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File: 1587611953710.jpg (13.56 KB, 259x194, download (7).jpg)

No. 963863[Reply]

Post any lulzy people you know from the art community that aren't popular enough to have their own thread. Here is an example:
DeviantArt: https://mulberryart.deviantart.com/

Tumblr: http://mulberryart.tumblr.com/ (warning: NSFW)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MulberryArt

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mulberryart

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mulberry

- Artist of Yansim
- Traces to hell and back, which means that she steals assets also
- Is lovey dovey with Alex, the creator of Yandere Simulator even though he is basically a shit person who steals from other people and manipulates others and fetishizes him.
- A lot of their art for Yandere Simulator is very suggestive despite that a of the characters in the game are still in highschool
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No. 1043564

File: 1600845003481.jpeg (187.66 KB, 828x482, DA88FA1E-B032-4EB8-ACE4-B61EC4…)

She really, really wants everyone to know she’s an artist guys.
>green-lighting new projects

No. 1043566

File: 1600845031642.jpeg (325.32 KB, 1552x2048, 5212EDB3-842D-428A-AFF6-925DDE…)

Peak fashion.

No. 1043595

I just noticed how her floors are getting ruined with paint stains. Gurl get a drop cloth

No. 1043644

She does it on purpose to seem authentic and #artsy

No. 1043971

one spot seems to resemble a paw print too. kind of fucked up if her cat is walking in oil paint

File: 1446649692197.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, kbmrFWhG.jpg)

No. 54084[Reply]

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No. 951053

Trisha's troll twitter where she has a alter called ''tatiana''

No. 956333

No ones surprised but wow girl really did just make an account specifically to bully people with DID

No. 980886

does anyone have a link to the sex tape she did

No. 1043204

why does this swine turn me on so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1043342

Because you’re the swine anon

File: 1594342549954.png (72.78 KB, 275x218, 1594107973308.png)

No. 1004962[Reply]

Myah Alanna Scavo is a 21 year old wannabe musician and youtuber/instagrammer. She’s bratty, selfish, and a tryhard edgelord whilst being overly sensitive and incapable of taking criticism.

New milk.
>Moved to LA but is coped up in her apartment all day playing COD, SL or GTA.
> Can't keep any of her friends in LA because shes a hypocrite, no longer friends with abi.
> Supposedly is liberal now but abi has come out saying it is all fake and behind the scenes she says racist shit and also has friends online say racist shit so she records it.
> Old Milk: Abi and Ava have confirmed that she has hard drives of people.
> Spent $10,000 on a wrap in LA yet the car is not even worth $20,00 (A Pruis) she said she worked hard for it but she just turned in her Audi for the Prius.
> Had a teenage girl come over to her house before Covid-19 took off. Hangs out with teenagers and gets drunk with them.
> Besides Spring Break she still has not released new music (Princeton).
> Uses her mom's credit card rather buy vodka over food and nags at her mom for more money.
> Her ex friend Abi came out and said that myah also has p*edofelic behaviors and constantly tells herself she looks like a child.
> Her patreon does not give out content either late or not at all just access to a discord server.
> Always back with Anthony even though he was crazy abusive.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1042440

how do you know she turned in her audi for her prius? i believed her when she explained in her video that her dad took it away from her.. he didn’t actually do that.

No. 1042628

Myah ex Alex is soooo desperate lol

No. 1042722

wdym when you say she bullied and terrorized this friend so badly that they took an early flight out? like specifically, what could she do that waa that bad?!

ps ty very much for the tea, myah is horrible and doesnt deserve her platform. if it got deleted, theres NO WAY shed be able to regain her followers

No. 1042762

In the previous thread, Ava said that Soph was kicked out by Myah “for no reason”. Which kinda makes no sense given the drama that happened on that trip.

No. 1043130

File: 1600786882100.png (195.48 KB, 750x1334, 8644BAB1-263E-4ABD-ACB7-172CDD…)

Lol she’s so broke she’s tryna get her gross obese I live in my moms basement discord daddies to get her one lmao

File: 1543963846843.jpg (229.27 KB, 682x910, DlflrF6U0AAk26C.jpg)

No. 743790[Reply]


>4lung "Jane Louise Fredericks" or "Hushy" is 24 and a transgirl furry "musician"

>has a bunch of cringy furry ocs, most are babies

>is a babyfur, operated a side twitter account for this fetish before deleting it. claims that he does this to cope with "past abuse"
>gets angered when this is called out on him, prompting her to leave her twitter accounts for a couple of days to a few weeks.
>cheated on his girlfriend for not wanting to participate in his fetish, sent a witchhunt after her
>allegedly made a bunch of creepy sexual advances on people
>is friends with a bunch of pedophiles, most notably famitory, and kate wurtz, who both draw pedophilia
>got called out for posting nsfw content such as his nudes on his twitter account where she knew minors lurked
>narcissistic and diverts all blame when engaging wiith someone else about her flaws
>makes happy hardcore and rave music, that all sound pretty much the same because the same samples are used over and over again
>managed to self release over 50 albums under several different aliases - most commonly her furry OCs
>releases an album every month and obviously rushes it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1021237

the fact that you posted this without screenshots or links, plus the fact that 4lung and orbiters have been using the "jealous out of spite" shtick to handwave criticism since the beginning, gives SERIOUS doubt to your claim. either post proof or gtfo this thread, don't just throw this shit out hoping it'll change our minds about this creep

No. 1021617

Cool, 4lung is still into babyfuck shit and made that "pear" pedo acronym so even if everything was faked whatever he's still a pedo creep imo

No. 1039803

4lungs new alt account is @REACTOID

No. 1041417

shes hot i wont lie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1042737

His newest account name is rawrdcore, and he changed his alt too reaktoid instead of reactoid.

File: 1481065810930.jpg (185.52 KB, 750x1269, evaisableist.jpg)

No. 209739[Reply]

>completely oblivious to her stupidity, goes on and on about how she is better than every single person
>gets REAL made at porn blogs for reblogging her nudes
>she continues to post nudes which is what she calls art
>Appears to be completely NEET with no social life outside of tumblr; although at one time claimed to study
>talks about wanting to look prepubescent but sexualizes herself by wearing heavy make up and lingerie
>pro-ana but pretends to be anti-pro-ana even though she runs a pro-ana blog
>cannot fathom being accountable for past awful behavior so she pretends it never happened even though there is proof
>throws a shit fit, guaranteed, at least 3 times a day.

I see a milky future for this cow..
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No. 1042316

Did she change her tumblr url or did she finally deactivate?

No. 1042605

Apparently Eva has a Patreon to share her poetry and “art”. She does not punctuate her poetry like her favourite rapper Bones. She can not do anything original.(namefag)

No. 1042606

File: 1600699394623.png (1.02 MB, 1536x2048, 8907FAF0-FC9C-4414-9FD8-51CC31…)

Her Patreon her first subscriber was her mother “Anna”

No. 1042609

Uh don’t fill your email out rg.smith, how’s Canada this time of year?

I’m sure most people’s moms would subscribe to their art Patreon? It’s sort of cute, don’t include it like it’s milk especially when you can’t follow the most basic board rules.

No. 1042615

Thank you for the gracious welcome

File: 1539833029247.png (498.71 KB, 474x592, keeley reed.png)

No. 715663[Reply]

Deerhoof/Keeley Reed/Kiki Reed/Kiko Grasa
>Ex-tumblr-famous scammer that made a run for it when people started asking for their money back
>Compulsively lies and steals money from everyone (Past online store scams include Datura Clothing, Nectarine Clothing, NeverNotGood)
>Pretends to be hafu when she's admitted in the past to being 100% white
>Routinely (and falsely) accuses others of sexual and verbal for victim points
>Obligatory ~smol genderless bpd and queer bean uwu~

Recent milk:
>Possibly pregnant ??
>Puts on a french accent to "professionally" pierce people in her grody apartment
>Faked cancer for GoFundMe money
>Financially abuses her ex, still somehow plays victim
>Publicly accuses coffee shop anon of "transphobic abuse" because he didn't want to be her bff

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1040716

>>1040169 fucking Japan fucking Japan kek

No. 1040765

Meth is HUGE in Portland and most of the Antifa crowd are doing it. It’s pretty common knowledge that most of them are tweaked out.

No. 1042203

so is she still arrested or what? we used to be pretty close from 2010-2014 but kiko always ended up ghosting me lol. so i'm kinda interested to see wtf is going on now. still thinking about that gross saline toner kiko made for piercing customers, the cork prolly held sooo much bacteria… would love to see if those customers still have their noses left from those terrible septum piercings lmfao.

No. 1042336

>>1040765 yeah that's extremely fucked, but yet again knowing her she's probably still running a social media account somewhere

No. 1042407

Stop bumping the thread with nothing

File: 1521982010922.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, contra.jpg)

No. 537938[Reply]

29y.o transbian sjw who gathered fame with videos such as ''TERFs'', ''What the alt right fears'', ''Is Trump racist?''… Is prone to twitter meltdowns. He has called out Kiwifarms in one of his videos despite having a mere 9 page thread.
ig: https://www.instagram.com/contrapoints/?hl=fr
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
twitter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsIonJdJ5E4EXMa65VYpA
937 posts and 146 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1042235

Damn haven't checked up on him in a while, I'm still waiting for this thread to be bumped for one of these reasons though-
Contra detrans and rallies agaisnt transing out because his dick does not work and it's like a cult.

Or Contra becomes tranny chaser Blaire and goes agaisnt the cult.

I 100% expect him to turn agaisnt breadtube because being trans and the attention he gets for being trans, seems to do a number on his mental.
His eyes are always so empty and sad.

No. 1042237

he also looks like shit, I have no idea why troons (and regular people) say that Contra passes. I saw a troon whining on resetera that Contra hates Non-Binary people because he passes and he feels like he belongs in female spaces and some shit about how he feels he's more of a "trans person" because he passes.
He always looked like a dude with long hair and sissy gear on to me.

No. 1042246

File: 1600628435584.jpg (51.91 KB, 640x480, images.jpg)

I always found agps scary, they look like they're going to kill your or something. Same vibe as picrel.

No. 1042283

I cannot believe this man actually paid money to look like Megamind in a shitty wig. Whoever did his jaw surgery was playing a joke on him.

No. 1043157

Yeah, at best he passes as a drag queen. Higher effort than most troons, I'll grant him that, but still unmistakably male.

File: 1592655542369.jpg (35.65 KB, 515x767, 325.jpg)

No. 989990[Reply]

Previous thread >>782532

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

>Lauren Southern

>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
>Has now returned claiming to be a centrist and against the Alt Right
>Apologized for helping create a toxic online culture and mass deleted her tweets, hoping to escape her pandering past
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
688 posts and 142 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1042395

samefag, but the people bringing up "but poor women"! but oppresshed women in pakistan, sudan, and guatemala" only further strengthens the arguments of the people critical of this dynamic. It is clear as day that patriarchy isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially in these awful cultures and that you'll have to "work with the system" for the time being to help these women out but why do you all want to deny reality so bad? It is a risk to be financially dependent on someone. It is better to have some kind of backup plan for if your relationships falls through. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that it is mostly pushed on women to not become financially independent. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that it is women that have to submit to their husbands.

No. 1043143

Wtf happened here? Are tradthots trying to rebrand their aspirational lifestyle choice as feminism for the new generation now?

No. 1043150

>>1042139 Has any feminist ever said that women shouldn't be allowed to be housewives though? Being critical of the phenomenon doesn't mean that you want to stop these women from living the life that they choose. Smh, people on the internet always seem to think that disliking or disagreeing with something means you want to ban it.

No. 1043608

File: 1600850090111.jpg (165.68 KB, 1024x683, merlin_20384543_d3ec26b1-b22c-…)


Elizabeth Wurzel (R.I.P.) actually wrote a article that went viral about how woman who chose to be housewives were killing feminism and making it harder for based career wominnz such as herself to gain respect from their male colleagues in the workplace. Granted it was trashed by most everyone and she had been a known as a crazy wine aunt for years at that point. But, it was written by someone who had once been considered an prestigious intellectual and was published by The Atlantic.


No. 1044110

I'm old enough to remember "all sex is rape" and "marriage is slavery" feminists so yes, some feminists have said women shouldn't be housewives.

File: 1406912620739.jpg (111.41 KB, 426x640, tumblr_lz7wmqp95V1r4iqtlo1_500…)

No. 290770[Reply]

I think Felice Fawn and her scams are pretty well know. Are there any other lol-worthy ~thinspo queens~ around?
747 posts and 141 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1028120

Dog no one into street wear or high fashion has thought about boy London since 2016

No. 1028148

No. 1028205

Who the hell is Emily? If you’re referring to Em Crockpot, she’s not anywhere close to being on the same level as those other three and it’s sad to see you’ve started drinking again.

No. 1028320

I think she's talking about crying emily

No. 1041787

Posted last month https://youtu.be/RyMFWH5nSXs(newfag)

File: 1575907912341.png (875.5 KB, 846x726, Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.1…)

No. 903707[Reply]

From >>902104

stwawbwewymilk/aggy Is a trans, social media "indie" comic snowflake that's known for drawing depictions of CP, incest and furry/cub fetish art. When met with any criticism her army of fellow CP loving orbiters swoop in to protect their mentally ill traumatized incest loving queen.

A description of her years of milk and overall personality are:
>sticking it to the "art school" haterz by making more fetish work
>"taking a break from social media" only to return less than a day later
>made a trauma narrative to cope with muh mental illness/trauma yet continues to make fictional incest work
>speaks in baby talk
>literally lashes out at any criticism
> is friend of fellow Troon and child groomer four lung >>743790
> steals stuffed animals and tamagotchis claiming "I'm literally so poor and broke I need to steal to survive check your privilege" >>903332

>Mentioned that she wanted to apply to CAKE, a zine fest in Chicago.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1057 posts and 295 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1041826

I think what it means is that he jealous queer kids nowadays have more accepting parents so they don't have trauma like he did, hence they don't have a right to judge his "art" for portraying his rebel/trauma

No. 1042098

the mental gymnastics this ogre does to make himself feel righteous and everyone else seem like a nazi is astounding. it's bad enough he's drawing and liking disgusting porn, but then he has to go and act like the h8rz are just ~too naive and privileged~ to understand this ~profound art~. most of the original backlash on twitter was coming from other troons or actual victims of CSA, it's so fucking disrespectful to basically imply that no one had it as bad as him so everyone should shut up. he has no idea what other people have been through, to imply that he's simply the biggest victim and that's why he's misunderstood is tasteless at the least and sociopathically narcissistic at the worst. sorry for the rant but this struck a nerve

No. 1042291

this has the pseudointellectual whiff of an anna khachiyan tweet

No. 1042698

File: 1600711923004.png (766.44 KB, 2048x1288, Screenshot_20200921-140423.png)

Yeah, I don't think that's something you'll have to worry about, Aggy.

No. 1042803

I feel like he’s just saying that because he knows no publisher would work with him so he’s pretending that’s what he wants.

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