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File: 1585447768780.png (1.04 MB, 1193x1038, 1584588794291.png)

No. 950715[Reply]

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
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No. 1129308

She claims the reason her art is bad is the line weight. No Holly it's not your line weight that is the problem.

No. 1129312

yeah. no amount of clean lines is going to rescue that convoluted face anatomy and the strangled body proportions.

No. 1129313

Holly does sound happier here. Like she finally found some friends to play fantasy roleplay games with. Good for her.

Now if she would only pick up a short YouTube tutorial on anatomy, and clean up her home. Let us hope this new year brings new beginnings.

No. 1129415

Lol, I spoke too soon! The thin lineart looks better than her old thick style but the line weights seem off and everything just blends together. Her art is slowly improving but she would be better off just grinding fundamentals.

Holly does sound a lot happier now that she's not in the limelight having to be held accountable for the dumb stuff she says.

No. 1130888

File: 1551829532760.jpg (11.64 KB, 300x300, bella-mcfadden-3.jpg)

No. 783701[Reply]

Last thread >>210611

>Post about any instagram influencers as long as they have some sort of public presence (no personal lolcows.)

>Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting) 
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No. 1127654

File: 1610301989594.jpeg (1022.49 KB, 3464x3464, BFE7D9D3-BF4A-4759-997D-6633B9…)

Ang3lThigh irks me how is a this tattoo original it’s literally just copying the design of the movie title?

No. 1129279

Why should anyone be jealous of a poser girl that photoshops herself into a dream version of herself she would like to be? In this case it’s quite the opposite. This insecure Poser is jealous of beautiful intelligent women because this girl knows she is trash that keeps on fooling everyone.
There is no identity to be jealous of. Not even nice character traits.

No. 1129945

Does anyone have any milk/info about Lauren Alice Avery? I love the ig but she’s just so peculiar In general.

No. 1130114

This you?

She’s just a try hard LA kid with rich parents

No. 1130516

File: 1610566070663.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, 4022E412-4BAD-46C5-A08F-DCEDDC…)

Chevleia was in rehab, apparently.

File: 1595790583051.jpg (108.31 KB, 720x1280, fujobitch.jpg)

No. 1013078[Reply]

Tobi is a shitty artist and a fujoshi in her mid 20's that acts like a whiny bitch and hides behind her BPD when people start calling her out for her shit hot takes. Criticized Shannon/Creepshow art when she's basically the lovechild of Shannon and Holly Brown. Also was a camwhore at one point. Annoying "UwU soft baby" personality when is actually loud and catty.

Got attention for her Creepshow Art video which would come back to bite her in the ass when people found out she was no better.

Started getting backlash when she said she was a Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna fan. Made a short screeching video talking about how drama channels were bad for calling people (mostly Shane) out when she is one of those drama channels. Recently getting alot of hate for dying on the hill of defending her love of Yaoi to the death.

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemsRuIZdXXSaUbmxE7qnTw
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tobimajestic
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/adimaiart/(shit thread)
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No. 1123367

Here's Junkie's overdue video on the Tobi drama. Actually pretty decent and explains alot about what happened behind the scenes.

Is him explaining that he was actually the other person that was supposed to collab with Madlibbs on that whole Omnia video Tobi talked about in her response. He brung his editor Raven in to look at the script and she's the one that brung up her concerns about some parts in the script. Libby was apparently really trying to push just getting the video done without fact checking and even re-writting some of Raven's edits until finally saying she wanted to drop the video and come back at a later date with it. Raven said with Libby gone she was able to sit down and look at the video and realized none of Libby's points were valid.

Apologized to Trent for not believing him when he said he was blackmailed.

Is him going over his interviews with people involved although not all got back to them directly.

>Tobi: Nothing really of note aside from her still not seeing any wrong doing on her part. Their interview in the evidence folder is lengthy so I suggest you all look at that.

>Toasty Vanilla: Says he and Tobi are still on good terms with one another. He was in a voicechat with Ben at the time and Tobi was there when she started screaming at Ben and Toasty tried to calm her down. Tobi told him she wanted to see Trent cornered.
>Trent: Nothing of note
>BenTheLooney: Nothing of note
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1123369

Going back to the Hopeless Peaches drama somewhat, just thought I'd let you guys know that Spoctor just released his video on the situation, as per what JAR hinted at on his video the other day.

I won't be able to watch it until much later due to work I gotta do, but just gonna leave it here and see how it fares and if it's as decent as his take on the Tobi drama.

(Also kek…apparently Junkie's Tobi video dropped today as well.)

No. 1123441

File: 1609905607130.png (200.2 KB, 734x873, Junkie Twitter on Mari.png)

According to your descriptions, this video has nothing of interest. Anyone who has been lurking here for a long time knows what happened. And non-lurkers have the Spoctor video to summarize. We already know the events of the Tobi situation. We already know Tobi fucked up. We already know Tobi doesn’t regret it (that much is obvious, especially with her streams). We already know leaking DM’s isn’t illegal. We already know that Tobi and JAR escalated things. We already know Fuchsia is biased and stupid af.

(Tangent/Mild Tinfoil? about Junkie)
I do find it interesting that Junkie was the original collaboration partner. Now, this is a bit of a tangent, so bear with me.

Madlibbs’ originally wanted to make a video on Omnia/Kai because she was Tobi’s friend and she was biased. So I guess Junkie wanted to join Madlibbs because Junkie was Madlibbs’ friend, and therefore he was biased towards her. This went so far as for him to not believe Trent when he said he was blackmailed, despite evidence of the blackmailing being all over Twitter and CC videos.
According to your summary, Junkie couldn’t see Madlibbs’ bias on his own. His editor had to tell him they were wrong.
Alongside this, Junkie broke his friend’s trust here: >>1109288
And, just by Googleing his Twitter, I found this. Where apparently, Junkie made a rash Tweet about Mari Akustu before even knowing what actually happened. (For reference, the 13-year-old wasn’t called a pedo. The kid called Mari a pedo when she isn’t. You would think since Junkie does commentary, he would at least try to check his facts before posting instead of just taking someone's word for it.)

Does anyone else feel that Junkie is a rash, emotional decision-maker? He just gives me bad vibes, and I don’t trust him.

No. 1129217

So Madlibbs just up and quit (supposedly) from the CC. She says it's due to her mental health which would be fine and I would understand, but then she goes off and says things are "toxic".

>I can't do this anymore. Everything is just so toxic. Everything's about drama. Everything's about the next big bad guy of the art community. Before some of you conspiracy theorists start going off I'm not talking about Tobi or HopelessPeaches, it's just something I've noticed. A pattern. There's always a new villain and as soon as that villains gone theres a new one, everyone makes videos on them at the same time, and it's an endless cycle just for views and clicks and I don't know if I wanna be part of that anymore.

Oh bullshit we can all tell you're talking about Tobi and Peaches despite doing that little disclaimer. As a matter of fact that probably just made it more obvious kek. The ACC and CC in general does have a habit of milking situations dry, but don't act like all of a sudden it's bad when you've been doing the same for over a year just because some of your friends got called out. I swear I am so sick of these people who are more than willing to talk shit about someone else, but when it's directed at them they act like they're about to have a panic attack and piss themselves. Madlibbs, Tobi, NezzieMonster, and Peaches all can get categorized as the same whiny girls who use their mental health constantly. Not every single mental health issue you have needs to be broadcasted on the internet for fuck's sake.

No. 1129222

Good riddance. Probably smart to get out before she is the next villain because she certainly is having bad takes this year and being unapologetic about it. Honestly creators like her are apart of the problem. Not sad to see her go.

File: 1550626286666.jpeg (50.95 KB, 391x480, med_gallery_1096490_64753_2064…)

No. 779628[Reply]



>ANTI-VAX because "evil chemicals" but is perfectly ok with terrible cosmetic injections

>thinks fruit has auras and personalities
>really underweight but encourages a diet of only fruit because it's "natural and what we were born to eat" even though ALL fruit is historically GMO'd from it's original tasteless form decades ago (you really believe apples and bananas been around forever? lol not saying they are bad but you get the idea)
>also has a diet book, great when people with eating disorders give diet advice
>"certified detox specialist"
>Claims doctors make up illnesses like cancer and schizophrenia
>claims to be well-versed in biology but also says science taught in schools is bullshit

Lots of other stuff too. Anyone else seen her?
169 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1125561


Manifest a bait car in 11 seconds it would be a better decision than whatever this idea is.

No. 1127208

The gg33 shit is hilarious, gary sells intro level investment advice about well known anomalies to middle american wannabe investors with GEDs, you can watch gary on his YouTube, hes clearly neuro-divergent. Im not surprised she fell for his scam and it makes sense that gary went gaga for female attention. This girl is just so far off this planet and not in the mystical alien being type of way she thinks, its just clear delusion and explains why all her business ventures fail. Shes like trump. Have you guys seen the $30 “angel water” she is selling with kiley kundalini? It looks like the marketing is done by a 5 year old, i pity those who buy it

No. 1127217

Has it been established that she probably just has a sugar daddy?

No. 1127492

File: 1610276624297.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1125x2332, F34866A5-F889-4D53-BADD-FBE24B…)

She made another Instagram account and filled it with random photos she’s finding on Pinterest/ tumblr to promote her magical water.

No. 1129201

I think her real daddy might be the one who’s funding her lifestyle

File: 1608943564465.jpg (1.4 MB, 1918x1201, StarcrawlerFeat3_CreditJohnHut…)

No. 1114979[Reply]

Arrow De Wilde is a lead singer of a rock band Starcrawler and the heavily promoted rock scene’s „It Girl”. There’s a suspicion she and her band got a record deal and fame because of nepotism. Arrow of course claims it’s not true, but there’s a lot of proofs showing her mother was very much engaged in her daughter’s career and band promotion.
An unknown band with a very limited amount of small club shows played suddenly had a Rough Trade contract and was pushed further than any other band on that label, getting unusually wide and positive exposure in music press, almost immediately getting recommendations from world famous musicians like Dave Grohl, Elton John, Beck, Shirley Manson or Distillers, all of them being Autumn De Wilde’s friends or clients. The band got a lot of music and fashion press exposure, even going as far as paying for big billboards and posting films of friend rock stars convincing people to listen to them.
To this day, Arrow and her band gets lots of praise in press, fashion opportunities, tour deals with biggest bands through friends rather than her alleged talent. A lot of people think the hype was artificially generated because of Arrow’s connections.


> Born April 24, 1999

> Comes from a priviledged backgroud, daughter of well known photographer/music video director Autumn De Wilde (director of „Emma”) and a drummer Aaron Sperske, born and raised in LA. Attended LA’s Grand Arts High School.
> Ripoff drama: Arrow frequently steals image and costume ideas, most notoriously entire look of Daisy Chainsaw’s and Queenadreena’s singer Katie Jane Garside, which raised questions in QA fandom.
> Her main schtick is mostly spitting fake blood and walking in see-through, raggy clothes, wearing glittering diapers with stuffed crotch.
> Onstage, she convulses, rolls on the ground, strangles herself with a microphone cord and spits fake blood. She uses the old worn out trick of mixing obnoxiousness with nudity, fake blood and „unhinged” behaviour.
> Cites behaviours of people with mental illnesses as „inspiration”, watches videos of schizophrenics to know how to behave onstage.
> Both Arrow and guitarist Henri Cash like to spit at their fans from the stage, but Arrow alPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1129432

Unrelated but I'm giggling at this post, it reminds me of the way Trump types in his tweets

No. 1129754

Supposedly, Katie approves of her. She probably doesn't care much, maybe finds it a bit flattering that a young girl wants to carry her old mantle.
I guess it's more directly off-putting for fans with a great admiration for her work, Daisy Chainsaw and QueenAdreena. It's basically being presented with a cheap cosplay of something that means a lot to you, which is kind of offensive. KJG herself is probably "above" it because she evolved to other concepts/modes of expression, and doesn't care much about being famous.

No. 1129791

File: 1610491668502.jpg (223.81 KB, 1200x1579, x.jpg)

Exactly all what you said. Katie doesn't care but it's rightfully cringey to everyone else cause that's cosplaying and selling it as Arrow De Wilde. If Arrow didn't know about Katie and Emilie Autumn, she'd just go and dress as Courtney Love in her kinderwhore days. Chicks in rock dressing as Courtney Love get lots of shit while Arrow succeeds cause she picked less known women. Xero copying looks isn't exactly punk or hype worthy.

Arrow had no choice but to find someone to rip quickly cause the album wasn't selling. Hairmetal phase was a flop but look at the 1st year of Starcrawler, it's a whole other level of boring. I've got to say this look is unfortunately more representative of Starcrawler's sound.
Kek at her citing Chopin as inspiration, bitch how


No. 1130634

I can't believe how devoid of personality and talent this woman is. At least shitty popstars who don't write their own songs can dance or have a good voice. All those industry connections and these kids still can't get a plant career off the ground

No. 1131480

Well their "fame" is a paradox. For a post 2010 new rock band, they are famous, most of their peers can only dream of this level of fame. On the other hand, they're only known in specific circles (punk/grunge Hole-Sonic Youth kind of audience) in US, maybe bits of UK and Japan and that's still mostly accidental casual rock club goers in Europe. But yeah other than that they're nobodies, they're nowhere near that level of fame like for instance Nirvana, Green Day, Oasis in the 90's, like where even non rock audiences know your name. Look at their beginnings, it was all media saying Starcrawler are superstars for 2 years straight despite having no fans at all, only their 2nd album gathered some following after tons of advertizing and taking on more sexual look. They're fake and can't write good music, they'll never be a legendary band or internetionally famous selling out arenas (although they clearly crave it). It doesn't mean they won't be trying, of course. I wonder how bimbo Arrow era will look like promotion and music wise. Maybe Arrow will be fishing for bigger caliber of stars to elevate herself

Arrow is absolutely transparent and she can only badly mirror what she likes/considers profitable while in private life she must be even more boring and artless, yet self obsession level is cosmic. "I don't wanna be like cool kids, thank you mommy for not making me boring ugly normie from my school"

Anyway Elton wasn't even the first one to play their song. "Ants" debuted on Apple Beats 1 show hosted by Matt Wilkinson, known pro surfer. Bands put their 1st songs on youtube, eventually bandcamp, not hip Apple radio shows. Guess Matt is not as cool to brag about as Elton, so this part of their "rags to riches" story is now omitted.
Ants is seriously their worst song

File: 1607148282594.png (320.38 KB, 350x516, suburban_knights.png)

No. 1099880[Reply]

A thread to discuss the former and few current members attached to the online media production company Channel Awesome, Inc

It was a powerhouse in the lase 2000's and early 2010's in terms of online video content and hosted various content creators who were mostly "critics" who often made satirical reviews, After a series of scandals, nearly all the affiliated creators severed ties with Channel Awesome and departed

here's what happened since then

>Lindsay Ellis(the Nostalgia chick) ended up becoming the most successful of the former channel awesome critics and is credited as basically as one founders of the breadtube movement

>Doug walker failed at making a game show which cost him 90k
>JewWario being a sexual predator and killing himself
>Linkara's porn habbits
>The black guy working for Doug is a huge furry and got caught jacking off at a panel in a convention once
>Lindsay made a movie about herself getting an abortion. Later she got a DUI and started banging her head on the glass in the cop car
>ThatChickWithTheGoggle ended up being a camgirl for about a month until one of Doug's fans recognized her
>Filmbrain is a serve alcholic
>The guy who was basically Luke Skywalker in To Boldly Flee is a tranny now. His dad was one of the guys from "Whose Line Is It Anyways?"
>Jesu Otaku left her boyfriend for a sugar daddy. she is also now a FTM and the Head of Anime News Network after the previous one (who was her ex-boyfriend) killed himself
68 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1128695

File: 1610394888417.png (135.17 KB, 720x389, Screenshot_20210112-005458.png)

Interesting tweet by Lindsay regarding online abuse she's receiving

No. 1129040

File: 1610416742248.jpg (1.79 MB, 1507x4104, 1610399904185.jpg)

No. 1129260

> I have never seen a bigger group of pre-Madonnas
> pre-
> Madonnas
I can't stop laughing, this says everything Channel Awesome, the people who follow them and the people who hate-boner them now lol

No. 1129703

is this from the contra stuff still or something else?

> an open secret with CtC
i'm dumb what's ctc?

No. 1130147

He wore a mask because he was a teacher or sth and didn't want to be recognized by his students. No idea about any embarassing stuff besides the fact that he used to defend Sarah Butts from accusations of pedophilia, just because he was anti-GG.

Metokur's series on TGWTG has quite a lot of salt on the entire channel and its fandom, but it was made pre-Not So Awesome doc, so it missed some of the juiciest bits.


Change the Channel

File: 1426434510809.jpg (77.79 KB, 900x600, s_i_l_e_n_c_e_by_gutterface-d4…)

No. 18928[Reply]

BJD Thread. Anyone remember Gutterface or elfgutz?
718 posts and 116 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1124036

one of the requirements is a back check lmao I see possible milk. Scam cults like this attract exactly the people like Joji

No. 1129003

He uploaded these gorgeous bookmarks he made. Said he'll start a shop. Sadly those bookmarks will never see their owners lmao. Wasted talent.

No. 1129007

File: 1610414273739.jpeg (982.53 KB, 828x1074, AB4E480B-F9FB-4EFB-A279-CBBF2B…)

No. 1129630

Maybe I’m dumb, but how are you suppose to use these as bookmarks?

No. 1130046

flat part goes on the inside, hook over top of binding, charms hang out.

File: 1432047771593.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 297535[Reply]

Anyone else remember this gem from Tumblr?
501 posts and 136 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1098533

“Some people” being you, the only person bumping the thread, right?

No. 1098844

Lol what? Using vendetta-chan doesn’t work in this context. Pls fuck off and stop bumping the thread.

No. 1098859

Anon, if you don’t like the thread just hide it and stop posting. I personally find it interesting. If we stopped talking about anyone with a mental illness there would be barely anyone to post about. I don’t see why Tiffany is a special case.

No. 1098902

It isn’t that she’s a special case, it’s that she isn’t a cow and the only people bumping it are people who are miffed by her irl. Vendetta up the ass.

No. 1128943

File: 1610409930766.png (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 1078x1542, Screenshot_20201223-145026.png)

Got some new milk on this. Enjoy.(necro)

File: 1609376110173.png (3.52 MB, 2134x2270, 8535D500-D43D-448A-9028-606134…)

No. 1118370[Reply]

Last time on the internet:

>Azealia Banks reaches new heights of anachan spergery and obsessing over Lana Del Rey

>Lana Del Rey has her hand perpetually stuck in the cookie jar as she continues working towards her Mama Cass transformation
>Performs live on TV for the first time since the infamous SNL performance that turned her into a meme
>Bob Dylan sells his entire catalogue, some anons are surprised to learn he is still alive
>Autistic screeching over whether Lady Gaga has had a nose job or not
>Banks gets subpoenaed by Elon Musk for telling the internet that he can’t handle his drugs
>Shite LaBarf is outed for being an abusive piece of trash who knowingly gave ex girlfriend FKA Twigs a sexually transmitted disease
>Is now dating Margaret Qualley, much to the chagrin of many
>Like the true feminist she is, Azealia accuses Twigs of using her abuse at the hands of LaBarf as a cash grab
>To the surprise of no one, Amandla Stenberg and her Dreanworks face come out as sooper speshul they/them tumblrgender
>Millennial Mammy Lizzo sings praises of smoothie diet that she has undertaken to shed some lard after successfully sinking the titanic
>Way too much infighting over whether Billie Eilish is fat or not
>Ariana Grande is engaged. Again.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1206 posts and 245 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1129282

Agreed. We already have best post of 2021

No. 1129306

Did they bann Azealia from insta???

No. 1130155

Well maybe she needs to put down the fork and meet her personal trainer if she’s that insecure.

No. 1131364

Dear god she looks like a skeleton here
She looks very lean and it kind of has its charm and uwu petite girl look, but ultimately when a woman is THIS skinny you are left with no curves, no ass..no boobs

No. 1131366

File: 1610637371280.jpg (51.52 KB, 376x490, andie-macdowell-picture-4.jpg)

her mother is curvy interestingly. sage for no milk

File: 1580342158888.jpg (42.64 KB, 660x492, cow.jpg)

No. 925657[Reply]

Discuss people in your life that have lolcow potential.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/614616
705 posts and 210 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1128523

File: 1610384550643.jpg (31.56 KB, 551x551, FB_IMG_1610384377252.jpg)

Samefag forgot to put picture kms

No. 1128526

File: 1610384644354.jpg (50.75 KB, 1080x722, FB_IMG_1610384414940.jpg)

One more sexy pic of Gothic Celt for anon >>1128021

No. 1128530

File: 1610384873535.jpeg (123.75 KB, 1280x720, BD924B1A-CD35-49D8-9391-F3B4C6…)

I'm deceased he looks like the globglogabgalab

No. 1128560

File: 1610386895154.jpeg (9.02 KB, 275x191, 1596993302928.jpeg)


Fucking kek

No. 1129724

There's this friend that has been trying to be a writer and get their books published but up until now everyone has rejected them. They think that it's because people want to see the usual boring stuff and don't want to appreciate different things, when in reality it's most likely because of the contents of their stories and their way of writing. They could be good because they can write but they refuse to improve because that would be changing "who they are". So what do their stories contain?
>>Hot protagonist girl, either a hot redhead or a pretty japanese girl
>>The story is about being insecure about one's own body, but the girl who thinks that is always conventionally hot
>>Every girl is lesbian
>>Polyamory between girls
>>Long ass unnecessary descriptions of gore and disgusting elements, there without a purpose
>>If there is a man, it's always old and japanese
>>Almost every story begins with a porn tier sex scene or a girl masturbating because she hears someone having sex
>>Random sex scenes everywhere
>>Every story has at least one sex worker
>>Every story that doesn't have these elements is bland because you can tell they can't get into it unless their genitals are the ones doing the writing
>>Half of the time it's hard to tell the plot of the story because it's just sex, sad rambling, some whining about loneliness, gore elements, mysteryous dReAMs, then some more sex
>>Movie sperging because they're a movie fan and we know how it goes when they start talking about movie tastes

Just jerk off before writing or just write porn without pretending to be writing some deep shit. And stop taking japanese coomer media as reference, maybe then you'll get a deal. They also make videogames and their stuff may have been featured on some popular site for indie stuff.

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