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File: 1575323589326.jpg (61.02 KB, 887x1024, Ko4Q6gd.jpg)

No. 900676[Reply]

>"30 year old female"
>obsessed with personal cows, keeps making videos about them and uses her "degree in psychology" to diagnose their disabilities
>known for threatening to sue ED

>Eve starts offering $15-35 porn-tiers on Patreon
>gets called out on KF
>KF anon (Eve? Eve stan?) tries defending Eve, ends up looking special ed
>Eve deletes one of her YouTube channels, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon
>also her dog is dying

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9pfnHcmeg9ameeKwOij_cw (recently purged)
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No. 902388

Yeah, is there any evidence that "Freddie Lounds" is actually Jen? If she is, then yeah she's a true cow. However, Eve is batshit insane and Freddie Lounds currently doesn't seem very interesting unless the OP was just shit at explaining why she's worth paying attention to.

For anyone who's been living under a rock, here's the FF cult story in question: http://www.demon-sushi.com/warning/

No. 902389

No. 902957

No, but I'm not surprised. She seems to be in this constant feel of beign targeted by anything. From her point of view everyone always attacks her (or just take turns).
It's kind of hard to post about her right now because she's constantly deleting everything. And thank fucking god because those patreon porn tiers are something that still haunts me even though I didn't see any proof of it. The idea itself…

I guess I'll keep an eye on her if anything happens.

No. 903237

File: 1575795447374.png (41.82 KB, 618x459, 0HtZ8e2.png)

Abusive roommate is trying to manipulate and harm Eve. I wonder if they can afford to heat their apartment. According to her LinkedIn, she's been unemployed since 2010.

No. 903367

File: 1575824099197.png (420.67 KB, 842x1034, 6kXBviD.png)

Seems like she re-opened her Patreon? Porn tiers are gone, but now she wants $100 for a personalized video.

Her ED page is really informative: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Dumblr_Feminist

File: 1529371850269.jpeg (464.92 KB, 1977x1658, 2379A43A-704B-4049-B1AD-32A9D9…)

No. 614616[Reply]

Old thread is 2 years old, let’s make a fresh one.
Discuss people in your life that have lolcow potential.
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No. 902434

I know a girl who's basically shoe0nhead who looks like Ruaridoll, and if June pretended she was an intersectional feminist and actually liked nerd shit

>late 20s

>cannot say anything online or in person without doing it in meme format or making an oh so quirky nerd reference, overuses the word "goblin"
>used to claim years ago 4chan would use her photos as catfish material
>cannot function in the real world, doesn't drive and has a part time job sorting non-heavy shit not very far from home
>talks about having muh ADHD at least once a day
>parents are loaded, she's living in her parents second house, rent free, which is literally next door to their main house
>spends her money on subscription boxes and plane tickets to meet internet friends
>claims she's an actress, has only been a background extra in like four shows and commercials due to being a part of a talent agency
>attempted to have a YouTube career doing ASMR roleplays, only lasted two videos - in which each character was basically the same manic pixie dream girl
>attempted to have a calligraphy career, lasted two months before she got bored
>is oddly obsessed with indie band members, one of them she would @ on Twitter five times a week and had a public documentation of dates of whenever he would like her tweets to him, the day she met him in person for the first time was a hoot, she went to five different concerts in the same tour for this moment
>has pets, doesn't know how to properly care for them, they're just photo ops for her social media accounts to attempt to make more quirky photo captions
>cares too much about politics, doesn't say much online, but if there's nothing else to talk about, she'll resort to talking about Nancy Pelosi or some other congress member for 5 minutes
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 902497

File: 1575645831342.png (43.82 KB, 944x142, 65678.png)

Saw this person in the general artist salt thread. You forgot to add that he finds the other pedo troon furry, Shmorky, to be an "inspiration".
I'd say his personality warrants his own thread, but I just don't know if he's active or prolific enough to sustain one.

No. 902520

I think he’s a great cow in the making i think he could have his own thread

No. 902613

File: 1575660139005.png (193.22 KB, 1172x920, Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 1.21…)

milk is already flowing

No. 903332

He also steals shit like stuffed animals and tamagotchis from stores and when an anon on curious cat called him out he was like "I'm literally so poor and broke I need to steal to survive check your privilege". You need those stuffed animals and tamagotchis to survive huh

File: 1551829532760.jpg (11.64 KB, 300x300, bella-mcfadden-3.jpg)

No. 783701[Reply]

Last thread >>210611

>Post about any instagram influencers as long as they have some sort of public presence (no personal lolcows.)

>Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting) 
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No. 898165

File: 1574794004649.webm (9.51 MB, 720x1088, 20191126_103550-VideoToMp4.web…)

Does she think this is cute or endearing? You can't be a cunt all the time and then try to pull off the Bratty Emo attitude it falls flat. She's got a good eye for this shit but the look and feel just doesn't connect because she's bougie and privileged as fuck. Imo

No. 903171

how do you know scar

No. 903306

anyone see @internetgirl in lil tracy’s new music video as a “vampire”? @sydn4sty is also there.

No. 903408

She's so dull that I don't even feel the urge hate watch that tbh

No. 903509

she’s been putting on for gbc for almost 5 years at this point it’s not even weird for her to be in that tbh

no one continued the SoundClout thread so I’m putting it here that juicewrld died now too. these emo rappers keep dying.

File: 1575805432614.png (1.31 MB, 1200x850, DpNzhXFUUAANd8N.png)

No. 903270[Reply]

So, what the fuck happened?

Did she just rage quit?(shit thread)

No. 903272

Legit thought this was lady Gaga
Don’t y’all have to write a bunch of info in the OP (I thought box disappeared in like 2012

No. 903276

I don't fucking know.
I don't really come here that often.
But 4chan is now corporate, 8chan is dead, 7chan might as well be dead, and the dark/deep web is poorly managed.

Besides, lolcow.farm was originally created to catch shoe0nhead stalkers that were following her from Unichan, which was dedicated to Boxxy at the time.

So I figured I'd post here.

No. 903285

ok well learn to integrate then

No. 903286

Why is this even a thread? Even some light internet searching will tell you what shes up to, it's not some huge secret. Hell, I watched some youtube videos YEARS ago and iirc she went offline because her fandom was crazy and it was suffocating her
.now lives a peaceful quiet life doing voice acting or something along those lines

File: 1538251487146.png (409.23 KB, 900x900, Cryaotic.png)

No. 700379[Reply]

Thread to discuss Cryaotic.

>Cry has allegedly cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne.

>Accusations of pedophilia.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2yrDg7wROzElRGoLQH82A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cryaotic
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No. 902817

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this is all a farce. the only ever "drama" you all will get about Cry is due to Chey, Angel, any other person in vicinity of Cry to get his attention, NOT Cry himself.

No. 902847

Cry was a creep for sure, but at least he seems to be trying to change. At least I hope. The best thing he could do would be to admit his faults especially regarding the underage thing but seeing how long it took him to ditch Cheyenne, he’s not gonna do that any time soon. Also speaking, it kinda looks like Cheyenne seems to be showing her true colors to Christine already.

No. 902894

How is Cheyenne showing her Colo rs to Christine?

No. 902950

There's been so many instances of Cry preying on younger girls but go off, I guess. You guys are pathetic.

No. 903235

"The only drama around Cry you see is with everyone around him, it always involves him, but he's a perfect angel!!"

Dude, what the fuck

File: 1551536178286.jpg (217.33 KB, 850x684, 1548959882407.jpg)

No. 782532[Reply]

Previous thread >>660175

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots, updated from last thread:

>Ashley Elisa

>Med school drop out
>Acts like she's hot shit
>Anons pointed out how she looks like a donkey
>New cow from last thread
YouTube link:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 902599

I discovered BV made a video about Martina Markota way back in August.
She's definitely reading this thread

No. 902848

Black and Jewish women look better than any old nazi rat bitch(racebait)

No. 902864

lmao this, black women age SO WELL too wtf melanin anons so jealous ngl

No. 902872

She's also part Jewish and Indian. Which is even more disgusting from her end.

No. 903027

Wasn't Tara one of the women who spoke out about the harassment and the misogyny in the alt right kek "harassment is ok when it's done to others but it's a problem when it happens to me! I'm on your side!"

File: 1437697502312.png (968.28 KB, 1020x606, 1424416827858.png)

No. 13467[Reply]

Because there seems to be milk from this girl.

Audrey Theresa Maddison Hayashi
>Modelfag from Canada.
>Lived in Japan for Japanese language study, then for work.
>Got hated by the Monstrengas online through Twitter because of what she wrote on her old Tumblr account about Dakota. (If you remember KFC's "Dakota's jealousy erupts" thread on PULL, the girl is her.)
>Married Asian husband 6 months after meeting him.
>Someone named Tiger was stalking her back then. Went on to delete her old Tumblr akifuuu and denshahime. http://emiii-chan.tumblr.com/post/66078707061/akifuuu-not-on-tumblr-more-as-some-of-you
>Super SJW. Used to get into fights on Tumblr. http://indulgingabstinence.tumblr.com/post/62416029573/akifuuu-reblogged-your-post-clit-or-miss-replied
>One more: http://wisdomofthewilds.tumblr.com/post/97900397709/oh-my-cant-reblog-so-ill-post-it-here
>Had an Instagram account (mh_audrey) but it was deleted when she got posted on Taylor's thread.
>Moved from Japan to Hong Kong because of her husband's work.
>Decided to model in Hong Kong
>Rode on the coattails of HK model Andi Autumn
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 601798

loser back home

No. 601812

Loser gaijin can't get a decent job.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 789721


No. 889314

Any news about Goddess Audrey?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 902941

Seriously, does anyone know what Goddess Audrey is up to?


File: 1540874058536.png (689.44 KB, 750x1334, wjcAkBJ.png)

No. 723714[Reply]

Soren/Bambi/hurtc0re thread #3

Our subject: Soren Hayes, an edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi who gained notoriety for writing a graphic "trauma narrative" about their time as part of a child sex trafficking victim, every part of which was laughably fabricated.
Recent updates:
>teased us all with talks of suicide, didn't go through with it (surprise surprise)
>posted a new, updated trauma narrative as a 36-image Instagram post, somehow worse than the original
>new trauma narrative differs from original in almost every way
>contradicts previous accounts, gives detailed depictions of CP related snuff and gore, focuses more heavily on "Sam" character
>apparently "Sam" has multiple children before the age of 18, all of whom die graphic deaths in Soren's new narrative
>has begun using pics of fellow cow Ginger Bronson as faceclaims for "Sam"

Relevant links -
"Trauma narrative"/graphic child abuse fanfic: http://archive.is/pvovF / https://pastebin.com/MD6YTgQa
Updated trauma narrative as of 10/18: https://imgur.com/a/Y01HB9w or dumped in previous thread, starting here >>719418
Tumblr: umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1140 posts and 262 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 903112

Damn, the second one is almost word-by-word Sam’s latest death scene. Also reminds me of the pretend Hidden Wiki screencap (something about climbing inside another girl’s corpse?)

No. 903113

Damn, the second one is almost word-by-word Sam’s latest death scene. Also reminds me of the pretend Hidden Wiki screencap (something about climbing inside another girl’s corpse?)

No. 903887

sage for OT but this kid is eerily similar to superpunkjelly or whatever. fakeboi edgelord necrophiliac that self diagnosed DID and is always going on about "muh trauma"

No. 904025

Nah, Superpunkjellyfish (now beastmac) is just a spergy fakeboi munchie who dresses dumb and is obsessed with being The Most Sick, shes not wanking to pedo snuff and torturing animals

No. 904044

True but he admitted to actually touching a kid and classified himself as a class iv necro

File: 1455764896677.png (888.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160217-220722.png)

No. 94275[Reply]

Another lame ass scam online store made by some vapid cunt
Instagram: @lovelyscumofficial & @daizee_xox
66 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 294385

File: 1492581541455.jpg (38.72 KB, 720x960, 18010259_1303218503059410_8389…)

anyone following on insta? She keeps changing her user and I'm kinda interested in keeping up with coke fueled mental breakdown / attempt at become national embarrassment now that company is too trashed to afford drugs, booze and bad tats

No. 294532

Instagram is back to daizee_xox and shes deleted all evidence of the lovelyscum shit, and without her threatening customers strung out on cocaine, shes not so entertaining

No. 364128

shes selling a private snap. wonder how many dudes shes ripping off with that.

No. 902254

she's still running the same scam but as bubblegumthebrand now(necro)

No. 902838

I'm one of the people who ran the lovely_scum_is_scum page back in the day. I was tempted to start up again when she did, but I personally believe it'll be funnier to see her live off of it for a few years. When she train wrecks it on her own, she'll be in her 30s with no savings or actual job experience.

There's one thing that I wish I had the screenshots of still and could show her customers. At the time she was in my dm's talking shit that we must do this because were poor, ugly, etc. We sent back our bank info showing were not poor lol, and her response was that the only way we could make that money was if we were strippers or whores. Now she wants to profit of of the people she talked down about.

I lurk but this is my first post so please excuse any newfaggotry(necro)

File: 1560342079752.png (399.7 KB, 591x490, shoe00.png)

No. 821211[Reply]

Last time
>Shuwu moved to a new place and it isn't her fiance's apartment. Preg still won't marry her.
>Wishes Lauren Southern farewell and to have many babies
>On the other hand still tries hard to get into leftie circles, references copmala
>Nobody wants to accept her though so she has meltdowns daily

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
662 posts and 200 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 902639

He won’t marry her but she’s dug her hole so deep trying to prove she wORShiPs his d1ck 24/7 ddgl shit that she would never leave him and give everyone a chance to say they knew it’d never last
They both repeatedly call women in their 30s old wine moms so you know her man child bf will see her that way. They deserve it for all of the shit they’ve spouted for years

No. 902863

Shuwu said a long time ago that she was going to make a video on Meghan Murphy and called her "the final boss of feminism" or something very cute like that. She knows that she has nothing meaningful and informative to say in response, Murphy is eloquent and more educated on the subject of feminism than Shuwu's hack ass could ever hope to be. Debating or making a video will just prove that she can't argue against anything that isn't a clickbait Buzzfeed article.

No. 903050

Oh right, yeah I remember that video. It was her "Chromosome Crusaders" video and she says that about Megan Murphy towards the end of it. I actually never even heard of Megan till that video because this was back when I was a Shuwu fan -gag-. I ended up checking Megan out and I was pleasantly surprised. While I don't agree with everything Megan says, she's definitely a competent speaker and I can see why Shuwu never followed up because frankly, Megan would destroy her in a debate.

No. 903481

File: 1575845947132.jpg (91.27 KB, 581x1000, uwucast.jpg)

No. 903518

saged for no milk but holy fuck shoe looks like a 50 yr old mom playing dress up in her christian teen daughter's clothes

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