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File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
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No. 159817

>Are you not lonely in that house all by yourself

Finally I will be able to exist without being poked at, bothered, and judged 24/7. The horror! Kek.
I can't wait until I have a safe place only for myself, not having to clean or care after others bc it's expected, not having to put on clothes or keep in mind other people when I decorate or cook or buy shit.

No. 159821

>she wanted "relationship glue" to make sure she never looses him

Someone should go tell my deadbeat shithead father that he was glued to my mom. And also that he still owes us child support.

No. 159827

File: 1605413207387.jpg (57.22 KB, 396x400, big-eyed-girl-the-wanderer-wya…)

I plan on staying child free and marriage free. No pets either, I like being alone without responsibility aside from the basics. I do however plan on nurturing myself, I had an abnormal childhood. I want to relive it as an adult and find myself. There is no room for anybody else, but me. My time, my heart, and body belongs to me only. I deserve to be one who makes me happy.

No. 159831

Love your attitude tbh I'm striving for something similar although it's less about my childhood and more about me just wanting my life to revolve around me

No. 159833

I never understood what it meant to love myself or why I would do such a thing until this past year. It took a terrible relationship where the guy asked me to "give him a child" (as if it were something to be purchased and gifted away, even though I said I never wanted them) and being told that living by myself sounded miserable and lonely. When he said that, I felt enraged on my own behalf. I wanted to defend myself against people like him, where before I thought I deserved to be hurt. Not anymore. I have every right to be happy, and I can make myself happy. People like him are the pathetic ones for needing to try and tear me down to feel better about themselves. Despite their attempts, the loneliness they carry in their hearts will never be healed by others.

File: 1492350915536.jpg (32.71 KB, 540x460, C9L7wy9VoAEwJK_.jpg)

No. 58230[Reply]

All my life I've been an annoyingly "weird" girl, had a really weeaboo teen phase and dressed badly.

I'm envious of those girls who are just the right amount of pretty, good with makeup, quiet but fun and eminate a lot to like and fancy and be attractive.

Can we please have a thread for people like me (living cringefests) who want to adapt and become more like these beings to fit in?

Teach me
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No. 159760

Why do you want to be a conform and suppress your interests? It's fine if you want to look better and if you want to learn to be less obnoxious and socially retarded. But why would you want superficial relationships with people and to quit enjoying something perfectly harmless, because it's "weird".

I genuinely don't understand people who want to "fit in". It's very obvious when people are trying to fit in anywhere.

No. 159762

>no interest in other people
Then why do you feel bad about not attracting people in the first place? This is probably the main reason why people “don’t notice” you or pursue a friendship you. Relationships of any kind are generally a give and take thing.

No. 159764

People don't just flock to other people because they're talented or pretty, charisma is a skill of its own. There are plenty of really talented but not popular people, that maybe have a few close friends. It feels more like you want to be praised than to make personal connections, and come off as self-conceited, so I'm not sure it's because of your looks alone.

No. 159780

You have a lot of growing up to do. Worry about fixing your personality before you worry about your face.

No. 159790

>I genuinely don't understand people who want to "fit in".
So that other people will like them. Sometimes it sucks enjoying things on your own.

File: 1602228810391.jpg (82.88 KB, 976x549, _105910420_ethiopianairlines.j…)

No. 154518[Reply]

Apology for bad English. What do you think an all-female society would be like? Do you think it would prosper? What would be the ideal political system? Do you think women would be able to defend themselves in a war if a male country attacked? I study political science for university.
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No. 159572

tbh I was down for a society with only women until I started reading the whole men purge and keeping the pretty ones until they get into sex slavery and sacraficed… also there are cases of lesbian couples having their own baby but I'm not too well versed on it.

No. 159574


From the Wikipedia article:

>When the society became known as the 'Kingdom of Women', tourists began to flock to the area. The Mosuo responded to these visitors by building hotels and other attractions to bring more visitors. Many Mosuo women make a living managing these hotels.

>The idea of 'walking marriages' has convinced many visitors that the Mosuo lead a salacious sexual life. It is common for visitors to flirt with the local Mosuo women in an effort to seduce them.

Of course.

No. 159576

To answer the question in the OP: it wouldn't be great.

Women can't create a utopia. I really believe that while frustrating, masculine and feminine traits really do balance each other out.

I'm sure in an all-female society, some women would start naturally taking on masculine roles. We would in effect still have "men."

No. 159609

>masculine and feminine traits really do balance each other out.
I don't think it's balanced at all, currently and hasn't been since more than a millenia. But I agree that even with all women, it wouldn't be a utopia. Seeing how men have ruled though, I feel like women could do better.

No. 159825

But women possess masculine traits all the time…? Masculine traits wouldn't dry up just because there were only women.

File: 1529390003559.jpg (42.01 KB, 552x423, IMG_20180612_194327.jpg)

No. 85681[Reply]

Do any anons here have an autism spectrum disorder? The symptoms present differently In women, and it's heavily misdiagnosed. Share your experiences/feelings. <3 [pic unrelated]
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No. 157405


please read slower.

you are being too defensive and reading shit in my comments that aren't there when we seem to be in general agreement about diagnosis.
im going to use more paragraph spaces to try to sound clearer.

A.D.D. is not A.D.H.D. at all.
They are two(2) seperate disorders. A.D.D. was hyper diagnosed in the early 2000s towards unruly school children who were then medicated for it. Psychologists today are in a flux about whether or not A.D.D. even exists.

>if you think “psychiatry” is such a big scam to sell big pharma then why seek out two separate opinions about your mental state? sounds like a waste of time and money to me, sounds like you got scammed and are butthurt about it.

Fucking duh, yes I am butthurt about being misdiagnosed.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 157425

i definitely don't think we mask it better, i think some of the traits are just considered normal in women but are seen as a problem in men, like being naïve.

No. 157824

I would really like to see your sources on how autism is overdiagnosed. seriously, surprise and amaze me with all your big brain knowledge about how autism is being overdiagnosed. how does anyone benefit from that? you probably just went to see some shit doctors who don’t know anything about adhd or autism. specialists exist for a reason. i was misdiagnosed with depression but i’m not all up in arms about how depression is definitely being overdiagnosed as an umbrella solution.

but good luck with diagnosing yourself though, you sound like such an expert. maybe you’ll discover how retarded you are on your way there.

No. 157831


I feel like it might be. I got diagnosed as autistic, but how can you consider what I have (mild aspergery) to someone who is non-verbal cripplingly autistic. I think autism has turned into an umbrella term. "neurodivergent" is picking up steam especially in europe and I think it makes way more sense to use that term for asperger-like behavior

No. 159046

Yeah, no shit, autism is considered to be a spectrum disorder now. Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD. Not ADD. ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder, eg. ADHD without Hyperactivity.

Asperger is on the high-functioning end of the ASD scale and "non-verbal cripplingly autistic" is on the low-functioning end. Of course, someone on one end of the scale won't have much in common with someone on the other end.

Sage for literal autism.

File: 1519703587547.jpg (46.26 KB, 318x400, Evil Legs.jpg)

No. 75631[Reply]

There is another thread for fit girl problems, but this is a thread open for everyone regardless of your experience with fitness and exercise.

Some ideas for what to discuss:
>share your fitness/body/health goals
>ask questions
>exchange tips and advice
>post routines
>update on progress
>vent about roadblocks
>give support!

Hopefully this thread can be a mix of people who are totally new and people who have been at it for a while. We can help each other out.
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No. 152588

I absolutely felt like this and yes you do just have to retrain your body's associations.
I got into running on a treadmill because I made a really good playlist and concentrated on 'dancing in a straight line', because I love dancing. I made the playlist around the same bpm which helped with that.
I also got into interval training using a skipping rope because the sprinting makes me anxious but you only do it for a minute.

No. 152612

I have a super flabby stomach and lots of back fat but I'm fairly low in weight on the scale (130 lbs at 5'10). I'm limited on what exercise I could do (due to a bad back) so I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions on what exercise I could do? Or diet?

No. 152631

I definitely don't think you should focus on losing weight anon, it sounds like you're already on the lower end of where you should be. Likely just a matter of needing to recomp. I'd follow a basic "clean" diet i.e. not a lot of trans fats or carbs but make sure you're getting enough protein so your body can build more muscle. If there's a place you can swim, that's good for reducing impact. You can also adapt a lot of typical exercises to be more back-friendly, like doing planks instead of crunches or wall sits instead of squats. Incorporating weights into a basic routine will be useful for toning, and you can get some pretty cheap dumbbells.

No. 158284

I like my current body minus my stomach. Its not flat. I dont want to go to the gym or run bc its boring. Could I just do ballet routines from yt and ab workouts? Thats more doable and fun.

No. 158451

Update from >>152584

Thank you both >>152585 >>152588 for your suggestions! I am the most uncoordinated so dancing isn't really my thing, but I looked up interval training, especially HIIT and I love it WAY more than normal cardio!

Vid related is my favourite so far because it's really doable, but I still break a sweat and feel good afterwards. The last few times I did it, I actually was doing a bit extra in the breaks because I felt good, so I guess that means my cardio fitness is actually improving!

I'm so glad I found something that's working because it really helps clear my head and gives me a mood boost to start the day. I literally feel more sane now, I hope I can keep this up.

File: 1527536884361.jpg (51.01 KB, 530x845, b5f78b32e354b7ad4c3f7a667ef068…)

No. 83671[Reply]

In the vein of the engagement ring thread - post your dress inspos!

And ofc if you prefer suits feel free to share as well! Just wanted to keep the title short.
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No. 158326


>not everyone knows their architecture

You implied that by saying this. It is rather pretentious to point out obvious things, well fucking done, you have two eyes and know the most basic reference.

No. 158378

File: 1604518590831.png (379.06 KB, 443x704, 290860734502750436.png)

You're reading a lot into my intentions when I spent three seconds writing a comment that stemmed from thinking, "Ha it kinda looks like a Greek pillar. I wonder if anyone else thought that." That's it. No big pretentious agenda trying to show off on an anonymous image board, which doesn't make sense in the first place. The "not everyone knows" thing was a basic observation; what's common knowledge to you may not be to everyone else. (And >>158257 didn't see it, so it may not have even been the dressmaker's goal.) Nowhere did I state that most people wouldn't see a pillar-like design, nor that they'd be idiots for not doing so.

Think of me as an arrogant bitch if it makes you happy, but there was zero harm or condescension intended. Anyway back on topic, pretty dresses.

No. 158389

File: 1604523768445.jpg (167.8 KB, 1140x1708, il_1140xN.1717238461_qpn8.jpg)

what do you guys think of black/white wedding dresses? maybe i'm just tacky but i find this really beautiful. i don't really like full black dresses though.

No. 158410

File: 1604531538977.jpg (106.67 KB, 662x993, Blush-pink-organza-mermaid-wed…)

id want something extra like this or a really sparkly dress.

No. 158412

I love this.

File: 1604333419198.jpg (94 KB, 640x640, Shop this Instagram from @boog…)

No. 157892[Reply]

Post a collage of ideas or garments of how your style looks (including makeup or random style inspiration if you want to) or just one single picture with an outfit you like and talk about why you like it! then we all can discuss why we like our outfits and rate them and stuff.
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No. 158414

File: 1604532519108.jpeg (249.5 KB, 463x992, D6267487-6558-4549-ACC7-CD37BD…)

I tried following the bookmark from where I bought the white dress and it led me to an entirely different dress now that doesn’t look remotely similar, I’m sorry. It was from this site though.

No. 158517

I would wear shoes, socks and skirt from no.1, sweater from no.3 and hair from no.4. you are welcome for this information lel

No. 159294

File: 1605082219244.png (2.62 MB, 1804x2620, outfit.png)

I couldn't find a patch jacket that wasn't fucking ugly or basic disrocker. But my patch jackets are all black denim, no studs, tightly stitched patches, a few colour schemed pins.

My club looks and looks for when I play shows are much more 80s/90s goth hooker. Also sorry about all the white at the bottom, paint was being retarded.
I love your fashion, anon. Except I hate like 90% of platforms.

No. 160538

File: 1605868937132.png (77.88 KB, 768x1040, 1393b2ebb79a7099afcf2270b1d20e…)

Something about this is so… cartoon goth. Like you're that background goth girl in Daria or the croc from NITW. It's kind of endearing but also a little middle school.
Like if Dolly Parton attended brunch. If you don't have fancy hair you're ruining it, though.
You dress like you have a record collection and chew on raw coffee beans to intimidate people.
The specter who haunts the second hand shop check out. People take up things for you to scan, but then they blink and you've disappeared.
You sound pretentious.
Can't go wrong with dark academia tbh.
This is what Cher Horowitz wears in Heaven.

No. 162438

File: 1607352664747.jpg (77.3 KB, 564x741, cd6456650b0b0b9640108dfe64f646…)

like the woman in the middle.

File: 1469627747972.jpg (33.58 KB, 612x380, Leslie-Jones_612x380_0.jpg)

No. 45623[Reply]

We have a thread for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason?

Admit your thirst, farmers.
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No. 158352


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 158364

File: 1604516171895.jpg (92.43 KB, 937x960, 4b55d3a61dd49d7b60516962d113af…)

no shame about it, she's wonderful

No. 158631

then don't post her here, silly

No. 158674

File: 1604704497635.png (226.45 KB, 590x300, asdfadsfdhad.png)

me again.
i think the part that's worst is that she's exactly my type? soft "cottagecore" gf with pretty eyes. lovely tinkling voice too.
i'm gonna chug a bottle of wine.

No. 158897

NEW THREAD!: >>158895

File: 1603517464739.jpg (429.46 KB, 600x800, marifactory2943941761594341530…)

No. 156408[Reply]

Previous Threads
#1 >>72269
#2 >>124317

General discussion thread for everything fashion related.

No. 156411

File: 1603519989889.jpeg (532.97 KB, 1536x1966, 57CFD49A-BA7F-4AD6-B094-16352A…)

What are some brands that have the same style as Miu Miu but more affordable?

No. 156416

Why did you make this thread? We already have >>154681

No. 156456

File: 1603547605805.jpg (954.21 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201022_131416_com…)

Can someone please show me a jacket that goes with this? I already ordered it..

No. 156459

Anon, here is the fashion thread, post it here: >>154681

File: 1603466039638.png (1.14 MB, 1266x878, changemymind.png)

No. 156276[Reply]

I have come to the point in my life where I am really struggling not to be entirely against men.

I understand there are good men out there, but 90% of the good men seem to just be gay men who are capable of actually respecting women are humans and not walking fleshlights who sometimes share their thoughts.

The primary reasons I hate men is almost entirely due to their sexuality and the accompanying behaviors. Whenever I express my feelings on these issues, I'm more or less met with, "THIS IS HOW MEN ARE, GET OVER IT." Or, "WELL THAT's YOUR FAULT FOR ONLY INTERACTING WITH BAD MEN AND NOT GOOD ONES." ???

It just seems like what they're really asking me to do is be fine with the fact that men will view women as sexual objects before anything else.

I've had relationships with "good guys" who treat me personally with a lot of respect, and even then, I have to put up with them being inappropriate/offensive/having horrible boundaries at some point about other women. Even just the constant ogling or flipping though softcore porn on Instagram at any time of the day. It makes me sick.

The last time I tried talking to a man about this, he claimed I was "immature" about sex. Then he wanted to try persuading me that this is all about having failed relationships- which ridiculous because that's not the only capacity in which I interact with men. And it's not just me, I constantly see a lot of hurtful behavior by men towards my friends, my sisters, etc.
37 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 156442

You're putting words in my mouth for the second time and I'm kinda tired of this. I didn't say no man ever is not guilty of sexual violence, but that mediocre men benefit from the existence of violent or shitty men. Also
>most men don't rape uwu
Well, I can't tell you how many times I've heard from "normie" men that if porn and prostitition didn't exist, there would be more rapes. And those men weren't 4chan users who spend days and nights in their basements. Some were "good" husbands and dads.
>because you don't seem to think anything can be done to better the situation…
I mean, creating social programs for abused women is good. Educating women on how to spot the red flags is good. But it's just treating the symptoms, there's no cure. Men who rape and beat women should be simply killed off imo, eliminated from the gene pool, but that obviously won't happen. Separatism on a global scale also won't happen, but a small minority of women can practice separatism and eliminate men from their life. I care about those who want to be free the most, less about those who cling to the proverbial cock. And even if you're with a man, the least you can do is to never breed with him and not to continue the cycle through creating another oppressor or another girl to victimize (you know, those feminists of the 70s failed to raise good, non pornsick men, and the millenial and zoomer women will fail even harder kek). I know two women who are in straight couples and who decided not to breed with their men, but it's rare to meet a guy who will be ok with this and who won't cheat on you sooner or later. Most men are egoists.

I really wonder how do social-constructionists think socialization started? How is that men CROSS-CULTURALLY created this great conspiracy to subjugate women?

No. 156447

Idk anon, if you’re aware that men are shit how come you can’t be aware that women are shit? Are you telling me with a straight face that women are all sweet? I’ve been shat on by both to the point I stopped hating groups or genders but rather glorify individuals.

No. 156448

You actually make sense anon but I don’t agree with you that all women should stop breeding, because there’s still some women who can pick out normal men to breed with, why should we let the few women that can date normal non abusive men go extinct? I am aware that I shouldn’t breed though.

No. 156450

I used to be wary of breeding because I was so afraid I would have daughters, and I knew I could not protect them.

As I got older I became just as afraid of having a son because one day he would become a man.

To the anon who said that children are innocent- they are not innocent, they are naive. My nieces and nephews do objectively shitty things all day long- children are narcissists however it’s a necessary phase in their development that they will grow out of with proper parenting.

That said, my nephews are noticeably worse than my nieces. By the time they were 2, they were already delighting in breaking/hitting things and trying to assert dominance over other children.

No. 156455

>As I got older I became just as afraid of having a son because one day he would become a man.
This reminded me of a pet peeve I have lately. I watch a lot of true crime vids on youtube and the comments underneath always have shit like women with usernames like 'logans mom'. So under a video about a typical serial killer raping and murdering women (and only women) they'll talk about how they hate knowing their son is growing up in such a cruel world where he might fall victim to such awful people…. ah yes please make it about your son somehow falling victim when it's a hetero male killing women and that's also 99percent of the cases featured on these shows??

Don't worry about the actual victims or share any thoughts for them. Don't worry about your son growing up to be the violent one either. Just make it all about him. Even the usernames are retarded 'kevins mommy' and shit like that, ffs.

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