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File: 1539312875345.png (278.25 KB, 920x768, chronicalillness.png)

No. 98077[Reply]

Any farmers here with chronic illnesses? I was recently diagnosed with IBS-PI and wanted to have a thread where people talk about their chronic illnesses, life with them, and how they handle them. I was hoping I could also get some tips on how to deal with IBS, if anyone else here has it.
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No. 103284

I'd love to try them at least once, but I'm pretty much migraine-free now.

Even if I do get the occasional one, it's so mild that I might not need to take an aspirin.

No. 103288

I have ulcerative colitis which is autoimmune and my meds suck because I literally catch about 10 colds a year bc of my suppressed immune system and still get monthly flare ups. Gonna get a colonoscopy next month (fucking yay) but hopefully they can figure out a new medicine plan that actually works

No. 108262

It's been a while since this thread was bumped. How is everyone keeping?

It's 5:40 in the morning and I'm going to a mental health support group at 10. I'm in so much pain that I can't sleep. I feel like I have to go anyway because I was on a waiting list to get into this group and I only have one more meeting left after this one.

No. 108296

I'm another anon who used to have chronic migraines, and I can attest that high protein low carb (practically carb-free) diet did wonders for me too.

I started the diet because I've read somewhere else that it helped and I'm so happy that I don't spend that much time in pain anymore. If any other anons are suffering from migraines, consider having a diet rich in animal fats. Not only have I reached my weight goal but more importantly, I'm more productive.

I'm also glad that I don't drink pills anymore. Even though aspirin and the like are not deadly, the amounts I used to take due to migraines were not healthy.

No. 118267

Does anyone else with IBS have issues with sitting longer periods of time?

In 2017 I’ve had a bad car accident, broke my leg, had issues with my back etc and was basically tied to my bed ever since. This year I finally was at a point I could slowly get back into working and stuff. I felt well enough, pain-wise, so I got a job at an office, doing some very basic clerical work. First day was 8hrs and I did nothing really but sit at the computer and go get lunch. I felt drained at the end of the day but still fine. The next morning I’ve had the worst diarrhea I’ve had in years and was in so much pain. Since I only had it in the morning and had no more bowel movements the rest of the day before going back to diarrhea the next morning I doubt it was a stomach bug or something.

Anyways, kinda lost the job because of that but it was just to get back on my feet anyway, so no loss.
Yesterday I did some paperwork for myself at home so I sat at my desk all day and - oh surprise - painful diarrhea at the end of the day.

I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary, nor am I stressed out or anything. The only thing that changed was sitting a lot.

I’m puzzled but I also don’t want to do see a doctor because ever since I got diagnosed with IBS he won’t even check whenever I have any digestive issues.

So yeah, anyone with IBS has had similar issues?
Walking works fine for me btw. I can walk until my legs start hurting and it will sometimes promotes digestion but never to the point of it being painful or me having diarrhea.

File: 1551768400583.jpg (360.54 KB, 1210x881, 1548954976763.jpg)

No. 110770[Reply]

I am a "manly" female. I was a tomboy growing up. When I was a child I hated wearing dresses, I always felt stupid or that I would be ridiculed for wearing them. In elementary school I insisted on wearing "boys" clothes, even boxer shorts, and my parents went along with it. In middle and high school I wore pretty "gender neutral" clothing, but I was heavily into the punk scene so it was still strange clothing by average standards.
Now I'm an adult and I've tried to ignore my past and embrace femininity.
I dress pretty basic, just jeans and shirts.
I am struggling as an adult female though. I have no female friends and I don't know how to make any. I have not had any since I was a child, and back then it was forced friendship and not genuine. I have not even had a single friend for many years. The only "friends" I make that I can be myself around, are men who either want to be in a relationship with me (but I refuse, so the friendship dissolves), or men who I enter a relationship with (but I am never happy in).
I feel like I can only relate to men, but I cannot be friends with men, because men only want to fuck women.
I feel like friendships between women are not and will never be as deep or meaningful as friendships between men. I understand that this is something I will never experience, and it fucking hurts me so much.
I feel I am experiencing gender dysphoria, however I will absolutely never transition or put it out in the open.
I just don't understand what is happening in my mind, but I feel like there may be some kind of childhood trauma that I cannot trace.
Can anyone offer any help as to why I feel this way, or should I go straight to a psychiatrist? I am now 28, and I am in so much emotional pain. I feel my biological clock ticking away and I don't know where to even start with my problems.
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No. 118183

Yeah that was definitely a comment worth bumping the thread for.
Fuck off, scrot.

No. 118184

Just go see a psychiatrist anon, get the help you need. (And if it turns out you don't need any psychiatric help, then that's great)

No. 118188

Can I just say that you are not alone? I am incredibly relived to hear that someone is going through the same thing. For me I have already started psychiatric therapy and I absolutely recommend it. It will allow you to understand that the way you feel is right and how to explore yourself as a person whilst being mindful of the pressures and boundaries fucked into us by society.
For me it is this overwhelming anxiety-inducing feeling of being a complete alien in society. Like you are not trans or female but this weird hybrid of both? Its like you identify with the 'traditional' male interests and mindset but you have the literal physical body of a woman and feel 'right' in your own body.
All I can really say is that there is nothing wrong with you and you will get over this and you will one day become comfortable with who you are and where your life has put you.
There is nothing wrong with asking for help and even one session with a professional can help re-firm and explain the feelings you are having, I wish you best of luck.

No. 118517

Man, I'm in the exact same boat. I was even diagnosed with gender dysphoria and lived as a trans man for about a year. I feel you, it's lonely. But I'm happy being a woman, I'm just struggling with being this kind of woman.

No. 118543

> that the bitter legbeards ITT

Oh did you hear that anons? We're bitter legbeards apparently.

+1 NLOG points to you, hope you cash them out one day.

File: 1544649867735.jpeg (76.11 KB, 462x791, 8FEA21A2-692F-4F12-BEDB-480F0F…)

No. 102943[Reply]

No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?
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No. 117894

This is unironically my dream lol
Nowadays there are so many young and rich asians and even if they're older, they're a lot less likely to get fat like their western counterparts.

No. 117987

Check out School of Affluence on YouTube. It's basically a channel dedicated to teaching women how to get a rich man and enter high society, run by a lady who didn't come from money and is with a banker now.

No. 117990

Jesus that trout pout

No. 117997

I wonder where that chick is from originally? She claims to be Swedish, but her accent is Eastern Euro, not Swedish at all.

No. 117998

Is there something like this but more on the business/career woman side?

File: 1553391540169.png (300.51 KB, 800x543, 9D6pnCV.png)

No. 111676[Reply]

I know their is a femdom genral but this is for all BDSM related stuff

Thread for:
>subs and dommes
>female subs interested in women
>BDSM images and media
>advice and stories
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No. 113239

Also cringed about the uwu kitten part but yES. Kinky dating is exhausting.

I recently had a weirdly horny phase and ended up creating a tinder profile that was basically just me very blatantly seeking sex. Since I’m a bit of a brat I wrote a bio that was a bit provocative. The amount of guys that were like
>Oh I can dom and spank you if you want ;)
… I ended up deleting just a few hours later.

There was a tumblr (I don’t remember the name, unfortunately) that collected ‘I’m the domliest dom you’ll ever meet so pls be my sub this is an order’-messages etc and I could relate to pretty much all of them.

Also the amount of guys that think a good way to assert dominance is by just sending a dick pick (optionally with a command)…

God I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that atm

No. 114727

i want so badly to be involved in BDSM but i'm just scared. i'm 20, only had sex with 2 men i was in relationships with and engaged in (uninformed) bdsm with one of them. now that i'm single and living in a city for the first time over the summer i really want to get into the "community" i guess but i'm just completely uninformed and scared of the unknown.
+ i've never tried to have casual sex before due to deep rooted social anxiety etc. i dunno if i'll even like it or not
i've just always always been into BDSM since age ~11 or something (fuckt i know) and it'd be a dream to be able to do a scene
also concerned that the community is mad lifestyle oriented. i do not want BDSM to cross over into my personal life at all.
should i just make a fetlife and force myself to try?

No. 114744

Doesn't hurt to give it a try. I'm also 20 and starting at BDSM now though I have a more specific situation than just dom/sub.
Be VERY attentive if you are looking for a maledom. So many guys are just looking for an easy opportunity to hit and torture women and are nasty mysoginistic fucks. But there are good ones too, of course. Not everybody wants it to be a lifestyle, all those things need to be communicated.

No. 114754


Go to a munch in your area, and meet new people. And have your big girl panties on for the inevitable manipulative types there looking to take advantage of you - the ones who will compliment you for "being so mature for your age", for being "a real sub", the ones who are in a corner by themselves and who do not have obvious close friends in the scene.

There's a type of dude that crops up in BDSM bars all over the globe, and is there to be a shitty, manipulative, gaslighting "dom", and I've yet to see a scene without one. They prey on noobs and those unsure of themselves, so keep yourself safe and make friends at your local munch first and take the temp of the scene. Good luck!

No. 117892

I know a lot of people are judging for the "uwu catgirl" thing but I need to get this out

I'm really into petplay and my current bf is the only one who has ever actually been into it properly too. My last bf was a little into it but was extremely dom, really wasn't good with the emotional side of the relationship and I couldn't deal with it.

pls no bully but now I have fox ears and a tail and cute collars and I'm so happy! I know it's ridiculous and a bit weeby and I guess a bit furry but goddamn I'm so happy. He's so gentle with me when I need it and our entire sex life doesn't revolve around it, sometimes a little vanilla is amazing.

But fucking hell, I'd honestly die if anyone else in my real life ever found out, we've very discreet and not one of those cringey gf-on-a-leash couples, I'd be mortified. I don't know how people do the "BDSM Community" stuff, I guess I'm just really private about that kind of stuff. More power to you if you enjoy it though!

File: 1557878270537.gif (Spoiler Image, 999.42 KB, 975x406, tumblr_nhzwy2Y96h1tqtfrjo1_128…)

No. 114835[Reply]

What are your thoughts on casual sex?

Personally, I am extremely against it. I think more bad comes from it than good. I don't judge people for doing it, I just think it's a bad idea. I'm not saying you should only be with one person your entire life or you fucked up, I'm just saying that sex with someone you don't know that well or are in a relationship with us a bad idea.
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No. 115513

When I lived that lifestyle it was obviously part self esteem affirmation and drunken arousal, but I also just enjoyed the stuff that goes alongside one night stands like fake deep conversations in dark empty places and just spending unexpected moments with a stranger. I liked those first minutes of arriving in someone's room and finding that, when you thought they were one kind of person, the things that they had said otherwise. Maybe that is just more self esteem bullshit but I kind of enjoyed the competitive aspect of getting someone you find hot to admit they're interested in you before you say it. I found one night stands much more enjoyable once I learned to confidently say no when I didn't feel it, and leave immediately or kick them out if the guy wasn't respecting that.
Now I'm older I hate people that are trying to manipulate me into sex so I don't think it's something I'll do again, but it fitted into that hipster kid time in my life.

No. 115520

I don't do it but, unlike some anons, I can understand the reasons. I wouldn't say it's only to feel like a bad bitch or to act like men.
After all, orgasm or not, it's a form of intimacy.
I've learnt people need a lot of it. I'm coming from a loving home, but we would rarely express it verbally or physically. So I feel like maybe that's why I don't need intimacy, as long as I know I have loving people in my life and can feel their love in the way of acts etc. But observing some girls I know, they need intimacy to live. They need touch, closeness, they feel miserable without a boyfriend, when they're single they get really touchy-feely with friends, some can't even be alone in a day… So I can somehow understand it. It's just a human need that has to be satisfied. If they can't get a long-time partner, what can they do?
Maybe that's soppy, but I can imagine that some people just want to be held, even for one night

No. 115525

Like any other self-medicating behavior it'll probably just make you feel worse since you'll realize it's just a simulacrum of real affection.
Men can just lie to themselves/others that it's for muh physical pleasure easier for biological/sociological reasons. Interestingly I've noticed that casual sex doesn't really "damage" women like society would have you believe (they are usually already dysfunctional going into it) but I have seen it significantly worsen men by making them more sexist, paranoid about cheating and giving them sexual insecurities. Probably because it's easier for the average men to convince himself it's a good idea and then he'd be even more confused when it makes him feel worse due to social stereotypes. But they have to put on a show that it makes them feel empowered and then women see that facade and believe it and want that for themselves.

No. 115533

I understand where you are coming from, I really do. I have posted here about how I have engaged in casual sex too and realized it wasn't that good and stopped. But this kind of intimacy we crave can't be satisfied with casual sex. It's like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.

No. 117602

this was exactly me, wasnt popular at all, the weird girl in school, then i start hooking up with random guys from tinder and i feel so special getting so much attention from guys, then they all ghost me after sex and i feel miserbale

File: 1561400215405.jpg (97.9 KB, 708x538, rockodinner.jpg)

No. 117469[Reply]

Guy posting here because I don't know what the fuck else to do,
pls no bully
Girls don't like me and I have no idea why. I've flunked every proper
relationship with a girl I've ever had. Girls whom I didn't necessarily
want to spread my DNA over or even start a relationship with. Girls who
were genuinely interesting, whom I've genuinely liked and wanted to be
a part of my life because they shine a little light through the endless
torrents of shit and fakeness I always have to endure. Every time I
suggest meeting up, for example, they completely break contact with me.
I don't want to analyse the way I ask things, because I think it's
retarded and redundant, but I've tried analysing it anyway and couldn't
for the life of me come up with a single reason for them to completely
break off any kind of contact. I can respect it if they're not
comfortable meeting up; fuck, I'm super nervous about these things all
the time; but why completely break off contact? I'm never weird about
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 117489

Observe character traits and actions of "normal" people and try to include them in your behaviour. For example, format your text like a normal person instead of
like a
for some reason

and use normal ways of describing things, like "spread your DNA" is not a turn of phrase that is pleasing to the ear. It's all about observing and mimicking. It takes time but eventually you'll get to a point of seeming to be like a "normal" person. Don't expect instant results. Also you should aim for other non neurotypicals, a popular Stacey is not going to have the empathy and patience required to deal with any unusual behaviour.

I hope this was

No. 117491

File: 1561418462985.jpeg (105.04 KB, 643x820, 1558666722464.jpeg)

Do you ramble like this irl OP because your post nearly put me to sleep

File: 1557177718135.jpg (128.51 KB, 1200x749, DD_90_KF_mob2.jpg)

No. 114445[Reply]

Everything keto and low carb!

Share recipes, videos, experiences, tips, science papers, whatnot.

Each body is different, so it's not for everyone. If this doesn't work for you, just simply ignore the thread.
19 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 115604

Ah, never been in keto groups so maybe that's why I didn't know about it. It was just simply hearing about this diet, learning what you can and can't eat, and then following it without being on forums/groups/discussions for me so basically I was just on my own.
But thanks, will look into these groups now.

No. 115676

I completely quit sugar cold turkey on saturday and have been having max 30gr of (non sugar) carbs per day since then. It was going ok but last night I had huge cravings (I didnt give in) and now I feel kinda deppressed. I don't even crave carbs that bad but I feel really low and deppressed and I know eating chocolate would help…

No. 115835


Eat 70% chocolate!
The one I buy only has 5g net carbs per 8 squares. And I usually eat only four.

If it's too bitter for you, try mixing it with a bit of hot heavy cream with a taad bit of sweetener.
You could eat it hot, but I like putting it in the fridge for a while. It gets super creamy and nice.

Sorry I don't have the exact measures, but usually for one choco bar I use one 200ml of heavy cream and one tbsp of sweetener.

No. 116102

Sharing one of my go to salad recipes for the summer. I like to make a big bowl of it in the morning, then eat it as a side with meals and as a snack during the day. It's also popular at barbecues with non-keto eaters, they like putting in burgers with mayo.

>50g spinach

>50g romaine lettuce
>30g rocket
>50g watercress
>80g cucumber
>25g red onion
>80g pancetta cubes
>125g mozarella
>30g Parmigiano Reggiano grated
>20ml olive oil
>5ml balsamic vinegar
>salt and pepper

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 117415

I know Keto is shit for you physically but it actually helped me so much with my depression and anxiety. I wish there was something that didn't fuck up your kidneys and eventually give you high cholesterol and heart disease but at the same time helped you manage mental illness as well. Anybody have good experiences with vegan/plant-based keto?

File: 1447289964209.png (174 KB, 495x349, Screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-7_22…)

No. 54209[Reply]

Maybe it's just me, but I feel as though birth control is something that women don't talk enough about despite it being so complex and many people using it regularly. Let's post our comments/questions about birth control!

- contraception
- acne control
- PCOS management
- hormonal treatment
- ring vs. pill vs. non-hormonal
- side effects/benefits
- weight gain/loss
- etc.
446 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 116921

>you're not taking the placebo right? most of us don't take them.
Can I ask why?
>complete pill noob

No. 116940

Yeah, hormonal IUD's or shots. More cost up front but cheaper in the long run since you only get them once every few years. Talk to your doc about it…

No. 117010

I had bee taking Min-Ovral (the pill) for around 8 years and with me moving over seas I eventually had to switch to a new brand. I was absolutely terrified since I had a bad experience once with going off brand. I took the generic brand of my regular and for 10 days straight I felt as if someone was hacking away at me with a meat cleaver. It's been 4 days so far and only slight discomfort if not, barely anything. I asked the walk in for something similar and she gave me Evelyn. So far so good!!

No. 117056

Anyone here have pmdd and tried stopping their period with bc? Is it any different than taking the pill and stopping once a month? I want to ask my doctor about it and already made an appointment but am curious about other's experiences.

No. 117074

I don't have PMDD but I took Mirvala for about 2 years. I was initially prescribed the one that has the week of placebo pills. I have extremely heavy periods that cause me to be anemic, so my main goal of taking birth control was to stop my periods somewhat.

I started off taking the placebo pills at the end of my pack (so, taking 7 days off), but I ended up taking the pills continuously instead and was prescribed the one without the placebo pills (after asking my doctor about it, which he said was OK for me to do). When I took the placebo pills, I still had a monthly period. Once I started taking the pills continuously, I got my period about once every 3 months, give or take.

However, for PMDD, I don't know if I could recommend taking the pill for that. I actually had to go off of the pill because it made my moods extremely bad. I was constantly bloated (I literally could NOT lose weight), had weird milky-smelling sweat, my occasional periods lasted for weeks (they were extremely light, but the blood was very thin and almost black), and I just felt horrible overall. I was constantly irritated and felt sad all the time.

I ended up getting a hormonal IUD which is a bit better, and my body is still getting used to it. The high(er) dosage of hormones that are typical of the pill really did not do me any favours mental health wise.

Now for my question: I had a Kyleena IUD inserted around November of last year. Ever since then, I've had serious pains in my pelvis, specifically near my tail bone (so, at the back). I can relieve the pain somewhat by massaging the spaces between my tailbone and my spine. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this any cause for concern? I don't really have any other terrible symptoms, just cramping (is it normal to still have mild cramping almost half a year later?).

File: 1497223265731.gif (530.61 KB, 500x281, f3e05e008d8d5e0eda6c0fa8f559ab…)

No. 62754[Reply]

I'm going to be starting college soon and I can already see myself getting overwhelmed between schoolwork and a part time job. I'll be living with my parents so I won't have to worry about rent but they don't buy me anything expect for birthdays and holidays. Do any of you guys make money online? Please share, I'm pretty desperate. Also, how much do you make?

Inb4 Camwhoring, Not an option. I live with my parents.
146 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 116889

Hey anon, thanks. I'm not expecting much but I'll look into it. I was working mostly for Gotranscript as an editor but honestly, the money's not worth it so I'll try this out. If there's no shitty audio and strong foreign accents involved, I'm in.

No. 116891

Nope, it's a different one, but the Texkings seems like a similar gig, though not available in my location. American one that I found is called Chatoperatorjobs.com

Sure you can find threads about all of these companies in reddit and elsewhere, no matter how strict their policies are.

I actually tried Gotranscript myself, but I was so ridiculously slow doing it that I gave up, it took me like more than 2 hours for a 10 minute file, pathetic.

No. 116899

It's really good that you gave up. The pay is insanely low for the work that you do and the editors are getting way more aggressive and unfair with ratings these days. I started way back when you could have easily climbed to the editor status in matter of days which meant better pay for presumably less work. There was a larger number of files with decent audio quality and the editors were okay most of the time. Now, it's pointless. It's difficult to maintain a good rating with editors being nitpicky and being an editor isn't that great either because it's more difficult to raise a bad rating (a lot of clients have high standards for the shit audio they give). Rev as terrible as it is at least pays a bit better and there are interesting files to choose from. I have completely stopped doing any transcription or captioning work. The crisp clear audio files are given to the AI, the potato recorded focus groups or foreign people speaking in English are now the staple of human transcribers. Sadly, there are people willing to work with such files and for such a low pay.

sorry for the vent.

No. 117132

Neevo is worth joining. There aren't always tasks available as they come pretty sporadically, but when it happens, one can make an extra buck. I got $244 last week and will be getting even more this week.

No. 117558

Do you think it would be possible to earn at least 200 euros per month like that? I'm kind of in a tight situation but online jobs for europeans (not from UK) are scarce.

File: 1556975796138.png (507.36 KB, 658x966, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.14…)

No. 114320[Reply]

In this looks obsessed world. Especially as a woman, honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society.
119 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 116237

I'm still feeling bad about this tbh

No. 116243

If you met him on Tinder, he might not be interested in just being your friend, anon. I understand your fears, but I think you should still go for it. I also look better on selfies than I look irl and no matter what angle I use, I can’t really catch my awkward real self on camera. I usually tell guys that while I am not a total catfish, I might not be as attractive irl when I do online dating. I have had guys telling me that they were really happy when we finally met because they thought I was beautiful in reality, too. Maybe it will be the same for you! I also matched with a really hot soccer player once who insisted on meeting me. He loved my pictures, but I could tell that he wasn’t into me when we hung out. It was still a nice day though! Even if a date is not a success in terms of hooking up/starting a relationship, it can be a positive experience and help you gain confidence. And if your teeth really are a problem, why don’t you get them fixed? Good luck, anon!

No. 116345

break our mirrors …. baby girlsss i have a porn addiction!

No. 116569

Because braces aren't as easy to get for everyone, they cost a lot, and I'd have to lie to the ortho to get them as well, not to mention while wearing braces I would just have more issues on top of all my existing ones since braces look absolutely horrible to me and get food stuck in them etc. Can't really call that an easy fix in my case.. also I had a fight with the tinder guy and it doesn't seem like he's coming back so I guess that problem fixed itself :')

No. 116750

I just hate when people are like "just put some make up", "lose weight" or "i'm sure it's not that bad".
They don't know what it's like to cry every time you are yourself in mirror. to don't want to go outside because you're afraid of people reactions. You just want to sleep forever. And it's not even about killing yourself, you just don't want to… 'be here'.

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