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File: 1629216538713.jpg (127.45 KB, 680x1051, 33.jpg)

No. 1301924

This thread is for posting and discussing cringey Twitter Activists and "journalists" who fight the great racial injustices in society such as professionally trained white women writing a cookbook or white people enjoying Asian food

No. 1301925

Kek thank you for this, I’ve been laughing about Josh Luna for a while now

No. 1301929

File: 1629216974151.png (781.5 KB, 850x838, faaaat.png)

No. 1301934

File: 1629217158858.jpg (116.58 KB, 1049x700, 1239661.jpg)

"Hunter Ashleigh Shackelford (they/she) is a Black fat cultural producer, multidisciplinary artist, nonbinary shapeshifter, and data futurist based in Atlanta, Georgia, with roots in Richmond, Virginia. They are the creator and director of a Southern body liberation organization, Free Figure Revolution, which focuses on decolonizing antiblack body violence. With bylines in Wear Your Voice Magazine, For Harriet, Buzzfeed, and Teen Vogue, Hunter illustrates the relationship between Blackness, fatness, desire, queerness, and popular culture"

No. 1301935

Cool thread
this is disgusting

No. 1301938

As someone whose black I despise these types of black women. the ones who try to obesity itself to being a black woman and make it seem like any skinny black woman somehow wants to conform to "Eurocentric" beauty standards

No. 1301942

Lol this image is real? I remember seeing it posted on anti-sjw Tumblr back in the days, I always thought it was a shooped parody.

No. 1301945

>All white people are racist
lol how much you want to bet she has a white guy fetish

No. 1301949

Yes it is and I've decided to delete it cos I don't want this thread to get locked due to racebaiting. Her fat stuff is funnier anyway.

No. 1301950

File: 1629217794270.jpeg (279.22 KB, 1908x1146, tesshollidayanorexia.jpeg)

Same. I remember seeing some discourse about how the fat positivity movement doesn't include black women enough.
It's like they hate anything good, and want everything bad. Why can't they leave the obesity to the people who invented refined sugar in the first place? What's next? "#TweakerNation is too white"?

No. 1301957

Ok 2 seconds in and you're racebaiting. This thread is going to disappear and it could have been so good.

No. 1301958

File: 1629218163071.jpg (28.05 KB, 360x450, g.jpg)

I suspect every single non-white woman in this thread is dating/married to a white guy, the white male partners of Asian wokies tend to be the worst, like the lowest of the low of white men
guys like this

No. 1301969

File: 1629218821395.png (2.64 MB, 2072x1182, 98gz.png)

How is what I said racebait? The Ashleigh Shackleford person does entire seminars on all white people being racist and how the world needs fat positivity. For someone who hates all white people, she sure loves burgers (and demanding money from them).

No. 1301972

File: 1629218906844.jpg (77.37 KB, 660x933, 1540143013620.jpg)

Absolutely Haram.

No. 1301973

>45% of fat people have an eating disorder
Most of them have binge-eating disorder, but how the hell is that gonna work with the "nourish yourself and take up space" messages?

No. 1301974

File: 1629219080556.png (103.9 KB, 1170x386, lp1.png)

This bitch. Must suck knowing she will forever be remembered as the silly little cunt Starkey annihilated kek.

No. 1301975

>For Harriet
I can't stand this idiot, I remember she said some shit about femininity not being meant for black women, You know, dumb TRA shit to defend troons.
>Fat folks were denied gender affirming surgery due to their size

No. 1301977

>26% of fat folks were denied gender affirming surgery due to their size
I mean, tranny shit aside, from a logistical standpoint, what do they want the surgeons to do? It's not exactly easy to cut through so many layers of fat.

No. 1301978

Didn't she defend the man who flashed his penis to women and children at the Wi spa?

No. 1301982

They want them to try anyway. Then when one ends up dead or botched, because they were told to lose fucking weight, they'll be like, "Gender Affirming surgeries for Fat bodies isn't dangerous, doctors who don't learn how to deal with fat bodies are dangerous!"
Or something retarded like that.

No. 1301983

I loooooove cows like this, thank you for sharing

No. 1301984

Yes she also said it was little girls' fault if they're made uncomfortable by troon peen. She said they should learn to avert their gaze.

No. 1301986

>won't shut up about how much he hates white people and loves other Asians
>is married to a white woman
Literally every time with these people.

No. 1301987

Is she really ?

No. 1301999

File: 1629220290997.jpeg (76.76 KB, 828x662, E81bZ0wWEAAx-j5.jpeg)

In this day and age this is a hugely broad thread but I'm interested.

No. 1302005

Morbidly obese people are denied surgery because their size makes it too hard for anesthesiologists to put them under safely, not because of 'fatphobia' or whatever. Do these tards really want to be lucid while their dick&balls get sliced and diced for a few hours?

No. 1302006

Josh Luna? Not sure if they're still together, but he was definitely with a white girl a few years ago.

No. 1302009

this has to be a joke. i bet these twittertards think they've actually done more for the cause of women against the taliban than malala has. as if tweeting gofundmes compares to literally being shot and having the bravery to use it to spread awareness.

No. 1302014

File: 1629220720748.png (1.38 MB, 1136x2048, Screenshot_20210817-131644.png)

She seriously thinks she's important, it's laughable

No. 1302020

This woman doesn't seem to be an activist or columnist. This thread is a spin-off for professional and paid twitter tard types, not just any old twit kek.

No. 1302024

This isn't a Joke, a lot of South Asian Muslims hate malala especially in Pakistan, see she's talked about Pashtun autonomy, which has branded her a racist and also CIA agent who wants to divide up Pakistan, she also points out the many followers of the Paksitan army and the fact they supported the Taliban which makes the right wingers hate her

No. 1302045

File: 1629222611807.png (1.79 MB, 1879x1434, mh.PNG)

For the past month she's been organizing and promoting Afghan-related protests.

No. 1302071

File: 1629224039958.jpg (208.33 KB, 1125x1784, Laurie.jpg)

If you didn't wanna see a penis you shouldn't have gone to the woman's bathroom bigot

No. 1302094

Found the white person larping as black online

No. 1302116

File: 1629227002717.jpg (559.99 KB, 962x1560, tumblr_6072c2edb44a19e3fe361b2…)

Finally, somewhere to dump Josh Luna comics. I figured he was a cow when I saw "don't repost or edit my work" on all of his captions. Why publish your stuff online at all if you don't want it shared and republished?

No. 1302121

I like the name Eugene Nicks

No. 1302126

File: 1629227993005.jpg (177.06 KB, 680x1051, sus-mayo-osep.jpg)

>total lolcow with tons of content to laugh at
>the only people making fun of him are 4chan moids with azn waifu fetishes
What a shame.

No. 1302132

File: 1629228572489.png (8.6 KB, 69x83, a.PNG)

I will forever laugh at this face

No. 1302138

>Compares the reactions of kids at the age where anything that isn't chicken nuggets is disgusting with the enjoyment by possibly well-traveled adult foodies that has a much wider taste palette

This strip is absolutely hilarious but not for the intended reason

No. 1302151

File: 1629229676189.jpeg (278.5 KB, 1242x1242, 11.jpeg)

Any updates on this situation

No. 1302162

Ooh interesting! I love stuff like this. How can you tell? Would it normally be "as a black woman/person"? That was my first thought. Datalounge caught someone larping as a gay man, anon said "sexual preference" apparently it's always "orientation"

No. 1302167

She's spamming her page with supportive tweets from her friends kek. What a loser.

No. 1302185

File: 1629232431120.jpeg (162.91 KB, 663x1024, ricecel.jpeg)

The inner incel always comes out

No. 1302190

ah yes, the classic "men and women are literally the same" scrotes love

No. 1302198

So many keks. A softboy Elliot Rodger

No. 1302214

File: 1629233701004.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, tiptopkek.JPG)

>my face when i read josh luna comics

No. 1302223

It looks exactly like face of the "my butthole went boop" guy from that Netflix cartoon about the gay super heroes

No. 1302225

File: 1629234195382.jpg (84.37 KB, 439x880, rt.JPG)

Roslyn can't stop won't stop

No. 1302231

off topic but this is such a cute story, she had some good memories with her grandfather eating Chinese food, she grew up to become a incredibly intelligent woman with 2 degrees in STEM fields and became a cancer research scientist, and now she dedicates her life to make healthy and enjoyable food while also teaching advanced science

No. 1302233

File: 1629234896542.jpg (76.82 KB, 473x843, rt.JPG)


I'm willing to bet $100 she has a white "colonizer" boyfriend.

No. 1302234

The irony is that the whiny woke tards will make everyone who's sick and tired of this shit go out and buy the book.

No. 1302237

I'm sure of it, either that or every single one of her exes just happens to be a colonizer, literally my University experience
a WOC's wokeness is directly proportional to the blandness of the white man she's dating, except East Asian women who literally had no standards with white guys

No. 1302240

This is such a weird thing for her to take issue with, since chefs specializing in a foreign cuisine is far from uncommon. Has she never heard of all the Japanese chefs who went to France in the 70's-90's to master French cuisine?

No. 1302245

From what I've seen on Twitter, she and her friends reply with something akin to "They were colonized and forcibly fed white people cuisine until they started to like it, gotcha cracker!"

She's still arguing and whining over it and now it's a "white supremacy attacking her for daring to be a minority with an opinion". There is no actual argument with her because she appear to be the superior victim.

No. 1302298

File: 1629241194646.png (252.25 KB, 1082x1048, ros.png)

Pippa should have kept silent. Bless her.

No. 1302304

File: 1629241615647.png (88.3 KB, 1154x328, r0s.png)

I mostly find woketards exasperatingly funny, but Roslyn is truly horrid. I rarely get pissed off by this shit, she is a real fucking mean bitch.

No. 1302307

File: 1629241931190.png (46.01 KB, 597x442, unhinged.PNG)

I've never seen such an overblown reaction to a fucking cookbook of all things.

No. 1302309

jesus christ this bitch is annoying

No. 1302313

File: 1629243027420.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

This is actually infuriating. holyshit

No. 1302315

>this is what white women used to do that had Asian and black men murdered.
It's Twitter. This just shows how fake all this shit is for them. They're so far removed from that kind of pain, it's nothing but a weapon in their petty arguments.
Imagine having your father or great-grandfather killed because of that kind of racism, like an Emmett Till situation, and then some moron on the internet equates it to someone's attempt at Twitter beef backfiring on them.

No. 1302316

She's so mad that a non asian woman really loves the cuisine and wanted to write a cook book. I'm dying. Why are flips so pathetic

No. 1302319

It was already a best seller, which is probably how she became aware of it.

So is twitter going to suspend her? I won't hold my breath kek.

So what do you guys think, was this planned? Has it backfired or not? Maybe this is the reaction she wanted. I wonder if she truly believes she's been victimised. She's spent all day retweeting "allies". Is she trying to piggyback off Pippa's fame or something?

No. 1302323

literally mad that other people don't spend all day on twitter looking at things that upset them

No. 1302338

Kek this whole argument is based on her resentment though. And a woman writing a cookbook is violence?

No. 1302354

Does anyone have the tweet where they called the taliban "gender critical"?

No. 1302359

File: 1629247172726.png (234.11 KB, 1426x704, cow.png)

She's done this before. Tldr.
>"You fucking realize bloggers/writers are creators, right? just because we don’t sing or dance shitty choreo or culturally appropriate for profit doesn’t make our craft any less valid. suck on my balls… a spoiled white girl from boca. bitchass."
>Arianators defend and harass (some of it aggressive, allegedly)
>dm from Ariana. Grande wrote that she found her "craft" and articles "extremely valid."
>Talusan wrote back, apologizing for calling the singer "bitchass buzzard" and a "spoiled white girl from Boca." Grande apologized herself.
>The two talked about their mental health journeys and suffering from PTSD.
>"Grande kept DM'ing me to reassure me that she writes her songs and then about her PTSD. I made sure to validate her feelings, told her healing isn’t linear, and recommended a book.
>Talusan shared screenshots of what her fans were sending her, and asked her to "get them to stop."
>"they're just reacting with similar energy to what they've read honestly. Your tweets were hostile. they're upset and they're passionate," the singer wrote before apologizing "on their behalf" because she does not "love that type of behavior."
>"She essentially victim-blamed and gaslit me," Talusan said
>"As more powerful and public figures react to honest and genuine critique by demanding silence and threatening violence, it seems as if celebrities consider themselves above human."

Isn't that last line defamatory? She's lucky Ariana's people "were not available for comment" and ignored her stupid freakout from then on out. She's going to get herself in genuine trouble one day.

No. 1302367

God, I hate diasporic Asian scrote so much that I wish he is a mainland Asian woman who gets beat by her parents for cutting her hair short.

No. 1302371

Her most recent white boyfriend dumped her for a girl that looks like Pippa is my guess. She's way too spiteful for this to not be personal.

No. 1302375

>Why are flips so pathetic
i am begging you to log off of twitter

No. 1302392

Ah princess weekes one of Lindsay Elli's colleagues, she's also a wokie WOC whose only ever dated white men, in fact she made an entire video complaining that white male and black female relationship aren't handled well enough in fiction, there's not enough white male and that white fangirls are actively racist against white male black female relationships in fandoms

No. 1302395

reposting things on instagram isn’t “organizing and promoting” protests kek

No. 1302410

>she's also a wokie WOC whose only ever dated white men
The more woke the WOC, the more she loves white cock.

No. 1302414

you sound like a man

No. 1302416

might be a scrote but he's not wrong, it seems the more wokeish a WOC seems to be the higher their chances of dating a white man are

No. 1302432

File: 1629255147039.png (58.16 KB, 595x487, therapy.PNG)

She's having an absolute meltdown KEK

No. 1302441

She should just deactivate at this point, she's just taking L after L and they won't stop

No. 1302450

>might be a scrote but he's not wrong

No. 1302454

File: 1629257201627.png (551.06 KB, 750x1334, B72D8297-1D94-47EE-9FA4-62226B…)

I thought this was a little bit retarded. I’ve seen some really well curated, race specific art shows before and it didn’t seem to matter much what the curator’s identities were.

No. 1302455

literally all those fields were invented by western white people though

No. 1302456

Since someone mention woke asian woman here I gotta ask.
What the actual fuck is it with those like second gen "asian Americans" who have never been out of America or whatever majority white country they are from who jump onto social justice and try to gate keep being Asian like they are so oppressed, like sure your grandparent fled from some commie shithole 60 years ago but you are so devoid of that and asian culture that you are getting offended at white people eating noodles and dressing in a Kimono?

and why are they always named something like Sofia?

No. 1302458

What is this post even trying to say

No. 1302464

Ah yes the multiple POCs some even being chefs that told her to stop acting like an idiot over food are nazis. Un fucking believable.

No. 1302472

why is it so hard for fatties not to look absolutely disheveled? christ

No. 1302476

kek she means the people who said anyone can write a cookbook? ig that makes someone a nazi now

No. 1302486

File: 1629260790164.png (62.65 KB, 1372x296, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 9.25…)

>Fat folks don't die from being fat


No. 1302490

Damn people are actually sending her money what a scammer

No. 1302491

I loved how she had a dumb take, people call her out for said dumb take, and then tries to act like the victim because of it.

No. 1302494

so this is just a thread for whities to whine. say no more.

No. 1302495

Probably insecure that they’re not connected to their family’s culture as much as they want to be. So they lash out at white people who take interest in said culture.

No. 1302496

Hi Rosalyn

No. 1302500

yeah, seems like it’s going in that direction when it could have been a good thread cause some of these knuckleheads are legit milky. it’s a shame desu.

hi cow!!!!!!!!

No. 1302502

File: 1629263324446.jpeg (56.09 KB, 680x680, 108.jpeg)

Someone posted a pic of how Josh Luna draws himself vs. what he looks like IRL and I just-

No. 1302506

This is as dumb of a take as picrel lmao

No. 1302507

Chinlets are always the most unhinged incels kek

No. 1302508

Are you serious

No. 1302509

Its not though, the study of Anthropology, art critique and serious attempt at preserving history began in Western Europe, the Arabs in Egypt had no interest in learning their own History of the Pharaohs before the French

No. 1302512

Nvm, I take it back, picrel wasn’t a dumb take. You’re the exact type of person they’re talking about.

No. 1302513

White colonizers are only acceptable when they donate poor victims money out of white guilt

No. 1302516

Or when they are poor poc victim's white boyfriend

No. 1302521

File: 1629268223016.jpg (569.86 KB, 1100x1700, 1598300866048.jpg)


No. 1302523

ancient egyptians did document their own history though, so did the chinese and persians. Any culture that did writing regularly had historians

No. 1302524

Exactly, their excuse is that "it's fatphobic that the possibilities of safe medical care for fat people hasn't been studied enough so that I could have my tits lopped off at BMI 50". As if it was physically possible to safely conduct major surgery on a literal landwhale.

The overboiling hate these crazy activists have for "white wahmen" in particular is so staggering. I'm pretty sure white women historically have not been overrepresented in leading positions or barely had rights themselves while men got to rule the world but the hate is always directed towards imaginary Karens and Beckies committing genocide. Is it some deeply ingrained internalized racism of wanting to bag a white chad and subconsciously hating white women for "getting all the white guys" or something, similar to how HSTSs hate women for "stealing all the men"? Geez thotscholar, just take any white guy you need, I don't want them.

No. 1302525

can someone explain the thread pic? i'm a seafag but i don't get it. saged for dumbassery

No. 1302527

As someone who has relatives who are 2nd gen immigrants in another country and represent an ethnic minority there, it's mostly just insecurity over their roots. They don't understand their parents/grandparents' culture because they've never lived there themselves and have trouble speaking the language so they can't connect with their relatives. I feel bad for them for being bullied as kids for being different but I'd slap them silly if they started demanding that anyone from their country can never eat our food for example because of muh cultural appropriation.

I'm guessing it's because Josh Luna is mad over Asian girls not dating him and he's there being represented as the chinlet being cucked. I'm not sure.

No. 1302541

File: 1629272127227.jpg (515.19 KB, 1100x1700, tumblr_ovigw42BWH1vpevljo1_128…)

It's a parody of the original.

No. 1302544

Quit being so assmad you got clocked cracker

No. 1302556

Half-filipinos are fucking stupid. They tried to cancel Aswang Project when they found out he's white when the person has actually contributed to the rise of local interest of Filipino mythology.

No. 1302559

thanks nonitas

No. 1302578

Fil-Ams are armchair activists imo even with the Filipinx shtick they got going on trying to copy Latinx

No. 1302590

File: 1629277612072.jpg (25.63 KB, 479x259, Capture.JPG)

Roslyn has now privated her account after people started digging her old tweets…twitter tale as old as time

No. 1302593

Good shot anon. Wow and people just donated money to this bitch. I wonder how stupid do they look right now.

No. 1302594

She checks every woke bingo cards wtf kek

No. 1302595

unironically calling for white genocide?

No. 1302606

He puts way too much effort into drawing what essentially amounts to Garfield tier doodles in terms on content. Also don't Asian countries really hate each other though, do Asian Americans really get along that great despite that?

No. 1302611

It's more universal than that, I'm a minority in my European country, my mother came to my country to get married to my 2nd gen father, and I never really felt any insecurity over my mother's country and culture because I used to go there every summer until I became an adult to visit my family, but the 3nd gen people my age are overcompensating in similar ways.

No. 1302652

Ime wokies will hate you just as much, but actually respect you more if you don't pander to them. Irl with these sorts of people I'm fairly stern and some become a little besotted. They're often of a borderline, masochistic personality type. I've suspected this is what's behind the whole 'woke woc white man pairing'. I wouldn't be surprised if they enjoy being paddled on the bottom.

"Ya'll remember that Roslyn bitch?" Apparently that's all it takes, so no wonder she needs therapy kek.

This is embarrassing anon.

I'm a different person, maybe you're not so good at clocking after all.

Oh, wish I had done that! Is there a site we can use to bypass the block? One that captures old tweets? I'm not familiar with twitter if I look at her friends accounts and she replies, will I see her posts or not?

No. 1302671

>Josh Luna
>Luna means moon
>Is a lolcow
Is this alternate timeline Josh Moon?

No. 1302685

their parents often come from struggle, and when they come to america, they work hard all their lives to give their kids a wealthy life. The kids grow up pretty much resenting that economic privilege, and compensating with it with social justice, which has been a smoke screen for US class unbalance since the fall of occupy wall street

No. 1302705

File: 1629294453055.png (77.21 KB, 536x531, dangerous.PNG)

I still had her acct open from last night, managed to get this. If you can't tell, the "danger" here is some guys sending her fake money requests through Paypal and calling her dumb. kek

No. 1302710

I am done with social justice at this point
To hell with it all

No. 1302713

Lmao I find some of those request pretty damn funny. If you’re a white colonizer you’re only useful if you donate to this poor oppressed woman of color hurrr durrr

Amen sister

No. 1302748

File: 1629298746590.jpg (128.93 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20210818-165748_Chr…)

Lmaoooo, Good job Roslyn

No. 1302750

File: 1629299359884.jpg (229.84 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20210818-170853_Chr…)

No. 1302756

She's not referring to Pippa, just white women generally.

No. 1302780

Is this guy's aesthetic "low res scanlation"?

No. 1302791

Which makes the tweet even dumber. How narcissistic do she have to be to think an entire group's sense of self is formed in relation to her and people like her? Wokies are legit diagnosable

No. 1302792

Most Asian Americans are catty bitches who are incredibly cliquey and unpleasant

No. 1302817

They always get eaten by their own eventually!

No. 1302833

This is what tickles me the most. “Filipino” is a proper noun. The o does not signify masculine gender. By applying Spanish language rules are they not submitting to colonialism even more? Kek

No. 1302863

This might be one of my favorite pictures on the internet. Everything is gold, and her pouty, bratty looking face is the cherry on top.

Anyway, good thread. I'm glad it was started with Josh Luna too. He is well-deserving of being mocked.

No. 1302874

File: 1629308504393.png (178.25 KB, 1024x718, Screen-Shot-2021-06-21-at-7.53…)

there's this angle too, she doesn't look as funny but the clear view of 'pay pal me!' is good kek

No. 1302884

The white woman hate is indeed rooted in a lot of them being jealous over men. Plus they think that white women are easier targets than white men. As usual, the women get the shit while its the men who are far worse.

No. 1302943

If going to a culinary school and writing a cook book based on the culinary tradition of a culture you weren’t born into is grifting, what do we call someone who starts Twitter fights over a cook book based on the culinary tradition of a culture she wasn’t born into and then links her PayPal to demand donations for “therapy”?

No. 1302949

I think the dumbest thing about this is is that China is a literal superpower comparable to the USA and has a lot of the world under its thumb in one way or another, they're in no way underprivileged as a nationality or in the danger of disappearing as a culture. I don't understand why these people want to die on this hill of "nooo white woman making noodles and dumplings is literally killing chinese people", it's such a waste of time. and I swear I'm not trying to racebait but of course it's a pinoy just like Josh Luna, what the fuck is wrong with Western-born Filipins?

No. 1302960

How many animals have had to die for this creature. I wish vegans would go after her fat ass.

No. 1302976

I don't know kek. My brother had a Canadian-born Filipino gf and she was envious of and felt threatened by female relatives, including our mother and would try to compete with us. My brother kept explaining they're entirely different relationships in his head and he won't tolerate her bs, but she couldn't calm the fuck down (not just that, about everything). It's the reason he broke up with her. She was generally odd & in a specific way I can't describe. At the time we thought it was just her personality, but since moving to a more urban area and meeting more Filipinos, IME they have a much greater chance of being batshit kek. They're just really weird in some undefinable way.

No. 1303005

From my experience in China as a middle eastern woman, Chinese people were always super happy to share their culture and food with me. The lady who lived in the flat downstairs was always telling me I need to try this food and that food and oh I'm gonna give you a copy of my recipe to try. Same thing happened in Vietnam and Thailand. People in south east Asia were overwhelmingly kind to me and happy to discuss our different cultures and food. I cannot imagine any of them getting butthurt over some white lady writing a cookbook. You have to be a very special kind of privileged and sheltered idiot to think that is harmful. IMO food is the perfect way to break down cultural barriers, we all like to eat. We should encourage sharing cultures, how the fuck will gatekeeping help? Unless these miserable fucks are actually trying to bring back segregation, which would explain their actions.

No. 1303138

File: 1629328619116.png (1.64 MB, 1242x2208, D52D6280-BB1F-4572-AA1D-B0F962…)

Cow crossover

Shame. They would’ve made a cute power couple

No. 1303172

>she's so insufferable that even Joshua Luna wants nothing to do with her
Holy kek

No. 1303182

Its kinda like how most terves have a nigel or are on the look for one, truly ironic.

No. 1303186

lol, he was waiting for this moment

No. 1303192

wasn't Josh Luna exposed for abusing his brother? I don't have the screencap compilation but I know its out there.

No. 1303208


sry what's a nigel

No. 1303221

ntayrt (and tbh I don't get OPs correlation) synonym for man, from the phrase "not my Nigel"; i.e. women/feminists who delude themselves into thinking that their male isn't as bad as all the other males. sage next time btw

No. 1303225

File: 1629342951733.jpeg (158.27 KB, 744x1016, 05C889DD-7F00-4C20-BF56-6E4386…)

(1/2) From Roslyn Talusan’s website

“Expedite MY case! Contact the PM for ME!”

No. 1303229

>After I earned my Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from Ryerson University in 2014, I pursued an administrative career in the Canadian public service. Within the first six weeks of my first contract, a co-worker sexually assaulted me on our drive home.

Imagine this being the first line of your bio.


No. 1303230

File: 1629343248217.jpeg (117.27 KB, 750x875, 3B1085E8-67BC-4A2C-8056-D9173A…)

(2/2) “Give ME money!”

Also - she has a bachelors degree which she’s apparently refusing to use and reads tarot cards lmao
The grift is strong

No. 1303235

Yeah that's what I've been saying too! They think its such a "gotcha" moment when they say that the term Filipinos came from some old white colonizer named Philip. Literally no one associates it anymore with the king of spain lol.

Kek you and me both. I live in the Philippines and not even the most of the mainlanders I talk to here don't like Western born filipinos because they think they're a know it all and arrogant. Despite their brown skin they're still white mentally lol

No. 1303242

most of the uni-educated journalists tend to be very upper-class and honestly don't understand that extreme rhetroic helps no one, esp not working class people or migrant workers.

it's honestly mind-boggling and it's a big issue regardless of race–even the white students dunk on themselves but it gets tiring dealing with that priveleged ass shit. It's not wrong to say that a lot of WOC journalists get shit online but the newer crop seem more and more insulated from reality.

No. 1303260

I didn't realize she's from Toronto. Hats off to Ontario for producing yet another cow.

No. 1303289

For such a small population relative to size, Canada is really good at producing cows, especially of the woke variety.

No. 1303334

It's because the ratio of people who act like twittertard cows irl is so high comparative to how small the population size is, churning them out at high velocity really

No. 1303343

canadians, especially the youngs, are so fucking bitchy. I'll see if I can find the statistics who said this, but on national scale, americans have a positive opinion of canadians, while canadians largely hate americans and think low of them. Superiority complex is their culture, might be the french genes

No. 1303371

File: 1629365593180.jpg (240.29 KB, 922x2048, 20210819_213159.jpg)

Western born pinoys, the rich kids from state universities, or basically anyone in this country who can afford to be online are all insufferable on twitter. They want to be like those white liberals so bad

No. 1303393

>rice ruins our food
>we can eat our traditional food with bagguette instead
She is being sarcastic, right?

No. 1303439

Why are they always blue or green eyed white people

No. 1303465

Nigel is supposed to be the perfect feminist ally and there's nothing wrong with women looking for that cuz not everyone is a lesbian so not sure what is "ironic" about women wanting that. The thing is nigels are exceedingly rare. Many women are on copium about average af stereotypical leftoid ~feminist~ scrote, praising them for the bare minimum, which is unfortunately a lot of times.

No. 1303472

There's no such thing as male feminist ally. Men tell you what you want to hear because they want to fuck you.

No. 1303500

They're sarcastically paraphrasing the article. Bonus double whammy: that's a troon!

No. 1303545

With her social media protected it's difficult to check this. But, according to a two year old aznidentity thread, Roslyn used to attack AM and WF but supported white supremacist men and sympathised with their 'marginalisation'. Whether she really did support white supremacy as we understand it, or to Asian men supporting WM = white supremacy, I do not know. This is the tweet that drew their attention and got them digging.
>Tweet: I’m so tired of Asian men thinking that being called ugly is oppression and that it only happens to them.
>Confirm ex-boyfriends are white
>Confirm boyfriend (at the time) is white
>Someone claims to know she is half-white
>Find her social media and she is surrounded by white guys
>Discover she is an E-begger. (Rent and to cover legal costs. Sexual harassment and assault cases. Perp WM)
>Claim (slander?) she is a fake progressive connected to the Jee Jing Twitter Grifter ring (what?)
>Someone claims to have "dealt with her" and she's gone silent


No. 1303561

Okay not to racebait and genialize but what is it with Asian women dating the worst white men, seriously either ultra soyboys or dumb jaw-lacking racists, I don't see this with other WOC(as much) I know plenty of normal white guys who are dating normal black or Hispanic women and race is never an issue for these couple's, but I avoid white men who have even dated Asian women

No. 1303570

>>1303334 can confirm this is true. everyone pretty much mimics twitter/tumblr as their belief system (majority of ppl who are teens-20s)

>>1303343 true for many, but the only main main french place in canada is quebec so the french thing is a no

>>1303371 so true. their fams move to canada for a good life but many young filipinos act oppressed when theyre pretty average/well-off. i used to be friends with a gal who literally preached that yet she was the most well-off in my friend group and has never worked a day in her life/refuses to but still talks about "muh capitalism bad white ppl bad" constantly

noticed this gal went to ryerson which is well-known to be pretty crappy/a low tier uni as it was previously a highschool. super lefty school where theres currently a huge backlash from the woketards bc word spread around that ryerson established the residential school system/played a big role when their website states otherwise (attached is a vid of them pulling his statue down.. no arrests or consequences have really been announced as far as i have heard)

all off topic above, but im curious if anyone i know knows her…

No. 1303571

Because he thinks white people are all blonde with green or blue eyes kek
The racist also loves to draw all white people ugly, but had a white girlfriend at some point. Imagine the nightmare of having a relationship with an insecure manlet obsessed with race.

No. 1303575

To exaggerate differences. He's racist.

No. 1303582

File: 1629390865789.jpg (976.75 KB, 1076x1749, Screenshot_20210819-182151_Chr…)


oh no roslyn dated a colonizer

oh wait, only white women writing cookbooks about asian noodles are colonizers, according to roslyn

No. 1303586

>I avoid white men who have even dated Asian women
There's definitely a pattern and type. More white women have become aware of it through the net. Is he normal? kek. Better off avoiding. Many white men are arrogant and believe they cannot be tainted by stereotype. I know this is disgusting, but many white men will quietly reject/filter out white white women who have been with black men. Getting their just desserts imo, considering it's usually this type of racist man who dates Asians.

No. 1303588

File: 1629391289769.jpg (448.61 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_2021-08-19_173244.j…)

Sorry for literally just posting an Anna Slatz tweet, but Koe Creation (a 'sex positive educator' type) could do with a hard drive check

>Koe Creation is truly a Sex Educator for the 21st century. Having grown up as a child of a sex-positive, polyamorous family, Koe uses their unique knowledge as a second-generation queerspawn to provide prospective parents & families a framework for successful cross-generational communication about their identities and relationship(s).

No. 1303593

LMAO. Are we surprised? Please post more milky insta posts if you have any!

No. 1303603

idk about all that but it seems Asian women willingly go for the worst white men, the lowest of the low of, not even white men who are low but still dangerous and could provide thrills, but complete and utter losers

No. 1303604

Asian women really have no self esteem. They are the most neurotic people I’ve ever met. Can anyone explain what is wrong with Asian people???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1303610

I don't think her mom is white, unless she is lying. She could be hapa but probably isn't.
>But it wasn’t until 1998’s Mulan that I saw my Asian (Filipino with a Chinese maternal grandmother, to be precise) identity reflected in a Disney princess. >>1303582 Female Asian body type has me doubting tbh.

No. 1303620

That actually hurt to read knowing women in these relationships, like my heart stings a little

No. 1303625

File: 1629394164323.png (1.06 MB, 1190x756, waaa.png)

all this stuff about rosalyn made me remember someone else who got pissed off about something similar named evy kwong.

shes a toronto star writer (shitty toronto newspaper no one reads) who got blown up on twitter after getting a business shutdown bc it was a white owned vietnamese place https://twitter.com/EVYSTADIUM/status/1329111561861017600

after she got ratio'd big time she went on to play the victim and write herself some hate mail (mostly assumed that she wrote it because its unlikely ppl sent it) for pity points

No. 1303627


this is frightening

No. 1303628

No. 1303630

I get that and all, but I wouldn't assume that's her, could actually be a hate mail. with covid, racism towards Asians skyrocketed, people beat them now on the street now, so her actually getting this type of mail isn't too far off. Asian people actually get shit like this. Now that she did something wrong, the dude that sent this probably felt more validated to do so because of what she did.

No. 1303631

File: 1629394486586.jpg (269.46 KB, 637x575, 20201203_211134.jpg)

>Can anyone explain what is wrong with Asian people???

No. 1303634

> with covid, racism towards Asians skyrocketed
Lmao it absolutely did not. Asian people have the biggest persecution complex ever

No. 1303637

She'd probably have absolutely no problem dating the racist 4channer white boy who sent her that hate mail, tbh

No. 1303638

ikr.. also note the majority of attacks on asian ppl have been by black ppl so that goes against the whole "white supremacy is everywhere" thing

a clown is a clown… she got a business shut down and still has her job despite being a shit person

No. 1303640

how is that racist? lol

why are there so many farmers seething about asian women lately…

No. 1303642

are you retarded? look at the statistics, it most certainly did

No. 1303649

Violence against Asians has always been a problem, but the perps are disproportionated black people(usually mentally ill/gang members) since low income black and Asian people often live close to one another. Only now have they really begun to shine a light on the issue, but if you followed the local news of any major American city with large black and Asian populations(NYC, SanFran, etc) prior to 2020, you'd still see stories about elderly Asians getting hassled by young punks or basket cases almost every day.

No. 1303650

*disproportionately, fuck

No. 1303654

you expect too much from Asians, calling out black people is social suicide nowadays

No. 1303658

my favorite part in all of this is when Twitter woketards claim that attacks on Asians are disproportionately committed by white people and that black and asian people should just unite against "white supremacy"

No. 1303660

Nah, that "poem" definitely reads like the writing of some psychotic 40+ year old white scrote with an Asian fetish.

No. 1303663

If you look at the statistics, it really does
>A 50 percent increase in San Francisco from 2019 - 2020, for example, means the number of actual crimes went from 6 to 9.
Fuck off with your reddit spacing. No one is seething about Asian women you mong

No. 1303664

I noticed that they mostly come from Southern Ontario.

No. 1303667

I've unironically had BLM defenders tell me Asians deserve getting hate-crimed because it's karma for the genocide going on in China, as if Asians in America have any fucking control over what the government in another country does. Not to mention many Chinese immigrants escaped and came to America because of how awful the Chinese government is.

No. 1303669

>I've unironically had BLM defenders tell me Asians deserve getting hate-crimed because it's karma for the genocide going on in China

damn i came here to laugh and now im angry

No. 1303671

I heard the same from people who feel no empathy for slavs because in their countries the government is homophobic.
Goes to prove it's all about ego and power trips instead of empathy for oppressed groups

No. 1303676

not everyone you disagree with is from reddit, it's easier to read posts that way. now keep on seething about asian women stealing your men lol

No. 1303679

Is that you, Roslyn?

No. 1303681

>hi cow!!!
what next, are you gonna call me a scrote? maybe a troon?

No. 1303687

I can believe she received racist hate mail but it does sound fake. Who knows? Not that I sympathise much, what she did was horrible. It's the lice bit that jumped out to me. That's a stereotype other groups have for whites, I've never heard it in reverse. A bit suspect.

Laughing at retarded racist Asian cows is not Asian womanhate. We have plenty of appreciation threads and posts for Asian women search the archives. Also like 1% of white men are with an Asian woman, there's no mass theft. And something like 50% of wm reject Asian women based on race anyway if you look at the data.

No. 1303690

Just reply that american blacks deserve all that happens to them* as karma for the innocent arabs killed in the iraq war, and that if you're an american minority you're still privileged and profit from colonialism. Then send them this essay and say you hope there will be more terror attacks on amerikkkans kek https://maoistrebelnews.com/2015/05/02/yes-amerikkka-deserved-911/

*I don't really think so, it's just to piss them off by using their own idiotic logic and guilt by association tactics against them.

No. 1303691

Tbh I did think Roslyn was a troon at first, you could bring down drywall with that chin+jaw of hers

No. 1303696

i'm talking about the anons generalizing asian women.
see >>1303634

No. 1303709

Has she deleted her instagram?

No. 1303729

File: 1629399977583.png (353.49 KB, 842x960, aladdin.png)

Roslyn and her friends really enjoy hunting out women to attack huh. I was searching for a meme through google images because her tweets are protected and found this. She's a coward so who knows what she said (for a dozen fucking posts kek). We can be sure it was fucking stupid tho ofc kek. Joanna explains her reasoning (picrel) and they DOGPILE her. What the actual fuck is wrong with this Roslyn bitch?

No. 1303733

File: 1629400155708.jpg (103.64 KB, 709x947, D7qU5GtV4AAvvW6.jpg)

I can see what her friends were doing, shitposting white people memes.

No. 1303737

File: 1629400213289.jpg (84.13 KB, 720x831, D7qU5gCU8AAzHce.jpg)

No. 1303749

Those generalizations are true for the most part, though. The dregs of white male society go for Asian women specifically because they know they'll get some sucky-sucky no matter how repulsive they are, inside and/or outside. Andrew Anglin, a hideous, bald, 5'2" neoNazi who spends his time viciously mocking other races(including Asians) and fantasizing about molesting children, is treated like a rockstar in the Philippines. Same deal with Matt Forney, and countless other worthless failmale white moids.

No. 1303771

oh no! Poor littl' Disney!

No. 1303782

This thread reminds of Sarah Jeong, a woman who often made tweets picrel and act shocked when people called her out on these frankly offensive jokes and couldn't seemed to understand that just insulting white people wasn't satire or meaningful in anyway, she truly seemed to believe that insulting white people on twitter all day was somehow activism

No. 1303784

File: 1629401901304.jpg (369.56 KB, 3051x1200, 12.jpg)

picrel is her boyfriend

No. 1303786

Her most hateful tweets were made after he dumped her, kek

No. 1303789

I'm not gonna say all white men are ugly but damn these girls have some bad taste

No. 1303794

most pee o cees worship whites tbf, esp in non-white countries

he looks like a regular white man

No. 1303796

File: 1629402427445.jpg (27.78 KB, 640x627, hates white people gf.jpg)

make this the image for the next thread

No. 1303797

I think its cause only the lowest of the low white men probably go for Asian women(racebaiting)

No. 1303809

I noticed this too. Unlike >>1303343 suggested, it's definitely more of an anglo phenomenon. I think english speaking Canada is more susceptible to internalizing American political rhetoric because of shared language/geographic proximity/America's cultural influence. Francophone Canadians are rooted in their cultural status as a linguistic minority, whereas anglos are less in touch with their cultural context and seem to be kind of desperate to identify with a "meaningful" social cause. I think that's why we see so many demented twitter wokies coming out of there.

No. 1303826

this could be an explanation, but you are missing the fact that many people here are from 2nd gen or 3rd gen immigrants. im from south ontario and i have had a strong cultural context and ppl i grew up around were the same. i really started to meet anglo ppl in uni and if anything it could be true for them. the america thing is 100% true people apply everything there to here and there are a lot of enablers/pee oh cees who play along (or genuinely believe they are victims) so the woke movement is pretty rock solid to the point where you should expect most ppl have the same wokey mindset when u talk to them and saying what u actually think/not being a lefty is a shocker which will leave u isolated lol

No. 1303844

Having to correct people for innocently mispronouncing your uncommon name is "emotional labour and fighting for people to recognise your humanity. No, my name is not Rose MacGyver but that doesn't mean I'm not worthy of you having you actually say my name." The host says she notices some white people avoid using her name as they're too scared to mispronounce it and offend and Roslyn rolls her eyes KEK.

No. 1303847

File: 1629404383810.jpg (164.49 KB, 1200x963, 1200px-Pakistani_languages_map…)

In my country, people literally can't pronounce my name right, cause we either speak wildly different dialects or completely different languages
Should I get upset when I Seraiki or Baloch aboustetly butchers my name, would that be considered racism for these people

No. 1303848

wtf is wrong with Asian women? Asian women are a disgrace to women(stop racebaiting)

No. 1303850

why are there so many pakis here

stop race baiting, dickhead

No. 1303851

Its literally just me, I browse multiple threads

No. 1303852

It's sad how often these insecure "WoC activist" girls ree about evil white women oppressing them and then go home to their whiter than white boyfriends.

I'm guessing it's because Asian men are often ridiculously misogynist and neglecting that they're memed into believing that white boys treat them like princesses. So when they bag the worst white mouthbreathing racist chinlet who wants an Asian anime waifu they think it's the best they can do.

No. 1303854

i do remember one who couldn't speak english correctly although it might have been a larp

No. 1303855

Scrote detected

No. 1303858

I think it’s more equatable to someone who would treat all non-Urdu names as not worth learning the pronunciation, right?

No. 1303861

It's a scrote or someone trying to get the thread locked.

No. 1303862

I feel so bad for Asian women. Women of other races don't do this shit

No. 1303868

File: 1629405581942.png (891.08 KB, 910x1380, qr1.png)

No. 1303870

that would be an accurate statement but Urdu Speakers(Muhajirs) are hated over here, even people who like Urdu despise Muhajirs for weird racial reason

No. 1303874

File: 1629405674884.png (328.64 KB, 902x832, qr2.png)

No. 1303887

If I told someone like them my own experience with racism and they told me they understood how I felt and how it put so many obstacles in my life because they sometimes have people innocently mispronounce their names I'd beat the fuck out of them. Just out of principle.

No. 1303898

He also loves to overly-accentuate features on the whites, making them look more aged, hysterical, and all around ugly.

No. 1303909

he did the same to asians here >>1302185
so fucking fragile.

No. 1303912

nta but that's dignified anger. She doesn't mean any old expression, this one >>1302116

No. 1303915

it's pretty accurate though. do you also get mad at caricatures of muslims and the prophet Muhammad?

No. 1303916

File: 1629407951259.jpg (1.11 MB, 1100x1699, 1588450594382.jpg)

>imaginary Pacific Islander man covers your ears in school to make sure you stay retarded

Anyway this one is hilarious because he is shitting on his successful brother (the man in the middle) while making himself look like a poor underdog living in sewers.

In reality Josh is the son of a yuppie who has lived in Beverly Hills all his life and has never had to face a single hardship on his own.
The worst thing that's happened to him is looking in the mirror and realizing he looks nothing like his comic persona.

No. 1303917

File: 1629408237799.jpg (113.3 KB, 680x716, genghiscringe.jpg)

He also drew this borderline serial killer art of Genghis Khan atop a mound of brutally murdered white men. His white gf must've dumped him for a blond guy or something kek

No. 1303928

So a teacher saying focus in class is literal violence. Is this supposed to be the Asian Andrew Dobson because I’m seeing a lot of patterns

No. 1303929

what is the context? if i draw hitler does that make me a nazi? ppl are so oversensitive nowadays

No. 1303935

I mean if you drew a regal-looking Hitler standing proud and defiant over a pile of gassed Jews, I'd have some questions about your beliefs.

No. 1303937

>Asian Andrew Dobson
Holy shit now I can't unsee it, you're absolutely right anon.

No. 1303938

I don't think those are white men it looks like they're wearing mongolian armor

No. 1303966

I'm not getting mad at anything and I have zero idea what you're trying to say kek.

No. 1303975

is that the sound you make when you spin and bounce?

No. 1303996

nta, but are you ok anon?

No. 1304016

Wake up jannies!!!! Kill these KF scrotes in here.

No. 1304021

yeah thanks for asking

No. 1304084

Based Pakistani anon

She is absolutely seething over this one random white woman cooking noodles and dumplings. She's either extremely mentally ill and out of touch or she's chosen to die on this hill because her gargantuan ego, inflated due to being the most oppressed woc uwu!! means she's too proud to admit her argument was fucking stupid. Has she actually tweeted about anything else since she started getting backlash?

No. 1304086

it's very funny to me to see asians use the same lines black people do and realize that it doesn't work out well for them. asian women are stereotyped to be feminine, innocent, modest and pure (unlike black women who are seen as masculine, sassy and aggressive beasts) so the whole "white tears" thing falls flat

No. 1304092

Anyone thinks that Roslyn simplify hates other women so she just reees about white women so she looks woke instead and not suspect? Or am I looking too deep into this and she just hates white women because they “steal” all the white cock from her?

No. 1304096

I'm south american and this made me physically cringe, oh my god

No. 1304097

I think it’s a general woman-hating thing. I’m sure if she could twist attacks on women of other races to look woke, she’d be happy to shit on them too.

No. 1304116

It comes off as more of an identity crisis to me. She probably grew up hating being Asian and wanting to be white, which isn't uncommon in 2nd and 3rd gen immigrants. But now it's trendy to be anti-white and to paint yourself as a minority, so she's trying to claim her Filipino heritage when in reality she has no intimate connection with her "ethnic" culture and would stick out like any other white tourist in the Philippines. The fact that these woke Asians can't realize how obvious it is to tell their behavior is a byproduct of western culture astounds me. Asians in the mainland can spot an ABC just from the way they speak in the native language.

Roslyn is likely angry that she can't appreciate her own culture while this white lady can, but that's not the white lady's fault. There's nothing stopping Roslyn from learning about her own culture and getting involved in it, but she hates it and that's why it gets her so mad to see other people actually enjoying it, because it reminds her of her own insecurities and inability to get over herself kek.

No. 1304121

File: 1629421828284.jpg (38.31 KB, 1080x605, 26envwnqa0i71.jpg)

Personally, I don't think it's straightforward misogyny. She is very pro-black women in addition to being pro-asian, and not just on twitter but in her articles (and she complains about white women there too). She has a little clique on twitter consisting of asian and black women. They mock and rant incessantly about white women and find "problematic" individual white women to gang up on frequently. Pippa is not the first by any means, they've been doing it for years. Aznidentity noticed her white women hate and wrote about it over two years ago. I don't usually buy the motivated by envy shit either, but I think it's accurate this time. I don't see how they can truly believe they are victimised by white women. The odd asian woman who disagrees with her on twitter might be met with an eyeroll/ 'self-hater' type comment, but it's never vicious. I didn't come across an example of any nonwhite woman being dogpiled or random tweets like picrel. She strikes me as borderline though so when she denies being obsessed with white women I think she believes it. She's definitely lacking in self-insight.

No. 1304132

>Take up space. All of it.
LMAO how are we supposed to take this seriously?

No. 1304151

But not white men? Typical low tier bitch lusting for white men for some reason but throwing women under the bus.

No. 1304159

Yeah… I find it a bit too similar to the mentality of tradwives and not like other girls

No. 1304176

Attacking men is expected and overdone.
>She has a little clique on twitter consisting of asian and black women.
Can't wait to see the latter turn on her eventually. It always happens.

No. 1304192

File: 1629428953070.png (209.29 KB, 592x538, twitt.png)

Any milk on Samantha Cole, a journo who writes cringey pro-porn coomer articles for Vice and constantly defends Pornhub?

Some of their catalogue of fine journalism:
Why Are Porn Ads Saying to Put Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Dick?

Coronavirus Is a Golden Age for People Sucking Their Own Dicks

As Coronavirus Spreads, Artists Are Coping With Waifus and Fursona Art

The Complicated Appeal of 'Gamer Girl' Porn

No. 1304206

i feel everyone is missing how white women tend to be the ones to enable/over-zealously promote these extreme views

it's always so disingenious + they end up making it more of a white person vs every other person thing

totally willing to ignore the racism/colourism in different ethnic groups. no nuance but that's always been the case with canadian journalism from colonization to now

No. 1304236

you havent been paying enough attention. take your race bait elsewhere.

No. 1304316

They clearly are not white men look at their armour

No. 1304350

There's a certain layer of misogynist agenda compared to just tweeting something gender neutral like "white people are a plague". When you're dating exclusively white guys and seething this hard over huwhite wahmen it's definitely making you look like a pickme chaser bitter about how the mayo beckies are stealing all the aryan chads. Imagine simping so hard for scrotes that you're willing to throw a whole ethnic group of women under the bus.

No. 1304402

>constantly defends Pornhub
Oh good, the puritans have entered the chat.
Is it everyone else that's wrong or is it you? Big questions.

No. 1304463

you don't think white men when they group all white ethnic groups of the world vs all other ethnic groups of the world with their nazi shit where every single white person from any nation is a pure civilized genius and everyone else from eveywhere else is just a dumb animal like savage aren't promoting over zealous, extreme world view that is very much a white person vs every other person thing

it's just some white women doing this kins of stuff in their own way white men have absolutely no part in acting like you described at all

No. 1304473

I'll keep saying this, I love how they think everyone of color, just loves troons. We're just programmed to be with the program. It's all white supremacists. Even though… White Supremacists wouldn't be feminist in the first fucking place, and the only true feminist are women…
They just throw anything at the wall to see what sticks. I wonder if they went places were POC weren't with the troon shit, would they be like, "They were brainwashed by WS!!" or some shit?

No. 1304483

Has Roslyn ever visited Lipstick Alley?

No. 1304487

>Oh good, the puritans have entered the chat.
Pornhub often hosts rape, vendetta porn and minors and only bans them when there's complains of it from mastercard.

No. 1304489

>they're brainwashed by WS
no, they'd claim that poc's are simply suffering from "colonization" and that they're clearly uneducated.

No. 1304504


racebait?? nah, it's just experience. there are a lot of white women, specifically in academia + journalism, who parrot/elevate this rhetoric of wokeism

Obviously, it's not a blanket statement just like the discussion of specific Asian women.

No. 1304508

Does this bitch actually believe that or is she saying it to distract from people calling out her problematic tweets?
Ironically, she sounds like some sheltered suburban white allie who never interacted with minorities irl

No. 1304519

White women are more conservative than other races of women, so if anything they're less likely to be down with wokism. It's just that whites are 60-75% of the population in the US/Canada and an even bigger percentage of ivory tower academia and other woke-leaning industries.

No. 1304535

Honestly I thought black women were more conservative (in America at least)
Alot of white women here got savior complexes. Plenty of conservative ones too but more SJW than not

No. 1304537

Why do these people never even bother to read a book? Greece and Rome were gay as fuck I've known some black people to say being gay is a white person thing cus in ancient Egypt women had more rights and they placed importance on marriage while Athenian women couldnt leave their homes and were not even citizens cus of how gay and misogynistic the men were (they thought a man loving another man's soul was the greatest love also pederasty was huge)

No. 1304540

read a book anon. you don't have to be a puritan to disagree with porn, just a woman or victim of any kind of sexual abuse you wouldn't want coomers watching

No. 1304544

in the video interview about mispronouncing ethnic names she said she grew up around mostly white people which explains a lot

No. 1304549

If voting patterns are any indication, then (Most liberal)Black women > Asian women > Hispanic women > White women(Most conservative)

Which doesn't paint the full picture, but at least gives an indication of how liberal/conservative certain groups are. Though IIRC whites are more likely than blacks to support gay rights/troonacy despite being more conservative on average

No. 1304567

File: 1629473461465.jpg (51.09 KB, 706x508, 1594318713855.jpg)

All of this histrionics would be really funny if it didn't have an EXTREMELY outsized influence on public discourse. Academics, politicians, and especially journalists basically mainline twitter; their understanding of culture and beliefs about what people care about are directly informed by what gets signal-boosted on the bird app- i.e. extreme positions from deranged pathological attention-seekers. What they produce as a result informs workplace policy, culture norms, what research gets funding, etc. Virtually all attempts to counter this from the left are informed by a steady stream of twitter outrage porn and as such turns people into angry, shallow red-browns with no belief system beyond 'trad but with unions'. We're all screwed lol

No. 1304572

it originated in the universities of america and spread everywhere else. Twitter is just a symptom built on a solid base of bullshit in wider society thanks to woke graduates.

No. 1304574

I don't even know how to interpret that other than that she should go touch grass. Is she calling white women bimbos? Why does she look white herself?

No. 1304577

He's a misogynistic white man who hates white women, but then trooned out so he "became" one of the white women he hated so much. Because he's a misogynist he also thinks being a woman = being an empty headed bimbo.

No. 1304579

And they don't identify as feminists either. White women report holding more liberal views than men and have always been ever so slightly more likely to vote dem, but it's not a huge difference. They're aren't that many women at either end of the freak spectrum tbh… unlike men lol. That's one of the reasons why the whole rightwing ST00PID white women are RADICAL & can't think, watch muh le epic feminist get REKKED !! stuff from a few years ago was so cringe. They tried so hard to portray woke academic freaks as the average American mom and counteracted 'her' with tradwife stacey shit. I can't believe so many people lapped it up.

No. 1304588

File: 1629474843215.jpg (25.75 KB, 600x400, Angry-cat-sound-and-body-langu…)

Ah yes, the obvious explenation. Why is every word these people utter the least progressive shit possible? Gonna bump cause cp

No. 1304594

Which board?

No. 1304595

No, it's by design. Don't think for a second it isn't deliberate kek. They are not confused.

No. 1304599

The lineage of the ideas themselves isn't particularly relevant (though if you want to place blame, a better target would be France, who funnily enough is now trying to protect their culture from American wokeshit). The real underlying issue is the way in which ideas are currently transmitted. Ideas that were once obscure outside of certain humanities departments have been skimmed and often misunderstood by laymen, further warped and developed on tumblr, then transmitted to twitter where they've been taken to their absolute extremes, and from where those extremes are fed to culture-creators. A similar and more immediately dangerous phenomenon is occurring on the right. We're speeding towards a cliff because of the way that information flows online.

No. 1304608

File: 1629476681093.jpg (138.25 KB, 1280x720, 15.jpg)

I swear I'm not a /pol/tard but it unironically started with the frankfurt school(the Cultural Marxists the right got obsssed with a couple years ago) When the rightwingers talk about "cultural Marxism" their not wrong entirely, The Frankfurt School played an influential role in the development of western socialist/Communist thought and after the fall of the Soviet Union it became the dominant thought

Basically a bunch of beta males realized the real revolution is violent and real communism is tough asf and useless intellectuals like themselves would have been sent to the gulags, so they created a school were they debate endlessly about "metaphysics" and "identity", they Criticize capitalism and real communism while giving Idealized and implausible solutions, while also embracing and creating degeneracy, they were almost like modern breadtubers in over analyzing and chreerypicking random pieces of popular media to prove their retarded takes on society

Critical race theory, Gender Spectrums, privilege all originated from a bunch of men who get scared of seeing real Communism

No. 1304611

File: 1629477172949.jpeg (333.06 KB, 1350x1688, 5EC63633-20CE-442D-A92C-C1667C…)

No. 1304613

This thread is just some rogue polfag inciting hatred via hurt white women having to deal with their part in white supremacy with thinly veiled racebaiting. Why are you all taking the bait for this fuckery this is the second attempt at a thread with this issue.

No. 1304624

>Not pro-porn? Don't defend Pornhub? You're a Puritan!
Okay. Help me understand why Pornhub should be defended after iit "verified" an underage trafficking victim, as well as hosted CP, let it be reuploaded and then repeatedly refused to take it down until the victim impersonated a lawyer and threatened to sue them.

No. 1304628

Wrong. We discussed making this thread before it was made.
>via hurt white women having to deal with their part in white supremacy
Get out.

No. 1304637

Aww the polfag is mad cope harder

No. 1304668

you're right but i'd rather keep it that way. it's entertaining

No. 1304734

Do you think /pol/tards are the only ones who are irritated by annoying wokescolds like Roslyn?

No. 1304814

None of us believe we or the women dogpiled itt play a part upholding white supremacy or white privilege or whatever. That's why we're mocking it. What a tard. Check the twitter hate thread links above, we discussed the making of a woke twitter and columnist thread over a month ago. The thread didn't get off the ground because we didn't have fresh milk. About a week ago, some farmers discovered Luna's comics for the first time and were discussing him somewhere in /ot/, then Roslyn's stupid tweet blew up, so the thread was made after a consultation. Who knows if poltards have since joined us, but to think only men could be annoyed by woke politics (or be racebaiters for that matter) is so stupid.

No. 1304932

>only whites are intelligent enough to understand that a man in a dress isn't a woman
amazing self own lmao even stormfronters don't think people of color are this stupid

No. 1304991

I browsed most of this thread yesterday but I’m still laughing at the insistence that AsAm’s are being pitted against one another by the White Man. I worked with an Indian guy who would sperg about how much he hated Pakistan any time the country was brought up. Literally got so worked up about it one time he talked openly about wanting to kill Pakistani people.

Sorry to say it but you can’t pin most of the shit AsAm‘s go through on white people. If the United States was an Asian majority nation, there would still be hate and division, because people from disparate countries with long-standing bloody rivalries are now suddenly neighbours.

No. 1305167

>white women having to deal with their part in white supremacy
please explain what you mean by this

No. 1305169

File: 1629514450258.jpg (133.05 KB, 1200x900, 6920.jpg)

what is it that you don't understand?

No. 1305262

I mean we committed an ethnic genocide to our own countrymen cause we considered them inferior subhumans, it was pretty much only white people in the west who thought what we were doing was wrong

No. 1305279

I still don't understand?

No. 1305340

Clearly haven't seen middle eastern women

No. 1305354

File: 1629544750735.jpg (66.22 KB, 733x464, a0f0dd59ce5053b1b471abf1b39dc0…)

>white women having to deal with their part in white supremacy

No. 1305355

Late but why don't wokesters just like get jobs? I can't imagine being able to work and choosing to e-beg - don't they have shame? Imagine moving to a new country and working your ass off for this to be your kid's life plan.

No. 1305356

kek you're acting like the same women we r dissing on here chill nonnie

No. 1305363

Didn't India end that war and genocide in Bangladesh
Pakistan was aligned with usa against communism, so they sent warships went India entered war then so did soviets because India was aligned with them
Only Muslims didn't accept it as anything wrong everyone else did

No. 1305399

Black people will forever resent us for the sins of our forefathers and mothers, even tho white people in current year are bending over backwards and literally kneeling down for them. Not enough, you have to kiss black ass every day and hope they forgive you one day. Also donate to BLM and give up your place at University so they can take it without doing the work. Meanwhile their people were the ones selling them into slavery and are still cutting the labia off little girls in Africa to this day, are still homophobic and sexist as fuck, but you're not allowed to talk about this, only kiss ass. Mwah mwah, I am such a good whitey, mwah mwah, please forgive me the sins of my great great grandparents, mwah mwah. Do you understand now?

No. 1305414

This is retarded because it was white people that ended slavery. It was white people that made laws to stop slavery and to this day enforce them. Slavery is a major problem everywhere else but the west. There are still slave markets in parts of Africa and the Middle East that white people have no involvement in. Sex slavery is still happening in Asia. If it wasn't for white people black people would still be slaves.

No. 1305427

>white people ended slavery
Stop nonna, this is a really bad and pathetic argument even though know its common among conservatives.
Like, who do you think started slavery if not those same white people?

No. 1305439

File: 1629558883649.webm (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 480x853, jerobe.webm)

No. 1305444

NTA but actually it was the Arab slave traders and African tribe leaders selling slaves from rivaling tribes to anyone willing to buy. Arab countries had way more African slaves than the US did but they either castrated or killed off all of them so they couldn't ever mingle with the native people. Doesn't justify the transatlantic slave trade at all but it wasn't the whitey who invented slavery or the only one to take advantage of it. https://newafricanmagazine.com/16616/

No. 1305445

>Like, who do you think started slavery if not those same white people?
I don't agree with that anon because it was a shared effort but who sold the slaves in the first place? And it wasn't the same white people that started it and ended it, I'm pretty sure it took a few generations.
Besides, white people didn't invent slavery, almost all cultures in the world had slavery at some point, I hate this america centric view on slavery and calling white people colonizers all the time when literally everyone colonized somebody at some point in time kek

No. 1305448

I'd rather continue in patriarchy thanks to this video

No. 1305450

Slavery has been happening for thousands of years. It's been happening for so long that it's not possible to know who started it because it predates recorded history. It was common for a defeated tribe or a conquered nation to be enslaved by the victors. This happened in all cultures, races and religions.

If you're talking about the transatlantic slavery then that was indeed started by European Christians and jews. It started in the renaissance period with the exploration of the new world and colonialism. Slave traders would buy slaves from black slave traders and then import them into the colonies as cheap labour. This continued until the late 18th century when rulings were made in court cases regarding the status of slaves living in European countries. In England it was ruled that any person that steps foot on English soil is free. Similar laws existed in France.

The abolition of slavery started in the wider world when a group of white men campaigned against slavery and it was taken to the British House of Commons. The British government passed the Slavery Abolition Act which required them to take out a loan and pay for all slaves in the British Empire to be freed. This loan was still being paid off by British taxpayers until 2015.

Meanwhile there are active slave markets trading African slaves that still exist and cause extreme suffering, yet no one gives a shit because they're too busy hating white people for something they stopped doing two hundred years ago.

No. 1305471

No. 1305476

Slavery existed in most cultures, save for a few. Europeans didn't start it kek

No. 1305480

How many people alive today were responsible for this?

No. 1305481

the femcel seethe in this thread holy shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1305485

Not all black people hate us. Stop thinking abuncha of whiny silver spoon black girls that have a white man fetish represent all black women. I went to a few black schools as a kid and while some didn't trust or like me cus white others were very friendly and accepting. Every race has whiny lazy retards in it. And it's pretty clear most of these women have white men fetishes and see white women as competition. On the flip side I've met white women who say racist shit about black women cus they see them as competition for black men. Also have u seen the white guilt retards egging their minority friends on to hate us? Be mad at them too instead of putting all the blame on insecure second gen immigrant kids going overboard with the SJW shit cus theyre whitewashed as fuck and they know it

No. 1305489

oh dear

No. 1305491

True but after Lincoln freed the slaves they made laws to where black people where still slaves in every way but name. Who the fuck do u think started Jim crow laws? Asians?? Lmfao. Interracial marriage hasn't even been legal for 100 years.

No. 1305500

Reminder that the topic of this thread is embarrassing grifter “activists.”

No. 1305503

File: 1629565847330.webm (Spoiler Image,2.11 MB, 540x960, 16263737638949.webm)

No. 1305521

God this thread went to shit

I just want to laugh at Rosalyn’s and other woketards crazy asses. And instead I got an autistic debate about race. I guess it was inevitable though.

No. 1305535

US, Germany and South Africa were anomalies. Anti-miscegenation laws didn't exist almost everywhere, and where they once had they were repealed centuries and centuries ago. And that was not because our countries lacked other ethnic groups ergo no threat. In many, many, ways the US experience with race and migration is very different which is why so many of us are resentful US race/ethnicity politics is being imported to our countries.

No. 1305553

Why are you being pedantic? To pad your response and try to sound smarter? When people talk about slavery nine times out of ten they are talking about the transatlantic slave trade, especially in the context of this thread. You didn't need to add a prologue detailing the history of all slavery you sperg.

No. 1305557

i cant wait until all races mix and end up as some kind of brown slurry, then maybe we can stop being so embarrassing about how close to the equator our ancestors lived. jesus christ, nobodys stealing "your races man" or whatever.

No. 1305564

More related to actual milk, did anyone else notice Pippa's twitter is gone? You can't even search her name anymore, it shows up no results.

No. 1305581

>they either castrated or killed off all of them so they couldn't ever mingle with the native people

No. 1305582

stfu nerd

No. 1305583

yeah i'm thinking… no

No. 1305584

Mixed people are still racist as fuck, anon. See: literally every country in Latin America/South America

Roslyn locked her acct so no new milk has come out, and no cows have stepped up to take her place. There's some ancient milk on how a friend of Roslyn(Evy Kwong) got a bone broth/pho stand owned by a white woman shut down, but that's a bit old and I'm not sure if it would interest the thread. But goddamn, what a toxic group of people

No. 1305604

>I swear I'm not a /pol/tard but it unironically started with the frankfurt school
Left and right with regards to politics are just relative terms. Left to define people who want policies that aren't in place, and right to define people who are fine with the way things currently are; far right defines people who were fine with the way things were before.

There really is nothing inherently wrong with preferring left or right depending on the context (time period, country). However, the internet and English being ubiquitously used around the world created an extremely weird political culture that sometimes doens't make any sense.

Example, if you were an American that was fine with the way things were in 1990 (30 years ago), it has nothing to do with hating women or being racist. But the term far right has been associated with racism and sexism.

No. 1305605

That's because they aren't mixed enough. You can still discern some blacks and whites.

No. 1305626

Gen z is almost encouraged to be lazy pieces of shits. I cant imagine not at least attempting to find a job, having an online business. Anything. E-begging is really shameful, especially when people actually need money for things like funerals, fires and sudden actual emergencies.

No. 1305737

I imagine some of them do because the ones donating to wokesters are other wokesters.

But IMO finding a job generally isn't easy. I think it's only a bit easier now as people who qualify for unemployment are paid higher than minimum wage to stay home.

No. 1305772

If someone's been ebegging for the past 4 years and their last job was part time while they were in college, no one's going to want to touch them even in a strong job market. Even if employers aren't put off by what they find when they search their name, they're shooting themselves in the foot by not doing any sort of actual work, it being hard to find a job in some places should be encouragement to work towards being more hirable instead of doing the opposite. At least working a fast food job or being a barista for a couple of years shows you can hold down consistent employment. They can't ebeg forever and choosing to not work while writing one article a year for an online publication or doing a talk on how fatness is the peak physical condition isn't setting them up with a CV employers are going to be impressed by or solid references if they ever made it to that stage. If they lose their following for something, and don't have a partner or family they can mooch off, they're fucked.

No. 1305839

nah this thread was made because of sensitive wokoid twittards who try and incite fights for no reason. see roslyn who attacked pippa and her book for no reason in the first place

No. 1305843

holy fuck I can't with this entitled bitch

No. 1305856

>If someone's been ebegging for the past 4 years and their last job was part time while they were in college, no one's going to want to touch them even in a strong job market. Even if employers aren't put off by what they find when they search their name, they're shooting themselves in the foot by not doing any sort of actual work, it being hard to find a job in some places should be encouragement to work towards being more hirable instead of doing the opposite. At least working a fast food job or being a barista for a couple of years shows you can hold down consistent employment. They can't ebeg forever and choosing to not work while writing one article a year for an online publication or doing a talk on how fatness is the peak physical condition isn't setting them up with a CV employers are going to be impressed by or solid references if they ever made it to that stage. If they lose their following for something, and don't have a partner or family they can mooch off, they're fucked.

IMO at least working a minimum wage job is good advice for any young adult. I don't disagree with you on there. Though I think I recognize what twitter / twitter / gofundme freelancers are doing, it generally follows the advice I've seen before (retrospectively, I think it's a set up for failure).

The stories go like:
>be in a country with high youth unemployment
>go straight to college / uni
>either in the process of getting a degree or got a degree
>establishing a portfolio and connections to get hired in a relevant field
>(interpreted as followers/following and their blog, if especially if majored in art or humanities)

>it becoming normal for people in their 20s or even 30s staying with their parents; therefore, sometimes no pressure to make rent or bills
>payment processors and services marketing to hobbyists or small-time work
>social movements that are counterintuitive to or not known to be conducive to sustainable business plans

Is a reasonable recipe for a chunk of young people e-begging. I'm more inclined to think they are or have been misled than being lazy.

No. 1305956

Generally in my experience they believe themselves to be too good for it. All the unemployed BPD level terminally online wokesters I've met absolutely refuse to apply for a regular job because the lucrative, sexy position of writing fart-huffing articles for an online publication or working for a money laundering woke organization is just around the corner, if they just write a few more snappy tweets about cishets and white karens it'll practically fall in their laps. One such case that I knew straight out admitted that he doesn't want to do burger flipping or serving Starbucks coffee because he was meant to be a social influencer destined for great things.

No. 1306019

Joke's on ur friend, part time Starbucks baristas (cirporate run stores only) who work at least 20 hours a week get medical/vision/dental and a fuckton of other benefits as well as tips, and a decent pay rate, andn you also get free Starbucks shit. If you go work a store in a nice area, you can use the job to meet and network with influencers, businessowners and other important people in your city because a huge number of those types of people regularly go to Starbucks and want to have "their" barista make "their" drink for them every day.

Literally you could use a Starbucks job to network your way into becoming an influencer with people in your area. The real holdup is that there's an entire generation that doesn't want to experience being new and bad at something that isn't what they want to do. It's all just a toxic mindset where they act too good for regulsr work bc lpwkey they know they're too awkward and derpy to be a functioning employee without having their hand held by either an older or younger coworker.

No. 1306124

That reminds me of all the SW on social media flexing their money they make from dates and stripping. They always spend it on stupid ass shit and glorify SW to impressionable girls (and gays lol) instead of using that money for a business idea or school. They just spend it all and never think long-term. If u got old men paying for everything have them put u thru school! Looks fade and u won't be making money like u use to.

No. 1306192

then there hasnt been enough mixing.

No. 1306261

Even the ones who get a place lesve it empty or buy cheap, tacky kids furniture for their pedo fanbase. They never live loke adults, they just spend money trying tp emulate what they think an adult look like while playing with childrens toys and posting naked online for money.

No. 1306310

File: 1629664786388.jpeg (238.27 KB, 683x1024, 7D37A20B-20E6-4573-BB43-8432E9…)

Does anyone remember Suey Park and know what happened to her?

No. 1306580

Do they not understand that even white people can have our names mispronounced by others? My friend who's a slav gets that a lot and she has to spell it different. I even get that with my last name but it sounds funny so I laugh it off. You can politely correct and move on… Once an asian lady even called me by my last name instead of first which I assume is because the cultures differentiate on which names you address others by. It can be awkward but it's not something intentional. Jfc to please these people you'd have to be a super genius who travels the world and can masterfully pronounce any name in any language which is just not really a thing. It's so low on the list of things to be offended by. No wonder they use the term "microaggressions" when they really mean minor embarrassments and inconveniences.

No. 1307446

File: 1629805088501.jpg (138.93 KB, 507x1024, 1629482618431m.jpg)

I hate this world

No. 1307447

Ouch….looks dangerous

No. 1307448

It won’t work lol. Tranny gonna die from it rejecting his body

No. 1307449

that's the reason I can't be mad

No. 1307499

>after sex change, was 'desperate' to lose virginity and become a mother

Spoken like a bonafide diluted male degenerate, getting off on our worst case scenario.

No. 1307503

Late but I actually worked with one who wouldn’t show up to their full time job then ebeg on Facebook because “uwu I’m poor”. They were lucky as the company didn’t give a shit because they were about to close down all their stores. I almost called that bitch out but I knew I’d be called “twansphobic”

No. 1307527

doesn't uterus transplant not work even between female bodies?

No. 1307528

It only works for women and not troons. Women born without a uterus are going to have a successful reaction vs troons and their male bodies. MTF always be jealous of FTM because, they have something they could never have.

This article is from a women who was born without a uterus and was successful on giving birth to 2 healthy babies.

I hope troons get it through their thick skull that they’re incapable of having children. Males cannot carry a baby nor cannot produce the needs to keep a baby alive. Another reason why women are better than scrotes and troons.

No. 1307533

Lol and how exactly do they think it's going to work? Are they just gonna place it in his intestines and hope it magically starts to work?

No. 1307535

True, but the work of French postmodernists is more complex than current wokeshit and is actually worth a read, but anyway it cannibalizes itself because you can't build anything on it as you keep deconstructing and deconstructing your deconstructions. It's interesting to conceptualize but you can't build any political statment on it. So these philosophers either killed themselves or renounced their ideas and became rightoids 40 years ago.

No. 1307539

In women, uterus transplants are only given for the purpose of having a child and are removed after the child is born. They are not meant to stay in your body long-term. So they would have to insert the uterus into the troon, then also get a willing egg-donor, fertilize the egg and implant the embryo into the uterus, then probably give him several blood transfusions and hormones during "pregnancy" and take out the entire thing after the baby is matured and delivered via c-section, since trannies can not birth through their man pelvis and have no cervix of vagina. It's pretty horrific already in a real woman, let alone a man's body.

No. 1307547

Baby going to have birth defects or die off in a mans body before the 9 month end. Troons are going to drag the headlines of “I had a miscarriage!1” and “trans women can have miscarriage too1!”. I hope these fuckers will never have children and stay away from women pregnancy forums/groups.

No. 1307551

If this ever becomes reality, I'd bet my life savings that 99% of all male births will be ectopic and will kill them off in droves. That's if the transplant/organ rot doesn't kill them first. This is also assuming the inferior male body could ever even hope to support an inkling of life & allow the egg to fertilize in the first place.

No. 1307553

A pregnancy wouldn't even establish, and that's assuming the implanted uterus is able to survive in a male body and immediately start rotting or get rejected by the body. The in Chinese rat experiment the uterus implanted into the male rat could only gestate successfully(and only 4% of the time) when the male rat's circulatory system was hooked up to a pregnant female rat's circulatory system.

No. 1307567

No. 1307579

Likely won’t happen. Baby will either have to be a test tube or be surrogated by a women. I can’t imagine a male carrying a child off dangerous hormones injections and un natural protein for the baby’s growth. Male Breast milk production will not be good enough either

No. 1307590


yeah there was actually a study done at montefiore or somewhere similar in new york where they made the MTF person lactate and experimented how they could breastfeed their (bio female) partner's baby. baby ended up needing supplemented food in addition to the MTF breastmilk because it was not enough nutrients. i'm progressive or whatever but that shit is absolutely vile to me and unethical of any medical practice or hospital to subject the baby to. i feel the same about giving trans woman uterus so she can have a baby it's just causing baby so much unnecessary suffering so an adult can be "happy" in the most unnatural way

No. 1307601

Sounds like an expensive way to kill yourself

No. 1307624

I can just picture the troons demanding that "cishet females" sign up en masse to supply them with a circulation system for the entire 9 months of their "pregnancy" to atone for their privilege or something. Why are we living in an episode of Rick and Morty?

No. 1307634

which would be iffy because there’s studies that show blood transfusions between men and women aren’t exactly 100% successful, especially between men and women who have previously given birth. men are 13% more likely to die from a blood transfusion if it’s from a previously pregnant woman. so having a man share a circulatory system with a woman would introduce all sorts of new issues.

No. 1307654

That’s why they’ll need virgin blood.

No. 1307701

The tranny will die a virgin because of the surgery anyway.

No. 1307828

File: 1629844448333.jpg (49.31 KB, 980x490, rodrigo-alves-this-morning.jpg)


oh that guy?

No. 1308187

File: 1629899444319.jpg (70.89 KB, 803x315, lily.jpg)

100 years too late to be calling 'first!' anything.

No. 1310781

File: 1630195624858.png (789.3 KB, 1180x1138, dekjfkwej.png)

Rosalyn has unlocked her account. Besides whining about being bullied, she's tweeting about prostitutes, trannies, white supremacy, her Black Queens™ and their arch nemesis The White Woman. So, as boring and pathetic as ever. Why did she lock them in the first place, do you think? Was it to give her enough time to go through her account and delete old, explosive tweets or something?

No. 1310862

>stopped painting.
they give up everything to coom. sad.

No. 1310944

File: 1630211071981.png (1.46 MB, 1080x810, 12.png)

Sage but this pic could probably use some add-ons of new wokesters with their white bf's

No. 1310976

to be fair half of these relationships have been over for a long time, including kats, chescas and sarahs i think. either way its all hypocritcal innit

No. 1310981

but their still gonna date mostly white men

No. 1311004

lol kat's a biological man and can't even reproduce

No. 1311186

Chesca broke up with her husband?

No. 1311739

File: 1630333311184.png (1.05 MB, 1080x810, 1630211071981~2.png)

Imagine caping for a group of men who do nothing for you, constantly go after women from other groups, leave no chance to humiliate you when it comes to women/their beauty/feminine call you ugly whenever

No. 1311747

Don Lemon's statement isn't exactly untrue though, especially given recent events in the last couple of years, even if it's an unpopular opinion. But the rest of these are completely wacko and psychotic

No. 1311756

Yep, Its white men who are beheading children in Male for being infidels, the drug gangs in Mexico also white men, the massive tenor attacks and ethno-religious cleansings against Shia's and non-Muslims in Muslims countries also done by white men
please anon, pretending that other races of men are any better then this is just insulting to those of us who suffer in the third world

No. 1311762

Nta but Lemon was probably preferring to the United States specifically, where white supremacist groups are responsible for most acts of domestic terrorism.

No. 1311787

he was most definitely talking about the US and all the proud boys jan 6ers dylan roof columbine et al shit going on which >>1311756 clearly missed the memo on

No. 1311800

White men do b shooting up schools tho bc "women ebil they no touch mai pp"

No. 1311802

anon pretending that incredibly rare instances of school shootings is equal to radical terror networks is moronic, a group of radical Jihadists wanted to attack my school but were stopped at the last moments but we still have "school" shootings of mostly Jihadis who kill children

the worst school shooting in history was committed by Islamists

No. 1311805

Cool bait. One woman was shot by police on January 6th, I'm not sure how that constitutes white men being the biggest threat to security when women and children are systematically attacked and oppressed globally by men of all sorts of ethnicities but okay?

No. 1311813

Can someone explain me how those people are different than anti-vaxxers? Both refuse to listen to doctor, have a massive persucussion complex and their ideology are dangerous.

No. 1311823

Its cool she is a leftist

No. 1311824

are you illiterate? lemon was clearly talking about the US, not other countries, try to keep up if you're gonna derail

you're being intentionally obtuse anon let's stop the scrote defense derailing

No. 1311830

File: 1630345214670.png (464.04 KB, 1417x677, 676756.png)

Alright can we get back to topic, Wagatwe Wanjuki is an activist who actually does have a good history of protesting campus rape and rape culture in cereal but most of her time she spends on twitter sperging about about "white feminists", she's also recently started a crusade against TERFs who she claims(without any sources) are all white women and that Transwomen and black women face the same struggles
she also does the same thing as khadija mbowe, which is try really hard to connect to African American culture and Vernacular even though she's the child of Immigrants whose lived mostly in liberal white spaces


No. 1311883

It hurts extra bad when I see black women support transwomen. If only she knew what white transwomen say about black women behind her back. They loathe black women in a way very different than the way they loathe white women.

No. 1311928

Not on social media anymore. Was on some Internet Ruined my Life show back in 2016 saying she's off the grid because supposedly a sniper was camped out her house

No. 1311937

She's been simping for Lena Dunham recently.

No. 1311953

i hate when people try to relate transwomen to a black woman's experience during slavery etc. Its just fucked up because those are 2 totally different things. White people didnt see black women as human beings period during that time. Like i get it but comparing the very real and traumatic experiences black women and girls (because it was a lot of little girls doing the baring of children) faced in the americas to men wanting to become women for whatever reason is just not the same and further aides in othering of black women. Also black women are some of the biggest TERFS lmao she must not be in enough black spaces to realize that. And a big reason for that is because we will be some of the first women (in america at least) to be impacted directly when transwomen start to get more equal rights in this country.

No. 1311962

Its cause most of these activist live in a bubble both IRL and online, disconnected from how actual human beings behave

No. 1311964

just wait until one of them tries a wi spa thing in a black area

No. 1311969

No. 1312020

anon don't turn around there's a Black person in your Not Black area, friggin run

No. 1312838

How would black women be affected first?

No. 1312854

Probably trying to say that black women would be picked dead last after troons now lol

No. 1312861

It's always a bunch of weird, low self-esteem black femcels who do this tranny simping shit.
At the core of it, they're delusional enough to think that black women are the same as men because they, personally, feel unattractive/undesirable and blame it on their race (you'll also catch them saying that attractive black women, including West African ones, have "eurocentric features" so they can keep coping). What they're really hoping is that if everyone is forced to worship the ugliest white men in dresses and makeup, maybe they'll get picked too. It's desperate, obvious, ugly and I hate it.

No. 1312871

ayrt In what sense? Legally, socially etc. or do you mean dating? If it's dating then I doubt it.

No. 1312885

Really? According to data there are more black, latino and other races mtf than white mtf in the US. I don't know how agenda really works in there but here in Europe if you support LGBTQXZY+ you are very most likely to support also immigration and ''diversity''. People would call beautiful a 1,95m senegalese mtf who panders about liberalism and multiculturalism.


No. 1312890

I don't really trust tranny stats. They've been known to include gay cross dressers in their murder stats. Also claim to be twice as likely to get sexually assaulted than real women but trannies have a 1/6 rate while women have a 1/3 rate of being assaulted. They blatantly lie about shit to guilt ppl into supporting their bs cause

No. 1312897

> gay cross dressers
Isn't that the definition of tranny? Kek joking
>They blatantly lie about shit to guilt ppl into supporting their bs cause
Yes, that's very possible. Still, I believe there are more poc trannies, but they probably have much less online presence because they are sex workers.

No. 1312901

"equal rights"? what rights don't they have? to parade around wherever they want with their dicks out? yes many troons are minorities and prostitutes, but there are also a good chunk who are white trancel techbros who only go into "girlmode" in order to jack off in their little sister's panties and reap all of the rest of the benefits of a male existence

No. 1312935

yea they divorced a year or two ago i think

No. 1313037

I mean its mostly including HSTS who are from lower class white, black and Hispanic communities, AGP on the other hand are from the top uber privileged circles

No. 1313121


Lol was it a hood af black man writing that hate mail?

No. 1313236

File: 1630501322256.png (247 KB, 598x507, almost there.png)

Brief moment of self-awareness about her online presence.

USA black femcels also dish out their hatred for North African women (dark and light skinned ones) and occasionally brown latinas/mestizas too.
I don't get the point of wking TIMs, these dudes are openly nasty and wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.

No. 1313276

Is it tho? She thinks it's an absurd accusation

No. 1313312


honestly, that's mostly because a lot of minority men are stigmatized for being gay/just feminine, esp in (at least traditionally) immigrant communities. it's fucked up, but a lot of immigrant communities would rather you castrate yourself than be lesbian/gay/bi to fit rigid gender roles

No. 1313358

ummm no not everything is about getting a dudes cock wet. it more so has to do with the fact that black women have finally in recent years have been able to talk more about living in american society as both black and women and navigating it without being shutdown. But now that transwomen are gaining more rights, in spaces where black women have been able to comfortably talk about our experiences it is now being co-opted by trans issues and then black women that don't subscribe to trans issues get gaslit and told that black women and transwomen are one in the same in this country. ITs fucked up and i wish people would stop thinking on the surface level about uwu black girls are at the bottom of the dating totem pole. or whatever racist ideology.

No. 1313372

i never looked at it that way but honestly it checks out! after listening to everyday black women and their takes on trans issues, its fucked up how society keeps trying to make black women trans womens biggest supporters. Like we just started being able to comfortably discuss our issues and have them be listened to! now we have to cape for MORE people before ourselves when literally no one truly capes for us. Even more fucked up is if a black woman were to be like fuck trans women etc etc cancel culture would ACTUALLY work on them and they'd be yeeted off the face of the planet lol jk.

No. 1313418

>USA black femcels also dish out their hatred for North African women (dark and light skinned ones)
You have examples? I'm morbidly curious because from my understanding there's barely any North Africans in the USA and I've already seen this type of women shit talking latinas often enough to know it's true, especially on LSA.

No. 1313506

No screencaps, but I remember when Sofia Boutella (Algerian actress) was cast on The Mummy (2017 reboot) and that weird corner of black twitter (right along with whignats) lost their shit. It isn't as prevalent as it was 3-5 years ago, the only people who keep up with this are Hotep weirdos. It's almost like reverse /pol/.

No. 1313537

Shit this reminds of that weird section of black Muslims on twitter who have Moroccan flags on their description boxes and claim to be real "Moors" when actual Moroccans discovered this they started making fun of them and it became a meme on Muslim twitter
A lot of Egyptian's online deal with the same shit, with black Americans claiming the history of Egypt and claiming modern Egyptian's are foreigners and Colonizers

No. 1313579

>claiming modern Egyptian's are foreigners and Colonizers
I mean, modern Egyptians aren't the same as the ancient Egyptians. I wouldn't say the latter group was originally black, but it's a fact that Egypt's been taken over and invaded repeatedly. That's probably also why they're not really bothered about the desecration of important figures' corpses and resting places.

No. 1313700

File: 1630556834258.jpg (138.23 KB, 1050x788, Coptic Children.jpg)

Modern Egyptians(espically in Alexandria and the city of Cario) have some florigen Arab, Greek, Turkish, Slavic, Caucasian admixture and origins, but these foreigners were always a small ruling minority and they never could have genetically significantly impacted the Egyptian population as a whole
The Copts in Egypt are the most isolated group in al of Egypt and they more or less look like the average Egyptian

No. 1313832

It's not even fellow Africans saying this shit but Americans so honestly their opinions don't matter whatsoever. But this video is hilarious. Why is there some weird horror movie background music? Why is this woman saying she won't waste time on "Becky" North Africans yet her video is that long?

No. 1313861

As anon said here >>1313832 Its all mostly black Americans doing this shit, not to sound like a /pol/tard but it's clearly driven by an inferiority complex
western African kingdoms had a great history but they've been conquered and ruled by Arabs and Berbers, they don't wanna accept that reality so they claim everything else, its just pathetic to witness grown ass men living in a fantasy world


No. 1313966

File: 1630594415925.png (147.8 KB, 724x1276, bi.png)

That tweet is so funny anon. Tho you should screenshot and post, this is an imageboard after all.

No. 1314036

White tears; the thread.(racebait)

No. 1314041

They'd have a brain fart if you told them that Zinedine Zidane is a native African even though it's the truth.

No. 1314044

Is it really a diversity win when you've erased another ethnic group's representation?

No. 1314065

File: 1630603413326.jpg (422.6 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20210902_192238.jpg)

kek that thread

No. 1314068

>Cleopatra was Black
Cleopatra was Greek. Macedonian Greek specifically, descended from Alexander the Great's general Ptolemy. Sure she wasn't pasty white, but she was absolutely not black. She was the first Ptolemic Egyptian Queen to speak Egyptian – if that tells you anything about the Ptolemic dynasty ruling Egypt. Sure, plenty of other pharaohs were probs black but Cleopatra is absolutely not one of them.

Moses Jesus Abraham etc were all Jewish/Middle Eastern

Ariel and Aladdin are not real people, they can be any race a writer wants them to be


No. 1314102

There was literally only one true black Egyptian dynasty, that's where majority of black pharaoh artwork comes from, but that was dynasty out of dozens of other dynasties
and that one black dynasty are mostly modern day Sudanese people rather then West Africans


No. 1314133

Even better, Ariel isn't even a human being.

No. 1314156

I study ecclesiastical history. The "original" St Nicholas (a problematic designation anyway) was born in present-day Turkey (in 2nd-3rd c. CE, this was the eastern part of the Roman empire). He was Greek, spoke Greek as his first language.

not black

No. 1314180

File: 1630611890597.jpeg (61.29 KB, 828x581, a11.jpeg)

That fucking soyface, every time

No. 1314182

>insert token black character into white fairy tale
So empowering
>actually turning a screenplay written by a black writer featuring black actors into a theatrical production so it can be appreciated by a wider audience

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