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File: 1617330386868.jpeg (302.84 KB, 1242x1139, 55BACAF4-854B-441E-8504-F10864…)

No. 1199929[Reply]

23 year-old edgelord who has the internet person of being a emo fuckboy having a large fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points often, says his illness has been “so bad that I couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth” Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1200742

This thread unfortunately didn’t get linked in the last one before it closed down. hopefully people find their way here?

No. 1200859

>>>/snow/1199903 the thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1510704685188.jpg (261.25 KB, 705x700, kati.mashed.jpg)

No. 424115[Reply]

The gift that keeps on giving!

Joy/kati has claimed to have had a hard, horrible, abusive upbringing. Claiming that her parents were verbally and physically abusive. That her step-father's actions bordered on sexual abuse. Not only that, but she said she lived in "ghettos" and "trailer parks". If that wasn't bad enough, all her health issues that have plagued her since childhood, still haunt her today! Poor, poor, neglected, abused kati. Feelsbadman. Oh, wait! No it doesn't because it was all a lie! SURPRISE!
here's some highlights from the previous thread >>399109 :

>deleted her JoySparkleBS channel, claiming too much bullying & harassment, but was due to show analytics from do5 videos.

>still calling and texting rose, bio mom of do5 kids, reminding rose that she gave rose money and rose should be fucking greatful and should kiss her ass til the end of time.
>played peek-a-boo with her Twitter account a couple times, to get the joytards in a tizzy.
>joy and cultists drag shrubtime for (((lying))) & (((scamming))) people.
>"family" anons decide to join the discussion after fall out with shrubtime/alex/red towel head
>All namefagged post by "family" anons: >>415132 >>415237 >>415377 >>415407 >>415428 >>415432 >>415435 >>415498 >>415513 >>415517 Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 446667

My pleasure.(you are definetely a joytard)

No. 447474

I am not guessing; you are definitely a Joytard.

No. 449340

she's back on youtube on someone else's stream, she said she will start using her spurpinklebow channel for streaming. watch this space.

No. 449375

new thread is discussing it >>>/snow/446617

No. 1200509


File: 1616327078748.png (Spoiler Image, 403.82 KB, 450x626, fakeboitherottengirl.png)

No. 1189390[Reply]

A stan from Luna Slater's thread that has been simping in her tumblr notes for at least a year. Has shown up multiple times in her threads, asked to not be discussed because they think it's bullying, mean and disrespectful to "harass!" someone like that while also happily acknowledging they partake in Luna's threads. Claims to just want to "be kind to someone struggling," is happy to ignore all of Luna's sins and merely says "I don't judge" and "is just atoning for reading here".

> Despite claiming to want no attention drawn to them, seems very pleased with the attention drawn to them whenever they show up in the threads, and keeps showing up despite claiming they just want to be left alone even though it without exception always leads to the opposite.

> Is a "detransitioned" FTM (said they "lived as a man from 15 to 20" which probably translates to "wore jeans and vans for a few years" rather than actually transitioning) and now a rabid radfem, terf, hater of trans people and believer in a transgender conspiracy against women, while also claiming to respect all pronouns as long as they're not "infringing on femininity" and reblogging posts mocking people who go by she/them, claiming they hate women

> best online friend goes under the username "xannexfrankx"

> Imgur album with some Choice Quotes from their blog with more info about all the above https://imgur.com/a/4ZongxA

> Also claims to be a sexworker, thinks Lurch looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt >>>/pt/725609

> Thinks Luna is a victim of booollying due to her asking for handouts to fund her heroin addiction >>>/pt/773738

> has encouraged Luna to shoplift >>>/pt/787578

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1203983

The personal importance you place on the series does not negate that it's porn and was produced for sexual gratification purposes, not artistic. The sooner you come to terms with that and move on instead of continuing to mentally coax yourself into thinking otherwise, the better.

No. 1203989

"The Angela Chapters" was porn i won't defend that as anything else but it was devoid of all the trippy editing and had no story, unlike the earlier installments. But I think anybody who has actually viewed it would agree that it is a horror movie. It is a case of the barrier between art and porn being thin in some places, but I wouldn't call it porn because porn has no artistic value.

No. 1205251

Imagine being this scrotepilled into defending shitty horrorporn series. I don't get how Tarantino etc. also doing some shitty things is supposed to be a mitigating argument for a movie that is 100% filmed abuse and exploitation of mentally ill, homeless woman that was addicted to drugs nonetheless. At least Tarantino's movie is actually a movie that could exist without the abuse happening offscreen. Can't say that about vomitgore trash.
>but his art has been very important to me since I was a young teen and first saw Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.
This is why retarded children shouldn't watch M/R-rated movies. Get a better taste and some brain while we're at it.
>Also people who have not seen the films for themselves should probably reserve judgment.
Omg totally need to see a scene of a spider being sewn into a woman's vagina to judge it's artistic worth. No thank you, a thorough description of the movie by a fan is enough for me.

No. 1207589

Should I also watch two girls one cup in order to confirm that scat porn is disgusting? What a fucking stupid argument.

No. 1209428

if you have not seen the movies yourself then it is impossible for you to judge their artistic merit, which fluctuates throughout the series. Is this the LV thread now or something?

File: 1613634203074.png (13.54 KB, 90x90, Cry.png)

No. 1164432[Reply]

Cryaotic is a YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who outed himself as a pedophile and groomer on a video posted in June. Following the video, several victims came out with other allegations.
Last thread: >>>/snow/997235

Current events: After a victim (Susie) was found to be false and Auri stepped off from Twitter and deleted her Discord server, anons have been discussing their doubts about Auri.

Before this all went public:
Jund leaves the LNC stream early one night after Cry flips out on him for not enjoying a SJW furry visual novel.
Cry goes manic on a privated stream

June 17th
TiaBeanie (Previously went by the name Sakunora in the Cryaotic tumblr fandom) posts on Twitter about her experiences with a "Content Creator". Very quickly the content creator is revealed to be Cry himself.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1198297

Last I saw she had lost the job that taught kids to swim and all, so I think Christine is the supporter right now (along with their onlyfans stuff i think?)

No. 1199822

speaking of those two, how many pets do they have? they must have a job/jobs unless cheyennes dad pays for stuff. Last time they did a live stream their house looked like a little shack/trailer. and they had chickens all over. They also showed the dog that cry paid for IIRC(?) a cat, and some rats.

I only remember because the stream was around the time all this came out so I thought there would be something said on stream but they avoided talking about cry or anything related.

sage because it's about cheyenne, but not like theres going to be any milk here anyway cry is gone and will prob stay that way.

No. 1199867

I remember that stream too, I thought that was a MIL unit or something similar since I highly doubt they're land owners in LA/LV or wherever. I think its the dog, some chickens and some rats.

No. 1199998

They also have a cat and I remember they had a turtle at one point unless they killed it or gave it away.
They DO have a ton of animals, I'm sure she has a job… Gotta, right?

No. 1200132

I mean… Homeless people have pets too. Wouldn’t surprise me if those animals are being fed the cheapest and unhealthiest shit possible. You know, the stuff that’s 90% ash. I can imagine their trailer home or whatever smells rank.(Sage)

File: 1576132868007.jpeg (97.66 KB, 840x560, download.jpeg)

No. 904697[Reply]

Russ McKamey ran a 'haunt' called McKamey Manor in both San Diego and Tennessee which is now closed down. He was featured in a Netflix film called Haunters: The Art of the Scare which brought him forward to a wider, normie audience. The Manor was a topic of discussion more than a few times on plebbit, Facebook and YT due to the very obvious sexual pleasure he was getting out of having young girls in onesies be hurt and humiliated for as long as they could stand it. He had people sign waivers which weren't legally binding, he put spiders on them, half-drowned them, etc.

It turns out Russ was outed by his ex-girlfriend who alleged he was a pedophile. She then retracted her statement while still claiming he had abused her. It seems like she was the one who set the recent wave of interest in him off.

He had Facebook groups where girls who had previously taken the tour with him would act as moderators and flying monkeys for him to attack 'haters' who were telling the truth about him, which is that he's a sick fuck who got off on beating girls up and filming it. Said haters found out that some of his 'actors' were ex-cons and sex offenders. One of the dudes had an erection while running some people through if I'm not mistaken but I can't find the FB links any longer. I'm terrible at collecting milk but here are some links:

Gabi goes through the haunt. This is an hour long edit of her tour.

Five years later, Gabi and a friend talk about how she helped Russ for years after her abuse, running his FB pages and moderating negative youtube comments. She does not remember all six hours of her tour.

Surviving Life (terrible, terrible fucking youtuber, but he somehow got interviews with everyone) does a series on Russ, talking to his ePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
87 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 933627

put up or shut up, this is an imageboard.

No. 1101972

If anyone knows anything about This tardcum Justin Wolfstar? His tour was the Lulzest most embarrassing thing. We have ever witness in Mckamey Manor History, Located in Tennessee.CumTard Justin also infamously "known" for uploading redistributing child porn. Right on his JewTube channel that he lost last year. This Tardcum is now Manipulating Someone Else's Tragedy For his own Personal Gain. Promoting and Revictimsing people,exposing victimising publicly,humiliating making them relive their own trauma. Russ Mckfuckery, is not to blame for this tardcums own actions of recycled, other people's home video's!

Exactly, what is this online tardcum trying to achieve by “recognizing” that a person has just taken a tour and promoting their tours or someone else's tragedies by asking for “likes” or “shares”?Advertising his links to join his Cultish group? He is not exposing anything just glorifying. Helping other predators watch these home video's, attracting tricking more innocent people or predators into a shit posting group. Who are going to fall for this TardCums tricks,lies,into the act of deceiving his new army of blind followers.

The TardCum makes the matter even worse because it is just sickening to see him also his
Manson Family like "followers" take advantage of an awful event or event's like that. Torture,Rape, pedophila,Pedophilia comments, stalking,harassing, public defaming,blackmail,Bullying,lying,hacking,gaining IP's, revenge porn,recycling home video's, is not something to be celebrated or used to garner attention.Like what the TardCum and his, followers do.They also organised gang stalking,preying on who ever that does not agree with them. All in the guise of "Exposing" Mckamey Manor. TardCum Wolfstar is actually helping predators not stopping the matter. It's more lulzing he and his zombies advertises.They do just opposite from what they claim. Hypocrisy spending so much time attacking people one and making x3 amount of post flooding, then taking it to Jewtube spending 8+ talking about the same thing for days. They do not help anyone! They just mock survivors or people who had a traumatic experience. In their life from childhood digging up. The skeletons of someone else's past or present. They will use it against their victims in anyway,shape they can online.Just like any predators would normally act with criminal mentality. They create more groups and chats just to contiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1102433

File: 1607370262921.jpg (90.67 KB, 551x712, Resized_Screenshot_20201117-08…)

BoomerStar has put in a lot of effort in his partnership with Russ Mckamey, that he automatically opted tens of thousands of small businesses out of money. By hacking Facebook accounts and now his own Friend Russ Mckamey's emails. As complaints from angry fans and club bar owners, turn their eyes again back to BoomerStar. Everyone knows BoomerStar is a double agent. The internet's own Jester stinking up the books once again.

No. 1103384

File: 1607479809685.jpg (23.29 KB, 683x900, funny-things-to-say-to-a-perso…)

The little haunting community or as they called "themselves that now."
Lindsey Hensley & Angela Pharris who do not know anything about extreme haunts. They never took a tour anywhere. It is true they Thrive for Drama and cyber stalking people who once were fans of extreme haunts moved on. These two
play the victim so well they should carry around their own body chalk. It is not hard to research current affairs online & the public knows these two women thrive off of Drama & Hate. They are online predators & not victims.

They are
shit stirring rioters
suicide trolls
organized gang stalking
Victims shaming
Re victimised
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(emoji)

No. 1200117

Lindsey Hensley is a pathological liar ( lies about everything including her own long time of stalking people online , history and kids) compulsive online cheater. Possible personality disorder, but can’t be rehabilitated in my professional opinion. When someone causes havoc it’s not good to stay silent. I hope this post saves others from the destruction she is capable of. She grooms people share's kids photo's, contacts people's churches, doxes discredit's people. She is always going through some things as 'a excuse', for her to keep stalking and harass people online. Why does Lindsey Accuses everyone of Stuff? She does herself But Says 'she does not?' — Gaslighting - Her favorite imprint of power she thinks she has over a conversation.
Gaslighting Lindsey will damage your emotional well-being by imposing, her abusive mind manipulation, techniques or shaming them through gaslighting. She is verbally abuse and uses people, to get what she wants. This professional Gaslighter uses and needs a group and or platform for all her lies, denials, and or manipulates information to control people. Including changing and or creating fake screenshots. She uses her own addictions turning around blaming others for Xanax problems. When it is really her, as 'she would stay up for days.' Stung out on pills and drugs. Spamming facebook group like chats.

Lindsey will leave you like this.

. You are constantly feeling you are confused and second-guess yourself.

. You find making simple decisions are difficult

. You are frequently asking yourself if you’re being too sensitive withdraw or demands you need to leave the internet. stop socializing. You are not allowed to socialize or associate with me if you are friends with this person.

find that you’re always apologizing to the abusive person
defend the abusive person and the behavior
. She will lie to your family and friends about you and try and get them to turn on you.
.She will post family personal photo's in Angela pharris slanderous Facebook Group.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(extreme autism.)

File: 1537713435307.jpg (113.69 KB, 1280x720, nichole.jpg)

No. 694958[Reply]

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

-makes songs about violence and ddlg
-has posted child porn and extreme gore on her blogs
-steals her album and song ideas from movies and books
-ebegs drugs from followers
-constantly cancels shows including recent ones w bigger artists such as Poppy
-works with grimes for years, has nothing to show for it
-loves to post pictures in trailer parks, cemetaries and grimey hotels for the aesthetic

-Been working on a new version of Hillbilly Noir which is now entitled Heart Shaped Bed
-Is currently spamming ghastly pictures of herself
-has yet to release the album which she promised would be out late summer but is now pushed till late october
-made a music video with her calves
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
910 posts and 227 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1200064

It's like Lillie Jean photoshopped Kota's face onto a picture of herself.

No. 1200075

I thought the exact same thing lmfao

No. 1200235

This is actually really good
Definitely a lot less cringe than her old stuff

No. 1202431

Since when were her eyes that blue and her nose that small? Did she get PS and some contacts while on hiatus?

No. 1205887


who is this copycat bih

File: 1617313668654.jpg (229.94 KB, 837x1188, IMG_20210401_225433.jpg)

No. 1199740[Reply]

Danielle Marie Miller / Danielle Jones Miller
Snowflake,attention whore
>Danielle stalks and reveals personal information about people and pretends that it's their "exes" such as Colin Kroll, Douglas Diggle, Brendan Carey, Phil Bak, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump. Brendan Carey, Colin Kroll,
>danielle suicide baits on social media on 12 february 2021, the police had a welfare check down and she told them she was "just using a figure of speech" and it was a "political post".
>shits on drawers.
> she's claiming she has been trafficked and owns a business called The Trillion Network.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/peacefultea
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1199873

This thread is a bit lacking. Seems she has a thread on the other farms, couldn't you plagiarise that?

No. 1199881

Yeah but i thought she deserves a thread in here too

No. 1199897

Never heard of her but based on her ig posts, I wanna say she must be just very sick. Why the fuck was she pooping in boxes and for how long has she been like this, she seems to be a teacher irl?

No. 1200011

File: 1617338464085.jpeg (45.94 KB, 446x250, 37C6AF57-7524-4B58-A09A-5ABC08…)

Please sage posts when no new milk.
I’ll add some (old) milk on her. She is extremely mentally ill. Online she sometimes speaks about herself in the third person and makes outrageous claims, like picrel.

No. 1200016

File: 1617338929640.jpeg (747.4 KB, 1242x1104, D453684A-F5BA-485E-9F96-ECE843…)

She sounds full on schizophrenic.

File: 1616404879424.jpg (96.88 KB, 773x652, ch.JPG)

No. 1190167[Reply]

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 188 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1199744

File: 1617313913402.png (88.33 KB, 210x275, 1406890162691.png)

I love this thread!

No. 1199750

I think I remember reading in one of the YouTube general threads or maybe I heard it from my stan friend? Bad memory sorry that at one point he was on stream begging underage fans not to post pictures, so he must have at least seen it happening. One would think it might make him stop and ask what he was doing to get so many fourteen year olds posting near nudes on Twitter and tagging him.

No. 1199774

I also remember seeing somewhere that he also erased his Snapchat because he was getting sent inappropriate shit from underage fans.

No. 1199794

this thread is fast becoming my new fave. please don't ban skitzo-chan and the stan brigade

No. 1199802

Has anyone started making the new thread yet?

File: 1594785742068.jpg (74.81 KB, 954x667, original.jpg)

No. 1007397[Reply]

A thread devoted to all things related to the Youtube Beauty Community and Beauty Drama. Please direct all Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, and Karmageddon discussion to the Shane/Jeffree thread.
>Beauty Drama Channels
>Gurus, Personalities, Beauty Vloggers

Shane/Jeffree Thread: >>>/pt/783058
Previous Thread: >>806516
Youtube General: >>980242

FTC DISCLAIMER: This thread is Not Sponsored - I bought all this milk myself and there are no affiliate links
144 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1199560


this is that scrote logic of "the underage girl/guy was coming onto me!! they wanted it!!" yeah and it's your reasonability as a fucking adult to rebuff them

I fucking hate nonces

No. 1199752

he has a largely female audience yet only seems to talk to his young, male fans. big hmmm.
Also the clout chaser comment are dumb. Who gives a fuck if these literal children are baiting him? He is an adult. God damn though this freak is going to be 45 and people are still going to be calling him ~basically a child~

No. 1200611

How do you know they didn’t add their age to their bios until after they exposed James?

No. 1200841

Yeah I was thinking about that too however it's obvious to me that these are children regardless of declared age. I feel JC could tell too. Maybe me being 26 plays a role in being able to tell when someone is too young but I remember being 19 and still being able to tell someone was a minor. They behave, look, sound young.

No. 1200909

Exactly. You can debate that he was being trolled and lied to, but it’s the same shit over and over. He never learns. Even if some of this was trolling, he still falls for the bait and who fucking knows how far this spans out at this point. Besides, let’s not forget he catfished an entire soccer team for their dick pics in high school.

File: 1616537520212.jpeg (420.75 KB, 2048x2048, 2C6E9A24-D7EC-45D0-93E4-5A9D4C…)

No. 1191408[Reply]

Elaine Gertler Miller is an 18 year old aspiring model & commodity trader who resides in London. A tory who flaunts her family’s (questionable) wealth on social media and brags about attending Westminster School, an expensive and prestigious London boarding school. Elaine is a self proclaimed “hacktivist” who is on a mission to cancel cancel culture after clips from a livestream were posted on twitter in which Elaine says she wanted to nuke Chinatown. There’s little information on Elaine before May 2020. She says she was a “controversial internet troll” previous to all her online activity disappearing. Elaine says her parents use their wealth and influence to have hackers & police remove photos and videos of her after the Chinatown incident. Elaine flip flops between having a friend who died from online bullying to herself being the target and bullied until she attempted suicide. She also believes anyone who talks about her, shares info from her public social media accounts or shares DMs have broken British terrorism statutes. She uses multiple alt accounts & sock accounts to threaten people with hacking, criminal prosecution and legal action but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention. Even though her whole schtick is canceling cancel culture, Elaine tries to cancel lots of things, including but not limited to this site, kiwifarm (she refers to KF as kiwi leaks), Josh Moon/Null, Britton Bully Club, Diane Awesomelaser, Chinatown & pollution.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
549 posts and 132 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1201790

I don't even see any attic secrets being spilled.
All I see is Annie Adderall touching the poop and posting the fingerpaintings they made with their poop hands to kiwifarms and now on 2 separate lolcow threads.

Pretty desperate and obvious attempt at stir up drama between LJ and Elaine. At the very least, posting screens of the conversations would be a bit more interesting than just obnoxiously bragging about having private conversations with a cow.

Way to insert yourself in their drama for nothing….congratulations for making Diane be only the 2nd most annoying poop-toucher in these threads now.

No. 1202525

Annie is a joke

No. 1202727

Screens of the conversations conversation has been posted on KF and btw I can see only one thread here.
You forget anons, that Elaine inserted herself from the beginning messing with Diane, Null, Annie, posting insults here and there, try to doxx everyone, all the hacking threats + fake minor impersonation.

Drama dies now.
Elaine is a sad nobody, hopefully she'll learn about keeping her big mouth shut online and humble herself.
Anyway, it was fun the time it lasted.

No. 1203429

File: 1617818372811.jpeg (130.15 KB, 692x1051, DD61459D-F43C-40C5-B7ED-606C82…)

thought she would produce milk a little longer, I really rooted for this cow

No. 1204200

me too, maybe she take this advice >>1192868

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