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No. 173567

Before posting: Read lolcow.farm rules and follow them. Sage your non-contribution, tinfoil and non-milk. Don’t rehash old milk discussed in previous threads. No appearance nitpicking unless you have something new to add (new fillers, plastic surgery, etc). Don’t hi cow, not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight or Nicole, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting. Complaints go in /meta/

Previous Thread (#4) >>163459
(#3): >>155594
(#2): >>95156
(#1): >>82304

Recent Milk:

>Cassie originally planned to make an OnlyFans account >>163659 but after discovering this thread has distanced herself from Nicole, despite her and Nathan Owens planning to move in with Nicole >>163723 they seem to be staying at Nate’s parents’ house with no plan of ever moving to the apartment they talked about for months. Worth noting despite Cassie trying to reach out to Nate’s child grooming victims and try to “help” them >>164147 she may also be a victim herself, considering she has been friends with him when she was 17 >>163760 although no indication there was anything romantic going on at the time >>165538

>Nicole spergs over scrotes fapping to underage cartoon characters but caters to the same demographic with her child character cosplays >>163959

>Admits to spending her OF money on funding her card collection rather than feeding her family, despite previous meltdowns about the need to financially support her family after discovering the leak sites >>163964

>More unfulfilled promises, apparently wants to promote and support OF girls but after a poll where the majority want her to share other accounts no update has been made. Post is months old >>164003

>Blames every single social media platform for having poor quality after uploading rather than it being the obvious Snow/Snapchat filters >>164020 >>164079

>Uploads OF content taken completely in the dark, nothing can be seen or heard, if taking month long breaks weren’t enough, no value posts like this are worth $15 apparently >>164320 >>164322 >>164329

>Her own pets nowhere to be seen or heard from again after taking photoshoots for a week, no mention or update of what happened to them >>164474

>Calls anyone a stalker for making one-off tweets insulting her, thinks they’re freshly made accounts when actually they’re not >>164582 >>164584

>Hired Cassie as a virtual assistant >>164635 although unclear if this is still going on since going MIA from social media/no longer living with Nicole. Has had a social media manager in the past >>164646

>Nicole and her ex-friend ebegged for a phone replacement and excuse for no content and taking photos, despite only the front screen appearing to be damaged >>164666 and the quality after purchasing a new phone is still bad >>164617

>Drove to a stranger’s house alone for a Pokémon card, brags about spending thousands of dollars and sperging about never wanting kids and a marriage because she would “fuck someone up” >>164670 and says the “love of her life got away” heavily implying her ex, >>164672 despite currently dating Connor.

>Calls herself a tcg professional but purchases cards when the prices are high >>164736

>Ignores decade long friend with extreme autism, making her feel abandoned >>165032 despite lovebombing her and making her think they’re actually friends >>165034 neglects friendships when they’re feeling suicidal and want to talk to her >>171382

>Was at Destery’s house in a photo Connor commented on, appears unaware of her relationship status at the time >>165208

>Most of Nicole’s irl and online friends are Leda stans >>165265 >>171474

>Makes petty subtweets about the thread directly after Cassie discovers it >>>/w/166145 >>165507 and Cassie begins deactivating, blocking, and deleting shit

>DMs between Destery and a girl are leaked where he says he can’t trust Nicole again, implying she did something to betray his trust >>165638

>Cheek filler nightmare fuel >>165749

>Flirts with women and says she prefers women while being in a committed relationship to a man at the time and using him for her Tiktok skits >>166017

>Connor seemingly okay meeting up with and approves of Nicole’s scrote friend who appears in love with her >>166022

>Changes the reason she won’t date someone multiple times depending on who she’s speaking to >>166729

>Darcy speaking up about the drama surrounding her, Connor and Nicole >>166957 >>166967 (Worth noting that Darcy Nycole is a cow with her own thread, may be twisting the story to appear as a victim). >>167115 Note from farmhand: >>167098

>Scrote coming to sperg about his argument with Nicole regarding her misleading OF >>167202

>Nicole saying she doesn’t want attention and to be in the spotlight but her friends saying otherwise >>167538 >>167543 >>167571

>Addiction to splurging on packs upon packs of cards while staying at hotels >>168224 >>168324 >>168395

>Complains about irregular heartbeats but nonstop drinks energy drinks and sugary beverages >>168470

>Wants to be special so badly, thinks wanting to be called dude or bro has anything to do with questioning her sexuality >>168781

>Preaches kindness and love the same hour as tweeting this >>168618 >>168847

>Coming out with ADHD, autism and bpd >>169986 >>171110 >>171174 >>171188

>Tells people not to deadname her for calling her by her basic white girl name >>169966 despite that being a term exclusively for trans people

>Preaches body positivity and to never pick on someone’s appearance flaws >>171082 but does exactly that >>171116

>Appears to be in an open relationship now and has casual hookups with women, but demisexual >>171818

Updated links:
>Instagram: https://instagram.com/eeveenicoledavis
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/eeveenicoled
>Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nicoleeeveedavis
>OnlyFans: https://www.onlyfans.com/Nicoleeeveedavis
>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/nicoleeeveedavis/

No. 173570

Thank you nonny for making a proper new thread with a good summary! If anyone wants to sperg please direct it towards the special sperg thread and not here >>>/w/173262
Let's keep this one for milk and new updates.

No. 173595

File: 1632210758819.png (892.94 KB, 1080x1575, IMG_20210921_094927.png)

Awesome summary, thank you anon. Her most recent updates paints her road trip card shopping spree with Connor across the country as a "health leave", maybe that is what she told her workplace to be gone for that long? Connor and her are definitely back in the new house now, but no info on Nate and Cassie. I mean yes, Cassie discovered the thread and freaked, but regarding how much they were pushing the besties narrative, I am surprised that no content whatsoever arised of Nicole and Cassie together anymore or sperging about each other.

No. 173607

File: 1632223381255.jpeg (230.84 KB, 830x1245, 68738174-5DCF-4BC6-B3FE-0D077B…)

I remember when she said she didn’t have any of her medication for the trip/she ran out because it was longer than expected, that doesn’t sound like a good mental health trip if she had heart complications and no medication for her adhd and depression.

No. 173646

Didn't anons mention last thread she probably quit? She moved away from commuting distance didn't she?

No. 173707

The comparison between thread summaries makes it painfully apparent how hard the last OP was trying to direct the thread. Funny as fuck.

>much needed health break
>doesn’t bother to bring her medication
If she’s taking meds for her mental health that’s the most ass backwards idea of taking a trip for your health. Of course her emotions are going up and down, because she’s not taking her fucking medication. That isn’t rocket science. She’s an actual retard kek. Antidepressants are plenty capable of withdrawal symptoms. How hard is it to wait to plan and take your trip until you can get refills?

No. 173709

She said she ran out because her refill wasn't ready

No. 173710

If her prescription wasn’t ready, that could also insinuate she ran out before the next refill date. Personally I get my prescription filled the day of requesting a refill, or the next day at the latest. So that doesn’t make much sense to me.

No. 173711

She's irresponsible. Makes a lot of sense.

No. 173725

In retrospect I could easily see her abusing ADHD meds, which could explain the refills not being ready. For example Adderall is notorious for abuse, even to the point of people claiming ADHD just to use it for other reasons. A common reason is people in college using it for the energy boost to get through crunch times. Of course there’s plenty of other reasons too.

No. 173747

File: 1632287691141.jpeg (209.88 KB, 800x1637, 8DE704E7-5114-4BAB-A199-DD3B47…)

Darcy is saying Connor is just curious and not bi (he’s definitely bi then) and that Nicole and Connor aren’t actually dating. None of that makes any sense.

No. 173749

File: 1632288140068.jpeg (520.64 KB, 828x1417, F27960F5-4255-4F9D-A99F-1E2A6E…)

So Connor and Nicole are both the jealous type but they decided to be in an open relationship together? That’s not going to end well imo

No. 173752

Yeah not taking the word of fact from this cow

No. 173760

>he wouldn't even let me peg him
hahaha. Kissing boys is still gay, also just look at the man.
Nicole is quite obsessive about her online image which would explain why he isn't in the bio, it's pretty obvious they are a couple though from her posts.

No. 173763

I love how she’s still faking having this ~ugu feel bad for me minna heart condition~

No. 173765

Even if it’s real it’s like, stop consuming energy drinks every day man, that’s a huge cause of heart murmurs.

No. 173767

If it was real she would be dead by now.

No. 173793

That's not true about murmurs? Way to go 0 to 60 for no reason lol A lot of people live with them, but are told to get it checked frequently in case palpitations get dangerous.

No. 173827

Nicole back at it again to paint the make-believe family picture with people she is neither related to nor has had any major contact lately. (current Facebook repost)

>watching my nephew grow

Not your nephew, your friends son.

>the love I feel for my little family

>These two are my entire world!
Hasn't seen them for months. Not your family, still. Doon complains how Nicole barely gets back to her or frankly any of her friends.

>i'm a broken person with walls around my heart

apart from the days were i mass tweet how i am thriving, motivated, open and so happy you can't even comrepehend

>i feel like i can heal and prosper healthily

fancy word salad to describe how pleasant doon as an enabler to her narcissistic fits is and hasnt dunked her ass into the trash years ago. Also: find this slogan in 100 variations since 2013, it's a Narcole classic.

Her posts like these are full of shit. And she is posing with that child (which cant give consent to being published on the internet) like she does with her animals, just a simple tool to harvest sympathy points and make her look humane.(don't post minors )

No. 173831

File: 1632347055797.png (174.65 KB, 1080x913, IMG_20210922_234038.png)

samefag with new caption.
Doon and others complaining rehash

No. 173832

File: 1632347526454.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1572, IMG_20210922_232901.png)

This indeed is hypocritical. It's pathetic practice for so many abusers on the internet (incl. Nicole) to virtue-post this shit on their walls as if this washes them clean from any bs they committed. If you did decades worth of damage, manipulation and abuse to dozens if not hundrets of people around you over and over, guess what, you are not the person in position to forgive that. It's not magically undone because you tweet about how "you changed now, so well, everything is fine right?" No apology, no amends, no communication or forgiveness coming from the people they actually abused. A prisoner doesn't give himself a free pass when he thinks he should be forgiven now. Fucking moron.

No. 173834

ah yes, the timeless classic of selfsaging virtueposts. these are a dime a dozen on the internet. had a girl 5 years back who ruined my business because she saw me as competition. today she blasts #women4women and #girlboss over her socials every chance she gets, albeit never having actually done something to this day to support another female creature. People who dont practice what they preach are just out for their crippling image, like Nicole.

So adorbs how she remembered a year later that he still exists, that's real love.

>im a broken person
>i will fuck them up if i had children
>i dont want children ever
>i feel empty inside
>i have adhd, depression and NPD
why on fucking earth would you let that psycho near your offspring.

No. 173835

File: 1632348434259.png (219.49 KB, 1080x1059, IMG_20210923_000605.png)

Nicole and Connor both suck caring about people who are not themselves, unless they can utilize them and magically are besties again after months of no contact.

No. 173837

there is a huge difference between healthy self forgiveness after having put in the work, therapy, regret, communication, growth, whatever and the one where you are just annoyed of feeling so shit all the time about the horrendous things you did and keep doing to people, that you just decide to gaslight your past into nonexistance and congratulate yourself for moving on from an identity absolutely nothing was done about.

No. 173846

Who in their right mind, if it isn't your own kid, talks nonstop on social media about a child? Saying its for clout is ridiculous.

No. 173884

Didn’t the bitch say she had a heart condition that could kill her?
Also, most heart murmurs are not serious enough to be called a “heart condition”.
>If it was real she would be dead by now.

No. 173915

The anons mentioning murmurs don't know what she has. I tried looking through the other threads and anons just complain about it and call it fake because Leda had a heart condition, so no way Nicole does. A doctor wouldn't hook her up to an EKG for funsies in an ER if it was nothing. It probably is something stress-related as anons pointed out before because she said she lost a lot of weight due to it before. We don't have anything to disprove it, but the fact doctors did hook her up and stuff, it kind of proof she has something heart related. This is a dead road to nitpick.

No. 173919

I don’t doubt she has health problems but I’ve been to the ER before and hooked up to an EKG because of heart murmurs. Turns out it was just due to anemia/low iron. Not saying it’s not possible but anyone can get an EKG if they want to and if they think it’s an emergency. There’s nothing from stopping someone from doing so if they just want a checkup or are concerned. I’m assuming the heart stuff is real, just not as serious as she made it sound.

No. 173947

Thats money she has to use towards the bill. As someone as greedy as anons say, that makes no sense when she could just buy more Pokemon cards. There's just nothing to disprove it either and she's never said specifically what the heart condition is. Theres more info of her having something than not having something, regardless of Leda. She probably exaggerates it, but if its stress related and murmurs, that sounds like it could be something like hypertension which medication covers, but its also very common and not just among old people. I think just repeating its fake at this point out of speculation with all the posts she's made and more than one photo from the doctors (office or ER), is pretty mute at this point. She wouldn't spend that money when she could use it on other weeb stuff.

No. 174016

Fact check yourself before posting, they were both in her snap story like a week ago and are consistently talking in comments online even without that. Main problem of this tread is anons not fact checking and feeling like they have the most milk to spill when is sour

No. 174017

Tbh I’ve seen anons shun this cow for not hanging with a bunch on friends while actively seeing them still in person hanging with her, it’s all from reading the chat and not keeping up with her socials mostly

No. 174019

How current are these screens? Just asking because to current date she’s posted him on Twitter kissing him, made tweets saying they kissed etc, has them listed in a relationship on Facebook, has posted them on Instagram and has what we believe is their anniversary in her bio even.. their terminology would also make sense from this after Darcy confirming he was involved with kissing men, if he identities as bi or non binary now her title of “partners” she technically hold up since she’s always referred to her relationship as boyfriend before. Just something to note here

No. 174020

Why did we have to make yet ANOTHER thread for this cow?.. anons still can’t seem to agree on 90% on any of her threads(samefagging)

No. 174031

Oh ffs. Unsaged and posted between 3-6 minutes within one another. Can you at least try not to come off as a samefag?

No. 174032

Can’t speak for the other anons but I was one of those posts and only contributed because it was bumped (saged for your ego)

No. 174041

File: 1632451871671.jpeg (232.57 KB, 828x773, 801CB6C7-707A-4B66-B65E-B2B19A…)

>”I was doing so well early 2020”
That’s before Dennis dumped her (they broke up late February). Why do I get the feeling she’s still not over him or ever properly moved on? Iirc she just went directly for Destery after a 10 year relationship.

No. 174042

File: 1632452705640.jpeg (370.33 KB, 710x1154, 6483DB7E-22EB-481D-A769-24CDF8…)

These too
“End it all” “i just want to thrive”

No. 174045

Anon, I agree with a lot of what you've said, been saying, agree with you OP in the other thread, but sage your posts. You type "sage" in the email slot about the comment box.

You realize you can fuck and still not be over someone, right? And it's still kinda sketchy in which anons tried to piece together when they would've hooked up.

No. 174046

It's like you don't know meme speak. This ain't milk or milky kek whyd you even post this?

No. 174049

“meme speak” ah yes adding a spongebob pic after how you feel, epic 14 year old commit die big chungus?

No. 174050

Anon, go outside.

No. 174051

>replies 3 minutes after my post
the projection lol

No. 174062

second this, at least in my country you can get an EKG for free with any general health checkup, no we cannot disprove it, but posting a picture of her hooked up and captioning that as proof for her heart condition means jack shit. Her health and lifestyle choices indicate strongly she makes it up for attention, but unless there is more info, she will have people keep guessing.

oh for fuck sake anon, what are you still doing here infighting and minimodding your next failed thread ? this was created because your spergefest was unbearable. I can only assume you are underage or mentally ill to explain your persistent butthurt behavior, but if you cant handle how this board goes then stfu.

No. 174063

Just seems useless to keep bringing it up and saying it's not real without anything to go off of besides anons saying it is. It's hospital photos and posts about it vs anons saying it doesn't exist. This is probably a stalemate topic.

No. 174064

Great, a couple of posts in and we are back at the nutjob wk anon and infighting.

To be honest she always posted thise backhanded "i tell you my life is the best but lowkey im fucking miserable" claims even when she still was with dennis. her being miserable has nothing to do with her men.

No. 174069

Getting tested isn’t proof of anything, the results are. How stupid are you? Getting tested and having an unnamed illness is really suspicious and that makes sense. She avoids going into details about stuff and she lies a lot. Why are we not allowed to discuss that? Touch grass or something

No. 174085

So, because she hasn't said the name or shown results, only said results and has brought this up multiple times and shown photos from the doctor more than once, its fake? Theres more about her possibly having something than doing the long con for 5+ years. No one said you can't discuss it, but thers more in favor of something than not. I don't get why its argued its fake still. I get she's a liar, but she's mentioned this even outside of times she needs money, but thats only for pity, right, apparently? This is why anons said to just base off of what she posts, not that you want her to lying about it.

No. 174090

maybe we should give the topic a rest until further info shows up. I am not saying for a fact that she is lying about the condition, but i'm saying based on how manipulative she acts all the time and that selfies at the doc are not reliable proof to connect what she says she has with why she is actually there, there is a high probability she could be lying. There is not any proof about her other conditions either so far, yet also nothing disproving them.

No. 174092

Exactly. Its possible just as much as its fake. Thats why I said its a stalemqte discussion. Don't know why >>174069 thinks thats discussion gatekeeping.

No. 174134

File: 1632510447463.jpeg (299.77 KB, 828x917, 18801863-C0EE-4913-ADD2-ED2B75…)

>5 years
Sorry but where out of your ass did you pull that? If you want a linear timeline like the previous shit OP insisted then don’t make stuff up lol. The first time she ever brought up any heart issues was in 2019, picrel of her with a shitty boss

No. 174136

Anon, I was being satirical because it's been a few years and it's constantly brought up.

No. 174165

>my manager is really intimidating
So.. either her Mom at RideAid or her best people in the world at the card shop? Doesn't really at up but ok.

No. 174172

When is Nicole not lying to make her seem like the victim?

No. 174182

File: 1632541605618.jpeg (1.27 MB, 828x1603, 4F8D72B6-CE8F-4568-B181-16E87E…)

So Cassie just created an OF after all

No. 174183

File: 1632541927299.jpeg (343.4 KB, 1722x1076, 921FC9C1-395E-4CAD-B6A2-BC0BEE…)

The bio on OF is very similar to Nicole’s too, must be heavily inspired by her to do this

No. 174192

Probably, but this is also so typical of thots. Lot of cosplayers put down how it's not scheduled, so they can't be held accountable for holding simps hostage for content.

No. 174196

>please be respectful ((of my porn))
Still an idiot I see.
>Navigate my way through this journey
Sounds like Nicole wordsalad.
>No resharing
Scrotes be scrotin', as soon as you send one scrote your nude it immediately lands in the hands of another 30. Asking them to be polite and respectful uwu is ridiculous considering the context.

No. 174199

>I haven’t been posting, life has been rough

If this is just about finding the Nicole threads then lol. It might just be regular life troubles but her inactivity is directly related to the thread finding her horrific tumblr and discussing her (deactivated twitter and tumblr, privated facebook, rarely posting since then). Last time “life has been rough” she said she felt suicidal when Nate’s victims were going public and people were calling him a groomer. If that isn’t the least empathetic thing I’ve ever heard.

No. 174200

Even before OF and the threads she had a shitty schedule and posted weeks between on Instagram and slowly stopped YouTube. She has commitment issues with productivity.

No. 174201

I’m just wondering what her full time job is, if she quit her job as a factory worker, doesn’t twitch stream, doesn’t plan on making OF a job either, surely being a virtual assistant to your friend can’t exactly pay bills?

No. 174202

I think like most thots, she has enough simps to pay what she needs through PPVs and what she does post from subs, her subs costing money too. It's really not that hard imo and guys throw cash at the dumbest shit. The only issue with OFs is whether you really care-care about leaks or just say you do to try to persuade people not to leak.

No. 174208

I’m can’t help but think the same. Considering how Nate was holding back on going with Cassie to see Nicole, and how it lead into that stream with Nicole simping for Nate proclaiming how amazing he is, not only in Cassie’s presence but also Connor’s. And on top of that all how Nicole was hesitant to acknowledge she’s dating Connor in that same stream. It’s painfully obvious how much it scared Cassie seeing these threads. She comes across naive as hell, not realizing what she’s in until seeing all of these receipts. It wouldn’t be surprising in the least if she was groomed by Nate considering how she responded to his previous victims. Now the question is what got her to go through with making an OF? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Okay but Nicole is the same exact way if not worse, so what’s the use in pointing that out? Kek

No. 174210

Cassie was not groomed. You added to much into that for something that's clearly about money. Cassie is a jealous cow and is known to be lazy. If she can get easy cash, probably Nicole telling her how she "likes OF", she was convinced.

No. 174212

There are interactions on social media between Nate (as a 22 year old) and Cassie as a 17 year old where he was calling her cute and they were inappropriate. Read the previous thread. Not spoonfeeding you.

No. 174213

Did you not see the screenshots in last thread of her tweeting to Nate as a teenager? How Nate deleted many tweets including those replying to Cassie? >>165538 You’re a retard for thinking there wasn’t some sort of grooming involved. Yeah Cassie is an idiot, but you can’t exactly deny that there wasn’t something going on, to whatever degree it may have been.

No. 174216

Seriously, what grown man with a history of grooming would befriend children for innocent reasons? There was Leda who he dated at when she was 15 (he’s four years older than her) and the girl on youtube who said Nate tried to date her as a 17 year old when he was in his 20s (he even publicly confirmed her story and apologized, while you can witness Cassie in the comment section of this video mentioned in the previous thread trying to defend Nate).

No. 174219

File: 1632566608322.jpeg (27.94 KB, 487x215, 786FF100-4C11-4F3B-A8AC-65591B…)

Exactly. Why the fuck was she calling him “love”? Lmao

No. 174230

You’re not the only one. That comment stood out to me too, almost as though it was trying to pass along the blame. Sounded oddly vindictive considering Cassie’s milk can’t hold a candle in comparison to both Nicole and Darcy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cassie ends up giving as much milk as them eventually, but as of right now it seems a bit exaggerated to be claiming Cassie is a jealous cow and lazy. It’s also redundant considering Nicole is just as lazy, and could possibly be jealous of Cassie dating Nate. It’s tinfoil of course, but it would line up if it ended up to be true.

No. 174240

So there's no way Cassie made her own decision to start an OF? That's a reach.

No. 174243

You missed the point completely. It wasn’t about the OF shit in these replies. Anon said Cassie wasn’t groomed when it’s pretty clear there was at least something going on.

No. 174245

Okay, but it was about why she made an onlyfans. Cassie can be a grooming victim and make decisions not based on that as well. That's not a stopgap for why she made one.

No. 174248

No, anon was saying Cassie kept reaching out to Nate’s victims because she herself is a victim, that’s how the topic started at least

No. 174249

Again, those posts were not in response to her deciding to do OF. Ofc it’s Cassie’s decision at the end of the day. No one is debating that. It’s anons proclamation in the beginning of their post that Cassie wasn’t groomed. No one is saying her being groomed is in relation to her starting an OF. You are the one reaching.
>Cassie was not groomed

No. 174250

Jesus, can we just stick to not adding so much extra in and just say she might've started it because of trauma? All these girls starting it want easy money because they have friends or see other girls making money from it. She's a victim of past grooming, sure, but I don't think that's why she started an OF.

No. 174254

She most definitely just saw the 5k+ Nicole is making monthly from the most halfassed content ever seen and thinks it's that easy. But Nicole has a large preexisting fanbase, Cassie has a few thousand followers.

No. 174260

Sorry deleted my post cause I'm a sperg and didn't wanna cause another rabid infight. But yes, so of the critiques of Darcy and Cassie are worded oddly personally, like the person writing them has an intimate insight into their behaviours.

No. 174265

I have no idea how cassie plans to go on about her previously announced "online career" when basically any channel she presents herself on is privated or shut down after discovering the thread. And in an attempt to further her privacy she now… makes public porn, ah yes. In the stream she said she wanted to be a streamer and is already an affiliate, yet not uploading anything ever since. No wonder she needs OF to rear in money. I still see a chance she might collaborate with Nicole to get more clout.

No. 174270

File: 1632601941982.jpg (599.48 KB, 1080x1671, IMG_20210925_223057_mh16326018…)

She posted suspiciously in correlation to that point…

No. 174300

File: 1632625629226.jpeg (225.07 KB, 831x1800, 26142E19-92D7-44F2-8CC9-A4A24F…)


No. 174303

So he's desperately trying to erase what he did. He's disgusting. Even released a new song too.

No. 174329

File: 1632643320720.jpeg (719.55 KB, 1800x1800, 5DE11118-17C5-4B60-B458-848DD2…)

Samefag, you can tell this is the same tree by appearance and if you squint really hard you can see the heart and N+D. This was posted at the same time he released the song Nicole is sperging about, saying it came out when they weren’t speaking. He was clearly using her handwriting for the song and posting about their special cringe tree as some sort of hint to her saying how special it is to him. I’m pretty sure they were in communication, she was just too busy dating Dennis

No. 174330

He's so gross

No. 174334

File: 1632645391963.jpg (960.87 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20210926-013506_Tik…)

The video just came across my feed as well. I think she's trying to reference the anxiety of starting small.

No. 174335

Nate and Dysentery are huge scrotes but I don't get why everyone shouts groomer at people dating people they could have easily gone to high school with at the same time. None of these were huge gaps. They deffo took advantage of their fan base idolizing uWu emo bois back in the day but none of them seemed groomed or abused and they're all the age to be in the same social groups.

No. 174337

Lol what? Cassie is 5 years younger than Nate, they started talking in 2013 when he was 22 and she was 17, what’s the tinfoil you’re spewing about being in the same high school? Nate and Destery are both pedophiles who slept with minors so that’s why we find it creepy that he’s dating a girl he creepily spoke to when she was a kid and recently used her to speak to his victims and encouraged her to reach out to all of them.

No. 174339

Gotta agree with anon. If they felt like they were groomed, okay, but after graduation, Cassie would've been in that age group social circle. It's not obscure and lot of people outside of school, at work you make friends with people that age and create cliques. They are all the same age mentality. There isn't that big of a gap between a 17 and a 22 year old. People think there's some massive brain change, but there isn't. Neurologically, they are the same age. Past 25 you actually almost finish developing your brain.

No. 174341

>There isn’t a big of a gap between a 17 year old and a 22 year old
The 17 year old is still a minor though, prettt sure that’s illegal

No. 174343

I didn't say it wasn't illegal. I said there isn't much of a mental change between a 17 year old and a 22 year old. We all know about Cassie and Destery and Nate and all that. Anons only bring it up at this point to resay milk that's multiple threads old. We've been over this grooming thing so many times. No1currs about Cassie anymore. She clearly doens't even care about herself and she was almost 18. She probably thinks it's grooming, but I don't think she was ever actually groomed. She wanted to feel special even though she was almost NOT a minor. Yes he's a creepy for doing it, but this isn't the same as a 14 year old and a 22 year old and they still kept in touch. If she knows she was groomed, she would walk away. She is a pick me because she wants to coddle that the real victims have.

No. 174344

nice abuser defence plea, rationalizing and invalidating the traumatizing experiences of dozens of minors having fallen to prey to this psychopaths.

>They dont seem groomed or abused

Someone slept on the past three threads, reality and cant read people for shit.

Fun that Miss Artistexploiter points fingers at Destery for stealing creative property, but nontheless its hilarious how unoriginal he is. His music is super shit in general.

No. 174345

Nicole sperged on twitter cancelling Destery for being a pedo and now you’re saying Nate isn’t one? KEK suspicious. Both are pieces of garbage

No. 174346

>I didn't say it wasn't illegal

Now who has reading comprehension issues?

No. 174347

Good thing that you are not the one to decide when it felt right within that age or when not. Hard disagree that 17+22 are basically the same, they are not and there can be big, marginalizing differences for one partie.

yup, now that sperge anon knows how to sage they think we wouldn't notice their butthurt novels anymore.

No. 174348

>neurologically they are the same
You are the kinda guy that knows every age of consent through the different states by heart.

No. 174350

We are not seriously having a discussion about the validity of grooming and ages of consent? y'all are sick and disgusting man.

Yeah, i wouldnt be surprised if he keeps on baiting the girls of his past including nicole.

No. 174351

Yeah, that's what he does. That's why he's even still making new music.

No. 174352

File: 1632647100393.png (835.23 KB, 828x1792, 4D627FAE-57B1-4E9F-BA2D-A03250…)

>She probably thinks it's grooming, but I don't think she was ever actually groomed.
Bitch did you even read the threads? Cassie got so defensive about it she thinks she wasn’t groomed, and that’s what anons were discussing, that she doesn’t realize she herself is a victim. It’s still an ongoing discussion because 1. She’s brainwashed and starstruck by this washed up cringelord manchild due to his ties with Leda and 2. They’re both hiding all the evidence and deleting and privating shit.

No. 174353

You can't just tell Cassie she was groomed when she doesn't feel groomed. That's not how that works. If she says she wasn't groomed, maybe stop insisting she was. A lot points to her not being groomed, especially the way she reached out to the victims. You don't get to decide who was and wasn't when the victim even says they weren't.

>They are hiding all the evidence

Or there wasn't as much as you wished there was. They stayed in contact. Even when she turned 18. They didn't have sex any anything before then, so it was never illegal. Keep this shit in the past threads already. We don't need another 2 threads filled up with the same repeated milk because anons gets help themselves and only post this stuff when there is nothing new.

No. 174354

That’s not how that works. Considering Cassie was having a meltdown on twitter saying Nate isn’t a groomer and he simply made a few mistakes dating kids, of course she wouldn’t feel groomed. She tries to invalidate victims.

No. 174356

It's pretty clean she did that because she doesn't want that label on her boyfriend, not because she was groomed. Their relationship seems fine and monogamous, so where is all the damage? She was almost 18. She wasn't a victim. She is just with a groomer. She isn't a victim though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174358

Looks like another thread is going to be filled because anons can't move on from old milk.

No. 174359

I don't get how she posted this and then still went ahead and started an OF?

No. 174360

Easy money. When you see everyone around you and your friends and people online, even with small following, realizing how the money can add up, of course she'd start one.

No. 174361

File: 1632650540518.jpeg (320.14 KB, 828x1419, FF0BF904-287F-4981-9BCB-DDFE85…)

I wonder what’s on there, it’s free but I’m not making an OF account lol

No. 174362

She might be more successful than Nicole is this works. A lot of thots do free pages so that they can take more advantage of the paid PPVs and paid feed posts. Simps sign up more for your pages when they are free to sub because then they can pick and choose what they want instead of being disappointed if their sub doesn't come with what they expect. At least with free, you can also do previews still, so that people get a hint as to what the paid post has.

No. 174363

It might be successful tbh, as long as she doesn’t use Nicole’s content as a guideline or inspiration for quality

No. 174364

You can be ugly as hell and post bad quality and still get simps. It's about whether or not she is consistant. No one likes waiting around for posts unless you already have a following, so Cassie needs to make sure she keeps it up which I don't see working. She will feel the pressure and body dysmorphia will be the symptom after a few months or a year.

No. 174366

File: 1632652294275.jpeg (212.48 KB, 828x985, 2125B1D3-4904-4E35-B06F-83835A…)

You’re right about that, imagine having a bunch of scrotes leaking your shit and trashtalking, Cassie seems way too thin skinned for that anyhow, she had to beg for no hate twice in her OF bio. here is what they said about Nicole recently
That name though, “cass”

No. 174367

She's not dumb enough to post on a leaked site like that. It's a new member, clearly looks staged. Anons did this with Nicole too, so I wouldn't believe it. Plus anons seems to go to this site specifically all the time. I don't doubt they are making accounts. Especially because some of the posts involve stuff said directly in this thread and warning simps about her outside life.

No. 174368

For anons asking, this site is called leakemup.com. Its a leak site. No1currs about what scrotes think. Post actual milk, not anons posting on a site to repost their roasts. Most of these comments are the same people. Not sus at all and definitely not Cassie or Nicole.

No. 174369

It's actually someone with the same name across all the different sites. It's clearly self posting because they do the same backhanded berate of Nicole across the pages and it's highly unlikely there are different people with the same name and underscore.

No. 174370

File: 1632654065885.png (67.15 KB, 1198x681, owo.png)

Even the "owo" and emojis match up with an anon who kept doing that here. It's clear it's self posting. Let's move on now because there's no merit to anons planting scrote comments to post.

No. 174372

Pretty sure hannah owo is a name lmfao. https://m.youtube.com/c/hannahowo

No. 174373

She does the same ugly makeup Nicole and Cassie does with the bright highlights on the nose and cheeks and red across with blush. This trend needs to die.

No. 174392

ridiculous argumentation. if a rape victim claims they dont "feel" as one, does that unhappen the actual rape? No. Just because people, for a variety of reasons, go into denial or minimization about what happened to them, doesn't make it fact for everyone else. There are people who need years to acknowledge they are traumatized, as admitting to it suddenly makes it reality to them and most cant stand that thought.

so nate seems fine with it too, just like connor. is there a chance they broke up over the thread or can we verify they are still together?

>A lot points to her not being groomed, especially the way she reached out to the victims

Ironically enough, the way she reached out screamed of being a victim herself. She was knees deep into excessivly defending nate, while simoultaneously invalidtating anything the public victims claimed and on top while being mentally instable and highly inappropriately offering "help" - as in "Hi, I have crippling anxiety about the very probable possibility of my partner being a fucking child groomer, so I have the audicity to interrogate you with intrusive questions and claw onto any personal and intimite information you'll hand me despite it being non of my fucking business and potentially retraumatizing for you, but at least I get reassurance at your expense". The way she acted was in poor taste, insensitive and selfish as fuck.

No. 174427

she was obviously scared her fake perfection bubble with her glorified boyfriend would burst. She is a Leda fanatic that achieved Nicole's dream, there will be payback one way or the other.

Is it safe to assume by now that their move is off the table? or postponed?

No. 174440

Or nicole asked not to film them or hasn't been posting as much.

No. 174441

Cassie either needs her own thread of anons really need to quit going in circles on the hypothetical and unconfirmed milk. Every time I pop into this thread it’s anons arguing because vendetta chan an bored chan exaggerate every detail or the words in a tweet or the likes on a tiktok until someone gets mad and makes a new thread. You guys left the last thread to do exactly what most anons are upset with and we’re asking to limit in the thread.
>post real milk
>safe your tinfoil assumptions
>stop taking 20 bumps to talk about a cow that’s not the focus of the thread
If Nicole doesn’t have something worth posting it’s not milk enough to post, quit reaching and wait until there’s something post worth to contribute. Otherwise all these thread are useless and make us look more crazy than her

No. 174452

File: 1632713194786.png (146.44 KB, 625x626, E13DE5E8-483B-44D7-BC22-A5B191…)

No. 174458

File: 1632718725402.jpeg (70.26 KB, 828x120, B3705573-B5CD-4E12-9B0F-4F7429…)

you’re more annoying than the anons you complain about lol. also looking through tiktok likes can be milk, like how terry/manaknight only likes videos of young girls or how nicole only searches for mentally ill tiktoks for disorders she doesn’t have. COPE

No. 174469

Learn to sage so you don't bump the thread and maybe anons will take your grievances more seriously.

No. 174474

File: 1632730694093.jpg (604.55 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_09_27_10_10_06_mh163273…)

(current upload at least doesnt hide how much chubbier she got compared to her waist and face otherwise being shooped into oblivion)
I think since she has OF (in combination with her rarely posting anywhere) many scrote followers are even more objectifying towards her, causing an increase in creepy/sexualizing/violent comments than before. If I had reallife experiences with a stalker, I wouldn't be happy with remarks like these.

No. 174476

File: 1632733472428.jpg (1.4 MB, 1000x7898, IMG_20210927_104010.jpg)

It's crazy to see in her OF related comments, how far she is detached from reality with what she writes. As if she is physically not able to acknowledge her lying. I also never have seen any of these so called Nintendo collabs she keeps bragging with. It's also ironic how she keeps claiming she is doing it for herself, not the money (explains the ppv scam obviously, and the guilttrip statement it's to provide for her family) and referring to the people calling her out as a liar/sellout "sad neckbeards" although they are right and she is entirely missing the point thinking this is jealousy/misogyny hate.

No. 174478

File: 1632735132653.jpeg (686.75 KB, 828x848, 84BDF90C-9CB1-4C0F-A999-FEAE45…)

Are her followers just not questioning why her face doesn’t look like this anymore?

No. 174481

Nicole should be more worried about the weird scrotes, I say this in all seriousness. What about the one with the weird gore art he tagged her in. I wouldn't want these guys following me.

No. 174482

She kept interacting with him and encouraging it, saying it looks cool. I was actually shocked by her response. When I used to follow her in 2019 she used to block any perverts and any inappropriate or sexual comments on her photos would get deleted. I miss her old personality KEK

No. 174484

>I miss her old personality KEK
And many surely miss her old face.

no idea what happened, but she seems desensitized about scrotes getting creepy and threatening towards her. Strongly brainwashed people still sperge about how wholesome she is, but she quite literally has nothing to do anymore with the weeb uwu princess she used to portray beforehand. she was always a narcissistic, manipulative thot and just went with the image most promising for her attention and money, so "low boundary succubus" it is today I guess. Seems still pretty dangerous to me, many commentors dont seem allright.

No. 174523

A few comments out of the thousands she has, doesn't really mean anything. We don't need constant play by plays by scrotes. Just post real milk. Even the highest people on OFs have these comments. Its not Nicole specific and its not adding anything new milk. Anons have been saying "they are catching on" for a year now and nothing has come of it. There's no point in these and we don't need another thread spamming every single new comment from scrotes.(take it to meta)

No. 174527

mimimi take your whining ass to meta. just because you fail to see anything milky in it doesnt mean it isnt. Her behavior changed tremendously and the hate increases, Nicole stays absent, ignorant and now suddenly doesnt take threateting seriously anymore.

checking her posts i can not find any reference to her collabing with nintendo. interesting. maybe it can be added to the anti bullying shirts that never came.

i wonder what caused that shift in her behavior, she used to have a breakdown at the mere sight of addi tweeting random shit vaguely interpretable in a connection to Nicole, and now people openly threaten her and…nothing?

No. 174533

No one gives a fuck what scrotes say. They are never happy. Anon is right that there's no reason to post them as if they are milk.

No. 174542

Although I don't find it particularly interesting it's saged. Everything's gonna be alright anons, just alt+f4 and go outside.

No. 174553

Saging isn't a free for all. Anons still get banned fkr nitpicking and non milk regardless of the post a retarded anon will repost of what mods said in meta. Theyve still gotten banned for those posts, so nah. Its not an excuse just to sage. I honestly lost care the second anons pinpointed that other anons have planted comments before, so whygive a fuck if it could be fake planted posts again? Maybe just not post scrote comments. Nicole is one of the very, veeery few cows that anons post scrote posts of constantly. Not even Momokun or Lori gets those posted as often..its not milky what a retarded paying simp says when they'd nitpick no matter what.

No. 174559

>other anons have planted comments before
Scrotes saying she’s fat on a leak site doesn’t mean nonnies posted it. If you look at their post history it’s always from long before Nicole ever made OF and they’re active in other thot leaks. It’s tinfoil because apparently scrotes can’t find her less attractive while actively seeking out better OF thots.

No. 174561

They stayed subbed and yet still complain. That's not worth anything to post.

No. 174567

File: 1632772876281.jpeg (254.11 KB, 831x1800, 01245D6E-5497-402B-98D2-2E43A1…)

The posts above aren’t about subbing lol, she’s responding positively to scrotes who make creepy naked gore art of her and doesn’t filter out any objectifying or creepy comments.
I for one was shocked because she used to heavily regulate these types of comments barely even 1-2 years ago. Even little changes in personality and tolerance over scrotes is still milk. How does one go from feeling traumatized over creepy moid comments to encouraging it? Mental illness? Idk but it’s unsettling how one can change that quickly from age 24 to 26.

No. 174570

>They are never happy

Yes, once you learn to read you'll understand the context was not complaining scrotes, but "ominous comments from people she should block, but doesn't for some reason."

No. 174579

The gore art is cool though? She'd be blocking a lot of people for no reason if that was the case.

No. 174612

I mean if she was doing if for money she’d upload more than once a month kek

No. 174613

Also these were comment from months ago before she did any kind of nudity, she very obviously showed titty to get a house and new car like any other cam whore online

No. 174615

I’ve also noticed this and agree with it, there literally no reason this cow should be so hyped up on this site. Anons get bored and need to dig any piece of dirt out of the crevice to the point where it doesn’t hold reall weight or contribute to the thread properly anymore. At most this cow should have had 1 thread maybe 2 at most. There’s not enough REAL milk without the tinfoiling and reaching. (Not to mention the obsessive vendettas who started it and have been keeping up ignoring guidelines for months now)

No. 174617

She went from being in a long term relationship to being single and became a thot, it’s simple

No. 174619

File: 1632792568424.jpeg (315.26 KB, 1170x535, 3B966475-A116-46F6-8E8C-13790B…)

Confirmed via Twitter they are in an open relationship and she’s still not over Dennis. Go figure.

No. 174621

File: 1632792974110.jpeg (245.78 KB, 1170x1150, 5F904F7F-B7CD-49B8-9786-E0C9CD…)

I reached out to her and Dennis on multiple socials months ago and she had this to say. He stays quiet yet active with her constantly (the only site you can see their mutual liked and interactions is Twitter unfortunately) but he defends her against any cheating allegations(cowtipping)

No. 174622

It really doesn’t make sense to me that if she cheated he’d still be so close to her and her friends etc. really makes you question how deep this goes

No. 174624

Not only that but since they’re active on Twitter together and she posts Connor and he sees her interactions with Dennis irl and online they must both be cucks. She has a type obviously

No. 174625

So you’re telling me anons will comb through comments random dudes leave on her Instagram but leave out milk like this for months? And there are people defending the way her threads are organized?

No. 174627

Thats not saying their relationship is open, lol She means they are open as in trust and all

No. 174644

Does that not equal open? That’s what pertains to an open relationship in the first place.

No. 174645

Anon that's not what she means by that.

No. 174648

An open relationship relies on trust. Not sure how else it could be done.

No. 174650

File: 1632813409447.png (43.2 KB, 1080x455, IMG_20210928_091641.png)

Being "open" as a trait of a partner does not mean "open relationship". I wouldn't jump to that conclusion based on how that tweet was worded, it's open partner not open partnership. Even if it was open, narcs cheating and then afterwards declaring their relationship "open" is nothing new.

I dont know if you are deliberately so dense, but this was never about "scrotes being never happy" or "everyone gets these comments!!1!" Its about Nicoles 180 degree shifted reaction to it. The same person that threw a fit at any remotely stalker-ish or offensive behavior is now either not reacting at all or even encouraging of objectifications and backhanded threats. that is what the comment post was about, her incabality to take accountability for her lies, being oddly fine with harassment and brownnosint scrotes openly hating on her.

The milk is not scrotes, it's her hypocricy, that now what is way worse than anything her actual stalkers said in the past, she suddenly is fine with once her stalker saga attention dried out.

And for WK anon, this milk was just posted now because it takes time to realize the unwarranted change in her behavior.

No. 174653

you obviously have no idea of narcs, this shit can go on for years, neatly intertwined in a web of lies, manipulating and gaslighting.

your samefagging is embarassing, whiteknight.

there seems to be 1-2 anons with 1 last braincell functioning enough to open this thread, so yeah. Obviously the relationship is not open, she describes connor as open, which is just another "nice word" for him being a cuck for OF/cheating.

No. 174658

Bless you nonnies. Took the words out of my mouth.

No. 174664

File: 1632822210442.jpeg (394.97 KB, 828x776, C3AC6699-883E-441B-81A9-D5855C…)

I’ll never understand the mentality of jumping from one relationship to the next, putting all her happiness into a man instead of working on herself on her own, and liking petty videos about being crazy jealous while being in an open relationship (as evident from sleeping with women). And then what is she going to do when they break up, jump into another relationship where she relies on them for happiness/healing?

No. 174669

File: 1632823293636.jpeg (380.18 KB, 1200x1503, 6570F575-8FDE-4B07-902A-55EF71…)

Samefag, she’s been using men as tools to get over Dennis since 2018.

No. 174687

This is quite the compilation of her repeatedly insisting in replies she is not showing nudity or doing porn, cut forward to now…

No. 174690

Her elaborate word salad posts are at odds with her new "low boundary succubus" personality as one anon put it above, she's still trying to be an uwu thoughtful, sensitive Leda-elf while thotting at the same time.

No. 174706

File: 1632838297412.png (990.8 KB, 1440x1083, subtweet.png)

Samefag as these posts, I thought it's worth documenting what she's doing on her Twitter directly under the latest couple lovebomb post.
>Obvious subtweet about her narc rejection/oneitis/excuse to emotionally check out of every relationship forever because uwu broken hearted
>Billie Eilish lyrics about same
>followed by the couple post with references to healing and being broken hearted.

Imagine being in a relationship like this where they keep banging on about the ex from three years ago while backhandedly praising you for your ability to heal them.

No. 174723

Thats what a lot of people who don't know how to be single work.

No. 174736

File: 1632847186154.jpg (492.64 KB, 1020x1080, pt2021_09_28_18_35_49_mh163284…)

Casually posting fake meetup dates, because a fake anniversary is just not enough.

No. 174737

Yeah, it's major bs. As one anon already stated, the problem are not her manbitches, it's her. In lovebomb phase, he is her great healer until she needs him to be her great abuser and swoop, he'll be trashed on twitter in a post about how she needed space and is in such a better place now and healing and thriving and on a growth journey. whatever tumblr quote she picks from her 10 same quotes for 10 years that day.

No. 174738

>When does it stop hurting and start feeling like progress?
>You healed me/bandaged my broken heart


No. 174750

No. 174755

Nicole met Connor in August 2020, not late September, evidence in the older threads.

No. 174756

File: 1632854050686.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210928_201807905_mh16…)

This is psychotic madness, you cant make this up. This chronological pattern is just from her twitter alone, a consequent sequence of doing miserable, giving shit or shallow life advice/empty promises, to then do great, again to giving shit advice, back to doing miserable and so on. rinse and repeat.

These are just the last three months, but looking at her facebook and insta its exactly the same, dating back to 2013, with absolutely no change or inprovement whatsoever to her narc cycle. It's creepy how predictable they are.

No. 174757

good god. and several of them are even posted on the same day. this bitch is batshit crazy.

No. 174758

*last couple of months, sorry.

yes. there is absolutely no credibility in her words or a reflection of how she might me actually doing.

No. 174759

Seems less like a narc issue and more like someone who has manic issues or like her ADHD is causing rapid mood swings which can happen. Maybe she is manic-depressive. That explains it better than saying this is because of NPD.

No. 174762

hard to tell, but the fact that it's a cycle that never changes or gets better and that she posts thriving yet suffering type of shit to harvest attention from contrasting audiences while posing the big life guide is typical for npd, likely it's all of her fucked up conditions together.

No. 174763

Is the milk here that it's a cycle? She's been doing this for years on her socials except for when she just doesn't post for weeks at a time. She's always had this pattern.

No. 174764

is the comment here nagging? or an actual contribution. because, sperges been nagging for years.

Yup, makes sense its a mental diarrhea mix of all. Makes me wonder what a great friend and partner that could possibly be.

No. 174765

File: 1632855997700.jpg (1.2 MB, 1000x4052, pt2021_09_28_19_47_34.jpg)

Here are some other highlights:

>Trash lifestyle despite heart condition

>Abandoning friends with neither doing anything about it nor understand lovebombing is not the same as making actual amends
>Bullcrap attraction to female bodies and demisexuality against all contrary evidence (straight male relationships, OF porn, onenightstands, sexual encounters beside connor, flirting with people at gas stations)

I think its just fitting she finally changed her name, nothing of this identity is real.

No. 174766

File: 1632856088263.png (141.67 KB, 1080x677, IMG_20210928_192344.png)

The fucking irony.

No. 174773

Be careful making collages of actual milk, minimod/derailing retards will complain and call them “autistic collages” for showing receipts and dates or accuse you of being Brandon.

No. 174778

This is like a traffic light of insanity.

I love how anons spend hours crafting these collages and the wk-sperges just critisize without ever contributing anything meaningful to the thread besides infighting.

No. 174780

Notice how most of the collages anons make from Nicole’s social media in a foreign language like German or Spanish, as if tinfoiling a black American man is behind them isn’t the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard (which some anon did). I for one find them interesting and collages make sense instead of spamming separate posts for the same topic/images lol

No. 174782

File: 1632860911739.jpeg (339.35 KB, 1201x1527, 8F84ADF9-F4BA-4ABE-80B5-608284…)

Why do I get the ever so slight feeling that she’s lusting about moving again?

No. 174783

I think its just dreams

No. 174786

yeah no shit lol but it sounds like shes writing her ideal life

No. 174794

laughing at these never happened pickme dreams.

particularly interested in the fact she just had to mention her yet to be proven OF generosity again, described through tipping vague "friends" who were never named before or now. There is no track of this interaction whatsoever and the promised promotion of other sexworkers didn't happen either.

No. 174819

These are from May. They aren't new posts.

No. 174833

The anon you're replying to clearly can see that, yet to be proven, never named before or now, no track of this interaction whatsoever, promised…didn't happen

The fact it's from May points to the fact this never happened: she never promoted other sex workers, she never tipped them either since there has been no interaction with any sexworkers ever since these claims. All her comments are from men, where are the sexworkers she's sending money to?

No. 174941

File: 1632948527479.jpg (673.12 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_09_29_22_42_58_mh163294…)

Sooo, despite Heather being publicly trashed on twitter by Nicole to be a liar, thief, toxic and mentally ill, her best friend and her still follow each other, she gets comments from Heather and likes her stuff? Drone, sorry Doon, seems to be Nicole's hovering device to maintain control-lurking again…

No. 174956

lmao if heather is as bad as nicole claims why is doon following her and liking her comments? anons should be taking nicole’s proof-less sperg tweets with a grain of salt

No. 175010

So Heather is as shitty as anons were saying.

No. 175021

Anon is saying Doon/Dawn (Nicole's longtime friend who is mysteriously following all Nicole's associates and ex-associates) and Heather follow each other and Heather comments on her posts.

No. 175029

on the contrary, Nicole claimed she wildest shit about Heather without ever proving any of it, and if she really was that bad, why is she still up in Doons stuff being all nice nice to each other instead of shunned and blocked?

No. 175057

File: 1633012183453.jpg (555.17 KB, 703x1377, 1633010792104_pt2021_09_30_16_…)

Idc that this will just be whined over as "old" but I think it's relevant and very telling of Nicoles narcissistic behavior:

These are posts from Dennis FB wall, which I was shocked to discover, is a gigantic spergefest JUST about Nicole. For years, about every single post you find there - interestingly enough all the public ones now - are about how he warships Nicole, what Nicole does and says and how madly he is after his perfect fairy pickme princess. This entire mans identity revolved around her for years, it's not normal, it seems obsessive.

You can track the same pattern she used with her other guys. Excessive lovebombing, manipulation, planning and public declarations that turn out worth nothing.

While he seems a very reserved guy, he turned from moderate, short posts to novel long paragraphs solely about Nicole, after she lovebombed him relentlessly. They differ so much from how he always used to write, that I wasnt sure wether she told him what to write (they sound a lot like Nicole) or if this was still him. When he got serious, she flinched and stuck to noncommital jokes.

The point I'm trying to make, after going through Dennis chronicales is: Nicole is full of shit with her "detached and cold" narrative, it's not just after/due to Dennis or any other of her breakups, she always has been like that.

Today she uses his leave as an excuse to be a shit partner to everyone new, but the truth is, various comments and interactions from 2012-2018 show she was always talking out of her ass when she said stuff like "forever", that she was always detachted, barely able to show affection or generally cold. She was a fucking narc to begin with, Dennis or any other of her boytoys had never something to do with it. Which is way absolutely nothing changed and she is repeating the same poor, blame-shifting excuses with Connor.

No. 175060

>She was always detachted, unable to show affection, cold
>Her guys never had something to do with it

The amount of time and posts this bitch has plastered over her socialmedia of vague cringe posts questioning if she will ever be happy again and is so hurt (after cheating her one true love away…twice…then have another guy…cheat on him too…), while shifting the entire blame on the guys is beyond pathetic. She must be the victim at all times. I cant imagine how fucked up that codependant shit with Dennis must have sucked the life out of him.

No. 175063

All this crap about
>I'm detached lately
>How do they keep up with me
>Im a broken person
>I am cold and unsocial
>I dont feel like myself
>I have to find myself

are all utter nonsense she blames on a guy having screwed her up, while in reality, she is the fucking screw up to them, starting in her teenage years.

There was even a post somewhere were Dennis asks how long she things they'd date, and she just answers, as long as he is willing to. As if she'd never break up as long as she can milk them as supply.

No. 175064

File: 1633013204533.png (136.83 KB, 1080x1187, IMG_20210930_145250.png)

kek, why would he even write that she is serious when this was only a year?

No. 175075

File: 1633015316593.jpg (841.24 KB, 1000x1813, pt2021_09_30_17_16_42_mh163301…)

>She cheats on Dennis with Destery
"I am broken, all I loved was taken away from me!"

>She cheats on Destery with Connor

"He lied to me and cheated with others, can I ever trust again?"

>She sperges about Nate and is detached towards Connor

"(The men of) my past have ruined me! I'm still on a healing journey uwu so proud of my poor self"

What a fucking clown.

No. 175076

lmao, she fucked Destery and then whines how she lost Dennis, fucked Destery again claiming she feels betrayed looong after fucking Connor while still being with Destery and then she sperges about Nate and is cold to Connor, while blaming her broken heart from Dennis plus Destery giving her trauma. God beware this hoe takes responsibility for anything in her life. Her victim card is an entire deck.

No. 175096

Oh wow…the fact she's using the same frickin' lines about being detached when she was with the last guy…who she now uses as an excuse to be detached with the next guy and say the same things.

No. 175147

Same shit, different guy. Makes sense she would pull the same cards. The irony in using the same phrases and reasoning is immense. Nicole has always been broken and sick, poor girl kek.

No. 175209

File: 1633100935005.jpeg (360.99 KB, 831x1800, D1261802-3017-47C5-8DF0-3DEA55…)

If you’re wondering why Nicole’s personality changed so suddenly from the Leda LARP, she has much more interest now in copying her friend Chrominius. From having the same quirks, sexuality, allergies, beekeeping and butterfly raising interest, idolizing Leda, having OF. I get sharing hobbies with friends but surely Nicole has an original thought in her head? No?

No. 175218

There's another girl mentioned in these threads (can't remember the name) who she's copied makeup, lips, expression from, just part of the personality disorder(s) where you take traits from others due to lack of any true sense of self. We say narc a lot here but borderline personality disorder is another with this lack of self/identity theft.

Aside, having favorite animals/colors/"I want to raise bees and butterflies" as an adult is a choice. There's a jarring childishness in conjunction with being an outright sexworker that makes this current genre of egirls so bizarre.

No. 175224

File: 1633106835854.jpeg (73.36 KB, 640x640, 04E28CDA-8561-41E5-B678-93E5F9…)

Was reminded of the same, so went through the last threads to find it like an autist. It’s grimdear >>152375 and just looking at her initial results on google makes it pretty clear lol.

No. 175232

>I’m nordic, german and Irish
Anyone wanna bet she’s completely English like everyone else? Every white girl I knew in HS always claim to be nordic, Russian or German for extra speshul points. The Irish thing is cuz she wants everyone to believe she’s naturally~ a red head.

No. 175252

Anons also pointed out that Haley Williams, from Paramore, that all these girls liked, had this hairstyle when they started doing the white streaks. It's such a popular style, saying it's copied from Gimdear alone makes zero sense. Even Leda did this style and because of Haley Williams. It's such a 2006 style.

All her friends have the same hobbies and like the same things. You might as well say she skinwalks everyone that exists who do the whole punk/scene/egirl look. I don't think she's skinwalking. She's had this exact same persona for years at this point. The entirety of the community copies each other and even SHEIN is now cashing in by selling the clothes these girls buy.

No. 175253

File: 1633120541661.jpeg (112.86 KB, 828x335, 83756B60-F409-4F79-8968-2C4895…)

>She's had this exact same persona for years at this point.
Cope harder lol, her personality changes more than any ethot I’ve ever seen. As for the copying personalities from friends thing, she doesn’t have an original thought whatsoever, as anons in previous threads have been reciting over and over again she just has too many weird similarities and quirks with the girls she copies it’s not like there’s chance in hell it’s just a style or trend (beekeeping+Irish+butterfly raising+allergies+sexuality+appearance all copied). I could follow thousands of ethots and never see these combinations anywhere else.
Learn2read, Nicole directly said it was copied from her friend and not Hayley Williams.

No. 175254

Then why did anon even bring up Grimdear? Didnt anons already discuss this in the other threads? Butterflies are a hot topic on tiktok because of the pandemic, OF has made all these girls hypersexualized for money, beekeeping is also massively popular on TikTok [because of the no bee suit lady], and she does look like she might be part Irish, there's no way anyone can determine that just from looking at her though. She is probably European heritage mixed. Everything anons say she is copying is exactly what everyone on TikTok is doing. You might not see it outside of your bubble of who you follow, but the cottagecore scene is big into all of these which is probably why she's gotten into the hobby. She's also been into Pokemon for years, but I guess she's skinwalking openers too, right, and faking liking Pokemon because of Leda? This gets a bit ridiculous once you see how common everything she does is. She's skinwalked Leda, but after that she's basically been an amalgamation of whatever is popular and not one person specifically.

No. 175256

Anons point out she copies these styles/people/trends because she thinks she’s original and deserves recognition for it. Like when that Facebook page posted photos of Grimdear and other girls with the blonde and white hair, and Nicole became upset saying how she should be there too. That’s why Grimdear is mentioned. I agree these are basic thot/Tiktok trends, but Nicole doesn’t see it that way, she thinks she’s speshul and original and standing out and worthy of recognition when she’s last to every trend.

No. 175273


As some anons already mentioned, this is a typical NPD/BPD trait to accumulate traits of people around you, you deem desirable because they are perceived as attractive, successful or high status by others around them. There is no sense of own identity able to develop, and due to the huge lack of emotional depth, barely any creativity to draw from.

This is why it makes sense her traits and quirks changed a million times over short periodes and partially contradict themselves in the image she wants to convey, because she constantly alters them depending on what is perceived desirable in the social environment around her. Expect a new persona with every new move, partner or friendgroup.

Additionally, narcs start to copy others in coping to not being able to form self identity, but at the same time, can't endure the possibility of being seen as unoriginal, which turns them into the living "You made this?…I made this" meme. After a short time they will claim those things their own ideas, attempt to harvest praise and shame others who do the same, even the "originals".

Also agree with anon who pointed out the combination factor. it's not about copying trends, it's about imitating entire, highly specific chains of traits that occur only in that one specific combination, that makes it skinwalking.

People keep trying to whiteknight this, but there is a huge difference. It's one thing to, for example, shop at shein, wear false lashes, like cosplay photographing. Great, no big deal. But if you shop the exact 5 same items from shein out of 500 choices and the same wig from the same indie brand in the same styling option and replicate the exact same poses, at the same locations in the same specific cosplays, out of the thousands of poses, locations and cosplays to chose from, then this shit is skinwalking.

No. 175275

None of this is new information. The hair is inspired by Chrominius, but everyone already knows she is just a combination of everything else. The ears, specifically in >>175209 is because of Raphtalia, not because of the girl. She follows a bunch of ear makers and Rapht gave her a bunch of clout and not because of Chrominius wearing ears. No one is whiteknighting. They are pointing out that it's a reach.

No. 175276

I think these two things simply coexist:

1. Nicole is an ethot. Ethots copy each other and popular characters. Nicole copies other people and popular characters.

3. By expansion, Nicole cant form an own identity and therefore performs the copying to an excessive level. She skinwalks people by imitating complex networks in and around these certain individuals, that she categorized as desirable and therefore imitationworthy to an unhealthy extent.

Sometimes she is just an ethot, those who tend to copy all over the place with no real direction, just general trends. But Nicole also goes a step further, and copies specific and broad amounts of a handpicked, targeted person/character to a point where she almost assumes their identity.

No. 175867

File: 1633485480020.jpeg (341.3 KB, 1800x1800, 55EEC26F-0B04-40A9-8446-748576…)

I can’t help but notice she’s insecure about her fine lines, seeing as it’s the only thing she edited out. Left is what her photographer posted, a week after hers. I’m assuming he doesn’t want to post the shoops on his page?(nitpicking)

No. 175877

Nicole got her face lines filled out not too long ago and they’re coming back so fast kek

No. 175905

File: 1633508840711.jpg (541.02 KB, 2000x1000, pt2021_10_06_10_22_58.jpg)

I think it's not only a matter of coming back, it's a matter of strong shoop. the pictures of devon are already heavily edited (smoothed skin, light depth, wrinkles and irritations gone) and I wouldnt be surprised if Nicole controlls how the pictures look in the end before he uploads. This is how she looked on stream unaltered. Between this and those photos are no procedures in the world that can transform her into that.

No. 175909

It's not only the lines she edited but also her cheekbones and jawline.

No. 175919

File: 1633525234195.jpeg (247.46 KB, 830x1799, 0A6B738A-AE17-4F16-A492-5FE3D7…)

Keep in mind her body in this photo is still shooped, mostly the arm. I assume the ones her photographer posts is already shooped due to looking nothing like her candids as >>175905 pointed out but she feels the need to edit it even more.

No. 175942

She looks so crusty, I get a lot of hello fellow kids vibes from her. She’s another oldie trying to fit in with the kids

No. 176112

File: 1633596314619.jpg (597.9 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_10_07_10_39_19.jpg)

I always wonder what the fuck is going on in these kind of videos, but then again, I guess keeping it vague and irritating is what they want to keep peoples attention om them. This is from her instastory, a hysterically laughing cringe Nicole and two emo trashcans she shoved a camera in the face. The one dude seems to have a birthday -but nobody but them is there? Connor drinks cheap wine from a plastic cup and doesnt even look up from his screen, guy gets a boomer joke mozarella stick and Nicole nonstop talks out her ass about how funny she finds it.

No word about the new house, cassie or nate, just them in a filthy and huge room.

No. 176113

File: 1633596547028.jpg (997.2 KB, 1500x1422, pt2021_10_07_10_47_00_mh163359…)

Last time I checked, Cassie was making useless posts that she is still there, leaving her followers hanging with no update whatsoever, and Destery made a cover to a song about gay clubs, so we dont know where he moved either. I think it's embarassing they made such a big deal out of the house for months, just to never talk about it again. Nicole's specialty.

No. 176165

Anons said before that since Cassie found lolcow, she's been more downlow. Cassie especially and her boyfriend, probably only show what they want. Same for Nicole. Just because they aren't taking photos of this new place and showing themselves sitting in it, doesn't mean they never moved in together. This isn't some new concept for creators in general. You can make hype and still be private.

No. 176291

File: 1633677561470.jpg (742.47 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_10_08_09_12_40.jpg)

Sigh, in another ones of Nicoles inappropriate cringe ass instastories, she films connor and devon kneeling in front of a very ill friend, apparently funny to have his face ridiculous close framed for no reason, as if he is some kind of tribute worthy god. Shortly after, their "paying respect" bursts into devon doing push ups and connor lifting his skinny ass. While Nicole giggles of course. It's astonishing how they manage to act and sound like fucking 14 year olds.

In one second, a blurry topless guy walks through her video, who, judging by only wearing underwear and wet hair, seems to be very comfortable being there. According to the tattoo it could be Shelby, a friend of theirs. Another coffee shop working failed emo artist like Connor. But there is no confirmation yet he moved in with them instead.

From what we can see now yet is that the house is gigantic and must be fucking expensive. How 2-4 failed emo artist/tiktok for brains narcissists manage to pay that with their OF spare change is beyond me in LA area. In my country chaotic teenagers like them with zero stability in life would never be trusted with property.

No. 176292

So not milk, just cringy.

No. 176293

>Non of them have worked in ages
>No updates on the house they ebegged for relentlessly, but they, look at us blasting an otomatone
>Eventually Shelby moved in, not Nate and Cassie
>Disrespecting ill friend while your online image paints you a wholesome saint for your friends in need. But just when they are the butt of the joke they are interesting to you.

Sounds enough milky for me.

No. 176294

No one has seen Nate and Cassie. Cassie has been awol and away from social media presences aside from what she has to do to try and get coin. I don't know where you're getting this "They never moved in because Nicole hasn't taken a photo of them and they haven't posted photos either". That doesn't even make sense and how do you know these scrotes don't have outside jobs just because they don't post about it? Just lots of pitfall nitpicks.

No. 176310

Nice misuse of the English language nonno, I wonder who else out there misuses words like that?

Eh, it's pretty obvious Nate and Cassie aren't there. Nicole and co overshare to the point it would be difficult to hide two whole humans, the fact there are other guys roaming around this place also points to that.

No. 176366

Sounds like some one is a trust fund fail child. Just a tinfoil.

No. 176390

No need to infight, i never claimed any of your statements. all i am saying is that nate and cassie are nowhere to be seen even up till noe although it's been weeks since the move and they were blasting that endeavor all over their socials just to fall silent about it. As anon mentioned, very suspicious for oversharing attentionwhores like nicole and connor. So yes, i find it odd Devon and Shelby constantly roam around them, even coming straight from the shower.

No. 176405

File: 1633738605572.jpeg (905.63 KB, 828x1530, B4AFEBB6-A2D6-478E-AAD4-222EE6…)

I thought Cassie made it clear she was staying with Nate’s family. In the middle of nowhere in the forest in another state, she does post on Tiktok. Nate has not met Connor yet nor showed any indication he actually wants to move in with Nicole and co. He already seemed to be second guessing his choice and I’m sure Cassie finding this thread made them want to stay away from Nicole. Cassie has been posting about some cat at Nate’s parents place for months, even now, it’s pretty clear they’re not with Nicole.

No. 176406

File: 1633738758085.jpeg (125.33 KB, 828x474, B9F179B0-A9C6-4AAE-8B11-20D046…)

She’s been going through a “rough time” even before she started her OF, and of course is doing the Nicole move of apologizing for lack of content and a delay the second she starts an OF

No. 176436

She knows she only started this because she was jealous of free money other girls were getting with low effort.

No. 176500

File: 1633832042194.jpeg (338.91 KB, 651x1211, FB46D141-1417-41AB-845A-4A3119…)

Nicole: I’m emotionally unavailable
Someone: A bad sign to your boyfriend
Nicole: My partner and I are close (continues defending their relationship)
Why does she treat Twitter like a place for her personal therapy session and then get upset and/or defensive when people respond?

No. 176502

>penetrate you deep enough

Not only is this word salad as usual, but it will probably contribute to more neurosis from Connor due to this specific choice of phrase kek

No. 176516

laughing out loud at this, she really just threw a "im so fucked up please pity me" fishing hook out to bait her simps, who logically call her out on it, just to sperge about how great everthing is about her life and how flawless her relationship and how perfect connor and her. What narcissistic bullshit kek. What exactly is the intention of tweeting crap like that?

No. 176545

File: 1633886009190.jpeg (237.49 KB, 831x1800, A6CC5CE9-AB55-4248-8E08-10BC12…)

Nicole has some weird positive and negative connotations towards certain mental illnesses that make her lie to her followers about what she has and doesn’t have as a diagnosis. (In her eyes autism and ADHD are the good mental illnesses, the ones victims have. And narcissism and BPD are the ones she wants to make sure nobody thinks she has, as she tried diagnosing Brandon with narcissistic personality disorder and Addi with BPD, see >>>/w/171497).
So here she is reassuring a follower she doesn’t have BPD yet she can be seen finding tiktoks under that hashtag and liking them (more than three). You can’t pick and choose your mental illnesses, Nicole. Even if it doesn’t paint you as a victim. Notice how she diagnoses every villain in her life as either having NPD or BPD, but she’s just a sweet girl suffering from autism and ADHD.

No. 176569

File: 1633911754262.jpeg (690.72 KB, 1800x1800, E412D172-7243-4EED-AC22-247A11…)

Confirmed by Cassie’s socials that she’s been in Idaho this whole time and not living with Nicole. Also peak NEETdom over here saying she wakes up at 10 pm every day for a month.. does she not have a job anymore as Nicole’s assistant?

No. 176570

Maybe because you guys self diagnose her as having BPD and NPD.

No. 176572

File: 1633913222981.jpeg (136.11 KB, 828x260, 130B73A4-170B-474A-93C3-3D719C…)

Self diagnose means for oneself, are you even old enough to be on this site? Narcissist is an adjective, anon. People describing her as one isn’t a diagnosis, especially when she refers to herself as being narcissistic, I suppose only Nicole can use these terms? As for the BPD, don’t know where you pulled that out of your ass but she has been diagnosing Addi with BPD for a long time, as well as Brandon having NPD before these threads existed. She knows the mental illnesses that paint her as a victim

No. 176599

Honestly it’s refreshing to see that she’s put distance between her and Nicole. She’s still an idiot to have even been in the situation in the first place, not to mention dating Nate, but the scare put her in her place for now. I’m sure her OF endeavors will end up providing milk. Ngl though, wish we could have seen what kind of shit storm would have happened if they had moved in together.

>self diagnose
Nicole self diagnosed herself if you want to put this grammatically correct kek.

No. 176700

File: 1634010977304.jpeg (691.85 KB, 828x1446, 20208564-8582-43BF-BA07-67F178…)

Out of every single popular scene song on the planet why on earth did Cassie choose the one by Dahvie Vanity, a literal pedophile? It’s just very tasteless and shameless of her, especially when half the comments are just traumatized victims triggered by his music and writing experiences with him as children? This is embarrassing for her, she should probably delete this instead of bootlicking herself for going viral.

No. 176701

File: 1634011000570.jpeg (190.62 KB, 831x1363, 3B3F4BDB-B05D-421A-91E8-AFBED2…)

No. 176714

File: 1634021655117.jpeg (844.3 KB, 828x1506, B62EFDE9-7686-403F-91A3-E33273…)

Connor has a boyfriend too?

No. 176746

Looking very faggy here with his posture, I think it's past tense though from the caption. Looks like he's wearing a work shirt from working in a coffee shop here. What a catch.

No. 176793

Well yeah, because judging by Connors looks his boyfriend was fucking Ronald McDonald himself.

I think it's equally sad yet astonishing that a lolcow thread saved this naive bitch's ass from the total amageddon that would have awaited her in that house. Now that Nicole lost out on Nate, I wonder who she will cheat down next. If Cassie passed moving in with Nicole due to what she found in the thread, I doubt she is still working for her.

she is so retarded its beyond words. wondering wether she stirs this kinda micro drama on purpose for attention. nobody can be that nut brained.

Agreed, she is literally attaching victim and villain labels to mental illnesses. You know what Onision and Gabbie Hanna did, two prime examples of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Accusing all haters, critics and people trying to hold them accountable to their bullshit "NPDs"!!!1!

No. 176795

File: 1634074887458.jpg (1.37 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_10_12_23_39_07.jpg)

could be tinfoil, but Desterys new psycho minor gives increasingly strong copy vibes towards Nicole and her squad of wasted sperm, some of these posts are only hours apart. Maybe it's an upcoming skinwalker or just both being basic bitch weebs.

No. 176797

File: 1634075238866.jpg (202.09 KB, 931x577, pt2021_10_12_23_45_19_mh163407…)

would be funny to have an Addi 2.0 considering she already has the sexwork, psychosis and Nicole obsession down. "But anon, she is not obsessed!" That girl took Desterys dick right out Nicoles mouth last year AND knew about the allegations. Like Nicole who doesnt see anything wrong with Nate.

No. 176798

File: 1634075458209.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211009-081402.png)

Destery uploaded this and I couldn't stop laughing, he is exactly like Nicole. Oh no sure, you didnt traumatize and abuse dozens or hundrets of minors, we just collectivle gaslit ourselves with the same exact mass evidences. How dare the internet, the healthy, accountable people, their friends and parents - it's aaall a misunderstanding and ruins lifes!!

Who's lifes, Destery? Certainly not your cunty poor existance.

No. 176799

This is "Im not one of the bad mental illnesses! I am the true victim here!" but in fagglish.

No. 176800

File: 1634075641413.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211010-234230.png)

Dude opening the box is again that Shelby guy. Again an indicator he might have moved there instead. (another angle)

No. 176801

lmao what a filthy fucking cockroach he is. unbelievable. You dont hate the internet, Destery, you hate being expected to take accountability for what you did to these people.

No. 176804

File: 1634077007175.jpg (1.73 MB, 1000x5492, pt2021_10_13_00_07_06.jpg)

Kek she is so pathetic with her obvious weeb-bragging on her everstone account, yet not ever wanting to get specific about how much she spent so she can maintain her uwu modest image to continue ebegging whenever she needs it for the next release.

The dragon card is almost entirely made off silver and a collectable, with one dude claiming its one in four in existance. God knows how much she spent on that. Being asked directly, she bullshits around again.

She specifically intructs people to "make her offers", yet doesnt bother to answer any of the questions potentially initiating public negotiations and that post has barely 20 comments so its not like she is overwhelmed and couldnt find the time to answer, she just couldnt be arsed and instead lets interested people sit for days. Shit like this makes me wonder how much of a vendor she really is and what of it is just persona.

My suspicion is she only buys the sets like the celebration release to make the big lowkey illegal cashgrabs from actual scalping, which is also indicated in the comments. She gets oddly defensive about it and the fact that literally any other person in the comment keeps reporting how they did the same as her yet never saw any of the sets looks pretty bad on her credibility to having obtained her shit in morally sustainable ways.

No. 176805

samefag, but that scalper commentor intended to call her out on it, simped out immediately after she made a manipulative move as "you know me better hihi" insinuating their connection is at threat if he doesnt agree and brownnosing him so he would give in.

No. 176828

File: 1634085289303.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, A88CD761-4E64-4E00-86E7-8824FE…)

On the Yugioh TCG website, it says it’s $1,000 per card DURING Preorder, and since she didn’t get it during the preorder window, one can only assume she paid a lot more. Imagine dropping more than $1,000+ on a single card.

No. 176858

>(it cost) an arm and a leg
Yeah, I suppose that’s the most low key way to put it.

This is so pathetic. I cannot understand why a flimsy card is worth buying for so much. Would be a different story if you have the extra money to splurge on stupid shit like this, but it’s clear Nicole does not with all of her wailing about needing money. Remember how she needed funds to fix her car? Love how she never followed up on that.

No. 176891

File: 1634133293495.jpg (1.18 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_13_15_51_45_mh163413…)

It's not yet confirmed, but Shelby just posted about "We" getting a pet snake, while Nate and Cassie still park their asses at his parents house, so I guess Shelby moved in instead.

No. 176898

Pretty sure simps know how much cards are worth when she's showing off massive card openings. They fund this. She's not hiding her card purchases since most of her OF followers most likely found her through the socials she shows off her addiction on.

No. 176918

File: 1634151907929.jpg (759.81 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_13_21_00_50.jpg)

It's been the same floor in Shelbys stories (right) for days now, the same as in Connors and Nicoles uplaods (left) so either he has been hanging out there 2 weeks nonstop or yes, save to say he lives there.

Her retarded Idaho minions fucking bailed on Nicoles emo shithouse that they hyped up for months.

No. 176996

That makes it look worse. She uses all of this simpbux to buy fucking cards? More than 1k worth? This bitch complains about not having enough money for important shit when she uses what she has to buy junk. It’s laughable and irresponsible, not to mention embarrassing. She has no sense of adult responsibilities. It’s not just about moids, because ofc they’re going to enable it. It’s on her not bothering to properly save any of this. If she thinks the $$$ will keep rolling in to support her addictions she’s dead wrong. Eventually that cash flow will reduce to nothing except for the last few retards who can’t see through her lies.

No. 176998

File: 1634194023672.jpeg (134.24 KB, 828x392, B6F96EC9-82D5-48D9-89EB-585504…)

>Plenty of time
then why not posting on OF in over a month?
>If anything ever happened to it my heart would break
I hope she’s ready for a decade long commitment to such an exotic pet, they live 10 years as pets and her fucking up their life one way or another would be hard to hide from the public eye

No. 177005

Oh gawd, I already see a gigantic spree of succubus-sexy-snake pictures rolling in where she instrumentalizes the poor animal until it eventualy dies early like almost all her pets.

No. 177013

Pet hoarding as usual. Remember all the other pets she's had and how no one hears about them again after a couple months to a year later?

No. 177021

>Been living in your new rented dosshouse for a month or two with a couple of blow-in guys, one of whom you only met this year
>uwu such a stable environment for pets
>Time to go straight for exotic pets like fucking snakes and axolotls

Makes sense

No. 177033

Oh anon don’t give her any ideas

No. 177134

File: 1634287608885.jpeg (281.45 KB, 831x1800, EA1DDC98-A6FD-4F79-B451-81B687…)

When even her bestfriend finds out about her new exotic pet through her nerdposting

No. 177145

Because it just happened

No. 177202

Gotta love that she is not sharing anything anymore with her "best friend" but lets a shabby emo fag move in and buy a snake she barely knows 6 months. Nicoles logic of safety and stability man…

She will shove that snake into her camera line as much as possible and bragg with her pitiful halfknowledge until she loses interest and the animal zombifies in a corner. calling it noodle makes her sound 14.

No. 177204

I mean it's not only that, as anon
already concluded, how on earth can Nicole, a 3 days a week, minimum wage cardworker and onlyfans hoe, Connor, unsuccessful emoband manchild who grinds away in a tiny coffeeshop and Shelby, manchild nr. 2 who dabbles mindlessly away in a tiny coffeeshop as well without anything else, can afford a big ass LA area own real estate? With what money exactly are they financing that kind of property as 3 peas for brains in their early twenties witj absolute shit jobs, while boasting any spare cash on papercards, exotic animals and face procedures? something aint right here.

No. 177211

File: 1634340777005.jpeg (180.14 KB, 828x623, DFDE69B0-339F-4BB2-80E4-FB31AC…)

>couple days
that’s not just happened lol

No. 177270

File: 1634409736606.jpeg (381.67 KB, 828x1094, A88A7E27-B733-4D31-BA6D-4BE5F5…)

>Doesn’t know how she gained 2 million followers suddenly without using her page
>”I have never bought followers on any platform ever”
I thought she told a follower before it isn’t possible to be able to buy followers, now she feels the need to reassure people she doesn’t lol

No. 177277

yeah sure, nice humblebrag Nicole. I was the one she told in a comment years ago "buying followers was not possible but a myth" because I pointed out to her no person with that little engagement earns 7000+ followers a DAY as it said on her socialblade. It were harsh spikes in long periods of nothing. She didnt have ads or any activity on her instagram back then.

Mind you, her following was just amassed after facebook switched their display design to show followers (cheap to buy) instead of likes (expensive to buy). This lying thot has very obviously been buying followers for years

There were also several screenshots in the old thread clearly showing she is a buyer to fake popularity. This is why her engagement on Facebook is a joke compared to a 1,8 mil following.

No. 177292

>i was told buying followers is a myth
That’s because the person who made the comment was Nicole’s dedicated wk

No. 177305

No, it's because the system actually deletes bot accounts daily and quickly. if she was buying followers her gain/loss would be more like Lori's when Lori was buying followers. It's very easy to tell when someone does because 1000s disappear at a time when it's bots. She probably has bots who follow her, but that's not the same as her buying them.

No. 177307

Also weird she says she never boosted/advertised, when her FB has 2 million and according to her she never posted. Okay then

No. 177309

She's had that Facebook for years and Facebook is the easiest place to gain massive followers just because of a reshare. It's not surprising it's Facebook with the most follows.

No. 177310

File: 1634444855531.jpeg (353.75 KB, 735x1115, F611C8B1-4696-4C12-A0B8-8EF26A…)

So the mysterious heart condition Nicole has turns out to be congenital heart defects (hasn’t mentioned which one specifically). I wonder if her doctor advised her to stop the intense physical activities such as skating, going on rollercoasters, cutting out energy drinks or only uses it as a convenience when she feels like it.

No. 177312

Read the thread, she went from 10k followers on Facebook to 2 million in a couple of months. And hasn’t posted anything. Don’t make excuses or actually believe her bullshit lol

No. 177313

I mean is someone going to post a graph or something? I know people do that with other threads, but I don't know where they get them. That way we can see just how quick the jump was.

No. 177314

Doesn't she take pills for this? As long as she keeps it in check, and she's young, you can still indulge in certain activities. Just like how not every person with anxiety has to avoid caffeine.

No. 177315

File: 1634445783032.png (64.84 KB, 872x699, 2.png)

I think she is right about the combined amount. You can't even chart the NicoleEeveeDavisOfficialPage, but it is linked to her Instagram, so combining the fans might be what Facebook shows her in her analytics too and the past month she's only gained about 100 from what can be charted on her normal Facebook account.

No. 177319

That stands for Congenital Heart Disease, not defect lol

No. 177327

File: 1634447302460.jpeg (128.83 KB, 828x273, F2CE59D9-F5CA-4E1C-954C-AAC817…)

I can’t tell if you’re stupid or just stupid. It’s the same thing.

No. 177329

Then why is she bitching about not being able to do anything physical at work if she can take pills for this? So it’s something impossible for work related reasons but doable when it comes to leisure and sugary energy drinks addiction? That’s dumb.

No. 177330

Referring to the abbreviation.

Probably was a cardio significant shift.

No. 177334

File: 1634448202094.jpeg (339.89 KB, 1201x1800, 36E0474B-259F-4958-B861-780B38…)

And the abbreviation varies depending on the country if you want to get technical, really just means a range of heart defects lol
>>177330 You sound awfully defensive and sure of Nicole’s behaviors and actions, especially around the same time she’s posting. Interesting but you don’t need to make excuses for her, in the same tweet she said she came from the GYM right before work. She was clearly okay doing physical activity that day.

No. 177335

Mentioned cardio because she could've been doing weights and not running on a treadmill and doctors suggest doing weights or low cardio workouts as opposed to biking, hiking, and running. If you do, do rigorous cardio, it should be short intervals, but pills can help with that too and make doing these activites easier. Probably because I have a family memeber with narrowing of the arteries in the heart, but this is basic stuff for people with heart issues. Not making excuses for her, I'm saying what is most likely for her case or the issue was that she did as much as she could at the gym, expected a slow shift so she planned going to the gym to compensate for the rest she could take after, only to be told she wasn't getting the original shift she said she would. There's logical reasoning behind this.

No. 177338

>You sound awfully defensive and sure of Nicole’s behaviors and actions, especially around the same time she’s posting.
Was thinking the same. Always some sort of defensive comments coming in. Could point out a few within the last few days without doubt but it’s not worth the trouble because everyone else can see it too. Go figure though, a VPN goes a long way kek.

No. 177347

File: 1634456567403.jpeg (138.33 KB, 828x420, 4B08EB1B-74B1-4A52-A7BF-A5A733…)

>Mentioned cardio because she could've been doing weights and not running on a treadmill and doctors suggest doing weights or low cardio workouts
Isn’t that exactly the demands of her job though? Carrying boxes for cards and moving them places, same as weights. Still doesn’t mean she’s not shit at taking care of herself and seems completely functional with her daily energy drink intake and going on rollercoasters, raves, exercising, sports, etc but as soon as she’s required to do something for her job that’s when it’s her limit?
She is a huge fucking drama queen. She described getting pokemon cards as dramatic as possible for sympathy mentioning getting blisters and walking in the rain just for children cards.

No. 177371

>heart condition
>goes to the gym before work

Not usually what people with heart conditions do unless they want to die. Most healthy people don't even do that.

No. 177376

Going to the gym before work is so common

No. 177377

Dramatic, but she isn't wrong about loose skin from standing in the rain easily rubbing off if you don't have good shoes and start walking. Depends on how long she was out there though, but you can get blisters because of soaked feet and walking. It's called trench foot.

No. 177382

seems dead obvious she pulls the heart condition card any time she is lazy about doing labour she doesnt care for, or more precisely, isn't of any use to her. Like lifting boxes. While working out for her body or going on raves is nooo problem. Narc move 101.

No. 177383

Or like how anon mentioned you can do certain activities in intervals and she takes medicine for it. Probably does milk it when she can, but that doesn't negate that you don't have to be sitting down for the rest of your life just because she has some defects.

No. 177443

File: 1634523237066.jpeg (391.29 KB, 534x1355, DB6AD47A-0099-4641-AF75-F469A8…)

All the anons defending her for going to the gym before work but not wanting to lift a finger at work, this is the SAME day she had her arm in a fucking brace. So between having the extreme heart issues that day and her arm in a brace, you think it’s totally normal someone would be going to the gym for god knows what reason that day and then having a fit at work.
She even SAYS her heart has been really bad since Sunday but she kept pushing herself with physical labor (i.e gym). Sorry but what an idiot.

Nah sorry but this bitch doesn’t deserve sympathy points for going out of her way to walk in uncomfortable weather just to get a children’s card game

No. 177449

So funny after all she's done this year to see her in 2019 pretending to be a sweet innocent princess who was afraid to speak up at work when her heart was playing up (meanwhile she was going to the gym before work while her her arm was in a brace and having heart trouble?!)
It's all phrased as an anime plot arc moment of personal growth as always, because owning up to making idiotic decisions is too hard. And then still guilt-tripping about her own bad health management in 2021.

Anons have doubted her heart condition before since her behavior is at odds with someone with a heart murmur, but I think this proves she really just is that dumb.

No. 177464

I agree. Apparently she can workout while in a brace and having heart issues since the week before, but she over exerted herself in physical labor at the gym like an idiot when she knows she works at a physically demanding job. All of this could have been avoided if she just didn’t act so stupid. Same as when she gave herself blisters going from shop to shop for some cards.

No. 177596

File: 1634611655488.jpeg (372.92 KB, 698x1351, CFD1BC6E-B129-4975-ADB9-B118EC…)

>”I didn’t even know they liked lounging in water”
So basically you don’t do research on your pets before purchasing them?

I’m very curious to see what her terrarium looks like. She hasn’t shown it at all.

No. 177597

File: 1634613512706.jpeg (281.03 KB, 828x980, 1DCF01AE-B679-488E-BB51-334BD1…)

Tells her followers she’s unwell, but trying to get to a point of health. The opposite of being healthy is unwell, she is retarded. Also from all her miserable tweets about having trauma and unable to attach to anything anymore and all her ment illness sperging. I think she gets too defensive with her scrotes lol

No. 177606

You can give a snake a drinking pool and it won't get in it and hang out all the time. Most prefer to hide out. Most sellers don't even mention that because you just expect them to go in the water if they feel like it.

No. 177608

If you’re trying to excuse her lack of research - nice try. Most sellers expect the person purchasing the animal knows what to do. Like, you know… Making a simple google search? Kek

No. 177613

Her snake is a ball python and they need a 4 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft enclosure as an adult. When they grow up they require a diet of adult mice and rats (live or frozen). Considering she freaks out when her cat tries to attack insects, I can’t imagine her actually going through with their requirements as a pet.

No. 177703

fucking hypocrite, her animal saint heart only applies if it gives her image points, and as a snake rates cooler as a mouse to Nicole, she is suddenly fine with getting the reptile and feeding her rodens, aha. Also found it interesting that her posts are all "my my my" snake, not mentioning once that Shelby was actually the one getting it for all three of them.

No. 177768

File: 1634709465283.jpeg (308.63 KB, 828x1043, 9D28A461-2E4D-45D5-ADE2-F5F404…)

Nicole making plans for something huge and then cancelling or backing out last minute? Imagine my shock.

No. 177785

Good summary of her attitude as a whole.

No. 177810

kek at that pathetic popularity-signaling publicly, just to back out again as usual.

No. 177813

File: 1634742316342.jpg (594.21 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_10_20_16_58_12.jpg)

Not so long ago she was begging for donations for her car and the move, and since then went extraordinarily silent about her money streams. Nobody saw her for weeks at her workplace, she toured around with Connor and now she burried their home in expensive XXL Pokémon plushies and got an exotic snake. Also: Their place is fucking huge.

Nicole hasnt updated her OF in ages - what exactly pays this lifestyle in which you get loaded on merch and animals and dont really work for weeks??

No. 177814

File: 1634742429794.png (989.57 KB, 1080x1278, IMG_20211020_170230.png)

Second that. She is out of control with the spending, yet keeps very silent about where exactly these massive funds arise from. I call it now, in no time she will come up with a new drama story to begg for simpcoins because if she keeps going like this, she is bound to run out.

No. 177927

File: 1634795262150.jpeg (345.75 KB, 1800x1800, ABDB754E-5A0E-4995-8BCB-F43173…)

Also the fact that she only knew there was something wrong with her snake because of a tiktok comment a day prior to her tweet is really telling she doesn’t do her own research and needs to get spoonfed information by others.

No. 177934

Wow that’s fucking sad.
>I tried giving him a little bath
>I didn’t even know they liked lounging in water that much
So painfully obvious she has it for the “aesthetic”. Hate when people get pets without even trying to learn how to take care of them properly. So disrespectful and inhumane, not to mention disgusting. Imagine not considering an animals necessities to live happily. Heartless.

No. 177982

well, there has been an established history of nicole using people and animals as props for fabricating her image. Not one time she seemed to have done any research, nor provided proper living conditions for their kind, except for the cats, because those where in the care of her parents 99% of the time.

No. 178046

File: 1634850286256.jpg (842.86 KB, 1778x1000, 1634847459515_pt2021_10_21_22_…)

(1/3) I stumbled about something fucking hilarious on instagram that is so telling of how fake and pathetic a life with Narcole is.

They went to this emo prom, which Nicole bragged about being the coolest and how they had the best time and everything was so badass and so on (you can see her carefully selected, posed pictures of Shelby, herself, Connor and Cassie for instagram in the previous thread), while the footage I found of the same night from an unrelated person, tells and entirely different story.

It's a series of videos in which multiple captured Nicole and her minions. Every time Nicole pulls out her phone to record her group a couple of seconds, Cassie and Connor pump their act/dancing up like trained dogs. Screaming, laughing, smiling, until Nicole stops filming and they drop their show dead on, with Nicole grinning at her screen contently and Connor and Cassie idling with expressions of insecurity. Only minutes later, you see all three of them silently standing on the sideline, with fucking miserable faces, not even talking to each other or participating in the party, as if they dont even know what to do with themselves once the convincing instagram-shots were taken.

No. 178047

File: 1634850421920.jpg (862.5 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_21_22_06_35.jpg)

(2/3) As if this isnt enough, you actually see how very much chubby Nicole AND Cassie are there, they more than they described themselves at that time (with Cassie claiming on stream she is fucking 49kg, which is anachan not this wale here) and way more than how they look like on the instagram pictures they uploaded themselves. Non of the entire experience as they made their followers believe is real.

No. 178049

File: 1634850583252.jpg (778 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_10_21_22_45_43_mh163484…)

(3/3) Not even the part in which Nicole pretended to get free drinks and jumped around behind the VIP/DJ area, letting everyone think she is so popular and famous so people let her do this, while in all actuality, the only reason they got in there was because Shelby is literally working there, it's the same sketchy coffeeshop. And you see him selling drinks. He is working and later in the instagram pictures uploaded, he looks like a +1 to Cassie, nowhere mentioning his function on the party.

No. 178056

File: 1634851405057.jpg (870.45 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_21_23_17_52_mh163485…)

Nicole's narcissistic lifestyle make-believe in a nutshell.

No. 178061

This is damning, classic narc only interested in how things appear to strangers, with no ability to actually let loose and have fun.

No. 178064

Yup, and you can also see that there aren't even that many people to begin with and that the lights are fully on the entire night (see first picture row with Connor) - what kind of "emo" and "party" was that supposed to be? Videos also show they appeared to have left early, as they are missing in all later ones. Lmao.

No. 178065

Unfortunately I can't integrate sound here from instagram, but you could hear how fucking terrible Nicole sings/screeches with the song and Cassie not being able to dance for shit, she just aggressively yanks her upper body around, head hanging down, as if she snorted a load.

No. 178124

File: 1634888818857.jpeg (362.23 KB, 828x1175, 36BF7A1D-AEA0-42FF-A892-6CAB29…)

I wonder where she’s planning on moving in the future? And if Connor has any say in where they move next.. also didn’t she just sperg about being in the right profession and already has made a place for herself at her card shop? She’s been working at Frank & Sons since like 2015 so I really wonder why she would ever be moving away from friends and family and her job. Then again moving has always been her thing. This girl can’t settle down in one place too long lol

No. 178161

She's just saying she wishes she had more room for an ax but California says its illegal due to invasive species, so she would have to move in the future. Reading to much in to it, anon.

No. 178176

She’s saying that’s something to look forward to when she moves, so you’re wrong lol

No. 178203

She got that fucking snake barely a full week now and already plans on the next high maintenance exotic pet, as if she cant neglect them fast enough…

She is a narcissist, and they are terryfied to leave the familiar bubble, she will never quit california. But regarding her history of constantly burning all bridges with the people in her life and then moving, of course she is gonna bail again. Connor is zero concern to her in this, he will be cheated on with the next bilbo faggins long before.

No. 178204

File: 1634937431944.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_22_23_16_01.jpg)

*Bilbo Faggins
According to Nicole's infidelity saga. Sometimes I still think they will end up again as usual.

No. 178208

File: 1634937897546.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211013-005105.png)

Remember when Cassie triggered Nates trauma victims with here bare stupidity of using a pedophile song on this? As a reaction to the comments she repeatedly apologized and then still shared her viewcount (likely sparked by controversy) and directs as much attention as possible to the entire thing, instead of deleting it at best. She is such a calculating, unempathetic piece of shit. Who cares for traumatized minors, let's fucking monetize on their misery, pretend we are uneducated and relating and then share that shit anyways so it blows up and we can bragg about our popularity off she shoulders of abused kids, yay.

No. 178209

File: 1634938112646.jpg (1.08 MB, 1778x1000, 1626433881756.jpg)

I think it's save to say Cassie is completely out of Nicoles influence, or at least slowly. She stopped every aspect of her excessive skinwalking, dyed her hair and doesnt interact with her social media anymore. Nicole likes to mark her people through her clothes and this stopped after Cassie found the thread.

No. 178210

File: 1634938284058.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1471, IMG_20211022_233118.png)

Well yeah, but remember that Nate marks his hair color to his partner (Cassie) and matches it same color, but since they apparently decides against moving in with her, Nate has them the same color as Nicole, just saying…

And Nicole already convinced Connor to do the same stupid hairmatch stuff with her.

No. 178211

lmao nate signals his shit to nicole like destery does with the fucking beanie.

No. 178222

Such creepy energy radiating off this guy.
The dressing your friends in your clothes thing is one of the stranger aspects of Nicole's bonding rituals.

No. 178230

Dude he is a psychopath what do you expect his behavior indicates this. He is only around people he thinks can be controlled keyword thinks. He has been a quiet guy but those allegations are still out there. He obviously used Narcole to take some attention off of him. I put him in the low functioning side of psychopathy though.

No. 178234

God you’re such a retardedly obvious anon.

Seems accurate considering his history with Leda. The way he reacted to this whole fiasco with Destery is telling enough too. Knowing that Nate talked against him, only for people to react with pointing out Nate is near the same in predatory behavior. Then Cassie urging him him to come clean and apologize for his last actions… Which only made it more apparent he’s a pos and made Cassie feel like shit. I wonder why? Kek.

No. 178238

Destery was becoming a loose canon so he cuts him of after one deceit and threw him under the bus to his girlfriend at the time to get way from the predator situation years before it became public . Cassie is a layman there is no other way to cut it he perceives her to be someone he can use

No. 178253

So true. Nate’s incognito compared to Destery. Probably more calculating too. It’s disgusting to see Cassie be Nate’s spokesperson. Knowing that she was close to Nate as a teen makes all the more sense in why she feels this utmost need to try and “protect” Nate. In reality it makes him look worse. The irony in timing with Cassie finding this thread and them not moving in with Nicole is also telling. Wouldn’t be surprising if Nate didn’t want himself to be discussed further in these threads. Nice going Nicole, you sabotaged your own dream of catching Nate for yourself!

No. 178256

You are not getting it the truth is far much crueler and hilarious. He was just using Nicole because she was a collateral from Destery. He was never going to go out with her Nate lied about that he would have been caught quicker if he did that. He was just feeding Nicole's self-admitted narcissism long enough for all the attention to shift her. Nicole was right about one thing Nate did understand enough about her to play her like a fiddle.

No. 178257

The irony is psychopaths tend to attract narcissists there have been case studies

No. 178268

File: 1634975003342.jpeg (677.03 KB, 828x1454, 2D044AC7-384B-4A84-AD4F-34012D…)

I’m worried by how often Nicole and co. are interacting with their ball python throughout the day. Bps are known to sleep 20+ hours a day and here she is waving him around while filming a card opening video while he’s clearly ASLEEP. Seriously, on her snapchat you can see her handle him around 5 different times a day.

No. 178269

A big bottle of alcohol, expensive cards, an abused animal and a cheap tripod - sums up Nicoles online presentation pretty well.

How do you know all these things about his intentions, seems like reaching to me? Any more evidence on how he planned to use Nicole? He is a psychotic pos, not gonna argue that.

No. 178271

I will bet money that she doesn’t know they need a large terrarium and a hide to sleep in to feel safe. They’re such interesting pets to take care of and she isn’t even showing anything related to animal care (their diet, living space) and instead just taking photos waving them around while they’re sleeping and comparing them to magic the gathering and yugioh cards.

No. 178272

File: 1634976728181.jpeg (338.75 KB, 1800x1800, E12E7757-DAE0-4123-854A-FEC26C…)

Also not getting UVB will give the snake metabolic bone disease, as well as taking the snake outside of their enclosure too long. Given how she didn’t do any research prior to getting one (not knowing basic things about their care, having to be spoonfed by tiktok comments) it is quite depressing. They’re not pets for cuddling and waking up and she’s treating them like she does with her cats.

No. 178277

He claimed on his TikTok and other statements that he told Destery he wanted to date Nicole at one point and it never came to fruition. There were plenty of chances after the debacle so why did he never take it? I just know he made the statement but contrary to the statement nothing came of it. It is just odd. And it fits along his pattern of behavior to use people as a distraction at least from his allegations. Nicole is just the type to call a lot of attention. I mean I think it is clear that he has an influence over her after the stream when she basically defended him and claimed that he is the only other person to understand her after her grandmother

No. 178280

This. Looking through the past threads gives enough information on how both Nate and Destery intertwine with Nicole. It nearly seems as though it’s one of the reasons why Destery and Nate stopped being friends when they had previously seemed so close, having a YouTube channel together, living together, etc. Nicole even defended herself when comments started coming up on whether her and Nate were dating on an Instagram post where Nate painted the both of them together >>83159

No. 178281

Samefagging to add another comment about Nate’s painting >>97034

No. 178340

That closeness between Nate and Destery seemed superficial. I am sticking to my statement that Nate broke things off because he knew about the predator situation for years but just put up with it probably due to partial involvement and the whole debacle with Nicole was just an excuse to get out of it. When you know someone for as long as he and Destery did and have an equal standing you notice a lot more stuff

The caption stayed that way until 2020 that is like three years after the whole debacle. As you know the painting was made in 2018. His statements said he was interested since 2017 but all I haven to go on about saying this was a TikTok he made in 2021. He had four years to come up with a story.

P.s Sorry if I drag on

No. 178348

He changed the caption on his post for Nicole probably after he started dating Cassie. I wonder if she asked him to change it…

No. 178355

>>178348 Nate was also the one to clear any suspicion of Nicole to Cassie. I am not sure what evidence there is of Nicole asking him to change it. It just seems like he did it for himself

No. 178368

You misunderstand, I meant Cassie asking Nate to change it. She’s the one dating him

No. 178375

Apologies, to add to this why was Nate not at the emo prom ?
And here is a tinfoil question. How did Cassie find this thread? And if someone told her was it Nate or Nicole?

No. 178392

Nate didnt come to Emoprom and he didnt come to Cassies first stay at Nicole's either - likely to avoid the entire thing blowing up in his face because he knew he never followed through with Nicole and neither gave her an explanation as to why actually, in a same manner we are questioning why ourselves

Nicole telling Cassie does not make sense, as she is a narc and would want to protect her image at all cost, the one this anti bullshit thread successfully destroys

Nate would make sense, because he made up his mind about not wanting to move there a long time ago and used this to scare Cassie away from Nicole.

Cassie said though, that the thread was not shown to her, but that she found it and given she was Nicoles virtual assistant, the odds of her googling Nicoles name/visibility and then quickly discovering the thread are the hightest imo. It comes up as one of the first results to her name.

No. 178452

Holy shit kek that makes sense. Funny considering his hair was blue within that whole situation with moving in with Nicole and Connor, and the emoprom shit. Then Cassie dyed her hair blue when discovering the threads and cutting off the Nicole skinwalking. Interesting.

Agreed. Nate knew this was a horrible idea and intentionally avoided it. Kind of makes me wonder how that whole idea started in the first place. It would make sense if Nicole and Cassie talked about it at first, because Nate would be put in a more compromised position not having a part in the initial discussion. Denying the idea straight up would seem far more suspicious, so playing the long game would be beneficial. Keeping that in mind it would make all the more sense if Nate did tell Cassie about these threads. Either way it was inevitable that she would find this.

No. 178483

Financially it was a bad idea for Nate. His job cannot be making him that much money. He would have been reliant on the other three paying for him. I am not sure if he pushed Nicole, but I think he may have pushed Cassie indirectly through Nicole to do an onlyfans so he can be more lazy. Nicole during the time she first wanted to buy the place did push more content to make more money. Do you think he would have been reliant on Nicole and Cassie to pay his part of the rent.

No. 178553

Pimping out ethots for OF to finance his lowlife lifestyle would be a new level of scummyness even for him lol.

No. 178556

Well Cassie is still doing the onlyfans. Time will tell the rest is speculation

No. 178572

Jesus, he's not a pimp. They are doing OF themselves for money, not because a guy is pressuring them into it.

No. 178577

Whoa I did not mean to cause hostility I was just speculating. My bad I am more just trying to gauge Nate's manipulation. I would not mind a separate thread for him though. But he has not done enough to warrant it. We know he has at least talked to some of Destery's victims who happen to meet him physically. It really is the in between with Nate's method for his preying that is missing. I only tried to speculate on his influence with Nicole and Cassie because they have more interactions with him personally. I thought it was easier. My bad these are my last comments on Nate for now until he slips.

No. 178579

Speculation doesn't do any good. Stick to imageboard posts, not your own tinfoil.

No. 178797

In this story, it's the same fake shit again as in
Devon is performing his intellectual height with a repeatedly yelled "Fuck that pussy", while Connor and Nicole get filmed by Avaricexiii (who either constantly hangs or lives there as well) how they do the most cringeworthy, forced, white people rap movements (especially Connor, who portrays as much swag as a 85 old grandpa in a Nickleback shirt)and immediately stop the nonsense, as soon as their guy stops filming them.

But having that phone capture how quirky Nicole and her charity case of a lover are, is not enough, she had to pull up the fucking ~security footage~ to convince us how spontaneous and real that was. While ironically showing how much it wasnt.


No. 178798

File: 1635254032652.jpg (653.12 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_10_26_15_12_11.jpg)

The retardation in them is thriving. Maybe it heightens when together, like the 4 Dragonballs of Failure.

No. 178799

File: 1635254278552.jpg (617.24 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_10_26_15_15_43.jpg)

omg Connor, noooo, my sides!

I think there could be something to it, this substitution rip-off-Dennis seems to be there a lot, over a long period of time now, maybe he is the forth party to move in instead of Nate.

No. 178800

Gotta love how Connor keeps looking over to his dictatorbitch if he is doing that "show" right, that guy it's so codependant it's painful to watch at this point.

No. 178809

File: 1635256817664.png (5.38 MB, 1242x2208, 865F715E-4831-4C7D-AB96-4905BC…)

On her snap she has this whiteboard with a bunch of different names, so maybe these are the people that are helping pay for that massive home.

No. 178822

Kek. They are fucking adults in their mid 20s to 30s. Why do they need a good behavior chart?? The last time I saw this shit was in KINDERGARTEN. This makes me shake my head so hard.

No. 178835

You must not be fun to hang out with.

No. 178863

Tell me what's fun about a good behavior chart. I'll wait.

No. 178867

>adult child spotted

No. 178871

It is a Spongebob reference

This chart is a Spongebob reference to when Patrick came to Boating school that is what the guy meant.

Do not be intentionally vague

Is this actual evidence of people living here or this a just a reference joke. This Better lead to something

No. 178874

>it’s a spongebob reference

Of course you would know that, you’re an adult child just like Narcole. Either way it’s stupid and embarassing for grown ass people to do that

No. 178876

Nah I just have a filmographic memory I am just upset this is the shit you guys are talking about. Still if that board is an indicator of who is living with her it may be indicating she lost another job since there is more people then initially planned

No. 178877

Anon, it's a joke thing. get over it. You're overanalyzing and nitciking about people fucking around. You don't do it, but get over yourself about others regardless of age just doing stupid shit.(are you lost?)

No. 178884

Are we really arguing over a good behavior chart? Kek who cares if it’s a spongebob reference. It’s juvenile shit that insinuates her roommate situation is a hot mess ever since Cassie and Nate bailed out.

No. 178887

I would actually like to see if it is valid. Do you think the one in the very bottom with the black star says dawn or damn. Because if it is the former it is most likely just a joke. Dawn already has her own place with a baby.

No. 178888

Looks like damn to me. Look at how they write the letter M in Amber’s name.

No. 178906

You're getting your panties in a bunch because you equate this with children when grown ass adults do these things too. One hell of a nitpick lol Wish I had that "No Fun Allowed" image.

No. 178918

It's clearly not to be taken seriously and probably has stars for stupid shit like "Dude bought a pizza for the night".

No. 178920

The black star says DAMN or DAMIN. The M matches the M in Amber.

No. 179002

File: 1635374515501.jpeg (369.07 KB, 828x890, 73520FD9-8626-4FC0-8204-026599…)

lol at her joke of needing to beat her in combat just to be her friend as if that is some sort of prize. Nah sorry but being in her nerd group seems depressing af. Imagine trying to have a serious or deep conversation about something with her and she ignores what you’re saying and tries to make alexa fart or cuts you off to make nonstop spongebob references.

No. 179013

Yeah, it is a joke. Don't know why all your extra seriousness was added to something she posted that isn't serious. lol This is the board thing all over again. Ya'll need to chill out with taking posts like these serious.

No. 179019

Discussing Nate's methodology was more interesting.

Samefagging I was the one to call Nate a psychopath. I cannot believe the guy told me to stick to the threads which are less interesting. But honestly I will wait I am just upset we are wasting thread space for these joke posts(cowtipping)

No. 179034

It's just not milky and rounds back to anons complaining about nitpicking again. I get hating cringey stuff, but acting like even 50 year olds don't do stupid party games or dumb childish routines, its even cringier. Let people have their stupid fun. Hating the idea of a memey board or Adventure Time clearly not serious 'fight me' posts, is just retarded. The thread was doing so good until anons wanted to just catalogue 'childish behavior' as if they probably also don't do stupid shit with their friends too.

No. 179040

You seem reasonable I want to talk to you more. Do you think some people are derailing the post on purpose. I am the same person you responded too. I think I am quite an objectivist. I think Cassie may be derailing some of the threads. For starters some people were complimenting or seeing Cassie in a more innocent light in these posts. I have said she is layman but just because someone is does not mean they are innocent.

No. 179041

Cassie makes her own choices. People think Nicole is some puppeteer because it suits the narrative better and paints her more manipulative than she is. All the people around her make their own decisions, absent of her too. I'm tired of coddling everyone's choice and blaming Nicole for it. They are all adults. She isn't grooming people to join OF or lowkey trying to get Destery's attention via wearing a shirt. It's just wishful thinking from anons because there isn't any actual good milk about any of them aside from the pedophile stuff, which again has nothing to do with Nicole and mostly the guys. The only thing really milky about Nicole herself is… I honestly don't know. She hasn't scammed anyone, so I don't see that being the big issue either. Just finding her cringey just isn't enough and anons post about circumstantial proof to stuff, just because it again, makes it easier to villify her.

No. 179043

Yeah I am saying she puts people to focus on Nicole hence the non milky posts on her. I do not think Nicole is a manipulator her behavior seems to indicate a lot of recklessness that people are not seeing. I think the things Cassie is distracting people from is the pedophile shit it fits her m.o. she has tried to dissuade Nate's victims.

No. 179044

Yeah, Cassie apologizing for all the pedo stuff is so weird. To be fair, he was creeping and didn't actually sleep with anyone, so technically not a pedophile, just a groomer, so I see where she is coming from a teeny tiny bit, but apologizing on his behalf for his behavior and gaslighting the victims, is just stupid. I don't think Cassie is posting either. It's just an anon who people in /w/ recognize has a bit of a vendetta and thinks any acts that they personally find cringey that Nicole does, they post.

No. 179046

>>179044 What Nate did is still wrong and he has still possibly participated Ephebophilia with Leda and possibly many others. Which is a form of pedophilia. I just find it odd Nate is the least mentioned. I am going to stop for now I still think Cassie is trying to cover for Nate

No. 179056

The blatant samefagging tho
>Nicole didnt scam anyone
>Nicole is actually not milky at all
>Anons defending Nicole and hyperfocusing on that fuckig board call themselves "reasonable"
Topkek the Whiteknight is back. Please evade the thread immediately and take your high horse and horseshit with you.

Anyone who read the 5 threads and paints Nicole as so much more innocent and harmless than we stupid anons get, is anything else but reasonable.

No. 179057

>She hasn’t scammed anyone
I thought the big issue with Nicole is she lies about her parents being poor and lies about where the money for her OF goes. Also e-begging with her Patreon and Ko-fi, promising shit and not doing anything. She creates multiple projects and cannot stick to them.
>I'm tired of coddling everyone's choice and blaming Nicole for it.
Sound less butthurt and personally attacked by this thread, as if it isn’t already suspicious this large sperging is happening whenever Nicole is active on social media. I’m sure it makes anons uncomfortable to be potentially speaking to a subject thread hiding their identity.

No. 179058

yeah, it's obviously a sperge going rampant. Try living with a narcissist for real once and then come again and explain how free you were in your decisions. Not getting manipulated, guilt tripped, coerned and micromanaged by Nicoles reactions, words and punishments haha. Nonsense. She milks, influenced, lies to and instrumentalizes every person that is close to her. The level of expenses, accidents, drama, trashtalk and lovebombing go through the roof right with it. And as soon as Nicole is out of their lifes - nothing but peaceful silence on their socialmedia and lifes.

No. 179059

Exactly. There’s one retarded anon saying they’re an objectivist while tinfoiling that Cassie is behind this thread and the other anon sounding personally butthurt and angry that people would dare call a scammer a scammer. Sorry but lying about your “projects” and where your money goes, PRETENDING TO BE POOR, and PRETENDING YOUR FAMILY ARE POOR are pretty much scams. Nicole has over six digits in anime merch in her room, continues to recklessly spend, and wants to play the poverty card and anon over here is getting upset and writing a paragraph on why Nicole isn’t a manipulative scammer. I’m uncomfortable talking to the subject thread especially when they’re hiding their true identity

No. 179060

Yeah look I am not sayin Nicole has not done anything wrong she has done a lot.

No. 179061

I mean seriously, it's enough to read just the summary of every thread so far, if you still don't think this is one of the biggest pieces of shit human beings, then I have no idea what your standard for bad people are or you are likely one of her minions themselve.

No. 179062

Um, not samegfagging, but okay.

No. 179063

Please leave, underage zoomer. Your posts stick out like a sore thumb with the elementary school grammar, ending questions with a full stop, not separating your sentences, and writing multiple posts with your tinfoil about Cassie being a farmer here while complaining about the threads filling up. Take your leave.

No. 179064

>Anon states Cassie makes her own decisions as fact as hell would he know, but Nicole being a puppeteer in their friendgroup after 5 threads of evidence is just stoopidd tinfoil
Get real.

>Just finding her cringey just isn't enough and anons post about circumstantial proof to stuff, just because it again, makes it easier to villify her.

As if that is what everyone has been claiming, "just find her cringy".
>circumstantial proof
Trump's alternative facts, I see.
>You villify her
We are calling out a calculating, destructive narc that you defend on zero grounds. bye.

No. 179067

It is late at night for me. Sorry for my grammar. It was also irresponsible for me to say Nicole is not manipulative, but I do see her recklessness more often that I forget. Like how she posted posts with Destery while still with Dennis. I am just saying she slips a lot I will leave. I pretty much did earlier

No. 179068

Anons are calling out nitpicking stuff like >>179002 and >>178809 not milk and just mostly complaining about it being cringy when there is nothing else to actually post when referring to the cringey stuff.

No. 179069

Ok zer

No. 179071

Nta but that board was posted because it shows who lives with Nicole. Calm down.

No. 179090

File: 1635419640791.jpeg (367.06 KB, 831x1800, 0626E8A4-897B-4FED-85A4-089BA9…)

So Nicole just posted her ball python’s enclosure and.. yikes. There needs to be more coverage in there so he can hide, and stuff to climb on. They really benefit from climbing enrichment. And coco fiber (what she’s using in this terrarium, shouldn’t be a main substrate and should only be mixed in with another substrate. They really benefit from tropical mixes, bedding, and potting soil. Putting all this information here on what she does wrong since she lurks.

No. 179091

File: 1635419721664.jpeg (797.79 KB, 1080x2400, F0FAC167-3E54-47B9-B896-FE48FD…)

Here’s an example of what an enclosure for bps is supposed to look like (see her empty one in the previous post). I always knew she was a shitty owner with hamsters and such but wow.

No. 179107

Don't worry about enrichment or care anon, there's a kawaii snake sticker on the outside of the enclosure so everything will be fine!

No. 179123

Lmao the funny part is I don’t even own a snake, I just think they’re cute and the sad part is I barely researched any of this and already probably know more than Nicole. It’s miserable to think it has to spend its entire life in there for 15-30 years.

No. 179153

How the hell is this cowtippinng? Samefagging again. You guys are just refusing to acknowledging anything he did wrong. I did not tell anyone. That would hurt my objectives to build up a psyche profile on him and many others. I am done with this thread. I will admit the Spongebob one had some merit but the adventure time one only hinted that she has trust issues within her relationships(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 179199

Inb4 she makes a post within the next few days with an updated enclosure, just like she tweeted about “doing more research” after anons pointed out her lack of knowledge kek.

No. 179227

Kek she’s really used to low maintenance pets like cats that just chill around the house and don’t do much, it’s concerning she’s going for high maintenance ones now like a snake and soon an axolotl that require very specific care and setups. It’s no wonder she said she is scared of getting axolotls in case she harms them, she doesn’t do any research before purchasing animals. Also didn’t she say in a Tiktok that she won’t have kids because she would ruin them? What made her think pets aren’t a huge commitment either? Lol.

No. 179253

She definitely has been treating it like a cat with how she’s been taking it out of its cage and handling it like a prop for pictures. Amazing she’s still considering getting an axolotl when she admits she’s afraid of harming them. Overall she’s just another one of those people who get animals on a whim without considering the long term care it takes. Heaven forbid that snake eventually gets sick and needs to be taken to a vet. Shit looks bleak.

No. 179263

yeah no, don't forget she mainly had the cats when she was still living at her parents and they took majority of care off her shoulders anyways, she used them as props nonetheless. Same with any animal. She thinks she can slap those retarded kawaii uwu stickers on, just like she did with her totaled car, and that is enough effort to show "she cares." nope, it's screaming you want attention, nicole.

Which is obvious given the fact she did zero research by the way that god awful terrarium looks and shoves the snake into the camera while it clearly sleeps and gets unhealthily disturbed by her unsatiable urge to attentionwhore with it.

No. 179265

File: 1635465035782.jpg (897.2 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_10_29_01_48_11_mh163546…)

there are countless posts and stories accumulating with the snake asleep and it isnt even fully settled in yet as they just got it and wont even give it time to process the move. I hope someone calls animal patrole on this bitch.

No. 179266

with that kind of reckless behavior, piss poor living conditions and regular exposure to disturbance, the snake must be stressed out of its mind. yeah nicole, you are such an animal lover.

No. 179393

File: 1635552659715.jpeg (411.1 KB, 878x1727, 9E148993-E4CB-42ED-8F4D-89171D…)

Feels bad seeing it all balled up. That snake just got there. All animals need time to acclimate to their new homes in their own ways, that shit isn’t rocket science. They’re not toys you bring home to play with immediately.

No. 179399

File: 1635553660003.png (2.03 MB, 2532x1170, 9470065B-6844-406B-B31B-FCFACA…)

My appeal went through haha. You mistook me for faggot to throw away after you were done smoking but you were just giving fellatio to a dick. Looks like you never learned the difference . This message is to the guy to that got me banned.

>>178230 and >>179019
This proved I never talked to Nate admin should have been able to see the IP

Who is this jackass that derailed me

This is to the guy that got me banned. I was serious about leaving. But I am not going to be insulted by some kid with too much power that cannot even tell difference between a cigarette and a dick. Whatever this thread does not help with my goal. I am leaving and I get the last laugh

No. 179400

>im leaving and i get the last laugh
i saw you post and delete this like 3 times and you sound like a retarded schizo. but whatever you say kek

No. 179402

Yeah they were to correct mistakes. I do not even care. Just goes to show an incompetent admin is running this page if his ban did not stick. Next time he should read more thoroughly.

No. 179403

You are a retarded newfag if you think this is a place for males.

No. 179404

This is a women’s image board, go away scrote.

No. 179405

He is just the prefix to use when the person's identity is anonymous. That is the rule for English at least . But fair enough.

No. 179408

Fuck off, scrote. You made it clear you talk to Nate. Get out.

No. 179415

This anon seems like one of those guys who views themselves as a movie baddie but just comes across incoherent and insane.

You got banned from a woman's gossip board because your poor grasp of English made it seem like you interacted with a cow here >>179019
but were just responding to an anon you misread here. >>178579

Write more coherently and this won't happen.

No. 179416

I don't think he does, he's just literally that incoherent, and hung up on what anons say in this thread (the "he" he was talking about was another anon, not Nate, he didn't realize this is a woman's board, so assumed we were all male like on most imageboards)

No. 179418

I left so stop talking about me . I was too exhausted to write the posts I wrote. I use guys for everyone. Evey time I heard someone used the word gal it usually in a derogatory term. So I use guy with everyone to be fair. Whatever I would have been banned anyway. I read the rules again to see if I did anything wrong. Apparently psychoanalysis is not allowed nor any other form of psychological evaluation. I kind have an idea how Destery, Narcole, and Cassie are. My curiosity is to find out how to deal with people like Nate. I am scared of things I am unfamiliar with. My slipping English is just the result from this fear.

No. 179420

>>179416 I actually assumed both men and women are in here. Most women usually are able to tell the meanings of names. Do you know why Nicole is frustrated with her first name. It means victory of the people in Grecian. She is frustrated that she cannot be selfish for herself. You guys (I am still using guys to be equal) could not figure that out so I assumed unlike other threads I have been to there was also men in here.(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 179424

Link us to your socials, you sound amusing. I have never heard of "most women are able to tell the meanings of names" like we are all studying baby name books 24-7. No woman I know or have ever met knows the meanings of names. Also Nicole is not even Greek, she just doesn't like to be associated with all her past lies and personalities. Cows change names and usernames often for this reason (plus the BPD)
>I kind have an idea how Destery, Narcole, and Cassie are. My curiosity is to find out how to deal with people like Nate.

Avoid 'em, all these kind of people should be given a wide berth. I don't agree that he's a psychopath as you propose, he's just a run of the mill manipulative groomer like so many e-boys and emo men.

No. 179426

Even if she was not Greek she would search up her names meaning because of her obsession with Leda. Leda has described her name's meaning and it also Greek . Nicole probably keeps her first name as a middle name just to have more in common with Leda. As for Nate being a psychopath here is a few disqualifying factors I will give you he was very public, he seemed to have trouble dating women from what is shown in his own collab videos with destery and he has been around people that attract a lot of attention. I think he is a low functioning psychopath here is why Nate is meticulous in the same video he expressed his frustration with women he read off a script, he used Destery and possibly Nicole as scapegoats, and finally Nate still surrounds himself amongst people who can be controlled. Nicole is narcissistic psychopaths tend to attract narcissists, Cassie is a layman and impressionable, and Destery has an ego. see why I said people he thinks can control. Egotistical people are not easy to manage. Unlike everyone else I do not think Destery is a psychopath I think he is a manic idiot. No matter what Destery does he seems happy. I have actually met a low functioning psychopath. She was a women so it surprised me since it is not as common

No. 179429

I just saw the BPD. Which one? Manic or depression. Nicole is not bipolar. I had a friend who had bipolar depression and I do not see the symptoms from that neither manic as well. While I am at it let's see the plausibility of her other self-diagnosis. ADHD possibly this accounts for some of her reckless actions, aspergers it reacts differently in women I do not know enough for that, and narcissism definitely it fits her. m.o. About the women I am around they are educated. So we discuss a lot of stuff including name meanings. So I should just say the women I have been around

No. 179430

Though I still think Destery is manipulative pos. It just helped him that the targets were young or fans.

No. 179446

Stop samefagging with your retarded tinfoil and mental illness.

No. 179471

I hope you're not a psych student and thinking you can actually diagnose people from only what they choose to share online. Armchair anons are super retarded. Don't know why you keep bringing up evaluating these idiots.

No. 179485

Looking up the meaning of your name isn't even rare. Anon thinks because they don't do it that other people don't. It's an absolutely stupid line of thinking.

No. 179584

Thanks for the derail armchairing scrote. Can we go back to the previous discussion with Nicole mistreating her new toy snake now?

No. 179593

File: 1635674441207.png (6.03 MB, 1242x2208, EBC98B34-8895-427A-B0FD-E4E6C7…)

This photo was difficult to capture, so if someone knows how to turn snap videos into gifs, be my guest. But, she posted on her snap early this morning with her taking her eyelashes off and she turns to the side for literally a milli-second and she has this bump on her nose. It struck me as odd since she showed off her side profile for a while and it was smooth. Maybe she got a nonsurgical rhinoplasty?(nitpicking)

No. 179600

File: 1635682530901.gif (4.4 MB, 600x889, 0FED481F-7E28-475C-9E4B-235C31…)

There you go. It is rather weird.

No. 179616

This has already been discussed.
Nicole started getting nose and chin filler in 2015, she recently upgraded to getting her whole face filled. It looks like the filler on her nose is wearing off, that’s why it’s starting to get bumpy again.

No. 179628

BPD is borderline personality disorder, not bipolar, there's a difference. You sound very stupid.

No. 179649

Anons need to stop armchairing anyway. Very clear the Narcole anon has an obsession with them and it's fucking weird to the point they are admitting to trying to create some profile on them. Any normal person knows you can't diagnose anything from glimpses of what people choose to show online. >>179426 This whole thing was weird and autistic.

Nose-sperg is back? We've known this.

No. 179671

File: 1635705442991.jpeg (312.49 KB, 828x1028, BFD37419-7340-45BF-A8F8-D924BB…)

What’s the purpose of a discount for 31 days when you post only once every 2 months lol

No. 179672

Lol she thinks she’s doing her buyers a favor

No. 179689

File: 1635718936296.jpeg (322.86 KB, 828x1025, 402D70B3-D940-4A89-8E96-A546C9…)

>I’ve posted more photos and videos in 6 months than there are days in a year
>I don’t have a posting schedule
>Mental health break
Holy shit does she have an array of repetitive excuses lined up. She’s doing a discount for returning subs too but surely she can’t think they want to sub again for the 90% chance she takes months off without posting? Very lazy imo

No. 179710

why the fuck would anyone (re)subscribe for a month-only discount when she just admitted she goes months without posting?
What’s the point? No one would be getting new content from her, they’d just pay “a little bit” less for the same shit they’ve already seen?

No. 179723

Not that I feel sorry for scrotes but it's funny how much thots like her play them. A subscription service with no new content? It's months I let myself relax jfc. Meanwhile her content is potato quality, blurry, badly lit videos and photos she took all in ten minutes on a drunken whim.

No. 179731

She's describing it as an archive though she honestly can say a big FU to these scrotes because it does say right on the front of her OFs that she doesn't have a schedule she posts by. They are that dumb to stay subbed.

No. 179733

Okay whiteknight

No. 179749

No, and this was already discussed. She didnt have a rhinoplasty, which would have taken her several weeks/few months to recover from and leave visible bruises for a long time. She did fillers, usually injected with hyaluronic acid, that wears off into the deeper skin tissues over time, thus being only semipermanent in results.

No. 179751

A lot of them aren’t even subbed anymore though lol that’s why she’s doing a discount and many are complaining to her

No. 179818

Also her nose looks different from 2 different angles which happens with filters because bumps like that tend to be more visible from one of the side. Anons have been saying this since thread 1.

No. 179819

No one is being a WK by pointing out the obvious.

No. 179973

File: 1635858990937.jpeg (432.35 KB, 828x1063, 41D717E1-8789-45D6-8C3F-8B8750…)

Why do I get the feeling this is just not true at all? She wore a different outfit every day in 2020 and claiming she only had 2k.. and even if it was this was during a pandemic where everyone was suffering financially.

No. 179974

Ah yes here we have the classic onlyfans success story every girl above 1% does on Twitter showing off how they overcame poverty by selling nudes and are THRIVING now because they bought some fancy car or house, accentuating that “x years ago I was at rock bottom”

No. 179999

File: 1635868882040.jpeg (233.36 KB, 828x1178, 380ACA5F-6484-4BD2-953E-E0AB3C…)

So one of the leak sites created a folder requiring a password with all of her Halloween content and they have over 500 downloads. Jesus that’s a lot of scrotes, but at least they’re not desperate enough to pay money.

No. 180001

File: 1635869351783.jpeg (160.69 KB, 1011x1800, 1ED6000E-C01E-4B75-979C-8C45B2…)

Also update from Cassie, she said she’s officially not moving with Nicole and from this post I gather never. Her and Nicole always have the most boring as shit OF posts and captions.

No. 180003

File: 1635869414657.jpeg (395.74 KB, 828x1467, CAE0239B-F3AB-4814-8A28-63D7A1…)

(Samefag) and her relationship with Nate doesn’t seem to be going too well, she says she feels lonely and wants to move back to Michigan with her friends. It sounds horrible to be trapped with a groomer and his family for months.

No. 180007

She set herself up for that, lol, sucks to suck

No. 180019

File: 1635875850453.jpeg (381.15 KB, 828x1117, 572B33AE-63E3-45F1-9D99-B80C30…)

I find it hard to believe Dennis took all her fucking stuff. She said it was a “mutual, peaceful, friendly breakup” months ago but now that she wants pity it’s a bad breakup? Omegalul which one is it? Also this is about Dennis since he was the one with a computer that she frequently used and she no longer has a PC.

No. 180034

Literally a compulsive liar
>every photo and video she's ever posted indoors is stuffed to the rafters with expensive nerd gear and collectibles
>random photo of a bare bed which doesn't look like anyplace she's ever posted before
>bullshit story about her with 2k and a suitcase, not backed up by literally anything else she's ever posted before (notorious oversharer so we would've seen this shit before if it was true)
More lies

If we're talking a literal year ago, I know in August last year was when she was taking flights and boat trips with Destery, while traveling to meet Connor at the same time, so not sure when this story of destitution is even supposed to have occurred. Her collecting on everstoneeevee never stopped, and she's been employed the whole time. iirc she moved into a new place earlier that year also and was posting about her new beginnings and all the usual.

No. 180079

File: 1635894135867.jpeg (730.96 KB, 828x1511, 792CA958-C6D7-45E4-93F9-81EEDC…)

Looks like they’re in a car at night, did Nicole just bring a snake on their car trip as an accessory? You should only really be bringing your pythons outside for quick vet visits.. it’s a loop of a boomerang, the back is a car seat and in the tweet you can see the lights in the background moving.

No. 180081

File: 1635895389594.jpg (906.12 KB, 1067x1600, pt2021_11_03_00_06_12_mh163589…)

LMAO are you fucking kidding me? Sorry Nicole, but we know every god forsaken step you took "one year ago" and have all the evidence supporting that this statement is full of shit.

She had moved in with Devon, was living in an expensive, gated community in LA, did photoshoots, spend major coin on useless collectables, had her own car, regularly flew out to fuck Destery and Connor, toured around with her minions, cashed out on her Pity Patreon, baught cosplays, paid for a tattoo, touched up her fillers, launched her and Devon's simps only shop while still being employed in her alleged "3 jobs" (which we all know she considered the card stuff, being a youtuber and twitch streamer without content) and the list goes on and on. In what fucking compulsive liar-esque world did she ever live poorly like this? Never.

It's just her usual, every single year occuring pattern. Around christmas time/nearing years end she needs money and pulls out her ridiculous sob stories as some endless novel of pathetic word salad. Check out the shit she posted "this time but last year" for 2019/2020. Same old, same old.

You could literally mix a few dozen keyword sentences "journey towards my healing" "it has all been so hard" "thriving to become my best" "im finally starting to regain my health" "the past months were a struggle due to sob X story" and then roll the dice and whatever comes out creates her entire post for the annual bullshit achievement-signaling or pityparty moneygrab.

No. 180083

It was not a bad breakup, she said it was mutual and they are on friendly grounds and totally fine. Now suddenly Dennis is the bad guy who took all her shit and traumatized her into an emotional cripple who cant love anyone anymore? Maybe because he cheated, oh wait no, that was NICOLE. I just wanted to argue that the breakup was not during covid, as she just had pimped herself out for Destery in January 2020 again, but oops, she was still with Dennis then I guess.

No. 180087

File: 1635896561648.jpg (741.53 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_03_00_39_10_mh163589…)

>annual bullshit achievement-signaling or pityparty moneygrab.
Nailed it.

Topkek, we saved that retarded kid from making the mistake of her life. I think it's hilarious how very clearly Cassie communicates in different ways how fucking over she is over Nicole and her bullshit. There are all these hints shading against her LA friendgroup (which were her sOuLmAtEs not long ago and are now just seen for who they really are, Nicole's low life drones amidst their queenbee of narcissism) and pointing out how much she misses others or that she is hanging out with the best people, of whom certainly no one is Nicole or her minions lmao.

Put this side to side with how Cassie used to talk about the Narcole squad and wanting to move in which these bunch of psychos she barely knew. Nicole must be fuming about this, funny this would be a story were she completely loses her phony uwu reputation, took a huge blow to her image and missed out on her chance to secure nate, yet nothing of it gets ever mentioned in her sob story saga. It just shows how incredibly fake her life is, the things she makes up, and the ones she conveniently leaves out.

No. 180088

haha yes, this is delicious. Nicole keeps silent about the entire situation, although she damn well knows how much she hyped it up beforehand, ebegged for it with fan money involved and has all these pressures to measure up to her self inflicted home saga, just for the entire thing to blow up in her botched face. And she can't even trash Cassie for it online and accuse her of made up nonsense, because Nicole is still after Nate and cant risk anything and she cant talk about her current roommates either or make any form of coherent statement of what the fuck actually happened, because that would out her as the horrendous narc she is. Drama gold.

No. 180091

her fans are left hanging with nothing but confusion and no answers, with empty promises never followed through, weeklong hype that lead to nowhere and priorly lovebombed faces who yet again suddenly vanished out of Nicole's life, never to be mentioned again, just like the money out of the followers pockets with no results to show for. Sounds familiar? It's her entire sorry ass existence in a nutshell.

No. 180094

File: 1635897617315.jpg (347.56 KB, 629x874, Screenshot_20211030-184420_mh1…)

>faces yet again vanished from Nicole's life
She looks so fucking done with Nicole and her clan lol. With everything in general I guess.

No. 180098

File: 1635898751051.jpg (1.04 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_03_01_05_09_mh163589…)

It keeps on baffling me how similar she is to Destery. He is still regularly reminding his following with thin air vagueness that "he has been through so much" and that after all that "he is finally happy and around genuine people", the same exact shit he claims every year anew without ever anything changing despite the faces around him. He never went through hard times, he created hard times for others. He is never happy, neither were the people around him.

Gotta hand it to him though, the way he posts this shit with a straight face in all its blatant irony to his following takes an advanced level of "fuck you guys, you believe any shit I say anyways", this man talks genuine people and shows himself with devil horns and says people dare to doubt him, dressed as Beetlejuice, the freaking underworld con artist. smug asshat knows exactly he is fooling everyone.

And given his audience are the most retarded, antisocial, morally rotten pre-teens imaginable, just look at this flat out selfposting. I bet all these pseudo q&a stories are a 100% all by him, as if anyone of those literal children gives two shits about his creative process or would ever mention he has been through so much. It's so sadly obvious it's laughable.

No. 180099

>to spite the fuckers that dare doubt me
This is almost Onision quality. Yeah, all those traumatized and molested minors and their familys, they dare doubt your integrity, morals and sanity. We doubt your worth to exist.

>spite the fuckers

Like a 13 year old who thinks he is so important anyone besides his mom watching actually cares and invests time "to be spited" by him. No one gives a shit about you dude.

No. 180105

File: 1635902402377.png (163.98 KB, 1080x853, IMG_20211103_021732.png)

my god this bitch is embarassing.

1. A lie.

2. They hate you and want nothing to do with you / You making it sound like it is their fault

3. …to then write this. "I'm psychotic but in cute hihi" just with other words is what this is.

No. 180106

File: 1635902890159.png (1.05 MB, 1023x1277, IMG_20211103_022743.png)

How does she still have friends anyways.

No. 180107

To be fair a breakup of 8-9 years (whatever time they were together roughly) can still be life alerting and "bad" even if it was mutual. i also never remember or saw her ever say it was mutual. to me it seems like she up and left since she basically implied she dipped out ans had nothing?

No. 180108

It was confirmed on Snapchat that cassie decided to stay in Idaho with Nathan instead of moving to California because Nicole didn’t want Nathan living with them after the pedo incident. Idk who would pick a pedo over their friends but that seems shitty on multiple levels(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180110

I don’t get what the vs is here? At least it seems she didn’t photoshop her body since it looks the same in both angels.

No. 180112

File: 1635905598798.jpeg (800.88 KB, 1170x936, 843B1EF3-9CA2-4286-BE48-566EED…)

I mean they both went to the store because it was the first day it was out, that’s why it was similar, or do you know know how to read the post? Everyone was getting it that same day it went out. If anything even as lazy and Nicole is, she has high hands and years in the card market, bao seems to be copying that path after her

No. 180117

The problem with this thread is every time evidence is shared it’s putting Nicole down for something like “she doesn’t have a heart condition because she’s never given a diagnosis” then when she does “she didn’t post paperwork so it’s for pitty”. Or “she’s queer baiting” then dated someone obviously in the lgbtq community labeled them as her partner and says their open with what seems like both genders ya’ll just find new reasons to be mad just for the hell of it.

No. 180118

She's always on the hunt for new friends
When she finds her targets she will love bomb them, get bored, ditches them then the cycle restarts

No. 180153

Next time put all of your butthurt under one reply, and maybe sage.

No. 180154

Anons just gave you a huge posting spree about her friend situation and all you do is samefag unsaged whiteknight nonsense? get out.

Yes, Bao is in skinwalk lite mode, its already been discussed.

Yup, and when you watch over the years what a trainwrack her relationships and friendships are, its no wonder she has to move and switch groups so often. Nobody can stand a narc around for too long.

No. 180156

Interesting lie anon, do you have evidence screenshots to back up your attempt in pulling a 180 on Nicoles relation to Nate?

She painted him as her fucking soulmate and tried to get him for years. No way in hell she turned on him out of the blue, Cassie was the one stopping the move, and as she is groomed to be in major denial about his pedostories, there is also no way in hell she put such a claim on her snapshat. Sage your lying ass and touch grass.

No. 180158

12 year old stan spotted

>every time evidence is posted it puts Nicole down!

Oh no. Who would have seen this causal logic coming. Then maybe she should not constantly produce evidence of being a cow.

No. 180159

Kek woah I didn’t catch that. How the fuck is anon able to claim that? There’s been literally nothing to back that up.

No. 180160

File: 1635940678969.jpeg (91.14 KB, 828x302, 136060E7-43C6-494C-A8AF-634538…)

now this is just a straight up lie lol. a month after the breakup she was making a cake for dennis’ birthday since they were still friends and saying this. But now that she’s desperate for cash (sale on her OF, talking about poverty again) her ex is an evil man who took everything after a nasty breakup.

No. 180161

File: 1635941207827.jpeg (625.67 KB, 828x1500, 4CE93666-4402-4DD2-BFD7-C5730B…)

Jesus, she’s living with 8 other people, read where she says as a combined household. So why is she so thirsty for cash if she has 8 other people splitting the rent?

No. 180164

As I understand it, with "combined household" she means her, Devon, Brendon, Shelby and Connor on one side (her house) combined with the other of Amber, Damian, Kim and Angel (their household). As they originally wanted to move in as four, I think this makes more sense.

No. 180165

Nevertheless, it's 7 more faces she can piss right off in the future kek.

No. 180168

File: 1635947990752.jpeg (85.24 KB, 828x278, 2B7AD57C-D8E6-4456-88A5-42257B…)

Nvm I found the answer, it’s of course for gaming

No. 180228

File: 1635971001403.jpeg (254.16 KB, 828x863, 255AA7AE-1898-476D-A03B-07F9A6…)

I’m not even sure if Nicole is capable of living alone, since she hasn’t done so her entire 26 years of life (almost 27 now). I think even if she could live alone she never will. It’s also weird that she hasn’t been properly single since she was 15 years old

No. 180270

Going to get called a whiteknight, but if both the parties are saying it was mutual and the only person who says it wasn't is some ugly fat cow herself, Darcy, why the fuck would you call it a lie? Clearly the breakup was mutual from what both the parties posted. Darcy and people unrelated are the only ones who say otherwise. It's just bullshit narritive again. Just because you hate Nicole doesn't mean you can disregard actual posts like >>180160 and get mad when you get called out on making up lies about cheating. There's still no proof Nicole fucked Destery. Anons want it to be true all because she took a photo in his bed, not even a racey photo, but because she visited Destery. You can't make up what happened just because it fits your box of what you want Nicole to be.(whiteknighting)

No. 180273

She's not even with them, so why would she be affected by them? Cassie did all of this herself, the same way anons blame Yumi for her own situation. She's a grown ass woman, no one has forced Cassie to do anything. She is smoldering like all thots do because any mouth lines and people are yelling about wrinkles. I'm also pretty sure Cassie still checks in with the thread and probably is massively depressed that anons won't shut up about her and that's why she's hardly posted anywhere anymore aside from when we all started first talking about her. She willingly distanced herself, so if her ass is lonely and sad and her boyfriend isn't enough, kek.

No. 180277

File: 1635987208992.jpeg (245.9 KB, 828x775, 0D151327-F585-47E6-8FE1-10F186…)

Are you retarded? Nicole just called it a bad breakup yesterday and said Dennis took all her shit. Read the thread. Don’t know why you’re sperging about Darcy. Nicole says it’s a mutual friendly breakup when she gets accused of being a cheater to of course make sure nobody thinks she is, and when she’s showing off her poverty home in 2020 she wants to make sure people think her ex left her with nothing after February 2020.

No. 180280

Why did Nicole and Destery carve their initials into a tree? Just friend things right? >>98931

No. 180281

File: 1635987565785.jpeg (50.75 KB, 828x120, E05568C3-31D2-479E-8864-68C1E7…)

>There’s still no proof Nicole fucked Destery
Lol… what? This sounds like someone directly involved with Nicole (or is).. You shittalked Cassie, Darcy (she’s skinnier than Nicole lol) and pretty much any woman who isn’t Nicole, and you definitely do sound like a whiteknight. Read her fucking post on him, she is saying if Destery got rid of her birth control he would get her pregnant. This is enough proof they fucked.

No. 180313

We are not seriously, after 5 threads, tons of evidence created by Nicole and Destery themselves, all the accounts of their friends and exes claiming the same, at a "BuT tHeY nEvEr ChEaTeD!!1" again.

It's astonishing that every other week/month a minion or stan of Nicole has his 5 seconds on the stage here, performing an unqualified, pathetic meltdown that she could not ever possibly be a bad person and that we are just making it up to force some unjustified narrative upon her. In a poor attempt to entirely gaslight the shit tons of proof into nonexistance, there seems no sense of irony in painting us hurtful people, while they support a narc, deny evidence, derail the thread and sound like flat earthers trying to make a point that doesnt exist.

The level of denial is off the charts, please seek help, it's sad to look at.

No. 180314

So fucking obviously a stan, minion or Nicole herself. Dont want a thread on lolcow? Dont associate or be a diabolic person. What a clown.

No. 180331

Funny too because this has been happening ever since the first thread. Now we’re at the 5th and there is still some anon going on and on trying to deny or derail any sort of discussion. Being able to detect a WK is insanely (and embarrassingly) easy in these threads.

No. 180425

>first thread
This shit goes way back.

The Nicole defense team already started their wking antics the second Nicole was mentioned in the Costhots thread. I would not be surprised if Nicole lurks multiple gossip forums considering how fast and frequent the wking posts were coming in for the Costhots thread.

No. 180599

File: 1636148751189.jpeg (200.11 KB, 992x1456, 591A605A-D99D-4B91-AA76-B70789…)

Went back to the initial posts in the costhots thread to see the whiteknighting and this is a goldmine. Even then there were already anons debating on if was Nicole was the WK.

No. 180619

File: 1636162424516.jpeg (310.79 KB, 971x1389, E28B09F7-EDC4-42B0-B2EA-409CD5…)

Samefag, the sperging in /meta/ was also already happening. The dedication is real. Sage for digging up old shit, was really amused by how long and consistently this has gone on now.

No. 180674

For years Nicole and her replaceable friend group has been trying to convince everyone that she’s not a shitty person on top of being a Leda life walker pickme. How is that going guys?

No. 180687

File: 1636216779453.jpeg (181.49 KB, 828x998, 78C7BACA-BD6D-44A4-9337-BCDCBF…)

No. 180694

Wait is this a shitpost? This guy is saying he's """aromantic""" as an excuse for why he's a fuckboy?

And Nicole undermining the confidence of her latest boyfriend as usual by reposting it.

No. 180703

File: 1636222247703.png (231.12 KB, 1440x929, matty em gf2.png)

Samefag who did some quick research with some slight offtopic info related to Nicole's bullshit:

Matty Em has a girlfriend who he lives with (as far as I can tell from a quick survey) and who writes captions about how much she adores him…yet he posts this. These people need some kinda retribution for their bullshit mistreatment of others imo.(derailing)

No. 180704

File: 1636222307317.png (289.52 KB, 1440x1375, matty em gf.png)

Another one

No. 180707

File: 1636222980264.png (493.04 KB, 1440x2046, Matty em gf3.png)

I feel bad for this poor girl, this guy seems even worse(??) than Nicole for her to be posting captions like this and he posts uwu don't try and make my sexual relationships something they aren't
I hate these fuckshit narcissists. Seek therapy instead of pretending you can't love uwu as Nicole also does, as an excuse for being an uncaring little bitch.

No. 180711

Why are you spamming some random man's girlfriend's captions in the Nicole thread..? I get the point you're trying to make but you didn't need to derail this hard kek.

No. 180717

This is exactly what Nicole does to her partners, an anon even found her doing the same shit while she was with the ex (uwu so hard to love) who she now claims left her destitute and broke her heart.
And she has the gall to repost this guy as if this is normal and acceptable behavior.
Since this couple have been together for 5 years and living together too you can tell it never ends. Tolerate a narcissist's bullshit and you get it forever.

No. 180727

This isnt on topic. Take this to some other thread.

No. 180740

yep, these are pathetic narcs who need others suffering, attention and involvement 24/7 while constantly being the one in full control what the narrative of the relationship is (preferably something one sided and highly demeaning for the other) and make even their deficites somehow about them selling themselves as oh so specewl uwu

No. 180741

File: 1636240009313.jpg (Spoiler Image,843.47 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_11_05_17_10_06.jpg)

Sorry for nitpick, but in her recent OF leaks, that she let her subbers wait literal months for, you can witness freshly made nightmarefuel. These gaping fatsacks are the saddest fucking flat flaps, badly lit and without any shape or appeal whatsoever in that unholy trash of a mom suit. I cant believe this is what simps are willing to pay for still. You have more joy putting two coconuts next to each other than watching this sloppy hippo grabbing a handful of grand canyon crinkled cellulite.

No. 180742

File: 1636240352765.jpg (Spoiler Image,734.8 KB, 1000x1778, pt2021_11_05_17_10_58_mh163612…)

and same goes for her tit faking, she won't stop aggresively jiggling around what she can barely cling to, you can see on the forced perspective of her tiny head and the gigantic arm and hand in comparison that her boobs are actually not that much at all, but due to her filming style look likegargantuan wobbly cow udders. That again caused very unfortunate aangles in which her tits just look out of control.

No. 180744

File: 1636240522706.png (Spoiler Image,969.39 KB, 1080x1409, IMG_20211107_001414.png)

Lmao that's a whole lot of saggy sadness, upper arm fat and actual mini tits. The whole phony package, now on discount sale!

No. 180745

how the fuck are her cheeks gaping so far from each other in the first one?! and that deformed hip tho yikes.

I researched for the original video and she just lifts up her hanging flaps to let them drop and it looks horrifying, they have no muscle or structure it's as unsexy as imaginable. Maybe by sharing those FB posts she didnt get what asexual means lol

No. 180752

>highly demeaning for the other
Exactly, well put anon. Nicole has a narrative of healing my broken heart which suggests a redemption which will never come, but posting that guy I think can be sufficiently read into. It's demeaning to describe your live-in girlfriend of 5 years as "only for sex" while she posts similarly lengthy lovebomby captions as Dennis did when Nicole was serving the same shit. Keep people down and begging for more while you hold all the control, and even try and pretend it makes you special with bullshit labels like "aromantic"

No. 180787

That shouldn't come as a surprise, every person on the planet that lives with a partner having NPD knows exactly this bullshit is always the same. They must be unique and center stage (while in reality they are just mentally ill) and you must be begging for more and applauding the uttmost minimal bones you are occasionally thrown as if your partner not abusing you for two seconds makes him Shakespeare himself. If you don't comply to that performance they will destroy your life, so as you see, they never give a choice between good outcome, bad outcame for you, it's bad outcome, worse outcome, your choice.

No. 180788

File: 1636272399135.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1283, IMG_20211107_085107.png)

This bitch just never knows when to stop, yet again she threw her hard earned cash at the next big scammy nonsense which is that investor sought metazoo trash. God knows how much she spend on those boxes (I do this to support my family hihi!) and the fact she was immediately knees deep into the franchise is for me just another indicator she gives a rats ass about the game being a vague Pokemon rip off and is just in for the money. This is the fucking crypto of cardgames, with a cult like community and all sorts of shady bullshit going on with the founders. Guess Nicole fits right in.

No. 180789

File: 1636272446974.jpg (1.63 MB, 1000x5651, pt2021_11_07_08_50_15.jpg)

Just a few impressions you find quickly across boards kek.

No. 180791

File: 1636273365940.jpg (528.1 KB, 1051x1080, pt2021_11_07_09_21_10.jpg)

It's so fucking funny how all those raging stans who saw their money evaporate try to justify this obvious bullshit attempt to ride pokemon's dick in order to brcome famous kek. Glad people call them out.

No. 180803

One of the reasons people like the original Pokemon cards (alongside all factors listed in the screenshot) is the attractive artwork…This seems like the nft of card games with similarly awful art.

No. 180818

No different from Webkinz, just cards. Its like when people started collecting Digimon cards when it was obviously a pokemon card ripoff then too. Men are embarrassing about gatekeeping this shit

No. 180899

File: 1636334351477.jpg (831.67 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_11_08_02_12_07_mr163633…)

Lmao I just love that the nose is just fucking completely gone now, like who'd even notice right? Multiple thousands of dollars in fillers later and that face keeps blurring into mass-filter-nirvana until one day her onlyfans subs just pay for monthly updates from a photographed smudge tool.

No. 180900

File: 1636334697579.jpg (652.54 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_08_02_13_17.jpg)

That face, I mean WTF. Grain, blur, smudge, and filtered, as if someone slapped fake lashes on an AOL dial up internet connection.(nitpicking)

No. 180903

>heavy nose contour makeup
>multiple filters
>dermal nose filler
All that work just to cover up that snoze

No. 180916

The complex she has about her nose is depressing. At this point I doubt even a nose job would help her.

Reported for nitpicking when it’s only been 4 hours, I wonder who’s lurking today kek

No. 180925

The only posts that really get Nicole-chan riled up are the ones about her appearance, specifically face. The level of filtration she goes through speaks for itself, there's not even an ugly chick under there, I think it's just a factor of the narcissism need for adoration. She has to create a persona to adore even if it's all poorly cobbled together lies and video filters.

No. 181050

It is nitpicking. Saging it doesn't change that.

No. 181063

File: 1636422640458.jpeg (223.87 KB, 1242x985, 6C907ABD-79B0-40D1-A626-263B23…)

Nicole going on another self righteous word salad esque speech about change, what a surprise.

>I thrive in the past

That’s one way to put it I guess.

No. 181065

File: 1636422937768.jpeg (292.27 KB, 828x759, 50AB08E7-5391-4FA9-A1BE-942FE6…)

Yeah that’s a retarded sentence, isn’t her whole personality and online presence about nostalgia and #nostalgiaaddict?

No. 181072

I don't think she's talking about nostalgia. She's talking about herself, not her hobbies. There is a difference.

No. 181078

She is talking about nostalgia dumbass, she’s saying she thrives in the past.

No. 181079

I mean that her hobbies and what she's interested in aren't related to what she is talking about. You're adding way too much extra into it. She's talking about not dwelling on herself and her past self. Being into nostalgic stuff isn't the same as wanting to progress as a person.

No. 181080

Trading card addict is not enough to describe it with how much money she’s wasted buying them. How can you confidently show you spend over 1k on this shit, yet simultaneously ask for handouts for whatever poor me situation you can milk. She really does thrive in the past, because she can’t for the life of her man the hell up and grow up from the irresponsibility she always ends up showing. All talk, no action. She should stop with the redundant tweeting claiming she’s gonna change for the 100th time and just do it already.

No. 181104

File: 1636440919488.jpeg (663.53 KB, 828x1369, 4BD05DD4-6F8E-4A37-B9AB-DB59C2…)

Imagine quote tweeting your friend posting photos of yourself crying and then trying to reassure your followers you don’t regularly take photos of yourself crying. What even. She said the photos aren’t even from January so it isn’t even relevant to the trend. She just wanted an excuse to post herself crying lol

No. 181105

File: 1636440948890.jpeg (167.14 KB, 828x582, 49FC897E-8A9D-4388-9338-7DFCCF…)

No. 181114

Considering seeing how she once showed how she had her photoroll with back to back selfies there's no way she doesn't. She says it's a year apart but she's wearing the same shirt… Lol

>I took them for my friend!
I kinda get it, but also this feels like another narc thing for her. Another way to tug at the heartstrings of her friends. Assuming she took this on snapchat since it's the usual filters, why would she save that in the first place if she's just sending it to a friend? Awkward.

No. 181115

Her Tweets always read like an illiterate boomer trying to be verbose, with only the faintest idea what the words she's using actually mean.

No. 181118

It's like she got out a thesaurus to search for words to make herself sound more intelligent. "Learning acceptance and indulgence in reality" makes her sound like she's been delusional.

No. 181125

Kek, that's my favourite part along with
>It's not keen to progress
>I am the predecessor of my past
This isn't even pseudo intellectual, it's just straight up retarded.

No. 181226

File: 1636506657979.jpeg (207.34 KB, 828x1613, E2FF3B14-6858-4C64-A1A8-E9C4AA…)

Sage for Cassie but more evidence of her doing damage control on a random TikTok about Leda.

No. 181238

It’s so so creepy for her to speak on behalf of Leda as if her boyfriend is going to tell her he abused a minor. Cassie denying gross things Nate did a decade ago is like “source: trust me bro”

No. 181276

It's fucked up that she's capable of, in good conscious, lurk all over to defend her ~knight in shining armor~. She's in such denial that she wants to extend that denial to every girl who even insinuates they're a victim of his grooming. Especially when Leda is mentioned. If I remember correctly Nate left Leda in the middle of the night with nothing but a note. Imagine denying someone you idolized their own personal experiences. Cassie (or Nicole for that matter) doesn't decide that no matter how hard she wants to justify or defend it.

No. 181392

Nicole is like Belle they both google random big words to sound smart, in reality they just come off as /r/iamverysmart kek

No. 181404

We get it Narcole likes to play being deep using big words like every other Emo. I can infer Narcole is somewhat aware of how delusional she is from what she wrote. That is not going to solve anything Narcs are aware of being narcs most of the time. They still exacerbate their narcissism

I have a feeling Leda will never give out the full details on that note. Does she still have some attachment to Nate ? I have not heard her comment on this mess.

No. 181410

There's no reason she has to release the note anyway. Most people don't broadcast that kind of thing, it's just people looking from the outside who are snoopy. Doesn't mean she has an attatchment. It's called keeping things private.

No. 181415

No, you misunderstand I did not mean not disclosing the note points to an attachment. I meant the fact she is not giving her thoughts on Nate's grooming. That is what I considered a sign of attachment. But that's nothing to go on just a fruit for thought until Leda says something.

No. 181418

She's been not with him for so long and there's no reason for her to comment on it. It's his problem. Hardly anyone but lolcow links him to Leda, so why would she put herself out in the open to be criticized? You know people would complain that she should've known and all this stuff like anyone who has been found out to have been dating someone who interacts with kids like that. She's doing the smart thing by keeping her face shut.

No. 181424

>She's doing the smart thing by keeping her face shut.
This. Her fan base would jump on her for more details and questions the moment she did. With how stressed she would seemingly get being online it’s no wonder she stays away in general. That’s another smart move on her part imo.

No. 181426

>Hardly anyone but lolcow links him to Leda
Nta but he links himself to Leda when he talked about her in his Twitter apology and said he spoke to her recently and she’s apparently okay with their past relationship. He’s speaking on behalf of her so of fucking course people are curious what the actual victim has to say

No. 181433

Him bringing her up doesn't suddenly mean it's her business what he did with other girls. There's zero reason he should've mentioned her too. He shoehorned her in, that doesn't mean she needs to make any statements.

No. 181434

The age gap was 4 years. That is beyond the legal dating gap . You sound like Cassie

I am sorry for starting thing with this I forgot how fanatical Leda fans are

No. 181436

An age gap of 4 years isn't as extreme or as outrageous as you think it is in regards to dating within your age range. It's problematic, but that doesn't make her a victim when it wasn't that type of relationship. They were friends before they even started dating and it matured, online, for everyone to see. It was publicly shown how they're relationship evolved and they even broke up mutually too. His grooming of women online isn't the same as his IRL relationship with Leda.

No. 181439

The gap in many state allows for three years. Including California where Leda resides. Oh so a 19 year old dating a 15 year old is not weird. That is just an example. I do not remember when they started dating but I made my point. And Leda was underage.

No. 181440

She was underage, but so was he when they were hanging out. Like I said, their relationship was publicly displayed in how it changed. That happens and it happens a lot to a lot of people, without the intent of pedophilia. You can't logically compare his relationship with Leda to the way he was actually trying to groom people when he was even older after he broke up with Leda.

No. 181441

Just to add, an example of this is someone who got held back, a senior is 18 [turning 19 after graduation] and he's dating someone who is a sophomore, who is 15. This is so common around that age range.

No. 181450

I'm not defending it. I'm pointing out what happened.

No. 181451

What kind of logic is that. I doubt Leda wants to bring up old memories that likely have some negativity attached. Just because people are curious doesn’t mean she has to speak out. She’s a popular figure online and it would cause her more trouble than it’s worth. The facts are there, she doesn’t need to spill details if she doesn’t want to.

Yeah, gotta clear the air, right? Totally not obvious you’re camping out in this thread replying to deleted posts.

No. 181456

File: 1636615017020.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, 7B3F5717-EFC9-46A3-89EC-5264FA…)

I took photos of the deleted posts. I actually deleted one to make corrections, but I put it back up. I do not understand why this person is defending Nate so much. I speculate it might be Cassie. Here is an image of deleted post. And this was when I started suspecting

No. 181457

Since they’re going into such detail on what counts as grooming and abuse, it’d be a good guess it’s Cassie. She clearly scours all over the web to counter comments, and she tweeted a lot trying to clarify what accounts for grooming, and what doesn’t.(hi cow)

No. 181458

File: 1636615908381.jpeg (481.77 KB, 1242x1992, 47D62535-C300-46F4-B918-3F5F05…)

Samefagging. Had to find that screenshot in a past thread since she deleted her Twitter. (I wonder why?)
>I would like to educate everyone who likes to call my boyfriend a groomer
So tone deaf and insulting.

No. 181460

I have tabs open that I don't close. Why would I refresh before replying to an update?

Not Cassie and not the only anon posting ITT.

No. 181464

I am just responding back. I am the person who sent the picture of the deleted post. This thread is compromised if this is the case. She is going to derail discussions on herself and Nate

The deleted photo is enough to suspect it is Cassie. Was that yours ?

No. 181465

I didn't even post any photos.

No. 181466

No I posted the photo of the comment I suspect is hers

See look. Did you write what is on the photo

No. 181467

You have a tab open to keep an eye on this thread and are quick to reply to new posts particularly to explain why anons got it wrong. Kinda campy anon kek.

No. 181468

I have multiple tabs open for threads all over lolcow. You're being paranoid for no reason. This isn't some new concept for a lot of farmers.

No. 181567

File: 1636662146011.jpeg (251.39 KB, 561x1085, 28CB2AFE-EC28-4A07-82F1-695A8F…)

Pretty chunky compared to Connor. Is this why her OF is just closeups of her tits or sucking in her stomach? Lol.

No. 181588

For years she has been fooling everyone into thinking she’s skinny. Back in ‘15-‘18 she lied about suffering from an eating disorder and she would make anachan posts such as bodychecking telling people she’s underweight. She totally did this to seem more like Leda

No. 181598

File: 1636676245098.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1701, IMG_20211112_011429.png)

Just wanted to upload this, it's hilarious how fat she got again while still deliberately trying to fool her audience into her anachan BS. Her OF/Insta is miles away from her current tagged pictures.

We already established Cassie is a typical enabler and abuse bystander that is conditioned to be tone deaf to these situations. If she thinks she has the right to talk behalf the victims, talk behalf the groomer, talk behalf a mental health professional and talk behalf a qualified instance explaining what grooming is, how the fuck then can you still take her seriously? We left "inappropriate" a long time ago, this is just flat out psychotic and disgusting, nothing more to discuss about this naive lowlife.

Connor just posted his streaming Setup, the same exact setup Nicole has been sperging months about to not having access to and does not possess such a thing and now this. She could have created all along, but decided on bullshit excuses in which he rather blamed Dennis again for taking all her imaginary shit.

No. 181599

File: 1636676952334.jpg (900.96 KB, 1778x1000, pt2021_11_12_01_22_46.jpg)

>If she thinks she has the right to talk behalf the victims, talk behalf the groomer, talk behalf a mental health professional and talk behalf a qualified instance explaining what grooming is, how the fuck then can you still take her seriously?
Her level of denial and gross intrusive babbling about delicate matters that are non of her fucking business, is astonishing. no shame in invalidating, dismissing and gaslighting people who went through experiences she knows nothing of, instead of understanding she is in a position in which her only legitimate contribution should be to shut the fuck up.

Kek, I see that Nicole passed Destery's sweater onto Connor. What an absolutely thoughtful and not highly toxic and unempathetic thing to do.

No. 181600

He is wearing her jacket, her hoodie and her mascara lmao. Nicole looks massive next to him, I thought she was skinny based on her recent photos. Guess this is why she is not streaming, but instead feeds us the "my ex stole all my stuff" nonsense. I was already wondering why she didnt pull her usual slut costume on halloween, but went in this chunky astronaut suit.

No. 181601

Can you stop derailing the thread with shit about Cassie and Leda, that remains nothing but speculation anyways? Leda is out the picture and Cassie a piece of shit, we already been there. Back to Nicole. Her weight lie and hoodie passing is golden again.

No. 181605

File: 1636679484386.jpg (265.1 KB, 934x379, pt2021_11_12_01_52_00_mh163667…)

This dude is living with Nicole and posted some fake poll on his insta that likely no one gave a shit about and he which would have done either way, no matter the votes. He then proceeded to make an attempt at shitty music, which still nobody cared about as his poll was just a wannabe popularity-signaling anyways. Then he quickly runs out of his 5 minutes of creativity and basically requests interest from his followers through yet another question that is likely not answered, just to throw everything away and claim a mental health hiatus, because he has a break down over his bloated irrelevance bubble, he himself made burst. If this is not textbook Nicole-senpai he learned from, I don't know what is.

These screens only have a couple of weeks/days between them.

It's like watching a reoccuring comedy-show, if you play attention to the kind of people Nicole likes to surround herself with. How everything slowly but surely goes to shit for them if they remain close to her and that you can repeatedly witness their overhyped self-importance fail, as much as she fails. It's all talk and make believe and nothing really ever to show for.

No. 181612

That is yesterday's news me and and another person were suspecting Cassie was lurking on the thread. We were waiting for an explanation they never did. Discussing Cassie is not derailment she is a discussion topic along with anyone with recent association with Nicole. Geez Nicole lied about her weight again stop the presses. I will stop but look at the pic and read what it is in it thoroughly. Read the part of the thread you consider derailing someone started defending Nate and Leda's relationship despite it being illegal we suspect it was Cassie.

And this person is not a cow for agreeing with me.

This is my evidence that she was on the thread it is a deleted comment. if Nicole can lurk Cassie can lurk too

These numbers below I suspect is Cassie samefagging.

No. 181618

Can you stop hi cowing for one day?

No. 181642

we get it anon, now touch some fucking grass please.

yikes, this is really representative. They all gonna try making their career on twitch now, wanna bet? While sharing a nice bowl of meds in this household.

It's mindblowing that any person coming close to Nicole in shortest time starts to take medication and needs to go to therapy.

No. 181643

omg you are right, this hoodie has seen some shit by now… who wouldn't love wearing their girlfriends cheating ex's sweat on them?

embarassing, but eh, we know her targetgroup. She thrives on having people fail around her so she feels accomplished about herself…

No. 181679

File: 1636727449312.jpg (1.23 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_11_12_15_26_32.jpg)

lmao yeah, but the people she surrounds herself with are the lowest hanging fruit of society anyways. Rotten to the core kids with too much money and very little braincells is what's right up her alley, who else would be more suitable to pull all the negative focus away from her constant failure and drama, if not a circle of attention driven minions willingly humiliating themselves for a quick fix of vapid attention? They are wasteful, vulgar and abusive mirrors.

No. 181680

> the people she surrounds herself with are the lowest hanging fruit of society
Because she’s exactly the same

No. 181682

lol this is embarrassing
>what should I make guys
>I'm taking a mental health break

They really think they're celebrities despite being nobodies. The times of being able to get attention simply by being passable looking and online are over, it isn't gonna happen guis

No. 181696

It's so symptomatic for these ignorant, aged teens who freshly moved to LA on their low tier OF spare change, thinking they are the next big thing after Beyoncé, while the only charisma and skill they have to offer is sitting on their fat, starbucks fueled asses streaming their filler botched snouts on twitch for 50 scrotes pain resistant enough to endure the unoriginal bullshit. No popular brandclothes, excessive collectable spending, disfiguring surgery or cloutchasing sleeping around will ever change the fact how completely and permanently irrelevant they are to the world. Nobody gives a shit about narcs only existing for their delusional selfimage.

No. 181702

Pretty sure they are just looking for attention like the kids on Tiktok, not Beyonce type fame or popularity. The girls want the Dixie D popularity and these guys desperately want to be their version of whatever House is popular for these incel douchbags

No. 181801

I obviously didn't mean Beyonce literally, but as a figure of speech of them thinking they are way more important and popular than they actually are and ever will be. And that there are no looks, talents, skills or charisma to actually back up how they see themselves. But then again, not really something new to the LA area.

No. 181804

File: 1636754430259.png (719.54 KB, 1080x1491, IMG_20211112_230022.png)

lmao at that dead pan lurking.

No. 181988

The way she "imprints" on everyone close to her is so beyond creepy.

No. 182293

File: 1636956288348.jpeg (219.58 KB, 828x705, 6B68CFE0-172D-4616-AD6E-9E5675…)

Nicole is a crazy bitch confirmed. I thought she was just being aesthetic talking about zodiac signs constantly but she actually things if you’re born in a certain month you’re overly judgmental, cliquey, and intense as fuck.
Her entire twitter is shitposts about being afraid of cliques, when she probably makes other girls feel the same way about her and her nerd group.

No. 182294

File: 1636956660544.jpeg (241.59 KB, 828x750, B2A3FCA0-FB54-436B-B092-5144E3…)

Also ass patting her own star sign at the end there lol. The master manipulator thing is a good description for her as a person though. She’s still retarded for being all “stars and rocks control my opinions” and then doing exactly that lol

No. 182328

Do they know how deranged this sounds to people not interested in magic rocks and starsigns?
She sounds like a deranged boomer every time she tries to be deep or sensitive. Meanwhile anons ITT know exactly how far her manipulation goes, down to using Dawn's account to lurk on ex-friends, and lending clothes strategically to friends and partners which we see change hands like thus >>181599
She's currently on some uwu sensitive kick with these crying photos too >>181104
Maybe someone irl called her out or she has a new target she's putting an act on for.

No. 182361

Regardless of Nicole, anyone who believes in this horoscope shit is literally a part of a cult, the same with moon phases and Gatorade and rocks. She sounds stupid, but anyone who likes this shit does.

She doesn't sound deranged. She sounds like she doesn't want the stereotypes people made up about horoscopes to apply to her which isn't exactly wrong considering most of it is generalized bullshit that people make up for the different signs.

No. 182365

You still believe anything Dawn says? Kek Anons have pointed out multiple times how she refuses to back up even her own lies, interacting with a cow and then taking what she says at face value is funny

No. 182397

The fuck are you talking about? Dawn has never spoken to any anons here

No. 182398

File: 1637013262383.jpg (867.8 KB, 1000x1781, pt2021_11_15_22_45_04.jpg)

Smudge tool and delusion are well and alive. The strategic stretching wont stop greenpeace from throwing you back in the ocean, Nicole.

Oh come on, Nicole's blatant cherry picking just attaches bad traits to every other sign while applauding herself - openly and deliberately - for being a mastermanipulator and having almost magic like influence over others: which described the exact same thing, power over her environment, just with one having bad connotations attached to it, and the other good.

"From my understanding" every fucking view in the world is only counted if it's your understanding, Nicole. These self gloryfying and outsider shading zodiacposts (claimed as if it's fact) reflect such pathetic delusion that we reach Onision territory here. She is one of the worst cliquey, cult leader types possible (narcissists thrive on this shit, gotta be the center spider in the web at all times) and claims how scorpios are horrible for the same thing smh.

No. 182400

Uhm sorry, take a look at these texts and tell me she is not completely drunk on a powertrip right now. She is not even trying to uwu her way out of it. Wonder if something happened. Maybe she secured a new target or has to overcompensate for her exposed fatso condition.

No. 182402

>She sounds like she doesn't want the stereotypes people made up about horoscopes to apply to her
And then continues to apply all the good powerdriven maniac stuff to herself in the same breath? Doesnt make sense, she is just insane and now tries to paint her personality mighty and specewl through spiritual make believe, after factual people can easily disprove her kindness act that dropped in 2015. Pulling out the big guns now, if people say I'm trash, gotta draw back on stones, sky and god!

No. 182403

So basically "I'm a piece of shit because of my star sign"

No. 182404

LMAO this looks exactly like her pictures from 2017/18 were she used to photoshop herself 10 pounds lighter, before she dunked the act by letting Destery upload that vlog.

I think rather she tells others they are shit because of their sign, while she is great because of her sign. Sandbox narc'ing level .

No. 182407

Kek true. She always needs to have the superiority.

No. 182408

Lmao is this some sort of freudian slip?

No. 182411

Someone's eithsr very confused or outing themselves. An anon spoke to Darcy Nycole (Connor's hotter ex-gf), Dawn is Nicole Eevee's longtime friend and general downtrodden sidekick over the years.

No. 182418

>peaceful beacons with an abundance of insight
someone build a statue of her real quick.

>i'm never remorseful, invincible to all blame
She might never let the narcissist shown as much as with these posts, bitch needs to chill.

No. 182433

Only if she put this much effort into her porn..

No. 182812

File: 1637107668592.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1468, IMG_20211117_005633.png)

Adding to >>181598
>Dennis took all my shit
>Cant stream because dont have setup
>spend thousands on weebshit and fillers but to poor to buy pc and mic
Meanwhile Connor:

Everyone knows Nicole is not streaming because she is a self-cautious, boring as fuck fatso with a crippling ego that explodes as soon as she will get the first live hatecomment. She cant properly filter on stream too, only in phone video and pictures. Which we saw already when Cassie broadcasted Nicole's hideous 5head on Twitch.

Connor has a whopping 12 followers and 3 people watching his stream, so, so much for their LA fame. But at least he didnt promise this shit for 5 years just to bail out with bullshit excuses, because he wants to hide the fact he's an obese bore wearing pants 3 sizes too small like her. Well ok, he does. But his ain't hippochunks like hers.

No. 182813

>Meanwhile Connor
Her bf, in the same house, providing an entire setup, while Nicole sits on her elephant ass next door that is.

No. 182849

Why did you censor his public profile?

No. 182881

Replying to myself, but you're subscribed to him. That is a filled in heart.

No. 182905

File: 1637140546785.jpeg (412.35 KB, 1800x1800, 684E28AE-8367-4F96-A2C9-74239E…)

Nicole’s tiktok is as degen and cringe as ever.

No. 182925

She did a lot more than show nip, but don't let the truth get in the way of whatever this is you're doing Nicole! She's just so internet addled she thinks posting porn is normal, the imaginary quoted people are right.

No. 182997

She's not referring to this moment specifically as this tiktok goes up, she has done more than that, that's just how that tiktok trend works.

No. 182998

Should be easy for him to figure out who is stalking his Twitch considering you follow him. If you unfollow now, it'll make it even more clear.

No. 183020

The second one has big momokun energy and I'm guessing it's from the filler

No. 183102

Lol I hope he finds out who you are and tells their whole group lol

No. 183108

>that's just how that tiktok trend works.
Ah yes, nothing like bitches failing to mention they used to hate on sex workers and say they love themselves with their clothes on and make an honest living. And now resorting to discounts while being too insecure and fat to actually post more than closeups of her boobs.

No. 183112

Can we get a collage of this alongside all of the numerous posts of her humble bragging that she doesn't need to take her clothes off for $? It's good that she can joke about it at least, because she is a joke herself.

If only I had a nickle for every comment saying "No, Nicole meant this"

No. 183113

>hope he finds out who you are
hope you realize this makes you sound like a piece of shit, anon.

The censored parts are in my native language, which is pretty specific so I wouldnt feel chill posting that here. I do not follow Connor, nor do I have a twitch account, he yesterday had this direct link posted in his instagram story, which led to the site as you see it in the screenshot. No idea why you think I'm following or "hearting" anything, wtf?

No. 183115

that anon is just retarded, if you go now on twitch.tv/umbrecon you can see the heart has very thick lines, so its not filled necessarily. He has 15 followers by now, 3 more relatives who pity participate I guess.

What exactly is she trying to prove with this? Achieve comedy off people genuinly exposing her flakyness? What a fucking idiot.

No. 183116

Not just a piece of shit and retarded, but overly paranoid. How dare an anon post Connor's twitch here!!! Kek

No. 183118

I think its funny how you can see her roles squeeze out on the left and how bad the filler looks on the right. Of course she posted this on her tiktok, as she knows exactly most of her "you lied, bitch" comments are on instagram, where of course, she didnt have anything to say. Tiktok is her youngest following, they wouldnt even know what OF is. She is such a backhand-complaint coward… let me whine about something I brought upon myself, but not to the original audience…

No. 183120

Sounds like Team Nicole in this thread weirding it up as usual, it wouldn't matter if you followed that account anyway. The point (you were obviously making) is he has as many followers and viewers as any starter Twitch channel e.g. barely any.

No. 183121

File: 1637193049241.jpg (775.07 KB, 1080x1654, Screenshot_20211118-004335_mh1…)

>wears her clothes all the time
>streams on twitch
>collects tcg and pokémerch
>is skinny and dyed red
>now registered to go on a yugioh turnament
Could it be Connor is living the life Nicole actually wanted or bragged about to attempt? Lmao never saw a man do her skinwalk so far.

(pic from his current story)

No. 183123

File: 1637193154837.jpeg (485.09 KB, 1800x1800, 405506FD-F36C-4986-A0FC-B24E14…)

Is she stupid? She did look a million times better in 2017-2018 and fucked up her face with fillers and surgery. Her tastes have definitely changed and she can’t lie about tht, she went from looking actually cute to like a botched blow-up sex doll in its thirties.

No. 183124

File: 1637193363508.jpeg (341.41 KB, 828x1313, EE75F5CD-57CA-49EB-8C36-D7981C…)

She is defensive as fuck now, her personality is getting more and more irritating than Mikan

No. 183125

File: 1637193471474.jpg (530 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_18_00_53_31.jpg)

dont be fooled, even back then she was massively filtered and photoshoped every single piece of content she created (including your example) its just that now with the fillers and aging it becomes more difficult for her to hide how unattractive she actually looks like. Which she always did, but of course is easier to blur and smudge away if you dont have to correct dodgy fillers on top.

She uses animals as props again, collecting uwu points to counter her witch tantrum on tiktok. That nose to eye makeup ratio makes her look like a marsian…anyways yes, agree to the blowup doll look, but that is her unchanged new aesthetic for OF I guess.

No. 183127

I love how narcs interaction online is always one of the three
>Im the center of the universe and dont give a fuck about jelly haterz
>Lets get unnecessarily defensive to justify rolling eyes at strangers or make them feel bad for having legitimate remarks while talking as much about myself as possible
>Dead silence in the face of people exposing the truth/calling out

No. 183128

Her pictures do no justice to her actual appearance. Thanks to the anon who uploaded this btw, it aged perfectly.

No. 183129

File: 1637194285844.jpg (1.04 MB, 1000x3512, pt2021_11_18_01_09_23.jpg)

lmao at that simp changing his answers…people seem to catch on and her excuses are hilarious, no Nicole, you dont just "do more" you in fact do less or as little as ever, truth is you went from shooped fairy princess to botched OF blowup succubus. And the simp is right, that edit looks total shit kek.

No. 183130

man, seeing this from an empathic point of view, this is every girlfriends nightmare to have a thot sperge over your boyfriend like that, it's so disrespectful and manipulative that it hurts to watch that. At least all three involved are bad people anyways. But I can't be mad at Connor losing it in the back and Cassie looking uncomfortable af with Nicoles narcissistic triangulation speech.

No. 183133

File: 1637195167953.jpeg (275.8 KB, 828x1396, 69A8E8B5-F25A-4020-8490-30D9CA…)

Lol Nicole doesn’t ever think about her friends, also apparently Cassie got covid, Nicole probably didn’t message her once asking if she’s okay kek

No. 183134

File: 1637195741248.jpg (692.15 KB, 1600x1200, 1637195199465_pt2021_11_18_01_…)

What a fascinating society we live in, where people talk about strangers preferances of their genitals and then casually go woops, have covid, hihi! the next post…

Had to make a progress comp of Cassies bodylanguage, you cant make this shit up lmao. You can tell she cant believe Nicole said all that bullshit. Especially after Cassie moves her out of the frame and she keeps going on with her "best person ever, EVER…eVeR" like an obsessed lunatic.

Inappropriate doesnt cut it, Nicole knew so obviously how impossible she was being with that behavior, maybe Cassie already thought back then "I aint never moving in with that homewrecker". Yeah, Nicole chose a whiny faggatron as her BF, but I understand how pissed Connor was in the video reacting to such a blatant humiliation. What a releaf she lets us know on every second instapost how perfectly happy they are despite the 3000 red flags.

No. 183135

That's not a real before and after, anon

No. 183136

Their reactions say it all. Connor almost sounds like he's used to it by that point. But having the balls to say "omg ur boyfriend is the best person i've ever met in muh entire life, the wisest person i've ever known!! it's like telepathy!!!" around not only your own boyfriend but the girlfriend of the guy you're talking about shows just how high on the pedestal she puts herself.

I love how passive aggressive Connor sounds. "FUCK YOU is what I have to say" … "Not you, the chat"

Shut up lol

No. 183139

Nicole doesn’t see her friends as friends, that’s why

No. 183142

File: 1637196785707.png (2.38 MB, 1080x1537, IMG_20211118_015216.png)

There are also these fake ass fanaccounts that magically appeared out of nowhere after Nicole got her fillers, uploading only her newest stuff (including eevee at the front of the username, not nicole) and seriously tagging the filtered edits as "pretty and natural" and other cringe lines alike. No idea why she'd put out such painfully obvious overcompensation while thinking even one single person buys that these filler-who-me?-campaigns are not all posted by herself.

No. 183145

never said it is and it obviously isnt, it's two angles from the same current instastory, dumbass. It showcases her ridiculously shrunken shnozzle.

and not only did nicole sperge about him like crazy, hurting and offending two people close in the process, in the statement Nate released about his pedo antics, he did mention a great deal about having been interested in dating Nicole, but didnt mention with one word he had Cassie. Gasoline to the fire, I assume.

No. 183148

Kek Narcole is back to fake posting for herself. She has too much time on her hands

No. 183168

File: 1637203637067.jpeg (252.71 KB, 828x1323, A97A801C-715C-49C5-B517-F62781…)

Is that pic Nicole’s most recent sock puppet upload? I checked the account just now and it doesn’t have that pic

No. 183169

Some are from Facebook

No. 183193

It does have that picture, just scroll down?

No. 183300

I highly doubt she's running these accounts

No. 183390

I wouldnt be surprised if she did though, she used to in the past, all that insta, facebook and reddit posting was all basically her and Dawn.

No. 183400

Sorry but your doubt means nothing when there have been hundreds of accounts for her in 2015 when she was a nobody. lol

No. 183401

File: 1637278936476.jpeg (299.01 KB, 828x761, C0B32496-E00C-4757-9B50-808466…)

Connor must love seeing these and feeling even more pressured to dress like a twink.

No. 183475

Most of the questions lean towards female if you say any kind of submissive or answer liking smooth skin.

No. 183485

File: 1637291262135.jpeg (43.28 KB, 828x120, 2664F523-FB78-4FEC-8CD2-2CB412…)

Nah don’t make excuses for her. She has tweeted that she physically prefers women multiple times while turning her boyfriend into a twink and making him look more feminine. Also she’s bullshitting about preferring anyone with a comfortable soul sexually and as a partner since she used to shoop her ex to the extreme to look like a skinny anime boy. Full of shit lol

No. 183497

He doesn't look like a twink though. He looks like every scene skater wannabe.

No. 183506

They mean the question in the quiz, retard, and why it's leaning feminine.

No. 183522

File: 1637302455388.jpeg (47.33 KB, 828x246, 4C1CBA63-6125-458E-8F39-827E33…)

Retard, the question isn’t just “smooth skin” it’s also feminine clothing. >>183475

No. 183534

Point still stands. There's not many male vs female questions. There's like 6 in total out of 27.

No. 183538

You haven’t read the first thread have ya? It’s not doubtful at all.

No. 183540

I wonder what she is trying to achieve with these continuous bullshit posts about her sexuality, her preferances, her attraction, her queerbaiting, her orientation, her identification and other very private info nobody asked for. and which everyone, including family, friends and coworkers get shoved in their face every other day. Maybe she tries to aggressively signal some lies to all her simps, who desperately try to fit that impossible set of preferences, end up realising they can't, and instrad imgrate to her OF to get their piece of chubster ass anyways from her.

No. 183541

given how fucking unattractive Narcole is inside out, it makes sense for common business practice to vigorously remind her followers about her sexuality and to be forcefully seen in a sexual way for her plummeting OF base.

No. 183607

Isn't that basic marketing for a thot, talk about sex and your sexuality all the time?

No. 183625

God I hate how you are such an obvious anon kek

No. 183662

File: 1637370353255.png (412.64 KB, 1080x503, IMG_20211120_015828.png)

>Publicly shames a sexworker
>Controlls the entire clique
>Religiously updates her 0.1% Top OF-creators
>Flaunts her collection every chance she gets
>Has a history of stealing taken men
>Makes bitchy remarks about her overweight friends looks
>Leaves "friends" hanging for replies once she finds people with more clout
>Sperges about her zodiac while trashtalking the rest
>Posts this:

You are the superiority complex personified, bitch.

No. 183674

File: 1637375976535.jpeg (334.35 KB, 1800x1800, CF78D7E5-965D-4548-B61D-0E9A35…)

“I’m not like other girls, I destroy my expensive figures!1!1”
She’s worse than a small child.

No. 183692

>expensive figure
>begs for money because she doesn’t have enough to fix her car, etc
Make it make sense

No. 183695

File: 1637393959491.jpeg (252.5 KB, 828x420, 28CD20FB-112B-469A-8DD0-AD280D…)

You would think she would have more respect for expensive gifts people give her.

No. 183700

File: 1637400660603.jpeg (321.84 KB, 1011x1800, FC1B357C-F0AA-4088-9454-C84124…)

Embarrassing. Her photographer just uploaded the unedited photo from her shoot and I had no idea she edited her mole out. I thought she kept going on rants about how much she loves that mole? Lol. Also the body warping is embarrassing too.

No. 183701

File: 1637400726729.jpeg (522.25 KB, 1800x1800, 13FE89C8-9DAD-4ED0-B558-B40E2E…)

No. 183703

File: 1637400986973.jpeg (337.69 KB, 1201x1527, EEFD5EB8-0A76-4081-9704-12D065…)

No. 183704

File: 1637402153163.jpeg (302.92 KB, 1800x1028, CF8D1E79-8933-499E-A85B-E99DE7…)

Sorry, last one as part of the photo spam. I’m dying of laughter that she even shooped in part of a leaf to look like she has a thigh gap and that there’s space between her legs. It’s hard to image a grown ass woman obsessing over the need to emulate a thigh gap. Inb4 Nicole army says this is just a cute little edit!1’ totally didn’t mean to be a thigh gap1!!1 she literally forces them in pictures and tries so hard to make sure her thighs aren’t touching. Lol(sage )

No. 183712

And that brings us right back verifying what anons kept saying - she shoops around 10-15 pounds of weight away and still hates her mole. Despite, on both accounts, claiming otherwise. Must be a tough edit to cut that pinocchio nose back all the time…

Yep, the comparisons are pathetic, so much for your empty "selflove preaching" Nicole, practices like these scream self-loathing and insecurity.

And don't forget that Devon's versions are also already edited, with no insight how much he might possibly already altered her figure/face as well.

No. 183714

File: 1637406023456.png (1.37 MB, 1080x811, IMG_20211120_115953.png)

Kek at the irony if him calling her picture "growth"

Nicole really lives outside reality, how can she not see how braindeadly shallow her videos are, that she intends to be deep? This is literally "I am narcissistic materialist that paints himself as the uwu suffering victim type, while actually destroying anyone elses life, but to cheer me up, I spend other peoples money to buy me cardboard and plastic weeb shit, which, guess what, still doesn't make me happy, because this is not what narcs do hihi"

Vapid Life - the movie.

No. 183715

File: 1637406301745.png (977.62 KB, 1080x536, IMG_20211120_120010.png)

Also laughing at her vague wannabe posting that claims to make videos and upload content to a channel when all she really does is spend simpbux on weebtrash to have POZjokergames deal with the entire rest of creating, uploading and managing. You're not really a video creator and nobody but you pretends you are.

Just added the screen of her shelf, because you can see well in that tiktok just how much shit she has. This must be a fortune in hard plastic. But hey, she ain't ever happy anyways right? Let's wait for the next twitter sperge in which she claims how great her life is and how much she's healed and how happy and healthy she is, till the next suffer-signaling yet again…

No. 183719

>I never felt so beautiful and comfortable in my own skin, it all comes down to body positivity, selflove and confidence!
Shaves off 20pounds, her mole and adds a fucking thighgap, while only posting heavy makeup, extentions and cosplay

>I am healing and growing and finally thriving in a happy space

Constantly posts about depression, broken hearts, anxiety, fear of death or more accurately, irrelevance.

>I need money to fix my car and to afford that house!

But I can hoard 1000s of dollars worth of figures I like to destroy in my freetime and buy more and more tcg to no end

>My partner is so lovely, our relationship is so mature and good

Let me queerbait and OF-signal and whine about my heartache tho

Does this thot hear herself talk?

No. 183737

Those are removable parts lol They aren't destroyed

No. 183742

File: 1637425941206.gif (7.35 MB, 320x568, AFC1804E-9CD6-4F6A-A313-A0E507…)

She kept dropping them on the floor you retard lol

No. 183743

It's a Zero Two head that falls, not even the Ghidorah. This doesn't break them, anon and the pieces on the ground are all detachable. Went to watch the whole video and anon is being way more dramatic than it is lol >>183674 Nothing was destroyed

No. 183746

Do you think she pretends to act like a child or is genuinely retarded? Is this just to fit in with the tiktok kids or what?
Like choose one:
>boomer insightful word vomit Tweets and captions, thinks she is a role model, so heartbroken, check out my magic rocks, spirituality uwu
>retarded and degerate childish behavior on tiktok, hello fellow kids
>sex worker showing tiddy and pussy to any stranger dumb enough to subscribe
>serious nerd collector of cards and figures, self proclaimed expert professional
She's so inconsistent it's unsurprising to see she mostly has (low standards) male coomers in her replies. There are four different groups/markets she's trying to appeal to here, the uwu spirituality/leda type fan, random tiktok meme kids, coomers, and collectors.
She fails to hit any one of those markets due to everything conflicting with the other, for example the meme kids won't be a fan of the boomer insight spiritual stuff, conversely people who like spirituality will be put off by the retarded meme kid stuff, collector nerds tend to have an idealized and critical view of the "perfect nerd girl" and sexworker meme kid is not that, coomers won't be interested in boomer insight.
Absolutely everything conflicts with everything else in her effort to appeal to as many groups as possible she appeals to none, except aforementioned low standard coomers.
She was doing all this a lot better when she kinda veered between collector nerd and spiritual uwu Ledafan, the addition of the retarded meme kid and sexworker stuff absolutely kills whatever she had going with the first two.

No. 183747

I think it’s retarded to argue semantics (destroyed, ruined, damaged) when Nicole herself captions the video as ruining her figures. Also that character isn’t even Zero Two lol, but more to the point dropping two heads from a large fall like that is likely to scratch it, chip one of the horns and some of the paint. They’re expensive, not invincible. Also good job discovering how detachables work, but anons are talking about dropping the heads, not the parts on the floor. Either way what a great way to show appreciation for someone’s gift to you.

No. 183749

File: 1637428740034.jpeg (278.58 KB, 831x1800, FDF42A4C-099A-483A-8275-A1013F…)

It’s embarrassing as fuck, her 2021 persona is her trying to emulate a bad bitch sex worker but she’s just a sad piece of lard shaving 30 pounds off her photos and being too insecure/fat to actually show her body on her OF after her weight gain. Lately she has been showing her greedy side of caring too much about numbers and gaining likes and follows while also pretending she doesn’t care that she lost 5k for being a thot.

Hey Nicole, not everyone who unfollowed you for being a thot and starting an OF is “narrow minded.” She had many minors in her fanbase, as well as people who followed her since her popularity in 2016 who don’t want porn shoved in their face. Bitch is bitter as fuck 5k people don’t want to see her naked body or mentions of her OF. Imagine indirectly insulting any child followers or people who aren’t interested in ethot porn.

No. 183754

File: 1637429523245.jpeg (227.61 KB, 831x1800, C91BA20E-0069-4EBF-898C-82A9B2…)

Which one is the truth? She sometimes acts like OF saved her life and got her out of poverty and other times she gets embarrassed when her followers hint that her anime merch is all funded by OF, and tries convincing them otherwise. It’s a mess. (The first part doesn’t directly mention her OF but it’s talking about a couple of months before she started it if she’s such a professional and amazing investor and already had a huge collection surely she wouldn’t be in poverty?)
Is she implying she spends years investing and hoarding a collection while she’s living a miserable life and could easily spend the money from merch on something actually important? Lol

No. 183782

What a braindead comment, as if there is only destruction and nothing else. These are collectables that cost a lot of money, she is jerking them around, dropping, therefore scratching and distressing them and likely even break color or material off. Careing and careful behavior looks differently.

No. 183788

I think they all tie back really well in the analysis one anon gave about her trying to have four audiences that painfully contradict each other, therefore her making up lies all the time to ass kiss one but piss of the other.

It's been like that for years. And the best part is, that she actually convinced herself she is good at all those, while she isnt at any. Nicole is not a top notch vendor or expert, she's a minimum wage nobody that hoarded for years. She is also not a nerdy spiritual leader, she's an Ex-Leda skinwalker on heavy medication. She is neither a famous sex worker, but a following losing OF thot that gets hated on in her own leak boards, nor a wise owl, but a word salad retweeting millenial bitch.

She is 100 years too old to be a meme kid and a joke as a content creator or professional cosplayer. Remember when she claimed she turned down modelling opportunities? This girl is full of shit. She is a typical narcissist who will make up any persona possible to be loved by the world, and if you dont, you are naRrOw MiNdEd.

No. 183790

I vividly remember in 2017, for the first time, I had called her behavior out in a comment. I wasnt rude or anything, just factually pointing out inconsistencies (lies, basically) in her narratives, asking how that could match. Nicole didnt even put a word out, before I had 3 different stans jumping me immediately, tearing me apart in the comments. Mind you, this was the era were she was all "kindness, empathy and soft uwu princess". I felt hurt, irritated and started to defend my statement with evidence (stupid, i know) when Nicole entered the comment chain, and that was basically the moment my already crumbling fake picture of her shattered.

She put words in my mouth I never said, twisted my intentions and attached emotions to me, that I was NOT feeling. "I'm so sad that they are so angry". I wasn't angry, I was being humiliated and deeply confused as to wtf was going on.
"If you are upset about something it's because you are unhappy with yourself and now you come after me shows how mean you are, but I forgive you." "Some people are just such lost souls, I hope you find happyness one day." The entitlement and condescending nature of this exchange was infuriating, like a self proclaimed saint "talking down" on peasants. She could drown my voice out in her narrative about what she claimed I was and what I was feeling, but couldn't be bothered to actually ask what was the situation in reality, then she was conveniently deaf.

She openly attempted to gaslight me about what I said, what I felt and how I was doing in life. I was not unhappy with myself, I pointed out your lies. Then I got blocked before I could get a word out clarifying this was all unfair bullshit, while her followers in the comments ate it all up like cake, cheering her on in a brownnosing sperge parade. As if they hadnt just witnessed she bullied someone out of their own experience, gaslit, lied, manipulated and then didnt give one inch room for the truth or actually listening. Empathy my fucking ass. Then I knew for sure this is is not a good person, this is a raging piece of shit with a dangeriously gullable stan-base, who would justify her every action up to murder.

No. 183795

I think this is kinda interesting, it seems many anons across threads had some sort of "moment" with or about that bitch that made them see her for who she really is lol.

No. 183799

I was a fan of Leda and I used to be follow Nicole because she was like another Leda, I’m sure a lot of Leda fans went to Nicole to fill the hole when she left. Nicole seemed too good to be true but I could never put my finger on what was off about her until I realized she was just another attention whore hiding her mega thot nature.

No. 183803

Can you post the comment or something to show this even happened? This is an imageboard

No. 183804

A lot of people care about figures but they are also literally toys to be played with and not just displayed. Figure heads are so sensitive to people actually playing with them.

No. 183839

Imagine still derailing to explain that a grown near 27 year old woman playing with expensive figures people buy her and dropping them on the floor is normal. Clown

No. 183842

File: 1637473242330.jpeg (411.03 KB, 1800x1800, 7F3B6B9A-00E3-4DF5-8709-FA122A…)

What a deranged bitch. I remember when she used to get her photos spam posted on anime pages, she would read all the comments and respond to every single negative one despite the fact that they had every right to not want some ethots pictures spammed on a page about artwork or anime. These pages are how she gained so many followers and scrotes.

No. 183860

I wrote that this was in 2017 and she blocked me in that very exchange, of course I don't have screenshots of that, I hadnt even found lolcow yet. There is no reason to not believe me whatsoever, but you'll have to take my word without a screenshot obviously. The only further info I remember is that 2 stans were girls, one a guy, and of those girls one was one of her major "i monitor her account 24/7" psychofans, a girl that was huge defending her on the addi stuff later on.

No. 183861

It was similar for me, started with the infamous photo of her and destery in the gaming arcade, she latching onto him like a kawaii homewrecker and people in the comments congratulating them to be such a cute couple, without them clarifying they weren't and still being with Dennis and Amber. I pointed out that it must been hell for their partners to read all these hurtful comments and them not having to say anything, them not seeing any problem to upload such a blatant "lets slap our partners in the face because we only care about ourselves" shit photo. I got rows of "they are just friends (eyeroll)" replies by stans and we all know just how much "friends" they just been the past years. To me this was a huge narcissist move on both of their behalfs, hurting people deeply, posing in their fake persona and milking attention with conspiracy and confusion as much as possible…

No. 183862

File: 1637488495987.png (1.05 MB, 1080x671, IMG_20211121_104926.png)

Back in 2017 I think, when they nonstop cuddled, touched and flirted with each other as soon as a camera was upon them, knowingly being still in a relationship. Imagine as Amber seeing the guy you've been with for years having a powerplay hungry narc thot like Nicole shoving her face into his, every photochance she gets. And Destery writing cringy cheatershit like this caption and putting Nicoles handle with a heart in his bio. Same for Nicole shitting on Dennis by obviously aggressively coming onto Destery, gripping her claws into his shoulders while smiling so innocently. And letting Dawn stand next to it like she doesnt even exist. The fucking devil, man. Maybe this was both their height times of narcissistic selfnishness.

No. 183863

just do me a favor and compare this to the Nicole we see now. Look at her bodylanguage and sugary grin, as if she isnt just ripping out multiple hearts with these pictures and videos. It is a completely different persona Nicole acts out, compared to who she portrays now, she is posing like a little school girl having a major crush, and despite it being the first time they meet, and both barely knowing each other, acting deliberately as if they are 10 years happily married. Nicole chose poses, words and actions that were as much hurtful as possible for Amber and Dennis, it was just fucking disgusting to witness. What a great friend Dawn is too, for not even saying anything for Dennis. Anyways, compared to her confident sex succubus image now, she used to play the oh so cute and innocent homewrecker fairy in 2017 and that diabolical attentionseeker did it intentionally.

No. 183864

Remember when Nicole tried convincing everyone that Amber is cool with her, despite the fact that Amber unfollowed her on everything? (They used to follow each other since 2015 and be all friendly)

No. 183867

File: 1637489984515.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1357, IMG_20211121_111821.png)

>Please help, i was living on a matress and used my last 2k for a car, we really need this house bla bla…
Big ass house in LA, thousands of cards, brand clothing, expensive collactable shit… m-mh, we see how poor you are. No idea why she wants people to believe she came from a poor background, when her parents obviously have money and a gambling problem they passed on.

And btw, is anyone surprised she is living the queenbee life among this sausagefest? No woman is able to stand her more than 5 minutes, so its all guys she is living with.

No. 183873

File: 1637491930013.png (68.61 KB, 1080x438, IMG_20211121_114857.png)

She said the addi situation made her feel too unsafe to stream (this was in november 2018) which we all know is bullshit, as much as that mentioned info video she never created and that clothing line she never launched. Now on the video were she stuffs her gigantic umbreon for god knows how much money, she claims it's for a "streaming background" she is setting up. That was 5 weeks ago lmao. Coming up with excuses to not do jack shit since she started in social media…

No. 183874

Lmao no surprise there, we all saw on stream how she treated Cassie, especially in relation to Nate. Same behavior as this
She has a huge problem with other females, it has been discussed.

No. 183998

File: 1637536888972.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1353, IMG_20211122_001920.png)

Back at it again using animals as props and here in dangerous heights…

>My snake

Shelby bought it and its shared by all roommates.

>Opened their first packs

As creatures without hands do

No. 184037

File: 1637559884701.jpeg (648.8 KB, 828x1477, 797EF699-F89E-490E-BA03-AE01D1…)

She’s also never at work??? The 3 days a week it’s open??? Like what does she do lmao. Every time a video of the booth is posted she is NEVER shown in there. She also stopped posting being at work/videos at the booth, she somehow managed to stay employed but not actually doing any work at the same time.

No. 184042

Why would you prop your cards up on a fucking snake?
The snake must be bewildered living in this home and waking up, variously, in a car, with cards propped on it, on someone's face, and whatever else they do with it off camera.

No. 184064

File: 1637590492578.jpeg (69.14 KB, 458x828, 7FF8DE71-F4D2-4D95-B39D-B50497…)

She got fired ages ago. They were probably tired of her making her OF vids in the shop on top of her being a lazy employee

No. 184140

Not suspicious whatsoever that all the GIFs, photos and videos you find of Nicole in her own Redditthread are uploaded by the exact same user…mmkay

Is there any official confirmation on her being fired? She still uploads content for POZ instagram (which is her work team) and constantly links them in her instagram posts. Maybe she is the one filming, so the would logically not be visible, which could be a planned move, because she knows she is fat and hideous now, so no proof lands on socialmedia.

No. 184143

I think this makes sense, but I wouldn't be surprised at least if that wannabe "expert" was fired already for her repetitive unprofessionalism.

No. 184145

File: 1637624615413.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1582, IMG_20211123_004137.png)

the poor ass snake is becoming a solid prop in their tcg lowlife circle, drowned in foreign smells, movements, lights and voices, please someone call peta on their disgusting asses, it's getting hard to watch.

No. 184146

Ah yes, love how a couple if posts ago this was Nicole's snake, now it's Connors, those bunch of self centered narcissists all gonna claim it as their cool idea. Pathetic. And to rent it out as a posing decorative is trash behavior anyways. Yeah, blast that flashlight into its face, maybe it dies of stress!!

No. 184168

>Maybe she is the one filming
Did you not see who uploaded the video? It says the account right there and it’s someone who doesn’t even know Nicole, they tagged everyone at the shop except Nicole. They have been doing this for months so she’s definitely not working there anymore

No. 184180

File: 1637640051952.jpeg (691.05 KB, 828x1406, 2956AFB2-5B02-4288-9679-2C25FC…)

I like how Nicole thinks her stale pranks are so funny she has to write “hilarious” in the caption. Also Connor didn’t laugh once, he was just questioning why she’s forcing him to eat a potato in the shower and asking her why she put it there. This woman has too much free time on her hands.

No. 184191

She planned her move. Seems more likely that she quit like anons mentioned last thread. Don't know where the fired thing came from as if you don't realize she'd milk the sympathy from that.

No. 184196

I can’t get over how most times you see the snake it’s body language shows it’s trying to sleep, or it’s scared. Actually disgusting that they don’t even try to learn that their making their pet uncomfortable, and how they’re supposed to take care of it.

No. 184214

I was obviously not talking about that account, but POZ's Games own instagram, there it could have been she films herself. Anyways, I don't think it does her "professional card expert" image any good if she is not even working there anymore.

No. 184231

File: 1637674195349.jpeg (244.4 KB, 1011x1800, 8E006418-7CD9-4531-9C6B-9D3389…)


No. 184232

This entire bunch of rotten souls is so unhealthy in their relationships, it's almost pitiable. If only they knew…
Narcs and their markings of people is disgusting, for her and destery it seems to be the nintendo beanie, I know narcs in real life who one used the same jacket, the other a piercing they coerned every new partner to get at the same spot. Sick and sad people.

No. 184259

It's just a hat, not some narc leaving their mark.

No. 184280

Out of a matching set she got with her ex. Also she is a narc, cope.

No. 184303

Nope, that's a narcissistic mark, its part of the disorder and is connected to how they perceive powerplays and ownership of a person, it's the same with every one of them. There are basically entire "lists" these items have to check off to get picked by the narc, but anyways, even if people who are unfamiliar with NPD see this, they know it's fucked up.

No. 184317

“No guys, it’s not like that, Nicole isn’t that bad!”

No. 184513

No one said that?

No. 184519

File: 1637863522348.jpg (851.74 KB, 3002x1000, pt2021_11_25_19_02_58.jpg)

her current selfhate shows so much kek, in majority of her recent stories/posts she is hiding her face with a mask and constantly wears circle lenses to artificially enlarge her eyes. But #bodypositivity, guys.

No. 184520

File: 1637863779485.jpg (1.01 MB, 1070x1683, Screenshot_20211125-190055_mh1…)

They also look super fake with those intense colors, but then again, since when did Nicole want to look like someone authentic… I think it's hilarious how much she edits her photos now, just check out that hip to head ratio. Sorry for nitpick, but her proportions become ridiculous every time she puts on weight and then tries to morph herself into 15 pounds less.

No. 184521

File: 1637863896726.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211125-185944.png)

>She barely knows him
>Didn't live with him until recently
>denies his grooming/minor sex
LoVe oF mY lIfE

Can't wait for them to marry and have Nicole fuming with jealousy lol.

No. 184538

Her insecurities are getting worse kek how much do you want to bet she's gonna say her circle lenses are her real eyes?

No. 184650

File: 1637972446989.png (958.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211127-003707.png)

So apparently this idiot thinks 2 weeks is enough as a proper mental health break from social media, just to return to whine about his work and wanting to die. Nicole's living circle sure is a stable bunch.

No. 184676

File: 1637998556306.jpeg (200.41 KB, 777x560, 163FFFFB-6088-45BB-B0C0-1E0C73…)

Can you blame her?

No. 184690

this story is a textbook example of how fucking dull these narcs are, oh wow Nicole, you put a silly tv show behind a wreath on the wall, it looks hideous, is unoriginal and highlights perfectly your boring personality, being convinced you are einstein coming up with such uninteresting bullshit. And then we can enjoy her blasting that stupidity token all over her social media, because she is actually convinced in her narcissistic grandeur, that this was so brilliant and funny of her and everyone needs to see and know it. Exhausting. It was already vapid in one channel.

No. 184720

How is a setup like that textbook narcissism? Nothing about it made it seem like she thought she was a genius about it, she just doing her usual fucking around.

No. 184733

>this was done everywhere, she claims it as her own idea
>its unoriginal and she treats it as comedic brilliance
>it was a dull DIY, but she had to make sure to share in on all her socials once she "creates" basically anything no matter how vapid
>It looks terrible, but now is the attention center of the room, because she deemed it "cool"
>Laughes proudly about her quirky idea while everyone watching the story has a bored into coma face.
enough narcmode for me.

No. 184856

Why don't you post the story so people know what you are talking about? Coming in here and vague posting about something not in thread makes no sense.

No. 184876

because I assume people keep up with her socials, otherwise they wouldn't come here and that story cant be posted afterwards, as its gone in 24h. It was also explained in detail what happened in that story.

No. 184897

File: 1638134863907.jpg (553.59 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_11_28_22_26_14.jpg)

"I'm doing this to provide for my family"

No. 184940

File: 1638166573735.png (87.34 KB, 1014x982, autism.png)

sage for sperging. stop trying to talk for Nicole like you know her, it looks weird as fuck.(derailing)

No. 184945

I mentioned the spongebob one it was not even in defense for her. It was annoyance because I thought the board had no milk. It turned out it showed the people living with her. The rest are someone else. I also questioned if Dawn was living with her on here with that post. I could show you which posts I commented on around that time for the board one. I also took photos to prove I did the posts around that time. The rest I did not do. If you read the thread conversation more thoroughly. You would have understood it was just annoyance.

No. 184946

Samefagging I wish Lolcow required you to register an account so everyone knows who's who.

No. 184948

Samfagging, despite my comment not being the same as the other people. I agree with you that there are people defending Narcole and even Cassie on these threads. I am lurker I have not commented for a month on here. Lolcow should start requiring usernames.

No. 184952

ayrt. i assumed not all of what i put into that collage is the same anon. i can't see the IP or whatever, but the similar syntax is the biggest point. it's both embarrassing and funny kek.

No. 184962

Nicole’s wk is still hanging on after all this time kek

No. 184969

I placed one of those comments where I explained the household thing, just to clarify something one anon was too stupid to understand, but besides that I have to agree - that compilation stinks of a samefagging whiteknight. The dedication of Nicole's blatant selfposts/stans/minions/WKs over the years never ceases to entertain. Such sad people.

No. 184986

I agree, it’s pathetic and embarrassing to see someone assume how Nicole thinks and speaks on behalf of her

No. 185015

That's not the case or the logic with other boards and threads. You need to post images to go with your non-context. That's the whole point.

No. 185060

File: 1638276117737.png (1.02 MB, 1021x1710, IMG_20211130_134143.png)

Nicole milked this lie so incredibly dry, it's dying of dehydration. Same old, same old.

No. 185097

It’s always gotta be about being in a better “headspace”. She really likes that word.

No. 185198

File: 1638348273317.png (689 KB, 1080x1378, IMG_20211201_094316.png)

They posted this within the same 24h, Destery surely knows his type lmao.

No. 185209

imagine looking back at your life one day as an old gran and realize all you ever contributed to the world and yourself was

1. glueing as much plastic nails, hair and lashes on your filler pumped body as possible

2. clowning for simps on twitch & tiktok with vapid skinwalks of other people who were actually successful

3. spreading your asshole to scrotes on Onlyfans for money and everyone to see

4. exclusively dating pedophilic, narcissistic emofaggs, who were serial cheaters

5. and actively manipulate, sabotage and destroy the lifes of everyone coming into your proximity

Never heard of so much rotten meaninglessness in one place. Mental illness, the biography.

No. 185280

File: 1638398553715.jpg (638.26 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_01_23_35_33_mr163839…)

Nicole's cat is ginormous, it's fucking disgusting and borders on animal abuse. again. that shit is not preggers, it's morbidly obese. Poor fucking bones and joints man…maybe it's sympathy weight for her fat ass owner.

And for the anon who keeps being butthurt about her lame reef tiktok story, she put it on her everstoneeevee account, now you can sperge about it all day.

No. 185300

Not to mention those bug Pokémon in cases I received two recently as a birthday present. They are $140 each. Is her of really providing that much she can splurge every single week? https://www.etsy.com/listing/1034852017/scizor-pokemon-taxidermy-mantis-framed(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 185312

File: 1638415532818.jpeg (427.49 KB, 1800x1800, 4C525707-77D3-40A4-9047-834987…)

What an amazing use of her money (from the same shop on her etsy wishlist)…

No. 185316

File: 1638416345483.jpeg (436.46 KB, 1800x1800, 3FC69716-CD73-4688-A49A-7B13D7…)

Her cat definitely didn’t used to look like that a year or two ago in photos and videos, the sudden weight gain is alarming and disturbing.
Lol she also bought a ps5 but somehow isn’t prioritizing getting a PC and streaming

No. 185320

File: 1638417244487.jpeg (194.89 KB, 828x987, CC183935-9B2E-4AB2-9677-4D3D11…)

I’m betting Nicole over fed her cat so she can be all quirky like omg my cat is a chonker XDD

Pic flipped to show the cat’s proportions more clearly.

No. 185326

File: 1638420035920.jpeg (118.02 KB, 828x770, 38DB6AC3-8A99-49B6-98F4-17B16C…)

Nicole can’t seriously think 7.3 million people went out of their way to search for her and view her hashtag, right? This bitch doesn’t realize it’s a combined view count of every video that uses the hashtag, not how many people go to the hashtag.

No. 185444

That attempt at humblebragging though kek

No. 185593

File: 1638577488995.jpg (439.53 KB, 871x613, pt2021_12_04_01_10_50_mh163857…)

It's hilarious how often she attempts to show off with something she clearly didn't understand, but hey, god forbid we pass up a chance to humblebragg about our "hashtag visits". Next week it's her googling her name and claiming "eevee nicole davis" is the number one worldwide result that pops up, wow!

I recently noticed that our bitchboy Connor has Nicole's attentionwhory face plastered all over his instagram feed, on which she always needs to be the center spotlight - even when the caption has absolutely nothing to do with her and it's his account - while on Nicole's feed, she didn't even post ONE single picture of Connor since they are together. LMAO.

Also, those fillers start to look really fucking bad. A mad nasolabial photoshop is not cutting it either.

No. 185594

File: 1638577793090.jpg (1.31 MB, 1600x2684, pt2021_12_04_01_08_34.jpg)

Sorry for nitpick, but she already developed noticable, irregular lumps and knots in both of her lips, meaning not only was the filler not placed and modelled very well, it's already wearing down and leaving ugly gaps in the surface. (filler sinks down in deeper tissue). It looks horrible, almost like a turtle mouth. Agreed the inhumane skin photoshop is not doing her any favors either, she must be hideous by now in real life. No wonder she isn't buying any streaming equipment, that shit will never happen with that face.

No. 185595

Jesus Christ, look at the size and position of her ear, she must have filter-shrunken and shooped her head/jaw to the marsrover and back and failed to keep it realistic.

No. 185644

Looks like on the leak forums Nicole posted screencaps of her sucking what looks to be Conners small flacid sock dick on Of saying a video coming soon.

No. 185652

File: 1638613345849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.85 KB, 500x273, D89932F1-B5D9-4160-985C-DA8EBF…)

She looks fucking terrifying here.

No. 185653

On the contrary, I think this is the most authentic identity she assumed so far. Limpdick sucking, filler botched narc-thot with drug dialated pupils and nothing ahead of her in life than low tier porn for emofags and scrotes.

This is a 100x more believable than her uwu fairy princess, nerdgirl or confident succubus bullshit.

No. 185654

>while on Nicole's feed, she didn't even post ONE single picture of Connor since they are together.
nice find anon, albeit being pretty sad. Imagine you are good enough for limpdick shots, but not to be shown as an actual partner on her socials. Apparently the commitment is his job lol.

No. 185656

is she on drugs? those dilated pupils tho

No. 185658

File: 1638623368055.jpeg (110.17 KB, 798x798, 2A608386-9D5A-4F6F-828B-4C759F…)

Remember when Nicole was shitting on sex workers saying it’s not dignified work and she is modest and proud to make money without taking off her clothes?

No. 185661

Can't even get your mans dick hard. That's sad.

No. 185665

topkek, how on earth could she try to convince everyone she is this confident, badass sexdemon succubus bitch, and then as the first thing to actually proof that image, she uploads herself to the world chewing underwhelmedly on her mans wobbly limpdick while looking dead into the camera. Yes Nicole, this screams sexual power like nothing else.

No. 185677

File: 1638641962901.jpeg (655.46 KB, 828x1300, 29AC0832-BE22-4B9E-8A70-C4864A…)

The scrotes are hypothesizing that Nicole’s account may get flagged for inactivity which is the only reason she even posts at all, once a month. Sorry for photodump but it’s only the 4th of the month and she’s already checking off a lot of this

No. 185678

File: 1638642070710.jpeg (355.54 KB, 1011x1800, CDE13882-03A3-43F2-AA8D-657C66…)

Again with the word salad nonsense lol

No. 185693

File: 1638648635743.jpg (14.88 KB, 800x800, iuFMUD17D0.jpg)

Her most embarrassing moment yet, she hasn't even got the excuse of being a dumb brainwashed teen. She's like 26/27?

This tells me her subs have plummeted and she's getting desperate. Dick also looking like picrel.

No. 185696

File: 1638649407241.png (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 1069x1739, pls massa don't unsubscribe.pn…)

Just wanted to do a before/after on this wonderful development for Nicole Eevee Davis' personal brand (cursed dicksucking pic below the spoiler)

I don't see how she didn't absorb Belle getting absolutely clowned for doing similar last year. Belle tanked her brand with the equally pathetic discksucking and porn, like why copy something that failed? I wonder if she already has limpdick Connor "porn" waiting for upload.

No. 185697

>Gets her snake involved

So funny she's even getting trolled on the leak site

No. 185711

File: 1638656716218.jpg (1.52 MB, 1000x2334, pt2021_12_04_23_11_04.jpg)

Long time before her current "redhead phase", since which she acts as if she invented sexuality itself, Nicole has always been an attentionwhory, self-sexualizing, bodychecking, narcissistic thot from the start.

Her feeds were full to the brimm with (often times photoshopped) lowkey tit flashes, spread legs, ana-checks, ass out yoga for photos, slutty cosplays and early ahegao-tongue faces. She is one of those people who just waited impatiently for society to become more accepting of thottin', so she could sell her narc-bullshit pornshow tendencies as "liberation and feministic power". The exact same she used to vividly shame others for, until she realized she could monetize on it herself AND stay approved as uwu princess because she was "providing for her family".

No. 185717

File: 1638656996400.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1206, IMG_20211204_232855.png)

100% agree

Also: that mei look's caption from 2018 lol

No. 185718

File: 1638657260027.jpg (805.28 KB, 1600x1200, pt2021_12_04_23_13_39_mh163865…)

samefag, but going through her thotastic timeline I couldn't help but laugh at her psychotic whiteness-obsession. In this shot with Dawn she shooped herself ridiculously light and pale, just to have a commonly taken picture two posts further up, in which you can see how average (exactly like her friend basically) she actually looked. Makebelieve about standing out through fake ass skincolor, what a class move.

No. 185722

She also made posts about being really pale and being the whitest out of all her friends, I don’t understand why she would obsessed about that, she’s white with naturally pale skin lol..

No. 185731

yes, but she was never as white as she made it out to be in her photos, that aggressive paleness was always edited.

No. 185739

The editing on the one with dawn is particularly absurd, she looks like she's glowing. You can tell Dawn is also a pale person which means she selectively edited only herself in that image (or they'd both be glowing)

No. 185741

File: 1638674039056.jpeg (238.09 KB, 1800x1800, 748A36CE-01DA-4E7A-8D0C-271BB6…)

She is getting worse at makeup, look at the top lip..

No. 185742

Nicole always has to look better, that’s why all her friends are uggos and she only edits herself. God forbid anyone looking better than her

No. 185790

File: 1638708508112.png (2.1 MB, 1480x842, lips.png)

thats a tiktok trend anon

No. 185800

File: 1638712950940.jpg (1.2 MB, 1600x1200, pt2021_12_05_14_40_56.jpg)

>that aggressive paleness was always edited
Just compare her top row with the tagged bottom for a few examples. She used to edit herself extremely white to a point of no color at all, while in reality, there is not that much difference between her friends and her at all. You can see well in several photos that she additionally smacked on pounds of paperwhite foundation, which literally made her look like a ghost with a pink body.

She tried way too hard to create this fairyskin uwu bullshit and some years later dropped the act alltogether, also documented in photo evolution.

No. 185801

File: 1638713186177.jpg (1.22 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_12_05_14_43_00_mh163871…)

On top of the actual photo alternating she used subtle manipulation stuff to lowkey enhance her whiteness more, like constantly posing next to the ethnic friend in the group, putting herself in the front sunlight while having her darker friend in the shady back or expose herself to a lamp and the others sit in a darker spot.

If Doon did the same, suddenly there was no real difference, which you can still see in tagged photos.

No. 185803

File: 1638713338630.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_05_14_50_26.jpg)

>some years later Nicole dropped the act alltogether
Probably around the time she realized her working crew were going to take pictures with her all the time, so she couldn't pretend anymore, as she hasn't all control over their editing or her friends being obligated to edit shit for her. And violà, suddenly she is not really different skincolorwise than anyone else lmao.

No. 185804

File: 1638713619611.jpg (736.85 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_12_05_15_13_22.jpg)

No. 185805

File: 1638713775397.jpg (294.28 KB, 1000x1464, IMG_20211205_151500.jpg)

Fucked over friend bonus I found while looking for this one, you can tell the difference between her normal skin body and the michael jackson foundation pretty obviously.

No. 185812

File: 1638717664987.png (942.19 KB, 1080x1589, IMG_20211205_161856.png)

Speaking of fucked over friends - so now the snake belongs to Doon? Lives there? Is already too much to take care of for Nicole and her animal abuse squad? This snake business is all over the place man. It will develop mental health issues equal to Nicole's…

No. 185821

That's a legit hack that people use to make their lips look more pronounced

No. 185829

She forgot to put her ghost makeup on the rest of her body

No. 185830

It doesn’t look more pronounced, it looks ugly

No. 185831

Thank god. At least she’ll actually take care of it properly. Love how Doon always ends up picking up Nicole’s slack, to the point of letting her move in with her family for a while because her home life was just oh so hard.

No. 185836

Anyone find it ridiculous how Nicole always makes Doon do things for her?

No. 185837

Anyone have the tea on why she accused one of her friends of posting on LC and making those hate accounts on IG? This happened awhile ago

No. 185841

It's been heavily discussed. No one is going to spoonfeed you. Go read old threads.

No. 185842

It does but people for decades have drawn over the cupid

No. 185852

Why do you sound so angry?

No. 185870

what the fuck this is so embarassing.

gotta say it's almost fascinating what kind of bullshit she pulled to sell her whiteness image. the lengths she went to seem specewl…

Nicole runs havoc in other peoples lifes, destroys reputations, trashes friendships, steals men off relationships and than wonderes why she has so many haters on her ass at all times.

No. 185871

moving it to so many different place in short times, disrupting her sleep patterns, exposing her to so much foreign lights, sounds, smells and people… that snake will likely die early. so much for Nicole's animal love, which lasts enough for a few pictures but not enough to keep the pet instead of throwing it into her bimbo doon's hands first chance she gets…

No. 185872

gotta love how completely different her face looks in every single one of those pictures lmao

No. 185874

it's disgusting how much she "fetishizes" herself, i have never seen any people do this to that ectent besides sick narcs, her self-absorbtion, oversexualization (easy way to an illusion of power and worthyness) and obsession with altering her body (from busted, pink skinned, chubby, flat and bead-eyed to fillered, ana, pale, anime-eyed and busty) are entirely out of control. There must been a mad root of selfloathing to do this to yourself for years.

No. 185881

The whole look is a mess, look at her eye makeup. As the other anons mentioned the lip thing is a trend but she drew it horribly. I’m guessing she can’t afford to get her lips injected again so she’s using lipstick to draw in her non existent lips

No. 185882

File: 1638744514422.jpg (Spoiler Image,822.19 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_05_23_42_00.jpg)

good god, what is this blood deprived sorry ass zoombie noodle? she strikes me as one of those insecure fakers you usually find as a teenager, who'd go all out styling herself blowupdoll style, acts like a "i know all games" succubus sirene and is in reality just incredibly inexperienced and bad in bed. No idea of what good sex would even look like whatsoever, at least this is what her OF posts scream.

Kinda hilarious how even the scrotes roast her by now.

No. 185883

File: 1638744613298.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.34 KB, 488x472, IMG_20211205_233854_mh16387445…)

What the fucking fuck is going on with her mouth here?

No. 185884

I cant manage to include this video as a gif but i laughed my ass off at her movement. big agree to the teenager who fakes they "know de sex" vibes. She literally looks like she is having a stroke in her leg. The more often you watch it the worse it gets, I've seen some spoilt chickensalad with more sexappeal.


No. 185886

the dialation is no joke anymore and her lips are straight from hell wtf

had a good laugh anon, thanks. her talentfreeness is almost a talent itself.

No. 185887

Looks like a photoshop fail

No. 185888

I knew she was bad at sex, that is probably one of the reasons why Dennis possibly had a porn account in high school from Narcole's creepy pasta video. It was just bad taste if I mentioned it until now.

Oh I kind of figured she never experienced pleasure while doing it hence why she aimed for people with fame for future bf aside from her narcissism motivating her. She is just so repressed and delusional about herself she never was able to relax and have any form of pleasure in that arena. She is just so guarded even with her lies she stretches herself out she cannot catch her own bs because there is too much of it.

No. 185891

I guess it makes sense, narcs are known to be incredibly immature and selfish in bed, not at all interested in what their partner needs or likes, incapable to bond and possibly deepen a connection for physical intimacy and as there cannot be anything like love or affection involved, always on the shallow, instant gratification side. They treat humans like fleshlights and dildos if they are horny. In her content with Connor she looks ten times more into the camera at how she looks like, instead of accounting any worth to the attention to the person the dick is attached to, she mostly wont even look at him at all.

No. 185894

Hi I am the person you responded too. I do not think it is that alone. I do not think she had any sexual attraction to Dennis or Destery. She photoshopped Dennis while she was still with him she obviously saw some flaws with his looks. And if she did have sex with Destery it was just a poor attempt to get a celebrity as a boyfriend. I mean I still think she may have put on contacts like mentioned earlier, but if she was on drugs like people are speculating this was the only way she could enjoy or attempt to enjoy the sexual act she did. I do not think she is demisexual though I just think for one reason or another she never went after guys that attract her aside from Nate.

No. 185895

File: 1638749762365.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1000x2668, pt2021_12_06_01_11_50.jpg)

Nicole Eevee Davis, the pinnacle of eroticism.

(Seriously though, I don't get how she isn't flagged by OF themselves for demanding money for such bottom of the trashcan content. Don't they have quality control or smth?)

No. 185897

File: 1638750099672.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.1 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_06_01_10_00_mh163874…)

Ah yes, nothing turns people on like filthy carpets, bad lighting, horrid posing, squished flaps, aliexpress lingerie, stroke grimaces, visible self-timers or cameramen with parkinsons.

No. 185904

File: 1638755036438.jpg (1.67 MB, 1287x2160, pt2021_12_06_01_55_54_mh163875…)

(1/4) My theory is that right from the beginning, Nicole secretly aimed for some big YouTubers in the longrun and just simply failed because she blew it at some point. She moves to LA, blasts her life all over social media, gets fillers and strictly chases friends, fucks and boyfriends for clout, because she desperately wants to be famous.

Connor was supposed to get her closer to Johnny Gilbert. Johnny and Nate were rare gateways to Leda, both being an ex and having access to several other Youtube-celebs, while Destery and Matthew were working directly with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star for years already at the point Nicole went after them. And I don't mean they were blabla aquaintances or colleagues with those youtubers, they were full on friends. Matthew, Johnny AND Destery knew Bobby Burns, Colleen, Brittany, Jeffree etc personally, who were all part of the one public friendgroup of Shane Dawson, arguably one of the most powerful youtubers together with Jeffree at that time. Matthew knows even more people.

No way in hell all these moves were a coincidence given how calculating Nicole is in latching onto B-celebs to rise through social circles to the top tier. But as we all know, every attempt to skinwalk Leda and rise to fame riding on the back of some second fiddle emo dick failed, and now she has sucking limpdong and jiggling her chubbs on OF left.

No. 185905

File: 1638755068028.jpg (1.15 MB, 1500x1500, pt2021_12_06_02_15_01_mh163875…)


No. 185906

File: 1638755200110.jpg (972.93 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_06_02_12_01_mh163875…)


No. 185907

File: 1638755292951.jpg (998.52 KB, 955x2160, pt2021_12_06_02_28_25_mh163875…)


No. 185914

File: 1638757598516.jpg (1.11 MB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_06_03_20_51_mh163875…)

In short, the way they are connected and positioned to each other, I think Nicole lowkey hoped to use Destery, Matthew and Johnny, three sorry ass emofags albeit very well connected, to get her into the proximity of Bobby Burns, Jeffree Star, Colleen and Brittany - the personal circle of Shane Dawson himself. Who was ruling Youtube at that time and is the common denomenator of all those people, known to stay very secluded from the public. You would never get on his radar without people close to him already. But eh, she pulled her narc destruction and inevitably fucked up.

No. 185921

Same person you responded too, Good theory I can definitely see that being the case. It must have been quite a shock for her that most of the people involved were involved in controversies that made them infamous. They say never meet your heroes. However I like to bring back an earlier theory from a previous thread that was briefly passed and discussed. People were saying she started an onlyfans to get the attention of her ex Dennis. I do not remember the details but it just sparked my interest. I can only see this having credence from her mention that she lost the love of her life on that TikTok which is quite vague. Oh and the fact she follows him but he does not follow her on Instagram

No. 185922

Nicole always wanted to be famous so bad, hence why she tried to take Leda’s life and get connected to her circle and all the YT personalities. I’m laughing at how bad she failed

No. 185955

File: 1638783704983.jpeg (234.74 KB, 688x1618, 92BD4A58-5F0C-430A-84F0-1F43B7…)

Spoiler alert: she’s going to be retweeting these until she’s an old lady

No. 185957

File: 1638785163652.png (428.55 KB, 1021x581, IMG_20211206_110338.png)

holy shit, thx for the detective work anon. I already knew she was a gold digger for pseudofamous emoband cock, but this constellation takes the cake. It does look calculating as fuck. She persued the emo people around those youtubers so it wouldn't be to noticeable for outsiders (Nicole doesnt stray from her own crowd) yet, they all tie back over shane and his squad, explaining why she went with Destery instead of Nate and wanted to head for Johnny through Connor with both enterprises having the Leda skinwalk as bonus.

>never meet your heroes
And that should be pretty telling, that Destery, Shane, Jeffree and Nate have public history of narcissism, child molestation, grooming and sociopathy. And Colleen and Brittany are trauma victims. Wow, what a great bunch to look up to.

They are all up each others asses in videos, it's hard to watch. (in this one everyone in the comments pushes for Johnnie that he needs to have a collab with Shane now and that it will happen) It's like Shane is the center, then the first circle around him is his close friends, than their circle around is the emo faggs Nicole chases and then Nicole.

Nicole wanted to be famous so bad and it's hilarious just how much she failed despite her trying for so long now.

No. 185958

File: 1638785460110.png (1.33 MB, 1049x1410, IMG_20211206_110848.png)

This possibility also explains why she quickly transitioned from uwu fairy nerdprincess to badass succubus as soon as she entered LA area, as that image would blend her right in with the emos she was going after and make her desirable to them. Narcs and their agenda man, it's just fucking creepy how far they dupe people to get their way, even if that means skinwalking other identities to land on their radar.

No. 185983

Why would you want to be friends or continue to be friends with Shane? Bullet dodged lol

No. 185995

File: 1638815196438.jpeg (394.49 KB, 1201x1573, FED8CF5B-C9D5-4110-8EE9-70F220…)

Imagine being Connor and seeing this compilation rambling about unconditional love, red flags, toxicity, and holding in anger. Why is she shittalking her friends/boyfriend so publicly?

No. 186005

They are all yes men. Sycophants attract sycophants. I guess it is hard to see herself in the mirror through them. Unconditional love has she actually experienced that phenomenon? I doubt that she is too fickle with people to have solid sentiments about them

No. 186025

Think about it, of course she has to act that way. She put all into it she got (which is still little as she has nothing much to offer besides her own agendas, but to a narc giving any sort of investment is already a huge deal) and in the end missy still got dumped and cheated on by Destery, remained unpursued by Nate although he had his moment and didn't invoke interest in Johnnie.

And Dennis didn't wait around to take her back after all that too, which to a normal person is healthy and to Nicole a personal attack.

So now she inevitably has to paint eeevery single guy that GASP doesnt go crazy for her and didnt get her where she wants as a disgusting, evil, revenge worthy, pain inflicting asshole which is entirely to blame on their own. They must be traitors, psycho and phew, wasnt she smart to cut them out of her life?!

It's the textbook narc-ego action against people who didnt function or reciprocated the way she tried to coern them to. The equivalent to a misogynistic micro peepee who asks a woman out, gets a no and then shittalks her as much as possible to maintain face.

No. 186026

File: 1638830069780.png (919.9 KB, 1080x1590, IMG_20211206_233412.png)

yes, and it's so funny because
>So now she inevitably has to paint them a disgusting, evil, revenge worthy, pain inflicting assholes which are entirely to blame on their own
is an actual description of herself, not them. she forced herself into all those connections under false pretense, only has her own interest and goals in mind for using and abusing those people and THEN can't take the hit to her fragile little narc ego, when no guy, not even the garbage juice tiers, wants a rotten thot who is a shell imitating others and manipulating the fuck out of them for personal benefit. What a shocker. But no, to her it's an outrage she didn't get her way how she planned.

No. 186029

yeah she is hardcore projecting onto them who she actually is. In her reality she can't understand nor take how anybody could dare to not fall on their knees in awe and eat out of her hand. They need to be humiliated and punished for not seeing how lucky they were having her wasting minimal energy on them. They must be insane to decline her incredibly, boundless, to die for LOVE… a.k.a. the lifelong serving to a narcissist egoist. yeah yeah Nicole you dodged the bullet, keep telling that yourself to be remotely able to digest real life …

No. 186078

She Tweets all these kinda things in order to subtweet her ex, and (if he responded) get some of that narcissistic attention she craves, he must have been ignoring her for a long time now, and these Tweets are bait for him to try and present the idea she had any emotional depth and interacting with her would be a worthwhile experience. We know she is an inane troll with the emotional depth of a kiddy pool but she still tries to present another image.

No. 186082

File: 1638851408367.jpeg (399.74 KB, 828x1168, 42DA48D2-7D13-4E3F-A905-C823FF…)

Omegalul who exactly is this victim of hers she’s sperging about?

No. 186083

File: 1638851626434.jpeg (252.14 KB, 1201x1800, F4BD4683-7B0D-4232-BB10-15757E…)

Also I’m loling she felt the need to hide this one harmless tweet simply saying “no” that they don’t relate to her. She’s sensitive as fuck lmao

No. 186085

File: 1638852114975.jpeg (268.32 KB, 831x1800, FC29874E-AE64-4841-9F5B-176435…)

If this isn’t enough proof it’s about her ex.. also is she too stupid to read the post and captions of these relationship issue posts she reshares? It’s some psychic scam lady who gives relationship/marriage advice. Lmfao

No. 186086

Who's the guy in the BJ vid?(sage)

No. 186090

File: 1638852784079.jpeg (Spoiler Image,187.39 KB, 1201x1800, 764AB7E2-7026-4C3D-BEA4-EC5445…)

It’s her boyfriend. Also can we talk about how dead inside she looks? She legitimately looks miserable the entire time. https://stream.bunkr.is/v/0gx422286pt8rh6j7s132_source-ErMy23pY.mp4

No. 186095

File: 1638854018227.jpeg (1014.81 KB, 828x1552, 182BAA5A-A1AE-41D1-B987-8173F3…)

You’re fucking kidding me, is this all about Dennis? She said she shared a childhood with this person and that they’re a liar and a cheater. Nicole, YOU are a liar and a cheater too.

No. 186141

Her behavior really wants to make me vomit, this is some MAD projection going on.

SHE was the one who hovered over HIM for years now, not the other way around. Nicole was the one constantly subtweeting, stalking his socials, publicly glorifying her relationship with him every chance she got and vaguely lamenting about their old times through memes, text, photo or lyrics. SHE is the one who repeatedly told everyone they were on good terms, that he was the love of her life and may I remind, plastered her facebook statuses in lovebombing novels about him. And finally SHE was the one who constantly lied, manipulated and cheated on him endless times, while claiming she needed more "freedom" aka whoring around for clout without having to make excuses to him.

This entire thing is a narcissistic smear campaign against Dennis, who by the way, kept silent, his distance and didn't roast her psycho ass once for what she had done to HIM - I'd bet my fucking money on the truth being that she just found out he is in a new relationship, maybe the first after their breakup. 100 bucks that this bitch hovered and harassed and fished the shit out of him and now loses her mind because she realized she now lost control over him.

Look at this text >>186095
I mean seriously, that is what Dennis should be writing about HER not the other way around. This IS Nicole with every guy she was ever involved. Blasting him on social media like that - no surprise here, it's her go to move after all - is absolutely pathetic given that this is all on her.

No. 186142

I think this pretty much sums it up, anon. I can totally see how she was so sure of herself that she still had power, desirability and control over him, and then just found out he has another girlfriend already, which nobody told her before. I wouldn't even interpret her tantrum as him being a cheater in the relationship, but that she now sees this situation as betrayel. As usual, completely leaving her deal with Destery and Connor during the relationship swept under the rug.

Or hey, maybe her fans got so sick and tired of her melancholic teenager subtweeting saga that they made some confession up to shut her the fuck up already.

Anyways, I agree that this is a distasteful, embarassing smear campaign and that her delusion about who did what and is to blame is on a level only a narc could find himself in. She is disgusting.

No. 186143

And Nicole somehow magically does not realise that this horrible text is an exact warning to others of who SHE is? That she keeps people waiting on a leash, toys and powerplays with their lifes, wrecks their relationships and mental health and then even after trashing their reputation, still expects to be let back into their control circle through lovebombing, to keep harassing, slandering and abuse them? THIS IS YOU HOE.

No. 186145

She looks like a dead fish corpse who was reanimated through electroshocks, quickly shoved a dick into its mouth and then filmed as long as it moved, before it went comatous again. This shit is more arthouse than porn.

No. 186146

She could have fulfilled on her early cosplay and streaming promises from years back if she did not want this to happen. I mean what filters were in this video? Maybe she sucks at video games. She is fulfilling her promises now I will give her that, but this was a disappointment of a video to many. I mean if it was a choice of streaming or onlyfans I never understood why she picked the latter over the former. Unless she only did the onlyfans to get the attention of Dennis like I mentioned earlier. This could explain why she was lashing out. She did not get a reaction from Dennis.

No. 186149

Onlyfans brings way more, easy and fast money to her through minimal effort and it gives her a stronger sense of control, because she doesnt have to be spontaneous or funny on live cue, you know, proof that she has an actual personality on stream. she hasnt.

Additionally, she films her OF shit on her phone which supports live video filters she is used to, while a streaming webcam usually doesnt and cant be that accurate without making the alternating obvious.

Imagine you are Connor, her "oh so amazing partner" that has to read all these incredibly hurtful sperge novels about her being so hung up on her ex (or much rather the power over Dennis) and how much more thought and dedication she gives him on her socials (yet again, not one single love declaration for Connor in text or picture) and then she cant even suck his dick right and just behaves like a "let's get it over with and make some money off you while we're at it" cumdumpster. No human with an ounce of self respect would tolerate that. And no human with three braincells would be acting so evil and obnoxious with their boyfriend, while simultaneously playing the victim, in every relationship she had.

No. 186152

Seriously I do not sympathize with Connor at all. It would be pretty difficult picturing myself in his shoes. I thought he did some sex videos with Darcy. I may be wrong . But if he did it is not like he has not done it before. He is an enabler to Narcole and is passive to her mental decline. I am starting to think he may be pushing her mental decline just from what I see with Darcy. Narcole said someone gave her an intervention. It is just odd since her friend group just lets her do whatever. Who would give her an intervention and then encourage her to blame her Ex if it is the person she is talking about. If an intervention happened it would have to be a new face since no one did anything til now.

No. 186155

oh i dont sympathize with him either, i just think he is seriously fucked in the head to stay in that rotten relationship and doesnt do anything in consequence to Nicoles misbehavior, but then again, he is a coward manchild who never did anything against anything.

The way it sounds, this either must be someone who was involved at the time it happened (like a stranger girl coming clean about something going down back then) or a mutuap friend who knew and kept silent about it, either way, both are horrible scenarios and sound unlikely. What kind of "friend" keeps that secret all those years, great choice in people as usual, Nicole! And why spill it now? Did she secretly try to get back together with Dennis so it had to be broken to her? How can someone drop that bomb and be addressed as "having the decency" instead of getting ripped to shreds by her for not telling priorly? It doesnt really come together…

No. 186157

File: 1638887277550.jpg (615.14 KB, 1000x3102, pt2021_12_07_15_27_17.jpg)

Bitch was crazy and could never leave him the fuck alone.

No. 186165

File: 1638889697014.jpeg (93.24 KB, 828x264, 395FF1FD-B901-4BEA-9D28-B6EA34…)

Look at the shit he tweets/retweets compared to her, it’s almost exclusively about how happy their relationship is and when you look at Nicole’s account it’s her obsession with her ex..

No. 186192

Dont get fooled that this toxic shit is love, Connor became co-dependant, the shit that happens to almost everyone that gets brainwashed into narc slavery. They literally think they can't live without them anymore so they stay no matter the abuse.

No. 186225

File: 1638914606045.jpeg (572.91 KB, 828x1243, 9471F18E-38C3-4F28-82C1-E6D2A6…)

According to her scrotes her comments on her OF posts are disabled, of course she knows her content is doodoo and needs to disable criticism/negative feedback lol

No. 186271

File: 1638921629340.jpeg (Spoiler Image,311.74 KB, 1011x1800, E00C20D4-EBCD-4CDF-8F44-4056EE…)

Tfw her own friend she’s known since 2016 said her blowjob video isn’t good and she’s delusional enough to say the feedback has been phenomenally good. The delusion.

No. 186275

Didn't she charge like $100-200 for a few seconds of boobs or whatever in the past? So she really did drop her prices a lot and the scrotes are still whining. This is your market as an ethot, the worst rude scum out there.

No. 186296

It’s because she went in thinking it’s an easy thing to do, but didn’t consider she has to actually have sex appeal, not be lazy, and not make shit content.

No. 186309

Her scrotes are finally turning on her

No. 186334

File: 1638950503478.gif (7.92 MB, 480x408, 2E5D2E41-4FF1-48EB-B3CF-C8891B…)

Imagine being a grown woman and making these self-victimizing cringe ass fake deep videos.

No. 186335

File: 1638950637131.jpeg (250.03 KB, 592x597, 63E23894-4E0A-4480-9B79-686112…)

That evil smile when you successfully blast your ex all over social media for a week writing paragraphs about how shitty of a person they are just for moving on from you

No. 186345

Pff, how about no, she charged up to 200$ for her low quality packages in the past and apparently still thinks she should have charged more and now dropped the price because rightfully everyone catched on to her being a piece of shit creator, and again still charges horrendous proportions to what people get - a 20 second sloppy, asexual bj.

No. 186346

Her lashes are enormous, I didn't realize. Her makeup is adora batbrat tier over the top, layers upon layers with another ten layers of filter, you can see her face jump around a bit in that clip too
Her smile gives away her true personality a lot

No. 186347

I wouldnt perceive them as rude, their argument is valid. Her charging pattern makes absolutely no sense and she is way too convinced of her skyrocket pricing compared to what dogshit she is delivering. The feedback is, legitimetly so, phenomenally bad.

No. 186348

>dropped the price because

because she got desperate, only reason. Funny that her first actual blatant porn clip she charges much less than the $200 5 seconds boob clip or whatever her earlier offerings were. Being a sexworker always goes the same way, sunk cost into ruining your life (can't quit, already ruined reputation and your internet footprint) and ever-lower prices.

No. 186349

doesnt top the one where she lies on the ground and has a bloody nose, because rape aesthetic is sooo stylish you know.

well this is unsurprisingly what you get when you sub to someone with mental illnesses like narcissism, it will never surpass the bare minimum effort, but the Top 0.8% tag and the skyhigh pricing will remain with endurance and consistency, because pseudo fame and money is all she cares about, not creativity or people.

No. 186353

File: 1638964004686.jpeg (721.96 KB, 828x1436, 696F6E86-068B-43BE-AE83-BD0068…)

Not sure why Nicole decided to join this trend where you smile on the month you had sex, all it did is just shows her and Connor dead bedroom sex life. She only smiled on july, october, and december. That’s 3 months out of a whole year lol

No. 186359

File: 1638966824208.jpg (533.29 KB, 1200x1600, pt2021_12_08_13_28_31.jpg)

Seriously, her current "look at me being so confident and dont give a fuck about my break up haha you suck anyways t'was all your blame" nonsense, with which she stands entirely alone and nobody believes it, gives me very strong Gabbie Hanna vibes. (Another psychotic, vengeful narc, that loves to take out private matters publicly albeit nobody wants to see that drama and all she does is end up embarassing herself) I guess we can expect a lot more cringeposting about Nicoles imagined destruction of Dennis. Bonus: Smeared eyeliner for even more pathetic quality and that lightsaber picture is shooped to the gods as usual.

No. 186361

File: 1638966938689.jpg (576.96 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_12_08_13_29_02.jpg)

Can we please talk about her most recent psychotic instastory? She runs up her cat, scares her shitless, imitates beating and gripping while the animal jumps to the side and then pretends she literally blasted the cat with a punch out of existance. Excuse me, wtf? That poor animal. Nicole needs fucking help.

No. 186362

Never trust a grown woman over 14 constantly wearing this schoolgirl 2 pigtail hairstyles…

the sabre is white, her glow is purple. You can see in all those pictures just how much majority of it is editing, editing, editing. In the content she creates herself, you get shaky phone, 80 filters and her lying around somewhere. It's either lazy, low quality turd if she does it alone or fakeness overload when she does it by her friend.

Yet, her OF takes the cake of low quality.