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File: 1708003496442.png (2.19 MB, 1996x1026, antifujo spergs.png)

No. 1966263[Reply]

Thread to discuss the anti-fujo movement and the spergs associated with it. From trannies claiming that ukes are actually transwomen, schizos claiming that BL causes women to troon-out, to tifs and salty gay men claiming that BL is fetishizing gay men, etc.

Notable anti-fujo cows:
Obssesed antifujo pickme from the moid farms. Claims feminism turned women into fujos and that all women have a rape fetish. She inserts her hatred of fujos into unrelated threads and derrails them into oblivion with her sperging. Has an obssesion with sparkle dog artist and hazbin hotel creator vivienne medrano.
>james somerton
Breadtuber frogman who recently got outted as a plagiarist and a scammer. Harassed author of love simon for being 'a straight woman writting about gay men', author had to come out as a bisexual to stop the harassment. Despite being aware of the harassment and forcing the author to come out as bisexual, he still kept namedropping her and her book, and playing the victim when the author told him to stop.
Our resident fujosperg. Pakistani NEET who spends her days sperging about first world problems like fujoshis while also sperging about living in a horrible country. Calls fujos degenerate and pornsick while simping for neo-nazi killer Varg vikerness. Has posted both her grandma >>>/m/206387 and her brother's hand to the farms and has a very concerning hyperfixation on little boys getting raped in ancient cultures >>>/ot/1874107 >>>/ot/1874111 >>>/ot/1874116. If you see a post that claims ukes are actually female, that's most likely paki-chan. She's also another resident personalityfag known as ''crap-chan''.

Social media links:
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No. 1986167

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt since she seems older and doesn't really understand what the actual appeal is. That being said, I do have negative experiences with certain radfems (many who were younger than me) calling me a degenerate and pervert when I just wanted to have a discussion. By the way, I'm not pro-trans but I don't have full sympathy for radfems either.

No. 1986681

A lot of radfems go full on into supporting tradcon gender expectations in their quest to be anti-libfem. These are the same people who think women who don't go all woo woo moon goddess worship over their periods and fertility are self-hating. There isn't a coherent ideological framework behind what they believe, so they devolve into pseudoscience, conspiracy theory peddling, and mysticism very easily.

No. 1987451

File: 1713660485486.png (334.6 KB, 1113x1586, retardhead.png)

I am laughing my ass off at how she proved the comic right by jumping in to call all fujos pedos just because she's illiterate.(dragging infight across multiple threads)

No. 1987459

uh, is she not comparing yaoi obsessed tifs to agps? struck a nerve with the tiffany who thinks she's a real uke i see. there are tons of regular sane fujos who don't troon out but it's the same phenomenon as agps who want to become kawaii anime yuri lesbians

and nothing she said in the first paragraph is wrong, she didn't say all fujos are into shotas/rape/etc, said men are violent and disgusting, and called yaoi fiction made for women. i feel like if she just shat on fujos i would wave her off as a self hating misogynist but this really isn't like the pickme NLOG women who shit on fujos/women in general for daring to write erotica a la >>1977450

No. 1987543

Edgy attention seeking voy wannabe fujos were a thing in 2007 when I was aware of yaoi, the only difference is that they didn't have institutions enabling them.

Anyone who compares yaoi, sht that is coming out of Japan, a notoriously conservative culture and which portrays awful hetero dynamics and abuse by males that is unfortunately and a reality to gay comics by gay men which is violent but from the perspective of moids who likely. commit sexual violence irl, you cannot tell me that fujos are anything like the moids.

It's idiotic to look at young gays online talk about wanting to violently rape hetero male celebs who are taller, stronger and buffer than they are lmao ( which is just a fantasy!!) and pretend that fujos are a threat to them. Any woman who is weird and likely to cross boundaries deserves the same treatment a moid gets for that behavior but the terminally online activists actively pretend like a weird 17-year-old girl obsessed with Naruto and Sasuke is an actual threat to gay men who just hate women and who see fujos as an easy target to use to milk the sympathy of handmaidens bc they're self centered narcs.

File: 1601341602211.jpeg (50.16 KB, 550x309, EEA99CB8-89A3-44B8-B652-F7D043…)

No. 1047615[Reply]

Brand new thread for cringe Australian cows. We all know the quality of Australian beef. Originally mentioned in the egirl thread >>/snow/1005403.
Anything from ewhores, scammers, skinwalkers, BPDfags, pedos or all just around problematic- post your Australian milk here.
Cows briefly mentioned in the egirl thread, also a few more mentioned throughout all boards.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1987926

“self harm and bandages”

Unrelated but it seems like most of these posts are made by Abbey, Lainey or Koma themselves or whatever people say their name is.
Imagine milking a friendship you had for a few months just because they died.
It’s strange all their stuff is now private because as you said they enjoy and thrive off thee attention

No. 1987928


Koma has a long horse face. Winona’s was round. Not even a nose job would make her look like Winona

No. 1987967

I meant covered in self harm scars AND bandages, sorry if it makes no sense. also like another anon says, these posts are probably written by people from Koma's surrounding who have some sort of vendetta. I responded mainly out of weird nostalgia for Lil Bo Weep threads & lore, but there's no milk to be had honestly.

No. 1988106

You can clearly tell most of the posts HERE about Koma are from ppl in her personal life. All the other posts in the lbw thread are clearly just fans of Winona’s or other haters. Apart from her cringe posting she’s not even milky, she doesn’t do shit and is hardly interesting or stands out from anyone else her age. All the other cows on this thread are also uninteresting now. You guys gotta find someone new and interesting because this is getting boring. Koma hasn’t posted anything remotely interesting in ages it’s not even lack of milk she’s just another egirl like all the others. I also highly doubt she’s talking shit about herself on lolcow either she got banned from the lbw sub for “calling out.” Everyone and going off at them lol

No. 1990195

Brooke/lilith/luna “whatever her name is” dint you have better things to do like copying another one of Abbie’s * tattoos? Doesn’t seem like you hate her to me

File: 1669960712529.png (1.73 MB, 1404x986, Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 4.23…)

No. 1716408[Reply]

Nicole Ann Bell (better known as Nicole Dollanganger) is a 31 year old musician/artist from Toronto, Canada, mostly known for her music about true crime, domestic violence, school shooters, DDLG, and other nonsense that Tumblr loves. Despite claiming to be a musician, Nicole has not released an album in 4 years, and a large portion of that one was recycled music from old EPs.

Expired Milk
> posted gore and CP on her Tumblr
> Grimes set up a record label for her, nothing really came of it
> constantly delays albums
> shelved Hillbilly Noir to release an album of recycled songs
> notoriously unreliable, cancels shows
> blatantly steals concepts/aesthetics from books/movies

Current Milk
> releases "new" song, it's actually one she posted in 2018
> desperately trying to be relevant now Ethel Cain stole her aesthetic
> is 30+ still making music for teenage anorexics on Tumblr
> got new wig or something idk
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
111 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1987884


No. 1987975

No. I mean, he's been talked about shortly on Nicole calves/nymphets threads i'm sure. But what i meant specifically, someone posted about him in Soundclout thread doing collabs with Pouya or Nick or some other rapey rapper, and he (Bacon) posted some indirect shit about it, but i don't care to search for it. that's the extent of it. He just loves to google his own name.
I wouldn't mind a thread but if anybody cares to create some, please let it be an experienced farmer who CAN write informed thread descriptions. not shit like this one.

No. 1989983

i made an ethel thread, hope it's alright >>1989982

No. 1993684

Kek reminds me of the opposite spectrum where Nicole stans on Reddit are posting about how they feel uncomfortable with her child porn posting in her early years and other stans will come and defend her saying she never posted "real" cp when that's not true.

If you look at archives of her older blogs (which have been previously posted in these threads) and click on her mutuals blogs, you can see these people were posting REAL cp images and they at the very least showed up on her dashboard and she was comfortable viewing them everytime she logged on. I don't think she's a pedophile, I believe she was just being an edgy 20 year old but her fans need to be comfortable with the fact that she was in fact involved with real pornography of children.

It also makes me laugh when her fans defend her over the simulated child porn she reblogged as if that's somehow acceptable and ok. It still appeals to only pedophiles. Completely disgusting and harmful all round.

No. 1993687

You have zero reading comprehension skills and sound like a 12 year old. I'm glad someone else called you out on your retardation but too bad I missed it. Embarrassing.

File: 1713626130193.png (821.62 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20240420-081218.png)

No. 1987326[Reply]

Hey everyone, don't mean to revive this thread but we just had a falling out with Serenity IRL and holy shit is this thread frustrating to read. Not because of the things we wish we knew she's done, but because of the fact that you have to dig through such a massive, dumpster fire of a schizo thread before finding any of the actual relevant criticisms of what she did in the past and why she's actually a shitty human being that nobody should be around. Not sure if you're all aware of this but it's not normal to obsess over someones appearance, race, and social media presence for 3 fucking years without looking like a bunch of incel basement dwellers with nothing better to do in their lives except circlejerk over how much they collectively hate a youtuber that they never even met IRL. If anything this only helps her dismiss ths lolcow threads to any new friends she makes because any normal person looking at this kn the outside gets the impression that this is just a schizo thread filled with a bunch of retards who don't know even know her.

Any way we can clean this up?

Also, anyone know anything about her fiance that presumably killed himself? She mentioned this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1713563824784.png (28.47 KB, 433x472, Screenshot_2024-04-19-17-57-34…)

No. 1987088[Reply]

Dylan Damian, also known as Doyle Valentine, Hamburger Baby, and Babylandy, is a Costa Rican musical artist and photographer, known for his ~sad baby boy~ photography, posting and reblogging cp, and writing songs about child abuse and giving them titles like "Kewpie" and "Baby Grandma."
>posts and reblogs pictures of men and teen boys making out and having sex
>claims to have had anorexia, didn't bring it up until after he "recovered."
>posts about underage crime victims
>writes songs about child rape, child murder, pedophiles, and diseases with titles such as "Baby Grandma" and "I've Written A Letter To Daddy"
>tries to be act like an uwu sad baby despite being a literal 20-something year old man
>shoops his photos in an attempt to look white
>posted people with deformities and diseases on his old blog
>posts pictures of the gravestones of toddlers and babies without their families' consent
>visits the graves of killers dressed as a ~sadbabydoll~
>steals pictures, lyrics, and book/movie titles for his blog and music
>changes his instagram constantly, has changed his account at least 5 times in one year
current tumblr:
old tumblr: (empty and inactive)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(shit thread. Stop remaking it.)
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1987165

No. 1987166

Kek sorry anon, I forgot you're supposed to keep it clean here lmao. The ddlg, nd, tif, etc. threads are full of gore and cp and other shit, why would this b any different? Your just mad that someone made a thread about you Dylan

No. 1987167

>what in the Nicole dollanganger calf
That’s the first reply there and it still rings true kek, like I said before this is just not worth a full thread and his Instagram seems inactive not sure about tumblr though

No. 1987168

>The ddlg, nd, tif, etc. threads are full of gore and cp
thats not cp you schizo, it's illegal to host and distribute cp. Get glasses and stop trying to make threads on a literal who edgelord

No. 1987174

Why would you EVER post CP/CSAM if you are ever unsure if the person is underage or not? Are you retarded? This is the second time the thread has been made. Do not make another one. If you have issues email admin or take it to /meta/.

File: 1620010182697.jpg (326.07 KB, 1170x1152, Spam Community.jpg)

No. 1222039[Reply]

The spam community on Instagram is a community where people (generally private accounts with no connections to irls) overshare their lives. Most accounts don't gain much traction but there are a few notorious cows on the app, these 3 have threads that are either dying or locked. If there is any others let the farm know.

Jaelle Stiles:
> 21 year old NEET who sits on social media all day and lurks
> Has been on the internet since 2011
> Used to be best friends with many spams including Julia, Nika, Lex, and Iana
> Had a mother who passed away of cancer
> Livestreamed her reaction right as she was passing
> Does insanely disgusting things for attention including sticking a used tampon in her mouth, smoking a tampon, drinking bleach, and letting her own mother give her hickeys.
> Searches her name constantly on social media for any sense of relevance
> Deletes her account once a month only to come back weeks later

Nika Petrova:
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> Drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
197 posts and 84 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1984784

File: 1712884147836.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1967x1125, IMG_6037.jpeg)

No. 1986459

File: 1713403007057.jpeg (965.91 KB, 3000x3000, 8AF481E3-F21E-496E-977D-DFECAA…)

jaelle is one of the most unfortunate looking people lol she posted this to reels today and deleted it shortly after. looks like she’s still being a bum and living with her pædo dad at 25 yrs old even after all the times she accused him of grooming her

No. 1986472

She looks like a FAS infographic

No. 1986508

Fucking kek

No. 1986830

She’s one of the most irredeemably fucking hideous people I’ve ever seen in my life

File: 1645245393856.png (740.03 KB, 792x628, 643C04C7-840E-4476-ABDD-B335D7…)

No. 1446741[Reply]

Raging narc woo-woo queen who permanently disabled her child through her own stupidity and now flouts her brain-dead daughter for insta clout.

>Crunchy instagram nutritionist, self-proclaimed empath
>Refused any medical assistance for her birth, wouldn’t even go to the hospital after 3 days of labour
>Got her pussy waxed before so she could take birth pics for instagram though
>Refused to take her daughter, Luna, to the doctor until she was skeletal and constantly seizing
>Luna’s brain is completely fucked with cysts, basically no brain tissue left and no hope for recovery
>Luna’s condition, multicystic hydrocephalus, is unheard of in wealthy countries because it is almost 100% preventable
>Robyn herself admits everything was ruled out except for birth injury
>No doctor willing to operate because Robyn waited so long it is totally futile
>”Mainstream doctors REFUSED to help my little girl!”
>Treats Luna with crystals and energy healing instead
>Finally find a doctor willing to do the useless surgery
>3 years later and Luna’s condition has only worsened
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
370 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1986475

Someone should forcibly sterilize this pathetic, worthless, hideous, awful excuse of a woman already.I wanna punch her face IDC if
I'm a-logging.

No. 1986498

jfc I thought the bump was announcing Luna died. is she declining still?

No. 1986505

Everytime this thread gets bumped I just hope and hope that it will be that she passes.. poor baby did not deserve any of this. Still can't believe this stupid narcissist will continuously risk the lives of defenseless babies by free birthing after what happened to Luna

No. 1986590

She's still clinging on, sadly. The KF thread is very active, easier to get updates there although it's mostly Robyn shilling weird homeopathic stuff and Glenn working out in his totally not gay home gym

No. 1987830

So the new baby is a boy, called Oaken. Poor thing

File: 1701117704224.png (3.2 MB, 1004x1742, coquette.png)

No. 1934513[Reply]

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same, talk the same and post the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago. Claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same (still into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women). Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.


>Alida bitches about being „slandered” and called nazi which is ~totally not true~. She just „drew swastikas in the sand once upon a time as a teen to scare old people”! Except making 2dgy4me videos is one thing, and dating nazi guys strictly is another. >>1825225, >>1827764

>old receipts of Alida meeting up with & whiteknighting XXXTentacion right after allegtions of him beating up & sexually assaulting his girlfriend (as well as killing several people) surfaced >>1827766, >>1830210 „Yeah he was abuser but who cares he brought so much light to the world RIP” >>1830212, >>1830213
>Oh the benefits of being Christian! Or „just a Jesus supporter”. Alida prays and Jesus buys her Porsche, supposedly >>1830939, >>1831039, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 371 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1986845

File: 1713523695479.jpeg (944.52 KB, 1284x1390, IMG_9517.jpeg)

This is a married woman mind you, and the song is about being pimped/prostitution by an AGP

No. 1986846

Ahahahah what the fuck is this part, also she looks pathetic

No. 1987127

File: 1713569848273.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.22 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_0463.jpeg)

No. 1987129

File: 1713570209808.jpeg (471.75 KB, 1179x2400, IMG_0464.jpeg)

>>1987127(unsaged cowtipping)

No. 1987468

File: 1713670583324.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1127x1588, BD75A151-EE16-4500-BCA6-AD32BD…)

kek squidward thighs is still doing the extreme photoshop and her fans are too stupid to realize that’s not what she looks like

File: 1520098829642.jpg (116.66 KB, 1024x475, PeopleofKekistan-1024x475.jpg)

No. 519691[Reply]

It's about time we have a thread for the Anti-SJW/Skeptic Community. Here you can discuss any drama involving the people in it. Shoe0nhead has her own thread >>509237 so does Blaire White >>192045, you can still discuss any drama involving them in the community, but keep their own specific stuff to their threads.
Some known events to discuss:
>Kraut and Tea getting RageAfterStorm fired from her job by tweeting her employer and the entire community screeching at him for doxxing her.
>Post vidcon drama that Shoe0nhead,Andy Warski and Blaire White stirred up involving their fellow anti-sjw stalker.
>The alt-right doxxing discord server that many of anti-sjws such as Sargon, Jeff Holiday, Kraut and Tea took part in.
>JF aka Jean-Francois Gariepy and Kraut and Tea "debating race realism" while some random women are crying in the bg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlHTVa--8Jg
>Kilroy drama where Computing Forever, Based Mama and Sister Danger fail to organize an event and stir up the community.
>Based Mama forcing many speakers to sign 3 year NDA in order to be promoted.
>Race realism live streams and internet bloodsports in general and those Andy Warski hosts on his channel.
Some people in this community:
Andy Warski: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2h3yPmh9TfQv2z3aTDTHHA
SomeBlackGuy: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
117 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1987074

Has anyone else listened to any of the interviews JF gave after Élora went missing? I'm aware of three, but I 'll post with links and timestamps to events I found interesting.
First of all, this is his interview with The Crucible. He mentions some beef with Ramzpaul betraying him by implying he is guilty of murdering his wife, but I'm not sure if that was an interview too or if Ramz was just talking about JF on his show. Either way, the host on The Crucible was acting in a way that made JF feel like he was being believed and he was comfortable talking about some of the details of Élora's disappearance. Comments have been disabled.

[3:59] JF says that Élora could be dead, or she could be having so much fun at parties that she doesn't know anyone is looking for her

[6:30] JF talks about how his wife did something similar (leaving for a trip/hitch hiking) in 2021 from "our current location" to Quebec "which is more than ten hours of driving".

[8:00] He talks about how on June 17th in the early afternoon, Élora asked him to drop her off at a gas station close to a bridge that a lot of truck drivers go to. He mentions she had done this in the past. He keeps talking about how he dropped her off in front of cameras and that was the last time he personally saw her. He says he knew she was alive on the 18th and 19th of June because they tried to call each other and also texted, but that the last contact was via text on June 19th before he says she decided to get rid of her cellphone. He says she was spotted by other people on June 19th in New Brunswick.

[11:26] JF says he informed her family on June 17th "that she was going toward them" because "she was probably heading west".

[11:49] He says that her family's position on the matter "is that you cannot retain a woman against her will" and then goes on to say, "They have always been clear to me that they don't want me to beat Mama JF, they don't want me to intimidate Mama JF"

[12:50] He says that as of June 19th, her family is also looking for her

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1987077

Lauren DeLaguna's interview follows. It is very apparent that JF didn't know who she was and that he only came on the interview to speak to an attractive young lady. He was able to be comfortable for the first half because he really wanted to be able to talk about himself to a woman. He gets pissed off at her eventually once they start discussing Élora and then he rage quits.

[13:36] JF talks about how he worked in a psychiatric clinic and the women he would meet there
[17:32] JF asking Lauren what kind of men she is attracted to
[22:06] superchatter asks JF about if his children are safe, he just says “yeah”.
[25:29] Lauren asks JF if Élora was the only woman he had children with and says he already told her he wouldn’t answer any questions about children, then implies he has a lot of children and calls them “projects”.
[28:45] Lauren asks JF how he has been getting on after his wife’s disappearance, mentions she heard his fridge was empty and then JF gets mad about his fridge, does damage control about the contents of his fridge
[33:14] JF describes what Élora was wearing when she went missing
[35:28] Lauren asks JF if he can show his final texts with Élora and he refuses because the police would have his texts if they wanted them
[39:58] superchatter asks why JF’s wife would leave the children. Lauren says his wife committed a crime by leaving the kids, JF blows up and insults her intelligence, then rage quits
[41:40] Lauren’s friends were listening in the background the whole time and start making fun of him for being guilty

No. 1987079

The last interview I'm aware of is the one on The Dick Show. JF starts out pretty uncomfortable but Dick seems to get JF comfortable by acting shockjocky and disparaging Lauren's interview. He seems the most comfortable in this interview out of the three and says some pretty weird things. One of the comments under this video that I found interesting:
>The two weeks she left last year she went to her family and stayed in contact, and JF's streaming revolved around publicly looking for a replacement wife to try to make his wife jealous, complete with a countdown until she returned.

[6:33] “It was happiness for four months” after Élora disappeared
[8:20] JF talks about how he had to have the house sterilized because women leave an imprint on the house
[8:52] JF brags about how he has so much technical knowledge of the way police investigate crimes
[12:02] JF says he doesn’t have an opinion on whether or not he would like his wife to come back home because he is a libertarian, then says he is getting lots of attention from women after having been suspected of killing his wife
[26:53] Dick asks JF what he should do if he wanted to kill his own wife and get away with it, further emboldening JF to talk about himself and his perceived knowledge about getting away with crimes
[32:07] Dick tries to make JF more comfortable talking about Élora by telling his chat that JF is not incriminating himself, then JF talks about how sure he is he won’t go to jail
[33:23] JF expresses he was angry at Lauren during the interview because she accused him of not having any food in his fridge (lol)
[34:53]“There are grief periods that you have. Not necessarily the grief of knowing that she is dead, but the grief of having control over your wife, the grief of, yeah, you’re gonna have to keep living without knowing.”
[35:45] JF expresses that he is afraid of a future where someone will replicate his DNA and have it “spread all over a murder scene”, then says he has 24/7 tracking and filming of himself and keeps a camera above himself while he sleeps

No. 1987135

If you’re going to post this at least include the entire context. Martin isn’t trying to move there, he wanted to enter Germany temporarily, and as he rightly pointed out the German govt has repeatedly acted as if they believe borders are oppressive constructs and simply have no way of keeping people out - until it’s someone like Martin. They’re hypocrites, and worst of all their hypocrisy is enacted against someone who is of no threat to the native populace of Germany. The govt is quite happy to allow in unvetted migrants who rape and murder their native populace.

No. 1989777

go back to /pol/

File: 1592439541205.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.81 KB, 426x719, nika.jpeg)

No. 988663[Reply]

> part of the spam community
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
> has a dentist boyfriend who is her “slave”, lives in some other random guys apartment for free?
> incredibly attention seeking, posts pretty much every aspect of her fucked up life then complains when people use her like a reality tv show
> posted a video of her trying to cut her own neck with a piece of glass
> crashed her car while high on xanax and posted the video to tiktok
> “best friend” with jaelle stiles
> jaelle is also super attention seeking, they are basically the same
> very toxic friendship, nika emotionally manipulates her
> took jaelles virginity with some 40 year old professor
> uploaded pictures of jaelle carving a bloody “nika” into her leg
> both live stream often, always so unusual and drugged out
> most of their followers hate on them
> jaelles dad is apparently really mentally ill and abusive. treats jaelle like shit while he is “in love” with nika and showers her with money and gifts
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1140 posts and 356 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1629612


No. 1629614

kill yourself?

No. 1629615

God moids are retarded. I got so excited seeing this thread bumped.

No. 1986200

Are there any old videos of this girl I’m curious to see how she acted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1986201

maybe you should focus on how you act Juliannepeter@gmail.com

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