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File: 1601354341257.jpeg (382.74 KB, 1372x1372, EFA8D84D-C9BE-4466-820E-7EEE88…)

No. 1047741[Reply]

general thread for egirls and eboys

what happened last time:
> babivampire made the second thread
> posts about sug4rfairy, ang3lthigh, dead9irl, etc
> gets posted and called out for her self posting and wks herself, posting continuously about lolcow on social media’s
> farmhands uncover she has been posting everyone all along, bullying and using slurs that she’s so against
> breakdown ensues, babivampire “sells” her account and suicide baits on her spam account
> mya addams calls her out on facebook, everyone starts sharing their bad experiences with her

other notable things:
> ang3lthigh pedobaiting and ridiculous photoshopping, may be into fucking dogs and pedo shit
> dead9irl was a normie officially confirmed, she also definitely posts about e1or4 lying about what she looks like without makeup
> nyabeat allegedly groomed and called out for pro ana racist nazi stuff on twitter, jazminbean unfollows her
> sp00kybabyy (toopoor’s bff) called out by yung.sadistic (50k on twitter) for being a “maga loser” and wearing braids in the past, owns her love of trump
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No. 1091061

File: 1606272657345.jpg (587.95 KB, 1080x1440, 20201124_194817.jpg)

No. 1091336

File: 1606318696366.jpg (769.85 KB, 1080x1878, 20201125_083459.jpg)

>is allegedly short on rent money

>Posts a story of herself with stoner eyes a few hours later


No. 1091374


not trying to be a dick or anything lol just wanna let u know, there’s a newer thread here >>1079162

No. 1125748

File: 1610129462436.jpeg (484.35 KB, 750x1124, E5CDE40C-FE12-42E5-9784-AE682D…)

Ok so cwunchie changed her user on ig to babygargoyl. Also shes indigenous, i do not understand why she still supports DOLLSKILL when that brand and its ceo are so racist and do not support the blm movement which is anti police brutality (indigenous peoples in Canada are racially profiled and experiences it a lot). Anyways yeah im new to this forum but wanted to share my 2 cents about her.(newfaggotry, necro)

No. 1125799

Bruh what a nitpick….nobody gives a fuck if she likes dollskill. This thread isn’t active anymore. This isn’t Twitter retard, supporting a brand that triggers retards isn’t milk

File: 1604221191594.jpeg (636.45 KB, 1818x1818, 8D8A77E5-238E-4499-8747-EC1878…)

No. 1072288[Reply]

highly requested in the Ridiculous Photoshoppers thread

>21 years old, but claims to be younger

>has an onlyfans which she begs her followers to buy to no avail.
>posts her paypal in an attempt at panhandling beggary
>is very light skinned black and either edits herself to be various different Asian ethnicities/nationalities or very dark Black
>had a meltdown after she was called out for photoshopping and had a follower leave 72 comments on the page of someone who criticised her photoshop
>claimed to have lost weight, and presented us with an edited the before AND after photo in which she wears the same clothes
>inexplicably shoops her head and face to be tiny
>lives with her Mom and drains her emotional resources by whining about being cyberbullied. Mom is so sick of it that she changes the topic when she starts.
>claims to have a modelling contract and be in a Broadway production kek
>incredibly thinskinned and has a tantrum if anyone calls out her photoshop, blocks anyone even liking comments that question her
>claims over lining is the reason for the severe disparity in how she looks online Vs IRL
>claims to be untouchable because she has 12k followers
>no job, achievements or academic accolades to speak of. claims to be in college but it’s unlikely.
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No. 1116748


That wiggle waggle jawline. Kek

No. 1118674

File: 1609409908800.jpg (835.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201231-111508.jpg)

Yep I'm sure that's why, nothing to do with the constant morphing at awl

No. 1125352

File: 1610084769759.jpg (855.22 KB, 1080x1875, 20210107_133358.jpg)

>New hair colour

-Is actually a badly editted wig.


No. 1125353


Samefag, love how she scribbled her face out in this photo.

No. 1125399

File: 1610088062938.jpeg (110.79 KB, 720x960, C05FFE26-BE72-48CB-8642-49C55D…)

where are her big anime balloon tits she normally edits?

also god lol both such cringe cows. you’re adults, please stop it

File: 1471837513503.jpg (71.67 KB, 500x559, tumblr_obzk8yPfaj1utzqgco1_500…)

No. 167514[Reply]

Bree Mcgee, known on tumblr as E-Brat, Maggotmother, and now www.dustspeck.tumblr.com
used to be a lulzy tumblr feminist playing the oppression olympics and basically spending her time at her parents house getting triggered by everything.

then she started internet dating this nasty guy called Paul who turned out to be a gross abusive fuck and she got dragged by tumblr (http://cumstainsheets.tumblr.com/post/137827171213/psa-cumstainsheets-is-a-predator)

she stopped posting for a while when she moved to LA to be with said nasty abuser but promptly started posting on tumblr again after she suddenly left LA and was broken up with almost immediately. I know other things happened but i honestly don't remember and she blocked me on everything :(

does anyone have more dirt on her? she bugs the fuck out of me
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No. 1124729

i figured he broke things off with her and she freaked out. i knew another girl he was seeing around the same time, he’s seeing some doctor chick who is really cute and sweet so i was like wtf was he doing fucking crazy lmao

No. 1124946

it was definitely another fling….. from her not grieving properly. 2019-2020 was her light year of calling people out canceling but also contradicting herself countless of times she really has a problem self victimizing (example her calling out that josh guy because he gave her a “full body yeast infection” and saying he prays on 18 year olds) just because he didn’t want to be in a committed monogamous relationship with her since uhh her best friend had od like 3 months before hand and he thought she still needed time to process things which is responsible on his part i’d be overwhelmed if this girl is already saying we’re dating after only hanging out for like 3 weeks lol i’d she running fast far away from her now back to the stupid ~cancel culture~ that bree thrives off of is honestly toxic but we all know that she’s a toxic individual but she will find any way to make herself feel better even if it’s calling people out for shit that’s happened in the past leave all that shit to rest GET OFF THE INTERNET STOP DATING TO TO A FUCKING INPATIENT clean yourself up

No. 1125102

File: 1610066391537.png (3.12 MB, 750x1334, 299255A0-A26B-4973-8EDA-81354F…)

and your point is?

No. 1125677

she loves any blip of attention here so she read us talking about it and decided to post about josh. lately she only posts on close friends and her new private insta so figures she wanted to make sure everyone saw that

No. 1127589

Any good milk to share from the private IG?

File: 1608831138686.jpg (591.43 KB, 2048x1485, 1608820723165.jpg)

No. 1114184[Reply]

As a shitshow of a year draws to end, farmers of the pro ana scumbag/LARPers ~community~ of the lolcow ~community~ wish all other farmers a milky new year!

UKbaker anon has collaborated with nonUKbaker anon (location not disclosed) to gift us their Christmas fayre in the form of n2f bakes with pics and with reviews!

Last thread tolerance levels towards new cow, Hannah, affectionately known as "Ham" continued to spray her fake ana recovery warrior milk all over our faces. It felt good. Her ~snack plates~ would not look out of place on Henry VIII's dining table. She was unphased at being cowtipped and had a jolly good laugh about her ridiculousness being posted all over the internet. Strong emoji.

Georgie is having problems getting her purple hair dye to stick. How much can one poor waif deal with? She's out of NF for now, but already has another vacation booked at NF in the New Year. Nose hose is imminent.

Future medic, bored_with_ana posted her wishlist after NUMEROUS requests. She was gifted a gonk which will be invaluable as she pursues her dream career.

A fatty was triggered. Yes we know we're evil and disgusting calling out toxic individuals showcasing their proana lifestyles.

Bookish farmer read and reviewed Paige's memoirs of a life with an eating disorder. Much appreciated. Thank you for being a valuable member of our ~community~! With a second book already being written (badly), we look forward to learning more about her ~journey~ to recovery.

We discussed Tabitha Farrar and agreed she is full of it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1124842

Pro-anism is based because it removes crazy bitches from the gene pool and prevents whores with Narcissism or Borderlines from ruining some poor man's existence

No. 1124846

This is so dumb. Even if we believe all this - it means her mother is okay with her carrying on an Instagram account that apparently makes recovery harder for her. Wtf?

No. 1124852

Can’t believe Ham is back!! I wondered if she died for a sec since she had been posting scaryyyy challenges five times a day for a month

No. 1124855

Thank you so much legend, she blocked me after I liked a comment about her faking it

No. 1124867


File: 1594342549954.png (72.78 KB, 275x218, 1594107973308.png)

No. 1004962[Reply]

Myah Alanna Scavo is a 21 year old wannabe musician and youtuber/instagrammer. She’s bratty, selfish, and a tryhard edgelord whilst being overly sensitive and incapable of taking criticism.

New milk.
>Moved to LA but is coped up in her apartment all day playing COD, SL or GTA.
> Can't keep any of her friends in LA because shes a hypocrite, no longer friends with abi.
> Supposedly is liberal now but abi has come out saying it is all fake and behind the scenes she says racist shit and also has friends online say racist shit so she records it.
> Old Milk: Abi and Ava have confirmed that she has hard drives of people.
> Spent $10,000 on a wrap in LA yet the car is not even worth $20,00 (A Pruis) she said she worked hard for it but she just turned in her Audi for the Prius.
> Had a teenage girl come over to her house before Covid-19 took off. Hangs out with teenagers and gets drunk with them.
> Besides Spring Break she still has not released new music (Princeton).
> Uses her mom's credit card rather buy vodka over food and nags at her mom for more money.
> Her ex friend Abi came out and said that myah also has p*edofelic behaviors and constantly tells herself she looks like a child.
> Her patreon does not give out content either late or not at all just access to a discord server.
> Always back with Anthony even though he was crazy abusive.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1130930

File: 1610586683845.jpeg (527.24 KB, 750x879, BC72F09E-D70A-4617-9AE5-87D77B…)

She has extensions now

No. 1131843

Saged for no milk, but her last 6 posts on IG have all been in this same pose. It’s like she’s not even trying anymore

No. 1132442

Isn't she like 22 now?I guess I was dumb for thinking that her move to LA might give her some life experience but now that she moved back to her mom's,she's back to where she was a year ago. Playing dress up in her room.

I still think it's funny how she pretends to be ~intellectual~ with her quotes on IG, but her room perfectly depicts that she still has the maturity of a tween.

No. 1132842

File: 1610760552587.jpeg (506.58 KB, 687x751, 326F941A-0F3D-4E4E-A3D9-4690E3…)

wow u werent lying its literally all the same. but this one. this one in particular. what the f u c k is this outfit. the coordination is nonexistent.

No. 1133483

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such raggedy extensions. Like… did she bleach and dye her 3 y/o green ones? 10k to spend on a wrap but no money for non fried hair

File: 1610005218527.png (472.2 KB, 464x407, wut.PNG)

No. 1124655[Reply]

As requested by many in >>/pt/763213

>constantly mentions her time working for Star Magazine as if its of any merit

>known for her celebrity analysis videos/dating advice videos
>displays heavy narcissistic personality red flags within every single video
>implies that cheating is alright so long as you're honest about it
>recently moved to Montana this year and is now acting as if its her native ground and telling people that they can't come to HER state
>Preaches about empowering women and self identifies as a predator
>makes so many contradictory statements, like she gets mad about "douche fuck boys" but openly discloses with pride she has cheated on past boyfriends
>made a statement about how she could defraud a company and wouldn't feel bad about it
>claims to be bisexual yet there's been no proof to this
>is super country, then super new york, then super cali
>is all over the place in terms of personality and doesn't seem to understand herself
>now claims to also know everything about guns because she moved to Montana
>mid-life-crisis low cut tops and the blur filter/low quality camera to hide her "age"
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1124657

No. 1124658


Thanks for the thread!! I was waiting on this one lol

>implies that cheating is alright so long as you're honest about it

Correction: she said it‘s fine to cheat as long as you don‘t tell your partner about it, cause it‘s a personal issue you should deal with yourself and you shouldn‘t make them feel bad about it

It‘s … a little insane.
Could maybe add the witchcraft thing and her using it as some sort of „don‘t fuck with me i‘m a powerful badass witch bitch“-narrative that she likes to perpetuate

It‘s so funny how she always pretends to be a bad bitch with no conscience who fucks ppl over, but will cry rivers and scream for empathy and pity when others fuck her over

No. 1124659

There already is a Shallon Molester thread made. Idk why a second one is needed before 1200 posts.

No. 1124666

She’s nearly 40, divorced, not in a current long term relationship, no kids or really a career to talk about except Star Magazine. That’s fine, but why does she still have so many women listening to her advice on relationships and life? Why is this her niche when she failed at it in her own life. Blows my mind.

No. 1124896

I don't know, anon. It couldn't possibly be because one of the mods hands out retarded bans for "necroing" threads even if you post new milk.

Nope. Couldn't be that, at all.

File: 1577021344769.png (141.75 KB, 261x275, C17FB648-FA21-4C43-9831-8432DB…)

No. 908614[Reply]

Old thread bio updated
-is a cunt to seem hardcore n cool
-DDLG little // Sexual //
-faux bi
-hates porn but posts lewds
-will "save the world" - never acts on it, just says it to sound fake deep
-claims to be "goth" but says its not about the music (it is)
-wants to be an influencer with no effort or even a YT schedule
-followers must conform to her opinions or fuck off

Rosie - roommate
Clayton/sadboiaccount - skinwalker
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1205 posts and 351 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1125382

And speaking from the other side I agree with you, I really hate when people like jude try to make out we get as much shit or discrimination as bigger people do, it just comes across as self victimisation and in a way bragging which in her case it is. Beckii cruel tried to pull this shit by doing a whole video on it (which is now gone like most of her videos as beckii cruel) and it really was just the most attention seeking shit I ever saw.

No. 1125651

File: 1610122567188.jpg (317.89 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2021-01-08-18-11-47…)

she says "i know my relationship timeline is a bit confusing but like no one was cheated on or anything" which is wierd and out of the blue and we all know is not true lmao

No. 1125824

Very skilled, thank you sis. I did not expect anything actually useful of her anyway.
Does she even do something good? Does she spread positive words like veganism? Does she support groups like Amnesty or Terre des femmes? Does she explain how aweful Dollskill, killstar and fast fashion are?
With all the following she has, people would listen, if she had anything to say besides "My Daddy likes tickling my princess parts uwu"

No. 1127162

about to make a new thread, if you have any info for a recap, thank you sisters

No. 1127198

File: 1608516162585.jpeg (659.88 KB, 2196x1730, AFE44B90-BEC2-48CF-8E6B-06208E…)

No. 1111610[Reply]

Old milk:
> Like clockwork, posts a weekly schedule and makes excuses on why she cannot adhere to it >>1093969
> Invites ~a friend~ to come over and tape her up >>1094249 and posts her bruises as a fellow anon predicted >>1094206
> Anons speculate whether it is in fact Fupa by cross-examining the photo with a previous picture of Fupa’s chode
> Shayna calls out her ‘clients’ for wanting a relationship with her >>1094523 however gets angry and defensive when her ‘clients’ interact with other sex workers.
> Her twitter gets restricted for 12 hours. Cries to her orbiters on discord about how she can’t live without twitter >>1095254
> Consequently proceeds to beg her orbiters for money because she "can't work" without her twitter >>1095314
> Defends herself for not adhering to her previously-posted schedule >>1096481
> Posts about how she is making a cam comeback on Friday >>1096799 Spoiler alert, she ~just didn’t feel like doing it~ >>1099532
> Cries about other SWers interacting with her ‘customers’ >>1096934 and cries about another fat SWer consoling Splenda Daddy Jason Womack on twitter >>1096945
> E-begs for rent reimbursement, again Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1213 posts and 306 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1124372

doesn’t work anon

No. 1124377

File: 1609989670252.jpg (Spoiler Image, 547.1 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20210106-212057_Twi…)

He also did this. But he does it with other e whores as well

No. 1124386

File: 1609990485126.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 360x640, EB280132-7DEF-4756-9C31-9EB91E…)

Hey, Shayna Leigh Clifford
are you really that happy you’re getting picked by bottom barrel men??
Fat bitch this is embarrassing your face is covered in this scrote’s cum. Are pennies worth being degraded?

No. 1124387

File: 1609990536172.png (392.87 KB, 750x1334, 62497A80-C875-4139-AF23-7E95BE…)

No. 1124390

> hi friends
Lmao I love how she only talks to her three supporters when she needs to talk to someone or needs something from them. Dumb fat bitch

File: 1503594733725.jpg (75.11 KB, 960x1280, IMG_1625.JPG)

No. 378693[Reply]

This thread is directed to drama and mostly pure cringe around black girls and women in the online weeb communities. Most of them are hilariously uneducated extreme SJWs and expect Japanese media to cater to SJW ridiokousness. Also, a lot are very extremely overweight and put zero effort into cosplay but expect to get asspats for being ~PoC~. Post black weeb cringe and retardedness.

A Facebook page known for this is Black Girls Are Kawaii which posts obese, grotesque attempts at "cosplay" which gets praise because the ham planets that occupy it happen to be black. They also push a heavy SJW agenda. It's super cringe. A lot put zero effort into fashionable J-fashion or Jmakeup that fits them yet will pull the race card they get called out.

A well known group of girls and like page is called Black a Girls are kawaii. They have a private group where they "ban coons"(a slur for blacks) yet are "trans inclusive, bigender inclusive" and consider the group a "safe space". However is a member from the group, post Caps here so we can laugh at them. Also they have a like page. Feel free to post general Facebook cringe of your favorite bitchy black Gyaru or Lolita's, or just awful coords. Or your favorite ~POC~ snowflake.

Note: Micky already has a thread so while mentioning her in here is fine don't make this a Micky thread. Also admins have saged threads in the past that mainly discussed Amina so like Micky don't make her the star of the thread. Leave vendetta at the door. Please stay away from Under 16s too because I think mods don't like it.
81 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1122893

Your reason to post and shit on somebody else is crinfe(necro)

No. 1122942

your necromancy on this dumb as fuck thread is ultra cringe

op needs a fucking grammar lesson. farmhands, why is this thread still even around? burn it.

No. 1122950


No. 1123053

>ctrl+f "nigger"

No. 1123634

Asians do not like dark skin in general. Most Koreans/japanese people hate foreigners. I feel so bad for these girls

File: 1608429125821.jpeg (458.4 KB, 750x658, hejishin.jpeg)

No. 1110930[Reply]

Thread about pickme women and gays, primarily from Twitter and Youtube, who claim to be practicing Socialism or Marxism. Commonly known as The Dirtbag Left, many associated with the scene are not leftists at all.
This thread is constantly brigaded, please report and ignore the mad scarethots.

>Media associated with this scene:

Podcasts like Red Scare, Chapo Trap House, True Anon, The Antifada, The Perfume Nationalist, What’s Left, and The Nice People Show

The Rundown:
>Dasha’s new andro look in a shoot with Heji Shin for Numero Berlin >>>/snow/1097675
>Red Scare makes it into the UK press over ISIS-themed t-shirt controversy >>>/snow/1097733
>Origin of the Sameme-stalked-Lexaprofessional milk >>>/snow/1098046
>Anna got fillers before the Heji Shin shoot >>>/snow/1098171
>4hr What’s Left podcast with Ashley (@christlover2000) >>>/snow/1098217
>Jack the Perfume Nationalist’s twitter meltdown >>>/snow/1098677
>Caroline (@as_a_woman) used to be an r/stupidpol mod >>>/snow/1098967
>lexaprofessional (@queasy_f_bby) accusations against samememe in the replies to a default friend tweet >>>/snow/1099122
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1104 posts and 193 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1122083

Again, no examples. Anna’s interview was embarassing. Being a social climber careerist is way worse than being a regular nerd.

No. 1122085

>getting/doing interviews, writing for magazines and that sort of thing
How the hell are those any better than twitter? It would make sense if they were actually producing anything of worth but those are just tweeting in different form, just as superficial

No. 1122109

but better because its anon

No. 1122111

No. 1122148

I mean, people don't just follow accounts that they agree with on everything, some like to keep tabs on what their opponents are up to.

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