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File: 1628157331352.png (469.84 KB, 616x297, ex-jvloggers 10.PNG)

No. 166355

Previous thread

Some milk summarized from the previous thread:
>Queen Sharla and King Chris have been secretly dating since at least 2019, clues are all over the place. Currently doing a very shit job of hiding it.
>Norm is creepier than ever. Has a secret sugar-mommy wife and hāfu child, can never be seen with his family and gives the impression of being single. ​Also known for aggressive outbursts and sockpuppet shenanigans.
>Emma is still having monthly breakdowns but is able to make and edit videos about it.
>Tokyo Creative vloggers trying to stay afloat, now with less budget, less consistent quality videos, but maybe most importantly less Okano-backstabbery.
>Mimei, Kim Dao, Bii.. lost and forgotten?

Taylor, Aki and some other Jvloggers may have their own thread, please post your (non-)milk in their corresponding threads!

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No. 166413

Kind of miss when Taylor was still in Japan and everyone had their mean girls arc. All the ex-jvloggers don’t do anything anymore, it’s so boring

No. 166572

It's been 3+ weeks since Sharla posted anything to YT. Very curious about the mental/editing/narrative gymnastics she will now be doing since she will be full-time living with (or at least very close to) Chris. This is the only time I've been interested in her channel in years.

No. 166602


That’s because they’re all in their thirties and trying to grow up. Back then Youtube was popping off and so was the Jvlogger thing. Now it’s so so common to see Japan this and that videos. Those girls were this circle of drama that people just loved to tune in and watch. We should all be thanking Dakota Rose because Taylor would’ve never botched herself up if Koot hadn’t of become a japanese viral blonde dolly that made it in the news. Taylor just wanted the same opportunities and attention. Yeah she did modelling and was pretty before she got her work done but she’s tall and she looks like a chipmunk now. Then she turned to YouTube, latched off other Jvloggers and Venus Angelic before dumping her and flaunted her rich Chinese husband.

Those were the days sighhhhh

No. 166628

File: 1628366580877.png (958.58 KB, 1032x796, tokidokihairstylist.png)

Emma is back with a new hairstyle. Gotta I like how she decorated her "new" apartment so far. Didn't like the Marzia Furby tho

No. 166659

File: 1628383647233.jpg (396.56 KB, 1024x768, EMU1.jpg)

I like Emma ~ Emm/ ~ Em// ~ Emu/ ~

No. 166666

I havent watched her since she started dating some long distanced guy and moved in with him, but damn she looks super old here. New hair is nice

No. 166830

File: 1628478382311.png (973.62 KB, 2048x1539, Screenshot_20210809-034444.png)

Apparently Sharla didn't realize that her personal pictures were visible to the camera.

No. 166834


where is this from?

No. 166843

Guru Gossip

No. 166851

if true, why are they so evasive about their relationship? is there something theoretically wrong with them as a couple? i’m happy for the it’s true, everyone deserves love.

No. 166857

This was mentioned in the previous thread as well, but was brushed off because of no evidence.

People should really screenshot stuff like this.

No. 166872

it strikes me as a bit ridiculous to be honest, the lengths they go to hide it. i sort of get why chris might want to keep things secret but it makes way more sense to just have it as an open secret kind of thing, where they keep things hidden to some degree by not openly addressing their relationship, but they won't outright deny it either. having to scrub every trace of your relationship every time you make a slip up just seems exhausting & it's clearly a problem they've been running into a few times now

No. 166888

sharla just got done going public with her divorce and you can tell it was really hard for her. if she was public with chris then that means if they break up she will have to go through that again. makes sense she would keep it dl just in case.

No. 166893

Yeah people demanding they go public are being massively fucking weird about it. If sharla made fun of YouTube couples or played the “I’m so single gaiz” card I’d see it as milk, but this is literal definition of “mad over nothing”

No. 166913

Right!? Sharla has always been super private about her romantic life. I don’t remember her ever showing her ex husband’s face on her vids, snd she didn’t talk about the divorce until she had moved back to Japan.

Some people don’t want their relationships to be super public, and that is okay. Refreshing, even.

No. 166942

But since they are both known vloggers on Youtube it is obviously going to be noticed that they share living quarters and everything else; hiding this relationship is futile.

No. 166948

File: 1628559042996.png (1.81 MB, 2048x1751, Screenshot_20210810-022409.png)

I guess Chris was the reason she was in Sendai quite often.

No. 166960

Anyone else super irritated by Paolo?
I used to really like his channel. Since the baby, alot of videos on his main channel ended up just being about the baby.. The Day In The Life content is awesome. Baby stuff, eh, wish he would keep it to the tokyo zebra channel.

No. 166962

Maybe Chris & Sharla aren't going public bc they think their relationship won't work out?

What are the odds they last anyway?
He will get bored soon enough and go for someone less lazy, smarter & skinnier.
Not that it would be hard.
Don't know why Chris gets teased on his weight when Sharla is around.

No. 166964


She tried really hard to get her husband in her videos and she was pushing him to show his face, you can see it in the videos at that time. She even announced she will show her face in the next video (for real not the nails thing) but suddenly he was sick and never happened.

Sharla wanted pretty badly to make couple videos and she managed to make some even if he was not showing his face because he didn't want to.

No. 166966

> hiding this relationship is futile.
I mean Chris did a pretty good job hiding his crazy weeaboo ex by rarely mentioning her, so maybe they’re doing it for good reason

No. 166968

I was slightly annoyed by him but since the baby, he’s become insufferable. See vid related, his wife gave birth and a social worker came to do a wellness check, and he has the gall to ask “aren’t you gonna ask about how i’m doing?” Even jokingly, pushing a baby out of your vag vs losing sleep as a dad is not the same thing.

He also keeps in spats with his wife over the stupidest shit in the vlogs and it’s just gross.

No. 166974

Tbh I sometimes get the feeling they are well aware the public knows they are dating and that it's all obvious, but are using the secrecy as a publicity thing. Hence for the occasional breadcrumb they leave. People are suddenly more interested and inspecting their (old) videos, that's good for their channels.

Sharla strikes me as a person who would like to show off relationship/couple stuff. Especially when in comparison her other YT girlfriends are open about things and are even starting a family. Chris not so much tho, his online persona where he interacts with people is all about being some sort of Top Gear-esque cynical bro, doing cool stuff for a somewhat more male audience. It's possible he doesn't know how to insert the announcement on his side of YT, because he's such a perfectionist and control freak when it comes about his branding, it would not match his channels and he is afraid of something like that. He doesn't like the image of being a vlogger, he sees himself as a filmmaker.

No. 166977

File: 1628583538844.jpg (137.85 KB, 1080x586, 20210810_101557.jpg)

Yeah that was fake milk. Lily is not dating anyone and has been single for 3 years. I sometimes wonder if she really moved on after Chris dumped her.

No. 166983


I can't believe he gave Wolverine as a part of his kid's name lmao
it's even a hard word for japanese people to pronounce, what a way to fuck your kid
plus the kid has a kirakira first name 'taiga'

If he wanted the 'wolfie' nickname, just go with Wolfgang. If the superhero concept is so important, then why not use wolverine's real name "Logan", and even then still you could call the kid "wolfie" as a nod to the character and I think people would get it

No. 166999

wow. you sound so bitter.

anyway I agree with anyone else. I think not going public with it is a smart decision so far… apparently as the relationship progresses it seems to get more difficult but so far the huge public doesn't know yet and therefore don't comment stupid shit on it. Can you imagine how annoying the fans will get if the majority knows about this?

No. 167000

I much rather think maybe they let things slip so it slowly gets public? And they don't need to do an awkward announcement since they have been dating for approx. 2 years?

No. 167008

Taiga is not a kirakira name.

No. 167009

iirc from the last thread it's kirakira bc they used the character for tiger 虎 (tora) but with the pronunciation taiga, instead of a name that just reads as taiga.
i feel pretty bad for the kid honestly, it's bad enough as a western name but having to explain your name being wolverine in japanese seems annoying

No. 167014

File: 1628611262530.png (754.43 KB, 2048x1374, Screenshot_20210810-164634.png)

Seems she is dating someone.

No. 167015

That post is from 28th of July.. she decided she was single again 9th of August? Lol

No. 167019

Who cares about this woman? Lily are you posting? Do you want to push your YT channel with 1k followers? I see you do onsen videos now too?

No. 167031

Can you all go back to Guru Gossip please? No one cares about Sharla and Chris or their ex partners

No. 167037

actually some of us nosy bitches do find it amusing, anon

No. 167061

they can stay they just need to stop hiding behind moralfagging, just say you want them to bump uglies

No. 167242

i want them to bump uglies -
something tells me it would be the most boring bumping of uglies ever though

No. 167333

Literally what is Emma talking about in this video? Like I don't understand

No. 167370

File: 1628811328533.jpg (67.32 KB, 880x660, Happy-Cats__880.jpg)

I unironically believe Chris and Sharla make a really cute couple, although part of me is jelly because I've always liked Chris.

Genuinely don't get why you guys are mad about it. Chris seems like one of the few jvloggers who is actually a genuinely moral person, and Sharla just went through an awful divorce. In the Instagram pic with both of them where she says he's the reason she came to Japan, she looks really happy. From the heart.

No. 167382

The only one who is mad about it is Chris's ex Lily, who spilled the beans on them in the previous thread.
And has been posting bitter comments about them .
No one else cares.

No. 167388

His gf was on the trip to Korea with him when that pic was taken.
Also the whole "you're the reason I came to Japan" thing was a joke between them.
He mentioned watching her vids before he came to Japan.

No. 167393

File: 1628820122181.png (1.06 MB, 2048x996, Screenshot_20210813-024954.png)

He commented the same thing to Rachel and Jun.

No. 167395

JFC it's not about if they're a good match or not, it's about how fucking WEIRD they are about their relationship and hiding it FFS

Why can't they just be real with people

No. 167405

Have R&J ever done anything milky? They seem completely innocuous.

No. 167407

Eh, if they don't want to share that much of their personal life, who cares? I mean obviously some anons do kek but it's not weird to keep some of their life private. If they're dating good for them, I like them both and think it would be cute.

No. 167411

sort of tangentially related but my friend happened to be getting her hair done at the same salon as Rachel a couple of years ago. apparently the moment the camera was off she was not nearly as friendly as she appears

No. 167431

> Why can't they just be real with people

Are you genuinely special needs and retarded? You’re asking why influencers whose main schtick is putting up an ideal front, aren’t being “real” enough?

No. 167432

Unrelated but I genuinely don’t understand why 76nalu invests in so much free promo to YouTubers. Is their clientele really just foreigners? Omotesando has so many just as good salons for more reasonable prices,

No. 167451

At first I thought this was a coming out video then she started talking about 'missing something and looking for it in other places' and I got confused

No. 167453

Why do some many of these intercultural marriages jvloggers get into seem to end in divorce so quickly?

No. 167462


I know Mira is a total cunt but Rachel and Jun throwing her under the bus like that to me was really bitchy. They’re not entirely innocent as they make out. Why not confront Mira privately?

I never liked Mira and I don’t like R&J either to be honest. They’re so carbonated and wooden like with no personality.

They only got popular because a basic white chick was marrying a Japanese man because at the time AMWF relationships were big in trend and Japan vlogging was just taking off.

Now they’d never reach popularity by today’s standards.

No. 167463


they never are

No. 167465


People are just laughing because these weeb Japan youtubers all date each other and cause the most amount of drama.

I doubt Sharla would be able to stand living in England. Chris just comes across as a patronising cunt in my eyes. He started off funny now he’s annoying.

No. 167473

The owner is married to Cheesie, so I guess they think promoting through bloggers will get them business. Went once and found the whole place very unprofessional and overpriced with mediocre hair results

No. 167476

Sharla and Chris seem like the least drama ridden of all of them. At least by the car wreck standards we're dealing with.

No. 167484

I remember that trend. You could literally get popular just by having a Japanese boyfriend.

I think that's why so many jvloggers produce shit content. They never really had to work for subs and their entire schtick was gimmicky and talentless from the start.

No. 167485

Rachel has a reputation among jvloggers of not being very friendly (see the early jvlogger threads from like 6 years ago when the kanadajin stuff went down) and got a nosejob but never talked about it outside of a single youtube comment one time (where she claimed she couldn't breathe and HAD to get a nosejob). they're also clearly making kind of shitty low-quality youtube content recently just for sponsorships to pay for their house, but that's not very milky.

No. 167498

yeah I went too and it was so bad… made an appointment off a japanese website, they tried charging me more even though I prepaid and then while they were doing my hair took a walk in and made me wait to finish

No. 167515

was shortly discussed last thread… nobody knows.

No. 167516

Maybe they just want a private relationship? I don't they're being weird at all… just to people in their 30s in a relationship. Grow up.

No. 167524


Chris and Sharla are so boring and basic. It's hilarious how Chris thinks he's this edgy cynic. He's a puffball with like no real edge to him whatsoever. He is so ignorant of most of the things he talks about, his knowledge is so surface level. His last video about architecture actually shocked me because he did actual research.
The two of them together are like the relationship equivalent of a yawn. I just think it's weird that they go to such lengths to hide it from their subs. It's like parents who are afraid for their kids to find out they have sex.

No. 167530

Chris and Sharla are so boring and basic. It's hilarious how Chris thinks he's this edgy cynic. He's a puffball with like no real edge to him whatsoever. He is so ignorant of most of the things he talks about, his knowledge is so surface level.

No need to repeat yourself.

No. 167534

I think he might be way more edgy off camera. Gotta keep it family friendly on the old youtube so he won't lose his monetization

No. 167536

no need to waste a post being a pedant

No. 167544

Chris is basically a knock-off Jeremy Clarkson in Japan. But you've got to understand the quality of his competition are mostly women whose "content" still consists of eating whacky flavored Japanese snacks and whose marketing is basically "I have an Asian boyfriend please pay attention to me".

When looking at that competition he's Anthony Bourdain by comparison simply by virtue of having some comedic timing and actually bothering to go on trips that aren't Cat Island or some novelty value cafe.

No. 167545


True but I think the Jvlogger dream is well and truly been milked to death now.

No. 167546

Also I'd like them to acknowledge their relationship and do a couple vlog simply because it makes a change from white weeb dude/girl with Japanese girlfriend/boyfriend. I've always wanted to watch a normal expat couple vlog about their lives as an expat couple rather than creepy weebs who want to specifically marry someone of another race because they have a fetish. And as far as I can make out this doesn't really exist among jvloggers?

No. 167548

i thought his competition was more john daub (before he got his channel stolen)

No. 167549

SydSnap and Gigguk are not Japanese, they are an ex-pat married couple who are JVloggers

I mean, they're both weebs, but neither of them is Japanese

No. 167550

Only channel I've seen is kyde & eric, an American couple.

No. 167552

>Go to SydSnap and Gigguks YouTube
>First video is "I made oppai ramen!"

These people are truly subhuman. Thanks for reminding me why Abroad in Japan and Life Where I'm From are the only two worth watching.

No. 167561

yeah cool. i was just trying to make the point that there are coupled j-vloggers that aren't "white dude/girl who needed to mate with japanese person"

i acknowledged they were weebs. i never said they had good content

No. 167569

Unrelated to your post but in the same vein, I came across this youtube channel from youtube recs. Tl;dw an american disney fanatic couple(japanese mother, military father) living in Japan and constantly doing weeb shit.

Seems innocent, but the more you watch, the more fucked it is. They constantly do kujis as a side business, but they also keep a shit ton of merch as well, so their home looks like a hoarder hell. They even record and make their kids do kujis. Often times they buy out 2+ entire kuji sets. They aren't hurting anyone else, but it's been a weird fascination watching hoarding behavior in anime form.

No. 167581


The whole living in Japan dream is kinda over with now compared to like a decade before. People are more interested in other countries, or most girls are now into korea because of kpop.
Jvloggers have constantly rehashed the same content for a decade

to be fair, chris is trying to travel out to more unique places in japan; compared the jvloggers who barely leave tokyo. But I think Chris is running out of ideas because according to Trash Taste, it's now coming down to Chris going to google map and zooming in into random places trying to find something and anything interesting lol

No. 167582

If the bar was set low like that, of course he would come out as the Anthony Bourdain of Japan. Please, his true competition like anon said would be channels like Only in Japan (John Daub) and Life Where I'm From. Compared to those channels, most of the time his work is superficial, poorly researched, always includes the same scripted people (and I am personally a little tired to see Natsuki try to deliberately fuck up English and be funny), and he rarely includes a Japanese interview that is actually in depth enough to feel refreshing. When I watch Only in Japan of LWIF, those videos radiate more passion and genuinity to me. Even Nobita from Japan (who is not as flashy or films as artistically as Chris) has some real interviews that make me feel like I've actually learned something very interesting. AIJ is like a fast food brand of burgers, flashy advertising, poor burger, but you kinda know what you get and like to eat it anyways. Can't be compared to a homemade, juicy burger or other meal that makes you happy, made with the freshest ingredients and most importantly made with love and passion.

I find it interesting Chris never collaborated with Only in Japan or LWIF to begin with. People have asked before too, his answer seems to be "idk it just never happened, next question". I don't buy that.

No. 167588

i agree with anon that chris' friendship with natsuki is borderline exploitative.

No. 167589

i can't even watch most "J-vloggers' anymore - if i wanna see content about japan on youtube i'll watch tabieats, mrs. eats, tokyo llama, asian boss, yuta, nobita, etc… no need to watch awkward whiny western weebs unless i'm hate-watching. daniel lord aka "hiding in my room" is funny to hate-watch.

No. 167593

I really love those channels, especially TabiEats. Those guys are so genuine and wholesome, and they show you a lot of different types of Japanese food and small Japanese villages. You kind of get to see Japan through a local's point of view, still interesting and well explained to a foreign public.

I find "Kimono Mom" also watchable from time to time, she shows some nice and easy homecooking, that doesn't require a lot of weird ingredients and are kind of foolproof.

No. 167601

You must be so interesting and special :-)
But I do agree about his surface level knowledge but it also seems to work for his audience(emoticon use)

No. 167602

ot but Kimono Mom's naporitan recipe is so delicious and easy to make. Highly recommend.

No. 167604

I watched them for a while and I stopped when I saw that people had payed for orders and 2 years later they still hadn't sent them out because 'insert excuse' They buy an awful lot of stuff for themselves while they're out doing their pick ups which is fine (even if it's hoarder-y) but yeah they sometimes buy entire lotteries out and it's not even for customers..it's for them and they drive around buying whole lotteries out so others must have trouble getting them in time.

What they do is they take the big prizes for themselves and they put the shitty prizes in 'mystery boxes' that they sell to their naive audience. They get alot of superchats whenever they go live so between that and the pick-ups that they take years to mail out/crap mystery boxes they're raking it in and spending their earnings just as quickly on dangerously overfilling their millitary provided apt with hoards of boxes til they can barely move. They take critical comments veery badly too. I saw them basically admit their apt was a fire risk at one point when they were trying to hide it befroe an inspection. They freak out if anyone comments about their constant buying tho.

No. 167608

I don't really disagree with any of this to be honest. It's just I'd much rather have Chris be the prototypical jvlogger in the 2020s than fucking Venus Angelic of Kanadajin, Texan in Tokyo etc. I really can't elaborate how glad I am that their era of getting subs for lowest common denominator content is over.

No. 167615

> their millitary provided apt
Yeah that’s another peeve of mine, they’re living the weeb dream off of military money. Out of curiosity I looked into the tuition for their kid’s school and it was like 10k USD a year. It’s probably subsidized by the military but holy shit, the amount spent to keep this weeb family stationed in inactive duty is mind blowing

No. 167617

Only in Japan is super cringe. cant stand to watch.

No. 167618

100% agree. also, how many more times is Chris going to base a video/tweet/fb post on some oh so hilarious engrish motto on a hat/notepad/tshirt. it's getting so boring, but just read the comments and his fans lap that shit up

No. 167634

i completely agree. i like natsuki a lot but i hate that so often it comes down to 'lets make natsuki speak english the whole time and laugh at the wacky mistakes he makes lololol' i think chris tries to make it clear that their friendship is genuine, but even so it does feel like he's trying to cater to his fans by forcing natsuki to make an appearance and parrot out phrases in engrish all the time

No. 167638

Chris does this thing with people he's filming or with Pete on the podcast where they'll say something kind of random or weirdly-phrased, and Chris will repeat it back immediately with his sort of mocking/scornful/cynical voice thing to get a laugh. He does this with everyone, it's his schtick. So of course with Natsuki and Ryotaro it works very well since they flub English words and phrases all the time - it's Chris's whole bread and butter and the core value of his "humor" - it's incredibly tiresome/predictable once you pick up on it. He gets way too much mileage out of it.

It also seems to be the basis for his frienship with Natsuki - just an endless loop of Chris waiting for an opportunity to strike. It's like he's milking Natsuki for catchphrases. Blech

No. 167640

Never thought I would see them here. Not very milky. So what if they buy out lotteries if it’s really busy they will buy what they can and go back in line. These lotteries typically have an extra item included if you buy out the lottery so this type of stuff is encouraged in Japan. Nancy has her moments on camera, but collectors are typically hoarders. Not trying to WK I just think this is reaching.

No. 167648

Nta but I remember some moments where nancy was getting the husband to stick up for her when she got a few negative comments and there was some milk but that's a while back. I suspect she has some undiagnosed mood thing going on and that's why the hubby has been a saint through some of her episodes. She's freaked out on a few livestreams that I've seen.

I almost posted them here at the time. I stopped because she puts the kids in front on the camera more than herself (well it varies) and tbh I saw people sepculating about whether or not their youngest kid has autism or whether she's just a brat 'a mini-me of her bossy mother' and I decided not to post. She already loses her shit over 3 bad comments under a video.

No. 167662

I also enjoy kuji, but you can’t deny it being gambling. It goes into questionable territory when she makes her kids gamba with her and they visibly don’t want to. Overall very KY hoarder parents, that aren’t doing anything particularly wrong, just concerning

No. 167702

chris likes to call himself a film maker but he seems to be very amateurish in that domain. Compare his work to actual film makers like Danny Gervitz, Peter Mckinnon, (or any other film maker with a yt presence) to see what I mean.
Its a classic case of a big fish in a small pond and the localised success is feeding his ego.
When he released his last passion project he got a bunch of constructive criticism which he didn't handle well (alluded to it in his last trash taste appearance).
Hoping he drops the attitude and arrogance to genuinely improve his craft but I don't see him having much success beyond his amateurish j tourism vids.

No. 167709

Did anyone see the post that Natasha made about her experience with Chris Okano and Sunny Dahye? It also looks like Peach Milky and Kim Dao have liked her post too… Maybe they’re not friends with sunny anymore?

No. 167711

>constructive criticism which he didn't handle well

Something I've noticed too, actually any type of criticism. Especially in the YT comment sections. If you dare post something you don't like about a video, you are ridiculed either by Chris personally in a "reading hate mail" video, or by his fans. He's been using the "from subs to unsubs" line for a long time for example.

No. 167712

i think kim and sunny fell out a while ago. iirc sunny didn’t attend kim’s wedding?

No. 167716

File: 1629024054668.jpg (1.43 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210815_123654.jpg)

Chris & Sunny backstabbery. They denied Natasha the credits she as an artist deserved and breached an agreement.

No. 167719

The hate comment videos are so lame. Full of dumb jokes and the comments aren't even that bad.

No. 167724

Chris Abroad in Japan sucks. I can't think of a single good video he's ever made.

No. 167727

It's like "HahahaHAHa look at this Japanese speaking English". Even though I do think they're genuinely friends but even more so it's sad to brand Natsuki like this

No. 167729

I bet Natsuki wishes he never met the guy

No. 167730

Why is there this flood of hostile comments towards Chris all of a sudden?

No. 167731

arrogance on his behalf. Shows through with his collaborations when he doesn't have control over the editing process, his real personality slips through. in his defense its hard to stay humble when everyone is sucking your dick for clout.

No. 167735

chris okano always seemed like a shifty, smarmy backstabber type, i never liked his smug face. rich parents and an entitlement attitude running a "company" that didn't actually seem to do anything at all. seemed like someone's money laundering or tax dodge scheme.

No. 167741

Because he is a narcissistic hack

No. 167743

all he did was run that company into the ground. typical talentless rich kid who uses mommy and daddys credit card to buy a forgettable crumb of internet attention, then cant do anything worth while with it.

No. 167757

PULL just hate any white dude in Asia because of dumb stereotypes on twitter. Even when it's someone like Chris who clearly doesn't even like Asian women.

No. 167759

To be fair, I think Natsuki gets paid when he appears in a YT video.
Don't remember Chris or the TC gang mentioning it, but here is what I remember seeing on Sharla's video.

No. 167761

File: 1629042423662.jpg (Spoiler Image,469.58 KB, 1080x1987, 20210815_114258.jpg)

No. 167763

Sorry folks, am clearly not used to this website(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 167764

no one cares

No. 167768

'i pay him' lol why does this wording make it seem like he's some kind of attraction to rent out for videos. i have no doubt he gets treated more than fairly by chris and sharla but it honestly feels like he's used as a prop to bring out for laughs

No. 167770

How nit-picky can you be? How else should someone phrase this? I'm very glad he gets something out of this at least. Imagine he'd have all these guest appearances and they just bag all the money…

No. 167771

Yes this is correct, he's like their pet, it's disgusting, they exploit him.

When Chris pushed him into the waterfall and laughed at him and he lost his pants is when I realized what a douche Chris is. They surely planned it in advance, fine, but it still shows Chris character and relationship to Natsuki.

Also ppl asking why the hate for Chris - he used to be somewhat funny and chill but in this last series he basically set up all these challenges for his "friends" to do while he sat it out and mocked them - fishing, going in caves or whatever the fuck, he quit horseback riding because he was afraid of the "mean" horsie…. chris sucks

No. 167772

I also wondered what he's gonna do once they move to England. Because sure, on Youtube right now he's a popular J-vlogger but in England he's just gonna be a weeb who once filmed videos about Japan. But maybe he has other means/plans of supporting himself, who knows

No. 167773

He could try getting a job shooting ads

No. 167774

He probably thinks the BBC is going to fall all over him and offer him the next host job for a Top Gear show, that's his wet dream

No. 167778

He said he wants to be a film maker and that his YouTube channel is basically a stepping stone to get to that point.

No. 167780

I believe he mentioned studying filmmaking for a bit in university.

No. 167781

File: 1629045526649.jpg (364.05 KB, 1080x1672, 20210815_183327.jpg)

Did Chris Broad and John Daub have drama not so long ago? In the comment section of this reddit post, Chris has deleted his comment but judging from the texts of the other user, Chris said something mean stuff about John in his livestream video around a timestamp that is now edited out.

No. 167783

File: 1629046132533.jpg (529.7 KB, 1080x1820, 20210815_184815.jpg)

No. 167786

File: 1629046346098.jpg (597.17 KB, 1080x1826, 20210815_184836.jpg)


And then Chris says he will exchange emails and it will be sorted out.

What happened lol?

No. 167790

It’s super intresting that Sharla has not posted for over a month now. When ask she either has 2 answers, “working on one right now” or “I have been dealing with health issues.” Calling It now PREGNANT!!!!!!

No. 167793

File: 1629047727839.png (995.94 KB, 1218x2048, Screenshot_20210815-181337.png)

I doubt she's pregnant.

No. 167794

That is probably the most unlikely reason ever. She is decorating the house and Chris is decorating the "studio". They probably need to sort out how they film and reveal everything so they don't leave breadcrumbs (but they will). Chris has fallen behind on his filming schedule as we speak. His montly roadtrip collab with Connor is already late by a week or two. He's doing that atm. Sharla is probably waiting for him to come back home.

Also sage your shitpost next time.

No. 167799

I waa convinced that she was pregnant a lil while back when I noticed her clearly hiding her stomach in videos. Noticed it on both her channel and when she appeared on a couple of TC ones aswell as Chris and joeys noodle challenge. She was holding items in front of her in the way actresses do to hide a bump while filming. I think her weight in that area fluctuates and she's self conscious. She's even addressed pregnancy rumours before because people kept either seeing a bump or attributing her behaviour to that.

No. 167801

Sharla has always been pretty vocal about not wanting kids. But you never know. People can flip the script on that one real quick when they're 35 and it was an "accident"

No. 167802

I also might add she seemed to went a long for a lot of the trips and also filmed for Chris/probably helped editing

No. 167803

Sharla clearly hides and films from angles that work best for her body and face. I'm not sure if she uses filters, or that its a camera trick. What I do know is she is less porcelain faced than she is and definately looks different in other people's vids.

No. 167805

Chris has 2 editors

No. 167806

I was just being silly, about the pregnancy thing… geessh relax lol.(integrate better)

No. 167807

Chris has always edited his own videos, this I know for a fact. He's a control freak. Just this year for the first time he hired an editor.

No. 167808

Chris is cute tbh.

No. 167809


his american friend pete is cute tho (not the uk pete, the american pete who lives in japan)

No. 167810

I was surprised when I heard this. It was inevitable if he wants to post more frequently. I wonder if he has any videos up that were clearly edited by the external editor, or does he still do the final edit himself (because of his control freak nature)? So far I've noticed nothing new.

No. 167816

File: 1629053338539.png (1004.08 KB, 1301x2048, Screenshot_20210815-193441.png)

No. 167817


damn that's some salty beef

No. 167819

File: 1629053751745.png (1.03 MB, 1800x2048, Screenshot_20210815-193908.png)

No. 167820

They have since hashed things out… it’s all good now since John D has posted positive post under CB account and on Reddit Chris said they talked

No. 167822

I love UK Pete

No. 167825

I live UK Pete. American Pete looks desperate and in need of a good shower. But I feel bad for saying that because he seems so sweet and is trying hard to get a twitch career going

No. 167826

Id suggest tuning into american petes twitch and give it a shot. I saw him after Conner raided Petes stream, and now Im a semi regular viewer. Pete seems really genuinely sweet and funny, his positive energy is just straight fun. I do enjoy the videos with him a Chris, they have a good dynamic.

No. 167828

File: 1629057076298.jpeg (223.99 KB, 1241x1259, F2726FA0-1D7F-418C-A44D-87C37F…)

It’s intresting to see who has liked and who has not like Natasha’s post. Wynn, Natasha girlfriend has been very vocal and supportive. Although Emma and Shiori have been silent they sure seem to be supportive of Natasha behind the scenes. Sharla is good friends with Sunny so I am sure she is torn. Kim Dao had a falling out with sunny and the timing seems to align with the time she started dating Chris O. The exposing tea keeps dropping on IG

No. 167831

UK Pete has a great personality, he's a real chill and funny dude - Chris is always throwing shade at him or trying to make him seem weirder and crazier than he is - kinda like what he does with Natsuki. It's like Chris is threatened by people with real personalities.

No. 167832

yeah American Pete does look greasy. But he's probably way cooler and nicer than any of the other people in this circle jerk of j-vloggers

No. 167834

I know it was mentioned a while back but I get major major gay vibes from Emma and Sarah from TC for such a long time now. I feel like they might be a thing? Especially in the new video from TC posted today in yukata. They keep giving each other certain looks and touching each other's hands. Could also be a close friend thing as I don't really know much about Sarah, but it's giving me a different feel. Anybody else think they might be together? Potentially aiding in Emma's meltdown video?

No. 167839

Sarah is straight and Emma is bi. Emma breakdown Per her twitch stream had to do with childhood, relationship trauma and low self worth. Had nothing to do with Sarahor anyone currently in her life, they r just good friends vibing. Lol

No. 167841

as some anon far back in this thread said, emma had a case of the "covid sads" lol

No. 167852

i agree, they 100% have something going on behind the scenes. their mannerisms with each other since going to kyoto in january (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laOC4oxZ5IE) have been increasingly intimate, this is not just "friend behavior". Sarah was featured in a twitch stream from recently where Emma has borrowed Sarah's shirt and also tells viewers that she keeps a tea and milk that Sarah enjoys at her apartment. It seems that Sarah has probably spent the night, is spending many nights, etc. This is gf behavior to me?
additionally, re:kyoto- from 12:09-12:16, there is a small mark on the front of emma's throat that was not visible in the beginning of the video (where she is wearing the same mockneck shirt). i personally think it was a small love bite but i know some people may feel this is a stretch.

No. 167866

I think she's been pretty consistent about not wanting them, so like other anons, I highly doubt she would go through with a pregnancy. If you truly don't want kids, the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy is absolute terror. Never get pregnant for anyone other than yourself and your future kid.

No. 167872

It cracks me up how desperate Chris Broad is to get Twitter verified. He even changed his profile picture in an attempt, but I guess the keep saying nope you are a no body buddy

No. 167898


I guess she is talking about her Korean ex-husband here? Won't surprise me, children was one of the reason for the split if he really wanted one

No. 167899


She is just hiding her weight, it has always been like that with her.

No. 167912

sharla was a bit heavier while living in korea (i think she's on the taller side?), but then lost weight after/during her divorce by intermittent fasting… but i don't know where she's at now. Kind of feel like she's already at the typical white mom body in her early 30s and is hiding it, but it could be easily fixed if she did muscle training to get a figure.
if it doesn't bother her; then more power to her but i feel like it kinda haunts her mind a bit since she seems pretty picky about her angles or baggy clothes

No. 167925

If anything, she's been wearing less baggy stuff now that she's with Chris than when she was married. Back in the old days it used to be hoodies 24/7 and now she's wearing more feminine stuff

No. 167934

She and her ex husband had a dead bedroom relationship

No. 167935

How do you know?

No. 167936

anon was probably there in the corner watching

No. 167938


well then she had truly assimilated into japanese culture cuz that's basically 95% of married japanese couples

No. 167941

That’s so funny lol

No. 167942

No. 167956

I don't think that was the reason per se. I think rather the move to south korea. I think Sharla was open to have children even though just for him. I remember an q&a where she talked about maybe having children.

No. 167969

I’m sure she mentioned something about her mother-in-law too. I didn’t watch much of her Korea stuff but I’m sure I remember pull having a fit about her saying something about her mil disapproving of something and she didn’t care.

Anyone remember that?

No. 167977


no anon i do not hang on sharla's every word kek

No. 168001

Also Sharla plans are always filled with holes. She was going to move to Canada, moved to Korea. she was suppose to plan a wedding ceremony but got divorce instead. She was suppose to live in Korea and only lasted 6 months. She was suppose to have kids with her ex, but the. Said she only wanted kids because he wanted kids. She was only going to stay in Japan 3 years this time and that last apartment was going to be her last in Japan, but she ended up moving to Sendai. I can go on, she is filled with holes that one

No. 168002

In the vid about moving to Sendai, she said that she has only been there a handful of times.

So which one is it Sharla?

No. 168011

I figured there was something going on between Sharla and Chris.
Many people asked if they were dating and I noticed that she never denied it like she did with Mark.
What I'm curious about is whoever
spilled the beans on them.
They seem resentful, so I'm guessing it's a revenge thing.

No. 168014

nobody had to "spill the beans" since you'd have to be blind or on the spectrum to not pick up on it for the last 2 years

No. 168020

>>168014 it’s so true. She denies right away about Mark, Norm and others but has never denied the Chris comments. Not on her YouTube comment sections, Twitter, or IG.

No. 168027

Yeah I'm surprised that hardly anyone picked up on that.

No. 168073

I swear to god you are all the same person.

Speculate all you want, samefag the same questions, but if you’re going to do that please provide actual evidence!
This thread is just samefag circlejerking of Sharla and Chris, it’s cringeworthy.

No. 168094

File: 1629212088949.jpeg (140.32 KB, 1334x750, 4A875961-FB6F-4D88-BA59-9C437D…)

They were both in Tottori together, a remote place that you wouldn’t just so happen to be at. Also Chris had a room that slept two in his sleeper train, but didn’t say why he chose that room instead of a cheaper or nicer single. They’re not publicly out dating but they really all but are screaming it from rooftops, anon. What’s this strange skin colored thing reflecting in the mirror next to Chris in that Tottori video? Personally i think they make a nice couple and if they want to be private about it fine, but I do think its pretty obvious they’re dating.

No. 168097

The evidence is all over the place. I suggest you lurk in the previous thread, you will find all kinds of milk plus receipts there.

This was also already discussed in the previous thread. So nothing new.

No. 168113

Old milk, but accurate milk. So here is some additional milk. On his Patreon Stream he was obviously in a new room a.k.a. new apartment and all. So to excuse that away, he mentioned that he packed his old room up to move into his new studio, the studio that he did not have the key to yet, The one that he would not be moving into anytime soon, because he has to build it out.

No. 168120

Are you guys PULL refugees? This is an image board, screencap and record your shit. Internet people are known to DFE. You can’t seriously believe we’ll just be okay with anecdotes and “bro trust me”? If you want people to talk more about Chris/Sharla and take you seriously, post evidence. Otherwise you look like some fucking schizo hungry from some britfags chode

No. 168128

File: 1629229809724.jpeg (222.83 KB, 1668x412, 9E9E1B32-CF25-493A-A284-F37D57…)

Interesting post from the king of mango YouTube comments about some jvloggers buying viewers

No. 168131

Tokyo Lens… no surprises there

No. 168135

i don't understand how someone "buys viewers"

do you mean they have bot subs or do you mean they're paying for bot clicks/views? this doesn't really make much sense. if the view counts per new sub was lower then that would mean they're using bot subs. but as far as i know, this doesn't last long like it used to. anyway - who cares

No. 168148

if this is supposed to be groundbreaking news then i guess the rumors of the great jvlogger milk drought of '21 are really true after all

No. 168175

What are you bringing to the table, other than Complaints, Skepticisms and nothing? If you don’t like a topic don’t comment

No. 168178


i just come here to laff at ppl shitting on dasai chris broad

No. 168193

>If you don’t like a topic don’t comment
what kind of gay ass forum do you think it is, go back to neopets

If people keep complaining about your posts, your posts are shit.

No. 168198

lol neopets

No. 168203

This might be the most boring forum the internet has ever known.

No. 168240

File: 1629291540312.jpeg (391.36 KB, 2048x2048, 40551785-6987-4467-AC31-EBB52A…)

The many excuse of Sharla for not filming a video for over a month. 2 weeks days ago she said she “working on one” than it was health issues, than a today again she said she just filmed one, just need to edit … but wait I thought 2 weeks ago you were working on one already?

No. 168245

So? you think she's happy with some of her plans not becoming true? It's not like everything in life is carved in stone. Now that she's dating Chris there's also partner with whom you make decisions about leaving Japan etc.

Why are there so many tin foil hatter here? Nobody "spill the beans" and took revenge. They just got sloppy which is waiting to happen after hiding something for approx. 2 years.

No. 168246

Well they do get sponsorships based on their subscribers and sponsorships means $$$. But I'm not really shocked I mean it's how most influencers that initially no one knows grow they following on instagram.
Th question is if sponsors care that it's not real people watching their ad.

No. 168247

They're referring to the anon who posted that they were dating and living together in the previous thread.

No. 168251

One thing that always bothers me about Sharla’s lie of “hey I got a second apartment for “work”. We all know how difficult it is for foreigners to rent an alpartment in japan, let alone 2, practically impossible. If people use their brain, it would be obvious that getting 2 apartment is only possible if you have someone else name on it, aka your partner.

No. 168255

Another lie - she lies on her channel about just getting the appartment in April. But on the trash taste podcast Aki described going up to visit Sharla in morioka where Sharla surprised her with a birthday cake. In it she also mentioned going “downstairs” to watch a crime show with Sharla. Aki Bday is in February… so Sharla aka Chris has had that 2nd apartment way longer than she is pretending to have had it on channel.

No. 168256

Well that person back in the thread didn't spill beans either. They just put clues together that happened because of sharla and Chris being sloppy.

No. 168266


this is getting ridiculous. who cares about a "second apartment"? is your theory that chris had another apartment in MORIOKA? you're drunk. chris has only ever had his place in Sendai

No. 168271

They commented this:"I found out something about her and decided to share it"
Seems like someone told them about Sharla and Chris, so they don't actually have any proof.

No. 168281

Nope Chris moved to Morioka around may 2019 after his last break up. They just recently moved back to Sendai.

No. 168283

So before it was "moved in together 2021", now it's May 2019?

No. 168286

this anon is mental. chris has never lived in morioka - he has been living in sendai for years. prior to moving in together in sendai they would spend time at each others places with mostly sharla staying in sendai. it's only like 2 hours between the two cities on the train. this is all extremely boring.

No. 168291

File: 1629315053886.png (1.13 MB, 2060x1036, Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.2…)

is this thread about ex-Jvloggers right? here's one. daniel aka hiding in my room got stuck outside of japan because of covid so he can't go back there and he's become a total mess since then including starting an onlyfans and now he's moved on to pornhub. he also fell into the meme stock trap and has lost tons of money on the stock market kek

No. 168294

More deets on this? Why did he leave Japan in the first place? Why aren't they letting him back in? Does he have dual citizenship? I find him to be a really interesting cow but I never bothered to keep up with him.

No. 168295

Japan doesn't do dual citizenship. They aren't letting him back in because Japan is closed to non-residents and has been since Covid started. If you're a foreign resident of Japan and you leave, you will not be allowed back into the country. He left initially because he divorced his Japanese wife and lost his visa (basically)

No. 168302

He has his own thread. Convenient you bring him up though because I've been revisiting and catching up on his drama lately. His life is just a downward spiral, desu.

No. 168305

Sunny and Chris "apology video", after she lost a lot of subs since the Natasha milk.

On Natasha's IG story she has a response saying she does not accept the "apology". Imo she is so right, these two screwed her over, don't admit to anything even though she at least has the proof of everything in the form of WhatsApp screenshots. That apology video is so crap. Wow. Can't believe she got death threats too from Sunny's fans.

Also Sharla seems to comment supporting Sunny. Guess the visa from TC was all that she needed, even tho Chris Okano screwed that company over?? Fucking hell people are unfair.

No. 168311


didn't know he had his own thread brb

No. 168313

i can't understand whatever language that is

No. 168316

It's in Indonesian, but at 7:00 minutes Chris talks in English.

No. 168319

if he has his own thread i can't find it oh well… he's a freak with serious issues. someone once did an analysis of his videos and determined that he's likely aspergers among other issues

No. 168320

his ex-wife started a youtube channel a few months ago btw, the woman he basically gave PTSD to (and probably STDs as well)

No. 168321

File: 1629324012926.jpg (146.42 KB, 1024x768, E7w202BVEAI2NTb.jpg)

>Chris moved to Morioka around may 2019 after his last break up

if Lily is out there, please move the fuck on. You have a 5 year visa now, go date a japanese guy who won't keep you like a dirty secret side ho like chris did lmao

Why do woman want a below average guy who won't acknowledge their existence???

No. 168322

head over to r/HidingInMyRoom for all the latest updates. He's currently residing in Manchester after running away from home as his mum got a new bf and he couldn't deal with it

No. 168333

File: 1629328216359.png (1 MB, 2048x1830, Screenshot_20210810-055451.png)

She can't move on she's still as bitter as she was 2 years ago.

Apparently she is dating someone>>167014

No. 168338

I don’t see Sharla comment in sunny video

No. 168339

Damn she is salty AF

No. 168340


that comment was over 2.5 years old

No. 168357

this dumb bitch really posted her zairyu card on the internet as some of kind of flex, lol

No. 168376

File: 1629360129866.jpg (274.17 KB, 1125x1364, IMG_6753.jpg)

Sunny apparently lied about his stepdads passing being the reason she didn't post. She allegedly said her stepdad had passed away August 9th, but then uploaded on Tiktok the very next day. Her comment section is ripping her a new one, even though they were deleting the comments that didn't do them a favour. I guess it was a failed sympathy attempt.

I think Sharla might have deleted her comment after she realised shit was going south and now more people were coming out about Chris Okano. There is another anonymous insider who is spilling the beans atm.

No. 168379

File: 1629362172730.jpeg (413.13 KB, 1125x998, 7D030502-2BC2-455C-B27A-234A86…)

Man almost 1million views and a huge dislike ratio. I think her fans are more upset Chris and Sunny called the Indonesian base poor and stupid vs the art theft though. Really hope neither of them recover from this.

Btw I just realized, Chris is the reason why Kim Dao and her irrelevant roommate to get kicked from Japan LOL no more visas

No. 168381

No. 168383

A lot of people lost their visas because of Chris O's stunt. I believe Sharla was also going through an uncertain visa period because she was employed at TC as well. May this year she got her 3 year visa.

Sunny and Chris also faked the whole fasting during Ramadan thing (they were caught drinking somewhere else), and that with a massive Muslim audience. Chris Okano mentions stuff is being taken out of context, but I don't think anyone believes him.

No. 168386


Emma's twitch stream has used a welcome screen made by Natasha for years. After Natasha posted this Emma has replaced it with a new one she made herself. The timing just seem odd.

Natasha was also posting in Emma's twitch chat a few days ago and Emma seemed more awkward than normal, but I mean that's Emma.

No. 168401

Hmmm.. idk if that is intentional. But if they all start to ostracize Natasha just because she came out about their misbehaviour after keeping it to herself for so long, and if they take sides with Sunny because she is a bigger influencer, or because Chris Okano starts to make life hard for the TC crew (I can't imagine how tho), that shows how shit each one of them really are. I hope people from TC speak up and point out the shitty people for who they really are.

No. 168413

>>A lot of people lost their visas because of Chris O's stunt.

specifically who lost their visas? names. you can't just say that without evidence.

No. 168415

Emma did like Natasha initial post amongst others like shiory. I think she is just nit get involved in drama person. She doesn't have the bandwidth for it.

No. 168417

Not the annon who posted it… but the rumor is kim Dao, Jake and bake and that black girl Paris all lost their visas and had to go back.

No. 168421


what kind of visa was TC getting for these people anyway? as far is i understood, they don't/didn't sponsor work visas.

it's highly possible that these people who "lost" their visas were on working holiday visas in the first place and never figured out the next step. i don't see TC as a large enough company to be able to participte in employer-sponosred visa program in Japan. not to mention, do you know how complicated the process is for even a large company to fulfill the requirements to sponsor visas? i can't see TC getting their shit together enough to jump through all those hoops for nobody youtubers with barely any followings.

and then also, none of those people are famous or important enough to have been granted a entertainer/cultural visa, so that's out too.

maybe i'm wrong but i've read mulitple places that TC never sponsored work visas for youtubers

No. 168424

You are 100% wrong. Aki for example was only able to get to japan because of them. Sharla also spoke about them doing it for her on her Patreon.

No. 168425

Here's an article proving that you can get "influencer" visa and the Japan govt was at one point increasing these. (This is how Trash Taste got their visas).


HOWEVER unless someone who actually works for/with TC posts here with evidence, I also don't think TC was established enough to be securing visas.

No. 168429

>I also don't think TC was established enough to be securing visas.

TC had a parent company that is well established, I don't imagine it's that hard for them to sponsor people on behalf of TC.

No. 168431

Also Sharla literally said TC sponsored her visa

No. 168432

i wonder how much content creators have to pay TC for their visas - what percentage of their youtube ad revenue, sponsorhip revenue, and i wonder what the contract actually looks like in terms of how many videos they're obligated to make under the TC channel umbrella.

i doubt it's cheap

No. 168464

It’s probably the other way around, they work for super low rates in exchange for the possibility of a work visa

I think it was posted in the older threads, but an old employee said the company was deep into the red. Probably from expenses and expenditures of flying/sending all the youtubers on vacations to record content.

No. 168465

Also I am sure that TC spent a sh*t tone of money on Chris’ original journey across Japan project. I wonder if they were able to recoup or gain some sort of prophet out of that?

No. 168493

Sharla has liked most of Sunnys Instagram photos, no one else has though.

No. 168503

what do you mean "work for really low rates" ?

do you not understand how youtube works

No. 168515

"the other way around" WTF? How is what you said "the other way around" from the anon's post? They literally said the creators are taking a loss on their revenue because TC likely gets a percentage. The other anon said "do you not understand how youtube works?" lol and yeah you clearly don't.
Like do you think TC pays creators a salary kek?

No. 168519

Okay you guys got to stop being this retarded.

When you get hired for a job, you get paid. Unless it was salaried(which they're obviously not), even as talent, they were probably being paid on a hourly rate. The amount these youtubers were paid for their jobs, was probably low because of the promise of a visa on the table. Also Chris Okano is scummy, and probably asked them to take a lower "friend discount" for their work.

anon from >>168432 implies they allowed TC to take income from their personal channels, which makes no fucking sense.

>how much content creators have to pay TC for their visas

Why the fuck would the youtubers pay THE COMPANY. The most likely scenario is they were given a low one-time payment or hourly rate for their work.

No. 168525

Are you special needs?

Tokyo Creative is an AGENCY

They REPRESENT creators not the other way around omfg

No. 168526

you don't understand how youtube works

No. 168528

Lol so tc does not take a cut of any of the YouTubers Adsense revenues. But when they ask the you tubers job offers for sponsor like the ‘host town projects’ or Santory project, they take a cut of that sponsor money. Also they ask some of the YouTubers to appear on the tc channel for free, tc keeps all the ad revenues for the tc channel. They will also field & negotiate sponsorships for their influencers, taking a cut of it. They also make money from the Japanese government for travel contents.

No. 168529

No. 168530

this sounds right. thought they would be taking some cut of the opportunities they negotiate for their "influencers" - i would imagine they do pay either per-video or on a contractual basis, some kind of salary to the following only:
- emma
- aki
- sharla
- chris (mabye)

but that's it

No. 168532

They should have, but they don’t. That’s was one of Chris O bad business decision, by not asking for at least a small percentage. Per Chris B on Radrey podcast “why come Japan” not only is he not under contract with TC buy also they get 0% of his ad revenues. That’s why he joined them and helps them out whenever he feels like it by appearing on their videos.

No. 168533

lol then what's in it for CB? there's literally zero incentive.

No. 168534

TC was suppose to work on this pay for a class service like skillshare. It was called TClearn or something like it. It was the brain child of Chris O where the top influencers would teach a class on a specific subject that they are “expert” on. And after all tithe hard work into it for free, the new leadership that fired Chris O decided to not go through with the project… the other creators were pissed. If you notice there is a period of time for about a year where Chris did nothing with TC on their channel, that’s why.

No. 168537

Yep! 0 incentive for him. He does use some of the staff for camera work if he is in Tokyo for example. Shiori helped him film the train video, which was suppose to be a santory sponsorship negotiate by TC, but fell through. Alex Lee the Malaysian girl who works for TC helped him film that capsule tower video and Ian who works for TC helps him produce JAJ. He pays them for the work I would imagine.

No. 168538

TC's youtube channels don't make squat from ad revenue. Their website claims they provide all these services (it's a bizarre laundry list of everything from " influencer promotions" whatever that means to providing translation services and yes the TC Learn garbage shitshow as well. Vague "project management" and "social media management" - There's no way the company (pre or post Okano) brings in enough money to pay the rather large staff they still maintain even after shedding people plus expenses on their office/studio plus however they compensate their "influencers". This "company" is still investor funded, someone somewhere has some deep ass pockets and eventually they'll get tired of flushing money down the toire.

No. 168540

You daft cunt there are multiple agency’s that Chris used under the Tokyo creative name, that included odigo where he used influencers to promote random places in Japan, similar to the Cool Japan promotions

No. 168541

tokyo creative is literally a "digital and social media marketing agency" (their words)

do you sniff glue

No. 168594

the visa.

No. 168595

Ryotaro Sakurai via Tohoku Tourism Board is how Chris has his visa just fyi

No. 168604

Yes, Chris does his own thing

No. 168761

Chris Broad just put up he has a new studio. I swear someone here said that. More him and sharla confirmed

No. 168765

Dude’s been talking about it for months on the podcast and patreon. Good for him getting somewhere after 9 years.

No. 168773

What the fuck has Chris getting his own place to film got anything to do with him and Sharla being together?

I’m going to tinfoil you’re someone who used to work at TC with a vendetta trying to stir shit because of your unsaged non milk posts. Tbh, I even think you could be Norm because I can’t think of anyone else who would go to this much effort to try convincing lolcow every time they post something on social media.
Or did you get banned from GG?

No. 168785

I'm pretty sure it's Norm or Lily.

No. 168786

Mikela just announced she got married to her partner a while back. They are so cute

No. 168787

You are laughable for many reasons. But mainly for 1) thinking that anytime anyone lpost about Chris and Sharla, you assume it’s the same anon. 2) for asking for more and more proof even after plenty has been given and 3) for doing the same thing that you accuse others of doing here, making wild accusation with nothing to back it. So Norm or Lily lol lol!!!! Karen, do you want to speak to the manager?(sage your shit)

No. 168803

chris getting a studio has nothing to do with sharla, he just felt small peen from watching the trash taste bois move into a new studio and got jealous

sharla will probably also use it tho. he also said that after he signed a 5 year lease he then discovered there's a parking garage within earshot with one of those alert buzzers that you can hear with the windows closed so he's pissed because of audio kek

now he said he has to get a whole new set of interior windows installed and hope that blocks the sound…

idk how you don't figure that out BEFORE you get a studio when your goal is to make audio and video

No. 168810

Hi I just want to say to everyone: stay positive, keep your head up, there's always something to make you laugh.

No. 168813

File: 1629601266693.jpg (287.91 KB, 1500x1120, iu1YSDZ5OK.jpg)

Trying to give us some of that cringe jvlogger spirit via lolcow?

No. 168815

File: 1629602240794.jpg (15.88 KB, 387x387, livelaughlove.jpg)

No. 168830

>he just felt small peen from watching the trash taste bois
So smoll indeed Chris uses Joey's 3 million subs twitter post for his own promotion with "Dr Jelly would have been proud mate". Chris uses everything on the internet for his personal brand and competes with everyone. The guy is a walking billboard for his channel. Must be fun.

Also for everyone here who still thinks Sharla and Chris are not dating, go compare her twitter comment on the post where Chris announces the studio. Every other regular friend of his says "congratulations" to that post like real "friends" do, Sharla just jokes about hats since she practically owns the studio with him. It's in the little things

No. 168831


the pic he posted on twitter of him in the studio with that arrogant expression on his smug face made me want to puke a little

No. 168832

also he has been wearing the same shirt literally every day for about three months straight… can't sharla go shopping for him

No. 168834

Jeez I don’t like the dude either but if you detest him so much maybe don’t follow him everywhere? It’s all a bit sad you’ve got nothing better to do. Go and buy him a new shirt ffs and stop whining.(sage)

No. 168841

I see Norm is in here, rage posting. Tokyo lame, woops I mean lens, perhaps your wife who makes all the money, can rent a space for you?

No. 168846

norms such a jealous bitch, goes all the way to sharlas just to get dragged along shopping and to assemble a cat cage for her and his only reward is a few seconds of screen time in a shitty low effort vlog vid.
Even managed to sleeze his way into a Peter McKinnon video and scored hardly any new subs out of it.
Here's why, your creepy as fuck fake personality turns people away and you don't have the balls to be yourself because that personality is trash and also drives people away. Should have stuck to your english monkey job instead of a career where being personable dictates your success.

No. 168853

File: 1629617790914.jpg (38.93 KB, 680x400, E9U9SDPUcAMyMnT.jpg)

This one? Idk if he shooped it or it's just the angle but his proportions are strange

No. 168860

wide angle lense will do that, exaggerates things closer to the lense and at the edges.

No. 168869

Such a loser…who the fuck uses a wide angle lens. I bet he’s just sitting in there eating Kit Kat’s all day.

No. 168874

I really don’t want to hi cow but Jesus Christ can you not make yourself any more obvious?
You don’t sage your posts that’s how I can tell you’re all the same person.
There has been literally 0 proof! Saying I know they are together and making assumptions is not proof. That one pic someone posted of the mug that they both happen to have (I mean they are friends and they work together, heaven forbid) is also not proof!
That picture frame thing that supposedly happened is also not proof because it can’t be backed up.
I’m not mad because I don’t want them to be together I’m mad cause I want you to physically post actual evidence to back up your claims, and stop bumping the thread with ‘oh Chris got a studio, this is more proof they are together’.
That’s why I believe you are a vendetta chan or norm.

No. 168883


>>who the fuck uses a wide angle lens

only literally every single real estate photographer alive on planet earth - that's literally how you make rooms look large you troglodyte

No. 168884


He actually does wear that shirt a lot.

No. 168914

You are dead wrong, but Karen if it makes you feel better to say I posted the stupid post about Chris studio, go ahead. Chris having atudio isn’t news, I and others mentioned it a while ago in the old thread. I don’t care if you don’t believe the info I provided. But your stupid guesses are as lame as Norm and sooooo off the mark. Go away Karen you are boring!

No. 168915


ok norm

No. 168917

He literally just posted a video today and HE IS WEARING THE SHIRT

god it must smell horrid

No. 168924

Judging by the newest video Chris has gained weight again.

No. 168925


that video was filmed before the last Journey Across Japan

No. 168935

September 28-30 of last year to be exact. Also a special camera person .

No. 168936


there didn't appear to be another person filming them - it was all chris handheld, tripod, or drone

No. 168937

She was there more like a tag alone 16:30 disheveled bedding for two. IG & Twitter she posted about the cats on the video. After getting back to Yamagata She later on filmed a video with Natsuki about the weird noodles. :)(:))

No. 168939

Yup, that's Sharla alright. Good find.

No. 168940

File: 1629671527644.png (2.41 MB, 1142x2048, Screenshot_20210822-231657.png)

No. 168943

that cat doesn't look like any of the cats in the video lol…

No. 168944

You do know Sharla and Chris work together? They are allowed to travel/work together without it meaning more than just that? You are obsessed!
Seconded, this is so cringe.

Vendetta/norm/lily/newfag from GG or CC or whoever you are, please give up. You’re embarrassing yourself.

No. 168947

i'm not the one calling everyone Karens, but just to point something out about the sleeping arrangements:
Yes of course Chris and Sharla "work together" but if it was a work trip then why would Natsuki have his own room while Sharla and Chris shared a room? If it was a work trip, Sharla would have her own room and Chris and Natsuki would share a room (ESPECIALLY) if it was at a ryokan, just like it always was in the old days before they started dating.

Think about it for like half a second.

Also, if it was a work trip and not a girlfriend tagging along, she would have been in the videos and she would have 100% made her own video about it. they were definitely up to something, trying to hide that she was there.

But yeah I'm sure that's what people who only "work together" act like

No. 169001

File: 1629712122889.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20210821-183653_Ins…)

Micaela's story confirming her marriage. It's cute, I'm happy for her.

No. 169003

good for her

No. 169005

Sharla stop sperging. We know you two are dating.(Hi cow )

No. 169009

Lol I’m not Sharla, and you’re retarded if you think she’d post here. I’m one of the few people that’s getting annoyed with you newfags who keep posting cringe about them being together, try again.

Like I said, it’s not that I don’t want to believe you, but it is all speculation.. you don’t actually know anything!
Was Sharla even with them? Maybe Sharla has her own room? Maybe Chris does have a girlfriend which he keeps off camera? Maybe he wants a room with 2 beds just because that’s what they had available at the time? Those are all plausible too!

No. 169018

it was a ryokan dear, they put out the bedding for you every night and don't put out the bedding for two people if just one is staying in a room.

maybe he has another girlfriend - that could absolutely be true.

but then his girlfriend Sharla would probably get jealous.

No. 169027

It was such a cute IG story. She has been through a lot it seems from the timeline she posted. They are cute

No. 169028

File: 1629732629201.png (1.55 MB, 1386x2048, Screenshot_20210823-162305.png)

It was filmed July of last year.

No. 169031

File: 1629733110450.png (1.95 MB, 1411x2048, Screenshot_20210823-160511.png)

Yeah she was with them.

No. 169032

Nope that was when he was originally going to film it. But the ferry was canceled because of bad weather, Sharla was there to for that trip. Sharla filmed her Cherry picking video and Chris ended filming the driving in japan video and a live stream where Sharla made a surprise appearance. And thus the September reschudle. :)

No. 169036

Connor new place 3k a month, Aki and Joey 5LDK place probably more than that. These new wave of jvloggers are making bank!

No. 169044

Shut the fuck up, Connor and Chris are dating. Don’t spread false information, I’ve seen how they look at each other

No. 169062

Yep, and Connor is also expecting I hear

No. 169065


Chris said in the description to the new Tobishima video (the one y'all think Sharla was sleeping next to him) that Natsuki got new pirate pants and recreated his costume. So I think y'alls theory that this was filmed last year when that natsuki picture with the sunset was taken "yeah she was with them" is FALSE

No. 169069

Wrong wrong wrong wrong. It’s not a theory it’s 100 confirmed on not only on his Patreon but also listen to his last podcast and he clarifies why he didn’t release this video last year. This video was filmed sept of last year. It’s not a debate let’s move on.

No. 169070

File: 1629743261199.png (706.9 KB, 1662x2048, Screenshot_20210823-191151.png)

No. 169090

Okay hello I am the one who wrote the post ending in "FALSE" and I want to publicly acknowledge that I was wrong. I just listened to the AIJ Podcast with the lovely and talented Peter Donaldson bless his heart and I was indeed mistaken - the episode was filmed last year and there was only ever one pair of pirate pants.

No. 169091


between the two of them, joey and aki have nearly 6 million subs plus joey probably gets a third of trash tastes money and theyve got over 1 mil now.

so yeah joey and aki are probably pulling in somehwere around 50-75k a month between the two of them with ads and sponsorships

No. 169092

but i don't consider joey/aki Jvloggers, they are anime weeb content producers

No. 169100

it's the only one that fits

No. 169102


what's super funny is that whoever pointed that out about his shirt - that was before the video came out yesterday which was filmed back in september… and he was wearing that shirt ROFL
same shirt as in the studio pic taken the other day ago

what tf is up with that shirt

No. 169107

Stop formatting your posts like an asshole, anon

No. 169109

Good for them! (Joey and Aki) they are a cute couple. Anyway I just put all the english speaking YouTubers in japan in the same box. Lol this past year the gap of money makers have gotten wider. The top earners for English speaking YouTubers I’m Japan

No. 169111


ok as soon as you stop concocting arbitrary rules for what makes posts "formatted by assholes"


No. 169114

sorry but how in the world does TT get 42k a month from patreon while Chris only gets 10k…….
when TT has 1M subs and Chris has 3M

No. 169115

Top earning jvloggers /English japan base YouTubers - according to Adsense viewership count and Patreon
1) Abroad- $500k a year (6577 Patons $10k a month)
2) Paolo- $455k a year
3). Trashtaste 400k a year (8495 patrons 42k a month
4). Cdawgva 400k a year
5). Giguk $310k a year
6). Joey 250k a year (6970 patrons $15k a month)
7) Aki $190k a year - small Patreon community
Joey and Aki Get a lot of age restricted videos, an demonetized a lot throughout the year. But they are still making bank. :) and after these top 7 it’s a steep drop down to 8.(:))

No. 169116

>>16911tgerr base is super young so they spend spend spend mommy and daddy‘s money. That’s why the James Charles and Jeffrey stars make so much money. Young fandom spend

No. 169117

File: 1629766109498.jpeg (12.53 KB, 176x320, 35585118-EFE0-4480-A114-BF33C6…)

I know right it’s crazy amont if money

No. 169118

dont forget the sponsorships and paid videos they make, it all adds up. Making that level of money is definitely going to change how they act and who they interact with. Money changes how other people treat you which forces you to change too, it kinda sucks really because people only see you for your money.

No. 169119

You are so right, and I generally lowballed the figures when calculating it, leaving some room for error. But those seven are making ton of money, and six of them are in a little club of sorts, supporting each other etc. Norm has his face press against the window, like “guys let me in! I have a 21k camera!! Because we all know he thinks he is big league like they are, lol

No. 169120

Norm's fundamental error was going all in on shamisen instead of anime

No. 169123

Rachel and Jun are not up there? Didn't they just built a big house.

No. 169124

they bought a fuckbunch of BTC back in June of 2020…

No. 169125

uhhh what? they are both filthy unwashed gaijin coomers. sorry about your trash taste.

No. 169128

They would be if the posted more. but they don’t . They are now just making videos with sponsorship to build their house on Rachel and Jun’s adventure channel 80k a year for YouTube. But honestly without even posting that much, jun makes about 150k a year in his cooking channel alone. So it’s not like they are struggling or anything. It’s a almost like passive income. lol their videos are mostly like hey look at my cat for 15 minutes insert sponsor collects a check. Good for them lol

No. 169134

Man they really look like siblings

No. 169136

i'm in love with chris broad guess my name(Unsaged autism)

No. 169141

The burning question of today: how much of this is being taxed?

No. 169143

I hate how they pretend they're not making nearly as much money as they do, Chris especially

No. 169148

At least the dude actually uses it as a budget for large projects like Journey Across Japan. Many of his videos are almost tv quality at this point.

No. 169149

Could not agree more. I have always disliked how Chris and especially Connor give the impression how their wallets are hurt all the time. Meanwhile both of them spend their money frivolously on Chinese crap, mega 8k cameras that don't show on your tiny phone screen and eating wagyu every night. That "spending my 30th birthday alone" livestream Chris did in Sharla's apartment (=closet room, go check out the previous thread before you disagree) last year (he was NOT alone since they are 100% dating and travel was banned) made him get so many sympathy donations and superchats… that is just LYING for money if you think about it. From that moment on I started losing respect for Chris.

No. 169150

Couldn't agree more. He's trying to be so relatable to his fanbase by acting way poorer than he is and it's so so annoying. "Japan is not that expensive guys!!" yes it fucking is to normal people who don't beg online.

No. 169151

Good to see his bitter ex is back in the forum…

No. 169153

Think a second before you accuse everyone of being "Lily/Norm/Chris's demons" when you hit that post button anon. Having a serious opinion about someone's shitty ethics is not only done just by exes or jealous colleagues. Sorry to dissappoint people here with the reality these influencers live in.

Also SAGE people, it's not that hard.

No. 169154

A non-native English speaker, with the tell tale ellipsis and frequent spelling/grammar mistakes (that she often uses on her Twitter), combined with inside knowledge of his friendship group/past videos, typically posting on the forum during JST hours and every post filled with the bitterness she’s famed for. Dude it doesn’t take a linguistic forensic expert to put the pieces together.

No. 169155

Glad I'm not the only one who's noticed.

No. 169156

I also think Chris is full of shit sometimes. Not Lily and a native speaker, shocking I know.

No. 169157

Which post are you talking about exactly?

No. 169158

Damn the TT guys are making a mint. Will be keeping an eye on it. A lot of YouTubers have been doing very well due to everyone being at home due to the global pandemic. But that could change very quickly. It's down to regular posting, which they are very consistent on there TT page, good on them. Hopefully, they are saving it all though as YouTube won't be here forever.

No. 169159

I'm begging all you vlogger newfags to:
>use sage: type sage in the email box before posting. This stops the thread bumping. If you have actual news or content to post you can omit the sage.
>tag what you're replying to: before composing your reply, click the number that appears after the date (No. 1657567) which will generate a link to that post as so: >>thepost, then write your reply.
>Stop calling it a forum or a board, it's a thread on an imageboard.

No. 169160

First of all you misunderstand the point of my post it was a celebration of how well they are doing. Second the spending his birthday alone was not to garner sympathy it’s a title, it wasn’t a fundraiser geesh. Third of all if Chris was really money hungry he would produce way more videos and do way more live streams, and he doesn’t. I would not put him in a category of money hungry. People are allowed to earn money, Relax!! It was just a discussion on how well they are doing. Making money or being successful is a good thing, we should celebrate when others do well.

No. 169161

Question is Lilly the only non-native English speaker in the world? Y’all are terrible detectives!

No. 169162

I understood your post, I agree they make a lot of money and you may celebrate that. I was actually agreeing with anon who posted >how they pretend they're not making nearly as much money as they do. Especially Connor.

My problem with Chris and that particular livestream is his lie. He was most definately not alone, yet he made it look like he was. I watched that livestream, people were giving him money in the form of superchats because they like him but also because he was "alone" on his BIRTHDAY during CORONA stuck in JAPAN. That was not true, he was not alone and I found it pretty unethical he created that impression. He might not need that money compared to his income from ads/patreon, but THAT video is still wrong.

No. 169172

Well you are making huge assumptions about why people gave him superchats. Unless you took a poll to see if they only gave Chris money because he was alone on his bday, you have no way of knowing that. In any regards on his other live streams that followed that bday stream, with people and without people joining him, many viewers donated a sh*t tone of superchats. People donate for a variety of reasons, but mostly 1) because the like/ appreciate the creator and 2) because they want their comments to be noticed.
While we are that topic of superchats a person that I have an issue with is only in Japan- his live streams certainly feels like a fundreaiser, but than again no one is twisting his viewers arms lol

No. 169173

Also I thought Connor did a pretty good job explaining his thought process or approach to how he speaks about money. He explained that making this much money on YouTube is new to him, but also that YouTube income can go up and down significantly from month to month. And it took him a while to adjust to his new income range and to see how consistent it would be. Sudden success can be pretty jaring

No. 169180

He seems a bit more down to earth for someone who, on paper, earns about ~400k.
Hopefully he'll exploit his niche gracefully with the other two dudes from TT.

No. 169189

There is a 3rd reason to add to your list: because some of the people actually did feel bad for him for being alone on his birthday. At the time I know I did, and I can't imagine I was the only viewer who thought so. In fact there were many who expressed it in the chat. I don't care if Chris produces good content, has a myriad of reasons to be given money to. My only problem is simply that false title, that false impression he created. Even if it means "just" 1 or 2 people felt bad for him and donated while the majority had different reasons to donate money. That's still 1 too many. Saying "Here have one beer from me tonight" and donating money, hoping he's a little happier because he was otherwise so lonely… Yeah nah, facilitating that is just wrong.

I don't watch Only in Japan's streams enough, but that's also shitty if true. What you feel about OIJ's stream, I feel that about this particular birthday stream Chris had.

No. 169207

I respect your opinion and how your feel. But also you have to consider the intent, the personality and pass behavior if the person making that title. Have Chris even given the I am here for the cash grab behavior that some YouTubers does? No, in fact the opposite, he hardly if ever does sponsorships, turns down a bunch of offers, spread out his videos and not just post for views and $, but quality. Hardly does live streams and has the cheapest Patreon. I am comfortable in saying that his intent was to have a catchy title to get many viewers, and not to garner sypamthy and gain more donations. Also, the “have a beer in me type comments” is par for the course for superchats. If you watch any live stream or twitch live stream- the have a beer/coffee/lunch/dinner on me is like on every donations comments. It’s like a line these people use. I ince donated to quinlan from go north Japan because he mentioned he was going hiking and needs bear spray .. and I wrote (bear spray on me) lol. PS He is the only one I have donated to because he was struggling financially, and seem like a genuine nice guy, the rest I would never.

No. 169208

I couldn’t care less if he was alone or not. It was still a fun stream and he actually makes an effort to reply to every donation unlike a lot of other vloggers.

No. 169209

Sharla finally posts after more than a month of nothing…. srsly some high end content there

No. 169210

It was top tear crap of a video

No. 169215

File: 1629824440617.jpg (48.06 KB, 638x578, Sharla.the.scented.toilet.pape…)

I wish I could get this excited about candy scented toilet paper. Man, Japan is really a consumerist's dream place, isn't it?

No. 169219

Yeah it's pretty bad. They have a product wrapped in single-use plastic packaging for litterally everything.

That plushie tho. 25k yen for a yoga mat/cat bed

No. 169228

Lol, OMG you are right!! she does have man’s hand

No. 169234

Knowing Chris is wiping his ass with candy scented Hello Kitty tp amuses me, thanks Sharla

No. 169240

Sooooooo Sharla says she got a new big fridge because she cooks a lot, but Chris says he can only make scrambled eggs and eats out a lot. Since they live together, is her vegan cooking that bad or does Chris like to overreact?

No. 169248

>They order a lot from WoltJapan and Ubereats.
do you go through their garbage?

No. 169273

Here’s the thing.. they don’t live together. They only do in your head.

What even is this thread now?

No. 169296

I've been thinking about this because there's so many convoluted ideas going around. They lived together in Morioka, they lived together in Sendai, they're dating since 2018, they're dating since 2020… whatever. Who CARES. But: I have thought about it and I have a theory.
I don't think it's a coincidence that Chris announces new studio in Sendai and Sharla announces moving to Sendai and these things are happening at the exact same time. Here's their plan: "Sharla" gets a huge new apartment - if you remember, she showed it off - it's HUGE. Way too big for one person. Chris obviously has moved out of his shit-hole (that he used to go on and on about how much he hated it, but we haven't heard much lately on this topic - this is podcast lore mostly) and into the large spacious "Sharla" apartment in Sendai, with her. This coincides with Chris's rental of the very large studio, where he will do his videos from FROM NOW ON to avoid any possible cross-contamination of domicile-based filming.
It's actually a genius plan. Sharla can film at "Sharla's" apartment, and sometimes use "Chris's" studio, but I guarantee you we will never see another video or live stream from what we came to recognize as "Chris's" apartment, ever again.
Chris will never mention having moved his domicile, because now he will just be focused on the studio and all his videos will be made there.

I'm actually pretty impressed with how seamlessly they pulled it off.

No. 169299

and, p.s. the magical elf man real estate dude they both made videos with, alex, is the one who helped concoct this plan, and helped work out all the paperwork and deals to make it happen. you think it's easy to pull off a real estate musical chairs like they just did, for gaijin? no, take my word for it, it is not. alex greased all the right wheels.

again, i'm super impressed with them. >>169296

No. 169305

You may be right but shit, why go to such lengths to hide it? Like to a certain point I can't get why they would care so much to hide it

No. 169306

i agree with you anon
i don't get it either, but there you have it. it's kind of like when you tell a lie as a little kid and it would be easy to admit you lied early on but the more the lie grows and people know about it, the more you have to work to keep it going

No. 169318

damn the dedication to keep their relationship a secret lol

just seems easier to break the ice and say they're dating? There's seriously nothing to lose if they do so. It's just wasted effort to pretend they're not and must be annoying to keep mental notes of each other's social media to not make sure nothing cross contaminates lol it sounds miserable

No. 169323

The weird thing about it all is hiding relationships is cheater behavior. I doubt anyone (else) is attracted to either of them but Youtubers generally do have a history of extra-curricular activity with followers and each other, and keeping their relationship secret certainly makes that a lot smoother if cheating were to happen. They could even fuck other people in their separate rented studio/flat when the other one is away. There's a reason why relationships are normally public and it's exactly for this reason. Not saying this is happening at all, inb4 where's the evidence, but it certainly could with this setup.

No. 169324

100% totally. 99% of their subs would be so stoked. my guess is that one of them doesn't feel like it's going to work out and they want to spare themselves the drama.

No. 169333

I don't think Sharla thinks it won't work, she made the move (again) for him and is currently missing out on the couples video stuff while her other youtube besties all have partner and an open life.
It's Chris's ultra next level control freak type of insecurity here. This guy = his brand, nothing else.

No. 169334

Definitely think it comes from Chris, he wants his channel to be like Top Gear and you never see Jeremy Clarkson's wife hanging out in the car with him.

No. 169336

Brand lol, the brand is trash. A fat stubby British guy who thinks being sarcastic and swearing all the time is a substitute for having a personality. In terms of professional work, he has a long way to go before he can call himself a film maker, it's absolutely not TV quality, shaky hand held shots, no effort put into composition, doesn't know how to get the most from his gear, autofocus issues all the time, etc. The jump from vlogger to film maker is much wider than you'd think.

No. 169337

That is SO far-fetched.

No. 169340

Kek I never participate in this speculation shit but if anything Chris is way out of the realm of what Sharla would go for. I think he likes softer looking men if her ex-husband is any indication.

Anyway I really like Shiori and Sarah from TC.

No. 169341

I start to get an impression you’ve never held a camera before. “Shaky hand held” footage doesn’t make cinematography amateur dude. He’s not a filmmaker by any measure but his vlogs are well shot.

No. 169364

You can call Chris chubby and his personallty Boring. But his work and his work quality is very good and I would say defiantly tv quality. His camera work is not shaky, I mean the dude, does transitions, good lighting like now other blogger out there. You clearly know nothing about camera or film making or Norm being his petty jealous self.

No. 169378


Truth. Also it's not that elaborate. As to why? They share much more information about themselves than they are truly comfortable with as it is. No need to put more information out there.

I for one completely understand the need for privacy. No one wants a bunch of freaks knocking on your door, or have an imageboard speculating on who you are dating, if you were in the same place at a specific time, etc.

No. 169380

> “Shaky hand held” footage doesn’t make cinematography amateur dude.

When you're doing hand held boom's, dolly's and pushes, it sure as fuck does.

No. 169381

File: 1629897746149.jpeg (423.75 KB, 2048x2048, EF97E7EA-37AC-496E-99B5-76E39F…)

First time posting, so sorry if I’m doing it wrong. I thought this was interesting. A disappearing comment.

No. 169382

you know what - this actually seems plausible, good job anon on the breakdown. and so what? let them live their lives. i agree they shouldn't have to disclose anything they don't want to. but i guess its no different than major celebs and TMZ speculating about who is dating or whatever. these minor pipsqueaks of celebs in youtubeland get speculated on by us even more minor pipsqueaks of gossipers on boards like this one. and the circle continues lol.

No. 169383


Good find. Fair play to them. They want to keep their relationship a secret and their private lives private.

No. 169384

They both delete comments about them dating, it must be exhausting

No. 169400

Why delete? The delete is a dead give away! I have a sneaky suspicion that she has been on here now

No. 169408

Because that little snowflake of a comment can turn that and future comment sections into an avalanche of shippers. She does not want to address and deal with it. Honestly it's just a matter of time till she comes out with it.

No. 169411

During the original JAJ cycle when C & S made quite a few videos together I posted a couple comments on each video shipping them and it was good natured. C shadowbanned me and am still banned to this day. So even then they were sensitive about it.

No. 169419

File: 1629910933696.png (2.31 MB, 1707x2048, Screenshot_20210825-173225.png)

There is one comment.

No. 169422

lol she missed one

No. 169430

Okay guys you figured it out, now can we move on?

No. 169432

sure! what would you like to talk about?

No. 169433

here is an interesting topic, I was shocked to see John Daub from only in Japan doing a live stream on IG with tkyoSam. I would thing that he would not want his brand associated with the dirt bag.

No. 169441

If I were an influencer and I had retards like you obsessing over my life and relationships to an autistic degree, I’d keep it a secret too

No. 169442

Officially, Japan does have dual citizenship until 22 years old for those with a Japanese parent and there's also a loophole that allows dual citizens who obtained their other citizenship by birth/blood to keep their Japanese citizenship even after they turn 22 if the other country allows dual citizenship, so many hafu continue to keep their Japanese citizenship even if they don't or never live in Japan.

Daniel is half-Malaysian/Chinese, not Japanese, and was only in Japan on a work then marriage visa and I think not there long enough to apply for permanent residency.

Did Sharla start dating her ex husband when she was already in her kpop phase or did she get into kpop after meeting her ex-husband? Always wondered if k-idols/makeup is what attracted her to her husband or if that was just a coincidence.

Sam's friend Oriental Pearl's white-girl-shocks-Asians act was already grating but exploiting children is sad.

No. 169448

that's a strange loophole? so if you are born in Japan, but one of your parents is american you can keep the dual citizenship. but not if you are born outside japan?

Yes that oriental Pearl girl is gross.

No. 169451

No. As long as one of your parents is Japanese and you obtained your non-Japanese citizenship via blood/birth, you can keep your Japanese citizenship no matter where you were born.

No. 169466

Japanese law is very strict that after age 22 you must pick a nationality regardless of where you were born, if one of your parents is a native born japanese. If your non-Japanese parent is, say, American, you must renounce your Japanese citizenship should you decide to retain American citizenship. It's always been this way. Similarly, if a Japanese marries a foreign national after the age of 20, they have 2 years to maintain their Japanese nationality before they must renounce one of the citizenships.

No. 169475

No, you can maintain your Japanese citizenship as long as you don't renounce it or attempt to acquire another citizenship after 22. This is because Japan can't force you to renounce the citizenship of another country and they have never revoked Japanese citizenship of an adult dual national by blood/birth in such cases. It's a very well-known secret among half-Japanese and Japanese embassies and consulates have also advised dual nationals about it. However, it means you'll be treated as Japanese in Japan so if you commit a crime, you'll be punished as a Japanese and not deported as a foreigner. If you're skeptical, just google it.

No. 169477

From Japanese Ministry of Justice:

"A person who possesses Japanese and a foreign nationality (a person of dual nationality) shall choose one nationality before he or she reaches twenty two years of age (or within two years after the day when he or she acquired the second nationality if he or she acquired such nationality after the day when he or she reached twenty years of age). If he or she fails to choose his or her nationalities, he or she may lose Japanese nationality."


No. 169481

File: 1629933374751.jpg (275.67 KB, 720x1230, 20210825_161514.jpg)

Any video that's about paolo or his wife sucks. He's just really awkward and cringy a lot of the time so it's hard to watch a video that's 100% about himself. The house/apartment hunting series he made was a huge clusterfuck since it showed how bitchy and selfish his wife is and how he has 0 balls left. They needed a new place asap because of the baby coming but his wife Maiko kept turning them down because they were too "far" away from the station. She wanted it to be no more than a 5 minute walk from the station and did not budge at all even when they found a place that suited all their needs except it was 8 minutes from the station so she rejected it lol.

No. 169486

lol Schoolnik spittin facts

No. 169492

I feel like people are allowed to be picky about what they want from where they are going to live. If you can afford it and work for it, why not. She was well within her rights to turn down some thing she didn’t like. Schooling is a hater lol

No. 169493

I have heard from many that, the rule of denouncing your other citizenship after age 22, is one of those rules that no one really follow. Almost like they don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing?

No. 169495

Yes but its one of those things that only matters once it matters. Legally speaking. As long as nothing becomes complicated about your life situation and you stay out of legal trouble, sure, people gonna look the other way. But you're on borrowed time.

Like… you can get away without having health insurance when you're young and healthy, but you're on borrowed time. The day you get by a bus, it all comes crumbling down.

No. 169496

exactly - it's all fun and games traveling with two passports but once you actually have to deal with grownup shit involving business, taxes, real estate, inhertiances, etc etc…. yeah good luck

No. 169501

I doubt we'd care as much if they weren't hiding it

No. 169503

Ah okay got ya. I could never imagine giving up my citizenship to be Japanese. So for me it waiuld be an easy Merica!! LOL

No. 169505

??? I literally don't understand, they're damned if they do, damned if they don't. They aren't Japanese idols held to a "no dating" image standard.

Anyone constantly bringing them up seems like a super fan of either of them, and are upset they aren't dating THEM.

No. 169506

you "literally don't understand" why people on an imageboard for shit-talking JVloggers are interested in the fact that two of the most popular and boring Jvloggers are hiding a romantic relationship from their public? I "literally don't understand" how you literally don't understand that

No. 169510

Jeez the creepy obsessiveness of many fans on this board makes me realize why vloggers want to keep aspects of their life private.

No. 169512

They're public people who put themselves out there. It's not like we're stalking them irl. We're not in the same country and we're contained in an imageboard. Calm down.

No. 169514

To be fair there's not much drama or fuckery going on at the moment so that's like the only thing to go on about. Seriously why are you even here? If you have something better to spill, spill it or gtfo

No. 169515


wasn't there a time when Paolo was asking for donations/amazon wish list stuff for the baby? lmao

picky fucker moved into some expensive shibuya apartment and has the nerve to ask his low-mid income fanbase to 'help' him

No. 169518

She was weeks away from going into labor so being very picky at a time like that is selfish. She has Paolo running around trying to find a place while she dismisses any potential place solely because it's an extra 1-3 minutes from the station. It's more important that the baby will have an adequate space to live in over her unreasonable demands. If they had the time to shop around I wouldn't have an issue with her decision and I doubt Paolo would either.

No. 169519

I literally don’t understand why people care about two ugly middle aged gaijins fucking, to this extent. Does that help?

No. 169521

The Japanese gov has never forced a dual national who obtained foreign citizenship through a parent to relinquish their Japanese citizenship. This is why many adult half-Japanese still maintain multiple nationalities and having dual nationality is very beneficial when it comes to business, work and family since you don't need to worry about visas. Taxes can be an issue if you're American and make over a certain amount.
"In April, the Justice Ministry confirmed to The Japan Times that the justice minister had never issued a warning to a dual citizen by birth to decide upon one nationality, meaning that no such dual national has ever been stripped of their Japanese citizenship under Article 15 of the Nationality Act." https://www.citinavi.net/single-post/japan-what-does-japan-s-nationality-act-really-mean-for-its-dual-citizens

Paolo does best when he stays behind the camera and leaves his personal life out of his videos. Same with Only in Japan. They're just hurting themselves.

No. 169544

They might be shitty at managing money or they have a lot of debt to pay off or both. Before Youtube Paolo had a start up company that developed an app called "eikaiwa now". It didn't go anywhere and he shutdown the app in 2019. He talked about it in one of his videos and said he put all of his money into it but it's safe to assume he also took out loans. Although it wasn't a complete loss for him since he was able to meet his wife Maiko because she was one of his employees.

No. 169545

I have just found out that there is a PULL discord (it’s still going apparently) and in the Sharla thread there this is all they talk about.

It makes perfect sense why they’re so obsessed - they’re pullfags.

No. 169563

File: 1629983077746.jpg (430.05 KB, 1036x1903, Screenshot_20210827-010150_Ins…)

Micaela's about to go to hospital, and she'll be there until birth now. Sending her all the good vibes.

No. 169565

what is PULL?

No. 169571


lolcow with training wheels

No. 169573

The discord you are part of kek

No. 169579

This must be so incredibly hard for her, I can't imagine how confusing and overwhelming everything is and continues to be. She's a strong person for being this open about it. I have the utmost respect for that.

No. 169581

top three things TykoSam did to earn dirtbag status? Besides being dirty and fat.

No. 169584

What’s the PULL discord link?

No. 169594

File: 1629996208473.jpeg (27.41 KB, 532x358, F240A573-5B2F-4BF0-ABF8-74471E…)

Oh, nonnie

No. 169595

I feel so badly for her

No. 169601

John Daub also had a “baby shower” I reckon he got like over 2k worth of gifts!!! I don’t understand these parasocial relationships!

No. 169610

File: 1630005676767.jpeg (413.89 KB, 1241x1775, C41F1EA7-121A-4E82-8BE6-C7533E…)

Siri show me what desperate for attention with Photoshop looks like?

No. 169611

1) go pro disaster
2) his sexist, rape apologist views
3) his racist overtones and undertone tweets.

No. 169615

Is Connor actually gay or is just experimenting with "gay for clicks"?

No. 169620

Gay for clicks. He is just the sort of guy who is secured enough to hang with gays and make content about it, without caring that people would think his gay, I think.

No. 169623

it's a good strategy for youtube

No. 169624

What's shooped here? My only complain: She should not draw eyeliner like that, goddamn, droops the shit out of her eyes…..

No. 169625

Yeah I'm not getting PS vibes, more like serious portrait mode

No. 169627

I think she looks nice here. The smile seems phony but that's more to do with inner psychological issues rather than surface appearance

No. 169628

should've brought in stan (worldofxtra). The memes and sound affects are annoying but his vlogs on gay nightlife in Tokyo are pretty informative

No. 169629

Connor is straight but he's said he doesn't want to define himself that way, his sexuality is fluid… I think he's got a healthy identity about his sexuality and it's really cool to see

No. 169630

The guy is pretty intelligent, even if he shows an entire other personality on YT.

No. 169634

he's also hot, next to him chris broad looks like a middle age tollbooth collector

No. 169644

I agreed it's a really good in-depth video on the culture. Wish he would step away from his old stuff I enjoyed his video

No. 169658

I love his attitude. The very opposite of toxic straight male BS

No. 169659

If you see her Twitter videos, and compare, you can tell she photoshop her eye bags out and smooths out her skin.

No. 169662

but portrait mode does that too with a lot less effort lol

No. 169663

I mean I would ps too, but she is overdoing it much IMO. She just gives me the try hard vibe, but I have no way of knowing that for sure of course.

No. 169669

I am begging nonnies to bring up your standards

No. 169707

>middle aged
You must be 18 years old to use this site.

No. 169709

I think it's gay baiting and tending to the manga/anime girls who are into yaoi…

No. 169722

I don’t get these anime people. It’s all very strange to me lol

No. 169744

fujos, man. gays are but irl sims to them.

No. 169749

She looks like she’s pushing past 40 nonnie, which is why I’m reiterating, literally why do people care who this crazy cat lady fucks

No. 169756

in no way does sharla look like she's "pushing past 40" what are you 12 years old?

No. 169759

Fellow new anons, could I ask where you have all come from? I’m not going to make fun of you for being new I’m just genuinely intrigued as to why this thread has become so popular (and only about Sharla and Chris). Did someone mention it in a video/podcast etc or are you from another gossip site?

No. 169760

right what kind of "40 year-olds" has this anon been exposed to? At the very worst Sharla looks her age, which isn't a bad thing kek.

No. 169761

she's 35, i think she looks amazing

No. 169762

File: 1630109408592.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, B534F2C9-3439-489B-990A-6A5E32…)

You retards are focusing on her age but my point still stands, literally why should I give a fuck these two are fucking and why are you retards pushing this as hot milk?(stop)

No. 169768

For someone who doesn’t care, and find this conversation so boring, you sure comment a lot on this thread about the topic that bores you so. You repeat the same thing over and over again. When I don’t care about something, I couldn’t even be bothered enough to read a comment about it, let along frequently commenting on it . But you do you fam

No. 169770

this 101%

No. 169788

No one but you has been talking about them for a while. Why are you so obsessed anon?

No. 169789

For almost a month, every other day, some retard bumps this thread. I hope it’s new drama concerning the jvloggers, but it’s the same cunt sperging over their huge cocklust for Chris.

I have never seen someone try to push an agenda like this so fucking hard. You guys haven’t seen the failed new Chris/sharla threads they try to push that get deleted by mods. LC isn’t a personal army, I don’t understand why they’re trying to bandwagon everyone to their narrative. Even if it is true they’re dating, this person is trying to weaponize us and that shit isn’t Kawaii.

No. 169791

Bring some jvlogger milk yourself if you're not happy.

No. 169798

There isn’t any, hence our disdain over the continued pushing of a relationship between 2 irrelevant people. They aren’t even ‘ex j-vloggers’ as they still live and vlog in Japan.
This 100000%

No. 169799

Ah so only ex jvloggers are allowed to be discussed? Let's drop connor, aki, joey and the rest of those fuckers too then.

No. 169806

Well.. thats why we’re complaining. I am in no way against having a thread but as anon said above previous threads were locked, and you can’t deny some retard is bumping the thread with the same shit over and over.
Maybe OP should have made a thread about Chris or TC in general, but I have a feeling that would have been locked due to the fact that it isn’t even worth having a thread about.. which again backs up my whinging.

No. 169807

Samefag but forgot to add, if there’s no new milk/drama and topics keep getting circlejerked for the sake of keeping the thread going people will complain. This isn’t a forum!

No. 169809

maybe some should lock this thread or start another one just for boring vanilla jvloggers in their 30s and their sexual habits?

No. 169810

No fun allowed.

No. 169817

>connor, joey, aki, etc

I don't follow them that much. At most I wonder if connor is banging kano which I doubt. On the other hand it seems that them being a bit younger than Chris/Sharla et al, and probably being on the internet for long, made them realize it's better to keep quiet about your own bs. And truth be told, good for them-

No. 169826

(Ex-)Jvloggers, so anyone who still is or has been a Jvlogger, READ.

Furthermore those who have a thread (like Aki and Taylor) don't go here.

Please stop whining. This bickering only contributed to more non-milk posts.

What go-pro disaster? This guy is a weird one. He speaks his mind, but comes across so rude. Him chatting to those poor petrol station staff makes me cringe. You can tell they are intimidated and annoyed.

No. 169845

he seems very into being "American" but like a cartoon version

No. 169849

Connor and the trash taste guys live in Japan and vlog, by definition a jvlogger

Aki has her own thread and most people just discuss how she’s fat, feel free to take it there

No. 169853

can we get back to talking about connors new monetization of gay-baiting? this to me is a fun direction

No. 169871

Honestly he might be, he doesn't really air too much of his real life out. Maybe he'll be more open about it now that he streams live on Twitch.

I think it was mentioned on trash taste that he had a gf before youtube blew up but they broke up. People are shipping connor and ironmouse together since connor called her cute. I don't think ironmouse is interested though since she's constantly sick and just gave birth.

No. 169877

he's talked about his sexuality as fluid. but Kaho and him, the way they're positioning/thumbnailing/rolling out videos - it's like she's his fag hag and he's out on the town.. it's great and i love her but it feels a little opportunistic

No. 169940

Where has he said his sexually is fluid?

No. 169974

File: 1630273833410.png (239.68 KB, 1188x938, Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 2.49…)

No. 169983

gotta get those fujobux

No. 169992

Good for him, a bit weird how obstinate people are about this subject.
Indeed but at a first glance he doesn't look like someone who is heavy into fujo baiting or that he had the foresight to manipulate them, if he did, my applause.

No. 169996

I mean he built his initial fanbase as a Sebastian LARPer calling real people as him so it’s to be expected some of them are parasocial

No. 170145

Micaela had her baby last night, and the baby passed 1 hour after birth in the fathers arms. No mother should have to go through what she did. I feel so bad for her and her partner.

No. 170150

Oh my God. Poor Micaela and her bf. I cannot imagine their pain

No. 170168

Fuck this is awful ! I feel so sorry for her. I didn’t really get what the baby had?

No. 170170

Her baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. A genetic disorder that is not compatible with life basically. She has everything about it on her Instagram. I feel for her and her partner, hope they recover soon.

No. 170199


My grandmother had a baby who was my first aunt and she had the same including a hole in the heart. She died a week later in the 70s. Very sad, so common too.

Especially since it’s her first child. Incredibly same. There for a moment and then gone.(learn2sage)

No. 170200

Incredibly sad *

No. 170216

that's so sad.. Words cannot express how devastating that level of loss is. Sending nothing but positive energy to them both.

No. 170244

File: 1630469208643.png (1.92 MB, 2214x1088, Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 9.06…)

I'm suspicious of the JVlogger "her.atlas"

I'm generally suspicious of people who suddenly appear on youtube out of nowhere and immediately have 24k views on their very first video. She claims to work in Japan but isn't a JET or english teacher. Something is fishy about this one.

No. 170245

she didn’t suddenly appear, I’ve been watching her for at least one year

No. 170246

she posted her first video in jan of 2020 and it got 24k views. that doesn't just happen. she appeared out of nowhere with maximum editing, shooting, and cross-platform promotion. no learning curve. she says she has a job and a husband in japan but never talks details.

sorry but something doesn't check out here.

No. 170248

Maybe the right person shared it and it picked up views that way? And loads of YouTubers don't share personal details.

No. 170249

ok. you're sticking with immaculate conception theory. cool cool cool

No. 170250

Not immaculate conception anon btw lol - but a quick search shows she was already doing similar content with an established audience when she lived in San Francisco

No. 170252

Gross she seems so phony

No. 170253

San Diego and San Francisco are two different places last I checked, separated by 500 miles.

No. 170255

Yes thank you, anon

No. 170263

What’s not to get? Weebs love Japanese content, sprinkle a friendly looking gaijin and you’re going to get views.

No. 170280

The baby was so beautiful. You wouldn't think anything was wrong just looking at her. So tragic and unfair. What a cruel world.

No. 170282

Poor girl, some women can have a baby and abandon it like it's nothing, then this couple that wanted their baby more than anything only got an hour with her. Fuck this gay Earth.

No. 170305

Nothing fishy at all. She and her husband moved to Japan like 3 years ago after they came here on their honeymoon. Her husband is most likely military affiliated. She is not like the rest broke, 20 something weeb, with no future other than teaching English to Japanese students, who could care less about English. She is educated, well rounded, well traveled and seems like both she and her husband are earning a good living.

No. 170309

It was actually more than that. Atleast $3000 worth of baby items. John Daub is so cheap he couldn't even buy his own wife or baby anything. He just used the Amazon gift cards he had on his wishlist and claimed he bought them. I find him very obnoxious and he is very rude to his wife.

No. 170312

She deleted a bunch of videos it seems like. Because she use to have a bunch of videos on her life in the USA and her moving process to Japan. She has a longer IG presence as well.

No. 170333

In an old video (one of the moving process, now deleted videos), she mentioned he worked for the government. I think it may have been at the US embassy in law or a related field. The husbands work paid for all the relocation including moving the dogs I think so he must do something quite important. Kind of shocked me cause they seemed maybe early 30s at the time, and that seems quite young to be in such a well compensated position. But I have been watching her since then and enjoy her videos. Shes definetly got the older millenial humour, but shes pretty genuine.

No. 170335

I agree. Someone here said she had an established audience prior to moving to Japan, but definitely not the same numbers she's showing now- and that article purported her to be a wellness influencer in SD. Obviously she is no longer a wellness influencer, but attempting to be a J-vlogger/influencer, so much of that initial following probably has dropped off by now. Her numbers are currently: 145 K subs on YT, and 215 k followers but she can't crack above an average of 27k views unless its standard clickbait stuff like "HAUL", "HANAMI", "24 HOURS IN.."
Her sub numbers to viewership conversion doesn't really add up to me- I think she's buying subs on her socials, personally.
If you want to compare her subs to viewership conversion to another J-vlogger, I'd reccomend looking at Emma's sub numbers vs conversion rate or even Jenn's sub numbers vs conversion rate- both are longtime j-vloggers with viewership that climbed steadily and slowly, who still manage to get those viewers to tune in. Her.Atlas sprung to 145 k subs in less than a year and has already spun out on getting views on her average uploads? I agree, kind of bizarre imo. But probably not milky.

No. 170340

Emma and some other the other jvloggers are all in the same circle and collab etc. Emma had a huge viral video pushed by Ashton Kutcher and Pewdie Pie. Emma and others like her usually reside in Tokyo and that tends to get more clicks. Her atlas lives in South country side Japan. She caters to a different demographic. Most people who move to or who are Intested in Japan do not fit her demographics. Most people who are obssed with japan, anime, are looking for sh8tty appartment, sh8tty teaching job, make next to no money and are obsessed with Japanese pu*y. She offers none of that weeb crap. She is clearly well off, not working a shtty job, is well travelled and well rounded.

No. 170361

I am curious to see, howq is Sharla going to explain, her obvious couples trip to Matsushima Japan in a couple of weeks? “Just me my FRIEND Chris, Natsuki and his wife going away for the weekend.” Or “hey my FRIEND Chris is just showing me Sendai.” Or sort of pretend he is not on the trip. Which lie would it be?

No. 170363

you know nothing about youtube and are being retarded about it

average 27k views on her videos with 145k subscribers, that's about an 18% interaction rate.

Whereas pewdiepie has an average of 2m views for his 100 million subs, making an interaction rate of 1.8%. Are you saying PEWDIEPIE is buying subs?

Fucking drink some milk, maybe you'll get retain some IQ

No. 170366

Most definitely the husband is working at the local base/Iwakuni. Probably as a contractor. I only came across her from her house tour vid.

No. 170370

Wow I didn’t know that pewdie views were so low. so intresting. Also look how fast that oriental pearl iidiot grew!!

No. 170394

lol ok so I have been watching her for over a year and I was also baffled and did lots of digging back in the day. i'm pretty sure most of the evidence is long deleted at this point as she's curating a very "family friendly perfectly happy all the time" image, which i think is working because she's booking actual TV gigs in japan now

anyway, her youtube channel is several years old and she started vlogging in san diego in 2018, mostly doing fitness/diet content. she got married to a marine, joined tiktok, and moved to japan. tiktok is where she initially blew up, recording some of her moving process in 2019. her content used to be a lot less cozy/aspirational and she would bitch about japan a lot tbh lol. eventually she started that one trend (or at least made it viral), "8 things in my house that Just Make Sense" and that's when her content started growing legs.

her husband is basically middle-management on base in iwakuni. they aren't making huge money, probably because they had to pay extra for a house that would allow their dog.

anyway the TLDR: she's the wife of a marine and had been trying to start an online presence for years and a combination of japan + tiktok let her find SOME success. she's deleted her older youtube videos that had fewer views, so it's not as fishy as it seems.

No. 170399

well that's actually really interesting and speaks to how people subtractively adjust their personas. She seems to put out this characterization of herself that she's this self-made businesswoman in Japan just a workin girl. But in reality she has a visa because of her Marine husband and she's wiped all the evidence of her origin lore.


No. 170416

I like her.atlas and was recommended her moving to Japan video like over a year ago? I think the algorithm helped her out too. My main conspiracy with her is that she is no WAY just in her 20s. I don’t remember the exact age she claims to be but everything about her says 30s. Her appearance, but moreso her attitude, her humor, her other friends (her friends are graying), her interests (pottery and crafts). I also don’t think she teaches or anything, but claims to do it for relatability. I do like her videos though. She’s not too weeby and she’s not a vegan, dairy free, or obsessed with cats. IMO she’s one of the few ‘normal’ female jvloggers. Her and the one who moved to Taiwan were my favorites.

No. 170439

She also doesnt have Obsession with stuff animals, stickers and animal crossing. These weeb woman japan vloggers, talk about arrested development, they are so lame. Her atlas offers a different perspective and she is not cringe.

No. 170454

File: 1630593360911.jpeg (477.59 KB, 1224x2175, 8DC55CCC-76FA-4733-8423-2E6228…)

Thank you for confirming the tea Chris

No. 170518

Really? Military wife is already an established jvlogger category and her travel and haul videos aren't that different from what the other vloggers have done including the weebs. If anything she's late to the game with that content.

No. 170579

It's definitely not a 'different' perspective but it is refreshing that she isn't a gamer or anime fan. She seems like any "normie" 35 year old (kek) in Japan. I also like her energy level, it comes off very natural and real. Sort of like Sharla but minus the cats and diet specifications.

No. 170614

yeah and he gets a lot of clicks when he especially does the hentai dubbing videos. Everyone knows that shipping fans can be good for business/clicks/viewers. Sadly for example Supernatural is looking back being accused of queerbaiting.

No. 170658

I agree, I actually like her atlas quite a lot. I followed all her tiktoks during the pandemic tik tok craze and I also like her energy levels, she’s making the most of having moved to Japan while being a normal not obsessed person.

If I’m not mistaken she used to blog about her life in the US but she said she never had many followers.

She was crazy successful on tik tok and now she’s been filming things for tourism in Japan. She used to teach but from what I remember she was part time in some sort of high school maybe, doing like orientation.. but she left it to be a full time creator. I think she taught just cause she had nothing else to do and no money needs.

Part of her success is I think her audience was not originally Japan-obsessed people, it was random viewers who found it “exotic” and started following her.

No. 170781

Shipping people is a bit weird, also Chris was in a relationship during that time and Sharla was still wearing a ring.

No. 170786

wtf was that anon's post?
Do they have a stalker?

No. 170802

He was at a Sushi restaurant and put a go-pro on the conveyor belt that moves the plates of sushi around.

No. 170812

there's nothing "weird" about shipping people. it's normal human behavior in the 21st century.

No. 170822

I hope she doesn't feel the need to latch onto the usual subjects from this thread. She's great by herself, just a different vibe.

No. 170828

It's been normal human behavior basically through all time.

No. 170830


i saw bridgerton too

No. 170907

File: 1630874840608.png (2.1 MB, 1820x1250, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 1.46…)

See? He has literally no other shirts.

No. 170910

Literary this is the oldest news in the world. People have been comminting in this black shirt forever. He has even joked about it in his podcast that he buys like 5 of the same black shirt when he goes to the UK and wears it to film. Becauuse he has decided that the black shirt is the look for his brand. Anyway the black shirt is boring and old news.

No. 170916

They look so happy together, glad they’re dating

No. 170933

they really do make an adorable couple, the old grumpy primadonna and the svelte young goofy charmer.

They are both such wimps… I honestly can't imagine dating either of these guys who seem afraid of their own shadow

No. 170939

I love this ship

No. 171000

Ive been following her since her japan moving vlogs went up. She had a few videos prior to that but none of them had more than a few thousand views. the japan moving vlogs (I think there were atleast 3-4 videos) hit big numbers, and thats where her subscribers came from. Not sure I would say she had a following before japan, but because of those moving vlogs.

No. 171061

she's like a rural, boring taylor b(learn2sage)

No. 171287

File: 1631131129494.jpg (265.21 KB, 972x970, eyk.jpg)

Martina is going back to Japan, this time without Simon

No. 171332

"extremely difficult to enter japan"

uh…. yeah it's literally closed to nonresidents.

No. 171368

File: 1631182434713.png (523.12 KB, 826x532, Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 11.13…)

soft launch?

No. 171374

>without Simon
Yeah, I thought they got a divorce a while back. But doesn’t she have a disease that makes her unable to function some days? How is she going to travel alone without her bedside nurse (Simon)?

No. 171375

there's just something about chris that makes me think he probably has a soft launch

No. 171390

God, there's something really off with both Simon and Martina. Simon's been a literal version of the angry crying face hiding behind a smile meme since the divorce, and Martina just seems straight up delusional. Her insistence that she both has debilitating EDS AND has to live in Japan has always seemed extremely weird to me.

No. 171394


easy. they're trying to reclaim their youth. thry're bitter that they wasted those years with someone they now despise, so they're acting like early 20 somethings as if they're still developing. pretty pathetic

No. 171397


what is EDS

No. 171399

If she has a chronic disease, then how is she moving to Japan on her own?

No. 171401

File: 1631209442799.jpeg (262.85 KB, 817x1249, 5eTthgI.jpeg)


They are also having passive aggressive fights while sharing the same youtube account

No. 171402

File: 1631209551336.jpeg (469.91 KB, 832x1611, G1EnJMi.jpeg)

No. 171403


ehlers danlos syndrome. it's a connective tissue disorder that has a massive range of severity. Some people just have extra bendy joints, some people are wheelchair bound by the time they're in their 40's. It's become a very popular online muchie diagnosis, but it's definitely very real and can be debilitating in it's more severe forms. Martina has often hinted that she will eventually lose her mobility sooooo…either she's a liar or she's in denial, because Japan doesn't make sense in that context, especially now that she's lost a support/care person.

No. 171426

Playing the victim while manipulating his ex by holding their account hostage and controlling what is posted there.

No. 171429

i had a friend in japan many years ago with an actual physical disability. it is incredibly difficult to be disabled in japan even for japanese with friends and family there to help

No. 171434

I imagine Martina is going to stay in Japan as long as she can before she has to use a wheelchair, I think she just uses a cane sometimes now. I vaguely remember the (controversial) reason for them leaving Korea when they did is because Martina's condition is getting worse and it was their (or her) dream to live in Japan before she's immobile.
And damn I feel bad for her, I think no one really realized how toxic (or crazy) Simon is lol if he was always like this or his midlife crisis is making it worse. Whatever problems they had behind camera; they hid them well. I hope the divorce finalizes soon so she can just cut him off for good and can play guru with his new young side chick lol

No. 171441

> dream to live in Japan before she's immobile
I still don’t know why they chose a home with stairs to live in, that never made sense to me. There are plenty of flat homes in Tokyo that are more handicap accessible

No. 171444


Land is expensive in japan so most homes have 2 floors, it's cheaper to build up. Also, seems like to simon/martina had the need to live in a trendy hipster area like Kichioji. Even in Korea they lived and worked in Hongdae which is super expensive and probably why they had to do a gofundme

No. 171449

Japan is difficult for those with mobility issues. There’s lots of stairs and elevators can be really out of the way. I’ve seen elevators that you have to walk up stairs to use. The sidewalks are super uneven. And there’s lots of walking required; I regularly go over 10000 steps a day just going work-home route.

No. 171455

File: 1631262560384.jpg (187.21 KB, 878x1565, 127v27dt1jm71.jpg)


Martina's comment deleted by Simon, he really did go full narc.

No. 171467

The mom Nancy is super annoying, I used to watch them but honestly the more videos I watched the more I realized how many issues she has and how she comes across is hard to watch..and they definitely are hoarders. They show lucky bag unboxings in their house and the entire wall is covered in figuring boxes.

No. 171470

so….now she is moving back to Japan and endangering the cat's life again?
Does not add up.
Honestly feels like she uses her disability as a convenient excuse. She made it sound so horrible when they lived there, how tf will she function on her own this time? There is literally no way… In their videos together they talked about how horrible her disease was there and she could not function without him….she gives off munchie vibes now to me. We will see though, apparently she can move back across the world magically with her debilitating disease and diseased cat.

No. 171471

what is munchie

No. 171478

munchausen by proxy

No. 171483

Her cat is currently with her mom and will most likely be living out of the rest of his life at her mom's house since he's comfortable there. She will not be taking Meemers back to Japan with her, and it'd be dumb of her to do so since she shit on Simon trying to move him around.

No. 171485

File: 1631284635185.png (1.27 MB, 970x635, Babes with Mobility Aids.png)

seems like she plays up her illness

No. 171495

I kind of understand her wanting to do this before it becomes physically impossible for her, but doesn’t she need to have someone to help? I don’t know how it works getting a visa as someone with a physical disability, but it seems kind of reckless. What is she going to do once her illness advances and she has to move back to Canada again? Or maybe she’s not intending to come back?

He's crazy, but I don’t think Martina is the angel everyone else makes her out to be either. He was wrong to delete it, but it is a needlessly salty comment.

No. 171517

Life Where I'm From has done some videos about living with a disability in Japan (Tokyo) a way back. His Traveling With A Physical Disability in Japan video is also informative. But Martina's first problem is that she doesn't know much Japanese and it isn't easy to get a visa to enter Japan right now. It seems kinda premature to be announcing a move.

No. 171520

Totally agree. Japan is basically not letting people in right now. I know Simon is the easy target and totally deserves all the blowback he’s getting, but Martina seems genuinely delusional with this move. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

No. 171532

The fanbase despises Simon because he vacationed in Hawaii during the pandemic, but nobody seems to be saying shit about Martina thinking she's going to move to Japan during a pandemic. Granted maybe she doesn't mean anytime soon, but tbh, this pandemic doesn't seem like it's ending anytime this year so talking about moving to another country period seems irresponsible IF you care about that.

I agree Martina isn't as sweet as she seems. She's written a lot of mean, bitter comments about Simon and so has he. They both have had their cutiepie loveydovey masks removed and exposed themselves as weirdos. And quite frankly I always thought Martina seemed a little munchie but I chalked it up to not knowing much about EDS. At the very least I think she plays up her frailty a bit so her audience thinks she's such a strong girlboss for overcoming a painful hip.

No. 171535

100% nonnie - they're both emotionally stunted nastos. I hate men as much as the next farmer, but Martina has her own grossness that's showing up.

No. 171544

not weird imo. her condition is not going to get better so if she wants to live in Japan again, which clearly she does, she needs to do it asap while she still at least has some mobility. Maybe she will only be out there for a year or even months, but sounds like she wants to make the most of her freedom while she has it.

No. 171550

Building off on this, I think he talked it about on trash taste recently, Connor said he gets really upset when people gaybait for views

He’s either very hypocritical or actually bi(?)

No. 171568

unless you are Japanese, work for a government, or are an actual journalist, (or athlete or working with athletes during the games) Japan is not granting anyone access to entry. there's no tourist visas. so what is her plan.

No. 171569

he is also very young and maybe he's still figuring shit out. nothing wrong with that. let the man be himself.

No. 171577

in this case it would just be munchausens (not by proxy) bc she isn't making someone else sick, just trying to get excessive attn for her own

No. 171582

To be fair, she hasn't given specific dates or anything. It's possible she is just getting everything in order for a visa for when the pandemic dies down and Japan opens back up and decided to prematurely announce it to the world.

No. 171583


meh the fanbase's hate for simon is little more than that. He's just a rude condescending asshole now every time he comments in ig. Since martina handled social media on her own when they were married, people are now wondering if simon was always like this or his midlife rich white guru identity crisis has something to do with it. Plus martina has hinted he has narcissistic personality disorder and stated 'he was not a wonderful husband' or w/e, some are questioning if there may have been abuse, and his gaslighting has became apparent whenever he does his mental gymnastics reasoning for something (like sneaking into martina's discord).
what a bizarre mess its became lol

No. 171652

Is Taylor R finally pregnant???

No. 171657

she will tell people when she is. No need to guess or speculate

No. 171659

This is lolcow. We can guess or speculate all we want. Are you lost?

No. 171666

I hope she's not pregnant. She's already gotten deathly boring and I feel like a baby will only make her more insufferable.

No. 171668

I do t care what this is, get the f out of women womb. Common decency exist everywhere

No. 171669

What a jerk of a comment to make

No. 171670

Presumably she is otherwise she wouldn't be making these videos just to tell a sad story with no happy ending, and also the description for Ep 3 says "the other half are thinking my happy ending (or beginning I guess) starts here" - which alludes to a yes. Either IVF round 2 or 3 worked out for them.

No. 171672

Keep the Taylor milk in there:

No. 171706

You’re joking right? She’s literally making mad videos about it and posting them online. But ok, act all high and mighty like you literally aren’t on a gossip site rn. Lmao, weirdo.

No. 171720

I think anon just means take it to the Taylor R thread you fucking mongoloid

No. 171735

Jesus Christ, you clearly don’t know how to read, nor comprehend. Holy shit.

No. 171790

Nta taylorn spergs are cancer, go back to your containment thread and discuss her filler again or whatever the fuck you do

No. 171803

Me asking if she’s pregnant doesn’t mean I ever sperged about her “fillers”. Fuck off because you just sound so dumb.

No. 171814

I'm not saying you can't talk about her pregnancy, I'm just saying go back to your containment thread cunt

No. 171819

This is just a post to say that Chris put out a video today and he was wearing the shirt again(this is an imageboard)

No. 171825

You’re the cunt, and brain dead at that too. That’s unfortunate.

No. 171881

He sneaked into her discord? When was this? Was he looking for ammunition or just forcing his presence on her?

I liked their videos (but not them, really, they’re no Eric and Kyde) but he looks like he’s gone completely off the rails here, freaky eyes and expression.

No. 171899

He wore a different one in Sharlas video. It was slightly blue. It was a nice change.

No. 171900

>>>/snow/1285310 About a month ago. He says it was a mistake but it's questionable at best.

No. 171942

What were things that Simon said that "hurt the disabled community"?

No. 171963


Yea he snuck in lol, I guess he doesn't know much about discord, because your name pops when you enter a server so martina's discord admin caught him and kicked him out and posted the screenshot on the subreddit. He got asked about it on instagram and attempted a mental gymnastics explanation that he was looking for something and accidentally clicked martina's server. Of course no one believes him because you can't 'accidentally' enter a server. So that's why some are calling him abusive, he's trying to keep tabs on her or have some sort of menacing control over martina.

Martina also posted on her own ig that Simon keeps a list of banned words on their shared ig like hawaii, travel, reddit, delete, block, etc. She said she clears it (along with the blocked people list) when she logs in, but of course he just goes back and reupdates the ban list. I don't know what the fuck simon is trying to do, but he just need to quick social media and work an offline job with his mistress lol no one is on his side, his podcast isn't going anywhere, and he just keeps making his situation worse

No. 171971

He sounds like such a control freak, it must have been a nightmare for Martina to live with him based just on the repeated petty ban list/block list additions, comment deletions, blocking fans and so on. Just log the fuck off mate and let her have her channel back, nobody likes you Simon.

No. 171983

she probably put her foot down. "in MY video you will NOT wear that shirt"

No. 172003

She could barely convince her ex husband to get on camera, what makes you think she has any power to exert Chris to change his shirt

No. 172004

she told him that if he doesn't change his shirt then she'll do more videos with norm

No. 172013


Did it end up being Simon who locked Martina out of the account a couple months back or was it an actual hacker? I never followed up on that drama.

No. 172015

I think that was Simon, considering all the posts that would add up, and him deleting Martina’s comments.

No. 172024

I think Chris kind of shoots himself in the foot by berating every guest on his channel except like Natsuki and the women. Well the things he does to Natsuki are different.. Still not good though.

No. 172027

Yeah not sure why he does that. Either he is really good with keeping up his YT persona or it's just a shitty personality trait showing through.

No. 172031

It also always made me slightly uneasy how he made Natsuki sort of the clown of his vlogs because of his broken English

No. 172032

I feel like it kind of taints the image of the people he hangs out with. Especially Ryotaro's. At first I thought he was like some legit businessman or something, his youtube career I can't take seriously now because of how Chris has potrayed him..

No. 172033

True, but I'm sure Ryotaro doesn't mind that, it gives him free exposure, and he likes to act on it as well.

I never understood why he turned Natsuki in the clown he is today. The trick has become old, nowadays it makes me cringe everytime he forces Natsuki into saying something broken.

No. 172036

As vapid as Sharla can be, I thought it was nice in her recent video where she was chatting to Natsuki in Japanese and they were talking about onomatopoeia - it came across as really natural and was actually interesting from a language perspective

No. 172037

It'd be nice if Chris would talk in Japanese with Natsuki in his videos but no the bastard is too lazy to put subtitles to his videos.. It's not like he'd have to subtitle every single video and every single second of it. And he subtitles his broken english anyway so it makes no sense. He's a proper cunt.

No. 172041

Exactly! Natsuki has some interesting history and knows probably more than Chris portrays in his videos. He's also usually a bit more timid on other channels, like TC. I'll never forget how Chris pulled down Natsuki's pants for the giggles. What grown ass man does that? I wonder how much of this all is tolerated for the sake of whatever agreement they have.

No. 172043


I think Chris is a total prick and is just playing up to this sarky British humour thing as I guess his American viewers like it? (Idk, I'm a britfag and it winds me up). I hope Natsuki is at least getting a massive payday. God knows Chris can afford it with his millions of patreon subscribers.

No. 172044


Also could he not just pay someone to do the subs if he really didn't want to???? Can't imagine that would cost a lot.

No. 172045

Chris is an asshole. He treats the people around him like shit. I really think he's got some kind of arrested development complex where he's locked in immaturity. He just doesn't seem like a man to me. He seems more like an overgrown boy. He has to turn everyone around him into a "character" like "Natsuki the clown" or "Ryotaro the villian" or "Pete the bizarre Japanophile" because he's so immature he can't just accept people for who they are and conduct himself like an adult relatinship.
The anon that pointed out how much more natural and pleasant Sharla and Natsuki were talking in Japanese about the cicadas was totally right - she can at least treat people like people and not characters in some fictional universe for views.

No. 172048


>Chris is a walking billboard for his channel.

>Chris lives in a fictional universe for the views.

Out of all of the Japan content creators on YT, nobody is more of a brand persona than Chris.

>Chris owns 1 black shirt.

No. 172049

I think John Daub, before the original Only in Japan channel was stripped from him in whatever bad business deal he'd made, was probably the most brand-centric jvlogger… i guess not anymore

No. 172053

Indeed, that was because of the company he produced for. Sad for him they probably have intellectual ownership of all of his old videos. Wonder if he still gets a cut.

No. 172079

The control freak won't let anyone else edit his videos

No. 172089

Doesn't he nowadays finally have some editors?

No. 172092

If so then he really has no excuse abusing Natsuki anymore

No. 172097

Very odd how’s there’s so many people laying into Chris when there are some truly monstrous jvlogger out there. The dude’s a douchebag but he’s far from the coveted throne of jvlogger douchebags. Still it’s common knowledge many lurkers on this forum are other jvloggers so it figures they’d be on here complaining to make themselves feel good.

No. 172098

Did it cross your mind that not everyone follows everyone discussed in the thread?

No. 172099

Did it cross your mind that Paolo, Only in Japan and Tkyosam are the only jvloggers worth watching? At least their content isn’t cookie cutter bullshit. They actually show real people and places.

No. 172100

I don't care, quit your whining.

No. 172102

But isn’t that why we come here? To whine?
I like sitting on my basement complaining about people while munching cheetos. It makes me feel better about myself.(learn2sage)

No. 172103

Yes about the creators and what they do, not our preferences.. And learn to reply properly you retard.

No. 172105

Spot the odd one in that list of three…. I'm this close to hicow this, but Tkyosam is really NOT what one would agree is quality content worth watching..

No. 172115

I think it's more that Chris and Natsuki mostly use English and Chris is self-conscious about his Japanese because it isn't so great considering how long he's lived in Japan tho still much better than some of the jvloggers who speak almost no Japanese. Explains why Natsuki's English continues to improve…

Sharla's Japanese with Natsuki is actually kind of rude, but probably not intentional, more out of ignorance and inexperience talking with grownups maybe, which is weird and surprising because she went to university in Japan and works as a translator.

No. 172120

tkyosam does occasionally make a decent video, his video personality tends to drive people away but if you can get past that he does have good content every now and then.
I did glean something from one of his viewers, said he went to a chris broad video seminar and afterwards they all went out for dinner and chris was a massive snob, didn't want to talk to any of the people that paid to goto the seminar. Apparently there was something going on with Sharla and Norm too, giving off the impression that they're more than just friends.

No. 172127

lmao is this a selfpost? tkyosam has been an awful meme for years. nonnie do you actually trudge through this fat man's incoherent 8 hour livestream rants and think that's good?

please be a troll lol

No. 172132

The amount of sense this doesn’t make is astounding

No. 172133

this is not a forum it's an imageboard

No. 172140

Did it cross your mind that we also established Her Atlas was worth following as well

>TkyoSam is an inside-out Shrek

No. 172153

what parts are rude? i went back and listened to the cicada convo and she sounds stilted but i couldn't pick up what was rude so wondering for my own knowledge.

No. 172154

based tkyosam selfposting to rake in the views, he's a meme but I kinda agree with >>172120 and I do empathize a bit with the whole adhd thing

t. not tkyosam

No. 172157

Can you imagine taking advice from a grown man in his 30, with a failing YouTube career, crap teaching job, who lives is a box with 100000 other lost losers. His prospect for the future is grim. But most of all can you imagine saying that his video quality is good!!! Haha best joke ever.

No. 172158

As far as Paolo is concerned. I am fascinated about his views. People are not interested in him, because he puts up a fake happy teethy go lucky persona, his audience don’t seem to connect with him. I say that because, whenever he post any video about himself, his family etc the views drops significantly. The videos that do extremely well are the “days in the life of a Japanese ___”. So paolo is not the draw, yes his wife does an good job with the edits, and the series is well done and popular. But his viewers are no loyal. Chris viewers are very loyal to him, he consistently gets very high views, no matter the subject. And most of all, the nerve of that Sam guy to put himself in Paiolo category, Paolo worst performing video number wise is Sam best. So crawl back to that sh8t box, you call home Sam.

No. 172159


I used to watch probably all of Paolo's videos before he and Maiko switched to full pregnancy/kira kira baby mode. Sorry dude I have no interest in babies or especially pregnancy and now most of the videos are about that… Day in the Life are really good even if he's like "Wow, so cool!" all the time, I can get past that for the interesting subject matter anyway. The old Top 10 videos used to be fun too just in a casual sort of, I'll put this on while I'm doing something else way. I don't do that with the family ones.

But I cannot watch any of the videos with the kid because I end up just being so embarrassed for that baby they literally named Wolverine. Like not only is that a weird name anywhere but it's unpronouncable in Japanese, even though his official certificate has it in katakana??? no

No. 172160


No. 172162

only Sharla? Also sage ya dumbass

No. 172163

Dear Sharla: "Pokemon is cute" is not a personality

No. 172179

What happened to Sunny and Chris? Ever since the scandal, they have been going under the radar. But her apology video still gets bad comments every day.

No. 172191

I'm also curious as an intermediate nihongo fag. Either way, I still think speaking to someone in a bit shit Japanese is better than exploiting their poor English for laughs to your millions of subs….

No. 172205

Who is Sunny, what apology?
>spoonfeeding req
I’m sorry, my memory is shite, do you mean a different Chris than Broad?

No. 172208

Not going to spoonfeed, but here are the posts to read and catch up.

The scandal:

The apology video:

No. 172214

Thanks anon, appreciate it! I remember now, I guess I’m just so used to Chris being Broad and Chris O being this other Chris lol I was confused

No. 172287

It's hard to explain because it's probably not something you'd learn in a Japanese class. Since they're friends, it's fine to use casual language but from the way she speaks, it's more like she's from above/older than Natsuki and her style of speech is really only appropriate if they were close friends of the same age or if she was his senpai. ~じゃね?~いいじゃん?っていう~?~だった~? ありがとうね~ Natsuki speaks casually to her but at the same level, not as if he's above her.

Chris' Japanese is also kind of rude but I don't think he's ever taken Japanese language classes before and only taught English. Why Sharla speaks the way she does is a mystery since she's worked as an interpreter and was exposed to Japanese in the workplace but I don't think it's intentional.

No. 172289

This reads “I took Japanese 101 in college once”

Shut the fuck up and stop being a language fag, you’re nitpicking over the stupidest shit

No. 172290

using ~じゃね with a friend doesn't seem weird or rude to me…… it's not like he's her boss or an older relative… he's older but as a friend group they're all just frineds, i don't understand why you think ~じゃね would be rude, have you like never had japanese friends before

No. 172291

Right? It sounds like anon has never spoken Japanese before lol

No. 172300

I'm Japanese which is why I said it's probably not something you'd learn in Japanese class.

Just so we're clear, we're talking about じゃねぇ?which comes from じゃない?じゃないの? but even more casual, not じゃあね bye. It's OK to use with your close friends and people your age, but Natsuki is older and not a close friend, just a friend. It doesn't mean Sharla has to use keigo with him and she can still speak casually, but notice how Natsuki speaks to her. 

No. 172316

How do you know they are not close friends? Also if this is the way you as a Japanese person is going to gatekeep your language, should I get equally as pissy when y’all Butcher L’s and R’s?

No. 172321

i don't buy that you're japanese. if you have a koseki i'll eat my 帽子

No. 172326

Imagine being Japanese and obsessively listening to conversations to find a gotcha moment, and all you can find is “Ja ne” lmao

Are you gonna enlighten us to how many hours you studied the blade and a special wind chime in your backyard?

No. 172343

Poor Emma, she is really struggling . Her last stream was so sad. I think she needs to get the hell out Japan

No. 172345

i could be wrong but i thought this was an image board

No. 172346

File: 1631767159613.png (4.47 MB, 2304x1654, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 9.38…)

No. 172347

File: 1631768357736.jpg (245.8 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20210916-005516_You…)

I don't understand why Chris has to be so negative all the time. Ryotaro did nothing wrong.

No. 172349

crying live on stream lmao, just log off emma

No. 172350

Honestly, stop it with the Chris is mean bit. If you follow Chris long enough you would know, that this is the banter that they do, t’s nothing new and it’s not mean spirited, it’s called scarcasm. You can question if it’s funny ( it’s not IMO) but ryotoro doesn’t need Chris, he is a successful business man. If he was being bullied by Chris, he wouldn’t work with him. Look at ryotoro videos in his channel, Almost all of them have a part that he makes fun of Chris. It’s their thing, so stop it with the snowflake comments.

No. 172360

Stop whiteknighting Chris. The guy is a prick, why are people not allowed to point out his flaws? Swear to god his fanbase treats him like some sort of chad god. His sarcasm act is old, at this point it's not an act anymore.

No. 172361

Did she tell why she started crying?
I don't understand her, if it is Japan that makes her this unhappy, why not move away? To hell with a place that is popular on youtube, what good does it do if it makes you cry online? (Unless for sympathy points, but let's not assume that just yet)

No. 172364

lmao this so pathetic. What's stopping her from going back home?? Her youtube fame and attention lmao oh no poor emma she cannot get the attention she does in japan back home

No. 172365

I’m no Abroad fan but just because you’re a dumb cunt with no sense of humor doesn’t mean he should change his presentation style with Ryotaro. The 99% of viewers that watch them enjoy it. Maybe you haven’t seen past videos but Ryotaro roasts him more than anyone.(sage)

No. 172366

when does she say じゃねぇ? she's saying jya nai during the parts i'm listening to. i can only imagine she would say じゃねぇ as part of a joke, since it's rarely used by women anyway. the rest of your examples seem normal. considering they've known each other for what, over five years? i don't think sharla and natsuki are just at a friend level, they're somewhere between friends and close friends where this kind of language doesn't seem inappropriate.

just so i don't come across wk-y, i don't think there aren't things sharla can work on with her japanese, but i doubt natsuki is feeling secretly offended by her using "datta"

No. 172367

It’s not whiteknighting, this chris sperg is nitpicking the stupidest shit.

No. 172368

nta, but they're right, it's literally just bri'ish humor which isn't a flaw and pointing it out is not "treating him like a chad god", you're literally being offended on behalf of someone who is in on the joke

No. 172377

Ryotaro is just as dumb as him then

No. 172384


Yeah I agree his schtick with ryotaro is just hamming up the 'british' humour. But as a britfag I find it really cringe, and it does come off as rude sometimes. And I think his bits with Natsuki are much worse. Basically Chris just isn't very funny and resorts to this lowest common denominator humour for cheap laughs. But IME the only people who find that kind of thing funny are insecure middle class blokes and girls trying to impress them.

No. 172386

Worst part is he makes fun of slapstick Japanese humour, he finds it low hanging fruit and easy. Meanwhile he contributes to only one form of overdone rude humour that people seem to mistake as British. His proper Brit humour was funny and novel at start and in appropriate dosage. Now he is just overdoing it. I watch a lot of British comedy, this is not it anymore.
The whole clownification of Natsuki discussed earlier is just disgusting.

No. 172388

that's just it, he is making bloke jokes… because he is one. People here get more offended by it because we're all female and have less tolerance for male bs. Bit ironic because board culture isn't that far off, my fellow britfag kek

No. 172391


Kek you're right and we're not even reaping that sweet sweet patreon cash. Maybe we're in the wrong business?

No. 172409

File: 1631798248081.png (771.28 KB, 2268x708, Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 6.15…)

No. 172415

>>172409 big kek not sure how I managed that. Also just posted this unsaged like a true tard. Farmhands redtext me now.

No. 172422

File: 1631800706611.jpg (535.34 KB, 1811x2508, 20210916_155444.jpg)

Wonder what else Chris "cooks" in Sharla's "kitchen"

No. 172504

Relax. I didn’t make fun of anyone’s accent and all I said was that she's unintentionally "kind of rude" which is surprising given her background in Japanese. I was asked to explain and it’s hard to convey because it's not one thing and it’s not something you have in English, so I provided some examples to make it easier for people to understand. How Sharla and Chris talk in Japanese speaks to how much/little they interact with natives and use Japanese in their daily lives off camera, and gives us some idea into why they don’t use much Japanese and sound awkward when they do on camera. People here nitpick things they say in English allll the f-ing time. People before have pointed out how Sharla’s Japanese doesn’t match her life on paper and Sharla’s not a teenager or some fresh off the boat English teacher.
Eat it. Also, a lot of people have a koseki and have barely lived in Japan or speak Japanese.

You’re probably thinking of ~じゃねー, ~じゃねーか? which is a different word.じゃね? is a rougher version of じゃない?じゃないの?じゃないかな?だね、だよね which are already casual, but mainly a kanto thing that a lot of young people use right now among friends of the same age or below. The problem isn’t that Sharla uses casual language, but that she speaks from above Natsuki while speaking casually, while Natsuki speaks to her as if they’re the same. If you’re skeptical, just ask your Japanese friends if they would ever say ありがとね (not ありがとう), ~じゃね? and ~じゃん to an adult friend who’s older than them and have them explain to you what the problem is.

Like I said, I doubt it’s intentional and I’m sure Natsuki just brushes it off as her being a foreigner, but it’s not about a few words or even language only, Sharla is a 30-something year old who’s gone to a Japanese university and lived in Japan for over a decade now. People are setting the bar really low by using Chris as some kind of standard and praising Sharla for speaking some Japanese on camera with Natsuki, when she’s showing how little she actually speaks to Japanese in real life and maybe even to Natsuki off camera. Look at how Kemushi speaks to and treats her Japanese friends in Japanese if you want to make a fair comparison. She's done the same translation/interpreter work, also studied at a Japanese university (grad school) but hasn't spent as much time in Japan as Sharla.

Now if you want an example of someone speaking Japanese at a native level but coming off as rude, watch theanimeman and his interview with a yakuza. He actually pisses off the yakuza.

No. 172525

Not worth your time to indulge anyone who unironically says "y'all", tbh.

No. 172528

what the fuck? what a snob.

No. 172530

Please be a troll, I can’t believe someone this autistic is sperging about a fucking verb

No. 172573

but it's worth their time to write a fucking novel responding to a hundred comments at once going further into nitpicking and being a dumbass?

No. 172575

File: 1631849887304.png (4.28 MB, 1334x750, 3FEA8F05-AEAC-4ADD-BB19-5FABAC…)

Not really milk and maybe I’m late but has Sharla ever announced she’s not vegan anymore or anything? She used to make a big fuss about it but she ate some marshmallows recently without mentioning gelatin and ice cream from a stall that probably had dairy. I don’t care but I’m surprised if she’s just not doing it anymore but never mentioned it. You’d think she’d fake it for the camera still or say something. Picrel her last video, has a fried shrimp on the side.

No. 172577

Mimei did mention she was fake vegan, but I think she’s still trying to be? One of her recent vlogs she showed off what she ate and cooked, everything was vegan

No. 172582

bingo. she would be nobody in australia, but in japan she's got a following. she needs to go back to vlogging and take a break from streaming if she can't keep it together on live. at least in a vlog she can curate her brand- being this vulnerable to your sycophant stream viewers is like a gateway to drama imo and prevents her from doing anything but stagnating.

No. 172588

career wise jvlogging is a trap. Take away the japan and all you're left with is a mediocre personality, mediocre filming and editing and the need to start from scratch for any other career.
A lot of expats leave japan for their home countries to raise their children so this puts jvloggers in a position of career or children. They do this because the japanese schooling system is horrid.

No. 172597

Thanks for explaining, I don't speak Japanese but get where you're coming from. I am bilingual and in my mother tongue this is a concept that exists. I think it's something a foreigner has a hard time getting right, even after years, especially if they don't use the language in a daily setting.

Nice comeback lol. At least that anon has some brain cells to write an essay, how much did you guys know about this again?

No. 172598

In the case of Emma (who is obviously mentally suffering) you're right. But Sharla is riding Chris's success in Japan. As long as they make those big stacks there, it would be unwise for her to leave. In their case they could save the money for whatever future plans they hold in Europe.
But Emma needs to think hard for herself if this is worth it all. Japan as fun as it seems, is a harsh environment for someone with a depression.

No. 172607

Are you replying to yourself? Or do you really think a whole essay explaining what a two syllable word could possibly mean, is insightful? Sad either way lmao

No. 172647

Sharla has been dating Chris so long that it's probably a challenge to keep 100% vegan, since he's basically a walking piece of fried chicken. Of course, she could have given that shrimp to him to stuff down his food hole.

No. 172651

she definitely looks like someone who doesn't get enough protein in her diet, she looks like she's all carbs all the time, her face is so puffy and swollen

No. 172654

They both look greasy and bloated. All his clothes now probably have a whiff of cat shit on them too.

No. 172686

File: 1631901024290.png (7.08 MB, 2688x1242, 70720E6F-96FD-40F2-9841-A0685F…)

Also she had chicken nuggets on her tray in that vegan Burger King video. The one that Chris reached over to steal. She is a convinient vegan

No. 172714

i think she's just a casual vegan. in the video where Chris made Sharla, Emma and Aki the chocolate there was no mention of her being vegan, she just ate it.

No. 172732

wasn't there a big issue where emma got mad at chris for not repsecting her lactard status?

No. 172757

It wasn’t really a real issue. They play it up for the camera. But a lot of Emma’s fans thinks that Chris is mean to her, so he on turn cranks up the sarcasm with her to poke at them. Per Emma on one of her livestreams

No. 172758

i wanted to wring chris neck when he was "cooking" the chocolates using that kits. he's such a dingus. personally i am more attracted to man who can cook well. he seems more like boy.

No. 172761

I really don’t understand your incessant nitpicking, you don’t like Chris and you think he’s overweight.. WE GET IT

I swear as soon as he makes a social media post one of you autists is quick to comment about his weight/appearance or that black shirt, or something far fetched about him and Sharla dating.

Take your crappy conversation elsewhere, this isn’t PULL

No. 172762

i didnt say he was overweight i said he's more like boy than man, he can't cook, he eats crap food, he's a loser who can barely care for himself

No. 172763

You think Chris is incapable of taking care of himself.. yet he still lives and breathes today for you to nitpick his social media posts.
You’ve commented on his weight before, you’re the spy anon or whoever from guru gossip.You write like English isn’t your first language which is why people thought you were lily.

No. 172764

So funny how anytime someone goes after Chris they get accused of being Lily

No. 172765

ok Sharla

No. 172770

Really, you think I’m Sharla? You think she would post here?
Think about what you are saying, she doesn’t pander to any gossip hence why you idiots keep sperging about stuff like ‘Chris eats meat so Sharla does too’

Get a grip

No. 172776

maybe not milky but i'm pretty sure the person going off about japanese who name dropped Kemushi is Loretta because why else use her as an example- proficient vlogger for sure but super obscure

No. 172777

hi Sharla(hi cow)

No. 172778

sharla literally has a history of going on gossip boards and stirring up shit or trying to backpedal her drama

No. 172784

Because Chris isn’t a cow or a milky person. The most people got is “he’s kind of rude” and he might be fucking another divorced 30yo, so scandalous

No. 172809

Can all the Chris Knights and those who date(d) him please get off this website? If you don't want to discuss him, fine, but let the rest of us here do it in peace.

No. 172817

I’m not wking Chris, I’d actually understand the constant nitpicks about his appearance and personality if he was even remotely a cow.
Really? Can you prove it, cause if that’s true that’s actually worth talking about. I’m not Sharla though, every post accusing someone of being her (in the last couple of months) has been me posting.

No. 172819

Posting this in case an anon that knows how to down load YouTube videos sees it for posterity sake.
If it gets deleted before then it's a video of Simon from eat your kimchi making a video about his side. I can't stand to watch it through since his voice is even more grating as a "spiritual guru".

No. 172820

Go to encyclopedia dramatica and read the section about Sharla on the Kanadajin page. Sharla was known for being on PULL. There is a screenshot that proves it she posts. Not hard to imagine she's here too.

No. 172824

He looks actually insane. wtf

No. 172825

This. she's just another boring, average af white girl who is realizing that Japan isnt a unique and magical utopia for weebs and quirky girls. I stopped watching her years ago, but man she looks so sad here. Just go home, emma

No. 172831

he looks like a cancer patient. is he doing drugs?

No. 172832

No offence anon but that was like 8 years ago and at the height of the jvlogger phase. Miranda on the other hand is still a fully fledged snowflake, I wouldn’t say Sharla ever was.
The internet loves to hold people to account for things they have said years ago (rightfully and wrongly) so in my opinion I’m not gonna cancel her because she possibly ate a non vegan meal or because she wants to keep her love life private.
I literally don’t understand everyone’s beef with Chris either which is why I keep sperging about it. No one seems to criticise him or his videos, it’s all just he’s mean, fat, doesn’t know how to look after himself and owns one tshirt.

No. 172833

There are vlogs where she eats chicken or other meat. I dont think shes vegan or pretends to be. She just likes vegan food/meals and likes to try vegan resturaunts - this was also said in a vlog. Id need some time to dig it up but will take a look.

No. 172837


lmao i can't believe he made this video, he's just sounds whiney and woe is me. I think martina was right about the narcissistic personality disorder thing. And the whole pet comparison bit about "having a child in a previous marriage along with a child in a new marriage" makes it seems like he really is dating that discount yoga teacher girl. I think everyone wants them to stop posting on their shared yt/ig and leave the platforms as dead, but i bet simon won't because he'll never catch up to martina now lol

No. 172838

>>No one seems to criticise him or his videos, it’s all just he’s mean, fat, doesn’t know how to look after himself and owns one tshirt.

Actually no anon… personally I find his treatment/abuse of Japanese "friends" the othering/ clownfication and villainification of Natsuki, Ryotaro, deplorable. The terrible fashion and food choices are just annoyances but I think Chris Broad is problematic for building his fame on mocking someone's inability to speak English and milking him for catchphrases.

No. 172844

The dude has helped build entire brands for Natsuki and Ryotaro. Natsuki owns a struggling beauty salon business and together with Chris they’ve made a film, a travel series and recently launched a Cameo for Natsuki. He’s always vocal on podcasts about how he wants to support him, how he pays Natsuki and even gave half the merchandize sales to him. His actions speak louder than words. Make a mountain out of a mole hill if you desire about this silly language bullcrap. But the fact is Chris and Natsuki have a loving friendship and it’s twisted and depressing you view it like this.

No. 172845

If you Chris spergs stopped bumping the thread we would leave you alone, but you’re clear newfags with a vendetta, go back to the PULL discord, they’d love your stale “milk” there

No. 172848

Why don't you go support the dude on all his socials and even patreon - you're clearly a fan (or even lover, hell) - just don't bother trying to convince everyone here who doesn't like Chris's way of branding. Really as a fan maybe you shouldn't be here at all, unless you like to read milk about these jvloggers. Stop with the excessive defending already, it's really annoying to deal with this level of whiteknightery. No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a piece of shit.

Pretty much this. He could have helped Natsuki grow in different ways, but he chooses to turn him into a clown. Giving him money doesn't make the act pretty.

No. 172849

So since you have elected yourself as Natsuki spoke person. Can you tell me why Natsuki is always begging Chris to appear in more videos and to make another movie about him?

No. 172850

It’s just banter, but I’m British so I get it. I can guarantee you Ryotaro and Natsuki know this too. Try watching an episode of A League of their own or Soccer AM, you’ll see exactly the same behaviour from typical British blokes.

No. 172851

Nta but… This is some pretty insider info anon. How would anyone know if Natsuki begs Chris or not, unless you're someone very close to him? Why are you this adamant about your sperg?

No. 172854

Simon is a fucking clown for making this video. He should have minded his own business and ignored everything by starting his own channel. But guess what? None of the EYK supporters give a shit about his live laugh love lifestyle. I’ve been listening to the video and he’s even taking shots at Martina for “not giving meemers his prescription diet” and having to buy it for her.

No. 172855

you don't have to be British to get British banter - and that's a sorry excuse for the way Chris treats people. this apologism for his abuse is sickening. also saying "well he pays natsuki so it makes it okay, he can treat him however he wants, because natsuki likes it" is also gross.

No. 172858

Your dramatic over the top of the purported mistreatment of Natsuki is a sign that Tokyo lens is in here doing his behind the scene jealous hate campaign on Chris. You are allowed to have your opinion, but I equally can disagree. I happen to think that Chris is a good friend to Natsuki and has helped him out financially through a difficult time, and equally give Natsuki a small measure of fame and attention that he so clearly craves. That’s my definition of a true friend… you need to find a reason to hate on Chris sure have at it, but just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Me and others defending that position, doesn’t make me a super fan of Chris, it means we have a different opinion. You have made your position loud and clear, move on.

No. 172860

Wtf how is it abuse? I don’t know why you’re interpreting banter that way! Natsuki and Ryotaro can just tell him to fuck off you know, they aren’t dependent on him.

I think the issue here is you wouldn’t want Chris to talk to you like that, because you don’t like that humour. And that is fair enough, but that doesn’t mean you can keep spamming the thread with Chris is a big fat meany for the sake of it

No. 172861

typical media colonialist justification, standard for British empire. Go to foreign land, exploit the resources, abuse the locals, parade the locals/natives/subjects for your western audience, and profit.

Media neo-colonialism is still colonialism.

No. 172863

Kek and out of all the jvloggers you pick Chris to REEE about.

I think you’re right anon

No. 172870

I know right! Give it up Norm, we get it, you are fit, speak perfect Japanese, and yoj have not taken the vaccine for the yellow fever. Oh gosh I better be careful, cause you know Norm wife is a lawyer.(emoji)

No. 172876

>Tokyo lens is in here doing his behind the scene jealous hate campaign on Chris.
Funny how you're constantly defending yourself saying you're not Sharla or a Chris Knight for defending Chris's ass just because you have a different opinion, but meanwhile simultaneously accuse someone else of being Norm for having a different opinion as well. Smells like hypocrisy.

But anon, do tell, how do YOU know Natsuki is this desperate? Did you talk to him? Did he tell you this?

No. 172878

Sadly it sells and most of us are guilty of consuming that sweet sweet media. I do agree most of those jvloggers cater to a western audience. I switched from TV to YouTube because the content felt more genuine, but sadly I feel the more successfull vloggers get, the more fake everything becomes. Now I've started to watch more Japan stuff made by Japanese people. Channels like TabiEats, KimonoMom, MrsEats and even Nobita, have become increasingly interesting.

No. 172883

NTA but there’s a couple of us. I’m the British anon, I haven’t said anything about Natsuki, and I think you’re misreading what the other anon was saying.

No. 172894

nta but hardly insider info, on ig lives Natsuki has asked a couple of times when this or that video will happen, and even Pete mentioned on a podcast that when he and Natsuki met some "fans" in Hokkaido Natsuki kept telling these people to go find and ask Chris when the 2nd movie was gonna happen. I wouldn't go so far as saying "begging" but he deffo seems to enjoy the filming too.

And yes i hate myself for remembering all this nonsense minutia.

No. 172909

Coming from meta, but anon, unless you actually have proof of anything you are saying, no one gives one fuck about your speculations about what is actually happening with Chris and Natsuki. No one is defending him just to defend him. They are calling you out on your tinfoils. The whole group is a bunch of middle-aged guys, shitting on each other now and then, and they all put themselves in those make fun of me scenarios. If you can't understand that dynamic in a friend group of single men, then you need help, but painting some weird racist narrative makes it absolutely a vendetta towards Chris because that's a massive load of bullshit, anon.

No. 172913

Nope. Different person and I'm not Kemushi or a friend, and haven't said anything since >>172504. Don't know why "y'all" are so sensitive about Sharla and Chris. Worse has been said about other jvloggers and others have been nitpicked to death before.

Built an entire brand for Ryotaro? Ryotaro has arranged and provided a lot of the travel and cultural content for Chris's videos and youtube is obviously not his main job. According to >>168595, he also takes care of Chris' visa, so their business relationship is mutual at the very least. He's also fluent in English, familiar with British culture, so he and Chris can understand each other without any trouble, not the case with Natsuki.

No. 172915

Chris has a fucking visa because of Tokyo Creative, not because of Ryotaro LOL The same as fuck reason Aki and her boyfriend and most of the vloggers have visas. At least get your info right.

No. 172919

File: 1632006467911.png (729.43 KB, 1059x716, natsuki.png)

Adding on, for all the boohoo stories for Natsuki, he's hired by TC too, but lets keep talking about how he is super poor and puts on acts just so Chris pays him. Dude isn't deperate.

No. 172928

He sure like acting like he's the victim in this since it was highly likely Martina that dumped him.

No. 172930

Nope you dumb cunt all the Trash Taste visas come from GeeXPlus. Aki likely gets hers through TC
Chris Broad has had a media visa through Tohoku Tourism Board (Tohoku Tourism Promotion Org) which Ryotaro arranged, and he may or may not have gotten it renewed with TC, I can't say, they last 5 years so who knows.

No. 172931

Where did this information come from that Ryotaro is the one who set Chris up with a visa, because an anon said it? Literally where is that information aside from anons wishing it were true because they want to spin it as Chris 'taking advantage' of Ryotaro? All this 'information' is coming from unsaged anons who have nothing at all to back it up.

No. 172935

Joey is a Japanese citizen, unless Aki has a different boyfriend.

No. 172937

But she has a visa because of Tokyo Creative. He's one of the 'experts', but she's one of the influencers on the site. Unless they marry, her visa has nothing to do with him. She couldn't even go over to live there until YC finished her visa by working with them and they confirmed she's living with a Japanese citizen, Joey.

No. 172941

File: 1632010220471.png (108.14 KB, 1232x560, Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 4.59…)

Chris somehow got a working holiday visa when he ended his JET time, and after that, he would have had to have some kind of visa to stay working in Japan. Those last 6 mo, with potential 2 renewals, so 1.5 years at the most. He got his first one at end of 2015, so by mid 2017 at the very latest he would have had to have a media/influencer visa set up somehow. If you remember at this time he was doing a TON of Tohoku sponsored videos. Ryotaro was running a business that involved this toursim board and this is how they met. I think anon was right about Ryotaro helping secure his visa through them, as a means of promoting tourism to Tohoku. In 2017 TC wasn't really much of a thing (they didnt start on youtube till 2018). So it's doubtful they set up Chris with a visa.

No. 172944


I thought the Japanese tourism board gave him a media visa because of his youtube channel and then because of the Korean missle video he had that went on trending nationally in Japan in 2017, and that's when TC picked him up.

No. 172945

i'm sure there some lurker anon on this board who could actually clear this up with facts

No. 172946

Some facts-
1) Chris does not get his Visa via Tokyo Creative- he gets it through Tōhoku tourism board.
2) Chris does not get visa from Ryotaro- although he did help Chris get his working holiday visa.
3) Aki did get her Visa via Tokyo creative
4) Joey does not get his visa Tokyo creative, for he is no longer part of them.
5) joey gets his visa and is represented by Book walker.
6) chris per his own words in his Patreon - he is not under contract with Tokyo creative, but they do help him out with the couple of brand deals that he does, and he in turn will do a video here and there with them. But no contract.
6) Sharla is under contract with Tokyo creative

No. 172947

Anon where is anything you are saying to back any of this up? This is as bad as the anons in the Mikan thread arguing which visa she actually has.

All these people apparently don't have visas even though they all work for the same company. Make that make sense, retard. Why hasn't any anons posted this patreon post from Chris that exists, where does Joey ever say any of this? I just want to know where anons are getting these visa facts when no one has posted anything about it besides saying we should take anons words for it.

No. 172948

File: 1632011497752.png (1.47 MB, 2650x1400, Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 5.30…)

pretty sure Joey is reperesnted by GeeXPlus:
(though if he is a Japanese Citizen then he doesn't need a working visa lol)

No. 172950

Tokyo creative is not a top tier rich company, do you really think that they throwing tones of money at Natsuki? I Am sure he gets some money from them, when he apears is their video, but it’s nothing to write home about. But ummm ask yourself, who do you think got Natsuki that small job at Tokyo creative? ITS BRCAUSE OF CHRIS! People know Natsuki because of Chris and this why he could make appearance in another channel. Honestly what’s your deal? Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

No. 172951

That would mean that he would have to give up his Australian citenship? Which I don’t recall him saying. Geex+ is part of bookwalker

No. 172952

Anons are trying to paint him as a monkey doing tricks for cash. Completely disregarding that his humor is very, very Japanese in comedy and the way he does physical comedy too. He's not hurting for cash, anon. Why does it matter at all if Chris got him a job? He wasn't homeless to begin with, he was traveling Europe for fucks sake. Him and Chris met in 2013 for Gods sake, anon. Why is getting someone a job at all an issue? he became a popular comedy guy. Poor Natsuki.

No. 172953

Adding on the comedy thing, him and Chris have a very A-man/B-man dynamic which is a complete 360 from westerner humor.

No. 172956

you're talking 2021 dynamics

Chris built the "brand" on mocking Natuski's english circa 2015-2018

No. 172958

1) Chris said so his Patreon live stream - someone mentioned something about him hardly apearing in TC videos he laughed and said I am not represented by TC, someone asked about visa and he said I get it from tohoku Tourism
2) Sharla equally said it recently on her Patreon- she told a story about how during her last visa renewal at first the people at Tokyo creative filled out the wrong forms for her visa and she was nervous about it, because she only noticed while she was in the immigration office. The guy at the immigration was nice and allowed he to come back with the correct form. She than was very happy because when it was all said and done she got a 3 years visa for the first time ever.
3) I am assuming about aki since
In her moving to japan video- she lmentioned she got her visa via the company that reps her in japan - and that’s TC
5) I guessed on Joey

No. 172959

No one is spinning it as Chris taking advantage of Ryotaro. The point is that their relationship isn't comparable to Chris' with Natsuki because Ryotaro doesn't just appear in Chris' videos but is responsible for a lot of Chris' content through his own company and relationship with the tourism boards, and speaks fluent English.

Sorry, it was supposed to be a response to "get your info right" >>172915

Joey says he's a Japanese citizen on trash taste around 27:00
We've gone through this already but most likely he's also quietly keeping his Australian citizenship due to a loophole in Japan.

No. 172960

Can you post from his and her patreon, anon, or get a cap? Not just this random he/she said on patreon, but no other anons have heard about this.

No. 172961

Chris paid for his trip to travel Europe- well more like Chris Patreon did. Because they were filming the natsuki movie. That’s another reason why natsuki wants to do another movie, because he wants Chris to take him to the USA Texas especially. Per the podcast natsuki is struggling financially because his business is in the countryside and because of the shrinking population there. Thus why Chris set up the cameo for him.

No. 172962

Isn't this all a good thing?

No. 172963

I'd like to see proof too.

But I would point out, not that it matters, but every time Chris does a very Tohoku-promoting video, often Ryotaro is involved, and they go somewhere that Ryotaro has set up. Ryotaro is like what professional travel show producers (think Anthony Bourdain RIP) call a "fixer" - someone who creates the itinerary and arrangements for a travel show, who has local connects, etc. Chris is NOT paying Ryotaro for this. (Fixers ususally get paid well by production crews.)
Ryotaro and Chris have a really cool symbiotic relationship where they each benefit, and they have developed a funny repartee. Chris benefits from the content for his channel, and a VISA, and Ryotaro benefits because he has a contract with Tohoku to work with people like Chris to promote the region on social media. Tohoku Tourism pays Ryotaro, Chris gets a visa and views and clicks, everyone wins. TC has nothing to do with it. TC sets up other deals for Chris (like being the fixer for the whole original JAJ) and providing camera work etc. They benefit because Chris is so high profile.
I think people here are trying to make way too much out of this and not really understanding how brands/influencers/agencies actually function.

No. 172964

Nope not going to- you either take my word or don’t. I don’t care if you believe it or not. You ask for clarification and I explained. Join Patreon for a day and look through their old live streams to confirm and then cancel. Or don’t and keep doubting, I don’t care. :)

No. 172965

And it's literally friends helping friends. No one is being taken advantage of here. Also no one is supposed to take the brunt of someone else's bad luck if one of them does get financially strapped too. What more do anons want Chris to do just because Natsuki's farm is failing because it's common knowledge that outside towns are becoming ghost towns? Is he supposed to pay the rent on the farm or buy all his replacement crops? Nothing anyone has said is painting any of them in bad lights. I don't understand what the milk is supposed to be here.

No. 172966

You can't back anything up so that's literally where everyone stops caring. Clearly you don't have access to their pages.

No. 172967

Natsuki is a hair dresser. But yes you are spot on otherwise. I think it’s just one person on here spinning a narrative that Chris is racist and is mistreating natsuki.

No. 172968

wtf anon i must have missed the point where anyone claimed chris broad was a "racist" why are you injecting hyper nonsense

No. 172969

A lot of Japanese people like the mundane, just go with it, life too which Natsuki absolutely always repeats in any videos about how much he loves just relaxing. He isn't the type of dude to care about having a massive house and stuff and anons need to realize, that most places in Japan don't sell anymore than a 1 bedroom to residents. Even CDawg had a massively hard time getting a 2 bedroom during his last move, because it just confuses the fuck out of Japanese people that a single person needs any more than a single room. Natsuki is doing just fine.

No. 172970

Fuck this shit, Mrs Eats is live right now goodbye

No. 172971

>>172838 Is basically saying him mocking Natsuki's English would be racist. They just aren't outright saying it because, but him and Ryo also make fun of when Chris fucks up Japanese too. It's a friend thing. Anons are reading way into things and nitpicking to pretend there is some sort of hate towards Natsuki from Chris.

No. 172972

It’s okay you don’t have to believe. I am cool with that.

No. 172974

"problematic" doesn't mean racist you donut

No. 172983

Did the natsuki stan not watch the movie about him?? His life seemed like shit before Chris.

No. 172985

cool thanks for the white savior perspective. noted.

No. 172992

You kids and your woke terminology.
A guy met a guy. They became friends and both their lives objectively improved, regardless of their skin color or background.
If it makes you feel smart repetitively using “white savior” good for you. I’m sure you’re a paragon of moral virtual.

No. 172996

sorry your parents couldn't afford college 4 u, i guess you'll be taking it out on everyone for the rest of your life

No. 173003

i'd like to apologize to the farm for ever mentioning chris in jvlogger 9 when all i really wanted was for us to talk about chris/emma possible drama- now all we do is talk about how rude and fat chris is/isnt when we should be speculating about emma's nervous breakdowns.

No. 173011

What’s the Emma/Chris drama? Emma breakdown has nothing to skip with Chris. She is struggling, but she has expressed it’s an internal struggle.

No. 173025

Post caps of anything you bring up or shut up. You haven't contributed anything to the thread. They don't interact with each other, so what are you even talking about?

No. 173034

Did the AIJ reddit fandom find this thread or something? What a sudden influx of wks on a holy crusade defending their King Chris. Questioning every bit of known info, not been here on previous threads. Go back selfposting redditors.

Poor anon, why go through the effort explaining if half of these selfposters won't accept anything you say and demand proof. I thought this stuff was known to most of us here? Clearly the fandom army didn't go further than Chris's videos.

For the record, there is more of us who agree the whole Natsuki thing is tasteless at best. It's a one-trick pony, frankly some people including myself are getting tired of the trick. It's not heresy to talk about this lol.

No. 173046

File: 1632038752779.jpg (224.21 KB, 790x978, 20210919_100235.jpg)

I wonder at what point would her fillers start infecting or something. It's mesmerizing how they keep growing.

No. 173048

came from the front page. that's not a tranny? geez

No. 173050

She looks fucking atrocious, is it a bad cap or did she really blow her lips up that much?

No. 173052

I believe she did.. Judging from her IG content.

No. 173054

No doctor in their right mind would do this to someone's face, she must be going somewhere completely sketchy.

No. 173056

looks like a bad reaction, her body is rejecting it

No. 173081


No. 173096

File: 1632060857338.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 5F075B98-0F53-482B-8AB3-7B1044…)

I had to go look, this is just sad and uncanny. I feel sorry for her, and anyone for that matter, who gets this warped re: what they really look like

No. 173100

This is an imageboard. If its in patreon, anon has access, they need to post proof. Not tell anons to take the word of some half unsaging sperg.

No. 173106

You dumbass. Clearly the stuff in the videos between them is not real drama if you're talking about e.g. the valentine cooking…

No. 173110

File: 1632063124750.jpg (51.05 KB, 600x600, eyes.jpg)

this has to be 'shopped - nobody's eyes are that close together, i learned in drawing school that the human face has a a full eye-width between the eyes.

No. 173113


Lips like a bouncy castle lmao what happened

No. 173115

File: 1632063804855.jpeg (180.08 KB, 750x606, CB623F48-75AC-469C-B24A-CC8506…)

it does happen, ppl's actual faces don't always follow art textbook rules lol. the medical term is hypotelorism but I don't recommend you google that

No. 173116

Holy mother of botched. Did a gyno do her lips?

No. 173117

thanks now i know the term to use. her "intercanthal distance" is all f'ed up.

intercanthal culture is so weak.

No. 173120

File: 1632064479652.jpg (80.04 KB, 768x1024, IMG_0945.jpg)

From her website. This is how she looked at 18.

No. 173122

File: 1632065093003.jpg (18.84 KB, 507x294, 1aa8dd18bbcb24aace6035bfa79d97…)

Things I don't understand why she doesn't do: she could pluck the brow hairs on her glabella so it would give the illusion of her eyes being further apart. Same effect if she only applied eyeliner in the outer corners of her eyes. Also her constant lipfillers call attention to the fact how wide her mouth is which throws the proportions off in her face. Also I just don't understand…how her nose works. In profile, it looks small and fits her face, but from the front, it looks like it's too large for her face
The thin eyebrows was a good look for her I think

No. 173126

She was droning on about how she needed a nose job in the blog post where I got the pic. How many has she had now? Two surgeries? But by Asian plastic surgeons, right?

She also needs to ditch the thin ass bangs. They are doing her no favors.

No. 173128

File: 1632065752412.jpg (64.61 KB, 635x567, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Like lmao I literally don't understand her nose. It looks small in profile and large from the front. Can someone explain how can this be? Is this a lighting thing?

No. 173166

Says the person using Reddit spacing kek.
I’m not defending Chris at all I’m just bored of the pointless nitpicking.

No. 173171

dont forget that how close or far away a photo is taken can change it by a lot. Try it your self, take a photo close up and another in a mirror fron a distance. zoom the mirror shot so the head is the same size as the other one. Mirror shot always looks better

No. 173174

sorry but i don't even know who this hose beast is anyway

No. 173175

holy fuck. why does she look like a shiba stung by a bee in every other picture but so pretty here

i didn't know either at first; she's biibiibeauty / itshoneybii

No. 173176

ohhh right she's the one who selfposted here before asking why more people don't watch her vlogs because they have such a "cozy vibe" lol

No. 173179

She literally looks like that in her vlogs, she’s been botched for years

No. 173185

Damn, how many nose jobs has she had now??? Sheeeeshhhhhhhhh

No. 173212

Fuck off spamfag who wont post receipts.

No. 173226

Not samefag. You fuck off fucking autist.

No. 173236

The funny thing is that she uploaded a vlog (like a year ago) where she was dissolving her lip fillers bc she wanted a more natural look kek A few months after dissolving her lip fillers, she got a bulhorn lift and denied getting the procedure although the scar was obvious. Now she has the worst asymmetrical xxl filler lips I have ever seen. I think it's time to delete social media and get professional help.

No. 173240

You can't move your eyes anon, they are internal organs kek.

It's odd though to focus on her lips like this, definite BDD

No. 173242

It's def BDD.
I remember when Glamour uploaded a video with Lili Reinhart who reacted to makeup tutorials on Youtube. And holy shit Bronwyn was in there! So I clicked her tutorial and the first seconds in I got secondhand embarrassment because of course someone in the comments compared her looks to Lili kek Glamour didn't show Lili's reaction to it, unfortunately.
It starts at 11:20

No. 173243

An here's the full tutorial where she says that quite a few people are telling her that she looks just like Lili Reinhart at 00:10

No. 173249

I think that’s the last thing she needs, lmao. She needs to stop with the surgeries all together.

No. 173251

Do not give Franken-Bii more ideas. She might try this one for real

No. 173253

File: 1632107774223.jpeg (26.46 KB, 750x560, one tooth in the middle.jpeg)


No. 173254

No. 173375

holy crap that stuff about Taylor I did not know, I basically found out about her last year and surprised she had a weeby past. I need more milk on this
Back in the day I sporadically read about kooters and venus,ah, those were the days.
And wtf Sharla dating Chris? I'm tired and it took me like 10 minutes to realize it's Chris from abroad in japan and I had a dumb "ooooh" moment lol.

That being said I have a question, who is/are the most succesfull ex Jvloggers?
It seems to me that would be Taylor since she managed to land herself a rich husband, but afaik she wasn't that poor to being with.

No. 173376

Taylor R's thread, discuss her here:

Next time sage your post. Type "sage" in the email field.

No. 173398

I never noticed this omg

No. 173407

File: 1632140851936.jpg (215.19 KB, 1422x798, E_b5hLsWQAAHZgH.jpg)

No. 173409

File: 1632141120540.png (755.38 KB, 740x732, Screenshot_2021-09.png)

No. 173413

File: 1632141544022.jpg (672.1 KB, 803x1651, 20210920_143709.jpg)

Not too uncommon. Faces are rarely 100% symmetrical

No. 173416

I always knew Sharla was probably a Scientologist.

No. 173417

What the actual fuck are you talking about?

No. 173418


No. 173422

Fuck off, I’m not an absolute retard I know you were making Tom Cruise teeth joke.

God what is this thread

No. 173425

nta but you sound gen x with your original response. no one knows what a rhetorical question is

No. 173432

So she's an 'influencer' but only gets a whopping 9 likes for that post?

No. 173434

What's wrong with being Gen X

No. 173435

Everyone knows Gen X is the coolest Gen

No. 173440

this gets me too. bronwyn has never been able to make it online. her numbers are crazy low considering how many years she's been at it. she gets little to no interaction on any platform. she was even in japan during the height of jvloggerdom and still couldn't manage to grow a following. i think some people have "it" and some dont. at least she doesn't quit easily i guess

the shape of her nose from the front is not great, because it's so bottom-heavy. she didn't let the doctors change it when she got a nose job, she just made them try to make it more symmetrical. because her nose goes from very thin at the top to very wide at the bottom, it makes it look like she's perpetually in a fish eye lens. she should have let the korean docs give her the standard pixie ass nose tbh

No. 173476

Nonita, I hate to break it to you, but the majority of the people who frequented this site back when it was just /b/ and /pt/ were Gen X or Gen Y and they are why any of you have it to begin with.

No. 173488

Anon, how do you now she tried to personally trek the doctor not to fix it? Seriously, if you're going to keep coming to this thread, stop making stuff up or adding extra context without proof. She got a botched job. Saying the doctor was told not to fix it is massively retarded and huge bs. That's an open invitation to a lawsuit if she didnt let him fix it. They don't have extra waivers sitting around for "do you not want me to fix this" situations because no one fucking does that logically. This is such stupid nitpicking.

No. 173489

This isn't a photo drop thread. Provide milk with these.

No. 173511

because she's a vlogger who shares this shit? she has a dozen videos about her nosejob and she talks in depth about what she had the doctor do, including telling the doc to keep her nose the same, just "more symmetrical."

around the 5 minute mark in this vid she talks about "the small difference" to her nose that she wanted. and it's not just this video. she's mentioned it multiple times in multiple videos

stop trying to instigate infighting.

No. 173521

nose jobs are boring
Back to Chris and Sharla!

No. 173536

> Back to Chris and Sharla!
Please no. Unless they confirm it, I do not want to read anymore of some schizo off their meds posting their dossier

No. 173537

well for your information SOME OF US actually get turned on at the thought of two pasty white 30-something chubbies bumping uglies in Pokemon bedsheets

No. 173538

How the hell can anons still try to string together milk when people hardly interact regularly anymore?

No. 173552

Okay but this is an image board not a nanowrimo, if you want to fantasize go to ao3

No. 173562

nobody is trying to write fanfic you freak

No. 173579

Really? Because this entire time all I’ve seen is walls of text

No. 173637

Huh? They hardly interact? Literally every trip Sharla has taken this year has been with Chris. Night shoots in Sendai with Chris. Last video? with Chris. They are always together, you don’t have to be a detective to see that much. Even if you choose to believe they are just friends, and their is no milk, to say that they hardly interact is a choice.

No. 173638

kek are you dumb

No. 173794

Does anyone have the new mikan thread?

No. 173797

Brian Laundrie has it

No. 173806

Are you fucking retarded? Was this supposed to be a joke? It doesn’t even make any type of sense you autistic fuck.

No. 173872

Seeth more retard

No. 173875

The Great Milk Drought of 2021(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173894

Martina is back in Japan already, that was really fast.

No. 173897

We been knew, has her own thread >>>/snow/1328014

No. 173909

Did cheesie get divorced, she hasn't posted anything except how Amazing Japan is and does not wear her wedding ring anymore, plus she doesn't post about her kids anymore..

No. 173910

Wouldn’t be surprised. That guy was incredibly ugly and didn’t seem all that loving. I used to read her blog pretty often, she seemed like a good mom. I hope she is still with her kids and is just keeping them off SM now that they’re older.

No. 173930

So now people CAN get back into Japan? Last I checked it was still closed. So can anyone go there to travel now?

No. 173932


She’s not divorced, she just decided to keep her family and work separated.

No. 173939

She is not "back in Japan already" you fucking retard. She said she's going to move there. Anyone can say they are going to do anything. I can say I'm going to go live on the moon.

Japan is still closed. She's not in Japan you shitposter.

No. 173946

i mean either she's back in japan or she's lying based on the comments she's made, documented in the simon and martina thread >>1331303

it's not impossible to get into japan right now if you have a visa that qualifies as an exception to the entry ban. sundai got back into japan from california last month. granted we still have no idea what visa she's on (she has a 5 year, so…)

No. 173950

So awesome someone else was able to go? How does that have anything to do with the fact that >>173894 isn't in Japan? Most of the anons in the thread can see you are the Chris-sperg too. You have't posted any milk from anyone, anon. Just stop if you iterally can't contribute anything and don't watch the videos fully like >>173894

No. 173951

A lot of people only post what they want. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean they are divorced. Same way spergs demanded that Aki and Joey aren't dating because they don't show PDA in videos. Tinfoils like this just suck because it's anons speculating and not actually providing proof from cows about anything speculated like divorce. If they aren't saying it, don't just assume. Online is curated.

No. 173963


She is back in Japan already and done with quarantine. Sounds like she never let her VISA completely expire which is how she is back and she is still with her media company which probably helped her along the way as well.

No. 173964

File: 1632415406882.jpeg (650.84 KB, 2048x2048, 51FF8B2C-EC51-4F13-BDED-E70F11…)

I noticed that you or others on here, are very quick to call people names, calling them liar. A word of advice, before you hit reply, do a bit of a research take a second.
look before you embarrass yourself.

No. 173976

Who is the media company that reps her

No. 173978

EYK thread is over here. >>>/snow/1331286 Martina is still with Breaker.

No. 173979

>Just stop if you iterally can't contribute anything and don't watch the videos fully like
ntaryt but if you watched the video fully you'd see at the end she puts in airplane footage and audio of a Japanese train announcement. You can argue that it's old B-roll footage but considering her IG posts >>173964, she's back in Japan.

No. 173980

File: 1632421672350.png (43.75 KB, 846x240, 1632324049627.png)

Oops dropped image

No. 174035

I am so embarrassed for you. You seem so certain in your determination to be right. That you couldn’t even be bothered to do a bit of research. You just started furiously typing, name calling full steam. Martina IG post is her in Japan, now appartment searching. Awkward! perhaps you should just take some notes from the people dropping the milk and do some research yourself instead of insulting them. Or better yet, ignore the post of you dont like. Time will espose who is telling the truth. It’s not you of course, cause you know nothing, other than how to insulting people, while making a fool of yourself.

No. 174145

>Time will espose who is telling the truth.
why do you type like donald trump

No. 174162

It’s your go to after being proven wrong to either make fun of people’s grammar, now “typing”? This isn’t The NY Times.

No. 174255

I’m surprised no one mentioned Taylor R finally got pregnant. I always suspected she had PCOS but she never explicitly said it until now. Although that being said I haven’t watched any of her vids in a long time so I could be wrong.

No. 174258


She has her own thread and it's talked about a lot over there. Sorry, I don't know how to link the thread.

No. 174264

Shit of course she does, my bad.

No. 174547

I thought spy anon was Lily because of their post mentioning that Chris gave her all of the furniture when she moved out of their apartment and that she didn't work and was relying on him financially. That post reads like a selfpost.

No. 174660

Chris on the shinkansen after Sharla announced she is travelling home..(post screenshots)

No. 174666

For fuck sake no one cares, no one needs an update of where Chris travels with Sharla! This isn’t Facebook

No. 174679

He probably sent her off to Canada and is returning from the airport. Isn't she having some health problems, and maybe even surgery? If so wonder why it can't be treated in Japan.

No. 174680

Nobody cares what you care about.

No. 174748


Source? Pictures?

No. 174752

Source for Sharla's health problems and her announcement to leave for Canada: her patreon.

Also in Aki's video about tattoos she mentions Sharla's voice is dead. Something's up with her throat.

No. 174790

File: 1632869664689.jpg (529.37 KB, 1440x1419, Basic Bitch.jpg)

Chris is such a fuckin basic bitch. This is exactly why he says year after year that he wants to make a short film but never has ideas. He can only replicate what he sees instead of creating something new. Yet, he thinks of himself as some auteur.

Brazil gets points for being a Criterion film, but imagine your IMDb-top-100 ass thinking that Brazil is the greatest film ever made and 2obscure4u.

No. 174800

File: 1632875034883.jpg (52.71 KB, 643x506, Woman-in-the-Dunes-2.jpg)

I agree with you anon
One hundred and one percent.
Chris is a pathetic hack. He fixates on one or two things and thinks it makes him edgy and cultured. He clearly just saw Brazil for the first time. Before that it was Blade Runner, referenced ENDLESSLY.

He gets the question "what's some cool Japanese music I should check out" on the podcast or via other social media and the only thing he has to offer is Tatsuro Yamashita who he brings up over and over and over because all he knows and thinks is cool is city pop.
He knows nothing about Happy End, Harumi Hosono, YMO, Ryuichi Sakamoto, etc. He doesn't know UA, Hikaru Utada, Bonnie Pink, SMAP, Mr Children, etc etc etc
I'm not going to go listing tons of classic Japanese pop artists but you get my drift.
He's so basic and ignorant it's horrible.

I agree with you that it's fucking embarassing to see someone in public flaunting this idea that they're a "filmmaker" and know shit about film and talk endlessly about how they're going to make short films, have all the time and money and resources to do so, and then NEVER do it. Just keep making Top Gear wannabe bullshit youtube content.
He's so full of himself it's pathetic.

A great example of his idiocy is that he did a whole video about the Tottori Sand Dunes (documented on this board with images proving he shared cabin with Sharla) and not ONCE does he mention the most ICONIC film to ever be inspired by and set in the Tottori Sand Dunes, called Woman in the Dunes which is a masterpiece of the Japanese New Wave of cinema in the 1960s and based on the incredibly important Japanese existential novel Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe.

Chris claims to be this "auteur" who is super into film and yet he's so fucking ignorant that he doesn't even make the connection to this groundbreaking piece of Japanese cinema when he goes to Tottori because showing his clown Natsuki on a camel is clearly the priority.

Chris is horrible and beyond problematic.

Image: still from Woman in the Dunes.

Woman in the Dunes is an incredible piece of cinema.

No. 174802

for the record i wrote the post with the woman in the dunes and i am NOT Norm. i'm someone but i'm not Norm.

No. 174808

Even if you are not Norm. the idea that you have decided that Chris is a horrible person because, he did not list an obscure movie, is a bit of a reach. I am willing to bet that the top hollywood film maker are not aware of Woman in the Dunes. you have come on here many times, trying to make the same point over and over again. the reason people are saying that you are Norm, is because you seem to be on a very personal and vindictive mission to take him down, for your imagined crimes. OK we get it, Chris failed your obnoxious movie quiz, can we move on?

No. 174809

Shock and Horror, report him to Interpol and have the Japanese government deport him. How dare Chris not know about the world renowned, Oscar winning film set in a remote Japanese town, that no one cares about. Lets sign a petition to have YouTube delete is channel. Chris is canceled!!!! did I miss anything Norm?

No. 174811

That's my point, dingbat. It's NOT an obscure movie.
Anyone who knows the first thing about classic cinema (not even Japanese cinema) knows this film.
Chris is a charlatan

No. 174812

Stop double posting nonnie or you'll get banned forthwith

No. 174813

You're so spot on. Chris is literally a basic white guy who happens to have been in Japan for many years, knowing good people who want to share their culture with him, but his head is literally empty. He comes off as arrogant without any real knowledge.

No. 174814

>obnoxious movie quiz
it's not like they "quizzed" chris or anyone else. they brought up a film that is super important to the locaiton chris made a huge video at and if he was such a film expert he would have mentioned it - i looked it up and i agree with anon. chris sucks

No. 174816

Woman in the Dunes never won an Oscar. It was nominated for best director and best foreign film but it didn't win. It won a ton of other awards though including a special jury prize at Cannes.

No. 174855

You've clearly got issues dude. Just because he doesn't obsess over tedious aspects of Japanese pop culture like you do, doesn't make him a pathetic hack.
It's laughable that you refer to him as horrible and problematic, when your comments come off as borderline psychopathic.

No. 174857

Woman in the dunes blows. It didn't even win an Oscar.

No. 174858

"I agree anon" they write, while responding to their own post above.
Sometimes it seems like there's just three people in this forum posting and replying to themselves. It's a den of winners.(sage your shit)

No. 174869

Great nitpick, got anything else you don’t like that you want to share? /s

No. 174875

Dingbat- no one cares about this stupid Japanese film. Stop gate keeping. Move on!

No. 174880

Jeez. You've lowered the bar for bizarre reasons to hate on someone. I'm no fan of Abroad but I can appreciate the effort that goes into the videos. Just because he hasn't watched some obscure movie from the 1950's that almost nobody has ever seen, it doesn't make him into some kind of maniacal evil do-gooder.

No. 174881

Yes. I hate Chris because his favorite movie is different to mine too.
I think everyone who doesn't rank Shawshank Redemption or the Godfather as their favorite movie should be sent to a prison camp.

No. 174946

It's not an obscure film and the novel is considered one of the most famous Japanese novels of all time outside Japan. I agree anon went a little overboard on Chris mentioning Brazil, but not bringing up the film when he was at the Dunes is kind of unthinkable, even if he hadn't seen it. They have the novel on display at the museum-visitors center, its mentioned in most English language travel guides and one of the main reasons why foreign tourists visit the place. But in his Journey Across series, he missed a lot of the main or most important sites (which would have made his videos look better cinematography-wise too) when he visited each city and spent more time on antics, so it's not just a film thing and a pattern.

No. 174957

He probably just didn't think his audience would be interested. Maybe he's never seen the movie and is a pleb with no taste in film, but if it's such a prominent aspect of tourism in the area it sounds like he would at least be aware of it and made a choice not to bring it up.

Either way it's nitpicking and the retard in this situation is the sperg unironically saying shit like
>Chris is horrible and beyond problematic.
because of a fucking movie lmao.

No. 174966

It's like doing a something on Dubrovnik and not mentioning that it's the location for King's Landing in Game of Thrones to English audiences… but much worse because Dubrovnik was already a popular international tourist destination pre-GOT.(stop)

No. 174975

NO ONE CARES! honestly, appreciate your passion about the movie, most people have not seen, but calling someone horrible and problematic over a boring movie, tells me all I need to know about you. You are a fault finding gate keeping, wanna be savior or Japan and Japanese culture. Are you the grassroots diplomat aka gaijin goomba? never mind, probably not, but you weebs are all the same. GET A LIFE.

No. 175001

Noone cares dude.

No. 175012

Can you shut the fuck up please?

No. 175013

He did a video with CDawg.

No. 175020

Just a driveby comment from someone who doesn't watch Chris, but wouldn't this problem arise from the fact he has a location manager who actually decides on locations and researches them? So he doesn't actually do the research himself and if his manager doesn't mention something beforehand it will not be mentioned in the video. (I'm probably using the wrong words, but someone wrote above that Chris has a guy who scouts out + researches locations so I'm just extrapolating on the information here)

No. 175026

I believe he scouts for himself by using Google maps, at least he mentioned that a couple of times. Except for Journey Across Japan, that had a team of people involved, I think he's mostly a one-man business.

No. 175028

If you're thinking of Ryotaro, I think he's mainly responsible for the locations in Northern Japan and it looks like Chris was sponsored by the Sunrise Express train for the Tottori Dunes video. He said Shiori and Sharla accompanied him and Natsuki "on short notice" to help film, so sounds like it was his responsibility to do the research this time.

No. 175030

You're confusing multiple people and I agreed that anon calling him horrible and problematic is being overly dramatic, but he spent most of the dune time talking about Lawrence of Arabia, another old movie, and had Natsuki reenact it.

No. 175052

I think the overall point is that Chris is a basic bitch who says he's gonna do things (like make short films) to make himself sound like an auteur, then never does it, and grabs low hanging fruit for his videos while failing to really understand the context about things, and exploit his "friends" to a sort of unpleasant degree.
He's definitely no film scholar or even a good filmmaker. He's just a youtuber who isn't really that smart, good-looking, or funny.

No. 175059

She Literally said she could not function there without her man…how TF is she going to get around when her disease acts up.
I swear she is a munchie. NO way would someone endanger their life like this otherwise. She said she could not leave the house to get food some days were so "debilitating"
She literally has nothing left to loose I guess….(sage )

No. 175069

If "low hanging fruit" is a video with 4.3million views, I can't wait to see what you're capable of doing with your lofty expectations. I'm starting to suspect you're another jvlogger who's failed to succeed and comes on here to rant everyday. Chris isn't smart, good looking or funny. But the cunt has 300 million views and people enjoy watching his videos. He'll never be a great filmmaker like you, but hopefully he can live with himself.(sage your shit)

No. 175070

Okay, we all agree. Chris is the worst and basic. You are our scholar and our film making guru. you are so good looking, smart and funny! We Stan you! We hate Chris and will unsubscribe and never watch his basic videos. Do you feel better now?

No. 175084

That's because his videos are also vlogs. They aren't just sightseeing videos.

No. 175099

The irony is he hates being called a vlogger, despite producing mostly j-vlogger content. He prefers 'filmmaker'.

No. 175100

Lately every time Chris is criticized someone immediately accuses anon of being another jvlogger or gatekeeper and anyone who agrees with anything they say is also secretly them. Logan Paul has more views and people enjoy his videos, so what? Pointing out that Chris maybe doesn't do much background research on his subjects even when they're sponsored by travel or railway companies and falls back on tired Natsuki antics when he keeps presenting himself as a cinophile documentarian and Japan-expert is hardly being unfair. Just bring some new milk if you don't want people to talk about him.

Stan, worldofextra, went all the way to Italy to meet a boy when delta was wreaking havoc on Japan.

No. 175101

When did he say that?

No. 175103

What kind of health problems is Sharla struggling with?

No. 175114

I watched a couple of his videos and I like the way he edits them but lately his videos are all about how gay he is and not about random Japan things.

No. 175122

She did not specify. But from Aki video, what ever it is affects her voice

No. 175131

nobody wants to hear film analysis on a DRAMA imageboard. Literally nobody asked, stop coping

No. 175168

I think she's mentioned in her vlogs before that she gets pneumonia easily, sometimes more than once a year. Unless I'm confusing her with another vlogger.

No. 175239

File: 1633113672176.jpeg (40.73 KB, 500x500, bronwyn-papineau.jpeg)

You guys are crazy! Her eyes aren't bad… her lips however she really did way too much.

No. 175248

File: 1633116459849.jpg (161.4 KB, 1000x1000, FAZ4_q2VgAwZISW.jpg)

She looks like a whole different person.

No. 175250

she doesn't even look like a real person anymore. she erased any interesting features her ancestry gave her and now just looks like an animated character generated from IG pics

No. 175258

Nitpick and no contribution, but I can't express how much I hate those contacts she wears.

No. 175296

Wtf, she used the magnify function too much, she doesn't look like a normal human anymore

No. 175303


she look pretty in this pic, if anything maybe the only thing she needed was to straighten her nose and it's not a big deal :(

No. 175323

I’ve always wondered, is it legal to earn an income via YouTube while on a tourist or student visa?

No. 175381

Yes. Internet money is converted. That's how artists can live in isolated areas of the world and travel and still do commissions no matter where they are. You don't need a work visa to make money online.

No. 175384

There's a limit to how many hours you can work per week if you're on a student visa and everyone has to report their earnings and pay taxes if they live in Japan. However, it's really difficult to track how many hours someone works on their videos and the gov probably doesn't care if some small-time youtubers are working overtime or aren't paying their taxes.

No. 175391

File: 1633202045458.png (104.93 KB, 300x340, 359a5e9030a27ecdabe857070bf296…)

How "cozy vibe" Bronwyn is gonna be looking if she keeps up the surgery and Snow photo editing.

No. 175485

File: 1633270779421.png (619.6 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20211003-160836~2.p…)

She needs therapy asap. All I see is she's bandwagoning trends like big lips, big full brows, bimbo blond hair and creepy blue icy contacts. It's the opposite of everything she is. If she would accept herself she could be modelling in Asia. She once mentioned that she had the opportunity to model in Japan but for some reason she didn't want to do it anymore. Bii shares the same look as some other Japanese models as Japanese magazines like interesting faces like hers. Just natural hair and no plastic surgery. This is the best she has ever looked.

No. 175923

File: 1633529902155.png (2.99 MB, 1964x1104, Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 7.14…)

Chris big studio reveal. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Sharla decorated this. Chris is not a planty kinda dude. But also - you go to the trouble to get a whole freaking new studio and then you make it look exactly like your apartment? Uhh…. ok

No. 175929

Damn, Chris is looking rough.

No. 175935

Such a retarded nitpick, you could’ve commented on the lukewarm stream but you’re going to autistically point out how many plants there are in the background?
Meds, now.

No. 175936

Funny how he specified in the title that he's alone.

No. 175943

Him sitting there looking sad with Haribo and wine is so funny, looks like he has separation anxiety while Sharla is away.

No. 175948

Oh look it’s that autist who’s obsessed with Chris and Sharla, back with an unsaged post every time Chris posts a video.

I’m with >>175935 fucking take your meds.

No. 175951

I want Chris to have his own thread so we don't have to deal with the constant whining of you non chris enjoyers anymore.

No. 175960

That sounds like a great idea, what will it be based on other than the speculation that he’s dating Sharla?
His one t shirt or how fat he is?

No. 175980

For someone to have a thread they need to have milk, Chris has no drama besides being a fat bloke

No. 176026

Meds, now.
though this time he switched up the colour!

No. 176223

trash boys mentioned KF and LC lol
they seem pretty neutral, most cows call those places for losers or smt lol

No. 176773

what happened to the thread on Sundai on lipstickalley? Someone alluded to rumors of sexwork or sugarbabying in Korea, then there was talk of cleaners and the thread eventually disappeared?

No. 176852


No. 177030

Martina is back to making vlogs in Japan. Reminds me of the old eatyourkimchi videos before they got all pretentious with Simon being self absorbed and spending crazy amounts of money on fruit and other bullshit.

No. 177458

They also mention that they are a girl and the source of info is not someone from Tokyo creative.
They never said they are not Lily so I'm gonna assume it's her.
"I found out something about her and decided to share it" - probably one of her friends in Sendai told her that Chris and Sharla are dating. She did live there for 3 years with him, so they prob have a group of mutual friends.

No. 177460

I also figured that anon was her.

No. 177541

Nothing too spicy but right at the end of this Chris says he has a date tonight. Maybe he's easing into going public with her soon? To a casual viewer it's such a weird line to end the vid on. Just randomly thrown in there.

No. 177543

he's trying to throw off the trail by saying he's bringing a "chicken, hamburgers" bag on a date.
cuz sharla doesn't eat those things

No. 177570

>Reminds me of the old eatyourkimchi videos before they got all pretentious with Simon being self absorbed and spending crazy amounts of money on fruit and other bullshit.

So, Martina was never the bad guy? I hope this isn't going to come across as sexist, but I guess I always assumed it was Martina's ideas that were ruining the whole vibe. I never watched much of their stuff in general, though.

No. 177591

Nah, Simon admitted that his spending was pissing off Martina. We don't care that you want to lick Simon's balls, scrote.

No. 177592

It was a joke. He posted a picture of a kaiseki dinner that's more likely from his date.

No. 177614

update on the sunny and chris drama

I don't understand indo at all but from what I can guess from the images, Sunny is not apologetic and maybe brought some lawyers to back up her behavior? Anyways I hope her indonesian audience doesn't forgive her, because she hasn't addressed why Chris called them dirt

No. 177615

File: 1634628494485.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.91 KB, 835x486, uwu.jpg)

found a pic of chris on his date

No. 177655

Saged for nonmilk, but does anyone remember the channel name of the two Asian-Canadian couple moving from Canada to Toronto? They were formerly in the medical field in their homeland. They were extremely wholesome and cute vloggers.

No. 177656

Whoops, I mean to Tokyo.

No. 177809


Afaik Sharla is still in Canada - at least that's what she says on her Patreon.

I think Chris was just joking and was referencing going out with a mate like Connor or maybe someone who gasp isn't a youtuber.

No. 177854

it's possible that chris and sharla have an open relationship

No. 177881

Oh come on, there’s no way that’s true. Stop reaching

No. 177971

i think it could b true - people in middle age tend to do stuff like that

No. 177985

Maybe Joey doesn't know about Aki's thread on here lol

No. 177986

Sharla had a tumour on her theroid.
She went to Canada because she would've had too wait three months in Japan for further steps.

No. 177993

Give up, anon. No one cares about your vendetta on Chris.

No. 177995

Damn hopefully its nothing too serious. I really hate that she didn't give any kind of update so she can get her youtube views for her bait video.

No. 178001

>I really hate that she didn't give any kind of update so she can get her youtube views for her bait video.

yes nonnie she totally cultivated a tumor just for the youtube views lmao do you have cum for brains?

No. 178004

Damn it sucks to get a tumor at such a young age. I wish her all the best

No. 178013

I mean, thyroid tumors are pretty normal at 30+ that's the actual risk age

No. 178021

Sharla is 53

No. 178022

how does having a "vendetta on chris" have anything to do with wondering if they have an open relationship?

are you so repressed that you think suggesting they have an open relationship is some kind of slander? grow the fuck up nonnie

No. 178037

Not op but polyamory isn’t exactly the norm is it? Stop pushing their supposed relationship, it was fun to speculate at first but the more people like you go on about it, especially with these types of reaches, the more desperate it feels.

No. 178044

OR and polyamory are different things

No. 178048


I just watched her video and I can’t believe it was even suggested that they’re in an open relationship. She could’ve been seriously ill, I think he would have gone with her if they were together, even if it was to meet her after the op.

No. 178058

he was probably watching maru and the apartment since, if they ARE dating, it's likely they live together.

No. 178066

Nta but bringing it up with nothing to corroborate it out of nowhere is retarded speculation. This isn’t gurugossip, lipstick alley, or PULL. Keep discussion in the realm of possibility, don’t drug us in your fucked up delulu

No. 178071

I watched her video too. Just curious if anyone knows - did Sharla grow up rich? That house looks super posh

No. 178072

Reading comprehension isn't your strong fort I see. She went completely silent for more than a month without giving anyone except her paypigs an explanation of her plans. Instead she kept where she was going and what she was doing a secret to get views for her youtube bait video.

No. 178073

Yeah and isn’t it super hard to re enter Japan still? if they are dating he would probably wait to travel until after they receive the news after the surgery.

I’m really hoping is all good news!

No. 178076

No they don't look rich, she might be at an airbnb. If you look at the houses featured in her past canada vlogs it's a completely different/homely place.

If you have a valid work visa you can easily travel in/out Japan now. The 2-week quarantine is mandatory however, so people who don't have the luxury to take that time off, avoid it.

so you would rather her string her paypigs along with her legitimate cancer scare? Are you an angry paypiggie because she didn't share her life with you before the general public? your outrage is fucking weird piggie-chan.

No. 178085

You are absolutely brain dead esl.(infighting )

No. 178097

I may be a retard but at least I don’t bump the thread with schizo fantasies about Chris’ sex life lmao

No. 178112

Wow that must have been really expensive to have in America especially since she doesn’t have US insurance. I don’t know about Canada, but Japanese health insurance only reimburses you the cost of what the procedure would be in Japan - and their medical care is a lot cheaper than US.

No. 178120

Same, I was wondering about the price she paid since health care is so expensive in the US. And also how much she earns per month bc she rarely does sponsored vids on YouTube.(sage)

No. 178152

There is no way that Sharla was able to afford surgery in a US hospital, and all the travel expense on her own. She most certainly got help, from a certain more successful, richer YouTube jvlogger. Without insurance her hospital bill alone will be around an eye watering $15000 to $25000. Especially if it was a specialty hospital. US healthcare system is no joke, and they would have not have touched her without a large deposit either.

No. 178153


Y'all know they can just bill the Canadian healthcare system right? If she got a referral she'd only have to pay the copays for her procedures) visits.

No. 178157

Her boyfriend obviously makes a ton of money plus pretty sure her parents are wealthy

No. 178167

Have you seen her parents house? They are average anon, stop being retarded

No. 178168

sorry I don't have reference, they look rich to me. context: i live in PR

No. 178180

Sharlas parents must be middle class or upper middle class.
Chris is shitting out new content out now…

No. 178182


They have nothing to do with each other. I don't know why you anons keep insisting they have some secret agenda and relationship together. Give it a rest.

No. 178219

Lol u r funny. They have nothing to do with one another? Oh okay

No. 178236

Tbh I had thought that Chris and sharla probably were dating but seeing as she travelled alone with what she was told was 95 percent likely to be an advanced cancerous tumour in her neck.. I think even with covid complicating things (or a cat that surely someone like Mark could mind) you'd accompany a partner facing that diagnosis and treatment. He was making videos eating junk foods from Japan as normal during all this. So I don't know now.

Shes at an age where you certainly expect your partner to be alongside you when faced with a life threatening health crisis and not to just leave that up to your parents. Whether she's currently single or whether she's seeing him secretly.. it at least appears she doesn't have that serious support there in Japan. I hope she is single, because if she's not that's bleak or should be an eye opening experience.

No. 178250

I 100% agree that he should have been there. But perhaps they made the decision that he would not go together. Mark lives hours away in Fukuoka, he has a job he would not be able to watch her cat. Chris had a major interview lined up in October. Corona travel restriction must’ve factor into their decision as well. Other than Chris possibly being a shitty boyfriend, they are a very very serious long term couple.

No. 178251

File: 1634960152147.jpeg (201.45 KB, 1229x595, 7B45F7DB-D524-42A8-AB5E-FE5283…)

No. 178261

Oh boy, well there's some proof for all the back and forth denial in this thread. I'm not sure why they are going to such lengths to conceal it.

No. 178270

> I'm not sure why they are going to such lengths to conceal it.
And if you read the past threads, you’d remember that Sharla went through a public break up/divorce and that’s probably why she won’t announce anything until it’s serious. You guys are such illiterate and entitled fags I swear to god

No. 178273

You act like you can't be platonic with people. There is nothing to actually back any of this Chris and Sharla shit.

No. 178283

File: 1634983797641.png (939.94 KB, 2048x1802, Screenshot_20210818-032030.png)

Seen this slip up mentioned a few times but couldn't find any proof.

No. 178286

File: 1634984149176.png (1.23 MB, 1961x2048, Screenshot_20210820-193918.png)

No. 178288

Proof of what? All this proves is he took her to the airport. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship with someone to do that.
Exactly, I believe 100% their relationship is platonic. In fact I’d go as far to say if they did hide living together it’s because they want to avoid speculation like the autists have been doing in this thread.

No. 178295

feels bad for her but at least she had enough strength to make a super dramatic video. Once a cow, always a cow.

No. 178301

Are you new here? Do you know what a cow is?

No. 178304

Yes my platonic friends who live three hours away, always take expensive bullet train to accompany me to the airport. That same platonic friend also has the same exact matching household items as me. Also me and my platonic friend although financial well off and in our 30’s choose to share $700 small ass Japanese apartment. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!!

No. 178316

I've never known anyone facing what they thought was almost certain to be cancer.. and both partners agreed to be apart and let her go alone with just her family on the other end stepping in and him doing essentially nothing during the diagnosis, the surgery, the recovery. Nothing.

I don't know if she has a pattern now in her relationships where she sacrificed for the husband too and I never got the vibe he'd be one to return the favor. She moved and tried to adjust but was miserable, stuck it out for a while, the end. He wasn't about to move for her then. She's so private about things it's hard to tell but watching the video I was wondering does she just sell herself short when she's choosing partners or setting acceptable expectations? Because who would get a solo flight to go face likely cancer and honestly feel okay with that.

No. 178319

Well, it could be that they're more interested in continuing to keep the relationship under wraps than anything else, like that takes precedence. They knew that if Chris accompanied her to Canada they'd pretty much have to let the cat out of the bag at that point.

No. 178321

to the anon who posted this comment from RobinsonJapan: why don't you message him or reply to that and ask him if they were hugging/acting like a couple - that would clear a lot of shit up for everyone

No. 178322

Stop being an armchair fag, you sound unhinged

No. 178328

You're making a lot of assumptions here. If I were in a relationship as a Youtuber or streamer, I'd want to keep my life private to avoid the sort of stalkers that lurk online and dig deep into my private life as well.

No. 178342

Do you realize how retarded you sound trying to keep this made up milk going? they have cash to burn because of sponsors, so they can travel. Use you head or something, anon. You are literally adding narritive to make whatever story you want seem plausible, when everyone else in the thread has been calling you out on how retarded it is. You have had zero proof to back anything up. >>178247 >>178251 Those are not proof at all and make no sense to how it would prove anything either. Then you have this shit >>178286 >>178283 which doesn't do anything to prove they are dating, but that they might've lived together at one point. I know Connor was staying with Joey and Aki for a while before they moved and he moved, and now Connor is moving yet again. All the YT people have lived together or with someone at some point and Aki and Joey are the only people who dated.

No. 178343

you sound super fussed and unhinged. most people here accept that sharla and chris are a couple. it's just not interesting or milky

No. 178349

>>178342 shut up with your stupid long incoherent essay. Plenty of proof that they live together. Your justification is that Connor living with Aki to make a point is stupid. He didn’t live with them, he stayed with them while he got his affairs in order for a couple of weeks. One doesn’t not stay with people for 2 years and moved to another city together for no reason. THEY ARE A COUPLE!. It’s not a big deal. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to believe it. You clearly are a broke Unimaginative Person, who can’t picture people in their 30’s making good money and not needing to couch surf. Stop trying to bully people into changing a subject you don’t like. If you don’t like it, don’t comment, ignore it or don’t visit the website. You don’t get to tell people what they should or should not talk about.

No. 178360

Please I’m begging you, take your meds and go to school PR chan. The first world country is too much for your brain to comprehend

No. 178361

Daniel Lord is live on youtube right now talking about Sharla's thyroid tumor

No. 178365

>>178343 Do they? It really just seems like one, maybe two people max are unhinged/overly invested in a narrative and no one else really wants to talk about it.

No. 178366

I think there's definitely people over-invested in it, but most people have no trouble seeing the truth that they're involved.

No. 178373

You are really unhinged.. first of all you insist they are in a relationship with no evidence and then you fanfic that Chris did nothing to help and Sharla makes bad men choices.
She literally says in her video she went to Florida for the surgery because she would have to wait months otherwise. She put her health first which is what everyone would fucking do if they were able to.

If you want to provide proof they are together just do it already, the speculation now is just plain delulu

No. 178377

Samefag cos I forgot to add -
Let’s state some actual facts:
Chris and Sharla work together and have a close circle of friends, they are obviously very good friends.
They (now) both live in Sendai.
They do have chemistry on camera (which tbh is the only thing that would convince me they’re fucking).
Here are your made up ‘facts’:
Sharla and Chris are dating because they have the same mug.
Because they have the same mug that means they live together.
Sharla had a chair in her appt that looked the same as Chris’
During a livestream someone apparently saw a picture frame with Sharla and Chris in an embrace but no one on the internet thought to screen shot it
Someone said something on a livestream about Sharla and Chris’s place but quickly changed the subject.
Chris took Sharla to the airport so that must mean they are together.

No. 178378

The most milky thing is why anyone would be so insistent that they weren't together. Literally nobody cares except for the anons like you who want to believe that living together, podcast and livestream slipups confirming it, being seen with the same furniture and household objects, and dropping someone off at the airport are all things platonic friends of the opposite sex do.

No. 178388

you forgot to add how sharla was with chris and natsuki in the video about the train and the dunes/camel stuff. we saw a bed in chris's cabin that was obviously used by another person, and we saw a futon next to chris's in his room. we also know the only people on the trip was chris, natsuki, sharla and shiori.

normally (in past chris/TC videos) the guys would room together and the girls would. But we know that Natsuki was given his own train cabin and hotel room. So why would Chris be sharing a room with someone if it wasn't Sharla?

Just saying. You left that out.

No. 178417

They aren't involved. Jesus Christ.

No. 178418

So you have nothing to back it up because everything was supposedly in livestreams. The anon begging anons to believe any of this dating bullshit, is insane.

No. 178420

No. 178421

I don’t mind if they are dating, just post more possible photo evidence instead of schizo essays

No. 178422

No one wants to click some random link. Greentext the part that's important.

No. 178432

Chris is trying to pronounce a Canadian towns name, he asks "is that right?" And Pete replies "I don't know you're the one that lives with a…"

No. 178435

Maybe he’s saying “you’re the one that lived with Canadians” given Chris spent time living with his family in Montreal and Vancouver. He talks about them all the time on the podcast