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File: 1543034861786.jpg (40.86 KB, 1024x600, joogpgrne6021.jpg)

No. 101362[Reply]

My new hobby is reporting thots to the IRS. You can help too. For every substantial tip, you can be financially rewarded.
Tumblr and Instagram are especially profitable hunting grounds.
Do your part to stop cyber prostitution.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 101682

Eh idk about that…I think they're just jealous nobody wants to pay to see their dick

No. 101758

if they make over $10k a year there's no reason they shouldn't pay income tax. especially if they're the type always ranting about how it's a legitimate career and should be respected. your standard unsexy e-begger has to file their patreon income too.

still, this is sad and pathetic and i would never do it because who gives a fuck.

No. 103528

Its not something that should be romanticized or seen as empowering. f you want to suck dick for money so be it but dont expect to be seen as a person every again.
No shit. What of it?
Then they have nothing to worry about.

No. 103530

I hate seeing the “well if you are paying your taxes then who cares that we’re going to actively harass you?”

Like No shit, I pay taxes, most people I know do but it’s just annoying to see self important people treat you shitty under the guise of them disliking you for a fake ass lie. They should just say I hate sex workers/cam girls or I hate women and be honest with themselves.

No. 103548

I think they should be reported but it clearly started for misogynistic reasons. Start reporting esport players, youtubers, and twitch streamers male or female. I guarantee a bunch of them don't file taxes. Not to mention patreon and PayPal leeches. If they want to bitch and moan about it being a difficult real job let's see if they're getting fucked by Uncle Sam like the rest of us.

File: 1445077805481.jpg (17 KB, 460x288, babyBlues_1661772c.jpg)

No. 49996[Reply]

This is probably an odd talk, but can we talk about pregnancies, babies and all that kinda shit? I'm sure some of you farmers have kids here, while some of you are feeling the pressure to have kids and whatnot.
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No. 103031

Just wanted to empathise about not being believed about being in labour. I was having irregular but painful contractions for a week but was told it was “just a UTI”. The hospital finally admitted me over concern for my mental health because my head was fucked from the pain and uncertainty. The day after I was admitted I had a scan and found out the baby was measuring post term at 38 weeks and I had polyhydramnios/too much amniotic fluid. They refused to consider inducing me and just wanted to check me for gestational diabetes despite meeting none of the criteria/risk factors except the fluid. That night I went into labour, suddenly started having contractions every 6 minutes out of nowhere then down to every 3 within an hour. It took the midwives an hour and a half to come check me and when one eventually did I was 4cm. The fuck ups continued from there but at least they believed I was in labour from that point I guess?

Also the fucking paracetamol. Paracetamol does fuck all when I have a headache, the fuck is it going to do when my body is cranking up to push a baby out

Oh, and after I gave birth I asked about the UTI test results. I didn’t have one lmao

No. 103072

Anyone else have a horrible birth? Mine still effects me years later.. Idk if I'm just weak or if anyone else feels this way

No. 103135

My birth was terrible. The epidural went to my face, so I had to feel everything still. I was so unprepared.

No. 103137

i had a natural birth (don't ask, i wanted to die at the time) and it was like the most painful thing i ever felt. i have really painful scar tissue that didn't heal properly 10 years later…

the nurse was also a cunt and wouldn't hand my baby to me so i had to pick him up out of the bassinet and was scared to death i'd drop him.

No. 103157

My epidural didnt work instead caused horrible back pain. My baby got stuck and it was horrifying.. I tore really bad too.. Its been four years now. Will I ever feel OK w it?

File: 1528641528783.gif (512.03 KB, 500x278, k.gif)

No. 84734[Reply]

Share stories about good dates, relationships, etc.
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No. 102758

Same. My ex has ever only loved himself and I'm quite sure is incapable of loving or caring about anyone else. I love a lot of posts in this thread, but man, >>102738 had me tearing up. I wish my previous relationship with that asshole could've been like this. Even half of it.

No. 102762

just popping in to say i love these posts, best of luck to all happy anons :')
can we expand this thread to include good sex stories? after reading the bad sex thread it's hard to imagine there's guys who care

No. 102763

pls no, go make a sex story thread if you wanna read lewd stuff

No. 102861

I really wish I could contribute to this thread but my ex who I thought was a nice person turned to be a monster. I'm so afraid of men now but reading these stories gives me hope that there is a non sadistic man out there that won't abuse and physically scar me and love me at least a little bit.

Good luck anons and I wish your love remain as strong as ever.

No. 102862

It's heartwarming to read these stories. tbh they sound so good to the point of sounding fabricated but I'm sure it's just because I had the most negative experience of having a sexually abusive father and an ex that beat me and induced abortion.

I really want to believe these stories are true and actually happened, and that they're not just imaginary ideal relationships lol

File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584[Reply]

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.
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No. 102562

I have one of those too, it works better than a normal brush but it's still extremely brushing hair that roots from my crown.

No. 102795

Any idea on how to stop dying your hair?

I know this might be easy for some people but I have been dying my hair since I was 11. Not by choice either. I was hitting puberty and my hair began to darken so my mother started to bleach my hair blonde. Ever since then I've had my hair dyed. I honestly have no idea why it's addicting now, it's just so hard to stop. I realize I feel comfortable with my natural hair color, the longest I've grown was 2 years and it was difficult to get that far.

Any advice? What do you anons think would take away urges or help lessen them?

No. 102797

Maybe try to dye it only a shade lighter/darker so it won't be a big difference? Or use non permanent stuff?

No. 102800

So it’s the actual act of dying your hair that you like? You could always just start doing a deep conditioning mask once a month instead, applying it feels similar to dying your hair. Some even deposit a small amount of color.
Or if the reason you don’t feel comfortable with your natural color is because you think you look better with the dyed color, maybe look into color analysis. It could be that you need to wear different colors of makeup and clothing with your natural color than what you’ve been wearing with your dyed hair.

No. 102844

Thanks anons, I think you have a point with the makeup. I actually don't wear makeup but have been wanting to for ages. I think like you say, if I try wearing makeup and focus on different makeup I'd be able to not get so bored with my hair.

I'll try experimenting with makeup and see how it goes. My hair is weeping for a break.

File: 1533427564953.jpg (141.78 KB, 600x337, EndMe.jpg)

No. 91012[Reply]

Can we have a body image thread? How do you get over the feeling of feeling absolutely hideous? Please share advice and stories. I'm not bad looking and I'm fairly fit, but I just feel ugly despite my boyfriend telling me otherwise. I want to be more comfortable with myself and being able to show it to him.
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No. 101050

Isn't that called "knock knees". I think there exist correction exercise for that if you google around

No. 102665

is this satire?

No. 102701

I mean, I've just come to terms with being ugly. It's not like it's my fucking fault.
I'm kinda ugly, and I feel ugly. But I don't think it's a bad thing anymore.

No. 102722

I gained almost 20kg/44lbs after a long battle with an ED. I isolated myself during that period and it was surprisingly easy to accept my body without other people constantly commenting on what I look like. Now I'm doing my best to loose weight the healthy way but people are commenting on my body again making it really friggin difficult

No. 102730

I have them too + my ankles seem to bend inward. >>101050 is right, there are exercises to fix these and you can always go to a professional

File: 1505419616171.jpg (10.57 KB, 700x525, download.jpg)

No. 95765[Reply]

how do anons feel about the pale skin dark hair aesthetic?

is it unique and captivating or sallow and anemic?

for pastychans: what styling do you find the most flattering? colors or makeup trends you avoid?

also post qt girl pix
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No. 97927

File: 1539123254614.jpg (99.85 KB, 652x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u3.jpg)

No. 97928

File: 1539123302264.jpg (215.99 KB, 910x1365, 1468399226975.jpg)

No. 98276

In the thumbnail: age 19 - 29 - 40

No. 102727

File: 1544463613513.png (785.06 KB, 777x717, 1542364332931.png)

No. 102728

File: 1544463811489.jpg (140.99 KB, 1024x768, 1543665877939.jpg)

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 102110

>My current bf is like 5ish inches and not that thick and it's so noticeable to me lol. Sex is still okay but not as good as it should be.
Why are you dating him, then?

No. 102116

She probably loves him.
Are you dick-sperg-manon? pls go.

No. 102492

Lol anon I feel like you're dating my ex. He's Chinese-Malay and 6'1 with a 6inch (according to him, I figured a bit under) and used to mention his brother has a "fat cock" (he apparently noticed when he was wearing sweat pants). Idk what's up with all these guys scoping their brothers junk

No. 102823

My boyfriend's dick is nearly 10 inches and it's great. Hurts in certain positions sometimes, but mostly I just feel really full. Honestly I could never do under 8" again. All dicks in thread pic are a fail.

No. 104478

I think you just have a bad sense of scale.

File: 1543718073659.jpeg (32.25 KB, 591x336, 8F760678-E476-4063-8E3F-1776FB…)

No. 101926[Reply]

I always wanted to be the type of woman who takes sexy selfies and knows she’s hot as fuck regardless of what anyone says but instead I’m a shy adult woman who is uncomfortable in her own body. I heard faking it until you make it works…but how do I fake it?

It doesn’t matter how hot you are if you don’t have confidence you’ll come off as weird…so let’s discuss that here.

No. 101929


Faking it until you make it really is all you can do if you didn't grow up confident. In the beginning you obviously won't feel confident like whatever you're saying, it'll feel weird and maybe even wrong, but repeating compliments to yourself and taking note of little things you like in your appearance (usually during mornings when you see yourself in the mirror and are about to start the day) can build up. It worked for me and some of my friends so I can say that it absolutely does have results.

Also, practice taking photos that utilize flattering angles. Insta models wouldn't be nearly as sexy/pretty if they didn't have their angles and filters, so just try and do that and DON'T get discouraged if you feel ugly in the first few tries. Doesn't happen overnight. Best of luck.



No. 101930

What about all those really loud and ugly women who go around acting like hot shit?or fat women who wear really sluttt clothes despite their fat spilling out?

No. 101931

Build confidence in something other than your hotness. Take care of yourself, but people who only care about how hot they are have nothing to envy.

No. 101969

Why do you associate taking sexy selfies with confidence? I think it's rather the opposite. I think most of social media hoes seek validation desperately and despite great bodies they're insecure af
It's not self-confidence to show yourself off
Self-confidence would be not giving a fuck and not feeling the need to flash your body for the approval of random people, because what matters is your own acceptance.
I know some may have a completely different take on this. I just don't agree with this "you do you queen! She does this for herself!" sentiment.

So yeah, I think you could improve if you'd sort your views and opinions out… And there's no magical way to become more self-confident, it's a long ass tough process of working on yourself. No one on lolcow can help you, really. You know yourself the best. Do some introspection and try working on your weak points.

File: 1536705525129.png (54.33 KB, 648x1122, 2018names.png)

No. 94920[Reply]

Let's talk about names!

>Names you love

>Names you hate
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
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No. 101811

i love that name so much and a little girl being called andie is so cute
basically for most of the names y’all are too scared to use id say go for it (unless they are just too ridiculous) you don’t want to regret not using a name you love cuz you’re scared how others will think
on another note how do y’all feel about the name Pree i’ve being thinking about using it as a nickname for patricia. patricia was my grandmothers name that passed away and we were really close but i don’t like patsy and im not sure about tricia
also i’m a big fan of neutral milk hotel and they use that name and i’ve always loved it

No. 101822

Tfw my name is here. No worries anon, I also hate the way my name sounds.
You jinxed it!!

No. 101913

File: 1543710052186.jpg (143.45 KB, 500x421, i cry.jpg)

i love such weird fucking pretentious names like Roman, Royal, Llewellyn, Star, Beowulf, Aegon, Hailey, Jorah, Fionn, etc. i'd probably name one of my kids this bc i secretly wanna be the woman with the kids with the pretentious names

No. 101917

Low-key child abuse

No. 101919

Roman and Hailey aren’t too pretentious

File: 1515765974248.jpg (34.49 KB, 477x595, IMG_2256.JPG)

No. 73186[Reply]

Is it possible to get to low bmis without being Ana and starving yourself and keeping you skin and face looking healthy?any tips? This is a thread for people who want to discuss getting to low weights in healthy ways. 5'5 at 120 but I'd like to be 100lbs. I use to be 95 lbs in my teens but it's easier to not look completely sick and haggard at low eights when you're young. I've flirted with the idea of losing weight but I don't wanna end up looking like a crack head.
80 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 99817

Forgot to say, it gets a bad rap sometimes, but the /r/fitness subreddit has been very useful to me since trying to drop the weight. I highly suggest checking it out as they have some workout routines stickied on there. Some are aimed a big burly viking men, but they have some available for women to use.

No. 99818

It's possible to lose weight, but you might be setting yourself up for failure with such a low goal to start.
That said, just try planning your meals ahead of time and doing prep for anything that can be prepped on Sundays and in the evening. This includes snack portions. It's helpful to have a food plan for your day.

No. 100119

>>99813 52kg at 178cm seriously sounds like ana goals. Why not go for 56kg? And maybe add some muscle. (then you get the bonus of being able to eat more!)

If you get sick and can't eat you're gonna have a bad time.

No. 100126

I’m about to get clear aligners for my teeth, in part to actually straighten them, but also to keep me from snacking. I’m supposed to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, and brush & floss my teeth and clean my aligners each time I remove them. It sounds like a huge hassle. I can’t wait to simultaneously fix my smile and reach my weight goals.

No. 101756

File: 1543514909252.jpg (35.67 KB, 320x240, BeatYourGreens.jpg)

ngl anon, you inspired me to try and wear my retainers every night, instead of just when I feel guilty. I'm trying to put them in around 8pm, so I don't eat anymore after that.

For what it's worth, I'm currently 5'2, 123 lbs. I never really weighed myself back in the day, but I'd be happy anywhere in the 100-110 range. I honestly feel like exercising never did much for me weight-wise, calorie counting seems to work better for me for whatever reason. Also, I live in the freezing midwest, I love going on long walks but the weather is now making that impossible.
>tfw it's already an icy tundra outside and it's only going to get worse and all you want to do is eat comfort food/cozy carbs in ur pjs

I'm trying to not go too crazy too soon, so my goal is around 1000 calories a day.

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