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No. 931700

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had,recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.(avatarfag)

No. 931702

previous thread >>>/ot/10376

No. 931705

last night i dreamed i got a job in a mexican grocery store that was also a nightclub, it was so realistic that when i woke up i spent a few minutes trying to figure out if i actually worked there

No. 931709

Last thread was 5 years old so I guess we'll have 5 years of sleepy sonic and tails now (if the farm does not die)

No. 931712

i wish avatar fag would get permabanned

No. 931714

I never wanted to lucid dream because my dreams are the only place I feel free, but now I'm thinking of doing it so I can dream of being with the person I can't be with in real life. have any of you done it?

No. 931728

Five years from now, we'll look back on this thread and fondly remember the avatar autist from ye olde days

No. 931739

I need to write this down because it's the longest and most detailed dream I've had in a while. It actually started out with me having a dream, and it was like the opening of a movie where I was watching these two men trudge through an empty desert. Then they came across this other man with a black robe and evil grin, and in my mind he kinda represented the devil offering them to sell their souls so they could get out of the desert. Then I woke up from the dream, and for some reason I was a teenager again, and kinda went along my day getting ready for school, and also my town was surrounded by this huge glass dome? And I could hear people talking on the bus about how it was keeping "the dust" out, but it was hard to find jobs and get around.

Then I arrived at this night club, and I was eating dinner at a table and feeling really lonely (and people kept rudely staring at me and being nasty lol) when suddenly this hot black-haired vampire came in and sat down next to me and began talking, and soon we were making out on this lounge and grinding all over each other. The insane thing is though, he started telling me that he became a vampire when he was lost in the desert and he sold his soul to escape, which was exactly what happened in the dream I had that morning. So was dream-me having a flashback belonging to a different person? Was I experiencing the memories of this guy? It's really wild.

Then we went back to my house, and somehow his mum was already there lecturing him and being verbally abusive, so he was forced to leave with her. Then I got a call later on from his mum panicking, saying he got kidnapped by his crazy abusive father and she didn't know where they were. But it was also Halloween and I had to welcome this large group of kids waiting outside into my house for a party me and my mum organised, and we sat them down at the kitchen table and started handing out candy lmao. And then I woke up. Why the hell can't I be this creative when I'm awake? The bit with the man lost in the desert selling his soul and becoming a vampire could make a very interesting story. And was the dust that was dangerous to my town from the desert, was it magical? I have so many questions lol.

No. 931744

That's so interesting. I bet the harmful sand is from the desert and it's all connected in an epic way

No. 931751

I'm fondly remembering the time when Tails was full on orange and not some yellowy toned orange. The nostalgia.

No. 931767

my mom made me repeat high school

No. 931818

Why even ban them when you keep the threads?

No. 931879

File: 1633527917965.png (288.48 KB, 359x453, him.PNG)

I use to have this reoccurring nightmare where I'm trapped in my room and I'm desperately trying to turn on the light. My light bulb doesn't work of course and I can faintly see someone else in the room with me and it is slowly moving towards me. One time when I had this nightmare I realized I was dreaming and tried to pull my hair out to wake up. It didn't work and I just woke up in another dream. I'll forever feel betrayed by my brain for making me think I was actually awake.
Another I sometimes dream about is I walk outside of my house and look up. A giant black hole opens up in the sky and starts destroying my neighborhood.

No. 931891

Today I dreamed that I was in the twilight movies, though I never watched the movies nor read the books. I think because of my last posts about the hunger games, I dreamed the sparkling vampire was Josh Hutcherson. He was saying nonsense I can't really make out and he had a huuuuge sword (that guy is tiny so I guess it was actually a normal sword) and he said he would protect me from the other supernaturals but I wasn't convinced. At some point I got my own huge sword, like, real huge cus I'm normal sized. So I had this highlander type of sword and I was swinging everywhere killing all the shadow beasts and I think I accidentally hit Josh because he was crying on the floor saying some crap and I tried to console him like 'oh dude, I'm so sorry, why you had to be in my way' and felt bad, dude, but he was kinda cute crying and he survived the ordeal. 10/10 would throw my sword at him again.

No. 931894

I had a dream yesterday about me going out to eat and I did go out to eat today with my family lmao

No. 931899

nonnie, that was a prophetic dream. have you dreamed at all about lottery numbers?

No. 931908

I've had many prophetic dreams before but they didn't really predict anything too life-changing, mostly very mundane/small stuff. I haven't dreamt about lottery numbers yet anon lol, but where I came from if you dreamt about lottery numbers most likely some spirits must have given it to you, and getting these numbers ain't no easy feat. They have to fight with other people to get these numbers.

No. 931922

File: 1633530803351.jpg (323.73 KB, 1080x1805, IMG_20210908_033734.jpg)

I can't believe the new thread is a fucking sonic avatarfag pic. I was looking forward to making the new thread and I was gonna use something like picrel. This is what I get for sleeping. Btw I keep dreaming I'm running away from different shit, this time it was fr a falling building that I was in, originally.


No. 931926

I hate threadpic so much. wish mods would lock it so we can start over, your pic is way better

No. 932007

this is so much cuter

No. 932010

I don't even know any women who like sonic. Even autistic ones. We should all assume the sonicfags are Chris chan type trannies

No. 932028

File: 1633537404560.jpg (31.24 KB, 500x500, why.jpg)

No joke, my ex left me for a woman whose house is basically a shrine to sonic. She's also a mother of 4. Of all the tards to fuck on the side… an actual sonic tard.

3 years later they're still together and I don't think she has any clue that she was a mistress in the beginning. I think he's kept her oblivious. The overlap in our relationships was about a year long.

No. 932029

I've definitely known of some women who liked sonic, mostly tumblr users who were into shipping the male characters. Weirdly enough, they were almost entirely fakeboi adjacent.

No. 932041

I like the old 2D games. It reminds me of playing them with my sister and swapping between which one of us played as Sonic and which one played as Tails. I've never revisited the series as an adult beyond replaying the old games in an emulator.

No. 932053

Just curious, why did you not tell her?

No. 932058

I'd just be some random woman messaging her on fb and I know he'd find a way to paint me as crazy. He told me the ex before me was crazy and bpd and abusive and all that and I think he was rewriting history tbh. He's a cheater and too good at lying to people. And I was afraid of him coming after me. He's someone who holds grudges and gets revenge.

I'd be putting myself at risk of more agro and pain and drama and worries of potential backlash and I might not even be believed.

No. 932075

Please make a new thread with this pic anon, so sick of sonicfagging in OT,this isn't a furry safe space

No. 932101

>this isn't a furry safespace
lmao this made me laugh so much

No. 932106

Fuck, not even the dreams thread can have a nice pic

No. 932108

Same, I used to play some Sonic games on my Sega Saturn back in the old days(derailing)

No. 932113

The previous thread was 6 fucking years old. We shouldn't have to see this shit for eternity because some avatarfag wants to terrorize us. Mods please let anon remake the thread and lock this one. Her picture for the OP is so nice.

Saging my autism.

No. 932117

OP of this thread could request deletion maybe? If they're nice

No. 932172

I like the sonic pic, but this is really pretty. I think it might be too late though.

No. 932202

Oh my god is it even avatarfagging if it's more than one person?? I don't understand the rules! And no I'm not the one who made the thread.

No. 932206

its the same person doing the sonic fagging and its fucking annoying

No. 932208

>more than one person
Then it's a conspiracy

No. 932216

It literally isn't, I could prove it if it wouldn't take a retarded amount of time to find all of the posts in previous threads of people discussing the sonic pictures. I'm anon who made the Dumbass Shit Thread with the sonicsans and I'm just one person who made just one thread. I don't know if this counts as derailing because I honestly don't know if this thread is being used or the other thread.

No. 932220

hope you catch a very long ban, sonic fag.

No. 932221

You're literally retarded.

No. 932232

you’re the one with an autistic obsession with sonic…retard

No. 932237

Well at least I'm passionate about something, you lifeless boring husk of a human being

No. 932247

you can have a passion without shoving it fown others' throat, you insufferable retard.

on topic, i recently dreamed i found a room in my grandma's house where there were people in 19th clothing seated at a table and thinking "oh right, that's the room for the dead", like that was totally normal. dream logic

No. 932254

No. 932369

it's more than one person

No. 932405

You're still fucking annoying. Yes, you personally. hth

No. 932478

This is why you're friendless.

No. 932575

Lord stop me from a-logging if these retards make the next tinfoil thread with a sonicfag OP image. I want to check on the local schizochans in peace and quiet not see a blue abomination.

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