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File: 1631920079124.gif (1.03 MB, 640x640, danganronpa-nagito-komaeda.gif)

No. 915219

Let your retard flag fly

previous dumbassness >>>/ot/906804

No. 915228

First because this other bitch wanted to be first i cant have that

No. 915230

And whats with the guy shaking his ass in the gif? I hope he dies

No. 915232

i'm hiding the thread pic. shit choice.

No. 915234


No. 915237

Shit I was gonna create the new thread, now we're stuck with farting komaeda

No. 915240

I'm hiding the image, fuck thiiiiiiiis

No. 915244

Make a new one we will integrate

No. 915245

yeah let's abandon this one

No. 915246

File: 1631920541089.jpg (188.65 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20210912-173756.jpg)

TFW you lock him in the semen extraction contraption and then take his credit cards

No. 915247

AliExpress my asshole my asshole my cunt and my boner (Clint Eastwood be damned)

No. 915249

mr anachan twink albino with that retarded aliexpress hoodie coat, choke yourself in his coat while he farts for the perfect Chinese factory coat enhanced dutch* oven experience

No. 915253

AliExpress your severe mental illness to your therapist

No. 915254

File: 1631920597755.png (61.47 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20210917-201606_(1)…)

No. 915261

can we make annkha the next one

No. 915266

Are you a moid? Fuck off with your Ankha porn video obsession

No. 915268


No. 915274

someone talk to me while i sober up pls

No. 915276

no you're being fucking annoying shitting all the threads up

No. 915278

File: 1631921176797.gif (5.56 MB, 480x480, giphy (1).gif)

So no celebricow thread?

No. 915281

it's just 2 /ot/ threads you retard

No. 915282

shut the guck up your fuck little butch bitchh my ass hole and these fucking druggies in here godDAMN! WHOA!

No. 915283

i hope you stay drunk forever

No. 915284

that's it notnnie get that frug addict

No. 915285

Would I be stupid to file the bottom of my teeth with a nail file

No. 915286

File: 1631921368171.png (253.51 KB, 988x996, Screenshot_20210713-180055_(1)…)

I'll talk to you

No. 915287

File: 1631921373348.gif (2.88 MB, 500x530, tumblr_1d38a46a5c4d646923f0f1c…)

god me too

No. 915288

yes tf

No. 915290

thank you nonna, how was ysour day?
it would be very dumb yes

No. 915291

No. 915293

stfu brainless bitch

No. 915295

Hot girls use girltalk

You got those stupid ridges on the bottom too? I've been tempted to file them myself. They say they go away naturally after childhood but it's not true for me

No. 915296

But don't dentists do basically the same thing for certain procedures though? Not with a nail file though, obviously.

No. 915300

File: 1631921592021.jpg (64.95 KB, 640x1136, FB_IMG_1488581781548.jpg)

People are especially aggressive today it seems, is everyone okay??

No. 915303

I'll kill your whole family. your entire bloodline. your lineage in the past, present, future, and beyond. your'e fucked kid. just. because I type a little retarded whell lookie here buckeye BITCH, I'll have a word qhow ever I like CAPIECE? well yhat aught to do it. bastards never lear

No. 915304


No. 915305

i mean yeah for veneers but they put shit on top obviously. and it still deforms your teeth so you have to keep repairing them.

No. 915306

im very ogay.

No. 915308

Samefag, I just tried it. It feels weird and barely did anything to my teeth. Might try again later.

No. 915309

seriously, meta is an absolute trash fire as well. Anons are acting more milky than the cows

No. 915310

File: 1631921730376.jpg (17.94 KB, 480x360, hqdefault(2).jpg)

I'm dying

No. 915311

diggity dang don't

No. 915312

Absolutely savage. Fearless. Unstoppable. Does what she wants.

No. 915316

a dentist can do it professionally if it needs to be done. you risk exposing your nerves to the air and when that happens you’ll be fucked.

No. 915317

File: 1631921811391.jpg (452.77 KB, 1080x1686, IMG_20210918_003609.jpg)

Kylie Jenners make up artist needs to get a life what the fuck

No. 915319

I fear nothing hoe

No. 915320

The nerves at the bottom of my teeth? Idk anon…

No. 915323

File: 1631921892259.jpg (21.99 KB, 339x360, backdrop-640x360_(1).jpg)

Another one of these

No. 915325

angeltroon looking ass

No. 915327

do you mean the bottom row or you’re just randomly filing the fronts of your teeth? i don’t get it and it makes no sense. control your impulses.

No. 915329

File: 1631922123645.jpeg (33.58 KB, 1080x1080, who r u callin a hoe.jpeg)

No. 915331

File: 1631922141562.jpg (145.42 KB, 1080x1350, rs_1080x1350-201030114856-1232…)

I always thought it was kinda weird that the Kardashian's surround themselves with people who are basically IG model clones of them.

No. 915333

i should brush my teeth but i cant get up

No. 915334

No not my bottom row, but the bottom of my top row.
>control your impulses.
No, why should I?

No. 915335

just stretch your arm into the other room

No. 915336

you’re going to fuck your teeth up (assuming they aren’t already)

No. 915338

i can actually do that kek bathroom is right next to my bedroom

No. 915345

File: 1631922532390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 483.29 KB, 1200x800, kc-veener-check.jpg)

They are, but the filing didn't do anything. I can't see any difference and there was barely any dust. I genuinely don't think it's that bad. It's not like I filed my teeth into little nubs like picrel.

No. 915347

But it reminds me of lime candy and I love candy

No. 915350

I think some of you got lost on your way to the retarded shit posting thread.

No. 915352

and the drunk thread

No. 915355

File: 1631923071421.jpg (34.8 KB, 614x560, tumblr_22a8f0f701eb67bd761c7e4…)

No. 915356

i’m not clicking that shit

No. 915357

Stop posting cheese pizza.

No. 915359

I clicked it and suffered a sudden anal catastrophe. Be wise and don't click that link.

No. 915360

File: 1631923280407.jpg (126.23 KB, 1080x1003, IMG_20210918_020039.jpg)


No. 915362

File: 1631923368864.jpg (20.7 KB, 491x624, granny.jpg)

You can't make me

No. 915365

If we're drunk and retardant, how do you expect us to navigate the catalog?? It's blurry. I'll leave when I get banned.

No. 915367

File: 1631923726440.jpg (36.03 KB, 600x616, f9a.jpg)

Alrighy b*tch, I see you want to learn it the hard way, so how about I ask nicely to fill it out plesee ?

No. 915368

if everything looks blurry then how can you type? checkmate.

No. 915369

Lucinda would like to have a word with you

No. 915371

I don't need to type. Microsoft Sam is reading your responses to me and I'm using voice recognition augmented reality tilt controls to shitpost

No. 915374

i’m seriously going to sound like a newfag but I’ve never participated in any townhall can someone tell me what happens during it?

No. 915375

no, they’re moving it to /snow/ hopefully where it belongs let’s pray

No. 915376

it’s like a chat room and people ask questions/discuss shit and admin responds

No. 915377

no they’re not lmao

No. 915380

yes they are, i’m the admin. as queen admin who is separate from the peasant nonners i declare for you to believe everything i say and that celebricows will be moved to /snow/

No. 915381

gonna be awkward for you when the new one pops up in /ot/ though

No. 915395

how to hide thread image??

No. 915398

File: 1631926045341.jpeg (60.71 KB, 687x120, DCEA0EEF-6492-400C-840C-B8A5AD…)

No. 915399

you can't milk a man's nipples, whats really going on here

No. 915404

No. 915406

File: 1631927316442.jpg (20.87 KB, 256x345, 1516761798757.jpg)

all I have to live for is this Sex and the City torrent that's stuck at 2 percent

No. 915420


No. 915421

>You got those stupid ridges on the bottom too? I've been tempted to file them myself. They say they go away naturally after childhood but it's not true for me
my dentist removed mine for free, it's worth asking

No. 915427

What does using notsuba say about me?

No. 915448

You’re not a Subaru owner.

No. 915492

File: 1631933025250.png (110.74 KB, 263x267, cute.png)

she's so cute in this, my inner bi is acting up

No. 915496

she would be cuter if she wasnt balding tbh

No. 915500

File: 1631933578671.jpeg (30.25 KB, 300x250, FF542BF7-E76C-45F2-ABA6-D04F86…)

a lot of the time when i come on here i think "i dont want to do this, i want to do something else" and use all my strength to close the tab. but then 2 sec later i reopen it. why am i like this

No. 915510

I went out, didn't get drunk, and am home before 11:00PM. Life is great

No. 915511

she has pcos you dumb cow, how is a female-oriented website unaware of this? i’m probably talking to males 90% of the time now, jfc they invade everywhere

No. 915513

Great job, nonnie!

No. 915515

nta but are we supposed to know who that is without context

No. 915520

pretty sure pcos is common on here, that’s what i meant

No. 915522

Who's that looks troony

No. 915530

they’re a woman, what is with this bait

No. 915558

What's their name anon

No. 915561

muh celebricow….

No. 915568

just make it?

No. 915593

pleasantsims, her latest videos are pretty creative

No. 915690

Now why would you think PCOS is common here when it's not common on planet Earth?

No. 915707

There's threads with gore pics in the /g/ catalog, be careful. For some reason the threads don't actually appear on /g/ for me though, just in the catalog.

No. 915709

I don't see any anon. Maybe you need to clean your cookies?

No. 915712

they're gone for me now too.

No. 915730

Any CC frequenters keeping up with b? I'm still baffled by the anon who was trying to convince everyone that people aren't attracted to Megan foxes, playboy models, and most lingerie models breasts. The things some people will do to keep women insecure holy shit

No. 915760

I went on a trip a few months ago with my sister and her friends took us on a trip to seaside, oregon and there was a restaurant called "nonni's". I wanted so bad to take a picture but I didn't want to have to explain to the people I was with what nonny meant.

No. 915792

Lil Uzi Vert comes off as a very cute kinda shy soft spoken man lmao he sometimes reminds me of a little girl getting abashed.

No. 915811

It’s probably a scrote.

No. 915813

This image…

No. 915816

Oh my god I'm so tired of that stupid breast thread you don't even know. I hate crystal cafe but I keep going there idk why.

No. 915817

Makes sense. What would a woman possibly get out of convincing everyone that top tier stacies don't have attractive breasts? They're either very delusional and cut off from the world, trying to make all men like a single breast type, or just a scrote trying to make women feel insecure "sure everything is perfect but men hate most women's boobs and if they don't then they're pedophiles" I literally can't

No. 915820

Moids just get a kick out of posting a retarded boob meme and watch the thread descend into like years of women fighting over the same stupid topic

No. 915824

File: 1631972212669.jpeg (300.21 KB, 657x625, A6A7912E-3C5F-44FC-851A-12FA0E…)

kiwi from pleasebee’s channel is so cute I can’t

No. 915825

I, too, am not attracted to megan foxes.

No. 915826

True but this also leads to making women without large breasts being insecure, not sending nudes, not having sex or if they do have sex they don't remove their top. Literally nobody wins and then the big boobed girls will have to deal with even higher standards for their bodies and be nitpicked if other women keep encouraging men to be nitpicky.

This all reminds me of that weird incel post about how he laughs at pretty women for having a vagina too close to their anus and how he demanded women to feel insecure to have sex with them and how men are doing women a favor by having sex. I swear to God if most men truly thought this way I would never have sex

No. 915831

I love this bug

No. 915842

I decided that I will finish my degree at 21 after 3 years of abandoning it for mental health reasons, and I feel like a huge weight is lifted from my shoulders. My parents are "happy" for me because they thought I was just a failure, little do they know that I made this decision to escape from their bullshit and insane abuse, I can no longer wait to be independent and start my own life away from them, they always try to make me believe i can't do shit by myself and treat me like a fucking child, but I'm a grown woman and I'll not let them sabotage my adulthood too, I've had enough. When I leave, I will change my number and will not come back. No children, no scrotes around, no shitty family sabotaging me, I'll finally be free.

No. 915847

Eh, you shouldn't be sending nudes anyways. Men spread them around constantly. And if a woman is too insecure to be naked in front of someone else, then she should stop trying to be in relationships until her confidence is better. A crystal cafe thread should not be tanking anyones self esteem, no matter how retarded it is. Like yeah I think whoever was behind that nitpicking is dumb as hell, I have small boobs too, ect. ect. but if someone's actually out there taking this seriously, shut down the computer and delete instagram and keep it off for like a week and you'll feel better

No. 915848

she grew into an adult the video is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

No. 915852

I was browsing an online sex store (as you do on a rainy Saturday) and I saw a sex toy advent calendar. Spotted one of the reviews was a one star review by a gay man bitching that it's for hetero couples and gays are left out..he was demanding answers through this review and not by emailing them.. cause that makes sense.

Oh and they also sell male calendars and an all anal one and he mentioned that's still not good enough. ffs man.

> This is not a product I would use… one star!!!!

No. 915894

Stop excusing misogynistic shit thrown at women, there are people behind computers just as you and me and the internet had the power to literally taunt several people into suicide, murder, and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately you can't just say "don't take it seriously" when the internet is currently effecting our day to day life. Most women already have a million self esteem issues as it is, stop trying to excuse people who want to push it down even further

No. 915900

I was making fun of a couple of coworkers with someone and one of the guys comes up to me and goes on about how he knows I was making fun of him and how he's always nice to me even when I'm not having a good day. He wouldn't shut the fuck up so I told him it was a fucking joke. He goes "I was crying in the bathroom" so I'd know he was joking but he was being way too serious. Same guy told me one day how stuck up I was for not talking to him enough. God damn, half the time when I poke fun at a male coworker they take it personally. Grown ass men can't handle someone teasing them.

No. 915902

Glad you got called out for being a bitch.

No. 915910

Yeah anon because saying theyre dating because the two dudes always leaving their work area to talk to each other is being a bitch.

No. 915911

Men are just too delicate for the real world, nonnie, they can’t handle some banter because mommy always told them that they’re special, smart and handsome.

No. 915912

God I wish we could go back to "men never share their fweelings and r tough" this kind of victim complex among scrotes is getting more and more common.

No. 915915

Kek what a bunch of sensitive bitches

No. 915918

>tfw i act just like him

No. 915926

breathing out of my nose made a noise like distant seagulls

No. 915931

File: 1631981251164.jpg (59.63 KB, 1005x590, Apex-Legends-Emergence-Seer.jp…)

he's so hot…

No. 915932

File: 1631981256669.jpeg (303.92 KB, 1242x1242, 12573066-5CFD-4B4A-A04E-D42263…)

No. 915938

>he knows I was making fun of him and how he's always nice to me even when I'm not having a good day
If you have bad days to the point where he's aware of that being an ongoing thing.. then can't he have a bad day where he's sensitive to overhearing shit being said about him?

No. 915939

I'm not saying misogyny should be excused, but there's no way it's going to stop either unfortunately. Yeah, people online say shitty sexist things but if an online thread is going to make you kill yourself or others turn the computer off. Like I said, reading sexist nitpicky comments hurts but you simply can't base your entire self worth off of if other people like your body or not and expect to not have shitty self-esteem. The best thing you can do is develop confidence outside of fitting beauty standards and grow a thicker skin.

No. 915947

File: 1631982246527.jpeg (25.88 KB, 465x431, B8DDCD2D-BDE1-49F2-B964-10EC24…)

I would do anything, ANYTHING, to not have to answer one more fucking “choose photos that show a truck” captcha ever again

No. 915949

when they make you go through like 6 different screens of that it’s a form of torture

No. 915950

i will beat whoever's talking shit about me with that spine

No. 915953

stop going to kiwifarms then

No. 915954

nta but what does kf have to do with that? i see those stupid things on a daily basis everywhere.

No. 915955

As someone whose constantly worried about being bullied by my co-workers Fuck you all seriously, this is you just being a bunch of bullies,

No. 915957

It shows up on the sewing forum I frequent but nice job admitting you go to kf

No. 915958

>It shows up on the sewing forum I frequent
oh, good thing I'm only interested in mongolian basket weaving

No. 915964

Pussy eating would be really dangerous if we (humans) had vampire teeth

No. 915968

Pussy eating would be amazing if humans had serpent-like tongues.

No. 915970

Where are you even working that has grown ass adults actually bullying other grown ass adults?

No. 915979

Oh no poor scrote got called gay for always hanging out with his butt buddy on shift… You can stop projecting your issues onto someone else now.

No. 915981

Nonnie, men joke around by hassling each other. Any shitty blue collar job has it, but I know most women on this forum work in offices or places where you have meetings all the time about how to talk to each other. Learn to joke around and lighten up,.people are assholes and you can't stop them being ones.

No. 915987

>you can't stop them being ones
unless you kill them. but I'd also consider quitting a job like that.

No. 915991

File: 1631985007487.jpeg (137.48 KB, 1024x1024, 42288C78-6939-41B9-9FC3-4D7F57…)

i don't want to believe in zodiac signs but if zodiac signs aren't real then how come most of the couples you see whether in real life or celebs or whatever have 'compatible' zodiac signs

No. 915996

well I have my own trauma due to name calling and bullying that I received, people who perpetuate into adulthood make me wanna scream, unless someone is actively being as asshole towards you there's no reason to do this, the fact OP is doing this to a guy who is nice to her reminds me of the Bullies who pretended to be my friends but actually made fun of me

No. 915997

File: 1631985481760.png (29.32 KB, 500x362, a7f8e003e2dea6461ec517d9c8fc96…)

how do you know people's zodiac signs? Do you actively ask for them? Or do those people publically display their zodiac signs in their bios or talk about them? If the latter is the case, it would make sense for people who believe in astrology, to seek out zodiac signs they believe to be suitable as their partners.

No. 916000

So you're projecting

No. 916001

>how come
Confirmation bias? Selective attention? Small sample size?

No. 916003

A Little maybe, I can't really hate males like most anons cause most of the people that made my life miserable were other women, all cause I was a little different
If all men disappeared the next day, the people who made my life hell would still exist and I'd hate that

No. 916011

Pretty sure you posted this exact post already a few weeks ago.

No. 916016

/ot/ just hasn't been the same without Ko-chan. I miss her autistic sperging about Komaeda's penis, and her posts about eating her own discharge chunks.

No. 916020

Tbh going online to bitch about someone because you hurt their feelings and you think they're weak for having those feelings… that's just about the most scrote-like thing to do.

If we all hate scrotes… lets stop imitating their pig like behaviours. We know the same anons are crying in the vent thread because something equally stupid happened to them.. and feelings happen lol

No. 916029

No, not really. Scrotes would double down and actually start bullying and pull their bros in it to.

No. 916037

I'm sure anon probably makes fun other women as well, probably thinks its harmless ribbing and that she's doing nothing wrong

No. 916039

absolutely nothing of value was lost

No. 916041

what happened to her?

No. 916044

Wish me luck. I lost 90 pounds this year and am posting before and after pics. I have a lot of HAES and fat acceptance friends, so I know it's going to start drama, but like I look so good and never post pics, so I have to share.

No. 916045

File: 1631989617336.gif (586.98 KB, 316x318, 1acd58c14d2066d064038a0d83c7e1…)

the easiest way to see what im talking about is celebrity/famous couples with public birth dates. way too many of them have compatible signs but i doubt that many of them believe in astrology

No. 916046

I'm so happy for you anon! Be confident that any salt you get is just pure, unrefined jealousy kek

No. 916049

good job! if you're making the deathfats seethe, it's just because they're jealous they don't have the self-control/discipline to make it happen for themselves.

No. 916050

Holy shit congrats nonna. Own it regardless of what they might say.

No. 916058

File: 1631990207088.jpg (4.19 KB, 217x232, images(1).jpg)

I need somebody to put lotion on that one part of my back i can't reach FUCK

No. 916061

Hollywood/elite ppl are all into astrology anon.

No. 916063

Wow great work nona, that is a lot. A few years ago I went from overweight to slim, lost 15 kg. No one fucking said anything. Well one friend kinda went uuh did you lose weight. Ok. I wish people dared to congratule others for weightloss instead of buying into the haes shit. Losing weight is hard work.

No. 916064

I thought dick komaeda and discharge komaeda were two different nonnies

No. 916069

I'm very happy that I never saw the discharge posts.

No. 916071

She just stopped posting. The last post I saw from her was some art she made of Komaeda and herself in a /g/ thread
There's more than one Komaeda anon, but I'm pretty sure those two are the same kinnie. For some reason I remember Ko-chan talking about the coma.

No. 916078

i remember comaeda too

No. 916081

File: 1631990899343.jpg (86.54 KB, 639x641, Em3o11qVQAUzAmk.jpg)

congrats, nonna!! i bet you look amazing now. enjoy the clothes shopping!

this is what i fucking dread. i have to lose 100 lbs in total (down 18 lbs so far) and i swear to god if people don't say anything once i visibly weigh less. i hate this culture of "never compliment anyone at all ever!!!" just because people are insecure babies. being fat is bad, it's just how it is.

No. 916091

I think my recent epilator addiction is turning me into a masochist

No. 916095

So apparently mechanical trichotillomania is a thing huh

No. 916096

File: 1631991659088.gif (792.31 KB, 427x498, 320BD941-C6AE-4BF5-81EE-06F56E…)

>her posts about eating her own discharge chunks

No. 916100

File: 1631991757109.png (281.7 KB, 633x715, far.png)

i find it so cringe when anons claim to be stacies. it's not impossible but it feels like going out of your way not to integrate kek. at least pretend to be a neet riddled with mental illness, so we can keep up appearances as a community

No. 916104

File: 1631992070738.png (1.34 MB, 1676x944, jghjghjghjh.png)

Stacy larping is enlightened those manifestation bozos got something right, your attitude has a larger impact on results than you'd think.

No. 916106

This kind of "everyone is awful and actually a cow here" mindset destroys the website. I've already seen it happen to /cgl/ and it completely demolished the sense of community the board once had, because twitter/facebookfags and other snowflakes latched on to it to hatelurk and post while still hating the place, completely shitting it up and pitting everyone against everyone.
There are plenty of anons with a job and social life here. The beauty of it is that we can all still come together, regardless of social status, to laugh at cows.

No. 916119

Nta but I have reverse manifestation powers. I always wondered if anyone else experienced this, where the more you think about something the complete opposite of it happens, not all the time but in most cases.

No. 916120

Thought this was about Shayna for a while

No. 916124

I am here to hang out with other suicidal NEETs who can only love 2D characters, oh and to gawk at momo's body development

No. 916128

You sound like you hang around too many online moid communities. I'm a mentally ill neet myself but having anons only living as that creates the same self-pity circlejerk incel sites have

No. 916143

I think my loneliness reached another level. I dreamt that Keanu Reeves and I held hands and just talked about idk what. All platonic

No. 916147

what are your secrets, anons? how did you lose the weight?

No. 916154

There is no big secret, just counting calories and eating less than you want to. Which is why it's so difficult and an achievement in a modern environment that encourages overeating.

No. 916156

File: 1631994582272.jpg (72.74 KB, 540x720, 1505411930916.jpg)

I truly am starting to believe that everyone is an Idiot, I used to think it was simply men who were retards but after going on some radfem spaces I have simply lost faith in the Human race
No wonder the world has so many dictators or cult leaders, if the people are literal Morons without any rational sense, No one has any sense to have practical politics that can give results, no instead they unrealistic expectations and fantasies and they act shocked when those unrealistic expectations and fantasies don't come true

No. 916157

exactly. husbando-posters are based, anons whining about their nigels are just tiresome.

No. 916158

Necessarysped is that you?

No. 916159

Yeah, right. I know there isn't, my question wasm't literal. More like "how did you keep up the motivation?". I can't count calories as it triggers my BED and IMHO it's just mental. I can hardly eat when I'm at work, I wish I wasn't stuck at home for the next two weeks. Shit is unhealthy for me.

No. 916165

I think most anons are lacking in some area of life but that area isn't always their looks or ability to get bfs.

The cute anons with long term partners do tend to be neet-ish adults anyway. They have a partner that supports them but they're isolated at home while he works. That's a pattern I'm always seeing. A worrying pattern tbh. Too much dependance there. The same anons have mental breakdowns when that relationship ends and they're ill prepared to live alone again so there's the mental illness you wanted to see lol

I think the thing that keeps us together is knowing we're all missing something. Friends, social skills, stable moods, the ability to move out of parents place, decent job, finding a bf when the last one was a dick who fucked your head up. Pick at least one and you fit in just fine.

No. 916167

i think it’s just the nature of the internet and how the way we gain information off of it most easily while fulfilling a false sense of socialization can really warp reality. it’s helpful to watch and read things from before the internet. also i appreciate your opinion and hope you let people know how they’re being idiots of you have the patience lol, some people are worth helping and will be grateful for you and the reminder. what spaces do you go to where women can talk about anything without men?

idk what your situation is but a low dose medication can help with eating disorders, they’re usually anxiety based but idk. drinking tons of water and moving more helps, and eating vegetables/protein shakes will keep you full and stop cravings when all you really want is nutrients.

No. 916168

kek this is not new. women in radfem spaces are still people and issues in the community are endemic to all online spaces. i wonder who some of you are.

No. 916171

I thought you were quitting lc kek

No. 916175

Its more about making pragmatic political decisions that will attract more votes, all the shit they talk about seems like it will just alienate potential supporters and allies

No. 916186

The world before the Internet was still full of idiots, only far more boring. Sorry to burst you bubble, it's not the Internet's fault.

No. 916206

What helped me the most was first focusing on working out. Once my weight Plateaud, I was more motivated to focus on improving my diet to continue the weight loss

No. 916208

that helps a lot in the long-run anyway because muscle burns more calories at rest

No. 916210

You are promoting the idea that it's the woman's fault if anything happens to them
>You're a human being with self esteem issues caused by unstable communication with others? Your fault for not going off the internet or taking whatever seriously
>Your nudes got sent around? Your fault for sending nudes
There's should be protective measures but ffs that doesn't mean we shouldn't call out toxic or sociopathic behavior, especially for the younger generations who are impressionable and not ~strong, smart, and stern~ like you. Because God forbid I was younger women to be in less toxic environments

No. 916216

This is a 18+ website and not twitter. As an adult you are able to curate your own inyernet experience and close websites when you know it damages your mental health. No mental illness stops you from closing the browser.

No. 916217

> Your nudes got sent around? Your fault for sending nudes
i mean… i’ve sent my fair share in my day and if one popped up some day i don’t think i’d have anyone to blame but myself for being too trusting of a scrote. not saying people that have had that happen deserve it, but you also have to have some accountability for decisions you make.

No. 916219

Women are not babies. I don't need "protective measures" against shit I choose to read. What the fuck

No. 916222

File: 1631998886158.gif (497.41 KB, 250x263, 3A5B6EEE-56E7-4B0E-969D-4B037D…)

No. 916224

wow a gif! sure showed them

No. 916227

While I agree childred should be protected from the "general" internet and from adults with bad intentions, there's a point where you need to take personal responsibility. We cannot put retard-proof safety measures on everything in the world.

No. 916229

File: 1631999151642.jpg (598.35 KB, 1027x1280, 6 inch nose.jpg)

Samefagging to say it would also be more dangerous if we had werewolf claws, BUT if humans had very long witch noses and maybe even elf ears? like picrel, penetration would be more interesting.

No. 916230

would a witch nose like this even be conducive to penetration though? is it bone all the way to the tip or is that all just squishy cartilage?

No. 916231

That's a good question. I think it would be cartilage since there's no bone in the top of our noses, but the anatomy of a witch could be different. Even if it is all bone I think it could still work, cause wouldn't it be similar to a finger?

No. 916232

Samefag, but nevermind. I completely forgot that fingers have joints.

No. 916233

I agree, interesting physiognomy lends to interesting sex.
See my confession here

No. 916235

what would ears and claws have to do with penetration? pornsick anon

No. 916237

Someone's never had lesbian sex
Idk, but I'm all ears if anon wants to explain

No. 916239

File: 1632000045677.jpg (41.24 KB, 412x479, wildelfleft_large.jpg)

>What do claws have to do with penetration
I mean…put two and two together anon. There's a reason why you can't have long nails if you want to finger yourself or someone else.
>Idk, but I'm all ears if anon wants to explain
I don't really know how to explain this honestly

No. 916242

bringing new meaning to “hear me out”

No. 916256

Tbh, the ears one is the only one I'm 100% sure wouldn't work irl. And even if it did, it would be really uncomfortable for the person with the elf ears.
With that being said, I also feel like I should clarify that I don't have a fetish for any of this stuff. I'm just in the Halloween spirit I guess.

No. 916258

I mean, if you want to be a mild coomer, the ears would be sensitive and it would be cute/hot to tease them.
If you want to go full gross coomer who probably has a goon cave and can’t get off unless it’s this specific scenario Imagine how would it be like to rub the pussy against those ears
And now I will take a shower because I feel disgusting.

No. 916259

Could you imagine being the elf and you just hear schlorp schlorp schlorp as you ram your head from side to side…

No. 916260

Anon, if you’ve ever masturbated with mildly long nails, and the you cut them and masturbated again, you could know the difference.
Like, it would hurt like a bitch.

No. 916262

File: 1632001574725.jpg (25.61 KB, 640x457, (you).jpg)

>there are still women in 2021 pretending to be disabled children with zero personal responsibility
>there are still women in 2021 that can't fathom the idea of their nudes getting leaked if they decide to share nudes
wow feminism has come so far

No. 916263

These are good ideas! I didn't think about the fact that ears would be really sensitive, I was only really thinking about penetration.
>goon cave
I wish I didn't know what this is.

No. 916265

Peak asmr
Headgasm, but literal

No. 916266

I read this wrong and thought you were talking about women birthing lots of disabled children. Like when you have one autistic kid and then you have another and sure enough that kid has even more autism.

No. 916267

It’s funny because even if you put everywhere
There would be some retard doing so anyways and bawwwwling because
>omg!!! He/She told me I could trust him/her!!!!1!1!1!1
So there’s really no use.

No. 916274

nice nonnie perfectly in the dumbass shit spirit

No. 916276

File: 1632002707593.jpg (122.65 KB, 750x500, 4b13yd.jpg)

if the fried rice don't taste mostly like spring onion then i ain't eating the got dang fried rice

No. 916277

same. the best allium.

No. 916283

File: 1632003593239.jpg (100.75 KB, 735x931, 0a600cd1b3fdd90a71a4186c8ffe74…)

Don't like this trend. It bothers me. This and the scrotey gaze naked tits and ass candles all over the place

No. 916285

feminism has come real far when you blame women, exactly! god you’re hilariously dumb

No. 916289

>proving her point

No. 916290

File: 1632004070595.jpg (16.59 KB, 236x339, 0daf54dd6dbd8559a4af034d4583f3…)

if there's anything i love, it's posting stupid stuff and forgetting i postwed it, feels like pissingg outdoors if that makes sense
i agree

No. 916291

it’s a classic MRA point, anon, do you really think that thing is a woman?

No. 916294

how about you just don't send nudes if you can't live with the chance of them going public and quit seething

No. 916296

>”how about you suppress your sexuality as a woman and it’s your fault if people don’t value privacy and trust between two people”


No. 916298

>suppress your sexuality as a woman
>your sexuality as a woman extends to sending naked pictures
Get therapy

No. 916299

yes it actually is your fault for being a retard and thinking the world is a fairytale where trust can't be broken

No. 916300

I mean, you can just do whatever you want and that’s it but
>considering men who needs nudes “people”
You can’t be so dense, specially knowing how most scrotes are pornsick and get off with the idea of holding your pride in their finger like a fiddle.
But yeah, slay queen yas, get yourself an OnlyFans and a PornHub account.

No. 916301

File: 1632004545567.jpeg (61.34 KB, 311x214, A8822F1E-9392-446C-9267-8BED27…)

as if, you sanctimonious prude

No. 916302

Idk after countless cases of revenge porn it's incredibly stupid and naive to expect any man to respect your privacy in our lord year of 2021. Seriously do you not know what men are like? They trade nudes like pokemon cards. I don't care how nice you think your Nigel is, you never truly know anybody until you get on their bad side.

No. 916304

People are prudes for not sending nudes to moids and then crying about it once they get leaked? you go girl you really showed me

No. 916307

>They trade nudes like pokemon cards.
yep and they’ll show anyone willing to see them. i had guy friends even try to shove them from other girls in MY face before like it was some kind of trophy.

No. 916309

File: 1632004865169.jpeg (75.32 KB, 750x718, A4DF8C24-3BC4-4C3F-A239-C9FFE4…)

No. 916310

you’re just a woman that hates other women, admit it and go I don’t give a fuck anymore

No. 916313

I know right, I once talked to a moid online and he started sending me nudes of other girls like, bitch what?

No. 916314

File: 1632004987382.jpeg (226.91 KB, 1400x2194, 1_8v939WoHH2PVhAOctPazVw.jpeg)

No. 916316

This is actually a pretty cute drawing, thanks.

No. 916317

You're a woman that hates yourself more than I could ever hate other women lol stop trying to drag everyone down to your level

No. 916318

Keep coping. Maybe you spend sometime on /b/ looking through all threads where they post nudes of their gfs and the women they're fucking. If you still think men can be trusted after that then idk what to tell you.

No. 916319

I don’t think you would need to have any standards to begin with because no nigel would ever touch you

No. 916321

Are you ok? Clearly not, imagine getting this triggered because some women don't want to send nudes lol holy shit. Please share your diagnosis with us

No. 916322

Amazing twitterfag "trolling", bravo.

No. 916323

File: 1632005342887.jpeg (63.67 KB, 700x402, 92E18CD7-3A93-4ED9-8FC3-294257…)

I just want more biking shorts, I hate biking because I hate falling and falling is for losers, so I don’t have to be a loser by biking.
But I really love wearing biking shorts, they’re so comfy and nice, I wish I had bought more tan just a single pair of workout biking shorts because I want some to wear at home when it’s a hot day and I have to pick stuff or run errands, so I don’t have to change from my comfy home clothes to my comfy errands clothes.
Like, I like my comfy home clothes, but they’re like super old dresses with holes and dyes in the not trendy way, more like the “wow she looks like she just had some crack at 1 pm” way.
I want to look like a cool, modern crackhead, not like a cottagecore crackhead, that’s only for my own enjoyment during hot days while baking at home with comfy music and my dog barking at anything that breathes.

No. 916324

File: 1632005377706.jpeg (176.29 KB, 622x562, 2858A546-61B5-42E6-A1EC-381CE6…)

can you spergs move your slapfighting to another thread. i want to go back to our regularly scheduled dumbass shit now thank you

No. 916325

but more then. i wear them at home all the time with big t-shirts and hoodies. the ribbed ones are especially nice.

No. 916327

I never said it's the woman's fault. I just said you shouldn't send nudes if you know better not to. It's not that hard not to send nudes, just don't fucking do it. Also, other people aren't going to coddle your self-esteem issues. I know what it's like to feel like shit about your body but you can either grow up and realize beauty standards are fake and retarded and the people perpetuating them and fighting over it are wasting their time, or you can continue to cry about whatever you perceive is "wrong" with your body forever. No, nobody should be made to feel that way but you have agency of your own and can grow a thicker skin.

No. 916328

rip this anon's neighbors ears

No. 916330

here comes autismo woman and her cat pics

No. 916331

You've made me want biker shorts anon.
Personally, I'm excited because it's almost sweatpants season! There's nothing better than putting on your favorite pair of sweatpants and getting cozy under a blanket.

No. 916332

I would feel bad if their kids stopped ringing my doorbell at night and screaming like banshees when they run downstairs.

No. 916333

>makes assumptions about my self-esteem
>gives boomer lecture about muh responsibility all facts and no feelings

So much for the tolerant left, this is the amount of control that leftists have in this country and it disgusts me.

No. 916335

File: 1632005842946.jpg (46.37 KB, 540x502, Tumblr_l_533739849111185.jpg)

Stay mad

No. 916336

Oh, you’re AGAB, now I get it.

No. 916339

All Gabes Are Bad

No. 916340

Assigned Gringo At Birth, nonnie.

No. 916341

Why do you guys keep taking the bait, report the larping scrote and move on. It realized it can only get replies when it says retarded shit as a "womyn"

No. 916342

File: 1632006105747.jpg (24.78 KB, 563x514, reeee.jpg)

we are too many for you

No. 916343

File: 1632006106530.png (203.11 KB, 797x527, Cat-question-mark-2.png)

>so much for the tolerant left

No. 916345

why? honestly asking, i think it's cute

No. 916347

would you get turned off if your boyfriend cried in front of you?

No. 916348

Yeah real men don't cry

No. 916350

depends on the reason but generally no. i'd rather him cry than be an aggressive emotionally constipated pos

No. 916354

File: 1632006634676.jpg (164.69 KB, 682x1200, 5fc1796984bad803dc34089f152648…)

If my turned off you mean turned on

No. 916355

No. 916356

Follow up question: how many times has a boyfriend actually cried in front of you because no man has ever cried in front of me

No. 916358

No, I think he had once btw but I don't even remember

No. 916359

Every person I've ever been with cried in front of me. I'd consider that a good bonding thing if it wasn't for the fact they cried because of me.

No. 916366

I’m eating saltine crackers with garlic mayo but I’m not sure that the processed ham or turkey meat I’m eating is fresh, it looks and smells reasonably fine hope I don’t grow another leg tomorrow

No. 916371

Of course not, makes me wonder if a moid asked this.

No. 916372

File: 1632007720943.jpeg (52.39 KB, 750x626, 5805A30E-3F61-4146-B054-442A25…)

What would I do if My boyfriend was crying? First I’’ll take some napkins and wipe them away, and make sure he feels safe. Then , Ya knowwww I’d wanna poke his nose holes and make sure to go to town in there. You know I’m gonna scrape every nook and cranny making sure that all his nose hairs and crusty Schlick nose hole boogers are porcelain clean. Then, I’m gonna mix that concoction of nose boogers and pretty tears coming from his eye holes and make a nice little mixture. See this is where the recipe gets really hard. Im gonna need to boil the mixture on -375 degrees Fahrenheit over a stove top, but not just any stove top, it’s gonna have to be an arsenic skillet that’s made from lamb bones 100% organic. You know how easy it is to find though. I can just go to my local Italian grocer and pick one of these bad boys up. Anyways, after I get that skillet, im gonna make sure to put it over -475 degrees Fahrenheit over a blue fire that’s lit up with dry ice. Im gonna bring it to a negative boil and make sure that beauty is fuming steam. It needs to smell like the devils farts at 9am. You know those ungodly farts that you can smell from an unwashed 90 year old grandpa ass? Yeah that type, but maybe a little more pungent. After it gets to that perfection, I’m gonna make sure to pour that slime over some freshly cut Granny Smith apples. Make sure those apples are cut like cute little rabbits. I’ll pour that delicious slimy mixture over those apples, and there you have it! Beef stew. I hope you enjoyed my recipe. Thanks for listening.

No. 916375

File: 1632007933312.jpeg (82.76 KB, 402x397, 89B4E697-AE3E-46FD-B357-BC7959…)

Uhg delicious.

No. 916377

I hate these male-centric questions

No. 916381

No, but if you're a moid then yes.

No. 916382

pretty sure almost every boyfriend i’ve had has cried in front of me, but i’ve mostly had LTRs so obviously at some point some kind of traumatic event or argument comes up that chokes them up. i think it’s cool though, if anyone needs to cry in front of me i encourage it. can’t be good to hold that shit in and it’s good when people trust you enough to be vulnerable in front of you like that.

No. 916384

kek what is this from

No. 916391

am I the only one who has threads disappear like no matter how much I look for them, they aren't on the 1, 2, 3 or 4th page? This happens to me with Shayna thread at times. Maybe I'm just retarded, I do hide a lot of threads but sometimes theres new posts and the thread is still missing, even when I keep going back.

No. 916395

Yeah, if a thread gets pushed to the bottom that can happen. Sometimes I'll bump it (if it's /ot/) or I'll just find it in th catalog

No. 916400

File: 1632010685585.jpg (55.73 KB, 564x564, d23ca9d27e3c600ed1e62e44772594…)

I, for one, love Stacy larping. Not even larping, cause I am a true Stacy.
I am getting that high paying job position that I am studying for; I am getting thinner, healthier and hotter everyday; I am getting smarter and wiser everyday. Aging does not scare me in the slightly, because I am always better today than I was yesterday, and I will be even better tomorrow. I refuse to keep dwelling in my own misery. I will allow myself to feel sad or frustrated, but I won't allow myself to stop growth.
Also my celebrity crushes loves me.

No. 916402

I love you, nonnie.

No. 916404

There is a Twilight Zone where threads end up between pages and are only visible in the catalogue.
If a thread is pushed out of a page by just 1, it still won't be visible in next page, nor the previous.
It's a mistake nobody cared to complain enough to push admins to fix.

No. 916410

Can black women really be stacies though? Just wondering

No. 916411

File: 1632011386085.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, 63021476-4E27-4EAF-A552-1B9AB5…)

No. 916413

File: 1632011466413.jpeg (222.11 KB, 640x480, 257207CB-67B1-443E-A452-D570B2…)

No. 916415

If the devil had Jack Black's face I wouldn't even question it.

No. 916417

File: 1632011717328.jpg (30.13 KB, 563x480, 0cffdc5be370f395017282085b11ba…)

Love you too, nonita! Sow your inner Stacy with love and she'll flourish

Funny thing is that I'm not even black, Megan is just fucking gorgeous and a great stacy poster child

No. 916428

A video I have to watch for an assignment is narrated by someone who sounds like Nyanners if she had a southern accent. Sandpaper to the ears.

No. 916431

File: 1632013163716.png (200.34 KB, 372x394, 2021-09-18 20_59_03-Window.png)

No. 916450

No, whenever I see people cry I get the urge to cuddle and pamper them.

No. 916455

File: 1632013941775.jpeg (76.52 KB, 1300x845, 5EE71BD1-CCC7-4ACD-B99A-AECC09…)

Me applying some lip balm every single day because my husbandos surely love my luscious and luxurious lips as much as I do.

No. 916460

same but i think it's just an oral fixation or something for me at this point. my lips have to be moisturized or i feel crusty.

No. 916470

> Can black women really be stacies though? Just wondering

they arguably are the original stacies, get the fuck out with your bait

No. 916472

stacy larping is futile because there is no high-paying job, there is no such thing as happiness, you are dead, not real, not imagined, not loved, and are actually in hell where foot-chan, discharge-chan, plane fucker chan is poking your ass with a pitchfork like a roasted pig

No. 916473

I know that feel, nonnie, i feel terrible if my lips aren’t moisturized throughout the day, probably because my best friend has really crusty lips, and the idea of them peeling like hers does makes me shudder.

No. 916474

It’s annoying when people act like everything is a psyop but the sksksk and I oop save the turtles VSCO girl thing genuinely felt like a psyop to me. I have literally never met anyone remotely like that and definitely do not believe it was ever an extremely common kind of person?

No. 916479

I unironically like so many “meme” songs or like tiktok songs and I’m not a music snob at all, but there was one that I listened to and was like… blown away at how insanely bad it was like I thought it was one of the worst songs ever made and assumed it was just a one off song from some literal who but the next day I was recommended a video of anthony fantano reviewing the album and it turns out this person is like an actual rapper who has real fans who think he’s good. I will listen to the rest of the album to see what I’m missing but I was so shocked.

No. 916480

i think it was mostly like middle school/early teen aged girls

No. 916483

I only saw those kinds of people when I was a high school senior in an AP class a bunch of uppity freshman were also taking

No. 916487

I don’t know about psyop, but it was definitely a fake aesthetic that was created to market the vsco app. In hindsight, all of the elements felt so randomly thrown together, like they emptied an 8th grader’s fjallraven and just catalogued everything the found inside.

No. 916488

it was a fad adopted by rich white people who have the privilege to live in a dorm at an overpriced college

No. 916501

A yearish ago I became hyper-aware of the fact that I found it so hard to tell people things about myself or just like ever be vulnerable with people and decided to consciously work on changing it and the other day I realised I never have to actively think about it anymore and I really don’t have that personality trait or any difficultly with being open with people at all now. I think sometimes changing aspects of your personality feels impossible or like some huge task but it was way easier to change than I expected and feel like that would probably also be true about a lot of other parts of myself I want to change.

No. 916510

File: 1632016405070.jpg (54.38 KB, 564x564, 69c21582018e6d442d7d9eeef85883…)

And I am a Stacy in hell as well.

No. 916523

stop skinwalking through my people and go chow down on your unseasoned chicken

No. 916525

you are all poor, aren't you

No. 916528

This is a LARP from the same sperg that posted >>916410.
You failed once, femcel lol. Megan is a Stacy icon of all races, seethe forever

No. 916531

no but i got ree’d at in the positivity thread for mulling over an $800 outfit

No. 916537

tsundere-chan too

No. 916538

>plane fucker chan

No. 916540

I’m in the limbo of being middle upper class. I am considered rich by some people, but to others I’m another poorfag of the lot.

No. 916541

My mama found a bunch of woman's clothes in the trash the other day so I can say now I have brand new clothes to celebrate this christmas. Also we gonna eat lentil. #blessed

No. 916542

File: 1632018747421.png (60.11 KB, 1113x769, 296E4193-8FB6-475E-85AF-1B2B97…)

Nope, and neither are most farmers

No. 916544

I love that crusty feeling so I can peel and chew the skin off later on, like picking petals off a flower. There's something soothing about it.

No. 916545

this is extremely old and inaccurate and i don’t get why it gets pulled out at every turn recently

No. 916546

okay shayna

No. 916548

Lentils are tasty and nutritious

No. 916550

how do you know it’s inaccurate?

No. 916551

because i pay attention to what’s posted here? you think the majority of posters here have a Master’s degree? kek.

No. 916558

NTA but why would a graduate in her 30s with kids making $150k be here talking about Shayna's pussy and Chris-chan's lawsuit?
That's the Daily Mail comment section demographic, commenting on Kim Kardashian's ass folds for their daily gossip. Seriously, who do you know from here that's a rich, normal older woman? Has there ever even been one person who fits that profile in any of the Discords?

No. 916560

tell us the song

No. 916564

I don't think it's likely that most lolcow users have a postgraduate degree, but I also don't think that the lolcow userbase is 100% neets and schizos. One thing to remember is that there can be a pretty huge discrepancy between the people who browse the site and people who post, an effect which gets amplified by the fact that a relatively small number of crazy people post a huge amount. I remember reading that a very small percentage of 4chan users (like close to 1%) ever make a post on the site - it wouldn't surprise me if lolcow users follow a similar pattern.

Aside from that, is it so crazy to imagine that someone can have yearly household earnings in excess of $150k and still read about retarded shit as a pastime? I make more than that by myself, and I'm inclined to believe that there are more farmers in the same boat. The lonely femcel teen to relatively successful but friendless adult consultant/programmer pipeline is realer than you think lol

No. 916565

whatever makes you feel better about posting here i guess

No. 916566

>That's the Daily Mail comment section demographic
I would have never guessed they were doing that well

No. 916569

Lolcow is the only place where "someone breaking someone's trust and spreading private pictures is the woman's fault" is an extreme and sensitive opinion as well as "we should try to make environments not as toxic towards young women"

No. 916571

>The lonely femcel teen to relatively successful but friendless adult consultant/programmer pipeline is realer than you think lol
both depressing and inspirational, thank you anon

No. 916573

This is an anonymous forum and anyone can claim anything. I've larped several times myself here years ago as a rich married business woman. Sorry to break your bubble. it would only be accurate if anons had a way to prove their living situations but that would remove the entire point of anonymity

No. 916575


> "someone breaking someone's trust and spreading private pictures is the woman's fault”
If you’re older than 18 years old, yes, because you’re supposed to be smart enough to understand that men are apes and that they should be locked in cages, and that the love boasting about the pictures they get from other women to either make fun of them with other males or to spread them to ruin the woman’s life.
> “we should try to make environments not as toxic towards young women"
Do it? Lolcow isn’t a nursery, it’s a Mongolian basket weaving forum, you can just, learn how to code and create your own safe heaven for women.
You know, like those /x/ and /mu/ threads you love to browse on 4chan.

No. 916577

vent baby keem

No. 916580

File: 1632022317007.jpeg (369.32 KB, 1242x1468, 7286BA94-5ACD-46E6-BD2B-9CAF2D…)

Up until last night I naively thought the “Disney adult” joke was only just about poking fun at themselves for going crazy over merchandise and going to the parks often. I was wrong. The DRAMA some of these weirdos have is something else. I spent all last night reading through their petty comment threads like picrel (two iNflUeNcErS went full on tinfoil because an older lady said they complain a lot, which they do) because it’s free entertainment kek

No. 916582

why do you want to punish women for the way men are? why do these precautions always catered towards women instead of giving these men heavy repurcussions? anons are talking a lot about responsibility and consequences but every time this is brought up it’s always about the victim and never about the perpetrator getting in trouble and reaping the consequences, at its core this argument is victim-blaming and is always at the center of blaming the disadvantage for not taking precautions and letting the predator or bad person get away with what they did. it’s almost like punishing someone for being a civilized person, it’s so weird?

>well it’s their fault that they’re homeless because of many things you CAN’T control

>it’s her fault for enticing men so much,if she were to cover up her body and don’t dress like a slut and carry weapons and nail polish that detects date rape and guns and feel anxious she wouldn’t be preyed upon!

victims shouldn’t be punished for expecting what society has been trying hard to establish: which is order and stability. if people constantly have to be on their toes waiting for someone to screw them over, then maybe our society is incredibly unhealthy and untrustworthy and things do need to change? holy shit how far back are we really going? i hate this website sometimes

No. 916583

samefag but I’m gonna sperg some more, that kind of reasoning is why evil continues to persist

No. 916590

revenge porn is already illegal. what other repercussions are you expecting? the only other way to prevent it from happening is not giving them the material to use against you. i don’t get choosing to die on this hill of all things in a “victim-blaming” debate. nobody is comparing it to rape besides you.

No. 916591

Anon, stop being a chuuni, take off the eyepatch and go to sleep.

No. 916595

that’s obviously not what I’m talking about, socialize and civilize men to not do that shit and stop hating on women. you’re a fucking idiot, i’m done

No. 916597

Did you find any other funny stuff, anon? Disney adults are on my mind because all my life I've disliked Disney, but lately I've been depressed and traveling and have done a complete 180 and can't wait to dump reality for 2 days and go to Disneyland. Maybe looking at some funny disney adult stuff will get my head on straight before I fall headfirst into very expensive escapism lol

No. 916599

okay i’ll get right on re-educating every man on earth to not be a piece of shit. i’ll update you on my progress tomorrow.

No. 916600

File: 1632023961734.jpeg (358.04 KB, 750x675, 5F1D0AE8-F3E8-47D7-B38F-939F81…)

i know a weeb did not tell me to go to sleep and make me google search what this shit means. stop burning your eyes watching season 200 episode 1820378 of shounen men fighting in a field, crying and pretending to not be gay for one another, the show never gets better.

No. 916602

You're on an imageboard lol

No. 916604

you can’t always fix the current disaster especially when it’s been here for hundreds of years, there will always be a future with men in it and unlike women they need to be heavily monitored and socialized. i suggest you evaluate why you hate other woman as a woman and excuse scrote behavior because you’re not like one of those girls who dares to show her tits! give me a break.

No. 916605

If sperg anon isn’t straight out of Twitter, I honestly don’t know just from which wood board did she crawl from.

No. 916607

All I'm saying is that we should simply just treat each other better. If we don't do anything about it now then more and more places will be infested with baiting sociopaths doing everything in their power to lessen women's self esteem. And yeah sending nudes can be a mistake but most women are taught it's fine and empowering. I feel like you're forgetting women are human beings and thus are able to be tricked, make mistakes, manipulated, etc. I don't think we should blame women for not having superpowers to see into the future and see through everything the media feeds to them but we should teach them otherwise instead of villainizing them or calling them stupid and immature for simply being a human being

No. 916608

File: 1632024347442.jpeg (447.98 KB, 750x567, 023E83CF-F0DE-45E2-98FE-50E651…)

this isn’t 4chan either, get out of your disgusting male brain

No. 916610

Okay anon.

No. 916612

i don’t hate women but i would advise them not to send their tits to men, yeah. if that’s stifling them in some way then i think they should re-evaluate how much weight they’re putting into the opinions of men on their bodies.

No. 916614

Maybe just like, don’t show your tits to men? look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself? Empower yourself by acknowledging your own beauty instead of depending of the male gaze?

No. 916615

Nta but you people aren’t teenagers anymore and it’s not 2014, you need to progress from that surface level Atwood “You are your own voyeur” quote you saw on Tumblr 7 years ago eventually

No. 916616

Not what the ‘male gaze’ means at all. It doesn’t refer to the literal gaze of a male and is used in critique of visual media, it doesn’t make any sense applying it to real life.

No. 916621

nah they’re enlightened for sending nudes to scrotes

No. 916622

Oh, I see, good to know tbh.

No. 916623

File: 1632024893616.jpg (58.4 KB, 563x838, 6bb0ee479824400274a1d83ea35c62…)

dang it feels good to be a weebsta

No. 916624

Did you just forget the part where I mentioned most young women from a young age have been indoctrinated to think sending nudes is necessary in a relationship and are encouraged by others around them to do so? At this point it just sounds like you're hating women since you can't even acknowledge this and try to help young girls fix this issue. Screaming about how women shouldn't send nudes isn't going to do you any favors until you acknowledge the issues in society and what they're taught

No. 916625

>don’t show your tits to men

lesbians and bisexuals no longer exist. what is with heterosexuals and policing sex for everyone?

also you don’t get validation from yourself, whoever told you that must have been lying to you or you’re lying to yourself. living in this world requires validation from other people, that’s how human beings socialize and create a sense of belonging with one another. there is no empowering yourself in front a mirror, you’re not a individual unaffected by time and space and other people, you will always seek what others think about you, humans will always exist in a co-dependent web.

No. 916626

No I think it’s literally the worst decision you could make, but I’m still sick of seeing people attempt to shove that tired ass quote into any and every situation, even when it barely applies.

No. 916628

They have bad sex life's so assume other women don't have sexualities of their own and then just blame them for not being 2smart4u to know what they know as if as soon as a girl turns 18 all the knowledge in the world is just magically in their head

No. 916629

File: 1632025279654.jpeg (361.93 KB, 3840x2160, CB57A6FA-8950-401B-BD13-9D14A6…)

hoes mad

No. 916630

i agree btw

No. 916631

>not sending nudes means you have a bad sex life
what kind of retard gymnastics is this

No. 916632

agreed anon, not every 18 year old girl is going to be incredibly smart or wise, I’m pretty sure it’s well know that the frontal lobe that controls proper decision making doesn’t even finish developing until you’re in your 20s. this website is showing me even more and more that women don’t give a shit about other women

No. 916634

>lesbians and bisexuals no longer exist.
uhh i don’t think there’s an epidemic of women using other women’s nudes against them in the same way that scrotes do. that’s the point.

No. 916635

The idea that your life peaks during your early 20s is just so beyond depressing to me I feel like this is a stressful and horrible age to be and people who are older generally seem way happier

No. 916636

File: 1632025700446.jpg (38.39 KB, 482x489, sleeping-ichi.jpg)

>this website is showing me even more and more that women don’t give a shit about other women
then leave, tsundere-chan. it's a gossip site

No. 916642

File: 1632025920302.png (73.51 KB, 600x800, 41A3D259-D29C-4A45-BA44-C6380B…)


it’s pathetic that you have to prioritize drawings on a screen, you’re actually disgusting

No. 916646

I'm a lesbian but I've sent nudes to other women before if the moment was right. Not saying people shouldn't be cautious but I could imagine most younger women simply aren't experienced enough to know the dangers of sending nudes, they shouldn't be villianized for doing something they're encouraged to do their entire lives. Teach them right and being accusatory towards this subject just looks bad on you

No. 916647

File: 1632026155299.gif (693.2 KB, 500x380, 77.gif)

die mad

No. 916648

>not using John Arbuckle or Diddy-kong to insult the sextuplet menace
c'mon anon

No. 916649

Girl didn't I smack your ass hard enough yesterday?

No. 916651

but how does not sending any=bad sex life, it's the other way around

No. 916652

File: 1632026504940.jpeg (139.79 KB, 370x442, 4EB2700A-67DC-4FD2-9393-EDC230…)

die unfuckable, geriatric otaku

No. 916654

File: 1632026704219.png (651.4 KB, 1280x720, 6543w.png)

oh no not the sex!!! anything but that!

No. 916655

enemies to lovers arc? now kiss.

No. 916657

Kek, you sure showed her, might never recover from this

No. 916658

did your imaginary husbando clap for you? he doesn’t love you, you’re schizophrenic

No. 916659

File: 1632026971610.jpg (32.83 KB, 400x402, 1d8ad772_400.jpg)

I hate it when my 2d bf disappears after I take my pills

No. 916660

Then don't

No. 916661

File: 1632027089375.jpg (138.68 KB, 678x773, 7ytr9432156890.jpg)

>did your imaginary husbando clap for you?
yes, what about your 3D bf?

No. 916670

I am not even "white american" not even from the US either kek The I wish racebaiters would just drop from the face of the earth
>Megan is a Stacy icon of all races, seethe forever

No. 916672

I forced myself to go out tonight to a party and I didn't have a great time. It was okay, I did have a good time I guess.
I didn't know anyone there.. I talked to people but didn't really click with anyone. At the same time, recently making conversation with people I'm not close with has been so exhausting. I've been letting other people take over the conversation and talking, and I'll ask a bunch of follow up questions. Usually I love talking about myself and making conversation..it's just been so tiring recently I don't even care about having some silence with someone.
I'm glad I went out though. Now I can be by myself for the next week guilt-free.

No. 916688

File: 1632029969342.jpg (434.79 KB, 1171x1262, 40aftermath.jpg)

God am I glad I never gave a shit about the Rebuild Evangelion films

RIP to all the kawoshin fujosisters

No. 916691

He literally just called me his cute little schizo, cope and seethe

No. 916693

File: 1632031026313.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.17 KB, 326x652, BC118D75-04DC-47AC-A2B1-D950CD…)

when this site goes down i am going to miss it… and not miss it at the same time… crazy sisters

No. 916702

I'll miss you a lot, Carrey-chan

No. 916703

I hate having a very wheezy laugh. I don't mind it on other people though.

No. 916704

even if it dies yall keep manifesting him for me, one day I'll get there kek

No. 916705

I laughed with her, so funny and cute

No. 916706

it brought a smile to my face too

No. 916709

Getting upset about people enjoying sexual relationships with their partner comes off as bitter and as far as sending pictures go - if you're in a LTR then why wouldn't it be quite normal for people to send nudes? Hell even back in the day wives use to do nude photoshoots to send to their husbands at war and stuff, this has been going on for quite a while and is completely normal and healthy in relationships but if you don't feel safe doing it then you shouldn't obviously and that's fine. Either way if your first reaction to a woman having her privacy violated is that she shouldn't send nudes and not that men shouldn't violate women's trust then there is something very very wrong with your mind

No. 916710

I think one of the reasons I'm still single is because I only start chatting up guys when I'm either on my period or is post-period horny af, but once that blows over I forget the guys exist until next month and kinda go "oh, right. Should have kept that up so I would have a pp to touch my horny ass by now" and start the whole thing over again

No. 916714

File: 1632034338001.png (460.89 KB, 888x554, ererer.png)

I've fallen in Love with 2 random guys on Youtube in the last month
One runs one of those movie recap channels and the other is a skinny white dude with a beard who has a science channel, what is wrong with me

No. 916717

he looks slow anon

No. 916718

Everything is wrong with you. This guy is ugly

No. 916719

This is a healthy take on the topic

No. 916726

This is the other guy btw

No. 916734

My fudge is NOT SETTING
how the fuck am I supposed to watch anime now? guess I'll just watch j-drama like the fudge-less bitch I am

No. 916749

File: 1632039213523.jpg (12.32 KB, 480x240, 54d1df554df90_-_esq-norm-xlg-2…)

i have a weird fascination with norm macdonald since he passed. i'm not burger or maple so i didn't even know he existed before that. i don't find his jokes that funny but there's something about his face and way of speaking that's drawing me in. charisma probably

No. 916755

came across the Nation of Islam video about the creation of the white race(and coincidently all other races) its weirdly white supremist in a way cause according to their logic the white race was a race created for the sole purpose of conquest and was superior to all other races when it came to violence

No. 916812

Does she have a white boyfriend?

No. 916815

File: 1632053820226.jpeg (30.49 KB, 559x314, 8642849F-51C7-4E4D-9911-57CEF0…)

i just wanna thank the anons who encouraged me to shave all my hair off months ago, it was a great decision. no regrets and i'm slowly reaping the rewards of new and healthy hair.

No. 916816

I don't understand bullet journaling and planning things out. How does it work?

No. 916823

People use that to organize their thoughts and make lists or tables with important stuff like due payments, home stuff, groceries lists, what might expire soon and so on.

No. 916825

writing things by hand helps you remember and understand things better, plus it can be a relaxing, creative thing to do

No. 916827

idk other than it being something creative to do i find it to be anti-practical because it's a lot more quicker and organised to just put whatever i need in my calendar app or reminders app

No. 916834

I understand why people do it but not how. Like it just looks so cumbersome and confusing

No. 916853

I think it depends on the person doing the journal, like they just organize it the way they understand it better.
Like when you visit someone’s home, and the bathroom is not where you would prefer to put a bathroom or the cabinets are organized differently to how you organize them, or the fridge has the milk down and to the right and not on the upper left and such.
Some people will scribble a bunch of random stuff and put fancy dividers and such, others will just take notes of everything whoever they feel like doing so and other people will just stick post its everywhere.

No. 916864

In 99% of cases I'd believe that was the case but he's part of the Nation of Islam which forbids interracial marriages, but she still seems like every other woke black girl who dates white guys
though she does believe that God came in the form of a white man to teach Elijah Muhammad how to save the human(black) race

No. 916866

I agree. I'm really sick of anons here policing women for being sexual beings, it's basic biology and they can be worse than some men when it comes to being against women for being humans.

No. 916871

and i'm tired of women pretending like just because we're women we can't judge other women for the choices they make. how come men are allowed to call out and shun every idiotic thing other men do? how come they are allowed to be direct to each other but we can't say "hey it's probably not a good idea to send nude pictures in 2021 when technology is so advanced and revenge porn is rampant and men shares their gfs nudes around like it's a pokémon card"? but please do go on about how army wives did nude photoshoots in a time before photocopiers let alone the internet…

No. 916876


No. 916878

they show them almost every time when logging into a password protected tumblr too

get one of those tools meant for applying fake tanner

No. 916880

Oh please anon, don’t you know that we have to support each other even if as adults we have to make sure everyone is perfectly coddled? If you’re not everyone’s mom, who is going to be?

No. 916888

You know revenge porn is already considered a crime because people at large agree that it's a huge betrayal of trust? Pretending women are stuck in a constant victim role and there's nothing they can do to prevent it is not helping women.

No. 916889

If men get their privacy violated they're immediately coddled by other men and women, if a woman gets her privacy violated she's shamed and called stupid. That's the difference

No. 916891

Yes. Keep in mind too, these nude pictures from army wives were shared and passed around the camp before they ever made it to the husband's eyes. Hell, even recently I had a friend whos boyfriend told her never to send him nudes. At his base the leaders would go through the lower ranking guys mail and share any nudes they recived.

Murder and assault are also already crimes, but it doesn't stop everyone from doing them.
Think about it - have you ever sent a nude and have gotten direct pleasure from it? Not thinking "This will make my partner happy," but did it make you independently happy to send a picture of your naked body to someone else?

No. 916892

Old English sounds much lovelier. Like a friendly, tipsy wizard.

No. 916895

Timestamp didn't work for some reason. 2m 56s to hear OE.

No. 916896

It's been like two days and you retards are still arguing about nudes? Stfu already

No. 916899

File: 1632059685643.jpg (58.02 KB, 680x620, 3b1.jpg)

Anon talks as if people just go "oh, whatever, she was a retard", when there are already processes in place to get revenge porn removed and punish the perpetrator. The question wasn't about whether it stops all crime, law obviously doesn't just "stop crime", but what we considered a crime reflects on people's morals and attitudes.
And I won't send you nudes, no matter how much you beg for them.

No. 916903

Sounds like Icelandic spoken by a Spanish person.

No. 916907

I mean if boundaries are set in place then why should women be villianized? Murder is illegal but that doesn't incels from villianizing women being murdered. Women are already blamed for everything that could possibly go wrong in ones life, revenge porn is just icing on the cake and even better if you get blamed for being cheated on/being dumped and people will blame you for not sending enough nudes or being as sexual. I'm not encouraging women to go out and send nudes or anything but you, as a woman, can't act ignorant to the extreme pressure women have to send nudes and then villianize them for doing something everyone screams at them to do. It just feels like existing as a woman sometimes is a paradox where there's absolutely no winning no matter what you do and being like this further proves my point

No. 916908

Finally someone agrees, now its true all languages are mixed to an extent, evolve constantly and take foreign influences here and there but English is a bastard language and shouldn't exist
Its core is still heavily Germanic but its pronunciations and even Suffixes have been ruined due to the Norman occupation

No. 916910

File: 1632060865606.jpeg (212.44 KB, 1000x934, F15D58FE-46E7-4E25-BDA9-EEBBFE…)

Let’s talk about better dumbass shit like how nice is it to have stuff that changes colors when exposed to the sun.
I really want some beads to make matching bracelets.

No. 916914

It's basic biology to send tiddies?

No. 916917

File: 1632061937120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.37 KB, 1000x1530, 7kmC2KW-f_rVItrnHaGR428i3piFm_…)

Yes. Please rate

No. 916920

File: 1632061998993.jpeg (37.42 KB, 344x229, E6F9D3EF-ADBA-4DA9-86F4-651DF0…)

my skin is uv reactive too it gets darker after sun exposure. soon I will be exposing myself to the sun, all day. enjoy your uv items. I like thermochromic items

No. 916933

I wasn't talking about exclusively sending nudes, but anons here seem to police any sort of sexuality women have, even going as far as calling pubic hair grooming "extremely slutty" and claiming blowjobs were disgusting and women who give them are all shitheads. There's a healthy middle ground that nobody seems to be on, if I didn't know any better I'd assume this was some fundie forum

No. 916935

>claiming blowjobs were disgusting and women who give them are all shitheads
i agree with this but it’s literally just a personal opinion. did people really get bent out of shape over that blowjob argument? who fucking cares? if you want to suck dick, suck dick.

No. 916936

How is whacking your bush expressing sexuality though. Would you say a scrote shaving his dick and balls is expressing his sexuality? Why does every retarded thing women are pressured to do by men suddenly become an expression of sexuality?

No. 916937

kek. I don't think anons are that extreme, but it's also questionable why you'd want to discuss sucking dick on LC of all places where people want to enjoy discussion that finally isn't centered around pleasuring penis

No. 916941

File: 1632063254147.jpeg (58.6 KB, 907x206, 7590E1D0-16F6-4F58-9924-5779BF…)

this excerpt from a 19th century hair care recipe book kek. i agree with it tho, rarely (and i mean truly rarely) does dyed hair look better than the person's natural hair colour

No. 916942

> I didn't know any better I'd assume this was some fundie forum
probably because you’re fundamentally retarded

No. 916944

Exactly, you express your sexuality by expressing your actual desire for someone.

No. 916950

How does shaving pubes express desire? What the fuck lol.

No. 916954

NTAYRT, but I think they are agreeing that shaving your genitals isn't expressing your sexuality.
In my opinion, it's fine to express your sexuality in the appropriate settings. Express your sexuality to the ones you love, not to everyone on the street.

No. 916957

is this the anon that got mad because everyone told them sucking dick in a public park was weird? kek

No. 916959

Oh lord I can't read today apparently. Sorry kek

No. 916962

File: 1632064051404.jpeg (259.9 KB, 769x718, A19A5AB9-0586-482E-9670-408FA3…)

nta and i'm that anon and i would never send nudes. i can't believe people are still talking about that lmao maybe you should try it out

No. 916965

Kek the state of the anons these days

No. 916966

File: 1632064286573.jpeg (65.88 KB, 600x338, 9F927DCC-FA6A-4A6A-A298-C6C484…)

>i would never send nudes
oh you actually ended up being kind of based after all. nice.

No. 916969

it's just sex in a public place it's not a big deal, if no one is getting degraded or hurt from it why does it matter kek. i remember a bunch of people were sticking up for me in the thread tho and one anon made a good point about how people are so quick to viscerally judge something with basically no harm no foul (unless someone sees you doing it) but will keep their mouths shut about sexual acts that actually hurt women like nudes, anal, bdsm/rough sex, etc

No. 916970

please don’t start this up again

No. 916971

she brought it up nonny

No. 916972

File: 1632064725084.jpg (14.07 KB, 564x317, 92b820e73cfdcc1191e5c06be21dc8…)

The sending nudes discussion was retarded cause the two sides weren't mutually exclusive. And I don't know what to say to anyone who either thinks that there aren't anons who shame others here for innocuous sexual behavior or that is good. By the way, I'll kill myself if I see another argument over pegging and femdom in an unrelated thread
Wow, nonnie, literally perpatuating the patriarchy by both sucking dick outdoors and not sending nudes.

No. 916973

sending nudes would be perpetuating patriarchy retard

No. 916974

nobody asked her to keep elaborating on it though kek

No. 916975

i have the right to defend myself, i didn't suffer but prudes still seethe over it.

No. 916976

it's not your fault if someone shares your nudes AND at the same time not sending nudes is the only thing you can do to protect yourself. Both are true at the same time. In the same way that it's not your fault if a man rapes you, and it's a dumb idea to go for a walk alone at night, because you're putting yourself in danger. what's so hard to understand

No. 916977

File: 1632065037362.jpg (21.06 KB, 500x281, 7a52db08250961ee6425a92cf5f3c6…)

If you don't shut the fuck up I'll send you my nudes

No. 916979

But femdomsperging is fun, especially when the definition and limits of the term are discussed. Anons will write a 1000 word essay on how an assertive handjob is not femdom. I agree, but it's still hilarious

No. 916980

I feel like a dumbass because I kept using a Victoria's Secret lotion on my hands (that are really fucked up from washing a thousand times a day) and was wondering why they weren't healing/moisturized. I switched back to my old lotion and my hands have been looking so much better.

No. 916981

that stuff is probably more fragrance than moisturizer

No. 916983

Most of think its cringe and if a man is into it he's likely a tranny

No. 916984

More often and often I find that I can't express myself properly in any language. Not in english, nor my native language. I also have a hard time remembering technical terms I've learned years ago. Sometimes I can't remember very common expression and have to type "x in english" into google. Maybe the tinfoiler are right and the vaccine did drop my IQ.

No. 916985

This dumbass bitch in my friend group whom I've complained about before who insists that Megan thee Stallion must be queerbaiting is now coming after Doja Cat and Bree Runway. For context she genuinely believes that Taylor Swift is 100% a closeted lesbian and that Larry Stylinson was real.

No. 916993

File: 1632066535277.jpg (319.19 KB, 930x1023, 14778815551_69acaf9708_b.jpg)

Googling 'physiognomy' brings up the funniest of images

No. 916994

maybe the issue is that women have such low self esteem that they'd rather give in to external pressure to do/not do what society wants. Like yeah it sucks that everyone tells you how to live your life but it's literally always been like this for women. Sooner or later you need to grow a spine and do what you want for yourself. Even if it is men's fault for betraying your trust it's not very ~empowering~ to only do what they tell you to in the first place.
Take some responsibility for yourself and your actions because nobody else is going to do it for you.

No. 916996

i just hate reading about dicks tbh

No. 916997

File: 1632066664410.jpg (58.08 KB, 267x269, unnamed.jpg)

No. 916998

File: 1632066709508.jpg (2.21 MB, 1600x1156, Illustration-book-physiognomy.…)

Like people seriously believed in this stuff

No. 916999

I'm seriously a fuckiung maniac. after seeing this image I'm rethinking my approach

No. 917000

fair enough

No. 917003

Maniac is a lot cuter tbh

No. 917005

File: 1632067002996.jpg (456.88 KB, 1028x1600, b11fe107cb4ab7ae9679613a20999e…)

I can't stop laughing at some of these expressions lmao

No. 917007

From slim and plotting villain to fat and disgruntled.

No. 917009

File: 1632067138979.jpg (299.31 KB, 1200x894, ErpVoSDXcAIUfTy.jpg)

I kinda love how Irish people were depicted as half ape monsters

No. 917011

this image is cracking me up

No. 917012

File: 1632067220120.jpg (1.05 MB, 1260x1656, The_relation_between_the_human…)

>good sirs, your faces tell me that you all watch too much anime

No. 917013

Kanye is so fucking funny

No. 917014

he really lets his mental illness take hold kek. i think he's unintentionally funny sometimes but it also bothers me that if he acted like this as a woman people probably wouldn't find it funny at all, just psychotic.

No. 917017

File: 1632067411634.jpg (331.52 KB, 849x800, 4229556_orig.jpg)

Poor little Ms British empire, threatened by big brutish Ireland. Serious victim complex.

No. 917019

File: 1632067455354.jpg (275.17 KB, 1020x600, Scientific_racism_irish.jpg)

No. 917020

oldstyle furry art

No. 917021

File: 1632067520718.jpg (282.48 KB, 1000x660, charles-le-brun-physiognomic-h…)

I was just gonna post about this lmao. So there was a strain of physiognomy where they tried to find analogies between human faces and animals and the illustrations are quite honestly terrifyingly trippy

No. 917022

Azealia Banks acts like him, and I feel like most people just see her the same way as Kanye (entertaining, but also crazy)

No. 917025

File: 1632067627820.jpg (260.07 KB, 1000x660, charles-le-brun-physiognomic-h…)

I mean these are honestly terrifying

No. 917026

File: 1632067722064.jpg (265.53 KB, 1000x660, charles-le-brun-physiognomic-h…)

Bunnyman and bearman are the worst

No. 917027

These are actually cool as fuck. I wish more people drew anthro animals like this

No. 917028

File: 1632067735771.jpg (33.86 KB, 747x450, 1600076274336.jpg)

>tfw half irish and have a weird long monkey philtrum

No. 917029

i see more people calling her a psycho than an artistic genius though

No. 917030

I hope these retarded 1800s propaganda drawings aren't making you feel bad.

No. 917032

File: 1632068016864.jpg (262.25 KB, 800x1071, 800px-Porta59.jpg)

…is that Putin.

No. 917035

Can someone explain this to me, did Irish people really look like Monkeyish to brits

No. 917036

LMAO it does look like him

No. 917038

same but not irish and not black. i am from south east yurop though and apparently irish dna originated in the middle east and eastern europe

No. 917040

No they don't anon, these are propaganda illustrations and they deliberately drew them ugly to elicit a negative feeling about them

No. 917042

File: 1632068237116.jpg (147.36 KB, 900x615, 1-physiognomy-science-source.j…)

Make sure to avoid men with impotent chins.

No. 917045

File: 1632068314427.jpg (276.19 KB, 1000x660, charles-le-brun-physiognomic-h…)

This also looks like him

No. 917046

File: 1632068379287.jpg (106.25 KB, 1093x779, 11.jpg)

This is a very modern example but still applies
Hutu nationalist/Anti Tutsi propaganda

>"I’m sick doctor.”

>‘what’s your sickness?’
>“The Tutsi… Tutsi… Tutsi!”

No. 917047

File: 1632068385014.jpg (57.3 KB, 570x448, 527f2c15159e18d38d66f7c9cb49e2…)

>tfw no genuine head bf

No. 917048

File: 1632068427519.jpg (258.82 KB, 530x800, 12.jpg)

"The Ten Commandments of the Hutu" (1990)

No. 917049

File: 1632068482850.jpg (121.08 KB, 818x606, 1629134603007.jpg)

and last and funniest one
>"General Dallaire(head of UN peacekeeping forces.) and his army have fallen into the allure of wicked Tutsi females."

No. 917050

Genuine husband's skull is the size of a house, it hurts just to look at him

No. 917054

I found him through his live show, I'd vaguely heard of him before then, and he's actually pretty cool interviewing guests there. Would definitely recommend it if you haven't seen

No. 917058

Until women have male sexbots and live in a female only country then the "what did you expect dumbass" isn't an arugment. I just wish society wouldn't try to fucking brainwash girls about how boys are "just like you! how sweet you can trust them!1" and then blame girls for acting on that brainwashing by trusting men. Either be open about men are subhumans not to be trusted, or don't blame girls for falling for the brainwashing.

No. 917061

>shaves chin hair
>few days later
>more hair grows
>less than a week hair grows back

i could have pcos that’s attacking my immune system and not even know about it, i’m living dangerously

No. 917067

Isn't a flat head bad bc it means their moms didn't change their position when they were babies (so they were neglected/poorly raised)?

No. 917073

pluck those little bitches

No. 917075

lol, same prob. ive got stubble by the end of the day. hairs too numerous to pluck, many of them actually under my chin so hard to see. thinking about getting at home laser hair removal tool

No. 917079

File: 1632070514068.jpeg (463.93 KB, 800x1000, 44ACEAAD-4917-4AB3-806C-DC79DC…)

idk why i like this pic of barbra streisand and judy garland so much

No. 917080

i will (´ ꒳` )

home laser removal?? isn’t that dangerous nonny?

No. 917087

Probably is dangerous, from what I've read, if you have dark hair and light skin, the risk of burning yourself is reduced considerably and I'm white with BLACK thick hairs. Redness and irritation is a probability, but I work from home and don't leave the house anyway so /shrug

Have you heard horror stories???

No. 917100

File: 1632071841054.jpeg (287.07 KB, 1200x630, 8B15CA15-E7EA-496E-9012-AF8B89…)

went to the city yesterday and was thinking about how different the city people use escalators. I didn't realize it until I saw the girl in front of me step up the last few steps going up the escalator. I was worried I was annoying her with the conversation that was happening behind her but no, I realize I'm a fucking bumpkin who rides the thing all the way up and has to look down at my feet to see what's going on and the whole time I'm holding the rail. This, I posit, is due to the many staired and one story structures that exist in the country. I wonder how many other ways I stood out kek

No. 917112

I absolutely HATE stepping on the last step. Ig I'm bump…kin !

No. 917159

> have high hips
>almost no waist
>small breasts
> wide shoulders

I feel like I look like a troon. Feels bad.

No. 917160

they look cute, I love their matching outfits

No. 917185

File: 1632077820754.png (72.08 KB, 210x317, tumblr_inline_pahnrfGcYB1tqmwk…)

Why the fuck do I check the mtf thread

No. 917186

Someone's bumping old threads… I wonder what they're trying to hide kek

No. 917194

My chest kinda feels weird. I think I raised my blood sugar too fast.

No. 917195

i'm guessing they're hiding either the celebricows thread, reddit hate thread, confession thread #28, or absolutely retarded shitpost

No. 917202

I look so good without my glasses I need to hurry up and get lasik so I can take these goggles off

No. 917204

why no contact lenses? i’ve read too many botched lasik stories to ever consider it.

No. 917207

It's so crazy how quickly the sun's position in the sky changes over the course of the year. The days have gotten significantly darker more quickly.
My normal spot on the couch is looking into the house. On sunny days like these I'm trying to change my position to I can look out the window and appreciate the sun lighting up my plants.

No. 917209

File: 1632079788382.gif (2.95 MB, 660x371, Leucochloridium480p.gif)

It's zombie disco time!

No. 917211

I’ve tried lenses multiple times before and they’re really just not for me
>so many botched
Really? I’ve only ever heard good stories so that’s surprising. Anything terrible or memorable?

No. 917214

fuck you for reminding me of this

No. 917220

File: 1632080718276.jpeg (234.75 KB, 750x624, 488F33FD-7056-4C48-9CDF-9EF848…)

there have been a few instances i’ve seen in the news where people have killed themselves because of the (lack of) recovery:

there are also lots of anecdotes on reddit i’ve seen of people saying they regretted it

No. 917221

File: 1632080798776.jpg (59.92 KB, 1024x683, 12SCI-LASIK7-jumbo.jpg)

nta but I've seen a number of people say that they have permanent glare problems from getting lasik. Picrel shows some of the visual side effects that you can get from the procedure.

No. 917222

Thats disgusting

No. 917228

The German language needs a fucking reform, stat. Fucking Capitalizing Every other Word and how the fuck am I supposed to know if a table is a he she or it?? And like, pen? oh, you mean "ball-writer"??? I've had it with this goofy ass language

No. 917237

Are all pens ball-writers or only ballpoint pens?

No. 917242

Is that why I've seen some ESL Germans typing with random capitalization in their English comments online? holy shit it's such an annoying typing style

No. 917257

My favourite German word is Krankenhaus.

No. 917262

You sound weak, and I'm not even german

No. 917263

no wonder adminchan wants to retire when she has insane bitches like elaine emailing her threatening to 'leak' her age (???) to her university professors

No. 917264

which position would be the most critical in tug-of-war? the person at the very end or the person at front? i'm just trying to see if i had an imaginary tug-of-war team where i should place my strongest man. Intuitively right answer seems like the front because you get most of the brunt force there but i can see how putting the strongest man in the back would be advantageous.

No. 917272

i’ve always heard you want your heaviest/strongest people in the very back to anchor

No. 917274

File: 1632084566432.jpg (157.87 KB, 1080x1236, image0.jpg)

I love when I'm eating a lasagna and I get the hard/crispy edge. Same with macaroni.

No. 917276

I was so confused by that, what kind of uni board or whatever has time to care about that

No. 917279

they wouldn’t. especially with the borderline incoherent way elaine types. it would also probably have multiple smileys included.

No. 917281

I've known people who've been doxed and harassed and smeared to their uni's and you'd be shocked by how much universities don't care as long as the student isn't personally costing them anything reputation wise.

hell, look at portabella janke's university, she's actively harassed students on campus and they still don't care to expel her. it's rich that schizoid elaine thinks anything would happen to admin when all she does is run a site about cows

No. 917290

Up until I heard about Starburst and Halo, I thought every lightsource looking like that was normal. I'm still not really convinced it really isn't normal, because I've seen them all my life and am seeing them with glasses on, still.

No. 917291

It's not random capitalization, it's only nouns and names.

No. 917294

File: 1632086202716.jpeg (61.62 KB, 330x806, 5FC16C44-2488-4BD8-88AD-6B2985…)

why do people hate women

No. 917354

no they definitely do it with normal words too, i.e. >>916156

No. 917355

because we're too based

No. 917366

File: 1632091754386.jpg (190.3 KB, 1080x1218, 1688426.jpg)

the first time in ages I check crystal cafe there's cp on the front page. I'm going to kill myself. Also be careful idk if it means it's about to be posted here too

No. 917371

Studying makes me feel insane

No. 917375

Were you part of radtwt? those women legit treat it like it's a fandom and act exactly like TRAs, reporting accounts they don't like and the amount of hypocrisy and drama that goes on there…

No. 917396

Hope all you wacky hoes are doin ok today love ya

No. 917463

File: 1632099978256.jpg (17.54 KB, 400x300, 1517707_10153455517131179_2270…)

Bless you, anon. Truly, bless you

No. 917500

File: 1632101691527.jpg (72.02 KB, 812x1600, fuck.jpg)

a guy off 4chan just gave me his contact after we had an argument in a thread and then it turned into this wholesome thing where we made up but he disappeared and i disappeared and then by some coincidence we found each other again in a completely different thread hours later… idk if it's a bad idea to talk to a dude from 4chan.

No. 917505

>idk if it's a bad thing to talk to a guy from 4chan
Yes. Yes it is.

No. 917509

>idk if it's a bad idea to talk to a dude from 4chan.
Yes, but you'll probably do it anyway regardless of what we tell you. Looking forward to seeing your posts in the relationships thread in a few months.

No. 917510

It might be nice for a while but if he gets too comfortable with you, he will show his true colors.
T. talked to a couple of 4chan scrotes and regretted it.

No. 917511

I know this is the dumbass shit thread but don't be a dumb bitch

No. 917512

they’re all sociopathic sex-addicted pricks

No. 917514


This is one of those "if you have to ask" cases. Enjoy your scrote

No. 917515

So some guy on 4chan was somewhat nice to you, and you think that means you should talk to him?

No. 917516

No. 917517


No. 917519

What is worse dating a guy from 4chan or a guy from reddit?

No. 917520

meh i don't see the harm in talking. he's not getting down on one knee lol

No. 917521

But who wants to talk to men on 4chan? That's desperation. I don't even want to talk to farmers outside of this site (although I'm sure some of you are nice).

No. 917523

There's gore, be careful

No. 917527

idk i've never made a friend from an imageboard but the way i see it i'm already spending the majority of my social reserves talking to anons on here or on 4c, adding some guy who could end up being okay to chat to isn't much different

No. 917529


>Cats b4 brats

I'm going to get this tatted on my ass.

No. 917531


4chan. They're both beta cucks who hate women but a redditor male is most likely 10% less degenerate and bitter.

No. 917533

File: 1632102793865.gif (125.2 KB, 200x200, 9911EA14-6C07-4853-B547-476E77…)

the sex will be bad the sex will be bad nonny he won’t make you orgasm he won’t make you orgasm oooo

No. 917534

Reddit, obviously. 4chan guys can at least be somewhat upfront with what they want and have a hint of self awareness at times. Reddit scrotes think they are gods gift to mankind and will treat you like garbage while gaslighting you that hes "one of the good guys" because he follows AOC on twitter.

No. 917537

I can't imagine how desperate someone would have to be to even CONSIDER a 4chan scrote. The fact that a subhuman genetically rotten parasite that can't even function in a society that feeds it with a diamond spoon, would even somehow make it to someone's "entertain" list of moids is baffling.

No. 917540

KEK ANON. i think he lives in america, he's too far away even if he ends up being an ~amazing guy~, wtf am i supposed to do in a long distance relo lmao

No. 917541

I get that you’re horny and desperate but anon pretty pls don’t do it, trust me and the other anons

No. 917542

You'd honestly be surprised how many women are self proclaimed "addicted to 4chan guys" I was briefly friends with a lolcow user and she told me all about her love for 4chan scrotes, even bragged to me when her scrote told her he called her based in front of his friend.

No. 917543

At least you're not a LDRtard

No. 917544

i'm not desperate nonny he needs to be cute and have the brain of a normal person and end up living closer to me for me to even consider anything

No. 917545

I already know which anon you are

No. 917546

NTA but I and I'm pretty sure a lot of other anons have talked to men on 4chan when we were more naive so we know how this goes. Doesn't matter how "okay" to talk to he seems at first, they're all pieces of shit who will show their true colors eventually.

No. 917547

>man who posts on 4chan
>has the brain of a normal person
Pick one.

No. 917548

>have a hint of self awareness at times
that is what I was thinking and I don't really believe that redditors are less degenerated
Can I have him then? I want out of my third world shithole country

No. 917553

green card-chan

No. 917557

Him using imageboard lingo outside of it is already making me wanna hurl. Whenever I hear about things like this I imagine the person's self esteem has to be super low for them to consider a 4chan moid on an equal enough level for conversation. Female standards are already abysmally low but this is just having zero self-worth.

No. 917561


My self esteem is in the shitter and I couldn't ever seriously consider a 4channer. I graduated from highschool thank you very much.

The mental state of some farmers scares me.

No. 917570

>"addicted to 4chan guys"
But why…?

No. 917583

God I’m still laughing at that /g/ anon’s vocaroo of her crying bf kek he sounds like such a little fag

No. 917584

This friend was so fucking weird, I think we were talking around the time bianca devins got murdered because I honestly don't remember why we were talking about her but she told me she was glad bianca died because less competition for her on /soc/ and that's how it is in this world (the world of fighting for 4chan scrote attention?) I guess you either get killed or live happily with your 4chan scrote.

No. 917587

No. 917590

4chan has some of the best online paypigs.

No. 917592

What the fuck. This is why women will never be free.

No. 917596

Relationship thread bb

No. 917617

I don't see how "we shouldn't make women feel ashamed for everything they do" somehow translates to me not wanting to me responsible for my actions, you're starting to sound like an incel here

No. 917618

even worse is that anons here will start blaming her completely for everything they possibly can. I hate being a woman sometimes it's no wonder so many girls are trooning out now, literally no genuine support anywhere anytime something in your life goes wrong, it's always women's fault

No. 917624

Anon, that was 12 hours ago, get a life.

No. 917626

i got involved with a few irl before i realized i could do better

No. 917663

if you get involved with somebody from an anonymous imageboard and regret it, sorry but it's pretty much entirely your fault. both structurally and conceptually.

No. 917694

No. 917695

Low self esteem + 4chan dudes fetishize practically anything. If you think a feature on your body is unattractive there will certainly be a chan bro who likes it

No. 917696

one time I ate like 3/4 a bottle of vitamin C gummies and got sick, sometimes you just wanna eat all of it you know

No. 917698

File: 1632119117037.jpeg (154.05 KB, 1500x1500, 7EC72C5A-72EE-44D7-BCC8-63AE76…)

Addicted to these bitches

No. 917700

those are the worst flavor ever wtf u crazyyy girl!!

No. 917702

This shitty site is so toxic. KILL YOURSELVES(a-logging)

No. 917703

I'm right and you know it.

No. 917705

Forgive me mother

No. 917708

should i drink a black cherry white claw OR take a klonopin OR just have both to be quirky? (i am not a drug addict just an insomniac with anxiety)

No. 917727

No. 917740

Both. Go stupid, go crazy

No. 917751

I love living with my grandpa bc I can blast Ariana grande while I’m cleaning or getting ready and he doesn’t judge be bc he thinks all my music is equally trash.

No. 917770

My life is a shitty YA romance novel with all the tropes you can imagine.

No. 917772

sorry to hear about your parents anon

No. 917778

I…well, they're still alive but they disowned me kek.

No. 917781

File: 1632139261566.png (325.49 KB, 541x503, 0ec.png)

MFW the maintenance guys at work call me sir/mister but call the fakeboi with a he/him pin ma'am.

No. 917782

Kek why did they disown you

No. 917786

Based butch anon

No. 917789

They're fierce bible thumpers and I'm a blasphemous pos who would fight them about their man in the sky.

No. 917800

No. 917897

WHY are my shits so big. Like, my ass literally fucking hurts.

No. 917901

looking at my bank accounts makes me wanna blow chunksss

No. 917908

File: 1632148677793.jpg (114.67 KB, 615x806, Cara-Delevingne.jpg)

Caption competition. What is he saying?

No. 917913

>have a good day

No. 917925

Bisexuals are NOT real

No. 917930

been there, done that

No. 917966

rent free

No. 917978

You remind me of my personal lolcow who is currently trying to get clout by hating on bi and straight women despite being bi and attracted to men.

No. 917992

you got dookie on your pants

No. 917993

I was just captioning the image tho

No. 917994


No. 917996

I must not be real then…. disappears

No. 917997

It's >>917897 omggg

No. 918011

KEK NO I was in my own bathroom I swear

No. 918034

>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Qaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 918035

that's not funnier nonneieieiei I can't even read it even even readout out out let it out these are the things I can do with out. well come on. I'm talking to you , comeone

No. 918041

I’m just posting to get this awful gif out of my sight that much sooner

No. 918053

I think that gif is a desperate attempt to summon komaedanon

No. 918056

File: 1632157646765.jpg (118.36 KB, 566x642, K-ON.jpg)

>feel lonely, want friends
>meet a cute girl who seems nice and I genuinely like talking to
>think 'hey, we could be friends'
>she turns out to be a TIF and calls herself 'luca'

I'll still talk to her and be her friend. I don't think she's on hormones yet. maybe I can peak her?

No. 918060

I wish ska music would make a comeback to popularity

No. 918063

You should start a ska band nonny

No. 918137

do it anon, you can save her

No. 918138

So I've been taking chasteberry/Vitex for my irregular period and one of its effects was that it stopped my constant hair shedding that I've had since I was a kid. And it's definitely what it made it stop because I'm eating the same diet and changed nothing about my lifestyle

No. 918194

I was just walking home. There's a corner I've to turn where I always slow down because it's one of those blind spots where if someone is coming in the opposite direction you'll walk into each other. I slow down and move to the outer edge of the path (as I do every day) and sure enough some older lady is coming round the other side. No bump or anything, I'm thinking I'm glad I slowed down so much…. woman pauses to look at me and shouts Jesus! as she then walks on.

Lady I didn't do anything on you and you even took the time to look me up and down before feigning surprise. Why are you like this?

No. 918208

File: 1632166818625.jpg (132.82 KB, 707x707, 44667163957.jpg)

This strap is so damn cute, I'm so tempted to get it
Maybe next month

No. 918223

I need it.

No. 918227

Does anyone else love playing internet detective? I hate when something gets deleted, or I can tell that somebody is trying to hide something. I like to go through old websites and multiple archive sites to find stuff. If I notice something like this I get a burning urge to find it even if it takes me hours. An AMV, a comedy sketch, a comic, an article- they were all attempted to be scrubbed by their makers because of drama but I found them. I love posting about it too and stirring up trouble in the respective communities

No. 918231

This reminds me of the level of archiving that happens on KF.

No. 918239

File: 1632169771250.jpg (220.18 KB, 800x800, -4077818301550976945.jpg)

They have other colors as well!

No. 918258

File: 1632170812490.jpg (510.79 KB, 1080x1238, 20210920_224154.jpg)

I like her content and am glad she is helping others to get into a healthy mindset but I strongly doubt she follows what she preaches since she's a former ana chan ans is now doinh comps.

I was legit disappointed to see what she looks like. Was expecting something, you know, more healthy looking and not an ana chan on an extreme diet.

No. 918262

Don't know her, but this looks very shooped to me.

No. 918268

So cute, wish they had these for fitbits.

No. 918286

Just had the most intense orgasm in a while my heart is still beating and my pussy is on fire but the hot guy I'm buttering up wants to get on call now and literally I can't even breathe right I came so hard I need an excuse so I can just lay here in my post nut bliss

No. 918288

You laugh but then there are anons unironically pointing out muh sanpaku eyes as an indicator of character in 30% of the threads on this website.

No. 918294

Anons do that?

No. 918295

Sanpaku eyes are cute

No. 918298

File: 1632175893306.png (622.39 KB, 940x788, 8633688543468.png)

It's the weebery infecting their brains. Compare almond and round eyes and it's obvious that round eyes are more prone to showing whites under the iris due to their shape. So of course an East Asian culture would made up myths around "sanpaku" eyes being something weird and sinister since I imagine it's pretty rare there.

No. 918305

I agree, I wish I had sanpaku eyes ngl.

No. 918308

Isn't sanpaku eyes for non Asians seeing the white on top and bottom of the iris?

No. 918311

it can be white on top and bottom or just on the top or just on the bottom. as long as you can see the white, that's sanpaku

No. 918313

teach me your ways, i wanna find some deleted fics and amvs but wayback doesn't give me shit

No. 918328

If you actually fall for this scrote, at least keep us updated.

No. 918335

reddit because at least 4chans know that they are losers. redditors give me the vibe that they would constantly gas light you and be really obnoxious, but go on social media and pretend to be a good boy, whilst at least the 4chan user would let you know how much they hate you. Nonetheless, it's like asking if you want to be mauled by a tiger or mauled by a shark, either way both of them will be spoiled little boys who are horrifically misogynistic and entitled.

No. 918349

File: 1632179683973.jpg (45.44 KB, 640x359, 1631133451152.jpg)

>took that huge awkward half melted block and threw it in the trash
Anon I literally want to do things to you, cheese is to fucking expensive and you just threw it in the trash. Trying so hard not to a log you right now. Go apologize to your mom.

No. 918350

megan fox' eyebrows are seen as ugly?

No. 918352

File: 1632179897753.png (556.39 KB, 718x580, eMHfi0e.png)


No. 918354

File: 1632179950911.png (246.97 KB, 500x297, IMG_20210921_011418.png)

wtf did I just read
>parmesan too hard from the fridge
I didn't even know that was a thing how cold is your fridge???

No. 918355

samefag meant to tag >>918346

No. 918356

Did you beat them up?

No. 918363

File: 1632180456986.jpg (54.76 KB, 800x533, csm_parmsean-cracker-1_f8f5b01…)

you could have melted it more and make a huge parmesan cracker out of it, how can you throw parmesan in the trash, I'm close to using emoticons…

No. 918366

just how expensive is cheese that you're all reacting like that

No. 918369

idk how big of a block of parmesan op is talking about, but it's around $20/lb here

No. 918370

Parmesan is smelly and nasty anyways (pls no hate it really does smell bad)

No. 918372

i just made nutella sandwiches for dinner. i don't know how i'm supposed to be someone's wife some day with this shit. i need to fucking grow up and get it together and learn how to cook actual meals.

No. 918373

This is photoshopped right? She looks like a human carrot. And how is one supposed to give birth with those hips? Not that I think every woman on earth should have kids but I'm just wondering from an anatomical point of view how it's even humanly possible for a woman to be built like that

No. 918374

Sending hate your way because I'm the biggest cheese whiteknight and simp

No. 918377

I'm so happy that I don't have to share my cheese with you and that it's all mine. (no hate, I understand that some people dislike the smell of parmesan)

No. 918379

>Parmesan cracker
need nao

No. 918401

File: 1632182421917.jpg (114.66 KB, 680x1023, 3b-Baked-Parmesan-Crisps.jpg)

look at this and she just threw it in the trash…

No. 918411

probably means her current instadrag looking ones

No. 918416

spell pamajan

No. 918425



had a gaslighting emotionally abusive boyfriend who would post our fights and relationship problems all the time just to tell me a bunch of online randos think im a dumb whore and they all agree with im lmaoooo

No. 918426

it looks like the little fried cheese drips when you make grilled cheese. delicious, blasphemous nonnie didn't know what she had

No. 918430

tfw timid man does in fact look like one kind of Troon post transition

No. 918433


No. 918467

File: 1632187948453.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.79 KB, 440x402, this-fluffy-toilet-seat-cover-…)

People don't actually buy and use these do they?
Spoiler for the one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen in my life

No. 918471

i’m scared of this

No. 918472

My sister had a fuzzy toilet seat in her house like 10+ years ago, I thought it was super weird. I've never seen another one in the wild after that

No. 918473

File: 1632188390219.jpeg (127.21 KB, 1000x600, AirPods-Max-on-Display-at-Appl…)

I know its really a dumb way to spend money but I want a pair of the big ass airpod maxes. they're so ridiculous looking but for some reason I think they look really cute on, they're almost cartoonish. only reason I haven't bought a pair yet is bc I can't decide on a color!

No. 918480

Those mint, lavender and yellow apple products always catch my eye. I would get the mint color, (unless you're worried about it matching any outfits you wear, in that case I would go for a plain white or black.)

No. 918482

Gross. Those thing are full of germs and poop particles

No. 918485

File: 1632189076652.jpeg (9.39 KB, 400x225, AirPods-mix-and-max-hero.jpeg)

Logically I know that I should just get plain silver but the mint is really cute. I also saw you can swap out the ear cushion pads, I think I might try to get some of the silver cushions to go with them I feel like that would look cute. Or even the pink maybe

No. 918486

My mom has known I’ve been Duolingo for a bit and I finally got to Diamond league and sent her a screenshot and her response was “I don’t know what this means” so I told her it was the highest league you can do so it shows I’ve been sticking with learning and her other response? “So what is your expectation/involvement with this?”

Like, can’t you just be happy I stuck with learning a language for long enough to get to Diamond rank? Can’t you just do a congrats?

No. 918494

File: 1632189910361.jpeg (172.97 KB, 656x651, 4FD4B49B-FBC4-4E67-9584-5F2708…)

i love my big fat bose headphones

No. 918502

how does she clean it if piss or blood gets on it?

No. 918512

I have those same ones anon! They're so pretty, they fit well, and most importantly the sound is excellent. Chunky n cute, would recommend

No. 918524

File: 1632192411593.gif (137.38 KB, 267x200, C8BFE8D5-F975-4DC0-B2B0-7F3E14…)

fellow woman of culture

No. 918532

Do you guys associate men (or women) with animals based on their body and face shape? Like the otter and bear labels used in gay community. I compare a lot of men ro rodents. Hamster men are fun to look at, kind of chubby and fat faced but not hideous.

No. 918542

not unless they actually look like an animal in the face

No. 918564

Can I talk to a male that identifies a female? Yes.
Do I recognize them as a female? No.
Will I continue to be nice to them to keep my name good in the organization? Of course because I’m a biological female and don’t want to face repercussions

No. 918569

File: 1632195299664.jpeg (95.98 KB, 446x403, 7D2CCBFB-AC94-44F7-BCF1-BF6539…)

the most based woman in cinema

No. 918572

File: 1632195459641.jpg (30.38 KB, 500x273, 5788c8be19ff7f7b04ce874e90a7b4…)

Based, I love that movie!She was a great villain

No. 918596

This post has stan twitter energy and I dislike it

No. 918599

File: 1632197488354.jpg (39.35 KB, 438x640, 5ef9311e9e195393f61b6bcec7f691…)

An inspiration

No. 918603

>killing men
>killing men for money and materialistic interests

No. 918605

Then hide the thread you whiny, annoying bitch.

No. 918611

I always wonder how many people who are into whump/abuse were smacked around as a kid. My parents used to beat the shit out of me, and I've been super into that kind of content for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I would pause what I was watching if I could tell that there was a scene coming up where a character I liked got tortured or bruised and bloodied, just so I could relish the anticipation.

I only recently made the connection, and it honestly feels obvious to the point of being trite. I guess there really is some truth to the idea that people subconsciously project themselves onto fictional characters. I feel like the same might be true for a lot of female whump enthusiasts, but I also wonder if that's just stereotyping. Like if you think about it, there's no evidence that these women are really that different from sadistic guro/mind break-loving men, right?

No. 918614


No. 918616

I miss the club lolcow roleplaying thread

No. 918617

I can't believe that was just half a year ago, feels like it's been ages. Do you think bringing it back now would count as necroing?

No. 918618

the lolcow inn one was hilarious too

No. 918622

No. 918629

Yeah, there was that Vanessa girls post history that was exposed by mods, but she's not a cow (technically)

No. 918631

what the fuck is this shit

No. 918633

every time I go there I immediately get punished for my decision by the fluffy ponies thread

No. 918634

interesting how the misandry thread is locked but the fluffy ponie abuse thread isn't…

No. 918635

Damn, she sounds like a massive wet blanket

No. 918640

can you actually post in there

No. 918642

It's so hard to want to move to a nicer place when I find out apartments in my old building are going for $650 more than mine and our rent is only so cheap because my bf has been here 10 years and they can only legally increase it a certain percent each year and our rent hasn't gone up in 2 years because of covid. I might have the cheapest rest in my city.

No. 918643

Old building meaning the apartment I live in is very old, sorry

No. 918644

>Fluffy ponie abuse thread
Excuse me, what?

No. 918646

Why did you have to remind me

No. 918660

No. 918695

I can imagine stood behind moot. And reaching out, lovingly carding my fingers through moot's soft, freshly-shampooed hair.

No. 918698

your parents didn’t beat ur ass enough 😂

No. 918699

Lol. I'm going to enjoy gutting you.(a-logging)

No. 918714

I often catch myself day dreaming about murdering someone and planning out If I'd be able to get away with it or even If could even do it, by that I don't mean any moral hesitations rather wondering If I could physically be able to commit to kill a man
probably my most effective bet would be using a gun but guns are loud and often traceable, with knives It would be pretty risky, I'd need to get close and get them by surprise but in those instances of fight or flight my target could potentially overpower me, I could try for a crossbow but I'd need to find a way to conceal it in public
man murdering people and getting away with it seems hard, I mean the only people I could potentially murder would be Homeless people and lonely old people

No. 918715

Member that fake nude of moot with him cumming all over his chest? Pepperidge farm does

No. 918725

Please send it…

No. 918730

lmao thanks for reminding me! Wasn't he wearing a baseball cap ?

No. 918734

Late reply but I scrolled by and thought that cat had nipples

No. 918738

I was listening to random playlists on Spotify on shuffle, and this song came on that was like, "woomah woomah woomah, let me be your woomuh." I got excited at first thinking it was a Finnish singer or someone singing in a different language, but it was fucking doja cat?
Why the fuck does she speak like a retard? Is she ESL?
she has a pretty voice i wish she wasn't such a fucking retarded weirdo so i could enjoy her music.

No. 918748

File: 1632221170572.png (853.64 KB, 840x625, wide and dusty.png)


No. 918755

she’s speaking with an accent/blaccent on purpose because the track is afrobeat, you raging tard

No. 918773

holy shit that's so unhygienic

No. 918774

I really like the white/lavender but the mint green ones are gorgeous too

No. 918809

3:25 i cried

No. 918837

I don't know the appropriate thread for this but I just read a reddit post about a girl who performed surgery on herself and removed fat from her cheeks and ate it. Seems fake as fuck tho.

No. 918839

File: 1632229606355.jpg (28.68 KB, 720x560, 107694101_10223354279062268_26…)

>does anyone ever do "completely normal shit that everyone does but I don't go outside so obviously it must mean I'm not like other girls"?

No. 918842

tbh i kind of understand the mindset since some people get bullied over normal things during childhood so they start to think that something's wrong with them

No. 918843

File: 1632230004812.png (37.87 KB, 167x172, Sad.png)

I forgot to cover up the bread I made from scratch and it got hard overnight

No. 918847

Any kdrama recs?

No. 918848

Perfect opportunity to make French toast

No. 918849

it's okay not to be okay is great

No. 918860


>A Hundred Racist Designs:To build an antiracist future, we have to take a hard look at today’s creations.

half the shit he list is basically outdated btw

>racism proves to be larger, more abstract, and more elusive than the objects traditional designers are used to constructing. To some extent, it’s not their fault: racism’s been designed into our society for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, designers still fail to recognize the countless ways — tangible, yet invisible — that racism has been injected into our technologies.

I'm not gonna list everything just the really ones

>The speculum we see today — that duck-billed apparatus that clicks open, giving doctors a line of sight to the cervix — is fundamentally quite similar to the one [Dr. James Marion Sims] used on his slave women. In 1870 a man named Thomas Graves updated the device slightly, and gave us the form we see today.

>The Prorace cervical cap] is a barrier contraceptive. They sit over the cervix and act as a barrier to sperm entering the uterus. This ‘Prorace’ brand of cervical cap was a modified version of a French design. Dr Marie Stopes (1880–1958) adapted the design to incorporate a higher dome. She believed this encouraged the cap to maintain its shape with the body.

The trademarked ‘Prorace’ is related to Stopes’ belief in eugenics. This widely held theory in the early 1900s argued selective breeding could remove ‘undesirables’ from society.

>Halloween Costumes: The shelves of most costume stores still stock the “Arab Sheikh” outfit complete with the sinister mustache. Or you can order the “Ride a Camel Adult Male Costume.” There are the “Mexican” costumes: wide sombreros, ponchos, handlebar mustaches. There are the people who darken their skin to pose as a black or brown person, although many people now understand the degrading and dehumanizing history of blackface now. And every year, there is always the generic “Native American” costume of the woman or man wearing fringe, fake suede, feathers and braids.

>Wet Nursing;“ Feeding another woman’s child with one’s own milk constituted a form of labor, but it was work that could only be undertaken by lactating women who had borne their own children. As a form of exploitation specific to slave mothers enforced wet-nursing constituted a distinct aspect of enslaved women’s commodification. Black milk, slave mother’s milk, was stolen in vast, unknown, incalculable quantities as generation after generation of white infants ‘drank, and drank’ from the nipples of the ‘Mammy’.”

The Source he links to is a bunch of conspiracy theories by retards claiming that by stealing African milk the white people stole their energy and made themselves powerful

>The French government confirmed that its years-long ban on wearing burqas, niqabs and other full-face coverings in public will remain in place, even as face masks become mandatory on Monday. While French citizens nationwide will be covering their faces, women who do so with Islamic garb are still subject to punishment.

Defending the Veil cause of Course

>“Correct” maps of the world, like many other artifacts, exclude other important artifacts, communities, and relationships of marginalized folks. Learning about their biases helps us understand why maps matter to subaltern communities.

>The Picnic And The Noose

>Lynching was an undeniable part of daily life, as distinctly American as baseball games and church suppers. Men brought their wives and children to the events, posed for commemorative photographs, and purchased souvenirs of the occasion as if they had been at a company picnic….After the lynching of a mentally challenged 17-year old black male in the story, the crowd celebrated and collected body parts as souvenirs.

This is just untrue basically

>The Passport: Nemat decided to leave Iran for Europe as he had no place, neither in Afghanistan nor Iran. The main problem, however was acquiring a proper passport, or a “right” passport as he put it. Without one, Nemat had no place in the world….

>Mundane, instrumental, and sometimes not even at stake for the privileged population of the world, namely, white middle-class citizens of the Global North, a passport tends to be directly embedded in the lives of the majority of the world’s population: most prominently in the lived experiences of stateless refugees, undocumented migrants, and border transgressors, as well as working-class citizens of the Global South.

>The Computer Keyboard: Though ubiquitous, the QWERTY keyboard does not accommodate character-based languages like Chinese, but these writing systems have been forced to adapt. It’s not just the keyboards, the history of telecommunications reflects and reinforces the linguistic hegemony of the Latin alphabet and subordination of non-Latin languages.

>The presumed universality of the western alphabet — and the linguistic imperialism underlying this belief — has pervaded the history of information technology from telegraphy to computing.
…this linguistic pecking order insinuates an underlying racial hierarchy, whereby linguistic proximity to the West confers value. Moreover, non-alphabetic languages are disadvantaged under this system. Indeed, technological innovation in the field of information technology is built on the foundational assumption of alphabetic supremacy.”

ha ha ha ha ah

>Prescriptive language: Repugnant as it may be, the simple answer is that we need to learn prescriptive English because that’s the way the people in power communicate. As far as daily survival is concerned, it doesn’t matter whether the origins of this linguistic power structure are racist, classist, or élitist, or whether they’re based on the whims of dead white males. This is how the system works right now, today, and in order to best get the attention of those in power, to begin to effect change, we must be able to use their dialect. We must know their rules.

>This is not even to mention the descriptivists’ dirty little secret. When it comes time for them to write their books and articles and give their speeches about the evil, élitist, racist, wrongheadedness of forcing the “rules” on the masses, they always do so in flawless, prescriptive English. Ensconced behind a mask of noble ends, something obscenely disingenuous is happening here. How easy it is for a person who is already part of the linguistic élite to tell others who are not that they don’t need to be. Or, as Joan Acocella puts it, the descriptivists will “take the Rolls. You can walk, though.”

Anyway this is entire list is some black incel whining and crying

No. 918861

Stuffing or croutons, mmmm!

No. 918863

There's this douche orbiter I've had that annoys me so much and he never mentioned having a gf and he just uploaded his wedding pics and it's taking all my energy to not SHORT KING under the photos.

No. 918869

File: 1632233086643.jpeg (30.53 KB, 500x375, D24A20EF-4567-4986-8849-6A2573…)

I just had the most beautiful wedding on TS4 I’m crying

No. 918874

You are both geniuses

No. 918880

why are there two vent threads am I hallucinating right now

No. 918896

Guess someone didn't bother to open the catalog before making a new thread

No. 918899

There's something so hypnotic about the "PT sensually eating a corndog" banner

No. 918900

It makes me feel ill.

No. 918903

same, I really hate it

No. 918909

I finally found an influencer whose content I actually like to watch and follow. But I also feel dumb af for it, as if I "fell" for the trick despite never buying anything

No. 918925

i think the people sperging about that black actress are more problematic than the fatties defending billie. billie can lose weight. that actress is being bullied flat out lol

No. 918932

the "omg black elf" sperging is serious twitfag shit, it's so embarrassing

No. 918941

I don’t even care anymore, human beings are shitty and they will always be more aggressive towards black women.

No. 918947

Its kinda odd that so many Canadians seem to overlook the fact that Jagmeet Singh(the Canadian Sikh politician) still supports the Khalistan Movement
for those obviously unaware the Khalistan movement was an ethno-nationalist and religious movement that called for the creation of the state of Khalistan(literally meaning Land of the Pure and Strong) between India and Pakistan
the movement espoused the superiority of the Jat race and its subtypes as well as the superiority of Sikhism over Hinduism

No. 918949

File: 1632239972029.jpg (63.33 KB, 500x634, 1571761984067.jpg)

this is the man he was defending, a domestic terrorist and religious fanatic


No. 918951

both sides are cringe and both women have attractive and unattractive traits imo. Somehow that thread is always absolute cancer

No. 918959

Put slices in microwave they soften right away

No. 918961

Ofc they don't know, talking about this stuff is thought crime & discrimination. Let the nice man serve you shit for dinner.

No. 918967

reminds me of the time i was still active on mpa and a girl made a diy lipo and got like seven or eight drops of fat out of her (and then had to get hospitalized i think?)

No. 918974

Just watched a couple in the museum I work at basically ignore each other for an hour cause the guy wanted to leave and refused to look away from his phone. He walked out of the gallery space and looked back expecting her to follow him lollol, but she stayed and made him wait like another ten minutes. gurl you deserve better than this shit

No. 918978

If you could lock any thread which one would it be

No. 918981

Hands down the celebricow thread. It's a breeding ground for cancer.

No. 918982

File: 1632242697055.jpeg (111.44 KB, 828x257, FB4C542A-A2AE-4A2E-AB54-DB10A1…)

I hate looking at this onion banner where he moves around sporadically. He’s so creepy looking.

No. 918986

Porkchop banner and all Onision banners are revolting too. We need more new ones.

No. 918988

yeah I'm tired of seeing onions face in so many of the banners

No. 918989

onion's a dead cow but he use to give so much milk

No. 918992

kinda wish gerg would have a jail saga and die for good

who would've thought chris would go to jail before him

No. 919012

pork chop banner is so disgusting that I always have to refresh immediately

No. 919014

imagine if any politician publicly supported a ethno-religious superiority group, one that talked about the superiority of the Germanic Nords over other Europeans and wanted to create a Nordic Theoretic state, that's what essentially Khalistan was with regards to the Punjabi Jatts and Sikhism which is an ethnic religion
imagine unironically supporting and mourning this guy(/pol/tard)

No. 919017

I have shit luck and get the porn banners constantly kek. I've toyed with making one myself but I know it would be crap.

No. 919043

Do they have to be gifs? Or can they be still images? The gifs activates my tism and I have to scroll down before looking at the page.

No. 919046

Stop spamming this in all the threads jfc

No. 919049

If jews get their own homeland and are allowed to genocide another group of people why aren't Sikhs?

No. 919081

it’s a /pol/-tard, ignore them

No. 919158

File: 1632255656408.png (32.36 KB, 807x179, lol.png)

so useless

No. 919163

They don't even store all the sperm genes. The x chromosome stores the info for how to make the sperm tail move.

No. 919168

I feel like they're just samefagging and having whole conversations with themselves in every thread

No. 919172

No. 919190

I'm losing my shit over the Corpse thread right now. I fucking love you crazy nonnies weaponizing your autism for the greater good KEK. I'd buy you all a beer or some shit if I could.

No. 919209

"lolcow gets namedropped on edtwt often." Damn you eating disorder hoes are making this site corny as fuck now

No. 919216

File: 1632259328405.jpeg (14.86 KB, 254x199, 6943AE5B-C1F9-47D3-AE1C-5514BC…)

I laugh so much every time I see a picture of a Y chromosome. Truly nature’s mistake.

No. 919227

File: 1632259858923.jpg (485.67 KB, 1410x603, moid.jpg)

here, have this retarded image I made many years ago

No. 919266

can someone explain how this works as simple as possible? im big dumb dumb but xx=1000*2=2000 genes xy=1000+70=1070 genes total are males not missing a lot of genes then? other 130 genes are related to female reproductive stuff alone?

No. 919270

KEK this is art!! Ty for sharing anon.

No. 919285

the elaine x admin posts are giving me life thank you farmers for being so funny. i hope we get to see their relationship further develop before admin leaves us.

No. 919330

Not that it really matters since I am just another random farmer, but all this stuff happening with the site recently has made me realize that Admin has grown on me a ton this year. I have always tried to stay pretty neutral on staff, and have disagreed with her choices in the past, but that's just how it is. Being able to handle the shit people flung at this site this year deserves a medal, the farmhands too.

No. 919363

The two X chromosomes contain the same genes, so women have two full (but slightly different) copies of the same genetic information. Women with turner syndrome and men only have one X chromosome, which hypothetically means that they should still have one full set of X-linked genes to work with.

No. 919377

File: 1632269296650.png (1.42 MB, 937x848, Faceless_gaymers.PNG)

Me too! I was not really expecting anons to actually find out kek.Eager to see how this plays out because we all know what happened with Cry and Dream.

No. 919386

Lol wait is that really dream? Boy that’s rouuugh

No. 919405

File: 1632270907296.jpeg (27.91 KB, 217x232, 004DBECE-BEC8-48CF-8100-8B3E7E…)

I can’t believe Dream keeps being seen as some uwu cagüaee owo hot gyaois boii.

No. 919412

I want an influx of CH stans and autistic fighting in his thread

No. 919413

File: 1632271418330.jpg (96.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

My fart smelled like the burgers I made today, and it smells just as good as the hamburger.

No. 919418

im a retarded neet and just applied to some jobs and i feel so fucking fufilled. i want to be laughing at cows online but with a steady income this time. i know im the worst. yes im drinking tonight nonas.

No. 919420

File: 1632271792576.gif (460.08 KB, 380x212, cheers.gif)

proud of you

No. 919465

I can't believe people seem to know Filthy Frank/Joji mostly as an artist and not as a YouTuber now. I talked with some friends about him, and they didn't even know he used to have a channel, while they were shocked I apparently haven't heard a single song of his.

No. 919474

I admit I don't keep up with what's popular or not, but I'll presume your friends are the odd ones

No. 919495

Gorespam is back, scroll carefully

No. 919498

File: 1632280236570.jpeg (114.67 KB, 570x558, DF0E306B-3658-44D2-A883-5DC76D…)

We should get cute animal headbands for every non-retarded farmer. So like, we would only have to make 5.

No. 919501

File: 1632280373124.jpeg (170.01 KB, 667x1000, AAE8DD30-6002-4F9B-8A00-C8FFA5…)

There’s gore, please report it.

No. 919503

it's been gone for a few minutes already.

No. 919509

File: 1632280738223.jpeg (344.41 KB, 1242x698, 44041D2B-6AA0-4CFA-9471-6E8F8B…)

Awesome, it’s so nice that the farmhands are being so quick.

No. 919513

I miss the thread pics

No. 919517

File: 1632281130970.jpg (287.92 KB, 1200x675, pedrocover.jpg)

I just finished little nightmares 2 and I can't stop crying. Why did they have to do that to us

No. 919519

Brave of you to admit that you don't want a cute animal headband.

No. 919521

File: 1632281776731.jpeg (633.5 KB, 1170x2208, 28C44659-4E07-45E9-A388-F90E07…)

No. 919522

i know im super late replying but i used to have really round prominent buck teeth and i 100% used a nail file on them in college to make them less obvious. it hasnt caused me any problems, i dont have sensitivity and i did it maybe 5 years ago? obviously it is a stupid idea & i dont know what the long term effects are (it probably fucks up your enamel) so im not saying you should do it, but i thought id share my experience. i decided to do it after i read that dentists do file teeth down if theyre abnormally long as a cosmetic procedure in some cases

No. 919591

If what we call 'empowering' for girls was actually empowering, Jeff Bezos would post asspics on his social media and would open an onlyfans. It's only girls expected to feel empowered, not actually being in power, by showing our bodies to men to jerk off to. I'm not saying all women should dress conservatively but it is sus how women feeling powerful is basically when a woman is dressing sexily. If you saw Chris Hemsworth in stripper clothes you wouldn't think he's so empowered for it. Just thinking some thoughts…

No. 919611

File: 1632299599027.jpg (104.49 KB, 1080x1080, RDT_20210906_03034310331379035…)

I think I actually can get this this job and this is a great feeling after years of unemployment and 2 of almost pure neetdom

No. 919616

I wish I could be friends with some of the cool nonnies on this site. If you are reading this I want to kiss you on the lips.

No. 919619

File: 1632300663428.jpg (28.58 KB, 474x457, 0609015604509792723360625.jpg)

Yes! Some nonnies here are legit cool, insightful, funny, helpful, kind and smart.
I love you all
also cool numbers, they are kinda like an upside down palindrome

No. 919627

i want jeff bezos only fans now

No. 919663

Seriously, it takes such a wild turn. Beautiful game though, just wild.

No. 919665

Has anyone here been in a LDR that started online? What was meeting for the first time like for you? Did you kiss the moment you met at the airport/wherever? Did you have physical boundaries at first?

No. 919668

As much as I disliked Crazy Rich Asians, for its rabid neo-liberalism the soundtrack was fire, especially this Cantonese cover of Material girl from the 80's

Is there any space where I could find foreign language covers of American pop songs

No. 919669

In my experience, there's definitely a bit of awkwardness at first

No. 919670

Can you elaborate on that?

No. 919674

We met in person after a year of dating long distance. At the airport, we were both very excited to see each other, but fairly quiet/low energy because I'd just been on three longass flights and we didn't want to cause a scene. We waited until we got home to kiss, hug, or do anything really because it wasn't safe to do so in public. I very badly wanted to lean on her or hold hands in the taxi, but it's a fairly homophobic country so I took cues from her to keep my distance.

In fact, we discussed beforehand how physical we should get with each other and how quickly. I told her there was a chance I would be too exhausted and overstimulated to even hug. In the end we were making out on the first night and fondled each other a little too. It was really nice and we went further than expected, but nothing overwhelming. The physical boundaries kind of melted away completely after that.

We were never awkward around each other because we know each other so well. As a result, the transition to real-life interaction was smooth and pleasant.

No. 919688

File: 1632310189133.jpg (71.52 KB, 720x960, 74848862_2529063620505423_7810…)

I used to think being taller than 164cm as woman is a significant handicap regarding attractiveness, but in my early adulthood I understood that the only reason I thought of myself as grotesquely huge at 170cm was that my first bff "friendship" as a kid was with a baby pickme. It sounds astounding but she somehow knew how to be incredibly demeaning and abusive to the girls around her, already at like age 7 or something. Truly ahead of her time, she went for the uwu smol bean pandering schtick a near decade before it became a thing we laugh at ethots for doing now. And my God did she keep it up for so long too, always making it a point to diminish any type of femininity other than her weirdo brand. She was always obsessed with boys (and me being the autistic shit I was, I thought how she operated was normal and to be accepted) even before we were even old enough to consider paying attention to scrotes, and when we semi-reached that level where it becomes actually a bit relevant, she got so pissy when she noticed I wasn't met with outright dead ass rejection always. She also hated that I developed a taste for dudes she didn't personally find attractive. I dropped contact with her ages ago and it's a thing left in my childhood, but I just had this big brain moment remembering the roots of my insecurity about my incredibly unremarkable size. I wonder if other insecure actually or at least almost tall women have gone through something similar, because when I've listened to confident tall women talk about their experiences as taller than average, they almost never had anyone successfully get under their skin by persistently highlighting their size as something problematic.

I have a weird past regarding the development of my self-esteem, but I own it. It is what it is.

No. 919707

I was bullied for being tall and it did kind of fuck with me. Don't get me wrong, I'd never actually want to be short but there are times when I feel like a fucking slenderman in a dress and think everyone is staring at me.

No. 919712

I have such, SUCH low self esteem jesus christ. I talk a big game and have convinced myself I'm good now but my god. Every time I see someone typing and I'm waiting I predict the most disparaging things, maybe I text saying I forgot about something or something preventable happened and when they're typing I'm 90 percent sure I'll be called a dumb bitch, and asked what the fu k is wrong with me, even though it'd be completely against their character to do so.

Of course I'll get a standard friendly reply anyways and I calm down, but what is THAT about.

No. 919714

Oddly enough I usually mainly get replies from absolute sweeties here, even when I'm posting something completely retarded.

No. 919716

An influencer I folllow is going on vacation to somewhere I went on vacation a few months ago. She is posting pictures of things I saw and is standing exactly where I stood. Idk why but it gives me such a weird feeling.

No. 919724

Might sound like an irrelevant question, but were you bullied by boys, girls or both? Both are awful but they hit kinda different.

I hope you find enough confidence to express yourself despite your experiences, to disregard these half-baked notions of how women are supposed to look and exist. I sometimes stare at other women I think are gorgeous or interesting, and I can't be the only one.

No. 919727

AYRT, sorry, I typed up a long post but felt weird about blogposting for some reason kek.
When I met my long-distance bf, we mostly spent the first couple of hours just getting used to the other existing as a physical entity, like you're with someone you love and care about, but at the same time they're basically a stranger, you're finding out lots of things like their smell, body heat, how they move etc. for the first time, including stuff that would normally factor in dating someone (We basically didn't have any chemistry IRL, for instance, so we knew pretty quickly it wasn't going to work)

No. 919743

I can’t believe they played us like that. Had us thinking six was a poor child that was trapped on the maw when she voluntarily went there in search of power after she betrayed mono and took his.

No. 919761

lol, i matched with my ex boyfriend's best friend's brother on tinder and i don't fuck him i've lived my life in vain. wish me luck ladies

No. 919770

someone can have my period I don’t want it rn

No. 919771

no one cares or even looks at you for being tall anymore, you’re not special you’re god’s hilarious joke

No. 919780

File: 1632319590045.png (137.88 KB, 1433x711, safsdf.png)

I'm losing my shit over this, I expected there to be a couple over 900
I can't stop laughing

No. 919782

Is there a more useless and unimportant profession than being a talk show host?

No. 919791

oh my god. one of them is even in cantonese or whatever the fuck

No. 919794

me too, someone said they want to be my friend but disappeared. where are you friendo i’m sandra mansour dress-anon

No. 919799

kek I'm not American and I was too young to watch the daily show with jon stewart but one summer at 16 years old I fell down a rabbit hole and watched literally every daily show and colbert report clip on YouTube and on the comedy central website. I knew the most random facts about US politics and inside jokes abt American news channels from 2003 that no one in America cared about anymore let alone anyone I knew. and I ended up shipping Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but I didn't find any good fan fiction at the time, mostly because I couldn't be bothered to dig through LiveJournal and other dead websites. Good times

No. 919800

Yeah, council members who police every little thing on ppls land past just safety regulations

No. 919801

yes. professional instagrammer

No. 919802

sf and the people who run corporate twitters

No. 919812

most of it seems to be about either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert with mention of misc others, Tucker Carlson for e.g only had 11 fics of which only 7 were actually about shipping, the rest were mostly about lib politics

No. 919816

I simply love buying my weed online now using bitcoin. the service i use has discount codes every couple of days and since I am now officially not a weed addict, I can hold out for the best discounts. I have spent less than a hundred quid for all my weed needs this month and I've been spending nearly £400 the past 2 years monthly lol. I also make smart weed decisions, like purchasing a sativa strain for the day and an indica for nighttime. it has reduced my consumption and increased my happiness. god bless to one and all

No. 919817

File: 1632322719364.png (103.64 KB, 1342x372, Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.57…)

I have not been able to stop thinking about this since taking a boating safety course this summer. what the fuck. I wonder if it can happen even when you choke on a drink.

No. 919832

Can't stop obsessing over a certain person and I took a pic of his workprofile today so I can sometimes look at it. Still haven't decided whether I should feel ashamed of it or not

No. 919834

I want to call someone a deutschbag but I'm not a meanie and I don't know any germans so please if a german annoys you call them a deutschbag in my stead

No. 919853

my grandma use to make these little humming noises and talk to herself and psspsspss to herself and I just had a big hit of sativa and was doing some clerical stuff and found myself making the exact same noises. damn. was granny high as shit all the time too, god i love her

No. 919855

where do you buy it?

No. 919856


No. 919862

anon give us a crash course, how and where?

No. 919872

omg my grandma did the pspspsspsps thing too…she was vibing

No. 919874

sounds like granny had a tic disorder maybe

No. 919877

I don’t get how people form like a “friend group” as adults. I’ve never been in one and always wanted to be, all my friends have always been completely unrelated to one another

No. 919878

No. 919879

straight vibing!

she was just a whimsical lady!

same. the only friend group i've had as an adult is work friends because the common factor uniting us all is being in the same place like a school

and i made the mistake once of inviting work friends out with some of my school friends. they did not vibe together and it was awful lol

No. 919902

Oh shit how did that happen? How did you have zero chemistry? You must have known what the other looked like, height weight etc

No. 919905

File: 1632329691279.jpg (110.68 KB, 1000x680, tumblr_oczj7o4d1V1tqp2rbo2_128…)

I'm sorry I can't be her.

No. 919915

You can, nonny. Get the same outfit, with the same camera, same location, same makeup, same photoshop. You can literally be this girl.

No. 919919

also rip. brown girl larping as a white one. that's embarrasing. if you don't believe me, go to her instagram felicefawn666. her race seems to change from photo to photo

No. 919929

File: 1632331088827.jpg (108.49 KB, 500x726, 931db4bae3b24ed64440daad3f473d…)

Felice fawn is white, what are you on about? She's a white british girl. Are you a newfag?

No. 919934

Nta but I feel like that’s an extremely common thing I hear from people who have been in long distance relationships. I just don’t think chemistry is something you can really predict even if you know what the person looks like.

No. 919935

NTA but TBH to me she does look like she could be part Middle Eastern or South Asian I guess? But can just as easily be just a white British woman.

No. 919936

File: 1632331467266.png (1.07 MB, 626x716, indian.PNG)

She's not 100% white, I can promise you that. You picked the palest picture of her you could find, and even in that one, I can tell she's an indian or some sort of middle eastern. She edited her photos to make herself look extremely pale. If you can't tell this bitch is desi idk what to tell you KEK

and I should let you know that by simply searching some things, I'm not the only one that thinks the same thing. because she's not white.

No. 919945

File: 1632332071798.jpeg (27.7 KB, 480x640, tet753247994.jpeg)

I literally just picked the first pic of her I saw, not the palest. But yeah, she always edited her shit
>If you can't tell this bitch is desi idk what to tell you KEK
Funny, where I live she would just be a white woman, but I guess you're right. I don't know why it would be "larping as a white girl" still, she didn't do anything that was larpy. Was it the edginess?
Funny though you saying she's indian or whatever, because everyone dogpiled on her at the time for wearing a bindi. Also funny that her dog in the pic is called India.

No. 919947

Even with editing she's too pale to be Indian, likely Northern Kashmir(non-Mirpuri)

No. 919952

i want to tinfoil that billie eilish is a racist and she's shitting up the celebricows thread

No. 919964

This makes me kinda uncomfortable, like trying to pinpoint why she isn't 100% white

Billie post history reveal when

No. 919966

Billie Eyelash has fucked countless black men before she turned 18 including exxtensive or whatever the fuck his name was. She was always hanging around with them.

No. 919969

doesn't mean she can't be racist, especially against black women. highly doubt she posts here though, let alone racebaits

No. 919971

that's retarded

No. 919973

You sound like a scrote, I'm sure she may have had sexual relations, but saying she's fucked countless men is just Incel shit

No. 919974

She possibly could be Greek or Turkish ?

No. 919976

nta and I don't see it either. is this like when /pol/ says dark-eyed people can't be white or something?

No. 919982


Maybe it's a brown girl trying to cope or something. All I see when I look at fawns pictures is white girl. Even fair skinned middle eastern/indian women have a tint to them. Usually the fair ones look like skin bleachers to me, even when it's natural.

No. 919987

File: 1632333091382.png (44.86 KB, 255x255, pepepe.png)

>messing around with a guy in bed
>he tries to pressure me into sex
>start getting annoyed
>he goes "anon..i feel so bad..am i pressuring you"
>yes you did it twice so don't let it happen again
>"you're so blunt :("

Autism coming in handy. no pussy for you

No. 919989

she looks mediterranean imo

No. 919993

I only mentioned larping due to the extremely high contrast paleness that she adds to her photos. I guess technically she would be "white" yeah but really, when I first saw her, I thought "Oh goth indian chick, cool"

It's really her facial features and randomly brown skin in some photos that make me think that she's not 100% caucasian. Nothing to do with me coping, I'm not a brown girl.

I was wrong to call her desi for sure, but I still stand by what I said

No. 919997

This is dumb.
Anyway, I hate how often the celeb thread (well, not just that thread, but especially that thread) gets derailed with race discussions. I'm just gonna stop reading there until the AMAs rolls around.

No. 919998

File: 1632333293378.jpg (93.33 KB, 500x581, tumblr_inline_p81ng5X1Ia1rsf4s…)

Yeah, while not common, there are fully white Brits with surprisingly ethnic looks. I have friends who look 1/4 Asian or 1/4 Black but they're not. Usually darker Brits look Mediterranean though. I think Felice looks like she could be part Desi tbh. In some pics she reminds me of Riz Ahmed's ex gf Anya Raza, who is Pakistani-Dutch.

No. 920001

Do creepy shit and then put on uwu am I pwessuwing you awnon… disgusting.

No. 920010

technically speaking she is Caucasian, middle eastern people, north africans and Indians are all caucasoids

No. 920018

File: 1632334352701.png (351.19 KB, 323x455, fear.PNG)

This thing gives me pause every single time I see it.

No. 920049

Dump the creep

No. 920051

It's Morran/The Groke isn't it. Freaked me out as a kid.

No. 920054

The Groke just wants to be hugged, to be included

No. 920060

File: 1632335592338.png (1.31 MB, 1993x2048, Screenshot_20210922-085244.png)

No. 920061

Won't this just make it worse from stretching the skin or something

No. 920063

I really want to know what this meme means.

No. 920071

Why didn't you want to fuck?

No. 920080

File: 1632336316253.jpg (94.84 KB, 287x960, fff.jpg)

This is what Felice looks like without photoshop, she doesn't look very exotic to me.

No. 920084

Why were you messing around with him in the bed in the first place then anon?

No. 920100

File: 1632337015601.jpeg (23.06 KB, 327x336, D2C55438-81C0-4C53-B727-A55433…)

a lot of stupid infighting this fine evening on /ot/… i see the girls are feeling feisty

No. 920105

That's not her IG. Hers used to be called FeliceFawn but she left the internet around 2014 because she got outed for being a scammer. All of the photos on the IG you linked are old, from around 2014 and earlier.

No. 920106

sometimes people just want to make out without having sex

No. 920108

Probably because fucking is inferior to kissing and foreplay

No. 920110

Proud of you for standing your ground nonnie.

No. 920112

Sometimes I can't even tell what anons are mad about, like they start throwing insults that don't even apply to the post kek

No. 920120

They're mad at the boogeyman they created in their heads

No. 920123

It’s an imageboard. Everybody is going to find something to be mad about. It’s fun!

No. 920145

I just want to see /ot/ in corporeal form before I die.

No. 920153

I have a bunch of hairs on my legs on my leg that have grown out and down back into my skin, and I've having fun getting them out with tweezer

No. 920173

Here is a post for billie eilish

No. 920190

If it makes you feel any better I've actually been there. Go outside though, that scrote probably wasnt worth your time.

No. 920196

Outshined is easily Soundgarden's most shitty, boring well-known song, but I'd be lying through my fuckin teeth if i said I don't only keep it on for the music video…

No. 920199

So this friend of mine on Facebook said that she's been nonbinary her whole life and dudes who have dated her are basically gay, pic related.

No. 920205

File: 1632342552392.jpg (56.02 KB, 514x492, 20210922_162641_temp.jpg)

>>920199 it didn't post the picture

No. 920210

i deleted the post because i realised i didn't post in the vent thread but i feel so stupid about the whole thing, it's always the rare one you actually click with and have a lot in common with too

No. 920215

Why does she think male is the default I thought non binary was shedding those oppressive labels! She sounds young

No. 920217

she's almost 22

No. 920221

nb = male now? what?

No. 920222

she's also a "lesbian" but only dates men and is currently in a poly relationship with her fiance (a man) and another woman

No. 920223

File: 1632342957177.png (246.58 KB, 702x448, 549035830957367.png)

Don't know where else to put this, just made me think that this is basically what traumatized trans "men" are doing to try and avoid misogyny. Happening even in the bird kingdom: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/female-hummingbirds-masquerade-males-avoid-harassment-180978559/

No. 920224

How's she a dude if she is non binary which should mean she is not a man either?? I swear these people.. of all trans crap, non binarism is the most nonsensical
Gotta love how all non binaries show their misogyny by implying male is the default. Everything but female.

No. 920226

I swear people no longer age out of their cringy teen phases

No. 920227

her pronouns are apparently she/they/he and now her fiance's pronouns are it/it's, i guess she fucked with his head too

No. 920228

I know what you mean. Sucks majorly. At the same time though, what were you gonna do, move over to your e-bf half the world over? I'm sure there's someone like him (actually there probably is, men aren't that varied) closer to where you live. Plus you guys met online, which isn't too great considering how that reflects on men. Go find someone else you love. Good luck!

No. 920230


No. 920231

Just discovered the tumblr that posts recent, ~funny~ screencaps from the farms and I'm not amused. Fuck off, you get 0 notes anyway

No. 920232

Is it literally just something in male dna that makes them like this, seen as it seems to happen across all species ?

No. 920234

No. 920238

it's not hard to find, look it up

No. 920239

It's their wonky y chromosome and excess testosterone. Makes them retarded.

No. 920244

Just post it bitch

No. 920245

I have closed the tab already and don't remember the url, it's funnylolcowcaps or something. search lolcow on tumblr and there it is

No. 920251

No. 920257

I just sent them a mildly mean ask but now I feel bad cause I saw one of my posts there

No. 920264

mad because you're not funny enough to get posted, aren't you

No. 920272

Nta but I am and I'm also mad if it makes newfags come here but they got like 3 notes once so I think we're safe

No. 920275

i was already making up all sorts of fantasies and scenarios related to that so i'm not even gonna answer to avoid embarrassing myself further

No. 920276

>it's all just reposts of stuff from our own caps thread

No. 920282

I never got this… same with being non-binary but still being lesbian or gay. If you're not a female or male how are you lesbian or gay?

No. 920291

File: 1632345664926.jpg (106.86 KB, 720x1121, 20210922_171243.jpg)

Alrighty then

No. 920294

So from what I understand, she was a lesbian until she met her now fiance, ever since then she's now she/they/he poly bisexual and a witch

No. 920306

File: 1632346709940.jpg (328.01 KB, 1200x1600, O1CN0186b14K1y6myewW6Ot_!!8652…)

God I want this so much, just as a lolcow commemorative item

No. 920308

Why would I? I've been posted in some of our funny caps thread. For the record, I do think that those posts are funny. I just believe that lolcow is a "you had to be there" thing. Either you are a farmer browsing here daily or you don't need to see "le funny posts fron girl 4chan exdee".
I realized that op may have wanted to archive good content in case lolcow goes down, but that's a retarded explanation since archive.is/wayback machine exist.

No. 920312

I don’t think “queer” and “gym” go together in the same sentence unless it goes like this
>Queer people are so focused on finding a label to be accepted by a group of whos on the internet that they’re unable to go to the gym or take care of themselves.

No. 920315

Sometimes I kind of wish there was like a “lolcow day” so we could spot other farmers on the street, either to stay away from them or to befriend them, maybe It’s more probable that we would avoid each other as much as possible, but it’s nice to think about it.
We could wear cow themed stuff that day and then we could approach another farmer and be like
>u-uh so
>what time is it?
>sorry i have to leave
>o-okay, sorry

No. 920321

To be quite honest, my whole facebook feed is full of weird shit like this, someone just posted that they've just realized that they don't have a high pain tolerance after getting 10 tattoos

No. 920328

I think it should go more like this
>approach anon wearing cow pin
>”el…. Sea???”
>anon’s eyes widen —“yes!”
>”what is your favorite board? I like /ot”
> anon smirks “/pt and /g”
>promptly leave because disgustang

No. 920342

I'd unironically love this kind of thing, I figure most farmers have the same mindset of wanting to laugh at cows or talk openly about dumb shit, aren't genuinely just nasty, and would like to make new friends with common interests. But tbh I'd be too worried about some of the genuinely mean farmers just looking to spot a fellow farmer in the wild then post and make fun of them or something. As if we don't both hang out on the same website lmao. Farmers are all just too different for this to work irl.

No. 920349

That's some "I like your shoelaces. Thanks, I stole them from the president" shit right there.

No. 920354

We could have some sort of password like farmer number one would say
And farmer number two would say

No. 920359

this wouldn't work because cow stuff is everywhere rn. I bought myself a cow print phone case as an autistic in-joke with myself but i just look like every other unoriginal trendy zoomer

No. 920366

I don't want to see any of you. Probably as cringey as when I see the chubby Lolitas downtown looking like clowns

No. 920378

>when I see the chubby Lolitas downtown
Then you've already seen most of us

No. 920379

I'd be more worried about lurking males having a very male moment if they spotted someone from here tbh

No. 920384

Incel males would probably love to shoot us the ugly virgin freaks

No. 920395

You wrote "black hole sun" really weirdly i love both anyway, but badmotorfinger is my absolutely favorite album by them, I don't skip one single song

No. 920422

File: 1632357690924.jpg (163.95 KB, 720x522, Fuck dude.jpg)

"My gender is an experience" ok then

No. 920426

File: 1632357766349.jpeg (68.93 KB, 483x462, D7013EB9-5A44-43CA-B846-EF98BD…)


No. 920434

I can't say you're wrong tbh, badmotorfinger does beat superunknown

No. 920491

File: 1632363523750.jpeg (17.59 KB, 220x219, DBAE6F5B-A421-41D7-A717-274576…)

I made a comment about a game husbando on a gaming subreddit and It keeps getting downvoted. All I said was “god I love him”. Moids pressed LMFAOOOOO SUCK MY ASS LMFAOOOOO

No. 920504

that’s even funnier because when men like a cartoon woman or even child they make endless fucked up porn of it, it only took one random comment wow

No. 920505

Gaming/weeb scrotes should legitimately kill themselves. They're definitely the most undesirable subhumans to pollute the planet

No. 920518


He must be pretty sexy for that much butthurt. Post him

No. 920520

NTA but guessing it's Viego for some reason.

No. 920534

I'm gonna guess it's someone from Yakuza.

No. 920542

File: 1632372445131.jpeg (222.04 KB, 1241x1057, 01AC52B6-3A0F-4914-BA42-C01F64…)

It’s been bothering me for days, but I finally figured out who that Brian Laundries creep reminds me of. It’s this mother fucker.

No. 920583

NTA and semi-off-topic but I noticed this thing among quite a few male Yakuza fans where they go on and on about what handsome Chads the guys are (no homo tho ofc), yet they get triggered when women lust for them. Weird.

No. 920589

I'm convinced a lot of skincare products are overpriced bullshit, but I love browsing them anyway and looking at the pretty packaging. I also actively enjoy the process of going through a skincare routine, makes me feel like I'm doing something a little productive at least.

No. 920623

I'm kind of moving on and growing tired of a place online I've spent more than a year on, I've just grown out of it. But I don't have anything else to fill that space with. I know I can give more times to my hobbies and whatnot and with college I'm getting good social interaction but still, I don't have anything to fill the space that place will leave if I let it go. Which I do think I need to at this point because it doesn't make me happy as much.

No. 920642

Wait is that 'tism? Because uh…I do that crap all the time.

No. 920648

Not really. Just having some assertiveness which is good.

No. 920660

As much as I hate capitalism and materialism I love this music video, mostly cause I like how it uses the male backup dancers

No. 920668

This thread is getting full and when it reaches 1100 I implore whoever creates the next thread to use a sonic image. Pretty pwease.

No. 920689

File: 1632396736461.jpg (30.55 KB, 460x390, borzoi_snow_dogs.jpg)

No. 920691

same kek

No. 920695

you mean 1200. but yes, hopefully i will get to

No. 920721

I slept on this song for so long in spite of /mu/tards' obsession with it. It is actually crazy good.

No. 920730

Huh? It was a big hit in the 90's before /mu/tards touched it. Despite the youtube preview pic looking fammiliar, I assumed something virtually unknown and not one of quintessential 90's classics

No. 920733

Anon, wtf is that post that you replied to? Kek

No. 920739

File: 1632404082650.jpg (294.94 KB, 1920x810, wk30-hair-temporaryhaircolour.…)

this is literally ALL I want rn

No. 920740

Fucking kek what the hell

No. 920743

when i lived in america i would only shit like once a week at most. i live in europe now and i have to shit like every single day.
that’s probably why so many americans are fat or get cancer, the food doesn’t leave your body

No. 920749

Oh god I only shit like once a week, I cook my own food and dont east like shit though

No. 920750

Maybe you don't drink enough liquids

No. 920761

Yesterday I heard Anya Taylor Joy speak for the first time and that's the most troon sounding woman I've ever heard.
No idea why "every woman in Hollywood is male!" conspiracists aren't on her yet

No. 920763

ayrt, maybe it was a huge hit in the 90's but i was only aware of its existence after /mu/, I guess it wasn't popular in my country at the time

No. 920770

>woman exists and has deeper voice than squeaky

No. 920771

I think that's generally because euro food has more ingredients with fibers in it.

No. 920776

File: 1632406865603.jpeg (230.62 KB, 1200x1200, CF2C5255-E1A2-40D5-941C-460B8A…)

I love this tank top I got from Marshall’s, the brand is Yogalicious, I’m wearing this for anything but yoga, the fabric is so soft and nice that I would like to get buried with this top when I die so my body can feel comfortable when it gets turned into ashes and then turned into a really cool diamond that was wearing some really comfy clothes.
Now I just have to find the perfectly cozy leggings to pair them with this top, they have to be like, structured but soft, and socks, I need some cute socks as well, then I will have my perfect death outfit for when I die in a few years, maybe when I’m like 100 years old.
I miss doing yoga so much, I don’t know why, but doing it at home with a video isn’t the same as going to a studio to do yoga, even if I have farted.

No. 920781

File: 1632407057362.gif (313.21 KB, 200x150, 72c.gif)

I will be giving making an art account a try for the 4th time. I will try twitter this time around. I am so low on money and I'm getting desperate, I need to fix so many things but I'm broke. I will tap into the kpop shipping fanart market and hopefully I'll get a commission or two after some time. I just can't post consistently which has been ultimately my demise. Grrrrrr

No. 920787

I'm the opposite. I started doing yoga at home during lockdown by following videos and I really enjoy it, but I don't think I'd like going to a studio with other people around (covid or not).

No. 920789

I have a parasocial relationship with anonymous of lolcow dot farm.

No. 920791

not really parasocial, since we're talking to each other, innit? Although same

No. 920793

I don't have a 'relationship' of any sort with any of you idiots.

No. 920794

>it's not like I like you anons…b-baka

No. 920795

File: 1632408678438.jpg (230.52 KB, 1280x1109, betrayal.jpg)

god I wish they'd actually done this

No. 920796

God I wish Anno would have fuckin done it. Just in the very last shot of 3+1 he could've shown it since they don't show her for more than a few seconds.

No. 920802

that would be based, but Ikuhara sounds like he's salivating over the idea of a pregnant belly, and we already know about his lesbian fetish.
Also Anno is a hypocrite idiot, talking bold about betraying otaku while shoving underage pussy in their faces

No. 920803

File: 1632409584448.gif (721.38 KB, 460x344, kek.gif)

i always read kek as cackle

No. 920809

also I don't believe in those cookie cutter happy endings for any of the NGE characters, but Rebuilds gonna Rebuild I guess. Rei having Kaworu's baby makes sense since she was obsessed with Touji's daughter

No. 920811

Yesterday I had youtube autoplaying on my tv and a 10 min vid popped up talking about mac millers death and who had sold him the drugs.. I had no idea that part of one of his drug deals that day was him hiring a prostitute alongside the drugs. Just a shitty detail I hadn't seen before.

No. 920832

Good luck anon

No. 920851

Thank you! Good luck to you too in your endeavors.

No. 920859

A technician from Vodafone is here and he asked me I am free until like midnight and couldn't decide whether he was asking me this because installing the WiFi would take this much time (there is a problem with the cables) or he's flirting with me. I nonchalantly said sure

No. 920860

I mean idk how the call went obviously, but it seems like he was asking you if you were free until midnight to see if you were able to let the comapny inside if there was a hardware issue at your house lol

No. 920861

Reading this back made me realize how incredibly socially retarded I am

No. 920865

It wasn't a call, he's here right now and he just asked

No. 920867

I've had alot of work done on my house in the last few months and I've had moments where the guys wanted to know if I'm on certain messengers, that or they call at 10pm or want to call out at late hours I didn't know they worked. I'm a lil socially retarded and tbh paranoid too so I had some moments where I really didn't know how to read situations.

No. 920875

ah ok kek this makes me feel better

No. 920889

Thank you to the girlies that prayed about my job interview. This silly bitch finally got a graduate job and starts on Monday!!!!

No. 920891


No. 920893

I promise I will use it to fuel better high quality posting

No. 920916

I saw this on some radfem's tumblr page and I've been thinking about it. People are quick to say 'prostitution is the oldest profession' but is it? Prostitution is sex in exchange of a service or product so wouldn't the production and sale or supply of the service or product be the first profession? Someone tell me forreal, what is the truth?

No. 920928

File: 1632418314767.gif (420.08 KB, 498x372, tenor.gif)

I don't wanna spit.
I wanna gulp
I wanna gag
I wanna choke

No. 920929

yes you still bitches i know this isn't the lyrics thread

No. 920930


No. 920931

I also wonder like, at what point was prostitution a “profession” that women chose to do on their own, without any sort of pressure, to make it seem like it’s okay to do so now?
Like, what kind of woman in the 10’s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s woke up one day, at her cozy home, made some tea or coffee and said
>yeah, i will just prostitute myself and have a blast doing so, it will be my side job
Because it can also be said that slavery is an old “profession” as well, but it isn’t being sensationalized on the internet nor It’s being pushed as some sort of empowering career choice.

No. 920936

I guess the sex could be traded for food.

No. 920940

so the selling and production of food is the first job, a farmer is the first profession, no?

No. 920952

I don't understand people who say that prostitution is the oldest profession. Obviously hunter/gatherer is. And all other jobs people did during the stone age: Shaman, pottery maker etc

No. 920956

File: 1632419650801.png (34.82 KB, 156x171, busted lips.png)

these busted botox-lips that I keep seeing on the webtoons home page make me want to punch a wall

No. 920966

is it 1 anon that made 3 threads with sonic pics or was it multiple anons

No. 920984

arent webtoons supposed to be korean…

No. 920987

well, according to cobra starship, Prostitution Is the World's Oldest Profession (And I, Dear Madame, Am a Professional)

No. 920988

you forgot a number at the end lol
>Also Anno is a hypocrite idiot, talking bold about betraying otaku while shoving underage pussy in their faces
this plus the way he watered down asuka and rei's personality in general, basically turning them into how the fans see them (waifubait/generic -dere girls)

No. 920991

It's so goddamn funny to me that everyone just went back to using the old song lyrics thread with the guitar cat. The op image for the 'new' one was the probably the cringiest most Twitter shit I've ever seen posted here. Everyone's complaining about Sanic but that should have been grounds for a ban honestly.

No. 920996

What was it? The current lyrics thread isn't even full

No. 921000

i hate when anons do this

No. 921003

File: 1632420849300.png (373.78 KB, 880x1128, 25.png)

it's me!(avatarfag)

No. 921005

File: 1632420914888.png (676.76 KB, 800x600, d3a.png)

I love you

No. 921010

File: 1632421022306.png (234.81 KB, 469x467, SeekPng.com_bonzi-buddy-png_43…)

love you too sonikku~

No. 921022

File: 1632421206051.jpg (19.13 KB, 340x297, 1631759788792.jpg)

Yeah I know that's what made it even more infuriating. Don't anyone dare revive this newfaggy shit thread when the time comes. My autism can't handle it.

No. 921025

I hate you stop it.

No. 921026

File: 1632421354492.png (2.99 MB, 2500x2700, de102dd-5a400127-a719-458c-a59…)

no you don't!

No. 921029

pink sonic is an eyesore

No. 921032

Can we at least have a super sonic thread, a knuckles thread… just some color differences to help tell the threads apart

No. 921033

File: 1632421508615.png (656.48 KB, 800x600, ac8.png)

What's that, you want me to post more? Don't worry I got you.

im warning you anon, I have a whole folder of official sonic art from the 90s that I am obsessed with and I will post all of them(avatarfagging)

No. 921038

File: 1632421543493.jpg (85.31 KB, 900x438, ohscm_03__knuckles_thumbs_up_b…)


No. 921039

When we were 11 my friend used to chat with people online and her boyfriend was 13 and his screen name was sonic. She got obsessed with sonic but actual sonic and she said she watched videos of sonic games so many times she knew everything they say by heart (then I asked her to recite it and she didn't know because she was a huge fat liar)

No. 921040

Do you have any pics of silver? hes cute

No. 921043

File: 1632421643437.png (3.59 MB, 1134x1498, TheArchieKnuckles.png)

Knuckles is based hip hop short king

No. 921045

File: 1632421668207.png (239.91 KB, 519x723, Sonic Rivals - Lightning.png)

NTA but i do!

No. 921047

Hey sonic lore masters why does knuckles have legos on his shoes

No. 921051

File: 1632421777469.jpg (2.03 MB, 1920x1200, d72tbaq-3d259f87-7523-46f1-9ef…)

Yes girl who do you think I am

No. 921056

damn silver is kinda cute

No. 921058

I used to talk to people online who were obsessed with sonic too when I was 12-13. I used to roleplay as Julie-Sue from the Archie comics and watch sonic stuff on YouTube ALL DAY. I wish I could back because that was the last time I was interested in something, even though it’s totally useless lmao.

No. 921061

File: 1632422017873.png (807.25 KB, 519x750, 51CCB41E-D1E0-4B1C-BEE4-9E6207…)

Remember this

No. 921063

They're meant to be metal plates to weigh him down as he glides, but those are clearly Legos

No. 921065

That shirt is a missed opportunity. It should be Nine Inch Tails

No. 921072

My favorite book I read in school is Crime and Punishment because the story is: idiot scrote comes up with incel theory on how some people are "more worthy" and their illegal actions can be excused and he decides he is in this category of course and then he kills some women and goes crazy and ends up in jail because he is in fact just an idiot scrote

No. 921080

KEK he should've fucking done this, man, what a coward.

No. 921081

Funny how that detail never gets mentioned

No. 921084

So there was no sex obviously but he gave me not one but two HDMI cables!!!

No. 921086

for completely free

No. 921089

Why does he need metal plates to weigh him down? Isn’t that what he shouldn’t want?

No. 921095

File: 1632423577324.png (589.31 KB, 720x554, 1623919579565.png)

Since this is a Dumbass this thread let me enlighten you all with the extended sonic lore

Sonic's home planet Mobius is actually Earth tens of thousands of years in the future after aliens had dropped an experimental gene bomb on the planet
The surviving humans were known as overlanders and the Evolved animal lifeforms are called Mobians, humans and Mobians were in constant conflict and war, the overlanders were initially defeating the Mobians until the exiled scientist Julian joined the Mobians and provided them with tactical information, battle strategies and technology which led to their victory
Throughout this conflict Julian amassed more and power and was virtually an independent warlord, Julian eventually staged a coup against The kingdom of Acorn with the help of his swatbots and rebranded himself as Robotnik, sonic and his friend's are actually revolutionaries trying to defeat the tyrannical rule of Robotnik

This was the official sonic extended canon for 27 years until Ken Penders single handedly ended the Sonic Extended canon and caused the reboot of the entire universe due to legal copyright issues that he had caused single handedly, the entire lore about Echidnas in the Sonic Universe is also due ot the work of Ken Panders

No. 921099

>trying to schedule an appointment for the salon and to get a facial
>male answers
>hang up autistically
why am I like this? anyone else just feel extremely uncomfortable with men in predominately women places?

No. 921100

Thank you

No. 921104

File: 1632423844166.jpeg (284.15 KB, 1242x899, 11A4E8E8-DF5A-4081-8C93-D0A4A0…)

No. 921125

this photo makes me feel things

No. 921129

I'm dying anon

No. 921147

why did youtube recommend me this awful MRA shit?

>vid title “on femcels”


No. 921152

File: 1632426033246.jpeg (54.34 KB, 188x244, 4C78D9D2-A756-4A4B-A56F-2A7777…)

he’s so sexy

No. 921158

i'm so confused, he doesn't like women who "play victim"? and then goes off to name women who did nothing but call out racism, sexism, etc? This just reeks of butthurt men who are pissed women no longer sit down and shut up when faced with socail issues. There are definitely women who play victim but he didn't give examples of any of them

No. 921166

do you or any anons have any resources for a yoga starting point? I've always wanted to get into it

No. 921168

He sounds like the narrator from those clickbaity news story yt vids that takes 30 mins to relate a 2min tale.