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No. 858171

There are these freaks on Tumblr who have an unhealthy obsession with fictional characters needing to pee and/or peeing themselves. They come up with all sorts of elaborate prompts that entirely involve around this.

Some like to blow things way out of proportions and get excited over the mere mention of someone needing to pee.

There is this one person who got way too stoked over the fact that Zhongli from some stupid game I've never played drinks tea a lot.

Another made a gif about the orange haired guy from Haikyuu squirming on a bench because of the implications (Even if he didn't need to pee as he was just nervous but do you think that those perverts care).

I actually entered a server made by them where the only thing they discussed were how their favorite characters act like when they need to go to the bathroom, how they react to wetting themselves and such. They had separate channels for prompts, writing fics, art and even various fandoms. They would often give those fandoms names based on pee such as Haikyurine ,Les Whiz, Omotale, Pokemon Yellow, Epeethet Erased, Hazbin Omotel, Legend of Peelda, etc.

I don't understand why are Tumblr and Discord encouraging this kind of sick and abnormal behavior.
Those people are just a bunch of sick, gross, mentally-ill, vile, nasty, disgusting, psychotic, insane freaks who deserve to be publicly shamed for doing this. I hate the fact that Tumblr encourages their abnormal behavior.

They should have their arms cut off and made unable to use the internet ever again. I can't believe that a human being could actually come up with the stuff they come up with.
As a society, we need to shame these kind of individuals and make them realize that this is not okay.
Please help me expose those fuckers once and for all. I can't sleep with the thought that they are still roaming free on the Internet. They deserve to feel judged, ashamed and hated.

One particular deviant I want to talk about goes by the name of OmoWritingPrompts (Chikita). She is a 20+ years old woman from Germany who gets terribly excited over the concept of someone having to take a piss, especially if it's someone that is usually calm/stoic/composed and she won't stop ranting about it. Her Tumblr blog is filled with her degenerate fantasies about how she loves to think about her faves dying to pee.
She also has this annoying habit of using "like" between sentences. The stuff she says is usually so cringy it makes you want to fall in a giant pit full of snakes.

Her obsession with belts seems to have gotten to the point where if she sees artwork of a character wearing a belt, she loves to imagine him desperate to take a piss and pushing the belt away from his bladder. Chikita once said that goes out of her way to search the name of a character she likes + "needs to pee" and it developed to the point where that's become an obsession.

No. 858172

what's with the retarded spacing

No. 858174

Oh, and I should also bring up the fact that Chikita has a sideblog where she posts omorashi blob drawings that are ugly as sin.
I remember her explicitely talking about a time when she went to get a surgical procedure that required her to have a full bladder and she couldn't stop ranting about how much she'd love to see her favorite boys in this situation.
Honestly, Chikita is a mentally deranged person and I feel sorry for her parents and for whoever came in contact with this creature - I refuse to aknowledge her as a human being.
It seems that she refuses to realize just how sick and gross the stuff she comes up with are.
I totally believe in redemption and in bettering yourself but I think this creature is just straight down irredeemable. She pants a bad name on Germany and on the Internet in general. I noticed that no one else wants to speak up about her so I knew I had to do it.
Freaks like her don't even deserve Internet access.
If you're reading this, all I can is - you should feel ashamed of yourself.

No. 858176

Also, I feel like society should start shaming people for their weird fetishes more often, especially those who are open about it on the Internet or who create fanfiction and art for it.
Weather it's feet, tickling, farts, weight gain, bondage or whatever. This is not something we should allow and more websites should not allow this sort of content. It's disgusting and abnormal, especially in fandoms. We should openly try to shame people who are into this sort of thing, not encourage them. We should point and laugh at them until they sink down and start to cry their yes out, We should start to judge them until they realize how wrong, freaky, disgusting and perverted they are for making that sort of content. Once the shame sinks in, the will finally realize how wrong they were all along and they will start to try to better themselves and to get rid of their disgusting interests & desires. Once they will start to get interested in more normal stuff (and not fictional characters peeing themselves), they will finally be happy and stop making cringy stuff like this.
We should do our best to kinkshame others as much as we can. I know I will.

No. 858178

And btw, this is a message to the Omorashi community - You are disgusting. No! Enjoying what you enjoy is not normal and you should do your best to fix yourself as soon as possible. You should feel ashamed of yourself and who you are. You should try to erase any trace of this abnormal interest from our sick brain now. You have no idea how much I would love to tell you this right in your face. You are inhuman to me and you deserve to be locked in a mental asylum & poked with needles. You deserve to cry. You deserve to suffer. All the bad things lead to good things after all. I hate the fact that some sick BDSM enthusiasts taught you that you are fine. You should not be allowed to be in society, to have a job, to have children or to be in a relationship if you are into that sort of thing.
You deserve society to pull all the shame that exists on you. I hate you with every inch of my being and I hope you will be stuck in hell with other deviants like you. You freaks, you sickos, you perverts, you degenerates, you fiends.
I wish I could get rid of the site Omorashi.Org so much but I don't know if it's possible. I will do my best to get rid of that site and make the Internet suit my standards. I will get rid of that site if it's the last thing I do.
I want to live in a fetish free and kink free world where people strive to do their best to get rid of them.
Same with ABDL fans - you are exactly as the above. I wish I could make you feel as much regret and self hatred as possible. I hate you.

No. 858181

I can't stop talking about it, guys. I feel a strong need to vent about all the things I hate.
Fetishists and kinksters make me feel scared, disgusted, hateful, judgemental and they anger me like no other. Omorashi fans anger me the most. When I hear them rambling about how they enjoy seeing their favorite characters squirming, it makes my blood rise to my head like no other. It makes me climb on the top of a building with a megaphone and scream "You freaks! You disgusting freaks! Get help! You are not normal!".
I developed agoraphobia and social phobia as a consequence.
I can no longer approach people because I'm scared they have this mental illness called having a fetish and it scares me like crazy.
I have to hide myself in my house forever because society says that kinks and fetishes are perfectly. They are not and they will never be. Psychologists who think that fetishes are fine are wrong and they don't deserve to have their title. People who are open about their fetishes are sick in the head and the shouldn't even be considered human. They are basically demons at this point. I will never shut up about my hatred towards fetishes until the day that I die.
I don't know why Earth refuses to get rid of these specimens called humans.
Sex educators and fetish communities are fucked in the head and they all deserve the fire.
I'm a NEET now but my dream is to recreate the Internet in my own image. Ban fetish and kink communities, ban anything outside the norm, ban a lot of things.
Fetishes are wrong and you know it.

No. 858183

I should also point out the fact that my agoraphobia and social phobia are just a normal natural reaction to learning that there are people out there who are interested in fictional characters peeing themselves and who like to ramble about how excited they get thinking of stoic characters needing to pee. I can't go outside knowing that there are people like this out there. I will stay inside until this depravity stops.
I can't go outside knowing that there are people who are turned on by farting. I can't go outside knowing there are people who get turned on by weight gain and such.
My anxiety, depression and OCD are a natural cause of people's degeneration and perversion.
Until society fixes itself, I will never come out of here. I will continue to shame people for their depravity until the day that I die.
I refuse to seek medical help because people who have fetishes refuse to seek medical help themselves.
My reaction is totally normal and everyone is in the wrong.

No. 858184

damn sis did you pee yourself 10 years ago and still can't get over it or something?

No. 858185

I'm angry because there are people who are into this sort of thing. I have the most prejudice over this one because it's the most abnornmal to me and because people won't shut up about it. Once people stop making content for it, I will stop screaming from the top of my lungs about how much they deserve to die.
Abonormal is not okay.
If I started ranting about the ABDL people, I would probably write a fucking novel.
I just hate freaks.

No. 858187

shes probably into it and disgusted at herself because of that kek

No. 858188

I'm a guy, you moron.(male)

No. 858189

Plus, my only kink is kinkshaming. People deserve to feel bad for liking things that are unconventional.

No. 858195

Alright, who let their castrated catholic uncle onto the farm?

No. 858196


begone scrote

No. 858249

funniest thread i've seen on here in a while. first time on the internet, op?

No. 858262

I'm orthodox, not catholic.

No. 858276

No. 858277

why is this still in /pt/ and not locked

No. 858285

lol no wonder you hate yourself too

No. 858286

This. It's like this is when he's brought his first computer.

No. 858288

No. That one was actually my friend. We are trying to erase this sort of unusual behavior within fandoms. Even though we are not part of any fandom ourselves, we still feel bad for actual people who are in fandoms and the come across gross stuff like this.

No. 858290

i'm sorry but being the anti-pissfetish crusaders, and making shit threads on lolcow forums is very autistic

No. 858299

If you are scared of the piss pants fetishists perving on you every time you go outside, just stop pissing your pants in public all the time, retard.

No. 858311

I should also mention that I actually have a string hatred towards anything fanworks in general. I strongly believe that fanfiction should be illegal unless people learn to stop adding pervy stuff in there. I'm as prudish as you can get. I'm barely okay with vanilla stuff.
I would probably have a heart attack if m partner revealed they have a fetish to me (but then again, I still live with my parents and I have no job, so it's unlikely it will ever happen).
No wonder AO3 was banned in so many countries because of its questionable content. I wish it will finally start implementing stricter policies and rules.
Wattpad is another hellhole I won't dive into. Plus, everyone there is a minor, which is very creepy.

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