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File: 1714941028615.jpg (152.14 KB, 750x878, saberspark.jpg)

No. 1992015[Reply]

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1955417

Tranny who got aang blacklisted ended up being a weirdo himself >>1956372
Colombian girl lied about working for hayao miyazaki, used traced art for her portfolio and charged money for classes teaching art students how to work for ghibli >>1956743
goosetranny old fetish account >>1956807
literal who cartoon reviewer releases shitty movie with a beatbox puppy >>1958368
aang now thinks she's an alien, drama starts >>1962038
new sperg cartoon pilot with a tranny cast for womanchildren wants your money >>1964374
Mr.Enter made a video exposing pedophile tranny ex editor >>1976758
Daftpina cancelled his pilot after getting bullied for sucking at animation >>1976974
Meanwhile LS mark releases a trailer for his pilot that might or might not release within this decade >>1978755
The Ramshackle pilot is out >>1983914
Saberspark releases documentary on butch hartman >>1988044
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No. 1994516

i spy: tom and jerry, rocko, panini, and that snake from sanjay and craig

No. 1994519


No. 1994624

You know, for how much he criticizes Butch Hartman, he really likes to copy his art style.

No. 1994679

this is so soulles, but what can i expect from someone who likes butch hartman and seth mcfarlane. He's such a joke i bet he hasnt seen any ralph bakshi animated movie or even anything from cartoon saloon. He doesnt deserve to be in the animation community

No. 1994800

File: 1715828405190.png (429.15 KB, 589x518, pan.png)

pan pizza bought lolicon anime.

File: 1707769237431.jpg (10.13 KB, 155x275, 1706396514645.jpg)

No. 1965286[Reply]

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1895588

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Sydney cheats on Jonny, finally starting his escape from her.
>Sydney schizophrenically vendetta posts in thread against Jonny's new girlfriend Layna
>Jonny inevitably cheats on Layna , they break up.
>Do we even need a new thread?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1994894

ya i noticed there's no pics of them together (he stopped posting pics of him and his partners sometime after he dumped skidmark) but why isn't leah posting pics either? i know layna didn't post pics of them cuz jonny told her not to or something to appease his babymama, in those screenshots when she stupidly spilled all her relationship secrets to a random stranger on IG.
i'm still confused why leah doesn't post pictures. also… how come Skidmark isn't targetting her? i don't think i recall a single instance where someone messed with her, NOT that they should, but why is she so triggered by layna's existence? i mean JC bought leah a fucking car, Skidmark doesn't even have one and doesn't drive. that alone you'd think would set her off.
i went back and checked and they've been together for over a year now? it's just odd. he publicly claimed her right before valentine's day and then nothing since then. Leah seems like such a doormat for being okay with this. but that's Jonny's exact type. his entire relationship with her is suspicious.

it's funny that anons would think it's anyone else. everytime it's brought up there's always one anon saying "It might be syd but I think it's another unhinged anon" - it's been said quite a few times and i'm pretty sure it's queen skidmark herself trying to convince us it's not her. it's way too late for that. the cat is out of the bag because she's so retarded she keeps telling on herself. same with dicknose.

No. 1994930

>cuz jonny told her not to or something to appease his babymama
>i'm still confused why leah doesn't post pictures
>how come Skidmark isn't targetting her?
Maybe JC said the same to Leah that he did Layna, that if she posts them together Skid will target her? He could've used this thread as proof.

No. 1994939

>how come Skidmark isn't targetting her?
I actually have a tinfoil about this. when Leah and him first went official someone posted a super weird post requesting us to “dig up dirt on Leah” they specifically “said something we could use against her” Im almost positive it was skid looking for Leah’s version of the famous but hole pic. she never found anything milky so she doesn’t have anything to hold against her and spam the thread with like she does with laynas online whoring.

No. 1995123

someone did dig up “unflattering” pics of leah before she changed her style iirc

No. 1995184

Im sure we all have an unflattering picture or two, that’s not remotely the same as being a cam girl or having public nudes lol

File: 1585447768780.png (1.04 MB, 1193x1038, 1584588794291.png)

No. 950715[Reply]

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1988953

Posting this update from Holly. Her comic Paranormal Plague is still ongoing and she mentions that some sites have deleted some parts of the comic because it's too NSFW (apparently). She got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and now she has hallucinations. I think she is slowly improving with her comic/OC art but imo there's a huge jump in quality when she shows the hallucination/dream drawings, those are surprisingly good considering she makes them with a ballpoint pen. She should incorporate some of that semirealistic style and perspective into her comic panels. Then she mentions that she feels like her medication makes her less creative. Someone in the comments says she's attending mortuary school. I hope she can find some order in her life and finally become a proper artist since it seems like it's the thing she wants.

No. 1989105

I'm gad she's improving, I actually do think she should drop this comic(or maybe end it) and start something new.

No. 1989121

Wow, those drawings are Michelangelo tier art compared to the crap she drew before. I'm happy that she's improving. Maybe she'll even learn to draw dicks the right way round.

No. 1992885

Did Holly ever get back control of her old YouTube channel because now it’s called @craftworldsocial and has a couple of random speed paint videos?(newfag/spoonfeeding request/not even saged)

No. 1993575

KEK(non-contribution, unsaged)

File: 1681611982609.jpeg (122.36 KB, 750x994, 1FD5C5DF-164D-42C9-AA0B-68F76C…)

No. 1809451[Reply]

The common traits of the typical e-girl :

>Ahegao selfies

>Accuses each other of copying meanwhile all owning the same Moeflavor lingerie sets and cheap, ill fitting, AliExpress/SHEIN clothes
> Always getting into some sort of internet drama with other e-girls
>Extremely performative for woke internet points yet ends up getting exposed for being problematic themselves
>Making call-out posts about anyobody they currently have beef with
>Room full of Sanrio merch, anime figures and Squishmallows
>Japancore weeb aesthetic
>Loli uwu persona and other pedo-pandering behavior
>Belle Delphine skin walking
>into Ddlg/pet play
>Tries to look Asian
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1023 posts and 298 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1994094

They haven't accepted it for ages, I can't think of any payment processors/banks off the top of my head that do allow sex work, aside from whatever Onlyfans is using. When you see Twitter whores begging for giftcards, that's part of the reason why. They can exchange Amazon giftcards for prepaid cards, which don't work quite like cash but it's close enough. Also, sites like Throne use a lot of loopholes to squeeze past the whole 'no sex work' thing, but obviously that doesn't work 100% of the time, which is why sex workers have ten billion different e-begging sites and never seem to have any money despite drowning in Sanrio knockoffs. Btw, Amazon and all these other sites will close accounts and ban customers if they think the account is being used for sex work in any capacity.
There's no chance Paypal would let Belle get away with selling this shit since her whole thing is being a pedo panderer and Paypal doesn't want to get into trouble for letting pedophiles and human traffickers use it for illegal activities. It's right there in their TOS, every whore whines about it, there's no way Belle didn't know.

No. 1995008

I knew about Paypal hoarding/stealing people's money and banning them, but I didn't know they charge for breaking ToS. That seems very scammy, imagine how much money they've stolen from users at this point.
And it wasn't even a sexual service it was just a bottle with tap water and a label on it.(learn2delete)

No. 1995010

Samefag I should note that a current trend is people selling cosplay potion bottles (permanently sealed) of distilled water, alcohol and mica in a labelled bottle. There's nothing illegal about selling water or its variants. It was never actually (used) bath water it was just Britain's finest tap water, there are no legal issues with that especially in small bottles as it was only like 100ml iirc (mfw defending Belle but Paypal are so dodgy for that)

No. 1995168

File: 1715943467758.jpg (452.84 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20240517_115458_Chr…)

I fucking hate ammonyaa. This is blatantly a coverup for the fact that she jacks off to babies and baby stuff. Utterly disgusting.

No. 1995170

File: 1715943628763.jpg (105.2 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20240517_114850_Ins…)

She also follows aggy unsurprisingly

File: 1710450336997.jpg (949.75 KB, 1242x674, vore.jpg)

No. 1976273[Reply]

This 24 year old woman is single mom e-girl from the board r9k she is a huge pick-me and most likely a pedophile.
>posts her baby son in discord servers filled with groomers and pedos
>is a puritan trad that claims to be asexual and hates sex but is LITERALLY a mother and posts nudes in random servers filled with minors
>had a crush in an underage boy when she was already in her 20's
>claims all women are whores but has a fansly account
>uses her sons diapers and likes to larp as a transgender woman for the "lulz"
>scams people on tinder
>anachan likes flexing her skeleton body on 4chan and discord servers
>racist but is jewish
>likes to lick toilets and do disgusting things for her orbitors to see

I think she made all her social media accounts private I don't know if it would be alright to post her discord tag here but her old fansly account was this one but she deleted it https://fansly.com/ticklesmepink/posts(shit thread)
29 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1990979

File: 1714631152196.jpg (117.28 KB, 1018x607, image.jpg)

Reminder this bitch is a pedro. She fell in love with a 16 year old boy when she was 22 and says it's okay because the age of consent is 16 in most states, but she also has said she's from NY. Age of consent in NY is 17.(self censorship)

No. 1990986

She looks like an uglier Marie

No. 1991126

this image is insanely fake by the way, she said herself it was done with Photoshop.

No. 1993058

All fake people pretend to be other people all the time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1993136

why would anyone pretend to be an irrelevant single mom/failed 4chan egirl? she's a shitty person and there's tons of evidence, end of story. stop bumping this thread with sad cope.

File: 1661270860040.jpg (327.52 KB, 1908x1146, gordon ramsay's daughter.jpg)

No. 1623442[Reply]

this thread concerns nepo babies who are as not famous enough to be on the Celebricows threads, A nepotism baby is someone working in Hollywood right now who has some sort of family connection to the industry—usually famous and well connected parents
386 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1992894

actual content of the interview for people who want to read past the clickbait headline, she actually didn't say that
>"I definitely think that a little bit of insecurity has driven me harder because people do think that the only reason I'm successful is because of my parents," she said in her interview. "That has driven me to work really hard to try to prove them wrong. But nowadays, I don't need to prove s* to anybody."

>"I truly believe that my spirit is a strong spirit and that, even if my parents weren't who they were, I would still be a weirdo and a crazy thinker."

No. 1993183

Neither one of them is ugly but in no way shape or form do they have features for modeling holy shit. Maybe MAYBE catalogue modeling oof. The one on the right has early 00’s “hot mom” face.

No. 1993296

Like >>1992894 anon pointed out, she didn’t actually say that and Willow is one of the most talented nepo babies.

No. 1993349

well are they in the spotlight often? constantly having strangers pry into your life and being publicly scrutinized all the time might be a factor

No. 1993626

Imagine nepo babies of yore who went on to achieve their own historical significance for their wild ideas in their discipline of choice (say, for example, Ada Lovelace or Shuggie Otis) describing themselves as
>a weirdo and a crazy thinker

File: 1712394670460.png (1.75 MB, 1356x1820, daddy&bbygrl.png)

No. 1983123[Reply]

Meet the cows:
Jake Munro - Ex boyfriend of a "goth" YTer who helped him get his career off the ground. Cheated on her (after a decade together) with his girlfriend's tattoo artist's wife, Kat. Fancies himself a musician, though since his bandmates all left, doesn't seem capable of producing music on his own. Uses Joker-esqe makeup while mimicking other artist's makeup for attention on Youtube, appears to be rapidly aging into the bloated corpse of a chav gordan ramsay due to a suspected alcohol and nicotine addiction. Had big dreams of being the next big V-tuber star as "JesterJake", but after falling for multiple Nigerian avatar scams and constantly breaking his equipment, this "dream" flopped. Has made his grand return to OnlyFans to scar us with ugly photos of his teenie weenie. Dislikes: women not being hot, women having opinions, zoomers, being hungry, any alternative man hotter than him (so basically all of them)

Kat Paine - Previously married mother of one, cheated on her tattoo studio owning husband with their client's long term boyfriend (Jake). You can find her posting heavily filtered lewds to her OnlyFans when she isn't tracing Disney coloring book sheets at the tattoo shop. Her most popular phrases include: "Daddy! Shots!", "Drinks! Shots!" and incoherent giggling at Jake doing literally anything. Hobbies include: pole-dancing, poorly cosplaying Jake's questionable fictional crushes (d.va, tinkerbell, etc.), constantly cleaning up after her manchild, and poorly editing her photos.

Highlights from last thread:
>>1886746 Jake and kat apparently buy their entire wardrobe off SHEIN
>>1887409 Jake has a meltdown on stream about the lack of donations, says he "can't do this for free anymore"
>>1887707 The neckbeard catboy vtuber Jake tried to leech off of ends up becoming more popular than him
>>1888547 Kat posts about giving birth to her son, posts porn immediately after
>>1889Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
85 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1994125

File: 1715630300958.jpg (154.28 KB, 1080x1248, 1000007151.jpg)

Doesn't NI have the UK stamp tax? Though even that is low, even being 0% on anything stumpy could afford. He could move to Ireland of course, or fuck off to mainland UK. But Kat is tied down due to split custody, so that's not happening while they're together. Kaya had both Irish (thus EU) and UK citizenship, which he planned to use to move to spain. Kat would have the same, but is shackled to her baby daddy unles she gives up custody or he signs off on her moving. So stumpy can eithercsuck it up, or find himself a child-free bangmaid who can get him a visum to somewhere better. But pickings are probably slim, given the state of him. I really thought he'd try to get one of his more spergy snacks to let him move to the US by now.

No. 1994137

He went on multiple rants on stream since he and K don't really talk anymore about how he doesn't want to move to the USA any longer. He's also talked about his dream being a modern home along a beach somewhere though? I have a feeling he'd be eyeballing some of the cheaper countries to live in that he has vacationed to, but there are no realistic ways out of NI for him at this time. All his snaccs are fat Americans or broke. He and Kat seem locked in for now until one of them inevitably cheats on the other. Neither of them are going to be affording to buy a house anytime soon either judging by the fact they can't even afford to get her car fixed right now. Wonder if we'll see Aiden make another appearance as things continously crumble apart for them though. Surprised Jude hasn't been lurking around waiting for another chance to pounce, but maybe stumpy finally got too fat/ugly for her. kek

No. 1994159

Yes. Jude wants to get her filthy mitts on a "daddy" (kek) who can take care of her. And any woman stupid enough to get with stumpelchavskin will be relegated to bangmaid status. Hard to get into "little space" while scrubbing the toilet. Besides, she's as averse to actually working as he is. Somebody would have to be the breadwinner, and neither of them could be bothered. As pathetic as it is, Kat is about the best Jake can hope for. Bleak.
Also, both of them have issues with nonce shit going on in their discords and being inappropriate with underage fans. Don't need to combine that baggage.

No. 1994985

Are we meant to believe this is isn’t his first property purchase too? Because there’s no stamp duty up to £425k for first time buyers.

No. 1994994

He's still in the same little house he was renting with Kaya for forever now. Dumbass should have bought a house while he was still making real money, but he was too busy blowing it on unused studio rooms to pile with junk, multiple motorcycles, electronics for him to break, and literal toys. Now it sounds like he and Kat are struggling to just make ends meet so that ship has absolutely sailed. Funny how quickly he changed his tune from acting unaffected over the housing crisis to now sperging out over stamp duty though.

File: 1701766908857.jpeg (511.66 KB, 828x1291, 1701285269413.jpeg)

No. 1938223[Reply]

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

Previous Thread >>1878489

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

Heather Steeles is a 33-year-old former retro toy collector/Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber reincarnated as a self-proclaimed spooky Victorian summer goth nice girl on an eternal quest for the Ryan of her otherworldly dreams. Her persecution complex, constant negativity, obsession with her "influencer" status on social media, and frantic love-bombing behavior shows no signs of slowing down.

All the “Ryans” in order:
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
509 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1993000

She used to force Adam to dress up as a furry. Never seen her do it, she also claimed to be into cosplay and never actually did that either. She did go to several furry cons. I think she's just absorbing what guys she's interested in like. Exhibit A. Gaming B. Dolls and toys C. Kiddie things D. Goth E. Plants F. Trains H. History I. War re-enactmens J. Paranormal K. Furries.

She lacks personality and lacks self and instead going for what she really in truly likes she latches on to whatever, keeps it and demands that it's her personality. Shes a void and if she does get pregnant then that kids in a world of neglect and abuse because Heather is an abuser.

No. 1993040

Could it be that she just doesn't have any interests at all? Like, she is just a shell, walking and breathing, but there is just nothing inside and absorbing all her partners interests is just an attempt to have a personality for the outside world. If she would be a little bit different she would sit at home 24/7 watching something like General Hospital, taking her children to school, cooking frozen meals for them and appear just like a normal, but a little uneducated, mother. And like you, I hope she won't have children, she reminds me so much of my own mother that I wouldn't wish that on any other human being.

No. 1993808

Imagine she does a mother's day announcement and says she's pregnant. It would explain as to why they got engaged so fast.

No. 1993811

I think they got engaged so fact because she drives a U-Haul to her first dates. This is just what she does, and it seems one out of every 25 Ryans doesn't freak out over Hurricane Heather blowing into their life, copying all of their interests and declaring themselves soulmates after a coffee date. The current one seems so passive he's going along with it. He probably sees it as a better option than aging into his 40s while still living at home.

No. 1994129

>He probably sees it as a better option than aging into his 40s while still living at home.

As opposed to aging into his fourties and living at home with his unstable hoarder girlfriend. But I take your point. The two kinds of men who would want to ride the heather commitment coaster are either desperate and passive, like you said. Or they're absolute narcs who love that she hypes them up and mirrors all of their interests, until she hits the bitchy state of her cycle or they tire of her. Either way, I pity deadeyesryan's poor mother.

File: 1532878160238.jpg (77.61 KB, 720x960, 27458872_1993751514219750_8226…)

No. 773289[Reply]

I haven't been following her as closely lately so I don't have all the latest milk but here's some info from over the years
>Goes by Isibella, real name is Perdita Woodley
>Has some family that was a duke or something
>Her rich "master" picked her up in a bar in England when she was a teenager and brought her to the states to be his slave
>Used to be really down to earth and nerdy, would talk about things like My Little Pony and World of Warcraft
>Got a set of huge, horrible looking fake boobs (also lip injections, and some suspect a nose job sometime in there too) and suddenly became obsessed with "glamour" and "luxury" and her "rich life"
>Since becoming obsessed with portraying this spoiled little rich girl image she refuses to acknowledge her nerdy past
>Always posting about how rich and fancy she is, how much she just loooove champagne and caviar and etc.
>Always bragging about how she lives in a mansion
>Wears circle lenses and animu makeup that make her look fucking creepy
>Founded "The Chateau", which she says is "Like Playboy for kitten girls"
>Puts out a monthly (? not sure if she's still doing it) web zine about The Chateau with poorly photoshopped covers (released a cover that said "May 2015" in November once)
>Says The Chateau accepts all models but almost all of them are skinny white girls
>Widely reported to play favorites with Chateau models
>Many accepted models submitted photosets that never got posted. Isibella, however, constantly continued to post pictures of herself.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
918 posts and 267 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1986315

What else do you know about her family?

No. 1986318

bro is a pseudo academic with some DISTURBING beliefs on academics other bro works in film via the dad's connections but doesn't seem to be controversial. parents are old. have some $ not rich rich.

No. 1986319

Eugenics not academics

No. 1986357

No. 1992642

that's literally the guy who CSA'd "jessi slaughter"(sage your shit)

File: 1683755147162.jpeg (742.36 KB, 1762x3048, 69D6DA3D-D13E-4C3B-ACE3-F7A861…)

No. 1824647[Reply]

73 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1910808

I remember getting really weird and bad vibes from her as a child on DA.
Anyone have back ups of the videos here or the zine?

No. 1920752

gc is building up their following again on a platform where no one knows who they are

No. 1969514

No. 1969515

No. 1992541

File: 1715135790745.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1080x9568, IMG_8989.jpeg)

She’s on CoHost giving her thoughts on her past situation/relationship with Marl

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