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File: 1556850525258.png (876.38 KB, 3333x2083, stigma-depression-woman-illust…)

No. 114241[Reply]

I have really bad depression and I need to withdraw from everyone, I don't feel capable of holding a relationship at this point, since I'm just dead inside. I'm a dude, and I'm asking you guys, what's the best way to leave a girl suffering from depression and anxiety without causing a lot of damage? I'm really worried that she might kill herself if I leave and I don't wanna feel like I'm responsible for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114250

you should both be in therapy

No. 114261

I agree!

File: 1439742655325.jpg (139.21 KB, 1000x1167, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)

No. 49363[Reply]

Any of you guys suffering from anything? because I am.
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No. 110688

He is very real. As real as you are, because he is you. That realization really helped me. He's a part of you, so whatever you do, he's involved. You can't cheat on him and you'll always have him with you. Whatever you experience, he experiences too, so you don't have to feel guilty. If it helps, visualize him with your own face and embrace him, let him go back into you. Hope it helps.

No. 110698

Sounds like it's hurting you. Please tell your therapist.

No. 110699


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 112618

I can't speak publicly to the point that I can't even read something out loud in class (I'm 23 mind you). I sit there, sweaty, my heart thumping like a hammer; when the prof asks me to present the stuff (which is just! reading! what i wrote!) my voice is shaky, my mouth gets so dry I can't speak after a single sentence, and basically I want to kill myself on the spot.
This is the only thing that I can't battle by doing it many times, because it's always like this so now my fear is even greater.
Because soon I'm going to my GP so he can send me to a shrink about my probable anxiety/neurosis, I wonder if it's something that could possibly go away with right meds? (I mean the total unability to speak publicly) Does anybody know?

No. 112619

File: 1554579652028.gif (464.53 KB, 240x180, 1543894289149.gif)

>Lie to psychiatrist about weed usage because anxious of arrest even though I know you have patient client confidentiality
>Get really anxious that the antidepressants will act up with my weed
>Go sober for a week
>Feel like an absolute mess
>Lean on weed to help get me out of the bed, help me have an actual appetite, and counteract my headaches
>Anxiously read up online that my antidepressant may have no effect on me when combined with weed
>And it may increase cravings for weed use
>Too scared to tell psych I lied

File: 1541966718488.jpg (470.41 KB, 1200x853, home.jpg)

No. 100579[Reply]

A thread for all things Home, Living spaces, Happy Places, Comfort Zones, etc.

>Where's your "Happy Place"? If it's your home, what makes it that?
>What's your living space like? Do you like it? Pros & Cons?
>City? Suburb? Middle of nowhere? (Specific city, if you want)
>Do you think the rent is reasonable for the location?
>How do you unwind in your space?
>How long after you get home for the day do you keep your bra on? Pants?
>Do you live alone? Partner? Roommates? Parents? Pets?
>If you live alone, do you feel safe?
>Is decoration important to you? Organization? Tidiness?
>If so, what's your decoration inspo?
>Do you prefer isolation? Or do you always have friends over? Are you comfortable with people in your space?
>What's important to you in a home? What do you wish you had?
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No. 114024

>Where's your "Happy Place"? If it's your home, what makes it that?
I was in a generally shitty relationship until about a year ago, and ever since moving out and living on my own, my home has definitely become my happy space. I can keep it clean, it’s not messy or cluttered, I choose the colors and furnitures. So nice.

>What's your living space like? Do you like it? Pros & Cons?

Medium-sized house in a suburb. I love it, i have space to garden and space inside for crafting and painting, and a nice sized kitchen

>City? Suburb? Middle of nowhere? (Specific city, if you want)


>Do you think the rent is reasonable for the location?

Yeah, it’s very good

>How do you unwind in your space?

Lay in bed reading with candles lit or a diffuser, cook nice meals, lounge in front of the tv, drink tea and look out the window to my garden

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No. 114025

What kind of bulbs/lamps are you using to get these effects? It’s such a cool look

No. 114095

I‘m severely pms-ing but I just need to vent.

I just finished a 5-day clean/tidy/declutter marathon and somehow I still hate every single square inch of my apartment.

I adore a really clean, minimalistic look. Lots of white combined with dark tones and gold/silver details.
Like this: https://pin.it/tpdeyyo34tznl6

I just don’t know how to achieve a look that I genuinely like and coming home to. There’s a bunch of things I despise about my living situation:

- The apartment itself is shit. Really orange-y oak wood doors but ashy brown oak pvc and the general architecture is just awful, so I can’t really fit any quality furniture in it.

- My furniture is all mixed together, because I’m broke af. I think my sofa is probably one of the ugliest parts in my apartment. It’s a really old ikea beddinge and the worst part is: you can’t even sit on it! I genuinely just have it because I can’t afford a new one and it works as a guest bed. But it’s so hideous and I hate it with a burning passion. But also my other furniture just never looks right? I guess I just suck really bad at furnishing…

- I have so. much. stuff. But then again, especially those minimalistic living space pictures make me really question how authentic they are but also myself. I always thought it’s just because I have so many small things lying around but even now that I have all my stuff in boxes it still looks nowhere near as pleasing as other living or work spaces.

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No. 114104


most of those rooms from the pictures you link look staged, and not like actual homes people live in tbh.

It's very possible to get your home to this point, but you're going to have to get rid of A LOT.

I moved states with only a suitcase and a carry on bag, and not even my room looks that bare.

as for making your furniture match, you could try getting a can of paint and a day off to just paint over everything you can. Invest in sofa covers and temporary wallpapers too.

No. 114110

Actual homes that look like that either have a massive fucking junk room, or the person who lives there is sufficiently wealthy that they don't need to hang onto random crap because they might need it later.

Also, these are two-dimensional images and these rooms almost certainly do not look so nice from every angle.

Personally, I stopped hating my stupid house when I focused on making its crappy layout as functional as I could. After living with that for a while, something shifted and I could identify minor upgrades that resulted in major aesthetic improvements.

Best of luck. Even if you never figure out how to like your apartment, it's not like you have to live there forever.

File: 1555467906048.png (413.66 KB, 577x353, Screenshot_2019-04-17 perfect …)

No. 113303[Reply]

ITT:Just brag about your boyfriend or husband and what he does for you
mine does the cooking,cleans the bathroom,does the yard-work,works out so he's fit,cares for his sick grandmother and loves me unconditionally even when I'm not as fit as I used to be
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No. 113785

He sends me pictures of particularly nice plants or flowers that he comes across. He did it once and I asked him to send more, so he does!! I appreciate him so much.

No. 113802

>Supports me while I study
>Does not watch porn because he is ethically against it and urges his friends to stop too
>He puts my pleasure before his own
>The only reason he practices with cooking is because he wants to impress me and see me be happy because of nice food.
>If I ask him to do a chore, he will do it.
>Wants to learn how to give me a foot-massage
>He is extremely hygienic
>He is my intellectual equal
>Takes my PTSD into account; he understands if I cannot watch certain movies and he will comfort me if I get a nightmare
>I can stop sex whenever necessary and he won't sulk or feel offended
>He has no fetishes
>When we have an argument we communicate properly and actually solve it
>Animals like him, he has a friendly and calm disposition
>He is honest; he realized it is a lot more productive to immediately fess up so I can help instead of trying to hide it and deal with it all alone.
>He visits his mother regularly despite having a strained relationship with her
>We have been together for 2.5 years and he still tries to woo me.

No. 113825

Thank you, I would have never thought of writing one myself before, maybe you could drop a hint or write him one first? Even just a little funny one.

I don't want to be too specific but a local manly kind of accent, so it made him shyly reading a poem even cuter.

No. 113848


sounds like a chill dude. does he have a favourite animal?

No. 114315

>ldr for more than a year but were both rather independent so we dont mind the distance
>has the money to visit me at least 3/4 times a year
>buys me whatever I want (makeup, shopping sprees, food)
>when im on my period hell send me money to buy ice cream
>calls me cute every day
>doesn't watch porn nor has any weird fetishes (that i know of)
>very vanilla
>close with his family (they have a very cute dynamic that i wish i had with my family, and they include me in it too which makes me very appreciated)
>rarely fight
>when we argue its calm and we see both sides in our arguments or why we have upset the other

a plus
>inherited a shit ton of money
>has a very promising career
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File: 1527655031196.jpg (88.8 KB, 736x1103, 1505778082638.jpg)

No. 83805[Reply]

How strongly do you feel about cheating? Would you dump a partner immediately if they did it once, regardless of how in love you were with them? Would you forgive it to a point? Would you sweep it under the rug even if it was a regular occurrence? How much blame do you place on the person they cheated with (assuming they knew they were taken)?

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Have you ever been with a taken person? Share your experience.
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No. 113805

how do you feel about those people who make their partner open up their relationships? i feel like personally it's basically the same thing. usually they convince their partner to change their monogamous relationship to an "open" one, but they're the only ones who get to be open and the partner ends up stuck until they leave them for someone else.

No. 113806

I cheated on a bf with a friend who was married. We had been online friends for 8ish years and were close. I moved to his city for work and school and we ended up meeting and hanging out in group/party settings (usually with our partners present) on occasion. maybe 4 or 5 times a year. After about 3 years of living in the same city we hung out alone for the first time and things escalated so fast with a little alcohol. I regret it so much. We ended our friendship and I miss him sometimes. I feel like maybe I loved him a little but I never want to actively open that can of worms.

No. 113807

I just realised I definitely shouldn't know this much about their relationship and sex life in the first place. He is sharing too much.

I love when it's the guy who wants to open up the relationship and can't find anyone to have sex with, but it's super easy for the woman lmao

No. 113820

The single fact that he is telling you all of these things is highly disrespectful to his wife and weird af. Total dirt bag.

No. 114033

She should just cheat on him with someone who actually makes her cum, then proceed to inform her balls and chain as to why she did it.

Males only learn that something is wrong if you do it right back at them.

File: 1492361448856.jpg (51.95 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_lrq1hzcsz11qmyhpuo1_128…)

No. 58242[Reply]

Post the (Somewhat reasonable) Dreams you always had but are literally Impossible.

I always wanted to be a model, since i was a kid but i never grew past 5'1 and ended up being allergic to cosmetics.

Still makes me lowkey suicidal when i think of it.
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No. 113727

Me too. But, well, Im over 30 and need to do adult things, have no time to finish a story anymore… But honestly, in the end, this is just an excuse. Being lazy, having no motivation and wasting my free time away burning cash playing poker is what I actually do.

No. 113739

To live without agoraphobia.

No. 113744

1. To be an independent, confident adult who's outgoing and can talk to people without wondering if I fucked up

2. Look pretty enough for him

No. 113751

File: 1556141613867.jpg (365.22 KB, 741x1466, AirBrush_20190423080650.jpg)

I want to get my PhD in something related to the astronautical field (electrical/ mechanical engineering, applied physics, etc) I'm too dumb and poor. And I majored in the wrong kind of engineering to get to that point. And I'm pushing 30.

I want to marry into a loving family. Mine is really shitty and abusive.

It would take a miracle for either of these to happen.

No. 114145

Have a group of friends.

File: 1513402004653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.11 KB, 554x382, il_570xN.1081517077_mtqn1.jpg)

No. 71573[Reply]

Last thread was about 2 years ago and it's almost at its limit!

First Thread >>>51836
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No. 113713

Ohh I can relate to this. It‘s been ages since I used my first tampon, but I remember being so scared because all of my friends who already had their periods talked about how painful it was and even my mother told me that I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable using them anytime soon.
When I used one for the first time though I was like ‘Wait what, what’s all the fuss about? This is so much better than pads!’

However, since my cramps got really bad I started using pads more again as I can’t bear putting anything inside of me. I’m thinking about trying thinx though because I still tend to leak on the sides and … yeah, not keen on having to deal with that.

No. 113716

Oh yeah, I don’t use it without at least a liner. But thicker pads, I don’t usually need.

They tend to…overflow? when full so you need to be on top of that. Shape probably matters too.
They’re a great comfort in public and while sleeping for me. Also no risk of tss afaik.

Can I ask why you think you’re inserting it wrong? Usually I end up feeling around until I know it’s up there properly or I hear/feel(?) suction.

No. 113717


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 113719

New thread >>113718

No. 115609

So how the hell does one remove a menstrual cup?
The instructions say to press on the sides and pull it out, but it just slips out of my fingers wenn i try to press it.
Then I tried to break the suction by putting my finger on top of it, but I can't reach all that way up.
Am I fucked anons?

File: 1556014595869.jpg (2.02 MB, 2383x1376, friends.jpg)

No. 113646[Reply]

What are they like?
Do you like your significant other's friends, or do you hate them?
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No. 113651

my bf has this one friend who i cannot stand. he’s a cheater, serial womanizer, misogynistic and does way too much coke. he’s been friends with this guy for years and says that he hasn’t always been this way. my bf tells me that he disagrees with the way he behaves and shit he says and he does tell him this. he’s offered to cut him off for me but i don’t want him to do that bc i’m not controlling and trust him not be influenced by this dude and their friend group would be fragmented if that happened. his other friends are lovely and i like them! they all have a relatively decent head on their shoulders. it’s just the one guy (who admittedly he does only hang out with once or twice a year) that i don’t like. is this a problem?

No. 113656

I mean if they barely hang out and he would cut him off for you even though it would break the friend group then I wouldn't say it's a problem. It's just weird that all of them are nice people but they keep this guy around, but I guess it's hard to let go of people when they used to be different.
You shouldn't worry about it, I don't know how old you both are but adults don't get influenced as much, especially if they already have a group of good friends.

No. 113662

>you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with
Based. Even if you're not like them per se, the fact that you maintain a relationship with someone of questionable character says a lot about you.

If they barely hang there is really no issue, I'd probably leave it alone. However, I don't respect people that keep friends around long after they've become different people with the excuse "he wasn't like this" bc that makes no sense. That conveys either a lack of critical thought towards certain things, or some FOMO type shit where they cling to the potential of their friend changing into a better person someday. Either way shaky stuff and a waste of time imo. You don't have to dramatically burn bridges or whatever but it's totally okay to let go of people that are no longer a good match for you.

No. 113667

i agree, kinda. i find it very easy to cut off people i see who have changed for the worse and he’s not particularly clingy so i find it hard to understand why he keeps this guy as a friend (they don’t talk all that often either). i think his main fear is that particular friend group fragmenting and not getting to hang out easily together. my boyfriends pretty drastically different to his guy and i think i trust his judgement enough on this one maybe.

No. 113670

I like them, but after reading through this thread I think I have a pretty unique situation.

My fiancé does not have a lot of friends our age. He has always been somewhat of a loner and does not like conventional things other people our age do. He has a group of friends from childhood and we all hangout once or twice a month. They are at different points in their lives (some are dropouts, others are still in college, some have started their careers) so they've drifted apart somewhat but it's nice everyone still makes an effort to get together. Only two of them have longterm girlfriends but they always include us when they get together.

Other than that, my fiancé has older work colleagues we sometimes do things with on the weekends with their families.

One thing I really appreciate about my fiancé is that he has always made an effort to include me in social outings with friends and colleagues at his own behest. He's a good fellow.

File: 1553957253298.jpg (59.2 KB, 563x698, 17b525649c32fef8f489d03bdba81e…)

No. 112126[Reply]

What are your favorite online stores for clothing and accessories? I'm trying to find a good site for soft aesthetic art hoe clothing after a long goth/emo phase.

That being said, for small things like socks/thigh highs and accessories I'm not trying to impress with (hello kitty bracelet and hair clips..) ebay and aliexpress work well.

For clothing that I don't want to look cheap in, dollskill and killstar are my favorite though.
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No. 113485

i have shopped on storedogdog a few times. Their prices are ok but their products smell awful most likely do to them being shipped from China

No. 113487

Saged for anachan.
Does anyone know of a US store that sells really small clothing sizes for tall girls? I’m in recovery but am still under a size zero in most stores.

No. 113488

off the top of my head i know bershka and banana republic carry 00
you might have some luck with amazon as i know a lot of their things can run more similar to asian sizing

No. 113514

I find that any store with a petite section works best for me - Anthropologie, Loft/Loft Outlet. LoveShackFancy runs small.

What sort of clothes do you like?

No. 113530

I know American Eagle jeans go down to a double zero and you can order a longer inseam instead of the standard length

File: 1534719388629.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x482, 3e0c309f2c772280a33b1ec5c6ae1e…)

No. 92614[Reply]

Girls who like tattoos thread?

What are some of your favorite artists/tattoos? What tattoos do you already have? What do you want to get in the future?

The only other tattoo thread I could find on this website is a thread on /ot that had mainly comments that were anti-tattoo, but it would be nice to have a thread for girls who are tattoo admirers/enthusiasts!
39 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 113374

Your breasts will change size like crazy over your life and the hearts will end up looking really bad.

No. 113382

Male here. Tattoos on girls can be really attractive.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 113507

File: 1555783043314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.68 KB, 1143x2289, PicsArt_04-20-12.56.40.jpg)

Week af, but this is my next one

No. 113510

No. 113629

I work in the food service department of a hospital. It never affected my job because I always wear long sleeves (constantly cold) and most of the people I work with have tattoos.

Also, I need recommendations. I want and have been wanting to finish my arm tattoo connecting two existing tattoos. Anyone have pointers on how to think of a "connecting tattoos"? Like they frame around the tattoo instead of collage?

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