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File: 1663898545411.png (1.05 MB, 605x1079, 2482DD96-AE69-4F62-90AA-7BCD96…)

No. 1654949[Reply]

Ruby calderon is a 17 year old from [removed]. Youd think from the outside shes just a normal girl, her family has a good house in what seems to be a good neighbourhood, she has a job, friends seemingly, but online shes someone entirely different. Recently it was brought to me and my friends that she had shot a cat in the head with a bb gun multiple times over several hours killing it. On video. I say over several hours because she had shot it multiple times thought it had died, went to get things to dispose of it and came back finding it wasnt and was in severe pain and looked to be seizing. She then shot it until it was dead point blank. She goes by the username purrito online, shes also known to post cp, shes sent her nudes to an older man named jeff, known as sleepy_seymour online, shes admitted this. Shes boasts about all of this. I dont know how the fuck this girl was raised and I dont care. You do not fuck with cats.
Address: [removed]
Landline: [removed]
Parents: her father is [removed], her mother is [removed]
other family members: [removed] her other sisters name is [removed]
School: [removed]
school contact information: their phone number is [removed]
this is a link to the video of her killing the cat: https://anonfiles.com/F8j8e46ay3/purrito_mp4

Farmhand Edit: Common sense. Don't dox. Also important to remember, we don't know if any of this is legitimate. All we have is this video. We need more than that to link the video to this person.
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No. 1658922

she was probably raped repeatedly as a child

No. 1659307

>all selfies in the dark or under those hideous LED lights
ugly 101

No. 1664897

hopefully it continues until she kills herself like the pathetic hole she is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1709966

This is all a lie. The actual girl who is being shown has done nothing to harm any animal in any sorts. She has been getting stalked about this “purrito” person and they have been impersonating her on multiple social media platforms. They have also sent multiple threats to ruby and her family way before they started accusing her of killing a cat. The police is already aware of this situation and has been since the first threat that was sent to ruby and are trying to figure out who is trying to get ruby in trouble and whoever has doxxed her.(this is an imageboard. post proof or gtfo )

No. 1709970

this girl IS. indeed a minor. and has been accused of multiple things she has not done and impersonated by this “purrito” person you can see on some of these screenshots.

File: 1668713514683.png (583.66 KB, 566x744, brian.png)

No. 1702244[Reply]

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No. 1709598

This man's brain is nothing but pornrotted potted meat.

No. 1709599


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1709615

god i hope he's having acid flashbacks or a heart attack

No. 1709778


>This sounds familiar girls,haha?

No it doesn't. And I googled his symptoms and got different types of cancers as a result so he might want to get that checked out..

No. 1711569

The Colorado shooters dad was on an episode of Intervention(porn, sex, and meth addiction)and a former pornstar/UFC fighter. The shooter changed his name at 16, not because he’s nb but out of embarrassment toward his father.

File: 1665066849476.jpg (120.6 KB, 528x900, 3845645346.jpg)

No. 1668686[Reply]

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-Jake Munro aka Snake aka Fake, extremely unoriginal "musician", after his Casey Neistat imitation vlogs didn't take off he got famous from doing TikTok react videos. Known for copying the aesthetics of many musicians such as MM and Dir En Grey. Music is really unoriginal too, his most successful songs are covers. Has an obsessive cult fanbase of tweens and lonely middle aged women, calls himself "goth daddy" after saying all goths are cunts. Got his channel started by leeching off his gf, Kaya, then dumped her when he got famous enough
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Kat Paine aka Skat, married tattoo artist who Jake cheated on Kaya with, has a kid. Traces her tattoo designs, vocab includes "shots!", "drinks", and giggling
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner. Currently residing in Scotland
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1709799

The confirmation of Kaya knowing he’s cheated before all this surprised me. I don’t follow the drama enough to know if she’s ever mentioned it before, but it’s crazy to me how they were so codependent on each other that she stayed with him despite all of that. Neither of them would keep a real job to be able to leave each other, and I’m sure at least Kaya felt some sort of obligation to stay with him because he was really all she knew.

No. 1709804


Agreed. I just finished the video and I will give her some props for admitting her faults. She knew she was messy and always has been. She knows that she can be a bit of a hoarder and doesn't really like to clean because of her executive dysdfunction. It helped put things into perspective on how they're house became such a mess. I have to be charitable to Jake that dealing with this can be hard but violently lashing out is in no way constructive and makes things worse. But the fact he didn't try to understand Kaya and take steps to help her find ways to clean even if just a little like "Don't forget to hang that up" or something, it might have helped. And I mean sure, Kaya is a grown adult who shouldn't need to be told to do simple tasks but her dysfunction makes it difficult and if the UK health system is as bad as people say, it explains why she wasn't able to get her medication right when she needed it.

Also when Kaya was talking about how she literally had to run outside with her cat in nothing but her pajamas when Jake was going through his tantrum, I felt so bad for her, I can only imagine how that must've been.

No. 1709813

The lack of holding down a job to escape each other is very telling and shows why sometimes you need to have an IRL job to fall back on. Kaya being afraid of potentially losing her Patreon support and by extension, losing her house, this wouldn't have been as bad if she actually had an IRL job, even if it was part time because she could've had some savings to help in a time like this.

No. 1709837

5 years older…are you joking? Don’t reply with some paragraphs unless you know what you’re talking about. Jesus tucking Christ the amount of mouths that Kayas clit is in. They are both equally wrong and Kayas parents are PARTIALLY to blame. Kek.

No. 1709858

Saying they’re equally wrong when Jake is the one who violently lashes out at anything and punches holes into walls is straight up retarded

File: 1587264292302.jpg (100.06 KB, 980x653, Titanic-Sinclair-Poppy.jpg)

No. 961466[Reply]

Last Thread: >>>/snow/581474

Thread Summary
>After much back-and-forth and vaguing (and some false counter-accusations launched by Poppy involving Josh Moran), the lawsuit is settled - Mars keeps the right to all music and videos she made with Titanic, Titanic has to delete any and all nudes of Mars, and they are not to speak of or interact with one another (online or offline) outside of court
>Titanic reportedly attempts suicide while Poppy is on tour, he messages fans about it
>Poppy and Titanic break up, Poppy makes her new relationship with Ghostemane public
>Poppy posts a statement on Twitter essentially calling Titanic abusive and attention-seeking, disavowing him and accepting no responsibility for her role in attacking Mars
>Poppy fires her entire band and puts out a song indirectly attacking Mars
>Titanic's brother, Alex, pops up to defend his brother on Reddit, then on YouTube via Edwin's Generation. He can't seem keep Mars out of his mouth despite Poppy being the main subject, makes several claims about both women without much proof, claims Mars "traumatized" him, then moves to defend Titanic some more on Twitter
>Maggie Levin makes a film about the Mars/Titanic/Poppy situation, titled Into The Dark: My Valentine
>Mars Argo friends and fans react negatively, Mars unfollows her (former) friend who starred in the film
>Titanic gets with a new girl, Chelsea, aka @nobodysdreamgirl on IG
>Poppy stans trick Chelsea into openly shit-talking Poppy in a group chat with them, leak screencaps and also that she made a Twitter account to argue with them
>Titanic spergs in his own IG comments, responding to negative comments with long rants, insults interspersed with "love and light"

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
715 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1703508

So Poppy cheated on Titanic with Eric & then left him for Eric, thinking she was going to have a lasting romance with Eric….only for Eric to dump her (I'm pretty sure it was Eric who did the dumping), and now she's alone, LOL

No. 1703925

I thought poppy broke up with him because he was abusive as well or something?

No. 1705254

Not surprised by this considering the underlying message in his "gotcha" tweet to Bones and bragging about having a model girlfriend as if anyone gives two shits. It just shows how he sees women and definitely only values them for their vagina. It's so easy to read between the lines with moids.

No. 1706273

Poppy got with some C or B list pop producer like a month ago, they've been pretty private which is probably good.

No. 1706929

Ian and Poppy definitely broke up, they unfollowed each other a few weeks ago

File: 1668748164373.jpg (51.57 KB, 1080x1080, fatness.jpg)

No. 1702642[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/1561022

Current Twitter Account: @BelloPanther
Archive to be posted below.

Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin is a 28 year old autistic woman from Emerald Hills, CA who has spent the majority of her life online, behaving in erratic and unusual ways that involve harassing others usually because she is denied ERP with her fictional husbandos. The last several threads had been derailed by bad actors and attention whores, and an eleventh thread was never made despite several anons saying they would do so. We're back again to check in on our gorl because some interesting things have happened while her threads were in limbo.

A summary of happenings:
>She has maintained her silly little cat LARP, currently under the name BelloPanther as of posting this thread. She has reached 900 followers since.
>Chronic Liz Fong-Jones and Keffals asskisser, posting unfunny memes to "own the kiwis"
>She is still "coping and seething about it."
>Rachel is still living at home with her parents. She is still single. No polycule in sight.
>She posted about how the mean people were trying to boot her off the internet but conveniently left out sending death threats, posting someone's newborn online saying she'd rape and kill it, sending gore and porn to minors, possessing child porn, etc.
>Allegedly got called at home by another cow (Blaine Gaven Ross/Erika), which made her mom begin to supervise her internet time.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1722306

>Cat fed three times a day
>Not overfed
Pick one, holy shit.

No. 1722352

That's probably why he has no interest in playing or being active…poor thing. If I was being overfed like that I'd have no desire to do anything other than sleep it off.

No. 1722354

Powerlevel but, I was seven and did this sort of thing and noticed on my own that my pets were getting fat and unhappy and my child brain went 'wait cats are much smaller than me, maybe they don't need three meals' and then I adjusted my behavior, it's insane an adult would spell out their animal abuse without any self awareness at all.

No. 1722629

Three times a day? Yeah that’s why hes fat.

I feed my cats once a day, if theres still food in their bowl by the end of the day I give them one treat each. If there isn’t food, I give them a little sprinkle of food so they don't scream at me when im sleeping.

I cant imagine three times a day.

No. 1722646

She's been boring today. Just retweeting a ton of Japanese cats, still trying to act like she's Japanese. I'm sure the people of Japan would really appreciate that.

File: 1598356353263.png (329.26 KB, 670x804, 1589361853117.png)

No. 1028465[Reply]

Last thread: >>884793
>37 year old Russian self-proclaimed pick-me, pro-ana BDSM "tradwife" who's been on European forums since 2004
>does BDSM shit in public, and in front of her kids
>uses her kids as props for photos
>used to wear a hijab/gimp mask in public and claim it's part of her religion
>is a weeb who draws her own manga/comics
>runs her own subreddit, r/pickmes, where she posts videos of herself ranting about Tinder or other women, opening "gifts" for her man, her disastrous cooking, spam about sex dolls and random news articles, gives tips on how to have a hot tranny Auschwitz survivor body like her, and posts her autistic comics
>brags about "buxing" her man (using her mother's money), doesn't go to work, husband doesn't work, they have 4 kids
>believes feminism is a "cope" for being rejected by men, and that women would be better off as sex slaves
>threatened to her mother that she'd never see her grandkids if she doesn't support her and her husband's lifestyle
>her husband, Vlad, is a morbidly obese, short Romanian man who cheats on and physically abuses her
>believes herself to be a 10/10 Stacy with who's "too pretty to work", gets "paid to exist", gets mistaken for a high schooler, can wear clothes from the garbage and still look good because decent clothing/styling is a cope for ugly bitches
>believes all women are inferior, including her daughter
>in reality is rated 5 or below on Reddit, has to dumpster dive because decent clothing is too expensive, body looks like a cryptid
>is obsessed with 4chan culture (virgin/chad memes, greentexts, misogyny)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
996 posts and 328 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1708635

>>Based but as an ee woman despite knowing of this stereotype I've never seen it in real life. I'm starting to think this mythical woman doesn't exist.
It's kinda rare, but they exist all over the world


Nta but personally I always thought her atittude was an extreme reaction to…

You blew my mind even more with this explanation. I feel like a mystery being solved. There's even a thread on KF about her where people didn't reach any conclusions about her (granted, it's mostly men there) but I was equally confused, before I saw the videos, I was almost sure that Vlad was posting as her as a humiliation fetish thing that knew was going on but not exactly to what extent, but no, she's real!

I honestly have no idea how you like that and why. It's so badly drawn. Any 13 year old on deviantart does exactly that

idk, that was not what exactly what I understood… The everyday EE women don't seem to be focusing on "building men for greatness", from what I understood, their husbands are all slackers like Vlad. But definitely I could see >> going to a restaurant and handing their broke moid money under the table so it looks like he's paying.
to maintain the appearances that you're a tradfamily. It seems to me that there's some sense of pride in the US black american woman's actions, while it seems like mary and other ee types like her don't want to be perceived as helping and leading the household in any way.

No. 1708707

File: 1669321682981.png (705.15 KB, 621x894, 1669289734146288.png)

OT but it can be pretty funny sight seeing rich sheikhs go around with 6 feet tall Ukrainian women whom they stand diminutively against

No. 1708990

they're fun you wet blanket

No. 1709200

they're not, you femcel

No. 1722248

File: 1645470021819.png (2.3 MB, 1858x1821, 1645379467088.png)

No. 1448714[Reply]

Empathchan/seppukugirl/ neko (misunderstood)is a self-proclaimed pedophile terminally online onlyfans """model""" that shills herself on imageboards and twitter by acting edgy and cruel to everyone
>treats her orbitors like dogs and makes them post pictures of her on r9k with captions such as "i want to rape empie"
>got exposed on twitter for being a pedophile on discord
>doxed her own adress on the server hoping she would become the new bianca devins
>photoshops all of her pictures to look like a 90's anime girl and denies anyone pointing out the truth
>shills herself on imageboards constantly
>le edgy dark pick-me that always talks about how she hates everyone and wants to be raped
>got called out for using contacts and immediately posted a story on instagram proving her eyes were real and big
>her retarded orbitors are trying to kill her and treat her like shit and she enjoys it
>obsessed with gore and bdsm hentai
>posted nudes of herself on 4chan when she was underage
>racist white supremacist even though she is jewish

social media:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
265 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1690882

One of her art pictures on twitter has too many fingers, which is an issue with the AI art program. She might just be retarded though and can't count.

No. 1695972

Of course the only drawing of "hers" i've ever seen that looks good isn't even hers, lol. Pretty sure she has been called out for tracing or straight up passing someone else's art as her own before too

No. 1706296

makes me hate moids more knowing all my mates who know her dont care about how she looks without the filters and just want some 'based' mince meat pussy because they're all the same(learn2sage)

No. 1706332

you sound like a moid yourself if your "mates" want someone's "based mince meat pussy" reeking of retarded chav incel

No. 1706638

definite moid detected. her minge is fine she just needs to wash her flaps more than once a month to avoid chemical burns from the old piss.

File: 1661270860040.jpg (327.52 KB, 1908x1146, gordon ramsay's daughter.jpg)

No. 1623442[Reply]

this thread concerns nepo babies who are as not famous enough to be on the Celebricows threads, A nepotism baby is someone working in Hollywood right now who has some sort of family connection to the industry—usually famous and well connected parents
270 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1706353

haha she's STOMPING on the runway even in a still photo. nvm i kind of like her now

No. 1706641

he has an older daughter as well, who looks exactly as homely as >>1623482 so no amount of money was able to push her to her little sister's level of "success".

No. 1708770

sage for offtopic but who is the model on the left?

No. 1709154

this is such a strange choice for how this perfume smells?? i am so confused. i'd assume it is eau du: gucci envy me, myspace photos from 2006, ten magazine L.A.M.B ads, and an angry aim away message

No. 1709158

you know what this could just be an ad for all of those embarrassing perfumes gwen did

File: 1667687814969.png (2.21 MB, 1841x1010, threadpic.png)

No. 1694852[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1680778

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
> Gross screencaps from Shay and Ken's gross video >>>/snow/1682893
> Shay finds an equally homely twin at her latest Strictmoor shoot >>>/snow/1684148
> Comedian farting in front of a mentally disabled man picture >>>/snow/1684742
> Shay develops a "crush" on her twin, Faerie Willow >>>/snow/1685749 who doesn't seem to return the fake feelings
> Shaynatorium thread in /ot/ gets shut down in record time >>>/snow/1686038
> More creepy Strictmoor shoots >>>/snow/1686480 including photos that include dogs, for some ungodly reason >>>/snow/1688641
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1211 posts and 242 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1706157

No. 1706220

No. 1706376

File: 1669090140308.jpg (54.07 KB, 1200x675, Life-After-Lockup-Chazz-Harbis…)

Chazz looking ass mf

No. 1709416

Where in the snuff film is this lmfaoo

No. 1718730

It’s crazy seeing the stark difference in Shayna and her step sisters lives. Her step sister is currently in Montreal with friends meanwhile Shay is crying online about Snapchat and spreading her holes for pennies.

File: 1633646703614.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1836, EDBF3A0C-D0DE-4542-B6D1-05DBE5…)

No. 1343332[Reply]

I know this cow has been documented before in the FTM thread but I found out a couple of edgy streamers are documenting her, and I feel like she is milky enough for her own thread.

Gaasuba is a 30 year old communist furry who is currently living in Memphis. She lives with the “Kittens Family”, which includes a dude literally named Jail, an MtF named Mariah who is not even trying, and one other person named Nell who isn’t milky so nobody cares.

>”non-binary” (read: girl with a goatee)

>has a huge hoarding problem; was evicted because the hoard caused damage to her apartment, as well as for spray painting Homestuck/commie shit on the wall
>granted the place was still shit but their constant drug use and hoarding made it irreparably worse
>refuses to get a job because she’s “disabled” but in reality it’s because she thinks that work is beneath her and would rather be a “house spouse”
>spends all her time high on either weed or hydros and making videos with absolutely retarded takes such as “adoption is cultural genocide”, “dogs are rude because we have no free time because of work”, “we shouldn’t allow the ‘brainwashed’ elderly to live”, and “landlords are an anarchist mafia”
>believes that people go around deliberately hurting animals and then film themselves rescuing them for YouTube money
>claims her dad tried to run her over with his car when in reality she and Jail were physically preventing him from leaving by clinging to the hood and door
>also threatened him with a bo staff
>got kicked out of a friend’s place that she and her uwu kweer found family were staying in because Mariah stole and pawned three multitool knives from them
>her OnlyFans is straight up nightmare fuel - infected-looking pussy and asshole, breast pump kink even though she’s never been pregnant, communal Bad Dragon dildos, racebait porn
>makes the aforementioned disgusting porn in the houses of people she is house sitting for
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
318 posts and 153 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1700678

>the doctors office sent her meds to the wrong pharmacy that is too far away
>pharmacy gave her the wrong prescription when she picked up Joshy’s meds
>medication is more expensive than usual because there’s an addy shortage
>somehow this is not human error but clearly a systemic attempt to kill her and her glitter family
>”Thank God that I have coping mechanisms that are helping!!” That means you don’t need the meds as much as you think you do, Meg.

No. 1700811

Glad to see she's back and on the same bullshit as always. Totally an underrated cow.
It must be so draining to be around her, all she does is complain. I can't think of a single instance where she's posted a video and not spent the whole time complaining.

No. 1700928

I am at a loss. Is there a farmer who knows about hoof care that can transcribe?

No. 1701569

tl;dr cows are livestock, horses are pets, isn’t it sad?
I assume she’s comparing horse farriers to farmers vetting their cattle’s problem hooves. Generally horses get regular hoof maintenance that includes trimming and shoeing. Cattle in big beef/dairy operations don’t usually have routine care like that, but are treated for emergent problems like hoof infections. She’s just whining about da algorithm and speculating that Big Cattle is making money off causing intentional infections in individual animals just for TikTok updoots. She’s obviously high and terminally online; says she doesn’t want to upset her bf by telling him her conspiratorial theories so I guess he’s getting sick of her too.

No. 1705698

File: 1669054601654.jpeg (315.37 KB, 1108x907, 08D84F10-A54F-4F42-8B5E-82E990…)

Stop posting about your mental illnesses on your sex work account, Megan. No wonder your OF has maybe one fan on a good day.

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