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Townhall postponed: Now May 6th 8PM GMT. More info here. Townhall chat is HERE

File: 1534167589763.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, super serious.jpg)

No. 663556[Reply]

Discuss cows with poor acting skills pretending to have Multiple Personalities or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for views.

Videos will usually include:
>Switching personalities on camera in every video
>Awful acting
>Meet all 20 of my personalities that just happened to come out on camera
>Presenting incorrect "facts" about Dissociative Identity Disorder
>Clickbait titles on "serious" issues
>Talking about childhood abuse in an insensitive manner

Here we can share YouTubers hopping onto this trend of faking mental illness for views.
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No. 802719


this girl Hannah Lussenden used to post videos of her switches and videos of her alters filming. it was very cringy stuff. i think she like moved out of her parents with her boyfriend halfway across the country and then they broke up because she was camming or some shit. it was entertaining. though i don't believe any of her stories or that she has did.

No. 802727

NONE of these people are “real” anon. they’re all attention whores claiming an illness that literally doesn’t exist.

No. 802738

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, however personally I am inclined to believe it exists. It's in the DSM-5. I am a nurse and I've seen it only one time. Interesting like this anon >>802526 says, the only time I've seen it was an old person. Just like this anon said, she didn't have special clothes or whatever.

No. 802749

anon i respect your opinion as a medical professional, but being in the DSM isn’t necessarily proof that it exists. plenty of things that were in previous iterations of the DSM have been removed altogether. if it really is real, i think it’s even rarer than stated in statistics because the shit just doesn’t add up for 95% of the people publicly claiming to have it. thus far i’ve seen literally only one case i thought was possibly true and that’s of an elderly woman who paints canvases in different themes under all her different personalities. but the average person claiming to have it seems way too ridiculous to take seriously especially when they insist on making it their entire identity in online spaces

No. 803148

NTA but the existence of munchies doesn't mean fibromyalgia/cystic fibrosis/etc are fake, it's way more likely that they're ripping off a real disease like spoonies do than inventing a whole new one from scratch.

They're not that clever.

File: 1543963846843.jpg (229.27 KB, 682x910, DlflrF6U0AAk26C.jpg)

No. 743790[Reply]


>4lung "Jane Louise Fredericks" or "Hushy" is 24 and a transgirl furry "musician"

>has a bunch of cringy furry ocs, most are babies

>is a babyfur, operated a side twitter account for this fetish before deleting it. claims that he does this to cope with "past abuse"
>gets angered when this is called out on him, prompting her to leave her twitter accounts for a couple of days to a few weeks.
>cheated on his girlfriend for not wanting to participate in his fetish, sent a witchhunt after her
>allegedly made a bunch of creepy sexual advances on people
>is friends with a bunch of pedophiles, most notably famitory, and kate wurtz, who both draw pedophilia
>got called out for posting nsfw content such as his nudes on his twitter account where she knew minors lurked
>narcissistic and diverts all blame when engaging wiith someone else about her flaws
>makes happy hardcore and rave music, that all sound pretty much the same because the same samples are used over and over again
>managed to self release over 50 albums under several different aliases - most commonly her furry OCs
>releases an album every month and obviously rushes it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 801462

File: 1556664762080.png (Spoiler Image, 807.8 KB, 1156x664, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.52…)

No. 801463

File: 1556664786230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.96 KB, 900x1200, D5H1XPJVUAArdUy.jpg)

This bitch's bathroom looks nasty as fuck

No. 801475

everything about these photos is literally vomit/nightmare fuel

No. 802554


as far as i know they live in some like
tranny house in a weed state as theyve said

cuz theyre a druggie and cant go days without doing any kind of drug

and they do more than just weed, theyve said it in podcasts and shit

anyways, they share a house with multiple other trannies so all i can say is that its probably just hoarding of just tranny trash everywhere.

No. 802604

File: 1557130058905.jpg (37.01 KB, 540x518, tumblr_pr0i4gVZo71szan9k_540.j…)

>they share a house with multiple other trannies

a bunch of filthy AGPs festering together in one place, doing drugs and not cleaning up after themselves… can you imagine the smell?

File: 1557100121081.jpeg (205.44 KB, 750x1202, 4BB5C7B4-AE82-45F9-92E3-44423A…)

No. 802534[Reply]

damn rly

File: 1524865942462.jpeg (481.67 KB, 750x916, 61C1A6A3-B352-4591-A4BC-BA2FB5…)

No. 567471[Reply]

Summary from PULL: Problematic “goth girl”, always posting drama then deleting later. Dated Tyler (Online personality Zalvid) super weird dramatic breakup along with more deleting. Dated Connor (Probablyconnorward) for about 2 weeks right after Tyler and broke up with him, more drama.. super rude to anyone who disagrees with her or just outright blocks everyone. Changes her hair once a week, smokes cigarettes and is super rude to anyone who says anything about it. Also posts controversial statements about killing herself and depression only to delete it all again.
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No. 799731

I just saw on her IG that she moved to NYC? how the fuck can she afford to live there with no real job? always gotta be suburbian trust funds that move to nyc..

No. 801991

Who did she give pills to? I’m local and genuinely curious because I am just now hearing about this. I’m not surprised though.

No. 802234

i think she gave it to some girl on instagram named dollltears but im not sure

No. 802282

y'all are fucking petty picking apart a stranger's life cause nothings going on in your own. Go out and do something you snotty bitches

No. 802321

you've been trying to bump this thread for ages, just stop.

File: 1534517313743.jpg (46.22 KB, 960x960, Ablex Brown.jpg)

No. 667030[Reply]

Abby Brown #3 - “This Is Not A Phase, This Is Who I Am” Edition -


Some background:
>Known for radically shifting "phases" often involving scene or emo aesthetics.
>Posts embarrassingly bad raps online
>Has a nasty boyfriend (Willi) who she breaks up with and gets back together with every so often
>Gets large ugly tattoos to match each phase
>Live at home with her parents who seem to not be bothered by her
>Popular theory that she shops specifically from the clearance section at Hot Topic
>Has an obsessive hate-group on Facebook

Facebook: facebook.com/abby.brown.900 (Deactivated)
Poshmark: poshmark.com/closet/scampercerulli
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 775619

KF thread? Can someone tell me what that is please?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 775628


No. 775740


It was confirmed troll on IG

No. 802238

File: 1557001637192.jpg (293.66 KB, 1440x1987, Screenshot_20190504-212617.jpg)

Don't call it a comeback (yet)

No. 802241

can you give this shit a rest? we don’t need her thread to be revived for this. she literally doesn’t even have a profile. the only way anyone’s getting anything out of her is by cowtipping so there’s literally no point in bumping her thread for this, even though all the info is taken straight from kiwifarms anyway.

File: 1554564968674.jpeg (663.92 KB, 1800x1800, 1554530558065.jpeg)

No. 795348[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/793016

Previous Milk:
>Shay moves in to a hole-in-the-wall Tulsa studio apartment complete with air mattress and dog cage for ultimate thriving sex worker vibes
>Releases new video full of pink shit that camgirl orbiters gawk at "sO aEsThEtIc"
>Shay implements daily begging goal and accidentally doxxes donators in twitter screenshots >>793258
>Shay dyes her hair "rose gold" which ends up a horrid flaming cheeto color >>793460 that she proceeds to bawwww about on twitter, saying she can't work
>This includes begging for money to "fix it" at the same shitty salon. Color settles on a fried orangey-pink
>Ass boil continues to make appearances on the rare occasion that she gets online
>Fupa makes moody teenage FB posts that allude to the idea that he and Shay are broken up
>For April Fools, Shay decides she's goff Barbie dream girl and continues the facade, opting for black clothes instead of pink (the epitome of goth) >>/snow/793869
>Shay drops $200 on video props, including a severed sex doll torso for "cute lesbian content" that is unlikely to ever be made
>More begging while pretending to be a domme
>Tweets "cancel culture is cancelled" along with a rant that is picked up by SW Twitter and she's subtweeted across the platform by essentially nobody SW'ers
>This causes her to "cry for 3 hours" have a headache and "reapply her makeup 6 times just to cry it off" so she can't work
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 801911

Sweet trailer park jesus these are tacky.

No. 801912

Agreed' the picture choice is tacky, the slogan 'stay petty' is awful and not a good look for someone who wants to pretend to be so sweet and loving on twitter, and its just overall too in a persons face; No one can just 'casually' wear these in public.

No. 801919

lmao but shay has literally been blasting everyone for being "petty" towards her and getting her accounts deleted, so why in the fuck is "stay petty" now her slogan???

also nobody is going to wear a shirt with a completely nude chick on it.

No. 801920

p sure "stay petty" is the other guy's slogan/brand

these are awful either way, I can't imagine anyone would actually buy one

No. 801922


File: 1539376457842.png (242.39 KB, 1053x599, YaoiMaster1.PNG)

No. 711319[Reply]

This is one of the most twisted and fucked up users I've ever seen. Still currently active on the MAL community.

MAL page: https://myanimelist.net/profile/YaoiMaster

>female named Gretchen

>self admitted nymphomaniac
>admits attraction to children and owns the pedophile label
>talks about desire to rape children
>calls herself "deranged and estranged" (edgelord)
>dislikes pedophile haters
>likes shota, incest, necrophilia, beastiality, prolapse porn, etc

Her profile quotes:

>"My psychiatrist calls me a complex person. Listen to the professional."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 801658

Not sure if i can find a host that won't delete them, so here's two mirrors.


No. 801682

No. 801698

File: 1556758429745.png (932.36 KB, 1500x1500, email10.png)


first email
don't have a copy of the second email on hand. if i can find it i will post it.

No. 801929

>Doesn’t glorify
>Manga involves a young boy being molested and later ending up entering a romanticized sexual relationship with his molester and is portrayed as love
Get bent, fujo

No. 801941

Moved to >>>/w/46042.

File: 1514067615972.jpg (53.19 KB, 663x367, nHW84sOA.jpg)

No. 451148[Reply]

TheJosh's post history on lolcow.farm: Click here

TheJosh / Maurice Yandiorio / Neal Century / Mauro Furia / Family of Two / Chef Fanatic / Kolla / Tsunami / OWJ News / Mikado Shimbun / Josh Mori / Josh Ek

Live/Off-Topic Thread:

Basic outline:
> TheJoshVlog (TheJosh for short) is most widely known for his videos criticizing Onision and jumping on to any bandwagon possible to push himself higher in views and social standing.

> Has a history of plagiarism, harassment, sockpuppet accounts, vanity, threatening multiple parties with false lawsuits, and blatant scamming.

> Can’t provide proof for any of his claims against Onision (tracked down and physically assaulted a “hater”, kissed a minor on a plane, raped a minor in Scotland)

> Claims to be able to trace IPs through twitter and obtain GPS location from said IPs (while showing zero proof)

> Claims to be a part of British MENSA and went to Cambridge University.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1125 posts and 243 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 677012

i doubt it's him

No. 756307

He’s back on YouTube.

No. 756315


Use the new thread.

No. 763577

How do I get to the new thread?

No. 801640

File: 1498709774047.jpg (248.49 KB, 1920x1080, ew.jpg)

No. 343108[Reply]

Boob Nazi - batshit crazy mom always talking about breast feeding, making crazy comments like the girl in the pic, then when you say it's creepy or something along that lines you get attacked for "sexualizing breast feeding" and they go on for days about how natural it is and do it for years when it's no longer necessary

some boob nazis include Sophie Joy
social media links

>talks about sex, turns on, etc in front of her children
>is a boob nazi
>talks about how it's "normal for a mom want to have a sexual experience with their child"
>making videos with close ups of her pubes
>basically an old boob nazi version of raw alignment
>had an on again and off again relationship with some white dude with dreads going to east asia all the time for "business"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
191 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 755188

This is like when titty streamers swear up and down that it isn't sexual, but then turn around sell their underwear and twerk on stream
Having cleavage itself isn't sexual, but you sure as hell are making it sexual.

No. 755198

No. 755249

Parents aren't supposed to act sexual towards their kids. Freaking pedos. Breastfeeding should never be a sexual thing. But everything gets sexualized for no reason.
>Feels disgusted by pedo moms acting creepy towards their children.

No. 755251

Kids lose the ability to actually latch on and suckle milk when their first adult teeth come in.

No. 801338

File: 1454694023280.jpg (72.38 KB, 600x495, Lexxy.jpg)

No. 89782[Reply]

Not entirely sure if this girl qualifies as a snowflake/potential lolcow but she strikes me as an attention whore for sure.
In her most recent video on YouTube she claims that doing porn has improved her life so much and then goes on to complain about people who (mostly on the internet) slut-shame her.
She had a couple of girls sending her tweets and nudes to her job/family and gets pissed off when her followers tell her that it might not be a good idea to post nudes online and have your 'porn alter ego' connected to your regular social media profiles.
She is also currently trying to get into the actual porn industry, so far she has only been posting videos of herself masturbating and stuff on ManyVids.
Also claims to work out a lot but looks really flabby in her porn videos. Probably edits her nudes quite a bit.
Furthermore she's a SJW.

Her profiles:

Her porn stuff:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 797600


No. 799764

ugh i luv her

No. 801041

File: 1556493404484.jpg (199.33 KB, 901x1200, D5HMp9VWwAEriYn.jpg)

"pear shape"

No. 801054

She doesn't suit coloured clothes at all cos the tattoos. It looks wrong. She can only look ok in black

No. 801091

Know a girl who she used to be friends w long time ago that has a ton of dirt on her. trying to get her to post. haha.

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