinks sweet is beneath her
>CLASSIC ONLY but doesn't even know brands
>one day decides that white lolitas are "appropriating" japanese culture and calls out people on tumblr for "co-opting the kawaii aesthetic"
>she's white

cultural appropriation is a real thing but oh my god to accuse white lolitas of appropriation is laughable

she's also the most self absorbed person ive ever met and accuses everyone of abuse if things don't go her way

>plan room-sharing at a con with friends

>get two rooms and confirm room rosters with everyone months prior to the con to avoid drama
>con comes around
>"i can't have any boys in my room!"
>she was okay with the roster months ago
>"i don't care!!! you must have misunderstood me!!"
>there are literal chat logs of her saying that having dudes in her room is okay
>after the con she accuses me of being abusive to her because i said we should stick to the roster
>apparently im a "cunt" for wanting to stick to the roster

other lulzy things that she's done:
>said i was alienating her from our friends for having my brithday party close to my house instead of hers
>asked friends to buy dolls for her and never paid them back because they're "gifts"
>actually stolen money from her artist alley table partner
>accused her ex of being emotionally abusive when she was the one who threatened to commit suicide if he didnt stay with her and do everything she wanted
>thinks she's the best cosplayer for some homestuck character
>got mad once because there was a headcanon on tumblr where said homestuck character was overweight and SHES CLEARLY THE LIVING EMBODIMENT OF THAT CHARACTER AND SHE'S THIN SO WHY WOULD THAT CHARACTER EVER BE FAT
>calls people bitches and cunts when she feels like it but is a self proclaimed feminist who calls out other people for using those words
>said people were being "rude" to her because they were carpooling to a con and she drove herself and had to pay for her own parking
>we offered to drive her but she said driving herself would be easier

anyway im glad she's out of my life
i hear from friends she makes pseudo-death threats about me every now and then on her personal blog but she's p unhinged so im not surprised.

No. 34196

What do you think?

No. 34197

No need to be sarcastic. I just wanted to link it in case someone doesn't feel like doing 5 seconds of googling.

No. 34198

Well you got it right.

No. 34199

File: 1407128344029.jpg (90.78 KB, 522x592, drama.JPG)

Here is an example of her daily facebook posts and how she responds to her friends whenever they try to point something out.

No. 34200

File: 1407128370403.jpg (111.03 KB, 514x569, drama1.JPG)

No. 34201

File: 1407128491273.jpg (88.81 KB, 510x554, drama2.JPG)

No. 34202

File: 1407128632281.jpg (60.46 KB, 491x320, drama3.JPG)

No. 34203

I sort of know a lolcow, a former co-worker of mine. Not really much drama or anything, she is just so hilarious I can't stop acting like her friend. Her name is Christine and she's a 20 yr old ginger kid.

Story 1
>lived with another former co-worker, Jonas, for a while with her bf cause they had nowhere else to go
>Jonas was a 20 year old depressed virgin, unfortunately wasn't born with the most attractive features
>He would often complain about it to Christine and her bf, they were all pretty close friends
>Christine feels bad, talks things over with bf, they agree that for friendships sake she'll give Jonas a freebie
>While the bf watches
>Later laughs about the small size of Jonas' dick and how pathetic it was to me, the girl Jonas has a crush on, and all our other co-workers
>they are no longer friends (shocker)

Story 2
>Christine told me of her history of only dating abusive guys
>When I met her, she was with a guy named Kenny
>"He is not like the others, he is so nice and doesn't ever do bad things to me"
>They break up
>"He was the worst, he'd always beat me and I'm so glad to be away from him now"
>A week later, she's with her new bf (from story 1)
>"He is not like the others……"
>Go to pub together after my bf dumped me, I was super depressed and needed just about anyone to keep me company
>Talking about boys
>Christine tells me about how her current boyfriend (still story 1 guy) is not at all her type, in that he isn't a big gorilla with tattoos all over, and he is also blonde haired which is gross in her head.
>But he doesn't beat her, so they're totally meant to be
>She then showed me a ring on her finger that implied that he had proposed to her. They had been dating for about a month at the time.
>Another girl is there at the pub with us, they're talking about sexuality
>I'm very straight, they're both bi
>She asks me if she can kiss me, I say 'sure', she kisses me and asks me if I felt anything. 'No'. "Okay, you're definitely straight then".
>Cause I totally didn't know already
>Third girl goes to bathroom and Christine confesses that she's trying to get with said girl
>dude you have a boyfriend and this girl is 17 years old, wtf is wrong with you

Story 3
>eventually stop talking to her after she quits, still keeping her on FB though after she bitched last time I removed her
>She thinks I'm angry at her cause she slept with another co-worker of mine who happened to be my best friend
>I don't give a fuck gurl, you're just too weird for me
>I do have fun teasing friend about the fact that he's probably got herpes now
>She suddenly announces that she is pregnant and that this is the happiest day of her life
>Proceeds to make multiple statuses everyday about how her and her boyfriend through 2 months couldn't be any happier
>Every day for 9 months all she talks about is her beautiful princess that needs to come out as soon as possible
>myself and every other co-worker are feeling so bad for this poor kid

No. 34204

Having lived among mexicans my whole life, I've noticed that Mexican weebs are the worst kind of weeb to ever exist, ever. Like, really. Most of them try to dress/act like black people, yet they still have their occasional weeb, and oh boy. There was this fat mexican girl in one of my classes who seemed nice enough, I had a few conversations with her, but holy shit. She ended up sitting next to these two asian kids, one was from Korea, and the other I don't know (but he was defiantly a foreigner). Right off the bat, she starts asking them about Kpop stars and other cringe worthy shit. I sat at the next table, so I could hear all of her autistic rambling. She basically thought that Korea and Japan were like the same place, and would gush over Japanese shit to them, assuming they were familiar with all the animue and weeb shit because they were asian. She obviously didn't realize that a lot of Japanese and Koreans don't like one another, or that they've been in conflict. She kept trying to speak Korean with them. She would count to ten, list of the words she knew, ect. I could tell that they didn't appreciate her autism. Like, I could visually tell by looking at their annoyed faces and hearing them groan from the next table. Hearing her do this every fucking day for the whole year was so painful. I wanted to smash my head against the table every time she opened her stupid weeb mouth to gush about asian shit. I considered telling her how annoying she was on several occasions, but I never had the guts.

No. 34205

Most of the cringy mexicans I grew up with were into the whole emo/scene shtick, and boy was that awful. Like this one guy walked around the halls with a shitty tear drawn on his face in eyeliner.

I don't know what it is with Mexicans and anime. I've seen pictures of the Mexican cons and it's full of horrible weebs in bad cosplay/itas. Idgi

No. 34206

The pixyteri is strong with this one

No. 34207

God, what a dumb fuck this girl is.
>>I can say and do whatever I want, but no one else can!

You should write, "I can say whatever I want on your facebook, you put it there. I'm an adult, I can make my own decisions! Gawd!"

No. 34208

Maybe i should

No. 34209


No. 34210

>Like this one guy walked around the halls with a shitty tear drawn on his face in eyeliner.
You mean like a teardrop tattoo? Because that actually means something non-weeby

No. 34211

I didn't mean that he was a weeb, just one of those greasy looking scene/emo kids. I know what it really means but that's not what he was going for. Just "look at me I'm so dark I cry black" kind of thing.

No. 34212

Sorry hit reply too soon.

And if that's actually what he was going for then he was just being edgy.

No. 34213


I have a recent one where she goes Bashit about work and even after 30 comments she still doesn't get it. And it was obvious that she's fishing for pity comments

No. 34214

so post it already

No. 34215

I didn't really know where to ask this, but does anyone remember Asha from the staminarose personal lolcow thread? Does anyone have the link to her twitter/pinterest? I can't remember her full name and I can't find the thread with wayback machine.

No. 34216

Ashait Khadyatu

No. 34217

My personal lolcow was a 14 year old white koreaboo

>would hold tinychat sessions and get bored when people involved interacted with each other instead of just talking to her

>made a rule that no one talk about their problems in her tinychat room. unless it was her
>complained about her problems 24/7
>had over 2000 tumblr followers and treated them as her personal fanclub
>deleted her blog over drama she started and complained when she didn't automatically get her followers back
>wielded her followers as a weapon over friends she had fallings out with, asking them to send them anon hate
>treats current friends like shit and ignores their problems
>begged friend to photoshop a picture of her with her bias. to be fair, said friend did this with everyone else, but it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
>she takes it seriously
>got a 'bias anon' and deluded herself into thinking that said anon was really her oppa
>when bias anon turned out to be a friend she blew up and started ranting about how nobody cared about her and her anxiety.
>Eventually we got tired of her shit and confronted her after she left a tinychat session because she was bored of us.
>She then acted as if she was the innocent child victim and we were the bullies. Got a whiteknight to defend her and threatened to charge us with 'exploiting a minor' for calling her out on her shit.
>She's still bitter and waiting until she gets her follower count up to send her legion of dumblr followers on her e friends she claims to have unfollowed and blocked
>still plays the victim card
>still checks out our blogs because she's a creeper but changed her url so it's not as obvious.

No. 34218

She also begged and begged a tumblr famous half korean guy to follow her when we were still friends, it was pathetic.

No. 34219

Oh my god this sounds eerily similar to my lolcow except she's like a 21 year old and is into 1D.

No. 34220

File: 1407817901226.png (135.29 KB, 472x743, shot_2014-08-03_21-53-18.png)

My Apologies. I've been swamped with work but now here are the posts when she was worried about being fired from work.

No. 34221

File: 1407818093942.png (142.2 KB, 457x727, shot_2014-08-03_21-53-45.png)

No. 34222

File: 1407818278165.png (135.05 KB, 472x744, shot_2014-08-03_21-54-09.png)

No. 34223

File: 1407818518474.png (136.44 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-54-46.png)

No. 34224

File: 1407818661334.png (135.07 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-55-12.png)

No. 34225

File: 1407818786165.png (146.26 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-55-24.png)

No. 34226

File: 1407818960715.png (131.27 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-55-44.png)

No. 34227

File: 1407819053417.png (133.02 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-56-05.png)

No. 34228

File: 1407819199736.png (130.43 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-56-17.png)

No. 34229

File: 1407819281401.png (112.08 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-56-31.png)

No. 34230

File: 1407819436164.png (112.82 KB, 474x745, shot_2014-08-03_21-56-45.png)

Final one. Moral of the Story: When you post up self-pity posts then expect people to call you out.

No. 34231

File: 1407832901637.png (428.65 KB, 1053x795, 1407666628346.png)

She ditched her old friends, is actually very bitchy, is a dramalamma and flames her own drama fire. Then she hides under the excuse: I'm just a human. All the neckbeards inflated her ego so high that she doesn't seem to understand being a waiter is a shit tier job where practically no one respects you.

No. 34232

block her on all sites and don't even read anything she sends you so you won't be tempted to forgive her.

No. 34233

Your behaviour is more embarrassing to read than hers. Grow a fucking backbone and stop letting people treat you like shit. God damn.

No. 34234

I always suspected Lily was a bit of a brat. She's quite whiny and she's only famous for her loli voice. She's not all that good at League.

She even has her own ED page.

No. 34235

Well that was boring. Not to mention the person calling her out was kind of being a cunt.

No. 34236

Knew a semi-weeb in highschool, my friend just told me this gem last night.

>meet Y

>slightly overweight, fairly unattractive, black, hair pulled back really tight into braided ponytail with huge bumpy forehead
>she's a huge lesbian, tells this to everyone
>has a crush on basically every normal/vaguely attractive girl in our whole friend group
>she pursues me until she realises I'm too obsessed with jayrawk to be into black lesbians
Other than that, she was fairly nice and respectful. Just… weird.

>flash forward to maybe two years out of highschool

>for whatever reason my friend ends up seeing her for New Years day
>talking about resolutions
>Y says, "my resolution is to start using pads and tampons. I think I should probably start trying to be more hygienic."
>friend and Y are not close, this is literally the first time they've seen each other in years

No. 34237

yeah i know. the sad part this has been going on for almost four years now… i just don't know why i can't just block her and end it honestly. i'm in my mid twenties and i'm kind of just ready to move on with my life. i have lots of real life friends, i don't need clingy online ones who make me feel terrible all the time.

No. 34238

>ed page

Why doesn't it have any updated information on her and hotshotgg the guy with intense yellow fever? could also put that image in her page as well.

No. 34239

I'm watching a girl have her parents go through a divorce, I'm hoping her biological mother loses to the step dad.

No. 34240

My fav new cow is that one random troll/user who shoehorns her hate for Hispanic people in to every discussion and then samefag agrees with herself. I'm just waiting for that chick to dox herself, I bet her blogs are so crazy.

No. 34241

File: 1407969600913.png (1.36 MB, 960x720, no.png)

There's this girl I met in Japanese class in high school (aka weeb central) but I've never in my life met anyone as bad as her. She's white as an avalanche, but jesus christ. She insists on people calling her (name)-chan, and whenever the teacher called upon her she'd answer "HAI!" like in anime (this happened in classes that weren't Japanese as well, but no one did this in Japanese class either). She assumes all Asians are Japanese at first glance and if you correct her she starts saying random shit in other Asian languages and tries to guess what you are (eg she'll say "NI HAO" and see if you react. If you do, you're Chinese). I honestly think she's has some sort of mental disability.

Pic related. A picture I took from our graduation this year. Guess which one she is.

I can't even make this shit up.

No. 34242

File: 1407969886430.png (1.28 MB, 960x720, sugoigraduationdesu.png)

No. 34243


Terminal case there. Going to have to put that one down.

No. 34244

I don't want to be a person anymore.

No. 34245

Hi beaner.

No. 34246

No. 34247

Hahaha I actually sent them an ask about her! My friends are kind of in a disagreement about her right now on whether or not the grad stunt was cultural appropriation (imo it really was). I don't want to turn this into a SJW thread so I'll stop here, but if you guys want deets keep an eye on the asks on TINJ.

I was also in her art class. My friends and I are all kind of casual anime fans, and in my school there weren't a lot of them so we tended to stick together. As a result, that tumor migrated to us as well. Our final year art portfolio was supposed to have at least one piece of art in different "styles" and types. I got a glance at her portfolio and well, it's what you'd expect from a weeb.

> Animu styled self portrait

> Painting of cherry blossoms
> Calligraphy of random messy kanji
> Chibis as her choice of popular art

One of my friends told me that she drew SasuNaru yaoi for one of her art projects as well.

She's like that fucking Lin Gibson/ginsengteacat bitch.

No. 34248

File: 1407975243506.png (1.77 MB, 960x720, stop.png)

Dropped my pic.
It's a shame, because that kimono was quite nice.

I saw her walking around in "tabi" (I think they're called? The shoes normally worn with kimono and the socks) when people were taking pictures but she took them off. I assume she had trouble walking in them so she decided to put on sandals instead. Classy.

She had a huge hardon for the Japanese exchange student we had in our class. I felt so bad for that guy, she'd try to snuggle up to him and shit and he had no idea what the fuck was going on. She used to say he looked like a bishounen (he was kind of ugly imo) and how she wants to meet his family in Japan.

No. 34249

Regardless of personal beliefs, I think she needs asian people yelling at her.

No. 34250


>Gomenasai, my name is Ken-sama…

sorry I couldn't resist

No. 34251

Well…at least it looks like she put the effort into putting on the yukata (looks like a yukata, not fancy/heavy enough to be a kimono) the right way instead of looking like a hot mess.

Them sandals though. If the geta were so uncomfortable (geta are the shoes, tabi are the socks, btw) why didn't she just wear them for the pictures, or practiced walking in them? They're not that uncomfortable imo.

No. 34252


These freaking girls.

They started to perform at conventions in my country. They have barely 500 likes on fb, yet they act all mighty.

Recently they caused technical problems (they used the technical equipment without permission and reseted all the settings - and performances of other people were delayed).

Even though everyone knows it is their fault, they still state it wasn't. Now they cancell every comment about this accident from their 'official' fb page.

And what do they say about this whole thing?

They didn't ask for the permission and help of staff because staff themselves should know that the queens want to have rehearsal at that particular time (and staff were solving other problems at that time)

Yup, we all should bow to the queens and read their minds!
I hate this type of people….

No. 34253

Their dancing is way out off
jfc do they know what an 8-count is?

No. 34254

When one of them dances solo, it doesn't help either lol.


No. 34255

My lolcow is a 20 year old religion nut.

>Meet her at my workstudy job and she seems okay.

>She is 4'11, cute at first but really a gremlin and flat chested.
>Starts to be a bitch to me because I'm 5'1 and an E cup.
>I inform her I don't like having an E cup because bras are expensive.
>She calls me a whore, says she'll pray for me and constantly reads me the bible when I don't care.
>Comes to me randomly to bitch about other women.
>Facebook stalks other girls and coworkers then rants to me about how prettier and more respectable/pure she is.
>Starts to spread rumors about me but I brush it off.
>Calls me a homewrecker for no reason so I distance myself.
>Facebook stalks me even though I barely update.
>Whenever I update my profile picture, she updates hers trying to one-up me by copying my pose/hair/makeup.

2 months pass
>Still see her at workstudy.
>She gets mad that her crush likes me over her. Mostly because she is a bitch and everyone approaches her with caution.
>I don't like her crush.
>She tries to get me kick out of college.

1 month later my family member dies
>I leave college for a semester due to emotional issues.
>She tells people I dropped out because I was pregnant.
>People believe her
>I returned to college last week and slapped her.

No. 34256

Haha they deleted my comments.

No. 34257

One of my own little snow flakes is just your typical weeb. If she fucks up, her excuse will be "I was just role playing geesh" even though it was a serious convo. She use to say she was a gay male but no one was buying that so went back to female. Draws yaoi, obviously traces/steals art since when she actually draws it turns out like complete shit like a small child drew it.
She was also very vicious and insistent that the famous Japanese actor, model and music talent Ray Fujita wanted to be in a secret relationship with her. She even made up stories where he invited her to live with him in Japan and how it was meant to be. If you don't agree with you she just goes nuts, attacks you, insults you even though you are being as nice as possible. She is your typical weeb that gives other weebs a bad name.
I can screen cap some of the conversations if you guys are interested. I just wanted to rant about this weeb. Her FB

And the guy she claims she dated with no proof other than her undying secret love and word.


No. 34258

She's wearing those gross comfort sandals that are usually only worn by overweight old ladies.

No. 34259

what did you write?

No. 34260

What race is she though, out of curiousity.

No. 34261

I was actually pretty gentle.
I said something along the lines of: ".. Are you supposed to be in sync? I think you guys have a good look going– a little more practice and you guys could be so much better."

No. 34262

You should see her without filters and editing. As for her race I think she is Filipino. She is just so desperate to have people think she is dating. Anything upsets her when you tell her you don't buy her obvious lies.

No. 34263


Bullshit, that nasty as bitch is a beaner. I can fucking tell right off the bat, she looks like my spic neighbor that's ratched as fuck

No. 34264

>here we go again

No. 34265

Lol they are pathetic. They delete all, even slightly the negative comments from their fanpage and youtube channel.

No. 34266

Please refrain from making these kinds of remarks as they are off topic and don't contribute anything to the topic/thread/board. Consider this a warning.

No. 34267

File: 1408312864132.jpg (62.24 KB, 540x720, 1146556_642285479129334_154798…)

The fuck?

I quite enjoy the lack of privacy settings on this one. What's her dA?

No. 34268

Sadly I don't know it. And I already noticed she started to mass delete her more tragic drawings.

No. 34269

File: 1408321400538.jpg (63.9 KB, 768x768, nose.jpg)

She really does look mexican.
>>dat nose
>>those eyes
I'll eat my arm if she's not. Then again, people have always had trouble telling the difference between filipinos and mexicans. On an unrelated note, ughhh her hair is so shit.

No. 34270

Her eyes don't look Mexican at all. Do you people never go outside?

No. 34271

filipinos and mexicans dont look alike, you seriously have some sort of obsession disorder over mexicans, get help

No. 34272

File: 1408322913116.gif (921.29 KB, 320x224, 1401080496102.gif)

>inb4 anon hasn't discovered yet s/he is a transmexican in denial

No. 34273

File: 1408324394815.png (15.02 KB, 410x408, butt.png)

Not the anon who posted >>34263 but you have to fucking admit. Anyone who knows what these two races look like knows that they look the same.

No. 34274

Not to mention they use pesos and have Spanish last names.

No. 34275


Yep, that's totally a Flip from Flipland. Post convos please.

Dayum, gurl looks so haggard.

No. 34276

Her Facebook profile says she speaks Tagalog. She's def Filipino. Can we move on from the Mexican thing now?

Any other deets on her? Lulzworthy FB caps? She gives me a nostalgic 2008-weeb vibe and I love it.

No. 34277

File: 1408345644714.png (Spoiler Image, 36.88 KB, 397x399, Screenshot (42).png)


It seems cute and innocent at first. But gradually gets more sad

No. 34278

File: 1408345783616.png (Spoiler Image, 29.14 KB, 445x411, Screenshot (43).png)

No. 34279

Did…did she create a fake profile for him to interact with her? Because I don't read moonrunes but that Japanese guy she keeps tagging in her posts and whatnot looks an awful lot like him, but 300-something friends with half of them weeb? Faaaakeeeeee.

This girl is pathetic. POST MOAR

No. 34280

File: 1408426604071.jpg (23.15 KB, 562x562, 1975266_760016537356227_498955…)

I call fake on her. Why would a famous Japanese dude go for some desperate homely weeb from the Philippines? Especially when he can have someone attractive in Japan without having to hide that relationship from some girls daddy. It reminds me of that wannabe e celeb who called some random actor her secret vampire lover, took his pics from online and said she took them.

No. 34281

Well, idk if this dude would count as a lolcow. But this happened to one of my best friends who I met since high school, so here it goes.

Let me tell you about why /soc is filled with lolcows

>she chills in /soc for the first time and finds the tall guys thread

>she encounters this "amazing qt"
>they contact each other and they seemed to work
>days later he forces her to get her nipples pierced with piercings big enough to handle a dog tag as a punishment ALL BECAUSE SHE HAD CLASS TO ATTEND.
>i don't know how but she told me they made up.
>their relationship goes along for a few more weeks until there was something she wasn't ready for, and he calls her bullshit for it.
>FYI she works and studies a lot, so she logs in whenever she could.
>he blames everything on her, and he told her what made her break off the relationship
>"you shouldn't place your life above me! I am YOUR GOD"
>shocked and heartbroken, she right away she logs off and never logs back in.
>FYI I knew nothing about them until that night when we chatted.
>she thought he cared about her as much as she did.
>I could feel her being torn to pieces. I wanted to hug her, but I was out of town, so I comforted her as much as I could.
>she showed me his contact info along with some pics of him
>days later, I curiously lurk in the /soc thread
>SURPRISE! I see him post himself as the "King of /soc/"
>he acts almighty of himself and bullshits his exes
>posts are lulzy as fuck
>I witnessed one of his his exes call him out
>crazy shit ensues
>I jump in to entertain myself and we have this hilarious argument.
>I laugh all night, send the links to his threads just to let her know why she shouldn't be sad over her break up.

No. 34282

No. 34283

HAHAHA this is amazing! for all the wrong reasons :)

No. 34284

File: 1411783766911.jpeg (9.1 KB, 240x240, 395847d5f7b617e88f6330d1b82369…)


No. 34285


Miranda Sings (Colleen) wishes she was this funny.

No. 34286

Send links please. Sounds like your friend and that guy were in a really unmatched, fucked up D/s relationship.
They're probably archived here btw http://fgts.jp/soc/

No. 34287

I'm very curious if anyone knew any zoe-quinn like girls and what were they like.
ugly girls that puppet men through their dicks fascinate and irritate me.

No. 34288


No. 34289

Oh god I'd love to see comparison photos of the profile pics she's copied.

No. 34290

How are things now?

No. 34291

I knew some guys who were total doormats to their girlfriends, but even those girls were more attractive than Zoey.

Never seen the case where an ugly bitch like her manages to control multiple betas and they even white knight her.

Maybe it's a thing in the USA.

No. 34292

She lurks here, so I can't say anything too specific, but I have a friend who's completely arrogant and obsessed with herself, but goes out of her way to appear humble and sweet. It's infuriating.

No. 34293

No. 34294

File: 1412068517382.jpg (49.93 KB, 400x533, 1409695190521.jpg)

Is this the dude? I just searched "king of /soc/" in the archive.

No. 34295

File: 1412121497222.jpg (418.84 KB, 960x1252, image.jpg)


Nope it's this mofo. He posted this in one of his threads.

Damn, soc has an archive now? I'm gonna skim through if I can find the thread. I took snapshots of it for the lols. Should I make a compilation pic of his threads?

>Sounds like your friend and that guy were in a really unmatched, fucked up D/s relationship

Mmhmm indeed.

No. 34296

Well, I got the shirt right, at least.

But man, he doesn't even look cute. Also, yes, please post screens you may have.

No. 34297

he looks 14.

No. 34298

File: 1412139113519.jpg (141.9 KB, 1046x590, attentionwhuoore.jpg)

Mine is my buddy's ex gf.
>Scene and weeb
>recently got two giant triforce tattoos
>wore akatsuki robe/cape and cat ears as cosplay at Anime Expo
>She keeps her fb on public and hit the max limit of friends cause she'll accept anybody's friend request.
>She cut "Help Me" or something into her thigh while she was dating my friend.
>Was a booth babe for Nintendo at E3.
>Just posted this after breaking up with a guy after he bought her a 3DS

Is it just me or the people really into legend of Zelda are kinda nuts?

No. 34299

Just the ones with the triforce tramp stamp. Guys included in this.

Are they a ~gamur gurl~ too? They're the best kind of lolcow.

No. 34300

File: 1412145008119.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-09-30-23-20-41…)

She posted a vid from buzzfeed about gamer girls. Don't think she plays other games though.

No. 34301

>Was a booth babe for Nintendo at E3.

…really?? i have trouble believing that and she's not just being goofy on facebook.
also why black out her name but not the other people

No. 34302

Nope she actually was. You can see her in the Conan video at E3. Also why I didn't black out names; I'm dumb.

No. 34303

Seeing this thread just makes me feel bad about myself tbh. Some of these personal lolcow stories aren't even that bad. I think the Filipino girl is very cute, and the dancers are super cool…they're thin and relatively normal-looking, and the one with the dark hair seems to be a very skilled dancer. I would never be able to put together something like they did. It's really interesting to me and I admire them. They seem cool.
I would hate to see what people had to say about me on here if they're so critical of girls who are cooler than I am in the first place :(
But that Naruto cosplayer…wow that one has issues.

No. 34304

You must be new here.

No. 34305

Kind of…I washed up from Unichan a few months ago (?) and have been coming here instead because uni is shit and I'm a femanon [no one there believes me on this lol] but yeah I've been here since the OC thing happened on rosechan
I have personal lolcow stories but I'm too afraid they will find out I posted them u_u even though I never went to the same sites as them. I don't want to risk it :S
But I don't think these girls ITT are that bad. I guess they just seem more decent than I am and they're not SO self absorbed seeming. Pretty sure most lolcows with their own thread are legit narcissist snowflakes so I didn't get the impression this chan was full of jealous girls so much as genuine criticism. Meh…

No. 34306

I intentionally stay out of sjw stuff for a reason but what exactly makes something cultural appropriation?
Because I feel like people are so quick to call anyone wearing anything from another ~cultural appropriation~

No. 34307

generally if you're hijacking someone else's culture for your own benefit, it's cultural appropriation

it's possible to appreciate different cultures without appropriating them, though. like, for example, the difference between being a culture appropriating weeaboo and being someone who appreciates japanese culture is that a weeaboo might bring their lunch to their american high school in a bento and sit on the floor at lunch and eat everything with chopsticks for no valid reason other than they want to be associated with that image, they want to seem cool/quirky/cultured for doing it or they want to benefit from playing make-believe and pretending they're from a different culture than they actually are. someone who appreciates the culture, rather than appropriates it, would be respectful of japanese customs and not partake in them unless they're in a setting where it's appropriate, like wearing a kimono to a festival in japan where others are also doing the same. so it's not so much about "look at me i'm in a kimono" then, it's "i'm taking part in something from another culture that i respect and am interested in". the spotlight isn't really on them anymore, they're just interested in the culture of others and not "look at me and look at how exotic i'm being", if that makes sense.

No. 34308

Oh wow you sound like a lolcow

No. 34309

To add to that, diff anon here, but I've taken onigiri to work before and my Japanese coworker (she's third gen American) is older and is super American. She asked what I was eating and laughed, saying I'm more Japanese than her, since I make those things and have a bento and whatnot. We also talk about anime and her son is a haffu (her words) and he also like that scene.

So, I don't think that's appropriating at all since it's about pop culture and the like. Not to mention making a foreign culture's dish isn't really appropriating either. That's why America is the melting pot. Enjoy it!

No. 34310

oh, yeah, eating another culture's cuisine is fine. what i meant by the bento thing is that weebs take that shit out of control and act like orientalist caricatures. i probably could have used a better example come to think of it, haha.

No. 34311

Why yes yes. Too bad I'm anon and you can't dish on me :) poor you

No. 34312

> and I'm a femanon [no one there believes me on this lol] but yeah

Fuck off with your girl on the internet syndrome and boring life story. We're mostly female here. Nobody cares.

No. 34313

>I'm femanon teehee
U know we're all girls here right
Dang, keep coming here, lots of lolcows get posted about but you could be the first who started as anon and got discovered here.. history.

No. 34314

I knew a girl who i guess would be a lolcow
>Made up a rape story about a guy who rejected her, tells the story to everyone she meets, says he gave her PTSD, nothing happened between them
>Was otherkin for a while, her kintype was a "TV head" when she found out her friend was cosplaying that she literally started screaming in the call about how shes "Trying to become her" god i wish i recorded it
>Similar to yukapon and every other psychotic bitch in that she thinks shes a loli, shes 4"11 and built like a dwarf, but will frequently comment on what a "Cute little princess" she is
>Was a demigirl for a while, or nonbinary succubus some shit like that
>Extremely two faced, just as much of a bitch as any user around here but pretends to be a uwu such a sweet baby princess!!!!
>Other than pretending to be a sexual abuse survivor and that she has PTSD she used to pretend to be anorexic, says things like "Lol i just tried to kill myself by jumping in front of a car but he saw me XDD"
>Tries to garner sympathy/attention using the death of her sibling when she was a child.
>When i tried to stop being her friend she literally tried to "If you wont be my friend i'll kill myself"
I have caps i think, but not many, it took me a long time to get away from her. shes extremely manipulative and shes convinced everyone i "ruined her life" or i pushed her to doing all the crazy fucked up shit she'd been doing since before we met
I would post her url but.. That might trigger her…

No. 34315

File: 1412314593538.png (80.19 KB, 485x650, 103984044.png)


I've always generally liked Lily and what she does, but I've seen this pattern too often lately that just following her is exhausting. She seems to be so insecure that the only reason she's been successful is due to her voice and is trying to deny the fact that that has been her golden ticket. As she says in the screenshot, she could make much more money if she embraced her natural skills/"talent", and I'm wondering why she keeps trying to remind us that she has responsibilities now. If she really worried about these newfound responsibilities (for reference, she only moved out this year on a WHIM iirc), she would be more mature, suck it up, and utilize what she has better. She honestly could so much more if her pride wasn't so big. She calls her voice/art thing her job but she doesn't seem to treat it as such.

No. 34316

It's funny cause her real name and age are literally a google search away. She just doesn't want people to know she's like 24 with no job and living in her parents' basement pandering to pedos in her loli voice.

Seriously, if Lilypichu suddenly had a normal voice, all her fans would disappear. There's nothing redeeming about her other than her voice. Hell, compared to many other artists her art is shit too.

If you're a girl, can fake being loli and have League installed, you're instantly famous. Bonus points if you're asian. It's annoying as fuck too because whenever I want to watch a female streamer, it's either tits taking up half the screen or a high-pitched fake loli. No surprise since all these female dramallama streamers have massive self-esteem issues and have to resort to mooching compliments off weeby/perverted neckbeards.

No. 34317

No one but you two(?) care that I'm a girl. Yes I come here because I know it's mostly girls here. Why are you so desperate to talk shit on someone that you're calling out an anon for saying i thought some of the people posted here seem alrigt? Omg I must be such a lolcow. Go ahead and call me on and it doesn't matter because you don't know who I am and no one can ever verify I'm the same person. You are stupid if you think there's a point in talkingn about an anon as though they have an identity on a chan.
Stop derailig the thread and get back to having a real discussion. You two seem more like lolcows than anyone. You're probably fat ass jelly 13 year old girls who are mad that someone else was more popular or kawaii than they are and skinny and somewhat pretty. And if you're the one who posted them, maybe I'll stalk that Fumi Neko page until I find your profile and I can make a lolcow thread about you :) meanwhile you'll still be crying about "that anon" who made yew so mad :((((((

No. 34318


Everyone take deep breaths

No. 34319

File: 1412337782293.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1109.gif)

>You're probably fat ass jelly 13 year old girls who are mad that someone else was more popular or kawaii than they are and skinny and somewhat pretty. And if you're the one who posted them, maybe I'll stalk that Fumi Neko page until I find your profile and I can make a lolcow thread about you :) meanwhile you'll still be crying about "that anon" who made yew so mad :((((((

Oh wow this is golden

No. 34320

File: 1412354560744.gif (965.52 KB, 233x264, XjcKk8m.gif)

lmao what is this tard even babbling about

No. 34321

This is comedy gold.
Confirmed for lolcow.

No. 34322

File: 1412571060790.gif (935.65 KB, 500x242, abbyhot.gif)


Anon confirmed for board's new favorite cow.

No. 34323

File: 1412698992616.jpg (117.55 KB, 590x847, image.jpg)

Dutch girl is 19 and living in tokyo. Is proud to be a prostitute and tells on fb with how much guys she slept. Of course everybody is jealous of her because she got so much dirty money to buy 108 clothes. Her closet is full with it. But she still looks cheap.
She married the guy who sells her. They are wearing hostess dress and host suit. Classy!!!

No. 34324

That in itself is interesting but meh. More power to her.

Post funny FB posts, make me hate her.

No. 34325

I'm terribly amused by this. Idk why I think that dress is cute but definitely not for a wedding. Then again, she's a whore married to her pimp…

No. 34326

Cute for prom, but yes defo not for a wedding. As for the guys shiny suit holy shit that is hideous.

No. 34327

wait, is she literally a prostitute or does she just work in a hostess club? having sex with your customers in that line of work is frowned upon, but it isn't uncommon.

No. 34328

i…i don't even know where to begin with this picture. every single thing in this picture is distressing. ohmygodwhyishissuitsoshiny

No. 34329

If he works as a host, he needs to attract customers. That and their uniform is probably cheap materials hence the shiny.

No. 34330

She is a prostitute also did some porn lol

No. 34331

classy wedding

No. 34332

Were the only guests his fellow yakuza?

No. 34333

and her mom

No. 34334

he is a scout. searching girls for prostitute work

No. 34335

Go ahead and disagree with me but I was thinking about making a thread for Tabby (Tabs24x7). Don't know where else to suggest this, and I don't want to just make a thread unless some people agree with me.
There's so much stuff she's done over the years. She's such a mega attention-whore who just shoves her cleavage in your face for views, and she's always looking for sympathy. On top of this she's so trashy. She used to spam instagram with nearly-identical selfies but I think she toned it down. She spammed Twitter with her attention whoring as well.

No. 34336

Do it. I dunno who she is, but I need new lulz! Don't be scared of starting threads, anon. :)

No. 34337


No. 34338

How does her mom feel about this? Fucking Dutch fuckers, goddamn. The Netherlands could be wiped off the map and I just wouldn't care.

No. 34339

The dude looks just like every single host boy douchebag I've ever met and I need to hear more about her, ano!

What bothers me the most tho is the fact that she's 19 and apparently quite slim and still has cankles.

No. 34340


No. 34341

Asshole host boy stories pls

No. 34342

>tfw underweight and still have cankles
I think it's a combination of underdeveloped calf muscles and a prominent achilles tendon, at least for me. Shit sucks.

Seconding this!

No. 34343

I know tonnes of dutch people, and even though they're my friends so I love them, I kinda agree with you.

I think they have a really shit culture or something where nothing is outrageous, sacred or immoral. Kinda like Amsterdam, but less hip.

No. 34344

Dutch person here. We are not that immoral. We are just kinda chill with sexuality. It is not taboo on tv op to talk about. We all get pretty good sex ed in high school, so it is not this strange and icky thing anymore. However prostitution is still frowned upon (at least outside of Amsterdam)

No. 34345

And yet it's super common and no one makes any attempt to change it.

No. 34346

It is legal in certain area's yes. Government regulates those area's. It actually kinda works, because sex workers who get here by human trafficking or get in the industry due to loverboys can easily be spotted and rescued. The red light district of Utrecht is closed because the police discovered that it had many girls who werent voluntary prostitutes. You would think that pimps and loverboys would just station their girls somewhere else, but it rarely happens. It is much more risk to have a girl prostitute outside of the area's then to blend her in with others. And we Dutch are obliged to report suspicious behaviour of girls in the red light district. It isnt a perfect system, but at least we don't have prostitutes prancing on the streets at night.

No. 34347

>one girl does something wrong
>Everyone with the same nationality has to die!!
you must be a very pleasant and intelligent person, anon

What nationality are you? I'm sure no one in your country has ever done something wrong.

No. 34348

Belgianfag here, I think the dutch are pretty cool. At least they realise legalising stuff makes it easier for the government to control that stuff and even get taxes from it. (prostitution, cannabis,…)
Instead of giving out tax money on something they can't win like our government is doing….if people really want something, they'll do it anyways, legal or not and there's always someone selling.

Besides, there are women who want to make money from sex and there are men who want to pay for it. If all of this happens voluntarily and gets checked up ,I really don't see the problem here.

No. 34349


Well I lived in Tokyo for a while and worked as a bartender so I mixed with the host/hostess crowd a lot. Where the hostess girls are generally nice, especially if they havent done the work for long enough to get jaded/totally alcoholic, the host boys just always seemed really shady. A friend of mine used to bartend at a host club and he quit because he got sick of having to deal with the hosts' drama/having to clean them up halfway through the night when they got too drunk to continue.

People look down on hostesses and even through they're not supposed to sleep with customers they're often expected to. The hosts are an odd combination of desperate and arrogant and can't seem to shake it even when they're not working. Most of them seem to have a hard time viewing girls as anything but potential money. Like they'd talk to my guy friends normally and then get this horribly see through nanpa-mode on when turning to talk to me.

They also brag about their concquests and talk really shittily of women. A hostess friend wanted to get out of the business and some hosts made a bet who could talk her into keeping it up.

Sorry they're not very interesting stories, I didnt really like hanging out with them much.

No. 34350

>The hosts are an odd combination of desperate and arrogant and can't seem to shake it even when they're not working.

There's a real ickiness about guys like that. I hate the nanpa bullshit. They're rarely attractive behind the hair and clothes, and the arrogance and fake smiles only push me away faster. It absolutely astounds me when I see girls walking off with guys like that. If you want to fuck a hot guy then fine, I get it. I just don't know how they can want it that badly that they'll deal with their horrid personalities for even a second.

No. 34351

This. I've come to the conclusion that host boy is a fetish in itself, not just the attention and princess treatment but just the fact that they're hosts. Unfortunately this is especially evident in white girls who come to tokyo. So many of them have this weird misconception that host boys are into white girls and will bend over backwards to get with them when actually they'll talk shit about them in japanese even to their face. I can't say which are worse, host boys or their white fangirls. The japanese girls who are into hosts are just incredibly sad and most seem broken in some very deep way.

No. 34352


Here's a tumblr I found full of host boy stories, including the sexual kind


No. 34353

This tumblr is awesome. I just read the Daichi Profile
>I tittyfucked his entire face off

No. 34354

This blog is great.

No. 34355

His face is so creepy though…ugh.

No. 34356

I thought the girl who runs this blog had a somewhat level head on her shoulders considering what she does. However, after reading her personal blog it's no surprise that her life is super fucked up. She's married to a host and from what I initially read, things seemed to be going as well as they could be. After reading a few more posts it seems he's really abusive to her but she plays it off as if it's no big deal and just a one off kind of thing. It made me a little sad to read since she honestly doesn't seem like a bad person. I just came out of an abusive relationship with a guy who pretty much lived the life of a host behind my back without actually working at a club. I made so many stupid decisions and it's bothering the fuck out of me seeing her ignore these very big warning signs. I guess once you start living that lifestyle yourself it would be very difficult to ever be in a normal relationship though.

That said, the host blog is super interesting and is quickly becoming my new guilty pleasure.

No. 34357

Is it Ashley? Also link to her main blog.

No. 34358

Whoops, meant to link but forgot. She goes by Alice:


I think the host blog is where she posted nice things about her boyfriend and where she is in life right now. There's some questionable and straight up alarming shit on her actual blog.

No. 34359

Yeah I agree. It's pretty interesting but she seems to have issues. It's pretty sad.

She's on anti-depressants and sleep medication (ambien) but drinks and parties a lot which probably doesn't help her bipolar. She also said her bf hit her and then it's ok and that the doctors and police never believe her since she's foreign.

I didn't read anywhere that she married a host. She said she's been in Japan since she was 15. She's 23 (?) now.

No. 34360

>I didn't read anywhere that she married a host.
Oh I was dead tired while reading everything so I may have gotten my stories mixed then. Maybe I'm a dumbass and mixed her story with another mod of kabukiboys. I wouldn't be surprised though, nor do I really think it's a bad thing, since it would guarantee her a visa.

No. 34361

I thought she was the only mod of that blog. She could have been married. She's only said she's been there since she was 15 but doesn't have a degree even though she said she went to university. So I'm not sure if you can't get a job with just a HS education in Japan.

She's only had a little bit of drama on her blog. She can't get a job, too hard and no one will hire her because they're racist and she doesn't have any degrees.
Some anon said she should try harder and would be able to teach English. But she doesn't seem too interested to do that. She also used to be a hostess.

No. 34362

Some dumbfuck on her tumblr told her this
>maybe yuki cared more about you than he did for his previous gfs, so thats why he got more violent… like his care for you unearthed his deepest insecurities. he its still fucked up but you seem to know about the whole self-improvement process, so you wanting to give him a chance to do the same is understandable.

No. 34363

God damn it. This is the kind of mentality that keeps girls in relationships like that. From her other posts you can tell she flip flops with the idea of him often. She seems to be struggling with a classic case of wanting to fix the broken guy because he's so sweet and perfect when he's not making your life hell.

No. 34364

No. 34365

Why doesn't she just leave japan?

No. 34366

It's too hard :(
Some anon asked her that and she said it's too complicated. But if she is in an abusive relationship she should move back. It sounds like her family is in the US.

Her current bf used to work for the yakuza and she's had a few clients and dated a lower tier yakuza so maybe she doesn't want to leave that area / way of life.

No. 34367

There's a woman I follow on tumblr as my lolcow

>hugely obese

>into HAES, fat power stuff
>posts whiny depressing bullshit
>pedo, she likes little boys
>40 years old, acts like a teenager
>constantly begs for money
>makes crappy art and gets upset when nobody reblogs it

No. 34368


No. 34369

Haha, she kinda sounds like one of my old e-friends that I.. stopped being friends with pretty fast.

>Terrible neon hair MSI fan 4 lyfe!!

>Lives in NYC apartment paid for by ok parents but complained at length about how abusive they apparently are to an actual victim of childhood abuse
>''Ironically'' obsessed with Black Butler
>Terrible art but equally weird furry pedo hugbox
>Never shuts the fuck up RP pairings
>Also never stops drawing really bad, malformed dick gay porn
>Always talks like??? This?? afghsfh??
>They're like 26 and want to be a child psych lol

No. 34370

She is actually married. To a normal guy

No. 34371

Then why are a lot of her most recent posts about her bf Yuki?

No. 34372

She isnt together with the guy she married anymore. She is still married for visa to stay in japan

No. 34373

File: 1415896799246.png (225.92 KB, 1180x768, 5682763265.png)

rokovoj.tumblr.com followed me for about three days before jumping ship. just look at this shit.

No. 34374

How is she still working with a married visa if she isn't married? Sounds like she's cheating the system, and with her yakuza connections it makes more sense.

No. 34375

She is still married

No. 34376

She's legally still married but they never got a legal divorce? That seems pretty shady to live in Japan when she's not married anymore.

Even if she got divorced wouldn't she still be considered a citizen in Japan or would her visa have to change?

No. 34377

Also does Japan allow green card marriages. I didn't know if they'd more more strict about that or what their policies are on citizenship.

No. 34378

>king of /soc/
more like king of landing pads holy fuck if i had to land a helicopter his fivehead would be a safe bet

No. 34379

File: 1416031218751.png (644.44 KB, 695x1106, tumblr_nd1bkqYGE11rsafgjo1_128…)



She's 17, Autistic, made this, and has no idea why everyone is being so meen.

No. 34380

No. 34381

Well I'll never look at BoI the same again.

No. 34382


>this is what i looked like as a demon. i do not look like a girl omg. XD a warning because, well DEMON.

No. 34383


Makes me think of Peacockfeather.

No. 34384

Does Pikumin lurk here? Because she just visited Liana's DA.

No. 34385

File: 1416082836333.jpg (14.47 KB, 350x257, SarahSilverman-blackface.jpg)

No. 34386

why would pikumin lurk here?

No. 34387


I used to think she was a troll, so anon might think the same.

No. 34388

there's another cow on /pt/, Liana. And she has a visitors track thing on her DA that shows that Pikumin visited her page. I doubt that they have anything to do with each other, other than that they're both on lolcow. So she must have found the link through here?

No. 34389

or the other way round, Liana found Pikumin's dA in this thread and linked her here/watched her?

No. 34390

most likely.

No. 34391

File: 1416161953472.png (155.95 KB, 700x1000, psychshy.png)

Alright, this is back from when I used to play on Gaia. Yeah, I know there's a bunch of people who hate Gaia and then there are people who just use it because dress up games are fun.

>be into mlp because enjoyed the older version as a child

>gaia gets forum section for it and am really happy because other girls to talk to and not just irritating bronies
>meet one girl because she gets trolled out of the forum one night for her thread, pm her to come back and tell off the trolls
>become close despite distance though not in any romantic way
>asks me to add one of her friends, but this girl is hardly on and doesn't ever acknowledge me
>assume she's just shy/busy often and don't bother with it
>months go by, we're still close and become most well known forum regulars
>friend starts acting weird around november
>get passive aggressive remarks made towards me on msn about how she thought I would like cosette from les mis because she's the "perfect, pretty girl"
>is getting upset with me because I like Fantine and she goes on about how she relates so much to Eponine
>tells me later that week about getting asked out twice in one day by two different guys
>try to congratulate her because think it would've helped her confidence, since she seemed so down on herself
>gets a little bitchy with me and tells me that she turned them down, because she is fine with never being with anyone
>this contradicts with what she tells me later on about a guy she has only known online, who she is interested in
>has been interested in him for two years or so, has never met him, he has turned her down as a dating interest and at the time was fuckbuddying one of his exes
>be informed by friend that this ex tried to kill this guy, yet they're fucking
>fast forward to now january
>friend tells me that she's going to show up on this guy's doorstep without telling him, as a surprise
>tells me that she knows he'll just say yes if he actually gets to see her in person
>get worried because I start to imagine all of the fucked up shit that could come from her doing this
>make a thread on advice forum on different account, asking for help
>mutual friend of ours who has me added on that name sees it and is reading
>friend in question uses the "follow me" function for that mutual friend to go to where she is
>finds the thread, starts blowing up my phone and screaming at me
>her friend that she had told me to add months ago is now suddenly in the picture, accuses me of "making this issue all about myself"
>thread gets deleted, even though I didn't say anything bad and only asked for advice for the situation because I needed to convince her that this was dangerous (and borderline psychotic)
>friend of friend makes passive aggressive statuses yet never says shit to my face (or, rather, comments or inbox)
>friend becomes even more distant from me and starts getting people in the forum who were my friends to turn on me
>another mutual friend of ours informs me one night on msn that she had confided in him a few months ago, saying that she 'doesn't understand why everybody loves me' and that she was jealous
>tells me that he never told me because he was just trying to be a good friend and she asked him not to tell
>things now feel incredibly awkward and she won't answer any of my texts or messages
>slowly lose more and more friends and nobody will listen to my side of the story
>friend fakes her suicide around march, despite having told everyone in the past how she never had the balls to self harm or even thought of suicide
>try to show people her (still active to this day) facebook account to prove my innocence
>nobody believes me

Sometime later..
>still upset, because although an internet friendship, it was the first real close female friend I had ever had
>too embarrassed to tell therapist about it
>try to find answers on my own and remember her old DeviantArt
>find journals, made a few months before we had met, where she displays zero of the innocent, Fluttershy/moe personality she had on Gaia
>no stuttering, but plenty of swearing and anger about other girls from her life
>shocked to see her referring to girls as 'whores' and 'wenches', because she had never spoken that way around us
>bad anime OC self insert drawings everywhere, complaining about how her older brother said she was being ungrateful around Christmas
>to this day, still have no idea what the fuck happened

No. 34392

She hated people using her real name, even though she had made it public knowledge to a few of us and added people on Facebook. She demanded that we call her Minako, Mina, or Fluttershy. When all of the drama was going down, the forum was autistic enough that they actually said that I had killed Fluttershy. As in, the character. They treated her as if she were really a pony, typing on a computer. She's in her late twenties, still in college trying for a BA. Her friend who helped encourage harassment against me is nearing thirty. I was basically given shit by a bunch of people almost a decade older than me.

No. 34393


I'm fucking late to the party, but holy shit, she got in a relationship with this psycho?! I've witnessed enough drama, was your friend even aware about his tragic stories of his relationships?

To the the anon who posted about him here, I found the links in the fgts archive. Read them, I promise you guys, it'll be so entertaining to read.

"King of /soc/" Part 1

"King of /soc/" Part 2

"King of /soc" Part 3

Ex calls him out

Panz calls him out

Another ex of his calls him out

He hasn't been fucking /soc around lately, thank god.

No. 34394

All snowflakes identify with Eponine.

No. 34395

And this is why I stay away from MLP stuff these days. I'd rather enjoy my MLP (especially the older one) in solitude than deal with the new fans anywhere.

No. 34396

No. 34397


hahaha, oh wow, what a piece of shit. Glad the girls are no longer with his "Dom EDGY5ME and Yandere~" ass. He's such an attention whore.

I believe you anon, only a crazy "~snowflake~" would do such a thing. Stay strong.

No. 34398

File: 1419309515996.jpg (67.79 KB, 426x636, Screenshot_2014-12-22-20-20-06…)

Alisha Medusa (real name: Alisha Fitzgerald) is a two-faced, lying, cheating whore. She pretends to be the All-American perfect, God-fearing gamer girl who is "not like the other girls". She pretended to be friends with my fellow co-worker and then got her fired months later. She also dates older men only (beards are a must for her) and sent n00dz to the janitor out of all people.

A quick Google search of "Alisha Medusa" turns up all of her online profiles.

No. 34399

File: 1419309638580.jpg (53.03 KB, 478x370, Screenshot_2014-12-22-20-21-53…)

Her Twitter is filled to the brim with cringe-worthy quotes and thoughts.


No. 34400

File: 1419309819134.jpg (68.93 KB, 478x506, Screenshot_2014-12-22-20-22-33…)

She also likes to emphasize the "fact" that she is a nice person. Basically, she's the female version of a neckbeard fedora-wearing weeaboo.

No. 34401

File: 1419310296938.gif (372.93 KB, 186x266, hF2qQq6.gif)

>my convictions weight too heavily to ever allow me to tell a lie

No. 34402

File: 1419312627834.png (794.24 KB, 1366x768, what the heck.png)

>to work there would be immaculate
>I would imagine however, (since you think I am "too cute") that my parents genetic makeup molded into something you find interest in.
>whatever I'm to wear looks vintage and is priced frugal.
Her grammar is so off. I feel like she just skims the thesaurus for words to use so she can sound more intellectual.

No. 34403

People who feel they have to remind everyone they're nice are usually assholes.

No. 34404

File: 1419314694494.jpg (61.63 KB, 422x660, Screenshot_2014-12-22-21-50-23…)


She is an asshole but she hides behind this whole fake poetic, "unique" persona. She's a totally different person IRL and I say that in the worst way.

No. 34405

File: 1419314873572.jpg (51.72 KB, 430x562, Screenshot_2014-12-22-21-48-19…)

I think that's her trying to pass off as a classy dignified lady or something.

No. 34406

File: 1419314978399.jpg (41.31 KB, 420x476, Screenshot_2014-12-22-21-57-40…)

Also, can anyone tell me if this is really "unedited"?

Looks kinda shooped to me.

No. 34407

oh my god that face she's making makes her look like she's about to blow chunks
and her boyfriend's expression im done my sides

No. 34408

Well unless she has no veins in her eyeballs, yes this is shopped to shit and back.

No. 34409

Looks edited 2 me. Colour enhanced?

No. 34410


She could just be playing with camera settings. Look at how shallow the depth of field is.

Are camera settings "unedited"? You can achieve more with them than your typical Instagram filters.

No. 34411

She sort of looks like anastasia shapingina (or.. however you spell it.)

No. 34412

File: 1419702587041.jpg (124.28 KB, 455x389, Idislikeyouwithaburningpassion…)

This mildly amusing koreaboo I have on fb

No. 34413

File: 1419908491235.jpg (92.5 KB, 571x441, jace.jpg)

Would there be any interest in a Jace Connors thread? I know most /pt/ lolcows are girls and I'm still skeptical he's not trolling but hey

He has a wiki but it's down right now. Still I'll post it seeing as it's probably temporary:


No. 34414

PLEASE. Make one now. This one picture and I'm already laughing.

No. 34415


Aww, that makes me happy
Cool, will do I guess

No. 34416


Probably because your faggot-ass is too lazy to update the page. Its an open source wiki, do something.

No. 34417

File: 1420483995669.jpg (124.21 KB, 480x640, IMG_0881_zpsa8eaeedf.jpg)

I went to elementary/high school with this individual and have watched her devolve into increasing lunacy over the decade since. Her name is Christina, but she now goes by Jasper de Maddeus.

She was very quiet in school, but would mutter curses under her breath. Otherwise, a pretty typical anti-social weeaboo.
Upon graduating, she married a 70 year old man she met on Myspace. She moved to Kentucky to be a housewife to the guy, who is a nutty neo-conservative tea partier who apparently needed a child bride.

She has been obsessed with role-playing and Gackt for years, but was super Christian and aggressively anti-GLBT. She was adopted and would talk about memories of being sexually abused as an infant and wrote crazy things about her adoptive parents. She thinks she is good at kendo and Japanese and web graphics and a lot of other things.

After six or seven years, she finally left him and moved back in with her parents. She then came out as a transman and is now engaged to another old man (Patrick) that lives in Germany and makes sad Youtube rants and half-naked dancing that no one but me watches.

Accounts below:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/jdmaddeus
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5EFsajZ-tJ81mtFCvB_WGA/videos
Tumblr: http://gacktdearest.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmaddeus
Photobucket: http://s14.photobucket.com/user/Skywalker21/library/?view=recent&page=1

No. 34418

File: 1420484035448.jpg (70.46 KB, 800x600, OurWeddingDay27Sep2007.jpg)


With the creepy ex-husband (Richard Schueler) on their wedding day.

No. 34419

File: 1420484316219.jpg (108.15 KB, 480x640, IMG_0817_zps9e531440.jpg)


Practicing being a man. I'm not sure what is going on with the nipples.

No. 34420

Deserves their own thread

No. 34421

I'm crying so hard omg

No. 34422


No. 34423

Her actual nipples can be seen under the duct tape, the ones visible look like play-doh.

No. 34424

The latest post is SJW as fuck.
God it pissed me off.

No. 34425

what is it with weeaboos and marrying conservative senior citizens they meet on the internet? i knew 2 girls in high school who did the same thing.

No. 34426

Obviously they want some old fuck to support them so they can buy a bunch of Japanese shit and they don't even have to have much sex for it.

No. 34427


The anon who knows her here:
That's the ridiculous thing. Neither of these guys have any money.
Richard lived in a shack in KY and was retired and they lived like white trash.
Patrick (Germany) has only come to visit her once in their 10 month relationship and doesn't have a good job.
She's just stupid and wants people who enable her whimsical lifestyle choices.

No. 34428

For the love of Christ, you could've linked us to the new husband's youtube at least…

No. 34429

File: 1421570380514.png (96.12 KB, 320x240, 1421525347606.png)


>He hasn't been fucking /soc around lately

Lol nope, he's still posting his shitty AMAs. Seriously, I think he needs a thread here.


No. 34430

File: 1421572706413.jpg (28.32 KB, 489x495, 1407369090672.jpg)

That thread is giving me cancer…

No. 34431

File: 1421572948542.jpg (71.66 KB, 960x960, 398.jpg)

WTF, is it some kind of a joke? I used to have a post-op trans friend so I know quite a lot about these people, and I know that none of them will ever draw themselves abs to appear more "manly", this looks incredibly stupid and immature for someone who positions themselves as transgender. Gender transition is not a joke for trans people.

No. 34432

But every girl photoshop themselves
not extremely but still so how does it make someone fake?

No. 34433

Wrong. Not all of us even own photo shop because we don't have a use for it.

No. 34434

but dont you edit your photos like adjusting the brightness?

No. 34435

>Gender transition is not a joke for trans people.
Exactly this! I have a post-op trans friend too and I hope she never finds tumblr. She doesn't care about genderfluidism, different pronouns and all that crap, she actually fights for stuff that matters offline.

No. 34436

Because no dmab man has ever done anything silly like this. Fuck off, knowing one trans man doesn't give you the right to make generalizations like that. People can be fedoras and still have gender dysphoria.

No. 34437

Dmab man?

No. 34438

No, I take a picture with my webcam if I'm lazy or I take a picture outside in better lighting. Only inside my house are there weird ass shadows with orange-yellow lights. A selfie really isn't worth as much effort as you seem to think.

No. 34439

"politically correct" term for bio male

No. 34440

That's retarded.

No. 34441

I have a "male friend" who is quite the lolcow. They think they are a super popular artist who gets commissions, when in fact no one replies to any of their shitty art on their self made fan page. When not drawing mediocre shit you can see them going around facebook patrolling to see if anyone used the word gay negatively to give a speech on how people should think like them! "Social justice! Everyone must have the same opinion as me!"

They will flip out over any negativity and have been known to block customers who buy shitty artwork from them because they don't have the same views as them. They are almost too easy to troll. Seriously just tell them their art isn't perfect, use gay in any sentence, or say anything that isn't about them being perfect or totally hardcore.
Also they think they are a popular model too DESU!

Bonus points if you tell them they don't have the literal balls or penis to actually fight back. Quite funny

No. 34442

My "friend's" family. They are insanely retarded and so is she. I think she's been a princess her whole life and is one of the reasons why she always victimizes herself. She can never be wrong.

>her cousin threatens a friend

>she sides with him
>talk shit to her and tell her her cousins are scum because she sided with him
>she tells me she doesn't consider me a friend anymore
>she tells the cousin
>cousin tells his gf who is another person in our group to stop bullying her
>mfw I'm the only one talking shit to her, no one else is
>victim yet again, who cares about friend that got threatened!

>she starts ignoring me at this point

>I try to talk to her nicely
>she ignores me
>okay bitch.jpg
>say the cousin who threatened friend is not invited to our outing(he isn't even part of our group)
>she tells me to shut up and finally acknowledges me
>she tells cousin we're bullying her(um only talked shit about cousin not her) again
>cousin goes to friend to whine and tell her to stahp bullyyinnnn hurrr
>le victim
>mfw i didn't talk shit about her

>later on she makes an outing

>says im not invited to "pay back" for the cousin
>talk shit about her and her retarded family to her face in retaliation
>other friend says she was really offended that I would treat a ~*furendo*~ that way
>somehow I am in the wrong for defending myself
>le victim yet again!

For reference her other cousin felt up another friend on the wedding night of her sister, what a beautiful family!

No. 34443

Oh and, when the gf brought up that the other cousin felt up another friend to the bf, bf got really angry and called her a retarded cunt and didn't believe her and called the cousin to confirm.

Of course he denied it.

Family>all people are scum.

No. 34444

Havent visited this thread in a long time, but more on my cow
> even through we arent friends anonymore we still have friends in common
> cow shows up at friends costume party dressed as a "dragon"
> busting out a scaled corset, wearing shitty dragon face make-up, jeans and expensive camera around her neck
> using camera on auto focus and just clicking away. "I do photography now u no"
> i don't even… I am not a professional photographer, but i did follow some courses in the past as i had aspirations to become one for a while, and people like this seriously bother me
> Attention whoring all night, and laughing in a loud obnoxious and very fake way.
> put on some aqua and toybox, as people crave some nostalgic music. She criticises me "Anon, no one likes that shit" Uhu that is why everyone is dancing and singing along..
> tries to upstage every story i tell
> telling everyone off that was drinking booze as she is straight edge desu and booze is bad m'kay

She was so bothersome that whole night. Although her childish and attentionwhoring behaviour was exactly the reason she is not my friend anymore. She was being super selfabsorbed and when i told her that friends put friends first she flipped the fuck out and made everything about me being a bad listener (like gurl, i always supported you even when you wanted to run away from home or when your bf cheated on your ass.) Especially hypocrisy at its highest, because when i had a hard time she just blabbered right over it about her problems and how she had such a crush on a boy. She also was very jealous of me doing well in college and making new more mature friends and having a pretty steady love life. She literally victimized herself by whining about how unconsiderate i am for telling her that stuff as she doesnt have all that, like lol what.

No. 34445


Here he is! The super "popular" artist / super kewl alternative "model"

Notice how he keeps mentioning that people ask him about his characters and art but no one really gives a shit on his official art page

Totally legit professional comic artist. Now you too can have your own shitty comic too! But be careful! If you pay him but offend him by making complaints or anything negative he will block you!


of course no one commissioned him for this. This is all personal stories, mostly about his own dog. He makes no money off of this but he will tell you otherwise that this is his career (works like a normal person)
Still calls himself a model even though he pays a photographer to take his pictures. He still likes to pretend.


His oh so active deviant art. Once again no one asked him to draw any of this work. Most are just "give aways"

pretty much he drives away any customers by being a total asshole and refusing to do the work and blocking you. Classic deviant tard

No. 34446

File: 1422869340702.jpg (94.65 KB, 592x678, 12378439489.jpg)

Oh boy, I could share a story of one of my favourite lolcows. I told some of this stuff in a /cgl/ thread but because she frequents the board, I'm going to go into more in-depth parts here. Let's call her Split-chan, because she always wears a godawful plastic-y as hell split wig with the other side unnatural blond and the other side shining brown. I wish she had her own thread, but she's not known enough or from a English-speaking country.

Let me give a quick jist about her style first.

>Split-chan is an ex-jrock-visual kei-whatever thing who turned "gyaru" and "cosplayer"

>She hosts gyaru meet ups and claims to be an enthusiastic street fashionista, but her coords look like she's cosplaying some trainwreck OTT anime character because instead of using accents, her whole fucking outfit consists of only accent clothing pieces.
>Split-chan also uses cosplay wigs for her daily coords instead of everyday-wear wigs. Like mentioned, they're plastic and unnatural as fuck. When confronted about this, she huffs and puffs about how THIS WIG COST SO MUCH ON OVERPRICESDCOSPLAYSTUFF.COM SO IT CAN'T BE BAD!!!!
>Her makeup is always messy and uneven and not fitting her face at all. She wears a terrible granny red lipstick with her "gyaru" coords and paints her face almost white.
>But if you dare to criticize her she goes into a fit of rage complaining that she never said she was gyaru, this is her "made up bullshit"-kei style that allows her to wear whatever she wants! Even though she tags her coords as "gyaru" and "gaijin gyaru".
>Under all the makeup she has a mongoloid face, yet she still makes fun of other people's looks.
>She's been posted to g-s numerous times, but because she seems to stay on that page 24/7 pushing refresh, her secrets get taken down immediately.

And her cosplaying career?

>She buys all of her costumes. And still looks like shit.

>Split-chan recently made her first costume "by herself" and it looked horrible and kept coming apart. And she kept on going about how people complimented her SO MUCH on her awesome cosplay.
>She always thinks she's the best character of choice cosplayer there is.
>Despite all of this, she feels she has some kind of right to flame other cosplayers.

So that's the basic stuff about her, so let's go into the next part.

>Split-chan is hungry for e-fame. And I mean famished. She latches onto e-famous people like a leech sucking on their fame, whether they liked it or not. She just butts into their company, starts hanging around them and replying to their tweets and such.

>Then she starts telling everyone "she knows e-famous person" and that they're "friends" because she just decided so by herself. The people in question are pissed off that a fame-mongering idiot is forcing themselves upon them.
>And if they're not nice enough to have it, i.e. start ignoring her and/or telling her to kindly fuck off, she throws a massive fit and starts spreading exaggerated rumors about them.
>She keeps tweeting about every single compliment she gets, even though it's just a polite, neutral "you look nice", she has the need to brag about being complimented. '
>She tweets in her broken Google translate Japanese to famous doujinshi artists and if they reply, she brags about it and starts talking about them like they're friends

And the crazy part begins..

>Unfollow her on twitter/tumblr/unfriend her on facebook? Prepare for harassment.

>Split-chan is also a stalker. She stalks everyone she's ever fought with in hopes of finding discussion about herself. She questions her friends about people she thinks are talking about her and demands them to "confess" what they've said about her.
>A person she had a fight with normally keeps her blog private, but opened it for public for a brief moment. It took only moments for Split-chan to come flame her in the comments and blame her for "spreading nasty rumors on /cgl/ about her".
>If you so much as post a vague post about someone who's pissing you off, she immediately thinks you're talking about her and attacks you with claws out. One time a girl posted about "I hate this nameless person because she's muslim and thinks she's so much better than other people" yet Split-chan, a white christian, STILL thought she was talking about her and attacked the poor girl.
>Despite being paranoid about other people talking shit about her, she gossips and badmouths other people all the time. She does nothing else than bitch and moan about people who "bully" her. She twists and turns other people's words and takes them out of context to make herself look like a victim, even though she's the one who starts every fight she gets involved in. When she meets new people at conventions, the first time to come out of her mouth is shit about other people at the convention and claiming how "NONE OF THOSE RUMOURS YOU HEARD ABOUT ME ARE TRUE!!!!". Yeah sure, you're giving off a real nice vibe with that.
>Split-chan can be an overly nice asslicker to people though, because she'a manipulative jackass.

So Split-chan is a stalker and paranoid about her "reputation" which she is readily ruining by herself.

>She also lies a fucking lot. She straight out lies.

>She once got caught talking shit about people on the convention floor and threw a fit at the person who called her out for it. She got mad for being exposed for a shit-talking vengeful bastard, how ironic.
>But she knows how to play the game. After flaming and harassing someone, she deletes all proof and not everyone is prepared for this, so they don't know to take screenshots. Afterwards she claims this never happened and smugly states "I'd like to see some proof of this" when confronted about harassment.
>Split-chan also does a lot of this via private messages, so if someone posts proof, they'll have to expose themselves as well.
>She stalks /cgl/ threads and when she finds discussion about herself, she starts spamming posts about how "I don't care about you haters me and my ~friends~ are laughing at you so hard I'm ttly not mad~~".

pic related, this was posted to g-s and got deleted almost immediately, I'm talking about minutes after the release..

No. 34447

File: 1422870231908.png (2.86 MB, 980x1475, gonnapuke.png)

And an example of her sugoi coords.

No. 34448

Ahahahaha fucking soro. Man shes such a huge bitch.

Soro kuitenkii stalkkaat tätä ni osta nätimpi peruukki ja opettele meikkaamaa

No. 34449

right after i read this a picture of her gets posted in the cgl draw thread

No. 34450

I don't think these outfits are that bad. I know squat about Lolita though.

No. 34451

nah man thats bad

its like… you know when transvestites first realize they're transvestites and they just start choosing ugly outfits that they associate with femininity, but no one actually dresses like that? that's what all of this looks like

No. 34452

File: 1423038795429.png (240.96 KB, 771x618, 645646456.PNG)

I have never heard a more fitting description of her outfits. It's exactly like that. "Gyarus have wigs and flashy clothes right?! Let's put every single clashing tacky piece I have together!!".

She never bothers to take in constructive criticism for her outfits because "she's not even trying to be gyaru" (tags say otherwise) and "this one person who knows nothing of gyaru complimented my outfit!!" (out of politeness).

Happy to see another one here who knows of her legend. I don't think she's aware of the existence of lolcow though, so I doubt she's reading this. She's probably busy spending her NEET life stalking /cgl/ for self-whiteknighting business and attention whoring.

She ruthlessly asks (famous) people to draw her all the time.

I picked this gold nugget from /cgl/, her ex-friend was venting about her in gyaru-secrets. More of her craziness.

No. 34453

Holy shit, this description matches like 3 girls I know.

No. 34454

Update on this: She was working at her local crafts museum's project about cosplay and street fashion. She was supposed to put up the street fashion part of the display and while botching it up she filled a whole wall with mostly her own ootd mirror selfies. There was a huge printed poster of her too.

No. 34455

File: 1423446565901.png (89.69 KB, 448x528, Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 1.10…)

She exudes tumblr in the most irritating of ways.

No. 34456

ohh god this made me rage. i hate this argument so much. yes, i am thankful for the rights that i have. but that was a wave of feminism that yall bitches had shit all to do with. quit trying to cover your ass with the accomplishments actual activists did when people call you out for whining about men looking at you or saying hi or whatever. fuck off with this emotional manipulation bs. also trying to guilt people into supporting your festering cause is really shitty, and probably why people don't want to be associated with you in the first place. passive aggressive peace sign

No. 34457

I feel that same way.
She's also a really annoying loudmouthed vegan, if I apply the same logic, should I tell her not to use medicine or vaccines that have been tested on animals?
I have no problem with vegans, I have other friends that have the same diet & they're total sweethearts, but I can't stand seeing the ridiculous "you like animals? YOU'RE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE" shit on my feed.

No. 34458

File: 1423542102658.jpg (33.63 KB, 635x960, 1417148831214.jpg)

I think Sheena can use her own thread though.

No. 34459

I agree. Sheena could use her own thread with how much of a cow she is. Idk why but she looks just as ugly to Mira to me.

No. 34460

>cheat on boyfriend was living with
>move in with monty after a week
>have no job or skills
>leech monty fame, money and cosplay skills
>secretly get married when overstay visa
>get stray cats even though monty is allergic
>monty gets more sick and tries allergy shots
>monty in coma so start gofundme because no money
>change status to married and name to oum for sympathy money
>montyiskill by allergy shots
>leech monty after death

No. 34461

Was it really because she brought in cats? Everyone KNEW he was fucking allergic to them so he died because of her stupidity?

I agree though, she deserves her own thread. I know there was a thread saved on CGL about all her shit.

No. 34462

I have a personal lolcow on a Warhammer 40k forum. This person invented an imaginary sockpuppet girlfriend for themselves until eventually they just became the sock puppet and stopped posting as their original self entirely.

No. 34463

File: 1423613390931.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-02-09-22-14-52…)

Nobody of much importance. I just really enjoy the lulz that rich Muslims bring me on instagram. Seriusly, they all go crazy with the surgery and photoshop.


No. 34464

Ahahahaha oh god, that surgically altered face. She wears makeup that not even a drag queen would wear.

No. 34465

Her eyelashes also look photoshopped on. ide…

>Sometimes it take 3 filters.
Just three gaiz.

No. 34466

Yeah, the lash of her left eye goes over her nose which isn't possible.

No. 34467

File: 1423621204371.jpg (80.85 KB, 510x210, allergyshots.jpg)

There were multiple stays they were trying to take in when Monty started taking allergy shots.


No. 34468

>>I'll let you know effective it is in 5 years

Ow my feels. That's depressing.

No. 34469

I always hated her so I kind of just pretended she didn't exist. Had no clue this bitch was pretty much the one who killed Monty.

Lindsay Jones deserves a thread too. Unless I'm the only one who finds her terribly annoying.

No. 34470


Isn't it kind of Monty's fault though? No one forced him to get married to her or let her stay with him. If anything Monty seems like a pushover nerd guy who is desperate to get attention from a decent-looking girl to the point where he risks his life. I don't really know much about their situation so I'm just really confused.

Sheena does seem like a lolcow though.

No. 34471

Considering the rabid RWBY fans out there, Monty already had lots of attention from nerdy girls. Sheena was probably the most convenient of them all though.

No. 34472

Ok, that makes it more baffling. I admit, I didn't know anything about Oum or his show before writing my message. But after looking at his pic, he actually looks pretty cute and could get a huge number of girls, especially those obsessed with Asian guys. Why he dated someone like Sheena is just beyond me.

However I don't see how it's all Sheena's fault. She was definitely a selfish bitch but I think it's ultimately up to someone to lay down the line when their health is at risk.

Anyways I think it's a bit over the top to blame someone for his death. I am trying to look more into the matter but I'm getting mixed messages.

No. 34473

why the fuck doesnt sheena have ANYTHING on her twitter about monty's death????

No. 34474

Actually I'm also calling BS on the whole thing:


No. 34475

Monty only wanted a cat after Sheena moved in and started encouraging to feed the cats outside the apartment. Look at the date of his tweet.

No. 34476

Probably to keep that gofundme open for money.

No. 34477

I thought Monty was always a fan of cats but he just never went near one which was the reason Joe the Cat had to leave the office because Monty's allergies were getting worse.

When I first met Sheena I thought she was nice. A little quiet but I chalked that up to it being the last day of the convention and shyness.

I then heard about another Pyrrha cosplayer at the con that was kind of bullied by Sheena to get out of their group shots because SHE was Pyrrha.

She always seemed to be giving attention to herself as the OFFICIAL Cosplayer of Roosterteeth.

No. 34478

She was never paid or hired by RoosterTeeth but I can confirm she was in the office most days and nights because Monty rarely came home.

Having a lack of companionship and living alone is why most people want cats. Him tweeting or facebook plug her cosplays as the best thing ever could only keep her happy for so long.

No. 34479

Then she should of tried for a dog or something else rather than taking in strays. I'm not going to say it's her fault he's dead but just that better judgement could of been used by all parties.

She could of gotten a small dog instead? Idk if he was allergic to any other pet dander and while it would get lonely to have your husband/boyfriend at work all the time, why did she not just hang out with other RT people outside of work or friends in the Texas area?

Then again, from what some Canadian Seagulls had said, she was never a pleasant person to be around.

I'm just really saddened by his passing even if he, himself, had a rather large ego with RWBY's popularity and success.

I wonder where she goes from here.

No. 34480

Just make Sheena her own thread already.

No. 34481

Autumn Asphodel should get a thread:


No. 34482

Could do one in general for RT girls, I guess? I mean, I'm just an average viewer and don't really get deep into drama surrounding the members, but from what I have skimmed via Tumblr, there's probs enough material for one.

No. 34483

I can't tell if they're multiple personality disorder is real or not: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNd6uIbvTcw

No. 34484

A general RT cow thread would bring some luls

No. 34485


No. 34486

Before you go making a thread, could you at least give us some information on the kind of shit they have done? Because there is really no point making a thread if you just kind the girls annoying. It doesn't really make them a lolcow. Unless of course, they've done stuff to deserve a thread.

No. 34487


No. 34488

RTAnon here. Sheena took Monty's sperm when he was in a coma without permission from him or his family. He said he didn't want children. Is that lolcow worthy?

No. 34489

uh what?

obviously proof needed but what?

No. 34490

RTanon as in you work for RT or are just a fan? Without proof, there's not much reason to believe your not just a crazy fan.

That being said Kerry is another annoying little shit from RT. But his only lulzy traits are his inability to shower and cringe-status.

No. 34491


No. 34492

Yeah, proof… because no one is just going to believe this because you said so.

Also, why did RWBY ever get popular? It's pretty amateur.

No. 34493

It has potential. It's the fans that made it explode kind of like Homestuck, Hetalia and Touhou.

Fans started producing better works than the show and people just looked past the amateur animation(though pretty good fight scenes) and more people got in to it.

Kerry's a little weebish. His boner for JNig is very cringe.

No. 34494

Artificial insemination takes a few cycles of trying. We'll see when a pregnancy happens…

No. 34495

I'd like to point out she wasn't and never has been apart of Rooster Teeth. Just because she was marry to Monty doesn't make her apart of that company. So make a thread for her instead of trying to include the RT girls when they haven't done anything lolcow worthy.

No. 34496

Eh some of them are pretty bitchy, annoying, and definitely lolcow worthy. Just because Sheena isn't apart of the actual RT crew doesn't mean that some of them aren't idiots themselves.

Lindsay, meg, and Kerry are full of cringe. Sheena deserves her own thread but there should also be a RT general thread, I think.

No. 34497

Also, no need to fangirl. Haven't you learned that defending something on lolcow only makes the trolls attack it more?

No. 34498

She might not of been a part of RT but at conventions and in some of their RTLife or RWBY Behind the scenes videos,she's there a few times and there at all their RTExtra Life fundraiser livestreams but wouldn't do anything short of just sitting on the sofa.

I think she believed because she was Monty's gf she would automatically be accepted and hired or that whoever she cosplayed meant she was automatically the perfect cosplayer for it.

The character Neo, I'm pretty sure is based off of Sheena, looks wise at least and as much as I think she's a horrible cosplayer and person, Sheena does make a great Neo.

If someone wants to make a Sheena/RT Thread, I can hunt down the post where the Canada Seagulls were talking about her.

No. 34499

As I stated above, if they've done lolcow worthy stuff then make a thread, but if you just find them annoying I just don't see them as lolcows. Actually name some shit they have done, excluding Sheena because I don't see her as part of the RT crew. Sure she's been a few things but so has the other members loved one.

I'm not being a fangirl. I just simply stated I don't find them to be worthy of their own thread because they haven't done anything to deserve it. I asked to name things some of the RT girls have done, but you've failed to do that so I stand by my opinion until you give us more information on what exactly makes them a lolcow.

No. 34500

Sheena definitely deserves her own thread and while she's not officially part of RT everything she does is RT related.

If she does becomes part of RT in the future due to some stupid reason I wouldn't be surprised though.

No. 34501

File: 1424255279359.gif (189.5 KB, 500x667, tuksu.gif)

I don't know if this crazy twat counts as a personal lolcow since she's more like the national lolcow of Finland.

Johanna Tukiainen used to be kinda famous once because she sexted with our then-prime minister and he had to resign because all kinds of shit hit the fan, but these days she's an alcoholic wannabe-escort who spews crazy shit online and basically got her own sister killed because she dragged her out of the hospital to "perform" with her on her "show tour" that basically means getting drunk and doing karaoke and dancing at seedy tiny pubs all over the country.

She's obsessed with "glamour life" and thinks that if she just moved to America she'd get tons of men because all Finnish people are jealous of her looks and in America people like her style more.

She also sells and does drugs and abuses animals, tried to kill her ex and burn his house, had multiple assault charges and DUI's and is probably going to jail pretty soon. Oh and she's 37 and that's how she dresses on a daily basis.

No. 34502

oh god, the prime minister dude came to my school to give us some kind of speech or something, and he tried to hit on all the blond chicks there. kek

No. 34503

>She's obsessed with "glamour life" and thinks that if she just moved to America she'd get tons of men because all Finnish people are jealous of her looks and in America people like her style more.

so like a weeaboo but for america? kek.

No. 34504

File: 1424285813370.png (384.16 KB, 429x573, johannatukiainen2010.png)


Holy shit, is this her?? You actually picked a pretty flattering photo compared to her other ones, holy fuck

No. 34505

File: 1424291802650.jpg (108.24 KB, 978x563, 1288616052643.jpg)

I imagine she smells like sour beer.

She should have her own thread.

No. 34506

Trisha Paytas in 20 years.

No. 34507

lol I love trisha as a trashy barbie.
her she doesn't look so bad.
But mother of god>>51140
>>34505 She looks like shes in her late 50's here.

No. 34508

20? Try 10. I honestly thought that first pic was her for a sec.

No. 34509

File: 1424320443044.jpg (82.36 KB, 640x480, uHeUFT7.jpg)

ive met some batshit crazy people online but this person stands out to me the most:

- is supposed to be a FtM transgender but insists on being called "princess"
- doesn't have a job and complains about community college costs, but spends all of their disposable income on Elsa merchandise and fursuits despite being in their 20s
- goes into credit card debt because it's good for their "credit"
- is openly obsessed with yu gi oh slash fiction

man i wouldn't be surprised if this was someone who was transitioning for "muh yaoizzzzz"

No. 34510

The sister part was so sad. To elaborate:
Her sister was diabetic, most likely caused by alcoholism and overall shitty life choices. She was also thinner and prettier than Johanna, so Johanna had this psychotic repressed jealousy towards her. The sister, Julia, had a shitty self-esteem and a big drinking problem and would've done anything to make Johanna happy (I think according to the tell-all book Johanna even pimped her at some point?). So Julia got an insulin shock, was rushed to the hospital, almost died, and Johanna still dragged her with her to perform on a show tour and Julia herself didn't really bother to take care of her medication. The details about Julia's night of death are still out there, but basically she was drinking with Johanna and one of their friends at their apartment, went to bed and died of a heart attack while Johanna continued drinking at local pubs and bars. She was 30 at the time of her death. But what's the shady thing is that nobody found Julia for _3 days_ until her mother thought something was wrong and went to check it out. There are rumors (and small bits of proof) going around that Johanna did return to their apartment and found Julia, but freaked out and instead of calling the authorities went back out to drink for days until their mother called her and told the news.

Johanna had a sick vice grip on Julia's life and emotions and she's a manipulative bitch. For the Finnish there is this article about Julia: http://www.city.fi/ilmiot/julia+tukiainen+ja+viinapaivakirja/3879

It's an interview with her about her life and how she clearly wants to quit drinking and show business and make something of herself but Johanna is such a fucking enabler that it's impossible. In the end of the interview there is a version that was written by Johanna because she wasn't happy with the "falsified" tone of the original interview. Her version has such things as shitty grammar, delirious lies, self-praising and forcing herself to Julia's story.

No. 34511

File: 1424339718057.jpg (94.99 KB, 560x594, n50f6e14335ef0.jpg)

More "Tuksu" trivia:

- She abuses her numerous pets a lot and they disappear mystically while she gets new ones. According to witnesses, her small toy dogs have internal parasites, their nails are so long that they have trouble walking and they piss and shit all over her apartment because she doesn't bother to take them out to walks.

- She had a small toy terrier that she was trying to dress up in a dog princess dress while intoxicated and apparently dropped the dog from a considerable height because it severely broke its leg and almost had to be put down because Johanna couldn't afford the surgery, but thankfully the original breeder of the dog paid for the treatment and relocated the dog to a new family away from Johanna.

- Her chihuahua got pregnant because they just let the dogs do whatever they wanted, male and female mingled together. I don't know what happened afterwards if they kept the puppies or whatever.

- The dogs constantly escaped her apartment and wandered on the streets alone.

- She drags her dogs with her everywhere, even to night clubs and bars and even if they're just young puppies. She dragged one of her small dogs with her to Estonia, didn't get the proper documents to do so and the customs confiscated it and the dog almost got put down for it.

- Because of her long history of animal abuse, dog breeders refuse to sell anything to her. So she gets her friends to act as decoys to buy more dogs in their name instead of hers. So officially the dogs belong to someone else.

- After her sister Julia died Johanna went on a drinking binge and her youngest sister Jasmin asked her about what she was planning to do with her dogs. Johanna replied that she couldn't give a fuck about the dogs and they can go die for all she cares, so Jasmin gave them away to new owners. Later Johanna apparently got mad and started screaming on her blog about how Jasmin stole her dogs and gave them away without her consent and she's taking this to the court etc.

- She also got a potbelly pig at some point because some of her American "glamour idols" got one. I have no idea what happened to that pig.

No. 34512

I've always wondered why the hell Tuksu is allowed to do the shit she does. Bitch should be locked up in a psych ward, honestly. I keep hoping she's just an elaborate troll but it's probably more likely that she's just completely fucked up and in need of serious help.

No. 34513

I think she's dealing stuff which is the only reason people even keep her in contact, or they're afraid of her. She isn't intelligent or genuinely nice, she's always intoxicated by alcohol or drugs (or both) and manipulates and threatens people or uses violence to get what she wants. You remember when she mailed a family of rat carcasses to her ex-manager?

No. 34514

And let me continue the Tuksu trivia because she's the biggest lolcow ever.

- She apparently bumped into Mickey fucking Rourke while visiting the US at some big Miami party when she was like 10 years younger and still relatively attractive and thin. So Mickey Rourke, unaware of her current state, contacted her for a cheap booty call.
- Because Rourke is a celebrity he told her to keep it down and not tell anyone because he wants to party in private. Johanna agreed, but in word only. She immediately went to her blog to gloat about being contacted by Mickey Rourke and told all about their hot, steamy meeting years ago and remarked how Rourke "loved her butt" and thought she had a hot curvy body. Additionally she also revealed that Rourke is in a fake relationship to promote his new movie.
- Rourke found out and got severely pissed off and told her to go fuck herself.

Full log here, check out Johanna's fluent and natural English she's always talking about: http://markkurourke.blogspot.fi/2013/02/tuksu-klassikko-rourke-ottaa-yhteytta.html

No. 34515

wat is that thing on left

fuck she looks terrible look at that weave

also that linebacker body


No. 34516

I thought that was another woman…took me a while to realize it was a guy. Funniest part is he looks more feminine than Tuksu does here. She looks like a busted drag queen.

No. 34517


Hahaha thats her on/off gay bff whom she at some point claimed to have turned straight. Im pretty sure he hates her these days.

Im confused tho, was it actually rourke that was emailing her? I thought it was just some random troll

No. 34518

When a lolcow abuses animals i step over that line of pity or dislike and just into straight fuck you i hope you die terratory. Shit like this makes me so angry.

No. 34519

There is a girl I used to be friends with who turned into a huge pretentious shithead. She is always jumping onto every bandwagon in an attempt to be popular and for attention and i'm really tired of it. She's one of those girls who has to appear as if she's so "unique" and "quirky".

First off, it was her "modelling" career. Basically, her friends asked if she wanted to showcase some of their jewellery and once she got the photos back, she decided to start asking EVERYONE if they needed a "model". It extended to her photographer BF doing really bad shoots for her and she starting advertising everywhere (even starting up a website). Everyone eventually stopped caring and she deleted her FB page as if nobody would remember, yet the entire internet is still littered with evidence of it.

Next, she decided to be a "cosplayer". I should have seen this a long way off, because she's always tried hard to seem like the nerdy type and brag about how she loves anime and comics (also, cosplay is a classic gateway for attention whores). She was a one-trick pony and did the same damn concept over and over, and even made her own terrible OC. She was called out by some other cosplayers after a big con for lying about making a costume. She turned to social media and cried that it was to do with her tits (her body was never mentioned). Nowadays, she seems to have shyed away from cosplaying herself, but still maintains an interest and talks about how much she loves it.

Now that she's pretending that she's working hard on her degree and always posting photos of stacks of books she's apparently read. She literally doesn't even try to do any work and always relies on everyone else by acting as if she's "lost her work because of a hard drive crash". All she does is give people who challenge her opinions backchat and whenever anything goes wrong, she claims she's "leaving FB for a day to chill out", whilst actually sitting sharing memes.

Literally the only reason I keep her on my FB is so my friends and I can have a cheap laugh. She is not a nice person at all.

No. 34520

Okay i gotta talk shit bout this bitch.

I play mtg, my boyfriend and his friends and this bitch do too.

She is prettier than me, but my boobs are better. she has little bitties. if boobs were fruits she would have berries.

she is pretty though, and an attention whore, comes to tournaments dressed like a slut tries to distract opponent with tits when she could be wearing bacon bikini and they still wouldn't give a fuck.

Anyhow, she is dating one of my boyfriends friends. wants more attention, so she decided to text my boyfriend a naked pic and text "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" i got sooo fucking mad, i tried to make him gimme the photo so i could put it up on every social media site i know especially the mtg forums, post it to her facebook page, pm her family with it etc. but he took the phone and deleted it before I could. He showed me because he felt uncomfortable she did that and wanted to be honest with me.

months later, she and the dude she was dating break up, then the baby drama starts. she claims to be pregnant. shit happens. she pretends to get into a fight with dude and then says she is in the hospital witch complications, she was supposedly 5 months pregnant at this time, and gives birth prematurely. then posts pictures to facebook, of a baby that is not even a premature baby, claiming it is hers, when people call bullshit she takes them down, and replaces them with premature baby ones, but forgets to remove a watermark, we find the same pictures on google.

Everyone I know stopped feeding the attention whore after that so I don't know what happened or what she did after that. Bitch was crazy.

No. 34521

u sound insecure as fuck, anon, chill out

No. 34522

File: 1426294495818.png (463.43 KB, 500x640, tumblr_mc9n20X9Bb1qj9mt2.png)

Pic related, dated >>61768 for two years only because she needed to gather information on her in order to create the ED page.


Art blog:

>responsible for many ED pages despite deserving one for herself

>damaged trans tumblrina otherkin fedora wearer
>dated http://dwaynebiddixart.deviantart.com/ and later cheated on him despite the dude housing her
>eventually cheated on dude she cheated on Dwayne with and moved to Ohio

Was going to create a thread for her, but I'll just leave it here since I used to know her and anyone interested can just do some digging.

No. 34523

is this a chick or what

this person is so unfortunate looking

how do these people have sex, even kiss

like, i wouldn't be able to hold hands or even hang out with people if i looked like this, tbh

i just don't get how they have sex

how can you not be thinking about how unappealing you are while doing it, my god

No. 34524

Actually a lot of people who are, er, less than fortunate looking can find intimacy with others who aren't good-looking. Some people will perceive others who are at their same level of attractiveness as aesthetically pleasing. You and I might think "ugh" but someone out there might find them cute.

No. 34525

It was shitty of her to do that, but it's even shittier of you to want to put a naked picture of her on blast. That's considered "revenge porn" and is illegal in some states (assuming you live in the US.)
Also, chill out about your tits being big. It makes you sound insecure as fuck, like you're fat and not cute and all you've got going on for you is big boobs.

No. 34526

File: 1426320135397.jpg (56.29 KB, 353x438, image.jpg)

Used to be friends with this fatty weeabo
> photoshops like crazy, you only need one look at her Instagram to see that (unedited photo of her attached) instagram: Nekumew
> if you watch anime, play video games, like lord of the rings etc she abuses you saying you're copying her because she liked them first
> let's her boyfriend rape her (doesn't consent but let's him have her way with her)
> can't afford to go to the gym despite being able to fly to Japan
> wears wigs and claims its her real hair
> said how fat I got after recovering from an eating disorder
> made up rumours to get my boyfriend at the time to dump me because she had the hots for him
> opening an online store soon but can't afford to rent her own house

No. 34527

File: 1426320415632.jpg (136.07 KB, 607x835, image.jpg)

A pic of her and her boyfriend which looks nothing like previous photo

No. 34528

There's this fatty who i used to be friends with.
> bitch is a true weaboo, she screams bloody murder if there's two hot guys together and she would cry about yaoi
> think she's not fat but she is
> traces art and sell it
> dress with "cute" xxxl dresses that won't fit
> stop being friends with me once i tell her that eating takeaway everyday is not okay.
> says she's lesbian but feels sad about cute guys not giving her romantic attention
> can't think for herself. She just repeat everything tumblr says

my favorite day was when she said "SPRING ROLLS HAVE VEGGIES ON IT, THEY CAN'T BE BAD FOR YOU"

No. 34529

If its been deep fried, its not healthy.

No. 34530

File: 1426963752597.jpg (80.18 KB, 720x960, 11049664_10152803932176028_693…)

that pig claims to be a model.
but the only photoshoots she got are street snapshots.
she attacked a girl in a club-also a girl on the street and screamed at her because pigs boyfriend is a gaijinlover and pig is not enough for him. also her best friend left her because she is crazy.

No. 34531

I saw a lot of people on CGL talk about MisforMurder and the Arizona community.

Idk if that would belong here or if there's enough information on their own thread. The one on CGL seemed brutal and his(?) behavior and some of the cosplay makeup was pretty horrifying.

No. 34532

We need a thread of weeaboos who legally changed their names to anime characters.

No. 34533

>People do this
That's the second worse thing you can do, the first is naming your daughter some Nip name if you aren't hip or if your wife/husband isn't nip

No. 34534

>Made up a rape story about a guy who rejected her, tells the story to everyone she meets, says he gave her PTSD, nothing happened between them
>Extremely two faced, just as much of a bitch as any user around here but pretends to be a uwu such a sweet baby princess!!!!
>Other than pretending to be a sexual abuse survivor and that she has PTSD she used to pretend to be anorexic, says things like "Lol i just tried to kill myself by jumping in front of a car but he saw me XDD"

Holy shit. For a second there I thought you were talking about my personal lolcow. Mine isn't 4'11" and has a dead sibling tho.
And mine I'm not sure if I consider her a lolcow, because sometimes she has such malicious intent that it makes my blood boil.
>My friend's ex-fiancee
>Fat, video game obsessed (mostly Fallout), dirty, has every mental disorder under the sun.
>Lived with her grandparents. Would talk a lot about how horrible they were to her. Once I said "girl, you're 22. You should just move out, for your own sanity." Her response: "NO I HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE THERE"
>Because of all her super special mental disorders, is probably on Tumblr as well. I dunno. She'd be a good candidate for Tumblr.
>Has also been declared unfit for work because of her issues, which is hella hard to do, and I think relatives may have pulled some strings for her.
>Will go out and celebrate whenever she's declared unfit for work.
>Will talk at length about how she might have panic attacks. Has never actually had one.
>Claims to be afraid of people. Doesn't seem to mind going out to clubs and bars though.
>Is probably just workshy and lazy.
>Once I was actually having a panic attack, outside of a bar, and she just casually waddled out and announced to everyone who would listen how it was just so crowded in there she thought she might have one. Like. After I was right there curled up in a ball on the pavement hyperventilating from the amount of people inside. After that I decided I didn't have to be her friend anymore.
>Also she did a lot of gross shit when we were hanging out, like at the pub she would just brush her hair and put makeup on right there on the table. FFS go do that in the toilet. I don't want your dandruff to get in my pint, and also there's a mirror in the toilet so you can see what yr doing.
>So she breaks up with my friend anyway. Later on tells me "it happens", but I guess told everyone else that he was cheating on her and didn't treat her right.
>And gets with my ex. Who coincidentally did cheat on me and treat me badly. And she knew that before getting with him.
>Got a job at GAME. Quit after 2 months. Me and my bf were in a cafe, and she was there with my ex, complaining about how hard it was to be on her feet for 4 hours.
>They used to come to my uni's common room a lot as well, despite neither of them actually going to my uni or having any friends there, just because there were video games. He would just sit and play LoL, and she would just sit and browse facebook the whole time.
>Saw some other friends of mine there who she sorta knew but wasn't really friends with. Told the same sob story about my friend (her ex fiance) to them, and also how fantastic my ex was with her, while I was standing right there.
>And then around November we just stopped seeing very much of her.
>Early this year, I go onto a blog about how working people are struggling to make ends meet, but can't qualify for help.
>Guess who comments.
>"I'm unfit for work. You think people on benefits can afford to eat well, well I can't. I can't afford a stove. I eat ready meals. etc."
>Which has nothing to do with what the original blog post tbh, and was more just her being victim.
>Google the screen name she's using.
>She's been posting all over depression and PTSD forums.
>Says an ex bf who raped her unblocked her on facebook, and she's wondering if she should contact him to get closure. Claims he was the one who gave her PTSD.
>Also says my friend (her ex fiance) raped her. But she wants to see him behind bars. No nice closure or anything there like with the first ex who raped her.
>Other posters find holes in her stories, and I guess this bothers her, because she fucked off from the boards.
>She and my ex broke up. I dunno what happened, if he got tired of her snowflake bullshit or if she got tired of his. As horrid a person he is, if she goes after him next i would actually take his side, because she's far worse. This is confirmed by a mutual friend who now hates her too.

There's more, but this post is getting long, so I'll continue later. Problem is I get a bit lolcow obsessed, and D becomes a motherfucking rabbithole.

No. 34535

Yep she not cute at all

No. 34536

File: 1426996631609.png (354.77 KB, 450x443, Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 03.5…)

No. 34537

Thats Alia Glutd's sister. They are product of plastic surgery.

No. 34538

good story

more info would be appreciated anon

No. 34539

I believe I may know a potential lolcow, but I'll admit we are pretty young though (3rd year HS), but if she had an internet presence I'd think she'd be a great lolcow or snowflake.

>Believes her life is a harem

>Believes every boy or everyknown girl who are not het wants to date her even if it was a simple compliment
>Thinks she has the cutesy babyface, but doesn't know what it means because she has a mature skinny face
>Think she's cute because she's short, when she's +one or two inches under me, and still in the 5" range
>Associates everything with anime. World History? Anime. Math? Anime
>Believes she's going to be a popular manga artist even though her are art is generic stuff you'll find in those 'how to draw anime' in the library
>Belives she can go to Tokyo U. with a language app on her phone, and a few art classes she took in a university over the summer
>Thinks she's finished with college if she takes a few classes over the summer
>Doesn't even know what a visa is
>Writes generic harem stories, and think she's the hottest shit ever
>All of her characters are japanese, all with adjectives for the first and last names
>'Their names represent them.'
>Writes all of her stories in a traditional way, and has no backup
>Raged out on her ex when something happened to her story that out was out of his control
>Is a total Mira
>Thinks Japan is the holy grail of countries
We try to explain to her that her experience may be a different experience from foreigners you see online because she's black-indian
>"Nah, Japan isn't racist or xenophobic, don't worry about it."
>'Fuck America! Even though they pay for half of my shit!!'
>Doesn't have a plan B if she doesn't make it to Japan
>Believes she's a total badass, cursing in every few sentences
>"My eyes turn red when I'm angry"
>Wants to fight ex's best friend because he told a stupid joke about friend's & ex's relationship, and had an argument
>Now every time he looks in her direction (doesn't have to be at her specifically), he's a 'a little fucking fag bitch who wants my ex'
>Punched a locker because 'he was looking at me, and looked away like a little bitch'
>Has every mental disorder in the book. Bipolar? Yes. MPD? Yes. Physico? Yep
>None are diagnosed, all are self diagnosed
>'Whenever I tell people of my disorders, they get scared'
>In that case, she would've been placed in Sp.ed
>Talks about herself all the time even though no one mentioned her?
>God forbid you start to mention any disorder you have because the talking cycle will start again.
>Talks about her medical problems constantly
>'I want no sympathy nor pity!'

I hope she grows out of this before senior year hits, I'll have major mixed feelings if I find her on these boards in the future.

No. 34540


Oh and
>wants to change her name into something Japanese, ' Like Yuki or Aki anon!"
>wants to name her kid something Japanese even though she has no intent of marrying a japanese man

No. 34541

One more, sorry I'm out of it and sleepy anons

>Doesn't know how yen work AT ALL

>convinced she'll be rich if she carries over her USD

No. 34542

File: 1427018598604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1106.JPG)

ugh I was recently dumped by my longest known friend (13+ years) because she doesn't like my boyfriend and refused to talk to me about it. if she was into being on the internet she would totally be a lolcow.. they are all so self centered.

quick greentext stuff
>we (me+bf) move into a room in the house she lives in, couples ok'd by all housemates
>she is 2nd worst housemate I have ever had (only beat by the girl who didn't clean her cat's litter box for months and I had a constant allergic reaction while in the house)
>exfriend stomps around, yells/throws things, slams doors when upset often 12am or later
>leaves shit in the toilet for other ppl to flush 1+ times a week
>one time left shit, blood and paper towel for someone else to flush
>constant drama mongering, example bitched about a girl at her workplace she didn't like, to the point of her getting fired bc she was friends with bosses
>casual sex everywhere, (not judging) doesn't use protection/forgets birth control pills enough to have to get an abortion a couple years ago(judging)
>tries to steal other people's boyfriends apparently (not sure how regular)
>every job she can, fucks her boss and last one caused huge amount of drama, also gets boss to play favorites somewhat from what she told me
>even though she just works at small restaurants doing prep and other easy tasks she tries to talk like she has cooking knowledge, can't make anything except pasta at home
>wish i could say she was a weeaboo, but she just likes chobits and asian fans and shit and it's not really an issue
>we lived with them for < 3 months, apparently in that time she decided she hates my super shy boyfriend (only mentioning she bc she hardly saw him)
>decides never to talk to me about it, just bitch amongst housemates and actually texts my mom before me
>when she finally texts me, her and other housemates are at a bar together; she texts asking me for info on bf (goes by nickname, we aren't on a lease-house is casual month to month)
>I ask why, she responds with things such as "I think the housemates are sick of him" and then "get rid of that" "lose 1 friend gain 3" "we like you not the other thing"
>next day I give month's notice, no way am I living with these crazy assholes
>move back to home state, she infrequently sends me stickers on facebook or asks when we are going to play animal crossing together and even "come back it's warm here now!!"
>I finally give up on her actually talking to me after I have tried a couple times and she responds with "I know I was being bitchy but I had my reasons" and "I do wish I had talked to you before you left" both predictably followed with nothing
>I send her a (probably too long) message letting her know how she was a terrible housemate and friend and still not talking to me basically and just like how she was so mean and apparently doesn't get it
>she responds with a thumbs up sticker fb chat has so helpfully provided

It was so hard to deal with and almost isn't even worthy of this board.. how you guys don't end up killing people is amazing

pic related one of her presents

No. 34543

Sounds like a foul, grubby little bitch. I think you've done the right thing by severing ties with her.
When I read the thing about her trying to steal other people's boyfriends and then her hating yours for what seems to be no good reason, I instantly assumed that she tried to steal/seduce him (maybe subtly) and he was unresponsive and that made her mad and eventually hate him.

No. 34544

>Upon graduating, she married a 70 year old man she met on Myspace.

First time I went WTF irl for years.
Thanks for that, anon.

No. 34545


OK off the top of my head…
>Is goth. And pagan.
>Provided guest vocals for a metal band like 5 years ago. Makes this out to make her a rock star.
>Believes in a lot of crystal healing shite. Tried to dowse for the MH-37 plane crash. With crystals.
>Wants to be a geologist, because she'll get paid a lot without having to do much (her words). Doesn't want to go to uni.
>Believes uni will be stressful because of her beliefs and gender.
>Also believes there's something beautiful and unique about her because she's a girl who plays games.
>Gets bursitis sometimes. Makes it out like it's the end of the world. All the joints in my body hurt all the time though because sports (which I still do because stupid), so her whinging about it bothers me.
>when my friend was engaged to her, he would take her out to a city every month, get a nice hotel room, take her to shows, etc. But he didn't treat her special enough I guess.

I really want to track down her tumblr if she's got one, and wonder if maybe by posting about her on a lolcow thread someone else might recognise her. Her ex fiance doesn't like to talk about her, for obvious reasons. If I think of more later, I'll post.

No. 34546

she would look okay with just the eyebrows OR the nose OR the lips, but not altogether

No. 34547

This be some kardashian level shit.l

No. 34548

idk I think the lips are a problem no matter what

wants to be a geologist.. for the crystals?

haha ikr.. I was actually wondering if she didn't find him attractive so she decided he sucked based on that, whatever, she crazy I live faaar away now

No. 34549

i think she's cute (in pictures) but her personality is a carbon copy of hundreds of other edgy feminist-y girls with tumblr blogs and she must look very strange in real life

No. 34550


No, geologist because she's obsessed with the volcano in Iceland.
Which would be fine, but then she's like "but I don't want to study properly at uni because uni will challenge my beliefs, and I don't want to take an apprenticeship either because it's not worth it."

No. 34551

ugh, dis bitch. Ugh. She's not so much a personal lolcow as she is the lolcow of the local art community. There's her, and her antithesis, Cool Girl. Cool Girl is successful, beautiful, and basically a fucking rad chick who is up and coming on the local music scene. Annoying Chick tries so hard to undermine CG out of jealousy and hate. Steals her makeup looks, her fashion, her hairstyles, everything. Even tries to steal her boyfriend.

>CG came out as poly. Poly is pretty normal in my city. CG wrote an article for the local weekly publication. Annoying chick, who had publicly decried poly people as sluts, immediately started talking about how poly she was.

>Is super annoying. Always directs the conversation back to herself. You'll mention how you were riding the bus and instantly it's "Well I was riding the bus the other day and THIS happened to me."

>Tried to get Cool Girl's boyfriend to break up with her by attempting to prove she was crazy. Linked him to CG's tumblr and showed him some posts when CG was having a legit breakdown (CG also suffers from depression and doesn't talk about it.)

>Showed up at one of CG's shows and spent the entire night badmouthing her and basically saying she could do everything better than CG. To the promoters of the show. To CG's boyfriend. To everyone, and got mad at them if they didn't believe her.

>Always attempts to flirt with anyone CG is dating. Her "flirting" consists of overblown animu esque drama shit. Once hit a guy super hard in the shoulder when he remarked that she was being loud. Verbatim said "Oh John, it's not MY fault you just can't resist my VOICE." And when he wasn't into it, she stomped and rushed outside, only to come back in ten minutes later "Why didn't you follow me John, we were supposed to….. kiss."

>Never washes her fucking clothes or hair or face. Constantly has caked on makeup from three days previous.

>Can't hold down a job. Got fired from working a restaurant for writing racist names on tickets.

>Stole a pair of CG's speciality performance shoes that were worth around $400. Wore them. One of a kind shoes, so people called her out. Started claiming she had special contacts in China who made special shoes JUST FOR HER.

>Constantly lies and makes up stories about boyfriends and her personal life. No one has met half of her "friends."

>CG has just tried to distance herself from the craziness. Annoying Chick keeps doing anything she can to get closer to her and "ruin her life."

>Annoying Chick constantly talks about how she's a "Social Chess Master" (her words.) She thinks she's going to get everyone to turn against CG by being manipulative and shrewd.

there's more but that's the main jist. She's a fucking shitshow.

No. 34552

File: 1427093416562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.45 KB, 358x750, NO NO NO NO NO.jpg)

No. 34553

whoops forgot to add a description:
90% of their blog is talking about sex. All the time. When I met them, gay man, now? trans woman lesbian. Has a personal blog with "nudes", I'm too scared to ask for it.

What else, uh… basically the negative stereotype of trans women on tumblr, and has absolutely zero intention of having SRS. Because they're not actually dysphoric about their dick, they just "feel like" a lesbian trans woman (source: many conversations)

No. 34554

>work at Japanese restaurant
>all employees are asian
>mostly korean but also south east asians (Vietnamese, filipino, etc)
>server pushes his crush to apply
>girl is white but supposedly 1/4 Japanese
>obsessed with kpop
>instagram filed with gross kpop fan shit
>shows up on first day with super lowcut shirt
>calls everyone oppa and unnie (even if not korean)
>calls boss manager nim
>asks non koreans what they are
>mixed Vietnamese chef says he's white
>"then why do you look like that, oppa?"
>tries hugging everyone
>flirts with all men, even 60 yr old sushi chef
>lazy and orders people to get her things while she sits and rests
>talks about using korean honorifics and respect system but back talks chefs

Nothing really lolcow worthy, but I'm frustrated. And she asked me if I am chinese.

No. 34555

>server pushes his crush to apply

Poor, poor boy.
Young love truly is torture.

No. 34556

omgggggg NOOOO i've seen this person in….tags they shouldn't have even been in…and i was so scarred

No. 34557

That sounds like cringy lolcow to me. Please post IG.

No. 34558

Also requesting IG. Or at the very least, pics of her aegyoness.

No. 34559

Oh lawd

Suffocate her or something when nobody's looking. To stop the cringe.

No. 34560

>referring to yourself in the third person to bitch about someone who will never read this, especially naming yourself something as self-congratulatory as "Cool Girl"

No. 34561

let me guess… Lesbian tags? Cause they like to post there. Everything about their identity is just so sexual and like??? That's not exactly the message you want to send about the trans community.

Like the sad part is that they're not bad looking as a feminine gay man, but their personality is so atrocious.

If you want stories of their behavior IRL I have many

No. 34562

My thoughts exactly.
Not a good imagine to project upon trans women. I'd go as far as saying that they aren't actually trans, just milking it….I know a fair amount of trans lesbians (at least, compared to your run-of-the-mill average joe) and most of them are really embarrassed by this sort of behavior and it freaks them out. Can't speak for everyone I guess.

No. 34563

Ugh. This is why I kind of support those crazy asian SJW types who scream at weeaboos, this shit is embarrassing.

No. 34564

>Showed up at one of CG's shows and spent the entire night badmouthing her and basically saying she could do everything better than CG.

I'd make her sing/perform right on the spot if I were a stage manager, what a piece of shit.

No. 34565

File: 1427138228326.png (231.19 KB, 480x800, 2015-03-23 15.09.45.png)

It's also sad that my coworker hates her now after having a crush on her for two years.

She doesn't dress koreaboo, and she doesn't post many pictures of herself on Instagram, but here is one of her kpop pics. I saw pics of her sister, though, and she actually looks asian

No. 34566

I have a ex fuck boy of a "friend", we known each other for about 10 years and he keeps getting used by every girl he dates but then has an attitude about girls need to be thin and look like this and that but this nigga has no neck. I don't really have any good stories about him, but knowing him made me really open my eyes to how fucked up rich fat guys are in relationships and fucked up they are to women and how the women use them faster then toilet paper after a taco bell binge.

No. 34567

>how fucked up rich fat guys are in relationships and fucked up they are to women and how the women use them faster then toilet paper after a taco bell binge.
Holy shit, my sides! rofl

No. 34568

Like the worst is that they actually do a LOT of good outreach type work and shit, managed to get a single-stall type gender neutral bathroom in most buildings on campus and run a chapter of GLSEN which focuses on middle/high school gsa groups.

Their fb is pretty bad too, a lot of the same sexual content but toned down to be PG-rated (lots of talk of cuddles).

I was talking with a friend who knows them better and they're very convinced that Zoey just likes to jump on the oppression bandwagon.


No. 34569

Small lolcow at my Adult Ed school.
I'm 19 and at first he said he's 19 as well, but then he reveals he's actually seven..

I showed cool cosplay pictures to these guys during break and he comes in like
>My friend's a cosplayer
I'm like oh cool nice!
>Her name is Alodia
Yeah, Alodia like that Alodia glensofodia or whatever her name is, and I then told him "How do you even know her, she's pretty famous and doesn't even live in Canadia"
>Well back in school

I just said IC… he has potential….

No. 34570

>at first he said he's 19 as well, but then he reveals he's actually seven..

No. 34571

My mistake, I mean seventeen.

No. 34572

File: 1427187426842.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

So, I was evicted from my apartment today. One of my roommates refused to pay rent this month and I couldn't afford to pay for them (again.) I moved everything out but came back today just to make sure I had gotten everything. And what I found fucking shocked me.
My roommates left everything there. Tons of trash, half empty bottles, dirty dishes, just a bunch of useless crap strewn everywhere. They were extremely dirty the entire time I lived with them and I had to clean up every single mess they made.

But I was horrified when I saw the bathroom. They just left everything they had in there. Tons of crap, extremely dirty, they didn't even take their towels or tooth paste (not that they ever brushed their teeth.)

I took pictures because I was so disgusted. Here is their toilet. I can't even.

No. 34573

>empty marlboro black packet in the toilet bin
What the fuck?
Can't fucking stand people who live in filth, would probably vomit if I saw a place like this.
Hope you don't have to clean any of this mess, anon. Could you take them to court or something? I hope for your sake that their names are on the lease, too.

No. 34574

Wow. It looks like you guys were living in a 3rd world country…how can anyone live like that and be content with themselves?

No. 34575

Dude that kuma laundry basket is the tits! Where did you get it?

No. 34576


Anon you need to sue them to the moon and back. Small claims court style. You already have photos, bank statements, receipts for all the shit you paid, maybe even phone messages to further incriminate them.

No. 34577

Nooo, it doesn't matter if they've stopped communicating with you. They'll have to communicate with a court summons.

Take them to court, don't lose this money. Seriously.

No. 34578


If they're on a lease shouldn't they be legally bound to the apartment and pay their full amount even if they left early?

No. 34579

Absolutely heinous.
What the fuck is that red/brown shit around the lid hinge? I just…ugh.
Also, what kind of mindset do you have to have to leave a used tampon in plain sight in the bathroom for everyone else to see and think that's okay? I really don't fucking understand people sometimes.
Honestly, anon, I really hope you sort something out legally, when people like this get away with this fucked up shit and leave it all for innocent people to deal with, it really grinds my gears.

No. 34580

I saw the pic before you removed it, I honestly thought she was gonna be fat and heinously ugly with a greasy mohawk, lel. She looks so ridiculously tumblr though, which is just as cringy.

No. 34581

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLfdgguF1iQ Same Naurto/sasuke cosplayer. check her twitter, she's pretty lol worthy.

No. 34582

agh fuck, i missed it. can you repost and then delete, anon? i'm following your nightmareish living story religiously and i'm dying to see what this bleedy cunt looks like

No. 34583

obvious photoshop is obvious

No. 34584

that's really disappointing. with that whole lack of hygiene thing, how is she not more pimply and shit?

what a privileged piece of shit. she can't refill her script? most pharmacies have auto refills, or you can just call them and tell them to refill, wtf??

bitch can complain about it, but won't do anything proactive to fix herself?


nah man it's cool. it's entertaining as hell.

don't take it personally. she's pretty much bucktoothed-shit-on-your-shoe. sucks that you spent time w her and had her back, etc, but eh, better to cut losses, blah blah. she blows.


lmfao wtf is this jellicle cats shit? i can't tell if she's trying to rp as a CATS extra, or if this is her idea of nose-thinning, contouring

No. 34585

No don^t stop talking, these people are the DEFINITION of lolcows

but damn you're making me sooo mad. I want you to get all your money back and regain faith in humanity.

No. 34586

Why does she think anybody needs to know this? And why would she want people to know this? That's fucking embarrassing. The fact that she gets them repeatedly just says that she fucks around with dirty, unclean shit in her vag. She probably has sex toys that she uses over and over without washing them. Think I'm starting to feel nauseous, ugh.

No. 34587


No. 34588


eating YOUR food, doesn't clean, lives on your dime, acts a bitch, wont accept that she's wrong, and complains about a supportive mother (her only support system!!!), just… wtf?

yeah man, you were way too nice to her. that's awful. i'm sorry, anon. it's kickass that you have your shit together (biochem, damn. you got my respect, girl.)

who cares if you did drugs? this bitch is a mess. i understand mental illness, and mental illness to the point where changing your undies is exhausting, but sorry, when you're sincerely that ill, blogging and posting kawaii pix of yourself isnt a major priority

she's a fucking loser

thank god she dipped, because you sound like you're too nice for your own good, anon, and there's no reason for you to have gotten played by this stenchy stankhole

and i doubt all of that nonsense about you not being pretty/not cool/shitty… you seem like a straight up awesome friend, and you appear to have your head on straight

i don't know about any legal shit, wish i could recommend this or that, but i've no idea

i know you can ask questions on avvo, so maybe you could try there?

No. 34589

The fact that they won't talk to you doesn't matter though, if you take legal action they will have to respond! I get that you may not want to make a huge deal out of it and would rather not go through court stuff but I think justice definitely needs to be served.

No. 34590

ugh you were way too nice to her

you deserve way better, it's a tough lesson to learn but not everyone deserves friendship. Some people are leeches.

No. 34591

agreed. Anon needs to go judge judy on their lazy butts

No. 34592

screw trying to talk to them, that will cost you YOUR time and YOUR energy which is precious too

use this time and energy to get an appointment with a notary instead, so they can help you decide what you want to do legally, what needs to be done, what paperwork you need to prepare, what you need to fill out etc.

No. 34593

JESUS, you are too nice. Don't bother talking to this cunt ever again (I wouldn't). I know nothing about US law so can't advise but wow, the toilet pics - I almost vomited. Just a tip, you mentioned you needed to get that guy's drug money. If you get legal people involved you might wanna just drop that one in case you get yourself into some shit, unless you manage to get it back without anyone finding out. Sorry if I misunderstood though.

You seem like an awesome person! I'd just see it as a life lesson. Sounds like you're progressing in life and you don't need that kinda loser anywhere near you. Maybe it was for the best that she did this because she could have ruined something else later down the line.

Final thing, my boyfriend was a total fucking gross person while we were living together and I eventually migrated back to my parents because I couldn't stand it anymore and it caused all sorts of conflicts. I spent hours washing his smelly clothes only for him to wear them and dump them back on the floor instead of washing them and the kitchen was a war zone, sink clogged, everything. Used to spend days upon days removing mould from the ceiling in the bathroom and bedroom walls with no help from him. It sucks right? FUCK 'EM, haha.

No. 34594

God what a bitch, I don't know what to say anymore. A cheque for $500 dollars for being a shit? Total brat. Yeah, internet and lights must be free, everyone has them. XD She probably just doesn't know how it feels to have to work and save up for rent and part with that money 'cause her family gives her it for doing fuck all.

No. 34595

I've replied like three times 'cause I can't understand how you managed to put up with that! PS Your old room is cute as fuck and it makes me feel even more sorry for you. How you haven't punched her in the ugly mouth by now is beyond me.

No. 34596

Is her tumblr really public? She just posts all of this for the whole internet to see?

No. 34597

Maybe I'm just old fashioned or something, but why do so many young girls now post about giving blowjobs and they're so proud of it?? I really dont get it. I find it disturbing really. Like, your biggest accomplishment is how good you are at giving blowjobs? Ugh why

No. 34598

ikr fucking hell

No. 34599

I weep for this generation. Girls are actual sluts. Not the kind of 'you're being a prude, stp slut shaming!' type, but they're legit posting online about giving head and being proud. fuck, where are their parents?? they need to be raised with some dignity.

No. 34600

you really don't need to feel bad, anon. she's a dick, dude. you've been a gotdamned saint in comparison. bitch deserves MUCH worse. this isnt even going to affect her. she makes her life public for the worst reasons, is an attention seeking trash bag, and a suckd up, entitled bitch to boot. don't feel bad, roommate-chan.

No. 34601

fucked up* not suckd up

No. 34602

Poor Roommate-Chan, pls come to Canada and I'll take care of you.

No. 34603

You're not a jerk. You are completely not in the wrong, at all.
But if you didn't want lolcow to find her, you should have been more careful with the caps. I found her blog. I won't link, but I'm almost 100% it's her based on the description we could see in the caps… and on the posts i'm seeing rn.
Even though I'm so tempted to post the link to her tumblr so we can all drag her (she has anon on), I will respect your wishes, roomate-chan, because you, unlike this sack of shit, are a genuinely kind person.

No. 34604

You're absolutely not a jerk. Your former roommates are jerks. You were caught in an extremely shitty situation.

No. 34605

Roommate chan here. I'm sorry for te absence, I've been at work and last night I got really fucked up with a friend.
You are a kind soul, anon. I hope you keep her URL secret. I guess I just felt really, really emotional about the whole situation and last night I had a meltdown after snorting a bunch of coke and I realized that I am too destructive as a person. I need to be more positive and try to forget about this whole thing.
I hope it was entertaining, I just feel bad and think that it was kind of petty of me to do. If you guys want to follow her independently or whatever I don't mind, but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't link things back to me lol.

You farmers are awesome and I spend any spare time I have browsing this board because ya'll niggas hilarious and insightful. I wish I could be irl friends with you all and discuss the glory that is pixyteri. But I don't want to pay attention to my shitty eviction and past 9 months lol. (BTW; the apartment office has been locked the last 5 days and I can't reach any management. Heh.)

If you guys want, I can tell you the story of a girl I knew in high school who thought she was an actual angel and worshipped Gackt and Mana-Sama. She weighed 250 pounds and wore "wa-punk Lolita."

No. 34606

Please do share.

No. 34607

File: 1428026476647.jpg (118.11 KB, 1079x536, sos.jpg)


she's only about 22 or 23 and already looks like 50 year old trailer trash

No. 34608

Who the fuck takes nudes with their kid.

No. 34609

do you know her personally..? I remember seeing this on ratchetmess and going through her facebook to find she has a niece named Ameryka, is apparently a triplet and she doesn't know the father of her baby.

No. 34610


So some updates…
My cousin and I were discussing tumblrinas, and their reluctance to go to college because college will challenge their beliefs. I did have to mention dis bitch, b/c it's always funny to know someone like that irl. My cousins's response "so she's gonna dig for rocks in her backyard then?" Pretty much, lol.

A lot of my friends went to Dee-Con this weekend, and since I've been exiled to the US, I've been living vicariously through their photos. She was there, and did a really shitty cosplay of Ramona Flowers. I'm guessing her reasoning is that she's had all these evil exes, so it's like… Ramona Flowers IS her! or somebullshit.
>complaining on random blogs about how she can't afford proper food or a stove atm
>can afford to cosplay and go to conventions
So yeah. The rabbit hole that is her just keeps getting deeper and funnier.

No. 34611

File: 1428428135190.jpg (26.07 KB, 318x303, 1315940898457.jpg)

Someone sounds mad.

No. 34612

I have a group of retards I need to vent about. I almost don't want to post this because it might be too obvious who I am, but I doubt that any of these girls use lolcow.
I'm a graphic design major, and as such, I've taken quite a few art classes. In one of the classes I was in, which was a bit higher up and had some prerequisites, I sat at a table with a bunch of girls who ended up becoming friends. Towards the beginning of the semester, one of the girls turned in a drawing where a woman's boob was on her neck and the face was all fucked. The teacher told her to "try taking an anatomy class" and to work on her human forum drawing. He was very polite about it and said it matter-of-factly, yet this girl got super fucking butthurt about it. I'm not joking, she bitched about it the whole fucking semester until the last day of class. The other girls at the table were upset about it, too. There was a bunch of "whaaa she worked so hard on it" "she did something she thought she couldn't do", and, my favorite, "this is art and he told me to take a science class WHAAAA!!"
You had to have taken other art classes before entering this one, so don't fucking turn in something that looks like shit and get mad when you get crit like everyone else.
Anyhow, I had to listen to their dumb conversations every class period. Of course, they all loved tumblr. Everything they talked about was stupid fandom shit or tumblr trends.
Their projects were always really vapid, like, this one girl turned in some Tim Burden drawing.
Other quirks…

>Started a band among themselves called "pastel vaginas"

>none of them can sing, play an instrument, or make computer music
>Pair of lesbian lovers always talking about some hot guy they have a crush on
>Saw this same pair cry multiple times because "so stressed out over this class omg"
>projects aren't that hard and there's lots of class time to work on them. No one else in class fucking cries like a bitch or snaps at people (which they did)
>At one point I'm pretty sure I saw one of them crying on purpose to guilt trip the teacher
>None of them could handle anything other than constant ass pats, and sometimes that wasn't even enough
>during crit day, one of them (always the same girl) always had to raise her hand to give her stupid uneducated opinion of every fucking piece.
>Things she had to say were always fucking unhelpful and no1currrr
>spoke with tumblr internet accents "I am so done with X", ect.
>talked too loud

It just left a long lasting impression of this generation on me and I don't like it. The rest of the class wasn't like this, but this mentality is spreading.

No. 34613

This is why I didn't go to art school and got "a real" degree instead. I still love art and design but if I had to stand people like this for years I would've gone insane. Most of the art students I know are hardcore tumblrinas who think that commercial art is all about making things that make them happy and fit into their criteria, not what the client (or the teacher) wants. After graduating (assuming they don't drop out) they're devastated when nobody wants to hire them to draw tumblr fandom fanart and whine about being unemployed and poor.

No. 34614

are you really responding to an 8 month old post

No. 34615

you could have just ignored them

retarded shit like this happens in my science courses but focus on other shit to avoid being annoyed. You said no one else acted like but chose not to make friends with them instead? Thats as retarded as your dumbass friends

No. 34616



No. 34617


Don't you get it though? >>34612 is BETTER than literally everyone else in hir generation, and we're just not seeing it because we're sheep. And since the mentality is spreading, the rest of the class is going to be just like those tumblrinas soon, rite? So why bother associating with anyone in the class?

Honestly tho why not just ignore them? There are gonna be some asshats wherever you go in life. Sometimes even you're going to be the asshat (unless you're above fucking everyone like our anon is, lol). Just ignore the asshats and seek out other people instead. FFS.

No. 34618

Wow, are you guys seriously mad because I'm talking about personal lolcows in a personal lolcow thread? Why not just ignore any lolcow in your life? Sometimes, they can't be ignored.
They were so fucking loud and the rest of the class was so fucking quiet, you could hear their echoes in the hallway. I don't know about you guys, but it's kind of hard for me to completely block out everything in my environment and recede into my mind without hearing anything from the other side.
I never made friends with them? Can you not read?
is BETTER than literally everyone else in her generation
>unless you're above fucking everyone like our anon is

Haha, wow. You sound super butthurt. I bet you're an obnoxious tumblr kid who gets mad when your work gets helpful crit and turns in fanfic for college art courses.

When did I imply that I'm "better than everyone"? Why did you use "literally"? I can't complain about a group of spoiled twenty-somethings who act like they're twelve?

No. 34619


Well shite. that's a whole bunch of mad in one post. Yr sounding a bit butthurt too honestly.

"literally" was sarcasm, but sorry I guess that doesn't come off well on a fucking chan board. And yeah, it was a bit unfair for us to rip into you after posting your cool story, but to be honest you came off as really snooty.


When did I imply that I'm "better than everyone"?
>It just left a long lasting impression of this generation on me and I don't like it.

Basically that. It just really came off as you weeping for your generation. That attitude will put you on the fast track to being a lolcow for others.

>I bet you're an obnoxious tumblr kid who gets mad when your work gets helpful crit and turns in fanfic for college art courses.

No I'm not. I can't even art, and that's ok because that's not what I do with my life. And if it really makes you that mad that a bunch of randoms on a fucking chan board are making the assumption that you're a stuck up bitch, it's probs best to not make assumptions about other people, because, ya know, that's a bit hypocritical.

I'm not even mad to be honest. Amused though.

No. 34620

Oh my bad, I read it as "and ended up becoming friends" as in between you and them, not them with each other

Anyway, I haven't changed my mind about this because you really could have ignored them. I live in nyc and take the train every day and horribly loud fuckers come in yelling at almost every stop despite it being 7-8 am. Yet, I can still tune them out and focus on whatever it is I want to (since you were wondering if I could).

I'm not mad at the fact that you posted about them, I'm just throwing in my two cents. If they disturb you to the point where its affecting your grade or your sanity but you are still capable of ignoring them, why wouldn't you?

It just comes off as you looking for more shit to hate about them, detestable as they were already upon your initial meeting. After a certain point you realize these people are terrible and likely wont change so you just do your best to block them out.

If you really couldn't ignore them, why not talk to them or your professors about it, or make friends with others who can team up with you to do so?

No. 34621

I can ignore people like that, too, but it's a lot fucking different when people are saying cringy, rage-educing things that makes you want to smash your head into the table. If you're in a coud with lots of people chatting and some are being loud, whatever. Half the time you can't understand what they're saying about their drugs or whatnot. When everything is quiet and people are talking one at a time, how the fuck do you "just ignore it"? It's like tuning someone out who's talking directly in your ear. Aside from that, why do you care?
>If they disturb you to the point where its affecting your grade or your sanity but you are still capable of ignoring them, why wouldn't you?
How the fuck do you hear people talking and not process it? When did I say it was affecting my grades? When did I say it was affecting my sanity? They were just fucking annoying and dumb and really rude to the teacher all the time and it pissed me off.
>say that shit to their face motherfucker see what would happen
Do you know how much fucking drama that would have caused? They don't take kindly to friendly critique, anon.

No. 34622


No. 34623

>Aside from that, why do you care?
why post it here if you don't want me to make comments that my contradict what you were expecting/hoping for?

I assumed that they were affecting you beyond a level of just mere annoyance because you said their presence was rage inducing. Most people can't concentrate on anything else under those circumstances. Especially when they couldn't even confront them about it since "they don't take kindly to critique".

No. 34624

There are a whole lot of people I could post as lolcows or even lolcalfs in the making, but I suppose I'll limit my salt to this particular girl.

>Go to middle school w/ this chick

>She tells everyone she's 1/4 Japanese via her Aunt
>when it gets disproved, "I never said that!!!!"
>tells her friends over the phone to stay away from me, as I am a "freak"
>pretends she's 1/4 japanese on her dA and forces her friends to claim the same
>begins dyeing hair blonde, claiming to be a ~natural blonde~
>wears circle lenses everywhere, including in the ocean
>tells everyone she's going for the "natural look!!!!" despite tons of photoshop and lenses/falsies/photoshop
>photoshops on her bangs and makeup despite ~naturalness~
>becomes extremely jealous and salty if anyone wearing her [purchased] cosplays is complimented
?lies on dA and etc. that she lives in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese (goog;e translate)
>has RP sex with some black dude who RP's naruto, therefore her character is pregnant
>ditched her IRL boyfriend to live with some rando dude in Europe who develops games

No. 34625

File: 1430425545728.jpg (38.73 KB, 427x570, FacepalmSpy.jpg)

I'm not sure if this guy is even lolcow material, but i'm sure he's drama queen material. I'm not too familiar with the formatting for posts so i'll try my best! VERY LENGTHY! But i hope you enjoy this. We'll call this guy T.

T is a 22 year old unemployed Game Designer graduate who doesn't have a job and lives with his parents while being a Steam admin/mod of an Anime group and a group about himself. I knew T back when i got into Touhou a few years ago. All i knew about him at the time was that he was just weird. He blocked me numerous times for no reason, despite me never talking to him as often. Eventually, he readded me a few times and i just went with it and added him back. Moving on…. T and me were on decent on terms of friendship… though he was more of an acquaintance to me. That is until earlier this year i got blocked by him for a stupid reason. I'm an artist and i live off of commissions since i struggle looking for a part-time job and continue to job search for one. So for the meantime, i draw and i make some money with my art. T was a regular who'd commission me to draw his OCs. It was great cause well, I was getting paid for it lol. It also helped me keep drawing and expand my style a bit more. T does pixel art all the time so it was HARD AS HELL to see what was what on his OCs. I had to ask him more then 5 questions about his OC. Questions like

>What should the bangs look like?

>What should the eyes look like?
>What does her outfit look like?

The list goes on and on. In addition to that, I HAD TO FORCEFULLY DO LIVESTREAMS FOR EACH AND EVERY SINGLE COMMISSION I DID FOR HIM WHETHER I WAS BUSY WITH LIFE OR SCHOOL. I once had to reject streaming once because i was sick and because T waited ALL NIGHT for me to go online and as soon as i did, he said "Hey you're back! So how about that commission?". Yeah, i was fucking pissed and feeling like shit. I had to put up with this crap because his references sucked major ass and i had to ask him questions about his OCs. I was fine with this in the beginning. So i didn't think much of it. Later as time went on, i started getting fed up with him. It was a mixture of that and him only speaking to me when he ranted on BS and nonsense, while i assume i was supposed to be his yes-man to agree with his stupid shit but that'll be in the bonuses later on.

T wanted me to draw a Chibi version of himself along with his waifu Kongou from Kantai Collection. I was like "Sure" and i accepted his commission and got his payment. Now, i didn't start his commission because i was in school and i didn't have much time to do art during the weekdays and weekends, depending on how busy with assignments. After a week of him asking if i started it yet and i didn't, he decided to change his commission to make me draw two of his OCs. He told me they were brothers but they were just two animals, i can't remember one of them but the other was some snake with arms wearing a shirt and an open-jacket. So he sent me their pictures and some shitty clipart. T sent me a pic of a dragon and i can't draw dragons for shit, mind you. Confused, i asked him where does the dragon picture go on, the shirt or the back of the jacket? He said no and seemed to getting agitated cause i was asking questions about his commission that he wanted. Then again, artists do this all the time so why get upset? After trying to understand what he wanted, he told me he wanted a refund. I didn't start his commission so i gave him his refund, if i did then i wouldn't have given him his money back.

I was pissed.

I wasn't upset about giving him his money back. I was upset because I was sick and tired of asking him all these questions about his OCs wanting to know what is what on them and i CONSTANTLY told T that he needed to add more details to his art while he commissioned me. He'd always respond "Ok", but never did anything. Hell, i even gave him ADVICE on how to improve his pixel art. He'd always give me one-worded answers such as "Thanks", but never took it seriously. Either he wanted his work to be blocky forever, or he didn't wanna improve. I was being friendly helping him out but whatever. Now, pixel art can be beautifully detailed. T's pixel art…. was not detailed. After i went off on him, he said "Ok..". The next day (Most likely either before or after i played Binding of Isaac: Rebirth), i noticed T silently blocked me on Facebook, Steam, DeviantART, and Skype. I actually laughed when i saw this. This guy decided to end it between us. It felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Bonuses: When it came to T's BS and shit, I look back and think how and why i put up with him.

1) About 2-6 years ago, T was trying his damnest to make friends with the Touhou community via Steam groups. It failed since he was stupid enough to talk about his history of him being trolled. The chat didn't give 2 shits about his story and i guess he got sad about it. After more failed attempts, he decided to say "Fuck the touhou fandom" since nobody wanted to be his friend and decided to move on to other shit. Nowadays, this guy is a huge Kantai Collection fanboy and plays it like crazy.

2) T got SUPER BUTTHURT when i criticized his Senior College assignment. Him and a group of students made this unfinished game about a male shark saving his female fish friend in Unity3D. The game was his own concept, obviously. I played the game on his portfolio site. He wanted my opinion on it and i told him how it was okay, but the character you control lacked textures as well as the cars and items you pick up, no collision on the cars, fall into an endless pit if you fall off the platforms, you can't turn the camera unless you right click outside the game, and the list goes on and on and on. I was just being honest about it. He got pissed to the point he didn't speak to me for about a week. A month or so later, he had to go back to his college for something and he said and i quote "Because you ripped on my game". In addition to that, he BLAMED the students who worked on his game because of how bad it is. Yes, blame students who worked hard on something. To add into this, THIS GUY LIED TO ME STATING THE VERSION OF HIS GAME ON HIS CPU HAS TEXTURES. When he said this to me, i told him to put it on his portfolio, and he never did. I look back thinking how i actually believed that fucking lie of his.

3) I had a suspicion when i knew T that he BOUGHT Facebook likes for his Facebook fanpage. His Facebook page originally had about 152 or 154 likes. It was weird because this guy has NO fanbase at all. Like, only a small number of people watch him and that's it. Out of the watchers he has, he has about 5 or at least 8. He barely scraps 20 favs on his art on DA. He gets between 0-10 favs on his art and very little pageviews. One day, i decided to check on it out of boredom and i noticed the numbers shifted from 152-154 to 108. This pretty much confirmed he did just to look important. Funny enough, he doesn't link his Facebook page anymore.

4) T monetizing his Youtube channel to a gaming channel. The reason? Because an old 5 year old gameplay video with 56,000 views. This pretty much made him think he can make money off of youtube, which is funny because he barely scraps many views a day on his videos. The only videos i see from him with some views is his Kantai Collection videos. Then again, who knows if he did something to alter his video views (If that is possible).

5) T fell in love with a girl via Steam. Confessed his love, girl rejected him. T comes to me venting how he wants to ban her from the Steam group he mods and block her. I tell him no and reason with him, says "Okay". Doesn't tell me anything else.

Oh man, i got a lot out of my system. Thanks for reading, haha.

No. 34626

Same anon, forgot to add one detail.

T can't work for a gaming company outside the state of Illinois because, i'm not kidding, he's autistic. He told me he's autistic and he can't leave the state on his own because his parents refuse for him to go out on his own. At the same time, i TRIED giving him sites to look for jobs but i doubt he did as always.

Soooo, he's forever unemployed lol.

No. 34627

Dunno why you're taking it so personally when the guy has issues. "Forever unemployed lol" - um, not too funny, gotta admit.

No. 34628

especially when anon is "struggling looking for a part-time job" themselves, congratulations you're better than a genuinely autistic man wow

No. 34629


He probably does. He blocked a friend of mine all because he wouldn't pay attention to T's Steam level. My friend ignored T and T just immediately blocked him for the lack of attention.

It may seem that i'm taking it too personally, but i had to put up with this guy for more then 2 years while drawing commissions for him. I gave him suggestions as a friend to help him but, nothing. But then again, I'm too nice for my own good.

No. 34630

except you didn't "have to put up with him", he was paying you

No. 34631

File: 1439170280189.jpg (242.72 KB, 720x1280, image-0c1f0155324206e8c5d6311b…)

Gather 'round ladies and gents, i have a special cow for you. Well, a group of cows.

First off, meet cocky.

>takes actual pride in being the first star vs the forces of evil fan account

>claims to be a bad bitch but never confronts anyone on anything unless she's publicly called out

>faked being hacked when someone called her out on her bullshit(pic related… part of what she calls being hacked)

>doesn't even post original content on her account, just steals from others.

> claims she's a lesbian who never masturbates when someone made a post about how shipping two male characters who don't even get along is fetishizing gays.

>will use a language barrier as a cop out when she can't come up with a good argument.

>brings up the race card (she's second gen mexican) when she can't counter an argument

>is a spoiled shit who plans on selling her fanfics for 10 dollars an hour, selling voice acting clips and fanart, with the rest of her clique because they need to "keep the family together"

>will block you if you even dare to disagree with her.

Here's her instagram, have a look for yourself.

No. 34632

File: 1439170442238.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-20-45-19…)



Cockys kik for any curious friends :)

Also, dropping a pic

No. 34633

File: 1439170513561.jpg (111.78 KB, 640x899, image-4e4316e470e92c6a6c5102fb…)

Her face

No. 34634

File: 1439170578560.jpg (248.94 KB, 720x1280, image-4694b5126fd676b2cbc48805…)

Tots hacked amg


No. 34635

File: 1439170673165.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-21-01-58…)

No. 34636

File: 1439170726347.png (496.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-02-51…)


part of the convo that triggered her into being hacked

No. 34637

File: 1439170779603.png (506.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-02-56…)

No. 34638

File: 1439170834136.png (489.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-02-59…)


(Im on mobile so sorry if i post the same thing twice)

No. 34639

File: 1439170902598.png (544.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-11-16…)

No. 34640

File: 1439170989696.png (532.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-17-48…)


she can't handle when people actually argue back at her, poor child.

No. 34641

File: 1439171236237.png (524.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-18-07-21…)

No. 34642

File: 1439171670837.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_2015-08-09-21-49-29…)


Also, meet ash. She made that cosplay ~all by herself~.

And yes, you can actually buy things from her! Aren't you lucky?

Ash is the theater kid of the group, but she's also, very opinionated and independent

She was the first to make a half assed blood moon ball dress, from star vs the forces of evil, so give her credit where it's due… i guess.

No. 34643

File: 1439171857145.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_2015-08-09-21-26-28…)


isn't she lovely?

No. 34644

File: 1439171944801.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-21-58-14…)


Her blood moon ball cosplay.
(You too can own that wonderfully crafted wand!)

No. 34645

File: 1439171996559.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-21-59-36…)

No. 34646

File: 1439172147064.png (596.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-22-02-03…)

No. 34647

File: 1439172189321.png (429.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-22-02-06…)


She's one of the people who feels validated by fictional characters :^)

No. 34648

File: 1439173764231.jpg (68.99 KB, 540x446, genius[1].jpg)

No. 34649

Those brows are a crime against humanity.
And the eyelashes kind of look like they were shooped in?

No. 34650


Her whole face is a crime against humanity tbh.

No. 34651

File: 1439175260222.jpg (120.58 KB, 365x600, tumblr_nrpgb28aND1tmt1evo3_400…)



rest of her bloodmoon ball look and her voice.

No. 34652

File: 1439175446660.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-22-51-12…)

For 70USD you can own this wand!

No. 34653

File: 1439175489335.png (593.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-22-55-02…)


But wait! She may be able to bump it down!

No. 34654

Is she retarded. That character looks nothing like her body type.

No. 34655


anon her thighs r thick! JUSS LIEK ME!!1

No. 34656

>massive koreaboo
>all she ever does is talk about K-Pop
>apparently fat, super rich
>decided she's agender
>lied about everything
It was great

No. 34657


The whole time I was thinking "this sounds like people from Texas". I swear I know multiple girls just like this in Northern TX. Some don't have kids but most have a drug problem and no ambitions so they shit their life away by doing 'erotic photography'. Then they realize they're only making $200 a month doing it and have to work @ McDonalds because no real experience.

No. 34658

My personal lolcow is a 16 year old who changes personalities like it's a t-shirt.

>has a really cute and sweet boyfriend

>boyfriend finds out she's batshit crazy and tries to break up with her
>"anon! you can't break up with me uguu i'll kill myself if you go!!"
>boyfriend stays, tried to kill himself awhile back
>i've tried to help but she thinks i'll "steal him" so i can't speak to him as much anymore

and also:

>left school because of "rape" and "sexual assault" that never even happened

>lied about being institutionalized
>compulsive liar in general
>dyes hair so hard it doesn't even look healthy anymore
>nudes leaked on instagram by the guy who she said "raped" her
>nudes leaked at 16
>tries to get spreepicky to sponsor her
>aggressively copies everything I could possibly be doing; trying to find where i bought my clothes on taobao
>has been trying to be me for years now (dying her hair to my color, buying the same shirts as me, trying to learn how to dance, tries to copy my natural voice)

i'm just waiting for her to get into lolita now.

No. 34659

oh and this last part:


>sends nudes everywhere
>boyfriend has friends you can count on one hand
>i've never spoken to the guy in person because said "rapist" tails me if i'm close to him at school

No. 34660

What a fucking ugly cunt.

No. 34661

Holy fuck this "cosplay" is shit. She's in her own room and all she did was put on a hoodie

No. 34662

File: 1439181187109.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-09-23-06-49…)


how dare u she is an artist! Look at how inspired she is!!!1!

No. 34663

why the fuck is her not touching herself relevant at all?? why did she even bring that up in the screen shots, these faggots go on fucking tumblr don't they??

No. 34664

I've had my own personal lolcow since 4th grade and jfc she just keeps popping back up.

We were both weebs and got along because we were out casted. Got along great until she started developing compulsive lying attributes and getting into the goth "special snowflake" scene. She told me one day she didn't want to be friends, saying she was grown up now (she was 14 with some 21yo boyfriend from the interwebs) and that she didn't want to hangout with kids. I didn't really care, I had other friends. She was friends with my other friends. Would see her a lot, heard she was bad mouthing me behind my back. Still didn't care. Started to care when she was hanging around my best friend who was easily manipulated. She sucks up to best friends family, lies about me and makes it so I'm disliked, best friend doesn't do anything because she let's people walk all over her.

Years pass where I hardly see best friend, eventually we become close again. Lolcow finds out about this, shoves her way in, and smashes out friendship to bits. Best friend and I get in huge fight, don't talk for a year or so. We become friends again, find out lolcow has left for school and has been treating her like shit. She was being toxic and manipulative and sexually assaulting best friend, and best friend didn't know what to do. We become close again, lolcow returns and tries to sabatoge us all over. Best friend wants nothing to do with this toxic person and completely avoids them.

Lolcow comes to me for comfort, saying friend is ignoring her and wants nothing to do with her. I shrug and say sorry to hear that, but feeling sympathetic I chat with her. Time passes with no real contact, but she finds out I need a room mate. We move in together ironicly, and I hate it, but I gotta deal with it because money is tight. Never really see her aside from work (work together too fml) and all she does is lie lie lie about things and try and be that special snowflake. I mention having a medical issue, OH suddenly she does too. She lies about something and forgets, then changes the story the next day. Really irritating and annoying.

No. 34665

File: 1439207874774.png (68.95 KB, 296x101, 9os83jlp.png)

Man, all of your lolcows make mine look harmless in comparison.

Let's call her G. We're distantly related, I have a lolcow in my family.

> mid-twenties

> wannabe celebrity, actress, singer, entrepreneur and model
> no obvious talents and not particularly successful
> weird eye makeup she sports in almost every picture
> horrible at singing because tone-deaf
> was on a singing show at least twice, once with a group, and failed hard (there are videos of this on YT)
> joined some group with 2 other tone-deaf members
> judges dubbed them as worst group ever
> signed up for another round of said singing show this year to embarrass herself further
> boring ass lifestyle and beauty videos
> people recognized her as the asian chick with sucky singing skills on now deleted singing videos
> "Singing is my life and future"
> "I would describe my style as Indie and modern"

She's got a nice personality and looks pretty cute without that kind of eye makeup but is too blind to see how tone-deaf she is. Instead of taking lessons and practicing, she just keeps on saying how much she loves singing and embarrassing herself on national TV.

No. 34666


Had this same exact thing happen to me like two months ago. Aside from trashing the apartment, they stole my laptop and put knife holes in the walls. They were angry because we couldn't find a third room mate since outs went into the navy. They didn't bother looking for another room mate and left me to do all the work, and it just didn't pan out. So they didn't pay the bills they owed, messed everything up, and stole stuff from me.

Shitty people do shitty things.

No. 34667


why the fuck would you rooom with her? I understand money is tight but ffs, even Craigslist would be better than that.

No. 34668

I like those shoes

No. 34669

No. 34670


Craigslist wasn't giving me any luck and with the shitty town I live in I had minimal choice. I'm never home so I don't have to deal with her, and I wouldn't anyway. So she just does her thing and I do mine.

No. 34671

Thank god someone brings her up. Her voice is immensely nasal and people STILL praise her. Why does this happen?

No. 34672

Tuksu doesn't exactly deal drugs, but she let's them being sold at her after-parties.

I was at her New Year's party a few years back, anyone who knew someone could get in there. None of her dogs were there but the part where she bullies others to get her dogs is true.

She's super manic about her place, like she makes sure everyone respects her crap (shit tier Ikea furniture) whilst she herself breaks tons of glasses and just really doesn't give a fuck.

She also demanded money from people if they took photos, even like random party ones where she wasn't seen or anything.

Her flat is shit-tier but her bar was supposedly sponsored by some club (maybe Sedu Koskinen?) because it was really top notch.

No. 34673

she sure sounds salty about her friend's gf
whats wrong sweetie? only person irl who gave you attention finally moved the fuck on?

No. 34674


She looks like a potbellied pig herself. I hope she dies.

No. 34675

Sometimes I think stories like this are bs, but you pulled through and posted pic evidence. Nice one anon, bet she was awful to be around.

No. 34676

I know a girl that actively posts on here now that is exactly like every other Speshul Magical Girl cow. Eating disorder, posts her self harm on dumblr, reblogs lollicon, wears the childish outfits, shoops herself a lot and wears a shit ton of makeup and circle lenses. At one point a couple years ago I think she even copied someone else's self harm which is fucking bizarre, a picture went viral where some dude carved "stupid shit" into either his arm/leg and she did the exact same thing later. She's obsessed with Dakota. It makes it hard for me to even begin to take some comments on here remotely seriously cuz I'll be like "Sophie is that u….."

No. 34677


No. 34678


That's a yukata, not a kimono. Graduation in Japan is in March, no one wears yukata. It's usually a hakama. I don't want to get into the whole cultural appropriation thing; this is only offensive because she's obviously delusional and retarded.

No. 34679

File: 1439258400782.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x857, weeaboos need not apply.JPG)


Show her this, anon, maybe it makes her rethink. This is what university students wear to graduation.

No. 34680


Her face is punchable. So punchable. Is she a transboy too?

No. 34681

Funny title for your pic, considering the university they're at is one of the largest ones in Kansai that does foreign exchange.

No. 34682

File: 1439275482412.png (2.04 MB, 2636x1308, im killng rjger.png)

covered names but not the face since she's 16 years old. also, i read the rules and hopefully the photos won't be taken in a sexual manner because…she just looks flat out stupid.

here's your pictures anon. god help us all.

No. 34683

shit i'm sorry. i was half-asleep. i'm the black boxes.

No. 34684

Because she's tiny and kawaii =^-^=. I actually kind of know her, my girlfriend was her friend for a while. Then she started attacking my gf's other friend and death threats were flung. Girlfriend doesn't associate with either of them now.

Now she's dating a dude who lies about having an STD and calls her his cute little loli.

No. 34685

>dat pacifier
Gross, how cringy.

No. 34686

Jesus, not even auto-tune can help this bitch.
Out of tune, out of time and a horribly unpleasant sounding voice.
How does anyone like this?

No. 34687

no shes just a mexican teenager in california who thinks shes a lesbian and also somehow star from star vs the forces of evil and gets pissed that others are better than she is so much that she hacked a account

No. 34688

File: 1439342250970.jpg (890.63 KB, 1168x1920, ugly ass bitch.jpg)


i saw this shit in /cgl/ in a bad cosplay thread and laughed my ass off. this cunt was so desperate to be the first that she made a shitty halfassed dress and clearly doesnt know her head from her ass about cosplay. the paint job on that wand is disgusting. her wig is awful. what the fuck is up with her brows? blondes dont have bleach blonde brows but they arent the fucking travesties that she has. no boots and no gloves and yet she thinks shes first? LMFAO

No. 34689

File: 1439357286665.png (128.23 KB, 1070x783, 20150811_222519.png)

I found this on her twitter holy shit

No. 34690

File: 1439357415177.jpg (42.1 KB, 480x640, B_XfFoWU8AAUP40.jpg)

No. 34691

File: 1439358545973.jpg (64.35 KB, 600x800, CK46f_OVAAA7mo5.jpg)

No. 34692

she looks like her breath stinks

No. 34693

I had a good laugh at this because I haven't heard such a harmless but simple and effective insult come from lolcow in a long time

No. 34694

File: 1439408660819.jpg (57.84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I'd say the national lolcow of Finland is UncleSamPatriot. He's also somewhat of an ameriboo.

No. 34695

He was raped by a Turk.

No. 34696

File: 1439463262686.jpg (175.11 KB, 709x1548, A_jimmy_neutron_character.jpg)

Can't unsee

No. 34697

Was she dirty? I've only met her once at a bar and she was fucking rank. I don't even understand how you can get your extensions in that shape, they were outgrown by like two inches and so fucking matted and disgusting. Also her clothes are like, filthy. And she doesn't fucking shave her legs or pit. And she talks to herself and laughs at other peoples jokes and stuff, like people in different tables, not with her. She really comes off as truly insane.

No. 34698

Do finns actually think she is beautiful?

No. 34699

She's a national joke

No. 34700

Friend's cousin is a total lolcow.

> She's unhygienic (doesn't take a bath and just sprays random perfume/body spray instead of showering), lies and catfishes people

> In high school she catfished a guy from her school. She basically used an image of a not so well-known celebrity and said that the celebrity was her friend.
> Makes a facebook profile of "celebrity friend" to talk to the guy. She basically said she's gonna hook the guy up with her "celebrity friend." Guy totally falls for it and starts sending the "celebrity friend" gifts. Lolcow girl takes all the gifts and tells us that they're from her bf.
> Everyone is in disbelief because she showed a picture and the guy is actually cute. We thought "wtf, I guess he somehow likes her personality?"
> She tries to prove that her bf exists by dragging him along to one of our outings. She constantly clings to the guy and calls him "bf." The guy keeps shaking her off for being too clingy. We really thought they were together, but to the guy, lolcow girl said that she wanted to call him "bf" as in bestfriend.
> We find out later that the guy only came because lolcow girl said the celebrity friend was gonna be there. The day of the outing, the celebrity friend called and made an excuse that she couldn't come. This is funny because lolcow girl somehow changed her voice and acted as the celebrity friend on the phone and the guy totally falls for it. Can't tell if guy is stupid or what (Guy is supposedly in the honors class, taking AP classes).
> Lolcow girl finally gets caught. Not sure how the guy found out exactly. She gets dragged out of class by the police. The guy's mom finds out about the whole ordeal and threatens to send lolwcow girl to jail. Apparently, the guy spent hundreds of dollars on gifts and his mom was furious. Somehow lolcow girl doesn't get sent to jail. I guess her parents and the guy's mom reached a compromise.

> Catfishing skills level up. Graduates high school and catfishes some army guy from another state. Not much on this because it was a short period of time, but she didn't get caught and just stopped and moved on to a new guy.

> Catfishing skills level up even more. Catfishes a new guy who she found on the net. She suddenly decides to go to church where the guy does to befriend him.

> Basically does the "I'm gonna hook you up with this fake/nonexistent girl" to the guy. Makes a fake facebook account to be in a relationship with the guy. Makes a fake facebook account of the guy to be in a relationship with her real fb account.
> My friend and I did a reverse search on the images of the fake girl account, and we found out that she's a model from another country that has tons of pics so it's easier to have a lot of "proof photos."
> I just laugh it off, but my friend decides to message the guy about it so lolcow girl gets caught.
> Guy was a bit distressed, but he said he sort of had a feeling about it
> Guy doesn't "dump" lolcow girl. Apparently, lolcow girl is the one spending money on him, so he doesn't mind this shitfest of a "relationship"

This is the last I heard about her. I don't know if she's still catfishing poor dudes.

No. 34701

>laughs at other peoples jokes and stuff, like people in different tables, not with her.
Is this really such a bad thing as long as you're just laughing quietly to yourself though? Honest question.

No. 34702

If she had the social skills to stalk guys IRL and totally convince them she'd hook them up with her "friend" without looking sus, why not just get an actual bf?

No. 34703

Not usually no, but the way she did it it was just… creepy. Like she would turn her chair and like, be a part of the conversation except not really and just laugh her fake "glamorous" laugh and try and get into the group so she could get someone to pay for her drinks.

No. 34704

Probably because her hygiene is below PT level

No. 34705

She's fat and not good looking at all. I mean people can still get bfs/gfs even if they were fat and ugly, but they'd have to have a great personality to compensate.

But I think it's mainly poor hygiene and low self-esteem. That plus, what guy would stay with her long without realizing how crazy she is?

No. 35144

>absolutely disgusting.jpg
I don't understand why these disgusting pigs can get bf/gfs even if they are so ugly, smell like stale fish and have shit tier personality.
It's a mystery.

No. 35157

I had a horrible friend that was a lolcow, not popular (hopefully).
>that person claimed to have asperger and bipolar
>but in my opinion she wasn't aspie at all, more like BPD or narcisistic personality disorder
>her looks are like these fake bois: shitty Skillex styled hairstyle, mallgoth visual kei crap from ebay used ad nauseam, few pairs of shoes, always the same clothing all the seasons along wtf
>she criticised me to have seasonal clothing like every sane person in a place where there is winter weather, that i bought many stuff while she always buy stuff more than me, junk food and knock off asian makeup, she was often with bank overdrafts since she just spend and spend
>i dress casual girly gothic clothing, lolita and otome
>she said lolita is only for little girls, girly things are stupid. She even claimed the people that dress "visual kei" are more suitable for visual kei fandom and know more than people that dress lolita (what the fuck?)
>she always said she was a "sexy bitch", "oh see my ass, i'm hot"
>she slept with a "guyfriend"but claimed she hadn't any sexual attraction, saying "i'm asexual bruh"
>believed she was a pure and innocent girl, but instead she is the devil incarnate that hurted lots of people, including her exes, me, her mom and other people i'm not aware
>she called her mom always a cow, a bitch i mean (projecting much kek), saying she was the abusive one and whining for everything and to everyone even her boss
>she did also the worst thing ever: she even stole my loved one!Well i was filled of blakmailing, lies, false accusations by her as well. She never said sorry for this, throwing tantrums and giving silent treatment to me or claiming to be mature, topkek
>lately that bitch doesn't want to be anymore a vk qt fake boi but some death metal looking tomboy/fake boi (???) with a manly body, so gross
>also, true story, she changed her first name to a cringe level speshul unisex nipponese name
I have many things to say but i'm glad to have sane friends that aren't like her.

No. 35312

>speshul unisex nipponese name
what name?

No. 35470


>met in high school

>this year

Does your mommy know you're on the big bad internets?

No. 35528

File: 1442939850561.jpg (77.52 KB, 600x600, b32a76b2e240f9dff6dd5ec73e7999…)

don't know this person but i stumbled upon it and laughed


who would pay money for this

No. 35529

she can't even sing and she looks like she's 30

No. 35532

Gradution is usually age 17-19.
Don't be jelly of anons youth.

No. 35667

File: 1442956583281.png (3.28 KB, 550x43, fuck the 1st amendment i have …)

Hoo boy. I don't even know where to start. She's no longer in my life but she associates with like everyone I know and it's a fuckin nightmare. I don't normally post more than like 2 sentences on imageboards so forgive me if the formatting is shit.

>Typical SJW (but only for groups I'M marginalized in!!). Constantly posts misinformation and argues 100% with feelings.

>Dropped out of school because m-muh hurt feelies and did nothing to try and make up for it.
>Constantly posts about her /d/-tier fetishes and would rope our chatgroup into talking about vore and inflation when they were all incredibly uncomfortable.
>Threatening suicide over trivial shit (There was some shit about the new Fire Emblem game?? Idk it got to a point where it was every other day of this shit)
>Turned every conversation into a Pity Olympics whenever she needed attention (It was all the time.)

A few months back my girlfriend and I had finally had enough and I went off on her. Next thing I know she's all over every social media site she can telling her boo hoo sob story about how we're abusive and how my girlfriend's not a REAL WIMMIN for keeping her dick (Which still really fucks with me because she's constantly talking about being nice to all transgirls and how EVERY WOMYN IS BEAUTIFUL. I guess not the ones who don't threaten to castrate themselves every other day.)

There are a bunch of little things I could bitch about but I don't want to flood the thread.

No. 36359

Fresh from the oven!

>Be in college for speshul peepls (art/music college or senior secondary or really whatever no1curr)

>Bestest school friend has a new flatmate that's majoring in art
>Flatmate dresses up hottopic-punkrock-ish with b&w stripes frigging everywhere, has a mohawk that's dyed green and black, a metric pootonne of piercings with huge plastic jewelry and has a tendency of shouting out stuff that would fall in the 4edgy5u-category during school
>Visit bestest friend some time and notice all common areas are covered in dirt or random ass junk/trash and smell weird, bestest friend tells she has tried everything to prompt her to clean up but to no avail. Flatmate doesn't even bother buying washing liquid after the sixth bottle ran out and friend got fed up that flatmate isn't participating in the stuff, her plates remain covered in grime and whatnot.
>Actually notice after a long time of observing that the flatmate has an atopic skin that flakes off under her concealer, her ears/piercings are full of crusty pus or earwax and that she smells of very bad halitosis and hear that she actually doesn't do laundry at all. Explains the yellow stains on her clothes.
>During the spring exhibition she actually made a mixed media sculpture (theme was 'space') with a huge dick-shaped dildo in the middle of the 'space'
>Graduate, forget her name because of dementia but still keep getting flashbacks of the dildo
>10 years later her name reappears through common buddies on facebook
>Google her name because of reasons
>With the art skills of a generic tumblr "artist" she has now sunken into the radfem-division of social justice warriorism and can't be saved

Now I know the early warning signs of social justice warriorism and will take better care of people around me.

No. 36422

she keeps pronouncing "veggie" wrong.

No. 36561

My lolcow might be a few others lolcow. Used to be a close friend but now I just sit and laugh from afar.

>has a fairly popular tumblr blog

>would reblog selfies and cosplay pics of friends, only to delete them within 24 hours once they started getting more notes than theirs
>'b-but my ocd needs my blog to be colour coordinated and they don't fit!'
> then add it to your queue and reblog it when it fits dumbass
>'b-but I want to reblog them right away, anon!'

>got popular with Homestuck cosplay, is a popular cosplayer, would constantly forget to mention that they didn't make the costume they were wearing, even when it was commissioned or borrowed from somebody else

>deflects when called out on it

>has fundraiserr for hrt and to move out of their abusive household asap

>couple thousand at lest donated, though no way to tell because half of it was just donations
>9 months later haven't moved out, still going to cons and buying clothes and cosplay and anime merch, planning to go to expensive makeup school

people keep forgiving them for shit and they just keep doing the same crap over and over and saying they're so so sorry and then doing it again

No. 36571

This sounds like Berry Tsukasa

No. 36644

Nahh, not that anon but I don't think it would be so shitty to expose her pic. Revenge porn happens when you break up with your boyfriend and he blasts your nudes/porn (which was intended to stay private and the two of you were consentient while doing it) over the internet. But the girl sent her nudes to anon's boyfriend without asking, so naah. I mean, if a dude sent me a dick pic I didn't ask him for I'd expose the shit out of him and it's not "revenge porn" because she basically molested him.

No. 36765

This one bitch on my fb:
> always hating on white people, is the pastiest motherfucker I've ever laid eyes on
> gets butthurt when anyone calls her white
> goes by a fake name that's more ~exotic~ sounding
> claims to be transgender, is actually a girl who wears jeans
> can't get a job because ~anxiety~
> claims her acne is a ~debilitating condishun~
> whines about not getting benefits despite clearly being fit to work
> lives off her parents, claims that they abuse her
> claims her (much younger) brother is abusing her
> normally her examples of his abuse are shit like 'he used my special towel' and 'he plays my video games without permission'
> constantly begs people to buy her shitty art because she spent all her parents' money on shitty cosplay
> her art is literally drawn in MS Paint and her characters are all noodle people
> constantly goes on about cultural appropriation, talks like a sassy black woman stereotype
> just announced that she's deleting problematic people from fb because it's just too triggering

She's been pissing me off for five years, but just when I think she can't get any worse she manages to latch on to a new SJW fad. It's amazing.

No. 36850

File: 1443283488433.jpg (93.27 KB, 640x741, image.jpg)

This was her response to someone politely telling her that her art was overpriced.

No. 36876

What a narcissist

No. 36940


Can you link to her tumblr or post some of her art?

No. 36955

how dare her brother even think about touching her speshul towel

No. 36966


No. 36979

I think it's this person, but not sure. I just did a google search?
It was the only result that came up from the direct quotation of what was written in the image.

No. 36980

Oh I screwed up my bad

No. 37407


> Pretends she's been on a Eurotrip with her fiance for more than a year

> In actually 90% of her photos are photoshopped or stolen from online
> Photoshops herself into pictures she stole online of places (You can do a reverse image search on google and it's apparent)

No. 37414

File: 1443467429547.png (831.24 KB, 814x603, rllybad.png)


No. 37501

File: 1443486719986.jpg (39.51 KB, 960x668, nice.jpg)

Yeah, that's not her. I don't want to direct the lolcow sandblaster at the wrong person, so here's an example of her 'art' for the curious.
I ran it through tineye already and it didn't pick anything up, so I don't feel too bad posting it here.

No. 37504

That's kind of cool actually.

No. 37629

the image

No. 37664

His hands are disgusting

No. 37774

yessss over the garden wall <33

No. 37777

What the hell? How sad. How can he accept being part of this bullshit?

No. 37827

No idea. Maybe he doesn't know about what she's doing?

I also wonder how she makes the time to post photos fairly regularly. It takes effort to find pictures, take separate pictures of herself to fit those pictures, then photoshop them into the stolen images, then make a backstory. Granted they are sloppily photoshopped… But she has 15k followers on instagram, so I guess she's doing a decent job fooling people that she's "living the life."

No. 37830

File: 1443627894260.png (894.72 KB, 600x601, girlyonosehole.png)

so realistic!!

No. 37831

File: 1443628144322.png (1.06 MB, 602x602, ogod.png)

I can't stop looking at the photos I don't think she's even trying to make them look realistic just throwing herself (and her husband) in there and darkening themselves

No. 37833

This is so pathetic it's making me sad…

No. 37835


You could totally tell the light hits her differently from how it is in the background image. Not sure how people fall for it.

No. 37836

she has an ugly awkward smile. She honestly look like she is taking a shit in this picture.

No. 37837


My friends and I played this game where we reverse Google searched images we think are photoshopped and stolen. This is how we found out 90% of her photos are stolen and edited over.

We think that she originally did go to Europe for a few, and then her insta gained a lot of followers so she had to keep this front so that she has more content to post. It's really hard to tell though because even some of her old photos are fake. We really can't tell with this girl.

No. 37842

Anon tbh I don't think any of her pictures are her in Europe. Now I will slightly take that back and say some of her pictures could be good shoops/maybe she actually went but I think the ones that look like they could actually be real are just her in her home country in areas that could pass as European ig.

No. 37937


What the actual fuck, she even has a website.
How has no one called her out yet? Damn.

No. 37958

File: 1443657670526.jpg (475.44 KB, 1280x1167, nicetanulooklikeaweiner.jpg)

Her husband has to be in this shit too lmao. She's really good with brighter shoops, but then it has too much shade she sucks ass. (Also, the reason no one has called her out yet is because they literally think she's famous. She won't even deny it.)

No. 37962

File: 1443657971652.jpg (375.13 KB, 1280x1033, nottryinghuh.jpg)

All these fake stories are ridiculous. I really hope she's stealing them from someone else and not writing out long detailed shit about a place she's never been lol

No. 37970


What do you mean they think she's famous?

I think people are easily deceived by her photos unless they really take a look at them. Especially because it's on instagram. You usually browse stuff on your phone and pass through it and don't pay much notice. And you can't really see the flaws till you see a larger picture or you really pay attention. I had to point it out to a friend who said "ohhh, that's why her pics look off. Thought she was just editing herself, not pasting her whole body onto another image"

I guess a lot of people online easily fall for it.

I just don't understand why she would fabricate shit like this. I guess efame gets to people's heads and now she's acting like a special snowflake.

No. 37971

She could be making stories up or stealing the stories. Either way, it seems pretty dumb for her to do that for efame.

No. 38190

She makes me think of those crazy Kpop fans who do shit like getting into a studio, where a show is being taped and putting glue into their hated kpop singer's drink - simply because they are an anti-fan. Send this chick to a mental institution plux

No. 46905

File: 1445283180257.png (463.62 KB, 423x419, Untitled.png)

I don’t know if other people will enjoy hate-following this girl as much as I do, but here you go:

Her real name is Kelsey Payne (I think), but she’s changed her name so many times, who knows? She now goes by Bella Noir/yung_kawaii, but used to be Annie Payne, KelsiePop, deth, graveprincess, etc. She changes her personality based on whatever guy she is into or whatever she thinks can get her the most attention. Used to be Pop’n and heroine, then Megadeth and weed, now – mostly she’s just into herself and how she is like Asuka or whatever anime girl she commissioned the latest person to draw of her.

She is a spoiled rich girl from Vermont who thinks she is a singer and songwriter and above pretty much everyone else, but gets really easily bent out of shape at criticism, which I find hilarious. She moved to Hollywood a few years ago, presumably to be a star, but seems to spend most all her time smoking weed and buying weeby shit online with her parents’ money. She dated/was engaged to weeby DJ JAKAZiD until they split up about a year ago. At this incarnation, she mostly just whines about how stupid other people are, how all girls are jealous of her or want to keep their men from her, complains about how her amazing singing isn’t appreciated, etc. My favorite hate-follow.

She googles herself constantly, so I assume she’ll find this and mass delete everything… or post about her jealous haters.

Insta: instagram.com/yung_kawaii
Twitter: twitter.com/yung_kawaii
Facebook: facebook.com/magicalgrrl

No. 46908


Almost forgot her hilarious youtube. She's convinced that if you dislike her annoying singing it's because you're afraid she'll steal your bf (via Twitter). Watch out, ladies.


No. 46942

taking this from the himeka thread to here,

>sucks in her belly/complains about how she's sooooo fat

>thinks her cuts are "aesthetic"
>will lash out at anyone who criticises her because "mah bpd"
>whenever drama comes up with her and people talk about her she whines about how it isn't the internet's business despite groaning and moaning about her ex who "gives her nightmares every day" and airing him out to dry
>all of her friends are fat/black/trans girls including thinbunnee and angela/himeka
>flaunts her gf for poly points despite being more into her daddy than her
>talks about how shes so happy to be pale

she has good content but all of her personal posts are cringe..

No. 46945

This sounds a little ridiculous, but at the moment my aunts step-daughter is my personal lolcow. She's gone batshit insane in the last 7-8 months or so.

I'll give a quick summary of what she's done so far. I'll call my aunts step-daughter A

>It all started with her stalking her ex-boyfriend

>ex-boyfriends mother gets pissed that she keeps showing up at their door and one day decides to take A to a psychiatric hospital
>At the hospital she claims that her biological father and biological mother has physically abused her all her life. She says to the shrink she's talking with that she doesn't want her parents to know that she has said this, but because she is under 18 they have to by law (she's 17)
>Get confronted by her father and my aunt (her stepmother), who she lives with daily, about it
>A admit that she's lied, of course, but says she's so far out that there is no way back.
>tell her that they forgive her, because she was hurt, but she has to get her act together or she won't be allowed to go the fancy private high school she wants to go to, but have to attend one closer to home.

fast forward to a month or so ago
>She decides for some random reason to run away from home
>Her father and my aunt panics, report her missing to the police
>about a week later A finds out that she is reported missing
>She reports herself to the police, shows up with her ''new'' friends, who are football hooligans and also physically breads
>she claims that she is now also a football holigan and that she fights every week (mind you, bitch is 165cm tall and a twig)
>At the policestation she tells that she was kicked out of from home and that now she was physically abused by her stepmother and stepfather, no longer her biological parents.
>My aunts daughter (A's stepsister), who is around 7months pregnant at that time, rush to the policestation to talk to her and ask her what the fuck she is doing
>All she does is get her hooligan friends to attack her stepsister, so those guys literally attacked and kicked a pregnant woman

>she currently lives with her friend

>every day she post lies on her snapchat and instagram about her fighting, puts food-dye on her hands, says it's blood from her fighting
>Also posts a picture of a burning car, claiming that inside it is her friend and that she is watching that friend die

>Stopped showing up for her part-time job, where her stepsister also works. When she finally shows up to work she claims that she can't do it, because she's so sad because Social services has removed her from her home (no longer saying that she was kicked out). Stepsister hears this, confronts her and says it's bullshit. She runs away.

and the drama continues for infinity

I'll give you the latest development also

>After all this, A's father and stepfather decides to give her sometime, let her be

>However the attentioncraving A can't deal without the drama, therefore she calls all of her friends saying that her father and stepmother has hired a private investigator to follow her (complete lie)
>She tells this to another ex-boyfriend
>ex-boyfriend thinks this kind of slandering is ridiculous and tells this to A's stepsister
>Somehow, A finds out of this and starts sending threatening texts to ex-boyfriend about how she and her crew of hooligans are going to come and beat him to death
>the last thing I heard was that ex-boyfriend was going to report her to the police

I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter tbh

No. 46980

Moved to HOLLYWOOD haha
Never heard about some wannabe doing that, it's hilarious!!
And I enjoy her sad old lady looking face.
Thanks for sharing!

No. 46985

No. 46992

the comments saying "jealous" are a joke..right? r-right guys?

No. 47481

I have a couple personal lolcows, but I'll tell you about the one that has crossed over from lolcow to psycho.
There's this girl I met as a teenager. I noticed she caked on foundation to the point where I could see it glopped onto her face from several feet away. I heard a rumor that it's because she doesn't wash her face ever but wakes up the next morning and packs on more foundation. Now, this is where things get scary. I found out more about her and the stories I heard were APPALLING. Some I will keep to myself so as not to give away my source in case she lurks here (I doubt it, but it's possible.) But one of the psycho things she did made the news and I don't want to out anyone who knows her. One of the lesser known things she has done is about the time the movie Sweeney Todd came out, she got an idea in her head. She trapped and killed a stray cat, then skinned it and baked it into pies that she FED HER FAMILY without telling them what it was. This is a real thing that happened. There were pictures. Now any time she posts pictures of her cats I get a little nervous.

No. 72582

File: 1450169485150.png (1.06 MB, 1329x608, star in the making.png)

This one was a mutual friend I first "met" on myspace.

Fame hungry whore who appeared on Snog Marry Avoid, X Factor (was kicked out of boot camp for drinking), spent £5000 trying to look like a drag queen (she's over that phase now). Once called herself Collagen Westwood until she thought people might not be taking her search for fame seriously with a name like Collagen.

She wanted to be a fetish model, but that's never happened.

Just thought I'd dump her here because she's a mess and nobody's posted in this thread for ages.


SNOG MARRY AVOID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJgvNn9ygUU

X FACTOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wFITQleXn8

All the lulzies pics of when she was in her drag queen phase have been deleted.

Reinvented herself as a vegetarian animal rights supporter, although supported her idol Pete Burns when he wore a Marmoset fur coat.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thehollypearl/ (private)

PS The tits are real.

No. 72591

If I posted about this here already I'm sorry. I tried searching for keywords but didn't find relevant ones.

Several years ago there was this guy on GameFAQs who had Asperger's. He was legit too. This was before everyone and their dog was self diagnosing on tumblr. There is a huge difference between a genuine aspie and some twat on tumblr acting like one I can tell you that much. This guy was not normal at all. I really regret not saving any of his crazy. If only I had known more about lolcows back then.

His aspie obsessions were WW2 and government conspiracies. He would post really long threads about how the government was putting poison in the water supply. Things like that. There would sometimes be a new one every day. Now this was a social board and not a main gaming board. So as long as it wasn't violating the TOS it wouldn't be deleted. So we had to put up with all of these threads. So we'd ignore them.

This guy had a rival on another social board who he had an ongoing flamewar with. I am 99% positive she was trolling and baiting him. Who knows, maybe she archived his nuttines somewhere. But I haven't been able to find it. But he'd rant about her every chance he got.

He started to get a bit obsessed with me because I felt sorry for him and asked him about his interest in WW2 since my grandfather was in the Navy. So he's IM me and talk about how the government was out to get everyone. I started to get annoyed but I was too nice to block anyone at the time. Then he'd rant about his rival, who he called Bitchann. I'm wondering if he was banned for a censor bypass. Because back then you could not curse on the boards and if you tried to bypass the censors you would get warned then banned for future offenses. He sorta dropped off the radar and I haven't heard from him in years.

The last I saw from him was a bunch of pics of his assisted living apartment complex that his parents put him in. He posted them to a forum created by a member of our community. That community no longer exists so I can't look for his stuff there either. I can't even check the archives because I don't even remember the name of the place.

Anyway it's not an interesting story. But it's just a missed opportunity. This guy was ripe for milking and no one really thought to do it.

No. 72599

I know a lot of lolcows. Let's start with this one. Long story alert.
>Ugly bitch and somehow crazy
>Known her for a long time, from middle school exactly, and know how much of a crazy attention whore she is
>She used to pick her nose and eat her boogies in front of everyone, then deny it
>See her again on the last year of high school, it seems she's changed, now declares herself as lesbian, short male haircut and a girlfriend by her side
>We decide to hang out sometimes and I make her meet my group of friends
>She becomes one of us
>I'm nice to her, listen to her, help her and friends' stuff
>She slowly reveals herself, she never changed
>Says she's a liizbian but she makes literally everything to catch guys' attention
>"I have big boobies teeheehee" but she's overweight and they're saggy af, she even wears super padded bras (know for sure, she sent pics)
>So saggy that one time she was there in a tshirt and I looked two secs at her boobiez and thought "Wow just how can she go around saying she has big boobs, it barely looks like an A cup" then I look down, right above the belly… there they are
>One day she was in my best friend's boyfriend car and three other guys from our group, then she lifts her shirt -in front of a bunch of taken guys including her friend's boyfriend- to show *b00bi3z teehee~* and purrs to the driver "Hey let's go on that road full of potholes so you guys can see how my boobs bounce~" and they do it. The next day they tell us all and my friend snaps and calls the cow a slut
>Summers comes, the cow breaks up with girlfriend and a friend of our group comes back home for summer
>They meet
>She starts toddling along him
>Me and him, we had some kind of a "relationship" but it's over and we're just good friends, so I don't actually care about it
>But she said she's a liizbian
>She hits on him without any subtlety
>He was just nice, so quitely turns her down
>She refuses it and hits on him more showing *bewbiiiez teehee~*
>He gets really sick and tired of this and says he's interested in me to make her get lost
>She believes him and starts seeing me as the obsstacle of their troo l0ve and start talking shit on my back (but how much of a stupid cow can you be, talking shit with -my- friends? You think they wouldn't tell me?), being bitter etc.
>I feel somehow betrayed because I was the one dumbass in the group coming in her defense when they mocked her on her back, and now I regret that
>Start saying that I'm ugly, "frigid", and flat while she's a riiil weeman xd and guys should choose her
>My friend obv just laugh at that bullshit, now she's the clown of the group, there to entertain with her stupidity
>Yeah, she's also retarded as hell and won't even get simple jokes
>I confront her and we stop talking
>But she shit talks even on facebook (without names, but you get who the subject is)
>Feel somehow relaxed because no one supports her bullshit, they all pick on her
>Months later, she starts hitting on a friend of mine who was in love with me
>He refuses her, and she jumps on the next prey
>Another guy I used to date years ago
>He's now depressed and broke as hell and she somehow gets him to have sex with her
>Tried to have sex with another guy I used to date
>Now she's the jester of the town
>Says she's not a sl00t
>Says that sl00ts should burn in hell
>The bitch is crazy and she still eats her boogies and picks her nose in front of everyone, even in front of her troo l0ve
>Now always single and laughed at by everyone
>Not sure if feel sorry for her or

No. 72620

he's right about the government poisoning the water supply

in the US, in some states they put massive amounts of utter crap into your water systems, it's 3rd world country tier and I don't get why you guys are so cool with it

No. 72628

My lolcow…. Fucking Weeb. I was with her for a week. There's so much more but I don't even want to think about it
I went to camp with her when I was about 15. It was fucking horrible.
>She was a ugly,short, stubby fucking unhygienic bitch.
>got assigned the same camp room
>First thing she did was a full 90 degree bow
>comes in and lays out all this weeby shit, goes on about how she's smarter and better than my friend and I because she watches anime
>uses "sugoi" "kawaii" "uno" "hai" and all this Japanese shit I don't know in broken english/japanese.
>has a diary full of manga drawings are draws in that all the time
>a complete unsocial bitch. A complete bitch, so fucking rude. No common decency whatsoever.
>has head phones in 24/7 listning to some Jap robot shit
>has bento boxes for lunches and only eats with chopsticks
>fucking insulting bitch
>puts herself on a pedestal because she's wayy smarter than everyone else
>Was with my other roommate singing a funny song that my Kiwi friend showed me and she got fucking pissed. I betcha she's a tumblr user.(Will link the song)
>at the end of camp said she hated everyone and wished that didn't come even though my roommate and I spent the whole week trying to be nice to her and dealing with her shit.

No. 72667

This girl needs to chill. Its just a cartoon.

No. 72841

My personal Lolcow is an old friend from school.
When I first met her she was a major koreaboo and would freak out over her oppas and how amazing they were. She was also extremely weebish and was into anime and would say she was a total real animu waifu since she had big boobs and light eyes with really long hair. She wants attractive she was very plain and avatar and short, she also stuffed her bra to the max and it was always obvious since it was lumpy. She had this phase when she would get mad at someone she'd yell at them in very poor Japanese saying basic shit.
Fast forward to last summer and I had met my crush and we'd been talking for a while somehow she gets his number and starts talking to him and he keeps telling me that she's being really weird, then she decides to sext him. This wasn't he only time she did something like this she once hit on the boyfriend of another girl in our group and would often hit on our crushes and say she was being a 'wing woman'. She would dress very promiscuous and fancy for little things like baseball games and walking around our neighborhood. She also stalked her crush for a long time since he and my cousin were friends shed often force herself into our hangouts. She then turned into a total SJW and is ' hella gay' even though she used to find lesbians disgusting and has only dated one woman and it was long distance and she cheated on her with a guy. Now she acts super spoiled since her parents are high middl class and rubs everything in everyone's faces. I'm glad I don't talk to her anymore

No. 72912

Not my personal cow, but a friend's… is in my friend's tabletop gaming group, and is actually the wife of another dude in the group. Is dirty, wears baggy t-shirts, has a beautiful and unique sort of name, fat with saggy tits and no bra… and once she complained about how much it hurts to get your nipple caught in a drawer (does this even happen?) and my friend totally shut her down and told her that wouldn't happen if she wore a fucking bra. She got all victimised from that too tho, being not only dirty and fat but also a cunty sjw permavictim. Gaming group when she's around with her husband is totally awkward apparently because of her.
I just thought it was a funny story and I should share.

I dunno maybe I think the "special towel" bit is almost a legit claim but not rly for as bad as she sounds it, but that's because the idea of sharing towel with someone (and yeah I come from a household that does this) really squicks me out. But if you're really squicked out by it, you just keep your towels in your room. "He used my special towel" sounds like when 4 year olds get upset that they didn't get the blue plastic cup and got stuck with the red one instead.

No. 72916

The level of fluoride put in the water supply does not cause any harm in humans.

No. 72921

This. It also helps with teeth. People I've seen from towns that don't have fluoridated water have some jacked up teeth tbh.
But I duno maybe it's all jsut some huge conspiracy by the government and dentists to keep us dumb and destroy our third eye and we need to WAKE UP or somebullshit.

No. 72923

Oh yeah friend's cow is also like ~"1/16 Native American"~ and has a kid, so like… thought those would be interesting things to know.

No. 74648

File: 1450863402065.jpeg (53.41 KB, 750x191, image.jpeg)

I grew up next door to this girl and she's literally NEVER been abused her whole life. Her definition of abused is like "I asked mommy for a $300 cosplay and she didn't buy it for me!!! I'm so triggered by how much she's abusing me!"

No. 74724

I knew a girl who was into that whole 'Internet Modelling' thing. She'd photoshop the living daylights out of her photos, and claim the only editing done was a filter.
And she'd shoop everything. Makeup, eyelashes, hair, facial structure, body shape, eeeeveeerryythiiingg. Her older photoshops were especially hilarious.

She used to use more popular "internet models" to leech e-fame, and would use her friends to promote her awful wig "business" or to shoop her photos for her because she was just plain awful at it.

Her wig business consisted of her selling her old, used, ratty synthetic wigs and claimed they were human hair, brand new, hand made, and could be dyed and heat styled "just like real hair" when in reality half were Ebay trash, and the other half were from Rockstar Wigs, which is alright, but they'd always arrive matted and damaged, and that's if they even arrive in the first place. She'd sell $30 wigs for $70, it was disgusting. I feel so sorry for anyone who believed her and gave her their money.

She stopped selling her wigs after she started getting called out on it. She panicked and nuked her accounts as well, but soon realized that she couldn't be e-famous without an online presence so she came back and claimed her old account was hacked.
I don't know what she does for work now, but she spent the money she'd made on cheap ebay clothes from China and weed from what I heard. She claimed used to be a "professional" retoucher but I find that hard to believe, I'm not sure what her husband does for work but it seems like he's the one who pays all the bills. She attempts real world modelling every now and then, but it never really takes off. It's like a bad Felice Fawn impression act.

Her sister had a baby earlier this year, so now she's trying for one too. What a coincidence. Her sister getting all the attention instead of her must have really drove her nuts.
I was actually going to make a thread about her a while ago - so sorry if it seems like I'm trying to jam a lot of information into one pos - but I don't have any screen shots of her wig scams and she deletes all evidence of such things regularly. I only have all her awful shoops and a couple of screen shots where she claims her wigs are legit, but not the advertising posts themselves. I don't think that's worthy of her own thread. Hell, even with the screenshots, she's not got anything interesting going on right now anyway so still not thread worthy. She lost a lot of weight and has cut down on the photoshopping as a result, so it's extra boring.

She has a best friend who she's constantly falling out with though. She'll be super mega besties for life with her for a month or two, then suddenly ditch her and ignore her for a couple weeks. This friend will get really upset and make tons of depressing posts, then beg her to talk to her again, and next thing you know they're besties once more. I feel so bad for that poor girl, she gets manipulated like crazy, I wish she'd come to her senses and run for the hills.

I could post some of her bad photoshops if anyone likes to see that sort of cringey stuff.

No. 74894

I'm always worried that one day I'll read about myself in one of these threads because I did some cringy shit when I was younger

No. 74896

Same, friend.

No. 74897

i try not to judge one's character by anything they put on the internet before 2010

No. 74905

My sister is my own personal Charms-lite and her current boyfriend definitely comes across like Scraps-lite.

>Was in relationship with guy she had problems with (in serious debt, worked odd hours so he wasn't there often, his family hated her)

>Married him anyway after a couple years because she HAD to get married on 11/11/11
>Impulsively bought a house in the ghetto instead of saving up, and all in her name because husband's credit was shit
>Took on most of his debt and let problems fester
>Cheated on him with boss' son, 4 years younger than her
>Refused to go to couples therapy like husband wanted, insisting on divorce
>Moved in with boss' son (Scraps-lite) who grows his own weed and is high 24/7
>She abuses alcohol and benzos, but is probably smoking as much as him now too
>Scraps-lite is now paying off her debt
>Endlessly adopting little dogs because her bio clock is ticking
>Left the house she owns to rot, finding out months later that squatters came and started selling off her appliances and TVs. Would rather it "burn down" than sell it
>Horrible with money. Still in debt but bought an Apple TV as soon as they were on the market, always has a new phone, just went to Vegas for a week for her birthday
>Oh, and she's 30 now and doing all of this

The two of them haven't been seen or heard from since coming back from Vegas at the beginning of November. They skipped out on Thanksgiving completely. Scraps-lite replied to my mom's frantic texts FOR her the next day, saying she was sick and she'd call back when she was awake. Haven't heard from her since, not even a peep about Christmas plans. I wouldn't be surprised if he was keeping her sedated/isolated like the real Scraps, but she also has a tendency to throw temper tantrums at my mom and disappear and then show back up like nothing happened anyway.

No. 74951

This is the best one.

No. 74977

I never understood past cringe. I was like anyone else and I did embarrassing stuff. It's just just part of growing in general.

Don't feel bad, anons. Everyone goes through something weird, cringeworthy, or even something regrettable. It's even better that you polarize yourself so much because it shows how much you've matured.

No. 75074

I have a few people in my friend group that have snowflake tendencies and one girl who used to be friends with my friends (I never knew her that well) who would fall under a legit snowflake/cow territory. I sometimes wish she had more of an online presence so I had an excuse to make a thread about her.

>very tiny and cute so always has creepy weebs orbiting her

>every week something else makes her have a 'breakdown' which includes appearing in front of a random orbiters house and moving in for a week
>doesn't believe anyone else has it as bad as her, no one else has her mental issues
>twice that people had panic attacks in front of her(one of which she caused) she herself 'had one' and got pissed that the people having actual attacks didn't stop and coddle her
>gets orbiters to turn on random people (usually girls she's jealous of) and be complete dicks to them
>meows and wears cat ears as if she was a cat girl (like instead of yawning she goes "nyaaaa~" and to get someone's attention she bats their shoulder and goes "nyanya?"
>left her 11 year old sister with said orbiters (a few of which definitely fall under pedo territory) for hours instead of people her sister knew and got mad when sister got left alone on campus when everyone went home at 11 pm
>begs for free shit but demands expensive items (had no phone, refused anything other than an iphone 5s which was the most current model. got it from an orbiter)

There's more specific shit I'm probably forgetting but holy fuck she's entertaining as fuck to hear about. Drama of the week is usually I was abused/attacked/no one loves me/I have no money shit, and she's incredibly bitter. Ahri reminds me a lot of her minus the azn thing. If she was attentionwhorey enough online it'd be great but she knows she gets more shit from orbiters irl so she focuses on them instead of her online presence.

No. 75082

Thank you for this anon. I needed to hear it.

No. 75847

When the man I loved broke up with me, I felt something left me because i wasn't myself anymore. I had gone to several spell casters for help and I got no results. Until I found marvelspelltemple@outlook.com and i was introduced to Dr Muna i explained my relationship I had with my man to Dr Muna. I’m glad I did all that he requested from me and trusted him. He performed a spiritual cleansing to banish negative energies that was fighting against our relationship and casted a love spell. After 72 hours, the man I missed started to call me and told me how much he extremely missed me too and he was sorry for leaving me in the dark. Help me to say Thank you to marvelspelltemple@outlook.com website http://marvelspelltemple.webs.com/(where can I subscribe to your newsletter)

No. 75856

same but i reassure myself by reminding myself that if someone comes to this thread to complain about something i did half a decade ago that's kind of fucking pathetic of them

No. 75857

File: 1451347785935.jpg (53.55 KB, 596x671, kaylee.JPG)

I hesitate to even post this, since she loves the attention, but does the truthblog hog Kaylee have a place in this thread?

No. 75865

Take her ass to the instagram attention whores thread.

No. 75876

Yeah? She's not especially an instagram attention whore though (and isn't that thread just for ED girls)? She's just a general drama queen and easily-milked cringe factory. She's probably not worth posting about at all, meh.

No. 79982

File: 1452636306436.png (251.98 KB, 540x960, apparently you can extend your…)

I get to see (and smell from 10 meters away) my lolcow. Every. Fucking. Day.
>Ugly bitch who thinks she's hot shit
>has had plenty of "jobs", but has never actually worked a day in her life
>says she's working as a "model" and that nike is going to contract her for a shoot
>apparently they're going to pay her 1.000 euros
>pathological liar
>also a klepto
>lied about having "hereditary" otitis and gingivitis
>lied about stealing things from her friends
>lied about having an ED
>lied about having three abortions, two of which were natural
>lied about being raped. Twice. When called out on the second time, she took everything back and told her friends to forget about it
>hard to believe she was raped not even a year ago, seeing as how she'll meet up with random guys from instagram and fuck them in the same day
>serial cheater
>poorly edits her pictures to make herself look thinner and as though she has any makeup skills
Going back to the abortions, she's actually using that as an excuse. We go to the same school and she's been skipping class to go suck dick, however, she tells our homeroom teacher that she hasn't an appointment because of said abortion and to take off any mark of absence because she doesn't want her parents being informed. I have so much milk from this cow, but then I'd make the post too long.

No. 80269

I think she looks kinda hot

No. 80277

File: 1452679272729.jpg (27.55 KB, 500x483, es1.jpg)

I used to stick up for my personal cow at school and occasionally on facebook until one of her 16 year old friends had a righteous go at me for some reason because apparently being the voice of reason is mean.

>posts shit like this in an attempt to be so edgy when she's normie af (deleted this after realizing her mistake)

>think she's a model because she pays for shoots to boost her self esteem
>as a result thinks she looks like marylin monroe (pic upcoming)
>on off with some scumbag boyf, vents SO HARD on facebook, usually passive agressive meme posts but even going so far as to tag the guy

No. 80278

File: 1452679450481.png (1.14 MB, 1224x877, es3.png)

she's 21 btw

No. 80279

File: 1452679669384.png (1.06 MB, 1098x666, es2.png)

>has a plethora of bad tattoos, incl i think an ex boyfriends name on her neck. they'd been together two weeks
I really do feel sorry for her but she brings it upon herself and is completely ignorant to any advice.

No. 80281


No. 80329



It certainly is.

No. 80387

This faggot I'm friends with on facebook keep threatening suicide for attention and it's pissing me off. I gave him a second chance after he did it the first time and he just did it again. Is there a way I can call a suicide prevention center on him or something? I know he's not going to fucking do it, it's just a manipulation tactic.

>Meet him on okcupid

>go on date
>he's a massive sperg
>don't talk to him for 5 days after date
>he makes another account on okcupid to write me a three page long buttfucking crazy message
>pretends to be his own friend and says "X is going to kill himself because he think u don't like him. He's my friend he's going through tuff times. If he kills himself I will hold YOU accountable"
>"This sounds like X sent it. Did you make another account to send me this?"

And then he went on a massive page long rant about how AWFUL everyone treats him and how his ex and her family blocked him on FB for NO REASON and WITHOUT WARNING and how tramatic it was.

>two years later

>get curious and look him up on FB
>he was sort of fun to talk to and it seemed like he'd grown up a bit. He also says he has ADHD, so maybe I was being to harsh
>Talk to him, he's being normal, sort of fun to talk to, similar interests, though he's still sort of spergy with a persecution complex and can't take criticism
>life catches up to me and I don't message him for three days
>"I'm gonna kill myself whaaa"
>"I want you to understand that I may eventually fall off that cliff. It only takes once, and it may be a matter of time."

God, this shit pisses me off. It's obvious he just wants attention. I'm pretty sure he has borderline and not ADHD. He's just doing this to guilt trip me.
Obviously, I'm not going to respond to it. Should I just tell him to go to a therapist and cut off all ties?

No. 80612


unless you want to council him yourself and resent him the rest of your life for taking your time and energy - yes. you don't owe him anything and like you said he needs a professional.

please save yourself the further headache.

No. 80692


you can't help him. just move on or try to get him professional help.

No. 80898

Yes. Tell him to seek counseling and to cut off all ties. He will only cause you stress that you don't need. That kind of thing can effect your own health and you have to take care of you.

No. 80903

Oh sasha made an appearance here a year ago.

No. 80913

Do you know his username by chance?

No. 80914

Fluoride is use for dental hygiene and sanitation. In small amounts it's perfectly fine. It's not like were swallowing entire tubes of toothpaste.

No. 82372

From personally knowing someone like this, tell them to seek counselling and block them. I spent months upon months trying to help someone like this who would claim they tried killing themselves and were going to do it again, tried talking to them, telling them to call specific hotlines, and being as supportive as I could.

It didn't work.

Bail. Get the fuck out and don't look back.

No. 83470

File: 1453303916912.png (148.56 KB, 514x784, es4vom.png)

apparently she's back on with the guy. this shit doesn't need to be on facebook.

No. 83471

File: 1453304017782.png (31.28 KB, 514x318, es5lol.png)

Also I reported a link she shared which showed a very detailed vag ensemble (I was scrolling in public ffs) and of course facebook removed it. Apparently that's literally everything.

No. 85378

File: 1453701729330.png (153.79 KB, 508x515, annofdfdyinCapture.png)

Doesn't really produce drama more just annoying. Posts stuff like "I have had a number of people ask where my x are from." when she gets less than 20 likes on most posts. Has never completed a cosplay but has a cosplay page. Is planning on cosplaying Kylo Ren which has led to the bs in the image.

No. 85397

I have a Facebook cow. She's a nice person in general from what I know (we meet while working online together) but holy shit is this chick crazy and delusional. Yes I'm going to be a little bitch but I'm afraid of posting pictures. But reading her 30 posts a day is pretty laughable.

No. 87607


I just found out about this. I guess he burned down someones house because of a stupid online flamewar. This dude had been following me around on the internet since I was 16 (I'm 22 now) despite me ignoring the living fuck out of him. (He did the same thing to lots of girls on deviant art, including Ashly when she was known as hamtaro chan). To top it all off, he has a wife and kid. Despite being fucking married, he posts "nice guy" shit on facebook and loves to whine about how women don't like him because he's a nerd and a nice guy. (Maybe it's because you're fucking married, faggot).
Lol I wondered why he suddenly stopped messaging me. Huh. He also wears the same lame cosplay to every con.

No. 87693

Haha. I have a family member who reminds me of this chick, and also a very similar incident. She posted a full on dick and balls pic on FB which I promptly reported. It was the first and last time I've ever had to do that. Ofc she and her friends flipped out and said "some fun hating asshole stalker" was going around reporting ALL their posts. She posted about it for a week straight because she was so upset.

I love when people I know throw public tantrums. I have a great supply of personal milk.

No. 87822

I have only had one incident with this person, but I can't fucking stand her and her shitty attitude and white-knight boyfriend.

Only a lolcow/snowflake for Nordic people as she posts only in Norwegian.


No. 87825

Looks like a normal girl who likes animu, you sure have vendetta

No. 87954

Hmmh, when I look at it now it seems she put on a friends-only security thing on FB. While I certainly do not like her at all and have a vendetta against her I know I am not the only one. But there really isn't enough content in English available to share anyways.

No. 96652

Growing up I had this friend in middle school who was a perpetual new kid, always moving around and getting bullied for being new before finally coming to my school. She was younger but I felt bad for her because of how people treated her so poorly. I defended and supported her a lot so she started to look up to me and try to be more like me, which is a fine and cute thing for young girls anyway. However at some point the bullying continued in her class and people would throw things at her and make fun of her dead pet, and she just flipped out. Instead of getting her moved to a different class or something her mom sent her off to a wilderness camp for rebellious kids. When she came out of it an entire year later she had basically gone mad from it. All she talked about was wanting to go wild kissing boys to make up for lost time, and saying how she wanted to be a pornstar. Her mom hated this and they fought incessantly which just made her madder and she became wilder. Suddenly the sweet bullied girl I had tried to help out was taking random pills, sleeping around, doing things like leaping up on tables in public and flashing her chest. Utter insanity to me but I held a soft spot for her after all those years and tried to help her and show her positive things, and she tried to emulate me.
Ultimately I mentioned to her one day that I was recovering from anorexia which I had kept secret for years. Instead of acting sympathetic she proclaimed "Oh, anorexia is a great idea! We should both do it and then we can get tons of attention and look so hot!" She just didn't get it at all. From then on she would start skipping meals on occasion or not eating for like 1-2 days before going back to eating normally for weeks, all the while proclaiming to everyone what a poor sick ana-chan she was, and bragging about her weight. I tried to tell her how this was insensitive and a bit worrying (for her safety if it got worse) and she made a big debacle online about how I must be so super jealous of her for being "better at anorexia" than me, ridiculous since I thought it was horrible and was leaving it in my past anyway.
At that time she just got worse and worse, nothing I did or said would help. She started dating drug dealers, blowing guys for drugs, becoming notorious in her town for spreading tons of std's and sleeping with taken men, and flashing her body at clubs and raves in order to sleep with nobody dj's which she would then brag about doing coke with. Before things got this bad and I stopped speaking to her, I also took her to meet my friends once who I thought could help chill her out since they were really happy and down-to-earth. She spent the whole time bragging about how she had carved the names of her favorite musicians and ex-boyfriends into her arms to leave scars. Two months before her high school graduation, she dropped out and ran away to couch surf and live off of shoplifted goods.
As far as I know she's now just doing nothing but dating guys for dope. One dealer who is her ex comes around once in a blue moon to hit and run, but she's convinced that he's just a poor broken soul trying to figure out what love is, and one day he will come back for good and marry her. Some of her other antics include her poor attemps at twerking nonstop everywhere, and a series of instances in which she proclaimed that her 5 foot tall ass was going to some big city to become a model, and ending up finding that the "professional photographer" who paid for her tickets was really just some random dude who was essentially paying to fuck her. I could probably go on about more things she did when we were friends but I'll leave it there.

No. 96654

File: 1456085483913.jpg (23.18 KB, 494x494, 1452950690991.jpg)

Holy shit that ended up WAY longer than I thought it was, sorry guys

No. 96774

Damn, poor girl. But a cow nonetheless.

No. 96831

I posted snippets of this story on /b/, but it may be suited better here

>19 year old NEET, that occasionally gets work through a temp agency

>recently moved across country with family, no friends
>help move a new neighbor into her apartment
>She tells me she has a daughter, maybe we could hang out (odd, as I doubt many mothers would want their 16 year old daughter hanging out with a NEET teen boy)
>one day I'm walking a dog I'm fostering
>girl runs up to me
>Hey, are you anon?
>she dresses with short shorts, very revealing clothes everywhere
>first day we hang out she tells me about her alcoholism, how she broke up with her ex bf
>who was totally the love of her life, seriously guys

day 2

>she tells me about her friends, drama EVERYWHERE

>talks about her ex…again
>out of nowhere she talks to me about her sex life
>nearly kill my lungs on my draw
>she eventually shows me her ex bfs dick pic
>I have to read her "poetry" which is mostly half assed flow of consciousness
>more sex talk
>more slutty clothing
>whines about her mother constantly
>she leaves to live with her dad again, i'm sad i've lost a friend, but somewhat relieved
>8 months later she comes back
>she talks to me about her new fuckbuddy
>how she's smoking the alcohols again
>literally wearing "FUCK ME" glasses
>more friend drama
>more poetry about her ex bf
>she "wrote a letter" to her ex bf and burned it in a fire as "closure"

I really don't mind hanging out with her, as she has no one to be friends with here, but this shit is just surreal. I wish she wasn't such a drama queen, because she's nice otherwise. Thought it'd be interesting to share. She provides decent fap fuel at least.

No. 119475

File: 1460626751464.png (567.38 KB, 930x537, crona1.png)

Not a lolcow I know irl, but he's still funny af to me and I get enjoyment out of him.

Does anyone else here visit the /cuteboys/ board on 8chan? If so, you'll probably be familiar with the tripfag named "crona". He has a negative reputinion for trying to make every thread about himself and for generally being an over emotional fucktard. He's like, the only male I've seen in my life who I'm convinced has Histrionic personality disorder and it's funny as fuck. I also know him on another site where he was a mod (flatchan, I'm embarassed for having visited there) and he was waaaay fucking worse there than on 8chan because his status meant no one could tell him to fuck off. Everything he said about his life sounded like lies. He was always posting these ridiculous overly dramatic and clearly made up stories about his life and I just wonder wtf was going through his head for him to think people would believe that shit. I want to find screencaps, but flatchan is down. It had been, like, five years since I've moved on from flatchan and I was really shocked when I saw that his faggotry extended to 8chan as well. Looks like he hasn't grown up any. Here's some things I remember from his flatchan days…

>Got arrested for having a small amount of pot in his apartment

>Made a really long post about how he was interrogated by a good cop and bad cop
>Claimed to have been put in a restraint jacket for court or something
>"everyone was giving me looks like they were terrified"

>Made up story about moving to another location and how his weird neighbors or whatever gave him an actual human skull

>Made post titled "Your mod is lonely" where he whined about people being too intimidated to talk to him and basically whored himself out for attention (he whined about his feelings a lot)

There's a lot more, but I can't remember everything about him. He's also a MtF tranny, but he posted himself on 8chan and he just looks like a dude.

And also, on 8chan he told everyone that he left his email open by mistake and that his Christian father and mother read sex chats he was having with other men. "My father cried when he heard how much his son wanted to be someones pet…" (Only story of his that I think is actually true)

No. 119479

I have a few, but I'm going to post about my best friend's ex boyfriend cause he's some piece of work. This is also pretty long even though I've cut out a lot and tried to just keep the main bits and pieces.

So, we'd all heard stories about him before she starts dating him and we warn her (as in he smashed up his ex girlfriend's neighbour's car because she wouldn't go outside to speak to him at 2am after they'd split up) but you know, love is love apparently.

Well, few months down the line and he's domestically abusing her - she tries to split up with him. He threatens suicide, tries to overdose on insulin (diabetic) but funnily enough it doesn't work, and she's called police and an ambulance for him. Well, he's fine all of a sudden and not suicidal cause she stays with him. Few weeks later I'm at a party with her, but she's glued to her phone. Constantly try tell her to just ignore it and have a good time but we end up having to leave early cause he's just making her cry via text. We end up at his house because why should she get to have a fun night when he's not having fun? Don't want to leave her alone so I go with her. Turns out he's been having a great night and him and his friends are playing poker - he just didn't want her to have fun.

Well, months later they split up and we go to a party and she actually ignores him (he's still obsessed with her,) and she has a good time. We get home and she stays at mine - he turns up OUTSIDE MY HOUSE? and chaps the door. My parents are asleep so he knocks on the living room window and wakes up my dad, who's 6ft 3 and genuinely terrifying if you don't know him. My dad says that my best friend isn't here but psycho demands to get in, to speak to her, even tries pushing past my dad (he was called skeletor by his friends cause he's so lanky) which obviously doesn't work. My dad escorts him off our property, telling him that he'll phone the police if he turns up again. The rest of the night after skeletor leaves he cycles past our house every half hour or so screaming?? This happened quite a lot even when my best friend wasn't at my house.

He turned up to a few parties too, as in parties he knew we'd be going to just to upset her or see her or ruin her night. Because of this, and them being split up, she got the police involved to see what could be done. Police take statements off of me, my dad, her, the people who's parties he turned up to etc. Spray painted her door because of it calling her a cunt and slut etc, but of course police couldn't PROVE it was him so he wasn't arrested for it. He took to twitter to call everyone that gave a statement a liar (apparently I was the biggest worstest liar because I gave statements about various nights and they were ALL LIES!)

Well he pleaded not guilty so we all had to go to court, the minute that my friend had to give her account of things he was taken out of the room by his lawyer and told to plead guilty. So he now has another domestic abuse charge and new stalking charges against him.

No. 119480

File: 1460629727786.png (76.18 KB, 1375x609, attention.png)

Nevermind, I guess flatchan is violetchan now and he's an admin. Here's his page

Pic related, typical Crona post.

No. 119549

what the hell does 'romantically stimulating' mean

No. 119566

Princess cringe wrote a horrible song. Sorry to draw attention to her, since thats what she wants and I know she will see this. Its just…..wow. she should be hung

No. 119569

File: 1460651707320.png (771.4 KB, 768x1178, 20160414_113234.png)

Woops dafuq forgot to add the picture. Nobody go search her out, shes not worth the searches of her name

No. 119712

Knew this super borderline girl at a bizarre, vulnerable time in my life (recently gotten out of an abusive relationship and in recovery for an ED) and she definitely took advantage of weak people but had a talent for being the victim so no one believes my story if they know her.

Prior to me becoming friends with her, she had broken her back and suffered nerve damage. My roommate (who introduced us) took her to doctor and lawyer appointments (she sued a bookstore where she fell), all concluded that she could walk again with a year of physical therapy so she got about $80k to pay for medical expenses. Instead, she blows through it in less than six months on drugs and a car. She said she wanted to live in a car and be homeless (and brought up how hard it is to be homeless).

Oh yeah, and she was pregnant at around that time. More sympathy juice. She even got people to feel bad for her because she couldn't quit smoking pot and Marlboros. The dad is a serial cheater and a psychopath and last I heard he was selling guns and living in a storage unit.All of which, he documents his illegal activity on Facebook.

Anyway, first time I meet her, I'm just before getting weight restored and she literally grabs my hip bone and goes "OMG, I could crush you." And as our friendship progressed, it was very obvious she was trying to keep me from being better mentally. When I told her I was seeing a therapist and oing the recovery thing, suddenly she had anorexia too. And she did lose quite a bit of weight, but she has Crohn's and eats fast food daily and was technically oveerweight. But she would be so dramatic and loudly ask people if they think she's eaten too much today and would do a pouty lip because she wanted pizza. It was really pathetic because she would side eye me while talking about starving and purging and referred to her fake eating disorder as Ana. She would ask me how Ana was speaking to me today and it was like,wtf.

That aside, she was just…bizarre sexually. Like, she masturbated once on our couch, and tried getting people to smell her finger thinking that'd be hot. She was also into every fetish in the book and had multiple sex partners at once, including a daddy, an owner, etc. She was a little girl and a kitty normally.

She was super into My Little Pony and would speak in a lisp when she talked about Rainbow Dash and even dyed her hair to look like the ponies. This woman is 25. And had stickers all over her wheelchair. I don't care if you're into childhood things, but there's a time and a place and speaking to me in a baby voice for no reason in public is one of them.

Eventually I was sane enough to distance myself from that group in general, but no one believes me how crazy this girl is. They think she has such a horrible life, especially since she had to move back in with her mother who was allegedly abusive (I don't know if she is or isn't, she seemed high strung when I met her and a bible thumper, but you don't get phased that much in the Bible Belt) and she constantly begs for money or people to come over. She had a gofundme to get her own apartment when she ran out of 80k in a few months and was asking for I think like, 20k or something like that. Also she sued my ex because my ex apparently was loaned money and never paid her back. I hate my ex, but legally there wasn't a contract or anyhting and she even said don't worry about paying her back. She lied in court, but there's no evidence supporting that claim.

Anyway, last I checked her social media, she seems to be doing okay. No job (but she was volunteering at cons and claimed that's how she's going to launch her stand up comedian career or something), still living at home, but her son seems well adjusted for a one year old which is good. I really hope she gets better because she was an absolute trainwreck when I knew her.

No. 119743

My personal lolcow is someone who used to be kind of okay, more of a friend of a friend, but then she fell into the tumblr crowd and is now "fictionkin" and thinks she's a specific character from a videogame to the point where fanart of particular situations pisses her off on a way-too-personal level and she'll cry all over twitter about it for hours.

She recently had a run-in with an artist who specifically asked her not to tag his art with "kin", and it became a huge shitstorm about how, apparently, "hating fictionkin means you hate mentally ill people".

She also likes to mention she's gay every ten seconds while talking about how she has crushes on guys, and how this makes her "no less of a lesbian". This girl also claims she's autistic and has ADHD… I believe the latter is actually true though and she's medicated, but the former was completely self-diagnosed after a friend of hers (who is equally lolworthy for a lot of the same reasons) also diagnosed themselves as autistic.

She's also diagnosed herself with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and posts five trillion selfies a day with captions like "look how fucking hot i am". She also absolutely refuses to get a proper job because they're apparently not glamorous enough for someone of her caliber, and when she was rightfully called out on her bullshit, she gave the whole "I'm a legit narcissist with a disorder, I can't help it!"

All in all, not really too different from your average tumblrina but still pretty annoying.

No. 122112

Weird ass fuck that wears diapers and shits all over her fans. She also makes the cringest fucking videos in the entire world and bleaches her shitty ass hair and sleeps in a crib

No. 122113

File: 1461106420439.jpg (389.85 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20160419_184029.jpg)

She is sluty too. She works for that one site that literally has naked pussy out for guys to whap their cocks to. They sexualize children and fetize the hell out of it. She's a total cunt to all her fans and people on her cringy ass YouTube. Her family disapporves too because whenever anyone asks she basically tells them to fuck themselves and won't answer. Cringy dirty ass white fucker

No. 122133

But how does she manage to shit on her fans with a diaper on?

No. 122155


Creepy. I can't believe she has almost 32k followers. I mean, look at the video - she actually seems retarded.


No. 127014

i used to know a real messy bitch

>got to meet her through friends

>is really fucking full of herself and thinks way too highly of herself
>fucking weeaboo, changed her legal name to miu and showed me her id and bus card claiming its her Real Name
>shortly after getting to know her realize all she does is whine that others get more attention than her for "doing the exact same thing but worse"
>one time stayed at her place, texting boyfriend, see her vague about how gross couples are while im sitting beside her
>lots of manipulative bs i honestly wondered how she kept her circle of friends for a few years prior to meeting me
>had an obsession with tumblr yet made a post about how to be famous you have to be a feminine cutesy tranny or anything but cishet
>couldnt deal with the backlash she got and deleted, lost all friends except for maybe 2
>remade tumblr
>suddenly claims to be a cis man (definitely is not a guy, she dropped everything but her panties when i was staying over to show how flat her boobs are which was super weird but yeah)
>also albino
>also poc
>bitch is fucking white with sun allergy, that doesnt make you albino
>bleaches her hair and eyebrows so she looks like an albino, claims it is her natural hair colour yet after she had a mental breakdown weeks/months earlier and shaved off all her hair it grew back ashy blonde
>does blackface
>lots of vague posts about where her parents came from
>claims to be russian, asian and also black
>no proof
>someone sends an ask saying she looks japanese
>claims to be japanese afterwards
>claims to have pretended to be a girl all her life
>"my ID was just fake and i showed it to people so they would believe me that i am a girl"
>i saw both her ID and the bus card that misspellt her name as "mui"
>voice suddenly drops mid 20s because of a "medical contition" and a while after she remade and came out as ~amab~
>loads of shooped flat chest lopsided nipple pics to prove shes A Real Man
>keeps complaining about her fucked up leg but continues to further fuck it up by moving around way too much when she knows she shouldnt
>complains about being hospitalized too much to fix the shit she did to herself
>kept whining for reblogs on her ugly selfies
>one day stopped obsessing over tumblr so much, somehow got new friends
>still hideous though

im honestly a little sad she stopped being so active it was a great source of entertainment for a while

No. 127263

Can we just take a minute and ask ourselves what kind of site this is when it encourages fake-ass people talking about people, saying things they'd never say to the person's face?

It's like the most common type of person in this site is one who would hide who they are and bitch behind other's back instead of just ignoring them.

This site is full of people so much worse than the people they focus so much attention on. It's awful.

No. 127267

No. Please stop, you've posted your sanctimonious bull in a bunch of threads already.

No. 127268

If it bothers you so much, leave.
You don't have to shit up every thread with the same crap.

sage for ot.

No. 127313

was he the one that said he needed a place to stay cuz his conservative parents where gonna kick him out?

No. 139668

>My father cried when he read about how much his son wanted to be somebodies pet

No. 140036

yes this is a terrible website. we know that. it's no secret. I'm here to let of steam in an unhealthy way and i know it. It's a good laugh. i enjoy it on some sick bitchy level. it's like reading tabloid magazines and bitching out celebrities. no one is forcing you to be here. even though i agree with everything you're saying they are wasted words on lolcow.

No. 140194


Yeah, I remember him being everywhere on /cuteboys/… and people actually tolerating it.

Is he still there shitting up threads, haven't visited in a while.

No. 146140

File: 1466511816226.png (36.02 KB, 589x311, leks.png)

>theres this girl
>has piercings
>has dyed hair
>doesnt have girl friends
>wonders why
>she doesn't really make conversation and has guys lead the conversation
>when people talk about their problems she ignores them and talks about her own
>annoying tumblrina
>has intense yellow fever
>keeps pedestaling Asian women, no one says anything because she's a girl
>probably a closet lesbian
>acts like a "nice guy" to girls
>shes creepy and awkward

Literal walking red flag. She likes Orange is the New Black and is also fat.

No. 146524

Nor sure if this woman is a cow or if she's just really exhausting to be around.

>every alt girl stereotype

>shitty dyed hair always in high twintails like a jugalette
>talks way to fucking much. all the time
>and basically just parrots shit she's read on "mind unleashed" or "natural cures not medicine" or whatever hippie bullshit
>tends to use a really judgemental tone too
>is a stay at home mom, even though her kid is in school now. but this gives her time to do community projects and feel good about herself i guess.
>they live in her mother in laws house
>and they hoard garbage
>once we were out super late, and getting out of the subway station after, i took the escalator instead of the stairs. i've got dodgy knees (something I had told the group I was having trouble with earlier that day) and we had walked miles already. She took the stairs, and while walking up, was saying "it's ok, we can walk up the stairs" in a really snotty tone like my using the escalator instead was BAD.
>won't let her daughter play Barbie. Monster High is ok though.
>Monster High dolls are even more unrealistically proportioned than Barbie.
>Also the Monster High girls are MEAN. I've seen some of the shorts. I used to babysit a little girl when I was in college.
>But hey since they're an alternative thing it's ok for them to be mean and also bobbleheads.
>Some other people in our group have called her an emotional vampire, and tbh I really hate that label normally because it often gets mistakenly applied to people who are legitimately having a hard time as well, I can totally see it with her.

One of my other friends who I used to be really close with has been hanging out with her a lot lately, and he was always sort of a tinfoil hat dude, but the way the echo chamber off of each other he's just gotten worse lately. My brothers started spouting some of their same retarded ideas too. I feel like I'm losing my family to this bitch tbh.

No. 146532

My body is here for this thread. I know lulzy people aplenty, but they're (un)fortunately intelligent enough to have an Internet presence.

Personal blog: Haffu Korean here. Growing up I've had many Koreaboos try to out Korean me, I guess. Always tsking at me if I wasn't up with the latest trends or KPop band. Or telling me a random fact about Korean in one of those bragging tones. Whatevs, I get to go home and eat delicious Korean food.

Anyways, personal lolcow. Used to work with her/was a friend. Is 30 now and have been going through a mid life crisis since her mid 20's. Had a pretty generic white girl name and had it legally changed based off a character from Xena. Is a goffic girl. Did "modeling" which looked like they were taken in motels. Has major anxiety and other issues but refuses to take medication for it. Would rather stand on things and yell at people (seriously). Poor hygiene. Doesn't wash or brush hair expect maybe once a week and has very thin long stringy hair that it looks like there's a bald spot on her head since she insisted on dying it black but letting roots grow out a few inches. Likes to change to fit in. Because close to vegetarian coworkers and decided to become vegetarian too to lose weight. Her vegetarian diet consisted of buying a box of cookies for lunch or chips and dip. Wants to lose weight but doesn't want to put in the effort of actually changing. Will work out or diet for a week then give up because it isn't instantaneous. Becomes irrationally angry if people are a few minutes late.

Sorry for the cluster fuck of a post; on mobile.

No. 146538

Samefag here. Holy moly, typos and grammatical problems galore. Anyways, forgot to mention she bought a house with a guy she was dating for only about half year at the time (surprisingly they're still together). Only did this so she didn't have to live with her dad.

No. 146572

File: 1466612679235.jpg (187.65 KB, 1462x1462, 1462683310252.jpg)

i laughed

No. 148502

File: 1466978259377.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-26-14-52-49…)

Was gonna post her in the transgender thread but I don't want her to think she's efamous. She considers herself "genderfluid"


No. 148503

File: 1466978304289.jpg (415.49 KB, 2048x2048, 1466978095751.jpg)


No. 148631

No. 148634

File: 1467023030943.png (76.9 KB, 526x477, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.30…)

>wah my bf might see another woman naked wah

No. 148647

Wow, insecurity much? Boyfriend probably still watches porn but has gotten good at hiding it.

No. 148651

unless its a 15yo i dont see why he would get off seeing naked women in an ordinary show

No. 148657

File: 1467031800943.png (51.65 KB, 514x541, attention whore.png)

These aren't totally recent as seen from the dates posted but I just saw this thread and this one person came to mind immediately.

>claims to have every personality disorder, also anorexia (but has definitely never looked underweight)

>never diagnosed anything but somehow has all these low-functioning severe mental illnesses
>a fakeboi but dresses girly and talks about makeup all the time
>18 going on 10

No. 148738

File: 1467052426868.jpg (7.03 KB, 206x274, 12928303_1008348099251873_8186…)

This is my personal lolcow on facebook goes to my college as well (shes even more hideous in real life)

> Is fat as fuck but still buys clothes in sizes too small because shes so "uwu kawaii"

> alternates between goth queen and cute anime girl depending on likes
> asks everyone to be her "daddy"
> amazon wishlists everything
> begs people to buy her things for "favours"
> wants to be a lolita but did it once and was shunned by local community
> adds thirsty middle eastern guys and calls them her fans
> thinks getting fifty likes on a photo is e-fame
> thinks having 5000 friends she doesnt know is e-fame
> wants to be an idol never watched an anime in her life
> decides to be a cosplayer and goes directly for super sonico how orginal…

Ill drop some other pictures

No. 148740

File: 1467052578228.jpg (12.71 KB, 274x206, 12191551_919164958170188_29714…)

No. 148741

File: 1467052589269.jpg (15.98 KB, 206x274, 13076542_1022781347808548_7116…)

No. 148742

File: 1467052597192.jpg (14.08 KB, 206x274, 13466266_1054553847964631_6522…)

No. 148820

A girl I knew in high school. She was a mallgoth but took it too far (basically drew lines down her face with eyeliner) and wore a naruto cape. She was a really severe pathological liar. She claimed to have escaped a bank robbery lead by a japanese gang (which sounded similar to naruto). I forgot what she called it. Then claimed a family member owned a chain of hotels in Tokyo. She also had a famous web site about herself, gave me a link, but all I got was 404. After I told her, she said I typed it wrong, and then didn't talk about it anymore.

No. 148838

What the fuck at all is that contour

No. 148848

Knew a girl throughout middle and high school, slightly overweight girl. She had a weird obsession with American Idol and wanted to try out despite not being able to sing. Also wanted to be famous really really bad, tried to become MySpace famous and would take selfies all the fucking time in the bathroom at school. Had a period where she said she was pansexual and even dated this butch girl in our class. They broke up after a few weeks though because she wouldn't kiss or hug or even hold butch girl's hand. These days she's gotten wayyy bigger than she was by the time we graduated, and I'm pretty sure she never went to college nor has she gotten a job since. Still is set on becoming famous, there's actually a video she posted on Facebook of her performing a Selena Gomez song for some church event, but there's only 4 people in the crowd. Also is trying to become a YouTuber- all of her videos are of her doing the typical "HEY YOUTUBE JUMPCUT MY NAME IS JUMPCUT" followed by some made up story. I feel sorry for her, honestly.

No. 149111

Some of you might know my personal lolcow since someone (not me) posted her to cgl after one incident.

Last year, (I think?) when the Magical Girl Lux skin for League was announced (emphasis on ANNOUNCED, not even released) this girl tried her darndest to be the first person to cosplay her. She made the cosplay within a week and claims to have spent around a hundred on the materials. It turned out as poorly as you would expect. Everything was wrinkly shiny costume satin, the wand seemed to be made from paper, and the wig was a tangled mess taken from a Madoka cosplay. Of course, cgl tore her shit apart and one of her friends linked her to cgl. She spent the next few days ranting on her FB about bullies on the internet and tried to defend herself by saying “I'd like to see them try to make something this good in one week with only $100” like it's something to be proud of.

This was also like her fifth cosplay of a League of Legends character. Previous ones include Katarina (with almost no makeup), Pool Party Ahri (she stuffed pool noodles up her butt), and Pop Star Ahri (this one looked okay but her LOL I'M SUCH A DERP personality really clashed with the character). Her first was (of course) Jinx.

This girl does not play League of Legends. She made an attempt sometime after she made her first Jinx cosplay but she didn't even get to level 5.

Her choices of cosplay are always bandwagons. First it was AoT, then it was SAO, and she's been moving from popular animes as soon as another more popular one comes along.

Now, I know this girl from highschool and she was a total drama queen. Once, one of her friends jokingly told her that her laugh was annoying and she refused to talk to anyone for the rest of the day and silently glared at people.

She also dated some 24 year old for a week and when they broke up she ran around telling everyone that he raped a 14 year old girl.

When she got to university (I'm still amazed that she made it in), she decided to go into acting. This bitch had no major roles in our high school drama classes because her acting was either completely over the top or completely flat. In first year uni, she started saying how much she hates her program on fb. Apparently, her TRUE CALLING is actually fashion and she was going to make a portfolio of her TOTALLY ORIGINAL COSPLAYS to get into an actual art school fashion program.

I don't think she followed through with any of that. Rant over, just had to get all that shit out there.

No. 149196

A Lolcow of mine is now transitioning to become a male because she identifies with the characters in an anime called juyishuu or something. Idk but there's like 5 clones of the main character and they're his brothers.

No. 149201

I have so many stories that would fit right here, but I just can't do it. I spend so long reading sweet drama on other people's lives but the moment I try to share the stupid and worse things I see irl I just feel dirty, even if my irl cows are as dumb as a bag of rocks and making laughable decisions I still feel bad for them just because they are my side of the screen. I'm such a huge hypocrite bitch.
>tfw I was the lolcow all along

No. 149243

File: 1467213791960.gif (830.73 KB, 207x275, 1459721966490.gif)

My personal irl lolcow is someone from my university. He's a obese creep but he doesn't seem to have noticed at all somehow. Apparently he tried to hit on one of our teachers on the internet or some shit and he got jealous of some other students who joked with her (in an appropriate way) at some point, so she told him to stfu and stop stalking her on some websites right after the class ended and I was trying really hard not to laugh at him. He's so incredibly stupid it's funny when you observe him, even though he tries to sound like he's a clever guy but he makes me so uncomfortable when he talks to me.

There's also a former friend on tumblr. She used to be fun to talk to and all, even though she was kind of a weeb (and it wasn't even that bad). I followed her for years and got to see her descent in SJW hell all this time. Last time I checked she cared more about how her favorite fictional characters are gay and have bad things happened to them instead of caring about actual REAL issues.

Holy shit anon please tell me more.

No. 149417


>this girl used to be a generic anime scene weeb

>starts getting into tumblr
>adopts tumblr ideals (right down to the shitty art)
>gets into aforementioned anime
>becomes obsessed
>I'm talking Chris chan and sonic level of obsession
>starts dressing up as one of the characters
>cuts her hair and decides to wear a full suit everywhere (and I mean everywhere)
>comes out on Facebook and says she is a guy now


No. 149458

Do you mean Osomatsu? Thats what the anime in pic is.

No. 149569

Is this girl an Osomatsu fictionkin, like an otherkin of the character? Or just a regular CWC type of obsessive weirdo?

No. 149576

I posted this gif to see if I guessed the right character. I wouldn't be surprised if your friend is a huge fujoshit, I feel like most of the fandom for this anime is made of fujoshi, strangely enough.

No. 149634

> senior year of high school, I met a girl named Scamantha.
>seemed like a normal girl, but started dating my brother (he’s a major shut-in btw) He's dropped out of college twice, lives at my parents and at this point in time had no job.
>she’s currently on academic probation cuz she can’t get her skanky ass to class
>Current GPA is around 2.0
> I mostly just didn't want to get involved, but it turned out that she was cheating on her ex-boyfriend with my brother and ended up breaking up with him on the week of his birthday.
>Reason why he’s still hung up on her was because she slept with him
>Me and my friends would stay up at the dead of night waiting for her to come back from whoring herself out to my brother
>God I can’t look at them together
>They cuddled on top of me and in my bed
>I’m gonna burn my bed if they fucked on it
>Had antagonized a friend of mine because she found out what Scamantha was hiding from us
>Scamantha made my brother out to be abusive, but in reality she blamed all their arguments on his anxiety
>She definitely has no concept of mental illness
>She tried to give her current boytoy my brother’s swimtrunks while she was still dating him
>Feigned ignorance that she did anything wrong
>Pretended to break up with my brother so she could flirt and cuddle with her current boytoy
>”Swore to God” that she did not have feeling for her current boytoy in front of my brother
>Ironically Catholic and claimed to be a virgin, but whythefuckyoulyin.jpg
>Tried to give away two promise rings from my brother
>Was not concerned about my well-being when she was supposed to pick me up from another town
>I was there until 10pm and it was fucking dark
>This bitch was only concerned about having sex with my brother that night
>Broke up with my brother again for show but she’s still going out with him
>Ruined my birthday bc she felt entitled to put the blame on me and a friend
>Oh yeah and she didn’t do shit to make up for that
>Spread rumors about my ex bf raping me at his house even though I had just gone to my house
>Found out that she stalked me there so I didn’t talk to her for two days
>Takes this offensively and starts antagonizing me the next day
>I didn’t even talk to her for two days holy shit
>Turns out she had plans to stalk me to my ex’s house so that she could break in and confront him for raping me??? Which wasn’t even going on.
>Blames me for stressing my friend out so much bc she was tempted to smoke
>Said friend told me she wanted to smoke bc she had enough of looking at Scam
>Tried to force ex to have sex with her (#doublestandard)
>Only broke up with him cuz she didn’t get what she wanted
>posts passive aggressive things on facebook and blames me for being petty cause I don’t respond to them
>pathologically lies and will lie even when the other person knows it’s a lie
>attention whore, slut, blames victims, gas lights, soon to be college dropout and a stripper
>this girl is begging to be an attention whore and slut. Just found out that she was begging random guys for money.

No. 149637

File: 1467326363341.png (98.3 KB, 540x960, 13563155_1190596694313306_1853…)

No. 149674

File: 1467336856749.gif (1.81 MB, 480x256, tumblr_inline_o8pufb84UH1r12ll…)

I won't mention his name because y'all have probably heard of him, but right now his new cosplay 'thing' is Donte.

>self-described 'egosexual'

>Used to have a shitty Kpop dance troupe but has since moved onto cosplay after finding out it'll get him more attention
>got famous after cosplaying Erwin with a fakeboi, who cosplayed Levi
>refuses to admit Levi is a (very obvious) girl and constantly refers to her as 'he' because it gets them more fangirl attention
>is way over 30 and gayer than a public bathhouse
>constantly posts in-character nudes and pictures of his old naked ass on Tumblr where prepubescent girls salivate over him, write gross fanfiction about him and the fakeboi and see him as some kind of exotic Slav sex god
>constantly posts cringy naked reaction GIFs and memes of himself
>does make a pretty good Thranduil tho
>whored himself out in China

Our weeb/alt scene is pretty tight-knit and boring since we're a small backwater Euro country but I'm grateful that we can always count on him and his weeb troupe to provide a steady source of cringe and drama.

pic rel, one of his gifs

No. 149723

is this a typo? did you write it that way in mockery? or are you fucking serious? if I were with her in middle school i'd be calling her Scum lmao

No. 150317

do you realise the person can see the "nickname" you give them on facebook? and the emoji? lmao

No. 150337

Not too worried about it since my display name on her phone shows up as "Side Hoe."

No. 151834

File: 1467819375783.jpeg (738.16 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

My personal lolcow is also someone ehose been in my life since I was in high school. Not really sure HOW she showed up, friend of an ex friend maybe? But over time she just became unbearable.

>is 26 but tries to act like she's still 16

>just recently had a child with someone despite the fact that she bounces around between men, can't have a stable relationship
>cheats on her partners and sleeps with people who are already in relationships
>^can vouch for that because it happened to me
>claims to be a ~kawaii amazing ugyuu~ anime character and gets upset if no one treats her as such
>tries to draw but is bad, regardless people pat her butt and tell we she's AMAZIMG OMG
>drugs, lots of drugs.
>let an ex tattoo a broken heart on her wrist and a week later he dumped her.
>loses her shit when people tell her to grow up, that's she's an adult and needs to act like one
>has had many jobs but quits almost immiediatly when people tell her she needs to try harder
>^seen this as well, am the one who replaced her.
>constantly dresses in anime garbe and looks up to Jnig.
>pic on left her when she was told to dress more normal with her family, pic right is her usually.
>constant takes selfies with her newborn, only holding up a peace sign.
>"I should get a free ride in life because xy!'
>despite having a child she won't get a job
>continues to sleep around(don't care about that, but she's in a relationship) despite her child's safety.
>"moar kids means moar free money!!!1!" Stg she's said this and it blows my mind
>coninueing to wait and see what will turn of her.

No. 151968

I got this friend that started to tweet over and over how she wanted to have sugar daddy. Turned out that she thinks that sugar daddies are young, rich, model looking guys, that take you to the fab parties and holidays, and pay you for just being there and looking pretty.

No. 152087

This is gold, anon. Personal cows like this don't come across that often.

Back in around 2005-2009 I knew a lot of girls who claimed to be ~amab~ and wanted to be kawaii yaoi ukes who dress up in feminine clothes. And like everyone, I also knew a girl who claimed to be 1/4 Japanese and a man when she so obviously had badly binded tits, a girl's voice and was 100% white. Nowadays these people have evolved into the aggressive activist ~nonbinary~ type who excuse their shitty attempt (or no attempt at all) to pass by calling transphobia.

I swear this person sounds so fucking familiar but I can't remember his name.

Yeah I think MH girls are way worse role models than Barbie. At least Barbie had multiple professions and was always nice and helpful to everyone, the MH girls seem to just enjoy being bitches and only being interested in fashion. One of the episodes I saw straight out said that it's more important to be popular than to be yourself, and unpopular people will end up in the gutter. I just couldn't accept that a kids' show had a message like that. Their designs can be kinda creative and it's a nice change for girls to have their own monster stuff since it was exclusively for boys for decades but… not like this.

No. 152091

Semi-related but autistic male OCs are the fucking worst. Years ago, I used to be an active and kinda known artist in a fandom that's dead now and I got requested by this one guy to draw his OC. It was a painful self-insert gary stu style ~edgy~ OC with a trench coat and guns, the whole early 2000's Matrix aesthetic. I agreed to draw him (for free too) because he gave me a sob story about his life and how his OC meant SO much to him. Later I checked out his deviantart and he had hundreds of giftart of his OC, even the reference picture he gave me was a gift from some other artist. His own art was literally Chris Chan level.

They're always this really cringeworthy, edgy self-inserts with awful and generic designs. Often they try to compensate for their lack of artistic skill by claiming to be a "writer" while their writing skills are just as bad as their drawn art.

No. 152144

File: 1467909342371.jpg (53.03 KB, 202x506, IMG-20150609-WA0015_1.jpg)

My personal Lolcow is a girl I went to school with. I'll start with the light stuff

- unhealty obsession: eats her boogers
>weeaboo: uses Japanese words randomly
- met her ex-gf through some weeaboo forum, they met in real life and were gfs after 2 days
> created graphic yaoi art with her ex-girlfriend and showed it one of our teachers
-ex left and they started a long distance relationship
->this was a stressful time for her friends (including me at that time) bc she constantly threatened to kill herself, wrote suicide letters to us etc.
- ex visits our school and they make out all the time, homophobic teachers and students start to hate on all of us
>get called out by her because "I don't protect her" when I'm busy protecting myself
-I talked to her then gf maybe for five mins and cow starts to cry. Reason: I make her gf neglect her (I'm straight just saying)
>cries multiple times that day without a reason to get attencion
- after her ex leaves things are surprisingly ok-ish
>then she makes up that she has a ton of mental issues for example multiple personality disorder. Pretends that she is Anime characters or game characters like Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Calls her "dark-side" yami and acts like an edgelord
-becomes fakeboi
>complains about her abusive mother but screams at people who try to comfort her (at that point I've had enough and broke off the friendship and start hanging out with decent people)
- after that her gf cheats on her with a guy but cow can't accept it and wants to "see it with" her own eyes. She does when she visits her without asking and catches them at "it"
>she can't leave that day because her train ticket is for the other day and she has to stay at her's that night
-it's awkward
>at the end of school she doesn't apply anywhere and blames the government because she has no chances anyway
- becomes jobless at 17 and has to live from welfare of the gov.
>school ends, she moves to another town and hopefully I'll never see her again

No. 152301

>started chatting with a girl on neopets, we'll call her Tina
>was a part of a chatgroup called The Preps which was pretty lulzy in itself, but we were like 14 so whatever
>Tina would come online and talk to us every day, trying to get in with us, sitting in on our tinychats
>There would be a lot of hate boards about us on Neopets (lol) and Tina often acted like she was in The Preps when she defended us
>Publicly called her out on assuming she was in the group when we never said she could be
>Despite this exclusivity, Tina kept talking to us all the time, posting horribly edited selfies
>At the same time a couple of new trolls come into the mix, new neopets accounts who started rival chatgroups and insulted The Preps directly
>One neopets user, we'll call her Louise, would hound us relentlessly, calling us fat and making fun of our looks from selfies we'd posted
>Louise even went as far as to make entire neopets webpages lampooning The Preps
>Louise focussed a lot of her hate on Tina even though Tina was not a part of the Preps. Insulted her a lot causing lots of people to go to Tina's aid
>One of The Preps ended up busting Louise and finding out her and Tina were the same person
>Turns out Tina had been faking it the whole time, had come so far as to make it to facebook friend status with the Preps, only for them to find out she was the same girl calling them fat and ugly on Neopets
>confronted Tina with this information and she pretended she'd been hacked
>she then promptly deleted and blocked us all from Facebook, Neopets and tumblr and acted like the whole thing never happened

No. 152302


OT but Anon do you watch Bob's Burgers a lot?

No. 152307


yes, ha.

No. 152317

I almost asked what year this happened until I saw the tumblr/facebook mentions.
I remember it being a huge ass thing in 05-06, glad The Preps/Neopets prep wars in general stayed a thing for so long.

No. 152364

Oh boy did it ever. This was around 2009. Admittedly the glory days were over for the chat group by then

No. 171704

File: 1473149234958.jpg (73.39 KB, 720x960, 12376276_10201135865795214_455…)

> developed a decent following on tumblr for her ED blog in 2011 which is now irrelevant since she gained all the weight back
> has the absolute worst tattoos. one of them was reposted on fytattoossucks
> photoshops face to hell and back
> gained attention in ATL for feeding a homeless man while playing pokemon GO with the article featuring a painfully shopped image of herself
> serial monogamist who becomes overly attached and bitches about her SO openly on fb
> judges girls for being drama queens yet is the epitome of a drama queen
> markets herself as a curvy, anime-loving, make-up expert, rockabily chick who can work on cars and all guys do is perv on her in public


No. 171829

Didn't think this was active anymore.
Can we post capped stuff from 4chan as part of an ongoing saga with a seagull's personal lolcow?

No. 171918

The first thing I thought of was Asheerbee looking at this.

No. 171934

I could see it once she gives up her yaoi boi delusions.

No. 171944

I feel kind of bad because this girl is like horrifically insecure, but every time she comes up in certain circles I just wonder what's going on in her life that she needs to make a sudden cry for attention.

>is in the CWC inner circle

>boyfriend is an alcoholic dbag, but she likes to get drunk. actually all the CWC inner circle does is get drunk tbh. anyway once she came on complaining that he stole her rum. like bitch y'all got issues if you have to lock up your booze from him and maybe you shouldn't be with him.
>still she stays because I dunno doesn't want to be single
>has bragged about sending herself flowers at work pretending to be from her boyfriend because it makes single girls at work jealous
>wanted to get into cosplay for a while, not because she liked cosplaying, but because she would be "better at it" than most of the people doing it
>will quit being involved with CWC trolling when she wants to get her life together, but then come crawling back whenever she feels the need to be queen of the weens again
>just a typical "girl on the internet", will call other women attention whores even though she's the biggest one

I had forgotten all about her tbh, but she's resurfaced again and while I find her grabs for attention really lulzworthy and narcissistic, I hope she's doing ok. Is that weird?

No. 171947

No. 171952

Sonichu? I guess google's no help since it shows lots of results.
TBH a lot of the CWC/Sonichu trolls, the really hardcore inner circle ones, are pretty sad people, not just the one girl.

No. 171953

That's what I was assuming but there aren't that many inner circle girls involved in the Chris Chan shit and I can't seem to think of any who fit that description.

No. 171957

LMAO. Im from ATL too and I remember this story, Jesus Christ

No. 172034

Greentexting a summary. Can't be bothered to find caps right now.

>anon has nearly 30 year old BFF that's bipolar and koreaboo

>spent some time in SK on her parents dime
>parents excuse for funding the trip was snowflake was sheltered and never traveled
>snowflake's parents are low income
>anon said when she'd stay over they're constantly shouting at each other
>refuses to cook, made them eat instant potatoes and overpriced imported ramen
>begs money from parents for imported Korean food while complaining the family is broke online
>went full nutters when anon moved away
>got into adult coloring and begged parents for more money for pricey professional supplies for her My-First-Coloring-Book level colorings
>flaked on anon last minute for a convention
>made up bullshit excuse for it, actually spent $1000 savings on coloring supplies and a new laptop, printer, and camera
>printer is solely for coloring sheets, camera sits unused on the floor
>fought with anon after the con when anon couldn't buy something snowflake showed her
>accused anon of wasting all her money
>backpedaled when anon called her out
>endless cycle of this bullshit until anon wants to tear her hair out
>still begs her parents for money
>used anon's birthday as a way to sneak an Amazon order in for an imported Japanese pencil sharpener when parents banned her from online shopping
>threatened suicide and told anon if she was worried then she'd make sure anon found her note first and would let anon call her parents

No. 172066

Ah well I guess a lot of stuff has stayed within the confines of the Inner Circle then. Ah well.

Colouring sheets as in what I printed out for kids if I was babysitting? Like that adult coulouring books shit (which tbh I wonder how healthy it is to get way into that)? Or like for comics and stuff?

No. 172075

From a picture they posted it's kids aisle Disney tier stuff.

No. 172118

Oh god I know her. Back in 2007 she'd claim her natural haircolor was blue, she had nip-slips at gatherings, and tried to play it off as innocent loli-baiting, and got very pissed when people wouldnt let her try on their costume parts because she smelled so bad.
Also loved her showing up in a wheelchair at cons but still wearing high heels or plateaus, or her delightful dabbling into opening a regretsy store.
Always pondered about making her a thread in /snow/ back when the whole "I'M ALBINO/POC/AMAB!" thing started and even collected receipts, but I think she'd revel in having a thread here. It'd fit her narrative too well.

No. 172349

We'll call my personal lolcow "Shelley." Highlights:

>met in 2009 when I was 13 and she was 16 at a local church youth group (I know kek… small rural town though)

>she had a very childish and awkward way of behaving, much more similar to a 12-13 year old than a 16 year old.
>wants to hang out with me, I was a laid-back nice kid so I start talking to her
>immediately she becomes extremely creepy
>screams with joy when she sees me and strangle-hugs me even though I barely know her
>acts like I am God to her
>constantly tells me I’m “perfect” and is obsessed with me
>makes fucking weird childish crafts for being in her late teens
>gives them to me as if they’re thoughtful gifts. things like friendship bracelets made of yarn and glued together popsicle stick “sculptures”
>she's a massive weeaboo, constantly talks about animu characters
>always tells me about her fanfics and shows me her fanart which are painfully cringey
>is really obsessed with being goth but doesn't grasp the concept of it
>brags about listening to evanescence and wears fishnet gloves with her otherwise bland and frumpy clothing which were more suited to a 47 year old virgin than a teenage girl
>reads me her unoriginal emo poems aloud
>fucking horrifying hygiene.
>never washed her hair to the point where it looked waxy
>never brushed her teeth so there was white slime stuck to them + fucking AWFUL breath
>always smelled like armpit + I never witnessed her wash her hands
>malingers to the MAX
>over the years she has claimed to have: OCD, DID, PTSD, schizophrenia, liver disease, an unnamed birth defect that causes her to be infertile, bulimia, binge eating, hypoglycemia, heart problems, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, seizures, alcohol addiction; the list goes on
>always talks about how many prescription meds she’s on
>every week says she needs surgery for something, never has any surgeries
>constantly overshares about her supposed health problems for sympathy/attention
>wants to be a victim very badly; claims she is abused by multiple people
>starts dating my guy friend in 2010/2011, he breaks up with her and tells me it was because she was smelly, crazy and a liar
>starts saying she wants to be a boy. wears a tie and men’s dress shirt one day and announces “I’m dressing in drag!”
>in 2012/2013 I barely ever see her but she texts me literally 30 times a day even when I don’t respond and gets very jealous/angry about other people I spend time with
>when I do see her, her speech is extremely disorganized; sometimes I could barely even understand her because she would say random words, repeat herself and trail off in the middle of a sentence
>in 2014 I move out of town and she doesn’t contact me until May of this year
>suddenly starts texting and calling me multiple times a day until I respond
>I try to hold normal conversations with her but holy shit.
>she constantly complains about her “liver disease,” “chronic pain” and other maladies
>her texts are increasingly strange; she sounds like a 9 year old child who is out of touch with reality. sometimes they consist of just random irrelevant words
>just this week she told me she abuses multiple different prescription meds which I definitely believe due to her behavior
>so basically she is now 21, can’t keep a job, lives with her parents and pops pills all day

No. 172371

coloring chan right?
I'm so glad you posted the summary, I'd missed out on all of the first part and only have seen the most recent stuff.

No. 172381

File: 1473380487313.png (712.76 KB, 2568x1828, coloringchan.png)

That's the one. Here are some shittily arranged caps if you want to catch up.

No. 172550

This girl is the most entertaining cow I've ever met on my way on the internet.
>Friends invite me in their closed Facebook shitposting group
>They tag me in a welcoming post, but I read the notifications hours later because I was out with friends
>Turns out it's full of horny nerds "Omg a girl!! She hot!!" type, and there's a girl who catches my attention. She's literally bitching about me even though I haven't wrote anything yet. "STAY AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND YOU BITCH" is her catchphrase, along with edgy "threats" like stabbing me with a knife and similar shit.
>She's just 16 and already a weeb trainwreck who has a very dirty reputation with tons of nudes she sends to horny nerd guys to "win" their loyalty and support. She's kind of ugly, has awful teeth and also is really crazy, the overly attached girlfriend type who will be jealous of EVERY girl who dares to speak to her unknown boyfriend. Yes, she claims to have a boyfriend, but nobody in the group has seen him. She's also the type of girl you can TELL she's being bullied in real life, she has no irl friends and always claims having to "beat some whore's ass" and everybody cringes
>My friends contact me via chat to explain: this girl, who we will call Bates-chan, is the attention whore of the group and has a mental breakdown everytime a girl joins. They tell me to just ignore her, I do so.
>To nourish her attention whore status she made the "official" telegram chat of the group, in which she's the only female and all she does is sending pics of her ugly mug to the members.
>Though, everytime I post/comment something, she gets SALTY. Like, I can't even avoid the fight because she comes and straight up attacks me saying that my post is "useless" and that I'm looking for attention (LOL). Plus, that's just the peak of the iceberg, because her bitching is triplicated in the telegram chat where I can't read what she says, but my friends (who are also the founder and admins of the fb group) tell her to stfu and tell me everything. I do my best to be calm and mature and don't start any drama.
>This one time I have an interesting talk about a comic with a guy in the group.
>My friends come to messenger: "You've made her fucking mad, she's going crazy in the telegram chat". I roll my eyes and ask them why don't they just ban Bates-chan since she's the only person in the group causing flames and drama. "Next time we will for sure". Okay.
>She starts a post calling me a "slut" because I flirted with her boyfriend. Oh my God I don't even know who this fucker is, nobody does, and the guy on her profile which says she's in a relationship with is not even in the group so what is she talking about. I tell her and she replies "He's not my boyfriend, you dumbass".
>Now, I had an harsh day, and after being called a "slut" from an underage trainwreck who probably won't even have a chance to get a work because her nudes and awful reputation are flowing through the web, and also a "dumbass" from the same psychopath who wrote on fb to be with a person when she's not and then calls you "dumb" for assuming a thing she wrote, I confront her for good.
>People are also by my side because everyone's sick of her middle school cheap drama. The founder is pissed off as hell at her. She's more and more mad.
>Turns out her infamous boyfriend was the guy I had that comic discussion with once. They're apparently in a LDR without having met each other. Everyone keks hard.
>I go though a month of absence from the group because I'm busy. My friends tell me that despite this, she never stopped shit talking me behind my back.
>Two weeks ago, the founder reaches insane levels of hatred towards Bates-chan because her hardcore attention whoring (she makes posts like "Comment with something you want me to do and I'll post a picture doing it!" where some desperate pedo actually says sexual things to get pics. Also, founder is mad because Bates-chan has filled his cellphone with her pictures via telegram) and endless saltiness and shittalking about me, he finally decides to ban her.
>I didn't join the flame, I sat on my ass reading and having a good laugh. I didn't need to say anything in my defense even though she talked about me, because everyone was ripping her to pieces. The only ones liking her comments were the 2 prepubescents betas she sent tons of nudes to. They were the only ones she could have ever brought by her side with nudes, since they just discovered sex and don't know any better.
>All that time, she digged up her own grave without any help. Before being banhammered she said "I miss the old days, when there were just us, we were like a family". Actually the majority of people disliked her, but didn't express it because she was too much of a funny cringefest to miss.
It was hilarious. A single post can't express the level of milk flowing whenever she made the hate threads.

No. 172574

I knew a very strange (and weeaboo) girl, let's call her Julie

>2008, I was 12. (Lying about my age tho, to get them juicy contents)

>Browsing around dA
>Found fanart of my fav group
>Comment "So beautiful!!"
>Autor starts texting me on notes
>Found out she's was 18 y/o girl, in Art School, who had a hard time because her classmates constantly made fun of her
>blah blah blah, stuff about suffering
>J "You know, Anon, you're my best friend, now…"
>Me "Oh…how so?"
>J "You're the only one to talk to me"
>I was naive, so I let this friendship grow
>On my birthday, she sends me a very lewd (but bad written) fanfiction about two members of the group
>"For you, anon!!!"
>Ok, wow
>Tell her I lied about my age
>"That's okay! You're so mature!"
>Eventually, stopped going to dA, completely forgot about her
>Made a FB account, found her in my recommended, 2 years later
>"Oh, hey, Julie…I'm Anon on dA!"
>"Oh, ANON!!! NICE!!!"
>We start to talk again, she finds out I'm going to art school too
>Since she seemed lonely, to distract her from me (would literally text me till my phone battery would go off and I'm not the type of blocking people), I introduce her to 3 of my classmates
>Nice, she seems calm now.
>Starts texting me things like "Anon, I knew Classmate-chan and Classmate-kun, but you're the one I'm closer to, I have to tell you something…."
>"I'm a virgin."
>"..So what?"
>"I'm a virgin, anon! I'm 20!! Nobody wants to stay with me because they say my vagina stinks!! Do you have this problems too?"
>THE FUCK…I had my experiences, so I didn't lie but the convo was :
>"N-no, Julie…"
>"So your vagina doesn't stink?"
>"Well, every night, before going to bed, I just shower…"
>Julie has an epiphany
>"I only shower once a week, maybe that's why…plus my mom helps me showering, maybe that's it…."
>She was NOT retarded or fat, for getting help so…?
>"I guess, Julie"
>"Anon, since you know it…let's roleplay sex.."
>I wasn't the type to say no…
>We roleplayed sex for a year
>I get a big shock in family, which causes me to lose almost all contacts
>remember about her few months ago, check out her facebook
>she's now friends with my classmates. she's still doing weeaboo things at 26 and thinking about dem yaoiz XD

Jesus, what an experience

No. 172623

my personal lolcow is myself because I have no friends but my boyfriend is graduating and will leave me in rural hell while he goes off to europe to do research and make cool art so I've been cutting off my food and constantly taking adderall so I can have control of something in this universe while I'm suffering this much

No. 172625


cry harder anon nobody cares

No. 172626

File: 1473453747470.jpg (33.47 KB, 360x640, 9i195nr.jpg)


You need to do the equivalent of "goes off to europe to do research and make cool art"
Good luck with your heart problems dog

No. 173599

haha read the whole thing that's fucktarded

No. 173661

File: 1473784099802.jpg (28.79 KB, 480x561, 1447347142833.jpg)

Do you guys ever feel like that with some of your friends? Like, you like them but sometimes they're so embarrassing it's hilarious and kind of don't want to be associated with them? I kind of feel awful because of this sometimes but I think one of my best friends stopped giving a fuck about not looking like a greasy slob these days and she does things like burp all the time, apply fresh cans of soda all over her face and neck because it's hot but in a pretty disgusting way, she became so fat during the summer holidays that she destroyed her belt once so she wouldn't stop removing it in public and try to see what was wrong with it and her pants, etc. I still like her a lot but damn.

The worst are my sister's friends, and the sister herself. She invited me to a dinner in a restaurant with her trashy friends, she made us look super fancy for a less than average restaurant, and wouldn't stop talking about sex, alcohol and smoking and almost nothing else during the dinner, not the glamorous parts, but things like throwing up everywhere when they're drunk in great details. They talked a lot about how they're losers but they didn't seem to understand that being unemployed without a degree and getting along with almost nobody isn't fun at all.

Bonus for big sis herself, as I said. She's an high school drop out who managed to find a shitty school to make up for it, she used to be a judgemental asshole who wants everyone to obey her all the time. She barely changed, except now she acts even more irresponsible because she has more money to spend on stupid shit, and now she's a practicing muslim so she'll only eat overpriced halal meat but then she'll party, smoke, drink and flirt on the side, and judge me and my friends for harmless things (I'm not religious so it's annoying having to watch what I eat constantly because of my parents, so you can imagine that my sister is just as annoying as them). She's just entitled and self-centered in general. For example: You know how when somebody asks you to do something for them and you are allowed to refuse? Not with her, if you refuse something, she'll insult you, call you a whore, threaten you and actually try to beat the shit out of you. 5min later she'll act like nothing happened and she's my bff.

On the internet, my main lolcow used to be brando-relatable but she's not as funny as before. I started to find her actually interesting and all but she's starting to be an otherkin and genderqueer or something like that for a while now. Not as funny as the perverted weaboo she was known as if you ask me.

No. 173820

didn't think anyone would know her on here, damn
a thread on here would probably make her stab her own self with a fork again kek

No. 173821

*stab her own face i mean

No. 173825

Miu/Leopold is still at it. She's transitioned now though and can grow a pretty mighty neckbeard and her voice has deepened to a weird froggy sounding tone. Still pretending to be albino, claiming to have to dye her hair every week (even beard hair, yeah okay), and generally being tumblr trash. I am curious though, on if Miu was always that flat chested or if she got top surgery.

No. 174019

Anon I have no friends because I dumped a bunch of shit lolcows, leeches and horrorcows out of my life. Less stress but I haven't made new ones because I'm leery of acquiring more cows.

No. 174324

I'm not really friends with this girl but she's kind of a "celebrity" in my city

>tumblr feminist art girl

>sells nudes on tumblr
>posts nudes on facebook and then complains when they get deleted
>posts pictures of herself peeing on facebook
>posts her life story online and cries with self pity
>her sister was harassed at school and one of her parents were fired from their job because of her behaviour, she didn't say sorry and blamed the patriarchy or whatever
>got labiaplasty and posted constantly about it

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of things but yeah she's pretty wild, all her online accounts have her real full name.

No. 174373

Man labiaplasties are fucked. Sounds like a typical libfem

No. 174376

File: 1474017561512.jpg (34.99 KB, 205x275, 1427739658515.jpg)

wtf your sister has become a practicing muslim? what is she ultra SJW or something? explain it sounds cringe

a personal loolcow at my school was someone that converted to islam for no fucking reason whatsoever (I live in the backwater English countryside, 100% white people, most exotic thing is like tropicana) and she used to walk around on the shity pavement barefoot and shaved her head and wore veils it was so cray

No. 174402

saw her in nothing but panties and she really is that flat
she never had problems cosplaying as dudes before she went full uwu i am amab albino boy uwu so i guess she either lost weight (idk how since all she does is being a lazy fuck) or the hormones just made 'em even flatter
>pretty mighty neckbeard
haha i love the pics of her in the bathtub she looks so fucking awful
i feel so sorry for the person who had to do the photoshoot

No. 174405

File: 1474038277826.png (164.32 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Being somewhat of a weeb myself (I was pretty cringey from age 12-18 but now I'm pretty good at hiding my powerlevel) I've known plenty of lolcows over the years, but here are some caps from a friend of a friend's facebook. She's a weeb and a Koreaboo and she's in her early 20's but still lives with her parents. She likes to claim she's genderqueer but makes no efforts to look or act like anything other than a cis female, and then whines about people disrespecting her gender identity.

No. 174406

File: 1474038378585.png (800.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Wahhhh don't call me a girl! I'm not a girl, being a girl makes me feel suicidal! immediately follows up that post with a picture of herself in a pinup baithing suit

No. 174409

Keito ahahahaha

No. 174412

File: 1474040316470.png (632.99 KB, 973x610, Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 10.3…)


what a trashy ho

this is their instagram, btw:


No. 174413

>>apply fresh cans of soda all over her face and neck because it's hot but in a pretty disgusting way
Wow, wouldn't that be sticky? Damn, that really is cowish.

>>Do you guys ever feel like that with some of your friends?

I don't keep many close friends so that may be why, but I can't think of any off hand (most of my friends are…or seem really normal). The closest thing to a personal cow is my best friend.
As I said, he isn't super cowish himself, but he is obsessed with starting verbal altercations with people, online, on eBay, his roommates, and even strangers. These kinds of altercations always lead to bizarre stories on a regular basis. For example, he will purposely trip annoying people on the subway or train, and set off automated radio and alarms while away to annoy his neighbors. Once a neighbor called the police, and my best friend started fighting with the police, telling them that he needs these loud noises to wake him and it takes a long time to get him awake. Of course the police didn't know whether this was true or not so they left. I really don't understand his behavior, as he's very intelligent and funny, and not bad looking either. Besides this odd quirk, he's not really a cow…but with all the people he starts fights with (and thus showing their worser sides) due to his bizarre behavior, he has regular stories that are as interesting and bizarre as cow stories. Constant drama, and he's not afraid to involve police, lawyers, deans of schools and random workers at stores into it either. I really enjoy listening to his everyday stories of his life, as you never know who will make an appearance next.

No. 174418

>>walk around on the shity pavement barefoot and shaved her head and wore veils it was so cray

LOL what? This sounds more like she was trying to be a transgender Buddhist monk kek.

No. 174494

>18-year-old tumblr obsessed lesbian hippie anarchist communist
>"down with the capitalism!" while eating at mcdonald's every other day
>calls people comrades unironically
>borrows everything and never returns it because "everything should be shared", but never shares any of her own things
>eats everything nice we have in our "office", then whines when nobody will buy new nice things, because they would just be inhaled by her, and she doesn't even work there, just freeloads
>(we share a hobby and are in the administration of it) always idles in our meetings reading tumblr, then yells out things she finds there, while others are trying to have a meeting
>ALWAYS YELLING about tumblr problems and getting offended over everything
>thinks tumblr humor is funny irl
>randomly starts singing, because that's what hippies do (she's not a bad singer, tho)
>is 18 and thinks she knows everything about the world and politics and religions and shit, gets offended when corrected about her claims
>extremist leftist

She's not as bad as others ITT, but fuck

No. 174612

i kinda wanna start a thread even though she's pretty inactive aside from instagram updates and used to be funnier in her prime time like 2-4 years ago but i still have some screenshots of her stupid albino sperging

No. 174644

> what is she ultra SJW or something?
lmfao, not even close, I wish. We have a muslim family, and we're from muslim countries (depends on which parents we're talking about) so we were raised in Europe with some habits like not eating pork, no doing certain things because they could bring bad luck, etc. But we don't pray and only my mother used to fast during ramadan out of habit because she was raised in a muslim country, the only reason she doesn't do it anymore is her terrible health. Personally, I don't eat pork and don't drink alcohol, but that's mostly because I don't what to get in trouble with my family and people automatically think I'm muslim because I'm not white.

But anyway, when it comes to my sister, she mostly hangs out with muslim friends who think it's totally normal to judge people who aren't and are supposed to be, so they don't give a fuck about white people not being muslims but they think it's bad that north africans aren't. They preach about how they eat halal and fast during ramadan while smoking all year, drinking to the point of passing out pretty often, sleeping with random guys, etc, doing drugs, and then bragging about all of this. Like, they do what they want, I don't care most of the time, but if they didn't think less of people who do the exact same things, I wouldn't think she's a judgemental hypocrite as much.

Now that I think more bout it, it's more about her being an hypocrite. I'm not very religious and I respect people who are as long they're respectful too, but she definitely isn't and want others to think she's a saint because of her habits when a few years ago she was insulting towards pretty much anyone who is religious in general.

I'm not that much of a weeb these days, or at least I'm getting really good at hiding it, but my friends are. It's not too bad most of the time but then they forget they're in public and read yaoi during lectures, yell about HOMOEROTISM (not just saying I like this pairing or whatever, but yelling this specific word a lot), just saying weird and embarrassing things in general. They're really ice and fun but sometimes I wonder how they function in their everyday life.

Your friend sounds annoying as fuck, but maybe that's because I'm a very peaceful person and all that. One day he could get in real trouble, he should stop being like this or somebody will send him to a hospital.

>>thinks tumblr humor is funny irl
It used to be some years ago tbh. Now it's shit, just like the rest of the website anyway. She's young so there's still hope she'll mature someday. But she still sounds awful.

No. 174646

I meant born and raised in Europe, I forgot one of the most important words.

No. 174647

Maybe she identifies as a refrigerator. She's certainly built like one.

No. 174672

Do it do it do it

No. 175792

File: 1474498342728.jpg (124.06 KB, 848x1184, foo.jpg)

Not quite a personal lolcow since I don't know her myself, but there's not enough for her own thread yet still enough for a some laughs so I thought I'd share. She's pretty but so fucking salty.


No. 175795

She's realizing her mistake and going on a deleting spree, posting this here for posterity.


No. 176356

I don't actually "know" this chick, but I found her on Twitter through all the Trump spam. She's one of those girls and thinks she's all high and mighty above other women because she cooks and wears dresses. (I'm anti-feminist as well, but literally no one cares about how different you are from all the other girls. There are millions of women all over the world that cook and wear dresses.) She also tweets all the time about how youthful and cute she is. The thing is, she goes by a pseudonym online and acts like she is undoxable. I found her real identity in less than two minutes, and oh my god, it was hilarious. She is NOT youthful, at all. She's pushing 30, acts like she looks 18, but looks closer to 40. She is not pretty at all and her "alpha husband" looks like a manchild/rock band reject. She is delusional. I honestly feel like she is just roleplaying at this point.

No. 176404

Please share links.

No. 176637

Please share more…I am intrigued by this cow!

No. 181067

Was friends with this girl in high school until I couldn't deal with her anymore.

>14, Freshman, shows up to fourth day of school in fishnet tights, really fat ass hanging out of short shorts, crop top.

>Became friends with her, needed a friend.
>Highlights of freshman year: she had anal sex in school music suite with a senior, confused why he didn't talk to her again, constantly screamed at people in hallways, began dating different senior. Lies consistently about past boyfriends and drug use. Mom is a crackhead, so came here to live with dad.
>Weird relationship with senior, on and off, he's kinda creepy. He cheats on her. She forgives him. Cheats again. She begins dating nerdy furry.
>Sophomore year. Begins telling me about her sex life in school. Furry boyfriend is into cross dressing, dildos. She likes to be tied up and other shit kinda weird for a 15 year old.
>She's bored. Begins meeting guys online. Supposed open relationship. Begins meeting them in person for sex.
>Junior year
>Talks about moving away for/marrying online guys who dump her after sex.
>Mom dies from body shutting down due to drug use.
>I stay an hour away from home to support her the entire time. Pays most attention to boyfriend who she suddenly can't live without.
>After funeral. Her behavior is more erratic. Tells me she's going to start lying to her new therapist. Thinks she has Bi-polar and Borderline personality disorder.
>Dad finds out about boys she meets for sex and are still talking to her.
>Blames me for being a bad influence. I have done nothing but be a quiet spectator of her choices.
>Claims she's going to turn life around.
>Dumps boyfriend. Begins dating meth addict Senior.
>Very defensive about this meth addict.
>"She can change him"
>Begins to pull away from friends, me included, for meth addict.
>Is in denial about his addiction.
>Not allowed to hang out with me anymore, is allowed to drive around with meth addict.
>I'm done.
>Tells me she is going to expose me and to stop talking about the meth addict.
>Dude is still on meth, she is still lying to herself.
>Put it behind me.
>She's engaged to meth addict. New friend is girl who dresses like an alice in wonderland character who dates pedophiles.
>She's probably still fucked up.

No. 181108

i wanna hear more as well. pretty much everything you said about her fits a lolcow from my own life.

No. 181274

Any time someone pulls the "I'm better than the other girls/guys because I'm a feminist/anti-feminist" I cringe.

No. 181407

My brother-in-law talked shit to my dad because he said that Muslims were taking over Europe. My dad laughed at him but my sister and I have decided we should have a trigger fest for albino brother in law who ruined my birthday. Suggestions for white people, albino boy is regressive. How can we as mixed-raced babies trigger albino boy?

No. 182034

File: 1476228580475.png (62.15 KB, 1031x836, 1473800777145.png)

But they are taking over Europe

No. 182182

He's not wrong. I guess just talk shit about Donald Trump and act like Hillary Clinton is a devine goddess who's done no wrong. My mom does that unironically and it triggers the fuck out of me. I'm into a ton of sj shit and even I know that Hillary is way worse than Trump. If he's red pilled, he'll be furious. If he's super autistic and bad at getting his point across, he might even tear up.

Anti-feminism in general is cringe-y, but the girls who do that are the worst. They always have /r9k/ boyfriends. No self respect. Also, shitty winged eyeliner.

No. 189177

File: 1477579405001.jpg (26.1 KB, 566x177, ooo.JPG)

(I don't know if this belongs in here but I don't think this girl has enough milk for her own thread)
Does anyone follow pixlecat/speckledgal and thinks she's slowly turning into an obnoxious bitch?
Like, she keeps calling herself "an elve, hylian whatever" and acts like she's the hottest shit and even made a gofundme so she could fly to London and model (https://www.gofundme.com/mt45xcc5).
She also had some beef with a tattoo artists because she stole his zelda design or something and that was kinda hilarious to watch (https://www.instagram.com/p/BJVbpApANp6/)

No. 189179

File: 1477579557087.jpg (72.5 KB, 609x599, mmol.JPG)

No. 190215

old friend of mine started acting weird after high school. She started all this bullshit when she was 18 and before this she didn't seem like a pedophile creep. Just goes to show you don't really know people.

>after high school grab starts hanging out with 13 yr old boy

>claims she and this boy are in love
>I tell her not to do anything she'll regret
>sleeps with the boy multiple times even in his tree house (wtf)
>boys mom gets involved and tells her to quit her relationship with the boy
>friend constantly calls the mom a bitch and bad mouths her often
>tells the boy she'll wait until he's 18 so they can be together
>still hangs out with the boy and gives him and other pre teens weed, booze, smokes

She also claims to be an ally and has two trans friends but she won't tell her family and old friends that her new friends are trans. She doesn't warn people about her friends pronouns, she doesn't tell them when her friends change their name but she has no problem flipping her shit and yelling at people if they don't already know without being told.

Honestly idk wtf happened she use to be the smartest kid in school and now she's a pedophile who constantly brags to me about how "she's really bad now and a bad influence on me" LOL bitch we're in our 20s now stop acting like an edge lord and make friends your own age.

No. 190216

Honestly though the real icing on the cake is the fact that she makes posts about how she doesn't want pedophiles to follow her and how they disgust her on her tumblr. I just don't understand how you can literally fuck a 13 year old and then go write on your blog about how you hate pedophiles.

No. 190250

So are you still friends with this person? It'd be pretty weird and cringey to still be in contact with someone that messed up.

No. 190264

Idk but maybe instead of hanging out with her and writing about her on the internet you should report her for rape like a normal person would

No. 190481

Well I meant old friend like ex friend I stopped hanging out with her after she told me about the kid.

I see her everyone once in a blue moon maybe to get a coffee but the last time I seen her was probably a year or two ago

And honestly that kids mom has more obligation to call the police than I do she knows what's going on that's why she told my ex friend to stay away.

No. 190508

File: 1477807922567.jpg (34.07 KB, 590x550, 1477366945164.jpg)

So when a little boy gets raped, you're not going to feel a little bit responsible knowing that much personal information about your pedophile acquaintance?

No. 190532

What's her tumblr? I won't do shit, I just want to observe.

No. 190533

well she hates what she is. it's not uncommon for paedophiles to be vocally against paedophilia.

No. 190541

That doesn't mean they should go unreported, especially if they've offended.
Child protection takes priority over pedophiles protection and feelings.

No. 190543

I'm the anon at >>190533 and I agree with you 100%. It's too easy for people, including the OP, to characterise this as a 'relationship' because of the genders of the parties. She's sexually abusing a child and should be reported for it ASAP. It's not best left to the mother at all, because she hasn't reported it so far.

No. 190584

File: 1477834578399.jpg (222.1 KB, 1200x900, 3yBLXn9.jpg)

who gives a shit? if I rape somebody and then feel bad about it, that doesn't absolve me of rape.

This is stupid. Keep making excuses.

No. 190754

I wasn't the OP, I'm >>190543 and what I posted was not an excuse, fucktard. I'm just stating a fact - someone being vocally against paedophilia does not absolve them of actually being one. Many of them hide behind that.

No. 190972


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