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File: 1501109016267.jpg (492.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 361206[Reply]

ex vegan mukbanger nikocado

what he do ? you ask?
>yelled about how he wanted to eat dog in thailand
>has a sloth and other pets he treats like shit and feeds his crappy food
>promotes obesity and enables "hungry fat girl"
>use to be vegan and now makes videos clogging his arteries
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No. 929122

File: 1581049401963.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1521, 51EAAC4B-2E7F-4EED-B913-247DEF…)

No. 929897

File: 1581216198379.jpeg (18.86 KB, 332x363, images (1).jpeg)

I can't get this image out of my head. I legitimately think it was modelled after nik

No. 930535

Anyone know if nik really took down hushbang? I saw it be discussed in the comments of another channels video, but I don't follow hushbang and didn't see what actually went down

No. 930642

I wonder how many times he and Orlin are going to “get a divorce”, and then he shows back up again two weeks later? Lmao

No. 930649


>why orlin left me (dot) com

>cursed pizza hut mukbang

File: 1478100347767.jpeg (88.73 KB, 600x800, image.jpeg)

No. 192045[Reply]

What do you guys think this tranny?

>caters to her alt-right fanboys despite them misgendering her and voting against her rights

>is blatantly racist but denies it
>is an MRA

Some things she says I agree with but she's mostly an edgy /pol/tard.

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No. 664643

>>658948 >>664622

I always feel like such an asshole judging these experiment videos she does but it's so obvious she conveniently pulls little strings to make things turn out in her favor. Does anyone else find it ironic that Jacyln Glenn who's known for showing cleavage in most of her videos conveniently covered up for this video? I mean still, even covered up, Jacyln looks and sounds obviously "cis" than Blaire does. Blaire passes in poised photos and her videos (lighting) but out in the wild, her masculine features seem to be a bit more noticeable (fan meet up video).

But even then, the thing that gives Blaire away to me personally is how she talks. To me, she sounds like a reality tv character and she uses a lot of drag queen lingo ("Living!", "Tragic!") which I hardly if ever hear cis women say out in public that aren't gay venues. And oh man that obvious fake butt padding, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed how ridiculous she looked. She has no weight or shape in her legs at all which only makes the fakery stand out exponentially lol.

Pretty much. Like if you were to pair her next to Magdalen Berns, Magdalen Berns would still read as female because even though she is more masculine in her personal style, her female features are still noticeable. But you know men would just say Blaire looks more female because she goes for that hyper-sexualized blow-up doll look lol.

No. 664728

Yeah she uses such gay guy or drag queen lingo, and that voice… it should be obvious with that alone let alone the legs not matching the hips and then not having a waist. Girls who have hips usually have a skinny waist, not no waist and big hips.. I’ve never seen that on a female.

I agree Jaclyn didn’t show cleavage this time on purpose. Jaclyn has admitted to feeling like shit about her looks in the past (feeling like shit about being too skinny, not having boobs) she clearly doesn’t feel the best about her looks so for her to partake in an experiment were ppl think she’s a man, the girl has no self respect to be ok with that if she already has image issues.

No. 665452


New thread

No. 899143


No. 930295

that was a face mask…….
shes not racist shes smart…
dont be a bitch to those who have different views.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1534167589763.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, super serious.jpg)

No. 663556[Reply]

Discuss cows with poor acting skills pretending to have Multiple Personalities or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for views.

Videos will usually include:
>Switching personalities on camera in every video
>Awful acting
>Meet all 20 of my personalities that just happened to come out on camera
>Presenting incorrect "facts" about Dissociative Identity Disorder
>Clickbait titles on "serious" issues
>Talking about childhood abuse in an insensitive manner

Here we can share YouTubers hopping onto this trend of faking mental illness for views.
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No. 925893

File: 1580400519404.png (58.03 KB, 695x320, screenshot02.png)

From reddit

No. 925894

File: 1580400555214.png (145.84 KB, 652x737, screenshot01.png)

No. 925938

which sub?

No. 925943

nevermind, found it. this thread is pretty old but here's the link for the curious: https://www.reddit.com/r/IsItBullshit/comments/bkm1hq/isitbullshit_chloe_the_dissociadid_youtube_girl/

No. 929249

File: 1581083666435.jpg (12.6 KB, 206x275, 1580974227527.jpg)

Copy pasting from personal lolcow thread:

I stumbled upon this person on tumblr thanks to some weird drama about a 40 y/o with a piss kink.


A ftm fakeboy furry with kins (including two from Rick and Morty) and self inserts that claims to have autism, BPD and DID and is in a poly relationship with some other furries. This person even has tumblr blogs for different personas and makes long paragraph stories about her "system". Says she is masculine while everything points at her being girly as fuck, including main blog, gets defensive if called "afab". She's 26, has a low income job at a fast food place, and lives with Bogleech (Jonathan Wocjik), a known bald and autistic plastic hoarder married to a "transmasc" woman.

Doctorguilty also wants to make merch out of her presumed DID characters that live in her head.

File: 1430522151980.jpg (117.01 KB, 1024x679, free__in_my_element_by_mangosi…)

No. 206903[Reply]

>parents asked her to dress appropriately for grandparents anniversary dinner
>locked herself in her room for three days and liveblogged about how her parents were slutshaming her
>claims to have "chosen to become" bisexual
>complained about sexy cosplay
>now does fucktons of yuri shoots
>used Frozen as justification for breaking up with her ex-boyfriend
>makes multiple posts about what a relationship SHOULD be like (a Disney princess movie)
>made a personal army request when a con asked her to pay for a ticket to enter

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No. 705048

File: 1538776506882.png (487.48 KB, 492x648, Screen shot 2018-10-05 at 4.45…)

For example, her free cafe costume. Looking at the picture the button holes are fraying and there's loose threads. The bid is starting at 40$ for things you could probably find in better condition at the thrift store.

No. 705732

Not a wk, but "cosfamous" cosplayers often price their stuff high because it's been worn by them. I'll be interested if the more expensive stuff sells, since her cult is basically dead. Plus her proportions are rather unusual.

No. 727812

This thread is old but I do follow Fawnina and wanted to update that i'm pretty sure she and Emily are still together. They were really cozy together in their stories and in pics from youmacon so they may have either staged the breakup because of this thread, decided to lay low, or are just weirdly close and kissy idk. old thread is old but yeah just adding in what ive seen from their posts!

No. 919652

I am reviving this thread to ask a few questions!
Do you know if Nina and Emily are still together?
Know what happened to Free group thay had and why and when did they break up?
Does anyone know how to find the Makoto they had in the group, i think her cosplay name is ofbaskerville and whats her real name is, cus now I literally find nothing about her except for old posts, and I would love to follow her because she is super cute and talented(necro)

No. 929108

I’m actually acquaintances with Lettelle (we roomed together at katsu many years ago) and can confirm they broke up at some point. I haven’t seen them in-person since my last katsu in 2018 and I think even then they weren’t together anymore. Idk what happened tho, I’m not close with her.

File: 1579501446279.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1567132245751.png)

No. 920764[Reply]

>edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi from Tumblr
>wrote a graphic fake trauma narrative about life in a child sex trafficking ring hosted in a warehouse, every part of which was laughably fabricated
>created fake Hidden Wiki screencaps describing CP videos of herself and a character named "Sam", her closest friend in the ring
>skinwalks relentlessly, first an actual girl named "Sam" she was briefly friends with IRL, then Courtney Love, then Ginger Bronson, then various others Tumblr users
>obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, enjoys gore/porn of the character Sora
>made multiple sockpuppet Tumblr accounts to make her claims and the people she invented look "real", catfishing as multiple girls (mainly Ginger Bronson)
>is known to plagiarize whatever media she's interested in for her narrative
>previously posted journals on a MCR blog site pretending to grieve over a friend who died ("Danny") and even made a fake FB memorial page, using photos of an unrelated person
>has had her family and authorities notified, but her behavior has largely stayed the same
>admits to watching CP, killing/torturing animals

>has retreated to a private IG account and still posts the same bullshit lies
>claims to be addicted to heroin and meth, and that her alleged drug dealer has been trying to fuck her
>has been seeing a Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist (Ellen Lacter) and posting about how much she helps her (one time, Soren claimed she was kidnapped by the "bad guy" on her birthday and raped, while her therapist was on the phone with her the whole time)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 928993

Aside from this, Soren's whole trans odyssey has never really made sense from the start.
Top surgery would have had to happen at age 14 or 15 unless I'm off about the timeline. And performed by a doctor in the US?

No. 929078

IIRC, dick & balls are done separately.

Urethroplasty, urethral lengthening AND supra pubic catheter? Don't these procedures contradict one another?
Also Soren's never talked about getting any sort of laser hair removal on her arm, which she'd need unless she wants a hairy dick lmao

No. 929238

Sorens parents are loaded, if you have the money to pay for it without insurance you can get a dr to do anything. Plus kids get puberty blockers so its not far-fetched at all that a rich teenager could get cosmetic surgery, especially attached to the whole "Im twans affirm m gender or I will an hero uwu" bullshit

I wish they would take the skin from her tattoo so she could have a weird limp rolled-up KH dick

No. 930038

File: 1581266934237.gif (1.17 MB, 400x225, 06ac63ade30d96530af40ded06c78d…)

Playing some Kingdom Hearts and I must say with how adult/older teenager-looking characters constantly hang around kid-looking Roxas/Ven/whatever, I'm not surprised Soren is obsessed with this series. All the talks about hearts and affectionate headpats give a pedo AF vibe. The Roxas/Axel/Sora relationship was absolutely horrible in that regard.

No. 932600

ah old hairy dick mc KH tattoo balls. she really was the most popular child from the snuff factory

File: 1536008369953.jpg (89.12 KB, 1024x1024, 7ffdc4f69f054300c7d968b67f2e61…)

No. 680065[Reply]

Rae is a famous youtube artist who "specializes" in charcol, colored pencils and mediocre compositions.

She deems herself as a professional artist yet she does not use any construction lines, techniques or skill.

>She enjoys pandering to the beauty community. She did 2 videos thay were about James Charles.

>She exegerated about the tools in a Smart Art Box saying she was ripped off but honestly just didnt kmow how to use the materials.
>Always doing retarded challenges
>Does Cheap vs Expensive art supplies but doesnt know how to use the said art supplies.
> Claims to be professional bur is a noob and a beginner at her finest.
>Over exegerates things
>Doesnt know what she is talking about

Social Media:
Instagram: SuperRaeDizzle (@rae_dizzle_)
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/SuperRaedizzle
138 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 928929

Sage for non contributing but I read iPhone 11 and sandpaper in the same sentence and I instantly cringed. How can you do that to a brand new cheaply made piece of tech? I can imagine dumb rich kids and teens doing this, not an adult that claimed to be incredibly poor as a kid.

No. 929036

Well, I guess she IS a celebrity now and can afford to show everyone that she can now afford to wreck expensive shit. Seriously, if you want to give your mother a phone with her favorite character on it, why the hell do you sand the phone down and paint it? How about painting on a phone cover like any normal person would? But I guess that just isn´t spectacular enough and if you´re a great artist you are only making the object in question more valueable.

No. 929241


Last sentence is sarcasm, yes? Please say so.

No. 929342


Yes lol, I did not think that I need to mention that.

No. 930541


I know, like WTF, I have never worked with markers before and even I know what goddamn blending card ist. I guess there is no shame in not knowing something but it´s shameful as fuck to be too stupid to google something you don´t know BEFORE publically commenting on it.
And the "the more heavier the pounds are" is just ridiculous, too. English is my second language and this still sounds super wrong to me. Why is she not noticing anything wrong with it?
Also, I absolutely hat it when she says "popped off", it sounds totally gross.

File: 1480565226493.jpg (57.11 KB, 600x800, CAfgC26W4AAn6l-.jpg)

No. 206974[Reply]


Old thread is in autosage. Let's continue the milking!

Kayla is a near 30 year old tumblr has-been. She peaked in 2012-14 for her online persona of broken fragile wolf gurl poetry meth addict lonely heart warrior. Then she greedily tried to abuse her online game by switching into rapping, only to lose all her popularity.

Pretends to be a thicc rapper from da hood who loves gangstas even though she's confirmed to live with rich mummy and daddy in a mansion.
569 posts and 177 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 925681

she's posted a bunch of songs (all on soundcloud I believe) and over half of them are deleted. I think I got them all saved somewhere

No. 925763

ohhhh please post them somewhere! I've been looking for her old stuff for ages lol… she's the best fucking cow honestly hah

No. 928851

post tht old shit!

No. 928858

I recall years ago Holli/heroingranola claiming to be gvcci hvcci on her old (now deleted) tumblr

No. 928866

Yeah I know the dude behind most of the music was the guy from ritualz but he used a bunch of different girls for the face of the project and then other people/girls or his own edited voice for the vocals. Maybe she was one of the girls who let him use their pictures or maybe she’s lying lmao

File: 1573586944332.png (1.24 MB, 726x789, 1571838280523.png)

No. 892447[Reply]

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951

The continuing misadventures of Heather "Insert Interest Here" Steele!

> Does Urban Exploring and Paranormal Ghost Hunting (badly)

> Proclaims to be an Empath, Wiccan, etc
> Cries constantly about Youtube numbers when she rarely uploads any good content
> Cries over boys too much when she's nearing 30 years old.
> Acts like a desperate high schooler wanting a boyfriend all the time.
> Calls any man she dates "boy."
> Posts "sexy" photos of herself on her "photography instagram"
> Doesn't collect vintage toys anymore, proceeds to shit talk vintage toy collector community.
> Seems to have drama follow her no matter what hobby she joins.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1200 posts and 267 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 928862


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 928908

Went back the an old thread from a year ago to relive her trainwrecks and I wasn’t sure what made me cringe harder. Her tweets/snap stories, or the fact that people were defending her behavior. Yikes

No. 928982

She posted some pictures of her nasty feet doing some sort of Korean foot peel and "joked" about selling "sexy foot pics" on onlyfans again, moneybags emoji and all. Of course she's since deleted them. Can someone start up the new thread already?

No. 929046


Is she still acting like everyone in the toy collection community attacked her for no reason. Like we All just woke up and hated her. She did absolutely nothing and we all turned on her. I'm so confused. What does she think is happening??

No. 929125

New thread. Hopefully I did it right. Will link hilights if/when I have time.


File: 1579455125717.jpeg (166.06 KB, 930x710, 1578876948147.jpeg)

No. 920447[Reply]

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

>shay still claiming authority on keeping minors out of nsfw spaces, seems to forget she exposed minors to adult content after she changed the nature of her years-old tumblr blog >>913962 >>913963 >>913964 >>913965 >>913983 >>913971

>thinks people talk about her because she is interesting kek >>914458 >>914553
>says she's done with drama on her TL. this doesn't last long (it never does) >>914966
>mental illness sperging, doesn't know how to cope properly >>915004 >>915041 >>915043 >>918118
>our "material girl" is posing in front of cheap tacky backdrops sporting children's pageant sets from the dollar store to promote her beauty pageant blackmail "porn" >>915910 >>917162
>teases alien porno 2 years later! but needs to prepare by watching x-files like it doesn't take her an hour total to film and edit >>916016
>shay's mom begs her to come home and get a good job, shay insists on being stubborn and poor >>916520
>is apparently plagued by nightmares, would do anything to make them stop (except take her meds, quit drinking, exercise, go outside, literally anything else) &Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 326 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 928735

File: 1580964509729.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.07 KB, 720x917, 20200205_204906.jpg)



I can't believe she @ a company brand. Nasty. The $5 tracksuit & her weird poorly edited face kek

No. 928737

File: 1580964633435.png (Spoiler Image, 2.71 MB, 750x1334, 29826308-8E9C-4FB4-B96F-6F7BB5…)

i’m sorry but what kind of frankenediting caused her ass crack to end up like this???

No. 928738

The third Spears sister on crack with the pork sweats in OK is what this is

No. 928739

Did she seriously took this pic in a store? The background looks like Walmart’s PlayStation session in the back and shelves lol

No. 928751

Somehow I’m not bothered by this look. I don’t like her, but it’s like the flaming garbage can tipped over and extinguished itself a little bit

File: 1578631298861.png (956.2 KB, 1286x516, 32.png)

No. 915865[Reply]

Continuing coverage of the Ana Olympics 2020.

Australia has been winning lots of gold top milk for most nose hoses recently, UK and US lagging behind.

Last thread: >>>/snow/900161

Yes, this is a shit thread.(shit thread)
1202 posts and 293 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 928469

Anyone awake or know how to do it
Dont want it locked

No. 928475

Okay, I'll do it now. Any complaints and I swear someone will die. Jsyk in advance.

No. 928483


No. 928601

It’s also just a slang term used lately. Like “we love crying all day” it’s like a sarcastic remark idk how to explain it

No. 928605

I mean that’s a problem in itself though. The “recovery” community is incredibly fatphobic and it prevents a lot of girls from actually recovering because they still want to control their body and prevent it from getting any higher than “healthy thin” even if they can only maintain that body by restricting still. Doesn’t change the fact that Georgia is a malingering fake, but still.

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