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File: 1657125702053.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, 1651336273516.png)

No. 273807[Reply]

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/259991
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No. 285989

Komaeda-chan has already voted, only one Leon (sadly) and no Snapes yet

No. 285994

One Snapewife joined!

No. 286014

but where's the peepee

No. 286015

Nta but I've seen it and it's magical.

No. 286018

NEW THREAD >>286016

NEW THREAD >>286016

NEW THREAD >>286016

File: 1659699509521.jpg (228.29 KB, 1160x1035, article-2757990-2168CAAC000005…)

No. 279731[Reply]

As a contrast to the horrible parents thread, I wanted to make a general-purpose mom thread. Share stories about your mom, ways she inspired you, her quirks, etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be positive, but keep in mind that there are other threads for negative experiences. Posts about grandmas are fine too.
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No. 285772

File: 1662474894749.jpg (142.58 KB, 930x1600, Tumblr_l_102513947661306.jpg)

This image sums up perfectly about how I feel about my mom

No. 285774

awww, cute !

No. 285816

No. 285826

Same. Deep down I resent my mom for chosing the man she did, it's brought so much misery, but I'd undo my life in a heartbeat if that meant she could go back in time and be with a good man and lead a happy life instead.

No. 285878

I want my mom to be happy more than anything. There is nobody in this world more important to me. More than anything, I want her to have friends. My dad kept all his friends but he slowly isolated my mom from all of hers. Now, my siblings and I are all grown up and she has nobody other than my dad who she hates but can't leave because she'd be too poor to survive without him. The only time she gets out of the house is to meet me for a cup of coffee. I try to see her as much as I possibly can but I want her to have friends her own age that love her too. I am both her only friend and her daughter. It hurts me more than I can describe and I don't know what to do about it.

File: 1492361448856.jpg (51.95 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_lrq1hzcsz11qmyhpuo1_128…)

No. 58242[Reply]

Post the (Somewhat reasonable) Dreams you always had but are literally Impossible.

I always wanted to be a model, since i was a kid but i never grew past 5'1 and ended up being allergic to cosmetics.

Still makes me lowkey suicidal when i think of it.
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No. 285424

I'll post a few:
I want to have my own lolita brand where I get to design clothes and accessories
another is I want to be a semi-successful artist who is able to take commissions and sell my work - maybe even do art for like an otome game or indie game or something
another is to have my own successful women-only tech startup
most of these are actually probably achievable with lots of dedication and hard work but I don't have the free time nor money to learn all the skills needed sadly

No. 285589

File: 1662411789906.gif (2.01 MB, 250x250, 63CB9F98-B509-4216-A278-C6E82F…)

I wish I could date/marry a woman who is reserved to the point of being stoic, even stand-offish, on top of being very smart, confident, and successful, so people find her intimidating and hard to approach. But then when she's with me it all melts away and she's very affectionate and gentle and sweet. People would be totally shocked to see her treat me that way and she'd just be like picrel. I'm sure women like this exist but how common is it? Even if I met one, there's no reason for her to have any interest in me, I'm very unattractive and have nothing to offer. Hence the impossible dream…

No. 285593

They exist nonny, I have met those before

No. 285724

File: 1662468122417.png (492.51 KB, 744x502, 9B4B6D43-B30A-4F91-A834-4B85B4…)

Good news Nona! Men don't actually have standards. They will talk shit, idolise pornography, put women down, and encourage us to criticise each other too, but at the end of the day they will settle for basically any woman available. This isn't an advice thread but I think if you have such low self esteem that you feel fundamentally "ruined" and unlovable then you should not be dating or trying to date. Men can smell that vulnerability and will take advantage of it.

No. 286759

File: 1662740262331.jpg (101.98 KB, 687x688, Tumblr_l_5516327779577123.jpg)

one time, like years ago, maybe 3, i got very sick and could barely speak. during the time i fantasized about a voice box of sorts that'd hold down my vocal cords while also stabilizing them and whatever, so i could finally be able to sing. i have musical hearing, can read sheet music, but i can't sing to save my life, so ever since that time in my lifei fantasize about this. i listen to music and i imagine me, with a giant voice box around my neck, binding and constricting my vocal chords and bringing out just the right sound i want. i've always wanted to sing, so, so much. if the technology would be real, i'd slit my neck to have this happen. how i wish.

File: 1660680230987.jpg (124.92 KB, 960x635, 1464738_745515475462622_132790…)

No. 282262[Reply]

This is a thread for heterosexual women who are opting for voluntary celibacy. Feel free to discuss your thoughts and experiences

>A growing number of young women are rejecting sexual liberalism and embracing celibacy instead. Studies in recent years have reported young women trend towards being less sexually active. With the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles Covid study reporting an overall decline in sexual behaviour since lockdown, especially fewer one night stands, it’s undeniable that the culture surrounding dating and hookups has been irrevocably changed since the pandemic.

>While earlier iterations of feminist thinking celebrated female sexuality in all its forms, now more young women are questioning how patriarchy has shaped the dynamics of heterosexual culture, and women’s ability to exercise their full agency and power during sex.

Keep in mind: This thread is not a female involuntary celibacy (female incel) thread nor a dating strategy thread.

Here are few questions to start off:
- How long have you been consciously celibate for?
- What made you decide to go celibate?
- Are you experiencing difficulties?
- Has your quality of life improved?
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No. 282811

>He seemed totally fine until one day he just fucking broke down and had a melty.

This is such a common occurence, I am not sure if this also happened before porn was common and easily accessible or is it caused by pornsickness..

No. 282951

ayrt and I def think porn and oversexualization of everything made this society a shithole, especially for men. I have met men across the political spheres / religious and non religious ones, and even though the religious ones tend to at least act a little anti porn, but eventually moids all get defensive saying it's "in the nature" or some other bullshit. I don't think there's anything wrong with masturbation, but the fact that they need to see women being degraded and abused to coom already proves that their brain is rotten beyond the point of no return.

I've met other women who are liberal / is atheist/agnostic and is abandoning the 'sexual freedom' & selecting celibacy too. Women are realizing that pornsick moids don't deserve pleasure from women and I'm here for it.

No. 283321

File: 1661310627010.jpeg (40.01 KB, 680x383, bWVkaWEvRWtZWVF3MFdBQUV0QzhuLm…)

Yup that's me

No. 285218

I've been consciously celibate since early 2018 after my first, and absolutely dead last break up lol. What made me decide was acknowledgment that I do not enjoy any aspect of sex with men. I have never had an experience with a woman so the jury is out on that. I don't experience any attraction at all to be honest so I doubt I will ever know. I am experiencing zero difficulties and am very happy to be removed from anything sexual related. My quality of life is greatly improved. I am free and content and miss nothing.

No. 285410

lmao that title is so smug, I bet they wouldn't say the same think about nuns and priests

File: 1619632795795.jpg (93.97 KB, 540x516, 1618607401027.jpg)

No. 182352[Reply]

I hope this isn't too similar to the other threads we have. Post and discuss any sexual fantasy you have; long and detailed, short and sweet, weird and unrealistic, anything goes!
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No. 285301

File: 1662285946861.jpg (10.44 KB, 200x275, 1623324407463.jpg)

I would like to fuck a guy wearing a full mask. Like full on can't see his face. Idk where this stemmed from but I feel like this started with my childhood crush on Kakashi

I felt this when I had a crush on a guy for 6 months. I kept thinking about riding his thunder thighs but after that I became normal.

No. 285307

I understand.
>My bf rides one and I secretly wish he'd man handle me with his helmet on.
Hope you were able to confess your true feels to him since posting this, anon. My bf has a helmet too and it drives me crazy.

No. 285309


I've got a teacher fetish because I'm a degenerate whore with daddy issues. When I was a teenager I had this one male teacher and he was so nice, so kind, loved his subject, never raised his voice, empathetic, a bit humble and nerdy. He even worked through his lunchtimes to help me with my work. I wasn't attracted to him then, I crushed on another male teacher (but that's a story for another time).

Anyway I've been annoyed at my husband recently and last night we argued and I guess I was wanting some kindness because I had a dream about the teacher (he was like early 40s in my dream and I'm 20s). I dreamt we were teacher colleagues taking the students on an overnight school trip and we were platonically having a lot of laughter and fun together as we shepherded the kids.

And then we were sharing a room in the hostel and I'm wholly against cheating, but tension was rising and I dreamt we said to each other how much we wanted to have sex… But in the dream I was still married (and he is too) so I said we could cuddle fully clothed on a bed. Because then if questioned we could say 'oh, we only hugged, as friends do'. And I dreamt we were facing each other cuddling in comfortable silence, pressed together from chest to groin and legs intertwined, just sad for not being able to be together and have a life filled with joy and kindness, but enjoying the closeness in the moment. And I felt him get hard and him being embarrassed and apologising but me saying it was okay and not touching him or anything, just lying there together knowing we made each other horny but not doing anything.

I guess my tamest sexual fantasy is just a kind man who will take care of me and never raise his voice or cause me upset. I know that's unrealistic but a bitch with cptsd is gonna dream still

No. 285379

File: 1662319319571.jpg (54.12 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-165874419-612x612.…)

I want to do picrel so bad nonnies.

No. 286276

That was hot to read, thanks

File: 1661859043870.jpg (175.94 KB, 2000x1000, o-MEDICATIONS-facebook-2260652…)

No. 284445[Reply]

Discuss medications:
>Side effects
>Whether they have helped you
>How it has made life easier/harder for you
>Why you started/quit taking something
>Did it have an effect on your period? I don't see this being talked about or mentioned often enough, even in the pamphlet they often leave it out.

Obviously for both physical and mental illnesses.

THIS THREAD IS NOT MEANT TO DISCUSS RECREATIONAL USE. Prescripted drugs in the prescripted amounts only.
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No. 284701

>If you can't trust their expertise go to therapy
NTA but this is fucking hilarious to me because the therapist that was helping me with medical related trauma kept honing on the fact that we as patients need to speak up, we need to demand answers and advocate for ourselves. And honestly mistrusting doctors is for the best, you need to take care of yourself as an individual since you're the one that has your best interest at heart, I don't give a fuck if I sound insufferable but I'm not going to meekly put my life and well being in the hands of a 'trained professional' that likely sees me as a statistic, patients need to be made part of the medical process, their diagnosis, treatments and they need to be respected and treated as persons with concerns, doubts and anxieties, not pieces of meat you dissect like in med school.
Maybe you're one of those burnt out healthcare professionals that ran out of empathy and that's why it bothers you that patients actually give a shit about their lives instead of bending over, and if that's the case please take the time to seek therapy for yourself.

No. 284733

>think I'm dying or have a horrible illness 24/7
>takes valium once
>it all goes away, ah pure bliss
>oh so it was just anxiety

Taking it just a few times healed my health anxiety as I realized it wasn't a real problem but just worrying.

Now, I haven't found ANYTHING that works for the accute torture that social anxiety is. No benzos, therapy, anti-depressants (avoid) work. Beta-blockers somewhat help with keeping your heart rate low but nothing gets rid of the dread and pain of being in an anxious situation.

No. 284770

NTA but my last psychiatrist kept writing me a prescription for a drug I didn't take every time I saw her for 5 years. For the first couple of years I handed it back to her and reminded her I wasn't taking that drug anymore. Eventually I just threw them away. One of the last times I saw her, she asked what colleges I was thinking about applying for. I was about to graduate with my bachelor's.
Always question your doctors, especially in bullshit specialties like psychiatry where most of them are just in it for the money.

No. 285961

Nonnies, do any of you have experience with the long term side effects of Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine)? This is the first med I've been on for more than a few months straight and wasn't made aware of long term side effects even being a thing. I've been getting increasingly dehydrated as time goes on and having ruled out all other factors, I'm 99% sure now that it's the meds. My doctor just keeps saying to up my water intake (which I've done) or stop the meds, but I'd rather keep them if I can since they've worked wonders for my ADHD.

I've never had dandruff and acne as bad as I have it now, I have circulation issues, and no matter how much water I drink it never seems to be enough. I like this medication but I don't know how much longer I can take these side effects being the uneducated dumbass I am with physical selfcare. I don't know what proper skin routines should be for me because I've always used the same moisturizer and face wash which now aren't doing a thing. I've tried various dandruff shampoos, medicated and not, yet nothing seems to help. Like I'm fine with adding more to my routine to stay on these meds, I guess I just don't know exactly what to add. Like what on earth am I supposed to do when my skin flakes so much that even after weekly physical exfoliation they appear again within the hour and seemingly pile up day by day even with light chemical exfoliation in between? Do I put lotion over the flakes? Cause it feels like when I do I wake up with another bump or blackhead on my face. Am I not exfoliating correctly? Wtf is a "splash" of water and won't it just mean I'm spreading my own excess oils and flakes further into my pores if I'm not using a cleanser and exfoliating? Do I even rub in a "splash" of water? Ugh I'm just so lost and those are only some of the questions I have after doing research.

Maybe I should put this in the skin care thread but I felt more comfortable putting it here since medication is the cause. I'll sage it just in case.

No. 286332

I have anxiety about literally everything in my life, I wish i was being hyperbolic, valium is the only thing that chills me out too. I can't get a prescription for anything except low grade benzos which really don't work unless i take 2 at a time which is way more than advised and it sucks. Somehow my mother swindled a valium prescription from our long term family gp for the mildest work related stress though. Kind of offends me lol

File: 1468071842734.jpg (189.81 KB, 594x640, Totoro_Blue_01_medium2.jpg)

No. 107505[Reply]

This is a thread for crochet and knitting, and other yarn-related crafts.

Anyone starting any new projects or completing old ones? Share some patterns!
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No. 253568

Because it's a great way to advertise and get people to buy your pattern. I understand your frustration but you can't just expect things for free. They deserve compensation for their artwork. I hope you get what you need though anon!

No. 253597

File: 1648940647706.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3027x3027, 947EE08F-24D4-40C6-B542-BFE06C…)

There are a handful of ways to mend a hole in a knit. If the hole is vertically short enough you may just be able to kind of “sew” it shut with similar yarn. If it’s a larger hole, maybe get a speedweve darning loom of the necessary size and a tapestry needle set. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials showing how to darn with one. Look for one that shows someone darning a knit garment (for some reason a lot of ppl use them for darning jeans too).

No. 284135

How difficult is it to learn to crochet? I saw an amazing project I really want to make, but I have no crochet experience. Does it have a big learning curve or does mastering a few basic stitches allow you to make most things? Compare it to sewing if you can.

No. 284136

It can be a bit hard to get a hang of the basics (slip knot, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet) but yes after you learn those you can make most things. Any other stitches that a pattern might call for will be easy to learn if you already know those.

I recommend vidrel, the Crochet Guru. When I was learning I used multiple different tutorials but this channel helped me the most.

No. 284687

who keeps bumping and deleting

File: 1601287016397.png (120.57 KB, 259x194, 6230400B-85BE-4561-8B77-2DC54A…)

No. 152993[Reply]

Post your favorite examples of men who have aged like milk. Discuss the “men age like wine, women age like milk” cope meme, common amongst undesired men
756 posts and 238 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 284495

File: 1661892634853.jpeg (87.28 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-d6d328d544421572564c…)

I agree that this guy aged poorly but bear in mind this guy was dying of cancer towards the end of his life

No. 284496

File: 1661892699610.jpeg (43.56 KB, 500x612, EF00FE4D-0412-4C98-A577-A47A93…)

it’s funny when anons thirst over elon when steve was the most attractive tech guy ever from the period of late 70s to early 90s. after that it was over

No. 284498

he started aging rapidly from mid 90s onward. the right picture was photographed before he really started decaying from cancer

No. 284554

pretty much no one finds elon attractive except for like one anon kek

No. 285728

and that anon is Grimes herself

File: 1647311387457.jpeg (173.45 KB, 600x1305, 6F2D2F04-731B-4963-B7CB-E39EC5…)

No. 249630[Reply]

Find your body type and what suits you best!
>it is not based on weight or height and curves so much as height and bone structure and your limb length and proportions
>Aly Art has some good videos on all the body types
>r/kibbe is a good place to reference and find your body
> if you do post your body, make sure you do not include your face and not include background.
>kibbe body type applies to men as well as women.

please do not accuse anons ITT of being troons or insult their bodies

280 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 283472

I tried analyzing it for so many years but i still cannot tell the difference between most kibbe types if my life depended on it, like when it comes to images of the body types itself (not the idea/concept). The extreme examples I can figure out, like I can tell Beyonce's a Romantic and Tilda is a Dramatic but for 90% of bodies not much. I feel like I have the body equivalent to face blindness lol.

It's also trickier when sometimes people say "oh this type can also have [tons of traits associated with a completely different type] too" so how do they even tell the difference at that point? I mostly see this when people point out that SN has a lot of variety and how apparently sometimes women with that type get mixed up with SG and SC, but if they're that similar then what even makes them distinct? At least to me I thought SG was more petite and kind of bobbleheaded while SN was more average sized with bigger chests comparatively and SC was inbetween but some people elsewhere claim that SN can also have those exact traits too so idk. Even besides those some of the confirmed examples of other types don't make sense to me (like selena gomez being TR..where? she looks like a kid playing dress up). I still probably won't bother anyway because I can't stand any of the recommended clothes, they're either too ugly and outdated or too impractical.

No. 283477

Kibbe sperging is so fascinating to me, it’s like your astrology

No. 283479

I thought I should get into it because I want to clean out my wardrobe and thought it would be an easy thing to help me decide on which clothes to keep. But I can’t even really understand what type I am and it seems like no one else knows what’s going on either.

No. 283499

> it seems like no one else knows what’s going on either.
Sage for rant & tinfoil but I'm honestly convinced a big part of this "system" is some sort of scam, at least nowadays. All approved "resources" are either nebulous and useless or straight-up contradictory. Selena Gomez being typed as TR by Kibbe himself was the nail in the coffin to me. It really felt like he was insulting our intelligence with that kek.

No one can accurately type you except for Kibbe himself (and only in person for multiple thousands of dollars). There are no proper guidelines on how to type yourself, all the ones on Youtube are apparently wrong and misrepresentative. There are no approved guidelines on how to dress. Literally none. They just tell you to wear whatever the fuck you want. You tell them you're a SN and ask what might look good on this body type, and they literally reply with "idk figure it out". "Lines" as they are often called are not a thing. So what is the purpose of al this? To feed his pockets?
Not to mention how cult-like those Facebook groups are. Like you're not allowed to question anything or they'll kick you out lmao

No. 284254

I especially love when someone asks what sort of clothes fit certain type and the answer always is
>clothes don't have a type! wear anything just accomodate your lines!
and right after you leave your suggestion
>oh no no no no no, this will look awful on your broad shoulders and will restrict your fridge body!

File: 1661711756341.jpeg (247.5 KB, 1920x1080, D77F0674-F673-4E89-9295-9E26EF…)

No. 284110[Reply]

Basically the same thing as the husbando thread, but for woman enjoyers. I’m tired of seeing moids in waifu spaces, so this is a lesbian/bi/women who just appreciate attractive anime girls thread.

Things that go here:

> Talking about your waifu.

> How did your waifu shape your interests in irl women?
> If you’re straight and just think the character is hot, what about her is so intriguing?
> Anime women that you both wish you could be, but also wish you could sleep with.
> Hornyposting about how much you want to fuck/be fucked by a character.
> Sexuality awakenings (this character made me realize I’m gay, etc)

Things that do NOT go here

>Moids. Go away, you have your own website to hornypost about waifus.

> Bashing for liking anime girls. Nobody cares, go to the Attractive Women thread if you want to see irl girls
> Arguing about morality politics. I don’t care if she murdered a million people, she was hot while doing it.

No. 284112

File: 1661712217402.jpeg (33.92 KB, 320x358, D92DE424-E03F-427B-8E76-383297…)

I’ll start. One of my very first waifus was Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. I discovered her back in 2013, I was in middle school. I was obsessed with her, and wanted to be exactly like her. I was even the cringey anime kid who wore the jacket and scarf to school every day.

Once I hit high school, it turned into a “wow shes so hot” thing, when this OVA released and showed her abs, I was over the fucking moon. God, Eren was gay as fuck. If that were me she was obsessed over, you would have to tie a rocket to my ass and launch it to get the necessary velocity to remove my tongue from her pussy.

No. 284113

No. 284119


RIP, I didn’t see one in /g/, can’t delete now. Hopefully this is removed soon

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