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File: 1579501446279.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1567132245751.png)

No. 920764[Reply]

>edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi from Tumblr
>wrote a graphic fake trauma narrative about life in a child sex trafficking ring hosted in a warehouse, every part of which was laughably fabricated
>created fake Hidden Wiki screencaps describing CP videos of herself and a character named "Sam", her closest friend in the ring
>skinwalks relentlessly, first an actual girl named "Sam" she was briefly friends with IRL, then Courtney Love, then Ginger Bronson, then various others Tumblr users
>obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, enjoys gore/porn of the character Sora
>made multiple sockpuppet Tumblr accounts to make her claims and the people she invented look "real", catfishing as multiple girls (mainly Ginger Bronson)
>is known to plagiarize whatever media she's interested in for her narrative
>previously posted journals on a MCR blog site pretending to grieve over a friend who died ("Danny") and even made a fake FB memorial page, using photos of an unrelated person
>has had her family and authorities notified, but her behavior has largely stayed the same
>admits to watching CP, killing/torturing animals

>has retreated to a private IG account and still posts the same bullshit lies
>claims to be addicted to heroin and meth, and that her alleged drug dealer has been trying to fuck her
>has been seeing a Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist (Ellen Lacter) and posting about how much she helps her (one time, Soren claimed she was kidnapped by the "bad guy" on her birthday and raped, while her therapist was on the phone with her the whole time)
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No. 998534

File: 1593440519811.jpg (563.93 KB, 1080x1949, IMG_20200629_161621.jpg)

this is a bit old but I don't think it was posted here. Another proof of Sora being unable to stop being a disgusting sperg even when talking about KH

No. 998538

the edge is getting old

No. 999174

This loser really bought or commissioned a miniature heroin kit… lmao

No. 999232

the most autistic thing i‘ve ever seen

No. 999710


File: 1586305409156.png (Spoiler Image, 852.34 KB, 2248x1752, Ilikapie's Kisame Li Lee Polit…)

No. 955676[Reply]

This may be considered esoteric, but I feel the subject has earned this thread. The subject here is Kisame17, named after a Naruto character. For over half a year, he's been mindlessly harassing people in the pregnancy fetishism community.

What apparently started out as some disagreement in a roleplaying Discord has turned into impersonating IRS agents, lawyers, hospital workers, chefs, and more. As others have pointed out, impersonating an IRS agent is a federal crime, as is being an IRS agent and sending threats like he has. He spams the pregnancy threads on 4chan /d/ constantly, ventures to other artistry and pregnancy websites to make a mess, and has made a habit of harassing artists and others through any other venue he can find, usually threatening government action, which has made people wonder if he's schizophrenic.

He's African American, apparently in his thirties, claims his name is Vladimir, and supposedly lives in New York. He's been offered forgiveness if he apologizes and stops spamming, but has refused this. He's been so obnoxious that some artists have taken to mocking him through their work using the same terms he's been spouting for months. This image is the newest I'm aware of, but is still pornographic, so it's been spoilered.

Here's one of the artists sending out a warning to others near the start of this drama:

Here's an artist trying to get him to stop by offering something in return:

Here are some of his accounts I'm aware of:
https://www.deviantart.com/kisame17 (deactivated)
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No. 999153

What absolute autism did I just read?

No. 999159


very advanced autism, but the crazy rambling is entertaining.

No. 999179

Hilarious how everyone ignored this sperg for 8 hours so he had to come back to talk to himself. Exceptional.

No. 999185

this guy is so dense he made me pity the pregnancy fetish community for having to deal with him

No. 999189

I take that back, looks like he’s schizo and talking to himself isn’t unusual. Interesting that we ended up with this one, usually the schizos end up at KF. Muh deep state and what have you.

File: 1581994619394.png (2.77 MB, 1000x2000, sophiek.png.ffe2de4cae0b650d28…)

No. 933276[Reply]

Belle Delphine skinwalker who was enjoying the association until people started posting her on BD fan pages and she was posted in the PULL BD copy cats thread. Has been having a meltdown over it ever since, as she is posted about and exposed near daily.

>Camgirl/sex worker

>Hairdresser school alumna/mullet afficianado
>Used to do furry art
>Claims to not be a BD wannabe despite the same makeup and snow app abuse, might even have overlaid BD’s face onto her own
>So plagued by BD accusations that she has to clarify in her pornhub titles that she’s not BD (not for, like, publicity or anything)
>Has a live-in BF/pimp that she denies just like BD
>Screen grabs from her diddling videos are posted on PULL and reveal her true face
>Blames bad lighting, an old camera, late-stage puberty, and caked on makeup for the reason she looks so consistently inconsistent
>Insists that she is naturally young looking and not pandering to pedophiles with her content
>Posts clips from a commercial she was in when she was 12 to prove that she ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT CATER TO PEDOS
>Was scammed by a creepy incel into sending provocative video clips, claims PULL users are behind the “hacking”
>Tries to prove her natural looks by posting video clips that include makeup, angles, favorable lighting, blurry quality, and filters
>Encourages her orbiters to white knight her at every opportunity, including joining PULL to give negative reputation on posts that mention her and getting angry at IG commenters who compare her to “Bill Dolphin”
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 999064

File: 1593501190773.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 55.5 KB, 265x500, FDD4451B-4685-495D-B021-949820…)

She’s back and she looks different now

No. 999066

Couldn't let "kittybelledelphine" make off with her simps I'm guessing

No. 999138

The small eye editing + “Lee” lol is she trying to be Asian now?

No. 999154

I saw one of her streams and aside from the usual claims of being French (one of her grandparents is kek) she totally claimed to be Asian but elaborated no further, and changed the subject. Some incel said something about her "looking Asian", and she basically just followed that up with "I am" but provided no relation or specific nationality.

No. 999380

lol my god you'd think with how obsessed with women and pornsick these freaks are they could recognize an Asian versus a white woman with vaguely hooded eyelids and eyeliner.

File: 1593459662312.jpeg (146.69 KB, 817x800, F71801A8-E6AD-4BB3-A78C-48EF8A…)

No. 998707[Reply]

Lets talk about it

- bf apparently does cockfights and illegal gambling for money
- claims her body is natural
- posts short videos
- waist and ass are different in every photo
- lives in Vietnam with a much older bf

Insta: oanhdaqueen(shit thread)

No. 998708

File: 1593459703168.jpeg (654.17 KB, 828x915, B001884E-58CB-44F2-939F-4E1372…)

No. 998714

Self post? Get outta here with this thot.

No. 998727

Just another overshooped ig thot, the most unlikable thing about her is being fake woke about American issues while living it up as 3rd world pick-me with poorfag sex tourist bf
PULL might be more interested

No. 998731

Ik this is a dumb thread that will probably get deleted but the post insinuating that it was a self post made me lol bc I can see this chick being a farmer 100%

she gives off the fake ~poz vibes drink water & love yourself uwu!~ energy all these ingenuous thots who shop themselves to hell and back do but seems edgy/petty enough to go behind other’s backs and snark abt them on anonymous boards

No. 998751

- posts short videos

OP bringing the real milk here.

File: 1520695858207.jpeg (41.87 KB, 800x403, 461F0AB2-3B0B-4448-BAD3-1F03BF…)

No. 525536[Reply]

While discussion of Null is tabled, the rest of the posters at Kiwi Farms have the possibility of being fertile ground for farmers. The fact that they attach a pseud to themselves makes it easy to follow them when they begin to moo.

This thread is for discussion of posters you find milky, internal modmilk, or even to show appreciation for favorite posters. They’ve got a thread about us, it’s time to return the favor!

(dyn plz go)
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No. 998802

I want to see pictures. Did he know what she looked like? Does she pass?

No. 998803


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 998830

Lmfao, why does this not surprise me? Hasn't this happened to him before?

No. 998865

I wrote something up for the new post if anyone wants to use it, don't have a pic and have to go to work but:

Kiwi Farms General #2

This thread is (obviously) for following current KF drama. There's been lots of late, with Null threatening to shut the site down, bitching out and fucking off to (Eastern European) parts unknown, all due to the fact that he can't stand the userbase he's responsible for cultivating. He's still fighting the losing battle of trying to monetize the site, taking a hit by losing his New Project 2 neetbux, and attempting to get the kooks off the site by creating a newer, better /pol/ at the desolate and tumbleweed-filled 9chan.

As before, this thread is for following your favorite posters/cows, posting internal modmilk, and allowing KF users a space to come here under cover of anon and share the love.

Will Josh become the next Lowtax? We'll see. The site serves a purpose, for better or worse. Stay tuned. Previous thread at >>>/snow/525536.

No. 1000279

File: 1563646546854.jpeg (283.8 KB, 1097x1088, 0524AD41-5CBC-41E5-9B5E-926767…)

No. 841145[Reply]

Third thread to discuss Nicole Dollanganger's following & skin-walkers alike.

Frequent faces include:
Millie (Doll)graves, Patience / torturegardens, etc. In the last thread someone brought up @sighsierra on IG — conversation about that pale uwu edgy picsart stickers community may be fitting as they all listen to and try to emulate ~2015 Nicole.

Newest milk is Millie's interview with Medium.

Other, souring milk is Patience's attachment to Nicole through having been involved in music videos she may have shot but never released alongside Nicole, Andre the Giant (@cryspell), and Maggie (@maggiedunlap).

Nicole and Matt have broken up in the past year or so and it appears that Andre got her sloppy seconds. Millie has gotten engaged to a normie.
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No. 975282

File: 1589722047061.png (738.5 KB, 737x745, hmAs9a5.png)

At least Big Andre is looking better these days.

No. 975290

NO WAY! she looks brilliant!

No. 976766

whoa shes lost a lot of weight

No. 998514

File: 1593436847825.png (351.77 KB, 750x553, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 13.4…)

this girl has been mentioned before on a sadbbydoll thread (@rotting_angel_blood on instagram) as a robin/nicole skinwalker and now she's glamorising and profiting from BPD and SAD with shitty sticker sets on her storenvy. she's also selling knives illegally on there, so i've reported her shop. they have to take action if they receive 3+ complaints. support@storenvy.com rottingangelblood.storenvy.com(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998608

Dude, I had no idea her face could be that pretty. Fuck yeah you big beautiful bitch.

File: 1532162066750.jpeg (132.91 KB, 601x1229, AC438E2C-FDA3-4760-908F-012F26…)

No. 643671[Reply]

Former pageant girl who's now a Lapidot sperg. Hilariously bad with managing her money, she E-begs on Ko-Fi for literally everything related to cosplay and cons (Peep her IG story right now, since her C2E2 ticket is funded she's back to begging for her Momocon ticket)

She couldn't afford a fucking $5 McGriddle at HolMat and had to beg to get fed

Shoves her relationship with @for_the_love_of_clod on everyone’s faces, gave Clod a promise ring a few months into the relationship, posted it about it and everyone thought it was an engagement ring

Kelly was engaged for 3 years, broke off the relationship in mid 2016, she had been stalking Clod during that time and only met her because she had at least 10-15k followers

Claims she’s poor even though she does model photo shoots, took trapeze classes, and moved to Florida a few months ago and recently went back to Seattle to work for a week because she didn’t have a job in Florida, was then invited to choreograph a beauty pageant


43 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 984582

>>983950 if i remember correctly, both Akali and Evelynn (the one with the cap and the pink haired one) are straight in canon and have NOTHING in common nor are they in a relationship.

They were just there for a split minute in that music video to promote their K/DA skins. I really hate when cosplayers jump onto that trend and think they are obligated to change their sexuality because "muh exclusivity". It isn't even hard to read both of their lores and come to the conclusion they have none in common and are both straight. embarassing how they try to portray these both champs.

No. 984774

yep. The only close to canon lesbian ship would be Neeko and Nidalee because Neeko has a crush on her.

No. 988236

File: 1592339577869.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, C2F7A6CB-0114-4894-870D-406EB2…)

@for_the_love_of_clod or @kellykirstein’s snowflake fiancé has now become a costhot who is selling her nudes. No surprise here. Cheap patreon and onlyfans pictures, cosplays are from miccostumes. Her face and body aren’t fit to be selling these lewd photos. Another fake gamer girl who likes League Of Legends because of K/DA. She is calling herself “Genderqueer” but is dressing as “Sexy girls”. Watch her complain because she is getting “sexist comments”. She needs to grow up

No. 990207

>>988236 whats even the point in playing league when you clearly do not care about the game and universe but only for K/DA? i can just imagine her playing league and just quitting after a minute into that game. Would be funny to see her being one shotted and going 0/20 evelynn jungle.

Imagine the second hand embarassment.

jng diff

No. 998370

File: 1593412041029.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, E441181D-3347-4DEA-9C39-0FC606…)

In 2017 when Hurricane Maria/Irma happened Kelly Kirstein asked donations for her to go visit her girlfriend @for_the_love_of_clod down in Florida where the hurricane was going to hit. She made the goal and visited her.

Here were the issues about this:
>People from Florida or any hurricane zone could not leave the state because airlines bumped up the prices costing around $1k-3k just to leave
>Death toll was 134
>She did not care that others were suffering to leave or trying to protect themselves from the hurricane
>She never donated to a Hurricane relief
>Made a “Lapis will stop the hurricane” meme which was insensitive
>White privilege
>Always asked for money to go visit her girlfriend

File: 1496232919211.jpg (140.3 KB, 1200x1200, lily 2.jpg)

No. 326094[Reply]

Old threads

Yuri Kim also known as Lilypichu, Lily Ki and lilyraichu is a 26 year old korean American known for making mediocre lol videos and showcasing her fake loli voice. She is obsessed with appearing as a sweet innocent little girl, basically she wants people to believe that she is a pristine anime girl. Pushes loli agenda because pedos and weebs are the only thing that gives her attention. Lily is also joined by her band of wks that shit up any board or forum that says anything about their sweet goddessu.
With now hsgg not taking her shit anyone broke up with her and kicked her out.

>lurks here despite saying she doesn't check hate forums and doesn't care

>sent nudes out to guys before yt fame
>fake shy
>cheated on bf
>physical assaulted someone at anime north
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 987651

As a person who was hanging out around her even back when she tried to pander to 4chan (and her fanchat) with maid pictures and such, I want to say… You are brainwashed. She was never a trans and never will be one. She is just a 29yo woman who doesn't care too much about her appearance. She had horrible gummy smile problems if you look at her oldest pictures, which is why she did a plastic surgery even though she would still keep hiding her face w a mask because of her insecurities and instead of choosing to do make up and take care of herself, she would always make her friends do that during her loli-pandering times.

> Her fake voice sounds like every trans woman I’ve ever met

implying trans people actually sound like high pitched uwu-chans. It's easy as a hell for any girl to make the same kind of a voice.

About acts… She is jebaiting people into pretending to be a soft, uwu, innocent anime-chan like she's always been. There are a whole lot of uwu-tubers that do the exact same crap.

> Also, Albert seemed super gay.

Okay, then why did he cheat on her with other woman? Anon, please, take your meds.

(( Though to be fair he cheated on her because the other girl seemed like an actually normal, mature Lily replacement with a nice singing voice. ))

No. 987850

Stop drinking the kool aid anon, she's just ugly

No. 996771

I can't belive this exists, How muc time to people have(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 996845

I really like Lily and the OfflineTV crew. It definitely seems like Michael is a rebound for her but then again she was cheated on so she gets to move on at her own pace.

No. 998274

Hot take: Lily got into a relationship with Michael Reeves to make Fed back off.

Now that Fed is gone, they're going to break up.

More of a shield than a rebound. Still being used. Sucks for him

File: 1593074551160.png (65.24 KB, 246x246, 6oScekhK_400x400.png)

No. 994635[Reply]

Cryaotic drops the bomb that he's been in inappropriate relationships with at least one minor, more info comes out soon after that it was multiple fans, (up to 14 people so far, though most are adults & LIST IS PRIVATE SO FAR, SNAKE KNOWS)
Cry's video: https://youtu.be/H4E5B0-8q2E

Uploads an unlisted Stream where he has a manic episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lf0_RFFLPQ

The LNC has officially removed Cry from being a member, none of the old members seem to want anything to do with him now. They are debating on continuing on their own but things are still up in the air and everyone is still learning new things.

RUSS: https://www.twitch.tv/russ_money
SCOTT: https://www.twitch.tv/scottjund
SNAKE: https://www.twitch.tv/snake

Russ makes statement of Cry's unfaithfulness towards Cheyenne being related to Red and later known as Ocean who was 16 at the time. https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9mg5

Scott Jund originally called Cry a bad person that's relatable but as information came in private, redacted said statement and later called him "evil"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1150 posts and 123 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 997231

i appreciate your optimism, but I don't share it.

No. 997238

New thread: >>>/snow/997235

No. 997280

No. 997407

Thread is shit

No. 997681

jund has confirmed that as far as he knows there was no physical contact with a minor. so theres that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1539833029247.png (498.71 KB, 474x592, keeley reed.png)

No. 715663[Reply]

Deerhoof/Keeley Reed/Kiki Reed/Kiko Grasa
>Ex-tumblr-famous scammer that made a run for it when people started asking for their money back
>Compulsively lies and steals money from everyone (Past online store scams include Datura Clothing, Nectarine Clothing, NeverNotGood)
>Pretends to be hafu when she's admitted in the past to being 100% white
>Routinely (and falsely) accuses others of sexual and verbal for victim points
>Obligatory ~smol genderless bpd and queer bean uwu~

Recent milk:
>Possibly pregnant ??
>Puts on a french accent to "professionally" pierce people in her grody apartment
>Faked cancer for GoFundMe money
>Financially abuses her ex, still somehow plays victim
>Publicly accuses coffee shop anon of "transphobic abuse" because he didn't want to be her bff

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
270 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 967502

She flirted with EVERY guy in our friend group. Every guy. Even the really gross weird ones she definitely had no attraction to, and would talk shit about. Highly flirty and always needed men competing for her attention. She had like histrionic personality disorder or something. Always did, even at 15.

No. 967516

Cringe, maybe hide your vendetta better

No. 967600

>Feel like I can’t post them because it will obviously give away who I am lol
you posted your email here >>967464 olivia

No. 967617

Lol obviously not my real name doofus. Just in case anyone wanted to chat :) and no vendetta either haha I haven’t even seen Kiki since we were both probably 18 or something, just think it’s funny that she’s been acting the same way since 2008 or whatever(:))

No. 997520

Is that her real dad, or her step dad? She told me it was her step dad and that her bio dad wasn't around, and that her Japanese family would sometimes call her for holidays. I've always been really curious because she could well be just another white girl pretending to be Asian on the internet for clout.(necro)

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