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File: 1570397239525.png (1.35 MB, 876x978, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 2.27…)

No. 877173[Reply]

A deathfat is anyone who could try out for my 600 lb life and can easily make the cut. With the bodyposi trend going strong, some gluttonous fucks take it too far and eat their way to the size of a small whale, some even using the term "infinitifat" to define themselves on instagram, a word coined by @fatlippodcast on ig, who celebrates being 500+ pounds. Deathfats identify so much with their weight that they gatekeep other "fats" and categorize them into "small fats" and "large fats", pressuring "small fats" into gaining more to fit in with their obese peers

Notable deathfat traits:
>jelly of "straight sized" people but hide it under the guise of self love for themselves
>view being fat as being just as oppressed as being black
>constant complaining about clothes not fitting them, companies are fatphobic if they don't provide up to XXXXXXXXXXXL
>muh hypothyroidism
>screeching about how doctors can't find out what's wrong with them because they focus on their weight (i wonder why)

Some other deathfats:
>https://www.instagram.com/thefatposipunk/ (thread image)

>Basically anyone fatvegfemme follows

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1041455


It's more likely to be caused by her fat face pushing her mouth down. Like Amanda Baggs was.


She's coming back in time for the second wave of the fatphobic virus. Expect more lockdown freakouts.


who is this?? those are some tuberous boobs


because most household furniture product pages include their measurements. alternatively look at pictures of others using the chair and see how they fit and how you, comparatively, would not. Everything's a damn oppression and never their fault!

No. 1041469

Can we make this part of the next thread pic? It’s hilarious

No. 1041607

This reads like a junkie posting a wholesome cat meme about being excited to shoot up the next day, coming from her

No. 1041759

This one's developing the same shelf if fat above the butt that ALR has

No. 1042080

File: 1439996038490.jpg (81.58 KB, 426x640, ginny5.jpg)

No. 17028[Reply]

I really wanted to talk about this, but I didn't think it warranted being in /pt/, because she is lulsy but I don't know if she can really be considered a cow.

What on earth happened to Ginny? I used to love her back in the day, but literally all she seems to do now is talk about feminism and mental health issues. Some of her arguments are just really hard to take seriously and it's made worse by the fact she always deletes a lot of comments that disagree with her.

She has also been constantly asking people to contribute to her Patreon because she's been out of work. I thought she was making money as a social media consultant or whatever since she stopped cosplaying? I don't know if I feel sorry for her or whether I think she's really full of it.
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No. 1041319

this pic is photoshopped like most professional full body nudes, she looks ok though

No. 1041320

File: 1600470662178.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 2025x3069, original_17918081 C.jpg)

No. 1041321

File: 1600470696502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 894.21 KB, 1050x1270, 5276ee0ea07a9 C.jpg)

No. 1041322

File: 1600470745748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.5 KB, 575x842, original_17918051.jpg)


No. 1041506

Shitty thread full of masturbating scrotes. fuck off.

File: 1573922377348.png (449.25 KB, 483x600, Annotation 2019-09-16 120041.p…)

No. 895044[Reply]

> June 28, 1999, Sydney Australia
> E-artist and animator, side job of being an e-thot
> Widely known as being Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend.
>> Drew a lot of fanart about him and her as a couple, even drew animations about him.
>> Dated 2016-2018. She's now dating PunkDuck. Rumors about Hyojin cheating.
> Bully
>> Makes fun of people with mental illness. Thought that people posting their health are weak.
>> Belittles small artists who are better than her.
>>> Made a podcast with her group of friends about one of their former friend's depression. All believe to be fake and seeks attention. Now deleted.
>>> Made fun of one of her former fan to the point of being in to tears.
>> Has made journal entries in her old DeviantArt account, talked shit about people who disagrees with her. Now deleted.
>> Craves drama with her small group of friends for no reason.
> Had been involved with drama, Slazo's rape allegations and Zaptie's pedophile allegations.
>> Slazo's Rape Allegations
>>> Slazo has been accused of rape from his former girlfriend, FiZZ1P0P, Chey, in a long twitter post. Typical results, the victim got her support from fans and friends, and Slazo got none. Until he made a video with his perspective, showed that he was being a bad and unsupportive boyfriend. There's no rape involved.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1041212

Midget legs are attractive according to her simps.

No. 1041289

I thought she was a fake boi? Did I miss something?

No. 1041306

not yet, but it’ll probably come sometime soon. she can’t stop shutting the fuck up about how she ~totally looks like jungkook~ atm but that’s as far as she’s gone for now

No. 1041366

i don't know why she keeps wearing a push-up bra to the gym, I don't think that's hygienic

No. 1041444

These awful and awkward poses she consistently keeps taking because her asian hog body is flat and knows she doesn't have anything close to an ass or tits. Give it a few more days when she gets a yeast infection from pulling her shorts high trying to impress bottom feeder men

File: 1426565368665.jpg (90.39 KB, 612x460, Kirsten Amanda Brown.jpg)

No. 95403[Reply]

19 years old stripper from Adelaide (Australia).
- A BIG SCAMMER (scammed most of her customers and stole money from two online shops made by herself - Lolita's secret and Black Cat Boutique)
- vegan (who was choking in pizza with chesse two weeks ago)
- cat-lover (who sold her cat for 50$ last week)
- MFC model and occasionally full-service sex worker

Her active accounts:

Old thread:
Finished with Scamanda getting new Michael Kors watch.
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No. 391043

File: 1506098559232.png (152.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1306.PNG)

If anyone in SA wants to suss out her newest business venture, check this out.

Kind of forgotten about her for a while but learnt that she's apparently give up stripping to do nails. I thought she was studying to be a vet nurse or something at one stage?

No. 391113

I feel like it's probably gonna be an online shop again (aka a scam) of fake nails she makes. Maybe not but doubt that she actually makes nails on actual people.

No. 476445

File: 1516492810550.jpg (28.92 KB, 503x388, Dv4jE.jpg)

lord what a mess, her face is even worse now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1040970

File: 1600430076549.jpeg (918.88 KB, 828x1021, FBB99D4E-A584-4C39-BAF3-0ABA9C…)

This is a major necro but in the name of posterity, I would like to share that Kirsten has reached new levels of filler queen and now has a son. Oh, and she looks like this. You can scroll her ig in awe, it’s kirstenamanda_xo

No. 1041000

the people who agree to continue injecting her and people like her are such enablers. how can you keep disfiguring someone like that? i’m sure she still believes the bullshit that it’ll “””naturally dissolve””” and she won’t be left with saggy, stretched out lips. but by the time she really starts aging, she’s gonna regret this shit. mental illness.

File: 1567683185935.jpg (1.16 MB, 1236x1560, 1567026131691 (1).jpg)

No. 864285[Reply]

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1030722

pheebs thread being iconic just like the good old days.

No. 1033968

File: 1599318869474.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, i am fine.jpg)

>Phoebe has all these hobbies I'm–THEYRE really good at and is happy with Henry!!! get a life transphobes!!

No. 1034163

Gee I wonder who this retarded cow fucker could be????

No. 1035460


top kek - been missing the attention have we feebz?

No. 1040879

stellar milk

File: 1504210873931.png (415.24 KB, 847x473, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 21.0…)

No. 383925[Reply]

> former model who gained attention on youtube due to stories about her psychotic father, a man who once kidnapped her when she was little (google 'ashley taylor kidnapped')

>had a relationship with her roommate, anna campbell, which was exposed by another youtuber a few months along. anna quit her job and moved states for her before natalia decided to call it quits.

> after this breakup happened, she made a weird as fuck video titled 'watch me' wherein she reveals she lied about her name to be the next hannah montana and laughs manically about her deep connection to lion king -meanwhile,anna cries on camera (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqSiHi0WMo4&t=183s)

> probably a schizo like daddy dearest, maybe just a heartless bitch, you decide!

> has now been MIA for a month

17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1040097

It's no one's fault that she did drugs except her own. It's a cop out to be like wehhhh this person introduced me and ruined my life!! She wasn't forced at gun point to make the choices she did. Also this thread is old as fuck and necro'd for no real milk

No. 1040171

try actually watching the video before posting. she says herself that it was completely her own choice to do drugs, this isn’t the gotcha you think it is. also, it’s not a useless necro. people ITT suspected she was on drugs or having a mental breakdown, and she explains in the video. it’s literally as relevant to the thread as you can get at this point.

No. 1040627

She doesn't blame Anna for her addiction, but it's interesting because apparently Anna has a reputation of being very into drug use and getting her girl of the month to get addicted as well. As someone who started watching Anna Campbell's videos because of her breakdowns of various types of mental illness, the heavy drug use came as a surprise. I see her in a different light now. Anna made a response video where she came clean to her role in Natalia and other girls' mental breakdowns. I didn't necro for milk, moreso that it's just interesting to see people be so candid about how they fucked up in the past and illuminate what was going on. It's inspiring in a way.

No. 1040773

anna is lolcow worthy. her most recent drama is being accused of grooming underage girls

No. 1040910

I saw her video randomly in my recs and thought it was pretty earnest, though the parts where she said "Well obviously I made the decisions and choices that led to this" felt kinda forced and like it'd been drilled into her through meetings etc. Because she'd say that and then describe a situation where it looks like she wasn't in control and got swept up with the cool kids pressuring her to do drugs or whatever.

But first impressions she seems like a nice enough girl and I hope she's okay. I didn't think the Watch Me video was that weird so that's probably a sign I need to get my head checked.

OT but I hope TND sees the video and realizes this is what an actually sober, actually recovering person sounds like

File: 1453121854584.jpg (21.26 KB, 320x320, il_570xN.549450014_3px9.jpg)

No. 82305[Reply]

Unsure whether she's actually lulzy. But I've seen her floating around on IG and Tumblr recently.

She's into weird ugu babydoll face and garters. Is she just another Creepyyeha?
99 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1040839

yes. i dunno why she goes by both michelle and sherliza. it's weird

No. 1040907

Holy shit ahahhahaha old lolcow sounds lit

She does her makeup weird

No. 1040978

That is the most basic makeup I’ve ever seen I don’t know what you’re on about

No. 1041409

I said iI thought she was fat retard, but fou d out she just has a big moon face.

No. 1041615

She looks fine, no one is going to bandwagon onto your weird vendetta, fugly-chan

File: 1574645508015.jpg (133.26 KB, 395x667, 1562078480641.jpg)

No. 897463[Reply]

Alternative title: "Mods please don't lock this one before it even starts" Edition

Dinara, aka Develv, 28, is an artist on DeviantART known for making fetish art of eunuchs. She often shares her account on the site with her sister, Elvira, 26, whose own account and username is Elveo. The lion's share of their infamy stems from their antics in the Russian art and fanfic community, and the site HolyWarsoo has been archiving their antics since 2015.

The sisters have a bizarre fixation on historical young boys who were the victims of genital mutilation and sexual abuse by older men. They combine this fixation with a general disdain for other women, often making their eunuchs resemble fashion models, while actual women are drawn to be plain, unappealing and/or broad-bodied, at best, or strange, ugly caricatures with mannish features, at worst.

Points of interest:
>Elv is known for editing actual Wikipedia pages to distort information, and match her and her sister's eunuch romance yaoi fantasies
>Psuedohistorians in every way, constantly claiming that this or that woman or group of women were actually beautiful men (for example, Amazons or nymphs in Greek mythology actually being men all along) or not female-identified (Hatsheput being a trans man)
>Both are intense apologists for the abuse and castration that eunuchs went through, claiming most of them were not victims, but "glorious, beautiful, innocent angels" and "figures of power". They enjoy writing fanfiction and drawing fanart of these historical figures, romanticizing their ordeals and completely reimagining their appearances
>They defend pedophilia in general, and sexualize living boys who are CSA victims (Bachabazi), young Jewish men and boys, gay Middle Eastern men, MtF transsexuals, intersex people, etc under the guise of "appreciating male beauty" or "supporting love"
>They were homeschooled and raised in some sort of hypermisogynistic cult by their insane father, which may explain their internalized misogyny
>They believe Jesus was a eunuch
>They are staunchly against any depictions of BiblPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
191 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1040360

I did red lines for this and I can't understand how the torso of guy in the back is supposed to work. Also nitpicking; but his little finger is too long
It's just looks souless and sad

No. 1040361

File: 1600351987247.jpg (55.88 KB, 436x527, Capture.JPG)

>> 1016797
i guess one of her responses with that gross shipping the actors irl thing (seriously people shouldnt fucking ship real people that arent in a relationship). There she goes acting like a victim again

No. 1040362

do you have a pic of the red lines you did anon?

No. 1040367

His neck would literally have to be broken to be like that, I think. I am also curious to see the red line sketch another anon did, but that is what sticks out to me.

No. 1040523

It's as if the neck and head were drawn straight first and then they just rotated it as they were. The neck literally doesn't connect naturally to the shoulders.

File: 1426452583502.jpg (1022.2 KB, 3390x2847, Eat-Your-Kimchi-eatyourkimchi-…)

No. 65755[Reply]


Someone asked for a thread, so let's bash on these two ugly fucking losers who think that they know everything about Korea.
990 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1038128

big yikes. I have a sneaking suspicion that simon and martina will break up eventually and simon will go back to asia, since martina is too sick not to have english speaking doctors who understand her conditon. is eds common in asia?

No. 1039415

I doubt Simon would go back to Asia on his own. Wasn't the weeb dream mostly Martina's? Then Simon just went along because "muh wife"

No. 1040285

I think Simon has always been into Japan stuff, just not big on necessarily living there.
But now that he's already lived there, he's probably already met a decent amount of Japanese women who would hook up with him when Martina kicks the bucket.
Nothing against Martina, but living with someone who is slowly dying is probably very emotionally painful, and the mind probably can't help but look towards what's going to happen next.
Especially if you're a nice guy like Simon who probably wants to be a dad.

No. 1040396

Nice fanfic, I guess.

No. 1041398

Simon and Martina were both considered ugly pariahs in Japan and SK…

File: 1477340697713.png (651.42 KB, 760x449, aspeckamongdots.png)

No. 187586[Reply]

Aspeckamongdots or more commonly referred to as "Speck" is a semi-well known figure in the stoner tumblirina community. Started off on tumblr 5 or so years ago posting artsy photos and videos of her self smoking pot, doing art, and travelling, which has garnered herself quite the following. In the past year or so she has documented herself spiraling out of control, becoming a full-blown alcoholic, drug addict, prostitute, and is a proud "sugar baby" to a much older man who has a fetish for girls who abuse substances and has enabled her endeavors. She has been documenting this lifestyle for the past few years glamorizing it to her young audience. You can even tell her looks are changing but blames it on "past trauma of being robbed while dealing drugs, multiple sexual assaults(?) and muh BPD" when it is clearly her dangerous situation that's allowing her to let herself go.
>Was/is an e-beggar. Received hundreds (possibly thousands) in donations and plane tickets for "art supplies and meeting up with friends" but spends it all on drugs and alcohol. Has said numerous times when she ever comes into money, she will pay it all back and share the wealth, has a sugar daddy, flashes cash, paid back no one.
>Posts countless nudes of herself and has tried camwhoring before but never sees any of these projects through, has a private porn blog she overcharges for
>is polyamorous with her sugar daddy but has public shit fits and chases/doxxes friends off the internet after they have sexual contact with him, claiming they exposed her to STDS
>Has public falling outs with family members for being a drunk
>Rates herself an 8/10 and gives out fitness tips, constantly reblogs old pictures even though her looks have changed drastically since then.
>Has anonymous messages turned off because she can't stand any hate, and lashes out hard at anyone who doesn't praise her for the ganja goddess she is
>Has no plans to turn her life around, which at this rate will end in early death

Tumblr: Aspeckamongdots.tumblr.com
Instagram: Aspeckamongdots

I've been following her for the past few years because she's from my home state of Arkansas, but the state she's in is hard to watch.
774 posts and 231 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 803123

File: 1557309861808.jpg (245.54 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage.jpg)

Definitely a tranny, a manly one at that

No. 806660

File: 1557812923000.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 190.79 KB, 750x1077, 59F34CA4-996A-4C9A-9B0D-09A61A…)

She already is back on the bottle that didn’t take long. Her poor infant. I wish I could inform cps.(emoji)

No. 867614

No coincidence, the same obsessive compulsive behaviour that causes them to pick at their skin makes them pluck their eyebrows as thin as possible.(necro)

No. 904828

I wanna know what kind of crazy shit he was making her do In reference to that txt convo(necro)

No. 1040130

File: 1600302769207.png (3.91 MB, 828x1792, A5263228-01F5-49BB-93D8-603A59…)

Looks like she’s on the bottle again

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