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File: 1658599567076.png (228.06 KB, 828x433, 0wmm5wifpzc91.png)

No. 1595451[Reply]

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

Previous thread >>1272633

Summary : June appears to be having a bit of a breakdown and is deleting a lot of her salty tweets quickly, especially those attacking men but not quick enough to be capped elsewhere
-Seems like a lot has happened since the last thread it seems so maybe some nice nonna's can bring us up to speed here
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No. 1934253

File: 1701076961162.jpeg (258.82 KB, 2048x2048, 24435DDE-59DB-4E45-95D9-A2C082…)

I predict she's gonna turn into picrel.

No. 1934504

well glad she's married. its really funny seeing how fast she got over Greg.

No. 1935640

Genuine question, what is June gonna do now? For all intents and purposes, she's living the trad dream now. She's achieved what I assume she wants to achieve. Is she still gonna pander to incel scrotes now that she's got her trad husband or is she finally gonna mature now?

No. 1935791

Something like >>1930571. She’s just gonna pander to married moderate men who are slightly less openly misogynistic while lightly shitting on MRAs, as a proper waifu she’s finally allowed to criticize bottom tier men a little bit.

No. 1935970

>yellow teeth
Omg he has money, right? …right?

I do like Shoe's ring and dress, however. The ring is at least tasteful and a step up from Preg's initial offering.
Hope Shoe can be happy, but my guess is no and that she's gonna end up divorced for marrying someone she barely knows and/or birthing a permabald, future school shooter.

File: 1587264292302.jpg (100.06 KB, 980x653, Titanic-Sinclair-Poppy.jpg)

No. 961466[Reply]

Last Thread: >>>/snow/581474

Thread Summary
>After much back-and-forth and vaguing (and some false counter-accusations launched by Poppy involving Josh Moran), the lawsuit is settled - Mars keeps the right to all music and videos she made with Titanic, Titanic has to delete any and all nudes of Mars, and they are not to speak of or interact with one another (online or offline) outside of court
>Titanic reportedly attempts suicide while Poppy is on tour, he messages fans about it
>Poppy and Titanic break up, Poppy makes her new relationship with Ghostemane public
>Poppy posts a statement on Twitter essentially calling Titanic abusive and attention-seeking, disavowing him and accepting no responsibility for her role in attacking Mars
>Poppy fires her entire band and puts out a song indirectly attacking Mars
>Titanic's brother, Alex, pops up to defend his brother on Reddit, then on YouTube via Edwin's Generation. He can't seem keep Mars out of his mouth despite Poppy being the main subject, makes several claims about both women without much proof, claims Mars "traumatized" him, then moves to defend Titanic some more on Twitter
>Maggie Levin makes a film about the Mars/Titanic/Poppy situation, titled Into The Dark: My Valentine
>Mars Argo friends and fans react negatively, Mars unfollows her (former) friend who starred in the film
>Titanic gets with a new girl, Chelsea, aka @nobodysdreamgirl on IG
>Poppy stans trick Chelsea into openly shit-talking Poppy in a group chat with them, leak screencaps and also that she made a Twitter account to argue with them
>Titanic spergs in his own IG comments, responding to negative comments with long rants, insults interspersed with "love and light"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1932853

I couldn’t even listen to 2 minutes of his monotonous voice.(thanks for letting us know)

No. 1933105

hrrmm, just speculation here, but what if they broke up and their trying to make a family look for business only. kinda like the attempt at the mars/poppy projects when they broke up too. idk, the change in reference to chelsea, and sudden re engagement while dropping music under a family name feels weird.

No. 1935853

File: 1701383016384.png (4.57 MB, 2880x2880, Chelsea insta.png)

Chelsea posted these on her insta stories. She was previously testing different make up styles and IIRC a new wig. Y'all know where this is going?

No. 1935855

File: 1701383161899.png (3.84 MB, 3840x2160, You know the drill.png)

You know the rules and so do I.

No. 1935870

File: 1701384982832.png (3.97 MB, 2880x2880, White eyeshadow.png)

You wouldn't get this from any other guy.

File: 1422588045114.jpg (69.34 KB, 570x472, Capture.JPG)

No. 157009[Reply]

Boxxy stalker general thread. Unichan/Catiechan fags get in here.
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No. 157024

File: 1468889898984.jpeg (857.91 KB, 1350x10821, Boxxyisgettintrolld.jpeg)

Lol I used to lurk catiechan in my neckbearded days purely to troll boxxy and trolling boxxy or her mom was entirely too easy. I visited her Chan recently and it's dead as fuck.

No. 157135

File: 1468932467201.jpg (50.39 KB, 619x404, srs.jpg)

Oh man I remember the Boxxy stalker days
Including the "water retention" thing when people were bringing up her weight. I sort of miss those days.

No. 1533412

Any unichanners still alive?(necro)

No. 1534524


No. 1932567


File: 1471837513503.jpg (71.67 KB, 500x559, tumblr_obzk8yPfaj1utzqgco1_500…)

No. 167514[Reply]

Bree Mcgee, known on tumblr as E-Brat, Maggotmother, and now www.dustspeck.tumblr.com
used to be a lulzy tumblr feminist playing the oppression olympics and basically spending her time at her parents house getting triggered by everything.

then she started internet dating this nasty guy called Paul who turned out to be a gross abusive fuck and she got dragged by tumblr (http://cumstainsheets.tumblr.com/post/137827171213/psa-cumstainsheets-is-a-predator)

she stopped posting for a while when she moved to LA to be with said nasty abuser but promptly started posting on tumblr again after she suddenly left LA and was broken up with almost immediately. I know other things happened but i honestly don't remember and she blocked me on everything :(

does anyone have more dirt on her? she bugs the fuck out of me
784 posts and 234 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1931825

she's doing the classic out-of-shape woman move by hiking up her underwear super high so her muffin top flab becomes one with her ass and makes it look like she has a big ass. meanwhile the ass has zero muscle or plump behind it, it's just saggy flesh

No. 1932329

File: 1700691879838.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 640x1136, 78262272_683976902429409_55215…)

The mental gymnastics

I didn't say anything about her ass being "big", that's just you who brought that up mate

Probably because you've seen her other videos in the past and know that ass to be the Truth

And also what kinda ass you got? Huh? I'ma say you gotta ol' clown ass

Ion' want no hard muscle ass anyway, weird mf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1932361

Lol the mental gymnastics of defending the beauty of a flabby self harm cow, thank you for the laugh.

No. 1932483

Just say you would fuck anything and go lmao. She does nottt look like this anymore and continues to purposefully ruin her appearance as self harm

No. 1932490

begone moid

File: 1693009614111.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1253x1174, IMG_0960.jpeg)

No. 1888410[Reply]

Jenelle Evans is a former star of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and later on starred in the spinoff Teen Mom 2. Currently, she is known for being an abusive mother, encouraging her husband to abuse her children, and venturing into Onlyfans, updates of which she refers to as “spicy dumps”. Her current personality is a racist munchie who dabbles in Qanon and Shein hauls when she’s not doctor shopping or abusing her kids.

Please remember that Jenelle is not a victim. She abuses her children and chooses to be with another person who abuses them. She is not worth your pity, only the kids she neglects and screams at are.

She was “fired” (in quotes because MTV never fired her, they simply said they were not filming with her at that point) in 2019, while her Sasquatch of a husband was fired in 2018 after a series of homophobic tweets. He is a known far right extremist and abuser, who has been barred from his son’s life due to hitting and abandoning his pregnant girlfriend, whom Jenelle posted revenge porn of. David has also been visited by the secret service due to his insane amount of firearms, bullets, poison darts, and wide variety of totally normal weapons to have when you’re a white man in North Carolina where you have four children living with you.
Notably, her “firing” was after her husband David beat and shot her dog Nugget to death in front of her children. Jenelle announced the small dog’s death on Instagram but refused to press charges against her greasy husband and went on a press tour explaining how it was actually totally a misunderstanding, dude. Jenelle is complicit in the abuse of her children and allows her husband to do so as long as she can hang out in her She Shed and film TikToks where she acts smug and reviews various food items, such as literal school cafeteria food she orders online

Jenelle and David reside on a swamp in a manufactured home that they insist is NOT sinking despite the pair downright stating it. Their days consist of smoking weed, popping pills, telling each other how much they hate them, and completely ignoring their children.

They have several children they neglect — David’s eldest daughter Maryssa (who may not live with them currently as they swore they cut her out of their lives when she testified against them in a court case involving CPS), Jenelle’s son Kaiser (who she cited aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
160 posts and 60 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1931659

File: 1700593681685.jpeg (837.79 KB, 828x5842, IMG_9474.jpeg)

Jenelle is going to be drug tested, you love to see it

No. 1932238

Well unlucky for her the drugs would be in her system thanks to her hair follicles Even if she skips a few days without drugs. As for the therapy thing she’s not gonna go unless her husband supervise her so it all had to be done virtually. She’s the type of person who will leave as soon as someone calls out on her shitty behavior (we’ve seen this on TM reunions) so what’s gonna do good for her? She’s a lost cause who needs to be locked away from society before she murders someone.

No. 1933878

File: 1701005300809.jpeg (532.22 KB, 828x5376, IMG_9519.jpeg)

Jenelle will sue TikTok if the users do not stop being mean to her

No. 1934382

LMAO this broad is delusional, why is she acting like anyone watches her for "content". Ppl visit her profile to talk shit and watch the train wreck. There's maybe 150 ppl that watch for the enjoyment of watching. TikTok doesn't care about you Jenelle.

No. 1934880

File: 1701196687693.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 828x12312, IMG_9555.jpeg)

more gross OF leaks, click at your own risk.

File: 1641862265431.jpeg (320.32 KB, 422x677, 94351AEB-C03E-4DC0-8526-FC77EE…)

No. 1414184[Reply]

Helena @lacroicsz on twitter
> Amerimutt/Polish zoomer part of a youth activism group of Luther detrans ftmtf called Pique Resilience Group (group has seemingly disbanded now)
> Dated a member of the group named Jesse but they later broke up
> Each claim the other is abusive. Jesse called Helena out on twitter after Helena claimed racism is natural and part of human tribalism
> an SJW FTM turned TERF turned conservative

Daisy Chadra
> ftm turned ftmtf turned religious Christian youtuber

Ryan Barnes (Saltyalty)
> Became popular from her detrans YouTube videos
> Claimed to be Asexual and not know what being sexy meant.
> Started an Onlyfans after fans egged her on to do it
> is now demisexual
1184 posts and 205 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1931975

So Isaac found another AGP he probably fucks now. I know both of them have made reactions about each other before and the video is showing some DM's between them in discord. He's always been chatting with other trannies there, he loves them. Also from how he looks recently I suspect he is retransitioning.
It's also fascinating that a big part of his audience still doesn't get his humor. They're actually worried because of this garbage.

No. 1932275

To be fair most terf/gc content consumers are mommies in their 40s, majority of them retarded. So I'm not surprised they can't tell he's joking.

As for his newest catch… how many times more is he going to go back and forth? Like, at this point either stop engaging in tranny things, or live as a she without hormones. Sure, it won't look good but seems like a middle option, least physically damaging and many of them look manly while presenting as women now, so why not? Like, it's not great but I swear he goes through a cycle of:

detransition -> try to be normal -> normal everything, hair, girlfriend,…-> not happy, so he looks for magical cure like a schizo (this diet will fix me, chemicals are bad, the system…) -> starts getting angry and more unhinged -> has an angry outburst -> meltdown -> silence -> seems more happy, later comes out he was either going back to dating mtfs or retransitioning again. Personally, I would avoid him right away but he seems less threatening when trooning out or dating them.

No. 1932584

Fair point about the middle aged women.
Isaac is extremely obsessed with youth and looks. If he doesn't work on that his cycles just keep continuing forever. He often mentioned being horrified of being an aging man. And, as mentioned before, he feels deep shame about his homosexual side so he keeps going back to pretending to be straight and hating mtfs. I also believe he feels extra shame about being into trannies kek. He should just wear dresses if he wants, stay off the hormones, get therapy and get a social life but since he knows everything better it'll not happen. Honestly who cares how he presents, he was so triggered about some terfs having a problem with him wearing womens' clothes even though those were only a small part of the comments he received. Most gc people don't care and even normies should be used to seeing that and fine with it, at least liberals. He is so terminally online.
Also interacting with other mentally ill trans-identifying men on discord probably sucks him back into his cycles too.

No. 1935648

I don't think he's gay or ashamed of himself. I think he's an AGP and he's pretty pleased with himself for getting a bunch of spineless or desperate "radfems" to baby him while he acts like a misogynistic shit-heel.

No. 1935658

Well this new try on haul is pretty AGP. He is such a creep. Also nothing new with the commentators fawning over a male with bad taste.
I do think he's ashamed, at least sometimes because it explains his lashing out on women and trannies.

File: 1699223909707.png (967.39 KB, 957x880, Screenshot 2023-11-05 153416.p…)

No. 1924452[Reply]

Previous threads 1-100:

Last thread: >>>/snow/1917235

Thread #101: >>>/snow/1769105
Thread #102: >>>/snow/1775267
Thread #103: >>>/snow/1788746
Thread #104: >>>/snow/1788707
Thread #105: >>>/snow/1803031
Thread #106: >>>/snow/1804184
Thread #107: >>>/snow/1808834
Thread #108: >>>/snow/1819446
Thread #109: >>>/snow/1819594
Thread #110: >>>/snow/1827053
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 318 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1932025

File: 1700656946330.mp4 (15.9 MB, 576x1024, e0b30d307207fa67549703d0c9b97b…)

This creature swiped right on me, I have LESBIAN all over my profile. Made me laugh but I'm also offended

No. 1932026

They really say the quiet part out loud when they only ever talk about attractive women who appeal to the male gaze. And they always think they will actually be able to become those women.

No. 1932029

Sometimes it's weird to see how men write about the world. "I just assumed my view was shared by everyone, isn't that sound logic?" also believing hot video game and anime characters are actual representations of women and not characters designed by men for men. And also the universal experience of womanhood can be represented by "hot woman on the street". Just crazy all over

No. 1932033

File: 1700659100850.jpg (84.92 KB, 948x828, IYwP57E.jpg)

I'm applying for a job and this is one of the questions on the form
I want to leave this clown world

No. 1932037

why is this so funny to me huehuehue

File: 1674716337408.jpeg (217.95 KB, 1080x1345, queen.jpeg)

No. 1752617[Reply]

H3H3 Productions is a Youtube duo comprised of Ethan Klein and his wife, Hila Klein. Previously known for their humorous video skits, their content is now focused on podcast series such as Off The Rails, After Dark, H3TV and (formerly) Frenemies featuring Trisha Paytas. After the cancellation of their show, Ethan and Trisha have been embroiled on a public feud involving other family members, tea channels, autistic redditors and people from Trisha's hometown.

Adjacent Personalities
- Moses Hacmon: Hila's brother and Trisha's husband.
- Donna and Gary Klein: Ethan's parents.
- AB Ayad, Zach Louis, Dan Swerdlove, Ian Slate, Olivia Lopez: H3H3 crew members.
- Hasan Piker: Co-host of new H3 show, Leftovers.
- Keemstar: Archnemesis of Ethan.

The H3/Trisha Ongoing Feud
>Ethan and Trisha had a very successful show called Frenemies. One of its high points was when Ethan and Trisha exposed David Dobrik and supported a rape victim, who was taken advantage by the Vlog Squad.
>During the last episode, Trisha was upset that she had no say in what happens in the show and how repetitive the segments were. It escalated into an argument where Trisha asked for the show to end because she didn't want to walk out while the cameras were still rolling.
>Trisha had an online meltdown and made a bunch of videos saying that she quits the show. Ethan accuses Trisha of wanting to fire the crew and made everything about her wanting 5% more from the profits.
>Trisha made more videos, attempting to explain herself but making herself look worse in the process. Ethan made content based on her responses, which got him lots of views.
>Ethan invited Trisha to record one more episode of Frenemies to promote the merch, but decided to not not air it once everything sold out.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
602 posts and 109 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1933045

Ah yes because babies and kids playing paid scripted roles in movies and tv is exactly the same as having almost every moment of their private lives in their own homes, embarrassing moments and all, broadcast to the public. What a great equivalence

No. 1933059

Samefag, babies and kids who work in film/tv also have strict limits on how many hours a day they can work, what time of the day they’re allowed to work, and how bright of lights they can be exposed to and for how long, etc. Family vloggers don’t do that

No. 1933361

Ah yes, because child actors are historically known for being paid and treated fairly and are never taken advantage of by their parents or others in the entertainment industry. How many child stars didn't get their money stolen by their parents, how many can you name that received their fair and full compensation once they reached 18 and their parents no longer controlled their finances? Comparing Trisha to a "family vlogger" is bullshit anyway and you know it, she's not the Ace family that the H3 crowd used to dog on constantly, she's the equivalent of a terminally online facebook mom with a cosplay and musical theater fetish. It's embarrassing, sure, but calling it abuse or being a "terrible parent" is a total stretch. Are you mad your mom took corny photos of you at Sears and you never got paid for it?

No. 1933862

But children in movies and tv are often sexually abused. I don't think it's a great environment for them.

No. 1935266

Are you all mental midgets? Who gives a fuck about moral fagging about children on youtube and TV shows. It doesn't matter. Look at the parents. Look at Trisha. Look at Moses. You think those kids will grow up in any sort of healthy way? Fuck no. Trisha could live stream those kids 24/7 or hide them from the world until they're 18 and they would come out fucked up either way.
>b-b-but nonnie, Trisha has changed! See, look at this clip, she's making improvements!
Great, but you still have the retard father. And even if Trisha has been making positive changes, based on historical evidence only time will tell if those changes are permanent. I hope the best for Trisha and her children, but acting like them being in the public eye is important in the slightest when their parents are who they are is just delusional.

File: 1664319652282.png (3.36 MB, 1800x1799, OPpic.png)

No. 1660046[Reply]

BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media. It’s most known for being a youth centric mouthpiece for trending topics, pop culture, liberal feminist theory, and hot gossip. They developed a particularly devoted following on YouTube, with different content creators grouped into different factions.

Buzzfeed fell under wide scrutiny for limiting the creative freedom of its main hosts/content creators, as well as blatantly stealing concepts from smaller creators on YouTube and Tumblr. The former led to a mass exodus of full time staff members between the years of 2014-2020.

Below are the different (most prominent) buzzfeed content creator groups and individuals

The Try Guys
>Members consist of Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang.
>Most influential youtube group to leave buzzfeed, at a whopping 7.8 million subscribers.
>Content consists of playful attempts at trying “new things” in clickbait fashion
>Began endorsing DNC candidates in the 2018 election races
>Eugene has an overwhelmingly larger fan base compared to the other guys at first, however in recent years fans have picked their own favorites.

Notable personal moments in their series
>Keith talks about his body dysmorphia
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
718 posts and 94 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1911372

imagine getting allllll those surgeries and saying "no, the chins stay"

No. 1911708

Did the surgery do literally anything? All this money and he’s still ugly and masculine as fuck kek

No. 1931437

Thoughts on buzz feed girls trooning out?
>must be a woke LA thing(thoughs on sageing or posting screenshots?)

No. 1931442

you forget to sage, but most of them while not being fujocoomers seemed super faghagish and so it was inevitable.

No. 1932467

Jesus Christ. Allison turned into a pig and Gaby is a troon. What a sad timeline. They seem to be enabling each other's neuroses.

File: 1686617576452.jpeg (93.92 KB, 903x1451, MALICE.jpeg)

No. 1845552[Reply]

My apologies to the anons who whined for a new thread, y’all were right and I should have posted sooner – smh, hope you find this.

Alice Llani (formerly, but still legally, Alice Bender) is known on Tik Tok for controversial takes, identifying as a crunchy and vegan radfem tradwife. She is “terminally online” and desperate for attention at any cost, often soiling her own reputation and exploiting her two children in pursuit of it.

FKA alicellani / crunchyipadbaby / aliceandfern / alicellanispam / aureliasmama / comingupfern / radfemalice / Allison-Loke-Lani Roza

> Spends an exhausting amount of time trying to gaslight audience that she is at her pre-pregnancy weight, despite looking like a water-logged corpse (spoiler: she does eventually loses the weight for single girl summer).
> Weight aside, Alice spends nearly a year looking like she died in the bathtub giving birth to Sneeze and is a walking ghost.
> Gets exposed by some crunchy moms for being a mean girl.
> A lot of gross food-floor stuff, not worth getting into all of it but THINGS BE FERAL AF.
> Interest dwindles in Alice’s antics so she tries to generate some by teaching, filming, and encouraging Fern to engage in unsafe behaviour around natural bodies of water (repeatedly). Eventually, she even gets bored of this herself and it abruptly stops.
> Abruptly stops showing the children’s faces. Anons speculate whether this was to drum up attention or if she’s hiding physical indication of abuse via Daddy Bender.
> Regular programming receives more frequent interruptions than before — archiving photos of Caleb, unfollowing him and his family, ask followers advice on getting a large down payment back, using audio about DV, etc. She claims to be looking for an apartment for herself and the children.
> Follows this up by mass-archiving social media posts and anons are torn whether this is due to an impending divorce/custody battle or if she is still baiting yet again.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
384 posts and 160 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1926167

What’s the neighbors Instagram?(don't involve random people + learn to sage)

No. 1929293

File: 1700117353050.png (8.85 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8880.png)

One of the neighborhood moms posted them so at least the boys are okay

No. 1929603

Is that Sage? He looks like someone is finally feeding him.

No. 1930591

File: 1700343094479.jpeg (607.48 KB, 1170x1688, F2FFCE69-7204-4AC9-A002-488034…)

That sub is so irresponsible. The mods confirmed the wellness check
was one of their own members calling cps on her. I don’t blame her for going into hiding, people are taking this too far.

No. 1931377

File: 1700530872283.png (4.2 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9015.png)

Her main is back up on TikTok
As much as I want someone to intervene calling random wellness checks is definitely not the way to do it. That’s honestly weird.

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