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File: 1631307034112.gif (245.72 KB, 256x192, thats-no-good-sonic.gif)

No. 906469

previous thread >>>/ot/887134

Obligatory disclaimers:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 906473

admin should implement captcha on the site to prevent the cp bot posters

No. 906477

not unpopular at all, it has been requested many times by many anons.

No. 906496

I'd honestly stop posting, captcha is so annoying to get through. I can't count the amount of times I swore I got it right and still managed to fail like 5 times in a row.

Is captcha even effective? I've also heard people say that humans actually struggle more than robots do with captcha

No. 906500

File: 1631309033215.jpeg (3.84 MB, 2832x4256, nintchdbpict000247930854.jpeg)

Cleavage looks like a buttcrack. When I see just a peek of cleavage, like on a v-neck, I think of a buttcrack.

No. 906510

File: 1631309523346.jpg (32.71 KB, 883x505, Cz4-wA8XAAATA8S.jpg)

what about elbows anon

No. 906557

Anon most Captcha things are easy to get through, I have no idea how you struggle so much. I also think that captcha actually acessses your timing of response too other then the response since a bot will answer rather fast it seems.

No. 906576

Uhnnnnnffff, getting that unga bunga feeling all over again

No. 906600

crack dens are apart of beautiful white culture that should be cherished and celebrated, we need a crack den history month

No. 906606

meth labs too

No. 906638

if nascar racing has its roots in backwoods alcohol smuggling, crack culture should get its own popular american sport too. Something like trying to ditch a stem as quickly as possible with your wrists zip tied together, idk

No. 906677

COPS used to be the extreme sport of crackheads until they cancelled it

No. 906689

nonnie you are obviously typing from a place of privilege, COPS is not a sport, it's a circumstance some unfortunate crackers (unofficial term for addicts of crack cocaine) find themselves in

No. 906729

idk it looks like they were having fun

No. 906741

It amazed me to learn that criminals have to sign a waiver for their face to be shown on COPS. Like I get it if you were being all hard and got tackled by five police officers, but half of these people were like smoking crack in a ditch with a transvestite prostitute. It was a real peek into a very different psychology lol

No. 906846

Sugary tomato sauce is disgusting.

No. 906896

Sally Rooney's books just … aren't worth the hype? I read Normal People and though her writing style is quite compelling the plot ended up being one of the most pretentious and infuriating things I've ever read and I have no interest in reading any more of her awkward naval-gazing

No. 906909

this is interesting because i’ve really wanted to read something of hers but i also have absolutely no patience for pretentiousness and the way you wrote this just tells me i’ll likely feel the same as you. i think i’ll reconsider my priorities for reading her novels now!

No. 906921

Drinking culture trying to glorify those that have high alcohol tolerance is weird to me. I had to listen to a younger guy bragging how much he can drink without it having any effect on him, and I kept going "woooow" to egg him on, but I feel sorry, that shit isn't impressive. I'm glad I don't need 5 shots to get a good buzz going, sounds like a miserable time and a waste of money. I especially hate guys that try to goad 50 kilo women into drinking competitions and then we need to pick her up from the floor.

No. 906950

my post was obviously super concise,but if you want a more detailed explanation of why this book in particular sucks, here's a link to a goodreads review that explains it a lot better than I can nonnie: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2517248338?book_show_action=true&from_review_page=1

No. 907106

File: 1631371901891.jpeg (27.78 KB, 554x554, images (25).jpeg)

Men need daily concealer way more than women. Dark eyebags on men make them look unwashed, why can't they just use a little concealer to look ten years younger and semi sober. I'll never understand men in thousand dollar suits heading corporations or on red carpets while having greasy, baggy, blemished faces.

No. 907128

that sounds rapey as fuck

No. 907267

Yeah, these are the type of guys that upvote memes about the "cockblocking girl friend".

No. 907276

I’d rather blemishes and dark eye bags be ok for women to expose than for everyone to cover them up

t. Someone with dark eye bags who can’t be bothered to wear concealer

No. 907480

File: 1631391858344.png (463.09 KB, 375x526, 2021-09-11 16_24_27-Window.png)

undereye concealer looks retarded and unnatural 99% of the time anyway. i'd rather have dark circles than look like picrel.

No. 907832

She's wearing highlight under her eyes, not concealer. Concealer is what it says in the name, and when done properly it matches your skin tone and corrects for unwanted pigments."Looks bad 99% of the time" sounds like a cope because you're too lazy to wear it or have no idea how makeup works so you assume concealer is only there when you notice it like in your picrel

No. 907837

no, that's flashback on concealer. most of the time undereye concealer set with powder doesn't look good in natural lighting. but go off, i guess?

No. 907946

I actually find them weirdly sexy on both guys and girls

No. 907954

Nta but most of the time you won't notice people are wearing it cus only instahoes does it like in the picture you posted

No. 907955

it's stupid, I tried it the other day since I have dark under eyes and felt I looked like my mom with her makeup

No. 908247

it's fucking dumb that americans have two christmases. "anon they're NOT the same thing, thanksgiving is about blah blah history and christmas is about jesus" I DON'T CARE. you guys get all worked up for thanksgiving, make a huge deal about it, see your family and eat a huge turkey dinner and then do LITERALLY ALL THE SAME THINGS only one month later. it's fucking dumb.

No. 908284

No we have ham and roast beef at Christmas and don’t have to go shopping

No. 908295

Samefag and everyone is chill on Thanksgiving but there is always Shit Going Down on Christmas they’re two totally different holidays

No. 908303

you sound dumb because they’re celebrated differently anyway. thanksgiving = purely food, christmas = gifts and candy. a lot of people don’t even do christmas dinner.

No. 908310

People shouldn't have kids past age 40, men and women.

No. 908311

That's an extremely popular opinion though.

No. 908313

worked out for my grandma but she also lived to 96

No. 908346

I mostly disagree with men having them, especially since women around me don't see a problem with it. But I've seen multiple 40 year-old first time fathers and they have zero fucking energy to keep up with kids and act like they're the grandpa that needs to be left alone. Also if your kid happens to struggle taking of you have a scrote that's on fucking death's door by the time your kid is reaching college age.

No. 908426

That's literally why we evolved to have tits the way we have them anon it's why humans have missionary style sex.

No. 908429

File: 1631443743432.jpeg (265.78 KB, 640x776, 6BA5F44B-D558-457A-9C66-5BC624…)

Based mosque burner. I hope this starts a trend across the uk.

No. 908431

Sorry anon that is bs.

No. 908432

File: 1631443979587.jpeg (193.11 KB, 640x673, AE07E425-40E2-4CBD-B04D-A15A5E…)

Burn them all down

No. 908435

Did you take a Ricky Gervais stand up big as fact lol? Or was it in the office Christmas special

No. 908436

I'm pretty sure it's an actual evolutional biology theory.

No. 908441

agreed wholeheartedly. muslim men deserve to have acid thrown in their faces

No. 908444

Enough wokeism, their views are not compatible with modern western values. They seek to conquer and destroy, yet we are expected to not only blindly trust them but welcome them into our communities. Burn down every mosque and replace them with wildflower meadows for biodiversity.

No. 908446

i love the way you think, it’s disturbing that these cretin are still allowed into our countries and allowed to slither among us

No. 908447

You do know that women go to the mosque too, right?

No. 908448

you think they like that shit? blowing up mosques would be doing them a favor putting them out of their misery

No. 908452

Humans kiss, which is why we like face to face interaction.

No. 908454

how is 60 on deaths door? cmon

No. 908455

I also hate how we're supposed to be cool with an invading belief system that is hateful towards us western women.

No. 908462

Mammary glands are shaped thusly for the production and deliverance of milk, not so men can think of anal sex lol

No. 908463

yes, but all other mammals only grow mammaries when actually feeding offspring

No. 908466

Yea other mammals have different stages of puberties than humans but like even after dogs have birth a lot of their nipples and shit don't retract again fully. Plus not every women has ass shaped cleavage unless pushed up with a bra so your theory doesn't even hold up without the use of bras

No. 908468

People who hate the instagram look are jealous.
Let me rephrase myself actually. Straight men who hate the instagram look are liars. Women who do are jealous.

Btw Pamela Anderson as a youngster was hot.

No. 908470

Men on average live up to 72 in my country, (women outlive them by almost 15 years) and they usually spend their last decade in an awful fucking health state. No one is surprised if a man drops dead suddenly after like 60 anyway. I had classmates with older fathers that died before they could even graduate high school. Growing up just to have one of your parents as your dependent and only witness them falling apart isn't really alluring even if they're not dead yet. This is a realistic thing people should consider when they choose to reproduce with older men, but then instead they bitch about being stuck with a guy that between 45 and 50 became a grandpa with a nonfunctional dick that doesn't have any energy for childcare.

No. 908471

I'm bi and I don't get why people find that fake look hot. No thank you

No. 908473

Concealer in real life just doesn’t look good at all though. It creases, it dries. It’s technically a fucking scam. That’s why women with good skin and features skip a lot of the steps in makeup irl.
Nothing is better than good genetics, water and a good sleep. Or fillers.

No. 908474

I think people have memed themselves into like the plastic look because it's obviously easier to attain than putting work into yourself. Fillers are getting cheaper and your average council estate mums can afford them now. So they want the new status symbol that guarantees their hot in a world where advertising and marketing companies have decided what looks good. Personally I find it uncanny and makes me appreciate natural beauty far more. Its sort of like the wealth inequality conditions. The more retards pump shit into their bodies to look ideal the gap between natural beauty and ugly widens. I'm also convinced Kim Kardashian had such fucked up pregnancies because of the amount of cosmetic surgery done to herself. Women store their hormones in their fat around the hips and tits. We have no idea what the long term effects of removing fat and injecting it elsewhere is really doing to us. Such risky unnecessary bullshit yet people worry about a vaccine etc

No. 908475

I disagree because it looks fake as fuck and they all have the same look. tons of cheek filler, tons of lip filler, they usually get a nose job and fake lashes. so basically they all end up looking like the corpse bride, no thank you.

also, when you say "youngster" I really hope you mean young woman, because when I hear that word I think of literal children.

No. 908477

Idk what my dad is made out of but frankly he's in his 70s and still sprite and somewhat healthy for his age. I'm not too worry about him dying on me as I'm a legal adult now but I still relate to that fear of your old parent dying and my dad has never had anything too dramatic

No. 908479

File: 1631448989331.jpeg (20.79 KB, 152x320, 12DDAB59-52F8-4777-8EE8-8B2F97…)

Marilyn Monroe in her time was also considered a fake fad. Btw just because you’re bi doesn’t mean your opinion on what’s good looking and what’s not good looking actually matters lol. I’m straight and I loved pamela anderson’s style back then, people considered it a fake fad as well. And many people lie to themselves that it’s ugly but it’s really not and it most definitely is not a fad but in fact timeless and has been timeless since the 1950s.
When I think of youngsters these days I think of 21 year olds that live with their mom.

Btw >>908474 Kim K in 2007 was a godess

No. 908481

I think your natural face will always look better then anything fake that was not even made with you and your unique feature combo in mind. That's why a lot of surgery and make up can look wack because of skewed views on one's self, I suppose. It's not made to be flattering in a sense so it can become a vicious cycle on its own
Though I wonder if surgery standards fell down the drain. I still can't believe Marilyn Monroe had surgeries because she looks pretty danm good to me and looking at what little photos there is of her as just plain old Norma one could think it's just weight lost and aging.

No. 908484

File: 1631449321341.jpg (35.88 KB, 594x594, Autumn-Makeup-Ideas-From-Insta…)

I have no problem admitting that I'm jealous of some womens looks but this ain't it. I'm convinced the ig look was pushed so hard between 2015-2019 because brands were trying to sell women the maximum about of products possible. Now they've moved on to skincare

No. 908485

You know people can just think it's not attractive. This type of shit can be quite subjective. Maybe Bi anon likes a gothic alternative look on women or likes them butch and boyish. The Insta fad Thor fashion would there for not appeal to her at least not sexually.

No. 908486

It's definitely a meme and looks uncanny.
Monroe wore a shit ton of makeup which I also find unattractive. It seems you don't understand that there are people into the natural look.

No. 908487

I think a lot of this women are quite pretty ( I'm bi too) and while I like a sweeter girl next door look and fit or very slim to petite bodies ( so the curvy baddie type has a different appeal to me all together) I don't inheritly get jealous of him. Sometimes I angst about my body but that's do to my mom and probably age

No. 908489

File: 1631449698516.jpg (58.26 KB, 474x678, OIP.U5MrAaCulz2iSsyQfcqqwwHaKm…)

>Thor fashion
Now THAT is a hot look.

No. 908490

May be this is subjective and with make up trends changing with the decades but Monroe while clearly dolled up and with make up on, looks rather subdued compared to many make up trends nowadays. Maybe it looked more overt in rl compared to film and camera as it does stronger make up looks nowadays but I think Monroe looks fine imo and probably looked fine too with no make up on

No. 908491

> It seems you don't understand that there are people into the natural look.
Oh I understand, that’s why I’m posting it in the unpopular opinions thread.
I said hot but I meant stylish. I don’t care about men/women creatures who unironically sexualize women.

No. 908493

>women creatures who unironically sexualize women
Do fuck off, homophobe.

No. 908494

My point still somewhat stands. If there not into main stream looks of nowadays they won't like it point blank and aren't somehow " in denial "
Hell, maybe they like what was mainstream, stylish and cutting edge 40 years ago if into the vintage look

No. 908495

This is not the only instagram look. Believe it or not it can look “natural”. Bella Hadid for instance?
Had she lived today she’d be considered an instagram “thot”.
Also another opinion: if you’re a woman who says thot, do ironically kys.

No. 908497

Right? Oh no I want to fuck a woman . Scandalous, am I right?

No. 908499

These ig baddie looks always look absolutely hideous in real life. The "look" in itself can look good, but it makes the skin texture look absolutely awful, even on clear skin. I also can't be bothered to take 30 minutes to an hour out of my day to do a full face like this, let alone spend a lot of money on multiple products. It just seems like a waste of money and time to me. Also, that shit rubs off everywhere and melts off your face in summer, even with setting spray and primers.

I've never been jealous of them because damn near everyone can recreate it or get a MUA to do it. I am envious of some womens' facial features who look great completely natural though. Like, if they have naturally full lips or long eyelashes.

No. 908500

No, I don’t give a flying fuck about your sexual orientation. However, I’m talking about style and you had to bring up your sexual preference like a scrote would.

No. 908501

>women creatures
lmao ok retard have fun spending thousands to look like a crusty aliexpress kim k instead of putting in the work to get a naturally attractive body

No. 908502

Duh, Marilyn was hot in a conventional way for her time so she likely would have been a quote on quote Thot. She just registers differently nowadays do to trends changing and the fact she had a pretty danm depressing life.
Though I actually like her movies so I'm endeared to her differently then a lot of social media models or Internet celebs. I sort of like her so I see her more fairly

No. 908503

Art taste is not subjective, is just a cop out for people that don't want to be criticized for the shitty/questionable art they like.

No. 908504

You were the one who started out talking about women as hot
>Btw Pamela Anderson as a youngster was hot.

No. 908506

Even if so I probably just would leave those that like shitty art alone. People are weird and as long as there not making me like something I consider subpar or guilting me into liking it, I couldn't care less

No. 908507

Marilyn is weird because she was caked in make up and had surgeries. We never saw her natural and the cameras used back then weren't exactly high def. I think that's why so many fat ladies can identify with her because you can project easily on to what she must have actually looked like when we haven't a clue. Bridget Bardot looks better but I hear she's a racist so she's not idolised lol

No. 908508

What is good art then?

No. 908509

Style wise fucking yes. I’m complimenting old-her for pulling together a nice fit, hair and makeup etc…

No. 908512

I will agree Bardot was one helluva beauty at least even if Marilyn was a weirder case . Marilyn may have been somewhat plump(?) But she definely wasn't fat so I find the worship a little funny. Though I do think very curvy plump women can pull off old looks or at least I sort of like it or appeals to my soul that thinks vintage clothes look pretty nifty

No. 908513

It’s so hard to choose which one of these legends dressed the best. Though I think Elizabeth Taylor’s style wasn’t much to talk about in general but her natural near perfect beauty made her pull off anything.

No. 908514

Audrey Hepburn I think is the best beauty out of the old Hollywood icons.

No. 908516

Then you worded it quite ambiguously if that's what you meant. Either ways your point is still somewhat arguably. None sexually hot or not, people Don't always like what's main stream even if there arguably in the minority and aren't lying inherently when they say they like X or Y look sexually or aesthetically. Heart wants what the heart wants bababooey

No. 908519

Audrey has such iconic features Judy Garland was also so adorable. I always smile when I see her, just like Audrey and Taylor's eyes are stunning and very eye catching

No. 908520

File: 1631450687104.jpg (98.18 KB, 1024x683, katharine hepburn casual.jpg)

My fave.

No. 908521

I love the shoes!

No. 908527

I still can’t choose but maybe Audrey Hepburn was my fave dressed woman because she’s a polyglot and just has a wonderful personality too.
Though sad as it is audrey would be considered today insta “thot” too. What’s even more sad is that she thought of herself as ugly and that she had size 10.5 feet. The latter being sad because big feet causes complications.
You mean judy garland, who’s been marketed as a sarah jessica parker?

No. 908531

Look Anon, I just think she looks very cute on the wizard of Oz and in the movie Gigi, I don't care so much about how she's marketed(?).

No. 908533

The age old question of which came first, SJP or Judy Garland?

No. 908535

File: 1631451528366.jpg (1023.53 KB, 1784x2200, Davis,_Bette_12.jpg)

Bette Davis has always been my favourite. Tiny woman with a big personality.

No. 908536

In the movie gigi that was leslie caron those gorgeous blue eyes will never be of judy garland.

Sorry I’m just a fan of movies in general.
SJP definitely

No. 908539

I suppose if you aren't keen on having your sexuality made to be a political statement it can feel quite disheartening to have "your own" making it a big deal enough to identify " politically" with something as inate as your sexuality and can come off as unironically homophobic or at least a bit emotional vampire-y if they actually get another woman roped into this shit

No. 908543

I think I somehow I confused Gigi with meet me in st Louis, if so apologies lmao

No. 908544

>Anon with untreated dysmorphia and/or a bimboification fetishist bf copes on Lolcow after her last plastic surgery procedure went wrong and made her look clownish and people stared at her in public

No. 908546

You can tell by the way they seethe about bisexual women and call them "fake", too. They don't love women at all.

No. 908547

Bitch I’m never gonna have plastic surgery and I’m 25. Nor will I ever have a boyfriend but who knows. Maybe fillers in my skin when I’m older after some extensive research. Notice how I’m not butthurt it feels good to be opinionated. Though be careful about the not like other girls attitude, might get on people’s nerves.

No. 908548

It's not even that to me; some lesbian can be wary around bisexuals do to past bad experiences or out of a innate preference for their own sexuality ( I sort of in theory would also prefer a fellow bi girl. I don't shun lesbians nor speak inheritly ill of them and they will always have my support no matter how butch or femme they are and regardless of their opinions on my sexuality as long as they don't treat me bad for it) there's just something about the way some of this so called lesbians talk about women and womanhood and femininity that just feels…off? Is it my gaydar?

No. 908550

It's not NLOG to think the IG look is unattractive. Women wearing makeup styles made up by gay men/drag queen to hide their own male features just does the opposite to actual women.
Literally any style is better, even ones with heavy makeup.
If someone has bad skin or doesn't like their body but wants big tits/ass or something, I can imagine a weird "aspirational" appeal to it, I just can't relate. It looks mannish and weird to me. Even actual androgynous women with "big" features are more appealing when they're not styled that way.

No. 908552

For some reason a girl that's dresses in a flattering androgynous style to me looks always stylish af to me, so I sort of relate in a sense.

No. 908553

The political lesbian that was sperging about how living with a man is letting him dominate you, all hetereoseuxal sex is rape, and looks down on bi & heterosexual women as underling cattle of men is just the type of person that enjoys feeling intellectually superior over people and you can't argue with it because it's literally her dogma. It's like arguing with a religious person. You just get frustrated and they get a bigger high off it

No. 908555

Now THIS is a worthy unpopular opinion lmao.

Btw straight men just like it when they think women are spending tons of money and effort to fuss over appealing to their dicks. It's why they have always liked iterations of makeup, plastic surgery, and hair dye because they think all those things are done to attract their attention. And some women absolutely want that. But will any woman ever appeal to all men? Nope. Men are also fickle bastards which is part of their game.

I myself don't care for the IG look but I think I'm jealous for different reasons. When I see people like that I'm more jealous about the disposable income, free time, and mental energy to put on the thot act day in and day out. If I had those things I'd be who I'd want to be too…but it wouldn't be an IG baddie.

No. 908558

Mhmm they really only worth a side eye and they either quietly " turn" straight when they find their Nigel or claim to be Bi ( a bit frustrating to people that are Bisexual in actuality and didn't clown themselves like this-) or are doomed of having unfulfling relantioships with women because they are trying to be something that are not instead of just being celibate if they do not want men in their life winch is fair and within their rights and I won't argue too much with them either

No. 908559

File: 1631452936386.jpg (74.16 KB, 650x872, dcf3e99ed660a8d5b5e832cee12d45…)

Elle woods was a subpar lawyer and her looks were the sole reason she managed to enter Harvard no matter how much the movie tries to make you believe otherwise.

No. 908561

Or money. I don't think people realize ivy league schools are very attainable if your parents are rich and/or connected. And tbh plenty of dumb people are lawyers.

No. 908568

I think it's kind of fucked up that people tend to bully women for having certain features (like a big nose or whatever), but then pile on them even more for trying to hide or edit them.

No. 908570

People just love to bully women. Sexism is a much bigger issue than any of the other isms but society will never acknowledge it because it literally is pitting men against women and then pickmes against women etc. It's a load of shite

No. 908579

Yup, danmed if you do danmed if you don't type of bullshit

No. 908581

File: 1631454201537.png (402.73 KB, 431x512, ichi.png)

I heard there even are imageboards that are focused on making fun of women's appearance, isn't that fucked up

No. 908583

That's why I don't judge women who get plastic surgery, no matter how much society tells me to hate them for whatever reason. It's just sad to me.

No. 908590

Being a cow isn't about being ugly.

No. 908594

Yup, I only get somewhat annoyed with them depending on their personality (I.e they hold other women to their unreasonable standards when they aren't even a "natural" beauty) or chill shit like fillers or augmenting stuff willy nilly. I think I just in the end don't want to get dragged or put down because some people can't cope with themselves since I'm not at fault for their insecurities and try not to be dismissive of woman's looks even if I don't find them pretty ( because I still see them as people with feelings)

I'll never shit on a woman for getting shit reduced especially if breasts. Be it convinience, back problems or not wanting to be sexuslize I sort of get it in a different way then i do those that oversexualize themselves ( I still feel bad but differently ) and I'm biased I guess because I'm planning on reducing my breast too for back related reasons.

No. 908604

Unironically agree. Making fun of a woman's appearance is a low blow to begin with since women are given much, much higher beauty standards. A male cow has to be a morbidly obese inbred bridge troll before people call him ugly while with female cows people post mid-movement candids of them to prove how "hideous" someone's face is but then sperg even harder if she photoshops her features. The people who go for an extreme alien look are another story but you really can't blame someone for photoshopping their waist if there's a 1200-reply thread of body dysmorphia fuel.

No. 908607

Hard agree.

No. 908608

nta but not all of us use /snow/ or /pt/

No. 908613

I'm still not completely decided on if it was a really dumb teenage polilez trying to sound like she read feminist theory or a scrote simply trolling people with nonsensical "manhate". The whole "you gender traitors whoring yourself out to men disgust me" thing is like what men believe feminists to say all the time.

No. 908614

I agree with the other anon. It's just a side effect that when a cow acts like a cow, the easiest thing for most people to mock is their appearance (and the nitpicking does get annoying). Something about someone being obnoxious (or a truly bad person) and unattractive really grates on most people's nerves.
The really annoying thing, IMO, is that men actually deserve both kinds of insults way more, but the focus is nearly always on women. The game is already rigged against us, but they get off scott free, even when they're disgusting neckbeards.

No. 908615

Generally speaking, trying to hide or fix a flaw that bullies poked fun at is signaling to the bullies that you are in fact insecure and can be manipulated.
Best to grey rock and give off the impression that you dgaf what other people think and own who you are.

No. 908619

I think it can be a bit psychological too? Like I know some people will feel irrational disgust over someone's looks because they see them as the lowest of low or just really annoying. Still annoying to get so overworked over Dumpy at worse lolcow but I don't think it just girls venting out there sexism in a way that maybe isn't the bestest but beats harassing them directly

No. 908626

NTA but some anons here really take that "if you're ugly on the inside it shows on the surface" meme to heart to the point they refuse to believe an attractive person could have a nasty personality. It's a psychological cope that's been studied, physically attractive people are more likely to be liked and forgiven for their flaws which is why anons really need to hammer in how a moderately good looking cow is actually deformed. And to be fair even if she was objectively ugly it wouldn't be milk.

The only instances where I find observations about physical appearance being justified is when some bitch constantly brags about certain features of her appearance to the point it doesn't meet reality at all (like all the stocky e-girls claiming they're smol bean IRL lolis to pander to pedo scrotes) and puts down other women while doing it. But even in that context it's more about her being a delusional narcissist, not her appearance in itself. And even that gets old really fast because there's only so many times you can make fun of someone's flat ass or outie vagina until it starts being more about your own insecurities than the cow's.

No. 908660

That's true, I think most cows here look plain at best so the nitpicks feel weird and I generally stir away from most female cow threads cause of that

No. 908676

I feel like female cows tend to get roasted more for their appearance because they themselves prioritize it so much. Cows like Shayna or Luna spend a lot of time and money on how they look, and they upload lots of selfies with cocky I'm-so-hot style captions. Given that, it's natural that they're going to get made fun of for their appearance more often than some disgusting man who never talks about how they look or tries to look nice.

No. 908769

Blonde hair looks best on people with dark skin. I love the contrast of tan-dark skin and blonde hair. I feel the same about lighter skin and dark hair but I think that’s quite a popular opinion.

No. 908799

More lesbian and bi otakus/weebs should get into GL, make quality stuff and aggressively gatekeep scrotes and trannies like they do with their own interests.

No. 908804

You sound underage but also these thinly veiled bait posts are so boring and annoying, how is this an “unpopular opinion” when I don’t think anyone other than you even has an opinion about it, for or against?

No. 908806

huh? how is this bait?

No. 908809

I wish this would happen too.

No. 908819

Nta, but why did you get so offended by that post? I'm sure lots of people have opinions on weeb stuff like that.

No. 908834

Is ‘more lesbian and bi otakus/weebs shouldn’t get into GL & make quality stuff’ a popular opinion? I just don’t get why people post these when obviously no one here will disagree with your opinion. It just seemed like bait to post something everyone would universally agree with anyway to get people to start derailing the thread complaining about scrotes/trannies

No. 908840

a lot of lesbian and bi female weebs actually refuse to even give any gl a chance because of moids in the fandom. on one hand i get it, but it's annoying

No. 908844

Afaik, a lot of bi/lesbian weebs are fujos and there's not much GL content so that's probably what anon meant. Nothing to get your panties in a twist over.

No. 908890

File: 1631471849686.jpeg (76.5 KB, 500x561, 11D8A310-B46C-41FB-90DD-F57585…)

This is a cute cartoon where I can understand why people like it, but I think this and the message generally ultimately does more harm than good

No. 908901

this, fujo 'lesbians' screech how they have to masturbate to drawn scrotes because GL is forever tainted or some other bs

No. 908915

I don't engage with fandom other than LC these days so i don't have much to contribute. But lesbian pairings shouldn't be forever tainted by scrotes. Scrotes tries their best to ruin everything, that doesn't mean we should give it up.

No. 908940

Well, first of all, almost all of GL (that isn't performative woke tumblr content) is always gross. Every time some himejo anon is giving out "totally not moid pandering or fetishizing" recommendations it's always ultrafemme 14-year old anime schoolgirls cuddling and very male gazey, and as an adult GNC woman I don't find it especially intriguing. Secondly, gatekeeping trannies and scrotes is way easily said than done, I'm not going to deal with psychopathic incels in dresses and get cancelled for twansphobia or misandry or whatever stupid buzzword they would lay at my feet. Thirdly, as for making my own stuff men would find a way to fetishize it anyway I find it hard to actually bother. Besides the overwhelming majority of the girls that I've met who are into GL for whatever reason are straight or bihets while fujos (actual fujos, not husbandofag yumejos) have been largely lesbians so that's another reason why I gravitate towards their company more. It's just how it is.

No. 908949

>while fujos (actual fujos, not husbandofag yumejos) have been largely lesbians
Cope, can't believe you are 'no true Scotsman'-ing women/girls into gay porn. Cringe.
In the aughts most fujos were horny bihets. I doubt that they disappeared just cause some confused lesbians are in the fandom too.

No. 908955

your boypussy bullshit is gross. you and tifs make BL unlikeable ironically like the tims you get pissy about

No. 908959

Here in lolcow as well, there is like 20 bi girls in the fujo thread, then like 15 hets and then 10 lesbians or something like that

No. 908960

I agree but this kind of harm reduction is what's caused our media to become so retarded imo

No. 908964

I truly don’t get how people use any social media or imageboards daily/consistently. I can only do a week or so and then need to have a couple of months in between before I want to go back. Idk if I’m just freakishly sensitive or something but it genuinely drains me and makes my day/life worse lol. I don’t want to be forced to see people’s stupid thoughts/opinions every day and I feel like even if it’s just social media and you only follow a small amount of people you still just inevitably end up seeing a lot of annoying things. After a few days it starts to feel like I should be being payed to use it.

No. 908974

True, though there must be cows that don't focus on looks and are still cowish no?

No. 908977

Cancel culture is fun, I think when everyone decides to pile on some celebrity it’s generally funny and enjoyable in a schadenfreude way and unless they committed some kind of actual major crime or whatever nothing even happens to them anyway. Sometimes even if they did nothing happens. If anything it gives them a career boost. It’s becoming less fun now most of the time they are obviously deliberately trying to get cancelled though..

No. 908980

I've been growing more fond of BL and doing ships with buds and I'm Bi ( not as strongly into men as much if at all anymore, though so ehh on the Het) so I guess it checks out as far as stereotypes lmao. I've been trying to find good GL content but I'm even more picky about it's quality and may very well do my own in the end, though I remember a thread here with what seemed to be some solid GL and I got one somewhat good book out of it so I guess any anons who want GL should pop in there.

No. 908982

Why are you lying anon? It was tied between 1/3 straight girls, 1/3 bi girls, 1/3 lesbians and I honestly have to doubt the stat accuracy because like 40 people answered that question while there are only maybe 5 to 7 active posters in the thread and they always mention being lesbian. People getting so a-loggingly mad over lesbian fujos is the most peculiar thing I've ever witnessed and it will forever sound like a transbian take to me or something you'd hear those 15-year old polilez k-pop spergs say kek

No. 908983

I only care when smaller creators are targeted because that may actually affect them somewhat and they usually aren't even relevant enough for it so it feels petty in a not fun way to me. Big celebs ala JK Rowling? She must be weeping into her thousands of dollars from one of the biggest franchises in the world

No. 908986

Personally IDC about Lesbian Fujos. Isn't most BL just disguised lesbian stuff or at least became that way with time? I was told that at least and I sort can see it
( probably why I like it)

No. 908989

Yeah I agree, I can’t actually think of an example of a small creator being cancelled but I don’t think that would be fun for me either. I also hate when just like, a random teenager’s dumb take about something goes viral and a million people decide to dog pile and attack them.

No. 908993

The way JKR has been attacked by TRAs and betrayed by the kids she made rich is disgusting though. All those threats of violence and rape after she made it clear she was a victim of DV.

No. 909000

A Insta girl I follow ( ok sue me I followed to thrist from behind the screen with stars in my eyes) that likes doing cosplay and photo shoots and it's very cutesy and girl was targeted for literally saying the word Kawaii on tiktok and everyone decided to go " muh appropriation " and got her banned from that platform and she kinda of seemed pretty upset. I felt really bad for her since she's as harmless and squeaky clean as they come and Woke light so yeahhh

No. 909002

Oh it was gross don't get me wrong, she just wasn't blacklisted or had her income hurt in any form so it wasn't a total disaster relatively speaking

No. 909003

I'm not a-logging at all though
a lot of people lurk but don't comment that often (like me)
This was the last reply and yeah, I was wrong, but lesbians were still in the minority.


>Lesbian: (IIIII)(IIIII)I
>Straight: (IIIII)(IIIII)III

I don't care about what porn you consume, weird complex there

No. 909009

Not to be obtuse but I do think it's funny that all girls wound up agreeing that pretty boys getting it on is hot/ appealing regardless of gender preference. It's just one of those things that makes you wanna laugh

No. 909013

I mean you could say they contributed to her wealth too with the money she made from the films but either way what? You aren’t indebted to stand by your colleagues political views at all and it’s completely unreasonable and bizarre to expect that. I just can’t feel pity for celebrities when they talk about receiving abuse, every celebrity on earth is going to get hundreds of threats of violence and death threats pretty much daily it’s not unique to any one of them and I don’t feel bad for a multi millionaire/billionaire who can very easily just never use twitter or whatever again and retreat from the public eye. I also think I just hate it generally when random celebrities take it upon themselves to act as political activists of any kind.

No. 909019

You got a point. There there to entertain, I don't care about their political opinions and life unless it negatively effects people in ways one can hold accountable for ( i.e Assault or actual abuse of any kind)

No. 909020

JKR is based. She is right that trannies are a fake science and she was right shout Harry Potter

No. 909022

With 15-11-13 That's still a very minor difference, we're talking about the difference of only a few people. If we want to push it further according to these stats you could also say that around 2/3 of fujos are not straight and being bi can also mean being a febfem.

This was discussed in the fujo thread a couple of times and the conclusion was largely that lesbians tend to interpret the male characters as stand-ins for women while straight fujos take them more at face value. Personally I would not be interested at all if they were, say, characters played by real life male actors but the fact that they're drawn and completely controlled and created by women is appealing to me.

No. 909023

Actually I don't think her opinions were even that based? She just stated that women have a biological side to them or something harmless like that and Twitter went batshit because JK always strunted as being super woke and progressive

No. 909025

NTA but a lot of women consume gay porn too because they think guys fooling around is hot. Would also explain why so many are into male on male fanservice/ships.

No. 909030

I should have clarified pretty drawn boys lol. Though personally I think the gender doesn't matter too much for me but I like the female aspect of the fandom and being around other Bisexual girls and some fun lesbians even if just to lurk. I do think that I may have liked some BL as GL just fine if not even more, but I do like being able to have some distance do to both being guys so yeah there's it's ups and downs

No. 909033

They don't have to agree with her political views but they could condemn all the abuse she got. Media outlets where framing it as she was this evil transphobe and no one actually brought up what she actually said and the abuse she got for it.

No. 909054

Why? They aren’t friends they just worked on the same project years ago. Generally no celebrities do that when some other celebrity is getting “cancelled”, because they don’t want to risk their own careers. What is “condemning abuse” even going to achieve? All celebrities get “abuse”. It’s just part of the job. Anyway, I don’t think celebrities who voluntarily insert themselves into politics and then get “abuse” for it are victims at all. Celebrities inject themselves into various culture war issues solely for their own benefit. They want to be cancelled for publicity (see how her cancellation lined up with her new book release) and then play the victim. They all have publicists and know what will happen, most of the time it’s all planned. Don’t be so naive (Not saying this specifically about JKR, most “cancellations” these days are obvious publicity stunts). It’s very easy to become irrelevant l, if any of them truly wanted that they could easily do it, but they don’t.

No. 909058

People who use it daily get used to it over time I guess. I've had similar experiences where I went a while with no reading social media or forum sites and I felt great, then when I returned to those sites I wondered why the hell should I even care about all these people's random thoughts and opinions. In the end I keep coming back though.

No. 909091

Yep, I think the eunuch-obsessed artist sisters are a good example of cows that aren't really talked about for their appearance. I believe there are a couple of photos of them floating around, but most of the criticism is rightfully saved for their creepy drawings and bizarre theories about intersex people.

Browsing snow for the first time in a while made me realize that you have a point though, because the majority of active cow threads consist largely of female appearance-based nitpicking. In a way, this is probably the inevitable result of social media activity shifting to more visual formats like instagram and tiktok, which means that most new cows end up being ethots or streamers who are obsessed with how they look. The endless drip of selfie related milk they generate is pretty boring, but people just don't post the interesting and deranged non-selfie content that they used to.

I still don't know that farmers necessarily treat male and female cows differently in this regard though. If you look at someone like terry hall, people have no problem clowning on him for his busted appearance.

No. 909094

Honestly those sisters sound laughably deranged so I dig, thanks for the tip Nonna

No. 909183

I would sincerely rather a man just backhand me across the face than listen to a man “open up” about his “vulnerabilities” because “men are victims of patriarchy too.” Overt misogyny is significantly less offensive and repulsive to me than the insidious “leftist” guys talking about “misandry”.

No. 909187

If a man ever opened up about misandry to me I'd punch him in the face, deny that just happened and leave. Can't be dealing with pussies.

No. 909206

>Overt misogyny is significantly less offensive and repulsive to me than the insidious “leftist” guys talking about “misandry”.
At least the obvious scrotes can be avoided immediately. The men that pretend they're on your side until you're way down the line and it somehow inconveniences them are manipulative and sly.

No. 909310

This. How would you even gatekeep GL from trans woman without being shunned by half of your potential public? The only way to get them away from your work would be acting explicitly transphobic, which is career suicide in this current time.

No. 909419

Old school misogyny is easy to deal with tbh, when my grandpa says I need to lose weight I just tell him he's talking alot for someone without a front tooth.
New age modern misogyny is a pain in the ass on the other hand (spycams, gaslighting, twans shit, men talking on and on about their pwecious fweelings and how not giving them sex is abusive behavior).

No. 909427

File: 1631493741699.gif (127.39 KB, 275x275, 6F779FBE-093C-49FC-8B17-6FF08F…)

i think being pregnant is ghetto…like why would you do that?
pregnant bellies and pregnancy in general disgusts me, i have to mute girls when they get pregnant because its so annoying and gross to me. it’s like a phobia it just makes me feel disgusting to see that, i would never want to be all bloated like that

No. 909434

hi, sorry to bother you but holy shit that gif is fucking disturbing

No. 909450

Nothing weird about not being a slave she-cuck

No. 909453

i don't think i'll ever have kids but pregnancy is kind of based because men could never

No. 909455

Why do you weirdos keep calling everything "cuck" recently

No. 909459

cause they're moids doing a bad impression of a "based radfem" lol

No. 909460

will they ever stop?

No. 909463

The "you're shaming women for their natural bodies/internalized misogyny!1" ppl are going to come for you anon. I agree though, they literally have a parasite growing inside them that may end up killing/permanently harming them. Pregnant women look sick like some bloated beer belly, just seeing their belly makes me nauseous and disturbed.

No. 909466

you're trying way too hard to seem edgy

No. 909467

File: 1631494915299.png (845.55 KB, 600x820, 1628829935389.png)

Samefag, scientists found tons of cells from the baby all over in women's bodies, so you basically become a chimera after you get pregnant.

No. 909469

they'll probably get bored eventually. Maybe they'll have to break for their bi-hourly coom session soon, being a degenerate is a full time job you know

No. 909471

I've been dogpiled by nature goddess radfems before it was an experience.

No. 909475

okay, who asked?

No. 909477

Same. So many women end up with complications after pregnancy. And it's sad seeing those women bitch about it for the rest of their lives, like oh the baby made all my hair fall out, the baby destroyed my thyroid and made me fat, my kids took everything from me, blah blah. Like why even do it then? It just seems like ongoing torture

No. 909484

I thought it sounded scrote-y, but I didn't want to throw around male accusations. Anyway, I can't help but cringe when people talk about how disgusting they think pregnant women are. Sometimes it seems very immature.

No. 909489

To explain why I was being edgy, duh

No. 909490

File: 1631495387388.jpg (40.54 KB, 708x1055, 5ae114c57495007296d84a6b4254bf…)

hope you enjoyed it bud, not everyone gets to experience the full glory of mother gaia's love.

No. 909493

Yeah it's so immature to have a phobia of my body being stretched into oblivion. Nothing disgusting or terrifying about that at all.

No. 909497

there's a difference between having personal apprehensions about how pregnancy would affect your body and going "ree pregnant women look like they have a bloated beer belly!1". if you don't see how that sounds scrote-y, i'm sorry.

No. 909498

File: 1631495509858.jpg (104.03 KB, 810x1024, 98154272dc83d3953fcba91bcc4020…)

When you say it like that it sounds kinda cool

No. 909499

It's literal brainworms, the cells left over basically influence your brain to see your baby as yourself.

No. 909501

Thats such a retarded take. Men fetishize pregnancy. If i was a scrote my post would have had the opposite tone. Not every woman who has a different opinion than you is a scrote. Pregnant bellies ARE nasty as fuck. Seethe harder you 5 baby daddy having welfare ass bitch

No. 909502

yeah they're biological measures to make sure you don't punt your baby once it starts annoying you with its crying

No. 909503

its a literal parasite that feeds off your body and can kill you at any moment

No. 909504

I didn't say that it's immature to be scared of pregnancy. I meant that it's a little immature to say stuff like >>909463
>Pregnant women look sick like some bloated beer belly
>they literally have a parasite growing inside them
>being pregnant is ghetto

No. 909505

i'm literally >>909453 but whatever makes you feel better kek

No. 909506

what went wrong in your life that you saw reproduction as something harmful… no not just harmful a PARASITE growing in your body

how many women here have a mother that never hugged them? be honest

No. 909507

File: 1631495745513.png (48.93 KB, 720x443, Screenshot_20210912-211531_1.p…)

No. 909508

there are certainly at least a couple men

No. 909509

It is harmful though. Getting pregnant can make your hair fall out, give you moles and skin tags, make your face change, fuck your body up in ways that can never be reversed. It's vile.

No. 909510

lol I was about to ask >>909501 if she had some kind of phobia

No. 909511

now youre really sounding like a scrote or like that fucking sociopath janke

do you fear testicular torsion?

No. 909515

it's not men. there are seriously unhinged women on here.

No. 909516

i sound like a scrote or isabella janke because i'm saying how seriously crazy it is to think having children is like growing a harmful parasite in your body? pardon?

No. 909518

just ignore it. they're just trying to reignite the stupid abortion argument from the other day.

No. 909519

you dont sound like a scrote to me, you sound like a woman started shitting out babies at age 15. Its the only thing that gives you purpose

No. 909523

im >>909511 and the only reason i called you a scrote is because i cannot imagine there are non mentally ill women who arent scared of pregnacy it sounds like hell and birth is torture

No. 909528

the issue with staunch anti-natalists or "child free" retards like >>909519 is that the majority of them can't just not have kids and be done with it. there are people who don't have kids and don't make a point to be as repulsive as possible about it to others around them. but these staunch freaks have to inject their mental illness onto other women, they have to try and convince you how this totally natural normal thing is actually so bad just because THEY don't want to do it. it's like watching a heroin addict try to convince their friends to do it so they can be as miserable as they are.

No. 909530

That and you'd be doing some disgusting male a favor by birthing his offspring. Men don't deserve that

No. 909532

are you seriously comparing women who dont want to look like a sci-fi alien to heroin addicts?

No. 909535

Awe did i hurt your feelings? Probably hurts worse looking at your disgusting stretch marks and flabby body

No. 909536

are you seriously saying mothers look like sci-fi aliens?

i'm gonna ask you again and be honest
did your mother never hug you?

No. 909537

2/10. Nice attempt, but lacks a little subtlety. If you stopped samefagging like the dirty spaz you are, it might make you seem a little more believable.

No. 909538

Yes, did you not read my post where i said being pregnant looks like being horribly bloated and disgusting? Definitely alien like.

No. 909539

did your father beat your mother and abandon you on the side of the road?(infighting)

No. 909540

File: 1631496674828.png (2.03 MB, 1448x849, 2021-09-12 21_31_06.png)

i hate pickled ginger and when i order sushi i always throw it away

No. 909541

those arent the same anon im >>909532 more women dont want to be pregnant than those who do, cope

No. 909542

no but it definitely, definitely sounds like that happened to you. good luck with therapy

No. 909544

Im upper middle class with both parents but have fun splitting your anus open for a scrote who doesnt wash his ass nonnie

No. 909545

the pickled ginger that comes with sushi is usually terrible anyway, you're not missing anything nonna

No. 909547

You're just pressed because your scrote knocked you up and dipped.

No. 909548

Despite not wanting children myself, this weird hate people have for mothers is why I really dislike childfree people. And for some reason they always like to hate on mothers and never talk about fathers. Super obnoxious.

No. 909549

In convinced the "birth is normal and natural why are you so pressed" have never gone onto a mommy forum or asked a candid female relative about her birth. It's Russian roulette. My mom lost half her hair volume, 5 teeth, her vag tore and she can't orgasm anymore, her whole bodys fat distribution changed, can't control her bladder that well, and became much more succeptable to BV. Btw these are the "normal" risks.

No. 909551

i always wondered if there’s actually good kinds

No. 909552

freaks like this that do this whole song and dance end up hitting 40 and go into a crisis about having children. normal people with stable brains that don't want kids just breeze through life. isn't it so weird that they hate pregnancy so much but can't stop talking and shitting on pregnant women? no one is lining up to impregnate them anyway, it's not like they're being forced to pop out children. so why this level of unhinged?

No. 909553

Men don't carry the baby? Never said I hate mothers, just hate seeing pregnant women posting their sick distended bellies 24/7 and bitching about all the disgusting things happening to their body. Makes me feel ill

No. 909554

It's smells like mold straight up, is this a cilantro situation where some ppls tastebuds interpret cilantro like soap?

No. 909555

I think so! Or maybe it's more good and bad uses. I can't say that I've ever enjoyed eating a huge chunk of ginger, but it's really good as an ingredient in stuff like okonomiyaki

No. 909556

I don't know who you are, so I don't know what you said. There's a reason that post was more general and I didn't tag any posts.

No. 909557

That sounds like a you problem
Can I have it then?

No. 909559

My mother got skin tags all over her back and torso, she complained about pregnancy destroying her body for my entire life and acted like it was my fault she let some scrote nut in her

No. 909560

not to add to this debate, but i think women shouldn't have to consider having kids just because they can. it shouldn't be the ultimate goal of life and definitely not the ultimate goal of a relationship. by that i mean it shouldn't be considered mandatory to start a family to be happy or successful in life or in a relationship but if it's your personal goal and desire, sure. but literally only scrotes, trad larpers or unhappy and spiteful momcels will actively push women to have children and lose their independence.

and if you do want kids it's way better to wait until you can be financially independent. so fuck anyone who pushes women into having kids young because of whatever reason. even if there would be a risk in having kids over a certain age, a fully educated and financially stable mother would be much better equipped to deal with those risks than a young mom under less stable circumstances would be to deal with anything that comes with raising a child.
and not that it matters but i say this as someone who plans on having kids and is against even owning pets, inb4 some dumbass tradthot wants to call me a childfree catmom karen or whatever.

No. 909562

Maybe bc abortion was & can be made illegal at the snap of a finger and if a man decides he wants to rape me then I don't have the option for abortion. This is body horror torture level shit, except everyone pretends that it's not body horror torture and tells you to stop being so pressed.

No. 909563

Kek and then they whine about how you don't want to give them grandkids. Purposefully naive women are what keeps the human race alive.

No. 909564

I think this is pretty much popular opinion anon, at least in the first world. Even most governments recognize the importance of mothers having a stable financial base, which is why increased maternity leave has become increasingly common.

No. 909566

i can see how it would be body horror for a fatty with a multitude of health problems already. those women never bounce back from pregnancies. consider losing weight in case you get raped and pregnant so you have a normal chance of bouncing back.

No. 909568

Maybe I never want a baby

No. 909569

File: 1631497524907.jpg (142.28 KB, 880x660, frog-photography-27__880.jpg)

I hope all of you get skin tags regardless of pregnancy

No. 909571

Anons seem more unhinged than usual, is there a LARPing moid?

No. 909575

Girl delete this. You shouldn't post your face here.

No. 909576

No. 909578

File: 1631497752755.jpg (292.23 KB, 1000x562, kitkat-library-break-large-2.j…)

You sound hangry, here, have a KitKat.

No. 909579

I think there's been a few and for some reason I think they're all my ex drug dealer lol He was terminally online and a conspiracy nut, anti vaxxers, racist the list goes on. I feel like I spot him or his spin offs frequently in the tinfoil or covid thread. Or other moids. They all give off that same shitty vibe

No. 909580

File: 1631497781120.jpg (208.57 KB, 640x640, Black-Rain-Frog-Images.jpg)

I'm beautiful

No. 909581

Don't shame her anon, skin tags are normal and natural and she's brave for trying to normalize them.

No. 909582

You wish. Any time there's a fiery discussion in a thread several anons screech SCROTEEEEE!!! MOID!!! SCROTE!!!
We're all unhinged here

No. 909584

Please scrape your skintags off anons or see a doctor, you don't have to live looking like a toad

No. 909587

it is definitely not popular, our whole society and culture is built on the expectation of women to have kids and raise families.

No. 909588

t. scrote

No. 909590

Anons need to spend a month on incel forums or something to get a better scrote sense, I swear.

No. 909591

It's funny because I get called a moid all the time. (I'm not part of this pregnancy discussion, no one panic.) I never assume someone else is a man though. I think it's oddly belittling to think that women can't have various thoughts and opinions on things.
Isn't it funny that on male or female image boards you can be accused of secretly being a man if you say you're a girl lol

No. 909593

Literally why would a woman do that

No. 909595

Nooooo what do you mean there's some women who don't want the 2 kids, husband, and white picket fence dream? They're not women they're larping men, duhh.

No. 909596

You're whole life must be like the unpopular opinion thread

No. 909597

>to get a better scrote sense, I swear.

No. 909599

No. 909600

I think it must be really regional, because I keep seeing a ton of women complain about the exact opposite lol - leftthot types who love to whine about how modern girlboss culture shames women who want to have kids. I'm from the states so it might be country dependent, but women definitely seem less pressured here to have kids than ever before. In a survey done in 2014, they found that 46% of women aged 15-44 have never had children, which is almost half! That's pretty crazy, in a good way.

No. 909601

quit baiting. nobody would give a shit if that was your "unpopular opinion". saying how much you think pregnancy is gross, pregnant women are aliens, babies are parasites, post-pregnancy women are ugly, is obviously gonna give you backlash and maybe even moid accusations.

No. 909603

they wouldn’t kek

No. 909604

Since so many people dislike this and wasabi, maybe sushi restaurants shouldn't give them automatically and just ask if they want it when they order to stop waste. Keep em in the boxed sushis though.

No. 909605

Even if it's something more absurd that someone thinks doesn't sound "pro woman" enough. I have seen girls with my actual eyes who literally hate women so any opinions in between worshipping and hating women could be women. Also, even if it were a man larping as a woman their argument still stands. "Moid!" is a cop out. If it's bait when it's a man, it could also be a man baiting you. Everyone is just paranoid.

No. 909606

>The scrote is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a pick me, handmaiden, libfem, femcel, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a scrote and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I've been found out.”

No. 909607

>pregnancy is gross, pregnant women are aliens, babies are parasites, post-pregnancy women are ugly
All of these things are true though. You put it so eloquently, thanks anon

No. 909608

I think the Internet is peaking women for settling with terrible men.

No. 909609

I used to occasionally visit incel forums to cheer myself up. Men picking themselves to shreds, you love to see it.

No. 909612

don't care also you're fat

No. 909614

Wonder if this site has peaked some incels to an hero

No. 909615

While I totally believe it's annoying as shit women go on about that and I won't personally deal with those sort of women it's also not odd. I see women irl say that shit all the time. It's absolutely womanly to shit on pregnancy like that.

No. 909616

anon why did you delete the post about your married dad going on incel forums lmao

No. 909617

Wtf and he has a daughter. I hope you don't live with him.

No. 909618

Lmao I'm so concerned for them too

No. 909619

Because its embarrassing bitch

No. 909621

I grew up sucking up to incels because my dad acts like an incel to some extent even though he's always found getting women easy. My mom was a nutcase in contrast so I just listened to my dad.

No. 909622

>It's absolutely womanly to shit on pregnancy like that.
Maybe but it sounds like they have some deep set problems that need professional help

No. 909623

Dude, I replied to it and now I look retarded. How dare you.

No. 909624

You need to talk about it

No. 909625

i do agree it's common to see women afraid of pregnancy or shit on it but not to this mentally ill extent. like even right now there's a clear difference between the women shitting on it because they're just scared but aren't too serious about what they're saying, and and the anons that seriously have mental issues and have made being "child free" their whole personalities (as if anyone wants to impregnate them anyway)

No. 909626

I shouldn't have posted it in the first place my bad anons
It really is embarrassing as hell but thanks for reposting it

No. 909627

i mean it’s not like i know you personally, it’ll be okay

No. 909628

No. 909629

I know. I am just saying it doesn't make them seem like a moid to me. I hear women saying really fucked up shit about babies a lot.

No. 909630

You're the only one who brought up "child free"
I wanna adopt kids not destroy my body with horrific scifi shit

No. 909632

Luckily my dad stopped looking at that shit, I think he's an autist, he goes through phases where he gets hyperfixated on things, but it doesn't last long

No. 909634

File: 1631499061253.jpeg (158.14 KB, 1280x720, 8FC76A76-5372-44E6-A581-47F6A9…)

FTMs with facial hair are really hot. I wish they didn’t have to suffer gender dysphoria and want to get neo-penises.

No. 909635

Yeah I think this is going to be what I do. Adopt or foster. It'll be a shame I was an extremely cute baby (not trying to brag) and it'll be sad that I won't see what my baby will look like, but I think I love me more and I don't want to fuck my body up, I'm already not enjoying the concept of aging and the gradual changes it brings.

No. 909641

Agreed anon.
I find gottmik really attractive but I feel so bad for her with all the hormones and shit she does to her body, I've heard about FTM's uterus's prolapsing and other horrifying shit. I just hope she'll be okay or stop doing that shit to herself.

No. 909642

adopted kids tend to be really fucked up and even murder their adoptive parents, even when they came from loving adoptive families, so it should be a fun challenge for you nonnies!

No. 909645

they're so teeny tiny though anon. I legitimately don't have a height thing, but ftms always look like the little alvin and the chipmunks dudes. It's like their hands are always in the bottom 10%, everything they hold looks gigantic.

No. 909646

I know a few families that have fostered and my own family had for a while. Thanks for the concern though. x

No. 909647

So those kids should just be orphans then?
Someone fucked up bringing them into the world but it's not their fault.
If my adopted kids murder me, then fuck it, that's better than dying of cancer or something.

No. 909650

You are so fucking weird(infighting)

No. 909654

i have a suicide pact with my adoptive parents

No. 909655

There's a lot of adopted kids who turn out fine.
Having said that I have an adopted friend who has all his adopted brothers in jail. But he is more successful than me so what can I say. One of his brothers literally murdered an old man and came all over the corpse. What an awful coincidence.

No. 909656

anon be honest with us. Are you infertile?

No. 909657

Did you murder your adopted parents anon? This seems really personal

No. 909658

I don’t understand the pronoun thing. Why continue to refer to this individual as “she” when he makes no physical or social attempts to be or present as a female? I’m not triggered, just confused. Visually and, assuming he’s on hormones, internally to me he looks to be male.

Is it just a way to express disapproval to the transition or did he do something bad to you?

I understand not using “they/them” and whatever the fuck for people who don’t attempt to transition, but why gottmilk?

No. 909659

you sound like the tradcunt from the mtf thread kek

No. 909660

I think it’s cute. Rather be with a FTM than a genetic scrote.

No. 909661

That is sweet, just avoid the entire pregnancy topic when they are interviewing you or they'll notice there is something wrong with you

No. 909662

I literally said that I like her. Get out of here with your woke tranny bullshit

No. 909664

Some people pick and choose who's identity they'll validate. I don't think transitioning is an ethical therapy but I will respect Kim Petras pronouns

No. 909665

i think employers actually prefer if women aren't looking to have children since it means she wont need time off for the pregnancy.

No. 909666

Don't get baited into a tranny sperg, anon.

No. 909667

she was talking about the interview process for adopting not getting a job wtf

No. 909668

lmao the fact that they couldn’t differentiate

No. 909670

Oh, I’m retarded, thought gottmilk was the masc guy YouTube guy not a drag queen. I don’t care if you misgender, I just want to know why.
Makes sense, not American, so all of this is new to me. I try to do it based on presentation because that’s what I’m used to.

No. 909671

it'd still be plus if you tell your employer you don't plan on having children because it makes you more reliable.

No. 909673

nta but it wouldn’t matter because it’s illegal to ask if you plan on becoming pregnant anyway (in the US at least) and also to fire someone due to pregnancy

No. 909676

There's no doubt men that seethe over this law and think feminism has done enough.

No. 909706

As a long term weed smoker who's probably been smoking way too much consistently on a daily basis I feel qualified in what I'm about to say and also because I've drastically reduced my weed intake. I think psychosis induced by weed is real but not how you think. I think it just means when a person is too fucking high and their high isn't ending for months yet because they've over done it. I think I was there. I just didn't tell anyone my delusions. I was semi semi aware if you get me. What a fucking trip. I don't think I can ever tell people the specifics but people will probably mistake my newfound expression as hidden untold wisdom; which it is.

No. 909710

you sound like my ex that cheated on me (multiple times) and tried to blame it on psychosis. get help.

No. 909711

This made me laugh. I haven't cheated on anyone but I wish you well.

No. 909713

You are sort of right. That can be a way weed does that but it can also trigger literal mental issues. My step sibling triggered full on psychosis where he thought he was Christ and shit and ran around in public nude, threw their belongings in a river. They had to be put in a mental hospital. It's exceptionally rare but it depends. The first breakdown was triggered with LSD and then the successive times seemed to be triggered by weed.

No. 909714

I think the only way to fix it is let them have a controlled comedown. I managed that and now I understand.

No. 909868

I thought Tokophobia was the phobia of all things related to pregnancy, not just tearing your pussy. Also reading through all the fighting, I'm someone who hates pregnancy and the idea of pregnancy, and am highly uncomfortable around pregnant women, but that fear actually made me develop a pregnancy fetish (as long as it's other women), especially because it is basically body horror. Human psyche is some fucked up shit.

No. 909900

this sounds like a scrote, especially after their reply to >>909710

No. 909974

>my delusions
Tell us more anon

No. 909993

lmao what? every single adopted person i've known have been perfectly normal, even the ones who are a different race than the adoptive parents

No. 910012

File: 1631535088536.jpeg (95.49 KB, 787x724, 9B9C064C-307B-4A83-A447-B1F98F…)

weed/drug induced psychosis is very real and not that uncommon. i know several people close to me who have had their mental health completely destroyed by weed and never recovered. i hate how it's being legalized everywhere.

i see what you mean, but i really don't think that's a real issue. i understand the problem with corporate/capitalist feminism, but the claim that leftists, feminists or just women in general who encourage other women to question the misogynistic and conservative values and expectations that they have internalized after having it pushed onto them for their whole lives is not a bad thing imo, and calling it "shaming" i think is dishonest and intentionally misleading. i feel for women who feel insecure and looked down on by others for wanting to be moms or housewives. but they should not push their own opinions and insecurities on other women or scare them into conforming to traditionalist values by saying they will become desperate lonely depressed karens by 40 if they don't. i don't understand how anyone can't see how that's deeply misogynistic and destructive. it's the same rhetoric used by mgtow and incels to undermine womens confidence and free thinking.

do you have any source on that anon? that's quite an outlandish claim. however i'm going to piggyback on this and say the adoption industry is extremely unethical and builds on a lot of corruption. there are literal stolen and trafficked children from china who are sold to western families through legitimate western adoption centers and their biological parents still look for them, pic related.

No. 910023

Reminds me of this girl I saw on Insta that acted huffy about being shamed over being a house wife and I had to reply the post wasn't even about her. It was a jokey post about how women are more or less taught to baby men and was framing the man child as just that but she had to go ahead and misinterpret the post or make it about herself struck a nerve you just reminded me of Anon lol

No. 910037

Wait how often does that happen there? I thought they usually harvested their organs.

No. 910058

>I think it just means when a person is too fucking high and their high isn't ending for months
I'm curious to know about what your experience was like but if it felt like a normal weed high except for a longer time then that probably wasn't psychosis. Actual psychosis is fairly unmistakable, even if it can differ in intensity.

No. 910066

I feel the same way nona. It's reminiscent of some body horror shit to me. I would feel so afraid watching myself morph into a vessel

No. 910073

of course it's real nonna. Modern weed is modified to have a lot of THC too which is harmful for humans. THC in large doses gives you heart issues, psychosis, neurological damage and other problems. The CBD/THC ratio was supposed to be like 30% at most THC and the rest CBD I just recently read an article about how weed increases the chances of having a heart attack. https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/marijuana-and-heart-health-what-you-need-to-know

The only way to smoke weed and be safe is if you are in a country where it is legal and you know the THC percentage. anything above 30% THC is dangerous.

No. 910079

>anything above 30% THC is dangerous
Damn, never knew this. Where I live weed is only about 15% but apparently the average hash is 25% THC here, which is a lot closer to a dangerous level than I would've thought.
Doesn't the amount smoked make a big difference as well though? Smoking a huge amount of low THC weed still seems more harmful than smoking a tiny bit of high THC weed.

No. 910131

i mainly know about this problem in relation to my own country, but it is widespread in both europe and US. this article sums up a great deal of what's going on in the industry if you're intrested. china won't publish statistics on the amount kidnapped children and children sold into adoption, their police actively censors parents who try to find their stolen children, and the US also refuses to deal with the problem because of all the money involved. adoption centers in the US make huge amounts of profit. children who are kidnapped and sold into adoption actually don't count as trafficked in the US because they're not forced into prostitution or slavery. this basically lets any adoption agency deny there's trafficking involved ever because legally there isn't. for all we know every single adopted chinese child might have been kidnapped and sold.


No. 910178

Does your name start with G because I may know you

No. 910343

I keep seeing people act like this was an amazing performance but I thought it was bad. I like her/the song but this performance was messy and feels dated, it seems very 2014 to me

No. 910346

I feel with Normani.

No. 910351

I feel the same with Normani.*

No. 910354

It is bad. What makes it worse is how promising the beginning was. Booty anthems are very dated though, felt like a Jason Derulo song after thirty seconds.

No. 910369

YES omg I couldn’t really put into words what specifically felt dated about about it but that’s exactly it

No. 910371

Same, I feel that way about most of her performances honestly. I also feel like people talk about her in a weird patronising way where it’s obviously performative and disingenuous.

No. 910385

I hate fall/autumn. I wish I could like it, but every autumn for as long as I can really remember has seen something bad happen to me. sudden family death, devastating break ups, crippling depression etc. I get so confused when people say that autumn feels comforting and cosy, for me it just gives me an intense anxiety and fear because I don't want anything bad to happen to me. It feels like as the nights get darker and colder something miserable is looming.

No. 910408

Chloe is way too talented for this, it was plain ugly and unoriginal. The oversexualization of herself is something and I know I'm nitpicking but she could have had her male backup dancers as naked as her female dancers, at least. Seeing 10 women in lingerie shaking ass while 5 men are dressed from head to toe is not the empowering shit they think it is
I was loving her performance and was glad it wasn't that sexual and then she had to do those lesbian baiting shenanigans with Teyana Taylor. I ended up enjoying Lil Nas X and Doja way more

No. 910506

Yeah, Doja was pretty enjoyable.

No. 910523

>I ended up enjoying Lil Nas X and Doja way more
Yeah they were the only two I enjoyed as well. There were a lot of really underwhelming performances, I was surprised at how bad Olivia Rodrigo sounded.

No. 910549

File: 1631572706578.jpg (195.06 KB, 900x1200, EX6xwb7X0AItpZ6.jpg)

Krispy kreme donuts are honestly terrible (yes, even the hot ones). I'm tired of pretending they're good.

No. 910561

Original glazed is amazing. The rest are sickeningly sweet, though I can't stop myself from eating them when offered.

No. 910581

>Original glazed is amazing
Ew, no. They're all way too sweet.

No. 910667

that’s the whole point

No. 910674

well give them to me, bitch

No. 910684

Yeah desserts are supposed to be sweet, but Krispy Kreme donuts taste like sticking a whole bag of sugar up your ass. Just too much.

No. 910689

how many are you eating..?

No. 910690

Zero, because they suck.

No. 910810

I didn’t even know people still gave a shit about the VMAs

No. 911106

Dunkin doughnuts is better

No. 911203

There's only one problem with ghosting: Not hard-blocking the person.
No one owes an explanation for not wanting to talk to anyone, but if you truly don't want to be friends with someone, don't be a pussy. Just cut the fucking cord. Let them know where they stand so there's no mistake.

No. 911206

If you've been ghosted, you sure as fuck know where the person ghosting you stands, no mistake. You're not even owed a goodbye.

No. 911210

I've been ghosted, then given "Sorry I've been so busy", then ghosted again. It's actually more annoying and confusing that way, because I start to doubt myself and feel bad for thinking they ghosted me, when in reality they probably just didn't want to feel guilty.
I recently got blocked by someone randomly, and I was pretty sad, yeah, but two days later, I was like "Okay. You've made your point known, so goodbye", then I blocked them back and was done with it. So much less painful.

No. 911215

File: 1631602939743.jpg (115.47 KB, 640x480, 1304352529233.jpg)

Eating fake meat that's designed and colored to look like actual meat (down to texture, color changing when cooked, all that stuff) is akin to transgenderism. Mimicking what you will never have, and deluding yourself into thinking it's just as good as the real thing.

There. I said it, I'd say it again.

No. 911216

I find it weird when I see blanket statements either way about ghosting like “ghosting is abusive” or “no one owes you an explanation” because it’s so obviously one of those topics with a lot of nuance. It seems weird to conflate all relationships as if it can be universally right/wrong, like ghosting someone you spoke to for a few days on a dating app vs ghosting a friend you’ve had for decades and spoke to most days for years obviously aren’t the same thing. In the latter example I do feel like I have some obligation to the people I consider friends and personally would feel that I “owe” them some kind of explanation.

No. 911217

If I care a iota about someone, I'll tell them I'm busy immediately, not ignore.
Trust me, when someone ghosts you, you always know where you stand. And shouldn't accept renewed contact.

No. 911222

Damn didn't know transgenderism was done for ethical reasons, thought it was pure sexism but I guess somehow chopping off your wiener has some environmental and moral benefits

No. 911224

Heard about beyond meat on a podcast and then forgot about it. Saw it at the store the other day and holy fuck that’s $15 for some meatballs. Who the hell is buying that?

No. 911226

There's lots of veggie meat substitutes that don't pretend they're just like real meat though. I like em on their own personally.

No. 911228

Vegans just don't want to kill animals. What's your problem, why are you mad about what other people eat?

No. 911230

Fake meats are for people who want to or are forced to go vegetarian/vegan but don't know how or what to cook because all they know about it is like "tomato + carrot". It's like a transitional thing that makes more people able to try it out and realize you can like eating plants too (i eat meat tho lol)

No. 911255

I don't like Roald Dahl books, even as a kid I found them overly preachy, his protagonists are goody two shoes who do nothing wrong and the villains are obnoxious borderline caricatures.

No. 911264

what you said is dumb and i’m not even gonna bother with that, but i’m gonna piggy back ride this comment and say that as a vegan the products that mimic animals bodies gross me out. I understand they’re mostly for beginners and omnis, but if somebody served me a fake meat in the shape of a dead chicken, I wouldn’t be able to even try it. Stuff like the beyond burgers are fine, mostly because I don’t remember what meat tastes like kek

No. 911323

Finally slept and read it
>inb4 my sister was one of those
She was pretty much a newborn though so idk

No. 911545

"femme4femme" women are all straight. every single one of them. a woman having internalized the straight male gaze doesn't mean she's a lesbian, or even bisexual.

No. 911621

People say that women who like butches are straight too.. because butches are essentially men?? People try too hard to try and rip apart lesbo relationships.

If you're a woman having sex with another woman then idc what way she dresses.. It's gay either way.

No. 911628

This is dumb.

No. 911629

>People try too hard to try and rip apart lesbo relationships.
Yeah, this.

No. 911630

>Lesbians who like fashion and aesthetic don't exist

No. 911636

Yeah they just can't deal with girls who like girls regardless of aesthetic. It's just homophobic bull in the end

No. 911640

"I think kpop girls are pretty… yeah I'm so gay… I like Doja Cat's ass… wow so queer… STEP ON ME VAMPIRE MOMMY!!" That's how all those "femme4femme" lesbian larpers sound like.

No. 911652

Like it or not, masculinity and femininity naturally attract each other so no, it's not the same thing.
>inb4 "masc4masc" gay men
Those are just self haters.

No. 911659

Honestly, call it gaydar or intuition but I can sort of tell when some girls thristing is genuine or not and not every "girly" girl that thrists on main is s faker to me ( sometimes it does feel a bit forced or not very genuine)
Though Doja does look lovely on the say so music clip and I've watched it one too many times just to kinda of admire her soo yeah.

No. 911666

I can't believe "if you're a woman who likes like women, you're straight" is an actual take someone on here has.

No. 911676

Two women fucking is gay no matter what they wear. Or are you talking about people larping on twitter while not doing shit irl?

No. 911678

That's still not an absolute. Besides a lot of people don't have strict types and may fall in love with people that go against their usual type depending on factors from chemistry to appearance. Even with my preference for feminine women I still like androgynous boyish looks as well "alternative" looks ( soft spots for goths and yes even E-book fashion to show my age and goth adjacent styles as well colorful vibrant ones and hell even vintage) so in the end I'm pretty whatever; as long as the people are happy they can like whatever arbitrary " fem" or " masc" aesthetic they want

No. 911686

Delusions of a tomboycel. Mad that the femmes are dating each other and not you lol

No. 911692

I'm kind of pleasantly surprised that the LB-related bait has evolved from "Bisexuality is fake, all bisexuals are sluts, etc" to something new now, though. I wonder what's next? "Femmes have straight-passing privilege", kek?

No. 911702

You must also think those chicks in porn are anything other than gay4pay.

No. 911712

So, women dating other women are living porn?

No. 911716

> those chicks in porn
Why are we randomly talking about porn? And calling women chicks.. OK

No. 911730

>women fucking each other
>why are you talking about porn?
What do you think people do in porn?

No. 911735

Real life isn't porn. You are so slow.

No. 911738

So were you talking about porn this whole time or real life relationships or what exactly?

No. 911740

File: 1631643791022.png (322.1 KB, 1875x1149, lgbt scrote.png)

Wait. Again? You never give up, do you?

No. 911743

There's nothing wrong with how Billie Eyyyelash looks and the nitpicking is so weird. She's a average/cute/decent girl. I don't get it.

No. 911745

"femme4femmes" may pretend to "date" but they don't actually fuck unless there's a camera around and they're being paid for it. That's how the "lesbian bed death" myth even started.

No. 911749

Honestly don't know how these dudes have the time and energy to just go and bait, truly life on easy mode. I'm neet and even I don't have this much time, wish someone made and brought me my tendies too damn.

No. 911752

He exposed himself this time because, like a typical male, he can never shut up about porn, especially if lesbians are being discussed.

No. 911753

they’re probably too fat to even leave their beds. just posted up with a piss jug and their laptop.

No. 911754

I haven't even been in the celebricow thread and I just have to say that's not true. Billie eyelash needs to either admit her real age or go on a detox

No. 911756

Kek ily

No. 911762

Are you talking about a porn category then?

No. 911764

I dont have much of an opinion on her but its weird how the moment she started wearing dresses people started holding her to some insane standards that never applied before. At least that's how I saw it. As a tomboy she got less shit.

No. 911765

It's a coomer scrote trying to get attention, stop responding

No. 911768

This reminds me of those 4chan bedroom pics, truly a whole other ecosystem.

No. 911773

Understood, but one can't help but poke the Bee hive sometimes

No. 911782

I was wondering how could they have friends over and then I realised how retarded of me. They don't have friends, but I bet they think they're owed a wife!

No. 911795

I sort of agree. I do miss her tomboy green haired phase because she looked quite cute then but it's shit she's being dragged for trying to be more feminine or seemingly exploring her aesthetic

No. 911798

I don't think men should be allowed to be part of any artistic space anymore. They're just not creative. It's either a hint of sexual desire or realistic bore of works. Most of the "greats" were copycats and thiefs. Especially Picasso, who is especially a piece of shit. Rot in hell Picasshole.

No. 911799

the people that want to aggressively pick apart and obsess over every little feature she has are just keeping her more relevant. if they really hated her so much they should just stop caring to such an intense degree and posting about her constantly.

No. 911810

Lol are you part of the Billie eyelash marketing department. She's getting dragged for her style because she went the cliche route of teasing her body weirdly at 17 and then as soon as turning 18 she makes her personality about how nlog she is for having big tits whilst also looking like a fat Madonna. She could dress for her size and yeah people can criticise her style and authenticity/confidence in outfits. She gets paid thousands to wear outfits and generate talk about them. We would be doing everyone a disservice by not not talking about them. And it's also fun to gossip about how aged she looks for her apparent age which leads to such things like, she must use a lot of drugs to cope with being a clown etc

No. 911816

File: 1631646443949.jpg (26.63 KB, 540x284, angrybabushka.jpg)

They definitely shouldn't be allowed to make movies, unless the movie has been okayed by a jury of 10 based babushkas first.

No. 911818

i wish men would stop trying to last long. it's fucking boring. i don't want you to jackhammer me in various positions for 30 minutes. it's so much nicer to have sensual steamy loving sex for 5 minutes where you get me off beforehand or after (or even during) than having to endure long sex just because he thinks that's what he's supposed to do.

No. 911822

My bf cums in 5 mins tops and I love him for it. Such a change after a porn addict who I had to bend over backwards just to keel his dick hard enough to penetrate me.

No. 911827

that sounds so nice nonna. my ex sounds really similar to your ex. he would always drag it out but he was a lazy slob too so i'd go on top and jackhammer myself basically for 10 minutes…

No. 911835

Nope, I just liked the edgy alt look a lot and it fit with her music at the time. I think for me that phase will always be pretty iconic even if I don't mind how she looks rn and I still think she looks perfectly ok for her age

No. 911836

Last guy I dated was older and lasted ages.. which would've been great if we had piv all the time. I do like a long session but he wanted to be lazy and just get blown all the time.. (tired from work apparently) yeah no thanks.

No. 911840

If you don't mind I'm going to steal the picasshole joke, it actually made me snort, so good on you anon

No. 911886

File: 1631649507908.jpeg (38.49 KB, 500x297, 23FC01A1-CB12-4C3B-A610-1F4D51…)

Since about a good majority of the user base is white and Billie Eillish like Taylor Swift resemble the average-looking white woman with a future ahead of them no matter their natural mediocrity, they project their harsh insecurities and self-criticism on to her. It’s even worse when the female celebrity is young, there is hidden age jealousy as well, older women tend to be incredibly harsh and judgmental to younger people for le male or status validation, it’s dumb as hell. She also seems to drive in the minors since she’s a zoomer artist, so yeah

No. 911898

What is with you and posting that fucking graphic lol are you also asking for demographics and wanting an active discord to annoy everyone on

No. 911913

Nah, some of them are. The older generations are. The younger men are terrible, though. All of them. Had to put up with guys in college who didn't know how to draw anything aside from mechs and girls in bikinis.

No. 911963

And even worse you’ve gotta give a pornstar performance. I would pretend I was on the verge of orgasm the whole time even though his dick felt like nothing. Also he never moaned, like ever. Never dirty talk. My current bf moans so loud sometimes it’s cringe but I fucking love it.

No. 911969

did we date the same guy ahhaahah holy shit. makes me feel better kinda.

No. 911973

can someone tell me what the deal is with Picasso? What did he do?

No. 911977

Was it like fucking a ghost? Or the living dead? Or a vampire? Did it drain your life force, but at the same time you depended on it for happiness because it was the only currency of love you had in your relationship? The only value that was seen in you?
Porn addicts literally suck the life force out of their sexual partners and lovers.

No. 911988

that's the second time i've seen this graph posted, what's it even about

No. 911992

An adult hating kids is weird. And I don't mean not liking kids, thinking they're annoying, or not wanting them. I'm talking about the people who take a strange pride in hating children. It's weird and shouldn't be normalized. There's no good reason to hate kids.

No. 912009

Do you mean the ppl who are like "having kids is a horrible deal, breeders are dumb".

No. 912018

it means this website is skewed towards asian/white tastes (pretty much tumblrfags) and anyone who is black gets weeded out and constantly made fun of for their race, and the mods do absolutely nothing because if you defend yourself again those retards it’s also classified as “racebait”. fuck jannies, fuck the admin who is also so incompetent and apathetic that they can’t even organize the site correctly

No. 912025

i think they mean people that refer to kids as cringe shit like “crotch goblins”

No. 912034

for the record it’s 3 years old

No. 912052

Those stats aren't even accurate. It said most users here were making $100,000 and were married graduates or something lmao. Anyone who believes that is a fucking moron.

No. 912061

I agree, I think it's a red flag. This reminds me of a get together I went to the other day that was hosted by someone who happens to be a mother to a small child. One of her guests brought along this extremely awkward woman who announced how much she hates children at one point. I thought it was so bizarre. What's the use in sharing that, especially when there's a young mother in the room? She otherwise didn't talk much and spent most of the evening sulking bitterly in the corner. So that's the image I hold in my mind of people who say they hate kids. It's needlessly aggressive.

No. 912133

File: 1631663371425.jpg (201.93 KB, 1137x1400, Larisa-Oleynik-8-1137x1400.jpg)

I'm reading The Virgin Suicides and when I picture Lux Lisbon I find myself picturing 90s Larisa Oleynik instead of Kirsten Dunst. I feel like she would have been a better fit, she just naturally has a more impish quality. I always found Dunst a bit awkward and forced in that movie.

No. 912139

>one or two times a week
Kek exactly the same. Shameful really.

No. 912267

File: 1631669737243.jpg (26.82 KB, 400x300, 41TgN3TKtBL.jpg)

Candy corn is delicious

No. 912281

What does it taste like? Never had it

No. 912288

I dont know how to describe it really, its just sweet

No. 912291

wax, they’re awful

No. 912303

They taste like honey and vanilla and are extremely sweet. The texture is the divisive part, they're super dense and chewy. I love them

No. 912334

My interest in candy corn completely disappeared when I found out they are crumbly. I thought they would be gummy, and with a bit of sweet corn taste. But no. They are shit even though I've never tasted it

No. 912336

File: 1631673865338.jpg (3.25 MB, 4734x3400, img_8722.jpg)

Crumbly, really? Like these banana lollies? Anon just described them as dense and chewy though which is how they look.

No. 912344

very based

No. 912350

I don't know how those are textured, but you can see it in this video at around 3:10

No. 912355

candy corn is not crumbly unless it's quite stale. It's like very compressed sugar, similar to fancy bath soap tbh. It is the texture of divine candy

No. 912720

File: 1631711389697.jpeg (90.46 KB, 640x960, 40513AC4-39CA-40C8-A202-7E8EEC…)

Oatmeal should be always thick, when you barely have oatmeal on your plate, you’re just drinking oatmeal milk like a sped.

No. 912805

I wish I could enjoy oatmeal but every time I eat it I feel so nauseous. not sure why

No. 912842

File: 1631719366932.jpg (276.1 KB, 867x1083, 39f15d13abe2419b6fffa31beec425…)

He abused all of his lovers and used their grief as muses for his art. He was both an emotional abuser, as well as a woman-beater. Not only to his lovers, but to prostitutes as well. Two of the women he associated with, he drove to suicide. He abused his son from his first wife. He's basically an abuser who was also an asshole to everybody he associated with. Since he's also a low hanging testicle from a good for nothing man, he expressed in his art wanting to rape women and children. He identified as his alter-ego as a minotaur and likely had a bestiality fetish. Picasso is a worthless man who was not-like-other-men in his own diminutive mind thinking he is the most spechull artist that has ever been shitted out from God's unswashed ass. In reality, he practically copied an Algerian girl's art style and thought he was deep about it because his art represents female sexual grief, abuse, rape "in a sexy way", and sexualization…..like most of men's art, it is worthless and should not be seen as "great" nor iconic. Picrel is the girl's artwork, her name is Baya Mahieddine.

No. 912854

This is making me want to a-log a dead scrote.

No. 912865

Fuck, man. In 2019 days went to Madrid and practically lived in the museums, so excited to see art history face-to-face. (Grew up poor in the US and finally had the chance to )
Before this post, I was so elated to see so much of his work in person…
But now, it’s soured and tainted. Thank you
For venting and informing.
Bright side, I saw so much more art beyond his, including my bucket list art!

No. 912921

Becoming a billionaire just to buy Picasso's pieces and use them as toilet paper with the girls

No. 912948

From the SCUM Manifesto: "The male, having a very limited range of feelings, and consequently, very limited perceptions, insights and judgments, needs the `artist' to guide him, to tell him what life is all about. But the male `artist' being totally sexual, unable to relate to anything beyond his own physical sensations, having nothing to express beyond the insight that for the male life is meaningless and absurd, cannot be an artist. How can he who is not capable of life tell us what life is all about? A `male artist' is a contradiction in terms. A degenerate can only produce degenerate `art'. The true artist is every self-confident, healthy female, and in a female society the only Art, the only Culture, will be conceited, kooky, funky, females grooving on each other and on everything else in the universe."

No. 912951


No. 912958

>conceited, kooky, funky, females grooving on each other and on everything else in the universe
Love it.

No. 912961

True, she’s done nothing very helpful to society either like ok she’s iconic I guess because she wears fancy clothes and smokes weed but I can’t help feeling icky that all this praise is dumped on a billionaire who sells cheaply made lingerie and makeup

No. 912964

Stepping into a puddle with socks > drying your hands with a damp towel

No. 912983

I absolutely hate femdom

No. 912989

That's not an unpopular opinion, most women are submissive

No. 913014

File: 1631731686665.jpeg (26.13 KB, 520x590, images (10).jpeg)

Absolutely based. I'm currently studying film at college, but what discourages me is that the whole film industry is rooted and supported by abusers and misogynists, all of them rich and disgustingly powerful men. I'm sick of hearing my classmates idolize directors that were abusive and violent towards women and children, it's disgusting dealing with that. No one cares about their acts, they love any male director no matter how evil they are. It's all about "oh, but their films are soo good" oh God, I'm so sick of it. Recently I had to watch an independent movie for an assignment and I couldn't stand it so I stopped watching it, the whole story was about sexualised minors, and guess what, it was directed by an ugly, old ass man. This is not even the vent thread but I really had to tell someone about how much I hate the film industry, even independent/poorer male filmmakers are abusive, delusional and aggressive as fuck.
What brings me hope currently
are films from independent female directors. It's inspiring even though they might not be as popular as the ones produced by Hollywood men.

No. 913018

Don't you know anon, were supposed to "separate the artist from his work" if it's a man, and wreak a woman's career/reputation if she steps even 1 inch out of line (Rowling, roseanne barr).

No. 913041

I worked in film for 5 years, doing G&E or art department in LA, and can confirm, the industry is shit and male dominated. I was harassed on set constantly, and then gaslight when I would call it out.

Take it from me; avoid LA, work in Georgia, and always be ready to walk away from a set if it’s a shit show. I dealt with drunk producers and coked out directors .

Thankfully, there’s a lot of female dominated production companies.

No. 913045

I know you're probably baiting but I don't get why people have to pick either submissive or dominant. Don't most people just have sex for 3 minutes without all this ~kinky~ shit anyway

No. 913047

Exactly. Although probably longer than 3 min on the average.

No. 913057

the term breeders is cringe. it sounds like something an edgy 13 year old would say

No. 913062

i think people feeling the need to box themselves into specific sexual “roles” is one of the worst things to come out of the “sex positivity” movement

No. 913098

I was in a bdsm scene when I was younger. More than a decade ago now. I'm long out of it but I'll never forget how snobbish people were in that scene. How much they randomly just mocked vanilla people.. I remember thinking that if you're so insanely happy with your own kinky sex life and your sex parties and how adventurous you are then why do you care that others are having sex without the same 'frills' that you enjoy?

> Please don't shame me or judge me for my kinky sex life. Open your mind.

> Ha I'd hate to be a fucking loser having boring vanilla sex!
Like the irony. It reminded me of how straight men love to worry about how gays fuck. Like why does it occupy such space in your mind? I think there's a threshold where if you spend over a certain amount of time and energy worrying about the sex lives of others (vanilla vs kinky, straight vs gay) whatever, then your own sex life must suck, surely. No satisfied person should be that preoccupied with what's happening in other peoples bedrooms.

No. 913103

Sadly what you call a 'fiery discussion' is usually one person derailing the thread (especially snow), sperging and multiposting about some utter nonsense, usually also blogging about their life. If it's not baiting, it just shows how unintegrated those anons are.

No. 913160

Aren't you tired of abortion debates yet?

No. 913162

>its the moid from 4chan again
Fuck off.

No. 913163

Unbelievably cringey. No one wants to see your folder of reddit-tier ideology memes, dicklick.

No. 913166

I'm a lesbian.

No. 913167

File: 1631739765140.png (2.62 MB, 1420x1422, C3C9D634-0419-4225-A8AF-900EDF…)

Why is this picture a bannable offence? @mods(because you didn’t read the rules)

No. 913169

You can 69 all night long with no risk of pregnancy smartass.

No. 913172

It hasn't been my experience and Femdom is shilled everywhere around me for some reason, which is repulsive. There are jokes about pegging and mommy and milf in places that ought to be regular. So many people are engaging in it and have a separate place for it which is their right but still revolting to me. I can also simply be assertive and outspoken and due to the normalisation of these concepts people believe it is normal to make weird comments such as "I bet you're one of those femdoms, eh?". It disgusts me. I am indeed one of those girls who prefers being "submissive" or whatever it is supposed to be called. But that is my private sex life…

No. 913174

Because it's gay

No. 913178

neither are alive

No. 913181

What the fuck was anon talking about? Where’s the sad picasso post? Lmao

No. 913185

this one i'm guessing >>912842

No. 913201

Oh yay someone who agrees with me. I'm tired of seeing hypersexualized jokes, especially nasty femdom jokes everywhere. Can I be submissive in peace without being accused of enslavement to the patriarchy or prudishness

No. 913203

i blame the trannies and online sex workers

No. 913223

thank you anon I did not feel like scrolling through meaningless posts

No. 913225

> Can I be submissive in peace without being accused of enslavement to the patriarchy or prudishness

no, no woman should be submissive to a man, go fuck yourself honestly

No. 913228

Honestly, I developed an insecurity about my sexuality. I will not say it was caused directly by this femdom popularity whatsoever, but having written the aforementioned posts, I was reminded of this insecurity. It is absolutely embarrassing and I am definitely not proud to admit it, but I was feeling very dissatisfied sexually and cried to my first and only (ex-)boyfriend after he encouraged me to share what was wrong. I struggled to even express myself out of sheer embarrassment, but luckily he understood me in the end. I simply preferred a bit more dominance and felt so degenerate to admit to this. I felt so much like a pervert… I am happy to know now that he was just very poor in bed and that my desires are perfectly normal, but the entire public discourse surrounding sexual preferences has simply become so bizarre and definitely creates a strange context around sexual preferences. (also, please forgive me for how horribly I wrote my second message. the grammar is so bad and confusing in it)

No. 913230

and here we see part of the problem who can't separate someone's sex life and preferences from their normal life

No. 913233

>especially nasty femdom jokes everywhere.
I would get this if you don't care for kink/bdsm in general, but if you like being submissive then what's the issue with women who like being dominant?

No. 913235

I pretty much can't stand people in the bdsm "community" for this reason. I've actually seen a lot of them on the internet make fun of people for being vanilla. one time I was on pinterest or somewhere like that and came across a ddlg post (that tag is banned now lmao) and there were these posts about how their sex life is superior or something because it's not "boring". honey, if sex is boring without diapers and binkeys to you, there's something wrong with you.

No. 913237

samefag, but there are also many other reasons why I can't stand the bdsm community, just to clarify lol

No. 913241

I personally do not even see any need to give labels to your "role" during sex. You're either compatible and communicative, or you aren't. To elaborate, I further realised in the past sexual experience I had that what was lacking had nothing to do with these labels, it just had to do with the fact that he was really bad in bed and did not give me the attention I deserved. I think that at the end of the day, these "domsub" labels are so pornographic and they create this weird, perverted layer to something that ought to be normal, as described in this post. (>>913228) And as I said in the OP, in my case, I can be very "assertive" like every other person in my day to day life. It has nothing to do with my personal and private sex life, so whether I am "submissive" or not. sorry for all of the sperging lol, but it is nice to get it out of my system, even if it is largely incoherent

No. 913242

Jesus go larp your dream waifu somewhere else

No. 913245

I'm tired of people pretending like their sexual preferences aren't part of their personality. I don't really care if you're aggressive ~girlboss~ outside, submitting to men in the bedroom and allowing them to be aggressive and violent with you is still pathetic.

No. 913246

>can't separate someone's sex life and preferences from their normal life
Sex is not some mystical place cut off from the rest of reality. Your sexual preferences can be and probably are influenced by society.

No. 913248

I really wish sex could be seen as a loving interaction between two people who want to have an intimate experience and pleasure each other instead of having to choose to be submissive or dominant. this is one of the many reasons I am still a virgin at 27.

No. 913249

These people usually suck in bed and are insecure about it so instead of trying to improve their appearance and performance they just layer a bunch of kinks they're not even aroused by to make it seem like they're super kinky and totally not just a confused fat guy/girl. It also gives leeway for criticism since if their partners mention their lack of performance in bed they can just claim that they're just super kinky and can't do vanilla sex

No. 913252

i unironically believe that women care more about that shit than most men. sometimes you just have to be honest about when women are disgusting and have gross thinking and the submissive/dominant thing is one aspect.

No. 913257

Idk if that's true though, whenever I've been to a porn site it's all about degrading blowjobs and cumshots and whatnot

No. 913259

Who said anything about allowing them to be aggressive and violent? I explained twice that what I confused for "dominance" was just someone who paid more attention to me and could actually pleasure me, unlike whatever he was doing that he learned from porn.
That is the whole point… All of these weird, commonplace jokes about femdom, submissive, pegging, mommy, daddy, and so forth, have added so many perverted layers and notions to what ought to simply be an intimate and pleasant experience between two people who love each other. In my experience at least, these hypersexual jokes have ruined a lot, either by indeed influencing my personal perception of sex for a while (feeling the need to defend or define myself with labels), or the way people interpret and react to my normal behavior (the "girlboss" whatever nonsense the person of before spoke of).
exactly this.

No. 913260

When I lost my virginity the concept of who was dominant or suissice literally never came up. We were just mad horny for each other. I can't even remember how it went.

No. 913262

Have no idea what autocorrect did there *submissive

No. 913263

i don't blowjobs and cumshots are necessarily degrading. porn is degrading and the way they are done in porn is degrading but i don't think the acts themselves necessarily are.

No. 913265


No. 913267

Yeah, like all men who believe your sexual submission LITERALLY means you (and all of womenkind) are inferior to them and exist solely to serve. The reason I take issue with 'submissive' women is because it reflects on all of us and it's straight up fucking humiliating.

No. 913269

lmfao what world do you live in where the preferences of "submissive" women reflect on every woman..? if that were the case, femdom/mommy/milf/peg me/etc jokes wouldn't be as popular as they are. you live in a weird bubble that does not apply to the majority of people

No. 913275

>all these mommy jokes you really only hear online are super popular
>you live in a bubble
Men don't know when to stop with their sexualities, a woman does one degrading act and he never looks at her the same ever again

No. 913276

your “sex life” or personal life can be affected from the outside, your values affect how you fuck other people. why do you think there are shitty filthy men who want to be fingered in their buttholes and pegged instead of admitting they’re probably bisexual or gay? it’s political. sex is political, it’ll never be a romanticized action or some false imaginary union between two people, it will always be a dirty act influenced by the beliefs of the participants. any woman who views herself as submissive during sex is weak and dependent on men, I don’t give a fuck about your choices, your choice indicates to an already predominant idea of heterosexual sex you cum-drenched cow.

No. 913278

putting a plastic dick in a disgusting moid's ass full of shit is no better than being submissive. You are doing it to pleasure him anyway. It's all about him and you're not even getting any pleasure out of it.

No. 913281

It's incredibly ironic that you think I live in a bubble when you think
>femdom/mommy/milf/peg me/etc jokes
are commonplace. When the FUCK has any normie joked about wanting to be pegged offline? MILF I grant you, but they're a specific age old fetish. It's not a joke that men think women are submissive, it's a genuine widespread belief that women are naturally submissive to (and below) men. It's in the fucking bible. And pickmes perpetuate the idea by letting men degrade them during sex. Disgusting.

No. 913283

Sex is part of your personal life. You’re still you when you fuck, aren’t you?

No. 913287

>MILF I grant you, but they're a specific age old fetish

nta and this is basically irrelevant to what you're talking about but in porn "milf" basically means big breasts, as they will get 23 year olds to play "milfs"

No. 913290

ntayrt but in my experience just men I met at a cafe or event made jokes such as "I bet you like to peg men, eh?" or "you're probably one of those femdoms" etc etc. it is tiresome and disgusting but you should not be surprised that men (and women) have differing coomerist tendencies. I also think it is becoming more popular with zoomers, since I work at a place where high schoolers are tutored and overhear their conversations involving weird mommy and domsub jokes.

No. 913292

>I work at a place where high schoolers are tutored and overhear their conversations involving weird mommy and domsub jokes.

what the fuck. porn really ruined everything didn't it

No. 913330

I hate deep voices like Corpse's, it sounds like burping

No. 913336

you're disgusted by it but you define yourself using that same system

No. 913337

That's not even a deep voice, it's actually just burping.

No. 913344

these are discussed with femdom-lite vibes but none are inherently femdom. men sexualizing mothers this way is just an attempt to break out of madonna whore complex. pegging can be fun for women but is inherently about stimulating the man.

No. 913355

the only femdom i support is the kind where you just tie a naked guy up somewhere and leave

No. 913359

Only true femdom is cbt until his pp is mince meat.

No. 913361

true. i'm incredibly squeamish though so i could never.

No. 913363

I was squeamish too but after you go hunting a few times you get over gore. Achieve your dreams anon.

No. 913364

I know a guy who's into shit like that

No. 913367

i REALLY be pissing off the mods lately. they're really going out of their way. i always thought the jannies acted like trannies on other imageboards until i came here, god damn. truly narc levels.

No. 913380

sounds like you've had some pretty bad sex to have developed such a sizable inferiority complex my friend

No. 913397

i like his books but it should be illegal to sell them without the original quentin blake illustrations.

No. 913517

I refuse to believe college “is a scam”, I still believe that the personal and financial sacrifices are worth it in the end if one is willing to give it their all. However, I understand that college is not for everyone and there are other avenues to make a living without relying on a “piece of paper”.

No. 913526

They are right that it is a scam for being outrageously priced. Unless you’re a doctor or something in that wage range you are fucked for a long time, possibly even life, paying back loans. Degrees were worth it up until it started costing $xx,xxx per year to get them.

No. 913542

yes it is a bad idea to pay a lot for a degree that doesn't pay well. what an original idea you have. that's why state schools & scholarships exist. don't pay full price for a psychology degree and you will be fine

No. 913543

inb4 "state school is getting too expensive too!!" ok do 2 years of community college first then, obama made it free

No. 913545

>obama made it free
is that a joke

No. 913549

what the hell are you talking about?
maybe its free for illegal immigrants but definitely not for citizens

No. 913554

grandma get off lolcow and take your geritol

No. 913557

lol ok he did propose it but apparently it didnt pass. that one is on me. but community college is rarely more than $500 a semester, and you can do 2 years there then transfer to a state university for 2 years with a scholarship if you do well. that is how you get a colkege degree without too much debt.

gtfo with that illegal immigrants hooey i dont know what you're on about

No. 913569

Homophobia is ok and valid if it’s based on personal gays/lesbians-who-rape-straight-women. I used to feel bothered by straight women who would feel disgust at most women who show attraction to women but after a personal experience I fully understand and support it.

No. 913571

Scholarships don’t pay shit and you’re atill stuck with two+ years of regular tuition.

No. 913572

Problem is state schools are expensive, community colleges are a crapshoot, and Obama never made anything free. There aren’t many high paying fields, and I stg, if you say anything about computer science I’m going to a-log, so no matter what, you’re going to be stuck with debt. Add in the pandemic and big companies laying off workers by the thousands, it is a scam right now unfortunately.

No. 913582

immigrants get free college and healthcare

No. 913633

You do realize it's less about them being gay in a sense and more about them being disgusting human beings right?
I'm sure a gay man would have still been a harassing piece of shit had he been straight and I doubt the lesbian would have been much better in the situation in the sense ( maybe would have been some level of creepy towards other women in some other way, assuming the woman wouldn't be a kid diddler, winch is more common then you'd think for female perps) .

No. 913634

None the less I apologise for your shit experience with the lesbian whatever it was

No. 913665

Halloween is the worse festivity ever, i hate everything about it.
Gay men are very misogynistic tho, I'm fine with women hating them.

No. 913690

Yoooo what did pumpkins do to you??? I’m actually curious, as Halloween is my personal favorite of all holidays

No. 913695

File: 1631795691505.jpg (140.15 KB, 800x800, Muted Halloween Palette 1.jpg)

Its color palette makes me anxious

No. 913711

Gay men can sometimes even be worse, they use "catty" excuse as a way to bully women. And touch women inappropriately/peek to see women naked and then go "it's ok bc I'm gay!1"
Just bc he's gay doesn't mean he wasn't raised to feel entitled to womens bodies.

No. 913727

Women who defend gay men like attack dogs are very weird. It's like they don't even see them as real men, or just people who can be bad/fucked up. Many straight women especially seem to think of them like accessories, pets or a fandom. You can point out how disgusting and misogynistic gay men are with examples, and they literally sit there pretending to be blind, dumb and deaf, screeching about how you're homophobic (never mind if you, the speaker, are a lesbian, bisexual or support either group). It's literally the same type of brain worm that libfems going on about transphobia have when you point out trannies being even worse than gay men and outright violent/sexually abusive.
I think one day, we'll have to frankly discuss how libfem/normie women being massive fag hags and drag queen obsessives helped herald the age of troons. Obviously, they're not solely responsible, but it's actually dishonest to pretend they played no role at all.

No. 913736

someone explain to me how community college is a crapshoot

No. 913739

>my friend

go back to reddit no one wants you here

No. 913744

Homophobia against gay men is based because a man doesn't become any less of a scrote by sucking dick. If anything, he's a scrote of the highest order, worshiping other scrotes while still flapping his bitchy gums about women's issues, acting like he knows and owns women. Gay men are still men, and being the men they are, they never fucking stay in their lane. They're far more likely to perpetuate even more harmful beliefs about women and femininity, and they'll often define femininity just as the ability to take dick while crying plus a specific window of consumer behavior. They never have to challenge their biases against women, because intimacy with a woman simply doesn't exist to them.

Tear them down from their pedestal. Shut down their god complex. They are mere men.

No. 913748

I don't think it should be called homophobia if you hate moids of all sexualities but are ok with bi and lesbian women. It should be called scrotophobia or something.

No. 913752

File: 1631803238775.jpg (11.65 KB, 182x221, Screenshot 2021-09-16 074047.j…)

What are these ones supposed to be?

No. 913764

fumes coming out of potion bottle??

No. 913766


No. 913859

All if not most celebrities are ugly.

No. 913907

natural peanut butter is better than regular peanut butter
and if you eat PB2 just kys

No. 913910

I don't want to be able to tell I'm eating a legume when I'm trying to enjoy my fluffinutter thanks

No. 913915

>if you eat PB2 just kys

No. 913970

Fat people are fucking gross and anybody who says otherwise are either fat and in denial, fetishists, or liars

No. 913978

Is natural peanut butter the one you have to stir, or chunky peanut butter?

No. 913981

Nta but yeah, all the oil floats to the top so you gotta give it a stir. Blech. Ew.

No. 913989

But I hate how regular peanut butter has extra vegetable oils (seriously, everything has fucking soybean oil nowadays). I'll put up with stirring the natural one.

No. 914036

I've taken up just making my own friggin peanut butter. It's literally just busted up nuts, like you said they add oils, but the nuts are already loaded. You literally only have to have a food processor, peanuts and some time and you have peanut butter. Then you can add stuff, like once I added cocoa. You can control the amount of sugar (if any).

No. 914044

Being fat is bad for the environment and probably is causing climate change

No. 914055

Misandry does it. I don't care if people complain about gay guys I rather just have the lesbians be left alone more often then not as well as the bi girls

No. 914056

Sorry anon, I got a sister that's quite chunky and she's my rock so I can't bring myself to hate her

No. 914059

>But I hate how regular peanut butter has extra vegetable oils (seriously, everything has fucking soybean oil nowadays).
sadly that's the only way to get that weird smooth texture without having to stir it

No. 914076

If you get it freshly processed (only peanuts) the consistency is more even and it doesn't need stirring but it's also chunkier

No. 914078

Factory farming is basically the single biggest cause of climate change so it's not so much overeating that's awful for the environment, it's overeating meat. There's a correlation sure, but plenty of people who aren't fat eat ridiculous amounts of meat, and there are fat vegetarians (I used to be one, have since lost weight).

No. 914096

it's more about the unsustainable practices of factory farming than the meat in and of itself though. pasture-raised meats can be sustainable if they are small operations.

No. 914104

No, it isn't. The tons of factories in 2nd/3rd world countries pumping on coal and shitting out toxic chemicals is whats causing it. Do ppl even know what farming involves?

No. 914108

Do you know what factory farming is? Maybe look into a bit before you start talking out of your ass. Seriously, go look into it.

No. 914114

Factory farming is a massive contributor, especially due to the methane which is many orders of magnitude more dangerous than CO2. The emphasis here being factory farming, as in massive undertakings as opposed to small family-owned pastures.

No. 914142

There are specific ways to despise and be wary of different subcategories of people. Homo men are a very distinct societal menace, just saying "men" won't cut it.

No. 914151

Strongly agreed, I don't know if it's their looks or their behaviors that make them this repulsive.

No. 914190

average looking people presented in the most palatable way visually
because that's their career

No. 914192

Same, but I think a big part of the reason why I prefer it is because I grew up with my mom buying it. I actually preferred regular when I was little and was salty that my mom wouldn't buy it but now I think regular peanut butter has an odd chemically flavor, if that makes sense. Idk something about it tastes off, probably the vegetable oils and other additives in it.

No. 914198

I don't necessarily think they're all ugly, but most of them look painfully average, especially compared to old Hollywood.

No. 914203

Yep. Nothing but polished turds.

No. 914204

I reckon its because these days they get a nose job fillers and call it a day

No. 914323

What even is "average" in a world of 8 billion people?

No. 914509

> but community college is rarely more than $500 a semester

what hole in the wall community college did you go to? or did you forget a zero?

No. 914979

most "iconic" vines were not actually funny

No. 914989

vine sucked and it was just a ripoff of 5-second films in app form

No. 915012

Yes thank you, I see millennials complaining about TikTok and saying Vine was the real shit, but no, the format made everyone speak and yell like retards and the jokes were not funny. At least on TikTok there are some nice animal videos that can last longer than seven seconds.

No. 915681

Steve Irwin seemed annoying

No. 915714

At that point might as well go on youtube

No. 915830

Most people, specially in large groups, tend to look similar to each other or well, "average".

No. 915875

Alfredo sauce pizza is better than regular pizza

No. 915891

The whole cast of Shang Chi is so ugly it should be considered offensive towards asians

No. 915920

A lot of people at the time didn't like him, thought he was an attention whore and put his kids in dangerous situations.
The people idolozing him now just have their nostalgia glasses on because most of them were kids and remember the fun shows.
I don't think he was a completely bad dude, yet I half trust people who socially capitalize on passions they claim to care about. Bringing attention to causes is possible without whoring out a persona for financial gains.

No. 915925

File: 1631980999694.png (287.02 KB, 603x357, 1.png)

But Awkwafina is a genius

No. 915989

"glass skin" looks greasy as fuck and overall bad and uncomfortable. people need to stop tripping over themselves over every single beauty trend, especially korean ones

No. 916002

I just google images of it, and people apparently want to looks sweaty 24/7?

No. 916038

it looks sweaty as hell to me. also i don't trust koreans for absolutely anything, they probably have filters/makeup on too.

No. 916054

That style of makeup looks so fucking bad in real life. It doesn't help that a lot of east asians (not trying to start anything, I'm east asian) have wide, slightly round faces with not much definition. The overall effect makes the wearer's face look a lot like a dinner plate - pale, flat, giant, and with a weirdly opaque shine.

No. 916072

I don't understand the appeal either. It makes people look sick.

No. 916115

File: 1631992801920.jpeg (75.59 KB, 744x355, 1614781683071.jpeg)

I'm saying this as a minority, but a lot of "Le White People Jokes" are driven mostly by racial inferiority complex, you can't really say anything about western white civilization cause it is objectively superior to other cultures and so they instead try for cringy jokes about how white people like Mayo or don't like spicy foods

No. 916144

You know some oily bitch with a greasy sheen invented "glass skin" to disguise her flaw as a trend.

No. 916176

I got into an argument with my zoomer cousin over this recently. She was chatting shit about white people being boring and asking why I have white friends and telling me to stick with my own people and I had to remind her that her Muslim family have banned her from talking to me because I'm "a confused homosexual who's dragging the family name down" and they'd disown her or worse if she so much as pecks a boy on the lips for 0.5 seconds. Say what you want about white people but on average they're no way near that barbaric. I'll happily take my "boring" white friends over backwards goat herders who think I'm trying to convert all female relatives to the sinful life of homosexuality and agnosticism.

No. 916179

Well if you not an Arab you can just call her an Arab worshipper, cause Islam is literally an Arab supremacist religion

No. 916192

I am Arab but I already told her that. Told her to stop sleepwalking through life and read the fucking Quran in it's entirety like I did. She's a smart kid but she's also 17 and spends a lot of time on twatter and tiktok so naturally she believes in muh Islamophobia and wants to keep up with her SJW friends. To be fair she's still living at home though, so it's safer to go along with it for now. I'm hoping university will give her the time and space she needs to wise up.

No. 916241

For what it's worth that's just dumb teens everywhere and in every time period. There's always some group they find soo painfully boring and they make sure not to align themselves with them.

She's a kid trying to find her identity, putting others into boxes helps her to define herself (or so she thinks) and twitter doesn't exactly help kids go through that phase gracefully.

No. 916275

File: 1632002572108.jpg (53.21 KB, 1296x728, Eggs.jpg)

Eggs freak me out as a concept.

No. 916278

you’re storing them inside of you too

No. 916303

It’s shitty how I can’t use my period to make some scrambled eggs, but I can use the period of a chicken to do so.

No. 916369


>not sampling your fresh period blood like a sigma female

>in 2021


No. 916396

File: 1632010266673.jpg (358.62 KB, 1231x1847, Homemade_salsa_restaurant_styl…)

No. 916407

I think it’s pathetic to be in your 30s and be making less than 40k/year if you live in the US.

No. 916412

mhm, we need to season the goodness first

No. 916420

Haha yes!!! Being screwed over by a system ment to fuck u is pathetic lmaoooo fuck you random person for not being able to game a rigged system!!
not a burgerfag btw but shitting on people for being railed by an idiotic hierarchy made to benefit the few is really cool for sure!

No. 916425

You can do a period blood facial tho, it actually works

No. 916429

we get it you're poor

No. 916440

we get it, you're a trust fund baby

No. 916441

You sound like an entitled moid who expects everything despite being lazy af

No. 916443

is that supposed to be an insult?

No. 916490

“Natural makeup” is so much harder than doing a full face of makeup. The balance of using enough to enhance your features but not too much so as to cover them is hard to get right and I feel like when ever I try I end up missing the mark.

No. 916494

They're delicious and there's so many ways to eat them. Eggs are so damn good. Quick breakfast before work? Snack for lunch? Hell yes

No. 916495

I think it's so much better to eat right, take care of your skin and use bare minimum. I usually only do eye makeup and some sunscreen. Foundation feels so weighted. And i cant stand the contour, highlight, shadow, heavy lipstick thot makeup that gen z loves so much

No. 916497

poor people aren’t “lazy”, poor people make your generic toy shein mega gangster corporation alibaba supreme gucci crap and most likely die for muricans and eurofags in order to feed their cat and not enough for themselves and to pay the bills. there’s also a real harm on trying to achieve a higher wage, in china there’s a 996 work culture that promotes overworking yourself and taking on unhealthy tasks that leads to severe long-term health problems, death, social isolation, etc. it’s interesting seeing a bunch of morons larping as paris hilton when these economic disadvantages hugely impact women as well. you’re just underaged or a sociopath, bug off

No. 916498

it's not even thot makeup anymore. it's basically drag queen makeup.
bb cream with spf in it works wonders vs. foundation for a no-makeup look if you want to smooth skin imperfections over though.

No. 916500

i can’t stand doja cats voice. theres just something about it that makes my ears and brain hurt.
it sucks because her songs are okay but that horrible voice makes it impossible to listen IMO

No. 916503

So do you just scorn every person who works in the food industry, garment manufacturing, and in elderly care? You do realize that some number of over 30s have to participate in these industries solely for the sake of keeping the country afloat, right?

No. 916507

Natural makeup is easy unless you're trying to make a full face look natural. You literally just skip most of it and use tiny amounts. No need for eye makeup at all, concealer instead of foundation, no powder, cheek/lip tint instead of anything more sticky or shiny or matte.

The problem is that it's so light it doesn't actually stay on your face so you're natural for real within a few hours.

No. 916508

I don’t mind her voice most of the time, but she does a lot of like, accents I guess that I find annoying like her voice e.g during the the “I’m not your mommy” part of ain’t shit or the “that’s my ego that you stroking” part in rules

No. 916509

they’re probably one of those hedonistic rich habibis who impulse buys and ruins the planet and environment with their shitty tastes and hoarding

No. 916513

even that is less offensive than the stupid voices nicki minaj used to do

No. 916520

Lmao I can totally see how that would be annoying to people but your post made me realize I actually don’t find that annoying like I do when Doja uses the accents and I’m not really sure why, I think maybe because Nicki at least fully committed and really went all the way with it and had like a whole character around it whereas with Doja it will be in otherwise normal songs

No. 916522

i could never get into nicki’s whole “alter ego” schtick so maybe that was the issue

No. 916563

Sza is fugly and looks botched, she looks like an imvu avatar. I feel gaslighted every time someone tries to convince me she's "gorgeous", like there's something wrong with her face but i can't point what.

No. 916596

File: 1632023851414.png (641.72 KB, 564x564, image_2021-09-18_235722.png)

It's the makeup.

No. 916713

Islam is such an embarrassingly shit religion. Islamaphobia is always justified. Brown people are on average the most intolerant people on earth. Islamic slavery is as bad as European slavery. Being proud of your white heritage is not racist. Wanting to close the fucking boarders is not racist.

No. 916766

keep going

No. 917044

Fucking thank you.

No. 918090

Any feminism that is not 100% sex negative is useless at best and actively harmful to women at worst. Objectifying fellow women is not okay and neither is partnering with or even idealizing our oppressors. Imitating scrotes (whether straight or gay) has never brought women any closer to liberation.

No. 918092

True and based.

No. 918099

File: 1632160097818.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1276x1526, 1370A5D2-D89B-4C3C-B136-AC9545…)

This nose is hideous and people who get plastic surgery to shrink their nose look freakish

No. 918104

What does sex negative mean for you? I've seen it ranging from no hookup culture to no sex unless to procreate.

No. 918106

I know this sounds extreme for most of you, but there is absolutely no need for women to have sex. At all. Contrary to popular belief, it's not that "female sexuality is oppressed" but rather that all human sexuality itself is a tool to oppress women.

No. 918108


No. 918109

Idk Nonnetta, I’ll just keep on enjoying my oppressive multiple orgasms

No. 918110

I guess it's true that you don't need sex. Some people enjoy it tho.

No. 918114

Some people also enjoy fast food and cocaine.

No. 918116

She was indeed unironically right.

No. 918118

i definitely enjoy fast food and cocaine more than heterosexual sex.
how do you feel about lesbian sex? that’s the only kind i would consider at this point.
but honestly i’ll just stick to mcdonalds and cocaine

No. 918119

Like I said, objectifying fellow women is not a good thing either.

No. 918120

I don't think eradicating sex is remotely possible, but I do think a surprisingly large number of women (maybe even a majority) would never have PIV sex again if it wasn't an expectation. I've seen so many women express surprise at the idea that sex isn't supposed to hurt, it's really sad.

No. 918122

>I don't think eradicating sex is remotely possible
Not for males, definitely not, but it's not that difficult for women to control their carnal desires to the point of eradicating them. We are not dependent on "cooming" like males are.

No. 918123

100% women aren't going to be able to think straight with compounds in semen literally modifying their behavior/brain.

No. 918124

What about sex with no PIV or penetration? Obviously PIV is harmful to women in many ways, but not being manually/orally stimulated.

No. 918127

Tfw no sexbotboy. Seriously though with all the toys out there there's no reason for most women to still fuck men. If physical affection wasn't so demonized then lots more women wouldn't feel need to fuck some scrote.

No. 918128

based and pinkpilled

No. 918129

Scrotes will just see it as a challenge to coerce/trick women into piv. No sexual contact at all removes all risks. And with how low most women's self esteem, they'll just give into piv sooner or later.

No. 918130

tell me more about this?

No. 918133

>Imitating scrotes (whether straight or gay) has never brought women any closer to liberation.
I'm confused by this. Are you trying to say that having sex with women is trying to imitate men?

No. 918139

All forms of "female sexuality", whether objectifying other women or idealizing males, are partiarchal brainwashing.
>inb4 why "objectifying women" but "idealizing males"?
In a patriarchal society women don't have the power to actually objectify males, any attempt to do so comes off more as idealization than anything, if not a poor mockery of gay male degeneracy.

No. 918140

Terry Pratchet books suck and so does that Good Omens show. That faux-intellectual sense of humor, over-describing each scene and winking at the audience like we were let in on a secret. It makes me want to go feral

No. 918142

There's lots of behavior enforcing and feel good chemicals in semen. And with BJ's and anal becoming common they're getting it into women even more. Look up trust your perceptions blog.

No. 918144

This sounds like some weird Incel science

No. 918148

do you even understand what objectification means? wanting or having sex with someone doesn't mean seeing them as an object.
do you mean hormones released during sex? semen and cock is not magical, nonny. the acidity of vagina kills sperm.

No. 918149

Only true non influenced female sexuality is having an orgasm. Shit like wanting older men and to be smaller than men is society's grooming.

No. 918150

wait you thinking you find males attractive is somehow patriarchal brainwashing ? even the manhating radfems can still acknowledge that a man is attractive, they might not act still comprehend men being attractive

No. 918151

Idk anon. I can't agree that female sexuality isn't real, we get horny and have sexual attraction like anyone else though that's not to say that men don't influence anything at all. I also don't think it's fair to say that being sexually attracted to women is objectifying them or trying to imitate men, that's not really anything that we can control. Let's agree to disagree I guess.

No. 918152

I mean.. is that a bad thing though..? It's not like there isn't "feel good" things in say, icecream or coffee.

No. 918164

File: 1632163787099.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

This is what I mean when I say certain radfems act like morons the same as libfems, hell this is a problem with western left in general

You Idiots say insane shit that alienates 99% of normal people and only appeals to an extreme minority, successful political movements require appealing to the majority
Lenin didn't explain the system of Capital to the Russian peasants, all he said was "Peace, Land and bread" and that's all he needed to say, he didn't lie about his ideology but he toned it down, I'm not saying you shouldn't hate men, you have a right too but you have to discuss it less publicly when trying to speak
The world sucks and I know you wanna tear it down but be realistic and pragmatic, IRL your ideology only appeals to upper middle class white women that was the problem with radical feminism in the 70's, they were morons simply and they endlessly discussed their stupid fucking theories while the Christian right took over under their noises, simply by being pragmatic
The Republicans still do this

No. 918167

File: 1632164022409.png (313.16 KB, 720x1404, j.png)

Sadly it's not

No. 918170

File: 1632164078870.png (226.71 KB, 720x1054, l.png)

No. 918182

Did anon say it was opinion for the masses? This is imageboard. Reality is most women are too brainwashed to even conceive of not being bogged down by men. Like slave that's been slave their whole life, and only seen other slaves. They just want a better place at masters table, not to be free, they have no idea how to be free or even consider it. As long as man doesn't beat/rape/outright disrespect them they're happy. They want to keep having useless sons and cleaning up their hubby's shitstain underwear and being neurotic over their apperance. That's all they've ever known. Anything that goes against female brainwashing is quickly shut down/censored/ridiculed.

No. 918183

good god, you're a broken record. wah wah i hate radfems wah wah first world. please get a hobby or just go the fuck outside

No. 918186

sis you can't sell feminism to males(because womens oppression benefits them) or even most women (because it requires admitting that women's role in society oppresses them). That's why liberal feminism exists in the first place, to sell a repackaged scrote-friendly feminism that, shocker, does fuck all for women's actual rights

No. 918188

File: 1632165115905.jpeg (331.55 KB, 677x737, 4B58DB10-8874-4C47-8373-8088AA…)

No. 918196

File: 1632165482679.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, sheeple.png)

This is what I mean, let me tell you something everything thinks the same as you, that they secretly know what's really going on and all the others are all brainwashed sheep who can't handle the "truth"
just enjoy reading the works of some dead fat white women about what she thought the truth of the world was that has no statistical date or say anything worth value
Yes it does and its not about appealing to men, its about to the masses of men and women, not overly political morons, In the western world women get the right to vote thanks to appealing to Christian sentiment but before that those women understood that even ordinary men getting the right to vote was almost one generation ago in their cases and the problem with modern feminist isn't that its "scrote friendly" its that its ruined internally by capitalism

No. 918197

They did a breakdown of what was in semen that's what I'm talking about, their theory isn't relevant
>Human semen is a very complicated mixture of many different ingredients. If you extract the sperm from semen, what is left is called seminal plasma. We speculated that there may be chemicals in seminal plasma that, through vaginal absorption, affect female biology and triggers the release of pheromones that function to entrain menstrual cycles among cohabitating women. Some of the components in semen pass through vaginal epithelial tissue, and within an hour or two after intercourse heightened levels of certain seminal chemicals can be detected in the female bloodstream

No. 918199

I don't necessarily disagree with you but this
>IRL your ideology only appeals to upper middle class white women
Is false. Radical feminism as a movement actually has much stronger footholds in areas with extreme, blatant misogyny like Brazil because the women there have seen how evil and violent men are towards them without any sort of pretty libfem sheen to hide how much they hate us. It's a much harder sell in first world countries where everyone thinks the sexes are totally equal and feminism in general is no longer needed

No. 918202

to what % of women in south american or even vaguely feminist, the broad appeal of the feminist movement in Mexico is mostly down its simple message and clear goal, stop the femicide
it has the masses supporting it

No. 918203

I don't read radfem shit it's naval gazey and depressing, stop projecting on anons you don't like with reee radfem. And I don't need muh statistical data from a scrote in a white lab coat to prove to me what I see & experience irl.

No. 918205

It is incel science. Nona doesn't even understand what that research was about, can't look at it critically because she doesn't know why. Also not every research is actually well done and true, jesus. This is why it's dangerous when uneducated people look at research papers and spread misinformation. Antivaxxer level shit.

This is also pseudoscience bullshit. Sure, women wanting sex is just some patriarchal social brainwashing lmao

No. 918206

Are you brazilian? Where do you live in Brazil? I live in the biggest city and stuff here is pure libfem idpol shit. It's hell. Most people eat up the libfem imported from the US, mostly through series and movies and whatnot. I mean, this is the case with left leaning circles, most people are actually just straight up sexist, so pick your poison

No. 918216

>uneducated people look at research papers and spread misinformation. Antivaxxer level shit.
Having basic reading comprehension is all you need, and you obviously don't have it bc I literally said the theory they're trying to prove isn't relevant, they listed the compounds in semen and that's all I need. That's not smthng subjective it's literally what's in semen. Ppl who go on about uneducated ppl and misinformation are the same types of ppl who would screech "trust in what the bishop says don't question" back in the day.

No. 918218

For the love of god can you please learn what objectifying means.

No. 918221

>Having basic reading comprehension is all you need
People wouldn't be going through years and years of university education if this was the case. You can't understand something out of context if you haven't studied it.

No. 918225

I am not, I have a friend living in São Paulo that talks about public figures like Patrícia Lélis who seems like a total badass. I know she listed some podcasts which are escaping me right now but just the fact that there are known individuals she can reference like that was impressive to me. I wasn't intending to say the movement is massive by any means but because of more explicit persecution of women it seems feminism is less villified (for those who aren't caught up in internalized misogyny). I am sorry to hear the libfem wave has still captured a lot of women though

No. 918230

blah blah blah the real issue here is that radicalism never works. We need a middle ground. Liberal feminism is even more radicalized than radical feminism at this point . They're forcing women to become porn stars and be sexual slaves to men and blinding them with fake liberation. Radical feminists like the Korean radical feminists go insane and try to prohibit everything women want to do as it being for men. You are not allowed to wear nail polish, not allowed to have sex(because it is objectifying), not allowed to dress skimpy. There's clearly something very wrong with both. We need to find general meaning and collectively agree that porn is bad and that society fails women, but we don't have to go to the extreme. Extremes are never good. We also need to take action to help those in bad situations, but everyone is too lost climbing the pyramid for themselves or getting lost in useless arguments. The point is I would like to think is to theorize a bit, establish what should be established and then take direct action. We need to collectively agree as a society upon the things that hurt us, we need to learn to stop exploiting each other for gain. The subjectivity of modernity is literally ruining society. I'm tired of "everyone's opinion matters" bullshit. Your opinion can be objectively harmful to society and shit. And let's be real now, a lot of women love playing into men fantasies in an attempt to live an easy life and it just perpetuates the social problem where all women are forced and expected to perform emotional and physical labor for men even if those women have skills. Women also have free will and are not these perpetual victims groomed by society and they need to take action in changing the world for other women. If you don't take direct action especially if you have the resources to you should be ashamed to try talking about an issue you're not even contributing to changing. Your words mean shit. Words are only for those that can afford them.


top kek anon

No. 918233

i love some of you ladies on here. you're so insane and unhinged and you'll just say random shit that you think is genuinely flawless to the point that it becomes so funny and enjoyable. anyway, off to do the bidding of the patriarchy by watching captain america so i can stare at chris evans' big boobs - apologies for setting back feminism by at least 50 years girls!

No. 918235

Ok then anon, can you explain it? Debunk the anon's points with the truth. Or is this cope because you know you have semen chemicals swimming in your mind and don't like to be reminded?

No. 918238

you have too much faith in these goons, find other papers as well.

No. 918263

look I'm bisexual, bipolar, and a bpdfag, so I'm going to be as horny or as asexual as I want at any given time and not a word in the world can stop my naturally wacko hormones from doing their thing

No. 918265

lol Patricia Lelis is a crazy bitch that hopped onto feminism for histrionic purposes and only sets the movement back. She's not a radical feminist and is far from being "badass"

No. 918282

Late but which is why you shouldn't be pandering to the woke mob in the first place

She was part of woke herself with all that pro islam pro migrant/refugee stuff

No. 918293

File: 1632175121343.png (72.76 KB, 500x734, c34edbffd828e24a1e22b49d51109b…)

No. 918309

Kek i love that

No. 918312

I discovered that one of my friends loves taking creepshots of people. I don’t think it’s lust related, it’s not just like “ooh he’s hot snap”, but she has secretly taken pictures of fucking everyone. Probably me too. Is this weird? It creeps me out. The worst one is a video she made of one of her (many) roommates, in which he’s sitting on the couch with other people around, he happens to look at her, looks normal at first but looks confused after a second, says “are you filming me?”, and then the video ends.

No. 918318

if it was only men i could consider it slightly based. deranged, but still based.

No. 918322

It’s mostly men from what I’ve seen.

No. 918332

Gatekeeping is good, its quality control. And I wish we did it more.

No. 918336

It's weird, esp if it's not all men

No. 918337

No. 918341

Nooo don't be a meanie exclusionary bitch anon, women are supposed to be doormats inviting everyone to wipe their muddy feet on us, how could you have boundaries

No. 918358

Sure. English isn't my first language so there might be typos.
First of all, this whole study's premise is bullshit because it's trying to prove that lesbians don't synchronise menstruation because they don't consume semen. Menstrual synchrony is concluded to be a myth by a famous study in 2013. So you have some wack scientists trying to prove that their semen is so powerful it makes lesbians broken without it, even though they base their study on a medical myth. The synchrony wasn't ever sufficiently proved, there are only theories. You'll find studies trying to prove it but of course if you have any research methodology knowledge and you'd conclude it was never sufficienly proven and remains a theory.

Second, >>918167
all of the chemicals listed there are chemicals that are naturally in women's bodies. Harmless and very healthy to have them. Most of those you actually need to have to function so I suspect what they analyzed as "chemicals from sperm" were just naturally occurring hormones in female blood and they are just shit scientists. It's just a long list of normal hormones so I'm not sure what you're even trying to prove with it, even if the spike in them was caused by sperm (which it almost certainly isn't, more likely it could be caused by the whole intercourse), all of these are good to have and they are very short-lived, broken down in a short time as every hormone normally is.
If you're surprised at the testosteron? Women naturally have testosteron too, they have more testosterone than estradiol actually (men just have even more).

Lastly, every single thing you eat converts to something or at least breaks down so of course if you eat semen, you'll use some usable parts of it to for example make energy from it and shit our the rest. If you eat pork, you do the same, are you part pig then? Are you part ramen noodles?

No. 918362

>Are you part ramen noodles?
i am

No. 918371

Get you a man who shoots ramen up your coochie

No. 918376

Did you not manage to read past the first paragraph kek
And it "kind of" is important because if the scientists aren't competent, their results won't be accurate either. But sure, believe incel theories.

No. 918388

>she actually thinks the 'radical' in radical feminism means extreme
Opinion discarded

No. 918415

Oh and if that's just what they think is in semen than it's even more useless list because there isn't any info about how much gets absorbed into women's blood.
So a) only fraction would get in so unless you chug a few cups of semen with every meal you're okay
B) even the fraction won't make any difference because you already naturally have all of it and levels naturally go up and down, nothing of the stuff listed is harmful
C) it gets broken down quite fast anyway. Hormones and cytokines don't just hang out in your blood.
It isn't any different to eating meat or any food really.

No. 918445

File: 1632185338859.gif (448.58 KB, 444x258, B81E6B57-7CAB-4178-AEEC-F76705…)

a ra-MAN if you will

No. 918541

What exactly do you think radical movements entail ?
What do you think radical feminism is? And no, gender critical and trannies don't count. Neither does hating camwhores.

No. 918682

Ok Jew

No. 918689

NTA but between you two, you seem like the one who needs to read up on radical feminism

No. 918987

Damn I didn't know they got internet in Whoville.

No. 919398

Forget libfem or radfem, we need good ol "lying through our teeth & leveraging victimhood/babymaker tropes", it worked great for first wave feminism. Medical field doesn't give a shit about hormonal disorders in women even though they're skyrocketing, we need to play up the "but I want a baby I can't have a hormonal disorder!!" shit.

No. 919400

No. 919414

no one cares about moms either except pressuring women to get and stay pregnant and taking thousands of dollars for fertility treatment and making people pay thousands for giving birth.

No. 919612

>The first step in grooming is the selection of a victim, which can be based on appeal/attractiveness, ease of access, or perceived vulnerabilities of the child (Lanning 2010; McAlinden 2006; Mooney and Ost 2013; Olson, Ellevold, and Rogers 2007). Elliott, Browne, and Kilcoyne (1995) found that when selecting a victim, offenders often focused on physical characteristics such as the child being pretty (42%), the way the child is dressed (27%), or the child being small (18%).

pretty privilege just isn't real unless you want to be molested.

No. 920147

Smoothies are better without bananas.

No. 920158

sex negative radfem anons premise is so unhinged that i'm sold, it makes sense to me, sex IS NOT real.

No. 920172

Ascend to higher consciousness with us anon

No. 920182

I keep talking myself out of having sex. Do I want to fuck or do I just want to feel happy? Happy wins every time and fucking can be fucking sad. God bless

No. 920189

>Ascend to higher consciousness with us anon
Truer words have not been spoken. Sex is animalistic and low, freeing yourself out of it frees your brainpower and makes you see world as it truly is.

No. 920208

No. 920209

but what if eating pussy makes me happy?

No. 920236

nothing, continue sticking your tongue in genitals

No. 920476

Dreamworks >>> Disney

No. 920478

When did the retarded antivaxers start crowding the actual covid thread and spreading misinfo instead of staying in their tinfoil containment zone and why the fuck are people celebrating that aspd bitch who was mad her pro vax "friend" committed suicide? This site is so disgusting sometimes imagine being happy someone committed suicide. Fucking psychopath bitch

No. 920483

kek this isn't an unpopular opinion though, everyone but the handful of retards who reply to each other in those threads feels the same way.

No. 920485

If you are a woman over the age of 25 getting manipulated by men you've gotta be stupid. Men are usually terrible liars and really bad at hiding their intentions. Even their love bombing is so obvious.

No. 920487

Without the squabbling btwn both extremes that thread would die let's be honest

No. 920496

Doesn't matter how poor their technique, if shes a mentally ill/already abused woman it's very easy for the man. Plus the constant gaslighting and cOmMuNiCaTe shit, and she's kept in that abused pit.

No. 920503

Nah fam, a big part of the blame goes to a society that conditions women to keep compromising for men who don't give a damn, and then gaslights them that they just need to communicate or give more when abuse happens.
Even if you're real good at clocking abusers it doesn't mean shit when society wears you down saying that you're the problem and that the abusers are the misunderstood innocents.

No. 920512

This 100 percent. A lot of women usually go 'now that i look back on it, it was abuse….' We are conditioned to always apologise. Even if it isn't our fault, which is why women get blamed for male rooted issues like toxic masculine bullshit, and even their own assaults.

No. 920516

All men are manipulative, especially if you put yourself in a position where they think they're better than you.

But I date younger so they're usually much worse at playing games… as well as less jaded and bald.

No. 920633

>they're usually much worse at playing games
buy him minecraft

No. 920654

Women who have the "Im ok with casual sex because I use men for sex, just like they use me!" Think they sound empowered but they just have internalized misogyny. They are the type of woman that thinks just because a man is doing something, she needs to act the same…she subconsciously thinks his behavior is right because men do it and wont bother thinking any further. Most men do not actually believe the "sex doesnt need to have emotions. It's just sex!" shit, they only say this to women they dont like/arent attracted to, so that they wont ask for good treatment and they can use their time/money on someone they like.

No. 920684

Exactly. Women who think it's empowering to pig out mentally and imitate the worst of m*le degeneracy are missing the point entirely. Casual sex, prostitution, porn are all men's schemes against women's well being, designed to break down our will, morale and souls so that they can more easily get their dopamine fix off of us. We're not built that way, if we were, it'd be a tragic existence and deep down we don't want that.
Men are so pathetic and weak that they need to assert dominance by abuse of women just to feel normal. Men picking weak women while recklessly assaulting any who don't conform is not a biological eugenic choice, is a dysgenic pattern based on their psychological and social imperatives.

Women who play into that are not only weak, not only denying themselves, but also rewarding and supporting a system where the psychopathic m*le thrives. To men, sex is nothing but a rewarding high, and to us it's always holier than that, a bond and a sign of trust. Trying to diminish that connection we inherently make is futile and only leads to bad consequences.

No. 920685

i agree. there’s no space in this society for a woman to benefit from casual sex, no matter how men frame it as being ‘easier’ for women or whatever. it will always feed into us being taken advantage of and being constantly sexualised. anyone who treats it as empowerment is either 1) a moid taking advantage of these things or 2) a pick-me desperately trying to pretend being a whore is an effective form of self-love

No. 920690

hope this is okay to just keep bumping these threads because of the gore

No. 920759

I never really bought into the empowering thing either ( at least not in rl, fiction and fantasies are other things), I tend to assume the women are just uber horny for dick and are trying to dress it up so it doesn't become a mere " I'm horny " ( as if men need deep ideological reasons to fuck).
I also believe only a minority of women actually are 100% ok with the pump and dump life style and the ones that do seem pretty ok just using man for sex and aren't trying to in someway " spite" man.
Personally I may or may not fuck a guy if I find them sexually attractive but I wouldn't date one when I have the option not to and can date and have sex with women, winch even with a reduce dating pool, I may find more emotionally fulfling bonds because I'm not dealing with a sexed up Neanderthal, even if there the most horny of lesbians/ bisexuals to ever exist. Overall I just want sex inside a relantioship like most people.

No. 920764

People only want to dom guy because of some deeply routed trauma, phobia or insecurity.

No. 920765

People into bdsm just want to cope with trauma but they do it retardedly.

No. 920766

*women. Men into bdsm want an excuse to abuse said women.

No. 920768

It’s true tbh, men into bdsm just either want to get their dick serviced by a “mommy” handmaiden or by a “little girl” handmaiden.
The only difference is that the first one feels “uwu soooo humiliated and smol” And is an autopedophile, while the second one is a pedophile who wants to pretend he isn’t one.

No. 920769

Bro, part of me hates dom stuff because in the end of the day I would just want to fuck my partner and have them pleasure me back or show vulnerability in a intimate moment, I don't need latex shit to do it in theory.

Still beats submissive fantasies, for some reason reading about a woman getting walked all over by a handsome man gets my blood boiling in the non sexual way and I rather have the woman degrading the guy even if just for the schandenfreud

No. 920779

i like to choke men out because i hate them, i like the idea that i could choke them to death. oopsie, sex accident, my bad. he was asking for it.

No. 920780

Bathing/showering only once or twice a week is fine as long as you don't live in a hot country and don't exercise or sweat often.

No. 920783

nah that’s disgusting, your asscheeks and pussy lips are probably glued together

No. 920785

What does autopedophile mean?

No. 920786

Well gentle femdom you are not but at least you own up to it

No. 920788

They get off pretending to be a defenseless kid

No. 920790

You don't need to take full on soap baths or showers but at least wash your arm pits and privates and change underwear ffsakes

No. 920799

Well your still servicing male fantasies end of the day, for me sex isn't that complicated, its just two people trying to pleasure the other, that's what sex should be and I try to have it that way
If a man wants to be degraded by women for any sort of sexual pleasure then I assumed he has some fucked up degenerate mentality and would also be into other shit as well including literal shit

No. 920814

File: 1632410598118.jpg (792.63 KB, 1600x1048, 1617544682193.jpg)

Black people on average have more delusions of racial superiority then white people, the average black person(even the educated ones) will have retarded beliefs claiming the History of Egypt, the Native Americans and Arabs, they also claim they invented all types of Music and dance e.t.c
Honestly its why shit like Hidden Colors sell so much, its just a massive racialwide cope that black people delude themselves into believing(global rule #7)

No. 920816

*black people anon saw in /pol/ memes who are trapped in burgerland

No. 920819

not in /pol/ I have experience from my own friends and family

No. 920822

>imageboard filename
But so do I, sounds like you're trapped in a circle of retards.

No. 920827

That image is bullshit, which time period is this supposed to be?

No. 920834

I think you might have a kind of blinkered view anon. Dumb people of every race believe that their ethnicity is the originator of all things good, it's just compensation. I've heard the same type of rhetoric from east asians, latinos, middle easterners, indians, africans, white people, african americans - basically every ethnicity on earth. Go on reddit for ten minutes and you'll find countless examples of white failsons making baseless historical claims to support their self-aggrandizing narratives

No. 920837

It’s not even a race thing, it’s nationalism, the cope that makes people “not hate” each other as much as they do.

No. 920840

Wrong. Most of us like having control over the moids in our lives. Real life femdom is not the porn that pathetic bottom scrotes consume.

Anon, dom stuff simply means doing what you want, if vanilla sex is what you want, then doing it IS dom stuff. Dom stuff and fetish stuff is not the same thing, it's just that a lot of people into femdom (fuck maledom obv) have similar fetishes.

Dangerously based.

No. 920912

Or anon could just have healthy normal sex, you don't need to fulfil some degenerate fantasy or LARP cause that is what will always will be, a moid's degenerate fantasy and your basically his bangmaid fulfilling that for him
it doesn't matter if your a dom or a sub, male or female, straight or gay, If your into BDSM then you are a fucking loser imo

No. 920920

nta but I like bdsm because it turns me on when hot guys are tied up, used for my pleasure and desperate for me but can't do anything about it. If that makes me traumatized then hell yeah, gimme another dose

No. 920924

>Being the one who decides how to have sex is somehow being a loser
You are not making sense. There is no logical train of thought in your comment. Read what I wrote again and try to make a coherent comment.

Based anon, you get me.

No. 920942

When I was in my early twenties I was doing this. A few years later I got some therapy, processed some things that happened in my past and went on to find that I do like regular ole sex without a power dynamic. I was even in a scene back then where I could clearly see that other women were dealing with trauma (tbh mostly female subs or poly women) but it took a while to see my own shit that was driving me.

I thought subs were usually trauma carrying women and I thought I was different. I saw those women reliving abuse so at least my 'domming' wasn't as harmful. And yeah it didn't further damage me. I had women cry on my shoulder over the abuse they (re)experienced as subs. It's the lesser of two evils if your trauma happens to drive you to go domme. The alternative is actively very damaging because so many shithead scrotes flock to you fully aware of what's going on with you and how to work it to their gain.

Not saying that it's a black and white thing with no exceptions but it happens often enough. Particularly in scenes or when people are 24/7 into it. Same with puppy play and age play, lots of people into that are trying to escape something. A bit of experimentation I think is normal. I'm mostly just talking about more intense lifestylers.

No. 920950

You know what you want and I support you

No. 920955

I never said you were traumatized, I said you were degenerate loser
Your not in control though, just cause moid likes being degraded by women cause it fulfills his fantasy doesn't mean you have any power in that relationship

and what I ultimately mean is that your all losers, Doms and Subs or whatever you fucking retards call yourself, I mean anyone who takes this shit seriously is a fucking moron imo

No. 920958

By your logic any sex at all is you being controlled by a man. You need to grow up.

No. 920961

Honestly you couldn't sound more insecure and uncomfortable with sexuality, you sound like a child.

No. 920965

careful. they're start calling you a prude because you don't want to fuck animals and get punched while a guy tears all your holes apart

No. 920968

>degenerate loser
Nah, wanting to tie up guys and using them for your pleasure is based as fuck.

No. 920969

Yeah that's totally the same thing, just like how being gay leads straight to pedophilia. You're so smart.

No. 920973

I'll just say I like being assertive in sex. Star fishing doesn't arouse me and I like reciprocity (i.e me and a partner or fictional partners being very willing to do it) and I don't really like using the word Dom or top to describe myself unless it's to joke.

No. 920978

Thong Song by Sisqo is a musically beautiful song, idk why people called it "the worst song ever" at the time

No. 920980

I have sex, but to me good sex should be like mid level bureaucracy
even if it fulfils some moids humiliation fantasy
Finally some with sense, you can say you like being assertive in sex without using made up BDSM terms

No. 920989

It’s exquisite. Compare it to the 2010s “worst songs ever” like stupid hoe by Nicki minaj or crank dat Soulja boy.

No. 920990

I do like writting characters in bdsm esque scenarios and use the terms in fiction. But that's it, it's fictional and I wouldn't think of doing half of that shit or use those terms unironicallg outside of fiction because it feels really weird to me.
Danm, I wanna enjoy and get good at plain old sex why do I have to jump to kink immediately? At least I always feel worried for girls my age or younger just a bit ( especially since they are usually all "subs".)

No. 920993

Have you heard the PMJ cover? It really highlight how nice the beat is pftt.

No. 920994

>even if it fulfils some moids humiliation fantasy
I mean if you have vanilla hetero sex with a man it fulfills his fantasy too? What are you even trying to say.

No. 921031

still kinda pathetic
At least I'm not being a gross degenerate though, you can try as much as you want but your still a loser bangmiad at the end of the day

No. 921042

Why So? It's fiction, go Yolo and I like writting weird shit that won't see the light of the day any time soon if ever so there's not even a 50 shades situation where you could argue I'm being ~a bad influence~ on someone.

No. 921044

File: 1632421667685.jpeg (77.56 KB, 729x486, 4047DA1E-2412-4CCF-AECC-5F9869…)

I fucking hate and resent men for the fact that they can choke us to death on a whim. I want to figure out how to always have a concealed weapon so I can stab a scrote in the gut and twist the knife whenever I need to defend my life. I want to fucking kill men whenever they try to physically intimidate me. I fucking plot their murders in my head and think about how I could get away with it. Fuck them senseless just to kill them in their sleep. Poison his favourite meal. Make the home a paradise and a fucking death trap

No. 921049

Anon, I have the same feelings and thoughts as you, wish I could murder them all.

No. 921057

>your still a loser bangmiad at the end of the day
I see, all other anons are losers except you who're a perfect bureaucrat with moids kek
And anon who wanted to choke guys is still based.

No. 921062

>you can say you like being assertive in sex without using made up BDSM terms
It really doesn't matter what you call it, "assertive" and "dom" can be the same thing. I honestly can't tell if you have an issue with women being dominant, or if you have an issue with women calling themselves dominant.

No. 921066

I often fantasize about murdering certain men, seeing if I could get away with it
A gun would probably be the most effective option, but guns are loud and easy to track, I'd be caught almost immediately, with knives there's a still a risk, a human being will go to great lengths to fight for their lives when they are in a life or death situation, I could potentially be overpowered
So direct murder is without getting caught is difficult, but I think I could do it and I even have a method to dispose of the body, but It would have to be a man close to me so that I can lure him, I'd also have to his timings and personality to plan the murder
I hate all BDSM, dom or sub or whatever fucking bullshit, I think its fucking retarded and the fact you try to talk about it like its a normal thing makes my brain hurt

No. 921068

It is pretty hard to come up with terms that aren't too associated with BDSM stuff if someone isn't into the life style. Or they can use dominant. Whichever term gets the point across I suppose.

No. 921076

>I hate all BDSM, dom or sub or whatever fucking bullshit, I think its fucking retarded and the fact you try to talk about it like its a normal thing makes my brain hurt
Then why would you be ok with someone calling themselves assertive? I don't get it anon. My point is just that it doesn't really matter what you call yourself if you're doing the same thing as someone who uses bdsm terms or whatever.

No. 921077

>I often fantasize about murdering certain men, seeing if I could get away with it
The fact you try to talk about it like its a normal thing makes my brain hurt

No. 921079

This entire post is embarrassing.

No. 921087

>I constantly think about how to murder men
>But you gross women who like consensually dominating your boyfriends in the bedroom are so retarded lol
I am not sure if this post is satire or if you are actually completely braindead.

No. 921088

No. 921090

I didn't even budge, man this site had me desensitized

No. 921092

nta. honestly I think it's based. even when I think about my ideal hetero sex fantasy I'm humiliating a man I'm supposed to like. I hate all men too

No. 921094

No. 921102

I like calling myself assertive because I'm not dominant at all. And it's fine for people to like what they like but can I not browse my underwater reed aerobics forum without seeing some degen outside of her containment zone talking about her explicit fantasies, or do I have to start posting my own fantasies counterintuiviely to drive that away? because I will. believe me

No. 921107

The others anon probably didn't care too much about the man hate, it's just a funny contrast to the whole " shame on Dominant woman " thing for some of them lol

No. 921110

Nothing wrong with hating men, my issue is how she goes on about how embarrassing it is to be into BDSM, while having the same hate thoughts we do.

No. 921112

Yes thank you, man hate all you want, hell I do (and my moid likes it, so it works for both of us), just don't call me retarded for enjoying femdom when you also have these thoughts for fuck's sake.

No. 921123

not all men just certain men and I'm mostly thinking the variables involved in murdering those men and I think about whether or not murdering one shitty scrote is worth me spend my entire life in prison
You know pathetic you sound right, also any male who is into "humiliation" is gonna troon out at some point, just don't treat BDSM-shit like its real
its pathetic cope by sad morons

No. 921126

You cannot hate men and enjoy femdom BDSMfag, men created femdom for their own degenerate fantasies, you aren't any better then a sub woman who enjoys being a puppygirl or whatever

No. 921127

Are you sexually into humiliating other farmers or something because you can't stop your pathetic namecalling others kek

No. 921133

I like find normal vanilla sex with non-obese men, non-pudgy, non-ugly men

No. 921135

>You cannot hate men and enjoy femdom BDSMfag

>men created femdom for their own degenerate fantasies

wrong. Bottom men created femdom porn for their degenerate fantasies. My femdom is what I want it to be, not some coomer's fantasy.

>ou aren't any better then a sub woman who enjoys being a puppygirl or whatever

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh you made me laugh anon, comparing me to the scum of the earth that are submissive women. I rule my bedroom, I rule my house and I rule my boyfriend. I have NOTHING in common with "submissive" women. Explain how doing what I want and running my life and boyfriend the way I like is bad and I will take you seriously. I am waiting anon.

No. 921137

Tbh, both the femdom anons and the anons who hate "dom" women are cringy.

No. 921139

Playing devil's advocate, I'm not into straight up Femdom even towards moids ( I rather not touch them at all and I wouldn't put a girl through Femdom shit even if I was actually into it) but i suppose if you want to torture men fandom is a way to do it and since there into they won't really pull away sooo might as well have a willing punching bag

No. 921141

This became too long winded otherwise the debate is good.

No. 921142

>wrong. Bottom men created femdom porn for their degenerate fantasies. My femdom is what I want it to be, not some coomer's fantasy.
How though, unless you have male tied in a basement I doubt your sub partner is being forced into this, he enjoys every aspect of this relationship and likes it
he likes being humiliated or beaten or whatever
>HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh you made me laugh anon, comparing me to the scum of the earth that are submissive women. I rule my bedroom, I rule my house and I rule my boyfriend. I have NOTHING in common with "submissive" women
Do you have any Idea how goddam cringy you sound ? like Jesus Christ all you BDSM-fags come across as just cringy and pathetic
I hate all aspects of BDSM, Dom and Subs regardless of Gender, its cringy and your fucking cringy
Your literally fulfilling a degenerate often misogynistic fantasy, I'd rather not

No. 921143

>he enjoys every aspect of this relationship and likes it
Oh no how horrible, it would be better if if she was a rapist right?

No. 921144

It's not an ideal scenario but in what may feel like a loose loose I can't fault angry women for choosing femdom even if I have the privilege of opting out of that nonsense all together and just try to be with women.

No. 921145

Yeah, we have this debate like once a week, and even though I can see each point of view, I think both sides end up sounding stupid.
>I hate all aspects of BDSM, Dom and Subs regardless of Gender, its cringy and your fucking cringy
Who's "your"? I'm not a dom or a sub, dummy.

No. 921146

Now you're getting it anon. If they literally let me hurt them, why on earth wouldn't I use it as an outlet? Obviously I would never hurt another woman, I am bi and have never and will never do what I do to men to a woman, that goes without saying.

>How though, unless you have male tied in a basement I doubt your sub partner is being forced into this, he enjoys every aspect of this relationship and likes it he likes being humiliated or beaten or whatever
Ehm, yes? I am not some criminal rapist kidnapper, I find willing partners for these activities. I did not say he also doesn't get something out of it. I said I decide what we do, what he gets is satisfying me and if I am feeling generous something he likes as well.

>Do you have any Idea how goddam cringy you sound ? like Jesus Christ all you BDSM-fags come across as just cringy and pathetic

You compared me to submissive women, I have the right to find that insulting. I DESPISE submissive women.

No. 921155

Agreed, they need to do back to /g/

No. 921157

You know he's gonna troon out at some point right ? I mean have fun dealing with all that shit
see you on r/Mypartneristrans

No. 921159

Why every fucking farmer keeps insisting my bf will troon out every time they find out I am into femdom? You know trooning out is super rare right? Also he hates trannies more than I do.

No. 921160

Alright now with regards to murdering men, I've thought about this a lot over my lifetime
I'm strong but I don't think I would be able to murder a physically able bodied man without aid of a firearm, my targets would either have to old men or young children and I'd never be able to kill a child
so as stated I can't use firearms(they are loud and often traceable) my best bet would be cheap hunting knife you could purchase at any dollar store, then my next objective would be find a way where my target would be isolated and I could attack them when they are off guard, then go for a stabbing motion, go for the stomach and later the throat
I'd have to wash and then burn my clothes, getting rid of the knife wouldn't be difficult either
wash and decontaminate it and just leave it anywhere, throw it in the trash near the edge of the city with your garbage, in the river or even just leave at a random bus top

This is all a hypothetical scenario If I had to murder someone

No. 921162

I don't like it even after perennial interest in kinks and how they are formed ( I'm assertive anon that dabbled writting BDSM) but I get why women like Dominating men and how they see it as an outlet and shit. At least I get it more then submissive women who i never fully got and I never got myself to write sub women on the bed ( ironically depicting the rotten side of Punished and abused Submissive women led me to also writting " critically" on kink and depicting gross kinky people winch would probably get me called prudish)

Random ramblings but yeah I get your befundlement around subs lol

No. 921164

Is this the thread you meant to post in?

No. 921167

>I dom men muahaha I humiliate them!!
>N-no that pleases the moids!! they like it!!!
No matter what side of this stupid debate you're on, your motivations ultimately revolve around men and that's just as fucking stupid as basing all your decisions on pleasing them. Stop letting them live rent-free in your heads. Do shit because you want to do it for yourself.

No. 921169

Good to find someone that agrees with me, they call me prude due to how much I don't like women subbing to men, I have similar thoughts to you regarding the issue.

No. 921170

Go back to 4chin you aren't slick

No. 921172


No. 921173

File: 1632426650958.png (313.39 KB, 2476x992, Chad TRANS.png)

Oh don't tell me your that anon whose bf is into wearing women's lingerie and also getting pegged ? please say you are it would be fucking hilarious
from what I've seen on the MTF threds its mostly women complying with their male partners ever increasing femdom or feminization fetishes, until the sub males eventually troon out
Its just a dumb fetish and I think trying to look too deep into is even more fucking dumb

No. 921174

What if what I want to do is humiliate and hurt men?

No. 921175

>Oh don't tell me your that anon whose bf is into wearing women's lingerie and also getting pegged ? please say you are it would be fucking hilarious
Guilty as charged. Are we going to repeat that whole debate now? It was autistic enough the first three times. He still hasn't trooned out btw, jfyi.

No. 921176

Congrats you're insane.

No. 921177

No. 921178

>Are we going to repeat that whole debate now? It was autistic enough the first three times.
If it bothers you that much then just stop posting about your lingerie-wearing boyfriend.

No. 921179

Ever heard of poison? And just coming up from behind a scrote and slitting their throat with an extremely sharp capable blade would suffice. As a woman you could seduce them first to disarm them and make them vulnerable. Why even bother stabbing and cutting? Get a large sharp steel blade and decapitate them with one swipe. Heads will roll.

No. 921181

I'm getting massive necessaryspeed energy from the "you're all degenerates, but here is how I personally fantasize about murdering men"-anon

No. 921183

I did not bring up his crossdressing, also don't make me start repeating again that I make him do it because I like it. It's not something he does on his own.

No. 921184

I think we should have a thread for how you would all commit murder, I want to see what brilliant other techniques you ladies have in mind. totally not CIA

No. 921185

I still hope your fucking LARPing cause christ your setting yourself up to be some transwidow, do you not realize how many AGP redflags he's carrying
do you really wish to end up an accessory mommy dom big tiddy gf who literally serves no other purpose than to be bangmaid and be compliant in a weird closet troons fetish

No. 921186

I hate femdom as a fetish I just learned from my mistakes the first time I posted the unpopular opinion that I hate it that they'd come out of the woodwork, and that brings me pain. Never did it again after that even though I liked the idea of trolling them, they're just too annoying. Caused me pain to read all that rating and raving and and not the good kind of pain

Saying you hate femdom on lc is like flaunting your hatred for fujos (and I also hate yaoi) and mentioning it brings them out in full form thus turning the entire thread into a shitshow

No. 921189

i already wrote about a revenge fantasy once but it wasn't about a guy i knew personally. it's just a fantasy so it's got nothin' on me. i'm onto you

No. 921191

Dammit, I have had threads derailed three times because of this, are you girls going to make me repeat myself again? He hates troons, he despises them. My guy worships women, he views being allowed to dress in women's clothing a privilege that I allow him because he sees us as above men. My guy hates men more than I do, he is like that one radfem guy whose name I don't remember (you know the one, kind of fat with long hair). He will kill himself before becoming a troon, he thinks it's pathetic and unacceptable how they try to steal our womanhood.

No. 921192

…so? The point is to just stop posting about your bf so much if it bothers you when anons talk about it.

No. 921193

Don't feel like you have to defend your Nigel against the other retarded anon.

No. 921194

Yeah it is dumb as most fetishes are to those that aren't into it, I'm just more mildly sympathetic to why a woman doms ( also feel bad for female abused subs ofc but the ones flaunting it does annoy me more because submissive women are either even louder or more common)and some fetishes are formed around trauma and shit so mildly interesting if your into brain picking and mental ilness

No. 921197

How the hell was I supposed to know some anon would recognize me? I did not give any personal info.

Sorry, I just wanted to clear things before I am inevitably barraged with the "he is going to troon out" messages.

No. 921198

File: 1632427534924.gif (690.6 KB, 220x326, 12.gif)

>My guy worships women, he views being allowed to dress in women's clothing a privilege that I allow him because he sees us as above men
please let this be a LARP

No. 921199

>Man worshipping women as he should is bad
Why? Also no I am not larping, this is my life and my Nigel. And I chose him exactly because he is so different from the average moid, sorry if it's too hard for you to believe some of us have been lucky.

No. 921201

File: 1632427823232.jpg (491.96 KB, 1200x675, covergn.jpg)

Cool story

No. 921202

> this is my life and my Nigel
Nta, I've just been silently reading along but for the love of god shut up about your nigel and your sex life already. You can stop this derailing as soon as you want.

No. 921203

>this boyfriend IS the radfem

No. 921204

File: 1632427900902.jpeg (127.33 KB, 750x774, 33F1EC2E-312B-4430-8F3F-78C102…)

No. 921205

File: 1632427909394.jpg (39.39 KB, 740x545, 1631805913749.jpg)

Fun fact during during his "cooling off" periods, the infamous BTK serial killer would dress himself in women's clothing, tied himself up, and posed in the positions he left his victims in as he set up a camera to take photos. then he jerked off to it. sometimes using the stolen clothes of the women he had murdered
In prison he entertains himself by drawing bondage porn

No. 921206

Not while I am being challenged, I will defend femdom in this website and anywhere else I might be.

No. 921209

No one was ever "challenging" you, dumbass. You keep bringing up your boyfriend because for whatever reason you love to defend him to anonymous people.

No. 921210

File: 1632428051744.gif (2.96 MB, 498x359, franziska-ace-attorney.gif)

Femdom sperging derial is better than tradthot sperging derail. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion

No. 921212

What does that have to do with anything you nutcase

No. 921217

no level of derailing is this good and I'm allowed to hate your kinks as much as you're allowed to hate mine tfw no actor bf to bite you down from your neck to your thighs tee hee hee

I want to turn my brain off after reading about this nigel feminization shit

No. 921218

Well yeah, he kind of is.

I literally only brought him up because that other anon recognized me and brought him up first.

>tfw no actor bf to bite you down from your neck to your thighs tee hee hee

No. 921219

Oooh Franziska von Karma, how nostalgic. Good taste.

No. 921220

yes I am vile, so are you, we're all on lc

keep scrolling

No. 921221

Is your bf at least skinny and pretty?

No. 921222

I think some anons might be replying to themselves itt.

No. 921224

This attitude I can accept. Still vile though.

He is pretty (for me), but not really skinny. I don't really like skinny men that much tbh.

No. 921239

tumblr is the best social media

No. 921240

samefag actually it’s the only good one

No. 921274

Is it worth making a tumblr account then? I thought it was a dead platform

No. 921276

I like tumblr the best too, the only thing I don't like about it is how woke and TRA-ish it is

No. 921279

I enjoy it for pics and staying as far away from politics, blogging, or anyone posting about themselves whatsoever

No. 921281

litrally never see woke shit on my dash you just gotta follow the right people

No. 921283

god, i literally just nuked my tumblr and i kinda regret it

No. 921289

yeah I wish the sjws and sex workers didn't kill it. Thinking of remaking mine.

No. 921299

I wish some lunatic here would kill bunch of men so that CBS watching normalfags would raze lolcow to the ground with sheer numbers.

No. 921306

It's not dead whatsoever but people call everything that's beyond it's peak "dead".

No. 921308

We'd have to have malebrain to even consider doing that.

No. 921315

it really grated on me how everyone was comparing onlyfans banning porn to tumblr banning porn. that penguinz0 guy even said "when you take away the only thing they go to the site for it's going to die" or something like that. like yeah there was a lot of porn and degeneracy on tumblr (there probably still is) but there is a lot of art, photography, literature and fandom stuff too. I think tumblr is also full of minors and it was really easy for them to accidentally see porn which was another issue.

lol I'm so tired of this shit, no one is forcing you to use this website and it's probably going down soon anyway. we get it, you're better than us man hating femcels. just leave already.

No. 921331

I still use tumblr and there's tons of activity on there

No. 921370

I kinda wanna have a tumblr again but I have no idea what theme/what to blog about lol. I guess I don't really have a personal "aesthetic"

No. 921374

On the other hand it's also one of the few places you can find open terviness and radfems, I don't actually use tumblr but if I'm bored I'll find a radfem blog and just scroll for hours. I occasionally look through blogs related to other interests and it disturbs tf out of me to see TRA shit, like random urls about wanting to kill terfs or w/e.

No. 921380

Buying stuff for people online isn't simp behavior. I don't understand why or how showing appreciation to friends is regarded as embarrassing. If I like you, I will buy you shit if I want to.

No. 921383

choachancafe admin and mods are gangstalkers

No. 921384

I'm pretty sure it's only considered simp behavior if you're buying shit for someone who barely even knows that you exist anon

No. 921391

it’s always a flex if it’s real generosity and good vibes, unless the person buying stuff passive aggressively expects or demands something back. the people that hate on it don’t have the money, don’t have the security of self to give without expectation, or are so insufferable they can’t let someone else receive a gift without trying to ruin the act of gift giving for others. anyone who uses the term simp is invisible at best because it’s weak incel shit.

No. 921393

if anything tumblr is way better now with all the degenerates and coomers gone. One of the biggest reasons I believe that porn rots your brain is that everyone who used tumblr for porn migrated to twitter and reddit and that's why they are the way they are now.
If you manage to find your niche, tumblr is incredibly comfy.

No. 921397

do tell

No. 921399

i agree and i’m glad there’s a porn ban, it fucked up so many girls in my generation. i only come here because men get banned on sight, being around them is so fucking taxing and i just want to be weird and happy with other gorls even if it’s dumb shit. i wish there was a site with a chromosome filter.

No. 921406

Objective truth. Everyday I thank the heavens for the porn ban, which only made the site better in my eyes.

No. 921409

Yeah getting a glimpse into how men think about us via the internet has fucked us up. Honestly, it's made me lose all interest in men kek. Surprisingly, I don't hate them but they're not what I thought they were and I can't pretend I don't know what I know. Especially re porn. I mean 98% of them watch it almost daily and porn is THAT? The industry is sick. And they don't gaf.

No. 921510

>it fucked up so many girls in my generation
If only it had banned it before festering DDLG and sugaring into popularity

No. 921667

>He is pretty (for me), but not really skinny
So he's skinny fat and ugly

No. 921709

File: 1632454741588.jpeg (58.28 KB, 250x333, 947D1C53-F7C0-426E-8F10-1C83EA…)

Bittersweet dresses are cute.

No. 921717

File: 1632455116861.jpg (103.17 KB, 400x626, 1484692903404.jpg)

I can't believe I'm saying this in 2021 but bittersweet is not a thing it's literally just sweet in a black colorway. You're not wrong about them being cute though.

No. 921722

File: 1632456207776.jpg (22.56 KB, 640x852, pooping.jpg)

pooping feels good. i look forward to my daily poop.

No. 921723

File: 1632456348165.gif (202.28 KB, 220x169, swear-cry.gif)

Yessss love my daily deuce drop on the porcelain throne

No. 921725

Here’s to your nigel becoming a tranny and having his own thread on here god bless xoxo

No. 921729

Were you the tradthot Nigel sperg on the MTF thread?

No. 921733

Big lips are disgusting.
inb4 some anon replies bragging about muh ~natural bbl blowjob insta baddie lips~

No. 921734

making plans for nigel? More like trooning out with nigel

No. 921738

wow, you took that personally. i assumed anon was talking about the butthole filler lips everyone gets now
fucking chill you big lipped bitch

No. 921740

I hope you both have a very unpleasant and unlucky day tomorrow.

No. 921741

i hope someone bites off your puffy ass lips, they’re ugly as hell(stop infighting about lips)

No. 921744

Whatever, thin lipped whore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921746

I kinda get what you mean anon. You made a blanket statement to get some replies which worked but I agree in the sense that there are a bunch of larping lesbians nowadays because they think seeing what scrotes see makes them one. It's funny when I come across a "lesbian" who spend 99% of the time talking about moids and gay ships but will make one post about "boobies!!" or some other sexualized comment about a female and think that'll cover their backside kek. If this isn't what you meant and actually think women can't like feminine women then kys

No. 921749

>about the butthole filler lips
The post this replies to is deleted already, and I didn't read the word lips. I was so confused for a minute because I thought women are getting their butthole botox-ed now, too.

No. 921750

samefag, when I think about it, with where we're heading it probably won't take long until this becomes a fetish, and thus, reality, too.

No. 921753

NTA, but I remember a woman who even said that kissing was disgusting and degenerate, but she was convinced she was a lesbian based on K-Pop.

No. 921764

ok m*n

No. 921765

nice try faggot, actively fantasizing and posting about murder online is peak male behaviour though

No. 921818

When people make those posts lamenting their teenage bullying days and saying how sorry they are, they are lying. They say they aren't proud of it but they actually are and love to reminiscence back on the days when they could leverage their standing in the social hierarchy to make somebody else feel small, and signal to others that they are worthy. Mentioning it at all, even anonymously, is an ego boost, a reminder that they are the strong. It's a false humbleness concealing demented glee at what they've done. "People can change" but if they do they don't go around patting themselves on the back about how much better they are, now.

No. 921867

Ted Lasso is a garbage show yet people discuss it like it's the second coming. It drives me insane because I have a visceral reaction for the shit writing and empty fake ass happy characters. No one is like that in real life and it's not refreshing in the slightest. I hate the actors and how everyone on reddit goes on about how "they deal with conflict like adults! How refreshing! Genius tv!! I can't deal with the shit taste of the general public and this show is one of the worst things ever made. I can't go a day without some dumb scrote losing his shit over this flat comedy.

No. 921878

ot but I wouldn't trust redditors in regards to conflict resolution with my life. They'll keep telling you it's just a communication issue short of your male partner getting violent, and even then it can be questionable if they'll even tell you to leave instead of simping for him because he probably had a very bad day at work and he's likely depressed uwu and he punched the wall and not you so it could be worse anyways.

No. 921894

Maybe I've been in different circles but on Reddit the main response I've seen or seen more upvotes for was to leave the scrote in question dead in the dust.

No. 921900

File: 1632483343123.jpeg (284.09 KB, 976x1298, C02236C0-B429-4014-A205-02BCD0…)

It’s self defence you fucking spineless little mollusc, nobody wants to kill random men for no reason. We want the power to fucking defend ourselves.
I think a MMA/self defence thread would be better. We need a new era of suffragettes, we need some 6 inch hatpins to stab harassers and attempted rapists in the fucking eyes.

No. 922100

What? No. What gave you that impression? I am anything but trad or a thot.

No. 922141

This is old news but I believe that Dasha didn’t cheat on Adam

No. 922144

That has also been my experience. I'm not doubting anons, but I wonder why I mostly run into reasonable people on reddit

No. 922180

as long as you hang out on subs that aren't populated by retards reddit can be tolerable. the flaws of the upvote downvote system aside they have so many subs that you're bound to find at least one you like

No. 922208

The thing is, I've seen top comments like 'girl, run away! dump his ass asap' in default advice subreddits. And not just one, this is my general experience

No. 922217

Body policing is a form of internalized misogyny and it really shows that a lot of anons here are absolute ana chans.

I'm not talking about obese bodies, I'm not even talking about skinny bodies, as far as I'm concerned Luna Slater or the pro ana scumbags are genuinely unhealthy. But the way some anons go absolutely rabid when they see some small boobs or a flatter ass is absolutely insane. Some of you really think all women are supposed to have full round butts and big boobs while also being thin as a hair is actually nuts. Go outside and look at irl women.

Even better when it's someone who pulls a "I'm the exact same weight as her but I have an hourglass and giant booba and my ass is my entire bodyweight I'm skinni" brag out of their ass to start bone rattling

No. 922258

aren't a lot of these comments justified tho? the relationship posts are often pretty bad

No. 922480

Five Nights at Freddies doesn't deserve the hate it gets, the lore and the community is autistic but very enjoyable and interesting. Sister Location is a cool game. I'm watching a video about all the games, the lore and the way the Dev advertises, and I love it.

No. 922481

I can believe it too tbh, but more than that don't get why anyone cares. Especially this long after the fact.

No. 922493

I don’t live in America so maybe I would feel differently if I actually did but every time I’ve visited I find going to Walmart more enjoyable than target.

No. 922495

agreed, target is overstimulating and usually crowded as fuck, and it’s mad expensive

No. 922502

To me they're both like that, but Walmart (at least where i live) is even bigger and scarier. I prefer fred meyer

No. 922530

I guess it depends where you live. The Walmart in my area has rude cashiers, employees that don't do a very good job at hiding that they're watching you to make sure you don't steal, is crowded, things are hard to find if you aren't a regular, etc. At the Target in my area the employees are nice, no one bothers you, they have machines and a nice layout that makes things easy to find, and isn't crowded. Target is pretty expensive sure but the shopping experience is so much more pleasant I go there on the rare occasion I need something.

No. 922536

if you’re a burgerfag costco is even more terrifying to be in it terrifies me but it’s not because I’m a stimulated autist it just scares me how much americans are obsessed with overconsumption that they need to buy bulk items

No. 922544

Not to mention people how people crowd the sample carts.
Top kek, but I know some people (my family included) who have gone to Costco for lunch. Their pizza is absolutely disgusting. It's so heavy and tasteless from what I can remember. I usually go for the chicken bakes.

No. 922550

From what I've heard the bulk thing is because it's cheaper to buy things that way.

No. 922579

Buying bulk butter and laundry detergent = terrifying overconsumption? kek

No. 922631

"Pandemic" kids are going to be the most maladjusted, stunted, and sociopathic generation of the modern era.

There's so much talk about schools trying to resume and the kids being absolute bullies and terrors. Kids have reverted since being at home. It's going on two years of no routine or discipline. Many have overburdened, incapable, and incompetent parents that they've been stuck inside with while they've learned nothing. Parents gave their kids an ipad and sat them in front of a zoom call while some poor educator tried to capture their attention to teach them about language arts and math. Of course this was doomed to fail. It's been known for a long time that homeschool education tends to be shit because parents, by and large, are not qualified or capable of teaching their kids fuck all that isn't religion or imprinting them with their brand of bullshit politics. Teachers and other supervisory adults were literally the only shot these kids had to grow and learn and it was taken away. They've been on high anxiety because they never get to do anything, and then embittered because they constantly hear how shit the world is for them. Combine with the fact that they never disconnect from the internet and fall into bad digital habits, well it's no wonder they think being aggressive is normal. Most social connections are fake or insincere.

They're going to be worse than zoomers. It's only beginning. When these psychos reach teenagehood we're going to be hearing about even more school shootings and planned attacks from kids lashing out with their anger and not giving a damn about other humans because they never interacted or empathized with any.

No. 922638

There is no such thing as a female with autism and it amazes me how much autistic women battle this because “well women can be autistic too!” Who would want to be autistic? Someone tell me? Women who are “autistic” are most likely socially awkward at best and since society has always been hard for a woman to navigate through when she doesn’t fulfill femininity they get diagnosed with the ‘tism when all female autists (and no Isabella Janke doesn’t count, psychopaths are known to be nasty unhygienic individuals as well) are just shy. Not only are less feminine women diagnosed with the tism but women who also perform on feminine roles such as submission and passivity it’s seen as some kind of social obstruction or obstacle. No woman should want to be autistic, there are obviously exceptions and this post is half-serious but most cases I honestly think female autists get misdiagnosed as autists

No. 922645

I’m honestly starting to believe so, I don’t know why, but I’m not as sped as my brother who actually throws tantrums if shit doesn’t go however he assumed should go and such.
Like, at what point am I actually autistic and not just conditioned to serve his and other’s idiotic whims and rules? It’s tiresome, i don’t even know what to do with such information, go yippie yay yey? The ultimate goal is being able to pretend you’re normal anyways, and I’ve been doing so, so I guess you could even say I’m not autistic anymore.

No. 922653


sounds like someone is angry that they didn't get the special autism gold star sticker at the pediatrician like the rest of us

No. 922654

It's not about overconsumption. I like to buy certain things in bulk like soap and toothpaste because it's cheaper and more convenient to buy a lot in a bulk and not have to go to the store every time it runs out. In big families it can also become a necessity sometimes.

No. 922655

Men with autism need to be heavily monitored and controlled for the rest of their lives.

Seems like autist-chan didn’t understand the nuance of what I said

No. 922661

This is a great analysis anon. I'm also scared about all the patches these kids are going to have in their education. There are a lot of children presenting signs of mental illness at like 3rd grade. I feel bad for them because it's almost like they're being wired that way. Kids need to go outside and learn and experience the world. The digital world will never be a replacement for real life and it's causing people to become ill. I can't believe parents and teachers expect an 8-year-old to sit in front of a computer and actually pay attention for 8 hours when most kids have the attention span of fishes and I'm sure the way many popular social media apps are designed contributed to this (in particular to scrolling system in TikTok, Instagram and Youtube). Doing nothing but being online all day is giving them serious issues and as you said, the media fear mongering about everything only creates nihilism and despair. This is all going to breed a generation full of mental illness and chaos. I do hope some people realize this and try to do an effort in raising their kids a good way.

No. 922662

I don't necessarily agree but now that I think about it, I've literally never heard of a female low functioning autist. Like, the severely autistic type that is violent and needs full time care for the rest of their life, not the socially awkward special interest type. I get the idea of women going undiagnosed because they're socialised better but there's no way to socialise the literal retardation out of someone.

No. 922675

i thought i was autistic but it turns out i just had adhd,bpd and bipolar, honestly what i'd rather be than autistic. yeah the stigma is worse around mood and cluster b, and autism is more accepted than those two disorders. but the time i had to spend dealing with social skills groups and other retarded shit made me realized i wasn't an autist, just traumatized by my upbringing

i'd swear my female friend who has no social awareness is an autist, since she can't seem to catch onto my nonverbal cues, and sometimes downright makes me cringe in embarrassment, but idk, she's got other outstanding issues that could explain that

No. 922776

Women with autism exist, it's just that the men are so utterly terrible that it's like two different conditions. I blame the y chromosome.

No. 922784

Maybe it should be considered 2 different illnesses. Being completely unfit for society because they don't understand or care for other humans in the cases of males and being too timid to live normally for women.
Yes, women don't lash out like male autists do and usually somewhat manage to go through education and work but when shyness is so severe that it seriously affects your entire life, then saying "oh I'm just shy" feels like downplaying the entire situation.

No. 922788

sperging about nasolabial folds, laugh lines, any fine lines or texture at all, jaw shape, the woman's age… we could be listing these forever

farmers can get incredibly moidy and act as if the only correct way to be a woman is to look like the 16yo vidya waifus moids keep designing for each other

No. 922792

It's the most boring part of lolcow

No. 922794

wait is there a porn ban on tumblr? I live under a rock but this sounds based
Will tumblr suspend my account if I put "men blocked on sight" or "men do not interact" or something along the lines of that, I wonder?
I remember how prevalent the whole ddlg and "nymphette" thing was on tumblr back in the day, it was disgusting and affected especially kawaii and alternative fashion tumblring negatively. It's such a brain rot, I hate seeing it normalized outside of tumblr now. I always found the 'daddy' shite gross and wasn't into ddlg, but I still feel like it affected my mental health negatively for how much I had to encounter it in tandem with lolicon being pushed so much in weeb spheres online.
(sage for blog)

No. 922795

I absolutely don't understand why anons wants to focus on crap like that, what is interesting about it? Seriously.

No. 922797

File: 1632561023856.jpeg (86.81 KB, 600x594, 27D6455F-C5D5-402C-B1E2-008E87…)

Some nonnies here are just female incels obsessed with anime who have only ever dated male incels from 4chinz and terminally online neckbeards, therefore their idea of beauty is an animu loli princess. They want to look like belle delphine. Thats why they call people aged 30 “haggard” and act like you can’t show off your body anymore because it’s now old and ugly. They where probably groomed online as young teens, which probably doesn’t help (not trying to be insulting but I think a lot of us here where, I certainly was)
Or they’re just straight up anachans who don’t realise how fucking ugly they look. Just don’t take it too seriously.

No. 922798

They must really hate their own bodies, such a tragic thing to hyperfocus on. At least hyperfocus autistically on something fun, like animu husbandos or something.

No. 922801

They won’t because they have intense self hatred for themselves. All the man hate here means nothing because nonnies still salivate over greasy looking 5/10 scrotes but have unobtainable standards for women’s beauty.

No. 922803

>Will tumblr suspend my account if I put "men blocked on sight" or "men do not interact" or something along the lines of that, I wonder?
Definitely not, manhate is alive and well on tumblr.

No. 922806

File: 1632562295430.png (533 KB, 984x567, why chromosome.png)

>the differences
That's because moids and women are hormonally different. I'm not an expert but the case seems to be this:
Moids normally run mostly on testosterone and dopamine, while women are more influenced by oxytocin (alongside dopamine) not to mention estrogen. Dopamine is the key to reward-motivated behavior, while oxytocin has more to do with forming social bonds and attachment.
Mutations in the oxytocin receptor genes have been implicated in studies about autism, which would/could mean autistics have an aberrant response to oxytocin compared to neurotypicals.

Now, if moids on average already have abysmally diminished traffic of oxytocin, doesn't that give you a clue of what's the problem with autistic males? They still have the T, they still have the urge to seek for dopamine release, but they have even less urge for normal healthy bonding than so called normal males.
Female autists are billed as 'masculine' probably for the sole reason that they don't respond to oxytocin the same way as nt women do. But the thing is, autistic women lack male testosterone levels and their oxytocin deficiency (if it's that, I might have this all wrong nonnas) is not exactly replaced by a steeper reliance of dopamine (men are basically dopamine apes on the other hand, even sex to them is more about dopamine than oxytocin, which is why they go apeshit when they're "not rewarded properly"). This means autistic women have significantly less reason to be aggressive or perceive human beings as objects. They still struggle socially, but aren't driven further into retardation by the same things that naturally take males to the male hell they have to be part of.

This is how I tinfoil this without being an actual scientist. All this is is just a hobby for me, but I'm seeing a dawn of a potential explanation on why female autism and male autism is different. Basically I blame the why chromosome.

No. 922808

>the tragic nasolabial sperg vs the chad husbando sperg

No. 922810

>All the man hate here means nothing because nonnies still salivate over greasy looking 5/10 scrotes but have unobtainable standards for women’s beauty.
I was just thinking exactly this earlier. Tired of seeing them pick a part women's looks to make up for their own insecurities meanwhile they thirst after the ugliest moids. There's not enough bishounen posting on this board.

No. 922812

I guess they just stay in their threads and don't get exposed to pro-women, moid hate and hot guys posts.

No. 922813

They probably never venture into /g/ husbandoposting or hornypostig.
Tragic, on their part

No. 922825

I hate the sexual assault militia we have on my campus. They literally roam parties to ask couples making out if both parties are consenting (of course they only really ask the women), like who gave you the authority? By all means if someone is dead drunk they should be protected, if a guy is violent or pressuring he should be removed from the situation and the cops should be called, not the little covert « protecting » bullshit. Of course it’s the males that are members or friends of the feminist club that are doing the rounds and they are all supposed to be beyond reproach, we’re even encouraged to go tell them if another male has made us uncomfortable during the party. Fucking ridiculous.

At a party there will be some flirting, if you can’t handle it or feel too uncomfortable to tell a guy to fuck off you shouldn’t be drinking. I am not happy about this new trend of treating women like irresponsible idiots under the cover of fighting sexual assault. Either there is something violent going on and it’s not the fucking male friends of the feminist club that should handle it, or there isn’t and you should mind your own business.

No. 922829

KEK I didn't know that was a thing. Literal thot patrol

No. 922837

thot police kek

No. 922844

Keep in mind that the anons salivating over uggos and trashing women aren't necessarily the same ones

No. 922890

Posting in scrote bait threads like the one that's up rn should be a bannable offense. I'm sick and tired of seeing anons posting in them, even if they think it's a sassy response, they're still giving them what they want.

No. 922892

No. 922897

This makes me think about how domestic violence rates are high in cops. A bunch of guys with sex assault on the brain roaming around on a power trip approaching women and asking about their intimate choices.. couldn't possibly lead to one of em commiting the very thing they claim to want to stop.

No. 922899

Agree, these bitches are too new

Let the scrotes keep refreshing the thread and be disappointed when no one responded to their BS

No. 922907

Doesn't this ironically reinforce the idea that if a SA doesn't involve violence or an unconscious partner, it's not rape? When most rapists rely on leveraging the relationship they have with the victim and social/emotional coercion, how many women who are being raped would even tell a sexual assault militiaman (lol) if that was the case?

No. 923036

Straying outside a relationship can actually be healthy, but only for some kinds of couples.

No. 923073

Men have the responsibility to not be porn addicts but women and men also shouldn't publicly shove things that could trigger men and women struggling with porn addiction. This includes trying to make every post on TikTok/YouTube/Pinterest/Reddit extremely sexual, trying to show off their body as much as they possibly can, and of course the sheer amount of video filters, obvious Photoshop, butt pads and 3+push up bras to make their body look unrealistic. This especially includes people who post in spaces that aren't sexual at all, I just wanted to see cute fashion videos not fucking Sarah stuffing her bra to the high heavens and doing a "challenge" that's basically just twerking or dressing slutty

No. 923174

Is that you Esther Perel? Just kidding, but you might be interested in her stuff.

No. 923209

There is no such thing as an ugly woman, even Shayna looks gorgeous compared to 95% of men on this planet if she were to clean herself up. There is something that saves women from looking like genetic failures even if they look average and I don’t know what is. Every woman looks so good to me

No. 923211

File: 1632597837597.png (530.88 KB, 1218x589, ugly.png)

That's kind of you to think and I agree with it in theory but in reality there are just some ugly people on this planet. Can you really say pic related looks good to you?

No. 923215

are you a scrote, or did you just save a scrote image for no reason?
>ugly girls have to compensate by letting you degrade them
nah, I may be ugly, but I'll stick to celibacy and husbandos

No. 923219

Ot, she looks a lot like a girl who I had to talk to from high school, impressive.
And yeah, she might not be a Victoria’s Secret model, but she does have some nice features like a pretty hair and pretty eyes.
Also, the person who took the picture is an asshole, she looks like she’s slouching, but she probably also knows how to take flattering pictures of herself.
I honestly think it’s shitty to judge women based on the pictures that are taken by others, nobody will ever get our best features in pictures as great as we can on our own.

No. 923221

This is an image where it's more "look at their depravity" FYI

No. 923229

File: 1632599047508.jpeg (307.07 KB, 1200x1200, B09D7007-0768-46A9-BC25-49DF64…)

Still not as hideous as crisp rat, she actually looks adorable. Picrel is literally worse looking

No. 923230

I dunno how unpopular this is, but is anyone else not really here for the cow stuff? More than anything I like the privacy and that scrotery is a bannable offense.

No. 923231

Yeah they’re called newfags

No. 923232

yeah, same. i first stumbled upon here through the kpop threads (pls no bulli) but stayed here for the same reason

No. 923234

I think the majority of women are pleasant enough to look at, can't say the same about men.

I'm admittedly in a kind of rural area but I moved here years ago, nothiing exciting here. I met one attractive guy about 3/4 months back and I've never been more painfully aware of how rare attractive men are. I can't even tell if he's truly that special or if standards are low but he's pleasant looking and fuuck… feels rare that I ever think that about a man I'm looking at in person.

No. 923239

Yes. All the old cows I used to follow became boring/dropped off the internet and I have no interest in new ones. So it's just /ot/ for me. I wish there was an LC equilavant without cow boards. I guess there's cc but it's slow and I don't really like the layout.

No. 923245

It's been discussed many times, yes many of us are sticking around because we like the general discussion threads and that it's anonymous and scrote-free.

No. 923250

every time people try to replicate this website’s appearance it just gets fuglier and fuglier like crystal.cafe’s hideous dotcom bubble aesthetic it hurts my eyes to look at

No. 923251

File: 1632600238826.jpg (153.26 KB, 642x1039, tumblr_pk094hc6Bd1ri9igf_1280.…)

I actually thought Shayna was quite cute for the most part especially when she was slimmer and she had a nice body as much as anons nitpicked lol. Her styling is just God awful and she doesn't bother to flatter herself

No. 923258

File: 1632600618454.png (3.26 MB, 750x1334, 5B79A307-AFBB-423F-8BEF-C4043A…)

are you blind

No. 923264

File: 1632600894238.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1091, A6CD95FD-0570-47AB-A1A5-2DE19C…)

If you like rodent inbreds then yeah she’s “attractive”. Kek just because Shayna has a acne covered vagina and is a women doesn’t mean you should simp for her. Women are pretty, yes. Just not Shayna. I wouldn’t even consider Shayna a women because she’s internally a misogynistic scrote who encourages the sexualization and rape of women

No. 923269

But that photo is clearly edited.

No. 923272

>she’s internally a misogynistic scrote who encourages the sexualization and rape of women

Vendetta-chan please show any evidence of this or you’re pulling shit out of your ass. She isn’t the reason why men are deadbrained coomers, hold the scrotes accountable for their abysmal standards and values. She will always be a woman, an imperfect one at that, keep seething.

No. 923283

>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
What does this even mean?

No. 923293

Are you really asking how shayna, a woman who attacked a sex trafficking victim on Twitter for being anti-porn, encourages misogyny and sexual violence toward women? Uhhh okay.

No. 923299

holy shit it's just an opinion on her appearance please calm down

No. 923387

Victim blaming is okay and understandable sometimes. I'm not talking about falling prey to manipulative and two-faced people, but the people who go after just obviously trash, shitty ass people from the get-go. I can't find any patience or empathy for them when they keep putting their hand on the hot stove knowing full well that it will burn them. It's just stupidity. They have to learn their lesson at some point.

No. 923393

File: 1632608620644.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1627150603021.png)

Now that the old admin is kill, can we remove this?
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.

No. 923404

Everything slightly deviating from the "norm" will now get you diagnosed with some shit.
What the fuck is the "norm" when there are 8 billion people on the planet you fucking Borg?
Don't daydream too much, that's a disorder. Don't be hyperaware when looking in the mirror, that's a disorder called depersonalisation, photoshoping yourself into an alien and having tons of plastic surgery is ok though. Wanna dress this way? You're trans. Can't focus? Adhd, you weirdo, take these pills. NEET? Seek help you outcast, must be depression.
And on and on and on.
This normalizing this and pathologising that madness cannot last. There's too many of us for it to work.

No. 923409

Wait did she get replaced already?

No. 923420

Mexa admin? Nooooo she is gone and i never got to talk with her and im also a taquito mexicano :(

No. 923422

She was a shit anyway, rejoice!

No. 923429

I swear some of you are schizo or can’t read with your ESL-ass, she hasn’t been replaced yet and there has been no recent news of the replacement and neither did anon say she got replaced yet.

No. 923433

Anon said "old admin is kill" which isn't even a real sentence and could mean several things so I asked her to elaborate. But yeah, I'm the esl schizo.

No. 923435

Fill out
And under
>What would you like to discuss at the townhall?
state "remove ban on gender crit discussion on /ot/" or something
And then actually show up and talk about it

No. 923439

p.s. I'll be there to disagree

No. 923459

I wish all people grew under communism for the sole reason of being unsoiled by religion.
We're the only true atheists. Everyone else is just an anti-theist rebelling, which is not nearly the same thing.
And it shows. Both the theists and anti-theists have this unnecessary shit clouding their thoughts and emotions, whether they lean into it or try to disperse it, it's still there.

No. 923493

One could argue that communism is just another substitute for religion. In some communist countries they have to idolize their leaders like you would a god, like in NK where they're supposed to believe that Kim Jong-Un doesn't poop or whatever.

I agree though that only some people are truly atheists, most "atheists" aren't.

No. 923495

anything that differentiates between good and bad is religion

No. 923503

Isn't Sweden one of the worlds most secular countries yet they operate under a capitalist model? Not to mention like other anon said, they still idolize and borderline worship their leaders. In every classroom in the soviet union there would be a photo of Lenin front and center. I do agree that the majority of atheists are just anti-theists.

No. 923512

Communism replaces one kind of religion with another. Look up "Lysenkoism".

No. 923519

I hate Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition solely for his whole "I LIKE COCK" tantrum he had with his dad in front of the Inquisitor. That was shit-tier writing. The world's ending, I don't need some pissy, walking "gay best friend" trope with dad issues in my inquisition. Come to think of it, a lot of those characters were poorly-written.

No. 923531

I honestly don't understand why him and his dad made such a big deal out of it. It's not like most noble marriages are for love, and I'm sure tevinter has tons of magical solutions to conceiving without sex, la magic turkey baster. He won't even have to raise his kids. Bro seriously left noble life, cut off his family, abandoned his research job, just because he wanted to keep his bachelor fuck new guy a night lifestyle. I mean atleast they got the depraved gay male characterization right.

No. 923532

no that's morality, dunkass

No. 923562

Porn addicts are fun if you want to torture them since most are insufferably insecure and easily triggered. That being said they're good for literally nothing else since most are broke, don't know the brain cells to do physical labor, and say cringey and pretentious stuff in bed and are way out of shape usually. My favorite method is to lead on porn addicted men and before doing a single thing sexual with them I'd break up with them over things they're obviously insecure about or just show attention to other men who have the things they don't. Porn addicts are completely braindead with zero relationship etiquette so it's always fun to wait for them to say something mind numbingly cringey like sperging about their rape fetish or nitpicking women's bodies to you and scrrenshotting it and dumping it all out when you send them to everyone he knows

No. 923607

File: 1632643468527.jpg (207.22 KB, 1200x896, EXR3HcsXYAEIEbc.jpg)

I like how many VNs mention Schrodinger's cat, I think it's funny.

No. 923643

God, what fucking ugly-ass art.

No. 923669

They've started to perceive their penis as inadequately small from the non-stop cooming to hung men. Ask him for a dick pic and when received, innocently ask "why doesn't it look like?" and send him a monster porn cock. Suggest he seek help from a doctor.

No. 923713

Go back to 4chin

No. 923736

Ayrt. It's 100% true that they worship their leaders. In my country there was a cult of personality surrounding Tito (I really really despised that cultishness). But at least those leaders die, unlike the idea of God which is proving really hard to kill.

No. 923801

I hate when "woke" zoomers see culture and (non-catholic) religions as a good excuse to let people rape, kill, enslave, humiliate and even cannibalize people, women and children especially. No, muh religion doesn't excuse men subjugating women and it shouldn't be respected. Slavery isn't part of your culture and it shouldn't be "left alone". Indigenous tribes where cannibalism, pedophilia and rape are common practices aren't any better than the evil white men and women. "But it's their culture! It's just a different way to do things!" I don't give a shit.

No. 923806

LOL true. Shit, I forgot about all that, thank you for reminding me, anon.

No. 923852

I think it should be handled with more nuance, condemning a civilization as backward savages is wrong but glorifying them and viewing them as more "moral" then western civilizations is just fucking dumb
take the case of the Aztec Empire, the indigenous populations of the Americas despised and feared them, not just cause of the human sacrifice but cause of the extensive slavery the Aztecs practiced, their civilization functioned solely on the demand and procurement of new slaves, when the Spanish came the indigenous population viewed them as liberators and readily collaborated with them
another example from the Americas would be the Comanche tribe who were the biggest slave raiders in the americas, capturing women and children from other tribes, it got so bad that other tribes sided with the white settlers rather then dealing with the slave raids

conflicts and peoples are complicated, its not an issue vs them, sometimes who seems like the least worse oppressor at a given time

No. 923857

File: 1632671424698.jpeg (165.34 KB, 1242x1513, 3DB716D7-0F6A-4C37-AC67-84A219…)

It’s cute.

No. 923876

This isn't true. The Aztecs were conquerors who were really outsiders to the region. There were definitely different classes, lower to upper class elites. The aztecs didn't even remove the leaders of every city they raided, they gave them the option to submit or they would kill the leader and install a new one.
Anyway, if you actually knew about the history of the Aztec empire, you would know what they didn't call themselves that, that they were compromised of 3 alliances between cities, and that they didn't have slaves.
The aztecs did practice human sacrifice, but this was a recent development along with the desire to expand after a war with a neighboring tribe that resulted in changed in leadership. Human sacrifice was done because they believed that it was required to keep the world running.

No. 923893

I know the "Aztecs" proper, called themselves the Mexica and I don't think it was the Human sacrifice that made them collaborate with conquistadors, The Aztecs often had ‘Flower Wars’ with neighboring tribes, where battles were meant more to capture slaves for sacrifice than for use as manual labor. Therefore neighboring tribes were all too eager to help Cortez defeat the Aztecs. These tribes had no allegiance to one another and did not look at themselves as a United people.

No. 924000

Squid Game is mediocre and I’m puzzled at its hype and positive reviews

No. 924004

File: 1632677035233.jpeg (140.62 KB, 404x511, C39D5481-FAB2-4CEA-BF6F-D888B5…)

Youthful =/= attractive. I feel like only scripted push this meme that looking like a child means your more attractive. I have a juvenile face but I’m unattractive

No. 924010

Agreed. I looked younger than my age for a long time but it was because I was gawky and hadn't grown into my features at all. I look older but better now.

Also to add to this, the people who think getting ID'd means they look cute or hot are mistaken. When I worked in a bar, we ID'd anybody that like looked they were still struggling through puberty. Baby fat, pimples, awkward-looking, etc. There isn't a huge difference between a 21 year old and a 27 year old, it was the awkward teen phase we were looking for.

No. 924011

File: 1632677768708.jpg (15.03 KB, 281x270, classic-disney_18411_1.jpg)

I was ugly as fuck as a teen and so were most of my peers, our faces were ridiculously out of proportion and we weren't done growing yet. Most people who claim youthful is always better are pedos and pedo panderers.

They used to make fun of gangly teens in movies, now they're sexualized. I wonder how they'll explain that with muh evopsych.

No. 924017

It should be promoted to not vote if you're an uninformed jackass.

That's why celebrities are used so much in America to promote voting and they basically tell you who to vote for, because the majority of people are stupid as fuck and don't actually understand who they should be voting for and why.

All the media outlets that report the news and have obvious bias are just massive marketing and advertising campaigns.

No. 924021

Idk why but I find myself hating streamers like Vinesauce and Jerma more and more with each passing day. I hadn't checked up on them in a while, but, man… reading their threads on Kiwi Farms just reinforces this hate. People daydreaming about Vinny turning his life around and hoping he'll get married and have a kid, yeah fucking right. No self-respecting woman would want a manchild like him. The cope of these same people saying "Well he always goes for the worst women for him." Isn't that HIS fault, then? Same goes for Jerma. Got what you deserved, mud snails.
Maybe I should go outside more, lol

No. 924027

What makes you think that about Vinny? I like his videos sometimes even though I usually don't watch guys playing video games and I remember that at some point he stopped streaming because he was accused of something, so I'm curious. He seemed kind of like a normal guy who likes video games instead of just a nerd to me. I have no idea who Jerma is though.

No. 924034

I don't actively keep up with his life, but from what I've read, in the past he went through a lot of women, including his best friend's girlfriend. He's been accused multiple times by random people on twitter of grooming or abusing young women. There was a well-documented saga of him with a woman named Cryptidkitten, too. Jerma's just a retard.

No. 924038

voting is a sham anyways, if it really mattered they wouldn’t let us do it.

No. 924040

The megasimping for Vinny after his scandal really turned me off him. Tbh I didn't give much of a shit about the allegations, I've always thought he's probably an asshole but watched anyway because he was funny. But his fanbase going on and on about how much of a ~thriving functional king~ he is when on stream he always sounds like he wants to die is getting annoying

No. 924205

I agree, in my teens I looked awkward asf and kind of ugly. And at 20 I still look pretty young (I sometimes get asked if I want a kid's menu when I go out to eat with my family, tho tbh I'm also petite and small chested which I think contributes) and still not very attractive. Better looking and not as awkward as in my teens, but still not a Stacy.

No. 924255

Actually looking young just comes with condescension and not being taken seriously like an adult, even at work (especially at work). Having babyfat, acne scars, and that weird child face ratio in your features, isn't fun or nice, even with makeup it looks like a kid playing dressup.

No. 924384

Ayrt, yes. Like, whoohoo, you grew a spine and told your audience you're not gonna be their jester on demand. I also like that it took him TEN FUCKING YEARS to figure out that his streaming schedule isn't healthy or reasonable for a normal person. Man… guys waking the fuck up, am I right?

No. 924649

Because it's Korean, blow up by netflix and has hot actors. When it comes to the death game genre Japan has the crown.
Though I didn't think Squid game was bad, I just think it really screwed some of its interesting characters and the last few episodes were poorer than the earlier.

No. 924650

Even good anime is cringe. I like anime a lot, but it's hard to like things that are outwardly cringe. The thing that hits the hardest is how theres always one character who never stops explaining what you just seen play out infront of you. All anime dialogue is like this:

Ohma: punches someone

Yamashita: "OH MY GOD he PUNCHED someone, this guy, this man, he FOUGHT"

No. 924662

I can’t watch anime because of that, either that or they start narrating the inner thoughts of the character, with the upcoming scream that releases the inner strength of the character
>I will punch this guy and then I will do this to do that, to be able to accomplish my sooper ultimate goal AHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHHhHhHhHhHhHhH
I can only watch shit that’s self-aware enough to make fun of their own cringe.

No. 924666

Anime is for the most part objectively bad. It's made by socially starved perverts for socially starved perverts.

No wonder people shit themselves over Madoka Magicka and Angel Beats when it first came out. A hint of actual emotionally compelling story (somewhat) is enough to cause a stir amongst the regular tropes of beach episodes, cringey fanservice, and horrible dialog

No. 924669

kiwifarms is where lolcow users go after they realize lolcow is just twitter lite. i could not be more embarrassed for some people who mention homophobia or think sex work isnt just hooking for scaredy cats

No. 924671

samefag but imagine genuinely getting upset about racebait. its so sad

No. 924676

Yeah who'd think a website full of lesbians would ever mention homophobia

No. 924690

Its control process for common people
Deviate too much from mainstream or general narrative and you are clinically insane

No. 924697

Then leave already.

No. 924700

sex work is fucking disgusting and that isn't a twitter take

No. 924705


Shut up faggot

No. 924740

Steven Universe isn’t that bad of a show, honestly it’s kind of a vibe

No. 924744

Tbh I never understood why that show got so much shit. I tried watching it and it’s pretty cute and nice to have on in the bg. The show has its moments but I don’t think it was really as sjw-y as people were trying to push it as.