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Hellweek begins Sunday, April 5th

File: 1574160710632.jpg (282.32 KB, 1200x1802, 1568981480_762346_1568982616_a…)

No. 127692[Reply]

post conventionally attractive women you'd want to fuck and have no shame admitting
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No. 136033

Ok but her freakout online about herself and getting mad over brad pitt's new wife after he left her bpd ass was hilarious. Total lolcow.

No. 136036

Hell yeah never understood the Brad Pitt hype when she’s right there. I blame her character in Girl Interrupted for making me forever gravitating toward incredibly hot but abusive women lol

No. 136037


No. 136038

It's in one of the celebrity threads in /ot/ somewhere. She was pretending to be regular ass people online while defending herself and trashing Brad Pitt's new wife after he left her.

>making me forever gravitating toward incredibly hot but abusive women lol
Seek help.

No. 136050

Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but wasn't she mostly trashing Jennifer Aniston? It honestly changed my opinion of her a lot too see how petty and insecure she was when the narrative has always been that she won the bradbowl.

File: 1577459115721.jpeg (75.12 KB, 564x846, 9DAA2E5C-1DBF-4EDD-BC3B-096E7F…)

No. 132014[Reply]

Female Dating Strategy is a subreddit which was created in February 2019 as part of the larger arising of pp’d subreddits (such as r/vindicta, r/pinkpilledfeminism, r/trufemcels, etc.)

Female Dating Strategy is a female-only subreddit that was created in the interest of helping women to achieve their goals in dating, whether that be LTR, marriage or just FWB. It is centred entirely around maximising female benefit and minimising costs/risk. More saliently, due to its policy of being aggressively pro-female, FDS promotes a very unforgiving and cutthroat approach to interactions with males. In many respects, it is a response to the presence of the ‘manosphere’ and in particular TRP.

Important links:
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/ideology Ideology of FDS
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dugj5t/fds_guide_nonmainstream_opinions_and_strategies/ Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by the sub
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/deoi18/psa_femaledatingstrategy_doesnt_believe_in_asking/ PSA on asking men out
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/d22vzv/given_that_the_risks_of_sex_are_way_higher_and/ why sex shoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 135573

I’ve used FDS tactics in the past. At the end of the day, some of it is helpful and some of it is not important.

I do think getting emotionally attached to a guy too soon is a problem many women have. They’re like a project, you sink all this time and effort into getting close to this guy and you become attached to him. You feel like you have to make it work! And he becomes lazy and bored with you because he can tell you’ve already selected your wedding dress, so he makes no real effort. Or he gets scared off. You have to wait until he’s actually invested in you to allow yourself to become invested in him.
I think it’s nice when men pay for dates and I do prefer when they pay for the first few. Depending on whether he has money or not, tho. If he’s kinda broke (or has a job that I know doesn’t earn much), I’ll split after the first date. But if a guy who has money doesn’t want to pay for the first few dates, I wouldn’t continue with him. Within the context of our current society, paying for the first few dates means something. I have a great career, I can afford anything I want on my own, so if you’re going out of your way to make me feel special by treating me to dinner I would consider that generous.

so I don't think the advice itself is bad or crazy "most" of the time, that "yasss queen slayy" type of empowerment to is really really not that appealing.

No. 135598

Not really

No. 136017

What do you guys think about the FDS "get married within a year" thing? It claims a man isn't serious if he doesn't wife you within a year of dating.

I really, really don't want to get married that fast but I do want a LTR. I prefer dating for many years before marriage, and I don't want kids. I also don't want to wait 90 days before sex or some other stuff FDS claims.

No. 136018

> wife you within a year of dating

Imagine the divorce rates though

No. 136020

I think their point is that two high value people will stay together if they're serious, and two idiot normies who get carried away with puppy love and don't notice their incompatibility will get divorced.

But I still think getting married so fast is retarded. I'm fucking 22, I don't want that shit but I do want a serious boyfriend.

File: 1586118208621.gif (285.27 KB, 498x362, 4192CD39-5C3E-4129-8829-AB7227…)

No. 135846[Reply]

Does anyone have lanugo on here or had in the past? Mine is getting really out of hand and I'm not sure how to deal with this. I wanna wax it but I'm afraid about they growing back with vengeance. What do?

No. 135851

File: 1586121202379.jpg (80.97 KB, 540x540, IMG_5151.JPG)

I'm an Arab and I absolutely how hairy I am (sorry for not having advice)

No. 135857

gain weight anon

No. 135964

I feel you anon, I used to be a ana-chan and even after being fully recovered I still have it. With my experience waxing does last a little longer apposed to shaving every other day, its never grown back worse after waxing so i say give it a go.

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 135766

No guy wants to introduce his gf to his family knowing full well they've probably all seen her naked.

No. 135952

>even after you’ve left it all behind decades ago.

So dont do it in the first place. What do you think you can just be a whore, get all the money, make as much out of it, live the life and then when you decide its practical just walk away from it with no repercussion?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 135958

>dont do it in the first place
That was exactly my point, male. Did you come here hoping to see whoring being shilled? Kek because it's not.

No. 135963

Reminder that angry scrots are lurking, yelling 'cope' at everything and causing infighting:

No. 135965

So much anger at the thought of underage porn being taken from them.

File: 1582955241257.jpg (28.98 KB, 640x480, Cookie_Monster_Amor.jpg)

No. 133562[Reply]

Like the title says.
Previous Thread: >>102887
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No. 135944

>people don't take it seriously bc the term originated from tumblr
are you joking? tumblr could popularize it, but not come up with it as it's existed forever as >>135935 said

No. 135947

Idk if it´s true but I´ve read before that it´s scientifically proven like 1-2% of the world population is asexual. Maybe worth looking into if the scientific confirmation of asexuality is a real thing gives you piece of mind.

My own thoughts: If you don't like sex, you don't like it. It doesn't matter if that technically makes you asexual or not.

No. 135957

I've heard people describe asexuality as it's own spectrum where some masturbate, some don't at all, some are sexually active just for the sake of their partner and others are lifelong virgins. Those people all exist and it's just a matter of whether you want to use the label I guess.

I got married years ago with the understanding that me and my partner would never have sex and we didn't for those few years, I was happy signing up for no sex forever. I do masturbate. When my marriage ended (for other reasons) I ended up in a relationship where the guy believed sex was vital to a relationship. I really regret trying to keep that relationship alive by having sex. I could probably apply the asexuality label to myself but I'm just not a fan of labelling it.

No. 135960

I think my bf have some problems related to getting erected.Like,he does never fully get erected,it's always semi-soft,barely hard enough to keep the shape and he always uses his hand to guide his penis inside.And i can never get on top because his penis keeps bending,or if i somehow manage to put it inside i can never fully slide on it,his willy just stretches as i move.At the end of our time we are both satisfied but i'm wondering if this is normal,does anyone else experienced something similiar?

No. 135961

Not normal at all, he really needs to see a doctor about this

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 135898

He was swedish and it looked like the swedish dick in the chart. Since he was slightly over 6 inches instead of 5.8 inches though, I'd say it was a combo of the netherlands d and swedish d in the chart. Same shape but nice and girthy while still being long.

No. 135908

sounds hot, glad you finally got your swede d, im hopefully next

No. 135922

Hope you get it too, anon. Here's to penis hunting. Cheers!

No. 135956

This is probably racist as hell, but do different countries have different preferences?
From what I'm seeing, all of the studies about what women prefer are from America–so would it change depending on the country like it does for men's sizes?

I don't want to imply that black women are used to larger sizes or that asian women prefer smaller, but does what counts as big vary between countries?

No. 135977


File: 1556101173104.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.34 KB, 733x550, 9B9BABCF-8FDA-4314-919B-368119…)

No. 113718[Reply]

Continued from >>71573
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No. 135779

I have not bled in four months officially. I am on birth control and sexually active… but I have not bled in four months. Despite taking my bc normally. I haven’t had any pregnancy symptoms. Should I be worried

No. 135786

Yes. Go take a test ASAP. Even if you're not pregnant, something could be wrong (not necessarily though, could just be stress or any number of factors so don't freak out just yet) and you should see a doctor if you're able to, but taking a pregnancy test is the first step here.

No. 135870

I didn't have any symptoms other than missed period either, but I'm pregnant now, so yeah, take a test and talk to an ob asap if negative. Good luck!

No. 135884

You should not necessarily be worried. Take a test to ensure you're not pregnant, but birth control can make you stop having periods. That's normal. It's abnormal if you stop taking birth control and don't get your period back for several months. No need to freak out anon just take a pregnancy test to be sure.

No. 135945

Birth control is not 100% effective so if you were not also using condoms, yes you should be worried

File: 1540060636062.jpg (835.14 KB, 670x670, 8997.jpg)

No. 98824[Reply]

There was talk of making a thread, but no one was taking action so here it is.

Thread for:
>female subs interested in women
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What experiences have you had?
>What are your main kinks?
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
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No. 135917

I mean it's the first time this has happened. I have hit him before with his consent but it has sometimes come off too hard. Nothing like this.

No. 135918

why is this in this thread

No. 135923

The first rule is you NEVER EVER do kink stuff when high in any circumstance.
I hope he does not come back and is okay. Get yourself a check before claiming of not being abusive after you got blank drunk and hit him like this, ffs.

No. 135940

Hot, although drawing blood is a little much.

No. 135959

Shit bait. Kill yourself.

File: 1544649867735.jpeg (76.11 KB, 462x791, 8FEA21A2-692F-4F12-BEDB-480F0F…)

No. 102943[Reply]

No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?
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No. 135813

Whatever. A loser is still a loser. She's no better than the loser men who want muh mommy gf. Obviously, any valuable man/woman/person will smell the loserness from a mile away. She will be looked down on by nearly everyone on his social circle, if she even makes it there.

"Feel like shit" watching rich people's lifestyles? Lol. Imagine actually being there pretending to be one of them and getting disrespected every turn. At the favor of a man which can be rescinded at a moment's notice.

No. 135814

Thanks anon!

No. 135837

you'll be miserable. my ex's family was full of trophy wives/sugar babies. i didn't even have a good relationship with these people and they'd call me crying, telling me how miserable they were around these men, how horribly they treat them, how worthless they feel, how they wish they just had normal lives. rich men are very abusive. my ex's mom killed herself because of the pressure, misery and emotional abuse. ultimately, even though they wanted to leave, these women still chose the materialism and mansions over their sanity. you don't want to be like them, around coked up abusive men all of the time, being humiliated all of the time in front of their business partners because you're a glorified prop. just horrible.

No. 135853

This so much. And those women subjected themselves to this willingly. They could have left at any time but they simply wanted the comfort of unearned riches and the illusion of status. They got into this thinking they'd be queens but became glorified pets instead. Very dehumanizing

These men aren't stupid. They know you're gold diggers. They will put you through this because they know you have little leverage over them. Why would they give a shit? Almost every one in this thread would jump at the chance to replace a "bad" trophy woman from the looks of it. That's if they don't already have several babies at their beck and call

No. 135894

> I feel like shit watching rich peoples lifestyles
>I'm fat
>all I can do is live vicariously through watching reality tv about rich women

File: 1558657067944.jpg (121.15 KB, 640x651, 1517628177348.jpg)

No. 115426[Reply]

In need of advice? Post here!

Last thread: >>87009
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No. 136031

Are there any more active female communities? I love it here but it's so slow. Discords or anything, but the problem is I can't find something as blunt as this place. Every forum or reddit is just ott positivity

No. 136062

>unnaturally large clit
>straight men and lesbians don’t want me because an oversized clit is basically just an undersized dick
>bisexual men are complete freaks and would only want me because it’s like I have both and will treat me like a hermaphrodite freak instead of a regular girl
>bisexual women tend to be trash no matter what but even if I decided to give one the time of day they probably wouldn’t be much different about it then bi men
What do I do? Kill myself? Repress every sexual thought I have until I’m asexual and it doesn’t matter anymore?

No. 136083

I'm not a professional at all, but I work a lot with cat rescue group and I hear so many stories about cat who escaped during a car trip. Some people use cat harness during the trip to be able to walk the kitty but it's a very bad idea. Sometimes the cat freaks out and manadges to escape. As absolutely awful as it sound I would actually recomend not getting the cat out of her box, even very calm and chill cat can have super weird reactions during a car transport. I don't know much about plane travel though, I'm sorry. I wish you and your cat good luck !

No. 136105

How do I make new friends when I'm 23 and I don't really like partying, drinking and going out? I kind of screwed up in the social life-department so I don't really have any current connections to go off. I'm still a student but I'd like to make friends outside of uni. I'd love just a small female friends group I could chill with in the weekend or maybe catch a movie or something like that. But everyone already seems to have a friendsgroup.

When quarantine is over of course.

No. 136109

I have the same issue. 22 and don't really have friends, everything fell apart once I left school. I feel kind of embarrassed about it, and I want nothing more than a close friendship group.

You're gonna get a lot of advice about joining clubs or using BumbleBFF, which never worked for me :/

Where do you live?

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