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File: 1565828649419.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2448x3264, FCF3EDF3-DB90-470D-991C-61FCC5…)

No. 121566[Reply]

r/womensstreetwear, r/WDYWT, and r/femalefashionadvice collide and we get to laugh at the quilted silver pants and pink bdsm cowboys.
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No. 121619

I don't think it's her weight that makes this look bad. It would probably look more acceptable if she just wore the right size. Everything looks too small for her. The jeans are ugly though. She should have gotten a pair that had either embroidery or rips, not both. And a different style neckline, the turtleneck is chocking her.
this would look a lot better if she lost one of the patterned tops and the tie. There's too much going on.

No. 121623

File: 1565884162431.jpg (25.3 KB, 450x450, 71Dg6hSa0hL._SY450_.jpg)

I keep seeing this OP image and thinking she's wearing a foil turkey dish on her head

I love that he decided to pose with a cigar but didn't put on shoes or socks or even swivel his chair away

No. 121645

File: 1565908697261.jpeg (1.03 MB, 4032x3024, 0115FA14-770A-4A24-84CD-424F5E…)

No. 121769

This guy looks like a school shooter.

I feel like with a cardigan and a cute beret you could wear this but that girl can't pull it off. You can tell she isn't confident.

No fucking eye rest.

"Look at my vagina!!"

No. 121772

"Touch it!"

File: 1545074506968.jpg (210.17 KB, 673x1024, 1495803099649.jpg)

No. 103439[Reply]

Old thread seems to have reached it's limit.

>Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
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No. 121591

Basically strong shampoo, or a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos aren't that common where I live, so what I did was use a shampoo bar from Lush (they give you that "squeaky clean" hair, which isn't good every day but once or twice every 2 weeks is fine) and then my usual scalp care shampoo.


No. 121614

Is it harmful to do an apple cider vinegar rinse regularly? I'm talking like once or twice a week. I love how clean my hair and scalp feels for a long time after I do it

No. 121621

File: 1565881428287.jpg (50.1 KB, 500x689, 6bd0737da800a9c8ee20166cfb2165…)

Is a non-drastic ombre still outdated? I really want to do my hair this way but a bit unsure.

No. 121628

It's dated but hairstyles are more about whether they look good on you. Get it if it's gonna improve your looks.

No. 121636

Thanks! It seems I have low porosity as well (and an ever-lasting struggle with frizzy hair) so I'm gonna give this a go.

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 121493

Come on, it was consensual, she wasn't trafficked or anything.

No. 121525


Her name blew up AFTER she already retired after three months. She could of gone back into it at any point and banked on her name. Plus that isn’t including money made from Patreon, appearances etc

No. 121530

I don't think so. I made that much at my job (exact same amount) and I don't have to get naked or get fucked.

No. 121576

That's beyond the point because it's still her face/body that's on camera
And how is she going to go back in and capitalize on anything if there are no specific industry captains that allow the women who star in their films a significant cut of the money they make or at least a specific percentage?
The system is broken, so telling someone to make money within the system is just an answer that doesn't work

No. 121600

Consenting to have your anus held open doesn’t make it less torturous to the body.

File: 1544636054198.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x375, Capture-KareKano-Sex-Scene-3-5…)

No. 102887[Reply]

Couldn't find one through the catalog, thought this could be useful. Need advice on sex related stuff? Ask here.
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No. 121615

AYRT, you got it spot on. I usually used to switch between hypersexual and sex-repulsed. Your experience sounds really similar to mine, I hope you're able to get the help and support you need to work through it and heal.

No. 121627

What is it with men and not going for lube?? Just put some lube on jesus christ.

No. 121633

I will never get this. When I started going out with my current boyfriend I automatically went and bought us a tube of lube, bf thought it was weird and said he never used it because why would you need lube if you don't do anal. Didn't take him long to realize that having sex is nicer when your dick doesn't get sore. Like it hurts them too, what the fuck.

No. 121648

Obviously if you're not being slapped around and abused in the bedroom by your bf that's boring.

No. 121707

We use lube sometimes, but it hurts just as much if I'm not aroused.

Thb wondering if he reads my history, he suddenly tries way harder to please me. Pretty nice though, not going to complain

File: 1514581777902.png (523.51 KB, 666x733, Outfitorwhateva.png)

No. 72269[Reply]

General discussion for everything fashion:Styles,Brands,favorite influences, favorite icons etc.

Post outfit coordination for critique and advice. :)

Posting one I came up with for starters, not sure what to call my personal style.
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No. 121554

Same anon, thrifting and vintage clothes are the way to go. Cheap, no money goes to sweatshops, and coats from the 50’s last longer than one from forever 21.

You can’t google quality cotton T-shirt and need to be spoonfed an outfit consisting of jeans, a shirt, and a sweater? It’s a five minute search anon, you can do it.

No. 121555

File: 1565823103900.jpeg (197.53 KB, 1080x2261, 59A85E46-3D26-4676-9820-9C0DF0…)

All in favour of bad female fashion advice coming back to life?

No. 121564

sure if I don't have to keep it floating again like I did last time

No. 121629

I was asking about brands because word of mouth from this site would count more than what google serves me but go the fuck off you sassy bitch.

No. 121773

Ugh I'm jealous of you guys because where I live thrifting is as expensive or even more expensive than new clothes. Our 2nd hand shops have rather modern clothes which are quality-wise comparable to H&M or Zara. Real vintage clothes, which are also cute, are extremely rare and can go up to hundreds of bucks. We do have very cheap 2nd hand shops but those are for really poor people and you can't just go thrifting there because you need a receipt that you're on welfare. So I have to shop at Mango, Zara, Forever21…

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 121458

Dif anon but I’ve been generally more satisfied by average sizes. There’s more wiggle room so to speak since there’s no worry of hurting me. My current bf is 7.5/8in and thick, like my thumb and middle finger don’t touch around the thickest part (for reference: they DO touch around the thinnest part of my wrist) and certain positions can only work if he’s careful. Plus it takes more foreplay to get him in comfortably. Still satisfying as hell tbh, but that’s more because of the girth not length.

No. 121459

That sounds like a stellar dick anon, give it a whirl for me tonight

No. 121464

no doubt I will lmao. It’s nice looking too, a very brag worthy dick

No. 121538

Reminder to make fun of scrots dicks so they might kill themselves.

No. 121543


I'm probably older then most posters on here (guessing) and my size preference has changed back and forth a few times over the years, honestly owning toys that vary alot in size has been the answer to my satisfaction.. cos the guy doesn't always match up with whatever my current tastes will be

File: 1515765974248.jpg (34.49 KB, 477x595, IMG_2256.JPG)

No. 73186[Reply]

Is it possible to get to low bmis without being Ana and starving yourself and keeping you skin and face looking healthy?any tips? This is a thread for people who want to discuss getting to low weights in healthy ways. 5'5 at 120 but I'd like to be 100lbs. I use to be 95 lbs in my teens but it's easier to not look completely sick and haggard at low eights when you're young. I've flirted with the idea of losing weight but I don't wanna end up looking like a crack head.
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No. 117444

Absolutely true. Looking at my own community, we look like every other race we live with. The same goes for that shit I’ve heard about ‘Asian women tend to have shorter/stumpier’ legs. We just look like people. There are asian girls who are curvy, flat, heavy-set, top heavy, pear shaped. Japan is shorter than average and I couldn’t tell you why but they’re ‘petite’ in that they try really hard to not be fat, simple as. There was a scan of a Japanese model magazine on a thread here about weight loss and the after pics were just sad looking women of average frame who lost enough weight to look utterly shapeless, but they were made up and posed in underwear to look like kawaii sticks. Gross.

No. 117510

I'm only 5kg underweight but my arms are really thin and not in a good way, the shape has become weird like your upper arm is supposed to be bigger than your forearm but that's not the case with me. So I guess being thing doesn't look good on everyone.

No. 117554

Please take that BMI with a very heavy grain of salt. Kpop agencies regularly lie about the height and weight of their talents to make them taller and leaner. I'm gussing her BMI is probably closer to 17.5
Looking at Lisa's ribcage area, she seems to have a very narrow bone structure, so the low weight looks good on her. But if you don't have that same frame you're going to look better with a little more weight. 18, 19 or so depending on your frame is going to be a better goal than 16

No. 117578

shorter people on average have small frames, asians on average are shorter. that's why the "small bone structure" thing.

No. 121487

In my early 40s I was in the same goal BMI range as OP and I got there via very slow dieting and exercise after I was labeled as having high cholesterol.

My friend also got down to 5 10 and 130 and he was 60 at the time, we went on the same diet. I took orlistat to control my oil intake as well and I couldn’t eat normal foods. Had to eat a can of tuna with no flavoring, cottage cheese and other stereotyped diet foods.

File: 1549539654108.jpg (61.49 KB, 426x720, 1549505980016.jpg)

No. 107593[Reply]

Previous: >>86886

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
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No. 121343

who should the op pic of the next thread be?

No. 121344

/braco/ when

No. 121349

File: 1565570343230.jpg (23.01 KB, 507x442, THREE INCHES.jpg)


No. 121351

new thread >>121350

No. 121352


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 120407

i start the job i've dreamed of having since i was 5 tomorrow. who the fuck did my dumb sperg ass fool lmao

No. 120441

I just got my license as well, age 23! My parents sold me their 10 year old car. We have a really steep driveway with concrete pillars on. I scraped the side of the car and broke one of the passenger doors :(
Swings and roundabouts….

No. 120451

same age and I just got my full license but am afraid to drive. My family is pissed at me because I still use them as a taxi driver

No. 120537

I finally found a pack of these new coconut cream based ice lollies from a supermarket chain that I've been wanting to try for ages and they're just as good as I hoped. I fucking love coconut flavor anything and they're milk free so my stupid IBS won't throw a fit, but the texture is almost like having an ice cream so it feels luxurious as fuck.

Sorry I just get very happy about coconut treats.

No. 121348

Weird brag time
I attract bicurious and lesbian petite asian girls a lot. Its funny as hell to me when weeb men weirdly act competitive or like I'm a threat.

File: 1551074290248.jpg (43.34 KB, 500x499, 1610088979cda14918f0f90b673fd3…)

No. 109507[Reply]

The last thread of this is a year old, SO, NEW THREAD! Post your room inspos/ideas/decor

Selfposting welcome
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No. 121189

File: 1565337562899.jpg (597.29 KB, 1280x961, tumblr_p8sbk6gxzf1sywf0oo1_r1_…)

No. 121190

File: 1565337596047.jpg (1.97 MB, 1280x1264, tumblr_p8vywg3V6d1sywf0oo1_r1_…)

No. 121191

File: 1565337941112.jpg (629.81 KB, 1280x895, tumblr_p5mq1829bp1sywf0oo1_128…)

No. 121192

File: 1565337995928.jpg (584.94 KB, 1280x973, tumblr_pbd055w7l41sywf0oo1_128…)

No. 121193

File: 1565338037289.jpg (142.69 KB, 750x745, tumblr_punm3oWduh1xvlbmno1_128…)

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