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File: 1538908745424.jpg (15.6 KB, 279x386, 17795904_1340604392660461_8659…)

No. 705869[Reply]

who - streamer, only started playing games when she was in her twenties and realised it would make guys like her better


so apparently she's been getting big. She initially got attention by dating some lonely older guy who helped make Day-Z, and has been making similar connections since and growing for that reason

People eat up that cutesy voice and her British accent and assume she's pretty because she doesn't use a camera. In person all she does is humblebrag about being a known by some people. and she's horrible irl. She told straight up lies about an autistic girl at our uni so that no one would talk to that girl for the whole three years. It worked. And everything she says is an obvious humblebrag to put people down. and yet shes known on the net for being down to earth. she pretends to be cute and makes money off it, but she's a bully irl(shit thread)
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No. 706773

well she was always weird.

No. 717012

lol i dropped out of Uni in my first year


No. 776326


lmao did she google herself?

No. 778732

k, since I'm just remembering this horrendous thing i posted

this thread talks about her, if it helps: >>>/snow/302068 but yeah, sorry, it was a vendetta. i'd spent the day around people who were chatting shit about an autistic guy and it reminded me of her and made me angry, and later i was drunk af and posted this passive aggressive crap because i couldnt keep it in. immature, yes. low point in my sanity levels, and remembering that i actually did this is almost as annoying to me as this bully herself

yeh, dropped out after bullying an autistic girl

thanks xx i actually super appreciate that

No. 786901

Oh dat ugly british alcoholic and drug addict trash who only going to clubs ans tryin bang some rich guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1511786758048.jpeg (28.98 KB, 268x275, DE509941-012D-4570-A53C-C8D5C7…)

No. 432691[Reply]

New thread because old one will get closed soon.
Old thread here: >>>/snow/290408

dumped two babies in australia and
japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.
Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Seemed to have a couple of plastic surgeries in Korea. Especially new boob job. Still being rather on the quiet side but has started to post on TAG again, possibly trying to gain new customers.
Also works at an icha kyaba at the moment.
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No. 769548

Yes i do(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 769710

Please show them to us

No. 786314

File: 1552524538746.jpg (453.52 KB, 1080x1245, Lorena 2.jpg)


No. 786407

Another woman ruined by sex work

No. 786706


File: 1501087092635.jpg (620.11 KB, 4032x2588, 2016-04-01-1459469182-911146-u…)

No. 360967[Reply]

>host of the popular true crime podcast "Sword & Scale"
>known for being a general asshole to his fans
>deletes any slightly negative feedback posted on his social media
>when reddit made a S&S sub, he got it taken down, despite it outright claiming to not be affiliated with the podcast and just a fan page
>is a creepy towards his female fans and has asked for nudes on multiple occasions
>a FB group called "The Problem with Sword and Scale" was eventually created for people to let off steam about the podcast and Mike (who bad mouths it whenever he gets the chance)
>in his podcasts, he often guilt-trips people into donating to his patreon
>starts shit with other true crime podcasts (namely True Crime Garage)
>a new podcast "Sword and Scale Rewind" was recently born to "go over" old S&S podcasts. The hosts of this show mainly exist to fuel Mike's ego

Podcast site - http://swordandscale.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/swordandscale/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/SwordandScale
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/swordandscale/
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No. 785087

Thank you so much for updating. I stopped listening to him awhile ago when I learned he's such a dick but I'm glad to find out it's finally come back to bite him in the ass.

Plus it cements the fact that Aaron Mahnke is a national treasure.

No. 785513

Wait, i legit suck at math, does this really mean that boudet makes what, $73k A MONTH?

I’m still a patron of his as i always had a soft spot for the show, in the beginning despite the drama he got himself into, but this past year maybe just because he is such a massive cow.
I sincerily doubt S&S is “dead for good” though, Mike is obviously just throwing a shitfit. He released a 7 minute clip of him ranting about it, but i can’t find it anymore in my feed.

No. 785534

That's being conservative. He has higher patreon perks so he's getting more than that. The rant is still up. Hardly worth the listen though, all he does is blame everyone else but himself.

No. 785574

File: 1552344348368.png (218.04 KB, 588x688, uhh.png)

I don't know if this is considered gaslighting but it's fucking weird that this guy keeps repeating Wondery cancelled S&S when they only cancelled the shows they produced; S&S was independent from the beginning. S&S is rank #7 on patreon with a $5 minimum. How are his fans falling for this when they support his ass on patreon? Assuming the lowest, he receives just short of $75k a month as of posting this (his patrons are actually climbing). I'm guessing the real income is at least $100k a month. That's a lot of money for 2 episodes a month, which last I listened had the bare minimum for research, editing, and scripts.

He's trying to conjure up a boogeyman when all the evidence to the contrary is linked in his twitter bio. Hard to say if he's manipulating people or just drunk off his ass.

No. 785575

Sorry for double post, but if I'd been supporting him before this I would want to know where my money has been going if not to the main podcast by Mike's own admission.

File: 1495955464706.jpg (188.07 KB, 1025x853, ClKUqjzUoAIZ8WZ.jpg.16f1e1a9ce…)

No. 323374[Reply]

Previous thread

>500 oil drenched 'healthy' ~*vegan*~ sandwiches down, and yet poor Queen Sharla hasn't lost a pound

>Taylor isn't the empowered 'Girl Boss' she put herself out there to be.
>Mimei has cut herself of from the clique, husband claimed she was treated poorly by 'fake vegan friends'. Hmmmm.
>Bii is cranky because she is irrelevant now.
>Kim Dao is now just a memory
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No. 596302

That Jun's vid was really sweet.

No. 609057

Kim’s ain’t posted a video about blackpink outfits “forgets” to link the outfits in the description

No. 613927

Am I the only one who finds it creepy how some people from PULL keep going to YouTube events to try to meet these jvloggers they're talking about? It's also pretty obvious some of the posters are either friends of the vloggers or the vloggers themselves.

No. 705363

File: 1538823165164.jpeg (70.02 KB, 640x642, 6D6584A3-2FEE-40A4-92ED-F4F5E9…)

No. 705364

File: 1538823178931.jpeg (60.54 KB, 640x547, 0683E792-1013-411C-8EAE-FD14FC…)

File: 1489170873921.jpg (94.79 KB, 1200x630, jess.jpg)

No. 266984[Reply]

I haven't been able to find a thread on Jess and I hate to be the bitch who's like "HURR CANT BELEVE DER ISNT THREAD ON THIS PERSON!" but.. yeah I really can't believe it.

Jess is 21 I believe, an age-player, ABDL and a "little".

She has been on YouTube for a while and goes by BinkiePrincess.
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q

She blew up a little after Barcroft made a documentary about her for their Extreme Love series focusing on the fact she's an adult baby (and the fact that her bf looks like he wants to kill himself)
Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA5OzZ4sSMQ

She came out with a 20+ minute rebuttal to the documentary saying they portrayed her incorrectly and basically bitching that people disagree with her lifestyle.

She made a massive point before of saying there was nothing sexual about her ageplay, but recently started making ageplay porn with her bf and a few others, this can be seen on clips4sale but she recently made her own website for it.

I'm talking masturbating in a diaper she has pissed in, giving her bf a handjob while he pretends to be a teddybear, "daddy gives me cummies" type thing.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 783069

learn to sage, jess
And its more extreme than liking different styles, she completely surrounds herself in one aesthetic

Like the pastel babygirl phase
Then the goth phase
Then the gamergirl phase

No. 783273


It's a theme with a few cows on here, they'll replace nearly all their belongings to suit a new style/phase every so often.

Sometimes it's a sign of borderline personality. Not saying that she has it but that it's reminiscent of it

No. 785057

I used to watch her all the time but since i discovered how much of a disgusting human being she is i was hurt and somewhat destroyed bc she is lying to so many people and she is by far the reason why people hate the dd/md/lg/lb community.(no1curr)

No. 785242

>>744708 I love this beat from UMI's song Butterfly, that's real talent and did the music justice. I can't believe that she even called that rapping.

No. 785298

im sure she doesnt help matters by bringing it to the public eye but its your own degeneracy is plenty for people to dislike about your communities

File: 1499395226729.png (846.71 KB, 613x697, funone.PNG)

No. 347632[Reply]

> age 20? (possibly 21, but highly doubt it)
> girlfriend of Justin Scarred
> He's 34 and has a son from previous marriage
> He went through sloppy divorce
> Ally came into the picture shortly after

So does this shit just boggle my mind with the age difference? They have an apartment in Orange County and she just got a job at Ulta but like I'm shook by the age gap idk

His youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/justinscarred
Her twitter: https://twitter.com/allywarren_?lang=en
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No. 444795


Linda over here necro-ing a dead thread with an indignant response where she's posted her name, on a website where being anonymous is the whole thing, and not saged it so we all have to read about this non-topic applause

No. 444798

what the absolute fuck linda

No. 520027

Ally seems like a nice girl but Justin keeps giving hints that her family hates him. Maybe bc she was 18 and he’s like way older than her. I’m sure her parents were like wtf, you’re still a child in our eyes like no. And left her home bc maybe Justin keep saying nice things to her? Not sure but she literally turned her back on her family. On instagram she doesn’t even follow her own sister.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 732259

Ally’s a fucking cunt!! Fuck that dumb bitch!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785021

lol the last person who commented was probably her crazy mom or her little sister(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1542805391944.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 1537805383228.png)

No. 735750[Reply]

Lola is a 19 year old girl from London who gained popularity by being involved in a public vendetta against ex boyfriend Brer Ruthven (54)

She has the potential to be quite milky if not for her constant sperging and namefagging on the old thread.

- Constantly changes her story and deletes posts.
- Threatens suicide and posts suicide notes on social media every few days.
- Livestreamed 'suicide attempt'.
- Coke addict
- Anachan
- Claims that ex was trying to groom underaged girls online
- At the peak of the drama and attention announces that her Etsy shop is coming soon.
- Hosts a meet up for "anyone who wants to meet me" as though she's famous.
- Constantly scams friends and fans under the premise she has 'nowhere to live' and is about to run out of money
- Went to L.A, said she was 'moving there' permanently and came back to London a week later, never to mention the man she went to live with again.
- Now in Tampa, FL. Supposedly permanently, living with an as of yet unidentified man.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 779489

^^ Apologies, I put the sage in the wrong section

No. 779871

visa was for 90d

No. 780137

incredible milk, anon. yes a tourist visa is 90 days.

No. 780186

It wasn’t meant to be milk, it was answering anon’s question. That’s why it was saged, ya mongo.

No. 784962

I’m guessing that she’s become formally irrelevant now?

File: 1544055375044.jpg (8.84 KB, 139x179, secondlife2.jpg)

No. 744420[Reply]

Can we talk about the lulzy people and weirdos we have encountered in virtual worlds?

I have one I can think of

>Alias: Prim, Primposter, Hulaprim, Casual (Probably many more because she constantly changes her name)

> Long time creator on IMVU.
> Started to suck up to the staff, magically ended up on the front page and constantly a featured creator.
> Made creating her "full time job"
> Created a twitch stream but it slowly fizzled out
> Her account was deleted and she was IP banned from IMVU because she reported a staff member who had questionable actions/ dealings.
> Now she is trying to make get famous on Second Life
> Instagram ( There isnt much on it now) https://www.instagram.com/primposter/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 779035

File: 1550455049585.png (531.21 KB, 1074x1079, Screenshot_20190217-205135.png)


I found it.

Here is the full thread


Basically he is upset because IMVU made a verbal agreement they would use his products but then backed out.

IMVU seems like a shady business to work for/with.

No. 779091

Blogpost but I work at a coffee shop and we have a creepy regular who sits in our store from open to close playing Second Life. He has been trespassed from 2 other locations for consistently playing a naked female character. I check this thread every day waiting to see if he happens to show up in here.

No. 779261

honestly that is so depressing.

No. 784715

Sorry for bumping this whole thread, but I know prim irl, if you have any questions feel free i'll answer them, she always was a bit manipulative and a liar, creating drama when it suits her to try and further her role in things

No. 784872


So was it ever discovered why Jinx was let go from IMVU?

File: 1479152135237.jpg (62.82 KB, 500x375, IMG_3177.JPG)

No. 198254[Reply]

(I looked through the catalog and didn't see her on there so if she's posted already- my apologies)
>22 years old (iirc)
>2 kids and recently miscarried number 3
>"can't gain weight"
>lets boys abuse her
>doesn't have custody of her kids
>bought a dog only to parade it around and then sell it
>named her cat "xanny" after Xanax
>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

Twitter: @sabrina_nellie_
Instagram: @sabrinaanellie
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No. 785664

File: 1552358029497.png (344.14 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20190309-215048~2.p…)


No. 785687

my god, it's almost like having children is a natural product of sex. weird, right??

No. 788115

i wish this thread was created 3 years ago because truly missed out on some full fat milk shes dried up now but shes been hanging with lilith levsis crowd to praying it returns

No. 788467

Yes anon, I followed her back in the day and am anxiously waiting for some delicious milk.

No. 788918

File: 1553188155062.png (794.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190320-233351.png)

Passive aggressive toward AJ?? I wish one of them would spill some milk about what happened

File: 1542824575174.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1500x1000, 1540414374263.jpeg)

No. 735863[Reply]

> Kelly Eden (n.) infamous trend-squatter who has attempted joining communities including, but not limited to, emo/scene, Lolita, kawaii, gamer/nerd/otaku, and now is attempting to establish herself as a mental health advocate, BDSM/Kinkster, advice giver, table-top gamer, and LARPer.

> the epitome of a has-been who has never really been anything

> heavily tattooed, breast-agumented, lip-injected, and poorly lipo'd
> has a penchant for "collecting" friends with rainbow hair - has dubbed her friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow" - recently been seeing FotR mentioned or included in any of her social media less and less frequently
> recently featured an a Splat campaign wearing a dyed wig which wasn't even dyed with Splat hair dye
> made a video with her ex-boyfriend in where she skreeeeee'd at him for about 50 minutes and demonized him at every turn
> lost a cousin to suicide and milked his suicide for all it was worth - still continues to bring it up every chance she gets
- recently acquired a new roommate - Phi, a sweet but boring girl who is often featured in Kelly's videos and is basically Kelly's new BFF
> posted a video with Phi trying to decide what fantasy hair colour to dye Phi's hair where Kelly basically told Phi every colour looked bad on her and told her she couldn't dye it blue because Kelly ~might~ dye her hair blue
> recent fetish for clowns - most notably Pennywise from IT/
> been posting cringey "thirst" videos and stories on Instagram where she listens to kidnap ASMR videos
> posting a lot of shibari done by someone who doesn't know what they're doing - often features poorly donned undergarments and her chestne
> severely pushing the LARP and D&D things
> in light of a drop in views/engagement on Youtube has been panic-uploading videos with very empty content which hasn't improved her viewership at all
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 773017

Has the new thread been deleted?

No. 773066

Seems to be the case from what I can tell, wonder why.

No. 773074

No. 784551

“She is nowhere near being a mental health advocate…For such a selfish narc, you'd think she'd have the views to match. Eew she posted a story of her rubbing her feet all over Toshi and his face. I’m just imagining how dirty her feet are. That poor dog someone take him away from her. all of her photos look the same. Nice lurking Kelly I don't understand how she can possibly think that these rambling into the camera for 30 minute videos are remotely interesting. Kelly is the worst. She’s so cringy. how is being prone to picking up on the emotions of people around you a “psychic attack”? sounds paranoid as hell. She fighting to keep that bra on her saggy clown tits. Jesuuuusher face looks so old!! And those lips?! i don't get why she always looks so yellow, the pink hair just adds to it but she has worked in the makeup field? Yet she out there looking like she got jaundice. Stumpy mcstumpfingers. oh man, her arms are so squishy here… Girl, lift some weights. Why is she already so washed up at 30? No wonder she tries to milk anything and everything she comes across. She is not a model. That chubby stumpy girl can’t pose and does the same shit over n over. She’s almost 30..hang your aspiration to be a hot girl up already. Her insecurities are leaking all over just hang that old bag of titts up already Wow! She's an incredible douche bag! Narcs love to call themselves 'gypsy' like they love to call themselves 'empath'. Does Kelly actually have a learning disability.? I think she’s more like a sociopath than an empath.. she has no regards for other people unless it’s trendy. I just can’t with this dumb bitch She looks like a literal witch now holy, what did she do to herself. She looks like a literal trash witch here kek. Her tongue legit looks like a dick. her fat arms. Kelly, you give up at 11:30 literally every day. If he doesn’t want Kelly he must be gay.Man she looks rough here. Also seems to wear fewer and fewer clothes as time goes on. Larp guys not paying you enough attention kelly? she would have made a great dwarf Your belly button kinda goes up when you're sucking your stomach in. Judging by how high hers is in this photo, she must have been sucking in real hard kek. So stumpy. Wow that stomach. Already fucking up her lipo. God her figure looks so weird. Being very tiny and having big boobs always looks out of proportion. eeee yikes looks like she just had a baby or something and all of the extra skin is loose. Her legs look so butch and her body looPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784560

Is this copypasta?

also you're in the old thread, if you're going to sperg at least put it in the right thread hun

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