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File: 1477721795064.png (5.33 KB, 605x62, paranoia.png)

No. 190148[Reply]

Keith (aka: d0ntstandsoclosetome) is a 60 year old, Anti-Onision blogger from Tumblrland who just can't grasp how exposé journalism works.


>>Has a history of making claims with no evidence, an example is regarding Onision's military discharge. He went on and on about proof that he couldn't even legally obtain, so he's known to talk out of his ass on a regular basis.

>>He's also a massive backpeddler and will pull the victim card if you call him out on his shit.

>>He's seriously obsessed with the sex lives of the women that associate (directly or indirectly) with Onision.

>>He's been known to directly contact the friends and the extended families of those women or their peers to express his distaste of their shenanigans to explicit detail.

>>He's just as fucking creepy as Onision when it comes to talking about women on the LGBT spectrum, it's very possible that he projects as much as Onision does regarding his opinions.

>>May have more in common with Onision than he's actually aware of.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 336677

File: 1497648074635.png (176.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4419.PNG)

Found something pretty lulzy today.

Necroing dis shit yo

No. 338115

what did I just read

No. 789413

what happened to Keith?(pls stop Keith, this is embarassing)

No. 789471

Holy shit I vaguely remember having contact with this guy when I was adamantly part of the anti onision community back in 2013 on tumblr. I can't believe he's still going at it

No. 789493

I'm pretty sure they deactivated and left but I have no idea why or exactly when it happened

File: 1550626286666.jpeg (50.95 KB, 391x480, med_gallery_1096490_64753_2064…)

No. 779628[Reply]



>ANTI-VAX because "evil chemicals" but is perfectly ok with terrible cosmetic injections

>thinks fruit has auras and personalities
>really underweight but encourages a diet of only fruit because it's "natural and what we were born to eat" even though ALL fruit is historically GMO'd from it's original tasteless form decades ago (you really believe apples and bananas been around forever? lol not saying they are bad but you get the idea)
>also has a diet book, great when people with eating disorders give diet advice
>"certified detox specialist"
>Claims doctors make up illnesses like cancer and schizophrenia
>claims to be well-versed in biology but also says science taught in schools is bullshit

Lots of other stuff too. Anyone else seen her?
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No. 789207

That girl has 224K followers but suuuure its a self post kekekekek

No. 789212

I can’t understand how people follow these health food/raw food vegan bloggers for lifestyle and beauty advice when they all look so haggarded and wrecked. I saw another one in some doc and I assumed she was in her late 30s until I realized she was younger then me by 2 years (I’m 29). I know it’s an anorexia thing but wouldn’t it be better to look up to the 2% of professional models that have naturally tiny bones and are that thin without looking like a damn witch?

No. 789219

>screenshot is 1second after comment is posted

Uh yea… way to out yourself, selfposter.

No. 789248

Nah not a self-post, I took the screenshot from the girls story who got blocked because eatglitter removed her comments

No. 789393

would explain why her teeth look sooooooo bad - oh and also only eating fruit lel

File: 1439500731030.jpg (148.44 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 16707[Reply]

Tells people her hair is naturally that curl pattern when she actually uses a curling wand
- Wouldn't admit her eyes were contacts for the longest time
- Posts paintings she claims to have painted - however they are paint by numbers haha (minor thing but again being dishonest to her fans)
- Claims to be a huge christian but has her arse hanging out on every other picture
- The fake annoying voice she does on videos makes them INSUFFERABLE
- Poses for pictures with tons of 'designer' bags but they're blatantly fake
- Photoshops her pictures to within an inch of their life. Haven't got the pic but she makes her waist smaller
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No. 16937

tbh even for black people she is just average and this is coming from a white racist-chan. She looks like an.ehm…average coolie or doogla.

No. 16938

In her pictures she is pretty much ideal to black men, not her real self but her pictures. The impression I get from her is she was raised around white people and has some self hate but then she realized that African Americans will lick the feet of a light skin girl with "good hair" and "curves". So, she starts pretending she was raised in the projects and starts trying to look like those light skin big booty whores in rap videos.

No. 16939

Ohhh like this. Yeah I guess so but her real self is really average not even black people will treat that as a goddess.

No. 16940

File: 1439694202823.jpg (73.91 KB, 600x400, image.jpg)

She looks just like those rap video thots in her pictures. Maybe if she actually worked out she could be that.

No. 789377

Lifting is good for gaining muscle mass. Cardio and eating less (especially the latter) will help you lose weight, but lifting is pretty useful too(necro)

File: 1546225205765.jpeg (349.02 KB, 1800x1800, joojoo.jpeg)

No. 756627[Reply]

Previous thread

Stell Bell/ Stella Sundrop/ Prairie Faerie/ Stella Lawson is goth alternative girl from Virginia turned “trad”, Stella is a narcissist who has turned to fringe nazi niches to garner attention from males many years her senior.

>known for denying her eyes are brown, trying to pass them off as pure green, not even hazel

>claimed to be a natural coppery blonde
>clearly has dark brown eyes and hair
>obsessed with looking pale, average fail caucasian complexion
>serial dater
>dated neo nazi who leaked her bra pics and other suggestive (not child porn) images
>said nazi broke up with her since she allegedly let another man grope her breasts
>posted anti semitic comic with pepe the frog in it unironically
>obsessed with her “pure German” ancestry, looks like Anne Frank
>mostly British, ignores that
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 787975

File: 1552943399042.jpg (280.9 KB, 640x875, D5C99B55-1D17-434A-AE31-A5B7E9…)

i don't even know what to say

No. 788110

I hope she goes full free love hippy chick.

No. 788113

A sexually liberated nazi hippie Trad thot…
Now that would be a sight!

No. 789170

Why can't girls like this ever just chill out? It's like they have to jump from one extreme to the next

No. 789373

wait, evalion is still around? holy shit I thought that bitch disappeared years ago after she was publicly shamed to hell and back

sage for ot

File: 1524865942462.jpeg (481.67 KB, 750x916, 61C1A6A3-B352-4591-A4BC-BA2FB5…)

No. 567471[Reply]

Summary from PULL: Problematic “goth girl”, always posting drama then deleting later. Dated Tyler (Online personality Zalvid) super weird dramatic breakup along with more deleting. Dated Connor (Probablyconnorward) for about 2 weeks right after Tyler and broke up with him, more drama.. super rude to anyone who disagrees with her or just outright blocks everyone. Changes her hair once a week, smokes cigarettes and is super rude to anyone who says anything about it. Also posts controversial statements about killing herself and depression only to delete it all again.
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No. 740967


No one cares about this basic irrelevant Ohio teenager. She is boring, and a copy of many other edgy instateens.

No milk.

No. 784344

She does not really know how to take care of her rats but shes a beginner. I just don't get how shes mad at people for looking up to her. Shes a model so of course thats going to happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784588

Ashley is honestly superficial and an egomaniac. I’ve known her for a long time in person and she picks and chooses who to be friends with based off their aesthetic. She dropped all of her old friends (for no reason) and moves friend groups relatively quickly. She’s not a bad person, just extremely full of herself, which I guess is expected when you have thousands of followers, but it really went to her head. It’s so sad, tbh.

No. 784662

Ya I noticed this, if you aren't a part of the nostalgia goth aesthetic, you're automatically lame. I don't know if she's milky because I haven't kept up with her in a minute, but I know she's obsessed with trying to be a model, and she's kind of signaled towards looking down on people that aren't in her "league".

No. 789139

I once met her at a con with a bunch of her friends (I knew one of her friends and actually went with her). Extremely full of herself. Nevery even said Hi or interacted with me. She literally looked at me weirdly because I was cosplaying an anime character at an ANIME con. She was that one girl in beetlejuice and I wanted to compliment her but she was such a complete bitch. Now she acts all high and mighty and hates instagram even though she uses it almost every day? Trying to hard to be "artsy farts glossier girl who loves rats and is moving to new York for?? What???

File: 1475337708430.jpg (103.95 KB, 850x424, alice_in_wonderland2010.3.jpg)

No. 178475[Reply]

Hi guys~ I always come across weird fucking blogspots, deviantarts, tumblrs, etc that for sure don't warrant their own thread but the people are pretty terrible / lulzy so I figured I would make a thread for posting them.

>Maine Website:

>What the site is about:

>Anything you would like to add:

>Recommended Posts:
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No. 208912

Allie's doing vlogmas rn and it's just as cringeworthy as you'd expect.
Like, I want to be nice to her because I kind of get growing up sheltered, but she's such a jerk to everyone that I just can't.
Also, bitch still reads Teen Vogue. WTF.

No. 208915

File: 1480948418227.png (848.29 KB, 950x607, TEENVOGUE.png)

at least she's acknowledging that she's got issues…..?

No. 209025

those teeth…

No. 363426

File: 1501419750030.jpg (595.27 KB, 2048x2048, 1CE8C2F9-62AF-457A-A21D-E59EFF…)

>Main Website:
Happeh Theory, a blog, and its accompanying Youtube channel.

>What the site is about:

Honestly, I don't fucking know. It's been around for about a decade, and what little discussion I've found about it online hasn't been able to make heads or tails of it. If it's one big work of trolling or satire, it's an extremely long con, and if it's not, then it's one of the weirdest things on the Internet. Not because it's gory or scary or anything like that, but because it's hard to believe that there's someone out there who actually believes these things and puts extensive time into writing about them.

Just a few of the many components of Happeh Theory include pseudoscientific metaphysical theories about human nature that defy description or understanding (about on the level of Time Cube), a belief that masturbation will destroy your physical and spiritual well-being by turning your body into a trapezoid, the "Anorexia Dent" (a theory that the weight loss that goes with anorexia will affect one side of the body more than the other, causing a huge dent in one side only), and other insane nonsense covering a huge variety of topics.

It's just fucking weird, and it has next to no audience online, but the author is still blogging away. There's a huge rabbit hole of bizarre things to fall into on the blog and the Youtube channel.

>Anything you would like to add:

I'm sharing this to purge it from my system and for reassurance I did not imagine all of it in a fever dream.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 789101


File: 1503534570518.png (440.5 KB, 719x731, 1503447586917.png)

No. 378235[Reply]

20 something yr old professional photoshopper, "ig model" who lies about her age

Lies about being 13 or 14 on social media for attention, ALWAYS mentions how "old" she is despite it being disproven, has 21 yr old or older friends she hangs out with mostly,photoshops her pics to hell and back, claiming its natural, anyone who calls her out on her shooped pics is jealous, been on FB since 2010 - 2011, is on the "you don't like me twerking and wearing slutty outfits? stop sexualizing minors" train, always has grown men on her facebook call her thicc, rate her, and say shit like "if she 14 im 14", has random people draw her for some reason and has thousands of followers yet the only thing she posts is ass pics and how she's 14 with shooped selfies
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No. 715916

Dayum ya answer fast. Y’all really don’t have nun else to do
And ima post my opinion you don’t have to read it if u don’t want to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715919

Lmfao no one cares about you, you're the one who keep bumping the thread so it goes to the front page when you post without saging. Keep going though, I love watching a trainwreck

No. 716002

File: 1539873301078.jpg (30.11 KB, 403x600, cf999773d81a95918793678d93c840…)

I know the white knight (aka Julianaanaana) is trying to type in ebonics or some shit but I can't help but picture a hick instead when I read her """words""" & """sentences""" in my head. Pic very related. Can't unsee

No. 717888

Why wouldnt she be on the yearbook because shes a freshman? That makes no sense. Also this bitch posted herself drinking wine at public events, going to fancy clubs with adults, all multiple times, AND posted her work break area. Shes not 14 or 15 and she's damn bad at hiding her real age bc shes a brain dead attention whore.

No. 789009

Hey how is everyones day?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1551653266523.png (36.64 KB, 728x464, 1550657755388.png)

No. 783044[Reply]

Old Milk:
>Dawn kicks Shay out for lying about being broken up with Fupa
>Shay posts a 20 minute snapchat rant claiming Dawn was controlling and wouldn't let her have a shower curtain, and that she had a secret boyfriend who lived in the basement
>Flies to Tulsa and stays in a series of cheap hotels (paid for by Dawn)
>Begs her followers for money for a different hotel, as well as her hefty room service bill and booze
>Claims to be saving up to get her own place
>As far as we know, she is currently most likely wandering the streets of Tulsa, dragging her suitcase and Valentine's Day teddy she bought herself and muttering "anal" under her breath.
>Will she go back to Fupa and tried to hide her location? Or will she be forced to return to her "abusive" parents? The thrilling saga of this freeloading skank continues!

Latest Milk:
>Treats herself to a well deserved "spa day" and gets her hair poorly dyed rose gold at Super Cuts. >>779899
>After the regularly scheduled ebegging, hotel hopping and staying at probably Fupa's in OK under the guise of staying with "friends" Shay flies out to CO in search of an apartment and get her stuff from Dawn. >>781196
>Shay's Snap gets deleted and her venmo frozen because of "30+ people who harrass her on the internet" definiely not because she broke the TOS!! >>781533
>Takes some xan from her "friend" she's currently staying with in CO, probably an orbiter or neckbeard from Twitter. With her addictive personality farmers predict a benzo problem soon. >>781900
>Continues throwing a 24/7 pity party for herself on Twitter for issues caused by her own poor life choices, still no word of a potential apartment, absolutely 0 mention of her cat rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1208 posts and 267 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 789028

She's on cam and literally no one is talking

No. 789032

File: 1553220018896.png (271.76 KB, 625x355, Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.55…)

I never understood what she is trying to look like. The tunnels, the big cheap black wings and the matted hair reminds me of a suburban emo from 2008. It's extra lame that she never moved on from the tumblr look

No. 789033

she is too boring. i can't watch her for very long. Going on and on about drinking alcohol, awkwardly trying to act sexy and nobody interacting with her except her wannabe orbiters. Sad.

No. 789041

No. 789049

Holy shit is that a new, actually clean white shirt???

File: 1537979817002.png (3.67 MB, 1538x2048, shaneuh.png)

No. 697489[Reply]

Separate thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to. Previous series include:
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau

His up and coming series:
>The Mind of Jake Paul

Shane loves to make click-baity videos where he will "EXPOSE" or "FIX" controversial youtubers, but usually just ends up helping the insanely rich youtuber by giving them a platform to cry and look sympathetic and shed themselves in a good light.

I honestly don't know the whole story of Onion and Shane's relationship, so if anyone wants to fill us in on that.

>Youtube Channel:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
973 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788823

That tense, tight lipped kiss is killing me lol. It looks like someone kissing their grandma.

No. 788826

Calm down, autist

No. 789517

Figured it belonged here than in the beauty guru thread since it doesn't pertain to makeup.

Jeffree's new video is about him wanting to go to a one star tattoo parlor.

TLDW: It's very shady and he convinces his friend to go in and see if they can get a tattoo. The staff was rude to said friend so she comes back and shows disdain of being there. Jeffree proceeds to say something along the lines of "I don't want to give money to people who disrespect my friends!!!"

He then proceeds to want to go in and the workers there all recognize him. Ask for pictures and he books a tattoo appointment.

Returning to the car they all convince him not to get the tattoo there.

Fans then proceed to leave negative yelp reviews and praise Jeffree and his friends for making the right choice.

No one mentions that he was "just going to browse" when he went in initially and left booking an appointment because of the attention he was given. What a loyal friend you are Jeffree

No. 790482

Apparently Shane has made some comments about the recent Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes. Now his fans are all freaking out about dying in planes ffs. Shane this isn't a silly conspiracy, it's a serious fucking accusation to say the crashes are linked due to the planes manufacturing. It's possible but the data from the second crash isn't in yet so no body can say for sure right now. But boom - you have millions of his fans in a frenzy over this now. Wtf is wrong with him, doesn't he understand the influence he has?

No. 790718

I don't know why Shane doesn't get that 99% of his fanbase are 15 and under, and that he should be more careful about the things he says online (as we all should)

File: 1489403345174.png (798.02 KB, 879x542, jeffree.png)

No. 268688[Reply]

I know we already have a youtuber general thread but can we have a thread that just focuses on beauty gurus?
who do you hate and who do you like?
924 posts and 227 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 788500

No. 788555


such bullshit, she only responded to one the message she clearly had written, didn't adress associating men with nazi past or her naming one of her lipsticks "selektion" and she is clearly hiding that she still hasnt vaccinated her child.

No. 788581

Has noone mentioned Nikita Dragun's egg makeup yet? The imvu trailer had me rolling.

No. 789303

>that shoehorned-in super simplistic Spanish
bitch she really fuckin tried

No. 790099

You called it. 7 months late but it’s finally happening lmao

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