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File: 1595860863494.jpg (113.3 KB, 1291x1248, 8196b0bb4a2e8a1bfa0343c5e868b8…)

No. 145243[Reply]

This is a thread for girls who don't like wearing makeup or wear very little of it. Share your experience, tricks and tips, routines, and whatever else that might come to mind.

What is allowed
>Bare faces with literally no makeup
>Almost bare faces with just a little touch of lipstick, eyeliner or mascara
>Non-invasive makeup looks
>Natural looks that focus on being as minimal as possible, or employ the bare minimum of steps
>The use of skincare products with a bit of pigment instead of primer+concealer+foundation+powder
>Natural or homemade alternatives

What is not allowed
>"No makeup" makeup looks that are fake and still use more than the bare minimum
>Bake & Cake style of makeup that cover your face, even if the result looks natural
>Literally any other makeup look

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No. 150906

This looks really nice on her

No. 150909

File: 1599750064188.jpeg (12.17 KB, 225x225, 754B9EE2-6724-4192-A542-2C8061…)

she’s pretty but I can’t helping likening her head shape to that of a kidney bean

No. 150910

so you don't use it on your whole face?

No. 150914

Her eyeshadow is nice, but Jesus Christ that chin is unfortunate. Poor thing.

No. 152150

I also used to wear a VERY heavy full face every single day. Thick concealer, thick foundation, contour, multiple powders, highlights, blush, winged eyeliner,
brows, mascara and heavily lined lips with matte lipstick. I look 'objectively' more attractive with makeup on, I always got the shocked reactions if I rolled into work one day a year without makeup.

Eventually I got a bit physically sick and was so unwell it made no sense to cake it on every day, and I resigned myself to looking my worst all day every day. I hated it, for months. Eventually something flipped and it was absolutely fine. My bare face is fine. It may be round as hell even when I'm thin but I'm not about to waste 90 mins of my morning slapping on products to make me more ogle-able to other people, ever again. When you cut out the heavy makeup you don't get the "wow" reactions but you also don't create the mess of making people recoil when they see you bare faced and don't recognise your features without them being cartooned on.

If I'm doing a full face now, I'll do brow gel, mascara, lip tint and powder foundation to take away the shine. Otherwise I wear nothing. I rub my eyes all I want, I can splash my face with cold water if I want, I don't give a fuck if people think I'm up to their standards of hot. And now, I don't think a full drag tier face suits anyone. I don't think there's one person who looks better in full makeup than they do with a naked face, even if they have acne or whatever. I'm that bitch now.

File: 1592646016401.jpeg (212.06 KB, 1228x1280, 107EB7E4-5292-47A1-964D-A0BE63…)

No. 142344[Reply]

Why is it that every not so pretty girl at uni with rich parents has a really hot bf? Are men just massive golddiggers? Is there a boyfriend store that I’m not aware of? It feels fucking impossible to get a bf these days if you’re not really pretty or rich.
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No. 150541

Men have emotional needs. Try to understand.

No. 150543

I'll simp for her i think she is really pretty even if I don't like her/don't care wtf she is up to

No. 150711


CC's personality sucks, it's not even that deep. Your average urban yuppie hipster simply approaches woman like her the most because while she is cute enough to fuck, she is not actually attractive and beautiful in any way and therefore they feel reasonable sure they will not be rejected. I am sure she get approached all the time on the street and such, but it is also by lame, boring dudes who's hobbies are netflix, "traveling" and smoking weed; only slightly better then a vidya neckbread imo

No. 150859

God, if I could redo life again. I'd go back to high school and be a total Stacey. I look great, I just had no confidence or sense of fashion back then.

No. 150900

Jumping on this, you need thick skin to be a Stacey ime. I had two awful girls ruin my last two years of high school over perceived hotness. My social standing was utterly ruined when I was left crying in front of my locked in between class. Ruthless bitches lol

File: 1596773779217.jpg (396.8 KB, 2000x3000, hbz-70s-fashion-1970-gettyimag…)

No. 146601[Reply]

A thread for everything vintage fashion related

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

>How did you get into collecting vintage?
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

And of course, questions from novices are welcome as well
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No. 147462

Btw, I've also seen some define it as 15-20+ years old items. But it ends at 100+ years old, then it becomes antique.

No. 147545

What have been your latest vintage finds?

I'm waiting for a blue rhinestone necklace and bracelet that I found on etsy, I bought it for my wedding but because of corona it arrived at the customs just now.

No. 147552

that's why you're so good

No. 147568

Aww, wholesome.

No. 150507

This sounds really nice, I'm imagining 1940s or 50s evening jewelery.

I recently bought a pair of cowboy boots, they're in great vintage condition. I'd love to hear your ideas what go pair them with

File: 1544649867735.jpeg (76.11 KB, 462x791, 8FEA21A2-692F-4F12-BEDB-480F0F…)

No. 102943[Reply]

No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?
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No. 137864

>so can some1 also explain why a guy as attractive as him doesnt have any social media?
god, I love it when men don't have social media.

No. 137892

some people have their social media under fake or slightly altered names for privacy reasons.

No. 143518

Just be hot. Also $500 is a lot for me.

No. 150377

File: 1599408201088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.9 KB, 600x2447, 1599402321613.jpg)

chad just like 8-9-10/10 girls, landwhales and average will never get them

No. 150406

"Chads" will fuck anything with a pulse and they suck at long-term relationships. You don't have to be a 10 to fuck a Chad, and even 10s can't keep one.

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 149974

>You'd have to had already made enemies for you to be 'exposed'.
The anon above who said people will speculate about your identity regardless of your following size is right. There was that girl who posted a nude in r/gonewild (iirc) who had a few moles around her belly button and people were desperate to prove that it was a picture of JNig because JNig has moles around her belly button.

No. 149977

No offense meant anon, but $1200 a month is less than what I made working as a cashier at walmart a few years ago. I'm sure it seems like a ton of money each month if you live in a low income area, but for a standard income area it's not a lot.

No. 149978

Anon didn't say that was their only source of income though. If anon's already making a living wage, an extra $1,200 is quite a nice bonus.

No. 150011

Come on anon, spill the tea. Unless it's just bait

No. 150024

Anon I tried camming and manyvids at 19 (this was before onlyfans) without showing face and I just got no attention. My body was above average and I tried promo-ing pretty aggressively through twitter and reddit. Yet nothing worked. You get promoted by the site when you’re new (so people know they can manipulate you) and I would get some viewers but many would just leave when they realized I wouldn’t show my face. The second I started camming with face I finally made a bit of money but all in all the anxiety that gave me was so heavy that I quit.

There are always people who can make it work somehow, maybe you’re one of them but consider why you really want to do this and what the consequences could be.

File: 1551768400583.jpg (360.54 KB, 1210x881, 1548954976763.jpg)

No. 110770[Reply]

I am a "manly" female. I was a tomboy growing up. When I was a child I hated wearing dresses, I always felt stupid or that I would be ridiculed for wearing them. In elementary school I insisted on wearing "boys" clothes, even boxer shorts, and my parents went along with it. In middle and high school I wore pretty "gender neutral" clothing, but I was heavily into the punk scene so it was still strange clothing by average standards.
Now I'm an adult and I've tried to ignore my past and embrace femininity.
I dress pretty basic, just jeans and shirts.
I am struggling as an adult female though. I have no female friends and I don't know how to make any. I have not had any since I was a child, and back then it was forced friendship and not genuine. I have not even had a single friend for many years. The only "friends" I make that I can be myself around, are men who either want to be in a relationship with me (but I refuse, so the friendship dissolves), or men who I enter a relationship with (but I am never happy in).
I feel like I can only relate to men, but I cannot be friends with men, because men only want to fuck women.
I feel like friendships between women are not and will never be as deep or meaningful as friendships between men. I understand that this is something I will never experience, and it fucking hurts me so much.
I feel I am experiencing gender dysphoria, however I will absolutely never transition or put it out in the open.
I just don't understand what is happening in my mind, but I feel like there may be some kind of childhood trauma that I cannot trace.
Can anyone offer any help as to why I feel this way, or should I go straight to a psychiatrist? I am now 28, and I am in so much emotional pain. I feel my biological clock ticking away and I don't know where to even start with my problems.
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No. 149735

I concur. Feminism ought to include all sorts of women, that is kind of the point of it. To me, a woman wearing "masculine" clothes does not read as masculine. It's her way of expressing herself and that categorically is feminine. She is expressing her own idea of herself as a female.

No. 149772

I'm not sure if this is what you meant but to me any aeshetic a woman has is feminine by default, it's on a woman after all.

No. 149847

Thanks for understanding, girls. I try to talk about this topic a lot in gnc women spaces but none of them seem to understand what I’m talking about and think I’m attacking their identity and saying they should all slap on a full beat and wear heels. GNC women can be so aggro and defensive on the internet. I just want all us ladies to get along and not see each other as othered because of the way we dress. It’s a false dichotomy.

No. 149854

Butch lesbian here. I wear men's clothes and don't have a feminine body. Not as in 'I'm skinny and don't have curves', but as in 'I have linebacker shoulders etc. and some overly paranoid radfems would try to clock me as male, because they think my bodytype is impossible for females.' I don't dress simple or lazy at all. I wear men's clothes, because they are generally better quality and they actually fit my bodytype. It doesn't matter what I wear, I manage to make it look masculine. Anything actually feminine ends up looking like drag and just wrong. (nothing against radfems btw, I'm one myself, but some are a bit too paranoid with trying to clock troons)

Gender nonconforming femininity exists, but there is also nothing wrong with female masculinity. So you might be a gnc type of feminine, that's cool, but that doesn't mean every gnc woman is just an alternative type of feminine.

Personally I haven't been treated like a predatory lesbian in adulthood. Sure I see irrelevant idiots online pretend like butch lesbians are literally predatory males, from both sides of the gender wars, but that's the internet. I compliment women freely, I smile at them, I haven't gotten any bad comments. More stuff along the lines of: 'Why can't men be more like you?' The more I've worked on letting myself be authentic, embracing who I am (in general, not specifically being a lesbian) and not fighting it, the more everyone around me relaxed too. People can tell when you're harboring anger or other forms of negativity. If someone would still be shitty, that's their lesbophobia problem and not mine. Why would you want people like that to be your friends anyway?

No. 149929

I understand how you feel. I've recently made a really good meet a really good female friend though. She's a programmer but also way into sewing and girly things. With my last set of male friends they wanted to date me too. I had to feminize myself for anyone to take interest in hanging around me. Then when I did people wanted to fuck me. It's a really annoying situation. Now I just hang out with people on discord.

File: 1533773595078.jpg (355.83 KB, 900x900, lion-head-marian-voicu.jpg)

No. 91535[Reply]

I can't seem to find the astrology thread, so let's make a new one! I hope everyone is having a lovely Leo season. Post PDFs and book recommendations, your favorite sites, youtubers, and advice etc.
217 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 149629

I'm back after deliberating on my sidereal vs tropical charts and it's been a weird ride. My chart's overall vibe stayed consistent imo (all planets in the same houses in both so the tension points are consistent) but some key things that didn't quite sit right in the tropical were resolved by the sidereal but I wasn't ready for the amount of fire that the sidereal would breathe into things. When I consider it, makes a lot more sense than the heavy earth and water of my tropical chart.

I've been reading on how interpretations work and it's difficult to shake off the western astrology knowledge.

No. 149636

Anyone here into advanced astrology? Id love some help interpreting a yod.
Sun sextile saturn, both quincunx pluto. & Moon is conjunct saturn, sextile sun, but iirc doesnt aspect pluto.
Im usually okay with simpler aspects but I have a harder time wrapping my head around how they interact.
Sun is taurus 12th, saturn/moon are cancer 2nd, pluto is sag 7th

No. 149652

File: 1598873740875.png (51.84 KB, 248x758, memechart.PNG)

What does all of this say anons? I wanna get into astrology but have no idea what to make of it
I wanted to do the sidereal chart too, but there's many options to choose from, which is the "standard"?

No. 149725

No. 149835

Anyone else into doing synastry reports for themselves and loved ones? I just did me and my boyfriend's and pretty much everything was spot-on. I've never had that happen with anyone else.

File: 1533513315672.jpeg (257.13 KB, 1000x1000, 90E75420-A9B0-48B3-940C-8574F1…)

No. 91134[Reply]

What celebrities have you been told that you look like?

About 95%, it’s usually Bjork for me. Because I’m white but I also look vaguely Asian. I’ve also gotten Selena Gomez, Miranda Crosgrove, Jackie O and Six from Blossom. Also one time a crackhead compared me to Emma Stone (because of my man jaw) and another time, I got compared to Lindsay Lohan (probably because of my freckles). Being compared to Lindsay Lohan actually made me angry lol.

What celebrities/famous people have you guys been compared to?
530 posts and 299 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 147439

File: 1597341110097.jpeg (40.75 KB, 500x500, 9CFD8F09-68D2-46E6-B6AC-628260…)

when camila Mendes was in that secret deodorant commercial a couple people sent it to me Saying I looked like her which was a nice ego boost. also have gotten Nina Dobrev.

No. 148591

File: 1598173861114.jpeg (466.16 KB, 1125x1053, 0390867F-81ED-4BE8-94D8-342F62…)

No. 148726

Kim Jong-un. I wasn't feeling ugly today, but…damn, if that didn't hurt my feelings at least a little bit.

No. 149180

My ex once told me I look like her in an alternate universe, with just a shorter face and lighter hair. I didn't see it either but I must say I was really flattered because she's always been my celeb crush lol

No. 149285

File: 1598587604086.jpg (18.22 KB, 360x450, Jim_Broadbent_2.jpg)

Honestly have 0 clue who I look like now but there's this baby pic of me that reminds me of the dude who plays Slughorn in Harry Potter

File: 1598470204365.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.71 KB, 1242x791, B1DC8EE8-2D8C-44BC-9739-D73315…)

No. 149081[Reply]

No. 149104

uh…you first?

No. 149128


No. 149151

Shit thread, why did you even spoiler the thread pic?

No. 149171

My boyfriends have all been too aggressive and made me cry. Anyone else experienced this?

No. 149188

This time two years ago I was just out of a domestic violence shelter. Life is generally good, I'm enjoying my freedom again, I have a peaceful home and no longer have constant knots in my stomach.

But I'm aware that he moved on pretty quick (with a woman I loosely knew through FB weirdly enough) She has four young kids. She stopped her daily FB posting 6 months ago and the profile still lists them as being together. Stopping posts after many years of daily activity… worries me. I don't know why I even check because I'm too nervous of him to reach out to her. I just really hope she's ok. The timing coincides with quarantine and I know DV gets worse at times like that or when men lose their jobs, which he did.

I don't know if other domestic abuse victims experience this? a weird guilt around the fact that I'm deathly afraid of this man but I wish I could've warned her

File: 1560779396541.jpg (17.48 KB, 354x471, qt.jpg)

No. 116931[Reply]

This thread is for farmers to discuss what their ideal kind of man is and why he is better than what other farmers may think.
313 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 148557

He’s a chill man, anon, I follow him on Instagram and he seems really nice, he posts music and cozy pictures of pretty places.

No. 148573

>big nose
>Shaggy hair or long hair
>Loves their mom
>Brown boy of any variety (Native American, Asian, Latino, Black)
Usually these men are short kings lmao.

No. 148576

Lmao anon you could be posting about a friend of mine, even the short king bit.
Hope you find a guy like it.

No. 148642

>big and ugly
>not overly stocky
>nice hair
>isn't insane

No. 149178

serious question, why do you want an ugly guy?

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