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File: 1527536884361.jpg (51.01 KB, 530x845, b5f78b32e354b7ad4c3f7a667ef068…)

No. 83671[Reply]

In the vein of the engagement ring thread - post your dress inspos!

And ofc if you prefer suits feel free to share as well! Just wanted to keep the title short.
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No. 90294

Sure not in every culture but it’s popularity in modern western culture it absolutely is.

The purity of white was important in baptism, but unless you were exceptionally rich you didn’t own white anything. It was hard to launder without yellowing and was worn as a sign of wealth and status because they could afford conspicuous consumption. Even then the white gown was almost certainly going to be rework, then dismantled and resewn into a new garment. Queen Victoria had her wedding dress repurposed.

It wasn’t until after WWII that it was commonplace for brides outside of exceptionally wealthy families to wear white.

Please tho, give me your alternate history based on nothing

No. 109339

No. 109353

No. 109361

Classic Shazza

No. 113435

File: 1555650986078.jpg (49.03 KB, 600x800, aa18ef37c77968a92093e45264ed2a…)

I really want a silver wedding dress, I don't know why. This one has been my favorite for a while

File: 1533385564260.png (117.52 KB, 500x397, you-cum-yet-7374789.png)

No. 90960[Reply]

I can't be the only one who constantly has to deal with selfish and clueless guys who've obviously got their idea of sex from watching too much porn.

So let's share our worst and cringeworthies sexual experiences in this thread!
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No. 113310

Sex is literally ingrained into our biology as a bodily craving like hunger. It's hard for you to feel this mindset because you're asexual and may have forgotten what it's like, but if sex was just about "pleasure" and nothing else then we wouldn't see cheating nearly as often. It's not as controllable as it sounds. If you're hungry, it's hard to have self control when there's good food all around you. Sure, you can probably resist for a while, but after some time they huger will take over and you'll give in.

Getting a back massage is just a pleasurable favor. Having sex extends beyond a pleasurable favor and satisfies something on a deeper level both physically and emotionally that is hard to satisfy otherwise.

No. 113322


Can you please for the love of god stop bumping this thread with your OT-conversation? Use >>102887 or >>71573 or at least sage your posts that have literally nothing to do with what this thread is about.

No. 113326

An asexual who gets 0 enjoyment from any sexual activity/can't do PIV and a guy who can't talk to a woman without getting a stiffy seems like a comically bad match. At least get a guy who only wants to do it a couple times a month and doesn't guilt you for muh blue balls, Anon

Also take it to the relationship thread, as >>113322 said.

No. 113404

It's incredible how selfish asexual women are

No. 113471

LMAO I don’t use this phrase often but, mood

File: 1555021121419.jpg (68.04 KB, 500x750, 4707dd971fb92c7ced3d36977e41f8…)

No. 112923[Reply]

What is your favorite look and what physical traits do you find most beautiful? Hard mode: don't shit on each other's preferences or put down other looks, just post what you enjoy.

I love thin waists with high quality butts/thighs/tits of pretty much any size (as long as they're actually there). Big giant eyes, plump lips, pretty colored hair like blue or pink. Covered in high quality tattoos is a bonus. Maybe a single facial piercing.
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No. 113264

Honestly I can admire any feature or trait, as long as it is balanced or proportional and complimented by everything else. Size 6 and size 16, in hourglass/top/bottom heavy can all be stunning. Small almond eyes are fine, on a small face with small nose and small rosebud lips and pixie-cut hair. I feel like most people are only not gorgeous because of one feature being off (eg nose too big) and it disrupting their personal balance. However, if I were to build my own perfect face and body:

>slim, not prone to fat

>about 5'7"
>small bone structure (jaw, nose, shoulders, hands and feet, ribcage, etc)
>large almond blue eyes, with long dark lashes
>face wider rather than longer
>full lips, not wide
>clear flawless skin
>rounded hips, no dip, noticeably larger than waist
>small-average boobs and ass
>long baby blonde hair
>light tan, probably like my own skin in summer

Undecided about tattoos. I have a lot and don't like how it looks now, but wouldn't definitely rule it out on others.

No. 113272

>slender legs that still have some shape
>tiny waists
>small chest/butt area
>dark hair
>light brown skin
>small noses

I have all of these but one.

No. 113378

File: 1555569408768.jpg (192.12 KB, 1045x685, nocupid.jpg)

>what physical traits do you find most beautiful?

Lips without cupid's bows! They're so cute imo. Probably a "want what I can't have" type of situation though, since mine is very defined and I have deep ridges under my nose, so even if I were to soften it with fillers it'd probably look odd.

So pretty though!

No. 113425

you must be retarded or something because all these women do have cupids bows, they just put foundation over the cupid's bow to soften the skin tones or overline their lips.

No. 113426

no way anon, I think shaped lips are the prettiest. I'm considering getting surgery to get more shape, I don't feel elegant with my lips

File: 1554114565594.jpg (153.5 KB, 720x371, 20190401_182530.jpg)

No. 112257[Reply]

In your adult years? This thread is for support and tips for girls who can't talk to guys. How did you over come it?
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No. 112635

90% of the people on this site are guys larping as girls so you're already talking to them

No. 112636

I think a good chunk of this site are actually Russian trolls

No. 112639

Are you just exaggerating? Maybe on cow boards but it's too TERF-y and manhate-y otherwise.

It would be funny to learn I've been interacting with mostly male NEETs with nothing better to do for almost 2 years though.

No. 112646

File: 1554609414387.png (79.84 KB, 272x199, 1433688077563.png)

First cc, now lolcow? It'd be naive to believe this board is 100% female but fuck off with your 90% male paranoia.

No. 113197

context matters, doing this can get you ostracized as an autismo in certain circles

File: 1503079009869.gif (19.1 KB, 500x360, tumblr_nc6aldyUfa1qc4uvwo1_500…)

No. 66714[Reply]

while there are other skincare threads this one is more specific, this could be anything from getting a few pimples before your period to struggling with acne for years
this covers
>diet changes
>lifestyle adjustments

some anons swear that changing your pillow every night works, some think drinking water is the cure, to taking green tea or spearmint supplements, cetaphil, black soap,etc etc

what's your acne like anons? what have you personally found most helpful? what kind of diet, facials or soap would you recommend ?
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No. 112888

File: 1554952527714.jpg (198.52 KB, 1680x1135, 20181219-002-01.jpg)

Has anyone tried the new Athlizm line. I tried the Sara Sara perfect milk and it's fine, but greasy and thick.

No. 113001

>round 7£ for 150ml
Wtf it costs the equivalent of 3£ here in Poland

No. 113005

I knoooow, not a polanon though so gotta import. honestly polish skincare/hair stuff seems pretty up there quality-wise for the price, very jealous! those humongous kallos hair mask tubs are another fav of mine.

No. 113029

Polanon here, is this thing good for people for skin prone to acne? I want to give it a shot, never heard about the brand. Where you can buy it? Rossmann?

No. 113031

I would recommend the violet version because this one is VERY strong. People love it or hate it, my skin being the latter - when you think about it, you're rubbing your face with salicylic acid at least two times a day - not every skin can take it. But it's worth trying, I got it on Allegro, I don't think they sell it in Rossmann but definitely have seen it in Natura and Hebe.

If you like Polish skincare, I recommend trying new lines of Bielenda, like Vege Detox or Botanic Spa, and their serums, especially Mezo Serum which is a skincare hit here.
Nacomi is also a superb brand, you can't go wrong with it.
Vianek & Sylveco can be hit or miss, as they often use oils that are more comedogenic. Sylveco has a sub-brand Biolaven which is a bit higher quality, along with Aloesove, cosmetics based on aloe vera.

Hope that helps!

File: 1437667091536.jpg (586.18 KB, 1892x1125, eye.jpg)

No. 43611[Reply]

Lets post a picture of your eye/eyes only and I/others can follow up with what I think would look good on you .
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No. 112152

File: 1553980001447.jpeg (56.46 KB, 900x299, A3D00421-F620-40F4-8E24-4BDEB4…)

my skin looks so bad right now sorry

I mostly just use lighter colored eyeshadows, pinks and golds and mascara to accent my eyes, because my workplace is what's considered "conservative" retail and really doesn't like me wearing much darker eyeshadow

I haven't plucked or waxed my brows in awhile, i almost always get them arched when I do, they look better with an arch, but right now they're more straight across

No. 112162

To be honest I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't say it - and no one's face is completely symmetrical so don't worry about it too much. If you're worried about it I would go see a really good threader/waxer and ask for their advice - maybe thin the higher one off a bit on the top to make them look more even? Or you could fill the lower one in a bit on the top. I have the same thing with the fronts of my brows - I use brow gel to fix them both growing upwards

What you're doing looks cute I think! Maybe try a mascara that's more lengthening than thickening? I like Glossier's lash slick for a thinner more lengthening look

No. 112188

Your eyeshape is cute

No. 113028

File: 1555145063507.jpg (40.41 KB, 600x395, tits-or-gtfo.jpg)


No. 114442

Damn, I really have a hard time to dox my own eyes in a place where I'm talking shit about others, yall are brave. Iirc there was this homely looking girl who was cute sorta and she posted her own pic on here and she didn't care (assuming it wasn't larping) so I guess it's the same case with you all.

File: 1528641528783.gif (512.03 KB, 500x278, k.gif)

No. 84734[Reply]

Share stories about good dates, relationships, etc.
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No. 112839

same anon. i'm so happy farmers. my bf is absolutely amazing. he's my best friend and i love him so much. everything is better just with him being there. making food together, cleaning together, hell just existing in the same space is the most comforting thing on earth. we want each other to grow and always encourage each other to be the best we can be. we can talk about anything and it's just been so healthy. it's not official yet but we know we're going to get married as soon as we're able to support ourselves.

and here's a tmi i was spending the weekend with him and a lot happened so i won't go into details, but i really feel like a part of his family and i was overwhelmed with just how in love i felt. on my last night there we were planning on going right to sleep since we were exhausted, but we held each other and looked into each other's eyes, said how much we love each other and thanking the other for everything, and slowly we leaned in for a peck. we kept kissing, very slowly and lovingly. it led to incredible sex, the best either of us have ever had, it felt like we were melting into each other. it was so slow, gentle, passionate, and loving.

i don't know what did i do to deserve such a beautiful human in my life but i'm so glad he's a part of it

No. 112858

Sounds really cute but how old are you and how long have you two been together?

No. 112865

i'll be 22 this year and he'll be 25, it's been a little over 7 months

No. 112886

I hate men as a whole but I also dislike and distrust women though overall my fear and hatred of men is much higher
I love my husband more then anything or anyone else in the world and wished we just be alone together for the rest of our lives

No. 112905

this is not cute lol you sound like a 14 year old edgelord

File: 1519703587547.jpg (46.26 KB, 318x400, Evil Legs.jpg)

No. 75631[Reply]

There is another thread for fit girl problems, but this is a thread open for everyone regardless of your experience with fitness and exercise.

Some ideas for what to discuss:
>share your fitness/body/health goals
>ask questions
>exchange tips and advice
>post routines
>update on progress
>vent about roadblocks
>give support!

Hopefully this thread can be a mix of people who are totally new and people who have been at it for a while. We can help each other out.
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No. 112698

water retention from starting a new exercise regimen! This is really normal and should start to drop off. I usually only use a tape measure for the first month/6 weeks of a new workout plan since the water retention from your muscles repairing themselves and getting stronger is a little demoralizing, but the proof is in the measurements shrinking/growing where you want (for me glute hypertrophy aka bigger hip measurement but shrinking waist.) You're for sure not gaining fat eating 1200 a day unless you're like 4'4" or something, but weight fluctuates like a mofo especially in active and athletic women

No. 112699

Romaleos and Powerlifts really aren't the same thing. The heel height is totally different. You're comparing one of the highest heels with one of the lowest. Also, that has nothing to do with what anon is talking about. She's been lifting in running shoes, which compress under load, causing instability. Switching to flat shoes means better stability and control of the bar, as well as now being able to bring foot drive into the mix. If she can lift well in a fully flat shoe like Chucks, she probably should, unless maybe if she's doing olympics. If she wants to try an elevated heel for some reason (really not any benefit for someone who has the mobility to hit squat depth without it), she can easily put her heels up on a 2.5 or 5 plate for free to find the minimum height needed to reach depth.

No. 112708

File: 1554708590374.jpg (14.78 KB, 650x650, Vengeance_2.jpg)

I used my old Nfinity Vengeance shoes. The outsole is a grip around the bottom edges and doesn't have any height to it. It's just a pad shaped like the bottom of my foot at this point

No. 112841

The main thing when picking shoes for weightlifting is that you don't want a squishy sole. Anything compressible is a no-go. Look at it similarly to comparing standing on a wooden floor vs standing on a bed. Since a squishy bed moves and shifts under you, it's a lot harder to hold your balance, especially when you're supporting a bar full of weight. The only 'advantage' a raised heel brings is if you don't have the posterior flexibility (hamstrings, calves, Achilles) to reach proper squat depth (crease of your hip even with or lower than your knee, don't go by your thigh being parallel to the floor) without letting your heels pop up. If those shoes don't compress and you can get all the way down with your feet flat on the ground and without your back curving down at the bottom ("butt wink"), you're good to go.

No. 113597

Not sure if this is relevant (but since work out /running shoes have to comfy then maybe) but I’m starting a hospital job with 12 hour shifts and not sure which would be the most comfortable long wear shoe. Any tips ladies?

File: 1470247022488.jpeg (827.78 KB, 2940x2789, image.jpeg)

No. 50894[Reply]

1) Does teeth whitening do more damage than good

2) Bleeding gums and how to fix it

3) Crooked teeth
4) Flossing good or bad debate
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No. 111135

I see, I'm actually getting them removed soon so that's a relief, and yeah they have felt tight for a while now. I'll bring it up with my dentist as well. Thank you anon!

No. 112794

File: 1554807756231.jpeg (86.21 KB, 750x785, 7D095523-4E09-4597-85A9-AF5552…)

Alright guys, give it to me straight. Does the do-it-at home kits with the blue light thing actually work?

No. 112796

I have adult braces after finally deciding I didn't want gaps in my teeth anymore and I don't mind them, but keeping them plaque-free is a major pain in my ass. I brush diligently, I use interdentals, I have a waterpik I use every night, I use mouthwash, and I still get plaque.

My dentist says this is just what happens when you have braces and it's not a problem with my oral hygiene, but having to get my teeth scaled and polished every three months is a pain. Does anyone here have any other tips on keeping your teeth plaque-free with braces?

No. 112797

They do work but are extremely bad for your teeth.

Dentists use H2O2 (or similar) to whiten your teeth. However, only dental practitioners, dental therapists and dental hygienists are legally allowed to treat your teeth with those bleaching agents. So these kits usually use NaClO2 (or, in other words: chlorine bleach), which they’re legally allowed to.

What this does is it dehydrates the teeth and therefore make it appear whiter. It also makes you lose tooth lustre. Your teeth become porous and stain more easily. This can be a permanent damage. It also leads to increased tooth sensitivity which is really difficult to treat.

The light thingy does absolutely nothing and is just for show purposes and to make it appear more professional.

Please do yourself a favor and either see a professional for something like that (although that can damage your teeth as well, but much, much less than those home bleaching kits) or don’t do it at all.

No. 112798

This is good to know, anon, thanks.

How much damage would it do if I had my teeth whitened by a professional? Or does it depend on the individual person's teeth?

File: 1530595048930.gif (517.94 KB, 498x498, 1530384478628.gif)

No. 87009[Reply]

Last one got locked, tell us where it hurts.
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No. 112757

I'm 24 and I have night terrors. They aren't frequent but when they happen I feel so guilty. Some of them have been in my own home, it'll always be the same sequence of a man stood over my bed I can't see properly, I start screaming, waking my neighbour up probably. This seems to happen more when I'm sleeping over a friend's or in a new bed or environment.

Why do I have these? it's not normal to wake up screaming and worry my friends when they happen to be there and get waken up by it.

The worst one I had at my home was so intense that when I came to I was on my feet feeling the wall trying to find the light switch.

No. 112867

see a therapist

No. 113876

Hope I am not necroing, didn't find a new advice thread.
In the late childhood and early teens, I had this bestfriend that I had a very strong bond with. We shared taste in books, obsessed over music together and so on.
When I was 14 and she was 13, she dropped me for a bunch of wannabe mean girls that bullied me. She attempted to made amends about that in the past and I am obviously no longer angry (it's been over 10 years!). We met like twice for coffee with a mutual friend from that time (or rather frenemy, but that's irrelevant). We never went back to talking regularly… However every once in a blue moon she sends me a message on facebook, like a pic of a new book of a ya novel that we were crazy about in the past or a nostalgic merch. She asked me if I moved to UK as well.
All of this leads nowhere and I don't get why is she doing this.
She's socially well adjusted normie afaik and has friends everywhere why I continue to be a lonely sperg.
Can someone tell me what's her deal and what to do with her? Should I plainly ask her wtf she wants? I do not see the point in contacting your childhood friend randomly if you don't want to be friends again just to brag or send pics of something from your childhood. It seems jarring and selfish.
I get nostalgia, but when I stumble upon something that brings fond memories, I do not message a person I haven't spoken to in years (and who I cut out of my life willingly to boot, kek) to share it.

No. 114318

For the longest time there has been this girl that copies everything I do, we're in the same friendship group and it feels like the only time she interacts with me is when she wants to try and one-up me.

It's really creepy and my other friends have noticed that even if there's something she'd never taken interest in, worn or done, as soon as I do it you bet she does too.

I post an outfit on instagram, a week later she's gotten a similar one that she'd have never gotten before. She's been caught copying my makeup and I've tested this before by posting a new style and suddenly she's doing the same. She copies everything down to the captions on my posts and what I'm into, she even changes her usernames to match mine and if I change my profile picture and it gets attention the next day you can guarantee she'll do one too, same makeup, pose, filter, outfit, captions.

It's crazy if you see her posts and style and even personality before she suddenly followed me on all my social media after some copying started in person, because she had a style before that but now it's just a mess of an attempt to copy me down to dyeing her hair to be the same and spending lots of money on new clothes just to be able to have the same ones or similar ones to mine.

The weirdest one was suddenly following all of MY friends on social media and trying to suck up to them, and with the friends in our group I'm closest to, when we're hanging out she desperately tries to take attention away and sulks when they pay me any attention or compliments.

I can't confront her because she has a reputation as an argumentative and at times toxic individual but no matter what I do she has to try and outdo me and compete with me. I have done nothing but be polite to her and never given her any grief and I don't understand why she's so obsessed with copying my every move and choice and interest.

I get she's probably insecure but sometimes it goes as far as for her to try and antagonise me to these same friends for attention and a few people have commented that she's two-faced.

If the truth is she doesn't really like me much, why is she copying every little thing I do? it's like a gradual horror movie. At first I thought it was funny but it's starting to feel very aggressive. For a while I tried to give her the benefit of doubt but it's gone on for over a year now and she's made it clear tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 114625

How the do i get an office job? So many people complain about "boring office jobs" and how they fuck around on Netflix and Reddit all day, Id kill for a cozy 9-5 job doing nothing. Ive been stuck in retail/food for years and its killing my knees standing/running/lifting all day and having an erratic schedule/weekends never guarenteed

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