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File: 1633659673386.jpg (387.21 KB, 1024x844, drawing.jpg)

No. 933479

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!



Recent Art Milk:

Like nothing of note. Feel free to link highlights yourself but nothing sticks out to me.

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


Previous Thread: >>886828

No. 933568

Idk if it fits here or not but
>Be me in university
>Found and art club
>Happy because i can finally talk to like-minded people since i didnt attend an art uni
>Their art is a little mediocre but thats fine
>Check the members
>Dude bros with chicken scratch art and pick me girls

No. 933572

why do anons find it necessary to blogpost like have some milk about some crippled artist or gtfo

No. 933578

Do you have milk then? Or else you just shitting up the thread.

No. 933682

felt. it's so hard to find a good art community anywhere when you're actually serious about art as a hobby or a job.

No. 933687

Have you actually tried to get to know people? It's easy to assume someone is a dudebro or a pickme going off just the stereotypes, and sure as hell a lot of women look like stereotypical pickmes in art communities, but majority of them are not if you give yourself a chance to know them better. I'd still give that club a shot.

No. 933688

I've been looking up stationery reviews recently for journaling/drawing and it's so annoying how al these art/stationery YouTubers are fat (I can see their ham fingers), act quirky, breathe heavily into the mic, take forever to unbox stuff, ramble about irrelevant shit for way too long, and/or don't swatch properly. This is especially true for less common or popular pens.

sage for stupid vent

No. 933711

I've been drawing in a simpler and looser style lately and I'm having a lot of fun with it, but at the same time I feel like I'm just giving up on a more complicated style because I'm too stupid to get it right. Trying to reach that level of art where it looks polished and satisfies you feels impossible.

No. 934056

who decided to stop making a new thread and linking it before the old one got closed

No. 934107

op here, i was waiting for someone to make it before the old thread locked but nobody did. by that time it was too late.

No. 934361

File: 1633770735047.jpg (39.54 KB, 594x287, Screenshot_1.jpg)

yueko getting ballsy with her pro nft stance by putting one of the hate comment she received as nft, i think hanging out with crypto orbiters all day really got to her head

No. 934362

nfts are stupid but thats very funny

No. 934461


She's real proud of this one, I'm sure she thinks she's very clever.

No. 934462

She comes off as an obsessive drama addict who googles her name everyday to check if people are badmouthing her, that's kinda pathetic.

No. 934549

This is going to be her down fall anons, i just knew

No. 934560

File: 1633795177802.jpeg (636.71 KB, 828x1339, E4655EE2-5B7B-4FEA-B239-725CC6…)

Nothing says mature adult like stalking someone’s profile because they said they don’t support nfts. She’s a full-blown cow now.

She actually does constantly name search herself on Twitter which is why she’s always whinging about Twitter drama, as if she isn’t the one actively looking for reasons to be pissy. She needs to go and get a job that isn’t fully online.

No. 934885

She didn't even "receive a hate comment," the OP of the tweet was pinging their anti-nft mutuals in case they didn't realize they were still following her. Yueko wasn't even tagged, there was no call to action for people to stop supporting her; presumably the people who were unfollowing her based on the tweet already weren't paying any attention to yueko or actively supporting her anyway lmfao.
Of all the things for yueko to shit her pants over, this is nothing.

No. 934908

She just comes off as extremely insecure, in the twitch leaks she barely made any money. Her “I bought a house” flex was probably her parents helping to finance her life style.

No. 934909

AFAIK, it's been confirmed by a few people that she was making bank even before nfts just from commissions and vtuber shit. Like, enough income that outright owning a reasonably sized home would not be improbable.

No. 934916

That’s because all of her streams are boring and ass. She’s not funny, lacks a personality and seems to only have extended her clout reach by making her same face vtubers. I can only imagine how much she charges.

No. 934948

Nta but sounds like their art is shit too, similar has happened to me. If they're terrible at the only thing you have in common you essentially have nothing in common/it is negated.

No. 935013

Out of curiosity, are any anons here part of popular artist cliques/communities that could answer this for me?

How do people even cope with the cattiness and circlejerking within the art community? It really seems like you'd need to tread on thin ice with people on art twitter considering how easily offended they seem and I want to join art twitter for this reason. Even scrolling and seeing petty arguments, drama, someone getting offended over nothing, politics, someone being 'cancelled', self-victimisation, etc. from these mentally stunted people is draining enough for me

No. 935098

I've been dragged into drama before, and what I learned is that you must never respond to it and block people. I've been doing so for one year and a half and I haven't had any more issues. It's true that they're like sharks, they attack only if they smell blood in the water.

No. 935151

random, but was anyone else around for that mini deviantart drama where an artist admitted their art style was taken from a jp artist (urct i think?) the artist was fairly popular IIRC, while urct was newer to the platform, so when urct got angry and called out that artist for style theft, that artist's friends and followers hounded urct until they left, telling them that they should have been grateful that someone would take their art style. the artist apologized, but not before acting hurt because of how aggressive the jp artist was. drama ended with urct leaving after saying they didnt want to post on a western platform again.

im on the fence about the style theft thing since weebs draw in generic anime anyway, but kinda sad i dont remember the names of the ones who harassed the jp artist since they seemed the type to stir shit up on twitter too

No. 935202

I think I remember this one. I think it was Rev/Revolocities? I do remember super old drama where he was accused of "stealing" a smaller artist's art style a long time ago but since his fanbase was huge they all dogpiled on the smaller artist.

urct/uracata still posts on Twitter nowadays from the looks of it, but their Tumblr blog is password protected.

No. 935263

If you follow urct om toyhouse they actually spoke how the artist tried to blackmail them and they now suffer from ptsd. Even when urct wanted nothing to do with it anymore, their friends would dm them constantly to "say sorry"

The artist you're talking about is rainubrew btw, who still uses a similar style.

No. 935269

File: 1633893430429.png (652.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211010-121534.png)

Saging cause old drama, but I recall the friends writing essays to urct who struggled to understand eng.

1/3 of the reflection post

No. 935271

File: 1633893467707.png (659.62 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211010-121542.png)

2/3 of the reflection post

No. 935272

File: 1633893503362.png (515.01 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211010-121554.png)

3/3 of the post

No. 935273

File: 1633893631469.png (106.75 KB, 871x422, 6a9d9fc5315dc9da67f4ad1e0df49c…)

The example dm urct shared

No. 935275


the rev drama you're referring to is probably the old discourse he had with the utau fandom.

No. 935276

File: 1633893812475.png (855.23 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211010-122228.png)

Sorry for the spam, but the comment about urct brought back so much deviant art memories for me. Rainubrew's friend was also caught making fake screenshots against another user here. If you read the comments, their friends brigaded the user


No. 935287

Why can't she just sit there with her pile of vtuber commission money and shut up. Do people instantly just turn into a retarded fool the moment they've secured the bag?

No. 935292

My guess is that she's insecure as hell and wants to feel like her nft stuff is entirely justified and that her fans will support her for it without question. She can't handle the idea of someone even disagreeing with her regarding nfts, so it's clear that at the very least she's insecure about her image tied to it but she desperately wants the cash to make her richer. She wants to be liked and supported and will mute and block anything and anyone that dares to even attempt to clash with she sand castle she built.

No. 935295


didn't she have an artist vtuber clique of sorts? i remember her trying so hard to play it off as if it were some 'high end' or borderline official group for artist vtubers. it was just your typical 'cool kids club' and it was so pathetic.

No. 935297

Twitter artist circles isn't any different from high school cliques huh. Except they're always more vicious and petty because it's online. Bet they can't say half the shit they write to someone's face IRL.

No. 935321

File: 1633898182335.png (274.3 KB, 652x507, k.PNG)

thank you anons. you're a godsend. i had a feeling the artist's apology might have been fake since i didn't recall them making any posts telling their followers to lay off, but i didn't know that it ran deeper and they continued the harassment after urct left the platform. the fact that they were so soft in their apology while blackmailing the jp artist behind the scenes is par for the course with "uwu types". looks like they still have the larger following.

No. 935511

Can I get some backstory with this?

No. 935517

As far as I remember people considered him really elitist in the UTAU fandom, the main thing he'd do was to redesign some UTAUs and lowkey make it seem like his designs were better than the "official" ones. I wasn't in the fandom back then so the stuff I know is surface level, but I do remember some people also saying that he'd also sometimes make fun of how some UTAUs sounded. Considering how UTAUs are 90% of the time made by fans, it was literally him mocking other fans' works.

Some anons might have more milk on this, but this is all I can remember right now. Rev isn't milky anymore though (as far as I am aware, I stopped following him years ago), all of this is old stuff.

No. 935581

sorry I'm sure this has been asked multiple times before, but where's the best place to get commissions anons? I don't know why but every time I opened commissions before I could fill my slots incredibly fast, but all of a sudden its like radio silence and its probably because instagram died I heard discords are okay but I really dont know any that would be worth my time

No. 935607

File: 1633936460747.png (2.82 MB, 1354x999, table.PNG)

She's extremely disliked in the NZ art community too and has a habit of fucking over other artists and even kicked another artist from their table so she could have a massive table at a small con, cause of her neckbeard fanbase piling at her table it blocked the entrance and blocked attendees from entering the venue.

No. 935873

-deviantArt is still good
-Discords based around markets is what you want to look for
-Artistsnclients is a good non-furry marketplace
-Ko-Fi also has commission, but that requires advertising on your part
-Not many people mention Etsy, but I've sold commissions there pretty quick when I offered it. Their site setup and advertising makes it a good tool.
-eBay, believe it or not
-tumblr is okay but still better than Twitter for commissions
If you can auction commission slots on the YCH commishes website, too

Hope it helps you, nonna

No. 935876

*you can auction commission slots on the YCH commishes website, too
Didn't mean to include that "if"

No. 935909

the new wave of mediocre 3d sculpture male artists in their early 20s who post the ugliest sculpture you had ever seen spinning in a 360 and expect to blow up annoys me.

No. 935915

>makes decent face
>makes her tits unusually prominent

No. 935917

fur affinity
kekish dot fuck

No. 935928

File: 1633978683808.png (141.25 KB, 750x750, 100601_Patchouli_Knowledge_FX.…)

I'm beyond tired of seeing shit like this. Like I don't even mind if someone makes a character with big breasts, just make it consistent with your style for God's sake. These look awful; Zelda doesn't even have huge tits. Reminds me of picrel, I hate that they do this stupid ass suction cup thing

No. 936024

Yeah, Atelier Live. It’s hilarious that pretty much every member except for her and Artemis is either super inactive or has graduated. She really tried to make it work and even hired a manager and graphic designer but the team still flopped. Lmao.

>giant corner booth with 2 tables
>just a few print menus scattered across both
Such a good use of space

No. 936029

Damn, she hired a manager and a graphic designer for it? Lol. I remember when the team was first announced and Yue was doing everything she could to make it seem like her own Hololive. Yue tries too hard to make herself and her creations seem like this high-end hyper superior near official product, constntly trying to up the Yueko "brand" into something grandious. It just sounds like someone taking themselves too seriously.

No. 936081

is it irrational of me to get pissed off at artists buying up two tables like this in artist alley? they should be forced to fork over the extra cash for an exhibitor table in dealers hall if they want a larger space. all this does is remove a spot for another smaller artist who can only afford a table in artist alley, hate cons that allow this

No. 936117

File: 1633996888817.png (507.21 KB, 898x817, _nana.png)

Yes but AtoLive is a meme where there are very clearly 3 adults who are hanging around children.
Also they're all artists so anyone who says they watch all of the members is a liar.

No. 936197

everyone and their mom drawing a shadow on clothes where the navel would be on anime girls is a pet peeve of mine

No. 936199

that and also drawing shadows to further define a character's crotch when they're wearing a dress that should be loose-fitted.

No. 936285

File: 1634015416440.jpg (87.31 KB, 959x1001, E4sjNMyVoAcJsrd.jpg)

this is the salt thread so, let me confess to being jealous of young artists. i'm twenty-three next year and this kid is seventeen and they're leagues above me. it just makes me feel a little green and think that even if i grinded out art for a year, i'd still be shitty.

No. 936287

Remember that kids nowadays do technically have it somewhat easier than artists over 20 years of age because of technology advancements and the overabundance of resources alone. No need to feel green, anon. It all comes back to practice regardless of age,though. Practice a lot, give it your all and be kind to yourself and you'll get there eventually.

No. 936291

Who made the pic?

No. 936294

Someone more skilled than anon

No. 936305

this is probably gonna fall on deaf years but you should work on yourself to stop looking at other artists with envy, anon. It's only keeping you back. Be inspired

No. 936308

They’re not even useful for anything since they use a million polygons and probably would be shit for rigging!

No. 936327

Animation isn't the only application for a high poly sculpt. Most of those rigged models you're referring to (at least for videogames) start off as high-res sculpts. Then they're retopologized and the high res is used to bake a normal map. High res sculpts are also useful for 3D printing. But yeah this bust is pretty mediocre.

No. 936427

Is this knaiifu on twitter? Cuz if so I also feel the same saltiness too, being older and such.
Ive known him(transmale) since he made his hamilton animatics on yt with that other person galactibun. Watching how their art progressed makes me want to end myself

No. 936437

God who cares, just keep drawing and studying. Focusing so much on someone else's drawings is childish. I bet your drawings are nice too, you just think the grass is greener.

No. 936456

what's the mental illness that makes people believe they're too old at twenty fucking two, do you even hear yourself and how ridiculous you sound?

No. 936649

Delusion and insecurity. I'm 23 and only getting back into drawing since the beginning of the pandemic and I personally feel the opposite. I realize that I literally have my whole life ahead of me to improve and already made lots of progress in the past year. Doomers are tiring to be around, but are abundant in the art community.

No. 936656

This. Some people treat getting into art like getting into professional sports, it's goofy. You can start literally any time and as long as you're committed to drawing every day and actually learning fundamentals, you will get better, it's a guarantee. As long as you apply yourself, it doesn't matter how long it takes or how old you are. The other thing, no one can ever make what you make. It doesn't matter how many artist there are or how skilled they are, because they cannot create what you would create. That's the best part of art, it's completely Individual. There is no one who is "the best at art" and there is never a reason to not pursue art. No matter your skill level, there will always be someone who is "better" than you at art, so worrying about it is just pointless and takes all the wind out of your sails.

No. 936683

Listen to this anon. Many of you aren't even out of your 20s, so it's funny you envy literal children.

A lot of these younger artists ape pretty styles from older artists without much concept of theory, business application, or adaptability. The longer I look at it, the more 'off' it feels. And a lot of them put too much weight behind social media likes w/o bothering with engagement, which ruins their long-term career potential since successful artists rely on flexibility and/or niches.

Every "good" young artist I see is mimicking an older artist's established style. Don't be jealous. Many of these types burn out before they hit peak.

No. 936692

File: 1634054450651.png (493.8 KB, 1186x1148, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 22.48…)

Tinfoil but is she lurking here? Last thread had that comment about burning houses >>>/ot/929173

No. 936694

You three give me hope. Artists who want to go professional should care more about their workflow, growth, and potential audience than they should "being old at 20 and being outdone by a 14 year old" or whatever ridiculous thing is going on. Don't worry about those damn kids.

No. 936768

Unlikely. She's making a toxic positivity comment because a lot of people think that depression is just you thinking bad things all the time.

No. 936842

art isn't just about technical skill. this looks like every other pretty girl insta art, why be jealous? focus on what you want to draw, and build up your skills to draw it. nothing else matters

No. 936920

You’re 22 complaining while I’m fucking 30 and am still behind. You have your whole twenties to improve.

No. 936927

File: 1634065412761.jpeg (139.77 KB, 750x949, 303000F1-5FD0-40DA-899C-082CD5…)

Idk if this helps but there’s plenty of ladies that are in their 70s doing art like rumiko takahashi (inuyasha) and akemi takada (literally defined 80s and 90s anime art style.) While I’m not looking forward to aging, it makes me feel hopeful in a way.

picrel bc I think Akemi’s art is gorgeous

No. 936935

you sound like me when I was 14. You should probably use a little less social media, get some quality resources for studying art and then practice and study. Don't waste time being discouraged, focus on your own progress.

No. 936936

That so pretty, do you know what tools she uses? Acrylic paint?

No. 936966

and you're just 30?? that's not even half your life yet. i don't understand the obsession with age when it comes to art, it's one of the few professions where no one cares what you look like, they just care what you make. look at the old ugly men who are famous writers. women care too much about ageing

No. 936991

A quick rant that I really need to get off my chest, but why are Genshin fans so retarded? The characters all look like ass and they have a total of three body types yet these dumbasses look at them and go 'GOD SHE SO THICCC' "HES SO BUFF IM WEEPNGIINGG!!1!' even though said characters look like fucking sticks. The designs don't even look good, they look crowded and overdesigned to hell. Every single artist on earth jumped on the Genshin bandwagon too which is so fucking annoying, even after muting all character names and words related and unfollowing/muting a bunch of artists it shit still shows up. I went from being neutral about that game to hating it and its fanbase in less than a month because of the unavoidable overexposure and stupid ass fans.

Sage for no milk, just a rant.

No. 936996

>Many of these types burn out before they hit peak.
Always remember that the promising talent and trend-setters of today are the bitter, insecure gossip site users of tomorrow. This is why most of your gratification and self-esteem needs to come from inward.

No. 937007

File: 1634072376197.jpg (80.68 KB, 597x649, catfishing.JPG)

TinaFate1 outed as a scrote catfishing (1/3)

No. 937008

File: 1634072413069.jpg (188.55 KB, 1920x1080, catfish2.jpg)

No. 937010

File: 1634072550447.jpg (723.66 KB, 3840x2160, catfish3.jpg)

No. 937016

Hey nonnies, I'm painting something made of hard, stiff plastic. How can I go about painting it while minimizing the appearance of brush strokes? I don't have access to an open area where I can do spray painting (and I live in an apartment) so I have to paint by hand. Any specific primers and top coats to help the paint look even? I'll most likely be using acrylic paint. I tried looking up videos but most of them are about painting wood and furniture. The item is small too so I can't use one of those paint rollers on it.

No. 937017


Not really that surprising but it's nice to have confirmation. Kind of funny because nothing really changed on Twitter. Doesn't seem like anyone who was a fan of his really cares and everyone who does care already disliked him before this reveal.

No. 937026

Water down the acrylic a little and do thin layers. I’m not sure if a sponge or brush would be better.

If the plastic is too smooth, you may want to sand it a little bit with a super fine tooth paper, or the paint might be more likely to peel. Or maybe something like a gritty gesso as a base? The clear gesso I have has some grit in it.

You will definitely want to seal it with something. A proper sealant would be best but I’ve used cheap hairspray and it worked ok, don’t know if it will yellow eventually though

No. 937056

Tina01 made it so much worse by doubling down and acting like a tard

No. 937089

Using water is fine to thin the paints but if you use too much water it'll crack and flake off, so you might want to buy an acrylic medium to thin it down with. There are a bunch of them that give different effects, so do a bit of research to see what suits you best.
If the paint you're using is thin and streaky, paint a layer of white first to get more even coverage.
Acrylics are fine to use on plastic but definitely sand it or use a primer.
Brush strokes disappear easily with acrylics, you need to focus on evenly applying the paint so it's not patchy, the brush strokes disappear as it dries.

No. 937106

Going from her blog, she uses graphite and gouache in a lot of her work. She has links to her tools and process here: http://www.takada-akemi.net/howto/

No. 937110

How are you "behind?"

Preach, nonna

No. 937119

Thank you for the advice nonnas! While I was looking around, I did also find fluid acrylics, but it looks like they might not have the colors I want so I guess I'll go the acrylic paint and thinner medium route!

No. 937141

I didn't realize Daftpina was still "exposing" them after that other stuff from last week with the discord messages and stuff. I wonder what even started this entire thing? Anyway, I'm glad to have a valid reason to dislike Tinafate so much now (not that I needed one, but y'know)

No. 937145


Look into miniature painting for techniques like for Warhammer minis. Warhammer also sells paints that are already thinned down but are also pricey. Alternatives may be paints used for airplane model kits/ war machinery kits like tanks and stuff. Vallejo comes to mind in that case.

No. 937165

Omg this is great, thanks anon!!

No. 937204

Read this subthread and wondered how such generic prettygirl art could make any artist feel insecure. Work on developing yourself and interesting art will follow. Don't copy other artists or compare yourself, find what you like to draw or make and focus on that. The rest will follow. If all you care about is internet stats you can make fanart and prettygirl art and burn out in a few years like every young artist does. Or focus on yourself and your own interests and artistic explorations, and continue making art for many years to come, with natural improvement a part of that.

No. 937250

30 is fucking old in the social media sphere for art. I’m surrounded by teens and twenty-somethings who are miles ahead of me in terms of skill and reach. It’s annoying to see a 22-year-old whine about a kid. They could in a worst position like where I’m at.

No. 937253


>30 is fucking old in the social media sphere for art

That really depends on who you follow though. If you're in some fandom like genshin impact or cookie run, then yeah you'll be surrounded by kids. It all comes down to searching for people around your age, because they do exist in the art sphere- they're just harder to find because they tend to mind their business instead of screeching on twitter and drooling over fictional characters like kids do. Kids in the art community are a lot more vocal on social media hence why it often seems like they're all that there is, but that's not the case at all.

And remember that more than half of the "talented" artist teens you see actually suck at fundamentals and make up by over rendering their art and masking mistakes. They're not "leagues above you" they just know how to cover up their mistakes better than you do.

No. 937304

> 30 is fucking old in the social media sphere for art
If you only draw chinese cartoons then sure, but even then there's exceptions. Do you think 30 year old artists just go "pooff" out of nowhere and disappear? This is so dumb.

No. 937305

You know maybe you would get better at art if you stopped whinning about younger people and drew something instead. You really think life is over at 30 but you need to get this shit out of your head. Chill out and draw.

No. 937308

Anon who cares about age? Do you draw because drawing makes you happy? Or to show these kids you're better than them? Like, what's your goal here? Anyone can learn how to do shit at any age they want. There's 20 year olds that draw better than you but also 70 year olds that also draw better than you. I think the biggest problem here isn't social media or other people, it's your and your self esteem. You're sabotaging yourself thinking it's too late to learn things when I know there's 40, 50, 60 year olds who just also started drawing yesterday and nobody can stop them because they're enjoying themselves. You're acting like 30 is haggard grandma with dementia time when in actuallity 30 is still very fucking young.
Stop looking at what kids do and focus on your own self.

No. 937309

I’m following a ton of artists on YouTube and not a single one is under 30

No. 937315

omfg i literally said in the last thread that tina was such an obvious scrote.

God these fucking internet coomers really cannot tell the difference between another larping coomer and a real woman

No. 937330

im the anon that made the original salt post and i will admit a large part of my worry is internalized concern about "neuroplasticity" shit from /ic/
that place was so bad for me when i was young and still drawing every day, and it still fucks me up even now.
reading everyone's replies has been helpful, though. thanks lc

No. 937332

Thank you! So interesting to see her process!

No. 937360

>Anyway, I'm glad to have a valid reason to dislike Tinafate so much now
a mindset like this is such fucking cancer and why all these petty callouts in the community happen in the first place. You don't need am oral reason to dislike an artist's artwork, you just block/mute and move on

No. 937368

Lol relax anon. I don't take part in any callouts.
>You don't need am oral reason to dislike an artist's artwork, you just block/mute and move on
Yes, hence why I also said that I didn't actually need one. Anyway, this is the art salt and discussion thread, I don't have to "move on".

No. 937456

That place is a dumpster fire. Shame all those resources and art books are tied to such a trainwreck of a board.

No. 937501

File: 1634138955410.png (919.64 KB, 907x1485, nixeunft.png)

So looks like Nixeu made a new account to try to get into more NFT's without being judged for it. The artist is literally a nobody yet retweeted by nixeu, even funnier is that some of the art posted by this "Ezis" is literally the same art that was posted by W00neul (nixeu's previous account, that you can still find traces off of google).

No. 937518

File: 1634140670545.png (148.79 KB, 876x452, nixeubidding.png)

Samefagging but now she's literally bidding on her own nft's to pump up the price.

No. 937561

The boobs literally look like an ass lmao.

I kind of get what you’re saying though. I’ll be 22 soon and I drew a lot as a teen because it was the only thing I had going for me, but once I got out of high school I started drawing significantly less because I had no one to impress or share my art with anymore. I was mostly drawing because I thought it was my identity. So I spent a few years working through some mental health and insecurity issues while only drawing occasionally. Now I’m slowly trying to get back into it for my own enjoyment but I feel a little insecure about the time I “wasted.”

Being surrounded by teens on social media can definitely make you feel old, but who knows if they’re even going to stick with it. Most of the artists I admired in the past (and still do) were older than me anyway. Teens are usually uncreative and just go with the trends.

No. 937616

You know all brains retain some form of neuroplasticity as you age?
It's not the 70's anymore. People get into hobbies and learn new things all the time. I guess older generations back then didn't do it because they were adamant about learning new things. But you can do it, anyone can do it. If you stimulate the brain, "neuroplasticity" will take place to accomodate this new learning.
I imagine you are a millenial, so let me tell you something as a fellow millenial myself: We don't have to be what others tell us we are, we don't have to do what others tell us we should do. Who gives a fuck. You're your own person, and an adult at that. Work on your self esteem and you'll see how much you're self sabotaging yourself. Your brain is more mature than those teens and will let you learn better than them. Teens are literal retards compared to adults. Take that advantage and stop focusing on others.
Imagine caring so much about what some retarded loser scrotes on 4chan have to say lmao
Go outside and find real art friends and you'll see there's a lot of them over 30.

No. 937636

No need to fret, nonny. You still have a lot of time ahead of you, there's no such thing as being too late to improve.

Don't forget that kids these days have easier access to buying a drawing tablet, more art programs available to them, and abundance of resources at their fingertips. Go at your own pace and focus on drawing what you love while learning new skills.

Not to mention a lot of these so-called skilled young artists mostly care about clout from their followers. Another anon here mentioned how they burn out quicker too, don't let that be you.

No. 937677

Nft artists really are desperate.

No. 937683

Does anyone here know any good Spanish speaking art youtubers? I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a while and have been watching Spanish let’s plays to improve my listening skills but would like some nice art videos too, especially so I can learn more words/phrases related to art.

No. 937689

Digital art nonnies, do you have any advice on keeping a steady hand with tablet pens? My line art comes out wobbly everytime and I don't know if there's a proper fix on that.

No. 937691

Try searching for art programs that feature built in stabilizers like CSP, Krita or SAI. For Photoshop you gotta pay for Lazy Nezumi Pro because PS doesn't have a built in stabilizer. I don't know about Procreate.

No. 937772

I’m genuinely so glad I live in the real world and not online like you. I’m also very grateful that I went to a school with a nice art program. All the professors there are amazing artists who are 35-65 and about 1/4 of the students were 25+. I’m so glad I had these people in my life, so I never developed your mindset. I mean this in the nicest way, but please get off the internet. Please look into your local community’s art scene and meet actual artists your age

No. 937813

that place is a hellhole and the last place you’d want to go to learn how to do art. their art book threads are great, but you’ll just get a bunch of wild animals tearing each other apart trying to prove they’re better than one another.
but neuroplasticity and art is kinda BS because even past like 30, a lot of artists that do art for a job have to actively learn new methods or tools for their work.
Hell most independent atelier schools are mostly full of old people in like, advanced figure drawing classes. it’s really never too late because you’ll be learning for the rest of your life and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either.

No. 937873

File: 1634164103072.jpg (98.8 KB, 662x1024, 1634162252333m.jpg)

Add copying art to the list of sins alongside catfishing and farming underaged nudes from discord.

No. 937930

Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion on the thread but here i go. While I think it's a good thing the dude was called out, I find this pretty fucking crazy he was initially doxxed because of a "haha le MILF Sora with the Mario crown XD" drawing. Cause, yes, this is what initially caused all this, not the racist or grooming allegations or the catfishing.
In the end i don't really care for the scrote cause he's made more than just a shitty drawing but i find it kinda disturbing that the catalyst of a doxx can be a shitty, trashy drawn joke that the twitter crowd didn't like.

No. 937994


Procreate brushes have a setting called Streamline which smooths your strokes. I have my sketchy brush at a low % and my inking brush at 100%.

Also it depends on your tablet? I had a Surface Pro for a while but cause the underlying tech sucked, my lines were wobbly no matter what I did.

No. 938034

You could try cheking Estudio Katastrófico (vidrel)
Also there was for a while a trend with spanish speaking art youtubers called "ruleta challenge", you could try putting that on the search bar and look through the artists you find to see if they're your type
obv if it just gives you non art related vids just add "dibujo" in front of it will probably work

No. 938103

Its not just the Sora thing. Lots of people called him out for being cringy about the grooming apology and his other questionable art.

No. 938138

This guy has been a sex pest to minors on discord and copying other people's art without shame for a long time. Apparently Daftpina has been sitting on his dox for a while, only releasing it now after he was doubling down on the racial slurs and taunting haters about his his low effort "pedo" art.

No. 938491

People are just joking around when they say private qrt means people are talking shit about them right?

No. 938674

Nah it seriously bothers them. From what I understand though, it's mostly latinos just QRT with emojis, tagging friends or 'jajaja' in their privs to not bother the reply section

No. 938734

I mean, that does happen sometimes.

No. 938790

I am so tired of black nail polish in every fanart I see, I wan it to die off

No. 938919

No, they're legitimately paranoid. Which is dumb because my private QRTs aren't usually negative. My private account is for sharing stuff with my close friends.

No. 938934

I realized i'm 2 times more productive on a screenless tablet than on my big expensive display and it's killing me. I set a timer and in 1 hour on a screenless tablet i finished my sketch and my lineart and was starting to lay out my flat colours but on the fucking display i just finished my sketch and was barely starting my lineart. Still don't understand how i'm managing to do that

No. 938937

I don't mind if it's a character that already has black nailpolish but it's true that it's getting boring and unoriginal when it's every "uwu quirky" western twitter artist adding it to each new mediocre popular character of the week.

No. 938968

Oh girl I feel that. I made the switch to a display tablet earlier this year and it took me a good 4 months of daily work on the new one to get efficient enough on it. People always act like a screenless tablet is so much harder to use but the learning curve was much steeper for me to use a display instead. It's a long process, but I believe in you Nona.

No. 938998

Photoshop has Smoothing, it works as a stabilizer as far as I know.

No. 939032

Huh? Like just characters? Because I get it if its like a gothic character or something.

No. 939046

Nailpolish is cute on character designs but I'm tired of seeing everyone do it too lol

No. 939054

CSP stabilization tool is the best choice IMO.

No. 939211

you need to actually train your line confidence, it is a major skill in learning to draw

and auto stabilizers in programs are a crutch and they will hold back your potential

No. 939271


>auto stabilizers in programs are a crutch and they will hold back your potential

I don't see how that's the case? Many times someone's hand shaking is out of their control. You sound like those teachers saying that you need to learn how to draw without rulers because "they are a crutch".

No. 939287

Anon sounded like a beginner with digital art, many people struggle with that, specially if they were used to the friction between pencil and paper. Stabilizers can help in the transition from traditional to digital. There is no point in gatekeeping tools, they are meant to be used.

No. 939478

NTA but that anon is right kek, learning to draw without rulers is the way to go if you're serious about trying to git gud because it trains line confidence, it's literally the first exercise in draw a box for beginners to learn how to draw good lines.
>Many times someone's hand shaking is out of their control
how do you think people get better at steadying their hand? kek

No. 939516

ntayrt but this is very true. I don't think anon was talking about people who have legit tremors/shaky hands/whatever. Learning how to draw long strokes as smooth as possible is important, it speeds up your work flow and improves confidence when putting down lines. I've watched a ton of other artists who just rely on the stabilizers and their lineart takes soooo loooong to finish and looks very tedious.

No. 939640

This is such a stupid thing to argue. It's there for a mechanical reason, tablets have natural jitter because of the pen trying to be located. Its not a crutch for people, it's a crutch for technology. Even expensive tablets, like the high-end Wancoms, have a small difference between where the pen is. It's not because people can't do art.

And btw, even high-profile artists who do traditional use things like rulers or special pens/pencils can have added weights to keep the lines pressed down more. If this is the logic people want to go off of, you might as well call Ctrl+Z a crutch because real artists don't make mistakes.

No. 939646


Steady hand exercises are more useful for traditional art than digital. Paper has more friction, after all. In digital said friction is reduced and so the pen slides around more, which even for an artist with a steady hand can result in a wobbly line here and there.

The tool exists for a reason. Why be such a purist? What's wrong with digital artists using the tools art programs give them? If that's the case then kindly get rid of all of your rulers and compasses as well as erasers because a True Artist should be able to draw with a steady hand without rulers and therefore make near no mistakes. This isn't about confidence at all.

No. 939673

Obviously if you're going to do perspective and need clean straight lines, a ruler is the way to go, no one is arguing against that, I specifically mentioned in my post that it's a crutch if you want to git gud, if you're just a hobbyist trying to slowly improve at your own pace you can do whatever the fuck you'd like, but if you're actually aiming to up your technical skills stabilizers are absolutely a crutch. Not trying to be a purist retard here, I'm just replying because this retarded stabilizer cope is dismissing actually good and useful advice as 'gatekeeping tools' and other retarded 'then Ctrl+z is also a crutch!!!' arguments

No. 939692

the original anon just said that their line art was being wobbly on their tablet and they wanted a way to fix that, so people brought up stabilizers to fix the problem the anon had asked about. that's all there is, nobody here was talking about using crutches to improve ffs.

No. 939795

File: 1634334387688.jpg (48.23 KB, 390x390, IMG_2285.jpg)

Has anyone else here dealt with friends asking for art advice and refusing to listen to it? For example:
X: Anon tell me how to draw like you!
Me: start by drawing from life, doing studies, etc.
X: But realism isnt my style!

Learning how to draw isnt an "art style" you mong. Sage for rant? Im no old master but at least i have the humility to do basic drawing exercises.

No. 939832

I entered an art discussion group on some social media (pretty sure it was on Insta) 4 or so years ago and I befriended this one person over similar interests. Their art was shitty anime style with absolutely zero concept of anatomy, proportions and perspective, as if they had never even tried to study the basics. My art wasn't perfect, I was in my late teens at the time and pretty much drew exclusively anime, but I was at a skill level decent enough to be able to give out basic advice on anatomy. That person kept asking me to "help them" and "teach them how to draw humans like I do", and well, I saw them as a friend so I did it.

They'd either straight out shoot a "but I don't draw realism at all, I want to have an anime-like style!" or flat out ignore all of the advice I gave (advice that THEY asked me to give). After god knows how many months of putting up with them I finally got sick of their shit because it was always the same thing, over and over. Ask for advice, ignore said advice, their art didn't improve in the slightest, and they continued to annoy me. They'd use models from MikuMikuDance as anatomy reference instead of photos or proper human 3D models, all they wanted was for me to "teach them how to draw anime" without bringing in "realism". They just wanted to learn anatomy from anime.

Saged, sorry for the long sperg but here's my experience. TL;DR if you ever meet someone who says "I don't do realism" when you give them art advice, ignore them because they don't want real art advice.

No. 939906

It's so frustrating watching TD draw or looking at her art because of her bad habit of drawing the characters' eyes too close together. I don't understand how she doesn't see how messed up and wonky it looks. especially because she draws big eyes for her cartoon style.

Like if she just made the eyes at least one eye apart from each other, it would look a lot better.

No. 939912

Concurred. I try to talk about art as little as possible with these friends because its infuriating.

I dont let them see my art either. I dont want to hear compliments from a supposed "artist" who doesnt take art seriously. You could be as good as me if you bothered to practice, yk.

No. 939917


>tablets have natural jitter because of the pen trying to be located

>Even expensive tablets, like the high-end Wancoms

this is literally just not true, high end tablets have virtually no parallax

you have to actually train your skills to improve them, sorry that there is no way around that.

No. 939924

Parallax isn't the sole contributor.

No. 939936

what topics do you guys wish art channels would talk about?

No. 939942

anything as long as they don't become an art commentary channel.

on a more serious note, more stuff about human anatomy in general, but things like how it gets affected by perspective and interesting camera angles (such as foreshortening).

No. 939989

might just be me, but I always felt like slapping heavy rgb effects on a drawing then calling it finished comes off as lazy.

No. 939996

RGB adds a cool effect on a drawing when done right and in moderation, but constantly using it on everything (even doodles) definitely feels like a clutch I see a lot of young artists rely on.

No. 940000

I like art channels that either talk about or show their own creative process. Conceptualizing to final product process, character designing, studying tips, and growth in general are all topics I like to watch. I also like art critique videos where viewers send in pieces for the artist to give points of improvement, but only from established pro artists who have industry experience.

No. 940297

It can look cool sometimes, but some artists use it to the point where it hurts to look at their art, which kind of defeats the purpose of posting it.

Seconding this, knowing how other artists think while they draw or what their reasoning is helps me a lot more than just looking at the finished thing, and it’s interesting to see how different our creative processes are.

No. 940315

I knew someone like this in university. Bitched and moaned about having to take figure drawing and basically did fuck all during the class. Her anatomy is absolutely awful and she gets sad looking at other people’s art, but you could never tell her to take figure drawing seriously because she would always reply “ItS jUsT mY sTyLe”
And surprise surprise, she’s a weeb with a portfolio full of bad anime

No. 940366

File: 1634406783683.png (55.14 KB, 2048x1442, 260AD4DB-8300-4703-B3A9-381F00…)


What the hell is heartmush’s writing? She should stick to her messy unfinished art

No. 940684

people who write like this are people who usually have mediocre narrative writing skills and can't describe things in an interesting or impactful way, so they resort to using all of these WaCkY lettering-like effects.

Not too different from artists who have 0 fundamental skills and cover up their art's shitty anatomy by overloading their art with effects and over-rendering instead of actually learning the basics.

No. 940844

This reminds me of how people used to setup roleplay threads on gaia online lol

No. 940895

Anons, how likely are the chances of being able to make a good living from freelance art? I work a day job in a different field so my finances are being taken care of, but I hate this soul crushing job and would like to transition to freelance illustration eventually. I think my skills are already there since I‘m getting some high paying commissions already. And of course I would keep practicing and studying to get better. But to get enough constant freelance work to have a constant income, pay for self employment taxes and invest for retirement still seems impossibly far away. I will still try but it seems like that‘s what everyone wants to do nowadays and I don‘t know how realistic it is.

No. 941179

Honestly I think it can be potentially possible to support yourself being a freelance artist but it's a lot of luck and you have to have a really big or very loyal following and audience. You pretty much have to count on being able to make a couple sales every month and that's what's the most difficult thing about doing freelance art fulltime because you might have some months where you do very well and then have months where you struggle.

The best thing I would suggest though is try to hang in there a little longer with your current job. Save as much as you can so you can have a safety net. Set yourself a little money goal of savings and when you hit it or at the very least get close to hitting it, then you can try and put your full-time freelance journey into motion knowing that if push comes to shove, you'll at least have some backup savings for the harder months.

You said that you already make some high paying commission jobs already and that's a good sign since it shows that there are people who are willing to pay a lot for your work. The problem though is how likely would you be to continue to get those high paying commissions on a daily basis?

In the meantime though, another thing you can try to supplement your income is do some merch design to make passive income. If your art is really as good as you say, you probably could find a little market in this. Redbubble, Teespring, Society6, etc. Try designing some designs to put on merch and have that on the side. And if you're crafty yourself, you could even make the merch yourself and sell on Etsy.

The point is don't quit your day job right away just yet. Make sure to plan and save a good amount of money for a safety net before you go through with this. Because honestly the only people I usually see making a good living from being a freelance artist are usually porn artists, artists who are able to get gigs working for studios, and those who are supported by a spouse who doesn't mind them having a freelance job.

I hope this helps anon.

No. 941212

I would say to keep marketing. You might have commissions now, but who's to say a few months later, when the people interested already got their commissions, if they will be return customers? Also, the fact that you are competing with other commissioners. You also have to register as a personal business if you plan to make a living off of this and that includes high taxes for independents like you. I don't know if you've ever done taxes already like this since you also have a different job that doesn't sound freelance, so you probably get some kind of W-2 or 1099.

I think as long as you don't only keep it at commissions, you might be okay, but you have to reach out to other things like merch, put in the time for that cost as well, and probably expect to be doing this job 24/7 instead of having a day off. At least you could take your time. I wouldn't quit my job as is, but also taxes on self-employment suck and will probably cancel out with a bit of your tax return as is.

I'm sorry, but my mind immediately goes to worrying about consistent customers. You can get a nice wave for a few months, but you might have seen how all those little indie designers and whatnot are doing since the pandemic is lessening and on TikTok and Reddit and Twitter a lot of people are complaining about drop-off orders and interest.

No. 941214

Just to add in, you could also learn furry and NSFW art as those customers always have big money on hand if your work is good enough. Especially furry artists. There's a guy known in the scene who is a neurosurgeon and he spends BANK on gigantism furries and some anons have probably heard about the Wonder Bread guy. Beautiful fantasy work might be good for DnD people, but you have a better chance at getting picked up as a concept artist in that case from a studio.

You might want to try that, though. Backgrounds, character sheets [turn arounds], expression sheets.. Things that you can market into other artistic areas as well and not just focus on only commissions. This way you could get picked up by someone maybe if you submit a portfolio or make a business twitter with pieces of it, interact with other artists, get someone in the industry to follow you. Also pander the fuck out of your art. Draw whats popular so it gets the attention of other artists.

No. 941227

I fucking hate taking commissions, not because I have to draw for others or there are thing I don't want to draw, but because my brain turns into mush when I do. It's like my skills disappear. I could be drawing something for myself and I'd finish it in a day, but if it's a commission suddenly I have no ideas, I've forgotten how to color, nothing looks right and I take a lot of time to finish it.

No. 941235

Anon, do you black out while drawing? I attempted to explain this to my boyfriend, but it's like once I start I don't know how I finished something. Like the skills, if asked on the stop, I don't have, but when I focus, it's like my brain isn't working, but my hands know what they are doing and I'm almost like a 3rd person view of it all. It's so fucking weird and it makes trying to make a piece look like my last feel 10x more pressure.

No. 941440

AYRT, thank you and the other anons for your thoughtful replies. I‘m definitely not there yet - my art is good enough to get me commissions, but not enough and consistently that I could reliably live on it. I see more skilled artists than me struggle to make a living and that makes me scared to go full freelance. Your point about the irregularity of commission work is definitely my biggest worry too.
My ideal situation would probably be to work on commercial projects and illustrations as a freelancer but I lack industry connections. I will keep putting myself out there and hopefully it will work out as I get better and can build a better portfolio.

No. 941450

File: 1634505928089.jpg (853.37 KB, 3835x3000, FB7GoifUUAER5IR.jpg)

anatomy wasnt a priority here i see

No. 941520

Oh my god nonnies I get like this too! I thought it was just me. I've been trying so goddamn hard to do commissions because I get asked all the time and I do want to see if I can make money on my art, kind of a confidence thing. But when I actually sit down to draw, I find it so difficult to get the ideas flowing and have to almost physically push myself to draw. And I burnout super quickly!
I'm suspecting, at least in my case, it's because personally I think if anyone is paying me money to draw (And this is a mindset nurtured over years of non-artist family member comments) it needs to look like the fucking sistine chapel or I feel like I've wasted not only my time, but their money. I also fear that I'll look back at it and get upset that it's not as good as I could have made it now and want to redo it completely for the client.

No. 941527

How can absolutely anyone find this sexy? It’s so idiotic.

No. 941534

File: 1634512163462.png (162.02 KB, 1182x588, Screenshot 2021-10-18 at 01.06…)

Does anyone know what fandom she means?

No. 941539

Lmao looks like they drew it with one hand while jerking off with the other

No. 941544

The face is so cute but then the body is just the shape of a tipped over plate of spaghetti

No. 941551

Probably the Supernatural fandom. She used to draw a lot of fanart on Tumblr but ended up getting excommunicated after pushing back against other fans wanting to censor Supernatural fan work on AO3. Essentially Elicia was a pro-shipper before the term really took off. Ever sense, she's been receiving hate mail from other Supernatural fans.

No. 941554

>Working on a commission for nine years

No. 941566

>I see more skilled artists than me struggle to make a living and that makes me scared to go full freelance.

Yeah I've seen some really good artists with 30k+ followers post something really good and hit 10k likes in a few hours, and in the next post say something like "they're cutting my shifts at Starbucks and I'm not sure I can make rent" and that's kind of sobering for a small artist like me.

No. 941571

File: 1634516728969.png (141.06 KB, 883x737, EliciaDonzeSupernatural.PNG)


Yup looks like I was right. Supernatural fans have been jumping down her throat for nearly a decade.

No. 941576

This is scary. It's like a cult.

No. 941610

I can't believe that Supernatural spergs are still going this strong in current year, but it also isn't surprising at all. This is just ye old tumblr behavior that never dies

No. 941621

Supernatural fandom insanity is evergreen. I wouldn't wish those horny, hateful gremlins on anybody. Full sympathy for Elicia tbh.

No. 941631

I think she means she's been making Supernatural fanart for 9 years and it pays half her rent for the year, but she needs to drop it due to harassment.

No. 941634

This is an extremely small space too, about half the size of a ballroom at a convention center. Fuck this bitch and her gigantic table for her generic ass anime prints.

Also hi fellow nz farmers

No. 941635

No problem anon believe me I'd love to quite my day job and do art fulltime as well but I'm just not able to do that yet neither and I just think that unless you have the audience and/or support to do it, it's best to plan ahead and continue to market yourself until you feel comfortable enough to leave you job. Just remember that there is no rush so don't push yourself too hard to the point were you potentially burn yourself out.

No. 941641

File: 1634520573779.png (212.53 KB, 537x808, EliciaDonzeSupernatural2.PNG)

These nutjobs acts as if she tried to assassinate another artist or something. Some people really take their love of fictional series way too far.

No. 941649

Terminally online behavior right there.

No. 941654

File: 1634522375032.jpg (41.01 KB, 500x491, EbS0ihSXYAEUTVo.jpg)


How are these people so unawares how insane they are, seriously need to go outside to touch some fucking grass.

No. 941838

That's exactly what I think when I'm doing commissions. So maybe it's anxiety? I guess that when I'm doing something without the pressure ideas flow better because I know that even if I fuck up, nothing is going to happen.

I don't really black out, although I do have a very messy and irregular process that's not "mechanical" and can't be applied to everything. Sometimes I forget what I did, and if I record the process or use a cleaner method then the piece ends up looking like shit.

No. 941891

>Yeah I've seen some really good artists with 30k+ followers post something really good and hit 10k likes in a few hours, and in the next post say something like "they're cutting my shifts at Starbucks and I'm not sure I can make rent" and that's kind of sobering for a small artist like me.
There's more into being able to make a living as freelancer artist than just pure skill; i'd say skill is only 60-70% of it. Depending on a country, managing your own business you'll need to have to be a freelancer legally, managing taxes, healthcare, contracts with clients etc is a hard work that some people are just not capable / willing to do. Some really good artists are not willing to monetize their art at all just because they don't want to turn a past time hobby into a career. Don't let these numbers discourage you, these people just may not even seek the same thing you want for yourself.

No. 942014

God I fucking hate labels like “pro-shipper”, ”anti-shipper” and all that shit. I don’t ship, but it’s fucking weird that if a person just says “I like to ship x with x”, asshole children run at the fence yelling about how op likes “incest/pedophilia/ect.” because they used the word “ship”. Like, what the fuck happened to just letting people write shit and ignoring it if it’s weird?

No. 942021

because now everyone is expected to be morally and socially perfect which means you can only like, create and indulge pure and harmless content because people are too terminally online nowadays to be able to separate fiction from reality.

more than half of these problems would be solved if these people just understood that a bunch of pixels is in the end meaningless and cannot directly harm anyone and most of the time if it does harm someone it's their own fault for choosing to consume said content. yeah there are cases where fictional content can influence people's actions for the worse but believing that happens 100% of the time is as stupid as those parents who think that violent videogames makes teenagers want to become school shooters or satanists.

No. 942027

File: 1634569386449.jpeg (130.42 KB, 750x202, 1E55B227-5CC2-4E0A-AF18-36EFD5…)

I know why, but sometimes I wish the person would post the email of the harasser

No. 942142

They are. They emails aren't coming from real emails people own and use.

No. 942157

File: 1634580080509.jpeg (273.54 KB, 2048x1575, 62F3FA39-F374-4D46-B6DF-F6D89D…)

What a glow up, artists really show you what they think of women

No. 942161

How the fuck is she even holding her phone in the second pic? Mediocre artists really only learn how to draw hands in three positions before thinking it's enough.

No. 942267

lol, goes from "great anatomy in need of some polishing" to "well polished but fucked anatomy."

I've seen this style of "growth" in art enough times that I think it deserves to be dubbed the "Sakimi Evolution."

No. 942299

Please tell me right is the more recent one

No. 942305

I know Rumiko might be still doing art these days, but is Akemi? That pic is from 1989 btw.

I'm glad there are some female anime/manga artists that are still doing what they love. I've read too much about women quitting art after marriage to raise kids and become house wives.

No. 942309

(same anon)

disregard, I didn't scroll down far enough, it does looks like she still draws!

No. 942316

File: 1634588364330.png (358.37 KB, 549x762, beidou.PNG)

yes it is. I believe anon was pointing out the change in the anatomy.

No. 942317

"big mommy dommy"

No. 942321

I'm now convinced that if your "glow up" is getting better at rendering, your trade that out with your basic anatomy knowledge. Sakimichan behavior.

No. 942441

sage for no milk. what I'm guessing is that they're trying to do something similar to Typography Contemporary Art that can come off pretentious to those who aren't familiar with the medium. Though for real, the purpose is convey Text into Art in which the message is cryptic but concise into collage of pictures (usually up to five photos).
This entire thread is… nothing like that. seems like a try hard attempt at a new medium. I stopped reading as i saw its a (1/13) thread filled of pictures that seems to yield of nothing but a waste of time for those who bother to read (and pity likes).

Also unrelated, heartmush used to reply to my arts way back then with typical twitter artist suck-up messages "luvvv ur arts heart emojis". I just never bothered to reply, only to find out later they had already unfollowed me lol. A lot of times I feel like these artists only exist for online validation and nothing else.

No. 942473

File: 1634598880070.jpg (256.83 KB, 1080x1213, IMG_20211018_181147.jpg)

This reads to me like the artist is seething hard

No. 942493

File: 1634601979895.jpeg (250.41 KB, 1125x1512, D6409FC6-CF2A-4803-B504-8D88B5…)

I was curious about the whole tinafate callout fiesta and surprised to see the same coomer clique is under the reply

I recognized this artist, went to check on their twitter and it seems that this QRT has been deleted

No. 942540

dont know if you're a newfag or just forgot, but you sage by typing sage in the email

No. 942606

the mods on the subreddit removed the post at his request lol but he's playing it off on twitter like he totally doesn't care.

No. 942607

kek the moment these butthurt artists post about people criticizing their art on twitter and try to play it off as sassy or witty comebacks it just means they're insecure as fuck about their skill and are afraid of criticism. pathetic as hell.

No. 942610

File: 1634615539737.jpg (261 KB, 500x744, Homecoming_final.jpg)

Are there any current mainstream female artists who don't paint typical insta shit (witches, Miyazaki stuff, fruits, etc.), don't have cutesy style, and don't drown all their work in pastel colors? The only woman I can think of who doesn't do those things is Karla Ortiz (pic rel)

No. 942613

File: 1634616290706.png (377.91 KB, 475x548, 0.png)

I like Alex Garant's art. picrel. The double vision effect is her shtick.

No. 942618

File: 1634616742213.png (2.94 MB, 1280x1886, tumblr_25a23cf77fae8d14ae9f41e…)

Vetyr might be up your alley.
Also, would it be alright to share general female artists we like here? I'd like to post more art I like and get more reccomendations too, though I have different taste from OP

No. 942623

I think there is a thread specifically for female artist on here if that's what you're looking for.

No. 942624

File: 1634617222270.png (4.17 MB, 2000x2319, blindsight_by_vetyr_dcje8gy.pn…)

Oh wow, nta but thank you I'm obsessed I'm obsessed

No. 942663

File: 1634621114154.png (1.43 MB, 1094x552, artofyayu.png)

artofyayu, her work is the same stuff over and over but I love it nonetheless

No. 942686

File: 1634626611512.jpg (81.54 KB, 768x1024, shdaman irl.jpg)

so shadman has been on a spiral because of drugs, and is cutting ties with all his friends, shittalking cory and oney and the like on twitter, posting disgusting pics of his living conditions and telling everyone to fuck themselves. An old friend of his posted photos of him on kiwifarms. He looks exactly how you'd expect

No. 942689

File: 1634626736473.png (2.74 MB, 2402x964, tablet comparison.png)

No. 942701

Wait shittalking cory and oney? I tried looking through his twitter and just saw him mentioning getting “fan mail” could you post the tweets?

No. 942702

NTAYRT, but he went through and deleted all those random, cry for help tweets last night after the face doxx.

No. 942704

I'm more shook that shadbase/shadman friends with oneyG, I thought those youtuber-animators that migrated from newgrounds are already caught up with woke culture now. I mean, look at Polygon (which has a lot of former circle) disowned Nick Robison.

No. 942711

>He looks exactly how you'd expect
Sort of, but to be honest I would expect him to be much, much fatter. Older too, but I guess those are old pictures.

No. 942720

A lot of these same animators shit on Egoraptor for being woke and deciding not to associate with his previous image. I highly doubt they’re going to change their edgy politically incorrect ways that made them popular in the first place. It’s not surprising that Oney or his friend group is friends with shad’s degenerate ass considering they’re all into gross offensive shit.

No. 942722

Oney has a show on Adult Swim. Shad isn't like the rest of these guys regardless of his shitty personality.

No. 942723

Shadman getting his face doxxed and getting addicted to heroin are the best news I could get this morning, massive kek

No. 942724

Hopefully the drugs makes him stay far away from little girls.

No. 942725

So? My point was that they were all buddies at one point because they bond over the stupid shit that they come up with . It’s not shocking at all that they’re friends.

So what the fuck race is he anyway?

No. 942728

File: 1634634306559.jpeg (145.66 KB, 1125x1777, FB3AF98B-54C6-4517-9EDF-9AEC4C…)

just took this directly from kiwifarm.
Feel free to browse the thread yourselves.


I am about to go to sleep with the knowledge that this dude also drew porn of his mom. The image is being shared on reddit right now.

No. 942841

don't trust anything this pedo says, hope this freak burns all his bridges and fucks off the internet forever

No. 942970

Jesus Christ, how do you go from having nice, realistic but appealing anatomy to… whatever the fuck that creature is? She’s so stretched out and unnatural now

No. 943001


coomer brain disease + getting validation from other coomers and horny freaks.

i checked this dude's twitter, he's surrounded by other cumbrains who sided with him in >>942473 >>942493 in situations like these there's nothing more to do, guy's lost. all he cares about is tits and ass no matter how warped the anatomy is.

No. 943011

I like zines, anthologies, multiple artist collab projects and such, but for some reason when it's huge artists/established artists doing it I can't help but cringe and frown at. I don't know how to explain, but when I see these artist collab projects between huge artists it just feels prepotent to me for some reason. Like when big youtubers or random rich people or random celebs get together to do some collab project and try to play off said project as something amazing and never seen before when it's actually just a normal project like any other but with famous names tied to it. Yet when it's with smaller artists, I don't feel that way at all.

The closest example I can offer is a tarot deck project I saw a while ago on twitter where only some huge artists were selected to participate. Granted many of them were amazingly skilled, but the project as a whole just had this "holier than thou" energy to me that I couldn't shake off even though it looked cool.

Am I just an idiot or do others feel that way as well?

No. 943017

No, I totally feel this way too. They basically are forming cliques. It also makes the collab feel more like a product than an art project.

No. 943172

I am one of those artists that often being assumed of "forming secret popular cliches behind the public" several times just because, you know, sometimes you get invited to a project. And most the time I don't even know anyone in the collab except for my friend/colleagues who invited me in it.

Hell, one time I even found out one of my fellow contributors drew (anime) underage porns in their patreon, and I only learned it after they attempting to befriend me after the zine collab. Or one time, one of the artists just casually putting 9/11 joke in the art and mods just casually published the piece at it is.
Don't mind my rambling since sometimes the artist list is filled with edgelords and coomers and I can't do anything about it except bitching to whoever invited me there.

Say this is a privilege or whatever, I understand where the envy coming from, but most of the time we just want to bring a product to people (of course the organizers will have to blow smoke up everyone's ass for the sake of marketing).
Embrace your small circle of "small artists" as you call, imo having a consistent set of friends with shared interests and ideologies to complete a project here and then is a much better experience.

No. 943183

nta but i don't think it's a matter of 'envy', but rather because most of the time like >>943017 said these 'big artist collabs' feel more like they were done for the sake of clout and sales rather than a mutual passion for a topic. the way these projects are marketed also gives them an aura of 'we're better than you all and this project is proof' which alienates a huge chunk of the public and make you guys seem more like unreachable celebrities instead of well, cool skilled artists doing a cool thing. in my view tho i wouldn't blame the artists involved, but the organizers and whoever is in charge of the marketing and whatever.

No. 943226

Oh yeah, definitely. I haven't been the scene for so long except for a few invites I've had last year. I didn't participate in any PR work but I do see the need for the PR to "flex" especially when one of them is still college and just happened to learn video editing. Which is why the advertisements always seem outrageous… Another thing I was told that fandom zine scene is incredibly competitive now (insert current popular anime fandom here), for your zine to standout, you have to go all out with marketing.
There are definitely artist cliques that hold into the elite mindset and casually flux out anyone doesn't agree with them. That shit is vile and I still see them around sometimes.

No. 943261

stop putting skilled artists on a pedestal and seeing them as better than you/celebs and this envious feeling will disappear. i've seen this clique mindset at conventions and it's very lulzy to witness in person. idk, maybe it's because i don't see their skill as something unattainable or special, everyone has the ability to become good at art. it's better to make genuine art friends, and work on improving together. there's no limit on projects either, start a small art project with your friends.

No. 943329

I understand the sentiment but I think people take this too far too often. I get labeled a snobby artist only because I have decent numbers, post art and don't communicate with strangers easily. It's a bit obnoxious that people just decide to fill blanks with mean presumptions when they don't know you

No. 943399

tell us more, fellow snobby-labeled artist.

I agree with the anon above about the presumptions of popular artists though, when most of of them are incredibly introverted, if not already have mental issues and trauma associated with their online fame. I can think of the urct case mentioned in Artist Salt #32.
Sometimes a mf just wants to draw pretty and be good at it. And being an "approachable" artist is hard these days especially when you have to balance between talking to strangers online everyday and putting actual hours in your works. I tried to be "approachable" for a period of time until I earned myself a few grifters and a stalker pinned into my name. Now I don't talk to anyone who does art anymore.

sage for rants

No. 943407

Why are you guys so quick to jump on the "oh anon is jealous/envious of our fame" train and feel personally attacked when people bring up feeling alienated by artist cliques being annoying and flexing on everyone else? Not everything is about you, jesus. Two anons brought up very valid stances about PR and marketing being unnecessarily flex-y and competition also being a factor but you guys only know how to go "ooh being a popular artist is sooo harddd you're jealous", everyone knows having a fanbase is difficult because of weird fans.

Is it wrong to be popular? Nope. Is it easy being popular? Also nope. The problem being talked about however is marketing making artists seem like they're more than what they are, not your numbers on social media.

No. 943420

because we saw our past selves in there (in before Popularity) and sort of projecting, you know? It's unfair for others to put artists in such light when we just eat and shit like everyone else.

No. 943431


it's your problem if you're projecting too much, though. just like you said, big artists eat and shit like eveybody else. but the part that you guys can't seem to grasp because of your defensiveness is that a fuckton of these artists and big artist cliques are "tryhard elites" and try to make themselves seem like they're better than others for being famous, when surprise! they're just normal people.

if you're a big artist that doesn't do that type of thing, good for you and you shouldn't be feeling so attacked by criticism. this isn't about you. we're talking about the real annoying snobby ones here or at the very least about the crappy "tryhard elite" marketing some of these cliques/projects/whatever use.

No. 943437

NTAYRT, but I don't see a majority of what someone would call a 'popular' artist, pulling elite takes. There would be way more people outing artists left and right compared to the theft, tracing, baiting followers, scamming rewards for subscribers.. Than we have now. Someone like Robertoart has the elitist mentality and so does Raiq, but you have other artists on the other side who have large followings for the same type of art like TabuleyAnim and otagoth [Philmato] who don't have this same mentality, but you also have people will hardly their amounts of followers who have the same elitist attitudes.

Its not about the numbers. Its about whether the artist is a shitty person.

No. 943464

The most snobby artists tend to be the ones with the most generic vanilla ass art, and then they make their followers destroy any smaller artists that 'copied' their 'art style'. It's funny because most of these people aren't even famous with huge following because they're actually good at art, but because they draw skimpy au outfits and memes. I know a lot of genshin artists that got big in the past year or so that way.

My personal favorite are the wannabe elitist artists that only like and reply to comments of posts from artists with bigger followings than them.
The snobby artists are stupid

No. 943606

is this that genshin impact tarot set?

>zine stuff armsrace

aren't zines supposed to be cheaply made publications? Why do zines nowadays feel like a corporate product except unofficial. Gonna admit I'm not the type who's into them as a consumer or a producer though.

No. 943625

zines were made in the 70s as opposed to magazines publications. (at least in the west anyways).
Ive never seen asian anthology/doujin ever marketed that aggressively as western zine. The competition is real in here (with big fandom like FGO etc), but only occurs during convention and offline events.

No. 943626

I think op is talking about the "Corrupted Tarot" project which has started its Kickstarter. It does have a "big artist only" lineup and even has its own hashtag on twitter. That's my guess though, I only know about that thing because I follow an artist who's in it and promoted it a few times.

No. 943628


i've heard that japanese zines are just as 'difficult' and competitive as western ones, but their marketing is directed at a japanese-only public so people outside of that circle may see it less. western zines tho aim to get sales anywhere so their marketing game is off the shits.

No. 943797

Zines are supposed to be counter-culture mini pieces of work that wouldn't otherwise be published or distributed. What these artists are calling "zines" aren't zines, they're art collaborations, art books or anthologies. It's bugged me how they've turned zines into this overblown, over produced, bloated money making mess.

They should just call them like they are and stop feigning this "home made indie" feel when it's the same 8 popular artists per Fandom zine doing polished work and getting funded on kickstarter with 28 extra stickers and bookmarks and shit.

No. 943810

aww do we spot a genXer in the thread. Do enlighten us though, mostly what I've told about zines are by younger people or third-party. I'm quite interested in its history as it is different from asian anthology culture here. (especially text based self-publishing in china and socialist countries can be considered anarchism and against the law)

No. 943812

File: 1634715430189.jpg (1.3 MB, 3000x3000, 20211020_203443.jpg)

Not just stickers but shit like enamel pins and rubber straps which need a pretty penny to produce at a minimum.

Speaking of enamel pins am I the only one bothered by how nowadays anyone with money can just make them even if they can't design for shit picrel. These things feel like a waste of metal.

No. 943825

what am i looking at. This is such a waste of money considering enamel printing cost is much expensive than plastic keychains. An average pin can cost up to 300$ for minimum quantity. (100pc from what ive seen)

again, wHat am i looking at!!!! who'd want this?!

No. 943833


This looks like ass. I've seen so many shit enamel pins these days because people have no clue about design and the constraints of the masterial etc …

No. 943847

nonnies I need a bad genshin art/merch thread to assuage my schadenfreude. I saw someone mentioned Bad Art thread in here before?

No. 943860

its in m >163186

No. 943877

what the fuck is that thing? who in their right mind would even buy it?

but on the zine merch thing, i'm so tired of zines these days always coming with a fuckload of unnecessary merch. if it were just prints or a single sticker sheet or one acrylic charm then fine but now the biggest zine bundles come with so much shit that the merch alone can be as expensive as the zine book itself. it's ridiculous, just open a merch shop already.

No. 943949

For traditional doujinshis, a circle is usually just made of one person, two at most, and afaik there's not really any competition between circles, it's mostly fans releasing their own stuff regardless of the quality of the art.

No. 943982

I assume there's bloated zine merch bundles because some customers actually prefer merch as opposed to the zine, which seems like it defeats the whole purpose of making a zine but for every zine I've been in there has been a merch bundle for sale that excludes the actual zine. I guess it's to boost overall sales but also it ends up being a huge push for sales Because you need expensive merch produced. People don't have confidence that a zine could sell by itself enough to be profitable, which is sad

No. 943991

There's also this expectation of high quality enamel pins and keychains and bags and etc. at artist alley tables now. The whole process of getting expensive merch made is a hassle, design is completely different from illustration. But if you want to keep up everyone else you need a few physical trinkets at your table

No. 943992

Exactly. I have a friend who got accepted into a zine and months later they were talking to me about how absurdly high the stretch tier numbers for sales were (stuff like the first tier being at around 200 sales whcih is dang high in most fandoms) and that they had no idea what the mods were thinking when setting up those aims. Now I figure it was to cover the costs of expensive merch.

At this point I wonder if it would be better to just have artist collabs for merch only to have zines not rely on merch as much. If you aren't confident that your project will sell by itself then what was the interest check for, even?

No. 944001


I find it sad how western fan products are expected to have near official quality now. From zines to acrylic charms and enamel pics, hell even stickers, it all has to look super high quality. It went from fans doing their own merch for fun or to compensate for not being able to afford/find official merch to a super competitive market where people expect you to produce near professional-quality merchandise. I find that so silly, honestly. I follow many japanese artists that participate in cons in their own country, and they all make pretty simple but still very nice products. Zines/anthologies, doujin, even merch, it all looks way simpler than western fan products but still looks just as appealing to me as a consumer. Hell I'd rather buy one of those simpler products than to spend my penny on an overproduced metallic foil cover zine with videomarketing and 12 types of merch attached to it.

No. 944074

same, I saw Japanese artists still making really impressive laminated charms but westerners will look down on that today

No. 944084

They didn't mean doujinshis. They meant zines, they also exist in jp fandoms.

No. 944090

You're not alone. These so called high-profiled artists are no different from popular youtubers and influencers circle jerking to boost one another's popularity through a group collab. You can always smell the rancid superficiality of it all a mile away.

No. 944091

I second this, just make a collaborative merch store. If you really want illustrations make like prints. I think they do this because zines don’t have a lot of confidence in their art - went to comiket once and the difference in art quality for comiket vs us con was astounding. Obviously there’s shitty coomer art in comiket as well, but for real I realized it’s a no brainer why prints and artbooks don’t do well in the us and zines have to rely on merch as a crutch.

No. 944097

Oh, the art quality in these two differs that much? I have never been to comiket so I'm unable to judge, but I always did get the impression that while western fan products are more expensive to make and more overproduced, japanese fan products have better quality and have a more "normal" production (plus to me it feels like the products are done out of love for a series or franchise when it comes to the japanese, not just for sales)

No. 944104

Yeah, As a us con artist it was really humbling. And the merch & prints are higher quality and way cheaper there too. I really think there's more emphasis on love for the fandom in Japan. there's even a thing where artists basically give out their art for free. A bunch of Really great artists will upload their art to a system where You input their art code in convenience store printers, and you can print out the artist's art for basically free. It really makes you think about how basically everything in the us is behind a paywall.

No. 944133

In Japan doujinshi and fanmerch are considered as a legal grey area, it's technically copyright infringement. It's allowed as long as the maker isn't trying to exploit and profit TOO heavily on their fanwork. It is most definitely a labour of love in most cases. Making comics is much more labour intensive too. On top of that the books are quite expensive to produce as well and they are sold for quite cheaply (500 to 1000 yen) and most artists don't break even, let alone make profit. Like other anon said I think it is very humbling.

No. 944161


even in cons it seems to be like that. japanese cons seem a lot more "humble" in a way, like it's just…a fan event, like it's supposed to be. an event for fans to meet, chat and buy some cool merch be it official or done by other dedicated fans.

western cons feel a lot more excessive and grandious to me, it's hard to describe, but it's everything "too much". the artist vendor tables feel as if i'm entering the town's saturday fair with sellers trying to sell all of their stock before evening. it's just money, money. there may be some love in between, but it really feels like it was just for max profit.

i understand some artists make a living out of selling merch and such, but to me it all feels so soulless now. it makes me a bit sad, because now i feel no different when deciding between buying an official keychain of a character i like or a fanmade western one because both will be products made to be sold and that's it.

No. 944241

I really hate how the trend at artist alley is now cheap plastic crap. idk it feels dirty that artists want to do this ~indie, small business~ aesthetic then everything they sell was mass manufactured at an asian sweatshop. It's not hard at all to create your own stickers and keychains. and every artist alley factory-made acrylic keychain I've owned started peeling and tearing after 1 year.

No. 944253

Japanese fans and copyright holders have a mutual understanding–companies will look the other way as long as you don't compete with official merchandise. Doujinshi with original stories and art which are on par with mangaka are sold at cost of printing the book, usually $3 or less for a 30-page book. Doujin events are good for the companies too as future mangaka are scouted there. Now compare this to the shitshow that are American artist alleys, where copyright holders don't have any rights or eyes present, so anything goes and booths are packed with low-skill bootleggers looking to make a few thousand bucks then disappear.

No. 944261


>and every artist alley factory-made acrylic keychain I've owned started peeling and tearing after 1 year.

THIS! It's almost like those keychains were made to be exhibited instead of being used as you know, keychains. If that's the case then these merch artists might as well start making acrylic standees instead.

No. 944302

artists didn't stop there in case you're naive. They're already making plushies that could rival official merch for example.

No. 944306

How is that bad.

No. 944330

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the idea is If you make merch too close to what official companies do like plushies and those bean pod things, you are now doing things that used to be only big-scale manufacturing items that companies had monopoly of and could make bank off of. I don't think we're talking about those dakimakura things, it's like the genshin impact plushies that legitimately you can't distinguish from official products. If you keep fucking with the big companies, they might just pull the plug and crack down on all fan merch. Does anyone have a good example? I can't think of one off the top of my head but I've been seeing those float around lately and it's also made me scared for the future of fan merch.

No. 944332

Would you guys want to go to a US comiket if you could?

No. 944334

Jp/cn/kr companies don't care about fanmerch like west companies do. They won't release any statement banning people from making merch anytime soon, so don't worry lol.
Plushies and manjuus have been a thing since ages ago, it just barely hit western fanmerch scene. Fans even make plushies of kpop idols, which I'd argue its worse than making a plush of an anime character, and still companies don't give a fuck about it. You're worrying over nothing.

No. 944337

in my opinion as a consumer it's just that well, if the fanmade plushie is just as good as the official one, then why should i buy the fanmade plushie? the thing about fan merch is that it should feel special for being handcrafted by a fan of the series as well as serve as a more affordable or easier to find alternative for people who can't buy official merch for whatever reasons. but the moment fan merch starts to become near identical to official merch, mainly when it comes to price, then everything gets blurred. it might as well be called a bootleg product since it's not even handmade anymore, but mass produced for profit.

No. 944364

File: 1634767849551.jpg (100.98 KB, 1276x639, kickstarters.JPG)

iirc mihoyo released a statement they're willing to look away if someone sells small merch as long as not more than 200 units are sold and there is a disclaimer it is fanmade somewhere. But things like ita bags, apparel, plushies, figures or stuff that generally scream big time productions are a no-no and you need to contact them for licensing. Sorry this isn't an example you're looking for but it would be interesting for someone like mihoyo go after the "big time" fan merch artists.

I think the problem lies in fanmerch being mass produced in some chinese sweatshop rather than being made by hand like a one of a kind thing.

slightly related, who needs $1,500 to make acrylic keychains?

No. 944382

Merch is mass produced because it's impossible to do handmade acrylic keychains and plushies without driving the price 30x higher. You can't have handmade and cheaper than official merch in the same sentence, unless it's like, stickers.

And even if mihoyo is "against it", they haven't done anything about it even when it comes to chinese artists, so they really just don't care.

I'd rather pay $10 for an original art fanmade acrylic keychain than $10 for an acrylic keychain of the official art, which are almost always one sided with no coating or anything, and the original artist gets paid cents for it.

No. 944410

Probably not

Following on >>944161 and >>944253 if North America did have something like Comiket it would simply be a larger version of the average artist alley you see at your local convention.

A US Comiket would just be a cluster-fluck of samey, low quality, soulless trash filling up about 90% of the venue. For Japan, Comiket is like a Broadway stage where an aspiring mangaka uses it as an opportunity to spread their name further and possibly be recognized by a publisher. A US Comiket would just be a money grab.

No. 944499

Can vouch for this. The entirety of making "ethical" fanmerch aka Do not make the merch almost identical to the official ones, especially the plushie, since the general consensus that it might harm the market of the official fanmerch of that series.

I've seen this happened before in jujutsu kaisen fandom when an artist drew some mock-up plushies of the characters, in which the style is exactly like the ones already issued by the company - just different characters they already released.
JP fans went batshit and QRTed the artist to take it down. I wasn't there to see the full-story but eventually the artist deleted the art and also their account.

Ive never seen companies going after fan creators though, so far it's always fans policing each other. They're already busy taking down aggregator sites and illegal ebooks being sold on amazon. So for now it's just fans scaring other fans lmao.

No. 944504

* it might harm the official merch that series
Not 'official fanmerch'
sorry if it was confusing

No. 944832

No. 944848

Do you have something you want to say

No. 944864

Honestly I feel a US comiket would be a lot worse just because the US is so much more spread out than Japan. It would be a lot harder to get good artists to congregate when they’re spread all across the continent rather than all being a in a relatively small landmass like Japan.

No. 944869

I don't see the problem. We already have East and South PAX and people go to those. Artists wouldn't be an issue considering the good ones migrate to those cons and others regularly because they do business that way. The only problem I see is that regulation for the types of doujin that can be sold. You know for a fact that most doujin is lolicon and shotacon at comiket. The US won't stand for that as well as the fact that comiket only allows cosplayers into certain areas and they must change out of cosplay before leaving those areas. A lot of people won't go because of that too. Degenerates what both and they won't get either.

No. 944876

Exactly, fan artists in Japan have to thread a very, very careful line because they're already working in a grey area and the companies are looking away only because they're creating free advertisement for them without taking away their revenue. For example a lot of Japanese fan artists ask people not to put their charms on display or photograph them and instead "support the official merchandise" due to the fear of being sued by the companies and having the whole doujinshi business shut down.

No. 944881

Have you actually been to Comiket? Most fujo draw regular BL, not shota. Even the coomer artists mostly draw big tits (although obviously they do draw way more pedo crap then the women since scrotes are disgustig). Do your research and just don't go to Comiket on porn day. Comitia is probably better anyway since that focuses on original comics so it has a lot less coomer artists.

No. 944884

It wouldn't work over here

No. 944886

We went from talking about zines and merch, and now it's artist alley / convention culture huh?
I'm quite curious though, personally I've organized artist alley before (true) but also because the concept was still new in my country, we made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and tried to integrate US and Japan's doujin convention culture.
Even now I'm still surprised that in US and Canada has annual convention for specific fandoms, like Supernatural etc.

What are you guys' ideal of a "good" convention? Like the variety of artists and the content they sell etc.

No. 944906

I stumbled upon recent GinjaNinjaOwO videos and my god is she fucking obnoxious. I used to watch some of her animations in the past but now she just symbol draws stuff with broken anatomy while acting like an annoying anime girl. Apparently she had some milk at some point? But I'm having a hard time finding anything clear about it.

No. 944909

I did some digging and she probably has an inflated ego too since she won that light and dark competition and she was invited back to judge it. On a live stream she said that the NZ art community is very small and that she always feels like she has to be better than everyone else.

No. 944941

What country you from, anon?

No. 944962

Ehhh I've been to Comiket and there are def shitty artists. A lot even, but there are like 50k+ booths so its inevitable that you see the full range of skill. I feel like in US ones is usually at the extremes of wither really good or DA-tier.

No. 945191

Do you guys know the youtuber minori/minicuteclub?? I’ve been trying to see if there’s any threads or stuff on her, I feel like there’s a lot to unpack ngl. She just irks me so much…I can’t even explain it…
(Sorry if I’m using this wrong, I’ve never posted before!!)(namefag)

No. 945633

Welcome. You don't need to write anything in 'name' field, btw.
Why does she irk you? My japanese is basic af (N4), but she seems alright to me…

No. 945714

maybe lurk for a while before posting minori

No. 945995

Has she already been discussed? She’s definitely not as bad/cringey as the others here

No. 946007

I actually like her Japanese channel — it’s her English one that for some reason bothers me.
She’s always bringing up how she’s on some no-eating diet lately, and I’m kinda concerned for the welfare of the dog she just adopted…I kinda feel like she just got it for clout

No. 946598

I'm now wondering how often do people come here hoping some artist they just don't like the content/art of has some 'skeletons in the closet' to justify their dislike. Mute that channel

No. 946659

Kinda wanna get some input about this but I wanted to start posting art on tumblr again (mainly bc tumblr is relatively a chiller atmosphere than twitter nowadays) but idk if should just make a separate account or just make a sideblog from my main?

No. 946664

Why do you get that impression? She’s just a kid friendly art channel and does pretty decently for herself. I think some of her mannerisms are awkward but beyond that I don’t see anything problematic

No. 946667

I mean I’ll be honest that’s literally the exact reason I came here…idgaf if it’s justified or not though I just wanna talk shit

No. 946782

>Give me knowledge!
>Okay now publish that knowledge with a semi-popular account because I don't have the numbers to enact vengeance myself!

No. 946792

Anyone else hear about the drama artedguru? He’s basically a Tiktok account that gives unsolicited “critique” (its all pretty soft stuff) on others art videos. There had been drama lately though as some are calling him pretentious and sexist and he only consistently praises male artist and has said certain crafts are not fine art which has upset a lot of people

No. 946863

You got screenshots or anything? I've looked around and found no drama surrounding this guy.

No. 947000

Went to his account to get you some but apparently he privated but would have been hard anyway since he deleted any comments that questions or criticized him anyway. I’m trying to find the other videos I’ve seen about him but Tiktok makes it hard to look up shit

No. 947034

Sideblog if your art is too dissonant from the content of your main blog. If not, post on main.
Personally, I like to keep things separate (one personal account where I post whatever; one art only account where I post my stuff and reblog other people's).

No. 947043

Anons, what are your opinions on artists that keep posting photos of themselves alongside their art?

I recently found an artist with a style I really liked and went to their twitter profile to look at more of their stuff and follow them, but then in their media tab allI saw were selfies with only the occasional drawing here and there. Needless to say I ended up not following them. I want to see their art, not their face.

No. 947054

sounds annoying, i wouldn't want to follow someone like that

No. 947071

They're entitled to do whatever the fuck they want with their social media profiles but I think it's a dumb move to have an overwhelming constant stream of selfies and other non-art related content when you're trying to market yourself as an artist.

No. 947076

It really grates me on Twitter when I go on an artist's account and there's nothing but dumbass memes or reaction images in the media tab and still have the gall to complain that nobody's looking at their art because of the evil algorithm.

No. 947086

I'm not a fan of it, but I kinda get why it happens. Social Media has a tendency to put emphasis on an people more than art. And people are more likely to buy and support if they think they have a personal connection to you, and obviously if you look cute and cosplay on top of that it's a goldmine. I think the recent stream of 'support me because I'm something or other' supports this. You're supposed to follow/like/ buy from an artist because of who they are and not what they do. It's times like this where i miss dA because it didn't have the brutal upload schedules and constant spamming of stupid thoughts, selfies & opinions but I'm an oldfag I guess.

No. 947105

I haven't seen that in a while but I wouldn't care for that person because as other anons said I want the emphasis on what they create not their face. Once a month or maybe every 2 weeks would seem ok for a face pic. Personally I never liked artists who draw themselves prettier than they are like some sort of disney character either.

No. 947109

No, you're right. DeviantArt was a near perfect social platform for art. There wasn't bullshit like algorithms asking you to post several times a day otherwise you'llbecome essentially invisible, people would actually post art instead of selfies and memes or stupid hot takes, people actually talked about art.

I really miss DeviantArt. I wish it hadn't gone through that "eclipse" identity change and that it was still usable.

No. 947167

How much did she make?

No. 947174

The ones I see are women doing sexy cosplays, cuz nothing gets you a shit ton of followers and attention than a egirl in revealing costumes. It's such a cheap way to get engagement, but it sure as hell works like a charm every time with coomers ugh.

No. 947194

My opinion is whether you like someone's art but doesn't vibe with their posting habit, perhaps just find other socials they have, or just bookmark their portfolio.
Artists can post whatever they want and there's no need to render every of them into art posting machine on their social media.

Also agreed with the deviantart thing. Usually back then I'd just check the artist's stack deviantions and called it a day, I didn't really care about their journals and polls they had.

No. 947203

He’s a nice old man sharing his knowledge about fine art techniques on tiktok. A lot of people tag him in stuff because they’re curious of his reaction and he’s always tactful and complimentary towards the artwork even if it’s not his preference. Most of the women that are upset with him don’t understand that he refers to different pieces as fine art, craft art, or functional/decor art in a definitive way and not as a means to belittle anything outside of the fine art realm. It’s the stupidest shit seeing stitches on my feed calling him sexist for no viable reason.

No. 947263

Not what you're talking about exactly, but:
>By pure luck you find a great artist that draws your fav underrated character/pairing
>Follow them
>90% of their posts are FGO gacha posts, pics of their cat/dog, or extremely vague blog posting
I feel like so many Japanese twitter artists are like this

No. 947308

No one posted this? Jazza is aware he definitely is a bit hypocritical, wonder how the second part will play out.

No. 947320

this is a bit random, but does putting age on your bio can actually ward off kids from following you?
I'm sick of majority of my new followers are literally 15-17yo and I don't want to associate with them.
I don't post nsfw on main, but the subjects of my art can be considered raunchy / dubious and I just want to feed fellow millennials like me.

No. 947323


The best thing you can do is to state in your profile and/or your pinned that you don't want anyone under 18 to follow you. If a kid does end up following you then you've warned them and it was their choice to do it. That or you can check on your followers' profiles if they have their age stated anywhere, if they do and they are a minor you can block them.

Depending on the fandom you're making content for (if you're in a fandom that is) kids are unavoidable though. Stuff like Cookie Run and Genshin are crawling with kids.

No. 947329

No, It’s actually possible that being older than them attracts them, kids are a pest.
Like sure, maybe a few will stop following you, but they’re following you because of the stuff you post, not because of you as a person.

No. 947343

Or you can draw in a style that kids hate, like realism. your current style is probably very teen-friendly.

No. 947351

I dont mind an artist sometimes posting pics of their personal life, and in the case of Japanese artist, I usually adore their personal life pics, because they are so aesthetic. But in the case of most western artist, I want to see your work. Western artist just dont get that most folks generally don't care about you, or your personal shit,and only care about your work. Thats mainly the reason they follow you to begin with. It aint so hard to understand.

No. 947370

I hope this is bait but you sound like a massive weeb. The only difference between both instances of blogposting is one appeases to your weeb sensibilities and one doesn’t. God forbid western artists post about their life on their own twitter instead of just being an impersonal art machine. Just unfollow, or stop being weird about artists liking to talk about their lives every now and then.

No. 947371

nta, but most of the time when people follow an artist, they're only interesting in the art that they produce. if they end up warming up to and becoming interested in the artist as a person then it's a bonus, but most of the time that doesn't necessarily happen and it's why most people prefer when artists have separate personal and art accounts. that anon just worded it in a weeb ass way, though.

No. 947374

I know what kind of Japanese artists you're talking about but honestly they can often write a lot about their lives, the only difference is you can't read japanese so you don't realize. I can think of several on the top of my head. Not to mention there are also western artists who don't post bloggy stuff. I don't think this is as much about east vs west as you think it is.

The bigger sin is twitter artists who use reaction gifs a lot so their media tab is all shitted up and you can't easily browse their art.

No. 947375

Do you associate with a lot of fandoms that have mostly teen audiences? Whether or not you do, it can help to put something like "minors dni" in your profile and block anyone underage who follows you.

No. 947387

File: 1634967627205.jpeg (257.12 KB, 2048x1318, FAFF33DF-5B66-4851-B67E-88251B…)

>>947323 >>947329 >>947343 >>947375
Hi! Thank you for all your answers.

Here's to explain a bit of my situation, I'm not a fandom artist, I'd say my account operates somewhat similar to Hungry_Clicker. Where I occasionally draws one or two fan arts of something I interested in, the rest are just original arts. My original arts aren't… OC roleplay deviantart types either. They're moody and random. picrel is an example (this is from @Quingyi33, not my art, but the depiction is close to what I usually do).

Now that I think about it, the way I draw characters can be considered "too cute", in which I understand it appeals to the kids. I've been drawing for 10+ years and I'm comfortable with my current style, and I don't plan to change it.

As for the "minor DNI" suggestion… I myself have problems with those put that in their bio (formerly calling themselves "proshipper"). I'm aware they're my age, but the way they constantly thirst tweet at artists really gross me out.

I've seen some folks only put their age (↑30) in their bio, so I'm curious if I should try that.

No. 947396

I haven't read most of your other post, but I just wanted to say that putting "minors DNI" or "18+" doesn't mean you're a pro-shipper, and other people won't think you are because of that. Some accounts I follower are 18+ and don't even post NSFW content that often. The only issue is, a lot of people will ignore that part of your bio so you would have to frequently block accounts. A lot of people use "minors DNI", it's definitely not a pro-shipper thing at all. Don't let that internet stuff dictate how you choose the audience for your content.

No. 947398

Samefag, but also drawing cute stuff doesn't mean you have to interact with minors.

No. 947407


This is my only original post.

My intention is to curate my audience in general. I was happy with this way of posting for several years on tumblr and twitter (I even shitposted back then too).
I think the influx of more people using twitter during the pandemic + I'm growing older as new audience pouring in, it's a little difficult to keep the same chill vibe I used to have with my feed.

As for information about 'minor DNI' = proshipper, I have myself a blocklist of these accounts and I can confirm that they've been constantly rebranding themselves "proshipper" - "anti-anti" - "anti-harassment" - "minor DNI".

I think this video is more up to date with the term. (first time posting link here, so I apologize for not hyperlink it correctly)

No. 947411

File: 1634971834432.jpg (67.78 KB, 600x452, 1634609137894.jpg)

I was this anon >>947375 and yes, I could see why you may not want to put "minors dni" in your profile. However, unless you draw very fandom-heavy stuff (which you've said you don't) or engage in discourse, I doubt any one is going to assume you're a pro-shipper or anything. You don't have to put it there if you don't want to though. Putting your age might help, but most are just going to follow you regardless. I'd say the strongest thing you can do is just block people who are underaged and following you, and try to associate with other adult artists so your art circulates more within mature spaces. Your pic rel is very pretty, it reminds me of the art style from "Haibane Renmei" (though maybe it's just the wings). Wish you luck anon!

No. 947415

link to this artist?

No. 947417

If you're talking about insta, set your profile to creator. In options under "Creator" choose "Minimum Age." Your page won't show for anyone under the age you set as long as they have their birthday attached to their account

No. 947422

Here's link to the artist (it seems that I spelled their handle wrong, oops).

I love Haibane Renmei! I do get nostalgic of 90s-early 2000s kind of visual novel art style, I think that's what I've been gearing towards to for my style too. I don't mind sharing a list of artists that share similar theme of "innocent but dark" embed in their arts (I think there might be an art recommendation thread somewhere in here?).
And thanks for the suggestion! I will try switch between putting age in bio and 'minor DNI' here and then.
While I avoid discourse at all costs, I was targeted once by a group of autist fujo (it's complicated, just that one of them was really creepy towards me, I defended myself and the creep brought their friends to target me). Which is why I'm very concerned with what kind people attracted to my arts now.
Sorry for going on a tangent, because of this incident that I feel even less and less with autistic people, I don't know when is the next time I'm being called "ableist" for just blocking someone horny in my DM.

No. 947424

this is for twitter! I will keep this in mind if I ever use instagram though. thank you.

No. 947428

Nta but same if you put "artist", I have mine set to 18 in general and 21 for united states because they're bitchy.

No. 947434

I understand your concerns with the whole rebranding thing some communities like to do, but I think you should still go for it. There are tons of art accounts that use minors DNI and I've seen it since before I knew about the whole anti/pro-shipper thing. Pro-shippers are probably just using it cause everyone else does. You can always use "18+" though, it's to the point without any acronyms, and the only people it could be associated with is NSFW artists, which isn't necessarily bad.
Good luck though, I hope your able to connect with your audience better and have more fun posting on your account.

No. 947446

Here’s my US artist alley perspective. I have a large following, but no one is willing to fund me online for my creation (patreon, kofi, etc). People are eager to consume my content 100k+ interactions on every piece, but it’s not financially worth anything. However if I put out tangible goods, people are more willing to buy.

I fucking wish 1% of my following could give me a $1 so I could do art stressfree and full time but it’s not like that. Since the pandemic I am constantly bitter and wished that I invested time into YouTube or something, because at least income is passively earned vs me drawing my ass off and getting my art stolen and exploited.

No. 947460

you sound like a scrote with yellow fever

I didn't know this was a thing thank you anon

I used to feel salty about 10k+ artists who would easily get thousands of RTs and likes on their stuff. I could only assume those numbers would easily net commissions or paying patreons but I was wrong. A few times I've seen artists do numbers on their work but the moment they shill a paywall or sales link under it's all crickets. 3 likes and one retweet, that retweet being the artist's reminding their followers they need to eat and pay bills.
>because at least income is passively earned vs me drawing my ass off and getting my art stolen and exploited.
holy shit are you me. I abandoned my old account with a modest following because my stuff would barely get any traction and returns but would end up getting stolen on aliexpress or reposted with more engagement anyway. It's just depressing.

No. 947482

File: 1634980747685.jpg (86.51 KB, 800x600, cl.jpg)

That's so cool you like drawing that type of style! Pic rel is from Clannad, I haven't actually read through the visual novel or even watched the anime, but I love the art (and music!) from that era too so I save pictures of it. I'm so sorry that you were targeted before, I have also dealt with autist fujos and a TRA sperg in a fandom I was apart of, but luckily was never targeted like you were. It has made me heavily filter all the content if I ever engage in the fandom again. These people take it personally that you don't want to engage in their degeneracy unfortunately. I can see why you want to be careful with how you present your profile now.

No. 947489

Oh boy I really felt that. I have 30k followers, people constantly ask me about ommissions and prints but once I actually start selling it‘s almost radio silence, People just want to look at stuff for free. I also wish I had chosen a platform where you can monetize people looking at stuff for free, now I have to work my ass off i in hopes to reach someone who thinks my art is worth spending money on.

I know it’s an entitled mindset but I‘m bitter because it made me realize nobody truly cares about my art, I’m just another pretty drawing on their feed like millions of others.

No. 947492

Have you started doing commissions lately? My followers count is less than 5k, I've been doing commissions consistently for six years. Each of my commission is over $100 - so it's not that I'm selling cheap at all.
My commissioners are mostly regulars. New commissioners find my art through their commission referral channels too(I'm aware that active commissioners keep a list of active artist handy).
My tip is to keep posting your commissions regularly, with 30k followers I'm sure the circulation will have your art reach the big wallet crowd.

No. 947497

I will keep it in mind, thanks!
>These people take it personally that you don't want to engage in their degeneracy unfortunately.
yeah… I need to remind myself that too. The reason why the drama escalated was because I found myself too thin skinned and took their accusations too seriously. I appreciate this anon (and the Clannad art! I miss that, despite the bug eyes people make fun of it for).

While on topic of old school visual novel, I love them for their arts AND the music. Tori no Uta - Air will forever stays in my heart. Here's my favorite version on soundcloud.

No. 947502

File: 1634984390893.jpg (1.37 MB, 1750x2000, comparison.jpg)

Some anons talked earlier about how young artists will copy rendering from someone and thus create nice looking pieces without anything behind it, but I find it interesting how they never follow the original artist when I encounter a case of it on social media. I feel like in most cases the artist will simply block the imitator. Even though artstyle theft isn't real, something as blatant as this just feels disrespectful in a way.
This person is 14 according to their bio and it's clear that they only know how to draw pretty faces in this specific way, while the other artist is over 20 and capable of much more and has obviously practiced for years. Also notable how the imitator has put "do not steal my art" in their bio.

No. 947520

That's such a dumb topic imo
How can you copy someone's rendering when the same type of rendering is floating around everywhere LMAO

No. 947525

File: 1634987282865.jpeg (174.54 KB, 1044x714, 433E81DD-C282-411E-B06D-927EBD…)

I checked twitter of the artist on the left, I'm sorry but their painting style is Really, really reminding me of @9ibem on twitter (picrel). While the line style is like most of the korean art twitters I follow.

While style "copying" is a grey area of debate online right now, I do get annoyed when I noticed someone blatantly copied someone I recognized.

No. 947542

File: 1634989281884.png (1.49 MB, 1039x1470, rella.png)

>style copying
It does bother me when I see art that's obviously "inspired" by something I recognize. picrel I see a bunch of artists doing this aesthetic and sometimes I legitimately can't tell at first if it's a repost. It's strange though, if someone were to ape the Simpsons or DBZ style I don't think people will be up in arms about it granted these shows kinda "own" that style at this point there's really no way for anyone else to claim it's theirs. I guess it's a matter of relevancy on what becomes a parody or a "rip off".

No. 947554

>their painting style is Really, really reminding me of @9ibem on twitter

anon, anybody with a hard round brush on photoshop with transfer on has the same """"render style"""" what the fuck are you on about kek

No. 947562

True, I guess "style" is what I meant. Maybe it's just me, but if I saw that someone is drawing in the exact same way as me, to the point where you couldn't really distinguish who made what anymore, it would be really annoying and off-putting. Especially when you consider them getting clout for it, just feels undeserved imo. An elitist take or whatever, but I don't think you can take pride in something copied. Copies are for studies and sometimes for commercial reasons. Of course looking at a pretty picture you made will make you feel good regardless of how it came to be, but when you try to draw from imagination and can't do anything but a cute left-facing head without relying on not only reference but also the interpretation of one specific artist, it's just pathetic.

I see what you mean and while their painting styles do look similar, it's still easy to tell which one made which because there are differences in how they paint and structure faces for example. Artists will naturally take inspiration from one another and will try to do certain things the same way others do. With the comparison of mugenoumi and los3r the latter copied the facial proportions exactly, like the big eyes and their overall shape, the tiny nose and sharp chin (again, traits that many artists will stylize this way, but not all art looks exactly the same, does it?). I know that artists who copy in this way will eventually develop their own way of drawing and it will look different, I've seen it happen many times. The original intention of my post was just to point out how these people are never following the artist they copy so much kek

No. 947719

I know a lot of people might say it’s too late to do it, but I’ve been bored and seriously considering starting an art youtube channel. I guess I’m wondering if it would be worth it or if there’s something better I should do. I know growth will be super slow so I wouldn’t be going in with high expectations, it can take people years before they make money off of it, but I think it might help me improve my communication skills and occupy myself. I don’t have nice equipment though, pretty much just my phone and laptop.

Has anyone here actually tried starting an art channel or has one? What was it like and would you say it was worth it or that you learned anything?

No. 947741

I'm in a huge art block. I despise everything I make. I used to do lineless painterly art but now everything looks pasty and ugly. If I try lineart then it looks flimsy and muddy, if it's bolder then everything looks too cartoony. I've been drawing for years but everything looks amateurish still and I don't know what to do. The same techniques work on others but if I try them out it looks like ass. I'm starting to think that art really isn't my thing, which would be fucking awful since I've wasted so much time on it.

No. 947748

There's a lot of female artists who don't do that but I may overestimate the popularity of fine art type painters or "wel-known" (to me lol) illustrators.

No. 947761

If I remember correctly she's always been pulling "woe is me" numbers like fake hate-mail, temporarily deleting, creating new accounts and so on, she's the cliché of autism and really just as messy as that fandom (which has most likely brought her lots of sales.) The truth is probably that she simply doesn't have to rely on that one fandom anymore, has managed to transfer to "generalized woke fan content" successfully and is over it.

No. 947763

you're talking about techniques but haven't said what you want to draw, what are your ideas? why do you want a lineless style, or design and paint the way you do, does it enhance your drawing concepts? focus less on how others are drawing their concepts and more on what drawing techniques would look best to communicate Your ideas

No. 947775

my best bet is to start it without money in mind. if you make your channel thinking about getting money from it from the get go, you'll quickly grow frustrated because just like you stated, money on youtube takes a while. start it for fun, occasionally dabble in some art trends here and there, look at tiktok for those. i'd say to make some speedpaints explaining your process, make small videos talking about art things such as programs or materials. if you really want to, have someone make a vtuber avatar for yourself or just an avatar in general so people have something to attribute to your image if you don't want to show your face.

No. 947891

File: 1635013703905.jpg (2.25 MB, 1920x1920, 7.jpg)

>While the line style is like most of the korean art twitters I follow.

Anon probably never study art history, while the technique and subject maybe is the same, the whole piece and composistion is different.

Pic related, will you consider artist in the right stealing the art style on the left?? Both of them are impressionism artist.

The reason why artists has obviously similliar art style with anothers because the art style has a huge market with it. Probably the major case is the term of "Riot" "Disney" "Blizzard" "Calart" Art style because it really sold well to the industry. And the artstyle has certain audience with it.

Personally I believe art style theft is real.I think the best way to avoid it to not focus soly one artist insipired and don't make their branding and main theme/fandom similiar because it will fall into identity theft.

Most artist try their best to make pretty art and money, and to make money they need appeal to certain market.

Sorry for the rant

No. 947936

Yeah plus it's not even only the market, it's also that it's a cultural practice and art borrows from art and artists learn from other art, ideas and materials evolve. There's a reason you can tell which time and place a given piece is from.

No. 947953

Couldn't bring the exact example here, I observed this artist for a long time, and when I browsed the artist from OP I did notice the exact resemblance in their progress.
Maybe I'm just old and I haven't observed much of what young people are drawing after each other these days. I do see mugenoumi's style is a derivation of various artists I already followed ever since drawr.net was active (you can observe the artist's process here due to its speed paint function). I'm in no way to insult them nor los3r though, just another outsider's observation.
No need to flex about your art history study here nonny. The culture of international online artists are different from impressionism art studies. To non-artists they see every online weeb art are just, "Anime". So I'm not sure what are you trying to explain here.

No. 948013

File: 1635022928982.jpg (131.01 KB, 570x640, manga art style drawing evolut…)

>The culture of international online artists are different from impressionism art studies
>impressionism art studies
Anon I don't know if your reading comprehension is poor or it just me poorly writing it.
This. The past culture is a reflection to current culture nonnie. You said the normie see as online anime artist while the anime style itself pretty diverse by their time period and their is a reason why they called it 80"s ,90"s , 00"s anime art style because how the popular culture back then affecting each sepific art style and the market.
Then since our current art online culture is pretty diverse because the world become more global and internet, the culture is really similliar to the past when you compare it.

No. 948029

Ah, definitely poor wording choice from me. What I meant was your art history knowledge/understanding/information. I forgot nowadays "studies" means drawing after something as a study.

No. 948034

>"I'm not ashamed to say that I was looking for part-time work. I don't think there's anything wrong if a person can't do art full time"

I get really tired of when she says this. Am I outta touch or do artists really shame other artists who don't do art full-time and have a part-time job to help get by alongside with their art? She has said this a few times and it irritates me but maybe I'm sheltered and naive to not think this actually happens? I'm not active in the art community so I'm willing to accept being wrong here but a part of me feels like she's being overly dramatic when she says this.

No. 948042

Ive never seen artists shaming others for not doing full-time. Quite opposite actually, we are all afraid of capitalizing our hobbies, kinda loses its meaning especially when you just want to draw self-indulgent stuffs, or just want to participate in nonprofit art projects.

No. 948065

File: 1635027765536.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, 43AE026A-5024-46B0-B82F-5E5EE8…)

is this really necessary? no but it’s funny kek

No. 948083

I thought today’s workaholic culture made it cool to do multiple jobs because you’re “hustling” and “doing the grind”. Who is this person and why are they making fake drama to give themselves fake brownie points. Also wtf is that art in the thumbnail, is it suppose to be some kind of emo dinosaur furry?

No. 948236

Right exactly. I've heard the reverse where an artist can face some belittlement if they decide to do art full-time and quit their IRL job altogether but never the opposite.

Like I mentioned with the other comment, right I have seen the "hustling" encouraged, especially with artists but more importantly, no shame towards artists who both do art part-time while working part-time IRL jobs as well. As for the artist in question, her name is Twisted Disaster (or "Michie" which is her nickname). She's a part of the art commentary side of YouTube and the thing she's most known for is being friends with Holly Brown and their Zine fail fiasco a couple years back. There was also that one time where she claimed her and husband were homeless when they really weren't and were just living in her in-laws garage after they told them that they wanted them to move out.

And yeah her art style is pretty polarizing tbh, you either like it or you don't. Personally I do like her coloring and inking but her character design is unappealing but she claims that she's inspired by western cartoon styles and she tries to apply that to her own style. I think her problem is how she draws eyes too close together and something with the nose.

No. 948239

Samefaq but I just thought of perhaps why her style is so unappealing. she mentioned in the video that she's into western cartoon styles like Futurama and Simpsons (as ell as Disney) and I think the reason why her art may look so jarring is because she uses a very detailed and somewhat dramatic shading/highlighting style.

Like try imagining what cartoons like Futurama, Simpsons, and/or Family Would would look like if they had overly detailed shadows and highlights? I'm pretty sure it would look jarring as fuck. So maybe for a style like hers, if she cut down on the overly done shading styles, it would look a lot better?

No. 948244

I'm new to the whole youtube artist community, only heard about creepyshow art awhile ago because Kat Blaque mentioned her and the drama.
(kinda wishful thoughts from me but I'd love to see more of Kat Blaque's timelapse videos, the way she narrates her story/opinion and the refined painting style really soothes me).

I checked Holly Brown and Hopeless Peaches for a bit, and idk how to explain it but their commentary style is so… condescending? It feels like reading tweets of incredibly sheltered kids that overdramatize every of their little problems. I thought it was just me not finding them relatable, then I actually forgot theyre mostly white women.

As for my two cents about being a full-time freelance artist… it fucking sucks man. Like the money is better than working at a studio that going to exploit you with overtime (+office drama bs). It's incredibly lonely, and requires a lot of self-discipline to keep your life structured. Oh, and the overwhelming feeling of Shit when you failed to meet the deadline, and/or unable to meet the milestones you supposed to achieve in that year.
I kinda get how most popular online artists are mobage addicts and turning to streaming/vtuber. Though even if I try these options myself, I'd feel Worse for procrastinating.

No. 948247

>The bigger sin is twitter artists who use reaction gifs a lot so their media tab is all shitted up and you can't easily browse their art
Amazed at how Twitter doesn't have a gallery layout to more easily find art

No. 948248

Same anon here. >>948244
Idk if you wanted to discuss more of Michie's art style and why it seems put off for a lot of people. I think it's less of "putting too much shadow on eyes while remain western cartoon", more of the structured of the facial features (placements of eye balls, nose, lips, etc). Even western cartoon has its own structure to make the animation smooth in between frames, understanding the "cartoon skull / skeleton" can help a lot to bridge the audience to the style, while remaining its uncanny, horror style (if it was the intention).

It makes me think of how much I dislike of IRL friends and relatives kept asking me to draw "chibis". For the love of god I hate how chibi anatomy is incomprehensible to me. Merch artists that are able to squeeze out the cuteness of their chibis have my respect tbh.

No. 948255

>The bigger sin is twitter artists who use reaction gifs a lot so their media tab is all shitted up and you can't easily browse their art.
Fuck, this is so true. Fortunately some artists at least have the decency to make a thread of all of their artwork. I still never follow artists like that though.

No. 948263

Is that his real ass?

No. 948313

Gotcha anon. I've been in the YouTube art commentary scene as a viewer since about 2017 give or take. About you not finding Holly Brown and Hopeless Peaches relatable, I'm the same as well as a fellow POC. I never liked Holly Brown's art style and I agree that she did come off as condescendingly smug which was a big turn off for me, especially since I'm older than her so I never stuck around to watch her videos. Hopeless Peaches I didn't watch a lot of but from what I saw, I couldn't relate due to the age gap (I'm in my late 20s to give context). However unlike Holly, I thought Peaches had a rather nice art style.

And right, I've heard stories of how being a full-time artist can be draining and can even make one dislike drawing. I think with Patreon being a thing, I feel like if you can garner an audience, that would be a lot better than depending on studio work because at least then you'd be drawing things that truly interest you.

No. 948316

Same anon here >>948313

I think you're also right that maybe what's also not helping her style is how much she lacks fundamentals. The coloring may look like she does but upon closer look, everything just looks so wonky. I checked out some of the artists she name dropped who inspire her and the thing with these artists is that these seem to have a grasp on some basic fundamentals and thus their styles look more refined with cohesion even though they are toony in nature.

Michie has admitted in the past that she doesn't really practice because "she doesn't have time to" because as she always feels she has to remind her audience, she "has bills to pay and pets to feed" and blah blah.

And yeah I think she was doing a lot of chibi-style work at one point and it feels like she tried to incorporate that into her regular style that just further makes things weird looking. I'm just curious if maybe her stuff would look like non-cohesive if she tried a simpler coloring style

No. 948499

>"I'm not ashamed to say that I was looking for part-time work. I don't think there's anything wrong if a person can't do art full time”
Wow what a brave, yet controversial statement, such a person is so forward thinking. It’s extraordinary that the only thing that stopped her was expecting above average pay in a minimum wage job, and expecting a managing position(with no prior experience) after not working in retail for 4 years

No. 948523

anon, if you don't mind disclosing, what do you do as a fulltime freelance artist? do you run a Patreon, do personal commissions, or run a shop? do you have a lot of passive income? do you still do work for major companies, just not as an employee? also do you have any tips on how to go freelance fulltime. thank you so much anon!

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