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File: 1534517313743.jpg (46.22 KB, 960x960, Ablex Brown.jpg)

No. 667030[Reply]

Abby Brown #3 - “This Is Not A Phase, This Is Who I Am” Edition -


Some background:
>Known for radically shifting "phases" often involving scene or emo aesthetics.
>Posts embarrassingly bad raps online
>Has a nasty boyfriend (Willi) who she breaks up with and gets back together with every so often
>Gets large ugly tattoos to match each phase
>Live at home with her parents who seem to not be bothered by her
>Popular theory that she shops specifically from the clearance section at Hot Topic
>Has an obsessive hate-group on Facebook

Facebook: facebook.com/abby.brown.900 (Deactivated)
Poshmark: poshmark.com/closet/scampercerulli
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No. 1044362


No. 1044398

Yeah I know that many farmers have soft spot for Abby but she looks like average white trash hoe.
Also her own hair is too short for her fake ponytail

No. 1044400

Which says a lot about the other cows imo

No. 1044425

I don't know why they do either. Probably because she looks and acts so much like a confused child.

No. 1044667

god she's so cute

File: 1595933005636.jpeg (457.41 KB, 900x1229, 7inchkiller.jpeg)

No. 1013825[Reply]

Heya art nerds! It's time for the second thread dedicated to everyone's favorite jealous, self-absorbed con artist and her beautiful all-ages watercolor comic, 7" Kara.

Becca Hillburn is an artist and art supply reviewer currently living in Nashville, TN with her living ATM/fiancee. She's behind the blog Nattosoup as well as her very own YT channel. Her primary claim to 'fame' used to be art supply reviews and field tests, but now she's most known for her bitterness and mediocrity. Egotistical and whiny to a fault, she'd rather sit back and play pretend art teacher to her 2-3 student workshops and sell 2 dollar prints at 12 cons a year than use her Masters to get an actual day job. Her primary personality trait is her two-facedness, presenting as a pleasant and helpful teacher upfront while harboring whiny resentment and bitterness beneath. She's also the artist behind '7" Kara' - an all-ages webcomic about Becca's ADHD self-insert ripping of The Borrowers and Thumbelina, rendered in muddy watercolors that she could totally do digitally. Becca shills the fuck out of this comic, going so far as to get physical copies printed for her to sell at cons and donate to lending libraries.

>Has been on YT for several years but even with her 'popular' blog cannot manage to break 10k subs. The vast majority of her videos hardly make it over 300 views.
>Nothing is ever her fault. Blames 'baby artists' and fans for depending on her too much without giving her anything in return (as in, not throwing money and love at her feet).
>Considers herself a watercolor expert despite her muddy, poorly-mixed colors and weak grasp on composition.
>SCAD alumni. Apparently didn't network enough to land an industry job out of school.
>Allegedly used to spend 7k a month on video editing - even though her videos are meandering, rambling, poorly shot messes.
>Obsessed art supply hoarder. Begs her fans to email art supply companies on her behalf to send her free shit then turns around to complain about having no room for any more.
>Goes on about her ADHD so far as to make an entire vlog series about how it sux to be hur guise.
>Actively resents her tiny pool of viewers and students, talking shit Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1044210

I wouldn't say good looking, In terms of appearance they both looksmatch, he just is stuck in a loveless marriage

No. 1044218

Why do I have such a hard time picturing them attracted to each other?
She feels too masculine and he feels too feminine maybe

No. 1044219

How do you guys know it’s a loveless marriage?
I tried to look at her YouTube for milk but literally it’s an unbelievable 1.7 thousand videos she uploaded.
1.7 thousand videos and she only has 11k followers. It’s time to stop Becca

No. 1044265

Honestly they both look like siblings, but I think Joseph could look good if he grew his hair out a bit and gained about 5-8 kg more muscle
Would go from a 5 to a solid 7

No. 1044785

Honesty is the #1 thing women look for in a partner and Joseph is being very dishonest imo when he submits to beccas will. Seems like a huge pushover and that is very unattractive

File: 1590657711625.jpg (204.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 980242[Reply]

A thread for YouTubers/Vloggers that don't warrant an entire thread, but are still involved in drama. Previous topics discussed include:
>Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie
>H3H3 aka Ethan & Hila Klein
>Emilia Fart
>Drama Channels
>Lifestyle Bloggers
>Family Bloggers
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/816850

Community/General Threads:
>Pet Youtube: >>>/snow/730730
>Beauty Community: >>>/snow/806516
>Game Grumps/ProJared: >>>/snow/812124
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1043974

Kek this surprises anyone? One of the first people Ethan lambasted in one of his early videos (before vape nation or anything that made them extremely popular) was this creepy dude who would make pick up artist videos where he would basically corner women in public and harass them for "hugs" and etc.

Ethan shat on this guy and then that guy turned around and started mocking them on twitter which prompted Ethan to respond. He then sent Hila a dick pic which Ethan thought was funny and he said he wanted to do a collab with that freak. It was dejavu seeing him collab with a pickup artist he shit on years later.

Ethan has always been the type to skirt mortals for "content", he wasn't popular enough back then for the people he made fun of to take him seriously so no one knew all the people Ethan ruthlessly made fun of and called pedos/sexual predators he was 100% willing to have on his show as long as it meant content. He wants to be the "Howard Stern" of youtube.

No. 1044056

He really loved to go in on the PUAs back then, didn’t he? He did call Bracelet Chan Prankinvasion a pervert and said the reason why he went missing off youtube was for rape charges kek.

No. 1044575

Ethan is so unlikable

No. 1045373

lol wow that's even stupider than I originally thought it would be, thanks.
Yeah too bad Ethan doesn't give a shit about any of the other creators who use the platform. I hear brit's not only harassing other youtuber's, he's making the rounds on twitch too, dm'ing CP and shit.

No. 1045376

>Trisha's infertile
And nothing of value was lost. Thank fucking God that woman can't procreate.

File: 1600893887403.jpg (97.82 KB, 640x1136, d7927c4.jpg)

No. 1043954[Reply]

22 year old "drag stan"
~they/them uwu~
Was kicked out of Sharon Needles' fan club for leaking unreleased content; subsequently falsely accused Sharon (along with a dozen other people) of abuse
Is known for lying about her age, stalking gay men on Grindr, and clearly having a cluster B personality disorder
Used a fake ID to get into adult-only spaces as a minor

She constantly changes/deletes her social media, most recent IG is macncheesestan (peepeepoopyhead is the username listed in the screenshot).

And yes, admin-sama, this is a "shit thread"(shit thread)

No. 1044054

Annecy stalked Sharon, made crying vine videos until Sharon noticed her. She ended up winning a spot on a drag cruise at 15 and met Sharon at the hotel they were all staying at before the cruise. Annecy spent the whole cruise with Sharon and they became friends.

Sharon got Annecy a spot in a Nina West play, world of wonder videos, access to other drag queens. Sharon trusted her to listen to a new single from her album and annecy took it upon herself to make a music video of this unreleased song and send it to her friend who leaked the song. Sharon dropped the friendship and now apparently Annecy is having a mental break down for attention.

Here's the Google doc with the tea:

No. 1045478

What's the point of this thread? Sure, this girl sounds like a moron, but Sharon comes off SO much worse. Even if the abuse stuff was all lies, why was Sharon hanging out with a 15-year-old at all?

File: 1426434510809.jpg (77.79 KB, 900x600, s_i_l_e_n_c_e_by_gutterface-d4…)

No. 18928[Reply]

BJD Thread. Anyone remember Gutterface or elfgutz?
697 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 987669

wait, like the SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK singer or am I retarded?

No. 987699

No, of course not. I’m talking about JoJi, The one who this whole thread is about. He has a YouTube

No. 1020276

She's actually got another channel with vids but they're all unlisted.
Found this one though.

No. 1020358

I wish she hadn’t gone and unlisted everything.

No. 1043839

Dorian? As in Ofherbsandaltars Dorian? No way?(necro)

File: 1471837513503.jpg (71.67 KB, 500x559, tumblr_obzk8yPfaj1utzqgco1_500…)

No. 167514[Reply]

Bree Mcgee, known on tumblr as E-Brat, Maggotmother, and now www.dustspeck.tumblr.com
used to be a lulzy tumblr feminist playing the oppression olympics and basically spending her time at her parents house getting triggered by everything.

then she started internet dating this nasty guy called Paul who turned out to be a gross abusive fuck and she got dragged by tumblr (http://cumstainsheets.tumblr.com/post/137827171213/psa-cumstainsheets-is-a-predator)

she stopped posting for a while when she moved to LA to be with said nasty abuser but promptly started posting on tumblr again after she suddenly left LA and was broken up with almost immediately. I know other things happened but i honestly don't remember and she blocked me on everything :(

does anyone have more dirt on her? she bugs the fuck out of me
205 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1043288


Hoping she gets better for the sake of her roommates and close friends who still support her. It’s hard to handle constant breakdowns, the cutting and threats against her life, as much as it’s heartbreaking what she went through.

No. 1043471

Can confirm. All her friends and associates live in disgusting houses and warehouses full of roaches and aspestos. All her skater friends drink malt liquor all day. Does any Baltimorefags know if she’s still friends with that Lindsey Bottos girl who made her whole art school career about her tumblr hate? I remember she was friends with her when she first moved to the city and they were up each other’s asses.

No. 1043817

this is incredibly inaccurate wtf lmao and yup we R roommates <3

No. 1043824

Damn what’s Lindsay doing these days?

No. 1043837

staying out of the house as much as possible lol

File: 1600389316434.jpg (63.96 KB, 392x828, 1600106466676.jpg)

No. 1040699[Reply]

Last time on the "How is this still a thing??" Edition…

>Penny Arcade started shadowbanning comments that spoke critically of Holly on their Vampire game

>Jared walked back his "nobody likes cancel culture" attitude when Leafy got banned, because he's a shitty hypocrite like that

>Jared bitched about "internet bullies" in a video game review about fucking marbles

>Holly claimed to take a Twitter break, but that just meant she was using the WeCrowingHens account more

>Jared turned 35, spent his day begging for money on Twitch and posing with chickens for Holly.

>Holly herself puts a zillion times more effort into her public birthday wishes to Jared than he has for her.

>Turns out Jared is still holding some of Heidi's property hostage and ignoring lawyers, prompting her to call him out on Twitter. Jared simp SadOldMagician tried to WK, got ratio'd.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
212 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1043772

Let me explain this to you so you can maybe grow your critical thinking

>So all the cows featured here are traumatized?

No. Just because two people are coughing doesnt mean they both have Covid.
You seem to want to nitpick people's specific actions and behaviors as a sure sign of something not proven. We KNOW Heidi went through a publicly messy divorce where the mistress with more than twice her followers called her an 'unfixable unstable abuser' which would obviously be traumatizing. If she wants to publicly vent about what she's feeling you can like it or not but that doesnt make it 'milk'

Holly on the other hand we know has a track record of lying and specifically damaging herself for attention (See: Heroes of cosplay where she made a costume out of material she was supposedly 'super allergic to') and trying to build herself off of other people's misfortunes (see: making etika's death about herself) It's BECAAUSE Holly is a bad person who had people fooled why the heat wont die down because even though it hasnt died down she's still trying to act like a 'uwu good girl mental health bird guru magician'

No. 1043777

File: 1600879429576.png (841.98 KB, 898x611, asagaoTwit.png)

That reminded me of the dating sim Asagao Academy that featured him as the super sexy confident rich family character that all the girls swooned over. Couldn't recall the name and found an old tweet that aged like kiviak lmao

No. 1043821

>Let me explain this to you so you can maybe grow your critical thinking
Ntayrt but seek help anon, you obviously need it after opening a two paragraph sperg with that grandiose assertion.

No. 1043988


Just look at any Diath fanart. Literally it is always some hot anime dude and Jared is like "OMG it's me:))))"

Same with Strix

I'm pretty sure a dozen threads ago people pointed out the inaccurate fanart and edited it to look the the actual Hored and it was hilarious

No. 1044287

Even the anime filter couldn't hide his droopy eyes, long face, and bumpy beak nose. It did manage to give him a chin tho. kek

I can't believe this Heidi shit is still going on days later. Heidi has cow potential, but with time passing, she's running out of new milk to provide in this situation. She got the last of her shit from Jared, great. Do we really need to go in depth about trauma response and is she or isn't she a cow for the 50th time? I'm sure the jared/holly wks that occasionally wander into the thread are loving it at least.

File: 1577021344769.png (141.75 KB, 261x275, C17FB648-FA21-4C43-9831-8432DB…)

No. 908614[Reply]

Old thread bio updated
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little // Sexual //
-faux bi
-hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Rosie - roommate
Clayton/sadboiaccount - skinwalker
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1099 posts and 314 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1043679

File: 1600865108465.jpg (75.01 KB, 1000x1000, ur,mask_flatlay_front,square,1…)

No. 1043680

No. 1043681


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1044306


That was the most vapid interview ever.

No. 1045275

Hm…maybe I should draw this bitch for money's sake too

File: 1600151311960.png (150.33 KB, 341x308, kevvi.png)

No. 1039036[Reply]

Please note:you should probably skim through his KF thread, in case I left a few details out

>a beautiful transwomin in his mid30s

>has all sorts of fetishes, sexualizes everything including but not limited to ABDL, and Furry stuff
>lives in an alpaca ranch with other troons
>sits on twitter all day, either hornyposting or complainings
>had SRS surgery, isn't healed after a year of waiting
>claims femininity is liking pink, being submussive and childlike
>so mysogynistic in his beliefs that even kiwifarms called his bullshit out
>had attempted sex with another troon ("lady" with a peen), made a horrifying sextape about it
>the other troon licked kevin's disgusting neovag
>constantly starting gofundmes for "rent" only to post about his expensive "plushies" or toys a few hours later
>old accounts uncovered, only to reveal that he was an incel before he transitioned
>tries grooming other NEETs/weirdoes into thinking they're trans

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
55 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1043628

Why did I unspoiler these are the worst images I’ve ever seen

No. 1043653

File: 1600859724608.jpg (349.06 KB, 810x1375, Screenshot_20200121-233157_Twi…)

Just going through the highlights of this troon… these people are so fucked in the head.

Porn and internet degeneracy are such a slippery fucking slope until you end up in a whole different alternative coomerverse of filth.

No. 1043665

These aren’t real kinks, they have to be specific to cumbrained troons. Also, love how it sounds disgusting and related to dangerous ill health (STIs) and immediately he’s just into it. They’re degenerates. Anything that has to do with sex, they want a part of. How the fuck do you live a life that’s completely and totally driven by sex to the point that you mutilate your genitals to non-functioning for a fetish and still find ways to get worse?

No. 1043712

bug chasing is an absolutely real kink that gay dudes have though

No. 1043738

…Males are something else. I've read about stealthy bug giving, which is horrendous, but not chasing. What the fuck.

File: 1587611953710.jpg (13.56 KB, 259x194, download (7).jpg)

No. 963863[Reply]

Post any lulzy people you know from the art community that aren't popular enough to have their own thread. Here is an example:
DeviantArt: https://mulberryart.deviantart.com/

Tumblr: http://mulberryart.tumblr.com/ (warning: NSFW)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MulberryArt

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mulberryart

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mulberry

- Artist of Yansim
- Traces to hell and back, which means that she steals assets also
- Is lovey dovey with Alex, the creator of Yandere Simulator even though he is basically a shit person who steals from other people and manipulates others and fetishizes him.
- A lot of their art for Yandere Simulator is very suggestive despite that a of the characters in the game are still in highschool
274 posts and 119 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1043564

File: 1600845003481.jpeg (187.66 KB, 828x482, DA88FA1E-B032-4EB8-ACE4-B61EC4…)

She really, really wants everyone to know she’s an artist guys.
>green-lighting new projects

No. 1043566

File: 1600845031642.jpeg (325.32 KB, 1552x2048, 5212EDB3-842D-428A-AFF6-925DDE…)

Peak fashion.

No. 1043595

I just noticed how her floors are getting ruined with paint stains. Gurl get a drop cloth

No. 1043644

She does it on purpose to seem authentic and #artsy

No. 1043971

one spot seems to resemble a paw print too. kind of fucked up if her cat is walking in oil paint

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