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File: 1495480773306.png (677.29 KB, 707x723, virginsuicides.png)

No. 61334[Reply]

Post your stories about when you lost your virginity and thoughts about virginity/fist time sex in general.
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No. 205528

Wow, two farmers who're getting married?! How did you meet each other?

No. 205541

File: 1631634077284.jpg (24.5 KB, 280x218, 5a719cb67166817e80c5739dd23272…)

congrats nonnies!!!!!!!

No. 205543

When I look back on my first time it kinda bothers me that my first time ever touching a penis and my first time having one inside me were all within 5 mins or less. There was no slow progression of fooling around one time, trying oral a few times, eventually getting around to piv once I was a lil more familiar with dicks.

Even now (and my 'body count' isn't low) it's been a while since I last had sex and whoever I get with next I want to take it stage through stage and not jump straight to it. I honestly hate that my memory is having a peen in my hand and being weirded out by it feeling different than I expected… and then full on penetration right afterwards.

No. 205653

OMG when I first read this I thought farmer as in a real farm, I was like 'oh cool farmer lesbians!' but now I see. Hope you have a wonderful life and marriage imagine some nice heart emojis here

No. 205861

I'm quite ashamed of how I lost my virginity. I was 15 and my boyfriend had been trying to talk me in to it for a good while, anyway, I eventually gave in and did it. It was awful and painful. He insisted that if we did it doggy style it would hurt the least, I think that was a lie. Anyway, moral of the story, don't have sex with pornsick scrotes

File: 1616684678122.jpg (95.82 KB, 1236x695, vintage_women_talking_while_kn…)

No. 176526[Reply]

You have no idea what to do about that thing? Ask for advice here!

Previous thread: >>>/g/147310
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No. 205466

I'm gonna manifest that you shut up

No. 205467

Thanks, maybe I just need a hair dye. The brown haired no makeup dead eyed femcel aesthetic is so cliche.

No. 205468

Thanks for proving me right, you're dense and ignorant and i'm not responsible for your ignorance so.
Did you completely miss the part about emptying the bladder first? You can't piss or shit if there's nothing to actually piss or shit.

No. 205469

Well that would happen if you just shut your mouth then there wouldn't be anything for me to respond to.

No. 205473

ahh so i just let myself piss all over. never knew it was just that easy! great advice nona thank you!

right kek what the hell is she talking about? so autistic

File: 1620027319147.jpg (132.42 KB, 500x699, fruits.jpg)

No. 183281[Reply]

Previous thread: >>154681
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No. 205176

God these leggings are GODTIER for cold winter days. If you're susceptible to cold weather they're amazing. The only downside is that they make you a bit fatter (duh) but it's a small price to pay for being snug all winter. If you're from the UK you can easily find them in Primark. I've seen girls buy those leggings but in nude colours and wear them with skirts during winter, which intrigues me. Unfortunately I haven't found a pair that doesn't make you look like you have hepatitis.

No. 205190

I've seen girls wear nude ones with fishnet tights on top for winter which I think is a fun idea lol.

No. 205195

i disagree. i wear leggings all the time and i want them to be made out of high quality material so they don't get torn up after 1 month of wearing them, and i also don't want to get rashes from the shitty material
even if you wear it under your clothes, they should be able to last for a while wtf

No. 205279

What leggings are you getting where youre replacing them once a season

No. 205288

Don't worry anon, that's a pretty reasonable thing to expect from a pair of leggings. There's been at least one anon shitting up this thread with her bitterness for the last several days now.

File: 1631228859648.png (89.17 KB, 350x350, chancey.png)

No. 204896[Reply]

Care taking of chronically/terminally ill family members is primarily a task that women take on and I think it is a fairly common experience among women.
I'd like this to be a thread where we can vent about the stress/fears of taking care of a loved one, give or ask advice on specific situations pertaining to care of elders or children with specific diseases or even your own managing of an ailment. This can also be about mental illness or developmental. All things caretaking!
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No. 204914

I have to take care of my grandmother with dementia and it's so exhausting. I know she isn't bad at all but for me it's a problem. Also she has a shitty behaviour but i can't do nothing because she's ill. It's like having a giant and heavy backpack.

No. 204915

ayrt, my mom was a stoner for about 20+ years too, started at 15 so i think it definitely had an impact on her brain, and i enjoy pot myself (but definitely see the bad sides of it, anyone can be addicted to anything). i feel so much for you anon, its really hard to feel family pushing down on you, i've felt the same pressures. i hope your grandmother is alright, and that maybe somehow family can intervene with her husband taking medicines and whatnot. also never feel guilty for crying, its healthy to express your emotions, crying is absolutely healthy and normal (never let a man/anyone tell you different)! i also hope maybe you can reintroduce your mom to the family (if she is willing), my mom is also the black sheep and struggles with fitting in and feeling accepted. also good luck with school, and thank you again for the thread :)

No. 204981

It's so exhausting. I won't pretend I know exactly how you feel, but I was practically chained to my grandmother with ovarian cancer and bad lymphedema for just a week, and that was well enough for me. She was close to her death and probably had rapid-onset dementia, because she would wake me up from the other room with cries and sobs about where she was and who I was. She had a pretty bad 'tude as well, but I tried not to blame her too much, since she was literally dying. I get the backpack metaphor. One of the most painful aspects is probably the loss of a social life at that time, nothing can compare to the weight of responsibility and the burden you have to carry for g'parents who frankly treat you like shit despite you helping them, and who at the same time rid you of life opportunities through no fault of their own. It's like you're supposed to do all of the things young people should go through, live life, you feel like with every day you lose opportunities to be in the now with other people who feel and look actually alive, but instead you're here sitting with an old relic, a remnant of a person almost. You can literally feel your life stagnate and get stale in the air ith this person you used to love, but who you now resent to an extent and who's about to pass away. It's very hard on everybody.
Oh, and I'll never forget trying to give my grandmother a foot bath and rub for her really gnarly foot on her edema leg she physically couldn't care for. That was nasty.

No. 205087

File: 1631353402204.jpg (113.08 KB, 838x1200, Misao.jpg)

Sorry on taking ages to reply. I got a ban.
It's ironic I just decided to make this post just a day ago because my grandma ended up taking several falls and was finally admitted to the emergency room. Turns out her blood went septic and she can't tolerate anymore chemo so they are going to try to remove the cancer at it's current size even though it's only slightly shrunk. I am really nervous because it is hasty and dangerous surgery. They are waiting 4 days to get the infection under control before operating. She's in the hospital so I'm not currently caring for her like I usually would be today. It's nearly 6am and I am awake feeling concerned and guilty.

No. 205161

hi again nona, it seems my mom and your grandmother will be in surgery around the same time… she will be in my thoughts. i hope the best for you and your family!

File: 1624409117635.png (423.58 KB, 800x450, trulyme.png)

No. 193846[Reply]

a containment thread for people like the peepanons and carreyanons who can't stop talking about their trash men. different from the unconventional thread, as you can sperg repeatedly here about IRL guys (celebs, historical figures, youtubers) you may or may not be obsessed with
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No. 204787

Oh good. Posting cheesy inspirational quotes on social media may be cringe but it's far better than some of the shit I was imagining

No. 204791

He's so hot he gets a pass, and inspirational quotes aren't nearly as bad as what I was picturing.

No. 204792

If someone described Tim Roth to me I'd say he's ugly but somehow he makes it work. Even old he looks pretty great.

No. 204829

He made far cry 3 such a sexy game

No. 205265

File: 1631472731393.jpeg (129.45 KB, 862x904, 6803CDFB-E143-41E4-948B-7CF4D8…)

he acted like an insufferable chode in 2017 but if watching the norm episode for the fourth time didn't make me want him less then nothing will

I need god

File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082[Reply]

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.
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No. 204800

No, I just dont like weak, childlike, funko pop buying man who will call me a swerf for not agreeing to his onlyfans purchase of tranny porn. I want a strong, hardworking, conservative man. I want a man that feels like a man, not an emasculated wimp.

I wouldn't want a rightoid pol tranny either for that matter.

Sorry if I described your boyfriend or something

No. 204845

>I want a strong, hardworking, conservative man
anon you sound like Christian Walker, I wouldn't date a conservative man but I get what you mean

No. 204850

fucking KEK at this anon

No. 205228

This post is so important. Dudes who like anime always have something severely wrong with them. Tbh same goes for watching any cartoon period, even without the sexist porno aspect. Unless you're watching a classic cartoon like Beavis and Butthead or King of the Hill, no one over the age of 7 gives a fuck.

No. 205500

eyes too close together (e.g. markiplier)

File: 1614893944831.png (414.86 KB, 1024x1024, PMDD-symptoms-1024x1024.png)

No. 174083[Reply]

I only recently learned that PMDD (PMS, but longer & worse) is a thing. I always thought I had some type of weird, 2-weeks cyclic depression, but now I'm 99% sure it's PMDD. It's like clockwork.

Do anons here have tips for how to stop your fluctuating hormone levels from ruining your relationships and career? Any experiences with medication? Stories you'd like to share?

I tried hormonal birth control and it didn't help. Thinking about starting an SSRI next…
41 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 204624

File: 1631053593219.jpg (427.22 KB, 1259x1588, Vinter Landscape.jpg)

I have been to a couple of gynecologists (all women), and NONE of them have helped me. I'm pretty sure I have PMDD because I have 5 or more symptoms and most of them are the bad mental kind. I'm really afraid; when it gets bad, it gets bad. In particular, last time before my period I had this… overpowering urge to kill myself any means possible, and it scared me. Usually I try to stay strong and fight it because I know my parents would be devastated but recently, I have been living in a foreign country and it gets easy for me in that state to shrug that away. I don't want to do something awful to myself. I don't want to hurt my loved ones either.

But all the hormone tests I've done with doctors have turned out alright. Granted, they have been not on that window of time before my period, but aren't hormones unbalanced all the time if they cause this? IDK, I'm grasping at straws right now. I want to keep fighting this dreary state, but I need tools to combat it before it happens. The ones I have are sparse right now.

Any helpful suggestions, anons?

No. 204625

Try changing your diet. It worked for me.

No. 204626

Samefag but
> I have been living in a foreign country
Eating foreign food? Might be the culprit.

No. 204674

It's not the diet. I've had it since I started my period, only when I was a teen I thought this was just regular teen crap. And the only time it stopped was when I lost my period for a year (it's super irregular regardless). My diet is pretty much the same.

No. 204679

Well if you've had it since forever and you diet's been same forever, it could still be the diet's fault…
I'm just trying to help. It doesn't hurt to at least try making a change there and seeing how your body reacts?

File: 1617676227343.jpg (73.81 KB, 650x890, 23205-R3L8T8D-650-sweet-couple…)

No. 178048[Reply]

What are some good relationship green flags aka things that are nice and make sense early on/later in a relationship and means you both will succeed in being a couple?
12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 178757

I second this notion.

No. 178778

Well whether they have a good relationship or not with their family and you/they want to have contact with them, in my case my partner's mother is a crazy awful woman so we're no contact and if family gatherings/things like that that's important to you or having a big family then it can be a decider for long term relationships.

No. 179017


>a slur

ngl, had to pause to laugh. The relationship is so over after that, that's so specific/intentional and kinda scary because that means they were secretly thinking bigoted things about you the whole time? That's a wolf in sheep's clothing

some green flags that have helped me know everything was right

>asks how I'm doing during particularly stressful periods

>makes me my favorite meal in the morning if I had a rough previous night
>knows details about my hobbies and offers to participate and learn more
>a history of good friendships/keeping good company
>his friends are nice people
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 179073

sorry wrong synonym, I meant insult, like 'asshole' or whatever, I'm retarded but I meant if you say 'aaah fuckin dickhead' when you're both sleep deprived and putting together ikea stuff, petty things you easily talk through. Sorry again I'm retarded with wording sage for no contribution.

No. 204645

File: 1631064560336.gif (22.67 KB, 220x292, puuung-couple.gif)

>empathy and nonjudgemental
>good listener, will let you share your feelings without interrupting or invalidating them
>realization of their own issues and working on them without the need for you to point them out
>if you do point something out, or make an innocuous comment in passing, they'll put the effort in to make you happy
>respectful; doesn't badmouth others, not even behind the others backs
>attempts to get close to your family and makes the effort to befriend your friends
>will go above and beyond for you
>will travel the distance if you're far apart and not complain about it
>will not compromise - all your goals and visions for the future align
>won't compare you to others and loves you for you
>small acts of kindness everyday like making breakfast for you without your request
>words of reassurance and affirmation when needed
>they can read your mind and just 'get' you - they know when you need your space, when you need their support, what words to use to make you feel better, if you want to talk about something etc.
>they love their loved ones and are always planning ways to show it i.e. giving positive feedback and praise, putting in a ton of effort and thought into a gift or a birthday card's written words etc.
>remembers important dates and anniversaries, is sentimental, remembers special moments between you two, you have your inside jokes, they remember the memories you lived without them
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1620037764421.jpg (203.95 KB, 500x723, bread.jpg)

No. 183298[Reply]

A thread regarding baking and cooking.

Feel free to:
>share recipes
>post what you've made
>show what you want to make in the future
>ask questions about what you're struggling with
50 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 204538

Sautéed veggies? I don't think they take that much and there are a lot of sauces to condiment them with. My comfort food for when I'm feeling like shit and don't want to cook is rice/noodles with sautéed vegetables (it can be with everything seriously, peppers, onions, garlic, eggplant, zucchini, etc) + soy sauce + ground ginger + salt. Very basic but tasty and simple imo
Do you like salads and fresh vegetables? I love fresh tomatoes with olive oil, little bit of salt and oregano. You can add cheese or garlic as well

No. 204542

I know it’s not quite as healthy as eating plain veggies, but I usually roast them in the oven with a bit of olive oil (and various seasonings). You can obviously only use a small amount of oil if you’re watching calories. Toss some broccoli on a sheet pan with olive oil, garlic, salt/pepper, a little lemon juice, roast for 25 mins or so, and you’ve got a very easy/delicious side dish. Add a bit of parm cheese and it’s even better. Green beans I usually roast with only olive oil and crushed rosemary. I also love roasted spaghetti squash with saucey main dishes, it’s kind of a plain flavor by itself but it goes great with BBQ sauce. Any kind of roasted vegetable dish is pretty easy because you just toss with oil/seasonings and let it cook. Brussel sprouts are also delicious pan-fried or roasted with garlic and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It depends on your tastes of course, but I love veggies with a fuckton of garlic.

No. 204549

File: 1631005592387.jpg (397.22 KB, 800x1678, Healthy-Minestrone-Soup-4.jpg)

Soup and chili with lots of veggies are great for fall and winter! It takes about an hour total to make this minestrone soup recipe, but you'll have leftovers if you're just cooking for yourself so you can heat and eat it for a few more meals.


No. 204550

NTA but I’m definitely gonna try this, looks so tasty.

No. 204580

>What condiments do you use for each veg to make it tasty?
I put turmeric in practically any veggie dish I make, it makes it taste 10x better to me.

File: 1502833145854.jpg (60.19 KB, 448x252, IMG_3809.JPG)

No. 66545[Reply]

I couldn't find a recent thread similar enough on here so I wanted to start one myself.

Do any of you struggle with addiction to drugs/alcohol etc? Do you have advice for those who do?

Personally I don't think i have an 'addiction' but a habit which could turn into one. I struggle to go to sleep at night by myself without a few bottles of wine or weed. For the last couple of months I've been going out drinking/smoking every other day. I also picked up smoking because of the people around me even though I don't necessarily like it. I'm still a teenager and I have alcoholics and ex drug addicts in my family so this worries me. I've tried other drugs like Coke and Molly very briefly so I know it isn't very extreme case. Advice/thoughts are appreciated
55 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 203874

I'm still recovering from a porn addiction I've had for on and off 4 years I think. It's fucked with my view on sex and confused my sexuality a lot, I wish I knew what I was getting into when I started. I don't understand how watching porn is seen as normal.

No. 204515

I have a drinking problem and I’m a bit of a cokehead. Granted, I can function fine for the most part but I still struggle with addiction. I do coke like every two weeks which is still a lot. I’m definitely not as into it as I used to be but I wish I had better control.

No. 204524

I feel like I've got my alcohol issue better under control but I got looped back into smoking cigarettes again after being off them for about 3 years. I vaped and worked myself down from 6mgs nic to 0.5mgs nic but now I'm that smoking cigarettes again the vape just isn't doing much for me. I really only smoke on Saturday's though which is my designated drinking day.

I wrote out a gay little contract stipulating that if I purchase another pack before the year is over I have to dump all my hoarded liquor and unsubscribe from world of fucking warcraft. i have my friends supporting me and keeping me honestly about it which cigarette check ins so I cant be like "OH i TOTALLY didn't buy a new pack this is still the last one from September!" which i know is shome shit i might pull. wish me luck.

No. 204526

It's now been a whole year since I last smoked weed and yet I've been getting cravings so intense that I've cried. All my friends talk about how high they're getting and I feel so angry and jealous because I know if I start again it'll take over my life like it did last time. I wish weed wasn't so normalised.

No. 204681

same here. It doesn‘t relieve stress and the need to smoke stresses more than the ‚good‘ effect from it, i.e. the short nicotine buzz. We just get tricked by our own brains because it’s so addictive and increases the concentration capacity for the blink of a second, hence why so many people are addicted to smoking at work.
Not to mention that your concentration ability is way better off without your brain being under constant additional stress from addiction.
I used to smoke a shitload like that too for many years. What is really important imo is to radically stop smoking in the morning or whenever you get up. The later you enter ‚smoker mode‘, the less you will smoke over the day. In my experience, after the first cigarette the urge to smoke more in regular intervals is much stronger, so delay that as much as you can. Not starting your day with smoking was the biggest step for me, and it will get easier over time to the point where you feel disgusted at the idea of smoking early and it becomea an evening thing. For me it was a slow road, nowadays I only smoke when I‘m drunk because otherwise it gives me a headache.

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