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File: 1663220654373.png (1.1 MB, 1142x640, Witch Folk Tarot Deck.png)

No. 288268[Reply]

Welcome to to the divination thread. Here we discuss our experiences with tarot or any other form of divination, be on the giving or recieving end. You can also use this thread to practice reads and ask questions to readers.

>Info for people seeking a reading

If you want to get a reading, please leave a post here with your query and general details about it. It's optional but you can include your age, sex, sign, a picture, a song, or any other info you might feel is relevant, anything that might help the reader pick up your energy better. Some readers may ask for distinct requirement according to their reading style. Although you may post your query here, it is not guaranteed that your post will be picked up by a reader quickly, but it may still eventually happen.

>Info for readers

You can come here and offer readings for anons, how many spots you offer and how many questions you'll answer is up to you. You may also pick up any query from this thread and answer it. Remember to disclose what your requirements for a reading are (age, sex, sign, lenght of the question, etc) and what method of divination you're using. If there's certain questions you won't awnser (death and sickness related for example) be sure to disclose it as well.

>Info for people seeking a trade

As a reader, you may come here and ask to trade a reading, meaning you leave your own question and then wait until another reader picks it up. If that reader answers your question, be sure to reply back as soon as possible. Always disclose what method of divination you're using. Try to match the lenght of the other anon's response, don't leave them hanging or reply with a shorter text than theirs.

>Info for people learning any divination method including tarot

Feel free to come here to practice your skills. You can ask for advice, tips, and feedback. Even if you're not actively learning and are just curious about it, please don't shy away from posting in this thread.

Have fun!
Last thread: >>>/g/144816
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No. 400244

Thank you nona! I'm hoping to sidestep a lot of those issues mentioned by not aiming to make money from it/keeping it as a hobby but saving this so I don't get trapped by the smell of my own farts if it ends up going anywhere.

No. 400278

File: 1716506105092.jpeg (283.74 KB, 750x751, 1714275294099.jpeg)

I'm 27 y/o loser, everything you said makes so much sense. In a marriage I'm considering leaving because of what I think are irreconcilable differences and I'm in a bad financial position bc of uni.

>I feel like this person is also dragging you into their instability

Hit the nail on the head. Thank you, nonna.

No. 400319

32yo, sun virgo moon saggitarius rising libra (thanks chatgpt)
Some questions:
Am I still going to be working this same job in september?
Will I start a romantic relationship this year? If so with a man or woman?
Am i gonna reach my artistic goals for this year?
And whatever else you get, idk too well how this works.

No. 400335

Baby, you can end up with me by the end of this year.

No. 400344

File: 1716527060789.jpg (6.72 KB, 220x294, images-3.jpg)

It's hot as fuck outside, my period is coming soon, and I'm bored af. I have some questions, not sure if I want to trade them because I'm a bit lazy if I'm honest, but let me know if you need anything, Scorpio 28

>Where is my life going? I'm so unmotivated and bored

>Does my energy feel off?
>Is it because I was hurt? Sometimes it feels like I'm being emotionally punched for being a retard
>Why can't I decide what to do with my life anymore?
>How tf do I fix my life. Why is my life so stagnant at the moment. Is there something I'm not seeing?
>When to make friends again? Not in the timing sense more in the advice side I guess. Also if you spy on me, do you think I'm a nice person? Kek
>Is therapy working? Kek. I mean at least I need to know if it's doing stuff energetically
>What's up with my current manifestation power? Part of me thinks I'm being delulu and the other one wants to believe. I think I'm not doing so good rn tbh. Rational mind vs Girl boss(??lmao) mindset and all
>General career reading please, for context I want to do creative shit but I ain't done shit in years
>I'm interested in an event happening in September, any advice before it happens / and during would be great
Like jfc can't someone give me like a blessing or some type of spell so I can finally get off my ass and do shit

File: 1533773595078.jpg (355.83 KB, 900x900, lion-head-marian-voicu.jpg)

No. 91535[Reply]

I can't seem to find the astrology thread, so let's make a new one! I hope everyone is having a lovely Leo season. Post PDFs and book recommendations, your favorite sites, youtubers, and advice etc.
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No. 400292

File: 1716508122907.png (521.44 KB, 1312x1464, Screen Shot 2024-05-23 at 16.4…)

Thanks for doing this! I'd be really interested to see mine. I'll let you know how accurate you are. A lot of people say I'm a bit of a caricature of my big 3

No. 400307

this is a really strong chart. I say that despite my hatred for Scorpio risings (Taylor Swift)

-in your defense, you are a 3rd decan Scorpio rising and those aren't evil like the first two
-family oriented and protective
-can't hide your emotions
-prone to overreating
-take on your mother's physical features
-not composed; get flustered easily
-squircle face; large and round eyes that dominate the face; inside corner of the eyes is narrow and pointed; winged eyebrows; wide, round cheekbones; average thickness lips where the bottom one is fuller than the top; long torso with wide set ribcage (similar to the unfunny TikTocker linked above who keeps showing up in my feed and is almost certainly a Scorpio rising)
-intelligent and knowledgeable
-come about a great deal of money
-highly ambitious
-eccentric; obsessive behavior
-lot's of sudden upheavals and transformative events
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 400328

-healthy eater
-slim, oval face; short forehead with curved hairline; curved eyebrows; large almond eyes; nose is slim through the bridge and wider at the nostrils; lips are small but full, in a Cupid's Bow shape; delicate, oval jaw
-massive superiority complex; feel like you were born to rule
-the queen bee in high school
-bad temper tantrums when you don't get your way; have a huge sense of entitlement and think that you have a right for things to be the way that you want them to be
-beautiful, especially your hair
-ultra stubborn
-deliberate decision maker; anti impulsive; feel like you can't trust your gut instincts
-born into a great family; great childhood
-need your space in romantic relationships
-healthy sex life
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 400333

File: 1716523839123.jpg (428.34 KB, 1080x1435, Natalchartttt.jpg)

Nonnie please analyze me as hard as you can, I need to know how to better myself lol.

No. 400339

I can tell from first glance that this is a strong chart

-long, rectangular face; high forehead; thin, straight eyebrows; small, hooded, downturned, almond eyes (think Margarita Simonyan); low cheekbones; heavy jaw; lips are straight across and thin
-nurturing and maternal
-rolling gait/sailor's waddle
-high sex drive; no problem having kids if that's what you want
-high spirited; very interested in sports
-big eater; no digestive problems
-conflict mediator
-fighter for the underdog
-detail oriented about your work; perfectionist and critical of others for not living up to your standards
-mama's girl; good relationship with siblings
-lot's of health issues
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1714173017486.jpg (119.07 KB, 736x920, cow.jpg)

No. 393926[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>347288
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No. 400150

> Am i paranoid if i think that some weirdo would try to steal/save personal files from it?
No. Many stories of techs looking at personal files and sharing them when servicing computers. It definitely happens. Protect you data before you give your computer to anyone.

No. 400155

You wouldn't benefit much in changing your style, even alt girls get mostly approached by normie trad type due to the stereotype of alt girls being kinky/easy. In my experience almost every guy is a trad, there's just no way to completely filter them out. Even if your dating profile has "satan worshiper" in the description, a christian moid will message you thinking they'll be different and fix you. Just dress however you feel best, don't dress for moids since there's no point.

No. 400212

I mean, it depends. What kind of moid are you hoping to attract by changing your style ? Does your leaning towards alt fashion relate to other interests of yours such as your music taste or hobby ?

Also you don't need to look sharp and dark to wear alternative fashion, I'm not sure where you even got this from ? And if you open Japanese magazines you'll see quite a few round faced girls with blonde or brown hair and not a single piercing or tattoo still rocking darker styles.

No. 400331

I want to get back into a niche sport and contacted a gym about lessons. There's only 1 gym within a 25 mile radius of me. The gym initially invited me, but when I visited for open mat, the staff seemed standoffish and nobody welcomed me or talked to me (super unusual for the sport). I sensed they did not want me to be there. I did fine at the open gym, but need a coach to progress. I reached out again about lessons or private coaching, but after three days, I still haven't received a response. They responded almost immediately the first time. Should I take the hint or call them tomorrow so they're put on the spot about answering me?
didn't meant to put this in the /ot/ thread

No. 400351

I would call them and ask, I'm too nosy not to kek
Either they're unprofessional af or they're just stupid and forgot

File: 1679044507443.jpg (240.27 KB, 1260x1638, BrJE2lNIAAAbMff.jpg)

No. 317231[Reply]

For anything skincare related.

Previous thread >>>/g/225928
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No. 399913

Any tips on stopping skin picking? I pick my arms and legs and I want to stop for good

No. 400302

Has anybody had microchannelling done before? I got it done yesterday, my face was on fire afterwards. Now my face is very dry and crusty. I can't wait for the final results! It's really expensive for one round, but i got a good package that gives me 3 rounds of it along with 3 rounds of mild acid peels. My skin already looks better after the first peel. I am finally closer to getting my dream non-acne scar ridden skin!

No. 400310

I kind of have to shake myself, like reel back and take stock and tell myself to stop it. I don’t know another way. It’s not very helpful I’m sorry you just have to stop hurting yourself. Wash off and do something else.

No. 400329

I know anons shit on fake nails all the time but
1. wear fake nails (something like olive & June [the nails that come in a pink circular package because they are thick as hell and thick nails work the best to stop picking])
2. while you are slightly handicapped from the fake nails, pay attention to how many times you go to pick
3. when you realize you can't pick very well, tell yourself you will go 15 minutes without picking (you can even set a timer)
4. Focus on something else
5. Once you notice the time is up or the timer goes off, notice how you feel and what your brain is telling you, if you are still feeling the urge to pick
6. Made it through without picking? Or went to pick but only sort of poked and rubbed because of the nails and then stopped? Good, see if you can go another 15 minutes without picking
7. Make sure to reward yourself for impressive milestones, like say every hour you refrain from picking or you go to pick but then realize what you are doing and redirect yourself, you get to eat your favorite snack or something

Also, AVOID areas that trigger picking sessions, or if you have to go there do something different to stop yourself. Like if the bathroom is a trigger then use the restroom with your hands in the air, keep your eyes closed until you have to wash hands and exit.

Throw away your picking tools, or put them somewhere you will forget.

A very important part is to catch yourself when you start slipping into the picking state of mind. I can identify my picking state of mind pretty easily and so it's pretty easy to stop (if I lean into a mirror and start maladaptive daydreaming I know I will end up with a sore, bloody face.)

No. 400361

Yeah, I've tried this mind exercise of ignoring that my arms exist (I pick them the most) and installed an app that helps with addictions (my longest streak was six days) but I've still a long way to go to stopping completely. Thanks for the advice, nonnas

File: 1716477804088.png (1.77 MB, 1980x990, 1000011365.png)

No. 400172[Reply]

Same as last time. Post attractive male bodies, without the face. Use the attractive male or unconventional male threads for that instead.

7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 400240

>beautiful male body as threadpic
EWWWWWW OH MY GOD EWWWWWWWWWW like girl I bet you have a fucking fupa falling out your panties, mind your business

No. 400309


No. 400311

nta but it's a public thread so it's technically everybody's business kek

No. 400324

File: 1716521066165.png (1014.38 KB, 736x1056, 1000011380.png)

No. 400374

Finally an appropriate thread pic, the last one was the most humiliating embarrassing shit to represent "hot" male bodies it literally made me seethe with rage seeing that fugly deformed rat

File: 1713677719853.jpeg (81.46 KB, 525x704, IMG_0967.jpeg)

No. 392562[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive women you'd want to fuck and have no shame admitting
32 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 397929

File: 1715702129068.jpg (36.19 KB, 620x620, katieherzog.jpg)

Katie Herzog. Love her long neck, eyes, edgy persona

No. 399934

File: 1716395569140.jpg (233.37 KB, 1080x1080, csaba-dalla-zorza.jpg)

I want to be Csaba's wife, respectfully. She's so elegant and refined, we already have some common interests but i'm going to improve my cooking for her.
Being a poorfag sucks because if i had the possibility i would have participated in her shows and snatched her off from her husband in one day for sure.

No. 399935

omg she's gorgeous

No. 400229

File: 1716492240289.jpg (497.92 KB, 1693x2048, licensed-image.jpg)

I don't care for her otherwise but something about this photo of her with the dog bite across her face…

No. 400300

File: 1716510825027.jpg (93.2 KB, 1080x1080, Snapinsta.app_445827002_468579…)

I think she's stunning.

File: 1700511828610.jpg (340.67 KB, 1280x1280, I actually think she's cute bu…)

No. 360179[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her?

Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

Previous threads from oldest to latest.
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No. 400267

She is plain and has a weird nose.

No. 400295

File: 1716510271944.jpg (152.18 KB, 640x960, Priyanka-chopra-gesf-2018-7565…)

I feel this way about Priyanka Chopra. She's pretty but she's hyped up as one of India's most gorgeous women and I don't see it.

No. 400297

i agree with this one, priyanka isnt ugly but she's not all that

No. 400299

File: 1716510814020.webp (29.42 KB, 515x588, priyanka-chopra4.webp)

I think she just aged, she's 41 now, thats her when she was younger

No. 400306

File: 1716512592296.jpeg (173.69 KB, 720x1280, WhatsApp-Image-2023-07-18-at-1…)

i still cant see it for some reason. her nose job went really well though

File: 1677506068636.jpg (45.03 KB, 1280x720, kurumi-drying-off-sawakos-face…)

No. 314525[Reply]

Share tips, vent, advice, similar experiences, how to get out of such a rut, what can be changed, what helped you personally, where to meet women you can relate to.

This thread is for:
-those of us who spent our formative years on 4chan/other male dominated spaces and got internet poisoning from it
-those of us who realised men aren't your friends but are now alone
-gender dysphoric women especially socially dysphoric
-ex-TIFs who have come to terms with being female but are now adrift
-those of us who are gender non-conforming in personality, not only appearance
-assorted spergs/speds who have difficulty understanding social norms, unwritten rules, tone of voice, and reading between the lines
-low-empathy or low EQ women
-general loners and NEETs

This thread is NOT for humblebragging about how cool and rational and edgy you are. Please.

For example, I find it difficult to tell lies, even white lies. When I lie it's so obvious it makes it worse. All my friendships with men ended for obvious reasons. I would genuinely like to make female friends so hopefully we can help each other.
989 posts and 90 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 399910

File: 1716384780990.jpeg (32.55 KB, 366x418, 6.jpeg)

Sometimes I feel like a nlog for not enjoying shows that are meant to be for women and meant to be relatable but I just genuinely don't find them funny nor relatable at all. I can't change that, I'm not trying to be contrarian but that's how others see it.

No. 400255

I think I have a hard time opening up to other women because of how viciously bullied I was by girls my age in middle school. I don’t think I was particularly bad, just extremely autistic and admittedly kind of childish (I still played with dolls until I was 13, and liked playing in the dirt). I also came out as a lesbian very young, when I was 12, and these girls were extremely cruel, they spread rumors about me, saying I was gonna grope them, or that I’m only pretending to be gay so that boys think I’m sexy. I was also a victim of CSA, so those comments hurt me deeper than any direct insult can.
I guess I just felt more comfortable with boys, because when boys bullied me, they made it extremely obvious that they didn’t like me. The girls my age would treat me like a weird pet, with these passive aggressive comments, and if I opened up about anything, it would be used against me. My only friends were nerdy boys, because I felt like they were the only people who I had anything in common with. To this day, most of my friends are guys, cause I have pretty masculine interests. I guess the bullying really messed up my idea of what’s being friendly as kindness versus being friendly to hurt me later

No. 400268

>The girls my age would treat me like a weird pet
I got this too. Also neurodivergent (ADHD). I don’t get why women bullies have an inability to leave others alone.

No. 400274

I think this is really common and not a nlog behavior, it's just a matter of taste. I like some normie shit and hate others. It's really personal and most people I know don't universally like these shows. I don't find them relatable either.

No. 400296

I watched sex and the city for the fashion.
The characters are unlikeable.

File: 1667396287877.jpg (96.08 KB, 735x735, 50c3ed187326c7274baff568b8522d…)

No. 297242[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>215102

>Don't forget to stay anonymous. Don't give key details about you like your real name or address. Have basic cyber security common sense.
>Don't organize any type of discord/telegram/etc group in this thread or anywhere else on lolcow. Organize it elsewhere.
>Don't get discouraged if you get ghosted or don't immediately click with someone, shit happens. Keep trying.
>This website is 18+ only, don't post here if you are a minor.

Guidelines to consider:
>How long this contact will remain active?
>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
>How would you describe yourself?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
905 posts and 247 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 399941

File: 1716398036393.jpg (44.83 KB, 564x451, 2ed93f7a99a581661e37ae3604c8bb…)

Finally have courage to try this so let's see how it'll go
turinhorse12 on Discord
>How long this contact will remain active?
As long as I have someone to talk to on there (it's a throwaway account)
>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
Preferably people in their 20's and 30's, but I don't discriminate, older nonnas are welcome as well. Just don't be younger than 20.
>How would you describe yourself?
Very strange, but friendly. I have never had social anxiety, but I am a bit of an autist and have trouble gauging if someone finds me annoying or not. Depending on the mood I can sperg about my interests for hours, or quietly listen and be a shoulder to cry on. I like helping people and feeling like I am needed. I have no problem with voice chat.
>Hobbies and pastimes
Drawing, looking at drawings other people made, reading nonfiction books, self-improvement, occasionally playing vidya games. I'm morbidly interested in armed conflicts (past and present), true crime, medical oddities, terrorist groups, cults, strange personalities, conspiracy theories, foreign cultures etc.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 399944

I clicked on your post through the catalogue because of the picture, you seem cool! Sent you a friend request.

No. 399982

File: 1716409009910.jpg (553.83 KB, 1700x2300, tumblr_adc6ac2382803481864218e…)

discord is "chromakey00" its a throwaway i just made, but if we talk ill give you my main
>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
i usually get along better with people older than me but im ok with people younger as long as youre not a tiktok zoomer type kek
>How would you describe yourself?
im kinda nervous around people but im passionate about stuff i like. i try to be an optimistic person. im autistic (diagnosed) and i understand that probably dissuades people from messaging me but i really want to get better at socializing, thats part of why im posting here.. i would really appreciate being able to talk to nice nonnas and make a friend or two
>Hobbies and pastimes
i love drawing!! 99% digital art, its my main hobby and i do commission work sometimes. if youre also an artist please message me, id love to make artist friends. i also love bird watching and ive wanted to get into sewing again
>Favorite movies/shows/music/books/etc
besides that i like video games a lot, psx/ps2 stuff is my favorite. my favorite series are dmc and crash bandicoot and i like roguelites. i like a lot of music, my favorite would proobbaably be ambient idm type stuff but i like industrial metal, gothic rock, alt rock, etc. ive been listening to fob a lot recently. i dont read much books honestly but if you have recs id like to hear them
>Other random tidbits about you (mbti, your zodiac, what boards or threads you use, or whatever else you want to add, etc)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 400130

Wtf is a water server

No. 400207

Hi, are you still around? I tried to email you and it came back undelivered

File: 1690553910382.jpeg (31.19 KB, 275x275, E28F0667-F88F-4BAC-B592-1B9BEA…)

No. 342326[Reply]

same rules as last time. you can say whatever you want as long as it pertains to romantic or sexual fantasies about other women and isn’t talking about dicks. if its not a fantasy go to the lesbian/bi thread.
1068 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 400186

File: 1716482086257.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.08 KB, 564x752, 91022b9c997a88b42e26b6d4a1694c…)

I fantasize about being a giant's/monster creature's little pet/sex toy, but that they also care about me as you would a pet. They keep me in my own room, feed me and spend time with me, but they also use me to their pleasure whenever they want. I don't care if it's a female or male creature, I just want a huge thing that could easily kill me take care and coddle me at the same time as they defile me in a loving way. Like they find me cute and endearing to play with and don't want to harm me because I'm their precious little plaything
Picrel is the only thing I found that had the same feeling(wrong thread)

No. 400195

File: 1716485002141.jpg (49.9 KB, 540x508, tumblr_b08890da8ecfd4264b9e8cf…)

>I don't care if it's a female or male creature
>that fucking spoiler
>female fantasies thread

No. 400196

relatable but they have to be super nice and never hurt me. actually thinking they could hurt me if they wanted to ruins it, they almost need some kind of magic mechanism that makes it impossible for them to hurt me.

No. 400197

ah fuck I mixed up the threads I'm sorry

No. 400270

I wanna fuck my twitter mutual so bad. we're always jokingly flirting. I wish we lived in the same country, I'd wake her up to head every morning and lick her armpits. Fuck.

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