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File: 1529371850269.jpeg (464.92 KB, 1977x1658, 2379A43A-704B-4049-B1AD-32A9D9…)

No. 614616

Old thread is 2 years old, let’s make a fresh one.
Discuss people in your life that have lolcow potential.

No. 614647

This girl I know through a mutual friend has quite a few followers/friends on Facebook (but definitely not enough to warrant a thread) Posts a lot of lewds and “kawaii ugu” pics. Still lives with her parents even though she’s almost 30. Claims that she’s too autistic to get a job (but not too autistic to communicate with other online and in person, maintain her appearance and hygeine, go to conventions by herself, and take vacations to Japan without a relative or caretaker). Ebegs for food & gas money constantly but then buys anime figurines, bdsm & littlegirl stuff, and lolita off of Spreepicky. Mixes lolita with her little girl fetish.

No. 614726

File: 1529380470915.jpeg (971.23 KB, 2730x2738, ABCF2693-DBFD-46CD-9762-5713BA…)

I’ve met a girl through conventions who could definitely have her own thread if she had an online prescience.

>Has a punchable Asherbee-lookalike face.

>Spoiled womanchild and relies heavily on her parents at the young age of 26
>Banned from her local GameStop (And hilariously, her name is Christian)
>Doesn’t wash her hands after she shits
>Refuses to shower at conventions
>Horrid personal hygeine and generally greasy and smelly
>Offers other con attendees food that she’s touched with her poop hands
>Huge Trump supporter. Doesn’t realize that anime cons are pretty liberal and not the best platform to voice her political view.
>At previous con, told artist at a booth with lots of Pride art that she voted for Trump. Wonders why said artist glared at her for the rest of the con.
>Brags about being a pay-to-play Magic player, brags about the expensive dinner she had the other night, but when she owes you money she’s “poor”
>Has a chronic illness that she milks. (Note: she IS ill. But her story on how it affects her changes based on the situation, and she’ll exaggerate it for pity.)
>Claims to need a specific calorie intake every day or else she gets sick, but does not track her calories.
>Claims to need “highly nutritious” meals, but subsides on candy, crackers, soda, and fast food.
>Threw a fit about having to have a hot meal for dinner(to avoid getting sick) when she wanted to convince friends to order pizza, then went out for sushi the next night.
>Claimed that her medicine costs $6k per month, changed the number to $60k a month in the same conversation, then the next day it was “hundreds of dollars.”
>Claims that her medicine needs to be kept cold, but then throws it in her car on a hot summer day for 10+ hours.
>Switches between being a “strong woman who’s overcoming her illness” and “so weak that people have to do everything for her.” (The severity of her symptoms don’t change, just her attitude. And she gets “too sick” to do small shit like carry her own bag or walk to the vending machine and pay for her own soda)
>Probably a pathological liar. Not just about medical stuff, but most of her stories contradict themselves.

And then some personal stuff
>Let her stay in a room I booked
>She was demanding and bratty all weekend
>At the end of the weekend, she told me that she “tried to make things work” with me, but I was “unbearable”
>Ask what I did wrong
>My offenses were not letting her watch tv at bedtime when she claimed that she needed it to fall asleep (the show she was watching was violent, and had a lot of flashing lights and sudden volume changes. I asked her to finish the episode then change it to something more relaxing because everyone was trying to sleep. She argued about how she didn’t like anything else, so I told her to just turn it off) and “messing with her stuff” (I was trying to tidy up the room Saturday night to make checkout easier Sunday morning. She left food garbage everywhere, and I put empty soda cans in the recycling and food wrappers in the trash. She flipped because she wanted to return the cans for money.)
>Dumped me in a parking lot in the middle of the night after saying she’d drive me home

No. 614769

File: 1529384128930.png (52.78 KB, 225x141, VnGNcQK.png)

Oh man do I have one. This guy in my friend group, we'll call him C, is the biggest lolcow I've ever met

>Pushing 400 pounds

>Too fat to wipe his ass so has to pick out the leftover shit in the bathtub after shitting
>Goes to shady Asian massage parlors to get handjobs
>"Accidentally" masturbated on cam on group Skype call once
>28 years old and lives with his grandma, no one knows where his parents are
>Can often be heard screaming at his grandma while on a voice call with us
>Went to jail once for choking out his grandma
>No job, but likes to tell people he has one (often impersonates GameStop employees and tells us people at his local GameStop let him process transactions and use register keys since he's a regular there)
>Goes to a for profit school
>Has every symptom of every personality disorder in the book
>Has been banned from tons of TCG trade websites for scamming people
>When people caught on to his name after repeatedly being banned places he started claiming to be our friend M, so now M (completely innocent) is banned from a bunch of websites he's never been on.
>Faked his own death on aforementioned TCG sites numerous times in an attempt to take the heat off himself
>Scammed someone on eBay for a $3000 Magic the Gathering card in M's name and cost M's family thousands of dollars a few years ago. Dumbass M still lets the guy hang out with us
>More recently, used M's ebay account to sell a Funko Pop worth $60, mailed Funko Pop in unpadded paper envelope, resulting in crushed Pop and bad marks on M's ebay account. Claims the woman at the post office told him to do it. (See pic)
>Gambling addict
>Claims to have $500K in foreign bank accounts
>Despite that, takes out loans on Reddit for several thousand dollars under false pretenses ("Need money for rent", "Need money to go to a wedding", etc.), spends all the money at the casino
>Likes to donate to M's Twitch stream and then use it as leverage to get M to do what he wants ("I donated to your stream, now you have to play X game and watch X movie with me or I'll chargeback the donation", etc.)
>Promised to buy M a Nintendo Switch for months, would always claim he bought it and was about to send it, strung M along for over a year and got his hopes up, never delivered
>Banned from Twitch several times for making violent threats in chats
>Starts arguments on voice calls with me, M, and our friends, calls us niggers/faggots and threatens to kill us all, leaves the Discord server for a few days then always comes crawling back acting like nothing happened
>Regularly threatens to murder me, M, and everyone else
>Would repeatedly offer M and another friend to come live with him when they were at risk of being evicted, M would get all ready to drive up and move in with him and then he'd get pissed off over something trivial and change his mind. This went on for months.
>Threatens to sue me, M, and our other friends for defamation of character whenever we call him out on his bullshit
>Was friends with someone else with the same name as M for years before he latched on to the M I know, as if current M is replacing old M in some creepy way
>Dumbass M forgives him every time and always lets him come back around

The list goes on, this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

No. 614789

>Scammed someone on eBay for a $3000 Magic the Gathering card in M's name and cost M's family thousands of dollars a few years ago.
Damn. I know this wouldn’t do any good now, but I wonder if M and his family could have gotten lawyers or police involved. Had them look at the IP addresses in M’s household vs the IP it was sold from, and/or trace the PayPal and bank account that the $3000 was put into.

No. 614798

>Shits in the bathtub due to weight issues

What the FUCK anon, kill it with fire.

Seriously though, how is that not enough motivation to get in shape?

No. 614830

Geek social fallacies are a trip

No. 614833

why the fuck do your friends still talk to this guy?

No. 614834

Beats the fuck out of me. We'd all be happy with him gone but M has some weird loyalty to him and always lets him come back to the group.

No. 614838

File: 1529393990389.jpg (267.8 KB, 960x640, yikes.jpg)

The southern vampire scene as a whole is my pesonal lolcow

No. 614846

omg please post milk. i watched that true life about those two faggots in texas that claim to be vampires and ofc theyre like married and poly now and that's all i know about the situation last time i checked. holy shit, they're so try hard and pretend to be 'classy' while dressing in cheap taobao tier shit. can you give sources of milk for them too, please?

No. 614852

vid related: my city’s personal lolcow.

i have a handful of personal encounters with this particular cow. a bit of background: she’s got munchausen’s and roams around the city begging for money while lying about having end stage leukaemia. i’ve heard that her parents support her, but she told me she’d been evicted by them.

as for my personal encounters: back in high school, i had a pretty small class right next to the school entrance. she limped in and sat down as if she was a regular student and began speaking to someone until the teacher noticed what was going on.

a year or two after that, i was thrift shopping when she came up to me and struck up a conversation. i didn’t recognize her right away. she dropped the cancer bomb and asked for money. i said yes, being a gullible teenager at the time.

after i parted ways with her i realized i recognized her from video related, when she faked a seizure to steal a donation can. those particular donation cans go to a service in the city that feeds families and people who cannot afford to feed themselves.

she ran in front of my friend’s van while we were stuck in traffic to bang on the window and ask for change. this is a similar tactic to another cow infamous in my city: The Toonie Lady.

recently (a month ago?) she got on the same bus i was on and tried to sit next to me. probably the only time i’ve been rude to someone in public.

the sight of this cow is one to fuel your nightmares, surely. she walks with an exaggerated limp and a cane, she only wears pajamas, half of her teeth are missing due to drug use and she stares you down the way hungry children stare at the cameras in those sponsor child ads on tv. my city is something of a hotbed for cows; i’m pretty sure it has something to do with harsh, strange canadian weather. i’m kind of exposing myself a bit here because there’s only around 800k people in this city, but it’d be interesting to know if any other anons have ever lived or been here and have heard of some of our local cows.

and a big ol’ sage on top because this really ain’t half as milky as the anon upthread with the 400lb bathtub shitting cow.

No. 614854

Gonna sound horrible but my best personal lolcows are my grandparents

Recent escapades include:
>starting a fight over a dead man's furniture
>grandfather telling us he goes out into the yard and flips off the "satalites" in space taking pictures of their house
>gambling addiction
>thinks that anything that goes wrong is caused by demons
>grandmother once screamed at me and my mother that we hated her because of "that dog"
>had no idea what she was talking about
>turns out she meant a dog that had been dead for 30 years (before I was even born)
>grandma is hoarding an ungodly amount of frightening baby dolls
>grandfather claims we're related to Pocahontas, Elvis, and many other historical figures (we're not)
>recently drove over an hour to go "lay hands" on someone they barely know because god "told them to." Refused to leave and almost had the police called on them

No. 614859

Those are signs of dementia anon. I’m not even memring.

No. 614877

File: 1529401414916.png (851.38 KB, 1161x844, toyc.PNG)

I recently found out about this girl and she lives near me. She pretends she's half-Japanese. She's not very popular online, but she's had a few of her tweets gain attention, the funny thing is they're the ones where she claims to be half-Japanese trying to educate others about Japanese culture. She tries to write half of her posts in Japanese to try to further prove she's half-Japanese, but her grammar is terrible, not even in a slang or messy type of way, it just poorly written. She's tried to "call out" other people for having bad Japanese grammar, too.
She uses half Asian kids as props to try to further the proof she's half just like them. Most of her selfies are of her squinting to try to further exemplify her "Asianness". She also posts photos of Japanese brands you can literally find at the Asian market in town, acting like she's living and breathing in Japan.
She's half German, but rarely ever talks about it. She says she has an estranged father, who coincidentally is where she claims she gets the Japanese part of herself. On top of that, she's whined about her Asian side of the family ignoring her, so it really confuses the fuck on why she'd even be interested in Japanese culture.
She has an actual half-Asian friend, who rarely ever talks about herself being half-Asian or trying to educate people on the culture.
All in all, this girl's "research" is just stereotypes on stereotypes. A majority of her "educating" is common sense or easily found on those articles online that say stuff like 100 Unique Facts About Japan. She says and does racist things on Asian people all the time, but it gets brushed away because of her claiming she's Japanese.

No. 614899

heehee im azn guys look im anz do i tell you im azn.

No. 614905

Love how she puts the cane down to grab that collection jar. Get them coins sis

No. 614907

this mans face will be in my nightmares tonight. thank you anon

No. 614985

File: 1529418664695.jpg (176.77 KB, 1080x1920, 20180619_102628_061-1.jpg)

Mine isn't super milky but is constantly posting confetti club-esque updates on Twitter and Instagram about how cute she thinks she is while looking like a 50 yr old mom (she's in her 20s)

No. 614990

File: 1529419083286.jpg (4.59 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180619_103811865.j…)

No. 614992

File: 1529419151416.jpg (2.29 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180619_103940116.j…)

No. 614993

File: 1529419169772.jpg (139.75 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20180526-075040-1-1…)

No. 615011

This is one white looking white girl doing a borderline racist impression. Dying your hair black, doing 'slanted' eyeliner and squinting doesn't make you asian.

No. 615027

Like blackface, but I guess this would be yellowface

No. 615028

>Banned from her local GameStop
Why did she get banned?

Eh, I think it's good she can be confident about her looks even if she does look older than her actual age.

No. 615031

this special snowflake from my local area who thinks shes the hottest gift god gave to this earth

No. 615033

It's always old ugly creepy dudes with young ugly dumpy bitches, every time, only exception being they're either emaciated or fat as fuck. They want that ~eternal youth vampyr~ look but date people who look like that. And some of them genuinely believe they need to drink blood, it's crazy. Please post more of the scene, I only see them on instagram sometimes via similar tags to sfx art and fantasy art I follow and they always seem to be dripping with autism

No. 615036

and isn't using it before she enters the store, casually struts through the door then starts with the limp. Gotta be a different level of crazy to throw yourself on the floor like that though

No. 615068

File: 1529427484841.jpeg (45.88 KB, 401x367, E396E1ED-CDEF-4530-A488-ECCACA…)

She’s not formally banned (with paperwork) like CWC, the store manager just told her she’s not welcome at that location anymore, so I’m not sure of the exact reason.
Her location hosts tabletop gaming nights.
Her story is that when she used to go, she was ~so pretty~ (See pic related) that all of the boys had a crush on her. She was a distraction to the boys and it gave her an unfair advantage, so the awful, sexist manager told her that she’s not welcome anymore.
Her story strikes me as a load of shit.
She also told me stories about how she flips her everloving shit and starts screaming at other players if she loses.
Plus I’ve seen the way that she treats service workers. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was also verbally aggressive with a cashier after not getting her way.

Tl;dr she claimed that she was too hot and the awful sexist manager banned her. My guess is that she actually got banned for being a bully.

No. 615085

File: 1529430508723.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1200x1598, 250E59EB-CB3A-403C-B84E-870614…)


Classic fedora
Moobs beyond
He cosplays deadpool obsessibly at the ripe age of 27 (still living with his parents no full time job)

He’s a dramatic asshole and it’s hilarious to see him interact with anyone not autistic

No. 615087

File: 1529430804616.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1200x1598, 8B2E093F-7287-4854-BA08-5CCA29…)

Dropped out of university and is now a bag lady at a grocery store

Lewd cosplays

I always see her at cons in the thightest most ill fitting suits possible.

No. 615088

Vendetta: the thread

No. 615090

So she's fat with mediocre job? Intriguing.

No. 615092

File: 1529431607601.png (95 KB, 750x829, IMG_3176.PNG)

Oh man, Rina.
I met her because she posted in an ugly thread on /soc/ for asspats from neck beards who told her she's not THAT ugly. I know that /cgl/ used to make fun of her too, although I don't know to what extent, just that she once shared screenshots of it in a group chat.
>is in an "idol group" called Furi Furi in the U.K., is legitimately convinced that they will be famous one day.
>is on government aid because she has a ringing sound in her ear, so she's unable to work
>constantly seeks approval through sharing body pics because her face is shaped like a jalepeno
>spends her days browsing 4chan, and online shopping until she sees her boyfriend again
>hated a girl in idol group, not because she was black, but because of <insert a lot of stereotypes that may suggest race is the underlying issue here>.
>claimed to be #actuallyautistic to someone in a group, said person brings it up in group, she acts like she never said that and the person is just being a big meanie
>claimed to have a manager for her nobody group
>spent a few days "perfecting" her signature and sharing pictures of different signatures with group chats because "my fans will want my signature, at least my manager says so hehe"
>has 0 shame about her poor dancing in public
She doesn't really sperg publicly, mostly on 4chan and in kik and discord chats I've been in with her. I haven't spoken to her in years but I do check up on her social media for lols from time to time.

No. 615114

So what’s his deal? I checked out his IG and he seems like just another slightly overweight DP cosplayer who goes to cons and tries to be ~unique~

Not every overweight lewd cosplayer is a lolcow. Is she a scammer? A drama queen? What’s her deal?

Non-oldfag and I don’t go on /soc/ much. Do you have any screenshots?
She does sound like a royal bitch though.

No. 615118

>This is one white looking white girl doing a borderline racist impression. Dying your hair black, doing 'slanted' eyeliner and squinting doesn't make you asian.

Indeedy. Check out the big wave/cowlick in her hair on the left. Asian hair doesn't do that. That's what you get when you use a hair straightening tool on wavy hair and neglect to properly do both sides of yr head. Also nearly every Asian person I know stays away from doing a cats eye and goes for make-up techniques that make their eyes look rounder and bigger. I can't wait for these weeaboos to start using the term 'trans-asian' to rationalize this BS. Groan.

No. 615121

Man, I wish. I might have some on an old laptop I'd have to dig up, she was prime around 2015-2016. TBH the only reason I posted her was because I wondered if any /cgl/ girls who bullied her were on here and could tell me any more cringe.

No. 615124

forgot to sage, whoops, but forgot to mention that she was thoroughly convinced that the negative downvotes she'd receive on her YouTube videos all came from a vendetta-chan and would update the group chat every time she got a dislike as if it were some sort of proof?

No. 615170

think I used to be mutuals with her on insta wtf
never thought she'd seem so full of herself when talking holy hell

No. 615225

>absolute cunt
>denies having daddy issues
>talks about how shitty her dad and her family is 24/7, unless you give her another thing to talk about, but will slowly draw the topic back to dumb old daddy issues
>clings to fictional characters with father issues
>never has anything good to say about anyone or anything
>tfw I just realized- how did I managed to last a year or two with this godawful person
>is always never the one to blame and will blame someone else for her wrongdoings
>she is always the sad sob victim and will always, ALWAYS, twist words to make it look like the other side is at fault
>claims to be an expert in class but always does mediocre work and will do homework hours or sometimes minutes before the deadline
>sucks the energy/positivity out whenever she walks in, I feel like she emits negative aura
>if you feel HCBrown is mediocre then take a look at this

I already broke off ties with her but the fallout is still fresh and I'm just really excited of what kind of lies she'll try to say about me to our mutual friends. I also feel a lot better now(inb4 no1 curr) that I don't have to walk on eggshells every time I have to be with her.

No. 615246

You forgot the art, anon

No. 615254

She is up her own arse on instagram https://www.instagram.com/emiblush/

No. 615295

Taking one quick look at her twitter account, unsurprisingly, she's an Osomatsu fan. Miss Rachel Doezal here acting like she's the spokesperson for Japanese culture.

No. 615309

File: 1529445069758.jpg (89.19 KB, 1080x1350, 30829814_1817270571907402_6989…)

Chris Chans sister?

No. 615317

The people in the back of this video look completely lost because she's blocking their path, how inconsiderate

No. 615338

File: 1529447086446.jpg (107.65 KB, 678x960, 18403366_1397691590289476_4292…)


At least post a photo of her real face anon.

No. 615346

why the fuck do people do this

No. 615349

I don't see a difference tbh. She looks like a blobfish.

No. 615378

File: 1529449258965.jpg (7.27 KB, 225x225, violamisu.jpg)

there's this weeb in my friend group who wants to become the next lilypichu but she streams cringy shit like this
we only keep her around because she gets passed around a lot between the guys. she thinks shes being real sly but literally everyone knows and just doesn't care lol

No. 615388

This still doesn't compare to their "live performances"

No. 615392

File: 1529449763674.jpeg (117.85 KB, 540x960, 701CE080-0C38-47AE-B4E6-5ADB73…)

Not even sure where to start with this girl.
>claims to be Japanese with a Japanese name, people who went to school with her reveal she has a basic white girl name

>rotted her teeth with sugar to keep up her kawaii appearance, started a go fund me for her teeth claiming it happened because someone poisoned her with a gel packet you find in food

>claims she dumped her fiancée because she loved an anime character so much and is actually a lesbian

>gets upset and blocks anyone who claims to like that character too because she dumped her fiancée for her, so she’s the only true fan. Will actually get offended if you try to say you like Homura too.

>suddenly has a new male fiancée, despite claiming to be a lesbian

>posts pedo baiting bullshit all the time, and claims to be an irl loli

>claims to make her own cosplay when she buys everything

>does an obnoxious high pitched voice that surpasses even Venus’

>claims to have multiple life threatening diseases that keep her restricted to her home, yet goes to anime conventions constantly

I used to look up to her because of her cosplay and fashion, but I met her irl and she looked NOTHING like her pictures and us really obnoxious.

She has a lot of white knights too that are just as cringey as she is.

No. 615412

File: 1529450814496.jpeg (149.09 KB, 640x1136, 00E50C64-BC80-4053-A9D8-8FAD4C…)

No. 615413

File: 1529450832577.jpeg (210.86 KB, 640x1136, 9B9FC16A-7BF6-4C12-8A3F-B3EDD0…)

No. 615414

File: 1529450859083.jpeg (148.55 KB, 640x630, 04D36044-FBF7-4670-92CA-60BDB5…)

No. 615415

File: 1529450893498.jpeg (130.27 KB, 567x792, C6EE89A2-2EC3-4B13-A2A7-502B34…)

Forgot to add that she traces art
Sorry for the spam

No. 615460

Holy shit this girl is for real?! This is a interesting cow for sure. I wonder what her fiance thinks of all this.

No. 615464

Wow. How do you think she feels knowing that the character would kill her in a second for Madoka with zero fucks given?
You think she has nightmares about that?

No. 615484

File: 1529456272361.jpeg (39.15 KB, 960x640, 94F70F2A-4057-442D-9C1A-716384…)

O shit she’s in my community. There were some threads about her on cgl back in the day.
I’ll never forget her claiming someone put a silica gel pack in her drink, and that they poisoned her.
Which is why her teeth were messed up.
Yet almost every pic of her is eating sugar

No. 615486

File: 1529456327424.jpeg (574.72 KB, 1726x1726, 96EFAE42-7EEC-4BB2-896D-A5906A…)

>what you buy vs what you get
This picture is edited too. She is haunting irl.

No. 615488


Her Instagram will say it all but notable things to mention are she’s lied about being sexually abused, she lies about having PTSD, and she argues with everyone constantly

No. 615496

>is on government aid because she has a ringing sound in her ear, so she's unable to work
WHAT EVEN IS IT WITH THE UK? Like people are able to get assistance for minor shit like this, but people with major issues face difficulty getting help and end up starving to death. Like I knew one too who once bragged about and went to celebrate being declared unfit for work for anxiety, and this was like a week after there was some headline in the paper about some woman who had no arms and legs and was somehow declared able to work. I swear some of these bitches must know someone in the council or something wow.

No. 615499

I had to end a friendship because they were both working and claiming disability for 'anxiety' and 'depression' despite just being a melodramatic piece of shit with zero anxiety. It's a fucked system, people who are genuinely ill are often hounded and checked in on to see if they magically grow their legs back or recover from their terminal disease "just in case".

No. 615501

She looks like an ugly toddler, the type who are know-it-alls and ask you constantly for your phone
How did she damage her teeth SO much? And in what time frame?

No. 615504

Woah. That isn't even a symptom of silicia poisoning as far as I'm aware? Her meth-mouth is pretty impressive considering how young she looks.

No. 615541


This is almost thread-worthy. Actually she's probably cringier than half of the girls we have threads on at the moment. Jesus christ.

No. 615550

Holy shit, she and that obese "suicide shipper" could be great pals.

Unless they are both fond of the same character, that is.

No. 615561

Holy fuck this will haunt my dreams

No. 615565

Forgot to mention, she’s 24

No. 615573

I have no clue, this girl didn't brag about it per se, she more so framed it as she is 100% unfit to work because the ringing in her ear makes her "dizzy". And when there's too much going on in her environment, it made it worse so she couldn't go out much. However, she can preform shitty dances at cons and ride the tube to visit her boyfriend just fine.

No. 615607

>this one dude i knew
>probably not a proper cow but who cares
>used to do a lot of convention stuff
>moved to asia a few years back
>now his fb is constantly about how fucked up the west is, or the latest how feminism is killing dating or whatever
>a lot of debate on that last post, and in the end he did a nice backpedal about how "people just don't like thinking anymore, and i just wanted to get people thinking" after the whole thing got too inflammatory for a lot of people
>i'd post caps but that backpedal response was like 5 pages long, and the length of it plus some other crap he's said in the past makes me doubt it was just a "i just wanna get people thinking and debating" thing
>there's really not more to say, it was just a funny incident is all

No. 615641

Teeth THIS bad are genetic though, I’m pretty sure? Water in the USA has fluoride which protects most people from a lot of decay, so unless there is serious long-term drug use or this person has never practiced basic oral hygiene a day in her life, it’s not entirely her fault that her teeth are THAT terrible.

No. 615658

File: 1529474622749.png (121.16 KB, 640x1018, IMG_0924.PNG)

this girl is the lolcow of my area. she's got ~38k followers on instagram.
>sex worker
>calls herself a "local battry ting" (aka allows guys to run trains on her), whore, etc
>doesnt care if minors follow her, talks about fucking guys brothers, dads, and all their friends
>just snorted 2 lines of coke and threw up on instagram live this morning
>videos on her page of her starting random fights with people (like walking up to a guy and slapping him)
>just today found out a guy was cheating on her (?) and now is making multiple posts exposing him and the girl he cheated with

theres lots more that i probably don't know cause i don't follow her that adamantly.

No. 615661

File: 1529474712935.png (107.41 KB, 640x1028, IMG_0925.PNG)

No. 615662

File: 1529474816395.png (131.83 KB, 640x1029, IMG_0926.PNG)

No. 615664

File: 1529474930163.png (85.91 KB, 640x1030, IMG_0927.PNG)


No. 615667

She sounds psychotic.

No. 615668

No. 615696

File: 1529479009050.jpg (215.24 KB, 3000x1688, maxresdefault.jpg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXucrqQ8jRg this is the pictured couples video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOQfFExwYXY this is another vampire thing also from Houston, 'warring vampire court' lmao this Aramond guy and the dude in the first video hate each other and start cyber fights all the time. Aramond is apparently super creepy and into rapey BDSM (shocker) and Michael Vachmiel is a huge SJW wannabe (despite being a creepy old dude who preys on young vulnerable women in club and bar settings).
this is an interview with the Austin vampire court king and queen, a waaaay more milky 'vampire court'. Now THEY know how to work publicity, and have gotten themselves a good amount of media fame. Probably because they're young and attractive and came up when True Blood was hot on TV.

No. 615697

Hahaha he looks comical. The vampire scene is so full of cringe.

No. 615701

hahah, thank you. they're so white trash, it's fab

No. 615715

File: 1529482084807.jpg (33.28 KB, 884x536, cringe.jpg)

Lmao, Blutkätzchen? Blood kitten? And of course the irl dracula's name is Raven. What a joke, why the are they like this?

No. 615748

my personal lolcow
>obese bihet who lives in a trailer park
>makes everything about her
>self diagnosed autism
>has to "one up" everyone when talking about things despite her doing nothing of value
>when her sister killed herself, she started a gofundme and linked her Amazon wishlist that was filled with giftcards and misc. crap to "ease her depression"
>is 21, never had a job
>calls her dad abusive despite him being very caring

No. 615758

Anon is there more on them? I'd love to have a thread about this lol

Also, does anybody remember the guy in this vid?

No. 615768


I kind of want caps anyway, if you're willing to post

No. 615780

Is this photo supposed to look better?

No. 615932

I do. Hes on face book and idk if he still is but is a hardcore militant vegan now as well

No. 615988

I guess humans don't count as living beings then kek

No. 616005

I feel like she is trying to convince herself of something she knows isn't true, but the thought that someone average could feel that way about themself really warms my heart.

No. 616007

File: 1529520362211.png (2.8 MB, 1080x1461, Screenshot_20180620-144237~2.p…)

>childhood friends, big nerds who like anime and edgy cartoons
>middle school starts, she changes friend groups and she hangs out with kids that smoke and drink and go to clubs
>continue being a dork because it's what i like
>years later find her on FB, find her instagram, now she's a popular suicide squad Harley Quinn cosplayer
>has a Joker boyfriend and they just filmed a cringy acid bath video that looks like soft core porn

No. 616017

File: 1529521328005.png (1.72 MB, 942x1160, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 3.00…)

>uwu goffick grrrrl
>is known for her bad attitude in the cosplay community and two faced ways
>gets angry when other girls cosplay the characters she's cosplaying
>tends to cycle through boyfriends whenever she finds a cuter one than her current
>never takes the metal out of her face despite considering herself a "professional cosplayer"

No. 616021

Kek this man faced cunt. She looks hella weird and is also in the uggo cosplayer threads.

No. 616049

oh holy shit I don't know her personally but I see her a lot via one of my IRL friends. I've been waiting for someone to post her because "I only feel sexual about Homura uwu" and then claiming to be gay but suddenly having a boyfriend. She's a cow for sure.

No. 616088

I have a personal lolcow that I've been following for years but if I posted about him here, he'd delete all his social media and the fun would be over. He's done similar in the past. Plus despite being cringey, he's actually harmless and I'd feel bad if it got out.

>almost 30 year old weeb who cosplays and attends conventions

>has a comic à la Chris Chan that is meant to be all dark and edgy but is unintentionally hilarious
>cosplays consist of "edgy" villainous characters and he always gets into character weeks beforehand
>will always wear runners with every store-bought cosplay, looks greasy and never wears a wig, has never improved despite years of cosplaying
>makes videos of himself talking to random girls "in character"
>aspires to be a big YouTuber/streamer despite a low production quality and boring content, expects to make it big like other big YouTubers but with no effort at all and won't accept criticism/advice
>genuinely filmed a vlog while on the toilet (it's my favourite)
>complains that others are starting "drama" and are "ruining the convention scene" and acts like he's so above gossip but he doesn't realise he's contributing to it by making videos about it
>complains about not having a job and money to go to conventions
>gets a job and then complains about not enough time to go to conventions
>constantly likes porn on social media, displaying his weird fetishes to the world and likes slutty cosplay pics from well-known cosplayers (most are lolcows here) despite having a girlfriend who probably sees all of this
>makes videos/posts about sensitive topics in the news but will somehow find a way to make it about himself

I know there are others quietly following him too.

No. 616124

she looks so much like an opossum it truly is freaky

No. 616131

File: 1529528062650.jpg (894.7 KB, 1195x914, sqdf.jpg)

I've got a lolcow I've met a few times and is recently back in the area

> Was a semilewd cosplayer

> Moved to Japan to become a profesionaru moderu
> Failed
> Lived there for over a year, tried to become a gravure idol
> Met Nihonjin boyfriend whom she married
> Had to return to Belgium possibly due to financial reasons
> Has a "professional" at home massage service now

> Is a not-so-closet racist who often bashes on immigrants

> Acted completely inappropriate in Japan calling others racist, fails to see the irony
> Is still trying to live of her popularity

She also edits her pictures badly and is almost unrecognisable in most pictures.

No. 616143

>massage service

No. 616170

This girl is so insufferable. She loves to write long rambling Instagram and Facebook posts about herself that literally no one cares about. She’s an age player but claims she’s not, even though there was evidence of it on her account.
She keeps pushing commissions even though her art is garbage. She needs a thread.

No. 616180

File: 1529531141819.jpeg (82.12 KB, 749x1021, 210EBF73-ACB2-4E77-81B7-49A78F…)

>commissions are opens guys!

No. 616187

This girl is a suspected self poster and probably wants a thread about her since she seems to be desperate try hard who is struggling to get attention. I vote against a thread about her.

No. 616201

What proof was there about her being an ageplayer?

No. 616232

I think you're probably right, someone I know ended up having to get a full mouth of dental implants by 30 as his teeth were kinda destined to fail from day 1. But her eating habits and oral hygiene probably didn't help her situation. 24 is really young to have teeth as bad as hers. Only person who'd know is OP, were her teeth always like that or did they worsen.

No. 616245

Her coloring and her drawings from the shoulders and up give off the illusion she can draw.in that respect I could see why some might be interested but anywhere else…nah

No. 616251

she's so unfortunate looking
the double chin, lack of top lip, squidward nose
poor girl

No. 616261

I really thought this thread was gonna just be vendettas but it’s actually quite milky.
Nice job everyone!
I used to think it was genetic but she only started saying that when no one believed the poison story which is why I’m skeptical.
She ate a shit ton of sugar and used to never be seen without a lollipop or sweet in her pictures for that ~kawaii loli~ aesthetic

No. 616309

Without the contacts he's painfully plain and average, they all have that air of insecurity about them. Probably why they try so hard

No. 616312

Broken arms AND legs? So talented

No. 616317

File: 1529540712264.jpg (117.83 KB, 665x665, twins.jpg)

The one with the pink hair looks like Maurice Tillet

No. 616329

I don't know what it is about weebs and horrible fucking teeth, but I've seen so many people at conventions who are barely into their 20s with rotting teeth. It's disgusting and a little sad.

No. 616452

probably from staying in their rooms watching anime for hours on end and passing out without bothering to brush their teeth. people who are super committed to the weeb lifestyle almost always neglect personal hygiene, at least according to almost every anecdote i’ve seen online. i’ve been lucky enough to avoid them in real life for the most part, likely because they’re not keen on interacting with 3D humans

No. 616600

You’re denying people a lot of good milk anon

No. 616603

File: 1529569458849.jpeg (52.97 KB, 750x317, BEC5D777-9908-4041-9983-F685B1…)

No. 616744

The delusional ones always make great cows.

No. 616817

LOL they made this "trailer" video of their wedding and is so cringy I had to pause it several times in the dancing part, his arms are like two pale sausages, why none of this autoclaimed real life vampires make exercise?

No. 616824

File: 1529598241091.gif (837.32 KB, 245x184, kimk loses it.gif)

A personal lolcow of mine is someone I know irl and who isn't famous at all. Because of that I won't post screenshots or links, especially because almost none of his posts are in English. Basically:
>he's a gay man in his early 20s
>he acts like a SJW, spergs about feminism, racism and homophobia even when it has nothing to do with the subject
>always tries to act like he's clever and super mature
>but he's a huge hypocrite and two-faced, he's lowkey sexist and racist with no self-awareness, he makes offensive jokes or comments that aren't even actually clever or funny to seem sassy and edgy, and the people people he treats like shit the most are the few POC he knows and women in general, and thinks he's allowed to just because he's gay
>won't stop posting about straight white men being horrible and cringey even though he has the same flaws he despises so much in straight white men
>I found his twitter and tumblr some years ago by coincidence
>turns out he thinks it's a good idea to talk about his sex life and cheating on his bf on his public accounts while using an unedited selfie as his profile picture and his real name
>while also giving way too many details about where he lives, his job , what he thinks of his managers and coworkers (basically the type of shit that could get him fired), etc.
>he used to shit-talk a bunch of people on his blogs for years, including me and my friends, while pretending at the time that he liked us and was nice to everyone he insulted behind their backs
>he insulted (and still insults) others for the pettiest reasons
>lies about his achievements to seem better than others to seem better than his coworkers or fellow students, while exaggerating other people's flaws
>this wouldn't be that much of a problem if he tried to stay anonymous somehow but he just won't stop posting tmi about himself and others
>and of course, he tries to act like he cares about sexism and racism like he's an actually advocate of anything, and then posts completely ignorant bullshit

It's not very coherent but basically he's the type of guy who posts shit like "women are beautiful and don't have to conform to society's beauty standards!!1!" and then "[insert name of random American female celebrity here] looks horrible she needs to use more makeup and get surgery but she'll never be as hot as beyonce, what a bitch lol." Said like that it may seem like it's nothing but I really don't think sharing screenshots is a good idea, he most likely doesn't know I know about this side of him.

Anyway, tl;dr is that basically, my personal lolcow is a grown adult who's so immature he trashtalks others for the dumbest reasons you can think of online and pretends he's a sassy queen or some shit like he's in Mean Girls while trying to convince everyone that he's a trustworthy guy who actually respects and support others.

No. 616845

This would make a person cringe into a raisin, holy shit. The waltz in those thigh high boots and the cheap medieval dress was hilarious.

No. 617087

Did they never grow out of their teenage-vampire-phase or why are two adults pretending to be vampires?

No. 617112

File: 1529612217070.jpg (48.99 KB, 868x473, mcvampire.jpg)

ikr I can't with the "I'm a beautiful vampire living in agony and pain" faces they make thru the video
Not at all,and they think they're like kinda vampire royalty it's hilarious

Also, they threw a "blood lust vampire ball" last october and made another "trailer-advertisement" with a bunch of new orleans shots in sepia and a cringy "creatures of the night" narration, suddenly this guy appears I laughed so hard, high quality vampires guys

No. 617118

Seconding. Who knows enough about her to write a thread? She is a milk gold mine in the UK comm.

No. 617122

File: 1529612782068.jpg (60.82 KB, 1080x1080, ageplay.jpg)

She buys from littleforbig and posts baby motifs like building blocks. Her last relationship was DDLG and this new older man treats her like a child.


No. 617154

File: 1529614324734.jpeg (679.58 KB, 2880x1730, 8CA326F0-75C6-4BB1-9C6F-08A337…)

Oh man, my local theater community has a cringecow
>Man-hating tumblrina
>MtF trans
>Has turned most of her own kind against her by saying shit like “FtMs are bad if they transition because all men are evil” and “MtFs who try to look like women are being transphobic because they’re hiding their identity”
>Goes on a yearly tirade about how Rocky Horror Picture Show is “transphobic” and “queerphobic”. Tries to get the annual Halloween showing cancelled by harassing the theatre director through email and standing outside of the theatre bullying people that try to go in. The local theatre crowd (and by extension most of the local gays) hate her.
>Constantly flaunts that she has a penis (despite claiming to hate men)
>Romanticizes the “chicks with dicks” idea.
>Vandalizes local businesses by writing “girldick” on the walls.
>Thinks that genitals are just another body part, and doesn’t understand why it isn’t ok to talk to children about them.
>30 years old
>Can’t even hold down food service jobs for more than 3 months.
>Goes into work looking like a drug addict and starts sjw arguments with coworkers while on the clock.
>Anti-capitalism, romanticizes communism
>Shoplifts most of her belongings, justifies it because she doesn’t want to feed into capitalism
>Claims to be poor, spends her money on weed and cocaine
>Wants to be an elementary school teacher
>If that happens, she’s either going to lose her job immediately once they find out about the shoplifting and vandalism, or she’s going to end up on the sex offenders registry for talking to children about her penis.

No. 617162

Muff is already a word for a hairy vagina.

No. 617165

Holy shit can he have his own thread

No. 617178

my married friends had this shitty roommate that tried to incorporate himself into our group


>would leave long, curly pubes in the shower, when he showered which was maybe once a month
>smells bad man
>friends had to sit him down and convince him to shower more often. this did not work
>known in his town for masturbating in the MIDDLE OF A GROCERY STORE
>always played victim
>never cleaned up after himself.
>treated my friend like his mom/ housekeeper
>got disowned by his entire family because he is such a stupid fucking dick head
>stole kegs of beer from a random person's wedding
>addicted to monster energy drink
>has asperger's
>played d&d with him, everyone would get tired of his shit due to him being a know-it-all cunt despite him never playing d&d before
>"do you really expect me to write my own character sheet?"
>lost his job at gamestop due to him being a lazy fuck
>broke friend's couch because obesity
>got kicked out because they couldn't handle him anymore
>room still smelled a couple weeks after he left

No. 617222

Is he the same dude that tried to make D&d gate happen yesterday?

No. 617228

Surised Johnathn Ross doesn't have a thread here tbh

No. 617266

She’s so ugly and fat. It’s actually hilarious, she prentends she looks good when all of her selfies are brightened so much she looses her nose.
Does anyone know why everyone always kisses her ass? She seems in with a lot of the UK community, but a lot of people don’t like her.

No. 617274

He/she doesn’t have a huge online presence. The only milk I could screenshot is the cringe sjw/political posts, and selfies of going to job interviews looking like a mess.
Most of the stuff (vandalism, shoplifting, Rocky Horror) is word-of-mouth. If a police report or news article ever does get written I’ll post it to this thread though.

He/she isn’t even the only one. My town has a few trans cringecows.

No. 617414

She looks like a man in drag. It’s so unfortunate.
Thats how the UK comm is. They kiss each others asses online but that’s all it is, an online presence.

No. 617617

>he has a girlfriend

what's she like?

No. 617686

Everyone around her is batshit.
AZ (specifically tucson) has alot of milky cows

No. 617696

File: 1529637979464.jpg (Spoiler Image,249.51 KB, 714x952, 20180621_202531.jpg)

For recent dumb things shes done
She fucked up her eye from wearing circle lenses all the time and just being a dirty weeb

No. 617733

I hate when she vague posts health stuff so everyone comments
And then she doesn’t reply to any of them so everyone always worries about her.
Is there a word for people who lie about their health to get pity points from everyone?
She lives off that attention and it’s vile.

No. 617754

is that eye crust or… what is going on…

No. 617798

There is this girl that is friends with my family and she is both a huge "feminist" weeaboo and it has always been funny to me, I can get screenshots of her posts and cosplay maybe if you guys want but essentially she moved to japan and has only fucked around with Asian men her whole life while she constantly screeches that she doesn't have a fetish. And constantly tries to force her genderqueer shit onto the Japanese from what she's saying and tells them how toxic their culture is despite choosing to move there for no actual reason (she doesn't work there from what I know) she is also a "huge" fan of BNH but every post she makes about it is to bitch about either them sexualizing the girls or the pervert character (I don't remember his name)
If you guys are interested I can post some shit here (I might block out her name though I don't wanna get in trouble)

No. 617816

kawaii filtered eye infection uwu.

No. 617817

stop being friends with men who have online flings with autistic asian women.

No. 617835

File: 1529650719350.jpg (356.45 KB, 705x1164, 20180621_235720.jpg)

Shes a muchie, they lie/exaggerate health conditions for attention. The real problem she has is her self image and body issuses. Its hard to find a picture of her that hasn't been doctored in some way, shes pretty pudgy irl

No. 617836

File: 1529650866011.jpg (441.85 KB, 720x1243, 20180622_000112.jpg)

More kawaii uwu candy

No. 617837

File: 1529650914967.jpg (387.12 KB, 717x1242, 20180622_000053.jpg)

She managed to make the same stupid post 2 days apart

No. 617898

He's had multiple, actually. The first was another greasy cosplayer who I think he overwhelmed by making a load of girlfriend videos for YouTube with. Funny enough, lots of people I've spoken to know her and said she probably went out with him to piss off her parents (?). The second has absolutely no social media, which is really disappointing but I might see her at a convention.

He also claims to be bisexual despite never having had a relationship with a man or even showing any kind of interest in one. It's likely due to backlash from people saying he was "transphobic" so now he can claim he's "one of them".

No. 617938

> 6ft tall kawaii cow from the uk
> involved in all the uk kawaii communities, but isn’t good at any of them
> at university for illustration
> begs for commissions
> claims to not be into ddlg but buys from ddlg companies and loves AP’s Dreamy Baby room
> is so speacial she created her own style called Jade-Core
> has swarms of fairy-kei and Lolita fans online that all secretly hate her
> only dates weird old daddies she’s met online
> current Daddy from Canada who she travels out to see
> too tall for Lolita
> known to only talk about herself
> uses filters and angles to disguise how huge she is
> makes long rambling posts about herself and how much she’s grown
> complains about the rules of lolita and that Lolita isn’t speacial enough for her

Anyone got anything else to add?

No. 617974

I think you could leave the too tall for Lolita part out.
>Her art is completely mediocre for how she gloats about it. Not to mention those commission prices.

No. 618089

File: 1529679027556.jpeg (141.28 KB, 679x960, C07344D4-01C6-4E6F-AD00-AA5ACC…)

> created anti-criticism Facebook fashion group for other snowflakes

No. 618092

File: 1529679053141.jpeg (116.54 KB, 720x960, A14E36C9-2AC6-409C-8852-C48339…)

>spending £25 on this

No. 618094

Sounds correct. There is proof of the DDLG if you dig around and if her ex is around he could confirm it

No. 618114

File: 1529679934201.jpeg (101.84 KB, 540x796, 4DD3D259-3573-4752-A33E-19D4FC…)

It was around this time. I remember there being more evidence but she’s since deleted a lot. She had some posts about the book Lolita too.

No. 618127

My personal cow doesn't use their social media much but they're getting worse in person;
>in her 40's
>Didn't have a job til THIS YEAR
>Got fired under a year in because she wouldn't stop bringing stuffed animals and hot water bottles with stupid covers to her front desk job at a popular hotel. Would often just sit on her phone or nap when she was meant to be working. Cried when she was pulled up about it
>They had to install a security camera specially for her because she couldn't be trusted to be left alone as she'd just sleep or go home, they tried SO hard to keep her on and give her time and space as they knew she'd never worked before
>Dresses like a teenager, she's emaciated and tall with the poorest quality frizzy thin mousey grey hair I've ever seen that she wears with alice bands or pigtails.
>Extreme Weeb, still speaks in broken japanese
>Has a boyfriend of 8 years who lives in another country who she's never met, gave him an ultimatum that he had to come and see her or she'd break up with him, she never did. He never came here. She doesn't realise it costs money to travel, has never left the country.
>Lived with her parents til her dad died, she blames her mother for literally everything that has ever gone wrong in her life and still flips out and screams at the poor woman because she blames her for her emotional issues and resents that her father passed away. Her mother is in her 70's now, they never see each other but she still calls to blame her for the fact she's so lacking in life.
>She's an only child so she's spoiled rotten and blames her childhood being 'stolen' (i.e her mother expected her to have hobbies and get a job as a teenager, she claims this is abuse and talks extensively about how 'abusive' her mother was despite none of the details being abuse in the slightest) totally daddy's girl and he could do no wrong despite him fucking the neighbours pretty consistently throughout his marriage when he was alive.
>She had a boyfriend for like 10 years and they were gonna get married but he gave up, married someone else and she still bawws about it despite them still being friends, only uses her 'heartbreak and trauma' when it's convenient
>Throws tantrums when the conversation isn't about her or she isn't getting the attention she thinks she deserves, her life was only traumatic and damaging when it suits her, when it doesn't she calls her mom and asks for money or groceries when she hasn't managed her money well enough to feed herself.
>Sleeps til 4pm most days, calls people all night asking them to come keep her company
> has a good education, college degree and no mental deficiencies she's just a womanchild
>If it's not mommy that's the problem it's x friend, y friend etc etc who 'ruined her life' usually goes in to dramatic scenarios she saw in anime that she's applied to her own life somehow. "Oh yeah he was so mean and nasty like in insert anime when insert character did this etc"

She's just such a dumpster fire I can't look away. This is all very train of thought but tl;dr 44 year old woman with no mental deficiencies or illnesses (to my knowledge and she would tell you about her bowel movements she goes in to so much detail) who behaves like she's 13, hasn't had a job til this year and she couldn't even keep it for a year, addicted to anime and attention and blames everyone else for her problems.

No. 618137

I’m sorry but there’s no way this woman isn’t autistic.

No. 618138

Include proof like this when you post the thread

No. 618139

Selfpost? You can see her account name at the top with the arrow….

No. 618143

I took this from her Facebook profile

No. 618144

Ah okay, my bad.

No. 618146

Maybe she is,I really don't know. Maybe diagnosis wasn't so understood back when she was young? She'd definitely say if she had it as she has other physical conditions and talks about them all the time. Sometimes she seems totally reasonable then the next you know she throws a tantrum over some dumb shit. I got to know her because she seemed ok but it was only when I got to know her she got more and more absurd. I do worry that she's losing it but jesus she's crazy to watch. Just wanted to vent about her as she's been so bad lately and I don't know whether to laugh or cry watching it all unfold.

No. 618147

Does anyone have a moment to make the thread?

No. 618259

File: 1529689285395.jpeg (437.23 KB, 640x796, E33F5002-7FDD-469E-AB98-A8AD9C…)

This is a girl I know irl that’s basically pushing for what seems to be tumblr fame in the past couple years. She posts about all sorts of medical woes to her followers as much as possible which play into her sick girl aesthetic (obsessed with Nicole dollanganger) and edits her kids to look sickly/possessed in photos for her aesthetic as well. She also abuses welfare with her boyfriend buying huge high def TVs, electronics, and expensive collectibles constantly. Now wants to sue her doctor that wouldn’t see her as a patient anymore because she is a no show/canceled too many appointments.

No. 618262

Ugh should've spoilered that image, I hate the stupid ahegao face and how it attracts so many costhots

No. 618275

File: 1529690189677.gif (879.33 KB, 360x185, 293BC803-A669-4017-9101-E93650…)

>mfw when my loser ex that was sure to go into “politics” became a second rate comedian.
>he now spams social media with his “Talks” and posts YouTube videos in his room still at his parents place
>he’s still not out of university
>holier than thou attitude
>”My son will be the next prime minister”-his delusional dad
>still making blog videos in his room

He has a few followers and he messaged me for “editing help” and “art commissions” for his videos after making fun of me for years.

He’s still not broke 20k views in any of his mega cringe videos

No. 618289

Any vids of your ex from his yt vid you can post?

No. 618304

File: 1529691670741.jpeg (163.88 KB, 1125x588, 2ECE3423-E59A-4ECF-9DF2-D3D301…)

Unfortunately he’s that much of a loser now that if leaked I posted him here he’d know who I am, his life hasn’t changed at all since high school.

Looks like he gave up on the motivational speaking shit and he’s now doing MC gigs for 20 per hour.

>he told me art wouldn’t make money

>currently working in marketing at an actual office whilst he’s doing shitty events and his public pages get 3 pity likes at most

No. 618305

File: 1529691774645.jpeg (324.99 KB, 456x590, 4A706C94-AD39-4601-BA0C-915DD2…)

3 pity likes in the only photo from one of the events he MC’d

>people sitting in the floor listening to this guy

No. 618309

File: 1529692511734.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1500x1498, 9C1148B3-A4BF-4A68-91D4-FEE02F…)

> tune up to talk about getting over fears!
Still lives at his dads place/ floor of the house is still filthy because neither him or his dad know how to mop.
>his mom divorced his dad because he was such a slob and didn’t use deodorant
>second photo he’s wearing a new sweater but his shirt is the same he wore around 5 years ago when we met
>Facebook lives with random girls that can’t even properly make a sentence.

His only real consistent friend seems to be his dad and his cousin

He’s currently traveling with him in an around the world TripAdvisor with a group of people years younger than his dad.

No. 618329

That room looks empty af. He could at least photoshopped it to look more full

No. 618453

She makes her kids look sickly too? What the actual fuck. Fair enough have that stupid outdated 'uwu so fragile broken dolly' look but to push it on children?

No. 618491

One of them seems to have something going on which I do feel for. But she edits them all to have their eyes super red like how she does her sick girl makeup in the Instagram. If it was all isolated it wouldn’t be that weird, but all lumped together and her
SJW is offputting. Especially while adoring Nicole Dollanganger who’s reblogged the gory child porn stuff.

No. 618499


No. 618505

That's really fucked up and disgusting, her poor kids have enough going on especially if one is dealing with childhood illness. She herself looks revolting and her makeup doesn't help. Reminds me a bit of my SIL who pulls that >>618259
same fucking face in every.single.photo. and is a giant SJW despite being one of the genderfuck attention seekers.

No. 618507

Everyone has testosterone though? Like it's a male androgen but everyone has it in their body

No. 619184

File: 1529777936241.png (926.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-23-20-12-23…)

I have this habit of scrolling on my suggested blogs without paying attention to their name , and oh shit I was on emiblush's blog

No. 619187

File: 1529778013157.png (791.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-23-20-12-35…)

this sad bbygirl dollanganger aesthetic makes me wanna punah these bitches
also she has like 10 notes kek

No. 619251

How old is she? She looks really old even with the strong filter

No. 619305

19 I think

No. 619308

She looks as shit as a yard sale doll, also she’s English, so yard sales a weird word to use in general

No. 619317

Anon atleast post the upskirt

No. 619322

File: 1529788554042.jpeg (47.43 KB, 295x397, 71D0DA4B-8B28-4391-B156-DB059E…)

No. 619327

would have guessed late 20s min
This one could be a sissy man and her lips even look crusty from far away

No. 619343

File: 1529790179305.jpeg (63.53 KB, 540x960, BFD3C0F2-2AB4-46DC-8BF3-2D53A2…)

Why is she so greasy

No. 619351

I feel sorry for her looking this old if she is really 19

No. 619455

File: 1529797912650.png (1.64 MB, 1078x986, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 7.44…)

girl i know was roommates with one of my friend is pretty worthy of a snow thread. ex scene queen art school drop out that lives two streets away from freshman housing for the institution she dropped out from.
since dropping out of school shes lost several jobs, amid posting pics daily about her frequent """thrift finds""" despite constantly complaining about having no money. refuses to move back home to nashville because of how unpopular she is within the music scene there. parents pay for her housing in prime gentrified baltimore (expensive as shit) as well as her frequent shopping exploits. she and her best friend (l who already has a thread here: >>>/snow/167514) both fucked a toopoor ex.
she has some kind of bodily reaction to weed? maybe an allergy? and it makes her puke and a doctor has literally told her to stop smoking if she wants to stop puking constantly
>ignores this
>“damn…puked again uwu”

misc. crimes include
-body mods as cries for help
-15+ uploads to insta story a day
-kept a drawing from a friend highly resembling racist caricature in phone case despite largely riding wave of self righteous bullshit "wokeness"
>she keeps saying people catcall her
>highly unlikely lol
> but ONLY when she’s in predominantly black neighborhoods
>dumped a boy for getting drunk at a party
-before dropping out, "i dont understand how people who have good grades can be depressed/complain." as if people cant feel pressure despite good performance
-in response to people calling out her ludicrous wealth and parents pimping her out, "im sorry i have GOOD parents"

ONLY reason i havent made an actual thread about her is because she seems to be actually turning her life around and changing for the better

No. 619484

Her thread is old and there isn’t any new milk, but Leah Albee is still my favorite minor cow, and I look at her social media from time to time. Still can’t believe she’s local to me, though it’s been a while since i spotted her in the wild. .

No. 619502

ugh those hammy sausage hands. this is only shaming the dude because he lowered himself to sleep with whatever she is

No. 619602

Can you post the caricature out of pure morbid curiosity?

No. 619651

I don't doubt that she's a shitty person but
>doesn't believe kids with good grades can be depressed
>but she's too ugly to be catcalled lololol
Maybe the cow you were looking for… you was inside of you the whole time anon?

No. 619815

File: 1529827278711.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 979958FA-7E4F-4C3E-98C1-AB2C2C…)

Is this a tranny? why is he wearing a bra?

No. 619820

Someone make a thread on this girl please.

No. 619822

File: 1529828212259.png (87.18 KB, 375x210, CC63271E-8D51-4F02-8828-9B9458…)

The fact that the people around her social sphere allow someone this fat and disgusting to mingle among them and give it the time of day is fucking hilarious. She is extremely ugly with an evidently crazy personality, literally no redeeming traits at all. She’s making all of these people (her “boyfriends”, her “fans”) look like idiots.

No. 619834

>midget wannabe model ana-chan
>legit has FAS
>koreaboo with yellow fever
>thinks every guy is in love with her
>cheated on her ldr boyfriend
>pretends to have miscarriage
>insta is full of korean hashtags
>wants to model in korea on tourist visa
>hates all-non koreans but is white herself
>disses out shit to girls prettier than her

She thought I was talking shit about her before and sent me a huge ass paragraph calling me ugly and a horrible person etc
>absolute cunt in general and nobody likes her

No. 619835

She sounds like she's 10 and is obsessed with k-pop

No. 619846

File: 1529835111026.png (277.55 KB, 500x343, ya30bKX.png)

No. 619864


she sounds milky and entertaining to hate watch! and also like someone who should be in middle school. i hate her already.

does she have an insta or a youtube where she posts her wannabe influencer shit? she sounds like a mess

No. 619920

those are silicone boobs. you can see the nipples and areola are too circular to be real.

No. 619940

File: 1529851133326.jpeg (134.97 KB, 749x1034, B2050A90-54A6-42F7-9A48-03C2AA…)

>More like this

No. 619941

File: 1529851250609.jpeg (94.78 KB, 564x846, 2D326E98-8159-4232-95C7-01F6EC…)

You get a lot of ABDL results when you google her

No. 619981

Here's my personal lolcow, probably not so much as milky as some of the others
>gained notoriety in my city for having a large tumblr following and selling underage nudes
>constantly bragging about how she's into being choked
>first time i met her she acted all high and mighty and better than you
>allegedly made her parents send her to three different expensive private schools during the same term (having to pay term fees upfront) until settling on a school that specialises in creative arts
>claims parents are sooper aboosive but parents will willingly buy her a new ipad just cuz
>moved out because she wanted to, then cried poor and begged for donations through facebook even though her parents could have supported her
>never really bothered with her too much until i started dating a guy who she had previously made out with and then he apparently ghosted her
>she told me i shouldn't date him and then when I didn't break up with him, her story escalated to telling everyone he sexually abused her
>our city is pretty small so she then went and messaged all of my and his mutual friends telling them to unfriend us
>she then sperged out on one of my personal facebook posts claiming that I was dating a rapist
I blocked her then.

No. 619988

I know her ex and they were in a DDLG relationship. I would not be surprised if she is into ABDL from the baby things she owns and wears.

No. 619989

I’ve made a thread

No. 620000

>the thought that someone average could feel that way about themself.
Except most people think they look better than they are. We view ourselves through rose colored glasses, and in experiments and whatever it's been proven people will point to a shooped better version of themselves and think that's them, while picking the unaltered photo for everyone else.

No. 621691

File: 1529996498094.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180609-155323.png)

Oh boy do i have a cow for you guys.
> share lil peep meme on fb (lil peep is 6 months sober)
> a few kids get offended
> one girl goes on a rant telling me go kms and that im the worst human alive
> kurt cobain is 24 years sober
> starts sending messages and commenting on my photos on ig and fb
> accuses me of making fun of rape???
> just crazy walls of text about how she's going to ruin my life
> block her on fb
> weeks pass
> more comments on ig and messages
> block
> creates new fb to comment on my public posts that she's going to call my mom (im 23 lol) and that I'm going to a mental institution because she knows my address (im homeless)
I hope you guys don't mind all the screenshots. Pic related is her

No. 621699

What has this person done to anyone other than you that makes them a cow?

>not your personal army

No. 621705

She makes call out posts about little shit people do constantly. She's obsessed with trying to ruin people's lives.

No. 621706

Ok? Being an obnoxious kid isn't the same as being a cow. Cows have something that makes them stand out from the crowd, like a gimmick. This girl just… looks like your typical edgy teenager.

No. 621707

If this isn't the right thread my apologies. I just wanted to share this crazy bitch.

No. 621708

Its a lot more than being obnoxious but ok. And she's my age.

No. 621712

Not to WK but >Personal Cow thread which means you literally post people you think have potential and histrionic call outs is very much a cow trait.

No. 621727

It’s a cow thread, not a vendetta thread.
It just sounds like regular teen bullshit, and op was just as cringey if not worse.

No. 621740

File: 1530002795851.jpg (2.81 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20180626024504681.jpg)

I quickly threw together some collages in pixlr. Sorry if they suck, but i dont think she's a fucking cow.

No. 621742

File: 1530002862706.jpg (3.75 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

Do think she's a fucking cow**

No. 621745

File: 1530002947991.jpg (2.95 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20180626024202655.jpg)

No. 621746

File: 1530003184222.jpg (2.61 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20180626024334875.jpg)

No. 621748

And mind you other than a paragraph i wrote about how she's not the hero she thinks she is and telling her to seek psychiatric help, ive only given her one or a few word replies if any. I pretty much ignored her and she won't leave me alone. Sure, I'm an edgelord or whatever, but all i did was share a meme. Compared to her im not really anything. I'm not asking you guys to attack her or whatever, but if this isn't cow behavior, idk what is.

No. 621754

NTA, but people create and share worse memes daily. This fan is definitely a mental case.

No. 621864

Holy shit she is mental as fuck. How does anyone have time to send this many messages over one stupid meme?

No. 621961

But Peep IS six months sober.

No. 622835

File: 1530116450244.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 401AB089-CEB5-4660-B96D-124365…)

this was way too demented to not check out and why am i not surprised she’s a vegan

No. 622857

Haha vendetta anon can suck it, she's got the cow disease

No. 622870

Isn't this the anon who posted the triggered peep fan? Seems like an edgelord, imo.

No. 622883

maybe i'm too tired and/or retarded and misinterpreted you just now but i'm the anon you replied to and i wasn't the original poster of the peep fan cow

i just noticed her ig in one of the collages and checked it out and the profile is lulzy to me so i figured i'd screenshot lol

No. 622933

Oops. I forgot to edit out my ig name. I'm self aware that im an edgelord. I really didn't think it was a vendetta. I thought her behavior was cow like.

I thought this was a personal cow thread, it's not like i made a thread about her. I'll unblock her and post other shit from her that isn't her messages to me and comments on my shit, if that will make y'all happy.

No. 622986

oops, sorry. i assumed you’d blocked your own name out and kept hers, hence i thought it was her ig. i just figured she’d dyed her hair and did her makeup like that for ig lol

please do post more. i’m entertained.

No. 623071

>move to a new city with a friend, we both had reasons for moving to this particular city and decided to be roommates
>friend can't keep place clean, dirties it up faster than i can clean up after him, so i kind of give up and place becomes nearly uninhabitable. he's also a hoarder so there's just shitloads of his stuff everywhere.
>i find a job, he is unable to, he convinces me we are in this together and i do my best to support both of us on part time retail wages. he tries to get welfare but is denied because he's a guy and i'm a lady so they assumed we were a couple and needed to apply as a couple, the welfare office called our rental office and they told them we were a couple even though i'm a lesbian.
>the only music he listens to is linkin park. is convinced he can get me to like linkin park, he just hasn't found the right song to get me into them. thinks linkin park is objectively good music, people who say they don't like it are pretending.
>he confides in me that he's a "minor attracted person", meaning he's sexually attracted to kids but doesn't act on those feelings. i decide he's my friend and he's not actually doing anything wrong, he can't help his thoughts, so i keep his secret.
>i visit home for about a week, ask him to clean the kitchen, that's the only thing i ask him to do. i come home to find the kitchen much worse than it was. i ask him what he did with his time and he said he was too busy making a to-scale diagram of all of the star trek ships to clean the kitchen.
>i tell him he needs to move out. this is all becoming too much for me. i need a roommate who can pay rent and help keep the place clean. he says i'm forcing him into homelessness and he's going to kill himself if i kick him out. i tell him to go to the hospital if he is, or i'll call the police. he grabs my phone from me and holds my bedroom door closed so i can't get out. i call my mom on the phone feature gmail had for awhile. she says i should call the cops. i tell him to let me out and to give my phone back or i'll call the cops through my computer. he relents and gives me the phone and goes to the hospital. i call the hospital and tell them i don't want him back here and that he has nowhere else to go. for some reason they let him back anyway. i don't own my unit so can't change the locks. too afraid to let the rental office see how squalid our place has become to have them change the locks. he is also on the lease.
>he makes no effort to move, i eventually give up and he stays here another year.
>i ask him again to move out and he says i can't make him. i go down to the rental office and ask how much it would cost for me to move to another unit. they ask about my roommate's income and i say he doesn't have one. they help me concoct a plan, they say only one leaseholder has to inform them that we're moving out. we'd do a move out and i would be able to move back into my apartment afterwards at the same rent. i tell my roommate we're moving out. he starts freaking out again. says that putting him in the hospital a year ago made him so depressed to the point it was now impossible for him to go to work, so since that's my fault i'm financially obligated to take care of him. i laugh and say no. he says he's going to kill himself. i tell him the same thing as last time, go to the hospital or i'm calling the cops.
>i end up calling the cops. they take him to the hospital. he winds up back at the apartment after. again.
>he's on welfare now, having trouble finding a place to live that he can afford that also accepts pets for his cat. i tell him to leave the cat here. he says he'd rather put down the cat than leave it with me. i give the cat to a friend because there's no way he's going to find a place cheap enough that also accepts pets. during the move i discover there is mold in one of the cat's food dishes. he says i have to tell him where the cat is or he'll call the cops. i tell him to call the cops and watch them not care about a fucking cat.
>he calls the cops, instead of saying "my roommate stole my cat," he says "my roommate is having a mental breakdown and is going to hurt me." 4 cops show up at our embarrassingly squalid apartment. they get really mad at him when they find out this is about a cat. i told the cops about the mold in the food dish and was like "look at this place, humans shouldn't live here let alone a cat." he tries to say i'm abusive because the cat vomited behind the tv and i did nothing about it. the tv in the living room where i never go because he's always in there stinking up the room so there's no way for me to know about it. he also tries to gain the cops sympathy by saying he's a minor-attracted person. the cops point at him and go "you need to get a job and help clean up this place" and they leave. my roommate says he's confused because when i called the cops they forced him to go to the hospital, but they didn't force me. he genuinely thinks i'm a psycho monster and thought it would be evident to the cops.
>at this point he agrees to sign over the lease if i give him half of the damage deposit (even though i fully paid for it), i figure small price to pay to get him out of my hair and not move out all my stuff only to move it back in. i also want him gone so badly at this point i tell him i'll help him with any damage deposits he has to make or anything for a place, just get out of here. his dad ends up giving him $1000 bucks for that stuff, so i'm like great, i don't have to help him with that. turns out he still expected me to help with that and nonchalantly says "so i found a place, i'll just need about $650 for the deposit." i'm like "lol no you have the money now from your dad, use that." he says he wants to take possession of the new place on the 15th of the month, but wants to keep his stuff here until the 30th and "move it slowly," expects to only pay a half months rent with his stuff being here a full month. i tell him if he wants to only pay a half months rent he needs all of his stuff gone by the 15th. he throws a fit but idc.
>i help him with a moving van, get a couple friends to help us. we end up having to make FIVE TRIPS in the moving van to move all of his garbage.
>he now lives in a literal shack that's not properly insulated, has a bug problem & rats show up every once in awhile. only made worse by his poor housekeeping habits. it's been several years and he still spends all his time arguing about star trek on the internet instead of cleaning his place.

No. 623077


That's a huge ass forehead

No. 623113

>work at Michael's like 8 years ago
>group of nerds in their 30s come in looking for supplies to have a furry themed birthday party for one of them
>the birthday girl has purple hair that is like 5 different styles shoved together, evidently self cut, the bangs are at a sharp point like a romulan
>I mention it to my roommate because it's funny but otherwise don't think about it until I change jobs and one of my coworkers is this girl
>she is a witch, a psychic, spiritual to the nth degree. She is also heavily into bdsm scene but in a way that she has no idea what she is talking about. Into 50 shades series and openly talks about flogging with customers in the store. Bosses keep her around because she can sell ice to Eskimos.
>I go to a Christmas party held by her with a Chinese gift exchange. Literally bdsm whips and chains hanging in her living room. Her friends are just as weird as she is. One of the people there acts like a dog all night including eating a real dog treat. Gifts that are part of the exchange include butt plugs, furry art, etc. I fortunately leave with a box of nice earl grey tea and a mug.
>I get in minor trouble for telling a customer incorrect info about our product that led to a sale. All the info that was incorrect I learned from this girl watching her make sales. Bosses and I quickly realize she is lying to make sales.
>I tell my roommate about it because I'm frustrated. I decide to Google her name to see if I could find her Facebook or something to show roomie a pic of her dumb hair. Instead I come across an article from 2003 about someone that matched her age, name, and location, she starved her baby to death.
>I mention it to a different coworker, she tells me that this girl had told her that she had been pregnant 10 times, once with her current child, 8 miscarriages, and one she didn't want to talk about.
>during my entire employment there we all noticed a lot of product going missing, particularly purple product. This girls favourite colour was purple. We figure it was her but had no proof. One day it's just me and her on the floor. While she is on her break I count all the purple products, then went home early. I opened the next day and $1000 worth of purple product was missing. Boss fired her without cause because no hard evidence but enough that we didn't want her around anymore.
>she starts working at an engravement kiosk stationed outside of our store. Awkwaaard.
>now she just makes money by reading fortunes.

No. 623161

Good god anon you're a saint for surviving that shit. How the Police didn't start watching him after he proclaimed to be a pedo is a lucky escape for him. That sounds genuinely horrendous and he's a bit of a horrorcow honestly

No. 623163

Nayrt but cops generally can't eo anything about pedos until after they touch a kid, and they just dont have the resources or manpower to keep lookouts on potential pedos.

No. 623223

I'm only sorry you put up with another year of this. Top work diverting the cat and then freeing yourself.

No. 623252


we did have a time where the cops showed up at our door to question him. he feels pretty isolated with his attractions, like he feels like everyone can see it on his face (purely paranoia) and he has trouble forming any meaningful relationships with people because he's worried about how he'll be treated if they found out. this is why i was so sympathetic with him. i guess he had been posting anonymously on craigslist looking for friends who would accept him for who he is an acknowledge that he's not acting on any feelings and not hurting anyone and he can't help how he feels. someone informed the cops and they tracked it back to him, but since he hadn't actually committed any crimes they didn't do anything.

No. 623253


Anon have you posted this elsewhere? I feel like I've read this before somewhere a few months ago.

No. 623255


yeah i tend to post it places whenever these kinds of threads pop up, it's possible i posted it in the previous thread

No. 623262

you should have put poison in his food anon, also I really want to know if the cat is ok

No. 623272


so the shack he lives in allowed him to bring his cat (and his bird) so we let him take it. the cat was put down last year, but was like 1000 years old and had kidney failure so it was time. she had fleas for a good chunk of the time she was living in the shack and he didn't have the money to go to a vet to treat it so he kept giving her lots of baths and trying to shave her himself. i ended up paying for him to take this poor animal to the vet. during the last leg of her life she was incontinent and pissed and shat all over his squalid shack. his bird died at the age of 3 for unknown reasons, but probably because his home is basically uninhabitable.

No. 623409

Never sympathise with a pedo anon. No one cares if they feel bad walking down the street. They all act holier than thou but you will never know what they do or don't do behind closed doors. My stepfather is a career pedo who, when I knew him, was vocal about how terrible it is and how guys who do it should get capital punishment. They are hypocrites, liars, they get off on deception. Committing a crime and getting caught are two separate things. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas anon, so cut "minor attracted" creeps out of your life. Consider them a liability at the least even if you can't find a moral compass - they are one step away from committing the crime, and cp possession is a crime.

No. 623450


i don't support his attraction but he definitely hasn't done anything behind closed doors. he is not that kind of person and it was very clear to me he understood that acting on anything was not only legally wrong, but incredibly morally wrong too. that's including viewing cp. while he was a complete asshole to me and took advantage of me, i have complete faith that he has not and will not act on his feelings. he's a person, not a wild animal that's gonna snap or a ticking time bomb. that's like saying it's just a matter of time before all straight men rape women since they're attracted to them. amazingly, most people tend to have a decent moral compass and self-restraint.
the only thing that really bugged me about it was that every time there was a civil rights/human rights thing in the news he would pull this whole act that was like "woe is me, if only this gay/black/trans person knew what it was like to be a minor attracted person and hated by everyoooonnne, they have no idea how easy they have it"

No. 623465


i'd also like to point out that while we're so busy fixating on an attraction he's never acted on, >>623113 actually murdered a child

No. 623637


>wears Siouxsie Sioux makeup in broad daylight, posts conversations where she brags about having criminal records without blurring her full name, has eyerollingly angsty shit as her SM bio

>posts about other people being cows

you seem to have a very serious case of "edgier than thou" anon. check yourself before you have a thread here too.

No. 623664


this whole website is full of people throwing stones in glass houses

No. 624148

I'm self aware. I wasn't bragging. I gave her public records with two bench warrents for FTAs. Not anything to brag about there. She already has my name and which county i live in. I was just being a snarky cunt since she was threatening to "ruin my life".

No. 624186

File: 1530265736244.jpeg (982.55 KB, 2560x2560, image.jpeg)

Where do I even begin…

As much as I like to laugh at this weeb, she's so full of herself yet puts down other people.

> body resembles a stack of hams yet constantly says cringey shit like "I'm a snack" "I'm a full course meal"

> says shit to other people like boasting that her face and body is better than theirs (delusional) puts other people down while bringing herself up even though she looks like weeb shit

>massive ita, buys the worst colour ways and prints and then puts animal ears on top and her titties make every Lolita dress she wears look like a muumuu

> every time she runs out of money from buying so many ugly clothes she sells her tuna flap masturbation movies to orbiters on her Facebook

> blames astrology on being a narcissist "I'm a Leo so I always need attention" "All Leo's are like that hhhh"

>boasts about having a big ego and constantly needing attention

>scares the shit out of vkei bandmen by dropping into their DMs on Twitter and asking them if they like BDSM

>is into ddlg and kitten play

> Literally used to say every 5 mins "I need attention hhhhhh"

> throws a tantrum when people try and call her out on her bullshit and is "literally shaking" and scratching herself and doing all kinds of wack ass shit

> everytime she goes to a con, she wears just underpants and cat ears that resemble a diaper on her and calls it "cosplay"

> brags about gross stuff like her making rando japanese guys eat her bootyhole

> exhibitionist, shoves her kinks into others faces and then screams "KINK SHAMING" when not everyone approves

> uses her excuse of being "territorial poly ace grey" to try and move onto other people's sexual partners and cheat on her partner

> has cheated on multiple partners regardless

> calls her out for being a cheating lying hoe trying to use her sexuality as an excuse has a meltdown about us "invalidating her sexuality"

> believed her online Japanese sex Toyboy was dead because he said he was going offline, proceeds to have a meltdown, asks people on Facebook to do tarot cards for her to "talk to his spirit"

> "The cards spoke, he's at peace now"
> says she's going to Japan to put a white lily in his garden kek

No. 624195

This girl sounds thread-worthy, any more pictures or proof of the stuff shes said?

No. 624200

OT and not any of the previous anons, but I genuinely really like your style and I think you wear it well. Your taste in music is great, too. Saged for contributing nothing at all.

No. 624201

File: 1530270406601.jpeg (574.88 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

She's like one of those tumblr babies that cries at the drop of a hat and has a giant laundry list of mental illnesses. Spergs out at everyone and and then blames it on not taking her meds

Tons of ebegging on her Facebook trying to fish for orbiters to buy nudes and tuna flap videos. "I need $150" always a specific amount she begs for, Spends all her money on ugly weeb shit, her money runs out, she complains, then begs on her Facebook and the cycle starts again.

No. 624205


No. 624210

File: 1530271984305.jpeg (888.97 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Her typical con "cosplays" to "catch attention" of the j-rock band guys at cons. She literally just wears underpants and bondage gear to cons every single time with weeb cat ears. Every single con.

"full course meal" kek. If you want to resemble a thanksgiving turkey perhaps?

No. 624219


Ew, she's a leo? I'm embarrassed

No. 624222

This seems like some good milk, I'd read a thread on her or you can just keep posting the content here. Begging for money by offering sex videos publicly is bad enough but the rest just brings this to fully blown cow tier.

No. 624344

File: 1530292407371.jpeg (114.83 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Stevie Tutwiler's cringe conversations with men from GYARURU 😂

No. 624348

File: 1530292496182.jpeg (137.09 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

She's also very insecure. Even though she acts high and mighty, she asks every guy of they're talking to inserts girl's name here

No. 624349

It's funny because her man gave me their conversations and ratted her out bad😂 All I had to do was ask.

No. 624351

File: 1530292819268.jpeg (206.06 KB, 960x1706, image.jpeg)

Now she says she's going to Japan, yet everytime she gets money, she blows it on a shitty con, blows it on cringe BDSM shit, ugly ass baby Lolita prints, butt plugs. You name it.

No. 624353

File: 1530292921199.jpeg (140.8 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)


this was some bandmen she met at a convention that she was bragging about "he ate my ass like groceries" and he wasn't even a known bandmen either. Some shitty band lmfao. He looks like a damn monkey.

No. 624356

File: 1530293073493.jpeg (253.36 KB, 640x1002, image.jpeg)

These pictures say it all.

Just see for yourself. This is about to be a cringe fest. Enjoy.

No. 624358

She apparently fell in love with some random dude from Gyaruru and was like "OMG HE KILLED HIMSELF" when he ghosted her lmfao

No. 624359

File: 1530293139942.jpeg (101.69 KB, 750x795, image.jpeg)

No. 624361

File: 1530293205601.jpeg (112.95 KB, 750x1196, image.jpeg)

Then she got pissed cause her guys preferred me over her LMAOOO

No. 624366

File: 1530293283276.jpeg (97.93 KB, 750x1181, image.jpeg)


No. 624367

File: 1530293329570.jpeg (133.22 KB, 750x1206, image.jpeg)

Then she gets upset because her friends wanted to take my side instead of hers

No. 624376

File: 1530293569604.jpeg (133.89 KB, 640x1032, image.jpeg)

"I don't date hosts"

>tells every host from Gyaruru that she's in love with them after day one

>begs for attention

>posts pictures for attention on Gyaruru

>says she's done with guys but keeps finding more to get attention from

No. 624377

File: 1530293612506.jpeg (110.4 KB, 750x1196, image.jpeg)

No. 624379

File: 1530293672516.jpeg (125.92 KB, 750x1223, image.jpeg)

No. 624380

File: 1530293706908.jpeg (115.49 KB, 750x1194, image.jpeg)

No. 624381

File: 1530293737923.jpeg (129.27 KB, 750x1175, image.jpeg)

No. 624387

File: 1530293898630.png (174.82 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 624388

File: 1530293952028.png (179.59 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Now she's trying to "blackmail" me 😂

No. 624406

Is this a tranny?

No. 624433

She has a face like Robin Williams yet says her face and body is better than so many other people. Actually shes a girl but her face is so unfortunate you wouldn't know that lol

No. 624437

This Japanese guy over here she bragged about him eating her bootyhole and having sex just after she met him at a con

She was bragging about how he was a bandman. We later found out his "band" was so shitty it was embarrassing, and their main audience was just playing for weebs at cons in America

No. 624466

File: 1530300164686.jpeg (48.23 KB, 750x463, image.jpeg)

Her hobbies are talking about her menstrual cycle and going to BDSM clubs and watching people have sex LOL

As well as being a participant.

No. 624470

She talked about being polyamorous but territorial, she knew which guys her friends talked to and went behind their backs and flirted with them, and then blew up when they found out and claimed she never did it, and supports a minor who lies about their age to try and sleep with older Japanese bandmen

No. 624472

File: 1530300623865.jpeg (563.51 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Deets of ebegging for weeb shit that she can't afford.

No. 624491

File: 1530302067431.png (990 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

im honestly surprised she hasn't got posted earlier, she looks like Pixiteri, brags about her kinks, ebegs, list of mental illnesses, full of herself, delusional, collects Asian man trophies only to cheat on them because she's "territorial poly"

No. 624510

File: 1530304237830.jpg (266.96 KB, 798x450, kaylee.jpg)

I don't know this girl but I find her peculiar and really odd.

sanawaifu, ichigoluvy, pinkumochii, ichigofairy, there's too many instagram handles to count aka kaylee

>underage girl who has an "edits" instagram (not even made by her) who keeps remaking accounts and begging for followers/s4s

>doesn't seem to have a good grasp on English despite being 17, just reuses the same phrases over and over in her stories and posts (slay, asf, screaming, queen, so damn much) so much that it feels like a script or madlib
>posts lives literally screaming over paper mario (AAAAAH BOWSER)
>harassed some people instagram, such as dollykitten and binapoyo, some sakura girl, among others I don't know of, with messages such as "BE MY FRIEND" and when they don't reply, calls them a ho and a bitch. pic related is someone else she harassed.
>there is a change.org to get her banned from instagram but it includes her full name so i can't link it here due to her being a minor.

i wonder if she's all there mentally or just a weird weeabo.

No. 624515

File: 1530304462351.png (2.17 MB, 1856x1174, isheokay.png)

her recent posts on one of her accounts

No. 624593

I'm so confused she clearly has boobs but her face literally looks like a man's. What the fuck

No. 624697

File: 1530314029375.jpeg (602.42 KB, 2552x1914, image.jpeg)

Why are men so desperate

No. 624699

File: 1530314143551.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Why would anyone want nudes of this?

No. 624856

Someone needs to button their pants

No. 624871


She types in a really weird way, almost like she's trying to mimic the way ESL Japanese people type.

No. 624876

lol i have so many stories about people in one of my discords. i sub-mod for it (like a farmhand would i guess, i'm not admin but i have some power) and it's essentially a circlejerk of fat girls on disability trying to oppression olympics the other.

>a: oh i had this and this today!!

>b: oh no! uwu i remember when i had it and it was so much worse! stay safe bby! =v=;;

No. 624898

The best thing is that it isn't even Blutkätzchen but Blut Katzchen because she's too dumb to use Umlaute and connect two words like Germans do.

No. 624985

I was going to say, her body doesn't look THAT bad, maybe a little soft and then this happened >>624210 . Yikes.

What a psycho. She sounds like she's just desperate for japanese dudes. What was the name of the band?

I could see this girl working some angles to make her boobs look good, but no amount of angles is going to cover up that face. Gaijin hunters can get desperate too though. Especially the ugly ones.

No. 625073

Is it an otherkin discord?

No. 625101

nah it's a fandom discord.
the selfies tag is hilarious, it's 90% fat women on disability with ill-fitting haircuts trying really hard to slip a reference to their mental illness or ~chronic disability @w@~ in so they can get those pity points.

No. 625125

Nah let me tell you, no amount of editing an filters will cover up that pillsbury doughboy body.

No. 625156

She'll go for an Asian dude. Doesn't matter what he looks like, as long as he's Asian.

No. 625400

File: 1530359088641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.67 KB, 750x868, image.jpeg)

Stevie makes this far too easy. She practically oozes with cringeworthy milk every day and delivers.

No. 625498

Just a personal lolcow of mine, my most recent ex bf. I’ve dated quite a few people over 5 years so I have some stories to tell.
>First semester of college
>Gets with guy who had a thing for me for a while
>Gives me ring
>It’s his class ring in case I get lonely
>Things get bad 3 months in
>I’m mentally ill
>He got mad when I get depressed
>Says I can’t have guy friends but he has female friends
>Guy friend (let’s call him H) offers to bring me home when my mom doesn’t come pick me up on time
>Bf loses his shit and tells me H is just going to rape me
>Makes me look dumb around his friends
>Junky truck with pizza boxes, drink cans candy wrappers on floor. Never cleaned it
>Got frisky in his truck..
>I was uncomfortable and grossed out
>Tells people he fucked me
>In reality: couldn’t get his dick in and I cried from embarrassment
>Has to ask for gas money
>Went on a date once
>Driving me back
>Asks “What if I ran off the road rn?”
>Manipulated and guilt tripped me constantly
>Loved to say he almost killed himself because of me before
>Accuses me to cheating if I don’t reply fast enough.
>Messages my mom to ask if I’m okay since I didn’t bring my phone
>I go back home to find he left me chain messages
>”Are you okay””Are you okay””Are you okay””Please talk to me””ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!”
December 2015
>Am no longer happy
>Emotionally numb and contemplating suicide
>Has to break up with him but holds off in case things get better
>Vents to H telling him bf is just an acquaintance. H sympathizes with me.
>Talks to H again, breaks down to tell him everything wrong with my relationship.
>Me and H have many things in common, and he’s sweet
>Me and H get together
>Day later, I get the guts to break up with bf
>Sends me voice recording of himself crying over Facebook messenger
>Stands my ground and resists changing my mind
>”Fuck you”
>Gave me the block
>Goes to H, crying happy tears
Weeks later
>H sends me screenshot
>Ex bf sent him a friend request
>Ex bf tries to be friends with H
>Ultimately gives up
>H deletes him
>I get a message
>Ex bf on fake account
>Ridicules me
>Calls me a whore
>Says that my sexual assault didn’t happen (something that traumatized me)
>That I’m not smart enough to be at a college
>That I kept Ex bf from going to college
>That H is going to cheat on me and throw me away
>Gave him the block.
>Ex bf denies it was him on that account
>Ruined my reputation amongst his peers
A lot happened in between 2016-2018 so I’m gonna summarize
>Ex guilted me again
>Apparently went to a mental hospital after telling me he was going to off himself
>Still bitter about our breakup
>Apologized, and it seemed genuine
>I forgave
>Guilted me into sending him nudes (so much for that lol)
>Manipulated me once again
>”Go run crying to H”
>We get in a heated argument after he sexually harassed me and made it out to be a joke
>”it was just a joke but ok “
>Comes back like nothing happened
>I tell him to fuck off.
>Next day he asks me for his ring back
>Ring is in a box, tucked away on my dresser
>Calls and texts constantly
>”Give me my fucking shit back”
>Sends me into a panic attack
>I mail back the ring because I wasn’t meeting up with him
>Doesn’t talk until 9 months later
>Apologizing AGAIN
>Says the guilt kept him up at night
>Uses “Nani?!!” unironically
>Me and H have been together for almost 3 years
>Im annoyed as hell
>Ex doesn’t get the hint that I don’t want to talk to him
>Left him on read for 3 months
>Messages me again
>I go off
>Ex instigates a fight
>Tells me I’m bipolar
>STILL bitter about our breakup
>”Have a nice life”
>Not surprised if I get a message months later from him

No. 625621

File: 1530377794324.png (257.29 KB, 1872x408, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.5…)

This cow has been posted in the fakeboy thread AND the bad makeup thread a couple of times, but they just seem so…milky to me.

>trans but also nonbinary but also a dyke but also totally uwu gay softboi

>constantly freaks out if someone even mentions their femininity but still dresses like a woman with their tits hanging out all the time
>"drag queen" despite not being a male
>posts photos on instagram and tags them as ever lgbt+ tagline you can think of (twink, dyke, lesbian, gay, trans, nonbinary, ftm, etc.)
>just genuinely a shitty person to be around and sucks the fun out of any situation because they get offended by literally everything and anything

Still fun to follow because they're a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

No. 625623

File: 1530377917261.png (2.06 MB, 1874x1186, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.5…)


Because the first thing I think to do when I'm in the hospital is take a photo of me crying…

No. 625624

File: 1530377943944.png (1.98 MB, 1602x1184, Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 12.5…)


And here's an extra screenshot of their "drag makeup".

No. 625642


omg wtf is this low rent Trixie Mattel mess? someone upthread commented that when these failures latch on a drag queen it's always Trixie, it rings even truer now.

>gender: mess

you're a femme-presenting biological female, which is, surprise, A WOMAN. i love it when these genderspecial flakes bend over backwards to call themselves anything but a woman (as if there's something shameful or inferior about being "only" a cis female) and come across incredibly misogynistic.

No. 625661

transtrenders and these wannabe drag queens (who happen to be ACTUAL FEMALES) have completely ruined what drag is supposed to be. i enjoy trixie's music but i won't see them live because i don't want to deal with the tweens in bad makeup.

No. 625809

OT as fuck so i’m saging, but when the hell did instagram implement rainbow hashtags? are there other colours for other things? i am mildly intrigued

No. 625883

There's someone I think would probably be lolcow worthy, but they're a minor, I was friends with her until I found out she was underage, she lead everyone to believe she was over 18, and would even tell people she was 22 or 26 then when people actually found out she was underage she confirmed it, but then went and told people she was almost 18 when she's actually a lot younger and even stole her older brother's ID and pretended it was hers, she flirts with men much older than her, even guys who have girlfriends and had told people she had sex with older Japanese bandmen and even planned to meet with some that are coming to America, she posted lewds online and would talk about getting nudes from 18+ sites. She was warned quite a lot about the repercussions of her actions but didn't stop

No. 626028

File: 1530409520123.png (956.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Bdsm club cringe with her bitch Kyo 😂😂

No. 626030

File: 1530409578802.png (133.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Damn. She really is open about her ddlg life. 😂

No. 626057

The one on the right is pretty qt, but she's obscuring her face with the staff thingy so who knows.

No. 626073

File: 1530415850286.jpg (375.15 KB, 1080x1440, 70022_v9_ba.jpg)

She looks like Beck.

No. 626080

>when beck has a more fem face than you
Seriously. His lips are even fuller.

No. 626083

Anon, you're fucking blind.

No. 626086

Do you find hippos to be attractive?

No. 626087

If so, you have horrible, horrible taste in "beauty".

No. 626123

Triggered much? You definitely shouldn't care about what I find attractive, pettychan. At least sage your ot complaining.

No. 626298

Nah I'm not triggered anon, but you have horrible taste in women. That's a fact.

No. 626300

If you find that attractive, you might as well have low standards for yourself.

No. 626301

You're on a gossip website.

Of course we're all petty. Hahaha

No. 626304

Maybe you like 25 year olds that have the face and body of a pre-teen.

No. 626309

Different anon but her body looks fine to me, at least as long as you obscure her face. She's the right kind of chubby, she still has a defined waist and some actual boobs so I can see why someone would find that attractive. Ngl as a 20something actually with a body of a preteen I wouldn't even mind being a bit chubby to look like that.

Sage for blog

No. 626353

Obesity isn't kawaii uwu

No. 626354

And that super sonico cosplay is garbage bwahahaha

Looks like offbrand version

No. 626358

File: 1530458083159.jpeg (2.81 KB, 69x69, image.jpeg)

"Defined waist"
Hahahahaha omg

No. 626361


my eyes.

No. 626362

File: 1530458464194.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

What you tried to order online VS what you actually receive in the mail

No. 626365

Nobody likes a fatty-chan :^)

No. 626383

I'm starting to think vendetta with all the sperging, tbh.

No. 626405

It seems like the truth.

As you can see from the screenshots, she's a horrible person to both her friends, anyone she dates.

She also uses her "mental illness" to have an excuse for her actions.

If you don't see anything wrong with her actions, you are probably just as bad.

No. 626406

Horrible people deserved to be exposed, don't you think?
Also, she's very milky from what I can see. It's good content to laugh at.

No. 626407

Definitely agreeing with you, anon. One or two posts is okay but at this point they’re spamming their vendetta.

No. 626408

I've seen these types on Tumblr.

No. 626409

Listen, I've seen threads go on forever about specific people. Are you not familiar with this website?

No. 626410

Providing proof is also a big deal.

No. 626413

You are participating on a gossip thread. What do you think is going to happen?

This isn't a safe space.

No. 626414

I think honestly people forget about what this site's purpose is about lol

No. 626416

It's milky enough, its just a personal lesser known cow so 1 or 2 people are providing milk. Milk is plentiful though and I'm hooked. Make a thread for all this milk sister.

No. 626419

Some people asked for more milk, so it was provided. Now the evidence is shown.(samefagging)

No. 626437

No. 626447

jesus, this samefag is actually worse than the weeb she posted here.

No. 626463

Looks like she wasn't the one that posted it.

No. 626476

Lmao I knew it, thank you!

No. 626493

lmfao i know this same weeb.
Stevie is known for this type of shit so i am not even the slightest bit surprised.
you guys should really appreciate this milk. this is good content. lol, don't shit on the messenger

No. 626702

Original poster here. There are more than one of us that do not like Stevie, so it's not really just one persons vendetta.

I originally decided to post her because I thought she was really milky and I enjoy sitting back with the popcorn watching her talk publicly about shaving hearts into her pubes and selling "thicc goodies"

I just view her more as a laughing stock, why complain when the cow just gives milk so freely

No. 626703

Then post milk because an anon samefagging the fuck out of the thread to sperg about her being fat isn't milk.

No. 626706

Was already posted. You have eyes anon? Use them. Or just search her up on Facebook for a good old laugh. Simple

No. 626711

Well then who knows why you're crying about the vendetta comment when it was only said about the spergy samefag, who deserved it.

No. 626715

Spergy samefag wasn't me. Nor am I caring about it. I don't care if she's fat. I just laugh at her behaviour. Why are you so quick to defend a milky weeb hmmmm?(derailing; infighting)

No. 626721

"""Defending"""(derailing; infighting)

No. 626723

Stop infighting. Its derailing the thread when there's milk to be spilled here

No. 626724

Bitch you're not even saging your infighting, shut the fuck up.

No. 626726

Seems like stevies friend or a hambeast that was triggered by the other persons fat comments kek

No. 626729

On one of the original milk posts Stevie was claiming she had eyes everywhere watching. She even sends her bitch Kyo after people she doesn't like. Seems rather fishy that this person is sperging up the thread

No. 626739

So make a fucking Stevie thread then if SO MANY people agree with you and you have so much milk and stop shitting up the PERSONAL lolcow thread.

No. 626751

File: 1530495711767.png (558.97 KB, 575x450, crackiswhack.png)

this girl i went to high school with. she had shitty poke and stick tatoos- and her claim to fame was that she owned a "piercing needle", which she never sterilized yet used to pierce her cheeks with in public. I remember sitting in a mc donalds full of cringy emo and scene kids and she pulls out this MASSIVE needle, and just shoves it in one cheek, then slides it out the other side. blood dripped everywhere. She left the needle in her mouth while she ate.

Now she's a tattoo scratcher and does DDLG, she sells videos of herself pissing a diaper for money. and I'm pretty sure she's upgraded from coke and weed to crystal meth.


Don't do drugs.

No. 626760

File: 1530496101177.png (Spoiler Image,694.32 KB, 525x515, dontdodrugskiddies.png)

No. 627024

File: 1530543334101.jpg (65.56 KB, 539x960, stevie.jpg)


"she's the right kind of chubby"

ladies, angles, photoshop, and filters are everything. catfish as fuck lol

No. 627026

She looks fine anon

No. 627027


lolol this thread has weak people with low sense of humor

No. 627028

please sage your butthurt.

No. 627029

suck my dick, anon.

No. 627031

an anon is t r i g g e r ed by fatty shaming haha

No. 627155

>34 and still acting like an attention starved teenager on tumblr

wew, lad

No. 627236

She posts gross NSFW related stuff publicly while having minors and her parents on her friends list

No. 627319

she's the epitome of a 'tumblerina'. has her tits out all the time but "waaaah don't misgender me :((("

No. 627321

a personal lolcow but i'm not going to post any links to them because they'll know who i am for sure.


>softboi who still wears feminine clothing and makeup but uwu respect pronouns
>can't keep a job because they don't understand that being an adult means doing things you don't enjoy
>constantly needs reaffirmation from people (i.e "i'm so sad today please tell me how great i am" ←actual words from them)
>always asking for money because even though they work, they spend their money on clothes instead of food or rent
>has an incredibly supportive family but disowned them because they wanted them to wait a couple months before they got chest reduction surgery
>literally can never pay for themselves, always asks others to go to dinner with them and then expects them to pay for it

No. 627438

late, but they just did it for pride month

No. 627600

A personal lolcow of mine,

>I knew a girl, met her first when I was 16. None of the other girls our age liked her because she would fuck everyone's boyfriend.

>fast forward two years later she ends up working at my job with me
>ends up being my frienemy and tries to get me fired because I was "crazy" for telling her about the world's wealthiest families
>fast forward 2 more years, she briefly goes to medical school then drops out
>suddenly becomes a spoonie with Pots and eds
>becomes a crazy conspiracy theorist who believes in chemtrails, vaccines being poisonous, cloned celebrities etc
>she put on her mylife profile that she works at cern kek
> scams the system to get disability and an electric wheelchair
>her fiance has a dog training company that has little to no business but somehow they rent bigger and bigger mansions each year

No. 628164

File: 1530654748926.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-03-17-46-40-827_deco.jpg)

I'm kinda new to posting here but I just had to post her here. I met her because she also had a distaste for only lewd cosplayers and cosplayers doing cosplay for money

>Wannabe goth gf

>Recent posts are just her begging for money
>Wtf is that makeup
>Claims to be a gothic lolita yet owns no lolita clothing
>Doesnt want a bf to use her for sex yet only things she posts now are lewd "cosplays"
>She claimed before that she'd never do lewd cosplays yet here we are

No. 628238

File: 1530662127578.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.59 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180703_163400696.j…)

>Not super milky or popular (1.5k followers on IG)
>huge fucking weeb and wears cat ears and weeb clothes (seifukus, shitty Wish cosplays and general bad weeb clothes) in public and at her job when she has one
>is a borderline sex worker (she sells lewds)
>very much into ddlg, but uses the excuse "it's age regression, my little space is not sexual uwu" despite shilling for some butt plug company by advertising their products and having suggestive pics on her IG
>still acts loL so randumb!!! XD despite being 23
>hasn't uploaded in a while on YT, but she has some weird sneezing and peeing fetish videos, also made a video where she talked about how random guys came up to her, asking her to join them in a threesome or for lewds. It was very thathappened.jpg
>has loads of pictures of her young siblings (all under 10) on her account despite having said sexual pics on there as well as shilling for butt plug company
>in pic related is showing off her ddlg panties at a children's playground during daytime

No. 628266

>sexy pics
I know that's very subjective but jesus you'd have to be desperate to find that remotely attractive or desirable

No. 628336

File: 1530671527498.png (Spoiler Image,130.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-03-19-13-06…)

More screenshots from their account. $35 for 25 asspics taken with your phone is an outrageous price.

No. 628562

File: 1530701919118.jpg (97.79 KB, 720x824, _20180704_114651.JPG)

This girl from my Disney community ugh.
>eating disorder
>bitches about mental health on social media constantly
>constant appropriation of drag culture from watching RPDG
>pretends she's bi
>trying to be insta famous but never has new content, just deletes and reuploads everything
>long motivational speeches about how brave she is for posting a picture where she thinks she looks ugly (not even ed stuff, just 'my smile is bad')
>never responds to her "fans" unless they have a significant following, blames social anxiety
>always complains she's poor, goes to disneyland Paris monthly and only wears fairly expensive brand clothing
>routinely activates a CuriousCat, only to delete as soon as the hate starts pouring in (and believe me, there's a lot of it)
>thinks wearing pink is a personality
>constant attention whoring about how hard her life is
>applied for one (1) job, then sulked about not getting it and begged for support online

Etc etc she's a huge fucking snowflake and ruins meet ups lmao

No. 628600

>Meet this guy at a con, regrettably become friends
>Almost 30
>FtM, keeps getting fired from jobs because “discrimination” but it’s just because he’s a shitty person to be around
>Huge pathological liar, lies about literally everything imaginable, contradicts himself all the time by doing this
>Claims he’s a “big deal” in the main fandom he cosplays even though he started cosplaying again last year and only had about ~70 followers on instagram at the time of saying it
>Is obsessed with the main character of said fandom, claims to be said character, even going so far as claiming he legally changed his first and last name to the characters name even though he most likely never actually did this and instead just says he did
>This obsession changed when he latched onto a different character from the same series and “regretted his name change”
>He thinks he looks just like these characters even though he’s uggo as fuck and has the body shape of a volleyball
>Boasts about making all of his cosplays by hand, although most of them are obviously bought
>Begs for big sums of money for emergencies and then immediately turns around and posts screenshots of $500 receipts from cosplay stores
>Specifically befriends or gets close to people with mental handicaps to suck money from them easily, and then talks shit about them behind their backs
>Has every disability and mental condition under the sun even though some he’s mentioned can’t happen in the same person, if you mention you have any type of condition he will claim to have it too, but worse
>”Too poor to get help”
>Says he was at the Pulse shooting even though he most likely wasn’t and anyone with a brain doesn’t believe him, is using one of the dead victims by claiming he knew them to earn sympathy
>Friends constantly getting tired of his shit and dropping him, he makes up lies about them to get people on his side

Sometimes I wish he was more active online because he would make a good thread.

No. 628618


In the drinking pic she looks like Joji if Joji was an ugly, greasy MT"F" weeb. Literally looks trans.

No. 628638

File: 1530716091087.jpeg (95.15 KB, 720x813, 849BA083-514C-4A9A-99B5-EC268A…)

I have too much to post for this one, but I’ve known this cow for years m. They have a ChrisChan-tier obsession with things and used to hang out with all the young anime fans in my town when we were all 12-16 and she was 28. Always wanted to do “couple” cosplays with the younger teens, also always tried having them sleep over. Now they’re trans apparently? And still obsessing over Dr. Who and Sherlock.

No. 628640

File: 1530716631747.jpg (550.94 KB, 1049x1689, Screenshot_20180704-105604.jpg)

>2017, go to local conventions a lot because they were all lined up in convenient times for me
>See this 18 year old roaming around all the conventions held at the convention center (3 or 4 cons were held there last year)
>Ftm, is running around the con dressed in boxers with a sock shoved in to imitate a bulge but it's just embarrassing
>Following around cosplayers and playing the kazoo
>Holds up various signs saying that he wants to fuck Spiderman, keep in mind there's children everywhere
>Jumps on or goes after every Spiderman cosplayer he sees and justifies it by showing them his sign
>Is generally smelly and creepy, hits on 14 year olds while still in ~Deadpool underwear cosplay~
>Kazoo breaks, he rushes over to the cosplay hospital and skips the line, stepping in front of a girl with a torn skirt and demands that the staff fix his kazoo
>Ironically takes pic related in front of a "cosplay is not content" sign

No. 628649

Link to the YT videos?

No. 628668

Let me just say that if you saw the inside of the house that makes the soap/lotion you’re buying at cons, you would toss it out immediately.

No. 628681

name or gtfo

No. 628701

No. 629098

>constant appropriation of drag culture from watching RPDG
who gives a shit about 'drag culture' tbh?

No. 629288

Haha, to clarify, Its embarrassing when middle class straight white girls are like "yasssss hunty spill the TEA" every other word because they think it gives them a personality

No. 629472

Not really? That sounds really cheap to me. I can get guys to send me $25 for 4 or 5 shitty photos.

No. 632171

File: 1531131329862.jpg (59.14 KB, 720x422, _20180709_110917.JPG)

Every time she pulls this stunt her posts get more and more ott until she starts getting attention. Literally shut up cara

No. 632937

here's my horrorcow

>friend of a friend who's literally insane

>totes half-japanese
>her roommates left her because she destroyed their stuff, secretly recorded them, replaced their shampoos with an unidentified liquid, all that good shit
>fucks anyone that eyes her but calls girls who have sex with their bfs whores
>"bisexual," lied about having a relationship with this one girl (poor girl didn't know that horrorcow was telling everyone they dated)
>sends threatening anonymous messages to her old friends
>edits porn videos with her old friends' faces

she's related to very influential people so friends are hesitant to report her (personally left out some other incriminating stuff she did because i don't want this to be traced back to me, she's crazy enough to do that)

No. 635895

File: 1531537094036.jpg (207.79 KB, 1427x2015, 28953673_1821708717852892_7419…)

My boyfriend just informed me that apparently there's this guy at my university who's been hanging up his own personal attraction signs in the school library.

His "startup" is supposed to be a hybrid of Linkedin and Facebook
…but it's really more like a poorly designed MLM

He also maintains an eye-searing autobiographical website where you can learn about his plans to grow his business and attend his father's 70th birthday in August.

He's also planning to buy(?) his own private island with the goal of "totally reform(ing) the Homeless population in the United States"

I know your panties are probably getting wet from all this so ladies if YOU are interested in dating Auran you can fill out this simple 32-question form. Act fast though because he receives "thousands of requests" to date him per day. In case you're wondering, YES the form includes a box to upload and submit a naked photo of yourself. Auran likes Lingerie but Birthday Suits are accepted ;)

No. 635915

This is how Chris-chan got his start.

No. 635936

this guy is seriously delulu. i'm almost compelled to fill up his form with nonsense just to fuck with him lol

No. 636099


This application will be sent to the Founder to earn one date with him in his private residence. These dates are scheduled for Saturday Evening and include an Overnight Stay. With (Breakfast included, and spa, massage, next day) This application is only seen by the Founder Himself.

Please provide your information below to apply for a date with him.

Hello Ladies, I receive thousands of requests every day to date me so to make my life easier I created a simple form for you to fill out. I operate a succesfull software company and I'm very succesfull, I hold multiple degrees and if you want me, just fill out the information below, if it doesnt work out we can still be freinds, and worst case scenario you might work at Konnex. A win-win for everyone! Apply today! :)

No. 636359

I wanted to do it but there are over 30 question and I'm too lazy for that

No. 636450

Everything about this reads incel who read online that women like wealthy, successful guys and went at that with the sole goal of getting pussy. Looks like hes failing on both.

No. 636541

the Austin vampire court is so milky its not even funny.
The guy in the video linked was a part of it but i think he isnt anymroe
either way he's super cringe and super milky

saged cause responding to an old post

No. 636583

This gross bitch is practically in her underwear at a family friendly convention asking the band that performed there perverted questions with her friends in front of everyone, the translator was too embarassed to translate and ignored the questions but the members kinda know English anyway, she's been trying to get into one of the member's pants and he ignored her the entire time

No. 636589

File: 1531616556071.jpeg (319.14 KB, 950x1267, 69150A63-6804-4A12-BC84-DC575C…)

No. 636590

File: 1531616574794.jpeg (26.92 KB, 184x308, 645F7D4F-8EB6-4B1B-BA43-E67C18…)

No. 636835

File: 1531640409695.jpg (18.27 KB, 236x354, michelle.jpg)

Oh absolutely. This video is the tip of the cringe iceburg. Delving into the internet wormhole of vampire drama (Michelle Belanger, anyone?) is worse than getting lost in TV Tropes for a night.

No. 636874

oh my god. there goes all of my plans for the day. haha, thanks, anon.
and to think i used to want to be in the community. thank god i never got involved

No. 636884

Anon thank you for such a concise post, especially with all the links.
I love when delusional big talkers are exposed

No. 638712

File: 1531794082984.jpg (57.51 KB, 720x960, kek.jpg)

>Miel of DaturA
>On another note i asked him what pose he wanted to do and he grabbed my collar and told me to get on my knees and WOOBOI

No. 638719

File: 1531794390495.jpg (84.19 KB, 960x960, 1.jpg)

She also took some selfies with other random asian dudes at the con, of course.

No. 638787

>Albany, NY
Glad I just moved from there, Jesus Christ

No. 639160

She's posting on Facebook how Miel from Datura put signed cheki down her pants but people asked around and were told she lied, she was making the dude really uncomfortable too, she's going to get someone done for sexual harassment one day

No. 639162

File: 1531845284171.jpeg (712.97 KB, 1242x1643, A51898AD-3A02-42FC-83FC-3F20CC…)

I know this is old, but don’t feel bad anon, she tries hard to hide her leg and belly fat, shooping/angles/blurring/covering/etc.
And constantly begs her followers for fan art and money on her paypal. She sells her nudes and premium snap and all that to barely scrape by and pay for her shitty cosplay (that’s entirely purchased and not made). And her boyfriend is a cow in his own right, he got the joker tattoos permanently on his body. Embarrassing. Sorry she was so shitty to you.

No. 639595

File: 1531871740909.png (258.47 KB, 429x531, 0.png)

Doesn't surprise me. If you look at his expression in her meet up pics compared to his expression in most of the others. Poor dude looks dead inside and uncomfortable.

No. 639651

Was this posted in the STAMP building too, near the cafeteria? or just the library?
I’m fucking crying, this is so embarrassing, is it still posted? I gotta see this.
I’m so glad there’s another farmer amongst these shitty walls and snooze-worthy lecture classes.

Tbh not surprised, there’s so many douchebag ego incel “superior than thou/iamsmart/gods gift” future-date rapists on campus who all think they’re going to make the next Facebook, the next Uber, or be the next Secretary of State, or Elon Musk.

>tfw you get sooo many chicks that you have to advertise to your entire university to date you and the lucky lady that “earns” a date with you should be eternally grateful and take being treated like a free escort as a privilege

Saged for obvious terps

No. 644914

multiple friends are in a cover dance group, gives me info from inside the "Dance Masters United" (basically a bunch of bored adults making dance covers and acting like children in public)

i would say DTP are the most popular in DMU except they've had serious drama for the past 2 years
>one member (Carmen) starts cheating on her husband with some old man
>old man is creepy as fuck and claims to be supremely ill, walks with a cane, genuinely looks like he's on drugs
>they track down a 16yo girl who's a fan of DTP
>both start being in a relationship with her or something, grooming her to hell and back
>she gets depressed as shit
>both old people suddenly drop off the face of the earth
>in 2016 the girl is 19 and her friend leaks all the details
>shit blows up for DTP
>Carmen disappears from the channel and later is said to have "graduated"
>literally no words from her or the old man for 2 years
>this year we found out she had a baby with her husband
>channel has been dead for 5 or 6 months now because none of the members want to actually be in the group anymore

Deanna the leader of the group is also a solo vlogger, she begs for money all the time for conventions idk what she does in her personal life https://www.youtube.com/user/dejavudea

DMU honestly could have a thread of its own i just thought i'd post here because i actually know these people. the drama isn't public information and as far as i know they've tried to hide it as much as possible. Carmen is completely out of the public eye, she abandoned all of her social media including her personal Youtube after all of this came out. https://www.youtube.com/user/uberwren

No. 645104

File: 1532359892352.jpg (904.09 KB, 1579x765, turtleweeb.jpg)

I knew this girl in high school who was a bit older than me and was in class with me who was full on weeb
She seemingly didn't bathe regularly and wore clothes that were a bit too small for her, I have no idea how much she weighed, but I'd guess somewhere around 300 pounds and she was around 5'2 maybe
You could literally see the crust and dead skin built up underneath her chin fat and it was really unfortunate.She needs to take better care of herself She also considers herself a cosplayer, but either makes really poor diy closet cosplay or buys her cosplays from milanoo.
She also is an "artist", she blatantly traces artwork and when she doesn't it's obvious because her original work is super wonky.
She also has tons of ocs and husbandos including ones from teenage mutant ninja turtles, yugioh, and naruto.
https://www.deviantart.com/tamachan221 (here's her deviant art)

No. 645111

File: 1532360466424.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.68 KB, 960x720, pJy2BK1.jpg)

An unfortunate orochimaru cosplay she did

No. 645130

File: 1532361927470.jpg (43.48 KB, 640x496, 8c3.jpg)


Claims to be "hotep" or some shit but is engaged to a white woman.
There's also rumors that he sent dick pics to a sixteen year old but I don't know how true that is.

Dude used to be in a roleplay community with me but got called out and deleted after he and his fiance threw their third partner out on the street a la Plainey and Onion: http://ninzen.tumblr.com/post/147326715832/shoutout-to-cxnceptoflxve-and-his-shithole

No. 645320


>easily weighs 260lbs at 5'5

>"i eat healthy, im making a healthy dinner tonight"
>makes chicken…fried in dorito crumbs….with ranch dressing as a side
>gets a huge face tat on her temple
>has a mental breakdown
>"i have to quit these drugs, i have to get out of [redacted] before i kill myself"
>cries about being forced to stay in a women's shelter until my mom and i invite her to stay with us
>she starts making custom clips on extralunchmoney with my webcam, says she couldn't possibly figure it all out herself and i need to help her because if she doesn't do online sex work she's going to go broke
>goes back home and goes shopping every month anyway
>anyway, i help her get everything set up so she can at least be a productive camgirl
>quits after selling 2 videos
>i start seeing someone, she takes every opportunity to be inappropriate and sexual when he's around
>lets some coke dealer she was trying to fuck tattoo her in his house
>he won't even fuck her when she BEGS him
>continues a relationship with her boyfriend….who cheated on her….and is in prison….for statutory rape
>insists that those bitches had it coming and faked the whole thing and her darling junkie bf would never fuck a 14 year old
>i keep telling her he's unhealthy for her
>she says she knows, and she's going to break it off
>she doesn't
>invites people i don't know at all to stay over at the house i share with my MOTHER
>they do coke off my laptop
>she blows coke in my cat's face
>i put my foot down
>she sobs until i forgive her

3 months pass

>i forget how but she essentially forced me to get an apartment with her, knowing full well i'm in no mental state to live on my own

>i begrudgingly agree
>after a week, she calls me bawling because her dad says they can't take care of her cat
>we agreed no pets in the apartment
>but whatever, she says she'll pay for the deposit
>she won't
>she comes home with the cat and says that the drug dealer who tattooed her is going to be staying for a few weekends with his pit bull
i don't like this guy. i don't trust him. he's incredibly unstable and is on way more than blow. and he's told my former friend MANY times he wants to fuck me, which makes her weirdly competitive.
>i tell her i'm not comfortable with this
>i ask my mom if i can spend the weekend at her house
>i get a call from friend saying we're going to have a "discussion" about my future living arrangements because it's HER name on the lease, not mine. i ask if she wants me to move out. she sputters and says "we'll talk about it."

>the next day, me and my fam head over and pack up my shit

>because get this
>she comes home while we're packing up everything that belongs to us - 100% of the furniture and the TV
>loudly talks on the phone to people about what a rancid cunt i am and how they were right, i WOULD fuck her over
>she tries to start a fight with my stepdad
>calls the cops
>calls my mom a cunt and tries to kick me through the door
>tries to slam my fingers in doorframe
>makes a facebook post about it
>all my mutual friends reach out to see if i'm okay, i tell them it wasn't healthy and they all know what i mean

3 months later
>still does coke
>still can't find anyone willing to fuck her
>still binge drinks
>spends every day at the diviest bar in my town
>still doesn't shower
>still wears the same unwashed extensions she's worn all year
>still talks shit about me

this is just in the past 8 months. there are YEARS of her systematically fucking people over and abusing people. not to mention her stat rapist bf got out of prison and she's hanging around him i guess.

i have a friend who works for her dad. her entire family is sick of her.

no one ever stays in her life for more than a year. gee. wonder why.

i watched some of the custom vids she made. they were nauseating. one of them was a piss/period vid. gag. if she ever fucks with me again i'm going to make use of all her shit on my laptop.

sorry if it's not v milky! i just had to get this all out.

No. 645329

also - to my knowledge, rent is the only thing she pays herself. everything else is daddy's money. tragic.

No. 645494

Sorry for samefagging but I found the guy's IG. Definitely black meat-eating Onision if you ask me.


No. 645659

File: 1532397583409.png (114.78 KB, 500x563, mfw.png)

>use obscure art forum
>some user posts a shitty edgelord manga
>friend finds him on twitter
>guy is a fucking lunatic
>is convinced he's the most famous comic creator on the planet and that his "manga" is the #1 best selling graphic novel on amazon despite evidence to the contrary
>hates mexicans and gays
>posts about wanting to murder Ellen Degeneres
>had a youtube channel where he posted 20 videos a day, each about 30 seconds of him rambling incoherently about his manga expertise
>runs a website where he talks about all his years in the industry and how famous he is
>his actual "manga" is drawn in pencil on lined paper

pic related. it's his art.

No. 645798

File: 1532409590922.png (679.45 KB, 720x609, 35972213_1896317263761928_3413…)

goddamn, I crave that youtube link

Lolcow is my neighbor, bear with me

He has like 5 kids crammed into a 1 and 1/2 bedroom apartment. The entire place smells like pot smoke. He's our pot dealer, so I'm complicit in this bullshit, so I guess I'm technically a huge bitch hypocrite.
He just had an unplanned baby with this woman he has been dating for less than IDK, 3 years. The kids that he currently has like her, she seems nice, I hear them fighting once and a while about how it reeks

He told me that her brother died and he didn't know what to do. He literally asked me, what do I do? and made this face like "I have no idea how to comfort a person who has experienced loss in their family". It honestly freaked me out a little bit.

Dude's lowkey on percs, we've been living here for a few years and I only knew this a few months ago, and he shares it with my other neighbor, who just lost her abusive husband to a heart attack, probably complicated by his alcoholism and drug abuse. Although he always hangs with her, lets her hold his newborn and babysit it, he shittalked her CONSTANTLY after her husbands' death because he said she passively allowed it to happen and was happy he was dead. I was thinking… maybe?

Like, if your abusive husband died would you be extremely bereft the exact moment he was put on a stretcher? My neighbor is cold.

He also is not totally reprehensible, but what I dislike about him makes me feel like a piece of shit for even interacting with him or giving him money to buy his weed, because by extension I am supporting his drug abuse.

He also has some crazy hyperactive issues. One time I deliberately avoided him and my other perc-loving neighbor all day, literally from the moment I came home from work 'till I shut myself in the house. Neighbor invited me into his place, and proceeded to bombard me with rapid-fire conversation about how he just went shopping and bought all this cool shit at the thrift store.

It irritated me so much I just interrupted him in the middle of it and said "Sorry dude but I have to get going" and he BEGGED me to see his kids' expensive stuffed animal collection. The entire house is trashed, including the kids rooms, not like full of trash but shit all over the place so haphazardly I feel like I'm stepping on shit and breaking it, and he's just showing me big stuffed emoji pillows and talking about how, in a little while, they'll be worth a lot more, and it's investment

I can't make this shit up, it's just spilling out of me. He also doesn't work, but his girlfriend works. He offered me food stamps for cash (a big no) and has been insistent about it.

Also, has a million ideas on how to start a business, like one day he wants to do a podcast, then he wants to make a production studio within this shitty apartment to get other rappers exposure, although he has none. Well, he used to be a rapper, but he fell out of the game for various reasons that had nothing to do with his actual ability or marketability. IDK.

Also, is obsessed with insta/snapchat filters and sucks me into these long conversations about how cool each one is, and insists on me viewing all the different filter possibilities for this fucking HD picture of his baby. The entire time he has to brag about how great the camera on his phone is, I'm like dude great good for you shut the fuck up. I heard it the first ten times, damn.

Sometimes I avoid him just because I don't want to get sucked into a really painfully long, awkward conversation, like how his girlfriend's parents don't like him and have never approved of him, how he used to deal heroin, how he got frisked at the park by some cops and how he laid into them with the whole fuck pigs mantra, how the other neighbor is an evil bitch pill head who he also lets touch his kid and babysit, it goes on and on…

This whole account has made me realize I need to reevaluate my entire relationship with this guy, like I need to cut this shit off, because I hate supporting this dude's shitty current existence and how not cool it is for those kids. If he ODs on percs (IDK how likely that shit is I'm not pill savvy) I'm pretty much complicit if I gave him the cash to get it

No. 645839

He could buy a fast car and crash it and die with the money instead, I don't follow that particular logic.

But you're (possibly?) buying drugs off him in front of his kids. Might be a good thing to reevaluate.

No. 645878

i think you need to move out of that trashy ass trailer park anon

No. 645977

why haven't you reported this dude and your other neighbor who TOUCHES KIDS to child protective services
grow a fucking spine and find someone outside your building to sell you weed you troglodyte

No. 646135

Anon, I'm sure they meant "touching" as in generally being in physical contact with the child, and not sexually. As stated here

>lets her hold his newborn and babysit it,

No. 646592


I know this hurts you anon, but it's not like I haven't thought about that before. The kids get joint custody, they are not there for the majority of the week, and I fear that calling CPS, especially in my state, could put them in a more unfortunate decision.

The guy buys them food, brings them to the park, plays games with all of them together - I emphasized the most negative aspects of this guy because it's what makes him a lolcow, but that does not mean he is devoid of anything positive.

Growing a spine doesn't equal me tearing a family apart. I didn't say they were being molested, dipshit, you think I would weigh shitty weed over a kid getting molested? Did you eat something spicy for dinner?

Also, yeah, like I said, it is extremely possible to not purchase weed from him anymore. That is not happening anymore, since this post, because I acknowledge that, in purchasing weed from him, I am complicit in the bullshit that I do not approve of. All I can do is cut financial ties with him and limit contact - until I see a situation that leaves me no other option, right off the bat, to call CPS and split up 4 or 5 kids from each other and their dad / step-mom figure, that is all I can do.

No. 649427

File: 1532776368932.png (632.56 KB, 1613x687, actually what.png)

Just a casual day on my discord server.

No. 649429

Why are you even in that server anon.

No. 649446

Name please. I think this is going to be my new personal lolcow

No. 649456

Please give me the discord addy. I just want to lurk and laugh while at work.

No. 649478

File: 1532783669693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.52 KB, 1080x679, CD2AC1AE-03D9-4C3E-9B38-C712E1…)

I fucking live for this cosplay group.
They all fucking suck

No. 649505

I like the Fem!Tuxedo. Saturn is nice too, though the outfit is not very recognizable.
They seem to have lots of fun at least.

No. 649516

i follow this girl, didn't know she was cow material. more milk pls.

No. 649557



Went to his YouTube channel, but he's deleted everything.

No. 649660

the normal ones look okay but fatties just need to stay out of cosplay. this is sad to look at

No. 650079

I love the tuxedo mask, not gonna lie, but most of the rest are just horrible. Especially in terms of being true to character, Pluto is just tragic here. I actually thought it was Mars until I noticed the hair. Neptune is cute but that's not Neptune, she's supposed to be poised and elegant. Not cutsey sailor, that's something Usagi would wear on a boat ride! Except Usagi actually dressed up like a cute lesbian when she was on a boat! Mercury wouldn't be bad if her dress flattered her size better and she lost the tiara since it's a casual look.
Also, they're a group? This photo looks like a bunch of randos took a pic together, there's no theme here at all. What's the point of being a group if you don't coordinate?
(Sorry for the sailor Moon sperg, I just hate when people try wear outfits "in the spirit of the character" but then just slap on a wig and a random outfit and call it a day, also god that fucking Pluto is horrible)

No. 650403

File: 1532886526179.jpg (432.27 KB, 1080x1322, Oof.jpg)

This local girl who runs shitty maid cafes at cons in the area is always trying to be the center of attention…

No. 650408

This girl is a mixture of a wannabe insta baddie, someone stuck in their Goth phase, and the results of "DJ girl" on Google images. She's not particularly milky, but there's just drips of it every once in a while, like she once posted a pic of herself leaning on some guy's arm at the beach with the caption "He just dumped me but I think I look really dreamy in this pic so I'm posting it anyway"

Some backstory, she dropped out of college to become a DJ and spend money traveling around Europe. 80% of me is sure she had/has a sugar daddy since her best friend had one for a while.
When she comes back from her Europe trip, she gets a boob job, now she posts about 8 photos of herself in the same outfit and room throughout the week with song lyrics attached. She's also a poet, most of her work is melodramatic emo stuff.
She tries to talk to celebrities via Twitter, mostly Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
She also thinks she has some sort of fame attached to her, she's held an Instagram promo giveaway, but she only had about 800 followers at the time, one of the people she promo'd even had more followers than her lol. On top of that, she's posted photos of herself traveling with a guitar like she's off to perform, but never released anything.

No. 650414

File: 1532887391870.jpeg (111 KB, 1080x810, E2F59CD2-3F52-423A-8925-B4E638…)

No. 650415

File: 1532887423796.jpeg (59.29 KB, 950x633, AFAC7B9A-4B79-4F2E-ABA3-09F439…)

No. 650416

File: 1532887482338.jpeg (132.94 KB, 1080x1184, 28A8882C-764B-44D8-8ED3-E0A75E…)

No. 650417

File: 1532887546458.jpeg (130.28 KB, 1080x1080, 2A84BBA4-A445-482F-8BBF-46C742…)

No. 650443

File: 1532889873031.jpg (23.7 KB, 610x416, DhBs0LMWkAAANY7.jpg)

In my country there's two people I consider to be lolcow. One of them (Ollyplum, pic related) is kinda famous for his/her sextape with a youtuber.
He/she's a camgirl who hopped on the trans bandwagon after her porn partner was recognized by the most influential internet community in France.
She often get in fights with other transtrenders and SJWs on twitter.

No. 650464

File: 1532891777822.png (1.84 MB, 948x1184, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 3.13…)

update from one of my favorite cows

they wore this to a wedding. an actual, real life wedding.

No. 650475

File: 1532892958995.jpg (140.55 KB, 675x1200, olly.jpg)

lol, I follow her too. We should have a french cows thread.
She really irritates me with her trans/SJW nonsense but I kind of feel sorry for her. It's obvious she has loads of mental issues (she mentioned being a bulimic/purger for several years) and she's having her breasts removed soon. I think she's just obsessive about controlling her body (she also has several body mods on top of the bulimia thing). I hope she doesn't end up regretting her breast removal and HRT down the road but it's sad to see someone destroying a healthy body.

No. 650538

I'd love a French cows thread, there's so much juicy stuff going on in our ~lovely~ country

No. 651004

File: 1532956237277.jpg (1.13 MB, 1079x2152, Screenshot_20180730-150644_Ins…)

My french favourite lolcow is definitively Jade Lavoie, I can't stand her and can't understand how she can be so popular after years of fakeness and scamming.

>Use her child, Kyle, to promote herself

>Enrolled him to online contests, asking her followers to vote for him being the cutest child ever.
>Made several shady businesses, selling It Works body wraps and drinks, offering iPhones nobody received
>Exposing her personal life, family, couple, complaining about how hard it is being a single mother
>Never tried to get a job, lived with her mother
>Wrote a book in 2013 and got more than 500 preorders. She wanted to make an autobiography in three volumes, said that she finished writing the first one after 4 months. Yet, she can't write one post without making tons of spelling errors. Nobody received the book they paid for (and it was quite pricey).
>Used to photoshop a lot but is now used to plastic surgeries
>Had a blog with lots of sexy pictures of her when she was still a minor.

No. 651025

File: 1532958095667.jpg (66.62 KB, 640x960, 37311748_914342265404794_50844…)

I'm surprised no one's brought up Yulyn/Julian. I don't really want to necro the artist alley thread for a single cow.

>26 and still solely does artist's alley/sells fan merch online for a living

>never cares about or even hates the shows she makes merch for
>takes over a month to ship out any order and then gets upset when customers rate her tictail anything less than 5 stars
>publicly talks shit about customers
>throws tantrum about lack of sales at cons
>used to sell for mookie000, but it's obvious that mookie doesn't give a shit about her
>has to rebrand every two years bc her reputation isn't the best
>was the person mostflogged was talking to when mf was caught talking shit about Jessica Nigri
>constant kissup to everyone more famous than her, has latched onto tashalej after dropping mostflogged
>takes pride in "not being white" but worries about looking TOO white when she's half-asian
>goes through friends like it's nothing
>borrows other people's costumes and doesn't credit accordingly and will imply that she made the costume herself

No. 651169

I'm glad I cut the cord with her when I did jfc. I'd beat a bitch if I were that bride.

No. 651628

Can we have a thread for her and/or other "irl lolis uwu"? I'm friends with her on fb but unfollowed her because I got so tired of her bullshit and ugly selfies

No. 651758

Oh god anon she looks like Asherbee if she started doing "~sexy cosplay~"

No. 654663


Holy shit, I saw this guy on Dark Tourist on Netflix. He got married, apparently. It was so cringe, him and his wife and gf were so obviously putting on airs

No. 654691

File: 1533228951046.png (2.72 MB, 1072x1463, Screenshot_20180802-125401~2.p…)

Thank you anon. <3 I don't feel that sore over it, just super weird to see someone I used to know so wildly stupid and embarrassing now. Cosplay is fun and couple cosplays are sweet but they chose the shittiest film adaption to go hard over and it's laaaame as fuuuck. Also she has a terrible smoker voice already lmao.

No. 655048

File: 1533248269220.jpg (121.4 KB, 720x960, 21314423_467938623579028_31959…)

'Dawn Yuuki'
Calls themselves a lewd cosplayer
Mostly just hard cringe inducing heavily edited photos because they REALLY don't 'pass' in person
We're talking heavy voice and 5 o clock shadow to hell, does that painfully second-hand embarrassment thing we're they try to overcompensate for not being passing by being over the top hypersexual and it turns out just gross instead of titillating

Would probably help if they took better care of their wigs and actually made some effort at sculpting an ass instead of trying to be seductive with the awkward square shape they currently have

No. 663788

File: 1534189927593.jpg (89.13 KB, 1200x675, DWRg0zvXUAENRxv.jpg)

One of my coworkers is an absolute mess

> 20

> looks AND ACTS like Moomoo herself, down to the hollow eyes and ridiculous amount of fat, her entire gut protrudes and you can literally see her scraggly ass hair over the back of her jeans which are two sizes too small, she looks like a pork cutlet tied up

> bad hygeine- greasy tied up hair, smelly and wears cheap perfume on top, looks greasy af

> comes into work as a newbie and in less than a week EVERYONE hates her because she's full of lies and bosses EVERYONE around

> tried to get one girl fired because she didn't like her

> went to management claiming both her supervisors bully her because they both told her to stop treating other coworkers like shit

> moved in with druggy bf of 6 months, calls his family her in laws

> self diagnoses with ODC, borderline, bipolar, pretended to have cancer to get off work for a week

> has had several customer complaints over getting caught bullying colleagues but will constantly insist she's the one being bullied

> her lies include claiming her mother is the manager of a very well-known coffee chain, saying her (obese lard lumps) tits are K-cup, claiming she left an expensive job for here, claiming her boyfriend was in a car crash but told someone else it's a life threatening disease, and he's come in perfectly fine, claims her family are all in a very expensive chef job, but has told other coworker she's an orphan

> highkey sociopath who constantly tries to get every female in trouble, flirts with every male coworker even though they're repulsed by her

> cannot take criticism but constantly bashes everyone else and will tell a coworker who's been here five years how to do their job

Honestly we all hate her so much and I have no idea how she hasn't been fired yet, but everything down to the smug look on her face despite how disgusting she looks and acts screams lolcow to me and it STILL fucks me up how much her face (and body) resembles Mariah

bonus points; she comes into work in the same pair of tights she's cut into leggings, ridiculously stretched at the top and laddered under her too short skirt, cellulite bursting through them, same smelly trainers and shirt

Oh and she moans about having to do anything so she's a lazy fatty to boot.

No. 663790


Forgot to add:

"I'm on a DIET!" (comments on other girl's weight all the time, is literally obese at this point)

has three peanut butter sandwiches, a banana, a cake for lunch then eats two muffins in the back room and lots of greasy shit

No. 663841

Oh my godbear anon, you have literally described my own personal lolcow, except in my case she's "the best mother EVER" despite having heavy involvement from social services and I'm guessing that whatever you or you colleagues have done, she's done it BETTER/BIGGER!.. Whatever hardships you've endured hers have been MUCH WORSE!.. Ugh it's scary how carbon copies of this girl can be found the world over.

No. 663876

File: 1534198917442.png (2.79 MB, 1660x1440, carly.png)

have this fb friend, idr where she came from, but she says the stupidest shit ive ever heard. her name is carly. she's also a ~lewd cosplayer~ and general uggo cosplayer, and posts all of them on fb for the thirst parade of men on it.
>the other week she posted some article about a drag queen reading to kids about gender and says it was wrong. says educating kids on gender is child abuse. how stupid do you have to be???
>says she doesnt plan on going to comiccon anymore because comics are "too political" as if she has no idea that comics always have been and always will be political.
>asks questions to everyone she's friends with like "am i a thot?" at least once every two or three days.
>self proclaimed herself publicly on fb as an incel.
>still a weeaboo obsessed w/ yaoi in her mid 20's

No. 663887


I appreciate your sympathy, she honestly makes the work day drag so slowly, especially when she does the weird spite shit

No. 664942

File: 1534314257162.png (1.72 MB, 1202x1196, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 4.01…)

I don't know how 'milky' other anons will find her but my own personal cow that I've been following for years is a girl I went to school with who used to be a standard overweight teen girl who was obsessed with horses and played in band, went through a brief phase of pretending to have anorexia on the internet and 'pro-ana' and then hopped onto the 'body positivity' bandwagon and gained weight rapidly in the last year or two of high school. She is a 'nail art technician' by trade and was doing nude modelling for art classes a few years back. She's covered in tattoos, dyes her hair different colours constantly, does drag makeup and identifies as 'disabled' and a 'spoonie' supposedly due to POTS and EDS. She runs a 'beauty and fashion' YouTube account in a cheap attempt to get famous but it hasn't taken off. She also tried starting a 'plus size activism for water parks' Facebook page at the end of last year but it has since gone defunct.

But anyway:
Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blithe_dream/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5V_DXvwvcURZQw7kiSKzg/
Tumblr: http://blithe-dream.tumblr.com/

No. 664946

File: 1534314364511.png (1.92 MB, 1190x1198, Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 4.25…)

Also, her boyfriend looks like this.
And often gets into petty Instagram fights with other users:

No. 664985

File: 1534320140260.png (1.69 MB, 790x1192, 251678323457.png)

Not quite a lolcow but this bitch is a HUGE snowflake in the Texas cosplay comm… Everyone, meet BCharlotteD.

> obnoxious cUtE aNd QuIrKy gEeK gIrL with a giant ego

> tries to act like a big cosplay celeb, but her cosplays dont get much better than cheap superhero cosplays and genderbends
> always trying to be a guest at cons across the metroplex and always gets turned down
> when she does manage to guest at cons (tiny ones that hardly any one goes to), has a 'bargain bin' at her booth where she sells literal dollar store junk and her other unwanted shit
> has a failed youtube channel
> posts convention vlogs on said youtube channel; in them most people avoid her obnoxious ass like the plague
>also bitches in her vlogs when her lazy cosplays dont win in contests
> the only people she hangs around are her creepy photographer friends, white knight fanboys, and other wannabe costhots.

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bcharlottedcosplay/
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXmQis1ak9jA7VX5ZBK2lg

No. 665003

samefag but found this old gem of hers and figured i should post it here too.
>opens vlog putting on deodorant in her car
>later on openly brags about haggling with mulitple dealers at the con yet she constantly begs for money everywhere

Such a ~professional cosplayer~!

No. 665017

Kek she’s posted cleavage and ass shots on insta and got 30-50 likes even with all the relevant hashtags lol

No. 665063

File: 1534331485829.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.47 KB, 1278x832, 87a5524f-0871-4ad3-afe2-0ee542…)

Linda de Munck
>Dutch youtuber
>used to do daily vlogging & beauty related videos but became bicurious, from then she only made videos about her opinions on sexuality, sex, drugs etc to get views
>claims she was an absolute angel in high school but I know she fucked a lot of people (I went to the same school)
>clickbaity titles
>claims to be bisexual but only talks about dating boys 'ooh y-yeah of course I like girls too!!! uwu'
>preaches 'body positivity' because she has small tits but shames people who have big tits
>claims to 'educate' people but only talks about her own opinions on sex
>knows young teens are watching her videos but still claims she isn't an example and you shouldn't believe everything she says in her videos
>posts nudes on her Instagram and proceeds to complain that twelve year old boys are dm'ing her asking for sex etc
>'it's okay to have sex when you're twelve as long as you're ready to do it'
>claims to be accepting of everything but says stupid things like 'you're a whore if you swallow your boyfriend's sperm'
>claims to think nudes are normal but makes a whole video talking about some celebrity's nudes
>talks about relationships like she's an expert but she's never been in one
>'it's okay if your boyfriend thinks about cheating! it's normal!'

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Decorationn2
old YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/decorationn
IG: https://www.instagram.com/linnndademunck
twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Linnndademunck

No. 665160

It's funny because she posts like she's a big celeb on instagram and then when you see her at cons no one stops to ask her for pictures or anything. No one has a clue who she is. And like all costhots she has a patreon, but she's a nobody so she's not gonna make an income there.

Also please, please, pleeease buy wigs Charlotte. She uses her nasty ratty hair for 90% of her costumes.

No. 665648

YES. She never wears wigs and it's so fucking gross.
I want her to be thread worthy so bad but she's too awkward to cause any big drama.

No. 666944

File: 1534500813717.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.85 KB, 1080x1527, IMG_20180817_070927.jpg)

I'm sorry, but when your thighs protrude about as much as your ass does, that isn't "curvy" anymore. That's why skinny girls can be curvy, cause it's about ratios. If you're fat then your ass being there is only because the rest of you is there too. You could have a size 36 ass but a box is a box if the waist/hips are the same size

No. 666961

sup fellow ausfag. she must spend a fortune on makeup. in her 'everyday makeup' video she literally just draws lines on her cheeks and calls it contour?

also, is she seriously bawing because her channel doesn't meet the monetization requirements? REALLY?

sage for sperg

No. 666987

Hey there. I'm almost 100% sure that most of her makeup, tattoos, hair salon trips and holidays are paid for by her parents. It seems highly unlikely she could afford it all from doing 'nail art'.

I know right, it's pretty funny she is crying about not being monetised but she must have had delusions of grandeur that she would blow up like other beauty YouTubers despite how dead pan and poorly executed her videos are.

No. 667042

File: 1534520158506.jpg (2.38 MB, 2550x2758, CatfishMirelurkCa1.jpg)

I have a mobile chat personal lolcow.
From 2001-2016 she floated between airG and Mocospace using stolen pics from an IG girl named Roxanna Iona. She said her name was Kristina and would have the same fucking m.o. Go to rooms act nice then suddenly find girls to pick on and turn bitch for male attention, basically a thirsty thot catfishing. Bitch was creepy paranoid and would screen shoot for hours a day, all while being a sucessful stylist, nurse, director of e commerce for MAC cosmetics. Oh and a single mom that owned a house by age 17 because she was so sucessful and had her pics taken for Cosmo. Suddenly said she lied about having a kid to laugh at haters. (Not sure how that works)
She got busted for catfishing in 2016 and after a feeble attempt to say she really was the person, she disappeared and came back as a chubby asian 21 yr old named Audrey. Dumb bitch even used the same sns as her Kristina persona. Airg names are/were: Murderotica, Murderotica_, Anorexercist, Anorexcercist_, Kron, Crucifilth, AudreyDeathwish.
She currently is on Moco under the sn crucifilth- . Spends about 10 hours a day in the 20s room sperging about how chat is full of losers (not wrong) and catfish while posting about how she wants a white or asian dick. Bonus points if you bait her by mentioning her e love satanssoldier and how he catfished her all the way from W. Virginia. God tier if you find out where she's stealing her new pics from.

No. 667078

File: 1534524604569.png (127.45 KB, 327x302, Screenshot_2018-08-17-12-45-14…)

that moment when a bitch like you existed in the friend group and chased out the kid who was being physically, emotionally and sexually abused at home and just needed to vent but couldnt say anything happy because guess what? life fucking sucked for them.

cows like you (literally you are the fatass cow ever) and you ruined the friend group by killing us all off so that you could have your one adoring fan. kek you're still the ugliest muller. stay milky luv because you're just that retarded

> claims to care about pride but doesnt. is a becky who only cares about views

> doesnt find black people sexy at all and is worried about being called a racist
> rude loud ass fat bitch who never learns to shut up
> cant learn how to wear make up right ever kek
> makes herself a sob victim
> rape apologist
> destroys the friend group
> wonders why shes so fat while still stuffing her gaping mouth with lard
> gets jealous over skinny friend having a bf so she makes up lies about how skinny friend is cheating
> cant stand it when someone else gets something good in their life

No. 667083


No. 667118

> doesnt find black people sexy at all and is worried about being called a racist
Don't worry, we certainly don't find her sexy either. What a ghastly photo.

No. 669607

File: 1534865150503.jpg (840.05 KB, 1079x1348, Screenshot_20180821-112500_Ins…)

Bre DeSanta/XibaVuitton

Had a low key reputation for messaging people she didn't know and asking them to buy her cosplay or makeup. She would crop up in conversations and people would know who she is. Her low key rep blew up over the weekend when she was tagged in a callout post. Original post has since been taken down due to her reporting it on her multiple Facebook accounts. Since she was tagged a lot more people came out of the woodworks with their own stories of her e-begging and they never even talked to her before.

One of my favorite stories was that someone received a medical settlement and she immediately messaged him with a list of things she wanted and in return offering to go on a date with him. She claims she's a lesbian.

Her e-begging is made even worse since many of her Facebook posts are about how poor she is and can't afford food for herself, but look at all this fake Jeffree Star makeup I just bought! She knowingly buys fake brand name makeup, but dollar store makeup is crap!

She posts plenty of lulzy things on Facebook but sometimes it's hard to catch because she deletes them within an hour. She also likes to delete cosplay and things she has bought pictures to repost them, I'm assuming for attention.

At the age of 22, she still lives with her parents, which would be fine except on an almost daily basis she likes to start a pity party about how abusive her dad is. By abusive she claims he won't allow her to have a job or get her driver's license. She gets disability and claims he takes most of it for bills. I guess she thinks she shouldn't have to contribute to the household. She regrets getting pets because her dad won't take care of them for her, but gets mad when he overfeeds them.

Her "abusive" dad messaged the OP over the weekend claiming Bre is very disabled and they are very poor. People have speculated her dad was actually her since they exhibited a similar writing pattern. But OP made sure, just in case, to let daddy know just what Bre says about him.

After the initial post was taken down, OP made a new post stating his account was flagged because of his name. OP is apparently trans and was going by their new name, which we all know the community goes buckwild when you make slights at trans people. So now Bre has a reputation for e-begging and hating the trans people.

After that backlash she made a forced apology to OP, but sent PMs to another party stating they weren't actually sorry. When asked why she would even bother apologizing if she didn't mean it her response was basically, "I'm not going to change."

So instead of learning that people don't like her because she begs to actual strangers to buy her things, she thinks they all just hate poor people. She has managed to spin the situation where she is now the victim and has been milking that since everything has died down.

Fun facts: She claims she's autistic which is probably true. She also claims she's half Korean, which people have claimed to not be true. At one point she claimed she was part Latina. She also likes to post about her lack of bowel movements.

No. 669642

….why did you link two different posts about two different people in your post?

Did someone mention you here? Kekek
You randomly mentioned that some girl is a fatass and “destroys the friend group” and in the first paragraph, you made up some vague obscure hypothetical victim senario that sounds personal af, then reiterated the same thing in the greentext….

I’m assuming you referring to >>615225 (?) since you linked a 2 month old post about some personal cow, who apparently is constantly making themselves the victim

No. 669714

I met this train wreck while living in Japan.

>we worked at the same eikaiwa company. I met her at a national training session.

>she came to the session with a ripped up bedsheet around her arm, claiming it was “broken,” so that she could stand aside as her coworkers cleaned up files, but had no problem gathering he heavy like looking bags in both arms to leave as soon as the daily session was dismissed
>at same session we all woke up to her crying and screaming in the next room over because she started some kind of fight with her roommate of two nights. The next morning she starts telling me some sob story about how all of the employees at her school hate her, and are plotting against her (probably true since she’s BATSHIT)
>Constantly uses the excuse of “I’m vegetarian,” to eat nothing the whole weekend of training.
>Fast forward a year and I meet her at Tokyo Dark Castle and make the mistake of befriending her, thinking she had matured
>She’s white as wonder bread, but claiming to be 1/4 Japanese, adopted by hateful parents (who are rich as fuck, judging by her home photos), and claims her “fake mother” always accuses her of having “nip eyes,” despite being pretty damn white.
>A year later, she stil claims “vegetarian,” as an excuse to be anorexic in public

I decide to stay as her friend, thinking she can be helped out of her fuckery.

>a close friend of mine starts as a vocalist of a rock band in Tokyo, and this lolcow wastes no time in dating the bassist.

>vocalist friend starts complaining that lolcow is trying to make decisions for the band, even though she’s not a member
>reaches Yoko Ono levels of fuckery
>dumps bassist and starts jocking for a visa husband and proclaims she wants a baby
>gets fired from her job for no-showing
>snags some unsuspecting Japanese guy after being unemployed for five months
>finally gets ALT job, but complains about having to work five hours a day, so she downgraded to three hours
>starts getting her boyfriend to pay all of her bills for her
>job threatens to fire her since she’s wearing casual clothes to work. She claims she’s too poor to buy a button down shirt (2000 yen at uniqlo)
>goes shopping with me and her bf. Bf offers to buy her ANYTHING she wants at Uniqlo. I recommend getting a button down shirt so she can keep her job. She opted for active wear, so that she can jog in style.
>gets fired and loses her housing guarantor, so she moves in with boyfriend
>lives unemployed, with her boyfriend paying all of her bills

I start training for a new job, and have very limited me access for two weeks

>Keitai mails me 20 times a day, cursing me out that I’m not responding. Doesn’t understand that I’m working ten hours a day.

>mails me the next day saying she can’t be friends with me because I’m VERY good friends with someone who recently told her off.

I tell her “Great! You can fuck off then!”

>mails me months later wanting to be friends again, that she got married, and is pregnant.

I still tell her to fuck off.

Two or three years later I have a mutual acquaintance tell me that lolcow had blocked me on all social media because she was convinced I wasm”stalking her,” and “planning to harm her baby.”


No. 669718

Sorry, samefagging

Me access = *net access

No. 670319

File: 1534940211015.jpeg (85.76 KB, 800x600, 947EF137-3627-4C05-BD70-159EAC…)

Holy shit, I used to know this girl. I never thought I would ever see or hear about her again.

We both used to be part of the same weeb community on DeviantArt when we were younger. She would always start drama for attention, then blame it on others for “talking shit behind her back.” If I remember correctly, she would sometimes threaten to commit suicide/self harm. She talked a lot about having various mental illnesses. She also bad mouthed her dad all the time.

There was this specific clique that would frequently troll her because she was so annoying and hated by most of the community. She thought their constant trolling was them being friendly so she would suck up to them. She always begged them for favors and would constantly tag them in her posts to brag about being part of their friend group. When she eventually realized they were trolling, she developed a hate boner towards them. She also used to upload cringey song covers on YouTube. Her old dA account is still up, but it was hacked by one of the people from the trolling clique after a month of her account being up so she hasn’t been on it since. She hopped around on multiple accounts on dA btw.

No. 670370

File: 1534948192456.jpg (282.41 KB, 1080x982, 20180817_092028.jpg)


I feel like most of the people who comment on her stuff are fucking with her. You can't say anything possibly misconstrued as negative towards her or she'll immediately block you. I forgot to add in my original post that after she begs someone to buy her something and they tell her "no" she'll block said person from all her accounts.

She had jumped into the fray over the weekend to defend herself which included saying she didn't think there was anything wrong with asking for help and couldn't understand asking for help didn't mean begging for luxury items. One person said she had messaged him saying tights she had ordered came ripped and if he would buy her more, instead of doing what normal people do and contacting the seller.

No. 670380

File: 1534950678209.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1500x1498, 6BB33504-17C3-410D-878A-DDF8AD…)

Her name is anna_lua and I follow her on Instagram for the fucking ridiculous shoops she posts. She’s Spanish speaking but I’m not too sure where she’s from, but that doesn’t matter what matters is the alien level of shoops; Her face is always a different shape or size and her skin changes colour in every photo and they are so blurred and meitud it’s almost impossible to look at her stuff.
She also said in her stories once that the reason she looks edited is because “the way she stand in the light” which was hilarious

No. 670382

anna_lua_1990 **

No. 670455

I don’t go to cons so I’m really confused about what this means, but I’m also somehow really curious

No. 670534

Ok a personal cow, buckle the fuck up, I hope no one has posted her, I tried to scroll through as best as I could.

>a huge fucking weeb, especially hard dick for dmmd

>nordic, 24yo
>has the worst rep in the weeb cosplay community and even beyond that (fucking hello)
>people have been hating her since gyaru secrets, she was a shitty gyaru
>nowdays cosplays aoba and koujaku
>made her ex gf take yaoi cosplay photos with said characters
>has been cruel to animals, last being a friend's cat
>is a total nutjob, if she follows you on twitter and you are dumb enough to follow her back, see her shitty tweets about her greatness, her dad's greatness or her shitty blurry selfies and you unfollow…she will bombard you with dms asking you WHY
>gets into twitter fights constantly
>has many mental issues, anger issues being one, has hit and slapped people at cons for yeeeears now
>has had threads on other sites similar to lc
>THE BEST PART, She stopped taking her meds, got fucking manic and constantly tweeted delusional shit
>my friends and i messaged her telling her to maybe slow down with the tweets as she was getting kinda psycho
>dumped gf, is now fucking some dude she met on the street
>claims she just now lost her v card despite being OWO GAY for 3 years with gf

She also looks greasy as hell, does the cringiest twitter lives (sorry idk if there's a name for it, not THAT into twitter for I have a life) speaking bad japanese. This is ooooooooooooold news but she also tried to makeout with a guy who passed out? And doxxed her own dad. A trainwreck if I ever fucking saw one.

No. 670644

File: 1534975470277.png (40.82 KB, 492x360, lmao.png)

perennial favorite Succubus Sin/Marra Fae up to her classic sensationalism/making things up to be a victim and a 'succubus goddess' all at once… And immediately deleting the comments that call her out lol

No. 670683

can someone give me her name?
I'm honestly shocked that she poses and smiles so confidently with teeth like that

No. 670733

is this soro

No. 671384

I love how people try to post dramatic shit and fuck up the grammar while doing it. It helps me internalize the voice of second grader for narration while reading.

No. 671763

File: 1535071953399.jpg (28.5 KB, 462x223, dumbweeb.JPG)

No. 672676

File: 1535163487173.png (5.03 KB, 589x37, hoe.PNG)

okey so i have one we are "mutuals" on twitter i use to feel sympathy for this person but , not anymore:
trans man/ gay / filipino and now a non binari person
always crys over stupid shit/ revels alot of personal information
pick fights wint creepy fuosjis becase they have problematic ships
this character is thanks, and gay and also filipino
hates on cis white people also of corse chistians are so bad Dracula form canselvanial should kill all of them smt
"i can go to this combetion I'M SO DEPRESSS"
is horny over a anime characters and self insert into others always self insert in the blonds + white femine ones. but crys over been "missgender"
semi sjw , is obses wint kpop, and over that one gay kpop singer, never shut up over how hot thos teens are.

No. 673005

>goes to my university
>35, hasn't worked a day in her life
>majoring in politics/gender studies because of course
>hangs out in all the same social circles as me
>claims to have 8 different disabilities including autism and diabetes
>also claims to be black and constantly complains about "white privilege" because of one Aboriginal ancestor, despite being pasty as fuck, and claims to know everything about Aboriginal culture
>gets government allowance because of both disability and heritage, but wastes it all on gambling + random junk instead of paying rent
>had to beg one of my best friends to pay her rent once, still owes him
>will always change the topic to feminism, social justice, trans rights etc. no matter the subject
>accuses anyone who disagrees with her of being racist, sexist, homophobic
>adopts new identities all the time - started off as lesbian but realised that wasn't oppressed enough, so then became pansexual, but then decided to identify as trans or non binary or some shit

Just about all of her friends are gay, trans, asexual, minorities, have disabilities etc. so they won't stop going on about how nice she is and how she fights for their rights, but anyone who doesn't fall into one of those categories, she's horrible to, and uses her "oppressed" status as a way to scam people out of their money.

No. 673251

No. 673448

For around 2 years now I've known this girl in the Cleveland hardcore scene. She likes to talk about how she left the scene because it was toxic, but she really got pushed out for being such a horrible person (narcissistic vegan BPD queen who manipulates people for money).
>26 and lives with her parents, who pay her rent and bills
>Looks absolutely nothing like her ig photos in real life (wears wigs, paints her face with white foundation, wears lashes so heavy they're falling off in some of her selfies)
>Sex worker who can't keep a job for more than a month and cycles through sugar daddies despite looking like an obese clown
>Begs for money on ig, saying things like, "help feed your local sick girl" and posts close ups of her fat folds asking for money for nudes (on a public insta)
>Came out as nonbinary but still refers to herself as a woman and only seems to identify as nb to post a relevant meme
>Despite constantly talking about sex, insists she is asexual
>Recently announced she is autistic, and that her bitchy behavior is due to being on the spectrum
>Calls out people for being toxic and abusive even though she has a history of abusing her exes and friends
>Sells tarot readings and astrology insight on ig
>Constantly talks about cutting toxic people from her life even though she manipulates people for money
>Announced her sobriety only to break it and post photos of herself drinking on ig with an underage friend
>Is obsessed with and e-stalks another local sex worker
>Ethical vegan who is 60 pounds overweight despite claiming her diet is healthy
I just moved back to the city but I can't imagine her not being milky enough that people wouldn't recognize her.

No. 682387

File: 1536251027906.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1896, 18-09-06-09-18-25-415_deco.jpg)

so ive known about this girl for a while, i think the way she sends herself asks on tellonym is cringey (they always follow the same speech pattern + telling her she's an angel loli doll and is so unique and is a real life kawaii loli anime princess, etc) and draws art for Pixielocks and is apparently still in high school…but i don't know who is worse, her or her apparent skinwalker…

No. 682389

File: 1536251132262.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x2076, 18-09-06-09-16-01-844_deco.jpg)

the aesthetic both are going for isn't by any means unique or special in all but still….

No. 682574

Did she steal your man

No. 689059

Holy shit she's cute af

No. 689063

weird, no one even noticed the post because it literally had no milk and nope i followed because of the crazy dumb shoops, then finally asked her about it and she lied, then I showed her all the mistakes she did, and blocked me instantly

thought i'd post her since she is my personal cow and i still follow her to laugh at all the ridiculous shoops, she's not milky per say, just the edits are horrible and I wanted to share, I will admit again it was a shit post tho kek

No. 689872

File: 1537142746064.jpg (106.11 KB, 501x296, bestactress.jpg)

picture on the left is from 2011, picture on the right is a cap from a video she posted 20 hrs ago


>from my hometown
>was quiet and seemed sort of sheltered in high school
>goes to florida for cooking school at age 18, full on thot mode engaged
>returns to her parent's house after partying for her entire first semester, never to return to formalized education.
>self proclaimed actress and model
>made her own IMDB page which includes a biography that she clearly wrote about herself in the 3rd person
>has no job
>bought a bunch of instagram followers (has 20k followers, maybe gets 15 likes per post)
>did a photoshoot where she intentionally reproduces the caitlyn jenner vanity fair article.
>posts cringeworthy videos of her singing over lana del rey songs
>has multiple photoshopped magazine covers of herself
>uses her special needs sister as a prop
>intermittently posts problematic bullshit. Told someone that she hopes his baby dies after he called her out.

I could go on forever. This girl is Abby Brown level of delusional and has become a meme for the people that I went to high school with. She's been pulling this bullshit for over 10 years at this point and genuinely thinks of herself as a real model/actress. It's sad because there was a point where she probably could've turned it around but she's gone too far. It's almost like looking at a crystal ball that shows shay's future.

No. 690515

why the fuck does she look like she's melting tf

No. 690534

that makeup/surgery… she looks like farrah abraham and contrapoints' lovechild

No. 690639


tbh I think a lot of it is from some sort of amphetamine abuse.

No. 691704

File: 1537338835816.jpg (347.67 KB, 988x1920, 5f4f3ce7-30f0-491d-a1cc-ec070a…)

tumblr is https://curdled-milk.tumblr.com
instagram is devilsexperiment (extra milky)
> known for being a failed sex worker
> obsessed with nicole dollanganger and the whole sort of baby girl aesthetic
> constantly talks about her mental illnesses and how sucky her life is
> talks about being broke but has really rich parents who pays for everything
> shows off self harm scars and talks about supposed psych ward admissions

there is heaps more but this is a start

No. 691724

I've seen that girl on IG and Reddit. She seems cute, but very dime a dozen and forgettable.
>edits her kids
She has kids? Heaven help them.

No. 691773

No. 695223

File: 1537730644732.jpg (111.43 KB, 480x640, Mr.Mspaint.jpg)

Mr M. an art teacher
The best words I'd use to describe Mr. M is manic depressive (not armchairing he just switches from happy to angry often with no obvious reason.) Within the span of ten minutes he can go from threatening to remove a student from class for sitting during the pledge, to trying to make casual conversation about her Fjällräven Kånken backpack. He gets mad when people have a quiet conversation while they work but also throws a fit when the class doesn't want to answer his questions.
He often makes odd violent remarks (My favorite was the time he wished he could round up all criminals and shoot them.) Despite this being alerted to the school, he still works here. He often makes weird remarks about student’s artwork, making up random, weird stories that have nothing to do with it.
His teaching method is his way or the highway. If you don’t share his opinion on something, you might as well get out of his class. If you want to be creative with how you work, he wouldn’t let you and mark you down or refuse classroom supplies until it’s to his liking. His assignments are often boring, dated, and tedious. He forces his students to enter in every art contest he can because he places his value on winning rather than improvement and growth. When you point out these glaring flaws to him, (if he doesn't get mad) he’ll only restate his point and view and completely ignore what you have to say, often he’ll paint your side (or most opinions really) as a false dichotomy with two opposite extremes.
He love old art work and older artist that he never give new art, art concepts, or artists a chance. His classroom, while it is large and quite a nice space for an art room, has its size significantly reduced due to his ‘hoard’ in the back of the class. He has paper and cloth strug everywhere in the classroom. While his hoard is full of his stuff mixed with box stacked on one another of art supplies that haven’t see a student’s hand in years (or ever.) When the fire department came into his classroom they told him that his room was a fire hazard. He got mad, and removed one Collage board with student work from 3+ years ago. In doing so we have found out that he cover a painting on the wall (possible from a student that was here from before he teached) It’s save to assume that he’s done this with other paintings in the room, but for now they are covered in his crap.
His classroom is the opposite of inviting. The walls are adorned with his posters from the 50’s, his artwork, and student work that he never refreshes. He plays the same 20 songs on repeat everyday, while the newest song he plays is Train’s “Hey Soul Sister.” Occasionally he’ll take student requests but if he doesn't know or like the song he will play it so quiet that not even in the death silent classroom can you hear it. His still lifes are incredibly boring and dull. They always suit his taste (western) and never puts the students feelings in mind. If he was a more likeable person, then his personal stories would be listened to and his questions and conversations answered but the fact of the matter is no one wants to be near him.

No. 695338

I'm the fool and subhuman. I have this "weird" trait of only feeling attracted to my partner, I posted it to get opinions and people said it was wholesome.
Which makes me feel worse since all of my relationships are short-term and my ex cuts me out of their life usually after, so my only wholesome trait is soured by the reality of my relationships…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695355

damn that's sad. That's exactly how you can make students hate art for years
I hope the head of your school will receive more complaints about him and remove him someday.

No. 695594

Yeah, He plans on retiring in 2019 or 2020.
His reign of terror will have lasted from 2006 to (hopefully) then. I've known tons and tons of people that drop the class just because they couldn't handle him.

No. 695824

What's her IG?

No. 700403

File: 1538253010932.jpg (85.63 KB, 960x960, 217378378478320.jpg)

oh boy have i got one.

>fakeboi cosplayer from my area.

>tries to fit the “uwu such a pastel soft witchy boy” aesthetic much like all the others.
>tends to latch on to the average popular male character; e.g. almost every marvel guy, guys from voltron, etc.
>very in-your-face about how he’s “astaru pagan” and it’s “run in his family for generations”.
>disappeared from the internet for a while after word got out he stalked his ex to the point of them getting a restraining order.

i haven’t spotted him at cons in quite a while, but i’ve heard a lot of drama about him, such as:
>got fired from a local festival for lying about a relative being deathly ill just to skip work…to go to a con.
>got booted from local cosplay group after harassing some members.
>got banned from a local con after angrily screaming at people while judging the cosplay contest.

Sorry no links since he nuked all pretty much of his social media after the restraining order incident lmao.

No. 702813

File: 1538517662117.jpeg (135.05 KB, 733x557, 40A7DB63-D23C-40F8-B138-BCF535…)

Instagram: _gorejess
> failed attempt at cosplay
> chronically ill / spoonie
> only meets men online and has had countless ldrs
> involves herself in any and all pin community related drama
> has a reputation of being dramatic and a pain in the ass to work with
> claims to have been sexually abused/raped too many times to count, goes into detail via instagram stories
> melts down via social media daily
> pick me ass bitch who claims to be a feminist yet hates any woman more successful or better looking than her (most women)
> terrible art

No. 702907

She posted around a month ago bashing someone for leaving their dog outside too even though someone mutual told me that she and her boyfriend threw their kitten out for peeing in their house. They decided they didn’t want it anymore? Her Instagram has a patreon linked now for her selling other peoples’ nudes for profit too. It annoying to see scam artists gain traction with followers

No. 703315

File: 1538586136033.jpg (41.84 KB, 960x720, Dkmf922VsAAPxpT.jpg)

i don't know this girl IRL but when i was in high school, i was a frequenter of the now obsolete website ask.fm where she was supremely popular for being a 'feminist' and she was (is) a fucking mess haha

> self-diagnosed dissociative identity disorder and dramaticized 'alters' she'd constantly bring onto her ask.fm page for attention, and convenient 'dissociative amnesia' whenever somebody confronts her about her lolcow past

> self-proclaimed 'genius' with a high IQ + would google statistics/factoids and copy+paste them into her ask.fm answers to give off the impression she's Sooper Smart to her teenage followers (essentially trying to be a dollar store, ~gothique~ dr. reid from criminal minds)
> wouldn't give out her age, although she constantly implied she was way older than she actually was by disparaging and infantilizing teens on her ask.fm profile + lying about being in middle school when 9/11 happened and in high school when obama was elected president even though she's currently 23
> put down other women constantly on her ask.fm page despite claiming to be a feminist, then deleted the answers quickly so she'd look innocent
> got her followers to harass several minors who disagreed with her opinions and thought she was a hypocrite and caused them to be run off of ask.fm or ostracized; this was in 2015 when she was 19/20 years old
> said she was 'mixed' once because she's half greek and half italian
> abused her ex boyfriend of three years which is a fact that's been corroborated by several of his friends and family
> abused her pets
> is from alaska but ran off to idaho after her ex came forward publicly about her abuse of him
> wore and still wears the fact that she's a "trauma survivor" proudly like a fucking accolade or something and brags about it 24/7; she also used to outright accuse people she personally disliked of lying about being abuse victims while rushing to believe her friends without a second thought because apparently she and her circle are the only ones who are allowed to have been abused xDDD lol!!
> gothfag who constantly whines on her twitter about people becoming goth as a trend and acts like she's oppressed because she's one of the "OG goths" (she's literally only been goth for like four years lmao, prior to that she was a neo-scene kid)
> edgy elitist metalhead who demeans other people's music taste
> currently a TERF with a gore blog on tumblr that literally has the word "trauma" in the url, filled with bullshit that romanticizes trauma and abuse and tries to pretend her past didn't happen
> ironically enough, she's one of the people currently calling >>>/snow/412346 out

No. 703335

I remember this girl. She used to talk all the time about chugging cough syrup and posting pictures of the empty bottles.

No. 703365

>Abused her pets
Care to elaborate? Literally everything else you just posted sounds like fairly typical edgy teenage bullshit, other than the 2015 incident, which still was 3 entire years ago.

I know about 20 chicks like this and I barely know anyone, they're mildly annoying but definitely not milky enough to even be a "personal" lolcow.

No. 703397


she's a personal lolcow to me because i was one of the people she ran off, and she personally stalked and had other people stalk my social media for over two years after i left.

not to be rude to you at all, but i fail to see how it's 'typical edgy teenage bullshit' when, firstly, she was mostly turning, and having just turned, 20 when all of this transpired (and 21/22 when she and her goons stalked me) so, not a teenager, secondly, i would hardly categorize putting yourself on the same level as and even lying about being a poc just because you're an Ethnic White, lying about your age when you're surrounded by minors and manipulating said minors into blindly following your orders, romanticizing abuse & abusing other people/animals then turning around and accusing kids of lying about being abused, attacking women for having different preferences than you despite claiming to be a feminist, and associating yourself with people who label all trans people as sexual predators and want them killed 'edgy teen bullshit'. the bragging about being a "genius"/"OG goth"/denigrating other people's taste in music i can see as that, but as for everything else i just mentioned - which, if anything, is more milky than some of the people that have been posted in this thread - no, i'm sorry, that's just too batshit to be labeled as simply going through an edgy phase. teen bullshit is identifying yourself as a pangender demiace bluesexual to fit in, not this. she turns 24 in may and she's still like this, although not to the level of exorbitance she used to be.

also, i brought up her abusing people but you pointed out only the pets, which i don't get. but to answer your question, she threw her cats down the stairs, locked them in laundry rooms for extensive periods of time and starved them. aforementioned abused ex of hers and his friends verified this.

No. 703401

>terfs want all trans folx dead!!1


No. 703403

What are her active accounts even?

No. 703410

Maybe because your post is really the only post in this thread that screams of vendetta, which you have now made clear is the case. You sound very very young if you think being pangender or semidemipansexualkin is the only "normal" edgy teenage bullshit behavior. Everything you listed is pretty typical edgy teenage stuff from the late 00s/early 10s. The abuse of her pets sounds made up/fake, especially since the only people corroborating it are a supposedly abused ex and the friends of said ex. Also calling someone a TERF makes you sound like a cow yourself.

No. 703411


her tumblr is traumavomit and her twitter is aixpava. her ask.fm is deactivated but it was fetalskeletons and before that it was mahitis (she got suspended on that one but that page was mostly where the bullshit about the D.I.D and her directly or proxy-harassing minors spawned).

No. 703417


i guess 20 is "super young" to you, then. i put her in this thread not because of what she did to me (i highlighted that fact because you inquired as to why i considered her a personal lolcow) but because all of the bullshit she did besides that is hilarious and to me is cow-worthy even if i didn't have any firsthand experiences with her.

aside from his friends' testimonies, she deactivated her ask.fm and ran to idaho when the abuse allegations surfaced that included the abuse of her pets instead of defending herself against them, not to mention /he/ broke up with /her/, so i have no reason for the most part to believe they're untrue. while i was annoyed, at the time, over the fact that i was targeted, it was still pretty hilarious to watch since i don't know any of these people irl.

No. 703419

How did you manage to get that from what they wrote?

It's always funny to watch the terfs around here get triggered when people express distaste for their bullshit

No. 703423

can you go back to tumblr? sjws usually don't have room to make fun of others anyways.

No. 703427

No kidding. >>703315 is better suited as a call out post on tumblr, lolcow is a place for people currently producing milk. Having been mildly milky in the past and currently not liking goth kids/being gender critical does not constitute cow material.

No. 703432

I like how not wanting to suck trannycock is suddenly “cow material”, lmao. Get out.

No. 703433

It's weird how this thread will accept morbidly obese fatties bragging about how beautiful they think they are in their cringey cosplays without hurting anyone as milk but someone who's in their 20s bullying and stalking minors is too tumblresque/not milky enough.

No. 703436

Learn to sage and learn the difference between what constitutes a cow vs what constitutes a vendetta.

No. 703443


it's honestly not a vendetta, imo. someone asked me how/why she was considered a personal lolcow, and i answered - my answer sounded fairly vendettaish, i'll admit, but at my core, it wasn't at all. i was perusing through the forum, found this thread and decided to input this girl on a whim because she's the only candidate i could think of who seemed cow-worthy. i could care less about her at the end of the day, looking back, i just find the whole experience hilarious and i just wanted to stroll through memory lane a bit. while i can see how that backfired on me, it's really not that serious (besides the fact that she's a 'trauma advocate' on tumblr/twitter despite being an abuser) and i was just looking for laughs. i do disagree that it's a post more suitable for tumblr or that she's in her edgy phase, however. regardless, i hope you have a nice day.

No. 703445

sage and double post but i meant *trauma survivor advocate

No. 713166

File: 1539605380363.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.86 KB, 960x960, MLMNHlr.jpg)

This girl is something else.

>Sleeps around a lot.

>Has a daughter at 17. (not a big deal but gets worse)
>Airs everything on facebook.
>Drug user.
>Tried to become a MUA when it was popular.
>Holds parties with strangers at her house, resulting in things getting stolen.
>Has now become an escort on facebook.
>Only sleeps with 'hot' guys.
>Promotes her escorting service to thirsty guys while not caring for her daughter.
>Loses her daughter, idk where she's staying.

There's more to come with this girl I'm sure. Her life is such a trainwreck.

No. 726437

S*ro should have her own thread on a board she's unable to report it to the mods. She's tormented so many people it would be good to have everyone's thoughts on her in the same place so it could potentially be shown to the authorities. She could genuinely be dangerous.

No. 726491

My ex-gf is pretty damn cowish. Sit back and buckle up, because this is gonna be a ride.

>Know each other since high school, wind up completely by chance going to same college.

>She's relatively normal then, actually really nice and fun to be around, literally saved my life twice when I was going through suicidal periods.
>Studies overseas junior year, we Skype everyday sometimes twice a day, start flirting over Skype. By this point I have a huge crush on her.
>She comes back next year, we're roommates, flirting intensifies. Make all these plans to do couple cosplays, etc.
This is when things started getting awkward.
>She'd have these screaming matches on the phone with her parents.
>Like, our dorm almost had campus security called on us a couple times because people thought someone was being attacked.
>…It was over stuff like her parents telling her to try a little harder in her classes (instead of looking at yaoi all day on the internet).
>She was super sweet to me 90% of the time but sometimes…
>"You look like a whore! If you get raped, you were asking for it." (I was wearing a baggy flannel shirt, shorts, and knee socks to go to the dining hall for lunch.)
>"That's too much food." (She knew I was trying to recover from an eating disorder. I'd been 70 pounds the previous year. I'm 5'4".)
>Flipped out on some other friends and I for singing Bohemian Rhapsody a capella at a party I was throwing and screamed at us to shut up.
I chalked this up to stress because we were seniors and that shit is, well, stressful.
>We graduate, she moves back home and I move out because I'm starting grad school.
>Actually end up moving to an apartment near her, totally by accident. Now I'm thinking this is fated, we keep being ~brought together~ and all that.
>Start hanging out a lot, she eventually ends up staying over every weekend.
>Really, really, really fun for the first few months and then things start getting weird.
>"Hey Anon, you know that when I was a kid I used to have these violent episodes where I'd have no recollection of what I had done? I apparently threw a chair at some kid once! :) :) :) "
>More screaming matches with her parents, who would (politely) ask her to get a job so she could contribute to rent/bills/groceries.
>She got really into gay pedophilia around this point and would defend it with "It's historical!!! Men did it in Roman times so it's okay!!!"
>At some point I was on Skype talking to my mom- I need to use Skype because I'm hearing-impaired and read lips to help understand what people are saying- and the topic of the gender pay gap came up. My mom and I were discussing how fucked up it is that men are paid more for the same jobs.
>Ex is over at the time, cooking herself some dinner. My mom got a wonderful view of her apparently stomping up behind me, scowling furiously, screaming about how she was "SO SICK OF YOUR (my mom's and my, I guess?) MAN-HATING!!!"…while brandishing a knife.
>Try to explain to ex the next day that this was not cool.
>Ex starts crying and saying I'm making her feel bad. I apologize because I am a doormat. She never apologizes for making my mom think I was about to get killed on webcam.
>More stuff like this over the next few months- she does something not too great, I (gently) tell her so, she starts crying, I apologize.
>If I try to hang out with other friends, she says I'm making her depressed. End up not seeing my other friends for, in some cases, years.
>A couple months after the knife incident, I'm in bed with a migraine and she just randomly French-kisses me, says she's been attracted to me for months, and asks if I want to date her.
>I'd never even kissed anyone in my life so I was all "Sure!!! :D"…but very quietly because, like, migraine.
>Things are actually really fun for a few weeks until she starts saying stuff like "I want to marry a Japanese man one day" and "the only way I would have a child is if it was with a Japanese man."
>Hi, hello, you are literally telling this to your goddamn girlfriend…
>About six months later, I'm eating tangerines and she just snaps on me all of a sudden: tells me everything I do is annoying, that she hates how quietly I eat (WTF) because I'm ~totally~ just doing it to make her feel bad about herself and her own gross lack of manners, I have panic attacks at inappropriate times…
>Go to throw out the rest of my tangerine so I don't bother her anymore.
>Get treated to another round of screaming about "don't you DARE skip a meal, what's wrong with you?!"
>I start crying, she starts crying and saying it's not her fault for yelling, that she's annoyed because one of her siblings plays video games too loud when she's at home (WTF). I apologize for…I'm not sure what.
>She goes home the next morning and ghosts me for a month and a half.
>I get super depressed because I've become dependent upon her being around by this point, haven't talked to my other friends in ages, half my family's in another state…
So I guess that counted as her dumping me. I worked on my mental health, started hanging out with my other friends again, and became much happier. I didn't realize until then how constantly terrified I had been of doing some random thing that she would decide had pissed her off that day.
We still hang out occasionally, but I'm trying to pull away from her. It's weird, but ever since she went off on me for all the shit she hated about me, I started noticing more and more not-so-nice stuff about her:
>Her hygiene. Or lack thereof. Last time we hung out she smelled like she had not bathed in months, and her hair was so greasy it legit looked wet.
>She told me recently she hadn't brushed her teeth in a year. Why…why would you tell me this, lady…
>Still into that pedoshit. \vomits
>Only recently started working somewhat regularly. Parents still take care of her groceries, most of her rent and bills, all that. She has her "own" place now, too.
>Constantly bragging to me about being rude to her 90-year-old grandmother.
>Literally does not let anyone else speak a full sentence. And woe befall anyone who wants to talk about something that's not one of her interests. You will be met with an "I don't actually care about that, so stop telling me about it."
>Bad fanfics. So much purple prose. So very, very purple. Thesauruses died for this shit. And sometimes they're not even the correct words.
>Recently went into debt playing mobile games (she somehow spent thousands on in-game purchases in the course of a month) and had to ask her parents to pay.
>Despite this, still screams at and is rude to her parents when they ask her invasive [\sarcasm] questions like "How was your day?"

So there's my lolcow. The sad thing is, I don't know if the nice girl I fell in love with to Lady Gaga songs and Vocaloid music during college was ever a real person, or just some personality she was putting on. I don't know what would be more depressing: if this lovely friend I had disappeared and was replaced by a resentful, lazy person or if I had just fallen in love with an illusion that I was too dumb to see beyond. Part of me wants her to go back to how she was in college so I can enjoy hanging out with her again, part of me knows I won't ever trust her like I did back then.
Sorry this is long, it's just been building up in me for a while.

No. 731644

File: 1542141184734.png (29.79 KB, 535x401, shes pathetic and i laugh.png)

whoa uh same personal lolcow. expect i have watched her tumblr shenanigans from afar.
sadly she's not changed at all for those anons who knew her irl. the info you guys provided makes it very more hilarious. sadly she just spergs about how cats shouldnt live outside (funny as to what >>703397 said) sometimes and the lolcow she has "called out", seems to send herself anons, posts self harm images + gore and people shooting up, is always on tumblr and attention seeking but deletes most posts like crazy.
i assure you OP its still hilarious even if its tumblry as fuck.

No. 734632

File: 1542618580314.png (283.16 KB, 866x368, msf.png)

Back to update on favorite self-inflated, horse-teeth 'I am a goddess' drama-creating Sin Fae.
The biggest update as of late being her outing herself as being grossly transphobic, continuing to block/delete anyone that calls her out on her bullshit and bigotry, while also resorting to even more gross commentary, chanting over and over she's 'over it' but keeps coming back to it.
In light of being called out for being a transphobic loser, also continues to fall further down the rabbit hole of redpills by shilling the idea of there being no oppression against trans people and using people 'calling her out' as an excuse to spout more hate.
She claims that the 'controversy' has upped her PornHub viewership, but… It remains ugly, unprofessional and overall more gross than a turn-on at any point.
She sucks dick like wet sock but continues shilling herself as a great actress on the rise…Which… facts state she's really not.
While she's on the tirade of trans people not facing any real oppression continues to whine about how hard it is to be a black woman doing porn with a white guy while ignoring the idea that she's just not as appealing as she thinks she is.

No. 734637

>outing herself as being grossly transphobic
anon… are you lost? that isn't milk, trannies deserve to be hated. tumblr is that way.

No. 734723

>saying "twanspwhobic" unironically
Sounds like the snowflake here is you…

No. 775272

Not sure if they're really personal cows or if I'm just tired of their shit already.
> A couple who's sort of in the "benefits as a career" lifestyle (he told me once it was better to not work than it was to work because at least not working they get their rent paid etc.)
>last week long winded post about how he was contemplating selling his computer because gaming took up power and internet and no money. Blame the tories for that.
>but also they had recently gotten tickets to some event and couldn't get refunded. For like £100ish.
>this same shit literally happened over the summer, where they got tickets for some event, and then were like "OH SHIT NOW WE'VE GOT NO MONEY", and somehow they haven't learned from that.
>This week he's posting about recommendations for a goddamn computer chair, and she's buying more LARP stuff.
>I wanted to suggest just using a kitchen chair til you could find a decent one in a charity shop, like I get transporting it would be an issue but I've brought all manner of awkwardly sized shit onto buses before, but I've had suggestions shut down before as "shit posh people do" so kept my mouth shut. I'm posh because I work fulltime btw. I'm also paying taxes to fund lifestyles like theirs, so yeah, kinda bothered atm.

No. 775306

>outing herself as being grossly transphobic
Can you like not, her post is quite on point correct. If you want to sperg about your pronouns, lolcow is not the place for politics.

No. 775346

File: 1549392131851.jpeg (173.57 KB, 742x809, 2A651497-3BBA-477F-818A-759F0B…)

The service dog community has many lolcows. this particular poster is always posting r/that happened material

No. 775397

Pls someone make and link a soro thread

No. 775556

File: 1549448115153.png (270.89 KB, 1110x782, bitchthinkshemichelangelo.PNG)

There's this ex-friend of mine who's a true lolcow. I keep lurking her regularly because she's so fun to mock.

>scene girl turned weeb turned emo fakeboi

>lesbian, she became now a troon so straight girls can't reject her, because if they do they're transphobic
>complains about her parents costantly, milks them for money: thanks to them she moved cross-country to study in one of the most expensive private design schools in the country
>parents pay for both her apartment and her school fees yet keeps saying how poor she is to attract sympathy
>thinks her art is so good she doesn't have anything more to learn in said school and plans to drop out and become a tattoo artist
>her art is the most inconsistent style ever, copies whatever artist/anime/cartoon she likes at the moment
>her group is full of yes-men with not enough backbone to call hre out, if they do, she will block them in every single social media and make the rest of the clique ignore this person
>her sister attempted suicide, manipulates this fact so people will pay more attention to her: will claim she's dead or that's she's in a coma depending on how she feels like
>claims she has deppression and anxiety yet will ignore any friends with deliberate health problems and kick them out of her clique
>dated two extremely similar butch girls in a row, claims she broke up with them because they were "asshole manipulators" and made callouts for them on her social media
>only dates girls who just came of age while she's a full blown adult
>e-begs for money to pay rent yet keeps buying expensive gamer boy shit and games
>her Twitter accounts have been frozen several times for death threating people who didn't agree with her, claims it's a TERF conspiracy
>shoops her face to oblivion, wears contacts so people will compliment her eyes and hides her biggass nose behind her phone
>will open commissions, won't do any because "she's too busy/tired", yet still keeps the money and has time to make shitty portraits of her gf

Pic related is a example of her art. Sorry if this is too long but she just reminds me of too many lolcows I've read on here

No. 775566

>only dates girls who just came of age while she's a full blown adult


No. 775788

I was going to say I like her art… until I saw those earlobes. Wtf are those.

No. 776414

it's jiro from bnha. her ears are like that.

No. 777365

File: 1549938728690.jpg (9.32 KB, 750x160, 51830179_307440493245962_80081…)

i have an ex-"""friend""" in the fb community who is super milky. here we go.
> shoops her pics real bad. denys shooping.
> harasses guys
> trys to get guys to cheat with her
> super manipulative
> sends unsolicited nudes to guys in relationships, then claims they cheated
> leaks other peoples nudes
> claims to be attracted to her siblings
> super obsessive
> pathological liar
> just all round psycho dumb bitch

No. 777781

lmao didn't this girl deactivate because people called her out for trying to get nudes

No. 777945

I follow my personal cow on twitter and he followed back yesterday, I don't know if he guess that he followed my account since we know each other irl.

No. 779703

@homicidegirl7 on instagram. she's barely literate, talks like she's the Messiah or something, and is always leaving whining comments on a local vintage shop's page. Also her band is fucking awful.

No. 781354

File: 1551210728207.jpeg (77.32 KB, 456x728, A464ED24-8C2B-4076-8B8E-ECD19E…)

Her old account Luna Dea had 10,000+ followers but was recently deleted for nudity. She currently goes by Elara but her real name is Nicole. Mainly she's just a hypocrite with a lot of posts that contradict each other (think "ew this person let themselves go" "body shaming is gross im deleting u"). Very publicly SJW-y but only for the brownie points. Obsessed with portraying herself as some long time goth kween when she only started dressing goth recently (about the past year). The milk comes in with her findom antics that she tries to bury. If confronted about it she tries to deny it, but then she tags posts with findom and paypig etc. and reccomends it to her followers as a quick cash grab.

No. 781390


>her entire get up


No. 781435

File: 1551233377648.jpeg (451.5 KB, 750x828, 8F044FFE-7456-453F-B708-F57029…)

Yeah, she has some questionable outfits and generally wears anything that will show off her tits for likes

No. 782582

File: 1551548753377.png (1.07 MB, 861x1083, Screenshot_20190302-173712.png)

This is my personal lolcow. She's dating a member of my family and Christ, there's just so much about her to say that I barely know where to begin. This will probably be long, sorry.

She claims to be physically disabled, non binary, autistic, an ex sex worker, queer and eating disordered. None of this is true unless you count being a greedy fatty as having an eating disorder. Shes recently started claiming to be Jewish, which interestingly coincides with anti-Semitism being a more widely discussed issue in the UK. She pretends to be an ACAB anarchist but fails to mention that her dad, who most of her money comes from, is a police officer.

A year or so back she found a wheelchair in a charity shop and started using it as a prop. Shortly after she decided that wasn't quite enough and so begged for money for a second-hand power chair. There was a great incident where she took her chair out without fully charging it and it failed to haul her bulk home. She cried about it on her Instagram stories and started begging for money for ANOTHER chair but quickly dropped it when people called her out.

Another thing with her power chair is that my relative, her poor weedy ACTUALLY autistic boyfriend has to drag the chair up and down the three flights of stairs to their flat whenever she wants to take it out for a photo op.

She pretends to be poor but can't resist boasting about her ~super ethical indie businesses~ purchases for brownie points. In fact, she often contradicts herself whilst trying to win the oppression Olympics. She bought a whole load of Huel the other day so she can pretend to be so disabled that she can't prepare food for herself and needs liquid meals. However, she forgot that with a quick Google anyone can see how expensive that stuff is.

Her current favourite activity is yelling at people on social media and then demanding that they pay her for 'educating' them. She also set up a Patreon and tries to con people into paying for this 'work'.

She live-blogged our family Christmas party complaining about how middle class we are because we did things like wear clothes that were suitable for a festive occasion (whereas she likes to brag about how she's too disabled to wash her hair and clothes) and talk about family members various jobs, uni courses etc. We tried to talk to her about her 'job' (she sells terrible art on Etsy) but she was too busy bitching about us online to engage in conversation.

K that will do for now. Feels good to get it off my chest.

No. 782583

Oh, and you can see her terrible art on Instagram @fatvegfemme

No. 782602


The Instagram is a gold mine! Fat and proud is the strongest theme but she ticks nearly every box. Mental health, autism, sex positivity, body positivity, look at my wheelchair.. she does it all lol

My favorites are a pic where she went to the bother of wearing false eyelashes on but she has this cave man mono-brow and then one of her naked fat positivity pics shows off her full body acne

She even has a post of her 'eating disorder days' where she lived off 500 calories a day…and she's bigger than I am as a normal 30 year old…she's so full of shit.

Your relative can do better, he looks way out of her league. I'm guessing his autism diagnosis is why he feels the need to settle for this?

No. 782609

holy shit anon i feel so bad for you for having something like this invade your family. kill it with fire.

No. 782644

kek I just creeped her instagram and she literally is driving in a BMW in her story while also claiming to be working class/poor. godspeed in dealing with this person anon.

No. 782648

>I'm guessing his autism diagnosis is why he feels the need to settle for this?

Oh yeah definitely. And tbh I'm pretty sure he has other learning disability stuff going on. This is his first real relationship. After the Christmas party shit we tried to talk to him about it but we don't want to push him. I worry she'd convince him to cut us off completely if it came to it. My guess is that he doesn't want the stress and drama of a break up and so won't leave unless she becomes completely unbearable. He's working longer and longer hours but I don't know whether that's to get away from her, to make more money because she refuses to get a proper job or just because he loves cars and so really likes his lorry driving job.

No. 782670

File: 1551559779823.jpeg (477.16 KB, 750x734, B1E039A9-4741-453A-B62B-170032…)

Thanks for sharing anon, I got such a kick out of her instagram. Sorry you have to deal with that irl, your relative seems like a nice dude. Wishing him the best of luck and I hope he removes that creature from his life soon.

No. 782683


Holy shit anon, not gonna lie about this utter mentalist, you and your family are completely fucked with her, you'll be privvy to her histrionics firsthand if your relative ever btfo's, she's completely mental and will accuse you all of the most ridiculous, yet wholly imagined rubbish. Woman's an absolute mess of the worst kind. Godbearspeed anon, godbearspeed.

No. 782735

Aw I got some hearty laughs out of her insta (and gags after seeing those pictures of her rolls) but that makes me sad. I hope your family member can find himself the nice car enthusiast gf he deserves lol not some rude attention seeking fatty who makes shitty 'art'

No. 782750

File: 1551574652062.png (Spoiler Image,660.36 KB, 935x603, fatvegfemme.png)

>i am one giant roll

No. 782794


This is kinda funny tbh. This girl is from my home town. I'm a few years older than her, but we may have gone to the same highschool. I think the regular people she hangs out with are probably having a bit of fun at her expense…


She has a youtube channel and honestly I found this while I was at work and had a completely unproductive day listening to this painted ham and her disgusting stories. If you want to watch something really gross check out the videos where she's eating.

No. 782795

File: 1551582092655.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190205_114306888.jpg)

So this chick calls her lilkatattack but her names Lynnete. She's a 39 year old "stripper" but hasn't been able to get hired at any of the clubs causes she that bad. Hasn't worked in months, is now ebagging for a job. Use. To brag about how much m0nEy she would make from stripping. Claims to have BPD and BD. Cheated on her faithful loyal boyfriend with her drug dealer. Moved into his drug house and almost OD'd in January. She crys on her IG and snap a lot. Pretends she's "m0dEl". She can't get job at the biggest strip clubs in Alberta cause they all say she's to "fat" plus she costs them money

No. 782799

File: 1551582701801.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2564, Screenshot_20181015-152108~2.p…)

No. 782815

Her shitty tattoos are more of an issue than her weight let's be honest.

No. 782821

Omg Phoebe made it to lolcow! Definitely milky enough to have her own thread here. I'm acquainted with her because she's active in the vegan Facebook community. I heard that she sexually assaulted a girl at a vegan festival. Hopefully there are other vegan Facebook anons who can verify ~

No. 782824

File: 1551586772303.jpg (571.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190302-200811_Chr…)

No. 782827

so OT but I find the vegan / white nationalist movement so fascinating. how did that happen? was it a mugging during an eat pray love trip ? kek

No. 782865

>vegan pro-european national socialists
oh my GOD this has to be an absolute milkfest of a community. i didn't even know this existed.

No. 782889

Oh my god, yes, same. There should be a thread on that community tbh.
I follow one on Facebook for the laughs, added him years ago before he went Nazi because we had a few mutual friends and a few mutual interests. But yeah, he changed his user name (not his real name, thank god) to something ~Nordic sounding~, became a skinhead, was posting the most cringeworthy of alt-right memes for a long time and then backpedalling with "lololol I was only joking lolol I troll u" when called out…
Apparently he's even gotten fired from one or more jobs because his manager saw racist posts he'd made.

No. 782897

No. 782922

File: 1551626961845.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190207_222758899.jpg)

I agree but some club managers are dicks like that! Spoiler cause of boobs that are already censored

No. 782935

Phoebe is the worst. Petition for their own thread

No. 782939

She’s been completely excommunicated by the online vegan girls community because of that incident. She really deserves to be here, such a nasty piece of work.

No. 783392

File: 1551745352446.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190305-002144.png)

That was quick

No. 783394


How would she find the thread?

No. 783397

Googling her IG name, I guess

No. 783416

File: 1551750037687.png (66.79 KB, 584x98, Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 7.40…)


I'm hoping she wasn't cow tipped.

Also she thinks skinny people should have to pay for her unsolicited wisdom.

No. 783440

>>783392 a bit too quick. >>782582 smells like selfpost

No. 783468


If it's a self post I definitely think she deserves her own thread.

No. 783490

I'm pretty sure it wasn't a self post, because crazy bitches like this love googling their names all day. In any case, she deserves her own thread.

No. 783498


ooh awkward, If the person that posted it here is real, do you think she knows exactly which relative you are?

Just checked out her insta again and spotted the pic of her pretending to drag her limp body up the stairs cos she's so weak and disabled. Says something like 'this is everyday reality for me' lol

And what about this girl makes her non-binary exactly?

No. 783505

Probably the fact she's overweight and straight is why she thinks she non binary.

No. 783515

The rainbow tank top does, silly

No. 783523

File: 1551793676893.png (400.81 KB, 800x731, mj.png)

I've debated posting this for a while but they just keep getting worse so here goes.
>sex worker
>constantly guilt tripping their friends for money for sex toys/food/meds/travel whatever
>white saviour complex
>only reblogs black women
>tells white people they're scum and need to pay black people reparations despite being whiter than white
>Absolutely hates white men with a passion
>only reposts art or content from minority groups but never asians as they're also scum
>walking BPD stereotype
>guilt trips constantly
>fake boi
>white person using YT people as insult

No. 783531

File: 1551799350854.jpg (388 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20190305-152138_Ins…)

she used to be so normal like 5 years ago, bit chubby but perfectly average, wtf happened?

No. 783537

I have been lurking Fatty Tickner for months now, I have vague irl connections to her.I love how she posts a million photos of her cars and retro gaming consoles while constantly begging for money for giving people shit on insta and calling it labour. If you're poor sell one of your many cars.

Oh and re: the family Christmas party she live blogged LMAO, didn't it go so badly that Henry's family literally held an intervention the following week? She mentioned having to sit outside in the street (very disabled) because she stormed out of the house while his family begged him to leave her cos she's a disgusting drain on his existence

No. 783538

With that kind of face (sorry) and personality I'd guess this person to be a troll tbh.

No. 783539



>Self-Employed Disabled Boy

>If you think dressing in black and being goth started with white people, you need to take some time and reevaluate your life.

No. 783540

So fucking tired of these literal cows acting like you have to be overweight to be insecure over your body, they and FAs need to fuck off with this shit.

No. 783541


She claims she knows who the original poster is, but I doubt that.

She has different drama every day.

No. 783551

File: 1551804371046.png (758.42 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20190305-164158~2.p…)


Here she is two years ago, she's really been piling the weight on

No. 783555

File: 1551804563607.jpg (651.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190305-164826_Ins…)


She claims she was a weight lifting anorexic back then

No. 783560


Unfortunately not, I've known them for 10+ years. Golden Har syndrome causes the face I'm presuming some sort of personality disorder causes the white saviour complex.

No. 783562


20 is way too young to accept being morbidly obese as if that's 'recovery'

Would be nice if she stopped talking on behalf of trans people on her account

Just read one of her captions giving out out to privilaged people! Girl are including yourself in there cos you're white and not actually transitioning? lol

No. 783563

File: 1551806418389.jpg (231.92 KB, 720x1037, Screenshot_20190305-163810.jpg)

Pretty sure she's self posting at this point, she's been aware of this place for a while. Muh pronouns, muh attenshuns, muh munchiness, and now muh persecution.

pic related.

No. 783567


She claims she's healthier now than then lmao.

I wish she'd shut the fuck up about trans people like she is trans people. I'm also sick of her calling her fiance queer when she only came out as non binary when they'd got together. Pretty sure that dude doesn't consider himself part of a queer couple or even considers her as non binary.

No. 783568

Lmao, not OP but this girl is lurking hard.
Was just catching up on this thread and lurking her IG for lols, and suddenly it switched to private.
How funny would it be if this cow found herself here because she’s a farmer herself

No. 783570

File: 1551809379855.jpeg (29.03 KB, 750x126, E152C625-EB8A-433A-A47D-483D3A…)

No. 783573


Her YouTube is hilarious
>>what I eat in a day/intuitive eating

No. 783574

Requested and denied in less than 5min

No. 783576

File: 1551810160434.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20190305-181759~2.p…)


From her backup Insta account, if she got a thread on here I would vote for this as the image that captures the trainwreck.. that is FatVegCisGirl

No. 783578


First comment I see under it is someone saying she's a sex worker and begs for money online, interesting!

No. 783584

File: 1551811525176.png (116.18 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20190305-184334~2.p…)

Getting sassy in the comment section

No. 783587

File: 1551812532713.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20190305-115202~2.p…)

Yeah she was definitely one for some amount of time.

No. 783596

I’ve been lurking her for months - she’s honestly my own personal soap opera. Not coming at her for being fat really it’s her horrific attitude and superiority complex that I can’t stop watching. It’s like reality tv. She’s a narcissist but is also so oblivious to her own failings. I swear half the people who follow only do so for the entertainment of it. It’s enraging how she won’t take any responsibility for anything in her life and expects everyone to support her demands. Also constantly having a go at non-obese people for having any sort of body issue - ED’s kill, Sure - people hate on fatties but ofc “body positivity is only for fat people” is her narrative purely bc that’s what applies to her NARCISSIST. Should have followed instead of lurking but she won’t stay private for long - she loves attention and being a victim too much, she lasted about 8 hours last time she turned her account private

No. 783599

I've seen her mention her ad revenue from Porn Hub was shit but I've never found/seen her content

No. 783600

Feel really sorry for her fiancé - I spoke to him online once (is how I found her)and he was clumbsily trying to flirt with me and just seemed really sad and lost and lonely - like I was the first girl who’d given him any positive attention for a while. Godspeed Henry, hope you get out

No. 783602

File: 1551814323480.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190305-114739.png)

I wonder if she just has the thread open. Her IG is a goldmine.

No. 783609

it'd be one thing for her to be pathetic and insecure about body positivity for everyone but ofc she's a libfem moron as well. I eagerly await her thread.

No. 783613

her pornhub name is fezxoxo

No. 783616

File: 1551816136873.jpeg (342.4 KB, 576x570, 23E7F54F-8B84-4568-9529-A24150…)

I looked her up. God why did I do that to myself. Horrifying, I would not recommend.

No. 783617


Her ass is covered..in..spots in so many of these clips

Am I being spot-phobic?

Also she's using jelly and rubber toys anally so seeing as she reads these: jelly and rubber are porous materials and even with washing they absorb and spread bacteria. A sex worker should know that already lol

No. 783643

Hi phoebe, since you're reading this thread, care to address the sexual assault allegations?

No. 783644

Is that OP's relative in the videos? I'm sure he knows about it since he's the one filming, but does he or his family know she's uploading it for ad revenue?

No. 783655

Care to elaborate Anon?

No. 783656


Henry deffo knows he's in the videos and they're online, some members of his family (definitely his brother) also know.

No. 783672

do not go there. I did it, like a carcrash situation, you dont wanna look but you find yourself looking. I genuinely feel differently about sex. It is JUST as revolting as youd imagine.

No. 783674

Been lurking too! Came across this thread when she posted it! Couldn't write it. pure genius. She is absolutely horrendous, came across her via another SJW obese begging online victim, but this lolcow is almost like a caricature as she seems to have absolutely zero shame. She has definitely decided to be disabled, there are videos of her dancing around less than a year ago. crazy to hear OPs inside scoop, feel so bad for his family member. Cant.Look.Away.

No. 783675

I'm just waiting for the thread of her to be made already, there's a lot here already. She's going full lockdown though so any of you who got in mighttt want to start capping things before she starts deleting.

No. 783676

I legit only found this site through the lolcow itself, if a new thread starts how do i find it?! i dont even know where i am! haha

No. 783696

I second the thread request.

This girl seems way too desperate for attention to be locked down for long. Having two Instagram accounts, Facebook, YouTube and pornhub means she needs some sort of recognition.

No. 783699


Stop bumping this thread if you don't have anything to add. Seriously.

No. 783712

File: 1551833032021.jpeg (80.87 KB, 750x1334, D3D99557-762C-4B32-9B26-E024DC…)

If you’re ever in doubt that she deserves critique - check out how she speaks to Jamelia when she forgets to use a “they” pronoun. Nasty piece of work who truly gets off on aggression and attention.

No. 783717

Is this her AskFM? Her picture is barely recognizable compared to what she looks like now. If so she's nasty as fuck

No. 783718

I've been a big big fan of the pheebs for quite some time. So glad we now have a place to discuss. Bravo OP!

No. 783719

File: 1551835101957.png (491.08 KB, 978x844, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 7.17…)

Forgot to add the image. Sage for samefagging

No. 783736

Archive.today early and often before cows DFE!

No. 783749

She and her boyfriend literally own three luxury cars I seriously don’t get how she’s trying to push this poor “I hate capitalism” narrative she’s such a joke kek

No. 783750

oh this is delicous, her fat ass reeeing about twansphobia while calling a woman a cunt. what a real piece of work.

No. 783799

Somebody questioned her habit of calling women cunts and she claimed that it's a working class term so it's classist to say that she shouldn't use it

No. 783803

Basically “as an autistic fat queer trans disabled they I get a free pass for poor everything”. I bet her only regret is that she can’t change/fake not being white - although she has been heavily hitting some Jewish liniedge recently, so I guess she’s finding ways to claim a racial oppression free pass too. HOW does she not realise what she’s doing? She’s not poor, she’s not trans, she’s not disabled, she’s not oppressed in any way and deserves no sympathy for the histrionics. Mate, since you read these so feverently - if the people around you and the people witnessing you are coming to the same conclusion, it’s probably not the rest of the world, it’s probably you. Take some responsibility. The fact that you have no friends other than online weebs really says it all.

No. 783808

File: 1551865081053.jpg (1.29 MB, 1079x2069, Screenshot_20190306-093723_Gal…)

She spoke about being accused of sexual assault on her story not long ago.

No. 783809

Wow her defence sounds EXACTLY like the people she reprimands “I was drunk/on drugs” what a mess. Anyone have any info on the other side of the story? Imagine being sexually assaulted by her…jeez. I’d take Harvey Weinstein over that.

No. 783815

The person who was sexually assaulted took the incident a lot more seriously than Phoebe is making out. Phoebe is acting like the word ‘assault’ just kinds appeared outta nowhere, when it came directly from the victims mouth. I’m sure Phoebe would be the first to hop on a hate train if they knew someone accused of the same thing who excused themselves in a similar way.

No. 783817

She’s back. 22 hours, that’s a record. Narcissism is a helluva drug

No. 783825


Yay the goldmine is open, today I learned that fetishizing fat people doesn't make you a 'fat ally' but instead makes you a creep. This is coming from the girl who puts dildos up her arse on pornhub and mentions her fatness so much that it defines her

No. 783831

File: 1551884123289.png (40.14 KB, 592x268, Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 8.45…)


Phoebe wants everyone to stay in their lane but has self-invented characteristics to make her opinion "relevant." She's so narcissistic that she wears the words "trans" and "disabled" like accessories and uses them to silence other people.
You're just another middle class, fat white girl in suburbia.

No. 783835


Yep, she's attached herself to as many minorities as she can so she can make them her whole identity

She posts about 'beautiful black bodies' often enough though, give it a rest white girl

No. 783841

She constantly calls everyone out for “centering” themselves when that’s EXACTLY what she does with her shitty art so she can tag black women with big platforms for exposure and clout - how does she not realise that she’s using people to get attention? Never seen her create “art” and tag one of these people with less than 20k followers

No. 783848


She's selling 'black babe' prints and stickers in her etsy store. To use her own favourite insult; that girl is a cunt if she's profiting off that shit.

And you know she'd be calling it creepy and fetishizing if a man made 'black babe' prints

No. 783855

She, in her own words is “profiting off the iconography of black bodies” - if she saw another artist doing this she’d demand they donate the profits to a black womens charity - yet somehow she grants herself a free pass - it’s absolutely wild.

No. 783862

She deserves her own thread at this point. Whos going to make it? Hopefully relative anon will come back to spill more milk

No. 783901

Have fun farmers

No. 784007

File: 1551914993828.png (275.47 KB, 977x517, Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 6.24.…)

other instagram is morganpeachii and her twitter is morganpeachi (one i)
-Used to have like 30k followers but kept getting deleted
-Has anorexia and says eating a single meal is too much and that she intentionally suppresses her appetite
-into ddlg and posts pics with binkies
-started selling a premium snapchat and posting nudes as soon as she hit 18 but posted lewds beforehand
-Had someone use her pics to catfish and she accused an ex friend of doing so and stalking her with no reasoning
-thinks everyone is obsessed with her and the people who dont like her and stopped being her friend are "just jealous"
-lurks on all her ex-friends profiles
-started dating her bf/"daddy" when she was 16 and he was in his 20s
-accused her ex-friend of copying her for gettings bangs and then a side-shave around the same time she did even though both styles are very popular (here at least)
-talks shit about the same people she befriends.

No. 784009

File: 1551915215990.png (89.01 KB, 603x291, Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 6.32.…)

oh and she posted this then complained about her roommate asking that morgan makes videos when they're not home.

No. 784045

File: 1551928750265.png (352.23 KB, 1440x1553, Capture _2019-03-06-22-10-05-1…)

does anyone know who this person is? she's plugging her "recovery" blog on every social media platform and polluting the subreddits i follow with her bullshit. she even made a subreddit about herself. the cow-like behavior has me suspicious she's a cow come out of hiding trying to rebrand and and cash in.

No. 785066

File: 1552198436315.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-09-20-51-31…)

Ig: babyruth91

30 yr old mom that wants to be an insta model. Quit her job to "model" then went back to waitressing. Shes lost custody of her kid because shes more concerned about whatever guy shes with and going out every night. She house hops and homie hops. Her moms a wacko too. She seems to adapt whatever style the guy shes dating is into. Last bf was a SC rapper now she thinks she can sing and tries to dress like Billie Eilish. I enjoy her unedited/ unfiltered pics. She whines alot about h8rss and tries to act like she can fight but never has. She tried to stab her baby daddy . Cheats. She has a really big ego thats pretty cringe. Put out fake rape allegations against a respected local photographer because they hooked up and he was her bfs friend and wanted to cover it up. Her latest thing is shes moving back to ATL because her latest bf is done with her crap.

No. 785071

this doesn't look like the same person as at the private insta this name leads to?

No. 785073

My bad its : babyyruth91

No. 785075

that works. why not just chuck her in instahoes general, she qualifies.

No. 785645

I present you shayna. An east coat lolcow with a desire to be cosfamous but with a lack of desire to ever work out

No. 785647

File: 1552356681896.jpg (42.27 KB, 720x960, 53850245_406983053386177_91458…)

wow I am spedful here's an image

No. 785793

File: 1552408936278.jpeg (132.38 KB, 640x1136, AB26426E-C09B-43E9-B52E-08C273…)

So this is my first time actually posting milk here so apologies if I mess up the order or anything. Anyways, I’ve been in a private tik tok cringe group for a few months now and this girl is a mod. She wasn’t one when I joined and I’m pretty sure we joined at the same time but somehow she became one within like, weeks.
she constantly needs validation and attention from people in the group and posts videos all day. She literally has no life. But if you try to give her advice or react negatively to her “I have mental illness feel bad for me” comments, she’ll call you a retard or use her mod abilities to mute you for a day. She’s a crazy cunt. Will sage posts following this one because it’s a lot of screenshots.

No. 785794

File: 1552409072733.jpeg (129.53 KB, 640x1136, A45F0A54-B1D7-40A1-9DEC-AC10D1…)

No. 785795

File: 1552409198141.jpeg (119.83 KB, 640x1136, B8FB358A-1B6E-4EC9-B3FE-C27CEA…)

No. 785796

File: 1552409369273.jpeg (120.9 KB, 640x1136, 269EFC9B-CAB0-460B-9B5C-EC4C93…)

No. 785797

File: 1552409491081.jpeg (121.17 KB, 640x1136, 4F46FCBA-57E7-430B-B75E-6DBE26…)

No. 785798

File: 1552409707937.jpeg (130.27 KB, 640x1136, 18517E31-BA05-4B94-AF55-E46C87…)

No. 785801

File: 1552409841167.jpeg (127.46 KB, 640x1136, 176D2256-15C9-4F4F-936D-E72494…)

No. 785802

File: 1552409923964.jpeg (143.7 KB, 640x1136, 77897328-9A15-4740-82DA-99041B…)

She used the same “ok retard” meme on the person who sent the salad gif. She’s a piece of work.

No. 785804

File: 1552409993551.jpeg (95.27 KB, 640x1136, C4658A73-6215-4225-8FB8-2DF1D5…)

She also uses her own face as reaction memes. What a narc. That’s all the milk I have for now.

No. 785826

Mmm spaghetti.

No. 785850

Sage for the no contribution but lol hate to break it to you anon

People use their faces as reactions irl all the time. It’s called facial expressions

No. 786939

This retarded pedo weeb streamer from Sweden has a TON of milk but basically no one knows about him

>made a video about his bullies spreading rumours about him (most of which actually were true) when he was like 14 which went kind of viral in sweden

>the true stuff include him being sexually abused, pissed on, forced to drink piss, flashing his dick on cam
>some other video of him as a teenager fighting with his dad about allegedly stealing money got a bunch of views
>is a bit retarded, got special education in high school
>became a streamer some time after finishing high school
>got kicked out of his apartment for being too loud
>lived in a group home for retards, still doing streams
>is a lolicon/pedophile, tries to groom young girls, had some underage internet girlfriend from america whom he threatened to leak nudes of
>gets catfished and trolled constantly because he's so dumb and mentally challenged
>actually makes a video confessing to being a pedophile and getting convicted for possessing child porn
>sadly the video is deleted and so is every copy of it uploaded by his trolls
>constantly deletes his channels and videos and starts over under a new username
>in his most recent video it appears he has a new girlfriend and he also says he has been advised by his lawyer to not talk about something
>he also wears a ring in the video and posts to facebook that he is now engaged

Ugh there's so much, I wish we could have a thread on him but most of the milk is deleted now and much of his content is in Swedish.


No. 788029

File: 1552952702162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,781.71 KB, 2048x2048, 345B9C6A-AD0B-4B16-AD4B-B61143…)

my personal lolcow
> 20 years old
> bffs with a minor when they were 14 and she was 17
> encouraged 14 y/o to start smoking, they’ve been chain smoking for 3 years
> constantly whining about abusive parents, horrific upbringing, no support from them
> despite being on their insurance; them giving her two different cars and her crashing both; living rent free at their house
> cries disordered eating and not being able to afford food
> has steadily gained weight the last 2 years
> has BPD diagnosis; self dxed w histrionic disorder
> uses BPD to get away with bullying/manipulating/suicide baiting anyone she stops liking or disagree with her
> uses her public account to talk shit about whoever she wants and posts very personal issues
> posted child porn all over tumblr, when confronted cried it was “coping porn”
> posted video of herself licking a public toilet when she was still in high school
> first job was at dominos, quit after 3 days because it was “too hard and people are mean”
> claims to be queer, has never dated a girl and is very obviously cis
> cheated on her boyfriend, jamie, at 16
> cried rape, even close friends didn’t believe her
> still with boyfriend, despite cheating on him at least 7 times in the last year of their 5 year relationship
> lied and told people he knew about her sleeping with other people, “they’re in an open relationship”
> since all of her bullying, has posted nonstop about being suicidal and how alone she is because she burned every bridge she could in town
> also cries about how she’s a good person, but all the evidence has proven otherwise
> whines that the only people that get good opportunities only get them because their parents are rich and influential in buttfuck nowhere
> yells about racism/ableism, casually said the n word and r*tard for years but has never commented on it
can’t think of anything else rn

No. 788067

Are any of her accounts public?

The worm in her mouth and the fact that she licked a public toilet are disturbing…

No. 788077

yeah, her account is @bobcutbanshee on ig

No. 788249

My roommate is so annoying and fake:

>Obsessed with 4chan and yaoi

>Plays video games in the living room without any headphones
>Super mousy girl who never wears makeup
>Thinks she is so cool because she goes out and gets drunk
>It's super shitty when she tries
>Forgot other people lived in our suite and did cocaine off the kitchen table
>Wears j-fashion in a sloppy way all of the time. Thinks Axes Femme is the height of classiness
>Has a bunch of shitty ita coords
>Left a yaoi dojin on the kitchen table. She paid for it to be imported too.
>Brags about going to frat parties and hooking up with guys even though they are rape enablers

No. 788253

Haven't you posted this before? Wtf lol

No. 788254

Anon, you've got to let it go. You post about her quite a lot. She sounds like a weirdo but not any more odd than the majority of weebs at cons, honestly. And I still don't see anything wrong with her not wearing makeup. At this rate, you're begging to become an LC meme.

No. 788255

She did in the annoying friends thread, but didn't include the part about her being a weeb ita dojin. I'm guessing that part is a lie to get us to sympathise with her.

No. 788258

sorry for being the comparatively uninitiated (i dont pay attention to weeb speak while on imageboards) but what does ita doujin mean vs normal weeb yaoi bullshit? does that mean it's hentai or something or rape hentai or something? tbh i expect fujos to leave out porny material anyways

No. 788265

you are becoming my new personal lolcow, anon

No. 788266

Why don’t you find a more boring, compatible roommate? I mean, jeez…

No. 788272

I fail to see how her weeb hobbies, personal style and socializing habits affect you aside from the being loud and messy in your shared space part. Could have just said “my roommate is loud and messy” lol not a cow

No. 788305

Didn’t you bitch about the same thing about a week ago in a different thread?

No. 788306

nta but doujin means it is self published, often a fan-work of something else (think zines but more polished essentially)

No. 788307

It’s like a porn fan comic. Usually it’s of anime, but sometimes they can be based on Western cartoons.

No. 788314

anon the only cow here is you. the only things here that shes done that actually affect you are
>playing video games without headphones
>did cocaine off the kitchen table once
her taste in media and fashion doesn't affect you at all, why are you so bothered?

No. 788376

Initially found her through Instagram, not sure how much I can say here without her identifying who I am, but here we go:
>Demon worshipping edgelord Filipina in her thirties
>Occasionally posts photos of her medication in order to get attention
>Always posting about how our fellow Filipinos are the kindest people ever, but she tells people things along the lines of "bitch, eat shit and die" when they don't agree with her over small things
>Seems to have a racist hateboner for Mongolians? No clue why
>Quite often get temp banned from social media, seemingly for harassing non Duterte supporters

No. 788395

Doujinshi means self-published, not everything created for doujinshi events is porn or even manga

No. 788513

You should tell us about yourself and your relationship with your roommate.

No. 788534

This post reads like a mocking caricature of LC's userbase.

No. 788769

Letty Bae. I went to high school with this girl and she’s extremely deluded. She thinks shes a rapper and model. A video of hers went kinda viral and everyone in my hometown trolled her. The last day of senior year she was “signing autographs” for trolls and taking pictures with “fans.” Lol.

No. 788782

Snow tha product as a prostitute

No. 788783

Here’s a freestyle she did a few yrs ago. She used to work at a flee market in my area and once she got a better job she would talk shit about customers there and her old boss. She mostly makes weird youtube videos and idolizes nicki minaj.

No. 788813

File: 1553143067828.png (893.62 KB, 1172x720, lolokay.png)

omg what a fun thread
>uwu blue baby prince space boi that i go to college with
> literally like 24 and posting about being widdle and smol on facebook
>claims to be pan and ran a "lgbtqia+ club" at school that they just tried to use as a dating pool so people would praise her.
> seems to exclusively date cis dudes despite this
> claims to face racism levels of hate for having dyed hair and being goth and a witch.
> comes from a super affluent family that buys her anything she wants and still tries to claim financial hardship
> on her 18 job
> fake " drunk texts" minors from aforementioned LGBTSDFSE+ and plays it off as jokes when they are freaked out
>tattoos exclusively gets her own art as tattoos because " its unique"
> draws her self skinny as suck despite being a whale
>claims to have modeled professionally LOL
> i have a lot more but only if ya'll are interested we used to have class together so i had to deal with her shit a lot.

No. 788815

File: 1553143337852.png (2.14 MB, 1160x988, art .png)

here's her "art" to save you the search

No. 788837

what's with all these dyed hair genderblobs being into this stupid witch bullshit? it just comes off as retarded larping to most people.

No. 788887

i guess they want to claim more oppression

No. 788930

ngl it's cliche but her art is cute. it's not like it takes a terribly talented or inspired person, but it's cute for t shirts and such

No. 788944

File: 1553194291465.png (439.28 KB, 1366x768, jenny.png)

found this chick begging for attention in some stream and in comment sections and boy she's a treat
>Jenny Heinrich
>nearly 50
>lives in florida
>comments on asmr videos about how she's ugly and will never get a partner
>made her own YT to post videos (under Jenny Heinrich)
>videos are the same thing over and over: about me, "inspirational" talks, singing videos where the cd is too loud and washes out her vocals
>cries and leaves YT every five minutes only to come back and say she'll improve
>mass deleted her videos (i save most of them so i have some entertainment)
>just stuck up for somebody that came out as a catfish to their following

No. 788951

this doesn't sound entertaining. this just sounds really sad.

No. 788964

I think she's just doing a Harry Potter larp actually. But I see what you're saying. The Tumblrgender chicks are usually autistic and come from conservative Christian families. It's their way of rebelling, I personally enjoy when they discuss putting period blood in people's food.

No. 788995

I have a personal lolcow in my town, id feel a bit bad posting pics as they are pretty mentally ill.
>wears only pastel clothes
>bad outfits, terrible makeup
>spergs on social media about random things i.e. weight, sickness, beauty
>is obsessed with instagram and never gets off it
>stays in her room on insta all day
>once posted 30 photos in one day
>never washes, where her rings are on her fingers have gross green marks
>terrible posture
>smells bad
>constantly vapes
>no job, cant drive
>spends all her government money on ugly unfitting dolls kill clothes
>eats nothing but crap
>poorly done tattoos and piercings
>#cutegirl #piercings #thicc
She has bad mental illness so i dont wanna be too mean but oh godd its cringey to see. Everyone in town knows her

No. 789042


I would love to see some screen caps of her sperging, pls

No. 789094

File: 1553242948977.png (1005.74 KB, 1235x725, jenny.png)

first video I click on is a fucking boring 7+ min video of her rambling apologetically about making boring content. I'm completely in love, 250 more vids of this thanks anon.

No. 789761

My ex has 2 ex girlfriends who both obsessively comment on his Fb posts: he's been broken up with both of them each for 4/5 years.

They passive aggressively, indirectly fight with each other by posting over-done compliments on his pictures.

He's abusive, NEET and below avg looking so I'm bemused as to why they're still not over him. These are grown women. It's amusing as a spectator but also kinda degrading.

I think he surrounds himself with insecure women on purpose cause it results in ego stroking.

No. 790327

pics of her please anon

No. 790328



No. 790358


all of her tumblr accounts that i know of have been deleted for posting gore and porn, the only instagram of her’s that i know of is @bobcutbanshee as i answered earlier, but i know she has a fetlife that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years and plenty of abandoned instagram accounts from when she was a minor

No. 790546

File: 1553585800528.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1339x547, lolly vomito.png)

I don’t know how relevant this is to the Personal Lolcow thread, but since there are a lot of e-famous international cosplay whores here, I thought I would give it a try. This girl is Lolly Vômito (Lolly Puke) and she got e-famous for her spicy opinions and dressing like a demented weeaboo goblin. Her real name is Heloisa Canabarro. She got mentioned on the Brasil thread on /ot/ but people over there are too lazy to milk her, and since the self hating trad thot wave just hit the jungle, a lot of people over there were shilling her and derailing the discussion. The only thing we agreed on is that you guys would milk her way better than we ever could. Sigh.
Made a 4 minute vídeo on how her family wouldn’t bother to buy toilet paper, so she cleaned her ass on towels and watch [sic] as they formed “shiny brown truffles” on it. Sometimes it wouldn’t even be her own towel. Also claimed to wipe her ass on other people’s clothes without them knowing.
After her mother found her Youtube channel she made a video crying, because she yelled at her about going to college with rabbit ears and make up and a kiddie bag. Called her a lunatic, said she dressed like a clown. She kept posting after that. (Pic related 1)
Dated a r9k robot, MLP fan for a while and made a tattoo for him on her hand only to get it covered with a cross after they broke up and made up several times.
Did cocaine for a while “only to act like models such as Kate Moss”
Would live alone by herself with her father’s allowance money (she was 19 at the time) and never learned how to cook. Her house looked like pic related 2, 3 and 4.
Was into age play for a while and would wear diapers and suck on binkies.
Admitted to being a nazi when she was younger, but later said she only was into that because she liked seing piles of dead bodies.
Made a video crying and yelling because a guy catcalled her on the street and she yelled “sexist” back at him. She was yelling in the middle of the street about how her mother treats her badly and about how much she hates men. Made another video that went viral because she yelled “SEXIST” at a guy who said good evening to her. Later she deleted the video and said she’s not a feminist anymore because all feminists are ugly hairy whores.
Used a law for trannies to have her legally recognized on all brazilian territory as Lolly Puke. She now has an ID with that name, although she did not change her name legally. For example, all college personnel she goes to have to call her Lolly Puke.
Killed a rat and cut all its members with her best friend, Laurel, who later posted a video on Instagram/Twitter playing with its bloody decepated feet. Says she feels sorry about it now and has two rats. We haven’t had any news on them for 6 months or so.
Started selling nudes and dirty underwear for 170 to 500 hundred dollars, while having free nudes all over the internet.
Started a donation website campaign for random people to donate for her first Chanel bag purchase.
Got to a therapist with her parents money and refused to cooperate with him because “all therapists are paid to fit people into stereotypes”, so she lied to them all the time, and when they later mentioned things she talked about she would laugh at their faces for even believing her.

No. 790547

File: 1553586461416.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.5 KB, 960x1200, whew.jpg)

Fuck, forgot to add the > arrows. My mistake, anons.
Also, I forgot to add she tattoos herself at home with expired ink on the bathroom floor, and she actually has "poop' tattooed on her thigh.
She gathered a fanbase when she was woke and a feminist, but it’s all mostly normcore people who only watches her occasionally so they don’t know about all her milk. The latest milk is that her fanbase is made of SJWs, and her latest video pissed most of them off causing people to cancel her and call her stupid and all that.
In the video she says she believes poor people are only poor because they are lazy and don’t want to make any effort, she says that she thinks most leftists are spoiled and ugly, she defends that schools have obligatory religion classes because she thinks catholicism is very chic and should be imposed by the government.
She also said all the family values were ruined because now men don’t want to work and provide for the family, they don’t want to get married anymore, and the best part: family values are ruined because “women don’t want to be mothers and are choosing to be lesbians instead”.
So all her fanbase is giving her hell for being a tradthot and acting unwoke.

No. 790554

I wish she gets a more serious thread here. I'm br but don't use any social media, so I can't really keep up with her antics. She's legit crazy imo. Completely shameless, refers to herself as the goddess of anal, does stick and poke on herself with pen ink (and has a video tutorial about it)

I legit think she's autistic or at least low IQ.

No. 790571

this cracked me up, why tf she got her g-string on backwards lmao.

No. 790745

File: 1553646788322.png (Spoiler Image,951.35 KB, 965x765, bobcutbinch.png)

can you elaborate on her "mental illness"? she looks like every other ugly weird art fatty judging by her instagram alone.

No. 790785

I think you’re mixing up posts. This >>788995 girl isn’t the same cow that this anon >>788029 posted about

No. 790982

fuck i'm retarded. either way i can legit smell this chick's photos…

No. 797728

File: 1555181705231.gif (1.75 MB, 301x301, tumblr_ppui6nlv7M1wymkvy_400.g…)

BPD tumblr girl who sells nudes while looking like a crackhead clown hooker. Calls herself a lesbian because she used to date a tranny cuck.


No. 797734

just another dime a dozen unwashed tumblr hooker lookin to scam a hospital and sell some nudes. thats pretty much what that whole site is by now.

No. 797736

File: 1555186153730.jpg (192.77 KB, 1079x1431, IMG_20190414_080610.jpg)

This girl i follow
>posts the same posts over and over
>ill fitting clothes
>goes on weird rants on her stories
>terrible fashion sense
>posts like 30 photos at once
>umemployed, 23

No. 797741

idk if being a NEET with bad fashion sense is cow material. also she sorta looks.. delayed? feels like kind of a vendetta. that outfit is tragic tho.

No. 797854

those lips though. fucking hell

No. 797889

oh i remember this chick, i used to follow her. I remember when her trans gf broke up with her she absolutely went off the fucking rails. do you have any milk on her?

No. 797974

i'm kinda new but i do have a personal lolcow/horrorcow, unfortunately she doesn't have enough social media presence but the irl milk is plentiful

36 years old unemployed womanchild
Hates and shittalks her parents for caring for her and providing her with a house all her own and money whenever she needs
Claims to be a bassist even though her last gig was over 10 years back
Only hangs out with people on their 20s
Instantly falls in love with whoever male she meets
Is a pure psychotic bitch but blaims her ~cocaine addiction~ for all of her actions
Was maid of honor on her best friend's wedding but missed it entirely to do coke with a nobody she just met
Proceed to have a sexual relationship with her dealer for free weed
When her parents found out she told them he was my friend, even though i didn't even knew him personally
She would throw all the time hand written notes at my best friend's balcony which read "die bitch" and "go back to your village, whore"
Stole all the cash and xanax from her parents' drugstore and then blamed publicly my best friend for the theft
Once crashed her car on my car as revenge because she thought i was fucking her crush
She wanted to hook up with one of my friends, at the time he was 20 and she was 33
Went to his home but instead for sexy time, she peed on his bed and left immediatly without her pants
The next morning she throws a massive fit to him for not washing her pants
Wanted me to go with her at a lawyer to make her will and to put my signature as her witness
Said will was how she wanted after death her intestine to be removed and be used as strings on a bass
Last i heard from her was how she proudly spat on every person she met on the street

No. 798015

No. 798034

Only milk I really have is that she's back selling nudes and trying to sue a hospital because a nurse was "mean" to her. After she broke up with the trans gf she bitched on tumblr constantly about how "abusive" his parents were because they wanted her to get a real job. She also called him abusive because he wouldn't fuck her enough or something. HRT causes problems with sexual function and as a woke lesbian she should know this but alas.

OH one other thing last time I checked in on her she was begging for someone to give her $700 to fuck her so she could pay a medical bill. Insane.

No. 798037


I am disgustingly fascinated by her lips. They aren't real, are they?

No. 798041

File: 1555296836325.jpg (295.44 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_ppe03nhrUq1wymkvy_1280.…)

She's never said anything about getting work but she definitely overlines and smears her lipstick on beyond her natural lip line and purses them for pictures. I dont know shit about makeup but she's too much a gutterhoe for injections

No. 798042

File: 1555297157723.png (6.66 KB, 476x120, chrome_2019-04-14_22-58-51.png)

No. 798408

i know this girl on insta and shes actually really nice/pretty chill. didn't know she was milky, just thought she was going for the whole creepy-chan aesthetic.

No. 798428


i'm pretty sure whoever she's dating now is a TiM too

No. 799162

hoo boy this is a hard one but i'll try and summarise as best i can.

my friends and i are kind of trashy but nobody has anything on this dude.

>27-year-old intermittent juggalo from UK (we're all 19 - 21 at that point)

>came to a picnic / smoke sesh / barbecue hosted by a friend of mine down by a river in our previous hometown; our friend hadn't seen him in ages and thought he was generally pretty sound
>was going by Neko, 5'4", emo fringe, super weird but we're all friendly and accommodating so we rolled with it despite accidentally calling him the normal human name by which he was introduced to us on occasion (this upsets him a LOT)
>chugged an entire 3-litre bottle of frosty jacks (strong white cider) on an obviously joke dare, passed out almost immediately
>we had to convey him a mile and a half back uphill completely paralytic (found an abandoned shopping trolley and put him and all our stuff in it), cutting short our picnic, and lay him down to keep an eye on him as he was basically fine but very smashed
>eventually he woke up and seemed pretty compos mentis as we were all going to bed after a chilled evening watching movies
>one of us woke up stripped entirely naked but otherwise fine at 3 AM, no signs of being assaulted but sketchy as fuck; he had gone

a couple of weeks later

>we find out he's in a coma after going to a free party up in northamptonshire and getting fucked up on methylone and random stimulants

no more news for ages

>readds us all on fb out of the blue

>has reinvented himself as a full-time juggalo, couchsurfing and bragging about his train-hopping adventures
>constantly and unironically posts about the juggalo war
>reinvents himself again as a soundcloud rapper (have never listened to his music out of sheer embarrassment but i can make a fairly educated guess as to what it sounds like)
>constantly posting diatribes against his baby mama (none of us are sure if he has a child)
>deletes out of sheer outrage over someone questioning his constant use of the n-word

december last year

>is now a self-styled spiritual guru but going by the same soundcloud rapper name, wearing a weed bandana in every vlog and pic uploaded, with anime catgirl filters

>lives in a tent by the river out of choice, having "freed himself from the trappings of mainstream society"
>doesn't appear particularly mentally ill (if he were i wouldn't find it so amusing), writes totally lucidly and not schizo but about complete nonsense
>buys into reptilian / rothschild / illuminati conspiracies, is a fully-fledged trump supporter
>posts 3 or 4 facebook story updates a day about kundalini yoga, anime, smoking weed in local parks (sometimes comes to my city but we aren't entirely sure where he is living), alan watts, rick and morty, spiritual guidance, fucking the system, crossdressing pics
>the milk flows on a daily basis

i mean this guy is really something. i'm the only one of my friends who still has him added because he is SUCH a trainwreck.

debating whether to include youtube / fb links cos i'm slightly identifiable from this post but unsure if he even remembers me honestly

No. 799163

fuck it, have a video. he used to post fairly popular beyblade vids here but it's now his locus for the great work of "spirituality, awakening, ascension, consciousness, 5D, new earth, ways to beat depression and anxiety and more".

will provide more social media links on request

No. 799239

I love this, a (fairly) local lulzy cow. I would appreciate his facebook because I love the idea of a former otaku suddenly turning spiritual (my favourite personal lolcow has done the same) but understand the wanting to keep yourself private part

No. 799266


this trajectory is so common for my personal lolcows too. is it because they get into drugs or what?

No. 799273

Alright, oh boy…
this isn't going to be as entertaining as some of the posts on this thread but I thought I'd give it a red-hot go because I know a girl who would belong in more than a few lolcow threads if she wasn't a nobody. I'm a casual lurker only and not a great story teller so forgive me if the layout of this story is weird

I once met this girl at a pop-culture convention when I was around 18, about 2 or 3 degrees of separation from actually knowing her, we had mutual friends who had mutual friends and everyone was hanging out as you tend to do at these things.
Anyway, she was a bit socially awkward and shy at first and kinda blended into the background. I don't actually remember seeing her join us or meeting her, she was just there, but as the hours passed she started making her presence known. She would constantly flip between a "uwu im so cute and bubbly" personality and then total mute who would glare at me like she wanted to slit my throat. Really gave the creeps.
So the weekend came to a close without much drama that I can recall and everyone exchanged social medias and whatnot and somehow I ended up following her and have just kept her around for years purely because of the milk that flows from her on a daily basis…

For years I have watched her slowly snowball into what can only be described as a total mess of a person.

>currently in her late twenties

>poor hygine skills
>obsessed with horses (everyone knows about the horse-girl trope?)
>furry. nothing inherently wrong with that but she's one of the weird ones so I'm including it
>wannabe youtuber but lacks any kind of sense of hard work or dedication
>can't hold a job for more than a few months
>wants to be one of the big youtubers and inspire all the millions of fans she'd have and be best friends with Markipler and Jacksepticeye and change the world with them if she wasn't so sick
>obsessed with herself and believes she is some kind of medical abnormality and doctors everywhere are putting their heads together to try cure her rare, undiagnosable illnesses
>used to claim anorexia despite always being on the higher end of a healthy weight and getting bigger, is now technically obese.
>now claims to be disabled, has chronic pain, needs a cane, potential service dog, the works
>long, melodramatic "health update" posts using big-word scientific names for really tiny common problems like needing glasses or having a common back problem so people don't question her legitimacy
>if she ever goes to hospital for any reason it's a hospital selfie an hour while she is there and even does these weird throwback posts to the times she was in hospital if she hadn't been in a while?
>claiming every munchie disease you can think of while still going to themeparks, conventions, outings, concerts, ect. sometimes on the same day as her physical/mental health blogposts about how hard her life is and how much she is suffering
>self diagnosed DID/PBD and thinks she has multiple dark/evil/demon personas that she gives names to and switches in and out of
>obsessed with Darkiplier and AntiSepticEye and draws and buys art of her OCs/personas and Darkiplier/AntiSeptic being romantically involved or harming themselves/each other
>believes she has some weird deep emotional connection to them even though she has a bf and he is very publicly uncomfortable with her posting about it.
>constantly switched doctors until she found one who tells her everything she wants to hear, the one time he tried to help (as far as I can tell) was referring her to a psychologist
>she refuses to see one though because she is scared she'll be "diagnosed with nothing"

And that's just where we're at right now. I used to feel really sorry for her and thought she actually had something wrong with her but I've tried to reach out in the past and just be a decent person to someone who I thought was suffering. But she acts like a snarky bitch if you try to help or be kind and offer her solutions to her problems. Always has some kind of medical rebuttal ready.
If you say anything to her other than how sorry you feel for her and how amazing she is to put up with all of her struggles she will try to put you on blast for not believing her and victim blaming her if you don't immediately backtrack and apologise for trying to help. Super weird, super milky, can't see myself unfollowing her anytime soon.

No. 799282

She sounds pretty milky. Links?

No. 799286

he was already heavily abusing all sorts of drugs and remains a constant toker tbf

No. 799288

go ahead.
it’s Zephyr SixoneSavage (lmao)

No. 799296

>draws and buys art of her OCs/personas and Darkiplier/AntiSeptic being romantically involved or harming themselves/each other
jesus christ

No. 799348

So a former classmate of mine seems to have recently joined a group that's a cross between a cult and an MLM called The Little Volcano. It's run by a wife and transman husband and it seems to be a combination of yoga and meditation with an extra added layer of hippie woo woo, poop jokes, and Harry Potter references. For a mere $108 a month you can become a member of this cult, "Where you surround yourself with people who care deeply, who will hold you hand while you poop your pants."

The MLM aspect of the cult is from their "life coaching" program, if you pay the cult $5497, they'll teach you how to become a life coach, after which point you'll presumably be able to charge others for your coaching services, thus recruiting more people into the cult.

I haven't kept in contact with this high school classmate, but from what I can gather from her Facebook, she got married in October, stated doing Little Volcano stuff, then quit her job, left her husband, and moved across the country in February to "work on herself" because of the cult's "Get Your Shit Together Challenge." Since February all of her Facebook interactions have been with other cult members who offer each other life coaching, tarot readings, and aura readings, including one particularly batshit lady who came out as "Mother Dragon" the other day.

No. 799351

Can you share links or make a thread? She sounds like she has great potential.

No. 799397

This is someone I got to know due to a rare mutual interest but I quickly realized she's a wreck… stuck close by to watch said wreck and talk shit about her with friends.


>"you dont need to transition to be trans!"
>doesnt even make an effort to try and look male whatsoever but still bites your head off if you dont use her pronouns
>300+ lbs
>NEET, still 25 and living with parents
>never went to school, but claims to have "studied" law only when its convenient for her
>claims to get job interviews but is very vague about it
>never hear about said interviews again
>biracial, but never shuts the fuck up about it
>claims people are racist towards her every time she leaves her house despite looking completely white
>gets angry if you criticize ANYTHING she enjoys
>takes every opportunity to shit on anything she doesnt enjoy
>overly PC about everything but if something she enjoys fucks up she refuses to acknowledge it (i.e. she's put people on blast for blackfacing but remains an ariana grande fan)
>barely goes out in public except to go to the local coffee shop and to gamestop
>nonstop makes up "and then the whole bus clapped" stories about "clapping back" at people who start shit in public (obviously no one does)
>every day is a new 20+ long twitter thread about whatever shes pissed off about today
>makes new twitter accounts every few months because "PEOPLE ARE STALKING ME!!!!"

No. 799409

fusing an mlm and a cult together is wild

No. 799413

i have a fucking friend like this, she's a munchie too.

>20+ long twitter thread about whatever shes pissed off about today

i know someone else like this. for some reason every problem she has is tied to her "chronic illness" or autism, top everything off with a hint of misogyny

No. 799417

File: 1555900710322.jpg (220.5 KB, 1440x990, t90.jpg)

Unfortunately the only place she is really milky is her private FB. Her insta is kinda cringe but not enough to have her own thread. Just bad cosplays, animal pics (oh yeah she's a pet hoarder too) and a video "practising" talking in front of a camera for her youtube channel.
If she ever goes through with making her "famous youtube channel" I will post links but right now if I post links and someone tips, she'll just disappear and we'll never see how great this could become.

But I promise I'll come back to you when she goes more public with her social media presence because I can see her joining the big league cows one day

Oh yeah

No. 799440

>25, NEET, never worked in her life
>overweight, bright pink hair & extensions
>regularly deactivates her facebook because the big blob of cottage
cheese apparently has a 'stalker'
>into anime claims to speak french and russian despite having no higher education
>relies on sleeping on the couches of men she meets online
>claimed that she made £10k per month as a webcam model, despite dire living situation
>facetunes the shit out of selfies, blurring acne/skin, slimming face, doesn't resemble them at all irl
>makes you delete pictures of her that reveal the extent of her photoshop

she recently went to stay with my friend and his Mom, exploiting their hospitality
>stayed for a few weeks
>refused to pay rent
>hit on friend, got rejected, had a crying tantrum the entire night, disturbing the entire residence, including their 4 year old
>refused to help clean other than emptying the dishwasher twice
>"please tell me if im doing something wrong!" and when criticised, locked herself in her room and sulked for days
>according to friends mom who hosted her, she just sat around putting on extremely heavy makeup and photoshopping her selfies
>she finally realises she's not welcome and fucks off to stay with another neckbeard she met online
>when she moves, brags to friend who hosted her about the 'posh' accomodation, sends friend pictures of bangers and mash which if you're not british is possibly the most working class struggle meal in Britain
>did i mention she's 25 fuckin years old

sadly her facebook is private which is a shame because i'm sure her posts are absolutely hilarious, currently not prepared to make a fake account to infiltrate it. she is so fucking BPD stupid and deluded and she was so mean to my friend's mom, i would love to see more of the trainwreck. such a shame her fb is private

No. 799444

Isn’t that basically what Scientology is, though?

No. 799448

the majority of mlms are cults or cult like, they kind of have to be in order to work

No. 799453


seconded, there seems to be the potential of more than one cowish personality. also MLMs, new age woo woo money cults and the people who hard buy into their fakeness fascinate me.

No. 799466

File: 1555935178725.png (24.26 KB, 1022x307, Idiot.png)

a reddit user I have been stalking for a couple weeks now
>Bipolar moron who punches walls when he's drunk
>wanted to be a marine but was rejected because of his mental health issues
>25 Years old but by his own admission look like a 40 year old man(their were pics of him that he seems to have deleted and he defiantly looked old but nowhere near 40)
>heavy smoker,heavy drinker
>punched his cousin in the face cause he mildly insulted him
>dating a TIF
>plans to commit suicide when he's 30 unless he finds a reason to live

No. 799480

anon did you post this guy in the "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" thread on /g/? lmao.

No. 799483

I have this bizarre fascination with him

No. 799485

We can tell.

No. 799491

File: 1555944747201.png (66.45 KB, 978x362, Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 10.4…)

This bitch has been my personal lolcow for a year and a bit. God help anyone who mistakenly lets this horror show into their life, Jesus Christ.

her ex tranny boyfriend said there is something weird about someone who seeks out to date transgendereds only and honestly I agree with him. I can totally see someone with such a severe case of BPD to want vulnerable, unstable, "pushover" types.

Also, lol. Milk posted.

No. 799494

I just wish I could the pics he uploaded of himself cause he's deleted them now and I didn't download them

No. 799515

What's fascinating about him….? He honestly comes across as kind of retarded. Not even dark / edgy / tortured / cool. Just retarded.

No. 799517

File: 1555953540887.png (165.78 KB, 1006x465, ölkö.png)

>He honestly comes across as kind of retarded. Not even dark / edgy / tortured / cool. Just retarded.
That is exactly what I find fascinating about him,his pure stupidly
like this post he made
Its simultaneously sad,pathetic,comedic and tragic

No. 799522

This sounds so fake

No. 799524

a drunk homeless looking man getting beaten up by punks isn't something unheard of

No. 799604


I didn't realise we had this flavour of layabout in the UK. Wow.

No. 799607

No super milky SM to speak of, but

> in her 30s, n used to be a medical professional

> went on disability benefits and gave up her job (not questioning her disability but it gets relavent)
> lost custody of her kid to the dad
> mutuals have said she was a nightmare 10+years ago, abusive to friends and partners
> has history of leaving baity FB posts and sparking frantic searches before she ODs (super BPD)
> very into the rave scene, regularly goes to expensive (due to renting accomodation) festivals despite claiming serious disability that prevents her from working
> bought herself a powered wheelchair, doesn't take it to the festivals only uses it as a prop
> when she had a flare of her condition just after getting back from a festival she said it was worth it because of the fun she had even tho it left her bedbound (aka fuck you doctors who try to help me?)
> always having a crisis. you know the type. everyone knows someone like this.

No. 799610

File: 1555988956702.jpg (27.64 KB, 733x480, joFiiSK.jpg)

I used to watch this guy casually until the drama stirred up
>youtuber, is one of the most ''popular'' youtuber of a not so popular nintendo franchise
>used to have a ''designer'' who stopped working from him after he started to try to have her fuck him, to the point that he flew to her country and got mad the moment he saw she was seeing someone, to the point he literally said to the girl ''do you want a medal for not fucking chad?'' (pic related, from an imgur that compiles this particular drama)
>fat, and apparently he tries to look fit by posting videos of him lifting awfully, to the point someone pointed that in the comments and he deleted it afterwards
>plays awfully for comedic effect but fails misserably (kills one of the best characters ''for da lulz xD'') he also tries to force memes for his channel (like repeating the same 3-4 jokes for every game he plays)
>said to creep on different girls and then shit talk them with everyone he meets
>got cucked by a girl he used to creep, who then got married to his best friend to get citizenship
>apparently a lot of people he used to associate are now separating themselves from his channel, the only one that remains is only there because he's in the middle of a series and would be extremely bad for both of them to suddenly disappear
>his last drama was him getting blasted by twitter because he said a shitty joke over a fanart, the original artist (japanese) thought that he was saying the fanart was bad because the character is not particulary good in the game, and when asked to apologize he first gaslighted the artist and the girl who did the callout post and talked with the artist and then gave a half-assed apology

No. 799623

>>788376 lmao, links to her social media accounts anon.

No. 799642

you’re the “demurely kowtow” copypasta anon aren’t you. same exact typing style, same attraction to helpless retards, same reddit obsession. what. the. fuck. is. wrong. with. you.

No. 799656

literally a cow in her own right

No. 799681

File: 1556025024102.jpg (123.25 KB, 640x1138, 8kern2zec9o11.jpg)



>UK poly sex worker and e-whore

>Belle Delphine wannabe, famous for doing retarded ahegao faces in discord servers and on reddit's r/RealAhegao, of which she is the "queen"
>Incapable of staying out of drama cause of the aforementioned polyamory and Belle skinwalking
>In a fake lesbian relationship with a Canadian girl who's an even bigger cow than her (but smarter about her socials) just to pander to men, talks about LGB issues when she's straighter than Shuwu
>Obnoxious and will have a mental breakdown if she's not on he receiving end of asspats at all times

Honestly her "gf" has way more milk full of homewrecking and edrama, but this girl is easier to follow. It's like a two for one.

No. 799685

File: 1556025569149.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.74 KB, 902x1792, image0.jpg)

Aaaaand personal cow pt. 2.

Cerulean Vanity/Puck Princess#6969

>Premium snapchat whore who cheats on her bf nonstop on reddit and discord, part of the infamous r/healsluts server.

>Takes disgusting nudes rubbing dirty hockey gear all over her vagina
>Bullies other women for male attention because she's insecure about being fat
>Emboldens creepy incels to harass other girls with her shitty behavior and following
>Has a subreddit just for her own nudes and fans, I mean… come on.
>Also a fake bi girl who's probably never seen another vagina up close in her entire life and brags about lesbian porn to attract men

No. 799951

oh no! that's the glorious thing, anon! she's a fatty American who was sponging off neckbards in the UK. she went back to America just before her VISA expired.


No. 799967

File: 1556120967560.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9832.PNG)

>changed name to chang to stick it to Asian stereotypes
>unemployed and rants in her mom's closet about previous dating experiences
>refers to said rants as a "queer business" despite making no profits from it
>recently "rebranded" from a top to a "masc powerbottom"
>most recent video is 10 minutes of claiming she's not kink-shaming while kink-shaming and posing with (clearly unused) Shibari ropes as proof
>constantly makes references to her designer clothes and platinum credit cards
>believed she was mistaken for a straight man at the gym while hitting on a straight woman

No. 800439

File: 1556247907144.png (66.23 KB, 488x391, Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 12.5…)


emmy is currently throwing a tantrum because her kid sister spilled juice on her laptop, so she ate all her val/trams at once and is now facing the possibility of having no prescription pills to shove up her nasty asshole for like 48 hours. her "mystery gastrointestinal illness" for which having two organs removed didn't help at all absolutely is not related to her drug use though, and if you suggest otherwise you're fucking evil

No. 800440


also it kind of goes without saying but her "work" is hawking nudes via tumblr

No. 800441

File: 1556249308841.jpg (42.6 KB, 521x521, dizzy.jpg)

Better to sell nudes online then constantly talk shit online like a fucking basement nerd lmao.

How do people not realize that despite how cringe you think the folks posted here are, the absolute bottom of the barrel is spending your time here talking about them on haterz dot org in order to make yourself feel better. Pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800984

File: 1556477497698.jpg (18.24 KB, 300x496, download-2.jpg)

Really have to talk about my very personal lolcow.
>met her 6 years on a chatroom
>goes on that chatroom every days since then
>her name is Lola, used to be known as "Lola Kalash"
>is obsessive about her physical appearance, will talk shit about everyone, insult every girls pointing anything she thinks is wrong with their faces and belittle every men
>is also obsessed about "alpha" men, praising muscles, men working out or doing physical jobs and the ones always involved in fights
> believes she has russian blood and will only talk to serbian/russian guys/girls.
>asks her friends to doxx anyone disagreeing with her
>has sexually assaulted her dog on cam once. Screenshots were leaked everywhere for years, I don't have them for obvious reasons
>Kind of a tradthot, will harass any woman having a job/not relying on men
>photoshops the hell out of herself
>Lots of people are convinced she is in fact a tranny after someone noticed a post she made on a famous health forum asking for advices to come out as a trans person.
>Since that, will go on cam with anyone having doubt about her feminity, showing her vag and body.
> Has a very masculine voice
>Hard to keep tracks of her since she changes her nickname/blog every weeks and delete any old stuff floating around
>I think she likes me after years of insulting me or leaking my number on porn sites when I was underaged.
I saved lots of pictures of her since I know her but can't find them. So here's the actual picture displayed on her blog.

No. 800989

Est-ce que vous etes Francaise aussi, anon?

No. 800993

Yes I am. That's why I haven't linked any website or went more specific since it isn't relevant at all.
I forgot to add she brags about being rich while taking shitty pictures and living in a sad place with shitty to no interior decoration.

No. 801002

Please do me a favour and post her blog! I love French cows!

No. 801925

Elvis Travels on YouTube is a guy who lives in a van down by the river. No, but seriously, he lives in a van. He is bottom of the barrel YouTuber who gets by through e-begging. A half-wit and a misogynist. No class, grace or dignity here. Trolls really wind him up and he can't do a god damn thing about them when he's vlogging while driving.

This has been going on for 5 years and this is a very truncated summary. If you're interested, there's plenty of other info on the interwebs.

No. 801945

Elvis can't even afford a river! I love that guy but haven't followed him for a while, what disgusting shit is he up to now?

No. 801946

Let's add for background that Elvis has a legendary love of crossdressers while maintaining high and misogynistic standards about women, lives off food stamps and whatever he can panhandle in his live streams nightly because working is beneath "The King", removed the toilet from his Class B RV (The Lisa Marie) and shits into Walmart shopping bags, has jerked off live on stream, pissed in a bottle live on stream, admits to jerking it to bestiality, has a lively downlow life showing his fat ass on Craigslist and is not only a casual diaper wearer but is a diaper fetishist as well.

A lot of his finest moments only survive in troll videos but he's bound to be begging on YT every night.

No. 801995

File: 1556905038605.png (1.3 MB, 900x653, 1539893633457.png)

I met this girl at the convention during dolldelight's lolita fashion show. She's fake af. She will be nice to your face but constantly compares herself to others. She constantly screams how she's a vegan and seems so entitled about it. She has a sugar daddy who she claims is her boyfriend. He's literally in his 40's and she's in her 20's. It's very obvious they're a sugar couple. Which is fine, but at least admit to it. She tags her posts like #frenchgirl and #blondebabe or #RLbbydoll #livingdoll. You're not fooling anybody with the cosmetic procedures you've had done and hair extensions. She's mostly Mexican but she tries so hard to hide it and act like she's mostly french and a #trophywife as tagged by her own words. She whines how she has no REAL friends, but I have no doubt it's because she treats them like accessories. She makes posts how she's starving because she's waiting for her bf to get home from work to feed her. You're an adult, go cook something for once or go find some friends to eat with. The absolute worst thing is that I have friends with coworkers who know her boyfriend personally because he works at the same clinic as them and they immediately recognized him. (Small world). I feel bad for his ex-wife because he's fooling around with a side piece when he has kids who more are deserving of his money and time. She's a hybrid of a weeb and a wannabe sugar baby. There's a lot more she bitches about that make her really spoiled. I couldn't handle the constant bitching from her posts. She's not nearly as bad as some cows on here but she's the fakest person you'll ever encounter.

No. 802009

this face… is horrifying

No. 802015

File: 1556912088345.png (349.77 KB, 420x420, f2919d1603e81d159436ca365e53a4…)

that downsy face and his pleather shirt omg

No. 802060

File: 1556924065503.png (116.57 KB, 300x300, tumblr_of9rpe9Urp1vin39oo7_400…)

i have two personal lolcows this is gonna be really long lol

first one:

>wannabe uwu fragile broken baby girl uwu

>wishes to have anorexia + bulimia and claims starve herself on a daily basis (ding ding, is really fat irl)
>in an argument she's always right and you're always wrong and if you try to defend yourself you are abusive and bad and now get ready for a long paragraph filled to the brim with big words that make no sense
>claims to be a csa and rape victim and sold into child pornography but her stories don't even make sense and are unrealistic as hell
>says her father used to whip her as a kid and now she has scars all over her back but irl when my friends and i were at the beach with her she didn't even have any scars
>asks self harming friend in recovery how it feels to cut and if he likes the way it feels
>recovery friend tells her kindly to stop which makes her angry and she ends up throwing a bratty fit
>next day she tries out cutting on her arms and comes back for pity points because she's now a self harmer uwu
>always asks you to do something for her and if you ask her for a favor she's either too busy or cannot do it
>gets hundred of dollars from her parents and every apple product out there but still claims to be dirt poor
>even had a trans phase and is now "confused little baby uwu call me by he/him"
>acts overly cutesy to look like the bwoken angel doll she wants to be so badly
>constantly shits on other people and their interests but god forbid you say something slightly criticizing to her, she will fully bawl and start guilt tripping you into apologizing
>claims to have depression, ptsd, bpd but has lived a spoiled and wealthy childhood
>admitted to sending herself rape threats in dms on her twitter, only to post them and be like "whhy are you guys so mmeann :( whhat didi i doo?? imm havivng a panicc attackk" for attention
>"hey anon can you do this thing for me?"
>agrees to it, spends so many hours on it
>tell her she owes me a favor and she agrees to it
>weeks later, i ask her if she wants to watch a movie with me
>"yeah i dunno if i can im really busy yanno im really stressed ):" her textbook definition of busy is going on twitter and looking at shota and loli

second one:

>white person but claims to be 3 different races at once to reclaim every slur out there for cool points

>claims to be korean now after getting into kpop 2 months ago
>also had a trans phase and used to go by he/him
>also claims to be raped, a csa victim, sold into child pornography and a trafficked as a kid
>would constantly reblog really graphic rape text post on her tumblr and tag it as "#father #tw #wwhhy did you rrruinnn mmeee"
>cheated on her boyfriend with someone else and told that person that they can keep it "their little secret" but now pretends like none of that happened and preaches over how cheaters deserve to die uwu
>bullies people for their interests and suddenly after a week she also likes the same thing
>accuses everyone she meets of copying her because she's so uwu quirky and sends her friends after you and if you block any of them they will keep on making accounts until you speak up about it
>says she has a 6 mental illnesses, two of them are schizophrenia and psychosis, all of them are self diagnosed
>as soon as she has some relationship issues she goes on her blog and writes really guilt trippy text posts and doesn't @ her partners blog but always indirects them about how they should leave her all she does is make them unhappy etc
>has never done a drug in her life but claims that she does because doing drugs is apparently trendy in 2019 and writes really fake posts or snapchats whenever she "takes" them and is like "guyz i am seein rats undrneath m bed lol @___@"
>also has a history of catfishing her past partners and using pictures of someone else (claiming to be this random short haired person who looks like a boy during her trans phase, only to suddenly post a picture of a girl 2 months later with long hair and claim that's her now)

No. 802070

>claims to be a csa and rape victim and sold into child pornography but her stories don't even make sense and are unrealistic as hell

holy shit are you friends with soren/hurtcore?

No. 802078

>wannabe uwu fragile broken baby girl uwu
>wishes to have anorexia + bulimia and claims starve herself on a daily basis (ding ding, is really fat irl)
>even had a trans phase and is now "confused little baby uwu call me by he/him"
>her textbook definition of busy is going on twitter and looking at shota and loli
>white person but claims to be 3 different races at once to reclaim every slur out there for cool points
>claims to be korean now after getting into kpop 2 months ago
>also claims to be raped, a csa victim, sold into child pornography and a trafficked as a kid
>has never done a drug in her life but claims that she does because doing drugs is apparently trendy in 2019 and writes really fake posts or snapchats whenever she "takes" them and is like "guyz i am seein rats undrneath m bed lol @___@"
this is like a combination of Izaya and Soren, lmao. if these are indeed real people, please make threads about them. i love shit like this

No. 802094

must be his soulmate. she used to say how her uncle would put her to sleep with a cloth pressed against her mouth and she’d wake up next to him in bed and how her knew about it but parents never said anything. sounds pretty much like another rape snuff fantasy fanfiction inspired by the one and only soren.
i‘d seriously love to, these two are indeed (and unfortunately) real people who’ve been in and out of my friend circle but the second one keeps on deleting her posts and drama to get rid of the “ugliness“ on her blog because she “has to keep it pure“ and has just normal tacky aesthetic at first glance and the first one doesn’t have that much of an online presence besides twittering and reblogging shotacon stuff.
also i’m kinda scared that even if i end up exposing their @s and making a thread, someone might cowtip and get me or my friends into a fuckton of trouble with them and their little “gangs“ of friends.

No. 802099


I know this girl and her bf. Her bf doesn't have an ex-wife, he and his wife are still married. He and his wife are currently building a million dollar house. This girl is the side hoe, and she lives in the wife's building rent free. Her bf's clinic is also in the same building and his kids visit there all the time. He definitely neglects his kids for her. Funny thing is that she's not the only girlfriend he's had, he's dated girls for years until they realize that he's never going to leave his wife and kids for them. It's cute that she thinks that she can fool people into thinking that she's in a monogamous relationship. Anyways, she's the worst because she flaunts their infidelity on social media. They're both trash. I've thought about sending their pictures together to his young son and daughter sometime, maybe that'll end their sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship.

No. 802100

Holy crap lmao. That’s nuts. I know she would make mopey posts how he drives her crazy. My assumption is he’s checking out other girls and it bothers her. She claims they met at a coffee shop but I don’t buy it. She is from another state and I’m wondering how long until they continue to fake their “genuine” relationship. She would complain how her bf won’t take her to a vacation to spend time together on holidays because he’s too busy spending it with his kids. And she says she hates kids and never wants to have them (that’s fine but I feel it’s a personal attack based off how she’s so possessive over the guy) It’s also annoying how she humble brags. Oh I’m such a potato!! I’m not like the other girls! Hehe #RLbbydoll. I’m also questioning her genuine vegan tendencies. She’d rather shop than adopt from a shelter with her recent pure bred cat. She drives her bfs expensive cars that use real leather seats. She wears brand names that do not have vegan leather options (unless her clothes are replicas lmao). I suspect he’s a Splenda daddy because she didn’t even drive his nice cars when we hung out. She doesn’t seem to travel overseas often like she keeps asking him for. She really seems determined that he will leave his wife and kids behind for her. She plasters their relationship on her socials very proud to be dating a 40 year old man in his clinic. It’s not even a luxurious place which is also why I think he is a Splenda. I really wonder what the future holds for her. I’m sure she would want a nice wedding someday and HK definitely wouldn’t seem the guy to settle down for a side hoe. Maybe his kids/wife know and don’t care? I just have so many curious questions lol. She’s always seeking new friends and disposing of them too, it’s really weird.

No. 802108

File: 1556948299235.png (4.74 MB, 1125x6315, IMG_0.png)


Yikes this is wild. I found her on bumble. Her profile is hilarious. She just described herself. "Jealous, vulgar, two-faced, ratched and basic". Also those sausage lips tho.

No. 802185

Can she even move her face?

No. 802217

Are you retarded? Please learn reading comprehension. She described those traits as someone who she would NOT want to be friends with.

No. 802223

I don’t think you understood the joke. OP knows that she doesn’t want friends with those traits but OP is implying those traits are a description of her own personality. You sound really stupid.

No. 802227

>She just described herself

Anon, that was obviously a joke. Calm yourself. It okay.

No. 802248

File: 1557004557814.jpg (19.38 KB, 320x400, 0976342.jpg)


I know her somewhat too. She told me a different version of her story, with a very a victim complex. She told me about his mean evil "ex" wife, how she demands all his time with the kids. How they're only together because of the kids and he doesn't love her. She told me he feels obligated to stick with the wife because he owes his wife's parents money for borrowing it for the business or something (I can't remember honestly). She also told me about the million dollar house you mentioned he is building. She said she was going to move into it with him and that the small place in his clinic is just a temporary thing. I had no idea that establishment was the wife's though. I can't understand how she doesn't know about her. Do you have any more tea?

No. 802278

File: 1557012521670.png (383.76 KB, 516x511, Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 9.27…)


it's a small world.mp3

(don't wanna post in tuna thread 'cause she'll see it)

No. 802304

I love her so much. Please anons spill all the milk.

No. 802350

this! She seems like another personal lolcow that will spiral into everyone's cow like pheebs.

No. 802403

I love you for posting this, anon.

No. 802429


LOL she's definitely not moving into the million dollar family home. Not sure why she would lie about that.

A simple google search shows that the property is under the bf's and wife's family name, jointly. She has no claim to step foot into that home let alone live in it. She's insanely delusional if she actually thinks that she's going to live in a home with her bf's wife and kids.

No. 802430

File: 1557076890121.png (79.84 KB, 515x398, Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 18.1…)

I originally added her because she looked pretty and I liked her makeup, but her personality is insufferable and reeks of rabid insecurity.

She humblebrags about male orbiters. If a guy compliments her, it really, really goes straight to her head.

Every time a dude calls her pretty she posts a screencap of it, it's fucking weird. I assume she doesn't get called pretty IRL much, it looks like she shoops her features when compared to older pics as well

Also 19, unemployed, lives with parents, trying to get a job at Pizza Hut lmao

No. 802440

She reminds me of every shitty friend I’ve made on tumblr. They seem nice on the surface and then you find out they’re woman child’s who e beg, exaggerate disabilities, have no career goals and humble brag about some loser guy hitting on them.

No. 802447

The fact that she's 23 and paid someone to look this way is the biggest tragedy.

No. 802560

I've been holding off on this one for a while, but here's my personal cow
>25 year old copycat
>We were friends for a while, but not that much anymore
>Has been copying JJ Pyropi for the past year or so, but she may be moving on to someone else
>Acts like she's the only Naruto cosplayer in existence
>Styles shitty wigs, complains that people are copying her
>Opens wig commissions for her shitty wigs, complains that no one's commissioning her
>Claims her shitty Ouma wig is the best in existence, complains that no one's buying it from her
>Constantly complains about Instagram's algorithm, begs for likes and comments on just about every single photo
>Decides Instagram's algorithm is so shit that she's moving to YouTube instead
>Starts an idol group. It's really just a dance cover group, and she kicks out two members before they even "debut"
>Constantly begs for followers for her idol group
>Constantly begs for people to join her idol group
>Rich, but asks for donations
>Face character at Disney, tries to get people to kiss her ass for it
>Hates Hinata from Naruto. A follower bought her a Hinata cosplay hoping she'd wear it, she wears it once, gets a few photos, and then sells it. She was going to wear it twice, but cancelled her shoot last minute.
>Did Patreon lewds for a little while, complains that people want to see her do more lewds and girl cosplays
>Currently trying to start vlogging
>I'm grabbing popcorn for her vlog cringefest

No. 802566

idk if this is much of a lolcow worthy post.It sounds like you're jealous of this girl or really bitter.How much do you even know is true from what you are saying because it sounds like you are contradicting yourself in some of these posts.

No. 802569

The posts are different people from what I’m seeing and they all had different information told to them. If anon is jealous, then everyone here is for posting in this thread.

No. 802573

Sounds like they’re all telling the same story just tweaking minor details. And where is this girl even from that coincidentally 3 or more people know of her? Smells like someone just vendetta posting

No. 802574

Why do so many of these cows claim to have BPD? I wonder if they have been diagnosed by a doctor or just googled symptoms and called it a day.

no1curr, the same can be said about literally any of these other "cows". Are you also >>800441?

No. 802575

lol no1curr. You’re probably the OP butt hurt. Or excuse me, I mean the 3 or 4 OPs that are all ass hurt who keep repeating the same shit. Even when we asked for more milk “they” didn’t have anything to add.

No. 802577

That's like if I said you are probably the cow if you are so determined to white knight but ok

No. 802578

Yup. Cool anon. Skr. So defensive. She’s pretty cute. I bet OP is ugly af loool.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 802621

Kek way to out yourself
Also you’re blind as fuck if you think that botched surgery is cute.

No. 802633


nayrt but the girl in this gif is definitely a textbook case of BPD

No. 802635

as if BPD is some incredibly rare disorder

No. 802711


It's overdiagnosed in women in their early twenties. Years later alot of doctors then change the diagnosis to bipolar or the person just matures out of being 'emotionally unstable'

I don't know why anyone online would want to share the diagnosis though, it comes with a (kind of understandable) stigma

No. 802761

File: 1557184737252.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3469x3469, 94EF5572-F305-4950-8857-8399EA…)


Dear Olive “kittengirlie”,

I really pity you. Please stop replying to your own messages; it is really pathetic.
Where do I even start.
You say social media’s. You are obviously not very clever because you, Olive, were the only person that I had on multiple social media account’s of mine. Dead give away.
We met on bumblebff so of course it is you, again, taking screenshots of my profile and posting this. How did you all of a sudden stumble upon my profile? You know that thousands of people are on there and we do not even live near one another. It is creepy that you must have been checking my profile all of this time, even on bumble, from our old messages.
You blocked me about 2-3 months ago on all social media, so it is also ridiculous that you have me blocked on your personal accounts, yet made a fake account to spy on me. What is even the point of that? May as well have kept me added on your per