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No. 1895588

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Last Thread: >>>/snow/1829426

The Basic Rundown:
>Jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse towards his exes. pretty much any woman he comes into contact with, he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
>before his relationship with Sydney England, he had a toxic and drug-fueled relationship with and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
>after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
>enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall/minnieskins. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
>since syd gave birth there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, warranting her and jonny their own thread, though now they’ve separated, so their threads becoming separate may be inevitable. until then…
>Goiter continues his delusional behavior. Cheating on Layna before love bombing her back into submission.
>Goiter and Layna inevitably break up.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l/?hl=en
Twitch: https://twitchtracker.com/thepearlboy4l/clips
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minnieskins/?hl=en
"Art" Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skinniemins/?hl=en
OF: https://onlyfans.com/lilthiccghost
Instagram: https://instagram.com/wigglewip?igshid=NmNmNjAwNzg=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lazybani?lang=en

Old Milk:
Can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)

New Milk:
>No new news regarding his pending felony charge for child endangerment except that he's doing parenting classes so virtue signal that he's doing about 1% of a normal parents role.
>Layna confirms schizo poster to be Syd >>1754625
>Syd retaliates with a slew of harassment >>1757057 >>1757058 >>1757068 >>1757097 >>1757098
>Confirmation Layna still cams >>1758416
>JC on a misogyny arc post break up >>1760131 , >>1764476 , >>1764854 , >>1765999 , >>1768017
>Anons find Layna has a role in JC's server, assuming they are back together in private >>1766301
>Retarded schizophrenic spamming of camwhoring ensues.
>JC tattoos his sons name on his face instead of being a decent father and person >>1766818
>JC buys a piece of shit car with his vast riches >>1768200 >>1769210
>Goiter continues to post ugly thirst traps to lure in a new victim >>1771746 , >>1791541
>Syd goes bowling with her man, calls out lolcow >>1777526
>JC continues to out himself as being to broke to afford a hotel room, begs fans for places to sleep >>1781582 , >>1791884 ,
>Resulting in someone stealing Mayor of Spookytowns back pack with thousands of dollars of equipment >>1782713
>Enter Big Jess >>1784186 , a new woman who spoke about her and JC's "current relationship" in her instagram stories, fights with trolls >>1784339 and defends her new man >>1784370 . JC promptly untags himself in her post and ignores her.
>Cancelled show on the tour >>1792804 gives no reason why.
>Spiderhead makes it known he lurks here >>1792990
>In walks Drama-chan with some personal milk about JC's asslicker spiderhead >>1794344 , >>1794345
>JC and Spiderhead ban Drama-chan from going to the show >>1794348
>Butt-buddy Dillion is unsurprisingly a horrible person >>1794822
>Drama-chan enters the thread herself and begins spilling some milk >>1795065
>Spiderhead proving he's a retarded racist sped in video form >>1795415
>Big Jess posts birthday tributes for JC, which he promptly ignores despite reposting all of his other friends >>1795670 , >>1795671
>Goiter and Cole are clearly fuming at the remarks made in thread, spergs out in thread in multiple paragraph rants of hatred towards Drama-chan and lolcow >>1796540 , >>1796551
>The accused abuser/rapist/baby poisoner/msyogynist is called a "beautiful" person >>1833989 >>1834162
>Goiter get's owned by a child >>1835787 >>1835882
>Court intervention update >>1839871 >>1842430
>Possibly dating new copy/paste ex-scenster >>1840135
>Goiter sings at the memorial show of a fellow addict. Makes it more about him, than the memory/struggles of Jordan >>1847358
>Some shit slinging betweend Syd and Goiter >>1849108 >>1849152 Leah copes and forget the man did Fent around a child >>1849180
>Goiter one sec is flexing money >>1849995 then goes straight to using Storm as a pawn over $100 >>1850049
>Goiter gets upset >>1853955 >>1852988 and shames women as a cope, before asking for tits
>Goiter get's REALLY upset >>1856417
>Spoderhead gets pregnant (could be Goiters?) >>1857906
>Goiter buys his toddler sweat shop clothes for the gram thinking it constitutes "parenting" >>1860061
>We discover Goiter spent 10k on >>1860061
>Goiter thinks looking like Dora The Explorer's sex ofender cousin, is "the best" he's looked >>1869375
>Goiter compensating car/love for more chinese tatt >>1876923 looks like the appartment is still a hostel
>Goiter starts his Latin American dive bar karaoke tour to poor reviews >>1887243 >>1887366

Previous Threads:
1-18 can be found in previous thread comment (body text limit hit)
19: >>>/snow/1720005
20: >>>/snow/1743708
21: >>>/snow/1769476
22: >>>/snow/1797259
23: >>>/snow/1829426

No. 1895677

>Goiter thinks looking like Dora The Explorer's sex ofender cousin, is "the best" he's looked
Kek. Thanks for the thread Nona.

No. 1895680

>Taylor Nicole Dean - jonny is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
when will this line be retired from these OPs?

No. 1895732

Sore tummy survivor hahaha love it

No. 1895933

Sore tummy survivor has me rolling kek
Truly a manlet with small manlet problems

No. 1895945

getting bored or somethin?

No. 1895947

File: 1694342504860.png (445.6 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5466.png)

Why didn’t you tag DGD? I’m sure they’d welcome you back with open arms, it’s big Goiter king’s year and I’m here for it!

No. 1895950

I love that they get Kurt Travis to sing a few songs all the time but won’t dare let Goiter back.

No. 1896047

>>1895945 sage you moron
>>1895947 goiter, texas has 30 million people, only around 20-30 ininformed reatards chanted your name. calm down. the desperate attempt to appear relevant just proves your a cringey, washed up old trailer trash labotomite.

No. 1896078

I just wanna say OP, this is a solid thread way to go.

No. 1896104

Goiter prolly having opiate withdrawals that's why his tummy hurts :((:()

No. 1896332

File: 1694394723459.jpeg (83.75 KB, 1290x2293, 9D1DA2BB-128A-4AE7-AF10-55B8FE…)

Yup he’s obvious.

No. 1896421

that's what i'm saying. the whole first paragraph has needed to be updated for a long time now. they broke up 4 years ago. also, how many threads are gonna be made until leah's socials are on the body text? she's a main character right now, yet layna's socials have been in the thread summaries long after they broke up

No. 1896433

The only reasons for socials added is so that new people know who the characters we are talking about are. Laynas photos were still being posted and nitpicked in the last thread. When she stops being spoken about she won’t be added. As for Taylor, she’s half the reason he has clout in the first place and is the whole reason he is on lolcow farms. They were in contact last year and probably still are, she even says in her recent videos she’s not over him and refuses to see him in a bad light.

No. 1896473

you do it. i'll hold off making the next one for ya. embrace us with your insight.

No. 1896781

He opened for DGD on Saturday for Dallas, with Rain City Drive. I assumed he was on the tour with them but I guess he only did Dallas? Guess someone invited him.

No. 1896796

He was not in Dallas on Saturday. He was sick in bed in Sacramento.

No. 1896810

you still didn't answer about leah's socials.

No. 1896811

If he really was in Dallas with DGD, it would be all over his stories. Goiter loves to put his old bands on blast but not as much as he loves flaunting how they’ve reached out to him. He’s desperate and washed up, any crumb of attention from his former band mates and he’ll blow up his socials about it.

No. 1896815

Samefag can’t remember how far back, but he posted texts on his stories between him and Jon Mess, JC asking for Mess to do vocals and just getting a “bit busy” reply back. Kek

No. 1896819

take the constructive criticism without being bitter otherwise it's annoying af. it's not a bad thread, but the summary does need to be updated a little bit.

No. 1896825

A lot of the new milk isn't new milk, especially Layna's NGL questions???

No. 1896908

Did you just make this up? and why?

Thread gets made = people moan
Offer others to make next thread = people moan
Don't make a thread = people moan
Damned if I do, damned if I don't lol.

No. 1896963

File: 1694524929548.jpeg (255.07 KB, 1170x796, IMG_1596.jpeg)

Small Body, Big Soul

This cunt is soulless. And good to know she’s still larping as the tiniest woman on the planet. Peak cringe.

No. 1896975

He 100% was not in Dallas with DGD, I was at the show, it was Andrew Wells who came in and sang with Rain City Drive. I’m from New Orleans and I believe Jonny got DGD banned from playing venues there and also kicked out of Warped Tour way back in the day, I don’t believe they would ever let him make a guest appearance after the hell he put them through.

No. 1896981

He stole money from them a ton back in the day. They wrote a whole letter about it and posted it, you could probably easily find it on google.

No. 1896984

File: 1694529463102.png (1.74 MB, 1542x993, xmdjpfg7ory41.png)

Kek found it.

No. 1897006

literally making shit up kek

No. 1897211

don't worry nonna, most of us appreciate it being made and get that going over previous threads for milk to include must be tough lol. tbh the new social medias should probably be in the next one for easy accessibility since it can be a bit annoying to look for but nothing can be done about that now, just ideas for the next thread. Layna should probably stay since we haven't gotten any real confirmation of her dropping him after she was found on the discord so maybe under socials we can have a "groupies" section for spiderhead, syd, layna, leah and the like.
christ I forgot how bad that letter was. Underage girls, drugs, deleted intestines and collapsed stomach. it really is amazing he's still alive and hasn't been murdered or died from medical complications. He's lucky he's only been ganged up on by former band mates who still wanted a career

No. 1897247

File: 1694566295234.png (3.44 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5474.png)

I can’t believe he still gets booked, wtf?!

No. 1897423

potential future milk. Picturesque is Layna's recent Ex's band. Goiter will be there… there could be drama haha.

No. 1897522


It's indeed amazing he's even alive, given that this happened in 2007 and his addiction only got worse with time. Mind-blowing really.

The fact that he dropped in middle school explains his grammar and general misunderstanding of language.

No. 1897656

"Spook" isn't even a word, she's fucking retarded and embarrassing, forever stuck in the mindset of a 14 yr old "emo kid" but in a 30 year old's body. She still has her pathetic art account up, too?

No. 1897668


Spook is actually an old racist term kek very spiritual of her such empath

No. 1897745

You sound retarded honestly it's no one's job to listen to an anonymous nobody complain about being given the chance to make the thread next time.

No. 1897788

File: 1694652154455.jpeg (53.14 KB, 1290x2293, 6856362C-286B-46BC-A28A-0E15FC…)

Is he calling his new girl ugly and broke?

No. 1897869

Surprised no one has commented on how much weight jc has lost in a month.

No. 1897870

Goiter, its unsettling to imagine anyone settling for your crusty ass. Shame on them not having minimal standards.

No. 1897890

File: 1694665771826.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1376, IMG_1595.jpeg)

Awwww Lelayna wrote a book(retarded)

No. 1897917

Where are they complaining about making the next thread?! They are complaining about the thread in general? Like wtf

No. 1897973

File: 1694682262841.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1066x1885, 3C5E84A4-9051-4AA9-897D-A79172…)

And he’s clean shaved. He looks like an old turtle kek.

No. 1897982

File: 1694686682850.jpg (92.18 KB, 499x614, lolo2.jpg)

so close to that bingo

No. 1898043

Eww he looks so old and saggy

No. 1898054

File: 1694699800136.jpg (41.9 KB, 640x640, 0695a735ca66973518d1b263bbd492…)


Kek, it's uncanny.

No. 1898058

He looks absolutely hideous. Deep forehead wrinkles, ugly beak nose, weird bushy old man eyebrows, lumpy yet sunken in face, overbite, beady eyes. He can put all those scribbles and jewellery on his face but it doesn’t hide the ugly, if anything it highlights it…

No. 1898059

That bio looks like it was written by a 13 year old girl, not a 30 year old woman. At least her mental age matches her baby daddies.

No. 1898100

Didnt one of his exes said that every time he is clean shaven = on drugs again? Interesting…

No. 1898119

No. 1898145

and her perfect lil body

No. 1898157

now i’m craving eggplant parmesan

No. 1898163

I crave Skid's long teats

No. 1898228


Looks like he did more than burritos in Mexico.

No. 1898257

File: 1694727274938.png (193.32 KB, 1442x444, the future of jc.png)

This was the first thing that popped in my head

No. 1898338

>I told em I'm comin
he's been saying this for years KEK, he's like a broken record. I just can't with the same retarded phrases he repeats on loop

No. 1898350

God this is bleak. No doubt in my mind that he relapsed. Idk why I thought he would stay sober this time around. I'd just never seen him make it a year and a half. I think his two year clean date would be coming up next month.
It's not bleak cuz I feel bad for him, it's still Goiter. I just have so many people who have been through addiction in my life… I don't ever want them to relapse also.

No. 1898352

jon jon needs some BOTOX ASAP

No. 1898385

Didn’t the pet killing YouTube queen buy him new teeth? Why does it look like he got none now?

No. 1898508

You’d think with all his “riches” botox would be a no brainer. Especially with his narcissism and vanity. But he spends his small amount of money on a beat up car when he doesn’t have a drivers license, ugly shoes, and a gaudy gift for whatever below mid woman is catching his semen this week.

No. 1898575

this is why i'm convinced the years of drug abuse and alcohol actually stunted his cognitive functioning. so he's really retarded. hence why all his success was someone else's art.

No. 1898619


With the severity of his past drinking and drug use, there is no doubt.

No. 1898645

i wonder if he's aware. or if it's similar to certain brain injury patients where they will never fully comprehend. the complete lack of foresight is almost child like. he acts impulsively and is unable to function on his own without help. throughout his life he's ridden on the backs of others, dicking around doing drugs, because all he's needed to ever do is turn up and sing. doesn't even need to bring anything.

No. 1898858

He probably is, almost every post of his comes off as a bad attempt at coping.

No. 1899288

I sincerely hope these below mid women are on birth control. We don't need another Goiter baby who didn't ask for this life.

No. 1899588

Tsk tsk tsk. Which one of you nonnas said a mean thing to King Goiter? But seriously, wtf is this illiterate moron talking about now?

No. 1899589

File: 1694930250210.png (457.44 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5494.png)

Samefag but forgot to post the story kek

No. 1899672

Kek that athena chick made herself a thread and claims to have dated JC and fucked cobwebhead >>>/snow/1897501

No. 1899696

The funniest part of this to me is the contrast between the retarded zoomer nose chain and his absolutely haggard looks. Incredible it’s like this grandpa I saw at my gym with dyed purple broccoli hair and Kill Crew shorts lmao

No. 1899698

Literally "how do you do fellow kids".

No. 1899981

No one cares, Athena. Also you've been here enough to learn to integrate. If you want your thread so bad make it sound less like an article from the dirty

No. 1900020

File: 1694996024296.png (1.19 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_5495.png)

Big papa Goits starting shit with people in bands (wives of bands) from Summit, way to never be invited back, moron.

No. 1900259

is he implying h hooked up with her?

No. 1900360

Ew I wish someone would beat this undeservingly smug wrinkled busted old hag of a scrote’s ass. He is so cocky for someone who looks like a 70 year old alcoholic’s anthropomorphized toe…

No. 1900375

no Syd you can put the pitchfork down

No. 1900585

File: 1695082924632.jpg (292.05 KB, 1284x2282, 380320848_142013825653319_4551…)

Not a soul on earth is inadequate to the one catching goiters sperm.

No. 1900642

File: 1695093065638.jpg (377.72 KB, 1440x2602, Screenshot_20230918_201201_Ins…)

Don't know if this needs to be saged or whatever. Saw this and immediately laughed. Felt like they were making fun of goiter.

No. 1900662

2 kids, 1 nose chain, 0 custody

No. 1900668

Read the previous replies they were offered the next thread but continued complaining like anyone gives a fuck

No. 1900712

File: 1695107844304.jpeg (439.38 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_1693.jpeg)

I think he’s on opiates. Notice his pupil size compared to the fans and cobweb’s

No. 1900735

He also loves showing off Storm on his stories usually and there’s been no sight of him. I wonder if he knows it’s better to stay away.

No. 1900746

Kek should also be 3 failed engagements, 2 kids, 1 ugly nose chain, 0 custody. Also how many bands he's been kicked out from?

No. 1900777

it's not funny with or without the explanation. ironic self praise only works when your self-deprecating and self aware.

No. 1900778

this looks like a face swap, but it isn't kek.

No. 1900781

I think it's
- Ghost Runner on Third (kicked for alcohol abuse)
- Dance Gavin Dance (kicked for drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, etc etc)
evidence - >>1896984
- Emarosa (kicked for drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, scamming fans for heroin money)
- Isles and Glaciers (kicked for drugs, alcohol)
- Slaves (kicked for drugs, alcohol, sexual assault, not turning up to tour)

He never contributes to writing, he famously turns up to recording sessions with nothing. His success are via the songwriters an musicians he's worked with, pushing him to perform.

No. 1900849

Hilarious that he always tries to pull the "and they said I'd never make it!" card as if he's flourished above all odds and the only thing ever holding him back was haters.

No. 1900909

if he's floating around still doing 500$ feats and playing dive bars… imagine where old goiter boi would be if he put like 10% effort into being a decent human. he struggles with 1% effort with his own son kek. he chose to turn down the hundreds of chances he had. chances most musicians don't get once in their entire career. instead he took his fans money and gave it to drug dealers whilst coasting on the talents of others.

No. 1900913

He probably got back on opiates because he couldn't cope with being such an epic failure and embarrassment.

No. 1901041

I think what makes ol’ Goity such a great cow is most normal people would be embarrassed about all his dirty laundry being aired by literally every band, manager, ex, fan, etc. for the world to see. Most would go into hiding, but not King Goitus. Whether it be from drugs, riding on the high of infamousy, serious brain degradation (or all of the above), he’s doubled down and become the ultimate failure. Pushing 40 and with absolutely nothing to show for it his years of being in the music industry.

No. 1901081

File: 1695173336497.jpg (360.96 KB, 1290x2293, img.jpg)

Anyone believe this?

No. 1901125

I hope he never gets sober tbh. Let him stay high and deluded in his “fame and success”. May he never experience happiness and continue to be a milky, washed up loser of a cow.

No. 1901322

haha kek yes. he thinks hes like one of these xan rappers who just absorb bad press, but is really a middle aged trailer park Craig David copy

No. 1901327

"we" means the collective, "I" means me. what a fucking spoon. by goiter logic, slipping up LOADS during something is still a win, so it's likely kek.

No. 1902187

File: 1695357774859.png (14.78 KB, 645x183, Untitled.png)

I was curious to see what exactly happened with Isles and Glaciers so I was looking on reddit and came across this.
Imagine naming your own child after a Jonny Craig band.

No. 1902196

Fuck no. Especially after seeing the pupil comparison here >>1900712
The good news is that he can easily get that date covered up. Leah must be so proud, she really has a winner. Lol he doesn't even show her off, hasn't shown any girl off since Syd because he's on tour and wants to look single. The only people that know they might be dating are the ones who read this thread.

No. 1902227

He doesn't even comment on her pics or anything. I doubt they're actually together, likely just his most convenient fuck since she lives in his city. Imagine being almost 40 and living like this. Guess he gave up on finding a wife, funny that he was engaged 3 times… Doubt he ever actually wanted to get married, just a narcissistic power play to apologize for cheating.

No. 1902261

haha, wow. i think he was kicked as Craig Owens straight up couldn't work with him. after he macbook scandal, Craig Owens posted “lol and people wonder why we won’t make another I&G record” on twitter and Vic liked it.

No. 1902496

No one in the industry likes or respects him. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t purposefully OD’d out of embarrassment and shame. I guess it’s the handful of mentally stunted fans. (I’ve genuinely never seen a musician have a fan base of speds and addicts like this before, usually it’s just the gaming community).

No. 1902497

File: 1695413542993.jpeg (770.77 KB, 814x1486, 0A81D649-9807-40D3-A1D6-507B15…)

Do drugs make you look more special ed physically after 10-20 years of use?

No. 1902498

File: 1695413641393.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2070, IMG_1732.jpeg)

Skidmark’s bf is so sexyyyy I’d smash

No. 1902501

File: 1695413762499.png (2.79 MB, 1284x2282, 473C62E1-C937-4ED1-A380-F78E88…)

>Nobody get excited
Who is she ever talking too? IG has made too many people think anyone cares about their updates/life.

No. 1902502

His nose looks smashed.

No. 1902505

File: 1695414138154.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1001x1753, 8458ABB3-6D86-4682-B330-64786F…)

I know someone said she’s 31 but she really does look 45 yet dresses like she’s 16.

No. 1902597

Kek. Was just about to comment on his blown-out coke nose. It will only get worse until it fully collapses in on itself. Skydney got herself some band dick, but at what cost?

No. 1902605

Anon I think he just has a bulbous ugly nose.

No. 1902630

Damn, that full story was hard to watch, he’s really feelin’ himself lately. Must be because he’s high again and the drugs enhance the delusion that he’s a “famous musician”.

No. 1902639

I think it's because he cut off all the straw hair Leah fried. Doesn't help his ugly mug though.

No. 1902686

ayeeee girl why you so obsessed with syd u following her man too kekkk you must know them irl

No. 1902717

Someone needs their eyes checked syd

No. 1902884

Sounds like bait tbh

No. 1903024

Just like Skid, aww they would make the cutest baby ever /s

No. 1903026

No I'm just following some of the thread subjects, like most of us

No. 1903061

Are they back together?

No. 1903081

That person sounded personally invested.

No. 1903286

yes. she probably threatened to kill herself to get him back like she tried to do with her ex that came in the early threads to spill tea on her

No. 1903303

File: 1695545267824.jpeg (716.68 KB, 1059x1744, 1B8A7F6B-D380-4EC5-83C4-A0BC77…)

he’s still with leah but cheating on the low.

No. 1903420

the tiny eyes, the short height, the weird complexion makes me thing he had cousins fuck somewhere up the family tree.

No. 1903645

oof leah does not look good here, i cannot put my finger on it. did she change her @ or did alex just not tag her? she looks bald on the top, and skeletal in the face and i hate flat hair on women so much

No. 1903648

looking like skeletore with flat stringy hair

No. 1903669

As a single mother herself, does Leah really not care goiter poisoned his son, and now that he has access to him again finally, never seems to care to visit him?

No. 1903720

File: 1695604764210.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2283, IMG_8256.jpeg)

Because he scammed people out a macbooks like a snake?

No. 1903722

What an ugly tattoo.

No. 1903751

Just more proof he is into his image more than setting up his son’s future in any meaningful way. Fucking idiot

No. 1903795

File: 1695614691833.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x2328, IMG_8277.jpeg)

For someone who can’t grow facial hair for shit it’s insane how much leg hair he hair like look at it dangling over his socks

No. 1903823

An apple logo with the gucci logo printed all over it. Mindless materialism.

No. 1903827

File: 1695618879652.jpeg (1004.97 KB, 997x1473, 9530AC2E-7A02-4D05-A732-B13040…)

This bitch is definitely his looksmatch.

No. 1903953

File: 1695641375291.jpeg (572.75 KB, 1170x2377, IMG_1765.jpeg)

Body is “snatchy” lol she’s trying so hard to be cool and fit in with internet slang at 30 years old…

Is this goiter’s tattoo or dillon’s? Why is dillon tagged. And is that a designer symbols in the apple…?

No. 1903963

File: 1695643652908.jpeg (347.38 KB, 780x769, IMG_1767.jpeg)

Ugly cunt

No. 1903965

Is this a hint for taylor? Cause they got a milk snake together called Gucci which was rumoured they lost it in the apartment after it escaped and got a replacement only for the snake to show up again.

No. 1903992

Goiter, why don't you go get an Enron or a FTX tattoo you fucking whalloper? Shilling brands you used to scam your fans with is actually the depths of retardation i didn't think was possible.

No. 1904110

Dillon tattoo’d it on goiter.

No. 1904178

Layna and Alex are back together they put each others pics back up awww

No. 1904189

This bitch got to have some kind of quiet BPD the way she breaks up and gets back together with guys over and over.

No. 1904214

>My hair is hella long too
Unlike Layna
>And the body is snatchy
Unlike skeletore

No. 1904285

Tbf we have no proof of this. Post a pic skid!!!!

No. 1904286

File: 1695684707118.jpeg (836.74 KB, 1170x2051, IMG_1770.jpeg)

Oh sweet baby Jesus what did our hemorrhoid princess do to her hair

No. 1904288

Sometimes women cut their hair short. Hope that helps anon

No. 1904291

You clearly don’t belong here. I should leave a smart ass remark every time a pic of anyone else is posted and criticized. Or not, because it’s annoying.(nitpick-chan)

No. 1904300

>You clearly don’t belong here.
Yes they do. But you don't since you're so sensitive about a snarky reply.
I don't think I've ever seen Layna's teeth before but they're very nice.
It always amuses me when you wenches post unflattering candid pictures in an attempt to convince the thread any of these women aren't good looking. When Skid tries she can be cute.

No. 1904307

none of those bitches care about it because they’re so desperate for attention, they just take whatever they can

No. 1904435

File: 1695713336412.jpeg (182.73 KB, 1169x1598, 4FD80DA2-E5A6-4EC7-A9DF-320D5E…)

Goiter thinks he looks like a thug but he really looks like this.

No. 1904706

File: 1695757925017.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2415, IMG_0224.jpeg)

Actually its been "I poisoned my son with fent" for awhile but goiter delulu want to cling on to the past

No. 1904708

File: 1695758105331.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1752, IMG_0225.jpeg)

Can't believe no one posted this yet but candid shots of goiter really shows how special-ed he actually looks like

No. 1904765

>Scams people out of a bunch of money
>Haha bro no cap haters can't let it goooo frfr
How cringe to get a tattoo lamenting you're nothing but a scummy thief because you had no money for drugs, and no capability to feel remorse for being a waste of a human

No. 1904769

Lol yeah not only does it remind everyone you're morally bankrupt, but since you don't care about that, moreso its reminding everyone you have ALWAYS been a broke loser, even in your "hay day" of fame. Too broke to buy drugs so you had to scam.

No. 1904770

File: 1695764867321.jpeg (394.12 KB, 1179x2077, IMG_8941.jpeg)

Goiter trying to sell more tickets by exploiting Storm. Also cringe the dude laying on the bed in the middle of the living room where you’re having your kid lay to watch cartoons. The way he kept petting Storm in that live was also cringe leaning in to kiss him and Storm pulled away dying

No. 1904771

The dude in the back is foreign and he's a drug addict. Awesome people to be hanging around your child.

No. 1904774

JC can't take care of a cat, it's scary allowing him to take care of a child. He couldn't even take care of baby Storm since he allowed him to get fentanyl in his blood and dropped him. I bet Skid and grandma are beside themselves every time Storm visits dad.

No. 1904825

Quit doing Kevin James dirty, he was already compared to Big Shat too kek

No. 1904833

Goiter looks like if Kevin James had fetal alcohol syndrome and was missing half a chromosome tbh.

No. 1904896

He looks like an earthworm.

No. 1905698

File: 1695903822997.png (14.02 KB, 635x119, stood up by goiter.png)

ok but that edit was alarmingly accurate and probably the only good shaydit in years kek
imagine the conversation that took place here
>heyy boyyyy, i wanna apple logo wrapped in a snake
>cool bro, what's the story here?
>I scammed some kids for drug money
>also make it gucci cause im no broke bitch

also looks like he dm-hopped between artists until he found the person willing to do it the cheapest and just ghosted the others he strung along

No. 1906020

File: 1695943512840.jpg (157.08 KB, 567x644, SmartSelect_20230929_012242_Ch…)

We on that BIG money g BRRRAAAAPPPPP
He said whilst his Chinatown shorts is falling apart

No. 1906023

The guy that tattoo'd him is lolbro, a staple of the threads, his taxi driver, roommate and bitch-boy for years. He knows the macbook story.

No. 1906024

File: 1695944132284.jpg (37.53 KB, 1290x2293, 383734111_1075672077145560_524…)

Is he referring to himself?

No. 1906035

I wonder if Leah has found the threads yet? Then she'd know about the overlaps with her relationship with goiter and others kek.

No. 1906108

I don't think she cares, she's posting with a different dude now.

No. 1906226

File: 1695973370372.jpg (25.53 KB, 1290x2293, 384397004_1425133714700141_197…)

Says the serial cheater. How braindead can one man be?

No. 1906228

File: 1695973535279.jpg (140.15 KB, 1170x2080, 383725816_1775675276225520_840…)

She posted for you Nona! The #glowup is real!

No. 1906623

Big ass nose

No. 1907166

I was thinking the same exact thing. Toxic af.

No. 1908109

File: 1696316538086.jpeg (266.03 KB, 1284x2478, IMG_8589.jpeg)

No. 1908397

File: 1696366967319.jpg (132.68 KB, 1080x1920, AR9866611E9.jpg)

What an actual retard. He spends how much on shoes and then just tosses them in the washing machine?

No. 1908400

File: 1696367242650.jpg (31.41 KB, 1080x1920, 385125915_224746980602033_5938…)

Did Skid's man leave her for a better woman? Or is she yapping about JC still.

No. 1908487

wow, he’s on the come up, what a genius songwriter asking randos to “send beats”

No. 1909067

someone should send a recording of themselves farting

No. 1909620

I've done this for a super dirtied pair of regular sneakers but I put them in a damn laundry bag first. For those kinds you probably should avoid anything more than a cloth for any dirt. Especially if you care about collector's value. Or just, you know, like your shoes and want them to last
anything goes after all…

No. 1910213

File: 1696657394480.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2320, IMG_8803.jpeg)

No. 1910236


Kek Dance Gavin Dance is playing on Sunday. I’m also at Afterhsock and it’s weird to think I am breathing the same air as goiter. People are pretty hype for DGD, I bet he’s going to go see them and look up at the stage at what he could have been if he wasn’t a piece of shit

No. 1910321

File: 1696688967997.png (287.17 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_1882.png)

She must be an avid lolcow reader, smooth brain is a very common phrase said here.

No. 1910389


No. 1910390

Was she an addict? Got big meaty paws like goiter.

No. 1910406

I love that he always makes sure to tag his home boys but never the pathetic loser he’s sharing a bed with.

No. 1910838

She looks pretty there imo. She doesn't all the time but she does in this photo. She's for sure prettier than Syd and Layna.
Some of you want Goiter I swear, cuz Leah has literally done nothing yet to make her unlikeable.

No. 1910839

Samefag but I love when people make multiple comments in row, minutes apart trying to act like different anons.

No. 1910891

She got a fat wide nose in that pic and pencil eyebrows like a cigarette mom. I don’t want goiter I think he’s hideous and she’s his looksmatch.

No. 1910922

She looks 40 trying to dress like a 17 year old.

No. 1910932

File: 1696804680733.jpeg (192.14 KB, 913x1600, smellyboi.jpeg)

forgot to post this cringe from a few days ago. flashing small amounts of cash you use to pay for rent or buy a vehicle is peak poor behavior.

No. 1910976

They’ve never seen $3,000 cash in their lives so they had to flex it.

No. 1910985

Unlikeable by proxy. She’s letting herself share this hideous man’s dick with other groupies while he ditches her to go on tour. This well documented NPD moid who has poisoned his son with fentanyl and is a serial woman abuser, dating back 20 years of very well documented abuse, especially from before Taylors era. Hoping to get a crumb of clout. Clown behavior. At her age as a single mom, she should be looking for better for her child, but these people are selfish and only care for insta fame from a “”musician””. Unlikeable enough for me. Anyone who willingly spends extended periods of time with goiter is a clown.

No. 1911007

His baby bangs crack me up.

No. 1911013

File: 1696818554954.jpeg (300.55 KB, 1170x867, 6F5F6319-8FA1-45D4-8D8C-D93425…)

Quite the moonface before she turned into skeletor.

No. 1911015

File: 1696818594806.jpeg (786.8 KB, 1042x1556, 53C254A6-95AF-44CD-A518-46491D…)

She looked very different before getting all that filler and work done. (Tattoo matches up).

No. 1911023

File: 1696821335345.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1001x1692, BADE8B52-62C5-4DD2-AC28-55F250…)

Layna + 10 years and buccal fat removal.

No. 1911046

Cobwebs over there being the happy number two holding the 50s while goiter gets the 100s kek
The mcr poster in the background has me cracking up. The plaid bedset and pants really makes it too, bet you it's cobweb head's room and girlie poster. bet you a gerard way picture is under the pillow

No. 1911220

I bet anyone a million dollars the van isn't going in his name, he'll anything related to that van is going to be in his name lmao

No. 1911224

They're going to get jumped posting stupid shit like this. They really don't have even the most basic common sense.

No. 1911292

File: 1696888558508.jpeg (50.91 KB, 1080x1920, 9BEFBE86-1F12-40E9-9E9F-0798C0…)

He’s not on tour yet, couldn’t he have just gone to see them for thanksgiving? Especially with all of his riches he brags about.

No. 1911310

What happened to the rape van from the last tour he bought. His first vehicle purchase at 40 he was so proud of ?

No. 1911406

nona i don’t think leah could ever afford buccal fat removal. she looks like she’s been skipping meals just to afford lip fillers.

No. 1911654

File: 1696945151526.jpg (155.98 KB, 1065x1279, lol.jpg)

No. 1911693

File: 1696954217349.jpg (21.79 KB, 1080x1920, 1111.jpg)

What's Syd talking about? What is she ever talking about.

No. 1911709

She posts like she’s 9 kek

Her mom cancelled the trip to the water park or something.

No. 1911710

I said this with Layna and I'll say it with Leah. I don't think we should post goiters unmilky girlfriends just because you're obsessed with goiter. The insane hate they get is telling. Skid was discussed because she exhibited every ounce of cow behavior. But no one since. (Maybe Big Jess when she told us they got "the smoke" or whatever kek).

No. 1911713

It just reads as fans knowing goiter lurks and trying to convince him whoever his current girlfriend is "isn't worthy". Every single girl posted in here was miles better than JC in every way, yet gets hate 10x worse than JC. Fishy.

No. 1911726

>20 years of well documented abuse
kek where? no need to exaggerate. you mean 10 years?

No. 1911729

Tell me you've never seen a big nose without telling me you've never seen a big nose. Syd has a big nose. Jonny has a big nose. Leah has a normal nose. But go off queen. Just say you hate her for dating Goiter cuz that's the real reason.

No. 1911735

yesterday was Canadian thanksgiving, so they don't celebrate in November.

No. 1911739

Much closer to 20. Just read the letter from DGD, dating back 2007 and documenting behaviour for a few years before that point.

No. 1911741

Since he began joining bands when he was like 20. He is almost 40. There is documented accounts dating back to the beginning of his career, most of which has been posted in these threads if you actually read them.
Ok? I know that? What does that have to do with anything? He was sitting in his apartment with his thumb up spiderweb heads ass instead of visiting his family.

No. 1911742

Milkiest part of Layna's era was the schizo-chans.

No. 1911892

they wouldn’t associate with him if they were any better

No. 1911914

not the anon you’re replying to but i agree with that anon saying she looks like a cigarette mom - she looks like she’s in her mid 40s and unhealthy. i have no opinion on the size of her nose but there isn’t schizo level hate towards her compared to layna, that shit was on another level.

No. 1912013

I still think schizo anon was Syd. Layna was goiter's first real girlfriend after her and she completely lost her fucking shit, as usual.

No. 1912025

File: 1697038599071.jpeg (262.93 KB, 571x678, IMG_1902.jpeg)

Don’t forget this sexy man and his big nose
We’re talking about looksmatch… he and syd are perfect
Leah is too pretty for goiter

No. 1912038

Jon Jon could be dating any girl on earth and she would get shit talked for her looks. He could be with a beautiful girl and anons will forever find something wrong about her looks when they're no better looking. Yawn. Let's keep the milk about Goiter, spamming pics of Leah isn't milky.
Syd was milky as fuck on her own, Layna was kind of milky cuz of the camming, but I've yet to see milky behavior. But by all means, keep shitting up the thread with your hate for the current girl in JC's life.

No. 1912042

File: 1697041310612.png (257.98 KB, 483x446, lol.png)

Complaints go back as far as 2007, there are news articles of him going to jail for narcotics 13 years ago. I think his reign of retardation has lasted atleast 20 years. Once a scum bag, always a scum bag.

No. 1912071

When I posted this about Layna I got 20 sperging replies about how she deserves it for dating him. Fully agree, close ups of Leah's face ain't milk.

No. 1912087

camming wasn’t milky about Layna it was her interacting with anons that was kinda milky but turned out to be a retard and everybody felt sorry for her

No. 1912092

Goiter hasn't been with a beautiful girl since Liz. And he ruined that by cheating on her with Chelsea. Each girl since has been ranging from ugly to mid. Leah is no exception. (Which is impressive since there's no shortage of whores that want fame by proxy).

No. 1912103

Leah might get the schizo treatment if he posts more obviously that they're more than friends. So far he could reasonably argue to any side chicks and Skid that Leah is just a friend based on their posts. With Layna it was probably harder to call off Skid because he was posting stories of them in bed together (the money in the bra incident). And him commenting on all of Layna's posts marking his territory like a dog with "mine".

No. 1912201

I agree it's annoying to have their milkless and not that unflattering pics posted, but those pics are at worst worth ignoring (minus hemorrhoid-chan) and not worth starting up this argument on if we should post these girls or not once a thread (or sometimes more). They're cows by association and most of them are whores and attention starved on instagram and the scene anyways. Just ignore milkless pics, post real milk to flood the sour stuff, and assume the particularly a-loggy posts are mexican moms and the girls themselves who aren't going to listen to your pleas

No. 1912314

speaking of layna i’m p sure she just followed a bunch of single musicians, no more alex

No. 1912323

She must have unblocked Kurt she refollowed him.

No. 1912458

imagine living in an existence where your self worth is directly proportional to whether you are dating a scene musician or not. then you dive into the relationship before knowing their ethics, personality etc. what's the end goal? who has the time? why not just find someone who loves you? why does it HAVE to be a scene musician?

No. 1912480

she’s gotta get those followers up

No. 1912483

Syd does it too, monke brain stuff. fuck the loudest shit flinger = happy chemicals in the brain

No. 1912565

File: 1697132609725.jpeg (74.35 KB, 1170x2080, 08C3BA65-CFD9-45A6-90A7-8310D3…)

Skids thoughts on her thread.

No. 1912737

t. Anon with a big nose

No. 1912749

File: 1697154616967.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2130, IMG_2129.jpeg)

LMAO looks like these dead beat losers needed a co-signer. THANKS LEAH! Can’t wait till we enter the “our van got broken into and can’t afford new mics charity era.

No. 1912751

kek 100% they made her co-sign. that's what he did a million times in the past, made the gf sign the papers and then saddled them with the debt.

No. 1912843

Some people never left warped tour groupie mentality kek
Honestly I think they're all girls who had made it their life's mission to marry a band dude since teenagedom and haven't made it yet but have made scene music their whole personality on top of their marriage goal so they can't quit now. Plus changing or expanding genres makes you a poser. I bet those who are left will all probably get desperate enough to date goiter at some point cause it takes a certain type of person to still wanna be the cheated on band wife over a decade after the scene peaked
people follow you for entertainment girl, some people enjoy trainwrecks and enjoy talking about you. Far weirder to read what strangers who don't like you think if you won't take it constructively when you could just read your insta comments
is this for us tours? what a downgrade and the broke bitch couldn't even pay it himself kek. What's the matter goiter, you're how many years into a "thriving career" and can't buy a truck in cash? kek

No. 1912845

syd you could do so much better if you don’t come here

No. 1913060


Syd posted this on 10/9 - wasn't 10/10 the date she and Goiter were going to get married?
Is she seriously still hung up on him?

No. 1913170

they were going to get married in 11-11-21

No. 1913203

21? damn time flies.

No. 1913267

File: 1697244426248.jpeg (2.76 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_2132.jpeg)

AWH! On todays episode of “doing anything other than taking care of my
CHIOLD” we have a private horse riding date with Sir sausage fingers. Great to hear a lecture about “logging off and getting on a horse sometimes” while posting insta stories LMAO…..I think the bad credit co-signing accusations got to him because he deleted that story

No. 1913269

>Sir sausage fingers.

No. 1913273

He always seems to do these activities without his son. Yet plops his son down in front of the TV at home or takes him to a dingy park once a month. The cycle of uncaring/unfit fathers continues.

No. 1913370

File: 1697265770917.jpeg (399.71 KB, 1152x2048, 65032A4A-F28B-43E9-8CC7-56703B…)

KeepMySecretions is so whiney. Is he okay? Real optimistic about his career kek.

No. 1913372

File: 1697265822355.jpeg (36.49 KB, 1152x2048, F2423A40-866A-44EE-A1E8-1F88B9…)

No. 1913377

File: 1697265916100.jpeg (80.62 KB, 1152x2048, 1D6EA962-E680-499D-93FC-DAC4EF…)

Maybe he’s jealous goiter is putting it in Leah’s ass instead of his now.

No. 1913453

Goiter looks like his credit score is his iq. Room temp.

No. 1913512

Good points. I just wonder if they really know the life they are wasting pining after the "concept" of being associated with a F-class celebrity. If it's all for optics, then who is the audience? Literally no one cares.

No. 1913513

has he heard of a youtube tutorial, template and an hour on after effects? this post also makes no sense and has no context. why isn't the label doing these things?

No. 1913552

If you’re asking unrhetorically why some people are attracted to musicians it’s probably similar to why people are attracted to anyone. It’s easy to pick up on how being good at your craft is an attractive quality. Art hoes are attracted to artists, career women are attracted to driven men, book-smart women in school will be attracted to scholarly men. If you’re a woman into music you will probably find musicians attractive, especially if they are talented and good at what they do.
You probably agree with this unless you’re just completely black-pilled and think the average person is only attracted to another purely based on looks or money.

No. 1913602

But then there’s being attracted to musicians, and being attracted to goiter.

No. 1913605

Yeah, I don't think he can even be considered a musician. Goiters focused on barely legal goth girls and scamming, not instruments or perfecting his craft.

No. 1913624

No he’s onto cigarette moms kek.

No. 1913645

File: 1697324064995.jpeg (320.55 KB, 413x832, IMG_1936.jpeg)

Layna looks so bad with short and blonde hair like she’s trying to make herself unattractive. Hopefully some scene musician picks you, girl.

No. 1913649

Alex is in Osatia, not Picturesque

No. 1913652

File: 1697324560071.jpeg (502.97 KB, 704x1147, 428ABBEA-E0A4-41C4-9090-FABBFA…)

She got a BIG square head kek.

No. 1913700

File: 1697335550204.png (9.83 MB, 1170x2532, F4D5A8DB-A5DE-498F-A4D9-5D3396…)


No. 1913701

in my opinion it's a mix of wanting the idea of the cool, hot, talented artist and taking anything they can get so they'll lie to themselves about how high on the totem pole their man is. He's still a recording artist, that's enough sometimes and better than the dudes still on soundcloud. It's like how girls really into rap will bang the one guy she knows trying to make it in rap even if that guy has no chance of doing well just because it's all she can get. If a more talented person in the craft showed up and she had a legitimate chance at getting him she'd drop her current low-value moid in a heartbeat

No. 1913704

why'd Layna dump Jon Jon for a moid less successful?

No. 1913749

She looks like a dowdy 49 year old pre school teacher.

No. 1913777

She really ruined her hair

No. 1913888

At least she looks cuter with those ghastly cringe tattoos all covered up? IDK trying to be positive.

No. 1913977

i imagine that's his sex face

No. 1913978

bc at least Alex was posting her and claiming her on social media, not cheating, and as far as we know doesn't have a feral, rabid baby mama. but they've broken up like 4 times kek. she's scouting for someone with a little more clout according to >>1912314

No. 1914154

no way he gets pus right? dude is terrible to look at. looks like he smells too(lost newfag)

No. 1914267

I love how they constantly put themselves down and shoot themselves in the foot. If you're trying to sell yourself you can't be that pathetic keeeek

No. 1914336

I like how this turned out to be true kek >>1912749

No. 1915188

no one can complain about being unhappy if they follow this path. it's self sabotage. also why not become talented rather than associating with talent? that's what i always wonder. if they put the same time into an actual talent, they'd be really good by now.

No. 1915348

You act like it takes any effort or time at all to be noticed by a band moid. The lowest common denominator.

No. 1915372

File: 1697589383060.jpeg (24.14 KB, 1290x2293, 5FD4473B-6326-4857-B427-5F93D9…)

Goiter is so whiney.

No. 1915385

His cat died from neglect.

No. 1915572

he posts this sort of stuff when he doesn't get a Toy in the cereal box. but is silent when he poisons a baby with fent.

No. 1915706

More like, when he does something fucked up he posts vague sad stories. But when something bad happens to him (like a friend or family member dying) he posts the specifics to milk every ounce of sympathy and attention.
I remember when he poisoned Storm and got him taken away he was posting vague emo stories all week but no one knew what was going on so farmers started tinfoiling Storm got taken away and were right.

No. 1915710

Maybe he’s lamenting over it being his 2 year sober date and having 2 tattoos for it and having relapsed.

No. 1915720

He’s not following her tho kek maybe if she keeps liking all of his posts he’ll notice her

No. 1915786

I'm just wondering why she blocked him in the first place. I'm nosey kek.

No. 1915826

Just creeped her profile and these aren't even new pics, they're from 4 years ago?

No. 1916112

File: 1697755761145.jpeg (508.53 KB, 1242x2380, FB0E7AF6-24B4-435F-A270-B897B5…)

Remember when Sydney finally admitted to lying about having Storm to the guy she got caught cheating on Jon Jon with?

But here she is on her stories, a year later, still pushing the narrative that we were the ones lying. She has no idea how obvious she made it… but her kind of crazy never gets better. The denial only gets stronger.

No. 1916170

Chad-Skid moment for cheating.

No. 1916237

>maybe if she keeps liking all of his posts he’ll notice her
kek, the desperation on these girls is astounding
oof and the desperation on the girls in this thread sometimes is too. stop acting jealous of a camwhore spending her days chasing deadbeat musicians. post proof of her being pathetic if she is actually mass liking band moids or at least wait until she gets botched before posting her pics everywhere

No. 1916260

Can’t believe she hasn’t gotten lip filler yet, they’re like paper thin. I feel like she wouldn’t do her research and get botched lips like Taylor. You know what if she got filler she’d look a lot like Taylor with that big head.

No. 1916438

Ok Jon Jon nonnie, sorry u never got dick from Goiter.

No. 1916609

NTA but I also call him Jon Jon.

No. 1916662

File: 1697859426808.jpeg (583.8 KB, 1037x1063, 9779EC3E-C0C8-43E2-A2D8-B917EB…)

He needs a new barber.

No. 1916717

She’d rather get fugly tattoos. But careful don’t make fun of Layna here she’s autistic she can’t help it. Anons are gonna get their pitchforks and come for you

No. 1916736

Each girl gets equally white knighted here tbh. Maybe not Syd in the middle of her era with JC because she was so horrendous and a bully to everyone. But even she gets white knighted now.

No. 1917251

That’s a deranged leap, but also the most normal lolcow response ever. How does calling Goiter “Jon Jon” equate to wanting to fuck him? I’ve called him every name under the sun for variety and personal entertainment. If anyone wants to fuck him, it’s you, foaming at the mouth when someone gets his name wrong. But it’s hard to believe that’s why you’re actually mad.

Stop projecting and take your meds, Sydney. He doesn’t want to fuck you anymore, so you can stop going after every bitch who knows he exists just cause you’re still bitter. You two really are the most predictable retards…

No. 1917520

Anytime layna gets brought up or an anon gets dogpiled for seeming too close to Jonny I wish I knew how the internet works. I just want to see the IP admins, I have to know sydneys post history, please.

No. 1917825

i've never seen taylor or leah get wk everrrrr

No. 1917827

Just read up thread she got wk'd multiple times already

No. 1917828

File: 1698005623555.jpeg (66.84 KB, 541x584, E641189B-63B1-44D0-825F-22C1B2…)

I’ll never forgive this thread for trying to convince me this is an attractive woman.

No. 1918116

File: 1698059786748.jpeg (190.29 KB, 1170x2080, 0CBFC7CA-327B-462A-9FD6-A1F2DE…)

The single Syd glow up!

No. 1918169

File: 1698073067836.jpeg (897.22 KB, 1049x1904, 3B152236-5210-469B-8D1A-52D9CA…)

Spider head seems to be having a meltdown on his story. Almost everyday he posts about being unsuccessful and no one believing in him. He posted a video yesterday looking ragged and beat up saying “I’m dropping a song tomorrow if anyone cares”. So funny. Goiters washed up ass didn’t help you as much as you thought it would? There are hundreds of washed up scene-band singers that are actually currently selling out huge venues you could’ve latched onto and you chose goiter? The one everyone hates and won’t work with or help to get successful again? The one on his last legs? Once he milks the nostalgia out of people for a couple more tours he’s going to be more useless than when you first met him. The album he just released was a complete flop and joke. Spider head you’re more likely to gain success working as a line cook.

Spider head just remember why goiter latched himself to you in the first place. He needed you as much as you needed him. He was hoping you’d blow up so he could gain relevancy again, but you didn’t so now he is stuck where he always is, bottom of the barrel.

No. 1918223

Skinwalking someone shes obsessed with, Im sure.

No. 1918293

She looks like a bloated corpse

No. 1918335

she’s looking grey but i love it like a tim burton character

No. 1918397

Ok Skidney

No. 1918410

you wish

No. 1918553

File: 1698135178647.jpeg (618.97 KB, 1064x1890, 77DF20D6-5693-408D-AC8D-B39C35…)

Skid might take her eggplants back to the old OF.

No. 1918606

Spoder-face has potential to be real milky. The racist rants, violence, no custody of child etc. Also the fact he thinks it's everyone elses fault is Goiter spec retardation. What did he expect? It was like a circus tour of freaks playing karaoke in dive bars.

No. 1918607

I’m surprised and impressed Layna kept camming like nothing happened after we all made fun of her hemorrhoid kek. Skid was mortified and deleted after the eggplant arc.

No. 1918610

I don't think Lanya cares about random mean comments on a forum, unlike Skidders who draws a direct correlation between online interaction and her self worth.

No. 1918612

It’s camwhoring after all but I didn’t expect Layna to have bigger balls than Skid.

No. 1918614

After we chucked Layna a bunch of free advertising, I'm not surprised she decided keep making money over bowing out cus of some mean comments. Skid isn't cut out for camming since she DESPERATELY relies on the validation on others like she needs air.

No. 1918616

File: 1698151552143.jpeg (21.51 KB, 1290x2293, 6D78B2BC-5091-4BAC-A345-9FFCCC…)

Goiter tour started so let the cheating on Leah Vaught begin. Skid and Layna should have a cheers over not being the current handmaiden embarrassed by JC.

No. 1918639

love yourself sidney, you've got a child
kekkkk how does he expect to make any new fans whining every other minute about how his music isn't selling? You'd think he'd be at least following goiter's example and faking it till he makes it. what's his social media? I'm gonna listen and laugh when it when it drops. Congrats spiderhead, you'll get at least one stream today, I hope the couple of cents will go to good use

No. 1918651

she hasn’t had a job in years at this point. giving birth would kick most women into gear to stop being lazy leeches but somehow her laziness has prevented her from giving a decent life to her son. probably just begs goiter and her mom for money constantly. she needs OF.

No. 1918790

I think she cares but she’s a retard and I’m sure camming is the way she get to know those manlets

No. 1918792

File: 1698175442774.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1284x2287, IMG_9493.jpeg)

Even with that filter he looks like a piece of sandpaper

No. 1918797

You think she met JC and Alex and Kurt on a camsite?

No. 1918876

comically large head

No. 1918877

no she meets them how she always does… instagram

No. 1918880

no but the fact that she’s a camgirl, like she wouldn’t get the attention if she wasn’t

No. 1919003

Weird take.

No. 1919017

File: 1698226437921.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1020x1343, IMG_2029.jpeg)

Im shocked she posted this. Unfortunate shaped head.::

No. 1919018

File: 1698226500481.jpeg (34.71 KB, 180x180, IMG_2027.jpeg)

That five head tho
No wonder she has bangs

No. 1919019


No. 1919020

This is exactly what I’d imagine Jonny Craig’s baby momma to look like.

No. 1919021

File: 1698227214465.jpeg (33.54 KB, 290x453, IMG_2026.jpeg)

Who lives in a trailer and is a groupie wanna be?
Skidney SquareHead!!!!!!
No job, no morals, the future is bleak
Skidney SquareHead!!!!!
She’s cruel and she’s psycho, a real life bitch
Skidney SquareHead!!!!!!
She’ll make your life miserable, just ask her ex
Skidney SquareHead!!!!!!

Skidney SquareHead!!!!
Skidney SquareHead!!!!
Skid-o-knee SquareHead!!!!!!!!!(shitposting)

No. 1919023

weird take indeed. some moids will take the non-cam girl "pick me" as there is less complications off the bat.

No. 1919025

File: 1698230868735.jpeg (Spoiler Image,717.31 KB, 1121x918, BC2538BF-95E4-499F-902A-76DC28…)


No. 1919035

File: 1698232474970.jpeg (Spoiler Image,350.5 KB, 937x545, EF99DAEF-4B14-4CCE-BC93-04E9EA…)


No. 1919041

looks like a normal womans body and hair to me? did you really go search out her webcam streams to cap these screenshost just to shit on her? kek

No. 1919046

File: 1698233274742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,339.73 KB, 969x542, 49965790-EA8B-4FC3-8014-D7BBD5…)


No. 1919055

File: 1698234540604.png (519.51 KB, 888x499, lol.png)

"After we chucked Layna a bunch of free advertising,"

No. 1919062

thats not layna

No. 1919065

Tattoos match up.

No. 1919115

kek about 20% of laynas income is probably directly from schizochan's advertising

No. 1919151

She is hot!

No. 1919255

File: 1698263488368.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1884, 73A13835-2B55-48FA-9DC1-B3691B…)

He looks like an old shrivelled up turtle.

No. 1919292

moids are nasty and will want anything that others want because they think it makes it valuable

No. 1919297

a masterpiece!
Why is laynia here now, and what are you talking about, she has a very nice figure

No. 1919311

No she doesn’t.

No. 1919320

File: 1698272282188.jpeg (447.71 KB, 1290x2293, B92E7ECA-CF84-49E4-B1FF-01A4B1…)

Flexing counterfeits.

No. 1919447

is she really doing webcam next to her cat? that’s like bestiality but i get that she needs to appeal to that kind of sick people sadly

No. 1919476

Whose tiny feet are those? Skid or goiter? Genuinely can't tell if those are a woman's feet or if BBP genuinely has Chucky feet

No. 1919508

Goiters baby manlet feet.
You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 1919540

can't wait to see him in the live action Franklin reboot

No. 1919541

Kurt followed Layna again, moids are all the same and like any trashy woman with no morals.

No. 1919544

File: 1698318110518.jpeg (74.62 KB, 1284x2282, F768BCB7-911F-4A3F-98C1-005FFB…)

Leah posted this. Take a look at who your boyfriend is, he did all that and is STILL broke. Unless this was a shot at him.

No. 1919578

These are so painfully obviously Syd, since she was just made fun of for a few posts. This girl is so predictable. And so miserable. Still talking shit about her baby daddy’s EX

No. 1919585

Yeah she liked every single one of his posts til he noticed her, is it just me or is he not very cute? Not that layna cares if they’re cute, just if they’re a mucisian. I bet he is gonna be her next relationship. I thought he was married, but what is a married man doing following and re-following a cam whore?

No. 1919586

she's not fat… she did gain a little weight if you compare this to her other cam pictures, but none in her tits kek

No. 1919592

what's layna's cam name

No. 1919594

her tits look fatter

No. 1919596

He was married but got a divorce years ago and I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend now

No. 1919598

He’s doing the JC thing where he has a girlfriend but won’t post her very often so he can flirt with whores online. Moids have zero integrity.
Before they blocked each other or whatever he was liking every single photo of hers but now all likes are removed. That’s how I know something went down and one of them got blocked.

No. 1919601

No. 1919607

File: 1698328046861.jpeg (188.1 KB, 1170x729, IMG_2033.jpeg)

Lol “outtie” “hairy”

No. 1919609

File: 1698328106404.jpeg (894.74 KB, 1170x1460, IMG_2032.jpeg)

Looks EXACTLY like someone Layna would date. I don’t find him cute at all

No. 1919613

Is this Layna's thread now? What is happening. Did she do something recently?

No. 1919617

She likes all the pictures of the singer of counterparts til he followed her and he is insanely ugly.

No. 1919622

File: 1698328987856.jpeg (Spoiler Image,607.28 KB, 1161x1022, IMG_2040.jpeg)

Her pussy is NASTY

No. 1919623

File: 1698329034693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,400.63 KB, 1170x622, IMG_2039.jpeg)

Yea, she’s sooooo hawt

No. 1919624

File: 1698329105422.jpeg (Spoiler Image,354.26 KB, 1068x625, IMG_2038.jpeg)

Layna sucking her toes hahaha bet those feet are nasty and dirty!!!

No. 1919627

this is BLEAK. Layna needs to love herself. She's 27 and camming. She can't be making crazy money or she wouldn't still be living at home with no car? She needs a REAL job, she can uber to work. Instead of sitting on her ass all day playing with her pussy and being obsessed with instagram and how many band musicians follow her. She's still doing this shit 2 years later and is in the SAME position. She doesn't respect herself and has nothing going for her, much like Syd. They are one in the same. Goiter's type is really predictable huh

No. 1919629

looks like some of her camshows where she's on the couch were from Alex's house, she always streams in her bedroom. wonder if that's why they broke up

No. 1919630

File: 1698329762144.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.35 KB, 600x370, 555E335B-80C5-49DD-8897-4E153F…)

Labia comes in all shapes and sizes. 99% of the women in porn get labiaplasty, and a growing number of women are getting it every year due to misogyny and the shaming of women’s natural bodies. I think if she keeps camming with her natural body and doesn’t get the surgery that’s a plus. But maybe she’ll be shamed into changing and that will be a loss for women. (Spoilered image is that famous labia chart).

No. 1919641

she brags about making money on her twitter and instagram like goiter does now. I wonder what she makes or why she won’t move out. it looked like she was lived in with her boyfriend

No. 1919653

time to take this little tirade to therapy. not sure what your end goal is. your opinions hold no value here.

No. 1919658

syd/schizo-chan seems to have an unhinged metldown every few threads. they seem completely obsessed with laynas figure to the point they're tricking themselves into seeing stuff that isn't there in a desperate attempt to find flaw. (bi-lateral body dysphoria?) There is also a moid based vendetta likely because schizo-chan did it herself, and is now shaming younger women who do it (denial). If it's Skid, it makes alot of sense honestly.

No. 1919659

please remember the person you are replying to, doesn't function within reality. schizo chan is unlikely to meet even her own standards of beauty and shows clear moid level misogyny.

No. 1919661

File: 1698333570995.jpeg (Spoiler Image,314.29 KB, 981x526, D521F630-0C0B-4209-844B-6ADF73…)


No. 1919663

File: 1698333706396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.23 KB, 616x496, 08C88088-91FC-4DC7-BDB5-A14B8D…)


No. 1919665

It's not even 8:30 in the morning your time, is this really how you start your day? God damn woman, get some fucking help.

No. 1919669

you do know no one cares? just you babe.

No. 1919673

File: 1698334317490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,568.72 KB, 1064x1885, 30F110F1-2710-43D4-A9F6-49BD3A…)

Skid gearing up for OF reveal.

No. 1919678

This makes perfect sense now. She knows she got fucking dragged immediately after her last OF attempt, so she's trying to trash Layna as much as possible before she flops her greasy bologna tits back at the world. Great marketing strategy.

No. 1919727

omg straight up looks like arby’s roast beef, why is it purple and grey

No. 1919728

Trying to make it look like she has big tittles when we all know she has floppy eggplants that she needs to push up and together to look like they have volume

No. 1919742

Moid refer to >>1919630

No. 1919778

Layna is still hotter than skidney salami tits and all her OF posts combined. Kek cope harder skidzochan

No. 1919785

I really want to know what pushed schizochan over the edge this time.

No. 1919831

I don't even think its Skid, they post in weird broken english. Maybe they're a schizo all over the site.

No. 1919862

I firmly believe it's because skid was getting dragged for her pictures up thread. Everyone laughing at her giant oblong head and then suddenly Layna starts getting dragged? It's giving desperately triggered. Sorry about your sad floppy tits, no hips, refrigerator body, and giant head skid.

No. 1919911

File: 1698359338490.jpeg (914.83 KB, 1284x1883, IMG_9573.jpeg)

What’s even better is I checked and JC commented “miss you”

No. 1919914

No one else gives two shits about layna on here except for skid. She types like a 5 year old on her SM all the time, the pattern fits.

No. 1919917

Why are we posting this guy or giving a shit. Because Layna follows him and likes his posts? What in the bored non-milk…

No. 1919920

File: 1698360111560.jpeg (745.68 KB, 1170x1978, FF076846-1057-4739-A8EA-C02E5C…)

Weird cause in September he was saying “fuck kurt” to random fans.

No. 1919936

Thanks nona, also beef with A Skylit Drive’s lead’s wife confirmed absolute kek.

No. 1919939

he ain’t cute but its more layna’s style right? like they may look good together.
also i’m sorry for triggering some nonnies here kek wish i care

No. 1919940

He has a long-term girlfriend.

No. 1919959

Nah it didn’t use to look like that if you refer to her very first cam pictures. Goiter used to beat that pussy UP hahahaha. You know they were intimate wayyy more than he was with skid cuz skid complained about it to the dude she cheated with and Jonny would fly his Canadian pussy out sooooo much. I bet skid is livid about it. The father of your chiOLD moved on before you did and was all up in some younger, prettier girl’s pussy way more than he touched you, skid(male moment)

No. 1919963

You are a moid if you think the visual of a woman's labia changes depending on how much sex she's had. Labia does not change shape due to sex/insertion. The labia doesn't stretch around a dick. Your genetics is what chooses the size and shape of labia.

No. 1919967

I bet Sydney is in love with Layna and wants to fuck her. They’re both “bisexual”, they should go for it and make OF content together

No. 1919971

They should make a Storm Jr. together.

No. 1919987

File: 1698372211416.jpeg (225.95 KB, 1284x1002, IMG_9889.jpeg)

goiter defending syd in his instagram comments

No. 1919996

One step closer to the parental reunion. You know what to do goiter to save your image.

No. 1919997

File: 1698373542533.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1059x1904, 3FEF794E-62B5-42D5-B092-32939B…)

JC gone for tour for 2 days and already his girlfriend is posting like this.

No. 1920040

Glad you found some free porn, next time consider roping yourself instead of cooming

No. 1920062

we all know she's a bitch, they're just following the therapist s directives , that answer is so scripted it hurts>>1919987

No. 1920063

salty much?

No. 1920068

Kek he posts their shitty parenting interactions and complains she doesn’t let him see the kid. What does he expect his fans to think?

No. 1920091

I second what she said, emphatically

No. 1920104

it's as if no one as ever seen an vagina outside of porn kek. says alot about the OP.

No. 1920105

File: 1698398770349.png (632.52 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_2053.png)

Haha skid posted this an hour after this was posted. You can never tell me she doesn’t post or read here.

No. 1920106

File: 1698398849273.png (1.28 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2052.png)

Sydney being weird and posting groupie flashback pics of her and lights then posting this, forever wishing she was 15 and not the mother of Jonny Craig’s CHIOLD.

No. 1920107

HOLY SHIT? TWO people wore black to a show at once? What a wild card… what ever will she do next?!?!

No. 1920110

Jesus Christ, it would appear that a retarded child has just discovered the internet ITT.

No. 1920111

Impossible. Band shirts don’t come in black.

No. 1920192

Got her to sign for the van but didn't take her?

No. 1920379

He didn’t like her newest post. They fighting? Maybe that’s why him and Skid are on such good terms now.

No. 1920484

tinfoil: they’re gonna get back together.
yassss syd you were always da one! please gave us some milk

No. 1920556

trying to flex in a fast food place, all 3 of them looking like they just clocked off their shift at jack in the box. You know they ordered water cups and filled them with sprite

No. 1920625

She’s slow as fuck. I think she’s the autistic one tbh. Literally retarded

No. 1920626

Wtf makes you guys think she signed for his van? I’ve seen the posts about it, none of it is evidence that happened tho

No. 1920629

leah has a job unlike all his exes so that's probably why he didn't take her on tour. plus he's going to be gone for awhile and she has a child? yeah it's "just hairdressing" but she can't just disappear for weeks and not provide money for her kid.

No. 1920649

>she can't just disappear for weeks and not provide money for her kid.
Why not? Ol’ Johnny boy does it all the time, including on this very tour. He’d rather make money to buy hideous Gucci shoes and pay for his homeless bros than invest in his son’s future. Leah’s kid presumably has a father she can leave the kid with or have her family babysit it so she can go on tour for a few days. Or are single parents never allowed a vacation

No. 1920671

…you’re not serious are you? Just because Jonny does something means everyone should do it? We don’t know her custody arrangements either, she could have full custody so no, she could not just randomly go on vacation if she’s with her child.
Some of you are really fucking retarded and don’t live in the real world

No. 1920702

He posted the van and tagged her account with “we made it happen!” So she either helped sign for it or straight up lent him money to purchase it.

No. 1920703

It looks like she ditches her kid a lot to hangout with Jonny Boy.

No. 1920706

File: 1698490736764.jpeg (247.75 KB, 1170x2080, C51557CD-AF2B-4F2F-9D8B-40A3F3…)

The airbrushing is insane. Looks like Adam Sandler on the cover of Click!

No. 1920745

File: 1698501013544.jpeg (136.36 KB, 1170x654, B5BCAE87-F4CA-4CB8-9AFB-698C9B…)

No. 1920751


No. 1920876

File: 1698522157962.jpeg (109.37 KB, 1290x2293, E43641C5-AAD9-4FBE-B607-6ACFE0…)

JC posting this while looking like a deflated balloon is perfect. Shit writes itself.

No. 1920879

What does he think the Bad Cats filter does kek

No. 1920950

Why am I so charmed by Layna's autism.

No. 1921030

Same. She’s like a retarded cute puppy. Skid’s autism is like a retarded, deranged, feral chihuahua.

No. 1921031

Or the kid is with you know, the other parent.
You guys wanna compare JC and Leah so badly. I’ve yet to see her do anything milky.
It’s giving bitter, jealous, misogynistic.

She could have just been there for company, or girlfriend support, not everything is so literal, but tbh who really knows.

No. 1921035

They are compared because they are in a relationship. What kind of parent would be okay with goiter? Much less date him? He's really not that good at pretending to be a good dad. Clouts more imporant ig.

No. 1921060

Jonny IS investing in Storms future by touring. He's making money because that's his JOB, you twat.

No. 1921065

Yet he doesn't save, and blows all of his money on retarded shit immediately. He couldn't give two actual fucks about Storm, because he has a personality disorder that stops him from feeling empathy. You'll come to realize that soon Leah.

No. 1921084

This is a joke, right? A job usually includes a stable income. big boi pimpin barely has two shekels to rub together, ain’t no way he has enough to invest in Storm’s future, college, etc.

No. 1921096

I think Leah found the threads and she's regurgitating the bs he fed her.

No. 1921107

He isn't even making money though. His shows have like 30 people at most in a 180 capacity venue kek

No. 1921108

He told her he makes big bucks on tour and he'll "pay her right back" for the van kek.

No. 1921117

File: 1698560315832.jpeg (742.16 KB, 1170x1172, 64F167FD-86F4-4F8E-8AD8-5D6E32…)

I’m sure the fan that posted this has some kind of Snapchat filter on it but what the hell

No. 1921120

File: 1698560584814.jpeg (243.95 KB, 1284x2288, IMG_9734.jpeg)

Reminds me of being a teenager and girls posting the most unhinged shit with a black screen onto snapchat like isn’t this dude in his mid 30’s

No. 1921122

Skidney must have told him the price for groceries to feed his son.

No. 1921168

This is the reason goiter will always goit.

No. 1921233

Tag who you're speaking to. Bands don't make money touring these days, especially at that level. Don't delude yourself. Even at his peak he was still stealing money from fans for heroin. He's almost 40 and lives in a bacteria brothel.

No. 1921235

goiter always be goit'in

No. 1921239

File: 1698601411936.jpeg (613.59 KB, 974x679, ACB8D866-082C-44E1-A445-197298…)

Local bands with 200 monthly listeners pull bigger crowds. He’s just out there dicking around, and he will never invest any profit from tour into Storm. Ever. He will always go to the mall and buy some useless garbage like funko pops and knockoff designer, until he has no money left for necessities and has to borrow from people he knows. The next shoes he buys should be clown shoes.

No. 1921256

JC likely makes a teachers salary or less which would be fine, there's nothing wrong with making a lower income, but he lives so far beyond his means he is perpetually broke.

No. 1921260

Reminder, instead of saving money towards his sons future, he flew in unemployed 25 year old Canadian pussy for a year. While baby mom was struggling.

No. 1921270

Average teacher salary in California is $78,711, so that's a no. Let's say he plays 100 shows a year with 200 people at them, and charges 15$ a pop = 300000. The promoter will take 20% at least, so 240000. The current tour will likely be split between 3 or 4 bands. Let's say 3 leaving 80000. He then has to pay his band members. Bass, guitar, drums, merch, sound. So that's down to 16k. Taxes on top of that plus expenses. The merch will likely top that up. But he ain't pulling 78k a year kek.

No. 1921273

Oh lord I thought it was closer to 40k. Definitely not then.

No. 1921279

I can't believe I'm saying this but Skid actually seems like she's being a good mother. She's constantly posting playing with Storm and being a really active mom. I know it's social media and these things can be faked but it's just wholesome to see that, Storm clearly loves her so much and they seem extremely close despite being seperated for a long time. (No I'm not Skid).

No. 1921302

File: 1698610822362.jpeg (175.38 KB, 1290x2293, 74443B72-DF2E-4892-B218-9645CB…)

He’s making it sound like people are complaining it sounds like shit

No. 1921492

i really do wonder how much was paid on those flights. this is why i will never like layna (i don't like anyone here for different reasons), but she was okay with that and attracted to it, if my bf had a kid and was spending flights on me all the time for sex, i would not let it have gone on for as long as it did before realizing he's trash deadbeat and be concerned about the child.
i don't date anyone with kids for this reason kek

i wonder how many girls he's slept with already, since he can't go a single tour without fucking a random groupie in every stop

No. 1921637

anyone can post propaganda for smooth brains to lap up and post "YAS QWEEN".

No. 1921675

Did your mom not hug you enough? Didn't know doing bare minimum and posting on social media warrant her for being good mom but I supposed the bar was as low as"let my baby daddy poisoned my son"

No. 1921969

>nobody but me wanted to give you these songs
finally he's managed to tell the truth about something kek

No. 1922005

File: 1698727468877.png (11.04 MB, 1170x2532, D4038BA4-78F1-43B6-85CA-346F74…)

always has something to say about a woman wearing makeup when he looks like a chewed up raisin

No. 1922006

File: 1698727687008.jpeg (1010.87 KB, 1170x1453, C98EC3BD-03D8-4482-A3F8-7D7CC4…)

He always looks constipated.

No. 1922029

A mom that’s constantly posting on social media, to prove she’s a good mom, is just projecting. No one needs to prove they love their children. It’s a given. Kek remember when she used to remind us how much storm loves her? As if your child is born hating you and you have to teach it to love you.

She’s not a good mom. She doesn’t have a job, an education, and does fuck all. wow her son seems happy? That’s great. Toddlers aren’t usually depressed. They’re happy just playing in dirt.

No. 1922135

he looks like his granparents where twins. or at very least some cousins fucked somewhere up his family tree.

No. 1922159

and she never will have a job or education, what's gonna happen when he gets older? she's trying to get back with her baby daddy so she can leech off him again, but the older HE gets, the less money there is to make there too. this is what she gets for having a chilod with a geriatric washed up "rockstar"

No. 1922160

it's like watching kindergarten kids play "families" and "house"

No. 1922161

cant wait for the big jess and jc link up again xx

No. 1922250

File: 1698780443447.jpeg (115.49 KB, 1170x2080, C05383D5-5246-439C-B957-D34B84…)

No Skid you’re definitely stupid.

No. 1922406

File: 1698809937794.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1596, 66D55037-053B-4B15-806A-29580A…)

Uh oh Leah, your special someone looks high as fuck and cozied up with groupies.

No. 1922448

His face looks like silly putty after getting it stuck in the treads of your shoe.

No. 1922550

being crazy = being stupid. also love how "crazy" constitutes being constantly on social media and not having a job.

No. 1922561

File: 1698839784426.jpeg (555.22 KB, 1284x2282, 10827773-5110-4B80-B966-21AD47…)

Goiter posted syd and storm on his story

No. 1922564

File: 1698840202045.jpeg (658.34 KB, 1170x2012, IMG_2107.jpeg)

Wonder why Goiter was sick hmmm

No. 1922572

it's likely his shitty lifestyle. aspartame, corn syrup, fats, beers and salts. he looks anaemic so likely gets fuck all vit D or iron. even without the drugs, he lives like a 12 year old with no rules.

No. 1922614

Please I love for them to get back together. Do it for the kid goits

No. 1922644

File: 1698854807152.jpeg (207.02 KB, 1067x1885, 76C0ED7E-0C75-420C-BE40-42F2AA…)

“Need my bones jumped by you daddy”
I think they will. He must be telling Skid they’ll be together.

No. 1922675

OT but he’s only 3 years old, how is he this tall? She really is a midget.

No. 1922685

Oh please let it be so.

No. 1922690

File: 1698862379757.png (2.38 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2114.png)

Hahahaha she looks so stupid

No. 1922692

File: 1698862429508.png (4.59 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2117.png)

She looks like a schizophrenic FREAK

No. 1922693

File: 1698862576898.jpeg (111.43 KB, 461x617, IMG_2118.jpeg)

Lol her head is huge(pointless nitpicking)

No. 1922694

He always posts the ugliest pictures of her kek especially when they were together

No. 1922715

She definitely posted this for him. Who else could “daddy” be.

No. 1922717

They really were a perfect couple. He could enact his narcissistic abuse on Skid for years and she would never leave him. BPD and NPD stick together like glue. I almost feel for Skid because she has a kid with him and will never get proper closure. He will use her as narcissistic supply and then drop her over and over again for as long as Storm is alive and she will think it’s “true love”.

No. 1922803

File: 1698873595765.png (963.39 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_2123.png)

No. 1922821

File: 1698875863390.jpeg (28.23 KB, 1170x2080, C0C63DB1-116C-4292-AE36-1B1E33…)

No. 1922825

Is he single or with Leah or Sydney. He sent my friend a snap of his flaccid hotdog while on tour already.

No. 1922869

File: 1698884667242.jpeg (736.23 KB, 1074x1385, FE61B619-6282-44A8-AACB-ED7B54…)

Keepmysecretions always looks like a pregnant lesbian.

No. 1922934

Power couple 11:11 SEJMCSPMC4L HSAC

No. 1922936

Does he own any other clothes?

No. 1923031

lets goooooooo!

No. 1923111

Fake news

No. 1923167

All the girlies know.

No. 1923200

File: 1698957339562.jpeg (334.3 KB, 1179x2096, 47AFA2F0-8AA4-45CD-AFD9-246D10…)

Goiter in heaven surrounded by sweaty men and fat Mexican moms.

No. 1923202

File: 1698957485810.jpeg (93.31 KB, 1170x2080, DA28A066-119B-4AF2-9728-FF8636…)

Skidney bidding for goiter to invite her along.

No. 1923204

File: 1698957514073.jpeg (16.24 KB, 1170x2080, 9A48A40C-9559-4057-803D-BACFF5…)

I’ve missed the Skid vague-posting.

No. 1923349

File: 1698983288888.jpeg (25.94 KB, 1170x2080, 6D00D5DA-F005-4FF8-B2BB-ED28BD…)

No. 1923406

File: 1698998935175.jpeg (220.96 KB, 1284x2282, 668CD093-DA34-4326-86A0-658554…)

Both Skid and Leah like to call themselves perfect looking, it seems like over-compensation for low self esteem. (Low self esteem is necessary for dating JC).

No. 1923409

File: 1698999467319.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x2131, 6CFA71D4-C2C7-45E8-A31B-5A34E2…)

This woman posted and tagged JC in a video where she says she decided to cut bangs and dye her hair black before meeting him, but it looks bad so she’s crying and apologising for being ugly. His fans are genuinely deranged.

No. 1923485

looks like he just creamed his 4 day old crusty boxers

No. 1923487

Is she just making noises? I wonder what posses her to post nonsensical garbage.

No. 1923488

"trying to see if i had a big nose". what a fucking waste of time. why do people act like their lives are of importance to anyone? the 1mm offset of your nose isn't going to cause the earth to implode.

No. 1923490

She loves to be posted here because its the only attention she gets. Thats why she vague posts, really.

No. 1923508

File: 1699019445270.png (9.15 MB, 1170x2532, 4285A583-D303-4F52-BC34-E13FA4…)

girls still want to bang this. yuck(posts without milk need to be saged)

No. 1923516

His grammar hahaha fucking atrocious. Also why would you need to announce to the world you can afford an Airbnb for a night? Split amongst 6+ people it's probably very affordable. Also love the grammar on "After I play a hottub". I mean… he plays rooms about the size of a sauna kek.

No. 1923517

it’s like Elmer Fudd wanting to bang Bugs Bunny when he puts a mop on his head, except being in a band is the mop

No. 1923523

ULTRAKEK. This is the most succinct and accurate way I’ve seen this phenomenon explained. Back in my band days I saw unlimited ugly dudes in bands get girls throwing themselves at them simply because band. Even the most low tier local bands.

No. 1923549

Amazingly deranged

No. 1923650

I can’t believe he posted this kek. He really looks awful, imagine willingly kissing this let alone letting his sausage fingers near your bits.

No. 1923931

anyone can come on here and say whatever they want with no source. post proof or shut the fuck up

No. 1923932

I don't see a single mexican mom in this picture

No. 1923934

it's no fucking wonder all her friendships started out long distance, no one can fucking stand her

No. 1923935

she's in her 30s and she hasnt figured out the size of her nose yet? her and skid both post the most retarded shit. was this a drag at jc's nose or something

No. 1924075

File: 1699141833128.jpeg (741.74 KB, 1063x1862, A976B641-7271-423A-AD7D-DDC62E…)

From Leah’s story. Where does he find these hoes that hopelessly post about him while he publicly ignores them/never reposts them.

No. 1924076

Snap gives a notification when you take a screenshot and she wasn’t trynna get blocked for ss his floppy lifeless hotdog.

No. 1924085

Layna weird because she skin walked Syd by black box dye and short bangs before getting with goiter, now she skin walking Kurt’s gf with her blonde short hair.

No. 1924256

File: 1699179342015.jpeg (172.72 KB, 1170x2080, CCCFCBF9-7E45-400F-AC22-813C93…)

Skid naked on instagram in-between photos of her son.

No. 1924280

The other boob is so long it's not even in the picture. I see she's testing the waters for her OF but she's going to need to drop her raging jealousy of other women and maybe take a peep at what successful OF girls are actually posting.

No. 1924402

File: 1699216657013.jpeg (672.29 KB, 1284x1420, IMG_0066.jpeg)

What the actual fuck

No. 1924409

File: 1699217452835.png (448.88 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0830.png)

Mr goits out e-begging again…. can't afford to get new phones but bragging about his fake ass gucci shoes. Kek never change goiter

No. 1924435

holy shit you're right. And she's also trying to skin walk Belle Delphine, if you watch Layna's tiktok, she's posing and making faces EXACTLY like her, like a stupid uwu e-girl who identifies as a pokemon. she's too old for that shit

No. 1924437

I could say he snapped me a pic of his dick too. Sorry I cant post it cuz he will see I screenshot. Enlighten us with his snap name (some of us know it), or shut up no one believes you.

No. 1924443

did she take this photo or did she repost it lmaooo

No. 1924445

is that turtlemom

No. 1924448

omggggg kek im dead

No. 1924450

Flexing his rent money and saying he’s “on top” but asking fans for an iPhone and not even offering tickets, merch, anything in return

No. 1924463

his snap user is jonny_craigufm
sorry it’s so hard for you to believe miss. but man’s is a whore.

No. 1924464

The tour just started and two of his buddies lost their phones? Or someone stole them

No. 1924466

She did not take the photo, just reposted it.

No. 1924471

File: 1699225927001.jpeg (568.06 KB, 1048x1877, A6837618-75A4-43A8-AF31-28502C…)

What happened to Skid? Why’s she a “mess of tears”

No. 1924695

We need a goiter tour bingo card.

No. 1924718

airplane mode + screen record

No. 1924719

"last night was a movie"… a standard dive bar show where trailer trash propose to each other. jonny boi up your movie game.

No. 1924803

Get someone else’s phone/iPad to take a video/picture or it’s fake news. No way people don’t know that hack by now.

No. 1924858

It’s long expired but ty for the information.

No. 1924890

It’s not hard to believe, we all know he’s a cheater, and unfaithful, lol he’s hit on me too (unwanted and unwarranted) but I don’t come in and here and talk about it cuz I’m not willing to post proof, so it’s annoying when people just say things. I could write a whole fan fiction about how we slept together last night. But I wouldn’t touch the man.

No. 1924891

That’s embarrassing because from the context of her post, it looks like she was actually there and I’m sure that’s what she wanted it to look like

No. 1924950

Idk the etiquette of this site, we were wondering if he’s dating any of these women because of what just happened with my friend. But I won’t post anything else unless I have proof my bads.

No. 1924952

It’s not embarrassing to support your boyfriend hahah.

No. 1924975

File: 1699333362975.jpeg (119.08 KB, 1170x259, 671DCEA4-05CC-49D4-8F7E-1F9A66…)


No. 1924999

It is when your bf is BBP goiter

No. 1925153

Leah baby that’s not your boyfriend. When are you gonna realize that? He belongs to everyone. You’re just his favorite or most convenient hoe.

No. 1925325

No cause these bitches will be like “but I’m his favorite!! Kek.

No. 1925559

File: 1699451694935.jpg (118.06 KB, 1075x595, goit.jpg)

goit sharting all over his fans

No. 1925646

File: 1699463620458.jpeg (108.17 KB, 1284x2282, 44D49837-3007-4DC9-B3AA-A0B9A0…)


No. 1925647

File: 1699463656055.jpeg (44.49 KB, 1284x2283, 1D09AB72-409A-4271-AA57-8285C3…)

Leah really reminds me of Syd.

No. 1925687

She types like goiter, AKA like a fucking uneducated retard.

No. 1925783

She was “a mess of tears” 3 days ago and now is feeling like a girl boss? No wonder even Goiter couldn’t handle her bipolar ass. She’s insane and deluded.
Skid go get a job or something so you can save up for a car to support your chiOLD since you’re going to be a single mother for the rest of your life cuz no one can handle your crazy ass.
“I don’t ever search a bitch up” but you do check lolcow, religiously. And you do search Layna up to get new cam pictures of her.

No. 1925785

No. Second post is Leah. She just types like Skid.

No. 1925787

My apologies. Well they day before she was posting nudes on instagram then she’s a mess of tears so that’s something haha. I love when she publicly displays her mood swings.

No. 1925788

Leah if that’s your boyfriend have him admit it on instagram - oh he won’t because he’s getting random tour pussy every night.

No. 1925839

I wonder if Skid has scared him to be public with a girlfriend? She’s humiliated him. He wasn’t scared to post other gfs and cheat at the same time.

No. 1925919

stop being delusional and just accept that he’s a piece shit who couldn’t care less about anything. y’all just mad that Leah ain’t showing her hemorrhoids on webcam for you to pick on her as we do with every brainless bitch around him. She’s so quiet. (i’ll be keking my ass off if someone calls me Leah)

No. 1926028

File: 1699548885230.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2391, IMG_0860.jpeg)

I think layna did say that goiter told her he needs to keep his relationship private with the ongoing court case (not sure about now) and that skid did brought her name out on court one time which the context wasnt share. Kek i wont be surprise that goits is trying to keep a low profile to avoid the harrassement from skid or skid has now also moved on with Ian.

It looks like they are still together from skid's recent post, also I feel that she is posting mutliple shitty shaky gig stories of DGD to make goiter mad.

Hi Leah kek(hi cow )

No. 1926031

lol side stage at a DGD show. a true renaissance woman skidders is. living vicariously through other peoples success.

No. 1926065

layna can say whatever came out of her dildo, she’s a proved liar and everything is itt so i’ll take that with a grain of salt besides that bullshit info was given to her via Goiter so, why should we believe any of that?

No. 1926077

>She’s so quiet
Are we watching the same Leah? Cause she’s obnoxious and cringe as fuck on ig >>1925647
Syd archetype.

No. 1926080

It’s not hard for me to believe Skid really did that shit, if you’ve been watching the threads during Skid’s time with goit, sounds exactly like her. Layna just lied about camming/“getting fired” after we found out and DUH. She wasn’t a proud whore promoting her Onlyfans on ig, she was trying to keep it secret and had a “whore name” CuteHolly so of course she’d lie about that.

No. 1926087

File: 1699557962096.jpeg (169.42 KB, 1290x2293, 5246568E-921B-451D-8FF0-19CED7…)

I’m glad KeepMySecretions knows he’d be working in a gas station and probably will be in a few years (and thats a generous time frame).

No. 1926089

File: 1699558198761.jpeg (937.74 KB, 1053x1888, 590D3921-E9F4-4425-9D32-CED178…)

That #GymBod

No. 1926090

File: 1699558321413.jpeg (225.02 KB, 1170x2080, 0A166E09-FBF8-44B6-80C0-7D5922…)

Syd is winning and has achieved her life goals of being backstage for mid level bands shows.

No. 1926092

File: 1699558635725.jpeg (897.95 KB, 1170x1210, 54AA36EB-5458-4753-B1A7-23C339…)

I’m confused why Layna is in Miami. And why she’s camwhoring rather than… going to the beach? Or a club?

No. 1926254

File: 1699579936482.jpeg (35.07 KB, 1290x2293, DE6A8533-CE95-40D6-B4C3-03B685…)

He’s been having “come backs” for 4 years now.

No. 1926305

File: 1699586338767.jpeg (50.72 KB, 1170x194, F17712A3-3A61-40D0-B6C3-F65DC7…)

I wonder why he never likes or replies to her comments.
I wonder what happened with Ian, she was posting heartbreak stuff for a while and they’re back together now? That’s good for them, as much as I wished for a SkidxGoit reunion.

No. 1926338

File: 1699590982202.png (511.73 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_2200.png)

Her “job” LMFAO

No. 1926340

honestly she might be escorting, miami is huge for that

No. 1926348

Goiter sure loves them itty bitty titty girlies. Syd, Leah, Layna, he must be a secret faggot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1926350

maybe she's visiting the famous plastic surgeon dr miami to get a boob job, although it'd look terrible with her chest tattoo

No. 1926410

syd is this you? only you would ask why people are working rather than not working kek. maybe cuteholly is hustling and you're jelly?(hi cow)

No. 1926546

When you’re skinny you don’t have big boobs. So unless he wants big rubber ones or a fat chick he’s shit outta luck.

No. 1926761

This is absolutely not true LOL

No. 1926763

sorry we are not disgusting coomers nonita

No. 1926787

File: 1699681226757.jpeg (285.7 KB, 1170x2093, IMG_6997.jpeg)

Wasn’t someone in this thread just talking about her lips?

No. 1926855

File: 1699698384461.jpeg (345.36 KB, 1170x2415, IMG_0884.jpeg)

Hard to not talk down to you goits when you're built like a 5'6 chucky kek

No. 1926893

File: 1699707215533.jpeg (Spoiler Image,425.54 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2216.jpeg)

Layna on twitter. Hope this makes Skid seethe

No. 1926894

File: 1699707261151.jpeg (Spoiler Image,420.87 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2217.jpeg)

Here’s for the troll that said recently that Layna “got big/fat”(offtopic)

No. 1926896

Skid is chunkier than layna and still has no tittles so you’re wrong. Layna is skinnier and has bigger boobs. You can be all kinds of weight sizes and have small or large breasts. It has nothing to do with being skinny/fat, and everything to do with your genetics.(sperging)

No. 1926910

File: 1699713793536.png (7.9 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2218.png)

Unpopular opinion but Leah is pretty

No. 1926911

Didnt she cover up the entropy tattoo? If so very weird to post these.

No. 1926959

She does look pretty. Woof that horrible eyeliner though girl.

No. 1926983

Goit master of having a pretty girl at home and cheating with road uglies anyway.

No. 1927004

This looks like it’s from before her coverup tattoo so she still could have gotten fat since then.

No. 1927096

i think she’s pretty too and kinda chill but it’s a shame she’s wasting her time with Goiter, she could do so much better

No. 1927117

File: 1699748409051.jpeg (988.71 KB, 1170x1757, 33F77C3C-2473-4875-9193-97C377…)

Why would he post this he looks like such a sped.

No. 1927198

ewww he looks like a little pink worm or a burn victim

No. 1927217

he kinda looks like if phineas from phineas and ferb grew up and became a british man addicted to drugs kek

No. 1927246

kek totally looks like a burn victim “liking his best life”

No. 1927277

Did he just brag… about making five figures… the secondhand embarrassment is so real right now… holy shit

No. 1927317

I really doubt that any of his 20 remaining fans could even afford serving steak at their wedding. Kek

No. 1927521

File: 1699825596349.jpeg (212.61 KB, 1290x2293, 20396452-BC8F-485F-B12B-3FC978…)

No. 1927625

those are extremely specific requirements kek, and 10k amongst like 6 people isn't anywhere near flex territory. imagine being so retarded you have to run straight to instagram to tell the haterz about your temporary bump in revenue. cringe

No. 1927659

No one gives a fuck about layna anymore. Post goits or fuck off

No. 1927661

I’m confused why she gets posted like who gives a shit about this >>1926338
They broke up almost a year ago now she’s completely irrelevant to the thread.

No. 1927687

I assume some weird vendetta posting, or goiters commune is shitting up the thread because, well, layna is obviously extremely attractive. (to me, dont infight about it)
I've wondered why mods don't curb this honestly, because the only thing people talk about on her is how "autistic" she is or how "she should get fillers/fix her hair"

Tinfoil; I think moids/groupies keep posting layna itt and syd/other groupies respond to it.
I've been here since the beginning and late Taylor days, so I feel these threads would've died or become less posted on if it wasn't for the massive amount of people that want to see Jonny finally go down or want to suck his goiter.

I'm honestly really surprised the threads have gone on this long, but Jonny really doesn't know anything other than self pity and drama.

No. 1927818

haha can't believe i got a hi cow for this. fucking can't stand either of them but my god people get so upset when lanyer is given the benefit of the doubt rather than constant unbridled rage.

No. 1927953

it’s just too obvious she’s selfposting kek it’s sad a pretty girl like her being that insecure dating the ugliest mfs

No. 1928029

NTA but I don’t see anything that looks like self-posts personally.

No. 1928185

I think the reason people kept posting about Layna was due to the fact that they would break up and make up a few times so publicly, so when they finally did it end it for good no one knew if it was for good or not because she had bashed him on twitter before then retracted her statements and went back to him. Also, people thought they were still in contact (and they might have been) since she had a personal role in his discord server.
Discussion about her never stopped because she immediately jumped into a relationship with another alt/emo/scene singer and a lot of people were questioning her intentions, noticing some sort of “groupie pattern”, especially with Kurt and her following each other and all the liking of each others posts. Something weird seemed to have gone down since she obviously blocked him for whatever reason because he’s following her again when he wasn’t for a period of time and a lot of his likes are gone. That’s the 2nd member from DGD she seems associated with/tried to get to know, therefore people itt noticed that “groupie” pattern, and probably enjoyed posting about it in hopes Goiter would read it and it would get to him.
That being said, anytime a past or current thread subject moves on or gets into a new relationship it always get posted about, I couldn’t tell you exactly why; maybe to show off to whoever the ex is in a “haha look they’ve moved on” - assuming they read here (let’s be real they’ve all read here and there’s direct proof), and also hoping to start conversations, infights, even if it’s off topic, they know it will at least get noticed even if it gets redtexted.
This is just my two cents but I didn’t even cover the schizo posting because there’s nothing logical about it to try to break down or make sense of.

No. 1928239

File: 1699949370236.jpeg (52.83 KB, 1170x195, 74D1BC3F-053E-4F7F-959D-E01A2E…)

He likes the random “damn daddy” comments but never likes or replies to his own girl. How hard is he hiding her?

No. 1928288

Am I tripping or has the thread been deleted from the snow pages? If so, why?

No. 1928291

The reason people are still talking about layna >>1926893 >>1926894 >>1926092 is because Schizochan wishes it to be. Their obsession and inability to self reflect means they will constantly post layna every few weeks in some attempt to feel validated.

No. 1928293

i think it’s funny that this thread is the only one on lolcow where a camwhore gets praised which says a lot about the kind of people that comes to this thread

No. 1928295

What praise? Where?

No. 1928327

Sometimes there's a bug where the thread shows up in Catalog but not by browsing the pages of the board. When threads are bumped they change the order of the threads on the pages and sometimes a thread that is supposed to be shifted to a next page (after another thread is bumped) doesn't end up there and will be missing from both pages. After more threads are bumped it will eventually come back in its correct position on the pages. This issue happens occasionally but infrequently.

No. 1928370

If you spend any time on the actual camwhore thread you’d see that if you post some unmilky camgirls there people will usually tell you to fuck off and that no one cares to make fun of camgirls that otherwise don’t do anything milky. The camwhore thread exists for pumpy and brina pretty much, because they are exceedingly ratched and their lives are disturbing and cringe. Layna is just a girl who cams.
Unless she gives birth to 3 children and abandons them, fist fights women because of her cheating bf, or some equivalent, people will probably somewhat “defend” Layna because she didn’t really do anything. (and I’m using defend lightly because at best people just say stop posting her). There are lots of times camwhores get posted on the camwhore thread, and anons say there’s no milk, and they seem like a normal or nice person and to fuck off.

No. 1928431

There's absolutely no praise whatsoever. Many anons have stated they have nothing against layna other than her choosing to date a piece of shit.
Like >>1928370 said. Camwhoring isn't a thing that's praised on the farms, but it's not what made layna get posted in the first place.

No. 1928473

excellent, thank you

No. 1928497

posts like this remind me there are still people here who operate within the realms of reality. thanks nonnies.

No. 1928651

I feel like Layna is gonna start doing full on porn pretty soon, at least that’s what her future consists of. Lots of porn girls start out camming. It sure is gonna be hard for her to do anything else with her nudes all over the internet, she’s posting them for free on twitter on a public account lol

No. 1928685

File: 1700017671970.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2283, IMG_2271.jpeg)

Butthole eyes claiming the VIP tix are low…then why can i put 80 of them in my cart all the way to the pay stage???

No. 1928794

this is what you get if cousins fuck.

No. 1929162

File: 1700095699442.jpeg (1020.59 KB, 1170x1437, 411E6F6A-2CA1-4073-B4FA-8128DB…)

He looks like wilted lettuce.

No. 1929228

Jumpscare, yikes!

No. 1929624

I’m honestly shocked that none of his fake teeth look like they’re rotting yet

No. 1929848

That's not how veneers work it'll rot under and you will never see it unless you have an x-ray and it'll show like a gray shadow on the tooth

No. 1929910


Actually, it is how they work. Bacteria can get in between the tooth and the veneer and it will start turning blue from the rot.

No. 1929915

the long lost Whittaker sibling

No. 1930007

He looks like a thumb kek whoever took that pic is not doing him any favours for his height

No. 1930353

He got dental implants not veneers LOL

No. 1930474

>Butthole eyes
>this is what you get if cousins fuck.
>He looks like wilted lettuce.
comment after comment after comment lmao. thank you for laughs anons

No. 1930920

File: 1700423316731.jpeg (422.44 KB, 1170x1163, IMG_2283.jpeg)

Lmaooo he posted this as the first pic

No. 1930924

File: 1700423804198.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1383, IMG_2285.jpeg)

Aw leah flew out to see him

No. 1930948

File: 1700430169529.jpeg (597.24 KB, 1158x1243, IMG_2287.jpeg)

Skid’s man took her to Hawaii, and all I wanna know is why does she write like this. “The universe did a cool thing” and don’t get me started on the rest of the autistic mess of this paragraph.

No. 1931228

Because people like skid will not take accountable for the outcome of their life and needs to blame the universe/literally everything else for every shitty, good thing happened to them. This way it elevates her for any guilt and responsibility of her unemployability and being a single mom even before their kid turned 2

No. 1931242

is that his cum face?

No. 1931243

Haven't they been together for like a year? Why is she talking about "quiet awkwardness" as if they just met. Wait. Are they actually together? Everything she said sounds totally plutonic.

No. 1931245

File: 1700508778575.jpg (163.51 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpg)

I've never seen someone so completely and entirely lacking in self-awareness.

No. 1931252

I know he's referencing the time he scammed someone but to me it looks like he's desperately pawning off 4 old macs he found and signed for rent/drug money

No. 1931288

I think she’s only with him for the attention and he takes her places. Unless she really is attracted to dicknose

No. 1931349

File: 1700525833061.jpeg (223.89 KB, 1170x2051, IMG_2294.jpeg)

Wait a minute, is the girl in this pic not Leah?!?!?!

No. 1931404

You mean BPD mess? Let’s not lump our autistic sisters in with this lunatic.

No. 1931422

She posted a (expired) story of jonny on stage with the caption “my favorite shows to go to” so I think it’s some retarded joke. As if a single soul cares you’re there Leah.

No. 1931423

File: 1700541302884.jpeg (447.3 KB, 1284x2282, C82D1318-9ABE-48D1-B68A-6D0DA3…)

Also she posted this.

No. 1931424

Probably flew out after seeing >>1929162
and >>1922406

No. 1931533

File: 1700568349699.jpeg (61.54 KB, 1284x2283, 2217805F-2F07-43CE-A2FE-F43F65…)

No. 1931599

Yet again showing his narcissism and complete lack of remorse and common sense. The only reason he can get away with that kind of shit is that no one cares about goiter's Z list ass.

No. 1931741

how long have leah and goiter been together now?

No. 1931958

Looks like since April at least.

No. 1932528

kek he’s with Lindsay Zenker right now staying at her place in Dallas, he said so on his story today. he used to cheat on chelsea with her all the time back in the day, chelsea even told Taylor that and it was screenshot and put in the taylor threads. makes sense why he sent Leah home after florida and didn’t bring her to dallas.

No. 1932532

File: 1700725626385.jpeg (776.69 KB, 1284x2282, 17807182-1394-4DF1-8994-08B1E0…)

No. 1932580

i found laynas new bf and who would’ve guessed. he’s also “”famous””. a lot more so than JC or taylor, but not a musician so she’s given up her groupie dreams i guess. it’s who she was visiting in miami.

No. 1932599

Who is it?

No. 1932600

Omg the “hairdresser” he’s obsessed with. She’s not even cute wtfff

No. 1932602

File: 1700740870024.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1170x1794, IMG_2438.jpeg)

It’s hard to find photos of her on her account.

No. 1932604

File: 1700741010904.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1357, IMG_2439.jpeg)

She has a boyfriend it looks like. Must be why he was asking if anyone wanted to hangout for thanksgiving. No hoes in Dallas jc? Kek even big Jess has a bf now.

No. 1932614

she’s not very cute anymore but was back in 2015/2016 when he was constantly cheating with her. i’m sure he took her for a spin last night.

No. 1932658

this is a masterpiece, only thing that could have made it better is if it was his white grandma hair
who? and is he open about her? could be an escort situation but it would be amusing to see how this goes. or milkless but hoping the former

No. 1932767

File: 1700776390960.jpeg (550.6 KB, 1290x1923, IMG_4254.jpeg)

Jfc get over yourself. A short time from now you’ll be WISHING that someone cares enough so attempt to sing into “your” mic.

Also is it just me or does “sorry for tapping you in the head lolz” sound like he’s gaslighting someone he actually hit to avoid a lawsuit?

No. 1932771

File: 1700776835175.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1290x2097, IMG_4255.jpeg)

Wow what a good example of a mature adult who is “thriving” and not at all salty about someone else’s success..

It takes a special kind of pathetic to try n stay relevant by making fun of other people’s music. He keeps doing it with that random dreadlock girl and now with guy fucking tang. Just let them be, Goiter. If their music is so shit why are you even bothered??

No. 1932974

nta but he's in a publicly open marriage

No. 1933151

File: 1700857510303.jpeg (289.64 KB, 1170x1077, 26485EA7-9E26-452F-9AB4-71B572…)

comments on leah’s new photo

No. 1933152

File: 1700857535996.jpeg (115.33 KB, 1170x436, D4B7F388-0C47-4AFD-90F1-405BB2…)

No. 1933165

who is layna's new guy?

No. 1933190

Whoever saying that is probably lying, she hasn't hinted at a new guy what so ever.

No. 1933270

File: 1700877593471.jpeg (943.71 KB, 1284x1462, IMG_2337.jpeg)

Imagine boasting about fucking a tattooed fruit leather….He needs to invest in a facelift and less counterfeit 2nd hand streetwear

No. 1933290

I can’t believe he’s only 37. He genuinely looks to be in his 50’s…

No. 1933332

Not where you can see it, at least.

No. 1933371

Where’d you see it??

No. 1933557

File: 1700933212918.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1290x2286, IMG_4285.jpeg)

Behold our tiny-footed manlet in all his glory. I’m still convinced that he’s part of some tiny-foot-fetish community… it literally looks like he’s angling the camera to make his feet look smaller.
At least now he can share shoes with Storm.

No. 1933682

If you’re gonna come in here just to say shit that anyone could make up and not drop an @ after you post about it multiple times, shut the fuck up and go away

No. 1933696

File: 1700955100311.png (5.14 MB, 1170x2532, 77E43A5C-A87B-4C83-A8D2-60690E…)

laynasad she can’t pop her pussy our cuz they have company :((unsaged derail/vendetta + emoji)

No. 1933706

She can pop her pussy on me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1933802

She’s trash. 27, no life skills, living at home, has done fuck all for almost a decade since graduating high school. No life aspirations, no goals for herself other than streaming on twitch to her 15 viewers, fucking herself for nasty men who can’t get pussy in real life while her family sleeps next door, and social climbing + groupie tendencies. This girl is gonna end up in porn very soon because she has nothing else going for her.(ongoing vendetta)

No. 1933809

so….she’s basically exactly like Syd minus the chiold. And the whore-bucks. Idk why layna makes some of you seethe so hard when she’s literally just like all his other exes.
I miss syd’s psycho antics as much as the next nona, but let’s not pretend layna is some huge cow because -gasp- she’s a college student living at mom’s house.

No. 1933820

>has done fuck all for almost a decade since graduating high school. No life aspirations, no goals for herself
It’s impossible to know any of this unless you know her personally. Either that or you’re schizophrenically parasocial.

No. 1933827

If she did then she wouldn’t be camming in her bedroom at her parents house with no car or real job.

Yes. Her and Syd have a scary amount in common, however, the post I replied to didn’t mention Syd. Syd is also trash. That’s not who the post was referring to though. Next time I’ll bring them up together for you so it doesn’t look like I’m “seething”. God forbid I have an opinion about someone who lies on twitter about “getting fired” when they get caught camming.

No. 1933945

It looks like you’re seething because you’re bringing up someone who isn’t even a calf anymore and hasn’t been for almost a year, by bringing up “key points” as to why we all need to hate her.

>God forbid I have an opinion about someone who lies on twitter about “getting fired” when they get caught camming.

Kek. What a weird hill to die on. Unless she nearly killed an infant due to neglect because she craved that band clout so much, I fail to see any reason to mention her. Make a thread about her and watch how quickly it dies.

No. 1934103

ugh he looks like jason nash
like if someone told me they were the same age i’d believe it
the man has never moisturized his whole life

No. 1934137

I don’t see why she would currently need a car or her own apartment if she’s currently traveling to different countries all the time. If she’s rarely home why pay $1,500 per month somewhere, or all that money for car insurance ect. Not whiteknighting that’s just a retarded talking point.

No. 1934148

she can’t even make her bed but anyway nonitas let’s not waste our time on a camwhore that supported and was defending a man that almost murder his own son

No. 1934156

who actually makes their bed

No. 1934175

I wish someone would make a thread about her cause I’d pay to see all the schizo posts combined into its own thread rather than leak into this one. She’s irrelevant to this thread but she got some dedicated haters. If they had 2 IQ points to rub together they’d make a Layna thread.

No. 1934176

>can’t make her own bed
>told her twit followers she was fired but was just caught camming
>lives with mom

Definitely nominee worthy of calf-of-the-year amiright ?(derailing sperg)

No. 1934177

Pretty sure someone tried and it was instantly nuked by the mods like all vendetta threads.

No. 1934180

Layna hasn't been living with her parents for a while now. You guys get so mad over her but can't be bothered to fact check?(derailing sperg)

No. 1934299

File: 1701091118352.jpeg (293.75 KB, 1170x1140, 124F7962-6659-4AAB-95F4-EAB864…)

Not only do I love when women insult JC but I love more when they spell his name wrong.

No. 1934362

IIRC we were told not to cause her milk isn't enough without him. Granted layna talk is mostly about the camwhoreness but I wish when she came up we'd focus on the more interesting things like what was up with her still being a discord admin/however roles work. That's actually relevant and interesting, a nasty whore with hemroids isn't on its own. Also tinfoil but I think most talks about layna involve a spat between her and Syd. There's someone all about defending her camwhore ass from being in these threads (beyond those getting mad at the derailing and assposting, especially in the early relationship the thread was derailed when normal nonnas posted stuff) and obviously hemeroid-chana and the poster who acts personally mad about layna.
I think Syd goes ballistic and layna insecurely deflects conversations away from her and reassures the thread Syd's worse (low bar kek). Granted I can't prove any of this but some posts seem to properly like layna, not just be annoyed at derailing (could be a twitter sex "worker" feeling salty that people think whores are automatically at least minor cows though).

No. 1934402

repeating your bizarre hyper-fixation on irrelevant layna anecdotes is getting dull. move on. no one cares.

No. 1934441

You obviously can’t read. I said god forbid I have an opinion, an opinion that is mine, never did I bring up points that everyone should hate her or said they needed to. I’m not trying to make anyone hate her.

Have fun policing every comment about her, begging people to stop bringing her up isn’t going to work, the best thing you can do is ignore it.

No. 1934479

Love how you try to speak for everyone

No. 1934481

I mean we already know she reads the threads there’s no doubt in my mind she’s posted here, so has Syd, I agree with your tinfoil

No. 1934497

I doubt Layna posts here, she seems like she has low self-esteem/worth and she wouldn’t so confidently keep camming/streaming if she was regularly reading and fighting about what people say about her in here.

No. 1934498

Whenever I post I’m accused of being one of the characters of a thread, so far I’m Shayna, Stormy, Syd and Layna.(no1currs)

No. 1934580

I likely do. Most nons are here for Goiter (it's in the title) and not Class D level calves from the past.

No. 1934636

How tf is this derailing when we were talking a out Layna living with her parents…?

No. 1934764

File: 1701169761963.jpeg (128.39 KB, 1284x2282, 4A5E0C26-BC03-43C0-9D24-60BDEF…)

This post from Leah really could be mistaken as a Skid post kek.

No. 1934774

it's hardly complex. layna is irrelevant to goiter now and therefore irrelevant to the thread titled "Goiter". VERY simple stuff.

No. 1934864

Are you dumb? There were like five people talking about Layna and only one of those people got redtexted.(ban evasion)

No. 1934866

ah yes. let's let a couple of retards obsessed with an irrelevant half calf run the thread. maybe we can pick other random people from goiters past and intensely debate whether they live with their parents or not? fucking fascinating content, i can barely maintain my excitement kek.

No. 1934876

File: 1701196291354.png (369.39 KB, 388x341, lolol.png)

Agreed. Move on and stick to the thread topic. Take Layna to a Layna thread and go buck wild. If it get's deleted, it's because the site is lolcow, not lolhalfcalf.

No. 1934970

how would you even know this unless you're selfposting? she hasn't posted about moving out.

No. 1934987

That nona is just trying to stir up shit or derail. Any of her recent twitch streams or camwhore shit is still from her bedroom at her parents house.

No. 1935020

ok emarosa4l(hi cow)

No. 1935138

The background of the screenshots of her on stream? And also her on stream talking about her roommates.

No. 1935178

Agreed. Bring back the keks. I don't want to hear mentally unwell screeching about some random camgirls living situation.

No. 1935202

The only mentally unwell one here is YOU Layna.(hi cow)

No. 1935217

Balls in your court. Explain why you want the thread to by focused on an ex half calf? Explain why it makes you emotionally react when people ask to stay on topic? Call everyone Layna or mentally unwell all you like. Hyper focusing on a random cam girls every movement is retarded beyond any capacity you can accuse others of possessing. What's the end goal? To meet Layna and get a tour of her house? kek.

No. 1935275

Goiter & Gang haven't been sharing or reposting anything from their tour this time kek they must not be proud.

No. 1935281

indeed, seems quiet on the Goiter tour front. Though he did post a cringe hot tub stories where he does that weird thing when he touches his chin over and over again when talking.

No. 1935284

so you’re actually watching her on cam kek says a lot

No. 1935402

Just caught up on the last few threads and am shocked the Layna vs. Sydney war is still ongoing??? Some thoughts:

Layna is trash but she is not milky AT ALL. Insecure? Yes. Retarded? Yes, but she left Goiter with little to no drama so the retardation is irrelevant and self-contained. Psycho enough to self-post on Lolcow all day? Probably not. She’s too busy spreading her legs in different zipcodes it seems so I think that’s a special hell reserved for Sydney who actually accomplishes nothing all day and is a confirmed avid reader here via directly talking about Lolcow on her Instagram stories multiple times in the past and very soon after something dramatic is exposed. Layna’s only confirmed interaction with Lolcow is all the times Farmers broke the rules and came for her on Tumblr and Instagram, so assuming she reads here and wasn’t just responding to hate on socials is theory-crafting at best.

I’m also not shocked the Layna vs. Sydney war is ongoing despite Layna no longer dating GoiterCowCraig4L because Sydney is Schizochan. Here’s why:

1) Sydney has no life and needs someone to project all her self-hatred onto. 2) Layna and Goiter are still cordial and Sydney can’t stand that she blows up every friendship or relationship she’s ever been in. Goiter gave Sydney’s sad trailer park life a short burst of relevance and Layna has gone on to date/associate multiple musicians since, something a one hit wonder groupie like Sydney would kill for. 3) Sydney has a long documented history of tearing girls down for how they look, and since Layna is arguably better looking than her, Sydney resorts to blasting Layna’s bumpy asshole everywhere she can cause she knows that’s actually valid and embarrassing as fuck. 4) Sydney has the reading level of a toddler and that’s reflected in heavy Layna spergs. She’s gotten better but they’re still redundant as hell. 5) Sydney vendetta posts publicly on her Instagram about minor inconveniences and people all the time and you know that bitch can’t let anything go.

I just wish Sydney would make better use of her day by sperging more about something relevant like Leah, or, I dunno, actually spilling the full tea on Goiter?!

Don’t come for me. I don’t care enough to check in more than a few times a year. Seethe on, Schydzochan, as predictable as the sunrise.

No. 1935407

No lmfao I'm talking about on Twitch dumbass

No. 1935414

nothing can rectify what a vile human syd is except her spilling that goiter tea. i will fully forgive and exalt her if she drags his ass for all to see.

No. 1935416

WHY do you watch Layna's twitch? Are you seriously one of her 12 viewers? LOSER.

No. 1935419

As someone who follows Layna on IG it actually seems like she has a life (even if that "life" is fucking musicians outside of her country). Nonnies who spout she's sitting on lolcow all day seem to be projecting massively.

No. 1935441

File: 1701308917509.jpeg (98.17 KB, 1242x2208, D8830353-817F-49A9-B2EE-E9A812…)

Layna’s ex Alex posting NGL’s about their break up.

No. 1935442

File: 1701309009850.jpeg (84.28 KB, 1242x2208, 6114767B-D292-4088-ABBA-B242EE…)

No. 1935445

File: 1701309211903.jpeg (114.68 KB, 1242x2208, 5BEDAC82-90FB-4F33-A71E-271B43…)

No. 1935585

File: 1701335770460.jpeg (840.23 KB, 1043x1775, 462015B3-1593-498B-B48E-A1A1A6…)

Leah posts her “boyfriend” like she’s a fan.

No. 1935586

File: 1701335831941.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x2074, 73D6AAF9-C7E1-4B6B-9A86-5F7AAE…)

No. 1935589

Shit, I’m no fan of the man’s past but seems he is pulling in the crowds!!! Sobriety looks good(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1935590

The other crowds were tiny, that show was in LA one of the most populated cities in the US.

No. 1935593

File: 1701337929854.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1153x2075, C1289CDD-A972-4E8A-A8AF-EDCE25…)


No. 1935618

Yeah I agree with this. I always thought Schizo and co is just Syd. She's the only person here with a personal reason to hate her. Classic psycho ex shit. But yeah I also weird she is stuck on Layna and hasn't moved onto Leah.

No. 1935622

I bet most people there are for AFA and Sunsleep kek. Clever touring with well known acts to beef up the dive bar level crowds he had for a while.

No. 1935628

This is not milk, fuck off with your Syd selfies.

No. 1935630

Sometimes I think it could be that ex that originally posted Layna here.

No. 1935687

>>1935618 didnt syd also say something at the time about not allowing their son to meet layna?

No. 1935715

Kek thank you nonna for summarising on what the rest of us think about the layna debacle. Syd would not drag goiter's ass and air his dirty laundry mainly because he still pays a little to none on child support and god forbid if she needs to get a real job at all. Also I feel that she might also be worried about being exposed by goits on potentially how terrible a mom she might be. Hence she is fueling all her hate boner to layna.

No. 1935724

Shit. You could be right.

No. 1935739

>Sydney is Schizochan
this has been the consensus for a long time. everyone unanimously and relentlessly HATED syd, layna in comparison only ever saw a small fraction of that hate because she just wasn’t as insufferable. syd can’t handle the fact that she got worse treatment than layna did, playing the layna hater role itt is her way of making herself feel better.

No. 1935758

Syd also is the one ban evading and posting her unrelated selfies all the fucking time. Its so vain and annoying I wish she’d go away. No one cares about her anymore.

No. 1935786

right? i don’t get why everybody keeps tabs on her its like this thread is full of stalkers and obsessed people more than your average thread kek

No. 1935799

People keep tabs on Skid because she is the mother of goits cHiOlD.

No. 1935802

I dunno. Airing out your ex’s dirty laundry once because she dumped you for a junkie musician sounds like bitter scrote behavior, but I don’t think men have the patience to keep it up this long. It’s too petty. Women are way more obsessed with stalking, plotting, gossiping, and planning against people they hate. The proof is smeared like a shit stain all over this site. Why do you think celebrity trash magazines tailor content to women over men? Why does lolcow universally frown upon scrote behavior? Lolcow is 4chan for women because we feel good when he hate on other women we deem less than us. Sure, there are scrotes among us, but they’re definitely the minority and often only here because we made a thread about them.

Not to wave my tinfoil hat around but likelihood of Schizochan being Layna’s ex over an absolute nut job like Sydney seems farfetched. She has all the correct nuts and bolts out of place to qualify as a cow, calf, farmer, and cow-tipper. >>1935441 >>1935442 >>1935445 all seem like something Sydney would anonymously ask or say. Did we even get verified proof from “Layna’s ex” that that was her ex, or could it have actually been the beginning of Sydney’s vendetta? Was anything he shared something you couldn’t find on the internet by doing a little digging? I always doubted it was him to begin with and a good enough cover for Sydney to start dumping all the little nuggets she found online through her only real talent in life: obsessive stalking and harassing. Did she not start dating Jonny because she calculated and waited for the perfect moment to slide into his dms when the Taylor drama started? Was she not zooming in on mirrors in Jonny’s Instagram pictures while he was on tour to look for women? How many hours did she spend combing through 1000s of comments to dm and threaten women over? Why wouldn’t she wait for Alex to do anonymous questions on Instagram to ensure Layna is cut off from better band dick than her? With Sydney’s well documented and demented public history here, I wouldn’t underestimate the lengths that girl would go to torment someone she hates.

No. 1935804

File: 1701375639422.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1051x1929, 22C61537-AE03-4CBC-B8D9-CC4349…)

It’s funny to see Leah in the VIP line as if she’s a fan kek.

No. 1935807

girl you better be vip. isn’t he your man? embarrassing insecure flex.

No. 1935808

I was going to say there’s no way Skid would have known about Layna’s first visit, but an ex might have if Layna was trying to rub it in his face or upset him.
HOWEVER there was ONE farmer that said something about how before goiter ever flew Layna out he was buying shit off her wish lists and watching her twitch stream/donating to it. Skid could have been stalking his newest follows and started stalking Layna’s twitch and found him in the chat/discovered they were about to meet that way. Because how or why would a random farmer know that information from before they even met in person?

No. 1935809

She could have a weird fixation on Layna specifically. If Leah starts to bother her in some way I’m sure it’ll start to shift to her.

No. 1935846

this 110% sounds like normal skidmark behavior.

No. 1935866

>>1935275 hmmmm where have yall been looking? everyone been posting this tour and the crowds are definitely bigger and rowdier than the past few.

No. 1935871

People ITT would only be satisfied if she was being a schizoid piece of shit on lolcow.

Are yall realizing yet there’s no new tea , there hasn’t been for a while, and people are grasping for straws to keep the thread going.
His girl posted a video of his show, with a large crowd, shes doing what most supportive girls would to in her position.

But that’s a problem to you, just like it’s yalls problem that some random chicks pussy is on the internet. Who cares what area code that girls pussy is in? Why do you care about anything going on here when there’s nothing to see. That’s why yall arguing about who should be mentioned in the thread. People are infighting about which ex’s are relevant or not because this whole threat is irrelevant. If there were tea, yall wouldn’t be focused on people who are no longer in the picture. Dude is doing the work to improve himself and yall have completely lost all excitement in your life.

Might be time to look in the mirror, if you have one in the cardboard box you been posting from.

No. 1935874

Any pics of their small crowds? Bc I only been seeing pics of filled out venues in every city. You know the rules Nona

No. 1935892

Absolutely. To this day, no matter how much she tries to play the mentally stable thriving mom on social media, she’s still a 30 year old woman child who’s completely dependent on her mommy, baby daddy, boyfriend, and my tax dollars to support her because she refuses to take responsibility or do anything for herself.
Cool samefagging. If “this whole thread is irrelevant” why the fuck are you here and acting so pressed, writing novels and wking midget man like it’s your job? Close the thread and stop triggering yourself idiot.

No. 1935899

I’m pretty sure Leah checks here often. While Layna only responded to cowtippers on her socials and never hinted at reading here, Leah has called out the haters on her stories a few times much like Syd did, but Leah is vague about it cause she doesn’t want anyone she knows reading this shit. Syd didn’t give a fuck cause it made her pathetic ass feel relevant.

No. 1935915

I noticed Leah calling out "haters" on her story as well.
Regardless of what >>1935871 says I think this next chapter will be nice and milky once Leah starts getting actively treated like shit by her "special someone".

No. 1935925

>wahhhhh wahhh sToP tAlkiNg bAd aBoUt mY pReciOuS jc
you may as well be screaming into the void lmao. many a retard before you has tried (and failed) to shame people out of posting here, and tbh your attempt is pretty low effort in comparison. 2/10

No. 1935926

File: 1701393767108.jpeg (308.08 KB, 1290x2293, 387EA0DF-D651-4E8C-9DAE-314D35…)

KEK he can’t be serious

No. 1935932

File: 1701394683008.jpeg (188.46 KB, 1170x1105, 4A8B75C9-9861-4D70-A374-58EDB0…)

No. 1935953

File: 1701399607016.jpeg (393.78 KB, 1920x2400, IMG_1972.jpeg)

I’m sorry but I can’t think of anything but this old gem anytime he shows off his nasty little toe sausages. Some things never change.

Leah, can you get your manlet some socks for christmas? Thanks.

No. 1935977

My tinfoil, but I think JC directs all his gf’s to this page so he has his battles fought for him. Hes been pulling that shit forever, and its so pathetic that these chicks fall for it everytime .

No. 1935996

Highly doubt JC the guy with narcissistic personality disorder (which thrives off a false fictitious version of themselves in a relationship) would direct his gfs to a place where ALL of his faults and dirty laundry is on blast. More likely that this thread cowtips to a high degree and shows the site to whoever he is dating. (This specific thread is so bad for cowtipping).

No. 1935999

A baby schlong? Aging bitch syndrome? Aggressively bad style? Accounts bankrupting soon? Wonder what that means because it can’t be abdominals

No. 1936062

Love how VIP went from meaning a section for very important people, to now just meaning a room full of insufferable retards, and some normal folks who paid to be there.

No. 1936064

see >>1935622
then go back in the threads for when he was solo touring without well known bands.

No. 1936065

the infighting was between a couple of retards, not the entire thread. there is nothing wrong with discussing the topic of the thread whilst awaiting milk. he hasn't done work, he's taken vivitrol making getting high impossible. he isn't paying child support, he does as little as possible, dicks about with his friends on tour. He shames people on instagram like an insecure 12 year old. I hate how "improvement" these days constitutes doing absolutely fuck all.

No. 1936066

wakes up "I'm going to go on lolcow to tell everyone why they shouldn't be on lolcow, that will really show'em!"

No. 1936289

File: 1701468239826.jpeg (93.39 KB, 1024x1170, htd.jpeg)


No. 1936520

you're both forgetting layna's cam pics being posted here and within FIVE minuted her MFC profile went private and she tweeted that she got fired. also she has posted before, when cowtipper posted screenshots of layna talking about jc and how he treated her last christmas eve layna posted the name of the person messaging her, then deleted it. so to say she's never read or posted here is simply not correct. that doesn't mean she still does or posts the amount that skid does, but she has before. she knows how to get to these threads easily. and she was already lurking around the time she got outed for camming.

No. 1936528

how did that ex even find lolcow? i have a theory layna posted that herself tbh

No. 1936606

same way anyone finds lolcow I’d imagine. if he was a fan of JC at any point he could’ve googled him and found the thread. if his ex started dating him he might have wanted the validation and to see strangers making fun of said ex.
I couldn’t imagine insecure Layna wanting a handful of anonymous women making fun of the way she looks and acts.

No. 1936805

File: 1701547090156.jpeg (494.66 KB, 963x1172, EFC650A9-CF43-4196-8A10-B42509…)

Leah’s story.

No. 1936827

Wow, what a wholesome cute couple. Both sitting with their phones in their faces looking absolutely miserable kek.

No. 1936830

caption was "me and my favorite person in the world"

No. 1937021

if you squint your eyes this kinda look like taylor and jonny

No. 1937273

File: 1701621172490.jpeg (86.15 KB, 472x449, BBFBFA3C-932B-4C87-80C6-04AB22…)

Damn. He went from Goiter to Dewlap. That double chin is getting out of control

No. 1937295

I bet he has a lot of loose skin from going from obese to methhead thin so quickly.

No. 1937314

i think leah is gonna be jonny's next fiance, i'm calling it now. she doesn't seem to have a backbone or mind sharing him with groupies on the road. i think they'll be together for a long time, possibly permanently.

No. 1937342

Based on her stories she seems more firey, so she might actually stand up for herself when he cheats/treats her like shit. Hopefully she’d have enough self-respect to just dump him like Taylor and Layna did.

No. 1937353

File: 1701629438130.jpeg (314.96 KB, 1170x2106, IMG_2515.jpeg)

lol someone’s been reading the thread and making sure we know she moved out.
I thought she just answered a post about having to pay no bills that’s why she travels? How is she living somewhere else and not paying? Guess her new guy is funding her
Must be nice to not have to ever grow up mentally or learn financial responsibility
I believe Alex when he said she had a lot of baggage he couldn’t deal with, Layna is a child who wants to lay around naked all day helping gross men get off who can’t get pussy in real life(retard)

No. 1937357

He’s already cheated though… a lot on this tour…she must not care

No. 1937375

she’s whoring herself out

No. 1937380

I’d rather be an attractive independent ewhore than an ugly pancake nippled 30 year old whos so mentally disabled that she can’t hold a job or support herself… I wonder what syds gunna do when her mom kicks the bucket and nobody’s around to hold her hand and baby her anymore… hopefully storms old enough to take care of her useless ass by then

No. 1937454

fiery doormat is a straight shot to being abused and blaming yourself for "initiating". I'm kind of worried for her, especially because I fully suspect goiter has started using again and he's learning the extent of her lack of self-respect by cheating publicly with at the very least not enough pushback to need to lovebomb and hide it for a bit from what we're seeing. I hope the milk in this relationship doesn't reach horror cow situation again.
it's so gross she cammed at her parent's house until now. I cannot understand the mentality of camwhores. At least they don't have to live with that anymore. Also does anyone with a discord know if she's still linked with goiter there (I think it was a discord group at least)? prob not cause she lurks but I'm curious

No. 1937487

see >>1934876
and you've convince me your syd because only she has the stamina to post this woman over and over.

No. 1937503

File: 1701647710849.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1290x2238, IMG_2014.jpeg)

and layna’s previous slide is an anonymous ask about why she was in miami, something very similar to what an anon mentioned to her ex alex on his anonymous asks earlier this week: >>1935445 >>1935442

they could be different anons but i think it’s too close to ignore the possibility of it being sydney. i’m certain it’s her.

No. 1937575

This is actually a new, new apartment. On a recent Twitch stream she did in her last apartment, she was talking about a new place she was planning on moving to.

No. 1937584

Are you the anon that said she moved and we need to “get our facts straight”?

No. 1937715

File: 1701689319516.jpeg (40.31 KB, 1290x2293, 86E91E8C-5826-4ACB-A543-ED6267…)

Is he drunk

No. 1937718

1. learn to type. 2. no one cares about layna except syd and sychizo. irrelevant calf.

No. 1937723

>I thought she just answered a post about having to pay no bills that’s why she travels?
Didn’t she say that a couple weeks ago? She probably just moved in yesterday hence the story post about it.

No. 1937724

You never see actual successful artists asking like this. He's like Trump with his obsession with crowd sizes. It really shows that ol'Goiter is in decline but needs to convince everyone otherwise. 600 people for a local support and 3 bands isn't exactly uncommon or impressive.

No. 1937727

>I believe Alex when he said she had a lot of baggage he couldn’t deal with
Are you that ESL anon? It was clear he was saying he was the one who had a lot of baggage and trauma to deal with in that ngl >>1935441 plus she’s been gleefully running off with other guys while he’s been breaking down on his story. I wonder if she’s NPD like goiter…

No. 1937729

>fiery doormat is a straight shot to being abused and blaming yourself for "initiating".
This was exactly the Skid situation to me. Plus all of lolcow now sees her as evil as well which probably helps goiters narrative, it’s sad.

No. 1937763

it's either selfposting or that embarrassing twat emarosa4L, not a single soul in the thread watches her fucking twitch streams. whoever it is… control your autism. or don't - and keep telling on yourself

No. 1937764

Why the fuck would she live in 3 different places within the past few months? that's not how leases work. This doesn't add up

How the fuck is that clear? It could go either way.
Sounds like Layna or her one fan that wants to suck her asshole is doing damage control, making sure our "facts our straight" aka giving out information that wasn't obvious

No. 1937767

i think that “facts are straight” anon was a troll because she was still streaming from her parents house until that story she posted yesterday. or maybe they’re a lost/confused newfag who didn’t know it was her parents house because sometimes she would say “roommates” instead of “parents” during her stream.
- a nona that does in fact watch her streams sometimes looking for milk

No. 1937855

File: 1701711760771.jpeg (639.36 KB, 1170x1573, IMG_2522.jpeg)

Exactly. She was living at home in late October, didn’t move out until very recently.

No. 1937856

File: 1701711893069.jpeg (359.06 KB, 1170x871, IMG_2519.jpeg)

This has me dying kek , it’s obviously Kurt Travis . lol she’s too embarrassed to show how much she listens to him since obviously something weird went down when she blocked him. She used to post his songs on her IG posts but she frequently archives photos on her profile, not sure if you can remove songs

No. 1937858

File: 1701711966178.png (4.78 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2518.png)

Bruh Layna looks EXACTLY like Chelsea here it’s freaking me out

No. 1937859

File: 1701712131844.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1638, IMG_2521.jpeg)

“Never sees the light of day” = constantly exposed for hours on end from multiple angles, daily, to show off to strangers on the internet. Got it.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1937860

File: 1701712207107.png (1.04 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2524.png)

Lmao what a bipolar freak. Never change, Skidmark

No. 1937864

My question is what do Layne’s parents think she does to earn enough money to move out or do they wonder how she travels all the time? Do they know about their daughter being an escort?

No. 1937865

Light of day clearly means sunlight, not light emitted from a screen you autistic fuck.
Exactly this kek. Layna is boring and irrelevant as hell. The only thing milky about her is her hemorrhoid, and still not as milky as Syds eggplants and failed onlyfans attempts

No. 1937900

Layna isn't relevant to the cow anymore. Don't post about her unless she's directly interacting with JC. Potential milk about her can be posted to the camgirl general. Future posts ITT about her will count as derailing and bans will increase.

No. 1937901

>Do they know about their daughter being an escort?
In what world is she an escort? Because she went to Miami? Kek it's probably for other band dick or whatever guy she's seeing now.

No. 1937902

Thank you janny. Take the autistic screeching to camwhore thread.

No. 1937924

File: 1701719225918.jpeg (471.59 KB, 1284x2282, CAF21F27-07FD-4FCC-BBB7-12D012…)

He always buys their affection. He does the exact same thing girl after girl. Saged because not really milk.

No. 1937928

They follow each other again. My guess is she cheated on Alex with Kurt somehow.

No. 1937935

Huh, I guess 1k$ parada sandals are worth sharing your bfs dick with groupies across America.

No. 1937981

Jfc thats the ugliest sandals.. goes to show that even money cant buy class

No. 1937986

that’s not a janny but maybe some day u will pass

No. 1938013


No. 1938014

goity boi loves walkig through shit infested dive bars in designer shoes. sorta like bleaching your anus for a colonoscopy.

No. 1938036

File: 1701736512832.png (1.5 MB, 1410x855, 600 unenthusiastic folk.png)

>"spoiled or cause I'm good?"
neither, here's the lovebombing for cheating this tour. Should have seen what it was and asked for more
it's also unimpressive when you see how low energy most of the crowd is. and it didn't look like anyone knew the songs cause some of the people bobbing along didn't really know when the music would flow and the rest were mostly just drunk swaying or jumping aimlessly

No. 1938045

it’s super funny he’s bragging about 600 people… “famous musician” everyone.

No. 1938076

File: 1701740193041.jpeg (171.12 KB, 1170x439, DD92E7EC-29B0-4347-B9FC-6C98BF…)


No. 1938247

Yup. Alot of the people there probably felt like >>1938076 having to sit through goiter Karaoke before/after seeing the band they like.

No. 1938295

File: 1701781503431.jpeg (952.04 KB, 1162x2055, DE2DE26D-BB20-49CB-BB81-0135D8…)

He reposts random girls tagging him but never repost Leah’s dozen stories at his show, but she relentlessly tags him.

No. 1938311

it's weird, past 2 or 3 got love bombed into oblivion. now we see almost semi-normal interactions. what's his game?

No. 1938443

Since syd, his relationships have been lowkey. He only ever posted a handful of stuff with layna and even less with big jess. Layna said his excuse was that syd was basically blackmailing him… knowing skid that could be the truth, but jonny could also just be a lair who doesn’t want to look taken so he can fuck around on tour. They’re equally plausible imo.

No. 1938488

The love-bombing doesn't have to be super public. He's buying Leah all these expensive gifts, much like how he would buy Layna twitch subs, flowers, and random shit to loosen her legs before she even flew out to meet him. He's just quieter about his love-bombing now.

No. 1938533

File: 1701812459155.png (10.14 MB, 1170x2532, 3C64F7D1-9345-427B-B647-0FDCB7…)

so jonny got a beamer anyone know what year it is or who he scammed to get it? also where’s his piece of shit red car?

No. 1938534

File: 1701812494707.png (6.27 MB, 1170x2532, C646A605-84D9-42F3-9AC0-B299DA…)

No. 1938551

KEK he certainly didn't buy it outright. Those monthly car payments are going to be kicking his ass when he's broke in 6 months, I wonder if he got Leah to cosign it because his shit credit wouldn't be able to. Poor girl is going to be saddled with his debt like Chelsea was.

No. 1938554

File: 1701813862527.jpeg (472.02 KB, 1290x1975, IMG_4340.jpeg)

This reads like Goiter asked that himself…

No. 1938555

I love it when he flexes because it’s always within a few weeks of him begging his followers for free shit…
Case in point.

No. 1938556

1. that’s a Mercedes.
2. it’s definitely leased. Probably not even in his name. Because going from a shitbox Acura to a new Mercedes is unlikely.

No. 1938610

>we heard some of his wild stories
>also a bit about his recovery
kek, I wonder how what the ratio of stories to "oh well, you know, I'm sober now. It's great I guess" interjections there were.

No. 1938855

Nothing more "baller" than leasing/financing something you can't afford. keep renting the dream goiter! nothing says "id do anything for my son" like not saving for his future, and instead buying silly shit to try cure PP problems and insecurity.

No. 1938941

cash poor flexers like goiter finance everything. they never buy or save. they funnel their cash right into the rat-race rather than thinking about the future.

No. 1938944

I feel so bad for Storm. His parents are so retarded. Goiters retarded dad caused him to be the way he is and now he’s just repeating the cycle with his son. He will turn out to be a drug dealer or something from lack of father figure+no money for school. Not that goiter would care, he’d probably try to score from him when he’s 60 and broke and wanting free drugs.

No. 1938947

yup. poor kids reference points are all from his parents who don't have moral compasses. 1000000000% will have ADHD and low empathy.

No. 1939309

File: 1701946256967.jpeg (168.66 KB, 1024x1147, goiter.jpeg)

looking more into this, the C300L is sold exclusively in China. So Goiter or some other retard has shoved an "L" on the end. Kek, quite fitting really. In China the L is a sign of prestige over the base model. It's about a 16k second hand car, about $350 a month. To Flex such a car is cringe.

No. 1939444

File: 1701974165919.jpeg (73.52 KB, 1170x579, B8286B46-798E-46BA-A68B-834640…)

>the C300L is sold exclusively in China
Yeah, you literally cannot get this car in North America. He most likely went to a shady dealership who stuck an aftermarket badge on the back to upsell the car to an uninformed idiot. The sales man probably told him “L” stood for luxury (it doesn’t in this case). I guess it worked. Good think he bought it outright and didn’t lease it…

No. 1939983

kekekek. okay so he bought a 15k car with work likely needing done to it down the line. that means he's willing to spend 15k on a depreciating asset for himself rather than save for Storm in an appreciating account. Speaks volumes. Storm could have the most amazing set up for life, but instead Daddy Goiter keeps buying toys for himself.

No. 1940036

File: 1702038482741.png (158.75 KB, 954x419, lolol.png)

goiter really loves an Aliexpress splurge

No. 1940093

Kek, you know he will go off when he finds put through tha haterz that he got ripped off.

No. 1940127

i work at my college’s radio station and we were given tickets to his shows before from the venue. when an artist can’t sell enough tickets the venue allocates a TON of tickets as giveaways. basically all community colleges and universities in an hour and half drive to the venue gets some. that’s why a lot of shows have tons of young people who are just looking for something to do and places to get drunk at but aren’t really fans of the artist.

No. 1940193

File: 1702070572832.jpeg (230.26 KB, 1299x1080, IMG_7129.jpeg)

Nice illegal mod, Goiter

No. 1940199

File: 1702071995303.jpeg (836.53 KB, 1080x1830, IMG_7130.jpeg)

The photoset and caption this screenshot is from. What a retard to admit he’s been driving around unlicensed his whole life and after his friends recorded him behind the wheel of his shitbox breaking down. I’m sure the state would find that really responsible if they knew he’s potentially driven his kid around like that. Please enlighten us again how it was your addiction that made you make bad choices lol

No. 1940313

who the fuck puts a dump valve on a normie spec merc?

No. 1940329

wait, is that the device shoved onto cheap cars by poor dudes to artificially increase the noise? of course he's one of those tiny dicked motherfuckers who buy these things. Glad it's illegal and hope he gets fucked for having it

No. 1940766

it's the thing that goes "FFFTSSSSSS" when the car changes gear. sorta like a sneeze. it's cool on race car, but cringe on an auto slush box financed NPC car

No. 1940818

Cole (KeepMySecretions) on instagram story said “Everyone went on tour with girlfriends, but came home single… I love you guys.” Rip to Leah.

No. 1940819

Idk how to download a story video sorry guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1940861

File: 1702200643060.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x2011, IMG_5310.jpeg)

Is this an edited picture of Taylor swift? I’m sure using her image without permission on a cover of an album is not legal lol

No. 1940941

Step 1. Screen Record
Step 2. Trim and upload

No. 1940997

Yep also known as a butterfly. They’re so hilarious and sound like shit 99.9% of the time.

No. 1941033

File: 1702231937473.mp4 (3.3 MB, 720x1280, spoider.mp4)

Here u go

No. 1941163

Imagining flexing that all your friends are piece of shit cheaters that all got dumped during one lousy tour, keep on thriving kings

No. 1941180

File: 1702252447176.jpeg (811.57 KB, 1284x2282, 53CCD75D-85EB-4E74-BD83-4E3493…)

Leah story

No. 1941182

File: 1702252554928.jpeg (584.07 KB, 1057x1898, C3008AF5-13A2-4078-B233-DAD1FB…)

No. 1941265

Oh those! yeah cool during a race but seems pointless normally. also wouldn't that be so annoying in a city? I figure he'd be changing gears all the time starting and stopping. Especially in LA traffic
for future reference (and maybe in the next thread op?): https://dumpoir.com/v/jonnycraig4l
this lets you see and download instagram posts/reels/stories without an account
it depends on the license of the original photo but I doubt cobweb brains figured that out, he thinks the inability to keep a girl is hilarious >>1941033
Despite the fact that he's dressed like the fall guy for a future robbery, he looks better here cause you can't see his face. he should try this more often

No. 1941286

i don’t think he lives in LA

No. 1941363

I'm retarded, I don't know why I thought he was from la. either way, real dumb in cities I'd think

No. 1941382

show off what? it's just a man with a sock on his head?

No. 1941435

how is this… showing him off?

No. 1941470

he looks like he shit himself and got caught running home to change

No. 1941515

Keeek he’s in disguise, wtf does she mean “show him off”? that could literally be anyone

No. 1941516

goiter out in his burkah

No. 1941590

Why do they both talk like this, it's so embarrassing.

No. 1941623

Topkek but he looks minuscule!

No. 1941698

she is so retarded. what is there to show off ti people? what are we supposed to be impressed with? no nice body to look at, no face showing, just his hands exposed. im starting to think she will blossom beautifully into a cow. she's really doubling down on letting the world know that's her man and he has yet to post her once.
also he fucked multiple girls on this past tour.

No. 1941699

File: 1702349221684.jpeg (50.01 KB, 1290x2293, A3BBFDBD-DB90-4724-B4E3-68D8C7…)

Nona he posted this of him and Leah!

No. 1941706

that could be fucking anyone lol it's not even a romantic picture

No. 1941721

Is she even tagged too? This looks trash

No. 1941728

He posted a picture of her in his latest post andshe was in the story before this one too…

No. 1941730

You sound jealous xx(infighting)

No. 1941734

You sound like Leah xx(hi cow)

No. 1942052

what is there to be jealous about? nevermind the fact that i've had multiple opportunities to hook up with this POS and turned them all down, he's had a different girlfriend every time he tried to get with me, it's no secret that he's a serial cheater and as unfaithful as it gets. the people itt know.
what i commented was facts. you can barely make out who is in the picture, there's no tag, no shoutout to leah, no kissing or romantic pose (and there never has been). he hides her to look single. this looks like a picture with a fan.

No. 1942074

A lot of what you said is facts; i.e. he’s a cheating POS, but he has posted her in his stories a few times even in the last few weeks so maybe she really just doesn’t care if he hooks up with other people
We have to remember that we don’t know what their relationship status is but to me it doesn’t seem like he’s hiding her rather just not fully stating he’s with her.
I’d bet they aren’t even actually dating andwe just assume they are, but why? kek

No. 1942087

pics or it didnt happen

No. 1942113

At the end of the day, it’s all about “flexing on the haterz” for these wet brains. She can flex that she’s with a washed up “rockstar” (whether it’s official dating or just fucking around) but she can still show off the tacky gifts he buys for her and he can still cheat with groupies while on tour with his boys. So whatever, they deserve each other.

No. 1942125


No. 1942127

you guys are jealous he found a perfect girl in the peak of his career after finally getting sober :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1942190

>peak of his career.

No. 1942243

Bitch where?! Kek

No. 1942308

Kek Leah has enter the forum

No. 1942329

i have so many questions for you. would be willing to answer?
1. Perfect Girl - He says this about every girl he's ever been with, what is different about this time?
2. Peak Career - He's playing tiny shows as a solo act, and club veneus when touring with 3 well known bands. Explain how this is his peak?
3. Getting Sober - If this is the case why is he still acting like a degenerate? Misogyny, driving illegally, fighting with people online, not seeing his son etc etc?
4. Why is the standard of acceptable human so so so fucking low? A baby poisoning ex junkie doesn't get a "glow up" arch just because you say so.

No. 1942353

File: 1702480097635.png (8.99 MB, 1170x2532, 62689612-167D-4AD6-9D87-94B1D1…)

having a tattoo with good line work with all the other blown out shit on his body is funny

No. 1942354

File: 1702480127568.png (295.23 KB, 1170x2532, 949A9617-237C-4AED-BEAA-B889B1…)

someone won’t give him money?

No. 1942372

the perfect girl line had me laughing so hard i almost threw up, imagine being this gd retarded. what are you, “perfect girl” #35 at this point? all Leah is gonna amount to is becoming another alt girl added to a body count thinkin it’ll be different this time then cries & whines when he replaces her or cheats. you’d have to be borderline brain dead to feel jealous of someone in this situation lmfao

No. 1942373

yet people have chosen to breed with him

No. 1942376

birth control and abortions exist, so i feel nothing for anyone who let this dude form another spawn to be uncared for and unloved by a worthless father. it’s sad i guess but you literally none of them had to have his baby

No. 1942380

yup. and are unable to explain what it is they like so much about him. he's abusive, ugly, a junkie, horrible online, inbred eyes. But cus he sang on an scene album once people think that constitutes good grounds for breeding. kek. THAT LOGIC lol

No. 1942442

what is with that pig snout

No. 1942480

what is this exactly

No. 1942481

you're not the first girlfriend he's had after getting sober. you're not even his first choice.
he would still be with she who shall not be named if she didn't dump him for being a POS. guess you'll learn the hard way like every other girl.

No. 1942511

Oh god did I ever howl at this. Isn’t Leah also a deadbeat who has a daughter that she doesn’t have custody of… She might not be perfect, but she’s definitely perfect for him.

No. 1942549

Why do goiter keeps dating delulu women who has little to no self-respect. Even for your case leah, you're old enough and not a gullible 20 year old. Wow

No. 1942567

Instead of facing reality- that you’re dating an abusive washed up has been that has a more established hater base than fan base- you’ve deluded yourself into thinking we’re all jealous of you because we want to fuck your disgusting sausage fingered midget man? You are actually insane. calling it now this one’s gunna be the next fiancé, she’s the perfect mix of stupid, naive, and crazy

No. 1942627

i feel like this is the Layna arc all over again kek

No. 1942890

Just like everything in Goiters life; if it doesn't provide instant gratification, then it's not worth while. This is why he has no savings or future plan. Saving for storms college isn't fun so he's just not gonna do it. Buying a stupid car or shoes brings him instant satisfaction, so he does that instead. He gains a secondary satisfaction by posting it online to other idiots at the bottom of the rat race. But anyone in their right mind knows that buying a 16k fake badged second hand merc that will depreciate like crazy, is retarded. I see this behavior alot where low income fake ballers scream 100x louder than folks with actual money. The used merc is a perfect example, it's a TERRIBLE investment. Whereas buying a 5k car, and putting 10k into a 5% interest savings account would net a passive monthly income. But Goiter can't possibly do that, he HAS to buy a car for the internet.

No. 1942919

How does he think his kids feel.

No. 1942927

>saving for Storm’s college
come on, he is not from a “saving for college” background and neither is Syd
which is fine, hopefully Storm will figure it out and either learn a trade or go through community college if that’s what he wants

No. 1942932

What's even better is that since he was likely scalped and tricked by the L, he's probably gonna get screwed every time he takes the car for a tune-up or fix. knowing his cracked out ass I doubt he's gonna put in the time to learn how to maintain the car or do the basics like oil changes. He strikes me as the kind of guy to be tricked into buying yearly winter tires for a winter season in a city that never snows nor ices up.
I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall when he bought this car in the first place

No. 1943171

File: 1702597940905.png (259.72 KB, 350x252, Untitled.png)

haha same. i bet it was one of these "ohh goiter i know a guy who can hook you up". he already got sold a fucked honda that's sitting on blocks somewhere. the dump valve is such a penis-problem modification to throw on a stock base model auto.

No. 1943197

It’s not a bimmer it is a Mercedes a 2016 . Goitre and his priorities cannot wait to see the reality hit with this one lmfao

No. 1943207

Leah is a cunt just like skid and is of goiter level intelligence as we can all see in yawn worthy posts and gang style grammar. The only reason she has let him get by with doing anything he wants is she thinks he’s a big star who will save her and her daughter from poverty. She’s playing the long game.

No. 1943319

Am I the only one that doesn't think Jonny really likes Leah at all she's just a convenient fuck and a doormat? tbh I don't think he's loved anyone since Taylor, Skid was an obvious rebound because Tay ghosted him after she went to rehab

No. 1943373

Kek he defo doesnt love taylor either, he only love bombs her the most publicly to keep the relationship going as long as possible for her money. He has cheated on taylor multiple times and even admitted to her that cheating is not abuse. Goiter has no capacity to love anyone but himself, even when he is at his lowest, he feels the most sorry FOR HIMSELF.

No. 1943452

File: 1702658848530.jpeg (104.92 KB, 1126x1520, IMG_0297.jpeg)

Leah’s story. Goiter is showing his colors and is bored. He cannot have a long term relationship, it always starts breaking down about 6 months in.

No. 1943474

File: 1702664441470.png (1.95 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_1774.png)

??? So destiny went from his cheating to wife to a cam girl!? Now we know how she’s been living in Miami. I dont get this at all lol(derailing)

No. 1943528

Destiny???? How the fuck lol.

No. 1943531

They mentioned her on his kiwifarms thread already.

No. 1943535

Anons that know Leah, is she a druggie? What did she do to go from looking like this >>1911013
to this? >>1911023

No. 1943537

he's fugly and not even following her she's so pathetic

No. 1943540

File: 1702671828740.jpeg (230.86 KB, 1170x845, A47485A2-9827-47A5-99E7-6B5A74…)


No. 1943541

Forgot I have her blocked my bads(derailing & retardation)

No. 1943545


wow this guy is a massive cow and he is literally uglier than jonny

No. 1943546

But I don’t think they’ll let you post about her there either, she’s just a random girl he’s fucking, probably pretty irrelevant to his thread.

No. 1943547

he's a fucking pedophile wow GOOD JOB LAYNA

No. 1943549

how is that not relevant? they post about his past girls on there.(derailing, spamming, ignoring farmhand comment upthread)

No. 1943550

Wtf why does she prey on lolcows? Why TWO different men with hundreds of threads of baggage on them?

No. 1943552

He’s a man-whore with no impulse control or restraint. She doesn’t stand out from any other hoe he fucks, unless they really care or go into detail over there about each one of his sexual encounters.

No. 1943553

she wants to be internet famous, to get those followers up, to get noticed by other men with lots of followers (she claims shes bi but strictly dates ugly men). remember she had like 500 followers when she started dating jonny, now she has like 12k, idk how that happens, but i dont think she cares if she's talked about in a bad way, it's notoriety for her, more people to follow her out of curiosity, she wants to be an e-girl cow so bad, she even bought a cow costume lol.
i really do wonder how much of her followers are fake

No. 1943555

How long has she been staying with him? Has she appeared on his stream? She’s been there during his divorce? Because he just announced he’s getting a divorce a week ago and I think she’s been there the whole time?

No. 1943558

kek wtf I just saw her in the back of his stream walking around 1 minute ago(derailing, spamming, ignoring farmhand comment upthread)

No. 1943561

File: 1702674061286.jpeg (175.31 KB, 1170x519, 3A292902-1169-4DB7-896B-4527CF…)

She wasn’t kidding

No. 1943566

Is it time to start layna's own thread now??(see farmhand comment)

No. 1943568

Does serially dating cows make someone a cow? idk.

No. 1943574

i'm sure it will make the people who don't want her posted in this one happier. idc when she's posted but some people do.
maybe her and destiny can have a joint thread?

No. 1943576

destiny’s shit is already extremely catalogued on KF, idk if farmers here care to re-catalogue all of the 10+ years of disgusting shit he has done. there’s so much it’s not even worth going through again. he’s constantly in drama and super public falling outs with friends or random whores he’s fucked every month though. he’s EXTREMELY milky as a cow but it’s documented so well on KF, but if anyone here cares enough he would have a constant stream of drama to post about that’s for sure.

No. 1943577

he’s probably already touched on in the twitch general here.

No. 1943578

i'm not super familiar with him so maybe her discussion will just have to stick to KF, but i've been skimming his threads and holy shit his actions are revolting, dare i say worse than JC?

No. 1943583

I don’t think she should or will be discussed there, she’s just a random twat he’s using for a couple weeks before he forgets who she is entirely.

No. 1943587

is she living with him tho? im so confused. i know she moved from her parents but is she in canada with roommates or where??? where does destiny live?

No. 1943588

destiny lives in miami, she went to visit in november it looks like and she’s back again.(derailing)

No. 1943592

If she’s golddigging he’s certainly extremely rich. I wonder did he helped her move out.(derailing)

No. 1943597

This thread has the most retarded mods, I got a week long ban for derailing for replying to a comment about Layna, didn’t bring her up first, they really cherry pick who they decide to ban. Jokes on you mods I know how to change my IP address. Piss me off again and I’ll happily ruin the thread for everyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1943624

What a retarded fucking bitch. Yeah I’m sure getting used for a couple weeks will make you feel great about yourself when you go back to your empty apartment to get naked on cam. What a life! Sitting in lolcows apartments because you can’t stand to be with a normal human being because your brain is so fucked you can only get along with other fucked brains. Says a LOT about her.(absolute retardation)

No. 1943638

Mods kill yourselves for whiteknighting and caping for this stupid fucking useless brain dead fuck. I hope after she gets older and washed up she kills herself from the shame of letting these ugly loser moids pass her around.
She cannot possibly ENJOY the company of any of these scrotes, she pretends so she can gain clout from them. And even you loser fucks fall for her “uwu ditzy” internet persona, she uses it to not take responsibility for her actions and to seem naive. She knows exactly what she’s doing and if you had half a brain you can see it from a mile away.(a-logging retard)

No. 1943679

what if you just read the thread you fucking sped >>1937900

No. 1944051

File: 1702770428243.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_1511.jpeg)

No. 1944126

It’s always the ugliest manlets that constantly put women down regarding her looks. This wrinkly ass, 200 year old Galapagos Island tortoise looking fuck needs to sit down.

No. 1944127

File: 1702789235276.png (816.96 KB, 840x918, IMG_5923.png)

No. 1944305

kek he looks so much like him it’s insane

No. 1944320

this will be goiter's face when he's 50 and trying to explain to you how he almost made it in music and that you have to put respecc on his name

No. 1944628

File: 1702904061707.jpeg (951.61 KB, 1170x2411, IMG_1290.jpeg)

Such a successful musician lmao

No. 1944672

Why is everything he types spelled so retarrrrrrrrdedly?

No. 1944708

modding his car to look luxurious is gonna make it look cheaper kek. I wonder if he thinks any of this is an investment into the car or if he knows this is a black hole of money. Poor Storm, no college fund for you, daddy needs to sup up his merc

No. 1944750

File: 1702927272447.png (728.82 KB, 738x815, commygoity.png)

ooohhhh Goity boi, you never fail to entertain. is this his chinese-oligarch arc? when's the aliexpress range dropping? kek

No. 1944800

kek, his C300"L" merc only available to the chinese market and he's posting alibaba spec bonnets

No. 1944860

No. 1945044

He'd love it. He could send all the haterz straight to gulag. He can drive around in a base model merc whilst peasants starve. His albums would be state mandated. Grabbing Taco Bell with president Xi. A palace full of Mexican Moms and vapes.

No. 1945085

File: 1703001326853.jpg (140.34 KB, 1290x2293, 411988457_1535452527289094_500…)

This nerd spends more time on lolcow than any of us do.

No. 1945120

I love how we all live rent free in his head. Keep impressing us goiter by blowing all your money on drugs, fake guccis and junkyard cars kek

No. 1945179

Big boy pimpin got a son and this is what he spends his money on? This kinda retard behavior is what makes me wanna a-log fucking Hard.
He poisoned that kid with fucking fent, everything he does should be making it up to storm. Instead this fucktard is blowing money on China car and China car accessories. Fucking retard

No. 1945189

Poor people will do ANYTHING to look rich. He will never save for Storms future because that does not make him LOOK rich. At all.

No. 1945234

has he done anything to the engine to warrant this or did he just want a shiny pointless new part without knowing how it works? also is his ass expecting to race at all? I'm honestly curious and kind of hoping these mods turn into a street racer saga. sadly he's probably just wasting the parts on a car that's going shoe shopping and depreciating

No. 1945242

File: 1703026367171.gif (1009.65 KB, 500x281, IMG_5932.gif)

Kek would love to see an Initial D saga, I hope he wraps it around a tree

No. 1945244

50$ says he wrecks his car before he felting any mods done, and blames it on someone else, whilst asking for more money lel

No. 1945245

Before he gets any mods done.

No. 1945250

Oh absolutely, there is no other outcome.

No. 1945260

File: 1703029775780.jpeg (962.21 KB, 1039x3185, IMG_7237.jpeg)

He should buy a cheap AliExpress knockoff badge of the C-pillar ornament next so his Chinese luxury larp will be more believable.

No. 1945289

This guy could buy a peice of shit with the Mercedes logo on it and would still try to flex on people

No. 1945327

idk where you have been but jonny is sober since 2021

No. 1945330

File: 1703047646641.png (248.66 KB, 592x510, Untitled.png)

tinfoil but taylor's new twitter bio "tummy ache survivor", jc's thread is titled "sore tummy edition", this bitch is still fixated on him
also in her recent youtube vid she uploaded just a few days ago, she talks about a random ass package (that has nothing to do with that video) and lets us know it arrived on 10-18-21 (jc's sober date). she emphasizes this date and repeats it again to make sure we know she ordered a random ass package on 10-18-21 then goes back to talking about her neglected frog that she keeps in a plastic bin (his legs are bent backwards)

anyways just two random weird details that struck out to me, she will always be obsessed with jc, some people in her thread even think she's skinwalking she-who-will-not-be-named with her new haircut and short bangs.

No. 1945340

Take notes nonnas — modding an old AUTOMATIC BASE MODEL merc is “winning”. Bleak.

Also goiter, if ur reading this, which we all know you are, please please please street drift your automatic car it is SUCH a good idea. Prove all of us haterzzz wrong n show us how much ur winning.

No. 1945341

File: 1703054080237.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1290x1690, IMG_4442.jpeg)

I love how the kid wanted nothing to do with that useless tiny g-wagon. He’d rather run around in the puddles. Like a normal child.

No. 1945342

File: 1703054181346.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1290x2274, IMG_4443.jpeg)

It’s so cute that goiter can finally share a wardrobe with his son kekekekekek

No. 1945343

"tummy ache survivor" and equivalents are common jokes nowadays. it's joking about a minor discomfort and acting like it's a big deal. it's not that deep.

No. 1945347

nayrt but you're rather naïve if you fully believe that. especially given the suggestive evidence he is still using at least on tour
the kid's poses are so depressing. so glad he only has the kid for a few hours so they're not stuck too long around daddy trying to buy their love and show them off

No. 1945422

people here have been laughing that he BOUGHT the merc kek. Even funnier than leasing it cus it's 16k max shit box and he'll have to pay when it blows its head gasket.

No. 1945423

Modern engines controlled with hundreds of electronic sensors and tuned for the engine as stock and air intake. If he slaps on a random intake, the car won't know what the fuck is going and likely loose power. He'd need to get an ECU and tune it, which he wont. So he will own a lumpy runnin, NPC, poverty spec Merc that does 10 less horse power than stock. Kekkaroni

No. 1945426

why do low income people buy their kids these? i guess overtime it's training kids to value what they have over other people, rather than values like sharing and play.

No. 1945440

taylor fixates on her past with jonny because she's done absolutely nothing with her life since her heroin addiction began but i think she misses her former way of living more than she actually misses him. if she wanted to get back with jonny so badly, there's nothing stopping her. her youtube career is already pretty much dead and most of her audience has left so she wouldn't deal with nearly as much outrage as she received in the past whenever she was caught in a lie or did something shitty. her parents are massive enablers and have let her rot away in bed for years while continuing to do drugs and whatever else she pleased under their roof. jonny treats women like they are disposable so it's not like any of his relationships have ever been an obstacle. if taylor misses anything about jonny it's doing drugs with him, having her own home instead of living with her parents, how popular she was and how much money she made while they were together, and all the drama that their relationship entailed. that is what she obsesses over and wants back, not jonny himself.

tl;dr if taylor truly wanted to get back with jonny it would have happened by now.

No. 1945459

His room looks like it smells terrible. Funny that he tries to be so flashy with his shoes when in reality, just like everything else, he just throws them in a stinking pile until he finds something better to waste his money on.

No. 1945465

What kills me is that goits has NO idea how to actually interact with his son, or any child. He thinks buying plastic toys is “providing” and “being a father”. He films the kid like he did his cat —— yoooo where is his savannah cat btw??

No. 1945469

Car-nonas, ily! Thank you for putting his horrible decisions on blast!

No. 1945487

I thought the same thing. Poor child has no interest in goiter trying to impress him. That had me on the floor dead, puddles are infinitely better than being forced to play mini goiter. The clothes and the cowboy boots you can tell he was just forced into and it’s not the kids personality, sad.

No. 1945488

exactly. the receptors in his brain are so fried that he lives in such an episodic way. he thinks nutting in syd and making a choild would just be another random "teehee" episode. He can't just ditch storm when his attention span runs low like everything else.

No. 1945571

Oh my sweet summer WK.. if anything this cow will stay consistent is being a waste of space, he will be back drugged up in no time. Oh wait he's already abusing substances during tour

No. 1945623

I think he's also bought the kid new shit each time. The nerf guns are probably already forgotten. Wonder if he's bothered to ask Syd what the kid actually likes but I doubt it, he probably thinks the kid cares about price tags and is impressed by his shit. Meanwhile I think Storm's already surpassed him in IQ and knows daddy isn't any fun

No. 1945647

File: 1703117225351.jpeg (189.13 KB, 1170x674, IMG_2645.jpeg)

Yes layna. You gotta have absolutely no morale (or not live in reality, be a brain dead whore, ect) to think your life is “winning”. Stay winning by whoring yourself out online for money. Stay chronically online. Thousands of gross old men have seen you naked. Your nudes are all over the internet next to your name by a simple google search. You don’t do anything in your life except lay around playing with your pussy all day either on camera or with some fugly man that you have no longterm intentions with. The only reason you were finally able to move out at 27 is because Destiny is paying for your apartment (like he did with his ex Melina). Most people in here think you’re winning (over syd only but that bar is LOW) but you have no morals, no self respect, no lips, no tits, no ass, no education or plan for the future because no one wants to see you camming in ten years at age 37. Your pussy already looks blown out and unless you get labia surgery it’s going to look like a fucking wizard’s sleeve in ten years. Wtf are you going to do with your life? Just go into porn already, it will pay well and you can fix your labia and your hemorrhoid and be financially independent. Fucking an ugly piece of shit just for his money is not cute, goals, complete financial independence, or “winning”.

Btw does Destiny have a thread here since I know (and don’t care, these mods don’t deserve respect) I’m going to get a ban for posting this? He has more than enough material to warrant one. His KWF thread is over 500 pages.

This man is a pedophile, hits on minors, says incest is okay. Whoever said only fucked up brains date other fucked up brains is right. I can’t wait until she catches serious feelings and he tosses her to the curb and cuts her off or better yet, gives her every STD under the sun since he only does open relationships.
Best part is people on KWF said he slept with porn star Mia Rose who has herpes. I pray every night he gives them to Layna. Or maybe he’ll physically beat her like he did with his ex and she’ll learn that way. She’s trash. She’s arrogant. She’s never been a good person. Just good to this thread’s standards because of the psycho mess that Syd was.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1945664

>Btw does Destiny have a thread here since I know (and don’t care, these mods don’t deserve respect) I’m going to get a ban for posting this? He has more than enough material to warrant one. His KWF thread is over 500 pages.
He doesn’t have a thread here but he could 100% easily fill one consistently with retarded drama. I swear every single month he’s in a huge retarded online war with someone.
>Best part is people on KWF said he slept with porn star Mia Rose who has herpes. I pray every night he gives them to Layna. Or maybe he’ll physically beat her like he did with his ex and she’ll learn that way.
Kek unhinged.

No. 1945669

>Your pussy already looks blown out and unless you get labia surgery it’s going to look like a fucking wizard’s sleeve in ten years.
Moid detected. Women’s labia doesn’t change shape from sex, it’s purely due to genetics.

No. 1945685

File: 1703125035894.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x2327, IMG_2479.jpeg)


No. 1945811

see >>1937900
she's winning on triggering you tho kek. take it elsewhere.

No. 1945849

Imagine everything you could’ve done in the time it took you to write a dissertation about some random e-whore. Go clean your room.

No. 1945885

File: 1703172950576.jpeg (44.66 KB, 1024x1403, lolol.jpeg)

kek, thankyou. now back to business!

literally just getting started goiter? you've been saying that since like 2007, when will "getting started" end and shit actually happen? kek

No. 1945924

File: 1703180365125.jpeg (572.37 KB, 1290x939, 0D406537-2D0B-422A-BD46-6A145F…)

I can believe he financed that piece of shit. These models always get super cheap after 50k miles because they fall apart and the amount of money they bleed is insane. People trade them in for something else so some crackhead can larp as a richboi.

No. 1945944

File: 1703186228536.jpg (30.58 KB, 1290x2293, 412645478_1370786830275215_172…)

The coldest he will ever get is vague-posting about a non-specific person and incident and the only people he ever has physical altercations with are women.

He also won't spring for a covered outdoor parking spot in his apartment complex so hopefully it will hail or a tree will fall on it soon. I can't imagine he even has insurance.

No. 1945948

Does he know you need to replace parts with MB parts? You can only fill it with premium fuel? Oil changes alone are annoying as fuck.

No. 1945955

he’s one car crash away from being back on fent. wouldn’t that be crazy if this car led to an injury that forced him to contend with his opiate addiction again? then he could finally be with taylor and she can take care of him like one of her little retarded frogs.

No. 1946006

You can’t drive off the lot without the car being insured in California. He supposedly just got his license so I imagine his rate is insane along side the type of vehicle he got. He probably has to get his insurance through some sketchy insurance broker kek
California’s rates are high compared to other states, even when your driving record is immaculate.

No. 1946198

he said it wasn't a lease, so he either bought it outright or financed it. either way he's paid/paying for a depreciating asset that will likely have mechanical issues. i'm still confused about the "L" badge and the Chinese Communist Party flags kek.
also modding a base model NPC spec car with bolt ons is asking for trouble kek.

No. 1946295

Inb4 he goes into debt, tries to sell the car back and only gets 5-10% of its retail value lel kik

No. 1946317

tinfoil… he's already in debt. paying off his junkie years. lives with a bunch of dudes in a shared house/apartment, makes a fuss over $100 for his son with syd, e-begging, cameo begging, flexing like a trailer park gangtsa, thinks his 16k used merc is baller, poses with small amounts of cash, etc etc. his entire internet persona radiates "im broke".

No. 1947510

File: 1703614505248.jpeg (946.27 KB, 1290x1958, IMG_4482.jpeg)

Can we still post about skid? She’s too hilariously delulu not to. I love when she uses her stories to document her every brain cell movement. Earlier she posted the fact that she cut her hair an inch… dafuq

No. 1947511

File: 1703614845788.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1290x2221, IMG_4483.jpeg)

God this is fucking uncomfortable to look at. So..does this dude know he’s in a relationship with skid, or? He never likes/comments on any of her shit, from what I’ve seen. And I don’t think she’s ever explicitly called him her boyfriend..?

No. 1947529

she looked really pretty in the selfie she posted on her stories

No. 1947563

File: 1703626703183.jpeg (485.45 KB, 1124x1995, IMG_5596.jpeg)

No. 1947564

File: 1703626835802.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1948, IMG_5597.jpeg)

looks like he’s been reading here cause he posted this story and has another cat in it too.

No. 1947574

Depressing the mess and claustrophobia this kid has to experience when at his sperm-donor and poisoner's home. Also that poor cat, they deserve better than this too. Living with so many different strange men must be stressful too. And I bet goiter just leaves the cat with them now when he goes anywhere

No. 1947604

probs cus advertising your dating goiters kids mom isn't something people would want to share kek

No. 1947779

he posts her all the time you absolute retard. go to his page, she's all over it

No. 1947837

File: 1703698693651.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1290x1864, IMG_4485.jpeg)

You wanted cheap-lookin reps with horrible fitment? You got it bud! Well done.
(inb4 goiter posts on his story claiming they’re not reps lololol)

Also, coilovers?? For that car?? Mk. Save yourself the embarrassment and just get lowering springs dude.

No. 1948064


I'm not a car tard by any means but fuck me that's looks ugly and off. What the hell has he done to that poor car?

No. 1948076

Crackhead fashion/style lmao

No. 1948121

Goiters Shitty Car Mods Dictionary:

coilovers = adjustable race suspension, very bump and umcomfortable on normal roads. almost unbearable for long distance.

BOV/Dump Valve/Blow off Valve = the "sneeze" sound when the car changes gear. used on manual race cars for a real reason, used on auto road cars for vanity.

Intake/Induction Kit = the air intake on the car, designed to take cold air into the engine. after market intakes installed (without a tune) will likely soak up hot air and cause the car to under perform and lower the MPG.

reps/rims = fake cheaply made and incredibly unsafe wheels. can crack and cause accidents, especially at high speeds.

C300(L)/CDM = the Mercedes C300L is a Chinese Domestic Model and thus isn't sold in the USA. goiter's likely to have been upbadged. Goiter has also posted photos of a Chinese Domestic C300L with a plastic bonnet and Chinese Communist Party flags in the window.

"RICE" = rice is "race inspired cosmetic enhancement" and is used as an insult for what people like Goiter do to their cars. basically sticking on plastic bits (usually lower quality than OEM).

No. 1948128

Why couldn't he just leave the car alone why waste more money to make it not only look but function worse

No. 1948144

Crackhead mentality that's why

No. 1948161

>ugly cheap rims that look like they’re made of plastic, were painted with just primer and don’t remotely match his car
>that’s exactly what I wanted
Was it really tho?

No. 1948265

File: 1703826080164.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1983, IMG_5677.jpeg)

No. 1948280

File: 1703832089706.jpeg (535.46 KB, 1284x2313, IMG_0365.jpeg)

someone busted goiters back window

No. 1948291

when you want to move for your bike and not your son even when living somewhere with senseless violence >>1948280

No. 1948411

Hood rich with a bootleg mercedes living in a shithole with 5 other scrotes stuck in the past is the pinnacle of his career.

No. 1948412

That’s prob not even his bike… but one of his 7 roommate’s who moonlights as a door dasher because their music career is so successful.

No. 1948417

BAHAHA if this isn’t poetic justice, I don’t know what is. He’s on the come up fr!!

No. 1948484

Isn’t it unsafe to store a bike inside a living space? Pretty sure having gasoline in an apartment full of druggies and alcoholics plus an occasional child is a recipe for disaster.

No. 1948524

kek yup. soot in the exhaust, fuel and oil in the engine, plus what ever dog shit is on the tires. GREAT for developing lungs…

No. 1948545

Kek this isn't even a bike, it's one of those delivery guy scooters that try to look like one

No. 1948599

I amend my previous statement:
When you want to move so you can stretch out your little footsies and not for your son even when living somewhere with senseless violence >>1948280

No. 1948623

File: 1703928651166.jpeg (342.08 KB, 1179x2023, IMG_0587.jpeg)

Anyone wanna help goiter not spend what money he has and take from your own pocket to make his “whip” , I mean “hobby” look more like trash. I am embarrassed for whoever would give him a cent for saying this.

No. 1948625

File: 1703928699681.jpeg (892.78 KB, 1179x2109, IMG_0588.jpeg)

No. 1948664

Fucking MEGAKEK!!! i just laughed and scared people at my work.
He's such a fucking boob

No. 1948665

Those rims look like complete trash. Like, what you have on while waiting for the real deal

No. 1948688

this is tragic and hillarious. one sec its flexing, the next it's e-begging. love how his new "hobby" is him paying other people to stick things on his car. those rep rota grid wheels look awful. they are the "go-to" for people who have no idea about cars or any money. one good pothole and those things will crack.

No. 1948773

kek he seriously has reps

No. 1948776

Ummm WHAT. I thought he was “winning” and we’re all haters and couldn’t deal with it…? But he’s too fucking poor to even put cheap mods on his AUTOMATIC hoodrich “whip”? (Sorry but ppl calling vehicles “whips” and wheels “rims” is a dead giveaway that they know nothing about cars.)

Also lol at when Goiter says “everything I do is for my sonnnnnn” — oh ya? Are these white eyesores you call “rims” also for your son? Ffs.