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File: 1528496010745.jpeg (229.71 KB, 1000x800, 1528494257611.jpeg)

No. 605517[Reply]

In this thread we will be able to talk about another Petubers flaws. We will started with the basic kit of narcissistic self involved characters such as:

Happy Tails aka Megan Arriola
- The worst hoarding pettuber with over 100 animals.
- Keeps her animals in a small room with way under minimum enclosures.
- Advises not to listen to veterinary advice, like not spaying and neutering rabbits.
- Backyard breeds dogs, purposefully mixed two breeds together and justified it by saying they're designer and "these breeds are really in right now".
- Breeds a potentially harmful gene (merle) into her dogs
- Uses aerosol products and paints her nails in the same room as her birds.
- Feeds her animals mostly fruits and vegetables without proper supplementation.
- Her bird almost died due to poor diet (vet literally put it on seed because it was too thin from bad diet).
- Had her snake and bird out on her body during livestream.
- Some of her cages have exposed wire and splotchy/peeling paint.
- Charges an OUTRAGEOUS amount for 'consultation' when she has 0 credentials and can't even say she does her own research for her own animals.
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No. 624713

Thank you, and yeah I get that.

Thanks, but yikes. From all that I feel like folks will find it impossible to ID her. The crazy is too high.

No. 624720

File: 1530315040245.png (4.01 KB, 310x34, twitter.png)

This is correct, please report any posts you suspect to be her and put "Emzotic" as the report reason. We will then check if it's really her and append the post history if needed. If you see any posts that show screenshots of her tweets with the analytics icon visible, please absolutely report them. (pic related)

No. 624723

File: 1530315372084.jpg (366.68 KB, 1536x2048, 1530312544582.jpg)

bad shoop, but her sign is so exploitable.

No. 624729

New Thread >>624724

No. 780849


File: 1541970278189.jpg (1.27 MB, 1654x2339, 1541826827083_2018110922203292…)

No. 730576[Reply]

It's Black Friday
Toxic Tears and her fat, chav boyfriend
Adora Batbrat
Sebastian Columbine
Kat von D
Drac Makens
Angela Benedict

With possible mentions of:
Of Herbs and Alters
Erin Micklow
Jessica Lovecat/imastaythatbitch
Snowy Lowther

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No. 780859

This is nothing new. She has always coat tailed trending tags because she is a fame whore. Lets not forget her old profile on a couch surfing website… goals… to be famous. How about work on integrity first. Shit floats.

No. 780860

As someone that lives in Belfast and personally knows both Kaya and Jake I can confirm they are just as cringe in real life. Jake thinks he's hot shit when in reality he is a pimple covered mess irl and Kaya tries to be uwu kaweewee when in reality she's a land whale who has peter pan syndrome and has never heard of deodorant. Pray for me y'all :c We have the same friend group and I have to see these two fuckers everywhere. It's breaking my will to be alive lmao (just found this thread and it's everything)

No. 780861

Skull girdle has inched her way into youtube and sure she promotes and supports the scene but her voice grates me so bad. Cant deal.

No. 780864

Do spill more.

No. 780865

Thank god you can't smell them on youtube but you can tell from TTs modelling and how there's always shit all over the clothes and dirty fingernails she has poor body hygiene. Ewwww.

File: 1517092309734.png (345.75 KB, 734x436, BM0NcHX.png)

No. 483139[Reply]

New thread for Rachel (alias grav3yardgirl on Youtube and prefers to be referred to as 'Bunny') seeing as her original one >>>/snow/13218 is considered a necro if its bumped and its full of white knighting and blatant sockpuppetry.

>From Houston, Texas

>Began as a paranormal vlogger but then due to untold bad experiences, shifted focus to product reviews
>Is often cited as a beauty guru despite knowing fuck all about skin care or cosmetics
>Tween fanbase harassed Tarte into doing a palette collab with her despite aforementioned lack of knowledge/skills
>Palette struggles to sell and was still sitting on store shelves for months only to go on clearance after one year

2015 drama includes taking her mom on a shopping trip to get a Prada handbag which ultimately broke and was sent in for repairs. Rachel bitched about how long it was taking and so her fanbase once again descended upon another company and spammed their customer service email and social media accounts demanding the return of said handbag. Prada serviced Rachel's mother's order even though others were ahead of her in the queue and issued a public apology to the great and powerful vlogger while Rachel just threw up victory signs and thanked her fans for "their support".

>But her eyes!!1!1


Rachel has also oddly retconned many things about her life, such as a dead boyfriend she used to speak of and sleeping with her hairdryer on in the bed. This coincides with the drastic change she made when she stopped doing paranormal vlogging and opted for pandering to prepubescents by screaming into the camera for hours about shit nobody cares about.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 746547

This guy is beyond talented, he's got all the mannerisms and the voice down to a T. I wonder if she realises she's a walking caricature.

No. 746607

All of his parodies are really good but his impression of Bunny was so dead on it was scary.

No. 751005

I feel he could have roasted her a bit harder, but I imagine he didn't want to be too harsh given her mental illness

No. 774569

7:31 she looks like a caveman(necro)

No. 780534

Ha, I have those shoes. They're about $300. They also haven't made them in years, like at least 5 I'd say. I wonder if she bought them off ebay for half price or what(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1550684024177.png (453.03 KB, 492x413, katiecarney.png)

No. 779776[Reply]

Who she is: 32-year-old YouTube personality who gained traction by making videos about how she lives in her car. Her account went from 15k to 150k in summer 2018 over the span of one month.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/katiewasheredotcom/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katiecarney/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/katiecarney (hasn't posted content since February 2018, posted an apology for not updating in October, hasn't posted yet but keeps linking the account in all her videos and collecting between $200-500 depending on how many patrons she's had)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katiewashere (not updated often)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/katie_carney?lang=en (not updated often)
MySpace: https://myspace.com/carntinarc (OLD and not used in years, interesting to look at the old photos though)
Blog: https://thekatiecarney.wordpress.com/ (not updated since 2011 when she was 24, some nice cringey stuff though)

- She had to sleep in her car for 10 days out of necessity, made a video about it on her channel, and then didn't check it for a long time. When she logPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 780318

"And don’t even get me started on the fact that I weigh less than 120 pounds (ten of that being in my boobs alone) and am a size mother fucking 2 and haven’t had a person call me skinny since I was ten pounds lighter. What the fuck, America? And we wonder why 14 year olds are making themselves throw up after they eat a salad.

So. Mad. At. Life. Right. Now."

I know she was 24 or whatever but that was so funny to me, she was really bitter that no one called her "skinny" in a minute? I thought that was kind of a slight these days, like don't thin girls prefer "slender?" Maybe I'm wrong lol

Plus it sounds like they were calling her curvy cause of her tits

(Referring to the WordPress blog: "What kind of world do we live in where a size two girl is rarely called skinny and always called curvy?")

No. 780476

File: 1550862826885.png (547.64 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20190222-110434~2.p…)

She made a video about how to save money on February by not buying anything unnecessary for a whole month (#nobuyfeb) and made an side insta account for it (@nobuykatie) which she hasn't posted to since February 7th. Posts another video a couple weeks later where she talks about all these products she had bought and says she's probably going to return some of it. Seems like she can't stick to any kind of commitment

No. 780499

that's not really v interesting anon

No. 782948

yeah there's just not that much drama surrounding her. there was one post on reddit by someone who knew her irl saying how she's a bit weird (but i'd blame her anxiety for this). couldn't find the post unfortunately :(

No. 787215

Not really milky but she did a livestream on ig today and like 3 people asked if she was still dating her photography bf @micahpringle and she said no that they'd broken up, "about, gosh, a month ago?" and she wasn't going to talk about it and it's private, so at least she seems like she grew past publicly whining about breakups to her thousands of followers.

Now she's supposedly going to go on a roadtrip for a month with one of her male friends, she says she doesn't want to call it "going on the road" because they're only gonna be gone for a month and then coming back to Nashville where she'll live in a house again (which she's done for the last 6 months). She said specifically she hasn't been living in her car because she's been in so much pain, but her most recent video on YouTube is titled "I TOOK EVERYTHING OUT OF MY CAR (THAT I LIVE IN)" so she could really make up her mind in that regard.

File: 1454694023280.jpg (72.38 KB, 600x495, Lexxy.jpg)

No. 89782[Reply]

Not entirely sure if this girl qualifies as a snowflake/potential lolcow but she strikes me as an attention whore for sure.
In her most recent video on YouTube she claims that doing porn has improved her life so much and then goes on to complain about people who (mostly on the internet) slut-shame her.
She had a couple of girls sending her tweets and nudes to her job/family and gets pissed off when her followers tell her that it might not be a good idea to post nudes online and have your 'porn alter ego' connected to your regular social media profiles.
She is also currently trying to get into the actual porn industry, so far she has only been posting videos of herself masturbating and stuff on ManyVids.
Also claims to work out a lot but looks really flabby in her porn videos. Probably edits her nudes quite a bit.
Furthermore she's a SJW.

Her profiles:

Her porn stuff:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 762156

>"How do I get attention now that I no longer do anti feminist videos?"
>"Ah yes talking shit about Trisha Paytas like I'm so much better than her!"
Also the fucking Animal Crossing music in the background, isn't she afraid that Nintendo will copyright her shit for that?

No. 762177

OT but people have been using AC music and Wii music for years now as backing tracks for their videos
Nintendo just doesn't want their games in your videos…er, they didn't, anyway.

No. 762185

Her bf looks just fine. He's just kind of a cuck for having an e-whore as girlfriend.
This chick isn't even that interesting but camwhores who cry slutshaming are just the worst. You're part of the problem and you don't care because of easy money + narcissism

No. 762297


Ended her anti feminist phase so of course the Harley Quinn soooo real cosplayer for daddy phase commences.

Also kek imagine pandering to /pol bros and getting mad that they hate your black bf.

No. 780340

When you get bitched at for joining her server and just stating a fact. People were talking about syren coves discord and i figured itd be wholesome so i searched for the link and joined. She said she didnt like how this youtuber, Repzilla, talks slow but overall likes his content. so i explain its due to a brain injury and she thought i was attacking her . Like i never said you werent allowd to have an opinion i was just explaining why he talked slow…she has a history of getting mad at people for next to nothing tbh but i never expected this. I used to be a big fan of her but now this is kinda proof shes not the best to her fans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1446649692197.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, kbmrFWhG.jpg)

No. 54084[Reply]

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No. 776900

Hooktube doesn't work anymore.

No. 776929

it works just fine for me

No. 776933

File: 1549862360829.jpg (162.7 KB, 966x712, hooktube.jpg)

it's just a straight youtube embedder now, it no longer protects from views being counted.

No. 778073

No. 780179

shes lost weight(no contribution)

File: 1459229222625.jpg (64.86 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nknyc4xwBG1qj7gcwo1_400…)

No. 112039[Reply]

Last things going on the thread:

>Currently trying to find out about whether Gee is a real person or not

>finding new clues about any friends/mutuals of Soren

>also in the searh of any information that can bring light to the whole situation

last thread: >>>/snow/101679
1118 posts and 257 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 723608

This reminds me that the Ginger expose was going on at the same time as Soren’s. So crazy that Soren was larping Kayla while Kayla was larping as a broken trailer trash hood rat. What a time to be on lolcow.

No. 723633

Is anyone working on a new thread?

No. 723670

Not sure if it's cowtipping but the keks would be had if you pretended to be a fellow survivor and went "OH I REMEMBER YOU AND SAM" to Soren

No. 723717

New thread


No. 746609

Yep. Plus the "hyperfixation with colourful plastic" was one of Genie's traits, its right in her wikipedia article too.

File: 1481073785390.jpg (190.13 KB, 561x600, Burn_Book.jpg)

No. 210611[Reply]

Who are you getting the fuck sick of over on Instagram guys?
1202 posts and 433 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 780069

I think it's super embarrassing that this 40 year old calls her self LILKATATTACK. What a fucking joke!

No. 780125

File: 1550730032255.jpeg (351.31 KB, 1242x2208, BF0BF048-2492-44F7-8BFA-B3E15C…)

Rachael Finley aka instasteak talking about how self made she is when the only reason she has money is because she married and divorced the dude from workaholics and they started a clothing line together.

No. 780149

She’s a cow for sure. Just doesn’t post enough for her own thread. But just about everything she does is a walking contradiction. Sage no1curr

No. 780240

Hate her better than you attitude. She can’t even seem to keep any friends

No. 780470

Legit thought this was shangela

File: 1547104166497.jpeg (131.45 KB, 1000x750, 6CAB1387-0049-4A78-AC9C-CAA65B…)

No. 762065[Reply]

Canadian-American “fashion-art rock” band that thinks they’re European and oh so posh and glamorous! But also so relatable and unique! Most of the people who follow this band are either too young to know better or are the same kind of overgrown teenage-twenty-somethings who shop at Hot Topic and still want to marry Gerard Way.

Band accounts:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/palayeroyale/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PalayeRoyale

Consists of the brothers Sebastian Danzig (26, guitarist), Remington Leith (24, singer), and Emerson Barrett (22, drummer).
>used to be a Disney boy band called Kropp Circle
>dropped “Kropp” as their last names and changed their band name because they hate their dad
>upload “Royal Television” to youtube, a series of long and boring vlogs of them being idiots on tour
>bad tour planning, canceled gigs, and terrible meet-and-greets. Broke someone else’s drum set once in an attempt to be so punk and cool with the kids, then got defensive when people called them out on it
>play the victims all the time. It’s never their fault, guys, it’s always because of the venue/headliner band/sound system/bus/weather/etc.
>“take inspiration” from fans (steal) for their merch designs, sometimes holding “contests” in order to manipulate fans into giving them art for little to no compensation
>charge insane prices for crap merch, including a low-quality eyeshadow palette ($65) and a flimsy photo book printed on the cheapest paper they could get ($20, most photos in it available online for free)
>friends with Bella Thorne and Black Veil Brides, and probably loads of other celebricows
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
79 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 776399

Thank you, Emerson. Very deep.

No. 776708


Stagediving is fine in some venues. The situation changes when there's a balcony because it would be dangerous for someone to fall off off the balcony and crush people standing underneath.

Also, some bands/artists have a 'legendary status', meaning the venue will kind of allow shit like stagediving/crowdsurfing etc. We had The Dillinger Escape Plan over a few times and the singer always jumps off/on everything in a dangerous way, but he knows what he's doing. PR obviously think they're legends or whatever, when they're clearly not.

Sage for venuesperging

No. 777090

This is total bullshit. There's a reason why every religious tradition teaches that the human condition is inherently full of suffering and the only way to escape it is through religious practice. Compassion is one thing, but the idea of 'repairing' the world sounds like New Age materialist bullshit and the ability to 'feel' empathy is directly connected both to how someone is raised and their inherent ability to visualize situations they're not experiencing/haven't experienced.
He's definitely a 2deep4u Greg type. How long until the first sexual assault/grooming scandal occurs?

No. 779863

File: 1550696683937.png (558.07 KB, 822x534, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 4.02…)

I think their whole schtick is pretty genius, profit-wise, even though obviously none of it's true/it's all ripped off. I'm interested in the mom. In interviews, they refer to her as being a "rock n' roll photographer" but on her Instagram it's all shitty pinterest quote screenshots, photos of her cash-cow sons and this one crappy pic of Bowie repeated over and over. Like, if you really were any sort of photographer, wouldn't you at least provide photos of your work beyond this singular crappy crowd POV shot?

Sage because I literally have never posted on this website but must know more about wtf these guys are on about lol, my apologies.

No. 779870

Also lol @ "professionally photographed at age 16"… unless exploiting your children is a generational family business for these people.

File: 1526841405901.png (1.51 MB, 1284x967, ClassicCraig.png)

No. 589468[Reply]

RealStream News (RSN/Craig Silva) is an autistic amalgamation of The Blargh, Vexxed, and Ice Poseidon. He is an alleged rapist and has been known to take recordings from here and The Blargh. He is known to lurk and post on his thread. Currently has beef with The Blargh, Ragreynolds, Masked Babe, his alleged victim, Amber, and Onion flakes Beck, Maxie, and Allie.

>Fairly harmless from the start

>Starts taking content and recordings from youtube and lolcow
>Spreads his tinfoil about Sam and Greg being friends again
>Releases a video about Maxie and how she was treated by Lainey for having her card decline during a stream
>Caps of him “complimenting” were Maxie’s nudes released. “This tits tho” memes ensue
>Starts selfposting in his thread to keep it alive >>521035
>Beef with Ragreynolds starts after his “interview” with Rag. Rag mentions an addiction to heroin and CJ denies ever being on drugs.
>DMs between Sam and RSN were released by The Blargh (Surprise, he’s a pushy asshole)
>Rag hosts another stream with RSN. RSN falls for bait about Rag being a rapist.
>Face reveal! He’s ugly as sin.
>Begins interviewing active onionflakes, starts off with Poopbeck
>Takes more content and selfposts more
>Interviews Allie
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
525 posts and 169 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 781201

but you think someone's botting dislikes for his fat ass? sure jan.

No. 781488

RSN put himself in the shit with the drama commune.
The future looks dark.
Poor needledick the bug feker.

No. 781886


Rainey admitted she knew who was doing it on accident in a stream. I have it recorded. She will never say who it is though.

Also amber Phoenix is actually that nuts, lol


No. 783116

File: 1551672267825.jpg (75.89 KB, 782x519, playlist.jpg)

RSN went to Orlando to attend Playlist. Interesting choice from someone who had a gofundme to fight for justice and wants to move out of his grandmas house. The girl next to him goes by minty oreos, don't know her but I hope she wasn't rooming with him.

No. 785240

Look at the junkie rapist "moving up" in the world!

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