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File: 1580342158888.jpg (42.64 KB, 660x492, cow.jpg)

No. 925657

Discuss people in your life that have lolcow potential.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/614616

No. 925683

File: 1580346433401.png (2.91 MB, 1882x972, bohooo.png)

My "personal" cow isn't really personal since she's a somewhat popular figure in the brazilian twitter niche circles.

Fakeboy, Anachan, Histrionic compulsive liar Levi Elias.

>Claims to weight 80 lbs, shoops pictures into oblivion to look more skeletal. The shoops are some of the most ridiculous ive ever seen and make kota look like a professional retoucher.

>Claimed to have a russian sugar daddy for a while
>Also claims to speak 10 languages, when people who do that have wikipedia pages and are cited in books. Flexes shitty google translate russian on twitter.
>Presents 100% feminine, will sperg into oblivion if you not refer to her as male.
>Prone to daily sperg outs about any sort of sjw related subject, usually muh transphobia.
>Has a simp fiance who will sperg out if you talk shit about her.
>Says is dirt poor no food to eat, owns Angelic Pretty lolita dresses.

Its basically the worst of the proana and fakeboy threads all mashed together in one attention whore.


No. 925692

Hey that's good shit. Post more!

No. 925708

Trust me, I'd be making a thread if he whored for attention more on social media.

>previously known as a garden-variety incel who somehow managed to bag a GF

>cannot and will not shut the fuck up about how his girlfriend is the golden standard of women for being trad and how angry it makes him that other women aren't desperately scrambling to copy her
>starts shit with every single female he knows for daring to disagree with her
>never posts pics despite his obsession and insists that she doesn't use the internet because she's 2pure4u
>no evidence what-so-ever that he wasn't pulling a "Y-yeah you wouldn't know her she goes to another school" despite being in his 30s

>currently a MtF tranny

>shortly after coming out and mystery girlfriend leaving him, slowly transforms into the type of radfem who believes that women are naturally sociopathic and that men are trying to oppress them by insisting they have morals
>this applies to him most of all, but it never applies to women who've hurt his feelings
>so basically no change in beliefs what-so-ever, aside from deciding that he's "Sex-positive" now and that identifying as a lesbian makes his gross predatory behavior charming

>autistically spams reddit and /r9k/ stories about straight men being silly or rude to make himself look better

>fails to see the irony that those men have girlfriends and often remain with their girlfriends, while he hasn't had a girlfriend in years at this point
>bashes kiwifarms despite clearly browsing it just to find neckbeards to complain about, tries to downplay trans cows like Jonathan Yaniv and insist they've done nothing wrong
>also spams and-then-the-whole-bus-started-clapping stories about women acting like retarded cutesy babies, because according to him that's how all women are on the inside

>made some big post on twitter in support of a sex worker caught molesting her son with her johns and makes baseless claims that she was forced

>refuses that women could possibly abuse anyone unless a man forced them, including pedophiles

>cries about ultra-conservative parents and wanting to move out

>constantly buys crap he doesn't need and bitches about the evils of capitalism to explain why he isn't getting a job
>"I-I'm gonna be a kawaii housewife someday anyway uwu"

>constantly trying to force himself into relationships with women ala Chris-chan

>brags to his friends about his "New girlfriend" every time a lesbian on discord is friendly to him
>throws a fit about being "Manipulated" whenever they tell him he's full of shit and that they never agreed to a relationship with him
>tried to convince everyone that a lesbian couple was part of his "Polycule", treated them like utter shit and called them "Abusers" when they told him to fuck off
>currently with a girlfriend of one month and trying to force her to let him move in with her

No. 925711

>ridiculously photoshopped pic in pointe shoes

that is hilarious lol do they think nobody will notice?

No. 926768

File: 1580582370095.jpg (192.51 KB, 1152x2048, elle.jpg)

stumbled upon this amazing profile on facebook, Elle Maryse Casson

>scene in 2009

>weird hate campaign against sex workers, orbited by angry misogynist males
>calling sw's useless whores etc, bitter that she's too fat & repulsive to do it herself
>shares literal shotacon on her story, and has interactions calling out her pedophilia
>her bio lmfao

will post reciepts if anyone's interested though you needn't look far on her fb


No. 926844

Being a pedo is gross but you also sound like a bitter sw. It's not milk for someone to say you're a whore.

No. 926846

File: 1580603530477.png (923.04 KB, 1656x976, oh wow levi.png)


Here's some sickest, best ana uwu behavior, including vegan virtue signaling

and more photoshop galore!

No. 926853

it is milky to call other girls whores just to put on a "uwu not like other grilz" act for men

No. 927086

File: 1580640987225.jpeg (22.42 KB, 381x137, 4C2FDE53-BB4F-44A9-BF9E-1F29A0…)

a quarter of all her posts are just her complaining about sex workers being lazy and screenshots of her harassing random sex workers calling them ugly/stupid/get real jobs lmfao

No. 927088

File: 1580641086626.jpeg (77.94 KB, 439x567, 1619AD13-DA48-41EC-B763-4464B2…)

No. 927091

File: 1580641387171.jpeg (594.83 KB, 3264x1535, E0A5AA94-77EB-4F56-98D0-9C5984…)

No. 927095


The keyboard and the piano? My my my. /s

Would love to see a thread on this one.

No. 927168

Look at those big ass clown feet, holy shit. She thinks people actually look like that?

No. 927182

be me, new job
meet 50 year old secretary karen
is bitch
has big mouth
dresses cheap and trashy
tries to sex everyone's boyfriend or husband at the christmas party
is a drunk
is clear she lost most of her friends because of her cougaring
is barely tolerated by coworkers
got fired from last job because she blew the boss
currently mods at large, famous site and talks about it too much
coworkers found her old website
threw herself down a flight of stairs while pregnant
had disabled kid
is munching the kid
hates her mom, hates her in-laws who paid for her home
lowkey republican who disguises it for her online friends
only has online friends
secretly dating a black guy who uses her for $$$ including apartment, phone, gas
husband refuses to fuck her
talks at me erryday and gives me "advice"

why even live?

No. 927207

I'm against sex work but her reasons for being so seem to align more with like what a jealous incel would think, not from a compassionate feminist perspective. What a pornsick mess of a person, could hardly read that last exchange, the pedo cope gives second hand embarrassment

No. 927436

what a whiny pick me bitch

No. 927612

File: 1580728512494.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, 7B05BAFB-2270-4CA1-8D99-744638…)

Wahhhhh Billie eyelash prettier than me wahhhhhh

No. 927642

Attention seeking bitch. Not a fan of Billie but it's clear to see she's more unique than an ugly wannabe scene who looks like literally every single scene girl.

No. 927669

lol are you joking, she's what a normie loser would call edgy.

No. 927815

File: 1580769660697.png (1.13 MB, 423x689, elliot.png)

not a single cow, but an entire community of cows.

they call it "stimblr" and it consists mostly of trannies making satisfying gifs of slime and shit. (example: https://sushi-stims.tumblr.com/post/190132524929/sourceplease-credit-me-if-you-repost)

>most of them claim to have autism, adhd, DID, or some other mental illness.

>most of them are self diagnosed
>every 2 weeks there's some new drama
>my favorite was when one of them tried to claim that another person in that community was a predator because he dated a 15 year old when he was 17 and tried to use their kin list as proof that they liked gore porn and that they were a pedophile
>pic related

tl;dr if you use tumblr and see someone with the word "stim" or "sensory" in their url you need to run.

No. 927821



this is the page if you wanna read it. she keeps track of every single blog the person being accused (pridesquishy) has ever run. she does this with several other people https://lesbian-stims.tumblr.com/blocklist

No. 927823

File: 1580770190336.png (60.54 KB, 1200x1314, sure.png)

>higurashi and made in the abyss are graphic child gore shows

No. 927845

File: 1580775475994.jpeg (406.89 KB, 1242x2688, 51EC5F0D-8792-440B-9C68-163008…)

Old fag but newfag anyway this is my personal contribution. This is a friend I had in middle and high school. Most vain, self obsessed person. Had an ok MySpace following so she said “ok I’ll be a rapper now”. Lies about her age constantly.
Claims to have empty nose syndrome which she was featured in daily mail for it (I really don’t know how In the hell that happened. Is it easy to get the daily mail to report on you?) likes to tag her ig posts with #crippleartist and talk about how disabled she is.
Here’s a particularly terrible post she made with some hair in her crotch. Very on brand for her.

No. 927856

File: 1580777094386.jpeg (264.95 KB, 750x1044, F57C1155-B90C-472D-9F9F-C5FFCD…)

i’ve been following this psychopathic bitch on reddit for awhile now after finding one of her posts on r/relationship_advice, and my god, it has been a shitshow. i’ll try to summarize with the highlights, but there is a lot, so i’ll link her reddit for anyone who wants to see the full timeline. https://www.reddit.com/user/rebekhag

> 26 year old hypocrite autist with an obsession with boy bands, mostly the jonas brothers and one direction

> also a super cringy abdl and a religious nut

> important background info: is a NEET who still lives with parents at 26, is insanely obsessed with her 23 year old “boyfriend” (now ex) who also lives with his parents. they have to ask their parents for permission to do things together and aren’t allowed to have alone time without supervision

> first posted in r/relationship_advice wanting to know how many times she should see her boyfriend, says she cried because she doesn’t get to see her bf enough

> makes another post in same subreddit looking for advice on how to tell her bf she is sexually attracted to him (but don’t worry, they aren’t going to have sex until they’re married because that’s a sin!!!!1)

> irrelevant gripe, she formats her sentences and paragraphs like a fucking alien

> this is where things get interesting. makes another post to r/relationship_advice wanting to know how to get a job with her bf. she wants to work with him because she doesn’t get to see him a lot, her words. comments are all telling her this is an awful idea.

> not long after this makes a post to r/christianity saying how angry she was at baptist’s for being “unwelcoming” because they won’t allow her to spend time with her bf (who works there, and is some kind of daycare assistant i think). says in same post she’s mad at her parents because they won’t let her become a member of bf’s church

> despite “sex before marriage is a sin!!!!111” mentality, asks questions about giving bf a handjob and how much precum is normal, etc. also makes a post to r/christianity why god even cares if you have sex before marriage, and pissed off all the christians in the comments kek

> makes a now removed post to r/sex that basically said she was angry that her bf’s parents had him circumcised as a baby, wanted to know how to tell bf she was mad that his parents circumcised him

> makes another post to r/sex wanting to know how to make her bf hard so she can whack him off, kek

> posts to r/circumcisiongrief over how her bf is cut, how that makes her unhappy, is mad her bf isn’t unhappy that he is cut

> makes another post to r/relationship_advice to bitch about how her parents still treat her like a child at 26, gets pissed at the people who tell her she needs to become independent if she doesn’t like her parents rules (“”i cAnT mOvE oUt BeCaUsE tHeY wOnT lEt Me!!!!11”

> another milky post. makes a post to r/complaints because her bf’s family did not let her into their family christmas photos. basically whole post was her bitching about how her bf’s mom was a cunt. oh, and she and her bf have been together a grand total of… one month at this point! comments were telling her she is a psycho

> makes a post to r/declineintocensorship because she was banned from r/sex for “sharing her opinion!!!1”. her opinion? that you shouldn’t have sex if you aren’t married because it’s a sin. (paraphrased) that’s funny, rebekha, considering your previous posts about giving your bf a handjob, watching porn, masturbating, and wanting to fuck all the members of one direction at once are totally not sinful in any way!!!!1

> another post about bf’s dick in r/smallpenisproblems. basically the post is just her saying that she’s a good person because she likes small penises, and that she wished her bf would show “his true size” to her, because she doesn’t care that his dick is small!!!1 admits that he does not get hard around her, which is why she thinks he has a small dick. makes another very similar post to r/circumcisiongrief that whacks off her own ego.

> it just gets milkier from here!! goes to r/complaints to bitch about how her bf spent the weekend with his nephew instead of her despite 1. recovering for having his gallbladder removed days before and 2. rarely gets to see his nephew (according to her). called bf’s sister a bitch. did not understand why commenters said she was a piece of shit.

> makes a post to r/complaints again saying that she was upset that her bf doesn’t want to spend christmas with her. goes on a psychotic rampage basically where she said she was basically guilt tripping bf into spending christmas with her, and was miserable that her tactic didn’t work on him. (basically she asked if that meant he was breaking up with her, he said no, she said he shouldn’t break up with her because she’s undatable to other men, she couldn’t live with herself if he did that, kek)

> makes several posts asking others to pray for her relationship because she was scared a breakup was happening soon

> after christmas he basically avoids her at all costs according to posts

> unrelated, bitched to r/modsarekillingreddit because she was banned from mgtow for “defending women”. she seriously is a tard

> about a week later after the posts about how her bf is ignoring her, she posts about how they finally break up

> ex bf says they can “still be friends!!1” but she’s pissed, she doesn’t want to be friends because she still loves him and wants him to be her husband despite how he clearly wants nothing to do with her

> makes a post to r/relationship_advice looking for advice on how to get ex to date her again. still refers to ex as her boyfriend despite them not being a couple for some reason. comments tell her she needs therapy, tells them to fuck off.

> makes another post about “boyfriend’s” sister to r/childfree where she calls her entitled… because her “boyfriend” and his parents traveled 4 hours to babysit his nephew, says his sister should just hire a babysitter instead. rebekha says in the post that he and his family wanted to babysit the nephew. but she didn’t think it was fair that her “boyfriend” wasn’t spending time with her!!

> blames being a sperg for failed relationship, wants “bf” to learn about autism so that he can understand her

there’s a lot more to her reddit, but i tried to include only the milkiest posts. i’ve been enjoying hate following her, hopefully y’all will enjoy the rollercoaster ride too.

oh, and she also is a “”wattpad author””. https://www.wattpad.com/user/HoransWhore1993

she has a lot of writing on here that i can’t be bothered to read, but i did read her story “Daddies’ Little Baby Princess” and it was just a fucking shitshow. to summarize it, basically, she’s in a poly relationship with all of the 1D dudes and they make her act like a baby. it’s long as fuck but it is worth reading for how cringy it is if you have the time.

No. 927895


Holy fucking shit anon, I know this bitch too. The day I met her, she had on an edgy and artsy bra made of decpitated Bert and Ernie heads and left a murder scene of period blood on my friend's toilet seat.

No. 927966

File: 1580807366357.png (671.75 KB, 640x1136, 507C5354-E91F-442B-903B-85D00F…)

Please tell me you guys know about Jas and her retardation
@187cynical/ formerly @cynicalshawty, @yungcynical
>the beak nosed drain gang fake goth NLOG egirl
>quirky and does the meme
>started instafame by hastagging her pictures with #gothgirlfriend among other male attention seeking nonsense
>constantly pandering to males
>always quoting the Scott Pilgrim vs the work ruined a generation of women song despite the song kind of describing her
pic related is her simping to the singer of that guy on twitter and then proudly posting it to her story
>cheated on her bf, then cried rape when confronted about it
>constantly putting down other females calling them fake goths (says the tard who discovered lil peep a year ago) and whores
>alt right sperging on story about how women shouldn’t get abortions and gun control is b-bbad and immigration laws are good( More pandering)
>”women aren’t funny haha amirite kings go back to the kitchen” type beat
>has another account called fucking 4changirlfriend
>thinks she’s the doomer girl
>had beef with Erin Painter
any farmers here heard of her or seen her stupidity?

No. 927967

Samefag she also talks about her self diagnosed depression and anxiety, posting pics of herself crying and has the nerve to call other egirls attentionwhores

No. 927994

She’s on the below average > ugly spectrum so it’s no surprise that she’s a pickme 4channer.

No. 928779

File: 1580974227527.jpg (345.59 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_fd0020b18ea7cc5735dd011…)

Is there a thread for people who claim to have DID?
I stumbled upon this person on tumblr thanks to some weird drama about a 40 y/o with a piss kink.


A ftm fakeboy with kins and self inserts that claims to have autism, BPD and DID and is in a poly relationship. This person has tumblr blogs for different personas and makes long paragraph stories about her "system". Says she is masculine while everything points at her being girly as fuck. She's 26 and lives with bogleech, a known autistic plastic hoarder.

Doctorguilty also wants to make merch out of her presumed DID characters that live in her head.

No. 928792

Is there a thread for people who claim to have DID?

Idk about here but there's a subreddit for it - r/DIDCringe.

No. 928845

Could you post a link about the drama with the 40 y/o?

No. 928881

It's all over this blog, look on the archives

No. 928900

>A ftm fakeboy with kins and self inserts that claims to have autism, BPD and DID
God I hate these retards. These people are a dime a dozen on tumblr. It’s just like whenever I see a blog that says “mlm” and I automatically know it’s a tranny. I’m betting this cow also describes herself as “feral” or a “goblin” because all of these people are the same

No. 928916

This sounds like a good find but I wonder if this girl has genuine mental disabilities. It would explain why her mom doesn't let her do things alone.

No. 928936

This post was so fucking wild, thank you for this.

No. 928951


well, she says that she has “high functioning” asperger’s and adhd. she doesn’t seem to be good at making decisions which i think is why her mom doesn’t let her do things alone.

No. 928985

This sounds like something she would do.
Pic related.

No. 928987

Forgot to attach pic

No. 928990

File: 1581027412002.jpeg (176.34 KB, 750x1334, ED3DE749-EF70-4E0F-BEB6-A6B147…)

No. 929088

Yes there is a Multiple Personality/DID thread:

No. 929169

File: 1581058266560.png (44.27 KB, 623x446, ok then.PNG)

Reitanna Seishin/Kara is my all time favorite personal/obscure lolcow.

>Does edgy MLP fanfictions yet gets furious at children watching her channel

>Forever stuck in edgy scene 2000s era (HOLDS UP SPORK XD) yet despises emos for some reason and has a weird hatred of current/useful sites and prefers using shitty obscure ones ie: quotev instead of AO3 for fics.
>constant gigantic blog posts about blaming her mom for literally everything in her life (it's unknown if her mom actually abused her or not though) and wanting to kill people for doing things like smoking pot.
>Is currently 30 years old

She's probably best known for her youtube channel currently (because 12 year old girls like her videos), but her wordpress blog definitely has the best stuff.

In general it'd be easier to sympathize with her if she wasn't so god awful to her young fans and didn't write so many death threats or posts screaming at people for little to no reason.

No. 929191

File: 1581067999227.png (903.96 KB, 1108x826, Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.24…)


I'm a depop seller and I used to have a kinda-sorta personal lolcow in fellow seller @trustfundgoth. I say kind of because I seriously cannot tell whether she's real or an amazingly spot-on parody of the quintessential faux-intellectual new york trust fund oversharing hoes. her captions are so simultaneously mind-numbingly tryhard and entertaining that i'm like…. do i hate this bitch regardless of whether she's joking, or do i have no choice but to stan at this point??? every time I lean towards "ok she's obviously trolling and the captions just help sell her designer shit no one actually is fully LIKE that" I remember that people like Caroline Calloway exist and i have… doubts

not really personal anymore though because a tweet seemingly mocking her did numbers recently and all the replies thought it was about her because it was pretty spot-on and now people are obnoxiously mass commenting that tweet under her listings and ruining the fine curated art that is her oversharing her rich girl problems.

kind of a fun page to scroll through even if it is all a joke (especially if you have the app because you'll see more of her comments and replies/ easier to browse)

No. 929193

kek at the fact you left her age until the very end anon. that got me good

No. 929194

File: 1581068601824.png (63.58 KB, 596x318, Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.38…)

samefag here is the aforementioned tweet

No. 929195

How old did you assume she was? I love hearing people's guesses.
For fun I'll post another one of my favorite blogposts by her https://reitannaseishin.wordpress.com/2019/07/21/the-midnightmuffin-incident/

No. 929197

File: 1581068855260.png (208.29 KB, 600x818, Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.46…)

No. 929199

i would've guessed literally like… 21??? 23 at the oldest i think, but nowhere near thirty. her blog is STUNNING btw - love that header. she gives me those perfect mid 2000's ebony dark'ness dementia raven way vibes that are made even better through the fact that she is, again, thirty, and doing this in 2020

No. 929201

You should see her website, it physically hurts my eyes to look at it half the time.

A while back her big drama was that photobucket was shutting down or something and she couldn't access her pictures, I don't know what she expected since no ones used photobucket for almost a decade.

No. 929212

oh, wow, i searched the name 'erin' just to see what she'd said about her mother and the fact that she disowned her brother - who's just as fucked up and traumatised as she is - for smoking pot is terrible. i don't like potheads but disowning your brother who you know is suicidal?????? over WEED??????? that's atrocious. she loves to make herself sound a victim but that really is fucked up.

No. 929217

I think a lot of the stuff with her mom did actually happen but I take a lot of it with a grain of salt due to her tendency to over exaggerate things to a level beyond time and space. However, knowing her the stuff with her brother is definitely true, if you go into her rant videos she at one point talked about her brother running away from home but she still disowned him because he smoked pot…honestly I think her obsession with killing people who mildly annoy her is a lot worse than her brother smoking pot.

Another tip for navigating her stuff is that she humanizes mental illness a lot, and her favorite OC is literally just her self insert version of herself but with her oc's name spelled backwards and edgy deviantart teeth.

No. 929419

I follow her too! I feel like her descriptions aren't meant to be serious, they all read as a joke to me. she's definitely some rich spoiled trust fund brat either way, but I think she's pretty self-aware and poking fun at it (at least I hope?)
idk I never even considered it not being a joke until now lmao

No. 929959

File: 1581233268288.jpeg (580.34 KB, 828x1230, AE7C06F5-CEC7-42F1-8CF8-CC11E7…)

Nika has been a personal cow of mine fore years, I’ve been contemplating posting her here for a while.

Anyone else follow her?( I’m too lazy and not up to date with her current antics). Found this post about her in the Instagrammers you hate thread.

Her @ is hewwokittyuwu.

No. 929960

File: 1581233327873.jpeg (161.23 KB, 802x710, D365958C-E1B2-4179-9B69-71A428…)

She’s gone full Anachan lately too

No. 930018

File: 1581261375952.png (195.7 KB, 351x346, beepbeep.PNG)

my personal cow is repzions girlfriend, maya moore. shes not super interesting because shes as dumb as a brick, but i'll never not laugh at the repzion dead grandpa chronicles which involved him blaming someone else for the leak, resulting in that person to straight up call him out as a giant cuck (this chick got pregnant by a sugar daddy, said it was repzions then aborted it, attached pic related) cringe from all sides, heres the google doc one of the idiots in that circle made:

No. 930032


There's one for YouTubers, otherwise I'm not sure.


No. 930057

Ok, so there are plenty of obvious ones, but has anyone else here dealt with a milky bitch that no one else seems to notice is an actual fucking crazy person?

ok, so we met through an elite college prep program for low income students and now we both attend Ivy league schools. We are both grown ass people who are allegedly smart… and yet.

She gets tons of attention, speaking roles and clout for her "story" despite having glaring inconsistencies and straight up lies. Anything anyone tries to talk about or vent about, she says she's experienced too. She openly claims to be the one with the hardest life of anyone in our program, and that she is the most mature. A quick overview of the milk:

- Claimed to have a severe food allergy after a friend talked about hers. Then literally took 15 seconds to try and think of one when asked what her allergy was, then said "mustard". Then said "not mustard, but something in mustard, I don't know what it's called"

-I had surgery, and it came up because I move my academic schedule around. She claimed that she too had neck surgery last month, but there's no scar because it's a "new kind of procedure".

-Literally said she called out a professor in class for being racist and "everyone clapped"

-Claimed to have been indicted her freshman year for shooting her stepfather. Never left her campus, and there was no news coverage.

-Because she did very badly her freshman year, she now claims that she never went to any school prior to arriving at her Ivy league school and was confused by the concept of sitting in class and listening to a teacher talk. She never went because her family was poor and made her work as a child.( They live in the US)

- This conflicts with her previous claim, that she went to the most dangerous high school in her state, and experienced a school shooting that was never published in the newspaper because no one cared about the low income school.

-Claims to be undocumented, but after I complained about getting verified by FAFSA for the second year in a row, she said she also had been audited. (Federal aid cannot be used for undocumented students). She's had numerous conflicting claims about being involved in programs that only US citizens are eligible for, while also claiming to be undocumented.

-claims to speak 6 languages, but when confronted with the super international crowd in our program, claims that she's not comfortable speaking with them because she's deaf.

- follow-up: claims to be deaf, but reacts to sounds, can hold a conversation even if someone is behind her or at a distance, makes eye contact during speech (ie: she's not reading your lips), doesn't know any sign language, and shows literally no sign of being deaf. My sister is profoundly deaf, and has a top of the line cochlear implant and can't do those things. I've grown up with deaf people in my home and if that girl is deaf or even hard of hearing, then I'm the fucking queen of England.

- Claims intermittently that one or both of her parents are dead.

-Claims to have been a child labor slave in a US clothing factory

-Openly claims to be a sociopath, believes that she can "read" anyone, and loves telling people how they feel about something, and insisting that she's right.

- claims to have had her own apartment and been supporting herself from the age of 14.

-claims to work 6 jobs while in school. Belittles students who try to talk about how hard it is to try and balance school and work, because they have a measly one part time job.

-claims to have broken both bones in both of her forearms simultaneously, but didn't have any kind of cast because she healed in 3 weeks.

- claims to have multiple disabilities (autism, deafness, chronic fatigue, dyslexia, etc.) But when asked about accommodations, claims she can't get them because her colleges disability office is too backed up.

In spite of all this, no one else ever seems to notice or call her out for her BS. Not only do they not notice how bizarre and inconsistent her stories are, they actively buy into it and give her recognition and speaking opportunities over other low income students. She's surrounded herself with yes people, who are too shy or too oblivious to say anything, but remains quite popular.

How do you deal with it when it seems like you're the only one who has noticed? I've cut her out completely, but I still get so fucking irritated to see her getting opportunities and talking down to students who have actually experienced whatever bad thing it is that she's mimicking.

No. 930059

Nika really needs a thread again. She just went to the hospital for going heroin.

No. 930061

thank you anon for that sweet sweet condensed milk. i had a passing thought something was off when back in the day I saw he was boasting about being a fat fetishist but whoah there's so much stuff on those ppl

No. 930078

no problem. dudes clearly just barely hiding his degeneracy while his girl runs amok and uses him for fame, i expect he'll leak out more of his personal life eventually and she'll explode after the breakup

No. 930097


I think this is just your everyday pathological liar. All cows have that in common.

No. 930103

File: 1581279953081.gif (1.3 MB, 600x338, tumblr_f4eac893e2c6232bb2dc059…)

and now she made a whole ass animation about her "alter"

on the DID youtuber thread there's this very disheartening documentary about people with real cases of Multiple Personality and it pisses me off how people fake their illnesses for woe is me points.

No. 930106

File: 1581280084660.png (18.63 KB, 554x309, yougottabekiddingme.png)

And speaking of which

This is just sad.

No. 930107


I think this is what bothers me the most about these people. There are people who legitimately fight these battles everyday, and they get all the bad rap, even though they don't act half as shitty as these people who are faking their condition.

No. 930112

my personal cow is someone i used to follow years ago who i have only just stumbled over again

- recently opened an NSFW twitter account, it’s very erin painter-esque

- plans on posting her “cute lil private parts”

- is taken but thirsts after twitter daddies and mommies

- calls herself a barely legal, 4’6 baby and panders to gross pedo men.

- kinks include impregnation vomit , ddlg and crying.

there’s more but i’m not sure i wanna go looking at her account yikes, she’s very inspired by erin painter i think.

No. 930114


Eh let kinky people live, having weird fetishes does not a lolcow make

No. 930121

you responded to the wrong anon lol I don't mention kinks

No. 930124

I think they meant rep being a fat fetishist? I'm curious about Maya's milky behavior, but raised an eyebrow at the "Onision is right" folder.

No. 930127


Eh let kinky people live, having weird fetishes does not a lolcow make

RIIIIIPPPP sorry fam wrong one

No. 930128

Meant to comment on this one. Like yeah she's got weird kinks and it's clear she's got issues but honestly take a number

No. 930322

She had a thread? Also, she’s on heroin now??? I haven’t kept up with her in months, we were mutuals back like 5 years ago and with the trajectory her life has been going down, can’t say I’m surprised. Last time I checked up on her she went from being fat to Anachan, got horrible lip injections , was abusing vyvanse and driving while she was barred the hell out on Xanax while livestreaming(ig). I heard her and Jaelle fell out for the 100th time too (another cow who was infamous in that retarded spam cesspool)

No. 930377

Sorry about your DDLG and scat fetishes.

No. 930454

yeah the person who made that drive (cough cough lauren) is also dumb so there's obvious vendetta and bad organizing. the abuse folder is the most interesting one, the rest is mostly maya ranting about minorities and claiming she lived in israel all her life

No. 930627

I think that at BEST she's lived a sheltered generationally wealthy life but has grown up to become self-aware enough about it to put on an entertaining over-exaggerated version of herself. i would be sad if it was 100% fake persona but the more I read her captions and replies the more I think she's in on it and has a better grasp on reality than her Caroline Calloway contemporaries (she also at least has better style than them lol). I don't think she'd name herself "trustfundgoth" if she wasn't able to make fun of herself a little. what I wouldn't do to be a fly on her therapist's wall tho

No. 930628

This shit's just boring. You know how many people overshare their weird kinks? who gives a fuck. Give me real milk, or some real salt, not something I see all over the fucking place.

No. 933260

File: 1581990702619.png (2.7 MB, 828x1792, 2ED6260F-AC58-4E94-83D4-D3DCBC…)

Here’s one of nikas posts from before she went to the hospital; she’s also “sober” but BEGGING for drugs every damn night on her Snapchat and deletes any insta comments about it

No. 933262

File: 1581991356758.png (159.55 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2019-07-14-02-59-58…)

>31 yo mtf
>ebegs (yawn)
>hair looks like it was pulled from a clogged drain
>wears same shitty wig for years thinking it looks good
>claims to be chronically ill/disabled but never goes into detail
>"im just really sick"
>wont even try to get a irl job
>"please donate to my patreon"
>posted and deleted vids on pornhub as well as an nsfw tumblr
>now makes nerdy YouTube vids with gender neutral weeb partner and their friends
>likely a golddigger
>led someone I know on for months
>upon finding out he had no money, this cow insisted their chats never occurred etc
>somehow moved across the country while claiming to be weawwy weawwy poor uwu
>makes buggy rpg games and posts art on twitter inbetween asking for financial support
>on hormones but claims to be unable to get them sometimes because she "moves around a lot"
>probably riding random dick to couchsurf
>despite being in a relationship, posts pics spreading her filthy asshole and has a profile on at least a few dating sites
>one pic included shit stained panties kek
>when she recognized my friends acct she quickly deleted her profile on that site
>she knows what she did is wrong
>her partner refers to her as their gf but she never talks about them ever
>"my health problems got really bad and i had to go to the er, this will set back me sitting on dildos while making shitty games for you guise, im so sawwy"

No. 933343

File: 1582031425092.png (292.05 KB, 555x547, nicolekuhlmannnn.png)

Recently stumbled upon this narc gem.

I haven't followed her for long so I don't have a lot of information yet. Maybe someone on here recognizes her.

>obsessed with the Joker

>delusional anachan, cat rescuer, child-free, accountant
>married to psychotic dude in his 40s (?) who thinks he's the Jokes, covered in scratcher tattoos, face and all
>planning on doing scarification (chelsea smile) on her husband to "perfect" the joker aesthetic
>"My husband owns me, body, soul and mind."
>Vicky Shingles attitute, total narc
>tries to act spoopy and mysterious irl, maximum cringe

No. 933344

File: 1582031700391.png (1.41 MB, 590x2409, nicolekuhlman.png)

No. 933345

File: 1582032395704.gif (1.87 MB, 245x300, TAY.gif)

thread. this is so disturbing

No. 933348

Please tell me there's more milk lmaoooo

No. 933350

this is a shame because she's actually kind of attractive, i'd feel better if she was hideous. people like this make me fucking vomit. more pls

No. 933354

File: 1582035166850.png (1.41 MB, 1862x1136, Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-18 um 1…)


There's definitely more milk, like an endless amount. I haven't even seen most of it or gone through the husband's social media yet. Definitely worthy of a thread. I've mostly been a lurker until now tho. Maybe when I get off work.

No. 933355

Yeah seconded thread request, if there's more than this. She's gorgeous and spends all her free time humoring this overgrown Joker wannabe? I get the impression she's the only one working.

No. 933356

wtf, they're both insane. And anyone obsessed with the joker (esp men) are always massive psychopaths.

No. 933366

Look at that fucking gut LMAO

Incoming blogpost sorry
When I was 18 I dated a guy who was a “JOKER” he thought he’d be a famous rockstar with no work whatsoever and couldn’t even keep a job changing oil at a lube shop. these guys are the worst but this is maximum cringe.

No. 933393


oh my god this is GOLDEN. totally thread worthy

No. 933403

No. 933404

No. 933405

File: 1582045232854.jpg (31.46 KB, 655x960, what.jpg)

Her entire fb is a goldmine.

No. 933406

File: 1582045300520.png (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 1269x889, thefuck.png)

Also wtf. Gore warning.

No. 933491

Um, what? And how does a comment on eyeliner lead into that?

No. 933499

File: 1582065641026.png (688.11 KB, 600x1500, Untitled-1.png)


I unfortunately feel like too much of a newfag to start a decent thread but damn, someone's gotta do it.

She could be dear Victoria Bella-Morte's best friend (or nemesis).

No. 933544

This bitch acts like her fingertip just… fell off in her sleep??

Right, no. This looks like an injury that got infected and fell off after being neglected for days, based on the blurry pic of her crusty yellow stump. From the looks of Joker's teeth, I doubt these cows have any hygeine/healthcare.

>talks about cutting a glasgow smile into her husband with an Xacto knife
>"I know what I'm doing, it's just been a while!"

wew lad

No. 933587

My god those teeth. Yea thirding thatthread request

No. 933645

They probably think she's mispronouncing HIV, so she is in fact announcing she has HIV to every random man who approaches her.

No. 933646

Based on the concerning "my finger just fell off" post he might end up in the emergency room if she does a DIY job.

No. 933704


Stage make up? His teeth are fine in the video.

No. 933768

File: 1582136957972.png (775.01 KB, 569x593, 0003290920.png)

I have a thread ready to go, but should I post it here in snow or in /w/? Even though he's a joker "lifestyler" in his words, would it fall under cosplay or no?

She paid to fix his meth mouth. Very Taylor Nicole Dean of her tbh. kek.

No. 933773

I’d say snow. He’s def not a cosplayer, just a fucking retard

No. 933806

snow, def. i'll be there!

No. 933823

snow i think. a lot of flakes and cows are into cosplay too but they're no well known for it specifically like the ones in w. these guys have appeal for all types of farmers, not just weeb farmers

No. 933825


100% snow, especially if it's about the both of them

No. 933935

Thank you for the feedback! Thread is here >>933908

No. 934610

File: 1582276342430.png (111.6 KB, 480x581, Screenshot_2020-02-21-04-08-06…)

No. 934611

File: 1582276436221.png (48.77 KB, 480x277, Screenshot_2020-02-21-04-08-27…)


Transparent how? She's always so fucking vague

No. 936863

File: 1582645419578.jpg (686.81 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200225_094042_com…)

Someone spoke about her in the previous thread.
Isnt she the crazy bitch that said she had some personality disorder? She is still out there thinking shes better than anyone else bc shws goth lol

No. 937211

File: 1582700489119.png (27.8 KB, 554x582, weak.png)

Is there a thread for 25 and older queers who act like uwu soft mentally ill people on tumblr?

tl:dr This 26 year old transtrender woman is having breakdowns over animal crossing and buying my little pony bracelets for each of her "DID" personalities

No. 937542

>panic attacks and nightmares from animal crossing characters moving out
top kek

No. 937846

File: 1582824114266.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 95A67E1D-7BF3-46BA-9FBD-3D1172…)

This cow from my hometown

37 fucking years old and she’s living the NEET life begging for cash online while she’s in Mexico

No. 937896

>it's actually deeply psychologically unhealthy for me to play animal crossing
Fucking hilarious.

No. 938311

File: 1582900870866.png (4.17 MB, 2923x4154, omg i love leon.png)

let me share with you the story of rainelle metacat-yah, a tale from the cold land of alberta canada. alleged on tumblr / ultraprison on twitter.
>23 year old fakeboy with a did system of anime characters.
>knows 3 topics: leon from pokemon, transgender oppression, and callout culture.
>makes callouts every week for people she doesn't know. people are immediately blocked when confronting her, even the supposed victims of the abuse callouts she writes. she does everything for clout, makes new donation posts every so often and then deletes and moves blogs when attention dies out
>reuploads ppls selfies after blocking them to call them ugly/slurs while literally looking like a fat john travolta herself

but the weirdest thing about ray is their obsession with leon from pokemon. she claims to be a man married to leon, and posts about this all the time on every social media while her online gf watches. it's simply too much to compile even if i wanted to. she comes across as completely deranged through this but tries desperately to have a semblance of being superior by mentioning her psychology and law degrees when arguing online with others. she also blames everything on racism, even the ugly ice age baby. yes, you read that right. the ugly ice age baby is racist and she will namedrop you for sharing it.

the funniest thing that drove me to posting here isn't the delusion but the hypocrisy. she's obsessed with hating tearzah but was friends with lovedrool/ kendra/ the awful tearzah copycat for years until she recently decided kendra was abusing her through the web. this is a recurring thing for ray; she often calls out people in her own friend group with hideous claims like pedophilia, incest and bestiality with NO proof. her most recent victim is a girl named amani who shared leon / raihan fanart (which is not incest as the characters are not related) but as they were brotherly figures in rainelle's canon (read: delusions) this was a crime punishable by slander.
>everyone around her is racist, but she makes fanart for msi, a band that wrote a song where they just chant the n word 50 times. everyone is a fatphobe but draws her own sona without the added 100 lbs she has
>her mother is abusing her and she desperately needs money to run away, but she spends 180 dollars on pokemon plushies, fanart of herself with leon, and dollskil and demonia shoes that barely fit on her flubby body.
>she makes fun of people buying handles online but then cries a week later she got scammed out of 100 dollars on buying urls on tumblr, and she even bought handles for the vent app.
>fights all the time with people, then feels good about herself posting things like ''everyone hates me because i'm right'' and ''i'm such a good person!'' later posts a selfie admitting she hasnt showered in a week. absolute entertainment

pic may take a while to load ive never posted here be4

No. 938524

File: 1582926646965.png (935.91 KB, 1920x1080, sil.png)

lemme introduce you to psycho bitch (yes, that's her actual discord user)/sotha sil/NEHT.R/nadir0571024, an insecure troon who can’t seem to get that the world doesn’t revolve around her
>is buddy-buddy with the admin so she got a really long time member banned for blocking her annoying ass
>gets extremely easily insecure about her bad art, claims to have drawn """her whole life""" but has shit tier middle schooler art
>gets other obviously insecure users to compliment her, and only actually likes people that praise her
>gets really aggressive about the fact she can’t take a joke, because she’s ~purely logic based~, so she takes everything as an attack or mocking
>also constantly asks for every joke or even simple sentence to be explained to her, and if not for the patience of the members she would be getting into arguments all the time with how aggressive she is when asking for clarification
>she uses her apparent mental illness as an excuse for all of her shitty behavior, claims to have ptsd from previous relationships and gets triggered by everything on the planet
>looks and types completely like a woman, but she has to be called he/him (not posting pics of her because I don’t think they are available publicly)
>has said that she thinks her smarts are the one good thing about her, when she is completely emotionally/socially retarded and doesn’t show any specific intellect in book smarts
>is apparently 25 years old, but sounds like a 14 year old because she is completely socialized on tumblr
>constantly talks about wanting to be a mod because she thinks she would be a good one, when in reality she only wants to be one so that she can control other users by threatening them with bans

No. 938974

pony beads aren’t my little pony related, it’s just the generic name of those bright plastic chunky beads you see in craft stores for kids.

No. 939045

File: 1583021059686.jpeg (201.14 KB, 2048x1040, 314A4BB9-1D38-4599-BED9-9ADA5B…)

No. 939178

>lovedrool/ kendra
She's a cow on her own, and all of her friends are cows too. I used to hatefollow her before she deleted her last blog.

No. 939198

kek this is a good one anon

No. 939335

last i heard of kendra was that she got pregnant and had an abortion some time back. as for ray and kendra they are mutually “stalking” and “abusing” each other by checking their public twitter accounts and then posting stuff like “see kendra is a satanist to trigger me !!! ” no caps bc ray deletes everything after realising how retarded she sounds the only thing she keeps up are “i love leon” and “paypal me money”

No. 939460

File: 1583098933966.jpeg (394.13 KB, 640x784, 52085E75-5015-4230-B604-2C0AA5…)

Young cynical responded to this kek
“Scott pilgrim slaps am I not allowed to like him?” Not when he’s making fun of girls that are exactly like you just makes you seem like a retard

No. 939461

File: 1583098973760.jpeg (246.98 KB, 640x784, FCCFEC24-B901-4862-9F75-D70372…)

Samefag here is her dropping the rape accusations last year

No. 939558

File: 1583117661526.png (49.64 KB, 871x375, oof.PNG)

This thing named Tristin Louise who broke up my long-time relationship in high school with my boyfriend Joe by spouting some nonsense of me being too boring for him. She ended up fucking his life up after hs graduation by manipulating him into getting giant matching koi fish tattoos on their forearms, moving in together, and getting a pet dog. She claims to be such a big animal lover but just as she got a pet snake and moved in with Joe, they broke up due to her being toxic and needing him to pick up after all the animals she got, (birds, snake, dog, cat) while she was at work and going to college. After they broke up, she ended up abandoning her snake and dog. After Joe, she moved onto this next guy David, they quickly broke up after a few weeks because she got mad at him for not answering her texts and dumped him. She then moved on to a much older guy, Dylan, with a full-time job, and again dumped him for not giving her the attention and time she so deserves. She also claims to be such an ally for LGBTQ+ and dated a girl, Kaitlynne, who preferred to be called Kitt. She refused to called them Kitt or call them by their proper pronouns of they/their. Also, Kitt was just starting their first year of college and plays a sport, yet Tristin was feeling really unloved as Kitt never spent time with her despite Kitt inviting her to their soccer games. She also felt Kitt was spending too much time with their family. Her typical MO in relationships is wanting as much time as possible, mentioning how she almost killed herself by drinking nail polish remover as a kid, has heart issues, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and hoarding as many animals as possible. Currently she has a brand new pekingnese dog, multiple chickens and ducks, a sun conure, cockatiels, a cat, and a pig. Also, a story I've heard from Joe is in the middle of them hanging out at her house, her mom popped in to ask her to remember to feed her animals and after her mom left, Tristin immediately threw a fit despite the fact all the animals at their home are her responsibility (as she begged and occasionally got them without permission) and it was a simple chore. She was so worked up she took one of the old family photos hanging in her room and ripped it to shreds with her teeth. Tristin's social media MO is quickly shutting down her social media after a break-up, and quickly blocking her ex and deleting everything on her social media platforms. She resets everything to come off as a "uwu i love animals and anime" artsy, alt girl when really she's trying to hide her toxic personality. Mostly finds guys through social media to sink her claws into.

No. 939633

>broke up my long-time relationship in high school with my boyfriend Joe by spouting some nonsense of me being too boring for him.

jfc talk about misplaced anger. if that's really all it needed for him to break up with you, then you clearly deserved better. why waste any energy being mad at this thot? she probably did you favor. move on.

No. 939664

why do all these chanboard attention seekers look like chubby 14 year olds?

No. 939670

No1curr for your blogging ffs.

No. 939752


oof, i can smell the vendetta from over here. her taking your boyfriend is not cow-like behavior.

No. 940021

File: 1583193039275.jpeg (442.26 KB, 2048x2048, 208FC32C-8569-4B9C-914D-F052E7…)

truly astounding

No. 940154

i was mutuals w/ this train wreck for a longtime purely to watch the dumpster fire she was until i was blocked for some delusional reason i am sure. her and lovedrool were really buddy-buddy for a long time before the call out, they fueled each other's delusions before she flipped on kendra.

No. 940719

Holy fucking shit panic attacks over Animal Crossing… Sounds like she doesn't know shit either way because the Welcome Amiibo update gave you the feature to scan in a villager card and they were able to permanently stay in your town lmao.

No. 940720


You're late,anon.

No. 940722

I just saw that someone's posted her, I'll be deleting it now.

No. 940946

File: 1583354809181.png (314.13 KB, 568x852, why.png)

Update on this 26 year old adult with panic attacks on villagers who move out from animal crossing

She rather spend the donated money she gets to get an ahegao hoodie than get medical treatment for the mental illnesses she claims to have (DID, BPD and autism).

This is how she looks like, too. She does not pass as a man, even if she claims to be one.

No. 941403

File: 1583436689700.jpg (481.83 KB, 1041x1166, 20200306_031746.jpg)

So any Aussies who follow that trainwreck bogan mum Constance Hall will get a good laugh from this cow. She calls herself the 'Jail wife life' and runs a blog. She basically blogs about her husband is in jail and how she's super loyal and raises their 5 kids alone. She claims her husband was in there for assaulting a police officer but it wasnt his fault because the officer instigated it.
I found her through her unfunny tik toks initially and ended up going down a rabbit hole of cringe when I found her Insta and her blog.
She's constantly bitching about how hard it is raising 5 children alone and bitches about lack of money yet when people on social media ask how she spends it on tattoos or lip filler, she goes apeshit and screeches about it on her blog.

Not only that she has some of the worst face tattoos I've ever seen and it's yet another thing she'll go on about. She's like fuck the haters but gets triggered over everything. Her worst tattoo is the curly font on her forehead, you cant even read what it says, probably something cliche like 'family'.

She idolises Constance Hall (surprise) and even writes like her, detailing gross and mundane details about how her fingers smell like babyshit and how her spawn have 'stretched out her fanny hole' (not even kidding that's the kind of terminology these bogan mums use to be relatable)
She honestly just seems like a giant narcissist and basically calls everyone cunts.

Absolutely trash but her Instagram and blog are a goldmine of laughs.

No. 941836

This cunt sounds like any number of 30yo amab

No. 941837

Is that the guy from that meme where he laughs into a mirror after a tattoo?

No. 942273

it is indeed

No. 942699

File: 1583656927700.png (1 MB, 770x588, AmberCobelle.png)

Stumbled onto this lady about a week ago. At first glance she seems like the typical 30+ anorexic, plastic surgery addict. She sells pics she has run through various "pencil sketch" art filters on etsy under the guise they are hand drawn or painted. Also weirdly thirsts after random Japanese rockstars and kpop guys although I can't seem to find anything else weebish about her? Not sure if she's milky beyond all this, but def curious to know if she seems familiar to anyone else.

No. 942701

File: 1583657500533.png (1.53 MB, 1130x1370, WaltzintoDust.png)

A few examples of her "art"

No. 942707

File: 1583659294780.png (458.08 KB, 605x462, cringe.png)

wow, this girl really did get a bracelet for one each of her """"multiple personalities""""

No. 942708

File: 1583659481730.png (291.52 KB, 528x1102, dang.png)

and she's calling serious mental illneses "DID (dickhead identity disorder) BPD (big penis dick".

This is so fucking bad. Can't believe this is a whole ass adult and not some stupid ass teen on tumblr.

No. 942721

fuck, i almost wanna follow them because their art is good but i would get so annoyed by the constant whining. curse you!

No. 942729

She's already being posted about in the fakeboi thread. No need for unsaged updates here.

>their art is good
kek. are you okay anon?

No. 945253

Doctorguilty doesn't get donated money, they have a job and their friend bought them the hoodie for a joke.

That's extremely typical tumblr humor. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's typical internet humor in general. Are you triggered by it or something?

No. 945257

A guy who goes by Lee Sherman messages tons of people on tumblr about his piss fetish and when they tell him to fuck off he just stalks them forever, basically.

No. 945283

File: 1584168640015.png (21 KB, 496x546, wow.png)

We know that's you, for the way you're replying to this thread. The original anon didn't even know who that piss guy you mentioned is. Keep freaking out, and saying you "won't reply". Transparent as water. No one cares if your roomate is a 40 year old balding blogger by the way, you're pretty milky by yourself alone.

No. 945285

Are you seriously trying to defend this snowflake? Someone who is triggered by animal villagers moving out of animal crossing, from a children's videogame, sounds pretty triggered to me. And tumblr humor has always been unfunny but not for triggering reasons.

No. 945290

File: 1584169423892.png (5.96 KB, 502x156, wow2.png)

Someone is checking the thread
>im also not replying
Uh-huh keep telling yourself that.
This is beyond cringy.

No. 945291

File: 1584170306907.png (11.49 KB, 500x480, wow3.png)

And now she's resorting to self sent asks to look smug.

No. 945449

Dude, everyone can tell all the posts about this person are from the same person (you) because they're written alike, they make the same weird errors, all happened around the same time, and nobody else is as interested as you are. You're trying to use us as your personal revenge army to work out some sad personal shit.

Wouldn't fuck you, huh?

No. 945455

you’re a nearly 30 year old waste of breath and you look inbred, don’t flatter yourself

No. 945467


I have no idea who tf this is and don't care. All I know is that these posts are shit quality, my head hurts trying to read this. Stop clogging up the thread and post something interesting for a change.

No. 945480

Anon, will you stop shitting up the thread…you’re starting to come off as a huge fucking cow yourself.

It’s quite obvious that no one else gives a fuck about these posts (which are all you, samefagging /pretending to be different people).

Just stop…

No. 945506

I perused the blogs and what was already posted is as outrageous as this person ever gets, which really isn't much. Their posts are just weird jokey shit about themselves, much too self aware for lolcow criteria and indifferent to trolling. I notice that when anon rages over them not seeking therapy, the very screenshot they post includes a whole paragraph about seeking therapy. Really desperate reaches to get a bunch of anons on their side over nonexistent drama, and this is the third or fourth thread they did it in the same night.

No. 945512

>bunch of wking posts immediately pop up the day after she spergs about being posted on lolcow
>talk about shit like “personal army” and “she doesn’t care about trolling!!!!!” and “my side”
Really makes you think. I didn’t give a fuck about her before this but this is just embarrassing.

No. 945535

More obvious samefagging, and you reek of the normies who come here not knowing what a lolcow actually is. It's not just anyone "weird and fucked up lol." A lolcow, if you bothered reading a single other thread or even any more of this one, is an active perpetrator of drama, someone who starts shit with people over nothing and has a public meltdown under the slightest criticism. Right now, that's shaping up to be you.

No. 945647

This is the personal lolcow thread, people come here to talk about their personal lolcows. The original poster might be cringy and have some personal drama with the fakeboi in question, but the whiteknighting here is quite obvious.

No. 945661

Nobody's even whiteknighting, lmao. They just think the OP is an annoying idiot.

No. 945671

Yeah it's more like this autist really wants us to white knight them against this rando tumblrina who apparently ravaged their little asshole at some point. It's one thing to have a personal lolcow and a whole other thing to come in here begging for validation.

No. 946167

File: 1584352490213.png (126.71 KB, 719x1216, screenshot.png)

No. 946173


Has it occurred to you that other people have lives and problems? I doubt this bitch would ever provide what she's asking for to anyone ever.

No. 946484

Who is this supposed to be? They might have a reason to be this pissed and you aren't giving any "lolcow" context.

No. 947199

My personal lolcow is a streamer who recently kicked at least 3 of his moderators when they found out he'd been lying to their faces.
I can tell about me; I have evidence in dms to prove he's making stuff up. He claims he never trashtalked me in a voicechat where I had never been in (where I…had been), claims he had organized an event that I did; says I never wanted any money for commissions and he was going to pay me on Saturday after 2 years of repeating "muuuh renttt" and now he thinks I made 4 other people leave the discord including a top patreon I don't even know.
Besides trashtalking Patreons of his and deleting whole mod channels, he even fabricated screenshots. And I am so close to releasing ALL dms and exposing his crappy behaviour

No. 947334

Do it anon, not just for milk but to more importantly stand up for yourself.

No. 947374

File: 1584606811019.png (26.03 KB, 532x186, 11.png)

Don't think this needs elaboration. Before anyone assumes this is some edgy tumblr bs, this guys admitted to killing his hamster on multiple occasions.

No. 947425

that makes no sense. if true, this guy deserves so much karma. the hamster would still be "with him forever" if he just let him live out his normal life regardless and chose to do whatever weird shit with his corpse then rather than pointlessly murdering the poor thing. horrible edgelord.

No. 949260

File: 1585087588203.gif (Spoiler Image,705.21 KB, 453x453, 58195727716.gif)


She clearly prostitutes herself. Or did.
If she has the energy to take random cock she doesn’t need or deserve your money.

She’ll fuck a stranger to pay her “substantial medical expenses”. What condition does she even have?

No. 949264

File: 1585088236994.png (115.67 KB, 484x942, info.png)


yoinked this info from her old tumblr and patreons. the wayback machine doesn't lie.

No. 949266

File: 1585088358104.png (Spoiler Image,207.78 KB, 732x370, 90801342_2795808930467308_6622…)

No. 949268

oo and btw after the posting of the original intro and twitter caps she made her twitter private… Bilexth is a farmer, or at least obsessively reverse searches her images and info. Top kek

No. 949547

No offense but how is he a fake boi? A lot of fake boys posted here have actual dysphoria and actually hate their own vagina and hate being pregnant.

I'm not simping I'm just pointing out that these so called fake boys have symptoms of dysphoria

No. 949607

Nice bait

No. 950031


and she changed it back to public today. r/hmmm

No. 950483

It's not bait, many of them avoid pregnancy and want their tubes tied, how is this not being trutrans? Hating pregnancy can defined as gender dysphoria

No. 951245

I know this cow from facebook, our friend groups are connected even though we all live in different states/countries

>befriended one of my old fb friends, they're both SupEr EdgY and constantly make jokes about doing hard drugs and crimes

>this girl has a bone to pick with absolutely everyone she knows, she's always starting fights and getting into people's business to start drama
>always whining about her exes and how they're shit talking her while she gets into other people's relationship issues and tries to start fights
>is hung up on things that happened to her in hs and won't let anyone hear the end of it
>she was kept back in hs and is always talking about how she's going to go to college while all of her friends laugh about it behind her back, saying she's too stupid and lazy to study or put in effort
>all of her friends are fake as fuck, they're talking to the people she's publicly bashing and telling them how pathetic she is and how she's funny to watch and make fun of
>she's a real skinwalker, one of the ones who claim everyone is copying them while skinwalking people she claims to hate and is always projecting her issues onto

that's pretty much all I know about her, I unfriended her after she would non-stop post about how "disgusting she is", but "nowhere near as disgusting as her ex" for weeks on end. All of my facebook mutuals are lolcows in their own right, but this one is really the most blatant of them all. If she had more followers she'd have her own thread for sure, I still check in on her time-to-time, it's fun seeing how fast she's deteriorating.

No. 952836

>>926768 you got more on this

No. 952838

>>926768 any more on this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 952882

No. 954134

File: 1586012186611.png (587.96 KB, 620x565, 21ec71dcd7df160c05aabd39d3f117…)

This retarded pedo weeb streamer from Sweden has a TON of milk but basically no one knows about him

>made a video about his bullies spreading rumours about him (most of which actually were true) when he was like 14 which went kind of viral in sweden

>the true stuff include him being sexually abused, pissed on, forced to drink piss, flashing his dick on cam
>some other video of him as a teenager fighting with his dad about allegedly stealing money got a bunch of views
>is a bit retarded, got special education in high school
>became a streamer some time after finishing high school
>got kicked out of his apartment for being too loud
>lived in a group home for retards, still doing streams
>is a lolicon/pedophile, tries to groom young girls, had some underage internet girlfriend from america whom he threatened to leak nudes of
>gets catfished and trolled constantly because he's so dumb and mentally challenged
>actually makes a video confessing to being a pedophile and getting convicted for possessing child porn
>sadly the video is deleted and so is every copy of it uploaded by his trolls
>constantly deletes his channels and videos and starts over under a new username
>in his most recent video it appears he has a new girlfriend and he also says he has been advised by his lawyer to not talk about something
>he also wears a ring in the video and posts to facebook that he is now engaged

Ugh there's so much, I wish we could have a thread on him but most of the milk is deleted now and much of his content is in Swedish.

Update: He got convicted again in november of 2019. An instagram account recently poped up exposing him of grooming an eleven year old girl with recordings of a another girl that recorded him admitting to masturbating and downloading toddler porn.

He livestreams regularly

Links of parody channels of him:

And instagram account:

No. 954371

holy shit i made the original post about him, didn't know he got convicted again LMAO

No. 954572

File: 1586088364310.png (541.97 KB, 843x763, 67b07dbf084d9a2f4d3d83f702e63e…)

He sure did and he still streams, nice work man.

No. 957481

File: 1586684579233.jpeg (361.46 KB, 750x963, AEDFD15D-ACD9-44B5-81FE-1421E0…)

the tearzah / lovedrool / ray circlejerk never ends.
>she copied from me so now ill copy from her!
>theyre all well into their 20s

No. 963293

>girl who is friends with my roommate, 5’7 and around 350 to 400 pounds i would guess
>roommate is an anime fan and generally lacks self awareness but is nice enough
>obese friend is loud, entitled, and treats every conversation like a competition. first time i meet her, i mention that i went to (our university) partially because in state tuition was cheaper
>she says “anyone who can go to a 4 year college right away is lucky, i went to community college first”
>i’m like “yeah no definitely” to de-escalate, later find out that she took 1 gap year, spent 1 year at community college, and that none of her credits transfer over, so she’s still paying full tuition for four years. ok
>often came home from work to find her on our couch watching shit with my rm, one day roommate asks me how my shift was, i say “exhausting,” hambeast friend feels the need to bring up that she can’t work at all because her joint pain is too bad
>i say “oh yeah i feel that i get awful back pain sometimes” to be sympathetic and because i get back pain when i don’t have time to properly stretch.
>she laundry lists her problems, knee pain, back pain, foot pain, dry mouth, ibs. cool thanks for bringing up your ibs
>she dresses in “kawaii” fashion which consists of whatever cheap mass-produced anime wannabe shit she can find in a size 5xl and hair accessories/chokers that were made to look cute on women much much smaller than her
>furry, ddlg (talks about this OPENLY), has a “kin list” of mei from overwatch, tokyo mew mew girl, sailor moon, the chicken from five nights at freddies, more that i forget
>”pansexual” but demonstrably only into men
>throw party in my apartment, rm mentions it to her in passing (NOT an invitation, not my rm’s party, all rm said was “anon’s throwing a party tonight so i might hang around home for a little while but i’ll probably go to the library” in response to ham asking about her plans)
>she SHOWS UP to the party
>repulses my friends or otherwise makes them uncomfortable
>drinks WAY too much and i paid for the alcohol so i’m pissed
>is one of the last people to leave
>towards the end of the night, i’ve loosened up a little, care less that she crashed the party, we put on our jams playlist
>she’s singing along, and i feel bad for being cold/a bad host, so i smile and sing along with her, it’s not really an incredibly intimate thing to both be singing along to the killers at the same time we were all doing it
>as more guests leave, even as i’m starting to actively (but kindly) kick people out, she is STILL THERE and i don’t know how to tell her to get out without being mean
>i almost go to room and leave her for roommate to deal with, resolving to clean up tomorrow even though i would have liked to clean up that night, but roommate goes to bathroom and hambeast, while we’re both on the couch, with her fucking cheap screenprinted ahegao sweatshirt (and i do mean SWEATshirt), squeezes me and says “thanks for hosting, anon.” i awkwardy pat her arm and say “ahahah no problem,” trying to get up, but she pins me to the couch and starts kissing me
>i try to wiggle out from under her and tell her i’m not comfortable with what’s happening
>she says “take a risk.” i think she mistakenly sensed a vibe between us because i didn’t (openly) recoil in disgust at her. keeps pinning me to the couch, i’m involuntary gagging at this point
>when i can get a breath in, yell for roommate, and ham finally gets off, disgruntled and still DRUNK
>rm and i practically push her out of the apartment, rm tells me she vomits outside but whatever not my problem, i tell rm we are NOT having her over here again and explain why, rm agrees
>haven’t seen her since october thank fuck but i still see her instagram pictures and she’s started posting original poetry

No. 963299

My condolences anon. I don't know what else to say apart from thank god you got the rapist ham beast out of your apartment. Creatures like her are far too common place these days.

No. 963306


christ, thanks anon for reminding me ray exists. this is a laugh. nice to see ray is still milky as ever just like on tumblr.

No. 963559

File: 1587582595226.jpeg (233.94 KB, 1440x1800, EVpeDhAX0AIfQBT.jpeg)

>Once-local NEET antivax mom of two (by two different men) by 21
>Model who's only ever done small shoots
>Spiritual narcissist
>Doesn't work, never has. Used to make money selling "divine, energy-infused" blunts.
>Supposedly got a job at a dispensary right before COVID hit, no idea if that's still going on. If it were, we'd be sure to hear about it because she loves to brag about anything bringing in cash flow (except for her dad's money).
>Now "works" by constantly pushing the loom circle pyramid scheme on her IG story.
>Other work is occasionally doing natal chart readings for $20/chart.
>Shilled the Daysy Fertility Tracker ($300 thermometer + app) for about a week, was TTC at the time.
>Announced pregnancy with second child all of 7 weeks in with a dramatic photo of herself laying in a hospital bed due to HG.
>HG somehow didn't stop her from skateboarding despite it frequently hospitalizing her.
>In true holistic/antivax fashion, she is paranoid of doctors literally any other time.
>Because she's never worked a day in her life, she's a trust fund kid that previously had her first kid, Perseus, and current BD, Deion'dre, living with her at her parents' house.
>Moved to Miami a few months after the birth of her second child, Indigo Sea-Terra.
>Went semi-viral on French Twitter the other day after some scrote made a snide remark about her pubes, hasn't shut up about it since as it's the most recognition she's ever gotten.
>Constantly posts screenshots of her arguing with her Deion'dre's other baby mama, then claims she's too vibrating too high for drama.
>Firmly believes that black people were the first/"real" indigenous people of the U.S., refused to listen to actual natives.
>Current man/baby daddy is also chronically unemployed, always on some hotep shit, no idea how he provides for the 3 kids in his house, let alone himself.
>Deion'dre makes awful art depicting his sex life with Dierra

Drinking game:
>Take a shot every time you read any of these in her captions:
>>>"And so it is"

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divinedierra/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/divinedierra
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/xoxodierra

No. 963564

>posting a mother on here
Ah yes, she needs to be involved with edrama not take care of her kids

No. 963582

>Thinking a narc mother who neglects her kids is excused from being a cow.

No. 963590

File: 1587584888201.png (5.94 MB, 2218x3464, BE7BE897-F932-47F6-B2A2-B9214D…)

Her man's art.

No. 963851

File: 1587610832492.png (1.8 MB, 828x1792, 82B3D1FE-AEEB-41D5-B8C4-B135F3…)

hambeast rapist anon again. here’s a poem she posted today

No. 963867

Are you new to lolcow?

No. 963945

File: 1587629511479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,264.67 KB, 750x972, 477E3B72-4233-4621-8990-A4DF3D…)

yeah ray has been sperging nonstop on tumblr and now remade, but her posts are still up at alleged if u want a laugh. also, if you watch danganronpa you’re officially a pedophile, according to her.
in the wake of dissociadid getting ripped apart, ray also deems it necessary to emphasise she has did (REAL did). her alter explanations are funny as shit

No. 963947

File: 1587629621918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,459.29 KB, 750x1294, 38E60F12-A37B-4857-9B9C-38CBF4…)

>gets sent gore in a deviantart note
>im umi from love live now.

No. 963969

oh yeah i remember ray kept hopping handles on tumblr and on twitter. least now im unblocked on twitter so i can see the milk haha guess ray forgot about me

No. 964688

Mutual friends with this girl on facebook. She's 24 and wants to be a Kpop Star. She goes on long facebook rants, makes youtube videos of her singing and dancing to her original songs without any music, and She disables comments on her youtube videos because most have thumbs down.
>is convinced that she knows SHINee and has messaged one of the kpop idols before.
>Is misogynistic. Will thirst over kpop men, but shame kpop women.
>Is delusional. If you tell her that she doesn't know idols or trainee's, she will get defensive.
>Wants to put herself into SHINee as a replacement, basically disrespecting an idol whose passed away.
>Only knows about 3 korean words, claims that she can sing in 10 different languages, and despite her age, lack of korean knowledge (and ethnicity) wants to still be a kpop idol and have a kpop career.

No. 964689

File: 1587748446826.png (622.93 KB, 632x773, Capture3.PNG)

a few rants that she's done

No. 964690

why tf ignorant bitches always post unedited videos all the time?

No. 964691

File: 1587748478666.png (36.97 KB, 612x192, Capture4.PNG)

No. 964692

File: 1587748521092.png (34.84 KB, 622x197, Capture2.PNG)

No. 964696

there's no way she's actually 24, she looks muuuch older

No. 964715

her page says that she graduated high school in 2014, so her age makes sense. Just unfortunate aging.

No. 964840

Is this girl a sped? This is literally a stereotypical bad x factor audition. It would also explain the delusions of grandeur.

No. 964910

File: 1587783115788.png (1.47 MB, 1074x999, Jin.png)

I've had a personal cow for a while, Haven't talked them recently but I've had my encounters with them now and then during cons,and went to school with them.

>Cosplays for clout

>Does the same makeup for every cosplay
>looks nothing like the actual character and filters pictures with snow
>Koreaboo with a huge obsession with kpop
>Retweets everything related to Kpop and has made their preferred name relate to Kpop
>Closet Fujoshi, only cares about male to male pairings and draws mostly gay pairings, every character looks the same with feminine makeup or very long eye lashes
>heavily obsess's over pretty boys in anime
>Constantly screams gay rights towards anything that is remotely gay.
>watched promare 4 times just for the kissing scene with Galo and Lio
>throws a huge fit if you tell them it was CPR
>throws a huge fit if you don't agree with their pairing
>Screams at you if you accuse them of being Fujoshi.
>Openly talks about very personal things with anyone
>constantly brings any subject topic back to themselves
>Extremely self centered and dislikes it when attention isn't on them
>Talks shit about friends for not paying them any attention
>retweets three houses and whatever is gay on twitter
>at actual conventions they mostly walk around quietly and get all lively when someone asks them for a picture
>in general pretty fake from what they try to make themselves seem


Cosplays and drawings:



No. 964916

fujoshis in denial are always milky as hell

No. 964921

She’s a girl, anon

No. 964929

Lmao I used to follow her on my ED twitter a couple years ago, she was such an annoying histrionic bitch. Kinda wild that she actually managed to get even more crazy and more histrionic

No. 965242

apparently shes bipolar so the delusions make a lot of sense

No. 965254

She seems sweet. There's obviously something going on with her mental state but she seems innocent enough. She reminds me of Suzanne from Orange is the New Black. She had aspergers, right?

No. 965997

File: 1588004162682.png (4.3 MB, 1242x2208, 0BF4A0FE-DE0F-4C9D-8AA2-6438E4…)

Russian anons; example ihofmanntia to me and why she cry’s on her stories all the time. She would be so milky if only I could understand Russian

No. 966022

She creates drama out of everything, screams, cries and films it while people around her feel awkward. She overuses amphetamines and tries to stay relevant after she was on a show called something like "Chavs to ladies" where gopnik girls must transform into nice girls. She is a lolcow, but that's what she actively tries to be, so it's just cringe as fuck.

No. 966026

File: 1588007783528.jpeg (528.55 KB, 1242x548, C422FFAB-B03C-49EC-ACE9-886E78…)

I could tell she was drunk all the time from her stories but I didn’t know about the drugs. I tried looking her up and found some English translations that she was on a show but nothing more. I would love a thread on her, with more details if any Russian anons know a lot about her and can translate for us English speakers! And if any Russian anons are even interested, I get if no one wants to put all that work in for a cow though. She is a snowflake but an extreme version; I always watch her stories but again can’t understand. Like last week her face was completely busted and bruised, but I don’t know why? She out cows any snowflake on this site imo

No. 966162

In her last story where she is crying she said "I feel bad, I don't know what to do, this is so fucked up. I don't know. I can't even explain what is happening, when man feels bad he can't even explain what is going on"

The recent drama was about another girl on insta, instasamka, who is famous for being a fraud and faking a literal burglary for some clout and if I remember correctly, money from her fans. Ann (hoffmanita) made some stories about crying or else idk and instasamka put up almost the same shit on her page, so Ann stated that she is copying her, but this looks like a clout chase from hoffmanita this time, idk. Sorry for bad grammar and shit, you asked I delivered. You can post something that you want to be translated, I can help you with that. I don't use insta this much, so I won't suggest any content myself.

No. 966163

> man
I mean as a person, sorry for doubleposting

No. 966426

File: 1588105659246.png (1.59 MB, 1200x1200, oni.png)

my personal lolcow is a twitter artist named @oni_core. she traces art and brushes it off when she is called out. i found out two so far but im sure she has done more.

No. 966913

File: 1588209274939.jpeg (561.06 KB, 810x993, A7841704-3F74-4C6B-961D-0F9132…)

how do you post a picture like this right next to a picture of your children?
i think she has some beautiful features but she and her babydaddy are cracked out.

No. 967037

File: 1588239482995.png (55.17 KB, 719x408, morinokunikara.png)

I posted about her before but there's always something milky

No. 967360


She looks like someone (like abusive boyfriend) beat her in face repeatedly, her lips are gonna rot off like that 80s new wave singer if she injects then with that much junk. Wtf is this generation coming to, like I know older generations did plastic surgery but not to point of actual mutilated looks being accepted as totally normal

No. 967458

File: 1588302180009.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2020, 46C1E8C9-F321-4B02-869D-EA2982…)

She posted stories when her face was bruised but I didn’t cap bc I didn’t know if any one could translate, next time I’ll try so we can know if it was her BF. It seems to happen to her a lot but like I said she is always super drunk. I don’t know if she is falling or fighting other girls or what.

I think she got her lips refilled today, this was on her story today and yeah her lips are newly purple. She’s super extreme, I think she’s into bimbo-fication

No. 967474

Why do instagram shots post pictures with this pose. It might just be me but the sight of scrunched up wrinkly bare feet just bugs the hell out of me, and I dont get why they think it's sexy to have your nasty feet next to your ass.

No. 967497

Probably to cater to feet people. Foot guys love that shit, if you ever see a pic like this and look in the comments there are so many creepy ass comments about their feet. It gets a lot of extra attention.

No. 968283

File: 1588468685532.png (244 KB, 584x427, don_t_mess_with_me__bitches_by…)

me and my friend have a personal lolcow from deviantart. her name is noreenthedramaqueen/noreen-loves-spidey.

>though her name suggests shes in love with spiderman, she mostly focuses on connor/catboy from pj masks. who is a 6 year old boy.

>when she got called out on her old account, noreen-loves-spidey, for shipping herself with connor and sexualizing him. she starts venting and pulling the victim card.
>at one point she got really upset during christmas and made a grocery list of free art/fanfics she wanted from her friends. and got them with no sweat since they probably felt bad for her.
>she has claimed she broke up with connor a few times. and then draws herself with spiderman for a while. only to switch back to connor days later.
>moves to a new account, noreenthedramaqueen.
>she then proceeds to put on a fake "bad bitch" attitude for what i can assume is an attempt to scare off the people rightfully calling her a pedo. pic related.
>unfollows all of her friends. from what i can tell she pretty much only needs them so she can get attention and free art.
>after getting called out. she goes inactive for a few days, deactivates both accounts, and at this point seems to have no sign of return as its been about 2 weeks.

there are rants of her on youtube. but considering the type of person she is, the quality of the rants are pretty low (at least when compared to other rants on deviantart users).

i find her circle of friends make some weird shit too. but thats mostly just with crossover ships, like kotori x snufkin and papa smurf x scrooge mcduck. so there isnt really any lolcow potential there. i just found that noreen, with all the drama she's caused, is quite the lolcow.

ill see if i can keep things updated. but i cant really guarantee with that considering the state of her accounts.

No. 968287

Is this girl not 14 or 15 years old? Otherwise, would make a fun cow.

No. 968288

>>968287 she didnt disclose it on any of her accounts iirc.

No. 969103

File: 1588637443090.png (304.24 KB, 720x835, Capture _2020-05-04-16-48-29~2…)

Anastasia Alexannder, Some crazy, small time model i work with. Shes insufferable and milky so i started following her socials.
@cokebeadbitch on twitter
@itsanastasiaalexander and @sta____sia on insta

>BPDfag, on and off meds. Mostly off.

>Absolute narcissist, incredibly insecure and vicious. Esp. To other models
>addicted to coke and ketamine
>Massive hypocrite, started a "coke is cancelled cz it ruins the ecosystem!!" Thread on twitter while still snorting coke
>New social media handle and account every month
>Constant state of identity crisis, friend groups drop her constantly, skinwalks and changes everything about her self for new friendgroup.
>lies and inflates constantly. Once claimed to be an olympic gold winner and a professional competition surfer after she latched onto a new friendgroup of surfers.
>Was doing model work in NYC for about a week, had a seamstress friend that helped her get published in a small online mag (because it was seamstress' gig). Ego blew up and started claiming she was going to be on the runways for NYFW, which was in like a 4 days at this point. Giving girls on twitter bitchy, holier than thou advice on how to catwalk and pose.
>Seamstress friend dropped her ass like a hot potato when anastasia realized her lie of NYFW wasnt exactly coverable and started to self destruct. Something about how friend wasnt helping her enough to get big.
>Sometimes brags about how shes a "published model" and words it like she was featured in vogue, but refuses to share the photos because of seamstress friend fiasco. Our agency has more exposure than that mag.
>Bi for the male attention
>Tried to pass off headshots she PAID for as modeling work SHE was payed for
>Hoodrat who turned "woke, love spreading, vibe cleansing EDM warrior"
>Ruined her family relationships with self destructive behavior, her family literally moved to another country to get away from her.
>Obligatory suicide baiting.
>Posts about her highschool bullies still, "remember when u said i looked like a guy, @randomhoe?? Guess whos a model now bitch"
>Stalked and harassed her ex bf. Drove half way across the country to knock on his windows and door for an entire night. Promptly drove back to Texas the morning of, to her actual bf at the time, after being threatened with police.
>Started an onlyfans with grungy content that looked like it was shot in a drug den in Guatemala. Charges 18$ a sub for said content.
>Each onlyfans accounts purpose was to put her through school. Nursing school, cosmetology, hair dressing, physical training, etc. (Spoiler alert: it was for drugs)
>Calls herself a boujee bitch, a yacht babe, despite always living in her car or a tinder dates' sisters' couch. Has to beg for money from twitter while posting "Louis Vuitton is my preferred luxury brand."
>A couple of months ago she was living in her car and washing her armpits in walmart bathrooms. Recently posted "Looking poor=fashion. Being poor=gross"
>Feminist for the woke points but talks shit on women constantly. Fat shames and lectures people about BMI.
>Shaves/colors/generally fucks up her hair every month because mania
>Comes into the studio reeking of alcohol and twacked out often
>Has an obvious disdain for models who present more feminine because she struggles with her own androdgeny. Lashes out and starts petty shit.

Theres more but shes a hard one to screen cap. She deletes and renames her accounts constantly. Shes a handful of lols though, my first time meeting someone i would qualify as a cow irl.

No. 969341

Ray is eldritchdemon on tumblr now.

No. 970120

File: 1588811336095.png (32.79 KB, 963x181, wblkp1A.png)

She's in 8th grade. So not for here. Sorry.

No. 970165

ffs i forgot this guy jumps blogs way too often

can't even find the milky shit back then when i used to interact with him. sad.

No. 970229

incredible, please post more if you get caps in time

No. 971543

My mom is my own personal lolcow. I can't stand her. She's a narcissist and a munchie.

>makes posts on Facebook alluding to her being sick, despite the fact that she has no illnesses besides high blood pressure. One time my aunt even called me to ask if she had cancer because of all the medical posts

>makes several doctors appointments to just cancel them later when she feels to lazy to go

>insists that she's sick so therefore she can't work.

>yells about the house needing to be cleaned, but doesn't lift a finger to help.

>picks fights with people when she's bored. Not just at home, but like she even picks fights with like cashiers at the grocery store if nothing goes her way.

>invites her weird ex tweaker friends to come over and hang out, just so she can start a fight with them later

>gets drunk and plays loud music all night, despite people needing sleep

>forces people to hang out with her, but gets mad when you leave because she's just on Facebook and ignoring you the while time

>do something nice for her, but she gets mad because you said something wrong

No. 971550

lol post her fb

No. 971704

yes pls post socials

No. 971794

File: 1589101132452.jpeg (141.88 KB, 750x993, FAF5DC44-4C3C-4B62-92EE-D543EA…)

ray is truly retarded as fuck

No. 971798

File: 1589101742433.jpeg (334.48 KB, 750x1146, ECDAFB9F-0285-4710-845A-ABC5AD…)

ray HAS consulted a black person. she CAN make a callout post.
ash is truly living rent free in this bitchs head

No. 971809

Don't think anyone is dumb enough to dox their own mother (and therefore themselves) on lolcow.

No. 972006

Saging for non-milk but it's recently started becoming unacceptable for those who know they're mixed to use the N word.

No. 973255

File: 1589353197806.jpg (804.56 KB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

Damn anons I kinda felt bad for making the first post but..
She's still making revolting porn and doing hard drugs. I about puked when I saw this. This is an onlyfans vid where she and some other porn thot swish their feet around in a LITERAL toilet and suck each others toes. Not for the light stomach.


No. 974012

File: 1589484026341.jpeg (176.36 KB, 750x531, 875180AA-5E30-4AAB-B4AE-A1B86F…)

Look at this pick me clown. She honestly thinks she’s better than “ugly people” while being at most a 8/10 in fucking CLEveland Ohio. Which isn’t saying much.

No. 974077

File: 1589488201078.png (1.27 MB, 1159x721, youngstasia.png)


ok I was looking at her insta &

No. 974079

File: 1589488266283.jpg (18.22 KB, 300x458, youngputin.jpg)



No. 974136

The insecurity is off the charts here.

No. 974354

File: 1589527079730.png (330.84 KB, 498x681, unknown-16.png)

my personal cow is this girl named Sierra

>she legally changed her last name to her dog's first name

>she calls herself "Tanuki" on her personal social media accounts, as she heavily identifies with being a raccoon and she wants to "disguise" herself from "those who mean harm" to her
>she had a small-to-average size bust and got a reduction because she said they were just too hard on her back
>she subsists on art commissions she gets from family members
>she dated the same guy throughout high school and then dumped him after they graduated because she came out as an "asexual lesbian"
>is now changing her name to "Hunter", goes by "Hunter Tanuki Lillian"

No. 974443

This reads like a Vicky post

No. 975264

File: 1589711779066.webm (4.63 MB, 720x1280, 74824099_257060245607128_22559…)

>They/them '''transman''' who always fetishises gay men on twitter
>Moved to New York from Florida and immediately adopted the most annoying fake NY accent she could possibly manage (eyyy fuggedaboudit!)
>Has dreams of performing on broadway but gets winded from talking while sitting down
>Easily 300lb but the THINS are the real problem!! Posts on her tiktok about how intermittent fasting is like… what people with EATING DISORDERS dooOO? despite clearly having an eating disorder herself
>Constantly posts videos of her screeching in her apartment during the middle of the night, probably pissing off her neighbours (p.s: they can't do anything about it because her papa is their landlord)
>Has two highlights on her instagram titled 'The Hatecrime' and 'The Hatecrime 2' whining about people on the subway calling her fat
>Can't draw but thinks she's top talent
>Watch the attached story and try to tell me she doesn't love the smell of her own farts

Ig: @nb_santiago
Tiktok: @jehovahsthicness
Twitter: @nb_santiago

No. 975269

Anon this is perfect, the creepy silence, the daytime talkshow host head shakes, the fat girl hand pose to hide her chin, the dead-eyed smiles all directed at her own reflection, omg RIP my sides

No. 975337

video’s busted for me anon, could you try reposting?

No. 975478

File: 1589761436291.webm (604.78 KB, 480x852, 97998899_3038887302870362_1424…)


And if that doesn't work, here's a link to the story on storyinsta, but I don't know how long that'll stay up https://tinyurl.com/yauyvd56

No. 975541

my personal lolcow is a fakeboi munchie. we went to high school together. i follow her for the lols. she is constantly in and out of the hospital NOW during quaranting in one of the most concentrated cities on earth, admits (privately) to not having endometriosis or arthritis or asthma and gets tested for covid on a weekly fucking basis. i secretly believe she ACTUALLY wants to get it and that's why she's always going in and out of the ER. constantly ebegging but also posting about random unecessary purchases all the time. i want to scratch my eyes out every time she posts

No. 978122

File: 1590256755053.jpeg (39.54 KB, 400x400, 751E2516-18AB-4100-BAB0-CCC057…)

My personal lolcow is Vanessa sky ellis. She’s been featured on barcroft TV and my crazy obsession on TLC for her “celebrity stalking” obsession. The tv show segments frame it as sort of a light hearted thing, but I fell down the rabbit hole of her stalking the jersey shore cast and was disturbed. She usually lurks around NY and NJ to meet celebs but on the first season of jersey shore family reunion, she stalked the cast down to Miami and was featured on an episode. Her YouTube channel is a gold mine, videos of her being a freak in front of the shore house and the shore store. She’s been doing this for like 15+ years.

No. 979447

oh man, this kid i knew who was online dating m2k's sister. used to wear trip pants in high school and tried to become a menswear blogger on tumblr in college, for years but only got a few notes on his posts. always acted like a "professor" writing these long political posts that made no sense and no one read. he used to have another blog where he'd post weird deviant shit and respond to all these SW's and lolita's posts. he acted like he was the smartest person in the world because he went to college and read philosophy, but irl would act pompous and bizarre and get visibly aggressive when you challenged his arguments. he also makes really shitty "abstract" art and horrible "noise" music. not sure where he is now but i think he still makes political posts. good times

No. 979524

File: 1590533094018.jpg (1.55 MB, 1908x2235, Angelll___59.jpg)

Ok so I am so confused what is going on with the face here. It looks like a cross dressing mask but I think its actually her face. Surgery ? Photoshop? Lookin like a human pepe. Pls anons help me understand wtf is going on here -

No. 979535

? Because she's asian????

No. 979536

How do you know it's her actual face?

No. 979552

Honestly just kinda looks like she got way too many fillers

No. 979561

Looks like a white person who got surgery to look asian lmfao

No. 979591

File: 1590538589399.jpeg (72.66 KB, 750x750, 33468C8A-63CE-483A-9343-284051…)

Something’s definitely up with the features themselves, but judging from videos on her page, she doesn’t look as…plastic in real life? (It looks like she wears hella highlighter in those photos, which only enhances her uncanny valley-ness.)

No. 980011

File: 1590613531913.png (223.76 KB, 356x458, OpenTopicAmino.png)

amino is full of pedophiles and I know one who was huge cow in amino
>King/King Cho/Pervy Sage
>32 year old with a huge ego, lives in Florida, Truck driver
>Thinks of himself as a dreamy troubled anime boy and thinks he's attractive
>looks like the slug lady from monsters inc
>Glorifies himself every chance he gets
>Had his own aminos called Chos open kingdom,and Open Topic, is going to make another amino
>All admins and curators were underage with only a few being 18 or 19
>Made sexual comments or asked for erotic roleplay out of them
>screenshotted their snapchats and called them hot or said that he wants to get a taste
>one of them was a 14 year old who felt very uncomfortable by these comments that her own relationship began to crumble because she hated her body
>denied the claim despite their being obvious screenshots and evidence
>frequently brought up sex openly in posts and wanting to bring home a beautiful girl to show his disappointed parents
>a majority of the people in his amino were teens or underage
>No one can say anything otherwise he goes full retard and bans you from his amino for trying to ruin his life
>all admins are either too afraid to say anything or they're whiteknights
>notable ones were the ones who had the title Kings friend on their page, the ones who would of ratted on you were definitely His "son" and "daughter"
>Online girlfriend at the time was 13 year old who was essentially a Erotic roleplay/ brag status rebound who he said was 17.She later told everyone herself that she was 13.
>flirted with her but immediately acted like she was literally an ant on the ground when is ex came to the amino
>Tried too hard to get back with ex, literally could of just went on and virtually married her if he wanted to
>she clearly was friend-zoning the fuck out of him
>later on found out she was actually in a relationship with a girl
>hilariously a real shit storm kicked up the moment his ex became active, Slug man was lying about his age for the longest claiming he was 25.His ex revealed that he was actually 32.
>a couple admins begin to talk about how he was sexually harassing them despite them clearly being minors
>evidence began to pile
>admins confronted Slug man
>they all get banned including his ex who only said his real age
>he sends off his army to wipe down and ban anyone who opposed against their pedophile leader
>The admins actually made fake accounts to leak the discord server with all the evidence of him lying through his teeth
>Frog man makes a post admitting he was 32 but then says that it was the minors fault for sending suggestive images to him and how he hates talking to people of his age because they act like they have a stick up their ass.Even including an actual face reveal.
>Laughs at the irony
>Makes a cry post about how no one should be involving his mom in their problems, apparently his mom was messaged about the shit was doing on amino
>later on says that apparently cops flocked to his parents house. He has to leave for a while to get a lawyer.
>Still uses the Open Topic admin account
>Still running around wiping anything negative about himself
>apparently the admins want nothing to do with him now

Most hilarious shit that went down on amino.Can't wait to see Slug man further disappoint the people around him.

No. 980046

this thing was born a dude? I was so sure you were going to say tranny or fakeboi

any receipts? I'm intrigued

No. 980128

File: 1590627805147.jpg (141.19 KB, 512x1024, 1of3.jpg)

there's a lot of receipts to send but I'll start with the apology post where he blames everyone for him being horny.

No. 980130

File: 1590627971013.jpg (127.33 KB, 512x1024, 2of3.jpg)

No. 980132

File: 1590628148572.jpg (102.63 KB, 512x1024, 3of3.jpg)


No. 980944

File: 1590791472856.jpg (1.46 MB, 1536x4096, EWh2IqhXQAIBWaJ.jpg)

A french cow I know through uhh a friend.
> Nonbinary using female pronouns.
> Your trusty woke twitter.
> Believes you cannot be racist to a white person but enbyphobia is a thing.
> "ur valid!!!!"
> Strong white guilt, but would accuse anyone confronting him to be either cis or white for disagreeing with him.
> Thinks trap is a slur "but okama is okay" because it's used in his favorite game Yakuza so he'll let that pass (otherwise he tends to accuse any game of transphobia). Funny thing is that he acknowledges this word can be contextualised so it's not necessarily an insult but somehow doesn't use that logic for the other word.
> He has a curiouscat that sometime people go to rant on him (anon), you can clearly see that even some people in his friends circle have secretly enough of him.
> Got triggered over the shape of a cloud (no kidding he tweeted this).

And what more, a few months ago he completed the bingo chart: polyamourous relationship! Albeit it only lasted a week or two. Basically he was in relationship with his girlfriend of 5+ years (an ftm, but for the sake of simplicity I'll misgender her), he apparently fell in love with another girl and announced on twitter their relation so that it's polygamy. But the girl he was with clearly didn't took that well and lived it as a break up, weird huh? They eventually officially broke up, since they were room-mates he went back living with his mother recently. With his girlfriend. I'd like to add that while they were together he wasn't working nor studying, basically a NEET so idk who paid for the housing and shit.

I thought there wouldn't be anything milky from him as he switched account to a "safe zone" but he's currently RT-ing BLM and white people bad tweets.

(yes he literally censored his beard bc "dysphoria")

No. 980968

Is he trying to do his hair 8n the first pic like the singer from The Weeknd or sumthin LMFAO

No. 981087

File: 1590821731930.png (422.23 KB, 465x591, gamurrrrburbie.png)

not even sure where to start with this bitch
she changes her alias/tags nearly every few months
>delusional and thinks she's a famous rapper/model/lifecoach
>claims to have caught lyme disease despite being told otherwise by multiple doctors
>banned from multiple public establishments
>drags around a fake service dog
>crusty makeup, tries to steal from stores claiming she can take things for free because she has a "brand deal" with those companies
there is so so much more, this is just the stuff that i could remember/ think of on the spot

No. 981089


Rare to see french cows on here! What's his twitter? I just wanna lurk and laugh.

No. 981113

Was gonna post a French cow yesterday, but decided there is no milk, so she is no cow. But her photos are hilarious. I mean, if you need cheering up…

No. 981212

It's @HanAlolaSH

No. 986833

>Late twenties, absolutely stunted at about 15
>mild anachan in school, still attention whores over it and constantly bodychecks after gaining weight, claims she never aged and constantly posts photos of herself now with old photos to further her claim
>Constantly posts ~heartfelt~ comparison pics of her "recovery"
>Got into gym fitnessfam shit and now uses that to constantly talk about muh ED
>Obsessed with being a cool Tumblr girl circa 2011
>Made cringe YouTube videos, thought she was a YouTuber, made her parents bring her abroad for YouTube conventions
>Her well-off parents baby her and pay for everything imaginable, expensive brands, makeup, tons and tons of Disney merch and toys
> Obsessed with Disney, constantly visits, complained when she couldn't go due to covid pandemic, has all those fugly juvenile Disney ears tacked to her wall
>Posts videos and pictures of her meeting and talking to every single Disney character as if anyone cares
>Makes her friends and mostly her mom take photos of her constantly, as in every day many times a day
>Constantly gets to travel very cushily, still complains she's broke
>cycles through boyfriends at record speed, camp meteosexual white thin men, every one is the love of her life until they break up and she baits that something uwu traumatic and abusive happened to her, gets with new guy a week later
>Completely adapts new hobbies and obsessions to attract her man of the week. Pokemon Go, Pokemon in general, board games, craft beer, skateboarding, graphic novels, sci to, marvel, pop punk etc have been some of her notable shallow adopted obsessions
>Apartment tackily stuffed full of hundreds of pop figures stacked on top of eachother in boxes, hundreds of Disney plushes lumped together for display on the couch, Disney ears on wall, ddlg tier kids stuff everywhere
>cycles through friends at light speed due to her obsession with drama and throwing every girl alive under the bus for attention from any man
>Her makeup is bizarre, straight blunt lines for eyebrows and two big circles of eyeshadow, contorts her face to show off her uwu massive eyes in every pic
>Bedrooms full of wardrobes full to the brim with expensive brands and labels but all such tacky designs, fabrics and prints that she insists on wearing all at once to show off as much as she can while also reminding you how quirky and alternative she is (still posts about being broke)
>I'm the mpdg of the group uwu
> Constantly virtue signalling what a feminist she is, but In person she shits all over every woman in the most gross and jealous ways, every woman is competition
>Has blatantly bragged irl that everything she does is for male attention, that she lives for male attention
>Is like so bisexual, every one of her weekly partners is men who all look the same
>Got to go to decent college for psychology
>Segued into women's studies to further her performative LGBTQIA++ feminism despite all of the above
>Constant posting about what an uwu gamer girl she is
>Every tweet is fucking gold
>Now unironically has a tiktok where her eyes glaze over as she stares at herself dancing in Mickey mouse ears
>Brags and repeatedly posts about every upvote she gets on reddit and every follower she gets on tiktok

No. 988669

File: 1592439887277.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1815, B0CC7AB7-1361-400C-A14E-97B36F…)

I can’t believe I used to crush on this guy…


No. 988670

File: 1592440028419.jpeg (894.87 KB, 1125x1843, 9F8707BC-A9E5-43B2-835B-92D560…)

No. 988694

Why did you block out his face? Who is he?

No. 988794

File: 1592458414147.jpeg (180.95 KB, 1125x440, 91449326-7E4A-42AF-B738-53B19A…)

It had his full name and I’m too much of a pussy to be found out I post here.

He’s a DJ who likes to post about muh veganism and how meat is bad for you. He occasionally posts about orange man bad so he’s not too bad of a cow.

However, I have many personal lolcows to count and might post about them later on. Like this one for example (pic related):


A bully from my elementary years; he was chased down with a swat team and had a shootout with them for cash and a pair of “fashionable pants”. Yeah.

No. 989362

File: 1592544699358.png (82.77 KB, 251x251, Cola Renee Sungypsy.png)

This falls under Personal Cow, I guess, and I have no where else to yell into the void about how satisfying it is to watch this Cow build her own pyre and set her own flame. Plus, sex workers in general are stupid, but this one is a personal favorite.

Lmao out of here with that “dO YOU GUYS HAVE ANYTHING BETTER ELSE TO Do” Stupid bitch can't even string together a sentence without fucking it up.
Maybe all of the coke and the times her dad beat her upside the head have really left some things rattling inside that skull, but let's revisit why people would give her shit for wearing DK:
Because she made a huuuuge fucking deal about 'Standing Up' to their racism, which for her meant 3 bland weak sentences in an email that no one likely read, but must have been a huge effort for her limited brain power. Made a biiiig show about how she wouldn't be repping their clothes or company anymore only to back-peddle instantly and suck Shoddy Lynn's dick when her Instagram got deleted.
Which led to the now famous outburst of “i WISH i NEVER SUPPORTED BLM/I wish police would shoot me already.”
You absolute dumb cunt.
You have no spine and are weak as hell for putting on this big front of 'rejecting' DK only to immediately fold back into them like the desperate for validation seasponge you are. Doubly stupid for FUCKING WHINING EVERY GOD DAMN DAY ABOUT UWU DONT BULLY ME even tho you tout around supposedly being an internet bully when you cant EVEN TAKE IT.
Lmao Fuck outta here with that front, just sit there and sniff your coke and wait for that gross looking 'boyfriend' to leave you when he gets tired of your fucking hysterics.
Maybe next time you claim to attempt suicide, actually go through with it.
You would think getting your IG deleted (or did you get hacked? The story just changes so often here.) repeatedly would fucking get it through anyone's skull that it's not working out, but, that Burn Fast, Die Young mentality really will fuck with you.
I'd call it a vendetta, but it's not deep enough to be personal, just extra milky over the years.

No. 994923

typical fakeboi cow that i used to be friends with
>21, pretends to be 14
>unironically self-diagnosed munchausens
>is a 'demiboy(half male half something else iirc) lesbian'
>bi lesbian supporter, pretends to hate them for e-clout
>says their ex cheated on them with no evidence
>said an 11 year old groomed them at 19, also was in a bdsm relationship with said 11 year old
>lies about being sexaully assaulted
>said she has 'hand sized period bloodclots'
>goes by multiple neopronouns
>faked being bisexual to date someone
>sexualizes fictional minors, calls others pedophiles for calling fictional adults hot
>has a fetish for piss, bdsm and 'noncon'
>falsely accused a 13 year old of pedophillia
>fisted her ass in a vc with 12 year olds
>lied about having a seizure when i told her i had epilepsy
>pretended to have a brain tumour
>fakes being autistic and having adhd
>her 'ptsd triggers' are love live and bang dream
>fakes having did while invalidating an actual did system
>suicide baits 24/7
>refuses to take criticism for her shitty art, if you do she'll call you an abuser
>dated a 13 year old at 20, called the 13 year old manipulative and abusive
>kept hanging out with a pedophile with multiple victims bc 'he's nice!'
>instantly came out as trans when a mutual friend did, has the exact same 'dysphoria'

no ss's or account names bc my account is linked to hers but if she ever does delete it i'll try and grab some shit

No. 1001597

File: 1593802528524.jpg (61.64 KB, 482x272, kys.jpg)

just posted this in the COVID thread on /ot/ and was inspired to make a full post about this lovely individual

this is someone i'm friends with on facebook. only hung out with her once in person several years ago. pic related is actually pretty mild for how her posts usually are.

>31 years old

>constant nihilistic sad posts about how the planet is dying, and how she's unable to do anything productive because of it
>conspiracy theorist. used to post a bunch of shit about chemtrails and pizzagate. has now moved onto COVID
>believes that COVID was made in a lab and that that the pandemic was planned from the get go
>constant scathing remarks toward people who wear masks
>believes that wearing a mask is going to make you sicker and it's all "part of the govt's plan to reduce the population"
>oscillates between statuses saying "FUCK YOU I HATE YOU ALL" (literally in all caps) and "all of you mean so much to me I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life <33" on a pretty much weekly basis
>threatens suicide regularly
>ignores or lashes out at anyone who tries to reach out to her
>usually deletes all suicide ideation and "fuck you all" posts immediately and pretends none of it ever happened
>everything associated with the U.S. government is bad and trying to kill us all, which is the reason why she can't finish school, get a real job, etc, even though she's also constantly complaining about being unable to earn a living wage

she's just such a hostile and ungrateful person. i've been fb friends with her for over 10 years now and have never once seen anyone respond to her with anywhere near the level of anger and paranoia she projects onto everyone and everything else. all of her angry/suicide-related statuses are always filled with nothing but support and concern for her well-being. she's never even criticized for any of her insane/dangerous views about COVID and other conspiracy theories. it honestly blows my mind how coddled this chick is by everyone in her life despite how unrelentingly cuntish and immature she acts.

No. 1001921

She’s a big sjw on Facebook and Instagram and was one of the people who exposed poopchan on this site.
She has the most to say and is quick to cancel and expose people and get them doxed and fired but apparently the second it’s time for her to put her money where her mouth is shes all tears

No. 1001978

File: 1593843160049.jpg (73.83 KB, 828x723, IMG_20200616_234700_139.jpg)

My personal experience with lolcows is huge, but I'll tell about the princess of them all.

>z-gen teen

>unmedicated ADHD and BPD
>brags about her 1/4 slavic descent
>can't even speak anything else but english/swedish
>got into efebophile circle when she was 14 bc anons are so lit in her opinion
>probably started using cannabis when she was 11
>is an alcoholic, benzo and meth narcotic
>treats her mental disorders with drugs
>loves bad and good attention
>lost her virginity to 24yr old when she was 14
>lied about her age a lot so she could have sex when she was a jailbait
>homewrecker, and brags about it
>an artist, posts anime bishounen art of herself
>hypocrite at its finest, hates blacks/immigrants/homosexuals but still hangs with them
>actively using buzzwords when feeling comfortable about it
>two-faced, would probably talk shit about you behind your back
>pretends to be lesbian when in fact is bi and hates women
>slutshames women a lot when she isn't that better
>thirstbaits online to older men
>manipulates ppl to please her
>has fixation to collevt dirt of other ppl then bust them if she feels threatened

i wouldn't share any social links bc of private reasons, she has the obsession to hide her flaws online so she could attract more victims into her dirty psychological game.

No. 1002159

did she go by ormsdotter/tunnelsnakes in the past? she sounds a lot like the girl i knew who got chased out of her stockholm friendcircles for being a tradthot/hard drug user

No. 1003027

File: 1594023234334.jpg (11.35 KB, 275x265, A2kDZQv.jpg)

I met this person back in school, I didn't know much lolcow as a site or culture back then but I feel like this person was my first encounter with what could be a personal cow.

>Tall girl, much older than the rest of us

>Have anger issues, would get angry and began to yell at us for whatever reason

>One time actually began to punch and kick the teacher's desk because she told her to wait 5 more minutes to go to the bathroom

>Didn't even wanted to go to the bathroom, just wanted to leave the class

>My father died just a few days before my birthday, girl just went to the funeral to eat what the church had and skip classes

>Made fun of me because there was a rumor about me being a lesbian, did a complete 180 when guys began to talk about yuri and lesbian porn so she was sudendly bi

>She hated women tho

>Would talk about how much she wanted to leave the country (We are hispanics) and go to the USA because she was ~too great for this poor land piece and work hand~

>Couldn't even read basic english

>Never shaved and asked the guys to touch her legs, felt proud for guys touching her

>Tried to put herself a piercing in class, thing to infected and bleed; still got salty when the teachers told her to stop

>Cut herself with a Gillet in the middle of the class because she wanted the guys to see

>She would sit on the floor during presentations and began to read her papers, got pissy and then leave when the teachers told her to stand up

>Only one friend, she was open about how none of us mattered to her but that one friend

>Girl friend got tired of her because she was too much of an ass

>Tried to get close to anyone else, didn't work because she always trash talked anyone

>Not even teachers liked her

>Sudendly all friendly and nice with me despite making fun of me for being a lesbo ~UwU but she would protect me now because she is not like other girls and totally supports dykes UwU~

>Sucked at work, so she began to say that she will get a Sugar Daddy, but she won't get laid because some SD just want to have a friend (?)

>Many of us left, never saw her again

In that school there were many… strange people, like this other girl who would talk about fucking her little cousing (She was just a Pick me) or the dildo Facebook account of my english teacher (This is another story for another thread since this was really short) but I haven't met in real life someone as unlikeable as this cow. I haven't found her social media accounts, it's being years but I'm lowkey interested to know how she would exactly survive if just basic school stuff was too hard for her.

No. 1003192

Pls post some more of her posts

No. 1004974

File: 1594344340310.png (97.45 KB, 757x376, Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 6.24…)

This is more of a site than an individual person so I hope this fits here.



>Guru Gossip refugee forum with a UK emphasis; big move a year or two ago when GG was fucking up and Morgan was acting like an absolute cow

>so shitty and milky even the press has started talking about it, notably after mommy blogger Clemmie Hooper started trolling her "friends" - https://www.the-sun.com/lifestyle/51536/inside-the-vicious-world-of-tattle-life-where-mums-tear-each-other-down-in-biest-corner-of-the-internet/, https://www.womenshealthmag.com/uk/health/mental-health/a29787347/tattle-life/

>the tone of the site has progressively worsened as a new brood of nuts started posting this year

>went from the usual bitchy autistic boomer fucks to absolutely unhinged craziness around the time the pandemic hit and everything closed

>loooonnnng ass threads with hundreds of posts of repetitive nitpicking, extreme level 999 cowtipping, and abuse (it's like GG on steroids)

>massive cowtipping sperg event this May when a group of "tattlers" started harassing fashion to storytime vlogger Imogen Hudson for purely autistic reasons

>not sure exactly what happened but it seems several people or one individual larping as her former friends from story times started vague posting about her, then shit escalates and gets out of control - https://tattle.life/threads/imogenation-13-munching-on-oatabix-cake-mix-and-a-twix-while-hugo-give-his-hand-lick.6785/page-12#post-1605997

>Imogen subsequently has an epic drama queen meltdown and they all applaud themselves for getting her to blow her lid - https://youtu.be/2hCHtmwoHhw

>also typical racist central for all the royalists who despite Meghan for being mixed and marrying their sweet uwu prince - https://tattle.life/tags/harry-and-meghan/


There's a lot of crazy shit on there, so I picked the most recent and relevant drama just to give an example of how nutty it is. I don't think I did it complete justice lol.

No. 1005034

File: 1594356920179.jpg (168.9 KB, 500x375, hts.jpg)

a guy I knew in high school

>Smallish kid with thick hipster glasses

>extremely loud, shouted unfunny memes & sexual stuff in the halls, often in his signature "parrot voice"

>when asked to quiet down would accuse you of being racist bc he was Venezuelan and "that's just how we are!!"

>Would brag (lie) about having drunk an absurd amount of alcohol before school and act (unconvincingly) drunk the whole morning

>of course he was a homestuck, would wear the tshirts to school constantly

>"""Nonbinary""", meaning we all had to call them they/them, contagiously transed the rest of the friend group

>Moved away after freshman year, then showed up randomly before school in the cafeteria a year later, asking us to find him places to hide because he was no longer enrolled and wasn't supposed to be there

>Last I heard he was working at a Panda Express and had been dating this FTM girl from high school who used to draw on, I kid you not, 2.5 inch thick eyebrows that took up half her forehead. Would post the yearbook picture if I was more of an asshole

>Both of them were now claiming to be disabled and autistic (not true) and e-begging for rent on their tumblr blogs

>Messy and public online breakup ensued where both accused each other of abuse

Idk where they are now but I genuinely hope they got their shit together and became functional

No. 1005037

File: 1594357469901.jpeg (4.45 KB, 150x200, images (2).jpeg)

This is scarily close to two people I went to high school with. Do you live in the US? Particularly a southern state?

No. 1005041

………..yes. I doubt we actually are thinking of the same people though because there were so many weirdos exactly like that back in 2014. If that year actually matches up for you, then I will say that the high school's mascot was a bird & one of the school colors was green.

No. 1005045

Ah, mascot and color aren't familiar, probably not thinking of the same people. I was in high school from 2014 to 2018 and there was this loud and obnoxious white-passing Latino boy, wore hipster clothes with wide-rimmed glasses, was obsessed with Homestuck and would wear the shirts with the zodiac signs almost every day (along with various SJW political badges/patches despite always trying to be "offensive xD".) Barely attended class, just walked around school (or off campus to get food) with this tomboyish SJW girl with a pink undercut all day. I knew both of their Tumblr accounts so I'd check on them every so often and they were always reblogging Steven Universe aesthetic shit, outdated memes, or discussing their ~mental disorders~. At some point in the last year of school they got together, he "transitioned" into an MtF, and the girl later "transitioned" into an FtM and is now a carhop at Sonic. I don't know if they're still together, but I searched the girl's name once and found out that, at least at some point, they were legally married. Yikes.

No. 1005048

That is SO eerily similar lol. I'd almost say it's freaky except I guess that only proves that those sort of people and situations are basically just the 2013-2017 (or '14-'18 for you) high school experience if you were a nerd girl.

No. 1005086

Can you post just her eyebrows for us? You can crop out everything else.

No. 1008150

File: 1594903814015.jpeg (219.02 KB, 828x607, 7F55E352-AED0-48A3-96C6-3343E8…)

Dan Bell/thisisdanbell

I might as well make a personal lolcow entry for him since I brought him up in the YT general thread >>1007420:

>greasy fat fuck “filmmaker” who created a niche following around his urbex, dead mall series, and Another Dirty Room

>mostly consist of him waddling around empty Middle America malls, insert vaporwave/mallsoft music, some très esthétique footage of ‘80’s nostalgia

>BFFs with retarded alcoholic Rick Serra - not sure if they’re fucking or not lol

>faked a series of videos called “Trapped and Terrified” - infamous for the blood soaked room and almost got caught by drug dealers scenes (sporadically available)

>autistically insisted T&T was real until he couldn’t anymore, messed up his credibility

>gets irrationally angry whenever someone mentions it

>clearly hates women judging by some of his tweets and prior behavior

>surrounds himself with young men whom he constantly makes inappropriate sexual comments towards publicly

>no one says anything because he’s a sensitive gay snowflake, even though many of his tweets are gross as fuck and borderline pornographic

>had a bitter falling out with his “lover” Will Krupinsky, when Will had the audacity to date a woman instead of Dan

>according to Dan, she was a “psychotic” fan who started attacking him and stalking them, called her a controlling bitch and other sexist shit in a periscope cast

>bitches publicly about Will, who has never said anything, saying shit like he’s “working tables” when prompted by fans

>stated multiple times in the past he didn’t want to get into making a lot of paranormal videos as he wasn’t into it, didn’t like the people, didn’t like the stigma, etc.

>suddenly started making ghost videos out of the blue and has entirely changed his tune for whatever reason

>cannot handle any sort of criticism, even constructive

>throws massive hissy fits on Twitter if you don’t kiss his slimy ass, lashes out at other more successful youtubers constantly for attention

No. 1008172

who cares dude

No. 1008179

Sorry if this wasn’t the right place for it. I understand.

No. 1008208

It's personal cows for a reason. You didn't even sage so you're sperging about nobody caring while bumping the thread

I heard of the t&t shit but never looked into the guy before lmao this will be my read tonight

No. 1008231

ah no I liked his Dead Mall vids, he's pretty local to me so it was fun watching him do locations I recognized

didn't know about his other vids – shame he's a snowflake

No. 1008746

Been watching him on and off, mostly just ADR. Didn't know most of it tho…got more deeds with examples?

No. 1010074

I'm in a discord server with this girl
>very obviously autistic but denies it
>claims to be 'too smart for autism'
>despite dropping out in the 9th grade to be a NEET
>obsessed with elves
>says she should have been born to an elf family completely sincerely
>used to spam selfie channels with pictures of her perfectly round ears, claiming they were elf ears and a clue to her true heritage
>at one point claimed to be switched at birth
>also spammed pictures of an ear infection, claiming that she was more likely to get them because of her frail elven genes
>wrote fanfic of the nostalgia chick and nostalgia critic fighting for her affections
>completely seriously
>in 2020
>also wrote a channel awesome murder fanfiction and a harry potter au
>these were hosted on google docs
>she refuses to use any social media because she was laughed off quotev
>when she was done writing she'd @ everyone and insist we all got on call with her and read them together
>got mad when anyone left the google doc despite narrating it all in serious monotone
>has a server channel dedicated to her posting screenshots of lindsay ellis from old nostalgia chick reviews with no further commentary
The best part? Her friend (? possible relative) owns the server and kicks people if they make fun of / disagree / mildly annoy her.

No. 1010082

File: 1595214086423.jpeg (200.92 KB, 828x608, EC478078-347C-4CE2-80B4-21FE8E…)

mine is a fanatical state legislator

>is in her late twenties but looks about 20 years older

>goes on spergy anti-porn rants and had a bill urging you have pornography declared a public health crisis
>intensely pro-life while claiming to be a champion of women despite publicly shaming other women for their life choices
>her brother runs some weird young republican leadership network using her as leverage to get dumb kids to pay like $500 to meet her and sit at her desk at the statehouse for a few days
>believes masks are anti-god and anti-American
>rumored to sleep with her male aides (19/20 year olds)

No. 1010122

File: 1595225492279.jpeg (24.7 KB, 500x500, D0EB69F8-E9E6-4472-8124-1FFE7B…)

I don’t know if I believe that she’s 26 kek.

No. 1010179

>sleeps with her young assistants.
God I wish that were me, jk but honestly tho I refuse to see cougarism as bad since men do that shit all the time

No. 1010192

kek post the fanfic anon

No. 1010298

yeah I hear you, I think it’s cowish due to her whole schtick of being a holier than thou Puritan who wants to decide what consenting adults do in their bedroom, while she uses her position of power to have sex with subordinates which goes against everything she claims to stand for

No. 1010322

Nah, there’s nothing wrong with any adult sleeping with a younger adult, but employers sleeping with their employees is always a shitty abuse of power.

No. 1012521

this cow from my hometown recently made a desperate attempt at becoming a lifestyle youtuber

>24 years old

>obligatory bpdfag and cutter
>used to post her self harm on tumblr (as an adult)
>calls herself queer and a lesbian while being in a long term straight relationship, lives with her boyfriend and has never dated a girl
>self-proclaimed writer, artist and illustrator
>her art is the kind of tumlbr tier shit you see in the hideous art threads
>just got into a below university aka high school level "art school"
>used to make ukulele videos, now her youtube "content" is a cringefest à la pixielocks 5 years ago full of unfunny "funny edits"

No. 1012568

I hate how small/unheard of youtubers copy the formats established accounts use and expect to get views. SEO is a thing, established accounts can use "oh no I did the thing" undescriptive titles because they already have followers.

No. 1012591

File: 1595698982931.jpg (77.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


My personal lolcow is Nathaniel Harris - he's an aging alcoholic occultist who spends his days accusing his ex partners, parents, ex friends and anyone he dislikes of running a satanic pedophile ring, despite having no evidence and the police telling him to jog on. He also is likely to have committed abuse himself being as his partner's child was removed from their care, possibly due to him grooming the child to say they were abused in order to gain custody. Nathaniel was also denied access to his own child because of this so his campaign against his ex partner and her current partner seems to be because of this vendetta.


He frequently lies in his videos and posts, for example claiming he had a boyfriend named Alex Ferguson who was a member of the band Coil but Alex was murdered by a prolific serial killer, possibly because of his involvement with Coil who he wants to insinuate were involved in SRA - the Alex Ferguson who played guitar for Coil is still alive and well today, having never met Nathaniel Harris.


He's currently courting nutty conspiracy theorists like Shaun Attwood who are happy to ignore the fact they are promoting a genuine child abuser.


No. 1012788

Damn didn't expect to see a Coil-adjacent cow, what a weirdo. I will say he may have a point on Jhonn and Sleazy…that Love's Secret Domain video, they were a little too comfortable there.

No. 1014156


>I survived a failed abortion, scoliosis, alternative parenting, murderous aunts, witchcraft, kidnappers, paedophiles, suspected malaria, traffic accidents, living in squats, French nuns, primary school, bullying, prejudice, stairs, gob-stoppers, domestic violence, migraines, suicidal ideation, hippy festivals, naked pagan rituals, clowns, communes, comprehensive school, green politics, vegetarians, the punk wars, glue sniffing, goth, psychedelic drugs, goblins, experiments in magick, vengeful poltergeist, potential UFO abduction, the threat of global apocalypse, and more.

Well damn. I guess something happened in his childhood to fuck him up and it probably wasn't just the bullying.

No. 1017711

I knew a really annoying girl in high school. She was very snobby about academics and was known for being a fujo. She even got a weeb haircut and wore this godawful lolita dress to school. However, she seethed at me when I got a sports scholarship to an Ivy League school.

She had a mental breakdown after she went to college and still hasn't graduated even though we're in our mid twenties. She was going back to college at her wannabe Ivy school.

Now today I see her post on facebook she's dropping out of college and volunteering through Americorps. Aka getting paid shit wages because you're too incompetent to get a real job. The kicker is she says is doing renewable energy work for some Christian organization. lmao is that even a thing?

No. 1017738

This is petty as hell, sounds like you're upset about high school still. The girl sounds mentally unwell.

No. 1017742

My personal lolcow is my own sister. Everything she does is either to one up someone or for attention. I've posted in the vent thread about her antics but will elaborate here. Her only hobby/passtime is shopping and every time she goes out some sales assistant was bitchy to her (usually accusing her of being fat e.g. "you know that's a size x, right?") or asking if her hair is extensions or her lips are fillers, some guy has an "awkward" interaction with her (e.g. she claims she was buying vitamins which were stocked next to the condoms and the guy next to her was so embarrassed to be seen buying condoms by her that he left after apologising). I have been in and out of hospital and treatments for some major health problems which she "totally understands" because she has asthma, a sooper severe (read: fake) food allergy, and gets sad sometimes so she must have depression, anxiety, and OCD too. Whenever I answer a question about my treatment she talks over me about these problems. SHe didn't want to go to makeup school because she thinks shes too good for it but can't even get an interview for maccas.(blog)

No. 1017752

so you had to rely on athletics to get into a college that you didn’t have the brains for? Haha

No. 1017771

My personal lolcow is an old roommate who came out as mtf trans last year. He was always really awkward, not a lot of friends, and was constantly being an instigating shit stirrer.

Now he's posting his own porn, makes unironic ahegao faces, wears anime outfits and cat ears, calls himself a lesbian… He is seriously one of the biggest AGP stereotypes I have ever seen. It's so fucking funny that a 30 year old man is acting like this.

The best part is that he posts a lot on Reddit and Twitter which gets him a lot of bad attention so I've seen him posted in cringe subreddits and kiwifarms. Usually he makes reference to the cringe posts on his own social media saying they should keep making fun on him because he has a humiliation fetish yikes. All in all it's nice to see someone that made my life miserable when we lived together getting the shit he's getting.

No. 1017829

Why would I be upset about high school? My life is clearly better than her's lmao

No. 1017840

idk ntayrt but they were probably trying to figure out the reason you posted someone so unexceptional in a thread that’s supposed to be about real cows. You can find 24 duplicates of the girl you described in any high school reunion

No. 1017849

People who think "volunteering" is a substitute for having a job are a special kind of cow

No. 1017854

File: 1596616822630.jpg (441.09 KB, 1536x2048, 17017083_1354672644589842_7969…)

not really a personal cow as she was on the media in my country, but i'm in several fb groups with her

>gets her eyes injected with black ink by an unqualified tattoo artist who told her he had medical training and has done 40 such procedures. she neither asks for pictures nor double-checks his claims

>when she loses sight in one eye after the procedure, the tattooist tells her this is normal and she should just take painkillers and apply oak bark compresses, she complies as 'she thought he was an expert' and only seeks medical attention several weeks later
>now blind in one eye and almost blind in the other
>the doctors taking care of her published a case study about her where they said she declined surgery for the resulting cataracts and glaucoma several times, and is extremely poorly compliant with her medication regimen that's supposed to keep her from going completely blind in the eye she has partial vision in
>cries about how she has to learn to live happily despite her disability, as if it wasn't completely her fault
>repeatedly says that nobody who drinks alcohol, eats fast food, or crosses the street on a red light can judge her because 'this is risky behavior too'
>calls everybody who doesn't like her appearance closeminded
>claims she was never a fan of the rapper Popek, who had his eyeballs tattooed before she did, but has multiple selfies taken with him
>her actual name is extremely mundane, but she uses a sooper special pseudonym that isn't even a real name
>militant vegan
>seemingly an animal hoarder
>lately started sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories

No. 1017878


or that it's something useful to put on a resume while unemployed so there aren't any gaps

this girl ain't a cow, you're just bitter over some annoying lolita weeb who didn't lick your boots

No. 1017979

Tbh she's just really insecure because she could only get into school based on sports and not her mind.

No. 1022569

Volunteering means you were too stupid to find a real job lmao. Serves her straight

No. 1022624

File: 1597362450282.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.81 KB, 540x960, 109799803_151525399875346_1416…)

Lea Panks, 19 y/o egirl on tiktok and "weird facebook"

>cringe edgy humor tiktoks and thirst traps

>constantly posts about wanting to die and kill herself in specific ways then deletes everything
>posts attention seeking suicide/ED statuses and edgy rape and domestic abuse memes, spergs out when anyone dislikes it, deletes posts or will block person and post about them
>the only posts she doesn't delete are the ones of her looking like a disgusting pig after being fucked by her bf (who looks like waluigi to me)
>posts hot takes and when confronted with them being problematic or just straight retarded she will sperg, insult, then delete the post. if the person has clout or she skinwalks them at that time, she will kiss ass
>posts her cave occasionally, giving tuna a run for her money
>publicly admits to being bpdfag and stealing her ex-friends personality traits, thinks its cute/endearing and quirky
>made her own fake fanpage on tiktok
>has edits made of her despite being a low performing "micro influencer" on tiktok (she probably made it herself)
>lashes out at random people in bladee facebook groups, tags bf like shes sicking a dog on someone
>boyfriend is just as edgy and disgusting, posting every single detail about their sex life and kinks on facebook

bf: https://www.facebook.com/SadGothKid

i will post screencaps of what is left up on fb in the replies to this.
reply pic is her post-sex in a latex maid cosplay kek, spoiler for cheap fabric and general stank

No. 1022636

File: 1597363762755.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.2 KB, 750x1052, 117755507_300244374751191_4490…)


the depression pit featuring one of the MANY times her knock-off hitachi is pictured

No. 1022637

File: 1597363839431.jpg (62.1 KB, 750x1334, 117752424_302263017543453_9069…)


another obligatory sex drawer post, like I said, constantly flexing how she has sex and you don't, guys.

No. 1022639

File: 1597363946064.jpg (60.02 KB, 750x727, 117925894_851988355332290_3211…)


0 days without mentioning her pussy or how she is gay

No. 1022641

File: 1597364286132.jpg (65.62 KB, 540x961, 117894125_313904956696648_1206…)


here's some actual milk.
she posts a lot of text screencaps. this was of her throwing a tantrum at her mom for something small. it spiraled into her screaming at her mum about giving her BPD and posting statuses every couple minutes complaining before she deleted them. she only left this up, probably for pity later.

No. 1022799

this is so ridiculous i almost think it's fake. imagine her poor mom cleaning up this >>1022636 mess

No. 1022829

My cow is tumblr-migrated lightskin Taylor @sheisresting on Twitter/ @sheiscalm on IG.
>Online 25/8
>Compulsive liar
>Argues with everybody and tries really, really hard to sound more intelligent than she actually is
>Always talks about how she can fight
>5’1, obese
>Chronic mouth breather, doubt she can fold towels easily

I’ve been cringing at her for several years now and I’m not the only one. Yella girls are always so pathological kek.

No. 1023001

this is hardly milky but 'doubt she can fold towels' is hilarious

No. 1023249

I was too lazy to supply specific instances. But if you follow her you know kek.

No. 1026260

File: 1597956923600.jpg (115.32 KB, 1056x1638, barracksbunny.jpg)

This girl probably isn't a cow but she's unique in her milky-ness.

>26 years old, only dates/sleeps with Marines. She claims that she is a proud "barracks bunny" on her social media.

>Has lite-cow qualities - mental disorders, anachan (often posts about wanting to be 70 pounds), extremely attention seeking over the internet, victim complex, thinks she is superior to everyone
>Keeps an excel spreadsheet of the 100+ men she's slept, containing extensive notes of them. Posts screencaps of this on her snap story.
>Only engages with white/white-passing lower enlisted Marines. Obsessed with Germany, has admitted to being a racist and homophobe. Seems to have no personality of her own.
>Claims that deep down in her heart that she's a Marine. Posted a screencap explaining that she would never enlist because Marines don't like "wooks" (term for female marines, women out of the kitchen) and they get kicked out for prostitution.
>Lived homeless/in her car for a few months so that she could live near the Marine base in Oceanside.
>Has unique mental breakdowns when someone breaks up with her. Once posted she just wanted to be someone's "boot" (slang for recently enlisted member of the USMC..not an important detail, just cringy.)
>Most recent breakdown is over her two month boyfriend Kaleb. Has posted his nudes on her public snapchat story, dick and all (gross). During this stint, she posted videos of herself driving while drinking (beer). Posts old photos and screencaps of their chats often. Not really interesting but shows her inability to let go of anything and her unhealthy and abusive nature - threatens suicide and hurting herself.
>Every time she has sex with someone, she posts her location on her snapchat story. Generally a shitty motel. Posts her own nudes while condemning sex workers.
>Was very proud of finally being able to go the Marine Corps Ball with a 19 year old. Posted a ton of pictures in the hotel room but it seems he blocked her on instagram.
>Posts about being a cute korean girl.. but she's just very average and willing to sleep or do anything for a white, young Marine. Very snowflake-y and "not like other girls".
>Claims her mom tried to steal her boyfriend?
>She jumped off the golden gate bridge when she was a teenager and survived. No caps of this but she brings it up in her story every so often.
>Currently at a crisis house in San Diego after being in the hospital for a couple days for who knows what.

She's just a mess.
Attached her instagram which isn't very milky because she deletes posts often.

No. 1028976

File: 1598429689041.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1265, 60C2E1BF-6F3C-4A30-8E89-682B2E…)

Okay, time for my personal cow aince years!

>Emilia, recently turned 20, acts, dresses and looks like she‘s 12

>cosplays with the intention to be the best of which ever character she wants to be and become fame
>built a following of kids but talks about wanting to be a onlyfans tits out cosplayer
>hates everyone with money, no matter if they worked for it or not, but lets mommy pay mad bucks for acting school
>is not talented enough to go to said acting school
>one of THOSE Disney people but hates everyone who goes to Disney when she can not go, blaming it on the pandemic
>goes to several other parks despite of said pandemic
>recently moved out despite never having worked a day in her life and has no idea how to take care of herself/her new home
>thinks she looks like that gay chick from Stranger Things and wants to be her
>hates all men, thinks every man on the planet wants to rape her, cat call her etc
>her face is punchable but that‘s hardly milk
>literally posts on her insta stories that every man wants to rape her
>what the fuck, Emilia, no one wants to rape you
>20 year old virgin lesbian who‘s never had a boy- or girlfriend
>her cosplays and tiktoks (yikes) are medicore at best

No. 1029182

Not discrediting your story about how cringey she is but I find it very hard to believe she jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived, but I looked it up and there are news articles saying that a 16 year old jumped in 2011 and was rescued by 2 people that were out sailing that day. The article doesnt give a name or any info on her, though.

No. 1029912

File: 1598601265762.png (599.54 KB, 543x585, 1.png)

I have a personal cow me and my friends used to know, but when she turned out batshit insane we fucked off as fast as we could. Not posting any of her socials because she barely has any internet presence yada yada.

>A tumblrina landwhale munchie in her twenties claims to have every single chronic illness there is under the sky (self-diagnosed ofcourse).

>Claims to also have every single possible mentall illness.
>Fakes seizures in public spaces.
>Made up sexual abuse stories how she was abused at the age of 6 then changed it to 3. Then suddenly it was multiple people. Said to an actual sexual abuse victim how she was jealous of that person's trauma.
>Self proclaimed "nonbinary" yet calls herself a lesbian. Gets upset if you misgender her though.
>Despite calling herself a lesbian hooks up with men.
>Has shit tier art and tried to sell it. No one bought it.
>Claimed to see ghosts and talk to gods inside her head. Dropped both of these because it didn't give her enough attention.
>Also had a "otherkin" phase where she claimed to be "soulbonded" with an anime character and cried everyday how she can't find her irl.
>Can't hold friendships because everytime ends up copying every single aspect of the other person and acts obsessive and stalkerish.
>Says she hates ddlg yet has been proved to talk about little space and daddies in private.
>Doesn't shower or wash her hair. Claims that unwashed hair is healthier than washed hair.
>Lives at home. Says she is always too exhausted to clean her room. Has molded food on the floor.
>Her family hoards dogs and doesn't walk them outside so there is also animal feces everywhere.
>Comes up with a new identity every week in a same level as Abby Brown does though her reasoning is getting into new friend circles because no one can stand her.

This is her art she tried to sell for 40 dollars. Yeah.

No. 1037840

god, i have so much tea to spill
on a certain high-pitched “voice actor”/youtuber but to reveal who it is would be powerleveling. so i’ll give a little nameless rundown, just to scratch that itch.

>fakes voice (surprised?!)

>panders to lolicon types and despite going full SJW publicly, still panders to and associates with actual pedophiles
>can’t stand to see other girls succeed and will “subtly” neg girls and make fun of them in private to her leagues of male orbiters
>late 20s and has never had a real job
>had fleas.
>probably munchie, or at least was sick very conveniently kek.
>want to repeat that. she had fleas and she is a human being.

feel a lot better now!

No. 1039001

File: 1600143854315.jpeg (3.03 MB, 1000x3894, C7256A94-EDD5-4934-8707-7F52FE…)

Her entire social media is a wreck

No. 1039051

No. 1039063

Kek is that lilypichu or ironmouse

No. 1039341

Neither! This person isn’t spoken about on lolcow for reasons unknown. It might be that people think she isn’t milky, but she is, more so than any other high pitched creep who fakes a little girl’s voice just for men’s attention. And the men she consorts with are all balding simps, she doesn’t have any actual friends, just a bunch of gross men chomping at the bit, desperate for a chance to talk to her, and she uses them as pawns in a game of 3d drama chess. It’d almost be admirable in a way if she could keep her house clean (figuratively and literally, she lives in a fucking pigsty) but she is in constant drama which she probably gets
off on because she feels that she comes out on top. Outwardly it seems like that is true, but deeper within she is on a constant power struggle to maintain her status and identity while never ever being wrong. Her friends are dropping like flies around her because she’s so horrible and they couldn’t keep up the act anymore. She really thinks she has the biggest brain in the room and not just because she looks hydrocephalic kek. She also makes a great effort to look childlike in photos to appeal to her pedophile orbiters.
If that narrows it down any. Kek

No. 1039519

Not gonna post a picture bc for some reason I'm not comfortable w/that, but I'll unload about my personal lolcow, "Rags." Because of Rags, I'll never trust anyone who says they have their BPD under control ever again.

We met in 2011 in Austin, when I was 24 and she was 28. She immediately latched onto me as her bestie (or, gag, "fp") in pure BPD fashion. I thought this was a little weird, because I'm way more reserved when meeting new people, but I just assumed she thought I was really cool and rolled with it.

>She quickly made friends with my already established crew

>She would come to our events and be a loudmouthed tryhard the entire time
>She went all to pieces (as in kicking people, cursing everyone out, or in some instances taking her clothes off) if every single person in the room wasn't focused exclusively on her
>Once, at a party I invited her to, she freaked out because she realized she had cellulite. ((Note: she was 28 years old and behaving like this))
She ran upstairs at a stranger's house, began shrieking & crying and throwing a stranger's possessions around, until I came to comfort her. Not only did my comforting not do anything at all, but she demanded I find all 4 of my single male friends at this party (whom I'd also invited) and make them all come upstairs to tell her she was beautiful and fuckable, one at a time. She was only satisfied after I'd dragged each one away from the party and asked him to come upstairs and do this.
>At another party, she tried to initiate a "group moan"
Everyone was to join hands in a circle with her at the center, and at her direction, all moan at the same time, in order to release our sexual tensions. When I told her I wasn't in the mood to round up the crew and do a group moan at the moment (I just wanted to freaking chill), she called me a bitch, left, and blocked me on social media after sending me a message telling me I was trash. Two days later I got the BPD "sincere apology" and we were friends again. I will never be so naieve again.
>She eventually started dating one of my longtime friends, Mal
She was verbally and emotionally abusive, as well as cheated on him multiple times. Always used BPD as the reason.
>She zeroed in on one of my friends in particular, to bully
Once she took this friend outside & shoved her against a tree because she thought she was concealing secret knowledge that Mal was cheating on her. Plot twist: he never cheated on her. But she was constantly accusing him. Of course.
>She referred to herself as an angel a lot
>Once, at another party, she stood up in the living room, turned off the music, and told everyone they were dumb, boring sluts because none of them had any drugs for her
This was at my good friend's veterinary school graduation party, and I will always regret inviting her to this. Gawd I felt so humiliated.
>At ANOTHER party, she threatened to run off into the woods and kill herself if I didn't stop the music and make everyone watch her perform a dance – RIGHT NOW
Yes, I did this for her because I was a young idiot and didn't want her to run off into the woods and get hurt. I gathered the entire house (about 30 - 40 ppl) and put on her favorite music as she dried her tears and did an interpretive dance for them. After everyone awkwardly applauded, she told me I was her best friend.
>GOD there's so much more

ANYWAY, that's all for now. I have so many more stories about Rags. After the instance where she slammed my friend against a tree, I cut her out of my life, as did all of my crew. This was around 2012.

Fast forward to this year, I run into her at a NYE party and she acts like we're best friends again. I politely say hello, and suddenly she's following me on insta. I follow her because the personal milk never stops flowing.

Thanks for stopping by. If anyone wants to know more, I have more, but if not, at least I got it out there. Rags, stay crazy. Just stay away from me. Forever.

No. 1039605

Nyanners, huh?

No. 1039637


I have my BPD under control, but I hate parties and really dislike being the centre of attention. People who use their mental illness as an excuse for their shitty behavior and don't ever get the wakeup call than their shitty behavior needs to be dealt with in therapy really get to me. It's like a phantom of what I could have been by now.

No. 1039646

That's some fucking horror movie-level shit jfc anon.

No. 1039674

>She referred to herself as an angel a lot

Biggest red flag in this post hands down

No. 1039678

Nyanners is a huge, cringe hypocrite on her own but she doesn't spam her selfies anywhere. Must be someone else. However it will be forever remain a mystery because anon-chan is too much of a pussy to tell the name on anonymus imageboard.

No. 1039692

you kinda sound like a cow yourself for being part of most of this stuff tbh. Why would you let someone do this shit to your friends and keep inviting them?

I feel like a cow is someone you observe, not someone you literally round up an audience for when they demand it.

No. 1039700

Someone who really "has their BPD under control" wouldn't tell everyone that they have BPD.

No. 1039787

Damn I've never wanted to A-log someone so much

No. 1039824

Had someone like this but it was a gay dude. He slapped me when i was drunk because I wasn't paying attention to him, needless to say we stopped talking.
He didn't have BPD (at least not diagnosed) but he grew up poor and I think he had Reactive Attachment Disorder as a kid from being neglected and was sorta sociopathic, as in he stole shit from me all the time, and he lied about the most obvious shit. He said he was born with half an ovary and had surgery on his knees for seemingly no reason. He also said that he was actually rich while we both slept over at his parents' house that had no electricity and was raided by a drug operation while we were at school. This was a few years ago when I was a poorfag and white trash and still in school.
He sucked dick for cheeseburgers too

No. 1039868

Oh geez. You are right, anon.

So I was a sheltered 24 yo trying to not be an introvert anymore, and as a "wise 28 yo," she had me convinced she was gonna "teach me stuff about life" because she came off as a worldly, experienced musician/performer type. YYEEEAHHH. I was an idiot. Basically I was her lackey for about a year bc I was a spineless pushover who always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt. And I really did believe I was helping her with her BPD by convincing my friends to do what she wanted.

In fact, it took the concerted effort of all my good friends to get me to finally drop her. I still thought I should be helping. Vom.

ANYWAY, she now has a "sex positive" insta account which is good for the MASSIVE LOLS considering she is a wrinkled 39 year old. The pictures are top cringe comedy. She also has a 6 year old daughter now, and posts all sorts of dramatic things about her divorced baby daddy. Poor kid.

Also, she gets obsessed over a random man on the internet once every two months on the atomic dot, so I get to read endless cyclical sperges about her falling in sweet sweet BPD love, and then splitting. Calling the guy a mean aboozer. Over and over. Top keks. She's a jewel. She is almost 40 and still a shitty, terrible train wreck as she was in her 20s.

She's actually miserable now. And that makes me feel great because she treated me like shit back in the day. And now I get to watch from a distance!!

No. 1040029


Dude you'd better spill some tea and give us this insta

No. 1040063

Please tell us more, this is incredible. What's the Insta?

No. 1040067

Do you have any screencaps of the excel spreadsheet? Incredible.

No. 1040133

Late but lmao, this is hilarious to me. I don't follow Dan Bell on his socials and don't know anything about him outside of the few Dead Mall/Another Dirty Room videos he posted. I like how I correctly sussed him as a bitter fag, kinda figured with the way he acts around other men and just his general demeanor. The waddling is dead on, in fact I think the reason why he has to add so much synth music to his videos is to replace or drown out his heavy breathing from walking around no doubt.

I always skip over paranormal shit regardless of the youtuber. It's such staged bullshit but people like Dan can't resist because of all the views he pulls from morons who eat that shit up.

No. 1040134

File: 1600303085015.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x2560, 20-09-17-10-32-12-051_deco.jpg)

My personal cow/cringe follow.

> used to skinwalk Avril Lavigne, has moved on to Lacey Sturm

> completely delusional about her singing ability
> sudden jesus freak after a supposed overdose which is suspiciously similar to Lacey's rediscovery of faith
> constant lives singing and crying about jesus
> spammed a Lacey live stream in a desperate bid for attention. Lacey eventually answered, clearly annoyed by the constant spam (skip to 28 minutes);

To be fair she could probably sound decent if she stopped mimicking other people's voices and got proper training, but until then, the delusion is real.

No. 1040140

Lol I can’t tell if that lacy girl is cracking up throughout her whole answer because she’s a fraud, because Angela or whoever is a sperg, or both.

No. 1040212

I'm gonna go with the fact that Angells is a sperg. Lacey was the front woman for Flyleaf, a Christian rock/metal band, she is genuinely Christian so I can't imagine it's a front. In the stream, sad that I didn't get caps, Angelle was spamming every 30 seconds the exact same question.

No. 1040280

File: 1600336358821.jpg (966.98 KB, 1920x2560, 20-09-17-19-52-15-066_deco.jpg)

Wait, I have an update. I can't tell if this is some kind of breakdown or a cult.
Also RUN because the big man upstairs has self immolated and is coming for you.

No. 1040504

File: 1600368134911.jpg (337.85 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_20200917-134058_Goo…)

There's already some spiritual healing albums. And I doubt her skin walking ass actually believes. Oldest gimmick is old.

No. 1040534

My personal lolcow's greatest hits
>Was a fairly successful woke journalist, constantly fighting on twitter with trolls who didn't like her articles
>Had to take a "year medical leave" because she burnt out and couldn't meet deadlines
>Year off subsidised by mommy and daddy, who paid for her rent, international travel and designer clothes, but such a poorfag you guyzz
>Simultaneously addicted to grandstanding and hilariously sensitive about any pushback
>Got ”actual diagnosed PTSD" after fighting in a Feminist Facebook group and getting kicked out
>Shut down another group because she complained about her maid using her perfume (classic poorfag problems) and freaked out when nobody coddled her about it
>Posts crytyping "MY CAT IS MISSING OMG" status every other week, gets loads of sympathy and shares, cat always reappears a few days later. Never does anything to prevent cat escaping.
>Could not go a single conversation without bringing up her "toxic ex" and getting on the verge of tears about how terrible she was
>Has strong rural/hick accent and a lisp but convinced she will be an amazing audiobook narrator and podcaster, always about to start a podcast wAtCh tHiS sPaCe
>Held up a flight by boarding late, told the security she overslept and he said ”oh you overslept” back at her, proceeds to have public freakout because she misheard him and thought he said ”you deserve a slap”, freakout amplified by everyone saying she was in the wrong
>Total lesbian but keeps fucking guys on Tinder (I guess bisexual doesn't fit her brrrraaanddd)
>Still thinks it's edgy and fresh to fuck married men, is a victim of slut shaming when people don't praise her for it
>Cycles through friends and has dozens of ”we were soulmate besties but then she went crazy and started abusing me and gaslighting me for no reason, I went no contact for my own safety" stories
She's tame as far as cows go but I get a weird satisfaction keeping up with her because I feel like I could be her if I was born with no self awareness and a victim complex

No. 1040599

2 personal cows for me :)

Person one:
>victim complex
>always acts like shes going to get murdered because shes Jewish when she lives in a very liberal state
>Tik tok egirl
>Actively shit-talks people online
>cries and says she has PTSD when u call her out
>Homophobic because of "trauma"

Person 2:
>Raging alcoholic but doesnt want to get help because "alcoholism is cool"
>hangs out with minors and gives them drugs and alcohol
>gave a 14 year old xans, 14 year old overdosed
>wants to fuck someone who is in jail for murder, claims hes "Innocent" when clearly not
>grade 10 education at 24 years old, never worked a day in her life
>acts like its still 2014 tumblr
>pro ana
>fetishizes native americans
>racist (:))

No. 1040619

I know a guy who is a sperg and a p*rotestant.

He also cant tie his shoes.

No. 1040684

Lol complaining about the maid wearing the same perfume and thinking you're poor. Very special

No. 1040764

> ‘watch this space’
don’t you mean wathch thith thpace anon

No. 1040873

That gave me a hearty kek anon
Actually reminds me that one of her hobbies is hyping up that she's going to do volunteer work (that never happens), she was obsessed for a while about reading to the blind or old people (when I heard this I almost laughed in her face because picturing blind people cringing at her voice was overwhelming, like she'd probably get walkouts)

I think some lisps can be passable but she has chronic shout-voice on top of it, she has no indoor voice and she's proud of it because one time a hard of hearing person complimented her for speaking loudly and clearly

Imagine getting that compliment and not clicking that you're probably talking too loud for those with average hearing omfg

She even tried to backpedal and say if it was a cheaper perfume it'd be fine (she has a large collection) but the maid used her vErY thPeCiAl limited edition expensive perfume that had a LoT oF thEnTiMeNtAl vAlUe tO hEr

No. 1040917

File: 1600424017203.png (1.08 MB, 590x550, kesuban.png)

IG: officialketsuban

>moved a lot, international lifestyle, seems to come from a rich family

>known for her rap covers on YouTube
>releasing new music soon
>was in a relationship (?) with Drew Monson
>got into some drama with aforementioned dude because he’s “close with” Shane Dawson, whom she dislikes for how he “used racism in a very inappropriate way”
>posted a video of herself singing a weird song about how she’s biracial and constantly has to endure racism as a Fijian Indian
>”I had to come out as biracial”
>provocatively dropped the n-word during the song but it’s okay because she’s only white passing >>>/snow/1028972
>more drama about her telling some girl to kill herself
>even more drama about her ex, who allegedly is the son of Bon Scott from AC/DC, threatening to kill her
>broke up with Drew Monson during a full mental breakdown >>>/snow/1028978
>seems to have dated at least one guy since breaking up with Drew a month ago, also resulting in drama
>constantly picks fights and posts it all over her Instagram, daily rants in her IG story
>generally full of herself
>possibly bipolar

I've posted about her in the Instagrammers You Hate thread before, but this thread is better suited.


No. 1040934

File: 1600426163885.webm (13.86 MB, 724x1280, kero.webm)

Her current IG story (ranting about her friend's house mate): https://streamable.com/kkzcu2

No. 1041033

Her most recent cover. It's pretty bad.

No. 1041115

Who wears a mask outside when they are walking around alone in a park? Lol

No. 1041127

What an amazingly stupid nitpick. Sage next time.

No. 1041143

I thought about it and I'm not a pussy anymore. Yeah it's Nyanners lmao. I have so much to say about that bitch but what I said is the general gist of it, (albeit with a ton of details missing, incredibly embarrassing/disgusting/funny-in-a-tragic-way details.) I'd love to drop more but I honestly don't even know where I'd start. She's attempting to be a V-tuber so maybe as her popularity rises, the perfect opportunity to expose her will arrive. Her pretending she isn't into loli shit is hilarious especially if you've seen her private blogs. She loves asshole. She's like obsessed with butt stuff and lolis and to pander to a newer audience she has to play the role of the ~*~sweet uguu~*~ but Woke girl and it isn't who she is at heart. Also want to say that she absolutely hates lilypichu kek, wouldn't be surprised if she's all over that thread because she is incredibly threatened by other girls and she does not play it off well at all. It doesn't really matter much though because all her fans are disgusting 4chan pedophiles or nutless beta orbiters (two sides of the same coin) and she makes those same people be her mods and personal army. And there are people she talks to that are known pedophiles. As in, there are many documented experiences with a couple people in particular that she has in her "inner circle". She thinks she has everything under control but it's all going to come out sometime and I cannot wait. It's obnoxious seeing her on her high horse and I can't wait until she falls off of it.

No. 1041194


bless you for coming thru, anon

No. 1041226

Anon-chan, its an amazing take but is there any chance you can post proofs? I am really tired of seeing people on vrtuber thread being too much of pussies to post any kind of screenshot, so they just do nothing and try making up shit. Sure, your stuff is believable, but this is an imageboard, not PULL.

No. 1041998

File: 1600588715898.png (3.04 MB, 2322x1510, insanity.png)

>mallgoth in her late 20's-early 30's claiming to be deeply in love with a character from a movie for kids, fully devoted to him and her fuck pillow, has a tattoo of him on her leg, other degrees of devotion im sure aren't detailed by her deviantart page

>describes in graphic detail of her love for this character and draws porn of said character and her mary sue self insert, having imaginary mary sue kids, claims she talks to him, he protects her, he asked her to marry him and wears a cheap ring from wish as her wedding ring etc, all that lunacy

>constantly bragging about her career as a tattoo artist and claims that the imaginary dickings she has with him helped develop her career, claims her profile on instagram has over 15000 followers

>art is ok but not amazing, any other character that isn't her imaginary boyfriend looks like it could be drawn by a weeaboo middle schooler, all others look heavily referenced, if not traced, art i have a hard time believing that would make her as successful as she claims to be

>deviantart account dripping with tard cum from spergs horny for the same character, but constantly asserts herself as his "real" wife. very clear she's jealous of another self insert artist with 1 million some odd pageviews, got into a catfight with them waifu-ing her fake husband, and got banned because of it. inanely threatened by fandom shit and by other spergs

i've poked around some tattoo shops and skimmed over some art portfolios on instagram just to see if i could find her and get an idea of where she was and if she was actually employed and successful. she seems like a histrionic time bomb and isn't terribly milky, but something about a 30-year-old woman obsessed with a fictional villain and having imaginary kids with him won't get old to me

No. 1042007

What is it with this character? I've seen so many autistic womanchildren simp over him and ship their self-insert OCs with him that it's baffling. It's a fucking cartoon villain from a movie for kids. It's not even a good movie. He's not even good looking. Jesus.

No. 1042167

ntayrt but lmfao that's the villain from the osmosis jones movie

No. 1042703

My ugly pickme friend is
She is ugly so the thinks that male attention is a compliment and that other women should be flattered like she is. She said she was surprised when a man asked for her number on the bus once. Barf.
>Has no friends
Besides my friend group (we aren't really her friends) she is friends with a tranny. Again, barf. She's really pathetic.
>Religious even though she wasn't raised that way
Fucked up and delusional.
>Thinks that feminism is overrated
>Has stupid political opinions
This is despite me telling her how shit tier they are
>Has a terrible job
She makes minimum wage despite having a college degree and seethes over my career
>Constantly sticking up for scrotes

No. 1042705

You literally posted this in /ot/ already, give it up butters

No. 1042714

Am I right in thinking this character doesn't just have multiple 3D human wives but they fight viciously over him?

No. 1042740

You sound horrible and miserable lol

No. 1042744

File: 1600715640835.png (63.48 KB, 143x297, Kira_Bucketface_Today_as_Jolyn…)

I don't personally know her, but anybody remember rina-chan AKA Kira Buckland? She basically was an old newgrounds attentionwhore who started a bunch of dramu and would get pissy at nobody wanting her to voice act in their animations. Also found it pretty funny how the pre-anime jojo fandom hated her because, surprise, she was an attention whore and voiced in some really shitty manga dubs.

No. 1042748

Is this the new copypasta?

No. 1042749

That’s what I thought too, though.

No. 1042769

Why? It's somehow better to be a religious, friendless pickme?

No. 1042770

Instead of replying here why don’t you go post your face in the confessions thread, we’re all waiting for you obsessive-chan

No. 1042776

Why do you hang out with someone you hate? Do you not have other options?

No. 1042784

pic one, and the other applies to you

No. 1042791

Sounds like something a pickme would say

No. 1042793

She's desperate for friends so me and my friends keep her in our friend group for laughs. And she keeps reaching out to me because she honestly believes we are bffs. I like to keep a cow around for the milk like everyone else in this thread.

No. 1042797

Congratulations, you are a bigger loser than your cow.

No. 1042814

Literal sociopathy

No. 1042818

Just post the milk you keep bragging about and leave.

No. 1042832

random girl from my school system is a huge bitch. HUGE bitch. Bullied an ex boyfriend literally to the point of him transferring out of school. guilt trips constantly, constantly talking shit behind peoples back, shoplifted for fun etc. Spent the last 2 years of high school in the fucking loony bin, coming out only to fuck random coke dealers no one knew lived in the area. Also drank lean like a total faggot. Anyway, everyone but her graduates, and she gets a shitty job at starbucks, but i guess it wasn't enough money to support whatever drug she was on at the time habit, because she opens a onlyfans. Here's the problem: she's a big boned bitch. never truly fat, but built like a milk carton. Add her stage 4 hemorrhoided asshole and you have the truly nightmarish nudes that she posts on asiansgonewild as a twisted "advertisement". https://www.reddit.com/r/AsiansGoneWild/comments/eklcpa/fill_me_up_please/ archive: http://archive.today/LC5Bn

i heard from someone she used to be a furry too but no receipts there

No. 1042834

File: 1600728582285.png (11.36 KB, 417x24, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 5.49…)

What kind of milk could I show? She's pretty dead on social media b/c she doesn't have any friends. Here's one of her reddit posts I screencapped though

No. 1043396

this is long, but i think it checks all the boxes

>call center bitch job, go to meet newest crop of new hires

>one is a portly 20s-ish NEET-looking girl, overweight with unfortunate fat distribution, wearing multiple pieces of merch from a mainstream anime. her cheap wig, a lacefront worn at bangs-height, matches one of the main characters. so does the rest of the color scheme of her outfit, which borders on work inappropriate. her bright eyeshadow looks finger-painted and her lipstick is an unflattering costume color. this is her proud first impression on her first day at her new job.
>she introduces herself, her name is a portmanteau of the first and last names of two different minor characters from this anime; it's her legal name, which she paid to have changed
>her fun fact about herself is her love for this anime
>farmer senses tingle, "hey newbie i like x anime too", grounds of friendship is struck
>soon after, she sees me drawing in the break room, "oh anon i draw too". she does fanart. i already know that it's going to be fanart of that anime. i do not expect it to be a graphic drawing of a major slash pairing from that anime, as lewd as it is crudely drawn. it's awful, so i have to have more, so i pretend to like it. she tells me the account she posts art under for me to follow it.
>look at it later; it's all horrible 2005-deviant-art tier cliche anime digital art of this pairing. it's hilariously terrible in both concept and execution. most of it includes incest, abdl/ddlg, mpreg, all kinds of gross fetish stuff. some of it is straight up hilarious, like a comission for someone's disney mascot suit fetish (for the record, it was donald and goofy, the worst of an already bad set of options).
>she's extremely proud of this art, takes her small but devoted fanbase to mean she can build a career off of this art, and it's openly associated with her real name and all over her social media for anyone to find.
>the other piece of her online presence is poorly-animated rant videos where she defends her very OOC interpretation of her favorite pairing and trashes anyone who disagrees with her or dislikes the series in any way. she takes every comment that isn't licking her ass extremely personally and will rant for hours about it to anyone who will listen.
>her art averages 80-100 likes and tops out around 800-1000, videos get 15 views and ratio'd into the ground/comments full of trolls. she unironically posts things on twitter like "i get asked often why i'm not more famous and to that i say; send my pages to your haters so i get more fans then", which she'll then screencap and post again on her other social media pages with a sassy "OOP" sort of comment at her own retort.
>also makes art with terribly cliche OCs that are basically recolors of her favorite pairing, gets no likes on them. is convinced that she can launch a successful graphic novel series about them, which is a pretty direct ripoff of the anime (think twilight, but even more derivative and cliche). "ive gotten 500,000 likes all time on my art, now i just have to monetize my fanbase" is a common refrain
>of course, like any good weeb, dreams of moving to japan. not just moving to japan though, of moving to the exact town that the anime is set in, in a home resemblant of the character she skinwalks's. she knows no japanese and has no practical knowledge of how to move to another country. she treats this like a goal she'll complete in the next 6 months, she just needs a passport and a job there is all. she banks on selling her OC graphic novels as her new career abroad.
>also like any good weeb, drops plenty of japanese and japan references in random conversations, always wants to talk about it, thinks its the dream land, prefers japanese products, etc
>starts getting brave at work and dressing like one of the characters in her fav pairing, the genderbent and slutty version. on a dress-up corporate morale day, she wore a cheap taobao seifuku that was a size too small for her. she whined about having to wear leggings underneath it because she would be getting so much male attention without it desu.
>became obsessed with a coworker who looked like the other half of her favorite pairing. he was the office bicycle, so she had a chance at it, actually. he started to bite, but she was practically in love with him from afar by that point and quickly showed him all of her creepy artwork, telling him that he resembled the character. he still stuck with it at that point, but she ended up scaring him off when she started drawing art that was supposed to be the two of them (as these kawaii yaoi bois) and showing it to him at work. he told her that he wasn't allowed to have a personal email address and couldn't give her his phone number because of his wife at home (true, he was openly cheating) and used that to ghost her.
>she thinks she's extremely beautiful (she sees the character in the mirror, i guess) and decides that it really was his evil wife's fault. she moves onto the other office bicycle, successfully contains herself long enough to get laid (which she told me about in graphic detail, unprompted and unwanted, of course; he had a hilarious pegging/sissy fetish at least), then gets ghosted by him too. she decides she hates him, starts talking mad shit, finds out that actually most of the women in the office hate him, then backpedals swiftly like a good pickme when he likes a single one of her social media posts.
>since is dating internet weirdos from her fanbase in japan as part of her plan to move there.

this has a happy ending though, at least, which is why im finally posting it after years of being friends with her for the laughs.
>her fandom had some drama that went against the only part of her personality that doesnt involve this anime
>she went quiet for a few months creatively and talked about changing her name because of the negative association
>in the end decided to keep her weeby name and plans to go to japan, but is finally looking up visas and figuring out how to do it correctly.
>she recently found a lead on a job there and is talking to a girl who lives there who would help her if she moved
>she decided to leave the fandom for good and focus on her original work and actually becoming a serious graphic novelist

high hopes she un-cows, but we'll see.

No. 1043404

aw, I like the happy (so far) ending

what the hell anime was it that she would butcher her name so horribly for it

No. 1043407

ah, i don't want to say because it might tie back to her. she doesnt deserve to be bullied, she's just a narcissistic idiot weeb. i will say that the name is something that could sound like another ethnicity besides japanese (which is still not her ethnicity, but makes it a little less weird).

No. 1043445

Ntayrp but I honestly doubt that it would tie back to her at all and I'm really curious too, I'd love the name of the anime so I could at least picture it correctly in my mind kek

No. 1043446

ah fine… it's BNHA

No. 1043457

Oh geez… who were the two characters? Green haired Main character and explosion boy, or green haired main character and uraraka? Excuse me I don't know anything about that show

No. 1043536

OT but I love your narrative style.

No. 1044882

> obsessed with me, recently bought a wig to match an old hairstyle (in return, i grew out my hair and dyed it again)
> skinwalked me for two years
> has manipulated every single person in our old friend group for sexual favors (thats like, 8-10 people)
> would cry for several hours about how "ugly she was" in an attempt to get me to compliment her. i didnt compliment her because i dont like to lie.
> hideous face, square with shrek from fiona facial features.
> fridge body with uncanny pear shape
> obligatory ddlg little
> posts risque pictures from the age of 14 on her public ig her family members follow
> when she apologizes, she goes full ddlg speak
> fucking embarrassing in public. constant attention whore schemes and is unable to speak properly with others.
> exhibitionist, a child has walked in on her before
> pretended i abused her when she emotionally manipulated me for two years straight because of jealousy
> constantly touched me knowing i didnt want her to come near me. extremely affectionate and lovebombed me every two seconds
> hated me 2 seconds later if people paid more attention to me. leading to screaming for no fucking reason
> claims i tried to steal men from her. im a lesbian.
> went back to her ex-boyfriend a dozen times, then cries and physically assaults a friend because "she was upset"
> obvious histrionic, willingly gives men her address so theyll stalk her.
> puts her family and friends at risk in attention-whoring schemes.
> violent, overall dangerous to be around
> thinks because shes easy shes "impossible to not fall in love with uwu" but in reality its because of her manipulative tendencies
> tried to attack my old friend… for being my old friend… because she was jealous…
> catcalls, gropes, noncon, etc and gets away with it everytime cuz muh breakup
> shittalks her best friend constantly while she claims shes "the best person shes ever had" because shes just as bad as her
> posts ddlg pink anime aesthetic pictures
> fakes a ghetto accent because she lived in poor areas for a few years when she was extremely young (like, infant young)
> …she lives in the suburbs
> skinwalks absolutely everyone she is friends with, to a point she has absolutely no substance. her only personality trait is her repetitive violence
> claims her breakup was more traumatizing than anything ive been through, when i told her it definitely wasnt she told me "you think you have it worse than everyone else and u invalidated me" despite the fact she'd tell me to get over horrible things that happened to me "because they happen to everyone"
i'd go on but im kinda paranoid. this has got to be one of my worst experiences.

No. 1044946

Any updated username? It says profile not found.

No. 1045083

> pretended i abused her when she emotionally manipulated me for two years straight because of jealousy

Only a cow could write this sentence unironically

No. 1045157

You can tell when a cow is writing.

Ding ding ding

No. 1045355


Villain characters with nice voices from children's movies always attract sows like this. There's another one who's drawn an entire comic based around her self-insert and this guy.

No. 1046161

My personal lolcow who is a tranny just claimed that she got a new DID identity who is an unempathetic boy who likes murder and blood, and now it has his own tag on their tumblr and reblog american psycho gifs

No. 1046173

File: 1601177555866.jpg (88.91 KB, 500x667, tumblr_b1114b7d721be3ca64ff1c9…)

No. 1046207


lmao anon, DID cows who basically just create oc’s and claim to be them will never not be hilarious to me. what compels them to claim mental illness rather than just making the OC itself, i’ll never know.

No. 1047783

File: 1601362871857.gif (247.08 KB, 375x766, tkjNBGV.gif)


She's been a personal lolcow for a while. I found her on tumblr while looking for cute art. Thought it was just cutesy pink stuff until I found her dreamwidth.

>Has obessive, Nemu-style crushes on the ventroloquist dummy from Goosebumps, Chuckie, King Candy, Flippy, Sideshow Bob, etc

>Fiercely defends pedophilia and lolicon
>obsessed with "sticking it to the trolls and sjws" with her art, can't seem to understand that people can dislike it for reasons beyond rabid fangirlism
>To her, anyone who criticizes her art is either a sjw or a rabid fangirl of one of her cartoon crushes
>generally acts like a edgy 12 deviantartist despite being well into adulthood
>Nazi fetish

The only thing keeping her from a thread is that she generally keeps to herself. She's reactive and milky enough.

No. 1047802

He's not the most interesting cow but I'm watching him from the distance, waiting for this dude to slowly become a dumpster fire.

>is a lolicon but is in denial.

>publicly posted a private gc message on his fb, where his family can see the post, that says, "if he can't get it on or date an underage girl then he's going to date someone that looks underage" with a caption that denies this.
>was happy that he was finally playing a loli girl in a fantasy game.
>keeps posting about his crush not giving him attention. even teasing to show who his crush is.
>studies at a film school after graduating IT and have his mom funds his tuition, apartment, his cosplay photography career, and cons expense.
>can't do cleaning, cooking or basic housework and eats out almost daily, eating takeout once a day during quarantine. his diet had led him getting surgery two years ago but he hasn't changed his diet after that. posted that he hasn't done any laundry and was wearing the same clothes for days now.
>has an anime or emo hair with a large side bang to hide on eye.
>hates being called brother or the likes but is okay with being called onee-san or sister.
>thinks he's hot shet because he reads light novels, underrate or unknown manga and anime and calls others normies.
>was outrage by some anime dude getting attention from girls (kambe daisuke from billionaire detective balance:unlimited) and calling them simps and all that but is now proudly simping for vtubers and cosplayers.

No. 1049030

File: 1601532044934.jpeg (7.22 MB, 3264x3264, C694D7BC-975F-4F75-A689-A0A154…)

Newfag so I hope I’m posting right but this girl I hung out with a couple times years ago, allydrecshler on Instagram does terrible make up, is super obsessed with herself. She’s started a tiktok now so that’s funny lol idk if she’s milky enough for y’all but I find her cringey af

No. 1049035

File: 1601532396324.png (330.91 KB, 357x369, n.PNG)

She kinda looks like Luna tbh. I'm a chubby chaser so I'm bias but she could clean up okay, if she washed her filthy hair

No. 1049036

File: 1601532420635.jpeg (6.48 MB, 3264x3264, 38D8B2B1-28C6-465F-9054-676D21…)

Another cringey girl who just made an onlyfans looks like she doesn’t bathe, doesn’t wear makeup and has no ass or tits to shake but still tries to. She’s full of herself and not all there tbh, smokes weed all day and took her 3 extra years to graduate high school, still can’t drive. Ashleyenergyy on Instagram and I think ashleyits on onlyfans

No. 1049038

Ally also has really shitty tattoos one of a spider and she gets them done at shitty places lol

No. 1049323

I have 2:

One is Tracey Barbie. She has a couple of threads on here but they are not active.

>Was on Catfish and Dr. Phil. On Catfish she stole some girl's name and profile picture and cyberbullied people using the alias. When the team and the girl that was catfished met her they saw that she went batshit after her dad died.

>Was on Dr. Phil for her shit and posting photos of her with the caption "being raped felt amazing."
>Has been doing the same shit for over 5 years
>Has always been obsessed with Miley Cyrus and Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom
>Has been banned from multiple social media sites but keeps making new accounts. She is currently on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Liveme.
>Makes videos and posts constantly and says how she is never tired
>Constantly talks about how she wants to date and fuck hot sexy white guys
>Says that she's tan and not black despite her parents being from Ghana
>Made numerous videos of her screaming and swearing at her mother
>Has teeth rotting out because she says she doesn't like to brush her teeth and she doesn't like to bathe
>Has said that she's fucked 56 white guys unprotected
>Started giving blowjobs to men when she was 16
>Usually dates white, redneck trash
>Says that she never has the guys pull out and only has unprotected sex
>Says on the first dates that she wants to get married and pregnant
>Constantly lies about being pregnant
>Makes videos of her eating food with her hands and smearing sauce all over her mouth, farting, talking about how she's on her period and how bloody and fishy it smells, and how she needs to shit. She also talks about her bloody periods to her dates in public.
>Makes videos of her dancing and screaming around her Section 8 apartment complex outside, fights with neighbors and people constantly
>Begs on Tik Tok for money to get weaves, to buy her "stupid mother" a birthday present, for food/Starbucks, etc. When she gets money she asks for more
>Calls her fans "ugly bitches" and "uglies"
>Talks to herself, will say something like "did you see what he did?" to herself then replies "yeah I saw that"
>Got married in 2016 to some eastern European man who was only in it for the green card. They are still married and he still pays for everything.
>Constantly gets into fights with him, including physical fights. Screams at him for being fat and not giving her money.
>She is now dating a white trash welder named Zak from Virginia
>Zak's friend called her a "monkey," "baboon," "n*gger," etc. and he jokingly called her a slave
>She says he's not racist and still wants blonde and white babies with him
>Gets angry when Zak doesn't text or call her and complains about it on social media
>Says that her haters are fat, ugly bitches and jealous of her
>Got into a fight with an IHOP waitress last night because the waitress told her to wear a mask. Tracey kept on criticizing her and called the waitress a bitch and Mexican trash. One of the other waiters kept on yelling at her and they kicked Tracey and her bf out of the restaurant.
>Tracey says that they were just jealous because she was dating a white guy

No. 1049331

The second one isn't as interesting but whatever:
>Currently a Reddit user that spams Reddit on multiple accounts about being strangled by male nerd thighs
>Has subreddits dedicated to male nerd thighs
>Spammed the Superjail subreddit about the Warden and being strangled by his nerd thighs
>Also spanned a bunch of other subs constantly, like r/confession, about being strangled by nerd thighs, but keeps getting their accounts deleted or suspended
>Recently did a shitty AMA about how they've been spamming other websites for 12 years about nerd thighs, sites like Yahoo Answers, DeviantArt, Quora, conspiracy forums, etc. Yahoo Answers users were sick of his shit too. Posts as early as 2010/2011 can be found just by searching for nerd thigh strangle.
>Has their own Discord about nerd thighs. Nothing interesting really goes on there except talks about nerd thighs constantly.
>Most likely an FtM troon, and their "boyfriend" is also an FtM who packs and shows pictures of his thighs and "bulge"

No. 1049380

Forgot to post the video from IHOP

No. 1049400

the amount of times you wrote out "nerd thighs" had me cackling ngl

No. 1049492

Oh god I remember this person. I always assumed they were a troll who didn't realize how weird their persistence was. There's so many hilarious posts you can find from googling "nerd thighs."
>Nerd thighs are beautiful because they are hairless, white, creamy like feta cheese, and muscular and powerful.

No. 1049527

This is so familiar. What's their username?

No. 1049592

File: 1601592403268.jpeg (32.78 KB, 638x761, luh5.jpeg)

>tumblr famous girl by the name lawfulgrunge/Livia Volkov (not her real name)
>mutual friends with my bf at the time
>pretty girl, but photos were obviously shopped
>me and her talk sometimes and I get a strange vibe
>bf gradually reveals her grand life story as told to him by her
>she was poisoned by her mother as a child and needed a liver transplant; raped by her father; had cancer; had an ex who died; worked as an elite hacker that took child porn rings down and took a work trip to Russia; did runway modelling.
>her last post on tumblr was asking for donations for a hysterectomy after developing "growths."
>found an article she wrote about being blind for a year??
>I found her sister on Facebook after my bf told me her real name and was just like "what the fuck?"
>Sister said "oh yeah, this happens all the time, it's super annoying. None of it's true, she's a super privileged neet with uber wealthy parents that's never had anything bad happen to her. Our parents pay for her to stay in an apartment in New York just because she wants that."
>lots of confrontations are had with most people obviously believing she was bullshitting but some people firmly believing she was truly a suffering waif.
>confronted her and she tried to blame it on DID because of fucking course.

No. 1049724

They have/have had multiple different usernames. Here is what seems to be their latest one:

Here are some others:



Here are the subreddits:


Just look up "nerd thigh strangle" on Reddit and you will find the person posting from different accounts and some have been deleted or suspended. She calls herself "gay" and only likes men but I'm pretty sure on one of her accounts she admitted that she and her bf are FtM troons.

No. 1049728

Meant to also post the other sub: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueThighsexual/

No. 1050370

I think the nerd thighs poster is at least 2 people. The FtM mod "nerdfucker69" is apparently 18, and if it's been going on since 2012, that sounds unlikely.
The other one is the sockpuppet spammer.

No. 1050866

That makes sense.

No. 1051092

File: 1601767599812.png (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 1280x960, 0A1BEA0C-0D0C-45AA-A24A-C2EC6A…)

seeing someone devolve into a cow in real time is the most depressing shit

case in point is this woman i followed on tumblr years ago who i liked because she would make charming little watercolor pictures/comics of chibi characters

then all of a sudden she went off the fucking deep end, constantly virtue signalling all over the place about how white people are satan (despite being white as chalk herself with nsfl selfies of her doublechin to prove it), drawing japanese anime characters as obese black women and throwing around pedo accusations at randos like kissinger bombing cambodia along with her little clique of trannies.

currently she’s married to an agp troon who makes a living off of youtube letsplay videos and spends all day inside on social media and creating “art” like… whatever the fuck pic related is

No. 1051111

i just write like shit kek i was kinda annoyed at the time of writing so it should became word salad, shouldve been in vent thread

No. 1051118

‘throwing around pedo accusations at randos like kissinger bombing cambodia’ KEK holy shit. i’d love to hear more about this cow!

No. 1051271

kek please let this be a self portrait.

No. 1051458

File: 1601814662545.png (551.55 KB, 1000x1000, 57A1C5FF-D46B-4FF9-8D58-0895A3…)

i’m not good at writing about cows but here’s some more stuff off the top of my head

>wrote a callout post for someone over their cum inflation/pregnancy fetish due to “transphobia”

>possibly trooned out her cat (pic related)
>constantly talking about how oppressed she is for being a fatass
>obsessed with us politics despite being finnish and injects them into everything at every opportunity. for instance she drew fanart of ghibli characters saying something along the lines of “fuck trump and fuck white people”
>either in her 30s or close to it, sits on her ass all day playing video games/eating/bitching on tumblr/being a leech to society. female equivalent of a neckbeard
>makes blatant fat fetish art in the name of feminism and social justice

tldr she’s a (literally) massive dramawhore and artcow and there’s much more bs from her i can’t remember right now

No. 1051485

more proof that being fat/obese actually damages the brain

No. 1051491

File: 1601819246488.jpg (69.55 KB, 900x984, 900_MENG-LU_laughing cat.jpg)

>possibly trooned out her cat
What an absolute cow.

No. 1051614

I thought this was someone I followed (almost as cringe) but thank god it wasn't.
is it kogasana? I can't find her twitter

No. 1051628

>trooned out her cat
My personal cow claimed her cat was autistic. She’s also Finnish tumblr trash but grew up in the states

No. 1051773

Oh my god, why does that sound familiar

No. 1051775

Kerro mistä tän löytää :D

No. 1051779

Handle jakoon pliis

No. 1051785

File: 1601850400608.png (346.33 KB, 1280x1024, 347B4693-2377-40C5-BB75-5CFCCB…)

No. 1051828

File: 1601856175137.png (691 KB, 1000x766, tumblr_b6ab18cfec8c8214b470333…)

kek no fucking way I knew this art was familiar

No. 1052165

>>1051785 browsed her tumblr / her partner's tumblr briefly, it seems kogasana fucked off of twitter, probably for a good reason. Shame though, I would have liked to have a laugh at her tweets. Let us know if she appears under a new handle

No. 1052185

This legit looks like that American cosplayers vs Japanese cosplayers meme.

No. 1052452

I dont think my cow has that much of an online presence but ive known her since high school drama club
>Multi-racial decent, not entirely self hating but isnt far from those hapacels(?)
>mutuals have said shes borderline but shes yet to post about it officially; only seeing a therapist
>Over weight and looks MTF; during her club/raving days ( years ago) people would praise her for her gogo outfits.
>her friends have gotten praise for being "such an amazing LGBT ally" when tagged in clubs social media photo posts because she looks trans when she does makeup
>in high school she never had a boyfriend but instead leeched onto girls. Spoiled her "best friend"s; basically could only keep friends by buying them. Kept them all apart and made them hate each other as she cycled through them back and forth.
>would try to get them into homoromantic situations and would end friendships when friends didnt play well enough along
>shes attempted to be a disney insta person, employed at disney twice, did the disney college program twice (summer at world and normal semester at land)
>met 1st husband in vegas for her birthday when she went with her family (as she alienated friends in one of her borderline cycles)
>got married within a week to a sad overweight dude in the military "for benefits" and out of fear of being alone
>shit obviously didnt work; she claims he was compulsive liar but one of the best friends posted how she was actually cheating on this husband. This post comes up on the first page when you google her name.
>Moves across country for a new start
>Instantly meets dude at her new job. Starts getting serious/moves in together while the divorce is taking place.
>got married to dude 2 months after divorce is finalized (kept a secret but later accidently posted about it)
>claims it was again for benefits (medical, school, tax etc)
>has habit of adopting animals only to abuse them and abandon them
>now has pure breed dog; spoils it while the other pets are dumped at grandparents and parents
>Covid hits; both of them lose their jobs
>talks mad shit and ruins more friendships because friends were still traveling in march before major shut downs because "THIS IS SERIOUS"
>move across country in the height of the shutdowns to be with eldery grandparents because "who knows; i want to see them living incase this virus takes them too".
>takes the dog on a road trip for two days to a closer airport that will fly them to the airport of their grandparents.
>grandparents are in an area that requires everyone quarantine for 2 weeks as soon as they land.
>Her and husband seem to obey but they do it at the grandparents house.
>she constantly posts about how happy she is her pure bred pup gets to see her old abandon dogs before they die (implying theyre about to)
> these dogs were puppies when she got them less than 3-6 years ago. They are in no way senior dogs yet.
>recently came out as bi, despite most people knowing in high school or at least assuming
>got mad at her besties and went bat shit when she didnt get any praise or inspire them to come out too, baited other straight passing friends into coming out as bi and got mad when they wouldnt post publicly about it.
>during the peak of BLM she didnt post anything and faked getting hate because she didnt speak up despite being 1/4 black
>if the hate was real; she posted no screenshots/proof as many do for much little offenses.
>currently teaming up with ultra feminist-native-lqbtq-anti cis ex classmate and doing protests and such; potentially her new leech material as we suspect things with her husband might not be going well; hes a cis white male and never attends such events

No. 1052632

Why did she make Reimu yanderedev lel

No. 1056250

I will not post this person's pic because ""they"" have a small private ig.

>know since middle school

>horrible hygiene, disgusting house, worse attitude.
>was funny sometimes, but generally acted like an obnoxious Kero-tier furfag.
>Can't draw for shit.
>is a full on degenerate (would constantly go on tirades about ""their"" hookups)
>Negged me and others for being too prudish, even though we weren't.
>Many disturbing fetishes. (Vore, transformation, etc.)
>Has full potential to become a full on recognized lolcow

No. 1056578

A family member:

>Fat wannabe egirl

>Danger hair
>Pathological liar
>Can't hold down a job for more than 2 months
>Spends all her money on makeup and hentai waifus, makes her bf pay all the bills
>Gets in screaming matches with her bf in public when he refers to her as 'girlfriend' or 'she/her' pronouns
>Threatens to kill herself in these screaming matches if her bf won't say he's gay
>Has threatened to kill herself at most of the jobs she's had because, surprise, her bosses expected her to work
>She can't work because she's LITERALLY DISABLED!! But they should pay her for showing up at all.
>Bipolar, perfectly abled when medicated
>Refuses to take her meds, likes the attention her meltdowns provide
>All her former employers were abusers who targeted her for no reason, because she was the best nicest hardest worker ever and everyone loved her including her bosses who supposedly abused her (and fired her lol)
>Faked an overdose on nonlethal medication for attention, bragged about it on twitter
>Claims she was beaten and molested as a child, daily, in public, by multiple people. Spoiler alert, she wasn't.
>Has to one-up anyone who is going through a legitimately hard time, either by over exaggerating her circumstances or outright lying
>Overshares sex life and degenerate kinks on twitter where irl friends and family follow her
>Regularly begs for money on twitter, "please help this poor trans nb demi goblin pay rent because renting is slavery"
>Doesn't even contribute to her and her bf's rent or food costs
>Brags about buying useless junk like adoptables and hentai figures immediately after ebegging
>constantly policing people's speech and art, calls out "racists" for any reason under the sun (not drawing enough black people, drawing too many black people, not making all anime characters black, not making their drawings of black people fat, ugly, or hairy enough, etc)
>Is 100% white
>Called her old apartment "ghetto" because there were too many minorities around
>Calls the cops every time her neighbors annoy her

She had a modest following from being a tumblr call-out warrior, but even they got sick of her. Now she just wastes her days away screaming into the void and gets no engagement, it's beautiful.

No. 1056676

this sounds like 100% of the people in my friend group in high school kek. please tell me this person is under 25

No. 1056748


Late 20's lmao. We all thought she would grow out of it but it gets worse the older she gets.

No. 1056782

One of my best friends in highschool was exactly like this. My friends and I now still sometimes check her instagram to see if she's improved lol. it's crazy that they don't grow out of it by 20 or so and just get worse.

No. 1056815

Wow, family? Holidays must be entertaining.

No. 1057312

i knew this person irl. i was the first person to experience their horrific turn into an abusive psycho. its been almost a decade since ive even spoke with them but they still stalk me. they are well known to encourage doxxing their past friends, and have swatted one of them falsely claiming they were a pedophile.

No. 1057377

ray is also so delusional and obsessed with hating white people that she racebends her online gf/draws her with much darker skin

No. 1057408

>used to be friends with quiet asian girl from high school
>her appearance completely changed, not sure if just makeup or surgery
>follow her on Instagram
>she's in relationship with uggo
>constantly posts about how much uggo guy mistreats her
>constantly plays victim
>records him during fights to put him on blast
>posts 30 stories in a row about their fights and asks viewers to pick a side
>posts how much she loves him the next day
>vents about times she's been assaulted for attention
>pretends to be quirky and cute when she's just awkward and annoying
>constantly talks about her mental disorders on her stories for attention
>they finally break up
>she already has a new bf
I'd show caps but her account is personal and smaller so I'm not sure it's allowed
>cycle repeats

No. 1057418

File: 1602567117922.png (203.82 KB, 976x1424, Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 12.3…)

I know this post is old but holy shit I found this girl's tumblr and it's a goldmine
>posts about how her body count is 109 and how Kaleb
(her ex) would be furious
>says she still considers him her boyfriend kek. pic related.

No. 1057549

anon, you sound like a cow yourself and are clearly underage

i recommend getting off the internet

No. 1057586

Exactly what I was thinking

No. 1058293

I don't understand what's happening in the screen shots or who is who…

In the message convo someone mentions alters?

And cyberbullying? Why would you admit to that?

No. 1058361

File: 1602656395719.png (2.31 MB, 2000x1440, ancientcowtechnology.png)

Tsundebolt "Tessa" is such a delusional cow with a shitshow of a twitter that she might need her own thread. If a kind anon knows how to start one, that would be great.

>30 something fat goth egirl that used to shoop herself into pics of Amy Lee

>transitioning into smol uwu anime egirl who looks so young because of her asian genes and now shoops herself into Tifa Lockhart
>makes new online persona to avoid anyone IRL
>extreme body shoops without understanding proportions
>filters to hide troon face and massive nose
>insists her youthful beauty is all natural and everyone saying otherwise is just jealous
>fishes for compliments and QRTs or subtweets replies if they aren't complimenting her ridiculous photoshops in hopes her followers bully people
>begged for cash donations with bizarrely specific sob stories, though she seems to be getting on just fine
>posts blurry nudes and bait posts whenever bitching about losing followers
>wears multiple bras and padding to push up her totally natural tits, unlike those other Tifa cosplayers
>skinwalking Tifa just like Usagi Kou/Lori in her Sailormoon heyday
>wears the same cheap wigs in all her photos, her real hair is damaged and frizzy just like Lori
>claims to be martial arts instructor, just like Tifa
>everything she says and does just happens to be exactly like Tifa by coincidence, Tifa was based on her
>pretends to be part asian since Tifa is said to look asian
>posted fake DNA test results to prove it, then got called out because only somebody insane would instantly post fake DNA results over a twitter random calling her white trash
>fetishizes asians like the average smalltown weeaboo who has never interacted with anyone asian before and will date the first one they can get so they can "be asian" through them
>stole photos of famous asian cosplayers, photoshopped them uglier, then reposted them with her name on top and said it was her
>photoshopped her eyes on a few occasions to have a rainbow effect "I don't know what colour my eyes are!" just like Lori
>puts filters over semi-famous photographs or art pieces then says she painted them, even though they can probably be found via reverse google image, search since the photos weren't even distorted or rotated
>fake feminist efriends with other popular Tifa cosplayers so she can get their followers, had drama with another Tifa cosplayer who was doing exactly what she is doing

Some gems:
>"I kicked my rapist in the jaw with a spinning-hook kick. Instead of being traumatized I feel elated."
>"I just really don't know how to explain it but I was born looking kinda like an anime character"
>"I'm considered vain by a lot of people just based on my looks. As if a person kind to the gaze isn't allowed to take selfies."
>"I'm Hasian so the mix is definitely probably the reason idk. Anime characters kinda look both white and Asian and this is my only logic behind it."

No. 1058374

File: 1602658902396.png (767.19 KB, 842x862, Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 12.32…)

I went to her twitter because the shoop is laughable, and saw this

are you telling me this bitch is insane enough to have an actual 3D video commissioned to "prove i'm not photoshop"? because there's no way that isn't animation lmfao
who is this fertile heifer and why doesn't she have a thread!?

No. 1058378


She thinks she's being slick by waving her hand in front of her face but you can see the edge of her face wiggling and changing size. My guess is she uses a program like photoshop like dakota to edit her videos instead of phone filters so she can adjust the frames manually when the warping doesn't hold. That's why you don't see the filter pop off and show her real face but instead get the wiggliness. Stupid as hell to pretend she doesn't use photoshop and filters when shit is so blurry and poorly color balanced that you can barely see her nose and chin.

No. 1058384

File: 1602660718351.png (451.33 KB, 566x870, totallynotwigs.png)

>idk, just casually making shit up to sound more naturally prettier as Tifa than you, popular cosplayer with short hair

She has been in wigs so long she doesn't even know how hair grows.

No. 1058396

File: 1602662289886.png (142.92 KB, 495x847, 4pack.png)

>keeps trying to disprove photoshop with worse and worse quality photos or videos
>sucking it in and shaking around

Remember PT saying that her ribs were her "ab lines"? This cow is so meta, I love it.

She posts pics of carbs she loads up on and expects us to believe she's totally fit even though she's never hit the gym since HS and has zero muscle definition across her whole body.

No. 1058402

exercise lines!! oh bless you anon i am wiping a tear

i'm personally confused about what software she's abusing to the extent that her whole body and the way she moves ends up looking like a CG render from a game

No. 1058408


I’ve not seen such a bountiful cow with such shit low res shoops since Victoria Murder, I love this and fully support a more experienced farmer creating a thread. Thanks for the delicious milk OP!

No. 1058412

File: 1602664194189.png (436.78 KB, 817x1080, shrunkenheadnocurves.png)

Probably one of those face editing apps like Meitu or Snow because it's potato quality.

Pic related she shrunk her head and jaw, did something retarded to her eyes then thinned out her nose to the point of it disappearing almost like in >>1058374

She forgot to shoop her bottom half so the rest of her is yaoi size. She often uses the posing trick of squeezing her elbows in front of her body to hide how big she really is, but messed up on this shot.

No. 1058435

That's cause these filters sharpen the eyes and blur everything else

No. 1058438

She lurks here too! Please give her her own thread so when people Google her its one of the top searches that comes up. Way too many people falling for her lies

No. 1058476

I’m my own personal lolcow today. Passed out in front of an entire office of coworkers while doing a presentation. So fucking embarrassing.

No. 1058504

File: 1602682690204.jpg (38.6 KB, 332x289, fingerskek.jpg)

Look what happened to her fingers when she liquefied her jaw to a dorito.

No. 1058554


No. 1058653

i seriously feel like i have about a hundred cows in my life but i can just start with one

>roomies with a friend a while back

>friend is younger and kind of a pushover, agrees to let another friend and her husband live with us who are claiming to be escaping from a dangerous situation
>the couple arrives in the middle of the night; two filthy, "punk" morbidly-obese 40 y/os, which wouldn't matter if not for the fact that they were both roughly 20 years older than their entire social circle
>immediately the shitshow begins
>wife is a self-identified "super queer" heterosexual woman, the best hairstylist in the universe (don't ask her, ask all her ex-roommates who she pays rent to by cutting their hair once- er, i mean, happy customers!!) and supposedly a very powerful witch. do NOT fuck with her if you know what's good for you
>husband is there
>immediately and constantly bombarded with her sob story of how their previous roommate- a 19 y/o- was the devil, and also a serial killer, and also addicted to meth, and also a psychic vampire, and also a rapist, and also an evil homosexual, and also using black magic curses on her, and also involved in like, the illuminati or something idk. yes those are all serious accusations
>mfw they had to "escape" because the guy got a court order to remove them from the house because they refused to leave
>her witch powers mostly involve touching objects to deem if they are evil or not, receiving mystical omens via completely arbitrary dreams, and eating chicken nuggies while watching the office all day
>posts long-winded instagram stories about how her ~energy~ is so powerful that strangers often start conversations with her in social settings, and she's good at cutting hair
>other posts involve complaining about doctors telling her that no, she's not severely chronically disabled, she's just obese; also complaining that everybody in her life is abusive, and please-oh-please send me money for dab oil
>constantly yelling at her husband, accusing everyone around her of stealing from her, stealing from other people, threatening to put curses on people, cutting ties with all her friends when they don't believe her crazy stories, blaming all her excess problems on gentrification and sexism
>i usually tried to stay away from her as much as possible and keep the peace but i once saw her at a doctor's office after i moved out and she made a huge scene, pointing and screaming about how i'm the devil and she couldn't see her doctor there anymore

she's not incredibly entertaining anymore since she's not in my life but sometimes i'll still check her social media to get updates on her wacko stories. she's since moved in with another younger person and is undoubtedly paying for rent with shitty haircuts but otherwise she's exactly the same lol

No. 1059026

I'm crying at your descriptions of these cows.
>posts long-winded instagram stories about how her ~energy~ is so powerful that strangers often start conversations with her in social settings

No. 1059027

Hope you're ok now Anon.

No. 1059048


I really want to see a picture of this woman.

No. 1059091

My goodness … one of the best personal lolcows I've read about yet.

Creepily enough, she seems like an amalgamation of several people I have met in Asheville, NC. Lots of scarily overbearing "queer" folk over there, many of whom have "magical powers" as well. I lived next door to a house where insane 40-something-y.o. alternative weirdos come and go all the time, so this particular cow account resonates with me, and I know you're not exaggerating. Thank you for sharing, lol, glad they're out of your life.

No. 1059367

File: 1602778992524.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.67 KB, 1080x1415, 20201015_112045.jpg)

came across this account and it's fucking disgusting. >old man and young Asian girl "ddlg relationship"
>he constantly takes creep shots of her, some of which she doesn't appear to even know her photo is being taken
>he writes the captions pretending to be her
>"Daddy took me out today!" "Daddy got a new hat!" etc.
>constantly posts her nudes with her face in them
>the "daddy" still constantly calling himself single and looking for more underage looking girls

Seems the poor girl is just submitting to this treatment for money, breaks my heart.

No. 1059370

Anon this was awesome, pls share all other cows in your life

No. 1059371

>account is private

No. 1059498

Just make your account public if you’re gonna selfpost

No. 1059530

this is a "friend" of some friends of mine, so i only have the info they tell me, but omg i always look forward to their batshit updates and it seems like this bitch is someone y'all would find entertaining

so for background, apparently she was a relatively normal, just kind of annoying girl my friends met (at the renn fair, if that gives you context kek) and befriended bc she seemed fine, just cringey, and she has just absolutely spiraled since then lmao

>decided to come out as ~*~nonbinary~*~ completely out of nowhere once it started being trendy

>changed her name to "bees bees" on social media
>demanded that people refer to her as fucking "bees bees" in an absurdly long facebook post where she basically said "i just want people to call me whatever name they think of me as (as long as it's not feminine)"
>has since changed her name AGAIN to "(masculine first name) bee" because apparently being referred to as "bees bees" wasn't quite doing it for her
>fakes being disabled
>bought a wheelchair on amazon to cosplay being disabled
>acts incredibly enthusiastic about her wheelchair and talks about how excited she is to decorate it and show it off
>y'know, like how a normal person who has just found out they need a wheelchair definitely does
>can still walk perfectly well
>claims that her unnamed "disability" is too overwhelming for her to work or do anything other than sit on her ass in her wheelchair that is exclusively for show
>"collects" rocks, except they're literally just fuckin rocks from the woods, they look like any rock you would see anywhere, there is nothing special about them whatsoever
>also has a dead moth in her collection
>it has not been preserved, it is just a dead fucking moth she found somewhere
>is at least 25
>this one is petty but she's just so ugly, goddamn, she must have gained like 50 lbs in the last year based on the pictures they've shown me and has gotten that trademark "queer kid" mullet that looks terrible on anyone, let alone on someone who is already fat and busted
>would only let her boyfriend dry hump her and then jerk off in the corner instead of having any kind of sex
>did not know what or where her own clitoris was until another woman explained it to her

i feel like there are a million other things they've told me and screenshots they've sent me that i'm forgetting about but those are at least the ones that really stood out to me kek

No. 1059681

fuck okay uhh let's see…

>ex-friend of mine from college; completely inconspicuous girl, very normal-appearing from a distance

>imagine if internet discourse were a person as soon as she opens her mouth
>spends 90% of her time on twitter, arguing about everything under the sun
>a compulsive liar both irl and online, will tell strangers she gets into online fights with that she's a scientist who works in antarctica or a therapist who works with autistic children to make her arguments more valid than whoever she's arguing with
>also lies about being whichever flavor of trans or gay benefits her the most at the time, but also asexual- all of these things are core parts of her online personality, and totally not because she's also a fujoshi
>like, enough of a fujoshi to tape printed-out jpegs of her anime husbandos to her car
>despite being asexual, she loves to talk about her weird ass fetishes like feet and teeth brushing, just don't acknowledge it or else you've just raped her
>every argument is a life or death situation, any anyone who disagrees with her may as well be a nazi
>often tweets to political figures and corporations she doesn't like telling them to kill themselves
>the other 10% of her time is bringing her twitter drama irl to tell everyone she meets about her heated online arguments over abusive anime ships or why disliking tiktok is racist
>gets called out for accidentally being racist at least once a month anyways
>constantly complains about how horrible and abusive her family is for not caring when she spergs about anime
>almost exclusively tries to befriend rich people so they'll buy her expensive things, treatens to kill herself and then never talk to anyone else again when her friends get sick of getting leeched off of
>constantly brags about how "thug" she is; also brags about all the people she'd write into her death note if she had one, as thugs do
>very, very confrontational and violent irl if you dare to cross her, has had to take anger management therapy before for starting fights with people and is banned from probably 10 different public places in town
>fortunately her biggest weakness is that picture of the rainbow dash cumjar, so if you find yourself about to get in a fight with her, just show her that and she'll start crying and then avoid you because you're a rapist now

i wish i could post examples of some of the ridiculous shit she argues about on twitter- i'm talking hundreds of tweets a day, every day- but should it ever trace back to her she would immediately know who i am.

No. 1059689

Is she taping the anime to the outside of the car?!

No. 1059692

No. 1059709

Oh shit i remember bullying this guy a few years back. Me and my friends at the time bullied him for being a pedophile until he cried and left the server. He was the owner of a swedish csgo server and he talked to us about his life. Apparently he got busted for having lolicon porn on his pc (classified as cp in Sweden) And he also sent us a link to a video of him arguing with his dad over money that he apparently stole or not stole. Meanwhile his friend is still in the skype call listening to all of this. Idk he also talked about how that video ruined his life and everyone bullied him because of it. He also shared that he was currently in some kind of community housing. I guess because of the lolicon stuff. That was maybe around 3-4 years ago. There was also some guy a kid at the time claiming that the owner had asked him for nude pictures. And the kid was like 10-13 years old. Here is the video clip aswell of his father confronting him about stealing money.
He was also trying to start a streaming channel on twitch and a youtube channel but was a failure at the time. He also used to switch usernames back then aswell. I dont really know much more but it was pretty funny to bully him.

No. 1059710

Couldnt upload the file for some reason but here are direct youtube links. First one is of the one where his dad is angry with him and questioning him.

No. 1059713

Second video of him. Im not sure if this was about his pedo activities but he is mad about rumours. I dont want to say with certainty but im think this might be about the bullying of when he was in school and stuff. In the video he is complaining about rumours.

No. 1059746


This looks like the kind of still a Midwest news channel would air about some incel who shot up the local grade school.

No. 1060797

My personal cow used to be in the same friend group as me. I eventually stopped talking to the group because they were somewhat okay with her shenanigans.

>tells how depressed she is on our first meeting, how her druggie mother left her and her siblings, ends the convo with 'that's it for now since I don't know you that well'

>has ten versions of the same story. sometimes says her mother was doing drugs, sometimes says she got taken away from her mother unwillingly, sometimes says her grandparents brainwashed her into thinking her mother was abusive, etc. it's a wild card.
>eventually comes out as trans/pan/nb/asexual
>her bragging gets worse, she's boasting about her anachan tendencies, PTSD and uwu anxiety
>gets caught in a blatant lie, proceeds to publicly victimize herself on social media
>in revenge, takes a shit on my friend's bathroom floor
>has DID now, blames it all on her 18 alters
>has an alter called 'ghost', a serial killer trapped inside of her body
>she eventually gets more and more violent, almost beating up my friend's brother for being too loud - blames it all on 'ghost'
>has an adoptive sister who happens to be black, affectionately calls her the n word in public

Fast forward to the quarantine

>has a tiktok now, wants to be an actress

>shows letters from her psychologist to prove she's not faking
>changes illnesses every week. today has tics, tomorrow? who knows
>she's just posting cringey videos from time to time, kudos to her for being less obnoxious about it

I'm sure there is something wrong with her, but it's probably none of the things she claims to have lol

No. 1061703

File: 1603120851738.jpeg (583.85 KB, 828x1401, 418806FD-1A4D-49C7-B04E-DB1540…)

If we cared about fags this idiot would’ve been here already. Dunno if any other anons followed the goth sphere and their dumb friends in like 2008-2013 but Joseph Harwood has always been such a cow, holy shit. I went a few years without checking up on him but he’s still at it, I feel like I struck gold. He’s a pathological liar and was called out years ago because of it by his friends, pretended he was a popular child model overseas and photoshopped himself virtually unrecognizable before it was even the norm, etc. He would lie about having a makeup and brush line for years, inheriting a fortune from a dead relative, claimed that when he went to a clinic for a rhinoplasty consult the receptionist told him his nose was perfect and refused to book him. Thing is, he’s really busted looking and it’s uncomfortable to occupy space with him when he constantly makes all of these ridiculous claims about himself and his abilities and achievements. Picrel, claiming tiktok asked to partner with him. After he was called out several times and just considered an overall pest in London, he started to constantly claim he does things in private and behind the scenes and constantly alludes at being a much more grandiose figure than he is. When the blm things started happening he kept posting pictures of his niece because she’s mixed, it was cringe. If you remember him and that sphere then you’ll enjoy going through his current socials with the information you know, he’s still a lying pathetic loser.

No. 1061734

!!what the fuck, i subbed to his channel years ago for many years and he always came off as fucking weird. He got lid surgery that for some reason i canr remember made me so suspicious, he also lost a ton of weight but he was WEIRD but cannot for the life of me remember why. Share other shut if you can, i feel like we shared a fever dream anon

No. 1061746

File: 1603126302322.jpeg (22.78 KB, 236x333, 19BB9762-76B0-4E85-81D5-E6A252…)

I’m sure there are other anons too!! Joseph probably came off as weird to you because he lied constantly, it’s very strange to watch someone poise themselves as important and professional when they’re a nutcase. He obviously doesn’t have any friends either, he alienated basically everyone with his inability to act like a normal person. He was always talking at people and about himself like he was a celebrity, making up ridiculous fabrications about his prestigious offers that he always so graciously turned down. Pic related one of his extremely photoshopped “child model” photos, he literally claimed he was scouted and sought after in Japan. The few photos he has from this supposed career are extremely low quality and edited in that sameface Linda Evangelista way.

No. 1061747

File: 1603126336216.jpeg (92.21 KB, 620x346, EFF4BBBF-65EA-458B-9CC7-8E3C36…)

Meanwhile, he’s always looked like this

No. 1061748

File: 1603126419956.jpeg (765.55 KB, 828x1416, EC70BB40-B13D-4F9B-8C4B-EDE087…)

Also, love how he says he’s “without artifice” here but it’s edited within an inch of his rat-faced life

No. 1061752

File: 1603126816900.jpeg (591.82 KB, 828x823, 5C585A4B-0777-4C24-BE0B-F90D7D…)

Last of pic dump, this edit is laughable. He got a ‘brand deal’ with literallywho makeup company Jecca Blac that only has 14k followers on ig and insists on editing himself in every shoot he’s a part of. His face looks superimposed into this photo while every one else looks normal. I swear there’s something wrong with him mentally.

No. 1061755

When I first started reading your green text I though you were talking about a personal cow that I have as well. Here's my personal cow, I have many seeing they all stem from the friend group I was in back in school:

>Meet her in junior high school

>Outward appearance is cute, shy, frail girl
>The moment I met her she opened with "Hi my name is x, I know I'm quiet but it's just because my mom abuses me and lets her boyfriends molest me, I also cut myself"
>I'm serious. I didn't know how to respond so I just politely smile and move on.
>Friends are friends with her out of pity, every day she'll come to us and show us her new cuts, even though people tell her to stop.
>Only thing I'm able to talk to her about and that she won't change the subject back to talking about her cuts is anime
>One day, she just disappears, and no one hears from her again until…
>6 years later, I stop by a gas station after work
>Walk in, and she's the cashier, but I hardly recognize her
>Gained about 100 elbeez, hair in pixie cut, nonbinary and pronoun pins all over her work shirt
>Me:"Hey x, it's been a while! How have you been?"
>"Hey. Not good. I work here now, and my hours suck. But I could at least, like, get a car to run away from my mom because she was hitting me and my dad was molesting me. My dog also died yesterday."
>Says it all with a smile, loudly, and people are staring
>"By the way I changed my name."
>Look at her nametag
>She fucking legally changed her name to the Japanese name of a popular male anime character
>I smile weakly and nod, absolutely not sure what yo do, she hasn't rung up my coffee yet so I can't leave
>She then tells me that she changed her name a few months prior, and then decided she didn't want this anime character's name, now she wants a different anime character's name
>Court won't let her change it again so soon so she's stuck with it
>I pay for my shit and book it
>A few days later I met up with another old friend who had lived with said cow, who proceeded to tell me, like I had assumed, that all of the stories about her abusive mom and mom's boyfriend's were untrue. Her mom actually cared for her dearly and had always tried to help cow with her depression, but cow lashes out and would run away or hit her mom, so the police were frequently called. Her mom had one long term boyfriend who left her after not being able to deal with said cow.
>I wasn't even fucking surprised

I have a lot more info about this cow because I keep up with her social media and we have mutuals, so if anyone's interested I'll make a part 2.

No. 1061756

File: 1603126948118.jpeg (602.4 KB, 828x1252, B112A561-9F5B-45C5-9F13-9BD5B6…)

Nevermind I’ll add one more, here he is pretending he was bullied for pity points when he was called out for being a compulsive liar ft his real face and stupid contact lenses

No. 1061760

Bitch, what the fuck I love you for putting these out here. Yes, he always came off as odd and his surgeries were so sus, he didn't look like he got anything done? Went to check his ig and I am beyond creeped out. How can he live like this?

No. 1061763

Completely unchecked delusions of grandeur basically. He’s only ever gotten filler but it just makes him look even worse, he’s obsessed with talking about his appearance and how he’s always told he’s too perfect for surgery, the old lot ie Michael James and the rest of them have avoided him like the plague for the last six years or so.

No. 1061768

Part two, please!

No. 1061771

I remember him being in contact with luxeria back then? But the eyelid surgery was so weird to me, he still kept doing "nonsurgical ways to deal with hooded eyes" and i was drawn to them haha wtf what a loser

No. 1061778

Ah yeah sorry I forgot they go by luxeria now. Then there was the deal about how he said Sphirex was ugly and deserved to die just because Sphi called him out in being a liar.

No. 1061797

Oh shit i didnt even remember he was michael james, that name just reminded me of luxeria's existence, sorry if i was sounding like some deadname twat. This all brings back milky memories from the makeup community from that time!

No. 1061871

File: 1603137103800.jpeg (163.23 KB, 1000x1500, 9EA8016F-321E-46A3-9C47-7CDC5F…)

Joseph and many others are lucky nobody cares about them at this point because god what a trove

No. 1061903

Link to tumblr? I couldn't even find her instagram

No. 1062195

my personal cow is my "cousin" (actually hes adopted so we have no blood relation) who is an absolute batshit crazy, BPD, otherkin, 34 year old man. I have never met him in person, but those in my family who have said they have basically feared for their lives around him because he was so insane. In an attempt to not dox my own family I have to be kinda vague, but you get the idea.

>changed his own name to Goku when he turned 18, dresses up as Goku in public, wore full Goku getup to karate class, to jobs, etc

>has kinned various fictional characters such as pirates, anime characters, the blue cat people from avatar, currently self described as "faekin" and got in trouble at his job for wearing elf ears
>says racism against otherkin is worse than racism against black people
>they/them at 34 years old
>claims the military diagnosed him with a personality disorder and kicked him out for being pagan, not because he threatened violence against other people
>gets VA benefits for the rest of his life just because a group of his own superiors kicked his shins in until he couldnt walk
>lies and says he was deployed, rescued children from sex trafficking, got shot, saw combat etc but really he just guarded a fence in bumfuck United States
>currently publishing a self insert fan fiction hes calling a novel that's supposed to detail the trials and tribulations of being an elf person, hideous book cover made in mspaint where he drew eyeliner on himself
>has threatened to kill his parents and other family members multiple times in graphic detail, blows up their phones with hundreds of messages detailing how he wants to murder them
>married and divorced a Russian woman 90 day fiance style, had a kid with her who he also named after some stupid character, honestly the kid looks feral

and so much more. I desperately wish I could post caps of his insane posts and especially the stuff he says about his novel but again, I don't wanna do him. hes so crazy that my family and I genuinely look at his facebook as a source of entertainment.

No. 1062202

ok. you win. but anyway I'm laughing so hard at

>I have to be kinda vague for privacy

>immediately reveals the guy's name is Goku, a name that probably under 5 people in the whole united States have.

No. 1062221

anon these are hilarious, do you have more stories?

No. 1062222

he uses a "unique" spelling of Goku but I purposely didn't use it. I'm sure you can imagine what that might look like.

No. 1062224

oh god where do I even begin. he joins tons of local groups for things like gaming, cons, DND, etc. on facebook and has begun scouting out women on them. He got banned on one for advertising his book, asking if "5-6 teenage females between the ages of 14-16" were interested in starring in the trailer video. He sperged over it endlessly and it sparked a 150 comment long argument between him and an admin on a public Facebook post where he for some reason used an unnecessary amount of racial slurs, and also said he was born in japan as a justifcation for being a bit racist even though he has blonde hair and blue eyes, made very clear by his profile pic, and was born in shitfuck america. it was my source of comedy for like a week.

No. 1062264

If you hadn’t mentioned your relation to him you could’ve posted him without potentially doxxing yourself. It’s a shame, because he sounds like an enormous cow.

No. 1062287

He sounds like a tumblrina-esque Chris Chan. I always feel bad for cows when they're just harming themselves, but really? "5-6 teenage females between the ages of 14-16."

No. 1062462

Makes me afraid to adopt

No. 1062471

This. I'm so bummed.

No. 1062473

Very true. My mistake mentioning that but regardless I don't think I should post him because anons on here going to his page would probably cause him to go into an explosive tard rage and I'm not sure I'd like to see the result of that even though it'd probably be milky for you guys

No. 1062504

I highly doubt anybody would go on his page. Personal cow's socials and whatnot have been posted in this thread before with no issues, people just look, laugh and move on.

No. 1062613

File: 1603235870535.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3999x2999, DFE1D983-8DE7-451F-AD23-E5B96C…)

my personal cow is this random 27year old woman i stumbled upon in the twitter fgc (fighting game community) a while back.
@yoseikero or @evangelifrog

obsessed with asuka from evangelion , she’s a badly so went as far to buy an orange wig . to cosplay her or something i don’t know, but she just wears it … and tries to look like asuka ?

has an asuka mask, asuka hair clips, asuka SHRINE, asuka hoodie. she desperately wants to be asuka basically

was “called out” by some twitter thots for being a supposed racist and rape apologist even though she isn’t. she just did ahegao and that’s a nono on nsfw and sw twitter ??

and then she claimed to be half japanese , however has blue eyes, naturally blonde hair, massive double eyelids - white features. edits her pictures on snow and literally warps her eyes so she looks more asian.

edits her pics a fuckton, she’s literally unrecognisable in some of her shooped pics . many pictures show multiple bending around the corners of her eyes

has an army of greasy, crusty simps who she posts foul ddlg content for and pictures with her boobs out.

No. 1062616

File: 1603235926054.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1225, E93105EC-93FB-4ED5-8370-A7C2F5…)

top pic from around a year ago.

No. 1062637

I have a personal lolcow. It’s my mom.

-Has 0 empathy. Says mean things all the time, but never owns up to it or apologizes if it hurts someone’s feelings. Always phrases it in a way so that she indirectly offends you, then can claim that she didn’t mean it that way or was just joking.
Example: (story she told me) A few months ago, a little girl threw up in front of her at work. Right after it happened, my mom, a teaching coach, said loudly, in the cafeteria with all of the other little kids around, “Ewww, that’s disgusting!” This resulted in the little girl crying. My mom got annoyed when she heard about it from the girl’s mom the next day, complaining how the staff is unprofessional and her daughter has a condition.

Of course, I told her that she shouldn’t have said that, it’s a horrible thing to say to a kid and the mother’s reaction was justified, that she should have helped the little girl, or at the very least not have said anything at all.
And what did my mom say? It was puke, it was gross, so she was going to say it.

-is very negative, always complains, always tries to start drama, loved you talk shit, is very unpleasant to be around

-My dad has been in the process of trying to divorce my mom, but COVID-19 got in the way. He moved out almost a year ago. She had/has a right to be upset obviously, but it made her true colors come through even more. She has become very emotionally abusive to my little brother. She is also using him to force my dad to come over to the house (to see him). He bought some furniture for my little brother’s room at his apartment for whenever he got to visit my dad. My mom bitches about why he’d waste money on furniture, when the whole reason it’s going to waste is because she doesn’t want my little brother going over there (she knows he won’t want to come back).

-talks about how my dad abandoned his son, yet my dad is over here almost every day for several hours just to see him. And of course, my mom is always trying to start fights with him.

-The thing I hate most about my mom is how nothing anyone says to her ever effects her. Not her grown daughter calling her a bitch, not her little son hating her and refusing to hug her, not 3 of her 4 siblings refusing to contact her, doesn’t matter if it’s me, or my dad, probably not even a therapist, calling her emotionally abusive and manipulative. She will argue with you why she is right or why her actions and words are justified. Will tell you to stop trying to pick fights with her.

-I have never heard her say sorry to me, except once last week. I think she overheard me asking my dad if I could move in with him. That, or she just really wanted alcohol, because right after she asked me to buy some

No. 1062659

Ooof I feel for ya anon. Had a similar relationship with my mom. Hope things work out ok for you and your brother

No. 1062679

why does this sound like a self post

No. 1062702

why would anyone shittalk themselves and point out botched photoshop & lies? i can guarantee i am not that creature

No. 1062725

File: 1603244633958.png (215.92 KB, 923x1690, 02468A92-1C2F-4C42-BE3F-B99291…)

This person goes by tropivamp on both twitter and tumblr, previously went by gothoxide, bfbcore, and a dozen other names that often had to do with being bitch or dyke (art is their humanization of a cake slice).

> self-proclaimed “butch non-binary vampiregender black neurodivergent physically disabled mentally ill leftist lesbian”

>got kicked out of the house by their former gf and other roommate for becoming aggressive and impossible to deal with, claims this was an act of abusive from them and ignores all evidence to the contrary
>genuinely thinks it’s ableist to make a humanization of a character that lacks arms, and give them arms
>gets mad about the term earrape and slaps a trigger warning on it for “joking about rape”
>once made a callout post on a 16-year-old for making a sex joke despite being a grown fucking adult
>claims their dad is abusive, but finds the time to publicly complain about the fact that he watches South Park
>once got extremely defensive when someone pointed out they were mutuals with a literal 12-year-old, generally seems to prefer having underage followers and has made an effort to advertise that they’re a “safe” adult unlike all the other adults that ruin fandom
>used to hate a specific deltarune ship so much that they worked with their ex to create a 19-page google document listing everyone on tumblr they could find that liked or tolerated said ship, claiming it promoted abuse and rape some-fucking-how
>believes non-japanese people should never use japanese names or nicknames because it’s fetishizing, simultaneously has an extremely obvious self-insert OC who’s name is “Niko Fujimoto” and gets angry if you insinuate it’s a self-insert
>typical “it’s impossible to be racist towards white people” stance and frequently refers to white people as crackers
>once had “megaman” listed as a trigger

That’s just shit from off the top of my head but they have a fucking ridiculous online history of generally being an unlikeable person while pretending to be victimized from all angles, and then surrounding themselves with yes-men and children so that they don’t have to face the fact that they cause most of their own problems.

No. 1062760

Part 2 since I was too tired to write the entirety of the greentext.

>I keep up with her socials, specifically her snapchat, because she posts milky, cringey shit and I love watching her complain about mundain tasks

>Has a new job every week, has worked every job from walmart cashier, to dunkin donuts, to target, to McDonald's, to dental receptionist, finally landing herself a job at an elderly home, which is where it gets a bit sad.

>Doesn't have a car or license at 25, so snap stories herself walking to ger job 2 miles away every morning at 7 a.m., complaining the entire walk

>1 hour of sweating, red-faced, angry screeching in the neighborhood she walks through about how much she hates her mom for making her walk because she doesn't have a car and her mom drives to work at 5 a.m.

>every day she snapstories these walks, and eventually, people who live in the neighborhood she walks through start yelling at her through their windows to stop screaming and shut up

>Blames it on being nonbinary

>Sends out snapchats of the elderly people she works with bathing, having dementia/alzheimers episodes, whilst complaining about how much she hates them and her job

>Her friends tell her to not post stories to es like this and she gets triggered and screeches on facebook about everyone bring transphobic and hateful, triggering her ptsd and she deletes her snapchat

I have her on Facebook but dont really look at it anymore. It was pretty depressing and reminded me of how amberlynn reid would take videos of the dementia patients she worked with. Sorry I don't have more milk for anons.

No. 1062764

Wow, now that’s a shit person.

No. 1062888

I was good friends with this girl in high school and since we graduated she has went completely off the rails. she's definitely a cookie cutter BPD retard but she is batshit, I didnt realize such people existed irl.

>completely and blatantly steals the personality of whoever her "FP" is (meaning whatever drugged out stranger she met last week and gave her contact info to)

>obligatory polyamorous but she loves to beg her girlfriends into being okay with it even when they are not
>her girlfriend that she skinwalks is a furry diaper fag so now she is too
>really embarrassing fursona stickers all over her car
>addicted to buying lottery tickets; stole her grandma's credit card one night in a fit of mania and bought nearly 700$ worth of scratchoffs.
>only won 300$ back from the above incident, proceeded to impulsively buy an engagement ring for her furry GF with this money instead of paying her grandma back

she's done a lot of retarded shit including getting really high and wrecking into my car in her driveway so this is just a few stories off the top of my head. I stopped talking to about a year ago but apparently she's trooned out recently and is going on planned parenthood testosterone. very cool.

No. 1062901

> I didnt realize such people existed irl.
This is how the rabbit hole starts. if you live in a rural area, theyre often even worse down there

No. 1062944

I’ve never actually tried to talk about this online so bear with me please

>Be me, age 13

>childhood best friend is going off deep end, starts telling strange lies, inciting drama etc.
>I have enough going on at home, I literally just stop speaking to her and tell other friends I can’t deal with all this anymore
>she goes full retard
>her family is threatening my family
>I’m confused, I just stopped talking to her and it’s summer break
>not even allowed on the computer, it’s password locked
>come back to school, some old friends act weird, mom says ex friends parents were threatening her at the registry day to pick up my books
>literally what is going on wow what a crazy bitch whatever
>another school year passes, English teacher pulls me aside and tells me ex friend wrote a beautiful essay about our friendship
>confused, but we aren’t friends
>English teacher shows me
>ex friend has two essays stapled to the board
>one is essay about how much she loves me, literally what the fuck I haven’t talked to her in almost two years
>other is a creative writing essay, details me with an alias as the antagonist and her as a protagonist
>describes us and our friend group to a T
>in the end she pushes me off of the top of a Ferris wheel and tells everyone I fell, gets away with murder
>at this point I’m spooked, what a freak right
>find out she took crumpled drawings I threw away when I was 12 from her wastebasket and saved them, scanned them, and made them her album covers on MySpace
>she begins adding and commenting on all my older family members girlfriends MySpace accounts telling them how beautiful they are, only find out about the album covers from this
>ok wtf
>age 14, she’s making tons of fake MySpace accounts for emo and scene guys, even pretending two are her + another outcast girl’s boyfriends, keeps trying to add me but I’m allowed on socials like once a month so it doesn’t really connect at the time
>finds out about older boy I have crush on, cuts her hair like him and starts dressing like him, slips a note in my locker with her obvious girly handwriting pretending to be him
>makes her own little ‘burn book’ because she’s obsessed with mean girls, pages upon pages about me
>starts dressing like and cuts her hair like her favorite character, Kyo Soma
>talks like the anime character and refers to me as “that damn rat” and “Yuki”
>she tells people I’m her rival, find out it’s a reference from the anime she’s fixated on
>two years pass, I avoid her like plague obviously
>finally find out from a nearby friends mom that the year things got weird when we were 13, ex friends mom walked around the school showing all my friends moms this ‘note’ she printed of a MySpace dm allegedly from me, cussing ex friend out and saying all kinds of awful things
>other friends mom thought it was strange because it was full of spelling errors
>I’m in advanced English but ex friend is in remedial and held back twice, she can’t spell
>I wasn’t allowed on computer and barely left home all that summer, parents were very controlling so it was impossible for me to send the dm
>it was another one of her catfish accounts before I even knew it was happening
>I then find out ex friend went around telling people I lost my virginity with an older family member
>what the fuck I’m a kissless virgin
>had a whole story that wasn’t even plausible or possible because of my parents controlling + abusive nature
>claimed he snuck in through the basement when our basement wasn’t accessible or maneuverable at the time
>freaked out at this point
>find out my old friends believed her and that’s why they acted weird toward me
>I’m hurt because I’m just a dumb naive kid obviously
>nobody told me any of this was happening for 3 years
>fuck all this
>Leave small town, years pass
>ex friend still trying to contact me for a decade, I’m not stupid enough for all that
>never an apology, pretending she’s a wounded martyr who just wants me back in her life and doesn’t understand why I did this to her
>find out she’s a married twice crackhead in her late 20s, surprise surprise
>still lives in same small town, still weird as fuck
>has a plethora of catfish accounts she talks to on her public Facebook
>like to watch occasionally with immense personal satisfaction
>she’s one of those near-30s still suspended in time, virtually no change from age 14, posts on fb often, displays lots of pictures of her drawings of juggalo shit and posts lots of insane clown posse lyrics
>her and her friends steal shit from garages to sell for drugs
>has small shrine on dresser dedicated to our short-lived friendship filled with our notes and things I left at her house
>we were only friends from ages 9 to 13

I don’t even know how to condense the sheer spectrum of all the shit that went down that I was completely oblivious to, it gives me chills thinking about it because it was just a small rural town. Her and a couple other girls in that group were extremely milky, they’d also force me to sit on their laps and make me pretend to be the blonde guy from Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha when we played. One of them would cut out pictures of guys from mangas and glue them to a heart shaped mirror to keep under her pillow.

This would totally be funny and tame weeb stuff that you expect from kids if it didn’t have all the intense and convoluted lies or the fact that they’d sexually assault me and use me as a conduit for their weird fantasies. I was too young to understand what was going on at the time, I’m not mad anymore but it still makes me feel a little sick and I’ve never been in that town ever again nor will I ever go back.

>>1062901 said, the completely unchartered mental illness you can encounter in rural areas is wild

No. 1062956

how can a wig look so naturally unwashed and greasy?

No. 1062959

Calling you
>That damn rat
For no reason that you could know at the time is just peak delusional weeb, she sounds like she would have fitted very well into Final Fantasy House

No. 1062966

>in the end she pushes me off of the top of a Ferris wheel and tells everyone I fell, gets away with murder

No. 1062986

It’s been too long for me to remember the full scope of the essay, but it was either a roller coaster or a Ferris wheel that got stuck and we were at the top. Her main character (her) pushes me off of the top of the roller coaster or whatever it was and I fall and die. When people are finally ‘rescued’ from the malfunctioning ride, the police ask her what happened and she said “oh, she fell.” The end. The characters had the descriptions of all our friends and the oblivious teacher stapled it to the bulletin as a creative masterpiece.

No. 1062990

LMFAO how'd you know I lived in a rural area!

What is it that causes this level of pure unhinged delusion in people like this? Seems to be a phenomenon. I feel like the combination of being surrounded by (or raised by) unhinged meth addicts and rural isolation is what causes people like this to seek attention so dramatically. Especially BPD weeb chicks, who feel like hottest shit in the toilet because the only other ladies around are either creepy scabbed up tweakers or farm wives.

No. 1063011

I've noticed that the majority of lolcows that borderline the horrorcow category are from rural areas kek. Ig they just get too bored

No. 1063013

Rural upbringing or adopted

No. 1063066

ah why not..

>follow this girl on social media

>initially is a kind soul
>somewhere 5-6 months ago a dynamic change occurs
>she posts stories of herself holding handfuls of benzos
>twerks inside 7-11's and CVS's
>really pretty much just twerks anywhere including in front of her young siblings
>crashes her car on xanax and posts to instagram the whole entire time
>later says that the crash was just because she was tired
>posts herself lip singing to trap music for a whole 15 minutes, at least everyday
>meets girl in her town that wears cheap lingerie and has an OF
>they immediately hit it off
>promotes other girls' onlyfans', posting pictures that, if I posted them, even the spoiler couldn't save you
>starts her own OF
>continues to post photos of large handfuls of xanax and twerking, along with now promoting her OF

No. 1063081

No. 1063088

Post the OFs

No. 1063092

File: 1603304363225.gif (3.31 MB, 318x318, af8.gif)

Another cow from my junior high days, this one slightly more disturbing than the last.

>Back in junior high, I was part of your typical weeby high school friend group

>Everybody has their fair share of cringey moments but we're all young and typically good kids going through phases

>Have one girl who takes it to the next level

>All of us loved vocaloid at the time, so she assigns a vocaloid character to each of us

>She gives me Miku, and it starts off as a fun little friend group inside-joke, we all call eachother by our vocaloid nicknames in private, it's pretty innocent and we don't run around acting like vocaloid

>Well, except this girl

>She decides she's Kaito, and nearly every day comes to school in full cosplay, wig and all, and stays in character all day, singing vocaloid songs while walking through the halls, etc.

A quick word for people who don't know much about vocaloid, but each character has their own personal items that are characteristic to them, specifically with food. Kaito likes ice cream, Luka likes tuna, Miku likes leeks, etc.

>The girl, who I will now just refer to as Kaito, decides that it would be fitting if she and I got together so we could be her irl ship

>I'm not interested but try to be kind since she's my friend. She doesn't really seem to get thr point, though, and starts making weird advances

>Because I'm Miku in her eyes, one day she brings me a fucking leek l. At school. A full-size, real, spring onion she bought the day before at the grocery store. It had started to wilt and she had shoved it in my bag, which led to me and my bag smelling like fucking rotting onion all day, which pissed me off but I was pretty awkwardly shy and polite at the time which led to me just tossing it away when she wasn't looking.

>This whole thing comes to a head one day

>It was in between classes, and everyone was walking to their respective classes. The hallways were packed and the teachers were standing out by the doors. You get the fist of how many people were around

>I was talking to my english teacher when Kaito runs over, shoving people out of her way, grabs me and kisses me extremely aggressively in front of everyone, including the teachers. She has her tongue in her mouth and a tight grip on me, she's about 100 lbs heavier than I am and and much taller so I'm struggling to push her away, but I eventually do and am too shocked to even do anything.

>The teacher, who probably thought we were 2 horny teenagers and I was fine with what the fuck just happened, tells us that it's not the appropriate place for that and to get to our respective classes

>She runs off, cheap aliexpress Kaito scarf billowing in the fucking wind, screaming "By Miku-chan, I wuv you!"

>I want to throw up and scream and kick a locker but instead I just go to the bathroom and cry to my friend

>I can't really remember what happened after that, I think I just actively avoided being around her at all, as did a lot of our mutual friends after they found out what happened.

>She graduated before me, so I never saw her again


>5 years after graduation, I'm eating breakfast at a local chain coffee place

>I look put the window and see her walking down the sidewalk. A car is actively coming out of the drive thru and she just walks in front of it

>Car slams on it's breaks to avoid hitting her, the car in back of them crashes into first car, car in back of that one crashes into that car, etc. as 4 cars crash into eachother as a result of her not bothering to wait to use the crosswalk

>She stares at the pile up for a minute and then just keeps walking like nothing happened


No. 1063095


>Another cow from my junior high days

Children are retarded, shocker.

No. 1063096

I also should have further clarified that she was a senior while I was a sophomore. Don't be bitter, anon, it's just a stupid funny cow story.

No. 1063098


A senior in junior high, so what, 13? You're right about being stupid.

No. 1063103

Seniors in high school are 18, retard. Why are you so pissy over a fucking anon personal cow story?

No. 1063105


You said junior high in your post, anon.

No. 1063110

I was in junior high. I don't know if when you were in school junior high schoolers had their own building separate from everyone else.

No. 1063115


Sorry your shit makes no sense and your cringy weeb story sucks, anon. I bet they'd love it back at PULL.

No. 1063128

Nta but what the fuck is wrong with you? You don’t even post properly newfag, your weak attempt at being an asshole didn’t even work because you don’t know how to read

No. 1063135

That ending got me lmao

No. 1063141

Wow, you're extremely retarded. It shows by the fact you have no real argument to defend your lack of basic reading comprehension so you resort to bringing up PULL. There's absolutely no need to have so much salt in your panties.

No. 1063148


There's no such thing as a sophomore in junior high. Junior high is anywhere from 6-8th grade. Just admit you embellished your shitpost after realizing it's retarded to call a child retarded.

No. 1063165

Middle school is 6-8, dumbshit. Once again, not sure what school you come from, but at my school junior high was 9th and 10th grade. The only person (besides the girl in my story, I don't remember her exact age at the time, it was either 18/19 because she was a senior) I'm calling retarded is you. In fact, seen here >>1063095 , you were the one saying children are retarded.

I'm giving you an out by saying maybe you're from a country where junior high is considered 6-8 and maybe, for some dumb fuck reason like you said here >>1063098 a senior in high school is 13. Shut up already because you sound absolutely stupid.

Also, learn what a shitpost is, newfag.

No. 1063253

what is it with this inanimate insanity / battle for dream island / whatever flash animation youtube "object" series attracting the most despicable people? these shows look like they're made for second graders, and most of the people i've encountered that like them asides from literal 12-year-olds are sheltered adults that take nest in fandoms made of children and harbor a victim complex bigger than the sun

No. 1063258

Interesting how all the posts I’ve been seeing across the board with this dumbass spacing has been absolute cancer

No. 1063260

Ah I thought you meant that happened in real life kek

No. 1063264

File: 1603319719466.jpeg (20.05 KB, 320x320, 82382205-FC86-482F-86F0-72D060…)

No. 1063319

no, but she's on her way to being just like her

No. 1065380

Ikr, I speed read the story and for a moment I was like wow, she got away from murder, the police sucks man and then wait what, if she got away from murder, how tf is anon here? A ouija board?

No. 1065406

Not only do these shows attract literal 12-year-olds but also people with the intellect and maturity of 12-year-olds

Also I unfortunately don’t have any of the info but earlier in the year this person was also apparently doxed along with their then-gf, which imo just shows how extra shitty of a person they are because people don’t put forth that level of effort for just some random dipshit.

Oh, and I remembered another stupid thing of theirs: calling criticisms of their actions invalid because they were referred to them with (they/them) pronouns, claiming it was misgendering, only to later decide any pronouns are okay. iirc even a couple of their friends took notice that they have a habit of changing up their pronouns in similar circumstances.

No. 1065430

As someone in those sort of fandoms (it’s a curse) it is always the adults that say they’re “not like other adults that are ruining the fandom” that are the real fucking predators. There was someone, a 23 year old, who always talked about “the bad adults” and how “you guys can trust me” and turns out they had a 15 year old girlfriend that they met on twitter.

No. 1065470

Yeah this person, as stated, is way too comfortable mostly hanging around teenagers and got really defensive when someone said it was weird they were mutuals with a literal 12-year-old. They refused to budge, and it was actually the child that broke off from them. They also helped their gf push the narrative that some random Japanese artist was a pedophile because they drew object show hentai and would sometimes suddenly bring up that callout again when under pressure themselves, even after the gf apologized and admitted publicly that they made up so much bullshit about the callout that it shouldn’t be listened to.

Said gf also, at the same time, was secretly drawing object show porn which tropivamp was fully aware of and refused to publicly acknowledge. Personally I don’t give a shit if someone draws fap material because honestly who cares, but at least don’t be a hypocrite and don’t insist on being buddy-buddy with minors while pretending you’re one of the “safe adults” who doesn’t ruin fandom with icky nsfw content.

Checked just now and their previous @gothoxide Twitter handle is banned, dunno why specifically though since they moved from it a few months ago so I guess old reports caught up to them. I know on their current @tropivamp handle they’ve made a few tweet hoping Trump dies of covid (despite on their old account saying that people only care about covid because of anti-Chinese racism), and I’m curious to see if they’ll get sussed for that.

No. 1065517

>Sends out snapchats of the elderly people she works with bathing, having dementia/alzheimers episodes, whilst complaining about how much she hates them and her job
…is that even legal? Even if not it's incredibly unethical. I'm surprised nobody's notified adult protective services or at least the care home.

No. 1065667

It's definitely illegal. Anon should do something about it.

No. 1065736

It’s extremely illegal actually, anon could cap them and send them anonymously to her place of work and get her seriously fucked

No. 1066354

Oh god I just lurk here but I could not resist this thread because I've been wanting a place to tell this story

I had a best friend for over a decade who I genuinely believe suffered from a compulsive lying disorder, or just really needed attention that bad, or something. She would lie about quite honestly everything even her day to day activities but here's a quick summary of the big ones that happened in mostly chronological order

>fairly normal up until middle school, the odd story here and there about her brother doing some fucked up shit but young boys can be weird as hell so I can't say with certainty if they were lies

>middle school hits and she blindsides me and claims have been abusing her since she was born
>friend group gets suspicious as we'd been around her and her parents nearly daily for years at this point and never noticed anything odd
>one friend gets bold and says he doesn't believe her, a couple weeks later she shows up with "bruises" that were pretty obviously makeup and were gone by the end of the day
>shortly after that she supposedly got a boyfriend over the internet who lived in England and was going to "move her there to save her from her parents" mind you this was literally 7th grade
>the allegedly abusive parents and possibly fake english boyfriend schtick continues for about a year before she gets bored of it
>most of the friend group had stopped talking to her outside of school at this point
>now she claims she met a new guy and that she's already pregnant, this was in the 8th grade
>has 3 more "pregnancies" throughout the year, all of which she claimed were miscarriages within a week (honestly looking back she could have just been completely stupid and immediately assumed she was pregnant because her period was late and then assumed the late period was a miscarriage but I digress)
>suddenly claims boyfriend is abusing her now and shows up to school with more makeup bruises
>towards the end of 8th grade she claims that she was sexually assaulted at the age of 1 by her dads roommate
>one of our friends was sick of her shit and searched the guys name on our offender registry and there was nothing
>asks her how she knows or if her parents told her
>says she remembers it happening
>memories from infancy, press x to doubt
>none of the teachers know what to do at this point, CPS has already had their time wasted at least 6 times, so they just start ignoring the shit that she was saying since it was almost the end of the year anyway
>9th grade, ho boy you guys aren't ready
>first day of 9th grade she announced she was raped not once but 3 times over the summer, just casually dropped it like "hehe I got raped how was your summer"
>friend group basically hits her with the sure jan.gif
>spergs out and calls everyone victim blamers
>don't know why I'm still her friend at this point
>right before christmas break she announces that she has brain cancer, terminal and inoperable
>devastated because I lost my father to leukemia at a young age and now I think I'm going to lose my longest friend
>keeps parroting about her alegedly abusive parents and 3 alleged rapes
>10th grade rolls around and people start asking questions about the cancer, why didn't she appear to be doing any treatment options, what kind of cancer was it
>says she's starting chemo soon (almost a year later?) never says what kind of cancer it is and just excuses it by saying she can't pronounce it
>I began to distance myself at this point because I didn't want to make an ass of myself by accusing someone of lying of cancer only to find out they weren't, but didn't want to enable her behavior if she was lying (which is how I think most people felt)
>more blah blah abusive parents blah blah i was raped
>friends have given up at this point but we all quietly discuss how she seems quite healthy for someone going through chemo for a rare inoperable brain cancer
>suddenly at the end of high school she says she's pregnant
>collective groaning from the crowd
>holy shit she actually starts growing a baby bump
>complains about being deathly ill and losing weight the whole pregnancy despite looking physically no different other than having a baby belly
>constantly talking about doctors being concerned with her pregancy and her fetus
>continues this shit through the whole pregnancy and "shockingly" gives birth to a healthy boy with no complications
>suddenly the baby is getting sick every 2 weeks and she has a new story about a doctor visit every time we talk
>this continues for a few years along with the occasional mention of her parents tossed in to switch things up
>we're well out of high school at this point, I reconnect with an old friend from the group and we discuss her ridiculous behavior and have a good trip down memory lane
>suddenly we remember the cancer
>been like 4 years at this point
>I mention that it's really wild that she was given such a serious diagnosis with the terminal brain tumor and was seemingly leading a normal life
>friend says "brain cancer? she told me it was ovarian cancer"
>we realize we finally have proof of her lying about something
>both confront her over messages, absolutely dogpiling on this bitch for lying about fucking cancer
>she tells the friend "I dont remember saying it was ovarian cancer" and tells us she "definitely has a brain tumor"
>"tumor" note this phrasing
>sends us screenshots of her brain scans and medical information like "ha, gotcha"
>I do some googling and find out it's actually a common benign growth that only grows to a concerning size in like 3% of cases
>"dude you told me it was inoperable cancer not a <1mm benign tumor"
>gives a shit apology blaming her abusive parents and self diagnosed mental illnesses for causing her to compulsively lie
>blocked then unblocked us on social medias, havent spoken since

That got long as shit and I probably forgot a few things because it's honestly difficult to keep track of everything this bitch has lied to me and our friend group about

Other random milky behavior:
>complete tumblrtard, flexes her 5k follower reblog-only tumblr constantly
>had a shotgun wedding in her backyard with her baby daddy only to divorce him a week later, and they got married in sweatpants
>dated a wigger for like a year who makes shitty soundcloud rap, made a few songs with him by providing shitty Halsey-esque vocals and decided being a DJ is her life's calling
>found out from a few friends that still somewhat talk to her that she passes her kid off on her supposedly abusive parents almost all week to go party (sidenote on that: if her parents really abused her for her whole childhood WHY THE FUCK WOULD SHE TRUST THEM WITH HER KID)
>still claims she has brain cancer and that we're terrible human beings for accusing her of lying about something so serious

That's all for now folks, I could write a fucking book

I wish I could attach screenshots of some of this bullshittery but I'm actually locked out of the account that this all happened on. If I ever get it back I'll come back and post some in the replies

No. 1066476

Anon who posted the green text story here. That part of the story happened about a year and a half ago, and she is no longer employed there and has not been for a long time. A quick explanation. When I first saw her posting those stories I didn't cap them (bad move on my part, I should have), mainly because I was just disgusted and thought it was a one time thing of her being awful. When it kept happening I reached out to a few of our mutuals about it, and it turned out that one of them had already contacted her employer about it, so I did the same. I explained to them what I saw and the manager asked me a few questions before telling me they had recieved multiple complaints from the family of one of the elderly people about seeing the girl taking pictures of their family member as they came in the room. I don't know if it was a direct result my and our mutual's complaints mixed with the family's complaint, but all I know is that she got let go not long after because she was complaining about it on her snapchat. I should have cleared that up, apologies.

No. 1067347


> promised a wild ride

> get a teenage mother and a pituitary tumor

oh well

No. 1068473

File: 1603756980392.png (44.92 KB, 162x269, 02B2138B-E101-4A08-863B-B9F5B1…)


kind of an addition to this: one of the members of her tranny clique got called out recently for his years-long deranged harassment (or possible disguised narc rage) towards teenage lesbians in fandom over stupid shit, like insinuating that someone is a pedophile ogling children in swimsuits for reblogging pic related (which is part of a bigger, sfw picture).


No. 1068497

trompivamp/gothoxide, who I’ve posted about already, is now e-begging on Twitter, as a black non-binary lesbian seeking to leave their abusive dad. Lists legal “deadname” and that they’re in Dayton, OH. Considering they’ve been doxxed before I have no idea why they’d throw personal info out including information that they don’t like others knowing.


I also could’ve sworn they got hired somewhere recently, but they say they’re currently unemployed and say it’s due to stamina problems, depression, PTSD, and being “socially aloof”.

No. 1069394

File: 1603871362387.png (771.65 KB, 598x594, smolbean.png)

So I think I should finally share this cow with you guys.
> grew up as a rich scene kween
> costhot, mua, DJ, vocalist, gamer gurl
> terrible at all of those
> her personality is quirky, not like other girls
> her interests (including whatever type of animal she's owns) and taste in music are whatever her current boyfriend's are
> Whines about her anorexia, but was never underweight
> catfished scene girls on myspace as a boy and brags about it
> pretends to be bi
> told me she could never have sex with a girl
> ebegs after her fat ass spends her money on Japanese snack boxes

A little about the animals
> is with goth bf
> gets tarantulas and a shitload of ball pythons off of morph market
> relationship is rocky
> sells her ball python hoard
> birds are thing now
> quirky videos of the poor birds getting tortured by her cats
> breakup
> dumps the tarantulas

> man bun bf

> gets a horse
> guise she's always been a horse girl

Oh and her facetune on some photos is pretty funny

No. 1069396

Love how dumpy she looks in that Junji Ito JSK. Is that a grease stain on the skirt? Lovely.

No. 1069401

i'm not usually one to fatshame or whatever but women who's entire personality focuses on how hot they are or once where kind of have it coming. girl has severe manface, she looks like jeffree star.
and her arms are like fuckin water wings lol.

No. 1069457

>dumps the tarantulas
was she dating the tarantulas?

No. 1069473

File: 1603889712990.png (193.32 KB, 204x541, bigbean.png)

Oh man, I posted her "skinny" pictures too. Picrel are her fat pics.

I didn't even really look at the JSK or the lack of styling. It's a whole mess.
I just meant she got rid of them. Her ex probably has them.

No. 1071250

File: 1604097767988.jpeg (382.9 KB, 1125x1286, 17E235C6-EC27-44E5-AFB7-5C5E98…)

Their carrd: “ please let me know if i do something wrong, chances are i have no idea i did, and if you're gonna vague me i'll just (soft)block you”

The reality, pic related:

Interesting that they’re pulling a CWC-style “all criticism of me is just the nasty troll(s)”, because iirc one of the public reasons given for them being kicked out of their former living arrangement is that they flew off the handle whenever upset or criticized. Maybe the ex and roommates were trolls too.

No. 1074283


Same cunt as before wants white people to give them money for free after all the times they’ve called white people crackers and expressed that it’s perfectly fine to hate them for being white because they invented racism. I take it the GoFundMe isn’t going well.

No. 1076603

The only reason I'm still in my uni's lgbtq society groupchat is the prolonged existence of this girl lol
>30 years old
>refers to herself on social media as a 'mongrel' because she's German but a naturalised British citizen
>ironically looks like the stereotypical 'terf' meme even though she's overly pro-trans: pasty white, world's shortest fringe etc
>she literally doesn't go to our uni anymore and is in an entirely different part of the country doing a masters, but is still the most active member of the lgbt soc chat by far and somehow finds a way to add something inconsequential to every conversation
>eg. when people were talking about fundraising activities she had to let everyone in the chat know that she was muting her notifications for a few days because 'money is a very triggering topic for me right now'
>here's her review verbatim of UK Black Pride, which nobody asked her for: 'UKBP is so wonderful! I went alone in summer (didn't want to invade the space with loads of other white bodies; thought that being a quiet white queer listening from the margins was more appropriate). It is so lovely!!!!'
>this is a massive theme with her, if she decides an event 'isn't for her' on racial grounds she must immediately tell everyone - as if they expect her presence and think she's an important public figure. This is in a groupchat with 118 people for a university she doesn't even attend
> unironically uses the terms 'womxn' and 'mxn'
>the main thing she's proud of is Brexit and EU commentary posted to a totally unengaged Twitter following
>aggressively uses the q slur to describe anything she comes into contact with, including referring to all LGBT people as 'queers'
>has a pinned IG story advising straight people to 'do more beyond attending Pride': she goes on to tell them to follow Alok Vaid-Menon and listen to his spoken-word poetry
>always broke and must mention this in every sentence she makes but also never stops spending money on alternative 'queer' and leftist events (brexit empathy dinner, anyone?) and virtue signall-y pop social justice books, which she then also mentions everywhere
>documents all her breakdowns on IG stories under the pretence of mental health awareness
>also feels the need to make some self-important and totally predictable comment on every news story affecting gay, black or trans people. Clearly has an actual addiction to the news and making Reddit-level analysis of it
>as a final straw: yesterday she posted to the chat, in earnest 'i'm looking for some online advice on managing finances as a queer poly couple. everything i find out there is written by cis hetero norms in monogamous relationships, and i feel like SOMEONE must've long ago started work on queering couple finances??'

It's all quite subtle but she just never stops delivering. I would sort of expect this behaviour from someone in their late teens or early twenties but from a THIRTY year old with a normal sort of coffee shop aesthetic it's just concerning. I know it's academia that rewards this behaviour as well. I wonder what she'll do after being awarded her Masters and whether she'll have a total breakdown as a result of it. She's like the SJW Alan Partridge and I wish I could make a documentary about her

No. 1076611

>It's all quite subtle

I disrespectfully disagree. Post more <3

No. 1076618

>q slurs
Honey…but she sounds like a lovely personal cow, would pay to join the gc not gonna lie.

No. 1076672


I feel like she could honestly be one of multiple people I know on Instagram.

No. 1076710

Haha, I only type 'q slur' because I think people who use it unironically are really annoying lol. I don't want to post too much identifying stuff because her IG is small scale and private (still acts like an influencer on it though…) but I'll update you if she does anything egregious

No. 1079007

File: 1604971813416.jpg (1.34 MB, 2448x3264, El2hOkNX0AArzp3.jpg)

I had the unfortunate luck of coming this guy in a public discord back in March. This all happened within the course of a month.

>38 year old male

>looks like a cracked out 50 year old
>indie "game dev"
>games are all shit, most recent release getting flagged as malware for using cracked versions of dev software so he doesnt even make enough to pay for licenses
>monthly e-begging through paypal links on his twitter, "i cant afford my bills please help out"
>immediate trips to liquor store nearly every other day
>tries to pass himself off as "super woke" and "feminist"
>makes creepy jokes towards everyone and makes them feel uncomfortable
>has to be given a warning by mods
>starts hitting on young girls in the server
>turns out he'd been exchanging nudes with a girl nearly 20 years younger
>had used the server to attempt solicit free work for his shitty indie titles (no one bought into it)
>girl goes to mods with proof of his creepy shit
>gets banned by the owners (who turns out hated him anyway and he had been sending creepy unwanted gifts regularly to their P.O. box)
>gets blocked by moderators
>gets blocked by pretty much everyone who was sick of his shit
>has people call him out on twitter for it
>months pass, present day
>"i wonder what that idiot is up to these days"
>visit his twitter, 20+ tweet thread spergs about how everyone who was sick of his shit is a "bored sociopath"
>tried to say that someone "attempted to hack him via VM"
>claims to live in fear
>is still making shitty indie games that no one is playing

Honestly the guy has enough milk for a whole ass thread. Picrel is him as of this week. I'll post more screencaps of his bullshit if anyone is interested.

No. 1079017

File: 1604973099826.jpg (14.99 KB, 480x360, 1321993728002.jpg)

>as a final straw: yesterday she posted to the chat, in earnest 'i'm looking for some online advice on managing finances as a queer poly couple. everything i find out there is written by cis hetero norms in monogamous relationships, and i feel like SOMEONE must've long ago started work on queering couple finances??'
holy fuck lmao

No. 1079971

If she was more obnoxious she'd make a premium cow, as it is she's cringey with the occasional kek
>grown woman in her 30s larping as sex influencer because she talks about masturbating on Instagram
>ew why should anyone care
>but she's black and disabled anons!
>same behavior now stunning and brave
>calls herself a sex worker because she gets commission from local sex toy shops she shills for
>e-begging for money to open her own sex toy shop
>leaves dildos out on counters and in the bathroom, lives with 14 year old daughter
>disappointed her poor daughter ignores her mom's dildos instead of engaging in open conversation uwu
>tweets daily r/thathappened level sassy and weirdly sexual quotes from daughter, uses daughters real name and photos on the same account where she reviews sex toys
>obligatory BDSM fag
>often posts about how scary penises are, lady you need therapy not dog collars
>obligatory smoke weed everyday as self care
>woke degenerate community in her city encourages her, she even got a column in local paper
>writing is vapid and pointless, she doesn't have much to say besides that disabled people can have sex lives (in case you didn't know) and white people are bad
>latest kek was when she "emptied her bank account" to buy her favourite perfume, because self care and self investment, then posts a janky box of Classy Chic Girl ew dew perfoom that's a knock off of Carolina Herrera, costs less than $30

No. 1082012

>Claims is a psychic and sees spirits
>Is a ''sensitive empath''
>Claims she embodies aphrodite and that her spirit guide is also aphrodite
>claims she was a mermaid and an oracle in her past life
>obsessed with calling herself 'baby' and 'innocent'
>spams photos of herself in her server and reddit
>obsessed with being called 'venusian' and praised
>members call her out and she deletes said server
>creates another server
>another member and me call her out for dating a guy x3 her age
>bans us

No. 1083696

File: 1605531186298.png (805.14 KB, 591x577, crystal.png)

My personal cow is discosauce aka Crystal. I first met her irl once or twice via a friend 5 years ago or so. She seemed off and then he started telling me about this site she uses etc and since then i've followed her antics online.

>in her late 30s but lies about it

>still lives with grandparents in their trailer in louisiana
>says it's to care for them but she's stays up all night playing video games and getting drunk and sleeps all day
>says she's a lesbian but dates men only. This is because women are "too much drama"
>spends 24/7 on some old, defunct camsite like tinychat but for boomers called camfrog and has been doing it for over a decade
>literally on cam 24/7. Sleeping, eating, talking to family, at work. All streamed on the site.
>says it gives her anxiety being off of the program and she has panic attacks
>mean girl bullies any other girl off the platform she thinks is better looking than her
>parrots mra talking points about women being self-centered etc
>says it's different for her because she's "one of the guys" and a lesbian
>streams her grandparents when they're ill in bed or just trying to go about their day because it's her "therapy" and she has "anxiety"
>met all her bfs on this site, fucked several of them irl by inviting them to her grandparents trailer
>got herps and chlamydia from one of them
>screamed at him about it in the camroom in front of 200 people
>starts doing meth
>smashes up grannys trailer one night by getting too drunk and fighting with her 60 year old cam bf
>teeth start falling out
>runs out of money for meth
>gets gun pulled on her
>manages to pay him back by shaking down family and friends and begging them
>puts on a "poor girl" act about how intimidated and fragile she is
>still doing meth
>uh oh teeth are falling out
>goes to dentist
>$15,000 please
>no thanks more meth. Gotta stream!
>meets new guy on camsite (pic related)
>some 50 year old british neet with a bunch of kids and no job
>cheats on her current online boyfriend with him
>gets super obsessed with him and wants to meet him
>for the first time since she was a teenager gets a job to fund his travels to see her
>he stays in her trailer with her and her parents and grandparents
>proposes first night to her
>claims it's nothing to do with his long standing dream to move to the US
>cheats on her in her own damn camroom
>she brushes it off because women are crazy and won't leave him alone so it's not his fault
>still has no teeth
>having breakdowns on cam constantly
>bf never around and avoids her, plays video games all day
>only hits her up when he has to to keep her working to pay for his flights and visa
>signed up to tiktok
>posts self help videos
>house is falling apart behind her
>crazy jealous of current bfs mother of his children
>constantly freaking out about it publicly
>no teef

No. 1083697

File: 1605531756633.png (637.51 KB, 538x959, crystal.png)

my bad she apparently changed her tiktok name to fapplesauce, but here's a screenshot of a video where she makes sure everyone knows men and "non" (???) can be raped too.

No. 1083727

!!! What a find anon! Where does she stream? Does she have other social media? Is there any archived material of her?

No. 1083776

File: 1605541987471.png (689.92 KB, 547x955, crys.png)

She streams through a program called camfrog that you download and install. it's like a giant chatroom where everyone is on cam. She hangs out in a room called eye candy because she genuinely believes she's incredibly beautiful. She got banned from a room once for e-screwing for admin status and then banning every woman that joined after kek

She works in mental health because of course she does. She refuses to listen to people that tell her her daily drug/alcohol usage is the source of most of her issues. She does not have a diagnosis of any of these issues she claims she has and instead insists alcohol helps her.

My friend gave me a bunch of new info, including her current fiance's (Sam) girl gamer dating profile where he knocked 20 years off his age. Bonus points for his picture being a screenshot of another dating app:

Crystal socials:
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@fapplesauce
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/discosauceness/

No. 1083783

So funny he moved from Hampshire, which is quite a cheap place to live with a good quality of life, to live in a trailer in the US with a methhead

No. 1083810

Is she autistic? She has a puzzle piece choker on

No. 1083820

File: 1605543968342.jpg (522.8 KB, 1894x956, donkey.jpg)


anon what is this shit kek ive never seen something so redneck. from the greasy hair, to the tied up shirt, the tongue out, the ripped jeans, the sexy sway, and it all happening in front of Grandad's chair while she begs for male attention scraps. What a pick me


No. 1083824

if she's a munchie like it seems here >>1083776 she probably claims she is

No. 1090321

After a brief derail in the Jonny & Syd thread I've got to ask… Anyone here remember the Furches Twins?

No. 1092067

File: 1606389253903.jpg (161.49 KB, 1023x685, sadcow.jpg)

>bees bees
>bought a wheelchair on amazon to cosplay being disabled
i-i would spit my drink out now if i had one
>"collects" rocks, except they're literally just fuckin rocks from the woods, they look like any rock you would see anywhere, there is nothing special about them whatsoever
hey, it's good to vibe with someone who is on the same level as her in intelligence

without your first sentence i would assume this cow is still in highschool

>really embarrassing fursona stickers all over her car
i didn't know they made stickers for this stuff. it is the kind of thing people wouldn't advertise. kek

chaotic and sad

my personal lolcow is a gaming buddy from college
>a quiet, shy girl, who sometimes laughs a lot
>get to know her, dark sense of humor but a kind heart
oof was i wrong
>actually racist, hates immigrants, calls people niggers, on chat and vc
before this we partied and gamed with her a couple of times and assumed she was just drunk, but as time went on she kept making racist implications, like immigrants shouldn't come here, white people are smarter, etc.
>people pleaser tendencies hide her unstable entitled self
>talks shit about every single girl friend of hers
>over dumb shit, like them not replying fast enough to her text
>get together for a party one day
>oh. this laugh is familiar. this smell…
>we play truth or dares
>admits she is a "functioning" alcoholic
>drinks hard liqour to get drunk here, consumes beer and wine, daily
>at the same time is vehemently against smoking
>tells people smoking outside that it's so bad for them, they should stop!
>party deviates from drinking, she gets bored
>keeps pouring more liqour and sipping it steadily
>"let's play another drinking game!"
>more dares and truths and tricks
>she is extremely competitive
>gets mad when she is losing a dumb card game without stakes
>thinks players are secretly conspiring against her in favor of another girl
>turns every game question sexual
>asks "who would you fuck in this room?" to a question she will have to answer herself. she has a boyfriend of 3 years.
>can not stop making jokes about penis and tits and hitler
we got to know her more through time, as without drinking she wouldn't talk much about herself. we found out that:
>she has been to jail for theft
>is a kleptomaniac, steals things she doesn't need, including snacks from friends
the rest of her personality consists of hypocrisy:
>hates and pokes fun at fat people, is fat herself
>makes fun of a classmate with autism, still invites her sometime out of pity
she seems autistic herself
>obsession with birds
>goes to italy for holiday, only eats french fries
>takes picture of not italian architecture but, you may guess, common birds
>let guys grope her at parties and flirt with her at school
>insists her relationship is perfect and other girls are whores for having short term relationships
>drunkedly complains about shitty boyfriend's porn addiction and lack of sex life
>hates girls because they are too sensitive
>she is different you see, she likes math
>makes out with classmate and gives him a bj
>blames it on being drunk, of course everything is perfect with her boyfriend, they are still together
>disgusted by poor people, comes from a poor family herself
>penny pinching yet calls other frugal people cheap
furthermore she spreads rumors about others, stuff i heard including:
>this classmate is only getting a passing grade for being a girl
>her friend got an only fans because she dyed her hair pink
>that girl is a whore because she is wearing shorts and a tank top during the summer

tl;dr hypocrisy, insecurity, racism, sexism, a lot of self hate

No. 1092153

A lolcow who was a friend of a friend. She would always gossip about her to me.
>In the transboi cult, would say that they're trans even though they obviously like girly things about BEING A LITERAL MOTHER, wearing dresses, lingerie, and talks about men and would thirst after men every other week
>would lie about guys she would hook up with, is in fact a virgin
>lying to her boyfriend that she's a real man. The boyfriend is dumb enough to believe her. He's been raped by a woman and is 100% disgusted by female body parts.
>constantly talks in poetry, believes in faeries, and acts like the bigger person
>calls herself a cool kid, is surrounded by men who constantly want to fuck her
>goes from loving her family then calling her family abusive, wants to run away
>Is trying to become a martyr by lying to everyone about how bad her life is, lives better than most people and lives in a big house.
>pretends to do drugs and smoke cigarettes to be cooler, when she's literally a tumblr girl
>thinks shes already married with her boyfriend. Cheated on him with several other men while they were together. The boyfriend still doesn't know.

No. 1092215

I do, I don’t think I could do them justice though they have so much bullshit

No. 1092334

I tried to remember all i could kek

THE FURCHES TWINS (Gwynne and Jessa)
>Initially gained internet fame in their early teen scene days for being twins who talked about their struggles with Cystic Fibrosis, bullying, self-harm, etc.
>Later came out that the twins were actually the bullies themselves
>Always in and out of the hospital for mental health and CF
>Have always had ‘loving Michael Jackson’ as one of their main personality traits and are now covered in tattoos of him
>Aspiring to be famous singers despite having the voices of a stepped on duck
>Once had almost 1 million followers on Instagram, but couldn’t handle the hate they got so they would just create a new account and claim the old one was hacked (did this at least 5 times until they lost the majority of their “fans”)
>Found out wearing less clothes gets them more attention and started going that route
>Were known for many “accidental” nipslips on their old YouNow streams
>Would post cringe inducing “sexy” pics and “twerking” videos during their hospital stays
>Were constantly taking selfies and videos while driving, got in at least 6 car accidents between them
>Started being accused of being on drugs which they constantly denied (using their CF as a foolproof reason as to why they can’t do drugs)
>Scammed fans with a premium snap that they never posted on, claiming all money from it would go to a Cystic Fibrosis charity (instead went to their drug habit)
>Gwynne started getting meth-looking scabs all over her face and body, blamed it on being allergic to the formula for her feeding tube (was really the combination of pills and cocaine)
>Gwynne also became visibly more high, making bizarre posts, slurring constantly, and posting basically naked pics under the guise of body confidence
>Gwynne finally admitted she was abusing pain pills that she was prescribed for her health issues (while claiming to currently be clean) but many people suspected it was more than just some pills
>At some point a sex tape of Gwynne with her ex boyfriend was released
>Then a shit ton of nudes from both twins were being leaked by exes, randoms, and possibly even the twins themselves
>Eventually some pretty incestual video clips came out, turns out they were secretly selling nudes to old dudes on the internet
>Gwynne continues her drug fuelled spiral
>In May of 2019 Gwynne was driving heavily under the influence of several drugs, ran off the road, and killed a 72 year old man who was walking down the street
>When the cops came she told them she was her sister, Jessa, because she didn’t have a license at the time
>They took her to the hospital because of her obvious intoxication and she was identified as Gwynne, not Jessa
>Also is literally smiling in her mugshot
>Footage from her initial hearing and details of her case can be found online
>Charged with manslaughter, bail was eventually set at $750,000, and she was expected to be away for many many years
>Soon after, Jessa created an OnlyFans, despite not being able to pose or dance to save her life
>Also possible Jessa is still getting high
>People suspected her mother was taking the pictures, because she had been seen taking pics of the twins topless for instagram before
>Recently came out that Gwynne has been taking Jessa’s pictures, and that she has been out of jail since November 2019
>Not much known about how she got out or why, seems unlikely her family could afford to make bail, and Jessa never talks about it

No. 1092539


No. 1092662

Yep she's been out for a whole year, don't know how or why or if she's going back or what. Someone said she might have been in a rehab center for some time? But has definitely been home for a while now. And if Jessa is still getting high, you know Gwynne is too. Girl literally got away with murder.

No. 1092849

she hasn’t had her trial yet
she’s out on bail pending her trial
trials are delayed because of covid
she hasn’t gotten away with anything yet

No. 1092852

No. 1093280

>not liking sailor moon is misogyny

No. 1094150

File: 1606622515559.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2560x2560, 5832CD9F-52AE-4C7C-AAA1-0C6BE1…)

Not my personal, Stumbled upon this person for final fantasy things.

Apparently they’re a serial stalker, harasser, makes many accounts to force people to talk to her after all 10 of her accounts has been suspended for harassment or role play a sexual fantasy with Sephiroth’s and thinks she did nothing wrong.

Anyone got their own milk on her?(newfag)

No. 1094331

File: 1606642973139.jpg (708.95 KB, 1080x1920, 1606642671433.jpg)

My personal lolcow is a girl who went to school with a friend of mine
>28 year old NEET
>wants to be an influencer, 40k followers, gets max 200 likes on a post
>she is born and rasied in Croatia, her parents are Croatian, has so far pretended to be American, Russian, Korean, Japanese
>went through many phases of trying to find her niche some of the more notable ones being stalking athletes, unboxing of fake designer goods with names mispelled on the boxes, shifting from WASPy style to being obssesed with Post Malone and getting a hand tatto, currently facetuning herself into a kawaii anime girl, face is unrecognizable compared to tagged photos and videos
>pretends to be from and live in LA, has spend considerable time there over the years funded by her parents. Until the last trip her mom would come along to take photos of her. Currently stuck in Croatia because of the pandemic, lied about being stuck in Europe because there is no flights back, then went back to lying about being in LA. All current photos of her are clearly in Croatia
>ED, cycles between severely underweight and healthy weight, but never mentally recovered. Claimed for a while that she can’t eat because she suddenly became allergic to almost everything including alcochol, lots of woe is me posts. Post Malone phase starts and she starts posting a lot about drinking, gains weight. Now back to losing weight and obssesing over food she says she can’t eat
>has claimed to be an actress, film director, professional ballerina or just long time ballet dancer depending on the day, award winning artist, soon-to-be-published book author, singer, absolutely nothing to show for it and no mention of her name anywhere. Mostly it’s just her spamming about how something big is coming, doing a vague reveal post about what it is with a long caption about following your dreams and then never mentioning it again

She used to be milky, now it’s mostly just repetitive and sad.

No. 1094450

Oh lord this chick won’t leave people alone.

She was in a discord group that I was in and started shit with some mods. She’s pretty much banned from several fandoms. Arcana, final fantasy, DMC, sonic and the Brawl community. I know she’s still active stalking people in the final fantasy community despite getting her blogs banned from Twitter. She seems to make new ones and is quick to start shit with several other people for what ever reason.

She’s also staking some people in the arcana fandom, one being my past roommate. This is the only way I know shit about her and we regularly talk about the crap with her because it’s oddly amusing watching this train wreck.

The arcana fandom has a warning that goes out to the community about her shit warning new people. I guess she tries to force people to write porn with her and gets overly aggressive making fun of them for not writing to her standards or having some kind of creative liberty? Idk. My roommate will tell me horror stories about this bitch.

She’s relentless in harassing people that several have given up blocking her because she just makes a new blog to spam them. She’s pushed soo many people away from the fandom and has made it soo hard for people to trust any one. I honestly hope she never finds the LotR fandom because we deal with our own shit and don’t need hers.

I do have a account I use to watch her freak outs though. I guess she was dating some guy that recently broke up with her? Idk I have to ask my room mate about an update.

No. 1094452

Thought pic on the right was bratoutofhell

No. 1094458


same. what a weird case of cowergent evolution.

No. 1094508


From many people said that her boyfriend broke up with her and is living on the delusion that he’s still with her.

& claiming she’s a model

No. 1094738

File: 1606689170167.jpg (121.55 KB, 1516x958, Enl8jwVXYAI7XZn.jpg)

they even doxed her kek

No. 1094763

File: 1606690597364.png (217.74 KB, 719x1031, twit.png)

same anon
one of the people involved has some other drama too


No. 1094885


Isnt that her own post? She basically doxxed herself

No. 1094944

Roommate I had in college.

A rich girl who pretends to be poor, plays victim, whines about her life. Intentionally drives an old beat-up car to poverty LARP. Claims to be in recovery from alcoholism for more pity points, in reality, she drank too much vodka and took a Xanax at a college party ONE TIME and passed out, now claims she was the most hardcore alcoholic ever and is constantly at risk of relapse and death.

Has kicked out 6 different roommates for 'flirting with her boyfriend' irl her boyfriend is an ugly NEET who was literally a 21 yr old virgin before he met her. She is just absurdly insecure.

Goes through a new roommate saga every three months. Always ends with an insane social media post and her throwing their clothes out on the sidewalk.

Buys friend's attention and affection with clothing, food, and discounted rent because that is the only way anyone can stand to be around her.

Goes through BPDfag levels of idealization and devaluation: begs someone to move in with her, becomes their 'BFF', talks about how horribly everyone else has victimized her, then suddenly turns to attack the person, throw them out, and make insane social media posts attacking them.

We have a longstanding 'former roommates and survivors of x' support group on multiple social media platforms for people who have lived with her.

No. 1095000

File: 1606716657320.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, DB9C434A-9AD1-4CFC-A595-26508A…)

You want caps on this mess? I have a folder of screen shots and caps collected just from the last 9 months of her. Some stuff older some newer. I modded a discord she came in and had to ban her within an hour for harassing people and trying to force people to rolepay nsfw stuff with her they didn’t want to do.

She also approaches minors and doesn’t find it wrong to talk to minors when she’s an adult. And by talk I mean discuss sexual fantasies with people underaged.

She goes by goose in my experience and I started from the Arcana community which has a high percentage of minors as well as adults. The discords are usually split with a minors area that adults moderate to keep things age appropriate and theres a adults area that is vetted by proof of age with an ID.

Strike 1.
She came into the discord trying to find a roleplay partner to smut with and looked in the all ages area within 20 mins of being in the server without filling out the requested introduction form.

Strike 2.
She dm’d a member that is ESL and personally mocked them for using the incorrect words the. Proceeded to mock them because they where also autistic. Told them they where stupid because they couldn’t do basic math like dividing fractions that is something you learn in basic 3rd grade math. This was within one hour of being in the discord.

Strike 3.
A member of our discord made an PSA in the adults area warning us about her because they knew her from the final fantasy fandom and knew her history with stalking. Goose managed to get into the nsfw area with her proof of ID and saw this Psa and went off on the member. One mod stepped in to remove the heat and she went off on that mod. That mod woke me up with a discord call calling an emergency on her. I did some digging on her and found the surface of her record in the final fantasy fandom as well as about 12 DMs from members with caps of her harassment in their DMs. I approached her and asked her to explain what was going on to give her the chance to be truthful.

She lied.

I presented my evidence of her behavior and she freaked out on me. Demanded I tell her who said that to me and I denied her evidence of it because I didn’t want her attacking those people any more.

Then I banned her because she got ultra power mad and started calling me and everyone else names and being rude generally. She started DM’ing the owner of the server and other members trying to get deets on what was being said and to try and justify her behavior. Kept saying she was unfairly banned…. for weeks.

I then did some serious digging into her and found a lot of dirt on her. I also just joined the final fantasy Twitter community and was approached almost instantly by her. I played it off like I didn’t know her and she just went off in me once I couldn’t handle the cringe. She spammed me with “ you can’t get rid of me. I will always be here” messages for about a month in my DMs. I muted her so I didn’t see it but she kept sending it.

I have Soo many caps of her if any one wants to see them.

Pic is her trying to do a russian nesting doll Make-up look. FYI she’s not Russian and has appropriated Native American heritage to “ justify her racism”

No. 1095009

>You want caps on this mess?
Hell yeah. It sounds like she deserves her own thread given how much widespread destruction she's apparently caused. Plus fandom cows are always top-notch.

No. 1095018

File: 1606718332719.jpeg (144 KB, 701x927, 093A5AB6-F205-4DD2-891B-E1B802…)

I have over 200 screens of her shit on my phone. It could get its own thread tbh. She’s certainly a good source of entertainment.

Yeah this is totally a model. Hairy legs and all.

No. 1095561

File: 1606774713000.png (135.16 KB, 832x471, unknown (1).png)


I have a lot of screen caps on this one as well. Including loads from Discord where she has harassed my friends and me.

I told her that I was busy in November and did not have time for her shit. Here is a snippet of what she was sending me.

No. 1095598


thread thread thread thread

No. 1095644


No. 1095647

How to do so?

No. 1095712

File: 1606786015136.png (260.41 KB, 423x562, Screenshot 2020-12-01 121339.p…)

No. 1095719

File: 1606786723742.jpeg (129.51 KB, 1242x1898, 03B40933-A535-40D6-BDA7-DBA0B9…)

No. 1095720

File: 1606786745951.jpeg (165.22 KB, 922x2048, 8E304CF3-6ECE-447C-B972-CFFEBD…)

No. 1095722

File: 1606786767152.jpeg (84.71 KB, 1080x673, FEBD5FEE-66C7-4D9C-BEA6-CD98AE…)

No. 1095725

File: 1606786947085.jpeg (520.65 KB, 828x1427, 5493845C-14D0-4B28-897F-76DE50…)

Sucks how no one can be rid of her after so many people tell her the same thing to leave them alone and that she did always wrong and never learns

No. 1095727

This is wild. Was she also in college?? If so: what was she studying & did she ever have… similar outbursts in class?

No. 1095729

She claims to work in Stanford but at a bookstore there

No. 1095731


Can this cow get a thread of her own?

No. 1095732

File: 1606787443672.jpeg (525.33 KB, 828x1254, 284AF060-236C-435A-8CB0-20024A…)

Decided to look her up more found she was crazy?

No. 1095755

Well it goes without saying that she has a few screws loose. CHC doesn't seem to have any sort of long-term institutional services or whatever, so she's probably referring to the day school for kids with behavioral problems.
Does anyone who's familiar with her know what her childhood/family history was like?

No. 1095760


This is all coming from her and unfortunately, I do not believe I have screen caps for it all.

But in a group server I used to be in she said that her mother was a drug addict who cleaned up her act when she found out she was pregnant. Her mother adopted her out to the family she lives with now.

She has brothers and sisters, not sure how many. Claims to have a good life and be rich. (I don't know the property value of the area she lives in so cannot confirm). She indicates that she has a close relationship with her mother, but also complains that she does not understand her and what is going on online.

She had a long distance relationship with Terrence Watson (A.K.A Samurai?) who is a gamer guy online and was on PlayStation's "The Tester".
Terrence broke up with her in like October but she is pretending they are back together.

No. 1095762

File: 1606790075771.png (50.64 KB, 398x217, Screenshot 2020-12-01 133420.p…)

No. 1095764

File: 1606790192953.jpeg (158.38 KB, 828x623, D7C72029-BD41-421C-B2AE-7B4AB6…)

All her boyfriends she has because she’s ‘poly’

No. 1095792

File: 1606792707941.png (136.25 KB, 564x515, Screenshot 2020-12-01 141831.p…)

No. 1095813

Hell yes more screencaps please. I would totally be down to see her own thread. I’m literally already fascinated.

No. 1095814

File: 1606795249251.jpeg (148.37 KB, 1237x849, 959BBFC2-10F7-4A50-91C2-F42CC6…)

How many accounts does this woman even have?

Someone even made a full blown exposing page for Rachel/sera on twitter as well

No. 1095874

She’s got her own thread now here >>1095830

No. 1103746

File: 1607533087731.png (170.89 KB, 375x517, Skärmavbild 2020-12-09 kl. 17…)

My personal cow is this troon, Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg.

He streams almost every aspect of his life so it would take forever to deliver all the milk, so this is just a light recap of the latest shit:

>invites a random nigerian guy to stay with him because he's a fan

>streams basically everything except the sex, during the lives more and more shit ensues.
>refuses to give the guy a charger for some reason and streams the whole fight over it. turns out the nigerian guy has a kid and possibly a wife and he needs his phone to contact them
>cops are called for some reason, but they leave
>at some point during this Tatelicious starts identifying as Christopher and live streams himself running around without any wig on
>starts a fight with the nigerian guy because he doesn't wanna sleep on facebook live
>gloats about sleeping with this guy without a condom even though he has HIV
>apparently the guy also is staying till new years and ditching his family for this maniac

No. 1103757

how is he a troon? you refer to him by ‘he’ all the way through this post but then say he runs around and starts calling himself christopher - is he ftm?

No. 1103783

he's mtf. the christopher thing is just him being very strange

No. 1104325

Found this dude in a video game series Facebook group and since then my buddies have seen him on multiple social media websites
>Mid 30s
>generic reply guy who asks e-girls to message him and tells them how sexy they are
>has had to remake his twitter at least 3 times for being a sperg
>is obsessed with this one video game series
>fantasizes about scenarios he wants to happen within said video game series
>mainly fantasizes around the main character's girlfriend who was only in one of the games
>also fantasizes about the main character's best friend who died in the first installment
>once wrote a four paragraph essay about how much he hates main character's best friend
>hates him enough to the point where he can't stand the voice actor
>has made multiple posts about how much he wants the voice actor to die all over facebook, twitter, and random youtube videos not even referencing the character
>has literally made death threats directly to this voice actor via twitter
>random japanese man has no idea whats coming to him
the death threats were honestly the peak of his milk production, but he's been seen in the wild more frequently as of lately. he got kicked out of the facebook group we originally found him in for the threats.

No. 1104360


May I ask what game series is this?

No. 1104374

Probably Yakuza?

No. 1104552

Okay I need you guys to know about my coworker, I really hate her smh
>she's the biggest fan of anything, especially pokemon
>once I had a talk with another coworker about a philosophical thought experiment and she pitched in with something totally unrelated, she's so deep
>I play a card game competitively and she knows so much she bragged and I corrected her twice about da rules
>she makes blowjob jokes and any incel meme related joke
>she wanted to correct me on a topic I know literally anything about until I had to physically show her shes bsing
>her bf is a rude person who looks like he showers once a year
>she's such an artist she told me twice how a site retweetet her shit and how popular on insta she is, her stiff is pokemon mediocre fanart
>constantly jokes about making an onlyfans
>she's anything but your normal average girl
…I fucking hate snowflakes.

No. 1104601

This sounds less like an actual cow and more like venting about someone you don’t get along with.

No. 1104651

You had a talk about some theoretical philosophical experiment with a coworker and yet you complain about someone else behaving fake deep? Kek

No. 1104689

sorry I studied this shit and wanted to chat with my coworker??

No. 1104893

You sound like a scrote

No. 1105028

she sounds annoying but you don't sound that great yourself anon lmao

No. 1105674

My ex-friend from high school may or may not have some potential. IDK what that says about me though
>massive fujo / weeb, openly used to identify as such
>also an islamophile
>obsessed with real life gay men, especially Middle Easterners and East Asians
>is white as snow
>her obsession with Middle Eastern gay men started with Assassin's Creed yaoi
>became fakeboi
>"nb gay trans man (tme)"
>when she still called herself a girl she was also openly bisexual but
>now dismisses her attraction to women as "compulsory heterosexuality"
>claims to really hate "cis" fujos now
>at some point (before Aidening out) she dated a Turkish guy who later came out as gay
>chose his name as her new name
>more or less skinwalks her ex, even considers converting to Islam

No. 1105688

Please say you have screencaps of her antics / pictures of her, this sounds golden

No. 1105770

Sounds like she pisses you off becaue you're similar to her and you're projecting. We all meet people like that, but they're not worth posting about.

No. 1105782

Turkish names tend to be very unique… was it unique enough that it was super obvious that she stole her ex’s name? I love this cow anon.

No. 1106192

Yes, Yakuza lmao

No. 1107735

File: 1608071253503.jpg (3.08 MB, 3464x3464, Illustration6.jpg)

My personal cow is Penporo AKA penchuu

> irrelevant artist who migrated mostly to twitter and then became a fakeboi

> constantly uses her 45k follower account to vent about private stuff https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1325344324071026688?s=20
> does not give a shit about her pets. gave away her cat just because. lets her dog give birth when it already had a problematic birth once https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1322868787385782275
> lives in a house full of cockroaches, spends all her money on anime figures and artbooks
> thinks 40 dollars for a sketch commission is low https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1323000667229704192?s=20
> revamped her old ocs so much that they eventually just changed roles. made both of them trans. complains that people dont like them anymore and they're scared https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1333354166194900992?s=20
> loves to contradict herself https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/601867944665939973/788523271825522688/Screenshot_20201215-213014_Gallery.jpg and https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1333649369053102081?s=20
> has made fanart for a pedo https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/601867944665939973/780848273249665074/unknown.png but then spins it around to accuse others https://twitter.com/p_enporo/status/1324962581228892160?s=20

No. 1108188

File: 1608127132042.jpg (4.7 MB, 4096x3276, CollageMaker_20201216_15452719…)

I was tinfoiling a while if she was the person I knew long time ago, and yeah she was. Not personally, but I've been looking at her downward spiral for so long it makes me sick how she hasn't got hospitalized.

so about her:
>comes from swedish-finn wealthy family
>started internet career as a furryfag in her teens, played transformice
>edgy, rude and a filthy weeb
>experiences a trans phase
>gets a psychosis and starts using drugs
>escapes from her former dA and FA account
>gets hooked on the internet attention from image boards
>joins huge normie anon circlejerk group
>attentionwhoring, more drug abuse, hooks ups, more suicidal and psychotic shit
>rp'd as an obese wheelchair paralytic til it was proven fake
>art style devolves due to lack of focus and mental stability
>identify as "a drooling tard" nowadays
>has an active twitter shitpost account and tumblr for drug glorifying weeb posting

No. 1108243

File: 1608134043704.png (607.41 KB, 1024x1127, _oc__by_penporo-dcr19zd.png)

I used to follow her, first on deviantart and then on twitter. I had to unfollow her for all the whining, trans talking and remaking her characters three times a month and never making anything out of it. The dog birth period was disgusting, she kept saying her house smelt like… dog giving birth?
She has a habit of deleting her old illustrations for some reason. I really liked her Orion character during the deviantart days (good thing I downloaded one reference of it, picrel), it was very pretty and delicate looking. Also love how she watched Promare and decided that her style now has to be super colorful with studio trigger tier character designs.

No. 1108246

Please share some social media links, she sounds hilarious!

No. 1108262

LOL, I remember following her. I didn't mind her neverending whining over nothing-tweets, but unfollowed her the second she came out as a troon. Barely posts even sketches, but complains all the time.

No. 1108952

that orion was peak orion. Now he's just some big "Himbo" trans with no personality and his eyes don't share the same post code anymore. It's nice to at least have 1 high quality reference around now, other reposts don't look as good

No. 1109632

File: 1608278088955.jpeg (309.11 KB, 1125x1735, 8F0B8C26-955A-4615-B5FC-567815…)

After bitching about their ex kicking them out for being fucking unhinged and making sure their followers know they’ll be on the chopping block if they so much as interact with ex, tropivamp unleashes their inner cunt once again to shit on someone asking an innocent question (btw help out a black enby and donate to their gofundme💞💞💞)

No. 1109669

Holyshit I remember it with Penchuu drama

No. 1110287

My coworker is my personal lolcow.

>He's something else. First of all, somehow he fell asleep while driving and rammed into someone's car. Thankfully that person had no injuries, but he kept his license. But now he just whines about driving a worse car, and I just think to myself that he ruined someone else's car and could've killed them.

>He thinks he's a good singer and guitar player, but all he listens to is country so you can guess how good he is, already. In fact, he tries so hard to be a cowboy when we live in a state that's furthest away from the South as you can get.
>He lit his exes stuff on fire even though we live in what's considered a desert state. Even winters are dry as hell. It's kind of… A psycho move to light your exes stuff on fire I'd they did nothing to you anyway, and he's said they just split up due to differences.
>He really likes bossing others around when our manager isn't in the same room or off too, mind you I've got a full 4 years on this guy and he's just sternly telling me what to do. It's annoying, and the fact my managers told him to stop and he won't says it all.

I dunno, I wish he'd just leave already. He got food thrown at him recently because he pissed a customer off, and man I wish that were me throwing it at him.

No. 1110750

My cousins boyfriend
>Brought her on a date to a store where he flirted with another girl (who was 16, he was19/20, he knew this) the entire time until she bursted out crying and left, continued to flirt with said girl throughout the relationship
>Hit her stomach while she was pregnant and made her internally bleed
>Acts obnoxious and rude to everyone to the point where my cousin is often dragged into drama and disrespected
>Cousin got him a job in his dream city, just for him to become obsessed with another girl at the job whole cousin was pregnant, when questioned about it he claimed he did it because girl he was simping over was fat and cousin was not (he fetishized fat girls)
>Cousin fell into an eating disorder because of this which resulted in another miscarriage
>3rd pregnancy he abandons her while family members have died and starts trying to fuck everything that walks, including the 16 yr old girl mentioned earlier, blocks cousins number during an emergency with the baby, ends up ruining friend group due to how badly he treated cousin and he kept trying to get with the obese girlfriend of the friend group, then claims he was going to take his friends fat gf away to city cousin took him to
>claimed her suicide attempts were for attention, then later claimed that cousin calling him out on things he did was gaslighting

she's pregnant again and they're back together, my cousin is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and she's insanely smart, talented, funny and creative with an amazing figure. it upsets me how he gets rewarded with her and she has become a hollow shell of who she used to be

No. 1110797

anon that's just an awful abusive scrote not a lolcow

No. 1110821

I am not telling anyone to harm him but it would be cool if a car just happened to run him over

No. 1111235

>Hit her stomach while she was pregnant and made her internally bleed
Not to go full edge but after that I'm getting the gun and going to town on his crotch area

No. 1111256

Damn, I found her right after I watched promare and followed her because I thought her art was cute, but then unfollowed after because she went on and on about some stereotypical anti shit like fiction affecting reality or some dumb tumblr take about minors. Glad to know I wasn't just being a cunt and this person really is just annoying af lol

No. 1111317

File: 1608490416009.jpg (107.54 KB, 1080x559, 2020127.jpg)

don't dish it out if you can't take it, aaliyah

looks like her gofundme only has $300 so far kek. is it just me, or is $3000 a bit hefty to ask from her general ilk of jobless teenage twitter artists?

No. 1111388

It is just you. Literally. No one else cares.

No. 1111402


No. 1111447

anon if ur out there please update me on her

No. 1111737

i can smell the bpd in that post

No. 1111768

File: 1608541720644.png (321.05 KB, 1549x1565, 3922966A-DCDE-4A58-906B-9B32C8…)

Not only is she pretty much relying on jobless teenagers for her GFM but it seems like she’s stopped doing commissions.

Not that I imagine she gets much of them because most of her art is low-effort nonsense but she could at least attempt to earn any of the money instead of wanting it thrown at her for free because she’s a black nonbinary victim.

Considering she mentions being an artist in her bio and GFM one might think that if you’re that desperate for money you might want to flex that a little. Also mentions wanting to become a professional, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon between the art quality and the general attitude she carries with her.

No. 1113860

an ex housemate, there’s so much more & oh boy… the screenshots (if anyone cares)

> fake goth big titty (fat) full service sex worker, BPDfag FeMiNiSt & “aspiring” YouTuber, comedian, makeup artist, writer, dancer

> has never put any effort into any of these aspirations, they’re just random BPD obsessions
> self diagnosed autistic who never shuts the fuck up
> if you hate her, you actually hate her autistic traits & are ableist
> fired from her part time brothel job because she bragged about how much she was making, denied almost every client & bitched about the ones she did get
> manically overshares & calls people out on Facebook to over 1,000 basic alternative bitches & simps
> “lesbian” that HATES cishet men.. only fucks, dates & obsesses over men
> “oh wow i’m non!binary too!” forgets until it’s completely convenient
> accused of sexual assault. Denies.
> doxxes clients, potential & locals for “sexual assault” & acts ableist & racist in these “call outs”
> refers to cis boyfriends as “them” intentionally to make people think they are non-binary
> broke up with a trans girl despite “emotionally everything [was] perfect” becaus the girl had severe dysphoria & wasnt the femboy fetish in the bedroom she wanted
> calls herself “locally famous”
> has been banned from all the popular & good clubs here for being crazy
> tells strangers & random people graphic details of her sex life - & of being raped
> “I’m lucky I’ve never properly been raped ya know”
> lies about all her interactions
> spends over $400 on ~goth aesthetic~ shit
> begs her housemates & facebook for money
these last ones r kinda petty & personal
> accused me of animal abuse because my cat wasn’t on the same diet as hers
> posts everything on Facebook, but when she fucked my household over.. radio silence
> couldn’t manage 2 weeks of staying away from her housemates that hate her to QUARANTINE after travelling “MuH mental health!!!” only asked her 2 keep out of communal areas & wash her hands

No. 1113910

File: 1608782649863.png (233.82 KB, 1489x1366, Untitled1.png)

tropivamp is mad that the ex who wanted to be a bigger person apologized to people they formerly chimped out on, and is somehow upset that said ex wanted to quit spending all their online time with children? tropivamp youre both adults grow the fuck up

No. 1113960

Please post screenshots, I love this kind of cow.

No. 1114013

I also vote for screen shots, not petty on any of the personal ones. Love that she’s magically an animal nutritionist too.

No. 1114039

File: 1608801697128.jpeg (357.3 KB, 1242x2208, 0BADFD6D-9E49-4403-BDA8-0A1316…)


i have to access my computer for most of it but enjoy this dumpster fire (we lived with 3-4 men & all she did was talk graphically abt sex stuff & attention grab, they tried 2 like her & she obsessively wanted their approval like I “had”, which was me just being their mates.. also was super jealous i fucked most of them & they didn’t want her lol)

No. 1114045

File: 1608803172324.jpeg (207.13 KB, 1242x2208, CC3807F2-C319-4546-BE42-97A5D1…)

oh also this after she conned my friend into dating her (intentionally miscommunicated
Polyamory to him), referred to him as “they” to make ppl think he was non binary, & sexually assaulted him. She then posted tirades about how he’s a dirty punk & she’ll “win” him from his ex, who he also was staying away from. Totally delusional. I wanna post the one about him too I’ll have to edit a bit

No. 1115696

File: 1609046405337.jpeg (274.42 KB, 826x1627, 853377F0-5C11-4ACE-AB52-DA6514…)

i have a couple of personal cows that i follow on tiktok, thebeebeegunn is one of my favs tho. she’s an ugly stripper from the midwest.

>has two kids from (i think) diff dads

>posts them on her ig where she promotes her onlyfans and stripper life
>claims to have autism, anxiety, depression etc
>makes literally everything about herself: an old man she did karaoke with a couple of times died and she freaked out about it on ig and tiktok saying she needed the day off
>lives with her bf in a filthy apartment
>has a false eyelash brand and is always behind on orders because of “anxiety”
>is extremely sjw and cringe

picrel is tiktok autism

No. 1115882

I'd love to see more milk on

No. 1117862

This ex-mutual of mine was made for this thread.

> BPD, but was munching ASPD and was going to murder and dissect a rat to test if he was actually ASPD and had empathy for it. got sent to the psych ward for months before any animals were actually harmed.

> skinwalker of his ex-boyfriend, started munching disabilities and personality disorders after his bf was diagnosed… skinwalked childhood sexual assault and PTSD
> claims to be diagnosed with like 20 different mental and physical diagnoses
> makes tiktok videos talking about how bad self diagnosis is…. Then self diagnoses with physical disabilities, claiming CFS, fibromyalgia, CRPS and dysautonomia.
> regularly posts on munchie spotting reddits like illnessfakers, despite being a massive munchie himself
> claims to be wheelchair bound but still jumping around dancing in a fursuit for tiktok but films everything else in a wheelchair.
>munched for a couple months, until he realized he would get more attention pissing off 13 year old gender-specials and tiktok snowflakes by saying bisexuals and pansexuals are the same thing, among other "hot takes". Retards take the bait and he starts enough controversy to get 15k followers for it… no wheelchair in sight anymore.
>carves his exes name into his body and posts it all over instagram in hopes of getting his attention again
> was stalking his ex for months, stealing his passwords to log in to his discord and instagram, posting pictures of his ex to tiktok
> is a “kinnie” and thinks he’s ryuko matoi from kill la kill, a South Park character, and like 3 different warrior cats
> draws a shit ton of transgender furry porn and posts pics and videos of himself murrsuiting (sexual fursuiting, for those lucky enough to be unaware)
> has an 18+ patreon with no subs lol
>constantly suicide baiting on tiktok live, drinking and mixing prescription drugs on the live, another tiktok furry spread a rumor that he killed himself and a bunch of kids made some fanart in memoriam of his fursona
> major anachan, posting it all over tiktok and making a bunch of proana kill la kill fanart

No. 1117881

personal twitter is private @/sugarfreemegis

No. 1117897

>skinwalks CSA
>transgender furry art
This creature sounds more like a typical bratty Tumblr girl than anything feasibly male. Is this a self-post? At least show us the art.

No. 1117913

File: 1609309912348.jpg (Spoiler Image,236.31 KB, 828x802, IMG_5354.jpg)


Nah, not a self-post. Person in question is FtM, should have clarified in the post. And some of their furry porn art from their public IG page… Like I mentioned, they're an ex-mutual so I don't have access to most of their stuff that's on a private account but if you want to see some of the public furry porn its @sleepykanin

No. 1120275

Ex boyfriend. Shithole town in shithole New England. Relationship happened May 2017 - Sep 2017.

>Was "local famous" when he was in his late 20s/early 30s for making cool-lookin' sculptures

>Is also, in spite of everything, rather good-looking – which made him able to get away with all kinds of bullshit
>This ^^ is why I dated him briefly, yes, I admit it.
>I was 25 and he was 36.
>He started a band that sounded like Godsmack
>He started dressing exactly like the guy from Godsmack, even down to details like doing his hair and facial grooming, utterly ruining what good looks he had remaining
>Sang like him, too
>Didn't get enough attention for the ripoff band so he kicked everyone out and started a new band with a tranny.
>Got LOTS of attention after that for being woke
>Tranny shows him what the kids do on the internet for attention these days
>After watching some youtube, he starts faking DID
>Does indeed get lots of attention online from hot, young, very mentally ill women
>I would call him out when he was "having an episode" and he'd get all flustered because he'd forget how he was supposed to be acting
>Dropped the "I LOVE YOU" bomb frequently but when he did he made me swear I would never, ever say it back under any circumstances because he has vulnerability issues …
>I broke up with him because he brought an anachan 20 yo w/self-harm scars to my house and said she was gonna be our third
>Trannies, youtube DID, "occultism" … He was trying to attract women btw 18 - 21
>What a creep
>Last I checked he is now a balding alcoholic who lives in a literal pull-along trailer behind a doublewide
>Still makes music with tranny but deleted all social media
>Wears a dress around town sometimes so maybe young woke chicks will talk to him
>They don't

No. 1120550

Blatant vendetta, but it's pretty entertaining, I'll give you that

No. 1120940


if posting socials of his art and bands won't give you away i'd love to see them anon

No. 1122165

My personal lolcow is a semi-well known cosplayer who lies about literally everything and has fabricated her entire personal to the point where very few people know the truth, because she's cut off just about everyone who knows. Her lies include:

>Having an Ivy League degree when she has some sort of BA from a college in Kentucky.

>Working for BBC America
>Working for the Avengers franchise
>Cars, ie would show off photos from car shows claiming they were her own
>Weight loss; would one-up people who had lost weight by claiming she'd lost more when she hadn't lost anything at all
>Where her money comes from; she married an awkward dude with a trust fund for his money. I can only hope he made her sign a prenup because I think she left him to chase cosfamous cock
>Best In Show wins at conventions she never attended

And the best of all:
>Claimed she went to Japan in college and the yakuza got her addicted to heroin, and her sorority sisters cured her by locking her in their basement for a week.

At this point I only watch her socials to see what hilarious new lie she's peddling now.

No. 1122169

wow, this is horrorcow material. pls make a thread.

No. 1122178

Thread please I'm so intrigued

No. 1122240

Have you posted about her before? The yakuza story sounds really familiar. Pretty sure this same girl is in the previous personal cow thread.

No. 1122502

I need to know who this is or I'll die

No. 1126193

File: 1610163557140.gif (4.85 MB, 400x300, 72478174_462619781031366_32001…)

I have 2 personal cows in my life

Childhood friend
>more than one mental illness, and likely autistic
>does the bare minimum to manage any and all of her problems
>self-worth relies on her body count
>fucks autistic people (no literally)
>got in a three-way competition with 3 other fuck ups to see who can fuck the most autistics in our college anime club
>had an orgy in a classroom during morning hours (which involved a campus security guard)
>participted in quite a few affairs
>does escort work for both free and paid
>known to pressure men she meets on tinder for sex
>is currently believed to be pregnant from an affair

>rich boy with daddy issues
>peverbal stoner with a personality akin to oregano
>you can smell it but you can’t taste it
>humbled bragged about living in his father’s house and paying rent
>”I don’t live here, I just pay rent”
>continuously projected feelings onto me
>can’t seem to decide if whether I just want to get laid or I am into him
>goes with the later
>when I wasn’t into him at the moment, fucked the aforementioned cow to get my attention (unfortunately found out after the fact)
>tried to pit me against his current girlfriend so I’d date him
>when that failed, tried to rope into a threesome w/ her
>proceeded to lose mind after a while
>tells his girlfriend that i was his ex and how much better I was than her
>rumored to cheat on his gf with the same cow again and got her pregnant
>only a few months late of getting his gf pregnant
>life is now spiraling and I’m somehow to blame

The lesson here is don’t hang or date the people in your area. Something’s always wrong w/ them

No. 1126272

File: 1610168101531.png (2.81 MB, 1080x2186, Screenshot_20210108-234912~2.p…)

Fake femboy. Biological female adult that pretends to to be a femboy trap for attention.

Harasses people that she disagrees with, threatening them with "uwu I'm going to punch you Irl, I'm so brave and strong."

BLM activist, semi retarded.

No. 1126708


I need more milk on your childhood friend. Explain the fucking autistic people thing. I need to know the logic

No. 1126764

i see this fetus all over terf/radfem ig spaces trying to own da bigots, she is very p*nchable looking

No. 1126826

File: 1610210341824.png (464.52 KB, 1080x1132, Screenshot_20210108-233359~2.p…)

From her meltdown over some cosplayer that decided to post with her legally owned firearm.

Not to mention this person literally has a kinny account for an underage character, so she can RP in a fandom filled with literal children.

Also claims to be engaged to her tiktok kinny fiance. Loooooool

No. 1126847

Idek if i can give you a straight answer anon. I have to give you separate milk to let you come to your own conclusion

pretty much
>girl's reputation exceeds her
>used to pass out nudes and verbally fuck people during her classes
>Also dumped all her problems onto anyone including the ones w/ lot of shady details
>made her a reject even in Community College
>Autistic group literally takes anyone because their such pushovers
>rapist, pedophiles, stalkers, etc
>being that they're the right amount of "high-functioning"
>It was easy pickings
>pretty much offered them free raw pussy and they jumped at the opportunity
>eventually got pushed out the group when 15+ people realized she fucked them all at the same time
>And help circulate a few STDs
>probably just moved her fuck shit to the outside of the school but occasionally picked at the group before quarantine.

And that's all I cared to pay attention to. It seems simple but then she throws a few curve balls at you

No. 1126970

Oh I can't wait to see her meltdown when she realizes much of the left also own firearms for many of the same purposes

No. 1127931

File: 1610323796727.jpeg (429.96 KB, 1125x1891, 33979EC7-D9F4-46FC-96BA-3540B5…)

Posted shortly after complaining that her ex that she regularly shittalks finally took her off their phone plan. Tropicana has now taken up space in a homeless shelter because she doesn’t feel like living with her abusive dad or abusive mom or abusive brother and now she’s feeling victimized by the homeless shelter staff for disciplining her in any way. Also buddy you’re not a kid you’re almost 19.

No. 1127964

File: 1610325672758.jpg (467.5 KB, 1440x1440, milk.jpg)

Anythink else milky besides owning da terves?

Here's a cow of mine who if he posted more online like trad social media he would be A grade milk. He keeps off of social media other than promos from what I can tell.

> goes by name gothic celt (has modeling pages on FB)

> does boylesque and it's as cringe as you can imagine
> quit ft job to be a model years ago
> frequents goth groups with his modeling pictures this is honestly one of the less cringy ones
> appears at cons as a special guest

Still is active modeling.

No. 1127997

File: 1610327718188.jpeg (255.01 KB, 1125x1287, 5D517B74-6444-4DCF-8744-6DA5E7…)

Said ex clarifies that the long story tropivamp claims is their ex fucking them over is really “we aren’t together anymore and you do nothing but use up our data and shittalk us online so we aren’t going to keep paying for your shit”

No. 1128021

more pics pls

No. 1128033

Not sure if this counts, but I hooked up with this super weird, emotionally manipulative guy for less than a month during my freshman year of college, who used to "joke" that his mother breastfed him until the age of 13.

He has managed to track down and follow every social media account I've had on popular platforms (fb, ig, twitter, tumblr) over the past 12 years. None of my accounts other than fb list my full name, nor are they linked with each other. I'd find this very bizarre and creepy if he actually did anything other than like every selfie I post, or occasionally lurk through my feed and like a selfie I posted several months/years earlier.

No. 1128057

File: 1610332883475.png (1.19 MB, 1136x538, kek.png)

My personal cow is a girl from our local cosplay community (the one BiBi is from kek)
>confirmed Bpd chan and possible anachan
>Has been engaged at least 5 times
>does modelling and every new relationship she's in is announced with a photoshoot.
>When Halle Bailey is announced as Ariel she spergs out about Halle's race and praises Emma Watson for her "talent" as Belle. Then deactivates her Facebook for a "uwu mental health break" when people got pissed.
>Is into DDLG and regularly posts photos of her food with baby dishes/utensils.
>Has a hidden DDLG instagram
>Dyed her hair orange to match "uwu European heritage" and larps as a tradwife with Christian values
>got engaged again
>While she's engaged she was posting cuddling photos with a different guy
>Gets married to her husband during the pandemic.
>Posts more photos with the ugly gamer guy only this time the husband comments "omg ur both cuties"
>The husband works two jobs to support her because she's got so much better things she could be doing.
>Weeks later the professional photoshoot drops with the gamer and "comes out" as polyamorous as if nobody fucking suspected earlier.
>Within the same week she opens an OF
>Mentions of a possible gf but no photoshoot yet.
>They all move into a house together and the bomb of an explosive breakup starts ticking.

No. 1128066


Lol I met a guy who got waaaay overly excited when I joked about wanting to try breast milk and said he could “get us some” from a nursing friend. I stopped talking to him about a week after our fling started because he started saying weird shit about like getting married and me having his kids in some farm in the woods. Found out from an ex of his after me that he was breastfed til he was 8.

No. 1128078

Yeah, the thing with this guy is I'm not even sure he was joking either.

No. 1128080

the least surprising thing about this is that she's part of a cosplay community

No. 1128146

If that's the gamer on the right, I'm gonna lay my cash down right now that they're a troon.

No. 1128150

Yeah that's the gamer. I'm pretty sure I saw a pic of him in a dress once. Either way it's gonna hit him like a truck if it hasn't.

No. 1128518

Okay anon im here to deliver. It was hard to pick honestly

If you just fb search "gothic celt" you can get more for your own cringe collective

No. 1128523

File: 1610384550643.jpg (31.56 KB, 551x551, FB_IMG_1610384377252.jpg)

Samefag forgot to put picture kms

No. 1128526

File: 1610384644354.jpg (50.75 KB, 1080x722, FB_IMG_1610384414940.jpg)

One more sexy pic of Gothic Celt for anon >>1128021

No. 1128530

File: 1610384873535.jpeg (123.75 KB, 1280x720, BD924B1A-CD35-49D8-9391-F3B4C6…)