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File: 1707769237431.jpg (10.13 KB, 155x275, 1706396514645.jpg)

No. 1965286

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1895588

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Sydney cheats on Jonny, finally starting his escape from her.
>Sydney schizophrenically vendetta posts in thread against Jonny's new girlfriend Layna
>Jonny inevitably cheats on Layna , they break up.
>Do we even need a new thread?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.
>Layna confirms schizo poster to be Syd >>1754625
>Syd retaliates with a slew of harassment >>1757057 >>1757058 >>1757068 >>1757097 >>1757098
>Confirmation Layna still cams >>1758416
>JC on a misogyny arc post break up >>1760131 , >>1764476 , >>1764854 , >>1765999 , >>1768017
>Anons find Layna has a role in JC's server, assuming they are back together in private >>1766301
>Retarded schizophrenic spamming of camwhoring ensues.
>JC tattoos his sons name on his face instead of being a decent father and person >>1766818
>JC buys a piece of shit car with his vast riches >>1768200 >>1769210
>Goiter continues to post ugly thirst traps to lure in a new victim >>1771746 , >>1791541
>Syd goes bowling with her man, calls out lolcow >>1777526
>JC continues to out himself as being to broke to afford a hotel room, begs fans for places to sleep >>1781582 , >>1791884 ,
>Resulting in someone stealing Mayor of Spookytowns back pack with thousands of dollars of equipment >>1782713.
>Cancelled show on the tour >>1792804 gives no reason why.
>Spiderhead makes it known he lurks here >>1792990
>In walks Drama-chan with some personal milk about JC's asslicker spiderhead >>1794344 , >>1794345
>JC and Spiderhead ban Drama-chan from going to the show >>1794348
>Butt-buddy Dillion is unsurprisingly a horrible person >>1794822
>Drama-chan enters the thread herself and begins spilling some milk >>1795065
>Spiderhead proving he's a retarded racist sped in video form >>1795415
>Big Jess posts birthday tributes for JC, which he promptly ignores despite reposting all of his other friends >>1795670 , >>1795671
>Goiter and Cole are clearly fuming at the remarks made in thread, spergs out in thread in multiple paragraph rants of hatred towards Drama-chan and lolcow >>1796540 , >>1796551
>The accused abuser/rapist/baby poisoner/msyogynist is called a "beautiful" person >>1833989 >>1834162
>Goiter get's owned by a child >>1835787 >>1835882
>Court intervention update >>1839871 >>1842430
>Possibly dating new copy/paste ex-scenster >>1840135
>Goiter sings at the memorial show of a fellow addict. Makes it more about him, than the memory/struggles of Jordan >>1847358
>Some shit slinging betweend Syd and Goiter >>1849108 >>1849152 Leah copes and forget the man did Fent around a child >>1849180
>Goiter one sec is flexing money >>1849995 then goes straight to using Storm as a pawn over $100 >>1850049
>Goiter gets upset >>1853955 >>1852988 and shames women as a cope, before asking for tits
>Goiter get's REALLY upset >>1856417
>Goiter buys his toddler sweat shop clothes for the gram thinking it constitutes "parenting" >>1860061
>We discover Goiter spent 10k on >>1860061

Last thread hardly had milk, just repetitive photos of JC's exes and infighting. Have some drops of what I could squeeze out:
>Spiderhead could be as milky as JC, constantly melting down online >>1918169
>Syd teases her comeback to Onlyfans >>1918553
>Schizo posting all throughout the thread of Layna's vagina and cam pictures
>JC actually defending Sydney in comments >>1919987
>Leah vague posting about being manipulated >>1919997
>Jonny spends all of his tour money instantly and irresponsibly >>1938533 Buy's cars for himself and his new girlfriend Leah

Previous Threads:
1-18 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
19: >>>/snow/1720005
20: >>>/snow/1743708
21: >>>/snow/1769476
22: >>>/snow/1797259
23: >>>/snow/1829426
24: >>>/snow/1895588

No. 1965289

I left out any mention of all the retardation between Layna and Skid in the last thread. It's not relevant to this one and if you care then make a Skid/Layna thread.

No. 1965327

File: 1707773766610.jpeg (49.95 KB, 1290x2293, 83BC3CBF-CD2D-4D8E-97A6-BD20AC…)

JC you actually are responsible for everyone’s accurate perception of you. The distorted perception is yours and anyone else you manage to convince/distort.

No. 1965458

is that layna's dildo in the threadpic? lmao she's still with destiny btww
this thread and thread subject sucks now. boring ass cow(then leave)

No. 1965461

laynas socials are in the thread yet she's a banned topic. leah's socials havent yet to be added and its been like half a year, if longer
shit thread. guess we can post about the banned topic tho amirite???(samefagging)

No. 1965463

It's been 5 days and no one was making it. If you're going to complain you should have made the thread. I copied and pasted the body from the last one and tried to add milk at the bottom. No that isn't Layna's dildo schizo.

No. 1965482

Go to the camgirl general thread if you want to talk about her. It’s crazy how one random camgirl has such a tight grip on your sanity kek

No. 1965568

Two things can be true at once. There can be links to past calves socials, and they can be banned in discussion. It's a very simple concept. If >3 retards fill a thread with junk obsessing over a past calve, that discussion topic can be banned AND their socials can remain. I know it's a difficult concept to grasp.

thanks anon. i made the last thread and got equally as retarded responses. just ignore.

No. 1966049

File: 1707942885148.jpg (34.24 KB, 391x687, 492015646.jpg)

I find it hard to believe that 20 people paid $75 to have this wrinkled retard blab incoherent street slang and stick his hairy coated tongue out for a full minute. It's funny that he thinks he's worth that though.

Thanks for the thread nonna, I think it's just fine. It seems like the same few people always get stuck with it, I'll figure it out one of these days.

No. 1966051

File: 1707943041849.jpg (228.23 KB, 1080x1920, _4_12_0_58_20-.jpg)

Is this new or is Syd just resharing it and either way, why.

No. 1966080

This is new, the last time she went bowling with lolcow names they were spelled differently.

No. 1966088

"Lolcow is optional"? She's been vague-posting a bunch of sad stories lately (didn't screenshot bc all so boring), tinfoil/ her obsession with Layna's asshole trickled into her relationship and he told her that she does have a choice to not read/post here kek

No. 1966096

Almost feel bad for her bf, I can’t even imagine listening to my partner obsess over thier exs ex constantly. Her obsession is beyond unhealthy and deranged at this point.

No. 1966108

I don’t think she’s obsessed with Layna or her asshole. My personal tinfoil is that there’s other deranged and obsessed anons. I do think Skid obviously constantly reads here though and posts occasionally. I seriously doubt all the schizophrenic episodes are her, but I see why she’s an easy scapegoat.

If it was Skid, why wouldn’t she have moved onto Leah? She could easily do so. I think a random farmer or maybe someone that knew Layna irl found the site somehow and has a massive hate boner for her. It’s not that hard to find this site if you google her name. Women will go great lengths to be schizophrenic towards other women they hate (or it could possibly be a moid). Ever since the anon didn’t move onto Leah I no longer think it’s Skid.

No. 1966193

File: 1707974299661.jpeg (406.45 KB, 993x1539, AF701066-626F-4EB0-A46B-655817…)

When people think it isn’t skid, I just think back to that time when Jonny’s friend died a few years back and that poor woman who lived in Texas(?), she was a mutual friend of the dead dude, got the most unhinged bpd-chan version of skid. All because she gave jonny condolences kek
Skid is relentless when it comes to layna because she knows it annoys us and she’s obsessed with us (so much so she’s constantly naming her bowling games after us despite being a dead cow)

Sage for old(but grade A) milk.

No. 1966202

Her bf also left that instagram comment mentioning Destiny, thinking this thread is full of his fans. She told him some lie about the threads, only because Layna is sleeping with him.
It's 100% skid.

No. 1966215

this type of shit is what i always think of when anons start saying shit about how she seems to have gotten better / looks happy / such a good mom! like - just because there hasn’t been a lot of leaks where shes schizo sperging and raging on someone in dms or stories doesn’t mean it isn’t happening in ways she’s trying to keep from being put on lol cow lol. when layna complained about syd freaking out about her butthole in the courtroom or whatever she said i believe it, 100% she’s on the thread religiously schizoposting about layna. that type of mental illness doesn’t just go away

No. 1966290

totally. you can see the madness in her eyes. i can totally imagine her hunched over her laptop, panting and seething. her bf must find it deranged.

No. 1966307

File: 1708011891486.jpg (64.67 KB, 334x591, l-bxxe-3671.jpg)

I think it's been easier for her to refrain from spiraling over Leah because goiter didn't claim her so long. I'm sure Skid is barely sleeping trying to dig up dirt on her now that he is. Leah seems relatively mild, her biggest fault that I can see (which is huge) is that she's with JC. I know nothing about her as a parent but I'm curious to see how she is with Storm. Has he posted any pictures of Leah and Storm? I wonder if skidmark already flipped out and told him she doesn't want them around each other.

No. 1966412

I think she only hates layna because she didn’t receive the same hateful treatment syd did. syds not self aware enough to realize it’s her own fault. She only got so much hate because she regularly harassed female fans and put them on blast to her (at the time) decently large following. She proved herself to be a terrible person and that’s why she got unanimously dog piled and hated, while people were more apt to give layna the benefit of the doubt. I’ll never forget when “someone” posted laynas moms facebook and went on an autistic sperg defending it because “it was only fair given someone posted a pictures of syds mom years prior”. It was so obviously the little goblin getting some kind of perceived revenge.

No. 1966419

File: 1708030956488.jpeg (138.2 KB, 1290x2293, 5166F05E-3E89-4363-979E-9F684C…)

They look like a trailer park couple.

No. 1966478

Did she post this to prove how ‘unbothered’ she is? Because if she’s spending Valentine’s Day date night thinking about lolcow, making bowling names about lolcow and posting pictures specifically for her lolcow thread, she sounds REALLY bothered actually and also kinda miserable kek

No. 1966480

Not milk but worth a good cringe, Jonny has been posting recently to tiktok and the delusion is CRAZY. I was a fan for years until I found this thread and did the research. I’m actually embarrassed for him.

No. 1966538

> lmao she's still with destiny btww
She's not, they haven't even seen each other in two months, they are both single and he's only using her for sex. She has deluded herself into thinking that she will be the one he chooses between all the women he's fucking, but that won't be the case, he barely talks to her and other that they both enjoy listening to music they have nothing in common. I've been reading his KF thread.
It's dumb to continue to talk about her in here, Destiny's thread is more about his whores if you want to talk about it, but she has nothing to do with Goiter anymore and she's betting everything on either dating Destiny or somehow homewrecking Travis' relationship.

No. 1966571

it's weird how he took a more normal/adult approach to dating leah. less of the intense love bombing, posting, commenting and weird possessive stuff. still a trailer trash couple and we will likely still see such behavior later down the line.

No. 1966661

unfortunately it seems her self esteem is low enough that he doesn't have to make up for cheating or really try at all. imo knowing he obviously hasn't turned over a new leaf, it's actually a bad sign he feels he doesn't have to try for her even when posting publicly insinuating he's fucking groupies on tour. obviously she knew he was a shitbag before dating him, but his whole thing is that he's changed and is sober so she is likely naive and believes it.
idk, i'm rather worried that his mo is different here, she seems too much of a doormat on top of it all

No. 1966778

Exactly, she’s an insecure retard who’s easy to manipulate. At the end of the day if you date a mf who has cheated on every single gf he’s ever had and for some reason you expect to be the exception you’re an idiot. Leah isn’t the exception and the next idiot won’t be either.

No. 1967052

i do find it insane the lengths some people are willing to degrade themselves, in order to obtain proxy clout through their partner. PROPER monkey brain stuff. okay let's say they can feel cool hanging around a psudo-celebrity for a year or so, but what then? goiter has no pension, savings, and a hell of a lot of court papers. he's poisoned a child, been a ruthless junkie, cheated, abused. like what more evil would he have to for Leah to draw a line? Actual murder? or is that UWU EDGY BF material like Varg and Marie in the Varg thread?

No. 1967057

It’s not about where they draw the line, it’s basically “he didn’t hurt ME (yet) so idc”. Remember Taylor laughing at Chelsea who tried to warn her about jc then after they broke up she made a video exposing his abuse, remember syd laughing at taylor for warning her about jc then after they broke up syd screamed about how abusive he was, remember layna laughing at syd for warning her about jc then after they broke up she admitted jc was an asshole who was cheating on her the whole time. These women aren’t ignorant they’re arrogant.

No. 1967064

op here. yeah i guess your right. i was under the impression maybe some of them actually embraced his chaos and abusive past as like a "I CAN CHANGE HIM" style thing haha. like the appeal to some people of dating a ganster, drug dealer, criminal etc

No. 1967140

>These women aren’t ignorant they’re arrogant.
YES. exactly this.

No. 1967181

File: 1708244009846.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2637, IMG_4397.jpeg)

“He wants to do cameos, you heard the man” coaching your kid to say that just to be able to afford car parts is WILD

No. 1967184

how long do nonnies think this relationship will last?

No. 1967186

He should pander with the “this money goes to his college fund” route if hes going to use the kid.

No. 1967936

File: 1708436051412.jpeg (104.51 KB, 1024x1430, signal-2024-02-20-132026.jpeg)

opened insta and got jump scared

No. 1969498

shit thread. boring cow(sage your shit)

No. 1969814

The thread is shit, that's just facts. The last few ones have been so lazily made, summaries never updated. Syd's art account is in the bio still which she doesn't use. Her OF is also in the bio which she hasn't used in years meanwhile Layna's isn't? But her other socials are, yet we're not allowed to talk about her. No logic in that whatsoever. So why is her socials in the bio still? Makes no fucking sense. Take her out of the thread summary next time if you don't want people talking about her instead of bitching about people bringing her up for SEVERAL threads.
No one even posts milky IG stories from JC/Syd/Leah anymore. Every now and then something will get posted itt but it's never milk just something stupid. Leah and Jonny have been together for several threads yet her socials have never been added to the bio. Like this whole thread is a mess, the worst downfall I've seen of a once thriving thread across LCF.
If you want people to take the thread seriously and follow the rules get it the fuck together or stop making threads on this guy. It's not like there aren't other actual junkies on here to follow.(derailing/autism)

No. 1969833

Do you think your complaining is improving anything? If you want someone's social medias linked, link them. If you want milk posted, post it. If you want threads made a different way, make them. If you hate this thread so badly, don't post in it. I personally have no interest in the bloated moidlet to whom these threads are dedicated, so this is my first ever post here. Groundbreaking stuff, I know. You aren't exempt from rules (sitewide or otherwise) re: being a whiny little bitchbaby and shitting up threads, just because this one doesn't live up to your exacting standards. You are not the main character of Lolcow.farm and no1curr.

No. 1970038

File: 1708914619974.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_2715.jpeg)


No. 1970205

If you don't like the thread, fuck off and don't add to it. No one asked for your TripAdvisor review.

No. 1970267

File: 1708976982107.jpeg (476.89 KB, 1290x2211, IMG_5075.jpeg)

“Ermagerd I wish everyone success!” That is the furthest thing from reality goiterboi, then stop hating on random IG artists who want nothing to do with you?

No. 1970269

(sorry samefag) literally goiter. down to the beanie, "grinding", and creepy hand rubbing.

No. 1970487

The sheer irony. He lives for shitting on others. It's like 75% of his entire online existence

No. 1970504

it brings me joy to ruin your dogshit thread. it's a pathetic thread why would i take it seriously or respect it? i should fuck with this thread as much as possible to get it locked. pretty soon all of you autists will need to find some other threads to participate in. maybe if the thread was better quality and actually funny and interesting like it used to be then i wouldn't feel the need to fuck it up, but no one puts effort into these threads anymore. lazy ass bitches. either step it up or hang it up.(retardation)

No. 1970505

there's another toothbrush in the photo, dummy(sage your shit)

No. 1970510

You're not ruining it, and it's not "our" thread. Remember most folks post on the shitter or in their spare time, so calm down. If you demand threads with constant drama and accurate links then go start one yourself and grace us with your superior abilities kek.

No. 1970578

It sounds like spiderweb head is having a meltdown, jonny is having some fent cravings and lashing out or syd is upset she cant sperg about layna anymore. They alone keep the thread going kek

No. 1970656

Nonnie, are you paying to be in her camshow? I refuse to believe there’s multiple farmers posting screen caps of her shows without saging. It’s creepy and weird to post her when she’s old milk, and not interesting at all

No. 1970667

Do you have any actual proof she's dating Destiny or is it just speculation because they are fucking? you do realize Destiny has a harem of women he routinely flies out, right?

No. 1970711

….k literally you’re the only one here who gives a shit. why are you so obsessed? she literally has nothing to do with this thread anymore.

No. 1973082

File: 1709740477355.jpeg (242.41 KB, 1080x1920, 1331.jpeg)

I don't get it. So is he… the prostitute in this situation?

No. 1973105

Is he trying to be cryptic, or is he telling people he hides cash underhis mattress? Kek

No. 1973113

KEK I bet you're right. I can't see him having a bank account, he strikes me as a pre-paid credit card kind of invalid. I love that he's so flashy with his little pennies. He's going to get his ass robbed.

No. 1973214

Hello? Where the fuck did thread 22 go?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973522

It was autosaged due to all the schizo infighting then deleted once it fell far enough down the catalog or something like that

No. 1973750

nvm schizo may be right, she's apparently staying with him for a month, so they might be dating.

Am I the only one that thinks the threads have slowed down significantly as of lately?

No. 1974019

File: 1709949336283.jpg (521.58 KB, 1080x2220, Goiter band.jpg)

Spooder posted this on his story. Will schizoskidney try to get back with goiter once he's in a new band?

No. 1974041

So his current project is failing? Kek. He wont get those likes unless he buts them

No. 1974087

>Jonny's starting a rock band
So he's too poor to hire people to play instruments on his albums and needs to con new musicians into doing it mostly free? Or maybe he's convinced the reason he's failing is because he's not part of a band.
Either way, nobody of note will join up with him cause he's burned all his bridges in the industry. On the rare chance he gets 10k likes (or is able to pay for them), a band's not gonna happen unless he ropes his roommates and cobwebs into it

No. 1974784


Ah yes, Jonny Craig starting (or even being in) rock bands; an impeccable track history

No. 1976230

goity only has success when he is drafted into someone elses band that has good song writers and clout in the scene. nothing he does himself is original or interesting.

No. 1976287

File: 1710451273319.png (129.66 KB, 2826x214, Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 5.21.…)

Sorry bout the photo, I don't usually use this device, however seems like one of his exes necro'd a thread for this post.

No. 1976290

>we dated on and off
KEK is she serious? Jess babe, he used you as a tea cozy for his dick while he was looking for someone who wasn’t busted and embarrassing. you were nothing more than a hookup in between girlfriends. cute cope tho.

No. 1976521

Here is the post in clear text:

"Y’all are really fucking dumb and bored you have all of this free time to sit around and judge other people while you sit on your ass on the couch with potato chip grease running down your shirt…fat fucks.. what have you done for the world? Oh yeah that’s right, nothing. So dumb you can’t even do your research and realize Jonny has been one of my closest friends for 15 years, And our fucking love and understanding doesn’t need to be explained. We’ve dated on and off, but we will always be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. I know your brain is too small to understand this concept. The man has been through hell and back and fought his way out, and he’s PROVED by his almost 2 year sobriety he deserves a chance. Y’all are the fucking clout chasers. Thanks for the entertainment losers
- Jessi Couture 19 hours ago"

Let's go through this together Jessi Coture so you're caught up. Firstly, no one cares if you've known Goiter, dated him, cheer for him etc. People also knew and cheered for Jeffery Epstein. All you Goiter stans fail to every give evidence. You just say you "know him" and he's "been through a lot". What does that have to do with anything? What does that even mean?

Why don't you systematically dismantle all the lies then and prove us all wrong? Go through them one by one and tell us why it's not true:
1. Rape Allegations / Forced Injection (3+ corroborating stories)
2. Multiple Assault and Possession Charges (google the court docs)
3. Robbing fans / Theft for drug purchases (mac book scams)
4. Fentanyl use withing the same location as a baby (downgraded from felony)
5. Makes jokes about how much money he has, then e-begs and doesn't save for storm, lives in a shithole, spends his money on a shitbox merc.
6. Is a complete pig online (stupid sexist posts and "throwing shade" at anyone)
7. Being flung out of almost every band he's been in for being a fucking nightmare (Will Swan's letter, GDG, Emarosa, Slaves, Colin's letter etc)

No. 1976710

U big mad. Want a cape so you can be super mad?? ^(idiot ^)

No. 1976714

>we dated on and off (this is totally super important information that I must share with you because it’s totally relevant)
>b-b-but you’re all totally the ones who are clout chasers!!
Kek. So embarrassing.

No. 1976820

kek yup. goiter and jessi cunture so mad they had to come on lolcow to wax lyrical about how EVERYONE else is wrong. then project that people who come here to read their autistic bile is "sad" and "fat". nice kek.

No. 1977281

Kek she only proved that she is a daily lurker and is mad at dogshit and embarrassing karaoke photos got posted here

No. 1977302

Guys. I feel like a lightbulb just went off. I think Jess is schizo chan. we already know that at first it wasn’t just one person and we already know that one of the people was syd. I bet Sydney started it off and Jess kept it going and I think she’s the one that’s been saying she wants to ruin the thread and posting vile shit to try to troll. Her and Syd don’t have to get along for this to happen, but it’s kind of solidified in my mind that it’s her. I wish that post wasn’t deleted so the mods could reveal her history. I think she’s salty that Jonny doesn’t want her and her definition of dating on and off is the occasional fuck when he’s in town. I highly doubt he’s taking her on a date, bought her anything, or told her I love you in a romantic way. I kind of want him to see this I would love his opinion on him and Jess dating.
weird that she says she’s been dating him on and off for 15 years. I’ve been watching this circus on Twitter since he was with Amanda (2013) and not once have I ever heard of Jess, seen Jonny talking to her, any photos of them or anything.

No. 1977309

No forreal where did this post even come from? It sounds like she’s trying to prove us wrong that her and Jonny dated but no one was fucking talking about that. No one‘s been talking about anything.
She is very busted and embarrassing (see her karaoke photos upthread) and she is the LAST person to call anyone fat. Lmao we’ve seen way better looking groupies than her

Hey Jess, if Jonny is your biggest cheerleader and has soooo much luv for you and even “dated” you romantically how come he has never supported your thriving music career? Kek he could repost your atrocious karaoke videos. You even covered a song of his, and usually when people do that he posts it to his story. He does not acknowledge you. I thought he was your biggest cheerleader? Why haven’t you two collaborated on music he’s done it with people with less followers. Lmao Jonny has never been romantically interested in you, you’re not even his type, he won’t even repost the pictures you guys took, you are nothing more than a warm hole for his dick when he’s desperate. Stay mad tho Big Jess.

This is the most embarrassing fucking thing, it came out of nowhere and Jonny is not backing her up. How do you date someone in the music scene on and off for 15 years and no one knows about it? I think you’re getting dating and a last resort fuck when he’s in your vicinity mixed up.

No. 1977317

wtf she’s deleting photos like crazy I tried to link one of her singing videos it couldn’t work so I went to screenshot a picture of her (the only one without a heavy ass filter) and it’s not there anymore lmaoooo it was right next to the video
But yeah, bitch is busted.
And her videos is the worst fucking singing I’ve ever heard and she wants to pursue music KEK hit up your boyfriend Jonny. He hasn’t liked a single one of your posts yet you two are sooooo close lmao ok

No. 1977336

She’s telling us we’re dumb for not realizing they’ve been dating on and off for 15 years and to do our research . Where is the research though? Nothing is documented, Jess is an irrelevant cow

No. 1977359

File: 1710734121207.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1916, IMG_2912.jpeg)

Syd looks like a fucking tranny

No. 1977360

File: 1710734213070.png (2.14 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2913.png)

Crying bc she’s discovering Jonny was “dating” Big Jess behind her back /s
Who the fuck post pictures of them crying especially 31-year-old woman?

No. 1977390

Actually it could explain the Layna posting, she's probably mad fent-boy kept the camwhore in his dms and didn't get rid of her from his discord. Syd's crazy but after a point Jess had more to lose from being cheated on and Syd at least had being ranting to her boy toy who was more receptive than us to her narratives. Plus we have been getting a bunch of non-milk about Syd like >>1977359 which makes me wonder if maybe someone's mad at her too. Syd just doesn't have a hemroid ass to spam so it's just insta pics
>weird that she says she’s been dating him on and off for 15 years
I wonder if she'd been the "other woman" all this time and this is the first time she's been made public which is why she's going ham (kek) defending herself on the threads now?

No. 1977581

Nah, she added her name like a retard to the post and then deleted it. Skizo-chan has no shame nor feels any embarrassment behind what she does (coughskidcough).

Also how do you date someone on and off for 15 years? You mean he fucked you cause you’re easy and you’ll say yes? And we’re the obsessed ones? KEK

No. 1977583

Also there wasn’t a single mention of you-know-who and skizo-chan loves any opportunity to bring her up.

No. 1977599

Layna is dating a pedophile and someone who supports actual genocide. She’s more of a cow than JC now.

No. 1977678

your precious hemorrhoid queen will never be relevant enough for a thread. cope and seethe.

No. 1977719

File: 1710805644069.jpeg (487.66 KB, 1170x1305, IMG_0812.jpeg)

She really is cowish as fuck. Btw she lurks frequently. She and Destiny and harem could warrant her own thread, not in here here, but if someone knows more about Destiny than I do (I’ve skimmed thru tea about him he is just as bad as jonny) they could make it, he’s the cow that keeps on giving

No. 1977725

Multiple people want a thread for destiny and layna. They give out constant milk. I understand Layna wasn’t that milky in the past but she is now. JC and his circus are fading as far as cow relevancy goes. I’m not saying he isn’t a cow but it’s not like it used to be, and these dead ass threads prove it. We have to wait days or weeks for something to document about him. You can bitch all you want about layna not being a cow in your eyes, but you’re not a mod, you can’t stop us from making a thread for them. Nor do you get to determine what’s cow behavior and what’s not. It’s in the rules and she is bloomed into full blown cow status.

Let’s make a thread for them so the WKs stop bitching in here about it.

No. 1977726

Harem of women* unless he got rid of them, if not, it will be funny to watch Layna try to get picked into being destiny’s favorite.

No. 1977733

File: 1710807002616.jpeg (310.83 KB, 1170x1172, IMG_0814.jpeg)

Aw Jonny she misses you!

No. 1977817

>you can’t stop us from making a thread for them!
Literally no one is stopping you. Please, go make it. Have fun.

No. 1977955

Destiny's kiwifarms thread is already THE thread to document his sexual deviancy. If you want to spam shit about Layna's and the cuck's shitshow of a life then go do it there. If you make a thread about him in here you would need to retread old ground. But if you want to do so feel free, no one is stopping you to do whatever you want.
Layna and his other whores are already discussed there to extreme detail, to the point that when they go online and offline in discord is documented by farmers to know to whom of his whores he's currently talking to.

I've been reading his thread, especially after he was trending on twitter a few days ago. Layna is apparently staying with him for more than a month, and his other whores only stay a few days, so she does seem to be his favorite.

Just stop spamming with this irrelevant shit, it has been a year since she's been relevant to the thread.

No. 1977973

>>1977725 It's not WKing for farmers and nonnies to request you discuss Layna in a "Layna" thread, rather than a Goiter thread. It's a perfectly logical thing to suggest. >>1976521 I don't think Jess or Goiter have the mental ability to face direct questions over his actions. They think that "HE A GOOD PERSON ON GOD 100", provides enough evidence to dismiss goiter using fent in a room with a baby kek.

No. 1977994

Yeah I was going to say. Farmers can make a thread here for him but really it’s a bit redundant as he’s already discussed extensively on KF. The anons on here would probably fill most of the thread with close ups of Layna which is boring. The only interesting thing involving the two of them is that they’re fucking and she’s been living with him for a month and has visited quite often. Not much in terms of milk. He in particular has a lot of milk but again it’s already discussed extensively on KF.

No. 1978016

of course she do! she’s self posting too and trying to shit tt since we started talking about her kek
sorry to break it to you nonnie and i get that u don’t know shit about lolcow but we are not the same community so why should nonitas go there?

No. 1978019

Go on then make a thread for her. Oh wait, that’s right… you did and farmhands removed it. They also removed her from the camewhore thread. That’s why you’re still here months after they split, crying and coping in a thread that has nothing to do with her. The amount of time and effort you put into hating a random ewhore would be impressive if it didn’t point to you actually being debilitatingly fucking insane

No. 1978032

>so why should nonitas go there?
Because you’re all too lazy and incompetent to make him a thread here, so you keep shitting up this one with useless posts?

No. 1978099

If they are actually talking about Layna in his KWF thread I will go there. Last time I looked they weren’t.

No. 1978129

They don't have as much interest in her since they don't think she's as lolcow worthy as some of Destiny's other whores, but you can definitely go in there and post about her and people will respond back.
Just because they are talking about other topics in Destiny's life shouldn't stop you from posting about Layna. People in the thread probably just don't know enough about her to care.
In that thread they archive everything about his life, from the women he's seeing, to his public political humiliations, even his secret affair Lauren Southern was exposed in there before anywhere else.

Layna appears to be embracing the open relationship lifestyle to be with Destiny so she's going to be more lolcow worthy than ever.
If he did already try to make a thread about her and it was removed I don't understand why he doesn't just do the jump to kf then, other than wanting to keep her connected to Goiter for some reason or hating the idea of creating a kf account.

No. 1978143

There’s nothing to talk about other than her being his most recent, longest, and most often fuck since his divorce, there isn’t more to discuss in regards to Layna there either. They’ve deemed her not a cow because she doesn’t display BPD behaviours like the other women he’s recently fucked. KF is currently talking about the relevant situation going on with Destiny, which is that he’s an avid supporter of an ongoing genocide. KF isn’t like lolcow, in that they aren’t going to repeatedly post close ups of the women he’s having sex with, they focus on the cow-like behaviour itself (for the most part).

No. 1978220

Come on goiter, do something. Save this thread from more Layna analysis.

No. 1978411

No ones made a thread for her, retard

No. 1978419

ntayrt but someone absolutely did make her a thread, it was talked about itt at the time. lurk more.

No. 1978484

i bet it was Layna

No. 1978493

If it had been Layna she would already be self-posting in Destiny's kf thread, but no one in that thread fits that description.
They all mostly don't care about her other than documenting her relationship progress with Destiny, except for the 'Nadine9' account which appeared in February, types like the people from this site and seems to dislike Layna. But they've posted in the thread during times when it would have been impossible for Layna to be them.
I used to think like you, that it was Layna herself attention-whoring in this thread and she had moved to the KF thread, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 1978546

I second this ^. Please stick to the thread topic.

No. 1978590

kf is not an anonymous board as lolcow is, she can get caught in a minute.

No. 1978966

File: 1711141713523.jpeg (221.26 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_5570.jpeg)

$20 for this fucking garbage

No. 1979217

Are these saint candles getting more popular right now, or perhaps being revived with the scene revival? They were all the rage back in the og scene days so it's possible he's done the first good business decision in his life and made these. But they'd need to be sold at hot topic or some other place that's nostalgic for the scene cause his biggest chance at getting customers is people nostalgic for his old acts who know nothing about him afterwards. Since this seems to be a solo venture he really needs to put out at least an EP or something to make it worth buying new merch. Otherwise you're better off going on ebay for merch from his actually successful other bands if you're nostalgic

No. 1979959

Goiter is a CCP shill. badging his shit box merc as a china-only model, selling cheap chinese tat, wearing only the finest chinese designer knock offs. probs got his new band of aliexpress.

No. 1980389

The ‘presale’ comment with the later shipping date is a dead giveaway he’s getting this shit off an alliexpress type of dropshipping site, probably costs literal pennies to make and he’s hawking them for $20 lmfao. Only true retards would fall for this bs money grab. It’s not even a good photoshop job matching the Jesus part with his stupid mugshot.
Anyone got the link to destiny’s kiwifarms page? I lost track of the new site location months ago, I’m assuming they’re still under troonattacks

No. 1980440

really nigga?

No. 1980453

No. 1980454

what was the post?

No. 1980627

File: 1711643208770.jpeg (113.82 KB, 960x640, IMG_1006.jpeg)

I love how absolutely NO ONE has posted about Jonny’s new single or his new band old flames kek

No. 1980629

it's so unoriginal, it doesn't warrant discussion kek.

No. 1980952

Many thanks kind nona

No. 1981435

>when you’re too washed up even for lolcow

No. 1981570

kek. DGD, Emarosa and Slaves had SOME form of originality to it. DGD had the chaos and melody, Emarosa had the psychedelic post hardcore thing, slaves did the trapcore thing. Goiter's trap and rock music could be generated AI if you fed it a few spotify playlists. Totally unoriginal.

No. 1982361

Is the song track stars from the bay about Sydney? Do you think he has any songs about her

No. 1982569

File: 1712233074317.png (402.91 KB, 696x796, lol2.png)

(unsaged non milk)

No. 1982702

He follows so many literal children its disgusting

No. 1982735

Yes it’s about her, so is Sadness, Going Under, and anything else from the Find Your Home album. She’s in the Sadness MV

Is he still pretending to be dating Leah? They’ve been a thing for over a year now, I love how he didn’t make it official until January though so that it excuses him fucking other women in 2023

No. 1982761

Funniest thing is that girl isn't even real. She wears a silicone breastplate. And that's not her face it's an AI generated face that she edits in all her pictures. She has other accounts in which she does the same thing with different faces, that way she can have multiple OF accounts milking even more men from money.
Not surprised he would fall for something like that. I wonder if she's gonna milk him for money and never even actually fly out to meet him.

Instead of using the little money he has to take care of his kid he's getting scammed by ugly women who hide their real identity, worse than a catfish.
Vaguely related to Goiter, Layna has been staying for a month with Destiny, the zionist, pro-palestine genocide debater. But his kiwifarms thread speculates that he has already grown bored of her and is already looking for a replacement.

No. 1982763

lol her breast plate is so obvi

No. 1982764

Forgot to add. 'She' also uses a plastic pussy that 'she' edits into 'her' nudes, so it's speculated that it's not even a woman, but rather a skinny man who edits himself as a woman to scam men out of money.

So there's a huge possibility that Jonny is sexting with a man. It could also be that she just doesn't feel the need to put her actual body online so she uses a plastic pussy instead since why not, everything else is fake already.

No. 1982765

Lmfaoooo omg

No. 1982767

for reference, this is another of 'her' accounts https://www.instagram.com/audreyteem/, she has multiple but I can't remember the rest from the top of my head.

No. 1983257

Ew, this picture just looks like some fuzzy moldy grotesque science experiment some left in a Petri dish.

No. 1983260

The glaringly obvious Adam’s apple gives it away. Johnny being a faggot isn’t new though.

No. 1983550


For this reason I will not be 'warning' my ex's new gf. He's on the criminal register, she can use Claire's law if she has half a brain.

Warning other women never yields results because women always think they're the exception and they are superior to and somehow special and will be spared that treatment. She's fucking around and she'll find out.

No. 1983610

Is Jonny autistic?

No. 1983611

i just can't get behind someone leaving their cat so often for penis (from a horrible person, mind you), especially for a whole month? i'm not surprised he's getting bored with her, she's good for nothing. millions of pickmes just like her.

No. 1983614


whats the milk leah(sage your shit)

No. 1983615

Genuinely glad you got away from your abuser anon, but this thread isn’t the place to vent about it…

No. 1983657

File: 1712550157678.png (2.9 MB, 1290x2293, image.png)

>she can use Claire's law if she has half a brain
you act as if it's a common knowledge law and as if you're mad at her lol

anyways, in mild milk jonny continues to not do things with the kid except buy him shit and sit on the couch. the kid looks so uninvolved with him as he lies on the couch taking selfies

No. 1983709

It's just a frustrating trend. Syd, Taylor, etc, its a cycle. They warn the next woman only to be dismissed, she continues the relationship because she believes she's superior and suggests that the ex somehow deserved the abuse.

No. 1983810

File: 1712601108648.jpeg (407.13 KB, 1284x2637, IMG_5992.jpeg)

HA half the girls he follows are sex workers/camgirls like make up your mind goiter

No. 1983816

better to fall in and out of romance within a few months than to be so incapable of love you poisoned your damn child, only fought for visitation to look good, and still barely give a shit about them except to use as a prop to show off the shit he can buy for him (which isn't much and isn't impressive, plus kids can tell a gift from the heart vs a shut-up-and-go-away "gift")

No. 1983822

Is this a dig at Layna

No. 1983855

this man does not possess a single molecule of self awareness. I guess focusing on other people’s shitty relationships makes him feel better about the fact that he has a whole thread documenting his failure of a love life

No. 1983857

Yeah it must be from him reading the thread. Funny because there's still zero proof of Cuck actually being bored of Layna, they are just poly and travelling to fuck other people for a few days and return soon after.
If anything, she tweeted a couple weeks ago implying Destiny told her they should travel to Japan together.

Jonny should worry about his own problems instead of speculating about what's happening in his ex-whore's life.

No. 1983874

She’s been at his place since late February, according to some schizophrenic poster on KF who has tracked Destiny’s stream and recorded all of the things he’s done for Layna that he’s hinted to on stream, and Layna said he’s taking her to Japan. They speculate he’s bored of her because They are bored of her because she doesn’t have BPD breakdowns and supply the thread with milk like the other e-girls he has sex with. Which ironically enough is likely why he spends more time with her/does nice things for her.

No. 1984017

I'd say it's more likely just low intelligence. This combined with low empathy, foresight, and years of alcohol and drug abuse. A wrecked dopamine feed back loop is likely why he's obsessed with online attention and acts out like a retard.

No. 1985086

What made big Jess randomly come in here to defend her biggest cheerleader? No one has mentioned her in a long ass time. Shit’s fucking embarrassing.

No. 1985930

File: 1713237127949.jpeg (178.34 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1270.jpeg)

Can someone tell me what happened with Tillian?

No. 1985933

File: 1713238095472.png (447.9 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3713.png)

He married a nutty girl who was the wife of Danny Warsnop from asking Alexandria. Google “Danny warsnops wife Reddit” and there’s a whole thread about her

No. 1985948

They kicked him for marrying a crazy girl?

No. 1985984

I don't think it's as retarded and simplified as that. He had some allegations he worked through, and rehab etc. The band had him back in the trust he had changed. Sometimes in a band, things can't be healed. That sentiment is expressed in their post. It's likely he's too much drama for their liking. DGD always change up singers and it's well over due anyway.

I'm surprised Goiter hasn't been back on the "PICK ME PICK ME" game again with DGD now singer-less. Like fuck they're gonna take on a baby poisoning retard with 20x more SA accusations.

No. 1986012

File: 1713271008242.png (388.85 KB, 1080x410, 1bdhv3qbznuc1.png)

i spoke to soon. he's already in the bands comments being slimey

No. 1986173

I wonder how upset syd would be if he became their singer again

No. 1986203

She'd be elated anon, she's a narcissist. She would get off on the fact that he's her baby daddy and playing the victim. Any attention is validation to Eggplant Sydney.

No. 1986234

100%. She's the type to forgive him for something awful if he's pulling big numbers. But if he's fallen off, suddenly he's abyoosive

No. 1986422

This is not the way to go about this. Lmfao he looks desperate, you already know behind the scenes he’s been begging them give him a chance.

No. 1986428

He got rid of her though for cheating I don’t think he would take her back. I think originally she was a rebound and then he accidentally got her pregnant.

No. 1986452


That is literally his only way of contacting them(sage your shit)

No. 1986557

likely for good reason.

No. 1986893

Leah tell ur man to get the bumps around his dick checked out. Nasty ast(retard)

No. 1987943

File: 1713804694141.jpg (282.83 KB, 1290x2293, 439078239_396841346590671_1027…)

No your three-year-old son did not ask you why "they left you out to die" you dangerous retard.

No. 1987959

totally believable. im sure right after that your toddler used his literary genius to eloquently forgive you for literally leaving him out to die while you were "uwu sick"

No. 1988145

What a fucking wild propaganda piece. Using an innocent child to project an image of yourself. Imagine using a 3 year old as your spin doctor. I can promise you no 3 year old is having grand thoughts about existentialism, mortality and morality. What a wild cope.

No. 1988337

Lmaoooo if he did it’s only because he’s repeating what he heard jonny say

No. 1988681

Why has no one posted skids stories as of today. Talk about cringe. Reminiscing 2019.(sage your shit)

No. 1988702

If its so milky why dont you post it instead of bumping the thread with unsaged nonmilk?

No. 1988715

File: 1714020101376.png (55.72 KB, 450x203, IMG_7182.png)

he did the meme

No. 1988928

Can we please lock the thread if nothing milky happens in the next month? Not a single milky thing has happened in 2024 at all.

No. 1988967

why not leave the thread open so if something milky does happen there’s a place for it? you’re acting like you can’t move on with your life until the thread is officially dead, almost like it’s personally effecting you somehow. that’s weird.

No. 1989058

We don’t lock threads when they die. Are you new? Have you ever visited /pt/? Dead threads just fade into the catalogue until something milky happens again.

No. 1989402

Yeah that is sus and I’m sure something will happen eventually

No. 1989731

How did you get the thread personally affecting me from what I said? Sounds like projection ,it was a simple question because it’s been done before to multiple threads, it’s been done to lilboweeps, lilxan thread and others. Sounds like the likes of turtlemom will throw a conniption fit if the threat ever gets locked. I don’t care if it does or doesn’t it was just a question

No. 1989733

Like what? What do you think is gonna happen other than Syd maybe throwing a fit which is normal she does that a few times a day.

No. 1989986

pretty sure lilxan never had a thread ? he was just mentioned the tp/soundcloud thread and lilboweeps thread was locked because she died. similarly other threads have also been locked because the thread subjects died but … jonny is still alive unfortunately

No. 1990051

oh you sweet summer child

No. 1990106

>sounds like projection
I dont think you know what projection means
>I don’t care if it does or doesn’t
you specifically requested it be locked, dont back peddle now kek

No. 1990414

Some milk must be about to come out for someone to not want the thread up and running

No. 1990418

File: 1714490283803.jpeg (721.44 KB, 1170x1785, IMG_1536.jpeg)

Peep her caption.. “I may not be a pro skater with skills” she is no doubt talking about Leah but why even mention her? She’s so fucking autistic and embarrassing. At least she acknowledges that she has special needs

No. 1990428

KEEEEEEEEK Stalking your exs new gf and posting a thirst trap of your literal ass indirectly mentioning her skateboard skills is hilariously deranged. Does she not realize she looks like an obsessive idiot?

No. 1990450

im sure jonny and leah are dying of laughter over this immature bullshit. shes so desperate and pathetic

No. 1990590

the way sydney lets us all know she’s still mentally ill and unhinged by explaining to everyone how pretty she is in the same instagram caption she openly compares herself to leah is… well.. it’s very sydney. she doesn’t even try to hide that she obsessively stalks jonny and his new boo. it’s just a casual day for her, trying to find ways to skinwalk and emulate what she thinks other people would find desirable in her. what a miserable existence.

No. 1990591

>>>/snow/1761387 Anon was right

No. 1990661

It's not that simple. She has become poly to be with Density.
I'm still not sure if she's actually into the whole poly thing or just forcing herself into it because if she doesn't do it Density will just replace her for another one.
I guess we'll see.

Also, I do not see her being with Density for clout, maybe for money.
Density doesn't seem to want to make their thing public and it will probably remain that way since he attributes that to being a huge factor to his last marriage failing.
He was still calling himself single until very recently, and only a few days ago stopped himself from saying he's single. So other than him flying her out to his place for months and going to trips to other countries together, I do not see her camwhore career benefiting from it.
Most of his audience seems clueless that she even exist or that he wasn't rotating whores for a while since she was living with him for two months.

It will be funny if he does end up replacing her after she fucked 20 of her ugly friends just to make him happy.

she definitely has to be on the spectrum, no way you can post this without being autistic.

No. 1990685

I think he only sees them as friends. Kiwifarmers that have followed him extensively for years believe it’s out of convenience as he mentioned he would rather die than spend a night alone, and due to her job it’s easier and convenient.

I really don’t think she is into poly stuff, she was cheated on twice in the past so it’s hilarious for her to suddenly become poly and cope.

Either way time will tell and I predict an incoming meltdown on her end as he keeps saying he’s going to remain single, and then finds someone he actually wants to date.

No. 1990692

I also used to think it was the convenience thing, but no.
Her sugar daddy, 'Dark' something, who is her number one simp and donator, called her 'PolyHolly' during one of her shows two weeks ago. She laughed and said she liked that one. Her chat was calling her nicknames which is how that came up.
And she seems to talk to that guy when she's not caming so she has probably explained her current sitation to him.

During the two months she spent with Density she also took a short trip to Orlando to go fuck one of her friends, while Density flew one of his whores in. After that she immediately came back and they spent another month together, that's the kind of behavior that he used to do with Melina, his ex wife.
She has also tweeted about 'monoganoids', a word Density uses to make fun of people who don't understand his open relationship life, although she usually deletes those tweets.

No. 1990703

Either way she’s going to get mindfucked hard. She was already fucked over twice, and with jc she ignored all his previous relationships and expected to be the one to ‘change him’.
Melina continues to talk about her ex marriage on her streams and how miserable and traumatic it was for her. Not only is Layna not getting picked (at least not officially), she’s going to spend her 30s repeating this cycle of finding these men and ignoring all previous women and thinking she is the one who will rise above.
She will always be a filler, and she will never ‘complete’ or change or fix these men. Watch

No. 1990908

How is it convenient for him when she lives in another country? He could have a different live in whore where the flights would be cheaper, and one who doesn’t level their cat with a babysitter for two months. Fucking evil shit pet mom. Theres no reason she couldn’t have taken her cat with her.

No. 1990919

She was only going to stay for two weeks originally, Destiny just kept extending her stay, first for one month and later made it two months.
Probably why he didn't think she should bring her cat.

No. 1990928

Well, now that she’s officially poly, I can’t wait until she contracts something incurable for being a dumbass all in the name of getting picked

No. 1990930

Layna is a bad person. She is a reflection of the people she dates. No one in the right mind would date Johnny Craig or Destiny. She deserves what’s coming to her

No. 1990935

Interesting that shortly after this was posted and Skid was being roasted, and after someone tried to get the thread shut down, the thread shifted to talking about the non-cow who is irrelevant to the thread again, and her current relationship. Skid, I promise you no one gives a fuck what the non-cow is doing but you.

No. 1990941

Sorry, not Skid. I brought her up because I wanted to commend whoever made that prediction a year ago.
Also, Melina psychologically tortured herself for years to be poly for him, she now seems much happier in a normal relationship. He neglected his ex wife and child and Layna looks at their past relationships and thinks she can be the one to garner respect from them.

No. 1990944

>Layna looks at their past relationships and thinks she can be the one to garner respect from them.
That's a lot of mind-reading. Unless she's said this at some point. On stream?

No. 1990946

Mind-reading isn’t required when you can just look at someone’s actions. Why date shitty men who have made their exes miserable unless you are expecting a different outcome? If she’s expecting the same shitty treatment as Melina then she wouldn’t be doing all of this. He rarely prioritized his own marriage and child, so after he fucks her over after she pretends to enjoy being poly, I don’t even want to imagine the next man she chooses.

No. 1990947

okay but who actually cares? she’ll fuck around and find out? unfortunately she doesn’t have meltdowns or make a scene or cause drama when things dont work out, she’s a boring whore, it’s not remotely milky. move on.

No. 1990951

Looks like Layna prioritizes the same things he does, temporary fun and hedonism. Perfect match. Didn't she cheat on Alex, and the guy before Jonny? She probably cheated on Jonny to and he just never found out. Destiny probably loves that she's a whore. I bet he let her live in his apartment for two months because she was willing to fuck all of his friends. His KF thread suggests he's a cuck who likes to watch so.

No. 1990952

these kind of replies itt always aligns with her being active on social media and immediately resort to accusing everyone of being Skid.
Fwiw, I discovered Layna and this thread through the Destiny poly shit,
Also based on everything I read her she absolutely does have social media meltdowns after getting cheated on, it happened with jc and she’s about to get mindfucked even harder with Destiny. Just yesterday he said he doesn’t like women with tattoos and when asked if he would be okay with his child doing sex work, he said he’d hope for something better for them than that. He will fuck her and keep her around for months because it’s easier than rotating women every few days and he doesn’t have to worry about spending a night alone like he says he hates, but he will keep saying he’s single until he finds someone he actually wants to date.

No. 1990955

He is a cuck. He said he used to watch videos of his ex wife getting her back blown out by different men.
He's into hotwifing.
Agreed, one of the most autistic guys who posts in that Destiny thread has downplayed how much of a lolcow she can be sometimes, don't know why he's doing it but I also don't plan on calling him out. She still reads this thread and tweets about it on her twitter but tends to delete them.

No. 1990958

File: 1714625081525.jpeg (160.68 KB, 918x2048, IMG_3313.jpeg)

this is what he’s doing when Layna’s in the other room btw, sexting other women and referring to her as a friend. I don’t understand why this is what she subjects herself to.
Leaked creepy sexts: https://x.com/thesonnyfaz/status/1780066050375139469?s=46

No. 1990960

It’s so obvious you’re samfagging and having a conversation with yourself and it’s unbelievably embarrassing that you think anyone believes otherwise
Because its very literally Sydney

No. 1990962

The date of those sexts was February, not when Layna was there. But he does spend the majority of her visit sexting and talking to other women.

No. 1990963

Layna accusing anons of being Skid when it’s multiple anons will never not be funny kek

No. 1990964

The 'friend' in question here is Samantha, another of his whores, not Layna.
I agree with what you are saying tho.

No. 1990965

NTAYRT, but I was the >>1990935 poster and am not Layna. I don't know if she's posting in the thread also calling anons Skid, but it's pretty obvious when Skid starts posting.

No. 1990966

Eh, I'm from Destiny's thread, I just lurk this thread too because sometimes you find things about Layna or Destiny through here that hasn't been posted in the KF thread yet.

No. 1990972

why is everyone obsessed with layna?
because she’s dated cows?
she’s not milky at all, it’s like a hyperfixation with some of y’all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1990978

For one, she dated Jonny Craig. Fangirls (or former fangirls, now turned anti-fans) become obsessed with the significant others or exes of their idols (or former idols.) Not to mention JC's baby momma shitting up the thread every once in a while. She had(has?) such a fixation on Layna, I wouldn't be surprised if she posts in Destiny's KF thread now as well, she even mentioned Destiny in an Instagram comment recently.

Apart from that, Layna has no discernable talents, she skates by doing the bare minimum, but despite that, she has her own apartment through doing degrading behavior online (fucking herself for all to see) and she's currently getting flown out for months at a time to Miami Beach, where she goes to expensive dinners (Destiny brags on stream a lot about how he has multiple $400 dinner's every week), and probably gets money from the guy too. Hate stalking is addictive, and Layna fits a certain type of infuriating person who seems to have no consequences for her actions. When these relationships fail, she doesn't seem to react or care, and continues posting retarded tweets and floating to the next clueless guy. I hate to say this, but many lcf users are women who aren't happy, and spend much of the day fighting with other women on here, and dissecting the cows to pieces (typically women). Someone like Layna is exactly the type of woman people on here despise. No critical thinking, using body for money, and no consequences for actions. Yet seems constantly rewarded. It's enough to drive a lot of people crazy, enough to hate stalk and obsessively root for her failure. She's also proven she reads here, so posting about her is satisfying, knowing she will read it and cry herself to sleep, knowing she's always the rebound whore and never the wife.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1991109

Sounds like Taylor levels of self-victimizing. Remember when Taylor made a 3 hour long youtube video detailing Jonny’s abuse and the worst offence she cried over was that he didn’t cuddle her enough.

No. 1991133

the best part about this is her disclaiming her body and making sure everyone knows she’s so uwu smol when realistically she’s so short and disproportionate that she looks like unfortunate boxy little midget kek. at least she has an ass because her deflated pancakes are an actual horror show.

No. 1991229

See this shit is entertaining. Not sure why we can’t talk about it, nothing going on in goiters life unless I go out of my way to read and post stories of several people I don’t even follow since you lazy bitches won’t do it.

No. 1991232

Lmao what was deleted that you replied to

No. 1991235

I think it was Destiny's ex wife's DMs about how he ignores her all day and spends the vast majority of the day sexting other women. He also spends money on them and pays for their apartments.

No. 1991236

File: 1714701278975.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2025, IMG_1571.jpeg)

How was Leah getting backstage for enter shikari? Is she another scene groupie? I highly doubt she works in the music business

No. 1991238

He definitely pays for Layna's apartment. She has no job and there's no way her camming money pays for it.
Definitely a scene music groupie, why else would she date goiter? He looks like a thumb, doesn't have a personality outside of being a wigger, and is broke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1991242

You can bring it up in the youtuber or twitch general, OR if you think he's milky enough, you can make a Destiny specific thread. He constantly has leaks, and falling outs with the various women he interacts with. Constant stream of milk. It was crazier a couple years ago, but even a couple months ago some girl was sperging out online after he rejected her, saying he secretly records women in his apartment, and other fucked up shit. He deals with 3-6 breakdowns/freakouts from women per year. Only mentally unstable women go near him, and he probably manipulates and drives them to this madness.

No. 1991246

it is, but it's not relevant to Goiter, the only connection is Layna. And she barely appears on his stream and can only be seen in the background of his apartment.
If you want to discuss it go to his KF thread, almost nothing about his life is private and has been autistically logged.

No. 1991304

I've watched a few of her streams, she's constantly gushing over 40 year old me. So yes, she does have a thing for older men.
She probably has a thing for Avoidant personality men.
It's just mental illness, they attract each other.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1991310

Reminder: Any discussion of Layna in this thread (that doesn't center around JC) leads to a ban.

No. 1991323


No. 1991327

that wasn't a well thought out analysis, that was you describing your irrational obsession with a stranger on the internet in broad daylight.

No. 1991329

See name of thread ^
It's not a Layna thread.
Really. Really simple stuff gang.

No. 1991420

>you spam layna posts
>farmhands remove them and/ or ban you
>you spam layna posts
>farmhands remove them and/ or ban you
>you spam layna posts
>farmhands remove them and/ or ban you
kek, are you having fun yet anon?

No. 1991424

Ngl I thought it was spot on actually

No. 1991425

lmao layna trying to do damage control in the thread trying to blend in as a farmer is so embarrassing

No. 1991435

>in broad daylight
NTA but it’s an anonymous gossip board, I don’t think anyone cares how they’re perceived kek

No. 1991436

Yeah nonnie, totally. Layna has infiltrated the mod team and the farmhand telling you to follow the rules (for the 100th time) is so very obviously just her doing damage control. You’re seriously experiencing delusions. Take your meds

No. 1991443

Layna Derangement Syndrome has begun.

No. 1991458

as an observer who doesn't participate in the thread, it is funny. But it's also funny that you don't even try pretend to be a different anon who always starts these Layna posts.
You and Layna are like different sides of the same pathetic permanently online, good for nothing, coin.
Both you and Layna seem like below average IQ retards who won't achieve much in life, just my two cents. But at least Layna is a smart enough to realize she needs to suck off ugly rich men to become something in life. Although like always, she will end up discarded. I give it less than a year before Destiny replaces her for another whore who's prettier, lives closer, and is more entertaining.
If it happened to Melina it will happen to her.

Now stop spamming the thread with your braindead obsession with this broad.

No. 1991466

>Although like always, she will end up discarded.
Afaik she broke up with the last 3 men she was in a relationship with. The Alex guy was crying on his story about getting dumped. She left Jonny for cheating or something. And the guy before Jonny was crying in the thread because she left him for Jonny, or cheated on him with Jonny I can't remember. She's just a whore running from dick to dick. When she leeches what she can out of Destiny she'll leave him to.

No. 1991471

File: 1714775314865.jpeg (172.78 KB, 1170x658, B0ECA40A-1918-4F82-8DC5-90164B…)

very obvious to anyone whos not brain dead

No. 1991473

I am indeed the 'gushing over 40 year old men' reply, other two aren't me tho.
There's probably layna hate boner anon (who has probably made the move to Destiny's kf thread too), one or two kf thread posters, and myself, who's also from Destiny's kf thread but I've also become mostly a lurker because after reading the archives I've become fascinated by Goiter.
You are probably the same person who always complains about the Layna replies, and you don't seem that interested in Destiny, but if you read his thread it wouldn't come as suprising that there's people from his thread monitoring this one too, it has been referenced and posted many times over there already.
this >>1991246 is also me, just fyi.

No. 1991509

> If Destiny is reading this, heed my warning.
You don't know Destiny if you think your text would do anything else other than give him a boner.
That's exactly what he wants, whether she's what you describe or not is completely irrelevant to him. As long as he doesn't fully know, and she acts the way he wants her to act, then she might as well be a robot who lacks consciousness.
Agreed, but a lot of people's problems with her being talked about in the thread isn't that she's 'not milky' but that her milk, and Layna as whole, has nothing to do with Goiter. And they are right.
Whether Layna is a sociopath or not, whether she cheats on her bfs, whether she became polyamorous, whether she has fetal alcohol syndrome/BPD/autism. All of it is irrelevant to Jonny, and people in this thread rightfully don't find her interesting.

As >>1990978 said. This thread is mainly for former fangirls and anti-fans of Jonny, most don't care about whatever the fuck Layna is doing with her life.

No. 1991666

tinfoil but I seriously think skid is having an episode. it explains her post calling out jonnys new girl, blatantly asking for the thread to get locked, the cringe post that got deleted a few days ago where ‘someone’ spitefully swore to ruin the thread by spamming layna and the sock puppeting she’s doing now. its no secret she’s severely unwell and unmedicated and I think this thread is her only outlet now that she doesn’t have public meltdowns on social media.

No. 1991667

Seconded. Thinking Destiny and Layna are posting itt for her is also some mania induced schizo-thinking.

No. 1991684

Thinking everyone is a schizo is retarded. Destiny has a kf account and has posted in his own thread before, he spends all his time in his own subreddit under his account there, you really think he wouldn’t do the same here?

No. 1991689

this thread has nothing to do with the streamer destiny. its a Jonny Craig thread. hope your mental health crisis ends soon.

No. 1991808

File: 1714863997924.png (662.48 KB, 708x1261, THE_ONE._(@jonnycraig4l)_•_Ins…)

No. 1991816

wasn't he posting yesterday about God being good to him?

No. 1991840

how is he always so consistently cringy. the dramatic b&w selfie looking longingly into the distance paired with the vague bait caption asking for good vibes? stop it you’re like 50
apart from his promotional shit, he pretty much only post to complain how hard his life is, or flex about how good his life is. I think we all know which is closer to the truth.

No. 1992111

no one cares

No. 1992159

they’re only coming over here because nobody on kiwi farms cares either. just report and ignore

No. 1992180

>how is he always so consistently cringy. the dramatic b&w selfie looking longingly into the distance paired with the vague bait caption asking for good vibes? stop it you’re like 50
He's a narcissist, he's not self aware of how he looks and is delusional enough that people say 'Wow Jonny, you really are mistreated by everyone surrounding you, you deserve way better'. There's no helping people like that.
No one cares 'Nadine', or whoever you are from that thread. And it has been obvious they've been dating for months now, you people trust way too much the opinion of random people in that thread and completely ignore the obvious things that's infront of you, she stayed with him for two whole months and is flying back soon.

No. 1992196

>Wow Jonny, you really are mistreated by everyone surrounding you
I hate that this is probably exactly what he and his enablers think. nobody is against him other than himself. he’s a horrible person who took for granted every opportunity he ever had because he thought he was SOOO talented and irreplaceable that he could get away with it. every time he goes on about people leaving him out or giving up on him I laugh out loud, he’s had more second chances than most and ruined every single one of them all on his own. but I guess pretending the world is out to get you and blaming everyone else for your failures is far easier than accepting you failed all on your own.

No. 1992224

This entire thread is against him, but I always assume he's referring to this thread when he says that shit anyways kek. He spends too much time here.

No. 1992251


No. 1992265

he stays reading the thread cuz he likes hearing people talk about him and lolcow is the only place he’s still “relevant”. he posted something the other day ragging on another musician who was mentioned in a music magazine and you could tell it was coming from a place of pure jealousy KEK

No. 1992268

mod, this poster has been here for years. they're just a schizo. when it was uncovered that layna is a camwhore every other post in the thread read like this.
"HAHAHAHA FUCKING NASTY CAMWHORE" including gif reactions.

No. 1992370

You know things are bad when you are surprised to see posts actually related to the thread topic lol

No. 1992535

It's bad. lolcows is in shambles. He's literally begging for people to talk shit. He is literally losing haters as well as fans now.(unintegrated newfag)

No. 1992563

I can only think of one person who would be this pressed, kek. GROSS, so this means jonny’s lil johnny is circumcised? I bet it’s all dried out and desensitized and wrinkly hahaha nasty. a shriveled, scaly little pink nub.

No. 1992567

He's boring, no one cares about him or his hag now, not his fans nor his haters.

No. 1992573

Claiming that an uncircumcised dick is cleaner/better than a normal dick is crazy. Idc who it’s attached to, they’re both gross, but Destiny takes the cake because he rawdogs sex workers constantly and JC is loyal and in a relationship

No. 1992575

they’re both nasty but
>JC is loyal and in a relationship

No. 1992576

Love that there’s so many nudes of Layna on the internet all you have to do is type in cuteholly or just search her first and last name KEKKKKKITY KEKKKK. I’m gonna ruin her fucking life, her entire family will see how she really makes money and will never look at her the same and she will forever be unemployable. I will not leave Layna alone until she kills herself from shame(a-log)

No. 1992594

Unironically probably kinda true. Lolcows get attached to the hate they recieve because it's the only sort of "clout" they have.
>JC is loyal and in a relationship
Bait, but I'm not sure why you are pretending to be Jonny. Since the only reason why you would spam all these unhinged messages softly defending him, and attacking Layna and her new bf, is because you want us to think you are him.

>I’m gonna ruin her fucking life, her entire family will see how she really makes money and will never look at her the same
Hasn't she said that her family already knows?
> and she will forever be unemployable.
She probably doesn't need to work anymore, her small community of simps gives her enough money to live confortably in Edmonton, and as long as she keeps Destiny happy he'll not break up with her. She just has to play for long enough until they have a kid together and she's set for life.
>I will not leave Layna alone until she kills herself from shame
Seek help.

No. 1992626

File: 1715177128520.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1035x1865, 95E00AAB-E772-42DC-8184-BFE90A…)

No. 1992660

File: 1715188188168.jpeg (173.14 KB, 1170x1919, IMG_2432.jpeg)

Just because you have no self control and ruined you life doesn’t mean everyone else in the scene will too. What a ridiculous cope kek

No. 1992692

kek this is clearly bait nonitas

No. 1992727

Did Jonny really buy Leah a car? He must really like this one lol

No. 1992914

It actually is creepy how much Layna changes her personality to fit that of who she’s currently dating. I don’t hate her but watching her shift from acting like JC to her current bf is fucking creepy

No. 1993021

You do not understand Destiny if you are seriously typing this, you look like a giant retard to him.
He doesn't care about cheating, if a partner cheats on him he takes that as an opportunity of sleeping with a bunch of other women without feeling bad.

Please stop derailing the thread you retard.

No. 1993036

They need to make their own thread already, especially if there is so much "milk". Feels like Schizoseethingsid vibes relentlessly posting it in this thread at this point. Layna may be a cow but it's irrelevant in this thread any more.

No. 1993093

most women do this. It's only cringe and creepy if her new bf finds it to be cringe and creepy, otherwise who cares if she's trying to be like him.
Everytime I see him my first thought is that he must have some rare unidentified syndrome.
It's amazing how from every picture of him you can be certain that he's either braindamaged or has 50 IQ.

No. 1993245

why would they ever stop? all they want is attention and someone to argue with and anons are giving them exactly that. yall are being successfully baited by a literal schizophrenic keek

No. 1993327

I don't think it's just one schizo, I think one of them is her ex bf that posted in the thread about her when JC and her started dating.
The posting just seems so vengeful.
The whole 'heed my warning' that he does seems like jealousy to me.

No. 1993426

Meanwhile Destiny’s dick is festering with bacteria and diseases in his little nasty dick flap. I really can’t believe you just tried to defend him by saying Jonny’s dick is worse kek

Destiny is ugly as sin, I love this for Layna kek she will never date a hot man ever again

No. 1993427

All these bitches are severely autistic and you all find them facisnating? TND, Skid, CuteHolly are literal retards

No. 1993443

File: 1715430314297.png (7.32 KB, 773x24, 0gOGq15.png)

Again implying Jonny is hot with this comment. Such a sad reality to simp for an ugly 40 year old man in a niche gossip image board.
Goiter is not only mentally ill, incredibly insecure, and ugly, he's also completely broke.
Uncut > Cut

I'll feed into your Layna hate for once, her current bf, almost 6 months after getting divorced, is still refering to his ex as his 'WIFE'.

No. 1993493

The context there is that the person in question has been making fun of Destiny for years, making fun of his wife back when they were together during drama years ago. The grammar wouldn’t make sense if he used the term ex-wife in that scenario. (I don’t care about Layna, I just know about the drama from 2018 with that group of streamers he’s talking about).

No. 1993576

Don’t compare wholesome pure retards to these harpies(sage your shit)

No. 1993585

It's not the first time he has done it, he constantly refers to his ex as his wife. He's not over her.

No. 1993586

File: 1715463453212.jpeg (774.13 KB, 1290x2268, 1706138131887.jpeg)

All this derailing reminds me of this comment from the biggest destiny/layna autists >>1959026
No one is as obsessed with Layna more than saggy eggplant sidney and her hideous dicknose nobody bf. Sidney wishes her eggplants were as successful as Laynas busted hemorrhoid and is extremely jealous she "bagged" someone with more popularity than goiter.

No. 1993605

This covert narcissist covert sociopath girl does not care her dune worm penis multi-millionaire bf isn't over his divorce from 5 months ago As long as she gets to live on Miami Beach and has his private chef cooking her meals every night for months at a time, and has her rent back home paid for.
This unemployed BPD woman won't make it out of the trailer park even while cramming her weird tits together and takes it out on this thread.

No. 1993607

Kek? I missed this the first time. Always wondered how sydsopsycho got a bf but apparently he’s also mentally deranged. It all makes sense now, two delusional peas in a pod! I bet date night is them just schizo posting together itt

No. 1993625

You must have also missed this sad gem from last February >>1777525 following Skid's meltdown in the prior thread on Valentine's Day

No. 1993665

Go suck off an uncut dick then bitch. Go on. Try not to gag or choke from the smell of dirty SMEGMA(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1993666

File: 1715484883390.jpeg (405.98 KB, 1170x926, IMG_1660.jpeg)

Yummy course just for YOU anon!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1993671

moid who doesn’t know how to wash his own dick detected(replying to bait)

No. 1993678

I don't read this thread but smegma only forms on unwashed dicks. If he bathes properly then sucking an uncut dick is no less unhygienic than sucking a cut one. Please take a shower.

No. 1993940

I don't read this thread either but shut the fuck up. Pretty bold of you to assume most (if any) moids practice general hygiene, nevermind take proper care to clean under nasty foreskin. Sorry you felt self conscious because your Nigel is uncut.

No. 1993944

imagine being pro genital mutilation in 2024. ok jew.(jew derailing)

No. 1994148

Literally almost everyone in North America is circumcised at birth, it’s the normal thing to do. Unless you’re a certain religion there’s absolutely no fucking reason for you to have a dick sleeve. It’s not fucking normal. Not to mention Destiny has said multiple times that he masturbates eight times a day, I’m shuttering picturing it right now knowing he has all that extra dick skin, and I am absolutely judging Layna 100 times harder now that I know this. Lelayna cuteholly would fuck a dog or a pig if they were rich. Can’t believe her standards are so low

No. 1994152

Skidmark, I know you read here. Stop shitting up the thread, stop bringing up Layna or her pedophile retard boyfriend. If you don’t stop I will send your nasty nudes that couldn’t even make you a dollar to everyone you’re following on IG. I will also tag Anthony green and that dude from the used. Don’t fucking test me. I will do it. It’s about time someone got a taste of their own medicine.
Let’s see if you can go a week without bringing up Layna. It not, prepare for everyone to see your low hanging deformed eggplants. Going private won’t save you either as I’m already following you.(hi cow )

No. 1994154

i wish i could run into steven bonnell in person i would seduce him and lure him into an alley then shoot his dick off. no more masturbating, no more rawdogging prostitutes. he’d probably kill himself which would be funny as fuck.(alogging)

No. 1994283

I'll help you. Just spent the last 20 minutes scrolling down all the way to her very first follow, and copied all of the @s to a notepad. That way even if she privates the account, or starts unfollowing people to protect them / she wants to hide them from us, it won't matter.
If she continues to shit the thread what we can do is you start messaging them downwards (most recent to oldest) and I'll message them upwards (from oldest to most recent), that way we'll meet at the middle.

Once you have enough of her just let me know in the thread, post the nudes you want me to use and I'll do my thing.(threatening cow tipping)

No. 1994318

hahahahahhahahahahahahah moids foreskins hahaha what hill to die on. wild.

No. 1994356

File: 1715707453463.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3368x3020, 8649A722-CFD1-47AA-8EE5-E040C3…)

a few days he found a (wild?) baby rabbit and appears he’s taken it in as a pet…?

No. 1994414

He kidnapped wildlife and it died. Now he’s saying “might as well buy a rabbit” since he already has the stuff. Idk wtf that chest is, but it’s absolutely not an appropriate rabbit enclosure.

No. 1994418

File: 1715720910713.jpeg (437.66 KB, 2972x2794, C938C187-C95F-4FB3-BC10-8F0693…)

he just gave it hay, bunnies that young need milk, usually hand fed by dropper or a teat-bottle. it very likely starved to death. if he couldn’t find the den he should’ve brought it to a wildlife rehab or at least done a simple fucking google search … rest in peace poor little bunny.

No. 1994422

>past away

No. 1994423

File: 1715722039118.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x2147, IMG_2918.jpeg)

Peep the caption, LMAO. Skidmark is letting us know if she doesn’t fan girl over anyone. OK sure… What’s up with her saying she wants to get pregnant by Bert not to mention every single picture of her with him or Anthony Green there’s a creepy ass caption on every post that gives off stalker energy. Jonny already told us the story about how they got together, she wouldn’t leave him alone.

No. 1994424

I’ve taken in a bunny I found outside before and it died the next day. I’m no animal expert so I’m not sure why but when he posted pics of the bunny, I thought he bought it at a pet store for storm lol. Why does he acting like Taylor kidnapping wild animals lmao. Does anyone know if he still with Leah?

No. 1994444

They are still together but he’s hiding the relationship so he can cheat. He realized he got more bitches if he pretends to be single.

No. 1994497

Syd is so psycho and obsessive I genuinely wish Layna would fuck/date Bert from the Used next or now if she is "poly". That would be epic milk and would send skid spiraling for sure

No. 1994799

whatever happened to jonnyboy going to seattle for six months?

No. 1994810

appreciate you nonna, that sounds like a solid plan. i just kind of feel for layna (just a tiny bit) and i don't even exactly like her, i just wish syd would get the same treatment. five years from now (if the site lasts this ong) i feel like she's still gonna bring her up. is syd against therapy or something? i know she doesn't like medication but holy fuck, she needs someone with a rational mind to bring her back down to earth, we all know Ian isn't doing that for her, if anything he's probably encouraing it and possibly joining in. i can picture them together on date night laughing and snickering and trolling the thread together. i mean why did he name drop destiny in her comments? how would even know about that? he either a) reads and/or posts in the thread (you would think that would turn him off tho, if i found a thread of someone i was dating i would read the entire damn thing) or b) syd told him. they are both losers. i was hoping he was a good person because he's so fugly (honestly worse looking than jonny and that's hard to beat)

No. 1994818

I know it's Eggplant Sydney and Fugly Ian trolling hard in here. I recently saw a twitter account allegdly made by one of Drakes babymamas bashing and trolling one of his side chicks with unhinged posts calling her trans, a gold digger etc and it was the same energy and style as the Layna posts in here. That jealousy and hate hyper-focused onto some boring, irrelevant plain bitch can only come from someone like Syd. Her generic style was similar enough to Syds (hair color and bangs) that she was more threatened than anyone else Jonny dated. It's no doubt Syd failed at trapping him and the fact that Jonny spoiled Layna and treated her better made her an eternal target. I think Syd deserves a miserable life with Goiter and I hope Layna makes her seeth for all of eternity despite moving on to other fuggo idiots with more to offer.

No. 1994819

Sure. I'm just annoyed because even with all of Layna's and her bf's lolcow behaviour, I still think Skid and her bf are probably far worse.
So I don't like them acting all high and mighty, and they should know their place.

No. 1994894

ya i noticed there's no pics of them together (he stopped posting pics of him and his partners sometime after he dumped skidmark) but why isn't leah posting pics either? i know layna didn't post pics of them cuz jonny told her not to or something to appease his babymama, in those screenshots when she stupidly spilled all her relationship secrets to a random stranger on IG.
i'm still confused why leah doesn't post pictures. also… how come Skidmark isn't targetting her? i don't think i recall a single instance where someone messed with her, NOT that they should, but why is she so triggered by layna's existence? i mean JC bought leah a fucking car, Skidmark doesn't even have one and doesn't drive. that alone you'd think would set her off.
i went back and checked and they've been together for over a year now? it's just odd. he publicly claimed her right before valentine's day and then nothing since then. Leah seems like such a doormat for being okay with this. but that's Jonny's exact type. his entire relationship with her is suspicious.

it's funny that anons would think it's anyone else. everytime it's brought up there's always one anon saying "It might be syd but I think it's another unhinged anon" - it's been said quite a few times and i'm pretty sure it's queen skidmark herself trying to convince us it's not her. it's way too late for that. the cat is out of the bag because she's so retarded she keeps telling on herself. same with dicknose.

No. 1994930

>cuz jonny told her not to or something to appease his babymama
>i'm still confused why leah doesn't post pictures
>how come Skidmark isn't targetting her?
Maybe JC said the same to Leah that he did Layna, that if she posts them together Skid will target her? He could've used this thread as proof.

No. 1994939

>how come Skidmark isn't targetting her?
I actually have a tinfoil about this. when Leah and him first went official someone posted a super weird post requesting us to “dig up dirt on Leah” they specifically “said something we could use against her” Im almost positive it was skid looking for Leah’s version of the famous but hole pic. she never found anything milky so she doesn’t have anything to hold against her and spam the thread with like she does with laynas online whoring.

No. 1995123

someone did dig up “unflattering” pics of leah before she changed her style iirc

No. 1995184

Im sure we all have an unflattering picture or two, that’s not remotely the same as being a cam girl or having public nudes lol

No. 1995610

Those pics weren’t even unflattering either. Skid is probably seething that there’s nothing milky (that we even know of) to post about her

No. 1995631

The average IQ of this thread is so low that two separate posters don't understand what quotations around a word mean.

No. 1995710

The absolute irony of calling us low IQ and misunderstanding the post is hilarious because we both absolutely understood not only the post but what quotations mean. You are the one not understanding our replies. I posted this
>>1995610 and I was literally agreeing with the anon I replied to about how the pictures weren’t unflattering. Retard detected.

No. 1995820

Damn anon sounds like projection kek. Pretty sure everyone over the age of 12 knows that quotations mean sarcasm. Sorry about your low IQ

No. 1996113

Anons here are some of the most retarded people on earth. Most of us discussing Layna nowadays are from Destiny sphere. Notice how the latest post in the kf thread are old destiny kiwifarm accounts that like discussing his love life. Are you idiots going to accuse them of being skid as well? Retarded.

Melina was harassed by the entire internet for years and continues to be. After the divorce everyone has eyes on destiny. Layna is going to become the target of so much from the redpill to his own community to basically anyone who hates destiny, and you’re all going to accuse each person shitting on her for being skid kek

No. 1996118

> Most of us discussing Layna nowadays are from Destiny sphere. Notice how the latest post in the kf thread are old destiny kiwifarm accounts that like discussing his love life. Are you idiots going to accuse them of being skid as well? Retarded.
Just to clairfy, I'm the guy from Cuckstiny's latest big kiwifarms thread reply, and I do lurk this thread. But I have only posted in here twice before, and it was to correct things. (just want to clear my name since your reply makes it sound like you are me or that I reply to the thread regularly to derail it when I don't. I'm not one of the derailers in here nor do I care to speculate whether it's skid or not who constantly brings up Layna, it's completely irrelevant to me).(no1currs moid retard)

No. 1996119

Blav Layna is irrelevant to Destiny idk why you think he picked her she’s a retarded whore you’re giving her false hope KEK

No. 1996120

Stop derailing the thread, if you want message me in KF. Stop bringing all this unrelated shit in here. Create an account if you are a regular in there and don't want me to know who you are, or just message me with your normal account I do not mind people disagreeing with me.

No. 1996137

It’s not worth giving kf my information. All I’ll say is Melina has been opening her mouth about the divorce and the LS cheating arc:
This was on one of her recent streams titled ‘GOOD MORNING! YOGA TODAY?’

No. 1996145

he doesn’t like the fugly retarded whore

No. 1996188

No one in here gives a fuck about Melina omfg.
Layna is not irrelevant to Destiny, it’s very obvious he likes her the most and wants something long term. She is, however irrelevant to this thread and so is Destiny so there is no point in posting about the the three of them in here.
You are the retard. Talk about Layna on KF if you want like you guys have been doing. We don’t discuss destiny in Jonny Craig’s thread.
In case anyone is confused, this thread is for
JC and his friends/associates
Leah, his girlfriend
Skid, his baby mama and occasionally Ian since they post things about this thread and post in it.
That is it. Any random who has a milky interaction with any of the people listed above can also be posted. I think some of you are getting confused. Destiny, Layna, Melina are all cows but this is not their thread, it never will be, it won’t even turn into a containment thread since they have no ties to any of the people this thread is about. If Layna talks to JC again then sure. But seeing how (in her eyes) good she has it with Destiny, there’s no way that’s gonna happen again.

No. 1996201

Idk how hard it is for them to lost about destiny/layna in the twitch or camwhore threads that ALREADY EXIST.
>>1996113 here you go
Twitch >>1874473
Camwhores >>1904192
Or make them their own damn threads if they are so milky. No one is stopping you from talking about them on this site, just dont derail threads with offtopic bullshit. It's not a hard concept.

No. 1996221

File: 1716228372054.jpeg (120.1 KB, 828x1528, IMG_3647.jpeg)

If you’re Blav, I made an account on kf but I don’t know how to message you, I’m the user who just followed you

She clearly doesn’t care she’s just a rebound. This is still a step up from the previous retard, picrel

No. 1996271

What is a set up? I’m so confused

No. 1996301

>step up

No. 1996302

just messaged you.

No. 1996368

>(no1currs moid retard)
Retarded janny I'm the one who's constantly reporting and telling people to stop derailing. Skid, or whoever you are that keeps derailing the thread, continue doing your thing, I'm no longer doing the nudes by DMs for you derailing, this thread (and shithole site) deserves the state it's in.

Layna hater, talk about Layna's hemorrhoids for the the thousand time, this janny is genuinely retarded and the thread deserves to be the shithole is has been lately.

No. 1996376

This thread is only a shithole because JC is dating a boring doormat who’s letting him cheat on her in Seattle all the time without raising a fuss so we get no milk. There is just nothing to talk about. Anons itt get mad when Layna topics are brought up but for years Taylor, Liz, Amanda, and that other one were brought up all the time and the milk was re-hashed and people would post about what they’re doing now. Anyone in the goiter-verse is fair game for posting. Liz got married and anons posted about it. People would stop posting about Layna if his new girl stopped being a doormat and Syd stopped pretending to be mentally stable. Then we’d get some milk.

No. 1996385

File: 1716267668295.jpeg (207.15 KB, 1080x1239, A3676D6F-466D-43A1-A0E4-E9F1C0…)

Skid had a glow up she looks hot, and I seriously doubt she’s bothered by little people like Layna still. She has a man who’s not fucking other women, like Leah and Layna. She’s winning.

No. 1996510

Wait till she wipes off her eyebrows and makeup, she’s not actually hot lmao. She wishes tho. Tbh neither of them are winning, they are both losers.

No. 1996511

Also her man is isn’t fucking other women because… have you SEEN HIM?? He’s absolutely repulsive. Skid had no glow up, she literally looks the same ad 2019. Is she working, in therapy, in school? Nope. Still calling out lolcow with her Dicknose bf whenever she goes bowling, and they mention Destiny in her instagram comments, so yes, she is still worried about Layna.

No. 1996525

the real retardation shown by yourself and others when you read the title of this thread, and still decide to completely ignore and go off-topic.

No. 1996526

Yeah nothing more "winning" than filling yourself with goiter gravy to become a jobless, financially dead weight burden to society, relying on others income so she can run around LARPing. SO MUCH WINNING

No. 1996656

not only is skid self-posting again, but she is also now larping as a transwoman???

glad to see she’s still pretending to be normal and unbothered, still pretending that she is capable of being in a healthy relationship, and still pretending that getting skinnier makes that square head having box body remotely attractive. fake it till you make it my lil bpd goblin queen.

No. 1996688

Girl, learn to bleach your stash! In every photo she’s ever posted, even before Jonny, she has a shadowy upper lip. Using blur and filters just makes it look dirty!

No. 1997156

Does anyone hear read celebricows? I can’t find the new thread (108). Can anyone tell me the appropriate thread to ask in?

No. 1997450

Skid is clearly desperate for any attention. Thats why she loved JC; she thrived off of the negative attention from him and this thread.
Kek, Skid looks insane. The makeup, piercings, fried hair and shitty tattoos are nothing to be jealous of. Any woman who willingly touches JC’s junk needs intense therapy and a full panel std check. I hope Storm is ok.

No. 1998176

Here you go Nona !


No. 2000638

File: 1717451841488.jpeg (577.73 KB, 1170x656, IMG_1767.jpeg)

Found the perfect show for Leah to sign up for

No. 2000639

Wait someone should edit her and jc’s faces kek.

No. 2000682

File: 1717457944220.jpeg (167.72 KB, 1170x657, CF15F986-7CEF-44D8-A54C-F08A97…)

Just for you nonnie! reposted cuz I retardidly used an emoji heart the first time

No. 2001722

How we feeling about Jonny’s new song

No. 2002289

I’m not going to waste the precious time I have on earth listening to it(sage your shit)

No. 2002299

Your loss herb

No. 2002432

Aww you hurt JC’s fweelings

No. 2002504


No. 2002506

it's him doing vocal runs over generic alt-rock-core copy paste backing track. he's only good when he's working with (being told what to do by) creative writers and producers.

No. 2003374

Who is watching Robert while Jonny is in Seattle?

No. 2003482

Next thread pic please lmao

No. 2003850

File: 1718230651244.jpeg (454.15 KB, 1170x933, IMG_2054.jpeg)

Since these threads are pretty much dead I’ve been reading when we found out Storm got exposed to fent and that was literally the day after Layna flew out to be with JC for the first time. She’s so disgusting. They all are. But I also came across this along with multiple posts from the same anon claiming Syd did fent with Jonny. Is it true Skidney? I know you read here.

No. 2004647

time to pop drop and LOCK this thread nawatimsayinnnn?! These stalker hoes aren’t pulling their weight and don’t care to farm about these cows, farm these NUTS instead(male)

No. 2004792

Syd was too busy trying to ride local band dick to make a name for herself. She goes around telling band dudes that she's close friends with Anthony Green and can help get them signed.(sage your shit)

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