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File: 1426434510809.jpg (77.79 KB, 900x600, s_i_l_e_n_c_e_by_gutterface-d4…)

No. 18928

BJD Thread. Anyone remember Gutterface or elfgutz?

No. 18929

Tumblr fuckboys everywhere are doing that elfgutz style makeup and they don't even know what they're doing since they're just copying each other

No. 18930

tumblr fuckboys?
try tumblr girls pretending to be fuckbois

your use of the term fuckboy makes me wonder if you're one of them lmao

No. 18931

This is more a thread for /b no?

No. 18932

I generally use that term for all the omg look at me I'm so dark and edgy give me notes~ girls/"trans boys"/agender fucks etc

No. 18933

Do you mean the style of makeup the bjd has? I haven't hewrd of that person before.

No. 18934

oh my god elfgutz is a girl on tumblr who painted bjds and was stupid as fuck

fatty who claimed to be vegan and would say anything with glitter/blood/fleshwounds/bandaids was "copying her"

No. 18935

Ok. I thought anon meant that the girls were wearing the makeup and not the bjds.

I find the dolls to be super creepy, especially the bigger ones. Not to mention its so expensive and they're viewed as children and have play dates.

No. 18936

Girls have been doing makeup tributes/plus using them as inspo for their bjds I guess.

She had something in her bio about not liking people to cosplay as her dolls or something? Really embarrassing person.


No. 18937

Oh Gutterface, the recent drama is killing animals in order to use their bones for jewelry.


No. 18938

No. 18939

He doesn't kill them. He finds dead animals and scavenges their parts.

No. 18940

Yeah, sure, that's why all pets "suddenly" disappear.

No. 18941

oh it magically poped on to your desk which looks like someones perfect pet rat…..wait didn't you have a pet rat gutterface?


raccoon hand that looks freshly used?


i don't buy her bullshit anymore


how is this funny?

a kid huh?


it's always people bringing her stuff


No. 18942

File: 1426441656242.png (640.47 KB, 531x626, gutterface.PNG)

Very respectful.

No. 18943

File: 1426441770073.png (848.26 KB, 682x574, bnes.PNG)

Poor people living near that.

No. 18944

No. 18945

No. 18946

Besides spending FTM donations for everything but the surgery, like those fugly horn implants.

No. 18947

umm anon while I hate gutterface as much as the next bitch, gravestone rubbing isn't seen as disrespectful to most cemetery workers.

No. 18948

File: 1426445246963.jpg (9.24 KB, 260x143, image.jpg)


No. 18949

No. 18950

I have a friend into real taxidermy. They pretty much show their students what Gutterface does as an example as what NOT to do.

Gutterface admitted he has a big hole in his back yard with just some wood on the top he throws dead animals into so they can rot and get their bones. The smell was noted and it is horrible. The next thing he does to these bacteria riddled messes is boil them, which makes the smell worse and uses common house hold bleach.

He sells these disgusting messes to his fans. Any odor in taxidermy is aweful and no one would do any work on a rotting animal since it is just to far gone and not safe to work on. There is a level of rotting that is acceptable, but letting the flesh stew with other dead animals in a soup of rotting flesh is not the way to go. They are clearly disturbed

No. 18951

Also don't forget the time Gutterface was also all like "I don't know how those photos of my neighbors decapitated pet dog got in my house! What? Someone was holding the dog head like some sick trophy while its blood dripped down their arm? Clearly not me… my phone was used?! Ummmn back peddle! The dog was ran over and we desperately tried to "save" it. However instead of telling the neighbors the moment it died we cut the head right off that fucker… What?! That is totally believable!"

Police have been into the home and specifically their room and they have reported the horrible rotting musky smell. God must be a nightmare living with them.

No. 18952

what the fuckkkkk…?
I am new to this cow so forgive me as I get caught up.

No. 18953


Whoa back up. I think you're talking about Shadow right? Different person

No. 18954

Yeah that wasn't gutterface, it was that wolf chick.

No. 18955

No, it was Gutterface.
See >>18943

No. 18956

File: 1426475486210.png (90.99 KB, 995x87, pfftgutterface.PNG)

No. 18957

File: 1426475560700.jpg (26.12 KB, 640x480, johanisdisappoint.jpg)

> refering to gutterface as male
stop that.

No. 18958

Thats cause you kill animals you fucking psycho.

No. 18959

Sooo this thread is obviously not about BJD anymore. Someone care to make a gutterface thread so we can talk about this animal killing weirdo? Not long now before this unstable chick finally makes fashionable human skulls she "found"

No. 18960

should have a bjd thread on /b/ as dolls themselves arent lolcows and it seems like you want an actual doll thread not a doll owner lolcow thread.

No. 18961

You can actually buy real human skulls, but they cost a few thousand. Doubt guttercunt would spend that.

I wonder if she would kill a person for their bones.

No. 18962


Maybe she will spend a few thousand on a human skull. She is clearly obsessed with anything dead. Maybe she will rub her menstrual blood on the skulls like she did with her dolls. She clearly is not spending her money on transitioning. Her priorities are whack.

No. 18963

File: 1426476461194.png (169.4 KB, 500x281, tumblr_ly4ruwujUf1r4zft0o1_500…)

Thats gross.

I don't get how her"fans" still just give her money.

No. 18964

Her fans are wannabe goths who think dead things are edgy until they get a mysterious infection from out of nowhere. She is clearly a gross loon

No. 18965

cant wait until she gets rabies from some roadkill she finds

its seriously only a matter of time

No. 18966

There are so many instances where this chick posted about dead animals she found or poor strays she saved. Like when she found a small kitten that was too young to be away from the mother. Soon after she found the kitten she claimed it died and shoved it in a jar of vinegar on her desk to prove how much she loved it. At that time she also suspiciously had a bunch of cat skulls and bones. People suspect she baits animals or leaves poison in certain spots so she can collect animals. She states she goes on walks and within minutes finds these many dead animals. Sounds like a fucking horror story of animal abuse. The police have indeed found bones of many missing pets. Some bullshit about them not having solid proof she is killing them and just "finds" them.

No. 18967

She already had infections a couple of times

No. 18968

File: 1426478177309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.29 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n3dgt9F4Im1qepv9eo1_128…)

"At the end of bone season last year we found a kitten beside the road. We kept her under a bucket outside so she would get lost under ice and snow. She hasnt changed much over the course of the winter. Hopefully she will start to clean up a bit"

No. 18969

i seriously think she is actively killing animals too. i go on walks all the time and i never find dead animals aside from run over squirrels, occassionally some dead birds, and once or twice a run over raccoon. there is no way shes finding SO MANY dead animals, particularly cats and other pet animals. shes fucking killing them.

No. 18970

File: 1426478560973.jpg (95.35 KB, 640x640, 10785081_705454199530244_17493…)

>asks everyone for donations
>spends everything on tattoos, BJD and other crap instead

No. 18971

She creeps out other taxidermists. That and.. YOU DON'T CLEAN ANIMAL BONES BY MAKING THEM ROT! That is gross! She belongs in a dingy little cell or a crazy bin.

No. 18972

>Asking someone else to pay your rent
I mean, I wish people did this for me, but begging for this kind of shit online is pathetic.

No. 18973

how are their expenses 2k? doesnt she live in east bumfuck no where?

No. 18974

I'm sure there has to be some kind of evidence showing that shes killing them.

No. 18975

File: 1426479799277.jpg (139.53 KB, 640x640, 10522798_470403103100191_18739…)

"6 maceration tubs dumped so far. Now begins the sorting and soaking! Even the prettiest bone jewelry starts out in a giant, stinky mess like this one."

No. 18976

File: 1426479866305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.17 KB, 640x640, 1971445_1503313239912882_19563…)

"Ass deep in the rot pit today. Bluh. So much work left to do."

No. 18977

This makes me so angry. can someone not fucking report her to the police?

No. 18978

She was already a couple of times but as long as there is no photos/videos of her in the act nothing will happen.

No. 18979

Think of all those poor missing pets in that pile.

I dont care about her other stuff, but her killing animals and getting away with it to make a profit is what gets under my skin.

No. 18980

Really, nothing else she has done bugs you?

>she got an innocent man sent to prison

>stole or damaged hundreds of dollars' worth of dolls when she had her BJD faceup service
>used fan donations for her mother's funeral costs to buy shit for herself
>shat all over the reputation of the only biological male willing to fuck her when he dared suggest that she and her sistercousinlover Eerie get jobs and help out wih bills when they lived with him, called him abusive and claimed he beat her and Eerie and abused them verbally as well

Just for starters.

No. 18981

I agree, although she shouldn't post photos of her doing that on the internet.

No. 18982


I've tried to report my neighbor for attcking a cat and when I was trying to save it they chased her into a gutter but animal control can't do anything unless they have physical proof they've done anything. It's a shitty system, and it doesn't help a lot of animals and there's not much you can do about it.

No. 18983

Wait, Eerie is her cousin?

No. 18984

Yeah, shouldn't this be in b?

No. 18985

The whole "animal bones as accessories" shit always grossed me out. You can never guarantee the animals were killed ethically (I mean look at what fucking gutterface is doing/has done to animals for the sake of her "jewelry", she just claims to have "found" them so no one can do anything), it's not always sanitary, and you look maximum tryhard/edgelord with a fucking cat skull around your neck.
It just strikes me as something white trash teens who honestly believe they're hardcore Satanists and/or like to torture animals for fun would do.

No. 18986

Yeah, that wasn't gutterface. I'm sure she's done some other horrible similar things, but that particular incident was someone else. I'll try to find the ed article about it.

No. 18987

It was Wolfie Blackheart.

No. 18988

Yup, her sistercousin. Gutterface (legal name Ayla Chisler) was adopted by her biological aunt and uncle when she was a baby because her mom threw her away and was a drugged out whore. "Eerie" is her biological first cousin, adoptive sister.

No. 18989

not to defend GF but my mum make stuff out of bones as well and since people know this they bring her dead animals often. Animal bones are actually pretty easy to find laying around where I live so I don't doubt GF can look and find some as well.

No. 18990

But GF doesn't have any friends other than Eerie, and her local community sees her as a freak and a weirdo. Nobodycwold bring her dead animals or bines to make money off of. Not to mention, most other hobby taxidermists don't live in neighorhoods with fuckloads of missing pets.

No. 18991

Gutterface looks like a giant baby imo

Like her head is so fat and round and her face and nose are so squishy looking and she has no defined shape at all wtf

No. 18992

In this >>18941 (the kid post) IIRC her "dad" was still living there and found a new girlfriend and let the kids move in. I'm pretty sure that's the only time I've really seen give bones irl. I have GF added on facebook tho and people are always offering to send bones and teeth. Fuckin weird.

No. 18993

I always noticed this too, it looks so damn weird

No. 18994

Hasn't been updated in two years but anyways:

No. 18995

Because Gutterface's YT hasn't been posted yet.

No. 18996

Why the fuck is elfgutz even popular? Honestly I feel sorry for her/his BJDs and want to clear everything on their faces.

No. 18997

Shiet, all this talk about Gutterface and nobody's brought up the bloody faceup incident? For shame.

No. 18998

Deets my friend.

No. 18999

Centuries ago, when the Earth was still young, some poor unfortunate soul had commissioned Guttershite (who went by Kazakai or something back then) to do a faceup for them on Den of Angels. Some weird shit went down, and shortly after it came to light that Guttersnipe had apparently been using their lady blood for faceups. I'm trying to find the original thread on DOA. I'll post a link if I can get to it.

No. 19000



One of my fav ancient lolcows, from back when lolcows were outrageous and did stuff way worse than daring to parade their shopped pics on Tumblr.

any new info on this embarassment to transgender will be appreciated. sadly, i live a few continents away from its smelly roadkill garden.

No. 19001

File: 1440458461128.jpg (35.75 KB, 375x500, ENJOY_YOUR_AIDS.jpg)

Oh, wait, nope. Sorry, I was incredibly wrong about how the incident went down. Pardon my stupidity.
Here's the real story à la ED
>One of her more well-known scamming feats was to try to sell a doll that had yellowed and claimed it was in "omg-perfect condition" (See: Jew). After everyone pointed out she had posted proof of the doll being yellow through her photos and after their butthurt reactions she decided not to sell the doll. This doll was srsly painted with blood and now has the AIDS. Has your dorrie been tested? However, a few days later she posted up photos of the same doll, COVERED IN HER OWN GAY MENSTRUAL BLOOD claiming "you can’t tell its yellow now! Can you bitches?"

No. 19002

Joji is actually a trans-male.
He currently 4 months or so I HRT. He has video on his facebook of his voice now and it has deepened quite a bit.
He doesn't seem all that bad IMO, at least from what I can see. If he is actually doing shitty things, he is at least telling the truth about his transitioning.

No. 19003


problem is, he/she/it has been "transitioning" since, like, 2007 and multiple times, it spent the donations given to it for transition on frivolities. it also used to be super drama-prone, fought with EVERYONE on the internet, everything was "MUH ORIGINAL STYLE DO NUT STEEL DURRR", it lied a lot and manipulated everything to make it seem like the victim, etc. now it's way less drama-prone when it used to be younger, but it's still lying, probably killing people's pets to make bone jewellery, still asking for donations from people to live even though it sells the poor animals' bones and jumping on whatever subculture bandwagon is the coolest currently. it used to be a decora kid, then a "gentleman", now it's a "feral pagan boy".

case in point: "scruff" on its eyebrows and the upper lip "peach fuzz" looks pretty fucking drawn-on digitally: https://instagram.com/p/6sPl5xIgYe/?taken-by=thevultureprince

what i'm saddest about is though, he/she/it really seems to be creative and good with its hands. potential unrecognized by hicks of bumfuck, ohio twisting itself into lolcowism.

No. 19004

the horn implants on his head are atrocious tho I gotta admit…
looks like giant cycsts/zits and ruined his looks.

No. 19005

are Joji and Eerie actually related? I'm pretty sure they have been dating for a few years now.

No. 19006


yeah, i'm actually curious about that too. then again he called one of his previous partners his sister or brother.

No. 19007


also tends to call them all "boys" regardless of how "male-passing" they are.

No. 19008

Oh god when I was about 13 or so, I looked up to this guy cause I wanted to ~goth~ and dreamed of having my doll done by him. It's so weird reading this here and never knowing the drama behind him.

I always thought it was weird how he would find dead pets and animals casually and also find baby kittens and all. I remembered how he put a dead crow inside a jar and showing how he "preserves" then, shit was creepy.

No. 19009

It's been a while since I heard that name… the memories…

Tumblr fakebois had nothing on that bitch

No. 19010

They're biologically cousins, Joji (legal name Ayla Chisler) was adopted by her aunt and uncle because her mom is/was a drugged out drifter peice of shit. Eerie is their biological daughter.

Soooo yeah they're sistercousins.


She kills the pets and small animals in her neighborhood. Cops have been called in the past but she just takes a hiatus whenever the heat gets too thick and switches over to "art" or whatever else as a focus for a while.

No. 19011

So did all of her gore mods on bjds have blood on them and shit? I can't believe I almost sent my doll to her when she had commisions opened once.

Also now thinking about it, she is the original transboi in my book. I remember her alwayd begging for money whenever possible. Also didn't she have a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time?

No. 19012

It was confirmed there was real human blood on many of her faceups.

She also stole some dolls too.

Man, I used to be in the BJD hobby and remember this special piece of work.

It pisses me off she is doing "go fund me"s, no one deserves it less than this piece of shit. Why the fuck do people support her?

I'm also surprised she hasn't been locked away yet.

No. 19013

How did ppl find out it was real human blood? Like did someone smell their doll's face up or something? Or was it just because of the "LOL IT'S NOT YELLOW NOW HUH BITCHES" incident?

No. 19014

Elfgutz loves to whine about how horrible her life is, not to mention she's 27 years old and bawwws about people writing "mean" things about her. She also glorifies eating disorders despite being a fatty herself.

No. 19015

Not hard to when your doll smells like a rotten period tampon.

No. 19016

You can get test strips for that online.

No. 19017

>for money whenever possible. Also didn't she have a girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time?

The only real, biological male she's ever been with was a 2edgy5u tumblr body mod guy she met online. He was kind enough to move her AND her sistercousins in with him (from Ohio to Massachusets) and let them live with him rent free. Then when he suggested they get jobs, or at least help out with the bills GF flipped shit an screamed about him abusing/beating her, locked herself in their bathroom and started cutting herself while sings lyrics to songs by The Cure. Before all that though, GF was bragging about all the awesome gay tranny sex they were having in her boipussy, so tbh I think her being "trans" is just a log ass phase for attention caused by having no male role models in her life except her doormat dad.

No. 19018

File: 1440689940018.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.17 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ntgyh5YQyA1s0ds9bo1_128…)

She's 27?! Could've fooled me.

No. 19019

And also her insane obsession with yaoi…

No. 19020

That doesn't mean anything. It's possible to lie to a therapist or get hormones online. Lots of fakebois get on hormones.

No. 19021

Does anyone have a picture of elfgutz? I searched her Tumblr and found nothing.

I'm really curious to see how fat she is.

No. 19022

File: 1440714676093.jpg (64.95 KB, 1080x1080, 11939671_1647201522193535_2580…)

No. 19023

That isn't elfgutz. Elfgutz wishes she looked like that.

No. 19024

That's Gutterface.

No. 19025


No. 19026

I can't believe Kaz is still entertaining me from my BJD days back 8 years ago! I never thought anyone could be so terrible for so long.

No. 20190

You mean like the guys on this board who pretend to be bitchy girls?

No. 20191

She abuses shape wear and is a borderline master at Photoshop. According to eyewitness accounts from /cgl/ who saw her at cons in the past, she's a fucking butterball.

No. 20227

Not hard tbh, many crazy people like Kaz or Kiki started to shine mid 00's

No. 20263

Seems she's finally taking testosterone shots to become a he.

That or she's faking shit again.

No. 20289


She's been claiming that "finally transitioning" shit since 2012 when se claimed she got her "therapy letter". Inb4 she pulls some "I'm so azn and naturally androgynous the T hasn't changed my voice or face very much at all!" And posts some pics with some fake facial hair and heavy contouring.

No. 20573


when you think about it though, s/he does have AZN features. not kawaii japanese asian like s/he claims but more southeast asian, like filipino or indonesian.

No. 20613

Or Hispanic. It's really hard to tell since her entire face and head are so fat and squishy.

No. 35675

But in >>18941 he's telling people not to boil bones for the exact reason you explained. I think you must be thinking of someone else.

No. 37518

To me GF has always looked like she has a really narrow frame but with too much bodyfat.

So yes, she is fat, but is as wide as a typical average/healthy girl because her skeleton is so small.

No. 37658

Holy shit, her edgelord jewelry.

No. 37659

No. 38680

File: 1443905557494.png (687.06 KB, 947x484, jfc thats fucking nasty.png)


No. 38688

Why the fuck would anyone do this to themselves? Do they not think about how this shit is gonna look in another ten or twenty years? I'm not against body mods or anything, but this is just nasty.

No. 38833

Body mods when done right look nice on most people. but then there's insane bitches like this who are edgelords and actually mentally unstable and you get this"NOTICE ME! I'M UNIQUE" disaster. It's so gross..

No. 38839

Oh fuck no. That is traumatizing. The lip piercings are awful but those earlobes are on another level entirely.

No. 39081

Jesus Christ, her jewelry is so tacky.

No. 39082

Fucking gross ugh.

No. 39090

Holy fuck, I didn't recognize the ear until others pointed out how gross it is.
I think my mind filters things.

No. 39351


If you think those are bad you should see the subdermal horns and split tongue.

No. 39856

File: 1444228884144.jpg (45.98 KB, 572x692, ew ewwww.jpg)

oh dear

No. 39857

File: 1444228907535.jpg (47.92 KB, 585x621, gross.jpg)


i feel sick

No. 40082

And this is why I'm happy I'm married and can do my kinks with my wife rather than sift through the cesspool that is fetlife. I shudder to think of that place.

No. 42276

He's admitted he had blowouts in his ears when he was younger due to lack of info on stretcing. i enjoy all types of mods, from little ones to heavy, more extreme mods. Stretched ears are very common nowadays and they just so happen to look like this when plugs/eyelets aren't in them. shrug not a big deal people.

No. 54778

File: 1446782908548.png (20.49 KB, 504x272, ss (2015-11-05 at 11.05.56).pn…)

Oh dear. Bonus pixielocks in the comments.

No. 54785

Did something actually happen or is this just another fake emotional breakdown to garner sympathy?

No. 54787

More than likely it's fake. She claims her bone jewelry store isn't doing well (which I believe, her jewelry is tack and ugly af) and she's begging for money on FB claiming they have bills stacked up and their lights/gas/internet got shut off. Apparently people donated money and whole foods gift cards so they magically have Internet (but not light/gas?) but they're still begging.

I find this fishy considering she just drove 11 hours round trip to Michigan to get a huge vulture sleeve tattoo, and since she still lives at home and doesn't have any real bills, which is how she can afford all her body mods/tattoos. But I seriously don't think her dad is gonna let the lights get shut off without a good reason. I'm calling fake on this.

No. 55284

Gutterface still has one of my doll heads, probably sold it by now. Don't know what happened, bought the doll and received it and extra stuff. Sent only the head back because I was offered a discount faceup, even paid for return shipping.

Haven't seen it since, that was about five, six years ago now? Every time I brought it up I was blocked immediately. I was always extremely kind and patient with this person, now I'm just bitter and enjoy seeing him have his bad days. Makes me laugh.

No. 55966

"Joji" is living with eerie and some chic named Megan, the dad dipped out earlier this year. There's another gofundme made for them, called "the starving artist fund"
The bone slums store has tanked from all the bad reviews, joji was taking money from people and not sending customers purchases until weeks or months after they were ordered. Joji would get nasty, absolutely vile with customers when they would ask if their orders have been sent.
Basically, joji charges shipping fees for extra profit and then has no money to actually ship the wares.
Joji is an excellent liar, making up elaborate stories, because they have the time and the lack of consciousness to do so.

No. 55967

File: 1447052439755.png (187.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-59-10…)

No. 55969

File: 1447052489143.png (215 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-58-54…)

Who's gunna take the bait??

No. 55970

File: 1447052624299.png (452.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-09-01-02-45…)

No. 55973

why does she need a job within walking distance if they have a car??? is joji seriously 2 lazy to drive the one girl in the house who wants to work

No. 55977

You should have called the police.

The dad dipped out? As in left? I heard he moved some woman and a kid in after his wife died, but that's it. Did he kick GF and eerie out or just up and leave?

No. 55978

>No diploma or GED

That's really sad. Imagine how normal Eerie might have turned out gf her parents never adopted Ayla/Joji from her crackwhore biological mom.

No. 55979

idk man, eerie is still a bit off in her own right. some of the things she either posts or writes makes me feel creeped out and weird

No. 55982

Yeah but I wonder how much of that is caused by Ayla being a rancid, attention starved cunt and treating her like a slave her entire life.

No. 55983


Someone should report her and Joji's FB for using fake names for the lols. It locks your shit until you email them with proof of your real name, in an attempt to try to prevent shit like catfishing.

No. 55984

I was just a kid when it happened, fourteen or fifteen. And I didn't think I'd have to resort to that but I had virtually no evidence it happened anyways.

No. 55997

Joji created some of unfortunate events and his dad left, this was awhile ago, I think the dad couldn't take anymore of jojis nonsense.
Of course joji cried abandonment and received money for that as well….

No. 55999

I feel bad for eerie, I think they look up to joji in a very disturbing way…constant attention/approval seeking. I think eerie has missed out on a lot in life because of it, but eerie is also pretty damn stupid…obviously

No. 56007

Eerie has always been really kind and understanding, I mostly feel bad for him.

No. 56083

why do you guys called joji a she but refer to eerie as a male? aren't they both the same damn level of transtender?

No. 56100

I call them both he because it's not my place to decide. It's a personal comfort thing, I don't care what anyone else calls them.

No. 56107

Joji and eerie found a roommate and are living in the same place.
I feel bad for the roommate for she actually has a job and is paying bills, I'm sure if the lights get turned off she suffers too. The store joji has/had, was doing well, but now it's reputation is in ruins. Joji now has a book review IG called bookfox, and is turning it into a way to sell book marks to a entirely new group of internet dwellers.
Joji seems to find any way possible to fuck people over in any hobby group.

No. 56163

>roommate who has a job
Why would you accept two weird fakebois without any job or security as your roommates?? This is basically begging for drama, unpaid rent and more gofunsme.

No. 56176


Eerie wouldn't even be asking people to call her "him/he" if it wasn't for gutterface and her yaoi fantasy life bit. Eerie has said herself in the past she doesn't give a fuck if people call her she/her because she is female, then GF got super aggressive about the I AM A BOY shit and that's when Eerie suddenly became ~genderqueer~ and "preferred he/him pronouns".

No. 56178


Does this roommate have a blog? Someone should warn her about what a manipulative asshole Jojo is and how her own dad couldn't stand living with her anymore.

No. 56182


Someone should tell her about what happened to Brian. That dude they moved I. With a couple years back for a hot minute? He had to stay out of his own damn apartment and call Joji's mom to ask if it was safe to go home. One time he was out for three days, and then after they left they used his money to buy a game.

After all of that shit he still got branded an abuser and publicly shamed by everyone who kisses Joji's ass.

No. 56183

Idk what happened but he did confirm that Joji would hit him and scream and break his things.

No. 56185

holy fuck are you serious? do you have any more deets?

No. 56187

BPD is as BPD does.

No. 56188

BPD isn't an excuse to act like a psychopath

No. 56190

100% serious, he was really hurt by it but kept his mouth shut because he knew Joj would always be the one listened to anyways. Hope he's doing better now, he was really broken up.

I used to know some people who were always giving Joji money and shit, and they sent him a tablet and in exchange he was supposed to send them handmade stuff. Guess what they never got? Well these two made it pretty public.

So Joj responded by putting up all of their personal info. Names, addresses, phone numbers. Eerie had to do a lot of talking to get it all taken down.

No. 56191

It's really not. But most of them do act like psychopaths honestly, there's only one person in my life that I can stand that has BPD, the rest treated me like shit.

No. 56265

I really think they're just running out of money making schemes. They're both around 25 and neither of them have managed to hold down any sort of job?

How many things has Joji done (and dragged Eerie into)? Dollheads, photography, decoden, bone jewellery, chibis, pixel art, handmade books, writing, tarot readings, online domming (tho this is a new one I've heard about) probably more that I'm forgetting about.

The bone shit is failing now because of bad reviews, some straight up lies and tbh the IRS is probably catching up, afaik they were not paying taxes. (I believe this because Joji once asked about credit card readers for flea markets etc and was hesitant to use square b/c it required a tax id, or so he thought.)

I really liked a lot of Joji's jewellery, not so much the bone stuff, but the stuff with crystals, and I live close enough to be able to go to a flea market if I had the money to. A lot of people liked it but the same couple hundred people will not support him forever, even if more people found the business and bought stuff, it'd probably be too overwhelming for them both. I feel bad for saying this but it was destined to fail as a main source of income.

I took a look at Eerie's fetlife account https://fetlife.com/users/4568706 and it seems like he probably tried to get into the recent trend of making money through sex, judging from all of the sugar daddy etc interests.
>Eerieroticism is into being taken care of by a Sugar Daddy. 16 days ago

It's sad because Eerie seems like a nice person who is too attached to a toxic, lazy, over sized baby. Shame he has no GED or anything, but IIRC that's fairly easy to get, right?

Idk, rambling now.

No. 56291

I would love it if Eerie found a sugar daddy and moved on and away from Joji, and finally became his/her own person. Without Eerie I'm pretty sure Joji would collapse completely.

No. 56325

"I identify as male, my body and looks do not reflect that and I am aware of that, but don't make a pass at me if you are looking for a woman. Just because I dress like a woman, like lingerie, nun's costumes, and wearing make-up, doesn't mean I'll let you call me your little fucking girl, got it?"

she's just as bad as joji, holy fuck that's cringy to read

No. 56326

I feel like that was written by Joji and not Eerie. It's been up there like that for years now, but I still remember her not identifyin as male/FTM and not being bothered by she/her pronouns at all until /cgl/ had all those fakeboi threads calling Joji out so hard.

No. 56327

while sometimes eerie can be okay and tolerable, i don't see why everyone protects her so vehemently. while joji has contributed to some of the messed up personality, eerie isn't an innocent lil babie that needs protecting.

No. 56336

It's not so much protection as it is this person has the potential to be a normal good person if this negative influence was gone. I'm not blind, Eerie is an enabler, Eerie is an idiot and Eerie is constantly going along with the excuses and lies. However, Eerie has also never done this themselves and I really think they could be a much happier and better person without Joji around.

No. 56481

File: 1447191451920.jpg (27.2 KB, 600x422, full[1].jpg)

Eerie used to be such a qt. (Pic from ~2005)

No. 56485

So is this thread about dolls or people who get on your nerves in the community?
If its the latter, I can't stand Loolooz.

No. 56774

It was about dolls, buts let's be real, they haven't fucked anyone over with the fucking bjd shit in years.. They have moved on to scamming different hobbies, maybe the Dollie folks should too.

No. 56788

File: 1447263709638.png (205.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-11-11-40-05…)

Another way to make money is have an unexplained illness and beg your followers for money…another gofundme is predicted. When shit hits the fan joji gets sick or someone dies.

No. 56901

I wonder if Joji's conscience is finally manifesting after years lying dormant

No. 56925

This is the worst kind of attention whoring. Also, what kind of fucking name is Joji? Isn't that the katakana for George?

No. 56928

I wouldn't be surprised, his name was previously "George Viktor Grey" on fb. Obvs not unique enough.

No. 56931

It's funny because he vehemently insisted that his dad called him that, and he liked it so so much or whatever

No. 58895

File: 1447503845647.png (797.88 KB, 939x606, joji.PNG)

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

No. 59028

>those fucking stretched ears
Shit is kinda cute if they're like size 14 or 12, but any bigger (looks like she has an inch stretch) and it looks fucking gross.

No. 59469

Apparently Eerie is now ditching Facebook too, the pretentious fuck is complaining about how everyone is acting over the Paris shootings. While, yknow, doing nothing but sitting on their ass.

No. 59504

Eerie did post images of themselves in the hospital with IV connections and shit. Instagram is where the party's at I guess, or at least the platform of most sympathy then if they're complaining that they're starving of attention because of an actual tragedy that's occurred.

No. 59630

File: 1447636385166.png (298.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-15-19-11-24…)

No. 59969

So yeah same as always. They're always in danger of having the power shut off or no food on the table (you'd think with how often they're out of money for necessities they'd both be skinnier by now)

No. 60238

File: 1447781626015.png (442.83 KB, 634x594, ss (2015-11-17 at 12.32.30).pn…)

Awesome, another shop.

No. 60384

Business goes down under? Ditch and make a new one!

No. 60392

I'm assuming their roommate is going to lose her cell phone because she's broke from covering Dumb and Dumber when they can't pay rent or bills. That sucks.

No. 60398

So, why can't they get a job?

No. 60431

They're ~*spoonies*~ aka Joji's back hurts sometimes.

No. 60437

Eerie doesn't even had a GED.

Not sure about Joji. Probably couldn't get a job because of the ridiculous hair, tattoos, piercings, hideous horns, and the split tongue.

Doesn't Joji have scoliosis or kyphosis or something?

No. 60447


Bibliofox? Lol, I guess Bookfox wasn't goffick enough.

>why can't they get a job?

They can. They just don't want to because, like so many lazy entitled narcissists, they think they're better than and above regular jobs. Jojo claims to be ~disabled~ which prevents her from getting a real job, yet she doesn't collect disability (because any doc would tell her to just stand up straight and do stretches regularly). She pretends to have some spinal problem so she can justify the mad slouch she puts on to hide her poorly bound tits.

No. 60753

I've suggested applying for disability, since joji "can't work", no response from joji…but the worshippers replied with " too many hoops to jump through for little money." Um, they have no money in the first place. Anyways.
Both the room mate and joji have cars, they can drive or carpool to work. I feel bad for the room mate, once her lease is up she should leave.
They spent their customers money (that was supposed to be for shipping) on burger king and toys, so now they can't send the purchases out…and they have the audacity to write nasty comments about them or bitch them out.
Do not buy from these people, they are long term scammers.

No. 60816

Sounds like the typical routine, yep.

No. 60841

File: 1448008813538.png (202.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-20-02-36-53…)

I'm looking at this and wondering, of all the people without basic needs in this world, what makes them feel so entitled that they deserve money for thanksgiving.
No it's not a regular Facebook post, this is begging for money and using any pity story possible.

No. 60842

I mean there's a lot of places offering free food on thanksgiving, begging really is the only reason for this post

No. 60847

>being a psychopath isn't an excuse to act like a psychopath
I mean let's face it, BPD is a pretty intense personality disorder. Not saying it excuses it, but it sure explains a lot.

No. 63646

File: 1448326131801.png (738.76 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

>Kills animals to use their bones for "bone jewelry"
>Fucking animal abuser.
>Graveyard vandal
>Begs for money only to use it on stupid shit.
>Horrid fucking stretched ears that are disgusting and the size of golf balls (poc who do this for tradition and other purposes should only do this.It looks stupid and its cultural appropriation.)
>Literal trash
>Vile sick person is setting such representing the trans community so badly that she doesn't deserve to be called a she.

No. 63651

>cultural appropriation
>literal trash


No. 63660

what the fuck fuck off.

No. 63663

graveyard vandal? more info pls

No. 63664

>cultural appropriation
nigga you for real?

No. 63668

File: 1448332129215.png (48.35 KB, 1109x418, twat.png)

No. 63673

I mean, I agree with you, but don't.

No. 64963

File: 1448653387361.jpg (28.5 KB, 640x248, image.jpg)

Of course.

No. 65037

File: 1448666101557.png (2.1 MB, 922x1764, lolscammer.png)

so one week ago he's in the hospital with a fever & they have no money for bills/food/sending out orders

but a few days later he's got enough money for fancy coffee & $29.99/month for a book crate

scammer extraordinaire

No. 65602


She'll be back on in a month.

No. 66428

File: 1448933770134.jpg (160.54 KB, 720x1166, IMG_20151130_193444.jpg)

Joji's new store. Bookmarks.
While eerie uses social media to beg for money, joji has been coloring and buying books!!! How lovely.

No. 66429

File: 1448933843967.png (389.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-11-30-19-36-32…)

Please, feel sorry for these people.
Body image issues really suck and they need your money to pay bills. Have a heart.

No. 66430

>I'm too ugly to pay rent boohoo.

No. 66512

File: 1448952981623.png (270.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-01-00-55-03…)

No. 66518


>How dare you expect me to make the items you already paid for! Don't you know I have tea and books to buy and bookmarks to color??? Selfish losers!!!

This is all I can hear whenever one of those lazy, cheating assholes makes up another excuse.

No. 66569

That's exactly what I thought reading this. If there are SO many bad orders they should send the damn products. Out of obligation, and as an apology for their shitty store.

No. 66608

Now eerie is advertising jojo's shitty new storenvy (bibliofox)
Would it be possible to leave reviews about how Ayla is a known scammer

No. 66624

File: 1448987345531.png (476.16 KB, 670x463, Screenshot (23).png)


No. 66637

File: 1448989285343.jpg (34.5 KB, 413x395, lmao.jpg)

No. 66674

I feel as though the switch their focus on what they make and sell often, it's simple…
They fuck people over. When people place orders, it is the owners responsibility to send those orders out…not spend all of the money right away and then bitch about customers wanting their purchases in decent amount of time. It is not the customers fault.
They thought they'd make 100% profit right away, that's kind of hard when you're a broke ass to begin with…money has to go right back into your business until you have enough steady clientele. I've seen beautiful jewelry made by actual taxidermist's (that know what they're doing, many of which have to have other jobs in order to maintain things like BILLS.
Joni and eerie, I hope you stumble upon this.
Stop blaming others for your stupidity and irresponsibility.
If customers stumble upon this, I'd give up on the idea that you'll ever see your product.

No. 66874


Funny how when Joji made that IG account it was called BookFox, and was supposed to be for sharing books and book related stuff, now it's called something else and it's a shop too? Smh.

Joji could easily sell crappy "art" for extra money, offer services as a MUA or photog for little alt kid photo shoots at cons they go to (I know their fans would be all over that), even something simple like thrifting cheap junk and spray painting it/gluing beads and bones and stuff on it to make it goffick and selling it on Etsy is an option. There's no way they have so much time on their hands and so many extra luxuries and yet can't pay their bills. They're probably just not paying rent to the other girl and making up excuses, I feel bad for her for taking them in. They're both know for being lazy, manipulative scammers/liars who steal money and damage other people's things. And it's not like proof is hard to find with a quick Google search, so how do people keep falling for their shit??

No. 66878

Joji has been a scammer for his whole life. I don't think he'll ever change.

No. 67240

I love looking back at Jojo's phases where with each and every one it came up with some story about how it's always been interested in this and how it's more cultured and refined and well read on whatever subculture obsession it had at the time. I'm surfing through the archive of its old blog, if I find anything good i'll post screenshots

No. 67241

File: 1449141112028.jpg (265.61 KB, 916x1280, tumblr_lwz93vnD891qepv9eo1_128…)

the willy wonka–i mean dandy phase was my fave

No. 67242

File: 1449141252904.jpg (172.8 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_lwxiq81brW1qepv9eo1_128…)

wait no the kaibot/space alien phase was pretty good too

No. 67243

File: 1449141602874.png (609.86 KB, 987x344, Screenshot (36).png)

says the scammer

No. 67244

File: 1449141920261.gif (981.8 KB, 250x167, tumblr_lxxq49aioq1qepv9eo1_400…)


also it used to make gifs of itself

No. 67246

File: 1449142717586.jpg (115.56 KB, 480x640, tumblr_m1lym5DmyX1qepv9eo1_500…)

undeniably male

No. 67247

File: 1449142927829.png (347.08 KB, 859x343, Screenshot (37).png)

Of course you do, you're dating your sister after all

No. 67254

File: 1449145215303.jpg (107.79 KB, 600x611, tyrion-cersei-jaime.jpg)

As long as the siblings in question don't create children, I don't see the problem to be honest.

No. 67255

hate to agree on something with this edgelord though.

No. 67259

It personally grosses me out but I don't care if other people do it consensually. It'll always gross me out, I don't know why because when you really think about it there's no real reason but live and let live??

No. 67260

Gutterface/Joji/Kazekai/Stars in the Gutter has been a lolcow for sooo long! Maybe 10 years or so? I can't believe how someone just won't won't grow up. When I look at her profile, it's like nothing has changed, still the same edgelord she used to be. I remember in my first years of 4chan and finding out about her.
I can understand people going through phases when growing up (went through some myself) but how old is she now?
She even has those horn things, wtf, she's supposed to be an adult!

>Q: If you are trans* why arent you on T, or in therapy?

>A: This is a very personal subject for me, obviously. My current situation with my home and location is neither ideal nor safe for me to start HRT or head towards getting my surgeries done. the closest therapist is really very far away from me, and even still, i cant afford the rates to drive there and back for an extended period of time. my lack of HRT or surgery does not, however, make me any less of a man.

This is literally the same thing I read in her faq 10 years ago or something.

No. 67289

He is on T now. (Or maybe not? Surprised they can drive to the doctor when they have no monies.) But he was uploading vids of his voice and pics of his mexican-teen-boy-moustache and hairy belly.

No. 67587

Why do you insist on caller her "him"? Are you one of her whiteknights?

No. 67596


Ahh, the DJ SiSeN phase! I remember her claiming SiSeN stole her ideas for outfits and poses and music, and how she was a kawaii half German/Japanese super popular anime con DJ shota trap boy who fucked Ruki from the Gazette at some nowhereville Idaho anime convention. That was before she admitted to being a girl and started waving the FTM flag though.

No. 67608

Oh yes, I remember. She would get so offended when anyone would mention sisen. It was hilarious.

No. 67637

I just always have. nbd

No. 70155

Joji hasn't posted anything on tumblr or her main IG for three weeks, and switched Bibliofox back to Bookfox and added and underscore for some reason? Also posted a selfie + intro on there and is bragging about making friends with a middle aged housewife who may or may not have sent her a huge ass Harry Potter box set- in the comments for which it's never stated that the friend sent it, so Joji probably used the money from selling those chibi character bookmarks to buy it. Also, Bookfox seems to be a bookmark shop/book haul brag spot now instead of a book review account.

No. 71616

Yup, joji has been buying shit, one post it was even said that.."the used book haul."

No. 71619

Joji turned a book review IG into a way to make a few quick bucks to buy shit.
While eerie is on Facebook whining about having no heat and not being able to pay bills. Eerie is also posting about the "shops" and how people need to buy shit so they can pay their bills…great advertising, good to know you lazy sloths have NO SHAME.
Joji "isn't online"at the moment but the Facebook is still up, and is taking no responsibility for the shop.
There has never been any mention of their roomie Meghan, and her sufferings of having no heat..no money for rent.
I have never seen people so obsessed with buying useless shit and doing absolutely nothing for it.
Shouldn't have run your old ass dad away, you're free ride is over..your " fans" do not give a shit anymore.

No. 71649

File: 1449968691704.jpg (138.67 KB, 720x1127, IMG_20151212_190343.jpg)

No. 71929


Jesus, that writing style. Could she be any more edgy? It's almost as annoying as that random l e t t e r s p a c i n g shit Joji does for emphasis on random words.

No. 72290

File: 1450117411779.png (431.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-12-14-12-15-20…)

Again, no one gives a shit about a grown ass adult (who's not worked a day in their life) having gifts for a gift exchange.
Doing chores around the house is not a job joji, it's what people do.
I am betting readinginhongkong (middle aged mom with a "book review" IG) will send those lazy assholes shit.
Someone warn her.

No. 75066

File: 1451034469668.jpeg (137.35 KB, 640x868, image.jpeg)

It's starting again!

No. 75189

This doesn't surprise me, they take peoples money and ship things whenever they feel like it.
They give no shits and have no shame.

No. 75541

File: 1451239952248.jpg (109.94 KB, 720x1091, IMG_20151227_121110.jpg)

No. 75744

This makes me happy. As someone who has been dirt poor and too busy working shit jobs to pay my bills/no money for luxuries I love seeing spoiled lazy shits like this cry and panic when they realize they blew all ther money on bullshit and have to have the consequences for it now.

They need to get their GEDs, it's fucking easy as long as you're not completely retarded and it opens up so many more doors for you vs. not having one.

Also watch someone donate money to these cons and then Joji will make a post about being "gifted" something in that price range immediately.

No. 76181

File: 1451413085666.jpg (39.07 KB, 720x418, IMG_20151229_121640.jpg)

Oh, does it bother you eerie? You never bitch

No. 76182

Joji hasn't been posting about money issues at all. They just post about eating food, playing video games, and advice about life that is totally random and irrelevant.
Eerie seems to be the one "working" aka shamelessly begging for money on social media.

No. 76584

File: 1451553272564.jpg (84.51 KB, 640x677, image.jpg)

Seriously though why do people still give them money? Joji was just talking about eating hot fudge and ice cream and playing a new dlc for fallout 3 they got but oh they don't have any money

No. 77484

File: 1451872204076.jpg (128.74 KB, 720x1036, IMG_20160103_194929.jpg)

No. 77504

Can't she just ask for an extension or something. Though she's probably done it too many times…

No. 77506

>balms or salves
Who the fuck in their right mind would buy balms or salves from these people? Just looking at them and some of the other shit they do, I feel like their house is probably hella dirty and "balms or salves" are probably full of germs.

and why do they need a car if they haven't got a job to go to? These people. A couple evenings of babysitting would get those 64$ sorted (not that anyone should trust them around their kids honestly…)

No. 77541

What really confuses me from the core of my soul is how they have all of this STUFF but can't ever put it to actual use. They have a car, but neither of them even try to get jobs. They have possessions they could sell if they were THAT desperate for money (Joj's stolen dolls, for one), a roof over their heads and apparently plenty of food bc they're both still fat. But no they're always in the middle of a crisis or acting better than everyone else

No. 116128

Doesn't anyone have Brian's Tumblr post on his side of the story? I really want to know what really happened. He deleted his Tumblr and everything and the way back machine doesn't have it archived

No. 116296

Joji has been taking T lately, so I think his transgender status is legit. As for Eerie, I don't think it's legit and Joji is trying to push that onto her

No. 116411

bleaching and boiling is the last thing one should do when cleaning bones

that shit turns them into glue

No. 116553

Apparently Joji claims that he doesn't bleach and boil bones though. He just cleans them with peroxide I think? Or was it alcohol?

No. 116581

What exactly happened between Joji and his dad? He said his dad just up and left with his girlfriend, but knowing that Joji is a sociopath, I think there's more to it than that. And how the fuck did they get a car if they're always saying they have no money for food, bills, etc.?

No. 116611

Is there a website or something where I can read the reviews of The Bones Slums and everything?

No. 139915

File: 1465939464200.jpg (31.49 KB, 581x284, whiny tranny.jpg)

gutterface's ugly girlboyfriendsister being a stupid dramatic bitch as usual

No. 139926


But how can you beg for money if you delete most of your ATMs?

No. 254468

"Joji" is now on youtube under the name "TheFeralBoy". She's taken on a "southern goth hillbilly" style after being tired of being a "dandy" for so many years I guess…She is not even from the south, nor has she ever lived there. She lives in Ohio. Anyway, she films gameplay vids with her sister-cousin brother-girlfriend "Eerie" mumbling in the background and apparently has a new boyfrined. :/

No. 254655

Thanks for the update! I was kind of wondering whatever happened to them as they both kind of went MIA on their old social network accounts.

By the looks of things, the shop they had went under, and they got behind on orders, bailed on the shop, disappeared on their old accounts, and now Joji is back with a new personality and scheme.

The dandy thing was a lot better than this gross pretend hillbilly swamp creature shtick.

No. 254804

I can't wait to see this mess

No. 272321

File: 1489870146575.jpg (78.27 KB, 480x640, 17140_900.jpg)

This is old old old milk like, spoiled curds that went black milk but it's an interesting and hard to find read. It's Celebare's account of living with jojo (who was going by kai/kai biernot/kazakai) and it's really pathetically hilarious to see how inept this person has been for their whole life.


No. 272326

This person looks like a GaiaOnline avatar lol

No. 282229

File: 1491058336456.jpg (152.22 KB, 956x736, jojiwall.jpg)


Replying to myself but I found another interesting screenshot taken from his facebook post. It's been years but I'm super interested to know what happened, and I only got to communicate with Brian very shortly before he disappeared from the internet. I'm fascinated as to why no one ever posts openly about Joji's behavior when it's so awful.

No. 282230

She is now a Twitch.tv streamer under the name TheFeralBoy. https://www.twitch.tv/theferalboy/videos/all
Who are you when no one is watching?

No. 282237

Joji definitely has identity issues. She's gone from goth to Japanese fairy-kei to visual kei to dandy to grunge to hillbilly goth.She now tries to put on a subtle "southern" accent in her twitch streams and generally tries to talk like a redneck with country sayings but it comes across as manufactured. She even goes as far as to try and take on the characteristics of a southerner with pretending to be like the stereotypical country mom or grandmother who is overly concerned with whether or not somebody has eaten recently. Fret not though, her true colors still shine through in her attempts to squeeze money and random shit out of her "fans". She has set up a donation fund in her twitch streams and a wishlist full of tea, video games, and Japanese candy.

No. 282332

Yikes, thanks for the update haha. I'm glad to see that the mindless follower count is dwindling, though. Back when I was a part of that count, you couldn't say even a slightly negative thing about this jerk without everyone swarming you.

I, myself, was actually scammed by Joji when I was younger and didn't know to look people up before doing business with them. Not so bitter about it anymore, just very disappointed that it keeps happening. I lost in total around 250$ to Joji, and I just wish I would've had the foresight to look up past business deals first. I hope karma comes 'round and makes the bad reputation more prominent so people stop thinking Joji is a good person at all.

No. 282591

This all happened when she was 17? I could have sworn she was in her 20s when she moved in with Brian, isn't he the guy who cut off his nipples & had the split tongue that she met on Tumblr?

No. 282677


Yeah this account I linked to was posted by an old friend of Joji's in the BJD community, known as Celebare who had dolls stolen by Joji after she had kicked them out for being a lazy clingy slob. It was a long time ago now

No. 282813

Oh. So she just did the same crazy BS with Brian later that she did to Celebare at 17. I read his long tumblr post about joji/eerie moving to Salem to live with him and telling people he was abusive because he asked them to get jobs and pay rent.

No. 282898

She's not from the south? That's hilarious. On her Instagram, she claims that she had the southern drawl "bullied out of her".

>I'll be 26 in a matter of a few weeks and it's taken me 20 of those years, it seems, to understand why I mourn the loss of my voice as it was before I felt the stab of shame any time my words shot through the air with a twang of mountainsides full of coal and poor blood that persisted through it all. Ignorant, uneducated, small minded, unworthy. It was beat out of me by teachers, children, the world around me that sat up on its high horse, ignoring that the wounds of self-depreciation would last in me longer than my kin would.

>That it's hard to find the drawl in my throat where it used to bleed freely. That I let a part of me die. I try so damned hard but sit me down with the film rolling and my voice twists into a sterilized, generic monster that I know was never meant to be my voice.

~*So dramatic*~

No. 282900

File: 1491178777664.png (551.42 KB, 927x585, jojicat.png)

I wonder what she did to this cat.

No. 282904

Funny as she clearly tries to talk with a drawl in recordings and clips. How mysterious that it's suddenly appearing again after 20 "long years" of being "beat" out of her. She's a psycho who's desperate to be a special snowflake at any cost, even if that means constantly reinventing herself. Eerie at least seems to keep somewhat of a low profile in comparison, both seem like trash though.

No. 282911

christ almighty can she be any farther up her own ass. this hurt to read

No. 282918

This is by far the dumbest shit I've read in a while.

No. 283000


>I'll be 26 in a matter of a few weeks and it's taken me 20 of those years, it seems, to understand why I mourn the loss of my voice as it was before I felt the stab of shame any time my words shot through the air with a twang of mountainsides full of coal and poor blood that persisted through it all. Ignorant, uneducated, small minded, unworthy. It was beat out of me by teachers, children, the world around me that sat up on its high horse, ignoring that the wounds of self-depreciation would last in me longer than my kin would. I shoved aside my memories of running those mountains as a barefooted, dirty little heathen child aside and with it went the joy of that freedom, the memories of catching bees and picking wild berries, of the last time I felt at home. I stabbed at that part of me with broken glass, knives, sharp words, casual jokes. I began to hate it. I began to think hillbilly was a curse. That country was a vulgar word. That southern meant I had to be ashamed.

>I am ashamed. Ashamed that I let people kill that part of me. That it's hard to find the drawl in my throat where it used to bleed freely. That I let a part of me die. I try so damned hard but sit me down with the film rolling and my voice twists into a sterilized, generic monster that I know was never meant to be my voice.

>I will find my blood again. I will find my roots. I will not spend another 26 years with a dead voice inside my throat.

No. 283390

probably b/c there's still a significant amount of people that will defend joji and like, no one wants to deal with a bunch of annoying angry fans. there were a few 'exposure' blogs that either deleted from repeated harassment/threats or left floating.

when you've fictionalized your life so much you forget you come from fucking ohio. sure, the appalachians pass through but that doesn't make you southern.

No. 283473


>I'm a southern boy

>from Ohio
>my southern drawl was beaten out of me when I was 6
>then I became a half Japanese cybergoth DJ doll collector/makeup artist/wig and jewelry maker

I wonder if this idiot will ever realize she only had ovkeep abandoning her identities and lying about herself because she's too lazy to actually put effort into having a good life or delivering on her promises.

No. 283480

I wonder how many pets they're gonna neglect to death before they realize they shouldn't keep living things? It seems like every pet the two of them have ever had has been sick, died, or needed money for something medical.

No. 283934

I don't think it's neglect. I think they're probably harming them intentionally.

No. 285297

IIRC she was born in Florida but was adopted by her aunt and uncle in Ohio when she was a baby. So while I guess she is technically from the south (granted FL isn't always considered part of the southeast like GA, AL, TN, etc is), she's pretty much spent her entire life in Ohio. She's lying out her ass yet again (though when is she not).

As someone who actually lives in the South it's kinda funny to see her treat it like how she used to treat Japan and lie about being half Japanese.

Also the fact that every single animal that she gets ends up dying mysteriously is suspicious and horrifying (I think she either "accidentally on purpose" neglects them to death or straight up hurts or poisons them).

No. 286855

That sucks, I used to follow a lot of goth/alt online personalities and knew about Joji from his ED page so always stayed clear, but I know a few people who donated to him when he said he needed money to see a gender therapist, and then where upset when he just spent it on clothes and a tongue split and horn implants.

If I'm being petty, I have a theory that he's laying low online not because he's learnt to stay clear of drama but because his looks have started to fade, now that he's on T he's going to actually look more like a man and not a kawaiiii yaoi boii like he wanted to look, and now he's in his late 20s his metabolism and all those years of lazing around doing nothing and drinking starbucks are catching up to him.

No. 286861


Yeah Joji def has BPD which he refuses to get treated, the constant cycling thru different identities and subcultures, mood swings, manipulating others, etc. Unfortunately he has a lot more people willing to enable him than most people with BPD.

There was an old thread on /cgl/ about the Brian incident, apparently it was mostly Joji acting like a child, and when Brian issued an ultimatum Joji took to the Internet saying he was abused and needed money to come back home. Someone volunteered to drive Joji and Eerie, and Joji spent the whole trip sulking and ordering Starbucks and didn't even give the person any gas money. Hilariously, Brian didn't know at the time that Joji had told hundreds of people he was abusive and was helping the person pack the car up and stuff.

I sympathise with Brian going through that, but at the same time he seems like kind of an idiot. Joji and Eerie are in their late 20s (mid 20s at the time I think), have never had jobs, both claim to be mentally ill and physically disabled which they dont get any therapy or disability benefits for, both claimed to be pre-transition trans, etc., plus there's a decade of online history of Joji's behaviour and how he treats friends and housemates, even if you cared about them you'd have to be an idiot to think you could move the two of them in your house and it would all go fine and dandy and be functional and you'd be a perfect little queer alt poly family.

No. 286876


She sounds like a 17 year old faggot entering Broadway.
Kek'd at the Minecraft videos

No. 286886

File: 1491651849539.png (146.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170408-074026.png)

I thought it was the sisterbrother adopted from FL - see crappy screenshot. Eerie = Xanth, Joji = Ayla

But I'm pretty sure eeries online profiles show her as being like, 26, when according to the records, she's 31..

No. 286893

I'm confused about Eerie's relationship to Joji, I always thought she was just some random friend who managed to stick with Joji through all her BPD fits (I've heard people say that Kaz/Joji used to treat her to like shit) and who's been living with Joji and her (adoptive) parents for some time now. And people on /cgl/ said that Eerie was actually a cousin of Joji, and so when Joji's aunt adopted her they became legal sisters?

I don't think Eerie is Xanth. But I'm not sure whether she's actually related to Joji somehow or not, I remember once she talked about a relative dying and her inheriting a house or something, which seems that they're not related, but they've been living together for years and never really heard much about her family only Joji's.

I remember Joji used to lie on deviantart and livejournal that he was dating his brother or something, but that was probably just to look like more of a goffix edgelord.

No. 286906

Yeah, they're super confusing people.

I feel like if eerie had inherited a house, they would have found a way (beg for donations) to get there, as they're always short on rent for the house they currently live in.

The cousin thing is plausible, the adoption record shows the birth mother has a sister living in rittman, OH, which is the same place they live now. If the record means anything, I think it does, I've found webarchives of eeries old dA page (from 2007) saying she's 21, but who knows when she's lying ~so MYSTERIOUS~

No. 286978

Yeah I don't think Eerie is Joji's biological half-sister, she's around the same age as Joji, she's in same of Kaz/Joji's older stuff as Corset Corrosion or something, and it would have been obvious back then as teens if she was five years older.

Biological cousin is plausible, who knows, but I feel like Joji would have milked it more for Internet asspats, she used to make all this videos and posts about how she was a femme boy, a goth, a pagan, a ~~trans boy who wore make up and dresses, a trans boy dating another trans boy, in a proud poly relationship, etc., I feel she would have played up the incest angle more to seem more controversial, or to have another excuse for why people don't like her (when 90% of the people who don't like her are also alternative or lgbt and hate her coz of her scamming, lying and shitty personality).

No. 298375

Does anyone know her real name?? Or is it legally changed to Joji or Kai or some other anime name??

No. 298398

Ayla Chisler

No. 298576


Wait, Eerie is 31? Holy crap I had no idea. Eerie doesn't look 31.

No. 303321

That isn't Eerie, I'm not sure if or how Eerie is related to Joji, but she's not Joji's half sister, and she's around the same age as Joji (26) or a bit younger.

Its all fucked up, not sure if they're blood relatives or not, but if it's any consulation Jojie and Eerie have never had sexual relationships with each other, friends have said that they cuddle (clothed) sometimes but have never been seen even mouth-kissing (Joji said she was asexual but had sex with Brian and has had sex with other men before).

No. 303612

Kek I remember Joji bragging abt fucking some dude in a VKei band. Asexual my ass.

No. 303808

Joji does not take care of their animals, they had a snake die because they weren't feeding it properly. eerie and joji are currently without power and I know they have animals that depend on heat.
eerie actually has a job, but isn't making enough to take care of joji ( surprise, surprise)

i know for a fact that one of their snakes that has passed in this past year, died from neglect.

No. 304303


any more info on what's going on? Joji got all vague on facebook again and i want to know what terrible tragedy befell her because I'm a nosy bitch

No. 304416

Seconding >>304303

How are you getting this information? Are there any more public accounts?

No. 304512

File: 1493918130316.png (58.2 KB, 623x529, IMG_3923.PNG)

Joji and eerie are more than likely going to be evicted. They are currently looking for a new place to live and to my knowledge they have no fucking money for it.
Joji puts the black profile picture as a signal that things are shit.
I have spoken directly to their most recent roommate that they kicked out, which is insane because she paid their bills. I can ask her permission to post our conversation, but I she wouldn't want that.
I reached out to her out of genuine concern because I have always liked her.

Photo is eeries public IG, read the captions on the photos. Tells just about everything about their current issues.

No. 304518

Also, samefag…but I know that they severely fucked over their patrons of their shop. Basically stole money from them and never sent them product.
Super relevant because that's what Joji has always done.

I truly feel bad for eerie (even though they will stand by Joji no matter what.) I think they work really hard and is taking on all of this stress for not. If Joji were truly disabled they would apply for disability, rather than treating streaming as a job.
Playing video games isn't a job unless you're getting paid for it.

No. 304622

why is she calling herself joji/george just like that filthy fran guy's real name WHYWHY WHY

No. 304764

Reading Eerie's posts is worrying. Not gonna lie, I feel bad. They sound very empty and hopeless, and I'm worried they might hurt themselves now that Joji's e-fame is dying and people are sending less money.

And it makes me really mad to think this poor broken soul is working their ass off while princess joji sits on her ass all day, complains about a back problem she doesn't have (she said her doctor misdiagnosed her and got all butthurt about her back pain identity/pity party) then went right back to saying she had it and plays video games all day. Probably isn't even the least bit grateful either.

The sad part is, maybe this is a stretch, but I don't think Eerie even stays with Joji out of love or smth. I think it's the fear of being alone that keeps them around, and that's really sad because I personally think they deserve so much better.

No. 305010

Honestly, I do kind of feel bad for Eerie to some extent too. It sounds like she's really making an effort to try to better their lives, she's holding a job, making new friends, trying to fix things and find them a new place. Where is Joji in all this? A lot of her posts kind of read like she's sick of Joji/the situation, but other posts sound like she's still "in love". She needs to cut off that toxic relationship before she loses any and all of her support via friends.

No. 305136

Hey, maybe this is it then. I don't think eerie understands that their is nothing for them to be dependent on Joji for, Joji is solely dependent on eerie.
I really do hope that this situation shows eerie that they aren't responsible for Joji and could probably easily find a roommate.
Eerie is employed, has been employed at the same place for over a year now.

The solution is clear, drop Joji and move on.
I think for the first time ever Joji needs to be put in a situation that he needs to survive.

No. 305141

File: 1493994069422.png (145.24 KB, 640x900, IMG_3930.PNG)

Also this is what Joji is doing during all of this, receiving things off of a amazon wishlist and playing video games.
While eerie works, "disabled" Joji treats getting up and making food a chore.
Sits on their ass and plays for hours on end and then says "oh, I'm exhausted".
Feralboy is the twitch name. You can hear Jojis voice change from the HRT.
It's cringy so beware.

No. 305421


So disgusting. I know Eerie isn't innocent in this but compared to Joji, they're an angel. IMO Jojo probably steals money/doesn't send out products and leaves Eerie with the workload/stress afterwards.

No. 305444

what i don't understand is that if they're going to be homeless, why doesn't the lazy fuck joji do something? he hasn't begged online per usual, but i guess video games for muh streaming career are sooo much more important

No. 305467

Bcuz Joji is totes disabled. I mean, I know they do have some kind of spinal disorder but.. that's about it. Probably can't get a job with those fuckin horns and whatever other body mods.

No. 305675

If Eerie ever wants to better her life, she'll get rid of Joji. All Joji does is drag her down and come up with a new identity and money-making scheme every time the old ones lose their steam. Joji could work and will work for the sake of his life should Eerie gain any sense and leave the deadweight he is.

No. 306704

Amen anon.
I think eerie may be at her breaking point rn.

No. 306802

Urr Joji was called herself that before FilthyFrank got popular (or before the channel existed?), she calls herself Joji coz she's a weeaboo (and I think has claimed to be part Japanese a few times, but I may be mixing her up with other lolcows, a lot of the weebs have pulled that line).

No. 306812

Same. I know she lost a lot of weight the past few years, and she seems like she's trying to be a decent adult whereas Joji wants to act like like a spoilt teenager except now with the gifts and adoration.

I've always wondered why Eerie stuck with Joji, I assumed it was because she doesn't have much contact with her own family (still not sure if they are related, but anyway they lived with Joji's (adoptive) parents) and seemed to get on well with Joji's parents so being with Joji gave her a stable place to live with relatively-decent parental figures (who honestly seemed really chill and lax and let the two of them get away with a lot). Also because of Joji's e-fame.

But I've heard rumours that Joji used to be physically abusive to Eerie, and that one of the reasons why Eerie claimed to be trans was because Joji used to tell her "I'm the man and you're the woman so you have to make my food" and similar things. Still think the Kazbeast is a fakeboi even with the HRT but Eerie never seemed comitted to even that, or even cared about insisted how much of a man she was, I always thought she was bullied into a trans identity by Joji who wanted a "boyfriend" to complete her "femme gay boy" image.

Sorry for the rambling I just hope she managed to break free from Joji once and for all and pull herself up from this mess.

No. 306918

She started going by Joji a while back when she was in her weeb/cyberpunk/dandy phase. I vaguely remember her pretending to be a hapa at one point, some bullshit story about a family member calling her "george" and "joji" as a nickname. (Might have been her ~totally Japanese~ grandmother, if I remember correctly?)

At least Joji of the Filthy crew is actually a hapa and named George/Joji. He gets a pass.

Honestly, I could see this. Eerie never seemed as into the attention and internet fame as much as Joji was. She always kept a pretty low profile for the most part, and when she was a "boy" she didn't seem to make a big effort to change who she was, still dressed the same as now, makeup, etc. I could see it being something she was pushed into or as a way to keep Joji off her back. I'm kind of indifferent to Eerie over all, but I'm starting to feel for her, she sounds like she was kind of brainwashed/mindfucked into staying for as long as she has, and is finally seeing the situation for what it really is. I hope she can get out and make something for herself and finally be happy and parasite free.

No. 307003


years ago joji refused to send some old buddies of mine stuff in return for the tablet they sent her. When they got the police involved and she had to send it back, she pitched a fit on tumblr about "not being able to create art now" and even posted their public info for everyone to see and i guess hoped ppl would go after them.

Eerie had to beg Joji to take it down, my buddies told me that Eerie had to go to some lengths just to get the bitch to remove information that could cause harm to people who were totally innocent. I could believe Joji is physically abusive. Her old old old old blog shows a totally unstable, immature person. Let me see if I can find anything interesting/relevant in it

No. 307016

File: 1494211432356.jpg (335.64 KB, 2405x1783, joji1.jpg)

Some choice entries, i think this was before eerie but notice the aforementioned "POOR ME" attitude instead of a sane "maybe I should have some remorse" attitude

No. 307034

File: 1494213055455.jpg (435.9 KB, 2000x2000, joji2.jpg)

so basically still the same ungrateful violent person as always, who has no appreciation for eerie and zero remorse but a lot of self pity. +better at spelling. That's it.

No. 307044

Joji is too busy living in her on headspace or whatever, to come to terms with reality in any way. I think that's why there's always this reinventing of personalities, backstories, new gimmicks, etc. She has shut herself off from the world except for what she chooses to let in/influence her. That's why she hasn't changed hardly at all in over a decade. It's kind of insane, really.

No. 307134

Yeah, Eerie's realised that she's forced to grow up now (also I really doubt she put her name down on job applications as Illiad or makes co-workers call her Eerie, whereas I can see Joji insisting everyone call him Joji and he/him while he's wearing make up and a skirt) and so is driving, working and looking for a house.

Idk like clearly it's mostly Joji's fault for not growing the hell up but also he was enabled by his parents and fans for so long (I remember him saying that he got presents for Halloween since it's "goth kid christmas" and the presents were some expensive pens from his parents) that he never really had to fend for himself, I guess he just assumed he could mooch off his parents and/or fans forever and now that he can't refuses to wake up to reality.

(Also I know he has a personality disorder which sucks but so do I and a lot of people, I haven't seen any evidence that he's been trying to get therapy or learn mindfullness/coping strategies or try and take responsibility for his whole life and mental health.)

No. 307198

I think it's kind of funny that one of Joji's main schticks was how unique she was, and now thanks to Tumblr transtrenders ~~kawaii goth femme queer trans boys~~ are a dime a dozen.

With Eerie, she always seemed less like Joji's partner and more like Joji's +1. I remember with the relationship with Brian, people on /cgl/ who claimed to know them said it was more a relationship between Brian and Joji with Eerie stuck around for the ride (Brian and Joji would have sex with each other but not with Eerie for instance, even though Joji has said that she's asexual and Eerie has said that isn't asexual). There was another ftm, Ben Ruuface who would visit occasionally and Joji would post pictures of them kissing and in each others arms called him "my boy" and stuff. Never really seemed like a "healthy poly" thing or anything, just Eerie stuck being Joji's shadow for so long she got used to it.

No. 307293

The personality disorder bit is tricky. I think it takes someone standing up to them and telling them to take of themselves or get out.
Jojis dad left them and Joji played it off as abandonment. What I think happened was, his 70+ year old "dad" decided he wasn't going to take care of his lazy white trash kids anymore. I think he stood up to Joji and Joji went psycho.
can you imagine living in a house that you pay for and having Joji dictate your life?
Letting animals rot in the backyard.

Joji really pisses me off, more than most internet presences.

No. 317977

Weren't there 3 of them? Joji, The sistercousin, and the "friend" who moved in with them from another state years ago? I don't remember their name though. I did always think it was weird that they were in this ~alt poly queer FTM yet non binary~ relationship and living together in Joni's parents' house. I always thought Joji treated her parents like shit even with everything they let her do and supported her with (her "My son is FTM" shirts she made them wear and take a pic with her in on DA years ago when she was freshly coming out as FTM and not just claiming to be a cismale hafu anymore.

No. 318679

How is Joji affording HRT? That shut costs money! And are they still considered a she or are we calling them a him?

No. 318773

The same way she affords everything she has without working- selling dead animal parts online, begging for money and doing art commissions.

No. 319595

Joji won't be able to afford HRT for much longer with the way things seem from Eerie's Instagram. Apparently, the two are being evicted soon and Eerie can't find another place for them to stay. I don't think Joji is helping much. The captions under Eerie's photos all point to Eerie feeling alone in the struggle of surviving.
Caption-> "Today has been the worst day by far. As if it wasn't bad enough in struggling with feelings of inadequacy, my landlord decided to serve me a 3 day eviction notice that isn't legal. I spoke to cops already and I'm basically trying to figure out my next move in between but this is hell. I can't manage this on my own but I'm not sure what else to do at this point. I have phone calls to make in the morning and work in the evening and about a thousand mosquito bites because I've been outside for a while now talking to my best friend and before that talking to my landlord. My head is spinning but I have so much to do still."

No. 319597

And little miss Joji is absent in all this. Lovely, way to support your lover

No. 319614

I'm kind of hoping that Eerie moves in with one of her kind coworkers and Joji gets left behind.

No. 319706


I hope Eerie's ''best friend' is anyone but Joji, she should drop her fat ass and move in with the friend.

No. 319993

i browsed eerie's instagram and i think she's actually kind of suspect too. all the recent posts are poetic, well written paragraphs about being broke, homeless and on two hours of sleep, accompained by carefully made-up and posed selfies. i mean, everybody copes differently but isn't it weird to cope with a life crisis by expecting to receive likes on how you look?

No. 320515

This is from an anti-trans site and reaks of vendentta, but it's a comment that mentions Joji being physically abusive to Illiad (Eerie):


copy and pasted:

(I tried to email you this, but it failed. I'm sorry if you get this twice.)

I've seen you around the internet, and I figured this person would be of great interest to you. She's a female transitioner and a former friend of mine, but she frequently tried to scam me for money and talked about women being disgusting.
Here's a few links I hope you will find helpful.
http://starsinthegutter.tumblr.com/ her tumblr
http://gutterface.deviantart.com/ her deviantart
http://www.youtube.com/user/kinggutterface is her youtube, where she spews made up things about FtM superiority.
http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Kazakai her ED, which as I send this is currently down. When it goes back up, it details the girls she's scammed and the animals she's abused. ED is generally over-exaggerated, but the information on hers was true.

Her real name is Ayla Chisler, though she goes by various things (usually in Japanese). She also has several LiveJournals and Blogspots but I do not know what those URLs are.

She is very confused about her gender, and claims to be male, but has no desire to pass as this gender or transition at all. However, she continues to shame females with her behavior and the things she says about herself, women, and other female transitioners.

I bring this to you because, as I said, she is a former friend and tried to scam me. I fell for her FtM lies and bought her a binder, because I was told that she would pay me back by snailmail since she did not have a paypal. I never got the money, and I guess I deserved it because I did not look into her beforehand. I donated several dollars to her because she said she had dental bills.
I became suspicious when she asked me to buy her a $600 doll from Korea, promising she would 'pay me back later'. I refused her and cut off all ties with her.

She has several girl and boyfriends, and states she is in a polyamourous relationship with them all, but I spoke to one of her girlfriends on several occasions. She stated that Ayla would scream at and hit her if she wanted affection, and rarely paid attention to her except to borrow money or demand things from her (usually saying to get in the kitchen and make her food, a stereotypically misogynist male role of course), and Illiad (the girlfriend) said it was supposed to be a joke, but hurt far too much. She is afraid to leave this relationship because of "what Ayla will do to her", though she never said what that was.

Please help me bring attention to this lying, woman-shaming scammer. I feel that this is my payment for all those that she has scammed, including me. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate this.

No. 352415

This is Brian, joji and eeries ex. Someone forwarded this forum and i would like to set some things straight. Yes I was an idiot. This happened in 2012 I believe. So around 5 years ago. Sure I could have researched them and found out all the red flags. Unfortunatly at that time I was just barely even getting into social media. I met them through my friend who is trans and they thought we would get along. They would write me love notes, send me items in the mail, basically wooing me into submission. I could have left, but I wanted to give them something better. I wanted to help. Unfortunatly I was used, and they did destroy my apartment. Holes in the wall from them throwing items. Joji would cut themself and bleed into glass jars. Would leave them on the table for me when I got home from work. They would scream that I was abusive (because I would calmly ask them to see a doctor or call them out on the abuse), but they did not want any help. Do not feel sorry for eerie. They enable this behavior and are part of the problem. Yes joji is abusive to eerie. More emotional abuse than anything, but I have had one on one conversations with eerie and they are willing to continue a ruined life, if that's what makes joji happy. It shows zero self respect and zero drive. When they destroyed my apartment, they turned up the heat all the way, took raw chicken and left it in the sink. It turned to liquid. They burnt the carpet with charcoal and food all over the place rotting. I slept in my car the last few weeks. They are desturbing enough to cut you in your sleep. It is satisfying to watch their downfall. Yes I was an idiot. No I don't regret it. It helped me move to this side of the country and find my wife and a much more prosperous job. I was manipulated and lonely. As all of you have either experienced or will experience. But hey. We only lived together for 3 months before I kicked their asses out. At least I'm not a true tool like eerie putting up with that bullshit for so long. Also eerie is not their cousin. But I laugh at these comments. Please keep it up. Seriously. They are both failures. No I didn't help them move out. I left my apartment and told them they have 3 days to leave. I offered to pay their way, pay for items to ship back, pay for the tickets. Unfortunately they tried to destroy my name, scream abuse for money and then had their friend drive down to pick them up. The friend (who will remain nameless) was paid no money. They used the money they received for the move for horns. You can call me an idiot honestly. Its fine. But at least I tried to help them. Lesson learned, and never again so it doesn't matter. If any of you have questions, I will answer them all. They deserve zero respect.

No. 352440

ugh, seriously brian

No. 352472

Reveal yourself

No. 358667


Hey Brian, I'm sorry this happened to you. This Joji character is certainly disturbed, and you deserved better. I was on facebook and tumblr when the drama with you started happening. I don't know where Joji is right now, they haven't been updating for the past month. My prediction, since they have such a burned history on the internet, they are no longer able to keep up with the lies. It looks like they are disappearing. Their downfall was their fault. It's good that you obtained a wife and having a good job.

No. 358769

I remember seeing that snake on her Instagram a year or so ago and having an awful feeling it was going to end up dead like all animals in her care. Sad to hear my worst fears came true. It was a ball Python too IIRC, which aren't hard to take care for at all as long as you do your research. As long as it has a heat matt at the right temperature, water, and is fed every week or two and the enclosure kept clean (which doesn't need to be done more than once a week usually since snakes dont poop/pee that much) they should thrive. They can also endure a lot of mistreatment and still bounce back, they're very resilient animals. To neglect one to death you pretty much have to completely ignore it for months on end (and even then I've heard of ball pythons who survived that). Kaz has absolutely no excuse, especially since from the sounds of it she's home most of the day.

No. 358779

And to add if the snake starved to death in specific that would take even longer as ball pythons are notorious for fasting for months on end and being perfectly fine. I wanna say I've heard of them not eating for 6+ months and being ok. She probably would've had to not fed the poor thing for like a year for it to have starved to death. There is absolutely no excuse.

No. 358801

imo out of all the cows on this god forsaken webhaven, joji or elfgutz or whatever fuckboi-persona-of-the-month-it-wants-to-be-called truly deserves to experience everything its shitty self has inflicted on the world around it. fuck you lol

No. 359057

Is there a way to report Joji? Like, someone do an investigation on him? If he is killing these animals, which it's evident that he is, he has to come down.

No. 359160

People could try reporting her to her local law enforcement and any animal protection agencies in her area. If she still has any animals I think that's something that should be done ASAP since all animals that end up in her care seem to meet untimely ends. Of course whether or not the reports will be followed up on is anyone's guess especially if the animals she currently has are reptiles (many officials either don't care about cruelty to reptiles or don't know the signs of them not being properly cared for), but it's certainly worth a shot.

Does anyone have any evidence she currently has any animals, and if so do they have a location for her?

No. 359198


Last I heard, he was talking about being homeless or something on his last Skyrim stream. I don't know if he has any animals, I doubt he does since he might be homeless.

My guess is he probably got evicted from his parent's house since he doesn't have a job, and can't pay for utilities. Oh, and I think that "rot pit" was a health hazard, so that was probably another reason why he got evicted.

No. 359269

If she doesn't currently have any animals I don't think she can be reported. Unless there's something like a recording or other hard proof that can be shown to authorities of her harming animals in the past I don't think they can do anything unless she currently has animals. While I completely believe the accounts of her neglecting animals to death I think for there to be an actual investigation there either needs to be undeniable proof or animals currently in potential danger. Granted if she mentions she does have animals currently she should be reported ASAP.

Didn't her mom (biological aunt) die and she begged for donations to supposedly cover funeral costs only to turn around and use the money to take a trip to Baton Rogue? If so I wonder if that's part of why her dad kicked her out, I know I'd be pissed if my shitty kid used the death of my wife to scam people into paying for a vacation.

No. 359368


Did he? I know he asked for donations for his dead biological aunt for funeral costs, but I didn't know he turned it around for a vacation trip. Where did you hear that?

No. 359470

I think this site. It's been a few years and I don't know how reliable the original source was to begin with, but from what I recall she and Eerie took off for Baton Rogue right after the funeral donation drive, which is sketchy as fuck especially given her long history of scamming.
If that's their place are kaz and Eerie renting it or are they couch surfing? They've got to be at least couch surfing no matter what since I doubt she'd be able to stream Skyrim if they were out on the streets.

No. 359479

i honestly have no idea but the place is registered under the name ayla chisler as of this year

No. 359508

4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 359628


Actually, you may be right. Isn't that the same time when Joji got those subdermal horns? I did noticed that right after his aunt died, he got those horns shortly afterwards. I was wondering where he got the money. In that case, did he use the funeral money for his horns?

No. 359679

I don't know, I forget when exactly she got the horn implants. It wouldn't surprise me if that were the case though.

Do she and Eerie still have any enablers or have they pretty thoroughly burned their bridges?

No. 359686

For anyone wondering, Eerie and Joji are not homeless right now. Eerie has posted on his Instagram (@eerieroticism) that they have a place. I mean Eerie seems pretty suicidal at this point going by his posts, but at the very least the two have a roof over their heads. Things can't be horrible though, considering he has the motivation to flirt with people in the comments under posts and wear a full face if makeup that makes it look like (s)he has 0 interest in being trans. I'm sure Joji is sitting on his ass too, doing nothing but playing video games and complaining about his back problems. Anyway, these idiots deserve every bit of this misery.

No. 360242

If that's the case I wonder if the eviction freakout was real or more lies to try and separate well-meaning idiots from their money?

No. 360710

what about judas and that other kitteh girl? all who youve dated and all have accused YOU of being the abusive one.. we know joji and eerie are manipulative but then why are there so many claims against you aswell brian?

No. 366967

As far as Jude and joji go, you are believing the word of emotionally unstable self cutters. If I asked joji to fill out any form of paperwork where they would have to write their birth name down, they would cut themselves. If a plan that was made by them fell through, they would slit their wrists and blame it on me. After Jude and I broke up, they cut themselves and post online that I was responsible. So something as basic as asking them to get a job is apparently abuse too. I can't control what people say about me. "Kitteh" has never said anything bad about me, and either have I. We were together for 3 years and, quite frankly, we were great roommates. She's still friends with my family. Wherever you got that information is hear say. That's why it's better to go to the source.

No. 378400


What was Eddie's roll in your relationship? Was he a third wheel?

Also what is the nature of his and It's relationship in the time you knee them? (I know it's shifted over the half decade they've been together)

No. 378405


I knew Eerie before he met GT. The house that he stood to inherit was his grandfather's and is located in VA.

Corroborating Brains statement: GT and Eerie are in no way related. Barring any adoption would that may have occurred as Eerie was under 18 when they moved in with GT.

They met through deviant art and it was the height of GT's efame as he only had the doll/fakeboi drama behind him and hadn't started loosing fans via store scams.

Eerie did not come from a good home life and went to stay with GT on several occasions over the course of two months before moving to Ohio permently.

Prior to moving, Eerie was already exploring their gender and already identified having BPD, but had developed numerous coping mechanisms and was great friend and pleasant to be around.

Due to bullying he dropped out of high school and despite beginning to work towards his GED, he stopped when GT suggested he move in.

Eerie was starstruck that his idol was talking to him let alone letting him move in (specially since it was conveyed to me tbat GT had a better home life re: his adoptive parents) –dispite GT always complaining about how they were 'abusive'.

From there GT left their relationship in limbo for the first year, switching between pursing other's or expressing his fans wouldn't like it.

While Eerie was exploring gender identity, Gt pushed the term brothers.

When GT finally decided they could come out about whatever their romantic relationshio had become, he had already been refering to Eerie as his brother for so long that it judt became another special snowflake badge.

Tl;Dr Eerie is 27, moved in at 17, is not related to GT

While I 100% believe Brian that Eerie enables GT to do the most destructive shit and would follow him anywhere – I truly hope Eerie can break away from this codependent relationship and make a better life for himself and be the person he wants to be.

No. 379571

No. 380140


it's private now, wonder what happened.

so here's an old story about my one and only online interaction with joji when they were going by kazakai. they posted on a forum i frequented about hair extensions looking for something to made for them to wear [possibly for a birthday] so i contacted them and we agreed on materials, colors, etc. this would be an exchange of item for photos i could use to promote myself. anyway, i'm in the middle of making the thing and this girl contacts me on myspace to warn me about joji, telling me that i should be careful b/c they've been known to scam people in the past. well i knew nothing about this but learned very quickly doing a web search, though at the time our interaction seemed friendly so i kept working on what i was making.

not long after, joji makes another post claiming they "forgot" who they had talked to and for some reason were now asking for a wig. like, not that i believe this but it would've been very easy to go into the messages and see it was me. anyway, i post and all but get attacked by others on the board defending joji for 'forgetting' but no one cared i put money, time, effort and materials into making something specifically for them that was now apparently not wanted, so like, just fuck me right.

eventually joji was banned from the board for fucking over people, no surprise there and i honestly didn't feel bad for any of them b/c they'd been the ones previously kissing joji's ass. that was quite a few years ago and not that i really expected any change, it's funny and sad that they've spent so much time scamming people and don't even have a space to bask in attention and compliments b/c things are finally catching up to them.

No. 500583

Why was this thread bumped? Joji abandoned their Instagram, and claimed they were starting a gaming channel on YT called The Feral Boy but it never happened, and it looks like someone took the name and started a gaming channel with it (unless Joji worked into a new group?). The taxidermy Etsy store is down, too. Doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to post and then delete? Unless Joji popped up somewhere else with a new handle.

No. 522606

the gaming channel is him. doesn't look like he's been up to much lately.

No. 522669

File: 1520389273952.jpg (203.73 KB, 600x800, ew.jpg)

holy shit anon I was a frequent poster there too! hairextensionsforum right? she was definitely a forum darling, but she scammed quite a few people out of dread wigs. I remember loads of stories like yours, people who sent her ones basically for free in exchange for "exposure" or her taking pictures of herself wearing them to promote…it still blows my mind that she was so lazy she was getting wigs JUST TO TAKE PICTURES OF HERSELF WEARING THEM and she couldn't even muster up that much. She'd rather go down as a scammer than take some quick selfies. Unbelievable.

No. 522702

Can you imagine how she smells? Even after washing her clothes but that kind of sludge sticks to you. I live near the beach and we get dead seals sometimes, fell and landed in one as a child, thoroughly traumatising and the smell haunts you forever. Had to throw out everything I was wearing, so if she's in that all the time, thank god she lives in the middle of nowhere

No. 522711

She'll be fucking awful at that and will definitely neglect any aftercare.

No. 522817

She unlocked her IG with another username but Eerie claims she's suicidal and is relapsing into an ED apparently
Also admits that she's fake in persona but that she also wants to hurt people, this also making her suicidal
She is "simply doing what I need to survive" and "I just want to hurt people" and "that makes me so hurt"
Then lastly apologizes for pretending to be something she isn't in front of everyone, and also for what she may do in the coming months

Is the Eerie saga over or is this yet another pity party for money as usual?

No. 522847

File: 1520401154146.jpg (122.13 KB, 657x883, brmc.JPG)

Meanwhile Joji is just going to concerts and is semi=active
Eerie is in love with someone in a drunk confessions video on her channel and could possibly be the girl who gave her a Valentine's gift that she took a photo with. 'Amoch' or whatever

No. 523076

yea that's the board, i feel bad for the people who sent things and never even got one photo.

all the looking down and away from the camera makes anything she says hard to believe.

funny how some of the biggest attention whores become incredible boring b/c they've run out of lies to make themselves relevant.

No. 524391

That pedostache looks fake as hell. Is she still on T or did she drop it like Nady Stewart when it started making her hairy and un-kawaii?

No. 524580

Joji did start growing a patchy stache, but this looks like it's been colored in with makeup to darken it?

Joji dropped the whole "kawaii" thing and is a "swamp prince punk boi" now or some shit.

No. 526984

I know the bone store is down and Joji has moved onto his next BPD obsession, but if he starts it up could someone call and get it investigated about how/where he gets the bones, because I fully believe the rumours he was trapping or luring the animals, no one just happens to find so many undamaged animal parts.

No. 526986


Wait so Joji's been trans for like 10 years now and still hasnt changed his name, even though it apparently makes him feel bad enough to cut himself over if he has to write it?

No. 527006

She looks like a Mexican fashionpunk with a mascara moustache lmao

No. 527045

do it yourself then, this isn't your personal army. also, living in a rural area does give one access to bones and roadkill. was far more concerned at how often their pets died but there was never any proof of neglect/abuse besides assumptions and accusations made by others. not wking at all but the shop has been closed for a while and it doesn't seem like it'll come back so this is all a moot point.

No. 527097

True, it's closed so there's no point.

I don't live in Joji's country (USA) so don't know about the laws or animal/environment inspecters, etc.

No. 528356

To think she was somewhat unique when she first started with the edgy fakeboi thing. I wonder how she feels now that everyone and their grandma is an edgy fakeboi.

No. 528374

I mean, most attention seekers like her would be puffing out their chest and making sure everyone knew 'she started it' and 'look how clever she is', but Joji is a weird kind of narcissist when it doesn't matter if everyone is following her lead and praising her; it makes her mad because she must be the only one. The only bone person, the only SiSen copy, the only fakeboi etc, Probably why she needs to move on so frequently once she has maxed out the attention she can get from something

No. 528455

Honestly, unless there was blatant evidence of Joji killing animals/pets, or a neighbor had suspicions, I doubt the local police will bother at all with it. Especially n the south, they don't really care.

Here's hoping it was all roadkill and actual finds though.

No. 529388

I can't speak for the animal remains she claims to have found, but I know numerous pets of hers have died under suspicious circumstances. There was also an incident some years back where she found a small kitten, it died, and she shoved it in a jar to use as an edgy room decoration.

No. 529646


Yeah if it was a couple of times I wouldn't be suspicious, but the animal neglect and weird deaths seem to be a consistant thing, as well as finding so many dead animals with their bones/parts in good quality enough to sell - and yes I know theres dead wildlife in general near woods but the quantity, qualitiy and consistancy that Joji found them, plus knowing how narcisstic and unempathetic she is, I'm almost certain she was trapping and killing them somehow.

No. 529824

>almost certain
post proof then instead of bumping the thread with unsaged speculation.

i know it's hard for cityfags to get that it's possible to find dead things that aren't completely bone on a frequent, but i don't even live in the south (neither does joji) and i see plenty just driving around.

if you're you going to make these claims at least provide caps ffs.

No. 529916


I don’t have any new evidence I’m just speculating based on what we already know. I’ve lived in rural areas and someone who there’s plenty of evidence they care little about other people or animals and are obsessed with their self image as a goth/dandy/bone boy/whatever finding this much dead wildlife is suspicious to me. If it isn’t to you, fair enough.

No. 529918

>using anecdotes as 'evidence'
>just trust me, i know

this meme again.

No. 567239

File: 1524849446918.png (378.63 KB, 996x1286, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.15…)

eerie/illiad broke up with this person. it sounded way too codependent, i hope at least one of them moves on from this.

No. 567532

Eerie has been a minion to Joji for a VERY long time, I’m really surprised (and impressed!) that they escaped. It’s definitely for the best, Joji is poison.

No. 567607

Does anyone have eeries side of the story? Honestly glad he got out of that horrid situation, felt like he worked all the time for him and it wasn’t right, I knew he deserved sooo much better than that

No. 567703

Fucking hell. I love how through all this, Joji manages to dob Eerie in it by basically saying 'my mum's good with ebay, eerie was shit with managing the shop and it was all her fault it fucked up'
At least that's what I gathered from that part of the post. I hope Eerie's okay and finally after so long able to keep away from joji.

No. 567935


Joji was one of my first internet lolcows and I always hoped that Eerie would manage to get away.

Obviously I don't know whether Eerie did cheat or not, but knowing Joji and his BPD and narcissism I wouldn't put it past him to lie, same as he lied about Brian being abusive, it just seems like something he'd say to make all his fans feel sorry for him and take his side, "my long term partner cheated on me" is just another thing to add to his list of reasons why his life is so hard.

Also very convienent that his shops always failed because the items never shipped out and now it's all Eerie's fault, nothing to do with Joji's own history of scamming or using the funds to buy useless crap and body mods.

Joji's kept in touch with his bio-mum online for years now, wonder why he's only now moving in with her when literally every week he telling everyone he was going to be homeless if he didnt get money quickly. Maybe she could only take one person in.

No. 568020

It just makes me mad that people are feeling sorry for him, even making a go fund me page for him to get back on his feet or whatever. Joji will not change. He will constantly play the victim. And people will pity him. Honestly so glad eerie left that situation, whatever the story may be. When his IG used to be public, it was very evident eerie seemed suicidal and depressed, hinting to feeling trapped etc etc. just concerning post. Joji was controlling, just crazy. How can you be in a relationship like that? Eerie worked all the time from what I gathered in his post on ig and fb a while back. God joji needs to grow up, fix his “medical issues” and get a job. He’s an adult and needs to start acting like one. I’m hoping all of this mess is a wake up call but I kind of doubt it.

No. 568029

Why are anons in this necro of the thread referring to them by male pronouns?

No. 568096

force of habit, i think everyone knows joji is a TIF but its just easier to say he or she, and i've never seen him go by "she" (even though he is a woman)

No. 568375

File: 1524952858476.jpeg (167.78 KB, 640x895, D342BCED-BA22-42A7-B2D4-AA3202…)

No. 568767


lol how dramatic, doing a photoshoot for the ring with a sad story attached to it.

I wonder how long he's going to milk Eerie leaving him (if his online stores get back up, I predict that "I'm still sad about my boyfriend betraying me so that's why the orders didn't get sent out").

I really hope Eerie has therapy to recover from being in that narc enabler BDP relationship, and also gets over the artykawaiigothtransboyzz shit and lives happily as an alt bi woman (it was pretty obvious that she never really wanted to be a boy or trans, I think she just took it up because Joji wanted to be a kawaiiyaoigayboy with a boyfriend).

No. 568781

If it upsets him so much he should just take it to a pawnshop

No. 568814


Probably thinks someone will want it based on who they are. Going to a pawn shop also lessens the amount they can draw it out. Despite it being SUH TRIGGERING

No. 568830

It’s not gold, platinum or even sterling, and the stone definitely isn’t a gem so don’t think a pawn shop would take it.

No. 568907


Bingo, a lot of people have old jewellery, marriage rings, etc., from old relationships, a normal person just pawns it or sells on ebay, Joji wants more sympathetic breakup asspats from whatever fans he has left, and is hoping that someone will give a high amount out of adoration or (more likely) pity. He doesn't have the online following he used to have when dating Brian, where he could easily get someone to drive him and his stuff back home for free (making them stop for Starbucks on the way of course).

No. 569119

y'all are gross transphobes.

joji really does seem to suck tho.

i think my favourite patented joji scam was the time he left unattended candles burning on his "altar" and then discovered the table had caught fire. he was so heartbroken about a few crystals getting scorched that he made the usual lame whinging post about it, and chumps started donating.

always such a pattern - mishap, attention, donations, purchase of something stupid and non-essential for himself

i'd be so humiliated by my behaviour if i were him

why can't he just act normal for once?(this isn't tumblr)

No. 569122

File: 1525012102485.jpg (32.15 KB, 542x640, 27540144_714418958947074_68712…)

go back to left internet

No. 570076


Whenever Joji has his latest sob story for his followers, he always claims it's been going on for ages despite never mentioning it before and he just struggled to keep it inside until he can let it out in a dramatic online post, usually accompanied by a pic. Eerie cheating, Brian being abusive, eating disorders, new health problems, drug addictions, whatever.

No. 571468

Guess he holds out for awhile then makes his drymatic post. Why doesn’t he get some kind of online job or something. What happened to him doing photography. While it wasn’t great photos he still could make money off his goth pictures. I underand him not getting hired for stuff due to what he did to his body but there is no excuse why he can’t do an online job or factory job

No. 571642

Is this thread for people in the BJD community or just about Joji?

No. 571684

I also want to know if the BJD by elfgutz are actually used real blood. Screenshots?

No. 571699

I think it was meant as a general BJD thread, but ended up becoming a Joji thread. Also, it's a three year old thread. I don't think Joji deals with BJD whatsoever anymore.

I don't believe so? It's going to be difficult to find receipts that old as it's extremely expired milk at this point. Joji has used blood in other things though, so it's not completely out of the question.

No. 571793


No. 572581


What I meant isn't that he holds out, it's that he's making it up (or at least the time it went on for), "Eerie has been cheating on me for months!" - as if he wouldn't tell everyone about it the second he found out. Same with how he used to, iirc, make posts about how "I've secretly been addicted to (hard drug) for years and I'm finally now brave enough to get help for it".

I think he does have back problems (though can't blame people for being suspicious, same as how if Eerie did legitmately cheat, when Joji's cried wolf so many times before), but disabled people can still work, there are agencies specifically to help them find suitable jobs that won't aggravate their conditions, and I doubt it's because of discrimination for being modified or transgender, it's because he's lazy and doesn't want to work and until his adopted father left he never had to.

No. 594820

File: 1527386753521.jpg (60.71 KB, 540x508, _20180526_220405.JPG)

That was fast, maybe his mom kicked him out?

No. 595136

File: 1527434485972.jpeg (110.92 KB, 625x564, EA11CBED-86FC-449A-88B1-1731FD…)

Literally feel like he won’t help out in any way if someone lets him stay with them. I seeiously hope no one falls for this. No sympathy.

No. 595327

File: 1527450960153.jpeg (79.17 KB, 637x469, 741C10A9-BA4C-4205-8693-19F004…)

Honestly surprised his mom maybe kicked him out so quick. Good for her, I’m sure he cannot contribute in any way since makes no income

No. 595328

File: 1527451003662.jpeg (46.44 KB, 640x380, 8333ACA8-8EF7-4767-AE5F-596C5D…)

No. 595348

Idk what happened, but honestly if she gave Joji up at birth for being unable to handle a kid, I doubt she’d be able to handle a jobless, manipulative freeloading adult for long either.

No. 595349


Did this all happen in the same day, or was it just posted that way?

No. 595359


Almost feel bad for him, his mother was shouldn't have brought a kid into the world if she couldn't handle it. She was drug addict from what I've heard, makes me think how would he have turned out if she had been a mother from the start. I know its no excuse for the things he's done though.

No. 595372

This was posted today and yesterday , really wondering what he is going to do about his situation

No. 595378

File: 1527455529491.jpeg (209.27 KB, 640x832, CAC7818C-A5EE-464B-92F8-F219C6…)

This was just posted

No. 595432


She’s gonna sit in her car, dramatically embellish her situation for pity and beg online until someone lets her move in “temporarily” while she “looks for a job” pulling another online shop scam.

No. 595443

How long before the cats die from "overheating" and she disassembles them for "the hardest thing she's ever had to do but" jewellery to hawk online.

No. 595495

File: 1527464736915.jpeg (116.34 KB, 640x676, 9AD25A42-1DB3-4E5D-86BA-A21351…)

the desperation is real

No. 595498

But how will she ship it without someone holding her hand at the post office?

No. 595611


Elfgutz was the worst thing to happen to the bjd faceup and photography community ever in terms of style and ~*~ soft boi~*~ fuckery

No. 595634

What normal person wants to live with an animal killer? Isn’t that a sign of a psychopath?

No. 595635

I'm pretty sure he means taxidermy/cleaning up animals found dead, not actually killing them himself. It's a popular ~special snowflake~ hobby

No. 595640

Yes but Joji’s neighbors pets have been reported “gone missing” if you read there are doubts on how she acquired the bones

No. 595644

i used to be a no good trash goth and online friends w Joji, it certainly seems believable at first that they would just use roadkill, but there is so much suspicious history now that i don't doubt they've killed pets.

No. 595663

File: 1527482760714.jpg (183.92 KB, 493x853, 2533465768791.jpg)

I grabbed this a few months ago. Eerie has disappeared off instagram and seemingly the net in general but last I saw, they had adopted a very feminine look and worked long shifts at Walmart while Joji did nothing.

90% of the posts were just videos of them crying/crying whilst singing over background music. As far as cheating goes, I suspect it would've been with Ruuface, who has also disappeared.

No. 595940

File: 1527524017792.jpeg (153.86 KB, 640x842, 13830274-1213-4806-ACB0-7817F0…)

Eerie’s ig has been private for a while now, no idea what’s going on with him as of late

No. 595970

I've followed Joji&Eerie on and off since the Kazakai days but now that I think about it, I don't know what Eerie looks like or ever remember them being present as more than a silent, background supporter/provider. How did they even meet?

No. 596120

File: 1527541060485.jpg (117.52 KB, 613x943, IMG_4919.jpg)


I found Eerie's facebook

No. 596121

Do you have a link to eeries facebook?

No. 596202

Strange that they said specifically 9 months.

No. 596203

She looks great actually, much healthier and cleaner looking

No. 596221

Fb link or name eerie is using?

No. 596235

File: 1527549938947.jpeg (243.14 KB, 640x898, 5E0C7638-A713-49A8-95F5-D0426F…)

No. 596236

File: 1527549958845.jpeg (146.56 KB, 629x648, 6BE7255A-6D3A-4CFF-B7D7-38730D…)

No. 596362

She looks so much better now that she is out of the Joji’s clutches. I hope she can recover from everything she has gone through. While I don’t condone cheating I understand her reason. Being with someone so bad would drive anyone to cheat

No. 596394

small hope that very few people feed into this, fix your own shit for once.

yea it seems like they are pre-excusing their behavior.

while i respect the right to privacy, vague posting only incites curiosity and i kinda want to know what went down. also, not condoning cheating, but joji used to talk about others all the time and don't doubt he's guiltless of doing the same.

No. 596411


this is amazing. i really felt that Eerie was manipulated into the troon phase, cause as if joji would date a normie. i really wish them well. Gosh, how dare they find comfort in another person for 2 months after 10 years abuse and enmeshment with someone who apparently wouldn't even fuck them

No. 596472

I scanned the thread but is there a tl;dr version of eerie's story? I only remember their drama being instigated by joji. The last time I checked up on them, joji was planning a trip to new orleans after crowdfunding money to pay for her mom's funeral.

No. 596984

Eerie finally leaving is fantastic news, tho Joji having cats again is worrying. Wonder how long it'll be before they end up mysteriously dead?

No. 597074

Probably emotionally in a bad place and they're giving themselves a buffer of 9 months to act crazy or be away. I'm REALLY glad she's left Joji and hey maybe she'll be a regular person at the end of it since she seems to have more or less dropped the transtrender thing. 10 years is a really long time to be emotionally abused though and I wouldn't be surprised if Joji was manipulative and abusive

No. 597401


I don't feel bad, he was adopted at a young age by his mother's aunt I think, and from the sounds of it his adopted parents spoiled him, gave him presents on Halloween since it's "goth kid Christmas", posed in lgbt photoshoots with him, pretty much financially supported him until his mid-20s since he's never had a real job apart from selling online and was constantly buying useless crap like clothes, goth/kawaii toys, Joji moved Eerie in when they were young teens so his adopted parents supported Eerie too for like a decade, iirc he moved out once in his teens and the parents payed for his rent/bills/groceries.

He's had way more help and opportunities than most people born into working class families.

No. 597403


They're both such drama queens, really hope Joji continues to stir the pot and post about how he was betrayed, and then Eerie airs his dirty laundry. I suspect the reason he isn't milking "I was cheated on" every 10 seconds is because he knows that Eerie could drop a lot of dirt on him.

No. 598113

Good on Eerie for finally dumping that sociopath. Based on the photo, she does look way healthier than her previous photos where she was with Joji. I hope she has the time to heal and get her shit together. As for the cheating, who the fuck cares? Not condoning cheating, but come on, Joji was an abusive boyfriend that screwed over everyone so he can get what he wants. If anything, Joji deserved to get cheated and dumped on after all the horrendous shit he's done to people.

Now that Joji is officially alone since all bridges are burned including his mother's, what's next? Will he be able to find a place and fuck it all up again? Is he finally going to learn and stop being a lazy piece of shit? Is he going to be homeless forever? This is probably the perfect time to self-reflect and learn from one's mistakes, but it's doubtful Joji would do that.

No. 598118

Joji is too proud to grow and reflect on what he’s done. He is the victim and did nothing wrong. Life deals him shit cards. That is his mindset. He has had everything handed to him and for once he has to survive on his own. All I can foresee him doing is having meltdowns and begging.

No. 598162


I agree, I remember when John made that dramatic post about Brian abusing him, someone went out of their way to drive hours and move Joji and Eerie and all their stuff back to Joji’s parents house. Apparently Brian helped her load up the car, since he had no idea at the time that Joji was calling him abusive he just thought they were moving back since they couldn’t find jobs. Then the whole way home Joji sulked in the car and took selfies, made her (the driver) stop for Starbucks, and never offered her any gas money despite taking donations for their move back from fans online.

This is speculation but I’m guessing something similar happened with his bio-mom, she was expecting a semi-competent adult to move in with her but got an overgrown toddler who only knows how to take and use people, constantly plays the victim and blames others, probably never thought to help out with chores or look for a job once he had somewhere to stay because those sort of things would just never occur to him.

Not to mention Brian has said Jojo was physically and psychologically abusive - people close to them said he abuses Eerie too, which I’m hoping she’ll talk about. Also hoping she’ll confirm other stuff people have guessed over the years, like where all the money from donations over the years went, whether John used killed any animals to get their parts for his photography and bone store, whether Joji dating Ruuface and Brian was truely something she agreed to or whether Joji bullied her into it, etc.

No. 598214

People excuse Joji's behaviour because he's trans. They feel unable to criticise him being a giant piece of shit because "Oh poor soffffft goth boi uwuuuu~ no bully pls"

No. 598219

So he's probably gonna be perma-homeless. I really don't see anyone else taking him in. Even if they did, he'll burn that bridge real quick.

No. 598698

File: 1527795130898.jpeg (88.48 KB, 640x485, 4AC2DBC2-49B5-4A17-B92C-4C2345…)

I really hope people are not helping him. Like seriously? I guarantee the next person he stays with he will take advantage of and not pay a dime. Tired of his pity billshit. How did eerie deal with him for so long?

No. 598752

Does Joji still have a fanbase? Or have they all moved on or grown wise to her shit?

No. 598784

What I want to know is how the fuck can someone live off 'fans' money and not have a proper career/house for the entirety of their life? It certainly makes me feel less anxious about having my shitty job and home situation that is for damn sure.
Is Joji travelling to Wichita with the cats does anyone know or has he used their bones to sell on as jewelry?

No. 598943

They were living off Joji’s dad and then Eerie when the dad left, all the ‘donations’ from fans over the years went to cover the gaps between the money they spent on goffik toys and rent/utilities being due. They always seemed to be okay financially (because of whatever shop or scam Joji was runnng), then suddenly an emergency comes up and they’re short on money and need donations/are taking commissions, followed by no more mention of money/bills after the donations, then rinse and repeat a few weeks later.

No. 599090

Wonder what poor soul he’s going to end up mooching off of

No. 599355

He seems to have to have a number of fans on Facebook offerering emotional support, money ect, but his fan base is no where near as big as it was a few years ago. If you look at his old Facebook account you'll see in the comments majority of fans figured him out, his own bio mother even called him out criticising his behaviour. Of course he played the victim card, abandoned ship and went dark for a while only reinvent himself yet again. The same thing will happen again when mooches off and scams the small amount of fans he has left, only this time he'll have fuck people left to manipulate. Part of me wishes he'd sort his life out, take responsibility for the bad shit he's done and get help for his whatever mental illness he has, but the other part of me finds it awfully entertaining.

No. 599367

>his own bio mother even called him out criticising his behaviour

Deets/caps? I don’t have facebook or I’d be keeping tabs on Joji, she was my favorite OG fakeboi. All I remember of her mom is that back when Joji/Ayla came out as trans (instead of bio-male hafu) she was hella supportive and commenting about how she’s always support her “son” in everything “he” does. I get the feeling she and her mom maybe weren’t close enough for her to put up with the clingy, spongey bullshit that is Ayla Chisler.

No. 599397

Yeah she was really supportive of him being trans, it was his unwillingness to get a job that she criticised him on. At the time Joji was trying to raise money for his horns and at the same time eerie needed oral surgery for an abscess. Joji's mother commented saying it was wrong that he would put his modifications before his partners health needs. I'll see if I can find it and post screen shots.

No. 599411

File: 1527859265503.png (89.48 KB, 509x356, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 14.0…)

Found it! I think maybe she felt really guilty about abandoning Joji as an infant and tried her best to make it up, but because she missed out on those years it was impossible to deal with his/her psychotic, manipulative personality.>>599367

No. 599413

File: 1527859363456.png (95.47 KB, 515x435, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 14.0…)

This is how Joji responded lol!

No. 599460


Holy fuck, bpd rage. Especially if the comments posted were what set him off, his mother just gave mild criticism with a compliment, saying he has the skills, mixed in.

No. 599462

Yeah I think most of his fans either realised how full of shit he is, or just grew up and grew out of thinking a “tortured artist” using flowery language who acts like a child is interesting.

It’s a pity, because I do think he had talent as an artist and photographer, it’s just all the crap he’s pulled over the years - lying, taking peoples money, being nasty to friends, making crap up, scamming, never sending out items, constant online drama, trying to be the biggest edgelord/alt/goth possible, playing the victim - that makes him extremely unlikeable.

No. 599478

I'm pretty sure thats what set him off and yeah his mother said it in nicest way possible, I agree he has talent and don't understand why he can't just do that, he has a fanbase to sell online to and a car to get to craft/flea markets instead of just scamming and burning every bridge he has.

No. 601181

File: 1528059762195.jpeg (96.5 KB, 640x573, 8B249D82-6F62-4BA4-AFA4-283B9A…)


No. 601200

File: 1528060439030.jpeg (153.03 KB, 640x779, DAF090E6-2507-448C-8CF3-39E506…)

He is so going to regret taking joji in

No. 601210

File: 1528061261638.jpeg (136.71 KB, 640x757, 6E0C448D-3B63-46FB-BB8C-21B973…)

No. 601379

Damn, Joji has gained a lot of weight and is that a missing tooth? Aging like milk.

No. 601445

who is this dude and how did joji wind up with him?

No. 601523

Man she looks awful. Yea she gained a lot of weight. Sitting and doing nothing will do that to a person

No. 601639

He is from a band called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club I believe, don’t know much else except Joji did some art for them a while back

No. 602194

oh wow, not sure how popular they are or what kind of lies he spun but when the situation goes to shit i hope the dude puts joji on blast.

No. 602482

How the fuck did he get in touch with a nobody like Joji? This can only go so fucking badly…

No. 602711

File: 1528234803027.jpeg (67.46 KB, 640x875, 2CA07ED1-10A5-41AF-9EA7-ADC69C…)

T shirt with his art of the band

No. 602713

File: 1528234850613.jpeg (140.76 KB, 640x563, C819D44D-16DB-4C33-8D37-929A3D…)

Lol this status, super hipster thing to say

No. 602913

They have a decent following, but aren't super popular or mainstream in any way. They were signed to Virgin, but got dropped and went on to make their own label.

Peter seems like a kind of quirky, quiet guy? I'm surprised he's letting Joji move in with him, but I suppose we'll see soon enough how that entire thing will play out. Hard to think a 40+ year old man is that naive.

No. 603009

yea i remember all the posts on ig where he mentioned/tagged them. it's just wild this dude wouldn't take a second to google search who he's letting into his life. like, at this point it's pretty hard to cover up years of lies and scams by saying they're not true.

No. 604053

ugh now he's talking about his apparently sick cat. i'm giving it 1 week before that cat is made into tacky jewelery.

No. 604391

I smell another Brian-tier fiasco coming…

No. 604605

I'm gonna be generous and give it three months before this guy boots joji out for being shitty and joji is falsly accusing him of abuse

No. 605204

Oh damn. Called it!

I hope Peter Hayes doesn't have any pets of his own. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club isn't actually an awful band and I'm pretty surprised that one of them would let this obvious sociopath into his life. Poor naive idiot.

No. 605731

Maybe I'm being optimistic, but part of me hopes that being with a famous person or someone he obviously admires might make Joji act like a normal person for a bit - not blame everyone else when he's upset, not manipulate people with threats of self harm, actually do some chores - which he obviously couldn't do for his parents or Brian or Eerie or bio mother.

Think of shitty husbands who don't lift a finger or spend a buck on their wives, yet treat their mistresses like a queen.

But most likely we're just going to have another bunch of Facebook posts about how this Peter guy is evil and abusive because he expected poor victim Joji to keep the house relatively clean and look for a job.

No. 605832

The man in the photo is not peter Hayes, it’s Ian ottoway, who is not in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I think he’s just a fan of the band like Joji is. Can’t tell if he’s still hanging with him currently tho, joji doesn’t seem to be posting anything about that situation

No. 605852


I at least don't think it's Peter after looking at photos of him. He doesn't have those tattoos, for starters.

No. 607466

File: 1528716166139.jpeg (117.67 KB, 640x549, A9563030-E9F5-4FDA-8863-C74ADE…)

Always a shit storm with joji. But it’s always someone else’s fault right?

No. 607469

File: 1528716234383.jpeg (121.81 KB, 640x618, 44F642D1-19C4-4E58-8D3C-C6E8E3…)

No. 607536

asking your wiccan friends to break the rule of no hexing, which by their beliefs would cause them three times the bad shit to happen to them? how thoughtful and considerate and not at all manipulative. it’s not my religion but smh don’t abuse people’s beliefs like this gutterface

No. 607546

File: 1528726023691.jpeg (123.96 KB, 640x889, D9D1C8E7-B73C-4CFD-A8EA-016DC8…)

Holy crap. His mom is selling his stuff on eBay

No. 607547

File: 1528726163918.jpeg (120.95 KB, 640x864, CF36C558-BE5A-47E9-905C-FF1CB6…)

Honestly don’t know how to feel about this. Kinda fucked up

No. 607573

not at all unexpected after that massive “fuck you mom!!” facebook rant.

No. 607637

Huh… Why did he leave his clothes at her flat? Supposedly, he didn't have that much stuff (at least according to his words). Why couldn't he put those things in his car then? Was he basically thrown out on the spot?

No. 607647

If your mom takes you in when you have nowhere to go, then you shut all over her publicly and say the only thing she did right was give birth to you, and then leave part of your horde at her house, what do you expect? It’s like Maggot with the storage unit drama. If he cared about all that shit, take it with you! Seriously, if you lose your home and you have a car, put your shit in your car.

No. 607740

agreed, and a usual we're just getting his side of the story. after all the money, items and whatever else he scammed out of ppl over the years, i don't feel bad for him at all that the mother he trashed on fb is now selling his stuff on ebay.

No. 607785

File: 1528743500336.jpg (672.33 KB, 1431x1557, 20180611-115339.jpg)

No. 607812

His mom seems like sort of a cow too, but she's not wrong. Also, for her to try to mend things with him, despite him pulling all this shit for so long, she still took him in and tried to give him a place to stay. He freeloaded off of her for how long? Turned around and made her the bad guy? I also do think it's interesting that his own mother, as angry as she is at him is still calling him Joji and everything.

I do think trying to sell Joji's stuff looks a little bad on her part, it's fuel he can use for his pity party. I'm sure she's just trying to cover the costs of him living there and cut ties with him, but it looks bad. Especially at the prices she's asking for? That whole family seems a mess.

Also, did she delete her FB now or?

No. 607814

Altogether the stuff she listed is around $2,700. I wonder why he decided to leave behind so much expensive shit like those dolls? They couldn't have taken up that much room. Also, why has he held onto them for so long when he could have sold them to make rent, buy food, etc?

No. 607845

File: 1528748821306.jpg (120.33 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg)

man, I wonder if he's gonna be able to drive back and take back his stuff before she sells it. When Joji was scamming people in the BJD community I'd never have guessed that this'd happen years down the line. Isn't this doll the one he was supposed to have painted with his own blood?

No. 607863

It's all a bit weird. It seems like he had to leave right at that moment and didn't have time/opportunity to pack his stuff (apart from getting his cats, I guess). Maybe he was being violent towards the mother and the situation got really bad? I wouldn't put it past him…

No. 607872

Also, how does his mom know about the scamming, etc… I doubt that he told her. Does it mean she reads sites such as this one?

No. 607898

This is the funniest shit ever. His mum is a bit of jerk for doing it, but it's kinda nice to see someone getting their revenge laid on thick like this. She's selling some of the stuff for dirt cheap - from what I remember some of those wigs cost a few hundred dollars.

No. 607904

Either that, or maybe some of the people he scammed in the past had gotten hold of some of his details and contacted family members in an effort to get their stuff back/start shit? I can't remember anyone specific standing up to him in that way but it's happened with scammers in other communities

No. 608117

File: 1528763206736.jpeg (87.4 KB, 640x576, D1C1D0D4-C6FD-404C-9577-967564…)

I’m so glad she kicked him out

No. 608436

She's reduced the prices of the stuff on eBay. wonder if she's trying to get it to sell faster so she can have it all gone before he gets back? I'm sure word has reached her that he's planning on driving back to collect it lol

No. 608553

File: 1528811727841.png (98.41 KB, 640x825, IMG_4960.PNG)

Like who needs that may leather jackets anyway. She seems to keeping track of everything he says on Facebook. She posted this earlier

No. 608596

His mom sounds kind of immature, to be honest. And her getting rid of her own child after it was born doesn't exactly make her a great person either.

No. 608602

It sounds shitty when you say it that way, but consider she was probably on drugs when she had him, and giving him to her sister and her husband probably did seem like the best option. Also, she dodged a major fucking bullet with Joji, so at this point it’s like she should be doing a victory dance.

No. 608611

I do agree, I mean it sounds like she was irresponsible and wasn't any kind of fit mother yet on the other hand it's no excuse for Joji to treat others the way he has done. She does sound immature and a little bit crazy, but she did try to take him in at his time of need; it makes me wonder what shit went down after Joji arrived home.

No. 608668

File: 1528822268448.jpeg (129.81 KB, 640x983, 0C58D588-52A2-472A-8988-5F5FCC…)

Kinda crazy to see how cheap she’s selling Jojis old cyber stuff for, guess she’s expecting him to come back and have it all sold.

No. 608706


Ok so she's shared a few more things on her facebook, the PRETTYUGLYLIAR blog about Joji and some youtube videos he did years ago, so I'd say shes probably aware of this thread too. Thought she'd wash her hands of him and be done with it, does seem immature but on the other hand we don't know what went on in her home and she probably wants others to be aware of what he's like.

No. 608708

I don’t get why she is sharing his YouTube vids?

No. 608802

Neither do they're all from before he took testosterone as well which is weird as he sounds/looks different now.

No. 608806

What is she sharing? Is there some kind of context, or is she just posting random videos?

No. 608816

File: 1528831369998.jpeg (142.01 KB, 640x955, 2294BAED-9E34-4EA6-A0E0-22727B…)

No. 609041

She's been dropping the prices quickly. The wig was originally listed at $45. The dolls were like $250 each minus the mini ones, now they are $175 or less (She sold most of them already). The leather jackets all $150, now at $75 each. I'd say she has roughly sold off at least half of the stuff she had listed. I'm sure Joji is livid.

No. 609328


This all seems like old stuff that he hasn't used in years, he probably just had it packed into boxes or suitcases that he hasn't opened in years, and just moved them when he moved into his biomom's house since he was planning to stay there permanently and didn't have anywhere else to put them. Can't know what happened when she kicked him out, but generally most people moving quickly would just take their everyday stuff. His mom went through the boxes or whatever he was storing them in, and then out of spite or genuinely needing the money decided to sell them. Hell, maybe they had an argument a couple times about Joji selling his old stuff since I doubt he was looking for a job. Like the other anon said, I don't blame her, and Joji has certainly scammed or taken enough money and resources out of people in his lifetime.

No. 609332


lel, it looks like she's a experienced ebay seller, buying stuff that looks promising from thrift stores and garage sales and selling it for a profit, which means she knows exactly what she's doing, she's probably not the expect on the price of ball joint dolls or cyber stuff but I'd say she's trying to figure out how to price them to make them sell quickly while also getting as much money as possible out of them.

I really want to see what's going to happen once Joji gets there, hopefully she'll just lock her door, threaten to call the cops and Joji leaves then sulks online about it for weeks, but he might go into a rage since he's never learned to properly manage or control his emotions and might get arrested for the second time in his life.

No. 609458

>might get arrested for the second time in his life.


No. 609465

it was for vandalising gravestones wasn't it?

No. 609510

Aren't some of those dolls ones she stole? I hope the people she scammed in the BJD community find out about this. They might be able to get their stolen dolls back.

The mom doesn't seem like the best person but this looks like shit she hasn't used in years anyway. Plus lord only knows what joji put her through.

No. 609586

So I see people are keeping tabs on Joji…well I have been pulled into this chaos…so here it is…Joji got kicked out because he wouldn't work, clean himself, his cats etc…I did everything I could to help…yes I am selling the stinky crap he left to try a recover a small amount of the funds Joji has cost me over the years…should I have thrown it in the garbage instead of selling it…maybe…I had to replace my carpet etc due to his filth. I ahve seen and heard things in the last month that makes me think my son needs professional help…he left his things here, we beg him to come get them…he wouldn't due to his license being suspended, car hasn't been paid on for over a year, he's up to his old tricks again scamming people ie not sending jewelry orders, asking for money for his cats etc…the whole time he lived here about 2 months..he took 2 baths total, wouldn't feed his cats, even after someone sent him money for cat food…the list goes on and on. I can only hope Joji will get help, but I doubt he will, he makes a good living off of peoples pity. p.s. I don't do drugs I smoke weed that's it. so don't believe the lies and bullshit.

No. 609588

get in touch with me through fb if you have been scammed or hurt by Joji…I'd like to know the truth…

No. 609605


People have been following him for years. I was a 'fan' for a year or so a few summers back until I realised there was a pattern to his behaviour and it turned out he was scamming people out of their good will. Selling his shit on ebay is probably the most tame thing you could have done given the circumstances. You should probably check his statuses on FB as there are always replies to them from people asking where their stuff from year ago is. Contact them and maybe try to build some sort of case against him.
I'm pretty sure failure to fulfil your part in a sales exchange is illegal (it is here in the UK at least due to trading standards laws).

No. 609612

I can't he has blocked me…tried to get a mob to come after me…tried to hex me..etc…I feel bad for anyone who has had to come in contact with him…he is a very bad human.

No. 609613

Assuming you are who you say you are, what's your take on the suspicious animal deaths surrounding joji? Also do you know about Joji using her adoptive mother's death to scam money for a vacation to Louisiana?

No. 609616

didn't know about that scam no…I found kittens in jars etc…that he left at my house…I think he's a serial killer in the making…hope he finds a different path…can't say for sure about the animals…only that he had jewelry made from kitten paws..jars of things…bad stuff man

No. 609618

but it doesn't surprise me his adoptive mother is my aunt…he stole from them all the time…threaten to kill them etc. wouldn't even help her as she was at the end of her life…they did nothing for her.

No. 609639

Joji is a true con man…he is very likable and intelligent..the bad thing is this…and I had to learn the hard way…Joji is a true narcissist…he really believe he can do no wrong…he has a feeling of entitlement..is more interested in death than life..waste his talent…is constantly changing identities, has a hard time showing love in any form…unless he needs something that is…I wanted him to have a better outlook on life, so I took him in and figured I could lead by example…I work every day…I am not lazy…I am a kind person…but Joji doesn't want another way…he likes the pity too much…he needs professional help…no one can help Joji but Joji…no one can give him a reason to live…but Joji…he shit's on people and acts like it's them shitting on him…I wanted him to be happy …he wants me dead…lol. Oh well sometimes people can't be helped.

No. 609713


I'm curious, maybe you'd know - does Joji actually have kyphosis? I've been following them for a few years now, and in recent years they've done nothing but moan and groan about being in terrible pain amd being unable to walk. But now, suddenly, they're walking for miles barefoot with no issue. Have they shed any light on that issue with you?

No. 609730

as to his back….total bullshit…he has a back problem when it suits him to have one…ie…no back problems hiking 6 miles in a day…TERRIBLE pain when asked to take a bath…wouldn't even move his own stuff when he was kicked out of his last place…me his 50 yr old mother had to carry his shit for him…the bull shit lies go on and on…if he said it its a lie

No. 609732

ever disorder he has is made up to con people out of cash or pity…plain and simple.

No. 609734

except his mental health…after cleaning up his mess he left…he is very very disturb person…who loves/hates himself…and there for the world or any who oppose him or tell him the truth.

No. 609763

I kinda feel like people blame those who raised him a lot or those who are his family but really no one else can be blamed for the actions of a fully grown man but himself. Unfortunately I don't think anyone would have a hard time believing you from his track record, pretty much everyone unfortunate enough to come in to contact with him has said similar in that he's selfish, vile and mean spirited. He has a lot of talent artistically, so I hope some day he gets his shit together and repents for everything he's done over the years, but I doubt it. I hope Eerie is staying far,far away from him.

No. 609929


I sort of figured as much. The "look at how wonky my back is, guys!!!" posts just looked like they were just awkwardly hunched over, not that their spine was warped.

Also, I read somewhere before where they claimed to have been raised pagan, then "lost their faith" and became an atheist, then became a born-again pagan. Were they actually raised pagan, by you or their adoptive parents? Or is this something they might've picked up as a new identity of sorts?

Also-also, did Joji ever come by to pick up their stuff?

(Sorry for all the questions, I've been fascinated by this mess of a person for years.)

No. 610248

Huh, knew Joji was a scamming lying scumbag but the not bathing thing is new info.

@Joji's Mom - has he always refused to bath regularly, like is it something your aunt ever mentioned, or just something he did to you to be a brat?

Any more info on the stuff he's done in the past? I understand if you'd rather not talk about it, must be awful having an adult child wth a personality disorder who refuses to act like an adult, but this is a gossip board and since Joji has no hesitation shittalking you to all his fans and following, you might as well air his (literal) dirty laundry.

Do you think Joji was abusive to Eerie? I heard bits and pieces from people who used to know them years ago (as in havent been friends with them for almost seven years) that Joji was physically abusive and used to bully Eerie into doing all the chores and making the meals when the adopted parents weren't there.

No. 610426

I won't be posting anymore after this post I'm not out to do a smear campaign I'm only trying to shed some truth onto the situation …I'm Joji's bio mom… the not bathing thing is NOT new…it's just gotten way worse while here he took 2 baths in the 6 weeks of being here…the bed he brought with him couldn't come into the house due to bed bugs….etc. Yes he was abusive to Eerie…but Eearie is not without blame in his actions either….he knew damn well scamming people wasn't right…they both would lie to get me send the food/money/car parts etc…dentist visits…the list goes on and on…all just to fleece me out of what little money I had…I sold jewelry to send them food…so that's why I am selling Joji's left over stuff…not out of revenge or payback…the stuff need to be out of my garage…better than putting it into a land fill. I don't HATE Joji…I still love him the person deep inside of him…but the way he lives and the things he does…I am repulsed by. I love him as my son…but as a human being…he is one of the lowest I have ever met. I wish him well even still….I just don't want anything to do with this kind of person…son or not…the gender body mod's etc…never bothered me at all…I embraced him…but this serial killer wanna be shit of messed up…the scamming and using people beyond horrid…I despise lazy people…I despise people who lie cheat and steal. But unlike Joji I am forgiving and I embrace love not hate…I embrace life not death. I hope the ones he has harmed, heal with time. I hope other heed my warning. Peace love and light.

No. 610447

Thank you, I honestly wish you the best, you seem like someone who's had some rough times in life but is determined to rise above them and be an empathetic person.

There's only so much you can do for people who aren't willing to even help themselves, maybe Joji will one day look back on all he's done and feel remorse and try to make things better, I wouldn't hold my breathe though. I don't blame you for kicking him out if he was going to behave horrible.

It's funny that back years ago when I watched his youtube he complained about how he got so much hate for being goth or transgender or body mods, yet the majority of the people who disliked him were also alt or lgbt and just hated his lying and thieving. And he still hasn't grown out of this mindset, that anyone who dislikes him its only because they're bigotted.

No. 610461

Thank you for coming on here to try and clear things up. Hope you can find some peace and leave all this behind you.

No. 610465

do you fucks actually think that is his mom???

No. 610468

why would I lie???

No. 610470

Even if it's not it is still entertaining. Cool your jets.

No. 610471

listen people…I got nothing to gain by being on here…I was just trying to shed light on things…I don't care if you don't think I am who I say I am…that's up to you…just trying to prevent anymore damage done by my son….peace out.

No. 610475

>trying to prevent damage
>says "her son" only takes like 1 bath a month


No. 610476

entertainment is fine but being so desperate for milk that we're thanking some rando is cringe.

No. 610477

OK well I can see this isn't helping anything…just giving people shit to feed off of…thought I was helping set things straight…just realized no one want the truth, they seem to just want the drama.

No. 610482

I believe it’s you 100% , don’t listen to anyone doubting you

No. 610490

I believe it too. The typing style is literally the same as on her facebook.

No. 610491

this thread is so full of samefag/newfags

No. 610493

Please continue. Joji scammed me. He's scammed a lot of people. I appreciate you setting the record straight.

No. 610496

thanks…I appreciate it…but if anyone need to contact me…please do it through fb privately…I wish to help not hurt…truth not lies. I love the person my son was..and hopefully will be again one day…I despise the way he is…not who he is.

No. 610498


I know you don't want to hurt him or anyone else. I have a brother who is a lot like Joji, so I understand at least somewhat. It's not your fault or anyone else's fault no matter what anyone says. When someone is dangerous, it's natural to try to blame the parents, but that's not always (or even usually) the case. Please don't ever blame yourself for how he turned out. It's a mental sickness, and I hope your son can get help, but he has to choose that for himself

Take care.

No. 610500

the typing style changes based on the post. you guys look pathetic reaching for milk like this.

No. 610503

Not as pathetic as a grown man who tries to hex his own mother for treating him like an adult should be treated.

No. 610510

okay? no one is defending him here, but it's retarded to think his mom would come here and spill tea about him and then try to claim that it's not trying to cause drama cause "she doesn't want to stir shit uwu". if you idiots want to lap it up like hungry cats fine, but you look like morons.

No. 610512

You are getting awfully defensive about this.

His mother seems fairly tech savvy, has demonstrated that she's aware of the Pretty Ugly Little Liars thread on her son, has been hurt by him, and is not really telling us anything new except that Joji doesn't bathe, which isn't entirely shocking.

Who else would it be if not his mother?

No. 610517

that's what i'm saying, why would she come in here and say one really cringy thing that no one really gives a shit about?

No. 610521

That's not what you were saying. Don't try to turn my comment around to make your point, lol. You're either Joji getting buttmad or one of his blind-ass stans, but either way it isn't working.

No. 610575

Lol please go away with ur cringey bullshit.

No. 610731

I’m LOVING that Joji’s mom came in here and confirmed (s)he’s a stank ass who never bathed. I’ve known about Joji and Eerie since the Kazakai/SiSeN copycat days and even then, there were rumors that (s)he lived in filth and there were bugs in their hair and dreads.

No. 611031

If it isn't they've certainly got her typing style, grammar and sentence structure down pat.

No. 611035

Born-again Pagan isn't a thing kek. It was in the title of a book by Anthony T Kronman but no one actually ever uses that, as it's just a pointless thing to say. If he came back to Paganism it was part of his path, you don't get baptised in Paganism so you're not reborn in to a pagan. I love his bullshit, it's so patchy and bizarre.

No. 611091


It just seemed weird to me, considering for a lot of their early years as a cow, they were an avowed atheist - no word from them on having been a pagan or believing in it at all. Then suddenly, it's been a part of their life all along, they just lost their faith for some reason.

Idk, just strikes me as odd is all. But then again, a lot of their fixations pop up out of nowhere with the added excuse of "I've enjoyed this my whole life, I just forgot about it."

No. 611204

There are other people that had BJD drama surrounding them beyond just Gutterface…

No. 611214

And? You can post them here if you'd like, but right now the topic is Joji.

No. 611224

This shit just got exciting

No. 611226

Not that anon and I am all for this amazing Joji drama, but does anyone else remember Aie?

No. 611287

I think it is his biomom because why else would she say on here ‘contact me on Facebook’.

Also she mentioned Joji not bathing as one of the many reasons she kicked him out, a grown adult who refuses to bath despite not being bedbound or mentally handicapped has clear issues.

No. 611294


It would be nice to read about someone else for a change. :)

No. 611297

It’s not weird, Joji obviously has personality disorders, he constantly lies and changes his stories, his encyclopaedia dramatica page lists a lot of his earlier ones (dead best friend, him being biomale, Eerie being his brother), he changed his sexuality from bi girl to gay man to gay asexual man (despite still having sex, most people think he just pulled the asexual thing to seem more special and to explain why he and Eerie didn’t have sex) to gay asexual poly man to pansexual, his interests change from cyber to goth to dandy to southern boy (he’s from Ohio), I think in the early days he used to lie about being Japanese and German (that was actually a common lie for lolcow weebs in the 00’s), I remember a YouTube video where he said “I’m a gay man who’s marrying a woman” (I think that was some poly relationship thing, he always had poly relationships with him, Eerie and a third, and always talked about marrying the third but never Eerie despite same sex marriage being legal years ago (they’re both legal females).

Joji was one of my first cows since he’s scammed some friends of mine (he was pretty well known in the goth/alt online communities in the 00s because of his art, fashion, photos and horrible reputation), and I’m amazed that over a decade later he’s still producing quality milk.

So it’s unsurprising that someone who lies, has an unstable sense of self, jumps from hobby to hobby to subculture to label, would change religions and have little idea what he was talking about (another thing I found hilarious years ago when he used to make goth YouTube videos was advice on finding a job while goth, when he’s never had one). I’m actually surprised he held onto the trans thing for so long, and started hormones, everyone thought he’d go from fakeboi to femme transboy and then a bunch of nonbinary or demiboy bullshit.

No. 611300

I agree, since Joji has a huge history and is still producing milk she/he should have his/her own thread, leave this thread for other BJD drama.

No. 611354

Oh wow it got real here fast. I think it's the mom, not like it's hard to google names-especially if the person you're searching about has an online rep. If you google "gutterface" lolcow is like the 5th suggestion so. It's not that out of the question. 50s arent so old that you've never seen or used a computer before

All that said, the thing about not bathing?? GAG. That is beyond disgusting. I can't even imagine that..how does one sit around on their nasty crusty ass for like an entire month like that?? Does he even change his man panties?? Doesnt feed his cats-those cats are as good as dead and probably already planned as a necklace or something. Can't the mother call animal control on him or something?? What a mess

No. 611357

I don't know if it's necessary given that without all the Joji talk, this thread was basically dead? It's a three year old thread and still hasn't maxed out yet. Once it does, by all means make a Joji specific thread though.

No. 611386


Yeah it's def the mom. She seems to have an online business so knows her way around a computer and this thread comes up when you google Joji Grey (hell she may have even been keeping tabs on it before she was mentioned, I know if I knew a lolcow irl or was related to one I would). Plus why would she say to message her on Facebook if it wasn't her.

Yeah it's disgusting to not shower, and Joji's history of animal abuse/neglect is well documented.

No. 611392

>kittens in jars

It's like, I KNOW I shouldn't be surprised, because I've heard she does that already



it's plural

No. 611417


One of their cats a few years back gave birth and a few of the kittens died. Joji quickly put them in jars and displayed them on facebook and youtube.

No. 611551

Well post it then? It isn't a Joji thread.

No. 611554

I can't even imagine how deeply deeply embarrassing it must be to have Joji as a son. Just everything he's done all the death and horrible behaviour, the way he treats others and making it all so public after a while you must just have to go public as he always does just to hold your own and try and make his rabid fans see you as a human being and not this monster he made you out to be. Like Eerie, people probably hate her now because they split and of course Joji can never be wrong. He definitely has depression at least as I've never met someone who wouldn't shower who didn't at the very least have a mental disorder or illness, but it most likely goes much deeper than that

No. 611755

While we're on the subject of armchair diagnosis, I've always kinda thought Joji is APD considering all the sociopathic shit she's done with no apparent guilt or remorse.

No. 612008

BJD confessions are always interesting to read on Tumblr. Although the same debates about recasts come up over and over again. It’s difficult to find any new and upcoming lolcows from the community these days. Kazakai never settled his dealings with those he screwed over in the hobby and I think they’ve washed their hands up with him. Elfgutz used to be an annoying twat who whines a lot and spews her rainbow vomit dolls. Other drama had something to do with Culur. I wonder if anyone remembers Pristine Nightmare.

No. 612104

Errr I mean, vulture culture is a thing, people who collect bones and skulls and taxidermy and so on, it was the whole appeal of Joji’s store. And I think part of the appeal is how shocking it is to “normies”, I can understand his mom being upset over dead kittens, because unlike most ppl into vulture culture there have been rumours for years that Joji has been abusing his pets or trapping and killing wild animals for his art, rather than just coincidently finding so many dead animals in good condition while going for walks. That explains why his mother was linking his youtube vids at least, the fascination with dead stuff plus him acting like a sociopath must have freaked her out, and she was linking old videos with him showing off his bones and dead things collection.

No. 612383

File: 1529159258370.jpeg (239.5 KB, 629x901, F0123486-7C6E-4FE6-A33D-526701…)

Waiting for Joji to stop blaming everyone else for their problems

No. 612391

At the very least it sounds like she's extremely negligent of her pets. I wonder if she does it on purpose.

No. 612503

The thing that wasnsuspiciois when Joji opened the taxidermy shop and started selling dead animal jewelry was that he never seemed to run out of “material”, and that other people who were into taxidermy and bone jewelry were questioning Joji over and over about the sheer amount of dead animal he was “finding” while walking around their residential neighborhood and the patch of woods by their house. People who legit live out in the sticks were saying how unusual it was for him to keep finding so many dead animals without any rot or broken bones. That’s where the rumors of them killing and trapping animals for the store started up.

No. 612652

Yeah, a lot of people in those businesses have sources for their bones/parts such as butchers and similar. Yet Joji had no sources of where these bones and animal parts came from, just kept "getting lucky" and finding animals on the regular? Super suspicious.

With his own mother coming forward and saying she too was suspicious of his behavior and thinks he's a serial killer in the making. Yikes. But I mean, this is the same person who literally vandalized and tried to dig up graves as a teenager.

No. 613175

Well, can't wait to buy sandals and nose chains from someone who doesn't bathe and generally neglects personal hygiene. Yuck.

No. 614804

Can you imagine the smell of that wig for sale?

No. 614867

Probably crawling with lice as well!

No. 615253

I was thinking about buying the wig and that stopped me from doing so. Lol

No. 615612

I’m glad I saved a life

No. 615861

I genuinely wanted one or two of the dolls, his mum took them off eBay though after posting here and I suspect she threw them in the trash after reading the thread lol. I even messaged her asking if they'd sold, she said no but that she had no interest in selling them. probably for the best, Joji has gone quiet though so I wonder what he's doing now…

No. 616207

I really don't believe Joji mom is going to refund or return anything to anyone who was scammed. She already sold most of those dolls already.

No. 616665

Forget what I said. Just looked at the post again that she wrote on here. She said to get in touch so she know the truth. Even so would of been nice that she could of refund some of the people joji scammed in the past.

No. 616694

I doubt that's going to happen. IMO she's going to keep all the money she got by selling Joji's stuff. Maybe someone who was scammed can try their luck and then report back here though.

No. 616751

why is it her responsibility to refund people that joji scammed? that's not on her - she may as well make a buck out of the freeloader

No. 616805

I agree it's totally not her responsibility to refund anyone and from what she said on here Joji and Eerie had been rinsing her for years, as well as all the expenses from him living with her for 2 months!

No. 616886

Maybe jojo threatened to call the cops? If you're living with someone and then you leave, don't you have 30 days to get your stuff before the home owner can sell or trash it?

No. 619496

File: 1529802602192.jpeg (231.67 KB, 640x894, D46D7BD1-F0E6-49C3-8FEA-D64588…)

No. 619497

File: 1529802616946.jpeg (236.22 KB, 640x903, BEAF02BE-0CFD-4D2D-BC51-C70E62…)

No. 619498

File: 1529802628387.jpeg (206.76 KB, 640x904, 3C08D608-27D0-4C87-833B-EFECFB…)

No. 619505

She’s autistic now?

No. 619580

The exaggeration is off the charts. We saw what she was selling, selling or dumping 900 books wouldn't go unnoticed. Antique copies aren't always hard to find but people think they are because of the word 'antique'. I like old ass books, going to yard sales and thrift stores gives you far more than most would think and I doubt he had any of value.

No. 619702

That damage control blog post, wow. Somehow I don't believe Joji left his mom on good terms.

No. 619871

The fucker keeps deleting these posts before I get a chance to see them on his page! Its so pathetic trying to blame all his behaviour on Autism, so many fake bois trying to hop on the spectrum band wagon because they think its trendy!

No. 619908

No. 619949

Bullshit. God, does she seriously have to turn everything into some pity party money begging situation? Can already tell where she's going with that. Get the fuck over it. If you don't have a real place to stay then you shouldnt have a bunch of shit anyway, no one likes being a dumpsite for someone else's shit. She needs to forget about all that and change into a better person anyway, fucking psycho

No. 620030

I guess his mom is right, Joji needs pity and drama to exist.

No. 620083

Joji mom just logged into bone slums store and cancelled all of Joji orders.

No. 620125

Fuck off lol! How'd you know this?

No. 620227

Its whats been posted on joji facebook. Just going on what's been said. Take it with a pinch of salt. If its true then maybe joji mom is trying to stop any future scamming or just joji making things up again. Anyway don't have a go at me for posting something lol. If you look at the website all the items on bone slums website have been mark as sold out and paged has been altered.

No. 620257

File: 1529876534270.png (116.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-24-17-41-12…)

No. 620306

Clearly him trying to make his mum look bad. How would she know how to get in to his website? Why would she need that info?

No. 620417

Because joji mom was the one who help get the store back up when joji move in with her two months ago. It was said on facebook that she was helping joji manage things on there because Eerie was the one who did that before. Probably never changed the password when joji left her moms place. Password could of been stored on the laptop to help log in easier. Joji mom does have storenvy store too, so she know how to use it. In any case she be wrong to do that if it is true, but I think that joji mom is doing it to stop people getting scammed. Joji mom is still pissed off with her and linking a page calling her a parasite. Clearly didn't left on good terms.

No. 620490

That is kinda fucked up. I thought Jojis mom was done talking about him? God, they both are psycho

No. 620712

At least this is making people think twice before ordering from Joji. No one wants to be scammed. Even those into bones don’t want murdered neighbors animals or wild animals trapped illegally

No. 621299

I mean I’d be pissed too if people were coming for me about my delusional child’s scamming and demanding to be paid back. At least now Joji might not scam anyone as much. She’s nipping it in the bud by limiting the amount of people who can be scammed then come crying to her about wanting money.

No. 621575

I agree, I don’t blame her since Joji was running his store aka taking people’s money and not shipping the products, at her address, putting her on the hook for it as well. Not to mention it looks like she gets most of her income from selling things online herself, having Joji’s scam online store at the same shipping address as her own online stores could effect her livelihood.

No. 622143

Is it fucked up to do a slightly unethical thing like hacking into a storenvy to prevent people from getting scammed? Everyone with half a brain cells knows that Joji is going to scam more people. Joji did worse things than his mom possibly hacking into a storenvy to prevent more scams.

Also, who knows if Joji is the one who modified the storenvy? It's possible that he's fucking up his own store so he can seem more like the victim. He's done manipulative and sociopathic shit before, so I wouldn't pass it by him.

No. 622552

Joji hack Joji own Storeenvy because Joji butt mad.

No. 622570

He’s a crazy liar. Making his mom out to be the band person is something he would do

No. 622650

I duno why he'd fuck up his only source of income, but on the other hand I can't understand why he'd be so dumb and not change the passwords before his mom had the chance to do this if she new what they were, especially seeing as he keeps slagging her off online and she's been keeping tabs on his activity, but I do think its his Mom doing it, I don't think he'd out himself as liar and a thief on his own shop, he's far too narcissistic and delusional to ever admit any wrong doing even while pretending to be someone else.

No. 622777

Lol I doubt joji would do that to his store envy , he has to realize that the people who he leeched from are gone, all he really has now are his “fans” who still believe his bullshit. I wonder who he is living with?

No. 623183

He would fuck his own income up because it's even more fuel for his pity party fire and if he can get people to think the world is against him he has even more of a chance of not having to pay his own way. However I don't know personally what it was or who it was, just a different side to it as I can see why he would but also why his mother would, he's a very narcissistic person and anything he can get for free and any attention he can get he'll take even if it means sleeping in his car for a night

No. 651633

I fully support everything joji’s Mom is doing lol. He deserves to crash and burn. He’s taken things from me and my friends when we were young teenagers and he was a grown ass adult, manipulating us and abusing his power. He also posted the personal information of some of my old friends publicly online when enraged at having to return something they were never paid for thanks to threat of legal action. They were still minors! And that’s what he thought to do! Send his cronies at them!

He also has never returned my stolen doll, nor told me what happened to it. I was 14 when he did this to me, young and stupid and looked up to him as an idol for a very short time because of it.

I say he deserves worse than this, but seeing that his dolls were all sold off by his mom after she found out about his crap fills me with a sick satisfaction. Seeing him move in and get kicked out by person after person is also great. His BMRC buddy posted some scathing things about lazy people and freeloaders while they briefly lived together.

No. 651800

What did the BRMC fan guy Joji stayed with post online, can you screenshot it?

He’s really ruined his life, Brian breaking up with him because he refused to get therapy should have been a wake up call. Now where’s he going to go, any “friends” or “fans” he has left must be aware by now that he’s not the victim and no normal person gets kicked out of place to place so quickly. I suspect that why he had to go live with his mother then some rando, as sympathetic as online friends might be, they’re smart enough to know that offering Joji somewhere to stay or lending money isn’t a good idea given his track record.

No. 651854

Ha, so he got kicked out again? And where he's staying now then?

No. 658464

File: 1533612224520.jpeg (139.44 KB, 640x631, 5C5DADE9-AB41-4B80-AD71-9F4356…)

Looks like he’s planning the good ole lolcow identity switcharoo.

No. 658548

Huh, either they’ve grown up enough (or been forced to interact with actual adults for the first time in their life) and realised ‘Joji’ is a stupid name for a white midwestern person to have, they’re detransing since being trans doesn’t make them special or unique anymore, or (most likely) there’s way to much evidence online of how selfish, abusive, manipulative and scammy they are so they’re switching to a new name.

No. 658650

Hasn't he been changing his name constantly throughout the years? Or at least his internet nicknames… I don't remember them all, but he used to go under Vulture Prince, Kazakai, Gutterface, etc. Definitely seems like a strategy to avoid being associated with his past scams.

No. 659289

File: 1533704871045.jpg (380.4 KB, 1071x1071, 20180807_230601.jpg)

Really. "Faern". FFS

No. 659344

Good to know that even after losing everyone & everything and becoming homeless she's still delusional enough to think changing her nickname is enough to get back on her feet. What is that stupid name though? It makes me think of some leafy fairy from a viking children's story who lives in the woods and snatches naughty kids.

No. 660350

Fern leaf…? Seriously?

Joji, despite being eather weeby, sounded somewhat less dumb.

No. 660909

Joji is the poster child for BPD, constantly switching phases and identities. Like a proto Abby Brown.

Is she still living with that guy, what did he post on fb about Joji?

No. 660914

It makes me think of some leafy fairy from a viking children's story who lives in the woods and snatches naughty kids.

That's probably exactly what he was going for, honestly. This has got to be one of the cringiest names I've ever seen.

No. 661121

According to >>651633, he no longer lives with that guy. We didn't get that screenshot though.

No. 663630

Eerie is just as bad if not worse than Joji. Must be learned behavior because he scammed people out of money recently. Don’t help either of them, they are both pathological liars and manipulators.

No. 663657

Oh yeah, what happened there? Screenshots?

No. 663829

Screenshots? Eeries pages seem to be mostly private

No. 664012

File: 1534211872161.jpeg (146.93 KB, 630x612, D8CD4AC0-F260-46F3-B64A-691DC2…)

No. 664021

not sure of exact details, no screenshots. All I know is people from Cinci helped him move down from rittman to their house. They bought all food, groceries, gas, etc. and even after getting Eerie a job he refused to help. Never cleaned and left trash everywhere. Was apparently downright rude and disrespectful, even telling them to get rid of their dog because he “wasn’t a dog person.” Got kicked out a few days ago because he didn’t have all his rent the first month (spent it on tattoos) and was being abusive/manipulative till the end. Eerie will do anything to garner pity and money.

No. 664271

File: 1534247727861.jpeg (218.98 KB, 638x865, 842F160F-76B8-4973-90A4-970DEC…)

No. 664300

Something about gutterface reminds be of raven drama and it's so delicious

If gutter was more active they'd be definite pt material. A shame their milk trickles out so slow these days

No. 664330

Jesus, they both seem like such drama queens, similar style of "poetic" writing included.

No. 666770

I want Raven and Joji to meet now, holy shit.

No. 728211

Anything new?

No. 728590


I think if there was an update you'd know, but they are now going by Faern Lief Grey. That's all.

No. 732110

All we know is he lives in Murfreesboro TN. At this point, with his reputation tarnished, and burnt bridges with family and friends, I don't think he's gonna come back. It's kind of sad, wonder if he's gonna homeless forever. He can't keep a job, and no one can live with him.

No. 732221

Can't say I'm surprised that the dude she went to live with after her mom gave her the boot kicked her out already. Any word who she's living with now?

Can't say I'm surprised about the name change. She used to change her name pretty frequently, typically at the start of a new phase and when she attempts to scam a new crowd.

No. 733164

So is he now living in his car? And what about his pets, are they even still alive or have they "mysteriously" died again?

No. 733710

Is he still making bone jewelry? If the accusations are true, what's the point of killing the pets for bones if he's not making jewelry anymore?

No. 734167

I don't know if he's still making that stuff. But I imagine that being homeless with pets is quite difficult to handle, so "getting rid of" them wouldn't surprise me, especially if he's really capable of killing animals as was speculated before.

No. 737858

Damn, my fave cow has finally has almost dried up.
It was a long time coming, it was a crazy enjoyable ride but she has done so much shit for decades not shocked she will be nothing now.

Wonder if the the bone jewelry will just be occasionally to get some.cash in her hand.

No. 760334

File: 1546843265921.png (1.84 KB, 526x18, sorry but this dude is so emba…)

i still rememeber when he was japanese lol

i feel old.

No. 760344

so you necro the thread with a cropped teaser pic and no links?

No. 760355

It looks like the bio from joji's new insta, theoldgods_
Just a heads up it's super boring and there haven't been any life updates or mentions of any new scams. My guess is joji found someone new to mooch off of and is enjoying that honeymoon period before it all goes to shit.

No. 760448

I checked that instagram and he seems to be somehow involved with this person - they even have similar profile descriptions.
So now he's into Old Norse mythology and such, hmm. I wonder how long that will last.

No. 760676

I’d say they are involved somehow as that is one of Joji’s nose chains with animal bones. I really hope it’s one Joji made for this person and they are not sharing the thing

No. 766892

File: 1547647883460.png (502.81 KB, 640x1136, EE53F9A6-4D98-46AE-A78E-68CF89…)

I don’t think she is, Joji lmao. Half of the junk wasn’t even legally yours.

No. 772302

Does anyone have any updates on eerie? Just curious as to how they are doing now that joji has been out of the picture for some time now

No. 774109

I know this is a thread about GF and her BJDs, but I don't really know how else to clear my chest of this:
I knew Eerie growing up as a kid. She was my sister's best friend until the middle of high school when she dropped out. Eerie was extremely abusive and manipulative to my sister to the point where my sister is not able to function and I want justice. Eerie was always into the occult and things of that nature. My sister would always come home terrified and would cry to me about how she didn't want to do anything that Eerie made her do. My sister to this day can not talk about this and it has effected her ability to make and maintain any kind of relationships.She doesn't know about this page at all. Eerie and my sister were writing a comic together that they fought about regularly. If it wasn't the way she wanted it she would make my sister feel guilty and risk their friendship over it. She would manipulate my sister about everything that she did; how she dressed, what she liked, how she would draw, etc. Eerie's family was very chaotic and abusive to her. I witnessed them verbally abusing her and neglecting her while I stayed with them overnight with my sister as a kid. She would drink underage while having extreme meltdowns and then would cut herself in front of me. I knew her from around age 7-12, currently 24. There are other things that I won't mention here. I am diagnosed with PTSD, I do not blame her for this, however I do have flashbacks about it. Since she was my sister's best friend and my sister would tell me everything, I knew all about GF when they were first influenced into Eerie's life. I can confirm that they met online through dA. Eerie would show me all of her fan made stuff that was really close to GF, she really did idolize GF. She would make my sister draw their characters in a similar style. My sister fell out with Eerie and it caused a really big rift in my family because of the way it happened.
Finding this thread really helped me out. I was able to find out that Eerie wasn't dead like my sister had thought. I never thought she would end up like that. I am glad that she was able to get out of that situation finally. All of the stories about the way she was during that time period don't surprise me at all. I believe she was completely in on what GF was doing every time. She blindly followed everything GF did and probably came up with a lot of the schemes. With all of this evidence that has come up about GF I completely believe that they are just as manipulative.
This thread was really hard to get through, but I felt the need to speak up about this for the first time in my life. Thanks for reading.

No. 774120

first i want to say, i am sorry you and your sister went through those things with eerie. yet, eerie's trauma due to home life does not justify what she did to your sister.
eerie and GF are toxic manipulators and the situation with them together was going to fall apart at some point. i can see why you believe that eerie came up with the schemes. they haven't worked much for GF since eerie left.
i hope your sister and you are happier now and thank you for sharing this even if it's difficult.

No. 774161

Their facebook is pretty locked down and you can't see much if you're not friends with them. Still seems to be in a relationship but that's about it.

I really hope you and your sister are doing okay, beast of luck to you both.

No. 774181

Thanks for coming here anon and posting that, hopefully it will help another anon in the future. I’m so sorry what you and your sister went through, and I know all of extended our thoughts to your sister and what she went through/still is going through. Glad you finally found this thread and hope you stay, newfriend. Eerie is a piece of shit and dangerous to other people. Can’t imagine how many others she’s done this to.

No. 774212

Thanks to you that have responded. I really just wanted to let people know that Eerie is not to be trusted by any means. The self pitying scams that she put out to her fans were the same tactics that she used on my sister. She talks about only having one friend growing up in a few of her posts. That is my sister. That part is real. I knew her family and went to middle school with one of her cousins. She is not related to GF at all.

No. 774223

Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you and your sister had to suffer in all this. Glad you found this page. Thanks for the warning about Eerie, it does seem GF and Eerie were scamming together. I hope no one come in contact with either of them.

No. 777491

Honestly I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been scammed/hurt/abused by Eerie and it makes me feel like I’m not going crazy. I literally have such anxiety and probably PTSD from the things they have done to me in the past - I can’t even make friends anymore. I’m sorry to the anon who
had to deal with Eerie’s bullshit. Maybe one day I will have the courage to say my story too…

No. 777524

Lmao now she’s pretending to be Native American, why does she think ethnicities are subcultures she can just change as she pleases.

Also her bio now reads Cherokee/Danish wow, I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that suddenly she has ancestry from Denmark was she’s getting into Scandinavian mythology stuff.

Funny thing is under all the body mods and spooky accessories, Joji was always just basic (not that there’s anything wrong with that), obsessed with make up, drinks Starbucks all the time, pretended to be part Japanese back when she was into kawaii stuff, now is part native because it makes her seem more interesting.

No. 777670

I first heard about Joji wayyyyy back when she was pretending to be a half Japanese/German cismale named Kazakai, when shenused to be a DJ SiSeN clone while also claiming to hate him. Iirc her name was Ayla & she's half white/half Mexican.

No. 777837

Yeah her birth name is Ayla, her (bio) mum is white (she was raised by her mum’s aunt and uncle) and not much is known about her bio dad but people have speculated by her facial features that he may have been part Hispanic.

One thing I found funny is that apart from subcultures that anyone can get into, like goth or cyber, most of her identities have been obvious lies - first that she was a cis male femboy (it was only when it came out that she was a bio female from people irl that she started talking about being trans), that she was Japanese (when internet weeb stuff was big on deviantart), then Japanese-German, I remember in the past few years she had a “I’m a southern boy” or something phase even though she was born and raised in Ohio.

And now the most basic bitch identity, being part Native American (weird how Joji has never mentioned this ever before despite over a decade of posting personal details online). And her bio said Dutch but then changed to danish now that she’s interested in Scandinavian stuff. Also she’s dating another fakeboi who also claims to be part Native American, what a huge and not suspicious coincidence.

No. 777862

Her lies when she was a weeby teen were outrageous, like the one where she claimed to fuck either Ruki or Reita (idr) from the Gazette at an anime con, back when she still insisted she was a bio male. Lots of Gaze fans on LJ called her on it but she doubled down on the lie on her DA blog before baleeting everything. That's all I remember about her, except for the weird twin sister/brother that both did and didn't exist but turned out to be Eerie (I think). I remember a pic of not-Joji sittin on some concrete steps in a goodwill suit trying to look like Kyo from Dir en grey circa The Final era with the caption "this boy OWNS me<3" and the hot issue was whether or not it was just Joji shooped to look more Asian.

No. 780873

File: 1551001943686.png (814.79 KB, 655x657, mascaramustache.png)

Also claiming autism since that's on trend right now I guess? I haven't had a look at her social media in forever and I can't get over that drawn on mustache.

No. 781394


The mustache is amazing. Like, how do you think no one will notice that it's made of liquid eyeliner?

The thing that kills me about the IG account is the switch made from "Dutch" to "Danish" when they realized that Dutch people were actually from the Netherlands and not Scandinavia. And naturally that's the least cringey aspect of the whole ethnicities-as-costume thing.

No. 781619

Yeah I highly doubt Kaz is on t anymore if she's drawing on a mustache. Any caps of her new info or other pics? Also are there any pics or details about the other fakeboi she's dating? Is she living with the fakeboi?

No. 782327


Agreed. Plus it's not like he has any money or a reliable place from which to get the hormone treatments. Which honestly has to be not great for his obviously already-fragile mental state, to be kind of in like a hormonal limbo. (I mean, it sounds that way to me, idk really how this stuff works.)

This new "heathen" fad is really cringey, though.

No. 782337

File: 1551480727931.png (443.13 KB, 814x594, hudrekall.png)

Joji's current instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoldgods_/

Pics of that other person he's probably living with can be found here, not sure if they have any other social media: https://www.instagram.com/hudrekall/

No. 782969

I remember thinking Joji was so creative back in the dA days of kawaii and that weird cyberpunk stuff. He could just work any medium and I thought that was so inspirational. I dropped my old dA years ago and now I'm 22 and feeling old because wow…Joji has been busy…I don't trust anything he might say because of vanity but how old do y'all reckon Joji really is?(blogposting)

No. 783002

She looks like an actual human being in her caretaker's care…

so, he must be doing something right

No. 783006

She turns 29 in about a week

No. 783255

If nothing else, the nose chains need to fucking stop.

No. 783450

That moustache is incredibly autistic.

No. 785731

Wishing my middle child a very happy 29th birthday where ever you are and what ever you are calling yourself these days. Joji/Faern I Hope you find inner peace one day. Peace love and light my child. I have not forgot you, nor have I quit loving you!

No. 785741

Hey Joji's mum. How's tricks?

No. 785751

Yikes, I haven't seen any pics of Ayla in a long ass time, don't tell me those runes or whatever are face tats??

No. 785913

It's funny that his mum is wishing him a happy birthday, but was talking shit about him to this forum. Interesting

No. 786303

Could be a troll.
But if it's her, then… middle child? So she has more children? Yikes.
She sounds as unstable as Joji with her emotions constantly changing from one extreme to the other.

No. 786683

I don't think so. I think they're just drawn on. But you never can tell with someone who obviously needs THE MOST attention. >>785751

No. 786899

this is joji's bio mom…no I am not unstable…yes I was pissed a Joji…had every reason to be super pissed…but he could never do anything to stop me from loving him…yes he's a ass but I will always have love for him. So if you people can't grasp that then maybe you need to grow up a little too hmmm???? Peace out!

No. 787014

Are you still in contact with him? Is anyone in your family still in contact? I do understand that you can't stop loving your child even if you're disappointed in their behavior, and it honestly must be hard.

No. 787285

I can understand that too, but… why post it here of all places? Either post this on your own social media, or better, DM the person you want to wish happy birthday to. Posting this on the site which you previously used to trash said person comes off as… odd, to put it diplomatically.

No. 787957

It seems that Joji's mom posted the same message to her Facebook too (so it must be her and not a troll). I'm guessing she's just trying to reach him in whatever way possible and that she assumes he'll come on this forum. To be honest, it's understandable, since he's her child.

No. 788130

its like everyone forgets that jojis bio mom was a drug addict and gave him up as a child and is now a drop in parent when it’s convenient to make herself feel better

No. 788379

I'm really amazed at how judgemental some of these reply are…must be nice to not have any faults or to have never made a mistake…(Are you lost?)

No. 788552

Do you know where you are or do you think you're on Facebook?

No. 790565

File: 1553598624396.jpeg (121.02 KB, 640x644, AF1DE1E7-614B-4508-A7EE-B2E071…)

No. 790566

File: 1553598659987.jpeg (128.1 KB, 640x521, 7114B294-EEC3-40A6-99D6-7FBD9E…)

Recent post on ig

No. 790731


so does this mean she's not with/mooching off off this hudrekall person in >>782337 and finally found herself a regular cishet dude?

No. 791164

I don't think that's a regular cissy male.

No. 791297

"Hudrekall" and "Xander" are the same person.

No. 791397

File: 1553820009568.jpeg (117.98 KB, 628x571, F5A2A2AF-0485-4FEF-A0A9-18CCED…)

No. 792655

Last i heard Eerie was living with 2 guys Justin and Spencer and worked at Walmart with them.

No. 792974

Links of eeries ig or fb?

No. 792981

Oh boy, it's gonna be the Brian fiasco all over again I bet.

No. 798399

Eerie lives in Hebron KY now works at amazon

No. 798401

File: 1555472335889.png (688.04 KB, 886x643, shoopd.png)

Nah looks like she's living out of a hotel with hudrekall and their partner? This tall dude is all new.

He def looks cis to me, he's very masculine in build/height and has a proper mustache. I wonder if she tones down the drawn on mustaches and stuff when she's with him or if he's actually queer in some way. His body language definitely doesn't look as comfortable as her's does though. >>790565

In most recent news, she posted a shooped pic saying she plans to get her nose tattooed, her ears pointed, and her eyes tattooed. Wonder how she plans to scrounge up / scam the money for all that. I'm not even sure how she's paying for her portion of the hotel at this point.

No. 798409

I doubt she's paying for anything. My guess is that her new "friends" are footing the bills. Based on her repeated behavior, I doubt she's put up any cash. The only thing she spends money on seems to be body mods.

(I feel like she's trying to look so ~hard with all these extreme mods but her face will never not look like an infant's to me.)

No. 873737

I came here looking to see what all the fuss was about because i once saw a post going against this person. Do you know how obsessed ive been with this person's looks? Like in AWE and i wanted to have their style so bad because i have an androgynous face.

So sad that someone so beautiful and with capable intelligence and talents is such a trash piece of shit. I have BPD & have actually been profesionally diagnosed and admitted along with Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD & it makes me so angry everytime I come across a piece of shit that really slaps a terrible image on people struggling to feel normal with these mental health issues. Like what the hell man, we're trying to stop demonizing people and here comes a poophead like this one to just throw it in the trash again.

Looked up their new IG. They got ugly from all their own poison. Their old self was so beautiful and I still drool at the pictures. So sad. They could have been such a huge hit these days & successful at that. With the way the social media is NOW, can you imagine the booming business and sponsorships this person would have?

A lost cause. Smfh.(blog)

No. 873768

Nice blogpost. What's her new IG?

No. 873907

blog but i relate, i used to even talk to them occasionally when i was a teen. Nothing milky tho, I just wanted to be them/meet them. After I talked to their ex (eden? don't think they go by that now) and friends I was told how much of a piece of shit they are

No. 875143

theoldgods_ or something like that

No. 895494

File: 1574206051398.jpeg (138.21 KB, 640x678, 23C89360-F8DF-434F-9F73-AE5188…)

No. 895497

File: 1574206172260.jpeg (117.16 KB, 640x896, 4868517C-5581-4DE1-9678-E4B4C5…)

No. 895545

That guy has no teeth. I say they’re both on meth. I’m not sure if I believe the heart attack, but Joji does look like shit.

No. 895599

holy shit you're right, that's meth if i've ever seen it

No. 895607

yea i don't like to doubt ppl about those sort of things but joji - or whatever the name is now - has lied about so many things it's hard to know what is true or not.

No. 896578

So Kaz is living out of a hotel in TN with another fakeboi and a methhead? And claiming to have had a heart attack? Or has the other fakeboi jumped ship and she's just with the meth dude?

I doubt she went to the hospital for anything, and if she did it was probably mental illness or drug related. If she's on meth now I can see her life spiralling into even more of a dumpster fire than it already was. Has she ever really been into drugs before?

No. 896631

if she's living out of a hotel and is on meth, it's incredibly likely that she's prostituting herself as well. what a depressing way to go.

No. 896901

I call all bullshit on the heart attack, most likely what happened is Joji got stressed out over being an adult and nobody giving a shit, gave herself a panic attack and went to the ER for attention. No 29 year old who jist had a true heart attsck would brush it off so casually, especially not one whose gimmick used to include a ~morbid fascination with medical science~ or whatever. She doesn't wanna start a dialogue about it bc she would be caught in the lie too quickly.

No. 903166

I'm surprised this thread is so dead with all the cows, scammers and snowflakes in the bjd comm.

some names off the cuff:
Comicbookartistboi / CBAB
Danny Choo
Itsumoyume / Kalematsuba / Kalechippu / YaoiGoddessKeale
Monstro Designs

No. 903173

File: 1575776203106.jpg (1.41 MB, 1628x1080, gothicbanshee76.jpg)

not sure if elaborate troll or average fujoshi…

No. 951368

Its astonishing how long posts about this character have gone on for.

WARNING: this has a very uncomfortable portion with harm to an animal. I will try to keep it not too unsettling as painful as it is to type what I saw.

I was friends with someone who brought me over there house.

In all reality alot of what is being said about Ayla is true.

Apoun my visit I watched ayla argue with her adoptive parents very much like a spoilt 10 year old. like she has never been reprimanded for her actions apoun growing up.

She/he would sleep till 5pm stay up till the sun came up and apoun her waking she would argue with her adoptive parents who drive her 30 minutes into the city,give her money to buy fast food ,junk and you name it.

Her room in rittman was very smelly/cluttered and dirty.The smell was of armpit B.0 and unwashed butthole. The bathtub looked liked it was never used.I thought it was very peculiar how she would get new animals and they would die randomly and she would have a new trophy.

WARNING- this sentence accounts animal abuse

I even witnessed how she would treat a dog she had named "oogie"
He was a very good dog and I wish he couldve gotten a better home.

He looked like he didnt eat good and was stressed out.
(she would hold his snout and hit him upside the head .use objects to hit him,he would wimper /she would yell at him and abuse him over simple things and he died very unexpectedly ironically.

I had a walk with eerie one day and she had an itch on her chest and referred to her chest as her boobs and realized she blew her trans character." ughhh my boobies itch" Pause " her expression "oh did I say that?" Eerie " I mean my manboobs"

joji/ayla cut herself in front of me thinking it was cool and edgy.

I contest at the time joji/eeire first started communicating before they met they were very into the J-Rock Culture and joji/ayla molded eerie into what she wanted in her narcissistic supply.

While eerie seemed to want an escape from her old residence and fell in love with this character joji/ayla created as a teenager.But come to find the truth of this character ayla has created.

Joji/ayla being the master manipulator had a psychological/controlling grasp on eeire. which is why eerie may claim to be transgender.It seemed very fetishiezed to them like 14 year old j-rock fan girls at anime convetions.

Ayla claiming to be a gay man But hates women and isnt attracted to them but dates women?

As for where the bones come from I witnessed a location that was partially abandoned. believe it or not there were alot of bones from different creatures that died from natural causes or being hunted by other animals/hit by a train they would collect.
* this is the exact location
Salt St
Rittman, OH 44270

One quote that still sticks out to me in which ayla/joji said is that she was mocking and amazed "how dumb people/her "fans" are for actually sending her free stuff and money.

The BJD dolls she stole are indeed covered in her blood possibly menstrual as they smelled like rotted/unwashed vagina abundance/clotting.

She tried to manipulate me but wasn't able to , She did try to say things to me to make me feel embarrassed and feel bad about myself but I would let it go right thru one ear and out the other.

What ever things peek this persons interest it is used to form a new identity. After my friends stopped communicating she pretty much took there aesthetic to profit from it/reinvent itself even stole a bunch of stuff from them.

another friend of mine who's
Im glad eerie got out of the situation but can only hope she musters the courage to one day seek professional guidence to heal from the life shes lived.

As much as I can hope this person gets help Im not sure if that would do anything.(namefag)

No. 979760

Not gonna necro the thread, but if Joji's Mom happens to come back here, do you know how he's doing? In spite of everything else, I hope he doesn't fall into addiction.

No. 987616

File: 1592218125345.jpeg (213.01 KB, 1125x1645, 83C52486-A007-43EB-AA8B-14402A…)

Has anyone noticed Joji’s YouTube has been hacked for a while now?

No. 987669

wait, like the SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK singer or am I retarded?

No. 987699

No, of course not. I’m talking about JoJi, The one who this whole thread is about. He has a YouTube

No. 1020276

She's actually got another channel with vids but they're all unlisted.
Found this one though.

No. 1020358

I wish she hadn’t gone and unlisted everything.

No. 1043839

Dorian? As in Ofherbsandaltars Dorian? No way?(necro)

No. 1067383

Sorry to necro this thread but I actually had a run in with Joji back when he was into his cyber punk stuff. I wanted to commission a wig from him and we talked on DA. I put a down payment on the wig. I think it was $20 or so. Happened a long time ago I don’t remember. He sent me some pictures of wigs he “made” and said he would give updates. It never happened. I never got the wig in question. Reading all this I’m not shocked he is how he is.

No. 1067390

> He sent me some pictures of wigs he “made” and said he would give updates.
Why don't you post them anon? This is an imageboard.

No. 1067394

I would but was so long ago and that computer has long since died. I just happened to see his name and I haven’t heard his name in years.

No. 1067396

Lotta drama going down. Two bitches yelling at each other in feedback groups. Both are stupid and should die. Dolls are a dead hobby anyway. One bitch was mental. She needs a good beating.(a-log)

No. 1067407

Tf are u talking about post caps or this is irrelevant

No. 1067482

File: 1603604131991.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.72 KB, 540x720, DF46B6BA-621A-4F12-A8DE-284CD1…)

Since this was necroed anyways, joji’s been posting somewhat frequently on reddit. Nothing super milky but you’re welcome to comb through her posting history. The only thing of note was that she had posted a few times to r/ftmporn. Just a few pics of her weird hormone addled clit and one of her tits(along with a “pls don’t misgender uwu”). These have since been deleted but she’s left a few pics and most of her posts up https://old.reddit.com/user/theferalboy/submitted/

No. 1067486

File: 1603604433191.jpeg (205.17 KB, 819x221, 432BB462-2FEC-4D54-9268-2D8634…)

Oh yeah, she’s currently claiming to be married and ~autistic~. I guess they live together in a hotel in Tennessee. Her husband is employed but she spends the day playing animal crossing, fallout and Minecraft. She also claimed to be Appalachian when she was big into fallout 76 kek.

No. 1067610

You sound kinda mental too but then again everyone into these dolls are.

No. 1067614

Ah she hasn’t changed I see

No. 1068150

Oh… i thought she was half german half japanese half dutch southern dandy feral prince tradgoth famous cyber dj…

Nope… haven't changed a bit…
Autistic and PTSD? I thought she had been diagnosed with BPD?!

And i used to admire her till the truth came out…

She's nothing but a sociopathic attention-whore.(necro)

No. 1072800

Her new identity is incredible. I love it when she switches identities, I know it’s not particularly milk-worthy but it makes me cackle every time.

No. 1077139

You gonna post a link, or was the point to just needlessly bump the thread? istfg, newfags.

No. 1082567

Someone mentioned up above the Reddit username she’s been using. Maybe read once in a while.

The lack of sage was an accident, my bad.

No. 1122452

File: 1609838457390.jpeg (210.96 KB, 828x530, CB7EBF36-A889-4FAF-80F4-AF40C6…)

2021 & we still not done scamming i see.

No. 1123253

idk what tac is but they really thought dropping off social media for however long would make ppl forget the scams and stuff lol. what number alt culture personality is this?

No. 1123521



Lmao. Atleast she's honest about the scamming now.

Look at this fucking nonsense.


>pay us 400$ to get a fake diploma

> get to call yourself a community counselor.

Is this crazy cunt for real.

No. 1124036

one of the requirements is a back check lmao I see possible milk. Scam cults like this attract exactly the people like Joji

No. 1129003

He uploaded these gorgeous bookmarks he made. Said he'll start a shop. Sadly those bookmarks will never see their owners lmao. Wasted talent.

No. 1129007

File: 1610414273739.jpeg (982.53 KB, 828x1074, AB4E480B-F9FB-4EFB-A279-CBBF2B…)

No. 1129630

Maybe I’m dumb, but how are you suppose to use these as bookmarks?

No. 1130046

flat part goes on the inside, hook over top of binding, charms hang out.

No. 1153920

File: 1612612899453.jpg (570.27 KB, 1080x1633, 20210206_125951.jpg)

Is this really Joji? It doesn't look much like him, but if it is, has he detransitioned? Comments made by him on this picture also claims calling him "queen" is not misgendering.

No. 1153931

File: 1612614537174.png (226.37 KB, 575x383, notJoji.png)

it is this person anon,i saw em on jojis fb page

No. 1153934


So he's aware of them? Why are they taking credit for his dolls and using the elfgutz name? As much of a scammer that he is, it's still Joji's "brand" so to speak and he was the one creating those dolls.

No. 1153954

I think thats an entirely different person, anon. To start, Joji hasn’t shot in decora in probably.. idk 10 years? second, he was never that talented with sculpts. Any doll faceups were paint and sculpy, and elfgutz ii seems to have their shit together. Joji probably just let them take over the handle/brand since he’s got a new scam.

No. 1154435

are you blind lol, that's clearly a different person.

No. 1170160

File: 1614267876414.jpeg (199.03 KB, 1125x815, 0F9B7194-A436-48ED-9E04-20549E…)

No. 1170178

I’m guessing his mom is crawling back

No. 1184134

File: 1615704737815.jpg (306.56 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20210313-225035_Fac…)

Jesus this was so cringe

No. 1184207

Lmao. Then everyone in the McDonald's stood up and clapped.

No. 1184266

You want a fucking medal for not being ass to a literal child?

No. 1184281

“I held a strangers child in a McDonald’s during a pandemic. I have ended racism.”

No. 1184766

Also using "African American" for anyone black is hilariously tone deaf too. Especially when you are trying so hard to virtue signal.

No. 1184978

File: 1615816387800.webm (10.67 MB, 320x240, All about Kai!~_Aug_10_2010.we…)

Managed to find and archived some of her old videos!
This is one of the first ones I ever saw and she was still going by Kai and into kawaii deco.The quality isn't great but it was 2010.
Might post them somewhere else since some of the files are too big to post here.

No. 1184979

File: 1615816655874.webm (8.08 MB, 320x240, Goth kids and cute shit_Dec 10…)

No. 1184988

File: 1615818730030.webm (8.79 MB, 480x270, Kai talks about Cyber Hair_Jun…)

No. 1330223

File: 1632246475684.jpg (Spoiler Image, 610.28 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210921-104507_Red…)

Joji is posting ass pics now lmao(unsaged ass necro)

No. 1330261

Was that necessary to bump the thread for and make everyone look at unspoilered?

No. 1330942

Any actual milk on this or just ugly nudes? Is she doing OF, selling nudes, or just posting them out into the wild?

No. 1339086

Where is Joji even updating now? I haven’t heard any updates in forever(necro)

No. 1339806

What is so funny is that with a round, feminine ass like this, under current popular trends, if Joji wasn't a genderspeshul she could easily top the thicc alt instathot social ladder. If she's really married and on disability for autism then I can see her relaxing back into femaledom and indulging in current kawaii alt trends to "recapture her femininity". Eventially all FTMs who don't get the surgeries end up detransitioning.

No. 1453536

That can't be jojis ass

No. 1453881

File: 1646046119638.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.16 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220227-114449_Pho…)

He does have sexy feet though.

No. 1453940

File: 1646059209712.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220228-083644_Pho…)

This is joji husband. Apparently he has a foot fetish. That's Jojis foot there too.

No. 1453987

Not a foot person whatsoever but these look like bloated corpse feet. No arch or anything, just fat, flat, and pale.

No. 1454005

Men who don't trim their scraggly mustaches look like they're trying to hide meth mouth. Yikes.

No. 1456006

I’m pretty sure he has a meth mouth or dentures, could have swore when they first got together I saw a picture of it. not sure if anyone was aware, eerie and Ben, two of Jojis exes, are dating? Saw a post on IG a while ago. Eerie’s IG is currently private. I imagine when the two broke up they had nowhere to go, and eerie went to Ben. Wonder how long Joji mooched off of people before he found his husband

No. 1472419

>sexy feet
Cool to know that she's dating some old toothless foot fetishist though I guess?

No. 1497501

What’s their IG? Also where is Joji posting these pics?

No. 1505420

Joji posted those pics on Facebook, sometimes he’s active on there then his disappears for a while. I assume he’s got nothing going on so he doesn’t update often

No. 1545380

He said he was asexual, now hes into BDSM?(necro)

No. 1545400


Yup, he's never been asexual, he was just using someone he wasn't attracted to (Illiad) as a source of income and shelter. But since he was masquerading as dating illiad, he had to act like he didn't want sex so he wouldn't have to do it.

It's pretty obvious he wanted to fuck every side-guy he dated and that he was always into BDSM/sadism/wtf ever else there is.

Anyways, the dumbass goes by a different name now and acts like an uwu victim with self diagnosed autism. Still treats his current bf like garbage and a source of income. They "live" in a hotel bc the fragile uwu softboi refuses to get a job

No. 1546048

do you have any pics of them in the hotel? I used to be a fan in the kazakai days and am morbidly curious

No. 1546065

What's she going by these days? Is she still dating the methhead dude in TN, or has she already moved on?

Kaz was one of my first cows, and probably the first fakeboi cow I discovered.

No. 1546141

She goes by Faern Grey and almost exclusively posts on facebook now. Her reddit was linked a bit further up but she's not as active there anymore. She mentions living in a hotel on reddit but you can really only see glimpses of their room in selfies and other photos she's posted.

No. 1546148

File: 1654113527414.jpg (45.73 KB, 476x845, 260787595_611391546977184_6030…)

sorry meant to reply to the post above you. Yeah, she's still with Chance. Probably will be until she can find someone else to leech off of.

No. 1551212

File: 1654542158600.jpeg (176.4 KB, 750x689, C047D6F3-7E66-47C2-937A-6C6801…)

“after” referring to the fake suicide attempt after Iliad dumped her ass, confirmed by her birth mom when it happened to have been faked as a last ditch effort to get her ex back
she was always physically violent and abusive with her partners, including Illiad and that Brian guy from tumblr

pretty old milk but her pity party today gave me a good chuckle

No. 1593601

back on youtube

that voice, lmfao


No. 1593694

>she's back
YES finally

No. 1607089

File: 1659628628477.png (111.71 KB, 1236x647, Screenshot (730).png)

ole Kazakai hasn't changed one bit

No. 1607095

Lmao welcome back, I forgot how much I missed this demented hillbilly Felice Fawn wannabe, scamming ass cow

No. 1607594

Kaz is over 30 now, right? Imagine being a scamming, abusive, edgelord fakeboi at 30+ and for over half your life.

I guess even the methhead-looking dude kicked her shitty ass to the curb?

No. 1697572

Bumping a necro tread but I really hate how literally any Russian/Chinese author is making popovy sisters rip-offs. They literally change nothing and steal the entire design.
Also, American bjs look like shit and I hate that my favorite company is popular there.

No. 1736318

Listen I just have to get in on this. I haven’t seen or spoken to Faern, who went by joji when I first met him, since about 2018-2019 and lately I’ve been like “i wonder what’s up with this asshat” so let me start by introducing myself. For the sake of confidentiality I going by Hope. Joji ended up in Tennessee because of me. I’m originally from tennessee and was living in Illinois at the time when we met. We were friends from playing NeverWinter online and we were both looking for a place at the time. I was working at a guitar center teaching music in Illinois at the time and was about 25 and suggested that he could come to Illinois as long as he would be okay with moving to the Nashville area around a month later as I was going through a split with my ex fiancé and was transferring my job with GC back down there. So he comes from Kansas, can’t recall which break up this was after but I believe it was eerie. ANYWAY he moves in with me everything is cool we go in nature walks together and out to eat etc etc just generally having a good time with friends. I think the first time I ever saw him become a little aggressive is when the only apartment I could find in my budget was something that was a shared space kind of deal. We all rented out our rooms individually which I know now he was upset about because he just wants a fucking free ride. So whatever, we move everything is fine. He moves into his room and I move into mine and things are normal. We meet a girl upstairs who was super nice and became acquainted with her friends and we all really hit it off. We would go out to eat, go to dyers cemetery to ghost hunt some nights, cook dinner etc. So a few months go by and I decide I am going to pick up a friend I started dating who was in rehab across the country. I bring him back. He’s a fucking train wreck. We fight all of the time I mean it’s bananas. By this point Joji who was now going by Faern gets himself kicked out of the apartment because he isn’t able to pay his rent even though he has a million people ordering from his shop and is taking orders while ignoring emails and not making jewelry or even trying to. Just straight robbing people fucking blind on Etsy and whatever else he used. But couldn’t come up with rent. Also around this time our other roommates slashed his tire which we pulled money together to help him get it fixed and he took the money and bought snack cakes and dumb shit with until he was broke again and guess whose life was in fucking shambles with no car and no place to live because he couldn’t prioritize and be responsible. And of course he rants and raves and makes it everyone else’s fault even though we tried to help him.

One night this guy I’m with relapses on alcohol and beats me up. The next morning I go to the hospital and they 5150 me after treatment and send me to a psych hospital for a weekbecause I was just absolutely in extreme distress from this entire situation.

I call our upstairs neighbor to feed my cats because my door is locked but I let her know that the window is unlocked. I tell her I’ll pay her well for the time and energy and inconvenience etc etc. so instead of going herself she sends our mutual friend who is like in love with Faern because you know UWU super spook goth boy or whatever -eye roll-. Anyway, so Faern is with this friend when they go into my apartment to feed my cats. I know it was Faerns idea because LOL history but when I got home they had robbed me BLIND. Keep in my this was during a period of my life where I had lost EVERYTHING and had to up root my entire life. They stole a PlayStation I was finally able to afford after working 6-7 day weeks teaching music and running an entire lessons facility, vinyl, cassettes, pop figures, comics, a portable light up speaker I mean all kinds of shit.

I had to threaten police action and the only thing I got back was my PlayStation. I still don’t know what happened to the rest of it.

The point is that this person is a piece of shit. They KEEP fucking people over. This person has no remorse and is a complete fucking liar and sociopath. My story is not nearly as bad as Brian’s or Eeries but I just wanted it to be out there because I had no fucking idea until literallt last night that all of this about them being awful was online. Idk why it didn’t occur to me to look them up until last night but I am floored and honestly it’s hilarious to me because it fits his character to a T.

I am a good person and didn’t deserve this. He absolutely kicked me while I was at the lowest point in my life. I gave him a way out of a bad situation and was robbed as a thank you.

Please fuck yourself Ayla. The only reason you even change your name online so much is because you think you can run from past yous but you can’t if you don’t change your toxic problematic behavior. Like actually grow the fuck up.

No. 1736344

Lmfao I just found out that this hudrekal person is Xander. I just had to add this was the “friend” who was with Faern when I was robbed lmao I cannot believe they’re still friends. All of this is fucking bananas lmao

No. 1736378

Also wanted add that yeah they lack basic care. Their room was fucking DISGUSTING. Cans everywhere, cat litter was seemingly never changed etc. room smelled pretty bad.

Also their mustache is not drawn on just wanted to put that out there. Was defintiley on T.

No. 1736484

Also I just wanna say I would be willing to bet he isn’t on meth. That’s not really his style. The only thing I’ve seen him do is like an entire bottle of Benedryl which imo he was very addicted to and ate like candy. The amount of Benedryl he would eat would legit take me out if I did that lmao.

Also post the facts but don’t be gross. Don’t make fun of someone who doesn’t have teeth and say they’re on meth when you don’t know them. I do not know this guy. I am a good well rounded person and this happened to me. Granted I wasn’t in a relationship with him. However I don’t know this guy and neither do any of y’all from the looks of it and we should not be trashing someone we have no info on period. Let’s be realistic about this.

I’m willing to bet Faern and Xander robbed me because I unlike everyone else didn’t fund his bullshit and give into his poor me bullshit. I knew I had to keep myself afloat and that this grown person wasn’t my fucking problem. Sure I brought him home dinner sometimes but I absolutely didn’t pay his way at all which is why he was kicked out on his own accord.

No. 1736501

One last thing, probably another reason he robbed me was because he claimed that I had lost his game boy and a “rare” game that was apparently worth like $150 bucks or something. I do remember playing this game but I also remember giving it back to him. I never saw it again when we moved and maybe it got lost or something idk but I don’t believe it was my fault. I truly believe he was gaslighting me so he could get cash out of me which I never gave to him because tbh I work really fucking hard and have my entire life and I didn’t have that kind of money while I was actively rebuilding my life. I think he convinced himself that I owed him something over a game that he probably lost and tried to gaslight me into thinking it was my fault so I’d pay him. That’s all I have to say.

No. 1736593

You pretty much just doxxed yourself with all of those personal details.

No. 1736605

File: 1672766685961.jpeg (92.06 KB, 643x820, 3811888C-35BD-41B9-BA7B-1C2F37…)

No. 1736624

Damn, fuck joji. Once a scammer always a scammer I guess. Blowing money gifted to you for a new tire on snack cakes is one of the stupidest things I could imagine but yeah it sounds right in line with joji’s particular brand of inept personal sabotage. Thanks for the update, I hope your life is stabler and the people in it are treating you better. Next time, press charges.

No. 1736625

Personally I'm all for normies unfamiliar with imageboard culture giving us fresh Kaz milk, even if it's in the form of textwalls.

I wonder who's paying for the hotel or where ever the fuck she's staying now, and how they're getting the money. It's crazy to think Kaz has been scamming, abusing, and generally being a sociopathic shit to people (and animals) for almost 20 years now.

No. 1736895

I really don’t give a shit if I “doxxed” myself. I am a grown ass woman with a life that I have worked very hard for. I’m just telling my story, Faern has dug himself the grave he lies in. Period:

No. 1736910

I appreciate the additional information you’ve brought to the table, but please put sage in the email field instead of your username if you’re going to continue posting here.

No. 1737041

From what I can tell it’s the guy he’s with now. Apparently his name is Chance. Idk what Xander or “Moss” or whatever else the million names everyone seems to go by is doing. I know he didn’t work when I knew him. It’s honestly just really sad because the good parts of Faern are SO good he’s fucking HILARIOUS I mean we were ALWAYS cutting up and laughing and joking and he’s also incredibly talented which I’m sure a lot of y’all can see and agree with. It really sucks that the bad part is as bad as it is. It also is disheartening because we were all really good friends. I had just gone through losing the person who was the most important to me and it was like the universe gave me great friends and then they turned on me and robbed me. Because that’s the thing, if you bow to Faern and bend in whatever way he needs you too it’s cool. If not, well he flips like a switch and will rob you or smear your name. Its sad. It was a loss. Not just the things but the people I had grown to love and hang out with just vanishing and then all of the sudden I was alone. I still miss the times we all had. It was great while it lasted. I’m not gonna act like it was all bad because it wasn’t, but people who do bad things to people deserve to be outed period. We don’t tolerate that shit and should never.

Sorry if I did this wrong I don’t know wtf “sage” means. I haven’t been on a forum since like 2006 haha

No. 1737063

'sage' is putting just the word sage (no quotes) in the email address box. don't worry about getting it exact though. i don't even go here or know who you're talking about but thanks for sharing, i'm sure lots appreciate it!

No. 1737204

lolcow.farm/info will answer any questions about how to use the features of this imageboard

No. 1856611

I know, necro but fakeboi joji made a new video a few days ago.
The only narc identity that stood the test of time is her pooner identity

No. 1859947

I still can't believe joji is like the first trans dude I saw on YouTube over ten years ago because he really is the personification of edgy emo trans people becoming popular like the way he changes races , never works , has a plethora of mental health issues it's just so textbook and hilarious(emoji usage)

No. 1859984

Omg I love this classic horrorcow. She reminds me of Heather Sparkles in that she never changes, just repeats the same unhinged BPD antics in different locations with different victims.

No. 1860033

File: 1688786507618.png (627.85 KB, 678x597, 234045823.png)

kek at the face filters warping the sheet in the background as she's talking. Looking at the other recent uploads I can see why she's resorting to using them now tho woof

No. 1860278

She still living in a hotel in TN?

Kaz is like the primordial fakeboi

No. 1875762

God I cannot handle hearing them talk in videos after having to consistently put up with their meltdowns and disgusting living space and whiney bullshit for months and months and months. I occasionally check up on this page but I always regret it lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1875843

take your meds schizo, how the fuck is someone going to be doxxed from that?(late to the party)

No. 1883261

File: 1692291429814.jpeg (305.1 KB, 1290x1098, IMG_7691.jpeg)

Homeless again

No. 1883275

i think she already deleted that

No. 1883284

No milk sorry, but I used to follow Elfgutz on instagram and I still remember when her house caught fire and some of the dolls got destroyed and she posted, like an actual post, not on her story, the dolls that were spared (won't check her account because I'm lazy sorry)(milk needs screenshots, you know the rules)

No. 1890890


Not just homeless, no longer with that Chance guy either. Not sure if ~Faern~ (Joji) dumped him or he dumped him/her. Probably the latter though.

I can post caps later but the guy has been ranting about living in cat-piss soaked squalor for the last five years while he pretended to be happy but really wasn't, so. Turns out grifting for life gets you kicked to the curb every 5 years.

No. 1891052

Curious to see the screenshots of that(sage your shit)

No. 1891145

File: 1693467967444.png (165.97 KB, 750x764, C400ABBE-3B18-40FF-94C3-4F1807…)

Yup, here they are.


No. 1891146

File: 1693467989578.png (206.33 KB, 750x949, 14CE5D93-8C9F-4FB0-A5D4-47DC9E…)


No. 1891147

File: 1693468103595.png (44.86 KB, 775x320, Screenshot (1533).png)


No. 1891371

100% knew this kinda thing was happening. I feel sorry for him, he got taken advantage of and prob didn’t have the heart to leave for the longest time. Good for him I hope he left and never turned back(sage your shit)

No. 1891554

File: 1693534028740.png (55.43 KB, 778x311, Screenshot (1536).png)


Still blind for uggoface. Also confirms that one or both of them look at lolcow.

No. 1892112

he doesn’t have the balls to come here and just spill the milk lol.

No. 1892235


dudes throwing a fit rn scrubbed his fb friends and somehow missed me lol in one breath he's talking about misery, in the other he's being an edgelord

dudes almost 40 and talks like he still in middle school

No. 1892632

So he was throwing a fit last night? Over Joji?(sage)

No. 1892668

Could he not have googled this scammer before marrying her and shacking up with her? She’s a sociopath with a long trail of victims behind her. I’m sure she’ll have another sucker lined up to pay her bills and keep her in the disgusting piss-soaked lifestyle she’s accustomed to within the next month.

No. 1892670

Post screenshots

No. 1892713

File: 1693712492641.jpeg (420.74 KB, 2129x561, IMG_5833.jpeg)

Did he delete this?

No. 1892740

Bless you nonna, I saw it but it was gone when I got in the thread.
I don't understand this guy, was talking shit about her then comes here to say they were happy? Whats up with that?

No. 1892752


delusional af. love him coming here and talking with a buddy buddy tone but above hes yapping like a dog with anger

all bark no bite

No. 1892754


samefag responding to myself but the deleted post sounds like hes the one who got dumped judging by the borderline simping hes doing

No. 1892756

I didn't delete that post but somebody did. It wasn't me. Faern didn't dump me either you stupid fucker. I'm leaving him. You'd know that if you paid attention.

No. 1892758

We weren't happy. We had happy moments together. But for the most part I was miserable. I just didn't have the heart to do anything about it. But enough is enough. Know what I mean.

No. 1892763

Would you want to think that the last 5 years of your life was a total waste of time? I'm talking endless manual labor at jobs. Only being able to eat one meal a fucking day. Never enough money get myself anything at all. The happy moments we did have I have to hold on to, for my own sanity. I saw this forum 3 years ago, and it broke my heart at the time. I truly loved Faern and I believed the things he told me because I didn't know this existed. I moved here from the country and I had no idea who the hell Joji grey was. But he told me not to google his name, and that didn't sit well with me at all tbh. So I did, and I found out everything was a lie. But I really didn't have the heart to leave him. I wanted more than anything to believe this was the lie. I really did. I wanted to believe y'all were full of shit. But I was wrong. Our relationship broke many parts of me I didn't think could be broken honestly. But knowing that all struggling, hard work, injuring myself constantly at work so I can work harder so places would keep me. I did all that for 5 damn years, and for what? A few happy moments I guess. I'm off here for a while. I guess I'll be added to the list of victims now.(what in the livejournal shit is this?)

No. 1892766

Big kek where does she find these doormats? Takes some talent.

No. 1892768

This whole thing will be over in November thankfully. I still do love him. But I can't do this shit anymore. I have to just realize that I was in fact a victim, and just get over it I guess.

No. 1892859

kek, imagine being so retarded that you stay with a fucker that has pronouns and shit.

No. 1892890



mf you just said you saw all of this evidence years ago

No. 1892891

Kek, imagine being so retarded that you don't realize we all have pronouns.

No. 1892892

I did see all this evidence years ago. But I didn't want to believe it. I know it was me being a dumbass, I get that. But goddamn it, I couldn't believe he was as bad as y'all said he was. I didn't want to believe it. I knew better than to stay. But I thought maybe things would get better.

No. 1892899

post screenshots or something, I don’t want to read your long ass blogposts.

No. 1892904


did he get physically violent with you? he got violent with brian and that eerie person he dated

No. 1892907

You shared and accepted the quality of life you had, and now after 5 years you are saying you were not a part of it? You don't get cat piss soaked surroundings out of nowhere lol. Moids in their 40s blaming others for their lifestyle, especially when they had advanced warning as to what to expect, get no sympathy here.

No. 1892911

Honestly he never got physically violent with me.

No. 1892913

how do we even know if you dated whoever you’re talking about? post a picture of you two together or something.

No. 1892916


that’s a relief to hear. tbh even though I think you staying with him after seeing this thread was dumb af it’s still well known how badly he fucked people in his life up so at least you didn’t have to deal with some of it

No. 1892917

"but the leopard wouldn't eat MY face" is all I'm seeing here. You had nearly a decade of backstory on this chick and you chose to ignore it. I can understand sometimes wanting to see the good in someone, but joji/faern/george/sisen/kaz/kazakai/etc etc etc is known to be nothing but a leeching scumbag. You can't change someone like that and you won't find sympathy here. Brian, one of her exes, literally replied to this thread. Cut her off and move on pal.

No. 1892919

I am glad I didn't go through some of the things I've read about. I do feel sorry for those people.

No. 1892922

I am. I'm not interested in sympathy either tbh.(please read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1892932

you’re not correcting anon’s misgendering? that’s not very tranny supportive of you.

No. 1892949

yes and the lying/scamming etc has been documented by many ppl for fucking decades across several creative communities, but surely they were the ones being manipulative fuckwads.

ignoring that for a handful of “happy moments” and the delusion of things getting better was a choice, take the consequences and go already.

No. 1896849

This thread is so golden , I still can't believe I liked this creature as a kid(bumping the thread with non-update/blogging)

No. 1912697

File: 1697148407957.jpeg (179.25 KB, 828x323, 2763F457-F310-4B8B-9ACD-65B586…)

Any updates from someone with access to her Facebook? She posted this recently on Reddit but also posted something about her partner that struggles with adult literacy yesterday so I’m guessing her living situation might have stabilized again

No. 1932735


Guttertrash is still living in her car with her poor cat, begging for handouts on reddit now and barely touching facebook. I think that recent ex tipped her off because she's staying quiet on most of her socials.

Almost wish her ex would come back and share more tales from the crypt

No. 1933499

This is his ex. His cat is fine btw. I'm glad you pieces of shit are so concerned about a fucking cat and not the fact he's living in his car. Y'all don't have a heart. You're all fucking useless little pussies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1933510

2 months and you still haven't learned how to sage your crap. Go offer her your house if you're so worried. What a fucking retard.

No. 1933524

A human can control her situation whereas the cat cannot. Put her up in your house and have her get an actual job instead of being useless you hypocritical retard

No. 1933559


feeling sorry for yourself didn't work out? Your dumb fuck ass dated a real useless pussy and you're still struggling to cope

No. 1933563


You're also the reason she's living out of her car

No. 1933568

She’s a professional scammer who refuses to clean up her act or get a job. It’s no one else’s responsibility or problem that she lives in her car. The cat is the only innocent one here.

No. 1933678

>imagine blowing the last chance you had to say goodbye to your grandpa and missing his funeral/the opportunity to be there for your family because you where too deep into that autistic FtM pussy

No. 1941228

File: 1702259040550.jpg (586.35 KB, 1080x1627, Screenshot_20231210_174243_Red…)

> Stand on the corner with my sign
Damn, she really burnt all her bridges this time. I used to look up to her as a teenager and I would of never imagined this outcome.

No. 1945362

Damn this shit is depressing. She could've been so rich now too with the whole tranny goth eboy shit popping off but she just had to be a fucking idiot . I can't imagine getting to that point in my life and still begging people for money . She needs a job lol(sage your shit)

No. 1945662

She was always going to end up here. Scamming and taking advantage of everyone you meet while refusing to get a damn job never ends well. Eventually people wise up and you run out of suckers. A lot of other cows should see her as a cautionary tale, because they’re headed in the same direction. Her poor cat.

No. 1954892

The new development of this whole thing is not even surprising at this point tbh. I used to follow him for years and looked up to him as a creative even throughout the scamming, specifically when it came to light about the BJD debacle thinking, "Oh people change" and it's the same rinse and repeat cycle. For 10+ years. Refuse to get help/job, take advantage of people/partners, is abusive/manipulative to partners, uses Selfharm as a way to get what he wants, adopts animals but then he gets bored or unable to take care of them, begs for money, begins a business then runs with the money, etc, etc, the same shit different day. The homeless stuff? Sad, sure with the increase in cold, but he refuses resources when it's offered. Just sad sad.(unsaged newfag)

No. 1954896

Lol what do you expect, she’s always been a crazy BPD troon. Some cows never change

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