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File: 1583448244544.png (292.45 KB, 439x388, shi.png)

No. 941512[Reply]

Continuation of a series of threads for Anti-Onision snowflakes. Come get that attention you desperately want.

Recent developments:
> Shiloh pisses away all respect she got for speaking up, exhibits the same amount of crazy we all knew her for, mostly lying and suicide baiting as well as telling others to an hero

> Some of the other girls speak out against her for being a bully


> it appears that whenever criticized Shiloh sends frantic voicemails threatening suicide


> even sends DMs to RSN appealing to his humanity (kek), claims to be anorexic and 93 pounds

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No. 1002056

>You're still defending them.

I never "proved" anything - what's self evident doesn't need to be proven. I support facts and good memes, that's my side hon. You can read into that and make wrong assumptions to your hearts content.
>You must of watched different live streams than I did.

No. 1002064

Why are you repeating yourself, are you autistic?

No. 1002235

File: 1593904815496.png (80.85 KB, 658x421, muh false narrative.png)

lol hansen deleted the tweet

No. 1002248

>solid reporting and the truth
Lol, what the fuck. Come on, Hansen. I wonder how many people still take him seriously.

No. 1002474

When your job is to talk to people that had sex with z-list "celebrities" like Greg and Dahvie Vanity its pretty safe to say you've made a mess of your career as a "reporter".
He should just retire early and get a pension, move to florida and play golf.
Also what truth, what facts did you check exactly Hansen? How about that angry snail or that chick that claimed Greg killed people?
Give me a fucking break.

File: 1570397239525.png (1.35 MB, 876x978, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 2.27…)

No. 877173[Reply]

A deathfat is anyone who could try out for my 600 lb life and can easily make the cut. With the bodyposi trend going strong, some gluttonous fucks take it too far and eat their way to the size of a small whale, some even using the term "infinitifat" to define themselves on instagram, a word coined by @fatlippodcast on ig, who celebrates being 500+ pounds. Deathfats identify so much with their weight that they gatekeep other "fats" and categorize them into "small fats" and "large fats", pressuring "small fats" into gaining more to fit in with their obese peers

Notable deathfat traits:
>jelly of "straight sized" people but hide it under the guise of self love for themselves
>view being fat as being just as oppressed as being black
>constant complaining about clothes not fitting them, companies are fatphobic if they don't provide up to XXXXXXXXXXXL
>muh hypothyroidism
>screeching about how doctors can't find out what's wrong with them because they focus on their weight (i wonder why)

Some other deathfats:
>https://www.instagram.com/thefatposipunk/ (thread image)

>Basically anyone fatvegfemme follows

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No. 1001509

File: 1593787626164.png (4.51 MB, 828x1792, 73659200-F207-4620-A97E-4A9C1F…)


No. 1001515

Actual visual content aside, this woman is an incredible fabric sculpter. I hated the disgusting theme of her works but it's still creative as hell. Sage for OT, I just really appreciated her weird shit while still having to unfollow for seeing unsightly asses on my feed. She herself isn't fat or unsightly, just an older seamstress.

No. 1001524

Never noticed her chin hair before. Or is that stretch marks/cracked skin on her fucking chin?

No. 1001534

Agree with >>1001515, I was sure this is a weird artsy photo of someones ass in a round mirror until I noticed the "pimples" are actually beads. She could do so much more with her talent, what a shame.

No. 1001565

That’s chin hair all right. She’s growing a similar beard to most teenage boys who’re just about to start shaving now…

File: 1518048966535.png (2.33 KB, 390x129, twitch 1.png)

No. 497011[Reply]

Thread for all twitch drama

Recent drama

Mitch jones has another breakdown gets banned from twitch again.

DrDisrespect cheats on wife takes two month hiatus returns then is accused of being racist

Other notable streamers , Ice poseidon Destiny Greekgodx Pink sparkles Trainwreckstv Reckful

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 999969

Calm down Lily. It's not sexual assault.(hi cow)

No. 999976

please never drive drunk, since clearly you think drinking excuses any actions

No. 999982

i dont get this defending of chris either, cant we agree lily and chris are both pieces of shit? chris doesnt get a pass for apologizing, but lily doesnt get one either for being shady and leaving out the fact that he did apologize

if lily gave the whole story including the apology and attempt at remediation, most people still would've called him out for being a creep. its the fact that lily purposely tried to force even more sympathy by intentionally leaving that out so she seems even more victimized that fucks everything up

chris is a POS for being a gross drunk who cant keep his hands and hairy legs to himself, and lily is a snake for leaving out specific parts of the story to make herself sound even more helpless so she can get those sweet sweet sympathy comments and she can keep living her uguu protect me anime girl life

No. 1000109

No. 1001493

File: 1593785530367.jpg (50.08 KB, 615x346, 4193e938-243b-11e9-9177-bd3ae2…)

She is a hideously ugly pickme, and the moderators here banning criticism of her are HILARIOUS to me lol!

You aren't fooling anyone, ladies.

File: 1591128269673.jpg (790.39 KB, 3072x2025, YRPaf8N.jpg)

No. 982539[Reply]

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition

Old thread bio updated

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1002417

That's a different brian warner… manson is an alcoholic and he neither plays the piano nor can he compose songs. Other people do that for him.

No. 1002424

File: 1593935740416.png (318.65 KB, 720x1124, Polish_20200705_024304068.png)

He switched the finger he was wearing the ring on. Maybe that wasn't his wedding band?

No. 1002432

So much photoshop lmao
I doubt he'll ever really get married

No. 1002436

File: 1593941171219.jpg (55.2 KB, 960x960, Nh0uIRw.jpg)

These two are pathetic in their attempt to replicate the past.
The famous movie director and fashion photographer could not come up with more original ideas?

No. 1002437

File: 1593941220266.jpg (65.25 KB, 713x1098, vKzNRSs.jpg)

one more

File: 1592420675924.png (117.13 KB, 331x326, 6584930870321-1.png)

No. 988449[Reply]

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited are not milk and you will recieve a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Last thread (not much milk):
-has moved into new apartment, took over a month to unpack her things >>985228
-uses US current events to virtue signal >>980782 , >>980840 , >>981187 , complains about Republican parents >>980765 , baits her mother into being shitty for Woke Points on Twitter >>982362
-suicidal follower comes to her for support, she posts DMs publicly >>980820
-continues to get into fights with other SWs on twitter >>980846 , >>980854 , pretends to be above it for the millionth time (and virtue signals some more) >>980873 , “silently” donates money to BLM movements >>980889 , >>980913
-complains about people not forgiving her for the trillionth time/ is upset when people don’t buy her manipulation >>980965
-retweets black SWs for the first time in memory >>981176
-the old screenshoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1000981

It might be different but some inpatient in Australia allow phones but limited access especially in adult wards

No. 1001336

No. 1001417


I vote this for next thread image - this has had me laughing for the last 3 hours.

No. 1001419

Are you genuinely retarded or just slow?


No. 1002343

Anyone got that video from last year of her firing fireworks out her ass? I could do with a laugh

File: 1534167589763.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, super serious.jpg)

No. 663556[Reply]

Discuss cows with poor acting skills pretending to have Multiple Personalities or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for views.

Videos will usually include:
>Switching personalities on camera in every video
>Awful acting
>Meet all 20 of my personalities that just happened to come out on camera
>Presenting incorrect "facts" about Dissociative Identity Disorder
>Clickbait titles on "serious" issues
>Talking about childhood abuse in an insensitive manner

Here we can share YouTubers hopping onto this trend of faking mental illness for views.
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No. 995947

kek it's not my caps they're from her subreddit, but i agree

No. 1001049

This feels so fake.

No. 1001239

Direct quote from the DSM, "Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder do not report the subtle symptoms of intrusion characteristic of the disorder; instead
they tend to overreport well-publicized symptoms of the disorder, such as dissociative
amnesia, while underreporting less-publicized comorbid symptoms, such as depression.
Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder tend to be relatively undisturbed by
or may even seem to enjoy "having" the disorder. In contrast, individuals with genuine dissociative identity disorder tend to be ashamed of and overwhelmed by their symptoms and to underreport their symptoms or deny their condition. Individuals who malinger dissociative identity disorder usually create limited, stereotyped alternate identities, with feigned amnesia, related to the events for which gain is sought. For example, they may present an "all-good" identity and an "all-bad" identity in hopes of gaining exculpation for a crime."


Furthermore, if you look into the history of multiple personality disorder you'll find many women came out after the book turned movie Sybil become popular claiming to have multiple personalities.

Would also recommend, if you can, that you read "Sybil Exposed" by Debbie Nathan. She explains how Sybil was coaxed into believing fabricated abuse and that she made up the personalities to please Dr.Wilbur.

It's more than likely that DID, if it is real, is rare and most people malinger with it because they can benefit from being the snowflakes they truly are.

No. 1001455

Maybe next time try to integrate before self-posting or trying to use this thread for your personal vendetta.
Provide something milky or gtfo. A random chick just faking a mental illness like millions others do isn’t milk.

No. 1002063

because it is
is this chick not milky anymore? her whole personality is faking DID. and the video was clickbait. the title makes it sound like she remembered her trauma, but no, because that shit didn't happen. she just remembers some innocuous childhood memories.

File: 1589475413319.png (639.93 KB, 736x766, 2020-05-14_11-53.png)

No. 973908[Reply]

Katie Joy, AKA WOACB, a 'reali-tea gossip blogger' known for leaking the Amber Portwood (Teen Mom) machete attack audio.

>Katie started off writing for patheos.
>She wrote about her sons medical conditions, then moved on to reality TV.
>Katie was an athiest, then christian then back to athiest.

>KJ was invited to Steve McRae's YT channel by former partner Kyle. Kyle kicked Steve off of his channel and ran away with $60K. KJ sided with Kyle.
>Steve sued Kyle in attempt to get the channel back, then KJ accused Steve of Sexual Harrasment using a conversation about a porn stars boobs as proof. https://imgur.com/a/OIq2lVn
>Katie then retracted her accusations and her defense of Kyle in a apology video, which she later removed. http://imgur.com/a/D5xfury
>Katie releases the Amber Portwood audio and video from Amber's ring cam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDJykKtj-Bs
>Katie has a hard time with competition and has a frenemy relationship with a channel with a similar style, Leslie Bass https://youtu.be/wh8oJ329-Wk
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 999008

Katie talking about wanting to sexually harass young boys as a grandma

No. 999096

what's the deal with the headband?

No. 999204

She's been coming up on my YouTube a ton lately cause of her involvement in the Myka Stauffer thing but its's wild that this lady is like this.

No. 1001030

File: 1593702690571.png (16.38 KB, 602x129, lulk.PNG)

No. 1001362

Oh my god i am SO glad theres a thread on this bitch lmao. I have never in my life seen such a pathetic attempt at a 40+ year old woman trying so hard to "befriend" famous people and get attention from literal z listers. How many times is she going to namedrop Lindsie Christley? Lindsey probably doesnt even talk to her very much and only stays in contact with her because she knows anything she tells her is going to get leaked and "gossiped" about if she ignores her. I love how shes moving on from fundie families after they started suing her(Like…Im SO close to Amy Duggar we are TOTALLY bffs after talking like…twice and having her on a livestream a couple of times) to regular big mainstream content creators. How did she already manage to insert herself in their "circle" to the point where Tati is threatening her, and ~super mysterious anonymous sources~ are allegedly "giving her sekret info in her DMs but telling her not to say anything? Lmao.

File: 1580335934652.jpg (253.28 KB, 2048x1536, 9grvmvbix3p01.jpg)

No. 925620[Reply]

Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka is the 40-something founder of dead comedy forum Something Awful and prolific game streamer. Something Awful was a highly influential site in the early 2000s and arguable the origin of modern meme culture, but due to chronic mismanagement and neglect, the site has been doomed to obscurity. Still, there still remains a good deal of people on the site who retain goodwill towards Lowtax and currently fund his Patreon to the tune of $9000 per month (down from $15,000 at its peak). In a shadow of its former self, SA is now known more for being a hive of crazy trannies and commies.

Since founding SA, Lowtax has been riding on the coattails of its success. He has never worked another job, hence his need to e-beg. On the other hand, he did have some romantic success. He married a highly religious Asian woman and had two daughters with her, but they later divorced.

Currently Lowtax has drawn some attention to himself for his marital troubles with Ashli, a Canadian woman who he married about five years ago and has another daughter with. Ashli is currently in a domestic violence shelter with their daughter hiding from Lowtax, while Lowtax claims that he never abused her and that Ashli is stealing their daughter.

On the other hand, Lowtax has been seen spending time with Logan Day, a 25-year-old woman from Utah with BPD. Lowtax claims that he and Logan are just business associates who are working together to turn around the image of SA with Logan's strategic marketing skills. Time will tell if they will be able to turn the forums around…

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GamingGarbage
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPoSHO-OOTb0rqZr6bJlMkQ
28 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 997535

>SA goons getting a life
Goons stuck around even after the pedo mod debacle and the first time Lowtax got outed for being a wife-beater, they'd rather let their grandmothers walk into oncoming traffic then let their precious site die.

No. 997838

True, there are so many of them begging lowtax to sell the site to someone else than let it end.

No. 998180

SA has had several pedo mods

No. 1000962


>SA has had several pedo mods

I don't see how this mod/admin ~bitcoin millionaire~ buying the site from Lowtax with his dirty bitcoin blood money is any more moral than them all continuing to use a site owned by a junkie wife beater? Either way Lowtax gets motherfuckin' paid.

No. 1000997

>implying anyone's going to buy it or at least buy it for as much as LowT would like to sell it

The time for that was like 15 years ago. SA hasn't been relevant for at least a decade. Lowtax could have sold it for several millions, but he wanted to stay in control. When was the last time SA produced anything of note? Slenderman in 2009?

Unless you count Shmorky drama, which happended offsite anyway and it was hardly good press.

File: 1455129646665.jpg (45.46 KB, 502x600, albinwonderland.jpg)

No. 91208[Reply]

Angelina or albinwonderland is a Canadian vlogger who spoke a lot about feminist issues on Youtube. She used to date a sensible guy but ever since they broke up and she moved into a house with a trannie, she's gone full blown sjw.

247 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1000966

Your contacts aren’t working anon. Have you considered lasik?

No. 1001045

imo she made the best videos when she was still with him. Been downhill ever since.

No. 1001203

Yeah, she's all but abandoned her main channel and just does asmr now it seems. But her latest videos on her main were mostly boring anyway so like… no loss there.

yes, honestly the way niko acts feels very much like a caricature of a woman. Like idk how to explain it but it's very 'this is what the media tells me women are like so this is how I have to act to be recognized as a woman, right?'

I'm not a terf or anything, but I do think it's something a lot of trans people do at the beginning to try to overcompensate for not being cis and it makes me cringe so much. The whole calling herself a bimbo and shit is just…. so cringy.

No. 1001401

I've been wondering this for so long–I don't think either of them are rich or anything? And Niko's had SO many surgeries in recent years. I can't see this ending any other way but badly. You have these fast and furious early years where it's all fun and new, and Niko's going through all these surgeries, and it's exciting and there's all this attention for being irl Marceline/Bubblegum, wives, blah blah so gay….but after like, five years? Ten?

Sometimes this just feels like a QuEeR fEmMe version of every girl who marries right out of school and talks about how happy they are and how great everything is, only to realize what a self-centered manchild they've ended up with. Maybe that's too harsh, but like anon said, her main channel's dead–she's totally tied to Niko. Whose life seems to consist of smug thirdhand leftist twitter politics and Blah Blah My Titties.

No. 1001538

I hope there’s no regrets for Niko… She’ll probably mature out of the excitement of transition and be able to be comfortable as a woman and not feel the need to overcompensate so much because for now, she’s total cringe, but she was also always shy ALB said. It’s common for shy people coming out of their shell to be cringey as fuck for the first few years. It goes double for shy, closeted trans people who are post-op suddenly.

File: 1521982010922.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, contra.jpg)

No. 537938[Reply]

29y.o transbian sjw who gathered fame with videos such as ''TERFs'', ''What the alt right fears'', ''Is Trump racist?''… Is prone to twitter meltdowns. He has called out Kiwifarms in one of his videos despite having a mere 9 page thread.
ig: https://www.instagram.com/contrapoints/?hl=fr
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
twitter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
929 posts and 145 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 984479

mystical post

No. 1000548

I enjoy coming to these threads toi see what all the retards are up to. Seriously boys, the obsession with trans people is super faggoty and I bet you all wap off to dickgirls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1000550

No, I’ve tried being with trans women before and it’s always caused me to vomit in their bathrooms. Don’t delude yourself.

No. 1000565

Where do you think you are?

No. 1000921

Trannies have a hard time with the concept of actual women being a thing. Classic projection.

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