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File: 1616537520212.jpeg (420.75 KB, 2048x2048, 2C6E9A24-D7EC-45D0-93E4-5A9D4C…)

No. 1191408

Elaine Gertler Miller is an 18 year old aspiring model & commodity trader who resides in London. A tory who flaunts her family’s (questionable) wealth on social media and brags about attending Westminster School, an expensive and prestigious London boarding school. Elaine is a self proclaimed “hacktivist” who is on a mission to cancel cancel culture after clips from a livestream were posted on twitter in which Elaine says she wanted to nuke Chinatown. There’s little information on Elaine before May 2020. She says she was a “controversial internet troll” previous to all her online activity disappearing. Elaine says her parents use their wealth and influence to have hackers & police remove photos and videos of her after the Chinatown incident. Elaine flip flops between having a friend who died from online bullying to herself being the target and bullied until she attempted suicide. She also believes anyone who talks about her, shares info from her public social media accounts or shares DMs have broken British terrorism statutes. She uses multiple alt accounts & sock accounts to threaten people with hacking, criminal prosecution and legal action but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention. Even though her whole schtick is canceling cancel culture, Elaine tries to cancel lots of things, including but not limited to this site, kiwifarm (she refers to KF as kiwi leaks), Josh Moon/Null, Britton Bully Club, Diane Awesomelaser, Chinatown & pollution.




>Elaine’s Buzz Talent Modeling Page


>Elaine’s LinkedIn


>Chinatown livestream


Recent Milk:

In Feb 2021, shortly after starting a new Instagram account, Elaine joins an engagement pod with infamous lolcow Lillee Jean. She starts to contact Lillee Jean’s critics, suicide baiting on Lillee’s behalf >>821551

March 18th livestream with Lillee Jean. The stream was uploaded to Lillee’s Instagram account & Youtube but removed shortly after the farms started discussing Elaine. Elaine says her parents had the stream taken down >>826076

She’s an anarchist >>826107

Anyone participating in cancel culture should receive life in prison >>826192

Elaine’s modeling agency is a scammy “pay to play” agency which had to change names from TMA Talent Management to Buzz Talent after receiving bad reviews online >>826197 >>826201

Trading company Elaine lists as her employer on her resume is also a scam >>826228

Chinatown livestream is found on twitter:

>Joe: I'm not gonna lie, I wish they could just square up Chinatown and blow it up.

>Elaine: I was gonna say that! Joe, you're more politically correct than I am because I was thinking about saying "nuke" but then I was like…. >>826432

The police are removing the clip and she’s not racist, she just hates pollution >>826437

Deleting Instagram account after getting called out by numerous people she was contacting and threatening >>826592 She never deletes the account

Discovers lolcow and says farmhands have given her anons’ identities and we’ll all be arrested >>828142

England, in it’s entirety, is coming for the farms>>828098

Josh Moon/Null runs lolcow. Her proof? Null’s lolcow thread >>828152

Elaine’s suing the farm for £10,000 >>828146

At Elaine’s request, Westminster School is contacting YouTube commentary channels for commenting on internet drama >>828098

Wealthy anons notice Elaine’s designer items look like bad knockoffs which is strange for someone who has enough money to wipe the internet every few months >>828184

In a message exchange with commentary channel Diane Awesomelaser, Elaine says she going to bring down lolcow & kiwi leaks (KF) by putting a virus on the sites >>828317

Will primadonna Elaine bring down the farms for this thread? Will her rich daddy wipe the internet of lolcow forever? Can anons find any trace of Elaine’s controversial internet troll days? Will she sue the farms and win enough money to buy a real Rolex?

No. 1191412

Enjoy! Hoping more anons find out about this chicks internet troll days before her daddy wipes us off the internet!

No. 1191418

File: 1616538685389.jpeg (283.7 KB, 750x1042, 1134D68A-A8F4-4BB6-9BDE-10F045…)

She said she was sexually harassed for being an internet troll

No. 1191419

All of the recent milk quotes are from different snow threads instead of Lillee's pt thread where they were supposed to come from, because Elaine's post is in snow. May have to redo it, anon.

No. 1191432

You have add /pt/ before the links, anon.

Here’s the correct OP:

Recent Milk:

In Feb 2021, shortly after starting a new Instagram account, Elaine joins an engagement pod with infamous lolcow Lillee Jean. She starts to contact Lillee Jean’s critics, suicide baiting on Lillee’s behalf >>>/pt/821551

March 18th livestream with Lillee Jean. The stream was uploaded to Lillee’s Instagram account & Youtube but removed shortly after the farms started discussing Elaine. Elaine says her parents had the stream taken down >>>/pt/826076

She’s an anarchist >>>/pt/826107

Anyone participating in cancel culture should receive life in prison >>>/pt/826192

Elaine’s modeling agency is a scammy “pay to play” agency which had to change names from TMA Talent Management to Buzz Talent after receiving bad reviews online >>>/pt/826197 >>>/pt/826201

Trading company Elaine lists as her employer on her resume is also a scam >>>/pt/826228

Chinatown livestream is found on twitter:

>Joe: I'm not gonna lie, I wish they could just square up Chinatown and blow it up.

>Elaine: I was gonna say that! Joe, you're more politically correct than I am because I was thinking about saying "nuke" but then I was like…. >>>/pt/826432

The police are removing the clip and she’s not racist, she just hates pollution >>>/pt/826437

Deleting Instagram account after getting called out by numerous people she was contacting and threatening >>>/pt/826592 She never deletes the account

Discovers lolcow and says farmhands have given her anons’ identities and we’ll all be arrested >>>/pt/828142

England, in it’s entirety, is coming for the farms>>/pt/828098

Josh Moon/Null runs lolcow. Her proof? Null’s lolcow thread >>>/pt/828152

Elaine’s suing the farm for £10,000 >>>/pt/828146

At Elaine’s request, Westminster School is contacting YouTube commentary channels for commenting on internet drama >>>/pt/828098

Wealthy anons notice Elaine’s designer items look like bad knockoffs which is strange for someone who has enough money to wipe the internet every few months >>>/pt/828184

In a message exchange with commentary channel Diane Awesomelaser, Elaine says she going to bring down lolcow & kiwi leaks (KF) by putting a virus on the sites >>>/pt/828317

No. 1191443

Does Elaine not have a crazy parent like Lillee does with Laur? Weird how the older cow constantly has her mother defending her.

No. 1191446

File: 1616542112143.png (550.76 KB, 828x1792, 0347B077-87BE-4F73-8B5F-595329…)

She knows she’s gonna be in deep shit considering this message from her to Goose where she backtracks everything and tries to say the Chinatown video wasn’t her kek https://twitter.com/inevitablegoose/status/1373952088313577473?s=21

No. 1191449

Was able to find her parents. [[REDACTED]], a copy editor & [[REDACTED]], an architect.

They’re not extravagantly wealthy.

No. 1191454

Having a look at her parents Instagram accounts it seems they don’t follow Elaine and she doesn’t follow them.
I’m guessing the likelihood they know anything of how their daughter is behaving is nil

No. 1191455

Here’s the clip of Elaine saying the Great Gatsby was very English book


No. 1191456

Thanks for the effort both newfag OP & kind anon.

This thread needs to be locked and a new one made, it's retarded to have a thread with incorrect links to milk.

No. 1191462

File: 1616543230709.jpeg (100.37 KB, 828x420, 3058ED1F-03C2-463E-A009-7A9377…)

No. 1191464

Ah yes, because racism is “petty shit,” Elaine

No. 1191466

File: 1616543630307.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 3B1EB2FE-C4C4-4D0F-B15F-DD6E5B…)

such good model

No. 1191470

Oh my lord this is tragic lmao

No. 1191474

File: 1616544120175.jpeg (203.88 KB, 827x1282, AC8DDBBC-96F9-46E3-869B-9FE0E2…)

She made a fake fan account for herself kek, maybe she really is just like Lillee Jean

No. 1191475

she talks about 'being a troll' like she's a 40 yr old news reader

No. 1191476

File: 1616544289884.jpeg (197.31 KB, 828x1526, 11D2C3FF-F74D-421D-8040-D2527F…)

Another one she made lol

No. 1191478

File: 1616544324523.jpeg (284.39 KB, 828x1524, B746D1F9-0F11-46D2-899F-251A7D…)

So much for the police removing everything about her from the Internets

No. 1191479

File: 1616544332033.jpeg (75.09 KB, 828x535, 3A45C48C-5B9C-4B35-9618-E18CB8…)

No. 1191482

File: 1616544474387.jpeg (412.25 KB, 828x1516, EDB13B0A-CB55-4D41-99C8-0817AE…)

and another

No. 1191483

Literally all her tagged photos are “rich kids” lmao this bitch

No. 1191487

File: 1616544729507.jpeg (222.63 KB, 827x1696, 52F216F9-47F4-4B93-ADFA-98CEAB…)

Unfortunate that her extremely rich family couldn’t donate to her JustGiving

No. 1191490

File: 1616545036303.jpeg (219.06 KB, 750x1061, C246CA57-DD37-412A-BA2F-6B12ED…)

She really is a pretty Lillee Jean. Embarrassing.

No. 1191495

File: 1616545275767.png (434.68 KB, 967x575, Screenshot 2021-03-23 17.16.45…)

how many fake accounts are we at now already?

birds of a feather lol

No. 1191496

File: 1616545362630.jpeg (134.23 KB, 750x1062, 53D24140-D59E-4A0C-BC80-C49CDB…)

She was creating her own hate accounts and blaming it on her schoolmates

No. 1191499

File: 1616545618123.jpeg (195.58 KB, 2048x2048, 5ECD0328-7276-4A26-99FA-B8BEF7…)

Add 2 more

No. 1191505

she really deserves her own thread? other than just story telling attention whoring basic ethottery, anything else?

No. 1191530

File: 1616548585622.png (540.28 KB, 750x1334, 81459D6D-42A1-4A7B-BDA8-92B262…)

She posted this on her Instagram stories saying this guy was gaslighting and abusing her.

Notice her messages at the bottom
> hope your mother dies c- cancer? covid?
>and you

No. 1191580

File: 1616555148772.jpeg (307.68 KB, 750x895, C16D3A76-A1E7-45FB-8FEA-3A5DAB…)

Troopz from Barstool Sports, who has 180k followers on Twitter shared the tweet with livestream back in May of 2020.


A lot of people who personally knew Elaine are in the comments. Elaine was threatening to hack people on putting bounties out back then too.

No. 1191607

Lj lite

No. 1191719

File: 1616586564096.jpg (44.97 KB, 544x536, knockoff.jpg)

Anons, this is Guadalpin Banus Bar hotel in Marbella, Spain, kek.
Marbella is a tourist-trap and the most overratted destination for lazy-boring british tourists.
You won't see the bedrooms because she just went at the hotel bar to make it look she could afford to stay in a five star hotel.
No wealthy one would choose Marbella for holidays btw.

>We don't even have the same hair colour
She dyed her hair in blonde some years ago.
It was poorly done, not the hairslyle from a fancy hair saloon.

>not extravagantly wealthy.
Her trips are middle-class classic-boring weekends where she probably stayed in Marbella camping.
Also keks at the Louis Vuitton knockoff accessories.
She's either too lazy to do proper research, either she doesn't know what real rich kids would post.

No. 1191743

File: 1616590607137.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 6D95A871-F96D-4940-8049-91C958…)

>ego death
she really thinks she’s someone important

No. 1191751

You guys are fucking pathetic to upload this shit, all of it is false and you think you’re so smart for investigating her life when you literally know nothing about her. Imagine chatting shit about someone who at 14 made a joke. Bunch of losers with nothing better to do.

No. 1191756

No. 1191757

guess you couldn’t hack lolcow? so you just decided to show up and act like a retard? kek

No. 1191764


Love how the age keeps shifting down. Next iteration it's gonna be "she was 10 when she said it!!".

No. 1191765

she looks like an uglier hontra here

No. 1191766

File: 1616593653811.png (412.78 KB, 750x1334, 8396CFFE-044A-4ECD-9622-C0A0FD…)

look who’s suicide baiting again

No. 1191768

kek according to lainey, it’s not even her in the video. she can’t make her mind up

No. 1191773

Hi Elaine!
Focus on your studies instead of spending your whole day here.

No. 1191774

No. 1191775

This is bullying

No. 1191778

anons talking about your public behavior isn’t bullying. no one contacted you from the farms, no one’ s bullying you. get the fuck over yourself. this is why you’re a cow, lainey

No. 1191784


No. 1191792

File: 1616596201524.jpeg (136.33 KB, 750x742, B29AA09F-2E15-4915-BF55-0203A6…)

>E,18, London

No. 1191804

That is not her account

No. 1191806

I love how she literally wants to be famous for nothing, brags about her alledged "money" and non-existent career "modeling", "coding" "politics" "high tech whatever".
And can't accept criticism and callouts for her lies, can't deal with frustration and the fact that anons here don't think she is the center of the universe.

No. 1191810

>a joke
>about nuking an place full of people
A comedy queen since she was “14” amazing.

No. 1191815

You must be over the age of 18 to post here.

No. 1191819

Posting photos of a minor is illegal as well as the fact the images are owned by photographers that could sue for copyright. The China town video was posted by a girl called Monica, nothing to do with her, Elaine has depression I don’t think this is right

No. 1191820

lmao how retarded do you have to be? it’s probably hard to keep track of all the socks but that is definitely your account elaine

No. 1191822

Then tell me why that video is believed to be Elaine then Anon? What has this poor depressed girl Elaine done to be getting all this hate?

No. 1191824

Elaine said it was her as a joke but it’s rlly a girl called Monica

No. 1191830

Give us proof of that then

No. 1191831

They look entirely different?

No. 1191832


No. 1191834

File: 1616599750816.png (632.17 KB, 1180x1314, 3E22BB04-F09E-48D8-BE6E-5BFDCD…)

A girl named Monica who happens to look and sound exactly like elaine? What a coincidence lmao.

Elaine only came forward with her “@E21877775” account after this tweet exposing her. Sounds like elaine is backtracking now that she has a thread detailing her bizarre internet behaviour with her real name attached to it.

No. 1191835

If she apologised would you delete

No. 1191837

I didn’t make the thread. What’s she got to apologize for if it’s not her in the video?

No. 1191838

hey anon, if you type 'sage' in the email field, it won't bump the thread every time you reply (meaning you will fade into obscurity quicker). we as a site aren't trying to 'cancel' you for offensive stuff, we're here to laugh at you for sockpuppetting and being generally tryhard.
the thread will stay up, but if you stop an embarrassment, people will stop caring.

No. 1191839

Anon whether you are Elaine or not, this tactic isn't going to work. Post proof that Monica is a different person, post proof that Elaine "joked" that was her.

No. 1191854

Even if it wasn’t Elaine (which everyone knows it was) it doesn’t excuse her behaviour and saying she’ll get people to rpe and kll Diane, the fact she threatened to hack a bunch of people and is friends with a racist transphobe

No. 1191870

Stop being ridiculous online and we'll stop laughing at you.

No. 1191873

Are you serious? So she would apologize for everything she has done, specially the Chinatown video, meaning she did say she wanted the place nuked.
And then what? It’s impressive how people craving for internet attention think that a video saying
>hey guys…! Sorry for saying really bad things and threatening people like I’ve done before!1!1 i was in a dark place, a dark state of mind and now I will change, I got therapy and now I will be a better person than I was before!!!! I sweeear and sobs I won’t do it anymore! I will donate everything I do with this video to a charity to support the -insert name- community of my town and I hope everyone is safe and I love you guys cries
Will change everything and will just make things better, then they proceed to go full retard again and they get exposed for what they’ve done, rinse and repeat.

No. 1191928

Maybe if she got raped it would help

No. 1191929

We can tell its you posting Elaine, you don't know how to sage.

Guarantee she's going to screenshot this and post on insta

No. 1191930

Not Elaine but girls learn best by a bit of discipline by the way her phone number is [redacted](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1191932

doxxing is against the rules Elaine, even if you're doxxing yourself

No. 1191933

Do I care about the rules? Fuck this hoe lol

No. 1191934


"Anon," this is reaching an LJ level of patheticness. Going down the LJ path on social media will quickly make you unemployable. You should probably stop. But hey, be a full-time cow. It'll certainly be entertaining for others. You're not fooling anyone, Elaine. That's one characteristic that makes you very similar to LJ. You think everyone else is an idiot and that you're so smart. You can well see how that's worked for the Truemans. Living in a shitty one-bedroom apartment in Queens with makeup stored next to cat shit. I only say this because you're too narcissistic to take the advice.

No. 1191935

Not Elaine, am one of the kids at school she tried to bully

No. 1191936

Just let her have her breakdown, it’s better when they just scream to the void.

No. 1191937

I just can't believe how legitimately dumb she is lmao, what a waste of her education

No. 1191940

I kind of doubt she goes to the school she says she does. I'm predicting "the bullied kid who goes to school with Elaine" will post a photoshopped student ID.

No. 1191942

Kek. Put out to pasture.

RIP NOT Elaine. It was fun while you lasted.

No. 1191950

She realized the Monica bit wasn't working and went on to be a different character. What's next?

No. 1191953

really elaine? this is pathetic. anons weren't posting anything that would be enough to get you sympathy points on instagram so you resort to doxxing yourself and a rape threat? jesus

No. 1191965

I think she’s deleted her IG lmao

No. 1191970

no she’s changed the name to notinuse67788 and deleted all posts as well as her tagged posts kek

No. 1191975

File: 1616609163114.jpeg (252.12 KB, 828x1501, 757CE094-2C95-45BD-B82A-BDF693…)

Just been to the depop account that is posted and I think I’ve figured out how Elaine affords all her designer clothes hahahahah

Also weird, but it’s under the name Molly Tully now

No. 1192012

I love this cow. We should send LJ an edible arrangement as a thank you.

No. 1192021

i wonder if LJ has reached out to her at all after all this lmao, doubt it

No. 1192031

You’d think she warn her new friend not to do this as she could also get “swatted”.

No. 1192087

File: 1616614871469.jpeg (104.52 KB, 828x1142, F3A762B4-791E-445F-8BC5-110216…)

She changed her tiktok username (but not her display name lol) and deleted all her content on there as well.

No. 1192148

I'm terribly curious to know what happens in the engagement pod group these days. Do they talk about the bullies or is it strictly links to posts in need of engagement? It'd be fun to see the faux influencers talk about what's happening to Elaine and LJ.

No. 1192217

She's such a classic example of that middle class English white girl who pretends to be rich and ends up deluding themselves that they're someone "with friends in high places"

interesting how she'll make excuses when none of her threats go anywhere

No. 1192236


>Elaine has depression

doesn’t fucking excuse your behavior. Get therapy and meds. stop threatening people on the internet and acting like some badass controversial troll if you can’t handle the consequences.

No. 1192250

> but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention

>not Elaine

>I’m 17

this bitch

No. 1192284

She unprivated her instagram and keeps updating her bio. It was “goodbye” a few hours ago and now there’s nothing. Also changed her username back to inplie

No. 1192422

I’m reading her Linkedin bio again and kek there’s one part where she talks about how her future app would be “ethical in modern day society” kek the girl who’s racist and threatens innocent people talking about ethics

No. 1192641

File: 1616675439636.jpeg (425.35 KB, 750x1278, ECC79D60-4A95-4AD2-BE7D-143011…)

Another TikTok account

No. 1192662

File: 1616677826420.jpeg (144.96 KB, 750x863, BF931DB5-0ACF-4734-BE6D-5BDBBB…)

LinkedIn has been removed

No. 1192686

File: 1616679788450.png (293.82 KB, 1040x1306, Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 13.39…)


Her old askfm is pretty funny, confirmed faking being rich. Also she's either lying about going to Westminster School or she started there for sixth form, she answered a question saying she goes to JCoSS (a Jewish high school). The perfect friend for our Jewish queen LJ!

No. 1192693

Saved a copy in the wayback machine for easy access, I'm sure she'll delete as soon as she catches up here


No. 1192732

Thank goodness I have you

No. 1192746

File: 1616684475170.jpg (Spoiler Image,266.5 KB, 1200x674, nopool.jpg)

What was this picture supposed to prove?

She is acting like there is a pool where the stairs leading down are kek.

No. 1192753

I think she actually may have money, not sure but I’m pretty sure she’s related to Dan Gertler, the images of the watch have no evidence it is hers, she is a cow but I think you got that part wrong as I’ve done my own research

No. 1192758

>I’ve done my own research

Then post it.

No. 1192762

File: 1616686015180.jpeg (8.91 MB, 4032x3024, 2DADCA74-E269-469E-9F5B-B3CDD3…)

She’s been threatening people for years and obviously gotten nowhere hahahah

No. 1192774

>Shames someone for shopping at primark
>Buys all her designer goods fake or secondhand

I've never seen someone so desperate to convince everyone that they're rich, it's not even her money. Most private school/rich kids I know are somewhat subtle, you don't feel the need to flex expensive items when everything you own is expensive

No. 1192779

File: 1616687053557.png (8.01 MB, 828x15739, 82771CFA-AC6E-41CA-ACAE-657DDF…)

No. 1192782

File: 1616687140872.png (1.11 MB, 828x2704, DF886B8F-B821-4993-AF0F-EF186A…)

No. 1192788

Does Elaine not realise that you can get arrested for childl porn in the UK if you are under 18 and post the photos of yourself?

No. 1192790

Those bra pics were on her public ig for ages

No. 1192791

Lol at people under 21 being minors in US

No. 1192797


Big “my daddy is a lawyer” energy.

No. 1192813

File: 1616688713947.jpg (357.53 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210325-171044_Ins…)

Elaine I wouldn't mess with furries, they've got less to lose than you lol

No. 1192828

File: 1616689083694.jpeg (200.19 KB, 827x1456, 5D069574-8042-4373-A158-CCF839…)

That’s the wrong Josh kek

No. 1192831

File: 1616689156106.jpg (437.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210325-171346_Ins…)

She already deleted this one.

No. 1192834

holy shit

this bitch is wild

No. 1192837

File: 1616689624491.jpeg (641.47 KB, 828x1471, BE6008D5-B38B-4AC2-9505-B24896…)

I’m dying

No. 1192840




taking tips from Lillee I see "I had to contact the CIA" kek

this reads like she tried to included as many legal terms she could whilst having absolutely no fucking clue what they mean

No. 1192841

all that money but can't get a therapist she needs mental help

No. 1192845

File: 1616690014588.jpeg (194.73 KB, 1080x1024, 83E073AD-0FCD-46DF-9F2F-8C84CE…)

>well known fashion designer, athlete and rock climber

No. 1192852

Let me guess, she's called the cyber police on all of us farmers too

No. 1192855

File: 1616690280948.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, D4E815D8-8877-4748-8C8A-95DBBF…)

stop being poor, null

No. 1192861

There's a video of her getting punched that went round on uk social media

No. 1192868

Elaine, this might all seem very scary and you think by puffing up and attempting some false bravado this will all go away.

Let me tell you: it won't. This thread will not be deleted. These pictures will not go away. The best you can do, INSTEAD of adding to it, is to delete your social media, go offline and possibly talk to a therapist about those issues you seem to be having. Stop immersing yourself in petty gossip with your name attached, you are NOT anonymous. Any future employer might google your name and find this page. The best you can do is become "uninteresting" to KF and Lolcow. Which is by removing your presence from the internet. The thread will go stale if you stop reacting and it'll be archived eventually.

We were all also 18 and dumb once. This is some actual well-meant advice and I really do hope you consider what kind of footprint you are leaving on the web and how long it stays.

No. 1192873

Hi Elaine can i have a mention on your story(emoji)

No. 1192874

You sure? I'm pretty sure most 18 year olds aren't this retarded

No. 1192878

Considering Lillee Jean popped on the farm's radar at 18, and she was why people found this cow, 18 seems to be a bad age.

No. 1192884

File: 1616691533858.jpeg (85.04 KB, 828x803, 659ADBBA-78D3-4168-84E3-51911A…)

I wonder why she has followed him if she’s so adamant she’s going to “take him down”

No. 1192885

AYRT, I was possibly even more retarded at 18. Only I didn't show it off on the internet, which was perhaps the only saving grace.

I'm not saying she's a kid because she's still ultimately responsible for her actions, and her threatening to take down KF and LC is ridiculous to anyone with half a brain cell. But I still kinda feel for her because I remember really wanting to impress people at that age. Only she went about it in the dumbest and most attention-whoring possible way.

No. 1192889

Shouldn't it be the MI6?
And the queen of England of course.

No. 1192901

but she’s also contacting people who aren’t even engaging with her and threatening to send people to rape & kill them. I did a lot of dumb shit when I was 18 too but nothing fucked like that.

No. 1192902

Ya'll think the police are already raiding Nulls house?

No. 1192914

what does this idiot think coding entails? 99% of the time it’s boring af

No. 1192915

And I thought Lunas number one fan Blisters is a mental fame hungry idiot kek, but at least she's not fucking around with Kiwifarms like this idiot here. Bitch doesn't know what she's doing, she cries about being doxxed on Lolcow - wait until you find out what KF is capable to do, but at least it's fun to watch.

No. 1192919

>but I'm a coder
LMAO this girl is retarded. Bet she wrote a hack in HTML and is behind 7 proxies

No. 1192958

This is like a parallel universe where she is a non-dwarfy version of Lillee Jean.

Will we get a cross-over and a merge of cows?

No. 1192966

File: 1616697146487.jpg (380.62 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20210325-133102_Ins…)

Guys, we got a real badass here. Better hide your eggs and your fake designer purses. /s

No. 1192968

the most ridiculous part about all of this is that she claims someone paid to shoot her lmao her poses are incredibly awkward and stiff

No. 1192979

She most likely paid for those photos through her scam modeling agency

No. 1192996

File: 1616700490820.jpeg (172.21 KB, 750x1136, C676008B-BBE4-44D9-8E75-3E6695…)

A bit hypocritical to dox Diane

No. 1192997

>I've found your queen
lmao how is she still so confused

No. 1192998

LOL she's gonna be sorely disappointed once she finds out Lolcow isn't owned by either Null OR Diane. Also, how does posting publicly available information amount to trafficking in her head? Do we have a secret sex slave dungeon 'round the back now?

No. 1193000


Pretty sure it's not a real doxx. According to Elaine, Diane's real last name is Wazowski (as in the Monsters Inc character…). Diane has already changed her twitter display name to this name so I'm pretty sure it's once again made up.

No. 1193008


>The CIA are involved

>I'm a coder

Oh honey I'm sure they're right on it, kek. I love it when bitches think the government gives a fuck that a babies feelings got hurt on the interwebz.

No. 1193019

File: 1616701912353.jpg (468.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210325-205102_Ins…)

Her IQ must be in the double digits

No. 1193020

her follow count is dropping kek

No. 1193021


Everyone is a pedofile

No. 1193024

They did the same thing to Laur & Lillee. Laur called in a complaint on Mike Wazowski to the NYPD.

She has no idea she’s talking to Diane’s cohost

No. 1193028

File: 1616702584375.jpg (68.87 KB, 1080x824, IMG_20210325_150112.jpg)


No. 1193033

You guys, this one is real dumb. Her age and IQ are basically the same.

No. 1193034

Well that’s lj’s everipedia guy’s photo, kek

No. 1193037

She’s deleted the stories of Dianes “real name”

No. 1193040

Her parents own 3 limited companies in London, that are just one google search away.

Public records show the abridged statement of financial position per year.
Unless they're embezzling funds, the companies' financial assets are quite low.

No. 1193042

this girl is probably even more stupid than the Truemans this is genuinely one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen in my life

No. 1193044

Elaine needs an everipedia page.

No. 1193049

File: 1616703666206.jpg (149.88 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20210325-151556_Ins…)

Diane's husband is Manuel Chavez III, Aka Defango.

No. 1193050

Who is this lady and why does our cow think she has anything to do with lolcow? Null I at least understand since people get kf ans us confused but our admin isn't some old white lady (who I feel a bit bad for now) last I heard.

No. 1193053

File: 1616703813227.jpg (586.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210325-211644_Ins…)

Ya'll heard it here first.
Dianka Wazowski will fly out from the States and Null is gonna get a flixbus from Belgrade to hurt Elaine.

No. 1193057

honestly i wanna know why she dragged diane into this too. like yeah, i’m sure lillee mentioned her to elaine but besides that, what’s elaine’s proof diane even goes on here? i hope diane sues for defamation and sends elaine to jail

No. 1193059

File: 1616703959092.jpg (83.75 KB, 978x677, buzz talent.jpg)

What are you talking about anons?

The graciousness of the BuzzTalent Model agency photo shoot is nearly as great as the Malvie SuperModel Magazine and Fashion Haunts ones.

No. 1193062

calls herself a model and her catalogue only consists of pictures the own agency took, not a single job kek

No. 1193076

>if anything happens to me

Elaine, no one cares about you enough to actually do something to you. Diane is an old lady who called LJ out, she doesn't own Lolcow. Null is a fat loser who runs KiwiFarms, he doesn't own Lolcow either.

How she can be so confidently wrong is beyond me.

No. 1193091

She's going to be a broken record just like LJ. If anything I think she may be even more delusional.

Girl needs to impress us all by spending her parents' millions on a hardcore round of therapy and get off the internet.

No. 1193110

This girl is a total fucking mess. She strikes me as the kind who will shift the blame on her friends once she realizes Josh Moon from the notorious KIWI LEAKS has nothing to do with any of this.

Also the doxxing and r@pe threats on this thread, along with poor integration into lolcow board culture, is telling…

No. 1193136

>accusing other people of not integrating while still using twitter censoring for Bad Words
just because you know how to sage doesn't make you special, twitfag

No. 1193183

File: 1616711820447.png (858.95 KB, 812x1313, elaine jean.png)

Created some fanart of the "prettier Lillee Jean", courtesy of my poor photoshop skills.

No. 1193184

File: 1616712039705.jpg (257.46 KB, 1284x2282, 163967214_470151900843938_7909…)

No. 1193194

Anarchist but also life sentence for people engaging in cancel culture.

Pick a struggle.

No. 1193200

File: 1616713934919.jpeg (183.92 KB, 828x1502, DE072318-FDB3-414B-BF5F-E4BE85…)

Elaine calling an innocent man a predator. Is that not defamation, Elaine?

No. 1193202

Is that the guy who wrote Lillee Jean’s everipedia entry?!?! Good lord Elaine

No. 1193205

File: 1616714416851.jpeg (193.48 KB, 828x1194, 9672BBCC-32BA-49A4-86E7-23A871…)

Yeah it is… yikes

No. 1193208

File: 1616714692631.jpg (815.36 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210326-002010_Ins…)

Imagine sperging out for days over people posting shit about you online and then saying sorry for the inconvenience when you're labeling random people as predators . Big yikes

No. 1193210

the poor old man is just making a living and a random girl just called him a predator only because someone decided to use his picture, and elaine can’t bother to go through lillle’s lolcow threads so she doesn’t make a fool of herself… someone should send this to him so he can try sue her ass lol

No. 1193211

i never thought someone would be more stupid than the truemans but this girl makes them look like they have more than two braincells

No. 1193213

File: 1616715145772.jpeg (89.18 KB, 750x1334, 24DC738B-F33C-44E1-BD38-6944B9…)

From Diane’s twitter

No. 1193214

Stop cow tipping you nerd

No. 1193218

That Paul dude is some weird AntiVaxxer who thinks we're all living life like under chairman Mao.
But then again, just because you believe stupid shit and are a special kind of idiot, doesn't mean you should be called a predator by some 18 year old.

Sage for no contribution

No. 1193292

File: 1616720960628.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 44FF42A8-DDF9-4AD4-9161-32C04B…)

no shit. she decided to go off on null & diane because she’s an entitled cunt and no one was paying attention to fake suicide.

No. 1193319

I understand why this chick believed Lillee Jean was innocent. She will believe anything people tell her. Literally anything.

No. 1193384

This girl is my new favorite cow. She panicked and tried to scrub all her social media accounts and sock puppet dingleberries when the farms got wind of her, but she's clearly willing to go to great lengths to get whatever attention she can. I won't be surprised if she sets it all back up again and starts acting a fool.

No. 1193513

File: 1616743190380.gif (784.11 KB, 306x178, A99D3727-421E-4CA7-AB63-0F8F66…)

Dude you can literally google Nulls doxx, it‘s no fucking secret. Congrats, I guess you can google?

No. 1193576

File: 1616751438705.jpg (67.7 KB, 1168x499, wearapantthatfits.jpg)


Elaine, pro modeling tips:
-Wear a pant that fits
-And a bra.
-Wash your hair.

No. 1193605

Just to add some very interesting claims that haven't been mentioned. Elaine claims that in summer she was arrested by the met and that they stole her phone along with lots of personal belongings. She also claims that she has lost her balance and is very unwell since having Covid a year ago.

No. 1193615

Receipts? This is an image board

No. 1193618

Sadly they were snapchats, so I can't get any images of it

No. 1193625

This sounds fabricated ngl stop cow tipping

No. 1193635

File: 1616759458776.jpg (44.87 KB, 828x1024, EChillingdargy.jpg)

I mean believe that if you want, here's some pre 2020 content of her 'troll persona' it was just her being horrible about poor people and flexing her 'wealth'.

No. 1193642

File: 1616759959420.jpeg (54.53 KB, 828x485, B3E06DF9-9657-44BA-BBD8-513356…)

i think she’s figured out danika isn’t dianes name kek

No. 1193656

Does she know Lillee's parents are bankrupt? kek

No. 1193663

I’m sorry…is her name “lil millz”? lolol

No. 1193669

Do you know why she was arrested, anon?

No. 1193675

I mean I really don't know it's always been a very secretive thing on her snapchat. She has posted photos from police stations and stuff, so I think most likely its related to the chinatown video

No. 1193680

File: 1616764051923.jpeg (181.61 KB, 828x1316, 4FCE56F5-C52A-4903-9B81-9FE79F…)

I feel bad for Diane. This bitch is crazy.

No. 1193688

File: 1616764877767.png (3.68 MB, 828x1792, 6CCE1AB9-A657-438F-B283-5601B9…)

“Hello yes 911 there is a woman with a ghost tattoo”
“…Why did the police hang up?l

No. 1193692

Furry anon here.

I followed her fan accounts in case she made them private. She just admitted to running them. Kek

No. 1193699

Nah Diane is some crazy clapped motherfucker, she’s been doing this for time and someone finally had the guts to report her, as well as Bella Porch who Diane harassed on her channel for no reason. Hope Diane rots in a cell, she’s worse than Joshua, Lillee, Elaine, Laur and all of them

No. 1193702

No ones gonna comment on Elaine exposing the fuck out of you white nationalist Nazi terrorist fuckers? KEK

No. 1193705

Hi Elaine

No. 1193707

Hi Elaine lol

No. 1193709


Josh Moon took photos of underage Elaine and posted him on his black website kek

No. 1193710

Funny she’s changed her stance, first it was Danika (kek) who did this and now she’s realised she has no idea who Diane actually is, she’s said Joshua Moon did it.

Elaine, bestie, if Joshua Moon isn’t in prison after helping terrorists and being a literal nazi, what makes you think you a little 18 year old from London is going to get him out in prison?

No. 1193711

For a haxxor, she has no clue what an actual deep web/black site is.

Elaine, this ain't it.

No. 1193717

This isn’t Elaine it’s someone close to her. Speak up, admit that you’re racist fascists. You’re embarrassing yourself by avoiding it, since you religiously post all of her stories here lmao

No. 1193718

Ask Elaine for me why she would post pictures of herself as a minor that would be “child porn”?

No. 1193721

Neither of you have any clue what a black or dark website is, so obviously the IQ range is still in the same family.

No. 1193722

I think a better question would be why do you fat nazis have nothing better to do then post on a shitty forum about a girl from the uk you’ve never met. In the bigger picture you are the ones who look retarded and pathetic

No. 1193725

Inb4 Elaine’s IP gets banned and and suddenly none of her “friends” come to her defense

No. 1193726

Elaine if you cared so much about pedos you wouldn’t be friends with the Truemans. Laur supported her child getting groomed by a imignary french man and has posts about Lillee being a sexy toddler and let minor Lillee post sexual pictures of herself. Do you support incest too now?

No. 1193727

Sage your shit elaine.

No. 1193733

If you’re the type of people to push people to suicide, be racist, traffic and be literal nazis (which has been proven to be the case the site owner has been sued multiple times and this site has caused 5 suicides), then admit it, not pretend that you’re shaming her for a better reason. Bunch of incel red necks. Get a life

No. 1193734

File: 1616769191193.jpg (425.38 KB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20210326-093106_Ins…)


Did she pay you in fake luxury items or promise to promote you to her totally legit instagram followers, not Elaine but SO close to her? She'd pay more if you actually learned to integrate and not stick out like a big green thumb.

No. 1193738

>fat nazis
Right into the Godwin's law.

>have nothing better to do then post on a shitty forum

Isn't that exactly what you do?

>who look retarded and pathetic

Hardcore self projection.

Bye Elaine.

No. 1193746

I'll save you the trouble Elaine, the police aren't going to do jack shit about people saying mean things about you on the internet.

No. 1193748

Yall starving, think you need some reformed Christian white nationalist Altright pussy.

No. 1193753

And yet, you're still here talking to us

No. 1193754

Elaine, ask Laur how her battle with Josh went. Two fucking morons made for eachother.

No. 1193755

Elaine if you really had a court case you wouldn’t be posting on social media about it to 6,000 followers, bots or not. How stupid do you think people are? Or did your lawyer daddy not tell you how that would hurt your non existent case?

No. 1193758

Elaine’s useless parents probably don’t even know what she’s getting up to on the black web right now. Surely they’d already get everything down with their wealth and power by now.

No. 1193766


Nah, waiting to have a proper fish fry later on tonight. But thanks for letting us know you're sexually frustrated, maybe go rub one out and take a walk. Seems like you need some fresh air there hun

No. 1193770

Elaine has deleted her instagram account

No. 1193771

You are all no ones and you will stay no ones. Enjoy your fish fry you red neck retard

No. 1193772

Okay, so WHAT did Diane exactly do to make her a pedo now? I don't see any CP on her IG or other profiles, you're gonna have to prove any such allegations, otherwise people will just laugh at you.


s2g this girl dumber than rocks

No. 1193774

No. 1193776

I'm suspecting Elaine might be a NEET. I just get that vibe from her.

No. 1193778


Aw I will thank you anon

No. 1193779

I can tell that you’re all ugly. What a tragedy that must be. And not only that but instead of being productive you spend your days giggling over individuals over the internet. If Elaine is such a no one and is stupid doesn’t that make you lot look pathetic for wasting your time posting about her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1193781

Nice projection, Elaine from buzz talent lmfao

No. 1193785

If Elaine is such a no one and is stupid doesn’t that make you look pathetic for wasting your time defending her

No. 1193787

Ah yes the good old "omg you're just wasting your time, give it up already".

Let me tell you, we've had our fair share of lolcows on their respective threads. They all try that. They get angry, they wheedle, they condescend, they attack the commenters, they try and ingratiate themselves… and all it does is liven the thread up and draw more people to it.

You and I know the police, whether it's the Met or the CIA, won't shut this board down. Others have tried and failed. Your best shot is to stop posting, DFE and let people lose interest in you.

No. 1193788

She's in college and has to be by law, but her being capable of holding a job? No lol

Where on earth did she get this impression that we're all Hitler-loving, obese, male Americans? This is a female lefty site Elaine, it might shock you that some of us are British too

No. 1193791

File: 1616771361647.jpeg (318.87 KB, 828x1550, C5D58064-E8BA-410D-B6DE-302401…)


No. 1193809

this fake edgy anarchist shit really hits me "rules for thee but not for me". in true anarchy pedophilia would be legal kek

No. 1193829

Elaine is like 5'6" or 5'5". I can't recall what the faux model site said. Hardly model material. Yes, there are expectations like Kate Moss was considered the short exception at 5'7" but she was skinny and striking enough to get a write off. 5'9" to 6'0" is pretty much industry standard at this point.

Delusional. Just delusional.

No. 1193834


The Mr.Bean face aint helping either. She has a face for radio.

No. 1193852

File: 1616774133027.jpg (78.1 KB, 687x1093, IMG_5717.JPG)

The delusion… Ms. Gertler Miller is the only person who cares enough to a-log this rando LJ adjacent UK slumcow. No one is interested in your doxx or your CP insta posts Elaine.

No. 1193889

No, no, Elaine, keep posting about all your amazing achievements as model, trader, rich kid in a fancy high school and whatever.
And don't forget to tell us about your fancy ancestors, we would love to know more.
Are you related to famous people or Elizabeth II?
We are sure you are.

No. 1193897

File: 1616777300767.jpeg (83.81 KB, 828x426, 67B1C02A-FE5E-4C89-AAC4-A34881…)

it’s the hypocrisy for me lmao

No. 1194150

I think her brain would melt if she found out that lolcow is ran by a WOC and that our userbase consists of women who just like to gossip (and sperg about troons/scrotes/kpop).

No. 1194237

File: 1616809389753.jpeg (76.22 KB, 749x1274, 7BA45C3B-5E5D-40DE-864D-5E1F94…)

From Diane’s twitter
>the police dropped u in it big time
>Ana L Beads

No. 1194255

because she's really, really dumb and thinks this is the same site as Kiwi Farms.

I never thought I'd see someone who made Lillee and Laur look… well, average intelligence, but here we are.

No. 1194257

This genuinely made me laugh, I love this thread!

No. 1194263

Oh, she's DUMB dumb kek

No. 1194310

Amazing, this girl is as dumb as a rock. Her poor parents probably spent every penny of their middle class salary to send her to a fancy school and this is the result LMAO

Where's miss genius "coder"? Can't get past an IP ban?

No. 1194325

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when her parents yell at her for wasting their time and money.

No. 1194550

i didn’t think it was possible to up the stupidity of LJ and laur but i guess i was wrong, fucking hell this is hilarious. Elaine, i must say i’m rather disappointed by your hacker skills, surely you should have lolcowS shut down by now

No. 1194555

>Bella Porch

Diane did a livestream on Bella but it wasn’t even critical of Bella. She was talking about how TikTok management firms create viral characters based on algorithms and trends to sell music & products to dumb unsuspecting kids. If Elaine really was a hacktivist and concerned about the safety of kids, she should support more creators educating younger generations on how they’re being duped.

No. 1194580

lol at the chick who said she wanted to bomb a crowded place on live video calling other people terrorists

Tinfoil but I think Elaine got a stern talk from the Met after her little terrorist video and this is why she thinks anyone saying stupid shit on the internet is a terroristic threat.

No. 1194815


fucking kek this bitch is straight up retarded


>"and that you had a tonne of surgery"

I'm sure the police told you in detail Ana L Beads extensive list of past surgeries Elaine

honestly is she actually slow in the head? she lies like a little kid and it reminds me of a girl I knew in highschool who had some IQ issues, she constantly lied on the same level Elaine does

No. 1195250

File: 1616895437208.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 3343CEE7-92A7-4786-A444-5054C0…)

No. 1195303


oof. the tryhard desperation of it all. i guess she was starved for attention while mummy and daddy were busy running two barely successful businesses.

No. 1195308

For fucks sake. LJ is going to need to step it up if she wants to compete with this level of teenage drama and whining.

I am curious what kind of drugs she thinks she'd sell. Addy? Coke?

No. 1195320

God, she's a fucking attention seeking goblin, isn't she? She wants people to pick kill herself so that she can cry that she's bullied.

Too bad there isn't an option for Shut the fuck up, sit your ass down, and do your homework. We'd all pick that one.

No. 1195392

>become a drug lord
elaines the type of person to get a sack of oregano and go back to the same dealer lol. It's funny how she's clearly been coddled her whole life but still tries to present herself as if she has this tough, super competent persona.

No. 1195446

i feel like she’s done this in the hopes some of us will be stupid enough to click kill yourself and then she can act like her super hackr skillzzz got us. the secondhand embarrassment is strong kek

No. 1195588

>memer troller

funny considering she spent the last week getting trolled by an elderly lady and her friends

No. 1195930

File: 1616965351710.png (1.8 MB, 1125x2436, 8EC79733-2686-42DC-AD95-CA2E66…)

No. 1195940

Woahhhh what a I_337 #@X0R!!!!!!! Please Elaine don't hack me, my ip is

No. 1195946

Why is she so fixated on null? Also KEK at her googling ips like a 1337 h4x0r

No. 1195967

oof, she looks a bit like a kid with down's syndrome here

No. 1196018

because she STILL for some reason thinks Null is associated with lolcow? And also because he's a big bad man she can blame all her problems on instead of considering that maybe she's just a dumb teenager making bad choices on the internet.

No. 1196119

a _hacker_ doing her research on google kek

No. 1196381

She'll be trying to sell Ibuprofen to 14-year-old cunts on british private schools and tell them it's Ritalin kek

No. 1196395

Excuse me, what is this supposed to prove?

No. 1196452

File: 1617018387281.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 06A81B4F-0EB9-4FE1-BCC1-A9FD91…)

No. 1196465

Calm down, horseface. The neo nazi website said you’re prettier than Lillee Jean - who is a literal garbage troll living in an attic.

No. 1196513

Not with that Habsburg chin, girl lmao

No. 1196518

just seen her Easter egg “from Westminster”. As someone who went to the school for five years from 2015-2020, no idea what she’s on about. Cow is lying about that - at the very least it’s not THE prestigious westminster

No. 1196521

I don’t think you’ve been to Westminster if you think a picture inside a costa is the school

No. 1196529

No. 1196545

Gosh. Amongs all the amazing, beautiful and interesting places in London, she shows the most boring plain looking ones.

I begin to think she's just like Lillee and never actually visited her own town.

No. 1196548

File: 1617026380017.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, DE65DCBC-351A-474B-94D7-971795…)

still can’t get it through her head that null doesn’t own lolcow

in one of the askfm responses they said she walks around rich areas and pretends she lives there kek

No. 1196551

Her dancing is almost as bad as Lillee’s

No. 1196556

based retard. Can confirm Wez never gave out Easter eggs, and certainly wouldn’t let Elaine fucking Miller in there, even in sixth form

No. 1196558

She’s had pics of her ID on her story before so I feel like fairs but low-key what’s the explanation there

No. 1196564

Josh moon owns kiwifarms not lolcow
This dumb bitch thinks 2 very different websites are…the same site?

No. 1196565

Yeah she actually might be a memer troller because I refuse to believe someone might actually be this retarded.

No. 1196567

if there are pics of this please post them. Would love to debunk it properly (seeing as we didn’t have ID cards until autumn 2019)

No. 1196568

She can't get it through her thick skull that he's got nothing to do with lolcow does she? I kinda hope she gets nulls attention and gets a taste of what his actual site is like

No. 1196576

It’s hilarious to me as someone who knows her that you people believe the stuff she says is a lie. Like have you actually done any research on her family? On her company? On her school? Have you met her irl? Like where did you even get the idea that she’s not at Westminster(when I’ve been there with her) or that her parents are ‘barely successful’ (I know their businesses, maybe do some research on the Gertler family). If you’re going to use petty insults about her appearance or social media that’s one thing, but uneducated remarks assuming her life is fake just factually incorrect lol. I know very well what’s behind the surface of her online persona you are trying to bully.

No. 1196583

Why are you defending her?

Nvm we know why.

No. 1196585

Not-Elaine, please stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 1196591

“her life is fake”

well she’s definitely not a hacker if she can’t figure out which website null runs

No. 1196597

you're really asking if anons have done any research on her school/family/company but when they post what information they find, elaine cries that shes been doxxed lmfao

No. 1196599

I wish I could be there in a few years when regret for her being so dumb and cringe starts to kick in while the evidence remains for everyone to see… It’s clear she feels on top of the world now because she’s so young and doesn’t realize she’s making a clown of herself internationally but this will end up biting her in the ass at some point if she keeps pushing it.

No. 1196604

File: 1617030456802.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, FCB846D5-6625-4443-83F9-E6F0DE…)

elaine used her hacker skills to find proof moon runs lolcow

No. 1196612

she missed the part where this court case was dismissed? Anyone can claim anything in a filing. When there’s no evidence supporting the claims, it gets dismissed.

No. 1196625

File: 1617031864120.jpeg (44.39 KB, 750x387, A97F7768-FD33-4CCA-85F8-6A0DC6…)

Elaine says she attends Jewish Community Secondary School

No. 1196641

b-but anon that's DOXXING!!1!

No. 1196643

File: 1617033395047.png (74.69 KB, 1210x256, Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 21.09…)

>do some research on the Gertler family

If you're trying to imply she's related to Dan Gertler I have bad news for you.

No. 1196647

Ridiculous litiguous activity is a hallmark of American culture, NOT-Elaine. That it didn't even get anywhere shows how stupid it was. Melinda Scott is a dumb cunt who sues people regularly and you're stupid to bring it up.

Also, how'd you figure out how to break the IP Curse? Are you using Daddy's work computer at his successful company that barely breaks even?

No. 1196650

what in the ever loving fuck is this? the outfit, the shoes, the awkward stiff body movement?? she looked better when she was pretending to be rich in second hand versace from depop

No. 1196664

[[REDACTED]] is her mom.

No. 1196667

bro I’ve done my research by literally being at Westminster. Ashburnham was a shit house fine but Benj is still my hero as housemaster.

Don’t lie and say she went to Wez babe, not a good look x

No. 1196671

her mom’s company was worth £3,314 in 2020 kek

No. 1196675

File: 1617036405037.png (5.39 MB, 828x1792, 9B1F0672-3FDD-4430-85BC-765DD2…)

photo of nightmares

No. 1196677

daddy’s architecture business was worth £50k in 2020

as a previous anon stated, unless they’re embezzling funds or doing something else shady, elaine’s family is barely middle class.

No. 1196683

File: 1617036840477.jpeg (128.79 KB, 750x275, 60FC780F-2F21-4DDA-9873-40FAFE…)

why is a wealthy person begging for free headphones on twitter?

No. 1196694

Ngl I don’t think ‘magixel’ and Elaine are the same person

No. 1196695

I don’t think that’s the same person

No. 1196703

File: 1617037838388.png (670.97 KB, 1278x718, 0F8EFC22-6980-45B7-990A-E00C7C…)

Elaine the pain

No. 1196707

File: 1617038075892.jpeg (340.92 KB, 750x631, E2AB3B98-DA7E-4063-B503-C91108…)

Elaine’s luxury vacation to the Middle East was a class trip kek

No. 1196714

File: 1617038184943.jpeg (805.6 KB, 750x962, A16E7911-0C28-4C0D-9DB2-BB3578…)

The account belongs to Elaine

No. 1196720

try harder, not-Elaine

No. 1196750

File: 1617040805705.jpeg (91.74 KB, 750x964, 0D461D95-5701-4361-A0E8-6449B2…)

Is she wearing contacts?? In this old picture her eyes look brown. The gray eyes look super fake

No. 1196751

That is not her dad trust I’ve been to school with this cow, her dad doesn’t live in the U.K.

No. 1196753

I’m telling u it’s not the same person

No. 1196755

Oh hey Elaine, welcome back. Who is it then?

No. 1196757

Not Elaine lol stop cow tipping, just very obvious not the same person as Elaine is naturally blonde with blue eyes, this girl has brown hair, so u lot r coming for two people now

No. 1196758

File: 1617041246959.jpeg (236.77 KB, 828x989, 287A3B68-3F2B-4419-A491-1479C9…)

lmfao oh?

No. 1196759


"oh, my rich daddy is from canada so you've probably never heard of him. we met at summer camp."

No. 1196761

Blimey, that’s bollocks mate. Show us a pic of this bird’s natural blonde hair and blue eyes then.

No. 1196762

Elaine pls, Lillee is more of a natural blonde than you are

No. 1196767

So that's why you're wearing those weird contacts now, to pretend you're not Magixel because she has brown eyes. You have to be trolling, this is just too dumb to be true.

No. 1196774

File: 1617042460096.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 565536DD-87AE-49D6-B297-835B21…)

No. 1196777

Not-Elaine doesn’t realize the more we say [[REDACTED]] in this thread, the more likely it is will pop up in searches for your parents? You should just leave it alone and admit you’re poor.

No. 1196778


lol she has to be trolling. those are clearly colour contact lenses. her eyes are deffo brown.

No. 1196783

File: 1617043272041.jpeg (45.95 KB, 451x331, 158BBE9C-D0E6-49F6-824B-3E2817…)

You can clearly see the colored contact lenses in her stories.

No. 1196789

Her dad companies are listed here:

On her dad's architect website, you can see how much she look like him, she has the exact same face as a 61 yo man kek.

Not-Elaine, your incredibly stupid behavior might hurt your parents businesses, but I guess you are too selfish to even consider that.

No. 1196793

Someone had better tell Mummy that she's followed a random fake account that "has been fake for a while" and is totally not her daughter's account.

No. 1196794

File: 1617043861739.jpeg (438.74 KB, 1282x2655, BEBA7B8C-58FD-454C-B35D-AD15C4…)

Blonde? Nope.
Blue/Grey? Her eyes are pretty dark in these pictures.

No. 1196797

I think that [[REDACTED]] account is a bot kek

No. 1196798

Anons, let her believe Joshua Moon owns the whole internet.

Also Elaine-not-Elaine, are you hacking lolcow already?
Don't you have our names and IP?

No. 1196804

File: 1617044955135.jpeg (121.53 KB, 750x494, C48D4CDD-AF54-4958-BD0C-B41FB1…)

No. 1196811

Elaine Miller just contacted me via my hosting email address and my personal email address. She also called twice from +44 20 8731 8876.

>Hello, hope you are well,

>My name is Elaine and I’ve been wrongly targeted on an online hate forum by people in America, I live in the U.K. I do not know any of these people and they have doxxed my family members, threatened to rape me as well as used images of me when I was 14. I did not consent to my name or pictures being used in this manner and I assume, you would agree it’s a bit unfair. I think they have me confused with someone else as they are posting content from accounts that are not mine. Please remove the site of me because I’m not sure what else to do other than go to the police or the press. This is the site
>I am also mentioned here on another thread that targets another teenager who I don’t even know
>Please remove both sites, I have depression and I don’t think this is overly fair. I’m practically begging you to delete it and would just about do everything. Please rectify this,
>Thank you,

I don't know if you guys are pretending I own this site or what. This is the 2nd person to do this in a week, but this one doesn't even have a forum thread.

No. 1196813


Elaine's mom is a boomer. Tweeting one tweet from an account with no profile pic is pretty standard boomer social media behavior.

The @[[REDACTED]] account lists their location as London and follows a bunch of booksellers/publishing accounts along with a twitter account that has a username that's been associated with Elaine across multiple platforms.

I suppose it could be a bot, but do bot accounts really try that hard to steal the identities of actual people that exist irl?

No. 1196820

You dirty little Nazi

No. 1196821

File: 1617046122300.png (5.65 KB, 353x116, unknown (1).png)

I caught that message before it was deleted Elaine. Shaking and crying rn I'm so scared.

No. 1196822

If it’s not your thread why did you go to court over it lmao have fun with the cops for the 59388383883939 time

No. 1196823

damn elaine. reading comprehension isnt your friend, is it?

No. 1196825

dam targeting a child

No. 1196826

>have fun with the cops for the 59388383883939 time
You are literally saying that him dealing with cops is not going anywhere.

Hi Elaine.

No. 1196827

Swear this guy is a dirty neo nazi

No. 1196829

Why is he admin if he has nothing to do with the site lmao

No. 1196830

Elaine, idk if you realise this but the day or two that you stopped being an annoying little cunt on your instagram and stopped posting on this thread, not one word was mentioned about you.
Shut the fuck up and piss off, you’re embarrassing yourself and your parents. I’d be ashamed if my kid turned out like this.

Also, if you hate Joshua Moon so bad then why “wish him well” in the email to him, isn’t he a nazi who deserves no time of yours, according to you? Desperate hypocrite

No. 1196831

Clearly this was brown hair, brown eyed Elaine and not the real Elaine.

No. 1196832

It's all the same nazi hate crime shit. None of u will admit it tho so stay in your basements hiding from society and use lolcow as your pass time.

No. 1196833

He's not, he's tripfagging. Elaine, if you are going to keep posting in your thread you need to learn to integrate.

No. 1196834

Wait is this Null for real? She's retarded and thinks you own lolcow.farm. We tried to tell her but she doesn't know how to read.

No. 1196835


My basement is scary I'll stick to my apartment.

Also Elaine? chill.

No. 1196836

File: 1617046875116.jpeg (14.99 KB, 480x360, D17D29B0-7CF8-4C90-ACA9-03A975…)

elaine, you’re 18 now. in the eyes of the law you are an adult. drop the victim schtick

No. 1196837

Elaine, your logic of everyone who uses this website = nazi also means you must also think everyone who drives a VW Beetle is also a nazi- you know, since Hitler designed it.

No. 1196838

Elaine, if you want a KF thread of your very own just go sperg on laurs thread. I bet they're expecting you.

No. 1196839

Actually Elaine is 17

No. 1196840

Do you feel fulfilled or accomplished by using your time giggling to yourself over a young girl who you've never met?
Have you ever considered your pathetic actions?
Don't think YOUR parents would be proud of someone who uses their time like that, make something of yourself before shitting on others. Especially since if she's such a no one who deserves no respect, surely ur time is wasted?
This whole site is sad af.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1196841

“this whole site is sad af”
get off it then elaine bestie

No. 1196842

Why spend your time white knighting a no one not-elaine?

You're obvious. You type the same way you speak. Try harder.

No. 1196845

File: 1617047248444.jpg (289.08 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210329-214727_Ins…)

Pack it up girls, Elaine Single handedly took down lolcow

No. 1196847

Fr though, what does this actually mean? Happens to me quite a lot but a refresh sorts it out straight away

No. 1196849


Elaine, if you're that bothered by this site's existence, then simply fuck off and don't come back here. No one here is gonna get enraged by you calling it pathetic to post here, and no one is gonna get convinced by your dumb messages and suddenly go "oh you're right, I should never come back here!".

The only purpose you're serving here is to look even more ridiculous and mentally challenged than you already did before.

P.S. Learn how to sage. Your messages really aren't important enough to go unsaged, hon.

No. 1196850

No. 1196853


I'm pretty sure it's usually due to high traffic.

No. 1196854

Joshua Moon shaking and crying rn

Oof girl you done did it now. KF won't be as nice to you as we are

No. 1196856

no sadder than pretending to be a famous rock-climbing/commodity trading hacker/controversial troll/jet-setting model with an elite education and loaded parents.

No. 1196857

File: 1617047618701.jpeg (54.56 KB, 819x440, EAE3499F-F0DE-4877-8DA0-F1F2F8…)

No. 1196858


This is going to be fun.
You did it Elaine!!!
Now Joshua's Forum is actually having a thread on you~

Have fun with the actual Nazis over there lol

No. 1196859

It may be hard for you basement dwellers to believe, but other people have friends to support them.
It's funny you're so adamant that I'm Elaine defending herself lmao

No. 1196860

Enjoy yourself elaine. Lolcow is tame compared to KF.

No. 1196861

File: 1617047707067.jpg (404.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210329-215253_Ins…)

Elaine is still sperging about how Null owns Lolcow

No. 1196862

Tell Elaine to get better friends that don't spent their time on "Neo-Nazi-Hate-Websites"

No. 1196863

i’m sure elaine won’t be happy that her friends are posting on a nazi site

No. 1196864

Oh, she's tasted the saccharine poison that is 15 minutes of internet notoriety. This heifer will be bellowing for attention. What can you expect? She's not ugly, she's not fat, she's not overtly deformed. She's not brilliant, a prodigal child, she's not special. She is plain. Pass on the street and never remember her face. This is as close as she will ever come to mattering to anyone outside her little safe bubble.

No. 1196865

Elaine also already knows how to sage, she's just dumb as fuck or wants to keep bumping the thread for attention.

No. 1196867

My friends wouldn't let me slip into cowhood though, but okay luv.

No. 1196868

File: 1617048185037.jpg (47.4 KB, 500x333, 1322600989129.jpg)

No. 1196870

File: 1617048247035.jpg (344.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210329-220333_Ins…)

Didn't know Belgrade was a part of whatever the fuck this town in Florida is

No. 1196871

imagine calling someone else a nazi when you yourself where calling for a "nuke to be dropped on chinatown". Elaine Gertler really is a stupid racist. Bet her parents are proud.

No. 1196872

And probably siblings by the mental damage this girl got going

No. 1196874

Excuse me but according to Elaine’s best-cow-forever Lillee, voting records are sacred. Did Elaine just dox null?

No. 1196876

She's frantically googling hacking Null right now.
This could have all gone away in a few weeks if she kept quiet and let this thread die, but no, she just had to fan the flames.

No. 1196877

Elaine cares for Lillee Jean as much as she cares for Chinatown. "Nuke that shit, (just make me famous first)"

No. 1196879

loving the blatant lie on her LinkedIn that she went to Westminster. Do NOT want my school associated with that cow. Any proof from Elaine would be much appreciated xoxo

No. 1196885

File: 1617049123211.jpg (123.53 KB, 1080x1919, instagram_story_inplie__at_3_2…)

Except for China town

No. 1196888

Elaine, are you jewish?

No. 1196890

File: 1617049373205.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210329-222255_Ins…)

The desperation is real

No. 1196891

Shit shes actually a minor

No. 1196893

Abort mission

No. 1196896

unlucky for Elaine that unlike lolcow.farm, the Kiwifarms does not care if you are a minor and will keep her thread up

No. 1196897

that 04 is clearly copy pasted. She didn’t put the bottom number because it’s way harder to edit the DOB embedded in that

No. 1196898

so she’s 16, lied about being 18, said her child porn photos are from when she was 14, and the china town video she was 16? what’s up with her lying about her age…wha does she get out of that

No. 1196900

Don’t think there is a DOB in bottom numbers for U.K. passports

No. 1196903

Pretty sure the age limit here is 16+ to have a thread on you?

No. 1196905

No idea think it’s 18?

No. 1196907

should be GBR04 - but the numbers are closer together so it’s harder to line up. I’m still fully convinced this is fake. Surprised everyone is giving up so easily

No. 1196908

Rules say 16 is fine
But you gotta be 18 to post here lol

No. 1196909

File: 1617049831285.png (4.88 MB, 828x1792, EC118A47-A860-4DBA-8F16-3FC0D3…)

the 04 doesn’t even remotely look anything like the other numbers or letters around it: far too bold

No. 1196910

Idk man I’ve seen passports like that :/

No. 1196913

What is the link to the original post?

No. 1196914

Which post ?

No. 1196915

File: 1617050093870.png (5.15 MB, 828x1792, 24EA7C6C-C4F8-4BDE-B07F-ED31DF…)

Not sure if I’m right on this but can anyone else with a UK passport clarify this?
When I turned 18 that’s when I had to sign my passport on the page above, as it was then a legal ID for getting into clubs etc.
When I was below 18 and had a previous passport I either didn’t have to sign, or had to sign on the ID page?

No. 1196916

The one of her passport. I need an original quality of the image to do forensics on.

No. 1196917

Dodgy """talent""" agencies avoid scamming minors elaine.
You're 18.

No. 1196918

Unfortunately I can clarify it looks pretty legit, living in Atlanta but mom has a UK passport as was born there

No. 1196919

She’s deleted the image of her passport from her story now

No. 1196923

What does it matter?
You can have a thread on here once you're 16

No. 1196928

Also the 0 in the 04 doesn’t match those in the 08

No. 1196929

I agree anon, the 4 looks really weird. 10/10 it's edited.

No. 1196930

Did she delete it because she’s afraid her threads will get deleted and her five minutes of infamy will be up?

No. 1196934

the 0s don’t match. She tried, she failed. The game continues

No. 1196938

elaine if youre 17 why did you lie on tiktok on 2 separate occasions (your bio and your "lets be mutuals" video) for literally no reason?

No. 1196939

The zeros in the 04 look nothing like the zeros in 08, 04 is significantly darker than the rest of the symbols, the lines in the background are non existent around the 04 and the (4) above the 04 is slightly mangled due to the poor photoshop. You tried, I guess.

No. 1196940

If you check the UK electoral roll information, the only Elaine Miller in London was registered in 2021 and is in the same postcode prefix as [[REDACTED]]

Try harder Elaine, fucking retard

No. 1196941

Ahahah Elaine, you edited your passport. You fucking cow!

Your photoshop skills are the same level as your hacking skills top keks.

No. 1196942

samefag because I forgot to add, you have to be 18 to be on the electoral roll. My hunch is she's closer to 19 if she's born in April anyway

No. 1196944

File: 1617051154647.png (392.78 KB, 666x638, Kek.png)


British anon here my passport was issued the exact same year as hers and this is the four on mine I'm 95% sure she photoshoped the 4 on

No. 1196946

File: 1617051238860.png (550.26 KB, 677x470, passport.png)

Samefag, I just want to add that that 4 has the wrong shape. That's how they are supposed to look like.

No. 1196953

She can’t be this retarded, right? Tinfoil I’m half convinced this all an elaborate troll for the only attention she can get in life. Maybe that’s why she hitched her wagon to lilee jean in the first place. If she isn’t a troll she’s got to be mentally handicapped/extremely low iq

No. 1196956

Your mom is a minor?

No. 1196963

She's going live on insta right now.

No. 1196973

Someone recording it?

No. 1196974

No. 1196978

File: 1617052952021.jpeg (36.88 KB, 383x151, 914614E7-1485-4DD7-9B04-902258…)

elaine your eyes are looking… very blue here

No. 1196980

File: 1617053073222.png (26.71 KB, 883x187, 21.png)

No. 1196984

File: 1617053492460.jpeg (173.31 KB, 612x584, 9E1E08FC-D6A5-4756-9779-9343C4…)

Elaine didn’t post the passport

No. 1196985


She claims

No. 1196986

That doesn't sound like the Elaine that was posting here earlier.

No. 1196990

methinks that's a troll account.
will likely get a KF threadban unless verified soon.

No. 1196995

File: 1617054304973.jpeg (119.83 KB, 813x1195, F9BC361A-711A-42FA-9B50-6625C0…)

Imageboard, anon. Also the KF account is clearly not her

No. 1196998

you don't actually think that's really her posting right ?

No. 1197009

Does Elaine’s 20 year old boyfriend know he’s dating a 16 year old?

No. 1197015

It’s my account

No. 1197017

I'm intrigued. You got a link or screenshot?

No. 1197022

File: 1617056708670.png (1.43 MB, 1284x2778, 13FC0C50-1080-491D-B459-01D131…)

Ask and I provide :)

No. 1197038

File: 1617057769430.jpeg (338.13 KB, 828x985, 35722132-A13C-4FFA-815B-D53CF6…)

the toppest of keks

No. 1197042

This doesn't prove anything. All it shows is that some sped, somewhere in the world, has an account on The Farms, under the name Elaine Miller.
Do better, sweetie.

No. 1197051

File: 1617058489283.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, E65B6F46-E0F2-4E3C-BE3B-F8EFF5…)

No. 1197053

OT but I'm afraid this will bring in a wave of scrotes from KF to lolcow

No. 1197054

File: 1617058692547.jpeg (79.86 KB, 750x441, B79E421E-BBED-4BA7-963D-E55DA7…)

She was trolling the entire time guyz

No. 1197056

Already reported a scroty post and saw a couple redtexted.

No. 1197059

File: 1617058980806.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.76 KB, 622x483, 2a7.jpg)

haha I was only pretending to be retarded!

No. 1197063

File: 1617059681227.jpeg (33.75 KB, 349x642, 8A86326D-3D7C-46FF-B9F3-C8F929…)

No. 1197066

She wears very obvious cheap circle lenses lol how do you guys not see it

No. 1197070

Anon, whoever you are, I fucking ADORE you for bringing up Elaine the Pain

No. 1197071

File: 1617060573480.jpeg (102.51 KB, 750x571, F8C62E9D-B2D5-4999-AEFD-9E7D84…)

This is her boyfriend. He was featured heavily on her IG before she deleted everything. He should probably be concerned his gf has a photoshopped passport saying she’s 16.

No. 1197073

Already been pointed out retard
Bless you anon. Make sure you guys archive anything of his before him or Elaine try to scrub it off the internet

No. 1197079

Wait she censored lolcow in Null’s reply but didn’t in the subject….

No. 1197088

> subject: Lol Cows

No. 1197091

File: 1617063485103.png (7.12 MB, 1125x2001, 351A4E81-11CA-4341-AF2C-128658…)

elaine, genuinely not fucking with you, but kiwifarms and lolcow.farm are not owned by the same people you absolute retard lmao

a lolcow is a noun, and you can google the history of the word, but the first definition that comes up is: “A lolcow is a person you get extensive laughs from, who doesn't know they are being made fun of. They can often think they are admired for what they are doing, but secretly are being laughed at constantly.”

just because both KF and this website have sections dedicated to archiving the antics of lolcows, does not mean they are owned by the same people kek

again, lolcow LLC does not own lolcow.farm just because they both have the word “lolcow” in them. you continue to out yourself for being the sped you are when you keep doubling down on moon owning this website, and now you have a thread on KF where neckbeards are going to jerk off to you and generally be a lot worse than we were. they’ve already contacted your parents, and it’s going to get a lot worse unless you just delete your internet presence. the attention might be nice atm because, lbr, you are unbelievably plain and boring, but in the long run this will fuck up you + your parents well-being. don’t say nobody warned you

No. 1197093

I thought kf was a bunch of neo-nazi pedos. why is elaine being so pleasant?

No. 1197096

Because kiwi farms are at least funny. You guys on lolcow are plainly unfunny and depressing.(sage)

No. 1197097

You have the right to be wrong but not a newfag to this degree, sage your bullshit

No. 1197099

It’s not bullshit it’s just true. I mean it’s no comparison whatsoever kek(sage)

No. 1197103

Lmfao hi Josh. We've literally been telling her in this thread that you don't own lolcow and she thinks we're lying I guess

No. 1197106


It's because lcf is mostly women and kf is full of men. Elaine, like her bestie LJ, is nOT liKE oThER gIrLS and trips all over herself for any crumb of male attention.

No. 1197111

So you’re saying insecure women are unfunny? I agree anon!(sage)

No. 1197124

>>1197093 because elaine doesnt cancel people for petty shit, remember anon? if she vibes with someone she vibes with them, neo-nazi pedophiles included :)(:))

No. 1197129

File: 1617067325387.png (87.86 KB, 964x257, Screenshot 2021-03-29 18.14.48…)

She's onto him

No. 1197133


Not that anyone is convinced by this image, but I did some digging around and just in case anyone is curious:

the font used in British passports is a variant of a fairly uncommon font named OCR-B. It is not something you're likely to find on your device unless you've gone out of your way to install it, but if you look up a font sheet online, you'll see much the same characters, including the distinctive "4" found on the legitimate passport images posted above.

The font used to write the "04" on Elaine's image looks to be the very common, probably-on-your-device, Courier Bold. Worse still, she used that same font - Courier Bold - to write "Lol y'all wanted proof of age" at the top of the image.

There are several other problems with the image as well (brightness, skewing, font distressing, etc), but the fact that she text-tooled over the date in the same font she used to type out her commentary, is in itself enough to demonstrate the image has been faked.

No. 1197142


elaine, if you want your thread to be funnier, you have to produce the funny milk and inspire us; that's how a lolcow works, babes. we're just here to observe your behavior.

No. 1197148

File: 1617069059459.jpeg (483.19 KB, 750x916, 26647C7A-9E47-4330-8D8C-5A04CE…)

No. 1197172

Getting some real "flowers in the attic" vibes from these two

No. 1197175

That's a bad Burberry fake.

No. 1197180

The Inplie IG is gone, maybe she's trying to actually stop this trainwreck. Any anons catch the supposed live she had earlier?

No. 1197225

File: 1617079701379.png (449.57 KB, 640x555, 9BABA59C-AF4F-469F-848F-EF57A2…)

Oh man Elaine done fucked up, while we only laugh about her looks and wEsTmInStER education, Kiwifarms is gonna rip her a new asshole lmao.

Have fun at the other Farms Elaine!

No. 1197283

you went into the club looking like this? with the tortoiseshell buttons? what the fuck? its hideous. don't you have some chanel u could be flexing? kek

No. 1197319

hey guys I watched Elaine’s live before she took her Instagram down. Apparently [[REDACTED]] is her uncle, not her dad. So she’s not autistic, that’s a completely unrelated and innocent girl

No. 1197324

Then why did Simon email Null with Elaine's mom? Seems kind of extreme for an extended relative to do something so drastic.

No. 1197325

kek I don’t think that happened. Elaine sends the first emails, Null replies, then sends an email to the wrong Millers

No. 1197333

When was the live?

No. 1197337

Learn to sage your posts and integrate, Kiwi-scrotes.

No. 1197426


I don’t know why anyone would take her word for it all she’s done so far is lie she even went to the extent of photoshopping her passport to claim she was underage

This post smells like bullshit

No. 1197431

Elaine you tard the live was BEFORE KF posted Simon's posts

No. 1197492

File: 1617112132349.jpeg (425.64 KB, 750x812, 024FAA2D-F617-4837-95F1-B3F41E…)

there was no live. simon is her dad. her parents probably took away her internet access after null emailed them

No. 1197496

When Elaine joined Lillee's engagement pod, she thought she could do way better than the attic goblin.
Despite looking related to Rowan Atkinson, she isn't as ugly, dwarfy and fat as the goblin.
Elaine decided to appropriate Lillee's "lifetime" Nemesis: Diane!
She also stole the whole cyberbullied narrative so she could became the new 1M fakefollowers instafamous iNfLuEnCer.
She made sure to get as much, if not more, attention than Lillee but it didn't quite well turned into the results she expected.

By inserting herself in the drama, she wanted to took over whatever Lillee had and become the new head of the engagement pod. She must have thought she would get more PR than her too.

Elaine will come back, her deranged autistic narcissim can't let her away from any attention, even negative one.

That was a nice spinoff episode. I'm waiting for the crossover now.

No. 1197498


She's trying to damage control.
Her parents' companies are in jeopardy now.

Your actions have consequences Elaine.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1197507

she didn’t learn anything from the chinatown incident. i doubt she’s going to learn anything now. she’s embarrassed right now bc the internet found out she was a lying pauper and null tattled to her parents.

No. 1197518

kek so he’s her uncle, yet has a daughter named elaine and is married to a [[REDACTED]]?

c’mon, you can do better than that

No. 1197547

her mom married her brother and had a kid? explains elaine’s unfortunate looks

No. 1197568

File: 1617118119554.jpeg (193.84 KB, 750x1045, 96935533-C1F8-4E13-9A8B-BB02F9…)

found another TikTok account

No. 1197570

Forging a document to frame someone as a predator/pedophile is defamation and very illegal. Her parents better wrangle her in before Null owns a new architecture firm.

No. 1197611

the fuck hellhole do you live in where the parents of a legal adult are responsible for their debts?

No. 1197631

If Elaine is really retarded like her dad says on Facebook, they could be liable for her actions as her conservators.

No. 1197701

Inplie Instagram account is back up

No. 1197719

Inplie sounds like a euphemism for something. "She's a real inplie"

No. 1197772

You want any info on Ms Gertler?(namefag, subjectfag)

No. 1197775

Elaine trying something else again? I hope she tries to play her parents next

No. 1197786

learn to sage

you’re probably elaine, but go on, drop some tea. did you go to jcoss with her?

No. 1197791



Wish I was her (Joking) hop on VC with me.

(no idea what the fuck jcoss)

No. 1197794

File: 1617137796666.jpeg (160.94 KB, 750x584, EAF9E431-5BAC-4125-A4F4-4BECA1…)

Anon is also on KF. Probably Elaine again with a new master trolling plan

No. 1197796

File: 1617137901440.jpeg (165.43 KB, 1125x431, A3C882BD-B585-47DC-8331-7DEBBA…)

here’s what google pulls up. i ain’t clicking that tho lmfao

No. 1197797

File: 1617137904488.png (1.48 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210330-215736.png)


Literally hop on VC, I just found out about this shit from her private insta and i find it funny

No. 1197799


yeah that some dead old shit, didnt even expect that to be high on the indexing lol

No. 1197800

Post your dick or GTFO

No. 1197803


fuck that lmao

No. 1197804

All you seem to have is her private Instagram with lewd pictures which isn’t very milky. Learn to sage and post things here.

No. 1197806

File: 1617138380258.png (1.13 MB, 1786x1030, 7D68D1CD-4A57-44DF-BD38-0C505B…)

dick or gtfo, scrote

No. 1197807

this isn’t kiwifarm, not-elaine. no one wants to see your tits

No. 1197813

is she posting her own underage lewds on here?

No. 1197814

if you’re really from her priv, post a screenshot of her talking about the situation, not some shitty lewds

No. 1197815


Lol Shes 20 soon. Don't think she ever posted underage nudes lmao

29th April 2001

Check it with student finance, you find the right postcode, you can steal her "tory" jew public school financing.


;) Can confirm she lives there. Insta pics match.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1197820

So Elaine’s master trolling plans are… acting retarded and then doxxing herself

No. 1197825

no one wants her financing, we are just observing and making fun of her. if you’re trying to play some autistic 3-D chess, it isn’t gonna work. post screenshots/tea

No. 1197832

File: 1617139654347.png (146.89 KB, 369x730, xddd.png)


Yeah you caught me out ofc. Even though like I'm happy to hop on vc with you rn lmao

No. 1197834


yall really think shes that autistic to drop her own addy and slc info?

No. 1197842

the whole point of this board is anonymity, no one is gonna reveal their identity. we will happily take some milk though if you wanna come through

No. 1197843

she already dropped her dox once and sent herself a rape threat

No. 1197847

I have a hard time believing null would comment on lainey’s knock off chanel. This reply is off.

No. 1197849

elaine from earlier (who posted on KF ) seems to have an iphone, and whoever just posted has an android. they could still be trying to help her out tho

No. 1197850


kek. ight never knew she was that autistic

No. 1197853

my guess would be her boyfriend

No. 1197860

her followers on her priv just went from 58 to 46 so this could be legit kek

No. 1197863

Oh shit. Other Anon pls post some more of her private Insta I beg u

No. 1197865


She was 11 in 2013 >>1197492 which would make her 19, turning 20 at the end of April.

No. 1197867


Just ssing it all and trying to export all 400+ images lmao

No. 1197869

Legit what? A private account isn't milky and we don't want her 400+ nudes. Scrotes fuck off

No. 1197870

Can not-elaine explain why she’s a 20 yo adult woman pretending to be in sixth form? Someone alert Chris Hansen

No. 1197873


Honestly, I have no fucking idea. she likes the idea of pretending to be a minor so it looks worse when all this shit kicks off?

No. 1197877

we don’t want her all of them, just the funny ones

No. 1197881

Why are you trying to stop the milk? Until now nobody knows what she has on that other account, could be top tier cream.

No. 1197888

No. 1197894

bless you anon

No. 1197895

File: 1617142917300.png (601.21 KB, 640x1136, 2A87D288-9A5E-42BC-A192-BE3C1E…)

Better start saving up honey xx

No. 1197899

File: 1617143146535.png (2.4 MB, 828x1792, DAAE1680-5595-4A3B-9C60-1E99A7…)

“due to a levels” so this confirms she’s 17/18

No. 1197904

File: 1617143233787.png (707.57 KB, 640x1136, 57E12861-F6B4-4A3E-A400-1F66D9…)

Kek wanted to post the same, dropping this one instead. Shopping on daddy's cc?

No. 1197908


you really gonna believe that lmao. bet she pays them to message her

No. 1197918

“due to a levels” so this confirms she’s 17/18”

yes why wouldn’t i believe her saying she’s doing a levels and is therefore 17/18???

No. 1197926

milk anon, does everyone know that she's autistic?

No. 1197942

File: 1617145616024.jpeg (115.45 KB, 1110x1457, F3311F35-3112-4872-ABBF-E7C82D…)


No. 1197998

A Levels can be done at any age. Schools and 6th form colleges do them at 17/18, but anyone can do A Levels at a FE college.

No. 1198035

File: 1617154944965.jpeg (532.53 KB, 750x1079, 319C1CF9-B9C5-4650-91F3-0AACC2…)

privatemilk anon is on the other farms explaining how he knows elaine. she showed up at his house after only meeting once and he had to call the cops on her to her to leave

No. 1198036

File: 1617155071062.jpeg (173.96 KB, 750x1054, EB79E5A2-4F42-43A0-B4C1-5DA7BC…)

she’s messaging him, threatening him kek

No. 1198324

Is she actually serious with the modeling career?

Even LJ did more «modeling» than her kek.

No. 1198326

File: 1617190739053.jpeg (99.73 KB, 750x393, 0C797B3F-3DF0-465F-B072-5CD444…)

A change.org petition to remove the farms sounds a lot like cancel culture

No. 1198333

Learn to sage properly

No. 1198336

Images can’t be saged retard

No. 1198337

Girl has no consistent thought process or game plan. She'll just say whatever she thinks will make people think she's cool or get people off her back in that moment.

No. 1198405

Didn’t the Truemans tried this already

No. 1198421

File: 1617203740005.jpeg (193.12 KB, 750x1055, E198CB63-CD84-4A52-B5C1-E7F7E6…)

Elaine’s messages to Queck/Connor.

>delusional peasant

No. 1198422

No. 1198442

It's nice to see that elaine spergs on people she's met IRL the same way she does online.

Consistency is hard to find these days.

No. 1198573

File: 1617215206463.jpeg (115.62 KB, 750x419, 445DC22B-DEB6-43D5-9EB7-A9D2A4…)

Elaine continues her fake rich girl shenanigans, tries to bribe the admin of a ‘white nationalist Nazi terrorist’ website.

No. 1198602

Nice to see the messages are being shared on here to - Q


She brings some cheap tesco value champagne expecting me to just let her in to the complex and join us; after using my mate's SC location ? She's absolute scum.

No. 1198604


I do love the empty threats from her. Especially when they're backed by no proof lmfao

No. 1198659

This is all so stupid I’m having a hard time believing it’s not just some sad attempt at “trolling”. Idk who you are dude but you sound as insufferable and delusional as her. I’m starting to see why this site hates the British, y’all seem to have a collective mix of NPD, autism and schizophrenia.

No. 1198685

Hi Elaine trying to have people look into the guy so he gets the thread you promised would be made on him. Not gonna happen just to annoy you.

No. 1198716


No. 1198729

it’s like fractal cows
“she’s scum, she’d never get into annabel’s”
get you, hoorah henry

No. 1198766


Elaine get's very upset whenever I mention the fact she can't get in anywhere in london such as annabels; and when she's called scum, because she's some autistic nobody whom thinks their the queen or something

No. 1198771

You know how it is anon, cows attract cows. Queck came here with no milk and is now creating more, we can be happy about that.

No. 1198778


You think this is Elaine again lmfao? At this point I can't even tell.

No. 1198840

Looks like it to me, she promised him via DM that for now the thread would be on her but he’d have is own. The post also doesn’t refer to anything specific and seems a bit random.

Also the ones constantly hating on British people are over at Kiwi, and who is the person we all know that still believes Kiwi owns Lolcow? Kek

Other tinfoil: Elaine is Queck and fights with herself to appear important lmao

No. 1198863

>Also the ones constantly hating on British people are over at Kiwi, and who is the person we all know that still believes Kiwi owns Lolcow? Kek

unfortunately we've had an influx of KF scrotes since her thread was linked there

No. 1198868

I don't think queck is Elaine, but I do think he has cow potential. He seems to be really enjoying the attention over at KF

No. 1199168

I’m the op and I’m not Elaine lol. I think she’s embarrassing and this Hi Cow shit is getting out of hand. People can be critical to children having retarded slap fights online where they are dragging each other over who has less money. In no other thread do you get this much hi cow this and hi cow that for someone simply not 100% agreeing with literally everything that’s being posted. To me it all seems like a desperate attention grab from all sides and my comment isn’t directed at anyone because it’s an overall opinion on the state of milk. It literally feels like some satire over British teens and their wannabe “posh and luxurious” bullshit but I guess stereotypes sometimes come from some truth kek

No. 1199171

Congrats on learning how to sage Elaine

No. 1199237

When she called him a social climber I lol'd. Who tf does that? Brits sound like they're still living in the Victorian era.

No. 1199252

I kek’d hard at that too, like who the fuck cares about that in 2021 except idiots who wish their country had back its ‘former glory’ lmao

No. 1199352

It does seem like Queck and Elaine are attempting to create milk without actually doing anything publicly. The messages are funny but something seems off, almost as if they’re staged.

No. 1199398

Britbonger here. Literally nobody would say this shit lol, apart from maybe super posh cunts, and even they would be ridiculed mercilessly if they actually said that in public.

No. 1199401

Tinfoil but I think Queck is Elaine’s bf and this is their master memer troller plan to control the narrative and embarrass the farms.

-the first couple of DMs Q shared had portions redacted
-never provided the police report
-only account named Connor who was following inplie/privel is still following both accounts - so Elaine hasn’t blocked him?

Elaine’s going to surface in a few days and boast about her successful infiltration and trolling of the farms.

No. 1199420

I agree Anon. Elaine is trying to draw attention elsewhere.
She might worry about us finding more compromising elements.

No. 1199550

If you believe this babycow thread has the most “hi cow” responses then you’re definitely a newfag not-elame.

No. 1199875

File: 1617326078028.jpeg (188.83 KB, 2048x2048, D8D0FD94-90A2-47A1-BFF0-A47590…)

she changed her Instagram names

No. 1199898

yeah also he didn't post anything really….embarrassing, tbh. and the wanting to vc was suspicious as hell

No. 1199905

Cyka is Russian for bitch. She really wants people to believe her parents are Russian mafia kek

No. 1201356

File: 1617498577469.jpeg (464.28 KB, 750x1176, FCF66587-397F-4DC8-9D5A-E5E9FD…)

Elaine’s been quiet publicly but it looks like she’s privately offering to give info on Lillee Jean’s fake pedo boyfriend Pheepy in exchange for the other farms removing her thread. Momma Jean won’t be happy Elaine is spilling attic secrets.

No. 1201790

I don't even see any attic secrets being spilled.
All I see is Annie Adderall touching the poop and posting the fingerpaintings they made with their poop hands to kiwifarms and now on 2 separate lolcow threads.

Pretty desperate and obvious attempt at stir up drama between LJ and Elaine. At the very least, posting screens of the conversations would be a bit more interesting than just obnoxiously bragging about having private conversations with a cow.

Way to insert yourself in their drama for nothing….congratulations for making Diane be only the 2nd most annoying poop-toucher in these threads now.

No. 1202525

Annie is a joke

No. 1202727

Screens of the conversations conversation has been posted on KF and btw I can see only one thread here.
You forget anons, that Elaine inserted herself from the beginning messing with Diane, Null, Annie, posting insults here and there, try to doxx everyone, all the hacking threats + fake minor impersonation.

Drama dies now.
Elaine is a sad nobody, hopefully she'll learn about keeping her big mouth shut online and humble herself.
Anyway, it was fun the time it lasted.

No. 1203429

File: 1617818372811.jpeg (130.15 KB, 692x1051, DD61459D-F43C-40C5-B7ED-606C82…)

thought she would produce milk a little longer, I really rooted for this cow

No. 1204200

me too, maybe she take this advice >>1192868

No. 1218940

File: 1619631808963.jpeg (336.48 KB, 1170x1405, 8E0986B5-2DB1-4AF8-BAC7-06D4B9…)

Elaine updated her saskia_collins account. She thinks she’s a haxor.

No. 1218951

File: 1619632742291.jpeg (128.46 KB, 828x1629, 0EFA013D-34C1-48B6-BAC2-57D151…)

I had followed this account on a burner when it was @newaccountlondon and randomly got a message from it the day she changed the name to @ethicalh4ck3er. I didn’t reply to the messages and she posted my burners prof pic to the account and tagged me, then deleted it after a few hours.

No. 1219157

Ngl anon I don’t think that’s her account

No. 1219185

I honestly don’t know if it is either but they follow multiple people who follow elaines old inplie account that is now inactive6779968 so I’m gonna assume it’s another one of her fakes

No. 1219191

Just checked, they don’t seem to

No. 1219195

File: 1619648632240.jpeg (75.99 KB, 828x732, 94FAF6B0-9264-4595-9ABB-2D68BB…)

They were following a fake account @heidipruee that only follows elaines inactive acct, ethicalhacker and this business up until now. They’re also following 2 random dudes with normal accounts who follow elaines inactive account.

No. 1219199

Too far fetched, elaines inactive has thousands of followers - could be anyone kek

No. 1219249

You seem very adamant that this is fake. Very sus “nonny

No. 1219252

Not rlly sus it’s just a bit retarded to link a bunch of fake accounts to an inactive account with thousands of followers KEK

No. 1219278

agreed anon its definitely sus. ethicalhacker unfollowed the other fake acct, changed their bio and deleted their post as soon as nonny checked lmao

sure, not elaine

No. 1219282

Yh you may have a point, ignore my previous statements then kek, anyway, there doesn’t seem to be much new milk so I’m not really that bothered anymore(ok elaine)

No. 1219578

Is this a brit slang? Elaine uses it but idk if it's just her

No. 1221571

it just means “yeah”, but nobody fucking uses it anymore because we’re not in 2006

No. 1290278

File: 1628021157134.png (737.03 KB, 577x435, 13044722761998.png)


No. 1290288

Saged but is Elaine the one making posts with that blue haired girl claiming she is Regina?

No. 1290302

>One of the only people followed by the Lolcow Farm Twitter
sounds like it imo

No. 1290322

Imagine the only relevant thing about you being that you're a side character in the Lillee Jean Trueman extended universe lol

No. 1290339

File: 1628026477897.png (165.06 KB, 1484x384, larp.png)

Someone who was claiming to be her since the initial drama is posting in her Kiwifarms thread trying to say that the admin sent her legal threats

No. 1290364

To clarify, she posted as Anonymous. I outted her because I'm tired of her self posting, she can't help but lie at every turn. Stay tuned.

No. 1290373

Ultra Mega KEK

No. 1290374

File: 1628030218950.png (117.11 KB, 1488x264, fake and gay.png)

It was pointed out to her in the thread, her response to being asked for proof of "legal threats" from the admins as she claimed was to speg out and leave the thread so I assume she's just lying again

No. 1290395

File: 1628033098610.png (513.49 KB, 680x479, 195.png)

here we go

No. 1290446

Damn I was just thinking about how her parents must have got a good PR person or media coach for her since she's kept her retarded tendencies at bay and this thread had pretty much died. Glad to see I was wrong and this bargain bin Lillee Jean is still at it, desperately destroying any last bit of relevancy or credibility she had built up.

No. 1290582

File: 1628069468536.png (293 KB, 1484x597, aids.png)

An account claiming not to be Elaine is now posting in the Kiwi thread claiming to be a "casual farmer" the account was created on 4/08/21 at midnight, strangly didn't bother to read any of the threads and has a similar typing style, I might catch a ban for this but most likely it's Elaine on an Alt once again considering she directly responded to the account thanking them

No. 1290583

File: 1628069525555.png (117.13 KB, 1488x284, I am mentally ill.png)

No. 1290601

She confirmed it was her when she tried to say it was an impersonator

No. 1290635

elaine, you might have (ok, actually you did because i went through your parents’ facebook pages) gone through life getting asspats and being told how smart and special you are, but the reality here is that you’re pretty fucking retarded. you have tried again and again to outsmart lolcow and kf and your autism has prevented that. we all forgot about you until you started sperging it up again.

you clearly won’t listen to anyone smarter than you telling you to knock it off, so i humbly request you at least give better milk, kthx

No. 1290702

kek so she's admitting she uses IPs that aren't British. A+ Elaine I hope farmhands find all your posts

No. 1290734

complaints thread in meta lul

No. 1293978

Is it her doing the retarded regina threads? It is, isn't it lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1294052

sage for no real info but hoooly shit it is strange seeing someone u know IRL have their own thread

to be fair Elaine is infamous in London private school circles for her general cow behaviour

I may still have a video of her and a girl in my year fighting ill look for it

No. 1296066

Post vid or stfu, NOT Elaine. It's funny how you think we're all fucking retards like you are and can't tell exactly what you're doing. You're so transparent, it's obnoxious. Autism is great like that. You post the same shit about your mystery tard fight video again and again, but never share the video. Makes me think you got beat on a weekly basis and no one ever bothered to film it because it was ordinary tard shit.

No one knows about you besides farmers because you were a shitty irrelevant student who went to a shitty irrelevant school in a shitty irrelevant part of Greater London. Going to an open admissions school is extremely telling. You were too shitty a student to get into selective schools that you covet. "Private school circles" my ass.

Share good milk for us to mock you for or go cry in a corner about how pathetic you are.

No. 1300569

File: 1629040233587.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2377, 914EA9BD-9703-46C2-ABAC-6F7B3B…)

Is Elaine attempting to make a thread (threads, plural. the moron made 3 of them) for the guy who knows her irl and leaked shit to KF?

No. 1300573

File: 1629040595953.jpeg (182.13 KB, 1170x501, 3BC9DB0C-6DC5-4DD5-BF52-2B8048…)

Queck was the last person to post in her Kiwifarm thread. She was online 18 minutes ago. The threads were posted here right after.

No. 1307555

Can someone explain why this woman has such a spergout over lolcow existing when her thread is barely active? I don't understand.

No. 1312802

File: 1630441727626.jpeg (539.19 KB, 2048x2048, 287DDDCA-91B2-4C5F-BCC6-51C915…)

Elaine has been active on twitter. She’s tweeting out petitions to ban bully sites, harassing cloudfare, trying to start shit with Diane Awesomelaser & annoying people she thinks are lolcow admin. Programmer Troll, Elaine?

No. 1312813

These are from July retard

No. 1312820

picked the best ones. she was tweeting today so the accounts still active

No. 1312862

There’s no evidence this is her account, more likely to be Lillee Jean. Lots of people out Diane, conspiracy fagging nonnie, you should go through the account and try to find proper evidence before sperging out on LC.

No. 1312865

why is it every time this thread gets bumped with ss from a new sock theres always one sleuth hot on it to deny Elaines involvement? those tweets are clearly not lillee jean or laur, elaine.

No. 1312870

I’ve gone through the entire Twitter account and there’s nothing identifying the account as hers? LC is meant to support proper evidence rather than just conspiracy. I think I’ve said this in META before but this site seems very fast to assume that anyone with a different opinion or who doesn’t like a particular person is automatically Null, Elaine, Tesco, Lillee Jean, a scrote or a KF user. Calm the schizo paranoia ladies, please.

No. 1312879

You have half a point. LC is a fucking gossip site with lots of shitposting though, so the evidence thing is a bit much. And in this case - come on, that's classic Elaine.

No. 1312880

File: 1630447346484.jpeg (418.83 KB, 1170x832, F3223E5D-124A-4724-9288-74BC0F…)

-created right after Elaine’s threads on the farms, shares petition to get farms removed
-attacks lolcow admin after Elaine applies to be an admin and gets mad about her rejection
-uses z instead s of in multiple words and paedophile, very obviously British
-obsessed with Null
-as soon as threads updated, Elaine tweets she’s not Elaine.

No. 1312883

I think it’s hard to tell because honestly nonnie it could be anybody. There’s an entire petition dedicated to removing this site, multiple people who dislike Diane and Cloudflare. I think best move here is to just hope she outs herself if it is her as she always does. But from the tone of the tweets, in my honest humble opinion, I don’t believe it is her account. Seems to be a random shit-stirrer

No. 1312884

This isn’t milk. If it is elaine it’s not exactly new content to hear she doesn’t like KF, LCF or Cloudflare, not really new or ground breaking info here

No. 1312889

no its not milk but its definitely elaine

No. 1312891

Lillee jean and Laur aren't smart enough to hide their weird idiosyncrasies, it's not either of them.

No. 1312892

Imo posting style seems more sophisticated, I’m just gonna have a coffee and wait for her to out herself before I buy into this theory too much.

No. 1312899


Enlighten us in who else attacks Diane besides Laur nonnie? Diane has been a locked account for a year and hasn't made any content in
10 months. Who else besidies a Laur sidekick would draw attention to her?

No. 1312907

Creating a sock account to spam petitions, obsessively tweeting about people who have wronged her and calling herself a programmer troll?! Pretty milky imho

No. 1313033

File: 1630468348853.jpeg (396.24 KB, 2048x2048, 378F7B62-72B6-4E71-B854-A21D34…)

not elaine creating more threads

No. 1313067

File: 1630472792585.jpeg (158.76 KB, 1170x281, C97E2615-8C70-439E-8F9A-BA33C9…)

No. 1321303

File: 1631380889369.jpeg (339.55 KB, 1170x731, 05A53160-5CB5-4A26-AD0E-6682E9…)

Elaine’s coming for our IP addresses

No. 1328399

This is the one everyone is saying is melting down in /meta/ right?
>She uses multiple alt accounts & sock accounts to threaten people with hacking, criminal prosecution and legal action but always ends up outing herself because she can’t stand not being the center of attention.

Sounds about right.

No. 1328434

Yes, she is supposedly the one going batshit. I can believe it, based on what's here already.

No. 1328438

She threatened to doxx a bunch of people because the mods wouldn't take down her thread

No. 1328441

File: 1632077573987.jpeg (164.64 KB, 1202x859, 42F589C6-D034-475B-A73F-4C4575…)

It’s definitely her lol. She always forgets to not use unusual british slang, so you can always spot her posts from a mile away.

No. 1328444

I don't even read these Elaine threads but I can't believe someone who was discussed for all of 5 minutes as a footnote to Lillee Jean has somehow given herself a villain arc

No. 1328478

I wouldn't badmouth Elaine if I were you, nonnies. I heard AnonSec just hired this genius.

No. 1328493

Right, and the AnonSec poster said she was going to give "a ring" to a university which really stood out re: her being british

No. 1328513

>it's pinned

No. 1328514

File: 1632083637682.png (3.22 MB, 2480x3508, thisisbananas.png)

I never even knew who this slag was until she started begging for thread deletion back in April. The messages are from last night. Yes, there are many more messages Elaine sent me through a combination of sock accounts. Stay tuned<3

No. 1328517

File: 1632083957965.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x500, 0b492bcd-1489-489f-af0f-bd8d74…)

No. 1328518

>i'll email your university professors and tell them your ethnicity!!!! i'll tell them you're gay!!!!!
kek what the fuck

No. 1328522

File: 1632084190362.jpg (53.03 KB, 300x300, 1605193657244.jpg)

What the flying fuck am I reading? Holy fucking shit 40,000. You should really get some therapy, my lolcow-y friend.

No. 1328525

kek what a fucking psycho. the irony is if she just shut the fuck up everyone would forget about her. now she’s on her way to a dedicated cow page.

No. 1328526

>Hello Mr Professor, did you know that your student Anon is a brown woman? I also believe she is a homo. What do you mean those aren't punishable offences?!

No. 1328529

I leave for a month and she's still at it? I'm 99% sure that that account claiming to be her and posting in her own thread on Kiwi is her she seems to really love the attention

most of her threats here are shit that would get her a warning from the uk police due to the malicious communications act so I guess she's no longer "trying" that route,honestly do you want your thread removed or do you love the attention? because everday it seems more and more like the latter especially since she's the one who constatly seeks it out

No. 1328530

>I think you'd also like to know that she's definitely at least eighteen years old - perhaps even in her twenties. She also makes a habit of studying at Starbucks. Do what you must with this information. xoxo Haxxorwoman

No. 1328532

Is that why she was sperging in Arabic? She thought since admin may be brown then she speaks…..Arabic? Also what’s a fucking skid?

No. 1328534

File: 1632085204416.png (17.68 KB, 568x288, skid.PNG)

I too was confused about the skid thing - I kinda just assumed it was low class british slang but I think she actually means picrel. It's almost spooky how much this girl writes like a befuddled AOL-using boomer, she's got real you dun goofed energy

No. 1328535

This girl gone and fucked it up

would've never knew who the hell she was if she just stopped causing trouble for herself. Why do these cows never learn?

No. 1328539

>umm professor-chan, this woman runs a website where people GOSSIP about public figures??

you CAN'T make this shit up.

No. 1328542

File: 1632085508102.jpg (178.79 KB, 888x1064, 1520597070027.jpg)

RIP Admin-chan, dead by hacking

If brown, it's a MENA person; therefore, an Arab.
Elaine, a cultured woman.

No. 1328544

she's a posh little london tory, so she wouldn't belittle herself by using us poor folk slang. nobody in the UK uses skid though, or at least I've never ever heard anyone say it before. even the toffs on the anachan thread on here don't use it and they use some of the word bwi'ish slang I've ever heard

No. 1328554

File: 1632087046845.png (484.24 KB, 690x460, 1601581744455.png)

Get out of here, stalker.
But in all honestly, Elaine, get a life, okay? Get a job, like come the fuck on. You're doing nothing but hurting your own future by continuing your idiotic crusade against a bunch of anonymous shitposters. Man the fuck up and acknowledge your own faults so you can improve your life and mental state.

No. 1328611

File: 1632095121723.gif (700.96 KB, 500x278, 1631228989065.gif)


>my Opsec is so good that up until now I was teasing you with fake doxxes
Ah I see, she was merely pretending to be retarded!
Also that whole message sounds a bit like a breakup letter.

No. 1328624

File: 1632097091193.jpg (30.45 KB, 275x239, 1632094427067.jpg)

Idk why anons are posting this in /meta/ and not here. This is Elaine on twitter. Literally no one cares, Elaine.

No. 1328625

File: 1632097620822.jpg (67.25 KB, 616x616, 20210919_192640.jpg)

No. 1328626

File: 1632097736332.png (25.36 KB, 589x294, x.png)

Brace yourselves, nonnies, the farms will be subpoenaed.

No. 1328627

Calling it now, she is gonna get sued for harassing a complete rando.

No. 1328640


I've been looking for a new cow

No. 1328665

Wow, in addition to being a l33t h@x0r and commodity-trading elite she has knowledge about the inner workings of a court system too! Holy shit this bitch is manic

No. 1328672

File: 1632102796614.gif (827.25 KB, 220x147, EDC5203F-B2DD-4C38-9EA1-262BC5…)

>bootleg kaka

No. 1328675

File: 1632103128570.gif (421.04 KB, 244x110, 12AFA111-28A7-4F64-99EB-752131…)

No. 1328684

I have a feeling that her retarded ass is posting the gore pics lol. If she would have just shut up no one would have remembered her. What psycho lol

No. 1328685

really living up to being the bootleg kaka

No. 1328686

yeah she's def spamming the gore pics and then reporting the site lol. with that retarded "let's be friends" tagline.
i guess it hasn't occurred to her brilliant hax0r oxbridge elite mind that she's not the first to try this

No. 1328695

someone recently posted images of Lillee Jean as a minor in LJ’s thread and Trueman’s attempted to DMCA them with the claim the site was sexually exploiting a minor. Elaine probably told them to do this because she’s been doing it for months.

No. 1328703

I saw the Japanese you dumb bitch. Less lolcow.farm, more Duolingo!

No. 1328704

No. 1328707

Since this bitch who I never cared for is apparently here right now, can she explain to me why does her hair look so dumb in the OP?

No. 1328713

Elaine! Since you’ve already used Russian, Arabic, and Chinese, here are some non-Latin languages you could use:

1. Greek
2. Georgian
3. Hebrew
4. Mandarin
5. Farsi
6. Hindi
7. Kazakh
8. Khmer
9. Myanma
10. Nepala

Don’t be afraid to be diverse, queen!

No. 1328716

أنتم جميعاً عاهرات سيكوباتيين وستموتون تستمتعون بالدم تستمتعون بأشياء مروعة وستموتون لديك حياة مروعة

No. 1328720


No. 1328721

>you’re all psychopathic whores and you’re going to die enjoying blood
>you enjoy horrible things and you will die a horrible life

cute, Elaine

No. 1328723

Пошла нахуй, дура.

No. 1328724

Do Greek next! Please please please!

No. 1328728

Είμαι ανορεξικός. Πεινάω καθημερινά λόγω μίσους προς τον εαυτό μου, ακούγεται παρόμοιο;

No. 1328729

i love my thread I love getting attention

No. 1328732

No. 1328733

Okay Hebrew now please

No. 1328734

No one's buying it babe. Not when you've been hysterically screeching at the admin about your thread for months now.

No. 1328736

look at my stare i have bpd i love negative attention i will spam this place with gore until i die

No. 1328737

>i have bpd
We can tell.

No. 1328738

File: 1632107714590.gif (376.28 KB, 220x181, 87523D5A-CA4D-4FBE-8072-C79EB6…)

i love how she’s dancing like a monkey posting these google translations

No. 1328739

Weak. You're not dark, you're not twisted, you're not anything. You're just a scared, spoiled little girl.

No. 1328740

Does this girl not have a caretaker and if so, why not?

No. 1328741

She’s entertaining me. Go on girlfriend! Dance more for me!(autism)

No. 1328743

No. 1328745

you might want to delete this nonna, it's not fair to involve the rest of her family when she's the only one who's being retarded

No. 1328746

Her parents are already aware, null contacted them when she shit up the kwfs

No. 1328747

>I’m telling your parents you’re gay

Also Elaine:
>my parents aren’t involved. delete their info.

No. 1328749


ah ok, never mind then. I was just going off the fact that her parents' info got redacted earlier in the thread. What's the deal with these people, why won't they come and get their little lobotomite?

No. 1328753

Elaine the only really gore I’m scared of seeing is that Duolingo owl eating your corpse because you keep missing your lessons. I said HEBREW NOW!

No. 1328779

She probably crashed, it's like 5am in england kek

No. 1328892

Everytime I lose interest this retard reels me back in, amazed at how incredibly stupid one human being can be. Hats off to you Elaine, you continue to lower the bar you've already stomped into the ground.

No. 1328894

File: 1632125013806.png (327.27 KB, 921x475, bdhswjrpagd01.png)

>I was only teasing you with fake doxxes

lmao the absolute retardation of this girl

No. 1328985

File: 1632137397478.png (14.17 KB, 613x133, Screenshot_40.png)

Good morning Elaine.

No. 1328991

KEKKKK so admin-chan has escaped having her birthday, ethnicity, and favourite cafe leaked to all of her professors via email? phew, i guess she got lucky this time…

No. 1329050

I can see the super hacking is going super well

No. 1329075

File: 1632148343138.jpeg (159.6 KB, 1170x449, 37C3FF0C-397F-45EF-A9DF-813115…)

elaine getting outted in meta

No. 1329135

File: 1632153245853.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, 20210920_105233.jpg)

>the state of my sides rn.

No. 1329171

No. 1329178

elaine, can you please explain what you think samefag means?

No. 1329183

we know she thinks namefagging is saying her name kek

No. 1329185

or why you'd have to train to be one, kek

No. 1329193


I thought that was her way of spelling tranny

No. 1329199

I thought she was saying "train" but like adding e's to be cute

No. 1329246

File: 1632161639597.jpg (203.94 KB, 1069x826, Screenshot_2021-09-20-13-11-14…)

So who dropped all the farms d0xX Elaine? One would think you'd want all the credit for the take down of the farms.

No. 1329316

There isn't a doxx, what is she talking about here?

No. 1329324

she thinks going to random threads and saying random things that she's made up about the admin counts as doxxing

No. 1329325

File: 1632168669829.png (72.87 KB, 1141x370, aubrey.PNG)

I'm surprised nobody noticed that most of her retweets are from Aubrey Cottle https://twitter.com/ThatNotoriousK
Looks like Elaine and Aubrey share a habit of larping as the hacker 4chan.

No. 1329330

Ayrt. Clearly I put too much faith in her understanding of doxxing, I thought for a second there that she at least attempted a Google document or something. Jesus the incompetence

No. 1329350

File: 1632169882223.jpg (224.26 KB, 1080x985, IMG_20210920_153047.jpg)

It's the same shit she's been spamming since august

No. 1329360

File: 1632170657967.jpg (123.94 KB, 380x270, storyimage_lesbianpanic3.jpg)

sexuality: LESBO!!

No. 1329363

>Hello, is this the police? I'd like to report that the owner of this gossip forum is a slim woman

No. 1329364

Inés who? If she's confident she knows who admin is why doesn't she just reveal her full name? And why Build: Slim? kek. Are there two Muslim lesbian Inés' studying business at McGill aged 28, a fat and slim one? Retarded.

No. 1329369

Muslim is not a ethnicity?

No. 1329371

Kek I missed that.

No. 1329386

>Owner & Administrator
Cool name
Okay, educated and not a NEET
Free healthcare and hottie president
Not an ethnicity but okay
Sweet, she doesn't fuck scrotes and is actually a woman
Not a lard ass which means not lazy
Decent age to run a website, not a young and retarded teen like Elaine

I don't see the issue with revealing this information, it makes Admin-sama look fantastic.

No. 1329392

She makes admin sound like such a hot bitch. Slim 28 year old Ines from Montreal sounds like a James Bond femme fatale with an exotic accent and a killer tan.

No. 1329400

So is anyone going to update the KF thread?

No. 1329402

I thought admin was Mexican

No. 1329408

she's Muslim in ethnicity and Mexican in religion

No. 1329417

File: 1632173571128.jpg (207.22 KB, 1080x785, IMG_20210920_163221.jpg)

Sure Elaine.

No. 1329422

you might have a penis but you're still definitely elaine kek

No. 1329432

The best thing about this is that Laur is 100% going to believe this and will call McGill University tomorrow and tell them that Muslim lesbian Ines is bullying her very famous daughter on the black web.

No. 1329433

No. 1329444

Why does this read like she's trying to write character stats for a fanon wiki

No. 1329450

admin is a lesbian skinny legend? good for her!

No. 1329463

Cow of the year

No. 1329465

>Alignment : Chaotic Good
>Favourite Colour : Pink
> Eye Colour : Changes depending on her mood

No. 1329475

File: 1632178255994.jpeg (240.7 KB, 1170x409, AD5D341D-D587-48B6-9A01-ACC4B1…)

This isn’t new information from Creepshow Art. Elaine was posting it back in August.

No. 1329476

that's what the ayrt said…

No. 1329491

elaine has some…. serious repressed homosexual tendencies she should simmer on. she’s got a serious hateboner for this foxy little muslim girl she dug out of the woodwork.

No. 1329497

I, personally, am a sucker for enemies to lovers ships

No. 1329500

it does seem like she has a crush on admin and just wants her attention at this point

No. 1329506

Someone talented should write a Stacy Admin & Becky Elaine fanfic.

No. 1329526


No. 1329532

When all you got is discord profiles for ""doxxing"", you gotta lie and dig up bullshit in a attempt to scare people…
Elaine please turn off your computer.

No. 1329540

real question is will she convert for admin or not?

No. 1329554

File: 1632184820963.png (222.57 KB, 323x847, no Miss Elaine, I expect you t…)

>tfw you're 28, sitting in a lesbian coffee shop studying business muslimly while being slender, you look up and this is what you see

No. 1329573

>almost 30 and running a gossip imageboard site

no wonder she’s leaving, that is pathetic as shit (no offense admin-sama but yes offense)

No. 1329575

Based admin

No. 1329577

File: 1632186565352.jpeg (828.46 KB, 1170x1315, 6EDB7DAF-3ED0-42D6-B660-8CB464…)

We know it’s you, Elaine

No. 1329578

Based admin

No. 1329582

don’t mind the gertler behind the curtain, she’s still training to samefag

No. 1329583

Does she know if Admin is single?


No. 1329584

File: 1632187067478.jpeg (36.62 KB, 688x446, B0BDE206-B2B6-4EB4-BAF3-C4B96F…)

Killing Eve but it’s Elaine as the crazy blonde stalker murderess and Admin as Sandra Oh.

No. 1329586

This idiot didn't even ban test on a different active thread.

140IQ moves.

No. 1329587

Unfortunately admin-sama has a girlfriend! Her girlfriend is an extremely liberal white girl though so I’m not sure how long that’s going to last! ^.^ uwu(uwu)

No. 1329589

File: 1632187256979.jpeg (39.11 KB, 636x482, D4100FDF-9C77-4985-9CA9-F41D40…)

No. 1329594

File: 1632187741221.png (278.94 KB, 323x847, elaine gertler miller - Copy.p…)

one up

No. 1329598

File: 1632188065592.jpeg (23.35 KB, 739x415, C9DC4D78-3635-42A3-97BC-E10024…)

Spotted: slim Muslim lesbian headed back to Starbucks.

No. 1329600

File: 1632188114241.jpeg (29.69 KB, 500x335, 82DCBBB2-D883-46FD-B970-82015F…)

We wanted AnonSec, and we got AnonSec.

No. 1329619

File: 1632189164591.jpeg (26.35 KB, 612x344, gettyimages-1270445918-612x612…)

>pictured: muslim terf admin and her white liberal gf

No. 1329629

File: 1632190018547.png (811.22 KB, 1480x1000, image.png)

she is legun. expect her

No. 1329631

File: 1632190207879.jpeg (126.49 KB, 880x492, A08C658C-2A24-4DCF-B5EB-8C6EE8…)

>farmers laughing at skinny well educated muslim lesbo admin

No. 1329641

I thought Admin was living in Australia and self harmed?
Who the fuck is Ines

No. 1329647

Cassey was the person who lived in Australia and self harmed, she was either a farmhand or the old admin and outed on KWF. She hasn’t been on board for years. I’m pretty sure that’s who you’re talking about

No. 1329650

File: 1632191092252.jpeg (15.84 KB, 155x254, 29E28F05-8D9A-4F7A-AC82-AEECED…)

>the last thing you see before your outdated iPhone is hacked to death

No. 1329672

File: 1632192269710.jpeg (41.8 KB, 600x729, E2p2U7HUUAYU0WT.jpeg)


Based admin

No. 1329693

She’s pretty hot actually. And she’s a lesbian.

@ Admin, do you want to go on a date?
I will take the ban for whatever, just know I’m interested in going on a date.

No. 1329694

wait is this a joke? neither of those people are admin lmao.

No. 1329696

That's Elaine anon

No. 1329703

File: 1632194122627.png (64.95 KB, 742x916, elaine is a retard.png)

Stylish jacket and shirt. Elaine should stop shopping the little boy clothing aisle at Tesco if she wants to be the next Blair Waldorf or xoxo Gossip Girl.

Speaking of Elaine's Gossip Girl saga: An ICANN lookup of gossipgirl(.)net shows the domain is owned by Warner Brothers who owns the rights to everything Gossip Girl. They wouldn't be interested in selling the domain because it's so connected to their intellectual property. Even if they were selling Elaine couldn't afford it. Elaine is pulling an October launch date out of her ass. (Original posts from Elaine advertising her "new website" are in /meta/.)

No. 1329712

The only winning move was not to play

No. 1329715

>I’m not sure how long that’s going to last
shut up i know you're a admin and elaine shipper but i have faith admin is a based loyal lover to her gf.

No. 1329717

watch out anon elaine is going to hack the mainframe

No. 1329753

My fucking sides lmfaoooo

No. 1329758

this dumb bitch is still hanging around? wtf

No. 1329767


this dumbfuck just lies about shit like this and spams it thinking it eventually will just become true. crazy thats shes 20 when she uses the same logic as middle school children.

No. 1329773

I want to see the love story between admin and Elaine develop further

No. 1329789

It's actually a love triangle anon, don't forget admin's supposed white liberal gf

No. 1329791

i can't get over "ethnicity: muslim" lmfao. this bitch is comically retarded.

No. 1329796

it's really just Elaine yandere over admin, and also Null

No. 1329810

File: 1632201857876.jpeg (64.85 KB, 616x498, 73CE09FB-FF8A-4C5D-893D-B49916…)

>calling 911 on a Canadian
You can’t make this shit up

No. 1329814

I feel left out, I, too, was targeted by Elaine's… "passions" kek

No. 1329842

lol anon was it on the discord server too? Elaine is nutter than nuts

No. 1329843

File: 1632203702454.png (116.06 KB, 568x1023, 121.png)

She gives me "annoying younger cousin of your friend who their mom made take to hang out with the older kids" vibes hardcore. Where everyone's laughing at a joke and the sperg says something really retarded, followed by a prolonged silence before the group comes to an unspoken agreement to ignore them from then out. Yet, just like Elaine, the tard only doubles down and keeps spazzing out.

No. 1329861

Yup. Our esteemed, intelligent, beautiful admin knows all about it. Elaine is a fucking retard.

No. 1329863

File: 1632206234745.png (32.4 KB, 1290x297, yanderelaine.png)

I'm shipping.


No. 1329896

>This Will surely get to her, everyone shall know she is a cute thin lesbian attending university
This aint it

No. 1329950

topkek anon RIP my sides

No. 1330001

File: 1632228336151.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1614, A36FD2DF-A65E-4B2A-A2D5-CEDB71…)

found a picture of elaine & adminsexcy’s wedding

No. 1330004

I think you're the homo here, Elaine. Do you dream about admin every night or just most nights? Shhhh, it's ok. It's ok 2bgay.

No. 1330010

beautiful i want to be invited to this affair

No. 1330033

calling 999 to report a tit robbery
someone stole that person’s tits

No. 1330056

No. 1330064

me too. How many of us are there?! I thought we were real… Elaine has been playing us all…

No. 1330240

Elaine is the lolcow.farm equivalent of KStew. brb writing a poem about a duplicitous dyke

No. 1330249

Me three. I realize now she was flirting. I'm sorry Elaine but tantruming autist with AA tits isn't my type.

Elaine's been quiet on Twitter for a whole 20 hours.

No. 1330252

C/D to you.

No. 1330264

Uh oh anon, looks like Elaine's giving you a Cease and Desist! Considering how flat chested, we know she isn't speaking of breast size.

No. 1330340

you guys are beginning to sound like incels. I'd prefer more romantic accounts of miss discord ladykiller flirting with her harem of sexy evil skinny Muslamic-Mexican lolcow lesbians please

No. 1330441

I see her Sweetheart saga is in full swing

No. 1330495

I'm confused, did she say she's making a site with the gossip girl url?

No. 1330498

yes in /meta/

No. 1330502

In meta, before she pretended to be l337 hax0r,AnonSec, she was pretending to be someone making a better lolcow site called gossip girl . net

No. 1330507

The site literally sounded like a 12 year olds dream, I.e. shit.
Elaine why are you trying to lure children to your site?

No. 1330508

She also added a link to her new website which was an IP grabber


No. 1330606

McGill IT got this email today so I had to come here and see what it was all about.

Hello everyone, hope you are well. I’m writing this email to inform you all that there’s someone at McGill who’s running a pedophile gossip website that is distributing child pornography. The site is called lolcow.farm

The person behind this site is called Ines, I would like McGill to launch a formal investigation. I don’t know much about her apart from her ethnicity, Muslim, and her sexuality, lesbian, I’m aware she has a girlfriend. She has claimed to be 28 but I’m unsure of whether this is true or not and multiple people have stated she could be younger. She’s a self proclaimed TERF (a feminist who excludes the rights of transgender women from their advocacy of women's rights) and has defended the distribution of child pornography. She claims to be studying business or something along those lines but I’m unsure of if that’s true. I do know she’s pretty short in height and her build is slim. She potentially has dyed hair or had dyed hair/partly dyed hair. She has skills in IT. She also lives in an apartment off campus but I’m unsure if this is entirely true but it may well be. I am aware identifying this student will be difficult, but hopefully I’ve given enough information to make it possible, it’s imperative that she is found.

Ines has publicly attacked teenagers, threatened them and even hosts content about a 12 year old.

It is imperative that McGill helps to locate this student. Ines is threatening to hand ownership of the site over to a new administrator to avoid responsibility. If she does this, then the site will remain up forever leading to further torture for its victims. The site comes up in search results for people’s names meaning it damages the reputation of anyone victimised by it.

Lolcow.farm violated several laws such as the PIPEDA law and various laws on Child Pornography, harassment, defamation and malicious communication.

Ines has a tumblr which she posts disturbing content on about owning the site.

I have linked an archived version of this at the very bottom with screen grabs.

Ines used a fake identification to sign up with Cloudflare, a service that hides the owners of sites from public search engines. This technically counts as identity theft/fraud.

She uses embedded cookies to steal data of her userbase, such as the tabs they have open on their browsers, IP addresses. She does not have a terms & conditions page.

She has made money off the site, getting her userbase to donate to her so she can keep it running.

This site has targeted hundreds if not thousands of young girls & women, defaming them, uploading naked content of them and posting their passports and addresses, this was done to me. If this university takes my claim seriously, I’d be willing to make a full personal statement and state my full name.

This has to come to an end.

I’m not sure if this is someone McGill would want to represent. I know it’s bizarre for you all to get this email but there are hundreds of girls at risk and I’m on really borrowed time. If you just let Ines go back to her apartment & her laptop, this will never stop.

Ines has hidden nearly every single piece of evidence that she owns the site so hopefully this email will get to someone that can get her laptop seized by a warrant or do more than I can. Ines must not be notified of this beforehand as she has a dead man’s switch in her apartment which corrupts all of her files, therefore, destroying any evidence against her.

I have firsthand accounts from multiple victims of this webpage who have been subjected to attempted kidnapping, attempted human trafficking, child pornography, sexploitation, harassment, data violations and sexual harassment.

There is currently a petition to take down lolcow.farm along with other affiliated sites.

Here is the link



Up until now, no one knew who owned lolcow.farm hence why it hasn’t been taken down.

I know these are very serious allegations but it’s important you take what I’m saying seriously as I can prove it all, I’d just rather do so to a warrant as I’m worried that if any of you go directly to the website, your data could be compromised due to cookies and IP trackers installed in the site.

I know you’re going to hesitate and I would understand if you don’t automatically believe me, however, if you dismiss this, you’ll have to unfortunately live with the knowledge that more women are going to be hurt and unfortunately that’s the truth.

I was going to contact Canada’s data protection office for PIPEDA but I think it would sound better coming from the university rather than a random person online. As a university I feel you know this student better than I do, as I was just targeted by her. I feel you would be able to provide a better report as you have information that I do not have such as her address & last name.

Ines hosts child pornography which I’m guessing is also on her laptop considering it’s posted on a site she owns.

I’ve been publicly harassed by Ines and would like to take her to court.

Please act accordingly. I’d be willing to attend McGill in person to talk about this problem.

I, alongside numerous other young girls just want to stop being harassed publicly.

Last night her harassment got a lot worse. Ines consistently defames people to make them look worse therefore harder to believe. A lot of her victims are underage.

I wasn’t sure where to send this email so I’ve CCed in multiple people as I’m not sure which members of staff will know Ines or who can handle this situation

Thank you

No. 1330611

Did a staff member just out themselves as a user….(Elaine)

No. 1330612

no, it's just elaine larping

No. 1330614

This is the absolute worst bait I have ever seen. Try harder elaine.

No. 1330615

I've never known a more mentally ill cow and Soren fucking offed herself.

No. 1330616

samefag but just realised you are also probably elaine larping as not-elaine
>mfw we're all elaine

No. 1330620

No idea who Elaine is but I've always wondered about people that frame the CP spam as an intentional part of this website and not an attack - do they think they come off well in that scenario? Visiting a website that was spammed with illegal content against their wishes and knowing that the spam was reported to authorities is fair enough, but intentionally visiting a website you believe to purposely host CP again and again and again…I think you might be the criminal here.

No. 1330624

>Last night her harassment got a lot worse

Elaine didn’t like our photoshops.

No. 1330625

Elaine you're telling on yourself. You reference the "harassment" getting worse last night, when everyone was making fun of you. Your email sounds exactly like the one you sent to null too. Elaine you posted your own passport you, Elaine you posted dead toddlers in your own thread. Your autistic ass should go back to kiwifarms and try bribing null again with an "arrangement".

No. 1330626

>I do know she’s pretty short in height and her build is slim. She potentially has dyed hair or had dyed hair/partly dyed hair.
Where's Waldo: Alt edition


I think you need to learn to read nonnie. It was a comment about Elaine continually visiting a site that she claims hosts CP.

No. 1330629

very good point nonnie! thank you for correcting my illiteracy

No. 1330631


Not staff but this crazy email was passed around because it's insane. What does this person expect the university to do? If there's truly a crime then call the police. Unfortunately they weren't dumb enough to use their name when they sent this email so who knows if it's the same person you've talking about. Maybe another anon thought it would be funny to email McGill and pretend to be Elaine so more people would come here.

No. 1330634

The plot twist of this post being Elaine and >>1330606 not being Elaine threw me. At this point, am I Elaine?

No. 1330635

Why would staff pass an email regarding something like this around? It doesn’t make sense. Surely issues like this would stay among the staff department?

No. 1330637

How would a random person who knows nothing about the farms know to post this in Elaine Gertler Miller’s thread?

No. 1330638

>Unfortunately they weren't dumb enough to use their name when they sent this email so who knows if it's the same person you've talking about.
Elaine, it's time to stop.

No. 1330639

File: 1632265116892.jpg (45.17 KB, 753x421, E8CrovWXEAg_NxI.jpg)

Elaine in /meta/:
>heh notin personnel ines-chan I was doing it for the $$$

Elaine in /snow/
>waah, skinny lesbian Muslim ines is bullying me, please stop her

pure schizo

No. 1330640

This is exactly what I want to know.

No. 1330641

This is bullshit. Staff wouldn't post this to regular students and if they did, more people would be here right now.

No. 1330642

I was one of the anons "doxxed" by elaine but it was just my spotify account. I know it was lazy and stupid but Elaine just kept messaging me from different accounts before I knew she was a cow. She accused discord mods of being admin and targeted random users who probably didn't even use the site. She needs to be sectioned.

No. 1330643

don't forget elaine's 'spamming gore for the lols' era over in /meta/ and /pt/ too!

No. 1330644

i’m crying at her using muslim as an ethnicity a SECOND TIME. you really can’t make this kind of retardation up.

No. 1330645

Sure Elaine. How did you know to post it here? No university would pass this around staff, it'd go straight to the dean and maybe the advisory board. You larped too close to sun.

No. 1330647

Sexuality: Lebanese

No. 1330650

You can google Ines and lolcow then find this thread. It wasn't hard. My favorite part of the email is that whoever sent this thought the staff would know what a terf is or care about someone being bullied online. Just stop posting online if you don't want people to make fun of you.

No. 1330653

Elaine you wanted attention,did you get addicted to it after threatening to bomb minorities? why not just go head and start signing your posts? Your threads definitely aren't going anywhere now.

No. 1330654

kek where's the gif of a britbong woman walking down the street and panicing over seeing gay words everywhere like lebanese, poof etc?

No. 1330657

But you know enough to not put your email in space or a dumbass name. Me thinks you lie.

No. 1330690

>she claims (elaine's own headcanon)
>already backtracked on admin's location
>still makes up shit about cp on the website
>pretends admin herself is posting every post on the whole website
>still doesn't understand how cookies work
This just keeps getting better.

No. 1330691

File: 1632267568187.gif (2.95 MB, 270x152, kath and kim les.gif)

it's from an aussie sitcom but as you asked

No. 1330693

Oh and I forgot
>blaming admin for shit elaine herself posted here, like her ID

No. 1330706

i’m going to laugh if this is another “Ana L. Beads” situation and admin’s pseudonym is “P. Ines”

No. 1330708

Except she didn't expect the staff to know what she meant by "terf" and literally defined it immediately after using the term

No. 1330734

File: 1632269730179.jpg (452.67 KB, 1080x1733, IMG_20210921_191312.jpg)

Interesting because the femboys thread shows up first, even on a logged out google search. You just knew to hit this thread though right?

No. 1330743

"Ana L. Beads" is the piece of all this I just cannot get over

No. 1330745


Ah yes, I forgot that nobody ever clicks on anything other than the first Google result.

No. 1330749

I'm about to bring her Heart Level to 0%.

No. 1330754

Most normal people hit the newest link.

No. 1330757

If it were me and I got that email, I would try to find the person who is demanding their thread be taken down, which is more likely to be a woman than a Femboy. I'd go for link two as well

No. 1330786

How is some random, who presumably only know about lolcow from a random email, gonna know Elaine is demanding her thread come down? The email story is ridiculous.

No. 1330812

I agree the email saga is pretty dumb and I don't know this cow well enough to be able to tell if that email seems in line with her general behavior. But, theoretically, if I received an email that said
>This site has targeted hundreds if not thousands of young girls & women, defaming them, uploading naked content of them and posting their passports and addresses, this was done to me.
I wouldn't just click the "Femboys" thread and be like "Ope, not her, guess I'm off this case". I'd probably move on to link two, which is full of posts making it perfectly obvious that she was behind it.

No. 1330818

most people that received that email would think it was a prank or some kind of schizo

No. 1330821

Most people wouldn't immediately beeline to a site with alleged cp

No. 1330824

Again, I don't disagree with you that it comes off super unhinged/schizo but that doesn't mean I wouldn't follow it up with quick google search just to see if it turned anything up.
Ngl the part where it opens with "IT got this email" made me think that the IT scrotes would be extra into a nearby, skinny, lesbian chick with a site of her own and (allegedly) questionable internet history

No. 1330826

my point exactly

No. 1330829

But would they forward it to other students? Like "omg a chick at our school runs a site with child pornography?!" I feel like it would be a secret IT scrote thing (I worked in IT for a bit, and know exactly how they can be) and I don't think they'd share with anyone. If anything, they'd go straight to 4chan and post about it and we'd be raided by scrotes right now.

No. 1330833

I don't see the part where it says it was forwarded to students? I could just be blind. Agree, it would be more likely for them to go to 4ch than post the email here but hey, if they already know that there's a group of people lolling at the sender, they could just feel like pouring fuel on the fire

No. 1330838

>Not staff but this crazy email was passed around because it's insane.

It wasn't in the original email post, but a different reply. The implication here is:
1. They aren't staff meaning it somehow was passed on from a staff member to students
2. They say it was "passed around" as if spread to other people, and if some of them weren't staff members, since that poster is claiming not to be staff, then that means it was forwarded to students.

No. 1330847

sanmefag, but in other words, I don't believe any of this shit kek

No. 1330858

or they're staff and don't want to out themselves. If student employees had access (I'm a burgeranon and our colleges always have tons of student employees, not sure about Canada) then it would definitely get spread. The email says it was cc'd to a lot of people so if she sent it out as a group email to the entire IT department then a whole bunch of randos would receive it. I'm not sure if it's more retarded to have actually sent this to IT with the message of "find this random person or you'll have destroyed women's lives!" or posting it here for us to make fun of.

No. 1330862

It's obviously Elaine

No. 1330875

>she has a dead man’s switch in her apartment
Based Mexican-Russian (ethnically muslim) superhacker.

Can't wait to hear about Admin's number station.

No. 1330885

Nice gore tho.

No. 1330887

>I know these are very serious allegations but it’s important you take what I’m saying seriously as I can prove it all, I’d just rather do so to a warrant as I’m worried that if any of you go directly to the website, your data could be compromised due to cookies and IP trackers installed in the site.
God this reads like a schizo copypasta.
I'm loving this milk flow.

No. 1330893

elaine, i need some insight. what's it like to have a dad with bigger tits than you?

No. 1330914

File: 1632282625059.gif (395.62 KB, 300x100, Elaine.gif)

No. 1330916

omfg please post in banner thread!!!

No. 1331010

>Ines must not be notified of this beforehand as she has a dead man’s switch in her apartment which corrupts all of her files, therefore, destroying any evidence against her.

God this email just keeps on giving.

No. 1331017

File: 1632292451473.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.46 KB, 1080x1350, a800a04a0a72d6ae11c69c43e5ea13…)


>mfw i didnt get it the first time i read it and thought they meant Admin had this

No. 1331027

>when the feds come for admin-chan

No. 1331148

File: 1632310882738.png (1.03 MB, 1845x1038, you're laughing.png)

You're laughing. Ines stole a dying mans Nintendo Switch, right from his hospital room and you're laughing.

No. 1331178

>2. They say it was "passed around" as if spread to other people, and if some of them weren't staff members, since that poster is claiming not to be staff, then that means it was forwarded to students.

I love the idea of Elaine being a digital cryptid. Forward this email to 13 McGill students or Elaine will appear in your favorite coffeeshop tomorrow

No. 1331278

says all this shit about the poor victims of these sites yet she was engaging in threads on KF about other cows and followed tuna on one of her burner insta accts shortly after her thread was made lmao. little hypocritical, dont ya think elaine?

No. 1331321

File: 1632325609579.jpeg (209.13 KB, 592x1157, 36313003-D255-4D1F-A987-199CF5…)

she’s shitting up /meta/ this morning

No. 1331342

Well, it was 4:30pm on London so I guess she's just woke up.

No. 1331360

Her posting schedule has been pretty bizarre recently, she always starts sperging again at like 4:30 AM in the UK. She legitimately keeps schizo shut-in hours.

No. 1331362

No. 1331370

>violated my scam modeling sites copyright laws

Stop taking dmca advice from Laur Trueman, you fucking moron.

No. 1331383

>Kali Linux
Holy shit girl stop larping kek

No. 1331388

That's in Laur's thread.

No. 1331389

Whops, my bad. Will delete

No. 1331417

File: 1632335162214.jpg (275.44 KB, 1080x1183, IMG_20210922_132524.jpg)

Elaine apparently doesn't like it when you point out her autistic behavior is infact autistic.

No. 1331434

File: 1632336757775.png (19.4 KB, 1286x262, still going.PNG)

No. 1331438

File: 1632336959009.jpg (315.04 KB, 2000x2000, 1520596070899.jpg)

Elaine, what's your favorite distro?

[watches Mr Robot once]
why, am a KDE girl myself

No. 1331440

Is she saying it wasn't her or that it was but we didn't have proof it was? Her face is clearly in the video and if it wasn't her she wouldn't have tried to bury it on Twitter like she did.

No. 1331443

File: 1632337324746.webm (6.62 MB, 592x1280, Elaine Gertler Miller.webm)

Her attempts at burying the clip didn't work too well

No. 1331444

wait till she finds out kali runs on root
Probably too stupid to understand any of that to begin with

No. 1331447

>Root is like a user on linux
keep going

No. 1331449

I'm just trying to figure out what you mean by "runs on root"; do you mean runs AS root? I don't think it does that by default either

No. 1331455

looking it up they didn't really, they just masked it.

the default "kali" user has "ADMIN_CAP" and passwordless sudo, so it's basically the root user, just that you have to "sudo su" to switch into permanent sudo mode but effectively it's the same thing

No. 1331456

Turns out they recently changed it so it's no longer the default, so I guess that's pretty cool

No. 1331457

I love it when you copypaste your hastily gathered techsplanations, you do know basic features after all!

No. 1331458

Can anyone link me to the thread? I'm actually still trying to figure out why she brought up Kali in the first place

No. 1331461

It's the banner thread in /meta/

No. 1331463


So Elaine, can you tell us why you haven't hacked lolcow yet, if you're so skilled?

No. 1331466

She does all her l337 hacking from a mobile. It must be hard.

No. 1331467

File: 1632339137647.jpg (561.79 KB, 919x657, mania.jpg)

No. 1331469

File: 1632339226694.jpg (673.89 KB, 1920x1080, AnonSec in the wild.jpg)

Pfft, you're clearly not on the same h4xx0r level as Elaine, nonny.

No. 1331471

How long did it take you to fake a message from me? Just wondering. You know I’ve only messaged you from my Pepe account.

No. 1331472

stop telling on yourself

No. 1331473

File: 1632339507995.gif (813.25 KB, 320x180, Crazy_Eyes_Anai.gif)

pic rel, is u

No. 1331479

Elaine being a Aubrey Cottle groupie sense. Her super secret twitter anon page basically stalks the guy. Elaine please stop diddling yourself to a dude in fawks mask.

No. 1331481

File: 1632339735002.jpeg (152.04 KB, 1284x1261, 7E7F3105-94C0-4109-A50A-8A351F…)

@Ines. Nice software.

No. 1331483

Oh cool kinda like the tracker you put on, or helped Laur put in,lillee jeans site?

No. 1331486

So she had Laur or Lillee send the email and then posted it on the farms for asspats. G8 job, Elaine. You’re manipulating actual retards.

No. 1331488

Jesus, who even asked?

No. 1331490

I feel so lost, could you elaborate? Which ones of the emails?

No. 1331493

I'm assuming the email to McGill university outing a Muslim lesbian named ines with a deadmans switch in her apartment.

No. 1331527

nta and apologies if I'm being dumb, but is there any proof that the email to McGill actually got sent to them? The only thing I remember seeing to support that idea is the fact that it was supposedly shared with lolcow by someone who works at McGill, which seems super unlikely.

No. 1331529

She admitted it was her and now shes deflecting to laur>>1331471

No. 1331537

There’s no proof it was sent. Which is why people are clearly making fun of Elaine for pretending to be McGill Uni Tech Support sharing news their students run a pedo site by posting on the pedo site.

No. 1331541

The wall of text is from yesterday, it literally says it next to the name.

No. 1331641

I have to say that one of the funniest parts of this shit is her assuming the Canadian law system will gaf about this shit when they have a hard enough time handling actual crimes

No. 1331656

File: 1632348795818.jpg (114.04 KB, 550x550, Lithium-Carbonate-1.jpg)

Just take one. You will feel better.

No. 1331677

KEK is this not saying the "tracker" is just google analytics… Elaine you are truly that retarded, my sides are in fucking orbit

No. 1331682

You heard it here, ladies: admin-sama is the software engineer behind Google.

What a stunning reveal!

No. 1331690

I feel like I need a lobotomy for even skimming this. 420chan has accounts now? Or does this tard mean she's in their discord server?

Why would Kirt give a single, stoned fuck about lolcow? Or is this doorknob trying to manically explain why they think lc and kf are the same? Can someone please request Admin's secret white liberal lesbian lover, Joshua Moon, contact this sped's handlers again? Someone needs to hide the internet router for a time out.

No. 1331703

> I feel like I need a lobotomy for even skimming this. 420chan has accounts now? Or does this tard mean she's in their discord server?
> Why would Kirt give a single, stoned fuck about lolcow?

Why would Kirt give a single, stoned fuck about lolcow? Or is this doorknob trying to manically explain why they think lc and kf are the same? Can someone please request Admin's secret white liberal lesbian lover, Joshua Moon, contact this sped's handlers again? Someone needs to hide the internet router for a time out.

The point is, Kirt wouldn’t care. Ines has clearly skimmed through my various publicly accessible discord accounts & social media and noticed the connection between me & 420chan. She’s basically taken my original message, copy and pasted it and changed a few things up.
Kirt & 420chan were never mentioned.

A few months ago, Admin took this ‘screenshot’ and sent it to the 420chan server and outed me publicly. They didn’t a flying fuck and everyone spent a few solid minutes laughing at how pathetic Lolcow.farm is. They then wiped my dox from the server because, contrary to Ines, storing clearly mentally unstable teenager’s data isn’t exactly a normal activity, nor will it teach us to stop being retarded online. It just makes us angry, depressed.

> Or is this doorknob trying to manically explain why they think lc and kf are the same?

I never stated that KF & LC are the same. I have a soft spot for KF because I believe they have a self awareness that this site does not have.

Can someone please request Admin's secret white liberal lesbian lover, Joshua Moon, contact this sped's handlers again? Someone needs to hide the internet router for a time out.

No one contacted my parents because when I was ‘doxxed’ people were pathetic enough to believe that anyone I was friends with on Facebook with the same or a similar surname were automatically my parents.
Also, Null has made it very clear that he too thinks that Ines is a paranoid schizo Beamer.

I’m a mentally ill lolcow who should probably never go on the internet again, but I wouldn’t say admin chan is much better. At least I have the balls to admit it.

No. 1331710

I'm not reading your word salad twice, retard.

No. 1331715

So you admit that the wall of pure autism that admin posted >>1331467 is real?

No. 1331725

Yup. Tl;Dr - she explains she knows she's a huge sperg and no one likes her, coming here because any interaction (even if it's just us saying "go away, retard") is better than nothing. Can't say I pity her, though. If I had such a pathetic existence, I'd kms

No. 1331726

> So you admit that the wall of pure autism that admin posted >>1331467 is real?

I haven’t read it thoroughly so I don’t know but I’ll scour it in detail. I just know that Kirt and 420chan were not mentioned. Neither was KF.

No. 1331728

Elaine if you just pretend this thread doesn't exist and nuke any social media everyone will forget about it and it will go away. You're making things worse. Why do you keep coming back here?

No. 1331729

So now you're saying you lied here: >>1331703

No. 1331732

She doesn't actually see it as negative. In her head, she has some kind of disjointed attachment to admin/LC and perceives this as a way of bonding. She quite literally has nothing else. Wanting her thread removed is just a cop out reason to sperg for more attention.

No. 1331734

So you admit that you lied in >>1331471?

No one will ever believe anything you say. People will just continue to laugh at your stupidity. Dig that hole deeper girl.

No. 1331743

She looks like a frog with greasy tendrils sprouting from it's head in OP pic. Ew lol. I'd not want my pictures online if I looked like babayaga over here

No. 1331744

> Elaine if you just pretend this thread doesn't exist and nuke any social media everyone will forget about it and it will go away. You're making things worse. Why do you keep coming back here?

Because forgetting about it isn’t the same as it being gone.
There’s no point in me even bothering. This will always be dredged up in the future even if I were to change how I use the Internet. It will be there. I see it as haunting. I’m here for a good time, not a long time. E.G.G.M would rather die trying

No. 1331748

> So you admit that you lied in >>1331471?

>No one will ever believe anything you say. People will just continue to laugh at your stupidity. Dig that hole deeper girl.

Why you gotta be a fucking asshole when you could just ask and I’d clear things up?
Like I said, I’ve only messaged Ines through my account with the Pepe picture. What I’m saying she did is copy paste a message I sent her, and send it from another account after editing it a tonne to sound more milky than it was. I’m spergy, not a liar.

No. 1331749

You get what you give, dingus

No. 1331754

>not a liar
passport shoop begs to differ

No. 1331755

So sperging like a schizoid and doubling down is the answer? It will only get worse until you are a permanent fixture on the farms. You'll be immortalized in banners and memes and your threads and images will all be archived if they're not already. The more you dig the bigger the hole gets. You're here forever. Now it's just a matter of deciding on making it worse til you kill yourself, or letting it settle down and going to therapy. This site is so meaningless in the grand scheme of things, even kiwi is. Average people don't look at this and when they hear of it they just cast it aside as bullying and meaningless conjecture. Nobody fixates on chans and obsessively googles people except fucking schizoids like you.

No. 1331759

> She doesn't actually see it as negative. In her head, she has some kind of disjointed attachment to admin/LC and perceives this as a way of bonding. She quite literally has nothing else. Wanting her thread removed is just a cop out reason to sperg for more attention.

I do see it as negative because I was stupid. I felt like I could somehow lull LJ into normality through somehow trying to help therapise her. I wanted to maintain a friendship where at one point I could tell her the cold hard truth about what she needs to change to make things better, and to be LJ’s friend, you gotta be in shit like her live streams. I didn’t think it would travel outside of Instagram and I’d never heard of LCF.

Before that, I was going to stop using social media altogether and eventually talk to LJ on a burner, but I was farmed before I could do so. Being on here though has forced me to tackle my digital footprint more & be more diligent with my data and who has access to what.

I don’t have an attachment to Admin or LC. I wanted to have a conversation with Ines as a way of actually talking through differences. I feel like most people in the world could be friends if they bother and care to find common ground.

She didn’t care.
I just felt she must be deeply damaged to host a site like this and I wanted to somehow drag her out of this website because I get the sense it’s a pretty miserable pastime.

I wanted my thread removed because I wanted to start again, get rid of my phone & be a nobody. But from a young age I realised that that was a privilege I wouldn’t have due to untreated impulsivity & zero parental guidance, and mistakes I made years ago because of this being brought back up over and over.

No. 1331760

> Now it's just a matter of deciding on making it worse til you kill yourself
Please don't, Elaine. "I was a teenage cringelord" is a pretty universal experience. This is really only as bad as you make it and no one really cares that you suck with computers. Most girls do. It's fine.

No. 1331761

File: 1632353598164.jpg (106.51 KB, 1920x1080, wp2482740.jpg)

>not a liar
>why u guys be nd asshole 2 me
Elaine you have been shitting and pissing and farting on our boards for months like a retard, at this point you're basically a crippled dying bug we poke for fun.

No. 1331763

What you're doing is not typical don't even start that shit, Elaine.

No. 1331768

> You're here forever. Now it's just a matter of deciding on making it worse til you kill yourself, or letting it settle down and going to therapy.

It shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t have to fight for privacy. Privacy should be a right for everybody, including retards who post too much. It should be our decision where our data goes. I want to fight for this. No one should have to see mistakes they made as a kid permanently anywhere.
You may think it’s here forever but I will pay any price for a lawyer that can remove such content. I don’t go down without a fight. Maybe other cows laid low and allowed their shit to be up forever, but , I hate to say this but
im built different

No. 1331769

So you’re also saying the account null contacted wasn’t your dad? The one from London, who’s last name is miller, is married to a gertler on facebook and posts about his autistic daughter elaine gertler miller on his facebook? lmfao

No. 1331770

Sorry, not Elaine, I just think it would be really sad if a person went that far because she was embarrassing as a teen. Pretty much everyone has stuff from their teenage years they'd rather not remember (although A. I think she's pushing the 'i'm a teenage giiiirl' thing too far, you're 18, not 13 and B. Just because you don't like what people say about you, doesn't make it illegal). I don't even get what she's so bent out of shape about. She's just doing dumbass teen stuff and to me the milk is her hacker persona, which is also pretty typical to larp as if you're into nerdy guys.

Please don't act like you're on crusade for privacy rights. The stuff you're being roasted for was made public BY YOU.

No. 1331771

okay eggum

No. 1331772

Anyway. I’m going to abstain from writing anything else here as I simply believe the women here do not care about the safety or feelings of other women. Believe it or not, it’s not just women seeing my thread. It’s men who also see it and take the opportunity to try to actually find me IRL. I’ve been sexually harassed constantly since my thread.

I don’t lie. I fail to believe any woman would put another woman in danger just for ‘the Keks’ this isn’t trolling in the same way Kiwi Farms is, this is just straight up stalking and literal obsessive consistency. You need to give people a break, all of you. I need therapy, but so do you. I wish you all the best. See you not forever.

No. 1331773

oh now it’s that she wanted to SAVE admin kek the backtracking is hilarious

No. 1331775

Stalking victims don't continually return to the places and people stalking them. We would have dropped you but we live in your head rent free. <3

No. 1331778

She's just trying to liberate us, nona. All she wanted was to make friends and save women.

No. 1331780

>Privacy should be a right for everybody, including retards who post too much.
lmao no… you just don’t post… that’s the privacy

No. 1331781

the real lesson was all the gore she posted along the way ♥

No. 1331783

oh boohoo. You shat in your bed and now you have to lay in it too.

You started this yourself when you began sending messages and threats to doxx the Lillee Jean callouts. You contacted Josh Moon because and harassed him, so he made a thread about you. Soon after you started making shit up about hacking lc and kf, suing, and going to the police. You bumped old threads and posted gore.
And now you're here and things are worse than ever because you thought you could doxx admin. Nobody even cares if the doxx is real or not. The thing you've succeeded in getting is getting your thread pinned on top of /snow/ so that it will be the first thing people see when they come to the board.

Be careful or you'll be promoted to /pt/ soon.

>We shouldn’t have to fight for privacy

That is rich coming from someone obsessed with doxxing other people.

No. 1331786

>I don’t have an attachment to Admin or LC
>aggressively spergs out for weeks immediately after admin announced her retirement (and thus leaving)
It's okay Elaine, you have to let go.

No. 1331787

Elaine you have no self control and will be back in 5 minutes after a shit break.
If you're so concerned, turn off your computer.

No. 1331788

Why did you have to insert yourself into the LJ situation? Don’t touch the poop. Your track record of manipulation and obfuscation of truth is exactly the opposite of a positive influence, on top of also being retarded.

No. 1331794

>Be careful or you'll be promoted to /pt/ soon.
wouldn’t that be cute? she could be side by side with her bestie LJ!

No. 1331795

You wanted to be her friend but ran to AdderallAnnie offering dirt on lillee the second you got it as long as they took your thread down.

No. 1331797

>You'll be immortalized in banners and memes and your threads and images will all be archived if they're not already.
>implying this miserable girl doesn't want that
Do your parents know about the shit you're doing, or do they let you do as you please online despite your autism diagnosis, Elaine?

No. 1331798

They sound like terrible parents. Letting their autistic daughter make a fool of herself online even after Null was nice enough to inform them.

No. 1331799

Did you learn about about the cow before trying to contact her? LJ doesn't have autonomus control it's all her mother pulling the strings. You think you talk to Lillee, you get Laur.

Anyway, stop posting, start over and you'll be forgotten in 6 months.
From a fellow Britanon

No. 1331805

File: 1632355765416.jpg (30.62 KB, 500x375, 12.jpg)

Honestly these completely retarded lies must be something chronic at this point. We all know you aren't a teenager and no one but you would possess enough autism to edit this already huge spergfest of a message.

No. 1331822

You said she emailed your parents in your own kiwifarms server. Keep up with your own lies.

No. 1331823

>I don’t have an attachment to Admin or LC. I wanted to have a conversation with Ines as a way of actually talking through differences. I feel like most people in the world could be friends if they bother and care to find common ground.
>She didn’t care. I just felt she must be deeply damaged to host a site like this and I wanted to somehow drag her out of this website because I get the sense it’s a pretty miserable pastime.
Bitch you spammed toddler gore on several boards.

No. 1331824

Samefag but I mean the kiwifarms thread.
Inb4 elaine now claims to be not elaine before re-appearing as the totally real elaine

No. 1331828

it was all a ruse, we’ve actually been talking to ana l. beads this whole time

No. 1331855

>hope this whole thing help her to realize she is just a nobody on the internet and never will amount to anything by pretending to be a dumb whore who talks shit and wants simps and e-fame for an ego boost.

I'm reading her kiwi farms thread. ^^That is just one example. Why do they keep accusing her of being a thot in the making? They're fixated on that angle. Is it just typical dumb moid ragging bs/autism or is there actual milk there? Her attention seeking is obv not about that, and some kiwis are probably trolling, but most seem genuinely convinced she's actually some wannabe hoe and this is a ploy to attract an OF following.

No. 1331892

She’s clearly attention seeking to an absurd degree. Probably a hoe too

No. 1331952

File: 1632371755379.gif (3.56 MB, 400x362, tuckbiglaugh.gif)

No. 1332031

Elaine's imaginary friends are going to get you for doubting their existence, Anon. You're going to cyber jail with Mike Wazowski and Ana L. Beads.

No. 1332032

Remember, anons, Elaine is BUILT DIFFERENT.

If you don't all delete her thread right now, she might THERAPISE you! Watch out! Only after displaying indifference to her manic sperging, might you one day come to understand her 1337 d0xxing potential. Until that time comes, tremble in fear that your ethnic Muslim lesbianism could be outed to all of Montreal, Canada. She's NOT a ""skid"" and HAS already caught on to your spooky Google Analytics Advertising tracker. There's no escape! With her emergence, us dastardly farmers have become the farmed…

No. 1332034

File: 1632383026814.png (1.83 MB, 1502x1691, 1632381737266.png)

Stick bug lookin mfer

No. 1332053

>complains about men finding ber thread and harassing her
>it is you, LCF, forum full of women, not KF where all the men are openly calling me a hoe in the making, that have sent men to sexually harass me

No. 1332057

Even if the Internet didn't exist, you would still be gossiped about, because we are human and that's what we do. You can't control people talking bad about you, you can only control what you do, and you need to STOP MAKING IT WORSE.

No. 1332062

If you are really bothered why do you keep making it worse? Reviving threads is only calling attention to yourself Elaine. You don't have a leg to stand on am afraid. Also if your such great hacker which we know you are not. You wouldn't be alerting the site they were about to be hacked you would just do it. Piss poor excuses of giving a you a chance just come off as stupid when claiming were so bad. Also what do you think the police would find if they went through your computer or phone which by the way they do when people make these claims. Would it be all that kiddie porn and gore you posted to try and prove your point.

No. 1332113

Of course she is attention seeking but it's not a ruse to gain followers for a budding OF career. They think that's her end goal. Kf "cow analysis" is horrendous. We are much better at this shit kek.

No. 1332119

Did Elaine spam this thread so she can hit the bump limit?

No. 1332145

The thread is pinned I don’t think it matters

No. 1332177

>my Pepe account
Le epic 4chan h4xx0r Elaine

No. 1332192

Oh yeah? Well I've got this really ace lawyer to spring me out, his name's "Phoenix"!

No. 1332232

My lawyer is way better than yours. His name is Miles.

No. 1332287

based Edgeworth

No. 1332832

anon.. some might say your lawyer is miles better..

No. 1333873

File: 1632574694839.jpeg (304.18 KB, 828x1139, 1E69E8FA-5519-4E77-AAC1-8413B0…)

Test is back lmao

No. 1333892

>inb4 more gore flooding in /ot/ and /snow/
give it a rest elaine

No. 1333901

I was hoping her parents wrangled her once and for all.

Goddamnit, Elaine, it's the weekend. Go play some video games or watch Mr. Robot for the 2nd time or whatever.

No. 1334104

elaine is honestly so fucking funny to me. like damn way to ruin your own life by coming back and back and back and back again and bringing everything up x1000. if she'd just let sleeping dogs lie everyone would have forgotten about her after the lj thing.

so it's safe to say kf AND lc featuring her is 100% her fault lmao

No. 1334154

She's gotta know. An apt comment on KF said she's only notable for how interactive she is. She wants to be a thing, fine by me.

No. 1334197

Yes, it's very clear this is the most attention she's ever gotten and she can't abstain from the momentary dopamine fix

I'm still hoping for admin to have a post reveal in the works as a last hurrah, honestly. I have a sneaky suspicion a few times I sat in threads wondering how anyone could be "this retarded" it was Elaine posting.

No. 1334800

it's a little sad. imagine getting excited over being known as a messy vexatious spoiled toddler. but i guess all attention is good attention to a histrionic personality.

No. 1335044

God, imagine being british.

No. 1335302

as an Irishwoman, I could never, ever relate. Sad! This bitch doesn't deserve any other kind of comment, she's a waste of entropic decay.

No. 1335718

It's the posh ones. A small country with a population that's not massive. The rich marry the rich, and always the white rich. There's too much inbreeding, hence they turn out like this one.

No. 1335953

Me too anon. I'd start making IRA jokes but God knows it would only encourage Elain to sue the farms for terror threats

No. 1336437

she's simply delusional

No. 1336521

AFAIK she's autistic, so it's understandable that she poses awkwardly I guess

No. 1339464

File: 1633160557007.png (20.8 KB, 1264x132, sperglaine.png)

Her parents did not wrangle her off the internet.


No. 1339465

File: 1633160699113.jpg (154.62 KB, 618x802, hackerman.jpg)

And now she's on a super sikrit hax0r op that coincidentally involves this site… and she must tell everyone about it because why not? That's what hackermen do.
(Read from bottom to top, sorry for the shitty cap)


No. 1339467

Her English is so clunky. Why does she think we're afraid of group chats?

No. 1339483

File: 1633163189185.gif (970.77 KB, 463x200, 7yeGLif.gif)

She's probably spent all night up (it was 6am over there).
>Why does she think we're afraid of group chats?
Because these are spooky scary Anonymous™ group chats that will destroy lolcow.farms once and for all.

No. 1339623

She keeps claiming she's ESL but it's very obviously untrue and she's just plain retarded. Sometimes she tries to use another writing style or has one of her friends do it, but even then, her sockpuppeting is some of the most transparent shit I've ever seen. I'm one of the anons she tried to talk to/intimidate and this account regurgitates her talking points and phrases exactly. I wouldn't be surprised if "Zero" also happened to apply as admin, kek

No. 1339663

her "we are legion" shit really cracks me tf up. what a tard.

No. 1339762

>know coding

No. 1339898

File: 1633211188902.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x2048, BC521BC9-A8A5-4D48-8EA0-233F53…)

Hi I am new pls follow my Instagram(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1339905

I’m not gonna leave fuck that I need 600 more followers to hit 11k(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1339911

Who is that

No. 1339913

I was going to show a screenshot of her IG but I don’t want any of the jannies confusing me as her, basically she’s an ED recovery attention whore. I have no idea how she relates to Elaine, maybe some other anon knows the connection

No. 1339931

File: 1633213931515.jpeg (580.23 KB, 1170x1051, 5C17F538-64B9-4799-9FB3-36851F…)

This is an elite hacker named Zero. Definitely Not-Elaine.

No. 1339933

I want her to post the "email" kek

No. 1339941

She’s such a schizo, imagine being the dean of that university, reading the first tweet and then reading the second tweet.

No. 1340107

> “I’m not a recent cow”
> “until a cow DMed”

If you thought you and others were unfairly targeted and bullied why would you admit to being a cow. This is so transparent it’s laughable.

No. 1340134

File: 1633236875068.png (116.58 KB, 1211x631, schizolaine-.png)

Elaine is now targeting a random person for committing the crime of accessing a website that she doesn't like, hoping to lure them with her schizo tales while accusing them of meth use and unemployment.

No. 1340456

File: 1633281817567.jpg (854.57 KB, 1186x2946, Untitled-6.jpg)

She's still sperging on twitter.

>I'm not Elaine haha you're all so stupid rofl!!!

>signature Elaine rambling and still shilling that random tumblr blog
Also chef's kiss @ the way she pretends to be Jewish and ESL and on a moral high horse, but is comfortable calling people subhumans and making fun of their immigration status

No. 1340488

File: 1633284527792.jpeg (128.67 KB, 750x322, 69646E44-A4BC-4903-BAAF-DEC9F7…)

>claims she’s not elaine
>continues to overuse the retarded word “skid”

No. 1340490

>multiple threads
Elaine, it's just one. Take your meds.
You are an embarrassment to your parents.

No. 1340525

This is the most obsessed thing I've read all week. I wish she'd just admit she is mad that admin has a gf and moves on, the dumbass will end up with a lawsuit if she keeps getting more deranged.

No. 1340561

If she has all the info she keeps bragging about, then why isn't anything happening? Why is she still spending her time sperging out on Twitter when she could have reached her goal already? Chop chop Elaine, where is the milk

No. 1340563

File: 1633292228109.png (96.74 KB, 1186x310, Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 22.16…)

>As someone with over 100 doxxes of the girls from that site I can confirm the users are ugly.

Thanks for the new copypasta kek

No. 1340573

is she just talking about self-posters in /ot/ and the e-whores threads? because that’s not news kek.

No. 1340627

My personal tinfoil is that whatever "elite hacker group" she thinks she is part of is actually giving her pictures of ugly girls with made up info to make her look stupid and these are the 100 doxes she keeps sperging about

No. 1340638

File: 1633300390290.png (25.91 KB, 566x238, what.png)

>the dumbass will end up with a lawsuit if she keeps getting more deranged.
Incelaine replied to you.

No. 1340659

I swear to god this retard. I wasn't talking about admin or lolcow users Elaine, but about the randos you're harassing in your grand love/revenge quest.

No. 1340687

File: 1633306337309.jpeg (396.72 KB, 1170x1072, 98E0630C-73EE-4BF7-9C09-11B83B…)

Not-Elaine still unbothered.

No. 1340703

I can't recall the last time an otherwise dull cow tried this fucking hard with no results.

No. 1340732

"Not elaine" even admitted she was elaine when she cried about her thread again lol

No. 1340774

So is she gonna keep the doxx's to herself? What fun is that?
Come on Elaine, show us what you're made of and doxx away!

No. 1341059

agreed, she keeps grandstanding but not showing any info. guaranteed she's just making shit up. isn't it the start of a new school year in the uk? elaine go study you useless bint.

No. 1341071

If she actually got anyone's info, she needs to post just one actual dox. Just one that's an actual farmer she doxed all on her own. If she does post anything, it'll probably be a flake in the lolcow server with her social media attached to her profile and even then she probably can't even get their powerwords. She has all this info on "admin" including name and uni and still no photo, so that tells us everything we need to know - all her "doxes" are bluffs.

No. 1341165

Elaine has taken down WhattsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. When will the senseless violence end? They did NOTHING to provoke her

No. 1341258

I'm dying to know who Elaine thinks this Ines is, but on the other hand there's a 98% chance that she'd just "expose" some poor random person.

Also where is ines.farm? The domain is still available

No. 1341351

File: 1633403609588.jpeg (749.3 KB, 1170x1568, 2702F414-CDC7-44C4-B9EC-A74656…)

so bored but can’t drop any info on anons & ines

No. 1341364

>my country
Didn't "Zero" claim to live in the United States? Elaine is so retarded. Her facade fails even more because no male speaks like that ever.

No. 1341383

If Admin-chan is Canadian, then… the Commonwealth = "her country"? lol take your meds, Elaine.

No. 1341390

File: 1633409292775.png (9.84 KB, 681x158, deep lore.png)

The plot thickens.


No. 1341490

Yeah, the location on the "Anon" twitter account was New York, USA but now suddenly Not Elaine is from Canada?

Admin please update us from Guantanamo

No. 1342967


No. 1343095

You're all ignoring the obvious explanation that she moved to Canada to be closer to admin-chan.

No. 1343264

If that is indeed her house and it’s in Golders Green like askfm anon said, then yes, she probs does come from a wealthy family.

I live in the UK and a double-detached house that size anywhere in London is going to be worth at least 1-2million pounds. Looks like a self build too which is typically something only wealthy people are able to do.

By my standards and what I’ll probably be able to afford, it’s a mansion, lol.

No. 1343351

You're right anon, love wins

No. 1343397

Don't worry, Admin-chan is alive and out of jail/prison. She's just posted on /ot/ and /meta/.

No. 1343476

File: 1633660074016.jpeg