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File: 1633013547791.png (402.73 KB, 431x512, 1619926703820.png)

No. 926946

previous thread >>>/ot/906469

Obligatory disclaimers from farmhands:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 926975

math is blue
science is green
Reading is red
and history is yellow

No. 926982

Those are just facts, nonnie. Geography is orange.

No. 926989

It makes me laugh inside when men stop in a hallway/doorway to let me through first when they had more than enough time to just keep walking without the dramatics. Like it's supposed to be respectful, but after spending too much time on the internet it just reminds me of the guys that talk about this like it's some huge female privilege.

No. 926997

history is brown you idiot

No. 926999

Physics is black or gray and chemistry is purple.

No. 927014

Physics was pink for me

No. 927017

First time I'm seeing someone getting it right. If you went to the same school system as me where history and geography is combined to the same subject, geography takes priority. Don't think this is even worth mentioning since I think this is someone everyone agrees on, but biology is green.

No. 927040

I find East Asians really ugly and weird looking, like aliens. Even the "pretty" ones look like uncanny valley dolls. I don't get all the nonnies with yellow fever, at least when scrotes have it you can tell they just fell for the "submissive waifu (or bottom if gay)" meme, but non-East Asian women (straight or gay) who like East Asians baffle me. They're always really mentally ill too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 927059

most albino animals are ugly and disgusting to look at, people paint them as majestic and unique but many of them are hideous (Crows, rats, alligators, ferrets, insects in general.)

No. 927112

most American comedy movies and sitcoms are really not funny

No. 927141

Math is blue, biology/chem is green, linguistics is yellow, history is red and geography is orange. All other complimentary subjects have to be divided in social (warm tones) or nature (cool tones) sciences

No. 927146

File: 1633026078115.jpeg (260.17 KB, 1280x960, FA5CB33C-4334-49E8-B69B-F6D91B…)

Ok but blue lobsters are fantastic. Lobsters are so fucking cool.

No. 927167

File: 1633027243973.png (20.2 KB, 792x224, deefgefgefg.png)

boomers on the internet > gen z on the internet
They are so genuine and wholesome most of the time.

No. 927168

i'd like to think i have pretty broad tastes in music but i really can't stand indie and pop-punk

No. 927169


No. 927172

Disagree, it looks cool and its such a rare thing

No. 927174

Agreed, I never got american humor.
How come anon?

No. 927175

Literature blue
Biology green
Physics orange
Math purple
History red
Home ec yellow
Geography brown
These were the designated color of notebooks for grade 1-9 so that’s the way it is forever now in my mind

No. 927183

i agree but i think history can be either yellow, brown, or orange

No. 927189

Mines were
Math red
Geography orange
History brown
Spanish blue
Civic teachings deep blue
Biology green
English purple
(I'm from mexico)

No. 927191

The food cravings thread has such an ugly image for it's own topic. I'm sure it tastes fine whatever it is but it always reminds me of shit or a necroing vagina or ass.

No. 927193

idk, i can listen to meshuggah, type o negative, massive attack, korn, the prodigy, fka twigs, bree runway, britney spears, tech n9ne, fucking bts and so on but somehow not arctic monkeys or panic at the disco

No. 927196

am i the only one that thinks the concept of asian fishing is dumb? i dont know if people talk about it here but i see it a lot on tik tok. dont get me wrong, some people definitely asian fish like the guy that got surgery to look korean. or kboo/japanese that lie about being asian etc. but some girls that just do white eyeliner and have an anime aesthetic get called asian fishers even if they still obviously look non-asian. for example, the aestheticallyhannah girl.

No. 927222

do you mean people who pretend to be asian?

No. 927224

I was just thinking the same like 10 minutes ago. It looks moldy

No. 927226

Anon maybe um we could listen to meshuggah together next time and have some gummy snakes while listening to catch-33 (themed snacks)

No. 927229


No. 927231

yea but a lot girls are accused of asianfishing when theyre not

No. 927233

File: 1633032533553.jpg (266.75 KB, 542x591, IMG_8877.jpg)

Nice see you tomorrow at my place

No. 927242

Didn't know MGS remake on GC had tie-in gummies, neat

No. 927272

This is so cute, I hope she has a good time

No. 927290

There will never be a social system that is beneficial to all it's constituents, because it is simply not in the nature of systems.
Any lasting system is calibrated so it ensures the survival of the system, without regard to it's constituents.
You and I are a system of cells. We shed cells like it's nothing. Our cell's DNA is a system for propagating genes, but genes hindering the system won't make it far.
Systems that work are systems that are able to keep themselves alive/propagating.
We as people are either just part of a self-serving system, or the human equivalent of cancer cells.

No. 927315

Idk, I guess it makes sense with artic monkeys because I feel like some of their lyrics are a little bit misogynistic from what I can remember listening to. It happens with mid 2000's to early 2010's indie a lot. Sad thing is, mid to late 2010's indie is also very depressive and woe-is-me kinda music. Even the ones made by women (mitski comes to mind). I guess you gotta make an effort to find music that you like from those generes, but different strokes for different folks. I for the longest time hated jazz music for example because it reminded me of long chaotic visits to the super market. So don't worry about it.

No. 927321

It's goat testes I believe, but I get what you are saying
Hopefully when the thread fills up we can have a better picture!

No. 927350

Women should be more careful about accidental pregnancies and who they choose as their babies' fathers. I know I sound like a FDS nutjob but you see so many women keep their accidental pregnancies from the one night stand they had with the local alcoholic and then act all dramatic about their kid not having a father. Bitch you're the one that made the kid with that dude! You should've maybe loved yourself a little bit more in the first place.

No. 927366

I just discovered those earlier this year and they have become an addiction. I have to walk quickly by the candy aisle now or I'd buy some every time I'm in the store lol.

No. 927379

It's not a testicle. The OP image is haggis which is cooked minced heart, liver and lung with oats.

No. 927391

File: 1633049743041.jpg (74.93 KB, 456x454, EkGd-RFVkAIBaCG.jpg)

as someone who's ethnically arab (but not muslim) it gets pretty upsetting to see the stuff anons say about arabs sometimes.
i know our scrotes aren't shit, believe me. but it's not like i chose my ancestry

No. 927399

There has been a lot of race-sperging this past year (and maybe even last year now that I think about it). Just ignore it.

No. 927405

ohhhhhh i get what you are saying now! well yeah, thats dumb. some people like asian makeup more and nothings wrong with that. some people even just look kinda asian even though theyre not and its ok as long as theyre not going around claiming theyre asian and theyre not just because thats weird.

No. 927411

My mom's a boomer and she literally types and talks like someone who posts on lolcow even though she's never been on here before. She still loves Disney like the cute commenter though.

No. 927416

money should be abolished

No. 927421

I think everyone should be able to make their own currency

No. 927422

Physics being in a black binder was the most consistent one for me. It was the hardest subject for me and the most boring (at the time) so I associated it with black.

No. 927434

Pussy would be a currency and that would be bad

No. 927452

it already is a currency

No. 927486

No one cares about breast size as much as low tier beta men and insecure fat beckies

No. 927487

Insecure flat beckies too, there's always a few spergs around who are convinced their small boobs have ruined their lives and doomed their relationships. We know that even the most pornsick men aren't demanding huge tits because we can easily see what porn they watch and what women they obsess over, and much of the time they have small boobs.

No. 927488

I’m an insecure skinny Becky with big tits and I care. Wish I could stop and ascend to Staceydom

No. 927506

patrick bateman and hamlet were meant to be female characters

No. 927519

Hamlet was a typical fuckboi, scrotes can keep him since it wouldn't even be satisfying to see him as a woman

No. 927536

No one cares until your breasts are WAY smaller than average or WAY bigger than average to the point where you look disproportionate or like you have some kind of medical condition. Even my doctors told me to get a boob job when I was a teenager and came to them for completely unrelated reasons. The key is to stop caring about other people's opinions.

No. 927540

>my doctors told me to get a boob job when I was a teenager and came to them for completely unrelated reasons
What the fuck? Is this normal?

No. 927551

male doctors are the worst.

No. 927552

How do you stop caring about other people's opinions when you come to lolcow everyday? I'm asking for real. I struggle with this.

No. 927558

File: 1633080413807.gif (5.67 MB, 400x488, sleeping-do-not-disturb.gif)

donkeys are cuter, better, more durable and smarter than horses. Fuck horses.

No. 927561

NTA but how could you not? Being vulnerable to the opinions here must be a nightmare. One opinion pushes you one way, and another opinion pushed you into the opposite; you’d be basically in a mental perpetual fist fight with BPD-chans, charming but tireless spergs, and earnest retards.

The only way to not care would be to cultivate self-assuredness. If you have an opinion about something a certain matter, and you’re well-assured in your opinions and positions, and think yours is the Supreme opinion; you would not care about what anyone else says regarding said matter, you would not care about anything anyone else said on lolcow even if you spent your every waking moment here. And by Supreme I don’t mean best opinion, because it might not be the best or the most optimal or “right”, but it will be yours, and yours only, borne out of purely independent convictions.

The only person you should work to impress is you, anon. Once you will realise that not everyone evaluates themselves according to the same interests, goals, and worldview as you, others’ opinions would cease to affect you in any meaningful way. It will actually become useless and completely fucking stupid to evaluate others to your own goals and interests, because you do not share them, and you will find yourself forgiving a lot of retarded people for their retardation. This doesn’t mean to completely isolate yourself; engage with opinions in a healthy space, letting your thoughts interact with these ideas and updating according to evaluation.

No. 927573

No idea, they didn't insist but my dermatologist, who was the first oe to bring this up, was so incompetent I couldn't take that advice seriously anyway.

No, my doctors were all female doctors. I had some hormonal issues and they were worried I'd never have my puberty but after seeing everything went well thanks to my medical treatment they told me this in case I was hiding being very insecure over having very small but fully developed breasts. I was telling them I had a cold or some rashes on my skin and they'd bring this up out of the blue idk why.

I lived my whole life being shamed for being a girl, not being white, having whatever physical flaws, being to poor to wear stylish clothes, etc. As a kid it made me feel like shit but at some point I stopped giving a fuck because I realized I could be perfect and people would still judge me. If I didn't have this random epiphany I would have killed myself or I would have stayed a hikikomori.

No. 927578

>male doctors are the worst.

Agree. I remember when I was 19 I had to go to the hospital and get an IV because my period cramps were so bad to the point I'd pass out and when the gyno there took a look down there, I was wimpering a bit because he was so rough and I still had my period and cramps throughout the whole thing and suddenly he was like "ugh you're still a virgin" and I was like wtf??yes and??? Gynos in general seem to be so damn unfriendly imo.

No. 927600

Coming to LC is what helped me stop caring so much. People can be so nitpicky and ridiculous that I’m like “Jesus who cares,” and that carried on into my real life. Like don’t get me wrong, I participate in the bitchy gossip boards, but that’s all it is—bitchy gossip. Why would I care about that for myself when I know I’m not a cow?

No. 927787

File: 1633107771888.jpg (185.79 KB, 788x380, gO3Jq6J.jpg)

Yandev's rival ideas for Yandere Simulator are pretty cringe and almost all of them feel like weeb fetishes thrown into the game without any thought, but all the people who redesing them are equally cringe, almost always less creative and still manage to feel like a secret fetish from a diferent person or just an excuse to get asspats for the lowest bit of effort, not so different from Alex himself.

No. 927789

A lot of "criticism" towards fujo and fakeboi art comes across as wildly lesbophobic. "OH NOOOO SOMEONE DREW MY MALE Y CHROMOSOMOID HUSBANDO WITH BOOBS!! AND HIPS!! AND AN ICKY VAGINA!! NOOOOOOO" we get it, Becky, you're 100% straight and only like real men with penises because you aren't a gross dyke. Now shut up.

No. 927798

Tranny art is just disgusting, the scars and enlarged bloated clits that comes with it. I don't think anyone minds actual genderbends.

No. 927805

Of course you people don't mind "actual" genderbending art since it's almost always made by heterosexuals to be masculine conventionally attractive men becoming feminine conventionally attractive women (or vice versa) and anything that deviates from this bothers you. And what's wrong with large clits anyway?

No. 927807

i don't wear makeup because it makes me feel ugly. i'm not calling other women ugly or attacking everyone ese. i just personally feel ugly when i draw another face on top of my face and would prefer to think that how i actually look is good enough.

No. 927808

i'm a lesbian and tbh i didn't know the pencil eraser/mini dick clit was the most common kind until i'd slept with 4 women. i have the…non-separated?? kind? and don't like when a girl has a weird mini penis. i've never been with a troon, i'm talking about normal vulvas.

No. 927810

More like it's annoying when where ever you look women and feminine traits are the only ones that are sexualized/objectified. I can see boobs and vagina everywhere else. Draw sexy men instead of off-putting, half-baked feminine garbage shit. God forbid I feel anger at women being sexualized everywhere I go.

No. 927813

How dare women be gay and sexualise women and femininity instead of males and masculinity!!!

No. 927819

File: 1633109914607.jpg (953.3 KB, 3074x2662, 1633090762096.jpg)

Are you seriously whiteknighting the ugly-ass art in the fakeboi thread?

No. 927820

"You people" lmao you really just want to be a victim, go back

No. 927823

Most fakebois are lesbians and I'm defending lesbians. Not all art has to fit in your narrow tastes.

No. 927827

You're right, my taste is too narrow to have room for those asses kek

No. 927829

NTA but that's not what they meant and you damn well know it. They're talking about the sexualisation of feminized men. I agree that those artists should just draw men, not do this weird tranny shit. It's almost like some sort of forced feminisation fetish. It's not a fucking attack on SSA women or GNC/butch women. inb4 you say I'm straight. I'm a dyke, just fed up of psychos like you giving us a bad name.

No. 927833

I grew up with too many 'fucked (raped) by a donkey' jokes and I feel nothing but anxiety looking at them.

No. 927836

I've seen exactly one vagina in my life, and am very confused right now.

No. 927838

Patrick Bateman as a woman would be unrealistic but much more interesting, I'd love to see that

No. 927842

Aw, it looks so sweet.
Same. What the fuck is a "non-separated" clit?

No. 927843

Why the fuck would real fujo shit include fakebois? The whole point is a dude with a dude. If you wanted lesbian butch or straight just search for it no need to screech.

No. 927847

hamlet is 100% a fakeboi, the fuckboi tendencies follow suit

No. 927854

File: 1633111745796.jpeg (71.78 KB, 480x480, A252FD85-D6FB-46E8-ADD3-C40A1C…)

In my opinion it's one you need to train with picrel for 2months to gain extended access

No. 927872

Exactly, thanks for not being a retard. Also, I tend to mind a lot less when women sexualize other women. When scrotes sexualize women it's weird, it's like they only get off to a weird, objectified caricature of what they think femininity is. While women tend to do it in a more tasteful, humanizing way, unless they're appealing to scrotes with their art of course.

No. 927897

the kind where the clit doesn't look like a pecil eraser. it's like a little triangle at the top of the labia minora that doesn't exted out. i've heard it called an "oyster pussy" a coupe times? but yeah i just don't have the thinkpad mouse clit that 90% of people seem to have somehow.

No. 927907

There's different types of clits? Different shapes? Am I the only one who's never noticed or cared about these things?

No. 927911

sounds more like you mean a clit with a lot vs a little clitoral hood

No. 927956

Honestly anon, I still don't know what you even mean. It's dumb to care this much about clits and how big they are anyway.

No. 927963

People who can eat cow/chicken/and other common meat products, but claim you'd never eat a dog/cat/any other domestic type animals, are stupid as all hell.

I'm not even vegan/vegetarian but I find it strange how people separate these animals into different categories. The usual argument is that well..dogs/cats are very smart and have feelings and are sentient! Well..so are cows and many other animals but that ain't stopping you now is it

No. 927976

Clearly the distinction is that they see those animals as pets therefore eating them is wrong. A more vapid argument is where people claim you shouldn't eat x animal because it's "cute."

No. 927978

My reasoning is that we've already established those species as livestock over hundreds of years, and we need to eat meat, so why not limit how many animals we're eating. You can't morally justify eating a living thing, it's just a part of life and it's human nature to pick and choose shit arbitrarily. I mean it's not completely arbitrary, it's stupid to eat cats and dogs because they are predators and eat meat and would offer us less nutritional value that herbivores and their meat would be more likely to make us sick.

No. 927979

Also the criticism towards any feminine male character in fujo fanfic, ships, etc
>ew the bottom is basically a girl!
>why don't you just write a woman instead, it's misogynistic not to!

I don't know why it's so hard to comprehend that some women find both male and female traits/stereotypes appealing even if they're straight, and they like to combine them in fiction for the best of both worlds. People treat it like a fucking hatecrime against women to want a dick on a feminine character. Not to mention that dick does, in fact, make him definitely not 'basically a girl'.

No. 927981

NTA but yeah, it's exactly that. I see goats as pets and the idea of eating one is appalling. I'm sure if I was around pet chickens often I'd start to feel grossed out at the idea of eating their meat

No. 927986

go back to twitter

No. 927987

I strongly believe that if cats and dogs had delicious meat, it would be normalized to eat them. People care more about animals that are smart and cute, true, but they don't care more than they want a good meal. There would just be a divide between ones bred as pets and ones for the slaughter house and people would compartmentalize to assuage any guilt.

No. 927992

I used to think like you and I still agree for the most part. It's just that we have literally bread dogs (and maybe cats, IDK enough to voice my opinion) to love and to trust us, as well as to seek our companionship, so killing or abusing them is a LITTLE bit more awful in my eyes because of the betrayal involved. I think eating any animal is wrong, as they all have feelings and personhood. It's just that eating a dog is like backstabbing a friend or family member who's entirely dependent on you, while eating other animals is like murdering an innocent stranger who did nothing wrong, has dreams for the future and favourite ice cream taste.
Sorry if it doesn't make sense, IDK how to explain better.

No. 927995

Probably because it comes from people who consistently say they only like men and even claim to be gay men and have no interest in female characters otherwise. I understand if someone happens to like guys with feminine characteristics but basically gender bending regular male characters is kinda weird. Also, shitting on yaoi is the least lesbophobic thing I can think of

No. 928003

In this world of waste, wasting a perfectly good dog? Think about the environment

No. 928075

I watched NewGame for shits & giggles but its surprisingly okay.
It makes me wish there was some media team (whether its animation or games) that has a 100% female staff where we can just make the things without having to deal with bullshit. But in reality it'll never happen because it'll be fucking run to the ground by some scrotes and/or troons.
But I feel kind of guilty for liking it because it still has the problems moe shit brings. Makes me wish that there were more stuff like Azumanga daioh where the girls are just normal and not over-the-top retarded.

No. 928082

File: 1633138942230.jpeg (102.92 KB, 726x714, 0F17A182-6EE8-494D-9A72-029462…)

>how dare straight women be um STRAIGHT

seethe more this is a bisexual and straight woman sage space

No. 928086

Cringe ass reddit spacing

No. 928089

have you ever eaten a bread dog? is it like brioche

No. 928092

yeah but under the hood it's still smaller and not shaped like almost all the other ones i've seen

No. 928094

File: 1633139553689.jpg (76.12 KB, 550x413, How-to-Bake-Dog-Shape-Hot-Dog-…)

>bread dogs

No. 928097

>cringe ass reddit spacing

cringe ass Reddit spacing nonners

No. 928102

the constant complaining about reddit spacing is more annoying than reddit spacing.

No. 928103

>A more vapid argument is where people claim you shouldn't eat x animal because it's "cute."
There's people who won't eat veal because it's a cute baby cow or poussin because it's cute little chick but will happily eat lamb.

In America and Anglo countries there's a division between animals for meat and animals for work and companionship. This doesn't always exist in other parts of the world. Horse isn't considered food in the UK where as it is in the rest Europe.

No. 928105

People in Europe eat horse? What does it taste/feel like?

No. 928109

I don't know because I live in UK. People that have tried it say it tastes like a more gamey, tougher beef.

No. 928118

File: 1633141427727.jpg (79.41 KB, 1260x840, exo-cricket-protein-bar-review…)

Insect eating should just go mainstream already

No. 928120

So…bad, then.

No. 928121

No they should learn how to integrate or go back.

No. 928123

I don't see how it would be sustainable anywhere that insects aren't already eaten. Insects don't grow big enough to be worth eating in most of the Northern Hemisphere so in order to get enough insects for harvest it would require importing foreign species that could potentially become invasive if any escaped. It would also require recreating the insects native environment which would consume extra power and water to create heat and humidity. Importing insects would just create more pollution.

No. 928126

all foods have a teeny bit of insect in them, it's impossible to clear out the particulates of insects in food. especially fresh food

No. 928128

We already eat insects in mexico in a mainstream way

No. 928129

>________ is scrote coded
Is the stupidiest shit ever, specially when the thing itself is pretty harmless compared to so many deranged shit out there
Just say you think women can only enjoy certain media in your narrow mind and go

No. 928141

yeah we get it, straight women and bi women who've never seen a vagina are very oppressed. heterophobia is a real problem t. bianon

No. 928150

livestock isn't tame?

No. 928156

Male doctors are the absolute fucking loons. They try to convince women that boob jobs are a complete necessity to anyone thats a handful or under and attempt to do everything in their power to convince women they're boobs are much smaller/saggier than they actually are

t I've been trying to get a boob job due to mastectomy on one breast and the sheer amount of surgeons who blatantly insult my breasts(or breast) are bizarre. trying to convince me to go even bigger, calling my obvious D cup (lol) small, and claiming he was surprised that I wasn't a B cup, photoshopping "before" images to make my breasts look smaller and saggier. It's 100% a red flag if male doctors attempt to insult you in order to make a profit and drives me away. If anything if a male or any doctor can acknowledge the fact breasts come in all shapes and sizes and look great anyway that's a complete green flag and the surgeon I'd like go to

anyway I have a consult Dec 9th after trying for a year wish me luck

No. 928184

>straight women and bi women have never seen a vagina

they all have a vagina anon

No. 928188

To be fair, I have never looked my vagina in the eye

No. 928195

there are already a million female characters to draw and sexualize, no need to genderswap characters. Drawing male character as ridiculously propotioned fakebois just comes off as pretentious to me

No. 928200

I really wish lesbians would stop infantalizing women, it’s just as creep when men do it as well.

No. 928244

trying to insult someone who's had a mastectomy is so low. good for you for seeing through their bullshit, i hope you enjoy your new breast anon

No. 928245

Because the vast majority of female anime characters are poorly written and pandering to the male gaze, which also makes lesbians uncomfortable because, yes, they're still women. Not to mention that those characters are all hyperfemme, which is alienating to many GNC lesbians. Plus all the homophobia (both external and internalized) which makes lesbians even become fakebois in the first place, is it even that surprising that they do this? I don't get why anons are so mad about this. It's just a drawing. It literally does not harm you. Let lesbians be, including weird self-hating ones.

No. 928247

Just because something is not outright porn doesn't mean it can't be scrote-coded. Even completely family friendly media can be scrote-coded. Yes, you can enjoy your scrote shit, just don't deny that it's scrote shit, or even worse, be a NLOG about it.

No. 928248

File: 1633162506713.png (1.01 MB, 1080x799, imagen_2021-10-02_031516.png)

>be a NLOG about it.

Ah I see so I can only enjoy the Bratz cartoon tv show, that is totally not engeneered by scrotes for women to copy said dolls. No, that is totally women-coded!!!!

No. 928249

Fujo stuff has always been by lesbians for lesbians, go read 50 Shades of Grey if lesbians in your fandom bother you that much.

No. 928250

If you honestly think the only truly female-oriented media is Bratz then you really do sound like a NLOG

No. 928251

>just don't deny that it's scrote shit
Or maybe it's just for everyone?
Shows with dark themes and character development are not "scrote-coded", assuming this sounds so childish.

What the fuck is a "woman-coded" show then? Little Women? Because even if I know it is a good story I'm just not interested in it. So I guess women can only enjoy Steel Magnolias and use pink razors. This way of thinking is dumb. And for the record I don't have to say "Oh I'm so sorry for liking x thing fellow nonners, it's such a scrote-coded thing!" everytime I mention a piece of media that I like. That's pathetic.

No. 928253

>not liking a show that sexualizes women into becoming bimbo sex dolls is NLOG behaivor
kek is this bait?

No. 928254

No, but hearing "female-oriented media" and immediately thinking of bratz is. At least pick Little Women like the other anon.

No. 928255

File: 1633163374893.png (849.45 KB, 1200x998, imagen_2021-10-02_032918.png)

Oh sorry, forgot that the only things we are allowed to like are shows like onegai mymelody. Because they're soooo woman-coded. Not forcing women into only liking pink and sparkly shit at all.

Honestly this is exactly why retarded men seethe whenever a new show with a female cast is announced. They perceive shit like the female ghostbusters to be "woman-coded" when in reality it was just a bad movie no matter what the sex of the cast was.

People can like whatever the hell they want.

No. 928259

There is way more to female-oriented media than "pink and sparkly shit", that was my point from the start. Don't be obtuse.

No. 928264

>media about two men fucking has always been by lesbians for lesbians
What the FUCK are you on, anon? I understand that a lot of lesbians consume BL because of there's no power imbalance and the characters are typically written better than the vast majority of female characters but don't you think the main target of BL is straight (and to a lesser extent bi) women? Call me old fashioned but reading and writing about men only is kinda a hettie bettie thing to do.

No. 928266

Yaoi "men" are obviously coded as GNC women, anon.

No. 928295

File: 1633170610125.png (37.77 KB, 274x275, 1629177153108.png)

No. 928297

i wish anon. it's okay that it's not mainstream but i wish it was at least accessible. i can't buy any bug snacks where i live right now even through the internet - unless i'm importing it from china which kinda defies the whole purpose of sustainability/cheap protein source.

No. 928311

Not bait, ask any non-fakeboi lesbian fujo and she will confirm it's true.

No. 928312

They are coping by rewriting fandom history because to onlookers it makes zero sense for lesbians to be obsessed about porn with dicks.
>inb4 Japanese bl authors are lesbias!
Yeah, sure all of them are. Show me the stats or proof. Doesn't change that western bl/slash fandom became a force because of horny teenage hetties. I've been there since the early aughts, lesbians into bl weren't a thing then or were miniscule. The very vocal fujo fanbase was clear about wanting to see their fave bishies screw, and not because they were some women analogues.

No. 928352

This shit confuses me. Apparently a good amount of lesbian women enjoy yaoi, and a lot of "straight" women get off to lesbian porn. Just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 928410

You guys just want women to only like Russian Doll, The Handmaid's Tale and Golden Girls, only read Sylvia Plath and books about Joan of Arc, and only listen to Fiona Apple.
I'm not saying any of those things are bad (I like some of them), but it's just not going to happen lol. Live a little, take the stick out of your ass. Nothing and no one is pure of scrotal influence, sorry to say. The cartoons with the effeminate men and large-chested women won't hurt you.

No. 928412

read this as 'incest eating' and was pretty confused.

No. 928420

fantasy is fantasy. i am personally confused on why this confounds so many. do you never have daydreams about bizarre things you'd never do? does every piece of media you consume represent something you desire in real life?

> Not to mention that dick does, in fact, make him definitely not 'basically a girl'.
i felt this when i was browsing the fakeboi thread. i didn't say anything (because i didn't want to sperg) but them claiming feminine traits on a man made him not a man just…was odd, like, are trannies women then? if they adopt femininity. does that make them not male? so weird

No. 928421

Let women like what they like. They arent hurting anyone

No. 928448

File: 1633192988514.png (4.81 MB, 1600x2275, imagen_2021-10-02_114220.png)

No I agree. A lot of yaoi twinks act and look like women
Pic related was a very (in)famous yaoi anime that was popular to discuss back in the day

No. 928450

It's easy to understand:

"Lesbian porn" is made in a way that heterosexual men jack off to it. It's not really focused on what women want (you can tell with how much random penetration is there). And heterosexual women have the idea that doing something as daring (or even prohibited) as licking some other woman's pussy is sexually stimulating. They also know that this looks attractive to males, because of any scrote's dumb "all women want me" fantasies.

No. 928454

Looks more like a child than a woman, disturbing as fuck. Fucking pedo Japan.

No. 928455

Ayase wasn’t a little bitch in the manga, the OVAs were absolutely OOC to me, hell, the dude speaks Chinese, Japanese and I think some English too, he defended himself when he got attacked by some mafia dudes and shit.
It annoyed me so much that he got turned into a blabbering mess in those shitty OVAs, he wasn’t a damsel in distress.

No. 928462

File: 1633193934684.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, imagen_2021-10-02_115852.png)

I can post anther very infamous one

No. 928489

File: 1633196140037.png (747.18 KB, 1438x2042, Zettai_BL.png)

Yaoi isn't a homogeneous genre, but either way, don't you think it is telling that the absolute majority of artists and fans aren't interested in (actual) female characters, sexually or in any other way?

No. 928490

File: 1633196187383.png (1.3 MB, 1438x2042, Zettai_BL.png)

No. 928502

File: 1633197472467.png (1.14 MB, 1781x765, shoecrit.png)

Shoeonhead and the cr1tikal penguinz0 guy would make a great couple. I'm not really invested in trying to understand their content but they have the same lame ass energy in the way they act and speak, and they probably have similar values anyway. A total looksmatch too, especially when shoe goes minimal makeup and has her natural hair colour. It's like they're same breed of creatures in one of those weeby anime mmorpgs.

No. 928505

this one is a rare case since it's a BL made by a guy

No. 928506

Is Charlie Italian? He kind of looks it

No. 928507

Sh0eonhead can't hold down a man because shes an annoying pickme who depends on retard men for validation

No. 928521

File: 1633198718787.jpeg (40.96 KB, 500x500, A1DD8112-1C4C-4F1F-B655-6E08CF…)

Charlie should keep his hair short, he’s really doing a disservice to himself with the limp black metal mop.

No. 928523

He has long hair, and she is bald. Yin and yang. Perfect balance.

Incorrect, ugly pic

No. 928525

It’s really hard to find a good picture of him tbh, all are top tier potato quality.

No. 928534

this is niche, but people who can knit but not purl are clearly stupid

No. 928539

Its like that tale of the guy with the long hair that died

No. 928544

I’ve been compared to both of them, obviously I only took the critical as a compliment

No. 928546

File: 1633201119246.png (35.56 KB, 913x126, Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 2.43…)

I have yet to hear any strong arguments about why PETA is so horrible, other than they often do cringe-y publicity stunts (pokemon, animal crossing), which honestly is clearly working since it keeps them a household name. It has been studied time and time again that yes, even bad publicity increases awareness and leads to sales, or in PETAs case, exposure to a political/social movement. Not to mention, when you go on PETAs website and read their article about animal crossing, the message is clearly positive and they praise the game more than they criticize it. When I was a young kid, the PETA website opened my eyes to the horrible factory farming and meat industry and made me go vegetarian.

As for the argument about PETA "murdering" lots of animals, I've read about it from both sides. PETA euthanizes animals that have been neglected, cannot find homes, are incurably ill, suffering, in pain, etc. People will drop their dog off at a high-kill shelter and but criticize only PETA for some reason. There are also lots of issues with no-kill shelters that no one likes to address- such as excessively dumping cats (trap,neuter,release) which actually fucking murders wildlife and destroys delicate ecosystems. This also doesn't address the fact that nokill shelters are full of animals that will live their entire lives in a small, concrete room, pacing back and forth, literally going mad. There is not an easy answer to the solution, but just saying "PETA murders animals lul" is bad faith.

My overall opinion is that PETA isn't perfect and it's preachy tone can be extremely off-putting. It's optics aren't great BUT I do honestly believe that they are on the right side of history, and humans who live in the post meat-eating world will look back on them as (kind of weird) early pioneers.

No. 928570

>the right side of history
Cringe. Have you taken a vitamin B12 supplement recently?

No. 928572

I think they are opinion matched too, like with Shoe's NLOGism and Charlie is the ultimate fence sitter. He is probably too young for her though.

No. 928575

He's just 3 years younger than her. It's not completely impossible, especially if they value childfree comfy urban living over having a huge nuclear family with like ten kids in the nowhere woods.

No. 928577

He’s too short for her lmao

No. 928578

NTA but I thought you were implying that vitamin B12 turns you into a "right side of history" shitlib at first until I remembered that B12 isn't vegan/vegetarian kek.

No. 928579

They're the same height.

No. 928582

PETA's marketing strategy is annoying but they've been victim to one of the most successful smear campaigns in history and it makes me feel so bad for them. They've put countless suffering animals out of their misery and all people can do is point to the euthanization statistics as if euthanization isn't a mercy for these animals (also they offer it as a service for poor pet owners).
>excessively dumping cats (trap,neuter,release) which actually fucking murders wildlife and destroys delicate ecosystems.
This isn't really the case in the US; most cat colonies live in cities and kill invasive or naturalized species like sparrows. Where did this smear campaign against TNR even come from?

No. 928583

he looks like a fucking ftm

No. 928596

Unironically yes I have, and I get probably double the amount of protein of the average omnivore too. I'm not a vegan though, and I sometimes eat fish… so I'm not even someone PETA would really think of as a good person, anon.

I actually only read about the wildlife risks maybe a year ago, I don't remember where. Just looking it up now you're actually likely correct though. So I will take that part about TNR being terrible back, though I am still unsure if it really does much to decrease feral populations.

No. 928614

they are. blows my mind when someone sees me knitting and says that phrase. just what??? 8 year olds figure it out, you're retarded and should pick a different hobby if it's that hard.

No. 928615

I haven't read this whole conversation, but what grown woman is watching Bratz cartoons?

No. 928616

"nuclear family with ten kids"

No. 928617

File: 1633205528820.jpg (8.89 KB, 480x360, thejoke.jpg)

No. 928618

are you that anon who said that bug eating should be embraced kek, now I know why you said that

No. 928632

>though I am still unsure if it really does much to decrease feral populations.
It honestly doesn't do much, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's because it's a small grassroots movement in most areas. If cities actually directed even a modest budget towards TNR then it could probably be at least somewhat successful.

No. 928642

ily fellow knitting bitch

No. 928668

File: 1633210073755.jpeg (292.95 KB, 558x551, 6C3B67F1-DCB7-4F1A-93EE-05A134…)

How do you go from a sexy magic mike manlet to an easy cosplay of wayne campbell from wayne’s world

you stupid faggot why did you take out your ear piercing that was the best part

No. 928752

Yeah but at least that's more of a self hatred. Insecure men and fat insecure women are obsessed with the idea that women with small boobs are ruined and literally second class citizens. These people will deadass write novels on why small breasted women should just be killed off the planet, and when you point out plenty of men and women actively seek and prefer medium or small breasts them freak out and start doing everything in their power to prove how unattractive small breasts are. Even to the point of denying scientific research if it means body shaming women. On top of that if you point out the fact that breasts mean nothing without an unattractive shape they'll start foaming at the mouth, accusing everyone of coping and then start making up crazy things about how men aren't actually attracted to the bodies of women in playboy, porn, models, etc. And then act like they're the ones being offended and oppressed if you point out things wrong with their body after they went on a rampage trying to body shame completely innocent women

I also feel like these go hand and hand - those small boobed women who are convinced that their breasts ruined their life or get XXL boob jobs are probably eating up that propaganda from fatties and neckbeards

No. 928761

is that really moist critical? well fuck, might watch his videos after all

No. 928773

don’t he’s ugly as fuck now and his diet consists of consuming bpa chemicals from plastic dildos that continue to make his dick smaller and mcdonalds sandwiches

No. 928803

thank fucking god i'm not the only one. i always thought that he looks like one because i used to be friends with a TIF who looks exactly like him but fat.

No. 928812

The obsession some of y'all have with pointing minor ''flaws'' such as small fine lines or a bit of healthy chub in others is really mental. And if someone does something to ''fix'' said flaw, you will attack them for being fake. The neverending hypocrisy is unreal. Do you not realize people can exist outside the realm of beauty and people aren't dolled up 24 hours a day?

No. 928830

>bpa chemicals from plastic dildos

No. 928847

File: 1633226235591.jpeg (117.35 KB, 828x426, 89DC7C62-9758-42BD-9791-98DD6F…)

I don't know my irony is that I love flaws on people and that I hate when they erase them. I saw this comment the other day, and I concur, it's not a bad thing. if anything it makes someone look human to have lines, wrinkles, some of which naturally appear there whether your aged or not

No. 928850

>This isn't really the case in the US; most cat colonies live in cities and kill invasive or naturalized species like sparrows. Where did this smear campaign against TNR even come from?
Kinda off topic but it should be mandatory to spay or neuter your cats. NYC does a catch and release program for strays, but there's so many. It fucks everything up

No. 928856

I agree, 'peta kills animals' is used as a thought-terminating cliche, people who say it are acting like euthanasia isn't a thing.

I'm a meat-eater now, but back when I was vegan and cared about animal rights, PETA introduced me to the concept of the abolition of pet ownership, which is something I still support, and that I think society has moved towards in the past 15 years with buying a dog from a breeder becoming widely frowned upon (at least in North America). I love cats, but no amount of feline or human happiness that comes from cat ownership can outweigh the abuse that will inevitably happen sometimes when cat ownership is widespread.

I guess pet ownership will never truly be eradicated- there will always be feral cats who, despite trap-neuter-release efforts, end up having kittens, and it's better for those kittens if they're taken in by humans and become pets, but we could drastically reduce the number of pets. I used cats as an example a lot but I support the near-abolition of all pet ownership.

No. 928862

the shitting on grimes' nose on this website is so bizarre to me. as women we should know that if she did get a nose job everyone would hate her for THAT. we're all aware that "you can't win", i mean come on. she's a dumb idiot but it's good that she didn't reinforce the skislope WASP nose supremacy.

No. 928865

I agree. She is not a good person but the people irking her to get a nose job when her nose is ok and functional are dumb and petty. I think her nose fits her face and it's refreshing to see someone breaking the mold and not falling for the pressure to get a more conventionally attractive nose.

No. 928868

Grimes makes me feel better about having a witchy potato nose. She's really not that ugly. Maybe a little unconventional at times depending on styling, but there's nothing terribly wrong with her face. People treat her like she's deformed. I've seen so many women who are unforgivably ugly next to her but she's ugly because she hasn't gotten a nosejob yet in hollywood kek

No. 928870

to add (too lazy to delete and rewrite) as someone who grew up in the US south, I see so many hideous goblins with actually deformed shrunken looking faces, Claire would be normal to pretty even with her current nose here

No. 928894

What? Abolish all pet ownerships? Obviously yes to the abolition of buying breeds but street dogs/cats? Literally why? And sorry but it just sounds ridiculous coming from a meat eater

No. 928898

I don’t mind a little nitpicking but it bugs me whenever someone says x cow NEEDS to get a nose job/boob job/breast lift/lip filler/god knows what. Fuck no they don’t. Unless it’s medical literally nobody ‘needs’ to fuck with their body. Surgery will always look dull and at least slightly uncanny compared to the real deal. Just let people play the cards they were dealt if they want to.

No. 928902

>absolute majority of artists and fans
Fujoshi draw lesbian genderbends of their favorite ships all the time, though. I also feel it's pretty dumb to go into a genre that's all about man on man sex and try to make a 'gotcha' over female characters not playing a major role therein…

No. 928921

Yeah it's insane to me that anyone would tell a cow to get surgery like it's a normal thing to do or expect of someone. It's a fucking drastic, last resort option for people who are insecure to the point it affects their quality of life, or who have some medical issue that warrants it. Not a casual fix it for any minor flaw that offends the eyes of troubled women on gossipy imageboards.

No. 928939

it shows how out of touch they are with reality not realizing that everyone isn't a celebrity or nepo baby who can outright afford surgery or go into debt trying to pay for it. not all cows are successful nor financially belligerent enough to put forth the amount of money it needs. even cheap shoddy lip fillers cost hundreds

No. 929007

Even so I much rather have dog and cat breeding be stricter then what it is to avoid puppy mills and potencially improve health issues of certain breeds ( for dog breeds that are very large this should be stricter-) after all if one wants to have a certain breed so bad they should be willing to afford it

No. 929116

File: 1633272364846.jpg (86.1 KB, 1152x550, 01__1_.jpg)

Corporate art is aesthetically pleasing.

No. 929140

File: 1633275978828.gif (2.16 MB, 1200x1638, alegria.gif)

agreed. It's hated on way too much just because corporations use it

No. 929148

As a graphic designer, I am glad someone likes that garbage, makes me feel less bad

No. 929162

what the FUCK, anon

No. 929189

It's the ugliest shit imaginable and only exists because it's "my first time using Illustrator" tier vector art that's cheap to produce.

No. 929198

What's it like being a graphic designer? Pros and cons?

No. 929207

The first time I saw these type of illustrations I found them cute but then I kept seeing them in places and now all I can think of when I look at them is corporations screaming 'we are trying to look hip and cool by using these cute graphics'

No. 929224

NTA but i can only image how hard it is.my professor is somewhat a graphic designer, industry heads will fire you on the spot if you don't even know how to clip a mask on illustrator.

No. 929239

File: 1633285789986.jpg (167.43 KB, 818x827, Untitled.jpg)

this shit is soulless and highly unappealing

No. 929240

Technology can be useful but the over-use of technology also over-complicated a lot of simple process if not demolishing the meaning of the process and decreasing production

This is especially true for employment and work, overly complicated hiring and applying processes have prevented tons of employees from working at various places and online schooling has made it way harder to learn

No. 929244


No. 929248

People wonder how Hitler got into power but if you do a case study on the psychology of Nicki minaj’s fans then you’ll know why

No. 929259

I'm curious, why? Bc they're charasmatic?

No. 929293

They seriously scare me

No. 929314

I think the term "man" sounds more natural then saying humans or peoples, this isn't about internalized misogyny rather grammar and etymology
back when English was mostly Germanic the word 'man' meant all human beings and was a natural term, for sex suffixes were needed so men were originally called "were-men" and women "wīf-man", then the normal invasion happened and the entire language got fucked up
I really wish man remained a gender neutral term cause to me it sounds more natural and rolls of the tongue better

No. 929322

Same, if I was a monke, saying ooo oo aa aa man sounds better. Very short and to the point. Kinda like saying mom, dad, bed, boob

No. 929329

the kroger 3d art is a special kind of ugly and I used to work for that shit company so I resent it even more

No. 929497

A whore is still a whore no matter how ~empowering~ selling one’s body is.

No. 929498

I'm not sure if this is much of an unpopular opinion considering how many people are in shit relationships, but the older I get the more I think its worth it to settle down with someone you can tolerate even if you aren't necessarily passionate for them. It gets tiresome being alone all the time.

No. 929513

ew, being alone is much better than being with someone who doesn't care about the same shit as you. many people are way happier doing their career and hobbies and cooking good food and building your own life rather than considering the measure of "success" to be if you get married.

No. 929613

Miraculous Ladybug is a better magical girl show than Madoka Magica.

No. 929637

The way people speak so violently about Margaret Thatcher is creepy.

No. 929640

Depends on taste and age tbh

No. 929650

No. 929658

for a second I thought >>929640 was replying to >>929637 and cracked the fuck up.

No. 929663

It really isn’t but ok, why is it automatically “violent” misogyny to hate a neoliberal white woman? Hating her is like hating a female Reagan for britfags

No. 929664

she deserves it

No. 929669

I never understood this as the basis for arguing that fujoshis are lesbians or closet lesbians.

The reason one of the men in the gay pairing is coded as a woman, is obviously because fujoshi are women themselves, mostly straight just like most women in general. I think they identify with the feminine male on some level, or even if they hardly do, it's a natural inclination that may be subconscious. But it's because they are women themselves, not because they like women necessarily. This is my opinion because I realized it's my own reason for my fujo tastes. It doesn't have to mean you relate to the "uke" (as it was once called) character at all, but I think it is for that reason in most fujos. Whether they admit it or not.

No. 929676

People underestimate the extent that child sexual abuse affects adults' behavior including in the gay community. I don't believe all gay people were molested and that's why they are gay, and I have no problem with sex between adults, but there is definitely something to it for certain individuals. Not all, but if we refuse to discuss it because the topic is too touchy then it's being dishonest. It's somewhat separate but there is also a problem with pedophilia in the community but people are scared to discuss it. I understand why, it's offensive and raises all our instincts not to draw bad attention, but something like that can't be permitted in any circumstance. In any circumstances, the victims matter more. If we continue to ignore this it could lead to terrible backlash someday for gay people anyways, worse than if it is actually worked on sooner.

No. 929681

A specific time of "feminine" men aka bishies/ikemen are just attractive to damn dirty hetties, doesn't mean they are lesbians in denial. It's the same as with the very few androgyne and attractive male celebrities.

No. 929687

That's extremely true also, thanks for filling in what I stupidly forgot to consider.

No. 929715

I forgot to mention that I'm also agreeing with you, just wanted to add another point!
Weird how in the past it was normal for women to like attractive weeb characters without assuming that they are lesbians. That kind of comment would be made by my conservative aunt, who thinks that if you are not attracted to lumberjacks, something is "wrong" with you

No. 929730

This "ackhsually women self-insert to the feminine uke to be fucked by a handsome male" shit is such a scrote cope unaccepting of the fact that a woman might enjoy something based on not involving having her vagina be pounded by a man. Especially because the "femme uke abused by a seme larger than life" dynamic hasn't existed in BL for at least the past decade and the couples are much more balanced these days. They're characters written and drawn by a woman and IRL men will never, ever compare to them and will forever remain repulsive. Maybe straight women self-insert but lesbian fujos are not interested in doing so.
>b-but they have dicks so finding these imaginary doe-eyed anime men attractive must mean you like IRL men too!!!
yes I guess at 30 with an exclusively female dating and sex life history it must be so

No. 929742

Men who have anxiety are utterly worthless. The only good thing about men is their cocks and their ability to protect us. They where born to be our human shields. If they can’t live up to their purpose they should be fucking killed. If your bf or partner shows any weakness at all then dump him.

No. 929753

Not sure this is an unpopular opinion nona. In 'real life' maybe but not here. I dislike most men but anxious guys really are a special breed. I hate that women are groomed to be empathetic and will naturally rush to soothe a guy's ego if he lacks self esteem (I used to do the same) but they're not grateful for it at all. They will use it as an excuse to project their self hatred onto you and will endlessly waste your time as a free therapy service. And that's on the lower end of offenses, some of course go on to be terrible abusive partners despite women being told they can save them. I've heard so many times that shy and unconfident guys are supposedly better than brazen assholes but it's just two sides of the same coin. They're the type that become incels despite usually being born into privilege and not even being unattractive. They choose to fuck themselves over entirely on their own and drag women down in the process

No. 929756

honestly bihets need to gtfo fujo spaces

No. 929757

Like, if you are lesbian, you are one even if you read yaoi. But claiming that most BL readers are lesbians is bizzare, since lesbians are a minority anyway and it's a content that's incredibly appealing to scrote attracted women.

No. 929760

Koreaboos are worse than weeaboos, because they don't know what it's like to live there (especially as a foreign) and are convinced that everything is heaven there without ever doing anything past looking at kdrama and kpop bands.

No. 929763

According to all conducted questionnaires I've seen only 30% of BL readers are straight. The rest are "non-straight", whether it be lesbian or bi, and the women who are really into the fandom and contribute are often lesbians (or febfems) because they enjoy their stay due to the female-exclusive community. The straight fujos I've met overlap with the otome community and are more casual participants, and ironically enough very low profile about their tastes because they don't want to upset their Nigels with all this gross gay shit. That's why the overwhelming majority of active fujos are often lesbians.

No. 929767

I'll say it once and I'll say it again, once you view the boys of BL as two butches or andro women it all makes sense.

No. 929769

Fat fingers with fake nails (long or short) are just ugly to look at

No. 929805

Criticizing her policies is one thing, but I frequently see people online say things like they want to pee or shit on her corpse and wish she got raped, never seen anyone speak like that about Reagan. I understand disliking her but I still think the way people speak about her is fucked up.

No. 929856

When I was into weeb culture (at least around here and the online places I frequented) people would usually have a broader interest in Japan as a whole and not just anime because they didn't want to be seen as those creepy yellow-fever weebs. They also gained a "wider" interest just from the fact that anime/manga/games all have a shit ton of genres, settings and just covers a wider area of (pop) culture in general. You could easily find people sperging info about japanese history or ancient japanese art forms.

Meanwhile kpop stans seem to often literally only care about their kpop stans (often bts). They'll even admit to not liking kpop as a genre, they'll refuse to listen to anything not by their stan group, and they'll spam their gifs and photos everywhere without shame. Not to mention they'll openly admit to only being attracted to asians and having yellow fever, which only THE most deranged gross male weebs would say.

No. 929860

File: 1633349413599.jpg (398.62 KB, 1080x3671, ZomboDroid 04102021140635.jpg)

Weird since I saw different readership polls in actual studies. Here is one showing fujos being mostly straight (bi and lesbians make the other half), but also more likely to be gay in comparison to general population. Show me a data stating that majority of fujos are lesbian.

No. 929886

The point was that the most active and productive fujos creating the content are frequently non-straight while heterosexual fujos traditionally stay in the sidelines and consume casually. Originally BL mangakas and BL fans were called yurizoku meaning the lily tribe, a synonym for lesbians, before they reclaimed fujoshi from being a slur referring to women men find unattractive and undesirable. A 50% share of readership being non-straight compared to the frequency of homosexuality in general population should be telling enough, it should also be taken into account that content obviously created for straight women that falls more under the otome label often gets classified as BL just because there are attractive anime guys. People confuse husbandofags and fujos all the time.

No. 929889

I didn't know Fujos were called Yurizoku. Pity it fell out of favor because I'd be down being called that over a rotten girl lmao

No. 929890

Me too, it's way more descriptive than fujoshi even though the thought of reclaiming a slur is funny. And it's a shame the term "yuri" has been stained by male-pandering fetishy shit too.

No. 929892

Bihets colonize and appropriate lesbian spaces, we been knew.

No. 929895

But what about the clearly masculine body frame and dick? What's stopping them from making lesbian manga instead? Surely there's more backlash from making manga about gay men fucking rather than 2 women?

No. 929898

Backlash from who? Men? Bihets? We don't care about those. Also butch women with "masculine" body frames and strap-ons exist and it's not like yaoi characters function in any way similar to real moids.

No. 929902

>What's stopping them from making lesbian manga instead?
It's futile to ask. They don't want to. I remember a fujo going on how awful scrote-dominated yuri is (I agree)and how little content there is and when I recommended some stuff by actual women she just got pissed off and told me it was anti-bl propaganda.

No. 929903

>Also butch women with "masculine" body frames and strap-ons exist and it's not like yaoi characters function in any way similar to real moids.
Okay, but why not draw that instead? Why are they drawing men instead of the sex they're actually attracted to? And no women has bodies like the guys in yaoi, they have huge shoulders and very narrow hips and not to mention a DICK. They are very clearly male.
I still don't get it. If there isn't the type of content you want to see, you make it (if you can) instead of defaulting to drawing BL. Just makes no fucking sense.

No. 929904

Yurifags are not lesbians, anon.

No. 929905

You sound like an autist, taking art so literally.

No. 929908

Because men would just colonialize and sexualize that like they do with all lesbian media now. That's the point, to create something men find repulsive and stay away keeping the community female only. Even gay men don't care about BL and prefer their own gay media which is noticeably different from the BL women create. There are some rare series that are just BL but with the genders switched to be GNC women and it's actually pretty good, but scrotes still can't help but slather their greasy dicks over everything that portrays lesbian relationships. Never forget that loli porn was created because men were so assblasted over lesbian fujos taking over comic conventions that they wanted to creep them out with the most taboo, disgusting content they could come up with. That's how petty and aggressive moids get when you just want something exclusive for women.

No. 929909

Yup, I think the fear of pandering to moids is so severe that they rather play it safe and do something that doesn't please them at all in general lol.

No. 929911

File: 1633354196307.jpg (377.32 KB, 900x1200, 60019398_p0_master1200.jpg)

You think women who want to see female ships aren't actually into women? God give me strenght.

No. 929912

i'm one of the like 10 people who actually like the music… yes, i do listen to plenty of other artists in many different genres too

No. 929915

They aren't lesbians, and neither are the bihets who watch "lesbian" porn.

No. 929917

I guess that makes more sense. It's still sad that they allow moids to control what they do and make.
>There are some rare series that are just BL but with the genders switched to be GNC women
Do you have any titles? I haven't seen any manga like that before.

No. 929918

Nta but you are the autist here. Bl mangas aren't deep thought provoking works, they're stories about love between hot men for girls to fawn over. In most cases there isn't really anything more to it. The characters are men who look like men, who have sex like men. If you enjoy that kind of work, then you are attracted to men to some extent. If you're a lesbian, you couldn't stand watching two men fucking, just like a straight man will not stand looking at gay porn because he's not attracted to men, or a straight woman watching lesbian porn because she's not attracted to women.

No, you just have a strong imagination.

No. 929919

Anon I would love to see lesbian relantioships but I'm also a realist and I know that finding content that is actually good is tough and that BL just tends to come up with better stuff by average in a bit of a self fulfling prophecy ( Non straight creators tending on average to do BL because of lack of quality and not wanting moid shit)

I'm pretty danm sure lots of BL/ Fujo fans that are non straight were able to create their female gay shit in peace they'd do it.

No. 929920

God you fujos are insufferable, always insulting either yumejos or fans of actual lesbian content. Fuck off.

No. 929922

Anon lots of straight women do watch lesbian porn. Whenever or not you think there straight it's pretty danm funny either ways

No. 929923

NTA but having been in the scene for a long time himejoshis who are actually lesbian girls who enjoy yuri are extremely rare and I've only met a couple during my entire life. The vast majority of the audience for yuri series are men and it's why I have a hard time getting into it, but recently some BL mangakas have included lesbian characters in their stories which as a lesbian fujo I find awesome. Make no mistake, I would read lesbian content if the characters weren't little girls or if I wasn't so disturbed by the fact that some degenerate AGP is probably masturbating to it and thinking this anime avatar is totally him. I'd rather deal with a billion t4t "gay" aidens than one catgirl transbian.

No. 929926

Lesbians don't like men or homophobic women, who would hae thought.

No. 929927

"Gay" aidens generally are pretty alright from personal experience imo. I only meet two shitty ones out of the many I unintentionally attracted.

No. 929928

I had no idea about that last part, holy shit.

No. 929929

idk i've met tons of lesbian himejos, they ususally don't go for actual GL manga though, most of the time they make fan content of f/f ships from non-GL media

No. 929932

Yeah because lots of GL manga is boring shit so I don't fault them. Though I've seen that subset of gay women that shit fictional F/F but I just group them with run of the mill shoppers

No. 929934

so are m/m fangirls that aren't specifically into BL manga not fujos?

No. 929935

>Never forget that loli porn was created because men were so assblasted over lesbian fujos taking over comic conventions that they wanted to creep them out with the most taboo, disgusting content they could come up with.
What the fuck, is this true? Source?

No. 929936


No. 929937

Trust me anon, straight women who watch and enjoy lesbian porn aren't straight. They're bi.

No. 929938

Who cares, they're not lesbians anyway.

No. 929940

File: 1633355400558.jpg (21.94 KB, 381x229, Untitled3.jpg)

Fair enough, that's my experience as well. GL manga is generally oozing with male pandering with genuinely good lesbian portrayal being more of an exception than a rule so it would make more sense to create your own ships.

Wish I was joking but it is true. The original scrote doujin circle was bragging about doing it so it's well documented.

No. 929941

Those of you addicted to seeing dick humans put their dicks in other dick humans are not lesbians, neither are you straight.
There are closeted bisexuals all over this thread.

No. 929945

See this attitude right here is what must stop a lot of lesbian creators from expressing themselves using female characters. Because everything need to be about fucking scrotes all the time or it's "homophobic". Lesbophobic as fuck.

No. 929946

Depends whenever or not they go out of their way to indulge in BL and how strongly they feel about it. Having one M/M ship that isn't even Canon doesn't a fujo or a fan of BL make

No. 929947

>Like seeing dick without any women
>Not straight
Make it make sense, but more importantly let women like whatever they want, straight, lesbian or bi. We have this fujo talk once a week, it's so annoying

No. 929948

what if they only ship non-canon m/m? (or f/f for the f/f shippers)

No. 929950

I guess the takeaway is: bi, straight or lesbian, creating BL content and indulging in it is a really girl thing to do and BL boys can be used as either flesh puppets that aren't sexualized by men so they can do whatever the fuck they want with em or they are porn folder. Everyone is happy in the end lol

No. 929951

>I'm totally straight, just attracted to effeminate men who are often portrayed crossdressing. And I like seeing men fuck each other in the ass, too.
I'm not anti-fujo or anti-BL or anti-GL but cope lol

No. 929952

>Japanese sociologist Tamaki Saitō writes that "although the modern shotacon audience has a roughly even split between males and females, the genre was originally formed in the early 1980s dōjinshi as an offshoot of yaoi".[2] Saitō suggests that shotacon was adopted by male readers who were influenced by lolicon; thus, he claims "shota texts by female yaoi authors are structurally identical to yaoi texts, while shota by male otaku clearly position these little boys as young girls with penises".[5] Kaoru Nagayama writes that the 1995 manga anthology U.C. BOYS: Under Cover Boys started a boom in commercial shotacon in the second half of the 1990s.[6] During this time, male-oriented shotacon emerged and mixed with female-oriented shotacon: "the situation was such that shota works targeting women, men and a combination of both were all in close proximity."[6] The boom collapsed at the end of the 1990s, but male-targeted shotacon saw a small resurgence starting in 2002.[6]

No. 929953

How does a man crossdressing or fucking other men make him less of a man? Tranny logic

No. 929954

They either are very emotionally invested in this handful of ships orr they sure love torturing themselves ( if they like M/M ships so much why not seek content where they are there front and center?). I suppose they could be classed with Fujo tendencies or not.

No. 929957

The whole anime porn seething is retarded and everyone involved in this discussion should go out and make real friends in real life.

No. 929958

Ukes resemble tomboyish women way more than men. Also, for a straight woman, what's the appeal of a hyperfeminine male who can pass as a young woman? It's like if a guy had a fetish specifically for stone butch women. He'd obviously be sus lol. Not gay, but obvious bi leanings. It's okay

No. 929959

Honestly don't get why ppl get so butthurt about any women enjoying bl whether straight or gay or bi. Men literally watch trap and gay porn and everyone understands that they're just pornsick or fulfilling some weird psychological thing, not secretly gay. Fujos read bl for tons of different reasons, but in the end women love bl and men hate bl, and that's honestly all they really need. I wish more women would spam bl everywhere to scare away men and easily triggered women.

No. 929961

It truly goes in circles all the time and the history of fujos and lesbianism needs to be explained every time. There's always someone who's dead set on claiming that fujos can't be lesbian because they're uncomfortable with scrote-infested yuri media and their best chance is with stories depicting effeminate male characters created by women for women, and then the spergy yume/himejo jumps in to scream about fujos boolying her, and even after all the tl;dr wall of texts about how liking sandboxed fictional characters doesn't equate real life it still never resolves and instead attracts people shitposting about MUH DICK PERSONS. I really, really don't understand why people have such a problem with fujoshis having a large community of non-straight women when it's been proven time and time again to be correct but that's on them, I'll just tell my fujo girlfriend that I'm actually straight for a cartoon dick so we can't continue our relationship anymore.

The "shotacon is an offshoot of yaoi" is somewhat a dishonest claim as the "shotas" were young, dainty men, whereas the shotacon men like and create are actual toddlers. Otokonoko (the cross-dressing little boys i.e. traps) is entirely a male phenomenon.

No. 929962


No. 929965

There is nothing wrong with drawing yourself hotter than you actually are

No. 929966

That's a lot of text to be mad about porn cartoons

No. 929970

Literally how can a woman be a lesbian if her pussy gets wet while she's reading male x male fanfiction or watching gay porn. Make it make sense. You sound like tumblr autists who claim to be asexual despite enjoying masturbation and sex

No. 929971

No. 929972

>and then the spergy yume/himejo jumps in to scream about fujos boolying her
Probably because you say that yume/himejos are homophobic for not being fujos.

No. 929974

Not to sound like scrote but what you fantasize about doesn't always translate into reality. And if anon can find us a man irl like in bl (pretty-handsome, emotional intelligence, not porn brained) then I'm printing wedding papers rn.

No. 929976

Besides, isn't BL pretty broad? I doubt the ones reading fluffy vanilla shit or non sexual BL are getting off from it.

No. 929979

They almost always really are homophobic, yumejos always throw Alex Jones-like tantrums over fujos gasp TURNING THEIR FRIGGIN HUSBANDOS GAY!! Himejos strike me as either deeply butch-hating "femme4femmes" ("I'M A REAL GIRL WHO LIKES REAL GIRLS") or just confused straight girls who think they're "wlw" just because they think other women are pretty.

No. 929990

File: 1633357727823.jpg (34.23 KB, 500x280, ae77b46599639e1993f91d97a052c7…)

>I really, really don't understand why people have such a problem with fujoshis having a large community of non-straight women
And this is basically what I said, but you called it shitposting. I don't get it

No. 929998

Projection. I've never seen that on lolcow dot farm.

No. 930001

File: 1633358387510.jpg (71.84 KB, 736x456, 5b8640fff37055a7923a773db16053…)

First of all, I don't even like effeminate men. I like something a bit more like picrel. I've talked about how I like IRL male pairings and how I like pecs and shit and I've been accused of being a gale male as well, it's like as if people can't cope at all with the possibility of someone liking anything else than the cookie cutter "straight" and "gay".
Also as this anon said >>929953 even if I liked very effeminate men fucking while crossdressed, they would still be men with dicks. I can understand that some lesbians like it and can distance it from the real thing and imagine butch women, but doesn't mean that all do that. I like men with beards, big shoulders, big pecs and big arms with big dicks fucking because I like men. Not that deep

No. 930005

I'm not reading all this. Who are you? If you think the western art you posted is representative of all or even most BL, idk you're coping hard as fuck

No. 930006

Anon just because you haven't seen doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Also are husbandofags and female yuri fans especially even a discernable part of lolcow ( otome lovers maybe but yuri fans I haven't seem)

No. 930009

I think regardless whenever or not lesbians into BL are secretly bi or not there not fucking any actual real men let alone thristing after them and that's that. I think we're all going in circles by now.

No. 930010

Someone has never been to /g/.
>Who are you?
NTA but kek, this is an anonymous imageboard.

No. 930011

I didn't said it was and I didn't say this was the right way to like it or even all that I like, why are you so triggered

No. 930012

I asked because anon came in like "I don't even like effeminate men". Who said you, specifically? Are you the president of fujoshi coming in with official address? Lol

No. 930014

No. 930018

I have been. It doesn't discount Ann's experiences. Hell, the guy I threads here are just a tiny slice of the whole "fandom"

No. 930020

Anon, holy fuck. I was answering this >>929951
>I'm totally straight, just attracted to effeminate men who are often portrayed crossdressing. And I like seeing men fuck each other in the ass, too.
Because that anon was answering me and saying that I like effeminate men. I didn't say everyone has to like masculine men to be a fujo. I was answering an anon. If you read what I wrote you'd see that I was specifically answering this. Do you know how a conversation at imageboards work?

No. 930021

* anon
Fuck you spell check

No. 930023

That post clearly wasn't addressed to you as an individual. If it doesn't apply to you, then you're obviously not included. There was no reason for the novel.
>I didn't say everyone has to like masculine men to be a fujo.
No one said you this, either. You're weird as hell about hentai, calm down

No. 930029

An absolutely based post and scarily accurate to what I've seen at least here on lolcow.

No. 930030

I didn't write the novel though, I was answering the anon that said that Anon's experiences weren't real just because of Lolcow of all places

No. 930033

>One paragraph

No. 930034

I like BL sometimes too but I have literally never seen this before but anons bring it up all the time like it happens constantly

No. 930035

I think you're confused.
>>929951 is from me, and I posted >>929941 originally. I didn't say anything about anyone's experiences being real or not real, you may have confused me with another poster. I joked about fujoshi being closeted bisexuals, because the whole argument up to now has been about lesbian vs straight, as if everything must be black and white.
Sexuality and attraction really aren't that linear, and fiction often blurs the line even more. It's a pointless argument.

Yeah, be mad

No. 930040

The shit thing about boards is that one badly tagged post confused everything, my bad.

No. 930041

File: 1633360022851.jpg (32.73 KB, 600x337, so_brave.jpg)

>Himejos strike me as either deeply butch-hating "femme4femmes" ("I'M A REAL GIRL WHO LIKES REAL GIRLS") or just confused straight girls who think they're "wlw" just because they think other women are pretty.
Based, thanks anon

No. 930042

No worries nonnie

No. 930045

literally no one asked

this is true. i started out as a weeb when i was a kid and as i have grown older i have just expanded beyond that and have little interest in anime now. would love to travel to japan just because its beautiful and i love the fashion and so on

No. 930047

Hell, even a few months ago some yumetard came to /ot/ to sperg over how her video game husbando is 100% not gay!! and that fujos should leave him alone and when called out she insisted she's totally a lesbian. Suuure.

No. 930053

Sorry for ESL but I read BL and it's more for escapism purposes. I get to turn off my brain and not think about feminism or societal implications of being a woman for just a few brief moments(because there are no women, usually). I get really tired of seeing scrote waifu bait and overly sexualized actresses dating milquetoast men in movies and use it as a sort of palate refresher if that makes any sense. I'm not the type of fujo that likes the porny stuff though. Maybe other anons also have this experience, not necessarily reading BL because you are attracted to the fictional men but more because it's brainless and targeted towards a female-audience.

No. 930056

It happens at least in the Genshin Impact thread all the time, every time someone mentions gay ships some yumejo has a meltdown about fujos ruining everything or when mentioning wanting more male characters "wlw" himejos start screeching about muh misogynist fujos hating fictional women for insulting their coompandering anime waifus.

No. 930058

Reminds me how a fujo came to the husbando thread to yell at anons for sexualizing a gay man (some straight Yakuza character)

No. 930061

Doesn't sound like someone who keeps writing about BL would confuse it with het otome (or the BL fans would), but keep coping.
Can I have proof they were BL
fags and not into Yuri? I wish you posted some sources.
Sure, bihets are colonizing spaces for content from their wet dreams. BL became a powerhouse of cringe because of straights with yaoi paddles

No. 930063

I meant in the Western fandom obviously, not in Japan.
Also Ebine Yamaji is 1000 times more based than pathetic self-hating lesbians drawing gay sex cause they are so scared of what scores will do they rather draw dicks than what they are attracted instead.

No. 930064

TIL that liking yuri as a woman is pretty straight, reading yaoi is pretty lesbian tho

No. 930069

49 or 30% of lesbian/bi readers is not majority lmfao

No. 930070

Yeah, and straight and bi girls can't like yaoi because that is colonisation.
Fujos here be craycray.

No. 930073

kek that link literally says yurizoku was a term originating from the lesbian letter corner from a magazine centering around gay male relationships, stop your pathetic samefagging already

No. 930076

Lesbian fujos used to be the majority (and still are in Japan) but western bihets like >>930001
just had to rub their nasty hands on gay media and ruin everything.

No. 930077

I'll admit even so that's more then you'd expect given the subject matter lmao.

No. 930079

>fuck yumejoshis and straights, am I right? All animu husbandos are gay, even if they fuck women in canon
>fuck off retard
>omg this is homophobia!!! you are literally killing us
At least I'm trying to find sources to back up my claims and not "well ackchyually all fujos are lesbian and have always been cuz I say so".
Believe it or not, I'm not the only one calling out your retardation

No. 930080

jesus christ bihet-sperg we know you're not a fujo and just trying to bait shit, stop it

No. 930082

Even when I used tumblr (very weeb tumblr, mind you), I hadn't come into this insanity that BL didn't 'belong' to straight/bi women. Also what's bihet supposed to mean? I sounds like you don't believe bi women actually exist kek

No. 930087

Fujos shouldn't have created content appealing to dicklovers then and focused on drawing porn about fat butches with hairy vulvas. Then neither scrotes nor dirty hetties would touch your precious porn lmfao
Sidenote, but I don't see how Japanese supposedly lesbian creators are relevant when discussing demographics of weeb fandoms.
Yeah, everyone repeated that fujos are looking for equal relationships with scrotes, nobody claimed that and it was clear they are horny straights

No. 930091

>focused on drawing porn about fat butches with hairy vulvas
Now that would be actually based.

No. 930094

File: 1633363344676.jpg (506.4 KB, 650x800, sqd1uF0.jpg)

I don't know how unpopular this is, but I have seen a somewhat unniform opinion going around and I would like to give my view point.

There's something that makes me pretty happy about Friday Night Funkin bringing back characters I though were forgotten, either for the Newgrounds ones on the original game to the creepypasta and internet memes on the mods. I can't get mad at kids creating content about them, even if they aren't exactly familiar with the original sources, because it kind of reminds me to when I was around their age and just enjoyed all of those things on a similar way. I know that for a lot of people it's annoying to have kids pretty much using these characters, but to me is kind of like handling a bunch of old toys to a new kid, if that makes sense.

I don't know, it's just that when the Jeff the killer mod came out and used a cover of the Sweet dreams song, it made me remember to when I was pretty much a child getting genuine scared of the character, Years ago when I actually got the story, it took away a lot of the scaryness with its stupid plot, besides a was getting older and more used to screamers, kek, so it gives me nostalgia seen him again, even if it is just for a rhyming game.

No. 930098

True, but the cynical in me tells me that creepy otaku would have probably still found a way to coom about.

I personally don't care if bi, lesbian or straight women like BL. Of course it would appeal to penis lovers, but isn't shocking that lesbians played a role in what's effectively a very girly genre.

No. 930099

That's so wholesome Anon

No. 930104

You people really need to stop worrying so much about coomers, it isn't a good enough reason to not draw lesbian focoused stuff, I mean, supposing you actually want to do that

No. 930105

Oh no personally I still want to do lesbian shit regardless if it's tasteful for scrote or not ( as well as plain old BL since I'm a dirty Febfem) but I can't hardly blame ones that feel discouraged or take comfort in the female community of BL

No. 930111

Only reason everyone gets so butthurt about bl is 1. bc it shows men being sexualized objectified and degraded and we can't have that can we!! and 2. They're convinced that all women MUST like dick and pander to dick no matter what or you're confused/an abomination. BL is based and gives men a taste of their own medicine. Seethe and cope, handmaidens and scrotes.

No. 930123

I hope you're a lesbian or you're being very colonizating right now, anon.

No. 930125

No. 930146

Audiobooks or Stories depending solely on the audio instead of the visuals are better than regular series.
Unless you’re an absolute autist, of course.

No. 930154

Kek this, the absolute delusion. How far these fellow ""lesbians"" are sperging and making excuses about their fetish is pure cope. I respect fujos who can admit their fetish/attraction to scrotes and making about pure objectification more than the ones who try to make it political or cope by pretending to be a lesbian. It's no different from ayden mlm fujos who don't want to be "problematic".

No. 930159

File: 1633367343789.png (230.94 KB, 680x1483, ed2~2.png)

Look, I get that I have sounded really spergy and basically unhinged in this conversation, but listen. I don't really mind bihet women enjoying BL, it's just that everyone (fujo or otherwise) needs to acknowledge that BL was originally primarily created by lesbians for lesbians and that it's not at all uncommon or contradictory to be a lesbian fujo. That's all I'm going to say anymore.

No. 930166

So the average western fujo is basically engaging in cultural appropriation. Got it.

No. 930167

Spamming your delusional cope about fujos being primarily lesbians will NEVER make it true. It's been months anon, accept that you're a self-hating bi. It's fine. I don't blame you for struggling to accept that you're attracted to retarded scrotes.

No. 930193

Can you like name authors that are known lesbians (japanese authors of course)? >>930159

No. 930238

I want sources on influential BL authors like 24 nen-gumi mangaka being lesbians lol

No. 930267

I could see Ikeda being a bihet colonizer to be fair

No. 930279

I want Bihet colonizer on a shirt

No. 930287

File: 1633372329461.jpg (113.69 KB, 500x333, am-i-wrong-no-it-is-everyone-e…)

no one will acknowledge that because it makes no sense and is not true

No. 930288

Since this topic began, I ate breakfast, cleaned my bathroom, took a nap, went to class, and came back and though its been an hour since, you were still posting about fucking cartoons. Turn the computer off sometimes.

No. 930289

It's actually been like two days since this entire BL/Fujoshi thing started. I don't understand what it is about this topic that makes farmers go crazy

No. 930298

Oh I'm never productive, don't worry anon.

No. 930301

Well, jokes on you cause this has been going on for more than a day, so you haven't been that productive
I find it funny, it has gotten to the point where it reminds me of Kathy saying vanilla couples are appropriating BDSM fashion
kek, sorry I messed up and deleted the comment

No. 930305

she right

No. 930306

KEK based

No. 930317

File: 1633373131213.gif (148.1 KB, 240x135, kekeke.gif)

No. 930330


No. 930336

straight men who use fruity body-wash, especially that coconut shit from the bodyshop, disgust me. like be a man and use 2-in-1 shampoo body-wash.

No. 930340

are you the anon who said more men should dress like fred durst?

No. 930353

no. i just cannot stand men who use body-wash like that, it's not normal idc what anyone says. we need to make toxic masculinity trendy again and shame men like this.

No. 930358

Nta but I kinda agree with this. Masculine scents really go well with the natural body odor of men. They also go well with some women, but whenever I want to smell a man I don't want him to smell like fruity coconut wash, I want him to smell really nice.

No. 930381

I like male scents (for myself) but I put no thought into what shower gel I use. I feel like shower gel smell is minimal afterwards and your choice of deodorant or spray quickly overrides it anyway.

No. 930389

Do you get any strange reactions because of the smell? I kind of want to switch to male bodywash too but I used some deo for men a few times and the reactions were not very positive (and it wasn't axe lol)

No. 930394

I'm not the most feminine in general so nobody really comments on it. My dad buys me unwanted flowery perfumes every xmas but I think that's more a lack of thought on his end than a protest lol

No. 930473

Those men tend to take good care of themselves, so I'd prefer them instead of the dusty unkempt guys who use 10-in-1 shampoo conditioner toothpaste lube body wash and don't wash their ass.

No. 930491

I'm getting flashbacks to my ex who in the beginning was clean but slowly let that slide. He'd shower if he had work but if he was off work for 3 days… oh yay I get to not shower?? He would want oral sex when water hadn't touched his dick in 3 fucking days. I wouldn't dream of initiating oral with him if too many hours had passed since my shower. Oh how I wish I wasn't so careful about his feelings. I thought if I voiced my own wishes to 'make sure I'm fresh first' that he'd get the message and do the same. Nope lol.

No. 930495

men who use fruity scents are fake woke lib fems who spend all their free-time on reddit. i just like masculine scents idc what they use as long as they use soap that smells masculine, ok.

No. 930635

I think women should be encouraged to be physically strong, not only for self-defense but looking weak compared to men looks so frightening and disgusting.

No. 930640

Sometimes i wash my hands with old spice body wash and it smells really good

No. 930642

Nta but I'm wearing old spice deodorant lately. At first the smell reminded me of my dad but fuck it, I like what I like.

No. 930647

Using men’s stuff is so weird, I used to get complimented a lot by my classmates whenever I used my emergency deodorant, which was a deodorant that my brother left in his gym bag, sometimes I would get sniffed like a flower.
I hated that deodorant so much.

No. 930649

I agree. I have nearly no upper body strength, I can’t even grill shit without my arms hurting. I can’t even do push-ups. Women might feign weakness because it’s attractive to men but trust me not being able to grill is humiliating. I’m saving up some money to buy a gym membership so I can start taking care of my body, mostly building upper body strength and back muscles. I can’t wait to have a strong, well-muscled body.

No. 930658

Based nonny, go and get those gains girl~

No. 930668

Do wall push ups until you have enough strength to do knee push ups, nonny.

No. 930670

Try doing wall pushups like >>930668 says. You can also try this trick I conveniently found a few days ago that requires a booty band.

No. 930726

Seconding what other anons said about wall pushups and then knee pushups, idk if it helps but I used this site as a baseline with those modifications: https://hundredpushups.com/week1.html It helped me stay on track with a goal in mind. Also using hand weights helped a ton, no meme.
You can do it!!

No. 930813

age ratings for media should be more harshly enforced

No. 930919

The early porn exposure thread is fucking weird and is only going to attract weird scrotes and pedophiles who are going to read your confessions and get off on them, it should have been deleted right away.

No. 930932

On the other hand, should women NOT discuss their experiences on a site full of women because scrotes might see it?
Pornsickness and early porn exposure is fucking up a generation (and more) and we should be able to discuss it.

No. 930968

The sooner you break out of "What if a scrote cooms" prison, the better, because there's no winning.
Realistically, what can we even do or talk about without men jacking off to it? We can't say "I hate men" without femdom scrotes reading it and getting hot imagining us stomping on them. We can't even die because necro scrotes will get off on our corpses. If you even make a SFW post about being depressed or struggling in life, some sadist scrote can easily get off to it. The vent thread is probably some incel's favorite.
IMHO, it's better to have a safe/supportive space for this issue and actually discuss it on a woman's site where men are banned on sight.

No. 930970

>The sooner you break out of "What if a scrote cooms" prison, the better, because there's no winning.

This. Scrotes coom to everything, including women existing in general. So don't censor yourself needlessly.
I haven't looked at that thread, but I'm glad the issue is being discussed.

No. 930973


Thanks for the tips nonnies. I’ll try to work my way into doing push-ups at home until I start going to the gym, maybe even later down the lines I’ll poast (modest) gains~

No. 930976

It seems unnecessary with the anti porn thread already existing (and it creeps me out)

No. 930982

Body weight workouts are an option too! I'm too cheap and lazy to go out of my way to go to a gym, so I started doing body weight exercises. Lots of youtube videos to follow along (not body weight but I like blogilates and Joannah Soh), and I found the guy Hybrid Calisthenics guy recently and his approach to fitness is that it's all progressive. There's always a much easier variation you can start off on! I find the routine on the bodyweight reddit is not for me, and I don't have anywhere to do pull ups (yet) so I'm focusing on other workouts like squats, pushups, sit ups, etc.

Here's to our gains nonna!

No. 930983

family guy is very funny

No. 930991

Adele's music has always been lame and boring

No. 931024

Not OP of that thread and I didn't post anything in it, but I fucking despise the argument. Oh no, let's not discuss whatever we want, cause some imaginary scrote may get off to it. I don't give a fuck about that as long as mods delete any disrespectful comments (if they even happen). I hate this rhetoric of centering our boards around what psycho scrotes may or may not do.

No. 931029

This is the first truly controversial sstatement I've seen on this thread

No. 931032

You sound like the kind of mommy blogger who posts pictures of their toddlers eating icecream in the bath

No. 931066

NTA, but we're grown ass women talking about life experiences.

No. 931067

It's really not the same thing. No one is posting photos of their children and personal information.

No. 931069

The popular girl from Squid Game was kinda cringe. I was expecting her character to be the most interesting one but she's boring even compared to some minor characters.

No. 931070

posting personal experiences is very different from posting photos of people not yet old enough to consent to their info being out there or understand what's happening, anon

No. 931083

What the fuck are you talking about? Get help if you think that women talking about their shitty life experience, in text only, is somehow comparable to whoring out your children for instagram likes. Fuck off

No. 931113

hard disagree but i respect your opinion. i don’t get why she’s considered a “pop star” or why her music is forced into the mainstream, her music isn’t for everyone. i really enjoy it though, once in a while.

No. 931122

Chewy cookies > Crunchy cookies
Chewy cookies are definitely more delicious.

No. 931127

agreed, the crunchy ones get crumbs everywhere

No. 931152

I still feel like kacey musgraves' new album is extremely subpar and a lot of songs sound like they've been written for tiktok celebrities like dixie damelio to sing or something (camera roll, for example). The lyrics are so basic and boring and the production is lackluster. The first single, star crossed, had me hopeful that the album would be good but ughhh such a letdown it sounds so soulless to me

No. 931179

>The "shotacon is an offshoot of yaoi" is somewhat a dishonest claim as the "shotas" were young, dainty men,
>were young, dainty men,

anon, i'm sorry to reply to an old-ish post, but…why are you lying. fujos were and are major perverts. they've always loved shota. it's only in the west that it's considered a bad thing lol

it's like you're forgetting that kaze to ki no uta is considered a fujo classic, right alongside stuff like patarillo! and heart of thomas.

No. 931194

>why are you lying
Because if fujos are actually mostly pervy bihets it ruins their image in her mind or something, anon gotta lie to feel superior.

No. 931198


No. 931202

No. 931207

It's what they call non-lesbians.

No. 931213

File: 1633463594189.jpg (117.35 KB, 700x700, 11a5df025f53d353d05afbb5607dfd…)

What's this? Are we already arguing about fujos again?

No. 931220

i agreed with most of her post, it's just that one line made me squint. fujos generally aren't some pure monolith doing it for the sake of lesbianism or whatever they're just cartoon perverts or fangirls (which is good and fine, life is short, whatever)

No. 931222

Yes, exactly.
This bothers me. Someone save that kitty.

No. 931225

Yes they are.
Why don’t these fucking idiots just take this dumbass discussion to the Fujo cringe thread? This is so annoying.

No. 931228

Also, sometimes crunchy cookies just don’t taste like anything they’re supposed to taste like, It’s like the hardness of the cookie makes it unable for people to properly taste them because they’re too busy chewing and turning everything into goop.

No. 931230

Yeah I agree anon this debate pops up way too much, anons instigating these discussions should be banned for baiting/responding to bait or at least just keep it in the fujo cringe thread. I hate fujos and BL content but even I don't get into these sperg debates. I don't think it's prevalent enough on here where you can't just hide the fujo thread on /m/ and be done with it anyway.

No. 931236

Romantic love is overrated, practicing love life minimalism should be encouraged.

No. 931238

Sex is even more overrated, celibacy should be encouraged and celebrated.

No. 931239

have you been eating concrete cookies

No. 931240

so true i pity people who waste years of their lives being heartbroken over some shitty relationship that didn’t work out. like move the fuck on.

No. 931243

I’ve tried many cookies in my life and the crunchy ones are always either tasteless or got a tiny, little faint taste of what they’re supposed to taste like, but the moment I let them get chewy, they’re actually tasty.
Like oreos or chips ahoy, like, try chips ahoy in their regular presentation and then try the chewy ones, the chewy chips ahoy are more delicious and rich in flavor, nonnie, it’s the truth.

No. 931245

Why do nihilists always want others to exercise their own “policies” or values? I haven’t even had a relationship yet so why should I do any of this?

No. 931254

Chewy cookies are so good! I don't get how people can like hard cookies. I tried those Tasty chewy chocolate chip cookies a while ago, and they were amazing. I don't even like chocolate chip cookies.
There's a dessert literally called "chewies" where I'm from and I absolutely love them, so maybe that's why I prefer chewy cookies.

No. 931260

you're right but it's easier said than done, emotions are complicated.

No. 931263

I agree, I watch it every day, it's like my hilarious and offensive comfort blankie

No. 931273

File: 1633467186038.png (644.17 KB, 700x525, imagen_2021-10-05_154922.png)

The first 4 episodes of squid game are good. After that the quality disminishes. Episodes 5 and 6 are alright. The final episodes (7, 8, 9) are kinda garbo. Like, kind of a mediocre ending imo.

What do you nonners think?

No. 931275

i would've enjoyed the ending a lot more if the mc hadn't decided to join another game. i mean, that's the impression i got anyway – such a pointless thing for him to do.

i generally hate narratives that try to show that an excess of money makes people miserable, actually

No. 931279

I just thought that the girl's death made no sense and was just bad lol. Like ok if that's the way you want to get rid of her… ok….
In general, these kinds of survival/action shows have a good start/middle and inevitably shit the bed.

No. 931283

Nta but I agree anon! I thought that his daughter moving to the U.S and seeing his mother die would have taught him that he should value time with his family more, but I guess not. I guess it would have been dangerous to travel to his daughter though, considering the people behind the game were still watching him
I'm watching Alice in Borderland right now, so hopefully the end won't be as disappointing.

No. 931293

But the last time I really felt something other than emptiness, rage, frustration, annoyance or paranoia, was in a relationship with my ex best friend. She made me feel somewhat human. I know she's replaceable, but that's easier said than done.

No. 931372

I feel this way mostly about my own life. If others want to do that why should I stop them, but it helps me to recognize the bigger picture. I was with some random person in the sea of people on earth, and it didn't work out, oh well. The emotions are real and legitimate but they blind us to the true value of the situation overall.

No. 931441

I thought during and after the Glass game episode it all went bad.

First off the whole the game is made by rich ppl !! twist is like really predictable overdone and just boring.
Also the two female characters dying in lame ways was just infuriating, one killing herself to end toad face which isn't smart it was just impulsive, and what's her name being killed by like.. a random shard of glass?? Just to further the emotional story between the two last male characters even tho she deserved the money the most.

I thought the Behind the scenes cop stuff was good.. until the bad guy was predictably his brother and he fell off a cliff and accomplished literally nothing

And obviously, the ending is just laughably sequel bait. Other than that it was good.

No. 931446

Was that even a twist though? I feel like it's pretty obvious from the start that the game is made by rich people

No. 931460

Nta but it was a very obvious "twist"
especially because the old man was supposed to die

No. 931464

Lol this. That wasn't the twist, obviously a poor person isn't going to have the means to transport hundreds of people to a private island that's basically a high tech death playground. I knew from the beginning that whoever was behind it had to have been rich and bored.

No. 931471

I liked her backstory more than anyone else's and thought she had a real reason to be there, unlike the dead beat dad main hero. i cant stand him

No. 931472

i think the last two episodes weren't great. When the vips were introduced, their acting was so atrocious, it almost took me out of the show.

I think the ending would have been better if the whole cop/brother thing didnt happen. it felt so pointless and out of place to me. We all know the cop survived.. Also i hate that the mc went back for another game. Why?? It should have ended with one season imo

No. 931474

Alice in borderland imo is better. But i also read the manga. The tv series did a great job casting, i believe. And the environments are really interesting and fun. Plus, the death games and characters are better imo. Season 2 should be coming out soon.

No. 931497

I honestly liked Sang Woo the most. He's one of the most hated characters for what he did but I felt like he was the most realistic one. It was very naive of Ali to trust him. After all, they didn't go there to make friends. They even had a freaking choice not to come back the second time after finding out the rules of the game. Either your friends get killed or you do, there's no way go out of this game completely innocent.

No. 931507

Are you me? My ex best friend was my first real friend. We had a big fallout but she was the first person other than my mom who made me feel loved and appreciated simply for who I was. Since then, I've been in several relationships, changed more than 2 friend groups and I still can't find a single person who could make me feel this way. I do like the friends I have now, but there's no one I feel a super deep ~connection~ with like I used to do with my ex bff.

>inb4 love yourself / don't depend on other people and other bullshit

I know. I don't spend every single night crying into my pillow because I miss her. In fact, I'm in a much better state now mentally compared to a few years ago. Despite all that, I still can't deny the fact that she was special. Maybe some people aren't that replaceable after all.

No. 931553

Insidious is not scary

No. 931568

The last part of the movie is ridiculous and made me laugh.

No. 931654

catalog is the only correct way to browse a chan.

No. 931707

File: 1633508934170.png (206.18 KB, 367x453, emptiness.png)

>Maybe some people aren't that replaceable after all.
Anon, you might be right, but I will ignore that. In my case it wasn't even because of a falling out. I let her go because she wanted to come out and I didn't. I was also worried I wasn't good for her, but the people who came in her life next, showed me I'm really not all that bad. We hooked up a couple times afterwards, but we could never be friends again. Too much history and none of her gfs ever trusted me to be around, which I understand completely. I used to be able to delude myself into thinking that climbing the corporate ladder or obsessively working out would lead to a fulfilling life, that I would feel something positive at the end of the tunnel. Now I just want nothing more than to just find someone who makes me feel again. I overly don't depend on other people, I push everyone away, I don't trust anyone. I just want someone like my ex bff again and go fulfill some cottagecore tier dreams. I have wasted so many years of my life already.

No. 931820

lady gaga sucks and is overrated

No. 931861

You are absolutely correct.

No. 931880

so true, she had 1 good album and the rest have been lackluster shitty department store music

No. 932032

Really I thought the twist was that the reason for the game was gonna be more unique than Hurr durr rich ppl, I thought it was gonna be like the purge, the government using the game to get rid of the "useless" of society"

No. 932078

he was annoying, naive and made no sense in his decisions especially in the last episode. that just pissed me off so much. [/spoiler]finally gets the chance to show up for his daughter and then decides to go on the next shitty game instead, which made him miserable in the first place?>>931497
i agree, he was the most realistic. a logical player. i don't like it when people cry over who would've deserved the prize the most. it was not a fair game, regardless of what they say.
for fucks sake, the creator being in the game itself made it unfairand the game before the lastwas a total garbage selection of players. seriously, pure luck? nobody thinking of using the shoes to tap the glass? the mc getting heavy plot armor.>>932032
i thought something like that too. i wish they had a better story for that. the ending just went downhill and sucked.
the mc is supposed to be a naive do-gooder yet decides to go back to the game… he somehow expects all of his friends to win?i would've liked for him to turn evil. he is so stupid. he could have told his mom he finally got a better job but has to leave the city for that. then she would've been happy and he would've had a better excuse than gambling for where he got the money. but of course he was only good at lying to his own daughter.[spoiler]

No. 932081

i'm sorry i fucked that up bad
SPOILERS above, DO NOT read

No. 932112

Just delete and resubmit?

No. 932115

its too late for her

No. 932122

It was more along the lines of "how could you have not known and I have to spell it out for you"

No. 932148

File: 1633546246806.jpeg (833.18 KB, 750x873, 6C5CBAAD-3BCA-45BE-8853-6C360F…)

Sza face is a jumpscare, she looks like she belongs in Whoville

No. 932155

Idk who this is but shes cute

No. 932168

File: 1633547211542.jpg (161.31 KB, 536x810, dfghjkddvlo1_540.jpg)

she's gorgeous imo, I can't even begin to understand why someone would think like you kek

No. 932169

Same, her face scares me. She looks like a wax figure

No. 932173

I can't tell if she's had a really bad nose job or if it's just the stupid makeup trend of contouring like crazy until you achieve the illusion of Michael Jackson's nose. Hate the heavy drag eye makeup too but otherwise I think she's cute and I love the space princess outfit

No. 932174

File: 1633547504544.jpeg (108.34 KB, 1200x628, 4DEFC73B-7A1F-4A82-9278-CD659E…)

She was way cuter before.

No. 932177

Fuck i knew she had work done, something about her face just looked very wrong to me and idk why anons were acting like it was "just makeup".

No. 932178

Oh wow. Yeah she used to be adorable, what a shame

No. 932182

she isn't gorgeous, sometimes I feel people are scared to say anything negative about black women's looks because people now will assume and pull the racist card

No. 932184

She is just straight up ugly and a weird liar, why must lolcow cape for egotistical celebricows but demean regular lolcow women? Lesbian and bi anons stay in your containment threads, stop calling every woman beautiful they don’t want to fuck you

No. 932185

File: 1633548014573.jpg (107.68 KB, 720x738, hpsz5igok7011.jpg)

Her nose job actually isn't that bad, but she was cute before. I believe she also had something done to her jaw/chin, but it looks a lot better now-a-days.

No. 932189

Or perhaps some people genuinely like how she looks? You race obsessed anons are weird.

No. 932190

honestly the moles all over her face are disgusting

No. 932191

Why do you assume that lesbians and bi anons want to fuck every woman? Women are beautiful, even you.

Love yourself nonna xoxo

No. 932192

Stop lying and go back to /g/, no one cares. Don’t whip out your autistic collages and hyper fixation on imaginary beauty because it isn’t there. Not every woman is pretty

No. 932194

I think anons shill ugly black women as "gorgeous" because they feel threatened by actual beautiful black women.
>Not that bad

No. 932195

Lying about what? Go back to g for what? Anons were discussing her plastic surgery, so I just added that. I'm not even sure what you're angry about.

No. 932196

Samefag but that’s clearly why she got surgery, to turn into every generic pornified female entertainer because of her insecurity of being an average-ugly black woman. Ugly black women are still people, they don’t have to be beautiful to be “appreciated” not like I give a fuck about her wellbeing tbh

No. 932198

No they aren't, but sure.

No. 932199

Anons are allowed to have opinions, szafag(racebait )

No. 932203

True! That's why my opinion is: she's cute.
Also, I don't even know who sza is. When I see a cute woman, I say it.

No. 932204

File: 1633548633811.gif (2.3 MB, 498x373, 844E921D-4879-4923-B9EF-3F1FC9…)

This is the only scrote psyop point I can agree with, other women really do this. Our socialization applies to all sexes, rather than calling someone truly ugly we rather not have the person be upset so we’ll continue to weave lies until we get tired of lying. Sza doesn’t care about this imageboard, you can be honest. I’m tired of the selective niceties, she’s ugly!!

Picrel is me when I have to look at a coping post made by a horny nonny calling a woman sexy

No. 932205

yeah, they are, looks like someone diarrhea’d on her face

No. 932207

Or maybe some anons genuinely think a person is cute? If we were on some normie sm site then yeah you could question if someone stating they find a black girl attractive is just some lie to keep from getting witch hunted, but we're on a fucking ib, lol.

No. 932210

Beauty is subjective, grow up.

No. 932211

they are ugly. but this is unpopular opinions afte rall.

No. 932212

>Lesbian and bi anons stay in your containment threads
Make me, homophobe.
No way, she looks so cute and kissable, they look like freckles.
>go back to /g/
Oh so I guess only hetties can use /ot/ to talk about their crusty ass boyfriends, got it.

No. 932213

I don't see how that accomplishes anything

No. 932214

You think the same thing can’t happen on an imageboard? It literally can, it doesn’t matter if you’re anonymous you will always have ulterior motives while posting here. Some anons make it very obvious, some don’t

No. 932215

Bitch I like Adam Driver and I like that black woman posted. Your point? She isn't ugly.

No. 932218

> cute and kissable
lmao anon, go back to your containment thread. she isn't

No. 932219


No. 932222

Again, you race-obsessed anons are fucking weird.

No. 932227

File: 1633549224963.png (450.63 KB, 540x672, c48cc2d18afa9b598b21d09afc9900…)

The black woman you posted is very cute in my opinion. She has a beautiful face, I love her nose and her moles. I would date her. I find her very beautiful.

This one the other hand, I would never call gorgeus. Get a grip, no one would call pic related, ugly as fuck woman, "gorgeous" just because they're "scared". Sza is clearly cute. Go outside for once and check for yourself that Sza is cuter than average. Actually, she might be cuter than cardi b for example.

No. 932228

File: 1633549256986.jpeg (11.86 KB, 119x119, 814E3396-1D8D-46E4-84EC-A807BB…)

No. 932230

on Twitter and other social media if you didn't call the girl in that pic beautiful or a queen you would be attacked for being racist lol

No. 932231

File: 1633549350469.jpg (45.67 KB, 640x640, Realistic-Shit-Joke-Toys-Fake-…)

No. 932233

File: 1633549392733.jpg (124.22 KB, 700x933, best-midwest-style-269050-1538…)

Beauty is subjective. Everyone has things they like and dislike, everyone got their own tastes.

Example: the stupid retards that like these horse faced fake blonde samey-looking bitches. Men love those.

No. 932235

lipstick alley is right for you, she is ugly as shit. mald harder

No. 932236

Your point? I literally don't use twitter. Twitter isn't real life believe it or not. I would not call a fugly fucko "pretty". Sza is cute.

No. 932238

The racism is so obvious on these ones. It's bait. Stop replying.


No. 932239

No one cares retard.

No. 932241

beckie is mad because she wasn’t chosen by the blonde nepotism termites

No. 932242

kek don't be so dramatic, how does that make me a homophobe

No. 932243

File: 1633549785982.gif (2.45 MB, 498x281, princess-bride-you-keep-using-…)

No. 932245

I can't believe I wasn't invited to this gay op to gas up black women so we can… What's the end point?

No. 932248

How is it bait? You're proving the point of how you literally can't say anything negative about black women or you are race-baiting

No. 932252

>bEcKiE iS mAd
You must be clearly a scrote or an underage scrote, no one with a functioning brain thinks like this.
>having a normal conversation
You really can't tell?

No. 932253

Did you miss this post? We're talking about one specific woman and you're making it seem like calling one black woman beautiful is virtue signalling. How many times do people have to say that beauty is subjective before your reading comprehension kicks in?

No. 932255

The fact that even considering SZA "average-ugly" causes such a shitshow/WK is really telling
>I like Adam Driver and I like that black woman posted. Your point?
What a self-own

No. 932260

>>932252 It's been said before >>932184 stop being so overly dramatic

No. 932267

>anyone who disagrees with me is a dumb fuck zoomer or a scrote

No. 932268

File: 1633550530214.png (342.05 KB, 518x322, daasasdffa.png)

This is how average black women look. I don't think you know shit.(racebait)

No. 932269

My unpopular opinion is that we should move those women you want to fuck and cute girls thread to /ot/ cause easily triggered anons getting triggered is funny

No. 932271

Can we move on from whoever this sza woman please

No. 932274

Not everyone but you clearly are.

And I called them an homophobe too. Just accept lesbians and bisexuals can use /ot/ too

No. 932275

File: 1633550609649.jpg (219.1 KB, 640x479, best-pepperoni-pizza.jpg)

I fucking hate pepperonis

No. 932276

gimme gimme

No. 932277

Yeah this definitely isn't racist

No. 932278

Agreed. I don't even get how race came into it.
Same, but only cause pepperonis are too spicy for me

No. 932279

Ooh there are little hot chili seeds on there, looks yummers

No. 932280

>And then later, I'm sure some of the SZA dislikers will write think pieces on the unconventional beauty of Grimes and the uniqueness of her nose. I'm tired. Starting to feel like unity as women is impossible because of racism and other bad shit.
Oh you KNOW this will happen sooner or later.

Yeah, the ones who can't accept women have prefferences and beauty is subjective are the most triggered ones.

No. 932281

I think it's really sad that saying Princess Diana was plain will start a crusade on how women are unfairly judged on their looks, but saying SZA is ugly won't do that. It'll make everything about race, how the anon who finds her ugly is right, and everyone who finds her pretty or isn't concerned about her looks can't be serious, they must be part of some psyop to uplift black women. And then some people will start bashing black women as a whole for some reason, all the while, the feminist anons who say "Stop judging women by appearance" will be nowhere to be seen.
And then later, I'm sure some of the SZA dislikers will write think pieces on the unconventional beauty of Grimes and the uniqueness of her nose. I'm tired. Starting to feel like unity as women is impossible because of racism and other bad shit.

No. 932283

Damn, pepperonis are too spicy? I don't like them because they pull half the cheese off the pizza slice when you bite into them

No. 932285

Sorry I deleted my post at first, I wanted to vent some more after seeing the "this is the average black woman" post. Like it's just upsetting, I wish this shit would stop.

No. 932287

Princess Diana was a public figure, a wonderful human being, and adored by the British public and the world I guess. So of course saying something negative about her is going to cause more attention and discussion. It has nothing to do with race.

No. 932289

>It has nothing to do with race.
You're deep in denial, please just keep it to yourself instead of trying to spread it.

No. 932290

these women are pretty

No. 932291

It is, though, now it is! It used to be that a woman was pretty to some and not pretty to others but then some freaks had to come in and say that the only reason she's called pretty is because of her race, rather than people just thinking a woman is pretty. And then >>932268 happens. Fuck you, you know what you're doing.

No. 932292

The ones from pizza places are to me, plus now I'm vegetarian and usually the "fake" pepperoni's are pretty spicy. I do have a very weak spice tolerance though, so maybe the spice is more obvious to me than someone than someone who can actually take heat lol. The cheese thing is a fair point too.

No. 932293

Did you not read the first part of the post? SZA isn't a household name, unlike Princess Diana.

No. 932294

No. 932295

File: 1633551016011.jpg (323.26 KB, 1548x1024, SZA-bb27-2018-feat-billboard-c…)

Imagine calling her ugly in comparison to these bitches

No. 932296

You know they are not and you are trolling.

No. 932299

give it a rest anon

No. 932300

Not everyone wants to be a racist nazi fucker you know

No. 932301

No one's convinced

No. 932303

you know you’re racist and you’re trolling

No. 932304

Apples aren't even good!!! If it's not in a pie I don't fucking want it! The skin gets all stuck in your teeth, 9/10 your apple is going to taste either too bitter or too sour. God I fucking hate apples. I took every apple from my lunch as a kid and hucked it at a wall as hard as I could and would watch it explode. That's what apples are good for. Really good in pies, though.

No. 932305

Really? I think apples are the worst when they're cooked. The texture just isn't right.

No. 932309

You're right and you should say it

No. 932315

You just can't compare the two. Nobody can compare to her, no matter what race they are.

No. 932316

There is one kind of apple that has a somewhat spongey texture and I can't fucing stand it, I like all the other ones tho

No. 932317

Ma'am, please, focus on the apple at hand

No. 932318

I remember when I was young I used to only like the peel and from green apples only

No. 932319

I agree anon, I hate the slimy texture apples have in apple pie, it makes me gag

No. 932321

I know exactly the kind you mean and they are truly the worst offenders. Not even a dip in caramel will save those nasty fucks

No. 932322

And neither are you, which is probably why you're trying to get at me. Talk about apples please

No. 932325

I'm not gonna say you're wrong, because what I love about apple pie is the cinnamony fall flavour of it all. I think apple pie is one of the lowest tiers of pie.

No. 932328

Not sure if genuinely clueless BRF fan or intellectually dishonest racebaiter trying to bait harder

No. 932329

If this isn't about apples, you're in the wrong conversation.

No. 932330

be quiet anon before I shove an apple in your mouth, we have moved on from that debate.

No. 932332

You're right nonnies
Apples are really the blandest fruit, but apple flavoring is good for some reason

No. 932333

That's understandable, but I have to disagree with
>I think apple pie is one of the lowest tiers of pie.
Blueberry and strawberry pies are the worst. Those are just more fruits that shouldn't be cooked. Sweet potato pie is the best pie, hands fucking down. Pumpkin pie is right next to it

No. 932334

Samefag, add cherry to the "Worst pies" list too. The texture of cooked cherries is TERRIBLE.

No. 932335

Strawberries are a fucking mess, you can't even make a good jam without using a bitch ton of pectin and who the fuck wants that? But I will say there was a time in my life when strawberry rhubarb was my fav.
Everything about cherry pie makes me want to vom. It looks like a period in a pie.

No. 932375

Blueberry pie is pretty good. Strawberry pie on the other hand, not so much. Strawberries belong on shortcake. I’m partial to a mixed berry pie, but it must have raspberries. Even better, a berry crumble. Fuck, now I want to bake.

No. 932377

She really is beautiful, ignoring all the nonsense

No. 932387


No. 932402

File: 1633555143366.jpg (26.1 KB, 450x253, ginko.jpg)

Ginko > all other dumb moid MCs

No. 932411

But nonna that would actually require some creativity…..something the show writer clearly does not possess

No. 932428


No. 932430

File: 1633556795320.png (471.45 KB, 927x919, 83888250_p15.png)

early naruto was good, actually

No. 932431

Jessica Lange's in-character rendition of "life on mars" is better than the original

No. 932433

I only like Naruto until Sasori and Deidara die

No. 932435

i liked the arc right after that where orochimaru fights naruto for keks but that's it. kakuzu and hidan had potential but they killed them off in a sec. nothign after that was good

No. 932447

Gonna be controversial here and say meat pies >>> dessert pies

No. 932458

Ayrt, you might be somewhat right! Chicken pot pie is really good. Does shepherds pie count as a pie?

No. 932467

I agree. Tourtiere is one of the best things I've ever made. Also for that anon who said she likes fall flavors, she should try it.

No. 932476

Nah that's more like a casserole than a pie I think, despite the name. It's really fucking good though.

No. 932506

File: 1633563871635.png (8.08 MB, 1640x2360, EC202512-39BE-4188-B7E9-F19FEB…)


No. 932510

these makeup styles look SO bad in person, especially fake eyelashes. I'm all in to get longer lashes but if you get the obviously fake or a low-tier groupon eyelash extension job or something it just looks terrible and extremely cheap

same goes for lip fillers or those girls who use those lip sucker things for photos as if we're not all going to see their thin white girl lips irl, I worked with at least two women who did that and constantly got secondhand embarrassment

No. 932522

File: 1633565916453.jpg (25.16 KB, 289x294, 20211006_211946.jpg)

Is it intentionally mimicking Bratz dolls?

No. 932523

File: 1633565938306.jpg (5 KB, 200x229, snow.jpg)

I hate that there are brain dead women defend this shit too. You can't comment how awful these looks are without them screaming at you how you're anti-feminist or just jealous. Embarrassing.

No. 932536

i honestly like that larping as a lesbian has become such a huge trend if it pushes more women to finally take the step to experiment sexually with other women, which to me always seemed like such a big threshold that many "bisexuals" or bicurious women would never actually cross before, leading to a very fucking lonely and desperate experience as someone who looked to date other women themselves. imo the only negative sides of LGBT stuff being hip and trendy is the T part of it. i understand other women who are angry and feel its unfair whenever lesbianism is "appropriated" because they've faced a lot of discrimination and struggles in the past, but honestly making your sexuality your whole identity and then using it to bash anyone who dares experiment with their own sexuality almost seems like a pursuit to limit your own romantic and sexual options (which are already extremely limited for most lesbians in comparison to straights) for no reason.

No. 932538

Over lining your lips is fucking ugly and I cant wait for the day when that shit trend goes out of style and people look back on all those pictures as the clown makeup wearing hoes they were

No. 932546

I want all women to realize dating other women and loving other women is superior to anything having to do with men. It's a dream of mine, an utopia. We can support each other even with purely platonic relationships. I don't mind if they're """"fake"""" lesbians, as long as they keep loving women

No. 932547

>I don't mind if they're """"fake"""" lesbians, as long as they keep loving women
Are you a polilez or something

No. 932548

Back in the day no one cared about labels, and if you kissed a woman you were a lesbian, no other question asked. Who benefits labels anyways, besides fucking troonies that come up with 1999999 genders every week.

No. 932549

Wtf is that? I'm just saying that having a friend who licks your pussy and then dildoes you is a nicer relationship than anything that has to do with disgusting men. I want my women-only-commune to be a thing

No. 932554

Small lips are so cute too, everyone wants to look pornified and have big poofy lips. Too bad it is trendy to insult people by saying “haha you have small lips” because I think it played a large role in the popularity of filler with young girls.

No. 932561

I think it's "a utopia" because it starts with a "y sound" instead of vowel sound, so, for the same reason it's "an honest" as opposed to "a honest"

No. 932572

I don't ship the two girlies in Squid Game. I understand wanting some lesbian representation, but I also love seeing cute, genuine friendship between girl characters. They were just friends to me

No. 932576

I’m confused about if this is unpopular or not, but Adam Driver is one of the ugliest mofos I’ve ever seen

No. 932579

You just named the forbidden man, you might get banned.

No. 932582

its not even unpopular its just this fucking hellsite i swear.
i have their thread hidden but everytime they make a new one im once again forced to see his ugly ass and frankly ive had enough

No. 932589

show me your favorite hot guys please I’m so tired of obsessing over ugly ones

No. 932590

He looks like a frog/greyhound hybrid

No. 932594

I think most people think he's fugs but for some reason there is still a considerable amount of women simping for him. I have no idea why.

No. 932601

Lipstick Alley also has a fairly big thread dedicated to him

No. 932617

I can't believe it's considered to be in the top scariest movies of all time

No. 932635

God I love Naruto
Why some bitches love Deidara so much? He's so embarrassing and bullyable lol

No. 932639

Because you big smelly turd he has mouths on his hands

No. 932646

Kate Moss was right - nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

No. 932655

good looks plus yaoi potential i guess

i was always more of an oro stan myself but i don't want to jump him lol

No. 932656

I think the ban on gay moids donating blood is fine.

No. 932670

File: 1633585843503.jpg (210.23 KB, 1803x1202, index.jpg)

Kate Moss was never pretty, and I'm glad the phase of people obsessing with her is over. It was a dark time.

No. 932686


No. 932687

Same, gay moids just love unprotected anal sex.

No. 932689

Hello homophobe-chan, you sure have been busy spamming threds in /ot/ about hating gay people today.

No. 932692

i agree & i feel the same way about bella hadid tbh. i don't have an issue with unpretty women being runway models, good for them obviously, but it's so weird how the media pushes them as the ideal despite bella looking like a squashed banana in the face. their success doesn't suddenly change their features.

No. 932694

idk i’ll take her over her “”model”” daughter any day.

No. 932707

Bella's features are highly surgerized they aren't even her own harsh features kek

No. 932712

NTA but imagine simping over gay men lmao
You can hate gay men and not hate lesbians and bi women you know

No. 932714

nta but in what universe is simply not rabidly hating someone 'simping' for them?

No. 932744

Every time I see a commercial for PREP I just laugh.

No. 932758

Is saying "I don't want filthy scrotes donating their blood" really that bad? I hate filthy scrotes, gay or not.

No. 932765

Is that bait? Most people don't care about that, it doesn't matter whose blood will save their lives. Would you rather have a woman die because there isn't enough blood? I know gay scrotes are a percentage, but every person donating blood counts.

No. 932771

Having a healthy diet and confidence is all the average person needs to be basically good looking; most people are decent looking, and if you disagree you've probably ruined your brain looking at shooped pics of cosmetically mutilated models on social media. The percentage of people, particularly women, who are actually genuinely ugly (not just fat or mousy) is actually very low.

No. 932774

My grandma always yells "what the fuck does assigned female at birth mean" and it makes me laugh even harder

No. 932822

Most people who flee America because “muh healthcare and corruption” to another one that’s apparently democratic socialist is a coward and never was a true burgerfag in the first place.

No. 932849

File: 1633612072953.jpg (471.13 KB, 1920x1200, 1497875-new-american-pride-wal…)

Anons wallpaper

No. 932851

Imho most people are ugly, including celebrities, it's just they have unnatural means of hiding and delaying their ugliness
And so the end result of my belief is the same as yours, we should all be confident in our looks because we are all ugly together

No. 932855

Kpop reaction memes can never be truly funny because the people in them are all groomed and programmed to think the same way and have no personality whatsoever.
this one's most definitely an unpopular opinion

No. 932866

Stay in school everyone or you end up like this

No. 932871

Burgers were fleeing oppressive regime from day 1?? lmao if anything that makes them more burger than you, loyalist

No. 932884

I just can't imagine why anyone would want to do that, at least if they are talking about going to Canada. Unless you're seriously ill and need to see the doctor a lot I can't imagine the healthcare tradeoff is worth it for how much worse Canada is than the states.

No. 932888

Yeah, calling Canada socialist is indeed an unpopular opinion. Mostly cause it's technically wrong

No. 932905

this has me thinking that i mightve been a lesbian this whole time lol. But idk i just think BL does Love stories way better than any Otome i've ever read did. In fact a lot of the Otome i read always had the girls be super annoying virign 27 year olds who never even held hands with a guy much less kissed a guy. Its like you might as well made the bitch 15 like you really wanted lol. At least in BL we sometimes get bitchy ukes, naive ukes, verse ukes, slutty ukes, you know VARIETY!! Women are often not developed in manga that also involves them having sex. This is why i miss Ai Yazawa so much (sad face emoticon)

No. 932908

I used to read a lot of shoujo/jousei manga and this eventually became my problem too. Really hate how the female lead is always some hyperfeminine naive virgin girl with no discernible hobbies or life outside of her love life/obsession with the male lead. I get that its done to make it easy for women to self-insert but it gets really stale

No. 932914

you are right and see how anons make excuses like "uwu princess diana is a household name" meanwhile forgetting that grimes and Sza are probably equally the same and was also used as a comparison. I say this all the time feminism is a joke and sham because a lot of "feminists" will never sit with the fact that they are in fact racist as shit and secretly (usually not so secretly) looks down on any woman that doesnt look like them lol. Just google what "feminists" did during WW2 to immigrant women and black women when all the men left lol. Feminism is a sham. Just support, uplift and love the women in your circle. Its honestly depressing how tiring this all is and how no one will really see it for what it is until like 10 years later when we already moved on to something else. it happens every time with this "movement"

No. 932915

>the Otome i read always had the girls be super annoying virign 27 year olds
What otome games have that old protagonists? I feel like most of them are under twenty. Please rec me some

No. 932918


Kek anon I’m the burgerfag and I can’t stop laughing

No. 932920

I thought I was the only one who noticed this? Everyone is pretty much very ugly and celebrities are the ugliest people I’ve ever seen.

No. 933006


>"Anthony said to Douglass: “If you will not give the whole loaf of justice to the entire people, it should be given to the most intelligent and capable portion of women first.” She meant educated White women, such as herself. She also referred to Black men using a racial slur to viciously drive home her point."

No. 933027

Anon was talking about Americans emigrating for healthcare, where do you think most of them would go when they do that? It doesn't have to be socialist to have socialized healthcare

No. 933048

File: 1633631106834.jpg (64.07 KB, 960x930, destroy.jpg)

the wage gap is real

No. 933049

Both NIMBY and YIMBY people are annoying

No. 933053

Honestly feels like some of them never dropped that viewpoint, but now they like to weaponize non-white women and use their struggles to try and get a leg up, though they don't actually give a fuck

No. 933076

She is the one who said socialist, not 'socialized health care'

No. 933116

The cutest Megami Tensei demon is Decarabia, not Jack Frost.

No. 933126

File: 1633634920720.jpg (142.76 KB, 800x820, da856e9c1b923ceb652200a3c459c4…)

Hot Rod deserves to be Prime, even if it only happened by accident, he's totally capable. Poor boy makes the same mistakes we all do, comparing ourselves to others. You ain't gotta be Optimus, you're Rodimus, and you're a great leader buddy.

No. 933141

are these new dr seuss characters?

No. 933167

File: 1633637089894.png (876.64 KB, 900x900, imagen_2021-10-07_150506.png)

Wtf are nimby and yimby

No. 933178

amerifat-chan, did you do your 10k steps today?

No. 933216

File: 1633639865655.jpeg (9.86 KB, 190x266, pobrane (2).jpeg)

literally losing my shit

No. 933243

God I hate Americans.

No. 933255

That just makes me even hornier anon, hate fuels the glorious americafag

No. 933263

op decided to throw out her medication go crazy and say everyone else should do the same thing

No. 933268

I hear the eagle and the fireworks (probably gunshots).

No. 933349

It 100 percent is, and it's fucking bullshit.

No. 933353

File: 1633648149498.jpg (86.75 KB, 473x473, snoop-lion-literally.jpg)

fuck. i love you. (from east coast)

No. 933356

Sae was the only one there deserving of that money. MC deadbeat dad and his shitty business friend should have died

No. 933405

File: 1633652872739.jpg (54.94 KB, 1020x651, firefox_logo_evolution_the_ver…)

the latest firefox logo is cute and much better than the old ones

No. 933445

I would've reaped the benefits of being American by joining the military if I could've. Instead I'm stuck living with my shitty family and a shitton of student loan and medical debt. I'm on Medicaid now but only because I literally have no income. Health insurance from my previous job royally screwed me over. Let's not forget about people like diabetics who can't even afford insulin under the system and die or get their limbs amputated as a result. Fuck the healthcare system here and the greedy, corrupt people that run it. It's not going to change and if it does it won't be for decades or centuries to come. I don't blame people for leaving. I would if I could.

No. 933446

Sonic should just be the icon for autism at this point.

No. 933450

but he already is?

No. 933454

I mean like officially

No. 933460

It’s simplified so much it just looks like different colored Google Chrome with the circle in the middle

No. 933487

How come though?

No. 933488

anon why did you delete ali from squid game being a puppy you want to kick I wanted to know more

No. 933493

Wearing push up bras, shapewear, completely face-altering makeup is just as dishonest as getting plastic surgery (just less harmful)

this is especially true if it blows your proportions way out of wack and people who start whining about how there's sooo many girls who look like that naturally are even worse.

No ones saying there aren't girls without wild proportions naturally, it just isn't what average women have and the only way for the vast majority of girls to achieve those looks is via being fake with clothing altering too or getting surgery, this just leads to a laundry list of self esteem issues. Encouraging the idea that it's normal and "better" for women to have extreme proportions is more dangerous too since it encourages both eating disorders and plastic surgery addiction

No. 933498

Technically it's even more dishonest than plastic surgery, if you've had surgery that's your actual face. You look the same with no makeup and no special clothes on, you don't revert back to your original face at any point.

Honestly the beauty industry is spiralling out of control, it's getting so extreme and so well marketed that you really need thick skin to be happy staying average. The amount of plastic and non surgical procedures available is staggering, they can fix every tiny imperfection you didn't even know you had whether it's your skin, facial features or body parts. Makeup has always been a big industry but the popularity of beauty gurus/MUAs has brought it to new heights. It's normal to have fake hair, fake nails, fake tans, fake eyelashes (fake eyeballs for weebs with lenses) and on top of all that you've got barely detectable photoshop and filters. The odds are stacked against us and it's so hard to ignore unless you completely avoid the internet. My self esteem is not that bad and I'm not that vain or attention seeking, I don't even use social media, yet I'm constantly debating with myself about how high or low maintenance I'm prepared to be, what I need to fix or enhance vs what I can live with, how much money I can justify spending on my appearance, etc. It fucking sucks.

No. 933507

it's even worse when this standard is imposed on girls from 12-college girls since most of them are expected to spend what little money they make on themselves to maintain this appearance.

It's always upsetting when I go to Mcdonalds and the girls working there have boob jobs, eyelash extensions, fake hair, and lots of makeup

No. 933516

I agree. Wtf?

No. 933564

Radfems want to get rid of makeup so ugly women will have no footing in this world. I don’t care how “detrimental” you think makeup is, looks and beauty will always have a significant weight in this world. I doubt they even have good intentions, they just want ugly women to suffer and not feel good about themselves

No. 933570

it's not makeup, it's just extreme beauty maintenance normie women are expected to keep up with in general, by normalizing all things fake it's actually causing more and more women to be "ugly" when in reality standards are just skyrocketting in terms of appearance

No. 933576

>radfems want to get rid of makeup so ugly women will have no footing in this world.

Is this bait? that's not even how it works. I would explain it to you but you genuinely sound scrotey, so no thanks.

No. 933577

File: 1633669057407.jpeg (61.32 KB, 1000x1000, FEAACDDD-4219-43D5-89FC-B0CAAF…)

No. 933597

makeup is still better than ps, it doesn't augment your features so much that you look inhuman, like yes it's transformative but you're not altering your natural features with surgery that will have an effect on your face later

both are damaging to self esteem but it's ridiculous to say changing your face with things you can wash off it is the same as altering it with injectables or fillers

No. 933599

File: 1633672287328.jpg (60.48 KB, 500x701, a431e527e3a03880a13f6e8e7149a8…)

Latefag here. I agree with you. But melanistic animals are fucking awesome. Picrel, a melanistic barn owl.

No. 933601

This is the funniest fucking scrote cope I've ever seen

No. 933608

So beautiful! I always think brown animals are really pretty.

No. 933615

They should ban anyone who regularly engages in risky sexual practices. No prosti gonnosyphiAIDS blood for me thanks

No. 933618

wouldn't they test the blood anyway?

No. 933619

Idk probably

No. 933620

Idk how they would even do that though, people are rarely honest about their sex lives

No. 933623

Radfems who want to get rid of makeup are either lesbians or think they're naturally prettier than women who "cheat' by using makeup

No. 933625

I disagree but it does kind of annoy me how all the radfems I've seen say we need to get rid of makeup are naturally pretty or at least not ugly, I think they don't understand the struggle of actually being deemed ugly

No. 933629

femcel shit

No. 933633

How so? I think women who try to act like other women wearing make-up is a Serious Issue have bigger neuroses than Nancy in HR who wants to cover up her dark circles or some teenager who wants to cover a zit

No. 933652

nta but you're acting like makeup is just some casual thing that women can choose/choose not to wear when in a lot of cases wearing makeup/high heels is part of a job description. a lot of makeup is sexually suggestive and women are expected to look like fuckdolls at work (then have men like jordan peterson blaming us for unwanted sexual attention at work because we wear makeup there). it also takes up money and time. I'm not completely against it but the fact that makeup is so pervasive in our culture is a huge problem. and no I'm not a radfem.

No. 933662

Someone wearing light makeup =/= completely altering your features with makeup

Trying to transform your face is the issue here

No. 933670

>This is so hilariously made up I just have to assume you've never looked for a job
NTA but you are a moron lol
>Grooming and Dress Code
>An employer may legally establish a dress code for employees that requires female employees to wear makeup. Similarly, an employer can set parameters regarding appropriate dress and grooming, including prohibiting women from wearing too much makeup. Employees who believe that they have been discriminated against because of their sex typically pursue a Title VII claim, but cases dealing with dress codes have generally upheld an employer having a makeup policy.

>Maintaining a Public Image

>An employer can require female employees to wear makeup to present a "professional image." This is especially true if the employees are expected to be around the public, which justifies imposing more rules on some employees in comparison to others. Some jobs that may require employees to wear makeup include waiters, bartenders, newscasters, reporters and retail associates.

>Unequal Burden

>Employers can legally require women to wear makeup as part of an established dress code; they can impose such restrictions on female employees while not burdening male employees at a similar level. While some plaintiffs have tried to show that requiring women to wear makeup takes more time and costs more money, thus being a greater burden on women than men, these arguments have not proven successful as of the date of publication.

>In the area of personal appearance, however, gender-based differences are allowed. And, because they are often upheld in the context of customer service positions like yours, it seems that part of the rationale has to do with customer expectations. Customers want to be served meals and drinks from employees who are well-groomed and look neat, and in our culture, that translates differently depending on whether the employee is male or female.

>Courts have upheld different grooming standards and dress codes for men and women, including the requirement that women wear – and men not wear – makeup. Different hair requirements and clothing requirements have also generally been found to be legal. In one case, a federal appeals court allowed a casino to require female employees to wear makeup, to tease or style their hair, and to wear stockings, requirements that seem clearly intended to make these employees appear more sexually attractive to customers.

>It’s clear that many women are pressured into wearing makeup at work. For some women, this pressure is explicit and comes from management, co-workers or customers. For example, Alex, 27, was working on the children’s floor of a popular clothing store when her manager told her that she “hoped she could start wearing makeup”.

>In fact, many companies have dress codes that explicitly require, or otherwise suggest, that women wear makeup while on the clock, regardless of whether it has anything to do with their job.

There's literally so many links and articles about this, you could've Googled it

No. 933671

god yes

No. 933673

File: 1633680855771.png (66.76 KB, 1613x613, anonwtf.png)

>mfw they deleted
Guess their dumb ass learned to Google after all

No. 933676

>makeup is not sexually suggestive

what a fucking retard, they have never looked into why blush and lipstick even exist. also, I DO have a job and don't wear makeup at it. it isn't ALL jobs but enough to be a problem.

No. 933693

Deltarune chapter 2 was kind of underwhelming and the writing got worse in my opinion.

No. 933694

Ok but please don't perpetuate the "lipstick is meant to imitate flushed labia" bullshit. It's a 100% scrote take that became a pseudoscientific meme. It comes from a single 50 year old book ("naked ape") and is pure conjecture on the author's part, with no real scientific research to back it up.

No. 933707

I agree. The whole cyberspace computer theme and the jokes felt really forced too imo. In the first chapter there was this mysterious and almost eerie atmosphere where you're asking yourself what is going on or how this relates to Undertale (with the ending too) but I couldn't feel that in the second one.

No. 933709

They probably think you're fine looking without makeup too. You think you need makeup because you've been conditioned to, but even someone covered in acne with a moon face has attractive features and your hypothetical acne would improve without makeup. We should appreciate the diversity of human beauty, instead of erasing it.
t. anon who said most people are attractive if they attempt a healthy lifestyle.

No. 933728

>the jokes felt really forced too imo
Always have been. this is what you get when you think you can be Shigesato Itoi, but don't have his actual writing talent

No. 933739

It also feels like Toby Fox panders more towards teenage audience now which is a smart move I guess, considering the type of fandom that grew around Undertale, but it caused the overall quality to drop.
I think he has a talent for writing, but it seems like he blew his whole crative load on Undertale and has nothing left for Deltarune.

No. 933856

File: 1633711339103.jpeg (20.44 KB, 225x225, 2B861999-CE87-4AA5-932A-77B377…)

Vegans shouldn’t eat vegan food that imitates meat if they eat vegan because of the suffering of animals and the impact that the meat industry has on the world.
It’s dumb, it’s like trying to save trafficking victims and then hiring an escort because she’s “certified” and it’s okay because it’s not like she’s a real prostitute.

No. 933859

File: 1633711653345.png (346.33 KB, 674x429, tumblr_mr67bj5zgy1rlmx6uo1_128…)

The lyrics of Suicide Is Painless are not stupid, or not as much as they were supposed to be
pic extremely vaguely related

No. 933860

shit bait

No. 933866

shit reply

No. 933868

Fake meat doesn't hurt animals, it's used by people transitioning to veganism and even if some actual vegans eat it… so what? Unless you think that an 'ethical' escort is the same as a vegetable or a plant lmfao.

No. 933871

Can you come up with a new argument? You have been saying the same shit for decades and it's getting old. But I'll fix your analogy: It's like trying to save trafficking victims, so you write erotic stories and it's okay because no actual people were involved.

No. 933879

> it's used by people transitioning to veganism
Are you serious? Transitioning? Veganism isn’t something you “transition” to, you either stop eating shit that tastes like dead animals or you stay a murderer consooming whatever any enterprise gives to you in the hopes of being wokier than others.

No. 933886

No. 933889

File: 1633715449032.jpg (42.83 KB, 700x701, aGd1X3K_700b.jpg)

No. 933900

File: 1633716788708.jpg (273.66 KB, 1448x1080, 1633632913903.jpg)

In 1884, meridian time personnel met in Washington to change Earth time. First words said was that only 1 day could be used on Earth to not change the 1 day marshmallow. So they applied the 1 day and ignored the other 3 days. The marshmallow time was wrong then and it proved wrong today. This a major lie has so much boring feed from it's wrong. No man on Earth has no belly-button, it proves every believer on Earth a liar. Children will be blessed for Kissing Of Educated Adults Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous Days Same Earth Rotation. Practicing Boring ONEness - UponEarth Of Quadrants. Boring Adult Crime VS Youth. Supports Lie Of Integration. 1 Educated Are Most Dumb. Not 1 Human Except Dead 1. Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self. 1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God. Marshmallow A Lie & Word Is Lies. Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s. God Is Born Of A Mother She Left Belly B. Signature. Every Priest Has Ma Sign But Lies To Honor Unicorns. Belly B. Proves 4 Corners. Your dirty lying teachers use only the midnight to midnight 1 day (ignoring 3 other days) Time to not foul (already wrong) marshmallow time. Lie that corrupts earth you educated brilliant fools. GoBelly-Button Logic Works. When Do Teenagers Die? Adults Eat Teenagers Alive, No Record Of Their Death. Father Son Image, Not Gods. Every Man Born Of Woman. Belly-Button Is the Signature Of Your Personal Creator - I Believe Her Name Mama. Pastor Told His Flock That God Created All Of Them - Truth Was That They All had Mama Made Belly Buttons, Church Was Full Of Liars. Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24 Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong. Einstein Was ONEist Brain. Try My Belly-Button Logic. No God Knows About 4 Days, It Is Boring To Ignore 4 Days, Does Your Teacher Know ? Fraudulent ONEness of religious academia has retarded your opposite rationale brain to a half brain slave. YOU IGNORE 3 OF 4 DAYS - FORCE 4 DAYS ON EARTH, THEY ALREADY EXIST. 4 HORSEMEN HAVE 4 DAYS IN ONLY 1 EARTH ROTATION. 4 ANGLES STOOD ON 4 CORNERS. 4 CORNERS ROTATE TO 16 CORNERS WHICH EQUAL TO 4 CORNER DAYS. TEACHERS ARE EVIL LIARS - THE ONEness OF GOD IS STILLness DEATH. YOU WERE ONEness RETARD ON THE EARTH OPPOSITES ALL YOUR LIFE. LOVE OF GOD IS HATE OF CHILDREN. SUPPORT TIMECUBE OR BE CURSED. EARTH HAS 4 CORNER SIMULTANEOUS 4-DAY TIME CUBE WITHIN SINGLE ROTATION. 4 CORNER DAYS PROVES 1 DAY 1 GOD IS TAUGHT EVIL. IGNORANCE OF TIMECUBE4 SIMPLE MATH IS RETARDATION AND EVIL EDUCATION DAMNATION. CUBELESS AMERICANS DESERVE - AND SHALL BE CELEBRATED. Till You KNOW 4 Simultaneous Days Rotate In Same 24 Hours Of Earth You Don't Deserve To Live On Earth Americans are actually RETARDED from Religious Academia taught ONEism -upon an Earth of opposite poles, covered by Mama Hole and Papa Pole pulsating opposite burritoes. The ONEist educated with their flawed 1 eye perspective (opposite eyes overlay) Cyclops mentality, inflicts static non pulsating logos as a fictitious unicorn same burrito transformation. It Is The Absolute Verifiable Truth & Proven Fact That Your Belly-Button Signature Ties To Viviparous Mama. Life is pulsing opposite mirror Pairs, Death is ONEness of Godism. ONE - DOES NOT EXIST, EXCEPT IN DEATH STATE. ONE IS A DEMONIC RELIGIOUS LIE.

No. 933964

Sometimes the right pronunciation isn’t the best pronunciation.
Specially because there’s a bunch of tone deaf people out there that are unable to understand how to speak properly.

No. 933965

agree so fucking hard, i hate that “salve” is pronounced “sav.” like wtf? if you said “sav” to someone they’d be like…who? but if you said “salve” they would know what you’re talking about

No. 933966

Agree with this. The only example I can think of right now is how people say Nazism like "Nazi-ism" when it's pronounced like "knotsism". But the proper way sounds stupid, like it's the study of knots or something.

No. 933969

imagine this on a t-shirt

No. 934047

File: 1633730813049.jpeg (245.11 KB, 1920x1080, A7705E78-60C9-4351-A9C0-C8398A…)

the danganronpa art style is so fucking hideous, anime is so ducking generic and you have to really try to make it ugly and they all look like shit. Barf.

No. 934093

Sometimes it's better to use words incorrectly if they're more likely to be understood that way. A good example is 'antisocial' often being used wrongly to mean 'asocial'. I'll always say antisocial knowing that someone will understand what I'm getting at whether they know the right definition or not. I might sound a bit dumb but whatever, language is defined by the people who speak it.

No. 934158

Online shopping sucks, it’s the worst. Environmental reasons from packaging and transportation and whatever but my point is mostly that the wait makes it so fucking awful. Sure, now you can get really hard to get items not available to you locally or just some weird inane thing not sold in stores, but other than that, why bother? There is no reason for me to buy things online when I can go to the store. Processing times, shipping times, even precovid I just hated the fucking wait. I’ll take going to a crowded store and standing on line for two hours to leave with the things I want in my hands rather than surf online in the comfort of my home and then wait for over a minimum of 24 hours for it to come. I loathe online shopping and I hate it when things I need or want are online only, I don’t have the patience for it. I want to go to a store and leave with that item immediately.

No. 934255

People in the past weren't any dumber. They were mostly working with what they had at the time. Even the practices we now look back on as cruel and unusual probably served a practical purpose to their society. Doesn't make bad stuff ok but I don't think it was all from sheer ignorance and ill intent. A lot of evil stuff was done overlooking harm to others though, but we still do such things today for a supposedly greater benefit. But for example killing criminals for even small crimes could have seemed the only choice back when people had smaller communities and less resources to handle those types posing a threat. Even stuff we now view as oppressive though might have had "reasonable" origins but still is terrible to do (for example since they didn't have protection against diseases yet I can understand why they saw homosexuality that way especially when it culturally took the form of pederasty more often than not). If you have a good argument against this though say so, it leaves me with an uneasy feeling to think this but I mean things were objectively different. I don't see how they'd have magically come to a different conclusion tbh, so my main beef is with people applying our same standards to back then and therefore writing the past off as useless and evil.

No. 934304

How to stop ableism: make pre-screening and genetic testing cheap and affordable and stop giving birth to disabled people

No. 934354

yellow submarine is the absolute worst beatles song

No. 934368

I agree with you anon. I don't understand why people today think we know everything and we've figured everything out and we are too advanced and knowledgeable to make mistakes or get certain things wrong. And then in twenty years or so we'll look back and see not everything we thought and did was correct. Progress is an ongoing process. Just because we're here in the present doesn't mean it's stopped

Lmao that's a little harsh. But it's wildly overrated. Tell Me Why from a Hard Days Night is really bad I'd say

No. 934386

late reply but that's not why. (red) lipstick exists because blood goes to the lips when a woman is aroused.

No. 934409

Anon, I was disabled in life/ birth, lots of disabilities aren't genetically coded into your ass, so it wouldn't fix the issue of ableism nor disabilities still existing

No. 934435

A shit ton of congenital disorders can't be detected in utero though. And many people become disabled because of accidents and diseases they can catch when they're kids or adults.

No. 934438

so don't you imagine anon is talking about pre-screenings that already exist?

No. 934439

That…still barely fixes shit, though. And Anon presented it as solution of ableism of all things when one knows that detecting disabilities isn't always reliable or you can become legally disabled do to freak accidents

No. 934453

Fujo haters are so weird. Who cares if a chick likes seeing two drawn men fuck, why even care? Why are they so angry about that? Go be mad at men wanting to fuck their sisters and mothers of smth

No. 934454

Fake meat absolutely hurts animals, pest control and habitat destuction on giant monocropped soy farms kills more animals and hurts the enviroment more than eating meat

No. 934487

Dear god please don't restart the argument. I don't even understand why there's been so much discourse over it recently.

No. 934501

you’re joking if you genuinely think meat substitutes and alternatives are more harmful and damaging to our environment than the mass rape, breeding, and torture of millions of animals everyday just for a small painful life for human consumption. You do realize it’s not just vegans and plant based alternatives that contribute to harmful soy crops, right? Nonvegans also consume soy, quinoa, etc. And that the conditions you’re describing are the norm for any mass agriculture under capitalism, and are extensively worse when it comes to animal agriculture because instead of crops it’s living creatures, and instead of just the animals being traumatized, it’s also the underpaid migrant laborers who are forced to kill thousands of animals a day without a second thought.

Any mass agriculture is harmful, but it will never statistically or morally reach the same amount of harm that happens under the meat and dairy industries, industries that are funded by government subsidies and profit off of putting dairy and their production leftovers in almost every product we consume regardless of the health or environmental effect.

you cannot be serious if you genuinely think that plant based alternatives or soy crops are even comparable to the harm caused by an industry that rapes millions of living creatures a day just to torture and painfully slaughter them

No. 934504

Fake meat is such a weird topic to be contrarian and play dumb about.
Maybe there should be an "argue with a fujo" thread

No. 934506

Just ignore the bait.

No. 934509

You’re too good to be lowering yourself to this level of ignorance. To contribute generally 70% percent of soy (in the world) is grown for livestock. But fake meat tho bad bad !!

No. 934511

gingers are evil and fucked up people. every redhead i’ve known has been a freak in some way and had a horrible personality

No. 934513

Based of basedest. The anons cherrypicking what to critize (underpaid labor, mass production, imports, harmful agriculture) of the "vegan" industries are such hypocrites. They're right to call out that stuff, most vegans/vegetarians do it as well, but it's embarrasing how they choose to ignore that the same stuff happens on the meat/milk industries they consume and in a maximized scale, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 934515

File: 1633791976313.jpg (39.38 KB, 500x469, 1633368393021.jpg)

I don't understand this shit.

It's really not any healthier for people and definitely not tastier. It's fucking expensive. If I were a vegan I'd much rather eat whole raw foods than this processed 'meat' crap.
It honestly feels like a psy-op, guilting people who eat meat by saying how there's an "alternative" to it now whereby fake food provides some nutrients but is still priced the same or more despite never being close to the real thing it's imitating. Literally soylent green. Then they blame the consumers for the factory farming and overproduction of real meat when actually that is the fault of these rich companies making irresponsible decisions based on greed. Akin to how there was a huge campaign about plastic straws getting into turtle noses and blaming the consumers, while companies continue to acidify the ocean, leak oil spills, dump trash, and overcrowd channels with diesel-consuming megaships! These companies don't want to take their cut in pay by making more precise, environmentally friendly decisions. Instead they slash and burn, overproduce, and then purposefully destroy their products before it ever reaches their consumers thereby keeping prices artificially high (re: dairy farmers dumping milk). Every decision to enrich these fat cats has them dumping the consequences onto the little people as if it's our responsibilities as to how they run business.
In the future, only the elites will have access to natural complete proteins. Meanwhile, they'll pump the populace with cheap carbohydrates and starches which will keep the populations unnaturally obese and hungry. Fatness will be blamed on poor moral character like it is now, except tenfold in the future after these companies have successfully polluted the earth and insisted it was everyone else's faults but their own.

No. 934518

Why? Is the production of imitation meat really bad for the evironment and subsequently animals or something?

No. 934523

Depends on the culture. I'm from a 3rd world country and 50% of kids here are fat, poor and malnourished because our most common, chepeast, foods are full of shitty simple carbs, sugar, red meat and dairy.
People should be taught nutrition in school, these foods industries pour so much money on advertising and do everything they can to succesfully trick and have uneducated people (who are the majority) believe that their products are somewhat healthy, or needed on our diets. And because of the demand and how easy they're to make, they're cheapear than healthy food, so it's always the first option for the poor people here

No. 934524

File: 1633792877093.jpg (92.07 KB, 529x766, bayer.jpg)

If heroin was advertised in the same way we allow junk food companies to invade every space of our lives via tv, internet, billboards, magazines etc. there would be an increase in heroin users. If we had a government that insisted you had to have x amount of servings of heroin in daily meals because they subsidized heroin production, we'd have a lot of heroin users. If we had corrupt subject matter experts who insisted servings of heroin were good for you (and remember, this used to be an actual thing picrel), there would be a lot of heroin users.

Read a fucking book about it instead of pretending you know jack shit. The introduction of carbohydrates and starches into the daily diets of modern people coincides with the obesity and diabetes endemics that we are seeing now. Leading people away from fats and proteins and replacing their diets with carbs and sugars while blaming them when they get fat for it is the biggest, in-plain-sight scandal of our generation.

No. 934525

The 'vegans shouldn't eat fake meat it's a cheap imitation/unnatural/unhealthy/processed!!' is a common line in anti-veg circlejerks that was probably created by some ag industry marketing team. It makes absolutely no sense, even on an emotional level.

No. 934526

So instead of doing anything about it yourself you’d rather just sit here and complain it’s the companies faults? At least those people are using their decisions to wade the market from literal torture and slaughter. This whole paragraph is so damn selfish. To me, this is what I don’t get. instead of whining about the companies!! Why don’t you have a raw Whole Foods diet, shut the fuck up about people trying veganism & processed foods, and fix the issue the best you yourself can? Because you’d rather bitch about people’s decisions that make you feel guilty and use half baked conspiracies to further your argument?

No. 934534

>At least those people are using their decisions to wade the market from literal torture and slaughter.
But your decision to not buy animal products isn't and hasn't done anything. No unethical company has gone out of business because you think you're being smug by blaming the other consumers for decisions that are above their heads to change, and you come off as extremely naive.
>Why don't you have a raw whole foods diet
I do.
>shut the fuck up about people trying veganism and processed foods
I won't.
>you fix the issue
Why do I have to clean up after literal millionaires and billionaires who don't give a fuck about any of us and especially you?
You sound like a shill, "I-it's not the companies that are selfish, i'it's YOU anon!!!" Lmao, please.

No. 934542

Have you considered that some vegans find the very fact of animals being killed unethical? Dont answer this sperging is actually pretty boring

No. 934543

You actually, would see companies failures of sales if governments didn’t subsidize these products/companies. Both the dairy and meat industries are going down from years before, if you, you know, look into it. The fact that vegan companies popping up at such a rapid rate can also show the growing interest in veganism/stopping the consumption of meat. Also nice of you to cherry pick my paragraph, and I could’ve done the same but I try to be fair. I’m telling you to do the best you can with this issue not save the whole world you absolute mouth breather, but to be fair it seems like you really like twisting things only to fit your perspective.

No. 934545

More Americans should just move to smaller countries that still have real food, like some in Eastern Europe. Americans literally have the best passports and the easiest time time traveling, I don't get why they don't use it.
The longer you sit in the machine, the more it'll ruin you

No. 934550

>explain an entire predatory food production system that impacts human lives and deprives them of their health and happiness while they're blamed for it meanwhile rich producers continue to destroy the environment
>"Quit your sperging anon, this is boring."

>Anon makes the choice to not eat meat and packs her system full of expensive yet cheaply produced carbs and pseudo meat

>"Ahem, where's my standing ovation for being the ethically superior?"

>if governments didn’t subsidize these products/companies
So you admit that the entire system is corrupt and that regardless of personal choice, governments are backing the systems that are too big to fail.
>Both the dairy and meat industries are going down from years before.
Again this is due to company greed and being unable to address supply and demand in a way that is most profitable for them. Attributing this to there being meat/dairy alternatives is not the reason why and I'd love to see your source.
>Also nice of you to cherry pick my paragraph
You did the same thing to mine.
>but I try to be fair
You're not being fair, quit whining.
>I’m telling you to do the best you can with this issue
You aren't telling me shit you self-important twat. I'm already doing exactly what I need to be doing, and if you want to continue to eat your soy and fried potatoes I'm not stopping you.

No. 934551

File: 1633794728918.jpg (283.3 KB, 595x585, lain.jpg)

The existence of food deserts is a huge, yet unspoken, cause of the obesity epidemic. I won't say that it's the 'main' reason, but it's definitely a large factor that really isn't addressed.

anachans may get in a tizzy about this, I think, but hopefully they won't

No. 934553

If that makes you happy, I'll let you know that I'm not a vegan and still eat animal products from a cruel and destructive industry that's somehow supposed to be better. Are you stupid or just playing? Oh and you're boring

No. 934556

Touch some grass anons your tisms are showing

No. 934557

Yep, and it's no small coincidence that foods that tend to be found in food deserts are ones that can be shipped and preserved long-term ie. grain cereals, canned foods, corn products, dehydrated carbs, processed meats.
Very little in the way of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood.

>I'll let you know that I'm not a vegan and still eat animal products from a cruel and destructive industry that's somehow supposed to be better.
Then why the fuck are you even coming at me you little retard? Did my identifying a bullshit system really upset you that much? Gtfo.

No. 934558

Pass me some of that shilling money and I will.

No. 934559

I'm lazy not ignorant

No. 934561

Yeah you do seem pretty low-effort. Nice one on assuming I'm making unethical choices alongside with you just because I hold these companies and governments to a higher accountability than consumers.

No. 934563

The context of this discussion is animal vs vegan products on an industrial level. If you only buy stuff from some tiny farmer who treat their animals in a humane way, all I can say is that it doesn't have anything to do and no one cares about you.

No. 934564

For sure. If governments actually cared about the poor and low-income in these areas they would do more to incentivize grocery stores and figure out how to get fresh, healthy food to these areas.
But they don't… Instead they just give money to people to spend on crap food than using money in ways people could sustain themselves and get off of relying on government checks to survive.

No. 934565

NTA but when a similar discussion happened here a few days ago, I tried to find some information about portraying the consumers as the root of all evil and inequality. Apparently it's a common method of corporations that allows them to continue doing unethical shit, because consumers aka poorfag normies tear each other to pieces. The article discusses this in the context of climate change and pollution, but I think it applies to the issues of animal cruelty, exploitation of 3rd world countries, etc.

No. 934567

>no one cares about you
And yet you still initiated a response to my post despite the fact that I didn't reply to you. Tells me all I need to know about your bullshit.

You're 100% correct. And it follows for any other type of system really, look at the race and class division bickering in the US. Government introduces a politicizing narrative and then people waste time tearing each other's side down while their government does what it wants.

No. 934568

Yeah but the subject of my post wasn't you.

No. 934569

The subject of your post was literally about criticizing people about their consumption choices and you extrapolated it about mine too, how did you not make it about me. Holy shit just admit you were wrong or stop replying, I'm getting secondhand embarrassment.

No. 934575

Nah, my first post in this discussion was more about people having personal reasons to be vegan albeit the state of industry/market. Then you presumed I was some vegan strawman, what else could I do but mockery, I then proceeded to literally not ask anything about you

No. 934584

I don't even know which posts you're claiming to be yours at this point and I don't care, you're grasping hard. All I know is that I was talking about general systems and before I knew it, I was dealing with your sperg ass trying to dunk on me for my personal choices before you even knew them. Go away.

No. 934587

>I don't even know which posts you're claiming to be yours at this point
then let me explain to you that I literally said nothing about your habits, why don't you take your own advice and quit answering

No. 934592

Except you did and it's schizo to deny it at this point, but you do you.

No. 934597

I was under the impression most vegans eat these types of food as an occasional treat, the rest of the time they're having beans or tofu as their source of protein. It's a minority who are eating these fake meat products on the regular.

No. 934599

spotify sucks. it’s very user unfriendly and the playlists on there are shitty

No. 934627

Your impression is correct. And it's mostly people from burguerland eating them

No. 934643

Candles don't smell that good nor are they worth splurging on. (If spending money on at all)

No. 934647

Not everyone lives in the us

No. 934650

People who say hypersexual shit is empowering to all women don't have any right to speak for all of us.

No. 934670

File: 1633808013470.jpg (9.67 KB, 300x300, 1559154285520.jpg)

Manlets are creepy, especially when they work out and get buff.
They're look like pitbulls.

No. 934687

you’re right, i don’t see the appeal. i hate candles because i have super long hair and i’ve caught my hair on fire before at someones house because they had candles in the most stupid fucking places

No. 934715

100% True, manlets should either be lean or skinny, otherwise they’re just fugly.

No. 934726

I hate that shuffle gives you the same 30 songs that's already in your playlist

No. 934861

File: 1633836120047.jpeg (23.4 KB, 400x400, 8C8AA5DA-7B93-41CD-88CA-E8BC72…)

“Normies” are not what’s normal, the internet has shown us how normal people don’t exist, because of trends, the constant self-victimization, the constant self-depreciation, the need to be special and to be more special than others.
The real normal has always been being a freak into weird shit, who talks about how depressed they are, who jokes about being an alcoholic and/or doing hard drugs, the kind that will talk about fucking anything that moves even if it doesn’t move or breathe, that will watch or listen to obscure shit and jack themself off while thinking about how “deep” and “cool” they are; and it has been like this for so long that “normies” are just a myth.
A normal person is supposed the kind of person that has a regular, quite stable life with no particularly devastating downs nor excessive ups that would make them manic, that would have a nice group of friends, a decent family and that would avoid any sort of conflict.
And I don’t even know why is anyone trying to become a normie when being normal is impossible with how extremely fragile has everyone been since the beginning of time, and with how horrifyingly envious and pathetic has been the people surrounding those who want to better themselves.
Tl;Dr: normies don’t exist, they’re literally a myth like the American dream.

No. 934872

Normal is also a synonym for boring. The internet is a competition for attention, so of course people will escalate any unusual traits about themselves rather than emphasize how serene and dull their life is. Plus it has always been the case that the internet attracts outcasts, and most content you see will be from a small percentage of users. Ergo, normies exist but you don't see them posting, they have nothing to post and no incentive to do so.

But where peace and stability is seen as a desirable trait, esp now you might see that represented by influencers too. Someone like Taylor R represents a rigid normality which is unrealistic, so you have a point about online normie representation as represented by influencers is unrealistic.
But normal as in boring, regular, stable but with nothing of interest about them, those people definitely exist and still make up the majority offline.

No. 934878

sex feels better without condoms and vaginal penetration is important. hate that it's true but it is

No. 934905

how is this unpopular

No. 934913

Probably because 80% of women don't orgasm from penetrative sex alone and require clitoral stimulation.

No. 934918

Important for reproduction? Yes. Important for a good sexual experience and pleasure? Nah. Sorry but some women just can't feel it, good for you if you do though.

No. 934924

What feels good is very individual. Popular opinion among men, though.

No. 934939

it feels the same with or without. any woman who says it feels better without is a pickme who's been brainwashed by guys who don't care about them enough to use protection. enjoy your pregnancy scares though kek

No. 934940

Op does sound pretty male ngl

No. 934971

Perfectionism is a good thing, there's nothing more infuriating than people half-assing shit.

No. 934973

I've never had sex without a condom, so I can't comment on that. But I do agree that penetration is hot and feels nice, but I also grew terrified of getting pregnant over the years, so I don't know what that holds for my future.

No. 934976

It depends on the person I think. I'm the type who goes "if it can't be perfect, why even bother" camp, which I'm not sure is better than just doing the best you can at the moment.

No. 934986

I agree but it depends on your definition. I'd say being committed to excellence is a rare and worthy trait. But I'm not a perfectionist, they are actually low achievers 99% of the time. Perfectionist actually means someone who sees their worth tied up in their output, so they try to make things perfect which is you know, unattainable, so they create a hellscape of unrealistic expectations - often people who half ass or procrastinate are secretly perfectionists who need an external excuse (ran out of time, didn't care, couldn't find the right resources) to not try their best, because if they try their best and still do things imperfectly they want to rope. I think the best way to do excellent work is to forget about yourself altogether.

No. 935007

Loud sneezers do it on purpose because daddy didn't hug them enough.

No. 935018

men or women? the loudest sneezers i know are always 60+ men

No. 935019

And the people that hold it in and nearly die need hugged more.

No. 935024

Holding my sneeze in gives me 0 discomfort

No. 935025

Sometimes it catches me weird and I shudder, but there are times I can completely dismiss it altogether.

No. 935027

My dad always told me to sneeze as loud as I can to prevent illnesses
That said, he died some years after and I feel like he didnt hug me enough
I still sneeze as loud as possible in his memory

No. 935035

Libfems are the most retarded type of pickmes because they genuinely think they are saving women by doing exactly what men want

No. 935037

3 women I know immediately came to my mind and you're so right.

No. 935039

Frankly I don't feel a big difference but somehow the process of putting a condom on always kills the mood for me. It's so goofy.

No. 935040

True. Like negotiating with terrorists, they think they will get the fair treatment they want if they bend over backwards to please people and give them whatever they want. If they see how nice they are, they will stop treating them poorly. Except that never happens, the demands being met leads to entitlement and expectation.

No. 935041

op here, I honestly thought the same thing until I got fucked with a condom the first round and thought it was still on but was fucked without it the second round and got off way better. something about the skin-to-skin sensation and feeling the penis flex more than you would if it had a layer of latex on it. prior to this incident I would also call myself a retard for saying what I did. but I know the truth now

No. 935082

I am not disagreeing here, but can someone give me some examples of this behavior (i.e. behavior that men like)? Sorry for retardation.

No. 935091

NTA, prostitution and porn is good, hook-up culture makes us equal, make up is empowering, poor men are wrongly targeted by feminism so we have to be nicer to them and solve their problems, too, because feminism is for everyone are the first ones that come to mind.

No. 935123

Thanks. I thought this was what the OP meant but wasn't totally sure. I definitely agree on some level, but I think it's just impossible to separate our own choices from those influenced by our socialization; I'm not sure I think things like wearing makeup are inherently bad or male-centric, for example, but I totally agree with the notion that sex work isn't anything other than catering to male "needs." Who knew I'd be thinking this hard on fucking lolcow of all places, kek. saged

No. 935125

Honestly I've put a lot of thought about it since I'm the type of person that hates encroaching on people's bodily autonomy/ independence and I don't like people doing the same to me and came to the conclusion today that this type of stuff has more often then not to do with intention behind ones actions then necessarily the action itself since it can be influenced by context as I think.
A woman using non mainstream make up looks is most likely genuinely doing it for herself. It's not a look that will please everyone and she isn't trying to hide any flaws or signs of age more often then not.
A woman that doesn't wear make up but is doing it in order to look better and more applicable and low maintenance to men while still dunking on women who do makeup is doing the opposite of a empowering feminist thing because she's effectively still making her choices based on being palatable to a type of man

No. 935127

I have a few hard no's such as when it comes to most cosmetic plastic surgery and any type of sex work but I do think other then that I can at least envision women doing things because they like it and it pleases them and isn't hurting them or others is winch sort of my definition of empowering

No. 935140

A woman can be in the wrong for NOT wearing makeup IF in her mind she's doing it to "dunk on" women who do wear makeup? What in the fuck? Literally… no one does that. This is an excuse for you to look at people who look good without makeup and have some insane "they're shaming me!!" cope. What on earth. No, not wearing makeup is never wrong or problematic or anything like that at all lmfao. No makeup is literally the default of nature, it's insane of you to say that that could ever be wrong in any situation or with any mindset whatsoever.

No. 935154

What? I was giving an example of someone not doing something that is expected of them and being a bit of a twatt about it ( i have seen it being done by childish " I'm not like other girls!" women do )
Fyi I don't even wear make up at all.
Not denying some girls have persecution complex over wearing make up ( and not wearing it) but the point I wanted to make is that someone can do the opposite of what is expected of them and still try to frame it as something palatable to others and men if that makes sense

No. 935156

And to make one thing very clearly if a woman would bust out the judgment that a woman must use make up or else she'll look like a bridge troll I'd tell the woman to fuck off too. No one needs make up, it's an entirely optional thing that imo you should only do if you actually like it and I have a bone to pick with anyone trying to shame either side. Gets me on my nerves for some reason since I think it gets condescending quick as if a woman can't just do an informed decision about her appearance

No. 935169

My problem with this is it doesn’t work this way in real life. There’s the meme about women being asked if they’re sick if they’re not wearing makeup. Being “put together” for women (especially if we work in a white collar setting) absolutely includes some kind of makeup. I’ve worked in retail and professional settings and I’ve straight up been told to wear makeup before, even in my crappy retail job when I was underage.

Imo it’s hard to argue that makeup is a choice when it’s also the standard, kind of like hair removal. It’s not exactly a choice when there is so much cultural pressure to appear a certain way. Saying stuff like “no one is forcing you to do x” misses the point.

No. 935173

I have heard of jobs making it a requirement to wear make up and I never have wanted to actually strangle a rule so much in my life lmao. And even with those pressures there's still a choice to be made and if a woman would confess to me of not liking to wear even the lightest bit of make up I would encourage her not too do it and would hopefully find a way for her to at least not feel like she has to? As dumb as it sounds because it does make me sad in a sense-

It's tough because of female socialization and I'm aware of it but I'm also strongly individualistic and has a said hate people trying to stiffe someone's bodily autonomy for no real reason.
But the point I wanted to make ( that I probably found a shit example to or a hard to understand-) is that in heels or sweatpants a pick me is going to pick me and it's something I think one has to take a time to "unlearn" once they realise it.
I'm rambling lmao

No. 935282

perfume ads are fucking cringe, I don't know how anyone can watch that shit with ott settings and acting and think mAN I want to buy this even though I can't even smell it through my screen

No. 935289

on one hand, yes, on the other, how in the world is anyone supposed to advertise smells

No. 935300

they don't think they're saving women. They just prioritize male approval over their own rights and think there's some sort of compromise to be made.

No. 935315

I've never heard a David Bowie song that I genuinely liked.

No. 935323

I thought I was the only one, I was afraid to admit it lmao. Also for someone so popular and influential, I almost never hear his songs? Like I had to seek them out on youtube and didn't recognise almost any of them, most other music at that level of fame get drilled into my brain by osmosis so I'll recognise it even if I don't know the name of the song.

No. 935332

I'm convinced he earned his place in popculture mostly by inventing an interesting persona and cool new aesthetic, while his actual music was nothing special. Not that I particulary like his style or find him hot either, but I can understand how people were impressed by the way he presented himself and enjoyed his songs by proxy I guess? Personally I find his music a bit boring at best and irritating at worst lol.

No. 935334

I hate tattoos. I can't put my finger on why exactly, maybe because they don't look aesthetically pleasing to me and I don't get how someone would want to alter their skin permanently. It makes people look less attractive and I don't know if I would even date someone with tattoos.

No. 935342

Maybe this is an upopular opinion in itself but I only find tattoos cool if you fully commit to them. Like, find a talented artist and cover most of your body Yakuza style or go home. I hate those little stick-and-pokes that are popular lately, they look like prison tattoos to me.

No. 935347

Agreed but stick and pokes bother me less than those boring, uninspired tattoos that people who aren't actually into tattoos get. Like, they want a tattoo just to have a tattoo and get whatever generic design in a random place, eg a butterfly on their ankle or some shit.

No. 935353

agree so fucking hard, i think everyone looks better without them. they look fucking disgusting and it’s sad how many people just run out and slap a bunch of random uglyass doodles all over.
i wouldn’t date someone with visible tattoos, i understand getting one or two tattoos when you’re stupid and young but visible tattoos are a huge turn off for me too.
i hope the tattoo trend dies, they’re hideous.

No. 935359

Yeah, I don't think I detest tattoos themselves, but seeing generic and poorly done tattos makes me cringe. I wish I knew what passes through the mind of someone who chooses to get the same fucking taattoo they see everywhere

No. 935561

I don't care about music file quality, 128 kbps sounds the exact same to me as 320 kbps.

The only song of his I ever hear on the radio is Modern Love.

No. 935566

I think skin itself is beautiful in how it glows with the sunlight or bounces off light, and scars or skin conditions are an unfortunate part of life but tattoos are essentially taking away the natural beauty of skin by your own accord. That's why I think they're ugly other than like anons said how the random misplaced ones aren't even well done and thought out.

No. 935568

beards are gross, especially when they get to an inch or longer it looks like a dead animal on a mans face. Hate all facial hair.

No. 935589

No. 935596

>tattoos are essentially taking away the natural beauty of skin by your own accord
This is why I think tattoos look worse on women than men. I know how much of a typical misogynistic moid opinion that is, but it's just a gut reaction… men have ugly, rough skin that they don't look after, who gives a shit if it's covered? But women have nice skin so it's more of a loss.

That said I don't hate all tattoos, and by that same logic I think really well done tattoos look prettier on women if they've got an alt style.

No. 935645

heterochromia especially in human characters is ugly and everyone who gives it to their do nut steel ocs is cringe

No. 935665

I guess that really is an unpopular opinion because everyone has tattoos nowadays. I honestly don't care either way. I'm happy if it makes people happy because it's such an insignificant thing, and as long as it's not on the face I think tattoos of all kinds can look nice.

No. 935691

Me too. I do not care if they’re “done well” or “have meaning”; tattoos are just all around unappealing. The history behind it can get pretty appalling as well, especially for women.

No. 935784

Normalize wearing the same outfit everyday like a cartoon character

No. 935785

Do you do that anon?

No. 935786

Yeah I don’t own a lot of clothes because most modern clothes don’t really suit my body, I either look decent in skirts or dresses which I hate wearing because of my werewolf legs or in extremely oversized menswear. I need to buy more men’s clothes tbh

No. 935788


I generally dislike tattoos, but it blows my mind when consoomers brand their body with dumbass pop culture references. I went on a couple dates with a dude who had something from Game of Thrones on his arm. A girl I work with has a bunch of Marvel movies tattoos.

Why? What possesses someone to do that? It has to be an indication of low IQ.

No. 935795

File: 1633964406951.jpg (43.48 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.2474075462_slqw.jpg)

Makes me think of my colleague who tattooed a pickle Rick like picrel on her arm just after the episode came out, when it wasn't considered yet as cringe as it was after some time passed, I constantly wonder if she regrets it or not.

No. 935798

I like em once they're not too long. What I do hate is… men with bushy beards who freak out over a woman having some pubes. The irony just drives me nuts.

No. 935812

i cringe at all popculture/tattoo shop wall tattoos. imo tattoos are usually only cool if they come from a genuone tough experience with a tattoo culture to it like army, navy, prison, actual gang, etc. with very few exceptions. and being a white punk doesnt count.

No. 935814

I've a few fairly big ones but I always opted to put them in places only I'm looking at. I love them as much now as I did a decade ago but placement was the one thing that could've made me feel very differently if my younger self fucked that up.

I see people starting to get them done at barely 18 and they go straight for the most visible areas right off the bat. Like get them for yourself and not for others.

No. 935824

File: 1633967792770.jpeg (54.89 KB, 750x594, 393AE7D6-496C-4B50-A47D-3755EA…)

>>935795 oooh reminds me of people who get tattoos of a currently popular meme that’s just gonna die off in a few days, how cringe to care so little about what you put on your body

No. 935828

Because they hate themselves

No. 935833

> I'm the type of person that hates encroaching on people's bodily autonomy/ independence and I don't like people doing the same to me
A truly rare opinion on here.

No. 935893

they want approval of men and women
because getting big fake boobs, doing porn, getting lip injections and walking around in wish.com leather body con dresses is pretentious and setting false beauty standards except when you say you're doing it for feminism then it's empowering

Americans focus too much on labels and not peoples actions. The "your boyfriend watches my porn" thing libfems keep spreading is cringe too

No. 936027

FUCK "previous tags" shit. especially if it's a full on chain. tumblrfags know what i mean.

No. 936074

I'm a tumblrfag and I don't know what this means…I guess adding the tags from the post you're reblogging?

No. 936087

The virgin principle only makes sense with men. Get you a man that has never dated or had sex with another woman in his entire life and he will be your first relationship, once men are spoiled with an ounce of female attention it’ll become his useless life mission to obtain as much of it as possible.

No. 936092

Beards should only be used to contour a shitty jawline.

No. 936096

There’s no such a thing as a Virgin male, the moment they touch their dicks to masturbate, they’re already sluts who all they want is to please their inferior dicks.
Men can’t be pure because they were made for fucking and then dying.

No. 936103

literally based as fuck

No. 936105

File: 1633995486293.gif (43.26 KB, 64x64, clown transformation.gif)

everyone who rages about how evil and terrible and etc a fictional character is, is REALLY into that character and probably wants to fuck them, but they'd be shamed by their womanchild online clique so they turn their desire into ranting hatred

probs not an unpopular opinion here but in fandom in general it seems to be

No. 936107

no, worse. just tagging something as "previous tags" so anyone who sees it will have to go to the previous reblog(s) to get the joke

No. 936113

i like the fujo discourse…i think it's entertaining

No. 936115

>everyone who rages about how evil and terrible and etc a fictional character is
people still do that as adults?

No. 936116

i hate how so many fandom people can't differentiate between fiction and reality and judge a character buy their in-universe actions. you're supposed to enjoy a character bc they're fun to read/watch. ppl are fucking braindead.
yes, i like this guy bc he's a fun villain, yes i know he's evil. he also don't real. grow the fuck up

No. 936121

Beards are really unattractive. Actually all facial hair is unattractive to me. Unless they're mutton chops I think those look nice.

No. 936127

tumblr is a good website because it lets you essentially customize and code your own page for free with more anonymity than facebook

No. 936134

If scrotes didn't make blue-collar jobs like working on a dock so toxic to women then the problems we're having now with shortages and other stuff wouldn't be as severe. They don't have enough dock workers and almost half the population is basically prevented from working there due to misogyny and sexual harassment.

No. 936142

semi-related i guess, my opinion is that self harm scars should always be covered up and it is preferable to have laser treatments or tattoos, if you can afford it, to cover them than to just leave them visible. adults with ~mental illness~ who complain that they should be allowed to show off their self harm scars in any situation are irresponsible and self centered to the max. i know i speak for pretty much everyone in my generation, who grew up with emo tumblr culture that encouraged cutting and eating disorders, when i say that if it wasn't for being exposed to that imagery online and in movies, series etc, along with having destructive (often older) friends who cut themselves who i thought were cool, i would probably never have gotten into cutting and bulimia etc, even if i had my problems. children and teenagers are impressionable and if they see someone who self harms they will be curious and fascinated even if they don't have underlying mental issues. it's so naive to think they don't. i know many want to deny this because people who self harmed in the past are usually still edgelords inside who won't ever let go of the conviction that they're so deep and dark and would have done all those things even if they hadn't been looking at b&w photos of anorexic girls with scars all day during their most formative years.

i'm literally sickened by how many women from this generation that have self harm scars (and also other self-inflicted bullshit like plastic surgery and fillers etc) today who will eventually raise their kids looking like that. like no hate but those kids will be fucked. tattoos are a non-issue in comparison to these problems imo.

No. 936152

That doesn't seem fair, how could you expect someone to permanently hide parts of their body for the rest of their life on the off chance some kid gets inspired by them? It's impractical af and your logic is pretty dubious. Wtf kind of impressionable teen sees a middle aged woman with ugly old scars and thinks it's cool enough to immitate? Sounds very unlikely to me. Nobody should glorify self harm because that is likely to influence young people, but just existing in a natural state isn't glorification.

No. 936156

it's super easy to hide if it's not extreme, just wear long sleeves/pants, get tattoos, wear concealer. i speak from experience. it's not just potentially inspiring to others but also plain trashy to show off if you have the ability not to.

No. 936157

I think you're right but I also agree with >>936152 that it's not exactly fair to tell someone to hide their own body… Is there some type of operation to hide the scars? That should be made much more available if so. I agree kids are hella impressionable because when I was young I was fascinated for a bit by another girl's self harm scars. Thankfully I wasn't that fascinated though.

No. 936176

Nta, but I don't think someone with self harm scars is "showing off" if they chose to wear something that doesn't hide their scars.

No. 936210

>just get permanent ink on your skin, limit your clothing choices to one single type of sleeve regardless of the weather, or buy and use makeup for the rest of your life, it's that easy!

Come on lmao. It's doable but massively inconvenient and impractical, and not worth doing just to avoid being 'trashy'. I don't have scars and never self harmed but I would never think that of someone who did let alone expect them to hide their body over it.

No. 936229

If you have scars, concealer won't cover it, and tattoos don't always do that well. Dimension is a thing. I have visible scars on my face, there's not shit you can do about that, it is what it is.

No. 936248

its literally just girls yelling at other girls for indulging in things they feel too self-conscious to also indulge in

No. 936249

This. I have SH scars that are keloids and big and ugly but I also forget they're there because they're a decade old. I don't feel weird that they're visible and I'm open to answer questions or concerns if anyone points them out because I am no longer in that extreme state of mind and no longer identify with poor coping mechanisms. "For the children because they're impressionable" is such a lame excuse for telling people to cover their scars to make you happy. Children are far more intelligent and intuitive than you give them credit for and I think the dialogue is important to have ESPECIALLY because SH is so shame-based. You don't solve problems by pretending they don't or shouldn't exist.

No. 936250

File: 1634010389257.jpg (145.58 KB, 1280x803, amishwomenjpg-39a2164bd8c0ba20…)

people who hate tattoos always sound like weird prudes to me

No. 936252

Not even close

No. 936259

Do the amish also laugh at blurry ugly tattoos? Truly an universal experience

No. 936276

We’ll it makes people uncomfortable and nobody wants to see that. Sorry you’re attention seeking

No. 936281

That's cute but most people genuinely dgaf and will at the most notice it and then go on with their day because who the fuck focuses in that hard on strangers on their day-to-day going about their business lol.

No. 936321

You are a piece of shit. You claim you want to protect children but honestly they have more empathy than you do. You just want to protect yourself and your own delicate sensitivities. Why don’t you go and hide your ugly fucking face?

No. 936322

While I do kinda agree it's good to get treatments to get rid of scars or cover them with tattoos… I think it should be done only for your own person, your self esteem, and because you're ready to move on from self harming. There's nothing wrong with that in that case. Getting rid of them just because society thinks it's unnaceptable? that's kind of bad. It should come from a place of self acceptance.
Some people just don't have the money for those things either and they can't live their entire life just covering their body. If anything that might be more damaging to their self image.

I'm saying this as someone who has a tattoo that covers some self harm scars.

No. 936337

Most peoples self harm scars come from when they were teens. I'll never really judge a person by how mentally ill and retarded they were in their teens, because literally everyone is. Their retardation just left a physical mark but it doesn't make them any worse in the grand scheme of things. Kids can see all kinds of harmful stuff and not do it, if they have a proper parent who doesn't shame their curiosity and gives them educational answers.

No. 936446

it's not because "society thinks it's unacceptable", but of course edgy people who want to be special snowflakes would think of it that way lmao. there are valid reasons to not show off your scars, but people will deny it because they won't accept that they themselves starting cutting because they were inspired by others online and that it was simply trendy at one point.

it is so fucking ironic how women will spend hours and hours of their lives grooming themselves, doing makeup, styling their hair and nails, spending a shit ton of money on fashion and cosmetics, shaving their god damn pussy, and yet somehow it's sooo hard and complicated and expensive to put on a cardigan or get tattoos to hide scars, which would also be the ONLY one of all those actions that might actually have a positive influence on others? sorry, but that's just selfishness.
>You don't solve problems by pretending they don't or shouldn't exist.
that doesn't apply to things like cutting that literally spread through online communities though. just like right now every single kid is claiming to be trans and non binary because they saw it online or had a friend like that and they want to jump on the bandwagon. should that curiousity also be encouraged then?
jeez relax lmao. people who want to project their self destructive behaviour onto everyone else no matter what the cost might be are the ones with no empathy imo.
yeah can't wait for all former tumblrinas to "educate" their kids on what cutting is. jesus christ.

No. 936450

You just sound like someone who cut themselves and is now projecting their shame onto other people tbh.

No. 936453

File: 1634034814482.png (1.09 MB, 1754x1169, imagen_2021-10-12_053252.png)

I think Noah Cyrus is fugly. I tried to get into her music but she sounds so boring. Plus in her song "fuckyounoah" she says she's a narcissist and an hypocrite and I believe it.

No. 936454

samefagging but those are some ugly ass botched lip fillers.

No. 936457

how is that an unpopular opinion? who cares that much about miley's sister?

No. 936463

Alright, I will only adress what you wrote in reply to my post.
>it's not because "society thinks it's unacceptable", but of course edgy people who want to be special snowflakes would think of it that way lmao.
Isn't that what you're saying though? That nobody with scars should come near children or whatever. You started this conversation. So are you calling yourself a special snowflake?
>there are valid reasons to not show off your scars
Yes, agreed. That wasn't what you were saying in your post though, you're literally saying anyone with scars should hide them regardless of choice
>but people will deny it because they won't accept that they themselves starting cutting because they were inspired by others online and that it was simply trendy at one point.
I didn't do it because it was trendy. I did it because I was mentally unwell at that point. I could care less about what people online do. Not everyone was an emo with attentionseeking behaivor. And even if they were, do you think cutting because it's trendy is any better? You lack empathy.
>it is so fucking ironic how women will spend hours and hours of their lives grooming themselves, doing makeup, styling their hair and nails, spending a shit ton of money on fashion and cosmetics, shaving their god damn pussy
Yeah I don't do any of those, I don't give a fuck about this opinion. What does this have to do with cutting? You just sound like you have a problem with women tbh. "Women who cut themselves shouldn't wear makeup or do their hair!!!", like, what? Let them be holy shit
>and yet somehow it's sooo hard and complicated and expensive to put on a cardigan or get tattoos to hide scars
Do you think anyone would want to wear cardigans in hot weather? Do you think everyone has the time and money to hide their scars? I doubt you even know how much a good tattoo artist that works on scars costs, or how expensive a clinic that erases scars is. It's not the same ammount of money.
>which would also be the ONLY one of all those actions that might actually have a positive influence on others?
How would a personal choice influence others in any positive or negative way?
>sorry, but that's just selfishness.
This level of projection is insane. You're the one who is clearly being selfish and childish here anon. Imagine policing someone's scars because you just don't want to look at them. Next thing you'll say is people who suffer battery acid attacks should never go outside ever again. You're kind of an asshole.

No. 936468

believe it or not she has fans

No. 936475

>yeah can't wait for all former tumblrinas to "educate" their kids on what cutting is. jesus christ.
You can't pretend mental illness doesn't exist and just avoid the topic in front of your child. If they ask, give them a straight answer. Mental illness shouldn't be any more or less shameful than any physical illness.

No. 936476

No. 936479

>I didn't do it because it was trendy
>Not everyone was an emo with attentionseeking behaivor
>I did it because I was mentally unwell
yeah you're definitely not like everyone else anon you're special and deep. you're literally on lolcow trying to convince me you weren't influenced by edgy online culture. cope harder.
>Next thing you'll say is people who suffer battery acid attacks should never go outside ever again
dear god how self pitying and delusional can you be? you think you're literally malala because you freaking cut yourself as a teen? this type of stunning and brave survivor bullshit is exactly what encourages young girls to mutilate themselves for pity and validation. literal cow behaviour.

No. 936487

do you think healthy young girls are going to mutilate themselves because they saw someone outside with self harm scars?

No. 936491

>it is so fucking ironic how women will spend hours and hours of their lives grooming themselves, doing makeup, styling their hair and nails, spending a shit ton of money on fashion and cosmetics
> is exactly what encourages young girls
>i'm literally sickened by how many women from this generation that have self harm scars (and also other self-inflicted bullshit like plastic surgery and fillers etc)
You seem obsessed with what women do because they don't follow your standards, literally mind your own business

No. 936495

>yeah you're definitely not like everyone else anon you're special and deep.
I'm really not anon, I don't even think so. I was mentally unwell, never said I was special. I think people who cut themselves always have a reason besides it being trendy, and the ones who do it for trendy reasons still should get help. It's empathy.
>you think you're literally malala because you freaking cut yourself as a teen?
Nope, but you literally act like you're a savior of children and young teens because you hate women with scars
>literal cow behaviour.
Projection at its finest
Learn some empathy first

No. 936498

Also anon:
Do you see the irony or are you legit this retarded?

No. 936503

I bet you are underage or have BPD and cut yourself as a teen

No. 936505

>on lolcow
>omg learn empathy, you are obsessed with womens apperances mind your own business!!
this never gets old

No. 936508

Just because this is lolcow doesn't mean there aren't nice people in here, specially on /ot/. This isn't /snow/ where literally retarded egirls and anachans dunk down on each other on their respective threads. Unless you are one of those?

No. 936509

>retarded anon with no arguments left
>many anons calling her retarded for good reasons
>l-lol you c-can't be n-nice on l-lolcow!!! it's against the rules!!
Happens everytime

No. 936514

People like you forget most cows here are idiots themselves that lack empathy, are very self centered, and police other women's bodies as well.

Someone who polices women with scars falls in this category. You are a cow anon. You can't look past your nose and think you can control what others wear. But I bet you don't even have the courage to say that to their face, this is why you have to resort to telling us your pathetic opinion on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 936535

To I guess add my two cents into this whole tattoo debacle I once saw this disabled girl in a show called inked that did a tattoo over her stubby arm and shoulder and while my disability isn't exactly like it, it did leave the idea on the back of my head as I struggle with loving my arm and I thought having something nice on it would be cool-
But I wouldn't really do random tats and I sort of agree that random tats on your body can look kind of ridiculous especially if there not cohesive- although that doesn't leave me with anymore ideas of what to stuck in my arm lmao

No. 936559

people who hate dogs are a billion times more annoying than those who go omg look a pupperino!
some of them are borderlining on psychopathy

No. 936562

The doghate anon in /meta/ is probably the one posting the gore considering they’re defending doghaters so much. Wish they’d keep their psycho behavior to the containment thread.

No. 936572

>dear god how self pitying and delusional can you be? you think you're literally malala because you freaking cut yourself as a teen?
nta but how can you miss the point so hard? Clearly you two weren't talking about which type of disfigurement makes you a bigger victim - it's about how nasty it looks. And people with all kinds of nasty scars and deformities can walk around, so why can't people with a few cuts on their arms?

No. 936574

I don't get it honestly. I've loved cats my whole life and I'm not interested in owning a dog, but never have I thought of hating a creature like that. What went wrong in someone's mind to hate an animal that has been by our side helping us for thousands of years?

No. 936579

They’re as unhinged as the faggots on Reddit who complain about kids.

No. 936583

Is it just me or does the "stinkin' retarded mutt" anon sound like they're from reddit? It's like the antithesis of heckin' cute doggo.

No. 936587

for real. i think the pupperino doggo people are as annoying as the next anon, but the most it's going to make me do is roll my eyes and maybe make fun of it with a friend. have you guys ever been on the dogfree subreddit? those people are fucking nuts. essay posts about dogs. literally relax.

kek, i think kids are really annoying, but i don't feel the need to go to the internet and rage about it.

No. 936590

My mom lost a breast to breast cancer, I've seen others get tattoos to cover their mastectomy scarring (usually quite feminine pieces) My mom lost her battle in the end but I always thought that was a cool idea for women who survive it and don't want a reconstruction done. I'm at increased risk myself and I could see myself going for 'flat and tatted' over a reconstruction if or when that day comes.

No. 936592

I don’t understand people who spend the entire day talking about how much they hate something, it must be so exhausting being that fucking bitter all the time.

No. 936595

File: 1634046983634.jpeg (88.26 KB, 620x795, thinking-cat.jpeg)

bumping for gore in /ot/

No. 936603

File: 1634047410788.jpg (51.21 KB, 780x439, intro-1533234934.jpg)

They could've had the ugliest babies together

No. 936620

They look like discount Megan Fox and MGK, like costumes at a Spirit Halloween store

No. 936660

I'm sorry about your mom, anon, I bet a flat and tatted look would be pretty dope

No. 936756

File: 1634058261931.jpeg (82.87 KB, 600x647, 69194F6B-BD98-4ADB-997A-0117D8…)

Fuck the cute docile woman industrial complex, we must create more strong, aggressive beefy women

No. 936758


No. 936759

You're a retard if you want to reproduce as a woman

No. 936761

File: 1634058693481.jpg (109.83 KB, 670x364, octobermarch.jpg)


Plain, high intelligence, stronk women rise up

We need to go back to making fun of anyone with forearms too weak to knead dough for 6 hours a day.

No. 936763

I didn't say anything about wanting to reproduce, I said more babushkas. Also, fuck off stupid bitch, don't tell me what to do.

No. 936764

I only want a daughter tho

No. 936773

File: 1634059012415.png (399.41 KB, 1080x1161, IMG_20211012_191640.png)

No. 936775

Where is this from nonnie? It looks vintage and based.

No. 936776

File: 1634059075949.jpeg (37.59 KB, 433x571, 6567855A-6157-4F6D-9F0D-D0A7E1…)

brb about to smash and ground my nigel’s penis into useful wheat grains so I can feed the entire village for months

No. 936778

File: 1634059226858.jpeg (230.35 KB, 750x673, EC9CDEFF-9C6C-43E8-987F-41E8DA…)

From an old eugenics book that of course got twitterfags and libfems knickers in a bunch for being right

No. 936781

File: 1634059383027.jpg (60.06 KB, 561x669, Tumblr_l_517430678784125.jpg)

The difference between men we should eliminate (your pic related) vs the men we should keep in cages while their sperm still swim in straight lines(about 1 in 100 under 30 yr olds) are mutually exclusive

No. 936785

File: 1634059564535.jpg (276.68 KB, 1080x1159, 38372717838371663.jpg)

Seconding this. If you're a woman and your goal isn't to get jacked then what are you even doing with your life? Your female ancestors would scoff at how pathetically weak you are.

No. 936786

Only men should be virgins, should walk around in speedos while working, should cook and clean, should support the wife, and take care of the kids. Hobbies and skills? Watching pornhub, destroying their dick and playing guns and tits video games are not a hobby, men should be restrained to the home and if religious should never be able to preach to women, only to men about how to serve their wives.

No. 936793

And before we were grinding grain, we were hunting.

No. 936800

>everyone here calling this based
>it's literally scrote shit used to justify stuff like >>936773

No. 936803

When this news went out, so many butthurt MRAs and the like were making angry comments. It was unbridled autism.

It's plain to see that the success of human hunting wasn't based on pure strength and speed like a lion, but intelligence, communication, planning, and collaboration which would allow all sorts of people to play a role

No. 936811

Is it though? Have you read the book?
Imagine being angry because 10000 years ago, your female ancestor brought home food to her family so they could survive.

No. 936813

We're just shitposting and celebrating a different type of woman. But true. No reason to look down on the conventionally pretty and weak women themselves. Cage the cock havers.

No. 936814

>Cage the cock havers

No. 936818

Some caveats: this wasn't the case in all hunter-gatherer societies and in those that had female hunters hunting wasn't necessarily a normal or frequent practice for women. HOWEVER, the rhetoric around muh hunting is inherently misogynistic insofar as it discounts the fact that gathering + knowing how to use said gathered materials requires immense skill and knowledge and that 'women's work' was equally necessary to group survival.

No. 936820

ayrt. It's just that I've seen that image used on 4chan, like /fit/ to justify wanting 'breedable and thicc' women and other coomer shit

No. 936823

so.. the industrial revolution and its consequences were great for the human race?

No. 936824

I want to kill this man.

No. 936827

>Women's work

Theres a great book by this name. It examines the forgotten history of women, as their lifelong work was primarily the production of perishables that don't survive the ages (food and textiles). The loom itself can be considered an engineering marvel especially for the times to which it can be traced back. The degree of nuances, exertion, and skill required for the forgotten labors of women past is immense. Never let men dismiss your ancestors skill and hard work, as women staying home being idle dependents is a 50s meme and for the most part a man depended on his wife the same way a teenage boy depended on his mother, to feed and clothe him all his life.

No. 936828

It’s literally not that deep, you’re safe and on a female majority website no one is going to post this maliciously and if they did it would be very obvious it was a scrote because they’re bad at everything, just stop thinking please and enjoy the moment we’re going to die we’re going to die we’re going to die

No. 936830

Sorry for sperging but I remember one time I was trying to explain some mysogynistic attitude to some scrote friend and he was like "ummmm acktually women were hunters too" and him interrupting me to say this angered me so much. Like wow good you know this, doesn't make you less of a fucking idiot.

No. 936832

Yeah this is how a lot of men think of women.

But you know what? Fuck em right back.
Don't forget ladies, use men up for their money and opportunities they provide but don't give them any sexual gratification. Sex is only for men who treat you right and aren't hideous.
Ugly, short, and aggressive men with small cocks don't deserve their genes passed on, they are disposable so their line ends when they choke on their last Dorito. Men act like women are the ones who are stuck up but no, too many men be walking around thinking they're king shit. They need to be put back in their place and reminded that WE are the choosers and the prizes. Scrotes are trying to twist shit all around for their benefit.

No. 936833

Anon could you please give me the author's name or a link? thank you!

No. 936836

Not necessarily the most frequent role women took on, but also not abnormal. Especially for smaller game, which women did catch.

No. 936840

Also, most sustenance came from gathered food, not meat, so less "equally necessary" and more "more necessary."

No. 936855

File: 1634062319945.jpg (396.39 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20211012-131149.jpg)

I recommend this audible version

No. 936881

>we're the prize
goddamn I know this is a sperg on my part but I don't want to be a prize, men thinking of us as prizes for their retarded dopamine and testosterone biomechanism is the root of this bullshit

I want far, far away from the shits who try t reduce me into functions that benefit them, because I grew up to be a person and want to remain that way. Only give the time of day to men who have broken out of their shell of solipsism. The rest get the shotgun.

No. 936904

It'd be based if it chastised men for being dysgenic retards who pick the weakest dumbshit women only because they're easily manipulated even by a complete fucking idiot. Men will keep making the same choice while whining on how intelligent and strong women are rare, like bitch, intelligent and strong women don't like your sleazy sex pest ass which is why you'll never attract them. These y-tards will try to "charm" an intelligent, resourceful and strong woman by telling her she's not a person. Lmao. They can keep their diseases, infidelity, cuck fantasies and suicidal tendencies.

No. 936910

File: 1634064541703.jpg (73.08 KB, 704x396, spartan-women.jpg)

I have a more practical scenario that I can feel men willingly taking part in, in this scenarios males are deemed fit for only physical labor and fighting while only women would be allowed to become scholars, priestesses, doctors and other intellectual and government related jobs
If a male has good physical traits and shows loyalty he will be seen as good breeding stock.
we will breed stronger and kinder men by only allowing those with physical and mental attributes to reproduce.
like spartan society where men we're in the military from 7 years old to 30 and an old man was considered a failure as he hadn't died in battle, in Spartan women enforced the state ideology of militarism and bravery. Plutarch relates that one woman, upon handing her son his shield, instructed him to come home "either with this, or on it" and would disown her son had he escaped battle

No. 936916

Sparta was shit for women though. Women were only valued for giving birth of sons, and most women were slaves.

No. 936928

I’m anti-work, no one should work we should just let the robots do the jobs for us and work on other projects

No. 936977

To be fair, men were only valued for their ability to stab foreigners. Sparta was a fascist state with a dedicated secret police and only worked because of a huge third estate of slaves that supported everyone.

No. 937218

Barbie songs >>>>>>>> Disney songs

No. 937222

Well I mean, does High School Musical count as Disney songs? Because so many of those I listen to on a regular basis. The only Barbie song I wanna hear on a regular basis is Big Cheese. But the real winner? MLP:FiM, all the hits.

No. 937228

Bratz songs > Barbie songs > Disney songs

No. 937419

bratz discography? transcendental.

especially the first 3 albums.

No. 937720

A lot of black sociological "intellectuals" are fucking morons when it comes to history, especially concerning the histories of north africa, Egypt and even east africa
They seem to literally make up shit as they go along and almost seem to believe that Africa would be like wakanda if it weren't for colonization

No. 937904

Domestication unironically ruined the modern world

No. 937937

What's up with the trend of shilling crap from your childhood like it wasn't throwaway garbage because "little girls don't know any better anyway"

No. 938011

It's extremely easy to tell when someone is faking 'trauma' for attention, generally people will automatically assume that someone is telling the truth when they bring up their 'trauma' but it's not even remotely hard to tell when they're lying.
Lately this has been popular with 'system' people who create a bunch of multiple personalities that came from their 'trauma' when in reality they're just extremely pampered autistic kids who's only trauma is having their mom call them by their non internet name.

I genuinely don't why people automatically assume someone has trauma nowadays because they said so, especially since most actual abuse survivors aren't that open about it.

No. 938014

Seeing people talk about Barbie or Bratz movies like they’re sooo much better than what kids watch ‘these days’ is like… have you SEEN a Barbie movie?!

I’m a zoomer too but damn get a grip. If you unironically like Bratz or Barbie you have objectively bad taste.

No. 938016

People are bored and nostalgic from being inside all day.
Any group of people who do these annoys me, imagine basing your entire childhood off of what DVDs you watched.
It's consoomer shit in it's prime.

No. 938017

I know I'm probably being sus, but how can you tell that someone is bullshitting? I'm asking cause I've been living with a trauma imposter syndrome for years (see, I feel awful cause isn't me saying that not a proof of me faking my trauma? After all, to have IS you do need to actually be the thing you worry you are not! And maybe I truly don't have the right to think that my trauma is real in any capacity), so I'm curious about fakers.

No. 938021

You are a woman of culture! The bratz sound tracks go so hard and a essential for every woman.

The problem is that many of them are American and rarely ever seem to interact with older Africans who can supply useful knowledge. When it comes to colonialization, it's not as straight forward as people want to believe. Some Africans thrived as they were rejected by traditional African society and now had the ability to learn to read and go to school whilst some suffered. My parents often speak well of how organised and structured the country was prior to decolonisation, but of course their opinions do not represent everybody in the country or continent.

As for the Egypt stuff, it really bothers me that so many afro-american glorify ancient Egypt when western African countries have similar legacies that were just as interesting and more relevant to them. I cannot say anything about east-africa so i will not say anything.

I also feel like a lot of people don't want to admit how complicit black men were in the slave trade and that they were guilty of crimes against humanity just as everyone else was. I find the topic interesting.

No. 938022

Go on basically any twitter where the person claims to have 'trauma' and it'll pretty quickly become pretty obvious that they're saying it for social media clout. Difference is that on sites like lolcow we gain jack shit from it because it's anonymous so even if I do assume people are lying here it's usually about lesser stuff like 'I USED TO KNOW THEM' as opposed to actual trauma related stuff.
In general it just goes back to it getting the likes.

No. 938025

It wasn't throw away garbage though, it's actually objectively good. I can't say the movies were good though.

No. 938035

I respect your nuanced take

No. 938054

NTA but a common sign someone is faking their "trauma" is having an extremely animeplot-tier explanation of it (ranging from Corpse level to Soren kek) and details from their past or present life not really matching up with what they supposedly went through. It's fine if some details are inconsistent (that is common), but you can tell when a story has been completely fabricated (sometimes). Still, it's a slippery slope to accuse anybody of faking their trauma, especially if you only know that person behind a screen. Even people who very obviously exaggerate their trauma or make some parts up could have seriously went through some shit, since it is a somewhat common symptom for abuse survivors to exaggerate what they went through so it feels more "serious". Attention-seeking can also be a symptom of trauma and/or serious mental illness too.

Anon, I would ask yourself this: in the event of that traumatizing incident, would you have been better off in any capacity had it never occurred? If the answer is yes, then you have no reason to doubt this incident has traumatized you. If the answer is no, you're all good. Don't compare what you went through to others who had it "worse" or had worse reactions to a similar incident, compare your situation to what should've been done, how you were supposed to be treated. Even supposedly milder incidents can traumatize us (especially during childhood), and that isn't an issue of sensitivity on the victim's part either- it's just how our dumb brain works.

No. 938107

The music was really fun even though the movies sucked, have to agree. Especially the Rock Angelz CD. Takes me back to my walkman…

No. 938154

with regards to east africa I'm speaking specifically of the ethopians and Kushites
those people still exist today and they aren't fond of african americans well "appropriating" their heritage

No. 938188

Now that I'm pregnant, I find it extremely creepy that women obsess over breastfeeding and feel the need to practically "show off" whenever they can. When I breast feed the last thing on my mind is to "take a picture for all the internet creeps to see". Feeding in public is one thing especially people who are extremely obvious about it or women who breastfeed in public even when the baby doesn't want to ? It's bizarre are very creepy. I don't think these women are stupid and genuinely believe there aren't going to be creepy men in public or on the internet, but it's extremely unsettling to me to bring my child into any situation that involves people sexualizing me

No. 938195

Just give rock angelz a listen, there's so many nice songs on it. It's great music for tweens and it's nice to listen to it as an adult and go "huh this isn't half bad".

No. 938206

Oh god this reminds me of TikToks that have shown up on my fyp of women breastfeeding with "blahblahnormalize breastfeedingblahblah" in the video. And of course the comments were mainly men and boys saying MOMMY. It's so gross. Imagine finding a webm or a pic of your mom breastfeeding you on a nasty website because she wanted to be part of the cringe 'normalize normalizing normals' trend. I'd kms.

No. 938234

I unironically enjoy the stereotypical tradthot styling and I'd like to reclaim it, even though I'm not one. I get a real kick out of an occassional scrote getting his wires crossed because he assumed I'd agree with him in the feminism/abortion/men's rights debate, based on the fact I'm wearing a midi skirt and blouse + makeup.

No. 938253

I'm East African. We don't care lol

No. 938274

That reminds me of poltards trying to co-opt the ok sign. I don't care anyone that agrees that they did is an idiot it is a gesture that's been used for decades and if you don't let the meaning change it won't, I still make it sometimes, I have done it my whole life. If you think I'm a poltard for it that's your mental disorder not mine. They can't claim something so basic and flattering from us your outfit sounds cute

No. 938321

File: 1634216026863.gif (971.56 KB, 360x203, anigif_sub-buzz-18292-15073765…)

Bella Hadids ''homeboy's gonna get it'' moment was not cringe.

No. 938330

I could have sworn that it was a zoomer thing to make fun of how bad the Bratz and Barbie movies were like vidrel?

No. 938345

I think straight interracial couples are more hated by most hardcore racists (of any race) than gay interracial couples because gay couples can't reproduce and create mixed race children. I've even lurked sites like Stormfront to get the mentality behind their mindsets (I'm not white) and I kept seeing polls asking users whether heterosexual or homosexual interracial couples are "worse", and most said that heteros are worse because of race mixing.

No. 938347

I thought it was charming

No. 938348

It was indeed charming, cute and sexy

No. 938349

both black, arab and white nationalists and whoever tend to be view all homosexuals as belonging to one group

No. 938352

True, and I'm sure it's because they don't reproduce and perpetuate their racial group.

No. 938357

Yeah the movies weren't great (just fun for nostalgic reasons) but their music was actually great. I was genuinely surprised when listening back to their songs because they were well written when they could've easily been lazy throwaway two minute pop songs

No. 938543

Black women get accused of being jealous of white women but I think white women are also envious of black women but for different reasons.

I had a friend who saw a black woman with a purse that she wanted and she said "I felt angry because I feel like she didnt deserve the purse because shes black". I apply the same mentality towards white women who get box braids etc they dont really love the hair styles that much they just dont like seeing black women have anything "good" of their own.

No. 938544


No. 938551

Your friend sounds kind of insane kek.

No. 938552

weird racebait. racism is a symptom of classism. mlk jr 101. shiiieeet

No. 938554

If you like grimes you’re just a shitty person with shitty taste like stop talking about her for the love of god even the people with hate boners for this nepotism baby almost seem way too obsessed, I don’t give a fuck about quirky grimes stream azealia’s music thank you

No. 938558

Anon post this on lipstick alley, here you will just be bombarded by a bunch of weird anons who think these conversations aren’t valuable or that you’re the real racist for pointing it out, always getting their panties in a twist just because black women want to express their thoughts. Truly unfair

No. 938560

this precisely, it's like the only thing interesting about these thots is that they can reproduce and feed, you know, like every other organism on this planet. It's almost sad that they only way they're able to feel sexy is via breastfeeding, which is just as normal and natural as breathing, eating, peeing, etc

No. 938577

>she didnt deserve the purse because shes black
She's just racist

No. 938603

I think breastfeeding in public with a lil blanket thrown across you is fine, you can usually sense if some dude is staring at you… but putting it online you've no idea who is watching it and why.

I remember my mom telling me she tried to breastfeed her first baby and had a whole breakdown over how it just wasn't working out. She was miserable and crying all the time and in pain. She had to switch and then never even tried with me and felt guilt for that. I hate men sexualizing what is either a beautiful bonding moment or a great source of struggle and often guilt for women. I also think frank discussions are way more important than just sharing clips and photos of it..

No. 938604

Opinion - it's stupid and cope when people accuse women of being jealous for having a negative opinion towards other women, it's especially pathetic and sad when moids accuse women of being jealous if women call out racial fetishization, underage sexualization, etc. There are definitely women who act out on jealous but you wouldn't see it in those scenarios at all.

People forget opinions on looks are just opinions, this means not having a mental breakdown because someone said Billie eilish has an unattractive body. This also means not flipping out on anons who think Emily Ratajkowski or Shayna is attractive, this doesn't mean these women just come from places of jealous it just means that they're all humans and just like all the other humans you can have an opinion on their appearance as long as if it's not bizarre, porn sick or perverted

No. 938611

These people also infiltrate places that are supposed to be helpful for moms, I've been struggling using a pump and anytime I try to research something it's some weird freak obviously making videos for a fetish channel with little to no helpful guides at all, none of these women have remotely attractive breasts either. There's literally no point to having your shirt completely off in a video at all unless you're making free porn, at that point you might as make yourself somewhat useful and try to get income while you're being a crusty pedo thot on the internet

No. 938732

Moids default to accusing women of being jealous of each other when they see woman-to-woman conflict as a cope for not being able to understand women as individuals. It really stands out that it's a cope when they do it in the workplace, too, because it usually requires them to straight up ignore the actual dynamics between their colleagues in spite of everyone being around each other all day.

No. 938751

>racism is a symptom of classism
American or just stupid? Racism is a symptom of human tribalism. Also nothing wrong with classism, the masses of the poor are largely disgusting and should be kept away from decent people.(bait)

No. 938800

Moids are obsessed with the idea of pinning women against each other. Women who use the jealousy scapegoat are just as clueless and autistic as well

porn sick moids keep trying to make women hate each other in stupid things like
white women vs asian women vs black women etc
big boobs vs small boobs
fat girls vs skinny girls
tomboys vs girlygirls
pale vs tan
redheads vs blondes

it's just extremely stupid at this point and almost seems gay, like why do you need other men to tell you what women you like, nevermind having men trying to fight and attack other men for not liking what you like?

No. 938807

>American or just stupid?
why not both? really though, I'm just repeating something mlk jr said this in one of his writings. that was the gist of it anyway.

No. 938810

I am afraid Mr I have a dream was reading too much Marx, racism is way older, more deep and entrenched than classism. It's not going away any time soon.

No. 938827

Both Marx and Martin were smarter than you, lolcow anonymous rando.

No. 938866

The "mental disorders" thread, as well as the adhd thread, are just lame, lame versions of the weed/booze threads.
Your drugs are shit, and your excuses for using those drugs are shit.

No. 938935

Except mental disorders like adhd are diagnosed by doctors and can be crippling in daily life. Have some compassion anon

No. 938948

compassion? on MY lolcow dot farm?

No. 938979

speed is much better than downers though? not sure if you're a heroin chan but get a grip and enjoy the 80s like the rest of us

No. 938992

You’re kind of right anon I agree with you

No. 938993

I just ignore the adhd thread because it's grouped with autism. stop grouping the two together kek

No. 939064

Ayrt, tried speed twice, it was dis-gu-sting. Ew. It just makes me agitated and is overall an unpleasant experience. I am left with the urge to avoid it.
So there. You can't say I haven't tried (tried twice because I know first impressions can be weird).
Never tried heroin, I just occasionally get drunk (like now) or smoke weed (like last weekend).

No. 939223

File: 1634294218989.gif (261.06 KB, 1000x1000, A416CF15-56E5-4ADC-9264-442784…)

Findoms are extremely based. If you can spill money from scrotes who don’t even ask for special pics, why wouldn’t you dry their wallets.
That’s not e-begging, that’s pure genius. I wish I had the balls to do so myself.

No. 939228

Disagree, they are the ones who think you are pathetic for acting all though for money. That's how they get off. They love your desperation.

No. 939230

no one here insults them and says their taking advantage "poor uwu men" or whatever
it it is still kinda pathetic to act out as a "dom" for male pleasure though and I personally think that its just another facet ot material capitalism

No. 939240

>implying I need any "acting" to call a man a pig and demand money

No. 939246

It sounds that way on the surface, but that's just how they want you to think it works so it looks more glamorous. There might be a select few "findommes" who don't have to heavily engage in verbal roleplay of the scrote's choosing or send pictures privately in return, but I think those are few and far between. Men will spend money on stupid sexual shit, but they're too controlling about sex to really do it with nothing in return. It's not like you just get to verbally abuse them how you want to, they'd expect you to act like their angry mommy or something disgusting, and at that point it's not that different from OF shit.

No. 939247

>who don’t even ask for special pics
All the successful ones post pornographic pics of themselves.

No. 939250

you do need "act" though, you have to appeal to their specific fetishes and dress in latex, you have to say specific insults that they are into it otherwise they'll find someone else

No. 939334

Not necessarily, I think. You don’t even need a lot of paypigs, if you want to have gifts and money as a side gig.

No. 939339

I'm sure that is what Katherine thought (or are you a findom?)

No. 939340

You're still putting on an act. What sane woman genuinely wants to deal with a pathetic and/or ugly scrote in any capacity, even if she's not actually having sex with him or sending him pictures? It's still degrading for the woman and erodes their self-worth imo. If you're actually into "femdom" (I hate this term and the pornified image of what it implies, but you get the idea) you can find a sweet and cute boyfriend who wants to serve you and spends money on you (because he loves you and wants to make you happy, not because it degrades himself and you).

No. 939346

File: 1634309766704.gif (993.49 KB, 300x141, iYdkyaj.gif)

>you can find a sweet and cute boyfriend who wants to serve you and spends money on you (because he loves you and wants to make you happy, not because it degrades himself and you)

No. 939418

Kinkster scrotes are incredibly specific, if you just call him a pig instead of doing it while patting your head, rubbing your tummy counterclockwise, and jumping on one foot while shouting uncle exactly the right way to satisfy his niche fetish he will just refuse to pay you anything. I have known girls who tried it because they assumed that stuff or selling feet pictures is easy money, but the moids who actually have money to put behind this will try to make you bend over backwards for them even if they are "submissive." They don't really want you to use them, they want to use you while larping that it's the other way around to get their rocks off.

No. 939630

Consumerist nostalgia is childish and it always leads to bad financial choices or degeneracy. You can remember things fondly and keep one or two things but the moment you go all in and become a human sized 90's toy store then you clearly have a problem.

No. 939631

>will try to make you bend over backwards for them even if they are "submissive.
This is the case with every submissive moid I've ever seen. Or vanilla moids too. They always want it their way, they always need to have a little bit of control. You have to do it as they say. Moids are just not used to being truly submissive.

No. 939688

Kek why is this so painfully accurate anon, literally every "submissive" kinkster scrote is exactly like you described.

No. 939721

I don't think beastiality is that bad. We already kill and eat them, why draw the line here? I feel like people these days are so hypocritical, y'all eat chicken but God forbid if you ever take a bite out of a dog. Y'all have too much empathy for animals anyways, those cows will straight up kick you for no reason. They only go by their instincts.

No. 939724

File: 1634330781241.gif (343.79 KB, 220x199, nasty bitch.gif)

No. 939727

File: 1634330927216.jpg (30.76 KB, 625x626, 1521405519085.jpg)

No. 939730

Is this the Raymond poster from /m/

No. 939731

Kek anon, this is how bored some people are they’re just making anything up to start a flame war

No. 939736

Please stop with the sassy reaction gifs. We are not LSA.

No. 939739

If anon can say she wants to fuck animals then I can use a reaction gif.

No. 939742

Yes, you are both horrible

No. 939743

damn, maybe you just need to find some joy in your life, i liked anon’s reaction gif.

No. 939745

File: 1634331548189.gif (1.1 MB, 498x280, B9608319-F222-4B17-88A0-59F2C1…)

No. 939746

File: 1634331578044.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, 1621884235155.png)

No. 939747

If you wouldn't say y'all to real people in the American South without blushing, you should be banned from saying y'all on the internet.

No. 939751

nta but some gifs are so iconic that they've become a part of image board culture itself. The disgusted look gif is one such example. Learn some respect.