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File: 1491145477349.png (4.05 MB, 1917x2089, Galko_Green_Attire_Stitched_Ca…)

No. 57461[Reply]

How does one give themself a makeover, an upgrade? How do you work out exactly what will suit you best?

I'm working out in order to get a fitter body because I let myself go in uni but while I'm at it I want to get my hair, makeup, nails, everything else sorted!

How do you decide what to work on and where do you take it from there? Does anyone have any tips to becoming healthier and more beautiful with hair care/skincare and the rest?

The same goes for giving wardrobe a makeover and the rest. Are there any resources?

I don't know where to begin or what threads here to start on and end up aimlessly lurking but without a solid plan.
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No. 106637

Yes, as long as your nose isn't big and you're not fat

No. 106651

Phew thanks!! My nose size somehow varies in different pics even though i took them from really similar angles and traced a more or less accurate photo, so im not sure if its big or not. But i will try to go pretty anyway

No. 106671

How do I become girlier? I don't know where girls learn to glow up or become so girly but I'd like to learn.

No. 106672

Girlier how?
YouTube will teach you how to use cosmetics, style hair, and shape your eyebrows.

You can mimic outfits from pictures until you learn to put together an outfit.

No. 106681

What is there to get? Wear some natural makeup, make sure your hair is neat (or is up), and put together a nice outfit. Try a sundress, that's hard to screw up.

File: 1530505005626.jpg (13.17 KB, 268x230, jeffdisgusted.jpg)

No. 86886[Reply]

Previous: >>63152

Third times a charm! Starting off with a classic.

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.
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No. 107443

Skimmed the thread too fast and for a second thought y'all got it for bongo man. Wack

No. 107477

I find him really, really, really hot.

No. 107550

File: 1549480693159.png (67.41 KB, 220x335, BigDDobrik.png)

No. 107560

File: 1549498922386.png (647.08 KB, 596x596, oyang.png)

It's a damn shame that I, someone who hangs out in the Asian-American activist circle can't help but think that this dictionary-definition Uncle Tom is nothing short of fucking adorable. Best part is that he doesn't even date Asian chicks because they "remind him of his sisters", apparently.

No. 107590

File: 1549536735256.jpg (267.87 KB, 800x1149, photos.medleyphoto.3620432.jpg)

reviving this thread bc i started watching sopranos and Tony could like… get it

File: 1535835963427.jpg (2.14 MB, 5760x2776, bag.jpg)

No. 93899[Reply]

Inspired by >>>/g/93056
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No. 106197

Where do you farmers get all these cute wallets from?

No. 106372

File: 1548290434105.jpg (1.36 MB, 2748x2064, IMG_8237.jpg)

No. 106379

what is that wallet thing?

No. 106511


i'd be your friend :)

No. 106861

If I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t take a bag and just give him my phone to carry.

If I’m alone, phone, ipod, keys, wallet, sunglasses. My bag is a medium Lady Dior in cream (sorry, on mobile so can’t make a cute collage). I have a bad bag so try to carry as little as possible. Want to downgrade to a micro bag.

File: 1546878415551.jpg (47.52 KB, 494x604, 5d6143aa2a8770ba5b4e8848b80ff4…)

No. 105184[Reply]

Let's say you could change your face.

Pretend there's some high tech exists and it could change face as easily as putting on a fake tattoo. It's even easy to obtain like going to the Apple store and purchasing it on a day off.

Would you do it? Would you get a completely new face or would it just be a better you? Why would you do it? Why wouldn't you? What would you do with your new face?

Also let's say once you get the new face, it would update all your old pictures and memories of others (to take out the "what would my family or other people think)

I see so many anons with extremely low self esteem on here, so I wanna know if you were given the chance would you take it.
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No. 106053

>Make my eyes bigger, and move them a bit further apart
>Neat slightly sloped nose
>Actually have eyelashes
>Perfect skin
>Slim and reduce jaw

I don't think I'm horrible-looking, I'm definitely capable of looking good, but these little tweaks would get rid of any insecurities I have.

No. 106054

>make my eyes more sexier
>remove the slight tiny bump on my otherwise straight nose
>make my nostrils a bit smaller
>get rid of my nasolabial voids
That's it really. I'm fairly content with my face, just some slight annoyances.

No. 106158

Yes 100%, completely new. I also wish I could change my eye color.

No. 106168

My face is skewed. It's not obvious when you see me, but really obvious on passport pictures etc. Like my jaw and my nose point in different directions and that's something I'd definitely change.

No. 106171

I like my face overall but I would definitely change my nose

File: 1540218123296.jpg (36.3 KB, 852x480, 43589089.jpg)

No. 99091[Reply]

As a counterpart to the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread I thought it'd be nice to have a thread were we discuss general turn-ons, sexy shit, what you are attracted to. Things that won't make other anons wonder if they should call the police, heh.
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No. 104248

After watching Bandersnatch I've realized that I'm really into the idea of mind controlling a guy into doing a bunch of kinky stuff to himself that he's not 100% on board with. If I magically obtained the ability to control minds, it's probably the first thing I'd do lol.

No. 105012

Dunno why but I’m really into forced kissing. Nothing past that (no rape fantasies) but rough kissing really turns me on.

No. 106125

like what ?

No. 106134

Eating ass in the grocery store before paying for it is stealing

No. 106136

So do you go around sticking your tongue into people against their will or do you wish someone did it to you?

File: 1533645466058.gif (929.51 KB, 500x275, orig.gif)

No. 91365[Reply]

I thought it would be nice and uplifting to remember any good/happy/loving events that have happened to you and keep cherished in your mind, so maybe when you revisit them they make you feel a little better.

Share away!
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No. 104994

Before I moved overseas I spent time with my coworker I was seeing in secret. The morning before i left we just cuddled and the cold breeze coming through the window kept us under the blankets locked together. Miss him but oh well.

No. 105394

I forgot my wallet at my desk at work and I walked to a Dunkin Donuts for lunch and I didn't notice until I had already ordered that I did not have it. I let the lady behind me go first as I frantically looked for it in my bad. Upon realizing I didn't have it I just told the lady to just cancel my order and the lady bought it for me instead. I literally almost cried. It wasn't much but fuck thank you

No. 105407

That's a cute feel. I hope I can relate one day.

No. 105449

I used to spend so much time growing up outside being half wild/ignorant and it was so much fun. I miss the feeling of being underneath a big cloudless blue sky. I used to walk for hours in my old neighborhood and my favorite thing to do was climb the highest hill and look out over the whole city. On clear sunny days you could see sometimes the ocean, which would be nothing more than a silver streak in the sunlight. But it was so beautiful, and so inspiring. It’s so pantheistic but I really did feel one with the world back then, like looking out on the horizon I felt like my thoughts had wings. I like the city but nature is my home.

No. 105461

LAN parties with friends, school camp, sims 2 and minecraft, birthdays as a kid, drawing something I’m proud of, discovering lolita fashion, and some other things. The purest happy memories are all from my childhood. Depression hit hard in high school and more recent memories just aren’t as fond to me but I’ve been getting better since moving into the real world. I hope maybe one day I’ll look back on my days as a young adult with nostalgia and satisfaction like I do with my childhood.

File: 1526682170305.jpg (19.69 KB, 411x411, 50d68ef1fc4ea2582a000567dd3417…)

No. 82884[Reply]

Post any looks from minimalist to avant garde you think are cute or interesting.
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No. 105038

I could do without the photoshopped on stars.

No. 105057

oh bummer, I thought they were adhesive

No. 105154

I loved this look so much on Christina Ricci. It's so cute

No. 105455

File: 1547113860799.jpg (1.08 MB, 1440x1440, reginazlr.jpg)

No. 105456

File: 1547114075164.png (259.97 KB, 480x471, lexusmperezz.png)

File: 1546971383219.jpg (81.71 KB, 700x700, 1000x1000.jpg)

No. 105215[Reply]

No. 105272

Lmao you're definitely a man, but yes, Sabaton makes decent music! Fell in love when I heard them on the metal radio station one year when I was aimlessly driving around late at night through the back roads of my town. Something about listening to cheesy power metal under the stars and moon made me feel comfy as hell.

No. 105303

ha what >>105272 said but I'm just gonna reply because I do love Sabaton.
Have you ever seen them live? They're really funny as they run around the podium all wearing the same army pants. The singer has this permanent happy face while singing about war and death.

No. 105397

I actually got to see one of their first ever performances in North America. They were the opening act for Iron Maiden. I've been listening to them ever since.

No. 105419

i liked their nazgul song

File: 1439519622581.jpg (875.17 KB, 1000x953, 1432170365080.jpg)

No. 50546[Reply]

There is a thread for 3D guys you want to fug, can we have one for 2D too? Post dem husbandos.
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No. 104747

File: 1546557168228.jpg (38.94 KB, 278x300, fushigi-yuugi-the-misterious-p…)

Tasuki from Fushigi Yuugi.


Don't post disgusting 3D piggus in this thread anon.

No. 104749


Good fucking taste, anon. I loved that show so much as a teenager.

No. 104750

The only other character to ship with him is the sword. He's so perfect though

No. 104751


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 104870

10/10 taste.

File: 1538783202460.png (22.75 KB, 879x609, 1521044432427.png)

No. 97555[Reply]

I'm wondering how other anons feel about the concept of friendship and if anyone else is considering how necessary it really is.

I'm moving to the other side of the country next year and have decided I'm going to keep in minimal contact with my current friends (like a few phone calls/texts a year) and not really make an effort to make new ones. I just find friendship too emotionally draining and acknowledge I can be rather toxic, so it just seems for the best to keep them at arm's length and avoid new people.
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No. 98109

I've recently been feeling the same, unfortunately. I still have one close female friend whom I met in high school and often chat with on the internet, but we rarely meet these days. I made a few attempts at making new friends, even if just online, but unfortunately, they all seem to have pretty much failed (or they've moved from friends to acquaintances I barely talk to and I'm always the one who initiates conversations, which isn't very rewarding to be honest, it makes me feel like I'm bothering them and they're just obligated to respond). I think all the emotional and mental effort is not worth it anymore, if most people end up disappointing you anyway.

No. 98197

Tbh you sound a lot like me, I'm >>97596

If someone was into the same stuff as me and genuinely laid back then itd be cool but I hate any prospect of drama

No. 104555

I didn't know whether to make a separate thread for this but dealing with ex friends or people you thought were your friends but they ended up being toxic or ostracising you?

No. 104632

File: 1546462610077.jpg (12.92 KB, 236x236, d0a30f3f40b59e0005a4a39a87fc4f…)

I'm part of a very tight group of 8 friends (if you count one girl's bf of 3 years who is also very close to us).
It probably seems like a lot, esp seeing some posts on this thread but we grew up together for the most part (some have known each other since Elementary, others from Junior high and we are all 19-20)
We've all been through some shit to different extents but we've always accepted and helped each other bc we were all "outcasts". The funny thing is that despite being 8 we're all very introverted. I guess it explains why we managed to stay close throughout the years, as we weren't too keen on meeting other people. We've had a group chat since 2013-2014 and it helps us stay in touch despite some being at the other side of the country for their studies or whatever. Not everyone interacts the same amount of course, but the shitposting keeps it going, and it's always nice to see small updates from everyone from time to time. It has never felt forced or anything. It sure is somewhat of a comfort zone, even though we are able to make some new friends outside too, but the core has remained the same for years (and will hopefully stay that way for many more).
As we've all been insulted, mocked when we were younger, the group became our rock.
I try to help them as much as I can, and send them love when they're down. We also have the same weeby interests and somewhat similar music tastes so it's even better. We lift each other to become better people , and tell them when they're doing wrong things. Feeling very very lucky and I'd wish something like this to everyone.

tldr : group of 8 friends, since childhood/preteens, got together by being outcasts/rejects and never lost contact despite distance and bad stuff. When we see each other it's just very natural and comfy, like it was meant to be. Very grateful.

No. 104638

File: 1546468389646.gif (342.22 KB, 500x280, giphy (3).gif)

My two best friends are so amazing. And I think it took me moving away from them for me to realize just how much I would miss their irl company. Thankfully, I moved back to start college (long story) I even live with my best friend of 7 years, her parents see me as part of the family lol. I was so lonely last New Years but this time my friend brought her switch over and we all played smash and made pizzas, she even taught me how to play yugioh since she's really into it right now. I'm just so happy to be able to hang out with them again.

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