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File: 1638621742631.png (804.86 KB, 720x1640, 1637673467128.png)

No. 1384689

The latest alt cows thread, for all the attention seekers, grifters, and other assorted idiots in the alternative community.

Most recent cows:

Jake & Kaya (Toxic Tears)
The Witchy Goths
Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian)
Avelina de Moray (Megan Blume)
Adora BatBrat

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk

Recap of last thread:

>Kaya and Jake move into new house; anons speculate how they have money for 2 bikes, 2 cars, however many unused studios + renting their new house

>Jake spending Christmas with female they/them bandmate, going on a road trip across America with her while Kaya stays with a sick family member
>Jake might start an OF, has been hanging out with Jude Bishop, according to an anon said on his stream he was going to "invite her over to play games"
>Jake releases a statement saying he & Kaya are totally not breaking up or anything though!
>IBF gives birth, names daughter Severine, probably after Snape
>Someone posts screenshots of a convo with Ruadhan; Angela posts on her IG about how she knows who this is, a woman who pretended to be her friend and had a YT channel as a spiritual yogi
>an anon (possibly Ruadhan) calls her out as Renee, prompting important questions such as "who the fuck is Renee?"
>Ruadhan most likely selfposting in the last thread, writing a massive wall of text that has yet to be fully read by human eyes
>Anons discuss whether Angela is milky or not
>Dorian still on her ED schtick
>Mara (Psychara) still fucking up her hair for content


>beware of racebait from lost nazis and derailing, overly zealous whiteknights looking to score points with their sacred cow(s)

>no1curr about what is or isn’t goth or who is or isn’t goth, we have this fucking discussion every goddamn thread and it is getting annoying
>farmers are free to use the TT thread at their discretion as it was created to stop the sperging/infighting in the main altcows discussion from the TT spammers.

Last thread >>>/snow/1290933

No. 1384724

Thanks Anon. Great pic of stumpy explaining male lactation.

No. 1384735

>an anon (possibly Ruadhan) calls her out as Renee, prompting important questions such as "who the fuck is Renee?"
Kek he never did tell us

No. 1384839

>Emily is going to be on some channel4 show called "would you rather." She'll be talking about how great bodymods are. Apparently the filming fell through because of the other person getting covid. She gets informed of this mid video. She complains about this for a good long while. Not a word for the person who caught covid. But she shaved her legs for nothing and it's the WORST!

While looking for porn online she found a video of someone who looked like her giving a rimjob to somebody who looked like Jake. She says the resemblance was just a coinsidence, but decided to tell the whole internet about it, like a normal person would. Uses it for clickbait title.

She talks about never washing her makeup brushes. Also uses a tube of mascara that might be empty because she's been using it "for years." Her eyeliner is so old it crumbles. She hooks a nosechain over her nostral piercings while saying she hopes this won't irritate her fresh piercings because she "doesn't want to lose them." People keep saying they look infected, but according to her it's just her natural skin colour, since you shouldn't put makeup on fresh piercings.

Puts makeup super close to fresh piercings.

No. 1384923

File: 1638644306288.jpg (966.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211204-195606_Ins…)


No. 1384927


She literally has no business calling herself a body piercer. She’s a moron and looks like she smells.

No. 1385083

How has this woman not gone blind from an eye infection yet? Jesus christ. They let her poke holes in people for a living.

She looks like a troon here. Wonder if that's what Adam likes about her.

No. 1385258


What't the point of having a breast reduction and end up with Frankentitties if you're just gonna gain weight again.

No. 1385508

File: 1638709591640.jpg (810.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211205-140625_Ins…)

Maybe store it properly instead of throwing it on your musty hoard pile?

No. 1385517

No. 1385529

File: 1638712565172.jpg (130.6 KB, 1080x1404, 20211205_145454.jpg)

Does anybody know why mai deleted all her videos?

No. 1385549

she may have made them patreon exclusive, so you could only access them if they had the direct link

she's also said before that she dislikes making videos and doesn't feel comfortable in them, and only did them to try to keep up with the way media was going before deciding it wasn't a good fit for her. so maybe she felt more comfortable just removing them

No. 1385556

File: 1638716784461.png (1.13 MB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211205-150439.png)

Kaya mother .

No. 1385655

What's your source on this being her mum?

No. 1385663

From her mum Facebook page

No. 1385757

>>1385663 mate that’s odd you stalked her mum get a hobby

No. 1385771

That's pretty creepy dude.

No. 1385775

This isn’t milk and it’s borderline cowtipping. What the actual fuck dude.

No. 1385778

Truly don't think it's a big deal. Anons already know Kaya mum is a glamour model and her profession was pretty public. Kaya probably raging she took after her dad.

No. 1385783

File: 1638735017841.jpg (Spoiler Image,749.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211205-210520_Ins…)

Cw, Adam posting his bare ass in a completely heterosexual, no homo way. At some point you got the full asshole of this asshole, but I'm not sitting through that again to get a screenshot.

Real manly men bark like a seal before jumping into the water and squealing like a little bitch.

No. 1385785

Is there a issue with looking like her dad? She is pretty and has a feminine body she just slighter taller then a ‘typical’ girl I don’t get why everyone saying she looks trans (on the last thread) such a horrible insult and it is un true.

No. 1385793

Nta but we've seen her mum before. She has been in Kaya's videos before and someone in a much older thread someone posted old modeling photos of her. Don't remember which thread though, it was years ago.

I agree. She's just tall but doesn't look like a man to me. Anons have an obsession with calling her trans because she's tall, it's weird.

No. 1385811

it's probably just the one anon saying that

No. 1385813

This. There are so many things genuinly milky about Kaya. She's a lazy moocher who shackled herself to a narcissistic dwarf. But the fact that she's taller than the average woman is not one of them. Her whinging about her weight is somewhat funny if you remember that she used to do a lot of fatshaming. But her being 5,10 isn't milk. She looks fine. She dresses like a spastic toddler, she never washes her hair, and she can't get off her lazy ass. But she's not especially man-ish.

No. 1385841

Caught that story. I hope for Lauren's sake that he's a grower, not a shower. Not exactly the love tackle of the masterrace.

No. 1385911

She looks like she tried on her teenage daughter's dress for a challenge.
She's a big woman (not fat or manly) this style looks cute in gamine bodies. If Kaya ever grows ovaries and finds her path, her goff style (that suits her) could take her from overgrown toddler to statuesque goddess, even age won't stop her. I would fully take advantage of that, ffs.

No. 1385920

He deleted this

No. 1385931


Feminine? It's not about height, i'm the same height as Kaya but she has massive shoulders, hands and feet even for her height, even without makeup she looks pretty trans.

I mean look at >>1385508 and the size difference between her wide shoulders to her boobs and hips. It's a masculine body shape.

No. 1385973

I think you need to head over to the mtf thread and see male bodies. Kaya is just fat. Her shoulders maybe wide from being day but they sure as fuck don’t look like men shoulders.

But seriously, fuck off over to the mtf thread and throw a tantrum over there

No. 1385991

File: 1638749889979.jpg (521.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211206-011519_Ins…)

Well, I didn't assume he was until you mentioned it…

No. 1386209

Fr if you have long legs there's a lot you can look good in. Plus the market is ripe for tall dom looking women because of lady dimitrescu, and kaya sold feet pics before so I can see her taking advantage of that and saving up to leave Fake. But she doesn't even upload to YT anymore. Maybe she's giving up.

No. 1386212

File: 1638776919468.jpg (325.25 KB, 850x2911, 1633694537259.jpg)

Her proportions are not nearly as mannish as what you're acting like, real troon for reference. Her hips are also way too wide to ever be a troon. Your obsession about this is really strange.

No. 1386253

Anon. I think you might need to go for a walk and see some real people, as opposed to getting all of your ideas of what women should look like from the internet.

No. 1386301

File: 1638792776987.png (411.95 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211206-121149.png)

No. 1386303

File: 1638793270083.png (364.08 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211206-121218.png)

No. 1386355

File: 1638800177389.png (728.79 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211206-141545.png)

No. 1386478

Think its more the fact she has her dad's big old honker stuck on her face. It's not her height that makes her so mannish, it's her facial features because until other anon pointed out, never even noticed how big her hands are. This is lolcow, there's more than one person that thinks Kaya is a mess calm down lol

No. 1386614

As if she doesn't already have all those symptoms lmao. Oh and she wasn't willing to take her ADHD medication for similar reasons either.

I was on sertraline for a while and it changed my life positively. Had to go off because I lost my insurance and had the worst withdrawals ever. Would kill to go back on it again. But of course this bitch will keep whining about how bad her mental health is and do jack shit about it.

No. 1386630

This annoys me people who think tablets can cause weight gain no. It’s the food you put in your mouth that causes weight gain. You won’t gain weight unless you eat. Stop blaming medication.

Tablets make you feel better, not gain weight. Your eating more cause your body feels better (example:less nausea) the reason why she gained weight was because they wouldn’t eat her and jake made a video years ago saying they would rather buy clothes then eat at points in there lives that why they were so skinny. So of course if you start finally eating your going get bigger. Not the medication fault.

The most annoying thing about kaya is she won’t even try it frustrating because I want to see her be happy and better herself but putting shit like this on her platform very damaging to all the impressionable people who follow her who might back out in getting mental heath help or tablets cause of she had a bad experience (finally eating normally and gaining weight) she shouldn’t off put this as a story should of kept it to herself. She clearly reached out for help and been offered tablets so why won’t she take the biggest step that can help her feel better

No. 1386727

She’s literally been using medication as an excuse for her gaining weight since forever. She’s just lazy and eats crap

No. 1386807

File: 1638835194408.png (804.86 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211206-235822.png)

No. 1386934

ok but literally who(ok but sage your shit)

No. 1386942

It’s the audacity that she openly talks about having ADHD, but doesn’t acknowledge the clinical impact that ADHD can have on antidepressants (SSRIs are largely ineffective in people with it), and has never backed down from her anti-antidepressant tirade in the past 5 years, despite having an impressionable and probably mentally ill audience.

I can believe she had a horrible experience on one SSRI, but every post she’s made about it since then has been nothing but ana-chan. It just go happened that her desperately needed attempt at taking meds clashed with her reaching an age where people naturally gain weight, and she was eating loads of sugary crap and not exercising.

This girl needs to move tf on from her 18 year old body and from the one bad meds experience she had 5+ years ago. She NEEDED antidepressants at the time (and made several vlogs about begging her doc for meds because she was so depressed), and the ONE she tried didn’t work. It’s time to move on, jfc.

No. 1386943

Samefag but my tldr is that I wish she’d stfu about meds because she’s tried ONE SSRI in the past 10 years. She gained some weight, but all of the “side effects” of gaining that weight were 100% on her. Her audience liked her regardless. Plus, most doctors in the UK recommend coming off anti depressants after 6 months - 1 year if you’re just treating depression. In which case all the side effects she mentioned basically don’t matter (ie. if you have mild depression and meds help, who cares if you can’t ~*o*~ [ugh] for six months).

No. 1387057

Don't anti-psychotics actually fuck up your metabolism though? I know SSRIs don't. But I've seen other bipolar people gain 100lbs in only a few months.

No. 1387077

nta, but was she ever on an antipsychotic? I thought she just took an antidepressant.. I want to say the original one she took that supposedly made her gain weight was prozac, but don't quote me on that. she made a video about her weight gain a few years ago, she seems to have taken it down because I can't find it.

in other news, their "metal ass gaming" patreon is still up despite not having uploaded anything on that channel for 2 years. and they still have 8 patrons.

No. 1387107


fluoxetine is like one of the few that doesn't really make you gain weight… That's why they give it to ana's

No. 1387110

File: 1638873978228.png (187.12 KB, 706x1223, Screenshot_20211207-104418~2.p…)

This was her posting in 2015.

No. 1387113

File: 1638874245901.png (102.3 KB, 720x622, Screenshot_20211207-104939~2.p…)

Also confirming this.

No. 1387127

If she’d spent as much time developing better eating habits and working out as she did crying on Tumblr about being a lard ass, she’d probably still somewhat resemble her 18 year old body that she never shuts up about

No. 1387241

She doesn't even need to loose weight just needs to start loving her body shape and dressing to fit her body shape she feel a lot more better, you don't need to be thin to wear the corsets like she used to and crop tops

No. 1387258

This is not true. Medication can drastically effect your metabolism. I took citalopram which is another ssri very similar to setraline and it made me more depressed and I did not change my diet or activity levels and ballooned up from a UK size 8 to a 14. I came off them and got my weight stabilised and my moods. Antidepressants should be an absolute last resort for mental health. Exercise and diet are much more effective and we all know Kaya has extremely low activity levels and her diet has been something she has had difficulty with for years. Idk why she's personally worried about antidepressants making her fat when she's already made herself fat from being a lazy bitch.

No. 1387480


Nah, its a well known fact that they cant make you gain weight, they only make you hungry. If you gain weight its because you're eating more.

Stop spreading BS to cope with your weight gain.

Kaya is fat because she's lazy and eats like crap, not because of meds.

No. 1387518

NTA but when I started my antidepressants (citalopram) my GP explicitly warned me about the risk of weight gain. Fortunately it didn't happen for me, but different people have different reactions. Weight gain is stated as an explicit side-effect in the information you get with most antidepressants.
That is not to say that Kaya's weight is the result of her medication rather than her diet and laziness. Or that the risk of weight gain shoauld keep people from using the medication they need. But please stop using anecdotal evidence. Certain antidepressants can make weight gain more likely, both because they affect your metabolism, and your energy levels. There's no point in denyinv that.

No. 1387613

Well if you Google it the results are mixed, it seems that antidepressants don't typically cause weight gain but they can. In Kaya's case I have doubts though, especially since she hasn't taken it in years.

No. 1387618

Oh. Absolutely. Regardless of the weight antidepressants may make you gain, you typically lose it when you stop taking them. And Kaya constantly posts either junkfood, or herself laying around the house and not getting out of bed. Prozac didn't force her to make her only exercise going through the starbucks drive thru to get sugary drinks.

No. 1387635

Exactly this. She has a wide ribcage but she’s hardly fat, just fatter than she used to be. It’s time to just accept it.

No. 1387742

Well from last Jack Live: He coming soon to London so he called Bishop to make him companz for sightseeing. Also someone asked him if Kaya will be going with him on USA roadtrip. He answered that she can't because she must watch over their cat.

No. 1387784

>He answered that she can't because she must watch over their cat.
>Trip to London
>Trip to usa
>Kaya can't come because catsitting isn't a thing and they know 0 people in NI who might want to housesit for a few weeks, not because they split up of course

No. 1387898

Gained more weight AFTER taking them…. ITS THE TABLETS FAULT

No. 1387954

>he called Bishop (who thirsts over jake, claims he inspired her to create content, been to his concert)

Sure, it could be a coincidence bc she's one one the only gothtubers as egotistical as jake. And she hasn't posted in months bc she's rebranding after called out for being a fake activist. But paired with all the other stuff, makes ya wonder

No. 1388804

Emily is just pissed in this as she is too fat for a Killstar medium. Like just shop your size ??

No. 1388860

Nah killstar is crap quality, sizes are in consistent. And their clothing is just plain cringe mostly now. Stick a cross or a pentagram and now its "goth"

No. 1388931

File: 1639054339670.png (790.74 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211209-125159.png)

No. 1389000

Do you think the reason she vents and whines on social media is cos she doesn't have a supportive partner to talk to, and instead she has Jake

No. 1389001

As well as asspats and pocket money from her followers of course

No. 1389044

File: 1639070060206.jpeg (367.12 KB, 1242x2158, E76EF30A-2AE0-431C-8990-BABBD4…)

Dorian apologizes for using a racial slur in a 2018 video

No. 1389078

What’s the racial slur?

No. 1389091

the n-word

No. 1389204

File: 1639086556675.png (451.33 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211209-211658.png)

No. 1389207

Singing along to a rapsong that had the N-slur in it
It was in the context of one of her "pc culture is bad" rants. Which she seems to think makes it better, but it doesn't. At least she seems to feel genuinly sorry. But it was still a dumb thing to do.

No. 1389235

File: 1639089073305.jpg (112.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211209-233033_Ins…)

Looks like Dorian deleted her insta

No. 1389255

Lol is this going to be the lolita drama all over again?

No. 1389286

I don't understand how a pronoun snowflake like Dorian can complain about pc culture

No. 1389292

Apologising and taking accountability

Within hours deletes instagram to avoid accountability. Good job

No. 1389294

In principle, it's irrational to get upset at words themselves- but then the racism behind the bad words was even less rational, and it happened, like it or not.

Still though, it doesnt mean it's not fucking exhausting for everyone to constantly have to partake in the "avoid bad words" acrobatics, especially when the list gets updated so often and activists can't even agree among themselves.

Dorian, if you're reading this, I hope you feel better. Saying a word doesn't intrinsically make someone good or bad, and hingeing the entire morality of someone on whether they simply speak PC or not above considering their actions and intent is performative BS anyway.

The history justifying the hurt can't be changed. I think everyone privately does tire of the pressure of using "correct terms". That's why we come onto lolcow LOL, nobody here gives a shit about the facade of PC terms, and it's weirdly such a breath of fresh air to come in as an autist myself and see "sperg" being flung everywhere.

No. 1389305


Guess she needs another excuse to continue her ED. Better watch out she doesn't end up in hospital in her skinny crusade this time, which she prob will if she loses much more.

No. 1389345

People lose their shit over the slightest inferred misreading of something these days, it's not a culture where you can highlight use of the n-word and say my bad, please forgive you're just painting a target on your back for bored trolls who don't even follow you, which is I'm sure exactly what happened.
She would have been better off privating the video if it was still public and writing a vague statement about "learning and growing"

Give trolls attention and they will pay it back tenfold, the only way to win is to ignore it.

No. 1389357

So now people are over on the last vid on YouTube continuing the convo and remarks because Dorian's instagram is gone. So their claim was they were high singing along to a song with the n word in it 3 years ago. And there's something else that people are upset that they exposed a pro-ana online "safe space".

No. 1389361

File: 1639100001628.jpeg (126.1 KB, 800x727, 9A57C44F-69E1-4F03-8D62-4A08EF…)

The safe space bullshit is about a video on edtwt that was privated (picrel). I think people are more upset that Dorian is a hypocrite (saying that pro ana forums were good while edtwt is bad even though it’s the same cesspool but on different platforms) rather than their uwu safe spwace being “exposed”.

No. 1389371

File: 1639101204324.png (211.14 KB, 624x501, ionehd.png)

and the two things are connected, in that the n word video was posted by an edtwt user (see picrel) in response to dorian's video on edtwt. maybe that's obvious but i thought worth putting it here.

No. 1389375

does anyone have another link for the video? it's been removed

No. 1389452

it's been reuploaded from Patreon

No. 1389477

I have the same "troonish" features like Kaya. You can still look feminine with those features. I think she's pretty but I agree with other anons that she needs to lose some weight.

No. 1389494

She literally doesn't look troonish, she's just tall. I bet the anon who claims she's troonish couldn't clock an obvious actual TiM, it's just lame trolling on their part.

No. 1389509

Its so easy to just not use the word. Even within the context of the clip.

However she litterally says in the clip being used. The word being uncomfortable to her within the song then says it 3 times. Which is strange on her part. You cant state that you find the word so uncomfortable that hearing it in music. Is upsetting to you then say it 3 times. It was a bad look for her.

When it comes to other words it really depends on where you life. Like with fag. In the uk its not really a gay slur like poof. Its a cigarette. Vs america where it is.

No. 1389550

Sage for derail but she's right. The culture is different. The forums are better moderated these days. You can't even post meanspo on mpa anymore but you can tell someone on edtwt to rope and all you get is edgelord points. edtwt is no uwu safespace, it's just a decentralized echo chamber for unchecked mental illness like Tumblr was 10 years ago and LiveJournal was before it. Forums may still be echo chambers but they have more control over what gets posted so the more harmful shit doesn't go unchecked the same way it does on twitter. I can't speak for all forums obv, but the bigger ones are more focused on harm reduction than pushing each other to make themselves as sick as possible to collect followers
TL;DR edtwt is cancer. Tiktok too

No. 1389564

I've seen anons saying amouranth looked like a troon and she's not even tall. I agree with you and I think they've been on the internet too long and just need to step outside.

No. 1389597

Yeah. That's exhausting. Imagine how exhausting it is to have those words used against you all the time.

I think what doesn't help dorian's case is that she has a history of saying fucked up shit. Like her "female privilege" video. Or her claim that gypsy isn't a slur because her romani ex used to use it for positive attention. Which is the most "I have a black friend who says I'm cool" you can get.

No. 1389649

Didn't she say (last year iirc?) that she wasn't going to buy Killstar again unless it's secondhand?

No. 1389656

File: 1639143820532.jpg (517.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211210-144034_Ins…)

That's Kaya. Always working super hard at hyperfocus levels.

No. 1389702

She did but was gifted voucher for her birthday and used them in the black friday sale.

No. 1389740

Sell the voucher at a loss online and keep the money. Sounds like a copout to me

No. 1389858

I'm not Romani but have UK Gypsy family and they all self ID as Gypsies. So do all of my peers who are from Gypsy backgrounds. That's why a lot of the GRT community groups and charities use the term Gypsy, because that is an acceptable term within those groups in the UK. https://www.gypsy-traveller.org/

No. 1389904

File: 1639165550537.png (720.15 KB, 720x1640, Screenshot_20211210-194446.png)

No. 1389999

I mean, everyone can say anything they want to, but “I can say x because I have an x friend” isn’t an automatic “get out of rudeness free” card, which is the dumbass thing she was doing

No. 1390048

That's great. But her argument was that she, as a white lady, could disregard the opinions of people who do consider it a slur because her friend said it was okay. It's the logic behind the thing. That's not her call to make for everyone.

No. 1390198

Hyperfocus basically means tunnel vision, not productivity. Kaya has it both with obsessing over herself/her flaws and getting random bursts of obsession over her hobbies (remember that time she sewed one near perfect Niffler plush, never finished it and never picked up any kind of doll making again?)

No. 1390262

She's never brought up her adhd before except as an excuse for why she's lazy. Is this subtly in response to something, or what

No. 1390356

Dorian should just stop making videos when she's high off her tits. Imagine any other job where you'd insult a large swath of your client base, and then explained that you couldn't help it because you showed up to work high

No. 1390366

>(remember that time she sewed one near perfect Niffler plush, never finished it and never picked up any kind of doll making again?)

That Niffler was so good, I bet she has a lot of untapped creative potential. Maybe splitting with stumpy will give her a new lease of life.

No. 1390393

It's not a slur in the UK, gypsies are just what they're called, by themselves and others. I didn't even realise myself until recently that it's a slur to Americans. There are other words which ARE slurs in the UK so it was probably a genuine mistake and she was being respectful as per her own experience. After being called out for it though, she didn't need to be so defensive about it. She should have realised and acknowledged that it would have had a different connotation for people from the USA, apologised and just understood that this is not the context to use that word.

No. 1390395

Exactly. The problem isn't that she made a mistake, the problem is that she doubled down and got defensive

Though this does not apply to her use of the N-word. Everybody knows that's a slur. And if she wanted a discussion about it, she could have just said "the n-word" and everybody would have known what she meant. Saying it was unnecessary. And if she was just saying it to be an edgelord and "prove a point" she has no right to be upset that people are calling her out for it. If you go out of your way to stir up shit, you shouldn't act so hurt when shit gets stirred.

No. 1390398

>Dorian: "Lolita has a lot of rules that I read about but actively chose to ignore."

Lolitas get mad at Dorian.

>"why are all these lolitas so mean to me?"

>Dorian: "People get really upset when you say the nword."

Says the Nword.

People are upset.

>why are all these people so angry? There was context (me really wanting to say the nword)' and I was high!

No. 1390412

File: 1639235050667.jpg (629.93 KB, 1080x1573, 20211211_160216.jpg)

She made a new account. Prepare for screengrab dump.

No. 1390414

File: 1639235074444.jpg (623.59 KB, 1080x1386, 20211211_160231.jpg)

No. 1390415

File: 1639235098617.jpg (544.25 KB, 1080x1351, 20211211_160246.jpg)

No. 1390416

File: 1639235124538.jpg (485.54 KB, 1080x1653, 20211211_160307.jpg)

No. 1390420

File: 1639235220273.jpg (454.19 KB, 1080x1553, 20211211_160320.jpg)

No. 1390425


I mean, she's basically a wannarexic. She tries so hard to remain relevant to the ED community and then purposefully tried to trigger herself into relapse. She thinks having an ED makes her special so she can't give it up.

No. 1390654

>It's not a slur in the UK, gypsies are just what they're called, by themselves and others. I didn't even realise myself until recently that it's a slur to Americans

Wait, what? I'm American and I thought it was the opposite of this. I never knew it was a slur until I saw Irish/English and some Australian people on the internet saying it's a slur. There's a song that still gets played on the radio here that uses that word. I don't think most Americans know it's considered a slur. I assumed this was because there are probably more Romani people in the UK than in America.

No. 1390663

It's usually considered a slur here in Wales. Though I have some Roma relatives who object to it, and some who use it all the time. I'm not Roma, so I honestly can't say.

No. 1390835

I think at first it offered her an explanation for her extreme executive dysfunction, a lot of us here thought the diagnosis would kick her into gear, but now its become an excuse. These stories do feel aimed at someone or something like big time.

This is straight up not true lmao where are you getting this info? Travellers might call themselves gypsies but its a slur when other people call them that.

No. 1390968


NTA but maybe it's to do with your UK region. Not a slur where I am but pikey and gyppo are. Gypsy is fine unless it's contextually used as a slur - e.g. "those fucking gypsies are back on the village green again"

No. 1391054

sorry to derail this derailment even further, but would anyone be so good as to explain to my australian self what the general opinion of travellers in the UK is? i see a lot of negativity online, and wonder, like is that just the xenophobic/racist minority or a widely held view?

No. 1391058

File: 1639322367273.jpg (860.06 KB, 1080x1513, 20211212_161834.jpg)

Saged because not milk. But I just can't get over how different Allisson looks these days.

No. 1391084

Where I’m from in the uk (north) it’s neither negative or positive opinions on travellers. It really depends on if they damage the land they have parked on such as leaving rubbish and human waste but 80% of the time this doesn’t happen no more I believe the police tend to keep a eye on them. But it mostly positive because sometimes they will bring a funfair to town for couple days (however the Health and safety god awful on the rides) . I was best friends with one during school she left when she was 12 her whole family was super nice. But that is just the opinions and general attitude on where i live could be different in other places.

No. 1391095

The debate was on if gypsie is a slur. Not if travellers are good people. What the fuck? Illiterate anon is just a font of weird spergings.

Regardless of the nature of the word, I think people are mostly upset about Dorian's reaction when people told her they considered it a slur. Not knowing about it is one thing. But doubling down becausr her friend said it was okay is quite another.

No. 1391098

File: 1639327581399.jpg (118.3 KB, 1080x1350, sebastiancolumbine_153531002_8…)

That's funny, I actually looked at her Instagram the other day and I agree, she looks so drastically different compared to a few years ago, she's almost unrecognizable. Same thing with Sebastian Columbine.

I guess you could say that these two really did have a genuine goth phase though.

No. 1391120

File: 1639330644135.png (245.7 KB, 1166x1042, Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 17.36…)

Illiterate anon, pls stop cowtipping

No. 1391174

File: 1639336571356.jpg (235.66 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20211212-191332_Ope…)

Context is that jake supposedly made an onlyfans. Comments range from "do makeup tutorials" to "I wonder what your ass looks like, thick or perky" (…yep)

No. 1391227

>>1391120 fuck off .(cowtipping retard)

No. 1391266

At least we now know who illiterate anon is.

Illiterate anon, are you old enough to be online or are you esl? Your bullshit is annoying, it’s noticeable and these cows do check the forums.

No. 1391267

File: 1639343487896.jpg (470.95 KB, 1080x1411, 20211212_220913.jpg)

Don't know what's worse. Their cowtipping, or apparent dedication to Bon Jovi. No wonder they're obsessed with Jake. Arrogant talentless midgets are their type.

No. 1391276

Anne Rice is dead. Taking bets on who will make a cry video or post first! Mines on kaya

No. 1391281


But wasn't Anne Rice "problematic" or whatever? Kaya (and everyone else) will probably just shit on her and call her an old bitch the way she shat on JKR for asspats.

No. 1391288

I don't think she was problematic as much as just apain in the ass. She had a history of sueing anyone who used her characters, such as fanfic, or used characters that were too similar to hers. Since her definition of that was pretty broad and she basically felt that she'd invented gay vampires, she wasn't very popular. Also I think people mostly forgot about her. Not because of her personally, but because her writing went fucking insane and became largely unreadable. She'd decided that she didn't need editors anymore, most of her stories were about jesus now, and there were vampires in atlantis. People just sort of shrugged as nd moved on.

My bet is IBF. Between her hysterionic reaction to Alan Rickman dying and her trying to gatecrash that memorial service for prince Phillip, she's the queen of making celebrity death about herself.

No. 1391289

>>139126 wrong person dick go look I don't have twitter

No. 1391293

>>1391267 go two my Instagram as that's my place not twitter do know that person you have on there had cancer shame on you .if you read info go look me up I'm all over Instagram dick DM any time oh I'm Irish fuck off get your fact right

No. 1391313

Wait, if they're not you, how do you know they had cancer? Their profile is fully private, and their tweets are hidden.

But sure. Give us your insta handle.

No. 1391314

Agreed anon. I can't picture Kata giving much a crap since she doesn't read but IBF? Sure thing. I'm sure that she may have read a few of Anne Rice's books or at the very least, watched the movies based on her books and will take take this opportunity to prove her goff cred.

No. 1391320

Person has stoma if you read her bio .dick they have supported for child that die last year in northern Ireland as there profile photo .so get your fact right but I'm going get in touch with this person show them .as you got wrong person

No. 1391323

Come and find me dick head I'm on Instagram very easy to find .

No. 1391324

Really? When I took the screenshot their profile wasn't private, so it's definitely illiterate anon.

why lie? Just stop cowtipping. Your typing is exactly the same.

No. 1391329

I know she's read IWTV because she was reading it in one of her older videos. But that was a really long time ago. I still don't see her making a huge deal out of it.

No. 1391335

>child that die last year in northern Ireland as there profile photo .

You've claimed to be local to Jake and Kaya, a.k.a from Northern Ireland. Are there two Northern Irish people obsessed with the toxic twats who both misspell things in the exact same way?

No. 1391338

I'm not but as I said you need go look .just because person wrote reply to Jake post it was not me .but I just dm the person on twitter to say her private life up on here .told you look on Instagram I got tattoos on my face .also nice see you are so perfect dick .it's wrong person I'm spooky soul so come find me .

No. 1391340

File: 1639348888805.jpg (284.32 KB, 1080x1525, 20211212_234043.jpg)

It's absolutely illiterate anon. They are frantically editing their profile right now.

No. 1391343

>>1391324 no this person is not me look for spooky soul you find me .I'm not Jake fan I say you are more of fan also great you so perfect good for you dick

No. 1391346


Illiterate anon please stop this is embarrassing for you, you got exposed, we know it is you, just stop cowtipping.

No. 1391351

I don't know what your damage is. But it's embarrassing to watch. Your Jake onsession is maybe something to work on, along with your grasp of security culture.

No. 1391354

File: 1639349378352.jpg (179.13 KB, 1080x625, 20211212_234928.jpg)

And they deleted their profile.

But you can still see their mentions.

No. 1391358

Have you got special needs or something? Fuck off, you're just embarrassing yourself

No. 1391364

thanks anon, that's really interesting, appreciate it.
they were replying to my post, not the gypsy slur debate.

No. 1391365

I'm not illiterate that person I been in touch with over it .also why don't you give me your name seem your so perfect I add you on my Instagram .have you ever heard of be kind >>1391340 hope you never end in hospital sick I told you look Instagram you find me red hair tattoos on my face dm me like good soul

No. 1391368

No you fuck off dick you nasty human .got wrong person she was taking to that girl as she followed her it was not me .I don't have follow anyone on my account so go look if you won't I send you my account now fuck off come to my Instagram I'm there waiting

No. 1391400

File: 1639352661132.jpg (51.76 KB, 500x502, hei.jpg)

I am not afraid of you my common styleless child my name is Adora Batbrat and I am Queen of the unfairly persecuted Svenska mörker

No. 1391403

Oh man. I think they might actually be special needs. This is sad. I hope their caregiver has the sense to limit their internet usage.

No. 1391405

Adora's English is bad, but not that bad.

No. 1391480

Adora knows where to out a full stop and it’s not at the start of a new sentence. Anyway, just report the retards posts and have them banned. Their over use of the word dick as an insult is annoying enough. Maybe illiterate anon can be the next cow at this rate

No. 1391523

Your posts have been at best useless and at worst some weird jealous cowtipping bs from day one. Please fuck off, you just come across as a nasty creep.

No. 1391567

Normie styling does not do this person any favours, she has a unique face and head shape that seems jarring with soft colours and blonde hair, the goth styling seems more suited.

No. 1391574

I feel so sorry for Jake fangirls, please get some standards. He's short and average looking, it's just the same sort of projected fandom as Corpse Husband for mediocre goth boys. I know what I'd style myself as if I was a boy, seems like shooting fish in a barrel.

No. 1391576

I agree, she looks like a stepford wife or something

No. 1391622

I think that’s the look she’s going for. After her goth phases, she ended up trying to look like some high class hooker. Iuno, her whole style is a mess these days. Not that her content was great to begin with anyway

No. 1391697


The twitter you claim isn't yours has now been completely deleted, so nice try, please don't come back, and we will know its you by your inability to place a full stop.

No. 1391776

File: 1639395701778.jpg (770.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211212-222023_Ins…)

Just Adam being heterosexual
It's not gay if a girl is watching.

No. 1391779

>women = fully clothed
>men = fully nude
not gay at all

No. 1391802

File: 1639399039586.png (206.42 KB, 1216x914, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 12.36…)

Illiterate anon has made a new account and is cowtipping again. Can we get this bitch banned?

No. 1391803

I don't know what you guys are on about. They're just straight dudes doing straight dude things. Hanging out, drinking beer, flexing. And frolicking naked with your bros in a mountain stream while ignoring your girlfriend who awkwardly watches.

No. 1391869

On Jake's last stream he said he had a big announcement I wonder if it's about kaya he's talked about everything else he also said he's planning to go to New Zealand and Australia and a bunch of other places and it seems like it's without kaya

No. 1391934

Why u doxing yourself??

No. 1391970

I agree it's very straight and manly, we all know the great ancestors of yore decreed thou shalt only be naked with thine bros because a naked woman is sinful

No. 1392141

Odin says it isn't gay as long as your balls don't touch.

No. 1392234

No. 1392267

My bet is the announcement is new merch or a UK/Aus tour.

It seems bizarre and heartbreaking that he never mentions being there for Kaya during her depressive episodes, no like “right now I’m supporting my gf through some shit”. I would get it if she was more private but she’s super open about her feelings on social. I get that they’ve been dating a long time but my s/o would never ever be planning on taking long trips without me if I was “crying so hard that Face ID doesn’t recognise me” and considering antidepressants again.

No. 1392270

Samefag because mobile, *US not UK tour.

No. 1392376

File: 1639451791303.jpg (299.43 KB, 1440x993, Screenshot_20211213-221540_Twi…)

No. 1392464

Yeah she overshares what she's feeling, or something she wants to complain about, while jake says nothing about supporting her. Ofc he could just be doing it in private but if that was the case why does she still feel the need to vent online when her fans don't even fall over to help her as much as jake's do for him bc they're horny for him.

No. 1392517

Imagine being this depressed and your bf of 10 years is tweeting about his onlyfans.

No. 1392519

I'd be pretty fucking depressed if I was with Jake too tbh

No. 1392551

File: 1639480624457.jpg (396.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211214-121359_Ins…)

When spending time with your partner is not an option.

No. 1392655

File: 1639492375882.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211214-153013_Ins…)

I'm sure not bleaching the fuck out of it will do more than "vegan hair gummies."

No. 1392667

Maybe asking this question of someone whose hair isn't a stiff fried loaf would get a better answer, but we love a subtle self ask.

No. 1392848

File: 1639509373404.jpg (521.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211214-121314_Ins…)

Babe! I was fapping to the chick, I swear!

No. 1392919

File: 1639515895392.png (480.94 KB, 746x1482, B6E5877D-6C9E-48F5-A8C6-75C2E3…)

Was scrolling through the threads and this came up on the corpsehusband thread.

No. 1392922

kek almost all “fitness models” of that era were gay and lesbian

No. 1393000

Exactly. They constantly insist that they just don’t have to be public about their relationship but really, with all those hours vlogging and streaming and working from home, NO sweet moments sneak in? He can’t take her for a drive when she “needs distracted”? He just screams toxic.

No. 1393014

nah i totally buy this is a real ask. have you seen most of the people that follow alt influencers like psychara, kaya etc? half of them are pudgy alt they/them teens with shitty manic panic dyejobs and crunchy illfitted shein wardrobes, and whose only income stems from awkward tarot card readings over zoom for tips. I fully buy that psychara gets asks like this from people like that, especially if they were too young to remember when she wore extensions and actually had really cool hair

No. 1393022

a lot of people seem to also be under the assertion that you can just apply some serum to your hair and have it be magically restored back to health and don't understand that hair is dead and the damage is permanent.

No. 1393041

File: 1639531042772.jpg (1011.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211215-021319_Ins…)

She's been posting about her hair a lot lately. So it makes sense for it to be a real ask, if it's on people's mind.

No. 1393048

Her Tweets and Stories, combined with Jakes very extensive plans all not involving Kaya >>1391869 all point towards a currently concealed breakup, don't cry Kaya you're finally free of this awful little man

No. 1393146


No. 1393235

>mom instincts but I'm also a fangirl teehee
>I'm an elder goth and i approve of your songs that liken e-girls to goths, and that people claim is goth music

Screams either "I want clout" or "I'm thirsty for this guy". Maybe both. Cringe either way.

No. 1393720

File: 1639607867185.jpg (551.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211215-233613_Ins…)

This might be a reach on my part. But maybe this is relevant to her situation?

No. 1393741


Thought so too. She also posted a snippet of Charlotte calling Carrie out for cheating and it cut off right after Charlotte points out how the wife being cheated on feels. Tinfoil but at this point I'm 100% sure they broke up some time ago because of his cheating and now Kaya is moving out alone and heartbroken while Jake starts an Onlyfans and goes on a roadtrip with one of his new fuckbuddies. Jake x Jude crossover saga when..?

No. 1394727

File: 1639688857837.jpg (470.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211216-220655_Ins…)

Oh man. Things are getting bleak.

No. 1394895

idk. This sounds like the words of someone who has been in a situation where she’s realised she was stupid not to walk away sooner, but as far as we know, she’s not making an effort to leave (is this is about her boyfriend before Jake when she was <16 it’s just kind of sad).

No. 1395300

File: 1639751483790.jpg (496.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211217-152543_Ins…)

Yup. No dental care. No political power for women, and no antibiotics.
But also, fewer brown people around. So clearly as good as it gets.

No. 1395305

I think the point is about a simple life quite no distractions (ie phones tiktok) simple enjoyments such as a game off knucklebones. You don’t have to go sperg on details like that.

No. 1395306

Someone needs to look up the meaning of "dogwhistle" these people never want to actually switch their phones off and live in a cabin in the woods, it's all thinly veiled white supremacy shit.

No. 1395332

Exactly. That's how dogwhistles work. If you can't see what the intention is here, you are hopelessly naive. If this had been posted by some random luddite it would be one thing. But given the source, we have to be realistic here.

No. 1395336

File: 1639756423360.jpg (602.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211217-152608_Ins…)

You… you could just cook. Nobody is stopping you.

No. 1395369

Her mento illness is, anon

No. 1395481

I like how people romanticizing a time before slavery and colonialism triggers you. I forget you actually want those things so you have something to complain about

No. 1395492

You’re a moron

No. 1395505

I'd hate to tell you this. But thinking something is dumb isn't the same as being triggered. I'm not hideously offended or hurt by it. I just think it's stupid to believe living in a time before modern medicine or soap just because there would be more white dudes around you is stupid. Cause it is.

Chuds love accusing anyone who disagrees with them as being "triggered" because it means theu can just dismiss their responses as being overly emotional. A lot easier than having to admit their ideas might be wrong. Pro tip: if people dismiss you as being "triggered" it just means they have run out of arguments.

No. 1395507

>before slavery
sooooo who built the pyramids then?

No. 1395509

I'm pretty sure edgelord anon believes super aryan aliens built them.

No. 1395512

Even speaking purely within Europe, there was still chattel slavery during this time period

No. 1395515

Yes. The vikings for instance practised slavery well into the 15th century. And that's not even mentioning the feudal system.

No. 1395522

File: 1639772183520.jpg (828.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211217-211553_Ins…)

Quintuppel spooky box club unboxing?

No. 1395534

> before colonialism
pay no attention to the Roman Empire behind the curtain
also, love that the hurdy-gurdy, an instrument imported to Europe from the Middle East via the Arab conquest of Spain, is the emblem of Eurotrad partytime in this fantasy

No. 1395566

Can the polfags fuck right off back to Twitter and circle jerk there? It’s always the damn Americans too. Stay in topic here.
Its almost to the point where it’s no longer alternative and they belong on the trve Viking thread. Take it there

No. 1395569

File: 1639774422230.jpg (448.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211217-215123_Ins…)

Will this be the announcement of the breKup? Or just another haul or GRWM?

Wait, who said anything about being American?

No. 1395572

I really, really hope it’s a breakup announcement video.
Im literally crossing my fingers.

No. 1395587

Spooky box motorbike theft update depression mess excuses while doing makeup

No. 1395601

I doubt it will be. Maybe it’s all just some kind of a weird way to get more views? My bet is it’s going to be a long video and it will start off like everything is bad but really it will be “I’m leaving YouTube because of family”

No. 1395606

Slaves didn't build the pyramids, they were just workers. But Rome had plenty of slavery so yeah 1228 was not "before slavery or colonization"

Vikings didn't even exist after 1100, do you mean Scandinavians?

>Its almost to the point where it’s no longer alternative and they belong on the trve Viking thread.

I kind of agree honestly. But I don't know why you're bringing Americans into this.

No. 1395626

Breakup confirmed, haven't watched yet

No. 1395627

Oh shit glad she got rid of him

No. 1395628

Dreams do come true. I’m happy for her

No. 1395629

He ended it though. I think she will blossom when she’s done grieving

No. 1395630

>Kaya has been sleeping in her studio, has been sleeping there since October
>Has no income
>didn't see breakup coming
>Doesn't even want to be online anymore but has to start making content again for money

I feel so bad for her, holy shit. Jake is such a piece of shit, imagine dumping your gf of 12 years, kicking her out to sleep in a studio with no heating, no shower etc. I hope he dies in a plane crash to America.

No. 1395632

Idk if you read these threads Kaya but I promise you this is going to be one of the best things that will ever happen to you. It's going to get really rough as fuck but when you come out the other side you will grow in ways you could never imagine and were never possible while tied to Jake. You will get through it

No. 1395634

Kaya has carried Jake his entire adult life, he only has a penny to his name because of her. I fucking despise Jake so much

No. 1395635


Gonna sound shit but I’m glad this happened.
Jake cheated, I absolutely believe this. Or if not that, I suspect he brought up being poly, she said no so he dumped her. Just wild guessing for the latter but he seems the sort

I’m no fan of Kaya but I think now, she can go and date casually, meet people, find out what she’s been missing

She’ll likely move back in with family, doubt they’d let her become homeless. It’d be good for her to get a more regular job outside YouTube - more chances to meet people. If she sorts her shit out, she could even integrate into the Irish goth scene

I do wonder if Jude is involved in all this

No. 1395640

Glad it happened, because her life will improve, to clarify

What also interests me is if Jake can survive on his own. He seems like a manchild, I really don’t think he has what it takes to run a household, do normal adult things

No. 1395641

What a colossal dick he is. But I do agree with the other anons. Hopefully this will be good for her in the long run
She doesn't need that leech.

No. 1395644

Jake is a narcissist who will never feel true happiness. People can't go through life like how he does and end up with a happy ending. His actions will catch up to him, I reckon he'll have a sexual assault or pedo scandal within the next 5 years

No. 1395647

Yeah, Kaya and her mom took Jake in so he could leave his "abusive" family. Also forgot to mention he broke up with her, the breakup was not amicable and her cat is staying with her mom. Idk why she can't stay with her too.

No. 1395648

Honestly, for the longest time I’ve felt that one day he’ll get too handsy with a fan

No. 1395651

Single male youtuber + underage fanbase = pedophilia every single time. I'd be surprised if he even makes it to 5 years from now without a scandal

No. 1395652

I’m really hoping that the reason she can’t stay with her mother currently is a temporary lack of space, that she’ll eventually be able to stay there, and not something more serious

Doing this shit near Christmas seems like an extra twist of the knife from Jake

Christmas/winter is often a time where shelters are packed, not exactly a pleasant time to be sleeping in a car, should it come to that, either

No. 1395657

This is why you never, ever, ever, build up a man outside of marriage. Had she built him up while they were married she'd be getting what she's owed out of his wealth. It wouldn't be a lot because its not like she was super hands on but she'd get something. Now she's handed him a career and he's made her homeless. Never ever build men up ever.

No. 1395664

File: 1639780567953.png (123.23 KB, 1747x477, 1637791919161.png)

From the last thread.

>Please stop spreading rumors

But she's been living in her studio since October, and this was only three weeks ago. He was blatantly lying.

No. 1395666

Ok Jake made a video and Im aware people process things different but I do feel making a video like

'I'm not that cut up over this we broke up in October I've processed it all and now let me talk about all the cool stuff I'm planning' feels a bit… tacky to say the least?

Maybe should've split that into two videos idk.

No. 1395668

"Yeah we broke up. Anyway my life is amazing, I'm going across the world with all my money with a new girl, its gonna be amazing. Don't mention Kaya to me again"
I hate Jake so fucking much

No. 1395669

As much as I dislike Kaya it was sad to see the contrast between their videos, Kaya was crying, cold and has no income while Jake was like "I'm over it!" and talked about everything he was going to spend money on.

No. 1395670

It’s the beginning of his demise.

No. 1395671

Here's the video.

>I didn't appreciate the rumors

But the rumors were true lmao. And he also is saying how "oh we weren't in love, it was obvious we were gonna break up soon, we were more friends than bf/gf" meanwhile Kaya is saying she didn't even see it coming… K, Jake. Get fucked.

No. 1395672

"Its so weird how people said we were couple goals when we didn't even post instagram stories together"
He's so twisted. Like what a warped view on reality and relationships this creature has

No. 1395676

Jesus Jake. Just let her use your shower or help her set up her streaming equipment so she can make some money. This woman took care of your stumpy ass for twelve years.

No. 1395679

He sounds so bored and defensive. Also he keeps playing down the length of the relationship. Kaya said it was 12 years. At first he says it was 11 years, and then he calls it a 10 year relationship. I am not a fan of kaya's. But goddamn.

No. 1395681


He’s so fucking gross
I hope his band flops hard

No. 1395686

Jesus he's such a cunt. Genuinely believe that Kaya's going to be so much better off not having this narcissistic dick in her life.

No. 1395687

I'm confused though, why was Kaya the one who got kicked out of the house? As much as I dislike Kaya, that's pretty fucked and messed up, especially at this time of year where the weather is freezing.

No. 1395689

jesus christ, she said it's so cold in their that she can see her breath. and that's where she's living - no heat, no water, no insulation.

this grubby little fuck would be nothing without Kaya.

No. 1395690

And he was like "oh we haven't been in love for years, we were more like friends than lovers, we never did Instagram stories together".. if that's true Jake, why didn't you break up with her sooner? Convenient how he waited until he was more famous and financially stable to dump her after leeching off her all those years. He's just like "yeah Kaya moved out" without acknowledging that she's sleeping in a studio where she's cold all the time and said she doesn't feel safe.

No. 1395696

I agree anon about Jake cheating. Let's be real, he's a narc and as his YouTube kept getting more popular and his fangirls started multiplying, it all went to his head. He essentially started as a nobody and is now the king of Goff Poseurs and he more than likely was attracting skinny and/or tall alternative women whom are his type going off form his words. Kaya isn't entirely blameless because she turned into a gluttonous sloth so she can't be that surprised that Jake's disinterest in her was gonna increase as the years went by.

That said yeah, this is the best thing that happened to Kaya, a blessing in disguise and it's better it happened now instead of 5 years later. Now she has the chance to turn her life around, get off her lazy ass and live life. Maybe get a regular job for some stability and mingle with people.

No. 1395698

I think Jake is gonna be fine tbh. I do get your concerns that he does come off as a manchild but if worse comes to shove, he'll probably be one of those people who scrounges off of his fans to get by until they grow up and have had enough of him.

No. 1395701

>Kaya isn't entirely blameless because she turned into a gluttonous sloth so she can't be that surprised that Jake's disinterest in her was gonna increase as the years went by.

Jake is a stumpy fatass himself though. He's only out of her league clout wise.

No. 1395703

Honestly I'm not gonna go the pedo route but yeah, I do see him acting inappropriate with his of age but younger female fans for sure.Social Repose, Onision, etc. I can see him being added to that list.

No. 1395706

I hope so too anon. Like another anon said, I don't think her parents would let her be homeless and what's likely to happen is that they'll help put her up in an affordable apartment and/or until her mom has more space, she'll have her come to her when the time is right.

No. 1395707

he'll just find a new (younger) woman to leech off of until she "expires" too. rinse, repeat.

No. 1395710


They didn't say anything in the videos that anons haven't been saying for years. They act more like roommates, no chemistry, etc, I doubt they even had sex for the past few years honestly.

I don't really understand why Kaya isn't at her mums, or why she was in her studio when he was on tour, or why she isnt allowed to stay there when he is on his trips. I think she is probably exaggerating a bit as she has posted a few pictures from her house like outfits etc, and she's obviously had access to a shower. I can't imagine her mum letting her live in a studio for weeks over Christmas.

I feel bad for her, he has fucked her over and at this point she has no skills for streaming etc, she will realistically never get a job but hopefully she will get her ass in gear to churn out a video every month.

I reckon there were a lot of fans of the couple who lust after him and will drop her completely, so her fans/subs might dwindle.

GL Kaya!

No. 1395711

God the comments on his video of idiots still supporting him absolutely enrages me I actually use to watch his videos I know I'm cringe but I will never support him again he absolutely never loved her he used her to move away from the UK then used her for her YouTube game and now that he's more famous just throws her in the cold what an absolute twat I hope she comes out of this better than ever

No. 1395712

>Kaya no income

As harsh as this is to say, she did it to herself, I mean unless she was giving what money she made to Jake (which would be scummy), she didn't help herself by being so inactive by not making content which is how she gets paid. I sympathize the situation but I can't ignore that she is to blame for that particular factor.

No. 1395719

I'm not too clear on the specifics for NI. But if her mom is on benefits, there is a chance she would lose those if kaya, a potential wage earner, moves in with her.

No. 1395720

I agree!
Like I said in my other post, the contrast was just sad.

No. 1395721

File: 1639783274361.png (143.2 KB, 720x1256, Screenshot_20211217-141908.png)

Yeah, the comments are overwhelmingly supportive, which is shitty. But he did say that he was deleting anything remotely negative on this video.

Man, I really wish yt didn't hide dislikes.

No. 1395724

Do they do common law where she is? Because she would be owed support even if they werent married because she only didnt work because he was the supporter of their "family" for a bit. They were together over a decade

No. 1395733

Believe me anon, I'm not saying that Jake was any better in terms of looks but I wasn't necessarily talking just appearances. All Kaya would do is bitch, eat, and make excuses to not do anything. Jake is a scumbag but at least he was actually attempting to do things instead of sit around and complain all the time.

Again I can't stress that I don't like Jake, I don't like both parties but there were some obvious issues that Kaya had during their "relationship".

No. 1395737

File: 1639783907497.png (155.88 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_20211217-142857~2.p…)

"I pay for everything she needs except for heating, shower or safety"

No. 1395739

>she will realistically never get a job but hopefully she will get her ass in gear to churn out a video every month.

I mean she could get a part-time retail-type job, she's not Chris Chan levels of fucked but I get what you mean. Her best bet is to go back to her 2014 mindset and get videos out on the reg even if it's one a month. That or try to start up her shop again and make stuff to sell.

No. 1395748

If they were more friends than partners like he's claiming then why doesn't he let her live in the house still and just be roommates? He's keeping a three bedroom place all to himself while Kaya freezes in a shitty building without running water and no bed (like he's claiming).

No. 1395754

No one is denying that there were issues in their relationship before. We're just shocked at how long Kaya supported him and how he treated her in turn. Kaya and her mum took him in so he could leave his family, pretty sure she was the main breadwinner for a while when he had 0 clout. Now all of the sudden he has clout she's sleeping in a cold studio. You'd think after all they had been through together that he'd at least find her somewhere to stay where she wasn't freezing to death.

No. 1395755

Right, I just don't think it's wise to excuse Kaya for her own financial mistakes, especially when she had the means to keep making content. I mean she still has somewhat a fanbase which is lowkey incredible with how inactive she's been and that should've showed that she still has people willing to watch her videos which will give her adsense and paid sponsors. She was living in the lap of luxury but didn't take advantage of it when she had numerous opportunities.

But as many have said, this is more than likely the push she needs to take control of her life and as much as I don't like her, I do wish her the best in turning things around.

No. 1395759

how's he supposed to bring home 15-year-old groupies if Kaya is home?

No. 1395763

I didn't know that Kaya and her mom did that for him. That's pretty sad hearing this context. And oh without a doubt Kaya was the breadwinner of the relationship in the beginning. I watched Kaya in the early 2010s and remember when Jake came to live with her but I must've missed the details about why Jake left his hometown in the first place. I remember he said his family was toxic or something along those lines but I didn't know Kaya and her mom helped pull strings to get him to them.

I have to echo what >>1395754 said, if they really are friends, why couldn't they just be roommmates? There probably is more to the story because there's no reason why Kaya would need to stay in a cold studio, especially when he was out of town doing his tour.

Oh no anon kek

No. 1395769

File: 1639785006818.png (2.44 MB, 1125x2436, FA4E9596-0EC8-4B7F-AB9C-4D562A…)

No. 1395776

The comments are all like this or getting really upset that he's not doing TikTok react videos anymore.

No. 1395781

Kaya this will be the happiest day of your life, so glad you have finally dumped that narcissistic stump who thought going on tour during a pandemic without you, hanging out with onlyfans thots and starting an OF, and then leaving for a month at Christmas with some transman is all appropriate behavior to do publicly while claiming to still be with his girlfriend. It only gets better from here.

No. 1395785

File: 1639785916980.jpeg (35.27 KB, 704x241, A9ED1CA5-C983-4F6E-9D1F-3395CA…)

Comment on Jakes video lmao

No. 1395788

If Kaya starts posting more, do anons think she could surpass the shitty narc in subs? He has a lot of retarded zoomer fans, but I don't think his channel will last long-term, especially if he acts worse. His "band" and YouTube will dry up eventually, like other "edgy" YouTubers before him

No. 1395789

>Kaya isn't entirely blameless because she turned into a gluttonous sloth so she can't be that surprised that Jake's disinterest in her was gonna increase as the years went by.

I think it likely went the opposite way, he was a disinterested narcissistic prick first, as he has always been, and her confidence dipped and she ate food for comfort. She was never obese though and even if she was, it does not dignify or validate his behaviour.

No. 1395792

It was obvious Jake was going to dump Kaya, for as much of a douche he is, he got himself out of a pit of depression. Got into a routine. Exercises. Is productive and actually works. Kaya is extremely lazy, being lazy isn't a mental illness. She also lacks a personality. She is not truly passionate about anything. She's as shallow as a person can get. There is absolutely no depth or drive in her.

No. 1395793

>Now all of the sudden he has clout she's sleeping in a cold studio.

He left her in the cold, literally.
Temperature in Belfast will be 3-7c (37-44f) for the next week.

No. 1395795

File: 1639787146578.png (60.29 KB, 1313x306, b0e954f11d9be863c99f4649dad595…)

he said she has a bathroom and space heaters so.. something doesn't add up here.

No. 1395797

Jake's a cock. He looks like shit, his band is shit, his band is nothing (that wasn't a "tour"), thinks he's American, is ugly af, everything about him is embarrassing.

I don't particularly like Kaya, but break ups are awful and I don't like to think of her being in pain. In the long run, yeah, she'll end up with someone who gives a shit about her. He'll be pushing 40 and still being a nob. Maybe get killed on his motorbike.

I'm sorry she had to spend 12 years with him. What a waste of time. She'll be thinking the same further down the road.

No. 1395798

Why rely on Patreon when she can sign on and get housing benefit?

No. 1395799

I went back to look at her studio tour and the bathroom is just a room with a toilet and a sink, there's no shower. He's lying to make himself look better to his 13 year old fans.

No. 1395800

Lack of drive to do anything is a hallmark of a variety of mental illnesses

Though I do think that yeah, she should go get help, NHS is free, get therapy even if you have to go on a waiting list
But even taking the first steps to getting help can be difficult when you’re incredibly depressed
A vicious cycle

No. 1395801

File: 1639787461995.jpg (41.76 KB, 765x333, qbnOvE2.jpg)

He must be watching, comments like these are getting deleted quick.

No. 1395802

He’s a proven liar so I’m questioning just how legit this is, and not just trying to save face

No. 1395806

Jake is complete scum. If he initiated the breakup, why didn’t he move out and leave Kaya the house?

I think the US trip is a precursor to Jake hastily marrying an American and moving to LA.

No. 1395808

Kaya looks like shit too, and she's a stuck up bitch IRL. She was always looking down on others yet is an insecure lazy mess.

Jake has been churning out regular content for a few years. Like how many years has it been a meme that all Kaya does is those spooky unboxings. Jake had went through a lot of different vlog styles and even a few high production videos and collabs with other you tubers. Kaya barely does anything. She may have helped him in the start and invited him over to NI, but he definitely pulled his weight when it came to income. He's actually got a passion to be a YouTuber. Kaya lacks this. She's lazy and spends majority of her time thinking about the past and over eating.

I don't know many men that would be lining up to date her either. Goth guys her age would actually expect you to be into goth things. Kaya is a chavvy bimbo in a goth costume. Her favourite songs are chav beats and shit bubblegum pop. For someone so shallow she doesn't do herself any favours with how she styles or carries herself.

It's laughable she didn't see the breakup coming when people have noticed the lack of interaction between them. They have no chemistry on screen together. They seem so sex less when together but Jake thirst posts. He's clearly been gagging for it and he's been working on his stumpy body and clearly dying for someone to appreciate it. He defintely fucked other girls on his queer little tour. Meanwhile Kaya has been hanging out with gay Grant instead of going to the fucking gym and sorting her shit out.

No. 1395811

She knows she's lazy. Literally so much of her self loathing and problems would be fixed if she actually got out of her bed and had a routine. She's essentially been unemployed for years, she never uploads or creates content. Jake has been carrying her for the last few years. You'd think when she saw him getting focused on exercise and being productive and making it a great day she'd have caught on and joined him in getting healthy. She just looks like a scummy Belfast aunt.

No. 1395812

How can Kaya afford rent, utilities or food she doesn't work?

No. 1395813

>NHS is free, get therapy even if you have to go on a waiting list

I'm not in the UK but everything I've heard about the NHS is shit. I've heard people saying they tried to get therapy and they had to wait 6 months to get on a wait-list for a consultation and then another 6 months for an actual appointment. Idk if that's true, but I've heard it from more than a few different people.

I don't know Kaya's exact situation though. I know she's been in some kind of therapy and they diagnosed her with ADHD and tried to put her on Zoloft. So idk.

No. 1395816

Most doctors and therapists would recommend Kaya having a routine, eating healthy and getting essential nutrients to and to exercise. She would quit therapy like she quits everything.

No. 1395817

Maybe this breakup will be the wake up call she needs to start getting into a routine. Or maybe she will just get more depressed.

No. 1395820

Comparing both breakup vids, it's jarring. Jake is an absolute ass and things aren't adding up. He's bragging so much about the future, traveling, touring, all the tattoos = money money, and more money. Oh and he's going to he quitting making tiktok reaction cringe vids. Those are his most watched vids. People usually swarm to negative reaction content, not positive. He's gonna burn all the money away.

No. 1395821

Yes, wait lists can be excessive, do to underfunding of the NHS
But better than nothing if you can’t afford to go private

No. 1395823

>think the US trip is a precursor to Jake hastily marrying an American and moving to LA.

Quite likely. He did dump kaya after brexit ruined her being his ticket to barcelona. Too bad Kelly Eden is off the market. Remember how he flirted with her?

No. 1395824

>I think the US trip is a precursor to Jake hastily marrying an American and moving to LA.

He wishes, remember when he and Kaya stayed in Kelly Eden's house and he was flirting with Kelly? He's been wanting to move to the US for a while and even made videos saying the same. Nevermind his fake US accent he was adopting even prior this current faux goth Social Repose phase.
I hope his use-em-and-dump-em con doesn't work a second time, but women are prone to think they are the exception and not the rule, and it "won't happen to me" so unfortunately there may be another woman wasting her life with Jake soon.

No. 1395826

Can you imagine Jake and Kelly together. Two toxic narcs feeding off each other. Would have been a shit fest but now Kelly has been taken by skelly man.

No. 1395827

I know this sounds like im taking fakes part here but im not, im just trying to uase some sens.

When it comes to housing, it seams like they are renting. So why kaia wouldnt have it is one, she cant afford the rent, and two, if he let here have it "untill she can find something on here own" she just wouldnt have the motivation to do anything about it.
If its some how is a house that they bought, i assume there is a hefty loan on it. With a seperation, there will be one name on that instead of 2, and considering she cant afford here own food, no bank would ever tough here.

And we all think of kaia as the one who supported him. He moved in to the moms place, but when kaia started here yt chanel, he had a job for quite sole time. Was mag going while he still had a job? He was doing yt at the same time for a while, but I think he only had like 10k when he quit.. so how long did she support him for really?

I agree, he is a scumbag in general, but if I broke up with someone in these sercomstanses, and they were that devestated by it, i would do what it took to get them out of my life.

Bth. The studios are very much not ment for living in, right? How big is the chans that they will kick here out if they find out about it?

No. 1395828

Shoutout to me and this anon saying virtually the same thing at the same time

No. 1395831

File: 1639789297358.jpg (22.56 KB, 300x235, unnamed.jpg)

No. 1395833

File: 1639789811453.jpg (125.16 KB, 1012x333, Untitled.jpg)

A sampling of the fans of Jake…

No. 1395836

>"quote on quote"

No. 1395837


We may have missed out on that. But I'm holding out for Jude Bishop to make a grubby appearance.

No. 1395838

This is really sad now.

No. 1395840

Yeah. I'm the anon who posted it. And I kind of feel bad about it now.

No. 1395841

She can't cook because she doesn't have a kitchen?

This changes the context of those "unmotivated to film in the studio" posts considerably since she was living in the studio from October. I presume all her irl friends/family knew about it and that's why those posts didn't really make sense, they were more aimed at the irls.
He wants to act like a hero for "paying" for the studio but he could just simply? Let her live in the house? If he doesn't have a new partner yet there's absolutely no reason why she can't be there.

No. 1395843

Yeah, especially since he's not even gonna be there, he's gonna be road tripping across America with his new bff. My only guess is maybe she doesn't want to be there because being in their house reminds her of their relationship, but I kind of doubt that.

No. 1395845

She has a little kitchenette in the studio. But that just has a sink, and an outlet for an electric kettle. Just like her "bathroom" is just a toilet and a little sink. I agree with >>1395843. She could at least stay at the house once he's on the road. She could have a shower and heating at least.

No. 1395846

She can’t? Wasn’t that the general theme of her video?

Kaya’s cow behaviour and laziness aside, I can’t stress enough how appalling it is to have all that money, a three bedroom house, and just dump your long term partner on their ass when you know they’ve not had an income for months. “Things” were never ever going to help Kaya and I can totally see Jake being the type of manipulative asshole who thinks “I took you to a spa and bought you a car and this house and you’re still miserable”. I know we called it but this is a new fucking low. But his asshole fans think he’s this great guy who “saved their lives” so they’ll believe whatever shit he feeds them about the breakup (if they even know about Kaya at all).

Fuck off, do you understand the waiting list in some areas is 2+ years for crappy CBT (which rarely works for some people who have autism/ADD already overthink). It’s not that simple. If Jake really cared about her he’d offer to pay for private therapy instead of buying a car and a bike, I’m not joking.

No. 1395849

Studio tour for those who need a recap.

No. 1395851

Reeks of manipulative ex husband. Kaya and her family put him up when he moved country and like his comments said, she built him. If he had issues supporting her once he started making money and he wanted her to work more, he should’ve made that super clear - but we’ve been saying for years that even though Kaya’s work ethic was piss poor he obviously didn’t care about anything but himself.

He’s spinning a narrative as per and I just don’t get that same feeling for Kaya. She didn’t say she was homeless, just that she didn’t have a permanent residence of her own that wasn’t her parents’ or friends’ couches? She’s a sad lump but I believe when she says she’s been caught off guard during an already difficult time.

No. 1395853

What rumours? He’s mad because his fan’s aren’t always gullible idiots and could pick up on the energy they were both putting out? A 10-year relationship ends with this fucking clickbait thumbnail - I feel sick.

No. 1395855

Yeah breakups are shitty and yeah they've been together for 10 years but she could just get a job and support herself? She'd be surprised of how many peopke with mental illness are in the workforce, it might do her a bit of good rather than the vacuous woe is me life she has been having

No. 1395856

Yeah. He was flirting with Jude on stream, and joking about her taking Kaya's attic. He is in no position to complain about "rumours."

Which also implies Jude at least knew they were broken up.

No. 1395863

So he might have told her as well as any irl friends before he went public with it? Now that could just mean he and jude are friends, but we know they're both horny narcs. In case you're reading jake, this isn't rumour making, this is just extrapolating the facts we already have. We literally predicted your break up threads ago, the question was just when.

No. 1395864

Saged for autism over this whole thing lol.

The makeup and his shitty fake newscaster voice in his video is so irritating and such a contrast from her own video.

“A studio apartment” but it’s in a commercial compound that gets locked at night - so which is it (rhetorical)? A rented space with a bathroom and a kitchen sink is NOT an apartment. “It’s fine here’s some space heaters” is what shitty landlords say when they don’t want to fix your broken heating - they don’t make the whole space livable over winter.

Would you feel comfortable or in any way secure if your narcissistic ex, who had just lied to you and dumped you, was paying all your utilities and food and “rent”? She said herself she’ll lose her car once the lease is up. This is the most manipulative shit I’ve ever seen and most of his fans will be too young to understand that. He’s martyring himself as if he’s paying child support or something - being financially reliant on your nasty ex would be terrifying, not like she’s walking in the park while he works his ass off checks notes reacting to TikToks.

Technically YouTube was her job, she was just becoming bad at it. When you’ve built your life WITH a partner, you factor that in. They had lived with nothing together so it makes sense that she felt secure with them scraping by or latterly him supporting her. In a really healthy relationship its okay to agree that one person might pay more when the other is struggling and vice versa. If they dated for 11 years and lived together most of that time, it’s fucked up that he doesn’t understand the impact that undiagnosed ADHD had on her, and how much her depression affects her functioning. I’m not saying she should’ve been allowed to wallow in her attic forever, but clearly just having recording equipment was not the problem.

But I agree, she needed to grow up and get help and be on her own, hopefully this is the kick she needed.

No. 1395870

It's not about validating Jake, he doesn't deserve that. What I mean is that Kaya let herself go in so many ways and I don't mean just her appearance, I'm talking about her sense of self. She became super lazy and stopped doing the one thing that was actually giving her some financial revenue which is just dangerous to do, especially in this time of covid. And even with depression which most of us have, we find ways to push through. Kaya had many opportunities to get help but she was too complacent in her laziness to take it and now it cost her financial stability. Like another anon pointed out, she practically has no skills and this is seriously looking dire for her if she doesn't snap back into gear.

No. 1395873

>I'm not gonna pretend this was an amicable thing we both just decided, because why would i willingly put myself in this current situation

>our relationship just became comfortable and not romantic, so I thought it would be best if we parted ways

So basically kaya just telling the truth since she has no reason to lie, while Jake sugarcoats for his naive fans and doesn't even acknowledge he only got his start because of her, then 70% of the video was talking about new channel stuff.

No. 1395890

Yup. It seems like he was bored and ‘realized’ (so, decided) one day that they felt like ‘just friends’ whereas she thought that feeling was old married couple comfort. That’s not amicable/mutual. Plus the examples he gave that they never posted pictures etc were piss poor excuses, all that stuff is natural and can be worked through if they’d wanted. He was just bored and his fans are shiny new toys.

No. 1395893

Urgh for years now Jake has been giving me the same vibes as my emotionally abusive ex, and I thought it was just me taking it hyper personally.
I PILED on weight when I was with my ex, I went from a 12 to a 22 and a bunch of it was a mix of comfort eating and trying to take back control of something by having a secret stash of foods I liked, and it was THE WORST coping strategy because it put me into a vicious cycle of self hate which would then feed into me thinking my ex wasn't manipulating me and I should feel lucky that he'd stick around with a whale like me. Then he left me for a younger girl in a shorter skirt, who was super thin and I felt like shit, but after a lot of hard work (and a really good support system) I put myself back together. The exact same thing happened with the girl he left me for, except he did a better job of cutting her off from her friends, and last time I saw her she was looking really chunky and miserable. Like I fully admit I could be projecting my own shit here, but this seems like an unnervingly similar situation. I'm not keen on Kaya, I don't love her and I don't hate her but I hope she manages to sort her shit out and be better than she ever was before.(no1curr)

No. 1395896

Disagree. If you watch her old content, she’s actually changed very little in terms of how she carries herself. She’s always been anxious and frankly not had a ton to talk about content-wise (her channel started as hauls). I don’t know if she ever even enjoyed it, I think she just thought it was viable when she was semi tumblr popular and the alternative of a real jobe was worse. Modern-day content as a career is not for everyone. She does need to do some serious self reflection, get back on meds/therapy and get another job.

No. 1395902

I just watched the both and this exactly:
>The makeup and his shitty fake newscaster voice in his video is so irritating and such a contrast from her own video.

She's very genuine and honest and clearly very broken up about it, him in classic narc fashion has his full streaming setup, fake voice and a long list of bragging about what he's going to do next year (tour, tats, holidaying with "K", vlogging, merch, bike, new equipment)

He really just mentioned the breakup in passing, almost as if it was among his list of achievements which he reiterated at the end.
His main focus seems to be on preventing "rumours" when anyone can see what he's been up to with thirstposting, tours, onlyfans, "jokes" about Jude, new suspicious bff and so on.
I do think Kaya will strengthen and grow from this, I can't imagine living with such a self centred piece of shit and having any self worth.
We will see a big change in her over the next year I bet.
She's self-admittedly very sensitive and very sensitive people absolutely respond negatively to creatures like Jake, it puts an absolute stopper on your motivation and worth to have everything you value dismissed in a second.
I can only imagine the cold way he actually enacted the breakup considering how he approached it in front of an audience.
He truly believes he's important and famous and he can just discard his life partner of a decade in a clearly very cold, heartless fashion and still come out of it being seen the good guy.
He says more about it in the comments than the video, you can tell it truly meant nothing to him. I hope some of his dumb fans can see through it and realise he's a piece of shit.

No. 1395903

And the way he said ‘I know the people asking questions don’t actually care because the questions have only increased recently’. Actually, most of them were probably Kaya’s worried fans responding to his travel plans and her vagueposting. Classic narc like you said. She might be neurodiverse but he has a fucking personality disorder.

No. 1395905

Tbh breaking up was the healthiest thing for them. We've been saying several threads ago their relationship is loveless and not improving so there's no point continuing. But Jake seems to have done it in a very shitty way, kaya even said she didn't see it coming, and it sounds like he kicked her out. Maybe she really wanted to het away from him too but she sounds very trapped in that studio so maybe not.

No. 1395911

looked into it and if she's in Northern Ireland then no, common law marriage doesn't exist there. which really fucking sucks for her. jake is such trash. can't wait til he dies of super gonorrhea.

No. 1395931

agreed, they got together as teens so she probably felt obligated to try and make things work. have always felt like he used her as a stepping stone and the attention just feeds his ego. curious to see what he will peddle to his ~snaccs~ in the new year as there's been an obvious lack of side shit like the shirts and pix he was selling. anyone know if he keeps his patreon updated? the last vid of his i skipped through he was rambling about traveling to get tattooed, as the pandemic continues.

could you imagine if they had moved to barcelona, wonder if he would have still ended things and then had to scramble to sort things out.

anyway, hope he does more dumb ~moto vlogs~ and crashes again.

No. 1395938

His Patreon does nothing other than give you a name at the end of the video at this point. He does not keep up with any of the promised music, audiobooks, etc. Occasional "Hey here's a Patreon exclusive video" but every time it's public a day later on Youtube. So no, his Patreon is completely stale and people are not getting their promised rewards.

No. 1395955

And despite that he still has patreon members? I will never understand people who throw money at lazy creators who clearly don't care about them, just the cash. A lot of cows would have to get off their asses if these types of fans woke up.

No. 1395960

She can only get housing benefit if she has a home to rent which she does not. She would never get housing benefit for the studio as it’s a business premises and not residential. Jake has really fucked her tbh

No. 1395961

For whatever it's worth, it looks like Jake's lost quite a few patrons today, while Kaya's has almost doubled.

No. 1395962

It would bring a beautiful tear to my eye if Jake lost his support over this. I mean it wouldn’t because you have to be totally fucking demented and retarded to support Jake in the first place but the poetry of him gaining his wealth/following via Kaya and then losing it when he physically throws her out of their home would be next level

No. 1395963

A whole lot of his Youtube comments are calling out how he seems unaffected by the whole thing as opposed to Kaya and his general behavior surrounding the breakup. I think this has made quite a few people open their eyes, so I honestly think he's going to lose even more support in the coming days/weeks.

No. 1395969

He outright lied before about their breakup, so why should we believe this is true? We've seen a tour of the studio she's in and it didn't have a shower.

No. 1395977

He seems so unaffected by their breakup because it's been two months and he initiated it so in a way I understand his energy and moving on, he feels released. I'm not saying he's a not a douchebag but why villanize him for breaking up with Kaya? I mean relationships end, even after a long while. And Kaya is still suffering and it's normal, but she's also been suffering for a year over a swan she fed in the park. She's not in a good headspace and doesn't do anything about it , should Jake have waited 10 more years for her to feel a little less depressed in order to break up with her? And I get that Youtube is, rather was her job. But she isn't good at it. Usually when you're not good at a job you get fired (which sorta is the same here since she's not making any money) and you move on to find something you're good at. Stop pitying her as if she's a victim in this situation, the level of privilege is unreal.

No. 1395981

What people are most upset about is Jake literally kicking her out of their house. She has nowhere to go and is living in a studio with no central heating, no shower, and she can't even cook food right now. The breakup was a long time coming, but he did not have to do that.

No. 1395982

Idk how so many people, like you, keep missing the point of why we're villainizing him. It's not that he broke up with her, we all knew they'd break up eventually.

It's that he kicked her out of their house to sleep in a cold studio where she doesn't feel safe despite the fact that he's about to go on a trip and won't be in town anyway, probably cheated on her, said he hadn't been in love with her for years yet waited until he had a lot of fans to actually break up with her. And like yeah he says that she has a space heater and a shower, but she says otherwise, and he's been caught lying before. There are good and bad ways to break up with people, especially after a 12 year relationship with someone you've been through a lot with.

No. 1395986

>>1395672 "we didn't even post instagram stories together" Really? How about the hotel/resort they stayed in and Kaya PAID FOR IT for Jake's birthday and actually posted stories with him? She was so happy posting stories of the two of them! Maybe she didn't post selfies with him, but she never hid the fact that they were together in her stories, she even made one tiktok pranking him, she was making an efford to make it work.

>>1395671 Ok so if they were more friends than GF and BF (i get it, some couples do act more like friends at times) why would he kick her and her cat out? If Kaya wanted to have some alone time then ok, but kicking the cat out? Didn't he say that he liked the cat? It's clear she didn't want to move out and she still loves him, it all happened in october and she's still crying and feeling lonely and even worse than before, even if they were more like friends, why kicking your friend out and giving her time limit to find somewhere else to live? And why didn't he move out instead if he's the one who wanted out of that relationship?

I honestly was finding Jake's increasing lack of concern for Kaya's mental health very fishy… Even while he was on tour he was only posting about it while Kaya was posting sad stories, ok he had to post about the tour and the band and stuff but why not posting something about her to make her feel better?
I really hope Kaya moves on fast and becomes even more successful than him. She helped him a lot and she was the "famous one" back when they met so it would be fair that he at least helped her out making money for herself. Kaya deserves better.

No. 1395991

Jakes just doing the thing where he can now support himself so he’s trying to find someone better and have fun with others. He doesn’t care and he hasn’t cared about her in awhile. He’s just an ass and always has been.
Though if it was to get with Jude, and by looking at his streams it is (she’s awfully quiet for once) that’s a fucking low blow

No. 1395997

On judes end, it seems as if she’s been particularly quiet about her boyfriend lately. Total tinfoil here but if Jude and her pedofetish boyfriend broke up it all kinda lines up.

No. 1396003

my ex did similar to me. mooched off me while he worked on his art career and when it took off, he dumped me so fast i got whiplash. legit told me he didn't need my money any more as he had his own. any sniff of success or a stepping stone ahead and a guy will drop you like a hot sack of shit. I don't really like Kaya but Jake can suck it. little weasel boy.

No. 1396019

Have you ever had a long term relationship that fizzles out because of lack of passion? Jake honestly does not owe Kaya anything he's worked steadily for years while she has complained about every minor task involved in simply existing. And if she's moaning so much why can either of her parents help her out or help her seek out somewhere new to live? They were able to help out her and Jake apparently way back when, why not know when it's only Kaya and she has a following she could you know, actually start earning money again?

Yeah Jake is a douche who is in love with himself, but no one deserves to carry a depressed partner especially if they haven't done anything to help themselves in years. Fair play to Jake for getting out of a depressive pit. Kaya probably brought them both down with her sour attitude and constant moaning. Why should both of them have to put up with each other if there's no love or passion. She's not helpless she's literally just lazy.

No. 1396021

Yes I’m well aware how the nhs works
But no, you don’t always have to settle with shitty CBT, I’ve been through the process, you have to fight for what you need but it’s possible

Jake doesn’t care about her so no shit he won’t pay for therapy for her, so why even bring it up?

No. 1396036

this is an underrated post and anons need to read and reread it.

say what you want about CBT but it would probably work for many of Kaya's problems. she still needs to address the ADHD and CBT might not be effective until then, but it CAN help her break out of her shitty mental patterns.

No. 1396037

CBT can be great, I think it sometimes depends on the therapist though, DBT can also be fantastic
I do relate to the other anon about being given CBT when that’s not what I needed, but that’s an issue with the NHS - you can’t just sit back and accept it though, you have to fight for what you need

No. 1396038

File: 1639821652245.png (100.09 KB, 1518x506, Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 10.00…)

Jake is slowly losing subs

No. 1396040

Kek. This whole thing is giving me Social Repose/Jaclyn Glenn flash backs.

No. 1396043

Bit surprising, given how mindless most of his fans seem
But maybe some of them are growing up

No. 1396066

Yeah we broke up whatever im not sad about it but I'm getting tattoos and another tour im excited more meet and greats its going to be great oh and a jumbo plushie


No. 1396112

Tinfoil perhaps but hear me out. Maybe part of the reason he's not letting Kaya stay in the house while he goes to the US is because he doesn't want to return there. As several anons have suggested, he might be holding out for an option to stay in the states, maybe through a "relationship." And if that is an option he wants to keep open, being responsible for a house in Belfast because Kaya is still living there would be a problem.

No. 1396121

In that case there’s this thing called a lease transfer. I’m not Irish but I’d assume that’s a thing in most countries.

No. 1396122

Doubt it, he just remade his studio, he probably just wanted her out because she needs to be pushed because if he said “when you have the funds to get your own place to move” she would never move out.

Usually you sign at least a 6-12 month lease so he’s obviously planning on coming back.

No. 1396129

File: 1639835327218.jpg (62.56 KB, 1080x267, Screenshot_20211218-054646_You…)

Left on Kaya's video.

I always have my doubts when people say things like this. Always seems so attention seeking :/(:/)

No. 1396130


That is possible in NI, but they started to move before they split up so Kaya should have been on the lease for the new place anyway. The fact that he was able to just kick her out makes it sound like she wasn't, which was a terrible move on her part and left her with no rights. I wonder if Jake knew that, if he'd been planning the break up for a while.

Never live with a partner unless your name is on the lease or on the deed, no matter how long you've been together.

No. 1396139

File: 1639837406172.png (105.98 KB, 1440x497, k fanboy.png)

Noticed this comment under Jake's video, this is K who he's going on the roadtrip with.

Kaya currently has nearly 1k more comments on her video (1,592 Jake to Kaya's 2,498) though Jake's been on the delete, not sure if deleted comments are counted in the total.
And the top comments on Kaya's video have many more likes than Jakes top comments, and are very kind and supportive for her. Really happy to see all the support Kaya has been getting on Youtube and Twitter as well as new Patreon subs, and Jake steadily losing followers.
Jake really thought he pulled that off kek but I've seen so many comments talking about the stark contrast between the two videos and his strangely careless reaction. People have been watching the two of them for so many years, and not everyone even saw any issues prior to now (though they were obvious imo) so many people are shocked.
I do think breaking up will be a positive move for Kaya just because Jake is such an obvious tosser, and the way this all played out made that fact glaringly clear.

No. 1396159

To be fair not that I’m on his side but he doesn’t have to pay for all her stuff still even after 3 months post breakup she could just moved in with her mum?the cats already there so why can’t she go there?

The last bit he said “kaya has everything she needed to make it on her own” for the past year yet she hasn’t he probably got sick of her not doing nothing not making any money, I would too.

But someone said on here (can’t find the comment now) she been back to the house as she been posting outfit pictures on instergram stories so who lieing?

I do feel bad for her cause she all so clearly heart broken and he bragging about going on another tour

No. 1396182

Fuck off illiterate anon. Nobody gives a single fuck about what you think. Go hug your bon jovi bodypillow and give in to your dwarf fetish.

Ffs can we get this bitch banned already?

No. 1396206

leave illiterate anon alone

No. 1396209

Illiterate anon's english and typing ability is wayy worse than that anon, I can only see a few typos so either they finally got spellcheck or it's a different anon.

No. 1396213

I don't know man. Most people figure out periods before spelling. Seems like illiterate anon to me.

No. 1396231

Why get so offended someone has the opinion Kaya should stop being lazy? People have been saying that for years. She's nearly 30. Some people her age have entire families they have to worry about. Jake doesn't have to pay for Kaya's lifestyle.

No. 1396247

To be honest, even a full-time retail job might not get her a place on her own right now. Rent in Belfast has skyrocketed in price over the last year and houses that aren't in complete shitholes get snapped up just as fast as they get put up for let. The best she could probably manage with part-time work + patreon money is a houseshare somewhere. Whether she has a friend /friends for that is another matter.

No. 1396271

I like how you are triggered even though everyone on this thread is saying there opinions about the toxic twosome over the resent news yet you pinpoint this one comment. I don’t think it is illiterate anon

No. 1396279

If it's anything like England, full time work on minimum wage will only give you the option of a house share in a hmo with strangers and next to no tenancy protection or right to privacy. Most house shares have unpleasant contracts that state there's no right to exclusive use of your room. Let's not pretend she hasn't been lazy, but she's been put in an awful position. Imagine trying to navigate applying for work and interviews while she doesn't have her own shower and lives somewhere with no central heating. It could be far worse but if he did kick her out, out of the blue, that's such a cunt move.

No. 1396331


Yup she's been super privileged - I dont know anyone who has a whole house to themselves and doesnt work. I know people with high paying jobs who still live in flatshares.

Reality is gonna hit hard for Kaya sadly

No. 1396348

This whole debacle just makes me hate Jake that much more. Fuck that guy.

No. 1396378

Kaya should just look for a roommate. I think it’s not good for her to live still in the studio where everything reminds her of the relationship. She needs to cut ties asap and move on. Anyone knows how the relationship with her mom is? Maybe they don’t have the best.

No. 1396429


I know it's been said but the difference, even between the thumbnails, is stark. She's so clearly upset, unedited and just about made herself presentable for the camera. Then there's him in full hair and makeup, pulling a face over a graphic design is my passion background.

It's not surprising that she seems to be getting a better reaction than him, she comes across as much more sincere. Her video currently has 10k fewer views than his but 3k more likes and we know he's been deleting comments that so much as imply anything negative about him.

No. 1396479

I can picture him sitting in his room editing this intense thumbnail thinking it was such a great idea to spend 2 minutes mentioning he broke up with his girlfriend and the next 8 minutes promoting his future projects. You would think that even the biggest narc would realize that the breakup should be its own video.

No. 1396502

Even his fans are saying he should edit the thumbnail to say “your dates” instead of “we broke up”.

No. 1396513

I haven’t watched Jake in so long but got through maybe 2 mins of the breakup video and all I could think of was the YouTuber Repzilla. Pretty much the same setup, getup, playful music while talking about a serious subject. It was weird.

No. 1396548

Jake's thumbnail is exactly what a sociopath would make after breaking up with someone and leaving them to freeze in a shed during winter

No. 1396558


Just wow. She could get evicted at any point. If the studio isn't a residential building then it doesn't fit safety/fire regs for residential buildings (using space heaters 24/7 in the middle of winter, for example - not safe and I hope she has carbon monoxide detectors). She's actually leaving herself very vulnerable just making a video saying she's living there. A friend crashed overnight at her studio once and got in big trouble with the landlords when they found out, nearly lost the lease.

I hope she gets enough cash to fund a deposit for a proper place to stay asap, as much as she's annoying she doesn't deserve this.

As for him, if he thinks that place is habitable why isn't he staying there instead? A true gentleman. Absolute fucking narc.

No. 1396567

File: 1639870574914.png (63.37 KB, 1348x324, Screenshot 2021-12-18 at 23.34…)


No. 1396610

This video has about 2 minutes of him addressing the issue, the rest is tour dates and his accomplishments

No. 1396793

>>1396610 And he was just like "yeah, we broke up, don't say anything to get ME mad, I don't want any assumptions, I don't want any bad comments based on MY videos and MY streams, I felt the relationship was going nowhere, I though it was best to break up, I noticed that for years the relationship was not working, i, i, i, i" Ok, he might process things differently and be less emotional and stuff, and yeah, he doesn't need to make a long video talking about the breaking up thing, but what he did with that video was awful, he could have made a post or a short video just saying they broke up and that he didn't want to talk about it and that he won't mention it anymore because of privacy and his socials being only for his band and "influencer" stuff and yada yada. I'm sure he added all the other stuff to make the video long enough so he could get money from it.

Besides, they were together for 12 years, how come he can get over 12 years so easily when Kaya is still clearly very sad?
I'm sorry but as much as "unable to have emotions" as his fans claim he is, 12 years ain't something you just throw away overnight, she might have gotten lazy, but she gave him a home, food, emotional support, anything she had when he needed it the most and probably he wouldn't be where he is now if it wasn't because of her and her family supporting him.
I mean, i can only think of the huge difference there is between this video and the one he talks about why he doesn't believe in god and what happened to his sister years ago, he had no makeup, talked about his feelings and he had to cut recording many times because he couldn't hold back the tears while in this video he's in full makeup and makes the breakup sound almost as if it was part of his list of good things he did. That "The era of Jake and Kaya is gone, but heeey i have a tour and merch and vlogs so get excited" part really makes him look so bad and selfish.

No. 1396801

Did you actually watch the whole video? The rest of the video was about the tour, his band, tattoos, basically every way he could spend as much money as possible.
Putting the break up for a few minutes at the beginning was a a dick move. It’s like “here ya go” and shitting on her so he could then continue with how good he is. The title of the video was complete click bait as the main focus was on what he’s doing

No. 1396814

He's over it because he's been over it forever. He obviously stayed with her to leech off her clout. When she wasn't useful to him any more he dropped her. He's been waiting for everything to perfectly line up. His fans increased, he started making more money, and all that was left was to dump his girlfriend. He's been openly flirting with other women for ages searching for a Kaya 2.0. Come January he will have a new girlfriend.

No. 1396817

>Come January he will have a new girlfriend.

if he doesn't already. and one probably won't be enough, it will either be some kind of poly situation or a cheating scandal involving fans.

No. 1396824

Wtf is this hairstyle! He looks like Lisa Simpson kek. Just awful

No. 1396859

Tinfoil hatter in me says the new GF is Jude
Though realistically Jude likes fit men, not little pudgy manlets

No. 1396871

Jude thinks he’s fit lol and they joked on stream about her being in his place. It won’t take long, he can never keep his mouth shut.

No. 1396885

Ugh Jude is so nasty and cringe she's a walking std I hope he gets gonerhea they deserve eachother

No. 1396898

>>1396801 Yep i did but i didn't want to mention the same thing everyone has mentioned about him just talking about it for like 2/3 minutes and then bragging about his plans because i think it wouldn't add much to the conversation. That's why i also mentioned that he should have made a short video talking about the breakup instead, because doing what he did was a dick move and of course, he doesn't care, he just needed a long video with clickbait to gain more views and more money.

>>1396814 Yeah… The fact that he said that "for years" the relationship wasn't romantic while Kaya is saying that she didn't see it comming says a lot. To be honest, i don't really watch his content and i ignore the comments so i didn't know about the flirting with other girls, glad he's losing followers and support while Kaya is gaining more followers. And i agree about having a new girlfriend come January.
He'll either make up a shitty story of him and this new girl suddenly clicking and stuff or say that "they've been friends for a looong time" and they "started having feelings for each other" ooor he'll hide her for a while because being single online attracts thirsty followers online and groupies at concerts. If the new gf is Jude it's very likely she wouldn't mind as long as she's the main sex toy.

No. 1396909

The person K who he has big travel plans with in 2022 and namedrops in the video+person he's roadtripping with is a transman (she looks like a butch lesbian but may be straight/bi) so I do suspect she is someone lined up to be the next one.
He'd also be vying for American citizenship and mentions trying to book an American tour in the video, he probably grooms K on socials all day long in the run-up to this.
He knew he was taking a risk dumping Kaya especially in such a cruel way, but he seems certain this is the path to success hence the bizarre format where he lists the breakup as if it's an achievement, and then immediately talks about his career goals and such. They are directly connected in his mind.

He's one of the moronic Brits (he's Welsh iirc, but Celts often suffer from a similar delusion) who think the US is a paradise despite all the evidence to the contrary, those people would run over their own grandma for a chance to live in the US, so this is why he chose now of all times (in winter, during a pandemic when her career is on standstill) to dump Kaya when as anons have noted, he checked out a looong time ago and could have left at any time. All his ducks are lined up essentially and has been planning this for a very long time. Awful not to inform Kaya of his plans at any point.

No. 1396913

He stated he wanted to do an American tour with his band so he likely does want to move to America (probably LA)
That alone should show his levels of delusions- it’s not like his shows were sold out hits and he isn’t some kind of underground cult darling
He’s not going to find success in America with the dime a dozen music he makes

No. 1396934


Jake isn't the first unscrupulous man to stay with a supportive woman he didn't love for exactly as long as it was convenient. This kind of thing happens semi-frequently to the long term girlfriends of student doctors or lawyers who get dumped after the men graduate and have suddenly have the ability to earn big money and pull the kind of women they think they deserve. He's just another male gold digger and it's only unusual that he's a public figure so everyone could see it play out.

Kaya's gotten nearly 200 more Patreon subs since last night. It's nice to see people being so supportive but I really hope she doesn't get comfortable ebegging and actually goes back to work this time. She's being handed a lot of goodwill and renewed interest, this would be the perfect opportunity to revive her channel. It'd be sad to see her waste it, she's lazy and avoidant but she doesn't seem malicious.

No. 1396937


Also, in his narrative, they’ve felt like just friends for years and its been a steady decline - but he was going to let her and her dad move him to Barcelona LAST YEAR? What the fuck.

No. 1396942

oh my god you're right, I forgot about that. it's becoming more and more evident that he was just using her.

No. 1396950

He genuinely seems like a clinical narcissist/bpd with delusions of grandeur, it's surreal the way he talks about himself compared to the reality of his tiny no-name band and gaggle of goth fangirls on the internet.
Most actually successful people don't even talk about themselves like that, it's some Youtuber brainworms where all they want is to be famous and think they can fake it til they make it.

No. 1396988

All I can think of witnessing the whole TT and Jake situation is Bel-Ami.
He is forever renamed in my head as Jake-Ami.

No. 1397015

For a timeline of how they met and how she supported his ass.

Judging by this he was always a dick to her. She should have followed her original instinct and stayed the fuck away.

No. 1397089

File: 1639930950315.jpeg (413.69 KB, 1382x2332, 14EEA924-CABE-4C4D-B65D-E1D54C…)

Nice seeing all the verified people supporting Kaya and not Jake.

No. 1397093

So happy for her. I hope that she looks back on her relationship and sees how handicapping it really was to her. This is the best thing that could have happened to her although she doesn't realize it now (besides her being basically homeless thanks to jake)

No. 1397101

File: 1639931914714.png (505.25 KB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20211219-162123.png)

So in a twist absolutely everyone saw coming, she thinks jake is a narcisist.
I was scrolling through tiktok saw a video of someone saying
'you wanna trip up a narcississt ask them what they love about you'
the girl then said to her boyfriend whats your favourite thing about me and he just stares blankly at the camera and says nothing 4 times.
kayas commented on the video and said 'Had this happen on livestream in front of hundreds of people. Embarrassing as shit'

No. 1397110

Everyone who’s seen Jake’s behaviour can agree he is one. Glad she’s waking up.

No. 1397116

Apology video up, at least she’s not complaining that everyone was “bullying” her again.

No. 1397132

thinking abt the time this cow said “i knew skinnier anorexics who binged and purged than i did who only restricted and fasted”… any “apology” she offers is heartless and insincere! she doesn’t care about the triggering content she spreads to a bunch of pro-ana 14 year olds.

No. 1397138

Love the bit where they talk about their previous house needing to be remodelled after they moved because Jake had punched holes in the doors during his anger attacks, while Kaya was moving all of the valuables in the house out of the way so he wouldn't smash them.

But hey, he's paying for her studio, and she has a space heater…

No. 1397145

Pretty much. But shes a grifter, I look forward to the day the mask slips and people see her for the real hypocritical shitty person she really is.

No. 1397158

>Back in 2018

For the massive effort she puts into sounding like she's so streetwise living in squats, doing heroin, she's fucking sheltered when it comes to racism. Jesus f Christ.
I'm older than her and nobody my age ever said "coloured". That was granddads. She's preaching to the converted and she doesn't have a clue that she is. Give it up, kid.

No. 1397160

Imagine actually apologising for this

No. 1397162


She's just so full of shit as per usual. I don't know about other UK people, but I've never heard anyone below the age of 50 say coloured, and I've also never heard mainstream news say the n word out loud, regardless of context. She needs to quit making excuses and just take the accountability without also trying to worm out and undermine the original argument against her.

No. 1397167

Uk also, was going to point out that I've never heard anyone on the news say it. They even silence out the word in "Oliver's Army" on the radio. An n word slipped out a few years ago on a report, but twitter etc went apeshit. All the people I ever knew who said "coloured" have died now they were ancient when I was young! How can she be so naive.

No. 1397169

She doesn't think he is, she knows he is, like all of us here know he is too

No. 1397171

This. And the "chris rock used to say it was okay" thing. So one black guy back in the 90s makes a joke about it, and you never thought about it ever again? Even when society as a whole has been pretty clear on this? Good job.

No. 1397184

I love dorian's videos where they talk about their life in the 2000s, but the longer i keep watching them and the more crap that happens the less and less i like them. How is a 30-something year old so sheltered that back in the totally ANCIENT days of 2018 they thought it was okay to blurt out the n-word? Not to mention the hypocritical moral outrage at the twitter pro-ana kids.

No. 1397203

He couldn't tell her one thing he likes about her, and it was on a stream? Which stream was that fucking kek

No. 1397210

Looking forward to her spilling the beans on jakes bullshit more and more

No. 1397255

>>1397210 I'm pretty sure she will, she might even make a video (or some videos, because videos about toxic relationships make lots of views and money) about it, maybe not saying his name but talking about a narcisistic ex or maybe a video titled something like "i was in a toxic relationship" or something like that, right now she's sad and crying, but once she fully realizes she was just a tool for Jake, she'll get seriously mad and if she ever wants to start a "war" against him, she's going to get lots of support, the comments on both videos are so different, some people are calling Jake out or saying there's something fishy while a lot of people are making even long comments to Kaya showing full support for her, she has said on her ig stories that she's overwhelmed by the support she has received. Jake's stories aren't even worth mentioning, just the usual shit.

No. 1397260

This video started out good enough but then she said she didn't even remember making the video at all and was "blindsided" by the clip. Come on Dorian, just apologize.

No. 1397264

She is a woman

No. 1397294

Don't k ow about some of you guys but Kaya is an annoying stupid bitch lmao. Just watching her break up video and her gay faces she does and her fucking piercings are so gross the bits in her mouth, she also really did luck out on taking so much after her dad. Plus her fucking accent. Her height has nothing to do with the tranny comparisons, just everything about her corms across as very Belfast chavvy manly bitch. You'd have to live here I guess to get it, but she's just so ugh. She's also lying saying she didn't see the break up coming. We all did. They haven't had chemistry in years and I doubt they had an active sex life at all.

I don't get all the sympathy she's getting from farmers. Maybe from her fans but she's been a lazy slob for years and an over entitled privelleged cunt. I know some of her mutuals irl and she's only ever been obsessed with being rich and having status. It's actually embarrassing. She's very similar to Jake in the shallowness and that their goals are just about buying shite and how they look with their cars and toys etc. Jake actually has the drive to work for his shit, Kaya doesn't. Even before YouTube fame she was having Belfast drug addicts coming round to sniff her feet for favours like she's pathetic. There will be people she could stay with she probably doesn't want to go to her mothers because her mum won't let her laze about being high all day and feeling sorry for herself. She'd rather stay in that fucking studio doing nothing than go home to her mum and have to develop a routine. I hate Jake though so I don't mind if the two of them make petty digs at each other because that in itself is pretty fucking funny I just don't get the sympathy for Kaya. They both fucking suck. Wonder if Kaya will make a GFM for a house or some shite.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1397296

Calm down Jake, no one gives a fuck about you stumpy.(hi cow)

No. 1397299

Wouldn’t even say this jake but one of his obese fan girls.

There’s a difference between being lazy to fix your mental health and being a pure asshole like jake. Sorry you didn’t make it into his of girls to flirt with

No. 1397300

She has been lazy and not working on content the last few years. She is now in a terrible position and no income. Both of these statements can be true.

No. 1397308

She's been lazy for years, life can't be a mental health break. Even Jake has vlogs about his mental health being bad back in 2019 and he went to a doctor and started a routine. Even in the break up video Kaya talks about how moving house is such an ordeal she was maybe going to get around to doing little routines for the new house before she got dumped. This is the same mental bitch that states she's depressed over a swan she misgendered and harassed a special needs guy on social media over. Like, yeah it sucks being dumped if you didn't want the relationship to end, but unless you're married, people don't owe you shit for dating you or once being in love. It was obvious to outsiders Jake was clearly using Kaya for clout etc. And even in her break up video she kept saying she was "allowed" to take a break from YouTube. Why did she keep saying allowed? Was that Jake allowed her or her parents? I truly think she won't live with her Mum because she's ashamed of what little she actually does in a day and her mum would nag her. Like how can her cat live with her mum but she can't

No. 1397312

He was very lucky to have her support fully while he worked on himself. She stupidly put him before herself. She was helping him fix himself and ignoring her own needs. That’s not a new concept in life. People do that whether it’s a partner or a child or any other family member. It’s a huge lapse of judgement when it comes to a partner that you have no legal binds to and that’s coming back to bite her in the ass. Maybe if Jake wasn’t such a selfish prick he could have been making his own money long ago and at the same healthily cohabitating with his longtime partner all while supporting her to get her shit together. He didn’t do that. He only had himself in mind. Breaking up is okay but to any proper adult it seems like he was stringing her along until he was in a comfortable position while blindsiding her and giving her the bare minimum as a way to make up for it. Disgusting.

No. 1397314

Samefag, but we can’t forget that Kaya’s parents, specifically whoever supported their relationship with Jake moving country, are to blame as well.

No. 1397316

You must be young.
Kaya essentially built him.
He was a slob with nothing from 17 up until a few years ago and they’re both almost 30, that’s pretty pathetic. And you want to rag on Kaya for a few years of being a slob?
Your jake fan girl is showing.

Just remember jake stans, this isn’t a quick thing. Kaya paid for and did everything for him from when they were teens. A few years is nothing

No. 1397325

Honestly she was dumb to invest so much into someone that hadn't even proposed that far into their relationship and he was the breadwinner the past few years.

Its common for girls to put their boyfriends first and I can sympathise there but at the level those two were earning for essentially doing fuck all they should have been wise with their money. Kaya should have bought a house or asked Jake was he ever going to marry her or buy property together or something. She's stupid for not realising he was using her. Everyone else could see it.

When did Barcelona plans fall through? Instead of all the studio buying and house hopping and stupid scooters and cars they should have bought a house. Kaya should have had her name on deeds.

They were teens for like 2 years when they met. The rest of the time they've been pretty equal, and then Jake overtook her in money. And just because someone builds you up doesn't actually mean they owe you. Like really, how many ex boyfriends are paying for their ex girlfriends accommodation if they have no children together? They both were on the dole. Then Jake actually worked in conventional jobs longer than Kaya because she was more popular on YouTube. He started uploading more when he didn't have a proper job.

It is pathetic how they've both been and nearly in their 30s. Probably why they finally broke up, one of them seems to want to change his life and do things he's always wanted. Kaya has to start at zero as she said, her taking a break has bit her in the ass. Still think she could just go home but would rather get high and do nothing all day. Like how bad do her parents look if she's freezing in a cold studio? Don't get it.

No. 1397333

Kaya was doing YouTube well before her come back of not what to say to goths, she also had sponsorships from vampirefreaks and other alternative websites. She has been supporting jake from the beginning.
You haven’t been following to make comment, sit down or go yell on tiktok to get jakes attention

No. 1397336

Jake has had similar sponsorships, and also travelled on his sponsorships. He has streaming and done more high production content and collabs. None of this means he should have to pay for Kaya to live somewhere or have her live with him while they're broken up. Why doesn't her mother take her in? If her parents were able to help her and Jake when they were teens with nothing why can't they at least put a roof over just her head?

No. 1397337

> I am not trying to make excuses for my behaviour.


> but…

Continues to make excuses. I agree with other UK anons. I haven't heard anyone but elderly racists use the word "coloured."

No. 1397343

Do you really think that Jake having his first run on YouTube with any sort of self success at almost 30 is any sort of thing to be proud of? Especially when all of his supporters are kids who can barely think for themselves or reason with logic? Successful YouTubers are retiring at his age, kek, or at least moving on to bigger things in life because they’ve made the money to do so. Jake is living out his late teen/early 20s fantasies. On Kaya.

No. 1397350

I think it's worth mentioning too Jake actually IS 30, Kaya is 28, and she says herself in her breakup video she was a kid in school when they started dating. He was already legally an adult, mooching off his teenage girlfriend's parents.

No. 1397354

Don’t know why anons are defending Kaya so much, Jake is a dick but Kaya is stupid and lazy. She hasn’t worked for a year, why should she be entitled to a house. I don’t know anyone who could just decide not to work for a year and still pay rent and bills.

I think the anon who said the reason she won’t go back to her mum is because she can’t just be lazy all day there, spot on.

No. 1397359

Wow! A whole year?! Wow! I’m so glad a her not working for a whole year (though more like 3) makes her worse than jake not working for 7 years!

He never had a vf sponsorship nor was he ever paid by any alternative social website. Kaya was paid and she had YouTube. Stopped for a year and then came back. Even when she came back and had jake in her vids he was a basic bitch. He’s only done the make up to suck in young viewers

No. 1397369

How has he not worked for 7 years that's just not correct? And wow, Jake follows trends and thinks of ways how to grow his audience, he should just do unboxings and have a pink phase.

No. 1397384

GET HIM. Remember just a couple of days ago when she posted “that urge to tell the narcissist what everyone thinks of them”? She was spot on.

No. 1397390

Yep. I’m not saying TT is perfect or isn’t lazy and mentally ill, but loving a narcissist with anger and grandeur issues must be exhausting. I can only imagine how worthless he made her feel over the years, his behaviour was so subtly unloving.

Slight derail but while we’re talking about his issues, nothing is funnier to me than when he legit punched a door in front of a manager at his shitty call center job, and said “I just cannot handle authority” as if that’s in any way a normal or positive reflection on yourself as a person. Anyone else would be so embarrassed if they had an outburst like that at as a teen. He just comes across as such a foul person.

No. 1397394

Except he has basically done those things. His tiktok/try not to laugh videos are (aside from being the easiest type of moneygrabbing video to make, slap a yellow border thumbnail on there a la Shane Dawson and call it a day for the algorithm) just as much of a trend as unboxings were/are. His “goff” style is just a phase that he’s realised gained him followers, except yet again he had to pull crazy faces and edit his pics to get any attention. Kaya’s “pink phase” has been on and off all her life (not wking - we all know her most recent bout of wearingpink clothes was grim af). If you look at Jake’s old videos, they’re dry af.

You seem like a Jake fan. Nobody here is saying Kaya’s YouTube channel is particularly good either. Just try and have some critical thinking, preferably before you throw any money at him. Narcs are very good at manipulation.

No. 1397401

Get high?? Since when does Kaya do drugs?

No. 1397412

Watching their two vids all i can think is Jake thinks all high and mighty of himself an ditched the only person whos gonna put up with his bullshit.

No. 1397435

Lol they haven’t, knowing these two it’d become their whole personalities, plus can you imagine either one of them even attempting to speak to a dealer. Kaya doesn’t like alcohol and Jake seems like he’d pretend to not be totally green. With the living situation, as people keep pointing out, she’s a woman nearly in her fucking 30s. Not everyone’s parents are set up to immediately just take kids back in. They could be renting so there’s rules against it, or their house is too full of shit to take Kaya and her stuff, or they could be bubbling with the sick relative. Y’all need to stop the boring tinfoil about moving back in with her mom.

No. 1397441

seriously, it's wild that some of y'all are like "just go back to your parents!" like it's that easy for everyone

No. 1397448

File: 1639961502863.png (27.13 KB, 1327x237, 53b7b2f3926bc17a29d0206a8759e3…)

No. 1397465

>Life can't be a mental health break
Life becomes a mental health break when people are stuck in shitty positions like Kaya is. I'm telling you now in 2 or 3 years she's going to be doing better than you've ever seen her. Cunts like you are the first to post "omg suicide awareness" then run your mouth like this about someone because the obese stumpy little faggot you donated your pocket money to outs himself as an emotionless sociopathic narc

No. 1397483

You have to chill out. This isn't a fan thread.

No. 1397485

I dont think anyone here is on either of theirs 'side' so bashing one isnt gonna help. They both have their flaws but we can agree that kicking someone out to a place with no heating after YEARS of help is just really really rude.

No. 1397491

Fans on either side are definitely googling them after the video and finding this thread.

> really really rude
> is on lolcow

No. 1397493

Lol samefag but sorry I clearly didn’t fucking read your post.

No. 1397513

Going to say that the ones sticking up for jake are also probably the ones that say goths gate keep by saying you need to like the music. The sheer amount of butthurt is pretty hilarious

No. 1397527

>Instead of all the studio buying and house hopping and stupid scooters and cars they should have bought a house. Kaya should have had her name on deeds

Would you really want to be tied to this man any more than you had to? The fact they never got married or bought a house is a good thing in this case, the detangling of lives is much simpler. The fact he couldn't even list something he loved about her when prompted >>1397101
would suggest any further commitments would've been a big mistake.

Aside, looking at their stats earlier, Kaya and Jake have nearly equal views on the latest videos, and Kaya has roughly equal views on her videos without resorting to Goth Reacts clickbait. Her support versus his has been very clear-cut, I think his goth egirl stans lulled him into a false sense of security. The reality is TT is just as/more popular and loved than him and the fact he thought he could unceremoniously offload her like unwanted baggage is retrospectively hilarious given how it went.

No. 1397544

File: 1639976424204.jpg (34.01 KB, 702x410, Js98S3q.jpg)

Kaya has gained as many subscribers as Jake has lost.

No. 1397551

File: 1639978023191.jpg (1.08 MB, 1314x1686, d385d23995765e8efc8195f5f83d33…)

I use a youtube dislike extension and I checked his vid.. Kaya is definitely winning atm in views/likes

No. 1397556

I feel like Jake probably belittled her videos so much that it subconsciously made her not want to post them and that’s why she was so critical of her own videos and ended up not posting a lot of them.

No. 1397557

damn, I thought he'd have more dislikes than that

off topic, but can you share what extension you used to do that?

No. 1397569

I had a similar tinfoil about that - there's also the possibility she saw how his cheap reaction videos were getting as many views as hers were, and it discouraged her from posting more. It might be a reach but she's even said herself that she's overly critical of herself and her own content so I think these two things combined could absolutely be close to the truth.

No. 1397574

My guess is she saw all the egirl thots making sexual comments on his videos and him just lapping it up and returning comments (so disgusting when you realize they're all like 13) and felt to self conscious about herself and it just made her more depressed so she didn't make videos

No. 1397577

I joined his server once to try and see if there was any milk (this was last month when he made the stream talking to Jude/implied Kaya had moved out) and nearly everyone in there was 15 and under. I saw maybe half a dozen people over the age of 21. Even grosser when you remember he was legally an adult when he started dating Kaya who was 16 and still in school. If he dated teenagers back then, I doubt anything has changed.

No. 1397581

Scumbags like him tend to go after younger and younger girls as they get older.

Perhaps this is why he openly liked Jude, since she does nasty ddlg shit and would probably let him hit her. As aggressive as he is, he seems like the type to do that. Narcs like degrading others.

No. 1397582

>Even grosser when you remember he was legally an adult when he started dating Kaya who was 16 and still in school. If he dated teenagers back then, I doubt anything has changed.

They're 2 years apart in age. I hate Jake but saying 16 and 18 is predatory is a bit of a reach.

No. 1397583


it's called "return youtube dislike" on chrome

No. 1397587

normally I'd agree with you but this is the same guy who calls his 14 year old fangirls "snaccs". maybe it's not predatory on it's own, sure, but where's there's smoke…

No. 1397591

This right here, things just look suspicious

No. 1397597

Amazing, thank you

No. 1397643

I'm genuinely shocked that after a decade together Kaya has nothing. Living together as long as they have, I would expect the law would kick in for her as a common-law spouse. NI is pretty screwed if it doesn't allow protections like that.

No. 1397667

Seeing Kaya's video makes it really hard to feel bad for her. She seems more sad because of having stuff in storage and having to move than having a 12 year relationship end. Also you lie in the bed you make for yourself. She willingly stopped working for months, that's never a good idea. And not having money saved is also never a good idea. I could have understood if they were living month to month to not have anything put away for extreme situations such as this but with all the useless shit they flaunted on social media, it makes it hard to feel any bit of sympathy.

No. 1397681

Idk, not to White Knight but she was visibly upset and probably didn't want to cry on camera anymore that she had. If she was going on and on about how she thought he loved her all those years etc etc it might be a bit personal to share online, even for Kaya. She said it wasn't amicable and that she didn't even feel like being online for a while but has to to make money, not to mention she has been vague posting about narcissists and cheating for the past 2 months. I think that says enough.

No. 1397710

Now it makes even more sense that Kaya is blurred out of all the pics he is showcasing. Still making money off of her though.

No. 1397715

Not to nitpick but the stupid faces he pulls in his thumbnails along with that ridiculous makeup make me so irrationally angry.

No. 1397716

You really thought she was more upset about stuff in storage and not that she had no shower and feared being homeless? What video did you even watch?

No. 1397723

Absolutely the most punchable face.

No. 1397733

If she is smart she will use this to her advantage to get her YT channel rolling again. If she makes some creative videos (not unboxings) I feel like she can rely on youtube as a source of income again.

No. 1397754

File: 1640010001104.jpg (19.27 KB, 480x360, iu7WPB151O.jpg)

I think he's trying (and failing) to look like Edward Scissorhands, since he makes similar derpy faces in the movie

No. 1397757

I never watched any of his vids or was interested in any other way in whatever he does apart from these threads… but god dann those thumbnails make me wanna a-log so hard. We can all see with our eyes that you paint your neck to hide your double-chin fatty. It's no wonder all of his fans are children, children are all absolute retards and should not have access to the Internet ever

No. 1397805

I can really feel the hurt watching this. Seems like everyone saw it coming soon except her. I remember the speculation here weeks ago about their imminent break up whenever he announced the America tour with that fakeboi, even.

No. 1397869

I hope she completely outs the pudgy little narc as soon as she gets as much money as she can. Then she should get back in shape and go back to growing her channel.

No. 1397898

Go to war against that stumpy little fucker, sis.

No. 1397912

>I remember the speculation here weeks ago about their imminent break up whenever he announced the America tour with that fakeboi, even.

They had already broken up at that point and hadn't announced it yet.

No. 1397926

File: 1640035229967.jpg (462.08 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20211220_194824.jpg)

Cunt(namefag and subjectfag)

No. 1397930

So jake broke up with kaya end October few days before the tour in early November and that’s why she suddenly wasn’t going? So why she was crying at home in shock he was out partying living it up having fun
Did he even grieve the relationship

No. 1397933

Jake has been lining this up for months, possibly the last year or so. Any time they posted videos together, I cringed from start to finish because the boys revulsion and contempt for her was so evident it was painful to watch. I wanted to reach into the screen and shake her and say "lady, he doesn't give a fuck about you, take your cat and run!" However, being thrown into the deep end, as shitty as it is, will no doubt help her to rise to the occasion and start making a life for herself and gain some independence. Kaya has been in relationship after relationship and it will do her the world of good to be alone. I know most people know her to be with Jake but she has had boyfriends prior to him and long term ones at that. Also, people in abusive relationships don't realise they are being abused, narcs as well love to have financial control because it extends their control over their partner so it comes as no surprise he was paying for everything for her. Now that he's severed that tie and the "era" is over, he will undoubtedly start fucking rings round himself, the stumpy predator. The only reason she is in that studio or paying for her car is because he is legally tied into doing so, if he could opt out he would. He is sugar coating what he is doing for her in true narc style, it's convenient for him as it helps his good guy narrative and has "provided" no life for her at all.

No. 1397937

He said in his video he hadn't had romantic feelings in the relationship for a few years. He also spoke about being hopeful to find a spark with a new person lol. Such a douche

No. 1397938

This spark will be with multiple of his fans till he fucks up with a minor online. I hope so anyway

No. 1397939

Stop with the minor stuff it’s weird your very obsessed with it
you have commented about it 3 times now

No. 1397941

Can we not wish trauma upon minors even if you hate the man

No. 1397951

Nta but people have been speculating that he'd cheat with a minor for years now. I still agree with the other anon though, we shouldn't wish trauma on minors.

No. 1397957

This is the first time I’ve commented about it idiot. I come from his discord, it’s not hard to see it. Some of you need to actually look at his shy to see things instead of having your tongues up Kaya ass. Do some digging, isn’t that what this website does? Or do you all just bitch like most of his snaccs?

No. 1397972

Looking at his Twitter and the fake boys Twitter, I’m starting for think she’s the one he’s got lined up and not jude.
She stayed at his house while on on tour, right before jake broke up with Kaya, even ending up getting his “chest infection” and he’s travelling with her for all of the US.
Also who pays for some chick to fly from one country to another for a tour that they barely sing at? Getting onison vibes.

No. 1397973

I can't remember how long ago it was. He did a storytime style video about his Mum and how she basically upped and left his family (for some new guy I think) and emptied the family house? Wasn't his "matricide" song based on that too? Oh the great cycle of narcissism continues.

No. 1397981

Pretty sure that was a load of shit anons figured out it was. He just wanted to leave wales because it was a shit hole, according to him. He’s been using kaya since the very beginning

No. 1397990

Kaya collected tiktoks for Jake to react to right? I know she is lazy but she basically helped him to get his youtube money, bc the majority of his vids was tiktok reacts and now he won't do anymore. I just hope he fails with his new plans

No. 1397993

He cancelled his live yesterday said he had other things to do but I'm sure he knew it would be a shit show was kind of looking forward to the chat

No. 1397994

File: 1640040192334.jpg (31.56 KB, 781x319, 40397656498038096.JPG)

This is the kind of fans Jake has got. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1398009

File: 1640041320980.png (181.26 KB, 809x243, Schermopname (844).png)

How charming

No. 1398030

File: 1640043789467.jpg (610.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211221-004118_Ins…)

No. 1398051

Correct. I understand that when his tiktok compilations started he was supposed to hate the videos, but he wouldn’t even go on the app to watch them by himself. It was a pure moneygrab.

Wow. Such a hard working creative.

No. 1398052

Honestly not a nitpick, his thumbnails and the fake accent boil my blood lol. You can see how his fans are all children. They’ll look back in the same way people look back at Onion now.

No. 1398077

I don't think anyone is wishing trauma on minors, anons are just predicting something that is sadly very common among pathetic narc scrotes like him.

No. 1398106

Man i just hope that prediction doesnt come through

No. 1398142

>Or do you all just bitch like most of his snaccs?

Like what you're doing right now? K sis. We don't like kaya either if you read the threads instead of coming from jake's discord after googling jake kaya breakup. She whines about the tiniest things. But most anons are taking her side in this bc he was obviously using her. Weird that she didn't realise but he wasn't rushing to correct her. We predicted their break up and that he wouldn't care ages ago.

No. 1398307

>I don't think anyone is wishing trauma on minors

that person actually said

>This spark will be with multiple of his fans till he fucks up with a minor online. I hope so anyway

so yeah it kind of sounded like they wanted him to seduce a minor, which would be really weird tbh. but maybe that's not what they meant and I misinterpreted it.

No. 1398377

Irrelevant, stop infighting about semantics. Don’t be on a gossip board if you’re gonna be so sensitive and offended

No. 1398379

Lmao you're the one getting offended, retard. That anon basically said they hope Jake fucks an underage fan and the other anon was like "that might not be the best thing to say". Not really infighting. But by all means keep trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, it's hilarious.

No. 1398389

'sToP iNfIgHtInG aBoUt SeMaNtIcS'

proceeds to argue about what should and shouldn't be argued about on a literal fucking gossip board

in all seriousness, i do feel bad for how jake just dumped kaya on her ass. it was a shit thing for him to do. but hey, maybe it'll be a wakeup call for her and she'll start posting better content. i've come across a number of comments from her on tiktoks about abuse/narcissists, so she's def vagueposting/vaguecommenting about jake.

No. 1398403

So they broke up, good for her now she can finally get rid of this ugly little pos. Being depressed and lazy is way more tolerable than whatever this self-righteous little narc poser is doing with his embarrassing online ‘fame’. He truly outgrew her as a cow, hope she moves on and finally gets her shit together.

No. 1398407

>He just wanted to leave wales because it was a shit hole, according to him.

Wales is unfortunately one of the poorest areas of the UK, I live in London and looking at the actual beautiful mansions you can buy in Wales for like 200k tells you a lot. Literal dream houses for the price of a 1bed/1bath flat here in London.
His move to NI was social climbing, he attached himself to Kaya then proceeded to try and fail to make a career off her (for some time copying Casey Nestat) before landing the fake goth Edward Scissorhands Schtick which he has been doing ever since.
I think the same thing.

No. 1398418

even his fake goth shtick is copied from Kyo of Dir En Grey. He cannot come up with anything original.

No. 1398423

File: 1640083823764.png (1.28 MB, 718x1142, Screenshot_20211220-121557.png)

I agree. Also his Instagram feed pisses me off. Literally the same picture over and over again.

No. 1398433

Why do all his pictures look grubby? And not in an intentional way, I mean he just looks like he smells

No. 1398438


LOL he uses redundant pics so that whenever he posts a new one he can go back and delete an older one so that his post counter stays at 666. He goes to THESE kinds of lengths to earn edgelord credibility points.

No. 1398450

yeah he was openly mimicking casey neistat in his older vlogs, he also seemed like he was trying to be like jared dines, a normie but still a metalhead so somewhat edgy or whatever

and wow I didn't know that about wales, now I kind of want to make a fortune then buy a mansion there

No. 1398455


why doesn't she just lie? it's not hard to hide a pet from a landlord

No. 1398461

She is 28, if they were together for 12 years, any relationship before this would be when she was a teen, and so it couldnt be that long term. Obviously it is devastating to have your life as an adult be drastically changed but you cant say that she had that many bfs before him.

Its telling that she has to find a place that also allows pets knowing that its harder instead of Jake who already has the space for it. Like yeah he probably said its "her cat" but if he cared he would be lenient as he knows the housing issue.

No. 1398485

People on this board have been talking about how badly Jake treated Kaya for years. I really do think this'll be good for her in the long-run, and confirms what we've been saying about him all along. I get why she wouldn't, but I hope she doesn't spend longer than necessary mourning the relationship. he doesn't deserve it.

Side note, does anyone remember when they were selling Sims 4 porn on Patreon? I wonder whose brilliant idea that was

No. 1398488

These photos smell like to much Axe, mildew, and cheap haunted house supplies.

No. 1398522

there's something so wince-inducingly embarrassing and repulsive about these photos, viscerally disgusting. thumbnails too. and that there's thousands of people in this world lapping it up, god preserve us. i get that at like 14 or whatever your sense of taste isn't fully there but i'd really like to think this goes beyond that. sorry for sperg but this is just fucking awful

No. 1398523

Pets smell and the risk of property damage would be big - imagine a stain on a carpet or something.I have a cat and a dog and I have seen it all - incidents happen.

No. 1398531

File: 1640098494631.jpg (623.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211221-155246_Ins…)

Trust me Kaya. Once you get settled you'll realize how nice it can be to be free of this douchebag.

No. 1398551

Please screenshot and post them

My heart breaks for her to think she was abused what a vile 'man'

No. 1398652

I really doubt Kayla will be able to get her own place

To rent you need to prove an income. This is much harder if you’re self employed and she won’t be able to demonstrate any earnings for the past year. She’d be better off moving in with her mum or a friend and getting a job to earn a deposit. Can’t believe she can’t even sleep on her mums sofa - something else going on there.

No. 1398689

Either her mom is on benefits, and having a (technically) employed person like Kaya living there will get her kicked off. Or maybe she has a partner who doesn't want Kaya around?

No. 1398696


Selling feet and sims4 porn together should tell you. They re both li@rs and money grabbers.
I stand what I said about her being a goddess if she wanted to. She will probably won't and settle for a shit job, but should def make the effort.
What's indeed a probability is that they are over each other just fine and she decided to do what she does best, whine to get views, subs and adoration.
When it comes to Fake, man…that fakeboi must be his wet dreams come true, too bad they don't have a dick, right?
Spain has 8.0000 cases per day already and restrictions keep going back to last years's.Somebody should save that last video he posted, and put the kettle on, cause his delusions and megalomania will be fabulously crushed. "World tour to get tattoos" I clackled.
(Please excuse my english, it's not my first language)

No. 1398705


CACKLED* lol sorry

No. 1398761

Kaya may be eligible for social housing if she is homeless. She won't be classified as homeless if she lives with her mother.

No. 1398769

What is being said is that he seems to be of the tribe of male youtubers that could make such mistake of his own poor judgement because he is that arrogant. Feels untouchable, too many yes-men implying he can do no wrong. Diminishing morals and lack of ethics. Etc.

Minors have to be protected by their parents or guardians and they certainly should not be allowed to idolize a walking, talking clown. But his fanbase, apparently, is mostly minors.

I hope it will not come that a teen got groomed and get their life destroyed, but youtubers often are that disappointing.

No. 1398792

I looked at a social blade type website once and it said most of his subscribers were in their 20's (but many of them were underage as well) not sure if that website was entirely accurate though. but his most overzealous fans are definitely underage (and blatantly hitting on him).

No. 1398821

There's no way she'll get social housing without a child or other dependent. The lists are too long and there are loads of people who need it way more than her. Her best option is a retail job and a room/house share. It sucks, but at least she'll be living in an actual house and not freezing her unwashed ass off in that studio waiting for handouts or someone to come fix the situation for her.

No. 1398829

We can get social housing in Scotland without having kids, I live in it myself.

No. 1398845

There's something like 44,000 households on the social housing waiting list in Northern Ireland, half of those households with children. Kaya as a single woman would be waiting for years and she has other options anyway.

No. 1398951

I think she'd have a bigger chance at housing if she looked into possible roommates

No. 1398989

i really do hope kaya finds happiness and grows to be an actual adult. to lose a decade to discount social repose with somehow twice the narcissism would stunt anyone's personal growth.

it's a blessing in disguise, other than getting kicked out of her own home. though i really can't understand why she doesn't move in with her mother, at least then she doesn't have to rely on him anymore.

No. 1399000

so I guess the "sick family member" story was just a cover up then?

No. 1399005

She did say in her video there was family stuff she couldn't talk about. My guess is that it was a half-truth from Jake, that she does in fact have a sick family member, but lied and used it as the reason she wasn't going on tour with him instead of just having the balls to say "we broke up".

No. 1399069

Maybe her mother really doesn't have the space. Kaya comes with a lot of shit. Remember when they drove halfway across Ireland to buy ugly plastic Halloween stuff?

No. 1399079

She could at least let her sleep on the sofa saves her being in that cold studio. She could use that as storage for all her crap still but at least she wouldn't be alone.

No. 1399228

And she'd have access to a shower.

No. 1399238

Can she just shower at a gym or is that not a thing in the UK?

No. 1399240

Can't usually shower at a gym without a membership

No. 1399274

Isn't she suppose to be a member didn't she have a personal trainer or something? Maybe she's just trying to be as tragic as possible so people give her money without her having to do anything.

No. 1399283

Pretty sure the membership was in Jake's name. He has to pay for her studio and car, because those have leases. But I'm pretty sure he will have kicked her off the gym membership plan. Wouldn't want to run into your ex there and have things get awkward when you're trying to flex. But if she was paying for it herself, that would honestly be a good expense to cut.

What level of lockdown is NI in at the moment? Are gyms open?

No. 1399285

Gyms are open. How many ex partners do you know pay for things for their exes when they don't have kids? It's not Jake's responsibility to support Kaya's lifestyle. As others have said she's apparently responsible for his success so why can't she do the same for herself? I find it very hard to believe she can't shower and sleep at her mother's. Who exactly is going to tout to the benefits office that Kaya took a shower at her ma's or slept over? Kaya's probably using the only skill she's developed over the past few years, begging and throwing a pity party.

No. 1399288

Like she has a stupid 4x4 vehicle as her first car. If she can't afford gym membership how tf can she afford petrol for the car so it runs? Insurance? Tax? If she can't afford to take a shower she should sell her car and scooter and any other unnecessary crap. For being homeless and unemployed she has an extremely nice car and gadgets.

No. 1399313

The car is leased and in jake's name. That's also why he's still paying for it. He has to, or go to the extra expense of breaking the lease. They never owned any of that flashy shit. They just tried to live beyond their means.
As for nobody ratting her out, i doubt it. Given Stumpy's insane fans. Or maybe her mum is just a negligent cunt. Or Kaya doesn't want to be stuck to a schedule. Who knows.

No. 1399344

Insurance isn't a part of a cars finance agreement. That's a cost someone will be paying to keep the vehicle road legal. Plus tax. It would be cheaper to cancel the lease if she can't afford to run it, unless she can. Has she been active on social media? If she's freezing in a studio all day you'd think she'd be online more trying to earn a living.

No. 1399429

The “if they’re homeless/on benefits why do they have X” rhetoric is so fucking stupid. If she sold ALL her “gadgets” she’d have a couple of hundred quid, maybe one rent payment and then what? Nothing to stream or record with so no long term income. She had those things before she became homeless moron. I agree she’s been irresponsible and niave, but I also totally believe that she didn’t expect Jake to pull her whole livelihood out from under her like this. People don’t expect their long term partners to just leave them as soon as they’ve bought a house. Especially since he bought a house in NI, her home country, which he always bitched about wanting to leave, and let her paint a room pink? That to me says the opposite of “about to break up”.

No. 1399439

You haven't a clue. The vehicles have on going running costs. Even the money to undergo the lessons to even have the licence to do those things. Was Jake paying for her lessons, buying her vehicles, paying for her personal trainer, paying her her groceries, paying her rent? No wonder he dumped her. What the fuck does she do all day lol

No. 1399454

It's rented, he even says it here >>1397926
>I'm not in a position to buy
From June. And his car and bike and whatever are lease (maybe the bike is owned since he mentioned wrapping it in his shit breakup video)

He also has most of the filming and streaming equipment, not Kaya, as evidenced by the difference between their two videos. Selling her camera and laptop would be dumb for the reasons the other anon said.
Yeah so great to have a toxic narcissist paying for a few things before unceremoniously dumping you on your ass in the dead of winter in a commercial building with no heating or shower, what a hero

No. 1399480

For a few things? If he paid for her lessons that's a skill set she now has for life. A lot of people even struggle just to get to learn because of the expense of lessons and not having access to a car. If he was paying for a personal trainer that was probably to try and fix her mood and health since she's probably lethargic due to her bad diet and lack of activity. If he was paying for her rent and she hadn't shown signs of wanting to contribute that would have been frustrating af. And what ever happened to all their pets she's only mentioned the cat going to her mums? She was depressed over a wild swan, you'd think she'd mention the actual pets she's had over the years or are they easier to drop as an expense than some fucking jeep.

No. 1399492

You do you know you can pay insurance yearly…

I don’t understand why “why does she live with her mum?” Keeps coming up as if you bother to scroll your lazy ass up the page there’s a screen shit of why.
Some of you are just as lazy as Kaya

No. 1399501

So you’re either a snacc or an incel. I’m not saying she should have let him pay for a fraction of the stuff he has but I also have no doubt there was some convincing or tacit manipulation on his end. I wouldn’t put it past him to lease her a car just so he didn’t have to drive places with her or to get his credit score up by repaying it on time. He was pissing away money worse than Kaya with her hauls, nobody needs four fucking bikes.

Yes she’s a layabout, and she’s clearly completely niave to think it was okay to rely on him financially (as he has done with her when her channel was popular, she was the main breadwinner). Also let’s not pretend Jake suddenly got his act together and started working hard, he’s still doing all the same self-involved shit he used to, just in a different hat.

Leasing a car in YOUR name and buying a house in YOUR name is also not some big favour to your gf/bf. It was never going to make her not depressed - she needs to grow up and go to therapy, but I imagine they were really just circling each other in the old house like angry cats and rotting in their respective piles of Primark shit. She essentially got to borrow his stuff. She seemed happy with her little chav moped so she doesn’t strike me as someone who’d automatically beg for a Jeep (happy to be proven wrong on that one). Kaya is a giant child but doesn’t strike me as a golddigger. Why the fuck would Jake, a grown man who can make his own decisions, make those financial choices?

No. 1399535

And who are you, a Kaya white knight? Sorry I don't have that much sympathy for someone getting dumped and not having someone else paying for them anymore. Jake's not the only one that scams fans and fishes for money by dooms posting. You can't even fucking spell naive.

Jake doesn't need 4 bikes sure but he pays for them and is planning on making a motorbike YouTube channel. He also uses his vehicles in his content. He at least works towards keeping all his crap. Kaya has had her scooter(s) since like March and hasn't filmed them for easy content. She got her car in June or July. She had a personal trainer. Someone was paying for her piano lessons which I assume she stopped since she stopped posting about them. And doctors in UK are free. She had a dermatologist. She's been referred by doctors to mental health services. She's been giving medication. She basically just needs to sort her life out, eat better, be active and her skin and a lot of her issues would clear up.

She painted one room in the new house pink with two of her mates while Jake painted the rest of the house. She was crying at having to move the studio out of the other house to the new one. She just gets everything handed to her and now people are actually feeling sorry for because the carpet had been pulled out from under her. She could have spent years saving her money, investing in equipment but she has absolutely no drive to work hard at the career she's chosen. She couldn't work retail. She doesn't have the discipline to be self employed.

Funny thing is Jake does actually have more subscribers on YouTube and overall engagement. He essentially freed himself of dead weight.

No. 1399549

I've never followed Adora but is her English even that bad? I thought she'd just use "oh oops my bad English" as an excuse for saying controversial shit. Every Swede I've interacted with has pretty good English.

No. 1399550

Looks like the snaccs found this. Literally bringing up things that were mentioned if you only scroll a Lil bit.

No. 1399559

File: 1640209096027.jpg (621.03 KB, 1017x1074, kys nonnie.jpg)

Ok anon, you know you are literally wking this motherfucker right here

No. 1399568

Petition to spoiler Jake’s face at all times

No. 1399589

Just because I give him credit for actually working to be whatever the hell he is doesn't mean I want to shag him anon. Kaya and Jake are both cringe af but it's been obvious the past couple of years he's the one that actually cares about being a YouTuber. Just blows my mind people expect him to continue to support Kaya after he has dumped her.

No. 1399591

has he said what hes going to post on onlyfans yet? i only wonder becuase one of the girls they used to have in their videos posts there and i wonder if hes going to be collabing everywhere he goes on tour

No. 1399593

Petition seconded. Some of us are trying to eat dinner. Either spoiler it, or replace it with warwick davis's face, so we can get some positive midget representation going. Jake is really giving a bad name to the vertically challenged.

No. 1399605

i keked

No. 1399611

At what point did you get wk from “giant child” and “layabout” and “needs to grow up”? This is a gossip board, literally nobody asked for your Jake business pitch. He is a man in his thirties who nearly took out a manager at his only real job ever and now makes tiktok reaction videos for a living.

No. 1399612

Agreed. Except he used to make tiktok reaction videos, back when he had Kaya to pick out the tiktoks for him. Now he's shed all pretense and talks about himself and how great and successful and cool he is.

No. 1399622

He's literally been a narc forever, he's been talking like that for years. Maybe Kaya should do tiktok react videos if she has such a great eye for them? She's already been in a couple of his reaction videos. She's literally just lazy.

No. 1399652

I don't think it was all the tiktoks, it was just the "try not to laugh/cringe" ones that he couldn't see before his reaction. Still, she probably did a lot of stuff like that for him behind the scenes.

No. 1399676

Don’t have a source annoyingly, but the tiktok thing started because he hated it so much, and I remember him saying that he didn’t even have the app. Not saying there’s anything milky about hating tiktok kek and what you’re saying would make sense, it’s just that it all comes off as so disingenuous. Reminds me of Shane Dawson’s weird food review years that he himself said was all shallow to appease the algorithm. I get that that’s what Youtube basically is these days, but when you’re completely putting up a front and your young fans say you saved their lives, that’s when it gets sad.

No. 1399732

Damn, well in that case she probably did find all the tiktoks for him lol. Yeah he was just trying to get himself in the algorithm.

No. 1399734

Everything jake has ever done has been for a “trend”. He was emo when it was in, cybergoth when that was in, then some weird hardcore “kid” in his 20s, then it was copying casey nshat and then all of this.
He’s always been in it for a ride and I don’t think the cunt has a genuine bone in his body.
He’s in his 30s and nothing to show for it (same with Kaya) and he will probably be doing this shit well into his 40s.

And can we please ignore the jake wk, they’re clearly below the age of 25. And if not, man I feel bad for you

No. 1399740

The absolute best Jake could get at this point is a dead music career where all the members leave because they're sick of his ego (hell he named the entire band after himself) and he's stuck trying to shill half-baked solo EPs that rip off artists like Periphery and Plini on bandcamp before he's 35. No one's ever going to take him seriously, goths hate him, especially not the djent community he so desperately has said he wants to be a part of.

No. 1399768

I don’t get how the band members ever put up with the name tbh.

If we’re sharing Jake ego moments, this one is my (least) fave. I know that the abortion law repeal was a HUGE deal in Ireland and it meant so much to people. Knew a girl from Belfast at the time who said it was unprecedented because of the religious stuff and was in tears etc etc. He uses it as his video title and mentions it superficially for a total of 8 seconds and then the entire rest of the video is his face.

Saged for shitty blogpost but this is really when Jake changed from being forgettable to a god tier douchebag with actual personality issues for me. His fans need to know that this vlog era was possibly the most authentic Jake’s ever been and it was so bad.

No. 1399777

I used to watch Jake's vlogs because I wanted to see what Ireland looked like. But one thing that always annoyed me about him was how much he complained about stuff. Like in every fucking video he'd find some small thing to complain about. Even in this video he bitches about having to buy new guitar strings that he can't get through Amazon prime. I often roll my eyes at "Kim there's people dying" type comments but he's just So Whiny. I mean, they were both like that but Jake was still worse.

No. 1399781

File: 1640228265392.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2708, Screenshot_20211222-215615_You…)

I mean it's true, but what an arsholish thing to point out in your video filmed on the same day as your break up announcement. Heartless prick.

No. 1399799

You’re right. Kaya can be infuriating and a lot of her problems are tied to mental health and ADHD shit that I wish she’d get a grip on. Jake is so ANGRY whenever anything doesn’t revolve perfectly around him. Like people not letting him film in shops/restaurants etc. Not everyone wants to be in the background of a vlog while they’re eating? He’d be unbearable to live with all this time.

No. 1399827

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. He would complain that clubs wouldn't let him take his big vlogging camera in and film everyone.

No. 1399938

File: 1640255440019.jpg (514.05 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20211223_103052.jpg)

At least she's trying I guess

No. 1399943

Why is this suddenly a concern as she should have been looking from the moment she started living in the warehouse? Is it because people are finally watching?

No. 1399968

>your young fans say you saved their lives

Have they really said that? I can't imagine anyone finding his wannabe casey neistat vlogs where he just films himself complaining and/or doing chores like the laundromat inspiring, or his tiktok reactions, or his generic nu metal music.

Not saying YT content has to have substance, kaya used to do quintuple spooky box vids to scrape in views, I'm saying his fans need to grow standards before it's too late

No. 1399969

File: 1640258473566.jpg (369.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211223-121742_Ins…)

I guess Mara and her boyfriend broke up?

No. 1399970


How does she find it relatable, wasn't she asexual?

No. 1399982

It is relatable if youre asexual, it has to do with male friendships and how awful it is to find out a guy you considered a friend only wanted to fuck you.
Also nothing to do with her boyfriend.

No. 1399990

She hasnt been able to vent online about before. Since it was all hush hush till the videos came out. Plus no doubt she spent a good bit of time grieving and processing the relationship ended.

No. 1399991

File: 1640261902993.jpeg (278.82 KB, 1170x1396, 4BE93D68-53F0-48C1-B647-708034…)

Inb4 “this is a gossip board” - unsure whether she’s a minor but either way I don’t feel great about sharing this girl’s face when she’s clearly on the fucking edge. But here you go. Last pic is her and her friend crying in the crowd. Luckily we’ve never seen a pattern of overhyped fawned-on metal bros turn out to be total douchebags - oh wait.

No. 1400013

File: 1640265070458.jpeg (230.57 KB, 828x534, 87D31C59-3A3D-4171-B14D-E93491…)

Jake is such an unbelievable tard. Imagine having all these travel plans and not even paying attention to the requirements, then acting like you’re so hard done by because - shock - Christmas is happening. Like it does every year. At the same time.

If this throws a wrench into his plans, I’ll call it karma, kek

No. 1400029

>crying in the crowd like they are experiencing beatlemania

It's his fat goth fangirls feeding his narcissism that led to him making that breakup video and thinking it would go down well.
I feel bad for these girls, genuinely, that a boring tosser like Jake is inspiring to them, get some music taste and some less annoying people to stan.

No. 1400032

Genuine tard, one for booking a flight at Christmas for absolutely no reason (aren't they the most expensive ones too?) and two for doing no research on the requirements beforehand when this pandemic has been going on since March 2020.

No. 1400051

Uh nonnie, do you really think asexual women never have scrotes pretending to be their friends to fuck them?

No. 1400054

Jeez Jake, if only the uk goverment had said that all nhs test centers would be open duaring the hoolydays, or that there is a test center at more or less every airport there is, for exampel belfast international.

Please select one of the following explenations to this statment
A) i got my head so far up my own as that I cant read
B) i just need something to bitch about but there isn't a real problem. Drama is my friend.
C) i never planed on going through with this trip / tripa is some kind of weird pr stunt and i never had a ticket and now need something to blame for this trip not happening

No. 1400103

File: 1640272418471.jpg (973.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211223-161220_Ins…)

No. 1400163

Mate, she always leaves comments where she can be seen and get attention from it. This is the slag that didn't dye her hair after Cruella because she didn't want to look like anyone else and only decided to go ahead with it once she saw no one else did it. Everything this troll does is for attention

No. 1400223

He can't deny they are the same. Always complaining.
This midget's ego is enfuriating. Big, grandious plans to splatter how cool he thinks he is but never checking if it will work. It's kind of hilarious.

No. 1400292

>he got me through my suicide attempts and mental health sectioning

If an alt wannabe and his vanity "band" got her through things like that, I'm concerned for her sanity. Cows' fans really are as weird as them huh.

No. 1400426

File: 1640301808800.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2688, 2C60C4BB-6BAE-44CB-AB69-43656C…)

“In case I’m not around for it”- idk if I’m reading too much into it or what

No. 1400441

I honestly just thinks she means "in case I don't post anything until after christmas."

No. 1400442

I’m sure she just means “in case I’m not online” but agreed the wording is very iffy. Possibly attention seeking but more likely just an autism moment imho.

No. 1400457

Doubt it means anything nefarious probably she just might not be online because family Xmas stuff but if it is ban intent kaya girl if you're reading this that troll isn't worth it prove just how awesome and strong you can be especially to yourself you can do amazing stuff I know it me personally I would love to see more art stuff on your chanel I know you had interest in it that nifler was cute

No. 1400555

Yeah this sounds most likely. She just said today on twitter she's putting her full focus into finding an apartment so I just think anon is reaching on this one.

No. 1400950

File: 1640368902551.jpg (695.93 KB, 1080x1769, 20211224_190045.jpg)

Wonder how Jake's little trip is going…

No. 1400998

File: 1640371697667.jpg (Spoiler Image,621.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211224-194514_Ins…)


Spoiler image because it involves stumpy showing off his grublike torso and I want y'all to have a nice christmas eve.

No. 1401076

Looks like he’s finally living out his early 20s dream by selling nudes

No. 1401100

I can't wrap my head around people, even underage dumbasses, finding this sexy

No. 1401117

The real question is 'why did she not try to find a job and get a place on her own months ago'.
If that apartment doesn't have heat/a shower, it's not a residential apartment and she's living there illegally. I agree with the other anon who suggested that the reason she's not living in the house is because if Jake let her live there 'until you can find your own place', she would come up with a never-ending deluge of excuses to be allowed to stay. This is the woman who could not work retail because standing for an entire shift made her FEET hurt too bad. She is not the kind of person who will put effort into making herself financially independent if she thinks she doesn't have to. Frankly, it sounds like Jake's been 'out of love' with her for a long time, and I completely understand why. He got together with her when she was fit and had an alt modelling career, and it seemed like she was going places with her life. For the past like…five years? At least? That hasn't been the case, to the point it's become a running joke on lolcow about how little effort Kaya puts into the one 'job' she has. People are completely allowed to leave their partners due to dissatisfaction in the relationship and the fact that he has continued to give her money for THREE MONTHS afterwards is above and beyond the call of duty. If her mental health is so poor that she cannot work a normal job to support herself - and from the SocialBlade analytics, Youtube has not been a significant source of income for her for a while - she needs to be on disability and go back to her family so that she's not living illegally in a non-residential apartment and accepting money from the guy who 'put her in this position'.
Jake is a shitheel, but Kaya ABSOLUTELY deserves credit for the position she is in because she has had THREE MONTHS to try to make her own money and get out of the studio space. She left it to the week before Christmas to make this video telling people how sorry and pitiful her situation is, but also in the same breath 'DON'T ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT IT BC I'M SOOO SENSITIVE RIGHT NOW GUISE'
Come on, farmers, we are not dumb. We've been watching these two for years. Jake's a narcissist, but Kaya is a professional manipulator at this point, her income for years has been determined by how sad she sounds when she begs online for things she wants. She knows how to work an audience. We are NOT getting the full story from her, we're getting a carefully edited version of events that makes Jake sound as mean as possible and her sound as tragic and sympathetic as possible, while also plugging her Patreon in the hopes she'll get more $$ out of it and still won't have to find a real job. I can't honestly say I have any sympathy for her; ToxicTears may have started off as the more popular channel initially, which is why people are saying Jake 'leeched' off her, but she's 'leeched' off him just as much in recent years while refusing to work on herself, put aside any savings for rainy days, and expecting her & her boyfriend's 'fans' to financially carry her for the rest of her life - I don't know anyone who has that level of self-delusion without also having a severe personality disorder.
And like, I honestly respect Jake more for only spending 2 minutes on the topic and not 13. It's not anybody else's business, and Kaya even says she won't give out details and doesn't want people to ask about it (after she spent 12 minutes telling people how awful it made her feel, mind you). I've absolutely met the kind of person who goes around trying to ruin their ex's reputation after a break-up, and to me, that's exactly what TT's video looks and sounds like. 'Oh, he's ruined me! Woe is me!' - it is a fantastic way to get support and a like from the thousands of people who have suffered through their own personal experiences with shitty narc dudes, and has led to the biggest spike in subscribers/likes that her channel has received all year, so she's quite literally received more attention, money, and sympathy from this break-up than from anything she has independently done in years.

Also, I don't count 'sourcing tiktok videos for Jake's reaction videos' as being a significant contribution to the dude's career, all that means is that she was scrolling through the app, finding things that made her go 'teehee', and then showing Jake her phone. She could have absolutely made those her own reaction videos, but Jake is the one who took the time and initiative, so if nothing else I will give the dude credit for being a more motivated entertainer than she has been in years.

Tl;dr: Both Kaya and Jake are shitty people, and Kaya deserves her situation just as much as Jake deserves the backlash.

No. 1401144

Yeh, no. I’m not reading that autism

No. 1401147

I did and I agree with anon. Kaya is pathetic.

No. 1401163

File: 1640383857987.png (2.75 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210512-175620.png)

>The real question is 'why did she not try to find a job and get a place on her own months ago'.

They broke up in October, it's barely been 2 months, not 3. I'm apartment hunting myself (albeit not in Ireland) it's hard to find one.

Also, if Jake was "out of love" with her for literal years, why was he planning to make a huge life change with her (moving to Barcelona) a mere year and a half ago? They also went on vacation earlier this year in May for Jake's birthday and went to a fancy hotel and Kaya bought him a heaping pile of presents (pic related). Idk about you guys but if my S/O was "just a roommate" to me at that point, I'd feel bad. She might have been being supported financially, but he was definitely using her in other ways. He probably treats relationships like he treats jobs, don't quit your current one until you have a new one lined up.

No. 1401165

Skimmed it. And nobody is denying Kaya is pathetic. We're just saying Jake treated her like shit and she might be less pathetic now.

>I've absolutely met the kind of person who goes around trying to ruin their ex's reputation after a break-up, and to me, that's exactly what TT's video looks and sounds like. 'Oh, he's ruined me! Woe is me!'

Damn anon. Which ex hurt you?
As for me, I just felt she was trying to deal with an emotionally taxing situation with restraint and selfcontrol, while existing as a someone with a public presense.

No. 1401168

The fact he didn't say 'from Kaya' just 'prezzers' even though they are all clearly from one person by the wrapping paper, the narcissism runs deep with this one
Seconding the not reading that autism, try and be more concise next time

No. 1401172

>I honestly respect Jake more for only spending 2 minutes on the topic and not 13
Aside from the irony of including this line in an absurdly long rant of your own, -
Gee why would anyone dedicate 13 whole minutes to discussing a 12 year relationship ending to an audience who have only known her in said relationship and are also very familiar with the other half of it? Baffling, 2 minutes followed by bragging makes much more sense!

(I'm not reading any more of your post, think I got the moronic gist)

No. 1401173

Could it possibly be Ruadhan writing this, as he is prone to writing absurd walls of text and talking shit about other alt youtubers? Maybe I'm just tinfoiling too hard

No. 1401174

Verbose li'l incel, aren't you?

No. 1401179

Ruadhan uses "mebbe" a lot and likes to quote. But who's to say. He's pathetic enough for it, and enjoys drama, especially if it draws attention to him. We'll know when he starts making videos about it. He always needs coattails to ride on.

No. 1401185

I assumed the presents were from her, but now that you mention it, maybe there were presents from other friends too. Kind of doubt it though, since only him and Kaya were at that resort, and it would be weird to just take a bunch of presents your friends gave you and open them at some resort when they're not around.

No. 1401192

I don't understand what the issue with the presents is. kaya obviously didn't know at the time Jake didn't love her and he wanted to use her and her dad again to move to Barcelona he still would have left her when he got YouTube "famous" because he's a piece of shit he's been using her since they met idk why you guys aren't getting that

No. 1401196

Ntayrt and it really isn't that long of a post. What's the deal with the Kaya white knights. Both her and Jake are cringe edgelords, but she takes the absolute piss with how lazy and entitled she is. Jake at least works to be at the level of cringe he is. And it's only been 2 months. 2 months without a shower or kitchen would be hell, if Kaya wasn't embellishing to better beg that's mental that she is lazy and gross enough to still refrain from posting to YouTube to make money. And she's posted on her IG from inside her jeep. So she's still paying petrol, insurance and tax to keep the car but can't pay her ma maintenance to use the shower or found one of the 100s of house shares in Belfast. She could easily find a room for her and her cat in Belfast. Maybe the daft bitch thought Jake still wanted her.

And idk why anons are taking it so personal that Jake was using her. We've been saying for years. Why was he about to go to Barcelona with her if he wasn't in love with her? Uh, because he's been using her. Lurk more. Only people with an excuse to be that retarded is Kaya since she's the only dumb cunt that apparently didn't see how uninterested Jake was in her.

No. 1401200

>broke up [nonspecified date] in October
>September, November, it is now the last week of December.
It's been 3 months, assuming they broke up at the end of October. If not, it has been longer than three months. And sure, apartment-hunting is hard, but staying illegally in a non-residential apartment is also not the solution. MOST people with an oz of common sense would try to find a roommate to move in with, or would go back to their parent's. The stuff about her mom MAYBE losing her welfare benefits for letting her daughter crash at her house until she can find her own place sounds like complete horseshit to me, the government is not going to remove your welfare because you have your unemployed 28-year-old child mooching off you for a short period of time and I think anons are just giving Kaya the benefit of the doubt out of sympathy.

Regarding Jake's ~romantic interest~ or lack thereof, I think it was pretty clear he stopped being sexually attracted to her after she gained like 80lb and was no longer the waifish alt-fashion model he first asked out, but it's fairly common for people to stay in relationships for years, even if they're unhappy, because a) sunk cost fallacy, b) they feel like there's not a 'good' reason to break up, or c) they're using their partner as a security blanket. C is especially true, I think, for both Kaya and Jake at this point. I'd like to agree with anons who say that this break-up will be 'good for her', but frankly as long as she is able to milk her audience for money and sympathy, she's not going to change. At this point, she expects the special treatment.

No. 1401201

The benefits stuff doesn't even make sense. Kaya could sleep there and keep her shit on storage. It's the holidays too loads of people go stay with family this time of year. Doesn't mean their benefits get cut lol

No. 1401205

>Ntayrt and it really isn't that long of a post.

Yes it is.

>Why was he about to go to Barcelona with her if he wasn't in love with her? Uh, because he's been using her.

I know, we've established that. No one here is trying to say he was actually in love with her. Do you have reading comprehension problems?

No. 1401206

I like that this string of responses is all just 'oo this is too long to read, whatever!!!' when there is a tl;dr: at the end for you illiterate goblins. Also the fact that you're on this site means you have to be okay with reading hundreds of responses in a thread just to catch up to the on-going conversation, so if you don't like reading, try tiktok or something, I don't know what to tell you.

No. 1401209

>It's been 3 months, assuming they broke up at the end of October. If not, it has been longer than three months.

Are you trolling? Or legit special needs? End of october to end of november is two months. What the actual fuck?

No. 1401212

It’s the end of December right now anon, not November.

No. 1401213

Ya boring. You add nothing.

Idk maybe my reading comprehension is fucked but I'm not the twat that keeps lamenting about why would Jake use Kaya to go to Barcelona or whatever the fucking point is then? You tell me

No. 1401214

This is an image board which means most of the important posts in a thread are images. Idk about you but when I'm catching up on a thread I don't always read every single reply, just enough to get the gist. Sorry people not wanting to read your essay hurt your feefees though.

No. 1401215

>No one here is trying to say he was actually in love with her
>"Also, if Jake was "out of love" with her for literal years, why was he planning to make a huge life change with her (moving to Barcelona) a mere year and a half ago? They also went on vacation earlier this year in May for Jake's birthday and went to a fancy hotel and Kaya bought him a heaping pile of presents (pic related). Idk about you guys but if my S/O was "just a roommate" to me at that point, I'd feel bad."

That does sound like someone here trying to say that that he was actually in love with her up until recently, imo, so I can understand the anon you're responding to.

She released this video on December 17th complaining about still living in the studio space Jake's renting, so… Yeah. If they broke up in October, and she is still there on December 17th, it's been longer than two months.

No. 1401217

It's Kaya time, you round it up or down to the more applicable whinge.

No. 1401222

UPON RE-READING I owe you an apology, two months is correct, I have just already started on the eggnog today.
I still feel like that the point here is that it's WAY too long to be mooching off your ex. Like, offering to pay your ex's bills for a month just so they can land on their feet is already a very generous offer. But after that, she's a 28-year-old woman, she should have enough life skills by now to figure her shit out.

No. 1401225

>you add nothing

If by "adding nothing" you mean not writing autistic wall of text, then yeah, I do add nothing

I'm >>1401163 and I literally said

>She might have been being supported financially, but he was definitely using her in other ways. He probably treats relationships like he treats jobs, don't quit your current one until you have a new one lined up.

I wasn't trying to say he was in love with her recently, I was saying that he was out of love with her when he did those things but was using her to move to Barcelona, get presents from her etc. I'm saying he's an asshole for doing that for so long and not breaking up with her sooner and kicking her out the way he did.

No. 1401232

Fair enough, but it's wishful thinking that an ex owes you anything once you break up. He seems to have paid for her scooter and car lessons, bought her a scooter and car even if one is leased she's still got it and they've been broken up. I assume he was covering her living costs too. Piano lessons. Her various studios which even with multiple work spaces she barely did any work this year. He also paid a personal trainer for her. Who knows maybe he was hoping she'd get inspired and go back to her old ways I'm sure at one point he loved her more than her biggest fan. Something needs to shock her into change. She should at least be happy she managed to get driving lessons out of him.

No. 1401233

I absolutely agree with you about Jake being a manipulative selfish dipshit, but prefacing your reasoning with 'if he was "out of love" with her' did come across like you were arguing that he really was in love with her at the time. Anyways, I think he's been like this for a long-ass while, Kaya just didn't want to accept or acknowledge it, even when he was - for example - openly flirting with his fans on Twitter. Which most people in a committed long-term relationships would have a real problem with. I feel a LITTLE bad for her because he's such a shitty guy, but it also seems like she was willfully ignoring stuff that was glaringly obvious to everyone else.

No. 1401242

>prefacing your reasoning with 'if he was "out of love" with her' did come across like you were arguing that he really was in love with her at the time

Okay I guess you're right, the wording was kind of misleading, I should have been more clear. I DO think he was out of love with her all that time, I was more trying to argue that he was a narc, because a normal person would feel guilty/bad doing those things while not being in love. In other words he hadn't been in love with her for years, but was happy to pretend to be so that he could get relationship benefits like moving to Barcelona which would have been harder to do on his own (and which might have actually happened if not for the pandemic).

>he was - for example - openly flirting with his fans on Twitter. Which most people in a committed long-term relationships would have a real problem with. I feel a LITTLE bad for her because he's such a shitty guy, but it also seems like she was willfully ignoring stuff that was glaringly obvious to everyone else.

I wondered this too, and I feel pretty bad saying it but how did she not see this coming? Anons for years had been noting his disinterest in her yet she seemed blindsided. My guess is she was in denial, or he acted much more affectionate behind the scenes, or both.

No. 1401243

File: 1640388692297.jpg (457.11 KB, 1440x2593, 20211224_182907.jpg)

Funny to me how he seems to love 80's music now, when he mentioned hating it in previous videos, along with actual gothic music. Lol the posing never ceases. His fans have really short memories to put up with his bullshit.

No. 1401244

To be fair, I don't think many snaccs are paying attention to whatever he's on about. They just click like and reach for their inhalers.

No. 1401267

Lol, all this exactly.

The bottom line to all this autism is that we’ve been saying he doesn’t like her for months/years, but he’s decided to tactically dump her ass as soon as he’s confident that he can get his way and not face significant backlash online.

No. 1401268

> he loved her more than her biggest fan
Christ no, go back to their earliest videos. Their vibe was always off and he was always creepy. It always felt like a relationship of convenience for him. I think Kaya’s genuinely on the spectrum and didn’t see it, or didn’t have the self esteem to call him out and dump his ass when things got bad.

No. 1401269

>How did she not see this coming?
Especially now because she's posting stuff like >>1397101 where he humiliated her on a livestream in front of hundreds, and she still did not pull the plug on that relationship after some full-on public disrespect. I would not have felt secure in that relationship, but it's also like - since both Kaya and Jake have been like, 'don't ask me about this', we have no way of knowing what was really going on when the cameras were off. He could have been sweet as pie when he wasn't pretending to be Goth Alpha Rockstar Joker for the camera.
I do feel like when one person is like, "it's over, would rather not talk about it, let's change the subject", and the other person is crying to a camera and making multiple posts about how awful the other person is and how bad they've been made to feel by their ex, one of these people is building a narrative to elicit sympathy. We've all had bad break-ups, but sometimes - usually - displaying the emotional wreckage online is not a good look and most mature people know that. And there's a part of me that's like - Kaya, if you don't want people to talk about it and you don't want people to ask you about it and you don't want people to invade your privacy, you yourself are BRINGING IT TO PEOPLE'S ATTENTION over and over again by publishing these posts and images about how upset you are.

No. 1401287

File: 1640392466621.jpg (Spoiler Image,783.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211225-013248_Ins…)

Looks like Scrotey McScroteface is still planning to go ahead with the US trip, covid be damned.

Spoiler image, as per the new guidelines.

No. 1401304

what is he trying to do with this makeup, some kind of clown/mime/jester thing? I'm surprised he's not a juggalo

No. 1401310

I hope his flight gets cancelled right when he gets to the airport

No. 1401311

>so if you don't like reading

I love reading, but any anon who writes 1k words in a single post without even replying to other anons, and expects people to read it is taking the piss. It doesn't take a wall of text to say what they were trying to say.

No. 1401344

File: 1640401537826.png (34.45 KB, 1298x328, d672926a09ef4cea9855ed515f73b9…)

No. 1401357

I normally wouldn't trust a word Jake says, but especially after he lied about the reason Kaya didn't go on tour with him I'm not buying this

No. 1401360

"I let her use my house, but of course, when I'm not around, because I don't wanna have to even look to her anymore"

Here is the proof that he's lying when they said they weren't in love for years but stayed together because they were friends. He wouldn't treat her this way if they were friends. Would you put a friend out on the streets because you guys aren't fucking anymore? You'd have to be the worst to do that. I know some people who broke up while living together but stayed living together for months later until the lease was up because they were actually friends.

No. 1401361

File: 1640404187803.png (102.55 KB, 1274x585, 670e7d9d16e71c922b1a7c2062b6bf…)

No. 1401433

He seems like a pretty typical narc, so it’s not unlikely there was lovebombing going on behind the scenes. He could have rationalised his standoffish attitude on social media with the ‘celebrity’/fan dynamic between him and his snaccs, where the celebrity/idol/influencer is more successful if the fans believe them to be single and available. Of course he couldn’t outright pretend to be single but he could have argued that being openly lovey to Kaya online would have cut into his stream donations or something. This is just me speculating, though.

I agree that he wouldn’t treat her this way if they were truly friends. IMO it doesn’t prove he ever loved her, though, but rather that he has probably resented her for a while and was really biding his time until he could get rid of her.

No. 1401441

Most people I've met do stay living in the house with their ex for some months. Someone I follow broke up with their ex like a year? or more ago, and they aren't fucking because she subtweets about not having sex for an eternity. But because they were friends, bingo, shoving one of them out in disgust obviously didn't seem correct.
Jake is really obvious and disgusting, he kicked her out with the express intention of fucking women in the house, otherwise what's the issue? "Friends" my ass.

No. 1401476

Kaya gets depression over a wild swan, could you imagine being the one to dump her and then have her just hanging around being a lazy bitch? Once you finally dump someone you just want them gone lol. She can't use the excuse she was just a teenager when she met Jake. We were all once teenagers, is she saying she didn't have the capacity to grow up with Jake? Doesn't take a genius to know to save your money if you have no intention of supporting yourself. She lived off of free handouts for years. From her fans and her boyfriend. Absolutely pathetic the amount of sympathy she is getting. It would be different if she actually worked hard at building up both of their careers. She's also mean and nasty and stuck up. There's a reason she has no friends to crash with. She's a bitch.

No. 1401490

Here is where I don't believe Kaya is telling the full truth. We've all seen how she spent over the years. Endless clothing and junk hauls before we even get to the piles of sponsored stuff.

No. 1401493

There is literally no good side here, he lost interest after a while but kept her around to use her, and she became so comfortable and/or lazy she didn't notice and just complained about why she can't make videos while eating junk food. Still shitty that he kicked her out if this is the situation it's resulted in for her, but it's not like she spent money more wisely than he did when they were together. One thing for sure though is that we all saw their loveless relationship and wanted them to stop already. I mean look at how many posts there are discussing their breakup, mine included.

No. 1401511

Agreed. In my opinion, Kaya is lazy and whiny and entitled, but not actually malicious. Jake is a full on narc, and an absolute piece of shit. I'm interested in seeing where his personal trainwreck ends, and hoping he doesn't hurt any young impressionable fans in the process.
But I think we can all agree putting this dying horse of a relationship out of it's misery was a good thing. The way he did it wasn't though, nor was him dragging it out long after he lost interest in her for his own benefit.
Best case scenario: Kaya turns her life around (highly unlikely) and Jake crashes and burns, maybe catching an amusing venereal disease in the process. He'd better find somebody new to leech off for when the inevitable collapse hits.

No. 1401520

>we always shared finances
>i sent everything i earned to him
Normally when people say 'they shared finances' this means there was a joint bank account that both of them have access to. The fact that this was clearly not the case means that she was just…sending him money. Like he is now sending her money to pay for rent, petrol, and 'anything else she needs'. So no, Kaya, you never 'shared savings' with this dude, you supported him being a lazy mooch and now you're pissed at yourself because he won't do the same for you. Nice going.

No. 1401522

in a perfect world i'd like to see a story arc where kaya loses the weight and goes back to making good content and basically proves that you can pull yourself out of a 10-year toxic shitpit of a relationship and succeed,

but in all likelihood we are just going to watch her mope and e-beg for the remainder of her career while jake accumulates more braindead mallgoth fans until his career eventually implodes after he fucks a 15-year-old on tour or something equally gross.

No. 1401529

This kind of made sense when they met. He's a few years (2? 3?) older than her. But that age difference is a lot more pronounced when you're teenagers than when you're in your late twenties or early thirties. So I can see him tellinv her that he was more mature and experienced, and should handle what little money they had. He did so badly, judging from them talking about blowing their dole money on sweets, but I can see why she went along with it.
What I don't understand is why this was still going on recently. Maybe Kaya was too lazy to deal with it. Or maybe she was worried about setting off one of his rage-filled temper tantrums. But either way she should have bit the bullet and gotten it sortef as an adult.
Even if Jake had been a kind, caring partner she would have spent the rest of her life with, having no access to her own money was stupid. What if he'd wrapped hos stupid motorbike around a tree and died? She would have been left with nothing.
This will also make it so much harder to find an apartment. Let alone having a bad credit rating. Imagine having no financial history at all.

No. 1401530

kaya honestly strikes me as someone who has never wanted to be an adult. she wants someone else to handle all the difficult parts of life while she gets to basically slack off and play dress-up. watching her whinge about the consequences afterward is like…not that this absolves jake of being a narc, but if i had a partner that refused to take accountability for their finances, their mental health, and their own decisions, and was just getting more and more lazy and irresponsible as time went on, i would also want to dump them and run away to a different country.

No. 1401559

They're both shit persons, each in their own way, I don't get all the support for Kaya because she's the less shitty one. She could've easily found a real job for a while and roommates in a place with an actual bathroom until she got back on her feet but she thinks she's better than that, she'd much rather whine and plug her patreon. I'm not saying anyone deserves to be in a situation like this, but it's the wake-up call she needs. Too bad she won't bounce back, she needs serious therapy to be productive in any way.
And Jake's so called careeer will die out eventually, those edgy 12 year olds will grow up and the new ones will find other cringy youtubers to watch

No. 1401621

File: 1640475827809.png (641.03 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20211225-184204.png)

Her art is actually really cool if she would do more art videos people would watch it or she could sell art

No. 1401624

Yeah that painting looks good. She wouldn't seem so shallow if she also was doing art if you get me.

No. 1401626

Off topic kinda, but Kaya said she lost 45 lbs since September. Hoped she keeps it off.

No. 1401628

See, exactly! Kaya is pretty decent when it comes to art and crafting things (she even made a niffler ages ago if I remember) and if she focused on doing that and makeup for her videos instead of the same, boring ass, rinse-repeat unboxings or whiny “why I was gone” videos, she could maybe be successful again. At the very least she’d have mildly interesting content to keep her going unlike stumpy’s reaction shit which will die off eventually.

No. 1401631

How manipulative of her

No. 1401640

File: 1640478487080.jpg (704.12 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20211225-192236_Ins…)

Wouldn't this be the first thing you cancelled if you were literally homeless lol. Some people and their priorities. Sympathy can only stretch so far…

No. 1401653

Idk how it is in Ireland but getting apt isn't always just about having enough money they also want references and shit and the places before we're probably in Jake's name and alot of places want like pay stubs or whatever and she's not going to have those so she might have some money coming in she just can't get approved plus having a cat makes it even harder

No. 1401664

A lot of tattoo appointments require non-refundable deposits, so she might lose more money by canceling and then re-booking later. Plus, that could be a video that brings in money. Even posting pictures could up her engagement.

No. 1401694


You are right, Jake. Yet instead of indulge her like this you could have been more mature about it and split properly. Have a talk, no fake fukery for the viewers for so long.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1401699

That's a bit too wk-y anon, she's literally without a shower or kitchen and planning on getting tattoos and piercings?
Here's a solution for the rebooking problem, don't fucking get tattoos until you're financially stable.

No. 1401701

“I’m freezing to death, exhausted from no sleep, and super depressed because I have no money or anywhere to live! Anyways, I’m getting a tattoo next month! Support me on p@treon”

Her priorities are so skewed, it’s laughable.

No. 1401710

Not to WK or blogpost but I feel like if I had gotten out of a 10+ year relationship and got kicked out of my house and already had a tattoo appointment booked/paid for I might go just to temporarily distract myself/feel normal. If she still has to pay hundreds of dollars for it then yeah, it is kind of hard to feel sympathetic.

No. 1401850

I know this was posted forever ago but she still makes goth music and dresses hardcore gothy sometimes but she also has an alt flair to her. She seems to be leaning in hard to the foresty witch aesthetic.

No. 1401851


You usually need a reference from a previous landlord and either a credit check or payslips. The landlord one is easy to get around, most people moving out for the first time just get their parents or a friend to write one with a fake name, but there's really no way to avoid proof of income. Since Kaya is classed as self employed and seems to have no credit history because she gave all her money to Stump, she'd probably need to show several months of bank statements but all that'd prove at the moment is that she's had no income recently.

No. 1401880

That, and she might not even have anything on her bank slips. If the money went directly into Jake's account rather than her transferring it, she would have very little proof of income of even the little money she made. She really fucked herself over by giving all her money to him. She has no credit history, possibly no payment history. No savings, nothing. Getting an apartment is hard enough at the moment, but with dozens of takers for every spot nobody is going to pick the self-employed youtuber who has zero financial history.
It's not solely her fault though. Stumpy was happy enough to benefit from their arrangement

No. 1401926

Aw, 'I have no heat or shower, I'm getting a tattoo in January'
People who give her money on patreon are dumb

No. 1401933

If she's already paid the deposit I don't see the problem. She'll lose the money either way, but at least this way she gets a tattoo out of it. And as has been pointed out, at least it'll be content. But I agree with >>1401710 that if she had to pay a large additional sum, or booked an appointment after she became homeless, that would be dumb as fuck.

No. 1401940

When are you going to learn how to Sage? You come here to call people out for being dumb yet you can’t follow simple rules to the place you’re posting to. You aren’t adding anything milky so sage your dumb shit already.

On another note…I’d be surprised if she were able to get anything on her own given her situation financially, but on the other hand I wouldn’t be at all surprised because it seems like these cows always find a way to make it work. I don’t understand what they think they will do when they are getting to retirement age with zero benefits, 401k etc. At least she’s admitted that she doesn’t want kids, that’s a relief.

No. 1401951

I started watching Kaya many years ago, and her and Jake were always really open about hating kids. There were a ton of MAG episodes where kids would come up in conversation somehow and they would both just circle jerk over how much they hated children. I don't even want kids myself, but their irrational hatred of kids put me off sometimes. Still much better than either of them reproducing though.

No. 1401966

To be fair in my opinion having kids is wildly inconvenient, and I see why they hate kids so much, you carry that thing for 9 months just for it to shit and cry for 18 years. Yeah, no thanks.

No. 1401972

File: 1640539236109.jpeg (185.92 KB, 828x1091, 8032CB15-EA0F-404B-A0D5-817853…)

She’s starting to piss me off with her whining

No. 1401973

She set up a cashapp account because apparently somebody asked her. Bitch is doing well trust me. She just plays the worlds smallest violin on her socials to cash in more.

No. 1401998

File: 1640541402226.jpg (694.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211226-184626_Ins…)

Well, someone's lying. My money is on Jake

No. 1402037

I’m not defending jake but why should he let her stay in his house he has payed for on his own for a year, while also paying for her car/studio/internet ect still after breaking up 3 months ago. We all know she is going to complain about this for the next 7 years. But yeah jake is got to be lying to make himself to look like a ass

No. 1402049

It's just petty to not let her stay, he's enacting some narc punishment here. I believe her over him since he's been proven to lie or mislead continually.

No. 1402054

I get the same feeling. Fact is in the UK it's difficult and expensive to find somewhere to rent if you don't have 18 months+ of payslips and landlord/agency references. If she was giving her savings to Jake (dumb, but we've all done dumb things) she prob is struggling to have the standard alternative of 6 months rent advance to secure somewhere. While we know how things should be, UK landlords tend to be scummy from the start. I was homeless while working 14hrs a day. It's a landlord's market.

With the tattoo, most good artists are booking appointments a year in advance currently, with 50% deposit. Plenty in her position wouldn't want to lose the deposit, and would want to go through with it to feel positive about themselves.

No. 1402071


Would you really let your ex stay if you ended on bad terms and you have thousands of pounds worth of yech gear/clothes? Don't be stupid she has no claim or right to anything

No. 1402074

Paying for someone to live in a commercial building that doesn't meet the minimum requirements for legal habitation isn't an acceptable way to avoid giving a tenant reasonable written notice of an eviction.

And I'll bet anything he purposely waited until they moved to the new house because the old landlords seemed to be on very cordial terms with both of them. Kaya commented numerous times in her videos about how nice they were. He didn't want her to be able to go over his head.

Another safe bet is that both their names were on the lease for the old house; if you're extremely young without much credit history and have a low-paying job, a cosigner is probably the only way to rent a whole ass house. Hell, one or both of her parents might even have cosigned the lease on the old house with them.

No. 1402078

My point exactly. Jake claims they split up on good terms and it was a mutual decision. But if ge's unwilling to let her stay, that is clearly not true. Also, there is a difference between what you technically legally owe somebody, and what people who aren't complete trash do. As for the "thousands in tech", we have no indication that Kaya is a thief. Why not?

No. 1402082

That is an excellent point anon. It's very likely that one of her parents cosigned for the old house. Probably her dad, since he seems to be more financially stable, and they were living at his house before, so he must have been eager to see them off

I don't know about NI. But in many places, if you live in a place for several months, you cannot legally get kicked out even if you aren't on the lease. Renters rights apply and you are expected to be served with a few months notice. Jake really planned this in the most disgusting way.

No. 1402088

File: 1640550211895.jpg (780.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211226-212057_Ins…)

Yeah. Because people try not to fly during a pandemic you twat!

Looks like stumpy is airborne.

No. 1402101

imagine how relieved the other passengers must be

No. 1402102

File: 1640552133499.jpg (245.45 KB, 1440x806, Screenshot_20211226-155228_Chr…)

Sage but these are the NI rights for tenants and eviction. So if kaya was on the lease she is a tenant, if she was only subleasing from jake, her rights are posted below. She is considered a tenant of jake and needs to be informed at least 12 weeks ahead of time for eviction. She or her family could get really shitty if she wanted to, but she won't and they won't.

No. 1402103

File: 1640552166152.jpg (188.77 KB, 1434x765, Screenshot_20211226-155127_Chr…)

No. 1402134

Again I think Kaya was dumb and lazy. But unless she's sending bank transfers with the reference stating "rent" she has no legal rights. So many burgers acting like they understand UK tenancy law by what they can find online. As they say, the devil is in the details and landlords insurance can put more cash up front for legal costs than most subtenants.

No. 1402137

What is he even planning to do in San Diego? It's such a weirdly specific location.

No. 1402141

File: 1640554426163.jpg (585.7 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211226-213103_Ins…)

No. 1402143

File: 1640554499823.jpg (418.85 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211226-213019_Ins…)

She seems easily entertained, the tattoo thing will make her feel fine for a while.

No. 1402146

>To be fair in my opinion having kids is wildly inconvenient, and I see why they hate kids so much, you carry that thing for 9 months just for it to shit and cry for 18 years.

It wasn't just that they hated the idea of having kids themselves, it was more like they were angry that kids even existed. They reminded me of the people on r/childfree.

No. 1402169

File: 1640555770059.png (2.03 MB, 1170x2532, FB2FE289-D921-4A30-A39D-1EE1C4…)

I’m assuming she didn’t make it back to her studio before the building got locked up but regardless, how the hell does she not have access to her keys suddenly?

No. 1402201

Yup. In their old house she could have made a pretty strong case for residency. Her old landlord might have been willing to vouch for her. But even if she didn't, there would have been countless vlogs of her moving into the house, talking about living in the house, etc. But since she has no such history in the new house, there is nothing she can do. Jake just let her believe they would live there together, knowing full well he would dump her ass as soon as he could do so most efficiently.

No. 1402274

I’m not sure what it is about overseas cows and YouTubers in general, but they all want to
Go to the LA area. I’ve never met a fellow American who is as enthusiastic to go to LA as these YouTubers are.

No. 1402378

File: 1640590345173.png (3.88 MB, 1125x2436, A1416ABD-053B-423D-85BC-AFDD31…)

Just stop whining finally and do it, get some help.

No. 1402388

Who is this?

No. 1402431

File: 1640597384698.jpg (699.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211227-101256_Ins…)

Well, he's America's problem now.

No. 1402433

same and Idk what it is, they associate it with celebrities I guess. he probably thinks he can social climb more there.

No. 1402434

Hell for sure get covid

No. 1402437

File: 1640598605978.png (415.25 KB, 672x906, Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 09.49…)

No. 1402479

Eyerolloing so hard at this

No. 1402501

Everything's a ufo until you look closer at the video and realise it's a bird or some shit. But he probably has a need to hype everything up right now to distract his fans from the breakup.

No. 1402506

File: 1640612486187.jpg (381.58 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20211227-133821_Ins…)

No. 1402541

File: 1640615736305.jpeg (290.02 KB, 742x1005, E34F3348-8EB3-425E-82C2-F8D06B…)

From his tagged pictures he looks pretty stumpy and normy kek

No. 1402561


Is it just me or is he trying to look like a fakeboi to appease K

No. 1402621

imagine picturing yourself as a super hot, edgy, shredded goff daddy- you get recognized by a fan at the airport, your dream come true, you've really made it… but the fan is literally a ten year old weeb. what does that do to your self-image?

No. 1402637

File: 1640627097607.jpeg (646.5 KB, 1170x1942, 0845B6A7-E8B2-4E05-A182-E09660…)

Older pic but I haven’t seen it posted yet. I sense a new relationship announcement coming. Jake and K REEK of classic parasocial long distance internet “best friends”. K’s mannerisms on camera are so similar to Jake’s, in true narc fashion that’s definitely what’s driving his attraction (friendly or romantic). Sad and creepy all round when you look at what happened when he last formed a major bond with someone he met online.

No. 1402667

File: 1640629078534.jpg (539.66 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20211227-180524_Ins…)

And imagine picturing yourself like that when you look nothing like that in candid pics.

Btw don't forget the other half of his audience, pudgy alt fans in their 30s picrel.

No. 1402730


Sage but, Knowing his fans they probably triangulated his movements from posts and camped there till his plane arrived. Kek, waiting for that thing to get off the plane…


Double sage. I've been suspecting this personally since the UK tour. He's even cut his hair off and looks more like fakeboi lolol but something tells me they really are just good friends. From experience though, if he is going to use her for a greencard (friend or otherwise) they're going to have to collect a lot of evidence to make it look like they have a serious relationship. Get a joint bank account, show an address with both names on the lease, So much work and he's not so famous that he can just get whatever fame visa they hand out to foreign actors etc.

We'll just have to see. I await the drama with popcorn.

No. 1402732

File: 1640634160516.jpg (69.86 KB, 564x731, j.jpg)

I'm not Kaya for using the term "chav", but his face really is that of a "chav bad boy" in these pics and the OP. That look must be attractive to his teenage audience somehow, but how idk. I don't know anyone irl or know of anyone as deeply pathetic as Jake. That's the only interesting thing about him.

Kiddies settle for so little these days, they need to raise their standards. Maybe it'd encourage wannabe YT stars to dish out better content.

No. 1402736

your heart is in the right place, but you have to put 'sage' in the email field when posting, anon. writing it in the body of the comment doesn't do anything.

No. 1402748

Well, that's…certainly not how most people hug their platonic friends kek. That's a definite long distance grooming online girlfriend meeting for the first time hug, I've seen that a few times from internet couples.
Her comment on his breakup video gave me "Holly supportive comment on Jared's Tweet" vibes - someone trying to be subtle but already well embroiled. And would explain why he's so checked out of the Kaya relationship, I wonder how long it's been going on for.

No. 1402755

Samefag, just checked the tiktok, someone should make a webm for posterity but:
>camera on ground
>Jake starts running toward K
>K runs towards him and leaps onto him
>They spin around while he strokes her back

Very platonic indeed kek

No. 1402774

I had no idea who k was so I just looked them up and…jesus. If everyone's suspicions are true, Jake is literally dating himself now. I know the term narc gets thrown around a lot on the internet but holy shit if the shoe fits.

No. 1402784

Saying “sage” in your post does not sage your post. So many brain dead newfags in here…

No. 1402791

Jesus. That is exactly how Kaya described their first meeting in >>1397015. He really has replaced one naive idiot victim with a more convenient one. Wonder how long it will be till he dumps K for another gullible twat with better prospects.

No. 1402822

File: 1640640020525.jpeg (371.73 KB, 1170x2028, 2607B91F-834D-425C-805E-C08141…)

You put it into words. Pic related? Lol

No. 1402829

Why would he fly somebody in all the way from the states to film his tour when there’s hundreds of both talented and alt videographers in the UK? His connections with Kelly and Dre never worked out, so K gives him a connection to another country.

No. 1402847

File: 1640641307118.png (94.52 KB, 1782x359, Screenshot 2021-12-27 at 21.39…)

Living with a partner isn't the same as subletting, if her name wasn't on the lease she has no right to stay.

No. 1402853

I'm glad mamiehades is still calling him out. Also does anyone know how old K is?

No. 1402862

This shit needs a spoiler tag

That’s what I was thinking of ages back. He will probably use her for a green card and finally get to live his dreams in America. I wonder how long this will last?
We will see another itsblackfriday farce?

No. 1402897

Youtubers who are obsessed with fame are obsessed with Los Angeles which is where Hollywood is…hmm I wonder what the connection is lol

No. 1403066

Same. K is apparently 28 so age appropriate at the very least.

They just did a podcast together where K basically hyped Jake up as some major creative entrepreneur and it got me thinking - him and Kaya were well past the obsessing over each other stage. When you’re living together for that long and have dealt with so many different life stages/mental illness/their whole “careers” etc, and the fact that she’s more interested in slow living than some crazy influencer lifestyle, I can’t imagine she was fawning over him because they were used to each other. K currently is, to an extent that goes beyond just “normal friends in their 30s celebrating life successes” imo, which never lasts very long term. Saged for autism and no image, just more fuel for the “Jake is a gross narc who is exclusively surrounding himself with fans” fire.

No. 1403202

imagine dating a woman who is somehow still a better man than you are

No. 1403268

File: 1640695869967.jpg (Spoiler Image,581.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211228-134928_Ins…)

NTA but here.
Spoiler image because Jake's face.

No. 1403297

agreed. the way K was doing a countdown to his arrival and literally tracking his flight path publically as though that isn't some cringey shit you should keep to yourself… Jake wants a fan, not a partner.

No. 1403303

damn dude. I haven't been on this site for a while and despite knowing this was very likely in the works and inevitable, im still surprised. kaya is a lazy slob but i feel bad for her, we've all seen how shit jake would treat her but it seems she was completely oblivious or deluding herself, how could she not have seen it coming at all??! As he was growing in popularity he saw his "out" and distanced himself from her. if mere folk on the internet can see this, how could someone living with him not?? He wouldnt be where he is without her but of course the fat cunt doesn't see it that way I'm sure, he probably thinks he built himself up alone. Well if kaya is reading this then please try to better yourself and stay away from that lump of shit of an ex. He used you then tossed you aside for fame and other fans he can fk. dont take him back if he comes running back after his one hit wonder same old video shit starts to lose popularity and in turn subs

No. 1403493

He looks like a fat woman here lmao

No. 1403552

File: 1640725768908.jpg (90.06 KB, 1074x703, FHp7vgfVIAMPfsi.jpg)

The episode description is a little strange, it goes from describing him to I'm excited for the next chaper in my journey and the roadtrip is in fact K moving house and Jake just decided himself tagging along was a logical thing to do. Considering his past history of going to visit Kaya and then staying there his intentions are pretty obvious.

No. 1403555

Reddit thread with some interesting comments, similar to here and elsewhere most people are sympathetic to Kaya and think Jake is a heel kek


Someone speculated (apparently the redditor's boyfriend heard him say it somewhere in a video or stream, but that's obviously a questionable source) that the reason Jake was suddenly throwing money around is that his father died. If that's true, he's even more of a disgusting narcissist than previously thought since as far as you can see from his breakup video he thinks his life is going great right now…repulsive.

No. 1403563

Does anyone have a picture of K?

No. 1403572


"How to build a YouTube Empire with Jake Munro"

Step 1. Leech off your more popular and "famous" girlfriend for years.
Step 2. Ditch her as soon as she's no longer useful to you.

No. 1403584

File: 1640728831135.png (600 KB, 720x650, Screenshot_20211228-125753.png)

No. 1403590

Thanks, is that a dude or a chick?

No. 1403595

It's a woman, she's a fakeboi

No. 1403627

god I looked at a few of her videos, she’s almost as cringy and annoying as he is.

onward and upward, Kaya ♥

No. 1403755

He said his dad showed up to his show on his recent tour so no he's not dead

No. 1403818

Whenever you feel confused, check out the hands. She has lady hands.
British teeth, American woman. That's confusing.

No. 1403866

File: 1640756037670.png (953.5 KB, 883x515, 0009345902.png)

jesus. just how desperate is jake for that american visa. There's no way he's actually fucking this is he?

No. 1403907

She didn’t replace her nipples from the breast removal…

No. 1404053

you forgot step 3, cultivate fanbase of rabid underage dumbasses (and some middle aged autistic moms) who will throw money at you and never question anything you do

No. 1404058

I wonder if that’s because she wanted the yaoi/Ken doll look or for practical reasons i.e. not wanting to deal with the possibility of them rotting off. Either way she seems to revel in showing off her scars.
Ngl I’m kind of hoping she’s also a narc so Jake can get a taste of his own medicine.

No. 1404075

I doubt it. She seems retardly infatuated with him. Maybe she’s going to end up wanting to be him instead of with him

No. 1404080

Major autistic tinfoil incoming, but I had been having thoughts like this, and I saw someone on Reddit saying something similar and it made me think.

But, as far as I know, Jake and Kaya still follow each other on IG. I don't follow Jake so I can't confirm, but I do follow Kaya and every time I click on Jake's profile it says "followed by toxictears".. but if you had such a bad falling out with someone, wouldn't unfollowing/blocking them be the first thing you do? I can't check Twitter though 'cause I don't have a Twitter account. Also both of their breakup videos came out on the exact same day only hours apart as if they had planned it that way. Not the strangest thing ever, but still.

Everyone has been speculating for years that Jake was uninterested in Kaya. Mere strangers on the internet could see this, but Kaya couldn't? What if they had been broken up already for a long time but pretended to stay together for clout, then decided that breakup drama could create even more clout and breathe life into Kaya's dead channel? Jake lost a few patrons and a couple thousand subs, but still has a myriad of stans and lots of support. Kaya has gained a lot of patrons and people are paying more attention to her now and has people begging to send her money on ko-fi, venmo, cashapp etc. Kaya says there's "no space" to sleep at her mom's, but went to her mom's house in a vlog once and it seemed like a sizable enough place (granted that was several years ago, Idk if her mom still lives there, she might have moved somewhere smaller). But you'd think that at the very least Kaya could sleep on the couch and leave all her crap at her studio even if her mom doesn't have an extra room or whatever, especially considering Kaya says she doesn't feel safe sleeping in her studio.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think any of this is true. I do think the breakup was genuine, and I don't think Jake would be willing to make himself look like such a jackass for Kaya's benefit, even to just lose a few patrons. But I just feel like some things about their breakup aren't adding up and there's more to the story than what we've been told.

No. 1404104

If you don’t think it’s true, why bother posting it? You’ve written out a huge tinfoil about these two pretending to break off a decade long relationship for clout just based on them not blocking each other on Instagram. All the shit about Kaya’s mom has been asked and explained a million times. Go take your meds.

No. 1404132

Common sense says she has to toe the line a bit until she finds a new place to live and doesn't have to worry about being evicted AGAIN. Unfollowing him is the sort of thing that would absolutely set off a narc.

No. 1404139

I mean, who do those facial expressions look like? It’s Jake’s spiritual doppelganger.

My tinfoil is I don’t think there’s actually fucking happening, but it is the kind of weird super intense “best friends” relationship that’s normally reserved for 15 year old weeaboos (that tiktok looked like every “meeting my girlfriend for the first time” made by a literal child that I’ve ever seen).

What’s sad is that it seems like K is genuine but Jake doesn’t have the ability to feel real feelings. He’s American Psycho incarnate.

No. 1404242

>goth daddy
Fucking no


Since when, the most he's done is sell an ugly plushie of himself

>built a following baaed around his love of all things goth culture

What love? Apart from when he fakes it from time to time to stay relevant

No. 1404245

That's good to know, I think him using inheritance to buy all that childish gear would be too much. Just simp money then.
She tries to look uglier and male on purpose, I think she could scrub up nicely if she wanted to, but Kaya is clearly more attractive. It's a mix of narcissism (she's like a spergy female Jake) and visa hunting I think for Jake.

No. 1404249

>based around his love of all things goth culture
lmao all this tells me is that K clearly doesn't know any more about goth culture than Jake does.

No. 1404267

>Also both of their breakup videos came out on the exact same day only hours apart as if they had planned it that way.

Kaya said in her video that they scheduled the announcement, it seems like some time ago since she also referred to him saying something months ago. I don't think they are really in contact anymore considering they both have a very different narrative, that redditor is giving Kaya too much credit to have orchestrated something. (I'm the anon who linked that thread above so I think I know which comment you're referring to)
Also no way Jake would be party to a scheme where he comes across looking like a tosser, he absolutely thought he would look good here and I doubt he previewed Kaya's video and approved it or anything.

(reads the end of your post where you refute your own tinfoil saying the same thing kek)
as you were.

No. 1404280

eh doubt it, she seems like a lesbian with so much internalized homophobia she decided to transition kind of trans

No. 1404317

I just checked Jakes insta Story "😘" and he started posting topless pics 14 weeks ago there.

No. 1404390

>Speculates gossip on a gossip board
>"Go take your meds"

Jesus the breakup brought so many newfags

No. 1404400

That wasn’t even speculation. You can tell who the newfags are here. So that anon was right, sit down and fuck off back to reddit or bring something worthy

No. 1404403

>Implying most of the commentary in this thread is "worthy"


I don't even use reddit but if you're that triggered by someone making a pretty minor tinfoil you're the one who needs to take meds.

No. 1404409

I thought so too but the internet couple meeting for the first time clip suggests otherwise, that is not how straight men or lesbians greet male friends >>1402637
Think she's even wearing heels in it.

No. 1404413

I'm the one who posted the reddit link and I never use reddit, I just found it while trying to find Toxic Tears' old Tumblr, there was another thread I found which was pro-Jake and only had one reply kek. Don't think any of us are actually from reddit, I've been on lolcow for years.

No. 1404418

Here's the post I was looking for, Kaya explains how she met Jake.
Compare and contrast to the K situation:

>Anonymous asked:

How did you and jake meet/become a couple?

"Hiya.:) Well, we actually met on bebo.XD Which sounds really bad. But we met on bebo and had eachother on MSN for a while but didn’t really speak at first, then one day we just started talking.
I was bored and joked he should fly over (he lived in Wales) and go somewhere fun with me. Then he realised he could actually fly over pretty easily. I wasn’t really sure at first (Bad break-up had left me STUPIDLY paranoid lmao) but he kept mentioning it and eventually I decided to ask my mum and she actually said yes (Which tbh I was really shocked by).
The first time he was meant to fly over something went wrong with passports, then the second time he was all ready to fly over and that bloody volcano in Iceland went off so no planes would fly.XD I was so gutted. But he eventually made it over.:) When I saw him walk through the arrivals gate I nearly fainted, then I ran over and nearly tackled him to the ground.XD I’d nearly knocked him over before he even spotted me!
He visited again a month or so later for my birthday for a week, then I went over to Wales with him for two. It was the best summer of my life. After that we visited again and only intended on staying for a week, but he decided he couldn’t leave me again, so he stayed.
Got a job, we got a house, and we’ve been happily together ever since.:3"

No. 1404428

>all of those :3 and XD faces

I forgot people used to unironically type like that

No. 1404447

but we all know Jake only goes for thin long-legged half a meter taller than him goff girls

No. 1404448

double post but I just watched the video and it's soooo painfully staged

No. 1404452

Yes. But he also stayed with Kaya for years when it was obvious he was no longer attracted to her, because she was convenient to him. If Kay can get him a greencard, he'll settle. Maybe trade them in for a tall skinny goff gf if one comes along that's a better prospect. There's a difference between what he wants, and what he'll tolerate for his own benefit.

This part is tinfoil. But narcs tend to like people with low selfesteem, or insecurity issues. Kaya had just broken up with someone and was younger than him. Just a few years, but that difference matters a lot more in teenagers. She's also a big lazy wuss pushover. So she was easy to controll. I'm going to assume that K has similar baggage, and is not super confident. Jake may think he wants a willowy goth goddess. But those tend to know they can do better and won't put up with his shit indefinately. And he needs to string them along for a long time if he wants to stay in the US.

No. 1404456

K also worships the ground he walks on which is probably good for his ego

No. 1404460

yeah makes sense. but I still can't wrap my head around it. I would imagine him going for a younger, more insecure, maybe overweight girl (so basically his fandom) than her. but for a greencard he couldn't pass the offer I guess

No. 1404477

Does anybody know if K has money? Do they have an income or a house or wealthy parents?

No. 1404493

I just realized something. Jake is helping K move, right? It's way easier to convince somebody moving into a new house to let you move inthan it is for someone who already has their house set up and actively needs to make space for you. He'll probably hang around for a bit after the move because he "helped so much." And then he can sort of seemlessly claim a spot there.

No. 1404506

His scheme is painfully obvious, he's a professional leech. His breakup video mentioned traveling with K in 2022 beyond this trip, so it's clear he plans on sticking around.
He really is a hobosexual kek, these descriptions fit him perfectly:

No. 1404530

I really don’t understand why he just bought a house, especially when he’s spent the past ten years bellyaching about how much he hates Ireland? Does anyone have tinfoil that might explain?

No. 1404533

He didn’t buy the house, it’s rented and we don’t know how long the lease is

No. 1404543

like the other anon said, he rented it and didn't outright buy it. in hindsight though even renting a bigger house wouldn't make much sense, as he has always been pretty vocal about hating ireland. I guess he just needs a big enough place to hold all of his clutter (because the 2+ studios he already has isn't enough apparently) until he can move somewhere else.

No. 1404571

The breakup was inevitable but wow, I truly couldn't have guessed that Dumpy McStubbins would fly out to the US to meet and possibly fuck a troon. Truly a story of this time.

No. 1404661

File: 1640832629679.jpg (126.82 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20211230-024839_Ins…)

In other news, here we have izzy in chains defending their white friend for saying the n word on the basis that they're "lower class and disabled"

No. 1404727

What even is this defence
Is she claiming being disabled and lower class makes someone too fucking stupid to know basic shit

No. 1404830

Who is this and what is this?

No. 1404869

Seconded. This sounds milky but I'd appreciate some context.

No. 1404909

izzy blew up on instagram a while back for her trad goth makeup and general aesthetic. I'm pretty sure she also had one of those barcroft videos where they turn you in to a basic white girl. either way she left her main account but continued posting on a backup which has now been deleted because of this screenshot and she also posted a photo of her wearing dreads which idrc about but other people did

No. 1404927

>she also posted a photo of her wearing dreads which idrc about but other people did
Normies will jump on anything that vaguely resembles activism and is low effort to get mad about. Nothing to delete your account over. Trying to say that disabled and poor people are too stupid to not say the n word is milky though, whoever she is.

No. 1404928

Izzy kept nagging about how trad goths are unoriginal. Then made a big announcement about her leaving the goth scene but then still argued with everyone in it

No. 1404984

File: 1640882562383.jpeg (250.09 KB, 750x625, B493C738-A12F-4CC2-B6AD-60EB4E…)

Different Reddit post where the Northern Irish community found Jake’s blog bitching about living there. A few people that have met him commented about how much of a dick he is.


No. 1405022

As a longtime Jake hater, I'm loving this turn of events.

No. 1405059

Aytakk is gonna have a field day with this(Namefag)

No. 1405121

File: 1640894475735.jpg (483.46 KB, 1080x1952, 20211230_150100.jpg)

I'm sure he will but that's not saying much. Aytakk is a cow who just hasn't been called out yet. His whole schtick is ragging on others and sucking his own little dick while being really cringey. Fat little goblin can dish it out but he can't take it.

No. 1405193

Funny how he never tells us what this comment actually said. He seems like a huge drama queen.

No. 1405202

This guy is a huge ass. Adelaide has (had) a very small goth scene and a club event called Necromancy. He made everyone that was new feel completely unwelcome. I had just turned 18 and could finally go to this event and he was a massive ass, seems like he’s still continuing 15 years later

No. 1405239

he says the comment said "la chungus" right in the middle of the post. you might need to up your glasses prescription, nonny.

No. 1405252

My bad, I saw that part but I thought he meant something else lol.

But anyways. Threatening to not do anymore goth events because of one silly rude comment? How sensitive can you be, goddamn

No. 1405320

Holy shit, that thread is a comedy goldmine. The Irish really know how to dunk on people

No. 1405329

File: 1640911434245.jpg (27.3 KB, 350x465, 02.jpg)

Isn't he constantly saying "If you don't get the joke, you are the joke"? That's pretty ironic since he tries so hard to turn himself into a meme.

No. 1405342

File: 1640912783476.jpg (66.02 KB, 1080x394, 20211231_020543.jpg)

Sure is anon.

No. 1405348

File: 1640913140347.jpg (661.32 KB, 1080x2340, bpnfnfv7xo881.jpg)

I'm an Amerifag so I don't fully understand what a chav is but I don't get how Jake can complain about them, isn't he basically one himself

No. 1405353

lmao naw he's naw. he's just a chode. at one point chavs were a pain now im more suspicious of those who gob shite about them

No. 1405374

Just eyeballed socialblade - Jake has lost 4K subs in the last 30 days and Kaya has gained 7K. Hope that continues and encourages her to turn her life around.

No. 1405390

In this old vid, a grown man in his 20s recording himself in a mall “finally snaps” at some chav kids and then records them. Totally normal behaviour.

“Chav” is a really shitty term used for a very specific stereotype of working class people. It basically means someone who’s dropped out of school, is unemployed, spends all their time drunk or on drugs, anti-social behaviour and other 2000s stuff like wearing specific brands of sportswear and cheap chains. Think Shameless. It’s hard to get across that Jake isn’t exactly a chav because on paper they sound so similar lol. It’s another big cliche that “chavvy” kids hassle random passers-by and cause chaos but honestly, all my posh friends in high school did shit like shoplift and drink on public transport too. It’s not hard to see that they’re just bored working class kids, have nowhere interesting to go in town centres, and have to deal with people shitting on them all the time. Pretty much everyone in the UK can say they’ve gotten shit off a group of teenagers in the streets at somepoint and unless it escalates to violence, the sane adult thing to do is move on. So not only is Jake (and Kaya’s, but especially Jake’s rants) hatred of them just not considered ~woke~ anymore, it’s weird to the point of dysfunctional. They both love themselves too much to tone down the circus clown look and not film themselves in very public spaces (vlogging is not super common and honestly cringe in most UK towns) to avoid being shouted at.

The boy is from WALES, next to England, neither of which are exactly renowned for glorious sunshine. People are bitching about how Kaya must’ve been so hard to live with but she at least TRIES to be upbeat, imagine spending over ten years with someone so angry and miserable after you literally helped him move countries away from an abusive home.

No. 1405477

Kind of a tinfoil, but she looks like a skinwalker of M. Shadows in the middle photo.

No. 1405505

Loads of people in the comments think he's a tween kek. He probably was late teens or early twenties when he wrote this but they're calling him kid and an edgy 14 year-old. And tbf they're right, he's just an edgy 14 year-old trapped in an adult's body. A bit like jude bishop, no wonder they get along.

No. 1405506

Same fag, correction, a LOT like jude bishop

No. 1405556

Does this chick actually listen to Goth music or she is just one of the 1,000s of other Goff girls who are only about the look and don't actually listen to the music?

That aside, I agree with >>1404727 Lower class and/or disabled people still know basic shit and if raised properly, especially know it's inappropriate to use racial slurs and think it's okay.

>Trad Goths are unoriginal

The fuck does she expect? Is she talking about the music or the looks? If it's looks I mean… Certain characteristics in the style appeal to many in the scene and will be applied to personal styles.

No. 1405557

Especially if she can't tell the difference between "culture" and "subculture", Goth is a subculture, not a culture.

No. 1405659

Bit of a tinfoil here, but with all the speculation of Jake being potentially predatory in this thread, is nobody going to address the fact that he and Kaya had ties to VampireFreaks which was an absolute creep nest? It's a known thing that the owner Jet is a narcissist who was known to exploit girls younger than 14 and got away with it. I'm starting to think that it might stand to reason that Jake would take a page from his book.

No. 1405664

If we assumed every edgelord who had ties with vampirefreaks is a nonce we might as well give up. Don't get me wrong, I get a weird predator vibe from Jake. But vampirefreaks was so common with posers back in the day that is hardly a distinction.

No. 1405688

That's my region's subreddit and I would love to throw a spanner in the works about how lazy and entitled Kaya is but I don't want to dox myself. Wonder which of Kaya's mates posted, I'm shocked at the sympathy she is getting. It's not like Kaya doesn't talk favourable of her peers, the whole scooter thing was delightful. I want the people of Northern Ireland to know lol

No. 1405872

Agreed, a lot of goth kids were just on there because they thought it was an alt space or were maybe into mild bdsm or something. I don’t think (famous last words) Jake is an actual nonce but he’s definitely a predatory angry weirdo.

No. 1406003

So you wouldn't talk bad about someone who stole or tried to steal something from you that cost quite a bit of money?

No. 1406072

yeah no. can confirm there's def something going on between them, even if it's just a circlejerk; that's how every ldr ever hug each other when they meet the first time kek

wonder how long it'll be til they announce their relationship.

i entirely agree, he's a classic narc. he just wanted someone to jerk off his ego, since kaya wouldn't anymore. he's def a huge narc, looking forward to seeing their new relationship announcement in two weeks kek
saged for autistic tinfoiling and not contributing anything, this is just my take on this lmaoi bet there'll be a ~new relationship~ announcement in the coming weeks

No. 1406088

Will Jake announce that he's with someone new, especially a fakeboi?
It seems more profitable to pretend he's single, to keep around all of the stupid fans. There were tons of cringe comments on Jake's breakup video. But who knows, maybe there's some crazy fujos that would enjoy making "gay" fanart of him and a tif.

No. 1406106

Nah. Being trans or whatever other mental Illness is in now. He would probably revel in having gay cartoons drawn

No. 1406240

I guess he's staying till at least April.
Wonder if it got cancelled because he suddenly started giving a fuck about covid, or if nobody showed.

No. 1406242


Did you drop an image anon? What are you referring to?

No. 1406286

File: 1641054788489.jpg (507.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220101-152208_Ins…)

My bad. Sorry. Thought I'd dropped this

No. 1406352

According to him it's because of covid, he's going to fly back to the UK then come back to Nashville in March. At least, that's what he says, but I can't imagine more than 4 or 5 teenagers showing up to his meet and greet.

No. 1406388

He claims it's cancelled for of covid but will fly back to do it jn a few months anyway? What's the point cancelling then

No. 1406396

Probably didn’t want to help k move house. He’s too damn lazy. Probably thought he was in fur an easy ride and turned out he wasn’t? He’s self absorbed. If it doesnt benefit him, why would he do something?

No. 1406483

File: 1641075480053.jpg (769.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220101-231714_Ins…)

What's this now? (1/2)

No. 1406484

File: 1641075503029.jpg (898.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220101-231622_Ins…)


No. 1406498

let this be kayas triumphant return to making regular content. she doesn't have an asshole anchor to pull her down any more.

No. 1406550

Well now
Maybe this has been the kick in the ass she’s long needed
Fingers crossed she improves her content and general life

No. 1406561

Honestly she looks so much happier than the past few years and looks like she's losing weight I hope the best for her

No. 1406579

Is there any video where Kaya and Jake actually acted like a couple? I saw a few vlogs where they wasn't holding hands while they where walking on the street, but I kinda get that bc Kaya is tall and she had to walk behind Jake to fit into the frame. But like… Random, not scripted, nice and sweet moments caught on camera? Oh actually I saw one, when they where sitting on the floor of the attic and Jake was stroking Kayas back, but that's all?

No. 1406583

she looks decent, I think she shouldn't shave the sides of her head, that might look somewhat nice when she has makeup on, but when she doesn't It's just make her look worse

No. 1406597

There are some much older videos where they act like a couple and Jake would film her ass. Those videos are from like 2011 though.

No. 1406619


Well that might been in the honemoon phase, so I'm more curious about recent body language and stuff, like the past 3-4 years maybe?

No. 1406646

>While looking for porn online she found a video of someone who looked like her giving a rimjob to somebody who looked like Jake

That… didn't age very well

No. 1406682

File: 1641093575149.jpg (842.4 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220102-030040_Ins…)

Come on anon we all know what it is, another quintuple spooky box. But she says she needs to get out of the studio asap so at least she's finally posting something.

No. 1406692

If her first video is unboxing anything, she will lose everything she just gained

No. 1406695

Goddamnit Kaya.
I thought the point of stuff-for-content deals with brands was for marketing - why would a subscription box service want a video six months late after all the other subscribers have seen it?

No. 1406866

I'm seriously surprised they keep sending her boxes.

No. 1407004

she's probably contractually obligated to do it even though it's months late

No. 1407090

I know you said “not scripted” but this was pretty much the first and last video I ever really saw of them acting like a couple or having any real physical contact. Even then, stumpy looks checked out.

No. 1407100

Kaya rage comeback arc, I'm here for it

No. 1407113

File: 1641153337499.png (1.14 MB, 1170x2532, FC79484E-9080-42A5-B8A7-5721D8…)

Not holding my breath considering how quickly she quits shit but let’s hope she actually commits to this bad bitch comeback arc.

No. 1407134

Don't know how to post instastories. But stumpy is stuck in the US for a few more days. His flight was supposed to leave on jan 2nd. But he couldn't get a covid test on new year's day. Fucking idiot.

No. 1407153


I wonder if he's fallen out with K already or realized a three week road trip would be an endurance rather than fun.

No. 1407156

Probably had a tantrum as he wouldn’t be able to make some fun “cool” vlog

No. 1407158

Samefag, checked K's Twitter and:
>Jake arrives 26th
>Get to Nashville on the 30th

So it was a 3 day roadtrip not three weeks, why did he think it was three weeks? Or there were plans to travel after that? Is the man just a moron?

No. 1407165

File: 1641157879082.png (277.69 KB, 1440x1057, WAP.png)

K Retweet included intentionally, man really flew over to the US for a three day roadtrip

No. 1407185

The only thing he cares less about than Kaya is the environment

No. 1407187

New video.

No. 1407188

This video makes me want to punch Jake in his smug face. He let her throw out all of her furniture before they moved and then dumped her. And I guess whatever she contributed to “their” savings account is being kept by him.

No. 1407202

So Kaya has no furniture for a future place. Jake has all the new furniture because they threw out all their old stuff. And they always shared expenses, meaning she never saved anything for herself. On one part they were together since they were teenagers and Kaya was naive. But Jake really screwed her over and this was not a fair split. It seems there's obviously a lot more details but she's keeping it under control. She responded to someone asking her to make a wishlist of stuff, and she replied that she has already started making a Amazon wishlist list. So she gets screwed over and a narc walk all over her, and is going to take other people's sympathy to pay her way.

No. 1407203

Good for her but
How can she afford it with no income and no house ?

No. 1407214

To me it sounds like she bought the sessions last year and is gonna use them now?

No. 1407216

That's how I read it too.

She sounds eager to spill the milk on stumpy, but afraid of the consequences. Come on Kaya, do it!

No. 1407229

And again - “they had felt like just friends for years”. What a lame scumbag - there’s no way that there wasn’t even a tiny impression of “huh, maybe I don’t love Kaya - maybe I should bring this up before I give her the okay to cut down her stuff before we move into the massive house that’s in my name”. I know we’re beating this word to death, but it’s pure narcissism. Even if she’s been and hasn’t helped herself over the last few years, this really is fucking someone who’s supposedly been your friend for ten years and ended on good, mutual terms over. So gross that his fans don’t see how this is off and doesn’t offset the fact that he bought her some shit and leased a second car.

Not wking but it’s funny that I barely register having an Amazon wishlist as cow behaviour now; they always irritate me but fucking everyone has them now. Fans like the idea of buying gifts I guess. Rather people helping her furnish a new home after her whole life’s been turned upsidedown than dating hundreds and hundreds of dollars for sitting doing fuckall other than flirting with minors and old Facebook mom goths on streams cough

No. 1407254

No screenshots because it was a video but Jake continues to be an ass. He says he's flying to Chicago on his IG stories. I think he's flying to Chicago to then fly back to Ireland.

He's now complaining that he's stuck in America because he had to rebook his flight for a couple days because he couldn't get a covid test on new years day. I fucking can't with this dude.

No. 1407267

Tinfoil, but if jake really was supposed to be there for 3 weeks and not heading back to Ireland, and now is, I wonder if Kaya got advice from someone to basically say you’re owed this from jake?
Whilst not married, the were living together for ages and if they were sharing expenses, the banks have that all documented. Surely there is something that can be done and if there is, she’s probably doing it and jake maybe going back home so he can’t lose anything.

This is all based on jake apparently staying overseas for 3 weeks and now needing to come back earlier. But who knows with him. He lies out of his ass so much

No. 1407272

In the video she mentions doing a spooky club unboxing. Soooo she’s back to doing lame unboxing videos. She’s not going to last

No. 1407292

Saged for tinfoil. But where I live, it is easier for a couple to get a house, even if there is only one person on the lease. Landlords like renting to couples more than single people, because that ups the chances that at least one person can cover rent. He might have kept her around at least in part to find a new house he was never going to let her live in. He could list their combined income on applications and get access to more expensive options.

No. 1407347

Sages for no milk, but iirc Kaya has said a few times that she likes doing other types of videos but her unboxing and hauls always get the most views (and therefore bring her the most money). Didn’t she do a poll a few years back and her viewers asked for more unboxing/polls? I personally would like to see something original from her because I agree with others that she does have some untapped creative talent, but if she never gets views on those videos I don’t really blame her. Hopefully she’s just doing unboxings to begin with for the little financial boost she needs and will move on to something more interesting quickly.

No. 1407374

But she had no income for the past year so that doesn’t make sense

No. 1407385

You still get paid per views, it’s just a small trickle instead of a lump sum upon video release

No. 1407404

>she’s probably doing it and jake maybe going back home so he can’t lose anything.

Since he's a consumerist narc, I can imagine he's terrified of Kaya and her family taking things into their own hands in Irish tradition and reclaiming stuff from the house/possessions she might need, though I think Kaya is too gentle and meek to do something like that, it doesn't mean her friends and family aren't. 12 year relationship and left with nothing sounds like a shitty deal considering she fulfilled a wife-like role for that entire time.

No. 1407405

Actually this does make sense, at least in the UK where the rental market is currently absolutely brutal. When there’s loads of applications for one house, young single guy with a content creation job = mess? Instability? Sloppy? Parties? Trouble? Estate agents are evil here lol.

No. 1407435

Not only that, but in Kayla’s new video she is mad and annoyed she can’t talk about things publicly. At one point she even says she tells her friends and they’re mind blown about the crap that’s going on.
I really wouldn’t be surprised if jake is returning to try and make sure Kaya is left with nothing. As long as she has the “sharing “ part documented for as long as they’ve been together, she does have claim to somethings. Assuming she can be bothered to goto court.

You just need one person to see how much they’ve been used with others pointing out they aren’t kids anymore and the adult world will kick you in teeth, especially if you go to court.

Isn’t her mom poor as fuck and her dad actually has money? Wouldn’t be surprised if Kayla’s dad helps out to kick jake in the ass

No. 1407439

File: 1641180919077.png (36.85 KB, 875x316, Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 22-33…)

Some possibly true new info posted in the reddit thread?

No. 1407443

I’m always wary of secondhand info, but I wouldn’t put it past Jake. He’s a scummy, egotistical little shit and hasn’t shown any affection towards Kaya publicly for years now.

No. 1407501

File: 1641186443366.png (2.83 MB, 1242x2688, 174EC73E-53BE-475D-8DAA-0F8A10…)

Roly knows some of the tea

No. 1407517

>I wouldn't be surprised if Jake actually did cheat on her with a married chick (and if he did she probably posts here, lol)
Tinfoil: anon that keeps insisting Kaya looks like she's trans is Jake's married gf

No. 1407521

Lol sorry I deleted my post right before you replied. But I looked through that reddit thread and was going to look through that person's post history to see if it looked like they actually live in Ireland but their post had been deleted (the post is still up, you can read it, but it's not linked to their account).

There is a LOT of tinfoiling in that thread with 0 evidence. There are also lots people claiming to know Jake and/or Kaya personally with nothing to show for it. I wouldn't give it any credence tbh (but also wouldn't be surprised if Jake did actually cheat). And yes, I had that exact thought, that if married sidechick is real she might be the "Kaya looks trans" anon with a weird vendetta that has posted here multiple times over the years. Probably not, but still.

I don't believe any of these tinfoils BUT I do think there's a bit more going on behind than scenes than what we've been told.

No. 1407522

WTF just happened in the Reddit thread that person sperged tf out…

No. 1407524

I really do feel for Kaya but does anyone else find it kind of annoying how both she and Jake keep complaining about how people won't respect their privacy in regards to the breakup? They made their relationship (and other aspects of their personal lives) very public for so many years, of course people are going to wonder about things. It reminds me of when I was 14 and people would overshare on MySpace then pitch a fit if you messaged them privately and asked about something like "it's none of your business!!" if you don't want your breakup to be public then don't make your relationship public, there I said it.

No. 1407545

Kaya is looking good, you can clearly see in her face she lost weight. Probably too depressed to eat, will gain the weight back once she overcomes the breakup.

No. 1407599

File: 1641202511808.jpg (64.37 KB, 1080x437, Screenshot_20220103_093442.jpg)

Suspicious. Every time there's positive Kaya posts in this thread your man Grant comes up on my fb as a recommended friend lmao. Wonder if they're the ones in the NI subreddit too

No. 1407604

No offence to Kaya she seems like an absolute retard, but her lack of furniture is not a big deal. It's not like she has a place to put it. What's more concerning is that she, a woman approaching her 30s has no qualms about the fact she's got zero qualifications, no steady income or credit history. She sobviously not paying into a pension either. These things are far more important than her having second hand furniture.

And she's bragged about getting a new tattoo yet some anons giving her the benefit that she used Jake's money to already book it. And people now saying she must have booked the PT with Jake's money even tho earlier itt it was said Jake paid for the PT. She's still driving her jeep around that costs money in petrol (which is very expensive atm). She probably still has her scooter. I guess she definitely got rid of all her pets because she hasn't moaned about having to feed them.

She's lazy and entitled. She wants to attack Jake's rep since he has more subscribers and has a stable income in comparison to her. She needs a wake up call. No one wants to carry a lazy partner. If the sexes were reversed and a guy was gurning he got dumped and wasn't allowed to still live with the person people would think it's too bad.

Meanwhile maybe Jake found out he is bi, but fucking a tranny is mental and comes with some many more issues than the fat lazy girl he left behind. Wonder who he'll try out next.

No. 1407612

>Every time there's positive Kaya posts in this thread your man Grant comes up on my fb as a recommended friend lmao.

maybe I'm totally retarded but why would someone coming up as a mutual friend suggestion indicate they were posting here? pretty sure lolcow isn't owned by facebook

No. 1407614

>No offense to Kaya
>Proceeds to call her a fat lazy retard

Kek I don't think you know what "no offense" means. Anyway tbf she said in the video she would be happy to sleep on the floor at first if she was able to get her own place. Also the only animal she had was her cat, Sebastian, who is with her mum. 99% sure her snake and other pets died a long ass time ago.

The thing that bothered me most about her video was that she kept saying she was looking for a "house to rent". Why not an apartment? Renting a house is going to be more expensive I believe… she should just rent an apartment until she has more stable income. Or maybe apartments in NI don't allow pets at all? But I kind of doubt that. Or maybe she just meant "house" as in "place to live" but I kind of doubt that as well.

I don't think he does, she just kept saying there was a ton of stuff she wanted to talk about but couldn't, so he's probably referring to that.

No. 1407618

Think more they realise who all knows actual details about the break up and posts here lol. That's why it was good one of her mates posted that on reddit, I could figure out the identity of some users.

Lol well she is a fat lazy retard. She peaked in grammar school. She's always had an air of entitlement around her and now that Jake has stopped paying for her lifestyle she wants to cancel him.

Funny that her pets died and she never mentioned it but she was depressed over that swan she couldn't gender correctly and harassed some actual person with learning difficulties over and he at least knew the sex of the swan. Kaya is pathetic. She slags off Northern Ireland the same way her fat ex boyfriend did. She has made comments about chavs and rude comments about people from Belfast. Take it no one wants to sniff her feet anymore like when she was younger.

No. 1407620

>and harassed some actual person with learning difficulties over and he at least knew the sex of the swan.

there was an article about an elderly man who would visit the swan at the park and named it "steven the swan". one time there was a video that kaya had on twitter (I never saw it) where she was getting mad at a mentally disabled girl for chasing the swan around and wanting to pet it or something. two different people.

No. 1407621

Even still, how fucking retarded of Kaya to get that bothered about a wild swan when she had her own pets she could be not neglecting. Did she even mention all the swans dying in Belfast waterworks with avain flu recently or does her sympathy only extend to transgendered swans

No. 1407623

I think her snake and tarantula (iirc those were the pets she had) died a long time before the swan… I don't actually know though because she never said or if she did I missed it. I just remember in older threads it looked like she wasn't caring for her snake properly so you kinda have a point I guess

No. 1407625

Why look after an exotic pet properly when you could over eat and doing nothing instead and have your boyfriend who hasn't been affectionate towards you in years will give you money for toys and sweeties.

No. 1407704

Don't snakes live up to 20+ years

No. 1407715

Depends on the snake, the morph (some popular morphs have genetic weaknesses because of overbreeding) and a host of other factors
But also general care, diet, and habitat. So as a general rule, yes. But it's hard to say.

No. 1407738

pretty sure he wouldn't have been able to stay for that long, if you have an ESTA it only allows you to stay for 90 consecutive days so he would have had to go back eventually

No. 1407742

>She wants to attack Jake's rep since he has more subscribers and has a stable income in comparison to her.

So, what kind of snacc are you, the underage kind or sad frumpy middle aged woman kind

No. 1407745

How are people still defending jake at this point(sage)

No. 1407748

No. 1407766

Neither. People don't criticise Kaya because they want to fuck her fat single ex.

No. 1407784

Criticism is fine, I’ve done more than my fair share
But a random guess “SHE JUST WANTS TO DESTROY HIM” isn’t a critique on her shown behaviour - it’s a guess with nothing to back it up

No. 1407800

What's the link to the reddit thread you're all referring to?

No. 1407803

I'm confused, Jake went on the 26th and was meant to return on the 2nd? So his trip was less than a week? What's the point?

No. 1407805

Or hopefully she silently gave them up. Exotic pets are a lot of work espsically compared to cats. I hope she gave them up to some equipped to provide better care. Rather than worse case she killed them

No. 1407814

No. 1407828

Travel visas are strict, maybe he was only using a few days to meet K and then he wants to go back in the Summer?

Also this one posted in her local subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/northernireland/comments/rs33gb/stumbled_across_this_youtuber_based_in_belfast_i/

No. 1407863

File: 1641239295300.png (36.72 KB, 1120x229, dfksf.PNG)

I was amused by Voltaires comment…

No. 1407894

Jake is doing a pretty good job destroying his own reputation. That Patrick Bateman breakup video he posted did all the damage for him.

No. 1407897

Honestly Voltaire is a prick but I hope she does collab with him
I hope other youtubers offer to collab, just so Jake can seethe because I can’t imagine anyone outside his weirdly obsessive fan base would ever wanna collab with him on anything. Dudes talentless

And Kaya isn’t exactly an amazingly talented creator herself but she does do crafty things - I could see her expanding from unboxing content to doing more of that
More vlogs would probably go over with her audience well

No. 1407913

Exactly. I am rooting for Kaya because I wanna see Jake revealed for who he is. Of course she is no angel but in this specific situation he is so obviously wrong, was so cruel and scummy to someone whose major fault is being lazy and not responsible or mentally well enough to make the best decisions for themselves, so people wanna see some kind of "justice" being made.

It's truly awful to unnoficially espouse a 16 year old girl because you needed somewhere to go far from your family and someone to help and support you, then you spend the next like 10 years living off of her until you can be on your own so you just breakup the relationship and tell her to just leave. And all the while you are managing all of her earnings, because it's ~our earnings, babe~ so she's left with nothing. To put it simply. You'd have to be pretty fucking mean to think that she deserved it, no one who's together for that long, with shared everything deserves this. "Oh but she should have done this and that to help herself" yes, she should but of course she trusted the man she's been with since 16 and her family approved…

I bet you he'll have another official social-media-personality sidekick relationship very shortly, maybe this K.

No. 1408003

>Voltaire smells a newly single goth girl on the scene
>Don't let your fiance stop you from shooting your shot, just mention her in the comment

No. 1408009

Is there a quick recap on voltaire? never heard of him but the comments dont seem to be in favour

No. 1408029

Not to WK for Voltaire, he is a lecher, but I don't think he's interested in Kaya in that way. If you look at his former gfs she doesn't seem like his type. He just wants to collab with every single "goth" YouTuber like Jade the Libra.

No. 1408032

I hate scrotes, what makes hyping up someone who was dumped and cheated on by said scrote make me some ugly dude on fb? stretch some more before you reach like that again

No. 1408049

Why are you harping on about her being 16? He was 18 years old when they got together, it’s hardly a large predatory age difference.

No. 1408050

This user seems like quite the nlog pickme, really supporting men "getting tired of women after a while" and "going their own way" yet claims to be female. And are racist towards Irish women calling them "uneducated" while calling Jake a "successful male" since springboarding off a woman's success and using her, before dumping her in a cold studio with no possessions or savings is the epitome of successful.
These notions are gonna come back to hit her in the ass before long if she really thinks all this, but believes she is the exception. They also constantly threaten to dox people and call them crazy, Jake's supporters sure are special. They claim to not know who Jake and Kaya are yet seem to have gone in swinging in that thread, really odd.


No. 1408117

Yikes. If you go far enough back in their post history they're a Rittenhouse whiteknight and an antivaxx covid denier so…yeah that sums up their critical thinking skills.

No. 1408131

File: 1641261589881.jpeg (217.38 KB, 1170x392, AE161A45-48B1-4E1D-AF3A-AE5BD1…)

These comments of hers are sending me. Jake’s snaccs truly think he’s a god among men and that Kaya can’t do shit without him when she literally made him.

No. 1408133

>"You want to try coming for Jake's carrer?"

Oh wow, what a great career made of tiktok reaction videos with the title "goth reacts to" for easy views while saying "i hate tiktok" over and over and over again but still watching tiktok compilations and even creating an account so that he stays relevant.

No. 1408135

No, not a big age difference at all, the thing is: she's been with him since she was 16. So that makes her almost 30 with no serious-relationship experience, not before him and obvs not now. I imagine it's quite easy for a 16 to like 21 year old to believe in the power of love or something and being overly trusty and getting screwed over by someone with bad intentions, regardless of age. Get it? I'm sure could've been anyone with any age. I'm not saying he took a child out of a crib, he admitted himself several times that he only moved quickly to NI because he wanted more than anything to escape his family, not specially because of Kaya. he's a leech regardless of his age

No. 1408159

If a male youtuber had financially supported his girlfriend for 10 years, then her channel took off off the back of his, she comes into her own money and then dumps him, then released a video saying she'd dumped him and is now going across America with a new e-boy weeks later leaving the original boy homeless people would be so outraged it would make the front page of Reddit. There's a lot more to this than "oh he won't let Kaya live with him" and you know it, but because Kaya is a woman people are like "well men are shitty, what do you expect?" but if Kaya were male and Jake female everyone would be like "golddiggers fml you deserved more bro"

No. 1408180

there was also an overzealous kaya stan in that thread who was acting pretty crazy and claimed to know kaya irl. and there were a bunch of people tinfoiling really hard that kaya & jake didn't actually break up or that kaya was lying about her situation, writing massive walls of text just overanalyzing her old videos trying to make their case by grasping at straws. there is nothing of value to be found in that thread imo (not that you should expect anything of value from reddit)

No. 1408203

I've been raking through that thread a bit trying to figure out if retarded NLOG is K, they are both part Native American which is my biggest clue and retarded nlog says she was born in the late 90s (K is 1993 according to one of those random sites that automate youtuber profiles)
Retarded nlog also describes Kaya as a blow up doll at one point which seems like an insult only someone who looked like K would come up with since Kaya looks perfectly normal to everyone else. Also weird beef about overweight women (K is skinny)
The friend with the deleted account is someone from pre-Youtube who has reached out to Kaya again now Jake is out of the picture, idk about the cheating story but that person otherwise seems legit to me based on their interactions.

No. 1408240

I wonder if Kaya’s old friends will come back since asshole jake is out of the picture?

No. 1408247

File: 1641273527733.jpg (321.54 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20220104-051728_Ope…)

What is her baggage kek

No. 1408289

He is a musician. He doesn't make goth music but he is somewhat famous in the goth scene for being a goth himself. He also made a "gothic homemaking" series on his YT channel with a lot of tacky decorations from places like Michael's.

According to anons a few threads back he has a reputation for being kind of a lecher, though I don't know of any examples of that. I don't think he's ever been seriously accused of assault/harassment (that doesn't mean it never happened though). He also fell in love with a Twitch streamer half his age and then wrote a Taylor Swift style break up song about her when she broke his heart (this stuff is in older threads but Idk which one).

He also used to (and maybe still does, Idk) hang out with Isabella Karnstein, another cow with her own thread who is one of those kitten girls who has those kink sex parties or whatever and used to be part of Father Sebastiaan's cult. Oh, and as soon as Voltaire was mentioned in these threads, his Instagram became private immediately never to be made public again that I know of.

No. 1408310

This. Imagine how the MRA crowd would respond.

No. 1408326

They’d bury her in death and rape threats. Meanwhile Jake’s critics are just like “what a douche, I hope he loses subscribers”.

No. 1408339

They'd also mass report her accounts and get them deleted, send her gore and/or doxx her. I've seen them do those things to women over much less.

No. 1408469

I'm not so sure anon. As shitty and boring as haul/unboxing videos are, I feel like her fans will still watch that crap and she'll be fine. I'll be surprised if it doesn't go well this time.

No. 1408471

well it doesn't help that she doesn't really have any other interests (that we know of). Like what kind of content do you think she should try? Because I can't think of anything honestly.

No. 1408474

I don't follow her on IG but I know what you mean. It's annoying when people like her and Jake bitch about privacy when they aired out the breakup on social media. If they didn't want the attention, they should've just kept the info to a minimum or not say anything at all and waited a few months until they were both officially split up and living in different separate places.

No. 1408486

She seems to like arts and crafts, she posted that insta story of a painting she recreated and made a Niffler (creature from Harry potter). Or she could ramble about books and films she likes, or gardening. As long as she doesn't doesn't go back to picking weeds off the sidewalk, putting them in plastic bags, and forgetting them for months in her room.

No. 1408487

File: 1641312867350.jpg (809.4 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220104-161358_Ins…)

No. 1408532

Kaya wasn't isolated with Jake. I get where you're coming from but she was at home surrounded by her peers and apparently her family helped them both, like her parents agreed to him coming over. At one point they both were aware they had to work to make a living, then once Kaya got big on YouTube she was able to leave a regular job. Then Jake was probably assblasted because he had to stay doing a 9 to 5 or whatever, had a rage then decided to ride the coat tails of his girlfriend. A difference I've noticed between their videos over past couple of years is that Jake has more of a drive to make content whereas Kaya doesn't. And she's aware she has issues she's seeked help a number of times, but life can be cruel and even if you're down you still have to be the one to pull yourself back up. You can't rely on others to carry you indefinitely. It's a shit time to break up, and weather in Belfast atm is shit. Hail, snow and rain so if she's staying in that studio she's going to be freezing. If Jake was planning this before October he should have talked to her because she clearly cannot support herself.

No. 1408538

This. She did a DIY video on a modified bag. It was hideous, but fun to watch. If she started to do goth DIY's that would go over well, even if it's very basic stuff. If you need to sort out your hoard, film a closet purge. Vlog decorating your new place when you get one, etc.

No. 1408604

nta but I feel like it's not going to be much longer now before one or both of them drop the respectful pretense and unload on each other. They both live and die by views and that's going to be sweeps week.

No. 1408671

File: 1641327422990.jpg (587.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220104-210616_Ins…)

No. 1408735

this is an imageboard

No. 1408763

Jake is undoubtedly a pos. But that doesn't change the fact that she's insufferable. She wouldn't do it even when she had a full kitchen and she likely won't do it if she has one again. Whatever someone suggests to her it's "OhHHhHhH I would buuuut…" If she ever does do something she makes up reasons why it actually wasn't good, lists 10 made up things that went bad when she was doing the thing. It's very annoying. I hope she starts managing this shit now that she's on her own.

Someone in the comments of her last video said that people support her because of the wonderful community she's created on YouTube. What community? She hasn't created shit. Her unboxing things and saying "omg how kyooot" isn't doing anything.

The only good thing to come out of this is that she hopefully finally learned(late)that she needs to have her own money and that she can't just hand over everything to a fucking man.

No. 1408773

I feel like she could sell the boxes or sell the stuff in the boxes to make some cash for a hotel, instead of sleeping in a place with zero hot water and no kitchen.

No. 1408777

Was about to disagree just this one time, purely because I can picture exactly the kind of industrial estate building she’s “living” in (and isn’t supposed to be living in), but imagine how easy it’d be to make something up -

Stick her camera on a surface and just film the room while she brushes her hair, makes a Pot Noodle, does a stretching video/dancemat on that massive TV she put in, tidies a little, uses her laptop “for YouTube research”, tries to warm up and texts friends to see whose shower she can use. She’d have to be careful not to incite the rage of the snaccs but it’s content and she might get even more sympathy votes from her own fans.

Autism tl;dr - yeah, you’re right kek. There’s always been excuses and I think now more than ever she has reasons to be struggling but good god girl break the cycle already.

No. 1408815

God, I’m not mad at her doing unboxings but I forgot how annoying these are. It’s like she’s opening her birthday gifts with the person who gave them to her - all she says is “ooh I’ll use this for that yes!”