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File: 1619206842468.jpeg (207.25 KB, 522x462, 5B6EE6B1-C2CB-410C-9C38-A56482…)

No. 1215061[Reply]

firstly sorry this is my first time making a thread, apologies for any tardness and mistakes

Our last thread was evidence of the rapid drying of milk- but some cows just can’t stop themselves!

Ham is still munching away- (youtube channel well and truly deceased thank god), on regular cHaLLeNgEs with mumsie and a near miss with her first toob (drink straw dw, no NHS resource wastage)
Ro’s looking better and farmers live in hope that her (slightly) reduced posing and straining for the camera angles will continue to fade.
Gainer’s glorious return to the gym included a “meltdown”, perhaps an allergic reaction to anything that doesn’t involve posting spoop to oompah loompah transformation pics.
Eugenia Cooney and her total moronity (and lifespan) was a brief subject of wonder, but nothing particularly new.
in contrast, the sheer scale of porgie is blowing our minds- a non-selfie picture of her reassured us that we needn’t worry about her wasting away…. nuff said.
in other news,
Anna’s GI issues are ever boring, Remi’s wasted legs seem to work just fine, May admitted to piling on the pounds, and the ever flowing OOTDs from han and AD are persistent and highly amusing.

we saw the rise of new tiktok BPD cow @lilvodkaflavouredjuulpod, another dramatic teenager with enough self-harm on display she should open a museum, and a soops severe (invisible) case of anorexia.
anons noticed she was friends with zara (whose spoopy videos mixed with recovery preaching aren’t fooling anyone)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1232900


There's a new thread and also learn to sage

No. 1234383

>doesn’t link the new thread
good job you fucking retard

No. 1290343

File: 1628026575762.jpeg (241.26 KB, 717x1472, 13056D26-5AA2-44BC-8DDB-073C10…)


No. 1315841

Hey I’m new here. I’ve been following Anna for a little bit and just get weird vibes from her. Then I found this site and have seen a few posts regarding her. Someone wanna explain what’s up with her and why so many people hate her?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1315867

fuck off sorcha

File: 1504060605385.jpg (58.39 KB, 1280x720, Unicole.jpg)

No. 382913[Reply]

Unicole Unicron is a self proclaimed “pop star cult leader” who has been running an online group called Unicult for a few years now. She has been gaining more attention since being featured on MTV’s True Life in an episode called “I’m Starting a Religion.”

I swear there was a thread on her before, because it’s how I discovered her and I’ve been lol’ing at her shenanigans ever since. Well, here’s another.

Milky behavior includes:

>Generally flimsy religion underlying Unicult

>Promotes “creating your own reality”
>Believes in the flat earth theory
>Has flat out said mental illnesses are a GIFT, also made a video titled “Quit Your Antidepressants”
>Racketeering through an etsy shop called Unicult Supply Co.
>Charges increasing amounts to join and level up in the cult
>Streaming nightly on Periscope and prodding people to pay for watching
>Created and advertised the fuck out of a shittily made VHS porn (UNIPORN)
>Made a terribly visual album (Atlantis)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 550983

File: 1523308964222.jpg (28.32 KB, 519x562, 22045885_1424569980925343_2643…)

"I never wanted to hurt him, I think violence is just something that I learned was okay for me to do because I was raised female. And I always felt like it was just something that I was just allowed to do, it was just part of the equal playing ground of fighting. And so it took me a really long time to stop doing that."
"I gave myself a black eye once over a fight we had."
"He saw me as being manipulative, or purposely stirring him up, but that's just his paradigm. Just how he was seeing me. wipes away tear But I wasn't."

No. 551111

her and her sister are the most manipulative, leechy people on the planet. they are both abusive to their partners.

No. 551141

Any info on their parents?
If both came out like this, it says something about how they were raised
Also, nice digits

No. 823473

I'm reviving this because there's a bunch of new stuff on her.

For one thing, Vice just did a documentary on her:

For another thing, apparently she was recently diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which makes some sense. But in another video, she claims to have been diagnosed with a laundry list of random disorders, which stinks of bullshit, so idk.
Here's that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDVIv2IDd5U

One surprising thing is that she said Unicult is about "white spirituality," hinting at possibly racist attitudes. However, she also wrote an article about struggling with white guilt, which would seem to indicate the opposite. It's all kinda confusing.

To me the big issue here is a massively inflated ego. She says very few things that have any substance. Most of what she has to offer is very uninsightful. In fact, the only point I've heard her driver well is a rehashing of the attraction theory - that what you focus on manifests, and that the concept only works in the positive sense - if you focus on not wanting something, you're still focusing on that thing, and it's more likely to happen. So, it's important to focus on alternatives.

A central part of her idea is respecting people's creativity in creating their own realities. There's a positive and a negative side of this philosophy. The positive is that allowing people to construct their own worlds could be conducive to them breaking from soPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 873347

Funny new video breaking things down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1630755999109.jpeg (335.02 KB, 1194x2208, A7D4C330-C189-4771-A540-6A8894…)

No. 1315540[Reply]

New sorcha blossoms thread as last one was created by Sorcha so mods banned her. THIS ONE IS NOT FOR SELF POSTING SORCHA. for anyone who dosent know sorcha she’s an anorexia Bpd 20 year old who lives of government support and hospital admissions. She’s dropped out of school twice and has no contact with family as she claims her mother is abusive but no one believes it as she’ll make up anything for attention.

Sorcha dropped her bestie Kirsty for being the sicker anorexic and sorchas dietician Has been bitching about sorcha. Sorcha is also using resources and refusing to get better.

https://tellonym.me/sorchaxxdunne?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_0zGGPaVu3E.eoO_lnJ6SRGdBZhUY9enAlEFw4C0dgGA-1630755571-0-gqNtZGzNAdCjcnBszQe9(absolutely not)
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No. 1315773

Report every post with her photo or links to her SM.
Maybe some day they will register it.

No. 1315778

Anon who is SM?

No. 1315784

No. 1315789

Stop selfposting idiot.

No. 1315846

Sorcha literally no one gives a fuck you are not interesting at all.

File: 1604004455628.png (841.7 KB, 828x816, C513A756-4953-4D7A-87A2-3F02D2…)

No. 1070574[Reply]

This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

Subreddits of note: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/

Thread #1: >>>/snow/867400
Thread #2: >>>/snow/1031751
Thread #3: >>>/snow/1049217
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No. 1087295

Think of it as paying for them not to reproduce

No. 1087398

Just remembered a MtF was in a “friend” group of mine in school (very liberal city) and he literally brought a jar of his own cum to school and just carried it around to all his classes. Where literally anyone could see.

No. 1087405

What the fuck? Why?

No. 1087443

anon please don’t leave us hanging

No. 1094515

No yeah elaboration is necessary, you can’t just say that then dip. What the actual fuck is wrong with people???

File: 1627736313449.jpg (492.5 KB, 1152x2048, E7YqI0MWUAIAJW5.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1287920[Reply]

Lucinda Belinda (oswaldslunch) is a schizophrenic, bulimic cutter who is starving herself in her quest to become an 88lb unicorn.

previous threads:

>absolute trainwreck

>human shitpost
>not actually a bad person but she's a joy to watch crash and burn
>possible larper, possible autist, 100% insane
>vomits 11 times a day but is in uwu recovery and now only does it 3
>chronic oversharer
>24 years old
>lives at home
>diagnosed schizophenic in 2016
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1314632

looks like your regular e-girl here, she really went downhill

No. 1314953

seriously. what parent would raise their kid to grow up like this and think this is ok. Obviously her mom reminds me of Eugenias mom, ignoring the problem.
She looks so emaciated and drugged up its sad…

No. 1314999

>>1314953 I think it gets to a point where they think "what can we actually do?". Further up the thread it's mentioned that her dad is in his 70s so her mum is probably older too. It's hard for younger parents to know what to do with their mentally ill offspring let alone elderly parents

No. 1315006


There is a new thread for you, guys >>1314398

No. 1315668

The blue hair and current makeup is a step down from the directly previous look with the white hair. She's honestly really pretty, it's a shame something about her environment/life led her on this path of self harm and being a NEET. She could do well in a lot of environments but obviously not this one.

File: 1626565070336.jpg (97.22 KB, 640x640, gucci.jpg)

No. 1279186[Reply]

Due to popular request, here's a thread for both older and newer cows from indie bands including indie punk rock, alternative rock, grunge and so on, who do stupid things but don't deserve their separate threads. That refers to singers and musicians with unhealthy need of attention, claiming to be "punk" and independent despite being ex models or actors and coming from priviledged backgrounds, guilty of using nepotism to further their careers, reworking old genres, copying older bands or characterized by rude and nonsensical behaviour. Examples of indie cows or cows in the making:

Dani Miller of Surfbort
>"Punk" singer but incidentally a face of Gucci Beauty campain >Appropriates white trash lifestyle, glorifies kitsch >Copycats anything from 70's and 80's
>Spends most of her time partying with LA elites, taking indentical photos showing teeth gaps on instagram and posing as make up/fashion guru on tiktok
>Plays in a band with crusty, hairy old men and basically turned as crusty and hairy as them

Sabrina Fuentes of Pretty Sick
>A shitty Breeders ripoff "riot grrrl" vocalist and bassist
>Most likely from rich central NY upbringing
>Appeared in iPhone commercials, model for Comme De Garcon, Calvin Klein and basically anything else despite looking far from model size fitting
>Posts selfies kept in annoying y2k Myspace mall goth styling and tries to look sexy but ends up looking grotesque

Heather Baron Gracie of Pale Waves
>A "goth" singer that looks like a mix of Siouxie Sioux, Alice Glass and alternate reality Robert Smith dressing strictly at Hot Topic, but actually plays watery pop music ripping off Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1314627

At least Sky's didn't overstay her welcome. I thought her music was catchy and she wasn't halfway close to being as insufferable as Halsey is in public.

No. 1315043

She didn't exactly exit gracefully either; she's been teasing new music for the better part of a decade

No. 1315062

she'll have a hard time if she ever gets done with the album and comes back. it will probably have the same impact as new lorde ("old stuff was better"). thankfully she's a bit too old to hop on "pop punk" trend to stay relevant.

No. 1315079

i dont know about halsey, but she did tweet something like that about charli xcx's project band nasty cherry

No. 1327074

File: 1631919777650.png (1.85 MB, 1386x1436, weedqween.png)

Any new milk girls? This one's old, i know but Phoebe… she simultaneously tries to be etheral sad indie girl, MCR scene emo, and then also absolute dream goth girlfriend, e-girl, serious songwriter, boss bitch persona leading a revolutionary record label, and of course relatable stoner queen! pic rel, hitting the bong with a tortured frown for her music video then going "420 right guys 420" and starting a contest to recreate that video… "We invite you to get stoned" lol. i know it's just weed but boasting about doing drugs for the video "for the art" is so cringy.

File: 1613634203074.png (13.54 KB, 90x90, Cry.png)

No. 1164432[Reply]

Cryaotic is a YouTuber and former Twitch streamer who outed himself as a pedophile and groomer on a video posted in June. Following the video, several victims came out with other allegations.
Last thread: >>>/snow/997235

Current events: After a victim (Susie) was found to be false and Auri stepped off from Twitter and deleted her Discord server, anons have been discussing their doubts about Auri.

Before this all went public:
Jund leaves the LNC stream early one night after Cry flips out on him for not enjoying a SJW furry visual novel.
Cry goes manic on a privated stream

June 17th
TiaBeanie (Previously went by the name Sakunora in the Cryaotic tumblr fandom) posts on Twitter about her experiences with a "Content Creator". Very quickly the content creator is revealed to be Cry himself.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
184 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1314076

File: 1630604366730.png (48.88 KB, 694x225, arcadum.png)

Arcadum pulling a Cry is pretty ironic. At least so far none of the people involved were minors so there's that.

Pretty sure his D&D campaign was the last thing Jund, Russ and Snake played in together? So that's probably the end of that.

Links to Arcadum's victims statements, there's quite some overlap with people who were also in Cry's fanbase:

No. 1314171

im really not surprised about arcadum bc when the cry stuff came out he was the ONLY one who kept in contact with cry. everyone in the LNC & ppl he streamed with blocked him minus arcadum who was openly tweeting about still being in contact with cry who knows maybe he still is in contact w/ cry
creeps usually stick together

No. 1314247

They actually started another DND campaign with some other DM after they finished Arcadum's thing, so still doing stuff together I guess.

Shame they never went back to doing a group game stream thing though, TBH none of their solo channels are particularly good. Oh well

No. 1314516

That's a matter of personal opinion, I guess. I enjoy them separately.
You guys think Arcadum and Cry are still talking, maybe? Could have consulted him with an "apology" like that.

No. 1316663

File: 1630882087333.png (387.01 KB, 925x900, jjkkjkjjhh.png)

File: 1629216538713.jpg (127.45 KB, 680x1051, 33.jpg)

No. 1301924[Reply]

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey Twitter Activists and "journalists" who fight the great racial injustices in society such as professionally trained white women writing a cookbook or white people enjoying Asian food
425 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1314102

There was literally only one true black Egyptian dynasty, that's where majority of black pharaoh artwork comes from, but that was dynasty out of dozens of other dynasties
and that one black dynasty are mostly modern day Sudanese people rather then West Africans


No. 1314133

Even better, Ariel isn't even a human being.

No. 1314156

I study ecclesiastical history. The "original" St Nicholas (a problematic designation anyway) was born in present-day Turkey (in 2nd-3rd c. CE, this was the eastern part of the Roman empire). He was Greek, spoke Greek as his first language.

not black

No. 1314180

File: 1630611890597.jpeg (61.29 KB, 828x581, a11.jpeg)

That fucking soyface, every time

No. 1314182

>insert token black character into white fairy tale
So empowering
>actually turning a screenplay written by a black writer featuring black actors into a theatrical production so it can be appreciated by a wider audience

File: 1629164769037.jpeg (540.91 KB, 1653x1061, E7572078-7B26-487A-AC13-B9DEC4…)

No. 1301579[Reply]

Previously on the proana scumbag thread:

Cecelia is finally lost her toob and is back to playing recovery kween, but only when she’s not the victim of anything and everything.

Georgie Porgie is back at New Farm and has found a toob again. Still fat and getting fatter.

Nourish (N2f) is modeling and exercising while continuing to make vomit on a plate (or bowl, depending on the meal).

Ganer is doing the same thing she’s done for the past 3-4 years. Overexercising, eating the same couple meals, and crowing about her “recovery” like she’s not already got a foot in the grave.

Ham’s finally baby-stepping into adulthood by going to college, but since she’s a Brit she’ll still be home filming fear food challenges of foods she regularly eats. Meanwhile HamMum keeps cheering her on/enabling her weight gain and unhealthy diet.

Creepy skeleton Nik continues to play the role of a functional adult male while seemingly in total denial of reality.

Anna still isn’t bored with ana nor talking about her period, though she’s decided to focus on being a MCAS munchie who only eats 21 foods, except when she forgets what she’s claimed to be deathly allergic to. Or when it’s time for overpriced sushi. Side note, you cannot stick a birthday candle in a peach and convince people it’s the equivalent of a cake.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1210 posts and 271 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1314236

No she's going to oxford brookes uni so maybe researching IP in advance kek

No. 1314237

What fucking drugs are she on? Not even a room, a full on flat. Oh yes Han, can you fork out 3k/month? Fucking naive entitled little retard. Sage for sperg and a log

No. 1314689

File: 1630675681736.jpeg (442.05 KB, 1170x2026, 36632F17-2B03-4BFD-8975-29FE18…)

Sorchas blog posting again. I can’t put up with her shit while there’s so many real problems in the world and I do understand anorexia can be life threatening but she’s been given every single possible advantage and support and she’s even admitting in her post that she’s not cooperating with treatment.

No. 1315015




No. 1315018

File: 1630701661002.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2104, 108D3F4D-E957-4433-A8D9-547E81…)

Even her tiktok has caught the self posting hahaha

File: 1621520196859.png (698.32 KB, 720x439, kiwis.png)

No. 1234464[Reply]

link: kiwifarms.net(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
909 posts and 159 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1313317

So you are that ugly parrot crying "SCROTES" into every thread?

No. 1313318

We all say scrotes, integrate more

No. 1313360


Why are you spending all of your days on this imageboard, tard?

No. 1313436

I wonder how much money some tranny has wasted to keep the website down for over a month.

No. 1321607

I find it funny over in Beauty Parlor so many of 'em are whining about cowtippers messing with the obituary book of Chantal's grandma. They make light of the Oxychan shit, but this is too far for them? They make jokes about trannies killing themselves, but this is too far?

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