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File: 1640047432624.gif (7 MB, 640x478, sad-eating.gif)

No. 1000720

We've been crying and screaming for 100 threads, now! We all deserve some cake and a good, relaxing bath.

Let all the steam out, my nonnies.

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No. 1000723


No. 1000729

Why did it take so long reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1000739

File: 1640048998441.jpeg (46.47 KB, 600x600, 1516998478825.jpeg)

I've spent so much money on Christmas, nonnies. So, so much. I barely even like Christmas and need to save money for a down payment and yet here I am shelling out thousands so my family feels like I care about them.

No. 1000745

My mother is retarded. We own a dishwasher but she is handwashing the dishes while we have guests. I'm sick of her nagging me to do shit she should perfectly be able to do instead of being braindead.

No. 1000747

I do this to get out of having to talk to people

No. 1000762

Not to interrupt your guys' crying session, but I love this thread pic. Good choice for #100!

No. 1000768

File: 1640051445135.jpg (16.77 KB, 411x311, f4183158720b9e628e6c198cf7c0b8…)

Things go downhill so damn fast. It really seems like the higher ups in my country are purposefully stepping on the gas to drive even faster against the incoming wall.
I don't know what's even the point in planning my future anymore, when I have to ditch it every few months with every new incoming hurdle caused by disastrous political decisions.

No. 1000772

File: 1640051839393.jpg (55.08 KB, 392x529, FGyptHUX0AYOZ9v.jpg)

I want to have sex.

No. 1000773

Same. I'm farther back financially than I was 3 years ago despite working hard. I'm not gonna plan for shit because my family already lost everything twice due to war and economic bullshit the last few decades and I just know it's gonna fuck my generation over too.

No. 1000774

wut to do then? focus on instant and near-future gratification? sigh

No. 1000775

Why on earth are you spending thousands on Christmas gifts?

No. 1000787

That includes air travel, I felt compelled to get expensive crap for some family members who I've been neglecting, and a porch pirate nabbed some of my gifts so I had to buy new ones. Yes I am an idiot. This year can't end soon enough

No. 1000789

im all alone, i dont know if anyone can even hear me anymore. im just here by myself, lonely, sad. please can i have a friend.

No. 1000793

I hate my stupid fat moid psychologist, he's ridiculously overpriced and doesn't take anything I say seriously. I'm seeing him for anxiety but anytime I try to talk about my anger issues he just doesn't want to hear it. It's like because he doesn't see me angry he doesn't think it's a problem. And now he's updated his website for clients to choose a ~preferred name and preferred pronoun~ so I'm thinking maybe I should just pretend to have some gender identity crisis just to fuck with him. He doesn't take a single fucking thing I say seriously, I'm losing weight and my hair is falling out from the constant anger and stress but of course this dumb old man takes these contrived social issues more seriously than me. I wonder what he'd say if I said I wanted to cut my tits off, I wonder if he would actually try to deter me or just believe that I know my "identity" best and encourage it, I guess you have to either be a man or a tranny to get taken seriously nowadays. And if I went in there saying I was man that would hold more weight than me saying I am angry all the time. I hope I fucking die from the physical effects of the anger in the mean time so he spends the rest of his sad short life in constant guilt over ignoring me, but he's a man so he probably wouldn't even care. At least then my family could maybe sue the dumb fucker out of every penny he's stolen from mentally ill people just to leave them worse off than before. I fucking hate old Christian men so fucking much

No. 1000832

File: 1640058592340.gif (2.56 MB, 540x304, 1553208877931.gif)

FINALLY got this vita emulator opening properly on my laptop but now when I click start game it fucking crashes. I just want to play a dumb VN with the little free time I have.

No. 1000866

Why the fuck cant my family be normal? I baked dough and made icing so that when I went over to one of my sisters house we would make iced cookies….but no! Even though we called almost 2 hours in advance saying I'd be there her fat ass went back to bed probably because she smoked too much weed again, asked why I didn't call, and that maybe I should just go back home because she didnt feel like being awake or taking a shower. What the fuck???? I had baked, brought over supplies, christmas hats, everything all she had to do was be showered and dressed with her oven on. The place smells like BO and farts. My families god damn retarded. I cant even have some baking memories with photos since I'm broke this year.

No. 1000873

I want to skinwalk Jennie Kim but I'm poor

No. 1000874

And then you grew up

No. 1000879

I mean I'm not being unrealistic, I know I can't gonna leave that for the rich, cat eyed girlies <3

No. 1000881

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1000889

Kill yourself

No. 1000891

but there's people who want to fuck anime guys, they can't be over 18…

No. 1000899

This sounds really fun of you to plan, I wish I had someone to do this with. Your sister sucks for that

No. 1000901

>still doesn't know how to reply
kids these days

No. 1000907

File: 1640066154805.jpg (143.59 KB, 401x523, Jennie_Kim_from_BLACKPINK_PUBG…)

lol why?

No. 1000908

cause she's a nepobaby that gets away with shit, I mean I would love to start off where she did and her life seems comfortable, minus the faggot boyfriends

No. 1000913

File: 1640067106655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.85 KB, 1000x500, 432F817B-1A8D-457F-95EE-BCB2F0…)

The fact that she’s fucking a geriatric scrote whose waxy filler face is melting off while she’s at her peak career-wise is sickening. Literally no woman is safe from giving ugly men a chance.

No. 1000928

made a cringy spergy vent on another thread and was accused of being fake and a troon because it was a wlw topic and i worded it too dramatically

i feel like a dumbass & like there's nowhere left on the internet for me to be an anon dumbass without being reminded that i'm a dumbass lmao just let my delusions run freely. gaslight me in a positive way

No. 1000945

I miss being obsessed with specific stories or characters, I’ve been so bored and sad lately.

No. 1000955

OP pic is spot on how I feel. I have a meeting in an hour, am cramping and I'll have to talk to 5-10 people I have never seen in my life in a foreign language. I just want to curl up and sleep, it's also cold as fuck outside

No. 1000956

If you're the anon who wrote that embarrassing post in the bisexual thread then yeah you're a dumbass

No. 1000964

I hate group projects, no one else is fucking helping me despite me messaging a thousand times in the gc, I made the whole presentation, the poster and now a 10 min long video and no one is fucking helping me.

No. 1000966

has anyone been homeless here before? I cannot hold down a job and I'm about to become homeless due to mental illness.

No. 1000975

i hate everything about this gif, it's really gross, but thank you for the thread

No. 1000987


thank you for your contribution

No. 1000994

I had the pleasure of seeing Sonic fanart with top surgery scars. What the actual fuck. The aidens are really everywhere.

No. 1001039

I really don't get the appeal of her appearance.

No. 1001054

A couple of guys were playing soccer near me today and the ball flew at lightning speed straight into my face when I was reading. Thing is I heard one of them say “oh shit” three seconds before but no one said anything. Little ole miss bobblehead, me.

No. 1001060

I don't think the self-hatred will ever stop, even if I am loved.

No. 1001061

remember to check for signs of concussion nonnie

No. 1001071

My coworker was found dead this morning. I dont even know how i should react i just feel hollow. He was so young and he had just gotten married a month ago to my other coworker. I cant even imagine how she feels. I wish i had gotten the news after my shift was over so i could process this without having to smile at customers. I hate this i want to go home and cry.

No. 1001081

File: 1640092838806.png (254.06 KB, 600x600, aa85b73f7189c35eab4f27a279c52c…)

i had the nicest dream i've had in years. it felt like it took place over the span of a week. i was falling in love with someone. i was fascinated by them in every way. they were kind, funny, attractive, and head over heels for me. we were just about to have our first kiss.

and then i woke up and remembered that i hate dating and i've never been in love before.

No. 1001088

I just read the worst poetry book I've ever heard of. Wow.
How the fuck does this shit get published? It didn't rhyme but it wasn't interesting in any way. It was just some woman being like
'I went shopping today.
Some granny screamed at me and I was scared.
She wanted me to buy an eggplant.
Leave me alone'
And similar stuff. That isn't poetry, it's just saying what you did in a day.
That's it I'm gonna write a book. Can't be worse than this.

No. 1001089

I suffer from a condition which causes me some moments of alogia and a lot of absence seizures and I wish people would stop treating me like a retard. I'm on the verge on desperation constantly since by law I'm disabled and can't do most things, hence why I'm worried about my future, but I am very well aware of my surroundings, can people just be patient instead of treating me like I'm a special kid that shat himself, please, this thing doesn't affect my cognitive skills and neurological capacities, it's just a brain shutdown…..

No. 1001094

It’s weird how dreams can make you feel really in love, as if you’re flying, as if you’re dying. I hope you find love soon, maybe you’re ready for it again and that dream is a sign. I had a dream that an old friend hugged me for ages and said everything will be ok, and then it ended with me stealing a car and hiding bombs in books kek
I really need to know what book this is, I need an extra kek today

No. 1001095

It's Bezhlava Sardinka (Headless Sardine), not translated to English sadly (or fortunately?).

No. 1001096

My phobe plan is running out in January and it makes me sad because my ex was paying for it (he got a new phone, I got free data). Now I have to find a new plan before those vultures find out it's running out and start calling me about it. I don't even use up 5GB in a month but still need it so I can use AR maps when traveling. It's just a retarded extra cost.

No. 1001100

lol anon, your dream sounds like maybe you're at a full stage of "i don't give a fuck" and life will indeed be okay
thank you for the kind message

No. 1001102

File: 1640094526895.jpg (173.56 KB, 736x981, 5e651102d6acabd3ae1648c528acd7…)

Kek I was just thinking the same thing around the same time last night. She is so blessed, but dating GDragon really does humble her

No. 1001103

For now the top of my head hurts, but my memory is good and I’m not dizzy. If I get a concussion out of a soccer ball I’ll never stop laughing at myself.

No. 1001107

File: 1640094958329.png (664.06 KB, 702x534, ExWCl-tXMAEmSBv.png)

I hate being treated like a fucking tard by my coworker. Yesterday she was trying to take over everything about the job I was assigned too and kept saying "oh I can take care of that sweetie" in a really condescending way. One time she was following me around wiping stuff down. The cherry on top is that she made a ton of mistakes that day, so I don't know why she thinks she's qualified to comment on what I do. I'm glad she's not working today because I need time away from her so I don't punch her in her jowls from sheer fucking rage.

No. 1001113

I just found out about the BBC series based on Discworld’s Watch books and even just the screenshots make me so fucking angry, they completely fucked it up. For some reason they made it modern and punk and the female dwarf character is played by a whole ass regular man with shitty earrings (??) and I hate everything. Why mangle a good series like this? Just make something new and original instead of shitting all over the source material to the point that it’s completely unrecognisable. Pratchett hasn’t been dead that long, did his heirs or estate or whatever really sign off on this?

No. 1001116

When I was still into kpop I was so jealous of her lucky ass. All she did was being born into a wealthy family and look conventionally attractive. The rest just came to her naturally cause let's not pretend she has actual talent. I don't like her much but it's sad her child looking self is with a 30 something year old creepy scrote. I guess anything for that socialite lifestyle…

No. 1001118

I'm so fucking annoyed because I got a letter in the mail from my insurance basically saying I owe my doctor $190 because she submitted my blood for a test that isn't considered medically necessary, so my insurance won't cover it. I just went in for my first annual check up in five years, and we just went over my background and she took my blood and submitted it for testing. Admittedly, I don't know what tests she submitted it for. Cholestoral and shit I guess, since we did talk about that. I'm always told "no news is good news" by my doctors, they submit my blood for shit, and that's that. The insurance letter says I may not have to pay if I wasn't told that my blood would be submitted for this test, and I'm going to talk to one of my coworkers who used to work in medical billing before I call the doctor up and say "hey what the fuck why'd you do that?" but UGHH. I'm so fucking peeved. If it was something like $50 I'd begrudgingly pay it but $190? Fuck that, I'm not paying for specific shit I never asked for in the first place.

I went out of my way to find a new doctor and I really like this doctor, but if she's gonna pull sneaky shit like this… ugh. I don't want to be that person who wants to know every little thing that's going to be done out of fear of whether my insurance will cover it or not but I guess I'm going to have to become that person.

No. 1001131

I keep laying in bed longer even when I wake up early because I can’t fucking stand to get up and see my family. But staying in bed is ruining my days I don’t end up having enough time to get anything done

No. 1001132

i had no idea she was dating gdragon wth since when did that start? also her + all of blackpink are below average or average at best. lacking talent and listenable music kek.

No. 1001133

File: 1640097870711.jpeg (16.93 KB, 267x275, 1638426155526.jpeg)

>soul sucking wfh job with almost no human contact during the day
>live alone, currently with parents for the holidays
>1 long distance friend who I only talk to occasionally
>in the closet
>social anxiety
>fat due to binge eating and low activity esp during winter, food comforts me but its a bad cope
>awful confidence due to above
>addicted to a gacha game and imageboards
>struggle doing things that used to make me happy - reading books, video games, drawing

stupid because I know how to fix this stuff. get off the internet, do my hobbies, drink water, eat less, exercise, do social groups/try and make friends, get a new job. I already go to therapy and take antidepressants. But it just seems so futile to make an effort. My anxiety makes me overthink everything. I'm afraid to get a new job and have to start over again with a low salary and meet new coworkers. I feel like I'm just rotting away not improving anything because I'm too afraid to change

No. 1001137

Whatever undiagnosed mental illness i have has gotten so bad i can no longer be what’s considered a “functioning member of society”. I just exist and eat and sleep and work out compulsively, but anything more than that causes me to have panic attacks and self harm. On top of that it’s the holidays and me and my parents and siblings (we’re all adult) are crammed together in a one bedroom apartment. Jesus.

No. 1001138

I hate being a semi-ugly woman omg. I don’t have bad skin and am relatively skinny but just super plain looking facially and don’t have ass, hips or boobs.
It’s fucking stupid because women don’t pursue me, despite my efforts- girls on dating apps just ghost me- and men are so ugly. I just want an averagely attractive CLEAN man so I can play heteronormativity for my parents but all I get are gross cum brains from my high school who only care about me now I’m not a literal child and they can sexualise me. Ignore that they bullied me all through high school because I hit puberty late and have bad anxiety.
I’m starting to think I am just so ugly I am gonna be alone forever. The ugly scrotes who message me are starting 2 make me feel fucking grotesque if this is all I get. Coming to conclusion I may be comphet just because of how fucking hard I find it to be attracted to men and how easily I fall for women, despite longing for the classic man-woman-family dynamic. Men are actually just awful and I’m retarded for wanting a relationship with one.
I wish I could get plastic surgery at the least so people would put more effort to get to know me, my own insecurity definitely holds me back.
TL;DR I am baso a femcel lol

No. 1001140

I'm wishing the best for you nona. Even if you know the solution, it's really hard to start so I don't blame you! When I left my last soul sucking job, I was fucking terrified. What if I had to crawl back there with my tail between my legs because I couldn't make it? What if my next job will be even more soul sucking? It's really scary, and I know I'm extremely lucky that those things didn't happen. I wish the same for you.

I hope that you'll begin to inch your way forward towards the life you want, and one day you'll get to look back and be proud of what you've been able to do for yourself.

No. 1001145

File: 1640098493093.jpg (48.38 KB, 538x538, CILQ6LHAFJC7XAKBMNTJTJJBI4.jpg)

It was revealed in february of this year but apparently have been dating for like a year before that and that everyone at YG knew about it. He was in the filming set of a bp's music video (lovesick girls) and they were seen going to each other's apartments. Creepy, he's been in her life since she was a teen

No. 1001149

yeah i recall that too, definitely makes it creepy. lost all respect for him now. also no one asked and ot but YG sucks as a person, a label, and musically (inconsistent) and anyone who cant see that has horrible taste.

No. 1001162

>When I was still into kpop
Fellow ex-kpop fan nona? What made you leave?

No. 1001165

File: 1640101181075.jpg (49.98 KB, 1600x900, used to have groceries i guess…)

Nonnas I'm crying and shaking and throwing up. I lost my FUCKING GROCERIES on my way from the store. I put my sweet pastries in my bike basket and they fucking FELL OUT somewhere on the way home. I tried going back but I couldn't find them. My croissants…

No. 1001167

I have to secretly save up money to move out and my stomach turns in anxiousness when I think about the day I have to tell my family I’m leaving. I’m going to feel so fucking guilty and they will definitely make sure I do. I know I’m not doing anything wrong so why can’t I stop feeling guilty? My sick mom will struggle when a convenient cook and cleaner isn’t around but there are two other adults living with you why do you need me??? Why didn’t you train them the way you trained me? How have you all managed to fuck my brain up so much that I literally can’t shake the dread and guilt of moving out even when I’m self aware that I’m doing nothing wrong?? I feel so sick every day worrying about this and a part of me is afraid I’ll cave in. I’m weak and pathetic so its not unrealistic. Being in this house has mentally and socially stunted me so much. And why is everything so expensive god

No. 1001174

File: 1640102178350.png (478.45 KB, 640x853, 1602181757946.png)

that's happened to me at least twice

No. 1001176

Nona don't be sad just think of all the lucky birds that will feast on your croissants today

No. 1001180

Where do I even start….I got into it for the memes tbh I was 18/19 and was mentally at my lowest and kpop was super inviting. But I grew older and at the same time I was getting deep into radical feminism and I just saw kpop from a completely different perspective. It didn't help that around time a lot of kpop scrotes were exposed for sexual assault and shit. Plus I realized how it affected my body image. I was finding about new "flaws" every week or so.

Those things aside I just ended up seeing how fabricated and controlled the industry is. Everything is a cheap, late copy of American music.
I really recommend every young woman to stop supporting that exploitative, harmful industry filled with racist, abusive, misogynistic idols and companies.

Sorry for all that sperging but what about yourself?

No. 1001184

Anon, I want you to know that you're 100% doing the right thing. You only feel weak and pathetic because that's what they trained you to believe of yourself. These thoughts belong to them, not you. When you're finally independent, you're going to spread your wings and finally see what you're really capable of

No. 1001198

File: 1640104013903.png (200.69 KB, 400x218, F03B2DB6-7DA6-47E6-B5B2-3FA091…)

Ever since I moved back home I’m beginning to resent my mom and actually acknowledge how traumatic my childhood was. She really left my sister and I to fend for ourselves for years and treated us like her personal therapists while enabling our abusive alcoholic father.

No. 1001202

One of my closest friends is planning on killing herself tomorrow. I don't know what the fuck to do or how to feel rn.
Knowing her, she'll probably go through with it, especially as she's pretty mentally ill but has never threatened suicide or anything before. If this on its own isn't edgy enough, she's partly doing it because she's not over her scrote ex.

I've been screaming at her as politely as possible, saying that dying over a scrote is the stupidest fucking thing but she doesn't want to hear it.
Of course, she's pretty young and this was her first serious relationship, but that's not an excuse to be this retarded.

No. 1001217

>I got into it for the memes tbh I was 18/19 and was mentally at my lowest and kpop was super inviting.
It was the same for me. I was really lonely and got sucked into kpop even though I didn't genuinely enjoy it and always made me feel a bit icky.

>But I grew older and at the same time I was getting deep into radical feminism and I just saw kpop from a completely different perspective. Those things aside I just ended up seeing how fabricated and controlled the industry is. Everything is a cheap, late copy of American music.

Same. Over time all the "bad" aspects of kpop (all of it really) became too much for me ignore and I couldn't find the fun in it anymore. I also got tired of extremely lame and repetitive it is. It really is just a cheap formulaic copy. Not to mention how all the idols look the same due to ps

>I really recommend every young woman to stop supporting that exploitative, harmful industry filled with racist, abusive, misogynistic idols and companies.


No. 1001219

I'm paralyzed by the difficulty of the study work I have to do god I don't know what to do

No. 1001220

Do you guys still listen to it at all or have you gone completely cold turkey? Do you tell people you used to like kpop? I’m asking as someone who moved on and then went back kek all because I stuck listening to some artists but only musically if that makes sense. Didn’t engage in content outside of songs in that period, it was probably a mistake looking back.

No. 1001221

Hope they have their shit together for retirement; if not you're REALLY in for it. Plan your escape nona, there's nothing but despair in a house with drunk, aging parents.

No. 1001224

Are you at home? It might not work for you but when I’m at home I’m literally incapable of doing anything and it fucked up my previous grades but recently I learnt to go to the library or a cafe and I transform into a different person cos I’m SOMEHOW studying for several hours straight. Sorry if you already tried this anon, I know how you feel right now.

No. 1001233

I hate that selfie pic of a man in a goofy cosplay, I swear it was used for the blue whale game or some other creepy pasta? I honestly feel so uncomfortable and scared looking at it. It is really scary

No. 1001237

Same. It's so unnerving and makes me feel creeped out. There's another image someone posted here once, it's just a white-ish face and the eyes are opened up really wide with maybe the slightest grin and it had a specific name that was kinda like gibberish-y. It was just really freaky to look at. I just hate images like those in general.

No. 1001259

I wish my favourite youtuber had a PO box, I would give anything to knit her a scarf to add to her collection, or like a pair of slippers with "TERF" embroidered across the tops or something. I think it's because I miss having real friends. I haven't spoken to someone who wasn't family in about 6 years now and I miss doing art with people. My last friend treated me like absolute garbage, but I miss learning new art with her. Now she's shit out three unruly children and hasn't touched art in a decade so she's been quite miserable. I just wish I could meet a girl and be like "Have you ever heard of candlewicking? Want to learn? I have all the supplies and a few books from the 1950s" and have her be like "That sounds really nice." How is that so difficult? I'm hoping when the art scene opens again in my city that I'll go and sell some of the clothing I've made and maybe scope out some potential friends. Feels so far away, though. But I am itching to join a maker's circle.

No. 1001260

Same. I have no idea how people get over it

No. 1001266

Aw man I desperately wish I was your friend

No. 1001272

Thinking bad thoughts about my ex. They made me feel like I had to earn their attention. I wasn’t allowed to be sexual cuz it made them uncomfortable. Any time I tried to engage them in infancy they brushed me off. Asked if they still loved me. I regret it. They said no. Fast forward to July they get into a new relationship. They are so public about it while they hid me away the last two years referring to me not as their gf but as “someone”. As in “someone bought me a copy of animal crossing” “someone spotted me money” still I kept my chin up and tried my best. Still they made me felt dejected and ignored. They’re so public about their new partner. Their partner says stupid sex stuff and they reply to it!!! Why are they allowed to do that but I wasn’t ??? I tried to figure out what I was lacking so I wanted to check their profile and I find their new partner has me blocked?? I never even engaged with this woman and they have me blocked on social media. What was so bad about me? Sure I had my off days but I poured so much love and effort into this relationship, I tried to better myself FOR THEM only to just be tossed aside like a cum laden tissue like I’m nothing. I hate myself because i allowed myself to be in such a shitty place and i hate them and want them back at the same time. I hate myself and I wish I could just die. Lol. I never want to have my heart broken like this again. I just wanna know what’s wrong with me that everyone fucks off and hates me

No. 1001275

Anon I feel so sad for you, but I must ask why do you keep referring to them as 'they' are they a female or male?

No. 1001276

you sound utterly delightful and i'm sure loads of people would love to be your friend, anon. have you tried the friendfinder thread here? it's a little hit or miss but you could strike gold!

No. 1001279

My bf called out "Anna" during sex and then started saying gibberish afterwards. That's not my name. We don't know anyone called Anna but I can't stop overthinking this now despite being so secure in our relationship.

No. 1001282

That's really strange anon, maybe you should talk to him about it.

No. 1001286

>We don't know

You don't know who he knows. Could be a long gone ex, could be a side chick, could be his 2d waifu.

No. 1001294

the recent lookas scandal made me stop watching the big three for good, literal sa allegation and retarded fangirls shielding him because they want to fuck his plastic ass (he got a life changing nosejob+jaw reshaping) feels like a fever dream, some are only feminists unless it's about their faves

No. 1001296

do all you can to save her anon, be the hero, because she deserves better than to khs over some idiot, may it all turna ut well and please update us

No. 1001299

Can you contact her family?

No. 1001303

go accompany her or take her out as well, contacting family in this cases can be neccessary too

No. 1001319

Does it matter?

No. 1001330

my joints freeze randomly but frequently and make it basically impossible to move like a normal person sometimes. happens in my legs, arms, and fingers. it's getting even worse now that it's cold.

i've kind of ignored it because i grew up with a "don't go to the doctor unless you're dying" mindset imposed by family but my partner pointed out that it's extremely abnormal and we need to do something about it. but how annoying, where do i even start? i started with a general practitioner just to get any ideas and all he said was "try stretching" which hasn't helped lol

i'm just worried that it's actually nothing and if i try to figure out what it is it'll be a waste. i'm sitting around a lot but i do a lot of housework and work out 3-4x a week, even when i played sports it was this way and as i'm typing my fuckin' ring finger just decided to quit. maybe a neurologist first??? i'm so torn between wanting to ignore it and being scared that this will have horrible effects on me when i'm old

No. 1001332

Didn't mean to offend, I was simply asking.

No. 1001337

> "don't go to the doctor unless you're dying" mindset
that is such a bad mindset anon, it is like how people have symptoms yet don't do anything and then end up having cancer that has now spread that could have been prevented/cured in the beginning. better be safe than sorry anon, follow your gut!

No. 1001338

I’m not offended I just don’t see why the gender of my ex has anything to do with it. It won’t change the fact they treated me like shit when I did everything for them.

No. 1001352

File: 1640112581283.jpg (261.16 KB, 1280x1372, Anna_frozen.jpg)

this whore.

but seriously he probably does know an anna and there's a reason why you don't.

No. 1001353

If you've had this issue for a while and it hasn't gotten worse then there's a good chance that it's nothing terrible, but go to a sports doctor or neurologist. Worst case scenario they won't take you seriously like your GP, best case it'll end up being nothing and you'll have some peace of mind.

No. 1001361

File: 1640113101476.gif (1.22 MB, 245x245, 6A51A18A-C877-476B-B702-266A1E…)

I love watching anons who talk shit about any kind of 2d or 3d moid preference for being ugly while they put up with a boyfriend that screams a different girls during sex KEK we love to see your downfall

No. 1001369

How do you know those are the same anons, though?

No. 1001373

The ayrt didn't say anything about 2d or 3d men.

No. 1001374

i think the anons drooling over pedos, serial killers, and legit incels are the ones with bfs like this tbh

No. 1001376

I hate my father in law. My anxiety right now is as its worst because of him not being not only cautious but extremely careless about me or anyone surrounding him. It’s the first time I’m having holidays since almost a year and of course he decided to go to this stupid manifestation surrounded with people who are completely convinced they can’t get never get sick just because. He also appeared on the first page of our local newspaper so I had to face my coworkers, close friends and even people who’s not so close to me looking at me with sadness because I know I seem pathetic.
I wish I left years ago, when his level of craziness what somehow much better than all this shit. He will always find his truth in his argument because of course he only reads news which benefit his point of view, other opinions or proofs are orchestrated and manipulated (according to him).
And now I’m making myself worried sick because I feel trapped in this misery for loving her daughter like no one else. I even have to keep secrets because if he discovers the truth, he will surely kick her out.
I used to love him but I can’t stand his passive aggressive comments and blank stares when I’m near him because he knows I don’t think like he does, I will never do. Three days of silence and here I am, crying because I wonder how we got to this point. How someone who defends so much freedom of opinions and ideals be so fucking hypocrite, turning his back on people like me who don’t share the same ideals. I understand that everyone has the right to have an opinion, even when I don’t share it, even when I don’t understand it, I would never, ever, go silent with someone just to torture them and try to make them feel guilty about not thinking like me.

No. 1001389

Someone tested positive in my office. On the bright side, my office is very small with very few people, and my department is in its own seperate room with only myself and one other person so we are generally not in contact with most of the office. The downside is I found out who tested positive and out of everyone in the office, it was one of the few people I actually interact with. I wasn't asked by her to go get tested and I happened to be working from home last week when she was in the office (and she tested positive yesterday when she was not in), but she did ask two other coworkers to go get tested and I usually eat lunch with those two people too… now I'm worried if I should go get tested in case those two are asymptomatic but of course all of the testing centers in my city are crazy packed.

My boss is allowing me to work from home and I'm really just scared for my parents, but at the end of the day I think working from home would be a futile attempt to mitigate covid exposure for my parents considering how they both work in restaurants and therefore are at an even greater risk than I could ever pose to them.

Also this is just me being petty but I'm sad because I wanted to wear my Christmas sweater to work to show my coworkers and give them their gifts (homemade jam) but now I don't think I'll be able to since I want to work from home…

No. 1001394

> give them their gifts (homemade jam)
um anon, that is the sweetest thing I have read today. I am very sorry for your troubles. you sound like such a kind coworker and person in general.

No. 1001395

Oh yeah that was crazy. The fangirls are another big reason why I left kpop behind, the way they cape for those guys is revolting. Even the casual fans switch up when the discussion involves their "faves"; excusing everything and treating them like naive children when they are grown-ass, plastic-faced, and predetory celebricow men.

What even happended with that guy? Is he still active?

No. 1001398

It's really cute you wanted to be festive I'm low-key dying over here. I'd get tested if I was you, even though I'm sure the lines for testing are crazy since it's holiday season. Stay safe

No. 1001401

She's not much of a looker herself but still better than him

No. 1001408

Maybe you could get one of those at home tests if they're sold in your country? They're cheap and it could ease your mind

No. 1001420

File: 1640116383455.jpg (121.15 KB, 1024x984, 170d51ac2b47ea4e5327002e8740a3…)

Aww, thanks nona! Jam is thankfully very easy to make heh.

Thanks! Stay safe too! I'm going to head to a testing center near my home on my way back today. I'm hoping the lines in my neighborhood won't be as crazy. I work in the city center so I'm not surprised that the lines are crazy and mobile testing sites are actually running out of tests here.

I think some of the pharmacies here have them! Hopefully not out of stock! It'll be a good idea to get some anyway, especially for my parents to test frequently.

I know I'm worrying myself sick over here over something I wouldn't be able to do much about anyway. Thankfully everyone in my family is vaccinated and just got their boosters (except me who was waiting because I'm too busy right now to get sick from the booster kek) but I can't help but be fearful anyway.

No. 1001423

I've pretty much gone cold-turkey. The music was never really that good to me anyway. Occasionally I'll see a video in the trending section or whatever and I'll skip through it to cringe but thats about it.

No. 1001429

fucking point out when she messes up that's the only way

No. 1001433

2nd day at job I really hate it

No. 1001446

I'm mad that because my grandma died my mom decided we are going to let my estranged WIFE AND CHILD BEATING UNCLE back into Christmas because "he doesn't have anybody". His son/my cousin doesn't talk to him because he was sick of being abused and shit on, and he isn't coming to Christmas, and my younger cousin is trapped because she is a minor. We lost contact with shitty uncle because he wouldn't stop beating his wife and she'd cry to my family for help (like when he cut up all her clothes, stole her meds, wrote on her face in sharpie, gave her a black eye, etc) and we were sick of being in the middle. She sent a selfie of her black eye to my mom and aunt and they called him and were telling him to stop, so he cut US off in 2012. But now he's playing Mr. Happy Guy because grandma is dead. Grandma who always refused to take sides on this(stand up to abuse) because having a son gives you brain damage, I think. My mom and I were just on the phone about it and she was like, "Why do you care, it's not like he beat me?" and "It was so long ago" and "I didn't apologize to him, either". I get it she felt guilty over the estrangement but she is just pretending it never happened and playing buddy buddy with him and it makes me really uncomfortable because she vented to me about all of this for years and now she did a 180. They are all packing up my grandma's house and shit and just trauma-bonding now so none of us are allowed to have any feelings about him.I honestly don't think I will attend Christmas. My mom chooses her abusive druggie brother over her only daughter. Enjoy, I guess. She's like, I don't want to alienate you from Christmas and I'm like, well it's too late. We'll pop in and then leave early, enjoy your shitty brother

No. 1001451

I'd be scared to leave her alone with him. If it's just her, his wife and minor daughter there's no one to stop him when he chimps out. I'm sorry your mom is stressing you out for the holidays but I'm sure she's just grieving from losing her mom and wants family around her. Idk what to even say here, just hoping everyone in your family stays safe.

No. 1001466

Honestly I wouldn't attend at all. Invite your cousins and have your own Christmas celebration. Your christmas won't be ruined by seeing him, it's a stronger statment and if you attend you might get roped into staying longer than you want to.

>Grandma who always refused to take sides on this(stand up to abuse) because having a son gives you brain damage

Relatable, my partner's grandma is the same, completely unable to acknowledge the shitty things her son does.

No. 1001487

I let the meds give me a fake sense of confidence, and I totally forgot I'm a suicidal idiot who was this close of being taken into a psych ward.
I'm feeling like shit, I can't stop the feeling that I will need them for the rest of my life to be remotely functional, and that it will make a huge dent into my monthly budget.
At this point I'm just considering the costs of a casket and burial VS the costs of the meds+therapy.

No. 1001489

Meds are supposed to be temporary unless you're schizophrenic or something. You're only supposed to take them till ur mental crisis is over, then the therapy helps you cope better. Keep your head up nonnie

No. 1001495

File: 1640124054422.jpg (45.71 KB, 296x320, 1601323581570.jpg)

Woah. I realized a long time ago that my biggest problem in life is that I feel utterly empty which is why I spend most of my time browsing the internet instead of doing more productive hobbies that I (hypothetically) enjoy. But I didn't know until now exactly why I feel empty and it's because when I was a kid I learned to have my whole life revolve around worrying about my family's happiness. My mom and brother fought a lot and I was always trying to make them stop yelling at each other, thinking it was my fault, I would do my brothers chores for him so he and my mom wouldn't fight over it, if I heard them start to raise their voices I would drop everything to go sit in the room with them and beg them to stop, pretty soon I would spend all my free time worrying over if they were fighting, my life revolved around it and I was only maybe 13 years old. It became a habit when my brother got into drugs I'd worry about his life like it was my own problem, I didn't worry about my own life at all, in my 20s I never worked on school or a career because my life was working a dead end job then going home to my family and being too depressed to do anything because I was worried about everyone. I never helped anything by worrying so much, they didn't give a shit or even know, when I moved out on my own I knew how to take care of myself but was devoid of the drive to do so without anyone else to care about. I literally don't know how to live my life for myself and that's why even when I got out of a bad situation I was left empty inside. I want to be a selfish person but it's like I never developed a concept of self or purpose without being codependent on someone who makes me fucking miserable. God I'm pathetic

No. 1001498

It’s late and I have two quizzes tomorrow but I’m sad, so sad that I can’t get out of bed. I need someone to hit me with a brick and tell me I need to study right now.

No. 1001499

File: 1640124284390.jpg (29.03 KB, 499x417, upload_2020-3-26_11-25-12.jpg)

Come here let me give you a hug that post made me sad for you. Do you still feel on edge even though you're not at home anymore? It will get better everyday, start small. It's ok to like browsing here but maybe branch out more and dip your toes into a hobby again

No. 1001504

Hi sad anon, I care and am here to listen if you need a friend. Leaving unsaged so she sees.
You need to study right now. Go on, off with you.

No. 1001506

Samefag, also care about study anon being sad but she asked to be told to study so that's what she gets. Hope you feel better soon studyanon.

No. 1001507

I feel you nony. I spend most of my childhood thinking about what I was doing wrong to "deserve" to be abused by my parents. Surprisingly living alone and meeting people who care about me as been very difficult, I'm finally realizing how much my parents hated me and it hurts so bad. I have seen two therapists this year and it never helped. They never understand why I'm still hurting. I feel like something inside of me is constantly and painfully crying. It never leaves me. I hate it so much.

No. 1001509

File: 1640125916505.gif (15.66 KB, 141x100, tumblr_ne295zxVcT1tlsxv1o1_250…)

I don't know what I feel, I have extreme depression and anxiety, often after talking to my mom on the phone I'll obsess over innocuous things she said and decide that something must be horribly wrong at home and she's just not telling me. But when I lived at home and she'd vent to me about my brother I'd get annoyed at her because I made it clear without saying so explicitly that I didn't want to hear about it. So I know I'm being irrational and my mood is swinging all over the place. I'm definitely uncomfortable around people who show any negative emotion and it might be part of the reason why I have such a hard time connecting with people. I guess the reason why I came to this conclusion is that before I came home for christmas I was feeling really burnt out and empty and I had this notion that I would go to my parents and be happy and have a great time, which I knew is historically not how it goes when I'm at my parents lol, but now I'm home in my old room and I'm back on my shit, when I hear my parents talking through the walls I go to the hallway to eavesdrop on them to make sure nothing is wrong and I've spend the last few days here doing nothing but browsing lolcow and watching youtube.
I think living for myself is less about action and more about finding something within myself, which sucks because it's so hard to change your mindset when it's basically been bred into you since childhood, but I've been doing everything right with my depression for years by dragging myself out of bed every day and working on my projects but I always slip back into my empty lifestyle eventually. I try to have hope that I can change but I think it's gonna be a long process
Sorry about the text wall nonnie, thanks for caring (this is the only hugging .gif I could find on my computer kek)

No. 1001519

I’ve found my mom’s bf creepy since I was 16, less so than my little sister, but considering the amount of home invasions recently, random crime, and my mother being down a lot, I think I should be nice to him, even if I’m not comfy. Lesser of two evils, darn.

No. 1001526

my mom is so fucken annoying. every fucken day when i get home from work "did you do overtime? how come you're home late. what were you doing" or "how come you're home early? they let you out early? how are you going to get all your hours" like BITCH. SHUT THE FUCK UP. i don't arrive home at the same exact time every fucken day.

No. 1001529

Being ungrateful is a huge pet peeve of mine.
I’ve been buying makeup for a friend and she can’t even be assed to say “thank you.”
I don’t get it.

No. 1001531

File: 1640129076342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.12 KB, 933x933, tenor.jpeg)

Can't stop seeking instant gratification by switching different imageboard threads constantly instead of getting on with one of my hobbies

No. 1001537

File: 1640129633361.png (105.57 KB, 259x275, 1636747161826.png)

My mom obviously get so stressed and frustrated while we're visiting our family and sometimes she lashes out on me. I'm trying my best to not let this get to me, but this is day 1 of 20 so I don't know how much longer I can take it.

No. 1001539

I thought I was over my crush but looking at her profile again gave me those familiar intense feelings of longing, for friendship and for something more. Why do I have to like someone who doesn't even know I exist? My heart is aching now, I hope I calm down soon because I can't stand this sickening feeling.

No. 1001541

The people sperging about bpd in Jill’s thread are fucking annoying. Ok I get it, someone with bpd hurt you, but you are sounding unhinged.

No. 1001552

File: 1640131745353.jpg (45.67 KB, 605x579, 26d3ff504196f35129464e9d7a880f…)

Idk what this talk about a hot job market is. Maybe if you want to make hardly any more than welfare. Meanwhile my former uni is sending me mail asking for donations. I'm gonna piss on some monopoly money and send it back to them.

No. 1001582

Lol I just came to bitch about someone with bpd who hurt me

No. 1001598

Found them and eating them right there, nice pastry taste anon thanks for the free meal!

No. 1001607

File: 1640138206120.png (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1440x1080, Episode 10_ _Magma Diver_00001…)

I'm almost halfway through Eva and it legitimately can't have a female character on the screen without forcing a coombait scene. Even in casual random conversations. Even when Misato was having a really cool moment in one of the episodes there just had to be a scene afterwards of her changing in her underwear. It's so fucking tiresome because outside of that I'm really enjoying the show, but when it's shoved in your face that we're only seen as nothing but a fuckmeat display-show it kills the mood. Like a constant reminder. It's so unnecessary.

No. 1001622

I don't think you sound pretentious anon this is exactly what I was going to reply with

No. 1001652

I also had this interpretation while watching the show but I understand how it can be off-putting, as well.

No. 1001654

I might be a relative newfag (been browsing since 2017) and all but even I know this place has changed. It just makes me really sad being here now and idk why I just never really felt like there is a genuine community and I never felt like I belonged. I get it’s an imageboard but those are just my true feelings

No. 1001657

I don't think browsing for 5 out of the 8 years this site has existed would make you a relative newfag at all.

No. 1001666

How has it changed anon? Do tell, I am curious

No. 1001667

I partially agree with you. There are however sexualised scenes Shinji isn't privy to (i.e. the first shot of Ritsulo, I didn't mind it personally, but someone else – maybe the same anon – did). I think that the show would be better without overt fanservice, or with it toned down enough just to present Shinji's perspective. Anno absolutely has shown his hand with the Rebuilds. He absolutely doesn't mind sexualising underage girls. Since OP didn't watch 4.0, she hhasn't even seen disgusting contorted positions yet lol. In the defence of the original Eva, at least most of the fanservice scenes reveal a lot about the characters and relationship about them (the Rei scene being an early example, but the Asuka "termal expansion" scene may be an even better one, Misato's inappropriate behavior foreshadowing the kiss, I guess I'm thankful that the scene you mentioned is shockingly tactful despite his antiquated views on women, Kaji seems like a better person than Anno for seeing Asuka only as a child LOL. I see that the fanservice scenes aren't there just to titillate, but that is also their purpose… and that's kind of a problem. Because I feel like a retard explaining that scenes sexualising 14 year old girls have merit and are actually super deep. It's a decision on the show creators's side, since they could have chosen a different way to show the important information to the viewer (including Shinji's raging hormones), but they didn't.
I still love NGE and think it's worth sticking around until the end, for the final arc and EoE. I do not blame OP if she doesn't want to, though.

No. 1001671


Not OP but I definitely noticed that at least a few boards used to be for serious advice, and they all have turned into a "No one cares", "Why do you care", and meme gif response brick wall. Feels like moid chan vibes. The place is probably crawling with males and literal minors

No. 1001672

lol I just noticed anon using the thermal expansion scene screenshot so I want to elaborate. In the scene, Shinji is focusing on studying, I believe his sight wonders to Rei (I may be misremembering this part). Asuka being Asuka and romantically interested in Shinji, cannot stand that. She makes a retarded attempt at flirting and sexualises herself, thinking that Shinji will follow through with giving her (sexual/romantic) attention. He doesn't though, and Asuka gets annoyed at him "not being a man enough", like Kaji – her role model of masculinity. If I remember correctly, the scene ends with Shinji continuing to study while Asuka screams off-scream that she did a flip while jumping into the swimming pool. That's a cherry on top: she's so fucking attention starved (especially from Shinji) that she tries to get it in any way
possible. If flirting won't work, maybe this will? I doubt she is pulling some great plan there, it's just how she behaves. She cannot just fucking chill. That's who she is
I will not deny that all of that could have been shown better, even though the cap in OP's post shows Shinji's discomfort with Asuka's close presence due to how awkward he is with girls and his sexual feelings.

No. 1001673

Ah, I see, probably minors or twitterfags. I am an oldfag and I always try to give advice if I can

No. 1001701

I agree and I used to be a big fan of Eva, bought all the volumes and all too just to have some sort of 'merch' even though it cost shittons to deliver it to my 3rd world place. Anyways, I know all the explainations and excuses of that it's Shinji's point of view and stuff and I'm tired of the excuses. In ttgl, the same explainations were used. And we should just accept it? Oh, this show was made from a boy's perspective so you'll have to see female characters get treated as nothing but sexy shots one after the other since there is no other way we can show this and sexualizing woman is important, deep, artistic. Always. There will always be an explaination. I don't like it and I don't want to see it. It doesn't make your cartoon any deeper. It just makes me go, "ah, this is how i'm seen." Tired, trite, boring, fake-deep. I agree with you. Also, the fact that it was made by a depressed Japanese scrote? Yeah, I'm not buying it was just to bring the story home and illustrate Shinji's teen hormonal brain. Not for the audience of course, never.

No. 1001716

File: 1640152824029.jpg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1631739902095.jpg)

I made a burner tinder account cuz I'm horny to see what kind of guys are near my area but now I'm seeing so many good looking cute moids please help I didn't mean for it to be this way

No. 1001717

Don't care. It's not for me, I guess. I am not interested in watching from a young male teen's perspective, I've seen it a million times already and I am tired. Not that fun for me.

No. 1001718

File: 1640153180135.jpeg (374.64 KB, 1079x1077, 1636443599954.jpeg)

nonnas please keep me in your thoughts i put off cleaning my depression apartment until now and i have family coming over tomorrow afternoon its 1am and i've gotten ONE thing done this is gonna be at least 7hrs of cleaning why am i like this

No. 1001722

That isn't how the show is at all. I think you just have poor media literacy. Same with >>1001717. You can't identify or relate to any of the other themes presented? You make it sound like the show is completely vapid and hollow. What did you even like it for? I'm convinced you've barely seen any of it and liked it because it was popular to like. I can't think of any other way to explain your take. Sexuality being present in the show isn't making it "deep", it's a show about growing up and coming to terms with who you are and the responsibilities of adulthood and being alive and handling multiple complex relationships.

No. 1001723

Samefag but to expand on what I mean, these themes don't need to be "deep", it's just life and it's what everyone experiences. No one is trying to impress you by acknowledging attraction and sexuality in young people.

No. 1001724

I literally said I don't care. Why do you want me to see how good it is? Is this Anno? I can just not 'get' a piece of popmedia, who cares.

No. 1001726

nta but eva is the only good anime in existence and if u dont care so much then stop worrying about it

No. 1001730

Nta, but why can't someone just state their opinion on a show without weebs getting pissy about it

No. 1001732

This is how anyone acts about any piece of media they care about, it's two people having a conversation. Someone trying to explain their point of view to you about something they're into isn't a personal attack. OP took their opinion to a public place, if they didn't want replies maybe they should have posted it in the get it off your chest thread where replies are discouraged.

No. 1001736

An vital one, same as with NGE.
They made a documentary on how big of a toll making 4.0 took on him. Don't be fooled, he's a big fat otaku into Strike Witches. He's the mind behind it. Excuses could be made, like not wanting to lose money of sweaty fans, but I'm not really interested in coming up with them. Rebuilds are much, much worse than original series as it has plenty of porny shots that don't add anything to the plot. But what can you expect from something where "Thank you Eva 8+9+10+11+12" is an actual quote.
The hospital scene isn't even the only one. Asuka straight up says "I know all about your jerk-off fantasies of me!" during her instrumentality Shinji call-out.

No. 1001737

Not even a proper convo, I've not insulted any Evafags here yet I'm being told I have poor media literacy, that I probably don't get it, was a fake fan anyways, was only into it because it was popular and whatnot. Like, come on. You can love the show, and I can not love it.

No. 1001741

I will not say whether you do or do not, but some people objectively lack media literacy and it's fucking tragic. Discussion with a brick wall, and I'm not talking about the issue of liking something or disliking. Ironically enough, it often happens with weebs.

No. 1001752

i completely embarrassed myself in front of a girl i like and i don't know how i'll ever recover

No. 1001758

I haven't slept longer than 3 hours at a time in days, maybe getting 5 hours spread out a day if I'm lucky. I want to cry, I'm so tired but it's just not happening. Maybe I'll pick up some melatonin or something tomorrow. I want to enjoy Christmas but I have no energy.

No. 1001766

RIP anon, i know that pain and it fucking stings. don't worry too much though.

No. 1001770

>then again, even the series calls this sexualization out – or did you not understand the hospital scene
Nta but I feel this doesn't hold up considering how anno is exactly the same as the people he's trying to "call out". This kind of thing is why I can't get into anime that tries to "critique" stuff cause 90% of the time the author is doing the exact things being criticized, it comes off as hypocritical

No. 1001783

Lmao, weebs are fucking retarded. Please go read a book instead of wanking to something even Anno thinks was a cheap mistake.

No. 1001785

Had to experience americans and asians mansplaining my own culture to me recently
>uhm achually dobrynya nikitich was more often portrayed as a woman, you would know if you read more than the wiki
What the fuck dude

No. 1001796

Everything sucks so much this month and it's all my fault. Got no money, because i have spent it on some useless shit and unnecessary food to feel better. My depression worsened, I'm barely functional right now. I'm so terrified of my future, i never had a job and terrified of getting it, the worst thing is that i can't even speak the language of the country I'm living in (and i lived here for a while, i genuinely try, but it's never sufficient enough). I'm studying in uni remotely, i haven't even been there once, thanks to covid, social anxiety and lack of money to even get there. It should have been a cool new chapter in my life, meet new people and stuff.
But no, I'm miserable, missing out, even when everything could go well.
And, yet, when i fucking try to get some therapy, i can't talk about my problems at all! They all say the same shit, which is, okay, i know i supposed to do that, but it's impossible for me for now. Just go and learn the language, just get friends, just get a job, try mediation and so on as answer to anything i say. I feel way worse than when i was diagnosed, but my retarded brain after a while starts to respond to them as if everything is fine just to avoid another "if you are homeless - just buy a house"-esque advice, and now i shot myself in the foot, since this bitch stopped the meetings and says I'm not depressed anymore. Cool, though everytime i bring up my suicidal thoughts she, either, doesn't understand what i'm saying, or acts as if she doesn't understand.
I can't go to my homeland, since i really want to continue studying here and living there sucks even more.
Ughhghg, wish i could get better at what i do and just find some cool job in english
Or die

No. 1001797

>even Anno thinks was a cheap mistake
That's a stupid argument. Authors aren't always the best judges of their work. First example that came to my mind: Kafka's novels that he wanted destroyed.
>inb4 weeb thinks NGE is equivent to Franz Kafka's novels
>Read books
You can do both, and I'm inclined believe a large part of the NGE fandom does (no, not light novels) due to show's references and inspirations. You can find value in both

No. 1001812

File: 1640170125863.png (769.92 KB, 946x1062, 1764328989080.png)

Nayrt but even Anno himself admits that the symbolism is just there to look cool, he doesn't seem to read much himself kek.

No. 1001813

What’s the quickest and least painful way I could kill myself. I’m over feeling everything. Killing my self is the way way it’s all going to get better. This isn’t bait I’m seriously asking for suggestions.(asking for suicide advice)

No. 1001817

Anno's wife is a better writer than him, though I love seeing fujos and weebs circlejerk over that style over substance anime as if it's somehting deep while Anno makes money on eva themed shaving sets

No. 1001819

Except it’s your own bait. Ask online in front of people if it helps to relieve you but I warn you not to linger for too long as suicidal thoughts are a painful waste of a time to spend your dark days. If you can try to do something else as hard as it may be. Do something alone. Take a break from whatever. Take care anon, merry christmas.

No. 1001820

I'm retarded nonnies, I was going up the stairs too fast and I ended up missing the last step, I stuck my knee out instinctively to protect myself but the fall was so short that I basically just kneed the hardwood floor at full force. There's a small bruise but my whole knee hurts, it's an aching pain that radiates downward. I can't help but wonder if I hurt something deeper in my knee now? I hate this, I have work today god damnn

No. 1001822

Just a heads up, it is illegal under US law and against lolcow rules to aid in someone's suicide.
Anyone who replies with advice will be banned, and may be in legal trouble.

No. 1001823

Moyoco Anno's works are amazing, she really is talented

No. 1001824

It’s a retarded question to answer anyways. People already know how to painlessly kill themselves but they just wanna vent.

No. 1001826

They can vent as much as they like. But asking for other people to be involved is goading people into criminal acts. Dragging people down with them. It's very sinister.

No. 1001828

I'm on my end wits nonas, this year had treated my like dogshit and now my New Year plans are ruined because stupid family drama.

No. 1001839

File: 1640173654152.jpg (75.58 KB, 365x624, THGNRLZPPD1970.jpg)

I am confused to what part of my my statement are you replying to – Anno deriding his work or NGE fans potentially reading books? I will reply assuming both, since IDK.
People either watch NGE for the whole package, the psychological drama and relatable cast of characters or giant robots.
It doesn't matter if the references (to Childhood's End, The Beast That Shouted I At The Heart Of The Universe, The Wind of the Door, Instrumentality of Mankind… and yeah, the Bible of course plus more) are vague. If they were recognized, there is a chance that someone will pick up the book in question. That's something. It is a mistake to assume they are shading a new light on NGE's plot, sure. It's normal to be curious wtf is that thing that Anno liked. Though honestly? Beyond the coomer waifufags, there is plenty of mental and introverted people in the fandom. Exactly the type to pick up Jung, Freud or stuff like No Longer Human. TBH a fandom demographics questionnaire would be interesting, though largely meaningless except the back and forward between us.
Also none of that changes that just cause you enjoy some anime, comics or vidya doesn't mean you cannot appreciate novels or other culture texts.
Wouldn't say she's a better writer since it's apples and oranges, but I love Moyoco Anno's work. Plus maybe I am wrong, but we don't know how much of writing Anno actually did. Most of it, sure, but almost all episodes were written by him and another writer. How much of good and bad is he responsible for? Only seen Shikijitsu, which held up NGE's tone of introversion, mental illness and toxic relationships… so I assume most of what I liked from Anno. Still, Moyoco writes her work alone (with input from an editor? idk) so it's easier to judge her work.
If you dont like NGE, you don't like Anno – that's for sure and that's okay. I don't think he's some genius and really only care about the two mentioned works.

No. 1001842

File: 1640173751729.jpg (27.67 KB, 800x450, url(11).jpg)

No. 1001843

Being alone is the initial problem. No one ever stays with me. Lol.

No. 1001844

I want a Christmas tree but I can't afford one this year. I want a 9 foot balsam realistic tree with cool ornaments that add wintry class and elegance to the natural aura of the tree. I don't want this but I would need an insane anchor under that thing because my cats would climb it 100%. anyway I couldn't sleep until my normal waking hours because I had to sleep with the lights on again. it's fine I guess. It's fine I guess. it is fine. I guess.

No. 1001847

The absolute state of lolcow. IDK if you are any of anons I replied to, but fuck off if you don't want to exchange opinions and thoughts. Or shut up if you don't have anything to say.

No. 1001849

I could win the lottery and my parents would say
>oh, that’s okay.

No. 1001850

I always get extremely depressed around Christmas. Last year I was on Zoloft and my doctor upped my meds at Christmas time because he said it would help me but I had a bad reaction (I have zero memory of the whole thing but apparently my speech was really slurred and stuff and it freaked my family out badly). I'm on Lexapro now and my doctor has upped it for Christmas again. So far I feel no difference whatsoever. I don't want to deal with the celebrations, I can't handle big groups of people. My dad says I have to 'make an effort to be happy' because my mum loves christmas and I can't ruin it for her. I'm always making a big effort when I'm around them but he doesn't really get that.

No. 1001851

and it's almost always in the vent thread

No. 1001856

this will either help you be happy or it will feel like bitter irony when you listen to it. that'/s been my experience. merry chrismasu nonnie

No. 1001858

You sound like an autistic weeb redditor who is trying to ascribe 2deep4u meaning to some piece of popular fanservice media even the author thinks is poorly handled, and then you keep getting upset when people don't want to validate your high-school level opinions and laugh at you, that's pretty pathetic ngl

No. 1001861

This is the vent-thread, it's not meant for exchanging opinions or discussing. Anons don't have to interact with your rants if they don't want to.

No. 1001864

Remove them

No. 1001865

Torn between “ eating my feelings and getting fat” and “fasting and working out to be the hot ex they’ll regret letting go.”

No. 1001866

I remember in one thread an anon was saying they don't understand the appeal of vtubers and think they're stupid and don't understand why people watch or want to be one but I saw one get a $3000 donation and I'm rethinking my career decisions. People who purposefully make their voices higher or try to act like random chatters are their boyfriends is embarrassing but doing that plus drawing and playing games all day sounds better than my wagie job

No. 1001869

There's a middle ground called working out and eating normally. If you fast you'll just end up bingeing.

No. 1001870

NTA but this is almost like gaslighting kek. This anon >>1001842 also didn't have to reply with that image, they could've just not read and kept scrolling. That's a pic you post when someone is being a little bitch and typing argumentative essay you won't read, own it and don't pretend it's the same as complete inaction

No. 1001873

That was probably me in the dumbass shit thread, but you should know that the market is saturated as fuck and you'd need some boost to even get noticed. One of my personal mini cows is the western vtuber Nerine, she had a popular youtube channel and then rebranded as a vtuber and still seethes she didn't make it big.

If you're putting your oh so valuable opinions on a public forum, you should also expect that there's gonna be some people who will lol at them.

No. 1001875

Oh, but posting a bitchy meme in reply is somehow ok? That also isn't a vent. You don't have to give me any reaction, I don't "feel entitled" to it. How about if you do reply, maybe don't be a cunt for no reason? I'm not judging people who dislike NGE as I stated in in the post and I never did (that were other anons). Also I replied to 2 different people already discussing the topic, so it's not like it came out of the blue.
Some of you engage and then sperg out when you get a reply, sometimes "replying" to something that wasn't even said.
I don't want to clog the thread, but fuck this kind of attitude. This is my vent and I'm out.
also I wish there was a convenient way of directing the discussion to a more fitting topic, since sometimes it's a waste

No. 1001876

This is pretty nice. Merry Chrismasu anon.

No. 1001878

You just got one silly jpg as a reply, no idea why it made you overreact this hard

No. 1001882

>don't be a cunt for no reason?
Psh. Be a cunt for no reason anon, I support you!

No. 1001884

I actually lost 20 pounds due to intermediate fasting. Some bodies don’t need as much food as others. But you know.

No. 1001887

I live apart from my boyfriend for the time being due to him studying somewhere else. I was supposed to travel to him before new years, but because of an infection in my family, we're all now quarantined. It sucks, but whatever. I'm still waiting for my test results which will determine how long I have to stay quarantined before I can travel again. My boyfriend and I were really looking forward to see each other, but we talked about the booking and accepted that we might have to cancel. Well, at least I did. I'm having a really tough time due to everything that's going on, but somehow whenever he calls, I end up having to comfort him because he's mad and agitated about me potentially not coming. Today a new travel restriction is being put in place, and I decided that no matter the result, I'm going to postpone the trip because it's becoming too much of a hassle. He started to complain how his holiday's been ruined and how sad he is. I hate that he makes this all about himself when he's not quarantined, he gets to spend christmas with his family and new years with his friends. He's not sick, not been exposed and no one in his family is sick either. I finally broke and told him to quit it. I'm tired. I'm scared for my family. I'm worried about my test results. Him having to wait a few weeks more to see me again is no big deal, and it's the responsible thing to do right now.

That is if I even decide to go. I keep reading about couples who can't be together due to the pandemic, and of loving boyfriends who sends their girlfriends flowers, orders food to their door as a surprise and calls them every day to check on them while they're in isolation. I don't need flowers, but a simple "what do you want and what can I do for you" instead of "oh no, what about me?" would go a long way. Asshole.

No. 1001902

I fucking CAN'T with my mother. Comes to my place in worktime, sees my non-work laptop's blinking light indicating that it's on and goes 'Oh, so you haven't been working today??'. I AM FUCKING WORKING. I JUST CHECKED THE NEWS FOR 5 FUCKING MINUTES IN LUNCH BREAK. Why the fuck is she always assuming the worst of me????

No. 1001914

Shit level 100. Very cool anons.

So I've had the thought of me possibly having ADHD on my mind for months now. I would always dismiss any symptoms I may have for my depression/anxiety but I've always felt I had learning disabilities as well. I could very well not have ADHD but there are a lot of small things I've noticed that have been affecting my everyday life. The biggest thing is my focus. I want to see and maybe get a diagnosis but I also feel stupid because what if after everything, I just dont have it and I'm actually just stupid lol. Agh.

No. 1001917

Retard alert

No. 1001920

told myself id do cardio later in the day but I ended up getting too hooked up in gaming and now I'm too exhausted to work out, I will do it… tomorrow… zzz

No. 1001924

Butthurt alert, lol

No. 1001926

Projection mode ^

No. 1001927

File: 1640184035259.png (322.35 KB, 507x369, 0aea4011517a6d3f4ef62ab7680a41…)

No. 1001929

>h-haha look at how I'm also responding but I am totally not a retard!
Cute inferiority complex-chan

No. 1001932

I feel like shit rn because I keep making myself nervous about my university exams at the end of January but I also can't sit my stupid ass down and study like a normal human being. I'm so scared I won't actually find time to study over the holidays either. I wish I wasn't such a procrastinating fucking retarded bitch

No. 1001934

I fucking hate the way subscription services just shit out a whole season of a show all at once. Also, I miss proper fanfiction that isn't just "what if x character was y identity?"

No. 1001937

I will not give you any suggestion except to go outside and take a breather. I'm a stranger on the internet and I don't know your life circumstances but I only wish the best for you. Life can be bleak, and it can be muggy and hard to drag your feet through for years and years, but I hope that you may find something that is worth staying here for. I hope one day the weight on your shoulders gets lighter, and lighter, and lighter, until the day comes when you walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and maybe come to think that being alive may not be so bad after all.

I love you anon. Take care of yourself. I hope things will get better for you.

No. 1001938

File: 1640185524163.jpg (45.3 KB, 800x462, cute-teddy-wearing-glasses-doi…)

Nonny as a first step just skim through the material for now to get an idea of how much time you'll need. In your mind it's probably a lot more work than you think so check it out to keep your expectations realistic. Jump into studying if you get nervous about it. Best of luck.

No. 1001945

All the men that give me attention are all straight up retards and I'd fool around with some of them if I wasn't so ashamed. I'm destined to be someone's second or third wife and they'll be my first and it'll suck.

No. 1001950

File: 1640187854050.gif (25.11 KB, 128x128, 1631056335432.gif)

There's this crazy homeless guy who comes in the office every other week yelling and screaming about how he's going to sue us for one of our workers discriminating against him and he smells like shit. He ties up my coworker's time for over 2 hours every time as she tells him the same thing every time, he's not being discriminated against. He fucking freaks me out but my handmaiden coworkers all think because he's autistic and homeless we need to feel sorry for him, he won't hurt us, and we can't let this ~poor vulnerable scrote~ have a run-in with the cops. Yesterday, the woman who works at the office next door comes in telling me that when we were closed, he came in to HER office instead to scream at her about us. She started fucking crying and said if her boss doesn't let her lock the front door while she's working alone she's going to quit. FUCK THIS SCROTE and FUCK MY NICE COWORKERS. The next time he comes in I'm telling him to get the fuck out or I'm calling the cops.

No. 1001958

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who misses that. I have no self control so I end up binge watching the whole thing.

No. 1001977

ftfy, that moid could bring a gun anytime, its like your coworkers have 0 self-preservation sense

No. 1001985

We need a "Disregard Men" support group

No. 1001986

My brother might have the big coof because he hung out with some friends Saturday night and now he's feeling sick. He's getting tested today, but if it turns out that he has it then I guess I won't be able to see anyone either. I'm kind of resentful that he got to hang out with his friends for the holidays and now my plans might be cancelled as a result of that. Because he's older and has a more stable job, he gets to travel all the time and hang out with his friends and I really only have one childhood friend I look forward to seeing and I can only see her when we're both home for the holidays… and now I might not be able to see her. I know that safety is the priority here, so I'll have to suck it up and fortunately my brother's symptoms aren't too bad but I can't help but be disappointed and annoyed.

No. 1001994

My brother is an uncle to 4 girls and my sister has a daughter on the way in addition to her daughter, and I feel when I start my family, I'm going to get locked in with only sons. Even though the man in the family determines the gender, it kind of makes me feel terrible of the chance of me having only sons.

No. 1001995

No. 1002000

My brother and his wife have way too many fucking animals. She just got him another dog for Christmas. Normally, I don't care what people do, but they have 5 dogs, 6 cats, who knows how many fish, all in one tiny house. I refuse to visit because of this. They're not kept in squalor YET, but they continue acquiring animals, so I can't imagine how much it will cost for upkeep on all these pets in a couple of years.

No. 1002005

You've quoted some of my posts with nothing regarding sexualization of underage girls. I was also the one anon that you didn't quote posting that it's fucked up and whatever message it's supposed to portray, it could have been done in a tactful manner. The anons saying how it's justified because it's Shinji's perspective aren't me.
On another note, that video has a point, but I hate seeing ProZD's fat face. A woman this ugly would never become so popular, even if she was funny and made smart commentary.

No. 1002024

For real women are way too lenient on mentally ill (usually)homeless moids because they don't want to look like a Karen for having boundaries

No. 1002032

That's so pathetic. Clearly they have some void in their lives

No. 1002034

my friend needs to stop sending me uwu twans women <3 memes. i do not wanna have the "i hate men, yes that includes trannies" talk with this libfem

No. 1002037

call the cops regardless anon, he's trespassing. maybe getting the shit billy clubbed out if him will reset his brain

No. 1002043

>i do not wanna have the "i hate men, yes that includes trannies" talk with this libfem
kek I feel you

No. 1002059


They're doing him a disservice by letting him be. At least in jail he'll be fed, clean and monitored. It's not like it will affect his career when he gets out.

No. 1002061

File: 1640197895566.jpg (41.72 KB, 378x389, original.jpg)

I love my boyfriend so much. He's so nice, caring, open. I love that he's so tall. I smile every time I see him. But, he looks exactly like a caveman. Still love him, but it's the first thing I notice every time I see him. I will never ever let him know

No. 1002074


>He looks exactly like a caveman

I'm dying, get ur Nigel a trip to the barber for Christmas

No. 1002082

File: 1640198968643.jpg (24.77 KB, 300x450, 1632237606222.jpg)

I envy you so much, I'm super attracted to males who have cavemen like appearances

No. 1002087

already cleaned him up. He looks better but alas it's his bone structure. He just ugly. But he's my caveman.

I wish he looked like that uerhguehg. I think the word I'm lookin for is Neanderthal. Wide nose, big forehead. I dunno, maybe I am attracted to it cuz I wanna smooch his face every time I see it. Maybe it's subconscious?? But imma keep this one. I'm so dedicated to this I have already begun the process of stealing his hoodies.

No. 1002088

Update because I'm not done feeling like a moron. He has shut down completely and only responds bluntly to my messages because he's just too depressed right now. All I want is someone to hang out with online and share fun memes and conversations with while I'm isolated, but apparently me having a hard time is just an inconvenience to him. Not gonna rebook the trip. Why am I always the one who has to comfort him even when it's me who's hurting?

No. 1002089

that's just as good, god I wish I was lucky as you
God I wish men either looked like cavemen or flawless angels Björn Andrésen

I just want to live in that world, is that too much too ask

No. 1002095


Don't believe the hype around those other guys. Men aren't thoughtful on their own unless they feel guilty. They're also all immature and selfish.
If he wants to be a little bitch he can get ignored like one. You're the one dealing with sickness in the family and he's being emo because he's sad his dick won't get wet for the holidays. I say ice him out today and have a grown up conversation tomorrow. Tell him you need his emotional support too

No. 1002096

You will find your sexy cave man someday anon. I believe in you. He will have big hands and nice muscles to pick you up with ease

Oh gosh the 180 from Björn Andrésen, a hecking living angel in the 70's turned handsome and rugged now.

No. 1002099

I'm mildly addicted to porn. Not in a way that I can't go a day without it, or it's affecting my social life, but I definitely have a really hard time finishing without it. I feel like such a scrote. The first time I saw porn was when I was 10 years old, on my friend's brothers laptop. That's when I started masturbating, too. I feel really sad for my younger self because I thought it was normal and I was in online spaces full of scrotes that made me believe it was cool and normal. I try to masturbate just with my vibrator and thoughts but I just can't get myself to finish without the visual stimulation. I feel like it does affect my sex life because I have never been able to cum during sex (even though I almost always get my pussy eaten). I have even tried erotica or stories and I end up getting frustrated and going to reddit to see porn. It makes me feel disgusted especially since when I think about my boyfriend watching porn it upsets me, and I just feel like a hypocrite. Has anyone else successfully stopped watching porn? Its my 2022 resolution. I would love any tips.

No. 1002105

I was in the same boat. Hentai, fucked up sh*t. After a while I just saw so much it was just boring. I took it slow, getting off to audio porn only. I still have my kinks, so while I'm getting off I just kinda put my own porno in my head staring me and some dream boat. Took a while, but you def don't need porn. Now when I catch a glimps of it I just go "meh"

No. 1002108

>Don't believe the hype around those other guys. Men aren't thoughtful on their own unless they feel guilty.
What fucking bullshit lol. Sorry you only pick shit guys but men who buy you flowers and food definitely exist. I was also apart from my bf for some time during the beginning of covid and he set me up a credit card for me just so I could order take-out whenever I wanted since I was really broke at that time. He also recorded himself reading books for me because I missed him so much and we watched movies together on discord every night. Good men exist and I hope for you all to find one some day. Stop spreading this bitterness.

No. 1002114

anon with caveman BF. I agree. He's nice to me cuz he likes seeing me happy and vice versa. On the rare days I don't wanna get out of bed cuz of sad vibes he will snuggle me all day and feed me my favo snacks until I feel all better. There are soft bois out there~

No. 1002117

What a sweetheart! My sulk-fest of a partner better step it up or he's going to have to find a new gf when his studies end.

No. 1002128

I miss my shitty ex-friend.
Even though our breakup was messy, she fucked me over and tried to ruin me as a person but I can't help but reminisce of the times where she was sweet, kind, and treated me so right. Our connection was strong, almost like we are soulmates and I cannot recreate that same feeling with other friends no matter how hard I tried.
I have to admit that there are often times that I want to talk to her again, but the memories of that time where her true color showed and how ruthless she was as a person, I stopped, because I know she doesn't deserve a second chance or any time of the day from me.
It's almost like she is the unforgettable ex that I can't stop thinking about. I just look at the good times we had together and forgot how she treated me like a toy, used me, and then dumped me like I was nothing to her. I looked at her as a saint and she looked at me like a sinner. It's been 2 years and I am still obsessed with her, I just want to let go anon…I don't know what to do anymore.

No. 1002150

im seeing this guy who keeps fucking posting cringe shirtless pics on his insta during the gym/sauna as obvious thirst traps and posting vague captions like "i keep dreaming of you everyday" kind of shit. When I call him out on it he says it's song lyrics, lol. He's currently gaslighting me calling me crazy and that I'm over reacting to song lyrics… But it's fucking weird that the last like, 6-7 posts have been in the similar sense 'I dream of you everyday/why do I keep coming back for more' kind of shit.

I'm straight up about to blow the fuck up because he thinks I'm a fucking idiot and not aware what's going on. I want to break up with him after the holidays but I 100% want to blow up at him over this shit because it's just so fucking disrespectful. I know I'm being immature but I like NEED to do SOMETHING, I'm just so mad.

No. 1002172

When you blow up at a man, he just sees that as an ego boost. He's got bitches getting mad over him, wow what a KiNg. Don't be predictable and weak. Just cut him off, maybe fuck his brother first.

No. 1002175

I knooooow I KNOW you're right. It just makes me so fucking angry, the gaslight is so fucking obvious. He just called me again to tell me I made him 'self conscious' about his fucking instagram captions… I know it's weak as shit and I'm being very pathetic here but I just want to do SOMETHING to get back at him. This is like the last straw out of a million huge ass issues too so I just need this for my sanity to cut him off.

>fuck his brother first

GOD I would do this too because I know itd piss him off but his brothers are like 10+ years older. LOL.

No. 1002179

If you want to do something, then just make him insecure and then leave him on read. I once said a guys constant posts flexing next to his car were "cringey" and that he was "kinda old for that". He ruminated on that for well over a year. Just be calm and dismissive and neg them kek.

No. 1002182

that's fucking gold!!! Hahahah god why are men's egos so fucking fragile jfc. I'm going to try this, thank you nonny

No. 1002186

i feel really bad that computer science stuff isn’t my ~true passion~ and is just what i do to get by at work, which is so DUMB. but i guess being surrounded by people who think about computing outside of work hours, go to cons for it, and are infinitely more knowledgeable than i ever will be makes me feel incompetent. i got my degree in it and did well, want to get my masters, i like learning new things at work, and once in a blue moon i use my programming skills to do a personal project useful to me, but like… i just like cottage shit. i just want to knit and bake and sit around and be comfy, and that’s what i use my free time to do. but i feel like i should be studying because this rise n grind learn forever shit is instilled in tech fields. i’ve posted similar before sorry i’m just insecure lmao

No. 1002191

Holy shit I could have written this post word for word. I have never fixated on a romantic ex like this and never will. Wtf is it about this bitch.

No. 1002196

Nah, I understand completely. I'm similar to you except my knowledge isn't that strong but it's good enough to land me an overpaid tech job that lets me live a comfortable life. I wish I could own a café/bar and listen to my vinyls all day/night.

No. 1002198

I'm so frustrated. I'm making a blanket right now, and I think I messed up somewhere so the edges might be tapering. It just makes me upset because even though it's nowhere near done, I would have to completely start over and I really don't want to have to undo the hours of work I've already put into this and I've already undone it once Everything else about the blanket is literally perfect, it's soft, it has cute colors, and the pattern is coming out nice. I might just start a new project and give myself time away from the blanket so I can properly assess the situation later.

No. 1002220

Eh dw im feeling better now, its just that my past sometimes came back and haunt me thats all. I guess she was there for at a time where I was both mentally and physically weak, that's why she meant so much to me. I've forgiven myself and move on now anon.

No. 1002223

You sound nice anon I wish you could replace the codebro acquaintance I have who went from code being a job to his whole identity. Women in tech are so rare here except of course the supposed men in nail polish with rainbow hair. In my opinion it's nice you have something to keep you well paid while maintaining an identity outside of it.

No. 1002226

i know how you feel, but you do have your place there as long as you do your job honestly. some people have a passion and make it their job, others don't and just find an okay occupation that's compatible with their choice of lifestyle. don't compare because you and your code-loving turbonerds coworkers aren't playing the same game.
but do let yourself soak in their enthusiasm, because it's always uplifting to see people thrive doing what they love, whatever that may be. it inspires you to do your own stuff that you care about.

No. 1002232

I hate when threads get taken over by speds because once they take over, it's almost impossible to have a discussion or a good laugh again. There's one in /snow that was doing alright and had potential with it's first thread but now it's overran with sperging tards and nitpickers who attack others and ignore actual milk.

No. 1002258

I wish you were my friend

No. 1002273

File: 1640211250020.jpg (178.06 KB, 642x982, 20211222_161251.jpg)


No. 1002278

Was this picture taken in heaven? What is this

No. 1002298

let me tell you something. we have been working on this rice for the past 4 months already.

apparently we have but i never worked on it before you bitch. if you look at the files on who did what, it was only 2 other people who did that shit. telling me 12 is also s102 would had been quicker than you being a bitch over it.

No. 1002309

Just don’t be black

No. 1002311

I know a guy who every time I talk to him.. he has a new illness, a health complaint, a minor injury, something every single time. He seems to do nothing but bother his doctor and tell people about his latest (always very minor and impossible to really prove) type of illness. Maybe he's lonely, maybe there's not much else for him to talk about. I get that but it's annoying. Usually only mildly annoying. Other people know he's putting it on too. They just nod along or run when they see him coming.. to avoid the usual incoming health moan.

But today he was telling me how much the booster jab affected his stomach. For years I've had this over the top fear of stomach viruses and food poisoning and all that. I know everyone dreads that stuff but I've spent too much time worrying or even panicking about the possibility of those things for it to not be well into phobia level. In the few years I've known him there's been a bunch of times where he mid conversation told me he'd just been 'violently sick' for days with a stomach bug.. as he stands way too close to me lol. It plays on my mind like crazy afterwards. I hate it.

Well today he tells me the booster made him violently ill. I'm just done hearing about the amount of violent illnesses one man can have. I know that he's had hundreds of health talks with me, I know there's a high chance he's making all this shit up. I can never know what's real because he's cried wolf for years in some weird attempt to get attention but fuck you for putting fear into me when I'm due to get this jab too. I'm not looking for a covid debate by posting this. Just frustrated at how illness faking pricks never consider how shit like telling someone you've been 'violently ill' while you're either stood very close to them… or from something they're due to get next.. is selfish. Tell me your knee hurts and I'll pretend to care but stop faking stomach shit. It's making my own stomach turn having to hear it. Tell me about your vertigo and your headaches. Hell even tell me about your heartburn some more but I don't want to hear about your goddamn 'violent' stomach illnesses any more. Will I start telling you about my heavy flow and period poops and see how you like it?

No. 1002322

listen to this. BE BLACK BABY

No. 1002359

File: 1640216338857.gif (11.15 MB, 248x246, 5F3346A8-63BC-47F6-825A-C6CD12…)

nonnies all I want is for my my covid test to come back negative, I just want to see my asthmatic mom over Christmas that’s all I ask

No. 1002363

I thought my crush was kinda into me because whenever we’d have a conversation he’d be constantly staring at my lips but today I found out he was actually staring at my the little hairs above my upper lip this whole time. What’s the quickest way to die?

No. 1002364

I hate how they literally got a man who watches porn to be on the 'against' side for porn

No. 1002366


No. 1002388

Here I am saving money as much as possible praying i can get a different job with the pay and hours i need within a month because my last one fucked me by cutting my hours to hell since my roommate is ditching me…and my aunt has the audacity to send a long letter to everyone humble bragging about her kids success when they were literally born into a six or seven figure salary and basically didnt have to work until they finished their bachelor's degree. They had the luxery to travel across the world by 18 and of course live in very expensive apartment complexes. The whole letter basically says it sucks how much they couldn't go places due to covid. Holy shit I do not care and I doubt our other struggling family members do. Hearing or reading rich people complain about their life is mind numbing especially now that cost of living here has sharply increased the past 2 years. I want a stable career to get the fuck out of this state for a different one.

No. 1002400

Maybe he likes them. Some men are into hair.

No. 1002464

Guy I like who likes me joked about me being his gf

Then immediately took it back going haha we're friends tho


No. 1002467

this semester at uni has been horrible for me. i have a 6000 word paper due tomorrow evening and i’m pretty much done it but it’s horrible. i emailed asking my prof for another extension and they haven’t replied yet. plus i have another 1200 paper due tomorrow which i am going to be doing all day. i feel so burnt out

No. 1002472

…what exactly is the problem? Sounds like a good sign

No. 1002474

call him to much of a coward to do it anyway

No. 1002489

We got treated for bedbugs almost three months ago using a biochemical treatment that lasts for three months. The company advised me that they could come again if they really needed to do another treatment but were confident that they wouldn’t have to. Well my dad’s been seeing bedbugs again and insists on using his own treatment which was highly advised AGAINST because it would go over whatever treatment the company applied (which was very effective) and render it useless and hundreds of dollars of my money down the drain. I said I’d call again in January to set up a follow up appointment and now my dad’s throwing a bitch fit about it. First of all, I’ve been the one paying for all these treatments. Second of all, if he wasn’t such a fucking HOARDER this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s a miracle that the treatment worked as well as it did with little prep/removal of stuff, but yknow, it’s a hoarder apartment so it isn’t entirely a surprise some of those little fuckers managed to stay well hidden.

Like, yes I hate having to pay $900 for them to come again but I hate even more that I can’t even have them come again without risking my dad absolutely fucking up the treatment by doing whatever useless and ineffective home treatment he wants to do and wasting so much of my money. No moving out is not an option for me, and no, neither is him not being a hoarder. Trust me, literally everyone in my family including his older sister/my aunt who he won’t speak up against can get through to him about throwing shit out.

Fuck his bitch ass. I was going to get a nice cake for us for christmas but I’m not wasting any of my money on a cake for them.

No. 1002507

Cracked my fucking tooth in time to ruin my Christmas, fuck me. Last year my bf had a dental emergency during Christmas, just carrying on the tradition I guess!

No. 1002509

It's just not fair that my ex didn't return my love and it's not fair that I still haven't moved on.

No. 1002517

My bf and I were having a small fight a couple weeks ago and he told me he'd choose his friends over me (not in a way meant to hurt my feelings, it was relevant to the discussion we were having). It hurt my feelings a little at the time but I got over it pretty quickly because he's had his friends for almost ten years and has only been dating me for seven months, and prioritizing your long term friendships over a new relationship is normal. Recently though, his pwecious fwiends have been letting a creepy piece of shit hang out in their friend group, and when my boyfriend rightfully called the guy out for being a predator (he was bragging about flirting with teenagers), the guy started treating my bf like shit in retaliation, and his friends have decided to keep the dude around because "he's funny" instead of shunning him and sticking up for my bf like actually good friends. Now all he has is me and I feel pretty vindicated rn.

No. 1002527

I feel so damn lonely and i wish i wouldn’t. My family is abusive and broke me in every way possible including trust. I can’t make friends and when i try theyre always so toxic and detached from me. I’ve decided earlier this year i’m better off without anyone and i truly thrived in some aspects but i’m struggling alone, i still wish i had someone to talk to and laugh with. i don’t know if its because it was so ingrained in me that i should be around people or if i’m telling myself that its just some social conditioning to cope. I should be used to it by now but im still angry and sad about it

No. 1002530

ok i realize how extremely privileged i am going to sound complaining about this bcus i live with my godparents for free in basically a studio apartment attached to their house (no kitchen and sink doesn't work well so can't wash dishes but its a big room) BUT the bathroom is atrocious. its tiny and awful (built in 1960s never updated) and theres no ventilation AND we're in florida so its mold city in there no matter what i do i think its giving me brain damage everytime i shower. ok thats it bye

No. 1002541

moldy shower privilege, some people dream their whole lives of inhaling mold spores in an small unventilated room in Florida smh

No. 1002558

File: 1640233264186.png (17.53 KB, 112x112, 11650968573258969794321939.png)

KEK anon i know but this place would be at least $500 a month if it wasn't free. i'm so tempted to post a picture here bcus theres also some kind of algae growth coming from the floor that refuses to leave but i will not bcus its gross. my whole shower is an entire evil ecosystem of little fucking evil plants and organisms and i have no control over it

No. 1002559

Just shower at public gym…

No. 1002562

i felt this… one day at a time, nonna… we'll get there

No. 1002567

try Tilex Mold and Mildew, if there's a window in the main room you can open for ventilating the fumes. if you have a fan put it by the bathroom entrance facing out into your room toward the window. you can do that when you shower too

No. 1002569

I'd add onto that, vinager mixed with oregano essential oil sprayed everywhere and left over night. Grandma's recipe never fail, gets rid of mold growths.

No. 1002570

thank you nonnas i'm ordering these expeditiously i love you

No. 1002579

File: 1640236246523.jpg (520.56 KB, 537x800, lily-hoshino-illustration-work…)

and now
i'm always happy to see these female-only spaces on the internet nonnys. doubly so considering every other goddamn "girls only xD" space is populated by trannies.

No. 1002582

>implying crystalcafe isn't riddled with trannies

No. 1002584

Wow you're so funny and smart

No. 1002585

i should go further & say *female-only spaces where women can actively say something like, "fuck trannies/moids" and not be met with handmaidens/trannies/etc. wringing their hands and crying.
and if they do appear…they are #banned.

No. 1002586

File: 1640236841312.png (241.17 KB, 500x339, asshole.png)

I'm pretty sure my friend got me a very expensive gift, while I spent maybe $25 on hers.

No. 1002587

Fujochan?! Where?

No. 1002590

Is choachan.cafe based?

No. 1002593


yeah, honestly. the /dst/ thread on /ot/ always makes me laugh.
it is a kpop imageboard though, so most memes/etc. tend to revolve around that.

No. 1002608

Of course you did as expected, being as selfish as always.

No. 1002611

I'm here to say, I found crystalcafe before I found lolcow, and I am absolutely tired of cc. It is as you say.

No. 1002612

Is it still a vent if it’s positive? Idk I just want someone to ramble to. My boyfriend had some unexpected family issues come up and will be leaving over the holidays, so we decided to exchange gifts early. We’ve been together just over one month, him missing out first Christmas together isn’t a big deal but he’s been very apologetic anyway. One of the first things we bonded over was our mutual love of plants, cherry trees in particular, it was just one of the first special little moments we shared.
One of the gifts I got him this year was a copper cherry blossom necklace that I made him. He’s very crafty and is always making stuff, so I thought he would appreciate the effort I put into learning a new craft for him (he did). I don’t usually receive gifts, much less thoughtful ones, so when the first gift I opened of his was this beautiful, dainty copper cherry blossom necklace with a note about our first bonding moment together I bawled like a baby.
It’s not about the gift, but the thought he put into it. After recently ending a long term relationship where my last boyfriend forgot my birthday for all 4 years we were together, getting such a thoughtful gift that shows just how on the same wavelength he and I are was a breath of fresh air. My ex brought me to a lower point than I’ve ever been, being verbally abused and cheated on and made to feel crushingly insecure for so long really took a toll on me. I thought I didn’t want a relationship again, at least not for a very long time. I tried to tell my current boyfriend so many times that despite how much I liked him I just couldn’t be with him, and I’m so thankful he stuck by me anyway. I remember what it feels like to be loved again

No. 1002613

File: 1640244897552.png (423.83 KB, 750x1000, imagen_2021-12-23_013326.png)

I'm in a group chat full of boomers and scrotes for my new job and someone added a pic of this on chat and another guy went like "HAHAHA NICE WHAT A MAN OF CULTURE" and I just fucking cringed so bad. Fuck men they're gross. I fucking hate men it just made me viseral right now.

No. 1002614

Nice, made a dumbass shit thread on fujochan just now

No. 1002622

ive always been an outcast even in small group or hobby communities because im socially retarded and quiet. people say im cool when they finally one on one talk to me but im awful in group settings. i hate feeling so lonely because the few friends i have still seem to have a first set of friends they talk to more. ive become everyone's second choice of a friend to be around.

No. 1002623

at least that's fairly innocent and it's not porn or something porn or sexual related

No. 1002628

kek this is the same kind of cringe I get when a guy tells me he's into NFTs/Cryptocurrency

No. 1002632

File: 1640248269293.jpg (39.23 KB, 400x711, f05fd3d8-d960-4103-8c13-228f2b…)

I'm soooo getting over dating. Got my fair share of FWB and now i know it's not my thing. But. Finding a bf is damn near impossible where i live. All the dudes that want something serious are scrotes that are scrawny or balding at 20, have shitty minimum education and a boring personality. Like i'm not a 10/10 with a master degree and an incredible personality but i know what i can score.

No. 1002633

>at least it isn't porn
It is still infuriating, and you know they're the disgusting kind that would share porn if it wasn't a job related chat

No. 1002638

I'm tired of this life. I was severely abused in my childhood and my entire life I've given empathy to and listened to the problems of people wealthier than me. If you're wealthy and mentally ill then it's no biggie. Just imagine being mentally ill and having to work while the verge of homelessness. I literally cannot fucking function in society due to how bad my illness is and I'm tired of faking while others literally accentuate how bad their mental illness is for attention. I wish suffering and death on all rich people that complain on the internet about their mental illness. You can go to therapy easily. I cannot go to therapy, can barely afford my medication and I'm too depressed and my issues are too bad to actually talk about them

No. 1002647

I loathe linkedin so much. I have a pretty unique name, meaning every fucking creep who gets a hold of my first name can just google it and message me on linkedin as I'm the first search result. I can't tell them off like I would on facebook or some shit because it is a "professional environment". I ignore them but it annoys me so much everyone has access to my career information because I have to. I literally have no other social media and the fact that I need to have this shit for a fucking white collar job is so annoying. I don't want even my friends to have access to information like that, let alone some fucking creeps who wanted to flirt with me and found me because they found out my name from my job or a coffee cup.

No. 1002648

It’s just a vent and I know this but I wish I could hug you.
I used to be even more poor than you likely, maybe we were equally poor who knows. People like us just need to be empathetic and patient or else we snap and don’t get any empathy back. I read a book about this actually that no matter how severe one’s situation is if one isn’t being classy about it nobody cares. Humans suck. It can be hard but wish everyone luck and hope maybe it comes to you. You’ll be getting what you deserve at a much later age, and you have to work so much harder than others. Part will be a bit of luck and part will be your hard work. Maybe you’ll even realize that believe it or not, most people are not that successful or rich. And that they struggle. Maybe not as much as you or me but they struggle. At that point of realization you have to aim to be even more successful than any of them and always be hopeful and kind. Chin up. Merry xmas and a Happy new year every time for you!

No. 1002654

Just spent an hour on the floor hunched over a heating pad while crying and trying not to scream. My period cramps feel like someone's stirring around my insides with a rusty knife. I can't take this anymore, I need to see a gynecologist but I'm terrified because I'm a virgin. My cramps are guaranteed way worse than getting opened up by a doctor but I'm so embarrassed to undress and all that.

It's so painful I'm still dizzy and shaken up from the ''episode'' I had. I've broken bones, had surgeries and experienced strong pain but nothing is worse than this. Fucking nothing. Even if getting diagnosed with endometriosis won't help the pain at least I'd get sympathy instead of scoffed at when I have to cancel plans or stay home all day.

No. 1002659

I hate it too, but my first name is super generic and my last name is kind of unique but people are less likely to learn it compared to a first name. I have an account on linkedin and actively avoid using it, and I wish I could delete my account but I work in recruitment so I really can't. At least not yet. I wonder if there's a way to make your profile completely impossible to find for everyone so I can still keep contact with people there in case I need anything. By the way, the reason why I made my account was to look for a mandatory internship a few years ago but I never ever found a job thanks to it. When I finally managed to do some "networking" thanks to it, it always backfired in spectacular ways. For example I stayed in touch with several managers from a company that didn't hire me despite wanting to, and when a year later I finally got an interview with a new employee, when I mentioned knowing her manager thanks to previous interviews for a similar job, she got all weird and jealous and her attitude did a 180°. She told me the next day that she won't hire me because I didn't send her an essai she never asked for. Even though she had no reason to be jealous because she was supposed to hire like 10 people to form a team so it's not like I was gonna steal her position.

No. 1002660

I could have posted this. It sucks so much and I know you've probably tried everything to get the pain under control but something that has helped me is taking ibuprofen on a regular basis before I even feel any cramps starting. Once they start I feel there's no stopping mine even with painkillers. It's not a perfect fix but it took the edge off. I hope you are able to figure out what's wrong, anon.

No. 1002667

I think you can go without taking off your clothes and getting examined. At least I did. Told the gyno how bad the cramping was and that I'd like to try bc for it and that was it. Or maybe just ask if you can come in without being examined

No. 1002672

How long have you had painful periods for? I would recommend evening primrose oil, a bath or something but that sounds terrible, much too severe for such light solutions. I hope you get looked after well at the gyno.

No. 1002673

File: 1640256970141.jpg (55.93 KB, 674x1024, E793d9QWEAYWQAB.jpg)

a largely female only forum i frequented over the years went down and the users made a new forum run by a few users. it took off and it's active, which i find very fascinating because usually making the switch to a different platform doesn't work out so well… most of the users are women and older than me, so way above the age of 30, but mostly under 50. it's really nice to be surrounded by so many women who share their life experience and stuff like that. it really helped me with recognizing "older" women as human beings who were just born a few years before i was, and not just see them as super well adjusted adults who have everything under control and who never mess up or have problems or procrastinate on annoying things. anyways. since it's a new platform we're deciding on new rules and now they're talking about gendering. my language is germanic so we have grammatical gender for everything, and every job usually has a female and male form. there's a lot of garbage floating around on how to gender, what special character to use (* or : or _) etc. they're now talking about whether gendering should be a rule and whether people should be punished for not gendering (=breaking a rule). somehow the conversation turned to nonbinary identities (kek) and it turns out that, apparently, some users identify as nonbinary. these are women well above the age of 30, many of them have multiple children, are 100% straight and love dick. they constantly talk about sex based oppression and discrimination, when a man signs up and acts like a dumb scrote and whines about Muh Misandry the women band together and basically beat him down with sticks and ban him for being a nasty scrote. a few men are allowed on the platform because they have proven themselves to be okay-ish guys, but they also receive harsh criticism when they act out. that place used to be one of the few sane places on the internet and now it turns out that some of these women identify as NONBINARY???? how can you push multiple children out of your vagina and complain on the internet about receiving sex based sexual harassment at your workplace by le evil white old cis menz and then turn around and claim that you're nonbinary??? i'm so fucking tired of this shit. i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it. i used to think calling someone a traitor is too dramatic, but no. every woman who tries to identify out of womanhood or misogyny is a traitor to her fellow women.

No. 1002677

My dad has throat cancer and no one in my family bothered to tell me that in the last week he’s been declining rapidly. So I don’t find out til today that he’s probably going to die in the next few days and I don’t have time to get everything I need to fly to Iran and see him. I blew up on my sister on the phone for not telling me and she really had the audacity to say “well he can’t talk anyway” like I’d still like to be with him you fucking evil bitch. My heart is on fire

No. 1002679

Jesus fuck, I'm so sorry anon

No. 1002681

I would literally rather work than go home for Christmas

No. 1002685

every time i get the urge to cry and remember its pointless and won’t change anything. My issue isn’t a mood thing, its not something temporary that will go away eventually. crying won’t fix it and it sucks. All i can do is just sit with this tightness in my chest and feel sorry for myself. Its been 5 years now, everyday is hell and everyday it gets worse.

No. 1002694

What your sister said and your family did is so terrible wtf. I hope you somehow still see him, or even a zoom meeting so you can talk to him. I'm sorry anon, I wish you the best

No. 1002696

File: 1640258846039.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

>scroll through the tomboy tag on ig
>every third pic is a ftm

If you're considering yourself a man, take t and even chopped your tits off then why tf are you posting in the tomboy tag. I'm ok with actual trans people but fuck off I just want to look at masculine women

No. 1002697

Sounds like naturallycurly.com

No. 1002701

The fuck is wrong with your sister? Is she braindead or autistic? I hope you'll have enough time to see your father.

No. 1002703

Same. I either get balding boring 30 yo marketing guys obsessed with hiking or cute but absolutely dumbass 20 year olds who spend all their time on insta. Guys my age are either fuck boys, very ugly or taken. Oh the joys of breaking up mid-twenties during corona.

No. 1002714


No. 1002717

Why are Eva fans so fucking cringe?

No. 1002719

I know it's not but I wish this post was for me written by my ex best friend. Fuck.

No. 1002720

Good luck!!

No. 1002721

I feel so happy and comfortable and loved and I think this Christmas will be a good one
Just very comfy feels! Lying in bed all day snuggling…
Happy vent

No. 1002722

File: 1640261776948.jpg (18.53 KB, 268x268, 61943011_0_268x268.jpg)

I'm spending it alone but I splashed out on a box of these babies.. now don't be jealous anons.

Seriously tho, I'm kinda content with my plans. Not something everyone would understand but I've 3 whole days to chill out with no pressure or responsibilities.

No. 1002725

Fucking weeb

No. 1002730

File: 1640263579422.jpg (70.48 KB, 851x904, 20201201_130454.jpg)

My sleep studies for a possible hypersomnia came back and despite me sleeping 16 hrs a day and barely staying awake more than 1 hour straight during it, the doctor that followed me said " nah it's depression take this totally new and not average shitty antidepressant, talk to a therapist and do breathing exercises lol XD ". THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS YOU FUCKING RETARD, DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO ROPE MYSELF BECAUSE I'M EATING MY LIFE AWAY SLEEPING?? GIVE ME STIMULANTS GIVE ME ADDERALL GIVE ME RITALIN I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR USELESS BREATHING EXERCISES OH MY GOOOOOOOD

No. 1002732

I wish I could take a slingshot to the window I saw a tranny flag in recently but I know the police would have NO CHOICE but to get involved and would somehow track me via ring doorbells and cctv footage to the scene of the crime. you know they'd scour the footage in its entirety to find me. when there are murders and other heinous crimes my petty offense is the one surely to be prosecuted. meanwhile the old white fogeys would shake their heads at the newspaper and remark to one another how horrible that girl was to do such a thing, while guffawing once they actually see the trannies they defend. these old white people are so ridiculous. they get such self satisfied smirks on their face when they think they slight someone who they decide to align themselves against. it's funny, these people fawn at what they would create. they defend what they don't know and they vilify what they don't identify with. the difference between these people doing it and how I'm guilty of it is simple. but I digress. I'll just continue making finger guns at the window because it's not much of my business in reality. they'll 41%

No. 1002733

my boyfriend is being an asshole right now. i love him with all my heart but right now i'm sick to my stomach with how much he's dismissing me

No. 1002737

ferrero rocher is divine. enjoy your holidays, anon, hope it's comfy!

No. 1002738

Do you know where you are?

No. 1002741

Tbh, it’s lolcow.farm, not weeb.central

No. 1002748

I see no difference.

No. 1002758

>a series of threads about lusting for guys from Japanese cartoons, active most of the time
>Vidya threads focus on weeb content
>anime and manga threads
>weeb reaction pics
>plenty of weeb-adjascent cows
>husbandofag thread
>fujos on the thread #3 or #4, idek
I am not even getting in the /cgl/ and staminarose roots. Next someone will whine about autistic posters pretty much same thing kek

No. 1002760

I am beyond repulsed by my body, I can't even look in the mirror anymore. I avoid washing my hands at work and just use hand sanitizers so I don't have to accidently catch a glimpse of myself. I literally hate this so much, I can't even take off my bra except to shower because my boobs are so gross too. All I literally have to do is eat more and gain weight. Maybe I won't look exactly the same again but it would be nice to sit in a chair again without pain because my ass fat is gone. I feel like a stupid child letting some mental illness control me.

No. 1002761

I'm working from home, except I'm not working. I barely have anything to do because my clients are all on holidays, but I don't know what to do to pass time because I don't want to be caught off guard if anyone calls me or plan meetings at the last second. What do?

No. 1002762

What’s your job? Maybe if it’s something like design or writing, you could try creating some templates to show to your clients based on what they usually ask for you to do.

No. 1002764

I'm recruiting interns for a big company, and right now holidays started so most of my clients are on holidays and most of my coworkers will be on holidays next week. If my clients are on holidays they can't meet the candidates I present them just yet, so they can't tell me who they want to hire, so I can't do anything except wait for everyone to come back and tidy up my email inbox maybe. I planned my own week of holidays for the end of january because of plane and train tickets being cheaper then, but I'm bored as hell right now.

No. 1002765

My doctor said I was incoherent when I asked her for a crazy label and told me to discuss it with my psychiatrist.

I have PTSD and my psychiatrist ignores me. i see her only once a year so I want to go to another one and I applied to a different psych centre, but they said I should ask for a new crazy label from my gp that’s why I went to my GP to get a new label. I also told her I want a dismantling schedule because my withdrawal symptoms are making me feverish. She said that’s not possible I should discuss it with my psychiatrist. I wanna cry. What should I feel? What should I do? getting called schizophrenic or incoherent just fucking hurts in general even when a random anon says it. I typed this in 3 seconds with full of tears. Just say anything nonnies doesn’t matter what.

No. 1002768

I have no idea how that works where you live but aren't your gp and your psychiatrist able to directly communicate about this to make things easier? I know that's how it works for physical problems when you need to see a specialist, the specialist will send information to my gp to keep her updated to avoid shit like this. Is there anyone who can help you be taken more seriously?

No. 1002777

I feel bad for getting annoyed at my own mom but damn i wish her religious side never taken over her entire life. All she does all day is watch kdramas interspersed with negging me to do shalat 5 times a day as SOON as possible and she has this weirdly intense hatred against geckos because apparently a hadist advised muslims to get rid of geckos in their house. It's honestly really tiring and pissing me off it's like seeing someone get slowly more and more delusional over time

No. 1002780

One of my friends has come out as a trans male and like..why. You are too old for this, girl you are in your 30s wtf. The fujo to trans pipeline is real. Why are all my friends turning into trannies. I'm just gonna be friendless

No. 1002783

I don’t understand just how can someone be a 30 or 40 years old woman and think she can just magically turn into a hot anime guy. If she was 13 or even 18, I would kind of get it, but 30 years old? And hopefully with a whole ass job, and other responsibilities? how?
Males are another thing because coom and they only get more and more disgusting as they age, but a woman? I don’t get it.

No. 1002796

Most likely she's in a circle that normalizes it, is her work in a woke environment?

No. 1002799

Get a new doctor. Eventually one will actually fucking listen to you.
Sorry you're dealing with this, good luck.

No. 1002808

I hatefollow someone on my social media who I knew from grad school. We started out as friends, but over the years since graduation she became super entitled and thinks a mental disorder and lack of family means she deserves money, free shit, and constant reassurances from people all the damn time. As if nobody else could be suffering as much as she does around the holidays.
In reality she: 1. Has plenty of friends who do pretty considerate things for her (even I simped one year and did something for her while she never acknowledged it at all). 2. Is educated and could hold a steady job if she wasn't so fucking lazy and realized no one is obligated to handle her issues with kid gloves if it impacts her performance, and 3. Wouldn't be so fucking 'poor' if she could hold down aforementioned job, admit she rents in a high COL area and move somewhere cheaper albeit less glamorous, and not own multiple high maintainence pets that require $$$.

Gods, her begging posts where she asks people to send her money and gifts every week! She never pays that shit forward. I am not exaggerating when I say she posts her Venmo every other day.
She claims she "recovered" from her anorexia, but constantly posts body checks. One day she's super happy about her weight gain, and then the next day she's spiraling into full orthorexia bragging about running and snapping selfies at the gym because in her mind the weight gain is justified if she's working out. Bitch are you too poor to afford food for yourself and your pets, or is it that you'd rather spend your money on gym memberships and use your time towards vanities while letting your friends and strangers cover your living expenses so you don't have to?
I never see her post about having done something kind or thoughtful for anyone. It's always me, me, me posts guilt tripping everyone with her suicide baiting. I'm sure the reason why no one ever calls her out is because they are legitimately nervous she might do it, but I know she's much too selfish to ever have those kinds of grapes. I hate manipulators who play pathetic victim, especially because she switches the second she feels she has a victory.

No. 1002823

File: 1640275501570.jpeg (190.64 KB, 585x1007, B70B7753-8359-4924-84FD-11BEC9…)

>start job yesterday
>be lucky enough
>it’s freelance so I can work from home
>have decent internet connection at home
>during training
>the power at my zone shut down
>the internet isn’t working
>try the 15 things you have to do when you got no internet
>nothing works
>hoping for a blackout to happen again so the internet comes back
Such is the life of a third worlder, I think this is like a signal from the universe, telling me that I shouldn’t enjoy having a job and that I should embrace the neet life that my family wants me to live until I graduate or something.

No. 1002824

My roommate is in his thirties. He has had shit luck with the past 4 gfs. First 2 were long term relationships, and it turns out both the girls were cheating on him for over a year with someone else. Cut to recent gf
She dated him for 2 months and straight up cheated on him and tried to lie even though he was at her house trying to talk to her (she said she was in bed sleeping but obviously not at her house. He went over there because he had a family emergency and needed some support). He comes home that night and I wake up to him sobbing, and stay up talking to him and trying to discuss the importance of seeing red flags from the get go, etc.
A few days later, I wake up to my cat being locked on his room on accident, and my poor cat was in there all night. He’s not home. He shares his location with me and my bf (for safety and emergencies) and I see he’s back at her house.
He spent days shit talking her just to crawl back.
I give up anons, he clearly does not want a healthy relationship, he does not have self respect, and he only wants to date selfish dumb ass hoes just so he can complain about it.
She’s not welcome here anymore. Keep her drunk dumb vacant bullshit away from me please.
The sad part is, there are so many potential partners out there that would be respectful and honest. The cherry on top, none of these hoes are even hot.

Thank you for letting vent. Hope you all have a peaceful holiday

No. 1002826

Fucken weebs

No. 1002837

Imagine working on a fullbody, fully rendered art piece that's also a custom character design for two weeks and getting paid $20. Couldn't be me.

No. 1002838

>neet life
>until I graduate
you're not a neet if you're in education.

No. 1002841

This pseudo-empowering self congratulatory shit on my timeline

"There are entire industries that rely on me hating myself. People's livelihoods are dependent upon my low self esteem. I am not supposed to love these white hairs. I am supposed to mourn the fact that my age starts with the number 3. I genuinely love that I can see the years when I look in the mirror. I'm alive. In spite of so many things, I'm alive"

Bitch just post that you think your white hair is dope and move on. Stop trying to make your narcissism a badge of virtue

No. 1002845

I wish I was born a guy just for the sole reason I would be better off. I could basically get away with murder and it'd be fine. I fucking hate how my parents treat me compared to men. I wish I wasn't born, it would be so much easier.

No. 1002848

He sounds like a fucking loser. How do you know he’s not completely different around the women he’s dating? Or just lying about them? “Ohh she’s not welcome here because she made the poor man cwwwyyy” grow up.

No. 1002849

Idk, it feels like a neet life because I’m constantly waiting for my classes to begin, I’m taking some language classes as well to fill the void that makes me feel like I’m not productive at all. I’m sick of my life being about waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting until there’s nothing else to do.

No. 1002850

She’s not welcome at the house I own because it’s my fucking house and I don’t want dumb bitches on my property, that simple anon. Go touch grass. Getting mad at someone’s vent like it means something

No. 1002852

NTA but you are the one that seems mad, anon was right about the loser guy. Have fun comforting your dumb scrote I guess.

No. 1002853

Not the anon but the op just said he has no self respect, relax.

No. 1002854

I mean, in no part of what you posted did you indicate that these "bitches on your property" were ever even on your property so it just seems like a line you're drawing in the sand to be a Bad Bitch while qq'ing for some dude so

No. 1002856

You’re the dumb slut, living in a house with two men and relishing the attention of both. I bet you want to fuck this guy and that’s why you stalk his location. You’re pathetic.

No. 1002858

So not wanting drunk drama from an alcoholic in my home is stupid? Really?

No. 1002859

>>1002856 It’s a vent thread and we got anons policing each other’s vents acting like they got the whole picture

No. 1002860

I dont want to sound blamey but by cheating woman number 3 I'd wonder if he has dick problems or some sexual issue that he's not likely to disclose to you. Doesn't excuse it but it would explain the pattern

No. 1002863

Why is the anon getting attacked? She called her roommate stupid, she takes to him about red flags, and she vented in the right thread. Some of you just want to fight for no damn reason.

No. 1002864

You scream moid, people can live together platonically. Why did you get so mad about the op ?

No. 1002872

Because the bulk of her post was shit that didn't have anything to do with her and she's on here complaining like she isn't the one voluntarily spending energy on some scrotes shit

No. 1002875

Hey, roommate here, and I’ve been asking the same thing. He’s been friends with my bf since childhood, and my bf is trying to encourage therapy.
I don’t know why some people got so mad here, I definitely don’t sympathize with the guy, its more frustrating to live with. He’s defined into manipulators and selfish people. We want him to move out, and date someone healthy. It gets old seeing the same ol cycle repeat. Also, all these chicks are messy alcoholics and that shit gets real old.
My bf thinks our roommate may have a secret cheating fetish or something.

No. 1002877

You and your boyfriend sound gross and weird, tracking his location, theorizing about his fetishes, getting personally heated about shit that goes on outside your apartment. I sure hope he does move tf out and away from you weirdos

No. 1002878

She’s a hypocrite who calls other women sluts and whores and other misogynistic crap when she doesn’t even know them.

No. 1002879

I accidentally just stepped on a cat and i feel so fuckinf bad. Didn't even see it. Entered my building, lights were off and it was in my way. I feel so bad nonnies. Thankfully they seem to be fine tho. The worst thing is that the owners of the cat who happen to by my next door neighbors dont take care of them, they dont seem to love the cat at all. They always kick them outside when it's raining and cold. I can't image how much pain i caused this poor cutie who already suffers enough…

No. 1002881

The last 3 girls lived here, at the house I own, the roommate shared his location with us intentionally, but got off anons. Ps, the last 2 chicks faked a pregnancy, and the last one was planning two weddings with 2 guys at the same time. I’m such a woman hater for feeling too told to be surrounded with shit tear soap opera problems???
So sorry I chose to vent.

No. 1002883

Maybe leave him a tuna can? So sorry anon I know the feeling

No. 1002885

File: 1640279605621.jpeg (141.38 KB, 368x450, 8FA0E720-73A8-4C16-ADE4-1D14E2…)

>ask for specific, hard to find history books for Xmas
> mention several times that all of them are available at this bookstore that has a huge history section
> "oh uwu i want to support that dumbass anarchist bookstore instead so i'll buy them from him"
>shitty anarchist bookstore has 0 good history books in sticks, has to order mine directly from the publishers
> dumbass anarchist store isn't even used to dealing with these publishers, unlike the store i recommended
>dipshit anarchist fucks up the order
> of fucking course the one book i wanted most won't be there in time for christmas

No. 1002887

Kick the stupid scrote out then, idiot.

No. 1002893

And chicks and hoes.

No. 1002898

Sometimes it’s better to just ask for Christmas money.

No. 1002901

I’m so tired of feeling like an outsider in every possible way.
Why couldn’t I make friends with people in my major? I know i’m not as iNtELLeCTuAl as some of my close friends but it sucks that I can’t bring up anything without them trying to “challenge me”. I hate how I have so many lefty friends that know next to nothing about my major. I hate being unable to have a conversation with my friends without them immediately jumping to antagonize me im so tired of it. Can I make friends in graduate school? Why was I so unapproachable to people in my major? I can’t even get a job because I don’t have friends in the career I want and my country runs on nepotism. I still love my friends but I’m starting to not feel very secure in my social circles and I feel as if I have to rely more and more on my bf, which is SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO AVOID SO MUCH.
I hate the politics in art communities. I saw a post on tumblr about how capitalism ruined art and it was phrased in such a way as to imply that you can’t have hobbies.

Even in LGBT communities, I don’t like the borderline worship that queer activists receive.
I’m so tired of feeling like an outsider and getting antagonized in every circle i enter I want to feel normal.

No. 1002903

im honestly tempted to just go buy that book tomorrow but it'd cause christmas butthurt

No. 1002905

Why are so many people here so rude??? Just reading here makes me never want to vent post. It’s like all of you are larping Mean Girls because you were bullied in school. How old are most users anyways? Don’t you have to be 18 to post

No. 1002910

I hear you anon, I really do. For me, it feels like if you don’t match the echo chambers criteria completely you’re excluded. Grad school should be so busy for you, there will be little time socialize. Out of curiosity, what is your major?

No. 1002916

Not OP but what is your problem? Are you the roommate’s ex gf or something because that response seemed personal, kek

No. 1002918

Kek Maybe it is, that would be gold.

No. 1002930

File: 1640281417497.jpeg (41.48 KB, 960x540, 317C257E-4E07-43C6-9090-FF1AC8…)


No. 1002946

It wasn't always like this and I feel like it's gotten worse very recently. IDK if some psychos joined 2 weeks, a month ago or more, but some posts are super off. Farmers were bitchy in the past, but in a more reasonable way (as a general example and in my experience)

No. 1002957

Jesus Christ I've only been here for a day and had enough.

Me: talking about new workplace, mentions what kind of benefit packages there are
Mother: can these benefits be used by family members too? You should choose option so I could travel to X! I also have to get my teeth done so the dental insurance would also come in handy (says this as if it was the most natural thing in the world)
Me: …
Me: I'm the one working here. These are my benefits.
Mother: haha sure


Me coming home after a walk I took because I wanted to be alone
Mother: why did you take your phone for the walk? Were you talking to someone haha? Who was it??

Someone save me.

No. 1002963

Thank you for replying, I appreciate you

No. 1002966

Hang in there anon, she sounds like a handful.

No. 1002967

Nta but You’re right. Maybe they need their own bitchin’ thread

No. 1002970

Oh man, I see how that could make socializing harder. Is there a bar or cafe where grad students chill? Maybe sharing a study space could open up convos. Way to go though, I support your drive and hard work

No. 1002974

I made a silly mistake at work and called myself retarded and my shift acted super offended over it. She even called it the 'R word' wtf

No. 1002977

Tell them you have a learning disability and you're allowed to reclaim it for yourself, make fun of them for being tryhard and neurotypical
I have a learning disability and I use the R word all the time

No. 1002984

I just got back from my piercing appointment and after maybe 10 minutes of my mother not saying anything, she went full passive aggressive at me. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch?

I know she resents me for not being married but holy fuck can't you act like an adult for once? WHY do you have to comment? Just shut your mouth instead of being rude, I don't comment on anything about you so why can't you??

I'm so tired of her calling me fat despite being muscular, making retarded comments about anything I do, eat, watch, wear etc.. You don't get to live through me you fucking cunt, get over it

No. 1002985

The other day I had plans to meet someone so I was daydreaming and having a 'practice conversation' in my head on my way there lol. I hit a moment in the made up convo where I called one of my interests retarded and then panicked when I remembered you can't do that irl.

See you just need to have more practice conversations..

No. 1002996

I really want this job… it's perfect. Today after the second interview (went well) I was asked for 2 references. I fucked up by not trying to get in touch with anyone in advance. One reference got back to me, but the only other one I have isn't answering. I've been self-employed the past 2 years, and don't talk to anyone from my old fast-food/shitty retail jobs. Also I have no friends, so can't ask anyone to lie for me kek. I'm probably fucked. I'd be so happy to do this work, it's something I've always wanted to do, and of course I messed it up. Oh well.

No. 1002998

I can’t think of any place where grad students hang out in but you just inspired me to reach out to some people that I was on friendly terms. Idk but I always struggled to hold a conversation with people in my major.

I feel like I’ll forever stay salty towards art communities in general. People actually get surprised when they find out I draw or am into art then get annoyed when they realize I don’t hold the same anti-capitalist/social science lite views they have.

No. 1003019

i feel this kek. i had a rich friend once with actual depression (diagnosed and everything) and of course, bc of it, his daddy was paying for his rent, hobbies, etc. so he could rot in his expensive apartment in peace.
on one hand it's like yeah, i get it, you're sad…but i'm sad too and unlike you i don't have anyone to provide for me

No. 1003022

File: 1640289676657.gif (3.27 MB, 480x270, 995BB4335DDFAB7436.gif)

i love, love love love my mother but i wish i didn't have to go home for the holidays. i'd rather stay at my own place and watch anime/play ffxiv/etc.

No. 1003025

I really cannot get over why people compliment me, at all. I am not attractive. But I get all these comments indicating so. It shocks me, really, especially because I wasn't so good at makeup the past year or so and my hair isn't so great in terms of how I style it. It just weirds me the fuck out. At least other girls I see don't style themselves the way I did in terms of my face and hair. I look better now, but only marginally. It squicks me out.

No. 1003033

Big same, anon.

No. 1003037

If I fixed my posture and developed core strength I might be an hourglass instead of a pear shape. I think my face betrays my body or the way I dress. Yet, standing straight is hard. Especially when stoned.

No. 1003042

File: 1640291914599.jpeg (19.45 KB, 275x270, 8E1E7F19-EDCB-4762-BD48-CB8E56…)

>trying to find women-only hiking/camping groups
>keep seeing ‘anyone who identifies as a woman welcome!’
>pics of the groups are always gender conforming women in full faces of makeup, clearly just doing this for instagram

i hate this world

No. 1003044

Anon, no cap, it's just FaceApp, I'm afraid to be ugly in front of the iGrammy girls.

No. 1003059

Dunno nonnie
I’m just still crying about getting called incoherent rn. But whining aside I should contact my psychiatrist I guess and she’ll have a talk with me next year but it will be something.
This world is not for me maybe I’ll go full schizo and have my own visual simulation because my entire existence and life sux. Idk what to do.

No. 1003071

I hate cooking and cleaning for my family, looking nice for my boyfriend, meal planning and grocery shopping and making sure everyone is taken care of, listened and paid attention to. I hate working to make money for them in addition to this. It’s probably all just too much at once, get I never do it all in one day, I’m so behind on everything. It’s overwhelming to not hit my quotas and my marks when they’re supposed to happen, like being too late to buy groceries, then not having dinner, relaxing too long so now I can’t put on makeup, then being so overwhelmed I’ll do nothing for hours on end on end on end. I don’t know what I want or what I want to do. I don’t even feel like decorating for Christmas tonight.
I hate cooking dinner.
It’s just mess upon mess upon mess. Whenever you cook the dinner you’re standing in the middle of the mess, whenever you clean the mess you’re standing in the mess. I wish I could clean from afar. I wish I could be standing in bigger room with my arms stretched out to reach what I’m doing, I wish the floor was clean and wasn’t full of crumbs and sticky shit getting all over the bottom of my socks and making them wet, wet on my sleeves too. Just give me a day where it’s all done or just give me tbe will to want to do it to enjoy it to like being active and doing things.
I hate this house so much.
I blame my moid that we don’t live in a bigger nicer one.
Not even asking for much, this one is just so broken

No. 1003075

I wish I was your friend so I could come over and help clean and do meal prep. I found a really good chicken tortilla soup recipe that's easy to make 4 family sized batches at once with. Lmk if you want it nonnie, sorry stuff sucks, I know how it goes

No. 1003081

Please just tell me he ain't shit. I'm literally never talking to scrotes again, i've learned my lesson. ffs. why do i have to be such a dumb bitch

No. 1003083

What happened?

No. 1003102

Idgi, are you living with your boyfriend but are you also taking care of your family? Is your bf doing anything to help you, you sound overworked.

No. 1003103

my bf just asked me to not break up, but that he wants to (just) fuck other girls, also I'm not allowed to fuck other guys because it makes him jealous but I'm allowed to sleep with girls…. wth

No. 1003108

Those are the words of an ex bf

No. 1003110

File: 1640296033401.jpg (75.92 KB, 640x960, EWQkZ7fUEAEqBib.jpg)

d u m p him, anon

No. 1003111

Fuck another man and then tell him it's ok because they idenify as a woman. Sorted.

No. 1003114

You can do a lot better than that anon, he is a trash fire for even suggesting it

No. 1003116

get a bird and train it to steal it

No. 1003118

It triggers my BPD so much reading feminist theory and it makes me want to go apeshit on my man, but I'm glad I've gotten to a point where I can read triggering stuff and buy him roses with a love letter I wrote at work for when I get home.

No. 1003119

Wonder who he has lined up

No. 1003121

Don't let him disrespect and use you. Get rid of him so you can open up to the possibility of meeting a guy who's 100% loyal and dedicated to you.

No. 1003123

File: 1640297084341.jpg (277.84 KB, 1125x1685, Tumblr_l_106930987660092.jpg)

And I bet you still won't end it, they never do

No. 1003125

I should have thought of this before but my home country is doing test to release, which means 2-3 days of no escape from my dysfunctional family. Usually when I visit I'll more or less stay outside until it's time to sleep. It's a hoarders house too, like the beds are seen as storage space during the day, just for it to be dumped on the floor when it's bedtime, THAT messy and full of shit.

My mom is very needy and selectively deaf when I tell her I need alone time. I'm the most permissive one to her behavior in that I try be patient when she will enter the room i'm staying in literally every 5 mintues to ask a question. It's obvious she wants attention, but when I try dedicate time to her it's never enough and it's just non stop. She's just needy and anxious, but sweet so I feel terrible when I ice her out just to get some peace.

Then with my dad it's like walking on eggshells. I can do something consistently 5 times in a row without a peep from him, then on the 6th he'll blow up at me. But we don't really talk so it's not as bad as mom.

I just don't know what I'll do with myself. The house is small, cluttered and hostile, plus I'll be nitpicked if I do anything other than go on my laptop or watch TV. I'll be nitpicked for that too, but there's only so much material they have with those things.

No. 1003130

Why are you shitting on the girl in picrel instead of the scrote? Is there a larger story I am unaware of?
Love how victim blaming women instead of focusing on scrotes is somehow framed as based and pinkpilled nowadays

No. 1003131

This is the 2nd year I'm alone for xmas. The years just blend together because I never do anything for holidays. No special meals, no one to cook for me or cook with me. No one to give presents or get presents from. Just one shitty, unremarkable day after the other for two years in a row now. No one in my family will come see me. Not because of drama. They just can't be fucked. I have no friends. If I didn't have my pets I would kill myself. I really would. Sometimes I wish I didn't have them so I could do it. I don't even have a car anymore and it's so cold out I can't be fucked to go to the liquor store and buy booze. At least I could be drunk. Maybe tomorrow.

No. 1003136

Kekkk this

No. 1003143

Bitch what? Are you one of those agitated anons who just wants to argue about nothing in every thread? Im lamenting how often women get shit on, post about it online, and don't listen to anyone telling them to drop him.

>Love how victim blaming women instead of focusing on scrotes is somehow framed as based and pinkpilled nowadays

And I love these extrapolating cunty posts. I assume the next reply will deduce that I am causing the downfall of womankind and am both a man and a pedo.

No. 1003148

How can I develop a better sense of self? Not bpd, but I've come to find that my self-esteem has gotten pretty low and I am perpetually uncomfortable with myself in the presence of others and tend to (negatively) compare myself to everyone. I feel like if I had a clearer idea of who I am, then I could also have a clearer idea of my positive traits and be more secure in myself. I even started seeing a therapist two weeks ago because of shit self-esteem (among other issues) and she told me to think about who I really am, but I just draw a blank and don't know where to start.

No. 1003149

Ikr? she's so fucking annoying, i wish she stfu for like a year nobody needs her shitty ""callouts""

No. 1003152

Babe get some kitchen slippers, roll up your sleeves and get washing gloves, and stop wearing the makeup unless you're going out on a fancy night. The rest like you being a housemaid on top of working is something you need to discuss with your family/partner, it's completely unacceptable to not have a helping hand. You'll probably breakdown before you even address this issue by the sounds of it though.

No. 1003153

Everyday I have to see family treat my brothers like kings, while they treat me like a servant. It's impossible not to become bitter. Everything they do is excused, coddled, celebrated, they get so much support and love, yet still act like little tyrants. I'm aborting any male fetus when I have kids, fuckers have infested this earth too much.

No. 1003156

I doubt I am who you two are talking about. I find the "they never do" comments unnerving and condescending.
>And I love these extrapolating cunty posts.
How was that cunty? Just a bit sarcastic. Your statement toward that anon was shitty, don't pretend like it was neutral or empathetic.
>her shitty ""callouts""
a disagreement isn't a ~"callout"~

No. 1003163

My scrote is supposed to leave tonight or tomorrow to go visit his family for xmas. My job asked me if i could work the 25th and i said yes because i need money and tbh i really don't like christmas.
But now this asshole is moping around acting like he has covid and is probably going to cancel his trip. Omicron or not, i know him so all i can see is a case of the fucking man flu. I was really looking forward to having the house to myself for a couple days but it's starting to look like when I'm not at work I'm going to have to babysit his needy ass. Ugh thanks for ruining my solo anti xmas you whiny man-baby.

No. 1003168

Even if you don't have anyone to share it with, why not make yourself something nice to eat for Christmas dinner (or if you can't be assed, buy yourself something tasty from the grocery store and save it to eat on Christmas). Maybe put on your favorite movie/tv show or read a favorite book (getting drunk simultaneously also sounds like a nice idea). I know the holidays can be especially lonely, but even if it's just you I think there's still reason to celebrate and treat yourself. Though I know that if you're feeling depressed and not great already it might be hard to muster up the energy to do those things. I spent Thanksgiving by myself this year (I know it's not the same) and honestly it was a lot more enjoyable than when I usually go home only because I had the whole day to myself to do whatever I wanted. And if anything, I'm sure your pets are happy they'll get to spend Christmas with you, nona.

No. 1003179

anon, i needed this advice. thank you

No. 1003180

Thanks anon. I'm going to the store tomorrow, so I'll probably get some chocolates and booze. My favourite thing my mom would cook growing up was stuffing, so I might try to just make stuffing and mashed potatoes lol. And some shortbread cookies. I'm lazy so I'll probably buy those at the farmer's market.

It just sucks being alone again. Holidays were always a good way to break up the monotony. I hope it's not like this next year again, it's really lame and depressing. I don't think Covid helps either. The last 2 years have been a blur.

Anyway thanks for the kind reply. I hope you enjoy the holidays.

No. 1003184

Shit boggles my mind. Maybe it's a western thing? Women groups are huge in Asia and there's actual women involved. Tranny shit begone. I just want to hang out with my girl friends and not worry about men. (I live in the states atm)

No. 1003188

Sounds like he's already cheating on you. Girl. love yourself

No. 1003190


Wtf is wrong with you ladies dating men who disrespect you and make you into a bang maid?

No. 1003197

Bc women in Asian countries haven't had their female bonds fucked up by isolating everyone into nuclear families (vs generational), leaving them too drained taking care of house by self to maintain friendships.

No. 1003201

45 year old friend started using they, fucking why, it's bad enough that all my 25 year old fujo friends are all Aidening out like they're braindead teenagers but I thought that at least she would be safe from this shit.

On a related note, I've seen a lot of tweets lately that are like "No one is too old to become Nonbinary! If you think to yourself "I'd have used they pronouns when I was 13" then you need to start doing it!" No bitch, it's called maturing and growing a brain.

No. 1003203

Anon, generational living for Asian women means living with their husband and becoming their in laws slave-daughter. You can't seriously think they do less housework than western women in nuclear families,they have even more people to wait on hand and foot.

No. 1003204

>call OBGYN where I have an appointment but can't remember the exact date/time
>google says they're open til 5, it's 3
>guy answers the phone
>I have an appointment in january, I just need to know when it is exactly
>"gotcha. the office is closed for the holidays, it will be open again on monday"
>…. okay, but I just need to know when my appointment is in january
>"sorry, I can't give you that information after hours, you'll have to call back on monday, I only take calls for medical emergencies"

????? you're an OBGYN office, why are you taking calls for "medical emergencies", isn't that what 911 is for. I just need my appointment so I can schedule around it goddamn it

No. 1003206

I would camp with you, anon. Hope you find something

No. 1003208

References aren't the most important thing. Good luck!

No. 1003210

What the fuck, why would they call themselves tomboys…

No. 1003211

I'm 1003163 and def not a bangmaid lol. I love his dumb ass, even though he's a fucking drama queen. I'm just salty bc my plans for tomorrow night were to eat shitty takeout, hang out with my pets and maybe drop acid by myself without having to think about christmas or anyone else's shit. Being alone on xmas makes me feel entitled to being a selfish asshole.

No. 1003212

because attention is more important than anything so they abuse hashtags. you'll see trans people flip-flopping on being trans when being their actual sex is somehow in their favor.

No. 1003213

File: 1640304958634.jpeg (725.18 KB, 1564x1564, 25ABD036-3B7E-49D1-B440-ED839B…)

I always fall into fandoms after the majority of people have left. I want to geek out with other people …I want to get excited for new developments…I want to get excited for something again…

No. 1003215

Fair enough. The other day saw a he/they unironically say "I'm not a woman unless I'm talking about my experience with female oppression or it's funny" and it made me want to alog

No. 1003225

Wish life was a romcom movie and some handsome man is going to make a play for me this yuletime.

No. 1003228

Anyone feel like there's no use in caring about anything because ultimately nobody will care about that thing as much about you? Maybe it's just the autism speaking but whenever I get passionate about anything and try to talk about it with friends I just get ignored or made to feel like some kind of weirdo. My hobbies feel so lonely I don't even want to participate in them anymore.

No. 1003237

File: 1640307651551.jpeg (40.77 KB, 500x500, 29A04D9B-30C8-44BF-9716-0CF54C…)

i just shat around an hour ago, but my asshole is still on fire

No. 1003239

Why don't you just discuss niche hobbies online like everyone else? It's not realistic to expect friends to share all your interests, especially not if you wanna sperg out. But there are always other spergs on the internet who would be happy to.

No. 1003240

File: 1640307974209.jpeg (83.76 KB, 1200x798, 9A39B82F-D6B2-4B9C-AF16-A22386…)

My hot dog fell on the floor, so I boiled it for longer and ate it anyways, my new life motto is “if I die I die”

No. 1003241

This. Also it's kinda lame to only care about stuff/have hobbies if you can talk about them. Figure out what you like for yourself.

No. 1003244

File: 1640308360331.jpeg (189.96 KB, 1242x557, F1853A0C-C02F-4915-B5A6-D5EE26…)

Nta but I feel like I’ve ascended now that I’ve seen this written, I like my hobbies because I enjoy them, not because I have to sperg with everyone else about them, this makes me feel lighter, because now understand that I’m not a shitty person for just not wanting to share every single aspect of my life with the world.

No. 1003248

I wish I lived alone. I'm so grateful to have a stable living situation but I can't stand people trying to control me and I fucking hate noise. I just wish I could come home from work and be alone all day. I want my own place that I can decorate how the fuck I want, I want to be able to do anything any time without anyone being up my ass about it. Leave me alone already. The housemarket in my country is absolutely fucked so no way I'll get even a crummy studio apartment. I can't stand being around people all day. My mom is a bpdfag and much as I love her it's so tiring to have every single mistake you make be blown out of proportion. God if you're reading this, please kill me.

No. 1003255

I fucking hate this time of the year. I'm always depressed in winter and Christmas makes me even sadder. I hate snow and cold and heating bills. My job is extra terrible this year, especially lately, and I'm so stressed my heart problems are rearing their ugly head again, and I guess I will really need a pacemaker soon, at fucking 30.

No. 1003257

Reminds me of that super popular inceloid post from 4chan where some loser is ranting about how women at parties are boring because they don't talk about his interests and he only tolerates them because he wants vagina on his face. And if it wasn't for that he would always rather be home talking to his loser friends online about star wars.

It always enraged me because only an extremely boring person would be unable to enjoy normal conversations rather than indepth discussions about obscure interests (not that star wars is even remotely obscure lmao). That is peak fucking boring and anyone with a crumb of charisma or self awareness can embrace casual chatting and small talk without delving into their autistic passions.

Not saying anon is like that, I just wanted to vent because it still makes me seethe years later.

No. 1003263

God same, that stupid incel thinks he's all that lmao i would roast him so hard if i ever got to meet such a pretentious moid irl

No. 1003264

What's this image from?

No. 1003267

nta but what should i do if i can't enjoy any real life conversation at all. can't even fake it either

No. 1003268

I hate xmas because it remembers me how my family would gather up to "stay all together" and after lunch the broken family dynamics would play and they always ended up screaming at each other, plus I lived away from my family and felt extra anxious about being affectionate with people seeing me basically once a year, touching me with their lunch-dirty hands and such.I can't help about feeling anxious and sad everytime this time of the year comes around.
Plus I hate noise and screaming and they would do that nonstop and scold me for wanting some alone time and they shittalked me everytime december came, making jokes like "eh, Anon is depressed as always, eh????" just because I said I didn't want to go.
Now these things don't happen anymore and I'm glad, I live on my own but because of that I have a very strong boundary about my personal spaces and when I start seeing xmas decorations, songs and such, I have this uncontrollable urge to run home and shut down everything and wake up after mid January. I hate it, I really do. And most of all, I hate how the media and culture treats it as something you have to like and celebrate, if the mood was more subtle and intimate, it wont bother me.

No. 1003273

They are traitors, you're right.

No. 1003274

Literally all I wanted was a new hoodie to replace my old one that got stained, and my mom keeps insisting on trying to give me an old hand-me-downs or flimsy stuff from thrift stores. I wasn't even asking her for one in the first place, she asked me if I wanted a new one and I said "sure" since there was nothing else I wanted for Christmas. We're not even poor, she has plenty of money. I feel like such a brat complaining about a gift but I haven't gotten anything for the past few birthdays and hardly anything on Christmases cause I don't ask for much. I just feel kinda offended that she's doing everything she can to avoid spending over 10 bucks on a gift for me on fucking Christmas.

No. 1003275

I got my mom an expensive candle for christmas and im really regretting it, every gift ive got her shes regifted or tossed out. I remember when i was 14 and was super into making polymer clay charms I made a big charm of her favorite things and she fucking tossed it in the medicine basket, I’m 18 now and it’s been there since kek.

No. 1003277

File: 1640310969555.jpeg (216.67 KB, 736x1190, 004D0F03-AA8A-4984-A921-179972…)

It’s from this fanart of rook hunt from twisted wonderland, a thirst trap gacha game made by Disney.

No. 1003278

there's plenty of redit/4chan maleposts ive seen that are like "eating a whole ham & drinking wine alone for xmas again kek fuck my dad" so idk its possible to enjoy it alone. I stopped going home because of covid excuse & my troon sister has a disturbing moustache and its been a lot better lmayo

No. 1003280

hate how people dance around the gender question. it's like, you agree with me that what we call "gender" is essentially a bundle of stereotypes. you agree with me that you do not "feel like a woman" unless you're acting out a stereotype – what's a "woman" then? what makes someone a "woman"? what commonality do we share that he does not, and never will?
just answer it clearly for me and i'll stop asking it every time you bring up trans shit

No. 1003282

>can’t enjoy any real life conversation at all
Idk, nonnie, It’s honestly not that difficult, while I do enjoy listening to people sperging about their hobbies that often seem to be special interests because of how autistic they are about the things they talk about sometimes it’s nice to talk about stuff like work, life at home and such, maybe about funny memories or interesting stuff that’s not necessarily a hobby.
Like how someone could bring up a news article they read and then the conversation shifts to stuff related to the article like technology or the future.
Maybe I’m not as autistic as the doctors say that I am after all, maybe I’m masking amazingly, maybe it’s maybeline.

No. 1003283

i miss the days back in high schools where i could join some random fandom public discord server and make a a lot of friends… nowadays it’s all 15 year olds and people my age are living their irl lives so i am just hyperfixating alone like the retard i am i am pretty sure i wasn’t supposed to live past high school

No. 1003284

The thing is that I don't even want to celebrate it. I work from home, so my ideal day for xmas is working (extra money yay) and then choose a nice movie/anime to watch and get comfy. Maybe some milk tea and beef potato stew, anything that makes me feel like I'm being cuddled and relaxed. I have friends and boyfriend but they're not obligated to spend time with me and I love giving gifts to them. Damn I'm hungry now.
Anyway, I lost around 25lbs this year and this a new thing for me and I've been feeling colder than the usual, plus I'm on my period and aching, damn….

No. 1003285

i hate talking about most of those things honestly…then there's other situations where i literally can't think of anything to say at all

No. 1003291

Absolutely nothing dries me up quicker than a daddy kink. Please free my people from this.

No. 1003292

Oh my gosh, I could have written this (minus the part about my m being bpd, she has other issues though)

we'll get out of this someday nonnie

No. 1003302

Dad has an abscessed tooth. I'm so tempted to just shell out the money from my own pocket to get it fixed but I'm broke, and my mother would be so pissed off.
But he doesn't have a job and despite being a veteran with insurance related to that (I think) he doesn't have dental. I hate this.

No. 1003306

File: 1640315935497.png (687.72 KB, 851x639, E4vwldzXIAA9X3Q.png)

this christmas is gonna be so drpressing. fuck family drama and fuck grandma and mum for having 0 chill and fuck my uncle for marrying an insufferable bitch

No. 1003318

I'm tired. I just am. It's tiring. I hate this.

No. 1003320

If being a loner doesn't bother you, you can just embrace being asocial. I mean be polite if you have no choice in talking to someone but there's no shame in keeping to yourself if you don't enjoy socialising.

If it does bother you, I would have to question why since you apparently find other people boring.

No. 1003332

Went to my aunt and uncle's place for dinner and a gift exchange. My cousin showed with his baby and wife.
The wife is several years older than me but I do try to make small talk. I was telling her about the house I bought this year, and how I did compromise on many things but how I was thankful to not have to rent anymore ​and was showing pics of the rennovations I had done myself. Like I really do want a bigger kitchen and it's a shame that I have no space for an actual dining area since I love to cook and entertain.

This bitch proceeds to humblebrag about how she totes settled too on the amazing 5 bedroom big house my doctor cousin bought for them and was telling me how she has such compromises too and what she did to "rennovate." Like the super huuuuge cabinets in her kitchen of her five year old totally ooooooold house. Those had such an odd divide in the middle that she got a friend to come take out the divide and install pull out shelving. Uuuuughhhuuuu such compromises! Oh and she insisted that she have 5 bedrooms but admitted that was a small amount to have considering the office was considered a bedroom and what ever shall she do if multiple people go visit? And oh "Can I see pictures of your house again anon? Yeah popcorn ceilings and closed staircase, it does make your home look like a rental from the 80s I can see why you'd want to change it, my old home doesn't have a single popcorn ceiling in it."
Couldn't even talk to her about husband problems cause she said how she hired help to clean their giant home.

Gee lady, must be nice to spend your husband's money to pick up after him and have a baby with a doctor so you won't ever have to lift a finger. Fuck I hate her homely ass, the worst part is she comes from a rich family with a privileged background that she doesn't even care how offensive this shit sounds to people who actually have to work for a living.

No. 1003336

File: 1640320818231.png (44.53 KB, 300x223, thumb_im-dead-inside-anime-irl…)

I started fucking a guy I work with. I've been in a relationship for over 10 years.

I thought I'd at least feel guilty but I feel nothing.

No. 1003344

What do you do when you feel like you hate the people that you love the most?

No. 1003348

File: 1640321934070.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

No. 1003370

Give your partner the gift of being single for the new year; at least consider how your actions are affecting them.

No. 1003373

File: 1640326534825.gif (1.45 MB, 600x338, 3E2B145C-D3F9-4AFB-912D-5C39FB…)

This man really is trying skirt around the fact I’ve caught him red handed lying and is just sitting in silence after I called him out.

Just admit you have no self esteem or self respect, and own up to this fuckery you started.
Instead you sit there and try to change the subject as if nothing is wrong.
32 years old and doesn’t have the balls to own up to his dumb actions, wow some men are a complete loss cause. I hate sharing a living space with such limp dick energy.

I’m really going to enjoy giving him the eviction notice Jan 1st. I’m gonna enjoy my new fitness space!

No. 1003377

>I’m really going to enjoy giving him the eviction notice Jan 1st
That sounds fun! What did he lie about?

No. 1003378

Started talking to my ex gf again after nearly 6 years of no communication. I didn't get in touch with her cuz I assumed I was a persona non grata but ever since I got my shit together I thought I should shoot my shot. Basically poured my heart out to her expressing how much I miss her and we've actually had a good back and forth of a couple messages, I'm hanging onto her every word though and it's driving me crazy. The timestamp on my last message to her indicates that she's opened it several times in the last couple days but still hasn't replied. There could be a lot of reasons for that obviously, I just hope I haven't said anything to make her uncomfortable. I don't wanna be a pest and I don't want her to feel pressured into flattering me or talking to me at all if she doesn't want to. I can't stop looking at our messages, looking at pictures of her, thinking about her, writing poems about her. I know it's pathetic, I don't care I can deal live with that, i just don't wanna be imposing.

No. 1003381

Nonnie, honestly, it’s some backwoods southern-trailer-trash-drama tier bullshit that needs 2 go and leave my personal space. It would take an essay, and unfortunately I gotta get some rest and head to work in the am. You would think grown ass men would hide their lies better. Weak, we deserve better challenges and deceit, in the least.

No. 1003383

You gotta slow ya roll Cupid, she’s gotta process all of this too on top of the holidays. She needs time to reflect and reply.

No. 1003396

File: 1640330707180.jpeg (30.99 KB, 500x457, A812017E-C5B9-45BB-84DD-C4E615…)

I vented about my failson uncle last thread, now he’s with us for Christmas and everything he does and says is fucking aggravating me. He’s crying about being a poorfag, as if it’s the governments fault that he’s a terminal failure to launch working the same menial office job at 48. He bitched out both my mom and grandma, even though it’s my moms house he’s staying at and it was my grandma who drove him the 3 hours here because my grandpa is too blind to drive and he doesn’t have his license. He maybe has the least social awareness of any person I’ve met. Africa by Toto was playing on the radio just a minute ago and, no joke, he immediately started searching Africa techno remixes and playing them out loud on his phone while the rest of us were trying to have an adult conversation. My grandma brought up one of his ex girlfriends who “bled him dry” and then joked about how he didn’t have much to bleed to begin with and I could see a vein standing out on his forehead. How can two people who raised three functional daughters not only tolerate but implicitly encourage their sons being such disasters?

No. 1003408

You're the anon with the wife-beating uncle? Good luck having to deal with him for the holidays, I hope he won't chimp out at some point because he seems like some kind of public danger.

No. 1003412

>My grandma brought up one of his ex girlfriends who “bled him dry” and then joked about how he didn’t have much to bleed to begin with and I could see a vein standing out on his forehead
You have no idea how much this made me kek. Please wish your grandma a very merry Christmas from me (Nonatella)

No. 1003413

>The timestamp on my last message to her indicates that she's opened it several times in the last couple days

Is there an app that shows something like this?

No. 1003417

Sorry to hear that nonna, I'm sure we will ♥

No. 1003419

No one can see me for my broken tooth due to the holidays, 28th is the soonest which isn't that bad I guess. I can feel it cracked and loose. Fuckin sucks. I swear I cracked it in my sleep, my jaw had been tense from stress for weeks leading up to this but who knows. I take care of my teeth best I can but drinking fucked them up a bit. There isn't much pain thank god, more than manageable with low dose painkillers and I can chew soft foods on the other side of my mouth without much discomfort. I'm terrified though, I keep panicking every other hour and wish I could just get it over with, I don't want it to escalate somehow. I've never dealt with any big dental issues before, only a few cavities. Just talking to a few friends and family members let me know it could me so much worse based on their own personal dental experiences so that calms me down a bit.

No. 1003424

Ayrt but not the one you mentioned, fortunately. This guy doesn’t even have a wife to beat kek. I am lowkey worried about him doing some dumb shit either this weekend or in the near future. Even my mom said after he went to bed that he seemed angrier and more resentful than usual when in the past he’s just kind of been a benevolent loser.
Kek I’m glad you enjoyed nona, I’ll be sure to hug my grandma extra tight tomorrow morning. Feliz Navidad

No. 1003445

That post is so popular. A really long-winded way of saying they hate women. They shut their ears purposely, just like they'll claim a female comedian is unfunny before having heard her speak at all.

No. 1003446

Good for your nonnie (if your partner is male)

No. 1003455

I wish anons would just report the infighting instead of joining in with whatever comment. It just adds fuel to the fire, and I'm sure someone is baiting the reaction

No. 1003458

File: 1640340690123.jpeg (236.88 KB, 559x649, 33448329-B2B5-43BD-9E69-035E3B…)

Samefag, I forgot the best part: during dinner we got into discussing politics and he straight up said “I hate the rich” like some zoomer Twitter socialist. He also started bitching about landlords and homeowners (because his dumb ass is still renting in his late 40s) and tried owning my parents over the fact that they own a rental and a holiday home, the latter of which he is staying at and whose owners are feeding him. He said specifically “I hate people who own three houses or more, that’s too much,” and my mom tried to laugh and say “well we own three houses” and he leaned back with a shit-eating grin and said “yeah that’s why I said it.” I wanted to fucking slap him. We were also discussing news presenters and he described a weather lady as “the one with the chunky legs” when he hasn’t got a single defined muscle in his whole body. I could fill a novel with all his sperg-outs, if Christmas Day provides any good milk I’ll be sure to share it here first kek.

No. 1003463

We were supposed to get groceries for a nice christmas dinner (and like nothing fancy, just nice) but this bitch flacked on me last minute.
No way I'm doing this alone.
I picked up my meds, some heavy beer and I think I'll fuck myself up alone.
He doesn't care about celebration. It's my bad for still being upset about it. I'm going to do my thing. He'll look at this phone and I'll be blissfully high.
Fuck. I would walk away if we weren't that entangled financially.
My goal for 22 is to have enough nest money to be able to move out.

No. 1003465

God you're boring

No. 1003476

File: 1640342875136.png (539.33 KB, 832x823, EoLf1L3XYAQK4Rx.png)

Failson uncles are truly something else. It's astounding. My mum has finally realised how much of an absolute deadshit her brother is (to be fair he's legitimately a little bit brain damaged because he was dropped on his head as an infant, but it goes well beyond that), now that he's gone all-in on the covid conspiracy theory bullshit (alongside general QAnon fuckwittery) with my gran. He was always mummy's golden boy, but it's intensified now that she has someone who's on board with all her schizo word vomit. He resigned from his job at a hospital because HR were investigating the anti-vax group he had set up, and if he got fired he'd lose his benefits lmfao.

I've made the choice to skip out on christmas lunch with my family because he's decided to make the drive up to my grandparent's place. My state just instated mask mandates for indoor gatherings so I'd absolutely wear a mask and eat my lunch outside in the garden because I don't trust his plague rat arse, and I know he'd give me shit for it. At this point I have no tolerance for his smug ben shapiro cum guzzling faggotry, and I'd genuinely punch on, and spit in his mouth to boot. Take my fucking spike proteins, you little bitch.

So instead I'm just doing a christmas movie marathon via discord with friends, because it absolutely beats sitting at a table where you're the only person there under the age of 50. They're all sane too, which is nice, because if I have to hear about GESARA and the RV one more time I swear to god I'm going to chicken mcfucking lose it.

No. 1003486

My last relationship was so toxic and the people I met through my ex so vile that I still have not reentered the dating world nearly 2 years later. I don't want to die alone but I can not be assed.

No. 1003487

>Telling his parents he hates them
>I hate the rich
>Other childish and rude behavior

This man is in his late 40s? Jesus, he woulda been disowned or at least estranged in my family decades ago for this behavior.

No. 1003496

be careful nonnie, a lot of people seem to be near their breaking point lately

No. 1003502

Why do poly people chimp out when they discover their partner(s) have 'cheated?' Seriously they grace their partners with the ability to fuck whoever. Nobody feels empathy when a poly person takes back their cheater for the 19th time because–oh–it would have been okay had he just told them first. Either one wants monogamy or there isn't a relationship to cheat against.
For some reason poly women are the most desperate and pathetic about this, they must have low self-worth to think they have to live this way to keep moids around.

No. 1003504

When I was a child I grew up in extreme poverty and I was not educated, I did not go to kindergarten and did not go to school until second grade and I was born in a 3rd world country to a severely dysfunctional and poor family. My mother began developing extreme mental illness when I was 5 and she began shouting and having breakdowns in front of me where she would hit herself in the head and break things until I pissed myself. There was dog shit in the house and we did not have a toilet, electricity or running water. When I was 7 almost 8 I began being molested by my neighbor, he was 20 year old at the time. He molested me for 3 months, made me suck his dick daily, made me drink his piss, beat me, made me smear shit on my face. When I told my grandmother she beat me and told me I was a whore and that it was all my fault. Because of my environment I began developing sociopathic tendencies. After this I developed extreme dissociation, panic attacks and anger. I began killing animals and I molested other children and mind you I was 8 years old. Then my father adopted me and he had more money, I was put in school and slowly humanized although I suffered abuse from his side of the family too. I would never hurt a person or an animal now, I have a cat. I feel sorry for poor people and for people suffering and I'm highly empathic because I've suffered so much. I have opened up to a retarded incel and told him this and now he is using this against me to try to hurt me and justify doxxing me. Sending my friends my nudes and posting nudes with my real name on the internet because I told him my environment was so inhumane and I was so abused I began hurting others at 8. If he doesn't stop I will doxx him here since I met him on lolcow.

No. 1003506

And this is why you refrain from going on discord on an anonymous site.

No. 1003507

I'm sorry for what you've been through but you should never, ever send a nude to anyone or even take any naked photos of yourself. Men view them like trading cards and/or blackmail material

No. 1003508

I gave my number in twitter dm to a girl I know and she invited me over to a party and now I’m worried Jack has stolen my phone number. I know this is schizo behavior but i am extremely paranoid right now. I’d never used my phone number in any social media before

No. 1003510

I really hope people don't jump on you for opening up to a scrote because I want to hear some advice. You're not alone in your experience. I'm not sure how much I'm "supposed to" let people know about my past because it impacted me severely. How can I lie about everything? The lies unravel with the slightest tug and I'm sick of isolating myself. After anyone learns my past they take it as an OK to abuse me too.

No. 1003511

Im so sorry nonnies I have compromised my opsec

No. 1003514

File: 1640350609989.png (154.09 KB, 1161x624, 269684478_241203821470056_7970…)

he's tried to make me harm myself told me to carve his name into my skin before and now he is using my severe abuse and doxxed me for something my environment conditioned me to do at 8 with lack of support or understanding of the world. He is trying to make me kill myself. He has posted my nudes and full real name on the internet and is getting his pick me's to attack me. He hates women. All his posts on facebook are about how he hates women. Im going to kill myself today and just so you know it is all because of Steven Michael from Pheonix who is using something I was conditioned into doing at 8

Today I am killing myself because Steven Michael from Phenoix who is using my severe abuse and mental illness against me. He is using something I did at 8 that I opened to him about. He hates women and targets mentally ill women from lolcow to try ruin their lives he managed to make me kill myself. STEVEN MICHAEL FROM PHEONIX HAS RUINED MY LIFE AND MADE ME TAKE MY LIFE ON 24TH TODAY HE HATES WOMEN AND SPECIFICALLY TARGETED ME INTO KILL MYSELF AND HE WILL NEVER BE PUNISHED FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE TO ME. HE HAS POSTED NUDES AND MY PERSONAL INFORMATION MY REAL NAME AND TOWN ON THE INTERNET. STEVEN MICHAEL IS A MURDERER AND HE HAS MADE ME COMMIT SUICIDE TODAY

No. 1003519

Please don't kill yourself anon, I beg you please please please, what happened to you is inhumane, but please don't let the psycho win. I don't know what to say, I'm just heartbroken for you and I don't want your story to end up like this.
Wish I could murder the pos

No. 1003520

Downing some kratom just so I can feel some happiness like a normal person on Christmas

No. 1003521

steven michael from pheonix has made me kill myself today because he has posted my nudes, location and real name on the internet making me unable to continue my life because I opened up to him about being severly abused at 8 being raped, living in misery, having no family, no resources and being conditioned by my environemnt into hurting animals and developing sociopathy at that age, everyone from the town i grew up in is in prison, dead, a prostitues or deals drugs now DUE TO THE ENVIRONMENT they grew up in. Steven Michael is an incel from Phenoix that hates women and lies about being abused to make mentally ill and vulnerable women open up to him only to hurt him later. He lies about being abused to make women open up to him, he is a sociopath. He has told me about how he wants to hurt women and he hates women. I am killing myself today because he has ruined my life due to being abused. He has posted my location, full real name and nudes on the internet to punish me for being abused. he hates women and has contacted me on lolcow and has pretended to be a woman for 1 month only to hurt me he has lied and pretend to be a woman on lolcow. He has told me to carve his name in my body and I refused to he said he intentionally targets BPD women. Today I am killing myself because Steven Michael has pretnded to be a woman on lolcow he hates women and is trying to hurt them. Steven Michael has ruined my life, doxxed me and tried to get public opinion against me

No. 1003524

steven michael is a highly dangerous person and he must be punished for taking my life today on 24th in the Christmas eve. I am killing myself because of Steven Michael. Steven Michael from phenoix has pushed me willingly into suicide today. He hates women and only has followers that hate women. He must be punished for making me kill myself

No. 1003525

Don't let him win anon.

No. 1003526


No. 1003527

I'm just imaginging the reverse scenario and what would happen to a woman who would publicly humiliate a scrote after opening up to her about his trauma. That's how serial killers are made and people would actually empathize.
Remember when we convicted and jailed a woman because when a scrote threatened to kill himself for the umpteenth time, she replied "Do it"?

But no, because you're a woman you deserved this treatment. I mean, why didn't you do x and y differently? That's what you get for being vulnerable. Surely you know women have to play 5D chess to keep scrotes decent, including predicting if they will choose to emotionally torment us.

This is fucking awful. But yeah don't kill yourself, he'd probably jerk off to that too. The best revenge is to live a good life anon.

No. 1003529

agreed that he would enjoy it too much. if you regret doxing him and opening up on here, just think of it as exposing him. because I'll for sure be thinking of something to do to him

No. 1003531

Since he is an Americunt, couldn't he be reported for doxing? Can something be done?

No. 1003534

File: 1640351486183.png (7.93 KB, 364x72, evil.png)


No. 1003535

And revenge porn too, surely?

No. 1003538

link his socials, nonnie. his name is really common

No. 1003539

If this is real, he just saw you were an abuse victim and decided to join in. Like when a woman asked for help after being raped and then several more men rape her instead of helping her.

As soon as a man sees someone is a victim they will jump on board, the path well trodden.
You are not at fault, no child is at fault for being abused. Abusers are at fault for taking advantage of people.

To you and other anons who have been abused, it is not your fault

These people will get their karma but you don't need to be the one to do it. What he is doing is wrong and literally illegal. Nobody thinks this is ok.

No. 1003540

File: 1640351644750.jpg (17.48 KB, 236x354, 165ff5d39c3ce8849652348ab9c08f…)

I've been single and generally havent had sex in a few years for a variety of reasons ranging from SSRIs making my libido low, the pandemic, "trauma" from when I was a teen brainwashed by sex posi culture that made me sleep with men who didnt care about me, intimacy issues etc. I'm in my mid 20s. My mom has been "gently" bugging me about me being single for a long time now and Ive kinda got annoyed with it so to calm her down I told her about a guy I went on a date with and that I've been talking to. Today my mom asked me what the guy in question thinks of my paintings and I told her he hasnt seen them. To which she said "oh so he hasnt been over? Despite you living alone for such a long time?" She never mentionned the word sex but it was very obvious she was shocked we diddnt have sex yet. And to be honest, we probably never will, the guy is nice but theres just not so much chemistry between us (and i think the feeling is mutual). But considering my mom used to straight up call me a slut back in the days, and considering she was very "prude"-ish herself at my age, I do really feel like there's something wrong with me for basicly not sleeping with anyone for years even though I'm at the age people usually have the most sex.

The thing is, I really really just don't want to have sex with a guy who has no interest in me besides sex and I'm starting to believe thats impossible for me. I do think men can fall in love etc but just not with me. I have a decent social life, I'm not socially awkward or anything but I'm a 3 on a bad day and a 5 on a good day. Maybe a 6 if I make a huge effort. Which of course is enough for some guys but I have the kind of personality that necessites a girl to be at least a 7 for it to work. This all sounds retarded but I am feeling like I'm practicly waisting my "best" years but the alternative is to what? Let men who dont care about me use me? I cant even talk about this to my friends because it's too embarassing to admit that I think no man could ever truly love me while all my friends have had men actually love them.

No. 1003542

>The best revenge is to live a good life anon.

The best revenge is to live a good life, to thrive, never let them win.

No. 1003544

Could someone from USA do something, or the anon herself even though she is not living there? She has all the details and is in an extra vulnerable position (probably shouldn't trust anyone else with them). I just want some action to be taken, that motherfucker cannot get off scott free from all of that

No. 1003545

I don't live in America. Can you please report this person to the authorities if you are American. We have met on lolcow and he has pretended to be a woman. I still live in a 3rd world country and im poor. He has posted my name and nudes on the internet. His name is Steven Michael and he is from Phenoix, Arizona. He is urging me to kill myself and hurt myself and has doxxed me and posted revenge porn of me and I must be demonized if anyone ever finds out about this it will be my fault because women are always to be blamed in society if a scrote was manipulated and targeted by a woman like I was and killed himself although he would have abused animals at 8 he would have been excused by society because society excuses men for any sort of atrocity while as a woman you could be abused and wronged your entire life and if you make a wrong step the entire society will hate and punish you for taking a wrong step for being abused and conditioned into that. HE MANIPULATED AND LIED TO ME AND ACTED LIKE A WOMAN FOR 1 MONTH. HE IS AN INCEL SOCIOPATH

No. 1003546

NTA but I found him by typing in 'Steven Michael phoenix'. It's a troon-looking long haired guy.

No. 1003547

Please stay safe anon. And link his socials so we can report. Please find someone you know and talk to them, don’t let this horrible man hurt you.

No. 1003549

seconding that last anon, link his socials

No. 1003550

didon't work for m at all, link him please

No. 1003555

File: 1640352857217.png (9.92 KB, 343x148, blabla444.png)

Steven Michael, Arizona Pheonix. Blonde, long haired

No. 1003556

I cried reading this post because it’s sad.
But then
No one missed the part where she said she molested kids?

No. 1003557

nonnie I am sure there are some mason verger kins reading right now

No. 1003558

christ anon, I'm so sorry. For what it's worth, any reasonable person will not judge you for what you did at eight years old as a result of horrofic abuse. If i learned all that about a friend of mine I wouldn't judge or hate them, just feel deeply sorry for them. Please don't kill yourself, don't let that waste of oxygen piece of shit win. Post more caps like >>1003555 this if you can btw, doxing isn't a crime but encouraging self harm or suicide is

No. 1003559

File: 1640353219129.png (12.85 KB, 281x139, killyourselfcunt.png)

No. 1003560

>But no, because you're a woman you deserved this treatment. I mean, why didn't you do x and y differently? That's what you get for being vulnerable. Surely you know women have to play 5D chess to keep scrotes decent, including predicting if they will choose to emotionally torment us.
You're right anon, but this uh..might not be the best thing to point out to someone threatening to kill themselves

No. 1003561

I’m legit scared of op and the guy she talked to
May just be because i googled mason verger though
Can all the retards that are stanning OP not tell her to dox him or else he might send his army here and he’ll post her shit here. Mods will delete but idk who the fuck will save it.
I just wanna close this tab. Why can’t we prevent drama but not causing it?

No. 1003565

>he’ll post her shit here
This is what I was thinking too. OP, if he has any information about you at all on his social media then please be careful about what you post.

No. 1003569

I mean, at his point, what could possibly happen? I honestly don’t see the big deal of doxxing him, she won’t get thrown in jail and he already posted her information everywhere, there’s nothing to lose.
I just think American anons should post his information and caps on sites like Phoenix, Arizona Facebook groups if possible and such, preferably with male accounts so he’s threatened, and if he’s reading this, so he goes apeshit to some random guy who will put him in his place.
Because like, it’s also a matter of protecting other women, maybe not third worlders like me or that anon, but women in the USA who may also fall for his tricks and who he might actually hurt because they’re in the same state.
And what will he do? Post what she said in here? Her nudes? Her story? We’re grown ass adults, we can just close the tab and report the images, it’s all we can do.

No. 1003570

File: 1640353976953.jpg (5.18 KB, 259x194, be strong.jpg)


Please don't kill yourself Nonnie, even if he smears shit on your name you'll always be able to find a place somewhere. You'll find friends. Getting cancelled is not the end of the world, especially since you can explain why/are sorry for what you did!

THIS. This site is fun and can feel like a welcoming space, but never let it get too personal, nonnies.

No. 1003572

I’m just still so grossed out that she’s molested kids.
So OP, I don’t want to (you) OP, I wouldn’t know which of the many posts you’ve made I should direct this to anyways, but OP, screw that guy, and definitely don’t kill yourself.

Even I, who finds you disturbing, don’t judge you for internet dating that uggo or for making nudes or for getting abused. I just judge you for the fact that you’ve molested kids.

Proceed to vent though, I highly encourage it, fuck the mods. But you need to realize that killing yourself over that clown makes you dumber. Apply for refugee status, change your name, live a new life if you’re in a muslim country. The fact that you’re so honest makes you a better person than most, so don’t kill yourself. We hate that guy and we don’t know who you are and we will never know. So enjoy the rest of the 24th day please. Sleep, drink, read. Calm down.

No. 1003576

No I agree that it is gross, but I also don't want to judge people who molested other people as kids too hard. It's not normal and I think a lot of it has to do with their environment. Of course I also feel horrible for the people they also possibly traumatized.

No. 1003577

Play a low stress vidya or watch a low stress show that you can pause or stop playing easily

No. 1003578


Obviously it isn't ok, but it sounded like she herself was also a kid at the time?

I consider that a fucked up kid who needs help, not abuse. If she was an adult when she did it, it'd be abuse.

No. 1003579

Samefagging to ad, she says in the post she was 8 years old when she did it.

No. 1003580

Creep show brought newfags plus around holidays some people get stressed. I wouldn't take it too personally anon.

No. 1003581

File: 1640354733196.png (107.3 KB, 1599x881, Untitled.png)

No. 1003583

>friend finder thread
>incel trannies lurking to find damaged women to abuse
can't fucking have shit in detroit. and moids wonder why farmers are uwu so mean to them. fuck

No. 1003584

Everytime I see someone who looks really cool on the crystal cafe friend finder thread, I remind myself of shit like this, log off and go outside

No. 1003585

Well I don’t want to be too negative since OP’s crying her eyes out as we speak. But if the majority in this thread doesn’t find it so bad as I do, it should encourage her to get more street wise and apply for refugee status in yurop since we can all agree that nobody gives a shit about nudes. Steven whatever his name is, is retarded. And ugly. From what I could see.

No. 1003586

File: 1640354917730.jpeg (253.42 KB, 720x1560, y5pCYL1.jpeg)

No. 1003588

See this is what I mean. Now the troon is gonna leak her shit. American farmers, take down the pedo for the former pedo. Now.
Hey retard you’re ugly.

No. 1003589

>former pedo

No. 1003591

Oh yeah she was only 8. So she couldn’t have been a pedo or molester at all.
>you belong in prison
The irony. You’re the vile one who should be in prison. How old are you anyways?

No. 1003594

I was 8 years old. I lived in extreme poverty in 3rd world village with people with backwards mentality. I had no running water, didnt go to school, didnt have food, had no awareness of the world. I was severly abused and had no parental guidance. My mother started developing mental illness and my grandma took care of me. I was an abused child with no support system. A 20 year old man raped me for 3 months until I developed sociopathic traits. In 3rd world because of poverty and abuse most people end up with sociopathic traits. Fortunately a wealthier side of my family picked me up at 8 shortly after that happened. Before I molested children and killed animals at 8 years old a 20 year old man made me suck his dick for 3 months and tortured me and when my grandma found out she punished me and that man that did that to me never got punished and I never got support or education or therapy for being sexually abused at that age. All the kids from the village I grew up in are in prison (males) and the women are prostitues and still live in extreme poverty. This is what extreme poverty does to you and lack of resources and a fucked up environment. In the village I lived as a kid the kids would obsesively talk about sex and molest each other. He is posting my information doxxing me because I opened up to him about something very personal. He is posting my information and doxxing me and framing it like I'm a molester NOW and I am abusing animals NOW. I am highly empathetic now after I've gone through all that abuse and I wouldn't hurt a fly. I have a loving cat and I want to help poor people and poor children living in poverty because I know how much it dehumanizes you but I am still pretty poor myself but nothing compared to what I went through in my childhood.>>1003581 why are you posting this and taking it out of context???? I have told you to take the misinformation you've posted about me. You've posted my personal information on the internet to frame me like a child molester and animal abuser, you lead me on and pretended to be a woman from an all women imageboard. You are making me appear like a sociopathic killer when I was just a 8 year old child reacting to my horrible environment. You are the evil sociopathic one Steven Michael, you are also an attention whore that hates women and you want to get attention on lolcow from women. You've told me you enjoy hurting women, that you think modern women are whores and you want to ruin them. You are framing me as a sociopathic killer for something I did at 8 while I was raped for 3 months but you find nothing wrong with trying to ruin the life of a mentally damaged woman at your age 26 years old. You find nothing wrong with sharing something private I told you and taking it out of context to frame me like a sociopath. Why are you not talking about how the guy that raped me when I was 8 and he was 20 for 3 months until I developed sociopathic tendencies? Why are you not talking about yourself a 26 year old male that pretends to be a woman on a woman's imageboard. You began doxxing me and taking something personal I have told you completely out of context. You're urging me to kill myself. I have told you multiple times I am suicidal. You are a sociopath. At least me having sociopathic tendencies at 8 due to severe abuse and mistreatment is justified but you're a grown ass man saying he loves BPD women and praying on mentally ill women and pretending to be a woman on an imageboard and taking things I have said outt of context to make me appear like an evil molester aanimal kiler when I was fucking 8 years old in the worst most degrading environment. He is 26 years old and I am 22.

No. 1003597

I can't find him either, did he delete everything ?

nonnie, what social media is he using for doxing ? There is way to report this type of thing I think, is there any way we can help you ?

No. 1003599

Sshh i don’t want to bring that to attention anymore. I know she was a kid but most kids are sociopath like and disgusting..saying this as somebody who was bullied heavily by kids.

For now I want americans to report the american retard because he’s a sad low pathetic individual.
We love you nonnie. We don’t want you to kill yourself. Study in my country, the Netherlands, maybe we’ll meet and I’ll give you a tour.

No. 1003601

File: 1640355805138.jpg (36.2 KB, 750x540, cry.jpg)

Another day with no furry companion in my home

No. 1003602

Have you spoke about him before? Is it Joules/Joyless?
Why are anon(s) adding MALES from here? Is that not a red flag?
I'm sorry for everything you've been through nonnie but please don't open up to guys from here.

No. 1003604

He manipulated me and pretended to be a woman

No. 1003605

I was thinking the exact same thing, we should remain anonymous even if we add people from here, create alt accounts and keep our friends there, at this point, we should assume everyone in the friend finder thread is a male.

No. 1003606

Respectfully, you and your man are way too involved in his life. Tell him to stop venting to y'all if he wants to date hoes, and don't ask him about his relationships. You're on lolcow getting personally mad over a dick that doesn't penetrate you and that's not good for your health. Tell him to get it together or move in with someone else

No. 1003607

Nonnie I know it's hard but if you harm yourself you're giving him what he wants. He seems to want to hurt women and get a feeling of power from targeting mentally ill and vulnerable women. You can get through this and you deserve a good life and a good future, if you end your life now that possibility is forever ended. You'll be okay. You've gotten through worse before. Like another anon said, don't let him win.

No. 1003608


I do not understand the mentality of cheaters. If you're tired of fucking him dump him. But you're a pussy at the end of the day so you won't. Hope you get caught and publicly shamed <3

No. 1003609

Imagine stanning for men on lolcow.
Men who are cheated on deserve it.
They won't fuck you nonna.

No. 1003610

Probably best to encourage more voice verification if anyone adds someone from here then? Not like that's fool proof but it's at least something. Just a very short voice chat?

No. 1003611


Does anyone know if you have to be in the same state to do something? I have nothing but time and I live in the U.S. I'd love to report this scrote just tell me what to say and do

No. 1003612

>find a rare man that doesn't hate women
>cheat on him for reasons that aren't his fault
>he now hates women
All this does is create more shit men.

No. 1003613

No one deserves to be cheated on you sociopath. It's not stanning to point out when a woman, or alleged woman is being a trash human being.

No. 1003615

imagine not only using twitterfag language but using it incorrectly. and, they quite literally will fuck me or you or anything with a pulse

No. 1003616

come on anon she wasn't "stanning men", she was rightfully telling a cheater to grow a spine

No. 1003617

american men are trash. they literally get shit out their mothers and live coddled with no view of anyone but themselves. this guy is 100% a tranny who is lashing out on this "easy target" gorgeous girl. he's just like the guy who tried to become me. he's so ridiculously privileged and deranged from not living in reality that he should really just kill himself. I'm honestly hoping that men start to find media that convinces them to kill themselves. the "mommy wants you to kill herself so she can start dating again" hentai is fuckedc up but it's extremely based. I want to see more male suicide. simply put, I want to watch men die.

No. 1003619

So he doxxed the anon here. What a retard. Of course what she did was morally wrong but she herself has grown past that and knows now that what she did wasn't right. He's speaking about her as if she still kills animals and molests children, but it seems she hasn't done that in years. People can change, it's rare but it's not impossible. Meanwhile he lies and pretends to be a woman to prey on the vulnerable, tries to get her to kill herself and carve his name into her body etc. I really hope the anon here is okay. It angers me how one sided he's making it seem.

No. 1003621


I hope that everyone commenting on his shit are using throw away accounts. Also OP he linked your Facebook so anyone who clicks your link can see your face and where you're from

No. 1003622

All scrotes would do the same if given the chance, who gives a fuck? You have no way to prove he isn't a shitty person too, he surely just hides it better

No. 1003623

File: 1640357011159.jpg (40.88 KB, 268x823, a9b94a7c8cb61319fc6111586ba6b0…)

Keep taking the blue pill.
Surely if us women keep in line and are never selfish, men will hate us less right?

No. 1003625


who cares about the scrote? Cheating is scumbag behavior no matter how much Twitter rotted your brain and told you it's ok if it's a man. It shows low impulse control, spinelessness, disloyalty and like I said, cheaters are pussies and cowards who don't have the backbone to leave relationships that make them unhappy. But keep thinking she's doing something bold and feminist by being female scum I guess

No. 1003626

Nobody deserves to get cheated on. It's pathetic when both men and women do it. Just break up. It's not that hard.

No. 1003628

Hating cheaters doesn't mean you stan men, anon. It's not a gender thing.

No. 1003629

Yes anon everyone is a bad person and everyone is out to get you. No good people exist so why do good things at all amirite

No. 1003630

you think acting like a man makes you better or smarter than them but it just makes you a shitty person
>taking the bluepill
do you hear yourself

No. 1003632

>>1003612 this reads like something that a scrote from /r9k/ would write so he can screencap it and post about how all women are cheating whores.

No. 1003633

Based post. You're right nonnie and don't let anyone tell you that you're not!

No. 1003634

Nonnies men will continue to game and cheat you no matter how many virtue politics and moral outrage you display here.

No. 1003640

I'm not interested in dating men, so nah. I hate cheaters regardless of gender. I don't have to support everything someone else does just because they are a woman.

No. 1003641


And I'll continue to have morals and not compromise them because ~all men are pigs~. Just say you're a spineless pathetic person and go already. You're not going to have anyone even slightly intelligent on your side. Take your hot take back to Twitter

No. 1003642

Women cheat for different reasons than men do. Men cheat just because they can and when there aren't even problems in relationships.
Don't claim women are cowardly when leaving a relationship could leave them homeless or in danger. Women I've known to be cheating cheated because their scrotes were being useless or abusive.
It's not the same thing.

Keep thinking playing decent to men will make you special and save you though. Look what happened to anon several posts upthread.

No. 1003643

I wouldn't be surprised if the scote that doxxed 3rd world chan posted this as some sort of bait. I hope he remembers to screenshot my replies because women with pride and standards don't stoop to something as pathetic as cheating. If we're unhappy we just leave and move on to the next like adults. Cheating is like sneaking out of your moms house as a teenager to go party with friends. Childish shit.

No. 1003644

>Yes anon everyone is a bad person. No good people exist
Men aren't people, pickme

No. 1003645

It's still cowardly even if she's at risk of homelessness. As someone who was at risk if I left I can say this confidently. A woman who's cheating is a coward no matter what. Take your ass to a homeless shelter, it's better to spend a few months there than forever with a scrote you don't even like

No. 1003646

I don’t know what 3rd world shithole you’re from but if you’re like me he wouldn’t be able to trace you if he had your full name and address, kek. Most people here are comfortable with doxing themselves on social media because of how hard it is to trace someone, unlike in the US. He knows your name? Thousands of girls who share your name, and if you go by an un-Western naming system, then it’s not thousands, it’s thousands of thousands of thousands. Your address? Still won’t be able to pin you down. And who hangs out on Discord and Lolcow where you live? I’ve only seen 2, 3 anons here from my country. He’s doing….nothing. Doxxing doesn’t work in the third-world. If you’re worried delete all socials with your real name/use a nickname, delete your Discord account, and be more careful with men LARPing as women here and cc.

Trust me anon, doxxing only works in the first world. Most thirdies I know be posting their full fucking names and addresses and their universities online, no worries just vibes.

No. 1003647

>Women I've known to be cheating cheated because their scrotes were being useless or abusive.
So the solution is not to get out of that situation but to fuck more men? This makes no sense.
>Men cheat just because they can and when there aren't even problems in relationships.
Why would getting into another sexual relationship with another man be a positive outcome?

No. 1003648

>any opinion I don't find moral is a scrote
You've lost this replies ago.
You sound pathetic spamming about your moral highgrounds on lolcow of all places.

No. 1003649

File: 1640357811083.jpeg (94.15 KB, 750x808, 1A255FB3-B92C-4E62-9C3B-7784AB…)

Nonnie, I will take my ban, but I think you’re nice and that you shouldn’t worry about this faggot who better kill himself soon, preferably in a few hours because he’s a pathetic waste of oxygen and resources, and if he fails in killing himself, I hope he keeps on trying because the only thing he does is annoy everyone with his existence.
Your past is in the past and you deserve good things, nonnie, have a cute Angel to lift your spirits, be not afraid.

No. 1003652

No. 1003653

thank you so much for this post, anon. i say the same thing often and deal with ball-fanning, oblivious capers like above on the daily and it's so aggravating. men cheat just to cheat, for novelty, and for no reason at all. women typically cheat because they are being mistreated, neglected even after coming to their partner and asking for more, or when they're being cheated on already by these men. any woman pulling "both sides" on women vs men cheating is getting played hard.

No. 1003655

>you're cowardly if you don't want to be homeless
You've never had no place to go and it's evident.
>I did it even though I was at risk
You happened to survive. The most dangerous time for women is when they leave a relationship.

You have no idea what those women are dealing with and you never will.
They're not the reason why men hate us, that much I know.

No. 1003657

No one cares about your shitty blogpost. Not everyone is the same, and sorry, not going to shame women who are at risk of being homeless in order to break my back and cape for people who would turn on me without a second thought.

No. 1003658

Why are you all assuming abuse for the sake of an argument?

No. 1003659

But if a woman is in a bad relationship with a scrote, why does cheating on her existing man with another one make any sense? Wouldn't the common sense solution just to be to avoid men completely? The reasoning behind this argument is fucking retarded.

No. 1003660

Because people who are in love with people who they find out are cheating on them aren't thinking rationally and also sometimes people who are cheated on want to try to hurt the person who hurt them? It usually doesn't work but these are typically actions made while still actively sorting through the wreckage of being cheated on and blindsided by someone you care about. It's not the most rational thing. I'm not going to claim the woman is in the wrong for reactionary cheating after some porn-addled, limpdicked loser cheats on her first, though.

No. 1003661

File: 1640358316384.jpg (20.37 KB, 300x300, index.jpg)

It'll be alright, anon. He's a pathetic faggot with nothing in his life, and that's why he targeted you. He thinks you have something he doesn't (you do lol, imagine bouncing back from your shitty childhood and being comfy on imageboards/Discord and caring for a cat, while he with all his privileges is a living shitheap incel with no one to love, no capacity to love in the first place and no one who will ever actually love him), and he wants to take you down a notch. Fuck him. Anyone with eyes can see you're not the villain here
And you know what? No one fucking cares. No one will know this shit about you, he's not going to fly to your third world country and plaster shit on the walls of your city. Even if he does, who will care and who will believe him? Based on what? Obviously fakeable Discord screenshots from some random person named "Kafkaesqueroach"? Random nudes anyone could've hacked from your devices (and if your face isn't in them, how will anyone know if they're even you - piece of shit could've collected nudes, legally or illegally, from anywhere)? In a country you say is full of criminals and prostitutes who've probably done things 1000x worse than you? Fuck off. We don't even know if these anonymous posts are the same incel samefagging and trying to call attention to you so he can further frame you
Unlike him, you don't live in some high-surveillance shithole like the US or the UK where everyone knows the last time you took a shit, and since you come from a background of poverty, there's no name to ruin. All this shit means nothing to anyone, and will never be traced to you, especially if you change your name or go by an alias. He can't do shit except sperg and scream into the void, but in his lifetime he will probably end up with charges for revenge porn, CP possession, harassment, etc and go to jail where he belongs. Even without that, watch him rope or overdose the moment anyone with the least bit of power over his worthless roach life catches wind of all his internet tough guy "carve my name into your skin" failed transgender/Reiko NEET antics and throws him out on the streets. Literally it's over for him if this even reaches a FB page for his town, especially if other girls and women come out about his shit, but you can just fade out because of all the reasons I mentioned here and you don't habitually do what he does
He just knows you're emotionally vulnerable and is trying to scare you because he's less than shit. Just close the fucking tab and let him bitch and cry to other incels and worthless pick-mes. It's all gonna be okay.
(had to post this three times because I keep wanting to add things, I'm autistic sorry)

No. 1003662


Because the girls want to cheat in peace. I know plenty of female cheaters that did it for the lulz. Cheating is scumbag behavior no matter what and if you're cheating to not be homeless you should leave the guy you're with and have the new guy support you. If you're cheating because your needs aren't met leave the guy who isn't meeting your needs. Why would you make a bad situation worse by involving ANOTHER scrote?

No. 1003663

She thinks she's doing something flexing how ~moral and mature~ she is on a imageboard kek, who gives a fuck? Bitch stfu

No. 1003667

Because adults have entanglements, anon. Finances, living spaces, and families. Unless you're still a college student or a single young adult many women don't have the independence and support systems to leverage themselves out of bad relationships by just packing their bags one day. They either seek out what they lack to make it through their day or secure a better prospect to leave.

You're pissed because you're being reminded that not every woman is a young late teen making stupid relationship mistakes for funsies.
The claim that started this argument was that female cheaters make men hate us.
Yeah, fuck you. Quit making women responsible for men's emotions and grow up to see that life is more complicated than your two-choice rpgs.

No. 1003669


I'm sorry you're allergic to healthy relationships and would rather have a bunch of toxic ones. Any man willing to help you cheat is also scum tho boo

No. 1003670

Nta, but what are you even talking about at this point? The OP didn't say any of this. You guys are infighting just to infight.

No. 1003673

assuming women never do any wrong in relationships is fucking retarded and it tells me you dont talk to women irl. I've known multiple women who cheated without being abused/mistreated/neglected, simply because they found someone they liked more. I don't think they're horrible people or that women as a whole are as bad as men. but what a stupid hill to die on lol

No. 1003675

>It's still cowardly even if she's at risk of homelessness
You know you are wrong for this one, for such a "moral" person you're full of shit, as expected

No. 1003676

i haven't said women always cheat for legitimate reasons outside of novelty and lust. they do so at much higher rates than men do, though.

No. 1003678

How does cheating help in this scenario though? Is the other guy giving her money or a place to stay or just crusty dick? I understand needing to survive but if you're financially dependent on a dude and you cheat on him, you're a stupid coward unless the other dude has more money and is willing to support you because once the OG scrote finds out he's going to be the one to leave you.

No. 1003681

No, I'm right. See my other comment. If you're not going to leave the OG scrote you're a stupid coward and cheating is just putting an egg on your face.

No. 1003682

You're going to be real shocked when you realize 99% of men would help you cheat, lmao.

No. 1003683

>aren't thinking rationally
>It usually doesn't work
So cheating is irrational and not a good thing to do?

>I'm not going to claim the woman is in the wrong for reactionary cheating after some porn-addled, limpdicked loser cheats on her first, though.

Where is there any indication that OP's scrote did any of this? She had been with him for 10 years. If the relationship was abusive I'm assuming she would have left him.

Again why is getting involved with another man a good move in that situation? One man is shit, so now there's two men that are shit. The effort used in obtaining scrote attention would be better spent in getting out.

No. 1003686


Not really, I'm aware they're all trash. Not sure why y'all want to cheat on people so badly but whatever. It's a-okay if a woman does it because she's only doing it out of necessity.

No. 1003687

ok, why assume that's anon's case? why write whole fanfictions to defend her in a hypothetical scenario? it's so pointless and stupid

No. 1003690

seconding this very based post, couldn't have put it in any better way

No. 1003691

>How does cheating help in this scenario though?
Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.

The point which you are so desperately trying to crawl away and distance from is that women cheating has no impact on the way men treat us whatsoever. It never has, and it never will. Men need to be their own adults and if a woman cheats on them it's their responsibility to assess it and not assign stereotypes to every one they meet.

No. 1003692

I just don't understand what do you think you accomplish moralfagging anonymously on a niche imageboard
I'll never judge a women who is at risk of poverty and can't leave her scrote, cope

No. 1003693

Because it's lolcow and the girls wanna be contrary for the sake of being contrary. The OG poster mentioned nothing of homelessness, abuse or neglect. She's doing it cuz she's bored but pointing that out somehow makes me the pickmeif only they knew

No. 1003694

>She's doing it cuz she's bored

She didn't say that either…she just said she felt nothing which sounds like an emotional issue to me but go off.

No. 1003695

My cousin came back home for Christmas and she hasn't bothered contacting me. I told her to have a nice trip the day she was flying back and she hasn't messaged me again. Her father did call mine though. She even talked to him for a bit. So I don't understand what's up. We used to be pretty close, too. We have similar interests and hobbies. I keep asking myself what the fuck I've done wrong. I'm sorry if I'm overdramatic (I probably am) but this is giving a lot of anxiety since I've been ghosted by friends before.
Just needed to get this out of my chest, I guess.

No. 1003696

>The point which you are so desperately trying to crawl away and distance from is that women cheating has no impact on the way men treat us whatsoever
You are arguing with multiple posters.

No. 1003697

>Where is there any indication that OP's scrote did any of this?
It's like you have never been with a moid is actually incredible how naive you are
She's so fixed on thinking OP is a bored, cheating whore, it makes me think she has a personal problem with women

No. 1003698

You and your several personalities are still idiots. You caped for the same OP, join your shitty rank.

No. 1003703

It doesn't help unless the second guy wants to help her. I'm not the one that said the shit about men hating women because some of them cheat. If a man thinks all women are cheating whores that's his problem and we have nothing to do with that. Some of y'all have rocks for brains because if you're in a situation that makes you unhappy and you're being taken care of, you need to work on independence before hoping on a new dick. Hop on indeed and get a job, adding another man to the mix will not help you. I have sympathy for women who are financial dependent on men they don't like until they do some dumb shit like cheat with a man who isn't giving her money or a place to stay.

No. 1003705


She has a job, therefore has a means to leave if she's unhappy. She won't because she's pathetic. If he's not fulfilling her emotionally, cheating is doing both of them a disservice.

No. 1003709

You're right, i think it has to do more with strategy than morals, it's obvious getting in a relationship while you're in a bad place (mentally or economically) is not a good idea

No. 1003710

File: 1640360070949.jpg (53.4 KB, 421x600, the-annunciation.jpg)

all of you cheaters and non cheaters need to shut the hell up, congratulations to the scrote who got exactly what he wanted by opening this topic

No. 1003712

OP is >>1003336. OP means original post. It is either used to refer to the opening post of a thread or the initial post that starts a discussion.

No. 1003714


That's all I'm saying. People in here acting like cheating is going to solve the problem of a woman not being able to support herself. You have to cheat or else you'll be homeless? The math is not mathing. If the only thing standing between you and homelessness is a man, cheating on him is the dumbest thing you can do unless you're in love with the other dude and he's going to take care of you when scrote one find out about you. Women who are in positions where they hate the man they're with but stay because they can't survive on their own are not hoping on the next man's dick without at least the promise of financial security.

No. 1003715

8 years old is old enough to know not to stab cats and throw them around til they're dead, I honestly don't care what happens to you. No one would here would ever excuse that shit coming from a moid, child or not.

No. 1003716

She didn't grow up as a typical 8 year old. She was abused so she lashed out on beings more defenseless than her, not a hard concept to understand

No. 1003718

The infighting reminds me of the time that I was caught up in a weird love triangle.
I was being neglected and not listened to by my long term ex and along comes this mutual who shows me a good time and makes sure my needs that my ex neglected were met. He tells me his lies about his relationship to put me at ease. I'm happier because it would have been complicated and dangerous to leave, and I did love my ex. I was angry.
My ex's behavior started to improve because I stopped begging and nagging. We paused the affair.

Well his main piece finds out. Because the guy was apparently poly and had multiple lovers and they STILL weren't enough. Turns out the guy cheats on her often and she's desperate enough to still want him. He had no actual relationship problems. So she sics one of her troglodyte women friends on me to shame me as if he didn't lie, and they didn't give a fuck what I was going through. The female friends just wanted their pound of flesh because the scrote had blocked them and escaped all social consequences while I got painted like some harlot. They weren't harassing me because they cared about the truth, they were harassing me because I became the outlet for their anger because I didn't hide unlike their cowardly scrote.

No different does this happen on lolcow. Women policing women without knowing their reasons, but you would post it here where women will listen and at least empathize with your points huh? You wouldn't bother posting this shit on 4chan or reddit because you know men deep down don't give a fuck and will stonewall you. If moralfagging here makes you feel better, then by all means, but I know what you really mean by this.

>t. someone cheated on by moids multiple times in 'perfect' relationships

No. 1003720

I was beaten all my life and I've never done anything close to what she's described, I don't have to forgive that sick shit because she was a kid. She was 8 when the abuse started, was she 8 when she started killing cats? Because I bet you she was a couple of years older. I'm supposed to just ignore her psychotic admissions because of what happened to her? Like I said, you wouldn't be giving that sympathy to a scrote. She's also the idiot who started a relationship with this creep. She even admitted to it more than a month ago, saying how pleased she was with the relationship, and when we all told her it was retarded to be with a guy who pretended to be a woman on LC, she got pissy with us. I'm sorry those things have happened to her, but I'm not going to pat her on the back and tell her "we love you nona", because I don't.

No. 1003724

Something with that anon doesn’t sit well with me. Seems like both are unreliable.

No. 1003727

"But if a man did it…!" is the #1 male/tranny/pick-me excuse. Shut the fuck up and stop trying to start another infight just like with the cheating sperg. This isn't r/AITA fuckface

No. 1003729

I understand you’re from a first world country but the amount of girls who were raped and molested by older men in third world countries is way bigger than you think, and none of the girls I know killed any cats/molested any children (though I do wonder what she means by molestation). Yes, they can be bullies and do questionable things like hit smaller kids, but anon just seems unreliable.

No. 1003730

File: 1640361080632.png (84.61 KB, 421x118, 1640360070949.png)

I swear to god, all of you…


No. 1003731

I love this picture.

No. 1003732

>8 years old is old enough to know not to stab cats and throw them around til they're dead
I guess it isn't old enough to know not to drown chickens?

No. 1003733

Right, I'm a man because I'm not going to play into her attention starved psychosis, anon. It's not enough that she's been posting about this for more than a month, or that she's spamming the thread with the same information over and over again. Whatever makes you feel like a better person.

No. 1003735

But nobody even knows what the OP's relationship was like so there's no point in defending her either.

No. 1003736

she says she was 8 when she did those things and then got taken away from that situation by her father at 9, when she stopped. did you even read her posts at all? and I wouldn't care even if shed killed someone at that age, she was 8 ffs

No. 1003737

No. 1003738

fml I have covid. very very ill and stuck on couch after traveling for christmas. all kinds of physical symptoms and also braindead & bored mental suffering. it’s like day 4 and only now can I browse and interact online. I was so inept I was dying in kirby’s dreamland 2. my voice sounds like a dusty skeleton necromancy’d against its will.

No. 1003741

Doing bad shit as a kid <<<<<doing bad shit as an adult. Both womanfaking creep scrote harassing her, and her abuser as a child, are legions worse people for enacting abuse knowingly as adults.

No. 1003742


She said she was forced to drink piss that's a little extreme. If she's telling the truth I can see how abuse like that can turn you absuive as well.

No. 1003743

were YOU abused? nta but why can't you understand that in child logic killing something that meant less to the people that hurt you (animals) is a "safer" outlet than hitting another kid who can and will tell on you, incurring more wrath from your abusers

No. 1003745

Based nonnie

No. 1003746

Get well soon nonnet!

No. 1003747

it's only old enough if you learned not to. A child who grew up neglected, abused and surrounded by violence repeating that violence on others, is not the same as a normal 1st world child who starts killing animals out of nowhere

No. 1003749

Nonnie, if you told a group of 8 years old that they can fly if they jump from a really high place, they will do it. At that age they don’t know anything, hell, there’s 18 years olds who are inept on their own and fall for drugs, troon out and fall for the onlyfans meme. At least cut some slack for someone who did reckless things as a child, Jesus Christ.

No. 1003751

I guess you're right? But it doesn't help me reconcile animals being drowned and stabbed and throw around. Like I mentioned above, I was beaten all my life by my parents and my two older brothers. I would get dragged around the house by my hair, I would get locked in closets, beaten with belts, and I've never done anything like that. Not even close.

No. 1003752

Whether that anon is morally sound or not, this Steven faggot is 10x worse. Ugly creep.
If any of you decide to add anyone from the friend finder thread, make them verify they're an actual girl in some way.

No. 1003754

I’m an anon who has mixed feelings about the romanian chick. I hate the scrote but I find her shit too. Poverty is no excuse to do any of that shit. I was a very vengeful individual but I always abused the person who abused ME back. Did you know that many third world scrotes on 4chan have been molested by women? Seems like if romanian chan was a male she’d be a nightmare. She is one technically already. I bet she’s a pick me. But hopefully this experience will make her ascend and change. I have seen some disturbing messages about how she’s still admiring serial killers of today. I will no longer white knight her, but I beg her to not kill herself for the very last time now. If it cheers her up, she seemed to be the best of her digital friends circle.

No. 1003757

She was a child. Most children aren't very aware of their actions. There have been documented cases of children acting like psychos because of their abuse that later became good people. She is no longer doing this. I was abused as a child and would scream and have emotional outbursts outside but I eventually straightened up. I do hope she stops interacting with creeps online and seeks therapy for her traumas.

No. 1003758


No. 1003759

Stop comparing your abuse to hers. Children process shit differently. She focused her rage outwards at defenseless beings your prob focused yours inwards. She's and adult now and unless she's still abusing animals and children she shouldn't be judged imo. She did terrible things as a child but grew up and realized she was wrong.

No. 1003760

>killed someone
You’re sick.

No. 1003761

Why did you molest those kids? What the hell. And why are you STILL admiring serial killers? You have bpd.

No. 1003762

she was supposed to abuse a 20 year man back, as an 8 year old?
>Did you know that many third world scrotes on 4chan have been molested by women?
no I didn't know and I don't believe it kek

No. 1003763

Honestly, the amount of detail and wording she uses to describe her abuse make it seem like a sick fantasy LARP to me, I wouldn't be surprised is she was Steven Michael from Phoenix Arizona.

No. 1003765

I’m cutting her slack and hoping that she heals, I’m just saying an extremely mentally unwell and unstable person isn’t the most reliable of people. And the guy is worse.

Because in all my childhood of seeing 70+ year old male relatives raping little girls in childhood beds, female acquaintances having FGM performed on them for telling on their male rapists and being beaten instead, men hitting women within an inch of their lives and killing cats in front of their daughters fo “teach them a lesson”, I have never seen a child reacting by murdering a cat. Trying to kick it or abuse animals maybe? Sure. Hitting other kids, toddlers? Absolutely. Killing cats? That’s a first, ngl. However I do doubt the “molestation” since she was a kid and could barely understand what she was doing; to her, “molesting” another was prolly as mechanical as fighting with another kid or putting on clothes. Just copying what adults do.

Anyway, I hope anon finds her peace and mental wellness, and leaves the internet for a while; she is not well enough to use it. This will happen again and again. I’ve seen it happen on Discord with countless mentally unstable women. She needs to seek help, somehow.

No. 1003766

Oh, anon, don’t you know? Kids literally know what they’re doing all of the time, that’s why pedophiles are pedophiles, they get seduced by kids, all of us are born with unlimited knowledge and we all know how to deal with everything perfectly even before they cut the umbilical cord.

No. 1003768

Samefag, but why is she here? Had she been quiet about this, no one would’ve known or cared. She’s just bringing more attention to herself. Anon is right, it’s prolly that Steven guy.

No. 1003769

She didn’t realize anything. I have lurked the circle she’s in and even white knighted her even though I had to stomach the fact they’re all racist pick-mes. She’s just burned and that’s why she’s crying here.
So you are only kinda saying that being vengeful is not a bad thing at all. Those fucking kids she’s molested were innocent too. For fucks sake. Can’t we admit they’re both cows?

No. 1003770

This. I don't give a fuck about the backstory of an 8 year old in a shit environment surrounded by shit adults. I refuse to make a child into the evil person in this scenario. I really don't care, this is someone under extreme abuse being abused by others. "She's unreliable", is this a fucking novel or TV show? Are we waiting for season 3? Shut the fuck up
She could be be Baby Hitler, and STILL nothing will change the fact that the man doxxing and threatening mentally ill young women on the internet needs to hang himself.
Someone said "I've seen some disturbing messages" - From where? Thank you for admitting you're from the same crowd of degenerate scrotes and trannies. I already suspected the moid and his concave brained pick mes were lurking ITT and trying to make the OP look worse. Steven Michael from Phoenix Arizona needs to get his ass beaten and dragged on the street like what would be done to him in an actual third world country - that's if any of this even happened and it's not just one moid posting RPs and pretending to be his own abused ex e-gf and jerking off to the responses

No. 1003772

no, someone is not a "cow" for something they did at the age of EIGHT

No. 1003773

I don't see the point in fighting about something anon did when she was 5/8 as a product of abuse and clearly regrets, when she admits to being a homophobic, tradthot (using this term loosely), serial killer fangirl. Not saying anyone should distract from the real issue, but if you're gonna shit on her use something recent.

No. 1003775

Can anons stop judging the abused anon, this is very serious. She obviously has her own troubles but as she's said she stopped acting out as a kid, that was 14 years ago now?
She doesn't deserve harassment from this worthless american basement-dwelling scrote for something she had no way to control as a small child. And she doesn't deserve judging now.

Voice verification plus some other form of female proofing seems to be vital since this scrote has caused so much drama in /ot by interacting cruelly with an abuse victim which he obviously targeted and picked up from lolcow intentionally.
What else can be used other than voice verify? Any ideas?

No. 1003777

>I have lurked the circle she’s in
Thank you, all I wanted to know. You are either one of the pick-mes or a scrote yourself. How long are you going to do the dirty work of a deranged moid? What's wrong with you? Do you even have two X chromosomes? You must definitely have a defective chromosome lurking around somewhere to think we're going to start calling an 8 year old a cow, especially on the same level of Steven Michael from Arizona with the long blond hair

No. 1003778

with everything she went through and what this tranny scrote is doing to her your main issue is that she's a "tradthot"? Log off for fucks sake. you and the anon calling her a cow. your brains are fried

No. 1003779

>but if you're gonna shit on her use something recent
this tbh

No. 1003780

True except when they seek attention. I think there’s a thread on cows who fap to richard ramirez and the likes.
She’d have been torn in the early days of lolcow, FYI.

We should ignore the thot and report steve michaels just for the fact he has a cringe circle.

No. 1003781

Please read
>Not saying anyone should distract from the real issue
Literally never said that was my main issue.

No. 1003782

>dated on discord

mental illness

No. 1003783

That cicle is probably some r9k pickme server which is why she is defending this retard steven asswipe.

No. 1003784

Sympathies to the anon here, please DO NOT kill yourself. It's so entirely not necessary. DO not listen to him, do not consider him. If you were severely abused, it is understandable how you'd take on violence and abuse yourself. It's very common and is a path abuse victims do take at times. Men do this, they bait and then use your vulnerabilities against you.

Just log off for a while, have a nice bath, have a glass of wine and try your best to relax. This person is horrible and I'm sorry this has happened.

No. 1003785

I don't get how no one else sees these posts as strange or suspicious? She's been posting about this guy for more than a month, she's part of a weird discord group, and she's spammed the thread with multiple long detailed paragraphs about her abuse and this Steven Michaels guy, while not acknowledging anons requests for his social media links. The way she talks and even in her own screen shots she seems like she's not well. She knew ten days into meeting this person that they were a man and even with the advice of LC telling her not to interact she continued to and even though this moid lied to her she spilled a detailed summary about the extreme abuse she suffered as a child? Including details about urine/shit, which are not necessary details to give someone you just met when discussing the fact that you have faced abuse. I don't fucking know. It's like the fact that she's a woman being harassed by a man makes all of your brains shut off and you can't tell that she's out of her fucking mind and just admitted to you to murdering many animals and molesting other children, and you just take her on her work, DESPITE her acting like a crazy person, that she only did those things when she was 8 and definitely doesn't do them anymore. Oh and also she apparently idolizes serial killers.

No. 1003786

Are you retarded? I mean his facebook page.

No. 1003787

I mean, voice verification is quite the best idea, I’ve seen scrotes ask pickmes for pictures so they can verify with them, so asking for someone to do a certain pose in a picture might not work.
Males are shit at doing female voices because of their unavoidable biological differences with us.

No. 1003791

I’m not defending him you retard. I just find it funny how this victim is idolizing serial killers at the age of 22. I lurked the circle on his facebook page. Tells you more about her whiteknights god I’m glad I’m neutralized.

No. 1003792

File: 1640362967160.gif (12.68 KB, 189x225, 25C45BFF-3522-470C-A717-D49F85…)

People can change. It's rare, but not impossible. Romanian-chan is clearly going through a tough time. I think Steven deserves more condemnation right now.

No. 1003793

She's obviously mentally ill and probably desperate for companionship. Not sure what's surprising about that. It's not like she's going to end up the most stable or able to act entirely rationally or have totally rational interests. Many such cases.

It doesn't mean she deserves this shit though.

No. 1003794

I don’t use discord and I certainly don’t wanna date anyone I know online. Craycray.

No. 1003795

lol at how derailed this thread has gotten. sad

No. 1003797

Her Facebook profile is gross and she is a pick-me pandering to mentally ill men online.
She does deserve judging. A few months ago she was doxxing twitch streamers she is jealous of in a Brittany Venti Discord and in snow. She tried to raid a server I was in with her friends last year and cried victim when we clapped back and found her camming profile. She is a former camgirl who has had a vendetta against other camgirls for years because they are prettier and more popular than her. She begs for money online from greasy men even when told it is a bad idea. All this money she uses to buy cheap clothes online instead of moving abroad or going to school.

She is the same anon posting about Western <rad fems> on here a few months ago. This girl is a mentally ill lolcow and so is every man she shows her tits to.

No. 1003798

You are totally right she definitely DOES NOT deserve this happening to her and I want to emphasize that my lack of ass kissing is not because I think it should.

No. 1003800

>She’d have been torn in the early days of lolcow, FYI.
yeah, you haughty VeTeRaNs and the stamina rose faggots loved to bully abused girls, all who were there know

No. 1003802

Probably to warn other anons since she said he was in the friend finder thread pretending to be a woman. That, and this is the vent thread. She's venting. Because she's hurt. She's not thinking logically right now, because she's hurt.

No. 1003803

Because it's not "anons" judging her, it's Steven and the other trannies and failed women. That exact post you replied to is the kind of bait that BPD moids love to post online. Special, individualized bait that outsiders won't realize is just that
They want her to reply more, try to defend herself, have more meltdowns, post in all caps and bring attention to herself. They've probably been doing this shit for ages. Steven Michael from Phoenix Arizona, every incel and every sub-IQ pick-me who defends him remove yourselves challenge

No. 1003804

>I have lurked the circle she’s in
So you know her personally? The fuck are you talking about?

No. 1003806

File: 1640363275838.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, 2A98C8B1-530B-4088-8277-8A23FF…)

Well said anon. Steven needs to have his internet access cut off permanently.

No. 1003808

File: 1640363281872.png (34.27 KB, 473x315, faggot.png)

mhhh what did he mean by this. If you are friends with him, and I cannot stress this enough, kill yourself

No. 1003809

Yup, I don’t know who this retarded steven autist is or who this wench is but I had the gut feeling when I defended her on his page that she’s a trashy cam girl. She’s from Romania how could we not have known that? All 4chan girls are like her and all 4chan guys are like him, and all 4channers have been molested trust me on that.
t. A drowned chicken with a small mind and hate for scrotes and wenches

No. 1003810

So you even had the incel added on FB? "I have lurked the circle she's in" does not sound like "I saw someone posted his FB page here in this thread, just today, and just looked through what was posted", nice try

No. 1003811

Ok, and are you any better by throwing this info in the thread? As if anyone on lolcow can judge anyone else for being a petty bitch, it's the foundation of this site.

Also all of you are failing at the whole anonymous part clearly.

No. 1003812

Wait a damn minute! She's Vendetta-chan? I can't be the only one who's shocked right? The lolcow /ot/ poster lore gets so deep
Ayrt btw, I'm not Steven, the OP, his friends, or whoever you think I am to make my post "suspicious"

No. 1003813

I don’t know her personally I just came to the facebook garbage to defend her even though I have mixed feelings. I understand the anger because moids are truly gross but I’m not a moid.

No. 1003814

Shut the fuck up scrote, she wasn't the one screen recording conversations and doxxing your full name and location.

No. 1003815

She honestly sounds like she'd been shitty but that's relatively forgivable and relatively benign. If she was genuinely abused as she says, it's all forgiven imo. She needs intensive therapy and positive reinforcement from sources that are healthy. Difficult to achieve these and overcome abuse. I sympathize.
Sounds about right.

No. 1003816


No. 1003817

No I whiteknighted the romanian chick with a fake facebook profile actually.
Are you dumb stupid or dumb?

No. 1003818

Samefag, meant to reply to >>1003785

No. 1003819

>seems like she's not well
No shit, genius. It's not even been a day yet.
She's suffering and feeling suicidal. She should calm down first, and prioritise her own health over anons like you.
There are many lonely and not mentally sound anons here, that's how it'll always be on imageboards. I don't get your points.
That being said, I am curious what social he used to add anons from here so we can warn other anons.

No. 1003820

the fact that this is all happening on Christmas eve is sending me

No. 1003821

Happy holidays! I'm fucking starving.

No. 1003822

exactly this

No. 1003823

I wish I lived a country that celebrated Christmas. You guys seem to be really cozy.

No. 1003825

unbelievable what's happening in this thread. i will side with an insane camwhore over the incel psycho who gets off on torturing her any day of the week. simple as. anyone trying to shift focus on her as a lolcow is a tranny shieldmaiden who should kill "her"self. merry christmas

No. 1003826

Isn’t this an 18+ board? Why should we even be warned. We should just stop using discord on anonymous image boards and all will be well. I am not judging but discord kills imageboards.

No. 1003827

> I am curious what social he used to add anons from here so we can warn other anons
me too!

No. 1003828

I'm one of the anons who defended the romanian girl in facebook. I made a fake profile and I had no prior knowledge of who he was. She mentioned he added her from here so I bet he also uses crystal.cafe

No. 1003829

You can still celebrate nonna. Buy yourself something special, make some good food, and watch a Christmas movie (we have movie night today and tommorow!). It won't be the same, but it's still fun.

No. 1003831

I side with the lady of the night too, but why did she pretend that her nudes being leaked was worthy of killing herself? It’s christmas can’t autistic moids fuck off from this board and bpd hoes calm the fuck down.

No. 1003832

You're all fuckin weirdos lol. >>1003821
This. I don't care that she's a racist or a pickme as much as I care about the scrote trying to get her to kill herself. He's the bigger issue here and the anons that lurked whatever hellish circle jerk he came from need to sign up for lobotomies

No. 1003833

Interesting point, this whole thing is very manipulative in order to bait abused anon
Confirmation this sick scrote has been lurking lolcow for a long time and "befriending" women from here. If anyone finds out some imageboard anon is a male, stop talking to them immediately, don't befriend them ffs. This guy thinks he is the moral arbiter of lolcow, fuck all the way off stephen.

No. 1003834

This exactly. Fuck scrotes and their gay ops

No. 1003835

Do you think people, especially lonely people, suddenly become extremely logical and never make mistakes past the age of 18?
I don't think discord should be banned here 100%. It's not wrong to want friends with similar interests, especially other female friends. Friends are hard to make for many people nonnie. If you don't want to use discord that's fine, it's appealing to the lonelier. But I do hope when anons add other anons here in the future they'll find some way to verify they're both actual women.

No. 1003838

>He's the bigger issue here
Fucking this.

No. 1003839

My older sister is kind of a handmaiden when it comes to trans stuff. Me and her boyfriend will sometimes vent about the le funny troons and my sister will get kind of upset. She doesn't even know any transgenders. I send her screencaps sometimes of what trannies say on TTTT and twitter. I don't know why I want to peak her that much, it doesn't really matter. I know my other sister could only peak if she met an actual troon, which she hasn't yet despite living on a college campus. Anyway this is a vent because my sister will sometimes joke about ME being trans. I'm not trans but I guess because I'm a lesbian, don't wear makeup, and act slightly retarded that's enough for her to be like "teehee you're trans" it kind of pisses me off because she's just basically labeling me a man because I'm not super girly. Anyway I love my sister and I can't wait to see her today!

No. 1003840

I’m not a part of her circle any more than you are, unless you weren’t whiteknighting her on facebook.

No. 1003842

God, just nuke this thread already.

No. 1003843

No. 1003844

Discord is a major source of degeneracy, I'm a lonely neet and i wouldn't use it

No. 1003845

No. 1003846

No. 1003847

>insane camwhore
Not criticizing this post but I just want to point out that women often end up as sex workers due to sexual abuse in childhood.

No. 1003848

File: 1640364139629.gif (1.52 MB, 498x280, community-donald-glover.gif)

Me coming to LC right now

No. 1003849

Beware, if you whiteknight her and check the profiles of her weird self and friends, you too may be a weirdo steven fanboy.
Also since most of you lot are embarrassing dumbos, whiteknight her with a spare fake account. Steven and his orbiters are weirdos.

No. 1003850

No. 1003853

We need to go back to using IRC.

No. 1003857

I am the anon you replied to, you can fuck off. I would never even consider liking this faggot. I don't Care what she or anyone she associates with has done if they have two X chromosomes

No. 1003861

Are you dumb stupid or dumb
I legit don’t understand what your point is or what you’re talking about
Like who? Why? How? And when?

No. 1003862

Those were the days. The drama was a bit better too. Everything happens too fast now.

No. 1003863

File: 1640364548574.png (25.13 KB, 351x132, sc.png)

Looking through this, nothing she said there contradicts what she said here. Also, why the fuck did Steven ask how she molested other kids? Who would that be relevant to?
Also, here's Steven Michael from Phoenix Arizona (if that's his real name) issuing death threats

No. 1003864

Samefagging to add it's from the same set of screenshots he posted to expose her in that link, just so no one thinks I know this "person"

No. 1003867

Is he a neet? pukes
Btw if an american anon will report this story to the police I have a huge feeling they won’t take it seriously and will ask anon to take their pills. Lol.

No. 1003869

romanian anon makes fun of troons on her account based

No. 1003872

nta you're retarded and your typing style is recognizable and obnoxious

No. 1003874

Where? Link. I just saw the racist part maybe if I see the troon posts I’ll stan for her more

No. 1003875

>Also, why the fuck did Steven ask how she molested other kids?
Probably because he's a sick coomer.

No. 1003876

Let's report him and warn other anons to be careful and never add scrotes from imageboard websites. They're reiko wannabe losers.

No. 1003880

Can say the same about you, actually. You’re dumb and you still can’t admit it lol. Get off my ass.

No. 1003882

File: 1640365039977.png (852.67 KB, 1265x499, basedrononnie.png)

that link she posted is about a troon sex offender

No. 1003884

No. 1003885

NEver talk to scrotes in general tbh. They can’t be trusted. Even as a kid that steven guy looks untrusting and sick (I want to post it but I don’t wanna get banned)

No. 1003887

Where was she racist?

No. 1003889

Another lovely story all thanks to the "friend finder." The risk isn't worth the potential imo, I'd never want to befriend people trying to get familiar with me from a negative gossip site.

No. 1003890

She posted a few tra critical posts actually, so that's good. Is she really a tradthot tho? Not demonizing, I don't care, I still feel bad for her. Curious, is all.

No. 1003891

AKSHULLY I'm the anon you called dumb initially, you're just an idiot

No. 1003892

Is this lolcow's Christmas gift from the universe?

No. 1003893

I don't want to view something unfortunate like this like that. This isn't Momokun acting retarded.

No. 1003894

File: 1640365391720.jpg (127.85 KB, 720x1560, 09tr.jpg)

That poster was saying "She's a racist pick-me, I lurked the circle she's in"
Meanwhile, this is what the screenshots are saying. Where is the racism? Probably in Steven's own messages that he "conveniently" cut off. And of course someone raised in the shittiest, most dysfunctional home/family in a country like Romania would idealize a more "traditional" one
These incels make it so obvious what they're trying to do, and since they're retarded porn-addicted trannies, they assume we must be as well

No. 1003895

Get off my ass dumbo, whoever you are. Saying that I lurked in hee circle may have been a bad wording, I should have said that I checked the atmosphere of her circle by looking at the facebook comments, profiles etc
But why am I defending myself? I’m anonymous anyways. God, retards.
There were multiple autists itt alone who suspect her to be a pickme go after them instead of the one who actually whiteknighted her.
Ok whatever merry xmas.

No. 1003896

Going on this guys profile and through the comments he just seems mad he couldn't get his way with her.
Also he's ugly.

No. 1003898

I don't mean anon's abuse, I mean the fact that this blowout coincidentally happened on Christmas Eve.

No. 1003899

It should probably be permanently nuked. This isn't the first time that the thread has smeared discord shit over other boards and now we have scrotes using the thread to harass posters.

I read it more as she believes that children should brought up in stable families, which considering what she went through isn't surprising.

No. 1003901

>reading comprehension
Actually I was thinking of apologizing, reading her life story was so sad, so I didn’t read her discord posts thorough on purpose. But

>I have lurked the circle she’s in and even white knighted her even though I had to stomach the fact they’re all racist pick-mes.

So I didn’t do anything wrong, y’all idiots and dumbos and stupids. Lol. Just because i refuse to adhere to the full sympathizing doesn’t mean I’m a failed woman or handmaiden or whatever.

No. 1003902

File: 1640365684859.png (356.14 KB, 1430x813, pr0.png)

He keeps trying to victimize himself, and he just makes himself look worse. No self-awareness at all

No. 1003903

I hate men and trannies and my only Christmas wish is for any and all XYs posting ITT promptly take their own lives.

No. 1003904

There is max 3 of them only, steve included. Which is surprisingly not a lot considering the drama.

No. 1003905

God I hope Steven fucking dies
What an ugly disgusting leech

No. 1003907

The op pic ended up (unfortunately) being very fitting.

Sending some love and hoping you have a pleasant and happy Christmas to all assigned female at birth bitches reading. Trannies and males begone.

No. 1003908

AYRT, I am shocked he's exposing himself like this. No self-awareness at all. Anyone outside of his weird circle of overly-photoshopped e-girl wannabes can see he's in the wrong.

No. 1003913

File: 1640365985226.jpeg (267.1 KB, 640x697, E132372F-381B-4229-9300-0D7BD2…)

I hope you die in agony and pain Steven you vile disgusting paedophile

No. 1003914

Is he a tranny?

No. 1003916

Associating yourself with such trash is asking yourself to get punched in the face. Can you or anyone here make a steven thread just for lulz

No. 1003918

Might create a terrible tit-for-tat for anon. I think it'd be good just to warn everyone and heavily police the discord and chats.

No. 1003919

I'm alone this Christmas and my roomate will invite her friends over. I don't want to join them but at the same time it will be embarassing If I lock myself in my room right ?

No. 1003920

If he isn't, he sure looks like one or is well on the way to becoming one.

No. 1003921

File: 1640366233867.png (93.48 KB, 254x244, ugly neanderthal.png)

He's extremely ugly. Everyone should talk about how ugly Steven Michael from Phoenix, Arizona, the psycho abuser of women, is. He thinks doxing a young lady who wouldn't do his bidding is a good idea, and puts out his crimes publicly for all to see.

No. 1003922

dubs and they do

No. 1003923

You could always go to Dennys or something? I don't think it's that embarrassing, they might just think you're weird, but whatever. If you're more comfortable who cares?

No. 1003924

I’m making one right now. I’m even creating a fb so I can post pictures of his ugly fucking face. Disgusting pedo. I genuinely want to drive him to suicide.

No. 1003925


No. 1003927

Not that he sounds decent or kind, but where is the pedo accusation coming from? If there are other complaints that are legitimate, why bring "pedo" with no relevance?

No. 1003928

>steve trying to shift the subject with moidpulation techniques

>inb4 steve orbiter and vip club member of his inner circle

Shut the fuck up just lurk his facebook and you’ll see what I mean

No. 1003930

Men are extremely overly-emotional and dramatic, so no surprise really.

No. 1003932

>my 20 year old self would actually fall in love with him
Btw I used to weigh at that age 200 kg. I’m now 60 kg and would not touch him with a 5 foot stick. He looks like his smells like piss.

No. 1003933

NAYRT but maybe because he asked for details of her illicit childhood activities.

No. 1003934

>neurotypical person
wow how ableist. what about ADHD and AUTISMOS

No. 1003935

I don't feel like spending money in a meal I won't enjoy tbh. Yeah you're right but that's still kinda awkward. I think I will join them after eating to drink a bit.

No. 1003936

No, the real reason probably is to blackmail her later. He was curious and wanted to use it against her. I’m just guessing. Had she told me I’d just block her. Continueing to ask meant he had malicious intentions from the start. I guess OP is naive and lonely. Sad shit tbh.

No. 1003937

I understand the amount of fervor this event has caused and I apologize to everyone in the thread for this. But you guys really should not be dogpiling her for being a camgirl. She's mentally ill and grew up in a 3rd world country. Economics are economics. Its hard to tell what is manipulation and what is real suffering but I want to be fair.

I didn't tell her to bring this here and she has a right to vent of course, but she is baiting the shit out of all of you. None of what she's said is true and I have proof of it, I don't really care to make this worse. This is all going to backfire on her and she should be seeking help or treatment if she's not a complete psychopath which I highly suspect. or maybe you're welcome for the milk, idk. this website's rules changes every year i come back.

Merry christmas to everyone, and I'm sorry you all have to deal with this. I hope everyone in the vent thread has a good christmas and deals with their problems in a healthy manner.

No. 1003939

happy chrithmas

No. 1003943

You’re very likely steve and you’re very likely mentally ill and that romanian alter ego is just one of your personas. Go larp as a troon on r9k, where you belong.

No. 1003944

Looks like a soon to be AGP.

No. 1003945


No. 1003947


No. 1003948

I hope you die in agony you fucking disgusting worthless human being. Please fucking kill your self before Christmas nobody will care.

No. 1003949

Can we give me some attention? I really am feeling awful right now. I’m at my mom’s place and I should clean my old bedroom there but I’m proscastinating or however you should spell it. Mostly because my eyes are glued onto this thread. Save me from this please.
More like yourself*

No. 1003950

A failed moid who lurks a women's gossip imageboard year after year to find mentally ill abuse victims from the 3rd world to bait and abuse. And on Christmas Eve of all days, get a fucking life Steven.

No. 1003951

because many of the posters here come to these threads to vent about their lives and are suffering deeply and shouldn't have to be overwhelmed by dumb drama and I want that to remain the focus of this thread and not anything else.

for example: >>1003949

who deserves kind words

No. 1003952


No. 1003953

kill yourself you pathetic excuse for a man

No. 1003954

File: 1640367197805.png (561.21 KB, 1657x922, goiel.png)

Everything you post literally just exposes that you're unhinged, Steven
Seconds before calling someone a psychopath, you tell them they're your "perfect angel" and that you love them and want to marry them (SC from one of the videos he posted)

No. 1003956

I can’t spell you can’t understand together we should be friends

No. 1003957

Every time I fap I cum and squirt and then feel
shit and weird dot dot dot

No. 1003959


No. 1003960

what an abusive sociopathic and narcissistic piece of shit. he deserves to be punished

No. 1003962

STAHP being annoying and childish PLEASE and start being my friend I’m lonely my bedroom is MESSY.

No. 1003963

Should we make a vent thread server

No. 1003964

I made a thread for him
Let’s never forget Stevengate 2021

No. 1003965

Where’s Romanianon? I want to hear more of her side of the story. She’s the important one.
Hang all child molesters.

No. 1003966

are you retarded?

No. 1003969

Are you autistic or something? This is the most low IQ attempt at manipulation I've ever seen. Randomly showing favor to an anonymous person (probably you samefagging, judging by >>1003962. "stahp" posting and clean your fucking room, incel) in an equally anonymous thread where we've all seen maybe 10% of how abusive and insane you are won't make you look reasonable
Maybe this shit works in your shitty Discord servers, but no one here is going to fall for it
You're somehow like an even less talented Titanic Sinclair, bitch. Bet you're in your fucking 30s doing this shit, too. I am sick of narcissistic, rat-faced white scrotes with long hair on the internet. We need a male version of that Negative XP song about e-girls because I swear it's a phenotype

No. 1003970

Why are you bullying me and my room? I’ll clean it ok.

No. 1003971

Maybe. What’s wrong with a vent thread server?

No. 1003972

Why farmers don’t report scrotes who contact them so we have a block list.

No. 1003973

I feel like this episode unfolding on Christmas Eve is worthy of the 100th vent thread.

No. 1003974

File: 1640368126733.jpg (55.28 KB, 576x960, 122447257_1710656469107722_884…)

do us all a favor and kill yourself

No. 1003975


No. 1003977

Because it’s not anonymous. Stop trying to talk to us discordgroomer.

No. 1003978

How do I stop being such a bpdfag and wish death on people who don't like me anymore even when i split on tjem and stopped liking them first
Like why am i so fucking pissed??? I've been waiting for this moment for so long and now that they've moved on i'm having panic attacks?? Like bitch ur wish was fucking granted why are u panicking.
I'm not even diagnosed with bpd but i know i have it. I feel like this is textbook bpd behavior. I can feel it

No. 1003979

So I complained on here a few days ago that my brother got sick and we weren't sure if it was Covid. Yesterday he got his test results back and they were negative, so I didn't have to cancel my plans with my friend and hung out with her last night. Then this morning he lets us know that his test is now positive and I don't know what to do. I feel so guilty having to tell my friend now his test today was positive. She's going to be seeing family for Christmas and some of them are unvaccinated and if she has to stay home because she was exposed through me then I'll feel so, so guilty. This really fucking sucks.

No. 1003980

go away

No. 1003981

You have to tell her, anon. It's not your fault anyways. Just explain that your brother thought it was negative, or it was a false negative. Really nothing that could've been done to prevent it.

No. 1003982

I totally agree

No. 1003983

Seeing that image for the last time before I kill myself is a very scary thing based angry anon.
Make a sockpuppet account then? If anything I’ll be likely the most naive in the server because I’m low iq and initiated it.

No. 1003985

Tell her asap. If your brother got a negative result and then a positive result, that means he probably did his first test a bit too early to get an accurate result.

No. 1003986

Just keep reminding yourself how retarded you’re being. “Wishing death upon someone” is just an exaggerated emotion lol it barely means anything if you’re not trying to make it true.
Bitch close your phone and take a fucking nap.

No. 1003987

idk whoever's posting itt pretending to be me but please focus on helping people instead

I didn't meet her on discord I was posting in the vent thread as anon months ago giving advice and helping other farmers like I have for years. I was not in thread finder or anything like that. She gave me her contact email and it went from there

have you tried DBT or medication? any therapy or anything like that? BPD is a lifelong struggle and it won't get better on it's own.

that would be a funny song tbh. you sound really hurt and I'm sorry about that. I hope you don't take this all personally. You deserve better people in your life and I hope you find more peace with time. People are awful(moid)

No. 1003989

kill yourself ugly smelly failed moid schizo

No. 1003990

Well this shitshow almost ruins my day, i will be at /m and /g, this is getting out of hand

No. 1003991

I’m going to be incredibly insensitive and potentially cruel and say that this feels like an eboy and egirl LARP for attention/keks. Multiple posts ITT feel like samefagging intended to increase drama. Everything about this is so gross and dumb on both sides.

Everybody who uses Discord is stupid. Blegh.

No. 1003992

File: 1640368879742.jpeg (684.27 KB, 1289x561, D431929B-2AEC-41DD-B244-B9DC29…)

I just can’t. I should head to my own place after I cleaned the bedroom at my mom’s place but I’m just feeling so awful plus the horrordrama in this thread just makes me stick onto my phone’s screen like a putty even though it’s not thaaaat interesting. What should I do?
Awww merry xmas lad. But kill yourself.

No. 1003993

I'm gonna keep posting and watch the drama die down and remind you to get your stuff done. you'll have to cave eventually and you wont be distracted, but long term you may want to reduce screen-time and computer and phone usage. these things are designed to be addictive. Have you heard of a dopamine break? like a social media break? it's actually really easy and you'll rediscover a lot of time and hobbies you used to love and discover new ones too. it may be helpful

No. 1003995

After identifying as bisexual for years I'm starting to seriously think that I might be a lesbian. I don't know how to process this and it feels really weird to think about. I feel like I'm questioning my entire existence.

I can't think of the last time I've ever had a crush on a guy, but I've always admired and been deeply attracted to women. I can't stand the idea of having sex with a man. Penises make me feel sick. But women make me feel comfortable and safe? I always thought I liked men because whenever I watched porn I thought that I was supposed to identify with the woman who was being penetrated. I thought I was attracted to men because the women in the porn I watched were attracted to men. But realistically I only ever got off while looking at women.

I don't know what to do with this information. I'm still trying to process everything and maybe holding out hope that this isn't true, I guess. My parents are deeply homophobic and even though I'm not religious, I've been entertaining becoming Christian again because I can't seem to shake that connection from my life. I grew up in a fundamentalist household and so I'm not sure how to reconcile Christianity with my sexuality. I can't say I'm fundamentalism, but I still have some sort of faith. If I were bi, I would have just forced myself to date only men to appear straight. Now I don't know what to do.

No. 1003996

God you write like such a moid. So condescending. Go fuck yourself.

No. 1003997

So why did you tell her to cut your name into her skin? It's actually extremely understandable that tortured and abused children go on to abuse and hurt others. It's not even uncommon.

No. 1003998

Agreed. BAN NOW.

No. 1003999

I hope both of you get permabanned. This shit is fake as hell attention seeking pre-written drama. Mr pedantic scrote who doesn’t think it’s weird to post here and “help out farmers”, and whatever that mess of a poster who started this is.

Why are you guys doing this? Bored during your christmas breaks?

No. 1004000

Shut up samefag no one cares

No. 1004001

This is so bizarre to look at, it's not even a conversation. I'm convinced Romanian anon isn't even an actual person and it's Steven talking to himself. "I want to cover myself in self harm scars" if some girl on /snow/ said that anons would be losing it. This entire thing seems like some goofy LARP quest to fucking with anons.

No. 1004002

Youre coming out of the closet, anon. You've been trained to have a lot of internalized homophobia and self-denial by your religion and upbringing. It's common, it's so much more common than you'd ever think. You were brought up to deny yourself and your sexuality before it could properly develop. You're going through a sort of awakening, a new puberty almost. Religions are not always representative of God, and there are religions and personal connections you can keep with God on your own if nothing else. Find a support group, or maybe browse some forums for (i know it's cringe but y'know) LGBT groups and former/current christians. God doesn't think you're an abnormality or terrible.

You have to start living a new life that will truly make you happy. You may have some unresolved trauma especially relating to your fear of m-f sex. This is very common amongst bisexual people, not that homosexuality is a trauma-response.

yes it is totally a huge joke and all played out, never happened in real life, vendetta-chan was just bored and wanted a christmas present early so we trolled LC, totally. now please focus on the anons venting

No. 1004006

File: 1640369560513.jpg (78.96 KB, 988x1132, NlRTVlOr7XdyeEiOp8B2fBIWxGfBX5…)

This thread is getting out of hand…

No. 1004007

i hate this so much nonas. i love this site in theory but shit like this is so depressing. men will never understand
i hope you rot in hell faggot

No. 1004008

This isn't advice or a help thread. There's no need to focus on people venting. They're just venting. Go away already.

No. 1004009

You’re like a little shoulder angel eager to save my christmas. My friends are waiting for me and my mom wants me to clean my room and fuck off to my own place as do you want me to fuck off from
this thread. I promise I won’t disappoint you and that I’ll flourish many skills. Only thing is that I’ll be sad to not be able to vent about it but you’ll be proud. Proud I tell ya.

No. 1004011

I feel like I'll never have a "real" Christmas ever again. Not with my own family anyway. I have my husbands family who are sweet and thoughtful people with beautiful traditions but my heart still aches for Christmas with my whole family in one house. We haven't done it in so long. TBH, do I even really want it? The drama that comes with it is why we stopped anyway I suppose. I kind of drifted from them. My grandma used to be my crutch but things have fallen apart with her too and she just can't seem to grasp why I feel so hurt. Everything is different now. I didn't even help her decorate. I know not decorating doesn't sound like a big deal, but this holiday meant a lot to the two of us and we went all out. I would theme the tree and spend time picking out ribbons and bulbs. I would set up a huge Christmas village every year and make a big effort to make sure it was different and looked like a functioning town. It just meant to so much to me and now I know I'll never get to do it again. And I'll never see B open another gift again now that he's passed. I don't know, it's like it all hinged on that dog. Now we're not a family. We haven't eaten a meal together in over two years when we used to eat together 4 times a week….

No. 1004012

This right here.

No. 1004013

Wait I replied to Steven? Holy shit.

No. 1004015

>you sound really hurt uwu
Not as "hurt" as everyone who's ever had the displeasure of being gaslit and harassed by your pathetic ass, get the fuck off this site

No. 1004016

Who do you think youre fooling with your "iM jUsT hErE tO HeLp" act faggot. No ones cares about ur advice

No. 1004017

Nta, but what do you mean? People give advice to venting anons all the time.

No. 1004019

Yeah, people can reply to vents but this moid is repeatedly pushing 'please this thread is for us helping anons in pain' which it simply isn't.

No. 1004020

>now please focus on the anons venting
>trying to gaslight the entire thread
amazing. you're not the evil genius master manipulator you think you are, and farmers aren't all traumatized 3rd world young women who will fall for it. go jump off a bridge

No. 1004023

She means the pathetic piece of shit who calls himself Steven Michaels needs to shut the fuck up and stop pretending he's "trying to give advice and fix the thread!!!"

No. 1004025

I don’t understand what’s going on anymore but is that romanianonette still ok?
That image is funny to look at. Her nails look bomb.

No. 1004026

Late, but I know a professionally diagnosed NPD male who does this. It's to do with being self-centred and needing the attention to always be on you. Not saying that's what's going on with your guy, but it is a thing.

No. 1004027

It’s so funny how obviously male the “advice” is because scrotes can’t help being condescending, psychoanalyzing and diagnosing every woman. It’s so creepyyyy.

No. 1004028

My mistake
*Steven Michael (no s). He's from Phoenix Arizona

No. 1004029

kek right? I stared at it for like a solid minute

No. 1004031

Well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions!

I've had a latent uti for a couple months now but the symptoms were absent when taking d mannose and a cranberry pill twice a day,so i could focus on other urgent stuff. Today I flew to my home country for family Christmas, I drink ONE glass of sugary juice in the morning, forget to take my sugar and cranberry so haven't drank anything for 12 hours and right now it hurts SO MUCH, and I have mandatory quarantine until PCR comes back negative so can't just take a trip to the pharmacy (or can I? Any UK anons familiar with the ever changing rules? It's not exactly an emergency). I was stupid to put it off but I've been busy and stressed literally since I got the uti. On top of that, between booking the test and actually coming here it changed from just a test to mandatory quarantine, but I bought the cheapest (45) PCR test because I didn't care. Now, given that it's Christmas tomorrow and Sunday the day after so I won't even be able to post the sample, I don't think I'll have the results for a good 5-6 days. Fffuuuck

No. 1004033

Damn nonnie you read him to FILTH lmao

No. 1004034

Yeah because those black spoiler blocks require a lot of effort.

No. 1004036

I've tried taking d-mannose for a UTI, and one thing I've learned is, that shit doesn't actually cure UTIs. It just gets rid of the symptoms.

No. 1004037

Men really do ruin everything m

No. 1004038

Oh no anon. I'm not a UK anon so I cant give advice but UTIs can be serious, they're just rarely treated as such due to being a womens health issue. Please do what you must to get care from a doctor ASAP. Wishing the best for you.

No. 1004039

One thing I gained from this thread is learning to recognize your pandering, manipulative writing style on sight, so I can disregard your posts accordingly, worthless scrote

No. 1004040

File: 1640370725061.jpg (86.34 KB, 943x1024, 1639970979748.jpg)

>You're going through a sort of awakening, a new puberty almost.
Tranny hands wrote this post

No. 1004042

Idk and idc if you’ve changed the initial post because my brain’s being derpy and deja vu-ye, but this is a based post and I agree a 100%.

Sorry for pushing again but if romanian anon is still here please let us know a sign that you’re alive. I’ll message you with a spare fake account and you don’t need to trust me and befriend me of course but even a fuck off reply would give me a warm hope. You didn’t deserve this awful shit life, nobody does. hugs

No. 1004043

if she's even an actual person

No. 1004048

why is college so hard? I'm tired.

No. 1004051

yes I exist and I wouldn't have made all the posts that caused all this drama if that piece of shit didn't doxx me and messaged my mutuals with screenshots out of context trying to convince them I am a pedophile animal abuser for telling him my extreme childhood trauma. Since I met him on here I think it served him just right to tell everyone what he's done to me and for trying to ruin my life. In his deluded brain he is convinced that he is right and I'm an evil whore female narcissistic abuser when he guilt trips and tries to manipulate non stop and his fake kindness is only a manipulation tactic. He is a borderline narcissist and he's been trying to convince me I'm the crazy one. He probably has male BPD considering that the entire time I've known him he had to shit on me every 2 days and try hurting me. But it's pretty creepy he lurks on here and even pretended he was a girl until he earned my trust.

No. 1004052

You're both crazy, he's just also evil and sick.

No. 1004053

where have you been?

No. 1004057

nta but why do you care? if anything she should be staying offline

No. 1004059

Calm down damn i was just worried about her

No. 1004061

For the recors, both of you need to be permabanned for fagging up my board but Steven is the only one who should kill himself.

No. 1004062

i'm growing more and more distant from my fandom communities. that sounds silly yeah but i recently joined a server for forum rp and like, i'm so damn irritated at all the she/they's and they/them's and there's one girl going by fucking fae/faer or some shit. i feel like a 4chan autist that's on the brink of sperging out.
god and it doesn't help that they all type like fucking babies.
"omg ur all so soft n we're all so cute wasljkd!"
"uwu i'm such a fucking IDIOT KASJDFM"
there's even an entire channel dedicated to discussing zodiac signs and shit.
i'm crying

No. 1004063

sorry this shit's got me in permanent schizo mode

No. 1004064

My god do i feel this. iscribble was this collab art board I used to draw on with people and make OCs and RP but it shut down in like 2018. Well it's back now, it's called like Hello Paint or something, and I paid to be a part of the beta. It's full of gender specials and trans people making these fucking weird OCs, being sexually explicit on the infinity board that is supposed to be for everyone. It's a mess.

No. 1004066

> I do really feel like there's something wrong with me for basically not sleeping with anyone for years even though I'm at the age people usually have the most sex.
You are at the age where most people have tons of sex, but you have matured earlier than they have, in truth. Your (actual) trauma from when you were a brainwashed teen is you maturing much earlier and realizing sex is a bonding activity between lovers and not some glorified number or notch in the bedpost. You are outpacing your peers, who are now mostly going out to make the same sort of mistakes you were taught to make. It is an unfortunate thing and is especially harmful for someone to have to mature for the wrong reasons so early. I think you have not developed the capacity to fully recognize your worth. I don't necessarily mean self-esteem, but that you were taught to be robbed of your sexuality and bond and never developed the foundation of sharing your true self with another. I feel for you, anon. You are more than capable of being loved, truly and fully. Having these experiences in the past actually make you more adept at it, because you've wizened and matured, you know exactly what ISNT making love, and what is will come to you with time. Don't hate yourself for it, and don't compare yourself to others. It is never fair to do this, you have circumstances that set you apart. Do you want to go more into detail about your personality? your looks may be unfortunate (I don't think so, you're describing body dysmorphia actually, people don't jump from 3-6, lol. you're likely too hard on yourself) but sex is not about superficiality, it is about love. There's a movie about this you might enjoy, although a little more from the male-perspective, called Don Jon. It's quite good. Sex is really about pair-bonding, not dopamine.

No. 1004067

My room’s a damn pig stye but I’m glad she’s still alive. How’s Romania?

No. 1004071

I messaged you.
This is steve btw. I think.

No. 1004072

It's definitely him.

No. 1004075

this is steven he says "lol" a lot and tries really hard to be woke but meanwhile he hates women thinks they are inferior and whores, thinks black people are inferior and hates jews. All the girls he's trying to impress on Facebook are woketard women hater pick me's so he is currating his personality to that while simultaneously holding anti semitic anti black and anti women beliefs. In short, he hates women and loves trannies.

No. 1004076

>You are at the age where most people have tons of sex, but you have matured earlier than they have, in truth.

Virgin cope. Not surprising coming from steven

No. 1004077

Did you break up with him and that's why he flipped out and doxxed you?

No. 1004078

>Do you want to go more into detail about your personality?
>people don't jump from 3-6, lol. you're likely too hard on yourself)
>There's a movie about this you might enjoy, although a little more from the male-perspective,
Tranny groomer hands typed this post

No. 1004079

Don’t worry nonas, I let her know. She told me she probably won’t be able to see her family for Christmas now so I feel like absolute shit. I’m trying to get a rapid test because I’m pretty sure I’m negative. It’s pretty much impossible since it’s Christmas Eve, but I’m going to keep trying.

No. 1004083

Gay ass moid. Don't you have anything better to do?

No. 1004084

I always hated this type of writing and i thought it was just a retarded farmer being weird and condescending to anons, turns out is a male kek

No. 1004085

my last samefag but im romanian anon and he has tried to convince me that trannies are TOTES a real thing while I have multiple times told him trannies are a phenomenon of modern day mysoginy and capitalism and they don't even actually exist. They are literally abusive insane men invading female spaces because women were given some freedom. I had to also explain to him in agonizing 8 hours why jews are not bad and why they did not deserve the holocaust. Fucker believes jews are bad when they are responsible for so much of european culture since Jesus Christ was literally a jew and Christianity is literally jewish culture and was stolen by the Romans from jews to try controlling masses. He loves trannies, hates women, hates jews and blacks and he tried painting me as a racist when I don't even think blacks are genetically inferior and I believe the jews were mistreated in history a lot. He believes blacks are born to be inferior. I just hate trannies and I think it's all fake misogynistic capitalistic crap. I won't be posting anymore on here, I don't want to shit up the thread but he deserved this because he doxxed and tried to hurt me after I told him something very personal. He will continue to post but his posts are very easy to clock since he sounds like an insane tranny sociopath trying to invade female space by being fakely woke when this place is not even woke. He is incredibly stupid, he thinks all women are woketards and changes his personality based off talking to women or men. When he talks to women he becomes fakely woke and when he talks to men he turns edgy and right winger 4channer scrote type. I'm very sorry and I wish I wasn't mentally ill enough to fall for an ugly butter faced and narcissistic scrote that pretended being a woman and even giving him a chance

No. 1004087

is it weird that i'm not sprucing myself up for my mom? it's christmas eve and we're just going to vibe around the house watching movies. all i've done is shower and put on a new pair of pajamas

No. 1004089

Based romanianon, best of luck. Take care of yourself, don't use discord, and don't talk to men when you're vulnerable, ever.

No. 1004091

If it makes u feel any better i saw your pics and i just have to say you're SO pretty. Really gorgeous. Stay safe nonnita

No. 1004093

No? That's your mom.

No. 1004095

You’re recognizable because you always describe posters as weird and you’re paranoid on top of that.

No. 1004097

thank you for exposing him nonnie, you've done this community a favor. Be strong, take care, don't talk to trannyloving channer scrotes ever. best of luck to you

No. 1004098

Holy fucking shit, based as fuck chicka. You can still post who cares we like you. You’re an inspiration to any nonnie that wants to kill herself in these threads. From now on you will be my inspiration every time I have a mental breakdown. Never will kill myself no matter what. Wish you a merry xmas and a happy new year, WE LOVE YOU.

No. 1004101

>meets scrote on a board that's supposed to be for women
>reveals your personal information to him
>sends him nudes
And this is why underage people shouldn't browse the internet

No. 1004102

are you Steve or what? why are you so bothered?

No. 1004105

I watch things from the sidelines and because I’m opinionated I tend to get unnecessarily mixed up in them. Like now. It makes me a suspicious person but your ass needs to understand that this is an anonymous imageboard and that does not make all of us him. Mods have banned this whole “hey cow” for a reason. Calm the fuck down.

No. 1004106

Unless a woman is hurting another woman, I don't give a fuck about what they do in their relationships. What do you get out of white knighting scrotes? They're not doing the same for you

No. 1004107

NTA but maybe don't post things with the groomer/troon aesthetic, such as
>Haha do you want to talk more about yourself? Just curious, totally not scoping you out now that I know you're a female virgin
>Haha let me recommend you a movie, though it's obviously for/by moids (shhh don't ask/don't tell)
>You are going through a second puberty, just like any other transw-lesbian
>You have not recognized this thing about yourself, but I obviously have. Lol let me validate your insecurity about your appearance and mental state, I will the arbiter of your self-confidence
>This is common, I promise this is so common/You are valid. You are so, so valid/Stunning and brave (and other Reddit-sounding phrases)
It really does feel like you're being DMed by some incel pretending to care about you with some posts, shit feels slimy to read

No. 1004113

It’s so hilariously stereotypical “trad” thottery.
>assuming women never do wrong
No I know she’s wrong but I support female on male violence purely on principles not necessarily on morals.

No. 1004115

I blame him for the man hate thread being banned and the constant attempts to get the mtf thread nuked. He’s been trying to dictate the public opinions of LC users to meet his scrote needs. Fucking hate him. If necsped got her post history revealed then so should he.

No. 1004118

Since I know that she’s alive I’ll quit lurking here. I stayed here because I worry about her. But also because I feel immensely guilty about a female anon I used to know years back. She sent nudes to a guy but blamed me for it. I didn’t understand any of it because naive me thought we all were just anonymous shitposters who didn’t actually send nudes to each other. She made me believe it and my body felt like a rotten corpse because I didn’t want to be any sort of groomer. At some point I asked a psychologist if I were responsible and she said no. I still don’t trust the answer or else I still wouldn’t doubt myself. I have many demons in my head. Guilt sucks. Anyways she doxed me and I posted her face at some point. She said I am awful because doxing me wouldn’t be as problematic because I don’t have nudes. The world is so difficult for me. Since then I quit making online friends. But now I want to change myself, I no longer want to be so angry. So what if somebody doxes me, I won’t dox back. Glad I vented that out before the big guilt creeps me up at night.

No. 1004119

He always makes assumptions about people as well, and speaks for them. They’ll say “I have a problem with X” and he will just go “you have obviously struggled in your childhood and I know so much about you and I know why you have a problem with x and I know exactly what you have to do to cope” instead of making suggestions, asking questions, sharing relatable experience, he just fucking speaks for him, it’s all groomer, coomer, self important scrote nonsense. He doesn’t know anything. He’s much stupider than the vast majority of us and far less accomplished. His opinions are Utterly worthless because he’s a useless basement dweller with no skill, no life experience and no IRL friends. Arrogant scrote who is neck deep in his own asshole when he should be hanging from a rope.

No. 1004120

He has his own thread my dear fren. Post there.

No. 1004122

Nta but I’m certified autist and I had to learn how to avoid coming off like what you described when a woman shares things with me. Had it done to me plenty by men seeking to “change my mind” or “fix” me, it’s so gross and transparent. I learned to not share shit with scrotes period. Semi related, but threads popping up asking anons to traumadump is so sus to me for the same reason.

No. 1004129

then why did you doxx me today? and continued trying to paint me like a horrible abuser. You told my real name to people I did not want to know it. You made a whole ass Fcebook post doxxing me and painting me like this horrible abuser and posting screenshots of our personal convo before. You are always painting yourself as the victim. You doxxed me, tried to turn my mutuals against me, took something personal I told you out of context LARPED as a woman on lolcow and you are stil playing the victim card
>I stayed here because I worry about her
If you worried about me you wouldn't have posted my real name and adress to strangers on the internet with something very personal about my childhood trauma attached to it trying to paint me as a horrible abuser that deserves prison. Your post is still up on Facebook with my information attached to it and you refuse to take it down, although I have not done anything wrong besides sharing my childhood trauma with someone that pretended to be my boyfriend (YOU) yet you think you are the fucking victim???????????

No. 1004130

I’m gonna improve myself. I think many of us farmers are cows in the making or huge cows in the hiding. Kinda scary. Besides I don’t like some of you all when I vented especially. Some anons were very nice to me, but almost never in the vent thread. Even if I vented about my extreme traumas. Oh well. Glad I vented that.

No. 1004134

I doxed my old internet friend a couple of years ago. I kind of had to. She just wouldn’t stop blaming me for something I didn’t do. And then she posted my private information. Btw vendetta chan, I don’t have any internet friends for a good reason. I don’t like this kinda sick drama.

No. 1004135

i don't think that's him. i think that's a woman(?) venting about her history with her friend. did you break up with him so he doxxed you, or did he just pull a 180 when you shared that?

No. 1004137

if you're not him, you should make that clear, because she thinks you're him.

No. 1004143

It’s like the 100th time that she thinks I’m
Steven I’m starting to get fed up of it. He has his own thread.

No. 1004144

I'm this anon, just a quick update.. Going to dump him after the holidays. At this point I'm just staying with him to cause little to no drama while I collect my shit in the apartment and move it out then leave. I'm kind of done with serious relationships after this for some time. This relationship burned me pretty bad… Him saying that cursed my self esteem pretty badly. I wish I had girl friends nearby…

No. 1004148

Good for you. I’m with you in spirits.

No. 1004152

it's not her fault, your post was very unclear.

No. 1004153

fuck off faggot

No. 1004154

File: 1640377248746.gif (1.51 MB, 498x465, get-real-cat.gif)

This thread is again filled with sperging by those weirdos who have a psychotic hatred of all men, but completely lack understanding of human psychology (male or female, like they've never interacted with any human being before), replacing it with abstract ideology.

These people are incredibly obnoxious because they can't shut up about their obsession with scrotes and have to spam every thread, until whoever was unlucky enough to provoke a reply by them gets fed up and stops responding to their abuse.
They're nothing but a nuisance: Autistic zealots high on self rightousness.

No. 1004158

That gif is too good to be attached to such a retarded post. Delete it and post your ugly beard (under a spoiler) instead, faggot

No. 1004161

after years of being in denial and saying that christmas is one of the only things that keep me going, i'll come clean and say that i dislike it because it's a cruel reminder that people don't give me back the same energy i put into them

No. 1004163

>waah don't complain about me stupid woman, that's abuse!!!
cry hardee degenerated XY chromosome

No. 1004164

There’s male variant of you? At least the original farmer (who btw shat on my traumas so it’s weird I’m complimenting her I guess she’s right I’m a weirdo) keeps her bullshit brief and frank. I’ma be honest with you, you’re a weirdo, nobody likes you and your typing style.

No. 1004167

Some days ago my mother gifted me threads and some handkerchiefs because I like to embroider things, so then I wanted to make an embroidered handkerchief for her with some of the colors she liked the most but the fabric of the handkerchief is so fucking elastic and thin that it tears easily and even the knot of the thread will pass through and won't stay in place. So I'm here on Christmas eve on the verge of fucking crying out of frustration because I can't make a gift and I had to re-do this stupid ass rose three times already and I've also wasted the thread. Fucking hell nothing goes right.

No. 1004171

That's a really thoughtful and sweet idea for a gift. I'm sure your mother will understand if the fabric is shitty to work on and you can't get it done, but I'm wishing you good luck!

No. 1004172

Wouldn't a fabric stabilizer help?

No. 1004174

I don't care about