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File: 1554835018124.jpg (81.87 KB, 600x600, 55b79f22c573266d0d0b4903c096d7…)

No. 112815[Reply]

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.
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No. 116683

i guess it's not for everyone. normally it's teeny portions of things that i actually do want, and i suppose i am quite jaded, as i've spent the past few years of my life counting them

No. 116684

I think the anons pointing out that tall people and men can usually eat as much as these things say. I'm 170cm tall and I eat a lot more calories than someone who is say 160cm. Caloric intake is based on averages, so it makes sense. I'd rather see a nutritionist to get my full body makeup before I start listening to shitty online calculators either way.

No. 116711

Fitbits generally track calorie burn with a 20% margin of error from studies I've seen. I have a charge 2 and it's generally pretty accurate in terms of using the measurement for weight loss/maintenance cals. Much more accurate than the calories you get from treadmill counters, etc as fitbits track your avg heart rate all the time.

No. 116943

still no scale but it's on it's way now so next update i'll have an actual weight. but I've been doing really good these past 2 weeks, only one or two days where I felt like I fucked up a little, but in reality i never even went over my calorie/carb limit, I'm just extremely strict with myself.

There were a few days when I couldn't exercise as much as I wanted, but I was tripping on acid so i gave myself a pass, lmao.

Even without a scale I know I've lost because my bras fit so much better already, backfat wise. I'm just so excited to see what I weigh, I never go this long without a weigh in when i'm dieting.

No. 117410

i hate to double post but it's been six days…

anyway i got my scale and i weighed in at 193! so i've lost at least seven pounds since I started, maybe more! super happy. also i calculated my waist to hip ratio and it's 0.73 which is really good. my hips are twelve inches wider than my waist. so i'm feeling myself a bit right now, not gonna lie.

hope all you other anons out there are feeling good about yourself too!

File: 1485197845527.gif (1.3 MB, 443x332, unnamed (18).gif)

No. 55352[Reply]

>>Developing a huge crush on a relatively popular fitness YouTuber
>>not something insane I'm-going-to-send-a-bomb type of thing, but it's still something pathetic
>>Super lonely since breakup in April
>>Know we probably won't ever meet because he's becoming more and more popular, and I'm just a sad potato in a different country
>>Daydream about him as if he was someone achievable; feel jealous and shit over him

He seems genuinely sweet and we seem so much alike. I know, maybe it's just a persona, but still.
I've thought of sending a gift, but I worry that might
make me even more helpess in case he opens his gifts on camera again :(

Anyone out there with a similar story? Tell me I'm not totally crazy, pls. I'm pretty sure it will go away, at least a bit, once i meet someone new, but yeah…

Making this in /sty/ because I'm not sure it is /ot/ material and I'm sure this topic has been brought up before.

/Ryoga best character
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No. 117341

hahahaha he says your name when he nuts

No. 117343

I know this sounds ridiculous anon, but thanks for making my day a bit brighter. never thought of that before.

No. 117368

I keep falling for youtubers like some preteen, knowing exactly that I'll never come close to one irl, much less get to date one.

This time it's not even that, he's just the bf of a youtuber I follow.
Not only is he super attractive, he's a bit childish, but also very caring (paying for her, asking her to please eat some more). He's absolutely my type, down to the clothes he wears.

Also, I keep getting unhealthily obsessed with singers I like. It's to the point there I imagine them being with me all all the time, like I keep having conversations with them, as if they're always next to me. There are some that I've liked for over 5 years already. The thought of never meeting them and being close to them irl depresses me, to the point of panicking. And it's never guys from my country, so that makes it even more unrealistic.

No. 117370

i have youtuber and singer crushes too, i feel you anon. there is a singer who is exactly my type that i have a retarded crush on, it's been more than one year. i know that it's pathetic but before finding him i was trying to get over a toxic relationship, so being attracted to a guy who doesn't know that i exist and can't hurt me in any way kind of helped me get over it. i think it's fine as long as you know that it's likely never going to happen and don't take it too seriously.

No. 117453

ayy lmao i wanna be your friend anon

File: 1538944168887.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1216, 1B3E65F9-8478-4410-895D-F49BFC…)

No. 97704[Reply]

I thought I’d make a travel thread that was more centered around the process of traveling rather than the actual destinations themselves. Topics can include:

-Airport/TSA talk
-General tips and tricks for flying long haul
-Ways to find cheap tickets/favorite apps for airline tickets
-Cute luggage/luggage recommendations
-airport friendly OOTDs
-travel friendly makeup recs + tips
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No. 117298

in regards to the makeup who the hell wants to open up their beauty products on a plane anyway? planes are dirty.

No. 117302

Is your outbound city-Newark and Newark-Washington all on the same ticket or on two splits? I hope not on splits, because the airline(s) will not be responsible for you missing your connection on splits, as you might have booked flights which would not even have enough transit time on one ticket (and would not be offered). I might be talking out of my ass as I don't know from where you will be departing to EWR. I might try to look up minimum transit time in EWR for domestic to domestic flights if I have a spare minute at work.

You might be fine since it's a transit for domestic flight, but I am worried if it's on splits. Seems a bit risky. I would recommend having at least 1.5h-2h for transit when buying split tickets (even 3 if you would be transiting at LHR, FRA, CDG etc).

In general, airlines will not help you if you fucked up due to trying to outsmart them. If you have everything on one ticket, they have to provide you an alternative flight if you miss your connection due to a delay.

No. 117325

A 40 minute connection is pretty short, but if you're arriving at EWR domestically and don't need to clear any customs it should be doable. Like >>117302 said, if it's all on the same airline itinerary they can probably help you out if you miss it. Probably the worst might be having to pay a same day change fee, but I don't even imagine they'd make you do that if it's all under one booking.

No. 117327


yeah theyre different tickets so if anything happens ill just buy another ticket to washington or amsterdam in general.

No. 117334

i'll just be honest here, but multiple flights being cheaper isn't some kind of secret. people just never do it because this exact reason. you lose all of the security you had if you booked it as a multi-stop flight.

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 116070


No. 116262

This is satire right?

No. 117288

Since I can’t really talk about this in normal life I figured I’d post here.

Today is my third day working with an escort agency and I can’t believe how well it’s going! I’ve almost made 3 grand since I got here. All my clients have been respectful and really sweet except for one that was just awkward. One guy even made me orgasm which is really rare for me in general.

I was a stripper for a year but just couldn’t handle the abusive customers anymore and men trying to sexually assault me for the paltry sum of $20 every night. It was very draining… I wish I had started escorting a lot sooner, honestly.

No. 117290

Good luck sis.. by looking at the former escorts in this thread escorting is also very draining. I hope you get what you need and get out asap.

No. 117319

>I was a stripper for a year but just couldn’t handle the abusive customers anymore and men trying to sexually assault me

I'm sorry anon, this work will be the same, maybe worse. Prostitution is never going to be safe.
Don't you have any other options?

File: 1554258134113.jpg (192.93 KB, 1000x970, 249834753289.jpg)

No. 112369[Reply]

Didn't see a thread specifically for this kind of stuff so use this for discussion about things relating to bathroom stuff, advice, how to better your gut, how you personally maintain a healthy gut, general frustrations if you have an unhealthy gut (IBS, Crohns, etc) and/or how you manage it, asshole insecurities, etc.
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No. 116928

I'm a recovering anachan, 23 years old. I used to abuse laxatives in my early to mid teens and as a result (I assume?) have had severe distention since the age of 13-14. I've restricted up until recently. My stomach will literally swell to the point where I look pregnant. I also have pretty regular issues with constipation though fiber supplements have seemed to help that a bit. The distention, however, is still horrible and I was wondering if anyone shares this experience or would know how to alleviate it? I've been to doctors, but they seem to either brush it off (and say it will get better with time) or insist I take a bunch of tests I don't have the money for. Sometimes, I'll go to bed with a bloated stomach and wake up still bloated. It's incredibly frustrating.

No. 116992

Went to the doctor today and learned I've got my first hemorrhoid. I'm health-conscious and regular (never any straining) so I'm reeling from this a bit. I'm wondering how it happened. I did have an extremely stressful week, so do you guys think this was caused by stress? Aside from upping my fiber intake, using hydrocortisone, and taking hot sitting baths, can I do anything to ensure that it goes away and stays away?

No. 117035

I don't really have advice but I wanted to say that I think I've got a few external piles due to the general sudden lumpy and off color appearance of my butthole.

I'm also going wtf because there's nothing obvious that would have caused them for me either.

No. 117171

This doesn't seem to be totally appropriate for the skincare thread but sort of goes between vagina/bathroom talk…My gyno says it looks like I have eczema just in the whole sort of private area and it's really uncomfortable and itchy. I'm kind of embarrassed about going to see my bf like this because I know we'll have sex but it's not like I can help this either. He doesn't seem that bothered. My main question is dealing with anal itching and irritation. It's driving me insane. I'm pretty sure it has eczema too. The vulvar is bad but seems to be sort of improving with prescription hydrocortizone. What else can I do or use? Could it be more than eczema? I've never dealt with it being this uncomfortable. Help.

No. 117328

hydrocortisone is safe for use on the anal area, so use it there too. try witch hazel, it's anti-inflammatory and should help the itching calm down.

File: 1447289964209.png (174 KB, 495x349, Screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-7_22…)

No. 54209[Reply]

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though birth control is something that women don't talk enough about despite it being so complex and many people using it regularly. Let's post our comments/questions about birth control!

- contraception
- acne control
- PCOS management
- hormonal treatment
- ring vs. pill vs. non-hormonal
- side effects/benefits
- weight gain/loss
- etc.
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No. 116921

>you're not taking the placebo right? most of us don't take them.
Can I ask why?
>complete pill noob

No. 116940

Yeah, hormonal IUD's or shots. More cost up front but cheaper in the long run since you only get them once every few years. Talk to your doc about it…

No. 117010

I had bee taking Min-Ovral (the pill) for around 8 years and with me moving over seas I eventually had to switch to a new brand. I was absolutely terrified since I had a bad experience once with going off brand. I took the generic brand of my regular and for 10 days straight I felt as if someone was hacking away at me with a meat cleaver. It's been 4 days so far and only slight discomfort if not, barely anything. I asked the walk in for something similar and she gave me Evelyn. So far so good!!

No. 117056

Anyone here have pmdd and tried stopping their period with bc? Is it any different than taking the pill and stopping once a month? I want to ask my doctor about it and already made an appointment but am curious about other's experiences.

No. 117074

I don't have PMDD but I took Mirvala for about 2 years. I was initially prescribed the one that has the week of placebo pills. I have extremely heavy periods that cause me to be anemic, so my main goal of taking birth control was to stop my periods somewhat.

I started off taking the placebo pills at the end of my pack (so, taking 7 days off), but I ended up taking the pills continuously instead and was prescribed the one without the placebo pills (after asking my doctor about it, which he said was OK for me to do). When I took the placebo pills, I still had a monthly period. Once I started taking the pills continuously, I got my period about once every 3 months, give or take.

However, for PMDD, I don't know if I could recommend taking the pill for that. I actually had to go off of the pill because it made my moods extremely bad. I was constantly bloated (I literally could NOT lose weight), had weird milky-smelling sweat, my occasional periods lasted for weeks (they were extremely light, but the blood was very thin and almost black), and I just felt horrible overall. I was constantly irritated and felt sad all the time.

I ended up getting a hormonal IUD which is a bit better, and my body is still getting used to it. The high(er) dosage of hormones that are typical of the pill really did not do me any favours mental health wise.

Now for my question: I had a Kyleena IUD inserted around November of last year. Ever since then, I've had serious pains in my pelvis, specifically near my tail bone (so, at the back). I can relieve the pain somewhat by massaging the spaces between my tailbone and my spine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this any cause for concern? I don't really have any other terrible symptoms, just cramping (is it normal to still have mild cramping almost half a year later?).

File: 1554364938326.jpg (510.6 KB, 1005x1536, Liam_Hemsworth_June_2016.jpg)

No. 112464[Reply]

post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting
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No. 117048

File: 1560904104627.gif (489.12 KB, 500x213, 14dae694b4292512635112719640.g…)

I just found out I was drooling over some 32 year old guy at age 13.

He's 40 now, but he aged well. I didn't even know he was that old when he made the X-Men movies.

No. 117052

he looks like human! ProJared

No. 117059

File: 1560935688490.jpg (30.16 KB, 720x400, 1.jpg)

oh shit now I can't unsee it, lol.

No. 117060

File: 1560939456140.gif (310.16 KB, 500x214, giphy.gif)

He was perfection in Penelope

No. 117100

Not into him and I've never been captivated by any sexual stuff in movies, but that kiss at the end of Penelope was soooo passionate.

File: 1544636054198.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x375, Capture-KareKano-Sex-Scene-3-5…)

No. 102887[Reply]

Couldn't find one through the catalog, thought this could be useful. Need advice on sex related stuff? Ask here.
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No. 117008

Seconded. Dickguy needs to get a hobby or something, why are men so obsessed with their genitals?
Bet he ends up with a 8" arm flesh tube that needs pumped up manually. I'm sure all the ladies in his life will be fawning over it.

No. 117013

>-Is it normal for your labia to be dry during sex? Should the natural lubricant that the vagina makes be going to that part?
I thought that was normal? I get extremely wet but it gets trapped near the entrance inside the labia. You might have to pull it apart slightly and spread it around with your fingers.

No. 117030

my bf has trouble busting when he's drunk too, pretty sure it's perfectly normal. even i as a woman get less sensitive and wet after drinking.

No. 117031

>I have a 5.5", thin, cut dick
Isn't that literally the exact average for an American man?

No. 117046

Same here.

File: 1555360381089.jpg (121.95 KB, 907x509, plasticsurgeonsurgery-2.jpg)

No. 113178[Reply]

Comparing ourselves to another women can cause us to "discover" flaws in our appearance that we didn't notice before or wouldn't care untill someone said it's a flaw.
I feel that if I never noticed I had large shoulders, as an example, I would not be so sad about them. And not only with the shoulders, but with a lot of details that I only find ugly because someone said so.
I'm not saying that I want to think I am perfect, but I wish I was more confident, not to think I always need to change something on me.

Is someone dealing with something similar? How to have a kind look at my appearance and not care so much about it?
148 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 116820

My hip dips are the bane of my existence, coupled with a spoon body shape and tendency to hold weight in my stomach, my waist to hip measurements seem dramatic but IRL I look like a weird figure 8, and not a curvy pear or hourglass shape.

No. 116827

I'll look into therapy anyway yeah, thanks anon!

No. 116953

I never felt self conscious about my lips until lip fillers became a trend. They suit my face which is really small and would look bad with larger lips but I still can’t help but obsess over it thinking they need to be bigger.

No. 116976

Same with my eyebrows, nothing actually wrong with them until eyebrow micropigmentation became a trend.

No. 117152

I've recently become obsessed with the thought that I might be cross-eyed. I have absolutely never been told this by anyone else in the two decades I've been alive but for some reason in photos and in the mirror sometimes I convince myself I am cross-eyed. My eyes are very large and closer together than they are far apart, so I think that may be why I am seeing myself as crosseyed. I took a photo of my eyes from below and they actually do go "< >" like most other people's eyes, so idk wtf I am seeing.

File: 1521655205118.jpg (1.55 MB, 3672x2568, redflag.jpg)

No. 76727[Reply]

We've had a lot of mentions of red flags in various threads, so here's a way of collecting them all.

Which friends do you forsake? Which dates do you dump? Which co-workers do you cut off?

Farmers, what are your red flags when it comes to people?
184 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 113888


Me too. I can just picture it.

No. 116903

I'm a guy without male friends (no female friends either).

It seems dishonest acquiring a friend only to showcase that I do indeed have friends. So, I was wondering if there's something I can do to redeem myself? If I behave and come a cross as a regular person, does it matter that I don't have any friends?

Ideally making friends and spending time with them would come naturally to me, but since it hasn't so far in this lifetime, am I not redeemable in any way? Do I have to force myself to change?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 116904

>likes ethots/follows a bunch of twitch/insta girls who would be considered cows
>avid twitch user in general
>toxic in video games and throws insults at teammates in chat
>watches any kind of ecchi/loli anime.
>anime girl as pfp
>thinks you always should side with him in an argument
>past the age of schooling(25+) and has no stable job

No. 116911

File: 1560709768117.gif (633.52 KB, 300x225, coffee.gif)

>Has a messy appearance/bad hygiene. This is a major red flag if they are a manager/higher up in the company and/or expected to work with clientele.
>Frequently brings personal problems into the workplace. They might overshare and expect you do the same, or make you play therapist.
>Going off the last point: Can’t handle inter & intrapersonal problems in a professional manner. Are they passive aggressive? Do they cry a lot?
>Gossips about other employees, can’t find anything nice to say about anyone in the company.
>Martyr/victim complex. When called out on unacceptable behavior, they don’t take responsibility. Fake apologies. Avoids helpful, constructive feedback that will ultimately help them improve.
>Brings up inappropriate subjects at work, doesn’t care who overhears them. Friendly banter is okay, but do they always talk about sex/drugs/alcohol? Do they openly talk about these subjects and swear around customers?
>Keeps their profile on social media public and makes inappropriate posts. Either they aren’t smart enough to make it private or they don’t care.
>Always late and unreliable.
>Unable to keep employees for long periods of time.
>Bad communication and unable to respond to e-mails in a timely manner.
>How they compose e-mails in general. I guess this can be excused if they are 60+?
>Punishing the entire team for the actions of one person.
>Unfriendly. Doesn’t greet other employees in the morning or eat/talk with employees during break. Lacks basic social skills.

No. 116926

Imo, it's not a red flag, especially for men, since most friends males would have would be toxic. Most male friends are toxic to other males and encourage sociopathy and porn addiction. I'm the same way though and I personally don't think it's a red flag, but I can see how some people certainly would.

Lmfao, I like helpless guys but that's not even remotely cute. He sounds like the kind of retard that would microwave a raw chicken.

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