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File: 1493076164230.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x500, IMG_0866.JPG)

No. 58871[Reply]

Here we can discuss black hair issues etc

>be black

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair
>the "natural hair" meme started around 2015ish
>now in 2017 you're considered a slut/hood rat if you straighten your hair and or wear weave
>the only acceptable "natural hair" is the mixed girl kind, when people mean go natural that is what they expect your hair to be like.
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No. 144910

You'll need to fully remove them and learn to draw them on, anon.

No. 144913

Have you tried eyebrow lamination

No. 144915

use got2be ultimate hair gel in them. It works amazing. if you want something semi-permanent, try eyebrow lamination. Amazon sells at home kits and they are safe and work great.

No. 144987

finally a thread i mostly relate to!
I have really kinky hair, the most my mom could do when i was a little girl was plaits so i never really styled my hair in my high school years. I got teased a lot by students and one of my upperclassmen even tried to straighten my hair, she ended up burning it a bit and it became short.

at first i decided to have extensions to help grow my hair but then when i started attending university I started wearing wigs. people kept on thinking it was my real hair and I have been wearing wigs a lot since then (while keeping my hair in plaits underneath). I am honestly so envious of the black women who can do stuff with their natural hair and wish I could do the same too but my hair is too rough.

No. 145004

I’m so happy that this thread got bumped back up. I’m mixed with 3c hair and recently changed my routine for the better. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but I figured that if this thread was dead there wasn’t a big enough demand for it on this board for me to be able to relate to anyone. (also was annoyed by all the previous race baiting.) Hopefully we can stay on topic & help each other out.

>curly eyebrows exist
I learned something new today.

File: 1595185634694.jpg (46.92 KB, 564x877, 417b987c8fa349272e049856cd604c…)

No. 144581[Reply]

is it possible to be attracted to girls?
I've been interested in compulsory heterosexuality lately because I was hoping that I might be bi or lesbian but I can't feel any attraction to females, I can't imagine what type of woman I would be into but I'm very open to dating women and I want to brainwash myself into being attracted to them or I will be single forever
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No. 144588

>is it possible to be attracted to girls?
Yes if you're ACTUALLY les or bi.
Don't date one if you're not really into her, you'd be wasting her time.

No. 144596

Anon, it’s not okay to date anyone just because you’re lonely, also, if you can’t even think of yourself kissing a woman, I’m pretty sure a relationship won’t end up like how you expect it could go.

Think about this, just because you want to be Bi, doesn’t mean women won’t also reject you, sometimes having lots of options means receiving more rejections.

Plus, there’s the whole issue with the discrimination towards well, the whole LGBT community? So, just because you feel lonely, you might end up going through lots of hardships that can be avoided if you focus on yourself and think properly about what you need to do on your own to better your self-esteem.

Get some internet friends as a beginning if you feel like in real life friends are a chore or impossible. Get a hobby and a nice dildo if you’re feeling lonely. Maybe try one night stands?

Don’t try to “turn” yourself into a lesbian or a bisexual person just because you’re lonely, that will make you feel even more sad and it will make the person next to you also feel like they’re not enough when they’re just dealing with someone who is just lonely.

No. 144602

I mean you could get into an asexual relationship with a woman. Just be biromantic instead of bisexual. Of course you need to specify this before dating said woman.

No. 144607

go visit r/latebloomerlesbians

No. 144608

I tried to convince myself I was bi for a long time for similar reasons, OP. Finally accepted that thinking anime girls are hot does not necessarily transfer to irl women. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I'll never have a significant other (do not want to date men), it's hard. But I could never waste another woman's time with my bullshit, it would be cruel. This is something us intentionally celibate straight women have to figure out how to cope with alone, unfortunately.

File: 1592659188216.jpeg (401.08 KB, 1024x683, 3CC77F34-B21F-4D38-AC94-291ACA…)

No. 142356[Reply]

My boyfriend’s (female) boss keeps sending him stupid tiktok videos with messages like “reminded me of you ;)”. Keep in mind that she’s in her 30s (and uses tiktok…) and my boyfriend is in his early 20s (and DOESN’T use tiktok, she sends links and rips mp4s for him). He’ll open his work computer on monday and he’ll have received a bunch of clips over the weekend. They’re all “funny” (wildly unfunny) videos, but they seem EXTREMELY flirty to me. My bf says it means nothing and they just like to laugh together, but I’m not sure. Should I be worried? Could it be flirting?
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No. 144308

minor flirting is enough

No. 144319

File: 1594940674559.jpg (47.37 KB, 640x560, xf2k6m63orx41.jpg)

OP stop stressing over this and find someone else. He clearly doesn't care about your feelings, otherwise he'd ignore his bosses advancements rather than "laugh together." A man who respects you and treats you as the first priority wouldn't have you feeling this worried in the first place.

No. 144336

Faggot robot desirability fantasy; dr

No. 144338

If there's a chance that you're an actual Becky: the only reason why he's doing this is because you're too available/secured. When your game is on point, a man is too busy worrying about whether you're cucking him to entertain other women.

No. 144576

They want to fuck him in order to prove they are better than the official gf

File: 1535471344741.jpg (88.59 KB, 450x500, IMG_1285.JPG)

No. 93461[Reply]

Farmers, what do you think is more important apperence wise? Youth ( lack of wrinkles/sagging, smooth skin, even tone) or beauty ( nice features, full lips etc).

For example: Would you rather be Bridget Bardot or Kate Moss with some expression lines/eye bags or Sophia Turner with perfect skin?
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No. 144420

Why are anons necroing a bunch of worthless lookism threads lately?

No. 144434

If you consider patriarchal societies then middle eastern countries would win. And from what i've seen, they don't necessarily prefer more childish features.

Asians just naturally look neotonous. All Asians look more childish than other races.

No. 144435

I’m from a MENA country and although neotenous features aren’t preferred, youth in general is very desirable, I mean you’d be hard pressed to find a couple without an age gap, lots of men here get married to teenage girls when they’re 30+, so I think the assessment would be the more patriarchal a culture the more youth is fetishised. It’s not just an attraction thing though, it’s also a power thing.

No. 144438

You're right about that actually.
I guess i was thinking more of media and what looks that are idolized over there. When i meet middle eastern girls who have lived most of their lives over there, they all seem to like the Kim Kardashian look. Those kinds of sharp features and the opposite of neoteny in general.

Youth and attractiveness in girls go hand in hand, but it differs from person to person. Most healthy guys that girls want to actually date prefer girls who look like they're in the mid 20's range. Guys who love the teenage looks, from my experience and i'm being very honest here… just seem like they aren't that healthy mentally. Like they have some sort of mental illness. Might be controversial to say but every pedo i've met is kind of a loser and unattractive face-wise.

No. 144440

> Might be controversial to say but every pedo i've met is kind of a loser and unattractive face-wise.
Not controversial at all. Pedos are disgusting and ugly and should be labelled as such. The only people who would get offended by that are pedos and they’re not entitled to an opinion.

File: 1501923422192.png (5.36 KB, 271x71, omegle.PNG)

No. 66124[Reply]

Put lolcow in interests so we can talk to each other and post omegle stories
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No. 142503

had to try and talk a white supremacist degenerate out of fucking his 7 y/o sister on there once when i was like 14 (didn't give out my age or gender ofc, pretended i was also a 20 something male)… it was in the ask a question feature and the prompt was "what is a secret you can't tell anyone in real life" and this guy was like "I once kissed my 7 y/o sister while she was in the bath" and things spiraled from there.

Dude was convinced that little sister wanted his dick bc she once asked what a penis looked like. Spent like an hour+ talking him down. He was like "I really love her so I wouldn't hurt her like I was hurt as a kid" and I had to try and convince him that fucking her WAS going to hurt her… jesus.

I still think about that conversation to this day bc it was so weird to have to pretend to be a bro to this freak in order to try and talk him down… always wonder what became of that poor girl. Never been back since.

No. 142509

In the future just don't engage. Those gross fuckers want someone to talk to their fantasies about.

No. 142545

Last time I used omegle was when I was 16, I was gonna do the usual stripping because I was retarded but I came across actual cp so I had a panic attack and never came back there since. I would never be able to get those two seconds out of my mind. Horrible.

No. 144035

ERP on omegle with women is so much more enjoyable than with men, I might waste too much time doing this kek.

No. 145321

I put lolcow in the interests and I got someone from kiwifarms kek

File: 1594218091691.jpg (340.61 KB, 659x495, bryllupsfeiring-centerpieces-d…)

No. 143575[Reply]

Discuss everything related to weddings! Post your what your dream wedding would be, plans for your upcoming wedding, rings, dresses, wedding inspo etc etc…
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No. 143759

I was such a taffeta bitch when Say Yes to the Dress was popular but gauze/chiffon/organza is where it's at.

No. 143803

File: 1594416551223.jpg (75.79 KB, 564x752, Turban-Kalgi.jpg)

What would you want your groom to wear to match these extravagant dresses?
Indian men are the only ones who get fab enough imo

No. 143820

File: 1594444981143.jpg (67.73 KB, 800x530, indian-traditional-shoes-men-m…)

I'm South Asian and my male cousins have worn this style shoe at their weddings, I love them.

No. 144600

This dress is absolutely lovely!! I hope it still exists by the time I want to try it on. ;o; Also this dress made me change my mind on having a traditional pure white dress… I would love to have a blush wedding dress!

No. 144652

I despise sleeveless and strapless dresses. To me they don't look good on a lot of people but they're so easy for companies to make. It's sad.
My dream wedding would be by the lake where my grandparents live or at a national park or somethin. I'd want a dark blue gown same colour as snape's outfit in Harry Potter lol. It would have long sleeves and be off shoulder. Not sure how I'd style my hair and makeup though. The dinner would be a bbq and dessert is ice cream.

My other dream wedding is in Las Vegas and keeping it super small.

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 142593

holy fucking shit anon, i'm so, so sorry you went through that. i'm thankful you have a supportive family helping you deal with the trauma he put you through. i'm ecstatic that he's hopefully getting the shit beat out of him in prison.

No. 142595

thank you anon. I'm very very lucky to have a supportive family and partner. I still struggle with things like flashbacks or bad dreams, but knowing he met quite literally the ultimate consequence is what keeps me from dwelling on it. I can rest assured nobody else will ever go through what he did to me and that has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders

No. 142612

This gave me chills. I'm so sorry anon you had to go through rape for so long, I can't even imagine how scarring that was. You're so strong, women are incredible. I guess sometimes karma really does come back to you, huh? I'm so glad you've found a loving bf after all of this and your piece of shit ex has his life ruined. Damn.

No. 142675

>be 16yo mentally ill friendless shut-in fakeboi
>22yo guy messages me online
>think he's cool because he's older and is miserable like me, get attached
>he tells me he's asexual, makes me feel safe because I expect no sex so we start dating when I'm 17
>tells me he jerked off to a picture of my face, I'm weirded out but too scared to say anything
>I would do anything to leave my dysfunctional family so plan to visit him
>my mom lets me stay at his country for a few months even though our relationship is illegal there because of my age
>he's ugly and fat, his place is disgusting
>visit him more times
>start having sex when I'm 18
>find out he jerks off to trannies and traps
>pressures me to do anal "as a joke", knows it makes me angry
>tells me he jerked off to videos of 16 year olds, "jokes" about kids being sexy
>call him a pedo and he gets mad at me
>have a breakdown because I realize how fucked up he is
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 142685


oh my god anon, fuck, I really hope counselling is helping now and reading how karma fucked over scrote and his mom was so satisfying, and that you're in a loving and wonderful relationship and that you're succeeding because you deserve all of the good things. I'm so happy they locked the fucker up, he is damn right he's evil.

I'm >>141918 btw and the way he would threaten suicide to keep you….he really, really deserves all hell. Sending love to you.

File: 1525338311625.jpg (202.01 KB, 483x725, 07-tall-and-short.jpg)

No. 81513[Reply]

What are the pros and cons of being short/tall?
Are you happy with your height or do you wish you could change it?
433 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 141992

I agree with this anon

Being tall is awesome. Who cares about being uwu smol and cute? If you're tall you can look like a goddess. Just don't get fat because that looks unfortunate and clunky. Thankfully it's easier to be slim when you're tall.

Models are 5'10+ and they're the most beautiful people in the world. I don't think anyone would go "ew no but she's too tall" unless they're an insecure man.

No. 142253

Im a 5'2 girl and i would kill to be a tall girl.
Tall women are so beautiful and stand out. Y'all are so lucky. Please never feel down.

No. 142614

File: 1592906744736.jpg (99.55 KB, 800x621, 1580327850960.jpg)

5'3 womanlette here
Tall women, I love you so fucking much. What I'd give to be one of you. Tall, powerful, strong. I like myself and the way I am too but damnit!!!!! I'd love to be tall. I'd love to intimidate loser short men like that. Your height alone filters the weaklings. You ladies are gorgeous and I love you, have a great fucking night. AND day. Have a great existence.

Fellow womanlettes, reflect. Do better. Buy the boots with the heels-stop letting men look down on you. Throw away the kitten heels, get at least the 3inchers and look him in his eyes. If you see fear, stop wasting your time and leave him already.

No. 142620

5 ft even here. I just wish I could shop in the womens section instead of jrs.
I tried to justify a trade off in fooling myself to believe that atleast I never have trouble getting a man since they are drawn to smaller women. But, fuck that I don't need a man to make me happy. I just want to wear stylish adult clothes and not look like an out of place child.

No. 142645

I'm tall and I'm sad that my dating pool is limited by this fact. I tried dating shorter guys but taller guys are just sexier. When fucking with a shorter guy I can never get over the idea that he's climbing around on me instead of holding me. When I held my shorter ex during sex something odd happened in my head and I was suddenly imagining that I was the guy and he was the girl. It was a bit unsettling. Oh to be a smol bean. But it will never be.

File: 1592782517430.jpg (817.68 KB, 1598x1500, John_Bauer_1915.jpg)

No. 142497[Reply]

post anything neo-folk related, inspiration, discussion, music, questions…etc.

No. 142501

No. 142529

Wrong board, this should go to /m/

No. 142546

Moved to >>>/m/96783.

File: 1592502780969.jpg (52.84 KB, 564x752, fe70d3a7507daf2df81d8e1c38c743…)

No. 142198[Reply]

tfw (in regards to beauty) i was born with good genes considering that i was a cute kid and everyone else in my family is pretty as hell but years of crippling depression, anxiety and unhealthy lifestyles have made me look dead. i would describe my face as droopy. im only 18 so i have still time to stacymaxx if i change my ways… right???
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 142274

There are several threads about being/feeling ugly, self-improvement and even a stacy-maxing thread. lurk moar.

No. 142280

How narcissistic do you have to be to say the general population is ugly.
It's not the first time I see this kind of post and it still amazes me.

No. 142281

Get real. We all can't be supermodels, bitch.

No. 142283

Except for you, narc.

No. 142285

I never said the general population was ugly. Go get some reading comprehension, you misrepresentative narc.

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