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File: 1674745873411.png (707.82 KB, 599x873, dontyuckmyyum.png)

No. 1752764[Reply]

Tina Choi (better known as Doobydobap or Dooby) is a 25-year-old Korean food vlogger. She is mostly known for her short-form content via YouTube and Tiktok but also creates long-form vlogs. Tina has generated controversy for her often tone-death and self-unaware rants presented through her shorts. During the Summer of 2021, she began dating Danish chef Kevin Kroløkke, which has generated concern and speculation due to how quickly their relationship has progressed. The two are currently in the process of starting their own restaurant in Korea together which some believe may be an attempt at securing Kevin’s stay in the country.
>Is an only child of two accomplished doctors with their own clinics in Seoul.
>Went to boarding school in Connecticut (40K+/y), then Cornell University (60K+/y) for a BS in food science.
>Her parents bought her an Audi, her apartment in Korea and have a history of being extremely supportive of her.
>Travelled constantly (through business class) during the pandemic which helped build her social media.
>Despite this, she considers her family ‘working class’ because they both ‘had to work every day’ to the extent that Tina’s grandmother was her primary caretaker.
>Does not consider herself rich despite the above and seems to somewhat resent her ‘richer’ former classmates because they had ‘more options.’ Ignoring the fact her parents paid for her specialized, less mainstream degree and financially supported her until her career became sustainable.
More recent milk:
>In December 2021, mentioned that she was in the progress of attempting to immigrate to the US. She planned on going to Mexico for two months but was unable to due to COVID.
>In March 2022, Tina mentioned in a vlog that she had recently reconnected with an ex-boyfriend who lives in the UK. She flew to London to see if they could rebuild the relationship.
>In July 2022, explains that she’s now in love with ‘Umbrella Man’ (Kevin), a man that she has been doing long distance with for ‘awhile’. She mentions in her vlog that her parents disapprove of their relationship, and they are no longer talking.
>In September 2022, has a healthPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1794847

What I assume happened is he didn't know what was actually going on since he doesn't know Korean and just went along with whatever she said. Then he checked the comments of the videos or someone who knows him personally told him what's going on.

According to dooby he also put in his own money so I would think he's super pissed at her now and wants out of the relationship. In her mind she thinks she will win the lawsuit and be able to open the restaurant so visa issues for her boyfriend wouldn't even cross her mind. Seems like he just done with her and I assume that's also what made her create the video addressing the situation.

No. 1795463

The guy was just using her for her parents, a free ride and restaurant. Of course he's not gonna stay when the going gets tough. There are other rich girls he could manipulate to get what he wants with the minimal effort he wants

No. 1795647

Account has been terminated. Can anyone who has seen the video give a quick summary?

No. 1796937

The account named TeamLandLord posted mirror videos of dooby's restaurant saga (especially on the part where it gets really interesting a.k.a things started to go downhill)

There are three videos in total, the one where she got evicted, the one where she got sued, and the last one is the short video where she attempted to explain herself about the lawsuit.

No. 1796942

There's another channel that posted the short video tho

File: 1442208989249.jpg (133.32 KB, 1024x544, image.jpg)

No. 28896[Reply]

Does anyone keep up with My Digital Escape?

For those of you who don't know, MDE is a group of alternative YouTubers, lead by popular interviewer Bryan Stars. He is a 25-year-old self-proclaimed "teen" who constantly uses a "WE'RE GAY JUST KIDDING!!"-style of humor to gain views/viewers. He is very similar to Onision in the way that they both say inappropriate things to their (mostly) underage fan base and have a very large cult following.

Flatsound (a musician who I've never heard of) recently called Bryan Stars out for being a "creepy, queerbaiting, hypersexual 26 year old trying his hardest to talk to and relate to minors". He also called out another member of MDE (Johnnie Guilbert), saying that he used the term "gay" as an insult and Bryan Stars threatened Flatsound with a potential lawsuit, claiming defamation of character.

Johnnie Guilbert has acknowledged the fact that he used "gay" as an insult (which I think would make the lawsuit pointless, right?) and apologized, saying that he would never say it again.

My Digital Escape (YouTube):
My Digital Escape (Twitter):
Bryan Stars (Twitter):
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1795882

Am I the only person who thinks she looks so dirty in her OF pictures? Her hair looks so greasy and she's not even wearing makeup anymore. Like she rolled out of bed and took a selfie and put it online. She must think we are really stupid and desperate

No. 1796010

I've only seen the photo posted in this thread of her advertising it, but I did think it looked low effort for all the reasons you listed. If I paid for her OF and the rest of them were no makeup/styled hair I would feel ripped off.

No. 1796710

File: 1679974162559.png (14.84 KB, 473x317, tea.png)

Apparently its just photos of her with barely any cleavage. Anyone thinking of buying, definitely don't do it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1796839

>>1796710 Oof. I wonder how long she will keep doing this before she loses interest. I can't see her retaining subs if most of the photos are like what is described here.

No. 1799804

I had a look at leaks of her OnlyFans for academic purposes. Nothing amazing really. Mainly cleavage shots and I wasn't too crazy about her hair and makeup either.

File: 1664493132017.png (971.83 KB, 768x1438, 1664489850510.png)

No. 1662298[Reply]

Alice Glass is a 34-year-old singer/songwriter formerly of Crystal Castles, now tries to have a solo career with her own unsuccessful tumblr-esque uwu traumacore Nicole Dollanganger aesthetic music. She is constantly picking fights with other artists online and accuses everyone of copying her.

>gained notoriety as the frontwoman of the band Crystal Castles, which was pretty popular among the underground alternative/electronic/emo scene around 2006-2013

>in 2014, she left CC after accusing her former bandmate Ethan Kath of sexual abuse. since then, she has tried to launch her own career, but has almost nothing to show for it
>releases very little music and is mostly known for her internet presence and aesthetics
>her debut album came out in 2022 after 8 years of no music, featuring 3edgy5me badly produced traumacore songs and tumblr tier photoshoots, "creepy" guro bloody doll aesthetics with fake guts and cockroaches
>openly inspired by tumblr traumacore, called her tour "trauma bond" and talks about wanting her abuse to be reclaimed into an aesthetic in interviews
>started hanging out with the hyperpop crowd: Dorian Electra, Lulo from heav3n, sophie, various drag queens and promptly abandoned her original punky style and adopted her hyperpop friends aesthetics/sound
>horribly shoops pictures >>1469523
>sperged on twitter about MGK copying underground artists and got media attention to promote her album
>picked one-sided fight with grimes in 2015 and accused grimes of stealing Kill v Maim from an idea alice came up with then brought up same copying allegations in 2022 >>1661735 >>1661442
>posted an email of grimes telling her off for saying she copied her and then on the very next story went like "grimes didn't copy me and i apologize". thinks she is going to be suicided by elon musk >>1661543
>tried to cancel mark jacobs for nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1755201

File: 1674951213082.png (266.72 KB, 584x1186, 36546546456.png)

alice returns to twitter to start shit with grimes again kek

No. 1755210

Came here for this lmfao. Alice is so sensitive

No. 1755226

you know she was just thrilled to get an opportunity to shit on her. she’s right though, should stick to this instead of the manic marc jacobs spergs

No. 1755243

>Grimes 899.5k views 2,838 likes
>Alice 51.4k views 1,598 likes

I have many thoughts, getting ratio'd this hard, getting ratio'd by a crazy girl like Alice, getting ratio'd on the father of your children's own website with the "upgrade" he implemented, still posting while being this unpopular, not considering workshopping your public opinions when they are this unpopular, so many layers to this

No. 1755652

I feel this so bad.

File: 1633621843032.jpg (211.06 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1343109[Reply]

Indigo White is a 25 year-old porn actress ("model") who lives in the United States

-Hates on feminists (only to admit she did it to gain more male followers)
-Complains that Belle Delphine does pedobaiting but makes porn videos cosplaying 12-15 year old characters
-Used to be a SJW and now it's a trad thot
-Wants to be a meme,apparently
-White nationalist
-Covered up p3dos several times
-Sell lousy content at a premium prices just because it comes from her
-Try to look super traditional and soft to attract more misogynistic guys

Social media:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1343652

This is the second Tradthots thread in which Indigo White appeared, if rather briefly. I will double check but as far as I know this is the last time she's been mentioned until this thread.

Link to Tradthots #3 thread

anon mentions Idigo's two ban evasion twitter accounts

Link to the pedo hunting stream and another link with added context

Anon posts screen shot of Indigo liking Ethan Ralph's tweets about the pedo hunting stream
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1343705

Link to tradthots #5 >>1065805

She has a brief mention in Tradthot Thread #5


anon posts Indigo White doing a cos-play plus anons react

No. 1796548

File: 1679964046912.png (428.92 KB, 839x571, 1679762714694.png)

No. 1796624

kek i got a good chuckle out of this. "i just woke up one day and my brain decided i was a man"… cosplay well must finally be running dry. it's much easier to just to shove a fake chub in your pants anyways i'm sure. get that bag tho. unrelated but every time i see edit-chan post in the belle delphine thread I assume it's this idiot.

No. 1798256

Sounds about right kek

Hope she ruins her body and "career" with hormones. Gross ass bandwagon bitch.

File: 1662146758916.jpeg (190.87 KB, 1074x1331, ALICE8.jpeg)

No. 1633817[Reply]

Alice Bender is known on Tik Tok for her controversial takes, identifying as a crunchy and vegan radfem tradwife. She is “terminally online” and desperate for attention at any cost, often soiling her own reputation or exploiting her children in the pursuit of it.

FKA alicellani / crunchyipadbaby / aliceandfern / alicellanispam / aureliasmama / comingupfern / radfemalice / Allison-Loke-Lani Roza

> A lot of attention on teeth and oral hygiene: Initially observing the discrepancy of colour with Alice’s editing, but also TF about “medical neglect” Fern was experiencing that had been dealt with – combination of Alice’s search for a children’s dentist and a supposed leak via reddit from a mole in their circle.
> There is a visit with Caleb’s parents, Father Bender and Mother Bender. Fern and Caleb appeared cleaner and groomed on the trip, it is apparent that Fern also was given a haircut. Anons question Alice’s relationship with her in-laws more than ever.
> Not milk, but a very pregnant Alice rubs her tits like Fat Bastard in a TT about masks/ “muzzles” with a dead-pan expression on her face. Weird moves, Alice.
> Threads run dry and the milk is evaporating faster than icebergs from global warming.
> HERE COMES ZAPRESSA: Zapressa posts a series of stories WKing Alice, claiming she’s blocked Alice from seeing them. She rambles about how Alice isn’t a terrible person and we all need to understand that her online behaviour is intentionally shocking/offensive as a career move. She mentions that Alice relaxes her rules on trips, so gasp her and Fern do not actually live off fruit alone. Zapressa shares screens of their conversations, with Alice admitting she makes “subtle videos” to address things said about her. Strangely, Zapressa acknowledges rumours of Caleb being abusive and cannot confirm anything other than she noticed Fern had a SUS burn (anons already noticed) that Alice was inconsistently shooping.
> Alice responds with an underwhelming “whoa is me” TT about being used for clout. The entire saga seems painfully staged and choreographed.
> PHOTOSHOOTS!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1796159

File: 1679930432274.jpeg (87.98 KB, 636x917, 6F300C26-6D7F-4ACD-8F0B-3E6D6B…)

Lol she thinks she’s done huge upgrades to the house already to increase its value but the wall colors and that amateur painted character is not a selling point. She is just a miserable person and will never be happy

No. 1796448

File: 1679956439625.jpeg (448.41 KB, 1170x2040, 73F260B8-679C-4453-8131-9BD5E2…)

Why is she sitting in a vegetable patch?! And yes, she will never be happy about her life. She’s complaining all the time. And it’s always the fault of the others.

No. 1797257

nowhere that has restaurant jobs for your husband, idiot

No. 1798719


Why is she talking about moving? This was supposed to be her forever home and she loved it at first but of course she's already bored with it. She's never happy,satisfied or grateful with anything. Girl you just bought the house instead of constantly moving and dragging your children all around the country how about giving them a stable home. Since you're so irrelevant now anyway I suggest it's time you hop off the internet and spend time with your children so they don't fall anymore behind.

No. 1799202

She’s talking about all kinds of ridiculous bullshit because she’s obviously trying to drum up engagement. That’s it. It’s not that deep. She only gets attention when she says outlandish stuff, and since she can’t cry about vaccines, c-sections, or breastfeeding anymore because her controversial takes cost her partnerships, the only other thing she knows how to do is create fake plot lines.

File: 1616327078748.png (Spoiler Image, 403.82 KB, 450x626, fakeboitherottengirl.png)

No. 1189390[Reply]

A stan from Luna Slater's thread that has been simping in her tumblr notes for at least a year. Has shown up multiple times in her threads, asked to not be discussed because they think it's bullying, mean and disrespectful to "harass!" someone like that while also happily acknowledging they partake in Luna's threads. Claims to just want to "be kind to someone struggling," is happy to ignore all of Luna's sins and merely says "I don't judge" and "is just atoning for reading here".

> Despite claiming to want no attention drawn to them, seems very pleased with the attention drawn to them whenever they show up in the threads, and keeps showing up despite claiming they just want to be left alone even though it without exception always leads to the opposite.

> Is a "detransitioned" FTM (said they "lived as a man from 15 to 20" which probably translates to "wore jeans and vans for a few years" rather than actually transitioning) and now a rabid radfem, terf, hater of trans people and believer in a transgender conspiracy against women, while also claiming to respect all pronouns as long as they're not "infringing on femininity" and reblogging posts mocking people who go by she/them, claiming they hate women

> best online friend goes under the username "xannexfrankx"

> Imgur album with some Choice Quotes from their blog with more info about all the above https://imgur.com/a/4ZongxA

> Also claims to be a sexworker, thinks Lurch looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt >>>/pt/725609

> Thinks Luna is a victim of booollying due to her asking for handouts to fund her heroin addiction >>>/pt/773738

> has encouraged Luna to shoplift >>>/pt/787578

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1183 posts and 353 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1796601

no one cares why you wrote the child porn, lady. you're a pedophile for writing it. no one cares if you do it "to cope!!1!" and no one cares about whatever lame excuse for a career you attempt to sloppily put together. no one will publish you apart from other pedophile retards just like you, and no one will read your pedo spank bank bullshit besides other pedophiles. you are fat, ugly, AND a pedophile. all of these are facts. no ifs ands or buts about it! not sure what's so hard to grasp about this. your pornography is getting called pornography because that's what it is. again i hope this helps!

No. 1796642

File: 1679970116131.jpeg (17.75 KB, 275x204, 1675645113123.jpeg)

Finally able to put my finger on my why her "I'm critically self-aware, look at what i can identify about myself" drivel is so irksome. It's just cope to restructure the reality of her life/who she is to the core.

No. 1797321

For me it's the fact that she referred to it as "cegan", like she obviously sees this as a ship and treats it that way. So there is more rape porn of this kid and an adult man, aside from what she wrote? And she saw the ratings and tags, clicked on it anyway, and read enough of it to know that it's written like a sex scene? Interesting.

No. 1800163

File: 1680313327963.png (19.78 KB, 489x742, oh wow.png)

Fakeboi's father was a nazi?

No. 1800279

File: 1680320793436.jpeg (55.87 KB, 1022x710, 1491365480287.jpeg)

the way she over exagerates every single post makes it all sound like bs.
how interesting that a gore/vomit/pedo obsessed degenerate also has had every tragical and insane shit ever happen to them. shes like soren if soren was boring and unmilky, RIP.

File: 1676561641711.jpg (689.71 KB, 3000x3999, kekling.jpg)

No. 1769476[Reply]

If you’re new, please make sure you read https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting!

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1743708

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Goiter continues his delusional behavior. Cheating on Layna before love bombing her back into submission.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 211 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1796227

i've heard junkies do a lot more, for a lot less kek. silly goiter.

No. 1796251

Spider-head must top him up for lunch money kek.

No. 1796540

File: 1679963581047.jpeg (272.65 KB, 2399x1799, 85736B5C-4C30-4D6F-BA35-D0E814…)

IDK. To me it sounds like you really admired all these people. Then ultimately you got rejected by all of them. Now your attempting to grasp at whatever dirt you have for some feeling of validation. you came here trying to take them down and you’ll claim that you cared about them. It doesn’t work that way. You never cared about any of these people to be doing this embarassingly low shit. you just wanted something out of them that you didn’t get.
Now you look like a dumb retard who tried to kill herself over some fucking DUDES! That is weak as fuck and you know it. LOL! I’m laughing bc you thought you did something here. You didn’t do shit but expose yourself as a dumb cunt. did you think ppl in this board were going to respect you after you tried to get away with the self posting cringe twice? Everyone hates you and just wants whatever info you have so they can feel like they’re close to the situation because it makes their pussies swell.

This whole board is so sick because y’all are a bunch of hypocrites who really be stalking people. If the fucking tables were turned around everyone would call y’all creepy loser neckbeard stalker lowlife scum. Ur doing this to fuel ur sick obsession about people who don’t fuck with you, all for a sense of importance on the Internet LMAO! Like ladies let’s be soo ffr rn. We’re on a little junky forum where y’all get to feel like u aren’t a dark obscure retarded waste of life.

so is the point of all this to pretend you aren’t even creepier and grosser? are you that busted IRL that you need to stoop to such a dark level for attention? Get a fucking life outside of your insane obsessions, unless you’re fine admitting to yourself that you’re a total piece of shit. This shit shouldn’t even exist. You gotta be a dark sick flabby old heffer to be chugging this much “milk”. Fat ass ogre looking bitches ITT getting wet with rage every time these mfs post something because you know your group of infested inbred scum will encourage you go steep even lower into the feral depraved mindset you need to have to be into some weirdo shit like this.

I mean you literally posted Cole on your Instagram talking about how integral he was to your life. It’s easy to say that he treated you like shit now that you feel rejected by his friends and him, but it doesn’t change the fact that they don’t wanna fuck with yoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1796551

you acting all BDE like you wouldn’t get MURKED in broad daylight for trying some shit like this. Bitch you acting reckless as hell for someone who has NO custody of her own kids and nothing to even live for. And your therapist going to be mad as shit with u. She’s going to end up diagnosing you with full Downs syndrome at ur old age.

Everyone itt is so concerned about Cole and Jonnys kids, calling them deadbeat etc. But meanwhile this feral creature is literally publicly posting about how she’s barred from seeing her own children. I’ve never seen somebody embarrass themselves so much in such a short amount of time. You expose yourself for not being able to handle rejection, you exposed that you’re a groupie wannabe homie-hopping stalker, you exposed that you’re not even tech savvy cause you’re a fucking boomer brained with your self posting and the most Karen mobile font possible. You exposed that you hate yourself and tried to kill urself over nothing (failed and pathetic attempt at garnering sympathy from strangers who r laughing at u and using u) and you publicly exposed yourself as a dead beat mom.
Now it makes sense why you “gave cole credit” for not being a dead beat, must have been a sore spot for you.

Just curious, What did you fuck up that you can’t see your own kids crackhead bitch? You miss them? Too bad. :( I hope you sent a Christmas card xoxo(don't post photos of minors. Read the rules. Deleted image.)

No. 1796553

File: 1679964485019.png (314.48 KB, 828x1792, 34D96226-5B1C-4F84-8D5D-CCC00D…)

Plus her floor looks like this, I’d be upset too

File: 1657125423418.png (3.15 MB, 1200x1448, 1200px-Grant_Wood_-_American_G…)

No. 1581780[Reply]

Thread created from Pride Month 2022 conversations on LGB rights being replaced by identity politics and queer relationships (eg spicy straights) and fetishists. This thread is to commiserate on our communities being erased because libfems and their nigels aren't like other couples. Although this thread is a place to vent together about the current gay community, homophobechans are not allowed or accepted. Since there is already MTF and FTM threads, this thread will focus more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads.

Topics of discussion:
-Rainbow consoomerism
-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Spicy Straight
-Queer and Trans taking opportunities away from LBG people

Pride Month 2022 Thread >>>/ot/1191923
Pride Month 2022 Thread #2 >>>/ot/1219875
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1158 posts and 261 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1796148

File: 1679927406465.webm (10.65 MB, 320x678, UWWQwhLvNFgawoEm.webm)

Can anyone guess what kind of person she's dating?

No. 1796149

File: 1679927565389.png (542.42 KB, 881x598, Screenshot 18.png)

If you guessed non-Jewish straight man, you would be correct.

No. 1796164

You can really tell they are at risk of literal genocide from the way they spend all day posting their faces on the internet, you know just like any other persecuted peoples!

No. 1796172

Don't lump normal Jews with this brainless creature.non of what she claims is actually in the Talmud and she announciates the words like a retard.also saris is literally a castrated man

No. 1796200

Okay lady now can you describe yourself without using the words "Jewish" or "queer"? I'll wait.

File: 1641862265431.jpeg (320.32 KB, 422x677, 94351AEB-C03E-4DC0-8526-FC77EE…)

No. 1414184[Reply]

Helena @lacroicsz on twitter
> Amerimutt/Polish zoomer part of a youth activism group of Luther detrans ftmtf called Pique Resilience Group (group has seemingly disbanded now)
> Dated a member of the group named Jesse but they later broke up
> Each claim the other is abusive. Jesse called Helena out on twitter after Helena claimed racism is natural and part of human tribalism
> an SJW FTM turned TERF turned conservative

Daisy Chadra
> ftm turned ftmtf turned religious Christian youtuber

Ryan Barnes (Saltyalty)
> Became popular from her detrans YouTube videos
> Claimed to be Asexual and not know what being sexy meant.
> Started an Onlyfans after fans egged her on to do it
> is now demisexual
1079 posts and 179 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1795884

File: 1679885982233.png (30.98 KB, 1506x457, Wig_Theory.PNG)

The common theory is that the wigs conceal the people's identities.

No. 1795885

No. 1796016


Didn't he burn some bridges with everyone?

No. 1796535

He did, when he went on that MRA rant.

Off-topic but I've seen so Americans of Eastern European descent who become conservative go on about how proud they are about having ancestry from Eastern Europe because of how "based" it is. It's like that with both Helena and Limpidă.

No. 1796546

maybe it also has a hand in making people look bad? i remember when it came out that they tempted drug users in their waiting rooms before they came onstage, like when they left a full bottle of vodka in that todd herzog guys dressing room when he arrived on set. looking for help for his alcoholism…

File: 1643389046818.jpg (93.44 KB, 1256x810, jonman.JPG)

No. 1430690[Reply]

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dexthecelestial/


Not sure if this kids been posted here, couldn't find a thread.

Dex/Jonman is a 19-20 year old from Dallas, who basically got a small following online after a video of him getting arrested while on (supposedly) 20 tabs of acid.
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3j0dsddIp8

>Schizophrenic Drug Addict, claims to be sober but will constantly post/stream himself smoking, inhaling weird dust, or talking about his most recent DXM, Ambien, or some other chem binge, local authorities keep getting reports that he's doing drugs, so he begs people in live streams to not talk about drugs or snitch
>while being arrested on acid, yells about how badly he wants to fuck a girl and be cool, thinks he was abused by the cops
>lost a bunch of teeth, got his upper rack replaced but still missing chompers on the bottom, loves to post his exposed decrepit body
>Mom disowned him for being schizophrenic drug addict, he thinks she just doesn't understand his enlightened lifestyle
>Says he "posts in code" and hides secret messages in his posts to certain people
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1671362

and thats after veneers on his top teeth.

No. 1671364

Not a vendetta, he's a e-celeb in the DXM community. I said personal cow because he is niche. Talk to anyone on r/DXM or r/dextrodoomers about him and the perspective will be similar. I promise, I am one of many.

No. 1671365

Because he is not a teenager anymore, and if you went through his social media you would understand he is a special case.

No. 1677651

Does this look like reddit to you? Your cow is boring. You addicts are not as special as you want to be.

No. 1795736

You kinda weird for posting this tbh bro saids hes sober cuz he's not on ice anymore and the real bad shit. Homie used to be my cid plug idk why the hate(lolcow.farm/info)

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