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File: 1635829744963.jpeg (136.7 KB, 717x717, CD941BFF-2D2D-4BB4-AEA4-0A4857…)

No. 1360109

Elaine Gertler Miller is an 18 year old aspiring model & commodity trader who resides in London. A tory who flaunts her family’s (questionable) wealth on social media and brags about attending Westminster School, an expensive and prestigious London boarding school. Elaine is a self proclaimed “hacktivist” who is on a mission to cancel cancel culture after clips from a livestream were posted on twitter in which Elaine says she wanted to nuke Chinatown. There’s little information on Elaine before May 2020. She says she was a “controversial internet troll” previous to all her online activity disappearing. Elaine says her parents use their wealth and influence to have hackers & police remove photos and videos of her after the Chinatown incident. Elaine flip flops between having a friend who died from online bullying to herself being the target and bullied until she attempted suicide. She also believes anyone who talks about her, shares info from her public social media accounts or shares DMs have broken British terrorism statutes. She uses multiple alt accounts & sock accounts to threaten people with hacking, criminal prosecution and legal action but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention. Even though her whole schtick is canceling cancel culture, Elaine tries to cancel lots of things, including but not limited to this site, kiwifarm (she refers to KF as kiwi leaks), Josh Moon/Null, Britton Bully Club, Diane Awesomelaser, Chinatown & pollution.

@inplie (deactivated)
@magixela (deactivated)
@saskia_collins (deactivated)

@E21877775 (deactivated)
@cassidy09020696 (deactivated)
@stella61531332 (deactivated)


Previously on Real Housewives of BPD:

Feb 2021, shortly after starting a new Instagram account, Elaine joins an engagement pod with infamous lolcow Lillee Jean. She starts to contact Lillee Jean’s critics, suicide baiting on Lillee’s behalf >>>/pt/821551

March 18th livestream with Lillee Jean. The stream was uploaded to Lillee’s Instagram account & Youtube but removed shortly after the farms started discussing Elaine. Elaine says her parents had the stream taken down >>>/pt/826076

She’s an anarchist >>>/pt/826107

Anyone participating in cancel culture should receive life in prison >>>/pt/826192

Elaine’s modeling agency is a scammy “pay to play” agency which had to change names from TMA Talent Management to Buzz Talent after receiving bad reviews online >>>/pt/826197 >>>/pt/826201

Trading company Elaine lists as her employer on her resume is also a scam >>>/pt/826228

Chinatown livestream is found on twitter:

>Joe: I'm not gonna lie, I wish they could just square up Chinatown and blow it up.

>Elaine: I was gonna say that! Joe, you're more politically correct than I am because I was thinking about saying "nuke" but then I was like…. >>>/pt/826432

The police are removing the clip and she’s not racist, she just hates pollution >>>/pt/826437

Deleting Instagram account after getting called out by numerous people she was contacting and threatening >>>/pt/826592 She never deletes the account

Discovers lolcow and says farmhands have given her anons’ identities and we’ll all be arrested >>>/pt/828142

England, in it’s entirety, is coming for the farms >>/pt/828098

Josh Moon/Null runs lolcow. Her proof? Null’s lolcow thread >>>/pt/828152

Elaine’s suing the farm for £10,000 >>>/pt/828146

At Elaine’s request, Westminster School is contacting YouTube commentary channels for commenting on internet drama >>>/pt/828098

Wealthy anons notice Elaine’s designer items look like bad knockoffs which is strange for someone who has enough money to wipe the internet every few months >>>/pt/828184

In a message exchange with commentary channel Diane Awesomelaser, Elaine says she going to bring down lolcow & kiwi leaks (KF) by putting a virus on the sites >>>/pt/828317

New Milk:

Elaine was sexually harassed for being an internet troll >>1191418

Elaine’s fake fan/hater accounts are discovered >>1191474 >>1191476 >>1191478 >>1191479

Not-Elaine make her first appearance, calling farmers pathetic because she was just joking about blowing up a crowded place when she was 14 >>1191751

Elaine says she’s a minor >>1191784

Elaine retcons 14 year old joking story and now says the girl in the Chinatown video is a girl named Monica, not-Elaine >>1191824

Elaine doxxes herself and makes rape threats >>1191928

Elaine pretends to a bullied classmate >>1191935

Elaine has been calling the cyber police since 2019 >>1192762

Elaine called the CIA on farmers for doxxing someone under the age of 21 >>1192782

Elaine attacks random Josh Moon, not the correct Joshua Connor Moon >>1192828

You may be trolls but I’m a coder >>1192837

Diane Awesomelaser’s twitter cult catch wind of gullible Elaine and troll her into doxxing numerous Lillee Jean white knights >>1192996 >>1193019 >>1193028 >>1193049

Culminating in the revelation of Diane’s real name, Ana L Beads >>1194237

Elaine still can’t figure out Josh Moon doesn’t run lolcow >>1195930 >>1196548

Elaine contacts Null over his white nationalist, pedo-infested board, lolcow.farm >>1196811

Elaine thinks Null was sued over a thread posted on lolcow because she can’t read >>1196822

Elaine bothers Null enough to get herself a KF thread >>1196850

Elaine shares passport on her Instagram account as proof she’s a minor >>1196890

Immediately gets called out as shooped. Elaine deletes it & claims not-Elaine posted it >>1196934 >>1196984

Irritated with an alleged minor contacting him, Null emails Elaine’s mom >> 1197038

Not-Elaine says she watched a non-existent livestream so people will stop contacting her parents >>1197319

Elaine’s dad confirms farmers’ suspicions that Elaine is indeed retarded >>1197492

Pics from Elaine’s private Instagram account get leaked >> 1197797 she starts removing followers, trying to find the leaker >>1197942

Connor/Queck says he had to have Elaine removed from his property by the police >>1198035

Queck gets a poorly constructed vendetta thread in snow >>1300569

Elaine offers info on Lillee Jean’s fake pedo boyfriend to KF’ers if they remove Elaine’s thread >>1201356

Really leaning into the fake hacker persona >>1218940

After applying for an admin position & getting rejected, Elaine starts her work doxxing lolcow’s real owner…first up, Regina, hot blue haired mexican admin >>1290278 >>1290288

Elaine’s hacker alt is discovered on twitter. Broadcasts her diabolical plans to ruin the farms >>1312802

According to Elaine, this embarrassing alt is totally Not-Elaine >>1312862

Beginning her complicated mating ritual with admin-sama, Elaine only pretended to be stupid and shared fake doxxes as a tease. Now has admin-chan’s for reals dox. Time’s up for Ines, the slim, Muslim-Canadian lesbian admin>>1312862

Elaine’s calls 911, in Canada, to report admin is a Muslim and one of those gays >>1328624

Elaine decides a random art twitter account is every anon posting on lolcow, threatens subpoenas >>1328626

Another vendetta thread appears on random art twitter account >>1313033

Elaine begins her favorite pastime: necroing threads, spamming gore & spamming cp. Succeeds in getting her thread pinned >>1328686

Admin out Elaine’s self posts in meta >>1329075

Elaine still can’t integrate >>1329171

Ethnicity : Muslim >>1329350

Elaine seems fixated on admin-sama’s sexuality : lesbian >>1329491

Elaine says she’s created a new image board, not run by illegal lesbians, gossipgirl.net. Posts about it in /meta/. It’s all a lie, just another ploy to get admin-sama’s attention >>1329703 >>1330502

Elaine posts as McGill University Tech Support and says someone emailed admin-sama’s school, warning them of their hot lesbian muslim student >>1330606

Immediately gets outted as Elaine gayops >>1330611

Elaine still tries to salvage the McGill Tech Support plot line >>1330650

More love letters from Elaine to admin-sama >>1331467

Laur Trueman, Lillee Jean’s unhinged stage mom, sent the email to McGill says not-Elaine >>1331486

Elaine has a soft spot for Kiwifarm, unlike us white nationalist pedo lesbians, they have self awareness and dicks which Elaine can ride >>1331703

Elaine was only retard-sitting Lillee Jean >>1331759

Finally listening to anons and taking a break from the internet >>1331772

Just kidding. she’s back spamming more gore & cp after a few days >>1333873

The hacker called Zero, Not-Elaine, starts targeting random twitter users, accusing them of posting on lcf >>1339931 >>1340134 >>1340456

But Zero also wants to fuck admin-sama >>1340687

An Instagram account appears, offering money in exchange for info on Muslim, lesbian college students. What could go wrong?! >>1343476

Elaine starts tweeting at unrelated McGill students >>1344029

Elaine has a scrote create an admin-sama thread on Kiwifarm. Included is an April Fool’s Day post, which Elaine takes serious >>1355222

Admin reveals Elaine’s nefarious plan to pit numerous message boards against each other and have them take each other out >>1355384

Elaine gets a restraining order against admin-sama >>1355778

Elaine created the evidence used in admin-sama’s dox >> 1357083

On the rebound from admin-sama, Elaine sets her beady eyes on her next board-running lover, Null >>1358632

Null confirms admin-sama’s KFvsLCFvs420chan reveal >>1359161

Elaine doesn’t take Null’s rejection well and says he’s been brainwashed by the hot lesbian troons on lcf >>1358803

Elaine doesn’t need admin or null. She’ll just use socks to thirst post about herself on Kiwifarm >>1359487

With her board vs board thunderdome plans destroyed, Elaine starts to lay the groundwork for her next story…obsessive scrote hacked her accounts and catfished everyone >>1359683

It’s stupid and immediately gets torn apart by anons >>1359728 >>1359730 >>1359756

Elaine is sorry for being fucking psycho for the last 6 months, she was stressed about exams. She’s learned a lesson and will take a break >>1359767

Just kidding, she’s back and doesn’t want a 2nd thread >>1359812

What’s next for not-Elaine? Will admin-sama break up with her liberal white gf and confess her undying love for Elaine? Will Null get over his hatred of skinny women and British people, finally realizing the hacking coder of his dreams was right in front of him the entire time? Will Elaine finally shut the fuck up and stop spamming gore & cp?

First Thread >>1191408

No. 1360137

Beautiful summary of the adventures of Elaine and her alter kek

No. 1360152

Really goes to show you, some temporary negative attention from men really isnt worth it

No. 1360164

7 days ago, some sperg made a joke tinfoil about Elaine and Josh, using the word homunculi. Really makes you think.

No. 1360178

i don’t think elaine is funny enough for that

No. 1360292

I also don't think she's creative enough to come up with anything like that. She probably saw the homunculus post and included it into her disgusting kiwipost.

No. 1360380

Thank you based Admines-chan for the pinned thread.

No. 1360439

For people who think either of her parents are rich(don't involve family members)

No. 1360453

Nice integration Elaine

No. 1360472

File: 1635891878371.jpeg (384.85 KB, 1170x1462, 39B7BD29-2B6C-4EE6-9A73-576690…)

She hasn’t stopped fucking around online. She was responding on kf last night. The scrote who posted admin-Chan’s thread was telling farmers his relationship with Elaine got personal and he could ruin her. God I hope she wasn’t dumb enough to send one someone nudes.

No. 1360475

Hi Elaine, we know you're just trying to set the stage for another game of "that wasn't me, someone has it out for me I swear". Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1360517

Kinda funny to see the differences between the way she approaches a majority female site vs a majority male site. On another note, its hard to tell what is and isnt her anymore. Its obviously not mentally healthy either way to get as involved as she has. Youre not going to become their based edgy meme girl, elaine. Wouldnt you rather start turning things around now for future you instead of continuing to add more cringe to your resume that you'll look back on and regret when they stop giving you attention? You can stop it at any time

No. 1360538

Thing of it is I don't believe she is capable of stopping. So many people have, often in rather kind terms, tried to explain that if she were to stop it really would all more or less be forgotten fairly quickly. But I don't think she can stop, literally incapable I mean.

No. 1360638


I'm the guy who posted all the shit about her irl you thick sod. This anonymous shit is bs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1360639

Fuck me, the admins on here are absolute morons, the anon who said she was rich. I can assure you she's not, UK companies house is open to the public.

No. 1360657

There’s no evidence of who her parents are. You can’t just post people who share the same username. Schizo take your meds

No. 1360661

From the limited posts I've seen screenshotted I can't tell if rectalsalad or Elaine has the lower IQ. Match made in heaven honestly

No. 1360786

Jesus, Elaine, please look at the Sh0eonhead threads. Is that how you want to turn out? Is THAT who you want to be? They're going to stop giving you based edgy meme girl points and then you'll end up like Sh0e as soon as the next retard from lolcow comes along

No. 1360792


I mean there is, since I'm the guy who went to her house to confront her parents about 18 months ago, and Elaine doesn't like the fact I went there.

Hell, if you find any of her old posts you can match up her skylights and roof, to the address on there.

No. 1360810

no one cares. fuck off scrote

No. 1360814

>I'm the guy who went to her house

What are you expecting a gold star or something?

No. 1360819


Clearly you do when you're getting pressed over ppl sharing where she lives, if you want to believe she's rich the go for it bud; you're not gonna get in her good books or pants for defending her

No. 1360824

Are you the quack guy who for whatever reason just wouldn't get a KF mod to verify him? That was frustrating to read. Also, fuck off scrote

No. 1360825

There’s a suspicious account on kiwifarms sharing messages from Elaine in which Elaine claims this guy sexually assaulted her. Now he shows up here sharing her address? Smells like more Elaine gayops, anons.

No. 1360852

elaine’s still trying to make obsessive scrote catfished us a thing.

No. 1360883

We don't care if she's truly rich or not, that's the least insane thing she lies about. We know from the shit she shows off that she has a very lower class understanding of what "luxury goods" are and what wealth looks like. We don't care beyond that. We also don't want to find her address, this site doesn't dox. We're not here to make people feel unsafe by releasing their address, we just want to talk shit.

I'm curious about her social life, does she have irl friends, what do her peers think about her? If you have anything about that, that's something you could post.

No. 1360886

File: 1635950007508.jpg (117.69 KB, 720x746, 20211103_113259.jpg)

I was agreeing with this kiwi til the edit. These "I know Elaine irl" characters are so retarded, I almost believe them, but not really.

No. 1360891


she doesn't have any friends, her parents are too busy with their architecture company to care about what she does in her own time.

The closest Elaine has came to make friends was when she use to spend every day on insta live being racist towards every minority with other racists lol

No. 1360892

Personally I think it's a mix of overwhelmingly Elaine's sockpuppets and a few assholes she's gathered on KF and irl who are somehow even more retarded than she is and think it's entertaining to join her shitposting. As for her irl buds, I wouldn't be surprised if she regularly texted them about her threads and actively provoked them into posting because she wants us to look like we're directly trying to cause harm. Too bad even her henchboys are instantly recognisable as from her social circle due to them sharing 12 IQ points between everyone.

No. 1360926

She most definitely doesn't have real life friends. I think she's a NEET since she's been here religiously for months.

No. 1360935


Wish there was a way to see her time spent on here and KF lmfao

No. 1360941

I’d kill for a creepshow art-style exposing of all her posts, I want to confirm some of my suspicions lol

No. 1360942

Admins probably don't care to do it because she's too obvious anyway. What are the posts you're curious about? I want to see the LSA vs LC shitstirring too, anons never posted screenshots.

No. 1360971

File: 1635958202158.jpeg (52.67 KB, 1242x291, A34BF4FA-F7A4-432B-B8CA-B9D5AC…)

It’s not very subtle kek. Here’s an example from yesterday’s schizo elaine posting hours

No. 1360973

Samefag, the lsa stuff is basically in the same format, sometimes with some random accusations thrown at the mods and admin(post screenshots)

No. 1361060

>Personally I think it's a mix of overwhelmingly Elaine's sockpuppets
it's 100% her sockpuppets. remember - she was originally associated with lillee jean and laur (who have hundreds of them). probably where she got the idea.

No. 1361074

File: 1635969095403.jpeg (337.97 KB, 1170x1348, C32F32D5-0DA0-4A7E-A369-462662…)

the scrotes are catching & leave sock emojis on her profiles kek

No. 1361089


I'd say there's a good 5 or so accounts she has that have only just popped up defending her and attacking anyone sharing info about her.(emoji)

No. 1361172

Lmao how can anyone read posts like this and not see it's blatantly Elaine talking to herself masturbating at the idea of any scrap of attention? Honestly wish this tard would an hero already

No. 1361205


Chill it Elaine

No. 1361249

File: 1635983588307.png (1.9 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20211103-160606.png)

Elaine is now claiming she's the OP of her KF thread, of course.

No. 1361250

File: 1635983680171.png (275.22 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20211103-214300.png)

Also from the London scrote, apparently Elaine and the other dude file reports back and forth for fun and games instead of growing up.

No. 1361311

File: 1635992476836.jpg (1.8 MB, 2300x2894, Untitled-1.jpg)

She posted dox of this random dude, tried to personal army the weens in her own thread, and then announced she's leaving (again). How long do we give it this time? I say she'll be back tomorrow

No. 1361411

File: 1636012223993.jpeg (616.71 KB, 1125x1385, E7B3E5E8-6595-4E75-925A-15F59A…)

She can’t stay away from the farms for even a day lol.

No. 1361455

lol she really believed me that Null hates the british and now she is doubling down on NOT being british. I was just trolling you, Elaine. Null is only tsundere about the British because he is mostly british himself (he posted his 23andme a while ago). The whole "I hate the british" is just a joke, like the whole "I love Israel" thing. In fact I think he probably has a thing for british ladies and that's why he's overcompensating so much. Now she's ruined her chances of their britbong-amerimutt love-hate romance forever by insisting that she is not british. So sad for poor Elaine, kek.

No. 1361484

File: 1636027296467.jpeg (781.64 KB, 1170x1534, E9DB972C-2C25-4A97-BB80-A5F795…)

Now she’s saying the girl in the Chinatown video is her but the audio is edited kek What happened to Monica?

No. 1361487

> she really believed me
And who are you?
If we actually believe these people are real and not just Elaine's socks, they manage to be more retarded than her

No. 1361502


The optics are much worse if she’s a foreigner joking about blowing up crowded places. Whatever you say, not-British not-Elaine.

No. 1361515

Imagine denouncing your nationality to try and impress fucking Null of all people

No. 1361523

File: 1636032708507.jpeg (694.1 KB, 1170x2133, AE14F1C2-F767-42A9-AAB9-62CD5C…)

>Logging off indefinitely

Lasted 3 hours kek

No. 1361525

Why are you so close with Elaine and fucking Null you weirdo

No. 1361534

Most people know this about Null, lol.

No. 1361536

I thought Null had a thing for fat Hungarian women.

No. 1361538

but she said connor created her thread and admitted to it >>>/meta/26990

No. 1361543


Don't believe anything she says about other people

No. 1361546

We don't, we're just pointing out her inconsistencies. We know she lies about everything and can't keep track of her own lies, but we can. Now please stop shitting up the thread.

No. 1361634

File: 1636047342094.png (73.55 KB, 1130x430, elaine.png)

lmao… imagine being such a clown that NULL of all people not only rejects you, but pities you.

No. 1361681

File: 1636050116875.png (10.81 KB, 954x64, Untitled.png)

No. 1361730

You sound like a stan tho

No. 1361831

Null is very fuckable and has stans

No. 1361842

File: 1636063659705.gif (1.31 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

>openly admitting this on lolcow.farm outside of the "unconventional male attraction thread"
It is a bold move, let's see how it plays out for you, Anon.

No. 1361844

If his penis worked I'd shoot my shot with him

No. 1361849

Never saw his face until now (not familiar with KF) and he looks like a puppy child/jack septiceye

No. 1361850

Get help please. Or some standards. God this is embarrassing

No. 1361863

Stop derailing about Null.

No. 1361864

File: 1636065472436.jpg (43.11 KB, 810x801, 1633508903826.jpg)

anon love yourself pls(derailing)

No. 1361888

The thread OP has his face in it lol what do you expect(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1361892

This could really all be solved if her parents would cut off her internet access. Her parents really need to step in at this point, its just kinda getting sad. Even null pities her

No. 1361938


Would only happen if her parents cared about her, and if that happened..Lol let's not joke that aint happening

No. 1361992

s just liking stuff in the background while her sockpuppets do all the talking(ban evasion)

No. 1362132

119kg of pure love nonny
God bless you(derailing)

No. 1362136

File: 1636111964927.jpeg (1.09 MB, 968x1403, E37A0F87-95B0-483A-B4AF-2EBF7F…)

she’s saying she’s not British but forgot she shared her British passport kek

No. 1362146

He's down to 114kg judging by his post from this morning. Still a plump little cherub.

Farmhands seething about Noolposting is funny when you literally let his pic be in the OP. I mean, Elaine does actually want to fuck Null and has been actively trying to get on his good side, it's not even that far off-topic (also everyone saged).(Null has his own thread)

No. 1362147

i love how in the middle of all this autism, the cuckAdmins still have time to ban people for random stuff("random stuff")

No. 1362148

You don't understand, she was only born and raised in England, but shes "ethnically" russian!! Despite her parents having German and English last names. She only says shes russian because Nool is a Slavboo and lives in eastern Europe.

No. 1362161

I think she was born in Russia? Said so on KF

No. 1362165

It must be true if Elaine Gertler Miller says so.

No. 1362180

No she wasn't. And being born in Russia would still not make her ethnically a Russian. Her parents aren't Russian. She also doesn't look like an ethnic Russian, especially if you take out her blue contacts. She just looks entirely British, maybe half Jewish from her mothers side.

No. 1362194

She probably also felt like it would help her image as an elite haxxer since there's been so much talk of Russian hackers over the years

No. 1362250

living for elaine's latest attempt at convincing the internet she is indeed not who she was proven to be! now with extra balcan and israeli heritage.

she doesn't even look eastern european in the slightest. she'd be better off making herself out to be french, what with her name and all.

No. 1362261

I don’t disbelieve her being Russian and Israeli as she has no reason to lie about that. I do disbelieve her being Jewish, me thinks she’s using it to try and suggest hate crimes have been committed against her.

No. 1362263


Dig deep enough and youll find her parents birth records, both born here from British parents.

Elaines nothing special other than autistic(do not involve family members)

No. 1362268

anon, pathological liars don't need reasons to lie. They just do it.

No. 1362286

She went to jcoss a Jewish school(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1362296


That's the one. You could File an article 15 and you can get access to her full school records.. she's given us her passport so it's not that hard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1362457

And why would I do that? I already know she's dumb

No. 1362719

Elaine is really fighting for her life, huh?

No. 1362737

File: 1636168907813.png (249.34 KB, 1748x722, Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 04.21…)

She's still on a roll. Can't stop won't stop

No. 1362890

>>1362737 She's still going, thought she was leaving the site

No. 1362905

>I don’t even believe BPD is a real mental health disorder
Her self-denial is off the charts kek

No. 1362933

I'm still so perplexed by her stubborn insistence on making a complete fool of herself on the internet for everyone to see.

She objectively still can lay low and get a life but she probably won't cave in to the evuhl cancel cultcha boolies. I didn't know being KiwiFarm's resident cow and clown was such a thrilling dayjob.

I tried having some pity for Cowlaine but I just can't anymore.

No. 1363083

You could ask the same about all lolcows and attentionwhores. They don't care if the attention they get is positive or negative, as long as people are talking about them.

No. 1363723

File: 1636306731960.png (57.06 KB, 1255x446, broken record.png)

Guess who got bored, remembered she has a thread here and showed up on /meta/ to bitch about it.
As usual, she can't change the script.

She won't be the only KF's resident cow, there's another one who doesn't leave the site (@DocHoliday1977 aka Pam). I don't think she's planning on having a life, she continues playing up the hacker persona and she's dumber than a rock. It's only a matter of time until she crosses the path of some deranged scrote.

No. 1364385

File: 1636373732157.jpeg (915.38 KB, 1170x2059, 3E4AF7CD-D725-4E6F-9476-F0F0F0…)

kek at Elaine liking tweets about Kiwifarm being a white nationalist site from June

No. 1364513

I bet you anything that once she sees you posted this she will go off in an attempt to call liking those tweets a "psyop"

No. 1364695

I thought she had 3 based and psyops pilled cousins working at cloudflare, why haven't they given her lolcow's origin IP yet so she can bruteforce the admin panel with kali linux and trigger Admines-chan's dead woman's switch?

No. 1365086

for someone who claims to want their thread to die, she sure is doing everything in her power to keep it going.

No. 1365137

yeah, weird. you'd think she'd remember she has a brain and just go undercover.

No. 1365834

Show your cock, Elaine.

No. 1366425

Holy shit, Elaine got a second thread. Mazel tov, you mad cow.

No. 1366574

File: 1636603861944.jpg (255.96 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20211111_040808_com…)

No. 1366632

File: 1636612129225.jpg (72.8 KB, 822x207, Screenshot_20211111-062645_Sam…)

Come on Elaine, if you're going to lie at least keep your stories straight. What happened to this account being admines-chan?

No. 1366673

Did u not check the thread on KF? She has like 5 accounts apparently

No. 1366693

Considering the thread still hasn't been moved out of the proving grounds, and I'm not autistic enough to sign up for an account just to read her thread, no.

No. 1366750

File: 1636636088706.jpeg (280.79 KB, 1170x477, 692C342E-E504-4556-B3C1-86723E…)

>making the internet a batter place

No. 1366776

nonnie no one cares about grammar and I’m starting to think that’s not even her account

No. 1366804

>when will she lolsuit
Maybe after you finish up yours with "Harrison" the totally real cyber lawyer from the last thread, Elaine

No. 1366953

Elaine is british and I would not have sex with her.(no1curr)

No. 1366960

Farmhand is fat and I would not have sex with her.(no1curr)

No. 1367037

you're fat, banned and no one wants to have sex with you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1367043

Anon is mad and I would not have sex with her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1367624

File: 1636725853567.jpeg (917.46 KB, 1170x1840, 381E4C49-4A5A-4BE9-8A60-79396C…)

Elaine’s mad admin know she’s spamming gore & cp

No. 1367668

By god, is she really trying to argue that a tracking bad actors through cookies is a bad thing? A l33t h@x0r like Elaine should know that this is common practice for catching serial ToS violators. Even Wikipedia does it.

No. 1367701

>they even track MINORS with cookies!!!!!
as does every single fucking website on the internet, kek

No. 1367880

File: 1636760294252.png (10.87 MB, 1170x2532, 2F18CE62-1C82-4D6E-899F-973D56…)

elaine posted this in the lolcow discord(self posting )

No. 1367886


Did she draw this in glittery lip gloss

No. 1367887

elaine put the ketchup back where you found it

No. 1367893

elaine has a stalker on the lolcow discord. The user has cow emojis and goes by elaines biggest fan. It might be elaine but that user is obsessed and she’s annoying.(samefagging )

No. 1367898

lmao it’s probably some kiwifag trolling. stalker is a stretch.

No. 1367928

Probably some fat low IQ tranny. I have no idea who gives a shit this much lol.

No. 1367929

And we should care why?

No. 1367961

Sure. lol
Elaine can't stop seeking attention from KF scrotes or Kirtaner orbiters. Good luck shaking them off.

No. 1367988

It's a random person trolling her. Get a grip.

No. 1368040

are you elaine?

No. 1368415

No. 1368421

File: 1636847767741.jpg (544.86 KB, 1178x2108, nc-3.jpg)

No. 1368423

File: 1636847834489.png (313.3 KB, 1190x1142, Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 00.57…)

Bonus: Internet Genius Elaine

No. 1368424

File: 1636847973566.png (144.2 KB, 1170x488, Screenshot 2021-11-14 at 00.59…)

LOLCOW.FARM: Now featuring over a thousand doxxes, defamatory paragraphs & harassment content

No. 1368446

>My family are best friends with cloudflare ceos
>Actually hello cloudflare please respond to my sockpuppet tweets???
>Also super elite haxxor who can't navigate twitter settings btw

No. 1368465

There’s no evidence this account is Elaine, it also goes on about a completely unrelated site. I really doubt it’s her as it just seems more general activism involved, I reckon they may know Elaine but this user should have their own thread

No. 1368470

>obsessed with lolcow and "ines"
>grandiose bluffing
>has that tumblr (which nobody except for Elaine cared about) as the header
>simping for Null and Kirtaner
>uses "meanie" and cocktail glass emoji constantly
>harassment campaign against Onision Regina

Please learn how to larp more effectively

No. 1369294

File: 1636982318427.png (467.3 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20211115-081522.png)

Still begging for an audience with Null-sama

No. 1369323

lol, everyone knows how much Null loves it when people try to tell him they could run his site better than him. Especially some dumb britbong bitch. She is really begging to get banned.

No. 1369492

File: 1637007914979.png (210.48 KB, 1012x1226, Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 14.21…)

Big Brain Elaine is also in the lolcord lecturing about how lolcow has too many subdomains (for nefarious illegal reasons, of course) draining admin's funds, once again demonstrating her IT expertise

No. 1369802

all I want for christmas is for elaine to gain enough braincells to comprehend how fucking stupid she really is

No. 1370110

File: 1637110711570.jpg (2.26 MB, 2358x5474, namecheap.jpg)

Elaine's been trying to get the domain suspended. I made a compilation of their responses to her vs how quick they work when it comes to actual issues.

No. 1370123

>sorry for misunderstanding what you were asking, am ESL
"Retard" is not a language, Elaine.

No. 1370142

Elaine's fucking wild, man

No. 1370302

File: 1637151138280.jpeg (683.47 KB, 1170x1369, B4CDD4B9-EF61-4747-B351-EF47C1…)

Elaine commented on a secret Santa post with her likes & dislikes. She did not disappoint.

>Likes: Anything AI related

>Dislikes: most of the police, censorship, libertarians, SJWs, injustice

No. 1370317

Yeah she absolutely lurked kiwifarms for years, that’s why she sent an email to Null talking about lolcow stuff in the beginning lol.

No. 1370321

elaine called it kiwileaks for months kek

No. 1370339

lol why is there a porn star among the dislikes?Elaine really comes off as at least 5 years younger than what she actually is

No. 1370341

Amazing that she lurked for that long and couldn't gather that it wasn't called "kiwi leaks" until recently, never change Elaine

No. 1370375


She's so embarrassing, she wants so hard to be liked by them.

No. 1370582

dislikes the police force but uses them when she got "sexually harassed" ok

No. 1371067

File: 1637255899904.png (27.45 KB, 300x261, thumb_laughing-meme-transparen…)

>@E21877775 (deactivated)
>@cassidy09020696 (deactivated)
>@stella61531332 (deactivated)
A story in twitter handles

No. 1371445

File: 1637290254568.jpeg (433 KB, 1170x1047, EF47AB85-0CA3-42D9-AEE7-352BB4…)


>just responding

Did Elaine tell them admin was an ethnic muslim lesbian in a relationship with a woman? Shocked they wouldn’t take action.

No. 1371577


How do you have access to the internet and not know that 'muslim' is not an ethnicity?

No. 1371593

Nta but how do you have access to these threads and not know that’s something Elaine said? >>1329350 It’s even linked in this thread’s fucking OP

No. 1371614

That new icon is really… special

No. 1372374

don't scroll down, someone is spamming porn so be careful

No. 1372872

File: 1637478261177.jpeg (43.84 KB, 640x567, 3948653F-4A33-401A-B1E5-77F7BF…)

Elaine sent me this photo of her at an anarchist protest in England. She told me to post it here. I don’t know how to prove to you guys that this is her, but here it is.
The mask is an amazing touch.

No. 1372940

she left off school shooters, furries and troons.

No. 1372952


That could be anyone, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

No. 1372978

Believe me or don’t fren but that’s her.

No. 1373046

>cringe guy fawkes mask
>sign about cloudflare and cyberbullying
>hair and built seem about right
Idk Anon, I can believe it. Who the fuck else would make a sign like that? You can also tell from the overwhelming sense of depression this picture emits that it was taken in Englad.

No. 1373133

Doesn't matter who that is. That aint Cloudflare's offices.

No. 1373246

Elaine made an appearance at the beginning of townhall to let us know she had our IP addresses and that she is forwarding them to the police

No. 1373249


It is not unusual to see people wear the mask protesting against something in London. She lives in London so it is probably is her.

No. 1373642

Is she still on with her american LARP? Don't most Brits spell it 'paedophile'?

No. 1373761

Paedophile is the correct spelling, pedophiles have a foot fetish.

No. 1373805

That's podophilia

No. 1373988

File: 1637618028059.jpg (2.01 MB, 972x6216, Screenshot_20211122-165148_Chr…)

She couldn't be more of a fucking dunce right now. She can't even admit to half the things that she's done, making up aliases for herself and saying "Well, ehm, i only did half of it". Be a man, Elaine. Be honest with people and admit your wrongdoings. You've been flagged time and time again, harassing users and spamming meta.

At least she admitted to spamming "some" gore. "Some".

No. 1374055

She admitted to spamming meta

No. 1374064

Lies. She doesn't know when to stop.

No. 1374075

She used to go by Elaine April on Instagram and told Lillee Jean in their live that she prefers to be called April rather than Elaine. Now “April” is one of her friends from 4chan who runs the silenttruthhere account?

Her brain must be so scrambled, it has to be draining to keep having to come up with these insane lies

No. 1374098

I don’t think this is that weird. I’m in a server with 5 people all called Kay
I’m guessing April called herself April because Elaine did & was originally zero? I think that’s what she’s trying to say

No. 1374170

File: 1637636379165.png (54.52 KB, 620x368, Screenshot 2021-11-22 9.56.08 …)

Guess she forgot about this tweet kek

No. 1374183

Elaine has so many sockpuppet accounts. She is lieing so Null and co can accept her. She is so desperate for this to go away because her schemes didn't work. She cannot stop unless she throws away her internet access.

No. 1374193

She admitted to having access to that account and it being set up by two people. I’m guessing the co owner posted that tweet

No. 1374194

File: 1637638951870.jpg (255.59 KB, 996x1742, zero.jpg)

>April/Zero is one of my friends
>Who is Zero

No. 1374195

It looks like she was just tryna protect zero here. I wonder who zero is as Elaine looks like she’s simping hard. Is Zero reversal ? I’m confused. I’m guessing Zero is Kirtaner

No. 1374196

What is the point of "admitting" to your bullshit when you're just gonna come and deny it all in third person

No. 1374198

Fact checking

No. 1374199

idk if i was trying to protect someone i'd deflect and not double down and demand evidence so that everyone else sees it too

No. 1374201

Idk , maybe she’s just mentally ill

No. 1374210

File: 1637640354867.jpg (197.91 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20211122-230450_Chr…)

Ahahaha this is good. Can't wait until 3 weeks later when she claims her KF account was hacked.

No. 1374225

I can’t wait to see ur post history

No. 1374299

File: 1637653110363.png (396.1 KB, 675x675, 1635286800540.png)

she will not leave this hacker LARP go will she? she is literally admitting multiple times that shes too stupid to actually hack anything, then goes back to saying she totally hacked us anons many times, then back to saying the fake admin dox was "what cows told her".
>I did dox a bunch of people who used the site but nothing was really done with the data, it was more just to see if it was possible or for fun.
How? You literally admit to being too fucking stupid to find gore on the internet. You said all the "dox" shit were things other people sent you. Why are you trying to sound intimidating? You cant fucking hack anonymous users how many times do we have to tell you? You cant be some internet savy hacker and then say you are internet inept.

She keeps saying she “trolled” us but legit all she did was post copy-astas, a picture of a raid can, use the twitter no one follows or reacts to, like, who was trolled here? Only people fooled were your parents who wasted money on giving you an education for you to end up on this stupid hellsite.

No. 1374407

She's definitely only "owning up" to things because admin is revealing her post history. Nice going, retard

No. 1374413

She was sending threatening emails to people from fake law enforcement emails? I’m guessing someone finally reported her and she’s running to the scrotes for help & sympathy.

No. 1374430

I can't believe all of her insane posts are under her real name with her face attached. It started with just a shitty lolcow thread and she stubbornly charged ahead until we got to this. Incredible

No. 1374464


I love how now she's getting indignant that the kiwi scrotes are calling her unhinged like her 8 month long spergfest isn't documented and organized for all to see

No. 1374466

my bet is she's going to claim Admin blackmailed her into taking the fall for whatever

No. 1374642

File: 1637699983300.jpeg (734.67 KB, 1170x1525, 9ED447EF-03DF-471D-B730-0C223C…)

You’re clearly psycho, Elaine. Don’t get mad at the scrotes for trying to label your very public psychotic breakdown. You’re wading in a pit of misogynistic assholes. You don’t get to clutch your pearls when they behave exactly as everyone told you they’d behave.

No. 1374644

Does she think BPD and bipolar are the same kek

No. 1374649

Idk if she has BPD, but she clearly is mentally ill in some way, otherwise she would have stopped posting long ago. Whatever type of mental illness she has is definitely caused by the parents substituting love and attention with money. My guess would be she has ODD (just like Null UwU) and sociopathy since she can post CP and gore without being affected by it.

No. 1374661

>Im always a consistent monotonous level of depression & seethe.
Elaine, 99% of your behavior reads as manic episodes, wtf are you on about?

No. 1374740

File: 1637704613108.jpeg (529.14 KB, 1170x1826, D742E90F-1D21-4C17-85AA-04649A…)

She’s been informed BPD means borderline personality disorder. She believes it’s made up by sjw’s as an excuse for being cunts to their boyfriends.

No. 1375214


1. Elaine pretends she was hacked

2. Elaine pretends she was actually forced to do this by admin or there would be some bad consequence, like blackmail or something

3. Elaine tries to blame her behavior on mental illness. She's already pretending that she isn't aware of what BPD is or that it couldn't possibly be BPD, making it likely more and more people are going to call her BPD since she's such a strong opponent of it. Then at the end she's going to be like
> "Oh you guys were all right… I guess it really was mental illness causing me to act this way. Guess I'm not responsible for my own actions"
(my fave and most likely to happen)

It's clear she will do anything to avoid any sort of responsibility since she's already lying about what happened for her name's sake, even though everyone can see her mental illness. My theory all along has been that she is purposefully acting out like this and sperging specifically so people can call her mentally ill, so that she can fall back on the mental illness. I don't think she's mentally ill at all, I think she's a foolish girl that dug a hole and kept digging because what else is she gonna do? I genuinely don't think she's "elite" hacker material either. She got a couple of people to give her advice and help her. She speaks exactly like someone repeating information given to them.

No. 1375249

Nta but you're retarded anon. Jesus christ lol

No. 1375251

>I could come up with a least 10 ways to monetise the site

Hey lainey, how about you come up with a way to monetize your parents business? kek.

No. 1375324

She's setting her confession up the same way she always does; she admits to some softball shit like basic internet trolling/harassment, but keeps up the lie of how other people insisted on the Regina dox and she merely followed their lead. She's going to pull the same thing when she finally accepts she was wrong about the Ines Rabiey dox and swear up and down someone conned her into it even though she's the one making up brand new evidence to support whatever mental illness this is.

No. 1375441

It probably has more to do with admin saying they’re going to expose her post history during the town hall. She wants to start a narrative she’s working with a group. When it comes out she’s the one calling Lillee Jean a fat disgusting troglodyte and making violent rape threats against various other cows…she can blame April or Zero or Katana.

No. 1375448

She's been using her various groups as shields the entire time, the real harassment was always blamed on her sockpuppets or the various 'groups' she was trying to suck up to, which backfired especially badly when she had ED faggots spam up her KF threads. She namedrops without hesitation when making up anecdotes to illustrate her "dox" to paint people as snitches when it's all invented by her.

No. 1375620

File: 1637828967400.jpg (150.36 KB, 1581x362, mh27.JPG)

Elaine only confessed on kiwifarms because after trying to add me on an alt (routine behavior), I humored her and told her that if she really did confess to every single thing she's done to me or others, I would delete her thread. This is definitely a first and I have never actually offered to delete anyone's thread before. I will admit there are circumstances where threads are deleted for being spam or vendetta threads on random individuals, and I have taken it upon myself to delete threads dating back to 2015 because there were actual child abuse victims involved. However, we all know Elaine meets none of this criteria. I also knew that Elaine wouldn't actually confess to everything she had done. Here is the tl;dr on what the conversation went like:
>pls delete my thread i'm an innocent child
>you want me to confess? what? what do I say?
>I'm on a lot of xanax I black out and don't remember I'm not a liar
You know, the usual Elaineisms. Anyways here is the full email of the M13 email Elaine references in her apology, I have cropped out the doxxes from the original email. Keep the following in mind; when I initially got this email, I confronted Elaine about it, and she said her ex boyfriend was behind it (what boyfriend sis) and then tried to place the blame on 420chan. I guess Elaine didn't know that trying to convince me that 420chan was a hacker organization was fucking stupid. You're all free to analyze the headache inducing writing style Elaine uses when she RPs as Mr. Robot. List of things Elaine didn't mention in her confession:
>in her kiwi thread she denied ever sending this email but would later come to say that I had emailed her parents despite the fact that I only ever forwarded this very email to her parents.
>harassing random discord members thinking it would get her thread taken down
>entertaining kirtaner and giving him attention because of their vendettas against nool
>her weird rants about wanting to murder me to others
>no mention of the rape threats posted on the board and in dms with others
>trying to employ people to DDoS or attack the site using, scripts, because Elaine isn't a skid, she's the real deal
>fabricating evidence to doxx some random woman, which she still denies
Anyways I'm really disappointed that Elaine didn't in her confession, even think to apologize to the random woman she doxxed and made a thread of on ED hours prior to demanding me to delete her thread. She made no mentions of the random people in discord she harassed, or the family members or random people she had doxxed for no reason at all. No mention of the other flakes involved in her failed psyops. Guess who the other 5 takedown requests were?

Hint: they all have greasy thin hair

No. 1375634

Get her Ines-San!

No. 1375670

>We’re fucked off so
how professional and not like elaine at all! my god she seeps autism

No. 1375673

So that's why she ran to /meta/ to alert you to her new post on kiwi so fast, lol

No. 1375684

>Guess who the other 5 takedown requests were?
Elaine got 2 threads here and the other ones are from Lillee Jean and Laur, but that's way more than 5 threads.
I maybe be dumb, but I don't get who else is involved on LC?

No. 1375690

>I have cropped out the doxxes from the original email
Wait… what dox?

No. 1375696

Can someone explain to not britbongs what M13 & MH27 are? I can’t find anything by searching. Are they like CIA? Was Elaine posing as a police officer?

No. 1375704

File: 1637849833802.jpeg (754.64 KB, 1170x1903, 0937B058-B0F5-418E-944A-C73C70…)

>weaponized autism

Elaine’s ED account is the usual amount of cringe

No. 1375711

She probably intended it to be "thread" as a collective for a person instead of individual pages. Lillee Jean should be on the list, her mom probably promised Elaine 3 months of welfare checks if she got Lillee's page banned.

No. 1375712

File: 1637850759538.png (498.9 KB, 1732x1518, Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 15.27…)

She's really doubling down on the dox while simultaneously begging for admin's forgiveness. She couldn't even lay low for like 1 week to make it seem the slightest bit genuine? God her retardation is unmatched. She totes witnessed Ines outing herself on a group call, but weeks from now she'll be crying about how someone tricked her into believing the Ines dox and she was just going along with it.

No. 1375735

Weeks from now? She already said farmhands fed her bogus info in her confessions of a teenage drama queen >>1373988

No. 1375736

I'd love to know what series of unlikely events could possibly happen for Elaine to correctly dox admin, she's just not a very bright person

No. 1375751

pretty sure they were just random discord users that had personal info attached to their profiles

No. 1375781

gEnIuS h4ck3r that couldn't doxx one single person successfully.
She's LJ and Laur level of retarded.

No. 1375790

I bet some random person claimed to be a farmhand and she bought it. The same way she bought someone random claiming to be null was totally really Null.

No. 1375832

She went to people's discord profiles in the LC discord, clicked on their linked accounts and then followed their names/googled them and found their name/address/number. A simple child could do it so I'm not sure why she is acting like it was l337 levels.

No. 1375869

File: 1637875118926.png (169.28 KB, 1200x1236, Untitled.png)


No. 1375875

she’ll never be kween kiwi now

No. 1375946

the way she obsessively uses kiwi to get simps is gross. if youre gonna be a stupid pick me whatever, but at least most of them just use twitter. she legit goes to a place for absolute male degenerates and begs for people to like her. its so pathetic and retarded that even null of all people has to tell his kiwis shes a fucking idiot. i hate null but im glad at least hes not following her shit. the kiwis who simp her are the weakest link in society.

No. 1376124

I assume Null has seen a lot of Elaines try to be the Kiwifarms e-girl over the years. She's not exactly an original attention whore.

No. 1376169

File: 1637931119990.jpg (53.29 KB, 375x669, take meds.jpg)

Elaine's in the Discord again.

No. 1376176

File: 1637933711006.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x2160, 66E8F14B-7D23-4AE3-B843-E31074…)

>I didn’t actually send rape threats
her post history will prove otherwise

No. 1376177

do you have any proof this is Elaine?

No. 1376192

File: 1637937585759.jpeg (778.56 KB, 1170x1382, F06352AA-CFF9-44F4-8506-0E5FF4…)

fucking pathetic

No. 1376196

Pretended to have never heard of Elaine and then proceeded to bitch about how Elaine was treated because everyone was afraid of her. Lied about being a teenager and first time user. Generally acted like every other Elaine sock puppet ever.

No. 1376210

kek, finding out Null sends her e-mails to a friend to read and laugh at must have stung.

No. 1376225

She did not even find their names. She thought some chicks Twitter handle name was her real name. It was an anime/weeb characters full name. Which she thought was the real power word of that person.

No. 1376264

File: 1637949878756.jpeg (32.58 KB, 643x222, 2747649-62ed366d34875eadd72b78…)

Begging for upvotes in KF DMs

No. 1376267

No. 1376269

Elaine has been banned from Kiwifarms, kek.

No. 1376273

caps? context?
honestly thats great cause she has to be seething hardcore.

No. 1376276

Got any caps? Not even KF's resident schizo cows were banned lol if true, good job, Elaine.
Brace for the incoming gore + nonsensical bait & seethe posts.

No. 1376277

File: 1637952889012.png (576.08 KB, 1284x2778, F57762AF-8304-4D27-9A3E-129B09…)

Elaine has been banned from kiwi farms(Stop this.)

No. 1376282

Why are you still talking in 3rd person even when posting screenshots of your logged in accounts

No. 1376283

Homegirl sent it to me in a DM, I’m not her

No. 1376284

'Bout damn time. Now where will she go?

No. 1376287

You can't send DMs when you're banned.

No. 1376288

She is probably making a sock account as we speak.

No. 1376290

>Distribution of child pornography
Wait, what?

No. 1376293

Null found out that she has been posting CP and gore on lolcow.farm in an effort to get the site taken down for "hosting CP".(post proof)

No. 1376301

It was on pisscord homie(this is pathetic)

No. 1376306

File: 1637955373362.png (304.42 KB, 792x1356, simps.png)

Are you one of Elaine's Kiwifarms simps who have gay discords with her where you call her your queen? You have to be pretty pathetic to simp for a BPD britbong.

No. 1376375

Null himself says so right here in this screenshot I posted earlier, shitmods. >>1375869 Maybe try reading the thread before handing out bans you drooling mongloids.(that's not proof, retard)

No. 1376379

It says in her ban message that she was banned for distributing childporn, right after Null found out she distributed childporn, which I posted proof of. Wow, big mysterie why he was banned.

Keep handing out childish bans because you can't read.(ban evasion)

No. 1376380

How did he "find out". Him simply saying that she posted the cp without any actual facts, (screenshots of her admitting it, someone else saying that they gave it to her) to back it up is not "proof". First of all, how would she have gotten that type of cp without someone giving it to her? Don't say deep web because she's not even intelligent enough to properly doxx people, she just uses google. Admin never said she posted cp either, I'm pretty sure they'd know from her post history. This is all circumstantial.

Before you all say "omg shut up Elaine!!" I'm not Elaine, and I don't trust some retarded scrote that obviously benefits from the drama of this all. I need more than just Null saying she posted it.

No. 1376382

File: 1637961959408.png (214.62 KB, 3260x1376, Untitled.png)

Once more for the slow mods in the back. Keep banning me because I pointed out you gave me a ban for no reason tho, you immature brat.

No. 1376383

That's really not proof tho. Everyone here has been saying she's been posting cp but just because Josh says it we're supposed to believe it? How does he know it? Has he even shared evidence? No?

No. 1376386

Yeah, all I've seen was speculation that she was spamming cp here, but that was never confirmed and the more sensible explanation was that it was some bot that targets image boards. So either Null knows something we don't or he was just fed up with Elaine and used that as an excuse, or maybe even taking a piss because she keeps being retarded about "fighting cp"

No. 1376387

She has been trying to take down lolcow.farm for "hosting CP" and curiously at the same time someone has been posting CP on the site. People have been speculating that it is Elaine doing it for a while now. Elaine also has a thread on Kiwifarms where her antics are being discussed. I don't know if there is any direct evidence Null has that we don't have, but what I said is still true, his reason for banning her is that he believes she posted CP here. Idk how the fuck I deserve to be banned for this very obvious deduction.

No. 1376389

It's proof that that is why she got banned from Kiwifarms, which is the only claim I made to begin with. Are you retarded? I never claimed she posted CP, I said she got banned from KF because Null believes she posted it. I didn't say anything false.

No. 1376391

>but what I said is still true, his reason for banning her is that he believes she posted CP here
That's actually not what you said nonny. You said:
>Null found out that she has been posting CP and gore on lolcow.farm in an effort to get the site taken down for "hosting CP".
implying that she actually did. You never said "Null believes". You said "He found out". Are you ESL or did you just use the wrong phrase? Because when you "find out" something, that means it's actually true. When you "believe" something, it's a suspicion but not actually true.

Just stop throwing a tantrum and lashing out at everybody because YOU said it that way, it's embarrassing for you.

No. 1376394

>Null found out she did a thing
Ok whatever.

No. 1376395

thank you for actually understanding what I was trying to say. Like, I'm all for accusing Elaine of the dumb shit we know she's done but cp accusations are pretty serious (which is why on some forums, you get permabanned for even calling someone a pedo) and if there's no evidence of her fessing up or someone coming forward and saying they gave her access to it, then I really don't think that specific accusation should be spread yet. I don't give a fuck about her and I definitely believe she spammed gore, threatened, harassed, etc but I don't think she's smart enough to get that stuff on her own let alone post it without it being traced to her.

No. 1376398

You are literally retarded if that is your take-away from what I said. All I did was connect the dots from a day earlier because people were asking why she got banned. I didn't claim she posted CP at any point. You just can't admit you have butterfingers on the ban-button.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 1376401

I don't think Elaine posted CP just based on my assumption that even someone as "above the law" as her knows that CP charges will absolutely ruin her life in a much more real way than some shitposting and threatening behavior that she made sure to try to enlist other people for half of the time. Just a few days ago she was asking around for people to send Ines "trojans", she's not stupid enough to do that herself. Weird of Null to just go with that unless he's going to come out and confirm that it wasn't just hearsay.

No. 1376402

The cp was being spammed simultaneously to the gore she’s admitted to spamming. You’re correct that she’s too stupid to cover her tracks. They’ll eventually be hard evidence it was Elaine. They are serious accusations to make and I suspect Null wouldn’t make them without some sort of evidence. Guess everyone else will just have to wait until Elaine is arrested or admin reveal her post history.

No. 1376405

You are being way too optimistic if you think Elaine is capable of realizing that her actions might have real life consequences. She is exactly the kind of retarded edgy kid that posts CP and thinks nothing of it. She already admitted to the gore, which she also previously denied. Her entire plan to take down lolcow.farm is to get admin in trouble with authorities and hosting companies for "hosting cp" a plan she originally thought of because she is supposedly underaged in the previous threadpic where a sliver of her bra is visible. She since has been calling admin a pedophile. Now someone is posting actual CP to further the narrative, hm I wonder who.

No. 1376408

Some of the gore she was spamming was of toddlers. Kids aren’t off limits to Elaine.

No. 1376456

Okay someone posted cp. Do we know it was Elaine? No. That's all everyone has been saying. You have a problem since you can't let it go and can't stop obsessing over the idea of Elaine herself posting cp. Nobody knows for sure without evidence and everyone here has been bringing up facts as to why she wouldn't be capable of posting it herself.

No. 1376461

You’re retarded. She’s retarded. I’m in a discord watching retards. Chill out bro you sound like one of Null’s chink mods. Real fuckin retard hours

No. 1376463

>I’m too retarded to post cp

No. 1376474

> everyone here has been bringing up facts as to why she wouldn't be capable of posting it herself.

you’re the only one saying this, not-Elaine

No. 1376480

There's been two other anons here on the last hour that have said this besides me. calm down kek.

No. 1376486

Guys see. Elaine even admits she’s too retarded to post cp

No. 1376518

>anyone that doesn't agree with me sperging and my obsession with cp is Elaine
alright anon. when you take your pills today be sure to drink plenty of water too, mmkay?

No. 1376523

There’s a new voice recording posted on Elaine’s KF thread. I don’t know how to link or I would. She’s freaking out over Null banning her and says she’s being unfairly targeted because she’s friends with everyone. Whoever she’s talking to tells her he knows who started the rumor (I’m assuming about her posting cp)and she flips her shit. She sounds like someone who just realized they got caught.

No. 1376562

No. 1376569

I hate cliffhangers, I guess we'll have to wait to see who Elaine is going to literally kill (and lol at her saying Null could be the one spamming cp)

No. 1376571

Elaine needs to get some lolcow therapy and learn to love herself. She's only destroying her own mind by freaking out as much as she is, poor dear needs to stop digging her own grave.

No. 1376575

She has accidentally admitted to it in the past. You forget she has memory problems and will fess up to things and then later claim she never did.

No. 1376580

File: 1637976902990.webm (2.5 MB, 320x240, manic elaine.webm)

>she is calling her lawyer
>bitching about Null banning her
>some dude just saying "yeah"
>she's been a suicide bomber online (the chinatown incident?) because she's covering for everyone else (???)
>she's defended Null
>Elaine, our hero, has been defending lowcow.farm as well
>420chan was going to attack us all
>she's the most loyal
>they're not appreciative of her mediation skills
>Elaine is not manipulative, she's just friendly
>she doesn't know who's spamming stuff here
>dude says that he knows who's behind it
>she supposedly knows who this mysterious spammer is
>Elaine says she knows where he lives and she's gonna kill him

No. 1376586

Elaine is hot. 8+/10 becky. Every morning I wake up and jack my dick to the clip of Anuscabbage and Elaine fucking on the RV.
I kinda feel cucked when I watch it … but I don't care. I dream all day about that sweet sweet Elaine-brand pussy.
Y'all ever had half-breed poon? It's delightful … I prefer it served "al forno" (that means oven-ready for you plebs)
and when I make cummies? I want to put them in Elaine's tummy.
Yes, Yes … I realize Carl and Baked Alaska have already had a slice…. but if I had to choose between their sloppy seconds and dirty thirds?
I'd be happy to take mouldy fourths. (Or I guess it would be "schwifty fifths amirite boys?)
Damn baby doll. hmu. I got what u need.
Unlike @shawnphase I could actually hit it if I wanted. I ain't a fucking incel (like some people we know).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1376587

File: 1637978263848.gif (1.18 MB, 366x366, spin (1).gif)

No. 1376590

>lolcow dot farm
I am def just a random poster on lolcow.farm! All posters on lolcow.farm calls it lolcow.farm, xoxo -not elaine

No. 1376592

File: 1637978622829.gif (260.64 KB, 507x495, flex 2.gif)

Stop talking.

No. 1376594

Holy shit I just realized that idiot was using lolcow.farm. Literally nobody that's a regular user here, calls it lolcow.farm.

No. 1376599

I posted the webm and wrote it like that because she always says "lolcow farm" whenever she refers to this place. Just thought it was funny, calm down.

No. 1376600

File: 1637979066927.png (1.73 MB, 1936x1158, Screenshot (444).png)

10/10 would make cummies. wish i was in discord with her :(
I want elaine to touch my lil peepee(moid)

No. 1376603

Does anyone know what she was "mediating"?

No. 1376612

Nothing. I think that's just Elainespeak for: "I was making shit up and trying to turn them into my personal army."

No. 1376649

>To be fair you need a really high dose of autism to talk about Elaine
Wow, 2016 called and want their retarded aged meme back, moid

No. 1376686

kek this dude got dementia and keeps posting the same thing

No. 1376692

To know that the moids posting are both fat/boney and ugly makes me feel a little warmer in my heart. Keep struggling, boo ♥ you'll never be a productive member of society

No. 1376722

imagine being a male and so useless to society this is what you have to do on a Friday night to get your dick hard kek

No. 1376731

File: 1637982446034.jpg (18.18 KB, 327x280, closeup-portrait-beautiful-you…)

They're so predictable, we already know the next thing they're going to do is post someone else's dick because theirs is too much of a chode to post it. Am I right, eenie weenie reading this?

No. 1376733

No. 1376744

File: 1637982671340.gif (394.58 KB, 224x224, 1636694638680.gif)

>when they post cock exactly as I ordered them too

No. 1376747

men are so fucking dumb they fall for literally anything

No. 1376761

I do know one thing tho, these fucking bozos would never post their balls now would they? no cause they're faggots that save other guys' dicks to share

No. 1376775

Shoutout to the other farmhand who got it ahead of me.

No. 1376779

It’s over balless bros

No. 1376782

Thank you farmhands. Jfc

No. 1376785

What’s happening

No. 1376788

Scrotes being scrotes. Ignore and report

No. 1376793

Elaine thinks this is funny, until her post history is revealed.

No. 1376800

Elaine is crazy

No. 1376807

The best part is all of this is tied to her legal name. Woohoo! She will go down in elite cYbEr haxxor history

No. 1376808

But what good are all the simps in the world when Josh calls you a pedo and bans you

No. 1376816

File: 1637983926423.gif (526.67 KB, 337x437, unnamed.gif)

>elaine's manic audio is posted
>said she's totally protecting everyone from 420chan or whatever
>all of a sudden her thread is being trashed
Every single time she gets triggered this happens. Bitch can't be subtle, so this time she got a couple simps to shitpost for her.

No. 1376817

British can’t have guns

No. 1376822

File: 1637984114990.jpg (26.22 KB, 250x411, 2749682-d0aa6843de694b47b21c0d…)

It really wasn't Elaine, she's been telling the truth all along. It was definitely her evil twin Elle!!!!

No. 1376826

kekkk(idiot laughing at scrotes' jokes )

No. 1376958

File: 1638008689584.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, 1634935379175.jpg)

>be Elaine
>try to become Kiwifarms Kween
>hang out with incel Kiwifarmers in their gay discords
>they record everything you say
>they snitch behind your back to Null and get you banned
>you still talk to them

she really has a room temperature IQ (in celsius)

No. 1377017

>Fugg this!!
>I will give the cops my IP
>I have defended lolcow.farm
This is gold

No. 1377020

The greatest part about this is everyone on lolcow.farm told her this would happen. Im feeling conflicted about celebrating a bunch of scrotes trolling a literal retard though.

No. 1377032

Elaine could have just helped extract milk from Lillee Jean when she had the opportunity and then she would have come much much closer to achieving whatever based anon board e-girl thing she's aiming for. At least then she'd have been actually helpful to both Lolcow and Kiwifarms at the same time. Literally could have gained scrote approval by being a spy, but she is literally too much of a sperg to have conceived this plan.
I hope she figures this out and livens up the Lillee thread with some milk or some shit

No. 1377034

Never feel bad when a pick-me gets their wish and gets picked-on.

No. 1377726

File: 1638136778329.jpg (593.64 KB, 1172x1403, Untitled-3.jpg)

I really want to know where she gets her hacker inspiration from, she's too young to have witnessed Anonymous when they were relevant, same goes for the "hackers sustain themselves on coffee" meme. Current day hacker types are all about amphetamines.

Also, Elaine, shut up. Your setup is 1 iPhone and not even a single computer.

No. 1377759

>I really want to know where she gets her hacker inspiration from
Mr Robot and discord scrotes.

No. 1377802

File: 1638144320117.gif (552.68 KB, 250x177, ezgif-7-366660c11d37.gif)

omw to save my queen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1377862

File: 1638148448352.webm (2.93 MB, 640x360, omw kween.webm)

I'm not a scrote. I'm a prince. And I'm coming to mah queen's rescue

>scrote btw

No. 1377865

File: 1638148697761.gif (6.29 MB, 600x458, ezgif.com-gif-maker(10).gif)

elaine telling her simps to fuck up her thread again(sage)

No. 1377866

File: 1638148965766.gif (663.35 KB, 335x335, BE88D24D-0D33-4A62-8802-90504A…)


No. 1377868

File: 1638149048516.gif (1.19 MB, 600x338, gif.gif)

@anuscabbage12 bought Elaine Miller a $5000 rolex earlier this week(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1377879

File: 1638150242251.jpeg (143.19 KB, 936x728, 1637632297918.jpeg)

>Elaine: "When people have more than 1-2 threads then it's clearly justified and they deserve it, I don't because I'm too obscure"
>Also Elaine: continues to send scrotes to fill up her thread so she'll get a 3rd one sooner

Absolute genius. Never stop, Elaine the brain

No. 1378152

File: 1638194134386.png (137.28 KB, 1520x788, Untitled.png)

They are not from Elaine for once, they are from lolcow.org and it is Admin's fault they even know this place exists, because she continuously encouraged them to post in the Kiwifarms thread and even went as far as to advertise lolcow.org here in a banner on every page. All because they also have a hateboner for Null and Admin thought she could turn these spastic scrotes into her own personal army. She even has her own account over there. She's just as much of a pick-me retard as Elaine, which makes their fighting even funnier to me.

The JDANKS420 shit is their MO.

No. 1378159

Her thread was dead for a day and as soon as there was a new post, spammers appeared. The lolcow discord was "raided" at the exact same time by Elaine whiteknights who just happened to find the invite in a raid incitement thread on 4chan, but sure, that was probably just a coincidence.

No. 1378203

Nice false flag, fellow lolcow.farm anon.

No. 1378209

Name another group of people obsessed with JDANKS420. A homeless man who gets like 3 views on his streams.

No. 1378225

Elaine offers everyone she sucks up to invites to her "based" discord server full of these idiots. She tried to recruit a personal army in all kinds of different communities that talk about lolcows, but only managed to assemble a crew of the most bottom-tier trash. It's her crew. If she's trying to hide it, she should stop inviting farmers to get a first-hand look at the shitshow. She's not only too stupid to cover her tracks, she actively works against herself.

No. 1378231

This. One of her alts that's totally a real person who is not Elaine is named Elliot like the Mr Robot protagonist, she's so fucking bad at being subtle

No. 1378240

Me too lmao
Anuscabbage, who made the Ines Rabiey KF thread, is also in her server and VC circlejerks. She tries to cover up for her shit by blaming it on other people, but she needs attention so badly she'll invite everyone into the groups where she plans that stuff. It's embarrassing

No. 1378243

Post caps then

No. 1378265

File: 1638210044814.png (788.08 KB, 1284x2778, image0 (5).png)

Elaine sharing her police troubles in the Jdanks channel. Need more?

No. 1378271

Yeah? Post all you have if its funny or interesting.

No. 1378275

File: 1638211482387.png (467.79 KB, 908x976, image0 (6).png)

The rest of her $100% true story

No. 1378282

>'elaine has nothing to do with this, only a few select people even care about jdanks'
>documented instances of elaine blogposting about her plight in a jdanks server
amazing how she and her gang of goons sabotage her own plans at every turn. simply incredible. i love her brand of stupidity

No. 1378295

File: 1638212792785.png (484.25 KB, 2222x552, Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 20.05…)

The Ines "dox" has officially been declared bullshit on KF, will be left to rot in Prospering Grounds and will never be validated by becoming a public thread. After this and her KF ban, I predict the next phase will be a fake suicide with questionable and vague "proof"

No. 1378302

File: 1638213257031.gif (1.73 MB, 240x135, ezgif.com-gif-makerj.gif)

According to her, the next phase will be to sue Null for saying that she distributed cp in her Kiwi Farms ban notice. Whether or not she can put together a convincing case while on coke remains to be seen.(integrate)

No. 1378305

>implying she's actually on coke
it's not drugs, just mental illness

No. 1378315

Oh right, just like how she was gonna sue lolcow but she couldn't afford a lawyer because of her financially abusive parents, but in >>1378265 she claimed to have scrounged one up within a few hours overnight.

No. 1378331

It's not slander because it was not public until Elaine made it public. Also good luck suing someone in a different country.

No. 1378336

>Your honor, Joshua Moon privately accused me of sharing CP, which is totally different from me dedicating my life to publicly accusing a random Canadian woman of running an irl child porn ring

No. 1378344

>>She even has her own account over there

You mean the Regina account set up by the scrote who was banned from KF for trying the same shit over there? Ok, not-Elaine.

No. 1378363

File: 1638218581650.jpeg (410.83 KB, 1170x1199, 58248D84-6DD9-4EC8-8BB4-B9E83C…)

>they don’t do interviews at that station

Was she at the right station because google says they do? Elaine, the master intel gatherer, went to the wrong police station because she thinks this is a gayop and she isn’t taking it serious.

No. 1378365

If she does try to sue Null (we know she won't), that'll be fucking hilarious. She has been openly bragging about crimes she claims to have committed against him including "hacking his email and servers" and getting him subpoeanad by China or whatever it was. It's all obviously untrue, but does she really want to open that can of worms in front of a judge? Let's also not forget that before she fixated on Ines, she already tried to frame Null for CP. She did it first and publicly. He did it privately and based on her own admittance of spamming toddler gore on LC.

No. 1378377

>implying any of this actually happened and she didn't just google the closest police station and made up the rest

No. 1378380

Don't forget she tried to forge a fake passport presenting herself as underage so she could frame people for exploitation of minors. I'd love to see how she'd argue herself out of that one

No. 1378382

File: 1638219706119.png (597.52 KB, 1500x1884, admin.png)

No. This is her account:

She didn't sign up as "possiblymexican", they changed her name to that to make fun of her. Regina is Spookybones.

No. 1378386

File: 1638219968720.png (25.36 KB, 589x294, 1632097736332.png)

has anyone kept track of how many times we were subpoenad/how many times admin has been arrested according to Elaine?

No. 1378391

she also accused numerous Lillee Jean whiteknight’s of being pedophiles on her Instagram stories kek

No. 1378395

File: 1638220646064.jpeg (181.61 KB, 828x1316, 1616764051923.jpeg)

ah yes the 4chan deepweb pedophiles

No. 1378396

I’ve seen these screenshots before but I’ve never read the exchange. Elaine a card carrying member of anonymous not understanding online anonymity is priceless.

No. 1378906

Lolcow spams JDANKS just to annoy their own staff. Elaine was invited there to be thrown into the Tard cage. She hasn't gone there but one of her simps is pretending to be her on Onionfarms of all places.

She's scrapping the bottom of the barrel for troops now ladies.

No. 1378920

Moids on lolcow.org are literally the lowest form of moid that exists. Imagine a Kiwifarms scrote, but worse and with more autism and homosexuality.

No. 1378992

haha julay bear computer faaaaarrrt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1379096

kek aren't they kiwifarm rejects?

No. 1379173

File: 1638300217659.jpeg (488.64 KB, 1170x606, 1B81868F-8326-4819-8126-6C2D2C…)

These guys really respect Elaine kek

No. 1379199

File: 1638302055148.jpeg (425.55 KB, 1170x883, 7C3ABE78-32B6-4190-A3FB-9DF671…)

Kiwi Kween of Incorrect Doxxes celebrates twitter’s new policy on maliciously sharing media & information on private users

No. 1379272

Yes, they all got banned from Kiwifarms and it is not shocking to anyone as to why that happened, so they made their own Kiwifarms, except the only users are pants-shitting autists.

>private individuals
I'd say Elaine is a public figure by now, thanks to her constant attention whoring.

No. 1379568

File: 1638313668973.jpeg (268.44 KB, 962x1599, 5DCE975F-7FD2-47B2-A260-9ACDCB…)

Same account. She’s so stupid.

No. 1379663

She acts like this doesn't apply to her?

No. 1380483

File: 1638366210527.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x2221, 0B7EFD4F-8597-48CD-8418-BFC107…)

her simp army is defecting

No. 1380512

>She views my like queck.
What? God Elaine's simps are even more low IQ than her. This dude can't manage to write a single legible sentence.

No. 1380520

IIRC Queck is the Kiwifarms handle of some posh twat who visited Elaine's thread on the other farms to talk shit about her.

No. 1380576

Proving once again that he didn't write the Ines thread, he just posted it for Elaine

No. 1380622

File: 1638377162445.png (200.22 KB, 293x523, sussy.png)

Alroight lads
Oi've got me gamer feul
Toime to make me thread I will(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1380633

discord scrotes, if you must post here, at least bring milk. hope you recorded some more of her sperging

No. 1380659

File: 1638380036085.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1624028418019.jpeg)

God she is so… british looking.

No. 1380734

I think they're trying to bring milk. I'm pretty sure she's holding drugs kek

No. 1380871

That looks fake asf , it looks like she’s holding mints or stones of something. Drugs don’t look like that, bitch can’t stop lying

No. 1380953

there's a reason drugs in crystal form is called rocks

No. 1380959

It doesn’t look like crystals though. It looks like crushed up breath mints kek

No. 1380968

File: 1638394699164.png (687.79 KB, 1100x1116, Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 22.37…)

The vial looked odd so I googled around and found this. She probably saw it (it was on places like ladbible too) and got an idea for her larp kek

No. 1380983

lol my prerolls come in containers like that. Did she buy a joint and just stuff it with altoids?

On a serious note, Lainey shouldn’t mix stimulants with your juul. Even though a stroke would explain a lot of your behavior.

No. 1380984

Those containers are also used for mints and weed and sometimes earring holders, they’re everywhere, she probably got them from mint packets. I’ve never heard of ketamine being sold in containers and not bags, that’s weird. There is no way she has an eco friendly drug dealer supplying her ketamine in plastic containers.

No. 1380986

I wouldn't be surprised if Elaine does drugs. She seems like the kind of girl who watched Skins and now thinks being a trashfire of a person is actually cool and edgy.

No. 1380997

Skins inspiration might be true (fits with her obsession with other outdated basic yet edgy teen shows like gossip girl) but I doubt she's ever touched a drug in her life

No. 1381034

She better not be wasting money on drugs when she needs to save to sue KF

No. 1381588

Holy shit I saw her at Costa

No. 1381641

The only drug that really looks like is crack. And the black thing in her hand looks kinda like a burnt up crackpipe. I'm sure whatever's in the container is fake, but good job Lainey. People are sure to take you waaaay more seriously as a crackhead. It would honestly explain a lot. Too bad she's just retarded.

No. 1381781

File: 1638421724513.gif (191.37 KB, 234x505, elaine gunny.gif)

No. 1381785

File: 1638421804139.gif (192.34 KB, 234x505, elaine gunny 2.gif)

This version is better idiot

im a pedophile(namefag)

No. 1381786

Take a note from Elaine here and suck on a gun barrel, scrote

No. 1381787

Woaah she is so crazy she is like the joker

No. 1381817

I’ve gotten ket in vials exactly like that. It really depends on your source. Plus she’s British so I wouldn’t be surprised if she does it, isn’t it super popular over there?

No. 1381941

Can you please fuck off back to Kiwifarms or your weird Elaine simp discord? Seriously. I know you want to make Elaine your new IP2 thot KWEEN so you can make fun gifs of her to spam in chat and talk about how much you want to fuck her (you never will), but why the fuck are you over here? You have a thread on her on Kiwifarms. Nobody wants to see your Elaine gifs. Nobody needs your fucking non-contributions to this thread. You don't understand the site culture and you at like the most embarrassing newfags. You are cringe. Your orbitting of this british slag is utterly pathetic. Kill yourselves.

No. 1381988

File: 1638446214107.jpeg (735.83 KB, 1170x1808, B3C49EB8-BC8C-498E-AFF1-80A0D6…)

elaine trying to recruit a new simp army from edtwt. it’s not going well

No. 1381990

Is there a particular reason why this ugly, unfunny cunt's thread has to be stickied?

No. 1381999

this was brought up many times, there are only 2 threads, go read them instead of asking to be spoonfed

No. 1382003

Seriously? Lol, she must have seen Ambrose's fangirls were much more disruptive than her KF rejects

No. 1382007

the edtwt acct she’s talking to is 16. inserting yourself in to drama with emotionally fragile minors is a brilliant plan after being accused of posting cp. who’s the predator now, elaine

It’s in the OP, anon
>> Elaine begins her favorite pastime: necroing threads, spamming gore & spamming cp. Succeeds in getting her thread pinned

No. 1382010

Who would win? Who would be manipulated?
Elaine with her retarded tactics or malnourished tweens with a twisted worldview?

No. 1382016

they’ll cancel elaine once they find all the troon hate she’s been spewing on boards.

No. 1382122

File: 1638459538625.png (441.13 KB, 830x420, download.png)


beep boop boop

ai output = 'stop talking'(autism)

No. 1382284

File: 1638464539628.png (690.28 KB, 610x821, gfd.png)

This is Elaine's gun btw. A Umarex Colt.45 'blued' Peacemaker pellet gun, available for purchase from about a hundred airsoft and pellet gun sites.

No. 1382285

nobody gives a fuck about her cringey edgelord selfies

No. 1382397

Went there again, can confirm she works at Costa. Will get a picture next time

No. 1382438

speak for yourself nonnie, i am enjoying these prime autismo pics

No. 1382440


No. 1382884

It's a pinned thread

No. 1382887

Still makes it annoying for people who want to use the "hide saged posts" feature to just read milk

No. 1382926

Take a video next time. and which costa?

No. 1382938

Do not post which Costa she works at. That's incredible sick. I hate Elaine but don't post her place of work so the stupid spamming scrotes go visit her.

No. 1382961

Don't worry, it violates the board rules anyways.

No. 1382965

her family is rich why is she working at a coffee shop kek

No. 1383040

I highly doubt any of the anons following this thread would do this. We know Elaine is joking with kiwifags (and numerous other kf reject sites) about literally raping her. It’s most likely Elaine posting herself, fabricating more evidence to prove ladychan is evil.

No. 1383045

This, the unsaged updateposting without bringing milk is a dead newfag giveaway, it's either Elaine dropping misinfo or a Kiwi who's scared of looking too invested in her thread

No. 1383113

Hi Elaine.(hi cow)

No. 1383235

Its Empresa and those other incels from KF. They are obsessed with all women livestreamrs from IP2 and trying to groom Elaine into becoming one.

No. 1383521

Lately Elaine has started saying that her Dad owns Walmart and this website. No idea why

No. 1383523

i thlammed my penuth in the car door(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1383771

File: 1638557005174.gif (972.96 KB, 218x480, elaine stroking gun.gif)

Elaine gave her top simps a show the other night, after lubing up her toy gun with baby oil for a whole minute. The boys were glued to this.

No. 1383782

File: 1638557519724.webm (10.24 MB, 640x360, yzoq67.webm)

You can post webms here, here you go. Thanks for attempting to bring milk, but we're not really that interested in her camwhoring. If you post funny things she said, crazy lies, her plans to take down lolcow and so on, you'll get more responses.

Also stop namefagging, you're not on KF

No. 1383802

post screenshots, this is an imageboard

No. 1383815

>complains for months about her OP having a picture of her where you can see a sliver of her bra
>tries to have lolcow.farm shut down with cringe gayops over it
>gets 1 minute of attention from scrotes and immediately becomes a whore for them

Utterly pathetic, kek. Please don't post the nudes once she inevitably starts her camshows. Also eat shit an die Empresa, you are one of the worst KF posters and a disgusting simp.

No. 1383822

Damn, [she] has really big hands.

No. 1383824

Kek I was just going to say something about the sliver-of-bra showing thing.
Also, is there some universal law that every Lainey has to be an uggo footface? Jeez

No. 1383850

Marfan syndrome

No. 1384446

File: 1638599425181.jpg (43.36 KB, 644x567, elaine if only you knew.jpg)

She had a good plan the other day to try to email Null a trojan virus disguised as deets on Vordark lol

I missed recording it but she went on to say that this might only work if she could get "someone like Nick Rekieta" to sent it.

No. 1384470

There’s no evidence this was about Null though , it could have been about anyone

No. 1384564

The male voice says "then Null would definitely open it" in the recording.

No. 1384631

File: 1638617875465.jpg (30.46 KB, 700x555, a5ZqyjL_700b.jpg)

Null is totally going to open Vordrak-info.exe and get epically BTFO'd by the hacker queen.

No. 1384822

Good job. You tricked a literal retard.

No. 1384826

You retards really don’t seem to appreciate this discord simp who has dropped deets about Elaine fucking kiwi scrotes to get a thread made, Elaine doing cocaine on livestream, Elaine lying about owning a gun, Elaine putting on cam whore show for simps on discord in exchange for them raiding this thread, Elaine fumbling her way through pretending to hack Null, etc.
Some nigga keeps jumping in here to leak the stupid shit she does on discord and y’all are abrasive towards them for no fucking reason other than to be catty towards a leaker. Fuck off and let some simp scrote faggot drop the deets so I can laugh FFS
Tired of this shit

No. 1384827

File: 1638634254229.webm (1.55 MB, 6dai3b.webm)

She's so funny, she always tries to make other people do the dirty work. She had some flakes from the egirl threads call up Regina's work too, didn't even do it herself

No. 1384835

>Elaine fucking kiwi scrotes to get a thread made
Where's that story then? Kiwi tourists just need to drop their actual milk rather than trickling vague statements and gifs.

No. 1384849

Is Elaine really so retarded that she doesn't think these things will get leaked? One one hand… yeah she is probably that retarded (I mean she thinks she can send Null a trojan). But I honestly think that she is probably in on it and posting shit herself as well. She would have seen by now that scrotes are leaking shit from the discord, so why would she keep telling them shit and make more cringe plans with them? In the end her only goal is to get attention and I think she is just trying to come up with retarded shit that gives her attention. I doubt these are things that "only the baste infiltrating scrotes" are able to get, it's shit she would have posted herself anyways.

No. 1384855

Elaine is honestly so low IQ that she can not even tell that this autistic scrote talking to her is just fucking with her. I mean anyone who does not have mega-autism can hear his half-assed attempts at flattery "Oh yeah you are so busy" and tell that he's being disingenuous. But not Elaine, because she is a proper retard. She is probably so retarded that she will eventually get caught committing a crime since she constantly keeps planning criminal activity and publicly admitting to it. Just so you know Elaine, sending someone a trojan is a crime and mommy and daddy can only bail you out so many times before the bobbies will throw you in the looney bin you belong in.

No. 1384869

Sorry that scrotes like you have the inability to use their words and provide actual milk. Instead males just drop a retarded, useless, pixelated screencap and think we're gonna worship you for it. Post milk or get fucking lost.
>y’all are abrasive towards them
rightfully so, they're males.

No. 1384872

This is what I'm saying. A gif of her jerking off a gun isn't anything interesting. We know she's retarded everyone. We know she does dumb shit. Give us angle, backstory, a reason why she's doing it and who she's doing it for. It's a gossip forum, not /b/ where you can post pics and speculate about what's going on. provide milk.

No. 1384878

File: 1638639613080.png (200.54 KB, 876x952, empresa.png)

They think it's interesting because it makes their microween pp hard to gaze upon a female doing something vaguely sexual and they don't get that it's not interesting to women.

Seems that we won't get anymore updates since Empresa is scared Null will ban him for fucking with a lolcow for content off-site (against KF rules). Look at him pretend like it's not him posting here, kek.

No. 1384886

File: 1638640163762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.6 KB, 480x548, 1627930361470.jpg)

lead by example.

No. 1384895

It's 50/50. She thinks the people she talks to are truly her friends (or will be soon) and they're just acting mean because it's their ~culture~. She regularly flips her shit when something gets leaked, then follows up with misinfo and spam to get it buried. She does see these leaks as setbacks and they make her insecure, but even when she can tell someone isn't on her side, she's too desperate for attention to let go and continues to try and suck up to them. She thinks she can play everybody else and manipulate them into doing her bidding, getting some of her ~based and cringepilled~ shit leaked is just them being cheeky.

No. 1384921

She really is BPD, kek. I bet she has zero friends in real life because she drove them all off. The only people who will ever tolerate her are scrotes who think she is an easy lay. Then they will also leave her when they got what they want.

No. 1384931

She does not have irl friends, she spends her entire waking hours on Discord, she even has her loud cringe calls about hacking the fbi while she's out in coffeeshops. She lied about police coming to her house so many times but she never even thought to make up some friends kek

No. 1386231

Some kiwi farms scrote is posting info about her family on her thread now. Chimpout inevitable.

No. 1386255

I don’t know why they keep posting her uncle when so many sources including the cow herself have made it clear it’s bullshit. It’s low to dox people that aren’t her parents.

No. 1386270

lol her dad is not white, he looks middle-eastern or jewish

Hey Elaine, your "uncle" looks just like you! The resemblance is really uncanny when compared to your KF profile pic. He certainly doesn't look "russian" like you claim, kek.

No. 1386275

Anons keep saying this dumb shit about Russians. I don't think she's part Russian either btw, but they vary in appearance and can look like a European from pretty much anywhere. There's no "look".

No. 1386281

They absolutely have a look. Every ethnicity has a look. I know it is hard to understand for Amerimutts because you are all mixed, but as a European I can definitely tell apart French/Italians/Germans/Polish just by looking at them. Slavs and Mediterranean/Middle eastern people absolutely look very different form each other. Of course you have people living in counties that don't look like that ethnicity, but that's because they are immigrants or children of immigrants. There is no way that man in the video could be ethnically Russian.

No. 1386302

the slav look is just fetal alcohol syndrome because they drink so much

No. 1386413

Actually a lot of them have really big noses, this is because they live in a cold climate and the air has more time to warm up before it enters the lung if it has to go through a big long nose first. At least that is a plausible explanation I once read. They do drink a lot, which is why their big noses are often red.

No. 1386452

They look inbred and dumb. Americans think they're hot because they never travel.

No. 1386458

> I know it is hard to understand
Yeah, the lot of you look the same but it's ok cause it's irrelevant

No. 1386483

File: 1638811863312.png (60.54 KB, 771x188, Untitled.png)

No. 1386492

Nta look I know slavs are ugly but it's not worth derailing. The men are fucked and for some reason the women are either a ugly or they're pretty enough to torment foreign men with no grey area in between. Elaine is neither and it's not relevant anway

No. 1386502

Germany: founded in 1871, comprised of plenty different populations from south to north and west to east
Internet expert:"as a European I can definitely identify Germans by looking at them" #bavarianindependcenow

No. 1386561

So the Miller who is married to a Gertler and posts about his daughter Elaine is not Elaine Gertler-Miller’s dad, he’s her uncle. Lol ok

No. 1386628

File: 1638823838338.jpg (2.11 MB, 971x4677, elaine sperg.jpg)

She's posting on onionfarms now kek

No. 1386635

kek stay licking null's asshole, elaine. he doesn't want you.

No. 1386655

>Armpit Cream is a farmhand at lolcow farm

No. 1386660

Yeah somehow I don't think he appreciates being seen as some sort of charity case by a teenage BPD thot who thinks she can solve all the issues he's been dealing with for years in 10 minutes. I think he was just looking for an excuse to get rid of her because she's been annoying him in DMs every day which he said he doesn't even read, kek. She has such a delusional sense of self importance.

No. 1386665

File: 1638825993443.webm (13.59 MB, 1280x828, zero.webm)

>I'm not Zero you guys, Zero is my hacker friend, I have no idea who Zero is, Zero is a scary hacker, Zero is Kirtaner, Zero is my prolapsed asshole

No. 1386667

If you told her that Oprah was a janny here she'd believe you

No. 1386704

I mean, she's probably just being schizo and scrotes are lying to her, but then again I'd also not be surprised if Admin let the lolcow.org/Onionfarms scrotes into her bed because they bond over their shared hatred for Null. She did advertise their site and is actively talking to them on it. Making one of them a mod here seems a bit far out there still… Well guess we will never know.

No. 1386713

You're reading too much into that advertisement. It's just a running gag.
>KF's ban message sends their undesirables here
>PULL closes, admin redirects them to KF calling it our "sister site" another obvious joke Elaine took at face value for a while
>KF implodes, admin links splinter site to be cheeky

No. 1386724

Thats what I thought until she actively started posting there to dox former farmhands discord IDs because they were shit-talking her on KF.

No. 1386734

Go away Tesco, you are literally the only one who gives two flying fucks and is so autistic they take everything seriously.

What's next, Zero is her evil identical twin sister?

No. 1386740

>dox discord IDs
kekkk no this is just more Elaine shittery

No. 1386741

Zero is Monica, the Not-Elaine from the Chinatown video. It all makes sense now

No. 1386765

Elaine thinks the FBI has jurisdiction in Canada?

No. 1386798

File: 1638834261742.jpg (425.76 KB, 2947x2046, hate.jpg)

Some poor soul: "Why do you hate lolcow so much"

No. 1386883

She already has more alters than Jill

No. 1386922

I pity Elaine for being an attention seeking whore, if she has any good milk over on the onion I'll post it.

No. 1386929

File: 1638848406394.png (1.16 MB, 942x703, simon gertler.png)

No. 1386930

File: 1638848444862.png (2.15 MB, 2212x1303, Screenshot (1061).png)

No. 1386932

File: 1638848504042.png (35.15 KB, 135x226, naughty gurl.png)

Listen, shit for brains. Last time I was in the hospital, Elaine Miller gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her from the hospital. She also let me list her as my emergency contact on the intake forms. She gave me support and advice the likes of which nobody would dare ask anybody on KF for. She knows my real identity and I trust her explicitly. She didn't have to, and I certainly wasn't paying her a damn thing to do so.

So, yes, she's my friend. Much in the same vein as this idiotic conspiracy theory, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about and are just pulling shit out of your ass to appear edgy.

Elaine Miller apparently hasn't declared Zoom haram yet. She undoubtedly should, but she hasn't. I can't make her. Deal with it.

This would make so much more sense if Dick asked IMC to come on, and Elaine Miller agreed. That would have been weird because Elaine Miller repudiated IMC pretty thoroughly. She hasn't (yet) for Zoom.

For the last time, Elaine Miller doesn't chose to not interact with people based on just what other people say. Mostly because she knows that people divide up into their own little cliques and doesn't want any part of it.

No. 1386945

The Pillsbury Dough Boy himself admitted that he was the milkiest cow on the site without a thread. I enjoy reading some threads over there and I'm not going to apologize for it. Camgirls are boring.
Nobody was doxxed but I understand the sentiment. If I was Null, I would be embarrassed if it came out I made up baseless rumors to satisfy some femcel's personal vendetta.
Anyway though, it's been extremely entertaining to see the sudden shift towards Elaine. You know, the stark difference compared to when the peanut gallery actually believed they had doxxed me. Cute.

No. 1386972

This must be one of the most embarrassing things I've ever read. The way she starts it like a love letter then patronizes Null, the self importance and lack of self awareness. It's so nice to not make a fool of myself on the internet like that.

No. 1386998

So wise. So classy. Oh to be Elaine.

No. 1387038

>I have archives of nudes of children posted to lolcow that the police asked me to provide them.
>I have never possessed CP

Elaine.. you know that under UK law that means you possess CP, right?

No. 1387049

She said she has archives of threads and by U.K. law if police requests something then it’s not possession? You’re scraping the barrel here

No. 1387062

Stop being dense. Why is she keeping the archives if the police have them? Surely she wouldn't need any of the archives once she's handed them over to the police?

It's obvious she's made archives in the hopes the police will take her reports seriously, and then she'll be able to give them the "evidence".

But the police haven't taken her seriously and all she has done is willingly downloaded CP. If she's used an archiving website she's even stupider, as that could be classed as distribution.

No. 1387131

Yeah I completely understand that you cozy up with scrotes because you all hate the same other scrote, you just have so much in common and let's be fair, you have always been a bit of a pick-me. Just sucks you didn't get picked by any of them and they made fun of you instead when you posted there and changed your name to possiblymexican. I found it pretty entertaining as well. How's the search for your replacement going btw?

>I would be embarrassed if it came out I made up baseless rumors

Don't you run a gossip site?

No. 1387139

Ok, not-Elaine

No. 1387154

File: 1638885161431.jpeg (4.25 MB, 4032x3024, 3929D3B1-A148-49B6-A039-7E5AE7…)

The average house in London is £750,000, an example of a very modest home in London picrel. Unless Elaine’s parents literally live in a council estate (unlikely) then she is most likely from a very wealthy background.

Anyone making under £35k in London basically has to live in a 2 bed flat with 5 other people or go on government assistance.

Please stop infighting about her parents wealth, they’re clearly well off.

Source: Londoner

No. 1387158

Lol did you take a picture of your computer screen

No. 1387159

I tried for half an hour googling how to take a screenshot on this stupid new windows computer. Any help would be appreicated.

No. 1387160


prt sc -> open paint -> ctrl+V

No. 1387161

Wow. You are really retarded elaine

No. 1387162

I-I'm not Elaine… i'm just explaining how income to housing ratio would make it impossible for her folks to not be rich.

No. 1387165

Not posting dox or her parents company filings.but, her family lives in a house approx worth 900k-1million. Her parents have multiple companies and are probably making up to half a million a year. I don't believe they're making more than that. That is quite a bit but definitely just puts them in upper middle class in London. Not posting the area she lives in, but she does not live in a posh neighbourhood. It's one of the types that will be in a "best areas to have a family in"-lis. Not terribly posh.

She can keep on claiming her parents aren't who both farms think, but the genealogy/family tree for the family is online for anyone who cares enough to sleuth.

Her dad is 62 and her mum is 60. It's no wonder she's so slow, she's the result of expired spam and eggs.

No. 1387168

In Feb 2019, her parents paid £855k for the house. It's in a good area, but it's "modest". Source: rightmove and info that was redacted.

No. 1387178

>It's no wonder she's so slow, she's the result of expired spam and eggs.
Interesting but unsurprising. Tho I'd still like a deeper, more technical explanation as to why she comes off as literally retarded. Which, by the way, is why I doubt any supposed dox by her, I haven't read the Adimines, the lesbian Muslim, thread cause I don't have a KF account and couldn't bother to make one, so maybe there's something of value there, but I doubt because Elaine lacks any common sense and at the same time she's not "book smart" either, her manipulation skills are only effective on terminally online scrotes who are also manipulating her, I just don't see how someone like that could dox anyone. If I were to believe that I might as well believe she knows how to turn KF into a super profitable website in less than 30 minutes.

No. 1387182

yeah it's still technically and legally considered possession of CP when the police have it but they have the defence of needing to deal with it to fight crime. She should take her computer to the police because it has cp on it and let them deal with it and see if the Pete Townshend defence will work for her.

No. 1387184

she might be an interesting example of a sped with rich enough parents for top quality special ed at a fancy school.

No. 1387187

>Her parents have multiple companies and are probably making up to half a million a year.
Kek no, their abridged financial statements are online, just look at hem.
They barely make enough for them, or to hire staff. They have several companies probably for tax evasion.

Means they borrowed money at the bank and probably have a mortgage on it.

No. 1387188

Dad has always bailed her out of trouble and she has never had to learn normal emotional regulation, she has never been called out for lies as a child. Her lies and emotional regulation are at what seems to be the level of a 10 year old. Shes never formed meaningful relationships, which is why she's now stuck on trying to befriend kiwis, the people who treat her like a Court jester.

She has admitted she doesn't have female friends, and copes by saying it's because she's "too smart" and girls are boys want to fuck her and not them. Both of the people who know her irl said she keeps on offering her body to men and then accuses them of wanting to fuck her.

No. 1387190

I said up to. That was probably at their highest income which was years ago. I doubt that they're making anything near that at the moment. Right now yeah they seem to be not doing that great.

No. 1387197

rich people who are good at playing the system are really good at hiding how wealthy they are, so I wouldn't put too much weight on what you can find out. Maybe they have lots of filthy bitcoin or bars of gold buried somewhere.

No. 1387214

Her parents might have been doing well in the past, but I think they are struggling now.
Elaine owns an helicopter and she never took a picture inside? kek
Do you know how easy it is to go to any events and pretend the jet or the yacht is yours?

The reason I think they are not rich (anymore) is this:
If they were really wealthy, they would have paid google to erase all the shit about mega-retard-elaine who keeps posting under her real name.
Her parent's business are showing on the same page.
They also would have paid to send her to some fancy school/internet rehab for rich useless kid and get her off the damn web.

No. 1387221

If her parents were rich they would have taken her off the internet ages ago for making them look retarded. If they were truly rich, they'd have a full-time tard wrangler/au-pair/maid to make sure Elaine isn't online. Her parents and family would have a lawyer then who would have done what Isabella Jankes family lawyer did, sent a polite pleading letter to admin to take down her thread. Because any good lawyer knows the threads aren't illegal nor do the sites have illegal material. That's the difference, it's obvious ILJ actually has a rich family, because they have attempted to remove her from the internet and their legal representation has been sending polite pleading letters admitting null has the right to keep the threads up and that they can't do much legally speaking but they would appreciate it, instead of retard tier threats.

The difference is astonishing.

No. 1387242

But then would their daughter go online to brag about how very posh she is? (Maybe, cause Elaine is retarded)

No. 1387345

Wealthy people can have permissive or neglectful parents, anon. Her parents may also 'just' be upper-middle SES and pouring most of their money into their mortgage or other luxuries that benefit them directly.

No. 1387631

also some tards are more wrangle-able than others. Fiona got wrangled eventually, but ELJ took a lot longer/just wore herself out.

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