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File: 1631739642899.jpg (725.39 KB, 3024x4032, 4isnvvwfz3i41.jpg)

No. 26555

3 Rules:
Nicole anon stfu already
No spam
No derailing or infighting

No. 26556

Hey yallllllll

No. 26559

Why have there been so many moids posting bait lately and what can we do to make it stop?

No. 26560

>Nicole anon stfu already

No. 26562

Suggestion to update board rules

No. 26563

>when you’re so notorious even admin has to tell you to stfu
Fucking kek. Bless you admin.

No. 26564

If only you all knew what the admin was really like kek. Admin-chan is more of a cow than Kiki Kannibal

No. 26565

>If only you all knew what the admin was really like kek.
Mind telling us?

No. 26566

CP in /ot/

No. 26567

This. It's still up

No. 26568

File: 1631777279910.gif (378.08 KB, 500x255, BC267EF3-9F86-40A3-A0A3-29AC47…)

Ugh, I hate that I’ve ran across this deplorable shit multiple times now. Almost feels like I need to check /meta/ before browsing the other boards at this point. Goes without saying that it’s still up.

No. 26569

its gone now

No. 26570

Sure Elaine

No. 26572

the most you'll get is the same old haggard discord screenshot of someone who is allegedly admin complaining about white girls on the board

No. 26573

Or someone calling her depressed/suicidal which… Let's face it, if you ran this website, you would be too

No. 26574


move celebricows back to /snow/ pls

No. 26575


No. 26576

I’m not sure if this goes here or if anyone is currently working on a new Lillee Jean thread, but can we have a separate thread in snow for Laur? I know we previously lumped them together because there wouldn’t be enough milk to sustain two separate threads. At this point, they’re only doing stuff for attention and to bump Lillee’s thread to further their bullying narrative. Besides the occasional autistic photoshoot or livestream, Lillee’s boring. Most of the posts are anons commenting on Laur’s latest racist sock accounts or Laur’s Karen-level meltdowns on Reddit/IMDb.

No. 26577

why not just make the next thread a lillee and laur edition thread? i don't think two separate ones are necessary, and one thread will end up dying anyway (at least that's usually what happens)

No. 26578

I agree with this anon as well. There's enough crossover anyway.

No. 26579

yes, please.

No. 26580

i'm shocked so many people want it moved back to /snow/ with how hard anons were going to defend the nitpicking that goes on

No. 26581

plus the last time it was moved there the nitpicking was basically the same as now, it was just
>she fat
for 50 posts about lana and billie. it won't really make a difference.

No. 26582

Autosage the terrible western Vocaloid thread in /w/ that's going nowhere. Im begging of you. Theres so many spergs

No. 26583

Where can i read from that anon?

No. 26584

the last complaints thread. i just searched the word “nicole” and there were 60 instances of it if that tells you anything.

No. 26585

So are we supposed to adhere and report according to rules on the rule page, or according to that one post admin made that few have seen and will soon forget? Because the latter isn't going to work.
If you're gonna change the rules, change the rules.

No. 26586

wait lc has a search bar? i might just be stupid but i never knew how to do that lol

No. 26587

No, but I wish there was, would be helpful as fuck kek. Just ctrl-f in your browser, or on mobile use find in page.

No. 26588

File: 1631865199511.jpg (9.39 KB, 690x56, Screenshot 2021-09-17 005223.j…)

There is a search function. It only shows up at the bottom of certain pages tho. Far right in picrel. Also you can hit ctrl+f and enter your search term on any webpage!

No. 26590

samefag, thelink in pic above directs to here: https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=015039435983255579989:ewpleqypgn0
It's probably the same as adding 'site:lolcow.farm' to your google search.

No. 26592

not sure what the criteria for getting a thread out of autosage is, but Taylor R doing a fakeout infertility series while being knocked up is pretty milky. Some of her fans want to keep that thread out of the spotlight so there's the odd spergy comment in there, but since this moneygrabbing "infertility" series is ongoing, can the thread be unsaged?

No. 26593

There's barely anyone posting on it anyway.

No. 26594

Bring back the screen-snow.

No. 26596

it is

No. 26597

Sperg retard ban evading in the ewhores thread still; been reporting. If any other anon's are reading from there seems it's best we ignore as any engagement gets them tard raging their manifesto

No. 26600

Seconded. That same anon is probably the same sperg anon from ot that made multiple posts about twitch camgirls.

No. 26601

They strike me as a 4chan scrote, even the obvious posting replying to themselves. Though it being another retarded "ex"camgirl like they're claiming isn't out of the realm of possibility, they're really pushing those details in excess which makes it read like a lie. Their word choices/terminology and ability to quickly ban evade makes it seem more likely, too.

Low IQ and mental illness - not even once.

No. 26710

I've noticed a lot of threads being necro bumped in /snow/ recently. They're always threads that haven't been interacted with in a few years, should we start putting old dead threads on autosage to prevent this?

No. 26711

Gore meme in /ot/

No. 26737

Could some moderation be done in the jvlogger thread?

Thread has been dead but suddenly someone keeps bumping the thread with “hot tea” about Chris, but it’s just insane tinfoil with no receipts. Reads like PULLtard speculation and moralfagging.

No. 26742

Threads that have been inactive in over a year should be deleted automatically unless the cow has multiple threads
Continuation is important but after a year it’s fairly obvious if someone has learnt their lesson or not. Just a thought.

No. 26743

your thread is not going to be deleted, Elaine

No. 26744

>your thread is not going to be deleted, Elaine

Ur so edgy holding things against teenagers online! How do I be you.
Let’s face it, threads will be deleted because all it takes is to call in about a PIPEDA violation.

No. 26745

Then why haven't you done it yet dummy?

No. 26746

>learnt their lesson
this is an imageboard, not a fucking after school special

No. 26747

don’t forget to tell them you originally distributed the alleged cp. your thread photo came from your public ig account.

No. 26754

Idk what’s causing this (maybe someone’s posting and then deleting their posts), but a bunch of really old threads are getting bumped in snow

No. 26755

I came here to say the same. Snow has just had a whole bunch of years old dead threads bumped with no new posts attached

No. 26756

I came here to say this >>26754 >>26755 as well.

Mods should put them in autosage or lock them. It's been happening for almost (?) two weeks.

No. 26757

Can we please have mods delete posts that blatantly advertise OnlyFans accounts? Figs keep coming into the Femboy thread in /snow/ to advertise their OnlyFans by posting nudes of their hideous dicks and anuses. Instead of just banning them these posts should be deleted entirely. People keep replying to them and it attracts scrotes. Thanks.

No. 26758

I added something to one of the threads to at least make it a reason it was bumped. Probably doesn't help, but at least if someone looks, there is an update instead of it just being bumped '7 months ago'. I see this happening a lot on /w/ too sometimes. Not as ofte as /snow/, but just seems like someone trying to fuck with the boards and annoy the farmers.

No. 26759

Am I taking crazy pills? Why are all these year-old threads suddenly at the top in /snow/?

No. 26760

someone trying to push their thread to the back of the catalog

No. 26761

It's Elaine frantically bumping old threads.

No. 26762

This is why old ass threads need to be locked

No. 26763

If so then I just undid all of her progress, kek

No. 26765

It's happening to /w/ too

No. 26766

File: 1632075561682.png (121.74 KB, 1269x617, snow necromancer.png)

Can Arabic be neatly translated like this?


No. 26767

Yeah it’s almost always a cow or their friend bumping old threads to move theirs down.

No. 26770

I doubt that whoever wrote that speaks Arabic. Firstly, it’s formal Arabic, which is only used in newspapers, TV news, and some books. Basically “official” stuff. It’s not commonly used by people on the internet unless they’re 1) old or 2) officials. It’s also way too neat, and the person used the literal meaning of predator, which doesn’t fit the overall context.

Plus the verb isn’t written correctly. In Arabic, verbs are conjugated according to the pronouns of who you’re speaking to/about, sort of like in German. Instead of using a neutral pronoun or a female single/plural pronoun to conjugate the verb, they used a single male pronoun one, as if they’re talking to a man. This often happens when you translate something from English to Arabic on Google translate, as English verbs aren’t conjugated according to gender.

Probably wrote it in English and then translated it to Arabic since it was on top of the list. Lazy too.

t. I speak multiple languages and have been learning Arabic for years.

No. 26771

I wouldn't overthink it, it's not like Elaine hasn't spammed Russian death threats on here before.

No. 26786

Thanks for the analysis nonny!

No. 26787

Elaine Gertler Miller has some updates in her thread here:

No. 26788

File: 1632089539726.jpg (710.9 KB, 1400x1400, tunedin-logo.jpg)

I appreciate your continued presence here, admin-sama

No. 26798

> I wouldn't overthink it, it's not like Elaine hasn't spammed Russian death threats on here before.
Ok Montreal. Thanks for the input. It’s totally not as if you have a shred of evidence for anything stated

No. 26803

Stop spamming gore & cp before someone gets annoyed enough and rings your local inspector, Elaine.

No. 26804

Gore on /ot/ and here

No. 26805

If we’re going to taunt Elaine is it possible to disable posting images in her thread? Obvs that goes against the concept of imageboards but pinning gore to the top of the page isn’t a good look.

No. 26806

and on Elaine's thread in /snow/.

No. 26808

It's gone now

No. 26809

damn she’s posting gore to her own thread too? are we sure she isn’t a lost ostrenga sister? kek.

No. 26810

for real though, there’s gore in /snow/

No. 26811

Is it Elaine or is it that scrote that was just posting in /ot/?

No. 26812

File: 1632104056560.jpeg (234.96 KB, 1242x1121, 03F56FA0-9192-43C4-BADD-E33D89…)

Elaine be like
>t-they host gore and cp on lolcow.farm!
Elaine as well
>spams gore and cp on lolcow.farm
I don’t know if I should roll my eyes or kek.

No. 26814

gore in meta

No. 26815

i wouldn’t surprised if she has a crew of autistic scrotes assisting her tbh

No. 26817

/ot/ as well. i would report it as i see it but i always panic and scroll away as fast as possible by instinct.

No. 26818

That scrote wants to prey upon lonely anons on /ot/, Elaine wants attention and/or take the site down. It's her, I noticed her manicposting hour is late at night (England time, it's 3am now).

No. 26819

>gore on /ot/ with a google translator Japanese message
Yep, it's Elaine.

No. 26820

can this idiot stop with the gore I just want to do my nightly reading

No. 26822

Gore posted here too, dont scroll

No. 26823

The pic is from a haunted house if it makes you feel any better. Elaine can't even gorespam correctly lmao

No. 26824

It’s gone now.

No. 26825

File: 1632106415889.gif (1.9 MB, 300x279, kots.gif)

Thank god. Just wanted to make sure no other anons had to see that autsim.

No. 26826

She posted gore on /snow/ though but the dudes in it look kinda funny ngl

No. 26827

yeah the fat old guy in the foreground was actually way more notable lol

No. 26828

I’d love to know why people are shutting up my thread in other languages, sorry, but that’s probably the thing I’m most interested in on this website.

No. 26829

I’d love to know why people are shitting up my thread in other languages, sorry, but that’s probably the thing I’m most interested in on this website. *(AnonSec)

No. 26830

For real why does he look like that kek

No. 26831

goddamn where are the mods? lock the elaine thread already

No. 26833

Your threads are never going away, Elaine.

No. 26834

I’m not elaine anon, the thread is just going to keep prompting her to spam more garbage and I want her and her deranged dumbassery to be gone forever

No. 26835

too bad

No. 26839

Who is this person who keeps saying this? An Elaine a log or an actual farmhand?(Elaine)

No. 26840

Please explain what you think an a-log is.

No. 26841

Elaine’s picked up on some board language but still uses it incorrectly because she’s a legitimate retard. Someone using “newfag” “nonna” “a-log” “namefagging” incorrectly? There’s a good chance it’s Elaine.

No. 26842

I know, but I'm trying to understand her thought process here.

No. 26843

the thought process is psychosis

No. 26844

a ton of racebait in the things we hate thread in /ot/

No. 26852

Fair point.

No. 26854

I was wondering if it’s okay to create a thread on a cow when the previous OP/thread was redtexted and had a bad summary? Someone fucked up and made a thread just to infight and has less focus on the cow themselves, so would it be okay to make a new, better thread?

No. 26856

If you mean the Nicole thread, just use it. We've always used shitty OP threads like Belle Delphines and Mikan's.

No. 26866

Actually people frequently reject shit OPs like that one and make new ones. It's very clearly not condusive to interesting discussion and contains no usable summary of milk. 100 posts wasted already just from infighting and people saying the thread is shit, plus not even a unique OP image to differentiate it from past threads.

OP clearly rushed it to try and force their own nonsense "linear" narrative e.g. you have to agree with me, OP is clearly also the obsessed user with a VPN who has been repeatedly banned from meta for sperging about the thread existing.
Mikan's thread appears to be a selfpost that backfired imo, this is a sperg spergin' both in the OP and blatantly samefaggin' in the replies, in summary we need a new thread.

No. 26867

Mods should just ban discussion of her having her own thread and force her back into the niche threads of /w/.

No. 26868

Why? Nobody is forcing you to read threads you don’t like, you don’t have to ruin the fun drama for everyone else, sadge

No. 26869

I'm just making a statement considering meta is constantly filled with Nicole thread talk.

No. 26870

Where does >>26854 mention her name? I was just wondering if it’s allowed tbh

No. 26871

Suggestion to make the subject field required to be filled in order to post a new thread.
Sometimes anons will forget to fill it in and then the thread is hard to find in the catalog. It would also make it impossible to accidentally make a new thread when just wanting to reply to an existing one.

No. 26874

Let them know in >>>/meta/6821 , but that sounds like a good idea

No. 26946

File: 1632265937288.png (72.97 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210922-003843.png)

Since I've never broken any rules, I believe this is because someone thinks I'm that kid.
Do mods not go over post history and just ban anyone on any stupid report? Or are mods also lunatic paranoics?
Either way, it's not ok.
My ip is dynamic and it's no big deal, but again, this is not ok.

No. 26955

Well I guess mods are paranoid too like most of the userbase, and all it took for them to express their mental illness was one teenager posting shit.

No. 26956

they clearly banned you because of ligma, don’t be dense

No. 26958

Gore in /ot/ and Elaine’s thread (it just had to be her, I wonder why kek)

No. 26959

Watch out, it's Elaine's manicposting hour and she's dropping gore on her thread.

No. 26960

It’s being posted in multiple threads. Time to mass report.

No. 26961

Gore in /ot/ and /m/

No. 26962

Looks like the gore is gone

No. 26963

That was quick as hell. Thank you farmhands!

No. 26964

Thx farmhands.

>on /m/
Now that's just low. /m/ is so comfy…

No. 26980

File: 1632335688354.jpeg (314.38 KB, 584x940, E37C7CC3-9147-49F5-B1FC-253E2E…)

How much you want to bet the person who admitted to hating black people, called me a baboon, and claimed that calling black people the n-word is revolutionary and big brained got banned for racebait as well? Highly doubt it.

No. 27047

Did you… not scroll up?

No. 27050

Can we ban everyone who says "twt"

No. 27053

someone is spamming TJ kirk all over /pt/, /ot/ and possibly other boards

man.. I really thought /m/ was safe

No. 27054

What thread were you posting in?

No. 27055

Gore in /ot/

No. 27057

Thank you for clearing away the gore Jannies, it was freaking me out. Much love

No. 27058

No. 27059

i know /ot/ is pretty much the "anything goes" board but i wish mods would crack down harder on people who make it obvious they're samefagging.
like you have posters who keep positng pics of the same character o the point it's borderline avatarfagging.
it's attention whoring and it misses the point of an anonymous board.

No. 27060

sanic is a pretty popular character anon. plus they're only posting him because of complaints like this lol

No. 27064

May I suggest unpinning the Chris Chan thread from /pt/ because there won't be new milk for a while

No. 27067

Someone is doxxing and making threads >>>/w/174097

No. 27068

can the fighting over noncery in the lori thread be cleaned up? there are anons typing full paragraphs as though anybody visits the thread to read their dissertations and it's super obnoxious

No. 27069

Anons already moved on and every thread of Lori's has pedosperg anon calling everyone a pedophile if they don't think Lori is a pedophile. Move on too, anon.

No. 27070

It's going to be the new borzioposting because retards like you can't deal with someone using an inoffensive thread pic that you don't like.

No. 27072

Nah. What they said was right. Read the fucking rules & info, retard, and you'll know.

No. 27075

right, but it’s still obnoxious to scroll past literal paragraphs, and it still needs to be cleaned up? what sort of tard logic is this

No. 27076

It's like 10 posts. Get over it

No. 27077

Why was the Woke Twitter Activists thread locked ?


No. 27079

Racebait magnet. We already have a twitter thread on /ot/ which covers woke twitter activists.

No. 27081

You should unpin the old suggestions thread and pin this one so it is easier to find

No. 27099

Please start deleting the fucking femboys selfposting in their thread. They get banned but the posts need to be deleted because they keep finding this thread whenever it gets posted on /lgbt/ and it encourages them to advertise their twitter and OnlyFans accounts here and brings over unsaging scrotes. PLEASE. I asked before.

No. 27100

I’m so glad mods banned the faggot who posted all the threads with sonic pictures to insidiously spread his/her autism. We have like vent thread, the stupid questions thread AND the unpopular opinions (I think? Can’t remember which ones) all with fucking sonic pictures. I can’t wait until they die out. In future let’s all agree to never use a thread with a picture of sonic attached.

No. 27101

I'm not any of the sonicfags but I can't believe someone could get so upset over a damn drawing kek

No. 27102

i mean /ot/ anons were already shitting their pants over borzois, adam driver and pitbull. is it really that surprising anymore?

No. 27103

The borzois Adam diver and pitbull where fine but sonic triggers me bc of Chris Chans recent escapade and I just have bad vibes towards sonic or sonic lovers in general

No. 27104

i doubt most sonic fans, especially female fans, are as bad as chris-chan. it's just another cartoon animal meant for kids.

No. 27106

Seconding this. I’m still seeing that loser’s face, I don’t think they’ll stop until they stop getting attention from it.

No. 27107

Hey, can a mod go in and ban this person who keeps trying to spam this girl? They haven't posted any actual milk. Just them complaining that she lies in tweets without backup proof of it and just goes on and on about how fat they think she is. She's been posted non-stop and anons always, throughout the thread, have had to tell them to fuck off with their vendetta. >>>/w/174595

No. 27108

Some moid is spamming gore again

No. 27109

someone is replying to threads in /snow/ with gore and dick pics

No. 27110

Don't bump threads on snow. You aren't helping.

No. 27111

Thank you for cleaning up the gore and dick pics so quickly!

No. 27112

Its the fucking selfposting femboy who got mad nobody agreed that he was cute. You need to delete their posts instead of just banning them.

No. 27113

Lol no. His posts should stay up. They were willingly posted after all. he had a chance to delete them 30 minutes after the initial post.

No. 27114

Is anyone working on a new Corpse thread? They found some new (old) photos of him at KF.

Also the thread request thread is at capacity so there needs to be a new one.

I'm a mobile asshat otherwise I would do it myself.

No. 27115

I can do it rn if no one native to the thread is gonna step up

No. 27116


it's up >>1336187

No. 27117


No. 27118

♥ if anyone earned having someone else make the thread for them it's certainly you freaks

No. 27120

Why? They keep coming here to advertise their OnlyFans pages and their twitter accounts full of disgusting porn shit. Why do you think we should give them a platform to do this instead of just deleting it and pretending it never happened? They want attention and they get off to any attention, good or bad. THey probably jerk off to being made fun off my women. Their selfposts need to be deleted.

No. 27121

Can MTF general be put on auto sage or moved? It’s mostly infighting/derailing on religion, homosexuality, and other OT bullshit

No. 27122


Second this its attracting right wing nut jobs too same with the covid thread. Also was the pink pill thread taken down or autosaged?

No. 27124

No. 27125

Hiding a thread doesn't fix the problem.

No. 27126

this sounds like something a tranny would say…

No. 27127

Sure it does. The problem being you not wanting to be exposed to dissenting opinions.

No. 27128

Proof that there was another version of vent thread 88

There was already a vent thread 88 that already reached past 1200 posts, now can you jannies please delete or lock the one with that ugly comic book girl?

No. 27129

Are you stupid? You can't just create a new thread before the other one is locked just because the numbers are wrong, retard

No. 27130

genuine autism

No. 27131

nta but anons create new threads before the post limit all the time without getting in trouble

No. 27132

They usually do that after 1100, you knob. At the point this new vent thread was made, that should be considered a duplicate thread.

No. 27133

Why hasn't the whiteknight for Republican moids in the tranny threads been banned? She's done nothing but shit up the threads and blame it on other people. It's a hassle to sift through the infighting, and I say that as one of the people who made the mistake of falling into it in hopes of getting her to shut up or move on. Modding for /snow/ must be truly unbearable.

No. 27135

Thank you so much for banning that anon in MTF quickly so we don't need to read about her husband's bussy anymore

No. 27136

Hope I'm not in the wrong place, scoured threads for a while and did not know where this fell in

Let's say I was put out to pasture, and I wrote in an appeal and I can post now, when you are unbanned, I am guessing that it isn't like when you are banned and get the original farmhand message to ascertain why? My appeal was that I was only one of several people and IPs posting about a cow in the wrong thread, so I'd assume that this was looked into and as a result I'm now unbanned? Sorry if I'm being stupid!

No. 27137

Your style of typing is genuinely retarded

No. 27138


Off topic but I'll take pointers if you tell me why

No. 27139

Your ban probably expired

No. 27140

unless you're hotswapping IPs if you're able to post you're unbanned

No. 27141

arab femboy is back to sucking his own dick in the femboy thread, pls ban

No. 27142

Can mods do something about the faggots that keep bringing up the Ukrainian cam girl with no proof of milk and keep causing in fighting?

No. 27143

am i retarded or did the pixielocks thread disappear?

No. 27145

there is a cooooooomer in the ariana threads, can we get rid of them or something? they write a whole novel defending porn - idk if they’re a scrote or what but man they’re annoying. i reported just now.

No. 27146

Can a farmhand tell the spergs in /w/ to move on from old milk already and to stop reposting old milk, just to keep going on and on and on about cheating that was discussed since thread 2 and anons keep making autistic collages to bring it back up again, as if this isn't thread 5 and it's stale milk at this point. I'm so tired of seeing "Back in 2017 and 2020, she might've cheated and here's my timestamped and cropped out high school collage to go with it."


There can be milk with this thread, but not even anons just won't let old milk be old and stop reposting the same thing over and over again when there isn't any new milk. Nuke the thread or autosage it.

No. 27147

thread requests thread has been maxed for like a week. thread requesting a new thread request thread

No. 27149

>Nicole anon stfu already

No. 27152

Since when is sagged infighting a ban/redtext offense again?

No. 27153

i got banned for a post i never typed… how does that happen? is it a glitch in the reporting system i guess?

No. 27154

Are you using a vpn? This sometimes happens to me, I use one.

No. 27155

CP in /ot/

No. 27157

I’m gonna say this once and once only. Even if CP is being spammed by scrotes, y’all need to start holding the admin & mod team here accountable. It doesn’t matter who’s spamming it. This doesn’t happen on other sites like KF, Instagram, etc… because there are things instated to stop it happening. You can get angry and seethe at the scrotes posting it all you want, but you fail to realise that as soon as cp is posted here, this site has been responsible for hosting Child Pornography. Even if it was accidental. There is no excuse for behaviour like this, if the moderation team really can’t implement features that prevent this from happening, I, alongside, hopefully a few of you girls, will stop using this site. I don’t care if the content is deleted or not. I don’t feel comfortable posting on a site where there’s nothing to stop weirdos posting naked kids. Unacceptable.

No. 27158

The fact is, we are all incriminated just by viewing the spammed cp. I’m not being put in that position. I don’t care what the risk factor of being caught is, I don’t want to look at exploited children.

No. 27159

Would you also like mods and admin to be held accountable for all finstas?

No. 27160

There's a difference between willingly viewing CP vs someone planting CP on a website [which happens on sites like Twitter and Instagram too, anon]. It's not the site's fault someone is spamming it and they do what they can to take it down asap. Since you don't care about being caught for your accidental viewing of CP, then what's the point of even mentioning everyone is incriminated? Just close the site for a few hours like normal people do or avoid that specific board. If you are going in there and purposely refreshing and forcing yourself to look at it, without giving it time for mods/admin to react, you're looking at it yourself. Websites do what they can and not even instagram or twitter have captchas to deal with it either because that's not exactly a solution when it's clear its an actual person doing it and not a bot.

No. 27161

You are both acting as if there’s nothing that can be done to stop this happening lol. Captcha codes exist. The fact we still haven’t gotten over the spam problem is literally retarded.

No. 27162

Where is the captcha, anon? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, places predators also post CP, don't have these. Captcha doesn't solve the gore and CP and raids happen. We mainly get raided because it's basically a female-centric version of 4chan. Please tell everyone how you would solve this problem if you were admin.

No. 27163

captcha codes like the ones used in 4chan.
Users who want to evade would have to purchase premium

No. 27164

You can evade even without premium.

No. 27166

>I, alongside, hopefully a few of you girls, will stop using this site.
this is elaine again, isn't it

No. 27167

I don't even go to the thread and only seen her mentioned in /meta/ and even I was thinking that, but didn't want to hi cow.

No. 27168

Lmao it's definitely sperglaine, here I was hoping her parents took away her internet privvies since her thread went quiet. Shame.

No. 27169

File: 1633168773649.jpeg (338.27 KB, 542x1017, 4A2F6C65-7B2D-4893-86CC-DBA20A…)

I got banned for a post I didn’t make, mod nonnies. No big deal and I didn’t even notice the ban before it expired but I’m just letting you know.

No. 27170

was this using cellular data? because that happens to me all the time. I'm not sure how cellular data IPs work but I don't think it's the jannies fault.

No. 27171

I wish all of you fucking retards would understand what an imageboard is, how IP addresses work, and that mods don't personally know or care who you are. If your ban has expired, nobody gives a shit.

No. 27172

I am now, but before I was using the Brave Browser app alone. I found a solution, it’s okay. Thank you for replying!

No. 27173

This happened to me too, idk it’s definitely a glitch.

No. 27174

it’s not a glitch, it’s what >>27171 said
it’s a recycled IP

No. 27175

Kill yourself you miserable cunt. I have enough people irl being rude to me without your self important nonsense. Why don’t you shut your fucking mouth whore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 27176

nta but get a thicker skin or leave, retard

No. 27178

You realize this is lolcow right? Eat shit and die if you can't handle this type of banter. This isn't a hugbox for mush brains.

No. 27179

>It doesn’t matter who’s spamming it

uh yeah it does, elaine.

No. 27180

Ines, just quit while you’re ahead mate, this is how to ruin your future, there’s already a Wordpress dedicated to you.

No. 27181

not a whole wordpress!

No. 27183

gonna ignore that
>but you fail to realise that as soon as cp is posted here, this site has been responsible for hosting Child Pornography.
not how the law works lol

No. 27184

Captcha doesn't stop people from posting gore or cp retard

No. 27185

God I can't even imagine if a whole WordPress was dedicated to me, I'd be screaming and crying and begging for the all merciful Elaine to please take it down! My entire future, decimated, just like that… Horrifying. Who knows how admin will go on

No. 27186

>Ines wordpress
>admin is actually Italian and bakes lots of bread

No. 27187

Reel in your jannies warning people for stupid shit like reddit spacing

No. 27188

how else are people going to integrate if they don’t get warnings..?

No. 27189

Read any Reddit spaced post and then make the connection whatever's being written is more cancerous than the typing style 9/10 times.

No. 27191

Mods, this retard >>27107 is now hopping board to board, posting this chick, trying to get the vendetta rolling again. Can we just outright ban them at this point? It's so obvious its a vendetta and I'm tired of going to other boards aside from /w/ and seeing the same autist reposting the same photos too. >>>/ot/929053 At least they are in /ot/, but letting them spam there too kind of makes you guys okay with her coming back to /w/, again later like they always do, and derails without posting milk about her again.

No. 27192

File: 1633275240211.png (164.54 KB, 1809x304, thank you.png)

IDK if this was done before my post or not, probably should've refreshed, but thank you. This vendetta poster has a serious headcase with no milk aside from how much she thinks she's fat.

No. 27193

its not difficult to bypass a ban anon. if theyre so determined then it doesnt matter.

No. 27194

Oh, I know, but that doesn't mean farmhands can't ban them when they can.

No. 27195

are you meaning red text ban so you see specifically when its been addressed? cus if not, then my point stands.

No. 27196

please cease the vagina derailing in the shayna thread

No. 27197

Anon, I'm meaning that if it was there before I came to meta to talk about it, I missed it. it has nothing to do with me personally wanting to see red text. What you are saying has nothing to do with what I was saying.

No. 27198

you asked for an outright ban. are you wanting them to delete the posts?

No. 27199

Anon, go outside. You're obsessed over the use of 'outright'. It's very clear they ban evade and no one said anything about deleting the posts, so I don't know where you got that from. It's nice they ban evade, but farmhands can also implement longer bans on the IPs they anon does use. This isn't anything new. I don't know what you're trying to get at by arguing about this.

No. 27200

you can look all over meta about recycled ips. spammers dont stick with one range

No. 27201

I really liked the femboy thread, but it’s been off topic for days now because of some nonnie sperging about how gay men are unnatural pedophiles and homosexuality is caused by childhood abuse and lesbians don’t actually exist or whatever. Might just be tinfoiling, but it’s gotten worse since that selfposter freak.

No. 27202

Hahaha I love it when I get redtexted but the ban doesn’t even work. Mods you need to sort it out x

No. 27203

only brits and bpd chicks put x at the end of their post. and neither should be considered human

No. 27204

Spoiler this shit

No. 27206

Please bring back the manhate thread. Every other thread has become full of VAW trauma porn. It's depressing af.

No. 27207

Why? Not to mention it's such a small thumbnail.

No. 27208

File: 1633364688321.jpg (58.08 KB, 364x486, accessory.jpg)

I was thinking about it the other day. It's weird that we can have a dog hate thread but not a man hate thread.

No. 27209

Vent thread #90 can be unlocked now

No. 27211

Ines has a fear of dogs

No. 27212

lmao nona you do realize that it's the same anon who made the femboy thread, right? read his every new milk post, it's always full of accusations of molestation etc. he's literally the only one contributing there kek

No. 27213

everyone knows admin is behind the borzoi hate posts, give us something new

No. 27214

Admin hid her IP through a garbage proxy chain, she also created the Grimes thread. Xoxo

No. 27215

You should let Grimes know

No. 27216

Admins not going to fuck you, Elaine.

No. 27217

Ines likes to eat tator tots on a hot summer day.

She likes lemon gelato.

Her favorite nail polish is Munich by OPI.

She likes to read magazines in her spare time.

She once hired a personal chef to cook for her in a goofy, That's-So-Raven like hijinx.

Her name spelled backwards is Seni.

She wipes her booty twice just to be sure she got everything.

She claims her pussy smells like roses but I don't believe that hoe for a second


No. 27218


Can we pretend that airplanes

No. 27221

rip im autistic you might be right, I just liked laughing at cafebeef and co.

No. 27222

you can still enjoy it from a different cow angle, like OP seething because he's formerly one of those molested groomed jailhouse gay incel femboys kek. he did learn to integrate somewhat by throwing in an occasional "moid" or "scrote" tho

No. 27230

I don't understand why we can't have man hate threads. I miss them so much.

No. 27232

Because they encouraged an extremist userbase who leaked out into every other thread and we don't have the moderation power to constrain that. I've always felt indifference towards the threads existence, but even I started to get annoyed at how many unrelated threads would derail to manhate sperg. It's the same reason anachan threads had to be removed for a time.

Even as someone who enjoys skimming the mtf threads when I'm bored (which, let's be honest, are often like mini manhate 2.0), the amount of users who have over time got it in their heads lolcow is some kind of extreme feminist refuge is annoying. It was and always has been a subset of the old /CGL/ after catty bitch gossip got banned by mootles and imho battle of the sexes has nothing to do with catty bitch gossip. The honest to God reason people started saying "scrotes" on LC was as a satirical comeback against being called "roasties" on 4chan (where LC originated from), and like all things it's evolved into some retard thing where people who take it too seriously didn't lurk moar and thought they were at home. Now we can't have nice things because those retards can't contain their spazz enmasse.

No. 27233

you're an intellectual nonnie. obv ntayrt but it really does attract tumblr/twitfag terf types who cannot shut the fuck up about their opinions literally ever, and they'll start sharting it into every single thread they can fit it into, even if the original topic was about something else entirely. there's been moments where I've agreed with something one of these types is saying re: troons or males, but the fact that they've brought it up out of nowhere in a totally unrelated conversation on a completely random thread pisses me off that much I still get annoyed. it's absolutely tedious as it is already, so encouraging it will only make it even worse. plus, like you said, if you want to go on about hating men, just go to the MTF thread kek

No. 27234

>there's been moments where I've agreed with something one of these types is saying re: troons or males, but the fact that they've brought it up out of nowhere in a totally unrelated conversation on a completely random thread pisses me off that much I still get annoyed.
110% this.

Though maybe to a lesser extent, the influx of those same users weirdly extreme PC idealogies often starts to shit up other threads too. In true ironic fashion (despite that mtf thread is like mini man hate), I can promise you the amount of users doing things like commenting >"she*"
>sex work is real work
>racist diatribe disguised as equality
Etc. increases with their infl1ux, as well.

It's truly unfortunate, but it's the way it is and presently not having manhate threads is the "lesser evil".

No. 27235

>the way we keep manhate spergs from unrelated threads is by taking away their containment thread

Real big brain hours

No. 27239

Can someone please deal with the derailing in the fakeboi thread, it's been going on all day now.

No. 27240

I just don't get why we can't have a female only space, and not talk about men? Like, there are other avenues that cater to terfs: (spinster/ovarit/saidit/crystal cafe/ kiwifarm's troon threads etc.)

but terf anons will still stomp their feet and whine about how they don't want to leave because some of those sites won't let them insult trannies in the same way you're allowed to here, or because they're too lazy to integrate to those sites' userbases.

No. 27241

The point is those threads existing attract loud tards to this site who do not stick to their containment thread and we don't have the moderation power to keep them in check. It's the lesser evil to remove it and snuff out the stragglers. This isn't the first or only topic that has had to be banned, and as someone whose been here since day one I can attest to how this does help and how much of a problem it was.

If you want manhate threads, then, should this site find a new admin and survive, apply to be a moderator. If we had enough moderators onboard to handle that level of tard shit, maybe admin could reconsider. This really isn't that hard of a concept to wrap your head around, I don't know why some of you act like it's a personal vendetta against yourselves when the decision comes purely from preventing mass retardation. I sincerely feel like a lot of you must not have been around for the lawless landslide of shit that the admin before this one let the site shift into. It's still never fully recovered.

No. 27242

>I just don't get why we can't have a female only space, and not talk about men?
Impossible, you would have to ban all the male cow and hot guy threads too. Good luck with that.

I get the problems with the manhate threads. At the same time, there are threads where we can hate on all sorts of things here, including dogs. So it feels off that scrotes are somehow protected from being hated on.

No. 27243

>I just don't get why we can't have a female only space, and not talk about men?
I get what you're trying to say but men effect us both online and in real life, so obviously we are going to talk about men (whether it be negative or positive). I don't think it's wrong for women to openly and honestly talk about men here.

No. 27244

>So it feels off that scrotes are somehow protected from being hated on.
That's the thing, though: the rule against manhate threads has nothing to do with scrotes being protected or some moral BS. It's quite purely and simply that, that specific topic brings in a specific kind of people who every time, without fail, shit up the rest of the site no matter what the topic is. It's not just a few dedicated trolls, it's a problem that gets so out of hand that removal was the last resort solution because it literally made the entire site insufferable. LC isn't a women's rights site, it's a catty gossip board. If a topic is interfering with the catty gossip to such an extent mods can't keep up, then how does it not make sense for it to be banned? It's the same for racebaiting and politics and shit. It's not because we're all morally just and righteous, it's literally because it can't be properly contained and brings in a specific, unwanted kind of userbase to allow it's discussion.

No. 27245

File: 1633507878046.jpg (79.03 KB, 884x526, 1628950968385.jpg)

crystal cafe has a bunch of larping trannies/males though

>I just don't get why we can't have a female only space, and not talk about men

my main issue is that farmers are very hard on women's looks most of the time, if you have a problem with that it's "moralfagging" but if you say something negative about men you either get banned or bombarded with "omg stop sperging u sound like an incel come on we're better than that" or just straight up whining about how not all men are bad. if we can't shit on men then they need to be stricter about how much you can shit on women.

No. 27246

>they need to be stricter about how much you can shit on women
ayrt if repeated nitpicks on superficial shit that people aren't able to control like age or their looks: Looking at all the costhot and e-thot threads where they get filled up with nothing but comments on how ugly or fat they are and how no man should have sex with them were a bannable offense, I wouldn't mind because it clogs up threads and gives minor cows a ridiculously high thread count.

No. 27247

You can shit on men, though… When those men are specific cows/flakes or otherwise a group that offers some kind of gossipy content. Do you not read any of the male cows threads? Do you think everyone here thinks Onision looks like Zac Efron?

It's a completely different comparison to say it the way you have. People get banned and told off when their sperg against female cows gets too outlandish or nitpicky, too.

No. 27248

It was in the past to some extent, but whenever it's been harder enforced there's a larger outcry of mods being too strict. It's really a scenario of not being able to please everyone.

No. 27249

>that specific topic brings in a specific kind of people who every time, without fail, shit up the rest of the site no matter what the topic is

I have a hard time believing this, can you give me any specific examples? I've only been using this site since the end of 2018 so maybe I'm wrong but the /snow/ threads I follow haven't really changed or been "shitted up" any less than they were before the manhate thread got banned, even lurking older threads from before I used this website weren't getting shit up with irrelevant man hating. it would make sense to me if they didn't want a manhate thread because it would attract more trolls/spammers, I respect that but I wish they would just say it.

I don't follow the onion thread, yes they shit on men to a certain extent but they don't nitpick as much. half of shayna's thread is just calling her obese and other insults, yet jannies threatened to lock/autosage the blaire white thread multiple times for merely saying he looked like a dude. the RTG thread is FULL of people saying she looks like a man and the jannies haven't stepped in once. there is a clear bias.

No. 27250

>people get banned and told off when their sperg against female cows gets too outlandish or nitpicky
Eh, moo, bella delphine (before she got thread locked), weenus (no idea if she's still auto-saged), lori (recently when that one reddit anon dropped her OF pics), the e-girl general (where they'd all selfpost anyways), even in Kathy/Katherine whatever's, heather sparkles (whom I'm convinced is just filled with her old friends posting about her) and ana-chan general would beg to differ.
Yeah, because it's one of those things that's hard to moderate for. So you end up getting shit like certain people or things being banned topics as a compromise, like all the lainey makeup sperges being banned from onion threads when it wasn't just filled with schizos and kiwifarmers.

No. 27251

Idk I don't want to come to this site and see a steven crowder video posted as evidence as to why trannies are bad blehblehbleh. I'm not big on transgender people either but don't feel there needs to be a whole thread on them when we can't even have a feminist thread on a female only site cause scrotes keep getting triggered by it. In a way I know right wingers are obsessed w the trans issue so I do feel like in that aspect it's attracting men since there are few places that even allow you to talk about trans. They also inaccurately reported on the WI spa thing and just got all outraged over it.

No. 27252

I'm going to be completely honest in saying I don't give enough fucks about it to hassle myself with finding old posts that would prove that point, but if you truly want to find some I'm fairly certain they've been discussed/linked in past meta threads (as either a point of complaint or in response to people saying similar to what you are now). I could be wrong but I'm also fairly certain admin has directly addressed this as the reasoning multiple times, and you'd also find that in the past meta threads if so.

No. 27253

this hurt to try to read

No. 27254

>this does help
it hasn't done fuck all lmao

No. 27255

>It's not true because I don't want it to be.
Darren Merger got charged retard. Women in video with kids claiming she got flashed and trannies on twitter tried to claim there were no kids in the video. Guardian even had to retract their article calling it a hoax lmao. Face it, men will work to predate, not just do it the quick and easy way. They'll take the way that's least likely to result in consequences.

No. 27256

>it's literally because it can't be properly contained and brings in a specific, unwanted kind of userbase to allow it's discussion.
The covid thread brings in facebook moms but that's still allowed.

No. 27257

Yeah the covid thread and the tinfoil one really bring in the nutcases.

No. 27258

File: 1633529960064.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633181422244.jpeg)

congratulations, your and other "anon's" bitching about a single innocent thread to the point it got banned, now made /ot/ manhate general, effectively only furthering the fact that men are trash.

No. 27259

The difference between those threads and the man hate threads is that /ot/ isn't constantly blowing up in infighting because anons are arguing about vaccines and conspiracies in unrelated threads.

No. 27260

Yes, lots of topics can bring in shitty users or bring out shitty takes. But not every topic will do so to such an uncontrolled extent that it warrants banning, and once it does then admin/team deal with it as they do.
You're being intentionally obtuse and shifting blame. Anons bitching is not what got it banned; excessive, off topic derailing outside of containment got it banned.

And regardless of what you want to believe, I have personally noticed the difference since it's been gone. Is it still a problem? Yes. Will bringing back the thread solve that problem? No, it'll just take us back to recruiting the same line of retards who started this - probably the same ones who stuck around and still contribute to it as an issue presently. LC was never meant to be your diary to QQ, just because you came at a time where this was at an out of controlled height doesn't mean you're entitled to it now.

No. 27261

But they do argue about it in unrelated threads, mostly in the vent thread.

No. 27262

samefag this goes for the dog hate spergs too

No. 27264

Lmao I'm fine if you want to pretend it's better now. And no, the closing of the thread and all related ones always happened directly after some spergs started by the bitching about it here when it was barely an issue. But again, I'm not complaining because the end result is the current boards only going stronger with the man/tranny hate and instead of one "containment thread" anons are just doing it in every thread now kek. And no, not everyone who says something you don't like is a newfag, I've been here from the start and before and am glad the scrotes from back then feel uncomfortable now, as they should.

No. 27265

They do though lol

No. 27266

Can we lock/delete the dreams thread made by the sonic avatarfag >>>/ot/931700 so we can make one wth a better threadpic?
Enough of the sonic autist already

No. 27268


No. 27270

Someone posting teenager porn.

No. 27272

Did the Discord server get deleted? If so, how come?

No. 27273

I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe it was Elaine or maybe admin thinks we are Elaine

No. 27274

Elaine April Gertler-Miller / Elaine Gertler Miller / Elaine Miller / Elaine Gertler / Lainey / Inplie / Magixel has actually, after 6 months, figured out how to report servers which make her seethe. I will be looking at alternatives but I don't know if discord is still in demand. I don't believe we need a discord but I know anons enjoyed the channels and friend finder.

No. 27275

You could always create an informal IRC channel on Rizon or freenode for anons to chat in real time.

No. 27276

Honk the planet

No. 27278

When are you going to link the WordPress?

No. 27279

Hey Ines. I think it would be more fun for you to know there’s a few alts on Instagram and Facebook that are gaining traction. Including a follow from your university ^.^ I guess you’ll have to find them yourself, it’s more fun that way :D I take enormous pleasure in our little cyber war, if you weren’t a legitimate sex offender in real life associated with creepy men , maybe I’d even find your tenacious but poorly skilled personality attractive. When will you learn that there never was a Wordpress? But there was a discord server ^.^

No. 27280

File: 1633656689988.jpg (127.25 KB, 1053x547, SmartSelect_20211007-213107_Ch…)

Mentally ill whore can't even remember her own threats. Yikessss.

No. 27281

Maybe I’m just extra good at diversion. If you weren’t so focused on the word press Ines, you anorexic BPD critically ill piece of shit, maybe you would notice your shit being attacked. Cope. Ugly rat.

No. 27282

File: 1633657049760.jpeg (154.76 KB, 1125x879, 1627377477325.jpeg)

>maybe I'm just eckstra gewd at spec op
bitch can't even tell who is and isn't admin. KEK I'm just a regular anon, I thought you knew who was and wasn't admin posting??? embarrassing

No. 27283

>I was only pretending to be retarded
ok elaine

No. 27284

this continues to be her excuse every time she gets called out and it keeps getting funnier

No. 27285

she thinks she's high and mighty because she got a discord server shut down. That's a rather easy task to do, dumbass. Especially if you're a liar and an autist.

No. 27286

Anons, hear my plea. It has become clear that Elaine and Admin-I mean, Ines were meant to be!! Why is there no fanfiction celebrating this new forbidden relationship? Have you no taste? Elaine is faking all these sock puppet accounts and writing the same messages over and over because she wants Admin- I mean, Ines's attention!! This is my complaint!!

No. 27287

File: 1633659891473.jpeg (258.8 KB, 828x1002, 117943A1-CE14-4A73-8A4A-A3AE7A…)

you mean this one elaine? 8 whole followers, impressive

No. 27288

lmao not the infamous lolcow admin ines, the female muslim lesbian in a relationship with a woman

No. 27289

love the grimes thread, ty admin

No. 27290

A whole 1000 dollars reward for information that a supreme hacker could find in a shorter amount of time?

No. 27291

admin and elaine are just like josh and ethan its cute

No. 27292

Quick question Not-Elaine sooperhacker…
just how many petite tan lesbian Muslim Ineses do you think attend McGill in Montreal? Why are you still offering $1000 for info?

No. 27293

It's not and to be honest, I think a lot of actual female farmers ignore it. When I have visited, it's massive scrote vibes aside from the mods which I've spoken to before in DMs. Not to mention the spergs who come here to post the Discord as if anything they have to say matters and is milk when it isn't.

I think it's better off dead and saves yourself a coded link on the site.

No. 27294

Kind of hard to make a observation when you were probably restricted to one channel lol

No. 27296

I wasn't restricted to one channel. maybe you haven't hung out in there for a few months at a time, but there isn't much in there. I didn't say its all scrotes. I said there is massive scrote vibes because there are guys in there who have been outted before as well as cows lurking. I don't think most farmers actually use it and considering autists do come here to meta and other boards to repost MasSivE info from the discord, as if it were a secret thing, is utterly retarded too. It's also one less thing that admin and farmhands need to regulate. It's a waste of time when they already need people watching the boards.

No. 27297

Doesn't matter now but in the future: if a chat room full of autists and "scrote vibes" turns you off you can just leave.

No. 27298

I did? You're missing the point. I don't know why you are arguing about my opinion on why admin shouldn't bother with discord anymore. Good for you for liking it?

Can a farmhand tell me if this is the supposed Elaine retard?

No. 27299

Nah, Elaine still can't figure out how to sage. That, there's a genuinely random retard. There's a lot of them who frequent meta for some reason, all equally as annoying, lacking in reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

So, in that sense…
I guess there's a lil Elaine in all of us.

No. 27300

Hi Ines.
I would like to offer a proposal of us getting a joint podcast together. I really think this would do wonders for the internet. Would you join me in my mission and be the Ethan to my Null? Thanks!

No. 27301

You really think admin is larping as a farmer? Lol, how retarded are you?

No. 27302

Someone made a spam thread in >>>/w/176280

No. 27303

How dare you namefagging that poor retarded Elaine?! Not very nice of you, anon.

No. 27304

Didn't you also say admin was in jail?

No. 27305

File: 1633701015083.jpeg (329.94 KB, 1170x613, 9E2EF4DE-4C2C-4111-8761-5EA916…)

she’s literally being investigated, nonny

No. 27306

Is that a codeword for being stalked?

No. 27308

Show proof then retard. Or is this another “diversion”? Hard to determine what’s true when you’re such a brain dead idiot kek.

No. 27309

>calling a mentally ill lesbian WOC of color, a rat
errrmmm racist elaine arc?

No. 27310

Show proof of investigation

No. 27311

i'm sure the only "investigation" going on is the pathetic one elaine is conducting on instagram kek

No. 27312

Racebait thread on /snow/ ft. gore, namefags, and all other forms of newfaggotry >>>/snow/1343798

No. 27313

Let me make something very clear. No one who is attacking this site cares about their threads on here. We care about the children on here who have suffered due to this website. None of us cows give a shit about a few fat women being catty online. If I could I’d direct you all to the threads that are openly on minors where people have shared their nudes. The thing is, sometimes the farmhands do ban people for creating threads on minors, banning the person who created the thread doesn’t erase the content meaning there is still content on minors even if the person who created it can’t access the site. People need to stop bringing up our threads as if that’s is why we are attacking Ines. We are attacking Ines because of the child pornography and revenge Porn on this website. None of our nudes have been shared, this is entirely out of anger of what young girls have to go through. If Ines was as much of a feminist as she portrays, she wouldn’t expose young girls online for everyone to see. Even if they’ve posted that content themselves first, there is no tangible excuse for using their stupidity against them and subjecting them to years of exposure, embarrassment and sexual exploitation. The backhanded “take your meds” comments should really be redirected to Ines and her buddies who openly have threads of 15 year olds on here (stated as 15 in the OPs btw) where their nudes have been shared multiple times. When will you get it through your heads that no one cares if the person shared their nudes first? This is a retarded excuse to victim blame and gaslight people. Holding minors accountable for sending or posting nudes when 75% of American kids are doing that, is beyond disgusting. It’s stupid of these people, but this site is taking advantage of people who clearly lacked parental guidance, internet guidance or who made stupid mistakes. If you are openly defending a woman and a site that distribute cp & revenge Porn, we literally couldn’t give less of a fuck about your irrelevant opinion. To those asking for proof, I’m not posting cp, I suggest you comb through the threads and take a look because it’s not subtle and extremely in your face. I get that there’s a more kosher, gossip side to things, but even if you aren’t the people sending other’s nudes around, you are still using a site and abetting a site that does. I’m only using this site right now in hope some of you won’t be so cucked and blind sighted to this issue, it’s starting to look delusional. We have victim statements and evidence of everything stated, we don’t owe you proof, proof will be given to you when the police take action. We aren’t your personal army and we aren’t here to give you evidence against Ines or LCF. Take it or leave it but personally I wouldn’t add to a site full of cp. My best friend was found by a scrote via this site, sexually assaulted and attacked for months after her nudes were shared. No justice no peace.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 27314

thanks for banning but its back >>>/snow/1343929

No. 27315

and another one >>>/snow/1343796

No. 27316

File: 1633726772633.gif (6.17 MB, 412x272, tldr-read.gif)

No. 27317

Ines Chan's petite hands personally injected over 6 million CPs via her deadman's switch directly into lolcow.com's http code

No. 27318

Take your meds Elaine.

No. 27319

File: 1633730702635.jpeg (34.07 KB, 800x450, C3D9C7FD-5E7B-4EC4-888F-1CC5ED…)

No. 27320


>> My best friend

lol you don’t have friends, elaine

No. 27321

elaine, although you finally learned how to sage, we can still tell it’s you when you quote the OP every time you reply kek

No. 27322

Elaine do the people you’re working with know you actively use this site and kiwi to gossip about cows and post gore?

No. 27323

I’m secretly hoping the DeathEaters hacker collective Elaine’s working with is just a couple of anons sending her bogus info like Ana L Beads.

No. 27324

So where's the case numbers? For these police reports?

No. 27325

>> I’m only using this site right now in hope some of you won’t be so cucked and blind sighted to this issue.

/manure/ is a graveyard of Elaine’s failed vendetta threads but she’s only using the site to bring awareness…ok, Elaine.

No. 27326

File: 1633743802837.gif (1.39 MB, 474x282, split.gif)

No. 27327

kekd hard at this, thank you nonny

No. 27328

Can someone turn McGill into a Columbine Type fate

No. 27329

Do your parents know you post shit like this in pathetic attempts to report websites?

No. 27330

Scrotes using a public site to post CP that the administrators remove from the site, doesn't make it the sites problem. There are protections for that. Go be retarded elsewhere.

No. 27331

What supposed underage nude cows is she even sperging about… is this the new """diversion""" kek?

No. 27332

I hope she realizes that creating false investigations for the supposed FBI, can cause her to get arrested. Good job, Elaine.

No. 27333

not only that but she's probably, most likely uploading those pics herself. the dumbass doesn't know that there's actually a way(for the authorities in charge) to check where those things come from, even if she's behind a million vpns.

No. 27334

She's definitely the gore spammer from earlier in the year, she said as much in her own thread. It wouldn't surprise me if she was posting the other content as well just so she could try to report the site over it

No. 27335

She's truly the result of what happens when you grow up spoiled and never get told no or face consequences for your actions. Gonna be a huge kek when it finally settled in her pea brain that she can't sperg her way out of what she's done.

No. 27336

File: 1633798579182.jpeg (65.44 KB, 610x404, 70ACDBD7-5081-4280-A115-927DF5…)

Elaine the pain is back

No. 27340

She's just so stupid and doesn't understand website protocols and thinks that a poster is the same as the website hosting CP and doing nothing about it. They do report posts to the FBI and farmhands and admin alike have stated this for years. She might as well report Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a whole too while she's at it withher logic. I don't go to her threads, but her attempts at naming admin, falseifying to the FBI about hosting, and doxx attempts, honestly feels like admin should report her to the FBI instead. Is love to see the milk and I hope she knows that if she is the CP spammer and gore poster, even switching computers and changing IPs, doesn't clear personal online searches. They can catch predators easy because these dumbasses think incognito mode and onion can magically hide everything.

No. 27341

If she goes to far and keeps up with this shit.
She ought to somehow be reported to law enforcement and see where it goes from there.

No. 27342

Elaine’s autism keeps her from understanding the optics of creating an anon Instagram account, mass following McGill students and offering cash for information on Muslim students. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from McGill is already in touch with the authorities.

No. 27344

I think you are all failing to realise that the likely option here is that both Ines and Elaine get charged and arrested. After all, both of them have violated multiple laws on harassment against each other, alongside data protection laws. There’s no way either of them are getting out of it now. They’re both fucked :/

No. 27345

Lmao no Elaine, sorry sweaty, you're in this alone. You seem to be the one who doesn't understand how this works.

No. 27346

seriously why do you respond directly to the OP every time

No. 27347

Kek do you hope to be cellmates with her? Give up and search for a new sweetheart already.

No. 27350

>tfw this is all an elaborate scheme to become admines-chan's bitch in prison

No. 27351

Kek it would make more sense than the concentrated autism she posts

No. 27352

I'm throwing the fuck up anon

No. 27353

The site and admin haven't violated any laws. Is day go to school, but clearly you're too stupid for it.

No. 27356

Because she can't into image boards and doesn't realize she can post a quick reply. This is the same autist who probably believes canadian admin has a child rape dungeon that acts as a source for the cp and gore that gets posted.

No. 27367

Is there a new mtf thread?

No. 27372

heckin doggo lovers are trying to get the dog hate thread locked again

No. 27373

actually it's that one retarded male that can't calm his boner for slaughtering dogs

No. 27374

samefag but honestly moids ruin everything

No. 27375

File: 1633981915155.jpg (85.68 KB, 1200x675, copium.jpg)

Or maybe people that need a containment thread for their rabid hatred of an animal are fucking psychos. Inb4 heckin doggo lover. I'm not that fond of dogs myself, just not mentally unstable enough to post about how much I hate them all day.

No. 27378

bruh it's a containment thread. Literally just hide it

No. 27379

File: 1633985798688.jpeg (39.42 KB, 640x480, A9A7BCC8-7B3B-4BFF-8B76-E52D3A…)


No. 27380

I do, but people can't complain that every time an anon posts some unhinged shit it's secretly dog lovers trying to get the thread locked. They wanted a hate thread so they got a hate thread.

No. 27382

someone just needs to make a new one

No. 27384

I don't get why people just can't make a dog love thread and have the two as separate containment threads. With dog-hating sperges in their thread and dog-loving sperges in their own, if either decides to act like fucking nonces or start some tribe shit, just nuke the threads.

No. 27389

Do you know what a nonce is anon?

No. 27390

Can something be done about the sperg in the dog love thread? They sound unhinged as fuck.

No. 27391

dog gore in dog love thread

No. 27392

don't know why i gave into my morbid impulse to look. mods need to ban them because they sound deranged as fuck.

No. 27393

File: 1634040712254.jpg (179.12 KB, 844x1116, r6292hla2kn21.jpg)

oh no, i hope youre okay nonny

No. 27394

I think we need the dog hate thread locked and the dog haters perma banned.

No. 27395

theres more gore. Its worse this time, be careful

No. 27396

Gore in the dog love thread, it's the same sperg that does it over and over again.

No. 27397

Need the dog love thread locked until things have calmed, it's obviously the one being targeted. It's probably been the dog lovers posting in the dog hate thread being volatile to anons hating dogs and having their own thread to vent. I would say the militant dog love thread anons triggered this response because they wouldn't let anons have their dog hate thread in peace.

No. 27398

I just don’t get why would we need a thread for hating an animal, like, they can just go to 4chan where they can sperg and even post their gore comfortably.

No. 27399

thanks for cute cat pic nonny

i like dogs well enough because they're cute, but i can understand why someone who doesn't like them would get annoyed by some dog people and want to complain. the problem is that dog hate threads tend to only attract the most unhinged of fucks instead of the people who just dislike them and are normal about it. i think a containment thread could be fine, but it can sometimes exacerbate the quarrelling between people.

if you need to post dog gore and go on a 10 reply sperg because some people are annoying in a thread, you need to seek help. i think it's mostly just that one moid who rages about dogs posting, even the dog hate thread thinks hes nutty.

No. 27400

Agreed, what a cancer, just look at the amount of infighting. I like dogs but I prefer cats, so I just post in the cat love thread, simple. It's not even about not liking dogs anymore considering this thread attracts psychos

No. 27401

lock the dog hate thread. it wasn’t necessary in the first place and it attracts total fucking retards like the constant gore spammer. this website is an absolute shambles

No. 27402

You're just triggered because there's actual people who exist that don't like dogs and you're a dog lover. You want to control and shutdown a thread where dogs and dog lovers are rightly ridiculed and scrutinised because you don't like it. Not liking dogs is valid, hating dogs is valid and anons should have their thread to vent about it. Otherwise if the dog hate thread is shutdown, the dog love thread should be shutdown too and taken away from the dog lovers. Seems only fair to me.

No. 27403

anon, it's because posting about animals you think are cute is normal, but needing to spend all day posting about how much you hate mutts is a sign of psycho behavior. it's a just a dog. honestly i think it's fine to complain about dogs so in theory the thread is alright, it's just that the people it attracts in actuality are often unhinged.

and for the record, i'm a cat person.

No. 27404

The dog hate thread is necessary. Obviously it is since it's proven quite popular with anons and is being used and is active. Anons hate dogs and want to vent about it and so they should have their dog hate thread. And I blame you crazy dog lovers. You went into that dog hate thread and started infighting because you just couldn't let anons have their dog hate thread in peace. Dog lovers are trying everything to get that dog hate thread locked. They instigate fights in the thread and I wouldn't be surprised if it it was one of them behind the infamous sperg posts anons are talking about rn.
If you're getting dead dogs posted in your dog love thread, serves you right tbh.

No. 27406

It was only two dead dogs posted in the dog love thread from what I seen, this site is not a shambles because of that stop exaggerating

No. 27407

>if the dog hate thread is shutdown, the dog love thread should be shutdown too and taken away from the dog lovers
alright la resistance, calm down. No need to elaborate a guerilla plan yet. I didn't lurk the older dog hate threads but were they that full of gore posting tards or is it a new developement?

No. 27408

>If you're getting dead dogs posted in your dog love thread, serves you right tbh.
This is why we all think you're crazy.

No. 27409

It's the dog love thread that the dead dog gore is being posted in that's the one being targeted. I think it needs locked because it only started when that dog love thread was made and dog gore hasn't been posted anywhere else.

No. 27410

Who is "we"? Your multiple personalities? And you call others crazy..(dog gore spammer)

No. 27411

We, as in normal human beings who think needing to spam gore means you probably need to take your meds.

No. 27412

Just go back to 4chan and post your seething hatred towards dogs there, anons are bitching about your dumbass thread since it got created, and it was created because you retards wouldn’t stop talking about how much you hate dogs unprovoked.
You idiots talk a lot about
>muh w-we hate the owners n-not the animals
But you already got 2 threads talking about shit that the animals can’t control.

No. 27413

You guys go to random threads to sperg about dogs too. I would be okay with the dog hate thread if you actually kept it contained there.

No. 27414

File: 1634045032870.jpeg (426.75 KB, 1242x2126, 515576E1-8669-4E75-BB7C-C4D5AA…)


No. 27415

Normal people who don’t feel the need to sperg about how much they hate dogs, anon. Are you angry that your goreposting got called out?

No. 27416

the “retarded mutt” reminds me of the anon who has to detail shay’s thread to call her dog retarded all the time.

No. 27417

Mods please do something about the goreposter in the dog love thread.

No. 27419

I wouldn’t be surprised if the anon posting the gore and whiteknighting the dog hate thread is the same anon who constantly spergs about shay’s dog.

No. 27420

File: 1634045231772.jpg (88.08 KB, 614x588, eyebleach.jpg)

hope everyones ok

No. 27421

The call is coming from inside the house.

No. 27422

big fuck you to the psycho posting dog gore on /ot/, nobody normal wants to see that shit on the homepage. Kill yourself

No. 27423

I'm pretty sure the anon WK'ing the dog hate thread here is the goreposter. The typing style is a little similar. It must really be paining them to go two sentences without typing out retarded mutt.

No. 27424

Can mods just permaban the psycho spamming the same picture of a dead dog?

Imagine being so unhinged that this is how you spend your morning…

No. 27426

That's a reach considering everyone's typing style here is mostly similar except for the moids that post here anon

No. 27427

Right, but you can still sometimes pick out anons across different threads.

No. 27428

Normal people don't feel the need to control other peoples' opinions nor do they demonise others for expressing views that differ from their own. You sound unreasonable and unstable tbh

No. 27429

This tbh. The dog hate thread exists for months, but in the past 2 days one anon is non-stop sperging about it all over /ot/, then in the same timeframe the OTT autist pops up with his 4chan lingo, then the dog love thread is made a day later (which is good), and then a totally farmer guise posted gore.

No. 27430

If you dislike dogs and are normal about it, you don't need an entire thread to sperg how much you hate dogs with other unhinged individuals. Doesn't check out.
I don't care for cats and irl catfags shoving photos of their furbabies in your face can be annoying as fuck, but I don't need a cat hate thread

No. 27431

Yeah i'm still not seeing it

No. 27432

Go around and ask the public who's more normal, the one who feels the urge to sperg about an animal for hours on end, or the one who thinks the previous person is a bit of a freak. Check back with me.

No. 27433

File: 1634048374320.jpg (106.74 KB, 1080x774, 382727262738383.jpg)

The dog sperg's typing style looks EXACTLY like this faggot from reddit. I had a hunch so I did a Google search. That thread really does attract some weird people.

No. 27436

I feel like mentioning that the first dog love thread had doghaters sperging in it instead of ignoring a thread they dislike so yeah, apparently people loving dogs is insufferable to some and only dog hate should be allowed on the farms. So dogfags aren't really the (only) ones trying to control the narrative.
At the same time I wouldn't be surprised if the gore poster was either a dog hater OR an unhinged individual posting about killing both cats and dogs, to rile up both sides.

No. 27437

Normal people don’t post gore because they don’t like something. Sorry you got called out for your doghate sperging but maybe you should keep it to your containment thread next time.

No. 27438

Why would I do that? The overwhelming majority of people are stupid just like you. Asking the public's opinion doesn't mean anything. If they were asked to choose between males are not women, should not be considered women and should not adopt womens sex identity terms or enter women's spaces vs. Women are transphobic and oppressive discriminating against trans women, trans women are real women.. Yeah I don't think I even need to tell you what the public would answer.

No. 27439

File: 1634049209317.png (361.81 KB, 1600x886, Screenshot 2021-10-12 103236.p…)

This person posts nothing but dog hate and transvestigation videos under the username "Holo Hoax" on YouTube. They don't ever seem to post their own voice. They've been at this for 4 years
This is getting disturbing

No. 27440

Nyart but only unhinged psychos think that it's normal to post animal gore, sped. You can try to derail with tranny shit but the original point stands.

No. 27441

File: 1634049330441.png (69.59 KB, 1065x297, Screenshot 2021-10-12 103522.p…)

No. 27443

File: 1634049767774.png (24.86 KB, 1085x187, dg.png)

definitely the same person. imagine being so unhinged about dogs someone can track you down across multiple websites.

digging through this man's post history and he seems desperately unwell. he's also convinced literally every famous woman (no exaggeration, he says he thinks every female celeb and govt official) is a troon.

someone should post this guy in the personal lolcow thread.

then there's no point in stating what normal people think, is there?

No. 27444

Is this the kind of people a dog hate thread attracts? And they feel so at home that they come here to defend it? Idk, I feel sick. I never liked the thread of course, but this is something else anons

No. 27445

I always knew the a-logging dog hate sperg was a scrotoid, glad to know my intuition works


Kek I wonder if it's the same unhinged person who periodically comes in to the MTF thread to shill whatever female celebrity as a tranny

No. 27446

Last month someone also started posting gore in a thread of an anon asking about a soup kitchen for cats, which was at the same time a scrote got banned in the celebricows thread. Maybe it's the same one.

No. 27448

File: 1634051183911.jpg (324.69 KB, 1080x1772, 3827262894837262.jpg)

Lmfao this is a post from his Minds account that was linked on the YT. The doghate sperg is a confirmed man.

No. 27449

Calm tf down twinkie, I was using the TiM stuff as an example to show how retarded the public is that asking them their opinion on anything and taking it seriously is redundant because the average person is an idiot anyway. How does it make sense to care about what idiots think? Why should anyone follow the example an idiot identifies and agrees with? And you missed the point I was trying to make earlier with this dog problem. I was saying the dog lovers coming into the dog hate thread causing havoc brought attention to themselves as a suitable target to troll because of how reactionary they are. They took the dog hate thread very poorly and were sperging out over it. Then shortly after a dog love thread is made and images of dead dogs are spammed. Now why the dog love thread? I think its because the dog lovers drawn attention to themselves with their reactions seen in the dog hate thread and they were seen as fair game for trolling. It's all cause and effect. It's just the same when moids come here and anons respond to them they keep coming back for the reaction but if they're ignored they die off.

What is normal? Define "normal." What dies the normal person think, hm? Normal means many things to different people and "normal" people think sex work is normal, misogyny is normal (to scrotes and pickmes), ebephilia is normal (to scrotes and pickmes), kinks and BDSM is normal to the majority that youre labelled a kinkshamer if youre against it. So yeah I say there's no value in the average, normal person's opinion because they're stupid and deviant themselves. Hating dogs at least makes sense and there are very valid reasons behind it. Hating dogs is actually based as fuck and dog haters shouldn't be demonised.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 27450

File: 1634051515812.png (19.63 KB, 1606x238, Screenshot 2021-10-12 111021.p…)

>raised my son completely by myself […] He's 19 now.
A middle-aged man who comes here to post dog hate, call women bitches for being disgusted at his mental illness, who talks on Reddit about wanting to assault women for having dogs.
I don't want to hear about misogyny from dog hate spergs ever again. This shit is horrible

No. 27451

File: 1634051586265.png (64.64 KB, 1128x310, Screenshot 2021-10-12 111304.p…)

No. 27452

Lol based

No. 27453

File: 1634051759071.png (96.08 KB, 1140x522, Screenshot 2021-10-12 111437.p…)

Samefag, but the dog hate posters were literally calling this violent, mentally ill man "based" and praising him in that thread he originally posted that one rant

Like clockwork. I thought the thread was just shit before, but this shit is cancer. I don't know why I didn't guess that it was full of moids from the start

No. 27454

jesus christ, you are so unhinged. nobody here is going to disagree with you that sex work is exploitative and men who like BDSM should be gulaged.

i frankly don't give a single shit if you hate dogs. i really don't care. i'm neutral on them. i think needing to post a dozen replies full of gore because a few people were mildly annoying, makes you an unhinged freak. you don't have to be a dog lover to think posting incessant gore makes you deranged.

you're defending a moid who thinks every woman with any amount of fame ever is a troon. please stop trying to derail by bringing up tranny shit when you're defending a delusional misogynist.

you're so up your own ass it's hilarious. normal people defend trannies REEEE which is why i will defend an insane, sexist moid.

No. 27455

Where's the lie tho lol dog owners big mad rn

No. 27456

i don't own a dog and probably never will, lol.

No. 27457

File: 1634052125008.png (44.72 KB, 745x196, smellymutts.png)

From the H3H3/Trisha thread

No. 27458

Really want anon calling anyone else a pickme to look at the scrote she's sticking up for.

No. 27459

CP in OT

No. 27460

And now someone's posting CP.
No one go on /ot/ jesus fucking christ

No. 27461

Removed. Ty for fast response jannies

No. 27462

It's gone and tbh I don't think that was cp just some anorexic bitch. I saw the pic on the homepage before seeing what the caption said and was like "who is posting skellies porn?"

No. 27464

It's literally just one scrote, jesus.

No. 27465

There was a spam link and some shit like "loli" and "PTHC" there in the fields. I don't know, but I also kind of don't want to know. I wish there a way to autoban it

No. 27466

"I'm a pickme for one scrote which doesn't make me a pickme."

No. 27467

If you don't see any problem with defending this "one scrote", calling him based, etc then you are deranged

No. 27468

I stopped at the "I really don't care" part and it was at that moment I realised you in fact really do care otherwise you wouldn't be as bothered as your non verbal communication indicates (i.e your actions, choosing to reply my posts and persue me when you don't have to) lol yet trying to pass yourself off as cool and calm despite your extremely aggressive language which says otherwise. Think I just saw a vein pop lol time to take your xanax kek I just really can't be bothered with the stupid shit you say anymore. Continue to screech into the void tho

No. 27469

Sorry, I was meant to reply to the reactionary "omg I knew everyone in the doghate thread is a moid please never talk to me again!!" anon. Just ignore his schizo bait and move on instead of sperging about how much the thread triggers you for literal days now.

No. 27470

Not being a moid, but happily praising moids posting violent fantasies about animals and women who don't hate them. So much better.

No. 27471

I don't care about this retarded infighting, just ignore him and hide the thread as you should have done from the start.

No. 27472

anon please keep posting about how much you hate scrotes and pickmes while defending an anti abortion moid who gets online to talk about women being mutt loving bitches and call normal women undercover trannies.

is your head so genuinely thick you think someone can't not care if you hate dogs if they also think posting gore makes you deranged? is everything alright up there?

i actually think there must be something wrong up there if you're doubling down after seeing this man's post history and the homepage full of gore. you're a retard.

No. 27474

Then report him and mention here if there's gore instead of dragging the already out-of-place infighting from the doghate thread into /meta/.

No. 27475

He shits up multiple threads and spams gore, hiding it and "just ignoring him" obviously does nothing

No. 27476

also, i never said i wasn't annoyed at your moid defending retardation, i said i didn't care if people hated dogs. zero reading comprehension.

No. 27477

If you don't care, then just close the tab and only come back when you want to report something or ask a question. We're allowed to talk about certain threads leaking out of their containment zones, attracting scrotes, gore, etc. Actually, isn't that the same reason the manhate threads were banned?

No. 27478

Anon needs to take her own advice. If this thread is bothering her, just exit and move on.

No. 27479

I come here to see if someone posts gore or cp so I can avoid it, not to see that burried somewhere between posts upon posts of the same infighting about the existence of a thread that already got carried to the vent thread, the true opinions about cow thread and the funny lolcow posts thread if you want to talk about certain posters "leaking".

No. 27480

You can ctrl+F "CP" or "gore" whenever you check it, that way you don't have to read every post
>the true opinions about cow thread and the funny lolcow posts thread
This is neither of those things

No. 27481

Didn't you say the dog gore was deserved?

This is not a true opinion on a cow or a funny lolcow post, retard.

No. 27482

No, this is an anonymous imageboard and you're talking to several people. I said to report it and ignore him. And I was responding to the claim of posters leaking and hamfisted manhate comparisson with the infighters of the doghate thread leaking into several other threads within the past few days.

No. 27483

It’s been like 3 hours and someone is still spamming the dead dog pic, how much of a freak do you have to be to continuously spam dog gore like this?

No. 27484

holy shit more gore in the dog love thread please make it stop

No. 27485

Honestly anyone who spams LC with any content for hours on end is an unhinged mega autist. This moid should take Elaine as his son's step mother kek

No. 27486

Child gore on the front page.

No. 27487

And now that they can’t use their original hatred towards dogs, they use the classic guilt trip of hurt children.
Keep going, sperg.

No. 27488

More gore, of people this time. This moid is really insane, why hasn't he been permabanned yet?

No. 27489

I wish you could force some people to take their pills through the screen. Hope they can get perma-banned at least.

No. 27490

They're saying it's hamfisted when it's literally happening right now, in front of our eyes. Scrotes, psychos, gore of animals and humans, CP. For what? Because he, they, whatever hate dogs and people who like them that much? I'm fucking tired

No. 27491

He's probably evading and getting off to the attention here.

No. 27493

I actually saw it was posted in the dog love thread I think they even wrote something like the kids were victim of dog bites

No. 27495

The dog love thread definitely needs removed it's funny this all started only when it was made recently whereas the dog hate thread has been around for months and things were relatively ok as another anon pointed out. Dog love thread is getting out of hand…

No. 27496

You posted this already. You're saying to remove the dog love thread, but keep the dog hate thread that attracted the freak in the first place? It's just going to end with any thread where someone mentions liking dogs (and probably cats) getting spammed with animal gore and shitted up because it triggered the animal hate autist(s)
I'm sick of this. I thought at first maybe both threads should go for the sake of peace, but this is getting too much, on top of knowing it's an unhinged scrote behind all of this

No. 27497

it's pretty lame that doglovers have to be punished because spergs can't keep their gore to themselves.

No. 27498

No. 27499

The dog hate thread did not attract this poster, the dog hate thread has existed for months and nothing happen but now we have problem as soon as dog love thread is made. I think it is clear which thread attract this person.

No. 27500

The dog hate thread had posts from him before the dog love thread even existed, enough

No. 27501

i repeat: >>27497

and dog gore has been posted before the doglovers thread was even made, stop reaching.

No. 27502

No it actually started in the lolcow own caps thread not the dog hate thread if you go an look. There was infighting there about dogs and the dog love thread is the reason these persons are continuing to post clearly it's the reason for why they stay. End of story.

No. 27503

File: 1634058020047.jpg (227.72 KB, 680x615, 1479591597189.jpg)

No threads should be closed because of one moid with a psychotic episode, don't be retarded.

No. 27504

Its pretty lame dog haters have to be punished because spergs can't keep their gore to themselves.(dog gore spammer)

No. 27505

doglovers aren't the ones posting the gore, retard.

No. 27506

Retard, it was hypothesised earlier it was and still could be a contributing factor(dog gore spammer)

No. 27507

File: 1634058671457.png (9.91 KB, 1292x70, smelly mutt.png)

From the first dog hate thread. If it's him, he's definitely been here since the very first thread and probably tried the same thing in the first dog love thread too
His son would've still been a teenager back then (he's 19 now, according to another cap anon posted). I guess he has more time to do what brings him joy

No. 27508

I mean, what they've said in the screencap is true, we are forced to tolerate and like dogs out of social obligation lol where's the lie? What supports this argument further are the dog lovers here wanting the dog hate thread taken down kek(dog gore spammer)

No. 27509

File: 1634059713359.png (56.07 KB, 1189x125, psychotic dog hating anon.png)

Hold on, the first dog love thread >>>/ot/301081 was locked, but the dog hate thread remained open? Three years later, we have the same complaints from the dog hate spergs.

No. 27510

There are more people in the world than just this guy who use the word mutt instead of dog you do realise that right? All the anons here identifying anyone as him who use the word mutt to call dogs lol collective paranoid schizophrenia much. I think you're over thinking this too much(dog gore spammer)

No. 27511

Take your meds.

No. 27513

You realize they can see the device you post from right? whether or not you're using a VPN, you absolute autist

No. 27515

can we get a new MTF thread? i don't get why no one makes a new one.

No. 27516

Lmao this post is 100% confirmation that anon who found his reddit was on the money. Fucking annoying moid boomers, goddamn. I always want to believe these kinds of tards are underage b& who don't know better yet, maybe a bit developmentally slow… But there's really no excuse for this man child top kek. Acts exactly like a 4channer too - down to the samefagging and schizoposting. Someone get this old dog on a leash, kek

No. 27517

Perhaps you, anon, could make a new one…

No. 27531

i never made a thread and i'm not mentally prepared to get ripped to shreds if i fuck up. i guess this also answers my question kek i'm sorry for being retarded

No. 27532

This. It's so stupid and tend to attract truly unhinged users. I hate spiders, can I have a thread too?

No. 27533

3 days in and the Matrix server is already fucked

No. 27536

here's how i see–they probably think that they're edgy for hating dogs. you're not unlike other girls for hating spiders, but they're just oh so cool for hating something that is generally adored.

No. 27537

Not sure how the moderation is set up (did not sign up for the new server) but is it spammy? Elaine would larp all the time in the discord server wanting to get in so I wouldnt be surprised.

No. 27538

Everyone was mass kicked out and my account got fucking deleted

No. 27540

So she reported this as well?

No. 27541

This looks a little more malicious than a report…

No. 27542

Just rejoin, it seems like everyone has been kicked but the server is still there.

No. 27544

genuinely asking - why are we not allowed manhate threads or kpop threads because the posters leak out into other parts of the website with their autism, but we let a retarded thread about reeing over dogs exist for months, regardless of the fact that the schizoposting moids in that thread objectively spam other parts of the website with their autistic opinions and, as evidenced, gore of animals and children? I'm not even necessarily arguing that the thread should be closed - I just don't understand how the dog hate thread is fine despite the posters it encourages, but other threads on different topics are banned to avoid this happening? shouldn't mods have stepped in months ago if they want to be fair across the board, especially considering how long people have been complaining about the thread? also, idk about anyone else, but I'd rather see retarded tumblr terfs whinging about moids and obnoxious twitfags sperging about bts than dead animals and gored children whenever I'm trying to scroll /ot/.

No. 27545

I don't have all the answers but this is what I'm assuming:
this website is already inherently manhate anyway. as for kpop, they had their chance and ruined it. So it's not allowed. It was never initially banned, just became banned when they proved they couldn't keep it contained.

Dogspergs will probably also end up ruining their chances too. So far, I've only seem them sperging in their proper places. The occasional spergs that do talk about it (like in unpopular opinions) do get banned. The other places I've seen them sperg: screencap thread (which makes sense because there are screencaps of the doghate thread) and /meta/ which also makes sense.

No. 27546

Nta but there's also covidfags/facebook moms who sometimes leak and fight outside their thread too and they're not banned

No. 27547

maybe they're just not reported? if you see it, report it

No. 27548

Maybe it's just shit. Sounds like AIM tier chat

No. 27549

If the dog hate people just want to show off how edgy and controversial they are, why would they elect to post in a segregated containment thread? You're being retarded about this.

No. 27550

Jesus christ just hide the thread. Where does the doghate leak out to? All I see is anon(s) getting upset about it "leaking" in every second /ot/ thread for the past 3 or so days when the thread isn't even active currently. It's an out of topic board where almost everything else goes, and not liking a thread is not a reason to close it.

No. 27551

>Where does the doghate leak out to?
Nta but the threads >>27545 mentioned and shayna's thread

No. 27552

Samefag and of course the dog love thread but I think that was just one guy (the same one who spammed gore)

No. 27553

>unpopular opinion thread
Only thing I could find is a dog anon starting it with complaining/carrying the previous infighting about dog hate (and an opinion that isn't even unpopular) and then immediately after the complaining about the dog hate thread, as I mentioned.

>screencap thread

Short mention from 3 months ago of Shayna's dog being ugly and one anon who was screencapped saying in one post that they hate dogs but no further sperging or anything.
The actual sperging began with a screencap of someone infighting about cats in the dog hate thread and getting banned for it and someone defending the post/themselves.
And of course, 3 posts in it turned out to be a thinly veiled infighting attempt about the existence of the dog hate thread again.

I haven't read Shayna's thread for a while, but if they said anything beyond "her dog is ugly lol" (which isn't dog hate) and go too off-topic, it is fair game and can be reported.
And yeah, let's not give the retarded scrote any further attention.

No. 27554

weaponized autism in the shayna thread

No. 27555

This. I feel like it's only one person or a couple of shitposters trying to get the thread locked for whatever reason. Most of the anons in the doghate thread seem to keep it there, and a lot of the 'extreme-r' posts read more like shitposts/bait than actual opinions. Even the ones who bait in the dog love thread, not just autistic gore-kun, just repost whatever they typed in the dog-hate thread.

No. 27556

>real opinions on cow thread
People were complaining about the comments on Shayna's dog, the dog haters came in and it devolved into infighting about dogs

No. 27558

Started off as already autistic infighting bait about some posting drama of very specific posters of shayna's thread.
And the post you quoted was already after the infighting started with, again, the same complaining about posters of the thread

My point is that I can't go to several /ot/ threads and write "the posters of the vent thread are all retarded/schizos/pathetic etc I hate the thread!" and when said posters reply to me, get upset and run to /meta/ complaining that they leak everywhere and that their thread should be closed because of that.
It makes more sense to just hide the thread that upsets me.

No. 27559

CP in /ot/

No. 27560

It looks like people are now trying to post CP on lolcow, we might wanna get a system that filters out 4chan scrotes cp creeps

No. 27561

File: 1634228845726.jpg (165.88 KB, 750x1000, flat.jpg)

>are now trying
Sadly it's been going on for a while now

No. 27562

Some anons from another board said that the CP raids might be bots programmed to create CP honeypots in inactive imageboards.

No. 27563

the one that was posted recently is gone

No. 27564

source? That's an interesting tinfoil, IDK how much does that make sense though

No. 27566

Nta but it was a thread on lainchan. Some anon linked it the last time we discussed the issue.
I thought it was bots too, since the formular of link+advertising text are just like spambots, but in some instances they bump their own threads and then deleted their bump posts.

No. 27568

some scrote attention whore is baiting in >>>/ot/938909

No. 27571

Can you please lock the fucking Sheepcream thread? I dont even know who that bitch is but it is CONSTANTLY necro'd.

No. 27572

Please let this anon make a plush making or plush adventures thread on /m/. There's so many art threads that I don't see why not have one thread ONLY for plushies and plush making. It is a very specialized hobby after all, beyond just hoarding plushes and buying them from aliexpress. She wrote a very extensive guide too which makes it superior to any plush thread that might already exist. Please and thank you.

No. 27573

Who is stopping her? Are you a newfag or something? it literally says to direct the post to /m/, you don't need permission to post on those boards.

No. 27574

this, she's a completely irrelevant never-was from Germany and the only reason her thread keeps getting bumped is because scrotes are looking for some ancient amateur blowjob video she made a decade ago. It's just fap fodder.

No. 27575

anons are being completely autistic in shayna’s thread (as always) and are writing letters to her about how she should kill herself. tard wrangling would be appreciated!

No. 27576

Seconding this. Thought a-logging was against the rules?

No. 27577


Seriously can everyone in the last two days who posted in Shays thread get banned sober can start over? Some of these anons are as cringe as her, if not worse.

No. 27592

So are we never going to be explained what happened yesterday or? Kek

No. 27593

disgusting scrote posting disgusting irl porn in the femdom thread in /g/, pls delete

No. 27594

Probably the same autist who keeps shitting up the thread, needs a permaban.

No. 27597

i think so too, it’s disgusting

No. 27604

anons will not stop fucking going on about the cowtipper from a week ago in shayna’s thread ‘spoiling the milk’ despite absolutely nothing negative coming of it whatsoever. can mods clean it up and start giving warnings or something? we’ve had two threads now where it’s just constant circling between ‘cowtipper bad’ and ‘cowtipper good’, i don’t think anybody gives a fuck

No. 27617

The mods discarded this site months ago. We’re on our own now nonnie.

No. 27618

I hate people like you. The threads get modded all at every day. Stop with this bullshit, you're acting like elaine.

No. 27620

Every time the anti anime anons show up in the TIM thread, it's been long enough for me to forget that they'll shit up the thread and blame everyone for the derailing but themselves, all while continuing to derail. Then I feel like an idiot for engaging with them at all, since I contributed to a derail accidentally while trying to shut up mouth-frothing spergs. I need to know how the mods survive responsibility for this site.

No. 27621

>blame everyone for the derailing but themselves
This time it wasn't the anti-anime sperg, what actually began the derail was this weeb >>>/snow/1349741, which people casually replied with their own views, but then two pretentious weebs got triggered by one post and further derailed that thread defending their favorite 2D media, writing paragraphs how no one understands art but them.
Not replying to obvious bait or autism is the bare minimum, specially now that tradthot-chan and /pol/ tourists are straight up astroturfing that thread. Just report and move on.

No. 27623

i’m so confused at how this random male twitter e-whore in shayna’s thread warrants hundreds of posts talking about him. is it not just derailing at this point? it’s not like he’s dating shayna like fupa was.

No. 27624

Is it just me or has there been a huge uptick in /pol/lutant sperging lately? It might be worthwhile for admin to investigate whether it's organic and, if so, which threads are attracting them to lolcow (e.g. the tinfoil or effina threads)

No. 27625

insane amounts of racebait in pro ana thread rn

it’s not just you, it’s been really noticeable on pretty much every single board. pretty sure it’s just moids baiting, but people on here keep falling for it which just keeps encouraging it

No. 27645

I think we’ve gotten a few waves of new attention recently with the creepshowart scandal, the Chris chan/Isabella janke thing, and the corpse husband dox. Kiwifarms seems to be where most of them end up, but inevitably some moids are gonna remember we’re here and try to shit the place up.

No. 27648

Anons are confusing the vent threads on ot for the dumbass shit thread and it's kinda annoying.
Are two threads dedicated to unbridled shitposting not enough for these attention seekers I suppose?

No. 27649

Can a mod lock the Belle thread or something? bad enough some sperg with a bad tinfoil necro'd it but now anons are taking this chance not to even discuss milk about her, but just to shit on sex workers and wage argue about what they personally think she's really making. It's derailing as hell and infighting too.


No. 27650

Someone please generously dole out infighting and derailment bans in the radfem cows thread >>1351285 the thread just barely got started and it's swarmed with spergs going back and forth about Trump and white nationalists

No. 27651

samefag. actual link to thread my bad >>>/snow/1351285

No. 27652

Can something be done about the anons in Shay’s thread wishing for her to be shot or killed? It oozes scrote energy.

No. 27653

Ban everyone in both the celeb thread & Shay thread. Holy mother of autism.

No. 27654

Leftcows thread has dissolved into a weeklong slapfight about whether one of the cows is pretty or not. The thread is like 90% derail at this point, it’d be great if we could get some bans going.

No. 27655

File: 1634802937070.jpeg (255.56 KB, 828x1620, 351B120D-184B-4C00-BB5F-F6014D…)

Can this thread please please please be autosaged? There is zero milk and every month it gets pushed because of some vandettachan nobody cares about

No. 27656

File: 1634820331091.jpeg (358.33 KB, 1280x1254, 41EC5C9C-44D8-4F63-9D4A-B7E0B2…)

Can someone kindly make a second Grimes thread, please?

No. 27657

why do autists keep coming in here with thread requests instead of using the actual thread request thread in /pt/?

No. 27658

Because /pt/ is ugly.

No. 27659

File: 1634825728547.jpg (26.41 KB, 1080x726, 1615251239319.jpg)

Activate the Basic Attention Token thing already! Let me give you my BATs!

No. 27660

mental retardation

No. 27661

File: 1634827034915.png (67.03 KB, 1280x1280, 39DDF01F-961F-4269-9B5D-BA571D…)

No. 27663

There's some big infighting in the vent thread

No. 27664

tbh when has it ever not been like that

No. 27667

Do your fucking jobs and don't arbitrarily follow the rules when it comes to anons. How the fuck did I catch a ban for alleged derailing yet a blatant samefag shat up the thread for hours yesterday and none of you did shit about it? Lori's thread has had a wk in it for hours but ofc none of you jannies have done shit.

No. 27668

kek, mods I'm sorry but saying "kill yourself" is not an a-log especially not on this website, pls

No. 27669

the western animation cows thread in snow is teeming with obnoxious twitfags who are unable to integrate and if i see another totally unsocialised tard using /s i’ll snap. pls moderate more closely

No. 27670

I got banned for calling someone weird, LOL

No. 27671

Swear to god its like the mod team are twitterfags themselves sometimes with the shit they ban for.

No. 27672

I really would like to know why posting nsfw art in the bad art thread in /m/ may or may not result it a ban. It seems completely random. Either be consistent and ban it all or allow it in the thread for the sake of laughing at shitty ugly art, I don't really care which one, just pick something consistent and stick with it.

No. 27673

What was banned?

No. 27674

cp in /ot/

No. 27675

CP in /ot/

No. 27676

can you retarded jannies wake tf up from your dorito crusted nap and delete the CP in /ot/ PLEASE

No. 27677

came here to say this. I'm so sick of this happening

No. 27678

It's gone

No. 27679

Requesting extra moderation on the Yumi King thread. She’s been getting slammed on r/hapas and incel forums ever since it came out that her creepy old husband dumped her and there are suspiciously scrotey posts in her thread.

No. 27680

Imagine moderating lolcow for no benefit to yourself while regularly having to deal with gore and CP and god knows what else due to retarded scrotes/Elaine/whatever, then ontop of that getting no thanks, just anons screeching that you must be having a Dorito encrusted nap because, God forbid, you weren't online working for free at that moment. Why didn't you apply to be a farmhand, anon?

No. 27681

damn girl you’re mad and for what? The CP was posted for like 10 min before it was taken down

No. 27682

jannies do it for free lul

No. 27683

I don't think you read that correctly.

No. 27684

edgy autistic baiter in the vent thread

No. 27685

I swear to god farmhand this is the second time you ban the wrong person. I'm not even going to disclose my ban because you don't even bother to read. I'm never going to report shit in this thread again because you always ban me instead of the actual retard who needs to be banned.

No. 27686

If you're referring to vent then there were quite a few retards and I'm glad you all got banned, the infighting was stupid

No. 27687

I wasn't in the vent thread for whatever happened but I feel this, anon. One retard farmhand seems to only ban me in shaynasty's thread but doesn't ban the samefag baiters or bother to read posts to understand why context is needed for some shit. Must be a camwhore themselves.

No. 27690

sounds like you deserve to catch a ban if you don’t even understand that most bans aren’t redtexted so you would have no idea who else is even being banned

No. 27691

Kissing ass here doesn't make you more qualified to be a janny. Here's your (You), now run along.

No. 27692

knowing the basic workings of the site isn't kissing ass but okay kek whatever makes you feel better

No. 27694

You're trying so hard and it's so embarrassing lmfao

No. 27695

Shut up you conceited prick

No. 27696

All threads on /m/ are SFW, retard. Even if it's art.

No. 27697

nta but nsfw art has been allowed there tons of times as long as it's spoilered

No. 27699

if youre that mad about cp, apply to be a janny and help out. at least do something productive instead of screeching into the void like a retard.

No. 27701

No shit, if you wiped the boogers from your eyes and actually read my post you would see that I pointed out that users rarely get a ban by posting pornographic art in that thread and I am complaining about how that rule is inconsistently reinforced.

No. 27704

Anon, I made one reply since my initial, but if that's trying hard to you then alright. Whatever helps your miserable ass sleep tonight.

No. 27711

someone is samefagging hard in /w/, especially in the jillian/pxielocks thread. You can tell because all the image filenames are "poop" or "caca"

No. 27712

What's the reason husbando containment threads all go to /m/ instead of /g/? What does that have to do with media? Scrotetalk is classic girl talk shit, the kinda shit you'd sperg about with your gal pals.

No. 27715

They mostly spam shitpost-y pics which is what /m/ is for

No. 27752

Anons are trying to shitpost in the vent thread and people have tried to re-rail it, and it's just being drowned out. >>>/ot/948357

No. 27753

Ban evading anon is having a meltdown and keeps coming back >>>/w/178565

No. 27762

I get your point but I also think it fits in /m/ since most of them are from an anime or video game

No. 27764

This whole thread is just milkless infighting, jesus christ

No. 27765

Can you guys actually do something about the sperg in Lori's thread.

No. 27767

cp in ot

No. 27768

CP in /ot/.

No. 27770

still not gone i think, though i didn’t dare scroll any further down. be careful anons

No. 27772

Gore in ot

No. 27773

Gore on /ot/

No. 27774

Double post, but it's on /g/ too

No. 27775

Elaine’s awake & bored

No. 27776

Kinda feel like there should be a no revenge porn posting rule in celebricows. The most recent example being Selena Gomez, these female celebrities don't ask for these pictures to get leaked. Feels like scroteposting when they're uploaded on-site

No. 27780

Just autosage the Homestuck^2 thread in /snow/ already, there isn't any new milk and that sperg is not gonna give up bumping it any time soon.

No. 27784

Gore in /ot/

No. 27787

gore in ot still

No. 27788

gore is still in /ot/ >>>/ot/950871

No. 27789

They’re so fucking lazy

No. 27790

No. 27791

Convenient how elaine is here to call mods lazy as soon as gore is posted…

No. 27797

Can a mod do something about the ban evading fag who keeps posting in the vlogger thread with nothing, ever, to back up with shitty sharla and chris tinfoil? Multiple anons are tired of that shit clogging up the thread. >>>/w/178960 They keep coming back and pretending they are a different anon, but it's still the same narrative, so it's clear it's the same fucking person.

No. 27799

Can we put a stop to all these (country) hate threads popping up on /ot/? They’re just welcoming /pol/ fags and racebait

No. 27800

Agreed. Another one just popped up.
Just leave the eurofag thread.

No. 27801

Samefag, just saw farmhands locked them already. Thanks!

No. 27802

I white guilt getting to you, anons? Why so butthurt?

Please open them back

No. 27803

no way. it clogs /ot/ and is fucking pointless. Make a country hate thread. That way when it devolves into scrote-tier racebait and infighting, it can be locked and nipped in the bud.

No. 27804

Everyone is so sensitive lol

No. 27805

Are you not tired of baiting, shaniqua?

No. 27806

yeah idg why the canada thread was locked

No. 27807

Not even white, just aware these threads are /pol/ and /int/ scrote magnet and they will shit up the rest of the board.

No. 27808

Can you guys ban the whiteknights showing up in ask a morticians thread? It hasn't even been up a full day and already there are covert dethlingsexsdee trying to shit it up.

No. 27809

Yeah there is zero reason to allow something so /pol/ adjacent.

No. 27812

No nigger, suck my big black dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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