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File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207[Reply]

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.
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No. 264435

I don't know how pete can be so greasy. He looks like he showers once a week. He also vaguely reminds me of a much taller version of this guy I used to know personally who was a felon and a deadbeat. That makes me find him even grosser kek

No. 264438

They both creep me out cause they look like my exes in an alternate universe where they are wiggers instead of geeks

No. 264461

that is the ugliest moid i've ever seen

No. 264487

File: 1652760050269.jpeg (946.43 KB, 1052x1595, DB0817D5-694B-487C-A361-2E1EB3…)

Still one of my favorite images.

Xioamethee really does look horrific in photos now and it 100% has to be jaw fillers. Even if he’s not your type he still looked a way more human in CMBYN than he does now.

No. 265161

The funny thing is that the Duffers were apparently so attached to the idea of a cartoonishly evil bully that they attempted that idea a second time by creating Billy. But then the same thing happened again. The guy who played him, Dacre Montgomery (yes I'm the sperg who brings him up a lot, sue me) thought it was boring to have Billy be a jerk for no reason, so he came up with the idea of Billy having an abusive father and an absentee mother. And instead of having him be unceremoniously killed off early on, they had him make a noble sacrifice.

Now it looks like the Duffers are trying to pull the same crap again in season 4, albeit with a female bully instead of a male one this time. Why are they so fucking attached to the "two dimensional bully gets eaten by the monster because karma" trope? I get that it was a staple of 80s teen thrillers and horror movies, but good fucking grief. How many actors are going to have to tell them it's a lame cliche before they stop trying it?

File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
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No. 264254

File: 1652685698433.png (1.02 MB, 1150x1402, omdwedding.png)

i love andy more than anything in the world

No. 264704

File: 1652828644483.jpg (62.89 KB, 615x620, old etonian david.jpg)

t. seething david cameron (the inferior prime minister) enjoyer

No. 264860

File: 1652909392899.gif (1 MB, 498x258, 0D669088-BE1C-445C-A1EC-55718D…)

do you anons remember this gif kek

No. 264908

File: 1652930267468.jpg (217.28 KB, 721x1200, tomhardycat.jpg)

No. 265399

of course. i used to wink back when scrolling past that thread.

File: 1492468222464.png (4 KB, 220x166, Bupropion_1.svg.png)

No. 58349[Reply]

What medicine are you on farmers? Is it for mental health? physical health? How are you dealing with the side effects?

I just got put on bupropion, it's been really helpful for both my depression and body dysmorphia, but I've been getting horrid headaches.
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No. 263724

God I wish bupropion was available in my country. I know I shouldn't have an opinion on it before I've tried it but from every online testimony I've read it seems like a legit miracle drug

No. 263730

it helped me a lot when I was on it. not on any of my meds anymore due to issues

the only place I can recommend if they don't sell it where you are is some kind of black market site unfortunately

No. 264139

one of the meds i have to take is lamotrigine for temporal lobe epilepsy and to help control my derealisation/personalisation. do any of you anons take that? or have TLE

No. 264206

Tyroxin and progesterone, two pills each. I also have an iud, it's wild out here.

No. 264231

It's akin to a sugar pill for me even when I take a big dose. Which sucks because most depression medications make me asexual and unable to get out of bed or even sick, and Bupropion is supposed to be a good one with few sexual issues. I wish an antidepressant that raises libido existed because I feel happiest when I'm in the mood

File: 1604847595422.jpeg (634.4 KB, 1068x947, 1C9CF2BB-C559-4097-84CD-A6A0AD…)

No. 158895[Reply]

We have threads for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women are you ashamed to say you'd fuck or crush on for any reason?
>unconventionally attractive?
Share your thirst, farmers.
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No. 263769

File: 1652512885676.jpg (365.17 KB, 1280x1898, tumblr_cf8eec398a94af590e29765…)

No. 263770

Why the shame ?
Apart from exuding bourgeois naïveté from 100 yards away, she is not even that bad of an actress

No. 263771

Seems like she also played mum to Depp and wrote a song for him (Nine).

No. 263772

not exactly shame, but kind of unconventional? next thread should really be renamed "unconventional female attractions" like the male one

No. 264118

File: 1652638067817.jpeg (316.57 KB, 900x900, 68F6779C-B09C-4B20-AA01-C5ACF4…)

I am in love with her

File: 1502398936773.png (180.11 KB, 500x293, me (2).png)

No. 66358[Reply]

Can we have a thread for lesbian and bi women to discuss their fantasies and desires towards other women? No rules except for no talk about dicks
I never find women my age (20) attractive. It's always older women, usually 30+, especially older butch lesbians. I want an older woman to boss me around
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No. 263960

No. 264077

I wanna fuck outside so bad. Like go camping and roll around on the grass naked together, then go skinnydipping to wash off and maybe fuck again in the water. Then go back to our tent and get cozy and warm in a big blanket nest and fuck again. I just want to be naked and free and feral in the woods, I wish women's land was still a thing.
I'm terrified to do it in real life because I don't want some rape ape stumbling across us and hurting us, or filming it

No. 264093

Same anon, same.

No. 264161

File: 1652648594207.jpg (104.71 KB, 700x927, Robert-Mapplethorpe-Lisa-Lyon-…)

idk why but I'm starting to find fit and natural bodybuilding woman very hot, just want one to boss me around. It's getting so bad I was watching a shitpost video and one clip was a strange workout video where some dude scream "I need some weight COME OVER STRADDLE ME" to a gym model near him and I legit got horny from projecting myself in the same situation ( obv no screaming, we live in civilisation )

No. 266148

KEK I forgot about posting here and this was a pleasant response, godspeed nona

File: 1652460073828.jpeg (248.7 KB, 600x524, 8AE2C7BF-0668-4CD6-91CF-5A44EF…)

No. 263628[Reply]

Post and talk shit about male models/actors/politicians/pop idols etc. that are overrated in looks/realistically ugly and don’t deserve to be in the unconventionally attractive thread.(ban evading just to make an infighting thread)
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No. 263636

File: 1652460928288.jpg (393.04 KB, 2000x1125, 108219.jpg)

He is hideous and is now reduced to fujoshit material

No. 263637

>overrated in looks/realistically ugly and don’t deserve to be in the unconventionally attractive thread.
But the point of the unconventionally attractive thread is to post men that everyone else finds ugly.
Aren't there already threads for that, though? Outside of the male attractions threads, everyone already calls men ugly. In fact Dano has already been posted in several /ot/ threads to call him ugly

No. 263638

Honestly? Any and all British actors who had fandoms on Tumblr. All looked like alcoholics or decrepit slugs.

No. 263639

Where is the cat thread? I can't find it anywhere

No. 263642

In /ot/

File: 1618939381421.gif (2.05 MB, 500x278, tumblr_p205498WeM1vkg43bo1_500…)

No. 180491[Reply]

A thread for anons who sew. Feel free to discuss anything related to sewing, ask for help and advice or show off your projects!
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No. 262907

nta from before, but kek, I think that's the whole thing behind pattern making, I'm at school for it right now and get to know all the basics, but if the "market" doesn't want high waist jeans, you won't design high waist jeans and if you only need to change the placement for a pocket about 5 cm, then you do it.
As you are designing jeans, has the fabric choice changed? In Germany it seems like people start to prefer fabric without elastane in it, just pure cotton, did you notice that, too, or is that just something going around richer people trying to be woke and safe the environment.

No. 263045

nta but I also work as a fashion designer (in a neighboring country) and yes there are less and less fabrics with elastane. People (mostly women and girls) tend to buy less skinny jeans which use fabric with elastane and prefer straight/wide jeans made from pure cotton

No. 263091

Yes, most brands are running 100% cotton denim nowadays, which is easier to achieve pretty washes in. The company I work for still uses 98/2 stretch denim most of the time though. It’s not as pretty or durable but it boosts true to size ratings pretty substantially.

A big challenge for us in the US has been the trade tariffs & legislation on Chinese sourced cotton (and maybe inflation to some extent?). Cotton is so much more expensive than it was just a few years ago so margins have gotten tighter

No. 263398

Fascinating, nonas! Ty for sharing. Funny one of you mentioned 100% cotton jeans. I've made the decision to forgo denim with more than 1% stretch recently. Weirdly enough, my jeans from Old Navy are more substantial and thick than my (new, not vintage) Levi's 501's. If anyone is interested, vidrel is a trailer for a really interesting documentary about the history of denim in the USA and beyond. I think you can probably find it for free to watch somewhere.

No. 263406

thank you all for the information. It's really interesting to see that this seems to be a global trend and not just a European thing. I think that 100% cotton will really be more durable. For the environmental effects it doesn't change a thing as cotton is produced under horrible standards. I wonder why they don't go back to using hemp in general, there are some stores that sell jeans made out of hemp in Germany and those jeans seem to be very durable.
Love that you shared your knowledge, especially as you seldom have the chance to work with people from different countries.

File: 1625504076741.png (206.12 KB, 526x520, gveee.png)

No. 196240[Reply]

Have you ever wondered how different beauty standars are in other parts of the world? This is the thread for that!
Share how beauty is perceived in your country, local place, or other parts of the world. This place is not only to discuss the looks of what being attractive is according to where you live but also to talk about what beauty products/hacks/home remedies/makeup etc that are more popular in the place that you're from. You can also get historical and talk about how tradional beauty has been seen over there. Or share the type of styles, fashion and makeup that are more on trend.
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No. 263272

>I actually got told by a Russian friend that it's because Russians see healthcare workers as a service that's beneath them
As a russian that's fucking bullshit I can tell you now. We really value doctors, like I said in my previous post, you must be meeting stuck up city people. Don't generalize a whole culture because of a few bad apples.

No. 263273

so just because you met some shitty people that means they're all shitty right? like me saying I work in america and when I meet really loud/rude african americans that means they're all like that?

No. 263274

racism against any woman is not cool anon.

No. 263275

Okay, I'll try to open my mind again nona.

No. 263278

>men all over the world love us.
This sounds like something a scrote would write, I've known Russian women and they weren't as obnoxious or weird as you, most also dont like being sexualized or objectified by old perverted men.
Either way, Russian women could get plastic surgery or not, it doesn't give anyone the right to look down on them or be racist. They are beautiful and so are a lot of women from other ethnicities, this Russian debate just sounds like a male samefagging for attention.

File: 1652262368163.gif (1.63 MB, 245x276, 404b4664e883721de308b055adac38…)

No. 263017[Reply]

Relieve your tension.
Previous: >>>/g/154272
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No. 263057

no but crush randomly deepthroating a banana sounds hot to me ngl, i must be some sort of a degenerate.

No. 263061

I want to fuck a tranny too. Or a normal faggot. Fuck the gay out of them. To any trannies reading this I'm talking about the 0.5% of trannies who aren't ugly as sin.

No. 263215

I want to beat the shit out of a man

No. 263224

Hello sirs I’m a passing tranny from New Delhi

No. 263227

post bob and vagene

File: 1648899969289.jpg (6.31 KB, 300x168, 656536.jpg)

No. 253415[Reply]

This is a thread for any anons who want to discuss their smoking habits. Whether or not you still are a smoker, wishing to quit or have quit and have succeeded in not picking it up again, this is a thread to discuss it all.
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No. 263175

i don't want to smoke but i want to be aesthetic what do i do

No. 263185

File: 1652312167467.png (129.48 KB, 1195x1600, IMG_0322-3095369870.png)

Fucking idiot smoking isn't an aesthetic
These are for you

No. 263195

Im not sure about levels and stuff, im from aus so we have to buy our oil illegally from tobacco stores, all I know is I have a 2ml chamber in my vape and I fill it up with 1.2% nicotine oil. If that means anything lol
I do around 5 puffs an hour for a whole day

No. 263196

Okay. I’ll try to explain. I think I get what you’re doing. A cigarette is normally 10-12 mg of nicotine. The low end being like 6. The high end being 28 so they can vary on brand but to give you an idea of reference. E-cig oil or nic oil goes from 0 - 24 or 30 normally. Anything over a ten to 12 you’re getting into Nic salts which are more concentrated. Think the Juul pods if you’ve seen the little black sticks from the UK or the states. Normally 15 puffs is considered on par with a cig in normal vaping. So if you’re doing 5 at 1.5 you’re getting less nicotine than a cig an hour. The people who were getting chemical phenomena were hitting the highly concentrated Nic salts at a 20-30 mg Nic level and going through 2 pods a day. Which is like 40 cigs a day. No one should smoke anything that much.

No. 263197

Yeah at that rate of smoking, thats fucked.
Thanks for that info anon I didn't actually know it was all like that. Might go and do some more research actually.

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