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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

File: 1528941920118.png (413.02 KB, 599x594, Untitled.png)

No. 610098[Reply]

1. incredibly obsessive. started by making an excessive number of videos about Onision but has since topped that with - nothing else. He's still making daily videos on Onision
2. Joy Sparkle BS best friend and supporter
3. laughed and defended Joy Sparkle BS racist jokes "Black People are made of Poop" and "Balck people are Poo Babies"
4. anti-semite / Right-wing
5. openly supports Rosanne Bar's racist jokes
6. supports the use of the N word
7. uses Autism to make fun of people -says "it was just a joke" when he's called out
8. his youtube career's based on making videos about Onision
9. as of writing this post, he made over 100 videos on Onision
10. denies to be O.O. (Onision-Obsessed) but he's either mentally unstable or has nothing else to say
11. he maintains he isn’t racist because he knows black people
12. decided not to like Repzion anymore after he criticised Joy's scams. Makes a video about it. Rep makes an epic video response saying "he doesn't really give a fuck about him, nor Joy." Case closed.
13. helped Joy and cultists dragging shrubtime for "lying" and "scamming" people
14. defended Joy after she doxxed shrubtime (a teenager) and bullied him online.
15. has a rabidly devoted cult of followers consisting of young teens - Joy Sparkle supperters
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No. 948543

File: 1584890530998.png (673.02 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20200322-160707.png)

Look at these deformed sausages with those devoured fingernails, guess that's what he resorts to eating when he runs out of chicken tenders, doritos and mountain dew in between government benefit checks. This stinking skidmark is truly all-around ugly, an evil, twisted joke of mother nature with absolutely no redeeming qualities, obese, balding, smelly, greasy, devoid of any charm and can't even make up for it with wits as dumb as a rock, self entitled and presumptuous this barn raised peasant is.(Ban evasion)

No. 948699

I'd say biting nails is the least of Mike's problems, considering he has so many severe ones. I do admit those are pretty putrid though.

No. 950819

File: 1585469716307.jpeg (277.1 KB, 828x552, 9E3B7041-924C-40A7-9941-0E248A…)

The fat fuck is still going with his racist conspiracy theory sperging lmao

No. 950820

File: 1585469845649.jpeg (285.03 KB, 828x828, A0E25D24-DDC3-4B88-825B-30589B…)

This is so embarrassing

No. 950872

I don't even know what to say to this.
What if tomorrow a virus breaks out in the outback, and starts spreading, well then with that logic the Australian government must have done it right?
This is retarded. You are retarded, Mike.

Being gay and talking about Madonna. What, Mike, was Cher taken?
You're a fat cliché.

File: 1557790905131.png (598.31 KB, 800x496, tati.png)

No. 806516[Reply]

A thread devoted to all things related to the Youtube Beauty Community.
>Beauty Drama Channels
>Past and Future Dramageddons
>Gurus, Personalities, Beauty Vloggers

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/268688
Youtube General: >>>/snow/460232
Shane Thread for future Jeffree/Shane Content: >>>/snow/697489

FTC DISCLAIMER: This thread is Not Sponsored - I bought all this milk myself and there are no affiliate links
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No. 950656

Jeffree uploaded a mediocre house tour video and spoke a bit on the drama of him changing the title of his aston martin video. The car was always fully in his name and he did the video for views, but unrelated to the car it sounds like he might be going through some stuff with Nate. "Dark ugly stuff going on behind the scenes since the breakup", and said legally he doesn't want to speak on it. Then his assistant Maddie chimes in "its sad what you do for people and what they do in return".

I don't know why he would specifically bring up the breakup and mention legal issues when he started out discussing the car if it had nothing to do with Nate, but there's pretty heavy implications especially with what Maddie said and everyone speculating since they started going out that Nate was a sugar baby. Tinfoil hat is Nate is trying to get full ownership of things that they shared like the houses Jeffree bought for his family in Michigan and maybe shares in his company, or maybe Jeffree did something stupid like give him power of attorney or they were secretly married this whole time and Nate's trying to get half of everything. Discussion starts at 19:55

No. 950815

I think Voldemort is just mad about Nate moving on and having a girlfriend.

No. 950885

dude seriously what a pos for pretending to be so generous with his bf when he just wants to buy shit for himself. js even said the color was nate's dream color like wtf what a stupid lie. the car is now a nauseating shade of pink.

nate probably had to sign an nda. js is definitely bitter enough to take back the home in michigan.

No. 950979

Super bitter, talking about how he wants to cry but doesn’t even seem that emotional? Also leaving in his assistants jab because it makes him look like a generous person who gets shit on. He has no one close to him in his life besides the people on his payroll (which includes his family), at some point people gotta realize maybe he’s the problem.

No. 953197

File: 1585848341552.jpeg (529.29 KB, 828x659, 055666C8-9502-4B97-9A5B-B7698E…)

Mykie couldn’t resist forcing Anthony to make a hokey video about her.

No. 91973[Reply]

Not really a cow but definitely a snowflake.

She's pretty cringy and whines her way through every video.

I only hate watch her but it'd be great if anyone could spill any dirt on her prior to youtube.

instagram https://www.instagram.com/infrontofapple/?hl=en
youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlPMWbk0fy_zKvUDEnm0vw
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No. 163800

File: 1470561768059.png (344.04 KB, 1016x1190, image.png)

pretty rude about her fans and complains all the time

No. 163815

Boring. If you want to talk about Mei so badly, there's a PULL thread about her. <3 <3

No. 163890

Did anyone save that cap before the edited it? That would bring some real milk for this thread

No. 945345

Anyone else find it weird she’s flaunting 4K shopping hauls but lives in an small studio with her boyfriend?

No. 950634

Yes, Just saw the video.
Unsubscribed a long time ago due to her style changing and not suiting my interests anymore but when i revisited I was horrified at the 4k shopping haul.
She was supposedly vegan (at least 3 years ago)but now she's buying from companies like Gucci and other luxury brands that are known to be cruel to animals and exploit workers. She is so different now than what she used to be and it's all about flex at this point. It's so sad that she has lost her values and anything that was relatable about her. She seems so fake.

File: 1495582644796.png (418.72 KB, 427x522, im sorry.PNG)

No. 320127[Reply]

yeah so she had potential to b cute, well look @ her now https://www.instagram.com/degrotesquedami/?hl=en
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No. 820183

Why would you necro the thread if you think she is not worthy of being on the site

No. 820225

they didn't necro the thread wtf

lolcow wouldnt be lolcow without a jessi slaughter thread

No. 839719

Saw that too. Good for her.(necromancy)

No. 950291

Jessi was on stream with Chris Hansen (wild af) talking about Dahvie Vanity. She's been losing a lot of weight and seems more well adjusted than a year or two ago.

No. 951122

File: 1585537281086.jpeg (615.59 KB, 828x804, A0479EEE-1AD0-4302-B061-2437D5…)

Amazing, muh disabilities disappear and your knees can bear weight when you drop 70 pounds.

File: 1537713435307.jpg (113.69 KB, 1280x720, nichole.jpg)

No. 694958[Reply]

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

-makes songs about violence and ddlg
-has posted child porn and extreme gore on her blogs
-steals her album and song ideas from movies and books
-ebegs drugs from followers
-constantly cancels shows including recent ones w bigger artists such as Poppy
-works with grimes for years, has nothing to show for it
-loves to post pictures in trailer parks, cemetaries and grimey hotels for the aesthetic

-Been working on a new version of Hillbilly Noir which is now entitled Heart Shaped Bed
-Is currently spamming ghastly pictures of herself
-has yet to release the album which she promised would be out late summer but is now pushed till late october
-made a music video with her calves
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 946539

Id piss my pants laughing if I ran into her irl Jesus Christ, I hope someone slaps some sense into this neanderthal

No. 950211

File: 1585327710486.png (653.34 KB, 1080x2246, Screenshot_20200326-123546.png)

Anyone see this horrific tattoo on her story yesterday?

No. 950216

Angels of Corn

No. 950227

kek, but for real, what does this say? angels of lorn? porn? i've never seen a letter like the first? it doesn't even look like anything

No. 950801

It’s supposed to be porn yes, but it looks like shit lmao

File: 1585142286737.jpeg (503.92 KB, 1125x1563, E5312339-5675-4DE9-BB7D-8FC4DC…)

No. 949437[Reply]

Pretending to be a fiancé of Nick Diaz
Goes to visit all events where can be Nick Diaz and his close friends
She is crazy about her hair
Has a lot of personalities
Kept virginity in Russia and lost it in one night after coming to USA with a friend of Nick Diaz ( he was her crush before Nick )
Sends naked videos to followers to earn money
Made order of art work - drawing where she is with Nick Diaz as a happy married couple
She doesn’t have job and ask followers to make a “charity” to spend all money to make fake eyelashes and lips
Pretending to be religious
Pretending to be a famous and powerful in her country
Illegally located in states

Instagram : anastasiarapunzel(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 950135

File: 1585280244797.jpeg (360.17 KB, 1125x1701, 852DFE69-A065-4048-8243-85624A…)

Oh man I saw this girl likes all comments of Nick Diaz you know what .. I did not suspect anything just was thinking she is a fan but then I checked up the profile and for real saw this picture of her and him as a married couple so weird !(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 950155

Covering her nude videos under “my hair video” Common we all know the truth, You will make much more for money 💰 great pretender

No. 950156

File: 1585285836336.jpeg (526.91 KB, 1200x1734, C2134BEF-912F-4C66-B482-6BE074…)

No. 950161

File: 1585290580086.jpeg (243.78 KB, 750x1304, 21FA3A01-6EA3-4E65-B70E-97BA9F…)

Here we go(ban evasion)

No. 950194

do you not know how obvious your samefagging is? As if anybody would be interested in this absolute nobody

File: 1584558221564.png (Spoiler Image, 110.68 KB, 265x233, RU.png)

No. 947066[Reply]

Edgy, tryhard, /IC/ reject who kept derailing the Artist Salt Thread.

>Preaches Loomis but doesn't follow her own advice.

>Obsessing over Holly Brown nonstop; fails to realize she's much, much worse.
>Draws degenerate porn for attention. Almost always fails.
>Openly insults her autistic fiance.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racist_uncle/?hl=en
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No. 950379

All the porn she's drawn has done nothing but give her brain rot it's so sad lol

No. 950462

File: 1585390440379.jpg (55.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And got btfo by a farmhand lel

My favorite part was when she tried to mini-mod someone else for blogfagging when she literally posted ten times in a row without saging.

No. 950596

Her feelings were probably big hurt specifically at the posts she replied to kek

No. 953053

Where are anon(s) getting the discord screenshots from, are there anymore of them?

No. 955841

rip this thread, it started out fun but then ru had to be too much of a bitch baby who can't stand a single bad word being spoken about her so she ran home to cry to her mommy.

File: 1481065810930.jpg (185.52 KB, 750x1269, evaisableist.jpg)

No. 209739[Reply]

>completely oblivious to her stupidity, goes on and on about how she is better than every single person
>gets REAL made at porn blogs for reblogging her nudes
>she continues to post nudes which is what she calls art
>Appears to be completely NEET with no social life outside of tumblr; although at one time claimed to study
>talks about wanting to look prepubescent but sexualizes herself by wearing heavy make up and lingerie
>pro-ana but pretends to be anti-pro-ana even though she runs a pro-ana blog
>cannot fathom being accountable for past awful behavior so she pretends it never happened even though there is proof
>throws a shit fit, guaranteed, at least 3 times a day.

I see a milky future for this cow..
461 posts and 170 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 940328

That support she feels is actually her ego stroking herself by reliving her proana days. She's gained weight which is good, but she's still posting body checks and denying that she was ever a proana blog, despite posting body checks, talking about her stats and reblogging thinspo.
And it really is rich of her to deny being privileged. Normal families don't have the means of taking vacations to Italy and fully supporting their jobless adult daughter while they buy her overpriced shit clothes that she'll just sell on depop. She never grew up from her tragic sad bby edgelord phase and now she's got a superiority complex because she listens to Bones and 'hates' the world lmao. She's the only true goffic kween in the world in her delusional head.

No. 949959

File: 1585244152590.png (24.25 KB, 659x211, flex.png)

literally the only reason why she stays with him

No. 949975

Exactly. She's always ranting on her IG about him complimenting her too much and not understanding her ED/relapses — just yesterday she'd said she was about to break up with him because of it. She probably misses that junkie that treated her like shit.

No. 950010

File: 1585254252720.jpeg (553.46 KB, 1967x1024, 0D343F9E-CE50-4419-AC6B-BFCCCF…)

actually capped these yesterday but didn’t post because the thread was dead. imagine being with this insufferable cow. she posts this stuff almost daily.

No. 950022

"Waaaaah I feel so fat! Buy me this overpriced shirt and maybe I'll feel better! Definitely not though. Depression and having an ED are my only personality traits". God imagine being the loser stuck in a sugarbaby-esque relationship with such a selfish and self absorbed person.

File: 1526236695279.png (437.5 KB, 603x617, 1524428096455.png)

No. 581474[Reply]

First Thread: >>>/snow/381948

Thread Summary: Mars Argo returned from hiding to slap Titanic and Poppy with a lawsuit alleging abuse and theft. They responded by releasing a flurry of passive-aggressive videos and then making allegations of their own towards a man named Josh Moran.

Essential Information:
Titanic Sinclair is the stage name for Corey Mixter. Poppy is Moriah Pereira. Mars Argo is Brittany Sheets.
Titanic and Mars dated from 2008 to 2014. They created GroceryBagDotTv together, and then transitioned to making their own music. They only released one album, Technology is a Dead Bird in 2009. They then began Linden Place, which was canceled after their lead single was released. Most of their videos were deleted but can be found with a simple search as fans reupload them.

After their breakup, Titanic began seeing Poppy. Subsequently, Poppy’s looks completely changed from alternative, semi-Punk brunette to “kawaii, barbie, child” bottle-blonde. This look was strikingly similar to Mars'. Recently they achieved moderate fame for her strange youtube videos and Japanese-inspired pop music. The Poppy videos were directly inspired, and sometimes complete copies, from GroceryBagDotTv videos (such as “Delete Your Facebook”).

Poppy has intense, mostly unhinged fans who call themselves “Poppyseeds.”

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1195 posts and 355 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 949978

File: 1585248125335.jpeg (124.77 KB, 1124x1225, ETzLqZDX0AEsvh-.jpeg)

>I see you as a human and I forgive you.
He really does have some kind of "cult leader"/god complex.

No. 949979

File: 1585248401649.jpeg (79.81 KB, 1125x543, ETzLqwmXgAI_UOh.jpeg)

Bitching about Poppy changing the password to the YT account (like Mars did) and making money (even though they both financially benefited from the project).

No. 949987

File: 1585248577308.jpeg (67.33 KB, 1125x505, ETzLqxXXYAEWJOP.jpeg)

>imagine a world where I didn't make any money off of it because I thought it was an experiment
Non-existent, he's bragged about being paid "way too much" to do this shit before, and literally admitted to getting paid to take photos of Poppy in >>949971.
He can't even keep his lies straight.

No. 950012

Between Corey and Alex, there's definitely something about them Mixters.

No. 950365


What is it with narcs like this where their responses are all the same? He sounds like the lovechild of Onision and Kiki, a bunch of pseudointellectual babble word salad that means nothing but sounds fake deep and has the intention of making him look absolved of all wrong-doing. Then for an extra dose of 'I'm right, you're wrong' there's some love and light condescending bullshit thrown in. You just know this retarded balding birdman loves the smell of his own farts and gets high off them.

File: 1579079485738.png (827.17 KB, 726x687, HAHAHAHA YAOI IS MY SOLE PERSO…)

No. 918453[Reply]

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1212 posts and 161 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 950167

Low key glad no one is making a new thread so this thing can die. The milk ran dry ages ago.

No. 950644

>>950167 yeah, the threads haven't been the same for a long time now, tbh

No. 950676

File: 1585438847969.jpeg (644.3 KB, 940x1279, 8379B414-81FC-4BA2-BEF7-8F19B7…)

New shitty update for the Harry potty comic. Rip pp is never going to get past 17 pages

No. 950687

File: 1585441844941.png (45.38 KB, 198x319, LQiUv17.png)

If you think the threads are bad leave.

Meanwhile I'm going to enjoy dislocated shoulder man.

No. 950717

New thread >>>/snow/950716

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