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File: 1617634254892.jpg (43.18 KB, 640x647, 2cbd005211350937834bd57e472358…)

No. 1202180[Reply]

A thread for TikTokers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in scandals or do incredibly stupid things.

Cows can have a presence on other social media platforms, but must primarily be known for their TikTok account.

Any TikToker is up to discuss, but some cows include:

Zoe Laverne
>19-year-old TikToker who got her start from lip syncing and dance videos who has over 18 million followers
>TikTok is her entire personality; even described herself as having "no friends" offline
>Long on-again/off-again relationship with fellow TikToker Cody Orlove, whom she admitted to cheating on
>Accused Orlove of hitting and abusing her but admitted she lied about the allegations
>Footage leaked of Laverne throwing a tantrum when fellow TikToker Charli D'Amelio was about to surpass her in followers; called her a bitch and insisted that she was in fact the "star of TikTok"
>Is an admitted pedo; recently got in trouble after admitting to kissing and catching feelings for a 13-year-old fan. This fan doesn't look older and definitely looks like a child, though Laverne knew he was 13 when she kissed him and can't pull the James Charles excuse
>Accused of grooming the 13-year-old; he has come forward to defend Laverne because he doesn't know any better
>Livestreamed herself sobbing when people began to cancel her for being a LITERAL PEDOPHILE and had to have her parents come on the livestream to defend her, kek
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1324185

How do parents just not monitor their literal child’s social media? They are not adults and they’re interacting in an adult world without adult brains. I would ask “why can’t they leave the defenseless animals out of this”, but they could be psycho/sociopaths, sadistic, low empathy, brain damaged, etc. and this is the time in that persons life where someone needs to fucking step in and is legally able to.

I fucking loathe that someone was able to get a defenseless and domesticated prey animal and torture it. I need karma to exist for that kind of evil, but until then their fucking parents should. Their child denies the truth of their parents heritage and that’s embarrassing enough, now they’re so revolting they torture an animal that can’t fight back. How can you be so knowingly unremarkable that all your pathetic ass can do about it is kill small animals

No. 1324194

Nvm made the assumption people that do this shit on tiktok have to be children and she’s 19 and in college fuck everything. They’re weeby idiots and the boyfriend that helped her torture the animal is an ugly flaccid loser. Aaaahahhsgjeosiwhwhjajsuueh

No. 1324212

please do update if you find anything! i tried searching for it on my own but found nothing.

No. 1324242

me too, i looked through like half her tik toks and can't find anything

No. 1326286

File: 1631858560484.jpeg (194.87 KB, 750x1257, A9EC999D-1825-4D48-B372-4897DE…)

NTA but could it have possibly been connected to this gofundme? comingupfern’s name is alice bender, not allison bender, but it appears this GFM was started by a coworker/friend. maybe it’s the dad/husband’s coworker and he just mixed the name up. comingupfern is from arizona and the guy who started the GFM is in AZ as well so that also lines up, as well as the emergency c-section detail in the description. it appears this connection has been investigated somewhat by other people already based on google’s suggested searches after i found this.


File: 1627729405220.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3464x3464, 1619684589192.jpeg)

No. 1287867[Reply]

first time making a thread so ive just copied the last threads summary, please drop anything ive missed. newfags, remember to type "sage" in email and lurk before posting

past threads :

1 : >>>/snow/866800
2 : >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3 : >>>/snow/1047741
4 : >>>/snow/1079162
5 : >>>/snow/1131138
6 : >>>/snow/1219460

milk from past thread :
>Arisa Vurr/sug4rfairy the ~BLM acab uwu activist~ got caught saying the N word >>1147976 got dragged for it
>immediately deactivated Twitter and turned off comments on Instagram
>Arisa Vurr suspected of posting racist comments on 4chan >>1162995 >>1161905
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
276 posts and 105 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1326223

Fair enough but a single saged post is hardly clogging up the thread nonnie, when was the last time you ate? Or do you just get rabid when you go an hour without analyzing screenshots of the dirt on someone’s wall? Kek please relax

No. 1326415

File: 1631875005218.jpeg (66.4 KB, 828x332, E378B9AE-EE34-4D4B-934C-2B31F2…)

Fucking kek either Aislin posted this or she’s lurking the thread because she changed it right after this got posted. Sage for no milk but it’s funny

No. 1326591

Definitely looks like she smokes cigs inside

No. 1326691

This feels like a vendettachan at this point kek isn’t this chick notorious for changing her….. everything every two hours? No one cares, this is non-ending drama between a fat emo chick and a pedoloving e-whore. At least contribute something actually interesting about them or stop posting kek.

No. 1327026

Don’t let the Livi wks ruin this thread too ffs

File: 1618595799378.png (2.38 MB, 2146x1118, 80d.png)

No. 1209930[Reply]

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and or have dated

some of the big name cows currently in the Industry

>Rebeca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a Queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life

>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert

>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is basically a cuckqueen in a poly relationship with her girlfriend Molly Ostertag(who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"

>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though
1064 posts and 172 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1323835

School of Visual Arts is a scam. They just take PELL Grants and Student Loans. I went to LaGaurdia Community College and my Art teacher was more upfront about how you need a Masters Degree, be able to host your own Art gallery, and Teach Art to Students.

Artists can pretty much make 90K-200K just teaching art to students

No. 1324260

Sage your shit and also: says you. There are still plenty of people who enjoy it. It's okay if you don't, but let's not do this greatly over exaggerating shit just because you personally don't like it.

No. 1324261

No one cares, anon.

No. 1325095

NTA And it's fine if you like that sort of thing, but most people won't anymore. The hindsight we all have now shows us that there's a disproportionate amount of people who produce shock or grossout humor content that are either cringey or actually fucked up (mostly extreme sexual degenerates and pedophiles). The association killed the fun for a broader audience, and now the genre is niche.

No. 1327047

File: 1631917374733.jpg (243.68 KB, 658x1024, ERk5hxGUEAESMgX.jpg)

Jesus, has anyone else ruined their career so horribly like Ken Penders? All over his recolored OCs that can't even work outside the franchise and then had the balls to think anyone would pay $10,000 license to use them for 2 years. They can't even go back to Archie (comic that has long since been savagely murdered) since they severed relations with Sega anyway, they're legitimately useless and they made new characters that are almost the same anyway. Fascinating, just fascinating.

File: 1631617242422.jpg (617.19 KB, 1572x812, 20210914_123633.jpg)

No. 1323692[Reply]

Last thread's happenings:

Ham's parents are getting divorced and she has begun college. This isn't stopping her from continuing her anorexia LARP, causing anons to tinfoil about the reasons behind her parents' decision. Meanwhile, she is still fighting her way through buckets of oatmeal topped with sprinkles.

Hxn is now begging for a cheap apartment in London in addition to 30k for day patient. She is so spoopy she had to get vaccinated in her leg despite being the bravest warrior ever. Lots of medfagging was required to explain her strange claims.

Cecelia has been discharged to PHP and is pretending to be pleased about this. She was caught claiming that she 'had never claimed to be a BMI of 12' despite evidence to the contrary and talked about shoplifting. Her continuing to practice judaism attracted some 4chan-esque autistic sperging and racebaiting, but admins were quick to step in.

Pencilneck/Slenderman/Skeletor/lizard boy Nik is still scaring anons with his reels and queer dance moves. He posted a new YouTube video announcing that he will start posting videos in German on his channel, but definitely not because people kept messaging him about his awful English grammar and pronunciation. Meanwhile, farmers had lots of fun editing various photos of him holding up pieces of paper.

Nourish has gone on holiday with her man and anons are hoping she continues improving, although some of her selfies are suggesting otherwise. Here's to hoping the poor girl finds a shower or bathtub soon.

Anna was called out for posting pro ana shit and it made her sad. She continues to claim suffering from multiple chronic illnesses including MCAS and EDS all the while anons continue to debunk these claims.

Wateremelons posts old spoopy pics, Sophie's parents are sick of her shit, im_powering has started a podcast, Dharma is now at college studying nursing, Laura is on a PICU days before she was set to be discharged and Ganer counts flavoured water as a meal. Other cows keep getting mentions here and there, but fail to produce enough milk to warrant a section in the thread summary.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1323702

brilliant thread op. love the pic

File: 1630548214345.jpeg (188.92 KB, 750x693, CRITICAL CONDITION.jpeg)

No. 1313641[Reply]

Last time on proana scumbags:

We began with an OTT post from LARP qweem, Ham, who tells us she's feeling JOY! FREEDOM! HOPEFUL! because she's so proud of herself for pretending to be a recovered anorexic that she's enrolled to do A Levels. It's been "a hell of a journey" chomping her way through the Tate & Lyle sugar warehouse, so now A NEW BEGINNING! She's started socialising again…with Hammum.

Molls also posted a list of "cool things" she's done since recovery. P much the same things as Ham, except Molly actually does these things (AND had at approx. six months of the mild ana).

The sickest ana EVER, Cecelia (person with XX chromosones), is still IP. She listed her 15 admissions to previous ED facilities in the same fashion one would list places in the world one has travelled to. Unfortunately, those damn wildfires wrecked her plans to go hiking (now she can stand without a wheelchair). XX was terribly triggered by a slim new staff member. Regularly bangs on about her lowest weight, decreasing the number with each telling. Must smart having her tube taken away. She's taken to posting her appalling geocities proana site style poetry. Something about twinges and peas.

Hxn's BPD voices have been loud. She's been busting her face up, sending herself tells, withering away but definitely won't be going IP because she is totally "too mentally unwell", although at the moment, she is sectioned. Please consider not donating to her Just Giving fundraiser. £50.000 is much needed so she can recover at a day treatment ED clinic.

Anna is social media rep at her uni's Nutrition Society. Anons are keeping an eye on foods she has omitted from the list she CAN eat. She's been swimming in the sea on a fancy holiday. Wearing a bikini, anons keked at her shooped abs.

Aus Soph snacked on razor blades and documented her journed to hospital via air ambulance on instagram. She was discharged because the doctor told her she would have to poop it out, so she didn't get the surgery she was looking forward to. Thirty minutes after being discharged, she was admitted again. Anons feel bad for her parents.

Token male, Pencilneck Slenderman Nik (the failed actor), provided us with reels of him putting food into his mouth. Does not appear to chew or swallow the sickly treats, but I guess he edits out spitting it into a bucket.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1175 posts and 237 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1323658

This is a quick summary, you will have to add shit to make it snappier or if I have missed anything.

No. 1323659


It's not just good.

It's even good enough.

No. 1323660

oh and a vote for thread title being 'real men don't get eating diseases'

No. 1323661

'Eating diseases, stretched torsos and sprinkles galore'

No. 1323681

New thread: >>>/snow/1323678

File: 1593929850103.jpeg (262.17 KB, 1131x1489, F9A23BE4-DF23-4A80-8365-95EC1A…)

No. 1002397[Reply]

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hicklen is a 22 year old white girl from NYC who grew up as a ballerina. She now skinwalks as a black person by darkening her skin, box braiding her hair, speaking in “AAVE”, and dresses as a caricature of a “ghetto” person — complete with terrible tattoos, hoop earrings, and questionable clothing choices. She is also apparently a blood, and makes it known in nearly every instagram post that she is affiliated with them. She also, comically, has a Pinterest dedicated to “gangsta girls.”

After her ex (who was a blood) passed, she seemingly became fully unhinged and got a face tat in his honor and it takes up half the real estate on her cheek. Though, even before he passed, she had 3 dots next to her eye. Also, on her dead bf’s memorial post she has videos of them doing xans, and him snorting coke of her nipple.

Keep in mind her mom, Ellen Hicklen, works as the Board Director of the New Jewish Home, a multi-campus senior care center for older Jewish people, and seems to come from a middle class family.

TWITTER(Inactive, Pre-“black” Lizzy): https://twitter.com/lizzy_hicklen?lang=en

INSTAGRAM (active)


45 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1025910

File: 1597884143646.png (1.79 MB, 1618x1196, Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.43…)

she looks like new jersey trash

No. 1025913

File: 1597884732665.png (1.72 MB, 1872x1196, Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 8.52…)

why are all cows so drawn to being animal abusers? her blood-lurch bf kidnapped this kitty at 4 weeks. way too young to leave mother

No. 1025953

No. 1026099


She did pick the part of the beach where she most belongs.

No. 1323636

i broke the rules :( im sorry(necro)

File: 1627696965867.png (1.16 MB, 1290x812, it's glenn.png)

No. 1287716[Reply]

Thread about pick-me women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
Twitter e-girl uwu smol beans are on-topic in that they all follow and interact with the cows.
>Media associated with this scene:
Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, The Bruenigs, Cumtown, and What’s Left

Recap of past thread:
>More discussion of Dasha's vapid movie and bad acting >>>/snow/1258037
>Virgil is conspicuously absent from the Bad Faith podcast >>>/snow/1258236, >>>/snow/1266092
>More Aimee schizophrenia >>>/snow/1258627, >>>/snow/1261359
>Red Scare and their proto-pro-ana twitter wannabe ingenues >>>/snow/1259680
>Dasha's movie leaks, gratuitous sex scenes and all >>>/snow/1260453; gets great reviews >>>/snow/1261950, especially the scene where Anna is Ghislaine >>>/snow/1263739, arguably the best scene in the movie
>Speculation if Anna reads these threads >>>/snow/1261119, more pseudobabble from her Twitter >>>/snow/1264222 and other mediums >>>/snow/1270882
>Dasha in Italy with her Succession co-stars, explPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1189 posts and 275 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1324098

Are Dasha’s handlers aware what @lotus__point/Jack the Perfume Nationalist believes? They should check out the first few leftcow threads.

No. 1324142

my bad, i thought nick had made jokes about adam (recently) having a chinese girlfriend but idk if that was just a joke about him having yellow fever and being a creep

No. 1324179

No. 1324186

Every white manlet should be assumed to have yellow fever

No. 1324198

Adam did date an asian girl when he was younger but appears like most girls he’s slept with weren’t Asian. Witten, Dasha, other girl named dasha, lexaprofessional. I remember stumbling on a cumtown clip on youtube and adam mentioned some
blonde porn star with huge tits. He also talked about Nicole Kidman sexually. seems to have a thing for redheads and he’s now dating one. I know the gf’s full name but I don’t want to dox her on here

File: 1623775876374.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2187, Polish_20210610_134739209.jpg)

No. 1257470[Reply]

A general thread for lolcows who are drag queens/kings. You may discuss famous drag cows as well as local or lesser known cows; you may also discuss cows adjacent to the drag community (i.e. Todrick Hall).

Racebaiting is highly penalized here. Do not post about drag kids.

Brief summary of recent milk:
>Nina West teams up with Blue's Clues for an eyesore PSA; with his foot fetish this could easily go the way of Dan Schneider
>The Vixen picks an argument with Monet XChange over a music choice
>Drag Race Down Under gets dragged for vagina jokes, contestants's past racism
>Silky Nutmeg Ganache has a habit of getting grabby
>Ilona Verley is the latest to make a ~dramatic exit~ from drag
>Widow Von'Du gets arrested for domestic violence; the victim was strangled and had to get 14 stiches
>Both Tamisha Iman and Serena Cha Cha are scamming people
>The next season is going to Paramount+ for some reason
>Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova continue to have the cringiest fan base
>Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz attack a fan for quoting something that happened live
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
154 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1323008

I think it's a fake vagina since that seems appropriately katya-ish but I have no idea

the toned-down looks are what make it worse in these situations. they can't do full draggy makeup, even if it's supposed to be glam and femme, and then make zero other effort beyond dressing up all pretty and feminine, and then just expect to look natural beside real women. if he dressed draggier, I'm sure it would look fine - he wouldn't look like a woman, but he's a drag queen, so that's fine. (off-topic but the woman on the far right always looks so gorgeous every time I see her! she really suits any look.)

No. 1323016

It seems like it really was Trinity, it's just that there are Trinity Taylor fans who've gotten really defensive about it in the lead up to All-Winners.

No. 1323017

Definitely thought this was Courtney love and I was scrolling past the celeb cow thread for a second. kek

It's definitely something like printed panties. Still gross though.

No. 1323074

nothing to say here except todrick hall has always pissed me off with his claims that he has SooOoOOOoOo many "haturz". he sounds like such a arrogant, know-it-all prick.

No. 1323144

If you're not Blair St. Clair level of natural makeup you'd always look like an absolute clown wearing toned down looks when surrounded by real women. Those lashes and contacts really pop lmao.

This is why I don't understand signing drag race queens for modeling agencies, they have to do a whole lot more makeup to look femme, more often than not the makeup makes them look defining. Which really limits what jobs they can do, outside of pandering to the crowd during Pride Month.

Also sidenote, betting on Symone trooning within a few years.

When Bussy Queen made the video on the drama the comments section is like "oh she said she isn't shedevilbynigt so it can't be her!". The amount of stupid really blew me away.

File: 1619555287889.jpg (144.78 KB, 676x1142, ugly cheating whore.jpg)

No. 1218068[Reply]

Last time on "The Boundaries are Back in Stock" Edition

>Holly kicked off 2021 with an incredible week-long sperg marathon, melting down on Twitter almost every day >>1133560

>decides to become a V-tuber, blames the internet for her insecurities >>1126174
>Several obsessive white knights are still going strong on Twitter >>1126870
>Jared's anti-cancel-culture stance only seems to apply to himself >>1126845, >>1126853
>Holly also celebrates Trump getting suspended on Twitter. Some of her wks are shocked Pikachu >>1126928, >>1126952
>Holly admits she's been blocked by most of the pro DnD community >>1127615
>Also admits that Wizards of the Coast "ghosted her emails" >>1127679
>Jared begs for handouts for fans, implying that he needs to replace games that Heidi "took" from him (that belonged to her) >>1127949
>Holly publicly whines about negative comments on YouTube >>1128813
>much stan fighting on both sides, it's boring
>Holly claims to be a "marginalized creator" which is why big bad Cancel Culture totally affected her the worst, unlike privileged people >>113Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
273 posts and 63 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1326124


If someone is actually taking the time out of their day to go messaging warnings to Holly's twitter following, maybe there's a good reason for them to spend the effort. Troll tweets to the public are one thing, but nobody's going to go through the trouble of messaging individual people unless they think it's something critical. But typical Holly, she never stops to think if she's the problem that's causing this trend.

No. 1326489


Here is what (probably) happened

- someone reached out to Holly's mutual and told them all the fucked up stuff she has done and questioned why they follow her

- shocked, they messaged Holly about it, calling her out/questioning her

- Holly immediately went into gaslighting mode and convinced them it's all lies that Heidi made up because she is a fat ugly slut, evil, the usual

- She then tweets this to try to stop it from happening again

No. 1326577

What probably actually happened:

- someone sperged and thought some other content creators who follow her were blind and deaf in 2019

- they thought "surely they haven't heard of the thing everyone knows about, it's not like she literally talks about it all the time"

- sperg break

- decide "I should message a complete stranger and act as if I'm doing them a favor"

- sperg some more

- say things like "I expect better from you" as if they have any say in how the person lives their life.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1326698

Here's what probably actually really happened:

- Holly namesearched herself and found a tweet where someone asked why people would willingly follow her

- she made up the rest for pity points

No. 1326721


Ha ha! This is probably legit what happened. And then Holly tweeting about it to stir up drama, despite her past whining about how she doesn’t want to be known for drama, or that she lost her career over drama.

File: 1628447944163.jpg (3.05 MB, 1920x2400, mattswife.jpg)

No. 1294420[Reply]

ScorpioAssHeaux/AliceAmoreLove/PickledPetShop/Ariana McMillan is a 26 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.

Previous Thread:
>Ariana finally convinces DoorMatt to marry her. Congrats to the glowing methheads, in their future of shaved cats, drugs and implications of allowing a sexual assault to occur! >>1288462
>Bastardizes the intimacy of their honeymoon by going to a cheap sex motel to make "newly wed porn" >>1290709
>Finally becomes the stripper she always dreamed she could be; apparently her highest aspiration. >>252813, >>1248504
>Hates it after a couple days >>1276891
>Posts awkward OF content while on vacation with her grandparents in the Bahamas >>1210104
>Trying to gain a following on TikTok now that she's lost it everywhere else >>1215703
>Confirms she's had 3 nosejobs >>1279603

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1206111
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
342 posts and 92 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1326244

It….. looks like a screaming ballsack

No. 1326434

kek of course its a pitbull, the fugliest most white trash dog breed

No. 1326541

The head is trash too… It's fresh and it already looks like a cat person/the pins look like whiskers. Can't wait to see it in a few years, it'll be unrecognizable as pinhead

No. 1327040

am i mixing her up with another cow or isn't this the same bitch who used to say she didn't like pits cus she was bitten by one

No. 1327059

nope you’re right lmao

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