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No. 948357

Previous thread: >>>/ot/948334
Let’s be eVENTful

No. 948383

for the love of all things holy stop shitting your pants and then asking your mom to clean it, you're 22 years old

No. 948411

Nonnie you’re great

No. 948427

File: 1635081012280.png (38.54 KB, 720x644, 26b.png)

FUCK people who ghost
FUCK people who never engage
FUCK people who don't care about your feelings while you care about theirs
FUCK fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
FUCK You, I hope you'll read this and I hope your life keeps falling apart.

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No. 948447

File: 1635083468779.jpeg (15.48 KB, 256x197, 3D863A9E-CD91-4A53-91DC-0F67D2…)


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File: 1635083665146.jpeg (198.46 KB, 828x427, B0956AE6-F8E3-4A15-8E04-77DE39…)

Take a second larger pan, add water and place quiche pan in. Then cover with foil and let the quiche soften

No. 948453

you ghosted your quiche anon

No. 948454

File: 1635083869717.jpeg (872.74 KB, 828x1212, BCAE0C91-A6B9-4DEA-887C-402E57…)

No. 948462

File: 1635085021143.jpg (65.33 KB, 736x710, d43e53ef-f51d-4ce9-97d0-326f35…)

I'm so fucking tired of people making 0 effort in conversations and me having to carry them. It's one thing not to be interested but just expecting someone to interview you is just pathetic, you're not that interesting.

I started to just ghost if after 3 questions they don't ask anything back. Most conversations so far have been nothing but covering the basic work, education, age and hobby stuff. I have 5 hobbies and yet no one asks anything about them, amazing. Maybe I'm just a turbo autistic retard who learned to make conversation material out of everything due to anxiety. Either way it's fucking annoying.

No. 948465

You’ll find people that meet your communication needs; it just takes time

No. 948469

File: 1635085905321.jpg (93.29 KB, 940x960, xbQSHWR.jpg)

hung out with a friend the other day and she was so unlikable that it shocked me and i keep thinking about that lunch date even a full week later. we met up in front of the dining hall but the line was so long that we decided to eat elsewhere. the dish of the day was a popular meat dish in our country and on the way out she said something like "everyone is so stupid, they don't even realize how many cows have to die for their shitty lunch today." she said i could decide where to eat, so i picked a coffee shop that had some vegan options. she got a vegan sandwich, then complained the whole time that it's so expensive (~6 usd) and that she could make this at home for half the price and that she never eats bread and it's totally useless to buy bread at a coffee shop. i told her that my drink is expensive too and i could make a whole pitcher of it at home, but when you go out, you also pay for the experience or some shit, and then i said something corny like "i keep telling myself that i'm not paying for the food but for spending time with a dear friend." she seemed to like that but brought up the bread thing one more time later. she then checked the menu and saw that the store was using organic milk, to which she commented "they're so fucking stupid, as if that means anything" in that really angry/hateful tone of voice. stuff like that kept happening. constant mentions of how "fucking stupid" people are for eating animals/animal products.

to top it off, i mentioned another friend of mine and added "the one that's also vegan" to jog her memory and she actually said she thinks higher of that friend now because she's vegan. now i can't stop thinking about how low she must think of me just because i eat animal products. the entire meeting she was just so unpleasant and negative and now i'm wondering if it's worth staying friends with her. i don't care that she's vegan, i don't care that anyone's vegan, but the absolute hatefulness she displayed is so unattractive and really ruined the afternoon for me.

No. 948471

Whoever keeps making threads early needs to use a rock as a dildo because I can’t stand the unfunny autism going on in /ot/ right now

No. 948479

Nothing wrong with being vegan but your friend sounds intolerable to be around for more than 30 minutes

No. 948480

i just started a new job, i’ve worked 2 days, but i haven’t received a schedule or any kind of orientation or training. i don’t know what time i’m supposed to go to work, apparently it changes all the time.
my first day i started at 6, but the next day i was supposed to start at 7, but my bitch ass coworker didn’t tell me. so i sat outside in the cold and rain for an hour waiting for her to show up.
she doesn’t answer my texts, i texted her asking what time i’m supposed to come in tomorrow and she hasn’t replied.
what should i do, anons? do i go in at 6 or 7? should i call her over and over tomorrow until she fucking answers? i don’t wanna sit in the rain for an hour again, i have to walk to work and it’s too far for me to turn around and go back home

No. 948481

More often than not, I deal with elitist vegans too. It’s a superiority complex for sure.
Recently one of my friends vegan shamed me for eating some protein when we were traveling. I just opened up to her privately about seeking treatment for my ED I hid for years, and she was shaming me about eating some fucking chicken with no remorse.
She makes it impossible to have a meal with. She’s acting like she didn’t eat 50 nuggets in a sitting a few weeks ago. Pepperidge Farm Remembers

No. 948482

Being vegan? Cool, yes. Making being vegan your entire identity and using it as an excuse for misanthrope bullshit? Nope, no thanks. She sounds like a chore, anon. I've been friends with people who look for every reason to put themselves above others and they do not make good pals.

No. 948483

Call her once or twice so you can prove you've attempted to get the information and if she doesn't answer, go at 7. Not your fucking fault if that's an hour too late. Don't you have a supervisor or boss to contact?

No. 948485

Go in at 7, and before you clock out speak to your manager privately and be stern about the face you need to know your schedule in advance, and follow up with “when does the official training start”?
If they can’t provide a polite and clear response do not go back.
Plenty of jobs out there with better pay and clear leadership/ orientations. Since you worked for such little time there is no need to put it on your resume.

No. 948488

Don't you have a boss or some kind of supervisor you could call or text and ask? There is probably some kind of master schedule that goes at least a week in advance, otherwise how is anyone supposed to plan to get there at the right time. I would guess they just forgot to tell you where to find the schedule.

Also your coworker may have just been late lol, I used to work in a cafe where I had a key to open the place at 6am and then another employee would come in at 7am or 10am depending on the day. One time I overslept and the 7am person got there and was locked out until they called the owner who called me like "hey are you alive? get tf there and open" lol. Luckily I live close but I've been your coworker I guess kek.

No. 948489

i do have a manager, but he doesn’t work at the same location as me, i have sent him a few messages asking for a schedule and he told me i will get it once i get my work phone, which will be in a couple weeks. there’s not even a place for me to clock in. my manager told me to ask my “coworkers” but i only have one and she doesn’t speak to me.
i’ve never had a job so unorganized, there’s no schedule posted anywhere and my coworker hasn’t made any attempt to show me what i’m supposed to do, i just follow her around all day trying my best to do our work and follow what she does.
i’m being taken advantage of tbh, since i’m an immigrant and don’t speak the same language as the rest of the people at this company. i’ve been trying my best to communicate with my coworker, using google translate and such. i work really hard and i want to keep this job, but it sucks that they treat me like shit. i probably won’t stick with this job for too long, even though i wanted to!

No. 948491

Oh no no no no this sounds like a train wreck nonnie, please don’t go back. There are other jobs! I promise, ones that can be kind to your needs too. Don’t let them take advantage of you!

No. 948498

Since you're an immigrant I understand it's probably difficult, but I'd really urge you to find a different job. I used to work a summerjob at a place with lots of immigrants/temporary foreign workers, not all of them spoke our language, and they were all notified of their schedule weeks ahead and had an always present manager to contact. This is not how you're supposed to be treated.

No. 948503

I always end up the one on the outside and people are fake nice to me and talk down to me/around me like I'm annoying and retarded. When I get even a whiff of it I fucking leave I won't be the group retard

No. 948506

I went out with friends tonight and had such a good time except for one enby who came. My friends were inviting their friends not everyone was familiar with, but we were all cool with it because we're all cool people and thought "if you get along with X, then we'll probably get along too!" I don't give much thought to trans people, I have friends who are trans/enbies and we are good friends but I don't speak gender shit with them precisely because of what happened tonight.

This enby was sorta quiet, mostly stuck to my friend who invited her and didn't interact too much with everyone else but I didn't give it much thought because she was just introduced to like 10 new people she's never met before- like ok cool, you're probably uncomfortable and it's a lot to take in, whatever, doesn't really bother me. At one point I was talking to another friend and she was telling me old drama that happened between her and a person we both no longer speak to. This person is a scumbag of a person. In recent years she's kept changing her name to stupid ass shit. When I first met this person, the name I knew them by and most commonly call them by isn't even their real name, it's the name of some stupid ass fucking anime character, and I didn't know her real name for years. She decided maybe two years ago that now she's also trans, but she's as much trans as Chris chan is trans. She's an attention whoring cunt using it as a shield and me and my friends know it. So, my friend is telling me a story about her and we keep referring to her as 'she/her' and calling her the original name I know her by (which, again, is not even her real name to begin with) like we always do. The enby my friend invited decides they want to leave, but before they leave, decided to give ALL OF US a lecture about enby rights and respect and "you shouldn't deadname them, you should still respect their name and pronouns even if they're a terrible person and hurt you" etc etc. The whole tirade. Bitch I came out here for a good time, not whatever the fuck this is.

I'm so tired of this garbage. Trans people? Yeah, whatever, do whatever the fuck you want I don't care. This nonbinary and genderfluid shit? Is especially grating and stupid. Say you want to be special and create problems for yourself with no commitment without saying you want to be special and create problems for yourself with no commitment. Yeah, gender is a spectrum but just because you don't feel comfortable in society's enforced gender roles doesn't mean normal people 100% do either! Being so concerned about gender roles and feeling like you fit into neither of them 100% is such a first world problem that it's fucking stupid. This is the hill you want to die on? I have to give this cunt the benefit of the doubt and ~*~*respect~*~* her names/pronouns for the rights of all genderspecials? Sorry but I do not really respect any of you, I just keep quiet about it to avoid hearing this exact type of stupid lecture. It was so fucking cringey to sit through. We still had a good time after they left but this left such an insanely sour taste in my mouth.

TL;DR got lectured by some bitch I don't even know about deadnaming and not using the correct pronouns for some transtrender I know and it ruined the good vibes of me and my friend's get together

No. 948507

OH and I also just remembered how we were talking and laughing about a dude my friends saw who was wearing a bad dragon shirt out in public and this girl said "well I don't think it's right to shame someone for their kinks." Like bitch, I own monster dick too but I don't parade that shit out in public or even speak to friends about it because it's nobody's business. Also we were laughing at the audacity of this person to have the balls to wear this shit out in public while simultaneously being stuck in a weird situation of not being able to really explain to the unknowing what it was without outing yourself for also knowing what it was for whatever reason. Like ok miss "I don't know how to read the air and refuse to blend in and will make people feel awkward and uncomfortable because I can." I've been in situations where I'm not entirely comfortable but I don't go out of my way to make the air tense and uncomfortable for everyone else, it's not like we're making wildly inappropriate racist jokes or something, we're just ragging on some dude wearing a sweater related to fetish porn and telling old drama stories. Yeah, maybe I am a shit ally to my own people since I'm a lesbian and part of that umbrella, but it is not the hill I want to die on. I don't want to enter a space where people are forced to walk on eggshells and perform this weird little dance around each other 24/7, it is so tiring.

No. 948512

thank you, anons. ♥

No. 948518

yknow i don’t ever want to hear a vegan talk to me about their health ever again!! my roommate is vegan and i’m not, so theoretically he should be soo healthy and soo balanced…. then why does he spend two straight hours taking a shit every morning ? what the fuck is happening to this guys bowels that he sits there for that long and then leaves a fucking mess after he’s done???

am i super mad about this because i finish shitting in about 5 minutes and need to shit right now? yes nonnies….. but that does not preclude me from feeling irate about this idiot’s feature-length shits. eat better you freak!! ive never needed to take that long to shit !!!!!

No. 948521

Vegans always end up with greyish skin and a multitude of weird physical ailments

No. 948522

He's probably jerking off as well

No. 948529

if that were the case i wouldn’t mind nearly as much but he’s definitely just watching tiktoks and pooping — we live in a small apartment, no real secrets between us

No. 948530

No. 948532

One of my friends was vegan and her hair fell out and she fainted a lot and if she got cut she'd bleed for hours. Veganism is fucking weird

No. 948548

I hate the little clique that's formed at work amongst these 7 18-24 year olds. It's irritating and these fucks each callout, in turn, every weekend. My manage is already catching on to the pattern because we've dealt with this before, so I'm waiting for the write-ups to happen.

No. 948553

Am I the only one against loli shit?
One anon posted in other thread about japanese guy who follows accounts of 3d computer loli models. I'm not surprised because it's Japan, but I'm disgusted at comments under article and even worse, comments on yt channel included in this article.

Yes, I know these are drawings and no child is hurt but…. why would you fap to a fucking kids in a first place? Why so many people think this is normal?
The only good thing on twitter people is their disgust to lolis.
I remember seeing once a loli drawing of Laala Manka in her child form in really erotic way, it was fucking disgusting (especially because it's a character from a kids show). I hope his ass will get canceled too.

No. 948555

I'm sorry anon that you have to deal with that type of shit but your post made me laugh really hard kek

No. 948556

File: 1635095465995.png (9.31 KB, 203x248, images.png)

>hum under nose nad sing a bit while studying
>roommate, who doesn't bother cleaning, bangs on the wall
i hope you enjoy vocaloids, shitty kpop and 00's pop music bitch, cause now im taking off headphones and turning the volume up

No. 948557

Your Twitter hugbox that hates lolis/shotas is about the same size as the degenerate people who have drawn comissions and reblog accounts of the stuff on Twitter too. I'm not into loli, but some shota stuff is appealing just because of the whole anime trope it comes with of inexperienced curiosity, but that doesn't mean I read eromanga about it. There's straight anime that follow those tropes too, especially in otome. There's always that one smaller than the rest guy, but it's drawn more child-like as well. The same with a lot of loli characters, but that doesn't mean people actually want to go out and harm children. I understand it from a fictional state.

I do, however, hate 3D modelers who base their child models off of real world children. That's incredibly fucked up and I feel the same about when they use the child voice actors for sound clips. You are literally normalizing the depictions of real world pedophilia at that point even if it is 3D. The whole point of the 3D is to look as real as possible. That's when I draw the fucking line and if you get off to that, that really is a massive red flag that you need to seek help and you should never take care of children or have children.

No. 948564

A while back I had just started a part time job. Just as I was getting into the groove of things my mentor at work had to go on sick leave for over two weeks and due to their chaotic shifts there it was deemed best for me to be put on temporary break from work as well. Really sucked but out of my control obviously.

I feel like I've gotten so much more depressed in just the short time off from work. Just had my period as well and been really dizzy and out of it for almost a week which doesn't help. I'm supposed to go back to work next week but I'm not even excited about it anymore. I just really hope I'll feel better soon. I feel so close to breaking point.

No. 948565

The only times I've shat that long was when I had severe diarrhea.

No. 948567

File: 1635096874787.jpg (88.79 KB, 1024x899, 1620883535573.jpg)

Aaand once again my mother called me fat. I lift weights and was on a bulk until recently, of course I gained some fat but christ the upper part of my abs is still somewhat visible, I'm not even chubby. I'm so fucking tired of her comments about how I look while the cunt looks and is shaped like a potato and hasn't exercised since high school. Just.shut.up.

No. 948574

Calm down nonnie, normal people think loli is disgusting. The link posted in that thread is to Bounding into Comics, which is full of scrotes that hate anything sjw or woke so of course they defend pedoshit too.

Also loli, wether 2d or 3d, is disgusting but stop conflating it with CP which has actual fucking victims.

No. 948580

wanna watch the zombie girl anime but the fact that there's a tranny character pisses me off. kek.

No. 948581

i agree with this post.

No. 948587

I wish I was born a boy. I think my mother would genuinely like me that way.

No. 948598

The celebricow thread is so shit and has been shit for a while. So sick of the same nitpicking and derail. When actual celeb drama comes “oh”. When it’s time to nitpick about irrelevancy “YES.”

No. 948599

It’s so weird how much we change and how much is our perspective on ourselves so maleable.
I looked at an old picture that a family member posted of me on my birthday, and i wasn’t as fat as I thought was, nor as fat as people made me think I was.
Like, I used to be to be told I was disgustingly fat and ugly, and that I needed to diet or that I would stay fat forever.
I used to diet all of the time, and I used to mind the things I ate.
Nowadays I just take care of myself and such, I’m still fat and I honestly feel like I might never lose weight because whenever I manage to go back to a decent weight, some shit happens that’s out of my control and I go back to eating disorderly.

No. 948600

Spoilering because NSFW (may be NSFL) but I hate being so hairy, like, around my vagina. I have hair right around the opening and I'm not supposed to shave that because the skin is so sensitive. Yes, I know, barbie-doll tier smoothness is a product of porn but I want that. Hate having a bush. It just doesn't feel or look cute.

No. 948601

bushes are cute though. something about them….

No. 948602

My mom did the same thing with me. All my childhood I thought I was fat and then I was surprised to look at my high school photos to see that I was one of the skinniest people in the class, like borderline anorexic. Since I was 10 I remember being on a diet, it's sickening that as a kid I felt guilty for eating an ice cream. I stopped inviting friends over because she would prepare the birthday party and every friend would get a piece of cake except for me and she would always say things like, "when you're as thin as your friends, you can get your cake."
I just hope her words don't get to you because I know that in my case they completely destroyed my self-esteem and I'm trying to rebuild it but I won't be able to until I move out. But I've spoken to several girls and I was sad to learn that a lot of mothers are like that. Just why? Anyhow, I'm really sorry to hear that you're also in the same boat as me.

No. 948603

This, I agree

No. 948604

I feel you when my hair grows out it sticks out in the front and doesn’t go down

No. 948605

Oh, and congrats on working on your body. It's fucked up your mother even says shit like that to you while you're improving and being active.

No. 948606

I get you, I used to think I was fat when I was younger but looking back at pictures I was completely healthy… not even chubby in the slightest. It’s because my sister was anachan tier that I kept getting called fat which fucked up my perception of what fat is back then

No. 948608

Why must skincare be so complicated? I want to go past just washing my face with water + a clean towel (because my skin is looking like shit: white dots on my nose, huge pores, etc.) but I just…I don't know, I want a one size fits all skincare method. I'm still uncertain if I have dry/oily skin or not. This definitely is me whining but holy shit, why can't I just hit a button and know what to buy? I don't wanna waste money on some shit that might not even work.

No. 948617

because skincare is a scam. they put shit in the products that make your skin worse so you have to buy more
simplify your skincare routine, i just use astringent, moisturizer and a face wash. i still have acne but not nearly as bad as when i was using a bunch of fancy skincare products

No. 948618

I know right, in my case, the anachans were and are, my brother and my cousins, they’re not even skinny legends, but when we were kids, they would be mad at me for not being the “hot sister/cousin” who had lots of hot friends that they could fuck.
I hate them because of that and I really hope they’re ashamed of their behavior.

No. 948625

Me too, I have it allll over down there. I'm a god damned sasquatch and I hate it so much.
I've learned where to shave and where to just keep things trimmed. Keeping it trimmed short helps a lot and doesn't look that bad imo.

No. 948629

What's the point of dating someone for 8-10+ years just get married at that point you tard

No. 948634

No. 948637

Fuuuuck I want to break down and cry so much. Just fucking ugly sobbing by myself in silence until I can't cry anymore. Because of mental illness I'm scared of everything, my family hates me and just that fact alone makes me miserable, the only thing that brought me confort was drawing and now it seems like I can't do that anymore. I don't know what to do anymore, I have no release. Of course my "friends" have no time to talk to me when I tell them about my problems literally once every six months while I listen to them whine frequently. Why the fuck doesn't anyone enjoy being with me? Are my parents right?? I wanted to prove them wrong but maybe I really am a useless piece of shit who will never have anyone by her side. I try to do everything well but nothing goes right no matter how hard I try. It's like I keep crashing into a wall over and over and over again.

No. 948638

No I'm divorced and not going there again. Divorces are a pain in the arse in my country too.

No. 948640

Marriage has a lot of consequences anon, especially for women. People often seeem to forget that marriage is literally a contract that you may not easily get out of (if at all depending on where you are) and not merely proof of love.

No. 948646

File: 1635104975614.png (102.48 KB, 296x231, 1634859568513.png)

is there a dumbass debate thread on /ot/? would such a thing be allowed? i just want a place to argue about shit that's been argued to death already for fun (prime example: the lesbian fujo discourse)

No. 948647

Basically an open infight-thread? kek I don't know if the farmhands would appreceite that

No. 948649

It doesn’t work, we had an infight thread before and it got closed because it doesn’t make the spergs stop sperging.

No. 948652

Well that makes sense doesn't it, people start discussions on a subject wherever that subject is mentioned.

No. 948656

I've been with my boyfriend for a decade but we aren't married and are barely looking into moving in together. We don't want kids or a wedding or anything like that so it just never appealed to us. Seems like a waste of money.

No. 948661

we had that a few months ago and everyone who was in it got extremely triggered when dua lipa was called ugly

No. 948670

File: 1635106972785.jpg (31.35 KB, 498x400, 9a290d20f8aeb1c4ae0901742d61e1…)

i keep re-writing a response to you but in the end i cant find any words. just know i understand how you feel and i would be your friend if possible. Hang in there. You are probably a lovely person. Have this bun at least, dont cry

No. 948671

>but some shota stuff is appealing
>but that doesn't mean I read eromanga about it
sure anon

>but that doesn't mean people actually want to go out and harm children

What? You don't know that shit like that makes people more willing to put their fantasies into reality?
You would really leave a kid with a degenerate who fap to a drawings of child getting raped by a monster?
People who watch a lot of porn will be looking for more and more extreme content to fap. You think they wouldn't like to try those scenes they see in porn irl?
When you watch drawings of child pornography, the line between irl and fantasy blurs quickly.
Do you think that most people who fap to drawings of child don't have real cp on their computer? Why are you so naive?
Well, you are a degenerate who wear their shotacon title like a badge I guess…

>which is full of scrotes that hate anything sjw or woke so of course they defend pedoshit too.
Maybe, but aren't you worried that the number of these degenerates is increasing? Why is there even a small amount of approval for this sort of thing?

>but stop conflating it with CP which has actual fucking victims.

What? CP is terrible but we shouldn't allow drawings of child pornography either, for a reasons mentioned above (although I shouldn't really explain it, anyone with brain should understand it).

Of course there will be lolicons that would agree with that…

Also, I want to mention that there is diffrence of drawing of kids doing kids stuff and drawing pornography with kids. If you like to draw kids for example cooking or playing with plush bear then it's ok. Drawing kids in normal situations in clothes is ok.
Idk why I should even explain it but I guess anons have hard time understanding things.

Sigh, do we get raided by scrotes again?

No. 948679

My bf's parents are selling their house and he's been dropping hints about us moving in together but that's the last thing in the world I want. I enjoy spending time with him, he's fun, but as a person he's irresponsible, he's been a neet for like 3 years, has no ambition, he's terrible with money and he's lazy.
I didn't care about those things because they didn't affect me, we got to hang out, have great sex, awesome. He's known since day one what I wanted out of this relationship.
Ugh I'm staying single forever after this, I'm just not made for relationships.

No. 948681

Thank you!

It used to affect me when I was a teen, I starved myself to a BMI of 14 and only then was she happy. It was such a pain in the ass to unlearn all that shit and having to fight with the disordered eating, mostly because of her and her constant comments

No. 948682

Why can’t you draw anymore?

Friends and family will let you down, you can only rely on yourself. I hope you become your own friend and take it easy. Write your small victories in a diary, clear away the cobwebs daily. I hope you get better friends and remember that you’ll get there even if you’re not getting the right now. Plus, you have a tacobunny from the other anon, that’s pretty good!

No. 948683

Thank you anon, that's a good bun.

No. 948687

Why would you do that to yourself?

No. 948695

I used to draw with colored pencils but I've stopped because my parents think that it's a children or autistic people's hobby (in a bad way) and I hate being called that by them because I might actually be on the spectrum. My parents openly insult neurodivergent people so yeah…
And I've been drawing digitally for years too but I'm bad to the point that it makes me feel ill instead of being a fun thing.

No. 948700

genuinely unable to tell if this post is bait or not

No. 948706

I don't know exactly what's going on, but shota/loli-fags are always annoying
We had one, it was called the Fight Club thread or something like that. It was banned shortly after it's creation though

No. 948710

For months I convinced myself I'd be better off without my parter. We have lived together for 3 years but have been in varying forms of off, on or long distance for like a decade. Knew it would be hard, so sealed the deal by doing something awful for which I knew I wouldn't be forgiven. Devastated with regret as soon as he leaves our place. I don't think I made the right decision. I think I was too focused on things that didn't really matter in the big picture. He was always too good and pure and now I just feel like dying. Why did I sabotage my life like this. He was my only friend. His friends were mine. Now I am just alone and miserable. I miss my best friend and he won't speak to me and I don't even know where he is. This is so fucking terrible I can't stand it.

No. 948715

File: 1635112080821.jpeg (19.22 KB, 275x204, 1612730520902.jpeg)

Wasted Fri-Sun clicking back & forth between imageboards and daydreaming with music instead of doing anything more fulfilling. Why do I waste my time like this?? Why???? Why can't I just do what needs to be done, even if it's just one of my hobbies?

I feel like I need to reset in the mountains or on a farm for a year away from everything if I want to be a normal human again.

No. 948716

Me too anon, I wish we weren't like this

No. 948718

I'm so sick of my upstairs neighbors. They're the only loud people in the building. They always blast music all day long and during the night. It's even worse since the boyfriend moved in. They're both thin but sounds like elephants when walking. The lady has been walking in heels for the last week, even at 2am. Whenever her sister comes, which is 2-3 times a day, she fucking yells outside instead of using the doorbell. They're always yelling instead of speaking at a normal tone. I've told them numerous time that I can't sleep because of them and that even people that I'm on the phone with can hear them yelling. The others in the complex also complained to them. They don't fucking care and wathever the landlord tells them doesn't work.
I fucking hate people that live in an apartment and don't understand that you have to live quietly.
I know she loves Jason Mamoa cause she once spent an entire week watching the same fucking video of him all day.
I can't wait to have enough money to get the fuck out of that shitty apartment.

No. 948724

File: 1635113698319.gif (802.84 KB, 480x270, A5AB9FFF-5600-4B49-BDA1-61EE6A…)

i don’t even know if i’m deserving of love and i pretend i really don’t want love or attention but damn it I secretly want it all

No. 948725

Literally everything in this damn house is poisonous. The water? Smells like literal shit and/or sulfur. The fridge? Filled with garbage that tastes bad and feels bad. The walls? Full with mold slowly creeping up my lungs. The view? Nothing but dull gray buildings silently suggesting suicide. My flat company? Ever increasingly insane, controlling, destructive, always focussed to destroy any will or confidence I have left and too exhausting to even write about. The neighbors? Misery. The neighbourhood? Misery.
I am trapped. I wrote 8 pages of notes for my resume and job application. It took me 3 weeks. I still have no idea what I should actually write. I will never get out of here. I will never escape this. I will never archive anything I daydreamed about. I will never have a good life. I will suffer until I die.

No. 948726

I feel like I'm having an existential crisis 99% of the time. My current existential crisis is linked to my current job, to looking for an apartment to leave my really mentally ill family and to being horribly sexually frustrated. All my current problems would be solved if I could know in advance if my job contract will be renewed. If it's renewed I'll be able to get my own place, piece and quiet, and a private life. And even then, being raised by religious, sexist and mentally ill parents means that even just thinking about getting laid with an hypotetical bf gives me anxiety. It's so bad that when I was living abroad right before covid I couldn't meet up with guys because I was scared of… something, whatever it was even though my family was at the other side of the planet and it could have been easy to lie to them about my whereabouts. I'm so mad that I have to leave with my parents because of this shitty economy while most other people my age are free to do what they want.

If by some miracle I manage tonhave a stable career and my own place I'll start worrying about something new anyway.

No. 948727

Me too. When I was a teenager I used to obsessively use all of my free time drawing. What the hell happened?

No. 948729

It's because using the Internet is easy and entertaining, it's a dopamine overload so try disconnecting a bit nonnies and you will have to find other ways to use your time

No. 948732

I think it depends how realistic it is.

No. 948733

No. 948736

IKTF nonnie, I've given up myself. Only bother with moisturiser and sunscreen now.

No. 948737

>Am I the only one against loli shit?
No, the "it's just a drawing" copers who are the minority, but a minority in a mostly circlejerk. At the end of the day they still get off to the drawing of a child being sexual.

No. 948743

thats a whole rabbit hole to go down really
first step should always be buy fragrance free and then cut out specific common ingredients that fuck with people like witch hazel, tea tree, pomegranate, citrus, snail mucin if you're allergic to dust. Download skin bliss and put in all your specifications then go through what they recommend without fragrance or start scanning ingredient lists. If you wanted I could post my skincare for you. Anything outside of it fucks up my skin since it's finicky.

No. 948748

Skincare is 70% what you put in your body and 30% what you put on it.

No. 948749

What will happen to my body if I skip dinner from now on

No. 948752

You will be hungry at dinner time. Also you may or may not live longer

No. 948757

Eat mama

No. 948760

Felt this, especially the bit about even thinking of getting a bf when I eventually move out makes me anxious because its ingrained in you that it's "bad" despite the fact that my mom jokes with my brothers about their girlfriends all the time. Ugh… why are we stuck with these people anon

No. 948768

File: 1635116915889.jpg (35.75 KB, 468x528, 2c1c7c8bf5835db4e392485d0627b9…)

You guys say TIFs aren't like real men at all, but I swear they're as infuriating as one.

No. 948771

What are TIFS

No. 948772

It's trans individual females or something, just female-to-male transgenders.

No. 948773

Oh god that’s disgusting. I’m not sure why these fujoshis wannabe a uwu softboy and then end up detransitioning because they know theyre wrong. Imagine someone with a pussy telling you how hard it is to be a man.

No. 948775

This makes me so sad, thinking your own natural body is something you could consider NSFL

No. 948780

It's sad when butch lesbians end up turning into mtfs. Lost a friend to that, she couldn't bear her last abusive relationship that involved cheating and turned into NB, later turning into a tranny.

No. 948786

I think the really bad ones carry some of the worst of both gender stereotypes.
The anger issues and arrogance of the most annoying man, crossed with the nagging, catty, false moralfagging of the most annoying woman. It's pathetic and annoying. They're obnoxious tomboy pick-mes with disproportionately high rates of autism, but they get a halo of false authority on certain subjects (usually fujoshit and otomeshit) because other women are too kind to disregard their feelings. They also usually can't fuck off from women's spaces because they can't relate to actual men, and gay men don't really want shit to do with them. That's how they end up stuck, "affirming their gender" by yelling at other fujoshi, resenting themselves and other women even more daily lol

No. 948791

You could always get waxed anon, that's what I do because I'm also hairy af. It's so satisfying to not have any hair in my labia. At the same time, you shouldn't feel obligated to remove your body hair unless you want to. Bush is totally fine.

No. 948794

>They also usually can't fuck off from women's spaces because they can't relate to actual men
Oh my god this is what annoys me so much. Like okay, you think you're male, whatever. Now can you fuck off from predominantly female circles? Playing games and reading manga with predominantly fujoshi fanbases and thinking your genderspecial "coded" headcanons are anything but your mental illness.

The same goes for the fake lesbians that exclusively talk about 2d (or 3dpd, kpopfag shit) males in depth despite making "i'm a lesbian" their whole personality. They only mention women when they want to make a sexual comment.

No. 948798

NTA but how often do you get waxed? I'm super hairy too and was always planning on laser eventually, but I realised it's not worth the money

No. 948806

You bitches telling me you’re too busy to get it done but I see you on discord playing games for hours every day

No. 948809

Get what done?

No. 948812

Our school project!

No. 948833


No. 948848

not looking forward to work

No. 948852

All my friendships are meaningless and I just want to die, nothing to live for. My sisters are bitter NEET leeches and my parents have a downhill business even before quarantine started, but it really took a hit after COVID-19. I, too, will be a bitter NEET leech like them.

No. 948853

File: 1635127881534.jpg (122.37 KB, 561x640, wrewrewfs.jpg)

I want a job.

No. 948867

Tried to go to a movie on my day off, some lady brought her toddler who was screaming the whole time because he was confused and scared (it was Dune, a very loud movie with scary visuals for a little kid), literally letting him run around the theater and scream…she finally leaves and minutes later the power goes out in the theater. I appreciate that I could just finish the movie at home but smh anyway.

No. 948871

Kinda pissed that when I asked my bf who he was talking to he said "a friend he used to know through x" and I didn't think anything of it until I accidentally saw a notification when I was using his PC. Technically he didn't lie but he also didn't mention that this is someone I know he used to hook up with. I caved and opened the convo and it was just friendly messages where he even talked me up a lot. He said he actually kind of forgot they slept together when I brought it up (it has been 10 years probably) but there's still such a shit feeling in my stomach.

No. 948877

This shit makes me glad the only TIF I knew fucked off from my life.

No. 948878

I vomited out my heart like the actual organ and I have no idea how I’m alive right now it’s just laying on the floor beating endlessly teasing me and there’s blood and fluid everywhere and I’m still up alive and running like windowsxp

No. 948880

This post is a good example of why you don't do drugs, anons.

No. 948881

File: 1635132036890.gif (79.46 KB, 220x162, charlie-brown-christmas-charli…)

I hate Christmas because last year and Christmas itself was a complete shit to me.
I miss my family and I haven't seen them in 3 years, and with COVID and how roughly my home country is doing, I dont think it'd be able to see them even next year.
I just wish I could feel like a family member around my husband's family. One of the family members hates me because I got married to him and everytime they come the atmosphere changes drastically. I can't wait to get some shitty gift like a notepad while actually putting thoughts and effort. On top of that I am sick from flu right now while taking care of everything, visiting dentists and having language exams coming up. I'm so tired. I miss everything.

No. 948885

No. 948891

I’d be cautious if I where you. You just don’t forget who you sleep with and what’s the point of befriending a hook up when he has a gf aka you

No. 948893

He's most definitely lining her up as a backup, scrotes be scrotin'

Guys with gfs tend to do the "totally innocent friendly conversation with person of sexual interest" thing if they aren't total scumbags, but the intention is there.

No. 948895

it’s still there beating and i’m alive i actually vomited my heart out it’s on the floor idk what to do anon i’m kind of shaking in fear my boyfriend is coming home soon and he’s going to figure out that my living heart is beating on the floor and he’s gonna get angry

No. 948897

Not trying to defend him by saying she is the one who messaged him out of the blue. But yeah, if he said it was her off the bat I don't think I would have cared but that fact he avoided her name is fucking me up, feels too deliberate.

No. 948898

its probably just hot cheeto puke

No. 948900

He doesn’t have to message or respond back to her though. Though it might seem like no bad intentions yet it might come to that. If you guys have a fight or disagreement he’ll probably end up talking to her about it. Some men want to feel like they’re right, and she’s not gonna NOT defend him. I’d just be careful about how you guys interact because men are always more gossip than girls

No. 948902

anon be honest with me, you ripped the heart from your bf's chest didn't you? 911 I killed my boyfriend

No. 948904

File: 1635135133450.gif (265.42 KB, 500x336, 115042C7-7637-411C-A5D7-737E64…)

omg nonnatella you sexy fiend i didn’t slap his dick during sex and kept sucking sucking sucking and he fucking exploded and he said “damn nice job bbygurl your bpd made me cum”. he said he went to the 7eleven across the street and I turned on fight song by rachel platten and rubbed my pussy out and that’s when I vomited my heart out! what are you talking about stop making me blush <3(scrote)

No. 948907

die bitch

No. 948908


No. 948910

That’s my favorite Christian anthem omg

No. 948916

Your bf is gonna be SO happy you laid out your heart for him!!

No. 948918

File: 1635135872254.gif (23.16 KB, 220x220, proxy-image.gif)

we turning this into the shitpost thread again?

No. 948925

File: 1635136246261.gif (546.56 KB, 220x220, 3AA2A9E5-7399-4C0C-BA91-A412D4…)

I’m gonna eat your pussy anon. You, me, admin-sama, fight night

No. 948926

The only thing shit is your face

No. 948927

It’s hilarious how unfunny your Turkey basting ass is

No. 948929

ok piss face

No. 948930

you can fight it all you want but you cannot deny that I’m a legend

No. 948932

I can’t believe we have a fucking beans and toast thread. We really let British and European people have everything. Let’s just let them cope for the shit show that country is. The only reason that thread exists is for the France smells like piss anons in the celebricow thread. We get it you measles pox motherfuckers. How the hell do y’all have some of the most sickest teeth I’ve seen? Not even in a third world…but I guess that’s what happens when you shove nandos and mars bars up your ass.

No. 948933

I feel you, anon. Waste 2hrs so far being home at this point when I should be drawing or even putting a YouTube video in the background.

No. 948934

It's one thread. You must be from hamburgerland.

No. 948935

Love fish in chips btw not sure why peas are served like mash there

No. 948936

British people mash peas? Ew. That's baby food.

No. 948937

i need to move out of my moms house for my mental health because she is driving me more insane than i already am but im an unemployable schizoid NEET and would rather kill myself than become a wageslave working for 11 dollars an hour barely being able to pay rent and just to line a fucking landlord’s pockets for the rest of my life
it almost seems like my only 2 options are both reasons to commit suicide over and i’m not sure why i don’t get it over with already sometimes because i just wake up to suffer and cry every day

No. 948938

File: 1635137012958.jpeg (47.49 KB, 511x383, 86D7387F-903D-4259-BEBE-C44F14…)

This is not appetizing???

No. 948942

you are destroying her mental health too

No. 948944

nta but no. pretty much no one over 1 years old or under 80 likes that shit

No. 948945

Why are the peas so bright? They’re not that bright when I use them to make rice.

No. 948952

radioactive baby poop

No. 948955

spoiler this shit PLEASE

No. 948956

File: 1635138176522.jpeg (51.5 KB, 927x303, E6B819E3-9326-4416-9603-B807A4…)

Who is the cry baby in complaints?

No. 948957

i would eat that

No. 948959

Oh my god…British food really is just toddler food.

No. 948960

File: 1635138407493.jpg (282.74 KB, 1280x1001, IMG-20201203-WA0017.jpg)

Nonnies, is anyone really truly happy? I’ve been thinking… maybe we are just running in circles till we die, we have become extremely individualistic (now more than ever). The only truly happy people I’ve seen are people who live in farms and post their baby goats videos on Instagram. Does anything make any sense at all? Did it ever made sense? Where are we all going? Some say the way to happiness is purpose, but is that always true? Others say happiness is in interpersonal relationships, like friends and family, could it be both? One more than the other? It seems like everything everyone does is go to work, nag about work, watch Netflix, nag on social media and pretend to be happy. I’m rambling but I want to know what is happening, why is happening. Nonnies tell me pls.

No. 948963

im literally not since i rarely leave my room enough talk to her and support myself entirely expect bills/rent by selling my own things depop/poshmark so she isn’t even really spending any money on me because my room would just be empty otherwise (..or a guest bedroom for her grandchildren that only visit 2 or 3 times a year)
she is just a fucking tyrant about everything i do and will even criticize every little thing i do even as simple as the way i dry my hands after washing them. she literally patrols around to check if i leave any of my belongings outside of my room for some fucking reason she does not want anything i own anywhere except my room or she will throw a massive fit (example if laundry is in the dryer for longer than a couple minutes after it’s finished i get screamed at). she literally laughs at me when i mention wanting to move out eventually and im 24. it’s because i am the unwanted ugly baby that ruined her marriage she just likes to shove in the corner and forget about and while pretending the favorite baby that became a multimillionaire just because he got married to a doctor and has 3 kids is the only one that exists because he pays for her international vacations sometimes.

No. 948964

It's called being on autopilot. Some days I feel like I blacked out and can hardly remember even going to work because everything just comes and goes like a hamster wheel. My alone time, outside on the porch with the rain, was probably the only nice thing to happen today and it wasn't that it made me happy, it made me content and just not care if I was alive or dead. I just was.

I've been badly depressed since last year, my body dysmorphia is abysmal since I gained 30lbs after losing 30lbs from not eating, so I think that even'd out. IMO, there is no real happiness. I know where I am. I'm not going to ever afford my own place, I'm not going to be able to get a better job because I couldn't focus in school, even when I tried. I just a more hands on person than a book reader. It's this thought that I'll be in the same place, probably homeless by the time I'm 50 because my parents will be dead and I can barely afford my car payment. God forbid the rent keeps rising while wage stays the same, so can't rent. It's impending doom constantly.

But those little moments where I'm alone, or with my boyfriend, and we are just there, not even talking [I apologize for the silence a lot, but he's so understanding about my mental health and how talking exhausts me sometimes], and those moments I try to remember and look forward to, to keep me going. That doesn't mean I don't spend my time crying, wishing I was dead, but I try to hope there's more than where I am. Even if it means finding comfort in just sitting in the bathtub, chewing ice, and crying for a few hours.

If you don't know where to be, I'm there too, and I think a lot of people, for the majority of the planet, just want something better, but they know that's not where they are going. It's a realization that I wish I stopped thinking about.

No. 948965

Anons are just shit posting. Ignore them, anon.

No. 948968

either ko yourself or leave
she has no obligation to take care of your overage ass.

No. 948969

>If you don't know where to be, I'm there too, and I think a lot of people, for the majority of the planet, just want something better, but they know that's not where they are going. It's a realization that I wish I stopped thinking about.
Anon you hit the nail on the head with this one. I absolutely understand your situation, it also worries me that I'll be homeless at 50 when my parents are gone and I can't afford rent let alone a home. Just constant impending doom as you said.

No. 948970

i didn’t even notice to be honest since i’m in a mood right now, feels nice to let that shit out sometimes though since this is the only place i can say it
just hate really life sometimes

No. 948971

> just hate really life sometimes
kek oh god it came out describing how i feel even better

No. 948972

anons just want to be selfish and complain about their boring ass lives they act like no one on this website has to suffer and experience their pain it’s so annoying, we get it you’re sad like stfu and learn to make fun of your own misery

No. 948973

I hate being such a downer, but I'm a realistic. I get so mad when my boyfriend tries to spin situations that are series into optimistic turn-arounds, and that doesn't change the situation I am in. I'm sorry, anon. I wish I had better advice, but I am looking forward to being in at home where I am now at least with a cake squish thing from Amazon coming soon. At least I look forward to squeezing the heck out of that and maybe draw a little with the window open so I can hear the rain.

I need to think about the future, but dreading on it 24/7, hasn't helped me at all and its not like I am finacially saving up to fix that future right now either. We got this for now. ♥

No. 948977

I appreciate you so much nonny, let's look forward to the little things. We got this for now. ♥

No. 948981

Do you only have brothers? I only have sisters and I feel like this issue affects us in completely different ways. My sisters would get boyfriends and hide it, but they think sex before marriage is wrong because they're still believers unlike me so dating wouldn't be too bad anyway. Although, my big sisters keeps being dumped by her white, atheist bfs because their parents wouldnt accept her and when they come back to her and ask for a second chance she tells them to fuck off and kill themselves. My little sister dated a guy for 7 or 8 years and they were engaged but he dumped her for money reasons. I'm the only one who thinks dating without sex is pointless I guess. We had a discussion with them and my big sister's best friend and nobody was shocked that the best friend would fuck guys on the first date, it's just that since I'm related to my sisters they have weird expectations for me.

No. 948986

Britfags are horrible at making peas. You put them to boil with peppercorns, bay leaf, and garlic, then put salt, chopped bacon, fried onion when it's done.

No. 948988

It feels like everything about society is made to break your will down and make you feel like the world is ending. I'm just so tired. I want to dissapear into the woods.

No. 948993

I too wish I could live in a small women only commute in the forest, where we live off the land and make art and our own bread and stuff.

No. 949000

i hate my major now and i wish i chose to study something i actually enjoy. i can’t change majors either. i’m starting to get really bitter looking at streamers who can live their lives comfortably just playing games. i want to start streaming because i know i can do well in the niche community i’m in because i look good and i’m also good at the game i play, too. i think i will soon alongside my studies

No. 949002

Do it anon. What did you want to study btw?

No. 949004

Go pander to the coomers already.

No. 949006

I think lots of women feel this way (cottagecore trend really brought it out) but I'm also wary of all the cults forming from those communes.

No. 949007

Can you focus on game, reading chat, and interacting with ppl at the same time? Lots of ppl can't do that and come off as boring.

No. 949010

File: 1635144143524.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

I'm so fucking mad, I took a big risk, it didn't pay off and now I'm a bit fucked.

I applied for an IT course via the government job agency and was told it would start in October. It's notw the last week of October and it's this week or nothing. However, even if I get the call I'll be called in for TESTING not actually attending. How the FUCK can they not find FIVE participants in the ENTIRE county? It's all set up isn't it? They're waiting for someone, a student or someone to quit their job so they can get in.

This shit could change my life and now I wasted a month and since it's the end of the year I won't find another job until maybe February. Holy shit why does life hate me so much? It's like no matter what I do or try or how much effort I put in I end up failing or getting fucked over in every way possible. Fuuuuuck

No. 949018

just do it anon. Take the course

No. 949020

nta but the shadman leaking anon here, is this literally a kiwi raid? why are all of you being such fucking pedo faggots in here? drawn CHILD FUCKING is a no go, always. I am disappointed and saddened. read studies on pornography consumption relating to csa and dehumanizing women/children. wtf. can some other nonnies besides the literally one who said drawn cp is bad chime in and tell me if the other ones are trolling?

No. 949022

I can't because they didn't invite me yet. Which is the whole problem.

No. 949029

I've been saving for a new phone for a year and I kept missing chances to buy it on sale. In this time, the company stopped selling it, there's a chip shortage and the holiday season's coming, so I might just not get to buy it. My current phone works, but I've really been looking forward to the new one, and this is really disheartening.

No. 949033

File: 1635145854659.jpg (64.39 KB, 1080x1047, 0b9780e2-4e56-4aa6-a63a-a74dc1…)

Recently found out I'm pregnant with identical twins and this is my first pregnancy (unplanned). I decided to keep them since I found out too late, lol. This morning sickness is so violent that I just want these creepy hallway bitches out of my vag ASAP!!

No. 949035

>creepy hallway bitches
Lmaooo. Congratulations anon!

No. 949036

Scrote detected

No. 949037

i’m gonna try, friend. i wish went into biology so that i could become a dermatologist. i’m a computer science major so i’m very far from that dream
i’ve streamed to friends in the past and it felt very easy to. the game i play isn’t something that demands your attention for long periods of time, either

No. 949038


larp elsewhere moid

No. 949049

Most farmers are like the cows posted here or worse. Fake mental illness, critical of others while they want special treatment and get triggered over anything they dislike.I'm glad I never got involved with anyone from here but happy I found my boyfriend from a post and thought he was a girl for a couple of weeks before we started dating. He doesn't watch porn either.

No. 949053

I didn't deem our age gap a significant difference. After all, I've had friends a decade older for the entirety of my adolescence. But I was wrong to diminish his experience. A twenty two year old can very well recognise the responsibility to use a condom, even if the barely legal girl whose virginity he is about to take is too frightened to say yes when he asks if he should put one on the dick that is already inside of her. A twenty two year old can very well reason he should advance slowly, even if the barely legal girl is overrun with sexual feelings. A twenty two year old has the capacity to recognise this girl is vulnerable by virtue of her age and inexperience, but also her upbringing and the struggles she spoke so clearly about. He promised he'd go slowly. I told him I struggle with the sudden surge of sexual feelings, especially as I am not ready for sex… His fake empathy is revolting. Ultimately, men are driven by their sexuality. He might be able to understand my vulnerability, but if the opportunity arises to fuck me, he'll take it. Twenty two is still young, granted. Yet when comparing someone whose body count is so high he doesn't wish to disclose it (which is such a cruel and irresponsible move in itself) to somebody who has never even been in a relationship, the power imbalance is obvious. Fruitless is the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day, he knows. Men know. But like his brethren, he doesn't want to admit it. Instead, he seeks out circumstances in which the barely legal girl has no other choice but appear willing. It couldn't be his fault at that point. He is a disgusting, conniving cunt like the majority of men, and I am absolutely appalled by it. He endangered and manipulated me. He took advantage of me. And he knows it, behind everything he tries to tell himself and others, he knows it. I am sickened and angered… Each past generation of women that I'm familiar with in my family has known this reality. I find comfort and strength in the knowledge that they persevered, yet find myself frustrated the cycle has yet to end.

also, I would like to say thank you to farmers… I've been dealing with a lot lately and every time I've expressed myself about it I received such wonderfully uplifting responses. I'm really grateful for the heartfelt yet curt messages, they compel me to return and confide in you again and again. you make me feel safe!! thank you…

No. 949056

Bold of you to say this but at least you have some self awareness. The amount of people e dating here …

No. 949058

I refuse to believe a human being would do this.

No. 949060

she's based imo

No. 949061

I just had a wicked fart that rocked me gently, rocked me slowly, came up from the front and the back and lifted my ass up to heaven nonnie

No. 949065

The best farts are the ones that go in front and pop on your clit. What a pleasant surprise.

No. 949075

There's no reason to show genetically dead-end scrotes in a group chat your tits and ass, even more so as a proclaimed asexual. Even as you whine about being sexualized and not included in an lgbt program because no one takes your "sexuality" seriously you can't see the dissonance.

"guys i'm going to make an onlyfans but none of you can have the handle!" "i'm sad should i show my tits" "i'm sitting here naked in my room omg who wants to see" Absolutely pathetic.

No. 949078

Man I hate capitalism and shit as much as the next guy but why are the people who complain about it most always neets living off their parents.

No. 949087

They usually had horrible experiences with jobs/managers/coworkers and then became neet.

No. 949093

I have no idea what to do about friends being jealous of me. I've had multiple very good friends tell me they're jealous of my skills in a shared field and it's just… uncomfortable. Do I offer advice on how to improve even though they never asked for it? Do I just ignore it and let them deal with it on their own? The second one is what I end up doing but the discomfort doesn't go away. I want to help but I don't want to trample their egos or somehow make the differences between us more apparent. I can't even ask or vent about it to other friends because it just sounds like weird backhand bragging. I'm proud of my skills but I don't want people I care about to be discouraged when I'm working hard.

No. 949097

if you give advice it'll probably sound patronizing. also, are they genuinely jealous or is that banter?? if they're as good friends as you say they are i doubt they're truly jealous. but if you feel like they are, why even keep them around? you should be around people who are happy for your successes

No. 949101

If they're complaining about their skills or something, you could ask them if they want you to show them. Otherwise just leave it.

No. 949102

I wish I could have a normal conversation with my mom. Either she just silently sits there as I laugh at something I think is funny, or I make a comment and she says, "You're so funny!" or if I'm talking about something I think is interesting she'll say, "Wow, you're so smart!" or she won't "know what to say" because she's ignorant about the subject. It seems like everything is either met with an awkward silence or it's this value assessment of my character or whatever. Whenever there's an awkward silence when I'm laughing it's especially upsetting because it feels like judgement. My mom is very concerned with doing what is expected of her and fitting in with whoever she's with but she's always expressed a sort of detached disgust with me. That's what it feels like and I'm sick of it. I've recently had to deal with her a lot more than usual and she will bring up private things in public just to feel included in my life. It's like how narcissists will talk louder if they have an audience, she'll discuss personal matters in front of people in the store because it makes her feel perceived as included in my life, while the reality is that she is at the very least superficially involved with me.

Everyone else in my life who isn't related to me is now gone. They see themselves in me and lash out at those aspects, while appraising what they admire about me with an air of scorn. In their own ways they've tried to emulate what they admire about me while in my face they insult the very thing they try to put on. I'm so exhausted with socializing. The possibilities aren't worth the hassle. I take what I get, and nowadays that's admiration from strangers at a safe distance.

No. 949106

>also, are they genuinely jealous or is that banter?
One friend in particular who is very sensitive once broke down crying to me about it. We don't talk about it much but I can see sometimes that it's still frustrating on her end. It's hard to explain the situation without getting too specific, but there's a situation going on lately where our skills are being compared directly and it's pretty stressful. They aren't bad friends by any means and do genuinely support me and hype me up and I do the same for them in return, and the fact that we've been able to have honest conversations about it before is something I appreciate (as opposed to like, silent resentment or vindictiveness or something) but there are times where it's very awkward to be more successful than someone close to you who is doing the same thing. I feel like even acknowledging that it happens feels taboo because I don't want to undermine the skills they do have and worked hard for, but the gap is still there and I can only help them so much if they don't ask for help.

No. 949119

File: 1635158692320.jpg (52.44 KB, 392x395, 1569266397737.jpg)

Had a date for the first time in a long time and I wasn't too satisfied. We went to a museum and he kept making asinine, shallow comments about the artwork and various cultures. (all of Asian history being boring, Monet is easy to replicate, religious art is bad because of organized religion, etc). It was really displeasing seeing something interesting and hearing him try to 1-up it. Not to mention he complained about the 10 dollar fee… I don't make much but am happy to support the museum. This isn't even the first time I went on a date with a man and really wished I went alone. I feel like some people's personality is just an embodiment of part of the internet, like a YouTube comments section that's taken the form of a man, habitually yelling "fake and gay".

No. 949124

I wish people (mostly men) like that would understand that acting that way doesn't make them seem smart or interesting, it makes them seem extremely stupid, shallow and boring.

No. 949129

People like that are so exhausting to be around. I used to have friends that would always try to one-up everything too (like if we went to a craft store and I'd show interest in something they'd shoot me down like "oh I already have two of those" or "this one's ugly, the one I got as a gift recently is way better"). I wonder what's going on inside their minds, there's no way they actually think anyone cares? Let me go to the museum with you instead anon, I love them and haven't been to one in a while

No. 949142

my coworker smells musty, like body odor, but i honestly don’t blame her, we make minimum wage and only have 1 uniform shirt

No. 949143

There was this one girl I worked with once who was so smelly that a bunch of us chipped in for Christmas and bought her a really fancy gift basket full of soaps and deodorants and stuff kek I don't think she ever used them or got the message (or didn't care)

No. 949154

this was written so nicely, I loved it

No. 949163

File: 1635163495252.jpeg (22.98 KB, 559x549, images - 2021-07-25T115734.411…)

My girlfriend is a they/them butch and it's actually killing me inside because I love her so much and she loves me so much, but I'm attracted to butch women, not butch enbies
We primarily speak a language that doesn't use pronouns and is largely non-gendered so I've been able to avoid thinking about it for this long, but it came to a point last night and now it's really unavoidable. I love her so much and I really think she's the one, and she even has been letting me call her she/her and girlfriend in english for so long just so she doesn't lose me, because she loves me too. I feel so fucking bad, she even cried because she feels like shes guilty. but dating someone who I have to call they/them makes me so uncomfortable and unhappy
She also admitted that before dating me, she was thinking she was going to transition and it was only wanting to stay with me that made her consider remaining female.
My current solution is just completely avoiding speaking English to her and just using our language. She keeps insisting that its fine and to keep calling her she/her. She says its only a tiny issue and she doesn't care, but I don't really believe her. I feel guilty and conflicted as fuck

Am I being retarded? Am I a shitty girlfriend? What would you lesbian ladies do? Pls shame me if I'm being a dipshit

No. 949169

I get that it can be off-putting or whatever, but what difference does it really make in the end? You're already in love, if the other person won't change anything else about their appearance or behaviour, calling them "they" instead of "she" isn't that big of a deal at all, it's not even masculine, it's just neutral. Especially if you love her and it's important to her? Maybe you'll get used to it and maybe she'll change her mind, after all you're probably not with her simply because of the pronouns she uses? Try to evaluate your priorities and think about why it makes you feel uncomfortable and conflicted and if you feeling uncomfortable is more important than your girlfriend feeling respected and accepted by you?

No. 949171

I don't think you're being unreasonable anon, this goes much deeper than pronouns and into your ideology, what you believe about humanity is fundamentally different than her idea.
Have you tried peaking her? Enbies are easier to peak than FtMs I think. Ask her what about her personality and identity can't be included in the label of woman. As a butch she's probably been lowkey bullied by genderspecials for being a lesbian. See if you can get her to see the misogyny and homophobia in that.
Love is precious and you shouldn't let it erode because you're afraid of having an awkward conversation. And it's a totally abstract philosophical conversation at this point, she's not transitioning, nothing material is happening so there is no pressure to figure it all out at once. You love her, so give her a chance to understand your point of view.

No. 949172

Your girlfriend has problems, identifying as an NB or wanting to transition is not normal and healthy like it's made out to be. It's not your fault she has problems.

>but what difference does it really make in the end?
Nta but considering anon said her gf wanted to transistion before meeting her.. the possibility of her trooning out anyway will always remain. I get being concerned about that. + identifying as something other than what you are is not normal or healthy.

No. 949182

>what difference does it make
Her girlfriend is drinking Koolaid. A woman who refuses to be called she is distancing herself from the fact that she's female. Obviously this is unhealthy, a cognitive dissonance and denial that everyone plays along with… Indulging it will provide temporary relief because she's disowning herself, but it never lasts. So the identity games will escalate and lead to further alienation, which she obviously is drawn to because she wanted to transition before.
An adult female saying "I am not a woman" is merely saying "I am not myself".
It is not harmless to agree and play along with that false statement.

No. 949194

I wish people would stop saying millennials when they mean people born in the 80s. I'm a young millennial close to the gen z cutoff and hate getting dragged into shit that doesn't even apply to me. At least I'm happy that the craft beer hipster, manic pixie nerd girl era is over, even though zoomer shit is arguably worse with the pedo pandering. I hate it here.

No. 949197

If she wanted to actually transition I'd understand being uncomfortable with it, since that is a pretty big thing, but just changing how you want to be identified isn't. If this was a pretty new relationship, breaking it off would be easy, but anon and her seem to be invested in it already. If she truly was the one, it would be stupid to end it over mere possibilities.

I will be honest, you sound deranged to me. Being a woman is hard and I totally understand people that want to distance themselves from it, you have no idea what that person is thinking or feeling. And why does "myself" have to be "a woman" first and foremost anway? "Myself" is simply who you are, not your body. Maybe it's because I struggled with similar things some years back, but I don't think gender is this important. It doesn't have to mean anything to you. I understand the overall importance of women being seen as such to not be overshadowed in the world as a whole, but if someone has issues with being seen as a woman and can't bear what comes with it, then they shouldn't have to? You can also just talk it out with the person, why decide for her?

No. 949202

I do understand what you mean, because despite my own terfy/radfem ways, I love her so much that I was basically arguing that I shouldn't be so rude and call her she/her while she was insisting I call her that for my own comfort and to ignore her feelings. I honestly never want to call my own partner they/them (I don't care about anyone else) but for her even I would force it out.
I am very femme and was stuck in "heteronormative" hell relationship with a man previously while trying to convert myself straight. Men still try to bother me into sleeping with them despite knowing. To finally have a a gf who i can call "girlfriend" and refer to as "she" just makes me feel relieved and happy, and I think she knows that. But I know how selfish that is and I feel guilty for disappointing her like this when I love her so much

I actually did try, but I don't think I did a very good job.
>Ask her what about her personality and identity can't be included in the label of woman.
I really like this. Its exactly what I want to know and tried to explain to her but in a far too roundabout way. I'm going to ask her this the next time it comes up, thank you nonnie.

Unfortunately she's kind to a fault and tries to be on everyone's side at once, which includes unintentional NLOG behaviour like bringing up that men have it hard too when I talk about women's rights. I did end up taking her to task on that, but unfortunately I have to pretend like I give a shit about men's "problems" because she tries so hard to see the good in everyone that if I'm too negative in her eyes she doesn't believe me lol

Trooning out is one of my biggest fears, but she knows clearly if she was FTM we would have to split up, and I think she never will fully go there just because she doesn't want to lose me, which is why I feel so guilty. I think if she really actually wants to transition she's going to end up resenting me, even though I never asked and it was completely her own choice.
At the moment she doesn't seem like she wants to, and she said she feels confused and doesn't know what she is

No. 949204

>very close friend (friend A) propose I live with her as a room mate in her apartment because one of her room mate will leave to work in a bigger city
>sure, why not, can't stand living with ly family anymore
>another very close friend of ours (friend B) lives with her as well so I know I'll be with people I trust
>friend A tells me later that the rent would be very cheap but we wouldn't sign any contract
>no idea if her mother is just renting the apartment or if she owns it. If friend A's mom doesn't own the place I would get in trouble for taxes and other important shit
>still hesitating and desperate to leave my family
>friend B leaves the apartment in one morning today because of something big but won't tell me what exactly
>friend B vaguely tells me that friend A needs to get her shit together when it comes to working or money, otherwise I shouldn't live with her at all
Well, fuck. I'm curious because all of this started because of a letter friend A received and friend B saw it so it's probably from her employeer or some welfare stuff. I'm disappointed I can't move out just yet.

No. 949216

Maybe it just feels awkward to go from a gender neutral language to being aggressively gendered constantly in a different one? I'm not sure why it's such a big deal, since you primarily speak a different language.
Be careful when asking about what about her can't be included in the label of woman, because it's not just simply "being bullied by gender specials" probably. You might be bringing up genuinely traumatic shit for her. I don't know why a lot of people don't want to acknowledge that these pressures start the moment you are a tomboy or deemed too old to be one. She might have been bullied a lot for it, gotten shit from her family, from strangers etc. After a lifetime of being told you're not a real girl or woman or you're pretty shit at being one, it can really feel like you just don't belong anymore. Being aggressively gendered suddenly can then feel very uncomfortable. I know it feels nice for you after having been in a straight relationship to emphasize gender a lot, but you might be genuinely asking too much of her. It's really not as simple as that she's just "drinking the koolaid".

No. 949225

ayrt, I never said that she should break it off at all anon, I just said I understand why she's concerned and why it's not just nothing.

No. 949228

>why does "myself" have to be "a woman" first and foremost anway? "Myself" is simply who you are, not your body
Perhaps I can word it a different way… I'm not saying "she should embrace her womanhood" and see herself as woman-gender-label (boobs and dresses and long hair etc) as part of her identity.
Frankly I think identity is overrated. Identity is just how you see yourself, and how others see you. It's a story, always changing, never completely reflective of reality.
But your body is reality. By woman I mean adult human female, that's all.
If you live in your body, your body is part of your reality. It is the vessel through which you experience reality.
Being female (a woman) is as real as being human. That is more constant to me than the "myself" which is a collection of identities, beliefs, hobbies, preferences, histories.

No. 949235

Together we speak that language, but I speak english natively. That means in referring to her with my friends, family, etc, I can't avoid pronouns. She also is interested in english and meeting my family so that's where it starts getting difficult.
When it comes to asking questions, from the start we were both clear with each other that when we want to know something or argue we talk it out and don't let it escalate, just communicate. She has never reacted badly to any question I ask, but i just have to communicate it properly, vice versa. I'm not very good at wording questions properly; i basically asked what anon said but in a really unclear way so she couldn't answer clearly.

I never said I thought she drank the koolaid, but I do think the koolaid is a escape for her. The country we live has extremely dated views about women. If I grew up in the same society, I think i would feel the same as her, so I understand, but I also feel like her simply trying to run away from it is just accepting society's misogynistic definition of a woman
>I know it feels nice for you after having been in a straight relationship to emphasize gender a lot, but you might be genuinely asking too much of her.
To be clear anon, I haven't really asked her for anything. For the first few months of our relationship, I genuinely thought she identified as just a butch female. I'm not saying I was tricked or anything stupid like that, just that I went in thinking this was all very different. She knows this which is why she feels so bad about it, and in turn, i feel guilty that she feels she has to force herself

No. 949237

Whoever invented math I hope they get diarrhea

No. 949241

Pisses me off so fucking much that I'm expected to be caring and warm bc being woman. Men chimp out and women get all passive aggressive/treat you like an abomination. Leave me alone I don't care about anyone else but myself and my grandma, and I'm not going to larp to care about some stranger/family who don't give a shit about me.

No. 949244

Technically math wasn't invented but discovered

No. 949247

I was supposed to wake up at 9 why am I still struggling with this why why why it's fucking embarrassing. How am I supposed to get anything done how am I supposed to achieve my goals when I wake up so late? Fucking embarrassing

No. 949252

It takes time but it’s possible, nonnie, i had the same issue, all I did was start putting alarms earlier than the time I want to wake up so I have to do so and so I have enough time to throw a tantrum in bed.

No. 949258

Do you regularly wake up early now anon? Did you body clock adjust to it? I want to be that type of person so much

No. 949261

Yeah! Now I wake up every morning at 7:00 am or 5:00 am because I got used to it, you will also end up going to sleep earlier because you will be tired as fuck by 10 pm.

No. 949264

NTA Why is 'woman' such a hill to die on? Why isn't it enough to acknowledge that someone is an adult human female, why does everyone have to identify heavily with the word 'woman', when etymologically speaking, it literally means 'wife of a man'. It's so aggressively straight. Even the whole womyn thing sounds better if it wasn't so heavily associated with polilez. In a lot of other languages the word wife and woman is literally the same, which can also feel uncomfortable. Even within radfem circles 'women's issues' ends up often being a code for straight women's issues, which has been a problem since the 70's. I'm not sure why everyone now insists on how it's just such a simple equation, as if it's 2+2=4 and you must be completely insane to not feel comfortable with being aggressively labeled like that, after all the things written by Simone de Beauvoir, Monique Wittig, etc. Personally I feel I'm a butch (lesbian) first and foremost, which should already indicate what my sex is and the kind of struggles I go through, which aren't exactly the same as those of straight and/or (more) conforming women. I still think nonbinary as an identity is a bit retarded, but I can see where it comes from. This whole insistence on class reductionism really doesn't work for everyone.

No. 949271

I'm torn between taking the lead aka doing the grunt work for this group task to avoid ruining my perfect score vs not letting myself do the hard work for 4 other scrotes. Ugh.

No. 949300

You sound super mad about being a woman lol, what do you even want? You can't call yourself a butch lesbian without woman (adult human female) being a category it's predicated on.
If you're mad about dead feminists using woman as a label - okay? You can do that with anything. I hate how Genghis Khan described humanity, why should I label myself as human, etc. Who cares what they thought. Practically these labels mean very little. Politically and medically they are essential for minimizing suffering in society.

No. 949302

Woman is just the word for an adult human female. Like cow is the word for the mature female of a bovine animal.

No. 949303

>By woman I mean adult human female, that's all.
If you live in your body, your body is part of your reality. It is the vessel through which you experience reality.
Yeah but does she think of the same definition? Women who don't feminize/play the personality role expected get shit on hard by everyone. It can be traumatizing and make you reject everything about what society tells you is womanhood. I was always a "tomboy" and if gender special shit was around growing up I'd probably fall for it. It's normal to want to dissociate from your body when everything and everyone reminds you of your body in a negative way and expects you to act a certain way because of it.

No. 949305

Group work was a mistake especially in stem.

No. 949306

>when etymologically speaking, it literally means 'wife of a man'
woman comes from wif-man which means "female human being". Man just meant human and wif can mean wife but also just woman (see Weib in German).

No. 949307

Trying to see a physical therapist and I found one I'd like to go to near my home and now these bitches are like "pay first and then your insurance will reimburse you" even though I contacted by insurance and they said the money would automatically be paid out through my HRA account after they submit the claim so I don't have to pay anything.

Like, NO!! I'm not paying first! I know my insurance is a fucking headache to get reimbursed through because I've already heard horror stories from coworkers about it! "Well, they won't know what the payment is for so they won't pay it to us." Just what exactly is the claim for then? We've both been told by my insurance that I am covered, so what's the problem with submitting the claim and getting paid directly from my insurance? I'm not going to pay $80 out of pocket every single time and then have to hassle my insurance for the money back.

I'm so fucking peeved. I was so happy to have insurance, and my coverage is good, but basically every single fucking provider I've had to deal with gives me such a fucking headache when it comes to payment. I know I have money in that HRA account, and I know it'll be paid out of that account. I've called my insurance like three separate times and spoken to three different representatives who all tell me the same thing- the provider submits the claim, and then it'll automatically be paid out through my HRA. But every single fucking time!! Everyone wants to give me the fucking run around about payment!!

No. 949310

I want to add that men were called werman.

No. 949313

My crazy ex keeps sending letters to my house asking for forgiveness and for me to talk to him again and I'm so tired nonnies I wish he would forget about me and leave me alone

No. 949314

Ayrt yeah I get that, it's very sad that happens and I would definitely be an Aiden too if I was younger and exposed to this narrative.
>It's normal to want to dissociate from your body when everything and everyone reminds you of your body in a negative way and expects you to act a certain way because of it.
Yes its normal but it's sick as well, just like it's normal that traumatized people numb themselves with drugs and alcohol. Doesn't mean it's the only way to function. Humans have an incredible capacity for healing and I think radical self acceptance and mindfulness is the beginning of the cure for all this dysphoria. We have documented ways to heal trauma (read The Body Keeps The Score) but gender ideology is pushing this dissociation-as-cure narrative instead.

No. 949316

>If you're mad about dead feminists using woman as a label - okay? You can do that with anything.
So you completely missed my point, that is not what I'm angry about. I'm angry about this insistence that woman is as simple as being an adult human female, when that is just not how it is experienced by society and culture as a whole. The point of "one becomes a woman", has to do with female socialization, which includes heterosexuality. If female socialization has failed, you are deemed by society as either a failed woman or not a woman at all, but something 'other'. What they wrote about is descriptive, not prescriptive. This whole insistence that it's so simple and that if you feel uncomfortable, it must be because you drank the TRA koolaid, comes across as gaslighting. It doesn't just come from 'gender specials' and it's not a new phenomenon to feel 'othered'. This phenomenon can literally be traced back all the way to the 1500's (at the very least), but no it must all be new gender koolaid and we have to deny deny deny that some people have been so aggressively pushed out of womanhood, that it just doesn't feel comfortable anymore. Never mind that the whole concept of woman and female socialization is aggressively heterosexual. Aggressively shouting 'you're a woman' at butches and tomboys isn't going to solve anything, aggressively gendering and saying 'sister' non-stop isn't going to help. Especially not when the same people who do that, have no qualms about saying you're 'male-aligned' or 'scrote-like' when it suits them.
>Man just meant human and wif can mean wife but also just woman (just like Weib in German).
You obviously didn't read what I wrote then, because I already referred to that. Wife and woman being so intrinsically tied together, can be part of the reason why some feel uncomfortable with the word in the first place. This bullshit is starting to get just as grating, thought-stopping and mantra-like as the 'TWAW and TMAM' crap.
Thank you, some sanity.

No. 949317

I'm not saying it's right to chop your breasts off, just that it's normal to feel that way. Imo that radical self acceptance stuff won't work especially for young Aidens (and they're mostly young). The best thing we could do for them is girls only school and limited access to internet and tv.

No. 949322

Yea, I fucking get it. You love criticizing others but when someone faces you with valid criticism and disagreement, suddenly you're ~mentally ill~ like the people you constantly mock or criticize. No, you're totally perfect and everyone is doing something wrong to you. Ah, you're horrible at socializing because you're a schizo autistic anxious elf not because people still socially function according to primal emotional intuition and they can automatically pick up that you're a piece of shit they shouldn't be around and it's not like you subconsciously know all the bad things you do no matter how much you excuse yourself consciously. No, no ,no I mean you're always right, of course and I-I-I just happen to be projecting right now. Yes, it's not possible for you to be flawed. How could I possibly assume you're flawed? Remember, you're always right even when you're wrong and they're always wrong even if they're right. The only time when anyone else but you is right is when they share the same opinion or perspective.

No. 949323

> I'm angry about this insistence that woman is as simple as being an adult human female, when that is just not how it is experienced by society and culture as a whole
Yes it is. If you look and act like a man you get insecure men seething about it but they still know you're a woman if you're a woman.
>If female socialization has failed, you are deemed by society as either a failed woman or not a woman at all, but something 'other`
Mostly by parts of men and who gives a shit what they think, especially when you're gay.

No. 949324

>Wife and woman being so intrinsically tied together, can be part of the reason why some feel uncomfortable with the word in the first place.
What the hell do you want it to be called ? Of course, they are linked, because the literal definition of wife is 1. a woman 2. that's married, if it's not a woman it's not a wife, even though not all women are wives. Just like an armchair is uncomfortably linked to a chair, because the definition is 1. chair 2. with arm rests, even though not all chairs have arm rests.
Your wife is literally your woman ("your" as in "your father" as opposed to "your pen", i'm not implying ownership but a family tie). In many, many languages including English, you also say "he's my man" to say he's my husband.
I can't believe you have to have that explained to you. Of all the sexist shit there is in the world…

No. 949325

Nta but go take some lithium

No. 949331

At this point I might just put up with an autist from 4chan just to have a non-ugly looking boyfriend who isn't weirded out by me.

No. 949332

>4chan autist
>not ugly
Come on, lift those standards a bit.

No. 949333

>Mostly by parts of men and who gives a shit what they think, especially when you're gay.
This is bullshit. Straight women are just as capable of lesbophobia and are also invested in enforcing gender conformity. It's not as simple as just avoiding it or "why would it matter if you're gay". People get beaten up over this shit and much worse.

No. 949336

I did actually find one who could be considered pretty good looking. A similiarly handsome but normal man would probably be tired of my aspie/anxious shit pretty fast, and I guess I'm not deep enough to ignore people's exteriors

No. 949337

>If female socialization has failed, you are deemed by society as either a failed woman or not a woman at all, but something 'other'.
See this is where radfems lose me. What does this even mean, what are some examples of "society deemed her as a failed woman"?
Show me on a security camera some footage of a GNC woman being labeled as failed woman and what that materially changed about her life experience. Some scrote yelled dyke at her? A man didn't hire her? Her parents are ashamed to say she won't give them grandkids? Besides actual homophobic hate crimes, all this shit is just opinions and awkward social situations. GNC women aren't stripped of citizenship and shipped to labor camps for failing as women.

No. 949338

What? Who was talking aboyt lesbophobia? The point is that it's mostly men who call you a "failed woman" or "not a woman at all" whem they know you are.

No. 949342

I could have written this word for word, nona you will be OK and there are people experiencing the same thing you are and I hope maybe you can feel kinda better knowing you're at least not alone.

No. 949346

Really anon, because while I've encountered the odd chimp out or silent seething with men, they usually ignore me. It's other women who try to pick me apart and play weird mind games because they're faced with the fact that their being is a construct.

No. 949349

Wtf anon not getting jobs and being cut off by family are big things.

No. 949352

Some women were bitchy to you and that's proof "their being is a construct"? How do you make the leap from "people are assholes sometimes" to processing everything as if you're a sentient C grade sociology essay like this?

No. 949355

When they call me a stupid immature dyke for not obsessing over apperance and what others think, yeah. Maybe you live in a diff place that isn't as conservative. It wears you down.

No. 949364

Yeah, sometimes parents are disappointed in their kids, sometimes shallow bosses pass you over for someone hotter, it's called real life. I don't know a single GNC woman who literally can't get a job because of how she presents and no other reason. Yeah it's a little harder, but everyone has challenges. Acting like GNC women in the developed world (where gays have human rights) are "othered", is embarrassing.

No. 949369

Be honest anon, did this woman call you a "stupid immature dyke" to your face?

No. 949371

Everyone I know who hates capitalism vocally works full-time, most neets I know (myself included, when I was one) do not care about capitalism (or real-world issues in general, except through the lens of the popular demographic on whichever website they frequent the most)

No. 949376

Its always the people who love socialism (despite never actually living in a country which practices it) and who have often never worked a day in their life. I was friends with a girl who is a lefty/commie/"stand up to the man and the system", etc. type who complained about capitalism often despite being pretty well-off, never working a day in her life, or even considered working as she relied on her parents cash (bought stupid fujo porn books with it etc)…

Nothing about people like that rebellious or "alternative", especially when popular culture holds about the same views and is just as useless..

No. 949398

Kek my country used to be 'communist', have to bust my ass to live and I still think that socialism could be the future (or at least capitalism with UBI, for a start). The 'only fundie retards believe in that' argument is bullshit. I don't agree with ignorant tankies glorifying regimes, but capitalism also isn't the way to go. We live in a world where a life of an innocent child has a price, an incredibly high one at that. How fair is that? BTW, that was one of the first bitter lessons of capitalism my compatriots learned. Not that healthcare was better before. It was still a cruel awakening from the capitalist dream. Imagine finding out that in the far-away USA, there are doctors and machines that can give your baby a happy life — it's just that you will never ever see a fraction of money needed to get their help. The despair one must feel in such situation is terrifying.
The saddest thing is that people at the top, of course, don't give a fuck about the masses, as they benefit from mass exploitation. Meanwhile, the people are too tired trying to survive to start a revolution. What an awful circle.
TBH I don't care, if there is any form of capitalism that values life and ethics instead of money and profit - I would be more than fine with it.

No. 949414

File: 1635188524012.png (762.93 KB, 3450x4913, uoooo kay.png)

am i still a lesbian if i find boys cute? i don't want to fuck them or anything but i generally prefer … *media that features men, and i prefer to rp men in d&d and stuff (and ship my d&d boys with other men, hopefully played by women)

(*2d media, i don't have any vested interest in live action shows unless they're like, crazy popular somehow, ala squid games)

No. 949415

File: 1635188670802.gif (990.41 KB, 640x360, kikis-delivery-service-ghibli.…)

I caught a horrible flu and I haven't gotten sick ever since COVID started. Feeling incredibly tired, having to keep studying my ass off because I got sick right after my paid lessons begun. Next week is GIL's birthday and I am hoping I will feel better because I am excited to give her a gift.

But damn, all I want is nothing but bubbly water, crêpes and cocoa while watching Ponyo. I hate feeling weak. Take care of yourselves anons.

No. 949418

I do find people cute without feeling attracted but I'm bi.

No. 949431

>Most farmers are like the cows posted here or worse
>happy I found my boyfriend from a post and thought he was a girl for a couple of weeks before we started dating.
lmao. and i'm sure you've seen what happened to the dozens of other anons who thought their bfs "didn't watch porn"

No. 949432

I’m confused what she meant by she found her boyfriend on a post. He was larping as a female on lolcow? Lol good luck to her because what man does that.

No. 949440

you can appreciate another person's looks without wanting to fuck them so yeah you're still a lesbian

No. 949443

He's definitely watching porn and him larping as a girl on LC should concern you.

No. 949478

I think I give up trying to connect to anyone on discord. Pretty much everyone only wants to talk about themselves. I always ask questions and try to engage with the other person but they don't reciprocate. I just wish I could find someone I click with. It was so much easier when I was used to being alone but now that I've had a taste of friendship I feel insatiable.

No. 949484

Discord is a cesspool. Pedophiles and neets think they can hide behind an anime profile pic

No. 949528

what's wrong with being a neet

No. 949532

what the fuck lmao this is the best shitpost I've seen here

No. 949534

fuuck, i want to break up with my boyfriend but cant do it because im scared of the awkwardness and all that because we live together.

No. 949538

I gave up as well, Discord is tiresome as fuck, sometimes I try again to join random groups, but it’s so boring, there’s too many annoying kids with muhntal helth bullshit and I’m too old to be someone's long distance mom.

No. 949544

I’m assuming you’re a neet? Ask yourself

No. 949545

I’d suggest when he’s at work packing up all your stuff and moving it out. Then confirm you want to break up, so he doesn’t wreck your stuff.

No. 949554

Full disclaimer, I am not a lesbian, but I've heard a theory that this general opinion of women preferring to RP male characters, choosing to play male characters over female, etc., happens because male characters are just better written in a lot of the fiction we consume growing up, so we're drawn to male characters or the idea of being men in fictional settings. Women who are attracted to fictional men because they're idealized, so it would make sense I think for you to like fictional men because they're aesthetically idealized as well even if you're not attracted to them.

No. 949564

>male characters are just better written in a lot of the fiction we consume growing up
nta but i always felt like this was bullshit tbh, especially in japanese media. all the 'good' male characters people point to are either cliché or written like an angsty teen's OC, especially the fake-deep ones

No. 949579

>job application has online test/assessment
Fuck off. Fuck yourself. Die.

No. 949580

Yeah its bullshit. The problem is people see what men agree on as good as the standard.

No. 949583

>especially in japanese media
Are you fucking joking? Japanese media is the biggest culprit of writing garbage female characters who exist as waifubait and they pedopander endlessly.

Obviously not all male characters are well written, but compared to a busty 14 year old who gets a bunch of pantyshots and acts like an infant to appeal to Japanese men… I'll take the angsty male OC, thanks.

No. 949586

i didn't say waifubait was better. neither are "better written" to me.

No. 949591

Just found out the girl that comes into my work and is always really nice to me is dating my ex boyfriend/rapist/abuser. I’m 100% convinced she just comes in to report back to him what I’m doing because I have a restraining order against him. I’m so fucking terrified of him and the police won’t do shit. I feel like I might as well kill myself before he kills me

No. 949594

i have got to stop being so torn up over loser moid. it doesn't even matter if what i feel is actually anger that such a loser ghosted me, i got to get over it. holy shit

No. 949597


nona, it's common for restraining orders to include clauses relating to third party contact, which is what your situation would be. third party contact is someone using another person to relay messages or information to the person with the injunction against them.

do yourself a favor: get hard evidence that this new chick is dating your ex, write down exactly when she has come into your work. take that info and go back to your local clerk of court and check to see if your RO covers indirect contact. if yes, and ex is in violation, report it there and then.

good luck nonita

No. 949599

File: 1635206072851.jpg (85.17 KB, 820x1118, 147-1479832_bleach-png-file-bl…)

>but compared to a busty 14 year old who gets a bunch of pantyshots and acts like an infant to appeal to Japanese men… I'll take the angsty male OC, thanks.

i was just arguing about something similar to this, holy hell.

blogging now but, some chick was whining that people hated female characters in shonen because of "misogyny ):", as if most female characters in shonen aren't just walking talking fan-service machines who don't actually do anything of importance.

i mean, most of the time, they're literally terrible characters written by old men for young boys. come on now, i feel like people always forget fictional characters aren't real people

No. 949601

of course she is. This world loves to fuck with us when we are most vulnerable. Fuck both of them, especially him, abusive scum. I take comfort in the knowledge that life fucks us all, so he'll get what's coming to him naturally. Don't kys anon you're a valuable addition to this world, no doubt. Fuck them

No. 949606

Women really can be our own worst enemies, it's so disgusting that so many of them can willingly be agents for violent moids. I would take >>949597 this advice, i hope you get the justice you deserve anon.

No. 949608

Try watching something outside of shounenshit or isekai

No. 949619

Don't you think that exact same advice applies to the anon who thinks all male characters are
>cliché or written like an angsty teen's OC, especially the fake-deep ones

In series with male characters like that, the female characters are often how I described. In well written series, neither are going to be totally awful cliches or bait but it's still way more common for the misogyny to seep through in female characters. Japan is shitty about women, the world in general is, fictional characters are no exception. Male characters are characters first, male second, but female characters are always female first - meaning there's pressure to make them attractive and palatable that doesn't apply to male characters.

No. 949641

File: 1635212624962.jpg (176.57 KB, 866x1390, colby-odonis-the-pussycat-doll…)

It's currently 4:30 AM and I am so tired from staying up finishing my midterm art school presentation. but the farther I go with it, the more I realize how worthless it might be. I turn 22 next month and am now even worrying about ensuring my own quality of life and job security wrt money and building a life for myself. I don't have a job, am in my second year of university, live with my family. I want a job so that I can rent my own place and live seperately without my family/relying on their finances, but I can't even figure out what exactly it is I want to do as a "real life" job or normal side hustle to actually earn a living while doing "art" shit. I'd be comfortable just landing a position as a graphic designer, but I still need to work on my skills before I could apply for a position anywhere in my country. I'd like to see myself running a buisness as a long term goal, but I keep being filled with existential regret, or guilt for the fact that I know that everything is fine and it will all work out. I just want to find the right school/job balance.

No. 949648

god damn that guy has hideous style.

No. 949650

good luck, anon. life's tough but i hope you can do your best to get through it/that it's kind to you

No. 949652

I find that some men are so insecure and for what. I shake hands to greet people (they initiate) and I guess because I'm a small girl these men don't expect a firm handshake but I must be good at giving firm handshakes because the moment I grasp these men fucking crush my small hands and jiggle them violently while staring me in the eye. How the hell are they so offended and insecure from a young girl? Fucking embarrassing. Also I once went to the doctors and I was in pain, curled up on the bed. The doctor came in and was immediately rude and just talked over me and at my father instead. Then when I stood up to go to another room, he noticed I was taller than him and he just said, "Oh. Now I feel inadequate" in his stupid sociopathic autistic doctor voice. What the fuck?

No. 949653

Everything will fall into place in time. You can't do anything about it now except keep doing what you're doing. It's early morning for me too (but it's 4 am here) and I stayed up to do homework but instead I started drawing something lewd and I still haven't finished my homework. Isn't it funny how in this moment we are preoccupied by the same themes of early morning, school and art

No. 949655

I swear to god if there’s fucking drama because my dumbass fucking friend decided to lie to her now ex girlfriend (they broke up before this) about her relationship with her ex-ex that literally everyone knew about I’m honestly probably going to drop her, she lied about something so fucking blatant people literally have an inside joke about it she has to be fucking retarded to think that it wouldn’t come back to bite her in the ass

No. 949661


God I hate male doctors. I think the ones that specialize in women's medicine are somewhat sociopathic. Speaking from experience.

No. 949668

NTA but there's nothing wrong with being a neet if you're independent. However if you're living off your parents/partner then yes you're a leech.

No. 949682

NTA but inform me how neets are independent? The literal definition means they don’t engage in society like employment, education, etc… unless you mean independently doing jackshit. You do you but when did society start hyping up neets?

No. 949687

File: 1635216825000.gif (417.55 KB, 464x338, 1j0964.gif)

when society went to shit

No. 949689

I literally refuse to see male doctors, especially for blood work or a gyno. Men have no fucking business in a female health care industry. You cannot convince me they dont have ulterior motives

No. 949691

Some neets do stuff like commissions, but most of them are leeches in one way or the other even if they do make their own money

No. 949692

So when everyone started getting free employment bucks last year

No. 949694


No. 949695

I already know these neets draw furry porn on the side.

No. 949697

i have a coworker exactly like this. I seriously dont understand super insecure and uneducated people who need to constantly lie or try to 1up anyone.

Sorry your date sucked. Imagine complaining about a $10 fee to support a museum, which should be gov funded, instead of donation funded like it usually is. That guy sounds like he spends all his time on reddit

No. 949698

Aren't they no longer neets by definition if they're making their own money

No. 949699

File: 1635218004308.png (33.54 KB, 451x116, gross.png)

The way my stupid boyfriend stans trannies because it's "the right thing to do" is so annoying. He constantly makes arguments but then when I make a factual statement he says "Again, I'm the worst person to ask about this! I don't know enough information about that to have a solid argument on it. I'm not the right guy to talk argue this. This all seems anecdotal!"

It's such a weak copout. How're you gonna say "Well, trans women XYZ and this is how it affects them" and then follow up with "gee idk actually" when presented with facts about women?? I tried to bring up some facts regarding violence against trannies vs violence against women and he's saying "Well statistically it makes sense that there are less trans women so of course they're more likely to get killed". I've just gotten so emotional and tearing up because my moid doesn't understand that women are being raped, murdered, killed, assaulted, threatened every single day.
I brought up an article I was reading which in many words boils down to this:
>"But because 2 out of 4 trannies get killed, it surpasses 25 out of 100 women getting killed. oooh well that's 50% of trannies! that's higher than the 25 women getting killed, it just adds up so that means trannies are 50% more likely to get killed."

I told him the article doesn't make sense. What he did say to that was "I don't know enough about statistics to back that up"
You know everything in the whole fucking world now suddenly you don't know anything?

He's such a nigel, so fucking pure hearted though he can't have a single rational thought that involves "betraying" his moral compass. "oo i gotta respect all human beings" okay then.

No. 949702

That’s too much…I’m surprised the first convo before dating was not determining if he supported trannies or not. I always have this convo to see if we will mesh and it works because what MAN would support another man larping as a female? God anon I’m sorry but it’s pointless to even discuss it with him since he seems so weak and one to not take sides.

No. 949703

break up wtf

No. 949705

A person working a full time hours as a furry porn artist is likely to live a NEET lifestyle.

No. 949707

We've been dating for 4 or 5 years and I only just recently became GC a couple years ago, so before I was completely "trans lives matters!!" and I'm sure this has been weird of him too. Not to make excuses for him. But to be fair to him, me turning more radical was difficult esp. since I was the opposite when we met.

Ever since then, I've been trying to get him to open his eyes, but he's extremely lefty. Once a year, we have these heavy debates where I stress that trans women are encroaching on women's rights and being absolutely retarded. sometimes I can get him to agree with what I'm saying, but this particular argument was upsetting because I discovered just how many women and girls are being killed/raped/threatened and it just bummed me out that he's upholding the "well the statistics might make sense idk tho"

No. 949708

But they still have a job

No. 949709

>"oo i gotta respect all human beings"
Except women kek. He's not a pure hearted Nigel he just instinctively sympathizes with mtfs because they're also male. It's okay for men to be dumb but why does his dumbness only benefit males? If you're gonna be with a dumbass you at least deserve a nice himbo with enough empathy to say "I don't understand this stuff but if my female gf is upset about it she probably has a point.".

No. 949710

Are you me? My moid is also like this. He's very sweet and shit but also wants to be kind to everyone. So when I say my cool terf shit he listens but then he's like "…but maybe not all of them are bad!" cause he wants to believe there's good trannies out there. He was just raised to be a respectful person even with the crazies I guess.

No. 949711

You're a burger aren't you

No. 949712

Holy shit what’s up with your bfs liking trannies. Check their internet history lol

No. 949713

GIRL your man has no personality! He supports trannies even though he knows all the fucked up shit. His moral compass is already fucked. Good luck you’ll need it.

No. 949717

File: 1635220055918.jpg (69.24 KB, 750x750, db0a5c07e9eae3bd63a88214d8d27c…)

I made a plan to get money, everything was going nicely, but my mom told me that now we need more emergency money. So I'm back to nothing and my job won't pay me until 2 months. I won't be able to buy what I was planning. Good luck to the one who gets it first, I guess.

No. 949718

What was the emergency? Maybe I'm selfish, but unless it was a medical or housing emergency I probably wouldn't have let her borrow the money. Either way, I hope you make it back and you're able to buy what you wanted.

No. 949719

what did you want to buy?

No. 949728

My younger brother's schoolarship and books for the next year, because of the pandemic they are asking for more stuff and we need to see how to fulfill that first. I really care for him tbh, so it's not something I'm going to complain much about, but I'm still kind of upset. Thank you for you nice wishes tho, love you anon ♥

An Etsy plushie, pic unrelated, is not the Lemongrab yet, maybe

No. 949746

accidentally saw a tiktok on my fyp of my ex with another girl i feel so fucking sick im still not over him i think about him everyday

No. 949747

Anon if your ex is doing shit on tiktok with a new girl then maybe you dodged a bullet?

No. 949749

i feel like i'm going through some existential dread (i'm sorry i don't know how to describe it) because there's something wrong with my mind and thought patterns. i hate that i think about revenge against the guy who sexually abused me and the retards who supported him because of how 'misunderstood' he was. i would kill him if i could, but i feel like that's not me. anons i don't know what to do

No. 949750

I know a girl online that works at a suicide hotline. She keeps going into camrooms while she's at work and meant to be taking calls. She didn't stream audio but it still made me uncomfortable. She's now at this point getting drunk with people in the cam room when she's meant to be working. She's also telling people about the calls she's taking. She's at the point where she signed up for another account on the cam site so she can have one streaming at work 24/7 and one at home doing the same, meaning the office of the hotline is being streamed to randoms all the time. I don't think her colleagues even know she's doing this meaning they end up on cam too. One day she did one call then said she was "done for the day" and started doing shots on cam. How can you be done for the day at a hotline? I'm worried she was just ignoring calls.
I don't talk to her anymore but I feel like I need to make someone aware she's doing this? I know the area she lives in and I tried looking up hotlines around there but can't find them.
She's such a selfish fucking bitch. She's so desperate for male attention she'd rather skip a call that could be someone reaching out for help so she can look at ugly moids on cam.

No. 949751

Is there anyway you can report to the hotline?

No. 949754

she should be fired. does she use her personal laptop and phone during work, or are they issues to her by the organisation?

No. 949755

every few years I attract a guy who acts and treats me exactly the same as my boyfriend does and develop a small mutual crush. I don’t act on it and shut it down if they confess and have actually found one of them a nice gf, but I feel guilty

No. 949756

I feel like I should tone down on my man-hate irl. Some of my friends support me with it, they are too shy to man-hate with me, (but I dedicate my man-hate posts to them). I've made a few moids uncomfortable too, on my stories, receiving messages about "misandry". I just leave a long message explaining why it's not real and they don't reply back, it's kind of satisfying. I feel like I'm coming off too unhinged though.

No. 949759

i cant find where she works. I've been trying though
pretty sure she uses her phone.

No. 949760

>especially for blood work
wait what??

No. 949767

ideas of stuff I could sell on etsy?

No. 949770

What are your creative skills? What do you like to make?

No. 949771

Are you making anything? Crafts? Art? Jewelry? It’s about what you can do.

No. 949772

you’re extremely based, if people can share their shitty useless opinions and fear mongering on social media i don’t see why you can’t inform people about how terrible moids are. keep it up kek.
i would be right there with you but i don’t share any opinions on social media, i like to keep it really vague and neutral

No. 949782

My upstairs neighbor likes to chimp out from midnight to 4 in the morning. How do I destroy his life without making any noise? (I don't want to bother my roomates)

No. 949786

I'm just scared I'm coming off too strong kek I previously mentioned that I had anger issues and seeing men literally pissed me off on previous vent threads kek, it feels good to finally let off some steam. I just hope I don't come across as a female joker kek

No. 949787

File: 1635227883616.jpeg (474.12 KB, 973x1024, F9E5E45E-B478-46FA-9A5F-189795…)

If he doesn’t have security surrounding the apt do one of those papers with magazine cutout letters and freak him out. Tell him to shut the fuck up

No. 949790

Stating a fact that may not be to one's liking or giving valid criticism to another woman does not mean someone is jealous or envious. It's misogyny-lite just like calling a woman sticking up for herself a Karen is. Highly disappointed in women and girls who still use it thinking doing so is a valid argument.

No. 949792

I know how to make candles and soap bars, but it seems like the market is over saturated for those

No. 949793

I see no issue here.

No. 949809

File: 1635230852673.jpeg (255.66 KB, 1170x1379, 335A1A75-6704-454E-BE80-F30326…)

What the fuck? I’ve never talked about Doja Cat or drag queen Meg on lolcow ever. Anyone else had this problem using a VPN?

No. 949810

pretty sure i'm going to have pink eye soon

No. 949811

Omg anon it's just your IP. Just change whatever VPN you're using.

No. 949812

how is that racebait? isn't anon calling out racism?

No. 949813

Idk I never posted this so I’m not sure what it’s referring to

No. 949814

I did. I’m just wondering if someone from lolcow used the same vpn server on phone that I did lol

No. 949816

At the time that post was made no one even mentioned doja or meg and race wasn't mentioned at all up until that post. Basically that anon bought up race out of nowhere.

No. 949830

File: 1635232647181.jpeg (66.84 KB, 480x481, E1E73AE2-07D8-4FAF-8191-628616…)


No. 949838

I wish I wasnt broke, that looks so good

No. 949858

I’m tired of the bitch ass anon who calls others “homophobe chan” get a fucking life. Also, crybaby on aisle dumbass I just asked her a question so don’t cry to meta(derailing)

No. 949862

What ironic but sad is that “homophobe chan”‘s original point was proven by getting called that; gay men can be openly misogynistic and it’s accepted but you can’t talk about it. Imagine going to a thread titled “unpopular opinions” and going as far as accusing someone of posting cp because you don’t agree with their opinion. They really sided with and capped for men on a women’s imageboard.

No. 949864

Then we have the token lesbian taking what “homophobe Chan” said and interpreting it like gays are not so bad. There’s no need to mention you’re a lesbian lol

No. 949868

God you retards are really annoying. I was just saying that it's dumb that "homophobe-chan" (stupid) said gay men are worse. I didn't say "gays are not so bad."

I mentioned it because the other anon sperging said that lesbians should take note because they'd come for us next. That is also idiotic.

No. 949871

Why can you love someone but not feel in love anymore? it's happening to me. I think I'm seeing someone for who he is for the first time even if he has told me he changed

No. 949873

What’s the need to always be right? If anons think gay men are as misogynistic as straight men then so be it. She may have experienced gay men being rude to woman more than straight men around her. Fuck off with the retard sperg and go suck some pussy.

No. 949879

She said they're worse, not as bad. Which is retarded.

Maybe the other sperg had a point about you guys coming for lesbians, kek.

No. 949880

Nobody gives a fuck about her being a lesbian she pointed that out because she wanted to be an ally. You’ll die on this hill. I’m assuming you love drag race and being belittled by your gay bff?

No. 949886

I don't like drag you absolute fucking retard. As I literally already said, I mentioned being a lesbian only because homophobe chan anon said people would come for lesbians next, and I think that is moronic.

I was not mentioning it to be an ally to gay men but the actual fucking opposite, I was using it to say I'm gay and I don't give a fuck if you shit on gay moids for being moids.

No. 949888

She said they can be worse than straight men when it comes to open misogyny. Come on you can not be this retarded.

No. 949889

Retard? Your parents must love you

No. 949890

She’s coping hard for some reason. She may be an aiden? Go easy on little miss thang

No. 949891

And I still think that's moronic.

Are you mad at someone saying retard on an image board?

Holy shit kek you people seriously have zero reading comprehension. How many times do I have to say I only brought up being a lesbian to call the other anon using us as a shield to defend gay men an idiot. I'm not the one licking genderspecial asshole.

No. 949894

File: 1635237482931.png (266.7 KB, 498x498, you bitches are driving me cra…)

>arguing about gay men in three different threads
Oh my fucking god. Anyway, hope mods wakeup soon and delete the images. Usually it's quicker than this.

No. 949895

We get it and you keep repeating it till death do you apart. Goddamn that testosterone intake is giving you that man rage

No. 949897

Exit the browser then

No. 949898

You are truly retarded if you think I'm a tranny, kek.

No. 949901

Yes I believe you’re a tranny! I truly do!

No. 949913

Samefag, I forgot to add that this UTI is still kicking my ass. Even though I thought my body was healing itself, it went back to being bad. I should've just got drugs in the first place instead of being a retard. Oh well, I'll try to get something in the morning. Fuck the fact that UTI are meds prescription only. I need to buy d-mannose.

No. 949919

I actually am concede to say that homophobe chan anon saying that you guys are going to take it to lesbians actually did seem to have a point, kek, because I said nothing even remotely Aiden-like.

No. 949921

Retard lesbian doesn’t understand sarcasm? Butches shouldn’t have rights(bait)

No. 949922

>Maybe the other sperg had a point about you guys coming for lesbians, kek.
They absolutely are. First they start sperging about gay men because it's an easier pill to swallow for us who already hate scrotes, then they proceed to screeching about "Aidens" who can be passed as "men lite" with the help of hyperbolics, then butch lesbians who they also consider "as rapey and sexist as men", then GNC women, then lesbians in general. This is an ally you absolutely don't want to have and it's happened before.

Oh look, it's happening at record speed.

No. 949925

This is why you're called homophobe-chan.

No. 949926

> they
It’s one anon out of like five that’s doing that just to fuck with both of you because you keep falling for it

No. 949927

Who the fuck said it’s homophone anon. Ban me at this point because all of you are fucked

No. 949929

All of you are getting annoying but it is funny when anons don’t even know who they’re replying to lol pretty sure the op hOmOpHoBe ChAn has been fucked off for hours

No. 949931

no one cared about my vent question kek

No. 949932

File: 1635239571971.jpeg (445.45 KB, 1170x1453, FF76211D-524C-4A2F-969F-EB9B5B…)

I’m hotter than all of you aidens/lesbians/gays
fuck bitch anon and all the other gay spergs

No. 949944

It wasn’t relevant enough though

No. 949948

Whether it's just "one anon out of like five" or one anon samefagging is meaningless, the "actually faggots are just as bad if even worse than straight men" bait pops up at least once a week and it always invites choice spergs who want to push the envelope further crossing over from reasonable discussion of misogyny in the gay male community to "actually all homos are pedos and rapists, that includes lesbians" garbage. The topic never stays in its lane, I think any anon agrees that gay men can be bitter misogynists who often get away with it but there's more at stake here.

No. 949952

I’m the OP. I’m only replying to this once. That may pop up but I’ve never seen it (guess I’m not here enough) and what I posted was talking about gay men’s open overt misogyny; not that gay men are worst all around than straight men. My original comment came after a god awful weekend of having to hear a group of gay men say horrendous things non-stop about women that you’d only expect from straight men including wishing rape on a woman then using their sexuality as a shield when called out for it and getting away with it all. I’m not a troll, it wasn’t bait, and I sure as hell had absolutely nothing to do with the cp posted. Insinuating that only furthers the silence of women. This needs to end now or at least don’t drag me into it anymore when I have nothing to do with unhinged anons or pol baiters.

No. 949954

Nta but you're retarded nonna. They're baiting you specifically because you keep sperging, not becayse le slippery slope.

No. 949955

Sorry you had to endure that anon and sorry that idiots hijacked your comment. It’s a new low having anons blame the posting of cp on someone just because they don’t agree with them.

No. 949956

File: 1635242062513.png (84.35 KB, 1200x1555, 1200px-MaxStirner1.svg.png)

I have become increasingly more egoistical

No. 949957

Lol is this a dude?

No. 949959

File: 1635242209277.png (474.9 KB, 573x592, IMG_031.png)

I'm sorry but this fucking redtext is killing me. Of course the scrote posts like this
Really got some hanging ballsack bitchboys in here talking about nonita nonnatella nonna

No. 949961

I’m mixed
show yourself or not because you’re too scared by the looks of your hippo ass

No. 949962

Yeah there are some actually deranged posters here who think it's okay to wish rape on women, and that you're the problem if you dislike people who do that. They're happy about being mentally ill that way too
It's shitty that you ran into one of them. I think they're either extreme pick mes in denial or troons, either way they should fuck off

No. 949964

I would be happy if lolcow did shit down on December 31st. I wonder where the flock will fly to next.

No. 949968

Cope harder

No. 949973

File: 1635243776207.jpg (105.87 KB, 560x510, 1632400184014.jpg)

It won't, but you're free to leave anytime.

No. 949974

Lolcow is your life, that’s sad

No. 949977

I have LARPed as Elaine and as several other anons just to hurt them

No. 949979

I do as well and love it

No. 949981

4chan scrote

No. 949986

bump, beware gore

No. 949987

File: 1635245179961.jpg (157.3 KB, 900x1200, 猫野四季* on Twitter.jpg)

There's gore, be careful scrolling

No. 949991

There's gore, let's bump threads.

No. 950005

How is the gore gone that fast but the CP is still up? Wtf

No. 950007

Exactly wtf

No. 950008

No. 950009

They both disappeared at the same time for me

No. 950010

No I’m just the anon who larps as other anons

No. 950014

It only takes a few minutes for gore to be posted but that CP was on here for at least 4 hours. That’s not right. I don’t want to hear an anon defending mods

No. 950015

Deleted not posted *

No. 950026

I'm a fucking idiot, why do I always try to leave class early so I don't have to socialise and then beat myself up because I don't make any friends like this. I always tell myself 'I'm tired today, tomorrow I'll talk to people' excuses

No. 950030

It was one hour.

No. 950033

I have a test for an internship tomorrow and I need to bring an up to date identity card and I just discovered that mine expired three weeks ago. There is no way I can get a new card till tomorrow since I live in a bureaucratic hellhole. Why does this always happen to me I should just kill myself because If i don’t get this internship there is no way I will ever get a job in my field. I am worthless and I will never get a job anyways so I should just kms

No. 950034

Just hit the x button or get a website blocker if that "lolcow is your life" is just projecting. I know you can do it.


No. 950037

No, it was up for at least two

No. 950051

Aw hopefully they just won't notice it's expired and let you proceed normally.
I've been using an expired passport for way longer than I should and as it turns out 99% of people checking your passport won't pay enough attention to notice the expiry date. I've literally only been turned away once, and succesfully used it maybe 50 times. Good luck and try to stay calm! (Unless they have to actually scan your id, in which case you're probably fucked.)

No. 950054

I’m sick of my severe sleeping disorders. I hate averaging three hours of sleep; I feel like I’m dying. I hate the rls and violent thrashing my body wants to do for hours before I fall asleep. I’m done with people thinking I purposely don’t sleep by being up all night on my phone or all the other bs they tell me when I’m in a controlled environment every time I try to fall sleep. I hate it all.

No. 950075

The 2 liter I bought from the liquor store expired in april. I didn't even know diet coke could go bad. It tastes like… rot and sickly sweet bad. I want to go back and complain but that's my main liquor store and I don't want them to get pissy. I might call just to let them know to get rid of it all

No. 950082

Get pissy? Don't be such a baby, they're not going to be mad at you, they didn't make the damn soda. Go bring it back and they'll just give you a new one.

No. 950087

Call? You need to learn to stand up for yourself scaredy cat, start here. They'll just give you a new bottle.

No. 950091

they won’t be mad anon, don’t worry. if they do get pissy that’s their problem. you should be able to exchange the soda without any issues

No. 950102

Dump it and stop drinking soda

No. 950110

Thanks for the advice mommy I was going to drink it if it weren't for you

No. 950111

My birthday, I'm off visiting a friend in another country.

Got a call. Apparently my favourite chicken just got killed by a predator bird. She'd sit on my shoulder while I did things in their enclosure. Would constantly try to drink my coffee.

I hate feeling so damn powerless. Could I have done something to save her? Probably not. Not all birds are stupid. Likely new that no-one was really around. Could've happened any day, any time.

Still fuck this. And fuck sobriety for today.

No. 950112

I don't believe in people anymore. I think most people are fake, most people are opportunistic pieces of shit. This resentiment towards the human species has only been more deeply anchored by the internet and observing people on the internet. All famous content creators are manipulative liars. Everything is a lie when it comes to them, even physically they are fake. Distorted by hundreds of filters and picture manipulation. Everyone wants to monetize their suffering or monetize the suffering of others while they act almighty, it makes me sick to my stomach. It's just a product that they're selling while they pretend to be genuine. The internet is full of munchies with click bait titles like MY TOURETTES TICS and so on I don't believe any of these zoomer bitches. Being mentally ill is now a fad and part of a marketing technique. I go on YouTube and see videos with millions of views of men going to homeless girls prostituting themselves on the street, giving them 5 dollars and some empty useless advice and everyone is praising those people WOW YOU'RE SUCH AN ANGEL I BELIEVE IN HUMANITY NOW. BITCH THIS PERSON BASICALLY GAINED FAME AND FORTUNE BY FILMING PEOPLE IN DESPAIR. Why must we step on each other like this recklessly and if someone points it out they are the crazy one????? Does anyone not see how fucking wrong this is?

No. 950116

Based. I feel the exact same way. Everyone seems distorted and sick. It's like there are hardly any real people left anymore. The way people think and behave baffles and disgusts me. Sometimes I genuinely feel like I'm the only person in my real world life who is a sane, compassionate human being.

No. 950118

I agree, but most of the time you literally can't even get a job without lying or acting some degree of fake.

No. 950121

this makes me horribly depressed you know this is one of the reasons I want to off myself because I will always have to lie and if let's say I tried to make money off criticizing modern society and how others make money it would make me be a hypocrite, yet why shouldn't I? It's not like I will add to an issue, I will bring awareness towards it, good luck to me dealing with a hoarde of rabid zoomers attacking me for saying mental illness has turned into a fad while I've been dealing with mental illness my entire life

No. 950142

I'm so sick on this shitty town. It's the same shit everyday. Wakeup, eat, go to work, sleep, repeat. The only thing that makes me happy is my bf and we're in a LDR. I'm going to school, so I can't just leave and be with him like I want to. I feel trapped

No. 950145

I've faked my way through school, through college, through jobs. Even now my life is fucking fake. Be polite, be nice, care about people.

In reality I'm pretty sure I'm just traumatised and don't want people to be upset. All I want is move to the fucking forest and go batshit insane and feral for two weeks before I eventually starve to death. Or die of dyptherie.

No. 950146

Might sound callous, but ldr won't work. Scrotes will find a way to emotionally or physically cheat on you. They don't care.

No. 950153

true, he’s probably in ldr with multiple other people

No. 950160

I think the realization is coming that almost every single tiktok/youtube content creator is a soulless, disturbed liar.

I mean look at that shit that just happened with those two youtubers where the guy murdered the girl on their road trip - they were "dating" for a long time but when they actually had to spend a couple weeks around each other, often with no phones, they went so bananas that he fucking killed her for no apparent reason.

If you're going to date someone, you should test them by going and being in the park, alone, no phones, for a whole day. Not like far from anyone, just walk around a city park, maybe go to a restaurant or cafe or two. But no phones! See how they behave. It is always revealing, either that they're a balanced person who likes to do things with you, or if they get antsy and wig out and need phoneywoney, that they're a fake incomplete person.

No. 950165

You should read into it more, friends of Gabby warned police of her boyfriend’s temper and habit to argue her to death. She was 21 with very little real world experience.
Their engagement was on and off. She didn’t know how to escape the abuse, it really is that simple.

No. 950168

I know exactly how you feel anon, you could've written this post for me. But don't worry- it will start to get better soon.

More and more people are becoming more aware of this "fakes, liars and assholes get everything" problem, so soon things will start to change. People are sick of slimy assholes with good reputations cheating their way around people who spend their lives trying to work toward their dreams only to get left behind after putting in all the work.

Social media/phone addiction is a big bad issue that causes problems everywhere. Soon Silicon Valley should be facing more restrictions about what sort of pavlovian brainwasing techniques they can use to force your time and attention onto marketing bullshit instead of improving yourself or genuinely connecting with another person.

No. 950193

I feel like my heart is going to give out from stress and depression I can handle the suicidal thoughts but I want to die so I'm ok with it if my heart does pop but holy fucking shit I wish people would leave me alone I know I'm awkward ok I know I'm a fuck up. I tried to be a good person but end up being a fucking doormat. Example: I took the blame for alot of shit my siblings and cousins did now as adults they all have amnesia or something (they can recall times I took the fall for their shit but they will act like I was just a bad kid too so I would've been in trouble anyway). I got out an abusive relationship earlier this year and am trying to work and be better but I have no one my only friend has cancer so I no longer feel comfortable complaining about shit to her. Sometimes I get along with my family other times they act like I am retarded and a fuck up even though I am trying. If I'm not making them laugh or being helpful they don't wanna hear from me and at this point I don't care anymore I just want to die I'm so tired. Idk why so many people dislike me but most likely because I'm too nice and constantly trying to be goofy and make people happy makes them see you as weak. Sorry for the run on sentences. I am just very tired. Especially my sister. I am tired of her. She is ungrateful for anything I do I wouldn't care if she wasn't so rude and antagonistic when I'm not amusing her. I wish I had cancer instead of my best friend she has people who care and she is a better person than me I don't understand she shouldn't be sick None of this is fair I'm so confused and angry and tired

No. 950198

1) I hate having such an abundance of grey hair around my forehead/temples
2) hair dye lasts like 3 to 4 weeks on the greys NO MATTER WHAT
3) I am getting adults acne on my forehead, is it related to my stress caused by the grey hair or
4) is stress causing the grey hair
5) being alive is a vicious cycle

No. 950202

Samefag but literally if I try to include myself in a conversation with family they cut me off or tell me what I'm saying is stupid it's not even like I'm bitching or trauma dumping they just don't wanna hear my input unless it's entertaining I feel like a jester

Also when I was 9 I let my older cousin molest me after he said something about touching my sister (he had already molested me years before but that day he told me he wanted to touch my sister) so I let him molest me instead. I never told my sister and don't ever plan on it but she's randomly a huge bitch to me and it's tiring I sacrificed alot for her since we were kids I fed her clothed her gave her a phone took the blame for her shit had our cousin molest me instead of her. Idk she acts like she hates me but if I don't help her when she needs I'm the one with the problem. I do too much for people and I need to be selfish. I'm going to die alone anyways my mom always told me that as a kid she wasn't wrong I'm too fucking weird and retarded for companionship that's ok tho

No. 950206

i never complain about anything because nobody listens to me
kinda sucks though because nobody ever cares to ask me how i feel but whatever, i guess when i an hero everyone will have an opportunity to go “omg never saw it coming!!!! she was so happy!!!! loved her so much!!!”

No. 950209

I was supposed to start my new job yesterday but was then told by HR that they still have to process all my pre-employment shit, as if they haven't had weeks to do it! I already left my last job so am now sitting at home without any sort of income coming in. I'm so anxious that something is going to go wrong or it's going to take them longer to process everything.

No. 950215

How old are you? I'm only 31 and last time I trimmed my bangs I found around 10 white hairs and it's like, Aren't I too young? I don't want to dye for just 10 strands but it's probably not good to just pluck them out either.

No. 950218

>daily news articles about hiring managers struggling to find workers, flabbergasted by interview and new hire no-shows
>me, 10 years of work experience, finally afforded uni, got my degree this year with high gpa, great references
>apply to hundreds of jobs local and remote since graduation
>Entry level jobs with entry level salaries asking for someone with several years experience in that particular role, doubt.jpg, apply anyway because I fit all other requirement and tick preference boxes
>Get rejected for interview process because lacking experience in that role, despite the fact that it's a fucking ENTRY LEVEL ROLE
>Hiring managers still bitching about hur durr no one wants muh jobs, I can't believe!!
What a bunch of fucking retards. Who with 5+ years of experience in an entry level role is going to jump on an opportunity to be dropped back down to an entry level title with a pay cut?

No. 950219

I'll gladly swap. I straight up can't wait to go white. Let the world know how done I am with it on the outside too

No. 950223

i tripped very hard with my boyfriend few days ago and while i was peaking i kept telling him 'i don't want to be a woman i just want to be a real person' and i've felt like shit since then. he definitely had no idea what i was talking about either

No. 950242

Your brain kinda rewires itself temporarily during a trip. Wanting to be treated as an equal and not lesser because of your sex, and expressing that weirdly during a trip doesn't mean you genuinely want to hop aboard the tranny train. My partner likes to talk about particles while tripping as if he's cracked some kind of secret code, kek. My relative is a single dad, and during a rough trip he kept repeating that he didn't know how to be a father to his son anymore, and he felt really shitty about it for the next week or so. Yet everything went back to normal as it always does. Relative still a great dad, partner isn't a particle obsessed autist. You'll feel normal soon, no need to dwell on the things you said or thought while tripping.

No. 950247

Hey, have you tripped before? It’s a-ok to say gibberish while tripping. I once wondered off, found a shower and sat in to with my clothes on, saying “there goes my brain, down the drain, I’m insane “ looping for hours. (Ah, good times good times)

Give your brain time to recoup from the chemical imbalances that happen with tripping. Good rule of thumb, never trip more than 2 times a year.
I’ve seen friends do too much, and they never get back to their normals.

No. 950250

>there goes my brain, down the drain, I’m insane
sick lyrics

No. 950252

i’m going to start taking a self defense course meant for real-world situations, so no particular martial art but basically how to fight “dirty” as a woman to get away from an attacker

but having been violently raped and unable to win the fight or get away before, i’m really wondering if i’m just kidding myself. like if i’m caught off guard, or the person has a gun, or is plain stronger than me (which is inevitable)… i was attacked by a stranger in my own home for fuck’s sake, who am i kidding that i could prepare for that?

so i feel kind of morose about it. i need to chill since I haven’t even started yet. i know trying it is better than not trying at all, but in my heart i know i’m weak and i’ll never be stronger than a twisted fucking man who’s deadset on rape. even never leaving my house isn’t the solution to being safe… they’ll break in if they really want to. damn i didn’t realize i was this fucked up about it

No. 950270

I'm tired of my family giving me shit for not getting a driver's license. It started as a joke a few years ago because I don't drink, so they were excited about having a designated driver at hand all the time. I have gotten used to walking, public transport and bicycling to get around. I never ask friends or family for rides, and even if they offer to drive me somewhere I will decline because I know I can't return the favour. Not having a car has saved me a lot of money and I like living in places where it's easy to get around without one, but my family tells me that I'm selfish because I could have helped them out with a lot of stuff if I just had a license. I visited my mom today and she had to drive to my aunt to deliver a set of keys for her while I was there. She yet again made a snide comment about how I could have done this for her if I just had my license. I said I could gladly run over to my aunt with the keys if she wanted to stay home and relax, but the scoffed about how it's typical of me to waste time and how I must love living life inconveniently. It kind of hurt and I feel bad, but I also think it's ridiculous for them to be this bitter about something that has been completely my choice and has no consequence for them other than the fact that "it would have been handy if you could do us a favour sometimes".

No. 950271

Don't let your mindset defeat you. I'm a lot like you and part of my therapy was about training yourself to believe you can protect yourself, because unless you really do then you won't be able to. Just set the ides in your head that the next man who crosses you shall die, like your spirit guide is the goddess Artemis or something. Also don't feel skittish at the idea of actually badly hurting a man in self defense, because then you doubt your ability to protect yourself. Rapists and predators don't feel bad about hurting you, so don't give them that either.

No. 950278

This sounds like the result of a neglectful childhood surrounded by people who only see you as a resource or work horse. Really, your post feels all too familiar.

If you can, try to move somewhere else and stop talking to your family, they won't change if they haven't after all these years. There really are people out there that will treat you like a full human being with feelings and dreams, contrary to what parasitic and predatory people love to meme, not every place is the same and there are too many different kinds of people out there for you to be disliked or ignored by literally everyone.

No. 950292

I have the same thing, had a car for anout a year until I got in a retarded accident that was entirely my fault since I tend to zone out if I have to try to focus on something like driving. I decided that probably means I shouldnt drive (and no one was injured thank god but I would kms if my retardation hurt anyone).

I have a license but don't have a car & don't want one, family keeps trying to give me cars when they upgrade. They have kept this one old car around that they dont use because they want me to take it but I won't.

I think it bothers people because you're showing that a car is not a necessity, and that you're fine without it, while they be spending hundreds of dollars a month on the insurance alone, and hundreds more on the lease or loan most likely. And so it annoys them that you're showing it's a colossal waste of money for many people.

I use a giant size granny cart to get groceries & heavy things. I'll push it two miles there and back idgaf. or if it's too much for me I take an uber for like $15 which is only once a month or so, save so much money tbh.

No. 950296

Korean men are the worst. Even worse are overseas Korean men. If Korea is so safe for women, why are women so reluctant to use the washrooms/changing rooms? Why was the age of consent raised only last year? Why are pedophile/molka pornographers only getting three years of prison? When confronted with stats and news articles detailing sexual abuse/rape/ in regards to women, they cry that the media chooses to exaggerate such issues to sell papers. Fuck off, Korean scrotes. Be glad you never have to live as a woman in one of the most hypercapitalist, superficial, and patriarchal countries in the world.

No. 950302

File: 1635272390046.gif (713.1 KB, 640x342, spirited-away-ghibli.gif)

I hate it when someone uses "we" to refer to doing something ie. "We'll prepare couscous with dinner tonight," but what they actually mean is that they are volunteering YOU to fucking do the work or else they're not doing it.
>text fiance about dinner plans since I'm at work and he has off
>almost a futile attempt because he's so lazy and rarely thinks about dinner but idc
>get past his bullshit joke non-answers and knock away one real suggestion bc we don't have the ingredients for it
>tell him to look in the freezer
>tries to steal the tortellini for my work potluck that I've already told him about
>try again mf
>picks out two sausages
>he asks if we still have couscous
>reply yes and spoonfeed where the stock and seasonings are so he can cook it
>mention I'm on low carb so I will be preparing spinach as my side instead
>"Oh okay I'm just going to have chicken tenders then."
>"Are you really not frying the sausages anymore just because you'd have to cook your own couscous eyeroll emoji"
>no response, clearly expected me to cook and do everything
Jfc how useless.

No. 950307

Find you a man who makes you food. They are out there, trust me. I had a broken wrist for weeks, and my man cooked up a storm. He did not find an excuse to not cook.

No. 950312

this is so fucked of him, especially if you're working. Men aren't all this useless and lazy, but yours is.

No. 950318

Shouldn't have enabled him to see you as his replacement-mommy then, that expectation for you to cook his dinner without asking doesn't appear out of nowhere. Women need to stop being maids for their male partners.

No. 950321

>It's women's fault men are useless!

Nah, a reasonable man wouldn't take it for granted and would still want to be a responsible adult.
Do you think women enable serial killers from wearing short skirts and taking walks at night? I mean they're just begging a scrote to take the opportunity, right.

No. 950322

Why the fuck do you act like I'm stupid? You treat me like a joke. I can't even finish saying why something makes me unhappy before you cut me off and completely disregard it because I'm just being dramatic. Its not fair. I'm pretty and I'm not stupid and I deserve to be treated like you like me.

No. 950325

I didn't say it's exclusively women's fault, it's not. Your comparison is stupid, you can't tell a serial killer "don't kill me" you can tell your lazy ass bf "cook your own food, I'm not your mommy" and then simply don't do it.

No. 950328

i feel like an inherently manipulative person and I truly second guess everything I say because what if i'm just trying to manipulate them into feeling or thinking something that suits me? i feel trapped

No. 950329

File: 1635274174254.jpg (17.07 KB, 520x520, 332904f53cd846c45fcf0f2ce68227…)

Can't believe I was seriously asked to refer to Chris Chan as "she/her". I'm so fucking tired of this garbage.

No. 950333

File: 1635274413524.png (1.65 MB, 1200x1600, 6fa71ec20dd84c6c45833b9d10bddd…)

Everything changes, everyone leaves. I'd rather be friendless than pretend to be social. I'm tired and it shows.

No. 950341

File: 1635274830265.gif (8.26 MB, 498x494, B5AA5624-8904-49F3-ACEF-79748D…)

I was scrolling on social media yesterday and I came across a post of a man that was brutally beaten by the police and the photos were pretty gore-y, no signs of the body or anything but there was blood everywhere in each pic. The last picture showed a pool of sparkly blood and I swear I’m not an edgy teenager or a cannibal I swearg but I would be lying if I said his blood didn’t look so fucking delicious it looked like juice. What is happening to me?

No. 950342

My boss is such a fucking moron, I’m applying to other places but he’s really trying to run several companies with his head so far up is ass, he refuses to acknowledge that half of his staff are stealing from him.
That’s what you get for hiring meth heads, hate to break it to you.
why can’t I find good employees like you
Drug test and do background checks before you allow them access to large amounts of money you DUMB BITCH.
I hope this interview coming up works out because I am truly too intelligent to deal with this backwoods shit

No. 950345

No. 950348

It's natural. Women are much more prone to anemia, and as such, we should have the right to consume men's blood as we see fit for the purpose of equality.

No. 950351

I cannot wait to ghost my remaining family.

No. 950353

Uhhh you better not cook a single meal for him again until he learns how to make something for the both of you. This is absolutely something you can and SHOULD fix now especially before that "shitty useless fiance" turns into "shitty useless husband". Why the fuck do so many of you even entertain lazy as fuck moids. Basic shit like this shows up early in the dating stage.

No. 950354

You're enabling scrotes with blame shifting is what I'm saying.
An adult male is 100% responsible or not for his actions. If he takes advantage of his gf or wife it's not because she "enables" it, it's because he's a scumbag.

That logic is what scrotes tell themselves to make their abuses okay in their minds because they can cope that they weren't fully culpable.

No. 950355

Thanks for replying, anon! I'm sorry you had an accident, but I feel like your decision not to drive based on you tending to zone out makes you far more responsible as a potential driver than a lot of actual drivers out there. I don't think it makes you retarded at all, just self aware.

I might steal the granny cart trick.

No. 950357

I just had a 30 minute argument with him about it at work so don't you all worry. Clearly I deserve this treatment because I ""enabled"" him to be lazy somehow, even though he didn't act this way until recently and even kinder of you all that I'm too meek to do and say something about it.

No. 950359

NTA but shut the fuck up. People like you who can only judge with black or white are insufferable. Forcing a fucking argument against something that anon didn't even say.

No. 950360

Then don't reply to me picking a fight? I don't like it when a woman experiencing shitty behavior from an adult male is victim blamed. You can take your tard rage about it and blow it out your ass.

No. 950362

How the fuck do people not care about others more than themselves. I absolutely hate how much I worry about other peoples problems. A year ago I donated to the GFM of a mutual Im not close with who’s mom very suddenly died of cancer and they sent out an update last week saying they’re losing the house and filing for bankruptcy and don’t know where the family will live next.. and I can’t stop thinking about it. I have barely enough money in my account right now, once rent gets taken on the 1st I’ll be down to food money only as usual…and yet I feel crushed over someone else’s family to the point of if stressing me out. I got some gong in the mail yesterday and didn’t post it because I felt guilty thinking they might see it which is stupid because we’re not friends just mutuals, and why does me buying a 35$ Bag I wanted matter? But then I think if I was in that situation where I lost a parent and losing my house before winter, seeing mutuals buying nice things would be a reminder of how unfair the situation is.

I legit wish I cared about other people less. Being empathetic towards situations is good but im like.. the opposite of a narcissist and it negatively impacts my life, it’s just as unhealthy.

No. 950369

sick burn sister

No. 950373

I love drinking water but I hate having to pee. Fuck this gay earth

No. 950374

In no way did my post even insinuate that you either enabled him, nor referenced the time-frame in which he turned to shit- especially since you didn't include that info yourself. Actually two of the posts you linked are simply saying that men better than yours exist. It's good that you had a 30-minute argument with him about it, as I'm sure that will change him into a better man and make him cook tonight, too.

that all said, I hope you get home from work and he's pulled up his socks.

No. 950382

>already starts slacking before officially tying the knot
>took 30 minutes to get his wrongdoing through his thick head
Yeah good luck lol

No. 950405

I hate how anons on here are so country vs country on here. Like hating a whole country? One of the worst things about this website.

No. 950410

No. 950436

NTAYRT but literally how

No. 950452

I can't tell if I should slowly detach from my 2 besties of around 15 years. I've lived in different countries for around 5 years and we all talk daily over text, when I visit it's like nothing's changed.

But it's like, I've experienced a lot of growth in that time, and I've matured in plenty of ways and kind of feel like when I talk with them I'm given advice based on and treated as if I was the old me and nothing's changed. Like I used to have a very poorly controlled temper and abrasive attitude that I've reigned in big time because my employment depended on it. Someone acts shitty at work and my friends assume it's my fault somehow. Same with any health issues I have, probably my fault because I used to live irresponsibly etc. I mean at my core I'm the same but I guess I used to have a lot of bad coping mechanisms that I've more or less dealt with.

In a way I feel they're hindering my growth as a person, but in my early 30s cutting off such a long standing, close friendship with people who I can rely on, they'll drop everything to help last second (even though the advice isn't so helpful or up to date) sounds kind of insane, given how a lot of people struggle to make friends, I'd be no exception.

No. 950456

I think it's funny.

No. 950459

Anons here are either rude or wholesome, no real in between

No. 950464

I'm both

No. 950484

I got banned for two days for calling someone a Schizo.

No. 950485

File: 1635282813027.jpg (95.38 KB, 400x400, tumblr_80e455f47ea209810d47b09…)

I'm turning twenty-three next year, and I'm content with that, but two things are bothering me:

1.) The number of anons younger than ME who feel life is over at twenty-one. What the fuck. Please stop, it's stressing me out, and it doesn't even make sense.

2.) My wasted time. I found a post on Reddit where I asked about learning Japanese, one year ago. If I'd studied every day from that point to today, I'd probably be well on my way to learning the language. Same with art, math, my other hobbies, etc.

Why can't God just give me the ability to follow a personal schedule/have some work ethic, I don't even need to be rich or pretty, just these things.

No. 950497

Mods should just warn anons sometimes instead of slamming the ban hammer. I got banned for 2 weeks because I was ‘advertising’ some website, even though I was just asking a question

No. 950502

I’ve said worse on here and even went sperg mode (forgive me). But it’s just ridiculous how choose and pick they are.

No. 950503

was it the weird furry fetish checklist thing?

No. 950529

same except I'm 27

No. 950530

yes the mods are the same level as Reddit mods

No. 950536

kek I reported you but I was really high and thought it was something else. when I happened upon it later I laughed my ass off because it wasn't what I thought it was at all. apparently it made me feel assaulted and the mod agreed

No. 950542

>kek I reported you but I was really high
Bans in a nutshell

No. 950544

What thread?

No. 950549

Half of lolcow is triggered and half would post gore

No. 950558

>Half of lolcow is triggered and half would post gore
So it's just me and Elaine, got it

No. 950561

Who is elaine? I don’t feel like going on the flakes thread

No. 950575

They're so fucking inconsistent too ugh.

No. 950578

flakes "thread"? Anyway she's pinned in /snow/ so clearly you don't even go on the main boards. god I wish all users who only use the offtopic boards would just gtfo already.

No. 950579

Lol I’ve used the snow board. Most cows aren’t even interesting and anons are nitpicking and dissecting their every move. The only thread I catch up on now is the h3 Trisha thread.

No. 950586

Ayart. No, it was a female-orientated Japanese site that I don’t want to mention because I don’t want to get banned again

No. 950587

I hate when anons on lolcow call you a jealous bitch because you disagree with their tastes. Is it ingrained in their brain to go “woman jealous of other woman because she no like me.”

No. 950589

Anons who use /ot/, /g/ and /m/>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anons who spend hours analyzing random camwhores’ cellulite and asshole coloration

No. 950590

Truth. Also, I really didn't realize there were anons who hate the OT boards until all those people were advocating for /ot/ to be shut down in /meta/ a while back. What is there to hate about us.

No. 950593

Actually, I can’t believe there’s over 100 Momokun threads. How many times can anons willingly see her naked and comment on every Instagram story. I’d be bitter as hell too if I had to make myself see an ethots nudes every hour.

No. 950596

How did you find lolcow?

No. 950598

NTA but I found lolcow because of the momokun sexual assault and ADHD era. It was interesting at first but shit gets tiring when I don’t care about these people. The mickey thread in w is interesting though.

No. 950611

please stop coming into my fucking room when I’m asleep to talk loudly on the phone, turn all the lights on, use my toilet with the door open, and do your makeup for 3 hours I beg of you

No. 950613

are you living with a sim

No. 950615

i’m starting to believe so

No. 950616

File: 1635292324868.png (1.03 MB, 1300x957, imagen_2021-10-26_185209.png)

You can't tell me what to do!!

No. 950617

File: 1635292343405.jpg (15.35 KB, 533x534, ee8c7ca435b6ad08ba64a0fa9ca7ba…)

Please tell me how to get over someone who's already taken but you developed feelings for them before you found out about it. This person is my coworker and this saturday it's basically just me and them at work, I don't know how I'm supposed to survive 8 hours with them alone with no other people around, my mind will go crazy. Every time I see that person I think about the life we could have together. Sometimes I even want to confess my feelings, like that would make it easier to let go, but I don't want that person to think bad of me

No. 950619

Get a husbando

No. 950622

Sounds like my mum when me and my siblings were watching tv and of all the rooms she could have gone to have a phone call, she comes to the living room and turns off the tv whilst we are all watching tom and jerry.

No. 950623

I'm sorry that legit sucks but it made me laugh looool nta

No. 950625

Crushes are biological shit because shit clicked in your brain so if you can stop looking at this person on a pedestal you can do anything. Remember this person is just another stinky stupid human being and that this feeling will pass. You can control your brain somehow.

No. 950634

does a thread exist that documents the whole fiction vs. reality, proship vs. anti, etc. debate that's ongoing in modern fandom? i find the shitflinging entertaining

No. 950640

I already told you I'm not interested, and months later you're back at trying to contact me. God, get over yourself. I don't like interacting with peple, especially when said people are old farts. You're making it uncomfortable for both of us.

No. 950641

File: 1635293672250.gif (317.26 KB, 283x320, 7100111.gif)

I'm kind of looking forward to my eventual future working some blue collar job for which I have no passion or real talent. I'll only have my hobbies to keep me alive and that's genuinely enough for me. Godspeed.

No. 950645

>god I wish all users who only use the offtopic boards would just gtfo already.
starting with yourself. why do "MUH GISSIP SITE" bitches spend so much time on /ot/ if they love the other boards so much

No. 950648

Been on this website since BabyDash drama started and imo, when COVID hit all of the cows lost their milk or they are just too boring to care about.

No. 950649

i really can't stand people touching their SOs without permission by passing it off as playful. as in i'm tickling you even if you said stop, or is it annoying when i do this (while picking at/pinching/tugging)? i see all kinds of shit in dramas and movies but that 'triggers' me. i hope someone gets it

No. 950665

File: 1635296075073.jpeg (11.29 KB, 118x118, cry.jpeg)

At a new college and this bitch I made friends with keeps ranting about how she likes this guy in our group, (bare in my mind we are like 2 months in) like it isn't fucking painfully obvious to everyone. She's now hanging out with him alone and shit, like I've tried to deter her so many times. No one in our group wants friendcest to happen & I'm so scared she's gonna fuck it up for everyone since I'm a tard and find it hard enough already to make friends. He's a nice dude and decently attractive so I get it but like bitch save it for another fucking time oh my god. I know this is like THE most vapid shit there is but it literally makes me feel sick, these people are already annoying and painfully normie as it is, I don't want to suffer even more. Even writing this I feel like I'm gonna get bad karma or something and get fucked

No. 950669

go back to twitter

No. 950674

I don’t really see what the big deal is? Let your friend have fun geez

No. 950676

Pre pandemic I got denied for two loans so I can fix up my house (inherited from family that took NO CARE OF IT) and I thought it was for the best because I lost my job and wouldn't have been able to make payments, but now I'm working again and waiting for a new one to process and I am so tired of the hoops to jump through. It literally puts me to tears how much the process wrings me out and if after all of this I get a No I feel like my hair will start falling out.
Everything else in life is fine but this house desperately needs revamping.

No. 950677

She’s annoying and prettier than me and I hate it. Wish he was into me.

No. 950678

Sucks to be you kek

No. 950684

Nta, but at this point you guys use "go back to x" for literally everything, even if it makes absolutely no sense to what you're replying to. There's nothing about that post that says twitterfag

No. 950686

She's a total manipulator & pick me, 100% one of those girls who'll ruin everyone else time just so she can have her 5 min cake. I don't want to have ruined "friendships" all bc some bitch doesn't know if she wants to commit or not, I've had it happen so many times before I just want a break its so tiering

No. 950688

never used twitter and you're still dodging the question. leave /ot/ if you hate it so much

No. 950691

You seem so bitter and miserable

No. 950692

You seem like a big bitch. Don’t hang out with her if you hate her so much. Bitches like you make me sperg

No. 950694

I hope your friends ditch you and see how much of a bitch you area

No. 950697


instead of being a two faced shithead, don't hang out with her then? christ

No. 950698

>wish he was into me.

No. 950701

sorry to interrupt but the hamster is so cute, where is it from?

No. 950706

This kid said they're in college what do you expect? They'll eventually learn.

No. 950711

File: 1635298972237.png (450.73 KB, 698x458, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 9.42…)

I hate myself for biting my nails still!! I was doing pretty well last year not biting my nails and now this year has been a disaster and I just want to stop, I hate when my nails look ugly and hurt but its so tough to stop

No. 950713

I accidentally started some drama at work and I'm kinda freaking out about it. I'm friends with two of my co-workers and one of them is our manager. Sometimes the three of us gossip about another co-worker we don't like (a cringey very incel-like edgelord dude). Today I saw he made a dumb post about work on facebook, so I decided to share it with my friend-coworkers because I thought we'd all roll our eyes and get a laugh out of it.

Nope. Turns out the post pissed the manager off to the point that she started confronting him in the group chat and turned it into this whole big argument. I tried to deescalate it but it's too late and now things have gone too far. We all have to go into work in the morning and I have no idea what's going to happen, there's definitely going to be consequences and people are probably going to get in a lot of trouble.

Or it could blow over and be nothing. Idk. I just wanted to have a laugh cause I'm a gossipy bitch, not potentially get people fired.

No. 950715

Befriending the manager wasn’t a smart choice. Also, don’t add coworkers from social media.

No. 950717

Sounds like you work retail

No. 950719

I've been trying really hard to integrate into a new group of artists and I do my best to reply to people. I rarely post any of my own art but when I do I'm usually ignored. It's not like I comment on other people's stuff just to get comments in return but I can't pretend it doesn't hurt. Why must I be such a sensitive bitch

No. 950724

sounds like manager was looking for a reason to get rid of him and isn't going to listen to anything that's getting in the way of getting him OUT

No. 950727

File: 1635300139141.jpeg (99.8 KB, 750x696, ADD4DE31-4FFE-4F60-B3DF-4B0D52…)

i can’t stop having romantic daydreams what is going on with me? i’ve never really dated anyone in my life and lately my mind has been drifting off into the most detailed romantic scenes that play in my head and i can’t help it anymore because i genuinely really want love but i want to continue to shield people off. don’t get me wrong there is nothing that I could even offer to a partner but there are some strange feelings boiling inside of me and part of that is because i’m extremely sexually repressed and the orgasms lately have been sort of amazing

No. 950730

Just ditched a haunted house event even though there was a really hot guy with me. I didn’t really want to go in the first place because it sounded boring, but then while in a line a group of 15 or so girls got behind us. They were screaming like retards for no fucking reason, no one else in the line was talking loudly.

Despite being a zoomer I felt way too old to be there so I cut my losses

No. 950734

That sounds horrible. I hate when people are too loud because they think it makes them look like they have a personality. One time at the airport there was a group of 5 girls and 2 guys and they were screaming the whole time. We weren’t at an amusement park but a fucking airport. I was irritated and said aloud to my bf that they were annoying.

No. 950743

I wish every day that my mom had aborted me. I don't think it would have made a difference if I had never made it into the world because I have nothing to offer anyway.

No. 950748

It was the last straw, kek. They were right, the line was long and every woman in line was thotted up like we were going to a club. Passed by 3 of them straight up wearing just a bra despite it being chilly

No. 950796

Can’t tell if my period is approaching or what but I’m super fucking irritable right now. Actually, since I got my iud I rarely get pms symptoms or have my mood swing so I really don’t know what the fuck it is but everything is setting me off so easily right now.

To add to it, I’ve been talking to a male friend from college recently and we just chat everyday about whatever but recently I feel like he’s been bordering flirty territory with me even though he knows I’m a lesbian and he has a girlfriend (who he’s been on a month long break with). I don’t know if I’m just too full of myself or reading into it but it makes me uncomfortable and then his stupid ass whiny messages just piss me off even more, I’m about to ghost this bitch. I don’t give a fuck if we’re in the same friend circle.

No. 950807

Even if I get everything I could possibly want, I know I will still not be happy. I wish I would've died in the accident every single day. It's such a fucking bother to live.

No. 950817

wasnt sure where to put this cause its a pretty rage inducing story for me but also has a happy ending and i have a lot of things that i need to just rant about to anonymous people online

december of last year i was lonely as shit, first sem of college, no friends, covid, etc. aimlessly walking around campus one day and see a sticker that says "download bumble" and i go what the hell, ill try out the friend side of it. so i match with one dude and we talk a bit. go home for christmas break and expect well stop talking within a few days but we end up getting along super well and plan to meet once i get back. he has a wife whos a total vulnerable narcissist i mean TEXTBOOK: everything is always about her, shes always the victim, everyone is out to get her, yeah she punched you but 5 months ago you said something she didnt like, etc. one time i picked up a fry off her plate and she SCREECHED at the top of her lungs and sat in the kitchen crying for 30 minutes while husband tried to console her. anyway, shes gaslit her into thinking hes asexual because he doesnt want to have sex with her (because she has stank coochie from showering once a week) and shes hypersexual so she basically coerces him into trying out poly. brings her ex into the picture to fuck in their shared bed and my friend is pretty much ready to nope out. starts hanging out with me whenever hes off work, getting smashed together, watching cartoons, complaining about his wife, etc. realize were falling in love and have been for a while (known him 7-8 months at this point) and that he needs to gtfo. so cue the last 3 months of her basically trying to ruin our lives and make us miserable because im finally helping him get back his self worth after years of emotional abuse and she doesnt have a slave anymore to do everything for her (he cooked all her food, only one who went to work, dealt with her daily emotional breakdowns, drove her everywhere, etc etc etc) and is now stuck with her crackhead ex instead. meanwhile him and i are incredibly happy together having adult conversations and going hiking and hanging out with his old friends he wasnt "allowed" to see when he was with her. his parents and friends love me and all agree i am a huge upgrade. he finally told her today he doesnt want contact with her anymore and i am super proud

theres so many juicy details to this story and i left out a lot of occurrences to keep from writing a novel but i gotta send it out into the void thanks nonas for letting me do so

No. 950822

>(he cooked all her food, only one who went to work, dealt with her daily emotional breakdowns, drove her everywhere, etc etc etc)
how do i get a man like this

No. 950823

You don’t think he’s gonna cheat on your ass like he did her? It’s a cycle. Enablers are worse kind of people and he clearly was an enabler.

No. 950824

Are they even divorced yet

No. 950829

So here's my vent/confession:

I'm in a committed relationship, but I really want to spend a day this weekend at my friend's house because a guy who's been crushing on me is house sitting for them.
He's charismatic, charming, and ambitious. I really like him. He's been massively flirting with me for the past few parties I've attended and I've shamelessly enjoyed the attention. We've been texting on and off, and tonight he brought up how alone he'd be housesitting. I reminded him how they have cameras everywhere and he best not get into shenanigans. After that he playfully brought up if I'd be interested in coming over to play on their consoles. Tbf these friends do have massive and expansive gaming collections hence the housesitting so it's not all bullshit.

But I'm not stupid and I know scrote tactics. Yet I like his flirting and I like his attention. I don't have the most enamored relationship with my partner, and I know because his partner trooned out, he's probably in the same boat too. I think I've heard they have an 'open' relationship but regardless that's not the status of mine. I feel like we're two insecure people vibing off each other's attentions and that itself isn't a crime, right? Idk. I don't think I'm capable of escalating to cheating but I feel so dumb for wanting this attention and it being important enough for me to want it. Why, just why, brain.

No. 950834

Never start with “I’m in a committed relationship.” Dump your bf and get with your friend. You’re fawning over him clearly. You said you like the attention. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?

No. 950843

>How would you feel if the roles were reversed?
Society would tell me I'm being controlling and jealous. That men are allowed to look but not touch. Boys will be boys. That if he does cheat it's probably because the woman came onto him.
I guess if I found out he saw someone in that way I'd personally freak out at myself and wonder what it was that I was lacking to make him want to seek attention elsewhere.

Deep down I don't want to risk spiraling my relationship and ergo my house and all the securities I've built in this partnership for our survival all over one night. I don't think this is a "dump him" situation, I recognize that I'm being petty. I irrationally want the attention just because it fancies me and things are tough. It's a vent, anon.

No. 950846

I know it’s a vent and I replied because I wanted to. Might as well be a cam whore if you like attention so much.

No. 950849

Ok? Because wanting attention=wanting to take my clothes off to any stranger for money.
Sorry you were cheated on, but you're being a bitch for no reason tbh.

No. 950850

This sounds exactly like the woe is me story my dad told his new young wife that he cheated on my mother with. "Oh she's a total psycho, she stank, I work all day and come home to this madness" etc. Leaving out of course the fact that her irrational behavior was caused by depression from drinking herself to death because he was a scumbag who had been cheating on her for decades and gaslighting her into staying with him and threatening to fight for full custody of the kids (us) just to spite her since he neglected us. This poor retarded woman thought she was saving a sweet abuwused husband too and guess what, he cheats on her too, and now she's in the same boat with a gaggle of screaming kids and an uncaring gaslighting husband. You have to be a real moron to get with a married man and think you're going to have a happy ending kek.

No. 950851

I’ve never been cheated on. I just made that comment because you kept saying you liked the attention. Sorry that I wasn’t like “yesss queeeen get that cock!”

No. 950852

These girls are acting bold tonight lol

No. 950853

Nobody asked you to encourage the post. You're just making yourself seem unhinged.

No. 950855

Stop being offended because I made a comment. If it’s not true than disregard it. I’m sure we are gonna have fun because y’all fight but most likely engage with the same anon in another post or thread.

No. 950856

You sound miserable.(infighting)

No. 950857

Men these days are fucking sissies. Where did the real men go?

No. 950858

How lol have a good night girl, see u soon

No. 950860

Make sure you see the divorce papers and he makes a real move to marry you anon, otherwise you're just the welcomed rebound.

No. 950866

Your manager doesn't sound like she knows how to lead. Gossiping itself is already pretty risky at her level. Just think about her style of approaching things–if you ever had a problem with her or if she ever caught you saying something she didn't like on your social media that upset her, would you appreciate being publicly lambasted on a company group chat?
They're supposed to either go through HR or talk about the issue one on one with said person, it was no one else's business. It doesn't bode anon. I can see her as easily going off on you one day. Leadership that can't handle their emotions are bad news.

No. 950877

don't scroll gore below

No. 950880

It's funny how the low quality bait and shitposts seem to coincide with the incidence of gore posts and other shock value.
Reeks of a mentally ill scrote who thinks he's an ebbin troll.

No. 950884

>he cooked all her food, only one who went to work, dealt with her daily emotional breakdowns, drove her everywhere, etc etc etc)
Ok, but is he going to go above and beyond for you, or are you just the side cuck?

No. 950888

So we have the loudest thot ever in our discord server, but because of fakey positivity no one can call her out even though she's also the most passive aggressive creature there is.
So all night she was moaning loudly trying to get the attention of the most popular guy in the server. No reaction from the dude, he's just focused on the animation he's working on. I got a lil smile on my face when after like an hour of this people told her to stfu. Sadly she's still screeching

No. 950904

>No reaction from the dude, he's just focused on the animation he's working on.
KEK thats so fucking funny. Post caps.

No. 950906

sadly it's all voice chat. But she follows (and stalks) him everywhere. Like the moment he's on discord she follows him from chat to chat. Girl even told her friends, family and parents that she's dating this guy.
The level of thotty-ness is out of control

No. 950908

What the fuck. Does he know this?

No. 950909

He does. But being popular he has to behave himself. Now he convinced himself that "haha it's all a joke! She knows we're just friends. I rejected her like 100 times already." And he's worried about causing a stink because she has and will break down, leave the server and he will look like an asshole for telling her to calm down and fuck off

No. 950910

He needs a backbone kek

No. 950911

Who the fuck is this girl even? He can't block her and move on?

No. 950916

He says she's cool sometimes but the whole server likes her. And this is a huge server too. If it was up to him yeah he would.
Gosh I'm tempted to say who it is but it would be a dick move

No. 950919

>cool sometimes
yeah stalking and telling everyone she knows they’re dating when they’re not is cool. I can’t really feel bad for this guy

No. 950920

Just say it so we know who this weirdo stalker is

No. 950923

Honestly it is annoying to watch because no matter how popular you are, you can always tell people to fuck off if they make you THAT unhappy. To keep the peace? But then be miserable to yourself and in front of your friends?

Honestly just venting. But the guy who wont grow a backbone is Telepurte

No. 950926

>looks up telepurte
>sees badly animated coomershit
Not surprised this dude has 0 backbone and attentionwhoring pickme stalkers that moan in chat. Disgusting.

No. 950929

I really like K-pop. I’m an old fan. It’s been over 10+ years and it’s still interesting to me. I love boy groups and some girl groups. Big Bang TVXQ shinee suju 2ne1 snsd all that shit was fire back in high school. It still is. It’s embarrassing to admit this to anybody but I think as I approach 30, I feel more like….relieved I guess? I’ve always been a casual fan in the sense of I’ve bought albums from groups I like and I have a couple of light sticks that I have displayed but the things I see nowadays I just can’t really comprehend. Sorry bts never got into you guys but the swarms of 12 year olds on the internet will make up for my absence. It’s all too crazy and I can’t keep up with the new generations.

Idk where I’m going with this but I listen to K-pop for the nostalgia and how it hypes me up during workouts and even though I don’t tell anybody about this irl it’s kind of nice to tell strangers on the internet. I’m too old for this shit I should just enjoy the things I enjoy

No. 950932

>a casual fan in the sense of I’ve bought albums from groups I like and I have a couple of light sticks that I have displayed
thats not a casual fan

No. 950936

I don't think a casual fan buys merch but you do you lol

No. 950937

Having 3 light sticks in a decade isn’t that bad right?…..pls no bully

No. 950939

I don't think so. I've met rabid k pop fans before. There are levels.

If listening to it pumps up your work outs I say go for it. I listen to disney remixes during my jogs. You're never too old to enjoy shit

No. 950940

i didn’t even know what a light stick was until now, i had to look it up

No. 950942

File: 1635319742480.jpg (527.05 KB, 1152x2048, FBDBNXrVQAIa-xM.jpg)

was scrollin thru the personal account of an artist i like and wondering how did her life seem so comfy and reasonable until i realized she was in sweeden and not the united states like me
anyway i wish i wasn't retarded and scared of driving so i could make more regular trips to the supermarket and like, cook healthy meals like this. it looks so good

No. 950944

Can't you just buy the healthy stuff once a week and put it in the freezer? Don't Americans generally have giant refridgerators and freezers in their homes or is that a myth lol

No. 950945

not “giant” lol but bigger than the teeny ones europeans have

No. 950949

our freezer has no space. i live with my dad and he's loathe to toss anything out, even the freezer burned chicken that neither of us will eat.
also we don't have a deep freezer. sucks but compromises must be made

No. 950951

That soup looks so good besides the mushrooms, and I hope that's sweet tea. I wonder what's inside the sandwich?
I guess it's true. My family has a deep freezer and a fridge. The refrigerator freezer is for all the smaller items, and the big freezer is for bigger packages and things that were meant to be stored for a long time.

No. 950952

What's a deep freezer? Like a box-style freezer instead of an upright standing one?

No. 950954

Samefag, but I actually don't know how big European fridges are, so idk if American fridges are considered big.

No. 950956

My aunt and uncle have a fridge that's an "American-style frigde" it's a beast of a thing that has two doors instead of one and it provides you with icecubes and iced water on demand (like instead of manually freezing icecubes). Is that the American standard or just clever marketing here?

No. 950957

nooo that’s not standard, only wealthy people have the fridges that make ice and water

No. 950958

File: 1635321612064.jpeg (7.53 KB, 600x600, DFE2F444-8828-485D-8166-300AAF…)

This is a standard American fridge, it’s about 1.6 meters tall.

No. 950961

File: 1635321814862.png (34.32 KB, 455x550, fridge.PNG)

Yes a lot of fridges here have two doors, but there's also a lot that are smaller and have the freezer compartment stacked on top of the fridge, like picrel. And yes I think the ice cubes are common.
>only wealthy people have the fridges that make ice
Not true anon lol

No. 950963

by wealthy i mean “not poor”
if your family owns a house you’re not poor
the average apartment dwelling, working class american does not have a fridge that makes water and ice cubes
the freezer might make ice cubes but they dont come out the door

No. 950972

File: 1635324717981.png (102.68 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-10-27_035206.png)

Please I need help / advice
My mom quit her teaching job and I don't want to be cruel as she is 50-something and has scoliosis and chronic pain but she just doesn't want to teach because going up and down a 3 store high building is debilitating for her and honestly when she gets like this is very annoying but I can't help to think she's being a bit lazy. Anyways she wants to make them quick bucks and she got in her head the idea of streaming on facebook. Yes my mom wants to be a streaming sensation on facebook, she wants to talk about the same stuff she has teached but let me tell you something: she gets offended easily, she keeps going offtrack when she teaches, she keeps mixing it other stuff into her class like "why men suck" and yes men suck but when I hear it from my mom I cringe. I just dont have the heart to tell her this is fucking cringe. She told me to make her a logo and help her make a facebook because she's digitally illiterate and I just dont have the heart and to not do it. All I'M TRYING to say is I'm scared of my mom becoming a fucking cow but our fridge is empty, she is bad at managing finances, and she needs those quick bucks. What do. I'm fucking tired of her complaining all the fucking time.

No. 950974

warn her and say you don't know how to help her if she pushes you to help her. It's really sad though because she has to resort to this due to lack of finances. Our world is a sick place.

No. 950978

How about telling her that the streaming market is oversaturated and there's no way to make money off of it as a newbie in 2021? That way you put the fault outside both of you and it'll be easier for you to tell her and easier for her to take it.

No. 950980

Samefag but like she's never going to make a quick buck streaming so you may as well get her off the idea and push her towards something that actually makes money. Can't she apply for government money considering her condition?

No. 950981

File: 1635325981252.png (1.69 MB, 1600x1200, imagen_2021-10-27_041248.png)

I can go deeper into the missery hole if you want
I'll tell you about my current life
>Dad dies 6 years ago
>My mom's life had been all about my dad for like a decade because he was sick (kidney failure, daily dialisis) and she had to be the one who basically became a personal nurse to him
>Now what
>She has no job, she had to quit to help my dad in his final months
>Ok teach at a very shitty school
>Small pay but she also gets some money from the goverment
>Coronavirus hits
>She works from home and teaches zoom class now
>Schools start opening again
>New building school is gonna relocate at is far away and we have no car (no money to repair the one we have)
>She can't walk it, she can't spend it on cabs, the building is too much for her chronic pain anyways
>Too old to get another job
>We have no food in our fridge. Pic related is from google but pretty much this (I dont wanna dox my fridge sorry)
>She has no money. I have no money. My older brother who still lives with us rather buy alcohol than food.
>My mom wants to resort to streaming
>I'm fucking scared
Dunno what else to say.

No. 950984

Maybe you could help her spread the world about how some people's lives literally crash and nobody helps? I don't know if that's too nihilistic and unfortunately sharing private information about her life or complaining might get her to be harassed, yet it wouldn't be inherently bad nor cringe. I've observed that on the internet in order to.make money or be an internet figure you have to be as exploitative of your audience as possible and if you're someone that's genuine you're not gonna have a good time. I'm sorry you don't have money. Our physical and mental well-being is strictly impacted by our finances, it's also sad that even though she probably has some skills she cannot get a good job or any job at all. The internet is full of talentless hacks who's only talent is manipulation, meanwhile genuine and skilled people struggle with poverty or having an absolutely shit job. I hate this world. Can you try getting a job?

No. 950985

I'm actually in the middle of job searching. I graduated quite recently and when I was in school I just couldn't manage both things at the same time. I resorted to selling candy and brownies at school back then (they let us do this), but when coronavirus hit I also took a toll. I had a bakery job not so long ago but again, place was far away. Going there defeated the purpose of saving up money if I spent it all in public transport.

No. 950987

Well, it's good you might get a job at least. Is the government money she gets very little? Even if she streams you know it's not the end of the world because 1. She won't become popular most likely so it's like she has never done it.
2. If she gets popular at least she will make money which is good and if she will make money that means she would have found a niche of people that like her

No. 950992

File: 1635331178755.jpeg (63.59 KB, 640x640, 052766BB-7F1A-4343-B28A-B708DF…)

I woke up in the middle of the night after having dreamt of Yaniv and couldn’t go back to sleep after such an awful nightmare.
In my dream he was living in the same town as me for some reason and we were to my dismay acquaintances and he ran up to me and started ranting about how a 4-year old had sexually harassed him by pulling on the edge of his dress (he was wearing a latex babydoll-ish dress with a bolero over it) and I kept seething in silence despite wanting to tell him he’s a worthless waste of space that should get over himself but I couldn’t because we were going to the same party and I didn’t want to cause a stir so I just shut up.
Just thinking of this dream makes me uncomfortable.

No. 950994

File: 1635331402754.jpg (125.55 KB, 1242x1199, aaaa.pnga.jpg)

my partner is spergy and needy and
I am an antisocial intorvert.
her neediness is beginning to grate on me and also her autistic tendencies .
she denies being autistic but she is so deficient sometimes when it comes to communicating.
I get so frustrated always having to make every decision in this reltionship, from dinner, to what we are doing etc.
when I get home from work I just want time to go to the gym or go on my computer or just dissociate with my thoughts but she sits there passively like she's unable to do anything on her own if I am home.

I also was in this kind of scary situation last week at the gym, a scrote was trying to sexually harrass me and intimdiate me after hours while no staff were there. He was making lewd gestures and leering and following me around the gym. I tried to ignore but left rattled. She was totally dismissive or just her default aspie self.

Anyway I ordered a self defence knife that night. It arrived today and of course she was in my business when it arrived and was all like… acting like I was some scary unhinged knife enthusiast. She was minimizing my fear of moids, like a typical scrote defender. Anyway I don't keep the knife in the house, it's under my car seat cos I guess you never know.

Maybe I'm just too weird for even the weirdest people to be in a relationship with.

I want to be alone in an inner city apartment, working free lance or not at all. Going to the gym and hating moids in peace.

No. 950998

Has she considered private tutoring? If she's fully qualified and approved as a teacher she could advertise her services locally. Parents often look for extra help with school for their children if they have dyslexia or dyscalculia. The teacher usually visits the child's home with the parents present.

No. 951010

Why not break up with her? I get wanting your own space/alone time, but you seem like you don't like her at all (or even want to be in a relationship) considering how you describe her throughout this post

No. 951012

How old is he?

No. 951015

I probably should nonnie, but guilt?
It would break her heart
And also mine too I think since there is so much I love about her
I don't always feel so disdainful and trapped, just today needed to vent more than usual

No. 951024

You seem to believe absolutely everything he says, especially about his wife. He could be feeding you dog shit while telling you it's chocolate and you'd believe it. That's the vibe you exude here. You sound like a potential clueless dumbass.
If you can't be bothered to do your own research on people, you probably deserve to be eventually cucked and shittalked by him to another retarded woman after he's done with you. I really hope for your own good that you know who you're actually with.

No. 951037

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Other people my age don't have to worry about how they're going to fit their college schedule around cooking dinner on time for a family. They don't have to prioritize the dinner first and THEN fit their assignments and studying around that block in the day, even sacrificing some work in order to make a realistic schedule. Why do I have to? Why can't you give some responsibility to the other two? Why has this been my life for years now when people older than me don't even know how to boil plain chicken?

No. 951047

Anons are a bit harsh but I agree you should be careful you're not bring told a story to rope you in without verifying it.

No. 951048

I should have let you die. I should have just walked away and ignore it. This is clearly a punishment for ruining natural balance with my empathy.

No. 951052

File: 1635339116152.jpg (97.57 KB, 736x1245, 93dce16bc3057d560480736c1efacb…)

If I hear "startup" one more time, I'm killing myself

No. 951053

Taylor stop the meth, your time with Jonny is over

No. 951054

I've never left a workplace without leaving a dumpster fire of drama that cant be directly linked back to me. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

No. 951063

Can’t stop reliving all the times I was groomed. I just want to move on with my life and be normal. How the fuck am I supposed to form normal relationships with people. I don’t know how to be just friendly.

No. 951067

I really feel like I was gaslit by my therapist to care about something that probably isn’t true. I have trouble talking to people irl and making friends but ofc when I was in therapy with her like a year or two ago and she was like “anon don’t you think maybe you give off the impression that you don’t like people and that’s why you don’t make friends?” lmao I actually can’t, why can’t it just be that no one wants to speak to me and that’s perfectly fine? I hate this country

No. 951155

Nonnies it’s a vent but cry for help please.
I got food poisoning and now I can’t stop puking, can’t keep liquid down, and I’m dehydrated and miserable.
My mom is a absent piece of shit so if one of you could mom me and tell me how to handle this I appreciate it

No. 951165

I usually try to fuck people over as much as I can before I quit. I prefer a direct approach but yours is insidious

No. 951177

Keep water by the bed and a small trash can and a bucket if you can and sleep Nona, that’s pretty much all there is to do. Keep trying to drink water every couple hours. If you can’t hold any water down for 24 hours I would go to the hospital. Also if you get any chest pains go immediately to the hospital. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 951185

suck on icecubes too hydrate, if you can, get groceries delivered to your house. get pedialyte and drink a bit every hour until you’re hydrated enough to drink water or clear soda.
i had the exact same thing happen to me, i asked my mom for help and she accused me of being drunk

No. 951187

File: 1635349732679.jpg (9.56 KB, 250x320, 900117523529478144_1.jpg)

The clinic hasn't returned my calls. My blood test returned abnormal, like possibility prediabetic and kidney issues. I'm fucking spiraling. Why me? It isn't enough that I'm fucked in the head?? I'm fantasizing about killing myself.

No. 951190

as someone who had food poisoning twice, one time being when i was on my period (worst timeline) all i can say is that you just have to wait it out. Keep drinking liquids even if you cant keep it down because im sure some of it stays in. My only advice is if you feel the intense urge to shit but also the intense urge to vomit. PRIORITIZE THE SHIT. This is gross but I remember the first day i had the intense urge to vomit but i also kinda had to poop, luckily i decided pooping was priority because i didnt realize that getting that whiff of diarrhea would make me projectile vomit on the floor and then the pressure of expelling vomit caused my sphincter to spew shit everywhere in the toilet. Lord knows that if i prioritized my vomit i wouldve been cleaning up diarrhea off the floor and not vomit. It was already humiliating being naked and cleaning up my vomit but if it was diarrhea i wouldve just killed myself.

No. 951199

Definitely get some pedialyte or sports drinks with electrolytes as the other anon said, that will help you hydrate faster and be less fluid to keep down than trying to rehydrate with water. I got a really bad case of food poisoning this spring and it was a lifesaver to have electrolyte drinks for it.

No. 951201

You know, I'm diagnosed with emetophobia and that is supposed to be an irrational and dumb thing, however when I read stories like this one I'm convinced that my fears are completely justified. I'm sorry that happened to you anon, good thing you did the "right" thing.

No. 951202

jesus christ anon that sounds like a nightmare. but yeah, shit is def. worse than vomit. is there even anything that would be worse than diarrhea?

No. 951206

In my mind I've kind of made a metaphor for life being a banquet. You go to one and, while there are a few meals you like, it's mostly filled with stuff you dislike and don't enjoy eating. These days, hell the past couple of months have been like that for me - sure there might be some nice moments here and there you can enjoy, but is that enough to keep on going? Are there enough reasons to stay at the banquet if there's not a lot of good food around? There's nothing much to look forward to, and few things to distract me. It's like all the hope was been drained from my body. I keep asking myself, what can I do to make it easier, to make me cope better, make living hurt less? Find a better distraction,a new self destructive habit? Anything to escape, really. The options are running dry

No. 951207

girl you gonna die!!! RIP!

No. 951209

I get her phone when she croaks. And any good jewelry, unless y'know she's the forever 21 type bitch

No. 951226

File: 1635352472886.jpg (193.61 KB, 1339x927, d7437d8b4e4cca9c4dfd1459079844…)

I'm so tired anons. I tried my best to be a cheerful person but I can't do it anymore. When I was younger everyone and everything was so beautiful to me and I miss that feeling so much. I'm so worn down and bitter at the world for turning me into yet another cynic. Call me weak if you want but there's only so much a person can take before they completely break down.

No. 951230

Look into teaching online, especially teaching English to foreigners. She obviously has the qualifications for it and these are real jobs. I know people that have made decent money through this.

No. 951240

in that scenario just bring a small wastebasket/small trash can, or a plastic or brown paper grocery bag, or bucket, anything like that, with you to the bathroom

No. 951251

Could I be the problem? I feel like I’m going insane around these people

No. 951265

>Like a box-style freezer instead of an upright standing one?

No. 951269

have you tried speaking with her directly? and just being gentle about it?

No. 951282

Hinhope I got everyone
Can’t keep anything down for too long, including meds and water. It’s been awful. Once I can keep that down I’ll try pedialyte.
My Medicine is cherry so it pukes up terrible
Thank you all for your help and advice.
I appreciate you all, thank you

No. 951288

File: 1635357087010.jpg (107.68 KB, 1440x1715, b80.jpg)

A couple threads ago I posted about how an ex-friend of mine decided to troon out and is a "boy" now. Well. It just keeps happening. A close lesbian friend of mine came out to us like two weeks ago that she is nonbinary. She said she's nonbinary because she doesn't feel like a woman nor a man. And I wish I could scream at her that I don't feel like a woman either, and nobody does, gender is a scam, feelings have nothing to do with your sex. But that would only get me in arguements, so I stay quiet.
We speak a language that doesn't have gendered pronouns, however we often speak English around eachother (Internet-induced brainrot I guess) so I gotta use they/them.
Trannies and everything tranny related just goes completely against my beliefs and I find it so difficult to be constantly validating her bullshit. Which I must do, of course, because my circle is super liberal and nobody knows about my views. If I'd say anything that even slightly indicated that I don't find her identity sUpEr-DuPeR vAlId, well, I could kiss my friends goodbye. I'd hate to lose them, and I'd hate to lose this specific friend also, because we've been getting closer to each other lately and I really do like her.
Having to constantly validate her is honestly very tiring and actually kind of emotionally taxing to me. I'm not allowed to refer to our group as "girls", can't jokingly address them as "ladies", I can't even say I'm hanging out with my girlfriends. It's just that this female bonding that I wanted all my life was taken from me/us. Like, yes it's actually important to me that my friends are women and I hate pretending that one of them isn't. I can't even use the bs "gender neutral" (aka male-centered) stuff like "guys". Because even that is iNvAlIdAtInG. So I usually just say "girls plus (name)" or something.
The fact that she's also lesbian (and dresses pretty masculine) is just the icing on the cake lol. Yay for more lesbian erasure!
Oh and the funniest part of it all is how we're all bending over backwards to respect her identity (like we seriously go ridiculous lengths not to misgender her and are constantly policing each others speech to be more inclusive) and she is the one who refers to herself as female the most often. Sometimes we're the ones to correct her, because if we don't, she catches on and will be like "why didn't you correct me".
It's killing me. It may not sound that serious, but to me, it is.

No. 951290

Samefag but I forgot to add how I'm pretty glad she hasn't made us stop using her name yet. I'm afraid that's coming soon.

No. 951300

Anon try very small sips. If you keep vomiting despite that and medication that's gonna be a problem. You should go to the hospital if things don't improve soon.

No. 951305

god, im sorry anon, that shit is so annoying.

i was in a female group chat that i enjoyed, but when we did a group video call i said something like “you ladies are all so gorgeous!” and one was like UhM acKtShuLly iM noT a LadY!!!! and made me feel awkward and shitty. this woman was very feminine presenting too, not that it matters.

i wish those genderspecial people would just shut the fuck up, they make everyone so fucking uncomfortable. i don’t even correct people for saying my name wrong i don’t understand how people can spend their entire day correcting people on their neo-kinship-twans-uwu pronouns

No. 951313

But.. but I’m in the land of expensive healthcare… I cant pay 2k plus for an ER visit. I mean, I will.. I guess, if I’m dying
Worst part is, the food poisoning is from something I ate I thought he mountains during a day trip for my birthday.
The one time I decided to eat whatever in-spite of my dieting and working out, and it’s fucking mishandled by some mountain man working minimum wage in a dirty kitchen. (Not Ana Chan, just getting healthy)
Also, update, my roommate brought me some weed and a bong and it’s helping. Thanks stonerbro. I know not everyone agrees with weed but holy fuck it’s helped calm my stomach already.

Thank you all nonnas on this thread, I’ve vented a lot here, and I appreciate the medical advice and help. I don’t have social iall media anymore, but here I feel like there’s real interactions (mostly, but there are exceptions)

No. 951314

urgent care is cheaper, if you absolutely need medical care go there instead of the ER, never go to the ER

No. 951317

Yea, it’s not much better, but I’ll go if I have to, thank you.

No. 951319

>i don’t even correct people for saying my name wrong

The difference between normal people and the gender fandom kek. But for real, you really should correct people if they mispronounce your name. That's like basic respect.
I'm just hoping she'll come round eventually.

No. 951364

I’m losing so much weight from side effects of my medications/mental health and at first I was like “cool” but now my favorite clothes, especially pants, don’t fit properly and I’m fucking pissed but I literally cannot eat most foods without gagging or throwing up rn. I do have a psych spot coming up but damn.

No. 951366

File: 1635360978151.jpeg (74.99 KB, 750x742, 9FC72450-3659-413C-90F1-61FBA0…)

I hate when my loud ugly stupid hideous older brother comes home, because he's so loud that I can hear whatever he's doing no matter where he is in the house and he has a habit of talking to himself. So then I'm forced to put my earphones in and listen to asmr or white noise but I hate being forced to do that because I don't want to listen to anything right now aaaaaaaa
I wish my dad (who isn't even my brother's dad, our mother is goddamn dead) would just fucking kick him out already. He HAS another place to live. It's unfair because I can't move out yet, but my brother easily can. I never get the place to myself and when my brother is home I feel uncomfortable bathing so I also haven't bathed in a couple days, which I know is gross but I feel uncomfortable naked if he's here. I can't do anything when he's here.

No. 951406

NTA but when will anons here learn that the world is a lot more nuanced than they think and ldrs can work out.

No. 951409

It's been getting real hard lately for me, my boyfriend pays less and less attention to me and instead gives that attention thats supposed to be focused on me and us in general, to this girl hes friends with and constantly playing arams with on league.I remember us both always playing arams or just normal games together, and talking. Since we are long distance and covid makes it almost impossible for us to meet and hang out. And whenever i ask him if we could do something together like old times, he just gives me excuses like "im busy" "maybe when i finished reaching this rank" etc.

Also what i always wanted to try to tell him, but always ends up in an arguement is when i tell him not to play with any random girls he just met, because it makes me very uncomfortable and i feel insecure about it. Well, tried that and he always tells me "we are friends" "oh now i cant play with my friends?" and completely disregarding how i feel.

I don't mind him playing with other girls, but im only okay with it if its friends he has known for YEARS or even before we even dated. But not some random girl he just met a second ago and now calls her his friend. I'm just really sick of it how he has been treating me, its like he changed completely over the course of a fucking month. It's almost like i don't regonize him anymore, and feels like im talking to a very mean spirited and hateful person who doesnt give any shit about other peoples feelings. Really don't know who he is anymore, i feel like its gonna end up in a break up.

No. 951412

Every time

No. 951423

No. 951436

Break up, he's not interested in you anymore. I'm not kidding or trying to be harsh here. I've seen this before and I can tell you, this guy likes that girl way better now. Seriously do yourself a favor and dump this retard.

No. 951438

Nta but I guess some people just preffer the office lifestyle

No. 951442

Sounds cliche but dump him. Sorry anon but take the other girl out the equation and don’t focus on that. Focus on the fact that if you wouldn’t have dated him meeting him as he acts now then why are you making an exception for a mean spirited hateful scrote that doesn’t care about your feelings just because you’re already together. Excuses aside the end result is he doesn’t want to see you. I would at least keep my dignity and walk away now rather than hand him control to toss you to the curb when he feels like it.

No. 951446

My bf is starting to be really mean to me for no reason, I’ll just be asking what he’s doing and he’ll straight up tell me to shut the fuck up. It’s so upsetting even when I tell him how much is hurts me he just seems annoyed. He’s never acted like this and whenever I ask him what’s the matter he’ll either say nothing or once again act annoyed. In b4 “break up with him” I’m considering it if it continues, don’t need advice just need to vent.

No. 951448

Break up with him please

No. 951450

speak firmly and frankly to identify the problem, and promise yourself you'll react to anything ugly you'll discover in a way that protects your interests and your dignity.
it's unimaginable for me to tolerate a boyfriend telling me to shut the fuck up over nothing.

No. 951453

He needs to be gagged and whipped. Then deleted from contacts.

No. 951457

Are you a dog? He's treating you like one.

No. 951458

Why are such an asshole? She's just venting and already considering leaving, does your comment help in any way? You're behaving the same way the scrote does

No. 951461

Thanks nonnas, I appreciate this I really do

No. 951462

The same way? Maybe, but I don't owe a stranger imageboard user respect like her boyfriend does her.

No. 951464

Idt her post was that deep

No. 951465

You're a doormat because you've already tolerated blatant disrespect.
>if it continues
Should've broken up already. No ~he's just misunderstood~, no "I just need to communicate I'm hurt!", no waterworks, just calmly state "that's not the kind of behavior I tolerate from a boyfriend, this isn't going to work out" and fucking yeet him out of your life.

No. 951485

I hate toddlers sometimes. This kid I babysit starts throwing a fit cause I won’t let him in the bathroom, I shut the door he’s sitting right by. It doesn’t hit him, while he’s wailing. He waits like a second then hits his head on the door by hi,self he starts screaming. I’m like “welp, come on get out or the hallway then.” And this lil mf just sits there banging his head on the door. I pick him up put him on the living room couch till he calms down. He’s calm for about 4 minutes. His mom comes in like “heyy babyyyy” to him. He just starts crying and then looks directly at me in front of his mom, and screams at me. And then his mom looks at me weary. I legit think this kid is a psychopath. He’s mean as fuck to his little cousin. He always tries to get other kids in trouble and he stares really mean.

No. 951486

You're not their friend, just own up to it
if what they say is good for them is only registering as taxing and a burden on you you you all of this is about you, then let them go. Tones on the internet dont carry well so I am saying this in the least bitchy way I can, I mean it in the cut yourself free way.
Clearly it bothers you on a fundamental level, so why keep marinating in it? Just be honest with them, say you don't care about what makes them feel good about themselves and toddle off.

No. 951489

Is it normal to be sort of just frustrated at this too? I feel honestly sort of betrayed .. I’m always nice to him and I try to handle his fits in a good manner that isn’t mean

No. 951490

Why do amerifag zoomers on Twitter hate brits for being colonisers and because of the royals yet run fan accounts for Tom Holland or Tom Hiddleston. Or Harry styles!!

No. 951491

someone just found LC

No. 951492

>I’ll just be asking what he’s doing and he’ll straight up tell me to shut the fuck up.
Me when my dog is barking at 2am

No. 951493

I hate that when I start doing a thing people always encourage me to get good and make money with it. Like, "nice, you're learning music? How sick would it be if you played at a festival! You'll take me right?" Or "cool, you're making a video game? I have a sick idea for a game, we should work together on it and get rich!" Or "hey, you're writing now? You could write a sick blog! Don't forget me when you're famous haha!" These comments sound supportive but they still piss me the fuck off. I know no one really expects me to be a famous whatever, but why should that even be the goal? Why when you do something is there always pressure to get good at it and make money with it? Can't I just do something and be bad at it, knowing I'll always be bad at it, just for the joy of doing it? I have fucking brain damage for fuck's sake. I'm never going to be as coordinated or retain as much information as a normal person. I'm never going to progress like a normal person. I'm always going to suck at everything I do. Why isn't it enough that I'm experiencing it and having fun? Why do people always have to ruin the fun with the stupid pressure of striving to be great?

No. 951494

Kinda want to ghost my whole family one day

No. 951495

The Mexican Mom energy off of people that say/do that shit lmao
It annoys me too, especially since obviously if I am into it the imaginary market is probably already oversaturated with people that have been doing it longer and make actual sales so like fuck just let me be a goblin and enjoy this on my own

No. 951503

>I hate that when I start doing a thing people always encourage me to get good and make money with it.
i will freaking beat you up with a stick you dumbass, i wish i had anyone in my life like that

No. 951510

Get good at your hobby and make money with it, nonna

No. 951511

No. 951514

t-thanks I will try my best

No. 951518

I really, really mean it.
If that's what you really sincerely want, then really hope you find fulfillment and inspiration with what you do enough to the point that other people feel the love in your craft and want to pay to have a sliver of that love in their life.
Please go forth and do your best.

No. 951538

I get that they're trying to be nice but it completely kills my drive to do things for myself. I feel an immense pressure to live up to it and get good and it makes me feel like shit because I know I never will, I'm not capable of greatness, and I wish that I was enough for them as I am, not as they dream I could be because they don't understand what it means to be a retard. I can't walk or even talk or think in a straight line, I have no sense of space and direction so I'm always getting lost and confused and injured, I can't do controlled movements with my hands or fingers so I'm always dropping and breaking and otherwise ruining shit, I have to reread the same sentence multiple times to understand what the hell I just read, I can't retain technical information or do basic math, I don't have a creative eye or ear or brain, and it's not for lack of trying I've been trying so hard for so long, I'm developmentally stunted and will be this way forever. I can't try really hard and get good at something I love like a normal person. All I can do is love it in my way. But it's never enough for them. I don't even want them to lie and pretend I'm good at things like most retards. Why can't they just say, "oh that sounds fun, it's cool that you're doing that" or if they really want to be involved, "let me see what you've been working on, it's great that you're having fun with this." Everything has to be about success and money.

No. 951549

I get it, I just want to enjoy my hobbies without any sort of pressure, not everything needs to be a business, it's ok to enjoy things and not be amazing at them or make bank. I tried to make money off my art and now I hate drawing, I wish I'd kept it as a hobby.

No. 951602

There is no narc red flag as common as a straight person suddenly declaring themselves some form of queerio like pansexual and then instantly buying loads of pride themed merchandise.

No. 951611

PREACH ANON. I hate those motherfuckers.

No. 951618

You just described my sister kek. She's dating a man, identifies as a man, and calls herself a lesbian and wears tons of gay pride shit. There's no possibility in her mind of her being wrong about anything ever so in her mind this makes complete sense and anyone who questions it must just hate queer people.

No. 951624

>She's dating a man, identifies as a man, and calls herself a lesbian
With all the gender shit going on, this is one of the things I can never fully understand. Does the word lesbian mean nothing now? I see he/hims calling themselves lesbians

No. 951626

AYRT And I'm literally a lesbian. It baffles me how they can do this without hesitation, because even I feel "not gay enough" a lot of the time, even though I've never kissed, had sex with, cuddled, held hands with, or been on a date with a man, nor have I ever genuinely been attracted to men. If my brief comphet "dating" (no physical contact, no attraction, never alone together) is enough to make me doubt myself (even though I've done/felt all but a couple of those things with women), how can these retards have ongoing sexual relations with the opposite sex and call themselves gay without issue?

No. 951637

I've literally emailed this company twice (technically just once) to ask about their products, and they still haven't got back to me. I wonder if I should try one more time or just drop it.

No. 951643

no offence, but what does her boyfriend say?? Isnt he annoyed?

No. 951644

How do you do something literally twice but technically once?
NTA But since when do scrotes care, so long as they're getting laid?

No. 951645

Twitter brain rot. The man she's with now posts lesbian porn on Twitter all day so I guess she adopted the title for his fetish, even though she's totes a man now and was saying she's a gay man not that long ago. The last guy she was with, she pulled a gender switcheroo on and insisted he call himself a gay man and would call him a twink and faggot. He didn't do it and they broke up over it. I like to keep an eye on their twitters now and then just to keep up with her gender madness. If the new guy troons out, will she go back to calling herself a woman so she can stay gay, or are he/him she/her lesbian couples heckin valid?
It baffles me too. She's only ever been with straight men but swears up and down that she's gay/lesbian and so oppressed for being gay/lesbian. Like comphet is real and bisexuals are a thing, but how can you keep on dating and fucking dudes and only dudes, PIV, never date or express attraction to a female in your life, while saying you're a lesbian? She's a woman attracted to men… Or according to her, she's a man attracted to men. How does one take either of those two things and come up with "yep, I'm a lesbian"? Words have no meaning anymore.

No. 951651

The first time I sent costumer service an e-mail, I don't think it actually sent. I think I may have accidentally restarted the page or backspaced which would make sense because my mouse is broken and that happens occasionally before it could send. The second time I wrote an e-mail it gave me confirmation that they received the e-mail.

Anyway, I won't send another one, that would be dumb.

No. 951674

All while continuing to be straight
Damn I’m sorry anon. Do any of your other friends feel the same way as you, or can you like. Find out somehow? I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels this way at all.

No. 951695

Maybe I’m salty but can’t believe the America hate thread I made was taken down. We have a Canada hate thread.

No. 951696

Report it, retard

No. 951700

All locked now.

No. 951703

Yeah I meant locked. I saw the comment being offended. I live in America and like it but of course there are things I hate about it.

No. 951714

I really, but really cannot stand this one class. I have like 6 weeks left of it, but the thought of dealing with this zoomer blinded by social media chick and this annoying fucker for 6 more weeks actually pains me to no end.
She's obviously unhinged and she gotta let the whole class know.

No. 951718

File: 1635385011772.jpg (13.7 KB, 559x423, 653ztm9yjtg31.jpg)

This is stupid but I work with this girl and she's super nice and we get along well but she seems to literally fart ALL DAY LONG. It's not loud and the smell isn't vomit-tier, but it's still nasty and unpleasant. I think she has a lot of digestive issues and her personality is pretty meek and shy so I don't want to confront her about it and be mean… but holy crap we work in a relatively confined area and it's constant.

No. 951721

Maybe try to sneak remedies? I hear that peppermint helps with gas, and I've never seen anyone turn down or question the offer of chewing gum, unless they have braces. Even if it doesn't help the farting, maybe it would help the smell.

No. 951722

I keep having to deal with unavoidable car bullshit and it's pissing me off. I've driven over three nails in the past two months and also just got fucking hit while parked for the second time this year, in the same parking lot, and this bitch is really trauma-dumping to me over text messages to appeal to my empathy so I'll agree to settle it outside of our insurance companies, while also admitting she has no money. ????? No. Enjoy your new premium motherfucker. Smh I just want to go a month without having to deal with auto shop moids!

No. 951723

What a rude bitch. I had a somewhat similar experience. Someone commented a link to their story and told everyone to check it out in the comments of my story! No compliment or anything but self promo! I called her out and she deleted.

No. 951724

Mints might be a better choice than gum – most people tend to swallow a lot of air while chewing gum which probably wouldn't help.

No. 951725

Kek the choice is between a more innocuous but less effective option (gum) and a more effective but less innoccuous option (mints). If someone offered me a mint out of nowhere I'd assume they thought my breath smelled bad, unless they're just very old. I feel so bad for OP.

No. 951731

Mom is watching Jeff Dunham Halloween special. Shows one of the puppets on the internet looking at spooky pasta. She has a freakout because of the use of pasta "it's what they use to call children, anon"!. Make comment about creepypasta and the origin of it. "OMG, ANON! If you can brush that to the side you're just as bad (something along those lines)".
Why do I even bother to converse? Reminds me of my high school years.

No. 951736

Is your mom retarded?

No. 951743

i work as a janitor and it’s really not so bad, but the cleaning the mens room is so DISGUSTING. the floor is SO STICKY that my mop won’t even move around on the floor, and the bottoms of my shoes are always sticky as fuck afterwards and i have to walk in puddles on my way home to clean them.
absolute insanity.
and men think they’re people smh

No. 951751

I wish I could be one of those people born with a passion or career interest. I’m 22, still stuck working retail and serving jobs. I quit college after my dad killed himself a week into the semester, quit community college after forgetting one assignment and being too scared to go back (my anxiety was insane and untreated). I’m considering just saying fuck it and getting a CDL-A and becoming a truck driver, which feels dumb as fuck but I’m doing nothing with my life otherwise. I wish I could’ve been assigned a job at life and prepared for it my whole life, instead of this aimless meandering and wasting of time and money.

No. 951780

I don’t know why but it annoys me so much when people are super SJW-y and also proudly ignorant about history. It’s probably mostly a burgerfag thing and I know the schoolses aren’t so well here but I know so many people my age who say how boring they think history is and how history was their least favorite subject. I wonder if they think knowing about history (American history) somehow will make them seem like they’re patriotic or something??? And in their minds being patriotic = a republican

No. 951781

It's because they cum on the floor or just shidded?

No. 951794

Im a burgerfag and agree with all of this. You are 100% correct they really don't bother to read a book or even look into American history very much. They get their news from social media lmfao

No. 951798

They probably read "[fanfic] authors love every type of comment, no matter how low effort as long as they're shown their work is being appreciated, so don't be shy to comment your shit uwu" on tumblr one time too often lol.

No. 951812

Whoever the fuck is setting off fireworks a motherfucking Thursday, in the fucking middle of the goddamn night, I hope he, because it must be a fucking scrote, gets an itchy asshole for the rest of his life, so itchy that doctors won’t be able to know just why the fuck is his ass itching so much, so they will tell him to use some special toilet paper that he will never be able to find or buy, and his only solution to his pain will be setting off his fucking stupid ass fireworks up his asshole.

No. 951813

This sort of thing is why I feel like trooning out is just a power move to manipulate how other people see and treat them so they have slightly different privileges and can LARP as their internet persona.

No. 951931

honestly probably both, but mostly just lots and lots of piss

No. 951993

It IS a fucking power move, I'm pretty sure that the unexplored aspect of troonery (that's gonna be found out soon though) is its comorbidity with stuff like NPD, HPD and BPD.
It's already been established that (actual) autism and ADHD runs rampant among troons, the next step is to acknowledge that it's not just the unconventional way of self-expression and identifying that's going on - it's straight up manipulation and attention-seeking.

Protip4Nonnies: If someone troons or enbies around you, cut THEM off lmao. For your own health.

No. 952002

Woke up after getting less than 2 hours of sleep yay!!! I rolled around for 2 and a half hours,finally fell asleep, awoke after about an hour and a half…lmao
I fucking hate having insomnia so much. I was just awake for 30 hours straight so why the fuck can't I sleep. I hate this why is my brain fucking broken

No. 952003

I hate fireworks and firecrackers too. Halloween is approacing and stupid teen scrotes are already setting them off at night. I don't mind the sound so much, but the fact that they choose to set them off so close to houses (some of them throw them in people's yards too) makes me want to strangle them. Fucking go in a field or a park if you want to make noise, not in the middle of a narrow road when people are sleeping.

No. 952005

Twinning with lolcow hottie

No. 952010

There used to be this girl in my discord server who bragged about being so good at video games but all of her ranks were thanks to getting boosted by her simps. She was so annoying she'd brag about being the best at cancer characters like Widowmaker and Genji in Overwatch but if her high-rank god simp wasn't in the team she'd only play Mercy. She pretended to know so much about builds in various games while it was spoonfed to her by her simp gaming friends. I wish I had the sliver of confidence this hoe had.

No. 952013

She is laughable. She thinks being able to click buttons at the right time makes her a baddie…….

No. 952029

my dad had a vendetta against dentists and dental crowns and wouldn’t get my two broken teeth fixed for 3 years. (i was living with my parents until i finished college but my parents were not the ones paying for my school… i was the cost of like 5 frozen meals and cans of soup a week lol. also my teeth were broken because a rapist punched me in the face.) he has several crowns that hurt all the time, but it’s because he’s a goblin who eats 16 mini candy bars then falls asleep on the couch without brushing. like he has some weird chocolate addiction sleep disorder combo.

he also used not having enough money as an excuse, even though he’d buy expensive toys (fucking guns, drones, mOTORBIKES) all the time. just fixed them myself. it was like 3k. he could have set aside at least that much in 3 years. i paid for it myself and it was absolute PEANUTS after starting my first full time job.

idk maybe i’m acting like a spoiled brat but i’m pissed he prioritized his pride (not admitting he doesn’t brush) and stupid man toys over my fucking health. like if it was 20k sure. but 3? fuck off dad i know how much you make.

No. 952055

Lol another post of an anon being a friend with Scrooge and then falling in love with him after his gf breaks up with him. My bad habits lead to you

No. 952067

i'm having my period, a UTI, and a bout of paranoid ideation and i just want to sleep, good night nonnies

No. 952078

I know you attempt to mock me but touché douché kek

No. 952080

Who even are you

No. 952086

Stop seething and chill nonnie uwu

No. 952088

Reported for emoji bye

No. 952090

Those are three letters, dumbass

No. 952092

Gtfo newfag

No. 952094

File: 1635416927899.jpg (20.4 KB, 399x580, umin.jpg)

My boyfriend and I have different sleep and work schedules (he works nights) and when I wake up it's like the whole home becomes a mess overnight. He always leaves stuff where it doesn't belong everywhere (deodorant and lotion bottles on the kitchen table, half empty water bottles everywhere, random litter that's never thrown in the trash). He never bothers to put it away. I can cook but because of our different sleep schedules I'm not always awake or there to make food so he makes his own, but he uses pre packaged stuff. And it always dirties the sink because he doesn't clean out the pots after he cooks and he never rinses the plates, so it's a damn chore to clean them afterwards. I don't eat pre packaged food and cook my own meals, so whenever I wake up I have to deal with washing all his dishes just so I can make myself some food, but it always makes me lose my appetite because it's just so gross. Even then he never washes any dirty dishes so he can use them. Like for example, if he wanted ice cream and all the spoons in the house were dirty, he would use a damn ladle probably. I tried not washing his dishes and only washing my own for the food I want to cook, but obviously that doesn't work because he uses mine or other clean dishes. I wouldn't even mind washing all the dishes if he at least rinsed them and cleaned out the food. This is why I always want to cook for him because when he does it himself he makes such a mess and most of the time actually, he doesn't even put the used pots and utensils back in the sink and I hate leaving them out. I know this is such a stupid thing to vent about but I just needed to let it out somewhere. Shit if I were like those based husbando /g/ anons I would only have to wash my own dishes. My husbando would never do this to me.

No. 952097

What a lazy piece of shit manlet. I’m sorry that he’s such a fuck up of a man. You ladies need to start doing the Guinea pic bf test before you live together. Don’t give up your pussy for a man who can’t wash a spoon….

No. 952099

Stop acting like his mom if you dont want him to treat you like his mom. Bitch, stop cleaning after him, stop making his food bc the poor bby doesn't clean up aftdf himself. Stop. He does that shit because you're there to fix the mess he makes, so why would he clean?

No. 952103

Tell him that if you're going to be his personal live-in housemaid he should pay you for it. If not he should start treating you like his partner that you are. What are his excuses for not cleaning up after himself?

Nta, I always thought this shit too, stop doing cleaning or cooking food or washing clothes for men and they'll start doing it themselves. They won't, they'll literally start living as hobos with a home. I've experienced it first hand, it's absurd.

No. 952104

His excuses are that he’s always tired. I feel bad and end up doing all of the work.

No. 952107

This anon isn't me >>952104 but maybe they're in a similar situation. I do try to tell him and he does do it for like a few days, but he always goes back to it.

No. 952110

I’m the anon. Why are you saying you’re me?

No. 952116

Because history books read in schools are extremely sanitized and vague on details. They don't want their own country and its allies looking too bad, and they don't want the average person to be interested in finding out more. Even aside from that, American history classes tend to cover new material and old material at a 1 to 1 rate, at best. I remember learning the same material about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War every single year. Not expanded material, literally the same shit every year. The only two times I remember a class expanding more on literally anything else were in 6th grade (Rwandan Genocide and United States conflict with the Middle East) and 11th grade (WWII and the Great Depression), both instances I firmly believe were the result of skilled and dedicated teachers, rather than the American education system itself.

No. 952150

File: 1635423703823.png (441.51 KB, 587x676, unknown.png)

I finally started talking more to my mother, which is nice and all, but our conversation styles are so different, it's painful. Me and my friends are very fast-paced in our conversations with lots of interjections and trailing off in the middle of it just to return to the topic ten minutes later after we're done discussing whatever the other one brought up. With my mother on the other hand, it's more turn-based, and she seems to see those interjections that I do as actual interrupting, and I can see how she's taken aback whenever it happens. She sometimes doesn't even try picking up on where she left off unless I bring it up after a short awkward pause, probably because she thinks I decided I'm "done" listening and don't want her input anymore. My heart hurts, she's got to be shaking her head about how she managed to raise a child this rude.

No. 952155

Interjecting is interrupting, even if you and your friends like it. Let your mom finish her sentences and speak a complete thought. "Turn based" is how polite conversations work.

No. 952156

I’m so tired of being alone. No one ever stays with me. Be it friends or lovers. Everyone always ends up leaving me, even after I try so hard to make people stay in my life. I’d like to be the one people are afraid to lose for once FOR ONCE. No one ever does though lol. I’m so easy to leave and I wish I had the courage to kill myself. It’s so fucking hard right now. I work a full time job and it’s just day in day out of the same routine. The same shit. Always alone. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this charade of being fine. I’m feeling like every cell in my body is crying out for me to end it all but I’m a pussyshit. I can’t do it. Lol.

No. 952158

I have such an overwhelming amount of work to do and I keep fucking up because things aren't working out as I want them to, I feel paralyzed.

No. 952159

I may be thinking too much into it but I think a guy likes me and all I can think is how I could never love him like I love my husbando and it makes me feel bad. Now that I know what it's like to be completely infatuated I don't know if I can feel that for a real person who isn't my perfect nonexistant man in my head

No. 952160

This reminds me of my mom. My mom is this psycho perfectionist and if somthing was wrong with us, her kids, she’d ignore it. She made us get contacts so we wouldn’t wear classes (I was wearing contacts by third grade because of her lol) and when the dentist told me I needed braces for my crooked teeth we stopped going altogether because she chose not to believe my teeth would grow crooked. Well. Two vampire fangs and buck teeth later she tells me to never smile open mouthed for pictures. To not show them lol.

No. 952161

Hard same, nonnie. It's rough, because the longer you put things off, the more impossible they seem. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're doing your best.

No. 952166

Same here, nonnie. And I know I'm a great friend, too, I know this is a fact. So why is it so hard?

No. 952168

I don’t care if math is a universal language I don’t care I don’t careeeee if you can’t explain it eloquently in English then there’s no fucking point trying to teach it

No. 952180

I’m filling out a health questionnaire for an insurance policy and it’s treating autism spectrum disorder like it’s a treatable illness or a broken bone or something. When did it happen? What caused it? How often do you experience symptoms? Are you taking the appropriate medication and if not, why not? How long are you expecting it to last?
I feel like a snarky asshole answering with
>at birth I guess

>every day
>no there is none
but I don’t know what else to write down. None of the questions are skippable.
It also asks if I’ve ever had suicidal feelings and when I click ‘yes’, it wants me to select an exact date on one of those little calendar widgets lmao what the fuck

I think for many of these guys it's a war of attrition that they know they'll win in the end, as long as their tolerance for dirt is higher than yours. Letting them stew in their own filth doesn’t work when you share a living space with them because 1) you’ll still be tripping over their garbage and smelling their stink and 2) even if you only clean ‘your half’ (of the dishes etc.) they’ll just start dirtying those too. It’s not just because they’re too tired or have no time to clean. When these guys live alone, or with male roommates who are even grosser than they are, they will eventually find time to clean up after themselves because no one else is going to do it. When there’s a woman in the house, though? They know she’ll wear down and start cleaning eventually.

No. 952185

This is going to sound really stupid but my mother had me young and is in her 40s now. She likes cosplay and still does cosplay. I think it's cool she's still being creative but I don't like how she does sexual, kind of provocative costumes. Even though she is not naked, it's skin tight etc. Scrotes in my life always make fun of me for it and sexualise her. It makes me uncomfortable and I don't tell her because I know she will just like it. She will see it as a compliment and it will encourage her. I hate that it seems like I am just a jealous daughter and especially that I am jealous of the sexual attention my mother receives. It isn't that way to me, it just makes me uncomfortable that my mother acts so inappropriate to her age and doesn't realise it. I'm not comfortable going to a convention with my boyfriend because my mom will be going too with me and I don't want him to see her in these tight weird costume outfits. I hate to admit it but I'm honestly scared he will be sexually attracted to my mother and that he won't tell me. I'm just so uncomfortable with all of this, I wish she wouldn't always feel the need to draw so much attention to herself. And I feel alone in finding this uncomfortable, because the people close to me who are men just think it's hot. I hate it and I wish she would stop. She is an embarrassment.

No. 952193

I can't leave him. I have nobody else… I hate being with him, but I can't leave him. I am so unhappy with my life right now.

No. 952197

so true, i say lets get rid of it entirely

No. 952198

File: 1635428478726.jpeg (242.25 KB, 663x612, 0717B6EA-BA8B-4852-8AB5-F80337…)

I'm not the anon that was replied to, just a /g/ lurker but I don't like posts like this. Online relationships, not just romantic ones, can be real friendships and it can hurt to lose someone even if you've only known them online. Not everyone has the fortune of having IRL friends.

No. 952203

Online friendships I get your point, but when it's about romantic relationships I'm with that nona.

No. 952205

Pretty sure those type of posters are almost always tearing down on online romantic relationships, not friendships. Imo online friendships are often fine but anons are right to be skeptical about romantic online relationships for so many reasons.

No. 952206

Most of my relationships have been LDR. I can say of the ones that I haven't actually met: yeah, I wasn't awfully torn for too long kek

No. 952220

File: 1635429372558.jpg (252.91 KB, 1023x961, depositphotos_42523365-stock-i…)

I'm tired of society°I'm tired of being tangled in the chaos°I'm tired of humans and their voices°humans are horrible°humans are inherently narcissistic and individualistic°I don't need to justify myself in front of you°I know the things that I know• It also took me a while to accept that I actually have done many good things in my life and that I did the best I could for my situation. I hate words and I'm disorganized

No. 952225

you’re right to not tell your boyfriend, men are disgusting, i’ve had boyfriends say they want to fuck my mom or describe what sexual acts they want her to do to them.
i can’t believe i put up with that shit, but to be fair i was really young when that was happening
my mom isn’t even young though she had me in her mid thirties, and boyfriends would still say nasty shit about her

No. 952233

File: 1635430450286.png (656.12 KB, 2506x672, Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.14…)

No. 952236

It’s like lol what am I doing wrong? I give gifts, I give money, my time, and then it’s like “oh by the way I’m not talking to you anymore, bye. I found someone else better than you. Bye. You’re not what I wanted. Bye”

No. 952261

File: 1635433087777.gif (2.51 MB, 360x360, rage.gif)

>computer tries to update
>oh no you don't bitch
>pause updates and choose the date so it shouldn't do fuck all for at least 3 more weeks
>hours later it still updates anyway right when I'm in the middle of something (claims the "pc ran into a problem" as an excuse when it's working perfectly fine)
CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTSSSSSSSSS fucker faggot assfuck I'm taking the biggest, steamiest, nastiest, shittest dump of all dumps on bill gates head. i'm shoving that shit in every orifice hope he fucking chokes and dies cockhead

No. 952265

Hello, are you me from another dimension? I feel the same too. Do you also have the issue of always being the one to arrange any plans and never being asked, and then when it comes to big events like Halloween, New Years etc no one ever asks you to do anything and when you ask other people they are like “sorry but I’m going out with my other friends” and you don’t get an invite so you’re the only person left on your own with no plans rolling around in your own misery or that just me? Welp

No. 952268

kek reminds me of this

No. 952279

different anon, for me it's "I'm ALLOWING you to DRAG ME on this outing that I'm TOLERATING BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and I KNOW it makes you Happy!" and then no one ever makes plans with me, I always have to come up with it and then they act put upon, as I said.

No. 952280

I want someone to take care of me for once

No. 952289

PRETTY MUCH. I always initiate any hang outs with people, but I’m scare my invited out. I know we’re all adults but lol. And another thing is I tell the people I do hang out with how I’d like to find more people or friend groups and I’m not invited to any of their circles or groups like I’m not fuvking included at all. It’s always one on one but then it’s like l”yeah I’m hanging out with my friends” and it’s like gee. Much be nice to have a GROUP of people who want you and like you. Lol. I’m only good entertainment for a few hours it seems.

No. 952293

*scarcely. Fml.

No. 952295

This is anon who was venting about my sister the other day. So I found out she's been talking to my ex.
I always knew something was weird with them like when we dated she'd always be tryna kick it with us then today I heard this bitch on this phone with someone in her room loud as fuck and I was gonna tell her to stfu cus I got work tomorrow but then she says my ex name so now I check her social media and they have eachother on FB and Instagram. I feel so sick and angry

No. 952305

Prunelover-chan is right, I need an older man with money to take care of me. STEM women are incredible and intelligent but not every woman (not every woman I mean ME) is meant for the workplace, I expeditiously need to find a decent looking older guy (35-40+) man with riches so I can never work again. I wish I can just build a man by myself like frankenstein or something because college is breaking me down

No. 952307

Didn't Bill Gates die in like 2011 already?

No. 952309

Bitch that's Steve Jobs.

No. 952310

Just you wait until you experience the beautiful UI of mac, it’s just about as atrocious as windows

No. 952321

They extended my probation period at work till the end of the year. They called me in for a meeting today and were basically like "you suck at work, try not to keep sucking by the end of the year. bye." well that's not technically true, I may have paraphrased but the sentiment is still there. Apparently I lack "teamwork, communication, and concentration". I was supposed to get off probation by the end of this month, and now i'm not even sure i'll get off by the end of the year.

No. 952339

Met a friend of a friend who was a massive bitch and I know I’m being dramatic but I don’t want to meet anymore of my friend’s friends ever again.

No. 952340

File: 1635438645964.jpg (33.32 KB, 644x484, 16142956_971618799606616_54533…)

Decided to try listening to the "Sleep With Me" podcast everyone recommends to insomniacs as I went to bed. Put on a random ep and the host opens it by talking about BLM/LGBTQ issues. I'm sorry but what the fuck? Admittedly I chose some episode from early 2020, but if I were a regular listener settling down and putting this podcast on in order to peacefully fall asleep, the LAST thing I would want to hear about is sociopolitical turmoil? Put it in the episode caption maybe? Jesus fucking christ now I'm too pissed to fall asleep and am logged on here to complain about it

No. 952346

Anon, I think I am just stuck with having dry hair forever, I've changed my head and cut my hair all the time, but there's nothing. I don't know what else I can do? Is it my fucking body? I do so many treatments but my hair soaks up water so fast, it's disgusting. I want to scream.

No. 952350

Sounds like you have high porosity hair, rather than sucking it up fast, your hair loses the moisture quickly. Try googling it to see if that's what you're dealing with, there's methods of sealing in the moisture for that type of hair.

No. 952359

Start putting his stuff back in the wrong places, keep some utensils hidden away for you to use, and act clueless when he asks about it.

No. 952368

Hide his chargers and turn on parental controls on everything.

No. 952384

Jesus Christ, I'm so sorry nonnie. I've never had to use a sleeping aid like that, but I get mad enough as it is with that shit seeping into my daytime entertainment, so I can't imagine how mad you must be.

No. 952454

When a man asks how you're doing and it's just… how could you ever understand

No. 952466

File: 1635445273933.jpeg (454.27 KB, 727x741, 4817A6DF-5A2C-4383-A624-E8EA24…)

i'm trying very hard to be a good girl i'm trying to be reasonable and laidback and not be a nitpicky perfectionist selfish dumbass bitch IM TRYING and i think it's working. God just be nice to me please im begging you

No. 952467

She's right though. All she said was
>losing an online gf isn't devastating
>how heartbroken could someone even be losing someone online

She didn't say it wouldn't hurt him, she said it wouldn't devastate him or break his heart. It would be significantly less emotionally impactful than a break up with someone you live with or see all the time, and had a solid foundation to build a life together. If the relationship is still online, it's clearly not important enough for the person to travel or move to the other.

No. 952505

Those moments make me automatically fantasize about fulfilling trannies brain upload to body fantasy just to force men to understand

No. 952516

troon moment

No. 952551

I read if you go the damsel in distress route and sweetly ask a man to do something adding “for me” with a little pout at the end men are more inclined to help and not feel it to be nagging… Unsure if this is true as I haven’t a guinea pig to try this out on. I feel as women we must master the art of manipulation to avoid becoming an actual doormat. If he’s going to act like a big baby try making a fun rota together with highlighters and doodles to stick on the kitchen wall which takes in to consideration what day who does what and taking consideration on working schedule but make him feel like he’s in charge of deciding because he so big and manly ug ug beats chest. Final option is burying him under the patio kek I kid

No. 952565

This 99% of time doesn't work, hell just say yeah yeah in a bit and never do it. If he does it then it's a year later and he'll act like he just built you a whole house and you should suck his dick right then and there.

No. 952569

I think I would kill myself.

No. 952578

That's absolutely pathetic and just adds to a woman's workload. It's also ironically YOU being manipulated by his strategic incompetence. Men play dumb about housework but only because they know a woman will pick up the slack.

No. 952586

I really want kids in the future but the thought of them growing up to be terminally online makes me so upset. It feels like it’s inevitable since we live in such a digital age. Maybe homeschooling would give them a better chance but they also might grow up to be social retards. How do parents even do it now a days??

No. 952589

Or maybe she should dump him and find a man that actually gives a shit about her and himself. You only have to resort to this because you chose poorly.

No. 952595

anon.. that's like.. teaching a toddler or a dog… do you even realize what you're saying?

No. 952596

>You only have to resort to this because you chose poorly.
For real, preach the truth.

No. 952599

I'm lonely. Everyone eventually gets tired of me or only uses me to vent and then disappear. I try to be kind and interesting but it still happens. How come assholes still manage to have someone by their side?

No. 952623

You sound like you're living with my filthy brothers. Word for word, bar for bar, down to the rinsing dishes I could've written everything you have. These type of habits never change, I can guarantee you this. It's selfishness to another degree entirely.

Luckily for you he's just a bf so drop him as soon as you can because you wont be able to change this about him ever. You might only be slightly annoyed now because despite it all you still love him but I promise you no person is worth a lifetime of this. It's completely dehumanizing.

You have to understand that his retarded little brain has no idea what it feels like to walk into a kitchen and see the shit you see. When he walks into a filthy kitchen he knows the next time he steps back in it'll be all clear. People like him were never taught to be responsible for themselves, and they will remain their entire lives this way unless someone forces their hand.

No. 952624

Are you me? I lost interest in a guy (who was super into me) for a husbando and I don't even regret it, I think I'm completely unable to be physically attracted to real men.

No. 952626

Every time my mom talks she spits a lot, is so gross, and when i complain or tell her to stop she doesn't give a fuck.

No. 952628

Some people are just shitty, specially online because you can’t ever know who they really are.
I hope you can get to have at least a real friend who will reciprocate your feelings, it takes a lot of time and luck, but it isn’t impossible.

No. 952632

Damn that's rough anon

No. 952635

That's not a sister that's a cunt who needs to slit her own throat

No. 952640

Me too kek, I don't think I'll ever be able to feel love for a real person. Your husbando can't hurt or betray you!

No. 952650

Stability. I've more or less given up on my dreams (being a concept artist) and just want a steady cash flow into my bank account now. I also never want to work in food/customer service ever again.

No. 952667

Isn't blue collar work non-office jobs tho? Idgi

No. 952668

my parents are insensitive assholes that always expect me to coddle them, validate their feelings and listen to them venting and being empathetic. If I say the wrong thing, slightly criticise them in any way or don't do all of the coddling it I get labled as a cold hearted egoistical asshole. When I try to tell them about my problems they get passive agressive, make accusations and say that everything is my own fault because why didn't I just do x thing?! they also fight a lot with each other and try to rope me into their fights and basically be their marriage counselor. I hate both of them they were crappy parents to me and my brother and are shitty people in general I can't wait for the day I have enough money to move out.

No. 952686

yeah office type jobs are called white collar. blue collar means like plumber, mechanic, welder, electrician etc.

No. 952697

Same energy as my parents, they're emotionally immature/unavailable.

Sorry you're going through that. Life gets 1000× less stressful by moving and going low or no contact.

No. 952758

Bantering with my mom feels so fake
I know deep down what she thinks of me

No. 952761

File: 1635460449070.jpg (69.54 KB, 500x491, tumblr_b275f8a046810b98e0f80e9…)

feels so awkward to be almost twenty-three (i hit that next year in december), but still trying to get my degree, and still living with my parents, and unable to drive.

i'm such a loser too. people will ask me what i've been doing and it's just "uhh procrastinating on school-work and watching anime."

i sometimes think i should get a job but i

>a.) am lucky enough to not be in real, desperate need of funds right now

>b.) don't really want to work customer service unless it's in a lowkey bookstore or something.

when i realized how much cheddar i could've stacked up had i started working earlier while still living at home, i also feel it's pointless to even start now, idk. just trying to graduate and enter a small time office as a paper pusher or something

No. 952767

Twin? Also a stupid weeb turning 23 next year, still trying to get my degree, still living at home unfortunately and still licence-less. People around me take pride in growing up quickly that it makes you feel so behind.

No. 952778

>He could also be cruel and insesnsitive but I didn't mind
Of course you didn't
This reads like a typical post on the relationship advice thread. Some women do really have a bad judge of character and an absolute lack of self preservation and boundaries, which is comprensible but sometimes i just…ugh, call me an asshole but I'm starting to automatically ignore these type of posts.

No. 952784

I’m so sick of these posts too, lol. You would think these cynical bitches on lolcow would have some form of judgement but I’m assuming the majority are weak irl

No. 952787

>take pride in growing up quickly that it makes you feel so behind.

i have such mixed feelings on this. on one hand i'm all yeah, go you, you've moved out and you're independent now…

but i look at the circumstances for that independence and it's like, they're either married or have a roommate. or they live in an apartment and paycheck to paycheck + paying a car note (sometimes people do this even while having a roomie/marriage partner). it just seems tiresome to me

No. 952791

to add to this: i think i've seen one person near my age (he was 25) with a decent apartment and a decent cashflow, but that man was working about three different jobs at once + had connections. i just couldn't do it personally

No. 952796

Tomorrow I have to screenshare with my classmates for some assignment and I'm worried about something weird popping up like imageboards or animeshit but i don't want to clear my history because I constantly need to look for something and I even had to make a stupid discord for this thing and I'm shidding my pants

No. 952797

Use another browser with no history?

No. 952799

Anon, do you know you're a sexy genius? You will always be successful. I'm dumb. Safari is RIGHT there. I love you.

No. 952802

File: 1635463542282.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.81 KB, 2047x1286, El-9nSUVgAUi3if.jpeg)

Samefag, should I change my background too? Is this weird? Would you judge a classmate you don't know for this? The group is majority scrotes too.

No. 952803

I don’t think it’s a weird background, it’s actually cute, but you could pick something else for the screenshare like a random wallpaper that pcs always got.

No. 952812

Anon some people are unable to travel or meet up for various reasons, doesn't mean it isn't important to them

No. 952814

Got looked down upon today for having three cats in a four bedroom house by someone with four medium sized dogs in a studio apartment. Same person also just can not figure out why their dogs have “anxiety” and extreme “bouts of energy” at night. Serious retardation.

No. 952819

Yesterday was my birthday. Two days ago, I reminded my friends of this when we we’re out. Not in a weird way, I was like “yeah my birthday is tomorrow and my mom called to say happy birthday.” None of them said happy birthday to me. I texted them multiple times today to see where they are/if they’re free and they left me on read. They kept ignoring me until an hour ago when my phone kept buzzing and I find them talking about some dumb shit in another group chat and I’m kind of….not pissed, but irked? I canceled other planes (my fault, I know) and they don’t even speak to me. Not even a “I’m not free” text. At least my dad called, even if he got the date wrong.

I don’t like admitting stuff like this irks me, because I’m “bigger than that” kek (I’m not). But I don’t know? My dad told me once he used to get upset when people forgot him on his birthday. Maybe it’s not something to be ashamed of.

No. 952825

Samefag but tomorrow they’re going to a concert and now they want to know if I’m going and I don’t think I’m into it anymore. Maybe I would’ve liked to go, plus there’s a bunch of annoying guys I have to contend with each time I go. I don’t know, they’ve been stuck in the same cycle, doing the same mistakes again and again, and sometimes I just feel weird with them. Especially when they bring their friends and I have to deal with their retardation.

No. 952832

What the fuck, dog people are cringe

No. 952841

What do you even do if you have a receding hairline as a woman? So fucking embarrassing. It's even more taboo than chin hairs or some shit.

No. 952846

topical minoxidil and diet rich in foods blocking DHT and 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, and pray it works

No. 952849

It's cute and I doubt anyone would care. You should change it if you're not comfortable with any remarks though.

No. 952854

This is a based background and you should be proud of your good taste anon, who cares what random people think? They probably have some weird shit as their background. JSYK you can make another user on your PC and conduct the assignment on that if you're super scared of something popping up though.

No. 952856

Get hairline surgery If you could afford it.

No. 952872

Dont check the thread don't check the thread you're gonna be tempted to take the bait dddddon't check the thread

No. 952874

>dog people are cringe

No. 952875

Hahahaha. [emoticon with pointy nose]

No. 952879

No. 952883

Especially pitbull owners. Dear little bubbles wouldn’t hurt a fly though he had 2 bite records on file.

No. 952892

File: 1635468295304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.86 KB, 421x594, 726bdfbcbeb7776e10919d7a025d13…)

Picrel is the only acceptable Pitbull

No. 952893

File: 1635468414136.jpg (26.36 KB, 540x540, unnamed.jpg)

You guys have an entire containment thread, just stay in it

No. 952907

Oh sorry I was talking about the post didn’t know it was that deep on here.

No. 952928

I don't feel bad for women who have no sense of self-preservation or desire to learn from their past experiences anymore, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that tbh. They're like children who keep putting their hand on a hot stove knowing it's going to burn them. You can't help stupid. They have to learn their lesson on their own someday.

No. 952941

Dog fuckers are a little sensitive

No. 952944

I wish I had a friend that was a girl to watch football with. Non romantically. I'm drunk and I'm sad

No. 952946

File: 1635470514321.jpg (197.34 KB, 960x818, Tomie.(Character).full.3026510…)

drinking alone again anons. Have a whole bottle of vodka to myself. Skål

No. 952949

I think she’s drinking alone anons?

No. 952953

File: 1635470795389.jpeg (29.33 KB, 560x324, 0E583880-E231-4FD3-A30F-8633FE…)

I’m literally never horny except for like the week before my period and holy shit it’s bad this time. I’m so horny my whole body hurts what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 952954

you have potent powers of observation

No. 952959

Holy shit. Telling your adult child that we're scammers and liars because you can't comprehend an insurance card. Calling the police to make us sit there for 2 hours over a fucking paint scratch while you call everyone you know when you werent even in the vehicle. UwU I'm such a hardcore criminal like mommy Karen says. You're such a victim that the big bad scammers who drive beaters with a heater prey on.

No. 952965

I don't feel sorry for Bianca Devins. She was just another pick-me they/them who enjoyed being the only girl in male spaces and getting attention from bottom tier scrotes. She was also pretty gross/racist overral and got a knife in her neck after pissing off too many psychotic incels. Seeing all of those sad ass posts about this dumb white girl when she was just another channer idiot makes my stomach turn. Rest in pieces.

No. 952967

It’s because she was white anon just another white egirl

No. 952976

It's usually not stupid it's trauma, it's self harm and self sabotage.

No. 952979

Has it gotten worse with age? In highschool it was whatever but when I went into 20s it was ooga booga I will tear your limbs off if no dildo time last night.

No. 952983

She may have been an idiot but she was a teenager ffs

No. 952986

Who cares about a 17 year old white trash ethot

No. 952988

You're not me. You will never be me. Bitch.

No. 952989

File: 1635473773885.jpeg (109.45 KB, 720x960, 25B3112A-C6A0-4750-90CB-FADA52…)

Ah shit, it’s bait. Oh well.
Reading is based

No. 952991

Why would I want to be u

No. 952997

I know what you're trying to do.

No. 953005

Do what I just commended on the original Bianca’s post

No. 953010

Don't feel bad anon, I'm four years older than you and have no degree, no license and no place of my own. You're gonna get there at your own pace.

No. 953087

It should bother you and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Your feelings are normal and justified and your friends are shit, if you can even call them friends at this point. Don't pay them any mind. You deserve better friends. Happy belated birthday anon.

No. 953091

when you’re jealous about a 17 year old child be killed by an insane scrote

No. 953103

i remember when she was infamous on tumblr for sending gore to people and this is when she was 14. if it wasn’t that incel who killed her, it would’ve been something else, she has always been a terrible person.

No. 953129

Do you have a link or article to the sending gore at 14 part?

No. 953136

hello scrote and/or high schooler

No. 953138

or, hear me out
maybe whitetrash ass parents should teach their fucking children better
and maybe it isn't a child's fault when they get murdered, maybe it's the adults around them who consistently failed them
also, you think she would have killed someone? she's a she, retard, we don't do that

No. 953139

File: 1635479063967.png (18.54 KB, 96x96, ITSOVER.png)

insomniac anon here
in the past 4 days i have slept…………..17 hours? and that was only in 2 days of sleep. i did not sleep for 2 days then slept for 14 hours. and then i slept 3 hours last night. and now i cannot sleep again. i am suffering. SUFFERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

No. 953140

Do you take any form of sleep aid like melatonin?

No. 953141

Bitches that base their personality on rotating anime girls/drawings. That's it. That's the vent.
Very "What fictional character am I basing my personality on this month" type bitches. Like jesus christ I am begging you to develop a personality, an individual interest, anything that isn't uwu internet like this 2d girl so I am going to skinwalk her until the next one comes along so I can get retarded likes from people that eventually fall off.
Read a book, eat a tomato, pick up a fucking hobby or something to cut the umbilical chord.

No. 953142

she clearly meant that bianca would've been killed by someone else for fucking around too much anyway

how can you struggle to sleep, lol? i don't get insomnia. just close your eyes and clear your mind.

No. 953143

File: 1635479332141.png (8.54 KB, 96x91, 870401904759439432.png)

i took it last night. and slept……..3 hours!@ 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!
damn fuck i wish i had thought of that earlier anon. thank you so much. i will try closing my eyes hahaa!! man….i wish i had thought of that 12 years ago!!! hehe…

No. 953144

I’m kinda in the same situation. It fucking sucks. Melatonin didn’t work for 3 days and I was up till 4am every night. Good luck anon

No. 953146

Serious question, have you tried edibles yet?
I am also on Trazadone (hey sis) and sometimes when the pills run out I'll take half a gummy and it usually gets me cozy enough to fall asleep fine.

No. 953150

File: 1635479544855.jpg (89.67 KB, 696x695, 3250b1c22d28a3b4951c94ca58fb23…)

I hate it when they pick Tomie. The opposite of a crybaby uwu pickme. As if bitch.

No. 953151

fellow sufferer here, trazadone will tear your ass the fuck wide open, stop taking it, tell your doctor to give you a referral for a sleep study so you can actually get treated
I don't know why they make sleep a fucking inaccessible human right, but there you go
melatonin is snake oil and trazadone dries out every gland you have and still doesn't even make you sleep

No. 953152

melatonin just makes me feel like a bobblehead and then i have nightmares so bad they wake me up after 3-4 hours. hehe lol……fuck
i've tried d8 edibles. they make me very anxious. drinking 1 white claw helps tbh. i don't drink at all so just having a little bit of alcy is enough to make me tiredish. but i hate drinking kek it feels like im being an obese FUCK even though its just one FUCKING CAN. maybe actual weed edibles would help idfk…….but d8 made me so fucked up kek but weed kinda does the same shit i am just not well suited to drugging tbh

No. 953155

wdym you slept for three hours, can't you just go back to sleep when you wake up smh.

No. 953160

can you elaborate on trazodone drying out your glands? what do you mean nona. i'm spooked. my doc offered me a sleep study but i usually only sleep at like sporadic hours (like about 3-5 hours from 6am-noon) so i did not think i would even get any relevant information from a sleep study bc i wouldn't be able to…..sleep
literally, no. i cannot. lol
i try and try and try and try and try and try and i cannot fall asleep. and of course that isn't until i also roll around for hours on end to even fall asleep. but then. BUT THEN!!! you wake up after 3 hours. still exhausted. and still. AND STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT FALL BACK ASLEEP! WHAT the fuck. just kill me.

No. 953163

lmao how do you struggle to do the thing every human does every single day lmaooo like just lay down and relax bro

No. 953164

File: 1635479977310.png (10.81 KB, 96x96, STUPID FUCK.png)


No. 953166

have you tried closing your eyes?

No. 953167

bitch stfu

No. 953169

File: 1635480053170.jpg (6.46 KB, 203x248, oreganogummies.jpg)

If you ever decide to try them this is the bag I am trying to work my way through, the taste is a little eh but half of one is usually enough.
I used to really make fun of stoners, still do actually since this is just for my emergencies, but any harbor in a storm, you know?

No. 953171

means exactly what it sounds like; you get miserably constipated, can't breathe through your nose, dry mouth, dry eye, dry vagina, fucking hemorrhoids from the giant bone-dry logs it makes you shit, etc etc
it sucks. sucky ass medication.
Not sleeping during a sleep study is actually just as informative as sleeping; ie: they have proof you don't sleep right, and must require some sort of aid

No. 953189

look up edgecult (there’s even a kiwifarms thread). the callouts probably won’t make sense since it’s retarded kin drama so don’t say i didn’t warn you lol

what >>953142 said, funnily enough her mother was contacted about all the stupid online drama and she was kept off the internet for a few months. what i’m saying is this was years before she got murdered but she still found herself back in even worse online communities. what happened to her just seemed pretty inevitable

No. 953200

okay this makes sense kek i already have dry skin and whatnot but i have felt it amplified even moreso after starting it but i haven't taken it TOO MUCH…only like 7 or so pills (i only got prescribed it like a few weeks ago but i dont take it ALOT)
but i didn't know that about sleep studies. i was just afraid that i would get no useful information. i will bring it up to my doctor thank you anonny. it sucks that like…almost every sleep aid has really shitty side effects

No. 953202

>do my best to ignore so many stupid fucking farmer posts lately
>nothing is done about these annoying posters
>finally snap at one for responding to me and being an asshat unprovoked for the umpteenth time that I've let shit go before

No. 953204

the good news is, once you've had the sleep study, that like, basically unlocks the 'real' sleep aids, which in my experience, have waaay better results, which is to say, they actually work at all
good luck, nonny

No. 953210

>she had death coming because she pissed him off by being a pickme
If only we'd feel the same indifference for murdered men who pissed off the wrong women who they played their games on.
Bianca died because she denied the guy the puss.
Men have collectively stolen years from women's lives, their finances, their domestic labors, and have been subjected to their hot and cold player games and infidelity. Maybe they ought to have cut their balls off and shit down their throats before lighting them on fire to put out with their piss.
If only women were as needlessly and unpredictably violent as men for even a fraction of the crimes they put us through. Maybe then we would be the ones telling them to be careful and not piss us off lest they get what they deserve.

No. 953211

Anons who get the fuck offended with the word “hate.” Sorry that you need a safe space. Ignore the thread and stop snitching. These are the kinds of girls to snitch to HR because no one likes her and ignores her for being a bitch. We love that!! I’m just salty. Hey y’all

No. 953212

Sorry no one liked your thread, can you stop sperging about “snitches”

No. 953213

Make a general thread for North America?

No. 953215

There’s one anon who will just ban it.

No. 953216

I said snitch twice. Sorry(don't use emojis)

No. 953221

I am going to report my neighbors for still having a firepit in my neighborhood that doesn't allow them. I already reported them once but they still have it, weeks later. I bet they have used it again. Backstory, other units have burned down from a fire and our units are all connected and fires aren't allowed.

No. 953224

Your threads got banned because they clog up an already slow board and will attract /pol/ and /int/faggots based on the subject name. No one would have cared if you made a general North America thread. You sound like a fucking newfag though so try lurking more before making shitty threads.

No. 953225

>anon will just ban it

No. 953228

Not my fault this is a dying breed.

No. 953229

It’s such a contradiction when YouTube/online “political” figures call troons (ftms mostly) by their “correct” pronoun. Why are you calling a man a she?

No. 953231

She is a newfag, peep the emoji.

No. 953232

>using emojis
Are you drunk

No. 953233

VPN ❤️(emoji)

No. 953234

Sorry for party rocking(emoji)

No. 953236

File: 1635484145850.gif (849.61 KB, 220x140, wonoid-bree.gif)

No. 953237

Happy late birthday nona
It's not really something you can make a big deal of, but it's not weird to be upset by it. I think friends should try to remember birthdays. It's not hard to put it in a calendar and send a text,especially if you're told just a few days ahead of time. It can mean a lot to people.

No. 953238

Do it. Your safety and that of the others living there is more important.

No. 953240

I just called 911 because a car slammed into a tree across the street. The driver fucking RAN AWAY, like as fast as they could. Probably drunk. I feel more worried about the tree though. Hope it's not all slashed up, it's a really pretty tree with beautiful orange leaves.

No. 953241


anon, here are my tried and true tricks:

>if you wake up in the middle of the night, DO NOT look at the time. I mean it. Even if you're using your phone real quick for something, DO NOT LOOK AT THE TIME. Turn all alarm clocks away from the bed.

>move to a new sleeping area if possible (couch, guest bed, hell even just a blanket/pillow nest in a new room)

>listen to a boring podcast while you're trying to fall asleep. it will distract your anxious thoughts without being too stimulating to keep you awake.

No. 953242

there's an entire community of lesbian radfem fujos on twitter and i want to break in, but i've argued with quite a few of them in the past (and a lot have me blocked on my main crypto account for this reason).
i wish i could have been honest with myself and not pretended to be a hand-maiden for so long

No. 953246

you must suffer from sociopathy or have a legitimate mental illness that stops you from being able to have empathy if you think Bianca Devins "deserved" it. Women on the internet are demonized all the time, but the men that interact with them, groom them or encourage them to hurt themselves are never held responsible. If you cannot understand that humans change and that in your early 20's you are vulnerable and still a child there's something wrong with you in the head. People wouldn't hold the hundreds of 30-40 year old incels that run in those circles accountable for anything. It's always the ebil roasties manipulating them, the men cannot be held responsible for their actions or shortcomings because their actions and shortcomings are caused by women. Of course women are at Fault! Men are just victims and cannot be held responsible for their atrocities because of course they were in the end caused by women influencing them to do those things

No. 953250

Shut up already

No. 953252

i already do the first one. i've tried the 3rd one but it energizes me too much and i can't sleep. i've never tried the 2nd one but i usually cant sleep unless im in a familiar place. i may try it though cause why the hell not

No. 953253

also not sleeping is starting to give me CHEST PAIN FUCK!!!!!!!!!

No. 953255

I can’t sleep, eat, think or get up from bed. I have only one person in my mind constantly, I’m so crazy about her but she no longer loves me. I can’t talk things out with her because she doesn’t like talking things out and she’s already moved on a couple days after, we’ve been a thing for a decade….what can I do to stop the pain? I can’t take it anymore it hurts so much and I can’t stop blacking out and hurting myself.

No. 953256

this place has been full of scrotes

No. 953258

not everyone who disagrees with you is a scrote, dumbfuck

No. 953260

Or just a cunt who thinks she's clever because she discovered what a vpn is. Either way she's unitegrated as fuck and doesn't realize how annoying she is. Wish she'd go back to pickmeing on discord for attention or whatever, her style is better suited there.

No. 953261

did you just make up an imaginary person to be mad at

No. 953264

Nta but scroll up a bit

No. 953300

>[interest] in 2021? come here so i can laugh at you
how should i have responded to this? i just said "some things are timeless" and kept moving but it actually really bothered me

No. 953307

Honestly responding with kind ignorance always makes the other person feel absolutely fucking stupid.
>What's wrong with xyz?
>[insert them wasting their time explaining what's wrong with it]
>hmm well I never really see that. I enjoy it though!

No. 953318


No. 953322

this is genius. thank you nonnie

No. 953324

File: 1635490869688.jpeg (399.93 KB, 1170x1955, 2316C110-7AAF-478B-9EFE-BDDE1F…)


No. 953326

i am not alive

No. 953331


hi, nona. this pain is temporary. stop projecting your worst fears that she's already "moved on". if you're not talking to her then you have no way of knowing what she's feeling.

you need to start caring for yourself in little ways. can you get up and get a drink of water? can you splash some water on your face? eat a little simple food? just a few bites. you will come back to life, I promise.

No. 953332


then how did u type this?

No. 953339

The joy of waiting to see if anyone will actually give a fuck about my cry for help.

No. 953360

Why do people type out these long genuine responses to obvious racebait? Are they looking for an excuse to talk about this shit, or can they really not tell when someone’s fucking with them

No. 953378

there are a lot of twitter newfags, look at art-salt thread. its the same anons who are seething over someone being white.

No. 953390

My personality is Nagito Komaeda.

No. 953392

I realised, what American Psycho is to scrotes is what Tomie is to thots

No. 953414

Heh just realised the pun in OP
Good job, I kekked

No. 953441

why do mods transport to any thread where someone uses an emoji to permaban them as soon as they feel the disturbance in the force but let racebait by retarded LA troglodytes and twitfags continue for days on end across the boards? it's absurd

No. 953445

File: 1635503184255.jpg (59.28 KB, 564x554, 3b6763f110eb2df091a4a5e4f1a3d8…)

I am a boring person, I have no friends and a bf that doesn't really do anything with me. I hate life and I feel alone but yet relationships sound like effort I don't want to deal with. I cry every night because I know I will probably die alone. Halloween is making me more depressed because I don't have anyone to hang out with.
I hope everyone has a good Halloween though

No. 953543

The male claim that females find fulfillment through motherhood and sexuality reflects what males think they’d find fulfilling if they were female.

No. 953547

They're retarded and don't listen

No. 953554

What's the pun?

No. 953567

I hope you can find the energy to talk to people.
Years ago I made good online friends that got me through those feelings. Maybe try to find a hobby group/ discord for something you enjoy doing. I'm sure you're not as boring as you say or think.

No. 953568

a friend of mine keeps telling me that hes going to kill himself and threatens it almost every day. he's been giving me a lot of anxiety and i do't know what to do, he keeps sieving out conflict and when people react accordingly he gets angryand begins telling me that he's going to do it. he doesn't have any other friends except for me but he really only talks to me when he's threatening me. i know this is extremely stupid and i should just stop talking to him but i'm honestly scared that he might do it (he has done it before, he's sent me pictures of his self-harm cuts and shit like that). i've got a whole lot of shit on my plate that i need to deal with and it's just adding on.

No. 953569

Let him, one less pitying moid

No. 953570

He is harassing you. Tell him to call a mental help line instead. Then block his number.

No. 953573

when I was in high school some girl got mad at me and said I fucked dogs even though I didn't even have one at the time. I brought this up to my mom as an example of why I assume everyone thinks the worst of me, because my peers were so willing to accept this baseless lie, she had a look on her face like it all clicked in her head and that she believed it too. Now she has a new dog and I think she isn't letting me alone with him because she's worried I'm going to do something to him. She gets weird and hesitant when I ask to go over and play with him so he doesn't have all the pent up energy of being "cooped up inside" like my mom was concerned about in the first place. I wish I could leave and go places where people don't assume I'm into fucked up shit. I'm just an idiot that people dupe and lie about. I feel like an idiot because my ex came out and made it seem like it was my fault for being too stupid to realize he was using heroin. the people in my life are just so fucked up. I'm the normal one and it's just pointless to live like this. this post is going to make me look fucking cowish but whatever. I'm so sick of everyone. people take little pieces of me and replicate them so they can perform aspects of my person, vilifying me simultaneously and bastardizing my genuine values and the (in the true sense of the word) aesthetic associated therein. I hate people more than anything and I hate that there's no way to prove I won't fuck a dog other than to fuck away from the dog and I like the dog! he's cute and friendly and likes to be with me. none of my relationships with people have ever been wholesome or genuine. I find comfort and relief in the relationships I have with animals. for someone to sexualize that like my shitty mom has done my whole life, pushing "boyfriends" and "being pretty" onto me as a child, warping my idea of self worth, just to demoralize me by silently accusing me of FUCKING the creature I find to be the embodiment of innocence fills me with such rage that I don't even know what to do. fuck people. fuck everyone. I hate living my life.

No. 953574

Do you think that sounds like someone who would actually go through with it? To me it sounds like an attention seeker and/or someone who enjoys manipulating and scaring you.

No. 953575

Also samefag, but put yourself first. You're not his therapist. He has the internet at his finger tips to find the resources he needs to get help.

No. 953577

Why do you think you're boring? Because you can't keep conversations going with people? I used to think similarly, but realized a good amount of people just talk about inane shit that's hard to actually make a conversation out of. Dunno, I feel like most people are actually boring too, but they don't let it get to them and give up.

No. 953592

My god this sounds like the same exact shit I’ve been going through. Right down to the baseless rumors. My mother however told me I deserved the rumors and lies being spread about me.

No. 953597

I had this impossible crush on one of my classmates and even though it hurt a little that it was never going to happen, I was completely fine with just being her friend.
However, yesterday he kept going on about how men are better than women just to take the piss out of me, whatever, but then he made a very blatantly misogynistic joke. I don't care if he was trying to be iROnIc in his mind, I never thought he would be retarded enough to make one of those jokes.
So thanks scrote for killing the only crush I had right now, it's kind of freeing, but also fuck you for having the humor of a 5-year-old

No. 953601

My mom is like that too. I'm sorry for you. You can't win

No. 953606

As cringe as it is I want to be married. I don’t want kids. I just want my other half, you know? I want a soul mate or someone I can be comfortable and intimate with and someone whose arms can be a second home.

But I turned 32 and I’m single. And I feel like I’ve hit a wall with dating. I work the typical 9-5 and don’t have set days off. So it’s hard to make plans and usually on my day off I’m so exhausted from work I stay in or I go to the grocery store and back.

Online dating is terrible and you basically have to pay to date because some apps Ive tried out simple things like preferences behind a mother fucking paywall. Not to mention they rely heavily on pictures as a first impression and I only get different flavors of white guys holding up the same fucking fish or posing next to a white truck who like my profiles.

Also not to mention half of the profiles that like you turn out to be bots anyways. I really dunno what to do. I’m really lonely. And it feels pathetic that I feel this way. I cry and go into a panic attack sometimes thinking I’m going to die alone. I already feel old af. And idk I feel like being single and inexperienced at my age is a red flag and no one will give me a chance unless they’re scrotes looking for a trad wife, or a mommy replacement.

I just don’t want to be alone.

No. 953611

Same boat but a few years younger and a permanent NEET. I think we just need to come to terms with being alone and forming friendships instead. My grandma’s husband died when she was forty and she lived the rest of her life alone. She travelled a lot and was friends with all her neighbours. I don’t think her life was bad or a waste at all.

No. 953612

What are your hobbies anon or would you be willing to pick up new hobbies? Is there anything you feel strongly about and feel like you'd want to be an activist perhaps? Trying to participate in hobbyist meetings and so would help you big time in meeting a person that would not be superficial online dater.

No. 953615

i'm annoyed at myself for gaining so much weight i'm now a size fucking 20
i used to be size 14 at the start of uni but in three years i gained 20kg :/ i fucking hate it here
i even tried to get help because my eating habits are fucked up and i rely too much on food so i think i may have binge eating disorder or disordered eating in general but i never got a referral

i'm now 90kg and i hate it so much
the heaviest i was was 97 and i don't want to go back

in lockdown i was loosing weight and at one point i was at 80kg and i really thought i was onto something there but i guess not :(

sorry for ranting(newfag)

No. 953626

Girl same, but younger living in the middle of fucking nowhere

Time to get some new hobbies, it's the only thing that keeps the loneliness away

No. 953633

I do art sometimes. Nothing spectacular, and no where near willing to show off. I did try to go to an local art show gathering hoping to make a connection but all the guys were… soy flavored. Fat manletts and such. And any woman there was already there with someone else. I ended up talking like three times and drank one hard cider and left before the venue ended. It was so discouraging. Lol.

No. 953640

I feel like such a mistake and burden I think I have no choice but to kill myself finally. I have had ARFID my whole life. Tried treatment servers times but that not getting any better. I fucked up this semester or uni which delays graduation and all the plans I had attached fo that schedule. I have my license but I’m too anxious to drive anywhere. One day someone is going to get sick of me for all these things.

I have an amazing boyfriend but, he could so easily find someone better. The gap would fill. Same with my friends, The only person that I don’t feel expendable to is my mum but she won’t live forever. I’m so tired, so unwell and just want to stop feeling like a burden and be able to rest finally. I have no where else I can be honest.

No. 953642

Ahh I'm not surprised kinda, art shows are very specific. Have you tried researching things like plein art or figure drawing meetups? Since these are more "pro-active" and not just "fancy social gathering" like art shows, there would be a chance to meet someone more normal perhaps

No. 953659

File: 1635521483411.jpg (63.94 KB, 700x933, 5eac21e047fd7_UZV6qPv__700.jpg)

We attracted a stray cat to our home–scratch that, we've spotted many strays around our property–yet this is the only one who consistently comes back every night. She really likes to sleep a lot on our bench because it's cozy, but she's clearly anxious around us and if she notices us, or if we get too close, she runs away and hides until she thinks we're gone again.
I watch her a lot on my Ring camera, which is how I know she spends so much time on our bench. She's a young adult at least.

My husband thinks we should feed her because he's got cat fever and wants to adopt her but idk.
I haven't been able to have my own cat in over a literal decade (the closest I got was buying one and its supplies for an abusive ex who tried to triangulate his affection with the cat against me and threatened to kill me if I took it when I broke up with him).
When I finally do get a cat, I either want to buy a kitten or adopt the most socialized cat I can find because I all I want is a pet that actually likes me.
In my experience strays (and barn cats) that I've had from my childhood are never social and are often temperamental. If you bring them inside, which is what I'd want for our pet cat, they always caterwaul for the outdoors and escape any chance they get because that's where they want to be.
I don't know if he has experience with strays, but just because one feeds a stray doesn't mean it will trust or like people. Some just eat and run and then poop/spray in the yard to mark the territory that feeds it.

I told him we should see if she adjusts to having us around and not running away before giving her any food. He's guilting me about the weather getting colder but…if anything we should trap her and take her to a no kill shelter if it were really so dire. We live in the south, it won't get north-cold with snow. He just wants a cat. I do too but fuck me I just want to have it my way for once.

No. 953677

Can't you do both? He gets his stray cat, you get your kitten.

No. 953678

Hey, he may be chipped and an owner is looking for him. Maybe he’s been away from home for a while. Please take him to the vet, so they can check for a chip and see if there is a owner missing their sweet cat.

No. 953679

suicidebaiting is not a vent

No. 953686

Listening to men talking about porn is so exhausting, oh my god. Especially if they try to prop themselves up as a good guy because they "only watch it once, maybe twice a week at most uwu". You stupid fucking bitch even before I started to read up on porn and was on the choice feminism train I thought once a week was pathetically often and that there had to be something seriously wrong with you to be whacking it to strangers fucking on your screen on a weekly basis. I said men in the beginning, but hearing other women starting to argue that "women watch porn too, and that's completely fine!" makes me want to smother myself with a pillow just as much. It's all so sad, I hope they off themselves in Skyrim.

No. 953688

I'd have more respect for them if they would just admit they were addicted.

No. 953692