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File: 1634005238002.png (290.8 KB, 600x738, touko.png)

No. 209130[Reply]

Let's talk weddings.

>What does your ideal wedding look like?

>Share ideas here: Colors, themes, dresses, rings, venues and general inspiration.
>If you're getting married, what are you planning and how is it going?
>Any stories of weddings gone wrong (or right)?
>This is not a thread for hating on weddings/marriage.
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No. 262098

She's in the southern hemisphere dumbass it literally says it'll be summer.

No. 262132

File: 1651953305892.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1743, 8B3A20A7-E40D-4254-8CEE-396941…)

Maybe something simpler like picrel for the crown. Keep the jewelry simple too. Not too much or it’ll take away from the dress which should be the main focus more or less

No. 262133

SA but for hair maybe you can do a partial updo.

No. 262190

I like this a lot, some loose curls in front and partially up would look nice with it.

No. 262517

File: 1652081985599.jpg (2.12 MB, 4000x3000, wedding.jpg)

Is it weird to want to get married just to cross it of your bucketlist and just to have experienced it and you're not even in a relationship with anyone?

File: 1548488226520.jpg (22.18 KB, 564x564, ea6acfee243ad71cdc123f0bf1fde2…)

No. 106527[Reply]

Ask questions, post cute nail art and polish swatches, discus trends, techniques, products, professional services, etc.

What's on your nails right now, farmers?
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No. 262456

File: 1652039289862.jpeg (87.47 KB, 828x414, 3B88F847-2C3D-4D38-8DD4-CB99ED…)

The closest I can think of without just calling it a blue violet.

No. 262462

Blurple? But I think it's too purple for that tbh

No. 262491

I keep seeing this recommended. I wanna get it asap but it's always out of stock at my local Walmart.

No. 262493

Love that color anon! If you’re looking for a similar type of “glowy” color, look for neon polishes. I used to have a bottle of a similar color (from either OPI or China Glaze?) and I remember it being from a neon collection. The color was so vibrant.

No. 262511

I don't wear nailpolish, posting to bump, be careful with scrolling. How can I keep my nails healthy?

File: 1500319401531.png (681.92 KB, 449x750, RPi2njq.png)

No. 65010[Reply]

Does anyone else go crazy over 'em?

For me there's just something so fucking hot about it, especially if it looks very round and perky.

I think the key is where the lower back meats the bottom; if it sticks outward there it just looks super cute to me.
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No. 232802

please, nonnie, don't summon the race baiters

No. 232920

Don’t worry, they’re all hanging out in the mtf thread rn

No. 259513

File: 1651109985204.jpg (12.7 KB, 274x275, 1651102633581.jpg)

seeing this pic in the kaitlyn thread made me want to revive this thread ♥

No. 259623

thank you for the blessing to my eyes, nonna

No. 262465

which thread?

File: 1652027167488.png (533.39 KB, 900x675, EE0412E5-2C80-4B5D-83D6-0BECF8…)

No. 262417[Reply]

does it work? what are your experiences?

for those who shifted, which method did you use?

also why are you shifting and where if you feel comfortable sharing?

been trying to shift since december 2020 no success yet tho i‘ve gotten lazy at times, past few months i‘ve been trying a lot though and had some symptoms
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No. 262422

can i fuck a hot demon using this?

No. 262424

If anons here make fun of shifting, why is the manifestation thread still up and has over 200 answers?

No. 262425

If you believe in shifting you believe that you are crossing over to other universes and actually interacting with the cast of Harry Potter or whatever. If you believe in manifesting you believe that you can make good things happen to yourself if you think and believe hard enough. It's different.

No. 262426

because this is a new thread and that has unfortunately been around too long to start being an asshole willy nilly.

No. 262428

Years ago I came across some subreddit regarding shifting and it had a specific "universe number" in it's sidebar that would help you tell if you had shifted universes. So for shits and giggles I tried the two cup method. Did not work of course.

File: 1560779396541.jpg (17.48 KB, 354x471, qt.jpg)

No. 116931[Reply]

This thread is for farmers to discuss what their ideal kind of man is and why he is better than what other farmers may think.
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No. 262404

I know what you're trying to do with these posts but I do feel like Indian/Asian men living in the west are in a sad position. They are viewed very unattractively by white women and women of Indian/Asian ethnicity date out with white men at quite high rates.

No. 262410

have you seen the state of those countries and how women are treat there? of course they'd prefer to date white men, as they should. indian and asian moids are insanely misogynistic under the guise of "culture and tradition" and do nothing to hold themselves accountable. they regard themselves too highly and think they are gods because they're like 5'7 with a patchy beard and a shrivelled dick, yet they still expect a freaky submissive white woman or latina because they consider themselves "too good" for women of their own race, the same as black men.

naturally this is why black moids get mad and start raging that black women prefer white men after those same black women have been constantly shit on all their lives for looking "too dark and not as freaky as a latina" by men of their own race. they can't handle the heat, pathetic scrotes - if you can't even treat the women of your own culture with respect and dignity then don't be surprised when she fucks off to find something better.

No. 262414

its not without reason they're usually avoided, usually they are severe mommy's boys who dont work out and are unabashed porn addicts who think in porn categories so if you are white you are a whore. their culture involves kissing the feet of his mother and family and if you even want to have a future with him you usually have to move in with them. plus they are kings of backhanded compliments and negging. I am white and Ive dated one brown guy, didnt get very far before his confusing conflict between self hating plus the intense pride and ego really made things uncomfortable. I'm talking literally joking that his mom will only tolerate me because I would make light skinned babies.

No. 262416

this is also precisely why i won't date black or asian men - i'm aware muh not all of them are like this, but the majority of black and asian/indian men i have met are incredibly addicted and obsessed with viewing women as porn categories and it makes me feel uncomfortable around them. if you're a white woman who thinks you won't be fetishized as a freaky submissive whore from these types then good luck because it's almost impossible. they also use you as leverage against women of their own race as if you're somehow better than them, which is disgusting. it's very much the madonna/whore complex simplified in the eyes of these men: if you are a white woman or latina you are the trophy whore from porn, if you're a woman of their own race you are a sexless younger representation of their mother and they consider themselves "above" you.

No. 262420

the last part is very true. Its funny because if they got their foreign trophy wife, he'd constantly compare her to the women of his culture. If he got a woman from his culture, he'd constantly compare her to women of other races.

File: 1639196986268.png (363.97 KB, 902x620, ouguouggo.png)

No. 216852[Reply]

This thread is for all kinds of wild, crazy, weird, funny, hilarious, gross etc encounters we find on shein or other similar cheapo online clothing store brands. For some reason, the cheaper it is the cringe it gets. Shein in particular has a lot of weird reviewers with no shame and lack of self awareness. Post away.
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No. 235542

Insecure moids is why I don't feel annoyed at unhinged femcels or radfem terfs that much tbh. It's their karma

No. 236275

File: 1645140757019.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20220217-232549_SHE…)

Fully grown man found a skirt that gives him a 'school girl feeling'

No. 236300

No. 246028

this looks like a good troon reaction pic lmao

No. 262320

i literally saw a review photo on shein of someone? (idk if it was a woman or man tucking tjheir dik behidn their legs) but it was a pair of knee high socks and their whole pussy was OUT

File: 1522136019089.jpg (84.88 KB, 700x525, 00277.jpg)

No. 77187[Reply]

which country do u want to visit one day??
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No. 262215

Entire Asia isn’t interesting at all except China or Japan. We are all Weeboos here

No. 262219

Come to Kurdistan

No. 262225

I wouldn't want to be found dead or alive in China. I'm surprised you didn't mention SK.

No. 262228

> all women should visit
I wouldn't feel safe there kek

No. 262330

Why bump this 4 year old thread when there is already a travel thread??? >>>/ot/591108

File: 1523523432841.jpg (100.28 KB, 900x1200, modnye-kupalniki-na-leto-17.jp…)

No. 78920[Reply]

Post your inspiration

Note: There's already a Thinspo Thread, but it's 2 years old and it turned into "if you don't like Snejana Onopka's BMI 14 body, you must be a fatty!", so i guess it's okay to make a new one.
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No. 261784

Working v hard on my body at the gym and heading towards a more vegan diet after being veggie for years (in before MyVegetarianBody.mov), but I’m like 5”3 and big on the boob side so looking for some inspo if any anons have suggestions!

No. 261797

File: 1651870382077.jpg (327.97 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220506-224206_Ins…)

Never happening because I wasn't blessed with god tier genes. ot, her casting in Heruta Sukeruta was absolutely perfect.

No. 261817

>but I'd want wider hips.

Why though. Her proportions look amazing.

No. 261849

Is it just me or is there some sort of photoshopping happening around her bikini? And yes, love Kiko! Only watched Norwegian Wood for her, and ot but I know Lauren Tsai is probably also lightly skin walking her, like that's my gut feeling on her weeb ass

No. 261852

>>261849 eh, lauren and kiko have completely different vibe and style. you can see it by comparing their ig feed

File: 1514409630488.jpg (55.87 KB, 500x352, 87jo.jpg)

No. 72084[Reply]

What are your favorite perfumes/body mists?

My go-to is Coco Mademoiselle. I've also harbored a longtime attachment to Love's Baby Soft as it was my first fragrance I was bought as a child. My mom got me Wind Song when I was little and I couldn't stand the smell. I've wanted to experiment with making my own perfume. The scent that I hate the most is freesia and I can't believe how much its used in fragrances.

Has anyone tried the Sailor Moon perfumes? Much of their anniversary merch seems to be all hype.
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No. 259089

Aura looks like a real life magical girl item, wow. It wasn't either of those, sadly. If it was an apple I'd definitely think of that instead of a heart.

No. 259093

Maybe it was a weird counterfeit version? I've seen "limited edition" Aura in red packaging in Russia kek

No. 259139

File: 1650992918677.png (15.63 KB, 708x136, i.png)

Yes! I love Olympic Orchids; so happy to see this house here. Ellen's perfumes are super unique and sometimes just downright strange, a lot of them being more like little art pieces than wearable scents. "Golden Cattleya" is one of my top #5 perfumes of all time though, and that one is a super wearable honey cream-soda scent. I unfortunately haven't tried any of her "scents of place" but I've also been looking to sample them, especially the one you posted. Her scents have many aspects to them that are super literal and photorealistic, so my guess is if the description suggests moss and rotting leaves, you should be prepared for moss and rotting leaves: decay and all. If you decide to get samples and you think you'll like kind of haunting, woodsy scents, I recommend trying "Woodcut". I never really wore it much because it demanded so much attention and was kind of spooky, but I would just occasionally smell it as an experience. I say go for it though- I think the worst case will be that you'll find it too strange to wear but it will be a super interesting olfactory experience very unlike most perfumes. Pic unrel lol

No. 259412

ayrt; I ended up browsing through the rest of the website and now I want to try them all. Your description of Woodcut sounds super intriguing, and I've been wanting a spooky moid-repellent scent to go with my goth fits for going out anyway so I might get that instead. Also, as someone who owns Cattleya orchids, that scent sounds bang-on.

No. 261827


Lolita Lempicka? Any of the? They have many apple-shaped bottles, but I remember them having a heart-shaped one, too. Can't remember the name though.

File: 1621981276607.jpg (76.9 KB, 500x617, tumblr_oodqff94ZF1uw0wabo1_500…)

No. 189347[Reply]

Manifest your inner Stacy here.

>How to become a Stacy

>What is a Stacy for you, personally
>When did you decide it was ENOUGH and became a Stacy
>Talk about your Stacy progress
>Who's your Stacy rolemodel
>Support others in their Stacy jorney
>Share your Stacy stories, music, pictures, workouts, etc
>What kind of Stacy are you (Fujo Stacy, Pinkpilled Stacy, Lesbian Stacy, Muscular Stacy etc)

>don't take this thread so seriously
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No. 261417

damn really? have any links? I can sort of understand russian. I need to read more about this lol. either way, she's still pretty

No. 261418

Can you give a few reasons why? I’m curious now.

No. 261583


No. 261584

File: 1651808324369.jpg (24.69 KB, 457x249, face-6.jpg)

No. 261605

i need to stop buying clothes online like i am built like stacy.

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