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No. 409041

Previous Threads: >>>/g/378416

A place for black farmers to discuss experiences and topics related to being a black woman and the black community. The positive, the negative, the rants, the raves - it all belongs here.

Follow site/board rules. Report and ignore bait. Be aware of common infight & bait topics (diaspora wars, Africans vs African-Americans, interracial dating, etc.) and act accordingly.

No. 409043

What’s you’re favorite black YouTubers?

No. 409044

Last threadpic was cuter

No. 409046

Can we ban desirability politics too? Like trying to make your insecurity into a wider political thing

No. 409047

this and divestment

No. 409049

File: 1719328828119.jpg (687.35 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20240625_111633_You…)

A ban on sperg-baiting topics would be better, and we can put those in the OP of the next thread. But a blanket ban on discussing things like interracial dating as a whole isn't necessary. I think we just need to stop entertaining the posts that are clearly just there to get people arguing.

I really love SewRena. She posts vintage fashion sewing videos and also some lifestyle content. She has a really sweet demeanour and a nice voice. Her videos where she shows off her vintage kitchen are great too. For Harriet is also really nice for discussions related to black womanhood though I disagree with her on some things.

I also like Alissa Jadyn's videos on cartoons and Petal Palmer's medical malpractice and medical scam videos.

No. 409050

Oh Stephco

No. 409051

Any other alt black nonas? I’ve been alt since a young teen which is interesting because it’s a specific kind of experience as a black girl. I’ve always had at least a couple black alt friends but I can’t relate to feeling a part of the sort of, majority black community, if that makes sense.

No. 409052

File: 1719329277218.gif (991.03 KB, 500x242, tumblr_moux4n6B5h1swil9bo1_500…)

>Sorry, but I’m not the anon who was banned, I’m the one who made the original post.
whatever, kiss my ass.
>In which I mentioned, by the way, that black Americans on the internet treat lightskinned African women like they are less black than them
guess what? I don't care because that's not the point I was making. I was specifically talking about non-americans and Africans attributing African-Americans to white genetics as if we're just bastard children. African-Americans arguing with African-Americans about colorism is a different race track. Keep up.
>which is really grating coming from people who are completely disconnected from any sense of African-ness.
Except our DNA literally comes from yours. We are African-American but our race is still black because we came from Africans. This what I'm talking about with Africans straight up saying that African-Americans aren't "truly black". Africans keep moving the goal post for who is truly black when it comes to African-Americans, but I rarely see any of you dissect anyone black that's from the Caribbeans, or even from Europe.
>So no, it’s not because you’re “”yellow””, I am that colour. I fail to see how any of this makes me scroteish and the one who’s triggered is you.
bitch please kek
>Do you think black people in Brazil aren’t mixed either?
When was this about them? Motherfucker, either stick to the point or don't talk at all.
>Or is it because the false moniker “African-American” makes you believe you’re the default “black” group?
When the fuck did I say that? You are so triggered and pissed about african-americans that you had to bring up African models like this is a beauty competition. are you fucking jealous?
>was just countering that anons assertion that people claim African-Americans are “intelligent” because they have white in them
I'm not saying that African-Americans are smarter than Africans because of "white genetics". I'm criticizing white supremacists saying that African-Americans are smarter because of "white genetics". you are so bad at reading comprehension, I have to ask if you rode the short bus to school.
>when I have never, ever heard anyone claim that African-Americans were intelligent ever
I brought up that theory among white supremacists because that's what I see, motherfucker. You wanna know what they call us to differentiate us? African-Americans are called "pavement niggers". Africans are called "jungle niggers", and yes, even on LC I witnessed racist sociopaths unironically believe that African-Americans are more intelligent and "civilized" than Africans because of their projection of them being "mixed race with whites".
>so I’m inclined to believe she pulled that out her ass
All this is telling me is that you are too fucking retarded at reading and unaware of how different people view black people and specifically African-Americans to even be worthy of opening your dense fucking mouth. It's not my fault you have never encountered enough racists both on and offline to be aware of how they pit black people against each other. But hey, it looks like you're a natural at doing that, Miss Dr. Umar's wife. Tongue kiss my fuckin' asshole if you wanna keep talking shit about African-Americans though.(infighting)

No. 409053

Shut up retard

No. 409056

Shut up you jealous mong. You will never control African-Americans so eat our shit.(infighting)

No. 409058

As much as I agree with you and hate the way they instigate shit like this we have to let it end here so that the thread isn't shitted up again.
Stay safe nonnie

No. 409061

I'm not a part of your stupid argument, I want this thread to be clean of your autism. Fuck off to /pol/ or Twitter if you're so obsessed with Africans vs African Americans, or just rope so normal-minded black people can continue life without your sperging.

No. 409062

>I'm not a part of it!
Then you don't matter. Shut up, retard.

No. 409063

I feel like you hear this from most black people that align themselves with subcultures that aren't seen as "part of" blackness if that makes sense. Especially black women. I'm not alt so not useful for your case, but can't say I've ever felt like I'm part of a wider black community. I've never particularly felt a need to having grown up somewhere where everyone is black though. Moving to a multiracial country was freeing because I had way more options for friends and interests than I had where I grew up.

Not worth engaging, just report and move along.

No. 409064


No. 409065

File: 1719329843411.jpg (15.86 KB, 134x244, 1000002205.jpg)

Did anyone else read the maximum ride comics in school? Nudge has always been one of the best young black girls I've ever seen written.

No. 409066

I'm alt, and I feel you nonna. I felt that sense of isolation even before I started dressing the way I often do (and when I'm not), so I'm not too bothered about it. I do feel like black women get pigeonholed in very limited ways and treated like any sort of difference is "wrong" a lot, unfortunately. Good thing we don't have to obey that.

No. 409068

> You will never control African-Americans so eat our shit.

No. 409069

your life doesn't matter and neither do your opinions. We don't need you. Bye now.(ban evasion)

No. 409070

File: 1719330318575.jpg (52.17 KB, 645x680, 1000002001.jpg)

stop it!!

No. 409071

File: 1719330541157.jpg (33.14 KB, 236x612, 98463c24fdc238569fbd0f4c4f7a80…)

I've seen this character around, but didn't know where she was from. She's really cute, thanks anon.

No. 409072

I read the books in middle school! I thought she was so adorable and wished I had a friend like her kek

No. 409073

There are many biracials in Africa, especially with all the foreign laborers and military

No. 409175

File: 1719353161377.jpeg (89.84 KB, 540x719, IMG_5171.jpeg)

Anyone else wish black scrotes did more with their hair / style in general? I hate how black moids are obsessed with being seen as masculine because I find them more attractive in aesthetics that seem to be less common for them, especially over things like hip hop / sporty. They’d get bullied for being “sus” though.
Dreads are probably the best most common style but I think grown out afros are way cuter. Not that they’d try to appeal to us but hey. I can’t stand the basically shaved off look which seems to be most common because they can’t be bothered to take care of it. They should be happy they’re not white men who develop receding hairlines at 20 so why can’t they just try?

No. 409196

it's become routine for me to watch cory play horror games whenever i eat. he's funny and not too moidy. hope he's okay

No. 409209

Black moidtubers like him give me the ick, Berleezy too. They always feel like undercover misogynists or have some weird lines like thirsting over underage girls.

No. 409211

he's fine as fuck god damn
looks like playboy carti

No. 409218

I enjoy Tayta Games, particularly her minecraft series.

No. 409219

Picrel is very hot. Moids should start wearing eyeliner too.

No. 409236

Ew, no. Playboy carti is ugly and looks like bacteria

No. 409239

Rian Phin is one of the most interesting fashion youtubers ive ever seen

No. 409240

I love watching her for home organization tips.

No. 409245

She makes witchcraft related true crime videos.

No. 409255

Not a fan of the shaved look either, but I think black men pull it off a lot better than white guys and non black men in general. What I hate the most are fade hairstyles. They don't look good on any race.

No. 409259

What is your opinion on Sexyy Red? And please post more ratchet ladies, I love them.

No. 409269

I think she’s a one woman minstrel show.

No. 409278

She’s disgusting

No. 409281

Something about her whole image feels kinda fake

No. 409282

idk who that is and from the thumbnail I kind of don’t wanna click on it and feel like alogging women of my race again

No. 409292

Gross and disgusting caricature propped up by racists and porn addicts who love seeing black women degraded. You can tell it's a right wing "project" by her going on about loving Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro's endorsement of her, her going on about her vagina smelling bad, her bashing black women's natural hair to boast of her own chemically straightened hair and wigs, etc. Performing at schools in front of kids is low and trashy, too. There's really nothing I can make positive comments on here, she's nasty and pathetic.

No. 409314

I’m not even gonna click on this. I’m so tired.

No. 409327

What Fenty shade do you think is the cutoff for being darksin or lightskin?

No. 409335

Yes, I really liked that series when i was younger. Maybe a sane company could make an animated adaption one day (I don’t trust Netflix)

No. 409336

True. I’ve always wanted to feel like I’m part of something bigger, and I remember making myself useful by being the walking Black History encyclopedia. Useful for the 2010s, but I felt no sense of connection outside certain political environments. Even as an adult I still struggle to find some place to fit in. People inside and outside the community have a very specific image of you and get angry when you step out of that. The only time this is praised fr a black person is when said black person is overtly conservative. No other circumstance

No. 409344

> And please post more ratchet ladies, I love them.
Black women will never shake the trashy ghetto ratchet label because of people like you and these coomer pondering rappers like whoever that is

No. 409346

> who love seeing black women degraded
She is degrading herself. Nobody is forcing her to create this trash

No. 409349

I'm not saying she's being forced, I'm saying people who enjoy seeing black women degraded are the ones boosting her.

No. 409420

I fucking hate her guts. It’s very telling she gets along well with those southern white boys. Behaving like a proper stereotypical jezebel. I wish I could pepper spray her

No. 409421

Very sis, considering his recent beef with Candace Owens. Now owens is closer to a coon but to praise Sexxy Red is very telling

No. 409502

Am I a bad person for finding Sukihana funny?

No. 409507

Maybe ignorant

No. 409519

She's a funny troll and her music is catchy.

No. 409532

Why ignorant?

No. 409533

Agreed, funny how all the "trolling" is purely at black women's expense.

No. 409546

Big Sexxy laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 409550

i hope big sexxy gets the special lead treatment

No. 409551

Can we talk about music and videos that are actually good? I'm on a 90s and early 2000s RnB kick lately, and I love Brandy.

No. 409554

Big Sexyy up by 1000 kek

No. 409555

Janet's music is amazing.

No. 409564

No. 409566

No. 409573

Thoughts on Youtuber JLongBone? I used to watch her in my edgy teenage days when I had self hatred issues but she's still at it, all these years later. The "I'm a black woman and racism and misogyny jokes don't offend me! (but jokes about men and white people do for some reason)" is so tired. That anti SJW shit is so 2015

No. 409597

File: 1719460388300.jpeg (130.33 KB, 735x729, C6AA45BB-488F-4C85-8369-79B1C2…)

Does anyone love this hairstyle with the different sized braids. It’s so unique and elegant to me. I might attempt

No. 409615

Somehow didn't see this, but she's undefeated.

No. 409619

It's beautiful, I love looks like that. I want to try something similar tbh.

No. 409621

Get the feeling chicks like that are descendants of houseniggas

No. 409657

Does anyone else get strangers hating them for no reason? black people, white males, non BW, etc. it's usually passive aggressive hate, like staring at me to intimidate me or coughing without covering the mouth or muttering rude stuff under their breath. And some weird people I vaguely know from class will stare hard at me expecting me to say hi first and look mad/offended when I don't. I attract creeps.

No. 409658

When did ben shapiro endorse her?

No. 409663

He tried to do what he did with WAP with one of her songs, but the "I'm so disgusted" larp couldn't hold up, he ended up breaking into laughter and blurting out "We'll make a multi-millionaire out of this person, yup", said its verses would be "quickly memed", etc. This was a few months before she sampled him in a song and talked about supporting Trump, claiming "black people in the hood" love him and "want him back". Just the most obvious PR game/back and forth with these people.

No. 409705

She’s so pretty and earthy

No. 409706

An early personal favorite from Tamia

No. 409717

File: 1719500069103.png (390.33 KB, 720x960, ddpdy4v-2446010f-03b9-4760-83b…)

Why everyone pretending it ain't normal to pick your boogers out your nose and eat them? How you gonna get the crusty dry boogers hiding way deep up your nostrils out without your fingers?? Blowing your nose don't work. And they tasty. Y'all, we need to normalize eating our boogers in public because that shit be as normal as scratching a itch.(shitposting)

No. 409724

File: 1719501522621.jpg (90.82 KB, 750x745, 1679424209788545.jpg)

do any nonnnies have any experience living/visiting in china as a black woman? I've been seeing a few videos of women who work as english teachers and such. Seems like a nice place and the prejudice/racism doesn't seem as intense as western/ME/or even african racism is. Not to mention it's a truly secular country and I want to leave the states before shit hits the fan.

No. 409725

After the hair comment ive seen a few videos and tweets of people denouncing her so she'll probably fall off after the election. Hopefully forever.

No. 409727

>Seems like a nice place and the prejudice/racism doesn't seem as intense as western/ME/or even african racism
No, it isn't. If anything happens to you there, no one is going to help you. You're better off going to Southeast Asia.

No. 409729

I considered SEA but i really really hate the heat and sweat very easy. And I don't really mind the thought of the sudden disappearance vs needless American violence. Not to mention people in America Do go missing all the time.

No. 409732

It's not just disappearing, you can get scammed and abused by let's say, employers and your case likely won't go anywhere because of the way things are set up. If Chinese workers themselves face regular abuse, what do you think it's gonna be like for a black woman? China might have the money to make themselves look advanced (purportedly at least), but their culture tells a whole different story. I've heard Singapore is nice, plus it's more welcominh to foreigners.

No. 409736

File: 1719503734709.jpg (9.03 KB, 275x275, 1672588587428.jpg)

Im sorry but i'm still not seeing how this is any more dangerous than anywhere else currently. Women are being assaulted globally and racial tensions are causing even more race based attacks. And once again, Im not a big fan of the constant heat in SEA.

I appreciate what you're trying to do but I'll take my chances. Have a good day.

No. 409753

I'm black and lived in Korea, China and Japan for a total of 5 years altogether. I only had one negative experience with a drunk man in Japan. Apart from that I never experienced any memorable mean or rude behavior. Some people asked questions or tried to touch my hair, but in general I find if you're nice to them they'll be nice to you back.

No. 409754

File: 1719507620185.png (264.97 KB, 553x567, Screenshot_20240627-125529.png)

I hate retarded white redditors. Their by-proxy rationalist racism feels more insidious than plain hatred and weariness. The meek asian in their minds would call me a nigger to my face and I'd still think more of them than the libshit typing away about phrenology from their wfh

No. 409760

Why do some people ITT keep bringing up Asians for no reason and claiming they're all out to get us? It's becoming a little weird. Personally I dont even think about Asian people day to day.

No. 409764

the elephant in the room is black scrotes and theit god-awful behavior that gets mollified by bleeding heart whites and some black pickmes. i have sympathy for the asian women getting attacked by black scrotes as of late, in case no one noticed black men have been beating, cheating and abusing on us for years, now other races of women are getting a taste of it.
i'm embarrassed to be a black woman sometimes because we inevitably get lumped in with so many of our vile reprobate men unfortunately, even when we want nothing to do with them. this is why i always say i would never want to live in a black supremacist world because we know how black men would be if they got power. i would only want the black female supremacy option.

No. 409770

Yes I've noticed that randos tend to pick on me for no reason, even when I'm just chilling and minding my business. If there's some wacko going around annoying everyone they'll always come up to me and bother me first. Some homeless guy started screaming in my face yesterday on the subway, I got off 2 stops early for my own safety and it added another 30 mins to my journey when I was already late. It's so tiresome. A couple days before that some schizo white dude started following me and yelling bible shit at me. I seem to attract mentally ill people like flies to shit, and the thing is I dont even wear anything weird or have a quirky style that should draw attention.
As mean as it sounds this isn't the first time and I'm starting to lose all sympathy for the homeless, most of them are assholes.

No. 409773

I'm the anon before you but I'm just looking at posts in my city's subreddit and getting mad. soz
Black men harm us more than anyone else but no one likes to actually hear that. It's difficult living in a multicultural area where no one rallies behind black women, not even other black women. The story they're commenting on is about two pale men with clothes that obscure their faces who assault a asian woman yet almost all the comments are about how blacks are ingrates bleeding the real citizens of the area. When a black teen recently was killed in public for rejecting some crazy black guy all they had to say was that she shouldn't have been out in a neighborhood like hers. No naming or race, no blaming of sex. Crime is mostly men of every race, I wish we could openly name the bigger issue in addition to racial associations at least.

No. 409776

File: 1719509516501.jpg (127.13 KB, 640x638, 481215D0-3564-401C-8955-58FCC9…)

It's should be a generally accepted fact that any homeless who are not using the homeless facilities or programs within their cities or towns are lost causes, especially the violent men who have been walking around like zombies for over a decade. The only people are constantly weeping about "muh homeless epidemic!!" have almost no day to day contact with them. Saving young children and pregnant women from homelessness should be the priority but this country is so misogynistic that it would rather burn to the ground then properly handle the consequences of not controlling the housing/renting problem and drugs pouring into the country from 3rd world shitholes. And then the constant illegal immigration from those places who of are of course sent to invade lower income communities and black american communities.

I've always realized this place was doomed when it became apparent the american government will allow all of the actual american citizens to suffer or die out if it means (((they))) get to abuse children and make the 1% richer. It's so freaking over.(racebait)

No. 409826

Theat’s why I’ve grown to dislike the west coasters. They are so slimy

No. 409828

Precisely, just look at modern Africa. It has so much potential but nothing is being done and the youth would rather leave.

The only thing we can really do is put the spotlight in these violent men and avoid them to the best of our ability. endear ourselves to other groups, get useful jobs away from pink collar and mammy jobs and encourage our girls to do the same

No. 409831

China really isn't a good place to live, the culture is horrible on the ground too. I've visited there personally, it wasn't the best experience. I could go into detail on all of it, but I don't want to be sad every time I open this thread. All I can say is that the foreigners who complain about working there and how the people can treat you aren't lying to make the country look bad, there are many problems (and it's easy to get sick/injured). When it comes to racism, obviously, not everyone is racist there, but if/when it happens, you have to be emotionally prepared for some intense cruelty. Also, America is obviously bad in itself, but if you're black in China, don't expect anything but blank stares and being ignored/dismissed/possibly laughed at if a moid does something to you and you go to the police. Getting help is often the exception rather than the rule when you're a foreigner because they don't care and can get away with a lot.
I'd say look into Japan or Singapore if you want to go to an Asian country. Singapore especially is very multicultural, so there's less to worry about regarding race. Wherever you decide to go in the end, good luck nonna.

No. 409866

Anyone else a loner because you don’t vibe with anyone?

No. 409875

File: 1719528551357.jpg (1.27 MB, 1029x746, Black Woman Laughing Outside S…)

I drifted away from the friend group I made in college. At first, it was painful not having texts coming in all hours of the day or going out every weekend. After maybe a year or so I started to appreciate the solitude. It's been about 10 years and I'm perfectly content being alone now because I've finally learned to accept myself. When I was around my old friends I was constantly comparing myself to them and trying to impress them. I realized that they fed off my insecurities as well. My dating life was also worse because I carried that insecurity with me. I recently broke up with my ex and, for the first time, I'm able to be at peace with it and we hang out sometimes.
I'm not sure if you feel some kinda way about being alone, but my point is that solitude can be healing. I don't think I would've progressed beyond my limitations if I didn't break away from my friend group.

No. 409888

Yes. I've been a loner my whole life. I dont care anymore, I just go with it. I'm a goth black girl who listens to David Sylvian and Depeche Mode so I knew I wasn't gonna make friends easily lol. The goth girls in school/college didnt want black friends it seems, and the other black kids just clowned on me constantly.

No. 409890

Dressed in Black by depeche mode>>>

No. 409907

yes, like >>409888 i've been a loner my whole life. i just turned 29 and i enjoy it now. people are exhausting, and i'm getting too old to really care about fitting in with others. i enjoy my freedom, my privacy, and being able live my life without other people's existence interfering with my goals. i used to try to be friends with people and it never, ever ended well because depending on the person something would always happen and i'd have to cut them off. it sounds selfish but i value my freedom and individuality over getting along with others.

yeah most people (black and white) treat me weird because i'm black and don't act the way they think i should but that's their problem, not mine. i'm not sure why we're all supposed to come shooting out the womb dressed in air jordans and rapping but whatever. i've been called names all my life, been treated like an alien by white people because i'm quiet and reserved instead of loud and ghetto, lost a lot of black friends over the years because of two-faced behavior and passive aggressiveness, lived on the periphery of society because i have supposedly "weird" interests and just generally done my own thing. been there, done that. i like me, and that's all that really matters. deep down inside i think most people who lash out at me actually wish they could be me, so i take it as a compliment now when i get shat on for strange reasons.

No. 409970

Yeah, I’ve always been a floater friend and as I grew into my 20s, I just lost touch with them. No one has ever texted me back so I gave up. I guess some of us were meant to be alone

No. 409978

This video and song are so cute, I'm sad we don't get stuff like this anymore.

No. 409981

I don't care for (or about) her, but tbh I think the people on social media insisting she's a psyop are being ridiculous. She's just trashy and ratchet. People like that exist and get 5 minutes of fame all the time but for some reason when it's a black woman, we need conspiracy theories about how she was planted kek.

No. 410004

Yall have got to stop responding to the same anon bringing up sexyy red all the time. Just ignore their shit trolling and move on

No. 410018

I have multiple friends and family members that live there and all love it. You will face staring and potentially people talking about you in front of you assuming you can't speak Mandarin or a local dialect, but ironically the more rural you get the kinder people usually are.

No. 410053

Rural people in Asia are often discriminated in society for being darker skinned so they have more empathy for black folk usually

No. 410067

why do African Americans get so uppity about being “muh foundational americans” and getting into constant diaspora wars online. you are still black and you don’t even have any wealth in america kek, no african or black carribean cares that much about you(bait)

No. 410072

File: 1719591285164.gif (1.23 MB, 640x359, 1671767445744728.gif)

No. 410073

File: 1719591586098.jpg (34.77 KB, 735x857, 829eac3c8a5c0c44e55fa1ca1a9854…)

infighting to see who is more poor than who is really pathetic.

No. 410075

diaspora wars are retarded but not one-sided, you can't constantly call a group of people lazy/dangerous/uncultured and expect no backlash. nobody who gets fresh air on a daily basis actually cares about this though so let's leave it at that

No. 410082

yeah it’s because africans are 100% correct on that fact and that’s what makes the foundational americans with no wealth and power mad kek

No. 410083

Not an american but you guys seriously need a hobby or something if the only thing that makes you "kek" is saying the same dumb thing over and over.

No. 410084

File: 1719594280180.jpg (91.26 KB, 612x408, 45786957095465748.jpg)

>african wealth(oxymoron)
pic related(take your racebait trash with you)

No. 410085

File: 1719594446620.webp (121.81 KB, 640x666, IMG_1483.webp)

let’s get this started(bait)

No. 410086

can we please report and ignore the obvious troll? I doubt they're even black

No. 410087

File: 1719594575469.jpeg (224.31 KB, 522x603, IMG_1484.jpeg)

uh oh! inb4 “baiter, white man, blah blah” way too damn predictable when you can’t stand seeing something that goes against the trash other black people convince you is true you’ll just call anyone a troll or baiter. not even a baiter and i don’t have to prove shit to anyone kek

No. 410088

both pictures could be anywhere in Africa anon, so either youre a non african baiting for just so far up your own ass you cant even see whats around you.

No. 410090

You're genuinely embarrassing us. Get a fucking grip or get on some medication.

No. 410091

african americans didn’t build any of the shit you guys take for granted, let’s be completely serious kekkkk

No. 410092

gonna use “mental illness” copium because you know it’s true. blacks everywhere are fucked beyond all belief and it’s over. africa is about to be bought out by china too and african americans will meet the same fate as native americans (finally because i can’t stand my own community anymore)

No. 410093

File: 1719595035315.png (46.2 KB, 507x263, 1658397584834575.png)

No. 410094

The reality of being black in America is so depressing that a lot of black peoples just don’t wanna think or talk about it tbh and that’s why you’ll find a lot of resistance to discussion. Bottom line is the government doesn’t need black people anymore. We were imported to America to work as slave labor. After slavery was abolished we became irrelevant to their interests. They already have millions of Mexicans willing to do jobs for below the minimum wage, they dont care what happens to us. The US govt wants black people dead and gone or in prison: jail they love even more because it generates so much profits for private prisons.

No. 410095

File: 1719595505589.png (62.57 KB, 250x250, 1676586090629044.png)

Nobody cares about your doomer diaspora war mental illness. And if you are some non-american african in europe youre fucked too bud. Get a hobby instead of reading /pol/ threads.

No. 410106

Anon you're 22 years late on reading about how "Doomed" it all is. Which just shows how young and immature you are. Stop using the thread as your self hatred venting space and seek a medical professional or some nearby church to find some sort of mental reprieve. You lack any sort of mental security or self esteem and you think it's fair to unleash your instability onto the rest of us just like black men have been doing since the 60s. Your mindset is fucked and only you can do something about it. Now go away and stop ban evading.

No. 410125

hating your own race is sad, nonna

No. 410160

This is why I like certain southeast Asian countries. That said, no one should go to China if they like animals, including but not limited to cats or dogs. I can't name a single other country where someone can steal your pet from your home or airport carry-on, hold it for ransom, make/upload videos torturing and raping it with a bunch of other abusers, and the police will do nothing because under Chinese law, no crime was committed (even if there's an entire community doing it for money and to get their rocks off, grooming teens and kids, etc).

No. 410168

File: 1719609048708.jpg (222.74 KB, 750x924, tumblr_op6od4ajue1ux5qiko1_128…)

Why do some women (black especially) say adult skinny women attract pedos? One, it trivializes actual child predators. Two, it basically erases the pedos that harass the bigger, non-skinny underage girls who developed early and look "womanly" for a child. Also interesting how women are never called pedos for dating small manlets.

No. 410169

black women have this weird thing for shaming skinny women, but ESPECIALLY skinny black women. love calling us “little boys”. I saw it with Coi Leray, really pisses me off and I don’t know why this seems to be so common for them.

No. 410170

black people normalized obesity in the communities. if you don’t look like a stereotypical sarah baartman then you are either going to be handpicked and chosen from weird foreign model agencies or seen as a man and it’s annoying.

No. 410175

File: 1719610482895.jpg (41.54 KB, 298x400, s-l400.jpg)

it wasn't even always this way. Slim bw were normalized all through the 90s/00s. Even curvy video vixens didn't have giant butts in the 00s. This is probably too skinny and bad built by 2024 standards.

No. 410177

I noticed this, too. So many people seem to forget that you can be slim and have a "womanly" figure. A lot of black women are naturally hourglass or pear-shaped without needing to be fat.
I think what we're seeing now is an unfortunate result of the rising obesity rates.

No. 410178

Lately I've been watching a lot of this Nigerian vlogger. Her videos are so comfy.

No. 410188

I think it's because in that time period, non black women in media were anorexic tier and most skinny black women were healthy BMIs without being ana. I remember watching America's Next Top Model and one model was a healthy BMI and considered a "plus sized model" which is insane but that's the standard.
her videos are so cozy. I'm glad she's gained so many subscribers and representing introverted nerdy black women!

No. 410193

Gay moid faggots and their crack addict anorexic obsession ruined fashion.

No. 410199

Fuckk I was gonna recommend her. Fuck you anon

No. 410244

File: 1719642646401.jpeg (37.41 KB, 340x340, IMG_5430.jpeg)

Ended up scrolling shitty imageboards again, I don’t know if this is emotional masochism or what. It’s like I know I’m in too good of a mood lately so I do something that makes me feel like crap for days afterwards. I hate being overly sensitive because dumb incel-type internet racism is the ones that gets to me the most (probably a sore spot because it was the first kind of racism I was exposed to as a child) I just end up crying, I don’t know how everyone does it, how do you cope? I feel like a fucking baby for always letting this shit get to me. It’s sounds so immature and naive but I wish racism just didn’t exist lol. I need to retreat into my make-believe world where I pretend no one is ever racist ever and we’re all just kind to each other. Sometimes I wish that any moment now I’ll wake up and it was all a dream like, “Racism? What are you talking about!” like this is all a bad dream and all I need is a warm cup of milk and a hug to forget about that silly nightmare.

No. 410271

Sorry you have to go through it nonita. I think I understand what you mean here, some retarded comments online can really get into your soul sometimes and everyone will say you are just being sensitive. But the reason why everyone pretends that it's a non-issue is because these comments are designed to get to you. Retarded incels want to make you feel bad.
Bad things exit nona, you should redirect your attention to something good and it will help you feel better, it kinda works for me.

No. 410294

I personally believe most black people avoid non black people to avoid that kind of racism. That’s why certain things are considered “white people stuff”. To be honest there really isn’t anything you can do. You don’t react it’s a problem. You react it’s a problem. The best you can do is just report it if you see it but you can’t exactly report racism on an imageboard. It’s honestly to a point I think that black peoples need to self segregate because it’s getting exhausting.

No. 410296

If you’re American you’d be fine. If you’re African or seem African it’s a bad idea.

No. 410355

I want to hug you, you remind me so much of my little sister. I wish I could protect you from these things but unfortunately nasty people are out there. Please remember the people around you love you and the opinions of internet dwellers do not reflect reality. Please.

No. 410367

Why does it seem like people try to walk all over bw who don't act like ghetto retards? If you're quiet and ignore annoying/racist people like the dignified person society says you should be, you don't get rewarded, you just get more crap. Like normani in 5th Harmony for example. She took the high road when members picked on her and it made things worse over time. Happens so much in normie conditions too. and some people even try to trigger quiet bw to provoke a reaction so they can be like "See? I knew all bw were ghetto whores" like fuck off, cunts.

No. 410378

I notice this too. It's just typical misogynoir. I've had people describe me as "bitchy" and "confrontational" just for enforcing my personal boundaries, despite the fact that I never raise my voice in public. It seems to me that if you're "one of the good ones" you should allow whites to say and do whatever they want to you with a smile on your face.

No. 410411

People kinda just see us as whatever set of politics and archetypes they don't like. It's why people bring up affirmative action to diminish any achievements a black person would make. We're a personal soapbox.

No. 410444

Or whining about DEI, or CRT

No. 410448

Now that affirmative action is over, what will they say when black students still show up at universities where we "shouldn't be"?

No. 410450

It's become something of an emotional crutch for certain types. I've already seen some people insisting it's still happening with no evidence.

No. 410459

It's weird school bully mentality IMO. You cannot "win" with them. Racists like that automatically feel guilty, then disturbed, then annoyed at black women for just existing. It brings out all sorts of malignant feelings in them that they blame us for, even when we're oblivious or polite. If you act out, it does piss them off, but in their minds, it's also an affirmation that we're the problem. Plus, they can find catharsis in the tension being acknowledged without them having to ever self-reflect. A racist can breathe a sigh of relief when the loud, unreasonable black woman is playing her role by bringing all attention to herself, because if the reaction is big enough, whoever or whatever instigated it becomes less important. It also affirms the stereotypes they've been bottle-fed to believe about us (people love predictability).
If you just sit quietly and mind your business, it almost makes them more angry because they feel like it's some kind of power game and you're deliberately denying them their rattle. It's "unfair" to them, they don't want to have to sit with those feelings all alone. So, they just heap more shit on you, and if you still don't react, they try to use you as a doormat. If you put up the slightest bit of resistance, they start trying to inflate that into you being "bitchy" because they're absolutely fiending for that special "angry black woman" narrative. There's really nothing you can do about those people but continue minding your business, keep your distance, maintain your safety/work quality/etc and let them drive themselves crazy.
>Like normani in 5th Harmony for example. She took the high road when members picked on her and it made things worse over time.
It's really bizarre how things happened with her. She never started any confrontation or "beef", but Camilla stans are constantly seething and malding about her to this day.

No. 410549

File: 1719750883791.jpeg (224.44 KB, 735x594, IMG_1508.jpeg)

>”ww aren’t racist!!!”
>mod admits the racist poster going on a schizo tangent about skin color was a woman
>anons continue to gaslight you and tell you to shut up and take it basically

nigga I am TIRED

No. 410565

Plus, they can find catharsis in the tension being acknowledged without them having to ever self-reflect.
Perfectly said

No. 410566

Theory: black people get singled out for racism because we're the only group with no neanderthal DNA.

No. 410569

Kek most people don’t know this though. I lurk on Asian incel subreddits and several times there’s been someone who’s tried to suggest the idea they’re more advanced humans before quickly getting that line of thought shut down due to the huge Neanderthal ancestry percentage. If Africans weren’t basically pure Homo Sapiens compared to other groups, other races would be quick to consider us non-human, they really want to.

No. 410572

>asian incel subreddits
You should really stay off them as funny as they are, those people are demented virgins

No. 410574

I think the root of racism against black people is envy.

No. 410576

Asians and Europeans are genetically similar. We are probably the only group of people on the planet who are unique compared to other ethnic groups yet those fuckers are saying they are the real people of color just because their cave dwelling ancestors decided to spread mutations like lactose tolerance and cosmetic genes that really don’t do anything for their survival like blonde hair and blue eyes. They aren’t “advanced” they have survived from being insular, buglike people and were able to thwart European invasions until it was too late.(racebait)

No. 410603

There really arent any pure homo sapiens, africans crossbred with other hominids in africa while europeans and asians crossbred with neanderthals and denisovans. All races are "impure" homo sapiens.

No. 410605

so was anyone here ever really into tranny nonsense? i do sometimes see the very occasional black troon on like, twitter, but even then it's normally a stud going by they/he and she grew up in like. wisconsin/otherwise around a bunch of white/pale people

No. 410609

fake accent, fake tattoos, fake persona, anyone who thinks she's for real is crazy. she's probably tanned too, just a white woman pretending to be black. arianna grande did it for years. i'm more "ghetto" than she is

No. 410612

I’m kind of sad that the black girls in my year at my school are so clicky and I didn’t hit it off with them so at the black ceremony we had, I was off on my own. It felt very lonely

No. 410613

They made me uncomfortable because they looked like men and then I didn’t understand why them dressing girly made them girls. Then I peaked after seeing them steamroll any issue involving women because “not all women are women”

No. 410639

File: 1719770915293.jpg (62.71 KB, 1105x319, whew.JPG)

I was never deep into the community, but I used to defend trannies whenever I heard people speak against them. I peaked when I finally noticed how modern LGBTQ+ hacktivists constantly use black people, especially black women, as human shields and conflate their mental issues with the black experience, e.g. "black trans lives matter", "transphobia = white supremacy", "(insert MtF here) should compete with women because black women have high testosterone and nobody bans them!", "African cultures were trans accepting before white people taught them science", "having definitions and rules = white supremacy", etc.

No. 410653

Light eyes and hair may be due to adapting to an environment with less sunlight and less vitamin D availability

No. 410687

File: 1719782077274.jpeg (8.32 KB, 194x259, images (7).jpeg)

It's really disturbing how Mexicans don't want to change their word for black despite its long history of being used racistly. I can't even turn on Telemundo without hearing negro negro this negro negro that. This cat? They would call it a negro. Why is everyone from south of the border like this?(retarded bait)

No. 410690

I'm half black and from Latam, and we use the word negro to describe black people and things that are black. Sometimes it's also used as a term for endearment. It's not our fault you turned it into a racist term. Cultural relativism is a thing, you know?

No. 410708

Scientific racism (thank you JP Rushton) being used by a so-called progressive group reinforces my opinion on the American "left" being Nazis in disguise.

No. 410715

Would anybody be interested in a discord only for black girls?

No. 410728

>I lurk on Asian incel subreddits
A black woman wouldnt do this, you are male.(scrotefoiling)

No. 410732

Sounds like a cute idea nonnie, but also paranoid it would attract the wrong kind of attention

No. 410742

I used to defend trannies because I felt bad for them, but then I found out they were rapists and racists. Remember Eli Erlick, the MtF who raped multiple black FtMs and got away with it (one of which ended up killing themselves)? And he's still seen as a trans hero/icon? And as another anon said, they constantly use us as human shields and bash us to uplift themselves. The athletics thing is especially dumb, all the "high testosterone black female athletes" used as examples of "normal black women who prove white men need to be allowed into female sports nownownow!!" turned out to be intersex males (like Caster Semenya).

No. 410761

Yeah I'm worried about that too. I was thinking we go the BPT route and have people verify through a picture or license but I don't think that's a good idea either…

No. 410765

Thank you for this rec, nona. She's literally so funny but I just checked her community tab because I was curious why she hadn't posted in a month and apparently she has stage four colon cancer. I'm so fucking devastated. She's choosing holistic treatment and I truly hope she'll be okay. this is so sad.

No. 410786

Is this true? I doubt black women could have testosterone anywhere near a males and would imagine that it would be related to the high cases of insulin resistance in black communities due to high BMI / bad diet, since these factors cause elevated androgens in women and negative symptoms.

No. 410787

Oh my gosh, I had no idea. I hope she'll be able to recover, that's truly terrible. She said that she chose holistic medicine because her doctor wouldn't show her proof of the mass and that the tests didn't show it was cancer. She said she's getting a second opinion so hopefully the dr was just incorrect and everything ends up being alright.

No. 410789

samefag, didn’t read this >>410742. that makes sense.

No. 410795

The black women = men-lite isn't a new suggestion, btw. It's tied into the centuries old ideas that black women are hypersexual, hedonistic, and don't feel pain.

No. 410799

I cringe at white worshipping POC-cels. I feel sorry for them because they cannot achieve true self confidence with their mindset.

No. 410800

What? I go there because I’m curious, like other races probably lurk this thread and LSA because it’s interesting. Honestly I’m fascinated with Asian racism in comparison to the white kind, especially since it’s less represented. They’re not that racist on there, they have a stick up their ass about white men and asian women and are obsessed with blonde aryan waifus but they like to hype up black women who come for asian women lmfao.
White worshipping? It’s an Asian subreddit, and I go there because it’s so ridiculous it’s funny. I mean, they’re incels.

No. 410807

>>410799 was explaining her similar reaction to those spaces, not you nonny.

No. 410808

I’m dumb sorry, people have been coming at me all day kek.

No. 410810

/ot/ has been making me tired lately

No. 410811

easy mistake

No. 410820

File: 1719822014603.jpeg (132.02 KB, 862x828, 1710458326088.jpeg)

Not "men-lite", straight up not human. If black women were seen as "men-lite", they wouldn't have been delegated to maternal and "feminine" work, hypersexualized by white slave masters, used for gynecological experiments and denied the vote when it was given to black men before white women. They saw black women as these human-like slave-beings for being both not white and not male, and in being female, black women received specialized oppression.
Trannies equating us to men is based off a desire to drag us down to their level based on stereotypes about feminine behaviors (eg we get the matriarchal/mammy, sexual and angry/strong/independent stereotypes - very unladylike stigmas, though we were never historically equated to men, just pushed as either subservient, asking for it or "uppity") and a long-winded way of negging us/calling us ugly so they can tell themselves that having pale skin inherently makes them more feminine than at least some kind of woman, any kind. Their taste in porn plays a part, too. It doesn't exactly work IRL, but they live on the internet, so it's a functional cope at least up until they're photographed next to any actual black women.

No. 410892

>so they can tell themselves that having pale skin inherently makes them more feminine
Which literally contradicts white men being the superior group of men. WM are so obsessed with pimping their women in porn and Hollywood for money to sell whiteness that they cuck themselves by setting BM up to be seen as more masculine and manlier in general. as a result, pale WM in prison are reportedly the first to get raped by blacks and hispanics. That must be why nazi gangs flourish in prison. Racist stereotypes hurt white males, especially the bootyholes of white prison bottoms.

No. 410898

? They bring up black people all the time on that sub. I don't know what the deal is with Asian men, we don't think about asians enough to go after them as a community yet here they are seething almost every day about us. They really need to address the white people responsible for the majority of their hates crimes that shoot them up instead of, like, obviously schizo crackheads that attack anyone with a pulse in the hood. Even though they're clowned on by almost everybody at this point I still wouldn't allocate free time to laugh at them it's a cesspit of cope and reinforcement of stereotypes.
I agree white men don't even live up to their own standard anymore. So many of them get completely mogged by mid black men, strange how they set that up.

No. 410905

Even if they weren’t rapists, murderers, narcissists, spergs, racists and autists I still wouldn’t suppor them. A delusional man with a bone to pick with biological women is one to keep away from the rest of society, yet they keep letting these fuckers around normal people because they started defunding and shutting down mental hospitals and asylums.

No. 410922

They won't address them because they wish to procreate with whites (and white-passing POC if they can't) to make their bloodline "whiter, taller, and more facially attractive." Not my words/opinion, just repeating sentiment there. They can't make white people too uncomfortable if they want their validation and their genetic material for their offspring.

No. 410924

why is LSA so obsessed with Normani flopping? is it jealousy or self-hate or what?

No. 410935

File: 1719856414853.jpg (73.52 KB, 900x894, 626839336924210.jpg)

Yeah. It must be embarrassing to be the race known as being desperate for white puss that curves you at every chance but whatever not my fight.

No. 410937

LSA are obsessed with white men

No. 410948

what does that have to do with my comment?

No. 410965

Weird, there are two asian incel subreddits I know and whenever I visited there they didn’t mention black people much. I haven’t been there recently though. Not condoning them obviously.

No. 410975

what's funny to me about racists antagonizing you for being quiet or not stereotypical, is that these dumbasses never seem to think to themselves: why not just walk away? like these people will claim that they're "intimidated" by you, that you're sooooo scary and how they don't feel safe in your presence, yet they're constantly up in your face breathing down your neck. i'm used to this as a quiet black woman and i've literally been in the room with a white person who has blown up on me while i am just standing there not saying anything, yet they still have the nerve to try to blame me for their own retarded behaviors. i have even told people before, no one is forcing you to talk to me, and they always seemed shocked at my response. it's like it never occurs to them that they can remove themselves from your presence at any time. i know people don't believe that racism is a mental illness, but i always assume it's because they don't know what it's like be deal with a racist person hyperfixating and obsessing over your existence.

i wouldn't necessarily say it's because we're perceived as doormats or that people want to walk all over us though. people really, deep down inside, just want to control us and boss us around since they truly believe we are inferior to them, consciously or not. when we come into a room or a situation and we're dignified, intelligent, attractive, talented, and clearly outshining the competition, this sets off alarm bells in people's heads because it goes against every stereotype they've been fed about black people. we're not supposed to be better than them, we're supposed to be the dumb dumb negroes smacking our lips and dancing on the table top while they laugh and talk about us behind our backs. when we're the opposite of these stereotypes, it brings up all their insecurities and makes them conversely feel inferior, so to try to put us "back in our place", then they start bullying us. and like >>410459 said, our silence gets misinterpreted as a power move by racist dumbasses who can't just distance themselves from the situation. and in a way being silent is a power move because no one can force you to say anything unless you want to. and unfortunately this triggers racist people even more because black people are not allowed to display any sort of personal power or dignity or confidence…believe me i've been in these situations more often than i can count and i can often clock the shit before it even begins.

No. 410977

I really don’t like being gay. The only way I can still maintain a connection to my African community is to stay in the closet. Anyone else share this experience??

No. 410990

I'm Caribbean and I got over my internalized homophobia, but the only family I'm 100% out to are my mother and siblings (100% as in I've introduced them to women I date and talk openly about my relationships around them.) My father and I haven't been close since he remarried, so I don't feel the need to tell him anything.
All of my siblings have children and now that I've reached my mid-30s our aunties and uncles are constantly asking why I'm still single and childless. I want to believe they all figured out I'm a lesbian by now and just want to hear me say it, but I dunno. I love my culture and going back to visit family. I would feel gutted if I were disconnected from my culture because I'm too old to go looking for "found family".

No. 411022

NTA but behaving in any way that isnt hyperfeminine and submissive will automatically get you labelled masculine. Unless you shut your mouth, only talk in a baby voice, only speak when spoken to and even then only spout harmless inoffensive truisms and pandering bullshit, men will get butthurt and call you manly. combative, angry etc.

I look outwardly feminine, love stereotypical 'girly' shit like pink etc but moids who have gotten to know me have literally called me masculine, argumentative, bad attitude etc simply because my bullshit tolerance is very low and I dont take shit from anyone. I dont even care because I'm comfortable in my femininity and don't need to act like a doormat to prove it to anyone. If someone calls you masculine that's their problem not yours.

No. 411026

If you look right now they're currently malding over affirmative action for the fifth time this week and dA BlAcKz. They are completely incapable of having civil discussions without inserting their obsession with black people or thinking with nuance, but I expect the lack of extrospection from right wing incels. At this rate it's a good thing their women don't date them they deserve to be alone.

No. 411029

in what way do you maintain a connection? Also people that know you probably already have an idea, everyone around me knew I was gay before I realized it from things they've said to me, but I'm still closeted. I would love to date another closeted African woman though

No. 411034

Not really. To make it short, at first i respected the right of men wanting to adopt "feminine" aesthetics and didn't really too care much. I still always saw them as gay men no matter what, but i called them "she/her" because why not. I strongly believe that my acceptance of mtfs came from the fact that i literally couldn't comprehend the logistics of being trans. I had no insight in what went into their transformations and i also had never seen/ heard of an agp before, only hsts who honestly passed pretty well because they were twinkier men to begin with. If it wasn't for lolcow teaching me about the truth behind the transformation, agps and the sharp climb in tifs, who i did not know existed until far later on and the multitude of videos made by black women criticising troons for their misogynoir, i'd probably still have a very neutral view towards troons. But honestly i feel as if i would have been curious enough to seek out videos made by conservatives which would have still guided my stance to where it is now.
They probably think she deserves it for being absent for so long at a crucial point of her career, granted it wasn't her fault her parents were busy dying. I'd also imagine that her being exposed for having ran her own fan page made them feel some type of way. They probably also just don't like her music, i honestly only like wild side and that's it. It's insane because even lolcow aren't as hard on her, probably because she isn't really that interesting tbh, so idk why they care so much. LSA are weird.

No. 411035

They're like many other poc when it comes to "the blacks." They can't seem to pick a side. They flex being above blacks in the race hierarchy yet we're somehow their arch nemesis keeping them down at the same time. Which is it? Do you have more clout than us because you work harder and are smarter, or are black people somehow gatekeeping everything via affirmative action and keeping you from going to college and getting jobs? If you're so much smarter and better than blacks, you should be able to find a way around us with ease. They can't even form coherent arguments because of their bigotry.

No. 411042

It's desperate class-climbing. Especially when it comes to Asians, regardless of origin. Asian societies function on strict definitions of class/caste and they not only bring their baggage with them to America, but teach it to their children as well. They see themselves at the top, and while they may be the wealthiest demographic in America, whites still perceive them as un-American and don't take them seriously. So they lash out against us.
Before the pandemic, I remember seeing results of a survey about race relations in America and it showed that a significant percentage of white americans felt they had more in common with black americans than any other race. (I think it also showed that the percentage decreased a lot around the time Trump started his first presidential run.)

No. 411117

>multitude of videos made by black women criticising troons for their misogynoir,
What channels make that content? I looked up trans misogynoir in YouTube, and the results were about 'sexism' towards mtfs

No. 411164

A lot of people are obsessed with her flopping tbh I think some view her as lazy and are constantly saying she isn't hungry enough for fame since she doesn't really do much as far as promoting goes. I feel bad for her but there is something weird about her career so far. Like her album came out 2 weeks ago and she hasn't released a single music video for any of the songs? Apparently one exists for candy paint but they haven't released it even though it could definitely use that boost. As for LSA specifically they basically hate anyone that's not a legacy artist. They are waiting for a female musician that fits all of their standards (skinny, ados, non-sexualised, not biracial, a good singer/songwriter, popular outside of the black community but not too whitewashed) but even if such a person existed they'd still get put through the wringer the second they did something LSA didn't agree with.

No. 411220

Ya. Coco jones is all those except popular outside the black community and there are a small group of fonts who call her a hater for saying the same stuff about normani they say.

No. 411269

No thank god for Dolezal

No. 411273

not really. I just means black in another gauge, with a Latin root. In fact, I think I would have preferred keeping negros as the polite term (and the n-word never existing) instead(responding to bait)

No. 411275

Stress and pollutant as are a greater factor than hormones.

No. 411276

It makes me so sick seeing people behave so submissively. Like coons of all colors would sell their kids to make an extra buck, no principles whatsoever

No. 411285

I reckon the mainstream media are pushing the normalization of long term singlehood to black women. Do you agree nonnas?

No. 411313

nah, it's more like they're pushing black women to get into interracial relationships(with white men) more, have you seen what commercials look like for the past 5ish years lol
the thing about lsa is that it's so fucking filled with pr people, it's ridiculous! you damn near cant go into the music alley, it's practically all pr there! like if a font is constantly 1st in posting about a celeb there, 9/10 they work for them or their label - fonts have straight up admitted to shit like this before. but its not like there arent any actual fans/stans on there; nicki minaj used to get sooo much anti-pr on there, like straight-up lies upon lies to the point where her stans brigaded her threads, usually from twitter, calling that shit out, for a semi-recent example; somebody posted in the music alley that nicki minaj was struggling to sell out tickets for her world tour. Her stans called that font out on that particular thread than made a completely new thread posting how it was sold out, actual ticket stats, her fans waiting in these ridiculously long lines wearing her merch, etc. normani's going through that i.e. anti-pr that work for a certain label/executive(s) trying to dead her career. i know this because, legit, all of her negative threads hit 10-plus pages and trend while her postive threads never fucking trend even if they hit the double digits in pages. Yes, it's racism, they've never or will ever do this to white singers - camila cabello gets posted on lsa semi-regularly and i cannot even remember at any point of time where her threads have ever gone over one page or have actually been positive, and yet! theyve never been as negative as normani's or chloe bailey's even. why camila's team thinks it a good idea to promote on a black womens website i'll never understand

No. 411317

normani gets more crap because LSA has been flooded by non-black posters who come for hate threads about Meghan Markle and white celeb gossip. and also crybaby biracial fonts with non-black moms, but you'd get banned for saying this.

No. 411429

/bgg/ is my coworker racist or am i just psyching myself out? i don't know her exact age, but she's very old. granny-aged. i'll call her g. so far g has:

>sung "moving on up" to another older (maybe around her age?) black coworker who was just entering the room

>randomly brought up the kkk after juneteenth
>always uses 'yessum' for me, rather than 'yes ma'am' like she does for everyone else.
>tried to get me into trouble over intensely stupid shit (boss literally ran to me and apologized for this)
>that said, this same boss told this long winding story about how her kids called another coworker 'the colored one' (because apparently her kids colored with this coworker) and this tickled g so badly that she went red in the face and started coughing and had to exit the room. she's a smoker

i've been on my guard since she tried to get me in trouble but i really don't know. she seems cool with the other black woman in the office i mentioned earlier, but that doesn't really mean anything kek. i've lived in this shithole all my life so i know it doesn't

No. 411485

Not really. A lot of black women are either single or baby mamas. That is the reality. We got a bad deal with our men and BBC immunity and we make do. If you are lucky enough to have a healthy loving relationship, cherish it.

No. 411564

*black community not bbc immunity

No. 411585

Yes she is. Gray rock her in all your interactions, be civil but share as little as possible and keep conversations brief. and keep a journal documenting all the things she does and says to you with dates and times. Cover Your Ass

No. 411586

That's simply not true at all. A lot of black women are still in relationships with other black men, let’s not lie on here about us not being in relationships.

No. 411613

both wrong. many women of all races in the US are giving up on men, that's why bumble ads triggered so many people.

No. 411692

File: 1720132709415.jpg (87.97 KB, 959x1042, GRnW_TjakAARrbv.jpg)

i wouldn't listen to what she says nona kekkk

No. 411696

You're right, I deleted as soon as I saw that lmao. It's not everybody we need to be listening to

No. 411710

After the hawk tuah girl i no longer feel guilty whenever i see female rappers act like degenerate whores. As trashy as it was it's a perfect example of the double standard society has towards women. "Only be a whore if it's beneficial to me" seems to be the general consensus with conservative men and that mentality won't be tolerated too long.

No. 411712

I thinking more about a video that Chrissie made a while back when Laverne Cox was being a nuisance and saying that black women needed to do more to make black men less ashamed of dating trannies. I know Chrissie is kind of cringe nowadays, but is was a good video. It got posted on lolcow too. Honestly, youtube doesn't take too kindly to anybody to slanders troons in anyway so they tend to not do well in the algorithm, hence why you probably haven't seen any.

No. 411713

Stop calling this troon a woman

No. 411714


I’ve actually met a black girl like what you’re describing in the first paragraph. All the white peoples liked her because she was a doormat but I found her inability to handle any conflict exhausting and she was deeply passive aggressive. Being an adult sized child is not cute or dignified in real life.

No. 411735

I wonder why black men are more likely to be DL. But I support her thought in this, the more troops, the less likely BM will date us and we can avoid a lot of trouble.

No. 411737

If you don’t perform the mammy support role, people get so mad. I fucking hate non-confrontational people, especially if you work in an intense fast-paced workplace. You get thrown issues that could have been solved weeks ago, but noooo, Coondace didn’t want to rock the boat in front of her coworkers. Having a backbone helps you and helps you set boundaries in life

No. 411739

Living your best life as a single woman is a no brainer since most male partners are a net negative influence in your life. I unironically want to manifest homosexuality l.

No. 411912

Has anyone else experienced having a mom who convinced you that you were ugly?(bait)

No. 412004

Why do the people in this thread keep asking the same questions over and over? This has to be the same troll asking retarded questions every three posts

No. 412067

Yeah, it's always negative, never answering on their own question to show backstory. Definitely a racist troll with nothing better to do

No. 412118

File: 1720281199770.png (121.68 KB, 271x279, sweet potato.png)

influencers do too much

No. 412123

LOL I followed her waay back when she first started. After years of being forced to wear a perm, her videos helped me so much in transitioning to natural hair. I guess that ad money really fucks a girl up.

No. 412555

I’m starting to feel racist towards black men. Every time something comes up online with black men involved I inevitably get pissed off. Honestly I’m just feeling blackpilled about men in general lately and this has made it worse, one of the only things I thought was decent about our men is that they aren’t a bunch of pedophiles like other men (I thought) just found out like 90% of the men sexualising Lil Tay (a 14 year old!) were black men doing shit like rating her body, talking about her ass and saying “game is game” ALL of them black men. Dear god moids are insufferable but black men are such fucking singleminded coom-obsessed degenerates it makes me so fucking disgusted with them. It’s embarrassing to behold this behaviour. Subconsciously I feel uncomfortable around black men because it feels like they objectify every woman they see, including myself - I already knew this but it turns out they’re just as pedophilic as other moids or even worse, on top of that? Kill me. I’m never dating a man. And protect your daughters, please.

No. 412556

All men are trash theres no such thing as a good race of men. Anything with a Y chromosome is a degenerate violent rapey pedophile by birthright.

No. 412598

Every culture and race of male is most likely a pedophile, my mom has told me stories about how grown men would grab up girls she grew up with to marry them when they were like 13 and nobody would stop them.

No. 412669

Why even give them the time of day though? Use that energy towards something positive and productive

No. 412707

File: 1720402827251.jpg (113.13 KB, 736x728, 2aeafd7ca000288d3e1a74c107e4a2…)

I think I'm about to go through the obligatory black woman phase of no longer caring about the health of your hair. I've shaved my head and stuff like that, but my whole life I've been one of those people who try to avoid heat, glues, chemicals, etc… I shaved my hair off a few months ago and I think once my hair grows back to a medium length I'll start experimenting with different styles and such. First on the list is getting a quick weave and dying my hair. I don't ever want to perm though.

No. 412711

I just wear scarves/bonnets all the time now even outside, I can’t be fucked thinking about my hair much these days and I’m not even letting others pass judgement on it either

No. 412782

Just get loc extensions if you want something low maintenance. You can cut them out after three years and go back to your natural hair once they start thinning.

No. 412785

File: 1720432028053.jpeg (125 KB, 945x943, IMG_5936.jpeg)

>>410566(/pol/ bait)

No. 412789

File: 1720432760513.webp (508.88 KB, 3002x2252, IMG_6511.webp)

Never heard of this, but that’s still less than other races, no?

No. 412793

Picture isn’t 100% accurate as there were a small to moderate population of some other Homo species in the southern region of Africa but it outlines the general distribution. Obviously as Homo sapiens left Africa they would mix more with the other species that had already established Eurasia as their territory. Objectively, the highest percentage of Homo Sapien DNA is found in Africans and Native Americans. Not that it matters, but if that weren’t the case I fear even in modern society other races wouldn’t want to consider us human.(/pol/ bait)

No. 412817

I mean…that's an even more likely reason to be singled out for racism imo

No. 412823

>fictional speculative evolution map isn’t 100% accurate

No. 412832

I like how they bring up this fact implying that makes us “less human” than them kekkkk

No. 412833

I used to be like that but I got over probably from the overexposure of their retarded behavior. I found a group of people on twitter who make fun of black men and it’s pretty cathartic to read their funny tweets when I get frustrated, I get it

No. 412839

Could you poltards stop posting stupid evolution shit fights nobody cares

No. 412900

i find it retarded how americans see blacks as less neotenous than whites and asians because of the dark skin and general bbc racism when our skulls are right in between Asians and Whites in that respect.

No. 412907

Bonnets outside the home are so ghetto, its the equivalent of walking into Walmartt with Cookie Monster pajamas. Just wear an west African style scarf if you must wear a scarf outside.

No. 412923

File: 1720463814259.png (858.14 KB, 952x7744, reddit-r-evolution-comments-16…)

It's really odd to see someone post Robert Sepehr here (not surprising, considering this thread attracts a certain obsessive crowd). He's a literal "wewuz" lunatic who thinks every civilization in the world was originally white. If anyone black actually cares about the topic, here's a thread talking about it (tl;dr yes it's /pol/ bait). The last time I saw one of his supporters in the wild, it was an actual zoosadist with playlists full of baby monkey torture videos.

No. 412937

Can you white pol tards fuck off jesus, what level of obsession is this to constantly stalk a thread for black women?

No. 412941

Can you actually read? I'm not a white /pol/tard, I'm a black woman who scrolled past that BS because it was posted here, and Googled it.

No. 412945

That would kinda defeat the purpose of experimenting with my hair anon kekk

No. 413032

File: 1720493017445.jpg (122.93 KB, 736x917, 9b39a118a85352c5b0d509635dffe7…)

I kind of hate the massive, OTT false eyelashes that have been trending the past few years. I don't know Aries Spears' lore or whatever (if he has a reputation of bashing black women, fuck him), but what he said about fake lashes is correct. The more low-key ones are fine, it's just the picrel type. Half the time, it's almost like they obscure the shape of the eye and leave them looking non-descript/droopy. I don't know who started it, but I hope it fades.

No. 413036

There’s a separate thread for this in snow

No. 413037

Creates that half-lidded look so popular in porn, I just know it

No. 413047

>Full of PR people
Yep NGL, theres like three fonts who I think are the celebs or someone on their teams. I really think I've run into Megan, Cardi B and Kenya Moore's lsa account. The dedication some fonts have to hating/loving some celebs comes off to personal. I also started to notice that they DO lie a lot on LSA.
How the average LSA thread goes
>Someone (who hates/loves someone) Posts some shit that makes them look bad/good
>it's a lie
>somehow it trends on page 1 or 2 pages (depending on who it is about), first two pages are people believing the lie.
>Page 5 someone posts the truth
>Title MAY be updated, even if it is people still are rambling about the lie.
Stans have ruined the site. I believe Tyla's team is on there too, I think that some of the negative threads are engagement bait.

No. 413051

I hate them too and even the natural looking falsies look bad to me imo. I also hate baby hairs like in this picture, it doesn't look natural. Seeing black women being expected to engage in such extreme beauty rituals is exhausting, whether it be wearing a wig in hot weather, bbls and heavy makeup. I feel as if a woman had said the same thing on this subject they would just get told they are a pickme nowadays since now the word is being used by libfems who don't like their decisions being criticised.

No. 413052

Because homophobia. The only thing STOPPING them from being AGPs is homophobia, the only troons are gay dudes and maybe the rare trans man.
Thats why you rarely see Black lesbian transwomen who aren't surrounded by white people. Black women don't even want to date Bi man, we sure aren't going to be dating a dude in a dress. Black men are more likely to be Dl because
>bisexuality not being accepted (good)
>they want to sleep with women to have kids/they may prefer women
>They will get laughed at >Family and Friends may stop being cool with them (again homophobia).
> A lot of them don't want to date men, they just want to fuck them. So they seperate it. They fuck men/troons but they only "date" women.

Honestly, I'm proud that black women shun bisexual men so much, black men are already super irresponsible with their dicks, so why the fuck should we trust a man not just making broken homes everywhere, but ALSo fucking men?
Black men are mocked for dating troons, because a lot of us don't buy into "it's a woman" and the black men don't either.
to a lot in the black community if a man is bisexual, he's basically gay, or at least thats how I see it.
Theres a "type" of black woman that dates bisexual men, and a lot of them are sex workers or people like Black Chyna who probably likes to peg dudes or something.
I still think the eating ass thing that was being promoted will turn into pegging.

No. 413054

There's only so much videos you can make on how you can take care of your hair. Plus, she has a haircare line out and i did buy the oil because it smelled nice and had good ingredients. I recommend it, but it's always out of stock.

No. 413087

Agreed, those super slicked down baby hairs look gross to me. I kind of miss the 90s/early 2000s beauty standards for black women.

No. 413249

You can barely see their lids.

No. 413256

I wish black women used abortion and birth control more often so they can’t be tied down to DL men. And more public charming of their degenerate and violent behavior and even an end to ghetto rap music

No. 413257

100% the was best time for black women, before our media image was torn to shreds thanks to the progressives and their bad writing

No. 413339

Actually I think it’s not a coincidence that most of these tv shows are made for a black audience. Black shows aren’t really a thing anymore. I mean there are some but I think the audience isn’t really the same as it used to be. I don’t know if it had to do with progressives because I don’t believe that shows with a white audience in mind perceived black women positively. White shows didn’t change much, it’s more that black shows disappeared.

No. 413374

Like after the early 2000s, it just disappeared. And then then black male comedians made their bank ,mocking black women at this time. Although I’ve been natural my whole life, I’ll never forget the harassment made by people after that Chris Rock Hair movie. Very glad Will slapped his ass.

And I wonder that combined with overt misogynour online in the late 2000s was a factor in social justice. We had an abundance of evidence of hatred.

No. 413399

Does anyone here have a spot on their head that’s a completely different texture from the rest of their hair? In the back it’s way softer

No. 413400

She would look so pretty with natural eyelash extensions. I’m not a big fan of edges because it kind of gives wet dog

No. 413423

Go back to 4chan incel

No. 413425

1/3 of black fetuses end up being yeeted, we don’t need more abortions we need black people having safer sex

No. 413426

All of the women in this video look mulatto/part Indian/redbone/yellowbone. I don’t miss this time, darkskin black women still didn’t have any representation except occasionally being video girls getting objectified

No. 413441

i thought brandy, and the actress on family matters and the girl on My Wife and kids were considered dark? idk i have the same skin tone and was always seen as dark by other black people lol

No. 413442

File: 1720646067021.png (700.63 KB, 651x800, 1707867915583.png)

There were maybe two mixed race women in that video (and one of them was Stacey Dash, who was dark-skinned before she went full trumptard and started bleaching), don't start kek. You can uplift darker-skinned black women without erasing other women's blackness.
Anyway, the 90s/2000s had Lauryn Hill, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union in Bring It On, Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice, Nia Long, Jessica White, etc. Even random ads had more pretty black women.

No. 413445

>t. mixed race woman who shouldn’t even be in this thread
ntayart kek, she’s valid for her viewpoint there was barely any good dark skin representation naomi campbell and she wasn’t really wasn’t that dark. it was extremely slim pickings, don’t be a historical revisionist and gaslight other women about their own intelligence and observations. it’s also funny you’re talking about “don’t erase the existence of these women” as if they weren’t the majority and dark skinned women aren’t the minority that were getting erased and even ridiculed through media. i know what dark-skinned looks like, actual ambiguous black people know what it looks like because we have family members that are dark-skinned. the biggest hot take nobody wants to confront is that americans have truly warped many African americans minds about their own genetic diversity, it’s a sad sight to behold and they’ve done excellently at getting other “black” women to tear down the real ambiguous ones

No. 413447

Nope, I'm monoracial, and my skin is similar to a lot of the women in that video. My whole family is a mix of different skintones without any non-black ancestry. I'm just tired of seeing black women parrot what literal racists who attribute our features to white or otherwise non-black ancestry say when we don't fit a mould. Like, I'm not going to get kicked out of my own race just because my phenotype doesn't match Lupita or Naomi's lmao.
All the women in that video are not/do not look mulatto or "part Indian". Redbone and yellowbone are subjective, amorphous terms so I won't discuss that.
>naomi campbell and she wasn’t really wasn’t that dark
Who, in your opinion, is "that dark"?

No. 413451

>the biggest hot take nobody wants to confront is that americans have truly warped many African americans minds about their own genetic diversity
This is what you lot are doing every time you say a black woman who's not "dark" enough for your standards "looks mulatto"

No. 413454

Media representation was still better then than it is now. Now, the only famous "black women" are all mixed (either with a completely non-black parent or heavily mixed parent). Meg and sza are the only relevant bf celebs who don't look ambiguous. and one of them is hypersexual and had to get shot just for people to finally pay attention and pity stan. there are no dark female actresses that are super popular. mixed zendaya is the closest and constantly gets bullied by racist chatbots on Twitter.

No. 413461

Stacy Dash has blue eyes and was always a coon for whites, doesn’t count

No. 413462

Naomi is mixed too with Chinese and I believe some caucasian.
It’s frustrating seeing only mixed black women being presented as desirable. They either have to have slim Indian type features, Blasian features, or Creole/Native. It’s annoying, I prefer representation nowadays, theres far more fully african and dark skinned models and actresses now than there was back then.

No. 413465

File: 1720652949787.jpeg (605.08 KB, 949x1163, 4ED2C3E6-F319-43CA-B4E3-C6111B…)

Pasty ass stank ass neckbeards having ass reddit ass fuckers are so damn annoying with their attempts at ‘inclusivity’ and black positivity/representation lol.

>omg look at this black woman who is obviously at least 75% European and looks like Angelina Jolie, black is so beautiful!

Yes of course she’s beautiful, but that’s besides the point. They’ll just never get it. White people really think they’re doing us a favor when they pay us backhanded compliments like this. Essentially saying
>you can only be pretty as a black woman if you’re mixed with something non black
It’s not just black women either, these Reddit scrotes fetishize mixed women in general like hapas and other mixed races, but only if they look like the whitest version of that race possible.

No. 413466

File: 1720653119947.png (965.74 KB, 895x570, egegec.png)

The average African-American has as much (if not more) Caucasian and Native American DNA for her Chinese and Caucasian lmao. This is her and her mother.
What are Indian type and Blasian features? Post what you think black features are too, I want to see something.

No. 413473

Those women are very clearly mixed and the entire world isn’t the US you know

No. 413475

I'm not saying she "counts". She is obviously still biracial (and you actually can be dark-skinned and biracial, contrary to what some less educated people believe). I'm saying it's asinine to pretend it's about skintone when really, this person means some ever-changing, ridiculously subjective list of features she thinks aren't "true black", even when they come from two black parents, and it's all based on the retarded white supremacist racist reddit neckbeard American conception that we all look one way, even though African people have more genetic and phenotypical diversity than some other groups.

No. 413479

Naomi's Chinese comes from like her great grandmother. She's probably less than a quarter Chinese, such a small amount that it's negligible. Anyway, many black people are mixed with a quarter or less of something.
Also, it's so annoying and racist that people these days see an attractive black woman and start insisting that she doesn't have black features. The amount of times I've seen people say that an obviously black woman with straight African features has "eurocentric features" just because she's pretty is ridiculous.

No. 413480

I'm not from the US, and neither are those women. If you're TA, you seem to be, based on you bringing Creole/Native American people into the discussion, so I'm speaking from that standpoint.

No. 413482

>Naomi is mixed too with Chinese
…She has as much Chinese as most African Americans have white in them. What are you talking about

No. 413483

Samefag (can't delete again for some reason) people also seem to think that looking black or African is just having a big nose and big lips. In reality, it's can be things like slanted eyes, high cheekbones, big foreheads, low nose bridges, round faces, etc…

No. 413484

I don't get this argument, we're calling people mixed just for having long lost non-black relatives? Most of the women in the video posted earlier wouldn't even be mistaken for another race. Plus some fully African, non-US women also have those skintones, do they suddenly lose black points for not being darker than that?

No. 413485

File: 1720654397130.png (153.34 KB, 600x791, IMG_1674.png)

They do look stereotypically African American. The Beyonce/Rihanna type of black woman they try to push as the norm, when it isn’t. A lot of those actors ended up being biracial or have a parent that’s biracial themselves. That’s why they keep choosing Zendaya and other biracial women to play as an unambiguous black female characters, they are not interested in having accurate representation because another part of Hollywood is marketing and they don’t want to market what they deem as “undesirable”
They aren’t dark though kek
Ikr? They think you’re crazy when you know what dark-skinned full-blooded black is, there’s tons of black African Americans who look like picrel but they only choose dark-skinned black men as media representatives because they still believe dark skin is attributed to masculinity. There’s a clear agenda at play here but they make you seem like you’re jealous for having pattern recognition

No. 413488

File: 1720654908810.jpeg (398.42 KB, 800x1128, IMG_1677.jpeg)

They’ve found novel ways to reinvent and reintroduce old-time racial caste systems that were created to erase black people. I don’t know how nobody else can see this, it’s so obvious. It’s not about actually being biracial, it’s about how exotic/ambiguous you can look, the farther you are from the undesirable caste the more privileges and entitlements that await you. You are practically rewarded for not being like the “”undesirable”” caste which is why Zendaya keeps getting placed in these roles that are meant for black women

No. 413489

File: 1720655072697.jpg (17.99 KB, 260x384, dbcce953901842ce4189f47e92d6ce…)

>They aren’t dark though kek
Not every black woman will be dark-skinned. Some of the women in that YT video were, though, and so is picrel. In general, there was still 100% better black women's representation then vs now. Where are 2024's Whitney Houston or Angela Bassett?
Sidenote: If Danielle Brookes was 100lbs lighter, some of the weirdos ITT would probably be saying she has "Indian features" just for the sake of arguing.

No. 413492

File: 1720655178160.jpg (534.86 KB, 1648x2048, MV5BMTU3MjgzNzE4MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Samefag, I'll even go as far as to say the 70s and 80s had better black representation.

No. 413493

File: 1720655379352.jpg (40.89 KB, 806x250, download.jpg)

I don't know if I'm vision impaired but I genuinely don't see a huge difference between your pic and some of the women from that video..maybe one shade of a difference at most

No. 413494

This is dark-skinned. This is what I’m talking about
Those are dark-skinned but most of them were not that dark

No. 413496

I have a random square centimeter of almost straight hair. It sticks out when I straighten my hair, like a cowlick.

No. 413497

God forbid I see how race swapping had put the blame and animosity onto black women and not the smug liberal casting directors who enable this

No. 413498

Exactly. It reminds me of when people were insisting Anok Yai has "eurocentric features". It's very irritating.

No. 413500

You include mixed people into your group and this spread recessive genes into the gene pool. There’s a reason why African Americans look different compared to Africans

No. 413502

There are many Africans who look like the women in the YouTube video, are they fake black?

No. 413509

File: 1720658185377.jpg (19.01 KB, 220x328, ROM-Eth1.jpg)

Whites do that ego-driven shit because they have fragile self esteem and have to take credit for everyone's beauty. Even before race mixing became prevalent, they categorized some east africans as "cacuasoid" because of their features and bone structure.

No. 413589

ubermensch bitch is back at it again I see. cope and watch african media if you want to see full-blooded african girls. The rest of the diaspora will represent itself the way it chooses, which is using women from our countries. Which surprise surprise consists of varying amounts of mixed african women and men. Afro latinas never have to hear this bullshit for some reason and it's weird. There are afro latinos who are mostly african and there are some that are very mixed but are never denounced for it. Stop having a hate-boner for americans and fuck off.

No. 413601

Fake your schizophrenia meds
Just say you hate darkskin women

No. 413608

File: 1720706193901.jpg (34.84 KB, 795x326, gfhsdjgsgf.jpg)

the caro white is melting your brain cells

No. 413632

this is so sad. It seems like most non-whites aside from black Americans and remote tribes seriously hate their melanin. You'll find similar stats in MENA and Asia. And hispanics just date whites/lightskins instead of bleach. there may be some jealousy that blacks in the US can "get away" with having dark skin and be models and actors.

No. 413633

Insane bait

No. 413634

Afro-Latinos are a cucked demographic, I’ve seen how small and pathetic they behave towards pale Latinos and claim it’s ok because “we’re all Latinos”.

No. 413635

Many immigrants especially Asian and Arabs feel surprise and shock that we let people “ so dark” onto our tv screens. Look at Latino especially Mexican media, everyone is white as fuck, often with light hair and eyes, when most of the population is mestizo, brown and brown

No. 413636

Had to chime in after scrolling past this, I’m Turkish and it’s been getting worse here since the 2000s, many girls stopped tanning altogether and try to look white as possible. You need to be blonde in order to be pretty and you need to be pretty to be a woman on TV. It’s almost like things got more colorist. The Paris Hilton fake tan era was more forgiving to darker girls

No. 413657

‘Turkish’ tranny

No. 413658

as a black american they're not entirely wrong tho. the reason whites have way less admixture than blacks in the US is because they forced the mixed slaves to procreate with fully black people instead of whites to keep their race "pure." this caused most of the admixture to be on our side. But them getting on their high horse is unnecessary, since black people had no choice in the matter for most of our history.

No. 413662

File: 1720726047436.png (75.94 KB, 761x775, buj.png)

NTA but the 75/77% placed on Nigeria isn't actually real, it's based on a single study done on traders in one specific area, and it was blown up/mischaracterized because people were too lazy to get actual nationwide data.
That said, skin bleaching is bad and still a problem in many countries, including that one. Just not to the point that over 70% of the population is doing it.

No. 413666

>ubermensch bitch is back
why are you angry about real black women getting accurate representation? not our fault you guys brag about having 20% rape blood in your genes that makes you somehow “superior” to africans (who are your ancestors). pathetic, stop hiding your self-hatred through burgerfag muh foundational american patriotism. it always makes 3c women seethe when their undeserved privileges is being threatened kek

No. 413668

>it always makes 3c women seethe when their undeserved privileges
Are you under the impression that black women have historically been treated well in America?

No. 413673

NTA. I want you to understand that the African-American women you are targeting with these "20% rape blood" comments don't look dissimilar to you on average. Most African-Americans don't look like Beyonce or have 3C hair. Most Africans also don't look like Ajak Deng. This is why an African couple can move to the states, have a child and said child can (and often will) ID and be ID'd as African-American if they have an American accent (the only "tell" being a non-western name), and why you'll see some "FBA" types complain about Africans "replacing" them, easily infiltrating their spaces, etc. Despite African-American people technically being mixed, both communities tend to look similar. Diaspora sperging is an embarrassing waste of time, and it promotes ignorance about our phenotypes, culture and history, so please stop. That's all.

No. 413676

It’s retarded when they whine about Africans replacing them. You are getting mad at your own people, it’s ridiculous. White people never do that shit when Europeans come to American, they even embrace them

No. 413684

>And hispanics just date whites/lightskins instead of bleach
Have you considered that blacks and whites are not attracted to each other because of slavery/jim crow?

No. 413685

Because real black women look like the ones that she is complaining about, they're what black women abroad tend and can look like. Once again if african women want representation make your own shit like nollywood and stop expecting everyone to adhere to your stupid standards. The entitlement you have is annoying. And once again why is this only targeting African Americans when Afrolatinos,Haitians, and other parts of diaspora have similar issues?

No. 413687

Making fun of raped women to get your point across after your ancestors sold each other into perpetual poverty is very disgusting btw.

No. 413690

Literally those two points make no fucking sense, a couple insane fbas do not represent even 1% of african americans but I regularly see South Africans going full nazi over Zimbabwean people and other african groups. Africans have been xenophobic to each other before america was even a thing.

No. 413691

define "real black women"

No. 413693

Yeah, xenophobic South Africans are retarded too. No one said there were no Africans engaging in the same behaviors. What's your point?

No. 413695

the previous posters are acting like africans aren't participating in the exact stuff they're accusing the rest of us are. Doing the "not black enough" stuff about a media that isn't catered to them. bringing random xenophobia by a small group of people to be xenophobic to another group of people like hypocrites. It's disgusting.

No. 413700

Brandi was at her peak during this time wtf are you talking about. Dark skin actors were everywhere in black made shows and movies. Youre retarded.

No. 413702

And the huge European migration wave in the early 20th century. Most white people’s ancestors can be traced to Ellis island

No. 413703

What? I posted >>413673 and I'm literally telling an African anon to stop engaging in diaspora war stupidity. I never said only Americans engage in xenophobia, or that Africans don't. Did you misread my post?

No. 413704

This thread in a nutshell

No. 413711

tell the africans to stop instigating it. the thread was fine before the "not real black women" idiots started their monthly sperg

No. 413713

You first, you dumb bitch.

No. 413715

You all need to stop being retarded, honestly.

No. 413716

Expecting African American women to look right off the coast of Nigeria is unrealistic and you should just watch african media. Simple as. Stop expecting everyone else you represent you it's weird and selfish.

No. 413717

what does "right off the coast of nigeria" look like

No. 413718

i don't think it's about attraction. The hispanics and Americans just have different mentalities. They encourage race mixing in Latin America as long as the elites remain white. But in the US, they want the country to be majority white, which means a small amount of race mixing. the only time whites give their daughters to black males in large numbers here is when they can have access to top 1% black genes. That's why so many black athletes in the US are taken in by white families and introduced to one of their daughters "by chance." That's the main exception.

No. 413719

ask the bitch calling AAs not real black women.

No. 413720

Why are you acting like all African American women are lightskin and clearly mixed looking? Most African American women look fully African or very majority African. Also admixture depends on state too. You’re acting like everyone is from Baton Rouge and mixed with French or some shit. Most African American women look fully or almost fully black.

No. 413721

Yall really need to stop responding to the ‘Turkish’ ‘woman’ in this thread lol. ‘She’ loves starting shit for no reason and is sexually obsessed with black women and lurks this thread 24/7 and also has a Twitter dedicated to WMBF porn. Please stop engaging with that weirdo.

No. 413725

So confusing when it's ok to say the AA women who were on screen in the 90s aren't black enough even though I personally know women who look like them ( >>413087) and then you guys decide we do look like you but still are not "real black" bc of 10% european DNA, but then turn around and say >>413673

so weird and confusing I think it's better if you all just watch nollywood and british/swedish(lol) films to see the african representation you want.

No. 413728

NTA, but are you retarded? The anon who claimed they weren't black enough was obviously American and using terms like "yellowbone" and "Creole". I'm not American, and I'm the one (or at least one of those) who's been defending the women in the video because I'm literally lighter skinned than half of them and we're all still black. Only idiots would claim otherwise. There are multiple people in this thread and we have different opinions, no one is "turning around to say" anything.
Fuck off and stop using this as an opportunity to attack Africans, you aren't fooling anyone and both you and the "african-americans are all 3C with unearned privilege!!" poster are retarded.

No. 413729

Fucking kek

No. 413730

Calling out the african anons for being weird, selfish, and malicious isn't attacking anyone except them. It's only a problem to the rest of you when people(usually AA) start arguing back against them and refuse to call them out for their retarded arguments about who's black and who isn't.

If they want to see Africans to their standards they should support african cinema made in Africa. Anywhere else and there is bound to be women and men who aren't fully african. I don't think that this is a crazy thing to say.

No. 413733

>refuse to call them out for their retarded arguments about who's black and who isn't.
Except we literally were doing that before you showed up. You're the one who started bringing all Africans into it despite "the African" essentially parroting what some other American retard was saying here >>413426 because you eat diaspora bullshit like candy.

No. 413737

they were targeting Americans and you guys weren't pointing out how it was africans doing it in the first place. Everyone is so quick to generalize americans and it isn't fair to not do the same back. Africans have serious issues with accountability when it's pointed back at them. Both this diaspora sperging and the one in the last thread were Africans instigating against americans. And I will always point it out.

And no. I didn't see anyone mention how the easiest solution would be to watch african media, it's all about changing american stuff instead of making your own

No. 413738

>it was africans doing it in the first place
It wasn't, you just made that up now to continue the infight. No one generalized but you and the one other poster who was going on about "rape DNA" (and it's probably the same singular retard from last thread since the topic is the same), and no one agrees because you're both brain dead and ruin threads to fight. I don't care about arguments regarding African media, so I don't know what you're saying "no" to. I'm starting to think you're just drunkenly shitposting and want to sperg.

No. 413742

The whole "rape DNA" thing to attack black Americans is so silly. Men used rape as a tool for passing their genes long before slavery in the US, so African women have rapist DNA too. all races of women do.

No. 413743

Read. And once again, if you want truly "african" representation watch African media.

No. 413744

Nobody said those women aren’t black she merely pointed out that most black women shilled in media back in the 90s were intentionally chosen for looking mixed or lighter. Go stan your faves on twitter no one cares and it’s clear you have a hateboner for dark skin women.

No. 413745

Some of you gaslight like it's your fucking job.

No. 413746

>go back to Africa
I’ll bet a signed dollar you are white

No. 413748

Read.>>413426 >>413666

No. 413749

First and second posters are American anons, third poster is the African anon. Different typing styles, all moronic. All insisting black women "look mixed" if we don't fit the very ignorant, very racist idea of what we're "supposed" to look like. Go to bed.

No. 413750

Take your meds, I said watch african media. But if you want to go back I won't ever discourage you from doing so.

No. 413751

unless you're looking at ips you have no proof of this, ntm just bc someone is in America doesn't mean they are american.

No. 413752

Unless you have IPs and access to people's passports, there's also no proof any of those posters are African, but that certainly didn't bother you when you wanted to justify your autism.

No. 413754

If a Japanese person complained about no Japanese people in Korean shows everyone's response would be "just watch shows made in japan."

so why is it that when I say "just watch shows made in africa if you want to see full-blooded dark skinned africans" all of a sudden it's xenophobic?(racebait)

No. 413756

Unless they're self hating and larping as african their posts make no fucking sense if they're african american. are you braindead?

No. 413757

>mr rotpocket still talking to himself in the black girls thread
It’s all so tiresome.

No. 413759

I wouldn't even be surprised if 90% of the diaspora sperging is one non-black schizo who just wants to watch black people fight, lmao. There was literally a post from someone claiming to be a "mixed woman" that complained about black people "destroying European culture" and malded about Africans living in the UK too, but it seems like they hurried up and deleted it. Mask off too soon.

No. 413761

that person was an alabastard, not black or mixed

No. 413762

>everyone against african entitlement is a /pol/tard cope.

No. 413763

No one cares about your shitty incel board stop namedropping it dude

No. 413767

I was about to engage with one of his posts trying to keep up the AA/African infight, then I saw that last greentext post malding at the very idea of getting clocked as a non-black and having his even more overt racebait noticed before he deleted. It's definitely one uncolored tranny LARPing and fishing for replies in between dilations. Hopefully he gets tazered and locked up in an asylum one day.

No. 413768

If saying I'm not black helps your collective delusion that people can't see what you're doing go ahead.

No. 413774


No. 413776

I hope you're aware the africans you're defending call us mutts the second we're not beneficial to their dying continent.

No. 413788

>rotpocket-kun baiting once more

No. 413790

File: 1720750434570.png (712 KB, 1122x1122, 1000001150.png)

Calling anyone who isn't mind cucked by hoteps and africans a white man won't change the truth.

No. 413792

what in the hell is rotpocket-kun

No. 413794

>i hope you're aware the africans you're defending call us mutts the second we're not beneficial to their dying continent.
Bait. White male hands typed this.

No. 413796

The way you type is so male, it’s sad. ‘Mind cucked’ please go back to your containment incel board. Nobody cares. Africans don’t hate AA and vice versa.

No. 413799

File: 1720750802889.jpg (155.58 KB, 1103x1111, 1000002221.jpg)

Africans Are Entitled Cunts

No. 413800

this divide and conquer shit is sad

whites are so scared of black people having each others backs
it’s literally their worst nightmare
gotta keep us infighting and shooting each other at all times so it’s easier to control us

No. 413803

Why did you post a picture of 1988 MJ with the face covered by a white square

No. 413804

Exactly. Watch this scrote start trying to type in gen z twitter lingo thinking it'll help him sound like a black woman after his fixation on being cucked and his favorite 4chan board gave him away. Anything to make "the blacks" think of eachother as enemies.

No. 413805

Don't google it with safe search off

No. 413810

Only africans can see literal proof I'm not a white man and still act like delusional retards instead of acknowledging other black women hate them like they hate us. The "we are all black" mentality doesn't even exist on the continent why should it exist outside of it.

No. 413811

>this random photo with a white square edited on the face is proof i'm a black woman you dumb nig–I mean africans! i, a true and honest black woman, hate you black women! if you disagree, you are clearly part of the wrong group of blacks!

No. 413812

No. 413816

File: 1720752194445.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x3140, 1000002224.jpg)

Africans Are Entitled Cunts :)(retard)

No. 413818

What is this meant to prove?

No. 413819

this looks JUST like my dad's retarded handwriting, i'm scared. is my dad racebaiting on lolcow? Daddy?

No. 413820

that I'm not a white neo nazi and I hate Entitled Africans.

and I know the first thing you're going to attack is my hand writing but that's what happens when you have arthritis. Which of course will be the next thing you'll attack, because as soon as a black women sees you're bullshit you all attack anything you can find.

No. 413821

like a moth to a flame

No. 413823

I'm not going to convince you of something you can clearly see, you just want me to doxx myself. go ahead and reverse search that image all you want

No. 413824

How does that prove you're not a white neo nazi? Are white neo nazis now incapable of printing out random pictures from the internet, tearing them up and writing on lined paper? I could print out a picture of Jay-Z, edit a white square on his face and do the same thing.

No. 413826

Post one of your negroid hair products and i'll buy it

No. 413827

here's the white fag you're all accusing me of being btw

No. 413828

What am I supposed to be "clearly seeing"? Who would want to doxx you? No one here wants to see some racist incel's face. And stop samefagging, no one's going to give you attention.

No. 413829

Don't deflect

No. 413830

denial is retarded, reverse search it and nothing will come up. Not every black woman is a mind slave for pan-africanist retardation.

No. 413832

Any image can easily be made unsearchable if you edit it, so what is that meant to prove?

No. 413833

keep coping kek

No. 413834

>"calling myself a negroid in response to my own shitty printout of someone else's photo will surely convince these dumb foids I'm a real black woman AND that anyone who doesn't believe me is the real white man! heh…didn't even need melanin for this one, boys!"
Fuck off back to whatever shitty Discord server you came from

No. 413837

it's not a printout it's my real i.d, how else would i be able to prove it without getting doxxed dumbass? the images were posted in less than 30 minutes from each other and the only edited is 2 white boxes, just accept the fact not every person you see who hates africans is a incel

and >>413826
is not me either, its one of the other anons probably seeing the africans special skill of denial and delusion.

No. 413839

You're saying you ripped your real ID apart, stuck it on a piece of paper, and wrote on that paper to prove you're black?

No. 413840

Ok well ur hair looks like u can use black hair products, so post them. that's not doxxing yourself

No. 413841

You are such a lolcow we need to make this history. Some fag with a jheri curl pretending to be black on an image board to spread hate about africans while living in third world turkey.

No. 413842

how are you so low iq, place a piece of paper ON THE ID and then woah, half of it is already covered!!!

No. 413844

Go back to whatever cope forum you came from

No. 413845

so you are a white male. That hair looks like some type of black-style gel hit it. Thanks for confirming it's not you.

No. 413846

Maybe i used a leave in that day,but no nona if you were being honest with yourself instead of delusional you can accept the fact that some of us have hair like this, and its not racist to acknowledge it. I'd rather not do hair curl discourse

No. 413847

Why are you deleting all your posts? Don't cry now that you've been caught

No. 413848

>genes and water
And the LARP fails. I have that hair type, and I use natural hair products kek. You probably can't even name what curl pattern that is. So it's either a stolen photo, or you're not a black woman. Imagine doing all this to prove black women hate each other…to black women. Pathetic.

No. 413849

because typing about 4chair being short is perceived as mean and i have nothing personally against women who have it. It would help if you stopped deflecting from the fact your "SHES A WHITE MAN" cope is dead >>413848 i deleted it because it wasn't true, i probably used a leave in.

No. 413850

Bro you’re almost as pale as the background
I’m also getting male vibes from your writing style and your general appearance in that pic, the thick neck, you look burly and fat as well
You’re either a racebaiting moid or a self hating octocoon with a hateboner for darkskins

No. 413854

File: 1720755659938.jpg (19.66 KB, 400x400, 1658539807066399.jpg)

Attacking my appearance won't change the fact Im a monoracial black woman with 4 black grandparents. And holy shit I have never said anything bad about dark skinned women. Stop projecting your self hatred you carowhite braindead bitch. Idk if in your country the dmv just uses natural sunlight but in the U.S they use a light when taking pictures.

You're all so pathetic and desperate to enforce group think its sad. I pity you

No. 413855

And you cant even see my neck, fat hands typed your post didnt they? Fat burly dark knuckled hands.

No. 413856


No. 413857

To be honest, the amount of labor this moid put into trying to get black women to fight over nothing just to fuck it up with total ignorance on something like hair is kind of shocking to me. "It's genes and water" is the most non-black, male response on earth to anything to do with hair, lmao.

No. 413858

Even if i posted all the products ive used from shea butter to carols daughter that sits on my bathroom sink counter you would all still nitpick until your fingers fell off about how im a white scrote.

No. 413859

Oh my god shut up you annoying faggot

No. 413860

That's not the kind of thing you "just forget" if you actually have black hair and use products for it, give it up.

No. 413861

Nasty ass greasy jerry curls lol

No. 413862

"give it up"
Stop fucking coping, genuinely. Are black women the only group that have to be liberal globalists or else theyre white men? You sound like biden "if you dont vote for me you aint black!" lmao

No. 413863

You really spent 10 minutes googling "black hair products" and panicking after getting called out.

No. 413864

Go attention whore somewhere else, you’re boring

No. 413865

Sorry for walking into the hotep thread i guess, didn't realize everyone had to lick africas dirty anus to be considered "real black"

No. 413866

File: 1720756612057.jpg (40.78 KB, 640x426, 640px-Closeup_of_a_tennis_ball…)

No. 413867

File: 1720756614580.webp (12.82 KB, 277x270, ohbrother.webp)

no but you know which type of "black' woman has been preferred over the rest
yes they do, they look completely different to my family members who have ancestors who were not born in africa or america. they look domesticated because that's what slavery has done to african-americans, it was selective breeding and biological warfare on the homogeneous diaspora genetic pool. they were breeding "strong" bucks with black women and that's what we have today: aggression, short-sightedness, black-on-black crime, broken homes
people of the original stock of west african descent. african-americans are domesticated versions of real black people
>watches funny and soulful nollywood movie
>cheating deadbeat abusive black husband with oversexualized wife and meek mistress maid
>watches tyler perry
>cheating deadbeat abusive black husband with oversexualized and violent dark-skinned wife and submissive and meek light skin mistress with a bonus of a black man dressing up as a le funny grandma
>what's the difference

No. 413868

calm the fuck down most of the white scrotes are on twitter or 4chan not here. the black women who post here are just unfortunately spergy

No. 413869

fyi this isn't >>413865
have fun dealing with an actual racist incel though, this thread is dogshit and the equivalent of african twitter. fucking losers.

No. 413870

>african twitter
how is this like african twitter. which one would you rather have fOUndAtional aMeriCan twitter with "feed the kids or feed the husband first" or "50/50" or '20 v 1" cancer or africans who keep taking up your spots because african americans have no wealth or historical knowledge about themselves kek

No. 413872

What about east africans?

No. 413873

>stares at london
>stares at sweden
>stares at oslo
yeah….africans are so much better haha….

No. 413874

oh i nearly forgot

No. 413875

fgm and feral islamic culture ig

No. 413876

they were traded by arabs and virtually kicked to the curb by the israelites, which is why they worship that cancerous and evil religion islam. they also harbor a strange superiority complex over other africans and even african americans, thanks to wiggers trying to claim them as caucasoids because of their unique features. i hate everything

No. 413877

blame the black males they keep sending over there

No. 413878

Letting some spergy retards talk down on black people regardless if they're american or indigenous african is pathetic

No. 413879

File: 1720757474704.jpg (101.41 KB, 998x912, GB3fTJtXYAA9-M9.jpg)

So because his first persona with the failed selfpost got laughed out of the thread after he exposed his lack of understanding on black hair, now he's switching to the second persona in a bid to continue the same retarded diaspora infight, replying to himself and hoping the rest of us jump in to bash eachother.

No. 413880

File: 1720757486866.gif (4.09 MB, 599x554, yoooo.gif)

what happened to the superior african family values and 2 parent households? no african american men to impregnate the women over so why the same outcome?

No. 413882

Agreed. Can we have a new policy? I feel like it should go without saying, but if you hate black girls, stay out of the black girl general thread. Go elsewhere. Doesn't matter who or what you are.

No. 413883

Still black no matter how much you hate it, no i did not post >>413867


No. 413884

kek i love the kitty grimace

No. 413886

File: 1720757862165.jpg (1.96 MB, 3299x3024, 1000002225.jpg)

Just so you'll stop denying it

No. 413887

Take your sperging elsewhere it's unnecessary

No. 413889

That is not true.
Somalia is a monoethnic country. Somalis took up Islam as soon as it was founded, they did not get enslaved by anybody. Not every black person has slave/slaver ancestors.

No. 413890

File: 1720758847150.webp (1.15 MB, 2372x1648, 434d.png)

>I bought the "negroid" products, that means I'm black (my only interest in this thread is to attack black women)
Whether you're white, black, Albanian or mixed race, leave.

No. 413892

I was hoping for an apology but im not surprised.
I've been posting in the black girls thread for quite a bit and this post >>409065 is made by me. I was active in the last threas as well before the other diaspora sperg happened but i didnt feel like participating bc she seemed very passionate. What albanian buys blue fucking magic bro.

No. 413893

me albania be careful!
im fucking dying is this real???

No. 413896

they’re both trash as fuck. they’re both black males one just has foreign dust and the other thinks he’s a kang destined for greatness when he has nothing but squalor and aids. i love black women and that’s that, the whole community is trash. why do other black people punish other black people for thinking differently than them?

No. 413898

did you really print a piece of paper of some random black woman you found on Google and glued it to your old notebook? kekk these youngin summerfag retards are so easy to see through

No. 413899

smaefga this feels like drunkposting honestly probably because

No. 413900

paper is on top of the i.d

No. 413902

anon should get the balls to post her real face. “she” also doesn’t even look black she looks like one of those invasive biracial creatures that love to shit up the r/blackladies subreddit with their emotional baggage

No. 413904

"biracial creatures" thats really fucked up. but no, im not mixed. I thought black came in all shades? or are only dark skinned 4c girls black now?

No. 413905

For all those hair products, your hair kinda sucks…

No. 413913

File: 1720762932989.png (37.79 KB, 1406x280, dd3.png)

Would explain this.

No. 413916

I am NOT doxxing myself because you idiots refuse to think a black women who visits imageboards cant have a mind of her fucking own. Cant even be a little unhinged. Are you retards actually this braindead? Seriously? I can say fuck trannies and faggots sometimes the farmhands even let indian/arab racism slide but the second its not an african circlejerk im a "biracial creature?"
hilariously sad is what you all are.

Fuck your groupthink hotep bullshit.

No. 413917

Wow. They always get mad and seethe when real black women create boundaries against their bullshit.
>wahhhhhhh i-im a black wahman tooooo!!! let me in your communities please!!

No. 413918

tehee fatty

No. 413919

project harder fatass, the thinking will help increase your calorie burn

No. 413921

anon, do not fucking post your id ever again even if its blurred out, and just leave the thread, you are being baited

No. 413923

File: 1720763888648.jpeg (81.12 KB, 900x506, IMG_1685.jpeg)

cope. you will never be a true black woman(racebait)

No. 413924

why is dumbass shit autosaged but this isnt. no one was posting their ID in there

No. 413925

At least you can drop the claim of being fully black. If you don't like black women, that's your business. Just please leave us the fuck alone. Stop taking every chance to let your antiblackness and racism fly and then tack on "It's Just The Africans" when hating African women is hating black women and we know you mean all of us anyway.
No one's a hotep for not wanting to bash black women (or see other black women get bashed) in the fucking black women general, but I'm sure you'd be in great company with them because they are massive misogynists and hate us too.

No. 413926

File: 1720764116849.png (531.17 KB, 1080x704, ia5lqm5pq51c1.png)

I didnt mind posting it since im scheduled for a replacement in like 3 months, I know half of them are bait but also that a lot of black women are actual fucking mindless drones who refuse to accept wrongthink from each other.

anon this is the a woman from Greece

I'm fully black and was not the one who started bashing black women nor have i targeted black women unless instigated, Africans means all of them. Men and Women. Once you accept thatsome of us arent brainless idiots who accept random attacks from africans the better the thread will become

in short

No. 413928

You literally admitted to being mixed race in that post and passed it off as "just being a little unhinged", dumbfuck. If you think black women are destroying European culture and belong in gulags, you're cordially invited to go and beg for scraps from white incels who think you're an abomination or a mild curiosity like Brittany Venti does, but you can't stay here. African women are black women. As it stands, you've already said you're not a black woman, and equating black women to men is something only racists do. And no, I'm not calling you a biracial creature. I just hate racists, and you are one.

No. 413935

The mixed woman post was Not me. Idk if youre aware but the thread is public and actual self hating biracials can read and post in here. I am fully black so Cope Harder. And if africans can have retarded conversations about how black americans dont "represent them enough" I can point out that they can just fuck off with their "not black enough" bullshit. LMAO at the naomi campbell has chinese features bullshit from earlier, or insinuating that beyonce doesnt count just because she doesnt look like most of you. Ok? neither does Anok Yai but shes been designated as the holy grail of black woman rep, even though a lot us do not look like her.

The whole point of this was if you want to see African girls, watch african media instead of pearlclutching over multiracial countries using their multiracial actors. Those 90s Tvs shows that showed genuine black families and positive images of black women/girls were showing Americans Not You.

No. 413936

Keep backpedaling, keep contradicting yourself and keep pinning your own deranged baiting and dirty-deleted posts on everyone else.

No. 413940

Keep denying and sticking your empty husk of a skull into the dirt as always. Everyone is used to it.

No. 413941

File: 1720765247487.webp (64.84 KB, 2400x1801, projector.webp)

No. 413942

File: 1720765382247.jpg (42.88 KB, 954x542, 023429c6-7a12-43ff-a56f-57f15e…)


No. 413944

>I was active in the last threas as well before the other diaspora sperg happened but i didnt feel like participating bc she seemed very passionate.
Don't care, you're both cancer.

No. 413960

The same reason why anyone else would be shy, anon. Its not don secret racial thing, they're shy because that's their personality.

No. 414035

Don't respond to shitty bait.

No. 414038

Four (4!) out of millions of black girls wow

No. 414040

They must have gotten bullied by white kids for being ugly because they're not white. They also probably had people make assumptions that they're ghetto and violent. And then some whites give black women creepy stares to intimidate. So now they're quiet to not attract attention from racists. They're like "let me be quiet so I don't give racist whites a reason to notice me or stare at me in disgust, compare me to an animal or man, or think about how they want my race to be sterilized and/or ethnically cleansed." It's sad that they're in that phase. They should just stop caring about what a stupid species (humans) thinks.

No. 414048

Chitlins are nasty and we as a community need to shame our elders for eating that fuckery. I said what I said

No. 414050

Do you want me to huck and jive for you like a minstrel show? Why are people so bothered about introverted or shy black women?

No. 414051

What is this, anthropology 101? Some people are just introverted it may be because of racial perception it may be innate. Either way who cares lmfao

No. 414052

That part. What a weird question.

No. 414056

Ntayrt but you never met 4 shy women of any other race? This feels like a weird thing to focus on like imagine if I asked "why are white women so talkative" over 3 white people I met lol. Personally I'm reserved around my own race too (didn't even grow up in a white neighborhood), or basically anyone because that's just how I was born.

No. 414058

u ignored the only srs explanation, so ur a troll

No. 414060

don’t put sm effort explaining this theyre trolling

No. 414066

File: 1720810282258.jpg (57.95 KB, 609x680, FS7ycEIUEAIpM9s.jpg)

or maybe they're just quiet people and not everything has to do with race

No. 414077

>the women I see on youtube and in rappers.
gee it's almost as if media/celebrities doesn't represent reality…

No. 414079

Black girls can literally get shot for being too loud in public, no wonder so many of us are scared and try to be quiet to not attract attention to ourselves

No. 414082

all of our perspectives are outside perspectives because we're not them. Go ask them, troll

No. 414085

>it came from an outside perspective
Nta but I gave a serious explanation (first reply to the OP) and I literally am an introverted black girl who talks in low volume. Nothing to do with my race. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that you were genuinely asking, but stop shitting up the thread and being a weirdo.

No. 414088

File: 1720812879245.png (13.6 KB, 200x200, ne.png)

i think for gender socialization reasons, it makes sense for men to be more outgoing when they're minorities.
>Especially because it goes against the women I see on youtube and in rappers.
yeah, this is actually what i suspected the hang-up would be, but i didn't want to say anything outright lol.
sorry, but it's a really bad idea to base your understanding of an entire demographic on media. most black women aren't like rappers or popular youtubers. those are people trying to sell something, and female rappers' entire branding/image is literally made up by a mix of white jewish men and black men who are all addicted to porn lmao. this is kind of like if indian men went somewhere with white people and were like "why aren't the white women absolute whores like in porn and western music?? i've been scammed wtf".

No. 414093

>female rappers' entire branding/image is literally made up by a mix of white jewish men and black men who are all addicted to porn lmao
This is sad and true. As a kid I always loved Nicki Minaj, think she’s talented, I always loved the creativity of her concepts and aesthetics, her confidence in the face of the entire world criticizing her body and image. But as I got older I realised how controlled she really was, by creepy old black + jewish moid music execs and watched her become a pickme for trashy rapey and DL black men. Also the fact she encouraged so many black women to copy her and go out and get dangerous BBLs and ass/boob implants and other surgery, and the generally very expensive extras like bright wigs, expensive heels etc. It’s conflicting because I still love her but in many ways she was a terrible example for Black women to follow as she was basically created by porn addicted men. It makes me fucking sad.

No. 414097

Does anyone else feel like bw are too paranoid about being fetishized in the US? The only non-black guys who date BW I know of only liked that one chick as an individual or grew up around black people. Neither seems like a fetish. BW don't have enough positive sexual stereotypes here to even be a popular fetish. I could see if they were located anywhere but the US.

No. 414106

Men will fetishize anything and anyone I’m beyond the point of caring what men think of me. I only care if they try to invade my space which will not be tolerated.

No. 414115

I kind of started questioning the whole idea when I noticed that a lot of the black people saying it either see it as a compliment or aren't bothered at all if/when black men are "fetishized" by both men and women of other races, but then get very, very personally invested and enraged at the mere idea of black women being "fetishized". All this while those types of people happily promote degenerate media that actually dehumanizes and hypersexualizes us on both an intraracial and interracial level, and accuse any black women who don't like trashy rap or "hoe culture" of engaging in "respectability politics". Idk, it seems like a weird, manipulative mate-guarding strategy for some people (I'm sure a few do say it in good faith). Obviously, we do get fetishized by creepy men for the aforementioned reasons and older stereotypes. I'm just skeptical when I see it used as a talking point for random couples or whatever.

No. 414123

>all of them seemed scared
Because they are tired of everybody’s shit including you and I don’t blame them. You’re probably the same biracial fatty who keeps trying to be apart of the club when you could never get in kekk, you wish you were a black woman

No. 414136

Black men are the kings of mateguarding bc they invented pimping. They made sure bw would have low value to everyone. Step 1 (1500s-1800s) Sell BW in large numbers between four different continents to cheapen them. Step 2 (1900s-1970s) Pimp them out to white men soon after slavery ends at alarming numbers to keep the price of BW low. Step 3. (1980s-2000s) Use blossoming black media industry to dress up like BW on TV and movies (basically like blackface specifically for black women) to make us even more of a laughing stock and spectacle. Step 4 (2010s) Go online and put all BW's business out and call us all ghetto, fat, ugly, single moms who are mean so other men would be ashamed to be seen with us. Step 5 (2010s-2020s virtue signalling era) Call any non-back men who still date BW after all that a fetishizer and creep who wants to live out slave rape fantasies. BM have GAME and are the GOAT gate keepers and pussy swatters.

No. 414147

To non blacks who are in predominantly white spaces I am perceived as introverted because I am not as extroverted as the stereotypical black woman on tv.

No. 414171

Why do you bring up black men constantly for no reason at all?

No. 414175

>Step 1 (1500s-1800s) Sell BW in large numbers between four different continents to cheapen them
Black men were sold too.

>Step 2 (1900s-1970s) Pimp them out to white men soon after slavery ends at alarming numbers to keep the price of BW low.

There’s no proof most black prostitutes customers were white, most of their customers would be other black men

>Step 3. (1980s-2000s) Use blossoming black media industry to dress up like BW on TV and movies (basically like blackface specifically for black women) to make us even more of a laughing stock and spectacle.

The only example I can think of that is Eddie Murphy and he parodies fat ghetto black men as well as BW as a laughing stock. If you only get offended at his female characters then you’re retarded, he makes fun of everyone.

>Step 4 (2010s) Go online and put all BW's business out and call us all ghetto, fat, ugly, single moms who are mean so other men would be ashamed to be seen with us.

Black men didnt state this, there are plenty of racist white men and other races who hate and stereotype black women this way despite not paying attention to black mens thoughts or media made by black men.

>Step 5 (2010s-2020s virtue signalling era) Call any non-back men who still date BW after all that a fetishizer and creep who wants to live out slave rape fantasies.

White men do the same calling white women who date black men coalburners, mudsharks, make entire websites dedicated to sharing their pictures and doxx, celebrating when they die, make thousands of AI pictures of their babies depicted as monkeys etc. Asian men do the same when Asian women date white men, and so on. All men engage in mate guarding behavior. I haven’t seen black men make a white version of coalfax.

No. 414177

That's the first time I've ever brought up black men on this site, and they're the people who go on about black women being fetishized as a huge threat whenever I see this discussion in the wild. Are you a black man? Do you get mad at white anons on the rest of this site when they talk about white scrotes? In any case, I'm a black woman and I will talk about my own race/community and what the male side of it says about and to us in the black girl general thread. Deal with it and sit down kek

No. 414182

This always happens in any place on the internet with black women. It's a shame because I got tired of this discourse years ago on twitter and lipstick alley and thought bw on imageboards would be above that but it seems like it's all the same bullshit that's talked about. Most of the posts on these threads are probably larp anyway

No. 414186

Tbh yeah, I don't know why there's a coalition of "women" who get mad at this sort of thing even being talked about as an aside, but I haven't seen any other demographic of males commit as much as they do to degrading their female counterparts en masse on a public and private level. It's why I just ignore any who aren't part of my family. It gets hard not to roll my eyes in the moments I meet black women who are huge pickmes enmeshed in defending them, or men in general. I treat men of all races the same way, and I don't really see why anyone else wouldn't.

No. 414188

1. men and women getting sold have different effects. when a bunch of women get sold, it lowers their vaginal value, which is BAD for a group's perception in terms of femininity. supply and demand.

2. i never said most.

3. wanda from in living color, shananay from Martin, big momma, norbit, madea, geraldine, etc. i guess it's ok when bm do it to mock bw, but not when whites do it to mock blacks.

4. black men did state it. Who do you think Tommy Sotomayor and sergeant Willie pete are? BM are the only ones who get rich solely by shitting on BW on YouTube thanks to their black male supporters.

5. What? You're confused. How can white men do the same to ww when they don't have a history of being enslaved by black men?

No. 414199

NTA. I remember seeing some of those movies as a kid, and something felt very "off" about them. They did seem hateful and strangely angry, but I tried to wave it off, especially since I didn't know all the words to aptly describe it. When I grew up and noticed other women talking about them being weird and misogynistic specifically toward black women, I was like "Good, so I wasn't the only one who noticed".

No. 414201

Who /villian era/ here? I like to throw my pretty privilege in the faces of non black women just to watch them seethe.

No. 414203

throw it in their face how?

No. 414214

You still hold on to the mammy mindset defending black men. Nobody cares that black men were sold, black women only matter not men. I’m tired of this black male worship shit like good, I’m glad their useless asses were sold.

No. 414216

Black men are mentioned here like once every 300 years on the cusp of Halloween and you people start complaining. Go compare this to the men forming entire identities and internet careers off bashing black women on mainstream sites, lol.

No. 414222

Men treat me better than average and I draw their attention to it. Seems moid centered but I’m a lesbian lol.

No. 414229

Um… Ok

No. 414316

I’m paranoid about being expected to be slutty and act like a rap whore for no other reason than being black. Growing up I had the misfortune of interacting with wiggers who thought they were cool because they cold doogie or do the jerk. I hate rap and I avoid ANYONE who loves it, makes my life easier

No. 414320

While I’m not pretty, I am in a financially stable position, so the most evil thing I can do is live my best life

No. 414326

I just don’t fuck with non black men.

No. 414340

Black men still fetishize lighter skin or a big butt in their own race of women.

No. 414343

I do not fuck with any race of men, period, theyre all awful in their own unique ways

No. 414402

"Who /x/ here" is literally a 4chan scrote meme. I wonder what the actual percentage of posts from black women in this thread is

No. 414503

File: 1720965322533.webp (44.82 KB, 1199x671, best-suburb.png)

This thread is terrible no one in here is black i refuse to believe it. And if you are all black i bet you are the worst type of black…the suburban kind. I think suburban black people have so much self hatred that bleeds out and annoys everyone. They dont realize their self hatred until way too embarrassingly late and then they make it every black person's problem. I honestly blame their black ass parents for being self hating enough to have their kids go to all white schools in hopes for a "better education". When really their parent's are largely antiblack them damn selves and look down on urban black people. So i blame them for choosing the white man's education while simultaneouosly giving these kids extreme identity crises and the lowest self esteem i've ever had the misfortune of seeing.

I also blame them for not trying to fix their neighborhoods education by voting locally and instead just uproot themselves to white neighborhoods where they are treated like the plague. But at least your baby is going to that highly rated PWI!!

Black kids should not befriend white kids in their youth. It is detrimental to their upbringing. I dont care how hard it is to relate to your fellow black kid it is not any easier relating to a yt devil who's parents talk shit about you with them behind your back anyway. Every day i am thank ful that my black ass carribbean momma reminded me that i am not like my lil white friends and to keep them at arms length. She was right! If you are a suburban black ITT while i pity you once you reach like 22 i no longer care if you arent doing the work to rid yourself of your biases against black people and your biases for white people.

Too many black people attribute success with proximity to whiteness and its embarrassing. Suburban black americans and black brits give me the same type of ick.I can't explain it.(take your meds)

No. 414504

There are some BW in here but unfortunately it gets overshadowed by baiting white troons, gay moids, poltards and coons.

No. 414511

i think since black Americans have a small but not negligible percentage of European blood, some of us are more open to being around whites than groups like yours. May be a biological thing we can't help.

No. 414518

This is basically me for the second part of my childhood. Before my late father died I was home schooled and he would only let me socialize with kids of the same ethnicity. Once my father died my mother sent me to school and I got called slurs by the kids and the teachers bullied me. My mother didn’t really have the maturity to help me develop my self confidence so I just learned to hate myself for being black. Nowadays I’m a loner because my lack of self esteem makes it too hard for me to have appropriate boundaries in a relationship or even friendships.

No. 414576

>The worst kind of black…the suburban kind
I’d have a complex too if I was routinely ranked as being worse than the yellow-eyed, violent, quasi-retarded, crashouts with teenaged baby mamas, goddamn lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 414580

im literally OP and suburban but i lived in a suburban BLACK neighborhood lol. It was actually highly ranked and one of the top schools in my district. Even with blatant redlining and racism. But you just proved why suburban black people that grew up in predom white neighborhoods give me the ick. You look down on urban black people instead of reaching out to support. Nasty. Thank you for proving my point lol

No. 414582

im black american lol again you guys are proving why you get the ick from me. Did you read what you wrote. EMBARRASSING.even if this was a joke or meant to be a gotcha all you are doing is shitting on black people and propping yourself up for having whiteness around you. grow up.

No. 414584

only racist white moids make 'black people have yellow eyes and 5 different baby mommas' cracks please kys moid and go back to your board

No. 414587

exactly!! you understand! It messes up your mentality and upbringing and you end up saying embarrassing shit like what is being spewed in This thread. I cant believe i got told to take my meds for saying something that i clearly see is impacting black people in suburban areas. They grow up with identity crises.

This makes the most sense. THis whole thread felt like nonblack women

No. 414595

Where did you see me prop myself up? I was giving a neutral theory. And I didn't grow up in the suburbs around whites.

No. 414626

They exist, and they're black women and girl's number one enemy and killer, not Ezekiel and his Smash Brothers hairline or Gabby and her Pinterest board full of kpop dancers. Fuck an ick, I'm not supporting some useless dickhead moids just because we're skinfolk. It's just kind of funny that being "white adjacent" is a bigger sin in the Black community than being an actual menace. Criticisms of self-hating suburban Black people will always fall on deaf ears as long as this is the case.

No. 414651

>light-skinned African-American woman
>is a member of the US armed forces (either Air Force or Navy, but since arthritic probably the Navy)
>is currently stationed in Guam
Someone more autistic than me can pick up from here, was just curious to see what I could find kek

No. 414670

File: 1720999500106.jpeg (133.63 KB, 1198x681, IMG_1746.jpeg)

I admit, I’m a swirler! it sucks being mainly not interested in black men because nonblack men never look your way like cmon dude

No. 414676

stop being desperate and they will come

No. 414678

No one asked

No. 414683

Kekkk mods will never understand what you said but I get this. They always wear black air forces, skinny jeans and baklavas in summer heat

No. 414685

No one asked for your permission to post about anything they wanted in a thread. Fuck off

No. 414696

go 4b pls

No. 414701

am i the only one that gets frustrated seeing black femcels cry on tiktok about how "whoa is me, men hate dark skin and black women…but I still want a man wah" wtf? Imagine having so much first world privilege and persecution complex that you think your life is worse than all other non black women in the world, even some mudhut indian girl who got sold into marriage slavery at 14 just because a 60k salary negro janitor is pumping and dumping an obese white or hispanic chick instead of you. KEK. Stop chasing after men who you literally describe as terrible people in your own words and get someone self-esteem.

No. 414703

it's "woe" not "whoa" you dumb retard

No. 414704

Addressing grammar and not the content. must have hit a nerve.

No. 414705

I'm not even black
I just read your post and got secondary retardation for a brief moment

No. 414708

even worse. a creep obsessed with black chicks while looking down on us and calling us retards. go back, alabastard.

No. 414709

Black women should be forced into therapy. Sick of seeing the same damn tropes over and over again.

No. 414710

How does complaining about your problems mean you think your life is worse than some third world impoverished girl? "There are starving kids in Africa" tier post.

No. 414715

Honestly I am too (just how I've always been) but I don't have that issue. A lot of men don't think black women will be into dudes that aren't black so sometimes they won't reach out to you, but if you're friendly and show that you're interested in talking to them and such, they'll make a move. Like the other anon said though, just don't be desperate.

No. 414717

im glad that the white moid who is obsessed with black women has just finally started admitting that he’s the one shilling white moids at us in every thread
live your truth hon

No. 414718

Ssmefag but interracial dating is becoming more trendy on social media so I do think men are bolder with approaching black women now than before. Still, doesn't hurt to just be sociable with guys you're into. Women of any other race do the same, you just have to put yourself out there.

No. 414724

A white man isn’t going to save you. You will always be lesser in his eyes to start with as a woman, and even moreso because you’re not white. I don’t think white men can genuinely even love their non white partners tbh. But that said. Date whoever you wish. Just don’t think that it will solve your problems, it often unleashes a whole Pandora’s box of more problems tbh, especially when it comes to children and such. Men especially white men are very insistent on having children who look like them, and often treat their mixed race children badly or abandon them.

No. 414727

They literally cry about being at the bottom of the hierarchy in the eyes of the whole world. That's not the same as just complaining.

No. 414733

Please point me to where exactly I said a white man will fix me or save me, you weirdo kek. Like I said above, I have just always been attracted to men of other races (not just white). There's no particular reason or motivation behind it, I just like what I like. Even when I was a child, my first ever crush was a boy who was white. I'm not opposed to black men and I can be attracted to them, if that's what is really triggering you. They're just not my main preference Also, I'm bisexual and attracted to women of all races (although mostly black women) so it's not some fantasy I have of a white man saving me.

And as for the children part, who said I want children? You're literally sperging about shit you made up in your head about an anonymous person. Please consider a psychiatrist.

No. 414734

>I don’t think white men can genuinely even love their non white partners tbh

i was going to debate this but after seeing the way a lot of white men treating their asian/latina/black wives as disposable/maids/sex toys, it could sadly be true.
i think a lot of white men like the power imbalance in interracial relationships: he feels like he has the upper hand because he’s white, his gf sees him as superior because both liberal and right wing ideology both says whites are at the top of the social hierarchy. this means he can stop trying completely to make the woman happy, and her job is to meet his demands and needs while he breadcrumbs her or gives nothing in return, because she should be thankful he chose her. kinda sad. men imo always take the path of least resistance and whatever is easier for them/whatever means they won’t have to make as much effort. i think a lot of white men are dating non-white women nowadays because non-white women expect much less from their partners than white women do. the bar is so low already and the white guys know they don’t have to try or do anything to keep her happy.

No. 414735

methinks you protest too much

No. 414743

Obviously I'm going to correct someone when they attempt to argue based off of a bunch of assumptions. You anons who have been using this thread recently are just miserable and constantly seeking to start infights with everyone.
Honestly I didn't believe it before, but this thread probably is mostly /pol/fag/KF scrotes because whenever the topic of a black woman dating comes up, "anons" start seething.

No. 414747

No one cares sis go suck white dick somewhere else(infighting)

No. 414748

Clearly you do, retard.

No. 414749

lol seriously, this whole conversation just smells like jealous women who have weird uncles that still hang around and half your cousins are single mothers. You'll never get any sensible black person to defend hoodrats and their plague upon the people around around them.
yeah thats not surprising, caribbeans are literally the catalyst of degenerate culture.
>evil suburban black people and their two parent households are the weakest link!!!
lol ok, us weakest links are going to enjoy carrying the black employment rates on our back while you get pregnant by 3 different men. Have fun. Personally my school was like 80% white and didnt really have any issues. Would send my kids there.

And this is the black girl thread not the "i love white cock" thread. go be a disgusting bitch somewhere else

No. 414751

>only w-w-wacists point out thug behviours!!! youre a white man!!!

https://youtu.be/f3PJF0YE-x4?si=Xhi011xjxaScOSMQ>>414584(learn to embed)

No. 414759

File: 1721011434400.jpeg (120.15 KB, 736x552, IMG_1717.jpeg)

I don’t blame them, your attitude and the hoards of black people online constantly gaslight them into believing that building “black gurl confidunce~” is going to shield them from thousands of years of tribalism and racial biases that people enact on unconsciously (which means they aren’t always aware of it). It’s impossible to condition someone to be fully conscious of their ancti every time they enact on them. They’re inundated with so much psychological warfare that they can’t help but seem isolated and helpless. A lot of people are willing to hand hold and embrace the feelings of other groups of women but when it comes to black girls expressing softness and vulnerability everybody tells them to stfu and go to therapy, calling them coons, harassing them into being strong and fierce that will leave them to burnout and further bitterness. I don’t blame their victim mentality because they are pretty much victims and I absolutely can’t stand the retarded useless advice I get when I share the same sentiments as those girls and women. It’s not about confidence, it’s almost lovecraftian horror when you observe that you can’t really escape the confines of these prejudices that go far beyond socialization, it’s been happening since forever and won’t go away.

No. 414765

>when it comes to black girls expressing softness and vulnerability everybody tells them to stfu and go to therapy, calling them coons, harassing them into being strong and fierce that will leave them to burnout and further bitterness
Agreed. When you're a black girl, people act as if you're committing a crime by expressing human emotions, thoughts, desires, or sorrows. They want black women to constantly put on an act and be figures for whatever they want them to stand for, rather than just regular people

No. 414766

It’s almost disgusting how they think your self-hatred is some kind of flaw or defect when it’s a normal reaction to a society that treats you differently from other people. It’s a normal, healthy reaction but other black people treat you like shit for being treated like shit by other people kek, it’s so fucked up.

No. 414768

i do blame them if they're adults. They could always stop caring what men think, especially since they admit they think most men are shit anyway.

No. 414769

self-hatred is objectively a flaw when you're an adult. The men you whine about not wanting see it as a flaw and will use it to walk all over you.

No. 414771

not wanting you*

No. 414772

File: 1721012832657.jpg (187.19 KB, 500x389, 42537-Vanilla-And-Chocolate-Ic…)

This is my wildly unpopular and unhinged (depending on who reads it) opinion on the topic of swirling. I just think its a stupid and dumb move from black men and women to be so quick to shack up and procreate with white people. TO ME its just blatantly and casually giving whatever little resources black people have BACK to white people. congratulations on love i guess!? Love has no intrinsic value but you know what does? Generational wealth!! White men know they are a dying breed and are doing what they do best conquering y'alls wombs while white women conquer black men's sperm. You guys are too stupid in "love" to even see it. White people are incapable of love they only know bloodlust and destruction. You can pretend its not true like the rest of the world does but when you turn around and realize you have no resources because white people took it you will regret your swirling ways. If you gonna swirl at least dont do with your direct oppressors my GOD.

Personally i don't think black and white people should interact sexually for a good century. I know that sounds crazy but if you read even a modicum about slavery past the surface level you wouldn't even be comfortable being around them let alone being intimate with them tf. They USED OUR SKIN AS FURNITURE THEY USED OUR BODIES AS ART PIECES OUR BODY PARTS.They would eat while watching our flesh burn alive and call it a picnic. But you want to lay in bed with them WILLINGLY in 2024 my word.

I also think its super dangerous to be dating white people if you are black in this climate! ANd no one is warning black women instead people are encouraging black women to seek out white men specifically. Meanwhile white men are getting radicalized more and more everyday at any and every age. You might thinhk you found a perfect woke nigel now but what happens when the average white men's rights really start getting stripped away? It honestly scares me how many black women are married to/actively dating and procreating with ticking time bomb white men. But sure go where you are wanted. But just know they dont want you for you they want you for your future resources. Cus when biracial people start procreating a lot of them keep going with dating nonblack.

No. 414773

File: 1721012936339.jpeg (46.83 KB, 269x686, IMG_1747.jpeg)

do you people ever learn how to shut up

No. 414774

please integrate or go back to LSA seriously

No. 414775

who are you the lolcow police? why would i want to integrate in a place that doesnt ban the word nigger lol

No. 414776

found the swirler though

No. 414778

File: 1721013339543.jpeg (129.56 KB, 735x833, IMG_1750.jpeg)

you must go back
based swirling. i lowkey mald whenever i see other black women with cute white men like bitch that’s supposed to be my life not yours

No. 414780

actually you REALLY pissed me off. Imagine wanting to integrate in a site that doesnt ban the word nigger or even redtext it but if you use an emoticon or an emoji you are autobanned. This site doesnt even respect you but you tell me to integrate. How about you desegregate from this racist prison that doesnt even allow you to talk about your unique grievances as a black woman without fear of the permaban hammer LOL a joke

No. 414781

even the words you "based" and "malding" EMBARRASSING(infighting)

No. 414782

"You people" smells like someone who doesn't wash their legs(infighting)

No. 414785

no wonder people think there are no real black girls on this thread when anons are saying shit like this

No. 414786

imagine being such a loser and obsessive freak for your oprressors you experience unhinged anger for other black women because they got to sleep with a devil and not you. You dont like black women you dont even like yourself. And you proved it(infighting)

No. 414789

>the devil
stares in black goddess worshipping satanist are you a 60 year old from Mississippi?

No. 414792


nah i just like calling them devils cuz its funny af to say. Truly though they are really just the plague but that isnt as fun to say its more harrowing and depressing and the world is just not ready for that talk yet SO DEVIL IT IS

No. 414793

no i just hate the fact that black women seem to be able to only choose between white devil moids and black demon moids

No. 414799

slow down and stop typing fast, your ratchet hawk nails are preventing you from typing properly kek(infighting)

No. 414800

someone please tell me what this mushmouth post is saying(infighting)

No. 414802

Are you done lifting white men's balls yet? We're bored of you. Hop off.

No. 414803

That post is from two hours ago, what is the point of trying to drag it out

No. 414810

it was easier to find a white man who pays my bills and sucks my toes than it was to find a bm who didn't call me hoe

No. 414815

real as fuck. need me a cute white nigga now

No. 414820

it's so funny how you think black women talk this way
alabastard tranny moment

No. 414824

its the same dude talking to himself covered in his own smegma

No. 414876

The OP post was talking about tiktok. A good chunk of the people on there are not adults, it's literally meant to be a kids app.

No. 414893

i was talking about the grown ass bitches on there

No. 414894

hoodratchan we call each other women on this site okay? at least try to integrate

No. 414897

i thought this site was anti-sjw language policing

No. 414927

Being a shy sensitive INFP black girl is the worst. I can’t take the roasting/dragging culture our community has, and I don’t like dragging others either. I hate the pressure there is to be a ‘bad bitch’ and always being expected to be confident, glamorous etc as a black woman, ready to be hollered at etc, I just wanna throw on a black hoodie and be left alone.

No. 414928

Has anyone else noticed there’s only two types of black men: either the hyperactive ones who are constantly talking shit and clowning people, laughing loudly, trying to aggressively pursue women etc. And then those really alooof weirdo ones who always have the blank or disinterested face on and think it’s too much effort to talk or be remotely friendly.

No. 414930

can’t believe i used to listen to childish gambino
he hates black women and his lyrics about being in a bunch of dumb situationships and feeling insecure are so pathetic
i hate whiney insecure vulnerable narcissist men like that
i think all male celebrities are like this to an extent
so cringe

No. 414937

File: 1721062964407.jpeg (362.99 KB, 1613x984, 1703792540168.jpeg)

He also underpaid the black woman who modeled for one of his albums. Yet has the nerve to act like black women didn't like him for being a "nerd" and not because of his shitty personality.

No. 414978

am I the only one who always has guys who "not into black women" thirst after me later on. I'm starting to think guys who say that are trying to suppress urges. and yes, a couple were black.

No. 415009

Anyone else hate the “baddie” look that seems to be popular with black women nowadays? I don’t think we look that good in it, and it can be a little trashy.
Always. And every guy in my predominantly white school who was into me was racist, kek. Men are weird.

No. 415010

Me too, but I’m not American so it’s not really a thing here. To be completely honest I always think I’m glad I wasn’t born in the US for this reason. If it were me I’d just find my own crowd and stay away from it.

No. 415026

File: 1721075926982.mp4 (11.25 MB, 576x1024, eS-xfmSf4inv_6tF.mp4)

I honestly don't care for Megan Thee Stallion or her music but I really think there is something to be said about how men are always looking for the opportunity to shame/humble women, especially black women? People (men) are too quick to try to make women prove themselves, especially in so called 'nerdy' hobbies.

No. 415033

ofc they are that’s what happens when you’re a misogynist

No. 415040

>go on Reddit, people being racist
>go on comfy discord server, random racist trolls
>go on lolcow, race-baiting and racist infighting

How do you guys deal with constant racism everywhere online lately? It's literally inescapable and I feel like it's starting to get to me.

No. 415051

Go outside or don't even go outside. Find an IRL hobby.

No. 415063

The only thing that helped me was understanding the psychology of it, and just accepting that. But I think it’s easiest if you first recognise these people are genuinely retarded so taking their opinions seriously is like taking a child’s opinion seriously. It takes time, but you just have to learn how to ignore it. I used to genuinely cry whenever I read something racist online but now it kind of just rolls off my back. It sucks it has to be this way for us, sometimes I see white women’s sensitivity when it comes to certain issues and think about how I’ve developed such a jaded hard exterior to cope that I now lack this sensitivity. I was never able to be vulnerable so I’ve had to emotionally blunt myself, lol.

No. 415075

It's hard to ignore even irl because I know these are real people(well, maybe not all of them. Dead Internet Theory). I sometimes think about how many people irl must be the same coveted racists I see online. And when they stare at me it's out of disgust because of my skin color.
I get that they usually aren't that smart but it's almost like no where is safe anymore. Even conventionally 'progressive' spaces have been overrun by racist retards. I know I need thicker skin. I hope I can learn to be like you someday nonna.

No. 415083

brought a bar of kojic acid soap to help out with scarring i developed underneath my breasts from stupidly going to sleep with a wired bra on for years. (also I had cysts underneath them that I took care of but the scarring still stays)
Its not nearly as bad as most scars i've seen from people that have cysts in that area but it looks like I have surgery scars so i'm hoping this can somewhat fade them.
Any advice from people itt that have used kojic acid bar soap on their more intimate areas? How often did you use it, etc.

No. 415088

The only thing that’s helped with scarring for me in the past is products made for hyperpigmentation, like vitamin C. I would just use it every day.

No. 415117

>really alooof weirdo ones who always have the blank or disinterested face on and think it’s too much effort to talk or be remotely friendly
Me except I'm not a man kek. Just a sperg

No. 415118

Samefagging but she's so pretty and I love her locs

No. 415122

what helped me is thinking about how stupid the human species is in general. Why care about the opinion of a species that is causing its own extinction and the extinction of hundreds of other species? And the same non-black proles who are supporting fascism would likely be put in gas chambers or enslaved themselves. Whites dehumanizing non-whites (blacks especially) and using said dehumanization as an excuse to invade their territories and exploit them is part of why they're facing a fertility crisis. Through this exploitation, they damaged the planet with so many microplastics and other pollutants that they can barely procreate to make enough whites babies. The racists were too stupid to see how their ideology would also destroy them in the long run. You should think about this and laugh every time.

No. 415123

File: 1721087548307.jpg (55.54 KB, 736x820, 1000013122.jpg)

Haven't used kojic soap, but I use a carrot soap that helps. I use it with every wash, I get weird tan lines during the summer and it helps even out my skin tone

No. 415153

Understanding that they're just trying to punch down, whenever it gets too much for me i just go to racist threads for other ethinicities and let it out there.

No. 415230

That’s not… the way. Seems like a cycle actually. I pride myself in being above these people. Honestly just cope in any way you can, even if you resort to delusion. I just pretend that racists aren’t really human or are mentally diseased and make it so my inner world only consists of people who aren’t, so they don’t exist to me.

No. 415235

File: 1721134259569.webp (44.72 KB, 477x480, 708BCDEF-A034-47DC-B110-229AED…)

laid edges are so retarded kek
in general this obsession with not having any kink or fuzz on your edges as a black woman needs to stop. that is just your hair. do you think women of other races are desperately brushing the edges of their hair lmao

No. 415240

I really wish we had more black artists like pinkpantheress and less like Ice Spice. I wonder if part of the problem is American media only wants to push a certain image of black woman?
My only opinion is I think it looks retarded tbh

No. 415241

since 7th grade when i first saw girls doing it i tried insisting to them theyre trying to mimic the baby hair of straight hair, i feel like many black girls that do them still don’t recognize that. i think they could look nice when it’s simple stuff, but i hâte them most of the time. the gel crusts up and the hair looks crinkly, or the edges just look bad overall.

No. 415243

>part of the problem is American media only wants to push a certain image of black woman
it is for sure this and anyone who doesn’t think so is just… if it wasn’t this we wouldn’t see sexxy red everywhere with all those white artists

No. 415245

How do we get this to stop? It genuinely affects my mental health seeing so many black women portrayed like this and the self-sexualisation is really uncomfortable to me. It didn’t seem to be this bad a couple decades ago. I wish it were mainstream belief that the industry only pushing this type of black artist is racism.

No. 415246

at risk of being off base i don’t think it’s just black women. women everywhere in pop now are being hyper sexualized, even good girl tswift is wearing leotard thongs and doing sexy chair dances on stage

No. 415253

Get the fuck off the internet first

No. 415256

Go somewhere else. Have you become so brain rotten the only thing you care about is racism? People are always going to be racist, you’re not going to get rid of racism anytime soon because it’s built within the human condition. Live your fucking life while you can

No. 415259

based us

No. 415260

It’s called manic bipolar vs sociopathy.

No. 415262

nah one is just trying to act hard and the other has no filter kek they aren’t that deep

No. 415266

go to /meta/ newfag

No. 415268

>Have you become so brain rotten the only thing you care about is racism?

No. 415273

Racist guy I knew used to yell nigger but then physically shake when he had to talk to me. LOL.

Nta but I wish it were that easy. Some people seem to genuinely never get bothered by racism and see it like “people will always be racist and that’s that”. I don’t know how people like you do it.

No. 415274

I know this doesn't make it right, but take comfort in the fact that Reddit racists are troons who would secretly sell their kidneys to look like you and the racists on here are 4chan refugees who can't even get /pol/ males attention and don't shower.

No. 415290

>Some people seem to genuinely never get bothered by racism and see it like “people will always be racist and that’s that”. I don’t know how people like you do it.
It happens enough times that you start to see patterns which explain the racist behavior and motivations behind it, aka you get older. It's like any other kind of bullying, either the bully is a miserable loser using you as a punching bag or they grew up in a bubble where anyone different was seen as evil. And just like other kinds of bullying, racism is meant to waste your time and make you feel bad. You can't prove them wrong if they think you are less than, they will always find ways to justify their thinking as they have since time immemorial. Yesterday it was skull shape, today it is crime statistics. You can try all you can to prove that you're not like that but there's no point, they will always think less of you even if they don't show it. It's like those white college "friends" who seethe and have mental breakdowns when someone finds you attractive and not them, because they think they're better than you for being born white, blonde and pale.
Since all it does is make you upset and waste your time, block it out from your life and punish people who pull you into it by refusing to give them what they want, aka attention and an emotional reaction. This obviously doesn't apply in cases like police brutality and career advancement, there you have to work with what you've been given and there's no way around it. But petty jabs, crackheads screaming the n-word at you on the street and backhanded compliments you can simply train yourself to see as mental illness and move past it.

No. 415295

a black teacher got fired for saying trump shooter related stuff. Why are bw so obsessed with being martyrs and the face of obnoxious sjws without getting anything in return? bw in the US create so many of their own problems, it's sad. First the BW getting fired over speaking on palestinians (whose religion thinks dark skin is a curse), now this. smh

No. 415301

This is the fourth time you brought up sjw's unprompted. Take your retardation elsewhere

No. 415303

but where's the lie tho

No. 415307

It’s from years of being called nigger, ugly, everything in the book, time and being an outside observer makes you not care anymore. I have to learn even more to not even defend against racism, it’s not worth your time or energy.

No. 415308

kek those are probably the same ones getting fired for defending palestinians when they would spit on them if they could. peeohcee people are not black people’s friends better yet they find black women as an enemy and threat to their manipulative behavior

No. 415316

Based take.

No. 415334

Men have beat and raped women throughout history but you say nothing on those dynamics.

We are so better today than we used to be, although I don’t think this pseudo-racial peace will last post 2024. As >>414810 said, it’s easier to find a WM who tolerates you than BM that doesn’t hate you. Simply a numbers game. Make do with what you have this century

No. 415335

Black bullying culture is very real, especially in political circles. I’ve been yelled at by fat mammies for not giving a shit about trannies or bisexual men. I hate seeing this archetype on my fyp whining about how we have to march for men and worship men. it’s insane how the women who loudly worship men get none. All mammies would be better off with forced therapy and gym memberships.

No. 415336

Yes, and those same girls male over natural hair or the clean makeup look. if you say you hate wigs, they see it as an insult or that you think you’re better than them. Maybe I do, why spend thousands of dollars on a Asian women’s hair to cover my naturally voluminous curls? God blessed me with big beautiful hair, why hide t?

No. 415341

It’s a religious reflex. Many black women were born into Baptist’s faith, where making a martyr of yourself is encouraged. Doing this in SJW scenes gain you lots of positive attention and praise, and if you didn’t get praise from our family, this is a very addictive experience

No. 415343

Palestinians and Arabs in general are deeply repulsed by black people while Jews (were) more neutral due to the Civili rights movement. i saw were because there has been a lot of bad blood, religious noises and SJW bullshit in the past year. Many leftist and liberal Jews are reconsidering their support and will withdraw from all interactions with black people. I spell bad consequences for the black people for a generation

No. 415348

secular Jews in America are going extinct, they'll be gone in a generation. Religious Jews were never pro black in the first place

No. 415355

On a larger scale, I think more black women can do something about it if they openly disavow the current narrative, because it's not even like we made it. It's written and produced by literal pimps and racist coomers, and pickmes just follow along for money/validation.
Personally, I straight-up just don't entertain 99% of modern "black" media anymore. When I see something that's pushed as a "black" show or movie, previous experience has taught me it's going to be annoying or backward in some way because of the current cultural landscape (not that most media these days isn't, tbf), so I ignore it. I'd rather have no representation than terrible representation.

No. 415357

no representation is ideal for a group of women. That's the position jewish women are in. jewish women hardly have any good or bad stereotypes about them in the media, despite their men running it. It's on purpose. bad stereotypes demonize, but good stereotypes attract male coomers and fetishizers from outside the tribe. But they know men are ruled by sex, so instead they use the fetishization of non-jewish women (especially Nordic looking blondes, who they're obsessed with, and asians) to make money. They'd never publicly sexualize their women and use them as cash cows like anglo white males, black males, and other groups usually do.

No. 415363

Between the thinly veiled blaming of everything on jews and the same faggot complaining about sjw's, nothing you idiots are talking about makes sense. Get off 4chan all the poor analysis of social stratifications are shitty reaches

No. 415366

>Many leftist and liberal Jews are reconsidering their support and will withdraw from all interactions with black people. I spell bad consequences for the black people for a generation
Wtf is this weirdly worded, thinly veiled threat. We know American Jews are spearheading the right wing now and allying themselves with racist whites, now that they've given up on leftists. It's no longer about blood and soil but IQ and class.

American jews were always racist to begin with and made their money off trading in black slaves, using and abusing blacks in the music industry, peddling diamonds and gold jewelry, fur coats, etc as bougie status symbols to blacks with an inferiority complex (something still seen in rap today), plying black people with intergenerational trauma from slavery with alcohol and drugs from their pharmacies and liquor stores in the early to mid twentieth century, leaving these areas once they'd made their money and turning them into black ghettos. American Jews have always hated black people and tried to profit off us, its nice to see them showing their true face now as Nazi bootlickers.

No. 415369

Holy shit get out of the thread and hide it then you retarded ass bitch. You’re so fucking annoying constantly whining and complaining thinking everybody is from fucking 4chan, that’s not a healthy way to live thinking everybody is some fucking racist, nazi, fascist, etc. go get a life, shut up and get over it kek
Are you fucking retarded? There are people who have been getting black women fired for being pro-Palestinian or supporting causes they love muling for god knows why and I don’t care. Not everybody is that tranny, black women are not a monolith and not everybody shares the fucking same opinion. It’s the truth Jews are racist and so are Arabs and black people had negative experiences with them. We can’t even talk about history or have opinions without having a bunch of ghetto low IQ morons coming into the thread who only know about lowbrow celebrity pop culture drivel and nothing else and it shows, you’re both dumb bitches and out of your element, just admit that you don’t know jackshit. Instead of trying to find your missing fathers you rather be on here trying to fight with other anons and scrotefoiling about everyone like a schizo, the black women on LSA pretty much say the same things there and are you going to try and figure out if they are women are not? No. Kill yourself out of the thread, I bet you aren’t even black and trying to police this thread for no reason(infighting)

No. 415370

Ntayart, it’s not a thinly veiled threat because we’re on the internet and you’re just plain retarded holy shit. They are going to revoke their support of black causes because many Jews are Zionists even the ones who are leftist/liberal and think critiquing anything happening in Gaza makes you “anti-Semitic”. Nobody is threatening anybody, you people are incapable of having conversations without being personally slighted, always flinching and crying about racism and being victims. Get over it and learn to connect the dots, not everything is a threat against your existence or some raid from 4chan no one cares about you that much.

No. 415371

Israelis are sterilising black Jews right now and trying to cull their population.
Why don't you ask yourself why black women are getting fired for expressing opinions, and by who? Isn't that a little sus to you…if you're not allowed to question something or express an opinion without getting dogpiled by a certain group, then that group is your oppressor. You're not gonnaa convert us into Jew lovers, most black people are well aware of the role Jews and Spanish-Jewish conversos played in the slave trade.(jew derailing)

No. 415374

A lot of Jewish actresses play roles as white women (Carrie White, Scarlett Johanssen, Natalie Portman, etc) because that basically reflects how actual (Ashkenazi) Jewish people live. This is also why I never bought into the whole "Jewish people are inherently muh POC" thing. They basically get to pick and choose when to be white or not for their own advantage, and they're violently racist toward Ethiopian and Mizrahi Jews lol.

No. 415381

they do, but those roles aren't Jewish roles. they're just basic white roles that contribute to the fetishization of anglo white women. You don't see men saying they want a blonde ashkenazi jew, they fetishize the all-american stereotype they've been spoonfed. Even scarlet is known more as a swedish bombshell than a Jewish bombshell…it's by design.

No. 415385

It's true Ashkenazi Jews have all the same privileges as whites. That being said, I don't really see most other types of Jews as POC either unless they're genuinely non European passing. Someone like Nev Schulman, who is Mizrahi and Ashkenazi himself and pretty swarthy, still has white privilege. No one is oppressing him for being a poc. He can pass as an Italian or Spaniard easily.

No. 415387

Ashkenazis look identical to white people because they are mixed with European ancestry. They blend in easily even though most of the actresses, actors, production including directors, executives, CEOs are all ashkenazis. Tired of being banned for saying this, they aren’t “POCs” they’ve been using that label to shield themselves from anyone realizing they are just like whites, they are racist like them, exclude like them, use other peoples cultures as a mockery and to gain money from this subversion and humiliation but you can’t do the same with them. Bringing this up makes people think you want a rise of Nazism or burning them or something when it’s true, they run these industries that peddle the same promiscuity and cultural debasing tactics Sexy Redd promotes to feed herself and pay the bills, they exploit the already established problems within people’s cultures and learn how to make a business around it. They employ useful idiots like Sexy Redd, Diddy, Jay Z, to hide their tracks and add more to the pyramid scheme. They have an affinity for this, look at the Weimar Republic, it wasn’t just them solely promoting it a lot of whites promoted this same nonsense but pretended they didn’t.(jew derailing)

No. 415404

NTA. It's because black women are one of the least protected demographics, and are groomed by their own culture(s) and the current western zeitgeist to act as expendable footsoldiers, mammies and poster children for causes with no real benefit to themselves. Liberals frame this as a good thing and sometimes speak platitudes on black women, but that's all they are. They're never going to bat for black women as a collective. Maybe they'll do it for a black man in a dress with a gofundme, kek.
On the woman getting fired, tons of white liberals have said the same things about Trump with their names and faces showing, but I haven't heard of them getting fired yet. If we're all treated the same, why is that?
When republicans bring on black or black-adjacent tokens, they're not just pulling the "How can I be racist when I have a little piccaninny friend who shakes ass/tap dances and insults their own people (and individual white people I don't like) for me?". They're expressing a desire for the same kind of black servitude white liberals have at their disposal. Between the two, there's more on the left that benefits us for sure, but at the end of the day, both just seek to use us for agency and petty power games, and when the chopping block comes down, they're happy to sacrifice us before anyone else.

No. 415410

Agreed. I've been called an anti-Semite for pointing the same things out, but I don't meet any individual Jewish person and automatically feel hatred. I'm just tired of reading about different societal ills, trying to get to the root of things, and seeing multiple names ending in "stein" and "berg" in extremely high-ranking positions. My entire thought process is as follows: Don't piss in my eye and call it rain. There is a demographic with disproportionate amounts of power and wealth in multiple parts of the world, and they simultaneously claim oppressed minority status for further gain within public discourse (and to obscure the full story). I would not have particularly cared about all this if it hadn't been for the actual oppression/racism they enact on others. The violent, hypersexual rap "music" being pushed as mainstream black "art" is a big flashing example, and it's ridiculous that more black people haven't noticed. I don't like or agree with /pol/tards because they want the exact same things as the Jews they hate. They're just jealous they're not the ones profiting the most from all this evil.

Sidenote: When I've pointed out that Ashkenazi Jewish people are phenotypically white, I've experienced actual Neo-Nazi types getting flustered and trying to insist that Jewish people have big fat schnozzes while trve evropeans don't. This is another fabrication. Both groups have honkers. They often prefer to promote those possessing smaller noses (whether by surgery or not) as their main representatives in media, but it doesn't work if you've actually lived around them and aren't easily swayed by what's on a screen.

No. 415419

Triggered much? Nobody cares about your retarded spamming about jews you keep bringing them and sjw's up. The only one with an issue is your schizoaffective ass log out and go make an appointment with a psychiatrist(bait)

No. 415420

Kekkkk I'm not reading all of that why are you so mad

No. 415423

both of these posters are trolls and have been shitting up the thread for over a month, especially the latter one.

No. 415426

> t. the anon who complains about libs every thread

No. 415428

kys faggot and learn how to sage(infighting)

No. 415430

So will most non-religious people. Sadly the least likely to have kids because they know they have full responsibility and can’t sit on their ass for God’s favors

I feel the same way. Maybe a small minority of black work from the 90s can be forgiven but the modern stuff is slop. Distinguish yourself in fashion, speech and education. Don’t bother getting involved in their political affairs anymore. Normie whites and rednecks keep their distance and I wish we had that for the ghetto thugs.

Jewish women have become somewhat invisible since the 90s. It’s like the only Jewish jokes and media that exist only talk about Jewish men.

No. 415433

Maybe I just find the blatant holocaust denial by pro-Palestine people to be troubling and blacks people are very ignorant of history. They defend Arabs who treat the like attack dogs

No. 415434

>blacks people

No. 415435

Every group that could trade slaves traded slaves. Starting with the lazy African men who wanted money above all else, to the Arabs for whom slavery is 100% halal all the way to the Brit’s for their new world colonies. I never denied Jews were capable of slavery but I resent the idea that they started it and they had sole control over it. That part is historically unfalsifiable.

And it is annoying that black people complain about slavery while ignoring modern violence in Africa or their own communities. Start there first.

No. 415436

>black people complain about slavery while ignoring modern violence in Africa or their own communities
Africans are incapable of not selling each other out for a penny, hell the person who runs the shade room is a fucking Nigerian. Every modern african country/tribe are the motherfuckers who sold out enough of their people to make a profit and survive colonization. And even now the only reason most african countries are centuries behind the most of the world is because of greediness and corruption from the rulers hoarding the wealth. Unless you guys start killing your leaders you will get better.

No. 415439

>Every modern african country/tribe are the motherfuckers who sold out enough of their people to make a profit and survive colonization
Lol this isn't true. There are tons of tribes and family lines that didn't. Like some other anon said, not every black person has slave/slaver ancestors.

No. 415440

Because of this, there are times where I wish I could opt-out of politics but I can’t because I’m not rich enough to not be affected by shit policies. I’m trying to keep up financially but i don’t know here the future is going. I never had any interest or reason to be a right winger but I am exhausted with the left and its identity politics. I can’t even speak up on this without being called brainwashed or a coon. Sane black women are politically homeless

No. 415441

Honest mistake, i blame Apple autocorrect. Every time I type in black men, it’s fine but it always has trouble typing in black women. Even types in black womenswear. Very suspicious apple

No. 415442

We don't have to defend any people who have slurs for us in their language lol

No. 415445

> We don't have to defend any people who have slurs for us in their language lol

No. 415448

Anyone lusting after someone they feel ashamed of? I'm thirsting over ben shapiro right now unfortunately. he happens to have all the features i like (dark hair, small eyes, dimples). smh

No. 415453

File: 1721182216926.jpg (1.05 MB, 1475x1776, 1712162733575.jpg)

No. 415454

File: 1721182270792.jpeg (260.7 KB, 378x1177, IMG_5130.jpeg)

Please get help. Pray to any god you believe in. Find an anime man to obsess over instead

No. 415468

Say this outside this thread, i dare you.

No. 415474


No. 415475

I like how these retarded Zionists hope into the thread thinking this is a safe space for them, like GTFO nigga!!!

No. 415483

You don’t have to defend the Arab nor Jew. The problem is getting too deep into their beef when it has nothing to do with you. realistically speaking, what can the average black women in I/P? Nothing

No. 415498

I’ve always been afraid of having children with a non black man because of this tbh. If he was White, Asian or lightskin Latino/Arab, I feel like the topic of babies would be so awkward and that if our kid came out darker than him (which is gonna be the outcome 99.9999% of the time let’s be real) he would somehow resent me for changing the ethnicity of his dna with mine. I’m sure there’s some guys out there who don’t care, but I feel like everyone in general is becoming much more race conscious and anti black in general nowadays. I really don’t feel like there’s many white guys out there who would be cooo with their kids coming out mulatto, unless they are wigger types in which case I wouldn’t really wanna fw them anyway cuz those guys are huge weirdos. Idk. Maybe I’m just too jaded, but I really do feel like he would resent me or even hate me if the kids come out brown.

No. 415502

I don’t like Palis or Israelis it’s frustrating how they have to inject themselves into our movements and conversations all the time. What have Palestinians or Israelis ever done to help black people? I’m against killing children, on both sides, but that’s as far as my concern goes. Frankly I think they’re both pretty disgusting.

No. 415504

File: 1721192304574.jpeg (671.78 KB, 1280x1642, 307995CA-FA1A-4F16-B315-14E0FF…)

Black women do hyper femininity beautifully imo. Glad I never swallowed the ‘black girls are manly’ koolaid, our features and bodies are literally feminine and cute.

No. 415506

Shes literally a barbie doll

No. 415509

File: 1721194931259.jpeg (123.55 KB, 681x763, IMG_1063.jpeg)

How are you ladies preparing for a potential Trump presidency? I can’t leave the country and I’m still working on my degree. I’m just hoping nothing and happens to me.

No. 415510

Yeah, the last decades has been a disaster for race relations and black peoples will get the brunt of the beef. I practically recommend that black girls don’t seek out romantic relationships with white men, especially with the coming election. You put yourself and any potential kids at risk. White people have a growing race anxiety, mostly due to the inbox of Asian and Latino immigrant and low native birth rates. Please focus on among money and getting to a safer place. If you can afford to be an expat, then leave.

No. 415512

Of course they do. They have to, in order to compensate for stereotypes. Imagine a world where we didn’t get harassed or bullied for aesthetics

No. 415516

>saging in/g/
Big mad lol

No. 415544

I think POC on black racism would be a greater threat once yt becomes a minority

No. 415548

You don't have to sage on the off topic board newfag

No. 415551

I'm so glad I'm not alone! Do you also have people thinking you hate them a lot? I only recently realized this but also realized, the people I like try to get to know me so it's a good filter

No. 415552

How do you deal with it in the workplace? I have a manager gunning for me hard

No. 415553

Especially the way Indians speak of us. Both resentment and disgust. “ how could this lowly caste of people operate at my levels?” I hate foreigners who exploit the 14th amendment for their own gain. If you hate black people and black culture, then stay the fuck away from America.

No. 415554

Grey rock them and always keep a log of interaction.

No. 415556

I saw this coming and got a gun just in case.

No. 415567

Ever notice that yts with blue eyes widen their eyes when they’re talking to you? Like they’re expecting me to fawn over them.

No. 415575

Good advice. Thanks! She just takes me by surprise sometimes and asks me crazy questions. I ask her if we can come back to it and insists. I guess I'll just I don't know my way out of it lol

No. 415576

I think the people that do that do it with everyone, easy attention and compliment. Little do they know blue eyes freak me out and I generally avoid eye contact with people so they'll be staring all day near and at me

No. 415583

Yes lolll feel like people with blue eyes are always waiting for you to compliment them on their eyes, the non white people ove met who had light eyes are also like this too. I used to like watching GBBO but the way Paul Hollywood gazes intensely at everyone trying to intimidate them pisses me off. The man is so ugly and uses his eyes as his trump card to get everyone to fawn over him

No. 415584

Indians were enslaved in America too you know…there’s literally millions of mixed Afro-Indians in the Carribean and a bunch of other former white colonies lol

No. 415586

File: 1721221704956.jpg (25.62 KB, 474x297, Pingu.JPG)

I give the wide eyed stare back to show I know what game they’re playing

No. 415611

No. 415614

i see your point but it’s not like bw’s hyperfeminine aesthetics are reactionary to this… some bw may be hyperfeminine because of the stereotypes, but imo the aesthetics are hyperfeminine just because they are

No. 415616

at least choose an example that actually looks black and not "hispanic"

No. 415617

what makes her look hispanic

No. 415619

>Yeah, the last decades has been a disaster for race relations and black peoples will get the brunt of the beef. I practically recommend that black girls don’t seek out romantic relationships with white men, especially with the coming election. You put yourself and any potential kids at risk. White people have a growing race anxiety, mostly due to the inbox of Asian and Latino immigrant and low native birth rates. Please focus on among money and getting to a safer place. If you can afford to be an expat, then leave.
Topkek. This thread is so schizo. 80% of it is just sperging about white people and other races to a level you won’t find anywhere else on this site AND at each other for not being “black enough.” No one else is this obsessed. Funniest thread here tbh.

No. 415621

I never noticed this, mostly because I have piercing brown eyes myself so they don't think I will care or are too busy getting lost in mine

No. 415623

They probably are! I love women with brown or super super dark eyes, it looks so pretty.

No. 415624

LOL not even other indians respect enslaved indians, they probably call them dalits or something for not being higher caste.

No. 415625

anon you can't post bw who aren't west african or else you'll trigger someone.

No. 415629

big ass gap between looking like rihanna (whose dad is mixed AF) and looking West African. Jill Marie Jones was a literal barbie in Girlfriends and actually looks black and is also American. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSWRufrMeW8(bait)

No. 415630

oopsie sa

No. 415631

File: 1721229983278.png (701.06 KB, 680x577, F5qXw_oXAAAgavQ.png)

Nevermind, You're the same dumbass from before that caused the thread to derail into diaspora and featurism bullshit. GO BACK TO LSA!

No. 415634

ok but that doesn't make her look hispanic…. she looks like a black carribean woman with straightened and dyed hair. dont start this bullshit again….

No. 415638

how can someone derail a general thread with no specific topic? /facepalm(retard/learn2delete/doublepost)

No. 415640

It’s a reflex, it’s not intentional, that’s how they get more light into their eyes and their pupils contract

No. 415641

ofc rihanna will look the way she does and not west african, she’s caribbean they’re mixed with everything, doesn’t change that they’re still black and will be categorized as such

No. 415643

It's so cringe when bw post on asianmasculinity reddit begging for validation (do you really prefer ww? sniff). Some brown chicks do it too. it's not a daily thing there, but grow some self-esteem yikes.

No. 415644

When are bw not begging for validation ugh

No. 415645

i know women in general, people in general, want validation, but that's the shittiest place to look for it. the men are so misogynistic, alt-right adjacent, and delulu about whites and most of them are redpilled. Yet some sad bw think their opinion on anything matters. If you do want an Asian man, do not look there.

No. 415647

They are so desperate for male attention. Of course Asian men are attracted to white women because what they want is status. Having a white woman gives him status and is seen as proof of assimilation. “Stealing” a white woman from a white man gives him a masculine thrill. A black woman can’t give him that. His culture looks down on naturally tan Asians, nevermind mixed kids. If black girls are attracted to Asian men, they should keep it strictly 2D as to never embarrass themselves or ruin any kids life.

No. 415649

It’s almost like there are other black people and not just West Africans. Also this retardation is so weird because there are West Africans who look stereotypically East African and vice versa, different tribes have different features. Very Americanised perspective.

No. 415657

You're right. If it were about the look, they could easily go for white latinas, eurasians, West asians, or even pale indian women, but it doesn't give them the same thrill of taking an alpha's women and pissing them off.

No. 415661

who’s gonna tell her rihanna isn’t fully black

No. 415667

File: 1721235711382.webp (69.67 KB, 640x797, IMG_7274.webp)

Most of you Americans aren’t so I don’t get why you get so up and mighty about it. Post African models then, not like they look any more stereotypically “black” since that’s a cherrypicked concept that isn’t even accurate.

No. 415668

anok yai is the real black, not rihanna. i like rihanna though but let’s not get it twisted here kek

No. 415670

a freaking doll

No. 415673

File: 1721236933779.png (273.18 KB, 325x454, IMG_7275.png)

Yes but my point is that she doesn’t look any less black than a lot of fully black people, of which most Americans aren’t either (making this a ridiculous conversation). I think it’s weird that when anyone ever wants to talk black beauty people will police what black women can actually be considered “black”, while white and East Asian models with countless plastic surgeries that objectively make them look more racially ambiguous are upheld as “European/Aryan” or “Asian” beauty. It feels like internalised racism when these celebrities are always more black than any other ethnicity and wouldn’t be mistaken for any other (like Hispanic). Maybe if it were Zendaya.

No. 415674

File: 1721237451701.png (1.01 MB, 1196x1196, Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 10.30…)

kek yes

No. 415683

I just wish I could be pretty like her.

No. 415687

people who look like that are models and celebs for a reason. 99.9% of humans don't look like them.

No. 415691

Black women are beautiful from paper white albinos to dark as ebony women

No. 415692

That subreddit is hilarious my guilty pleasure is doxxing the posters to their medical schools and getting them dismissed from the program lol

No. 415697

Genuinely, not in a mean or hostile way, why are Nigerians mass-emigrating? It feels like you guys are literally everywhere. If I see someone abroad who is black 8/10 chances are they're Nigerian.

No. 415699

Here in the UK most black people have always been Nigerians or Caribbean for decades now

No. 415700

Weird. I know a lot of Asian guys who really like black women.

No. 415708

File: 1721247230210.png (172.15 KB, 600x600, 1494129_DVn8YVQZ.png)

dont reply to bait nonnas

No. 415718

when Trump comes back, the problem won't be white people killing black people, it will be white people killing each other. Everybody knows it's going to happen.
And black people will be stuck in the middle. That's why so many want to leave

No. 415755

it's so demoralizing when you can't find safety/community with other black people. I've found either at work or going to a business, the first person to make life hell for me is another black person which is super disheartening. This hasn't always been the case, and at the end of the day people are people, but like you'd think they'd get it since they may have had similar experiences. Why turn around and treat me like garbage too? Who is that benefitting?

No. 415779

Why was POC solidarity such a rallying call in the 2010s?

No. 415786

Vegan deterioration channel is doing the lord's work

No. 415808

>how do we get this to stop
It'll stop when black men and women stop supporting it and taking part in it. I mean ALL of it. Not just get mad at the blatant examples because Sexy Red is ugly or Blueface is obviously retarded. I'm talking about as a whole, top to bottom. Stop supporting/listening to shit that disrespects us and our image. That won't happen. People will watch/listen/dance to media that disrespects us all day as long as it's "Good" but suddenly notice how harmful it is when it's bad.
When it's all the same. If Sexy redd's lyrics/image are harmful, so is Megan's/Nicki's. If Sexy Redd cooning for white artists make you mad, well then you better not have the many black male rappers who've done the same years before her.
Kanye is fucking retarded. Lil Wanye is fucking retarded. 50 cent is fucking retarded. Lil baby is retarded.
It goes on and on.
We aren't going to get better because black people do and are supporting whatever shit they throw at us. When we not only support it but create it on our own, of course those racists fucks up top will think thats the way.

No. 415813

I feel like we should fix the important stuff first (like being self-sufficient as a community, being more successful, and refusing to romanticize struggle and pain) before worrying about media. And sexy redd isn't ugly, just dirty looking.

No. 415828

I have so much inter generational trauma. Sometimes I cry thinking about what my ancestors went through.

No. 415831

Wrong, it’s only going to embolden white terrorists and shooters and we’re going to see more Dylann Roofs. Anti blackness is at an all time high and there’s thousands of young white men with access to guns calling for ‘total nigger death’ on the Internet each day.

No. 415832

We could easily have POC solidarity if men didn’t exist. Let’s be honest, black scrotes ruin everything and we get tarred with the same brush just for sharing a race with them. Asians, Whites and Latinos hate us because of how black men behave, it’s that simple. As black woken we take the fall and it’s sad because most black women just want a comfortable peaceful existence.

No. 415835

They hate black women too because we’re seen as the black baby factories. It’s why some countries like Israel are openly trying to sterilize us. America also does a soft cull thing to us, planned parenthood puts more ads in our communities than others and profits off us getting abortions, instead of just teaching black people to have safe sex so they won’t get pregnant in the first place until they’re ready. America wants black people dead. The only thing black people have to contribute to America’s interests is an increased private prison population that they can profit from. Other than that, the US government wants black people dead and gone, and it’s working, our population is slowly but surely levelling off and going down while the Hispanic population is skyrocketing. After slavery ended America lost their interest in us. They can ship in Mexicans to exploit and do cheap labor now, they don’t need us, nor do they need to pay us a living wage. Sad but true.

No. 415838

We also used to be easy votes for the democrat party, but like I said they simply don’t need us anymore because they have endless other migrant groups with increasing populations who will always vote democrat anyway. 80% of asians, 70% of latinos and 90% of blacks vote dem. I’m not shilling for repubs either because neither parties have black peoples interests at heart. Just explaining how we’re exploited by the government for their own gain.

No. 415846

Did you guys hear about the tiktoker Yuval and his stitch on holocaust vs slavery? Yuval messed up, apologized, twice, and people are still attacking him. He made a comment about Germany being civilized and everyone thought it was an insult to everyone else but he was obviously talking about germanys industry and how this industrial complex lead to the holocaust happening so quickly. It’s crazy to see left wing black activist demand people repent for anti-blackness and then openly support holocaust denial. Why is it so hard to understand that both are terrible events?(bait)

No. 415847

Again most black women aren’t even in birth control never mind abortion. Start with that first.

You see how Asian women and Asian men are considered to be different with different stereotypes? You see how people see them as separate ? I want that for us. We have been getting better with education end employment and actually owning houses. We have the same chance as white women to escape poverty as long as you don’t get into a baby mama situation.

No. 415848

I wonder why America worships black men and capes for them despite them behaving atrociously and brutalizing not only black women but pretty much every other demographic, while demonizing black women, Asian men, hell, even white women too etc who barely commit any crime and are far better behaved in general? America might be racist but you can’t deny they put black men on a pedestal. Every American male idolizes aggressive misogynistic black male rappers, sportsmen etc.

No. 415850

Because black men are cool. Americans especially white American men can turn a blind eye to the crime because they’re not the ones directly affected. Black men are seen as bing big and tough and so masculine. Over represented in sports, like football. For decades black men made whole music genres that sounded cool and pissed off your parents. And for some it’s easier to relate to a man than a woman even if she is the same race as you

No. 415851

Because Nike and Adidas and Yeezys knows they can sell out a product in one minute and make millions if they show one famous black rapper wearing it.

No. 415853

Farmhands are gonna ban me again but it's unironically jews. Prior to the 80s the black men who were idolized were civil rights leaders and talented musicians but then (((they))) needed to find a community to test their society destruction on and we won the lucky ticket. Rap/gang culture is culmination of everything a community shouldn't idolize so they boosted a genre of music created by the lowest income/no family stability having men and boosted it everywhere. Rap was a group project by carribean,latino, and black american men in the projects but they wanted to hard focus onto black americans test their project on. The sooner everyone realizes Cynthia Delores Tucker was right all along the sooner we can recover. See ya in a few days nonnies.(racebait)

No. 415854

File: 1721279336238.png (520.4 KB, 595x787, Screenshot 2024-07-18 000746.p…)

>why do black people vote overwhelmingly democrat?
Because these fucks have been working on this shit for over 5 decades.

No. 415855

It’s always the Jews, oh no! As if misogyny and poverty didn’t already exist in the community. As if the CIA who made literal death threats to MLK Jr and others had no hand in the destruction. Or the outsourcing of blue collar manufacturing jobs.

C Delores Tucker was right but because of Jews. The core problem was and is misogyny

No. 415856

I used to think that was a conspiracy theory but we’re seeing more evidence now. It’s actually pretty scary. I watched a video on MK Ultra and it’s connections to the rap industry. It claimed that old white and Jewish men were actually behind acts like NWA, Snoop etc, and made them write lyrics about shooting and killing people, selling and smuggling drugs etc to encourage more young black people to get into that lifestyle and increase the private penitentiary business (for anyone wondering, private prisons can make 15-50K a year from each prisoner). Like you said, the black community was basically a social experiment, same with feeding crack to black neighborhoods full of people suffering from familial trauma. It also talked about how they used sexual abuse and rape to keep them blackmailed and coerced. People say P Diddy was groomed as a teen which is how he mysteriously got a gig at a record label from a very young age, he was also living with Usher when Usher was only 13, Usher was also spending an inappropriate amount of time with Justin Bieber when Bieber was only 13 or so, so it likely these singers are just continuing the cycle of molestation and abuse. Unfortunately I went back to watch it and the video and channel had already got taken down by YouTube.(derailing)

No. 415857

To be fair the majority of black people used to vote republican and republicans didn’t do shit for us back then either. Democrats even used to make propaganda posters calling republicans ‘nigger lovers’ and used offensive caricatures of black faces as the ‘face’ of the Republican Party, saying democrat party was ‘for the white man’. Long story short it doesn’t matter who black people vote for, they both hate us and we get fucked over each time anyway.

No. 415858

Every community deals with misogyny but Jews know that if you completely destroy an image of a race of women and promote the men as violent and unruly it will eat themselves from the inside out. Thats why like this anon said >>415357 no rep is better than bad rep.
Look at who owns the media that pushes out rap, the U.S has been an Israeli asset since the late 70s. Once they are done with us, every other culture will be next until the world is a corporation slave trading nightmare with no morals and Israel will remain untouched. Personally I'm taking the Christian pill and will LARP to merge with the local community, it's the only modern religion that has any sort of respect for all human life(yes i am aware of the threat to womans rights but out of all these religions it's the least insane). Islam is pure war and anti-black, Hinduism breeds castes and unsanitary conditions, and Judaism is nepo-baby politicians on crack who look down on anyone who wasn't born a jew.

No. 415859

Why do you keep trying to make this thread about Jews and their suffering. Jews were the merchants largely behind the slave trade. Anti Jewish sentiment is common in the black community for this reason. Malcolm X hated Jews in particular.

No. 415860

Like Dr Claud Anderson said, what we need is unity, and to move as a monolith because that’s the only way we have any influence, sway or power. He told black people back in the 80s to start voting as a collective only for pro black policies, because the government doesn’t care about the individual anyway. And unfortunately people didn’t listen and kept voting for policies that hurt us. Keeping black people fighting over dumb petty shit, arguing over men and baby mommas, shooting each other is just classic divide and conquer shit designed to weaken us as a people. Anything that divides us weakens us. More black people are waking up to the fact we’ve been preyed upon and used as a guinea pig for all kinds of social, medical, financial and other kinds of experimentation, and they’ve had enough. You love to see it. I pray for a mass awakening for blacks.

No. 415861

>implying the CIA isnt just another hidden hand of Israel who acts as their hired goons
CIA agents literally have to take training courses in countering anti semitism lol

No. 415862

I feel for aspirational and high IQ black people so hard. It’s difficult when our community has such a problem with tall poppy syndrome. And the fact that stupid industry plant rappers are constantly getting shoved in our faces and their pathetic artificially created beef getting constant storylines to distract us from what’s really going on.

No. 415865

I was hoping if anyone invested in that dumb kendrick shit learned one thing it's that they have been infiltrating through media for a long long time. Kendrick is a product of jewish support, from his environment all the way to who made him popular. California, New York, Memphis, and Chicago are ground zero for the social experiment known as rap/hip hop and the gang culture they're painting as "black culture." It is not a fucking coincidence that drake is a biracial(not even black american) jew who blew up at the same time, Nicki Minaj(non-black american) were supported by artists like lil-wayne and Ashkenazi jew owned media companies.
Racists are always antagonizing us with "pattern recognition" but if they weren't complete retards they would realize they aren't going to stop after they're done with the black community. One day its us, next day its the hispanics and latinos, and then the next day its the indians, and then the east asians, and then white people etc. Hell they've already cleaned sweeped Europe with the Islam flood. They're hitting all of us in multiple waves and everyone else is too focused on punching down to realize it, if i weren't scared of dying to some sort of hate crime I'd just sit back and watch it all burn.(racebaiting)

No. 415869

The sentiment is common, not because of history, but because of resentment and religious rulings. You forget that Malcolm X was part of a cult and extreme version of Islam. Religious and spiritual black men lark as true Jews, as the truly beloved by God. With that mentality they believe they can do no wrong. You know black men used to lash out at Jewish male/Black female relationships?

No. 415871

Wtf, how does rap have anything to do with Islamic migrants?

No. 415872

Again with the victim complex. Do you think killing off the Jews will result in your black utopia? As if we don’t have any internal problems?

No. 415874

Yep, black people always end up being used as pawns for others vendettas and grievances. It started with the slave trade, and it’s still going now. It’s so tiresome. Jews annoy me with how they like to play both sides, larp as an oppressed POC victim when it suits them, while also engaging in racism, anti black eugenics and extreme nepotism etc. Oppressed by the Spanish and European governments, they in turn oppressed us and made money off our flesh. All you have to do is look at the redscare thread and see how Jews are allying themselves en masse with racist Christian zionists and right wing whites now, now that their liberal darlings have turned on them. Old creepy Jewish men profiting off black artists isn’t anything new, Motown records and labels were completely controlled by Jewish men. Phil Spector using and abusing Ronnie Spector, a black woman etc. MJ got slandered and whacked for writing lyrics like ‘Jew me, sue me’ and complaining about them profiting from him during a phone call. Even Azealia talked about the Jewish men she’s dated trying to control her and profit from her and how they run the entire rap industry now. Jews have always had a strange fascination and relationship with black people, probably stemming from the fact Moses is said to have married a dark Cushite woman. But it’s not a positive relationship, it’s a negative one. It really doesn’t surprise me that mistrust and dislike of Jews is so prevalent among many black people who read about history.

No. 415876

It’s very telling that you project in such an extreme way and think the solution to everything is ‘killing people off’. Really says a lot about your mindset and victim complex lol. We aren’t trying to kill you, we just want you to leave us the fuck alone and stop trying to profit off black suffering. You aren’t our allies.

No. 415877

You acknowledge the shortcomings of Jews but say nothing about Arabs. Arabs engaged with slavery for far longer than any Europeans. All this historical denial because you want to ignore the issue of religiously motivated misogyny.

You don’t think they’re allying with other groups because they’re afraid? In the same way you ally with democrats out of fear for the violence of the far right? Seeing young led to say deny the holocaust and defend Islamic terrorism is frightening. You are delusional if you think you are immune to this. Watch, you keep blaming liberal Jews for the crimes of vile men centuries ago and see how well your defendants fail in future America.

Black people shoot themselves sun foot out of stupid POC solidarity. Why because you got a few cute responses from Arab men online? Because of the milk in eyes post? You are deeply ignorant of the hatred they have for you.

Be smart and focus on yourself instead setting yourself up as a martyr for people across the globe.

No. 415878

>black utopia
you’re sounding like a poltard now, the same way they like to bring up ‘wakanda and black utopia’ in a mocking way. you can’t even hide your condescending ways. tell israel to stop forcibly sterilizing black women.

No. 415879

> We aren’t trying to kill you, we just want you to leave us the fuck alone and stop trying to profit off black suffering. You aren’t our allies.

Tell that to black men. Black men profit and get off on our suffering. African men are literally selling women into sex slavery in Dubai right now. Look within

No. 415880

>talking about all the ways jews have and continue to exploit black people
>brings up arabs + no u unprompted
kek, just say what you are buddy, we can all smell you now

No. 415881

Tell the Arabs to stop raping us and get the fuck off the African continent

No. 415882

You’re blaming Jews for all our problems while ignoring European and Arab colonialism. You think attacking them will fix everything

No. 415883

My god the Jewish moid is going off right now kek

No. 415885

I don’t speak an African language, I don’t practice any African culture, I’ve never been to Africa and neither have my ancestors stepped foot there since 400 years, me being angry about Africans being exploited won’t change anything over there, me telling Arab and African men they’re bad and to stop enslaving people won’t change anything over there, why should I care about them more than my own country and life and the community around me, hmm? This is probably the same scrote telling the darkskin nona to ‘fuck off back to Africa if you want African representation’ too kek. The audacity.

No. 415886

Maybe black women shouldn’t be SJW attack dogs and ruin their lives for a war across the world?

No. 415887

>Kendrick shit
I don’t really pay attention to celebrity shit so I don’t know anything about this, but sounds kinda interesting. Do tell more.

No. 415888

Who exactly is firing black women for saying ‘free Palestine’?

No. 415889

You still have African ancestry. Your low status stems from the long humiliation of Africans by outsider groups. If Africans stood up and fixed their infrastructure and education, then others would be reluctant to explain us and maybe then we can actually have safe and functioning countries

No. 415890

Look up Ryna Workman

No. 415891

>You shouldn’t have opinions on things that your taxes are going towards paying for
Lol. People were losing their jobs back in the early 2000s for opposing the Iraq war too because they didn’t like their taxes going towards killing kids either.

I like how you have a problem with black women expressing opinions, and not the fact that simply expressing a ‘wrongthink’ opinion can get you fired if you upset the warmongering faggots in charge, which is obviously far more concerning and a form of silencing people.

No. 415892

I didn’t ask which black women were fired. I asked who’s firing them. And why.

No. 415894

>NYU law student bar
Lol I wonder what particular demographic is vastly overrepresented in a New York law school.

No. 415896

A variety of people, mostly white, for disrupting the workplace. Black women aren’t treated as normal humans, so if one of us squeals about killing all Jews, we all get looked at suspiciously and have any educational/economic/political opportunities stripped away.

No. 415898

Because they were barred from other jobs, just like the Middle Ages and managed to make to most out of a shitty situation?

No. 415900

You can have opinions on politics but you have to be smart and strategic, especially if you have children relying on you. My aunt got fired and had to rely on welfare for months just for yelling at a soldier at work. If she was strategic, then she would have signed up with other like-minded people and do a peaceful protest without putting her and her children’s livelihood at rick.

No. 415929

Nothing about her looks Hispanic, while literally everything besides her eye color in some photos is obviously black. Stop trying to claim black women when it's convenient, you're annoying.

No. 415935

I cannot believe you retards let a musty poltard fear monger about jews for two days straight.

No. 415937

Who still says sjw in 2024 you people are next level losers

No. 415939

>talking about Jews and their odd ties to black people = SJW attack dog

No. 415950

When white people poked their lips out in pics, were they mocking BW?

No. 415954

No. 415979

non-blacks in general can be quite racist. not sure why some people are singling out arabs, jews, or christian whites. Although if I had to choose a "least racist" group, it'd be christian Europeans. There are black Madonna statues in cathedrals all over the world, while muslims have light skin worship embedded in their religion.

No. 415981

>muslims have light skin worship embedded in their religion.
jeez really?

No. 415985

whenever I see a black girl who is muslim AND named aisha I fucking cringe. like holy shit bro why do they do this to their daughters.

No. 415998

in Islam, the virgins in heaven are described as having skin so white and transparent you can see bone marrow. It associates heaven with whiteness.

No. 416012

is that even racism at that point or just a really bizarre kink?

No. 416016

It is racism that goes both ways because Turkish and Moorish muslims raped so many white women that they ethnically cleansed themselves.

No. 416038

No, duckface was a silly trend that emphasizes the jawline. It was a old school mewing

No. 416042

I agree. I'm from the south so it's definitely a thing but you can spot a wigger or whatever from a mile away, oftentimes they'll just outright tell you.

No. 416043

The darkness of the black Madonna has nothing to do with African ancestry

Yea, you become pale in heaven and if you are good, good brightens your face on judgement day

I just know she had a dad who went to prison and then converted to Islam and forced his family to perform to a higher standard than most Muslims practice and then he abandons the family. Typical case in Philadelphia

No. 416044

Is the butthurt Jewish scrote still banging on about evil Muslims lol

No. 416050

Is having a shaved head fashionable for black women? I see so many bald black women in Hollywood roles.

No. 416051

Because only a man can acknowledge racism from Muslim and Arab colonialism on the continent

No. 416052

Humiliation ritual

No. 416055

Its just funny that as soon as someone brings up the way Jews have exploited black people you have to bring up arabs/palis unprompted and cry all over the board about how anti semitism (meaningless term, arabs are semites too) is out of control on lolcor lol. What a faggot.

No. 416057

It’s weird because nonas ITT are free to talk about all other ethnic groups but as soon as you mention Jewish moids one retard comes out of the woodwork and starts kvetching. Hit dogs holler I guess lol.

No. 416063

Why? I think it looks great.

No. 416067

I never brought up African ancestry, so it's weird you jumped to that. There are multiple theories, and one of them does include African deities being used as inspiration. It hasn't been confirmed or denied that every single black Madonna has nothing to do with African ancestry since that's a wild generalization to make with a figure that was prevalent across so many cultures and had slightly varied meanings. But anyway, that wasn't my point. My point was that them not instantly rejecting a beloved feminine figure just because it was dark in color is a sign that they didn't demonize dark colors as much as muslims.

No. 416068

a shaved head is fashionable on no one imo

No. 416075

Do you think the actresses are aware of this?

No. 416080

I knew a model that got way more bookings when she shaved her head, but to be honest, I felt there was a fetishistic element that made it appealing (especially knowing how weird casting directors are).

No. 416082

Yes, it looks cool in an alternative sense. But many black women here and on other sites will scream how disgusting it is and how we’re a walking stereotype making the whole race look bad

No. 416083

1. Many groups exploited black people, with the majority of it being from European and Arab colonizers
2. Jews are far more friendly and less racist towards black peoples than Arabs, including Arab/Muslim immigrants
3. I bring up Arab colonialism because it’s an underrated historical force in how African Muslims and black Americans claim Islam is a revolutionary force against western colonialism, ignoring the irony

No. 416084

And words mean something in context. 99.9999% of the time when people speak on antisemitism, it’s referring to anti-Jew sentiments. Kinda how racism in America always implied white-on-black racism because that’s the most common form that informs current laws, social norms, infrastructure, gentrification discourse, etc.

No. 416091

Can someone recommend good indie films with BW leads? Can be from 70s until now. thx

No. 416094

some anon is prob going to say watch out for blackxploitation films.

No. 416100

anon, when you jump do your pockets jingle?(racebait)

No. 416101

Sorry for late reply, as expected I was banned. Shalom officer(farmhand)!!
>Wtf, how does rap have anything to do with Islamic migrants?
Tiny hats in America:
1.Encourage lawlessness through media and drug use in already struggling communities.
2. Use government to kill positive figures who have strong christian beliefs(MLK), anti-jewish beliefs(Malcolm X), or destroy movements that promote positive community growth and defense(Black Panthers)
3. Flood multiculturalism into American society blurring already solid american culture with degenerate musicians, politicians, and social norms.

Tiny hats in Europe(as far as I'm aware)
1. Encourage the mass immigration of foreign cultures that clash with already existing cultures and their womens rights, also disrupting the immigrants who had already assimilated.
2.Encourage lawlessness through media and drug use in already struggling communities.(this is why rap was pushed globally)
3. Invade the government after another country saw through your bullshit and then face extremely inhumane measures to remove you, then instead of learning from it you decide to start up the same antics again, most likely repeating history except this time everyone is armed to the teeth with nukes.

I will never excuse boomer, gen x, and millennial black americans for not getting their shit together as a collective and letting things get this bad for us. So no, I do not have a victim complex I just have eyes that can see and read.

Guess who wants these slave trading arabs in the western world and in African countries!!!

to the jewish moid malding his little twists off, i think you and the rest of your male brethren are very ugly and gross.(racebaiting /pol/tard)

No. 416107

ITT endless seething towards minorities who managed to succeed

No. 416111

I know, it’s always the hoteps and their handmaidens defending this behavior. If only you dropped the covert narcissistic activism and actually focused on becoming financially independent with multiple resource streams. Remember, Trump is poised to win in November and I know the average black person isn’t prepared. His goons are eager to harass and fire every non-coon in the workplace. You should have been learning and observing the success patterns of Jews and Asians instead malding and trying to get the whites to give reparations in 2024. That’s a losing game.

No. 416124

Of course Jews succeeded in the US, they made their money off black slavery kek.(derailing)

No. 416134

File: 1721340393094.png (178.37 KB, 1272x522, Screenshot_20240718-170205~2.p…)

Asian people's success is way overhyped in the US. They have high incomes compared to the average American because they always flock to more expensive cities where jobs pay more. But their financial burden actually accounting for how expensive the cities they live in are makes them much poorer than whites.

No. 416209

>fear mongering derail
Stop lurking the thread if you don't like it jewanon. /pol/ sperg is a little insane but there's truth in her retardation. Maybe if jews focused on not trying to control the governments of every country they went to they wouldn't face so much persecution? 12 years of school and being forced to listen to the same whiny story about the gas chambers makes me unempathetic to a dumbass who can't learn to close a thread.

No. 416221

File: 1721354816354.jpg (190.76 KB, 512x512, output.jpg)

can AI help repair BW's image? It could allow movies and shows to be made that would never otherwise get funded because no actors need to be paid and no real sets. That means it doesn't have to fit some gross racist agenda to be made. And they can't use the "b-but negro females don't appeal to the global market" excuse since no big production company is necessary. I have AI shows I wanna make if it becomes easy to use. One show idea is a black woman who can predict murders before they happen.

No. 416225

Racists are already massively abusing AI to make caricatures of black people. If anything it’s going to harm black women.

No. 416228

this is such a weird mindset, ai will take many more years before being slightly good at creating TV shows. not to mention using it to create media is heavily looked down upon as lazy just a way to make a quick buck. People would be more receptive if you actually put in the work to write a book or scripts rather than AI slop.

No. 416238

So? Racists make terrible non-AI content too tho. That doesn't stop black creatives from doing their work.
It's looked down upon now, but people will get used to it like they do all other technology. If the writing is good and done by actual humans, that's all that matters. Story>>>

No. 416242

Supposedly the film The Exorcist is what killed American black cinema, which had been growing in the late 60's and early 70's. Originally the film wasn't screened in theatres in black neighborhoods because it was just assumed black audiences wouldn't be interested. But the film proved so popular with black audiences that it instantly dried up funding for specifically black cinema as studios felt that there was no point since black people would still pay to watch mainstream films

No. 416244

It dried up support for blaxploitation but not black cinema in general. I'd argue black cinema peaked in the 90s and fell off hard after the 00s.

No. 416256

Ntayart but nope, all of those groups are the holy grail of anti-blackness and all three of them hate us with a passion.

No. 416297

none of those groups hate blacks

No. 416298

What makes you assume I’m a swirler when I have no experience with men?

No. 416300

>either the hyperactive ones who are constantly talking shit and clowning people
>alooof weirdo ones who always have the blank or disinterested face on
I know a dude that is simultaneously both of those depends on the day, why are black guys like this?

No. 416303

theyre bipolar

No. 416304

the death of human made art will be the death of humanity.

No. 416319

File: 1721390008173.jpg (45.7 KB, 680x657, GATfaYHWMAAjgRJ.jpg)

>12 years of school and being forced to listen to the same whiny story about the gas chambers makes me unempathetic to a dumbass who can't learn to close a thread.
I've always found it interesting that the atrocities of Leopold II of Belgium aren't nearly as discussed as Hitler's. Leopold massacred over 11 million people in the Congo during his colonial rule, and permanently fucked the country over. He would order for small children's hands to be cut off to punish their parents for not meeting labor/resource extraction quotas. Even after all this ended, when Congo elected its first president in 1960s, Patrice Lumumba, Belgium (with the aid of the USA) had him assassinated for discussing plans of true economic independence for the country lol.
To give an idea of Belgium's outlook, they've literally been selling chocolate shaped like severed hands since 1934 (and by that point, it was extremely unlikely to virtually impossible that the creator, Jos Hakker, hadn't seen or heard of what was going on, especially from Antwerp, where the chocolate is manufactured). Obviously, other parts of Europe and the USA have also been weirdly into giving their treats black-obsessive names like "nigger kisses", "nigger heads", "nigger toes". Many, many more fucked up things have also happened to black people across the world (including burgerland).
Like, I think it's fascinating that all these things are just "whatever" and people still scream about how "the blacks need to get over it and every other atrocity (even the shit that goes on today globally)" or how we need to blame ourselves for every little thing (obviously our communities are not perfect, but it's undeniable that we've also been fucked over and exploited to insane lengths) but we need to be super aware of the Holocaust and its evil at all times, turn a blind eye to what Ethiopian and Mizrahi Jews (and other races) go through, and that nobody in Germany (or anywhere else in the world) would ever dare sell anything called "k*ke lampshade".

No. 416339

You are so obsessed, kek! Also just ignorant about Mizrahi Jews, but that’s ok! I wouldn’t expect you to know. Perhaps you should look into their voting patterns in Israel to see who is voting for the right-wing Netanyahu faction. They are the most staunchly Zionist because of years of persecution by their Arab neighbors. But sure, they are sooo oppressed by other Jews! Also, if you’re genuinely curious as to why the Holocaust is taught in schools more often than other atrocities, it’s because the victors of war write history. The US and the UK wanted an ideological cause to cement their victory, so ending the Holocaust makes them look good.

No. 416340

I'm obsessed, but you're camped out in the black girl general thread? Not reading the rest of your post, though you labored to read mine. Keep seething, I care about black women and not whiny anti-black losers fixated on us.

No. 416342

Lol anons in this thread a have been seething about Jews for days. I hope you can focus on your black sisters a little more and live a better life. ♥

No. 416343

Ok but what alternative is there for people who want more interesting shows that aren't Tyler Perry or 50 cent stuff. And at least it's written by humans.

No. 416344

NTAYART you can stop making this thread live rent free in your head and you’re also free to hide the thread if you don’t like any of the content. Just ignore the thread, it’s not for you anyways kek, professional victim ahhh

No. 416345

I'm neutral on AI. Maybe it could "repair" things, but only if black women learn to use it themselves for their own gain instead of letting others hold the reins.
90% of the issue with technology being "racist" is because it's designed and fed input by people who hold those biases, it's not "organic" any more than misogyny is (a statement that I know will piss off the lurking moid here). Since black women's image is currently controlled by gross, coombrained and abusive men on a human-made scale, the same thing is likely to happen with AI because it's still controlled by humans at the end of the day. So, really, the same solution to fixing "real" movies/shows would apply here, except I guess black women have the opportunity to be early adopters in this field, if it ever takes off. The question is whether it'll be taken.

No. 416348

More like you've been hate-reading every single post in here and crying, inserting yourself and demanding things we won't give for days. And yeah, my post is focused on what my black sisters went through at the hands of Belgium, not my fault you're obsessed with us kek.
There's a reason nobody from this thread hangs out on any Israeli or Jewish-American forums, but you seemingly can't stop coming here.

No. 416351

Want to prove that? No you don’t, because you clearly don’t know basic history if you sincerely think three of those groups don’t benefit from the suffering and destruction of black people around the globe (they do)

No. 416352

if bw don't get into AI, it'll be a repeat of the blackface/mammy era. It's not even a benefit but a necessity at this point.

No. 416353

Literally. It's never the Jewish (or otherwise non-black) people who've actually made something of their lives burrowing themselves into any black space they can find to sperg at us. It's always those angry victim complex losers who somehow expect us to uplift them while they bash us.

No. 416354

palestinians trade blacks slaves? How when they're so poor?

No. 416355

File: 1721394437091.jpeg (42.57 KB, 359x239, IMG_1802.jpeg)

AI collects info from large databases so it will repeatedly promote racist sambo shit. It can be a tool used for practically anything which is why men are starting to edit women’s faces into porn with it and created a bunch of racist mock pixar movie posters. picrel the media pretended to care and “apologize” for this, they’re not sorry for these things they highly profit off of this kind of stuff

No. 416356

not the palestinians, arabs as a whole. they have a prolific history of slave-trading in africa and still engage in it

No. 416357

have a conversation with a member of any of those groups. Whites and Jews look up to blacks, lot's of them wish they were black themselves, and Arabs have some racist views (including against dark skinned fellow Arabs) but don't have any true hostility to black people

No. 416358

no they don’t nonna, there’s levels to their racism and they’ve simply changed their strategy. you can’t be effectively racist when we live in a heavily broadcasted world now where your actions can get you fired or ostracized. also let’s be completely real, nobody wants to be black, nobody wants to adopt the suffering and struggle that we have and that’s why they try to shove us down on the totem pole and all three of them contribute to that

No. 416360

People don't get ostracized for being racist to blacks anymore. People are starting to justify racism towards blacks because we're seen as the face of both anti-white and anti-asian racism. Bw are also considered sexually wreckless and the ones who bring thugs into the world and can't raise our kids. Project 2025 specifically called BW out for being single moms. None of this is good. Most hate online is also targeted to BW. If genocide happens in the US, BW will be the main target.

No. 416363

even more reason for BW to get involved tbh. BW should make a tech company to combat this.

No. 416364

File: 1721395777621.mp4 (5.25 MB, 360x640, kosher_asmr.mp4)

No. 416365

I've noticed that it's nearly always stuff about black people, but never (or almost never) other groups. Like, we don't hear about AI gaffes regarding "poo in loo", "dog-eating" or stereotypes about white men. There's more than enough offensive racist content for all these demographics (and others) online, so I don't buy that there's just not enough in any database. Either those who finetune AI systems make sure to not allow it to reach the public eye if/when those things happen, or a level of care that isn't distributed to all demographics is being taken to make sure that kind of data either isn't collected, or doesn't bubble up to the surface. This starts to makes sense if you look at the typical racial demographics of the tech field. I don't believe it's all some automatic "Uguu, sorry we couldn't help it, the database was databasing the wrong way!!" thing repeatedly, lmao. They're having a laugh, and spreading it around even more when they make public "apologies" to news publications when they could just fix it and move on like with anything else. The only way to rectify that sort of thing is to start working in that field (too bad it's full of unironic incels).

No. 416369

Get Involved With Your Local Churches/Community.

No. 416371

Yeah, I would find it much easier to get into tech if there was a nice, small community of black women in it. Generally, even with race aside, the amount of women in tech seems to be dwarfed by trannies.

No. 416373

>nobody wants to be black
The whole planet idolizes American blacks. Of course they don't want all the bad stuff that comes with it but that shit is invisible to them. I'm not saying most whites/Jews/Arabs/Asians want to be black but tons of them do, that's just a fact. They are also desperate to be liked and accepted by black people. Young white men in particular really idolize American blacks. And we can see itt how jealous the non Americans are of American blacks as well

No. 416384

You're looking in from an outside perspective and it really shows. NO, they do not want to be black they want to be cool and american black culture has been exported as something "Cool." The racist mexican kids I grew up with who said nigga more than i've ever even said it were trying to LARP as whatever black celebrities they saw and were extremely hostile to the black people around them. Don't speak on what you dont know you retard

No. 416385

>And we can see itt how jealous the non Americans are of American blacks as well
NTA, but can you stop pushing diaspora war bullshit for one day? Nobody buys into it but losers.

No. 416392

>what you see before they charge you $2400 for a shoebox in brooklyn in an area where you’ll get groped and sexually harassed by a bunch of moids

No. 416393

>The whole planet idolizes American blacks
i hate to say this tbh but this is a strong no. and the culture is fetishized not actually adored

No. 416395

>anti-white racism
sigh. come on

No. 416398

thank you, literally this. “everybody wants to be a nigga but not everybody wants to be a nigga”

No. 416403

>someone mentions jews once
endless bait posts about how "black genocide is imminent in america," reverse racism and whataboutism about arabs/muslims.

No. 416423

I disagree. I'm amazed at the amount of other POC and wiggers I see larping as black. Zoomers all talk in ebonics. Even in racist ass countries like Russia, Asia, etc they love black male rappers.

No. 416424

refer to >>416384 and fuck off

No. 416425

I'm not even antisemitic but this is hilarious kek

No. 416427

I'm concerned by the fact Jewish moids lurk black female spaces. What do they want from us? Someone in the vent thread was crying about how antisemitic LSA has become. Why are these weirdos lurking black womens posts to begin with? Fucking freaks.

No. 416429

The French, English, Belgians, Spanish and Dutch etc did absolutely horrible atrocities in Africa. Killed 10x more people than the holocaust. Yet we never ever hear about it. Completely ignored by school, teachers, historians and even these countries own governments. Yet we hear about whiteys murdering each other constantly in WW2 and the holocaust non stop. It's clear that Jews and Whites believe that 1 of their lives is worth 1000 black lives.

No. 416431

i don't believe in it either, but trump's buddies do. They're out to get rid of everyone who is "woke" and guess who the face of wokeness is. I'm starting to think dems want it to happen too and are being incompetent on purpose to speedrun our FEMA camp vacation.

No. 416432

There arent even any black people in Finland or Iceland or Russia or Eastern Europe or whatever until the last 20 years or so but they've been calling us blackies and niggers for decades before that. It's amazing how so many countries hated us before we ever even stepped foot on their soil. British boomer white kids were reading books about Gollywogs before they'd ever met a black person irl. One of the queens relatives was wearing a Blackamoor brooch made in slavery days when meeting Megan Markle and Markle was called a histrionic drama queen bitch for being hurt by it. They're conditioned to hate us and dehumanize us before they've even met us.

No. 416436

Buy a trump hat and walk around with it on then, not to mention whether good or bad, it seems republicans are integrating conservative black americans into a sections of people they consider sensible. For every 1 liberal woke black carribean chick be a bible thumping conservative black woman.

No. 416437

They said the same thing about Europe but conservatives got kicked out in UK and France. People aren't as 'anti woke' as you think btw, there's just a very loud minority of weirdos who never shut up about it. Most people are centrist at worst.

No. 416440

but Americans are dumber than europeans

No. 416441

that is true

No. 416442

Europoor cope, everyone can see the state of your countries you know.

No. 416444

>Zoomers all talk in ebonics.
but God forbid you tell them it’s aave, but i thought they adored black americans?

No. 416445

File: 1721404245847.png (271.19 KB, 640x450, dfhahafdasdfga.png)


No. 416446

i don't think Gen z wants to be black. They want to be black-adjacent and generally ambiguous if that makes sense. the broccoli haircut is a good example of that. It looks like black hair but then it doesn't.

No. 416447

SA to add, the want to be ethnic enough to claim special snowflake can't be racist privilege but still wanna be white-passing.

No. 416448

I would limit the use of AI but continue to develop your writing and art skills on the side. Maybe publish a few books

No. 416450


They talk about the holocaust because it’s relevant to their history and their family line in the same way you speak of slavery. Even more so, because it’s more recent.

You cry about people not taking your history seriously while doing the same damn thing

No. 416452

I know. It’s the mammy attitude of avoiding black male misogyny that literally kills our own every five hours and focusing onto an easy scapegoat to “protect” the black man. It’s so easy to jump back to slavery but forgery about the more recent issues, like the destruction of public education, AI bias and surveillance, maternal morality, domestic abuse and keeping silent out of fear of police retaliation, etc. I think that’s a problem with black theorists and sociologists, they don’t have any good modern solutions

No. 416454

Yeah, just enough to be cool and spicy.

No. 416457

>oy vey
I'm speaking from an American perspective. Nearly 12 years of hearing about the holocaust/ww2 over and over again in a country that has a more black,asian and hispanic people than jews. All of these groups having much more history within America than the jews. Yet these groups have never been over-represented in American banks,company ceos or governmental influence. Now consider the endless movies about "da poor joos," the constant censorship of criticism of the jews. Political Jewish organizations literally bragging in our face about buying out 1 of the 2 largest political parties in america >>415854

To act like the holocaust isn't over-represented globally over the inhumane acts of belgium in the congo, the cambodian killing fields, the mulitple genocides within eastern europe and western asia, and that it isn't suspiciously media controlled is retarded at this point. I hope Israel and the rest of the deep-state realize they're losing control of the narrative by the hour.

No. 416458

Several decades of civil rights and mainstream media has made a more normal impression of us. Not perfect obviously but better than the early 20th century. Meanwhile, Arabs and Asians make blackface jokes proudly. I have a chance at being seen and treated as human here in America, while I would be gutted and sold off to parts in Dubai.

No. 416459

Because you have spent decades defending black male violence. You choose to have children with men who hate your guts, who call you everything but a child of god, who mock you for money and entertainment, who make millions making music off of your suffering. You squeal to Jews and whites because you refuse to actually look in the mirror to see who is supporting this. Stop worrying about the impressions and fears from black male negging and work on yourself. Be selfish. Give up the SJ nonsense, especially when the leftists demand your Labour and mock you for any retribution.

No. 416460

Get involved with machine learning and work from there. If you don’t have the basics of computer programming, then start there.


No. 416463

close the thread shabbos

No. 416465

None of the black anons in this thread are over 35 and they sure as hell aren't the hoodrats and sjws you seem to think they are. Preaching to the choir is retarded. This is like yelling at cats for barking.

No. 416466

1. I don’t expect black people to last long in American history, not just for intermarriage but also a lack of desire in maintaining history.
2. A lot of black people are racist, especially the religious and social justice minded. The former uses the word of God to hide behind and the latter uses people’s fear of being unfair to black people as a weapon to justify their own neurotic bullshit (i.e. bullying people into accepting ugly SJW art as valid because it’s “representation”)
3. i sepal up on Arabs becuase I’m an ex-Muslim who used to live and work around Arabs and they can so fucking racist and hateful. The left worships them and defends them from criticism, claiming it’s all “”Islamophobia””. Mind you Arabs have done such a good job on using religion and social justice on black people as a tool to carry out bigotry on their behalf and no one even wants to speak up on ACTUAL, STILL ONGOING SLAVERY ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT

No. 416468

Or maybe some black women are disgusted by leftist historical denial

No. 416469

>historical denial
nobody has said it never happened we just know you're glazing it to justify Israel shenanigans within the western world(especially America)

No. 416470

Funny how you put whites and Jews in the same category despite the literal attempted mass genocide in the 1940s

Absolutely and it’s the blind worship of progressivism that led us to this. Notice how black men don’t even receive the same heat for literal rape and murder anymore. it’s all on the evil black woman for “destroying the media franchises”. People are more offended by black women in their fiction because they use it to escape reality. Seeing a black woman, minor or major, in their fiction is enough to make them mald for thousands of posts online. Ignoring male criminal is just part and parcel for escaping reality

They love what the black man represents, rebellion, resilience, “peak masculinity”

So? That was the polite term in the late 20th century, now it’s AAVE, which sounds more like an insurance company

No. 416472

I literally grew up around black religious women, especially black Muslim women who defended literally terrorism in the 2000s. You forget how thrilling religious devotion is to them

No. 416476

File: 1721409623614.mp4 (11.47 MB, 6162549-1dc2c97478d5f40b3509d3…)

"That ain't anti-semitic that's just plain intelligent"

No. 416493

Who said anything about them talking about the Holocaust? I'm talking about the fact that it's forced on the rest of us 24/7. Or are you saying they should be in charge of what everyone learns in school?
>It's more recent.
This isn't an excuse to outright erase/ignore what's happened to us. Anyway, no, I don't care about them "taking our history seriously". I know why they don't, I know it's deliberately a skewed system, and I'm only here to discuss it with other black women, not listen to people of other groups get mad at us for noticing, but I understand some of you are too fixated to stay away.

No. 416505

File: 1721416533609.png (139.37 KB, 885x742, jp=.png)

Exactly, and this is why I don't expect any sort of comprehension from others as a collective. It may be less hopeless on an individual level, but in general, most people are brainwashed and don't question anything they're fed, much less when it comes to how to think or feel about an out-group. On a larger scale, things are designed this way not just to justify mistreatment, but bizarre and continued greed around Africa's resources and black people themselves as a "commodity".
Some of the shit that went on even into the 60s is insane, like picrel. Some boomers also unironically get triggered over being told that those "traditional" names for candies are gross or that Golliwog dolls are nasty because it's "muh culture". The bizarre thing is that it's not even like they're lying about it being their "culture" or that they only do it when we're even around to offend. I can't say I can comprehend why, on a private level, any group of people would see dark-colored jawbreakers and think "Candy you suck on for hours? Obviously, these should be called nigger balls". Maybe I'm just a prude, but I feel like that sort of thing would be off-putting to anyone normal-minded.

No. 416506

I am shocked at how old non black people my age (33) look. I noticed a recent photo of a woman I went to school with in a social media post and she looked like she was 40+.

No. 416523

Maybe she was. She may have engaged in interstellar travel that caused her aging process to accelerate

No. 416525

Wake me up when europe has several mass shootings every single day like the US does

Even in the most dangerous pockets of Europe american homicide rates are still far higher, everyone thinks of Americans as fat low iq violent idiots

No. 416527

If you don't have melanin in your skin you're basically walking around with rice paper as your epidermis and exposing it to the elements is going to damage it immensely. Every white woman I knew in high school and college sunbathed, used sunbeds and tanned excessively with zero protection, while also binge drinking heavily on weekends, doing coke, smoking, slamming monster and redbull energy drinks every single day and constantly pulling all nighters. Also while often practising a vegan or at least very low meat diet. All those things will make you age terribly.

No. 416530

Europe has something far far worse than mass shootings, its just going a take second for the tide to roll you over. mashallah or whatever those assholes say(racebait)

No. 416531

>oy vey we will make sure europe will be destroyed
Yeah yeah, two more weeks jewboy

No. 416532

point your gun the other way nonnie ive been glow posting for over 3 days, i hate both of those shit religions

No. 416537

Black males and all non-whites all play a role. I'm not letting anyone off the hook. and it's not just black male negging. the fear is valid. there are numerous death cults that have been caught by the FBI. one tried to shoot up a rap concert last month. our supreme court literally has a white female cult member too. How dare you tell me it's my or BW's fault, they were like this before BW became mammies.

No. 416540

It's rare to find youtubers who still live in China cept pseudo-passport bros or those "How will Chinese people react to me standing here as a black man" but I love Aleese Lightyear, her content is background noise for me but I do like listening to her experiences.

No. 416541

LMAO very good one

No. 416542

ive seen white girls my age (19) that already look like they’re pushing 40

No. 416562

File: 1721426620299.jpeg (331.07 KB, 1132x1268, IMG_7819.jpeg)

Same age as you, ehh. I would say Irish girls, gingers, and some from other UK countries start to age very early (pre age 25). An example is Billie Eilish. The men get receding hairlines pre age 20. But for other white folks the difference only really starts around 30 imo, unless they smoke and/or drink and/or don’t wear sunscreen. It’s weird though, because East Asians and Arabs can be pale but don’t age this badly, so I think it’s not just melanin, it’s also other aspects of genetics.

No. 416564

I think Caucasians also have thinner skin compared to Asians with light skin, that's why aging becomes more apparent earlier on their faces.

No. 416566

Saw people talking about this on reddit. Video is hilarious, song is kinda good I guess. People are calling this and similar antics “cultural appropriation”, but anyone else just like… not care? The idea that loud rapping and having girls shake their ass in videos is a “culture” is ugh to me. I get the association with black Americans’ presence in the music industry but I honestly find it disappointing that black people want to claim this as “ours”, so you can’t do this. This woman isn’t even darkening her skin, wearing box braids or anything (which I also don’t have a problem with kek) she’s just acting “”ghetto””. I also really hate to say this but to be frank if more non-black women were acting trash in media it would distill the association with us, so… But this is just my opinion and I haven’t seen anyone agree with it yet, I want to know your thoughts.

No. 416577

this looks dumb so i'm not pressing play but based on the thumbnail, it looks like she did borrow baby hairs from blacks.

No. 416578

I just don’t see why it’s any different from non-Asian girls liking kawaii fashion. Why would it be? I don’t see a problem with either.

No. 416583

Its definitely true that white skin is thinner. I'm blasian and cant see any veins on my skin. I noticed that white people tend to have very visible blue veins in their wrists, legs, necks etc.

No. 416585

It's gross, and just makes me cringe to see any race of women doing this tbh, even other black women. I can tell just from 2 seconds of that video that this woman has based her entire image on porn and appealing to the male gaze (like black male gaze too) with her bogged face, plastic tits and fake ass, it looks horrible, and she is basing her rap persona on stereotypes of black women being loud, aggressive, angry and full of attitude. I dont like it, I thought we'd come further than this but pickmes gonna pickme.

No. 416586

I'm fully black and dark and can see veins on my wrist. that has nothing to do with dark or light skin, that's an undertone thing. If your veins aren't visible, it just means you have a neutral undertone.

No. 416589

I think most people get offended because they see it as trashy on BW while being hypocritical and praising others for it. Black chicks into Asian things actually do get bashed quite a lot by racists. Ask any kpop fan. The crap non-blacks get isn't nearly as bad.

No. 416590

>if more non-black women were acting trash in media it would distill the association with us, so
I feel like this will only be true when they do it in aesthetics that are considered normative to their own cultures, like the "Hawk Tuah" girl. Otherwise, it's "That girl is white or Asian or otherwise non-black but she acts like a nigger", and then a gaggle of non-black moids with cuck fetishes will make comments about the kinds of dick they're "built for" etc. Everyone associates that unfortunate aesthetic and behavior with black women, trashy black women on Twitter proudly proclaim it as their culture and want to fight every non-black woman who participates, and this just doesn't seem like it'll work out for us, I don't know.
Anyway, I don't like trashy ghetto/"hoe" culture. I also don't like kpop (not that western pop music is good, just that kpop is even more soulless). That means there's nothing I like going on there, but I think the biggest thing that stands out to me is that South Korea very anti-black. If you dislike a race of people, it doesn't make sense to copy what their trashiest elements do. It just shows that their pop culture industry is pathetic, desperate for marketability and devoid of creativity, and nothing about that should be promoted or rewarded on a global scale.

No. 416602

The black girls I know who are into Kpop tend to be very shy introverted type black girls who dress coquette or in that kind of girly fast fashion chic way that Koreans dress in. They seem to try to distance themselves from the 'loud, ghetto, gaudy' black girl stereotype as much as possible and prefer to try and look cute rather than sexy.

No. 416605

Maybe you have good genetics

No. 416607

>If you dislike a race of people, it doesn't make sense to copy
I get your point but I will say you can come from a racist country and not necessarily dislike a race of people. I’ve seen Koreans emulate black American “culture” after meeting black friends in the US. I get it, Korea is racist but that’s still unfair assumption to make and would be like a Indian immigrant assuming you must hate them because you’re American and that kind of racism is common there.

No. 416608

How? She’s 33, that’s normal.

No. 416611

There is a noticeable loss of elasticity in the skin in your 30s. Just saying >>416506 will look noticeably older within a few years.

No. 416612

korea is definitely no more anti-black than America is. I've never seen a Korean shoot a random black person just because they "feared for their life." They also don't have racist death cults trying to genocide blacks or foreigners. The misogyny is another story tho.

No. 416615

It's not really about the woman in the video as a person (maybe she's nice, I'm not into her aesthetic/music, but yeah), it's about her record label, publicists, etc most definitely not smiling on black people, but understanding what sells because all they've done is emulate the west. Nothing high budget there is done organically or out of love.

No. 416616

You sound white, or maybe African-Americans are actually racially different. Black people I know look the same in their 30s, the same seems to go for Asians I know too. I’m younger than this age so maybe the differences are there but minute and I don’t know, but.

No. 416630

Nona I'm really sorry to inform you of this:
Obviously, there are still good people, but generally, they just don't like us, and that's that (I don't expect them to either). It's also practically normal for Korean-Americans (and Chinese-Americans) to attempt to step on black people to get a leg up with racist, wealthy white people (only to get blocked from certain positions by those same racists anyway because they don't like them either). Compared to the USA, they're definitely nowhere near as physically violent in their country as a whole (except in cases of moids sexually assaulting women ofc), but any black woman trying to break bread in South Korea is going to find herself quite isolated if she's alone. I've heard of women getting spit on by racist moids.

No. 416634

Is travel outside the West dangerous for black women?

No. 416636

Nothing wrong with shooting at scrote looters to defend your property, I'm black and would do the same lol.

No. 416637

Don’t be disgusting. Innocent black teenagers have been shot because of racism.

No. 416638

White peoples features have more 'forward growth' with their bones which creates shadows in your face and makes you look older. They have higher nose bridges, deeper eye sockets and eye shape, more projection in their faces etc. Asians and Black people actually have quite similar skull shapes and generally pretty low amounts of forward growth, which casts less shadows and dimension on your face and makes it appear younger.

No. 416639

We arent going to have sex with you, moid.

No. 416640

No, they just don’t age well… Lmao. Acting like there aren’t some groups of Africans with those features. Arabs have the same skulls as them and don’t age like bananas. I also think you have some things confused, like I don’t think forward growth is what you think it is.

No. 416641

Never said that. But she also shouldnt have knocked the old Asian lady to the floor either.

No. 416642

How do you cope with racism at corporate jobs?
I honestly feel like quitting office work forever and just going back to working in a grocery store.

No. 416644

My issue is the shooting and false accusation of an innocent 15 year old girl, the perpetrator getting a very light sentence, and the community of said perpetrator standing behind that behavior.
It's also weirdly backward and parasitic to start stores in cities populated by races of people that they're often hostile toward and follow around if they enter their establishment(s). The sad thing is that even as they experience and loudly complain about all the shittiness/racism, poor black people still buy from them (even when the products are bad quality), so the issue will probably never get resolved.

No. 416645

Arabs do actually age quite badly imo, unless they get plastic surgery. The women tend to gain a lot of weight after having children and become haggard. Arab men lose a lot of their looks if they bald early. Whites and Arabs/Jews have the most projection in their faces especially in those nose/midface area. Their bones are higher and stick out more than black or Asian ppls. Arabs have more melanin in their skin which protects from sun exposure to an extent unlike whites, but Asian and Black people definitely age best and part of it is having lower facial bones that dont create so many shadows and sunken looking parts of the skull that contrast with the high bone projection in other parts (like having a far sticking out nose bridge bone while also have very sunken eyes which makes you look old)

No. 416646

NTA. An old woman who shoots a child and then lies to the cops to play victim isn't a "lady". I'll leave it at that, kekkk

No. 416647

Oh, I thought you were talking about the Americans shooting black people part, since that has happened to a lot of teenagers. I haven’t read the article but if one of the people was that young then I still couldn’t not feel upset about it. But my opinion - I do agree that whenever one race likes to talk about how another non-white group is “actually more racist” it’s always one side only picking examples against them. There are many instances of Asians hating black people (a lot), but there are also lots of instances of black people hating Asians and while perhaps it is slightly less common (I think African-Americans in particular seem somewhat racist though, compared to black immigrants) it is on a greater occasion more violent. That’s a bad look for us. You can’t just cherrypick racism against your own race, that’s just not a fair assumptions of reality.
What are you talk about, all of my family have “projected” faces and no one looks aged until their 40s kek. I don’t go on 4chan but it sounds like the sort of redundant incel skull speak. Arabs age better than whites, not talking about weight gain or whatever, just skin.

No. 416648

those links just prove my point and I already knew about those stories. They're Americans, so they've been brainwashed by the media to see blacks as subhuman and have a large supply of guns to take us out like the elites want. Like I said, that's not the case in Korea.

No. 416649

i dont think they’re all that wrong actually, it makes sense if you think about it. east asians in particular tend to have flat faces—“less” forward growth” which tracks as they also tend to age well.
black people tend to have “more” forward growth than white people actually (more in quotations because it’s not necessarily more maxillary growth, but rather more horizontal bone growth in other areas, (bimax and mandibular protrusion)) and it looks different on us.

No. 416650

Ok, and the rare flat-faced white person still ages like bananas… You guys are being weird. You sound dumb. Skin aging is to do with the skin, not the bones. And anyway, while having deep brows and eye sockets will make you look more haggard when you experience orbital fat loss even that could be attributed to that fact blacks and asians just have more deep facial fat… Which can be depleted by UV damage…

No. 416651

i never noticed any tension between blacks and Asians until I read about it online tbh.

No. 416653

>Skin aging is to do with the skin, not the bones
whatever aging overall can be contributed to changes in the bone structure overall so my point still stands

No. 416654

Yeah but we were talking about skin aging, you know like, wrinkling? The white women with premature aging before age 30 aren’t experiencing skull deterioration, your skull isn’t even fully developed at that point technically.

No. 416656

If possible, you should get to know some half-Korean half-black people who grew up in South Korea. IME, they're the first to talk about the racism, and considering South Koreans tend to look down on brown-skinned Asians, I don't believe it's all because of big bad burgerland brainwashing.

No. 416657

Black men can be pretty racist toward Asians in America. For black American women, I personally haven't seen it. Some are very into kpop and k-dramas.

No. 416658

you’re right but i was just going off that anon’s original point about why they may just be aging quicker overall

No. 416659

>For black American women, I personally haven't seen it.
Really? I see black Americans discuss how xenophobia towards Asians is a big problem in the community. Also, I remember in 2020 there was a lady (BA) who called some Asian woman “Ling Ling”, so I fear it is unfortunately real

No. 416662

I never argued koreans weren't anti-black. They're just not more anti-black than America is. The US wouldn't even have a national identity if it weren't for anti-blackness.

No. 416664

Exactly, there are still so many black people who say “black people can’t be racist”. I roll my fucking eyes.

No. 416667

So what? I don't care about blacks being racist to other groups tbh. They don't give a shit about BW, so why should I care about them? If they really cared about racism in general, they wouldn't suck up to white people so much and give them a pass despite them being way more racist.

No. 416671

it’s such a stupid excuse too, it’s true systemically but they act as if it’s still true individually and it’s so fucking annoying

No. 416672

File: 1721438600860.jpeg (111.65 KB, 1242x636, E0BB7516-3D27-4429-9A6D-05B7ED…)

I do not have time for Asian women at all. They make videos of themselves dressing in blackface for white and asian scrotes to help mock us. remember the Chinese girl who painted her face black and got all the white moids in the comments saying 'she's the only pretty black girl I've ever seen' and 'see, black women are ugly because black FEATURES are ugly, blackface asian women are so hot!' Asian women would throw every black woman in the entire world under the bus for a crumb of nazi dick, I have absolutely no sympathy for their pick and choose racial politics, constantly blowing smoke up whites asses, and the rest of their imagined plights.

No. 416675

…Well I don’t know how to respond to people like this. In my ideal world there would be no racism to any group of people, or at least less than there is now. Not just my own group. I don’t like any racists, and it hurts me when I see racism against other races too. And when I see Asian and white people who genuinely seem upset over racism, not just people on social media virtue signalling it makes me happy there are others that feel this way.
>They don't give a shit about BW
I find it interesting some people have such a group mentality. Black women don’t give a shit about me either, I don’t fit in. Black men are crap 80% of the time, they “don’t give a shit about BW” just as much. I’m a homo. A homophobic black woman isn’t going to be any more my crowd than a racist Asian woman. I will still defend both from racism.
>”Since an Asian woman said this, it’s fine for a black woman to call asians Ling Ling!”
Who came first? When will the cycle end? Someone from X race was racist, so if someone from Y race was racist to a COMPLETELY unrelated person from the same race it’s fair! And vice versa, and the cycle repeats. It’s so very childish and we learn from a young age this is not how we solve issues. Ntayrt but if everyone judged me for the worst members of my race I would be nowhere right now, because they’d assume me to be violent and trashy. It’s like some people have critical thinking right until it applies to them and then they start to use the exact same logic racists like to use against us. It’s always a competition between each other like we’re on teams instead of being anti-racists vs racists. Humans are so fucking dumb.

No. 416676

Insane account

No. 416684

Wait a second, are you Ritard?

No. 416686

Huh? I don’t know who that is and the posts there don’t seem related to the discussion.

No. 416687

You type and behave the exact same way. The only question is why a fat white FtM would be chiming in on the black girl general thread.

No. 416688

Unfortunately it seems like typing styles may be capable of overlapping. I also don’t think anything I said was offensive, or baity, or anything. I only joined this site in December 2023.

No. 416692

Kek wait, I just read through some of their posts and they do type like me. But… they sound insufferable. Kind of amusing though. Sorry for reminding you of that. I am just a regular female.

No. 416698

>But… they sound insufferable
it’s lolcow.farm everyone on here is insufferable LMAO

No. 416703

People get away with racism towards black people all the time, so why shit on blacks for something everyone does? And acknowledging that most of the world hates black women isn't a "group mentality," it's just reality. If most of humanity sees me as subhuman, I see no reason to give a shit about their suffering aside from pure amusement. And interesting how you didn't comment on the last sentence.

No. 416708

>If most of humanity sees me as subhuman, I see no reason to give a shit about their suffering aside from pure amusement. And interesting how you didn't comment on the last sentence
Shouldn’t experiencing discrimination make you more empathetic?

No. 416710

I don’t think you saw my point, or maybe I didn’t elucidate myself well, but I won’t try to reiterate since what I said is there.
>why shit on blacks for something everyone does?
It is… really disappointing to hear racism being described in this way, “just something everyone does”. Some of us are above it. No one’s shitting on blacks specifically, if I’m “shitting” on anyone it’s anyone who’s racist, regardless of race. Like I said, this isn’t a team game, not to me and honestly not in reality either. Whether or not the racist is black or another race is irrelevant to me. I can’t stand racists, and racism is mental illness.
>If most of humanity sees me as subhuman, I see no reason to give a shit about their suffering aside from pure amusement
>most of humanity
This means that this sort of schadenfreude should be directed at all of humanity, not just specific groups. Though, how does one speak up against racial issues at this point? How do we make progress? Even if self-interest is your only concern, being considerate towards others helps us more not less. If every black person were to begin treating other races like utter shit, why would anyone listen to us? How would change happen?
>And interesting how you didn't comment on the last sentence.
Was it the white worship part? Again, I don’t think you really understood what I was saying if you didn’t get the point is that I am not judging an entire group of people by their worst representatives. You can generalise within reason, to be realistic. Like, hey, racism is more common among some groups of people. But an individual who has not done anything wrong does not deserve racism just because racist white worshippers happened to be the same race as them. I don’t get how that needs to be explained.

To be honest, I hate people like you. As I’ve grown I’ve understood trauma can make people this way. So I want to have empathy. But it feels like a disservice to those of us who want to make progress, to get closer to a less racist society. It shits on the non-black people who have genuinely contributed to efforts in educating others about racism, as well as the black people who educated them, and who reciprocate. And I think the number one thing that bothers me is - if you woke up white one day, you would not give a fuck about black people. That’s not your personality. You are not anti-racism, you just hate that racism happens to bother you specifically.

No. 416711

It's way worse than discrimination. There's discrimination and then there's people seeing you as a cockroach to get rid of. You can't reason or empathize with people who want you dead or sterilized or enslaved.

No. 416718

you still don't get it. There is no "both sides." Most non-blacks would easily throw blacks in gas chambers. They want the whole continent of Africa cleared out so they can go in and steal take resources. They see blacks as some archaic low-iq subspecies of human that is obsolete. Until blacks reach that level of wanting every non-black person dead and wanting their genetic material eradicated, shut the fuck up.

No. 416723

>Most non-blacks would easily throw blacks in gas chambers.
I think I understand what your deal is. Please get off those places in the internet. I was exposed to that level of intense racism from an early age and I internalised it too. But I think it’s affecting your judgement too deeply, I can tell because I recognise the ideas you’re mentioning and where it comes from.
Overcoming the pain that comes from witnessing that severity of racist delusion is extremely difficult and so is trying to stop yourself from projecting it onto everything. It made me paranoid for a while. People like that exist, anon. Way too many. But if you’re at the point where you believe all non-blacks want to kill black people then you’re severely traumatised. I hope one day you find people of all kinds who treat you well.

No. 416731

NTA, but do you say these things to women on this site who are misandrists and tell them they shouldn't be indifferent to or distrustful of men because even though misogyny is far more rampant, we're all humans and the ideal world would lack both those things?
Also, I want you to know there are entire websites and boards that are dedicated to shitting on black people, tons of communities doing it too, all much larger than this thread. Have you considered going and preach to them to stop their hatred first?

No. 416736

No? What does being distrustful of men have to do with absolutely anything? Literally all I’m saying is I don’t think anyone should be racist. I know, crazy. I didn’t think this would be such an unpopular fucking opinion.

No. 416744

If you're too dense to see the parallels between a woman who's faced misogyny being misandrist and a black woman who's faced racism being the same way toward the groups of people who've been treated her like that, you really have no business trying to speak on this. You sound underage or something, it's not "all the same". A random ghetto black woman calling someone "Ling Ling" is not on par with a woman of a separate race with a massive Twitter account dedicated to literally nothing but bashing black people.
Again, go preach this shit on /pol/ or fucking Stormfront and then come back after they agree with you. What's said here is literally nothing compared to the people who hate, and I mean proper hatred.

No. 416750

It's so crazy to me that there is a huge portion of the world that hates me for something I had absolutely no choice in. I didn't choose to be a black person. Why am I made to feel like a bad person just for existing?

No. 416751

Humanity is just trash. Luckily all these racist white countries have population decline. Thanks to their ancestors killing off indigenous people to make shitty cheap plastic, their sperm doesn't work anymore.

No. 416752

Where are you getting the idea that it is “the same”, “on par”, or that I implied the level or severity is equal? Point me where I implied that? Because this seems like an issue of reading comprehension. One thing can be worse than the other but both can still be undesirable. Goodness.

No. 416755

>agrees they're not on par
>still chooses to complain about the less bad one and write rants about how awful it all is

No. 416756

Samefagging but god why is it so difficult to understand being racist to others sets us backwards, not forwards. I seem underage because this is something that genuinely gets me emotional. I don’t see why it’s a problem to care about other people’s issues as well as your own. Of course your own issues are more important but if I can spend the energy for others as well as myself why wouldn’t I? These replies are making me a little depressed, I thought there would at least be some other black women who understood my perspective.

No. 416760

Go be depressed about all those black slaves in the Middle East. Be the change you want to see!

No. 416761

You are naive and retarded. Sorry for the harsh language but that's just the truth. Because of people like you who are so staunch on micromanaging black peoples racial morals we had had every other race come into ours and profit. The Indians and Pakistanis who run the liquor and corner stores around poor black people aren't doing it out of the goodness of their heart you know. Stop being an sjw mule who let's everyone stomp on you and start stomping back. jesus fucking christ I hate people like you

No. 416762

Ah, for goodness sake, idk. Idk if people just come in during discussions without reading what lead up to it, but if you need the help it started here >>416667 >>416675. I merely disagree with justifying racism to innocents who have done nothing personally Why the fuck would I be defending black people from racism in this thread, where we’re black? For your information, yes I do argue about racism for black people, I spend a lot of time doing that. I don’t go on 4chan, but I do on reddit, and I will have hours-long conversations trying to engage with other people and help them understand. And you know what! Most of them don’t. Of course, because their logic isn’t sound and when you break down their argument they think of another one to waste time. But I am happy, so happy that I have in fact convinced people of things. People who had things against black people. People who admitted to me they just had deep resentment because of a bad experience with a black person and acted irrationally. People who fucking thanked me. And I’m glad I spend time doing that. So don’t act like I’m a fucking coon for having the capacity of defending people other than myself as well as my fucking people. Jesus christ. But whatever, it’s 5am here and I’m tired and probably getting too worked up about this. Please don’t be racist to Asians, yeah the racism that happens to black people is worse, of course I know that. But not only is it hurtful, it makes things harder for us. I also wouldn’t want the occasional Asian who has gotten beaten up by a black person to feel justified in their racism too.
Yeah, I am, thanks. Why would I not be? I have plenty to be depressed about. Well, good night.

No. 416764

Your bleeding heart will kill you and the non-blacks you jive for are laughing at you behind your back.