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File: 1627653122602.jpg (402.47 KB, 650x435, 111.jpg)

No. 165079

Belle Delphine the 21 year old professional internet attention seeker. Best known for selling her bathwater, dressing in children's bathing suits and bootlicking any youtuber or lolcow with a following. Recently dumped by her mother belle turned to porn in the hopes of gaining relevance but this backfired now she posts increasingly shocking deranged content to extend her 15 mins as far as possible.

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>went to Korea to get plastic surgery to be able to post videos without breaking the illusion of her being a dainty anime girl
>has been guesting on podcasts and talking about her long-term boyfriend for the first time and how her aspirations for the future include being a bougie mom with a mysterious secret
>revealed her chest on Twitter to announce her "hardcore porn" to the screeching of many
>instantly began hiring a lawyer to take down any unauthorized uploads of her content, some leaks have disappeared within 20 minutes of being posted (lolcow remains spared?)
>her porn turns out awkward and borderline bizarre
>endless emphasis on her asshole so she won't have to show her vagina out of fear incels would call her a roastie
>includes random poorly executed "kink" scenes
>sloppy styling when her signature "look" was what made her famous in the first place
>hiding body parts we've already seen
>comes off incredibly awkward and insecure
>Rape fantasy porn posted to Twitter.
>Defended the CNC porn but Twitter removed it anyways.
>Uses her boyfriend Josh as a gimp prop.
>Says she isn't paedo-pandering but has dressed in children's clothing for premium snapchat, edits herself to look younger and lies about her height.

>Private yet not so private FB account discovered under a new alias

>Recently spotted at a ethot meet up with her other degenerate friends

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 165084

The pic on the right is not Belle, and this thread was already remade and locked. Nothing new to tell, make a thread when she does literally anything.

No. 165085

“Recent updates” she hasn’t been active on social media since Feb. also learn2makethread and include the thread name next time and use an actual picture of her

No. 165086

I think a lot of us are aware it isn't her. Its just a meme. I'm pretty sure I can list several other threads that should be removed for lacking any cow activity. Yet here we are.
The photo on the left is of her.

No. 165088

File: 1627654989412.jpeg (660.41 KB, 625x1119, 222.jpeg)

No. 165089

File: 1627655039219.png (12.22 MB, 1242x2208, 1621592187118.png)

No. 165091

who tf are all these fanboys

No. 165098

What are we supposed to discuss here there is zero milk since her ugly porn

No. 165099

Absolutely retarded OP.

No. 165101

Anons critiquing thread OP doesn’t make them fan boys, retard, keep coping that belle threads keep getting locked

No. 165128

File: 1627665215992.png (8.61 KB, 297x82, 1623941235279.png)

her ass is likely to come back to the internet, a thread up is nice to have so people can post updates. There's threads of random ethots that has 0 milk. Why is everyone against a Belle thread?

No. 165129

did you take your prozac today?

No. 165131

Where is that comment from??

No. 165136

Kai Winter shared a photo with Belle on his IG

No. 165142

There's no new milk, why is there another thread?

No. 165143

Anon no one likes your thread and you reposting old posts doesn't make it newmilk or milky. Learn2sage and integrate.

No. 165144

These were already posted in the last thread. Nothing else has happened (if you count her hanging out with friends as milk)

Usually I'm not one to screech no milk but there's no fucking milk.

No. 165147

Really don't need every photo instance of a cow to try to pass off as milk. Anons are retarded.

No. 165151

Oh look thread OP already got red texted, looks like you need the prozac?

No. 167419


No. 167429

Man are you fucking annoying with your cringe emotes >>>/w/158058 get a hobby besides creating shitty threads for Belle and learn to speak proper English on an English gossip site (you sound retarded)

No. 168156

File: 1629241137760.png (687.08 KB, 828x1474, image0.png)

A recent Photo with her bf
No Milk but it's still kinda interesting how different and even more filthy they look in RL

No. 168157

File: 1629241179358.jpg (75.95 KB, 359x490, 20210818_005610.jpg)

No. 168159

Oh wow she looks much older than her age

No. 168160

File: 1629241410408.jpg (53.87 KB, 417x841, 20210818_005453.jpg)

Such a cute Anime Grill

No. 168161

It's a blurry photo, contribute some actual milk

No. 168163

File: 1629241913632.jpg (244.49 KB, 720x1387, 20210818_005430.jpg)

No. 168174

She’s really gotten fat

No. 168177

Seems less like she got fat but finally got captured in group pictures where she had no control of the posing and editing.
Of course it's glaring and would make her seem chonky.

No. 168183

Her legs though? I'm no anachan and of course she has always abused filters/ps but those look like average to even chubby girl legs and not uwu loli thigh gap legs? You're right though, it's probably more just jarring to see her with peers and an adult body and no control over the image. She is living proof filters were a mistake.

No. 168187


So many haggard looking people with one section of their hair poorly dyed blonde, 2021 styling is one of the worst so far

No. 168188

she's put on weight, but that's good tbh. She was very skinny before. There's no way she's going to come back right now. Her scrotes would roast her alive now she couldn't pretend to be a child. Her styling is fucking tragic, though.

No. 168206

What the fuck is up with these seemingly countless outdoor meet ups she’s doing where everyone poses in a huge group at the end? Is it some kind of british thing?

No. 168209

Anime girls aren’t cute to begin with, she should really stop using them as beauty standards, or at least focus on the adult anime girls imo

No. 168214

Summer garden parties and barbecues are indeed a British thing, the more cringe the better. Moreso for younger people than adults though, it's more of a teen thing but Belle and co do have arrested development. Basically you have the same cringe teen parties you have indoors in cooler weather, where you all drink and kiss each other, but outdoors with 25% more cringe.
Generally adults will go to music festivals to act similarly, but most of them were cancelled this year for obvious reasons.

No. 168229

anon are you seriously that retarded the concept of people hanging out in a garden during summer is weird to you?
BBQs are literally an everywhere thing, europe, america, australia, NZ etc etc. It's not a British thing or a "teen" thing. Seriously this thread is otherworldly retarded. You guys will pretend the concept of a BBQ or picnic ia puzzling just so you can dunk on Belle and say she has arrested development. I lived in England for 20 years and BBQs were had by pretty much everyone with a garden when the weather is nice. Get some fucking friends and maybe you'll get invited to some.
Belle is fat and retarded but at least she's not you guys.

No. 168238

Seriously though. It’s not milk for her dress and look like an adult for once, I always assumed the disgusting loli jailbait shit was just for scrotebucks and not a look she normally sports in her everyday life. Inb4 hi scrote or hi wk no, just learn 2 read the rooms after mods have locked and redtexted these threads multiple times: it’s not milk to appearance nitpick. Wait for her to come back if you’re that desperate for milk jfc

No. 168363


Why don't you get it that people want to know how she looks behind her facade of Filters? Is it that hard to understand? Can't you comprehend it? It's Not nitpicking just interesting seeing her normal after the Belle Delphine fiasco.
And it makes everything even more hilarious when you see how boring and fat she looks in real life. I'd love If all these scrotes and incels find the thread

No. 168364

Yeah that sounds like a vendetta. Also, learn to sage.

No. 168368

You sound too old to be using a gossip board. The post you're sperging about is talking specifically about the kind of teenage-tier cringe parties Belle is obviously attending, clearly different to the typical adult barbecue, more similar to clubbing/festival behaviour, unless you are insinuating you got blind drunk, danced and kissed everyone at the barbecues you attended in your 20 years in england (is this Belle's mum in this thread or what?). Be less pressed.

No. 168384

never knew bri'ish people looked asian

No. 168387

File: 1629367023210.png (100.42 KB, 488x882, i7.png)

She said her mom is one quarter asian on one of the podcasts.

No. 168389

Wtf is this picture supposed to show?

No. 168390

File: 1629369548641.jpeg (92.54 KB, 1049x828, 87077716-FA7A-452D-875C-86C38A…)

But bad candids of her have been shown as long as she’s been around. It’s not new milk just because she’s dressing like an adult for once. Here’s a candid of her when she actually does the uwu kaweewee looks.

No. 168392

I don’t think she’s fat but she’s def gained weight. What she used to upload apart from obvious shoop was clearly result of an ED and not her actual natural body type. Though in her defence a lot of people have gained “quarantine weight” in the UK.

No. 168396

Seriously? She sits in a dark room on purpose, so it's hard to see her features. You do know video filters exist? Kek

No. 168397

How is >>168163 dressing like an adult? She looks like a toddler dressed her.

No. 168398

File: 1629373806219.jpeg (459.77 KB, 828x956, E96DA21E-E411-410A-8C39-EBED42…)

As I said, appearance nitpicking isn’t milk so unless you have anything to contribute stop bumping the thread kek. That was on skype with a youtuber so I doubt she filtered that. But just to ease your mind here is one from a podcast I found.

No. 168423

Can someone tell me what the fuck this outfit is LMAOOOOOOO

No. 168430

File: 1629388472142.jpeg (362.99 KB, 599x1166, D92BB093-0A6D-4C70-A046-CA4AF8…)

Sorry but she’s still skinny as hell imo

No. 168433

this is average

No. 168452

In general yeah but shes clearly like 20lbs heavier than 6 months ago

No. 168513

did you farmers hear? onlyfans is banning all explicit content lul

either the lense is one of those phone lenses that make the people standing on the end chonkier or she packed on a good 20lbs

No. 168545

Has anyone ever mentioned on here how freaking creepy rusty is?
That chick thinks she's belle I'm pretty sure

No. 168546

That's pretty dumb to ban the thing that got them famous in the first place. Belle deserves to get kicked off for scamming so many people though anyways.

No. 168558

File: 1629435766998.jpeg (299.44 KB, 828x1009, D3FB37D7-1D2E-498B-9EC0-0860DE…)

Sorry but it’s just clickbait, Belle is safe for now

No. 168560

Those are the old terms and already existed before this announcement. The new terms haven't been announced yet. Sexworkers are just coping and trying not to throw themselves out the window right now, I can't blame 'em after screeching sex work is work and revenge porning themselves all over the internet only to have the rug pulled from under them.

No. 168565

Oof I had no idea, I would actually be happy for OF to finally boot sex workers. Imagine the shitshow that would bring

No. 168671

Rusty fawkes is creepy as shit she's like the biggest skinwalker i've ever seen in my life. Bitch has some serious issues. Curious to know what she actually looks like IRL without wearing Belle's skinsuit

Same. It would be funny to see them scramble to try and find a real job that doesn't involve showing their tits to scrotes

No. 168688

Mary should watch out that Rusty doesn't try to find her and kill her so she can become the one true Belle

No. 168692

To be clear, there's no new milk since January. This isn't an archive for photos to nitpick. Does anyone have milk that's not saying hurrdurr she looks fatter?

No. 168697

Nothing. I don't know why this thread was revived, kek it's not even her sharing videos it's her friends chill guys

No. 168698

>complaining about thread being revived
>no sage so bumps to the top

There's no milk, but if all we're gonna get this year is blurry garden party photos, we're gonna comment on that. Belle's time is running out since the Onlyfans news has been officially confirmed; only non-sexual nudes will be allowed which means she has to go elsewhere if she ever wants to thot again. I'd be happy if the thot trend died with this news and she just spent the rest of her life living off her millions.

No. 168702

File: 1629533143134.png (496.4 KB, 411x731, cs.png)

pretty average

No. 168703

I think the dumbest thing Belle did as a “business woman” apart from the porn, was disappear from the internet. As much as I hate her, she created a vacuum where skin walkers like Rusty and Alice Delish could thrive without her. However it might have been the best move for her as a person because I think it wasn’t “business” and was just 100% mental illness and needing cumbrain validation whether to skip tonight’s meal or not.

No. 168726

OK scrote.

What do you expect? This is lolcow; it's basically femcel central.

You know they can easily just move to another site, like Patreon or ManyVids?

No. 168748

Post rusty in the skinwalker thread

No. 168754

Remember when people were praising her as a genius businesswoman and then she threw it all away multiple times by disappearing for months on end? Kek

No. 168762

This is the wrong thread though, we already made one and the pic in op's post was confirmed to not even be her

No. 168795

Patreon already has a no sex rule, Patreon and Onlyfans will essentially be the same after Oct 1st.

That's the thing, I can imagine Belle moving to a sex site since she has no shame, but many Onlyfans girls aren't in it for the grift of actually being a camgirl, making customs or doing full service, they just hopped onto a trend to make easy money from lazy, shooped and filtered photos and videos. That won't fly elsewhere. Belle would probably do more unwanted boner-shrivelling hardcorn porn if she needs a quick buck, but a good proportion of OF thots are not going to do that, (it's actual work, and they are not gonna look good in 4k) and thus they just got cut off from the moneypot.
Unless they become a sad grifting sexworker like everyone else. There's no cred in being a camgirl like there is in a celebrity-affiliated trending site.

No. 168996

I'm sorry but this girl ruined her life I feel very sad for her, she ruined her life in an industry full of narcs where she barely gets any credit for her ideas or work.

She's only 21 years old but I think she must be tired as fuck from all the stupid attention. Now all thots are skinwalking her and literally making money off her personality which is fucking insane. There are thots skin walking Belle Delphine making more money than Belle and they're not even doing porn like she has done.

She's barely had any sexual partners her entire life yet everyone sees her as a slut and she will forever be stuck with her abusive pimp bf that is willing to fuck her on camera. People pushed her into hardcore porn since she began doing gravure shit. I feel so so sad for Belle. And you may say that these are consequences of her actions but she's 21 fucking years old she's literally still a child and now her entire career and life will be tainted with actual porn. If she stayed at cute lingerie pics it wouldn't even be as degrading or harmful to her future. I think media outlets were lying about how much money she was making too to draw more people into doing OF, they acted like she literally pulled 1 million monthly when she was probably making like 100k at best. And now she has to get anally fucked because of course simps are not gonna pay for only gravure pics after she's shown them everything. Her life is so so sad and she's clearly mentally ill. She used to have Youtube vids suggesting she has BPD making metaphors for being empty inside and she has a picture on insta where she basically says "you know what happened to me to end up like this?"

No. 169078

File: 1629750379026.png (151.21 KB, 1405x759, kl.png)

Josh has been named "Company Director" of a nursing home group. Not sure what that means exactly but it's a company that owns and operates quite a few nursing homes in England.

No. 169080

belle actually looks better with hair pulled back

No. 169081

would this mean she is even less than one quarter asian?

>>168389 check cast names, I'm guessing she got her persona from this movie

No. 169082

she paved the way for ethots to dress up like "anime girls" without looking like they are cosplaying as asian people.

No. 169083

Do everyone a favor, and sage your multiple posts that have no milk.

No. 169085

personally think she looks better with of weight on her

No. 169086

File: 1629752846207.png (484.19 KB, 529x466, outfit.png)

rusty has a youtube that you can look at, she doesn't really go all out with lighting and filters. She looks normal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169087

She has her own discussion in the skinwalkers thread. This is not relevant whatsoever.

No. 169088

This is definitely rusty selfposting
gtfo weirdo stalker no one cares about you(hi cow)

No. 169095

rusty you are ugly and cringe and you need to sudoku as fast as possible cunt. Your life has no value and your entire purpose is pandering to simps that don't care about you and showing them your pussy. Do the entire world a favor and kill yourself.(A-log)

No. 169211

There is a lot of "Joshua Gray"s in UK, are you sure is Belle's Boyfriend?

No. 169282

big sage but
21 isn't really 'just a child anymore', 17-19 though, now that's a dumbass kid age alright
those being primarily the years she spent making the decisions that took her where ever she's now and where she's gonna be in a few years.
Your comment is agreeable for everything except calling a 21 yo a child.

No. 169294

This thing that (mainly americans) do where they think one single year difference in age makes a huge difference in terms of intelligence, cognition, etc

A 21 year old is usually pretty much exactly as moronic as an 18 year old in my experience

No. 169301

No. 169329

Nta and I won't deny my burgerism, but most 17-21 year olds are aware that taking off one's clothes for the internet in exchange for money isn't the best career choice.
It's not hard to believe that a privileged girl from a first world country saw an opportunity for easy money and took it without thinking about the consequences because the attention was addictive. She made her choices and now there are some ramifications. Another fact to consider is that despite her waning popularity she's still going to make out better than literally the majority of other women who chose this path. What's shitty about her is that she tricked other impressionable girls into thinking this was a viable option that they too could profit as easily from, without mentioning the fact that she's always been managed by a team of moids who curated her online image.

No. 169335

She's not even active. Go debate in OT about the personal morality of the difference between a 16 and a 23 year old, finding easy money easy. What a concept. It's not about clothes, retard. It's about the bank.

No. 169385

You seem upset. Sounds like you're familiar with ot, mayhaps go vent your feelings there.

No. 169409

This thread is dead. Using it as an onlyfans discussion because Belle has been offline for 10 months, is wasting the thread. Fuck off with your obvious vendetta and come back with actual milk, not nitpicking and rediscussing for the 4th thread why you hate Belle and her porn.

No. 169454

Is the girl in these photos Belle or a skinwalker? I am confused.

No. 169470

It’s Belle. These images are from her IRL friends social media.

No. 169549

She looks like a cow kek

No. 169613

File: 1630007243595.png (651.63 KB, 1263x960, I4.png)

It's him. He's using this as his correspondence address for the company. This house hasn't been sold since 2002 yet its been listed for sale multiple times. It's owned by the same people that manage the nursing homes.

No. 169679

tbh that's shady as fck.
Think they're money laundering?(sage your shit)

No. 169717

How's the nursing home group called? And I wonder why the House is multiple times for sale? It looks like they only rent but the connection to the nursing home is pretty weird

No. 169718

Where did you find that?

No. 169746

>one post
>vendetta because the post upsets you
Ok. Sure.

No. 169763

Reminds me of the WK that sat in the Nicole thread.

No. 169772

Yes, is Belle's Husband, i know that address too.
The nursery house thing is related in some way with Belle's mother, she had registered a company called Quality concierge for you.

No. 169787


No. 169841

>>169613 the fuck is up with uk house prices? 900 000 for a 5 bedroom small house what?

No. 169852


Location location location

No. 169929

It's most definitely overpriced, hence no sale, also UK doesn't have the annual property taxes (pasted a bit below for those who don't know) that US has, you just buy and that's it.
Just council tax which is quite cheap (currently £1141.23 a year) compared to property taxes on more expensive homes.

>property taxes are the largest source of revenue for state and local governments in the USA. Property taxes are charged based on the value of your property and currently, the median property tax rate falls between 0.2-1.9%.

No. 169968

>>169929 not an american so I dont know of property taxes, but man.
We only pay for the house here no extra unless the bank is involved

No. 170301

File: 1630511025023.png (330.26 KB, 1654x699, bx.png)

The guy that had Josh's job resigned shortly before Josh assumed the position, his occupation was listed as "Event Coordinator". Sophie is in real estate management. The Quality Concierge company was dissolved in 2018 when she still lived in the Hove place. Her new position is in Norfolk Square in Brighton as "Company Director" of a completely different location.

No. 171615

The uk is not one town you know? That would get you a literal castle in some parts of the country. No different than expensive popular towns in any other country.

No. 172275

File: 1631742102218.png (18.46 KB, 652x284, Capture.PNG)

If "bad porn" had an article on Wikipedia will be a Belle Delphine pic for sure…

No. 172278

Learn to sage

No. 172362

she was a victim of grooming, both by the internet, the media, and joshua.

she had so many talents she could have used in other ways. just have been goddamn blogger or diy youtuber.

dunno how society is ever going to recover from the bastardrey sites like onlyfans have unleashed on this world. just got set back another 500 years.

No. 172371

The dumb bitch stole other girls nudes to sell them. She went the easy route for money, sucks at sex and now is taking a hiatus so she can come back for more quick cash. Such a grooming victim.

No. 172462

She was doing all this and going this route before Josh and before she got popular. She was a 4chan bitch, anon.

No. 172585

File: 1631854112505.webm (2.73 MB, 720x1280, 1631508389751.webm)

This was posted on 4chan
She obviously didn't want to be filmed that's kind of obnoxious that her friend did it anyway, called her belle AND posted it

No. 172594

Also the amount of one brain-celled girls she has inspired to be like her is sickening. I can't even open twitter without seeing some dumb bitch in a onesie and pink wig doing the ahego face.
I'm embarrassed to tell people I play videogames and watch anime now because it seems to have become synonoymous with being a ho if you're a girl thanks to these fakers.

No. 172674

>Reddit spacing

No. 172840

many subcultures on the girl side died because of the homogenization towards the "e-girl" ideal

You hate to see it.

No. 172853

Belle doesn't have milk, so maybe something like the egirl thread would be a better place to just complain about egirls. >>>/snow/1287867

No. 172979

you're obnoxious, and reading too much into things that just aren't there.

No. 175292

Damn her nose is so botched, the unnatural way it crinkles and folds when she makes a big smile

No. 176196

Is she chewing gum or gurning?

No. 176396

She's an anachan so probably chewing gum on an empty stomach wishing it was sustenance

No. 176397

Also I forgot to sage ahh sorry

No. 177450

Gonna post my Belle tinfoil here since it seems like she's really taken the year off (maybe forever idk)

There's an anime called Belle which features a pinkhaired slim character with some (for anime, a Disney animator helped design the characters so she is more westernized) passing resemblance to irl Belle. They obviously started making this movie before christmasporngate happened, the French release is December 2021 and I think the Japanese release was in July 2021?
Anyhow my tinfoil is the makers of that anime paid Belle some bigbux to fuck off the internet for the year so recent search results for their movie will not be full of her content.
Paying people not to post is actually a thing, a tech vlogger I follow mentioned she was paid not to review or mention a certain product (she has an image a lot of srs tech men don't want to associate with)(tinfoiling)

No. 177452

File: 1634531762760.jpg (256.67 KB, 1536x644, Belle-Main-Image-Mamoru-Hosoda…)

Some info about the movie:
It's a big anime, director is well known and the plot is about an online star, so it could easily mix with Delphine's content in search results.

No. 177453

File: 1634531814879.jpg (215.11 KB, 1536x644, Belle-Main-Image-Mamoru-Hosoda…)

No. 177671

Take your schizo meds please…

No. 177672

She's not posting because she's fucking lazy. Simple as that. She's fine with scamming people online by making them pay 35$ to see her shit poor quality selfies of her photoshopped ugly mug on her OF that hasn't been updated in a year.
Meanwhile she probably just lies on the couch eating Micky D's, watching netflix, searching her name online and getting fat. Can't forget occasionally hanging with her fellow weirdo degenerate sex worker friends.

No. 177686

This is not a common practice at all. You have the dumbest conspiracy theory. Hollywood and people with money, buyout the searches on places like Google. They don't need to hire people to keep a low profile. Typing in Belle doesn't even make her a top search even 9 pages into Google. You have Disney to compete with and Belle is a niche no matter how much people want to believe she exists outside of the internet.

No. 177720

File: 1634693221401.jpeg (474.42 KB, 828x1034, 3F420D5C-5C13-41E6-8C53-7E201C…)

Belle was on the front page for Joe Rogan’s sub reddit, everyone was congratulating her and eating up the article written at the start of this year. Did she really make millions? I have a hard time believing that

No. 177721

The 1 million per month on OnlyFans is a huge lie to promote the business. She makes like 100k per month or even less and that amount she's splitting with her boyfriend.
you sound like a fucking salty sex worker. She isn't "scamming" anyone.

No. 177734

Anon, she's making more than 100k. It's so easy for the money to rack up with even a couple hundred simps. Belle is popular in the circle she's cultivated, so 1 million isn't some farfetched number and I highly doubt you can prove she's splitting it with her boyfriend. She doesn't even have to. He gets a cut if anything, she's not dumb enough to give some retard money for what she's been doing for year before him. He's a literal prop. This is some shitty tinfoil the same way anons were obsessed with saying he runs a side business brothel.

No. 177735

Probably, yes. Get a couple of hundred subs, which is what she probably had and it's not that hard to rack up money on OF. Normies and people who like thots, probably both subbed too, so that added to her numbers. Saying she made just 100K a month is laughable from >>177721

No. 177738

Does it matter? Money is inconsequential when for the rest of her life she will be regarded as a whore or a laughingstock and a cringey phase of hers that she sold for money online will never completely disappear. Her life's legacy is being a silly strumpet.
I can't believe people feel any dollar amount for this humiliation and indignity is worth it. Especially when people have made far more money doing anything else for less effort and ridicule. Says a lot about society I guess.

No. 177739

She's not well known outside of the internet bubble she has. YouTube shows for gossip about her, making 1 million views on those, is an extreme niche. She used a stage name too and she's known for the bright pink hair and ethot clothes. Take all that shit away, she looks like a normie. No one is going to give a shit.

No. 177740

She can't be uwu forever. I'm sure her and her partner have already made plans for when she eventually has to disappears forever. She is very lucky she is able to afford that unlike other thots.

I hate this line of work and I can tell you wish it was you. I am glad belle is scamming men, it's what they deserve. Just wish she could have done it the honourable way without showing her holes and went the Bella Thorne route.

No. 177741

I wasn't saying she's a household name, I'm saying money isn't a virtue to have made such a fool of herself. You say she can just ditch the pink wig, but then what does she do with herself? It wasn't worth it.

No. 177742

you're hilarious and ridiculous I hate sex work too, but it's not like she sucked cock for 5$ in a corner. She made millions of dollars off absolutely effortless content. She seems mentally ill anyway and if she were a wagie she'd give away her dignity too. Belle Delphine is a unique and limited case where sex work actually worked, but for most girls becoming part of this industry is too risky because there's no guarantee you will make any money. Argue with me or whatever, but if she really does make 1million monthly from PS'ed pics she lucked the fuck out. Sex work is humiliating if you show your spread open vagina for 5$ like shayna but when it brings in millions monthly fuck it. She didn't even have to make actual porn, she made millions already from her lewds and semi nudes. The reason she did porn was to prove everyone she doesn't give a fuck and that she's the real deal. The stuff she was originally doing wasn't even humiliating. Yea, sex work is shit and shouldn't be promoted, but in our current economical situation and considering belle's real life skills she would have worked on like 5k per month at best. She really did luck out. I dont hate her because she doesn't even post shitty tweets with "sex work is real work" she just does her stuff

No. 177744

>"It's okay because she made money and it's not like she could have made money doing anything else!"
Sad. Whatever you have to tell yourself to make this okay I guess.

No. 177745

that's not what I said, read again. Everything I said was that it would have been impossible to make the same amount of money doing anything as effortless as this. Also, if you're living in the real world you could tell that Belle Delphine has next to no real life skills, she wouldn't have become a millionaire in her early 20's not even in her entire lifetime. Belle Delphine is one of the very few cases where sex work did work out. Stop acting like I'm coping and like people will call her a whore as you said. Nobody fucking cares, she will not have to work a single day in her entire life. It's not like she will have to go to work and face the ridicule of others or risk getting fired over her nudes. Girl is loaded and nobody would call her a whore besides some unhinged lolcow poster and some right winger extremist. Most people don't care how she's made her money, we live in a capitalist society where everything that matters is that you have money, not how you made it. She could have made money doing anything else, but again she wouldn't have become a millionaire in her early 20's. NTA

No. 177746

Wow. Good to see the conversation about this ho has not evolved whatsoever and she's still a genius millionaire girlboss. What a time to be alive.

No. 177747

Kek she was never ever making millions monthly. She maybe made good money the several months she ass active but she's been on hiatus for a few combined years now, she's not making shit every time she disappears

No. 177748

File: 1634705995705.jpeg (206.44 KB, 1170x1103, 2B405C72-DEE1-4EA4-8777-BDCBB4…)

No. 177749

People stayed subbed during those times, anon, not to mention no one here has proof of her not doing PPVs during the off YouTube/leak posts. She makes easy passive income by just keeping an OF alive and simps stay subbed because they want first dibs to when she starts posting again. It's a "I SAW IT FIRST" mentality for these creeps.

No. 177750

No way. If she was doing PPV it would have leaked/been confirmed by now that she is doing PPV and not just speculated with the amount of subs she has. A coomer would have uploaded something by now risking ban or not. She disappeared before, she will reappear again when she’s low on cash.

No. 177751

They really wouldn't have stayed subbed though, scrotes are fickle about that and the general consensus was that her porn sucked lol. I'm sure a few weirdos are still paying $20 a month after a year of no content but she's for sure not living off that shit.

No. 177752

You don't know how patient a scrote is about hiatus. They sub to these girls to begin with because they have that disposable income. Some probably did fall off, but she most likely has a couple thousand left. She's known for disappearing like this, they know the routine. They play the game of waiting for it

No. 177753

File: 1634706882494.png (259.76 KB, 619x717, Untitled.png)

She was also active a few days ago.

No. 177754

It's exactly what you said. Her lifestyle is okay because you believe she's gainfully profited from it because you said she couldn't have made a comfortable living doing something else.

You're saying women become whores because they're talentless hacks with no other options.
That's not empowerment and your money isn't a virtue to be proud of.

No. 177756

Deleted my post as you posted the same as me kek

Is there a sex worker ITT who can confirm if you need to log in to cash out or could she still be logging in just for the validation?

No. 177757

NTAYRT, but they aren't saying that. Do you actually have anything to add to this thread as far as milk goes? They are saying that her circumstance is a lucky one where she profited off of the meme thot culture and basically started it [hence all her copycats].


Someone who used to have an OF here, yes. You have to log in to cashout or she is doing updates in DMS or producing PPVs, but people are clearly still subbed. Some people stumble across thots by proxy from other sites, don't think to look for leaks or worry about leak sites having virsus, and they sub to the OF themselves. Doesn't matter how inactive she is. Scrotes pay and she is one of the few with that dedicated fanbase.

No. 177758

The best way to not see more of my posts is to quit replying to me, but you can't, can you? Your nerve is too struck. You want so badly for Belle to be the one that "made it" that during your tirade to defend her choices, you've said stupid shit like "She had no other skills, she had to porn out to make that money!!" I need not shit on this lolcow when your whiteknight asses do all the dunking yourselves. Pick a struggle.

No. 177759

Anons figured out based on how many scrotevotes she got on some poll she posted that she earned more like 250k a month, well that's until she quit in Feb and hasn't posted a scrap of content since. There's probably a few morons still subbed and she might make 5k a month or so from the remaining morons, but I doubt the vast majority would stay subbed to a dead account when they could use that money on a thot who was actually posting.

Something something flurry of activity to bury the "tinfoil" which is probably true since people were commenting her name under previews of this movie I saw on Instagram (e.g. "looks like Belle Delphine") it's not a huge logical leap to suggest they didn't want recent news stories of her doing blowies on Twitter to show up to English audiences searching the English title of this movie on Twitter, etc. US release is in Jan 2022 so we'll see if she posts before then.(tinfoiling)

No. 177760

>nobody would call her a whore except
>unhinged lolcow poster or right wing extremist

Give away a little more that you're a deranged sexworker and not a farmer.

No. 177761

>He's a literal prop.
A literal prop that got a car out of this while Belle still wears shit cheapo clothes? Anon, she's a pickme, she's definitely spoiling him while they live a white trash life judging by the pictures.

No. 177762

sanefag, I can't remember if the belle anon who keeps mentioning shayna to an obsessive level turned out to be Kitty or not, but you are obviously that same anon but even more deluded than in prior threads

No. 177763

you're a fucking schizo retard I'm not even that anon. You also cannot read and have no logical deduction skills. Me saying Belle lucked out for becoming a millionaire out of this at such an early age does not equate to me believing or saying women are worthless and can only make money through prostitution or whatever you came up with there. Use your critical thinking skills anon. Belle would have absolutely never become a billionaire. Yea, sex work is shit, but Belle lucked out. Read my posts again, you're fighting with an invisible opponent, accusing me of things I don't believe and that I did not claim and making illogical deductions. Plus you're the one who called her a whore. Yea, you love women so fucking much, that's why you come to imageboards to call them whores and make fun of them, women are worth so much in your perspective that if they do something you do not agree with they are "whores" and horrible. She might be a whore, but don't come here calling her that and then pretend that you love women for not encouraging sex work, I'm not encouraging it either and I said it is a bad idea and I do believe it is harmful to women, but calling her a whore or hating her won't solve the issue and won't make her less rich.

I'm not a swer and I'm not the other anon posting. Welcome to the real world anon, where nobody fucking cares. She didn't deal drugs or kill babies or traffic young women, your hate for women that don't do what you think is right is showing.

Not everyone that disagrees with you is the same person you schizo retards.

No. 177764

Their own coomers call them whores to their faces, but they don't care because they think a $10 subscription is sticking it to the scrotes while giving them what they demand. I already knew it was a sw from the way she puts money in front of self-respect and saying there's nothing else she could have done in life to make that amount of money. Low self-esteem like that is super common in sw spheres I've witnessed.

No. 177766

You're obviously samefagging plus you're making me feel really bad for you being that such a vapid lolcow like Belle is someone you evidently look up to enough to die on such a hill.
You're the one who said she had no other life skills to have ever made a similar amount of money from. You just said it again.
What you've said is pathetic. Money is not a virtue.
Sorry you've said what you said and now you're angry that you look foolish, but best to let it go instead of typing paragraphs while accusing others of being schizo-retard-right wing-posters or whatever other copes you've got in your vibrator bag.

No. 177767

>Use your critical thinking skills anon.

nta but you are clearly the one lacking logic if you think someone who released a double penetration sex tape, blowie videos, and multiple fucking videos as well as hundreds of photos of her with dildos up her holes would not be considered a whore.
It's like some dystopian horror story to me since Belle has an appeal that could have been a tv presenter or youtuber or something, instead of this horrific timeline. She made money, great, traffickers, hitmen and drug smugglers make money too, what's your point?

No. 177770

Belle's threads eventually got whiteknights (or one autistic one) and I don't know if it's scrotes or a deluded onlyfans idiot who was inspired by Belle.

Anyone who looks at her facebook images and footage they showed of their house can see she's the opposite of thriving.

No. 177775

>this spergy blowout about feminism and loving women
I love how this came out of nowhere just because it was said that women should find some self-respect and that money isn't everything.

Also what's wrong with calling sex workers "whores"? Plenty don't care and I'm pretty sure some even call themselves that kek.

No. 177779

Granted Belle wouldn’t have made as much money as she did through prostituting herself on the internet for betabux but what’s so wrong now with just making enough money to live a normal comfortable life like everyone else by having a normal job where they aren’t ramming plastic cocks up every orifice. So many alt women now are so hellbent on degrading themselves chasing the paper. Sex workers talk about how they must make millions of dollars but never invest in a damn therapist.

No. 177835

Sage for blogpost, but:
Personally, Belle and I are the same age. I've been called very beautiful my whole life and have always gotten tons and tons of attention, and at one point I did have a pretty well known Instagram.
I got lots of likes on my photos and messages from admirers, but you know what? I still felt empty as shit. It's an empty form of validation. So I deleted it.
I decided to work on my brain instead and became a programmer. And you know what? I'm way happier and confident than I ever was just focusing on my looks/the way people perceived me. That's without ever taking money from people or posting risque pictures my body online.
Anecdotal but I can't imagine she's very happy living this kind of hedonistic, materialistic lifestyle. True happiness comes from giving, not taking.(no1currs)

No. 177850

What the fuck is this shit

No. 177868

What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 177870

honestly I feel really happy when I take big steaming shits

No. 177883

no one gives a shit about how amazing your life is, hth blog-chan

No. 177887

You don’t need to be a 21 year old female to see that getting into sex work is a bad idea.

No. 177894

Kek you only got into programming for male attention. Sure you don’t take off your clothes and fuck yourself or get fucked on camera but you’re still doing something solely for male attention like Belle.

No. 177896

You sound delusional, post a pic of you

No. 177905

I knew this was gonna trigger nonnies when I saw it earlier, lo and behold. I think it's a transwoman (hence programming) and anyone who knows anything about programming knows you don't go into it to impress guys kek.
I like the sentiment of your post anon, you just did the cardinal sin of suggesting you are attractive on a female imageboard. But the ethos behind what you said is solid: work on your skills, personality and personal traits rather than be a soulless husk who exists only to be pretty or sexually appealing to men.

No. 177920

5k? Um no lol the poll amount is a small sample set of active users, probably over half the subscribers never voted and just subscribed to see the content. She has over a million followers on social media and is quite well known to guys who care about that stuff in the first place. I’m sure she’s still making hundreds of thousands easily per month. People like Bhad baby made a million in like a day so I don’t think it’s that shocking to believe guys will pay and continue to pay for sexual content

No. 177921

Uh… biological women can choose to be programmers too. Just like how there are female doctors, scientists, and mathematicians.

No. 177981

Just so any anons come here to see, there's no milk except she was seen on OF for payout day. The rest are anons just general hate of SWers arguing and arguing money. Belle is still mia.

No. 178040

>Making hundreds of thousands monthly while not posting since Feb

You're definitely a sexworker who ruined their life and is inhaling the copium. Men like novelty and will generally only pay the same sexworker for a short time (unless they are crazy stalker tier, which is another problem)
Having many followers doesn't equate to money, if you knew anything about the internet you'd know that one. For most she's a circus freak who they watch for free. Poll would be most of her active users since scrotes like to have input, ergo at her pre-Christmas peak it was 150-250k a month. Likely more at Christmas then a sharp nosedive to now, where it would be 5-10k a month at most from people who don't check their Direct Debits.
Good luck scraping all your porn off the internet when you want a real job in a year or two.

No. 178042

More that she reminds me of someone from /ot who posted in a similarly larpy way about how beautiful they are, there's something quite cloying about how transwomen post. Programmer is just an infamously common transwoman profession, which combined with the particular cloying posting style makes me think it's the same user.
But I still like the message itself.

No. 178123

Weren't people theorizing she went quiet for a while because she got scared after Bianca Devins was murdered?

No. 178163

Stop being an attention whore blogchan

No. 178193

I’m not a sex worker and never would be in any way shape or form. Just saying a lot of people would stay subscribed/not care about 35 bucks because they’re getting access to porn in exchange anyway, even if there’s nothing new. And I’m sure there are a lot of crazy incel stalker guys who have obsessions with her and donate because of that. For real there are freaky anorexic girls like Pumpy with a few thousand social media followers making a lot of money per month but you think Belle with her range of notoriety is getting a few thousand?

No. 178221

File: 1634940732799.jpg (101.29 KB, 358x1238, Belle at comicon.jpg)

Looks like Belle was at London comic con today, unless this is another look alike

No. 178239

Face looking as punchable as ever.

No. 178282

Where did you find the pic?

No. 178285

File: 1634984112674.jpg (240.96 KB, 1080x1564, Screenshot_20211023-111440_Chr…)

Belle at London MCM

No. 178289

File: 1634984619661.jpeg (422.82 KB, 2048x1536, FCVXAe0XEAs9ww5.jpeg)

more pics from twitter

No. 178290

File: 1634984678651.jpeg (389.45 KB, 2048x1536, FCVW__UaIAA3L8C.jpeg)

No. 178291

File: 1634984725614.jpeg (339.03 KB, 2048x1152, FCUwuJIXIAk8jDW.jpeg)

No. 178292

File: 1634984786884.jpeg (319.9 KB, 2048x1538, FCThNNcXoAEDffp.jpeg)

she is so irrelevant now barely anyone cares

No. 178293

She’s relevant enough for you to spam her unsaged holy fuck, learn to integrate retard

No. 178294

get cancer

No. 178314

I don’t believe Belle’s jaw and chin is that small irl due to her podcast appearance. Did she get chin and jaw reduction surgery?

No. 178320

What character is that supposed to be? Is she cosplaying as herself?

No. 178323

This thread is cancer, stop bumping it to the front page

No. 178325

Ehhh maybe just angles

No. 178329

Only one pic it looks small. Other pix looks p much like her.

No. 178330

File: 1635004317052.jpg (714.7 KB, 1064x1387, 1629241913632.jpg)

No. 178333

If you wear your wig low on your forehead. Your face will look shorter

No. 178350

From all these photos it appears she's got jaw surgery and possibly a revision on the nose, to look more like her filtered self. Some sperg spammed the unfiltered podcast stills so many times in prior belle thereads they are seared into my mind, and this doesn't look like them. Her face is more oval/long with a stronger jaw.
If she wants to continue sex work it's likely she got surgery there too (so she can't be called "roastie" by her virginal scrote fans who think having more than 1mm inner labia is a crime.)
And maybe making deals with porn companies to make movies outside of her editing control, hence the surgery.
(Damn, I'd hoped she quit for good)

No. 178351

Samefaggot as above. >>178350

Her smile lines are looking a little smooth-yet-lumpy, possibly filler here too.

No. 178352

(still samefag) Ahh I can't unsee it now, her smooth/lumpy smile lines here look so weird. She obviously saw these threads and the sperging within. Having smile lines when you smile is normal, it was just some deranged sperg.

No. 178359

Botox or fillers on jawline? Either way, jaw surgery has a long recovery time and would be hard for her to party with her friends(learn2sage)

No. 178370


Maybe I'm retared but she looks mostly the same to me? Same punchable cheeks and all

No. 178374

it sucks to be so young and have to get so much done to her face. 22 and she already has filler face. Fillers dont dissolve completely so she needs to be careful especially since she got her nose cut to be so tiny. Too much cheek Fillers and a small nose will be a disaster.

No. 178382

File: 1635027171918.jpeg (47.03 KB, 640x645, upload_2020-7-21_17-26-1.jpeg)

she's br*tish so she doesn't have any hope anyway

No. 178383

File: 1635027453731.jpeg (74.79 KB, 630x441, 66FEA961-1828-4B2A-B156-27B217…)

> she's br*tish so she doesn't have any hope anyway(sage)

No. 178409

Her face just looks bloated to me? It's normal with bulimia/eating disorders. Also lighting makes a huge difference. She's annoying but I find it hard to believe she had that much done at 22

No. 178410

You must be new to the internet, most ethots start with lip and cheek fillers at 16 now. She's arguably one of the most famous ones, so of course she would follow the trend.

No. 178411

File: 1635044024587.png (1.21 MB, 1291x1523, zigzag.png)

This one I think shows the damage the best, there is a zigzag happening on the right hand side and something?? happening on the left.

I hate how this shitty sexualized internet makes people think normal face shapes and shadows are flaws. Wax dummy or nothing.

No. 178458

File: 1635077198929.jpg (24.19 KB, 563x344, 1622489611582.jpg)

youre right, this is the most reliable photo, normal angle and normal lighting. The guy in the pic looks like himself irl too. Sadly she makes herself look like a wax figure, so now a single normal line on her face is seen as unusual.

otherwise she has a normal face, if you didnt know who she was, youll just think shes just a normal con goer.

No. 178487

She gained weight, anons.

No. 178530

Theres no reason she would go to a con with lots of people dressed like that in her signature pink wig if she didnt want the attention.
Did she expect to get a lot of attention and attempt another return?

No. 178542

Yeah I somehow pity her how desperate she tries.
She probably thinks her face resembles her facetuned Pics now with all the Dermafillers/Botox and is more confident to go in public(?)
Delusional as always(sage)

No. 178543

File: 1635111866237.jpg (203.93 KB, 720x1081, 20211024_233527.jpg)

No. 178545

I used to love pink hair/wigs before she became a thing.. now everytime I see it online it's just a slutty wannabe "gamergirl"(no1curr)

No. 178550

You’re right about the attention part, I think this is another stunt for her to drum up interest from people again like her tinder stunt. It didn’t seem like many people took photos of her, her peak was from 2019-2020. People don’t really care anymore because everyone is doing the e-whore porn star thing.

No. 178563

Idk I feel like people do care though, judging by everyone trying to copy her
Not that she's my favourite, just saying

No. 178568

Copying and caring and two different things. All of her “copies” and all the other egirl porn stars took her spot, that’s why people don’t care anymore. Shit’s oversaturated

No. 178569

Sorta a real life reflection of why brands and such need to aggressively control copyright and trademark usage, oversaturation of products that are the same or worse lessens the novelty and value of the original. Belle is kinda an OC, but due to the nature of it all being online, while iirc she did form a company around the character/herself she has no control over copycats that diminish its value. It's telling the first response was
>Looks like Belle was at London comic con today, unless this is another look alike
People are so used to seeing this e-girl image they don't attribute it to Belle (its source) anymore, but simply a generic e-girl persona.

No. 178571

If she came back with a music video tomorrow, you know for a fact she'd get to at least half a million watches by the end of the day. Same thing happened last time. You think people don't care until they realize she's back.

No. 178573

The sucky thing is she wasn't even original. So many other girls were doing these looks/cosplays before her. She just made it mainstream and associated it with onlyfans which kinda sucks for the rest of us.

No. 178575

>She just made it mainstream and associated it with onlyfans which kinda sucks for the rest of us
>the rest of us
Poor you, random e-girl, no one cares. If anything I'd say Belle was even a bit late to the whole OnlyFans thing, when she got there, there was already a lot of copycats of hers on OF. She just made more money due to her "fame".

No. 178580

e-girls. I hate that word. I'm talking about the homogenization and sexualization of a bunch of different fashion styles that she played a part in.

No. 178581

her patreon was the same thing. lewds. lurk more

No. 178582

no offense anon, but everything she wears was already 'sexualized', whether it was cartoon women or Japanese women wearing it. She just was a white woman photoshopping herself into looking like a cartoon wearing that shit, that was the key difference.

No. 178583

That shit was already happening too. It came down to the fact that Aliexpress started getting more popular and when all these COVID side gig stores started selling the wholesale shit too. She was the most popular, hands down, after she did enough weird mem things to get the attention. She did market her stuff well. The most quirky we had in the scene was literally Nigri and everyone trying to be weird uwu Nigri, and Belle took that personality and hit it with a nailed bat. She didn't normalize anything, she got it more attention.

However, she isn't how OF got poplular, even after Beyonce and before Bella Thorne. Even none cosplay thots started ordering the basic bitch porn outfits from Amazon when sellers went there too. The whole scene blew up because everyone blew it up. Belle is a niche. A big niche to the people who care, but that's only for the cosplay scene.

No. 178601

Her mouth looks weird but at least she bleached her teeth.

No. 178602

I take her fashion choices as a personal attack on my retinas. What the fuck is that outfit? Why is she completely unable to construct something that coordinates and always looks like she got dressed in the dark.

No. 178603

It's a convention. People, outside of Belle, wear whatever stupid shit they can and mix it together. Don't think about it too hard. You see lots of people wearing mix colored cat ears and tails as well as stupid lulzy viral shirts and some people fully decked out in Nicholas Cage suits.

No. 178604

She dresses awful outside of conventions too dumdum >>178330 Just because you go to a furfag convention where others dress worse than you doesn’t suddenly give one a free pass.

No. 178608

For me she is the least lolcow person, like there are at least 10 other thots that are doing the same thing she does.
She just got the into the right position the right time, having a cute teen face, no vivibile jawline. Wearing cute makup every girl used to do.

Why the fuck would she wear anything special for a convention, she never posts personal stuff when she goes out anyway? She went to the pornhub halloween party a couple years back dresssing ass a "grim" and never posted about it. Only people found out about it cause other people were streaming there and regognized her.

Buisness wise, she is probably the most stupid of all the OF whores out there. Makes content twice a year, gets all her subreddits taken down doesn't post personal suff or cosplay pictures.

i really haven't heard or seen anything from her in the last 6 months.Evryone used to talk about her. Instead of making a couple of shity porn videos. She could have just uploaded one pictureset a month with a outfit she ordered from aliexpress and she would be just as popular.
I thought she was going to go full whore mode, but the stuff she posted isn't doing it for me. Never subbed never donated.(learn2sage)

No. 178614

>unsaged, reddit spacing, “cute teen face”
Cancerous scrote

No. 178632

She's British is why lol

No. 178664

I am surprised she went out without her pimp Josh.

No. 178665

>it’s source
You’re giving Belle too much credit, the e-whore style existed before Belle, she just popularized it

No. 178709

File: 1635196393488.jpg (766.25 KB, 1440x3040, Bellenosewrinkle.jpg)

Is having nose wrinkle like that even normal or is it from her plastic surgery?(nitpick)

No. 178710

please say you're joking?

No. 178711

>>178709 normal when doing that face but accentuated by the excess skin from shaving her nose off. I think theyre called rabbit nose wrinkles.

No. 178763

Her face will look a mess by the time she is 40. Her nose job whittled away a lot of her nose. And when plastic surgeons do that as you age the nose starts to get a collapsed look. Look at Kris Jenner a few years back her nose started to collapse, the same is happening to Tyra Banks, her nose job took away to much and now its starting to lose its structure.

No. 178843

Lmao, it seems she physically went to a comic con for a self advertising.

No. 178882

She likes to do publicity stunts but this don't look like one. Maybe she is trying to do things she used to do before become infamous.

No. 178934

I feel like she's testing the waters, seeing what the reaction will be to her without the lighting and filters?

No. 178953

9/10 of every poster on this board just seems like they act like brittany venti in real life

No. 178962

No. 179027

File: 1635395234446.jpg (68.2 KB, 1079x720, 18.jpg)

He was there

No. 179037

Ok doctor obvious? I'm tired of seeing the thread active and it's just yall pullfags invading people's privacy by posting pics from people's private facebooks

No. 179084

File: 1635418065221.jpeg (420.16 KB, 828x1021, B0238D4E-956F-4A4F-970F-075681…)

These aren’t private. Complain to meta and stop shitting up the thread with your borderline wk and whining.

No. 179087

No. 179088

How did you know it was from Facebook? That's sus.

No. 179089

Because that’s where they came from last thread? So like I said, either complain in meta or stop shitting up the thread.

No. 179092

Obviously it wasn't directed at you.

No. 179093

on second look, you’re right it wasn’t. kek. Carry on.

No. 179294

Pullfag detected

No. 179329

File: 1635512009587.jpeg (461.7 KB, 828x1337, EBBC873E-D927-4F81-A267-EA0FA9…)

Belle was on the front page lol at them using her before nose job pic.

As usual, most of the comments are praising her

No. 179344

lol i used to date that deadpool cosplayer

No. 180318

you used to date Luke Hudson? How do you feel about his current gf Bella?(derailing)

No. 180319

The selfposting in this thread tho, just dm the poor girl instead of trying to wheedle information out of her this way

No. 181030

Her simps forgot about her and she dipped onlyfans

No. 181034

Guys are so fucking stupid, they really think she’s some high IQ brilliant genius mastermind for acting like a retarded anime girl/child and pestering pewdiepie to get fans and then eventually end up doing porn because she became popular for a meme? How is that businesslike at all? If she was really a genius she wouldn’t have ghosted when onlyfans really got boosted and would be more active to get fans that didn’t just care about nudes. This really makes me hate coomers, like wow she make money from porn that’s such a big brain genius idea!
The world is bleak.

No. 181045

Gah the fucking amount of retards in the comments saying she is ~mastermind business whamen~ just shut the hell up. She isn't a business woman or the CEO of whoring, she is a common place egirl who hit the algorithm at precisely the right moment and gained a lot of unearned attention.

No. 181047

Look at any video or post mentioning her and you'll find swarms of tards saying she's a genius business woman. I don't think she's that brilliant for being a thot and selling herself, she’s just doing what literally everyone else has been doing, and I have a hard time believing she made millions from this.

Belle said she wants to start a new life and quietly retire but how can she? Her porn star past will follow her where ever she goes and her children will know 100%

No. 181048

File: 1636418803334.jpeg (98.84 KB, 828x416, BAAD1162-FF97-44A4-A969-233385…)

One of the comments from the vid going back to her con sighting >>178285
If she was done why did she go to the con dressed as her porn star persona? She didn’t cosplay a character. It’s clear that she wanted people to see that she was Belle Delphine but too bad for her, not that many people cared

No. 181051

She was one of the first ones to get as much attention and notoriety that she did. They aren't wrong that she was really good at marketing herself, even if people find it cringy. You can't deny her popularity, that's massively retarded.

Not really. She didn't use her real name and she's mostly recognizable with pink hair. She looks like a basic bitch without it and her getups.

No. 181056

I feel like Belle really does want the attention but now that she’s not getting as much she’s saying see my master plan worked! I planned to fade into obscurity!

No. 181064

She wanted so bad to be spotted. She could have gone with her own brown and blond hair.

No. 181066

File: 1636423254486.jpg (58.37 KB, 1079x720, 249766576_923922701842175_4009…)

That analysis is right, RIP Belle Delphine.

No. 181092

Pandering to worst people on the internet is not a brilliant marketing strategy.

No. 181096

When it makes you money and then everyone laughs at them for getting scammed, yeah it is.

No. 181131

Well no, they actually ended up laughing at her because of the horrible porn so…

No. 181155

And that is the majority of the reaction kek. She's a meme because of her porn.

No. 181298

Everyone is saying she's so smart like a broken record when in fact it was her bf who is the mastermind behind Belle Delphine, just like how Jnig's ex was the mastermind behind her thot cosplays and created the nErD persona for her and fed her what to say and how to act.

No. 181372

Not even and I don't know why anons keep demanding a dude was in charge of her whole persona. She was doing this before he was even in the picture, anon. Did you forget that she's been around longer than she's been in this relationship? She was a 4chan femcel before she realized she could cash in on that.

No. 181421

I’m sure in the interview with Logan Paul she actually said that her boyfriend has been in the picture behind the scenes the entirety of her “Belle Delphine” persona. Don’t give her credit just because she was a massive pickme back when she was violet hair Kotori Kirschner dating lurch and posting on 4chan for asspats. Scrotes only know how other scrotes brains work which is why she blew up on the internet. She’s probably a bit quirky but I would bet Josh was feeding ideas, typed up the captions and replied to every cumbrain on snapchat larping as their waifu. Tinfoil but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one she worked with when underage scamming scrotes with other girls nudes.

No. 181620

She was doing it before her boyfriend

No. 181644

…at 08:33 >>181030 she clearly states she’s had a boyfriend thr entire time she has been Belle Delphine

No. 181899

She literally started doing it to make money to go on holiday with her boyfriend, the same one she's had since the beginning.

No. 181903

realistically how much money does she have atm? scrotes speculate she has millions but there is no way.
i suspect she might want to try her hand at another comeback because
a. she's a chronic attention whore
b. funds are running low
except people don't seem to care much for her anymore she dipped OF and barely anyone cared to see her at a con

No. 181914

>>181644 Yes but it was goran in the beginning. Josh came along when the actual persona started.

Actual outfits and styled wigs > pink hair

No. 181964

File: 1636800159412.png (89.64 KB, 533x867, Capture.PNG)

Belle mounted a cripto-shit scam yesterday at late night. Today everything is deleted. $BELLE

No. 181970

I wonder if she was scamming or hacked

Well yes that’s what I’m saying, I remember before she was Belle Kirschner who was an elf princess pickme, it was only when Josh came along she became cringe meme kween Belle Delphine as most know her.

No. 181993

It seems like Josh is unsurprisingly a Cryptobro and was trying to leverage her account to boost his funds. It doesn't seem like a hacker to me.

No. 182024

>All a part of Belle’s master plan! UwU she’s so intelligent! So brilliant! #1 business woman!
Her blind orbiters aren’t even going to care about it being a blatant scam.

No. 182107

This is what I personally have been thinking all along.
Remember that when she was talking with Minty, she said something along the lines of "someone who later became a friend" to describe the person who approached her.
Not just that, but the fact that she easily sold her friend out by revealing SS of their DMs (I know she censored their name but it's still kinda damning to show entire chat logs).
Most likely this person just let her show it to Minty to clear herself.

No. 182148

her boyfriend's ex had a Belle Delphine-ish persona way before Belle herself. Josh came up with the Belle delphine gig. Belle was however scamming with fake nudes before him so perfect match!

No. 182205

You guys really can't give her any credit considering it is her acting in her stuff or posing in her stuff, that got the attention? Her boyfriends could've used anyone, but Belle was the who originally came up with the meme-y click bait bullshit antics. Holding a camera and suggesting stuff doesn't exactly make the boyfriend the one doing it all. She was known on 4chan before any of her bullshit started getting more attention.

No. 182226

Sure she can have credit for doing her part in her bf's plans. But I doubt she would have been any where near as popular without him.

Personally I really miss her elf girl outfits, thought they were really cute.

No. 182232

Belle is dumb, she wouldn’t be “successful” without someone controlling her. Her bf has been using her since her 4chan days, stop pretending that she set the stage for herself

No. 182366

Anon, that logic is so bad.

No. 182367

You highly underestimate what happens when 4chan users find a girl on 4chan and idolize her. Go to /snow/ to see some of them.

No. 182380

would she even know about 4chan without a guy telling her though?

No. 182564

4chan isn't hidden

No. 182618

Lol, people's privacy isn't respected here. Why are you even on lolcow.

No. 182953

The fact that she started on 4chan makes another similarity to her and Bianca Devins.

This is probably why she was scared about being killed like her because they paralell each other as being 4Chan originated E-thots

No. 182980

..Can you elaborate more on the ex gf part?

No. 183025

>>182980 unless they mean rusty fawkes I got no idea

No. 183101

Anons just come in here, unsaged constantly, and say theyhave insider info but never back it up.

No. 183153

>>183101 but you're not allowed to lie on the internet, how could they fool me!

No. 183187

Did she actually post on Twitter or was that a fever dream?

No. 183233


it was an impersonator account, idiots. not belle's actual twitter(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 183532

Belle is monogamous though

No. 183904

Belle reached stardom very far from 4chan. She was more a PULLtard lurker.(sage)

No. 183909

Either way her roots kinda determined her future.

She could have either ended up dead being killed by a close creepy older friend of her's or end up being a millionare (but in reality a something hundred thousandaire) by being an e-girl on the internet.

And she ended up getting the "good" timeline,at least relative to her other timeline.

No. 184348

best timeline would have been her actually going into porn. We've had pornstars turn into Twitch streamers, rarely do we see memes become pornstars(sage)

No. 184387

Sorry are people implying she didnt go into porn?
Filming yourself fucking and sucking a dude on camera and taking a bunch of lewds and nudes does in fact count as porn.

Turns out scrotes don't actually keep simping over a woman for nothing, she either puts out or they move on for the next naive one who will. The meme about her being some savvy business woman who got men to throw money at her for being a memer is a false narrative.

No. 184389

sure, amateur porn. Some expected better production quality, or get some contracts with some studios for that extra bite that would dethrone Mia Khalifa

No. 184397

Sorry for backseat modding but can people please sage if there's no new milk? This thread keeps getting bumped but there is nothing new to talk about.

No. 184426

File: 1637788856133.jpg (60.57 KB, 1080x566, 261158406_434778161605894_9043…)

There is a bit of milk but some people prefer to discuss endlessly tinfoil theories about Belle

No. 184429

There's something so disgusting about her gang of coomer friends that even shows through in photos, I am not disgusted by Belle herself on sight (despite her also being disgusting via her porn) but the coomer friends have clearly about two brain cells between them and low body hygiene, I just know from looking at them that this is the case. They've also probably had repulsive three/foursomes etc with each other since they're such enlightened porn addicts and all. This all radiates from every photo of them.

No. 184466

I wonder if they all watch each others’ onlyfans content. How is Josh not embarrassed at the fact that his friends have all very likely watched Belle’s terrible porn in which his tiny and floppy sad excuse of a dick was the guest star?

No. 184496

I’m sure the guy with blond in his hair also has onlyfans himself

No. 184537

It's so weird how she never posts but is clearly still active on the internet? Why would she check onlyfans like everyday if she's a millionaire, I wouldn't gaf at that point

No. 184541

I assume shes still in contact with the big payers, you barely got to do anything else than say hi and they throw money at you.

No. 184576

Other people are posting her. I wouldn't call it her being active on her side of the internet.

No. 184585

She logs into onlyfans and twitter all the time but never posts

No. 184591

kek they use any excuse to post a glimpse of her aswell. They also don't try as hard as they should to respect her location or hide where she lives. I'm obviously not going to dox but I was able to find her house on google maps in 10 minutes just from sloppy clues that Kai left in party pic backgrounds.

It's big, but it's hardly a mansion.

No. 184602

Also does she really need to be hidden, let's be real, she's not some famous celebrity, just an e-girl popular in a niche corner of the internet

No. 184618

Are you the retarded anon who brought up the baseless pimp house that Josh apparently owns? You need to post shit to back up anything you say. She's not laying low. She collecting passive income because people are still subbed to her OF and she checks her twitter. No1currs is someone left a party. That's what happens when you have parties, people leave. What does that even have to do with anything? This isn't milk anyway.

No. 184626

nta but please learn english before you post, the person is saying they figured out where she lives via clues in the background of images taken at a party. As in 'clues that were left'
Belle anons truly have the lowest IQs

No. 184627


A OF admin said that her only activity on OF is logging in and cashing out her payment lol

No. 184630

How can you find where someone lives based on a photo of a party indoors, dafuq
Giga level stalking skills

No. 184636

nope nta but i meant he left clues in the background of pics dumbass. And how the fuck would i prove that without publicly doxxing some random girl online notorious for having an army of retarded stalkers? I don't like this chick but she doesn't deserve to be in danger just because I'm local and recognised a building in the background that takes 10 seconds to find if you know the town name. Mods can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure even a street view cap would be breaking the rules. Was just saying it's a big house but she's hardly living like a kardashian kek. It's definitely hers but it's plausible she could have more than one place.

No. 184668

people have been doxxing like that since the 00s.

No. 184673

You can make cash out weekly automatic.

No. 184687

If that's so then she probably logs in intentionally to give unaware scrotes the idea she is active and uploading, only for them to sub and see nothing uploaded for most of the year.

No. 184689

>>184636 doubt that many people would actually like to live in a huge house, glad shes being sensible about somethings atleast

No. 184703

or the OF employee is false flagging, you absolute retard.

No. 184719

This. The anon that made that OF bit up never followed through with their soyr es or posted proof. Retards keep coming here without proof and expect anons to just believe what they say about Belle.

No. 184734

Are you the same thot still REEing about all the imaginary PPV she does because you can't face that your thot idol has quit yet again?
If she was posting anything it would be leaked, scrotes have no scruples when it comes to sharing private info. Girl is just logging in and cashing out without doing a damn thing. Sorry you sold your soul for $3 a month because people like Belle convinced you it was a genius marketing stategy. It's like any pyramid scheme, the ones at the top cash out while all the suckers at the bottom lose out.

No. 184735

File: 1638041163322.png (11.76 KB, 449x526, Capture.PNG)

Is not far fetched to think Belle receive good passive income from OF : 300 retards are subbed to her patreon after 2 years she stopped posting there.

No. 184750

>>184735 subbing to an inactive page to get older content while still supporting them isn't that weird. Is everyone here minors or something?

No. 184752

no, i'm agreeing it's automatic and the of person lied about her allegedly logging in. pay attention, peasant.

No. 184755

She literally signs in and it shows up as active/logged in which is what people are talking about. You should lay off the insults when you're the one who can't comprehend English and keep embarrassing yourself.

No. 184765

Partreon is not a content platform as OF, there is no way these people get anything for their money. And Belle's OF content was leaked everywhere.(sage)

No. 184769

>>184765 It literally have posts like any other paid site. The content does not disappear just because a new month rolls around. There's no ppv only tiers. All her old sets are literally there -the snap ones obviously.
If a scrote wanted to support(not looking for leaks) her and get her old content that's where to go. How is this hard to comprehend

No. 184779

OF works nothing like an MLM. There's not pyramid and each person is their own contractor. NTA, but the only person REEing about anything is you. No one mentioned PPV and it shows when she logs in because it says when the person was last signed in. This doesn't happen because of an automatic cashout. You have to log in. She does make good passive income from the site because incels stay subbed. They are literally that dumb and people probably still actively sign up only to notice she hasn't posted. They wait in hopes that when she does post, they can claim they saw it first and be the first to let people know they know "She's back!!".

This is not accurate.

They clearly are. They don't understand how basic OF pages work and that simps stay subbed.

Sage your retardation. Patreon can keep their stuff up as long as you don't delete it or post timer it, the same with OF. It doesn't just disappear. The people running the pages on Patreon, OF, other social sites like Subscribestar and even Fanbox has these implimented.

No. 184800

is bottom right a troon? lol

No. 184805

Then drop caps fag.

No. 184813

a lot of her patreon subs are children. Theres literally a post on her "community" patreon tab of everyone talking about being 12- 16 years old.

Also most of the content on patreon is removed or says "sent through messages". Theres no downloads of old stuff there. You're lucky if you see a few pics and thats it(sage or post proof)

No. 184816

Then post caps

No. 184830

What surgery did she get in Korea? Receipts?

No. 184867

File: 1638120437247.jpeg (37.9 KB, 275x275, 786A0CB3-CF58-477F-B841-D753AE…)


No. 184868

How do we know she went to Korea for it?

No. 184873

Because of timing and reappearance after.

Go read old threads instead of asking dumb shit that’s already been proved.

No. 184953

is she actually part asian?

No. 184957

She always looked asian to me

No. 184960


No she's full white English

No. 184992

This thread has chronic terminal newfag cancer, it's wild. I've never seen anything like it. It's like every 10 year old who googles her comes here.

No. 185002

Every single other belle thread has been autosaged, I don’t know why this one is open especially since she isn’t even online anymore. There’s nothing to discuss it just gets bumped every day

No. 185003

Can we just let this irrelevant bitch die, she's already been replaced by hannahowo and other internet e-thots.
It's funny people are copying her when she was the original copycat, bitch skinwalked Jessica nigri every chance she got.
I'm sick of seeing her ugly mug every time I come to /w/ because you guys don't sage, just let her die please

No. 185016

she lied and said her mom was a japanese model.
But it does actually seem like her dad is south african and she moved to uk around 8/9? cant rememeber what she said on the podcast

No. 185031

nibongo desu

No. 185085

You can always just scroll, nobody is stopping you. Only yourself. This is not nearly that active or as a nuisance as you make it. Cope.

No. 185252

People like you are the reasons why race fakers like himeahri get away with lying about being part Japanese

No. 185281

she’s literally never said that her mom is japanese, or that belle is(sage your shit)

No. 189157

File: 1639866522984.jpg (163.62 KB, 406x523, Screenshot_20211218-232235_Ins…)

Do you think the tattoos are real or fake?

No. 189175

I would say say fake for sure look like transfers and she didn’t have any of those at comic con never mind so many visible ones in a short space of time. Probably just wanted to do something ‘out there’ look wise for the CC friend meet up.

No. 189180

Belle looks like Rachel Mcadams

No. 189221

I mean honestly why do you care stop stalking her friends instagram no one cares about this bitch anymore
Sidenote her jawline is massive

No. 189283

Seriously, its not milk to know shes still alive. It's not like it's her actually posting, so its not even milky.

No. 189308

File: 1639942533469.jpg (286.04 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20211218-013908_Ins…)

No. 189345

It's interesting how ordinary she is and average lookwise

No. 189346

Those Tats look pretty real

No. 189366

Sage you retard. And they aren't

No. 189374

The people at the front look slightly cleaner and better looking than Belle associates nornally do. Belle looks a lot more like her old Youtube videos, which is a good thing since her face would collapse if she'd had as much surgery as her filtered face suggested.

No. 189468

File: 1640032351455.jpeg (304.53 KB, 1125x2154, 2C872E09-00F8-4DFB-924C-2404B3…)

I hate belle for what she’s done to society. Her and all of her copycats are absolute cancer. and of course she has an onlyfans kek

No. 189525

Wow she’s really pretty and seems like a nice person, not a pathetic pandering tryhard with a fucked up brit face like Belle. Good for her!

No. 189876

Holy shit! I thought this was a Face Swap

No. 189884

Do you guys think she's just waiting until 2022 to come back or will never?

No. 189885

Forgot to sage mb

No. 189988

seems like shes been away so long now she might just be happy being off internet, cant blame her.
She might try for new years but i doubt she will at this point. Hope she does though

No. 190107

She looks like a man with heavy makeup

No. 190217

Might’ve stopped caring at this point, she’s made her 15 minutes of fame as a meme and profited heavily from it now what’s the point of continuing really since she’s made herself known to the entirety of the Internet who would care about her onlyfans. It’s not like she had any real fans or personality, she existed as a persona and wannabe anime cringe meme girl

No. 190392

no she does not

No. 190401

Sage next time - it’ll make you look like less of a WK

No. 190455

She'll come back when the funds are low again. They all do, getting stable work is never an option.

No. 190559

i saw a rumor on kf that she's getting married. but of course they have no sources.

No. 190643

>>185003 >>189221
Hateful shits. You would scrape your mums visa card for the tech to download 30 sec of her pussy so you can download it and snap one off at your leisure. Medicate: we all know you fuzzless fig sacks are furious she never replied to one of your comments or DM's.
Sundays are for Preachin!

No. 190650

didnt stop you from hitching your whore wagon to her train- how many times have you included #belledelphine on your posts? Please,,,,(hope she notices you bro)

No. 190718

thank you for your generous donation, hooter.c@gmail.com

No. 190736

File: 1640642247831.png (90.48 KB, 1051x273, key.PNG)

Bahah he looks exactly like I thought he would

No. 190745


No. 190894

yall so pathetic. stop going against each other wtf

No. 190895


No. 190896


No. 190900

More like coomer c

No. 190951

No. 190954

File: 1640793680984.jpeg (Spoiler Image,175.43 KB, 1125x2211, 346AD062-992D-43C6-A740-D51D81…)

Does it really matter if she’s ‘sold her soul’?

She’s made more money at the age of 21 than most people will in their entire life.

She’s milked as much as she can from literally thousands of “simps”, exposed modern morality and made herself a millionaire.

I sense a hint of jealously from people ITT. She can stop now if she wants, raise a family and the worse that will come of it is that some of the kids at her kids’ school will bully them a tiny bit if her past is unearthed. But it’ll probably be a private school so who cares?

No. 190959

You're obviously a coomer from 4chan what the fuck is that photo? We don't post gross shit here

No. 190960

where'd you get that pic of Mary belle I just ate my bloody boogers to the sight yum yum in me tummy tummy tum!!(retardation)

No. 190964

It really is a shame how easily people will whore themselves out (in anything) for the sake of the almighty dollar. The irony is palpable as well since 99% of the people who do this are lefties who support higher taxation but you’lll find them fighting tooth and nail to skirt every penny they can loophole themselves out of.

It’s just sad.

No. 190982

Nigel, we can see you replying to yourself opposing contentions

No. 191001

I know men wouldn't understand, but some of us have self worth and dignity and don't think having sex is the coolest thing ever

No. 191101

She looks like Grinch

No. 191189

Do you think this is actually all of her net worth?
If so.. damn

No. 191194

File: 1640934781896.jpg (50.83 KB, 1024x826, 1640934512736m.jpg)

Eh, nevermind, it went up a loot in 2021

No. 191200

The fuck? I know the answer to this but I gotta hear from other voices. Was it mainly from the hype and Onlyfans subs for the few porn clips she put out?

No. 191233

What did they spend 6.5 million on? I knew her growth wasn't organic, there have been many pretty weebs before her and many thots after her and nobody cared.

No. 191246

Maybe a house?
I don't understand, what is the amount at the bottom, how much money they actually have?

No. 191265

Wow. Some no life stalkers and creeps on this thread. I wonder if she ever stumbled upon this site. I know that /b/ (4chan) doxed her old address when she was living in an apartment building because of her "Kawaii Room Tour" video showed the nearby buildings from her window view. She's successful, and many of you can't handle it. Hah. I wish (as a man) I could upload pics of my body parts and make AT LEAST $50/day. But nobody wants to see men's body parts.(male)

No. 191267

Nobody wants to see your body parts nor hear your opinions. She'll never fuck you and we'll always think she's a tart. Die mad about it.

No. 191273

Okay, see on /b/, troll.(faggot)

No. 191293

Which podcast? I heard it was a rumor.(samefagging scrote)

No. 191323

She doesn't know you exist either, loser.(scrote)

No. 191375

something tells me Loren (the guy in the pic) wouldn't appreciate you using a picture of him to make some incoherent point you weirdo

No. 191378

Why have you registered to pornhub, Huxley?

No. 191464

I dont think it was on a podcast. But she 100% said she had a japanese mom/half japanese whatever mom in the 2019 era.
Dont think shed try pull that on a podcast tbh

No. 191541

Her mom is a woman named Sophie Mcdowell who was shown in another thread about Belle Delphine.
She shares the exact same type of eyes as her own daughter who inherited them from her though her eyes are seemingly smaller and her head shape is not as round as her daughter's

No. 191573

They're going to run into trouble if they want to keep living a bougee lifestyle plus kids for the next 50+ years if it's true that they just have ~5 mill.

No. 191574

(With both partners not working ofc)

No. 191743

Not every couple wants kids.

No. 191789

nta but belle said in an interview that she wants kids

No. 191822

Yea we all know she lied about her mom being japanese. The point was WHERE she said it lmao.

No. 192139

NTA, she most likely said that to come across as a nice girl who wants a family to gather sympathy, because "she is not like other girls". At least I really hope she won't have children, especially with that creep Josh

No. 192386

Apparently my friend saw Josh on tinder lmfao

No. 192419

File: 1641790619030.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2039, C45F7DBB-255C-4DD7-A9B3-C7E240…)

No. 192572

thats such an unfortunate picture, whats this from?

No. 192615

Belle had tinder too

No. 192625


According to this, in February 2021 the company owed £6.5 million pounds to be paid within the next 12 months. I'd really like to know what the company debts are, and how the company acquired £6.4 million pounds of debt to be paid over 12 months - the debts for 2020 were only £130k.

Also of interest, the 2021 confirmation statement was due by 24 Dec 2021 so is now overdue. That means she or the company are possibly at risk of prosecution and the company can also be struck off the register (although they have to give the company a couple of warnings first, iirc).

No. 192629

Do you not know anything about what those numbers actually mean?? This isn't actually about Belle anyway.

No. 192707


No. 192724

I wonder if she bought followers and/or paid to be promoted on social medias like tiktok
But I don't think it would cost that much

No. 192990


I'm pretty sure they did buy a lot of followers/likes, promotion with YouTubers

Also it looks like Pixiecat and her bf live in their house now.
Ig they bought one (the former one was rented) with those millions they owe..?

No. 193020

This is an imageboard.

No. 193050

File: 1642157171970.jpg (392.67 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_20220114-114454_Ins…)

Their new house if you are THAT interested

No. 193051

File: 1642157259623.jpg (303.1 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20220114-114444_Ins…)

No. 193052

She's still with her bf/fiance/husband Josh together

No. 193053

File: 1642157359171.jpg (326.66 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20220114-114433_Ins…)

No. 193054

File: 1642157769864.jpg (288.17 KB, 1051x1772, Screenshot_20220114-115429_Gal…)

Her outfits are always horrendous(sage)

No. 193094

Imagine being considered one of the hottest girls ever by scrotes and being able to get pretty much any one you want, and this is who you choose

No. 193095

only brain dead coomers think that. Some of you spend too much time in this thread

No. 193100

He still looks hideous. Even if you hate her you have to admit she looks better than that scrote, I mean any woman looks better than him.

No. 193102

she isn't all that good looking though, even if he is ugly as fuck, she could only do better because of her efame. and she will age really poorly, she's starting to already.

No. 193113

Either way - she’s boring, her porn is boring, and there’s100s of e-whores now who all do the same gimmick for scrote bux.

The only thing she really achieved is proving how idiotic a lot of the gaming/ twitch/ ‘nerd’ community is over a plastic pink wig. As soon as she got pathetically fucked on cam - it was all over.

And she knows she can’t do better than this dude - who would legit love a used up fraud like her?

No. 193128

that's not her boyfriend LMAOO

No. 193138

I actually really hope her nose doesnt collapse in. Idk who she went to but they really fucked up her nose.

No. 193139

Are these from october? Jfc these arent even milky. Why do scrotes keeps bumping this thread? We know she's alive. That's not new info.

No. 193144

Her nosejob is really apparent in this one. It's going to age terribly but so will she. If I can already see it in such a shit quality picture it's bad news

No. 193151

File: 1642186858408.jpg (518.71 KB, 2140x1989, new29.jpg)

Their new house is definitely Belles old house. They rented a AirBNB for that Halloween party.

No. 193152

Belle was renting anyway

No. 193207

Her bf Josh is the one on the left side
And he doesn't look better than the other guy

No. 193208

Do you know the Airbnb? It would explain a lot

No. 193209

Josh and his friends are revolting, I can't even pinpoint a specific flaw which makes them so, it's everything - they are simply repulsive in every way

No. 193210

File: 1642205382625.jpg (281.56 KB, 1080x2195, Screenshot_20220115-010822_Gal…)

Her fake lashes and nose are hilarious
Belle is such a "beauty" without Photoshop(unsaged nitpick)

No. 193222

Idk I think she actually looks pretty in that

No. 193223

Although the fact that we are hyperanalyzing 1/4 of her face sigh I think people just need to understand that she's gone for good and too much of a pussy to actually tell people

No. 193231

I hope she has a better life and makes better life choices from now on. I hope if she ever comes back she does it as a girl who happens to like kawaii stuff and not as an objectified porn girl. I hope she dumps her gross scrote boyfriend, she should had never sucked his d on camera. But oh well. Kinda rooting for her to get better now, male tears were shed and she acomplished being a troll.

No. 193232

File: 1642217985739.jpeg (593.22 KB, 1125x1893, 888E76AB-9415-495A-9BE5-DAEC8D…)

Belle’s #1 skinwalker tweeted this, how embarassing. Apparently she also blocked Purple Bitch

No. 193233

No1currs about these randos. Why can't you post real milk instead of posting her out and about when its not even milky? No one has ever even brought this other bitch up before. There are way closer skinwalkers.

No. 193263

Guess she's still watching other people on social media

No. 193316

Why she stalking belle(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 193364

Tbh no different from what everyone does on here
Dressing up as someone is another level of bpd though

No. 193395

Belle is mad that she’s been completely replaced

No. 193398

This doesn't prove how long she's been blocked. Just shows this chick only now noticed.

No. 193399

File: 1642316430182.jpg (108.69 KB, 720x1280, E7rA2PqXoAAC6Ig.jpg)

i bet hannahowo makes her absolutely seethe

No. 193441

Why? At least Belle didn't look this tetarded with Mickey Deer level photoshopping like HOwo.

No. 193446

belle looks more far more retarded than hannah lol

No. 193451

File: 1642357594753.jpg (242.23 KB, 1192x630, house.jpg)

kek her house is shabbier than you'd think but still pretty big tbh. Definitely lives with kai and pixie now, peep Kai's cringe covered up weeb-mobile thing parked up next to Josh's rape wagon. Will not publish any more info so don't ask but Kai's bad attempts to blur out the same driveway on insta proves it's definitely theirs. And it hasn't been sold since 2011, so it's definitely rented.

No. 193453

She literally looks like a cleaner Mickey Deer.

No. 193454

I don't think Belle ever said she owned her home. Why does this matter anyway if someone else is renting?

No. 193455

Looks like some old, run-down house in a South-European village
It's still a different house since her "Delphine Era".

Do you know them personally anon?

Because she makes MILLIONS a month which was another blatant lie

No. 193456

>>193455 not really but a lot of people in the cos community are mutuals with these guys, I wish I could prove how I found it without giving away info that stalkers would use to search themselves. But they need to be more careful tbh, after some pretty lazy party posts from her besties it only took a minute or two to find. But it's definitely the same house/interior that anons were discussing here, I'm just here for the milk about her being a "multimillionaire" yet still renting and splitting costs with two "buddies" that clearly love milking her fame for twitch/onlyfans subs >>193151

No. 193457

im sorry but this place is a complete shithole. You can tell it was built for looks instead of function. this is the english version of a mcmansion.

No. 193459

You've posted nothing to back up she is renting with them or that she still lives at that house in general. Being there during a party isn't the same as it being her residence. If you're not going to provide anything worthwhile to your claims then stop shitting up the thread. Are you the same anon who posted that tax paper >>191194 which proves nothing too (anon didn't even link where they got this super secret confidential post either kek) or are you the one who said Josh is using this house as a pimp castle? No one has posted anything but tinfoils and yet its obvious Belle made tons of money. How is it more believable that Bella Thorne made millions but someone as popular as Belle, talked about on IRL new stations and articles, somehow didn't, 3 years before all these real celebs started out their OFs? She had a Patreon before then too. Don't be braindead mad she actually made bank. How are those papers real yet anons are saying she barely made .5 million lol Doesn't make sense

No. 193463

Why so triggered Belle? Pixie? Or a wk?
Well their tax stuff/financials are pretty easy to find: https://opengovuk.com/company/11633830
Or another one: http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/company/11633830/INNOVATIVE-ARTISTS-LTD

Most of the stuff here are not tinfoils.
Just bc someone is discussed in the media doesn't mean shit. Not a far reach to bet she even paid some of them, especially YouTubers and bought followers/likes. Most people only know her as meme especially those in their 20s but don't care otherwise.(hi cow)

No. 193464

Cope. She made millions. Even that tax form says so and didn't anons say this was Josh's, not Belle's business? She wouldn't give him the money lol

No. 193465

File: 1642361811724.png (4.67 MB, 2427x2106, H.png)

No. 193466

Still in a year and not every month
It's a huge difference

Josh has his own so-called company
He only have shares of Innovative Artists like 30%

No. 193467

Add context to your low tier posts.

No. 193469

No one else has said that. She herself never said that. What news articles publish isn't exactly her words, you now? She said she's made money, but places like DailyMail want to say she makes millions a month when obviously that's true. Doesn't mean she never made millions. What even is your point? This is next level autist. She hasn't posted in over a year and this is the horse
you want to keep bumping and beating dead and it even says there that Josh hasnt been involved since 2019. And you don't think it's sus and weird that it says she started her business in 1999?

No. 193470

belle isn't going to fuck you.

No. 193496

BROS don't fucking post their house on here what are you braindead
Sure she's an online personality and I don't like her but she still deserves privacy for fucks sake(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 193499

You can't tell me that's their house after the nice one they rented. And obviously their friends wouldn't live with them

No. 193500

It's okay, i think the anon got banned >>193463 They keep frothing and posting useless shit

No. 193502

It's obviously a different house also get a fucking hobby and maybe some schizo pills while you're at it. Your waifu is gone and isn't coming back.

No. 193503

I hope belle realizes that by staying away she's making scrotes and bpd-skinwalker-chans even more desperate to dig up info on her (hence people trying to dox her and posting shit like her financial statements on 4chan and bringing their shit here)
The smartest thing for her to do would be to tell everyone goodbye and delete her social media if she wants to stay safe

No. 193504

Oh and also tell her friends to stop posting pictures with her on their public social medias cause wtff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 193505

I dint know why anons keep trying to pay her when she hasn't even done anything and had this idea there's dirty money. It's just reaches.

No. 193542

File: 1642393442245.jpg (484.78 KB, 1010x1132, 1566738520412.jpg)

Belle had a very elegant nose before. Now is meh. Pixie Pics is in Belle house.

No. 193599

File: 1642444745492.jpg (1.45 MB, 4032x3024, 20220117_122946.jpg)

Id say pixie and her boyfriend are certainly living with belle and Josh. If you go to pixies socials you'll notice her editing style and makeup etc is just like belle, I wouldn't be surprised if they are managing her content for her.

No. 193600

File: 1642444802966.jpg (1.67 MB, 4032x3024, 20220117_122918.jpg)

No. 193602

File: 1642444870080.jpg (1.3 MB, 4032x2268, 20220117_124700.jpg)

No. 193603

File: 1642444908285.jpg (1.39 MB, 4032x2268, 20220117_122833.jpg)

No. 193604

No one cares she's renting out Belle's house. Why does this matter? We know Belle never owned it to begin with and she had girls shooting in her house for years before. If you don't have any real milk, fuck off.

No. 193606

File: 1642445019147.jpg (1.6 MB, 4032x3024, 20220117_124607.jpg)

No. 193607

File: 1642445075197.jpg (1.46 MB, 4032x3024, 20220117_124642.jpg)

No. 193608

File: 1642445123837.jpg (1.95 MB, 4032x3024, 20220117_125126.jpg)

(sage your autism)

No. 193609

No. 193650

Literally who cares stalker-chan

Quit updating some saggy thots thread unless there’s another new terrible porn or something more milky - this bitch is so boring now.

No. 193670

Seriously. What point are they even making considering Belle never owned the home in general? It doesn't add to their hate she made a bunch of money somehow either considering how they keep arguing she never made anything.

No. 193704

>>193649 yeah this is kind of fucked up even for lolcow

No. 193719

hahah they arent even skinny kek

No. 193754

Starting to wonder if she must be jealous former friend or friend of a friend in her inner clique.
unless this bitch is this, stalker-chan is really devoted to finding Belle's living space to show in some niche image board that almost nobody outside this place knows about.

No. 193968

Can be anyone. Belle sent all her packages from a mail office down street, anyone with one of these envelopes can pinpoint her address in one minute.(sage)

No. 193995

Hey, who fucking cares. Stop being so desperate to doxx her.

No. 194175

why isnt Belle's OF showing up as inactive?
Usually OF refuses charge/doesn't allow subs when a OF girl is inactive for over 60 days.(sage your shit)

No. 194177

Because she logs in and possibly does PPV and not the timeline in order to keep privacy. It doesn't have to be a post either. Anons have been told several times about how OF works from farmers, but they keep ignoring how it works because it makes the cow look like they are doing their job and they don't like it. Even just replying to a sub, and I bet she still had tons because she looks to be routinely checking in weekly to get payouts, works for activity.

No. 194798

File: 1643054598435.png (267.81 KB, 828x1792, 0272A2C8-FB9B-4CC8-BD1D-F432F4…)

She has a tiktok she’s active on? Was scrolling through comments and saw this comment from her

No. 194799

File: 1643055058247.png (4.57 MB, 828x1792, C7150619-8FC5-46A8-B317-F75D76…)

I was skeptical so I requested to follow. She posted this 22hrs ago and she has a link tree in her bio to her OF. I think she’s back.

No. 194801

That was fast kek

No. 194802

i just came here to post this lol
i wonder how many more times she'll try to milk to "cOmEbAcK" shtick lmfao

No. 194808

Belle starved herself for 3 weeks for this comeback, too bad she’s been replaced by Alice. She is prettier and in better shape than Belle tbh

No. 194809

isnt that skittles video old af?? happy to be wrong tho…

No. 194810

She's like herpes at this point with all the unwanted returns she makes, guess it doesn't take long to rake through a mil if you're a dumbass

No. 194812

it's not her you guys are fucking retarded

No. 194813

this thread is so full of PULL autists that it should be wiped from the site fuck i can't believe have stupid y'all are(sage your autism)

No. 194814

The video is from 2020. Why would she use old material for a big comeback?

No. 194820

That’s what I thought as well, but her tiktok is verified and she has links to all of her social media and OF in her linktree.

No. 194822

File: 1643059436853.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, A630ECBB-5476-4C2C-ACEB-A12BBB…)

No. 194824

File: 1643059498931.png (1.53 MB, 828x1792, 6FFF1D52-277B-47F3-89E0-D885B6…)

If this isn’t her, then this is a really weird elaborate ruse to… catfish people? What would this person gain?

No. 194825

she uses link.tree not allmylinks fuck u b stupid

No. 194826

Well, she’s also verified on allmylinks. Learn to sage and calm down kek

No. 194830

then why wouldn't she put this link on her onlyfans insteads
it's sus af

No. 194841

That’s why I don’t think it’s a catfish or someone pretending to be her. Why would they link all of Belles actual socials and links if it wasn’t her? And the fact the tiktok and allmylinks are verified makes me believe this actually is her.

No. 194844

that's still really high-end by british standards. normal people in britain live in cramped terraced housing. to live in a so-called "detached" house is to win at life.
most bourgie british people rent too, not just the poors.

No. 194853

Yes. There are other fake accounts that link because it looks more legit.

No. 194854

All these porn girls are showing up on tiktok as verified and have a private profile. Riley, Lana, etc… Is some company doing this?

No. 194857

Scammers. Sage your stupid fucking questions

No. 194858

its NOT scammers. All these porn girls have verified that the tiktok accounts are theirs. Belle's is most likely official too. Some company is paying these girls to advertise shit

No. 194866

Right, I don’t know how exactly one gets verified on tiktok or allmylinks but it’s incredibly peculiar what’s going on

No. 194886

File: 1643116218191.jpg (130.84 KB, 1024x1024, inbound4872970445854521950.jpg)

Her friends follow the account also, not sure what to think.

No. 194908

Could've made it to prevent fakes. Another thing thots do.

No. 194909

Look at the likes on this account, it has 15M likes, this acc probably was a verified meme account, got bought by Belle delphine / her management company, privated all the old videos, waited a while for people to forget about the OG acc and renamed/changed the profile
she's just buying accs to advertise herself or other girls that pay for advertisement, its pretty common with onlyfans girls to buy meme pages and change them bc they gain a lot of traction

No. 194917

That's not how that works and you can't transfer accounts like that.

She's covering her bases the same way a lot of girls also made manyvid accounts in case people leak there and it's so easy to photoshop an ID. Look at all the times dumbasses linked fake Belle accounts here, claiming they are real due to the links leading back to legit accounts. This isn't some rare thing in the thot community.

No. 194927

then how does the acc have 15mil likes lol? its obviously a bought account with a shit ton privated viral videos

No. 194929

File: 1643137041044.jpg (325.79 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220125-105602_Fir…)

Probably reuploads. We also don't know how long the account has been there. Only that people just now really started using Fansly. For all you know she has a hidden Subscribestar too. These sites ask for IDs and that's all you need to be verified.

Pick one, anon. Both make sense. I dint know what the milk is though since nothing new has been leaked, so probably old content reuploads if it's her. This also isn't on the linktree or
>Belle made it as backup to prevent frauds
>Its a scammer

To add, it's weird it's not linked to any of these social media link spreads, so also seems like a plausible scammer for that reason alone.

No. 194931

It can be a purchased account by Belle. That makes sense. They sell verified tiktok accounts on blackhat forums.

No. 194933

If she did then what? What point are you trying to make? Nothing new has come out at all. I don't know why anons keep bumping this thread with posts from stalking her friends and useless shit like a fansly, which we can't prove except to tinfoil its her or not her. This thread needs to be saged.

No. 194959

Big red flag here of this being a scam. This is an old video.

No. 195065

File: 1643220985746.png (4.89 MB, 828x1792, D607C123-97FF-4E14-932F-11AA27…)

yea its a scam

No. 195068

Tbh this smells like an elaborate plan by Belle to stay relevant, she’s making fake cat fish accounts so people will start talking again and go “omg i can’t believe people fell for that fake belle account!”

No. 195069

Its technically not a scam. Its actually Belle but some company must be paying her to do this. Many porn stars are doing the same strategy (verified private tiktok/ask people to tag & post her/etc.) and after a month or so they start promoting a shitty website that gives away gift cards/crypto stuff. Many of the porn girls doing this confirmed that these were their real tiktok accounts. They are just reciving payment to do this from the company. Look up Riley Reid on tiktok!

No. 195101

I think these are old pictures…

No. 195102

What proof you got a company is paying her? Stop coming here and tinfoiling in Belle's thread. If you have no proof of anything, no1currs.

No. 195103

These are all old and everything on fansly is old too. It's just a scammer reposting.

No. 195113

Look up Riley Reid on tiktok. New verified account thats private, leaving the same exact comments as Belle, posting all old videos, etc. But Riley confirmed its a real account and she's promoting a company. Belle is going to be doing the same thing.

No. 195116

Can we all agree belle is an ugly overwieght shooping slut?(sage)

No. 195117

its not a random scammer. Its Belle scamming. You have to send in proof to fansly to get a verified account. I had to do it and I had to send in a picture of me holding my ID and they went through a lot to confirm its a real account

No. 195118

Then it's exactly what anons said >>194929, old reuploads and it is her, making sure no one is faking her profile.

No. 195120

what is this fansly you guys are talking about(sage your shit)

No. 195238

File: 1643330601477.png (1.24 MB, 522x921, Belle.PNG)

Belle is like a boomer who don't know Tiktok is for upload vertical videos.

No. 195258

>aren’t you that girl who sold bath water?
More like aren’t you that hoe who made porn pandering to pedophiles?

No. 195273

That doesn't exactly narrow it down though lmao. The bath water thing was at least unique

No. 195337

That an old video too isn't it?

No. 195422

i'm pretty sure it is? hard to tell because of the snow on the ground outside the window, though. She's smart

No. 195431

>she's smart

are you retarded? ty for bumping the thread with more bad takes

No. 195436

them titties squished up to max height and they still look like a-cups, tragic(nitpicking)

No. 195473

Not everyone wants big tits though.

No. 195487

then she should stop pretending.

No. 195489

>>195487 she would have had a boobjob already if she wanted boobs.

Pushing boobs up is just to make them look nice obviously they aren't gonna go from A to C with a push up, duh

No. 195570

What's your problem? Some girls do like their small tits. Not everyone wants big ass bolt ons that need replacing about 3-4 times in your life or have them removed and boobs reconstructed. Belle isn't pretending to have big tits. She's using she's got. This isn't something Belle started doing. Millions of women have small tits and do this because it's sexy to people just to see cleavage. What a weird thing to nitpick.

No. 195638

>>195570 fat anon trying to make themselves feel better about their saggy fat tits by reeing 'atleast im not an A cup hurr durr'(infighting)

No. 195665

did you like, read a completely different post or are you just retarded

No. 195667

my bad it was supposed to say 'anons'.

No. 195708

Belle knows she needs her A-cups to keep up with the pedobaiting. There’s no way she would get implants.

No. 195772

"only fatties have boobs" is the saddest cope i've ever seen on here right next to the anon who said "people without nasolabial folds look like monkeys"

No. 195817

ikr especially since the anon she was replying to was saying "not everyone wants to have big tits" and somehow that translated to "at least i'm not an a-cup." autism in action

No. 195923

I don't even know how they came to that conclusion. No one here is jealous of her tits, small or big. Literally pointing out that squeezing tits together isn't some cope that she doesn't have any. There are so many complications with implants and Belle's small frame would look stupid as fuck with bolts.

No. 196048

ive been seeing “her” leave comments on random stuff i see on tiktok. imo its 98% probably not her. its definitely just a meme page that had this idea to switch their content to old vids of her to portray them as new.

No. 196101

Post the proof

No. 196149

Different anon here but its just shitty comments on tiktok from her kat acc. They are just regular comments you can find on any video.
Fuck screenshotting this crap.

No. 196168

File: 1643905101942.jpeg (177.36 KB, 1125x312, 0442E6D2-5D0C-49E2-9D1A-7C8A43…)

No. 196745

File: 1644352937816.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x2198, 994D487D-D3F5-4193-A38C-A97DED…)

aaand there you have it. this person just promoted some other porn star or whatever the fuck on their tiktok. definitely not belle herself just some promo shit.

No. 196750

What's the chance her account is hacked due to being abandoned for so long? I see it on insta and twitter constantly.

No. 196772

her original account was banned. this isn’t her.

No. 197518

File: 1644934822701.jpeg (270.73 KB, 828x1594, B8C1B25F-F5E6-451B-9C74-D59FED…)

The account got banned on Tiktok

No. 197519

File: 1644934953569.jpeg (213.49 KB, 828x1480, F204F8B0-6C8D-4406-A881-55B4B5…)

I’m pretty sure it’s Belle, she always said she loved to get people talking and guessing. Belle wouldn’t let someone else profit under her image unless she’s the one doing it to someone else kek

No. 197520

File: 1644937607351.jpg (665.17 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220214-173522_Fac…)

I still cant believe she's with a guy that looks and types like this kek

No. 197521

File: 1644937664795.jpg (193.97 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20220214-173538_Fac…)

No. 197652

You're really dumb, it's obviously not her

No. 197653

is this really what you do with your spare time
mods should close this thread until she actually comes back

No. 197712

If it’s not her then why is she letting someone else leach off of her? Belle was always on top of copyright striking any and all reddit posts that had her pic. You think she would let someone run around with her name and image?

No. 197732

Thots have done that from the get-go. Also >>197518 is an old photo.

No. 198731

i honestly wish she'd come back

No. 198749

Hello scrote

No. 199080

It was actually really, really dumb of them to do the interviews saying how much money she makes a month. It puts a big target on her back for people trying to defraud/steal her identity, especially if she's buying stuff from cheap and sketchy sites like aliexpress

No. 199122

It doesn't and she can make up a fake name.

She's not and was never big enough that the whole world knows her, anon. Don't necro for non-milk shit like this.

No. 201196

File: 1647355518223.png (13.54 MB, 1242x2688, 926AFAC9-6F49-48F9-AC08-5BD422…)

now i see why she posts blurry pics

No. 201262

That wig is so bad kek

No. 201265

File: 1647376686222.png (4.63 MB, 828x1792, 3C27E16F-532C-4DB6-9F46-68D30C…)

Her teeth look different wonder if its ps

No. 201333

She's not wearing braces.

No. 201345

I think the downfall of her career and especially her corn, was that her image relies on filters and angles, whereas other ethots in the same market like alicedelish and hannahowo, actually resemble humans not a nympho larping grinch in a pink wig.

No. 201347

File: 1647428515219.jpeg (487.87 KB, 1600x1070, A7446F8E-32D7-4FED-AE40-6FA7D8…)

>grinch in a pink wig

No. 201348

Is she pregnant or is that a beer gut?

No. 201349

Neither, she has just pulled that skirt up too high

No. 201350

She did say she always wanted kids.
>most likely her trying to keep up with josh’s eating habits

No. 201351

Her stomach is clearly protruding even though she’s lifting her arms up. We aren’t blind. She looks like she’s drinking way too much and her face is puffy and blotchy. She won’t come back now because all the incels will say she’s hit the wall and she will have to scuttle off again with her tail between her legs like she did when she dropped her disgusting porn.

No. 201352

The way shes completely letting herself go makes me believe shes not planning on coming back. She doesnt even bother with filters or ps nowadays despite her profile being public to her scrotes

No. 201453

File: 1647466730930.png (5.85 MB, 828x1792, B963EBA2-549A-45CB-9A89-635549…)

I think shes got braces again, i swear shes had them 3 times now…. Also her hairs back to dark and it looks way less trashy

No. 201501

Commenting on her looks isn't milk.

No. 201609

File: 1647546478996.jpeg (625.07 KB, 1826x1826, 2D9874EB-5938-407D-9C6C-E123CF…)

Unpopular opinion on here but her bf isnt that ugly, hes quite good looking for british standards

No. 201611

That dude's straight up hot, I want him(sage your simping)

No. 201653

this was posted on "Belle"s tiktok. swear that isn't even her voice


No. 201776

That isnt her voice probably a skinwalker-chan trying to sound like her

No. 201797

File: 1647635996873.jpeg (122.52 KB, 828x603, E3C18A5A-2333-4C96-81CE-083D9D…)

wtf is a ‘dressing up box’?

No. 201801

The fuck, why are you looking at her 5 year old podtz

No. 201830

Im trying to find the source of the quarter japanese claims bc she kind of looks like my friend who is half thai but both her parents are white??

No. 201947

I dont think employers actually care about porn stuff so marys probably going get a job at the marketing agency for her boyfriends parents company

No. 202177

Isn't ugly, but looks like a creep

No. 202275

U have to be a creep to pretend to rape your rodent girlfriend in the woods while rolling in the mud

No. 202339

File: 1647895808548.jpeg (139.02 KB, 828x1031, C9DBB191-CC59-43FC-8309-B0FA4C…)

Belles teeth match her top how kawaii

No. 202340

I thought this was shayna

No. 202349

I can’t unsee it now kek

No. 203856

Nonnies i need milk pleaseeeeee

No. 203861

File: 1648499378661.png (4.92 MB, 828x1792, 9EC2BA81-0531-4568-992A-FEA047…)

Her friends are all fake to post these ugly af photos of mary

No. 203862

File: 1648499440031.jpeg (255.01 KB, 828x1603, EC0097AF-918C-420F-8D17-9C5DB4…)

She looks so downy i feel bad

No. 203863

Derrick or whatever the pink haired gal is called looks like her carer or teaching assistant kekekek

No. 203893

I think she looks genuinely cute here, having a laugh with friends enjoying her time. Looks better than anyone else too.

No. 203928

She does look better. All these girls are ugly as fuck compared to the photo >>203862 is posting. Imagine thinking you have to look good in every photo because you're laughing at an angle on the floor with friends lol

No. 204006

they are way prettier on the inside than belle

No. 204007

Shes trying to look black with that hairstyle, first it was asian baiting now shes copying black hairstyles the basic bland bitch

No. 204042

looks like what they used to do in the 90's clipped back with tiny butterfly clips or something. Black fishing is bait af stop it

No. 204043

Anon, stfu. She's not blackfishing and she wasn't asianfishing

No. 204044

you are truly retarded

No. 204069

youre retarded. go back to tiktok. she looks like shes dressed up as maddie from euphoria.

No. 204142

She literally lied about being japanese and gave herself epicanthic folds but okay..

No. 204143

Point is, she has no originality or identity apart from copying the style of other people, the original skinwalker

No. 204213

>>204142 how did she give herself epicanthic folds? You sound unhinged anon.

No. 204214

Pick one: She started the egirl trend which anons complain about all the time as her starting it or she started by copying someone else who is clearly so much more famous than her, but no one knows who it is.

She is the one that made the cringy meme egirl thing a thing because of how popular she got so quick. I don't know who she would've been copying from aside from basic bitch cosplay girls who already wore things like shorts and fishnets. It's called alt.

No. 204215

because white people have to always have a deep set crease otherwise they are asian fishing. There are so many white people with flush lids and its not uncommon. Anon is a fucking idiot and this thread is trash.

No. 204235

Kek you should see what he looks like naked. His dick is also 3/10.

No. 204301

File: 1648671527845.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3464x3464, 04BD96ED-018F-46F8-8EB8-2A2091…)

She draws on ethnic features she doesnt naturally have and it’s embarrassing

No. 204303

She didnt start any of the trends she simply sexualised the e girl style and alt fashion for her own gain, and inspired a whole generation of girls to whore themselves out on their 18th birthday

No. 204307

Isn't this literally foxliner where you line your innercorners too so you have longer eyes? This bitch didn't even start that trend, schizo.
Racebait. She's pale as fuck how is she trying to look black? If anything she's trying to look like an e-girl or weeb.

No. 204315

She did start that trend, she was doing it back in 2016 and it only got popular in like 2020.

No. 204317

Thats just dolly/anime style makeup she isn’t trying to look asian at all, stop being retarded

No. 204319

When did she say she was japanese? She posted a pic of her mum and shes blonde

No. 204327

>>204301 That's just lining the inner corner. It's common af in any type of alt make up, calm your tits weirdo.

No. 204329

File: 1648678088648.jpeg (374.48 KB, 1125x2135, 2561B474-BC4C-4063-B15E-4754F2…)

No. 204330

File: 1648678127600.jpeg (541.1 KB, 1102x1732, 76BB29B9-80F7-4161-90A7-EB56BD…)

I don't think these got posted. She looks kinda cute in this one

No. 204382

People were doing this in the 80s stfu

No. 204532

Sorry she looks so ugly and fat and her nose looks like an arrow pointing to down to hell(nitpicking)

No. 204534

She looks like if vanellope von schweetz was a coke whore who bought her skincare at the butchers

No. 204757

stop being creepy posting underage photos of someone who already attracts pedos, please anon wtf

No. 204821

you're a fucking creep. Bragging about knowing where she lives, posting doxxing photos of her house and street, saving all these photos that have literally nothing to do with their thread aside from being a creep and hoarding them, including underage photos of Belle.

No. 204831

At this rate this sounds more like a mad mentally ill male fan, they're usually the ones who obsess over and doxx girls in this way. Wish jannies would lock the thread since she's milkless anywayss.

No. 205992

How can someone age this badly at fucking 22? Drugs?

No. 206149

So has she really gone for good? This has been way longer than any of her other disappearances now.

No. 206219

Of course she's gone, you think she has the empathy and sensibility to tell her fans who have spent thousands on her for years thats she's leaving? Of course not

No. 206289

File: 1649558428327.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.46 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20220410-123943_Fac…)

She changed her fb name and has braces again.

No. 206294

hey scrote, stop scrounging anywhere for new photos of her. It's fucking creepy. She isn't doing anything milky.

No. 206301

I wonder why she got braces again? Her teeth looked fine after the last time.

No. 206315

>doesn’t have the decency to talk to scrotes who have spent thousands on her!!!
You sound like a seething moid kek. Any man who throws money at OnlyWhores does not deserve common courtesy.

No. 206317

She looks like a wrinkly Marzia with braces

No. 206380

this is what happens when you pander to 4channers. she will be stalked for the rest of her life

No. 206386

maybe didnt wear her retainers, or just planning to come back because the braces gave her pedo attention. Or they are just fake/filter.
Could be an old photo, look like the same bay windows?

No. 206431

Defo braces/fake or not, not a filter unless her mates are doing that for her to, this was posted today

No. 206432

File: 1649643830114.jpg (71.21 KB, 471x457, Screenshot_20220411-121931_Ins…)

No. 206437

I… why

No. 206464

Belle's friends bring attention to lolcow. Especially Kai stalks here almost daily.

He also acts like he has a crush on Belle.

No. 206500

how do you know he stalks here?

No. 206503

where is this from?

No. 206580

It was from Kais story on instagram. And yeah I don't know how to use lolcow it was my first time posting.(learn2sage)

No. 206857

File: 1649859096460.jpg (122.38 KB, 425x614, Belle delphine braces meme.jpg)

Someone have an idea why she is using braces again?
meme updated to 2022

No. 206899

My bet is she didnt use her retainer and her teeth shifted? She easily have enough money to not care, and shifting teeth can be super uncomfortable.
Could be planning a comeback again with her old look that got her famous.
Maybe she just wants them.
Old pics?
Could be any reason

No. 206925

Cringe meme

No. 207003

Do you literally only come here to post stupid shit that isn't milk?

No. 207004

Dentists also take them off and put them back on a lot of the time. Thats even something movies joke about too. Just depends if the ortho is willing, but it is a common thing. A lot of people will do it for things like weddings, prom, vacation, photoshoots.. Probably got them reglued after whatever grace period he/she gave her. Otherwise there's no reason to heat glue parts to your teeth again. Usually the spacers still stay in too.

No. 207017

File: 1649961066022.jpg (79.63 KB, 609x960, 11209360_812687732163391_70284…)

tbh she really does owe all of her success to her current bf. before they met she was just a nobody doing shitty makeup tutorials in her room, literally starved for attention. the smartest thing they ever did was have her be 'mysterious' and never talk so guys wouldn't be turned off by her real lame ass personality.

No. 207052

She was getting popular without him. Stfu and stop posting photos that are unrelated and not milky at all. It's fucking creepy, scrote.

No. 207071

>>207052 I highly doubt she would have done the kawaii egirl shit posting without him, not a chance.

No. 207696

She’s back(namefag)

No. 207697

File: 1650326401798.png (887.37 KB, 640x1136, B6DF4440-428B-4DDA-81AD-428F1A…)

No. 207704

>>207697 finally, please make it milky this time

No. 207718

Wonder why she took so long to come back?

No. 207773

I'm guessing she's back as she got her Instagram back

No. 207789

>>207773 I think youre falling for a fake account I cant see hers.

No. 207840

It's her. Her IG is back up as well.. rent due?

No. 207842

File: 1650384411059.jpeg (171.31 KB, 1085x491, 5E382E41-1A0A-4C09-BEC6-5B1B20…)

No. 207895

Obviously not bitch is rolling in the dough

No. 207912

>when you're rich
kek sure.
She's only crawling back because she's broke. Belle really is the epitome of that kid who would go "i'm going guys, no i mean it i'm really going away forever" during a fight.
She really went through all the trouble of losing her chub and putting that pink wig back on for a surprise comeback that'll last a grand total of a couple weeks til people get bored of her again. I feel sad for her, must be exhausting to keep that up. She has been replaced by her thousands of clones already she's not a novelty anymore. She isn't a "genius business woman epic trolling the simps" anymore she's just unfortunate

No. 207940

Eh not really, all of her copycats are pathetic, if she's got anything going for her it's that she's the og and is actually popular

No. 207941

Is she bipolar and just goes manic once every year?

No. 207942

Probably just starved for attention, I’d wager she has enough money to fuck off forever but missed being talked about online from doing stupid shit and came back to get that dopamine rush. People will care for a little bit but it’s desperate and played out now, the only ones who care are coomers and other girls who are inspired by her and are copying her whole persona

No. 207945

ngl looking at her old instagram I forgot she was so pretty
like when it comes to girls online she definitely wins in terms of looks/style

No. 207946

how was she able to stay away for so long if she missed it so much though?
like did josh literally take away her computer? lol

No. 207949

File: 1650425898827.jpg (363.49 KB, 1512x2016, 665.jpg)

From her Facebook.

No. 207969


No. 207993

sure is a lot of wking, simps begone

No. 208015

As soon as this thread becomes autosaged she comes back kek

No. 208018

File: 1650473477036.jpg (453.58 KB, 711x997, Screenshot_20220420-125000_Ins…)


No. 208050

Damn is she skinwalking herself? Giving me weird vibes lol

No. 208056

File: 1650478006105.jpg (60.46 KB, 680x510, a.JPG)


tit job possibly being the reason for her absence

she can't be looking to make more scrote coins at this point. she's already played her hand by putting out shit porn and enough simps know better than to spend money on her now. the only people who actually like her are small brain tards who put her on a pedestal for being a based mastermind businesswoman for degrading herself for scrotes. they are not gonna buy her porn or her shit merch, so idk why she bothers coming back. it's not like she is likeable or interesting without inventing drama. her big return is boring af tbh

No. 208057

God that looks terrible, why do that to yourself when you’ve already hit your peak

No. 208059

Her bf isn't gonna fuck you.

No. 208061

Lol those are definitely not fake, she’s squashing down/together for a cleavage. She’s not actually completely flat chested, she always played it up with angles or clothing to pedopander to the lolicon moids

No. 208069

>>208061 100% not what she used to have. If she was just pulling down the top there wouldnt be so much volume at the top of them, that is implants.
Shame I really liked that she was confident with small ones.

No. 208071

They're obvi not fake, she clearly just gained weight which you can see in other recent pictures people have posted her a few weeks ago.

No. 208074

how do people find that attractive? am i out of touch? She looks like she's straight out of desperate housewives but with braces shooped on

No. 208075

just speculating. weight gain doesn't give you a whole new rack of bitch tits tho kek

No. 208078

Sometimes it does

No. 208079

Why would she get a boob job and braces? Don't those two things contradict eachother? Especially if she's trying to look young

No. 208081

I don't think she got a tit job, but they def don't look natural(namefag)

No. 208083

>>208075 Yea gaining weight does not make your tits look like this. Not if she's gained 5-10 pounds, and if she gained more shed be flabby looking. Gaining weight kills the breast to armpit line, fold, crease whatever you call it.
Whenever she posts more we will get more proof of it so no use in arguing.

Even scrolling down her insta/twitter you can see the absurd difference that can not be natural.

No. 208101

I gained about 15 pounds and went from a b cup to a dd that ppl think are fake, it's deff possible. Not trying to wk but I just wanted to put my two cents in. Everyone carries weight differently and boobs come in lots of shapes, sizes and perkiness levels

No. 208106

File: 1650492576378.jpg (105.38 KB, 716x383, Screenshot_20220420-180623_Chr…)

In my opinion it looked like she had gained somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds, so there's no doubt that could affect her breast size.

No. 208150

File: 1650510138524.jpg (368.98 KB, 1440x1800, 1650503981523.jpg)

she lost her loli appeal

No. 208151

she's def too "old" for her incel scrote fans and the belle delphine look is overkilled and cringe rn. what would she do now? lol

No. 208152

Maybe she's going for the teen vibe now

No. 208153

she looks mid 20s to me

No. 208154

there is a rumor that she had a child during the time she was gone

No. 208157

If that rumor is real then I'm praying for that child

No. 208159

I mean that's a stretch w the braces(learn2sage)

No. 208177

she looks so much better without the wig

No. 208181

We all saw pics of her out with friends during her hiatus, there’s no way she was pregnant, stop making up dumb rumors kek.

Wondering how she got her IG account back, I thought she was permabanned due to mass violations and this isn’t a new account she’s made. Does she have some contacts working for IG or was her being banned another stunt.

No. 208253

No. 208261

File: 1650560287664.png (1020 KB, 1382x790, ur2s.png)

This was her unofficial account that she used. She just changed the name.

No. 208305

The thread is autosaged not sure why it matters if I do or not?

No. 208342

File: 1650590441348.jpg (423.06 KB, 713x1115, Screenshot_20220421-211758_Chr…)

She's on Facebook and asking for suggestions. Here's a suggestion: tone down the filters.

No. 208358

"I am at a loss for ideas so please think of it for me! Also i'm back on a semi dead social media platform solely to maximize my views since my novelty effect faded "
Man, she's really not the bright businesswoman her simps delude themselves into thinking she is. She only has conventionally attractive looks going for her and we all know how long that lasts. As soon as she ages a bit too much or put on a bit too much weight they will all leave and move onto a younger better model. And she did this to herself, she created this environment where she depends on those people and perpetuate this image of herself.
I can't even feel bad for her at this point she dug her grave and will lie in it. Let her be a cautionary tale.

No. 208398

She’s so dumb kek

No. 208459

I feel like no one really cares about her "return" except for her dumb simps. She's irrelevant now. No one has actually talked about her coming back . Lol

No. 208460

She most likely thought she'd get talked about on a big platform but at this point everyone's bored.

No. 208463

Can’t stop laughing at her. She has absolutely no self awareness. She will be back in hiding within 6 months because nobody will fucking care. She’s on Facebook ASKING PEOPLE what she should do? How embarrassing. Guess the money has already run dry.

No. 208484

i found out shes back from a critikal video.

No. 208485

Anons have kept this thread alive with creepy friend of friend photos just to post of Belle. pretty sure people have still been wondering where she's at.

No. 208500

is she legit retarded. the only thing her fans would want from her is to actually be active on OF and keep posting porn like she said she was gonna do. she baited her coomer fanbase into thinking she was gonna become an actual pornstar. be a pornstar or don't, just stick to something. this is why nobody gives a shit about her besides nosy anons on lolcow, because she commits to nothing and her old audience knows that now. just take the money and run belle, keep some shred of dignity. you look really stupid and desperate

No. 208510

Not sure how interacting with fans is a bad thing

No. 208511

she has an audience besides pornsick scrotes like you, back from when she did aesthetic and beauty stuff on facebook, not everything resolves around what men want
you mad she's not posting on onlyfans yet like you want?

No. 208523

sure, maybe some minority of girls would want that after her edgelord porn era but that's a weird reach after purposefully hyping up her OF and bringing in coomers specifically before she left. don't shit up the thread with your dumbass finger pointing. her audience is mainly pornsick scrotes. she was already baiting fans that she'd give them what they wanted with similar posts and polls and shit before she vanished from the internet.

No. 208525

File: 1650670161843.jpg (298.09 KB, 717x945, Screenshot_20220422-192754_Twi…)

What a retard

No. 208526

File: 1650670561597.jpg (58.09 KB, 636x200, Screenshot_20220422-193400_Ins…)

Also apparently the reason she has braces again is because she didn't wear her retainers which I don't doubt

No. 208539

Same with my bot. The bot move so much faster than the top teeth for some reason. That sucks lol

No. 208541

just wear your retainer and youre fine though. Its not hard. I just gotta sleep with mine and take it out in the morning its so simple wtf

No. 208546

File: 1650678136762.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.78 KB, 717x716, Screenshot_20220422-214142_Twi…)

No. 208549

play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 208552

Can mods remove autosage pleasee

No. 208553

That looks painful as fuck is that a piece of her tongue?

No. 208556

This is genuinely retarded, even as a metaironic joke.
People are literally telling her to go to the hospital

No. 208557

have none of you idiots heard of fake blood?

No. 208558

And sugar bulbs lol I actually find the shit she does funny because people get riled up at this point. The people who find what she does as serious need the help. Her stuff is made to shock and it sells because people like anons flip out when literally it's all for possible immediate virality on her side.

But seriously, fake blood and sugar bulbs. I mean, what do people think movies do? lol

No. 208561


The lightbulb is clearly in her mouth, nothing about it looks fake.

No. 208562

>in her mouth

Not broken or shards anywhere in her mouth. Grow up, anon.

No. 208563

What do you think happened when she pulled it out?(sage your shit)

No. 208564

Sage your idiocy

No. 208604

no wonder she got rich so easy. even now after her fourth comeback, even farmers are still swallowing her bullshit. pretty embarrassing to be an adult woman still sitting around on the floor pretending to be retarded, but it's hard to fault her when so many gullible and reactionary idiots exist

No. 208674

>interacting with fans
Yeah that’s one thing. Asking people to tell you what to do because you’re retarded and have no idea and are desperate for approval is another.

No. 208677

File: 1650753792769.jpeg (865.54 KB, 1125x1286, 25B7D92C-BC7E-4006-B333-44ED09…)

>big things

No. 208682

I mean, the point it to ask what kind of content people are looking for. It's been almost 2 years. Her normal antics probably aren't going to bring new people, but keep the old.

No. 208697

Nitpick but the state of her nail polish does not scream rich multimillionaire entrepreneur kek. You would think with so much money she could afford bare minimum of $40 gels done professionally.

No. 208701

>>208697 shes always had short stubby nails. Not everyone likes the gel claws

No. 208705

You can get a gel manicure on short natural nails retard

No. 208710

Didn't someone at some point suggest she's bulimic? Most if not all bulimics have horrible looking nails

No. 208730

Her pic quality is so bad now. Did Josh leave and take the cameras?
She's always had disgusting nails, remember her toenail fungus and how she moaned in that interview about people being grossed out by it? kek

No. 208737

>her antics
Your obsession with her is fucking embarrassing.
>what content people are looking for
They’ve already seen everything they’re looking for and it was a total disappointment
She’s definitely broke now kek.

No. 208752

well she immediately started eating slime and lightbulbs so i don't see her pivoting very hard in her content

No. 208756

Yes she’s such a marketing genius, eating slime and lightbulbs. Nobody would ever think of that! And we are all here slagging it off so according to the white knight, we have been “taken in and manipulated”. No wonder she’s so rich!!! Imagine being impressed with this bitch. You have got to be so low on the totem pole.

No. 208758

>She’s definitely broke now kek.
Are the post indicating she's a millionaire outdated or outright false? Did the UK government garnish all of it in taxes?

No. 208761

Lol are you OK anon? Nobody called her a marketing genius here.
Who can tell. It's all just speculation at this point.

No. 208924

so did she die (again) after eating that lightbulb?

No. 208927

Instead of a sugar bulb, she most likely just picked a smaller one that she could easily remove and then broke it after. The blood looks fake but it definitely got her the attention she wanted, even in here.

No. 208931

Laughing at her and calling her a desperate retard anonymously is not helping her “get the attention she wanted” you fucking retard. What is she gonna do next? Suck the blood out of her own tampon like that one girl did a few years ago? I mean THAT got HER attention. Why do you treat attention like it’s some form of currency? Are you as desperate and lonely as belle? Why are you so desperate to paint her as a girlboss? She’s approaching her mid 20s and she needs to grow up because nobody is interested in her anymore. She gets a fraction of the engagement she used to and she’s desperate for ideas because she has no talent, is stupid and can’t even do porn without embarrassing herself. That’s why she disappeared. It wasn’t some genius strategic plan, it was her hiding in shame because of her embarrassing performance. She has nothing to fall back on, no education and is not even financially independent.

No. 208932

Exactly. There's no photos of glass in her mouth and it would be really, really painful and stupid to chance her throat and digestion being fucked up and she's dumb, but not that dumb. It's fake and the anons thinking its real are obvious trolls.

Why are you so mad about it? Anon literally said nothing you said.

No. 208953

I feel like you’re the same orbiter that constantly white knights in this thread. You always say things like “why are you so mad?” When people are done explaining to you how retarded you are.

No. 208954


This anon went on a tangent from a comment that had nothing to do with what >>208927
said. Sit down.

No. 209026

File: 1650900978706.jpg (384.81 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_20220425-113452_Ins…)

Wtf is this face she looks like a sped

No. 209038

I guarantee she is going to do NEET girl cosplay. I'll try to find it on Twitter again, but I saw it going around and this reminds me of it.

No. 209043

Now she's doing ads for subway? Maybe she really is broke

No. 209102

She’s definitely broke. Wouldn’t surprise me if she works there.

No. 209104

>sIt DoWn
Kek that’s like an even more condescending “touch grass”. Fuck off and get a life.

No. 209113

>>209026 those braces looks so fake.

No. 209139

File: 1650923451349.png (35.51 KB, 121x168, Screenshot 2022-04-26 005011.p…)

her nosejob scar lol

No. 209150

She’s so desperate to look like one of shadmans underage futa lolis

No. 209161

Uploaded an ad for her onlyfans to YouTube… Kinda funny but that's just my fault for having shitty taste in humor.

No. 209164

>>209161 This is genuinely funny lmao

No. 209167

it is so obvious her boyfriend operates her ig/twitter and she uses facebook lol

No. 209196

Hahaha honestly

No. 209198

she looks like a bimbo now but i think her old style was more popular between weebs

No. 209203

yea I'm a little sad tbh. But she did always look up to nigri so makes a lot of sense.

No. 209213

I'm confused, why would she come back to onlyfans if she doesn't really need money? They're obviously quite well off, I'm surprised she's going that route again

No. 209225

She looks the same to me, tbh. Nothing's changed really.

No. 209249

Well obviously they're not "well off".

No. 209256

File: 1650965959895.jpeg (877.37 KB, 1125x1286, C79A9A6E-78B5-41C8-88B8-201E1C…)

She obviously cant be rich as shes staying in a cheap rental with dated wallpaper and old radiators

No. 209258

She looks like she needs a shower yesterday

No. 209279

She was making a million a month on onlyfans, where'd that go

No. 209291

Okay, you do all understand she can just come back maybe another bunch of money and get attention she craves, just because she wants to?
She doesnt have to wit with a red bank account to come back and make more porn, she just wants to. She and her bf are pretty creative and must find it fun when people react to her content.
She never gonna HAVE to do onlyfans she does it because its fun easy money, get a grip nonas.

No. 209296

I don't think she made that much money tbh, at least not millions.
They're definitely dry.

No. 209307

She’ll never -have- to do only fans because she lives in the uk and probably already claims benefits

No. 209308

Probably spent it all on plastic surgery and her copyright lawyer lol

No. 209309

the editing and filters are as cringe and horrifying as ever. might as well just wear a pacifier. the youtube videos are always so cringe i struggle to make it to the end. she is painful to watch

No. 209312

Are you retarded? She has to file taxes and the amount of money she has makes her not eligible for benefits

No. 209313

Not trying to WK or anything but I kind of wish she'd drop the porn content and focus more on making quirky YouTube videos

No. 209314

File: 1650996797698.png (2.31 MB, 1792x828, 9031BD6D-D73F-481D-9F73-8CD4FA…)

Why does she always make gormless faces its so annoying

No. 209316

I thought this about the shitty wallpaper and wondered whether she had been turfed out to a retirement home but looking at this video >>209161 it appears she has purposely decorated this room as the most unaesthetically pleasing 90’s teen girl set up from the outdated PC, lamp and desk, pencil pot, school trophies and Britney Spears poster.

No. 209318

Looks like she stopped starving herself, that's for sure

No. 209322

This looks nice though

No. 209324

Goofy af

No. 209332

That's just England anon

No. 209335

the only good thing about her, i still think she's an attention whore and has no future but i don't wish an ED and a boney ass on her. Would be funny if she became fat though

No. 209342

Seriously, went there a month ago and for a city that used to be world class their houses are shit

No. 209343

it's so true, people tinfoil about Belle being actually poor, but actually as far as England goes she's living large kek. A lot of desirable houses in England are old and expensive/illegal to renovate, but are in great locations. It is what it is, the standards are just really different.

No. 209346

Honestly think shes trying to capitalise of the poor underage teen look along with the braces reminds me of the tv show skins

No. 209347

>>209343 her old house had hardwood flooring and high ceilings, this new house has old carpet and kitsch wallpaper

No. 209358

>A city

No. 209361

File: 1651011183405.jpeg (90.37 KB, 319x340, C13B9029-8747-41A6-B9A5-A1ED4F…)

>She and her bf are pretty creative
>She never gonna HAVE to do onlyfans she does it because its fun easy money
>She doesnt have to wit with a red bank account to come back and make more porn, she just wants to
>she can just make another bunch of money
You are such a fan

No. 209362

I guess she's graduating from nymphet to barely legal

No. 209366

How come she ended up having broad shoulders, bigger boobs and a different face shape in a year? Can weight gain do all those? I know she heavily edits her photos and wears too much make-up but she still looks so different.

No. 209367

Her new tiny nose looks awful with her huge mouth. She looks like Grinch.

No. 209375

Honestly the arguing in this thread is more interesting than her return.

No. 209383

Genuinely. Milkier than the cow herself.

No. 209385

It's getting annoying having to scroll, can mods please remove autosage?

No. 209387

Keep a tab open.

No. 209410

She scammed so many of her old OF buyers by telling them she'd be back and never posting again for a year, I'm shocked she's trying to appease them

No. 209411

True, the fact she still gets plenty of attention in the realm of online celebrity shows she’s not struggling and idk why nonnies are so convinced she’s broke and crawling back because of that. Just because she’s not dressed like some real housewives bimbo with perfect hair and nails and a white McMansion doesn’t mean anything or show her true earnings. Guys are still paying for onlyfans because it makes their dick hard, it’s not rocket science

No. 209414

>iTs eVerYdAy bRoOoO!!1!

sage for retardation(derailing)

No. 209427

i came across some cringe coomer website that posts her only fans stuff, not just her nudes but her “diary entries” i read a few and its rly interesting reading her raw(kind of) thoughts.(namefag)

No. 209431

No. 209435

show it.
amazed she even thought to ask what content her followers want to see after all the hype she created around her OF before disappearing. but it doesn't seem like she was going for a big comeback so maybe she's happy to make shit porn in her crusty house for whoever is still paying and take breaks whenever she wants

No. 209439

I think she never wanted to leave she just left so the drama over her photoshoot in the woods died down

No. 209440

Are you guys legit retarded? American houses are made out of paper so you wouldn't get this, but European houses tend to be built out of brick. Radiators are better at heating areas insulated like that. It's not "being poor" having radiators, that's some ignorant burger logic. Some of the most expensive houses in the UK are heated via radiator. Sorry not every country pumps stale air into their cardboard boxes 24/7 because god forbid an area isn't heated or cooled to the exact temp you demand at that second? This is exactly why the world is dying you retards.

Glad to see the Belle thread is as infected by jealous fat girls as it became when PULL died.

No. 209441

This reminds me of the anons that swore only kid have BBQs in England so Belle having one was "weird". There are so many legit things to criticize this pedo-baiter for, and you guys focus on the most rrivial, nitpicky shit. I can smell the cheeto dust on your fingers in here.

No. 209448

Different anon here, but I'm pretty sure the website they were talking about is called BelleDelphine.to

No. 209459

This, english houses tend to prioritise function and location over aesthetics and new appliances, many houses in the southeast fetching 300k+ have old interiors

No. 209461

It sickens how many big creators support this girl bc shes popular despite the disgusting pedobait she promotes

No. 209469

Stay mad & rat infested, britbong

No. 209470

No. 209474

This is an image board u twat

No. 209475

We dont even get rats here, or roaches lol

No. 209476

File: 1651072121899.png (395.46 KB, 650x813, 457bb0ed-2b10-4d25-bb1f-d39c5d…)

No. 209498

File: 1651076014740.jpeg (314.11 KB, 669x1283, 388F8C50-AAFA-45B6-8327-40FF3F…)

it literally has multiple diary entries, even a q&a

No. 209502

Eww she really is a pervert

No. 209505

Does she actually think the sex she had was hardcore?

"Getting it perfect" LOL Her cuck boyfriend looked pathetic and she looked so lanky

No. 209510

KEK that was funny af. They where like “why do people in England like to stand around getting drunk in the garden? Why are the English so retarded?” What the fuck else is a garden for? I’d love to know…

No. 209517

>” i actually like it muuuuuuch harder than what im allowed to post online uwu lol”
i bet she calls girls vanilla who dont want to be beaten up or abducted shes such a pick me.

No. 209543

>>209498 She might not even be truthful, she has no choice but to say this. If she said nah I'm just into missionary she'd break the 'special kinky girl'' illusion and lose support.

No. 209546

Reminds me of when she said she only likes ugly men in that one podcast episode kek(namefag)

No. 209552

Exactly, she's just trying to play into the fantasy

No. 209553

My god, it's so lazy. You can't even tell if this is actually Belle or not who did the interview. This feels like a leak site masquerading as a social media for a Belle Delphine RPer.

No. 209623

She tried to go viral again with "lightbulb accident" on Twitter and failed miserably lol

"I can't believe I literally one girl, one lightbulb'd myself"
Such a pick me indeed

No. 209640

You'd think she'd lead with that or the OF promo vid over straight up just reminding everyone that she's still alive

Hey maybe she actually did injure herself on that trampoline two years ago and maybe she landed on her head and maybe that's why she's gotten extra retarded in her decision making ever since

No. 209647

Shes definitely got something wrong with her, autism or personality disorder.

No. 209648

File: 1651162668338.png (Spoiler Image,2.06 MB, 1792x828, 6EDAFBAD-AC86-4BCE-A741-54FC7A…)

Do u think it got a boob job ?

No. 209649

File: 1651162724025.png (Spoiler Image,4.06 MB, 1792x828, FD6A65CE-4DDE-4701-A388-5CFBA0…)

Shes such a slug

No. 209653

OT, but does anyone know where those tights are from?

No. 209665

File: 1651172280232.jpg (443.3 KB, 715x1000, Screenshot_20220428-145703_Chr…)

Literally the outfit from Lolita(1997)

No. 209666

She needs to chill at her big age

No. 209667

File: 1651172730616.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3464x3464, 0EDE832B-D82B-4BD5-8DDC-F3DAA3…)

Her new look reminds me so much of brooke monk the tiktok girl

No. 209669

File: 1651172966821.jpg (Spoiler Image,332.35 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_20220428-150905_Twi…)

Lmao what

No. 209670

File: 1651173031793.jpg (Spoiler Image,504.56 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20220428_151014.jpg)

Full image

No. 209677

WTAF lmao i hope she does scat and ruins her public image for good

No. 209678

File: 1651175832560.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.13 KB, 718x549, Screenshot_20220428-155552_Twi…)

Spoiled just in case, really don't have any comment other than the joke isn't funny

No. 209682

It doesnt even make sense, her whole personality is just throwing up extinct memes

No. 209687

her life looks boring
"i was raised on the internet" OK love

No. 209690

File: 1651184514563.jpeg (488.85 KB, 977x795, 739F891B-2398-4320-8F42-7C6D6C…)

what app is that

No. 209694

File: 1651184841335.jpg (381.56 KB, 719x1006, Screenshot_20220428-182647_Ins…)


No. 209695

File: 1651184959818.jpg (413.75 KB, 718x883, Screenshot_20220428-182810_Ins…)

Also noticing her new room is full of things girls would have had in the early 2000s

No. 209698

>>209690 We've been through this before. Snow, meitu, soda, they all look the same. Looks like snow to me though.

No. 209702

File: 1651186565384.png (333.83 KB, 758x541, dfbfa744d69b7fd975cfcc7dcebc32…)

No. 209703

Hell is having to go through CSA as a preteen and have dumbfucks like this romanticize it

No. 209704

>>209695 does she have extentions? her hair look really good.
I know she did back in 2019ish

No. 209710

If her boobs are fake, at least she picked a size that suits her frame/build. Not too big. I’m getting bimbo vibes and I feel like that’s where she’s headed (it’s a fetish I guess). Wonder if she’ll get the trout pout next, to go with the nose and boob job lol

No. 209749

I'm ngl, I'm fucking laughing, that's hilarious. I didn't even catch that the first time around!

No. 209765

Breast implants, surgeries, braces, teeth bleaching, heavy make up and filters… There is nothing natural about her. No wonder weeb incels are into her.

No. 209767

Also, who takes those photos? Her boyfriend is almost as tall as her, and she is a tall woman. These angles make her looks so short.

No. 209777

maybe a selfie stick but seems pointless to try making her look smaller when the last photo shows how top heavy she really is kek

massive nitpick but her makeup is annoying. the upturned brows and blush piled on her nose that cuts off at the tip is goofy

No. 209785

Im glad she got her teeth done, they were horrendous

No. 209786

File: 1651245494870.jpeg (251.18 KB, 828x1020, F452F489-C36E-4F81-ADD6-9DACA2…)

Her makeup is so uncanny valley, she looks like an 80s cabbage patch doll

No. 209800

Her makeup has definitely gotten worse imo, she is making the lower third of her face look way too concave and small. She’s giving herself a receding incel chin.

No. 209829

She uploaded a video on Twitter I'm not sure how to post it here but here's the link sorry

No. 209841

I don't get it

No. 209845

File: 1651262322779.jpg (434.88 KB, 720x1016, Screenshot_20220429-155644_Twi…)

She actually looks decent in this picture (to me at least)

No. 209852

She is pretty but without eye makeup her eyes are too far apart/ beady

No. 209853

Shes not making cringe expressions

No. 209854

She really downgraded her nose. Not against her choice to get it done in the first place but it's so wide now

No. 209857

File: 1651265097783.jpg (3.08 MB, 3072x4096, Fakebraces.jpg)

Do yall think she's wearing fake braces for her coomers? Its odd she keeps getting braces when her teeth never shifted, they were still perfectly straight before she disappeared

No. 209858

I had braces in the uk and they have strict requirements for how severe your teeth need to be or they wont do the procedure because of the risks involved e.g toothloss. Also, if the braces are real, shes had them 3 times now… she had them to fix her overbite, had them again in 2018 and now shes supposedly got them again…

No. 209859

Her sister??? sister in law or do you think shes got actual siblings. I know her dads name is nils and her mums name is sophie but thats it.

No. 209862

She said she didn't wear her refainer and bottom teeth shifted

No. 209863

She doesn't have a sister, probably talking about one of her friends
Pretty sure she has a little brother though

No. 209868

she can pay for the privately as much as she want.
she is capable of lying

No. 209935

her bottom teeth shifted so she got braces on the top row? lmao ya'll are dumb as fuck in this thread. really seems like gullible men are in here

No. 210016

Shut up

No. 210063

File: 1651312201132.jpeg (Spoiler Image,819.54 KB, 2709x2039, horsemouth.jpeg)

Her mouth and teeth look huge

No. 210064

I just noticed Belle follows nyannyancosplay (she got famous after stealing her style and video) and Marzia (she was hitting on her husband and harassing him). They don't follow her back lol

No. 210066

She doesn't even follow pixiecat or peachycat, her irl friend lol

No. 210071

Yeah, one of her surgeries, new SNOW setting, or weight loss/gain has fucked with her facial proportions badly. She used to be pretty (though an awful pedopanderer, which she remains) but is looking pretty bizarre during this comeback. Just because anime moe blobs don’t have chins or jawlines doesn’t mean it looks good on human beings.

No. 210106

She also got fat grafting in her cheeks when she got her second nose job which gives her that puffy slug aesthetic

No. 210107

Pixie cat aka bella hazel made her fb private the day belle made her comeback as well

No. 210109

It always felt like Belle and Pixie were secretly jealous of each other. Kai cares and talks about Belle more than he does about Pixie and compared to Josh, Kai is Brad Pitt.

No. 210121

Probably to prevent people from being weird by looking through her follows, anon. Makes sense considering anons tracked down her mom like fucking creeps and scrotes posting her street and house on lolcow. It makes sense.

No. 210125

You sound very pissed off? lol
Sharing someone's public Facebook account is not creepy, especially when that person was mentioned by a famous e-girl accusing her of neglect. Belle brought attention to her own momma.

Belle shared a photo with Pixie on her account and Pixie is tagged there. It doesn't make sense that she doesn't follow her/unfollowed her.

No. 210131

I'm pointing out the things that have happened. Anons dug around for her mom after digging for Belle's personal Facebook and real name. Yeah, that's a little more than necessary to find a public profile. Completely disregarding the doxxing of where she lives by anons trying to hunt down the matching exterior and interior parts to images online and then sharing it, including the street and photos of the cars.

Sharing a photo and tagging is different than people seeing that you follow them. It has a form of acquaintance rather than a friend or someone close to Belle. Helps keep people from trying to harass them. It's shit women have to do constantly online with social media presence. Belle isn't special in that aspect because it's something people with scrote followers have to do.

No. 210134

Why are you making assumptions in Belle's stead?

Belle made porn together with Pixie and they shared photos with each other claiming they are friends on Instagram, OnlyFans and Twitter. You are just reaching.

No. 210135

I'm not making an assumption. I'm saying what a lot of people do when they have fans or followers who tend to be creeps like this, especially female ones. I don't know why you're reading so hard into what I'm saying.

No. 210138

What the fuck are you talking about? They are already publicly involved and Pixie is another e-whore. They are followed by same creeps and Belle follows tons of other e-celebrities she met. You are definitely reaching about why Belle doesn't follow her "friend".

No. 210142

Jfc, anon. This isn't even important. You're nitpicking something I've had to breakdown 3 times now. Goodbye.

No. 210145

>"Sharing a photo and tagging is different than people seeing that you follow them."
>"You're nitpicking"

You don't have to defend anyone here with your assumptions. It's weird she doesn't follow her friend and anons comment on that. Goodbye!

No. 210159

We know her dads name as well now hahaha ;))(;)))

No. 210179

Obviously his last name is kirschner.
Not really impressive since you just have to find his first.

No. 210181

File: 1651360992630.png (2.4 MB, 640x1136, 808D01BD-8064-437C-9895-3E2309…)

She’s got a nail biting issue lol

No. 210228

Do you know them in real life or are you just creating your own fanfic about these people you literally have never met in your life?

No. 210238

What is it?

Isn't it against the rules to tell personal stories about the cows?

No. 210314

File: 1651429750502.jpeg (Spoiler Image,268.91 KB, 1280x960, F8AC1758-5F3C-4DBE-AA6F-E33EA0…)

From her onlyfans

No. 210315

File: 1651429780642.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.27 KB, 1280x960, 5EB70AFE-7E03-4DD3-9F09-CED647…)

No. 210316

File: 1651429989106.jpeg (Spoiler Image,193.69 KB, 960x1280, 62B12A9D-95A4-4899-94E2-487255…)

No. 210327

His first name is nils, nils kirschner

No. 210328

Her boob job looks really good tbh, you have to admit shes painted the canvas god gave her well

No. 210329

Its not that hard to find out if you read her convo in the facebook comments with goran

No. 210332

The implants look terrible bless her

No. 210333

the boob job looks rly weird the top part is skinny and the bottom is full and too close together. idk why she got them her boobs were fine before

No. 210341

File: 1651438916882.jpeg (144.55 KB, 720x960, C3BE660B-8948-422A-8B5E-89B3A8…)

The normie look is so much better on her, she looks like madelyn cline here

No. 210342

I dread to think what shes up to with the bag of mini chupa chups the pervert

No. 210362

Im glad that she chose a size that suited her

No. 210368

why is everyone so gullible lol, she did not get a boob job

No. 210377

you're either blind or baiting

No. 210385

File: 1651454860964.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.76 KB, 640x485, 8008.jpg)

welp she confirmed it so..

No. 210395


that’s not her real twitter account

No. 210398

I agree, seems like nice work. Also added bonus of pissing of her pedo fans. Then again her outfits are still nasty in that respect. If she just wanted to be a “funny meme” porn star that did shit in cosplay I’d think it was cringe as fuck but obviously harmless. As it is I don’t think she’ll ever live down the pedopandery shit she does.

No. 210402

all she did was gain weight…

No. 210409

At least she admits it. Most thots pretend they haven't had on. Other's claim weight loss. The worst person is actually honest, kek

No. 210423

It takes 5 seconds of scrolling and 2 brain cells to see that the account is fake

No. 210440

looking like droopy bags of wet sand fr boobjob or no

No. 210485

Sorry they don't look like ugly bolt ons? Normal tits have a teardrop shape. Anyone who get s a boobjob with otherwise different shapes, look retarded.

No. 210493


No. 210495

File: 1651510872929.jpeg (320.71 KB, 828x1186, 6FFE7834-AC4F-4FE2-A16D-DBEA12…)

What a quirky childling

No. 210497

File: 1651510915928.jpeg (628.17 KB, 1350x1800, 6ADEACC2-54E2-4578-B97E-A0C560…)

Her fake nose is so short and makes her philtrum look way too long

No. 210516

File: 1651513111853.jpeg (944.74 KB, 3464x3464, 2DBE25C2-08B7-4EAF-85E2-2C6476…)

She looks so different jesus christ

No. 210520

This looks nice?

No. 210526

File: 1651516242403.jpeg (201.96 KB, 1400x935, DSC6876_327327731_403887821-sc…)

I think it's supposed to be like formal riding attire. Again, probably some creepy "riding my pony I got for my birthday!" shit.

No. 210544

File: 1651521509905.jpeg (877.97 KB, 3464x3464, 04946E90-E794-4A37-BFB7-E3851A…)

Where? She looks like a snub nose monkey

No. 210545

Am I the only one who thinks she is actually ugly without shoop?

No. 210546

I dont think any photos of her without shoop exist anon

No. 210552

I think belle looks much better. I'm going to have a nose job for a similar nose, the other woman's nose is closer to what I have but I want a slope. Belles forward growth is much nicer too

No. 210554

File: 1651524574902.jpeg (33.26 KB, 484x302, D2B01A26-4280-4262-9C87-13D74E…)

Keep in mind slope noses dont look as good irl as they do online

No. 210555

she looks way hotter now

No. 210557

Jeez it's a snow filter

No. 210558

File: 1651525152566.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3464x3464, 622DFEBF-2D82-4FD7-A252-9823CE…)

Why is it not far off LMAO(nitpicking )

No. 210559

Lmao her face is way too big for the nose

No. 210560

File: 1651525515178.jpg (2.81 MB, 4096x3072, pt2022_05_02_23_00_38.jpg)

Why does she always look filthy without (heavy) filters?
Also what's the point in getting Plastic surgery when you still Photoshop yourself

No. 210561

you can still tell it is the same person, she doesn't look that different. i think it is just the snow smoothing filter, and the lack of eyelashes/heavy mascara really

No. 210562

kek i am britanon and how she looks on the right is so nostalgic, the ombre hair and everything. so many girls in highschool looked like that

No. 210563

File: 1651526183092.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, E2B941B4-8672-4E9B-8740-B52DD1…)

Shes just really gross, forgot to add her foot fungus pics

No. 210564

She was such a normie british girl!! Pretty sure goran got her into the weeb stuff.

No. 210566

File: 1651527127952.png (6.63 MB, 828x1792, 4D5AD7A1-E8D2-40EA-900D-36BA55…)

this is from her only fans

No. 210588

All her pics are edited to hell and back so we only have stills from her videos to compare to. I don't think she's ugly but plain. Everyone seems to go off her pics for some reason even though she's got like three different default filters she cycles through and she looks almost like a different person in each of them. Whatever surgery she got it's hard to see what she actually looks like unless you look at her videos

No. 210609

It looks like a cottage and typical prep britwear.

No. 210664

It’s doubt it’s that deep. Belle’s original account was deactivated, during her deactivation Pixies old account was deleted and a new one was set up. Pixie follows Belle on IG but Belle probably hasn’t even noticed she has a new IG nor probably cares that much. I doubt Belle even uses instagram to keep in contact with friends, it’s more about following other egirls to leech more popularity and get them to engage on her content. I’ve never seen Belle comment anyones photos but her own.

No. 210668

That's what I was thinking. It's not really something milky unless anons can actually drudge up some actual proof of there being something bad between them that would make that make sense. otherwise, it's just like you said. She probably forgot or hasn't thought about it.

No. 210677

Wasnt belle literally laying on pixie in a group photo in march?? They seem like besties unless something happened last month

No. 210678

Just checked and pixies personal fb is unprivated now

No. 210681

File: 1651600093245.jpeg (400.18 KB, 828x1520, F9778937-CAD2-43F7-8CB7-B151F9…)

Shes such an attention seeker its embarrassing, imagine trying to enjoy your dinner and theres some girl in a pink wig laughing loudly every 2 minutes

No. 210685

File: 1651600358673.jpeg (244.43 KB, 828x925, E4AE0A4C-5EEE-4F79-A51F-5C0107…)

Her look would be really popular in east asia, im suprised she doesnt have a large following in china or korea

No. 210686

why does she type like a retard

No. 210688

Because shes stuck in the mind of a 13 year old in 2010

No. 210691

Well whilst this style may appear Asian kawaii desu to the west, there are far more cuter, attractive, petite girls in Asia she doesn’t compare to. Unless you are white with a living doll / “Russian” aesthetic like Kota was doing, white people doing the alt weaboo thing isn’t popular in Asia with Asians.

No. 210692

File: 1651601298481.jpeg (198.15 KB, 1080x1758, 723E9B07-684B-4A5E-A705-F19873…)

Being taller is actually way more desirable in east + south east asia atm, especially china. If youre pale, tall, skinny with a small nose you are basically the beauty standard

No. 210698

She was playing herself up for the lolicons with her aesthetic, and as above there are girls who are far more appealing to those degenerate types in the market in Asia who are petite and cute. If she stuck to acting her height, I don’t think she is shooped tall blonde gaijin Russian model levels of attractive to even be popular in that market either. Her fashion also isn’t particularly ‘in’ in Asia either.

No. 210700

Then who fucking knows? Who cares then at this point besides you with nothing to go off of besides assuming some imaginary fued. Stfu already about it.

No. 210701

>bought clothes from dollskill
>those aren't children clothes
>sold to adults
>braces aren't just for children
>pastel isn't just for children
>pigtails isn't just for children
>she is a literally underdeveloped girl, unfortunately, but still over 18.

No. 210702

Dollskill could sell adult diapers in the adults ddlg section, idgaf. She still pandered to lolicons even with her captions about being your loli which she has since deleted.

No. 210703

How is she underdeveloped, Last time i checked children arent 5 ft 7 with wide shoulders

No. 210704

i'm pretty sure she's 5'5

No. 210705

…Anon look up what it means to be an underdeveloped woman. It's not just about height.

No. 210706

File: 1651602875465.jpeg (685.07 KB, 1159x852, 43D4E4F4-DF7C-4098-8EF4-D83B71…)

Beating a dead horse here but Belle knew what she was doing from her captions and loved larping as a pedophiles wet dream because that was her fan base.

No. 210707

Shes admitted to being 5ft 7 in both the h3 podcast and her fb

No. 210709

These don't look like kids.

No. 210710

She seeks male validation in any form even if its from pedos, she wants to be every mans favourite girl

No. 210712

No they don’t, it’s a fully grown adult talking about FBI coming to your home because you have CP and to consider having an inappropriate relationship with a minor so you get a chub and give her your disability allowance teehee

No. 210718

File: 1651604189380.jpeg (111.62 KB, 706x569, 0E77F41C-9650-4B31-A63B-C64A01…)

Gave myself a stroke reading this, a lot of us here are from the uk, i think most people know it would be innapropriate to go up to a stranger and be like “hey youre that girl who sold her bath water”

No. 210719

Counting down til her nose collapses from all the rhinoplasty

No. 210722

I think lack of approach would be down to most of her followers are either covered in dorito dust in their parents garage or can’t leave the house without adult supervision. I don’t think the average population would think more than “weird girl in pink wig” in public.

No. 210723

Scrotes do that shit

No. 210724

File: 1651605900712.jpeg (155.06 KB, 828x1220, ADD910E9-A026-4A19-94D8-B53B3D…)

her face looks weird(nitpick)

No. 210725

File: 1651606989438.jpeg (113.22 KB, 960x1200, D0rMYvFXcAACa-F.jpeg)

ok, here she is in an actual child's swimsuit with an oversized lollipop. Are you retarded?

No. 210737

Has anyone ever considered that she might have histrionic persoonality disorder, the thing Amber Heard got diagnosed with? She fits that condition perfectly.

No. 210745

goran and rusty broke up, maybe now belle can dump that ugly josh and get back with goran lmao

No. 210750

i don’t know, but i feel like it’s wrong to speculate about that, when you don’t personally know someone. her online persona isn’t her real self

No. 210753

I doubt it. If she had a pd I doubt she would be able to go offline for such long periods with no attention at all and her posts rarely seem personal but more a persona she’s putting across, we never see candids with friends or stories whilst she’s out, what she publishes is very ‘’polished’’ Belle Delphine TM. If she had a personality disorder I imagine her posts would be more frequent and far more chaotic begs for attention on a personal level e.g. rants, self harm, drug abuse, complaints about personal issues etc. Belle def has daddy issues and is a pickmeisha though who lets men treat her like a doormat, even during her early dating life, doing anything to please them and fill the void daddy left which results in her over-sexualisation, ddlg and submissive cnc kinks.

No. 210754

>>210753 Your description fits perfectly anon

No. 210757

Still doesn't look like a child wtf kids are you looking at, pagaent babies made up to look like adults?

No. 210758

Ok nonnie, what ADULT do you know who looks and dresses like this. Ex-psych ward patients don’t count kek.

No. 210763

Just because she doesn’t look like a child to you, anon, doesn’t mean she didn’t intend to look child like. If she was dressed in a firefighter outfit would you say “hmmmmm doesn’t LOOK like a regulation hairdo to me!!”

No. 210769

>>210767 why do you keep doing this?

No. 210770

Anyone know where the bolero/shrug/sweater thing is from? I lowkey want it

No. 210776

No. 210778

Sorry your boyfriend gets off to shit like this nonnie. Seek castration.

No. 210791

File: 1651639885454.jpg (3.73 MB, 3265x3265, Neigh.jpg)

No. 210793

File: 1651641359433.jpg (1.78 MB, 2400x2400, 1606660317903.jpg)

Never 4get what her unedited face looks like in real-time lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210797

Kek she disappeared not long after this because scrotes where calling her ugly. Then she came back with a boob job and further mutilation to her nose because she’s pathetically insecure and desperate for all scrotes to like her. White knights ITT want us to believe it was a genius marketing strategy but she was just hiding in shame and embarrassment. She looks ok here, just not the perfectly filtered loli that she wants to look like.

No. 210804

She doesn’t look that bad irl thanks to her plastic surgeries but her jaw and chin edit makes me lol. Her jaw and chin wouldn’t look huge if her nose wasn’t that small, I wonder if she can breathe properly

No. 210812

File: 1651672762830.jpg (1.73 MB, 2400x2400, 1606761457238.jpg)

Oh this kek

No. 210819

She’s always been a mouth breather anyway

No. 210826

I bet thats why she never quit the porn stuff while she was ahead. People said they would watch her stream, or do youtube but she knew she wouldn’t be able to filter and polish her content, so she stuck to taking snow app nudes

No. 210832

She could of been A YouTube but she got brainwashed by a short, fat scrote with a bent dick and now her life is ruined and her family won’t talk to her.

No. 210854

Belle likes to pretend that ~everything is according to plan~ and everything has fallen into place but I’m really starting to get desperate vibes from her. She’s trying hard to stay relevant now.

No. 210870

File: 1651695073307.jpeg (120.13 KB, 730x508, 57D11D5E-4ED4-4845-9607-3D3FF0…)

And they attract pedos who give lots of money!! Uwu

No. 210871

File: 1651695160009.jpeg (35.12 KB, 741x179, EEFF87FB-1C59-44C9-8306-D602FB…)

Umm what the actual fuck, im worried for her safety

No. 210872

Why didn’t she just wear the fucking retainers? Either stupid or did it deliberately to pedopander. Who in their right mind would not wear their retainer and have all of those years of (I’m assuming) painful orthodontist appointments wasted, and have to go through them all again? Even a lazy person can just wear the fucking thing. She had great teeth after taking those braces off so why didn’t she just wear them?

No. 210874

If you dont wear your retainer regularly, the ortho give you a fixed retainer behind your teeth, also teeth dont move back that fast

No. 210875

File: 1651695863083.jpeg (57.3 KB, 808x333, 36C363FF-6EA8-4400-9F64-50AB83…)

sorry this made me kek HARD

No. 210878

>>210874 most people who get braces get permanent retainers and plastic ones for sleeping. Permanent only cover front 6 on upper and lower jaw and the teeth behind it will shift unless you have a normal retainer when you sleep, you need to use that every night.
Dentist who only give you permanent retainers and don't stress how important the sleeping one is are bad at their job.

No. 210879

The same person with number 15 foot fungus wouldn’t wear their retainers. However would her teeth shift that quickly back to how they were in the start? Doubt.

No. 210881

You are so guilible it's cringe

No. 210891

File: 1651705984473.jpg (55.5 KB, 470x592, aaaa.JPG)

"she isn't trying to look like a child" kek. cool pose. love how her nose is completely different in these pics to the candid one with her wearing the bear tshirt. what was the point of all them nosejobs, it's not like she's going outside or getting recognised

No. 210918

Me and belle are the same age. When she posted the first pic in blonde wig, I thought she looked so cute and pretty. Now her pictures aren’t cute or aesthetic. The hype is dead. She looks like a rodent. Her style has gotten worse as well.

No. 210919

this outfit is all over the place the shoes don’t match the rest of the outfit and the checkered top gives 2015 vibes and doesn’t go with the plaid.

No. 210927

Goddamn, she can play in a disney movie as a rodent kek

No. 210930

Why do you keep making these autistic edits

No. 210932

Still doesn't look like a kid. Jfc, give up. You're desperate.

No. 210937

She doesn't look like a kid, she looks older than her age in my opinion especially when she doesn't edit out her eye wrinkles. She just tries to dress like a kid and give off a kid vibe. She's nasty no matter what.

No. 210945


No. 210948

File: 1651731600097.jpeg (13.61 KB, 168x300, CCA97AA2-0F54-4829-AD9C-68304F…)

She reminds me of homma the girl off kazakh tiktok who looks like a rodent and has creepy fans

No. 210954

File: 1651739381013.jpeg (247.8 KB, 828x1026, 8B162974-5644-43F2-8EE8-E7BA7C…)

She poses like a 2012 pixar meme

No. 210959

rusty and goran unfollowed each other everywhere + rusty was recently asked if she had a bf on Facebook and replied that she’s “sadly single” sooo

No. 210961

Who cares about HillBelley Delphine this ain't her thread

No. 210975

File: 1651753382162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.33 KB, 1300x954, 3149510E-38B8-4863-95D6-208CE9…)

Wonder if Alice Delish will be next on Gorans list kek

This pose is so bizarre. It very much gives me baby holding their own feet vibe. Wonder how long it will be before she goes full Binkie Princess kek.

No. 211022

File: 1651764230007.png (4.21 MB, 750x1334, 2FEE5F70-CCBF-4E28-92B1-0859E9…)

looks like boob job scars to me in pics from this set.
personally idc if anyone gets a boob job, but anyways this confirms it to me.

No. 211023

Unfortunately alice lives in russia

No. 211024

Thats definitely a breast augmentation scar

No. 211034

I don’t even want to white knight but are you sure those are not indentations from a bra? Because if she did get a boob job that was the biggest waste of time and money.

No. 211043

i agree, looks like bra indentations to me. you would need a clearer view/other photos to compare this to to make a real judgement.

No. 211086

File: 1651781779364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,993.98 KB, 3464x3464, D00FA51C-5565-4ED3-8435-0E9AB9…)

People who say shes not had anything done..

No. 211106

It's disturbing as ever. No, she doesn't look like a kid. She looks like an adult woman with deep-seated issues choosing consistently childish poses and behaviour and edits and clothing. Bitch has been getting called out from day one for deliberately trying to look as young as possible
Yeah exactly this

No. 211109

File: 1651786342747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1007.31 KB, 1242x928, 16FE31AA-C82A-454F-A3A3-587D26…)

No. 211117

if Belle did in fact get implants, a good surgeon wouldnt leave any scars. It would be done through her armpit. She didnt need any lift so she wouldnt have anchor scars or anything of that sort

No. 211127

these do look a bit bolt on here. I just don’t get why you would go through the trouble of getting breast implants when no one can really tell the difference. Let’s not forget however some contraception can also cause breasts to increase in size.

No. 211201

File: 1651817106879.jpeg (1.39 MB, 3464x3464, 927F90A9-5A98-4C30-A27A-8E46B8…)

Shes always looked old for her age, she benjamin. Buttoned herself

No. 211202

File: 1651817734738.jpeg (346.41 KB, 828x1055, 826BF3E4-F11A-49E9-B78C-4C5A2C…)

Her humour and anecdotes all seem to come from 2011 i wonder if some kind of trauma happened now shes mentally stuck there

No. 211204

She just peaked in high school. It’s not that deep.

No. 211205

Uh these definitely look fake with how round they are especially in the middle of the chest and how it connects to the armpit area

No. 211206

We all know she got them at this point. There is no “if”. Yes it’s normal to gain breast fat and suddenly go from being virtually flat to a c cup, but she has most definitely got implants.

No. 211214

Thats like the last year she was in school, she never got to mature past 14 with her peers

No. 211215

She's definitely got a personality disorder but histrionic is not it, I'd say that her hot/cold tactic points towards narcissism. (Smother victims with love then leave, rinse and repeat)
Or bpd (only view the internet as good or bad, no in between)
Normal people don't just peace off for a year without saying anything(armchairing)

No. 211216

I really wonder what her relationship with her bf is like. He sure seemed to fuck her like a dark triad brad in the forest porn video.

No. 211233

Bipolar definitely makes sense, my sister who struggled with the disorder would go through manic episodes where she would spend all her money and dress provocatively then become a shut in and regress her behaviour.

No. 211234

bpd is not bipolar. it's borderline personality disorder also stop armchairing

No. 211235

I wonder if he actually likes her or just sees her as a placeholder for his next victim

No. 211274

File: 1651852091648.jpg (164.71 KB, 1075x934, 20220506_114825.jpg)

Not gonna lie it would make sense(armchairing )

No. 211287

She dressed like such a normie during her inactive period and didnt go out as much, now she goes out every night in pink wigs and fishnets.

No. 211315

File: 1651870776747.jpeg (442.35 KB, 1170x1426, 73D98DBF-56BC-47C3-8A45-31A19A…)

I really don’t understand this retarded Butthead looking facial expression Belle and Rusty pull. It looks like she’s letting out a fart.

No. 211316

File: 1651870878730.jpeg (378.85 KB, 828x1327, 03D92515-6EC2-4C86-92C2-BF86E1…)

Look at how autistic she is

No. 211319

File: 1651871176303.jpeg (237.24 KB, 828x907, D5153E50-631C-4BF9-899E-A9BDD4…)

Watch her start larping as a presidents mischievous underage daughter

No. 211320

All I’m reading from this is this whole Belle Delphine persona is her being rebellious against her strict family especially her father. That and a 20 something old woman wants to hang out with literal children, no surprise there.

No. 211326

File: 1651873524338.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 2160x2880, 1651872673458.jpg)

boob job

No. 211327

>>211326 we know. you wont be able to convince the blind retards though so don't even bother

No. 211335

She literally copied this word by word from the thought catalog article about Alice

No. 211352

Why did she want bigger boobs, she was blessed with an a cup while the rest of us out here getting breast reduction surgery for back pain

No. 211353

You’re so stupid just shut the fuck up.

No. 211354

It’s funny (and also kind of sad) because her parents dont give a fuck what she does kek.

No. 211355

Big boobs are considered to be pornographic, which is what she wants to be seen as

No. 211356

Her dad literally lives in another country and i doubt he even cares what shes doing, and her mum seems very progressive and liberal so i dont think she minds, i expect belle pushed her away and tells the world it was all her mums doing

No. 211386

File: 1651933672164.jpeg (348.46 KB, 828x1172, 05547796-BD0B-4EEB-B7DA-AC7EF4…)

I can smell a converse lawsuit pending

No. 211387

Shame shes not gone with the whole bimbo thing as it would suit her lack of spelling or grammar skills

No. 211388

Lawsuit why? For wearing shoes in a picture? Kek please you’ve gotta be kidding

No. 211393

Converse doesn't care, anon.

No. 211394

Its a joke, people are commenting that she should get sponsored by converse because she wears them every post

No. 211409

This seems like a really ugly & random outfit, is there some fox girl meme going around or something? Her personal style has never been great but this seems particularly dumb and not even 'sexy'.

No. 211423

Look at those big ass stompers

No. 211431

Her boobs look awful and as unnatural as her face now. Imagine paying for that shit

No. 211433

Why did she post a selfie with fishnets and a filter that makes her look younger with that post? It is also from her OnlyFans set before she takes off her tshirt. She is sexualizing actual kids now, disgusting.

No. 211442

She's been sexualising this for some time