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File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 120319

File: 1564348687181.jpg (81 KB, 960x1024, vhuxs3rn3j631.jpg)

Last night I was at a party with my current one-and-a-half-year boyfriend who is the best thing to have happened in my life. My ex of 5 years was also there. At the tail-end of the party my bf talked to the ex a lot about video-games they both (and me as well of course) like. My bf of course mentioned how we play those games together. Afterwards I saw my ex just staring blankly into space as he tried to keep the conversation between them going. He stopped looking into my eyes as well. I hope its because he realises what a wonderful relationship he threw away and instead was so abusive to me all those years. I hope he misses being able to love another person and love the same games and stories. I have it now with my current bf. It used to be what I wanted with my ex but he abandoned it and I would never want to be back with him again. As far as I know, he's still single these past 3 years and I hope it stays that way cause no one deserves that kind of person. I was pretty stressed out about seeing my ex at the party, but seeing him in that state made me at least a little bit happier.

No. 120323

Why’d you two break up

No. 120328

My grandfather died and I realised that even in very hard situations he remained the same cruel person he always was. Then soon after he went on an exchange program for three months and made out with a girl there and started regularly meeting her. He said he did it because he thought I would be okay with it since I laughed when he was showing me the flirty messages she was sending him.

It was overall a really crappy relationship so I think him being in the exchange program in another country just helped me finally pull myself out of it.

No. 120337


glad you took out the garbage, anon. your ex sounds like a shit person.

No. 120722

File: 1564809812690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1536x1534, 5196FE2F-17F4-48C8-9A78-7E6204…)

I’m not in the country anymore (Omw out rn) and look nothing like I did when we dated so I’m safe to post this

>house full of roaches

>piles of cat poop everywhere including under his bed
>no car license
>refused to shower
>same wharehouse job since he was 18 (I was 16 and new to the country)
>incest fetish that he forced me into
>mom coddled him and overfed her Autistic brother so much he was fat and his brother was around 230 kilos at 13
>untreated ADHD
>weeb cringe
>used to scream at me on the street for “looking at guys” and a used me of cheating on him often
>he left high school in 2012 and I saw him on the street in 2016 still wearing his school uniform
>he made my dye my hair red style when he got mad at me for something petty

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1564687827207.png (357.96 KB, 800x688, 3A9B1567-F577-44A2-9830-FBDE27…)

No. 120606[Reply]

No. 120611

>feeding fetish
i don't think so m8

No. 120615

Completely unrelated to the feeder fetish quiz, but the Granblue boys are wasted on a shit game.

File: 1562182729585.jpg (90.62 KB, 768x1152, Redhead-768x1152.jpg)

No. 118179[Reply]

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No. 118606

most of the time, i think freckles kinda contribute to the plain jane look which i’m not really a fan of. they can be cute on some girls though

No. 118657

I have a lot of freckles but I also have a lot of zit blemishes too so you can’t really see them. I wear heavy coverage foundation anyways so you can’t even see my freckles most of the time. I personally love light freckles. They’re too cute. Especially when they’re sprinkled on the nose.

No. 118673

My freckles are nice. I think I‘d look too plain without them.

No. 120093

Freckles (and redheads) are cute and sometimes I think about how much makeup my ginger classmates would wear to hide 100% of it, it must be so uncomfortable and expensive. Nobody should feel like they need to do that, freckles aren't flaws, at least not to me.

No. 120167

No, they begin to look like age spots when there is too many of them

File: 1564169591218.jpg (111.58 KB, 720x1280, Reier dood.jpg)

No. 120152[Reply]

Hey girls. I'm nice man and look for conversation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120157

File: 1564171924311.jpeg (68.63 KB, 980x625, 88CA6254-B6F6-4EBC-8762-DADD0B…)

Meddl loide

No but srsly, fuck off and go back to pr0, lachschon, kc or wherever the hell you’re coming from.

File: 1500169742860.jpg (115.68 KB, 423x1280, lemonade.jpg)

No. 64941[Reply]

Can we have a thread where we post healthy food recipe pictures and discuss healthy meals/meal planning?
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No. 97766

300 calories or less, or 350 calories or less for something full of fruits/vegetables. I like savory and sweet, but not too sweet or too spicy. I don't like mushrooms, oats, or artificial sweeteners. I have ample refrigerator space at work, and access to a microwave and a toaster oven.

No. 97876

For lunches I tend to make spiced chickpea wraps with veg and hummus/garlic. Season your chickpeas in a bowl with different spices, over with a bit of oil and bake until they're golden. They're good in the fridge for a few days so you can make a lot of them and use them through the week. Breakfasts I normally make scrambled eggs and have some fruit. And dinner is normally a very small amount of carbs, a healthy portion of chicken/beef and vegetables. I tend not to count vegetables under my calories unless they're particularly sweet as they don't tend to add towards much. If you're wanting to stay fuller and snack less, eat more protein. For my snack I will have some cottage cheese and some fruit. Never find myself hungry even though I'm on a cut of 1400 calories a day at the moment.

No. 119733

I recently got an electric pressure cooker so I could cook without heating up the whole house. What's something easy and vegetarian that is low-calorie and is either one serving or can last a few days?

No. 119752

what size do you have? i have tons of instant pot veg/vegan recipes.

No. 119786

6 quart.

File: 1490227743113.jpg (89.25 KB, 768x1024, goals13.jpg)

No. 56882[Reply]

This is probably a really stupid question but how do I be more like those girls on Instagram and social media who are just uniform beautiful? Perfect eyebrows and somehow perfect fashion sense, you could even count the whole basic bitch thing but I'm hoping someone knows what I mean. How do I be more like the majority of the girls I see on the street with perfect clothes and hair and bodies?

I'm 22 and feel pretty much like Tomoko Kuroki in comparision. I'm very short and curvy, but my height and baby face make me feel like I stand no chance and I have no clue where to go for makeup or fashion resources that these girls all learn from and perfect.

I really want to finally feel more like a pretty young woman, anyone got any resources or tips?
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No. 57019

Aren't oil pulling and body wraps total bullshit? Other than that, good infographic

No. 57039

tomoko koroki isnt curvy…

No. 57093

One thing that makes people look beautiful on the internet is honestly being interesting. I'm not saying "ooh ur inside needs to be beautiful not ur outside" I'm saying, look how much lolcow tears into people who just stare vapidly at their cameras and shoop themselves into aliens. No one envies that.

Find hobbies, if you take a beautiful photo of yourself reading a book, watching the sunset, finishing a bike ride, painting a picture, you will look so much more beautiful than someone who rolls around on the floor trying to find the perfect angle and lighting.
lol i sound like a neckbeard but I'm actually just a woman who went through exactly the kind of painful envy you did. I feel a million times more attractive now that I can do makeup well, bathe regularly (I was gross), have good skin and have lost 20 pounds- but what really made me feel better about myself was finding shit about what I enjoyed and who I was.
I'm an artist and as soon as I put my all into painting, I felt better about myself. I took better care of myself because I had an identity to care about.
Obviously, art's not for everyone, but make sure you've got something you're passionate about OP, otherwise you're decorating an empty shell and that's not exactly motivating.

Also, diverging from that, make sure you have routines(diet/hygine/skincare/exercise). Consistency is the only thing that improves appearance.

No. 115464

what about people who have horrible facial features or bodily features lol makeup can only enhance what you have so are we just hopeless then

No. 119509

Honestly? Plastic surgery and weight loss/fitness.

File: 1521655205118.jpg (1.55 MB, 3672x2568, redflag.jpg)

No. 76727[Reply]

We've had a lot of mentions of red flags in various threads, so here's a way of collecting them all.

Which friends do you forsake? Which dates do you dump? Which co-workers do you cut off?

Farmers, what are your red flags when it comes to people?
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No. 118022

The guy who sings the boyfriend song that got big on tiktok last year is pretty cute. His other songs (maklemore's wife is a cunt, whole lotta gang shit etc.) make him seem insufferable though. Would maybe pump and dump, and then feel gross about it.
also I liked the song a lot more before I realized it was written by a 30 year old white guy and not a black teenager.

No. 118024

>that whiny midget voice
anon, please…

No. 118041

he looks like perez hilton

No. 119368

>talks constantly about their ex-partners
>badmouths their ex-partners
>badmouths other people behind their backs
>shares rumors or gossips
>black and white thinking
>wants you for emotional support but never listens to your problems
>acts hot and cold, one minute they're sweet and suddenly turn mean and then be nice again

No. 119370

>has insecurities about his body image, projects them onto you

Old post but damn, this one hit close to home. My ex was 5'4 and insecure as fuck and I developed an eating disorder during our time together. I weighed under 100 lbs at one point and one of his pet names for me was still "fat baby".

File: 1538944168887.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1216, 1B3E65F9-8478-4410-895D-F49BFC…)

No. 97704[Reply]

I thought I’d make a travel thread that was more centered around the process of traveling rather than the actual destinations themselves. Topics can include:

-Airport/TSA talk
-General tips and tricks for flying long haul
-Ways to find cheap tickets/favorite apps for airline tickets
-Cute luggage/luggage recommendations
-airport friendly OOTDs
-travel friendly makeup recs + tips
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No. 119013

There's a big chunk of minimalists on youtube who are lifestyle backpackers and do "whas in my bag" videos. I like Pick Up Limes.

also Dr. Bronner's soap for literally everything that needs to be cleaned: hair, clothes, lather it to shave, dishes, etc. Bar shampoo is popular too. Fold clothes Konmari style, takes up a lot less space. Make all your clothing pieces match so outfits are endless.

Pack a bag of what you would normally take on a trip but stay home and unpack each item as you use it for a week or two. Look at whatever you havent used and dont pack it on the real trip. Remember that depending on where you go, you can probably buy a replacement item abroad if you find out you really need it.

No. 119024

Write out what you're going to do. Then write out your outfit next to each activity. People overpack mostly because of what-if scenarios so this will help you decide what to take.
Pick a colour scheme so that everything matches, don't take more than the bare minimum for jewellery, toiletries and makeup, and take 2-3 pairs of shoes you know you can wear in that weather with those outfits. Add a few just in case items like a raincoat or a hat, add in enough underwear/socks/pjs to last you the whole trip, and you're done.

No. 119041

I went on a 11 day trip across the country with only a a moderately-sized backpack and I managed to pack a spare bag, an umbrella and a pair of shoes. Literally just haven't bought a luggage space and forced myself along with it.
What >>119024 said I did unconsciously. 90% of my clothes are black so I went with a distinct color scheme of black + red tartan. Put the bulkiest stuff on (it was still early spring where I lived so those things were not in the backpack but on my person).
Making a list is really important so you don't forget anything, but also don't be afraid to cross things off that list. Seeing all the things listed will help you gauge if you're overpacking.
Pack multipurpose products, clothes you can wear more than once/with more looks than one. Also something that won't wrinkle that much if you're unsure you will have an iron wherever you're staying.

My only issue was packing the things I bought, but honestly, not having luggage greatly cut my spending on the trip and allowed me to take more time with experiences like museums and concerts and not shopping malls for the same money. Haven't brought any worthless souvenirs back, only minimal stuff I totally can't get anywhere else but that city.

Travelling light is honestly incredible and I would absolutely do it again and advise it to others. Not fretting over the safety of your luggage, checking it in, claiming it, no lugging it across crowded airports and commute, no making a massive mess wherever you're staying because you brought so much shit and certainly no shame in "it took up so much space and weighed so much but I never used it so why did I even bother packing it".

As for my own list, the main bulk of my backpack was clothing - 4 tops, 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of comfortable flats, an umbrella, a light windbreaker, a small over the shoulder bag (with a foldable reusable bag in case I needed to carry anything big), 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of panties and 2 pairs of sheer tights. On myself I was wearing a heavier coat, jeans, hoodie and the more bulkier boots. I would have honestly done fine with not packing spair pants.
I handwashed whatever got dirty immidiately the day I took it off so I never ran out of clothes.

It really helped that I don't really botPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 119044

Can't you only bring 2 big plastic ziplock bags and your liquids have to be in a 2 oz bottle?

No. 119078

I suck at this.
You can cut back a bunch! But depends on your plans, I usually need and want to change outfits (so, also shoes) through out the day cause I have different things to do and places to see and attend. Also the weather can vary greatly from where you are leaving from (so a jacket, a jumper…). Summery clothes are so light and easy to pack, try the Konmari method, no wrinkles and takes up little space. I'm not a stan, I just haven't learned to fold clothes properly, and that is the easiest and less messy for me.

Anyways, bumping this thread cause I have a few tips and also want to talk about safety while traveling.

File: 1532344698723.jpg (40.72 KB, 976x549, _95625646_gettyimages-60235614…)

No. 89386[Reply]

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No. 118554

yea how old is she? She might just be 40 with grey hair lmao

No. 118696

I had the same thought while posting her. Idk who she is or how old she is tbf

No. 118848

File: 1562823491060.png (836.14 KB, 686x602, Untitled.png)

winona ryder is my inspiration to stay pale

No. 118920

File: 1562910280302.jpg (24.92 KB, 520x350, 1029384.jpg)

I watch Wentworth and I always think Susie Porter is very gorgeous. She's 48.

No. 120031

Hell yeah, love these ladies. Great thread all around!

No. 117461[Reply]

Glow up thread

Are you glowing up?

No. 117966

i am! moving out next week with a good friend, 2 yrs relationship going strong, acne gone and i'm as fit as ever.

No. 117992

How did you make your acne disappear?

No. 118271

i think so. just moved to new apartment on my own, looking for internship, getting out more and doing well in school. I just wish my looks were glowing up as well

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