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File: 1567376493925.jpg (Spoiler Image, 535.82 KB, 942x944, Screenshot_20190902-001715_Ins…)

No. 862261[Reply]


File: 1565753274886.png (410.14 KB, 795x422, 1565120560321.png)

No. 852741[Reply]

Last Time on "Emotional Cheating isn't Cheating and You're Just a Liar!":
>Geoff Robinson, ex-husband of Anna "also a (alleged) cheater" Prosser, passes away from pulmonary embolism (source: https://win.gg/news/1769/incontrol's-family-shares-the-reason-behind-his-passing)
>Cristina Vee, yet another another victim of the Dice Cheating Action crew, has a public breakdown on twitter due to Geoff's untimely and unfortunate death. >>841905
>Ross and Heidi express condolences while Holly moves on wordlessly.
>"The divorce" still not finalized, Ross seems to be in no rush to finalize the divorce for unknown reasons. >>842585
>Holly wants to bring back "Mental Health Mondays" stream, chickens out because - of course - "muh mental health" >>849252
>Gets featured on Apartment Therapy (in a 'sponsored post' kek) for the house she bought after selling her dead grandfather's (and left Ross essentially homeless). >>846002
>Basically confirmation that the bitch is loaded, whining baselessly about "reduced income and unemployment."
>Animal hoarding borderline nuts with new silkie chickens
>Heidi selling old costumes, lists the "cursed" Inkling headgear that Holly casted for $1000. >>848573
>On the other hand, Jared has been biding his time in any state from Wisconsin >>849006 to Nevada Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 861605

How does this look to y'all? I don't want to post and screw it up as a relative noob, but figured getting it all set up wouldn't hurt:

ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG: The "Return of the Worm" Edition

Last Time on “The World’s Worst Rollercoaster”:

>Jared RETURNS with a new, temporary “I’m so sad, look how sad I am” appearance, releasing a 42 minute video entitled “You Were Lied To”

>video just HAPPENS to coincide with Heidi being out of town at DragonCon
>spends most of the video calling his accusers “liars”, showing screenshots proving that he asked about age
>attacks Chai’s creditability by mentioning their brain injury and memory loss before slamming both Chai and Charlie for having GG cartoon porn blogs on tumblr
>ends the video by claiming to have not cheated on Heidi, and asks his followers to NOT harass her or Holly
>request backfires, Heidi gets the most harassment since the beginning of the ProJared saga
>Heidi claims to now be distressed and in bad place mentally due to constant attacks from Jared’s incel army
>Holly is too busy posting pictures of Jared with her animal horde in honor of his birthday to notice, as well as prepping the release of clothing to profit off of her “cancellation”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 861609

Go for it. It’s good.

No. 861610

Perfect. Thanks for cleaning up that mess. I didn't even proof read before I posted! Let's do this!

No. 861611

tell that to he judge when you're caught, lmao

No. 861616

File: 1469481984412.png (239.32 KB, 645x320, Capture.PNG)

No. 159476[Reply]

Marina Joyce -

She is scared out of her mind in her most recently posted videos. There's obviously some drugs involved, forced or otherwise, but she seems to be extremely scared of whoever is behind the camera.

A few months back she posted a picture on Facebook of her and this sneaky looking dude. She does not look comfortable in the photo.

A video titled "Date Outfit Ideas" (advertising a lolita clothing store) has a scene at the end where she spins. You can visibly sees bruises/handmarks on the backs of her arms in this video and she is absolutely petrified of whomever is behind that camera.
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No. 851664

Criminals react in all sorts of ways, if you seriously don't think insisting she's 100% safe while not letting anyone talk to her or see her you're delusional and should stay out of it

No. 851771

She supposedly is/used to abuse drugs and has anxiety (? or something of the like I don't really remember her explanation video). Her disappearing is concerning and I'm not saying they should just go 'oh well, whatever' but she's very likely not in a good state of mind so not wanting to see or talk to anyone isn't far fetched.

No. 851965

She's capable of making a mini internet celebrity for herself across emo kids since 2009 or whatever, just to make an even bigger celebrity of herself with her fake scare videos, but can't just go out and mention something like "guys I'm fine"?

There's some shady shit going and marina definitely isn't as braindead as some people make her out to be, whether this be a case of a girl who is scizophernic and acting out this way because of it, abusive boyfriend, or just plain trying to get attention, I just hope it gets dealt with

No. 860554

File: 1567138212092.jpg (254.34 KB, 481x864, ECP_rOqWsAI5eWj.jpg)

Leaving this here

No. 860657

so she's in rehab or a mental hospital right now from what it looks like based on his wording

File: 1479197231578.jpg (25.92 KB, 500x444, ilymorgannn.jpg)

No. 198674[Reply]

Morgan Joyce/ilymorgannn

Morgan Joyce is a popular model/youtuber currently headed towards a downward spiral. Where to begin:

>Got a "botched" scarification done to her chest because she didn't like how prominent chest tattoos looked on girls

>Expected it to look white and faded but it came out looking like a third degree-burn so she applies foundation on it and goes to multiple dermatologists to attempt to fix it
>Proudly vegan but can't stomach fruits and vegetables
>Has a giant pig tattoo who she refers to as "Mr. Pig" (because he's a fucking Sir!)
>Started a patreon with sexy lingerie photoshoots being one of the rewards even though her subscribers are mostly young teenage girls

Katrin Berndt
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 795784

God this chick pisses me right off, always so full of her own self importance and acts like she’s the authoritarian of tattoos. She’s forever in my recommended.
Plus she talks for ages without ever getting to the actual point.

No. 825954

Actually for the ppl who don't already know/care Lilly Lu is littleswastiga from psyland 25. They started these black out with a splash of colours huge scribble tattoos over 10 yrs ago.They have a huge idea for their selves and they always try to make money with every possible way. They have a NSFW project with their wife anuskatz called dirtydreaz, is actually porn with body mods/suspension bdsm etc etc. They try really hard to make psyland trendy again after they lost so many customers from the BBP that are giving out the tattoos for free and from the fact that he announced that quits tattooing. They had huge beef with Cammy and until this day they bash bbp with every possible way especially in YouTube and Facebook. They made a video about it recently because BBP started again and he is losing again money. When I saw lillylu for the first time in a psychedelic festival years ago, my friend thought he was in a bad trip. I told him no. He never came to a festival in Europe ever again.Sorry for sharing the story btw, I thought is funny.

No. 859521

Have only watched about 10 minutes, but Morgan regrets her tattoos apparently

No. 859856

File: 1567034720990.jpg (1.2 MB, 1464x2208, artwithaliens.jpg)

Not sure if very milky beyond being "wtf" material, but the instagram account @artwithaliens is a total shitshow in terms of heavily modded people. She does questionable, terrible art with elementary-school-MySpace-level anatomy girls and animals drawn from obscure memory rather than reference. I included a long-winded explanation of her reason for having such faded and shitty scribble tattoos everywhere but if I included every terrible piece of art she's either painted or tattooed, the picture would be four times the size. Just curious if anyone else is following this shitshow. Apparently she used to do a ton of LSD and mushrooms but then was diagnosed with something akin to schizophrenia and was put on heavy medication. Now she's 100% straightedge non-medicated and running wild. All of her facial tattoos was done in about 2 years.

No. 860558

the tattoos are very interesting, maybe thats my aesthetic choices talking but those captions are like reading taylor's manic sperging but dialed up some. dont do drugs kids.

File: 1528941920118.png (413.02 KB, 599x594, Untitled.png)

No. 610098[Reply]

1. incredibly obsessive. started by making an excessive number of videos about Onision but has since topped that with - nothing else. He's still making daily videos on Onision
2. Joy Sparkle BS best friend and supporter
3. laughed and defended Joy Sparkle BS racist jokes "Black People are made of Poop" and "Balck people are Poo Babies"
4. anti-semite / Right-wing
5. openly supports Rosanne Bar's racist jokes
6. supports the use of the N word
7. uses Autism to make fun of people -says "it was just a joke" when he's called out
8. his youtube career's based on making videos about Onision
9. as of writing this post, he made over 100 videos on Onision
10. denies to be O.O. (Onision-Obsessed) but he's either mentally unstable or has nothing else to say
11. he maintains he isn’t racist because he knows black people
12. decided not to like Repzion anymore after he criticised Joy's scams. Makes a video about it. Rep makes an epic video response saying "he doesn't really give a fuck about him, nor Joy." Case closed.
13. helped Joy and cultists dragging shrubtime for "lying" and "scamming" people
14. defended Joy after she doxxed shrubtime (a teenager) and bullied him online.
15. has a rabidly devoted cult of followers consisting of young teens - Joy Sparkle supperters
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 721941

File: 1540600905042.png (12.86 KB, 764x121, IMG_4535.PNG)

Katie's poo babies token gay is back to wave her goodbye(necromancy)

No. 721970

you really felt the need to raise this dead thread for this?

No. 859172

File: 1566949945054.png (17.9 KB, 578x153, rly.png)

Mike got a hot take on the Onion grooming situation.

No. 859545

he's a fucking idiot as usual. she was 18, there will be no court and mike has a convenient excuse to keep his tongue down greg's trousers.

No. 861630

I reckon he's got something to hide or feel guilty about. These "you can't say anything bad until an official conviction" types use that because they expect to be in a similar position one day. I bet he's a Spacey.

File: 1528464102034.png (537.37 KB, 1176x316, tooters.png)

No. 605090[Reply]

Previous thread: >>527506

New year New shoop.

Dakota kicked off 2018 semi-strong, managing to book 3 runway shows using fake measurements and 6 year old viral shoops through her agency Platinum Productions after grabbing some sponsored cosmetic procedures from friends, like a weight loss procedure she claimed was a posture correction and getting her teeth professionally whitened twice in a month.
Kota says she "can't do anything risky for her health" like plastic surgery or liposuction because she allegedly had acute leukemia (a serious and severe form of blood cancer) two years ago. This epic lie could be an attempt to explain not only her lack of work other than Fitt's since 2016, but also why she came back after such a long absence looking so much bigger and older. Japanese Twitter users didn't buy it, even with legitimate websites like ModelPress shilling her cancer story for sympathy points.

>The first show of the year was FACo, which blessed us with some quality event pics displaying her true face (http://www.fukuoka-asia-collection.com/guest.html)

>Followed by Sapporo Collection (https://sapporo-collection.jp/guest.html), where she managed to hide all evidence of her involvement save for an unfocused, far off instagram video and a waist-up shot of her from the runway. Her BFF Hirari also walked in this show, which means Kota probably got the job because of her to begin with

>Next was another Girl's Award show with Rakuten (http://girls-award.com/model.php), which she designed a suitcase set for as part of the show. Many great candids from this show, plus a press event she did for the suitcases.

Each new show also features either Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 699583

File: 1538163330493.jpg (307.73 KB, 977x709, 1468410306308.jpg.e31e84f68287…)

this one was never used and it's the best shoop comparison in existence

No. 699615

File: 1538165941617.jpg (117.14 KB, 618x434, Ecce-Homo.jpg)

This but the other way around

No. 699655

nah this one is too old
I personally like the receding hairline pic

No. 699831

lmao.. didn't every edgy kid do this? i did it at 15

No. 699996

New thread: >>>/snow/699995

File: 1566888668311.png (10.4 MB, 4449x3148, Zoe Quinn.png)

No. 858674[Reply]

Twitter thread starts here.

TLDR; She essentially accuses him of keeping her locked in his apartment because she couldn't afford to leave, where he abused her physically/mentally/etc for an entire month before she left and has never seen him again.

What makes her /snow/ Glossing over the entire fiasco of Gamegate which I'm not even going to get into, essentially every man shes ever met has "raped" her or was dating her, usually multiple guys, all overlapping at the same time.

No. 858679

she has a thread >>>/pt/201794

File: 1468008360370.jpeg (92.81 KB, 715x730, image.jpeg)

No. 152706[Reply]

The kawaii anime girl hailing from Turkey. She is constantly spamming her discount codes from many of the circle lens and knock off j-fashion websites she has sponsorships from. If you post anything about her being too skinny it will be deleted and her fans will flock to defend her shrinking body. Currently in Japan floating around as a ghostly apparition.

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No. 681856

File: 1536186223467.png (2.3 MB, 1202x1192, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.15…)

sage if you don't have anything to contribute

No. 682711

File: 1536283410779.png (1.18 MB, 650x812, anzujaamuedniz.PNG)

thank you for bestowing this milk upon us, informant-chan.

No. 701642

Gosh, I did some digging in her youtube channel and she had uploaded 2 vocaloid covers, both equally terrible.

No. 701662

gone already?

No. 701704


I can still watch it on her youtube, just go to the bottom of her uploads.

File: 1473880842844.jpeg (375.82 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 173919[Reply]

Acacia Brinley Clark
- 19 years old
- "youtuber" (doesn't make videos anymore)
- originally got her "fame" from tumblr drama
- now suspected to be pregnant with 25 year old Jairus Kersey
- constantly buys pets only to rehome them after a year or so.
- claims to have "self harmed"
- claims to have anorexia
- stole boyfriend Jairus Kersey from her ex friend two weeks before friend was supposed to move in with Jairus.

249 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 856938

File: 1566539307691.jpg (202.83 KB, 1062x1287, Screenshot_20190815-231644_1.j…)

Found a hilarious comment from one of her earlier twitch streams. She's definitely misleading people into thinking her boobs were just fine and needed no special care after surgery.

No. 856963

did she even wear compression garments? it’d be funny to see her end up like plasticnproud.

No. 856992


She wore it a couple times for photos because people were nagging her about it, but she claims her surgeon said she could go braless or wear her old bralettes because they're tight and supportive enough. She's been braless most of the time.

No. 857001

She did have invisalign but stopped wearing it cause she was lazy. Between that and the lack of a compression bra post-surgery I'm surprised that somebody so superficial and appearance-focused is so careless about her physical upkeep.

No. 864363

File: 1567696599565.jpeg (415.41 KB, 828x1107, 0CCD7F57-B1A1-4F0C-B44D-99FE7A…)

repost from gurugossip

File: 1566484154187.jpg (210.26 KB, 1080x1141, 1565078565775.jpg)

No. 856568[Reply]

last thread: >>849463

The Essentials:
>former tumblr stoner with "150k followers" turned failed cam girl/porn "content creator"
>currently residing in oklahoma, where she moved to get closer to her (now ex) boyfriend – a divorced, deadbeat father of several young children (enter Fupa)
>infamously bad hygiene
>often panders to pedos with ddlg and other questionable themes in her videos and tweets
>previously admitted to starting to cam while underage >>853651
>constantly begging for money from her orbiters while putting in less than the minimum amount of effort in her sad attempt at "sex work"
>formerly marketed herself as a "bimbo barbie" but now seems to be changing to an "alt girl" aesthetic to appeal to Fupa
>horrendously low engagement on twitter for her number of followers, suggesting that the majority of them have been purchased

>bought a "fuck machine", opened it 2 weeks later
>posting censored nudes on twitter to attract people to her onlyfans account, despite being able to see the uncensored versions on twitter as well
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 856616

what are you even talking about? If you don't link to this supposed thread then no one can post there retard.

No. 856617

Yet another excuse not to film. Not surprising.

No. 856641

No. 856733

Not even because it was shay, the outfit just sucked in general. You can’t put on a pair of cheap platforms and a forever 21 sweater with your asshole out and expect to win a fashion contest. Dogfucker placed second and she wasn’t even naked, it’s not that hard girl..

No. 856769

wrong thread, mods can you delete this one because it was made way after the other and it's confusing people lol. the correct one is here: >>856484

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