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File: 1560342079752.png (399.7 KB, 591x490, shoe00.png)

No. 821211[Reply]

Last time
>Shuwu moved to a new place and it isn't her fiance's apartment. Preg still won't marry her.
>Wishes Lauren Southern farewell and to have many babies
>On the other hand still tries hard to get into leftie circles, references copmala
>Nobody wants to accept her though so she has meltdowns daily

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".
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No. 902639

He won’t marry her but she’s dug her hole so deep trying to prove she wORShiPs his d1ck 24/7 ddgl shit that she would never leave him and give everyone a chance to say they knew it’d never last
They both repeatedly call women in their 30s old wine moms so you know her man child bf will see her that way. They deserve it for all of the shit they’ve spouted for years

No. 902863

Shuwu said a long time ago that she was going to make a video on Meghan Murphy and called her "the final boss of feminism" or something very cute like that. She knows that she has nothing meaningful and informative to say in response, Murphy is eloquent and more educated on the subject of feminism than Shuwu's hack ass could ever hope to be. Debating or making a video will just prove that she can't argue against anything that isn't a clickbait Buzzfeed article.

No. 903050

Oh right, yeah I remember that video. It was her "Chromosome Crusaders" video and she says that about Megan Murphy towards the end of it. I actually never even heard of Megan till that video because this was back when I was a Shuwu fan -gag-. I ended up checking Megan out and I was pleasantly surprised. While I don't agree with everything Megan says, she's definitely a competent speaker and I can see why Shuwu never followed up because frankly, Megan would destroy her in a debate.

No. 903481

File: 1575845947132.jpg (91.27 KB, 581x1000, uwucast.jpg)

No. 903518

saged for no milk but holy fuck shoe looks like a 50 yr old mom playing dress up in her christian teen daughter's clothes

File: 1575594700732.png (371.54 KB, 626x803, 75e41a52156e438a4bdf71eeb161b2…)

No. 902304[Reply]

A failed person briefly known as the BO of 8chan /tv/ from bumfuck nowhere (Saint Cloud, Minnesota). Fancies himself a "comedian", known for shilling his unfunny garbage on ghettogaggers and imageboards.

Possibly cursed with the worst genetics on the planet, he looks like an ogre and is balding at 22.

His youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba0Ep0yWSBnfZj1IDdUKpQ/videos(shit thread)
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No. 902631

No, I'm actually buttered upwards.
You can't tell I'm online.

No. 902633

I did steal most of the material from Bill, though.

No. 902634

No. 902635

ew. smells like maleposting.

No. 902762

definitely not a discord fan, dunno who the hell this guy is. saw a new thread with a lack of information so I'm just curious as to what's going on and what makes this guy a cow.

File: 1458674668928.jpg (49.07 KB, 500x484, tumblr_inline_n98xxsV6cC1sw5w6…)

No. 109130[Reply]

For mocking the luls that are Internet Multiples, aka people who heard about Dissociative Identity Disorder and thought it'd be totally kewlsies to have the entire cast of Inception living in their head.
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No. 902082

File: 1575562662490.png (1.25 MB, 1065x1660, Screenshot_20191205-160944~2.p…)

Sorry to necro the thread but I used to follow this mess a few years ago, and apparently Casper is 7 miles away from me and looking for "queer buddies" on tinder. Should have grabbed the full profile before I swiped left.

No. 902139

Go find them again and ask what hairdye they use, that color looks great.

No. 902144

I still follow her. She's a fucking annoying mess lol.

I missed where she suddenly became a non DID person. All I saw was her scrapping her fake alters and being all ~queer~

No. 902145

File: 1575574843393.jpg (28.93 KB, 321x223, hairs.JPG)

No. 902185

>>902144 she's STILL in hospital, although she seems to get leave constantly

File: 1509237485116.jpg (66.4 KB, 750x939, unnamed.jpg)

No. 411172[Reply]

> underage (17) year old Swedish girl deep into DDLG to the point of having a Youtube channel based around it
> fetishizes the ever-loving shit out of Lolita
> calls herself a "12 year old slut"
> fetishizes serial killers
> appallingly racist
> loves Trump, is transphobic and fatphobic
> hates feminism
> has a "daddy" that's "older" than 30, but he lives in an entirely different country and, despite having money, has never attempted to meet her. this leads many to assume that her daddy is fake.
> claims to have lost her virginity at 11 years old
> some of her Youtube videos are about her sexual experiences; also posts sexualized photos of herself
> encourages other underage girls to go after pedophiles
> as of October 2017, she's started making her Instagram captions mashups of insults people on PULL say about her

She could probably go in Kinksters General if she weren't such a goddamn mess. She's kind of like the second coming of Johanna, (spoiledsweet/bugeyedbrat) the self-proclaimed nymphet that was popular on Tumblr for having to go to court after somebody called the cops on her middle-aged "daddy" she was seeing when she was 15.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 416904

can someone explain to me why it's cool now to have redneck agenda? can any anon Swedes clarify what kind of people aligns themselves with the worst world leader in the first world

No. 417612

>>416904 Swede here, it isn't cool in Sweden to do it. Basically everyone hates him, even our top politicians mock him… But there is a small group of swedes who's super alt-right (as in any country) and they get a hard-on when girls like asshole right-wing leaders and she loves that.
(sorry for my english)

No. 428952

pedo play

No. 428968

what is up with all the foreigners loving trump. they have their own dictators. why glorify ours. most trumpers are stingy. they aren't going to send her money.

No. 901801

i know this thread is old but she hasn't changed at all in those two years. she isn't with her "daddy" anymore but she still has a weird relationship with him,, she basically considers him the love of her life,,(necro)

File: 1499895378716.png (499.82 KB, 576x548, JessiandNick.png)

No. 351350[Reply]

Typical DDLG/ABDL instagrammer.
I've been actually following them since…November or so? And ever since then, there's always been drama. I'll list a few that I've seen since then:
Jessi getting arrested for marijuana possession and her husband posting on GoFundMe for the bail money.
Her fellow ddlg friends 'turning on her' whilst she posts all about it, even her followers tell her to get the fuck off of social media for her own well being.
Her begging for money and harassing people to buy her stuff on her amazon wishlist.
Her developing anorexia and posting crying videos of her begging for the money and such.
Her husband kicking her out of the house, then the next hour they made up, but during that, she was posting videos of her crying and once again, begging for money.

Her DDLG friend even made a post once about how her husband is manipulative and abusive, and spends their money on drugs and weed 24/7.

Idk if this is worth posting but she does cause plenty of drama for her followers, all 28k+ of them. All she does is contradict herself. Keep an eye on this cow.
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No. 899914

File: 1575168970783.png (423.34 KB, 732x405, Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 8.56…)

No. 899925

>died suddenly of a heart attack
>direct action
God really took this pig out and had him drop dead.

No. 900214

Jesus I'm actually surprised she wasn't lying

No. 901688

Wow, you guys really don’t have anything better to do.

You guys, are the LOWEST of people and reading this “oh he isn’t dead” bullshit is absolutely disgusting.

get a fucking life,, hasn’t 2+ years been enough for you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 901690

By defending her here,you see, you're just bring up this pretty much dying thread to more scrutiny.

Good job, wk.

File: 1539833029247.png (498.71 KB, 474x592, keeley reed.png)

No. 715663[Reply]

Deerhoof/Keeley Reed/Kiki Reed/Kiko Grasa
>Ex-tumblr-famous scammer that made a run for it when people started asking for their money back
>Compulsively lies and steals money from everyone (Past online store scams include Datura Clothing, Nectarine Clothing, NeverNotGood)
>Pretends to be hafu when she's admitted in the past to being 100% white
>Routinely (and falsely) accuses others of sexual and verbal for victim points
>Obligatory ~smol genderless bpd and queer bean uwu~

Recent milk:
>Possibly pregnant ??
>Puts on a french accent to "professionally" pierce people in her grody apartment
>Faked cancer for GoFundMe money
>Financially abuses her ex, still somehow plays victim
>Publicly accuses coffee shop anon of "transphobic abuse" because he didn't want to be her bff

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 897521

yeah, she is. she pulls the polyamorous card all the time but it's only for her and not him.

No. 897913

Damn she must give good pussy to have guys chase after her and be stupid enough and share their bank account.

No. 897934

no, she's just manipulative and preys on weak soyboys lol. you don't see girls being abused and say "wow their boyfriends must have great dick."

No. 900932

anyone know elliots twitter?(necro)

No. 901320

Who’s Elliot

File: 1561420193359.png (2.2 MB, 1312x1304, Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 7.35…)

No. 826201[Reply]

names, in order: taylor anderson, lainey avaroe, kai jackson

>24 year old fakeboi obsessed with being an emo teenager despite being the mother of 3

>married to the foul beast onision greg avaroe james jackson himself
>accused of grooming a minor who she adopted, saving her from an abusive household and introducing her to a new one
>flies out fresh 18 year olds and talks to minors, sees no problem with this
>came out as bisexual then trans and won't let you forget
>lives in a pigsty that's definitely safe for kids
>makes cringy content every week

read the rules before you post (https://lolcow.farm/rules)
lurk before you post

previous thread:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 900559

>Please be nice to the pedo!

No. 900618

If anything, wouldn't it make more sense for these transtrenders to say Lamo isn't trans? Why would anyone want a gross predator within their community lol

No. 900778

An interesting watch, does anyone think Lainey is a sociopath?

No. 901284


No, just a spineless lost soul. I don't view Cry as being as manipulative/malicious as grease, not saying Kaimeariver is a good person, they're very bad. They're just too brain dead and immature to forgo acting on a whim.

No. 901293


Lol honestly, this one is a tough call. On the one hand, they probably assume at women's prison everyone will treat them delicately and respect that they're a "mother", but on the other hand, Cry would adore the attention they'd get from having a pussy in a men's prison.

File: 1444177145698.jpg (81.49 KB, 450x450, U0.jpg)

No. 39645[Reply]

Lets discuss our favorite tumblr ~celebrities~
157 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 760618

what happened to his girlfriend? the one everyone thought she looked like ramona flowers?

No. 760630

Daaamn. Too bad tumblr is over now cause he could've got some serious tumblr points for this lmao. I'm surprised.

No. 760677

File: 1546911547149.png (14.44 KB, 419x696, tumblr_l0qlqud8uS1qzesejo1_500…)

Was anybody into the whole funny person crowd on Tumblr almost a decade ago? I remember this girl named failbag, she had a Simba icon and used to make comics all the time. I think she fell off the website in the mid 2010s, but I remember the other users she was close to. One of them was Josh Macedo and another was Meysell, who was into making Pokemon references. Weird group.

No. 900972


Does she have any new social media? i wonder what is she up to now.(necro emailfag)

No. 900984

holy fucking shit i remember failbag, deadashistory, meysell, and joshishollywood. I remember Monica and her weird ass obsession with Edward Norton and when she dated Jose for a good couple months. Who was the fucking other couple that they were friends with? The deer girl and the guy who liked Zelda a lot. I honestly thought this funny person following was smaller kek.

File: 1568218573650.jpg (115.27 KB, 1024x576, decomissionzone.jpg)

No. 867400[Reply]

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk
140 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 900573

File: 1575303571863.jpg (338.83 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191202_081750.jpg)

samefag, but posted this picture of his car and I wanna barf

No. 900594

this looks like a woman to me? the orbital bones or something is throwing me off

No. 900619

Noooo! That doesn't go on the floor of your car next to your beer and nasty sneakers. Eew.

No. 900665

he's using it on his ass or? lol

No. 900830

File: 1575345719211.jpeg (471.71 KB, 750x959, E8A81DFC-54E4-424C-819F-67DD05…)

These guys calling themselves dykes is so gross

File: 1567683185935.jpg (1.16 MB, 1236x1560, 1567026131691 (1).jpg)

No. 864285[Reply]

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
953 posts and 202 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 900698

It would have to be to get through that blubber, kek

No. 900731

really pheebs? you can always do a postal vote or even vote by proxy if you’re unable to leave the house. I bet she’s setting up the ‘some people have valid reasons to miss voting’ because she’ll be too fucking lazy to haul arse to her local polling station. sage for blogposting but i forgot to register down at my uni address so literally all it took was filling out one form to make my mum my proxy vote so she could take it with her when she voted. you’d think if she was actually as ill as she claimed she’d give a shit about voting because muh nhs…

No. 900800

What was her last Patreon count? Because she's currently down to 14 followers and $46 (USD) a month.

No. 900931

Bit of a waste seeing as her vagina disability started as soon as they got engaged

No. 903539

Where the hell has she gone. A flurry of stories a couple of days ago reposting general SJW stuff… then nothing again. It’s such a mystery!

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