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File: 1509442901346.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7702.PNG)

No. 412346[Reply]


Fairly well known in the spoonie, cripple punk and autism tumblr communities

About me: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/post/158907782680/about-me
POCD (pedophilic obsessive compulsive disorder) posts: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/tagged/pocd
Autism blog: https://autistic-faerie.tumblr.com/#_=_
Cripple posts: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/tagged/cpunk
References to Dissociative Identity Disorder: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/post/166886946355/superpunkjellyfish-we-want-pizza-but-we-have
- has legally changed his name after Supernatural and has tattoos of it
- recently weasled himself into the spoonie and autism community on tumblr despite having predominantly self diagnosed conditions, (autism is self diagnosed)
- calls himself a "cripple punk"
- alluded to having POCD which he calls "pedophilic obsessive compulsive disorder" which isn't a valid diagnosis
- has a large following of minors
- ironically has a "anti-MAP" blog
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 904548

That's not much of a surprise. They paint this picture that they're fragile and can't function on their own because of mental illness and trauma but it doesn't sound like they were ever even abused.

From what I've heard, the sister has moved out and has a stable job and a life. Cas moved out only to move back in with parents because of "mental illness" aka said they would kill himself if they had to get a job because they refuse to be an adult.

No. 904746

Last I met her, her sister did have a steady job and a boyfriend and all, plus looks great. Their parents are very gentle lovey dovey hippy dippy and supportive of all of them. At worst I could believe her older autistic brother behaved inappropriately towards her, but nothing else tbh.

No. 1121397

File: 1609723431341.png (204.82 KB, 347x750, antichrister.png)

(sorry to mods for necro) but Cas is now claiming to be deaf and hard of hearing.

No. 1121544

no surprise. their whole gaggle of facebook DID munchie friends all are deaf, blind, or mute even if they can hear and see and talk.

i wish that circle of people could be milked but it’s all hidden behind facebook groups.

No. 1121612


what i wouldnt give to be a fly on the wall in some of those facebook groups

File: 1574645508015.jpg (133.26 KB, 395x667, 1562078480641.jpg)

No. 897463[Reply]

Alternative title: "Mods please don't lock this one before it even starts" Edition

Dinara, aka Develv, 28, is an artist on DeviantART known for making fetish art of eunuchs. She often shares her account on the site with her sister, Elvira, 26, whose own account and username is Elveo. The lion's share of their infamy stems from their antics in the Russian art and fanfic community, and the site HolyWarsoo has been archiving their antics since 2015.

The sisters have a bizarre fixation on historical young boys who were the victims of genital mutilation and sexual abuse by older men. They combine this fixation with a general disdain for other women, often making their eunuchs resemble fashion models, while actual women are drawn to be plain, unappealing and/or broad-bodied, at best, or strange, ugly caricatures with mannish features, at worst.

Points of interest:
>Elv is known for editing actual Wikipedia pages to distort information, and match her and her sister's eunuch romance yaoi fantasies
>Psuedohistorians in every way, constantly claiming that this or that woman or group of women were actually beautiful men (for example, Amazons or nymphs in Greek mythology actually being men all along) or not female-identified (Hatsheput being a trans man)
>Both are intense apologists for the abuse and castration that eunuchs went through, claiming most of them were not victims, but "glorious, beautiful, innocent angels" and "figures of power". They enjoy writing fanfiction and drawing fanart of these historical figures, romanticizing their ordeals and completely reimagining their appearances
>They defend pedophilia in general, and sexualize living boys who are CSA victims (Bachabazi), young Jewish men and boys, gay Middle Eastern men, MtF transsexuals, intersex people, etc under the guise of "appreciating male beauty" or "supporting love"
>They were homeschooled and raised in some sort of hypermisogynistic cult by their insane father, which may explain their internalized misogyny
>They believe Jesus was a eunuch
>They are staunchly against any depictions of BiblPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1104806

File: 1607654447496.jpg (49.87 KB, 297x750, tumblr_6dda0aa00c87c9bb0b0f4c0…)

Broken neck

No. 1121272

File: 1609716061663.jpg (625.76 KB, 831x2470, 9sE37Cm.jpg)

Elva seems to be into kpop lately (no idea who that's supposed to be, I'm not a kpop stan). Her skills are deteriorating, while Deva is stagnating.

No. 1121333

That's Jungkook and V, is she claiming they're eunuchs too? lmao

No. 1121599

What is that facial expression on the third panel conveying?
Wouldn't be surprised, those kpop boys seem to be right up her alley. Kpop Connor coming soon maybe?

No. 1121635

I hope they're not tagging the real group with this shit, it's even cringier than the connor one.

File: 1609705200792.jpeg (1005.3 KB, 1125x2055, 19EB3A01-4830-477D-969C-8B95B5…)

No. 1121147[Reply]

>ladyjedi23 sad thot who thinks parler is just a regular social media
> called out on it since she claims to be liberal only to double down.
>never does research or read the news and accuses people of making new accounts when you can literally see they’ve been around for years.
> preaches staying at home to fight covid while going out herself and having parties
> attention seeker who morphs into whatever she thinks the person she’s dating wants
> trustfund baby whose parents pay for everything g including her shiny new beamer
> never had a real job in her life, brief attempt working for mummy and daddy
> typical delusional womanchild snowflake(shit thread)

No. 1121199

This seems like a self post. She doesn't even seem that milky.

No. 1121202

So just a typical social media user. Shit thread.

No. 1121207

File: 1609711200403.jpeg (414.15 KB, 1125x2436, F2D6933B-B4BF-43D4-B758-5EDE53…)

I am definitely not her.

No. 1121208

Interacted with her, not her.

No. 1121210

Snowflake on snowflake hate crimes.

File: 1537713435307.jpg (113.69 KB, 1280x720, nichole.jpg)

No. 694958[Reply]

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

-makes songs about violence and ddlg
-has posted child porn and extreme gore on her blogs
-steals her album and song ideas from movies and books
-ebegs drugs from followers
-constantly cancels shows including recent ones w bigger artists such as Poppy
-works with grimes for years, has nothing to show for it
-loves to post pictures in trailer parks, cemetaries and grimey hotels for the aesthetic

-Been working on a new version of Hillbilly Noir which is now entitled Heart Shaped Bed
-Is currently spamming ghastly pictures of herself
-has yet to release the album which she promised would be out late summer but is now pushed till late october
-made a music video with her calves
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1120606

That's someone who goes by Megan Perks, @bilebunny, not Nicole.

No. 1120610

This is absolutely Nicole, are you kidding me?

No. 1120617

I swear if this isn't Andre trying to self-promote again…

No. 1120621

I thought the same thing.

The name is literally right there >>1120606, and even Andre links to the girl's account in the post. Stop this shit, no one's convinced.

No. 1121516

that's definitely not her, that girl has the same shitty wig as her though kek

be interesting to see if she actually keeps her word about new music in march

File: 1567683185935.jpg (1.16 MB, 1236x1560, 1567026131691 (1).jpg)

No. 864285[Reply]

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1145 posts and 245 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1034163

Gee I wonder who this retarded cow fucker could be????

No. 1035460


top kek - been missing the attention have we feebz?

No. 1040879

stellar milk

No. 1077495

File: 1604789871068.jpg (102.83 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1604789140477.jpg)

Nearly a year since our boi posted on Instagram. She uploaded this picture on FB today. Is her face… possibly looking a little thinner?

No. 1120439

I miss the milk too anon,but no she doesn't look any thinner and maybe she will return one day with her heroic story of how she overcame cyberbullying, and if she returns thinner it will be her "eating disorder"(necro)

File: 1477967537837.jpg (15.43 KB, 199x300, thRWLWEFLM@.jpg)

No. 191655[Reply]

Why hasn't anyone posted about Leda Muir yet? She's a youtuber and last year she deleted all her sites because she had a breakdown cause someone was talking shit about her.She dyes her hair every 5 weeks,she used to be a scene kid:LedaMonsterBunny.She changes her personality and the way she looks depending on who she hangs out with and who she's dating.People found her old yahoo answer page that she made when she was 13,she starved herself to get skinny,she got pregnant at 13.She's 21 and when she's not living with her boyfriend she lives with her parents.All she's done in life is make Youtube videos and take selfies and gets attention for it.She edits pics of her face so much even though fans have posted pics of her unedited face.I used to be a fan of hers but now the only good thing I can say about her is that she's absolutely gorgeous.What do you guys think?
twitter: twitter.com/ledacmuir
youtube: youtube.com/user/ledamuir
backup videos: youtube.com/user/macygoesrawr
tumblr: sceraline.tumblr.com
instagram: instagram.com/theledabunny
67 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 866171

Have you been living under a rock? She published a couple of shitty books already, talked about them for years. You didn’t even use the right thread…

No. 971977

Her books aren't that bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 972001

sage, dumbass.

No. 1119517

"As someone who knows a lot about astrology"
So, you know it's BS right?(necro)

No. 1119525


sage, dumbass.

File: 1480025350100.jpg (45.84 KB, 400x268, A4CJUhw.jpg)

No. 209353[Reply]

>Swiss dude
>Makes surreal videos where he goes out in public with dakimakura wearing a leotard, makes extremely un-PC jokes, talks about his fap collection, licks cream off figurines
>Apparently has a GF and other weeb friends, good job (has been speculated to work in finance)

Youtube: /Nervli
Twitter: /meidocafe
Flickr: /meidocafejp
83 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 799382

>Kerim Roth
oy vey. so bizarre he's allowed to get away with posting tons of nudes and lolishit online.

No. 944991

I think you're just bitter that you can't express yourself the same way. Melonpan hurts no one and entertains everyone he comes in contact with. You're just being overly proud. Try to have fun once in a while. Life is short.(necro)

No. 944992

Go back to twitter, don't bump a dead thread with this shit

No. 1118742

much love from ghosttranspacificwaifu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1118845

I think you can get all of his nudes and more on kohlchan, successor of now defunct krautchan

File: 1605392605116.jpeg (301.11 KB, 1242x1242, FC01220B-EC40-4A25-81BA-F887A7…)

No. 1082360[Reply]

Current -
Instagram: @puppygrl, @pwurring
Twitter: @crepegrl

Past -
Instagram: @pwurrs, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade, @warmmilkies, @pukeys,
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries, @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

> 20 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1150 posts and 281 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1117869

>implying Erin would set foot in a dungeon and not just picking flowers in Ardenweald and spending mommy's money on mounts

No. 1117870

Yeah maybe, if I were her I’d still choose to start fresh. Regardless I think the point was that she went straight to unlocking a race she didn’t even need considering she bought SL. she could’ve boosted an available toon and jumped straight to SL content. Especially since she pretended to have the xpac weeks before she got the game. I think that’s the cringe part, not her boosting. It’s her using the boost to mimick the girl that was trying to unlock velf. Unlocking races arent top priority as some anon mentioned before. She had the chance to jump straight into SL yet she didn’t. Reason why being that girl, I’m guessing. Who fucking knows

No. 1117935

No. 1118101

damn, i think they might be a farmer then instead of erin sock, they probably tried to play with her to try to get milk from her, what a looser.

No. 1118207

sounds like a fed up friend who was on the verge of doing a 180 kek

File: 1601998276768.png (3.85 MB, 1626x1585, scenequeens.png)

No. 1052968[Reply]

A thread for discussing your fav former scene queens.

(They are, of course, allowed to be mentioned if relevant but please keep the general discussion of Jeffree Star, Dahvie Vanity, Kiki Kannibal and Victoria Murder in their respective threads.)

Audrey Kitching
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akitching/

Zui Suicide
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zuiwatts/

Hanna Beth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/barbiebeth/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thehannabeth

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
185 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1117356

File: 1609263367818.jpg (917.05 KB, 1920x2560, nsandwich.jpg)

She's another finnish queen. I can't remember her scene name for the life of me, but she seems to be doing well for herself nowadays. picrel


No. 1117361

I fucking KNEW she'd be from Finland. She looks so Finnish.

No. 1117460

late but I can guarantee she bought this hoodie after seeing Audrey Kitching model it. My sister and I got it too

No. 1117471

Naturally laughed aloud reading her ig bio started with "new york times best selling author", however it has great reviews and actually seems funny and worthwhile. I remember her clothing line did really well, so honestly good for her that she went from a live journal groupie and "photographer" to a successful woman. Also the book has two other authors/collaborators, and they are all part of a podcast called Lady Gang? One of the other women is Keltie Knight, or Keltie Colleen, who is also Ryan Ross' ex. Such a small, weird world.

No. 1128247

Anyone remember Hallie Horror? She had a youtube & myspace, made videos almost always about being scene & how hardcore she was (lol but I was there for it @12). Seemed maybe anachan iirc & some of her videos reminded me of kiki's. Had a few where she'd lipsync/dance around or hang out w friends. Last video I remember seeing, she had gorgeous long red hair & was playing a saxophone

File: 1606954612660.jpeg (630 KB, 1242x1377, 1EF14346-99D5-4209-9079-80B55F…)

No. 1097620[Reply]

Previous thread: >>1072499

Last thread's milk:

>Sean Connery dies at 90, video of him talking about slapping women pops up posthumously

>uwu baby Ariana Grande releases Positions, cries over review scores, which are not THAT bad
>Once again, Twitter is trying to cancel Brendon Urie
>Kylie Jenner holds massive Halloween party that declared "no social media", whilst pictures were plastered all over social media. this spins major backlash
>Doja Cat, who previously had covid, attends Kylie's Halloween party and has snitfits at her fans on Twitter for not taking accountability for her actions
>Johnny Depp loses libel case against Amber Heard
>was said to have cut his own finger off and physically assaulted her
>Johnny Depp fans sperg over verdict in thread for posts long
>other anons say it was likely a mutually abusive relationship
>Nonetheless, Heard and Depp's careers collectively continue to tank, a fact that no army of stans can deny!
>Gwen Stefani is engaged to Blake Shelton, everyone thought they were already married
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 179 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1116986

That photo of her in the yellow bodysuit she posted after the internet roasted her for looking like a linebacker. it's in her youtube posts.

She looks so Rubenesque

No. 1116992

How did she quadruple in size and keep the same Size boobs

No. 1117071

I consider all what you just mentioned, white lol

No. 1117080

File: 1609216127698.jpg (130.47 KB, 634x919, lanahuge.jpg)

presented without commentary

No. 1117081

File: 1609216155058.jpg (128.76 KB, 634x918, lanahuge2.jpg)

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