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File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
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No. 199388

File: 1627246060008.jpg (187.3 KB, 600x800, Image.jpg)

Jake Quickenden

No. 199389

File: 1627246107501.jpg (174.18 KB, 768x1179, nrm_1416500998-jake_final_ring…)

No. 199390

get that stupid scrote away from that falcon

No. 199433

I don't have sexual fantasies usually so I've never had one of Hugh, but I can assure you that it's as Hugh not George! I just think he's especially handsome in Blackadder…

No. 199675

File: 1627406535127.jpg (36.37 KB, 500x500, joe-mcelderry-fb83b379-18c4-4f…)

The manliest photo I could find kek

File: 1612573916956.jpg (469.56 KB, 2500x1667, all products.jpg)

No. 170544[Reply]

New makeup thread as >>72061 is being locked at last. Great job throughout the last one, anons! So many posts were informative and helpful.

Feel free to share reviews, videos, infographics, questions, etc as long as they remain on topic about cosmetics.

Are there any new products you've purchased recently? How do you feel about them?
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No. 199665

For all the ghost pale girls- Fenty goes the lightest I've seen although I hated their original formula. Havent tried the hydrating one. If Finnish brand Lumene is available for you its goes v light too.

No. 199666

> I will never understand why people try to make themselves look dark and orange, just be the shade that you are
Nta but I'm from a "Cloudy country" and all my life I've been told or asked shit like "Did you spend all summer inside?" "You should get a tan on the beach" "You look so pale, are you okay?". I'm papersheet white and people won't let me pale in peace. I 100000% get why women selftan.

No. 199673

Thanks and nope, but I think I am going to have to use some sort of white mixer. I have a cool undertone btw, forgot to mention that. Most pale foundations are quite pink ime.

Uncharitable reading, but thanks for the recs. Imo it is ridiculous for them to pretend to be some sort of pOrcElaIn pRiNceSs (they are cringy like that) when they're fully aware they're darker than 80% of the population. I see black bloggers do it too re much needed dark skin foundations, it's annoying tis all. It's clickbait, that's what I meant.

It's a regional phenomenon in the UK, my area isn't obsessed with tanning at all, but the orange faces are still fairly prevalent because mainstream stores just don't cater to the average woman's skin tone, it's frustrating. Young British girls in particular tend to have hilariously bad foundation cos all they can afford to buy is the cheapest drug store foundation available. Some girls I went to school with who had skin issues began fake tanning their bodies just to get their face to match and not look ridiculous anymore, I am not joking.

No. 199674

Also here to recommend Mizon snail bb cream to pale anons. It's been my staple for six years.

No. 199756

Literally any cushion foundation or Korean bb cream is what you are looking for

File: 1624409117635.png (423.58 KB, 800x450, trulyme.png)

No. 193846[Reply]

a containment thread for people like the peepanons and carreyanons who can't stop talking about their trash men. different from the unconventional thread, as you can sperg repeatedly here about IRL guys (celebs, historical figures, youtubers) you may or may not be obsessed with
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No. 196189

I dont even like 3dpd but god he was so cute in the big lebowski

No. 196728

I quote "Why am I Mr. Pink?" way too much. I don't really get the mass obsession over him, but I'm happy every time i see him in a movie i dont expect to. He's just charming.

No. 197416

File: 1626031340339.jpeg (117.58 KB, 659x618, 1B6C1BD8-1FEA-4DA5-900F-1EDAF1…)

thank you for all your time and stupidity, sisters

No. 199640

File: 1627396438100.jpg (35.1 KB, 400x400, FvIU61hb_400x400.jpg)

I know he's not the most conventionally attractive but I really like watching his streams. They're funny and can be kind of chaotic, his voice is really soothing, and over time it's become one of those things where his personality (or streamer personality is more accurate) made him more attractive to me. I don't want to fuck him, I just want to hold his hand and go on cute dates to carnivals or something.

No. 199668

Anonita please I need to hear more about the LoL esport groupies. At one point I was unhealthily obsessed with ocelote, tabzz and xpeke. My teen autismo brain convinced itself I'd have a meet cute with at least one of them.

File: 1614906710472.jpg (119.68 KB, 1024x818, godiwishthatwereme.jpg)

No. 174105[Reply]

Please keep posts focused on women and female homosexuality! If you want to talk about attraction toward men it probably belongs in the bisexuality thread or questioning thread. Topics of discussion may include but are not limited to:

>first crush?

>what’s your local lesbian/LGBT scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>favourite lesbian media?
>lesbian media you hate?
>coming out stories
>are there any cows you’d uhaul with?
>bitch about being lonely
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
>how did you know you were gay?
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 199633

Original anon, she messaged me first because she liked my femslash content. I was honestly taken aback by how forward she was, I thought she was flirting. The "love and adore" thing were her exact words, I thought she was making the first move.
I don't want to talk to her again and don't plan to, I stopped posting entirely because after her I want to ghost and disappear. I feel stupid that this is pretty much ruining my hobby for me especially since I never expected anything to come from it anyway, I always knew she was on the other side of the globe. Sorry for the autism, anons.

No. 199635

I like long nails and painting them is a way to keep myself from destroying it all with my mouth. However, nowadays, I keep them short. I used to not mind my ex having long nails (bc its pretty) but she would end up with blood on her fingers every time we had sex (even if it didn't actually hurt). Since then, I developed a fear around it and never let mine grow too much.

No. 199638

Anon you don't have to apologize. I'm sorry that happened and I hope it doesn't ruin your hobby, it's way more important than that. You didn't do anything wrong at all, the thing is the other anons blaming and insulting het women for expressing platonic affection whatever they like, it wasn't directed to you. I hope you feel better anonette!

No. 199642

It is to be fair

No. 199651

I'm the first anon that said you should drop her, I still think so. I also assumed she had used the exact words and came on strong knowing you're gay. You did nothing wrong and also the other anons bitching about inceldom are wrong. Hetero women don't go this far with their male friends because they know that it can send a mixed signal. She did it to you knowing you're gay because she doesn't think your romantic attention is as real as a man's.

You can definitely stay platonic with a very warm, familiar friend. It's not a big deal. But what she did is different from that and please don't let her take your hobby away from you! She's just shitty.

File: 1627364183705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 227.3 KB, 720x960, AE9A8A94-E9AB-483E-A150-378BD8…)

No. 199586[Reply]

I love Hanfu(this isn't pinterest)
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No. 199604

File: 1627365342528.jpeg (131.44 KB, 750x893, B6AAD50A-C52F-41C2-82AB-F4EB47…)

I love rainbows

No. 199605

File: 1627365432834.jpeg (198.31 KB, 749x1000, 1725C494-90E2-463D-8654-D39F61…)

Some teddy bears

No. 199606

File: 1627365569553.jpeg (106.11 KB, 724x1024, 8793E13F-4178-4F37-8B8A-4C35D9…)

Jewish fashion
Payots are sexy

Shout out to Israel for doing the whole GMO and cultured meats thing

No. 199608

File: 1627365723053.jpeg (63.41 KB, 400x600, A05567BE-2E84-4841-B665-04C42C…)


No. 199609

File: 1627365885109.jpeg (175.89 KB, 800x1308, 1359B775-5519-4E2B-8037-1A1638…)

Swedish fashion has a lot of fascinating traditional stuff.

File: 1627024733242.jpg (149.12 KB, 1600x900, 5CPZg3FFmGybFhoofayzmV.jpg)

No. 199035[Reply]

Checked the catalog but didn't see anything for this topic. Talk about your sleeping habits, troubles, how many hours a night you get, tips and advice, what you'd like to improve etc
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No. 199210

>I've always wondered if that Uberman sleep schedule is even sustainable. Or healthy in the long term. Any info on anyone that's ever tried it?
Yeah, every mother of every newborn ever. They're all miserable in that period. It's total bullshit.

No. 199227

I'd like to own a weighted blanket so I can sleep much better at night and wake up with less anxiety but the problem is how hard it would be to wash.

No. 199238

Get a cover for the blanket and wash the cover regularly

No. 199250

Spend a bit more and get one with a removable, washable cover. Trust me, both of you.

No. 199578

RLS can be caused by a ferritin deficiency. You may want to look into it and start taking iron supplements if needed.

File: 1623605351144.png (243.33 KB, 664x390, ill be the one in charge.png)

No. 191915[Reply]

Last thread: >>>/g/161431

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
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No. 199525

The Dallas Connection (1994) I saw this gif set on tumblr.

No. 199526

thank you beloved anon

No. 199530

Rip for Tumblr banning it got all the best gifs there…

No. 199539

anons I need adviceeeeeeeee my bf wants me to "take control" (kek…) ive been trying my best but in your experience what exactly do they mean when they say that.. Im fine with taking control but not if its just an excuse for him to be lazy - how to i make that not the case?? im not trying to be fetishy and annoying i just want to have fun sex

No. 199550

It means USE ME. So ask yourself, what can he do that will bring you pleasure? Role playing? Worshiping? Punishment game? Do you like seeing him embarrassed, pained, in compromising positions? Make him suck you until he is told to stop. Make him wear a sexy costume to rub your feet and back. If you engage in PIV, tell him exactly how to use that cock. You are taking what you want above all so have fun!

You’ll know if he’s trying to be lazy.

File: 1627327776748.jpg (459.21 KB, 1600x1200, 1619135835947.jpg)

No. 199520[Reply]

came to lolcow specifically to talk to other skinnyfat girls about how to lose weight.. dieting, toning, generally advice on how to be thin(use the catalog)

No. 199522

i am 21 5'5 and i think 125-130 pounds. all of my friends are extremely skinny and through covid I've gained a noticable amount of body fat.. its extremely shameful. I dont know how to get rid of the weight as i dont want to starve myself as i did in the past but poss intermittent fasting? Would walking more help? i saw an archived post about a girl who only ate deli meat and refused to sit down unless sleeping. how did u guys lose like 5-10 pounds in a month??? help….

No. 199524

Take a look at the catalog before you create a thread. >>153564

File: 1523523432841.jpg (100.28 KB, 900x1200, modnye-kupalniki-na-leto-17.jp…)

No. 78920[Reply]

Post your inspiration

Note: There's already a Thinspo Thread, but it's 2 years old and it turned into "if you don't like Snejana Onopka's BMI 14 body, you must be a fatty!", so i guess it's okay to make a new one.
745 posts and 344 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 199257

File: 1627167237902.jpg (186.41 KB, 1200x1898, kaia-gerber-in-bikini-at-a-bea…)

I know tons of anons like to channel their inner scrote and shit on "fridge bodies," but I think Kaia Gerber's body (in 2020-2021, not when she was sickly and underage) is gorgeous. I can't quite explain why.

No. 199258

File: 1627167487192.jpg (69.99 KB, 620x879, Kaia-Gerber-rocks-a-black-stri…)

and another pic. saged.

No. 199478

File: 1627306683918.jpg (82.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 199479

File: 1627306845320.jpg (107.82 KB, 1180x786, _methode_times_prodmigration_w…)

Her legs are fantastic too, but the pic's too small lol.

No. 199482

I wouldn't even call her "fridge-y", she has a really pretty body and still a nice chest-hip ratio. Probably how most Hollywood hourglass bodies would look like without surgery and Photoshop

File: 1550673120566.jpg (120.54 KB, 540x538, tumblr_o5vywilMCz1un9076o1_540…)

No. 108748[Reply]

I have a question regarding IUDs. I've been on the pill since early 2017 and I get pretty bad side effects. My breasts swell up (they become REALLY painful) and I get extremely nauseous. I haven't been off the pill since 2017 and the symptoms haven't disappeared. I'm honestly sick of it and decided to get an IUD. Have any of you had experiences with IUDs? I am not sure whether to get the hormonal or non-hormonal one. I absolutely hate and almost can't stand the side effects of hormonal birth control, but I get very painful periods and I heard that the copper IUD makes them 10x worse. ;-;
343 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 199076

Yes, within the first six months is when all the initial continuous bleeding could happen. Sucks but it is what it is. If it doesn't hurt or have an unusual smell, I wouldn't worry about it. It will stop eventually (I think I stopped after a month or two), but if you continue to bleed for a concerning amount of months I'd consider talking to your gyno about the possibility of removal.

No. 199087

Thanks nonnies! I feel a lot better now. I expected to have some irregular bleeding but wasn't sure how long those episodes could last. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes, at least it isn't a lot and doesn't ruin my underwear.

No. 199417

Does getting an IUD while also using a diafragm with spermicide sound like a good opción for birth control?
Has anyone here used a diafragm before? How do you insert it by yourself? Do you just use your fingers? Is It uncomfortable with sex?
How effective would It be to use an IUD and just use the spermicide without the diafragm? Thanks

(reposting from the stupid questions thread, I'm new to birth control)

No. 199435

That’s extremely excessive. The IUD is more than enough, and depending on which one you get the diaphragm would be completely useless, if not harmful

No. 199452

My boobs have been really swollen and painful the last two days. It's my break week and this has never happened before – been on the same BC pill for 2+ years now.

Has anyone had new side effects appear after such a long time? The only thing that's changed is I've started taking anxiety meds since my last break week.

Kinda scared, don't need breast cancer or whatever on top of things.

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