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File: 1480203658076.jpeg (99.39 KB, 720x685, 56d36844f364f.jpeg)

No. 204373[Reply]

See some DDLG losers on tumblr? See someone completely insane on fetlife? Want to make fun of Domly Doms? Or maybe you have just found some crazy adult babies or foot fetishists. If someone is acting like an attention seeking idiot with their fetish, post them here.
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No. 898867

lol i legit thought it said "shit" at first glance

No. 898877

>Ever since I was like
6 years old (yes, six) I've had sexual fantasies about rape

bullshit, you're either a dude larping, lying, or you have false memory syndrome.

It's IMPOSSIBLE for a child to fantasize this type of disgusting shit unless they were exposed to porn at a really young age.
I know this because I WAS exposed to porn as a toddler. Sadly, as an result I use to fantasize horrible shit I saw from the porn. But, as I'm older I realize that I was a child that didn't comprehend anything and merely imitated from them.

If you're truthful, then you must of imitated from it. Like all children, you were an innocent impressionable child that didn't understand shit!. Like children kill or torture animals because they don't have the brains to comprehend what they're doing. Children don't have secret rape agendas, WHY do I have to obvious about this!!! Children do have secret espionage agendas tho, damn you Timmy that drank my Capri-sun when I wasn't looking.

Or the other option that makes sense and logical - that you're a fucking creep that's lying to gain sympathy points and have us be more understanding to pedophilia or sick kinks. You're dog whistling pedophilia, essentially. Fuck off, pedos deserve the bullet.(necro)

No. 898886

thanks for bumping a dead thread to draw attention to yourself. very cool

No. 900646

no problem, it was to draw attention to that retarded 3 year old pedophile comment.
Although, whatever makes you feel good about your attraction to children anon.
Also thats gold, most posts on snow are anons bitching, what makes my post any different besides necro. I thought this site was for milk and discussion.
You realize you replying to me also brings attention to yourself? You had to bump my necro post with yours just to make yourself feel edgy and super cool. Fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 900666

sorry your uncle touched you or whatever but learn to fucking sage autist

File: 1573412688503.png (1.99 MB, 1628x868, themanyfacesof.png)

No. 891485[Reply]

previously posted on the soft girls thread: >>>/snow/879341

Instagram: @pwurring, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, too many to list
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries

> 19 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 902216

File: 1575586973917.jpeg (141.61 KB, 821x832, 03FE9E48-D087-4BB7-855C-F509BA…)

No. 902217

File: 1575587102495.jpeg (108.09 KB, 821x763, 237A1D1D-D401-426A-BD9B-A5E84D…)

No. 902218

File: 1575587131751.jpeg (120.67 KB, 828x800, 87A31731-F562-48A2-9256-DFBB30…)

No. 902220

File: 1575587152152.jpeg (238.42 KB, 828x1014, D3D26ADE-445B-45E1-902F-D6D8D7…)

No. 902222

File: 1575587179254.jpeg (105.22 KB, 828x809, 85A5FB10-5970-40B8-AF6A-7E5C30…)

File: 1557790905131.png (598.31 KB, 800x496, tati.png)

No. 806516[Reply]

A thread devoted to all things related to the Youtube Beauty Community.
>Beauty Drama Channels
>Past and Future Dramageddons
>Gurus, Personalities, Beauty Vloggers

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/268688
Youtube General: >>>/snow/460232
Shane Thread for future Jeffree/Shane Content: >>>/snow/697489

FTC DISCLAIMER: This thread is Not Sponsored - I bought all this milk myself and there are no affiliate links
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No. 886942

File: 1572487768997.jpeg (24.62 KB, 640x511, 34BF9BEB-1EA5-48BA-AF0A-2F4B72…)

Almost all of “her” Halloween looks have been deleted, this is the only other one that’s archived that I know of

No. 886949


I don't know why, but I want to believe that this is some kind of social experiment where she's subtly exposing how dumb social media is and how easy it is to get followers/likes/sponsorship with little effort, because the thought she's deliberately doing this and thinking she can get away with it is really moronic and kind of disturbing.

No. 900513

Anyone else ever seen Snitchery? She's a shitty instagram cosplayer and makeup youtube who edits the living shit out of her pics (or used to). She talks in an irritating high pitch grating voice and everything else about her is fake as fuck too. Every single one of her videos is sponsored. She also had a bunch of drama with Brad Mondo in the past when he bleached her hair off.

She also has a shit load of fillers and talks about how she's gonna get breast implants in this video because she wants anime titties.

No. 900563

This is pathetic. How has anime influenced stupid people for more than a decade now? so many thots want to look like anime girls.

No. 903334

Thank you GOD I’ve been looking for a thread for her but this’ll work. She’s so annoying. She’s EXCESSIVELY woke. And her skin is no longer the tanned middle ground of a mixed person. She’s orange. Like Donald trump orange. ANd she looks like she has a bobble head. Sigh.

File: 1571752068728.jpeg (42.02 KB, 275x106, 1571458704204.jpeg)

No. 883248[Reply]

Continuation of the discussion on all the frail sick poorly ana warriors of Instagram and beyond.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/870272(shit thread)
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No. 899878

steph coffeeandanxiety is engaged.. to a guy she's known for 5 months

No. 899880

File: 1575163235649.jpg (504.64 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20191201-011420_Ins…)

No. 899881

File: 1575163320954.jpg (392.82 KB, 720x1067, 20191201_011734.jpg)

they started going out at the end of June ://(://)

No. 899882


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 900167


new thread

(haven't made one before, hopefully I haven't fucked up)

File: 1543963846843.jpg (229.27 KB, 682x910, DlflrF6U0AAk26C.jpg)

No. 743790[Reply]


>4lung "Jane Louise Fredericks" or "Hushy" is 24 and a transgirl furry "musician"

>has a bunch of cringy furry ocs, most are babies

>is a babyfur, operated a side twitter account for this fetish before deleting it. claims that he does this to cope with "past abuse"
>gets angered when this is called out on him, prompting her to leave her twitter accounts for a couple of days to a few weeks.
>cheated on his girlfriend for not wanting to participate in his fetish, sent a witchhunt after her
>allegedly made a bunch of creepy sexual advances on people
>is friends with a bunch of pedophiles, most notably famitory, and kate wurtz, who both draw pedophilia
>got called out for posting nsfw content such as his nudes on his twitter account where she knew minors lurked
>narcissistic and diverts all blame when engaging wiith someone else about her flaws
>makes happy hardcore and rave music, that all sound pretty much the same because the same samples are used over and over again
>managed to self release over 50 albums under several different aliases - most commonly her furry OCs
>releases an album every month and obviously rushes it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 898437

What the fuck ????
you ok?

No. 898633

i have no idea what the fuck is going on in this thread anymore

No. 899342

someone had a psychotic break

No. 899491

File: 1575073883502.jpeg (592.25 KB, 828x1113, CDEC36ED-10D2-4A83-8E34-A34E00…)

You know what? I’m gonna delude myself into believing this because I want a reason to hate Will Toledo other than just finding him unlikeable.

Really though, these accusations have some grounding to them. Hushy 4lung is connected with CSH, idk to what extent but they seem to be friendlier than just acquaintances. CSH (really its offshoot project 1 trait danger) has a prevalent dog motif and Will has been speculated to be a furry. An extremely (if not the MOST) prevalent motif in 1TD is jokes and even whole songs about hacking.

I don’t think everything anon said is real (or even humanly possible kek) but I wouldn’t immediately write all of it off… even though I honestly couldn’t blame you if you did.

No. 899826

Will/CSH probably knows Hushy because Will used to date Cate pre-transition.

No. 899110[Reply]

25 year old Julia Zelg is married to a 62 year old, pink haired, heifer who has an extensive criminal past and is currently going by the name Eileen De Freest Zelg (Sellge). This is one of many name that Eileen has been known to use over the years.

Eileen's Wrap Sheet

Dob: 2 oct 1957

Known Aliases: Eileen Rita Defreest / Eileen Rita De Freest / Eileen Defreest / Aileen Defreest, Eileen Grey, Eileen Braden / Eileen Rita Braden, Eileen Vanarden / Eileen Van Arden, Eileen Ashton-Ryder and very likely: Eileen King.

Current name: Eileen De Freest-Sellge (in her IG)


1990 - married “Alastair king”, a man in NY - LIC # 22701 (possible nationality fraud)

1998 - 22 may 98 her company in NY go Bancrupt, chapter 7, case# 98043700
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 899449

Newfag the ''name'' ''subject'' should be clear and you shouldn't type anything in them unless you are making a topic.
The email field should also be clear unless you are planning on going ''sage''

Are you new to lolcow?

No. 899466

The Julia Zelg thread on PULL was invaded by SJW. Long term members who were posting there are leaving or posting less. They will probably appear on lolcow soon enough.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 899673

If you don't follow the rules you could get banned. Retard.

No. 899794

I don't understand how Julia can completely ignore Eileen's dodgy history and act like it never happened despite irrefutable proof. I get people are entitled to a certain level of privacy, but when you choose to exploit your whole relationship for profit and followers that kind of goes out the window.

No. 901443

I remember hearing about these two and this image is p f dark

File: 1506201740042.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, b8J_B7BQ.jpg)

No. 391650[Reply]

Identifies as a gay, trans, nonbinary, queer woman. Makes sense?

http://www.rileyjaydennis.com/(didn't read)
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No. 744780

That's my territory so I really wish he'd stay the fuck out.

Any thoughts on his very ill informed recent video on the migrant caravan situation? The constant victim crying is nauseating.

No. 816255

honestly, I think he's hot as fuck. He was sorta cute as a boy but nothing special–but as a long haired twink, yeah, definitely I want to fuck him. Bet he's got a big cock.(thirstposting)

No. 816324

I mean, he's a hardcore progressive and this is video very in line with progressive/ liberal values . You can disagree with him but at least he sticks to his guns and stays consistent. I sort of admire that

Then I remember he is a creepy tranny

No. 816384


No. 899725

Disgusting freak. Him and his kind should be exterminated off the face of the Earth!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1510094315235.gif (2.44 MB, 480x270, sw1zrQC.gif)

No. 417732[Reply]

LIVE THREAD: https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/18076

Social Repose is an emo/goth youtube musician with almost 1 million subs.

He's been mentioned in Onision threads for their ongoing feud. Dated Ayalla (the best friend of Onision's failed polyamory girlfriend, Billie) and cheated on her repeatedly, causing Onision to go on plenty of spergout rants about how monstrous cheaters are to get Ayalla on his good side.
When Richie started dating youtuber Jaclyn Glenn, Onision warned her multiple times she'd be cheated on as well. It has recently come out that Richie has indeed cheated on Jaclyn for the entire duration of their relationship, citing a fear of commitment and the relationship moving too fast even though he previously had a commitment ceremony with her in Las Vegas, then gave her a real ring and started calling her wife instead of girlfriend.

>dates a girl named Lexi for 2 months, they break up

>dates Ayalla, 19
>cheated multiple times, asking random people on FB for hookups
>they break up
>continues to make "ex-gf" videos with Ayalla and plans to have her act the main role in a music video for a song he wrote about their relationship
>meets Jaclyn, 29
>asks Jaclyn to be in the video in Ayalla's place
>adopts Ayalla's chosen nickname "Empress" as his album title and Twitter name out of pettiness/muh artistic intent
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 891349

Jesus Christ, while he was in bed with her???
This man is so addicted to sex that he's literally incapable of not finding ways to get it from as many women as possible. Christ he needs help, that's just so pathetic. No wonder his content is mostly Onision-tier crap despite seemingly having the potential to do something more with his life, the man clearly can't think beyond his obsessions. I'm glad this new girl spoke out, I'm sure the reason he's still getting any now is because they think he must have changed or gotten better due to his fake apologies and the fact that people seem to think that time passing=someone must have gotten better despite no evidence of it

No. 891664

Okay but like… duh. Not saying it’s okay but literally why expect anything else? Every lurid detail of what a piece of shit he is is laid out online.

No. 899667

In which he admits to being not a really nice person and decides to stop hooking up.

No. 899723

Jesus christ he looks like a middle-aged man. Karma really came through for him.

No. 899791

Soo this is the same video he made after got caught cheating 3 years ago only now hes in his car with some shitty fried platinum hair?

Richie is going to win first place in how many videos can one dude make claiming "they're not gonna date anymore" and "theyre just too much of a bad person" before immediately getting back into an relationship and fucking around with another girl.

File: 1571336556021.png (326.56 KB, 500x550, 1568113930176.png)

No. 881371[Reply]

ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG: The "OH GOD IT NEVER ENDS" Edition

Last Time on the "ProJared STFU Challenge"

> Holly snapped for a hot minute and started following people who talked shit about her

> Jared's fanbase attempts to rewrite history by insisting "Jared never directly solicited nudes!" despite evidence to the contrary

> Some of those who publicly condemned Jared's actions (like Jirard) simultaneously gain amnesia about the whole "He jacked it to minors" thing and go back to showing public support for him

> Holly popped into Jared's stream, discussing something meaningless and trivial ("I got gummy butterflies, Jared!") as if needing to publicly stake her claim on the man that literally no other sane person wants.

> Holly also quit offering mental health tips for $30 and moved on to offering subpar art "surprises", forgetting that someone could pay a better artist $30 and actually be able to pick what they want art of

> Someone made a charitable version of Holly's "Cancelled" shirt with the proceeds going to domestic violence charities; Trash Coven has it removed almost immediately

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1194 posts and 206 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 897557


That. That's why, random twitter. You're fucking sense of entitlement and irrational anger is why WoTC kept mum.


>"I'm done with Twitch now completely!"

Right, because it's the platform's fault that Jared couldn't not fuck his coworker.


>"a real kick in the face to Jared and Holly"

Jared and Holly are why the show was cancelled in the first place. Nate and Anna fucked around on their spouses and managed to keep it from getting plastered all over - which could have been ProPedo if he had put Holly on a leash and not tried to pass it off as mutual.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 897559

File: 1574658887448.png (14.16 KB, 588x138, cowards.png)


I'm sure by tomorrow there will be plenty of salt sprinkled around when you search "Wizards_DnD"

No. 897560

Going to start the new thread in a minute before we lock this one up - What do y'all think of this:

Last Time on the "Karma's a Bitch" Challenge…

> Holly tried to market a series of ultra generic mushroom art pieces as "custom art" at $30-$50 a pop

> Jared posted a photo wearing Holly's merch, leaving everyone to wonder if it was photoshopped or if he truly is a stick figure come to life

> Jared proclaimed that he beat cancel culture….and proceeded to lose 1000 subscribers on YouTube again

> Holly brought her emotional support pigeon onto a plane; Everyone in coach simultaneously contempalted hurling her out of the plane at 30,000 feet

> JonTron got married, Jared told him 'Congrats' and everyone speculated that Arin was upset at not getting invited (there's no proof of this, though)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 897564

File: 1574660579264.png (574.87 KB, 814x386, pinecone.png)

Please. Let a grown-ass man handle his own career.

No. 897567

File: 1480565226493.jpg (57.11 KB, 600x800, CAfgC26W4AAn6l-.jpg)

No. 206974[Reply]


Old thread is in autosage. Let's continue the milking!

Kayla is a near 30 year old tumblr has-been. She peaked in 2012-14 for her online persona of broken fragile wolf gurl poetry meth addict lonely heart warrior. Then she greedily tried to abuse her online game by switching into rapping, only to lose all her popularity.

Pretends to be a thicc rapper from da hood who loves gangstas even though she's confirmed to live with rich mummy and daddy in a mansion.
556 posts and 177 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 819254

Sage for journal post but finding out the truth about ginger was crushing. She sang about a life I lived that I thought very few people can relate to and her poetry made me feel at home. To find out she was faking the whole time…

No. 819282

She's probably just hiding away in her parent's mansion

No. 844135

i found two videos of her runway performance, i dont think they were ever posted

https://youtu.be/c-b5bKMunAA she shows up at 1:00
https://youtu.be/7XX93kNCdIs she shows up at 3:00

No. 880489

they've been posted

No. 899594

Do you guys have her songs downloaded (the ones that are not on her SoundCloud)? I would really like to check them out. Especially „Cherry Milk” and „Angel Baby”. I have „Damn” downloaded and it’s not on her SoundCloud anymore and also someone uploaded „Wild Things” and „I’m Scared”.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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