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File: 1707769237431.jpg (10.13 KB, 155x275, 1706396514645.jpg)

No. 1965286

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1895588

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Sydney cheats on Jonny, finally starting his escape from her.
>Sydney schizophrenically vendetta posts in thread against Jonny's new girlfriend Layna
>Jonny inevitably cheats on Layna , they break up.
>Do we even need a new thread?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.
>Layna confirms schizo poster to be Syd >>1754625
>Syd retaliates with a slew of harassment >>1757057 >>1757058 >>1757068 >>1757097 >>1757098
>Confirmation Layna still cams >>1758416
>JC on a misogyny arc post break up >>1760131 , >>1764476 , >>1764854 , >>1765999 , >>1768017
>Anons find Layna has a role in JC's server, assuming they are back together in private >>1766301
>Retarded schizophrenic spamming of camwhoring ensues.
>JC tattoos his sons name on his face instead of being a decent father and person >>1766818
>JC buys a piece of shit car with his vast riches >>1768200 >>1769210
>Goiter continues to post ugly thirst traps to lure in a new victim >>1771746 , >>1791541
>Syd goes bowling with her man, calls out lolcow >>1777526
>JC continues to out himself as being to broke to afford a hotel room, begs fans for places to sleep >>1781582 , >>1791884 ,
>Resulting in someone stealing Mayor of Spookytowns back pack with thousands of dollars of equipment >>1782713.
>Cancelled show on the tour >>1792804 gives no reason why.
>Spiderhead makes it known he lurks here >>1792990
>In walks Drama-chan with some personal milk about JC's asslicker spiderhead >>1794344 , >>1794345
>JC and Spiderhead ban Drama-chan from going to the show >>1794348
>Butt-buddy Dillion is unsurprisingly a horrible person >>1794822
>Drama-chan enters the thread herself and begins spilling some milk >>1795065
>Spiderhead proving he's a retarded racist sped in video form >>1795415
>Big Jess posts birthday tributes for JC, which he promptly ignores despite reposting all of his other friends >>1795670 , >>1795671
>Goiter and Cole are clearly fuming at the remarks made in thread, spergs out in thread in multiple paragraph rants of hatred towards Drama-chan and lolcow >>1796540 , >>1796551
>The accused abuser/rapist/baby poisoner/msyogynist is called a "beautiful" person >>1833989 >>1834162
>Goiter get's owned by a child >>1835787 >>1835882
>Court intervention update >>1839871 >>1842430
>Possibly dating new copy/paste ex-scenster >>1840135
>Goiter sings at the memorial show of a fellow addict. Makes it more about him, than the memory/struggles of Jordan >>1847358
>Some shit slinging betweend Syd and Goiter >>1849108 >>1849152 Leah copes and forget the man did Fent around a child >>1849180
>Goiter one sec is flexing money >>1849995 then goes straight to using Storm as a pawn over $100 >>1850049
>Goiter gets upset >>1853955 >>1852988 and shames women as a cope, before asking for tits
>Goiter get's REALLY upset >>1856417
>Goiter buys his toddler sweat shop clothes for the gram thinking it constitutes "parenting" >>1860061
>We discover Goiter spent 10k on >>1860061

Last thread hardly had milk, just repetitive photos of JC's exes and infighting. Have some drops of what I could squeeze out:
>Spiderhead could be as milky as JC, constantly melting down online >>1918169
>Syd teases her comeback to Onlyfans >>1918553
>Schizo posting all throughout the thread of Layna's vagina and cam pictures
>JC actually defending Sydney in comments >>1919987
>Leah vague posting about being manipulated >>1919997
>Jonny spends all of his tour money instantly and irresponsibly >>1938533 Buy's cars for himself and his new girlfriend Leah

Previous Threads:
1-18 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
19: >>>/snow/1720005
20: >>>/snow/1743708
21: >>>/snow/1769476
22: >>>/snow/1797259
23: >>>/snow/1829426
24: >>>/snow/1895588

No. 1965289

I left out any mention of all the retardation between Layna and Skid in the last thread. It's not relevant to this one and if you care then make a Skid/Layna thread.

No. 1965327

File: 1707773766610.jpeg (49.95 KB, 1290x2293, 83BC3CBF-CD2D-4D8E-97A6-BD20AC…)

JC you actually are responsible for everyone’s accurate perception of you. The distorted perception is yours and anyone else you manage to convince/distort.

No. 1965458

is that layna's dildo in the threadpic? lmao she's still with destiny btww
this thread and thread subject sucks now. boring ass cow(then leave)

No. 1965461

laynas socials are in the thread yet she's a banned topic. leah's socials havent yet to be added and its been like half a year, if longer
shit thread. guess we can post about the banned topic tho amirite???(samefagging)

No. 1965463

It's been 5 days and no one was making it. If you're going to complain you should have made the thread. I copied and pasted the body from the last one and tried to add milk at the bottom. No that isn't Layna's dildo schizo.

No. 1965482

Go to the camgirl general thread if you want to talk about her. It’s crazy how one random camgirl has such a tight grip on your sanity kek

No. 1965568

Two things can be true at once. There can be links to past calves socials, and they can be banned in discussion. It's a very simple concept. If >3 retards fill a thread with junk obsessing over a past calve, that discussion topic can be banned AND their socials can remain. I know it's a difficult concept to grasp.

thanks anon. i made the last thread and got equally as retarded responses. just ignore.

No. 1966049

File: 1707942885148.jpg (34.24 KB, 391x687, 492015646.jpg)

I find it hard to believe that 20 people paid $75 to have this wrinkled retard blab incoherent street slang and stick his hairy coated tongue out for a full minute. It's funny that he thinks he's worth that though.

Thanks for the thread nonna, I think it's just fine. It seems like the same few people always get stuck with it, I'll figure it out one of these days.

No. 1966051

File: 1707943041849.jpg (228.23 KB, 1080x1920, _4_12_0_58_20-.jpg)

Is this new or is Syd just resharing it and either way, why.

No. 1966080

This is new, the last time she went bowling with lolcow names they were spelled differently.

No. 1966088

"Lolcow is optional"? She's been vague-posting a bunch of sad stories lately (didn't screenshot bc all so boring), tinfoil/ her obsession with Layna's asshole trickled into her relationship and he told her that she does have a choice to not read/post here kek

No. 1966096

Almost feel bad for her bf, I can’t even imagine listening to my partner obsess over thier exs ex constantly. Her obsession is beyond unhealthy and deranged at this point.

No. 1966108

I don’t think she’s obsessed with Layna or her asshole. My personal tinfoil is that there’s other deranged and obsessed anons. I do think Skid obviously constantly reads here though and posts occasionally. I seriously doubt all the schizophrenic episodes are her, but I see why she’s an easy scapegoat.

If it was Skid, why wouldn’t she have moved onto Leah? She could easily do so. I think a random farmer or maybe someone that knew Layna irl found the site somehow and has a massive hate boner for her. It’s not that hard to find this site if you google her name. Women will go great lengths to be schizophrenic towards other women they hate (or it could possibly be a moid). Ever since the anon didn’t move onto Leah I no longer think it’s Skid.

No. 1966193

File: 1707974299661.jpeg (406.45 KB, 993x1539, AF701066-626F-4EB0-A46B-655817…)

When people think it isn’t skid, I just think back to that time when Jonny’s friend died a few years back and that poor woman who lived in Texas(?), she was a mutual friend of the dead dude, got the most unhinged bpd-chan version of skid. All because she gave jonny condolences kek
Skid is relentless when it comes to layna because she knows it annoys us and she’s obsessed with us (so much so she’s constantly naming her bowling games after us despite being a dead cow)

Sage for old(but grade A) milk.

No. 1966202

Her bf also left that instagram comment mentioning Destiny, thinking this thread is full of his fans. She told him some lie about the threads, only because Layna is sleeping with him.
It's 100% skid.

No. 1966215

this type of shit is what i always think of when anons start saying shit about how she seems to have gotten better / looks happy / such a good mom! like - just because there hasn’t been a lot of leaks where shes schizo sperging and raging on someone in dms or stories doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in ways she’s trying to keep from being put on lol cow lol. when layna complained about syd freaking out about her butthole in the courtroom or whatever she said i believe it, 100% she’s on the thread religiously schizoposting about layna. that type of mental illness doesn’t just go away

No. 1966290

totally. you can see the madness in her eyes. i can totally imagine her hunched over her laptop, panting and seething. her bf must find it deranged.

No. 1966307

File: 1708011891486.jpg (64.67 KB, 334x591, l-bxxe-3671.jpg)

I think it's been easier for her to refrain from spiraling over Leah because goiter didn't claim her so long. I'm sure Skid is barely sleeping trying to dig up dirt on her now that he is. Leah seems relatively mild, her biggest fault that I can see (which is huge) is that she's with JC. I know nothing about her as a parent but I'm curious to see how she is with Storm. Has he posted any pictures of Leah and Storm? I wonder if skidmark already flipped out and told him she doesn't want them around each other.

No. 1966412

I think she only hates layna because she didn’t receive the same hateful treatment syd did. syds not self aware enough to realize it’s her own fault. She only got so much hate because she regularly harassed female fans and put them on blast to her (at the time) decently large following. She proved herself to be a terrible person and that’s why she got unanimously dog piled and hated, while people were more apt to give layna the benefit of the doubt. I’ll never forget when “someone” posted laynas moms facebook and went on an autistic sperg defending it because “it was only fair given someone posted a pictures of syds mom years prior”. It was so obviously the little goblin getting some kind of perceived revenge.

No. 1966419

File: 1708030956488.jpeg (138.2 KB, 1290x2293, 5166F05E-3E89-4363-979E-9F684C…)

They look like a trailer park couple.

No. 1966478

Did she post this to prove how ‘unbothered’ she is? Because if she’s spending Valentine’s Day date night thinking about lolcow, making bowling names about lolcow and posting pictures specifically for her lolcow thread, she sounds REALLY bothered actually and also kinda miserable kek

No. 1966480

Not milk but worth a good cringe, Jonny has been posting recently to tiktok and the delusion is CRAZY. I was a fan for years until I found this thread and did the research. I’m actually embarrassed for him.

No. 1966538

> lmao she's still with destiny btww
She's not, they haven't even seen each other in two months, they are both single and he's only using her for sex. She has deluded herself into thinking that she will be the one he chooses between all the women he's fucking, but that won't be the case, he barely talks to her and other that they both enjoy listening to music they have nothing in common. I've been reading his KF thread.
It's dumb to continue to talk about her in here, Destiny's thread is more about his whores if you want to talk about it, but she has nothing to do with Goiter anymore and she's betting everything on either dating Destiny or somehow homewrecking Travis' relationship.

No. 1966571

it's weird how he took a more normal/adult approach to dating leah. less of the intense love bombing, posting, commenting and weird possessive stuff. still a trailer trash couple and we will likely still see such behavior later down the line.

No. 1966661

unfortunately it seems her self esteem is low enough that he doesn't have to make up for cheating or really try at all. imo knowing he obviously hasn't turned over a new leaf, it's actually a bad sign he feels he doesn't have to try for her even when posting publicly insinuating he's fucking groupies on tour. obviously she knew he was a shitbag before dating him, but his whole thing is that he's changed and is sober so she is likely naive and believes it.
idk, i'm rather worried that his mo is different here, she seems too much of a doormat on top of it all

No. 1966778

Exactly, she’s an insecure retard who’s easy to manipulate. At the end of the day if you date a mf who has cheated on every single gf he’s ever had and for some reason you expect to be the exception you’re an idiot. Leah isn’t the exception and the next idiot won’t be either.

No. 1967052

i do find it insane the lengths some people are willing to degrade themselves, in order to obtain proxy clout through their partner. PROPER monkey brain stuff. okay let's say they can feel cool hanging around a psudo-celebrity for a year or so, but what then? goiter has no pension, savings, and a hell of a lot of court papers. he's poisoned a child, been a ruthless junkie, cheated, abused. like what more evil would he have to for Leah to draw a line? Actual murder? or is that UWU EDGY BF material like Varg and Marie in the Varg thread?

No. 1967057

It’s not about where they draw the line, it’s basically “he didn’t hurt ME (yet) so idc”. Remember Taylor laughing at Chelsea who tried to warn her about jc then after they broke up she made a video exposing his abuse, remember syd laughing at taylor for warning her about jc then after they broke up syd screamed about how abusive he was, remember layna laughing at syd for warning her about jc then after they broke up she admitted jc was an asshole who was cheating on her the whole time. These women aren’t ignorant they’re arrogant.

No. 1967064

op here. yeah i guess your right. i was under the impression maybe some of them actually embraced his chaos and abusive past as like a "I CAN CHANGE HIM" style thing haha. like the appeal to some people of dating a ganster, drug dealer, criminal etc

No. 1967140

>These women aren’t ignorant they’re arrogant.
YES. exactly this.

No. 1967181

File: 1708244009846.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2637, IMG_4397.jpeg)

“He wants to do cameos, you heard the man” coaching your kid to say that just to be able to afford car parts is WILD

No. 1967184

how long do nonnies think this relationship will last?

No. 1967186

He should pander with the “this money goes to his college fund” route if hes going to use the kid.

No. 1967936

File: 1708436051412.jpeg (104.51 KB, 1024x1430, signal-2024-02-20-132026.jpeg)

opened insta and got jump scared

No. 1969498

shit thread. boring cow(sage your shit)

No. 1969814

The thread is shit, that's just facts. The last few ones have been so lazily made, summaries never updated. Syd's art account is in the bio still which she doesn't use. Her OF is also in the bio which she hasn't used in years meanwhile Layna's isn't? But her other socials are, yet we're not allowed to talk about her. No logic in that whatsoever. So why is her socials in the bio still? Makes no fucking sense. Take her out of the thread summary next time if you don't want people talking about her instead of bitching about people bringing her up for SEVERAL threads.
No one even posts milky IG stories from JC/Syd/Leah anymore. Every now and then something will get posted itt but it's never milk just something stupid. Leah and Jonny have been together for several threads yet her socials have never been added to the bio. Like this whole thread is a mess, the worst downfall I've seen of a once thriving thread across LCF.
If you want people to take the thread seriously and follow the rules get it the fuck together or stop making threads on this guy. It's not like there aren't other actual junkies on here to follow.(derailing/autism)

No. 1969833

Do you think your complaining is improving anything? If you want someone's social medias linked, link them. If you want milk posted, post it. If you want threads made a different way, make them. If you hate this thread so badly, don't post in it. I personally have no interest in the bloated moidlet to whom these threads are dedicated, so this is my first ever post here. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. You aren't exempt from rules (sitewide or otherwise) re: being a whiny little bitchbaby and shitting up threads, just because this one doesn't live up to your exacting standards. You are not the main character of Lolcow.farm and no1curr.

No. 1970038

File: 1708914619974.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_2715.jpeg)


No. 1970205

If you don't like the thread, fuck off and don't add to it. No one asked for your TripAdvisor review.

No. 1970267

File: 1708976982107.jpeg (476.89 KB, 1290x2211, IMG_5075.jpeg)

“Ermagerd I wish everyone success!” That is the furthest thing from reality goiterboi, then stop hating on random IG artists who want nothing to do with you?

No. 1970269

(sorry samefag) literally goiter. down to the beanie, "grinding", and creepy hand rubbing.

No. 1970487

The sheer irony. He lives for shitting on others. It's like 75% of his entire online existence

No. 1970504

it brings me joy to ruin your dogshit thread. it's a pathetic thread why would i take it seriously or respect it? i should fuck with this thread as much as possible to get it locked. pretty soon all of you autists will need to find some other threads to participate in. maybe if the thread was better quality and actually funny and interesting like it used to be then i wouldn't feel the need to fuck it up, but no one puts effort into these threads anymore. lazy ass bitches. either step it up or hang it up.(retardation)

No. 1970505

there's another toothbrush in the photo, dummy(sage your shit)

No. 1970510

You're not ruining it, and it's not "our" thread. Remember most folks post on the shitter or in their spare time, so calm down. If you demand threads with constant drama and accurate links then go start one yourself and grace us with your superior abilities kek.

No. 1970578

It sounds like spiderweb head is having a meltdown, jonny is having some fent cravings and lashing out or syd is upset she cant sperg about layna anymore. They alone keep the thread going kek

No. 1970656

Nonnie, are you paying to be in her camshow? I refuse to believe there’s multiple farmers posting screen caps of her shows without saging. It’s creepy and weird to post her when she’s old milk, and not interesting at all

No. 1970667

Do you have any actual proof she's dating Destiny or is it just speculation because they are fucking? you do realize Destiny has a harem of women he routinely flies out, right?

No. 1970711

….k literally you’re the only one here who gives a shit. why are you so obsessed? she literally has nothing to do with this thread anymore.

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