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File: 1658599567076.png (228.06 KB, 828x433, 0wmm5wifpzc91.png)

No. 1595451[Reply]

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

Previous thread >>1272633

Summary : June appears to be having a bit of a breakdown and is deleting a lot of her salty tweets quickly, especially those attacking men but not quick enough to be capped elsewhere
-Seems like a lot has happened since the last thread it seems so maybe some nice nonna's can bring us up to speed here
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No. 1938568

He is a generfluid special (so a moid, but even more annyoing).

No. 1938589

I’ve never watched her original video because I’m allergic to her in every way, but God, she really is fucking stupid.
Men being the 90% of killing and raping statistics, an actual display of power and in case of rape, a crime motivated by misogyny: why are you showing Shuwu FBI statistics?!
Evidence of general animosity towards men in the society: femcel444on Twitter writing that she hates men and lolcow girlies using the word 'moid'

No. 1938595

This somehow made hating men cringe.

No. 1938606

even if this animosity existed, it would be entirely warranted

No. 1939149

she may be a pickme, but im glad she seems to be happily married. love seeing pregory fade into irrelevancy kek

File: 1684388791277.jpg (112.09 KB, 1078x545, 1682152337485.jpg)

No. 1829410[Reply]

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1938641

If they honestly cared about the genetic thing they'd be pushing for default paternity testing of all straight couples. If it's all about the child's access to their genetic information, it's fine to make sure dad is the biological parent right? Lesbians are such a tiny minority we're basically statistically insignificant, I'm sure that the amount of cases where bio father isn't Nigel is far higher than the percentage of lesbians who use sperm donation.

But no they only ever complain about lesbians. It's just a way to rationalize their homophobia.

No. 1938675

Plus, it's not like there aren't studies done on donor-conceived people, and IIRC most were ambivalent/uninterested in their donors. Children do best when raised by lesbian mothers(followed by gay fathers, funnily enough), so it's not like their "concerns" are due to genuine child welfare concerns.

The het tradfems who oppose lesbians being parents on the basis of "biological reality" are usually fine with non-biological fathers being recognized on their child's birth certificate because he's of the sex that can produce sperm, even if he personally can't, and therefore recognizing him as the father isn't a "lie".

No. 1938758

>Children do best when raised by lesbian mothers(followed by gay fathers, funnily enough), so it's not like their "concerns" are due to genuine child welfare concerns.
source on the latter, I've heard that claim for lesbian mothers(which I'm believe) but I'm not all willing to willing to believe the matter.

No. 1938806

If they wanna go that route, they should be reminded that fatherhood (not paternity) literally has no basis in biological reality, and neither does nuclear family. Unless there willing to make some tranny tier "but birds and seahorses" argument.

No. 1938848

nah I needed to see how stunning my paternal grandmother is to understand why I'm so pretty, bitch.
I don't need to uphold some marxist bookworm feminism ideology who invented polilesbianism to cope with liking dicks kek. I only care about female supremacy.
A kid having this >>1938639 as a donor will surely get identity formation issues and could only blame it on mommy and daddy or their 2 moms for such a terrible choice, good headstart in life.
Does it mean I think me or other lesbians should not have biological children?
No, but using some state or big pharma approved genetic is terrible. If I have kids it's also to build relationship with other women, what is important is not for the kid to see his dad but to know his paternal family. If you have appropriate moids in your wife's family I would choose one there, but if she is estranged from them find an appropriate moid with great female family members to help you and your wife. Have standards for fuck sake

File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155[Reply]

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.
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No. 1938427

File: 1701802864578.png (682.31 KB, 1468x1204, 4783562819403.png)

Some of the weird fetish bullshit this person "needs" for their little. Barf.
She claims to be a human trafficking survivor who was sold by her mother, and constantly makes weird memes about how her handlers made her wear lolita dresses and other gross shit.

No. 1938473

is this the person someone posted who pretended to be like a muslim lesbian when she's a white straight woman!!? i remember someone saying she sent hundreds of entries into transsanta.

No. 1938502

I searched this woman's name, and can it be that she is running another kind of scam that claims to match kids who have aged out of foster care with donors to buy them gifts? I kind of don't want to link it here in case it's not the same person, but if you search the name it's like the second link, a woman with a bright yellow sweater.

If she is scamming while pretending to run a charity, that is nuts.

No. 1938545

I'm the nonny who posted about her in personal cows and it's definitely her. She tried to run a gofundme scam saying she needed 5k following a traumatic brain injury or else she'd get kicked out of her student accommodation due to her grades slipping (she's on a scholarship). She only raised 1k but apparently still lives in her student accommodation seeing as the TRAs that live there are onto her again, so obviously that was a lie (like her entire life).

No. 1938917

File: 1701876072275.jpg (944.97 KB, 2560x1440, 202012GwendolineSobey_hero-sca…)

that's fucking wild. Thanks, I'll go check out the Personal Lolcows thread. Sorry again for not linking before but I didn't want to tarnish an innocent person if i was wrong. Behold Gwendoline Chant, Canadian scammer.

File: 1662200758467.jpeg (993.97 KB, 1170x1057, 782696B0-9CC9-4E0A-8683-9D00BF…)

No. 1634333[Reply]

Since no one knows how to make a thread here you go.

MyahAlanna a 24 year old Homebody moved back from LA and is currently living with her mother playing video games all day.

Some old milk:
> everyone from her LA trip has dropped her
> Moved out of LA moved back in with her mom
> Is not that active on YouTube anymore but she’s active on tiktok
> still can’t keep her friends
> still does not have a job
> still has an auto immune disorder however drinks a lot of alcoholic and says she doesn’t have a problem.

New milk;
> created the xo discord server filled with her minions
> actually has a lot of half siblings some want nothing to do with her and found older threads.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1931249

no, you retard. stop being a nosy pos and get a job instead of obsessing over someone you dont even know. now that myah made a new server all of you nosy fucks who want to try and get in everyones business and try and pick myah apart wont be able to join anymore and get your "tea". fucking pathetic. a bunch of fat neck beards obsessing over someone who would never acknowledge ur existence. get fucked <3(whiteknighting)

No. 1933327

Mildly interesting that in her last vid she mentioned not having a father when in her sperg homophobia video she talks about her "dad" and was living in his apt for a while before she got this new place. Wonder if she got kicked out and that's why she's pissed

No. 1935473

She always goes back and forth on whether her dad is in her life or not. I was surprised when she was living in his apartment again because it seemed they didn't have a relationship for a while.

No. 1937774

File: 1701699250039.jpg (15.8 KB, 340x227, 1572710596073.jpg)

kek one of Myah's troon soldiers coming to defend her fat ass on here again. She doesn't care about you. To go after and dog pile on people who make the most minuscule criticisms of Myah's shitty, contradictory and borderline psychotic behavior over the years is just as corny and pathetic as her. And you really thought you did something with the "get fucked <3"

No. 1938424


File: 1632803065313.jpg (935.38 KB, 2500x1774, weapontism.jpg)

No. 1336187[Reply]

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

Possible identities:
"Randall", Ice Poseidon, Slavic Joshua, Lil Xan, Dahvie Vanity lookalike, "Hi-Tech Hustler" Gregory D. Evans, some fat fakeboi, Leafy unmasked by farmers

Last Thread >>1319966
In a show of weaponized autism the likes we have yet to see on the farms farmers tracked corpse down by:
Compiling his apartment backgrounds >>1322765 >>1323038 >>1323049 >>1323107 >>1323009 >>1323194 >>1323334 >>1323423

Cross referencing his habits and businesses he name checked regularly >>1323194 >>1322764 >>1322762 >>1322936

Looking through resident lists >>1323506

Before finally arriving at a name >>1329579

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
678 posts and 116 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938425

BMTH fell off. Collating with Lil Uzi and this creep. They are fighting for their lives to stay relevant

No. 1938455

It’s the funniest thing when I saw them at a fest no one knew a word of their new music, like play your 2013 songs and get off the stage grandpa.

No. 1938933

>this was one of my favorite threads back then.
Same. I'm almost sad that he turned back into irrelevant nobody because the milk used to be just chef's kiss

No. 1939094

This was my favorite thread too. I'm glad his fans who tweeted about not caring about his looks because it's the inside that matters blah blah… quietly stopped following him and moved on.
This dude promotes self harm and misogyny to very impressionable teen girls. Fuck this scrote and fuck influencers who form parasocial relationships with their underaged fans.

Speaking of parasocial relationships with underaged fanbase, the stuff that happened to Dream could happen to Corpse Douche as well. That would be milky but also horrible.

No. 1939129

What happened to Dream?

File: 1667186910858.png (2.58 MB, 3463x3463, 274849492727299.png)

No. 1689594[Reply]

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped

Previous threads:
>>1432730 #5
>>1191646 #4
>>1059519 #3
>>1005098 #2
>>720482 #1

Notable photoshop cows:

>Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1198 posts and 464 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938614

File: 1701819846976.jpg (2.49 MB, 4096x3072, 221104121919.jpg)

The fact that there are hordes of spastics out there that go along with this deranged shit is genuinely sad for humanity. Picrel is same shit different smell.

No. 1938670

Holy shit moids are so braindead it's painful. I love the dorrito chin she is currently sporting since gaining weight and deciding she's an anime girl. It's genuinely obscene but no one dares to point it out or she'll have a melt down like skirby.

No. 1938671


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1938840

No way, is that really hex?

She used to talk endlessly about how beautiful she is on the lolcord.

No. 1938861

File: 1701865280168.jpg (279.38 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20231206_121734_Ins…)

A rare sighting of Skirby leaving her room, playing fucking Clash of Clans while at the club. You can't make this shit up kek. Imagine the horror of seeing >>1897848 at the club coming up to you.

File: 1701766908857.jpeg (511.66 KB, 828x1291, 1701285269413.jpeg)

No. 1938223[Reply]

AKA Heather Sparkles / Heather Michelle / Heather Explores / Kitty Ravage

Previous Thread >>1878489

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

Heather Steeles is a 33-year-old former retro toy collector/Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber reincarnated as a self-proclaimed spooky Victorian summer goth nice girl on an eternal quest for the Ryan of her otherworldly dreams. Her persecution complex, constant negativity, obsession with her "influencer" status on social media, and frantic love-bombing behavior shows no signs of slowing down.

All the “Ryans” in order:
>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.
>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938973

File: 1701885292390.jpg (94.47 KB, 1357x758, trishhhhhh.jpg)

>Crying on my kitchen floor

No. 1938984

If he's not getting major red flags from even just this post then he deserves the wildly disappointing ride he's about to embark on.

No. 1939011

Yeah, this won’t last. She thrives on being a victim, and as soon as she gets bored of being happy, and runs out of past drama to rehash, she’ll create some beef with this guy out of nothing.

Are these two following each other on insta? Because if they are, and he’s seen all her crazy on full display and still wants to dick her, then…he deserves everything he gets.

No. 1939140

Just thinking about what nona said in the last thread >>1901799
> I think it's clear by now that the RyanQuest is basically the external tool Heather uses for her own emotional regulation, since it provides reasons for big peaks and throughs in quick, perpetual succession, which allows her to always stay in her comfort zone.
> When she actually gets with a Ryan that's chill and not into drama, she gets umcomfortable and starts freaking out because she doesn't know how to live with herself if she's not going through these wild mood swings all the time. In the end, the hamster habit part of her brain wins and she dumps the Ryan so she quickly can get in the comfort zone provided by the RyanQuest again.
This is kind of a buzzkill, it drains the romance out of it! But I think it's true. If it is then none of them will last, and it's probably even less likely as she's selecting now for sociopathic traits ("love my hobbies and devote yourself entirely to me and my need for intense and immediate intimacy") or doormats, which kinda guarantees a bad outcome.

No. 1939160

File: 1701907969953.jpg (454.39 KB, 1152x2048, bc7aeac2e41a02b1f1f28f5391cc7e…)

Her actual issue is most obvious in the Stories she posts immediately after a breakup, she comes across like a gambler, addicted to the highs and lows just like this nonna says. A key component in being a lolcow is zero self reflection. Instead of analysing why she feels a certain way, every single emotion and need is pinned on a Ryan which leaves her free of the responsibility to solve or work on her emotional issues.
(Bonus same as above but posted on Instagram, I like how she omits the fuckboy she got with in January from this narrative kek)

File: 1700871825821.jpg (1023.45 KB, 3196x2400, altpic.jpg)

No. 1933243[Reply]

After several threads filled with blogposting, infighting, and the posting of off-topic (yet still effusive with milk) cows due to low pro-ana cow activity, nonnies of the Pro-Ana Scumbag threads were finally able to agree on something: we need a separate thread for these Cluster B(itches).

This psych ward is open to: diagnosis-in-bio oversharers, headbangers and scratchers, revolving door patients (not munchies), cows with personality disorders, lurkers/posters, and probably some other criteria that are yet to be determined.

Do some of these cows have eating disorders? Yes. Maybe. Kind of.
Does the majority of their milky behaviour have to do with their eating disorder? No.

The Pro-Ana Scumbags thread will inevitably have some cow crossover with the Cluster B(itches) thread from time to time, but please refrain from posting cows whose antics aren't primarily related to their eating disorder in the Scumbags thread.

Last thread: >>>/snow/1904806

Main herd & latest milk:
> Laura:
Leg-lifter, sock-swallower, face-scratcher, and [insert future diagnosis here] extraordinaire. Loves being inpatient and also loves a Starbucks barista nearly 10 years her senior. Something of a Pro-Ana Scumbags graduate, as her antics have evolved and are no longer primarily related to her eating…disorder.
- Already back from a pathetically short attempt at not posting everything online after finally leaving ip after 4 years. There were a lot of "I used to be skinny" and "look I had a toob" throwback posts plus current selfies which are too boring to link. The first things she did with her new freedom was get a really bad and expensive dye job >>1911762 and have a terrible passport photo taken.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
171 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938362

File: 1701794282482.jpg (583.23 KB, 1028x1733, Breakthrough_WillSheChange.jpg)

LauraB#2 has been reminiscing about her IP stay in Canada, how she misses it, and saying how treatment/DBT failed. I don't get why she's obsessed with getting back into an IP setting when the treatment they will use is DBT (if anything) outside of validation and drug seeking behaviour. Given she believes in horoscopes though, does bottom rel. mean she's going to force herself to have a 'breakthrough' and stop being obsessed with cows & the nhs and move on with life? Probably not, but we have to ~believe~.

No. 1938588

Well, yeah no shit,when you spend half the week in a planned admission, you have less days left to present those weeks. That math ain’t mathin.

No. 1938590

They should literally just let her rent a room in the hospital. she could wander around taking selfies with medical devices and the taxpayers could save money.

No. 1938591

Kek there was an old woman who lived in a hospital…would make a great children’s book

No. 1938794

I think it’s a typo - S and D are next to each other on the keyboard so she meant self harm?

File: 1681599693281.jpg (345.12 KB, 1920x1920, Welcome to my house of horrors…)

No. 1809322[Reply]

Last time on "The Model Behavior" Edition

>Jared starts off the thread posting an ai picture of himself >>1719434 then reblogging a post his crush made against ai art >>1720172. AI selfies never seen again

>Holly starts off the thread sadposting about being cancelled with a potential touch of jared hate >>1719683, >>1719684, >>1719696
>Milk discovered on Holly's trust from grandpappy, the house she got is estimated to be around 1.1 mil and she received it around the time of the divorce. >>1721515 Anon speculates since it was in a trust instead of on its own it may be one of multiple properties
>Jared's rent in microsoft retirementville is 3.5k >>1721736
>our budding fashionista shows off black and blue pants bought off amazon that he could have easily gotten for cheaper on aliexpress. >>1725140, >>1725143, >>1725464
>attempts to get people requesting underwear pics >>1726024, tweet reaches normies who remind him of his reputation >>1726229
>More outdoor shoots at the exact same place as two threads ago with new amazon garbage #Mensfashion >>1727703
>Holly meanwhile manaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
826 posts and 202 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938179

File: 1701755271096.jpg (85.97 KB, 527x927, gsahjgbfl..JPG)

It's actually wild that he is pushing 40 and posts like this. There really is something terribly wrong with him.

No. 1938530

No one wants him so I guess he’s resorted to anime waifus. He’s pathetic.

No. 1938919

Was watching some old (2015) ProJared videos and yeah he's always been an ugly nerd but at least he sorta took himself seriously back then or makes decent points in his video. Now it's all anime waifu and horny posting.

No. 1939037


His old haircut from his way older videos looked better on him.

He still had that creepy rat face but at least the shitty CNTRL+ALT+DELETE haircut actually framed his face.

No. 1939051

I think when he first started doing reviews he did have genuine passion for it, but once he started gaining attention especially from fangirls that was all he cared about. He went from decent reviews with some light humor thrown in to like a quirkiy AVGN clone, trying to impress his young female audience with how funny and interesting he was which actually worked considering he hooked up with fans and ran a overly sexual charged parasocial blog.

Being a nerdy adult man who gains the attention of teenagers girls who admire you must have definitely boosted his confidence, but he used their appreciation as a bargaining chip where he'd give them personal attention if they'd give him what he wants.

File: 1660084430466.jpg (1.3 MB, 2316x2534, newpic3.jpg)

No. 1611539[Reply]

A thread for both older and newer cows from indie bands including indie punk rock, alternative rock, grunge and so on, who do stupid things but don't deserve their separate threads. That refers to singers and musicians with unhealthy need of attention, claiming to be "punk" and independent despite being ex models or actors and coming from priviledged backgrounds, guilty of using nepotism to further their careers, reworking old genres, copying older bands or characterized by rude and nonsensical behaviour. Examples of indie cows or cows in the making:

Previous thread milk & discussion:
>Dani Miller poverty larping >>1283783
>Kim Gordon being an NLOG who wrote a book to bitch about Thurston, reveal intimate details of their divorce, flex all the famous people she knew and fucked and how fucking ~artistic~ she is >>1279833, >>1279885, >>1279902
>Sonic Youth behaving like total idiots and posers, anon posts video of them bullying Narwuard, destroying a gift he bought them. A bunch of 40 year old manchildren ganged up on him like a buch of primary schoolers >>1285799
>pretentious (and bad) cover of Aneurysm by Kim Gordon on Nirvana’s RnR Hall Of Fame live >>1453639, Kim lets us know how „punk” others said she is
>Kim Gordon talking shit about women that she’s jealous of >>1453837,
>Kim’s awful „clothing collection” >>1463224
>1975 gets in trouble for ignoring grooming allegations about their friend >>1282004
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
837 posts and 233 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1938115

Such a shame, this girl is naturally very pretty but insists on acting gross for shock factor or whatever. Nothing wrong with not shaving but it’s just nasty when you act like a filthy degenerate exhibitionist for attention.

No. 1938164

File: 1701753077159.jpg (35.87 KB, 1080x1920, 2CS5OIWK.jpg)

Update on this cow: I assume f/m means actual porn rather than nudes/lewds…

No. 1938165

File: 1701753223749.jpg (190.43 KB, 1080x1920, RL7F83F1.jpg)

She also edited two celebrities next to her (it was an event/promo/photo op with thousands of influencers) and posted it on her playgirlrecords account to imply association, the delusion is strong with this girl

No. 1938187

>kim kardashian
Ok Glume
Yeah,that ostentatious "look at my armpits/oh look i'm spreading my legs much wow" thing is so cringe and overplayed, nothing shocking or revolutionary there at all. Fuck even Dani, who was a pioneer of "look at my~disgusting~ unshaven pits & leg hair~" bs, deleted her hair recently lol. Body hair is absolutely normal, no need to make it into your "rockn'roll" schtick/making it your whole persona like these cows do.

No. 1939050

File: 1701893306598.jpg (224.47 KB, 1790x1044, SB.jpg)


In case anyone is petty like me here's a screenshot from her Socialblade LOL. Crazy how you gained that many followers after the Balenciaga show (where you were spotted with Kim Kardashian, you're obviously besties) and then immediately started losing…

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