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File: 1670137869550.jpg (53.07 KB, 600x900, iEtWuoXKx4ZKbIWwJp1V76Heavy.jp…)

No. 302224[Reply]

Just as the subject states

Post and discuss women you find hot who would possibly be considered unconventionally attractive.

Picrel is my example I think Bonnie Aarons is stunning and so attractive
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No. 329213

Me too. Some of the plump women I used to see in fatspo threads (when I used to browse EDtwt for fun and milk) were so cute.

No. 329298

She's conventional too

No. 329800

File: 1684647344036.jpeg (75.34 KB, 1536x864, 9EBE6B66-8BED-4268-9A8E-B8198D…)

Idk if she counts as unconventional but would. Weirdly enough I’m not even that terfy compared to most posters on here and her videos bore me but she was so fine

No. 329801

saw Magdalyn on home page and immediately had to click! I love her and you are powerful for seeing her beauty. May she rest in power

No. 329914

File: 1684697609826.jpg (356.24 KB, 1464x2048, licensed-image.jpg)

Betsy Sodardo
1/4 her voice 1/4 her charisma 1/4 her eyebrows 1/4 her figure (cute chub)
Love her to bits I wanna kiss her on the lips as the famous db would say

File: 1605269471961.jpg (202.34 KB, 1880x1409, b882044400z1_20190717155247_00…)

No. 159633[Reply]

For anyone who is anti-porn, a recovering porn addict, or wants to lower their usage.

>Why are you anti-porn?

>When did you decide to quit?
>Did porn make you depressed?
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
>and whatever else you want to say
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No. 266847

Similar place as you, been off porn for so long in a relationship and recently watched it while drunk and I didn't realize how triggering it would be seeing all that shit again. It's honestly brain damaging and soul crushing and in my opinion the only way to heal is to remove yourself from social media brainwashing and porn entirely, and make sure that if you do have a partner, that they accept you for who you are and don't push any kind of perceived looks or sex tactics on you. Its much easier to curate your life online than ever before with ad blockers, following positive accounts like art or nature etc. There are also so many hobbies out there and heaps of options to keep you preoccupied from worrying about beauty and sex standards. Even if you spend more time online you can still avoid all that crap. Porn is toxic to everyone and I hope one day people step up and get rid of it as it's ruining people's minds, willpower, relationships and self image.

No. 266952

I am recovering from a porn addiction since tweens. Its been a difficult ride with lots of ups and downs, quit and relapsed many times. Now I managed to cut down to doujins and then to erotica, and then finishing off with fantasies in my head, and masturbating every night, not even horny just addicted.

But now I've been 12 days clean from masturbation and porn/erotica. I don't think masturbating by focusing on your body and feeling is bad, but for me it triggered porn use and an addiction. Going to try to go for a month without, then see if my brain has rewired to go without messed up texts or fantasies.

No. 267097

I relapsed recently too after months without and felt the same way actually. I was going to post about it actually, but then found other anons' posts. I only masturbated to "flush" my system (I've had painful cysts/cramps recently likely due to my endometriosis and was hoping it would somehow help), and I knew watching porn would make the process quicker.
I did not expect to get the feelings that I did when I went back to porn. I felt very strange. Porn made sex look like a disgusting act. When I use my imagination, I always imagine it to be loving, another way to be intimate…and it is always mutual between both parties. But, even the most "normal" porn seemed to be dehumanizing and humiliating for the woman. Like she was just a tool to be used for the male. She was being USED. She was only a body. I did not like this power dynamic that was being more obviously displayed in porn.
I had to remind myself that women are people too. That I am a person, with feelings. I am not an object. And sex does not have to be a humiliating act. It does not have to degrade. There are some scrotes that will want to use me for sex, yes, but I can avoid them. There are still those men that will only treat sex as a way to show me love and give me pleasure, and only if I wanted it, it would not be forced upon me.
I did not feel gross thinking of sex when it was my imagination, but the porn brought all of those feelings back. I feel like it connected my feelings to when I was a kid too, when I was exposed to porn too young, and was taught by it that the women were only objects being used for the male's pleasure. And how pained the women looked when they had sex…I used to think it was normal when I was younger, that that was how it was. I'm glad that I eventually found myself and learned that sex was for me too, and that I did not have to be hit or pretend to have gross fetishes or hurtful words thrown at me, for the sake of someone else. Porn really does skew your mindset and views. I ended the session with thinking of a scenario in my imagination again, and already felt better. I am not going back to it.

No. 268432

This is a great thread. I got exposed to porn super early when I was hanging out at a friend's place, and I was 8. She and I both thought it was funny and started watching porn whenever we hung out after school (because both her parents worked, we had 0 supervision). It got to the point where I had drawn pornographic comics about stick figures for my own amusement because I thought it was funny and got in trouble for it. I can't even imagine how my parents felt when they saw it. I kept consuming porn pretty regularly, probably once or twice a week, then quit around 16 because I was too busy with work and school to have time to even consume it.
I relapsed here and there (maybe once every couple months) but I've been completely porn free since 2020 when I came across trafficking statistics among other things (poor mental health, trauma, and general sw stats and how children are groomed into it daily through internet etc). I just use my imagination or read erotica if I need to get off, rather than support an industry where women and children suffer and trafficked.
I don't know if I'll ever have kids but I'm horrified that I found porn that easily at 8 (and at a friend's house, which my parents obviously didn't have control over) and I don't know how I'll deal if I have a kid who's gonna be pornsick esp with smartphones being the easiest gateways to them. Sage for rambling

No. 329506

When I was a child (10-16) I was exposed to a lot of porn (both 2d and 3d) and I would basically consume anything and everything. Usually the only requirement would be that a woman is in it but at one point I was in so deep I would look at the most depraved things. I would also look at a lot of horrible gore. I would spend many hours a day just browsing and looking at this porn and gore and trying to masturbate to everything including decapitation and torture. I feel very dirty and want to forget everything. I'm lesbian but feel bad about calling myself one because I used to be a porn addicted child. I feel bad about even calling myself human because of what I grew up looking at.

File: 1598536874494.jpg (6.81 KB, 236x236, b0dbc0603eb192d2cf31dc0b28988a…)

No. 149198[Reply]

What makes your heart go doki doki? What are the things people do that are so cute you feel tightness in your chest?
My idea was for "romantic turn ons", but feel free to post platonic things too.
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No. 282539

Aw that's nice nonnie! But be careful, he's still a moid.

No. 282542

kissing practice plots in kpop fanfictions

No. 282576

This is not the place for that, go back to twitter

No. 282580

Her smile, always in a happy mood even when I didn't want to be there

No. 282993

File: 1661138514473.jpeg (92.78 KB, 620x649, FF1B72FD-EA4C-4C18-9096-EC0CA3…)

My psudeo-boss when she looks in my eyes and asks me to do something above my paygrade, and I surprise her by saying yes without any back talking or questioning/hard time because I know she deserves a break too sometimes. My partners face when I bring home a surprise she really didn’t expect, from something big like a new gadget she’s been hinting at wanting or just a cup of ice to chew on from her favorite place. When one of my cats stretches and sprawls out when they’re napping on my lap. When I cook or bake something and share with someone, and they tell me what they liked about it. Not getting charged for extra sauce at the drive through when I’m patient with the visibly exhausted employees. Finding out someone I’m aquatinted with likes the same music or art as me and getting to talk about it without having to hide the enjoyment of the topic at hand, or trying to play it “cool”. When someone makes a joke about one of my habits or quirks, making me feel seen and noticed in a non invasive way. Being kind to people even if they aren’t any kinder to me in return, because I’ve been that same prickly entity in the past. Meeting new people and learning their stories and the contradictory natures of their own lives. Humans are so multifaceted and weird and I love them all so much, our head hair can grow longer than our bodies if we let it, we live so long like 80 years is such a long time to think about, we have helped each other for as long as we have documented ourselves. It really does make my heart flutter to think about the love humanity contains and continues to show for each other even with a greedy oligarchy of billionaires running the planet and its inhabitants into the ground. I’m slowly allowing myself to live in this body and I’m quite enjoying making myself at home in this person I’ve grown into, even if I still keep the anger I have for the way things are versus the way things could should or would be. I love the world around me so the world around me returns the love.

File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082[Reply]

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.
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No. 329048

Men who like to fix stuff around the house and know their way around tools. I'm self-taught and can do basically anything from hanging a picture to completely renovating an apartment. Too many times men have tried to either force me to quit my hobby or at least get me to do the decor shit like painting. Wimpy nerd boys who can't use a hammer > skilled macho men.
Yeah, I know it's unusual. Hence posting in this thread.

No. 329056

Lol yeah sorry. They are friendly, outgoing, happy, usually an “ideal boyfriend” type. They tend to have been in lots of relationships because they like everybody, and everybody likes them. I find they have wandering eyes and are either waaay different one-on-one or lacking in emotional depth

No. 329066

That's men of every ethnicity tbf.

No. 329080

File: 1684355455968.jpg (11.8 KB, 425x407, E25g1abWEAUHSHN.jpg)

>nose piercings (I think it can look good on people, I just don't like it)
>facial piercings in general (ok on women)
>identifies with a religion
>unironically uses the political compass
>way too political in general
>absurdly square shaped jaw
>disproportionate hands
>short fingernails (like the kind that nail biters have)
>fat wrists
>shorter than me (I'm short so almost everyone is taller than me anyways)
>way too obsessed with fashion
>buys from luxury clothing brands
>women who wear really heavy eye makeup
>men who seriously dye their hair an unnatural color (it looks good on women though idk)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 329095

Kek I think that’s just insecure men being insecure when you are a woman and better than them at something that’s not traditionally feminine. Like, the nerdy boy will mansplain to you about Metallica and sulk because you beat him at Mario Kart or are more knowledgeable about Dostoyevsky than him or whatever. I do find the assumption that just because you’re a woman you’re automatically great at decor annoying. My bf is a tradie and I love that he’s practical but not a condescending bitch about it.

File: 1661694468150.jpg (103.82 KB, 976x549, original.jpg)

No. 284035[Reply]

I'm a working woma. in her late 20's. Finding friends IRL has always been a huge struggle and nearly impossible, especially when you have mental health issues. I either only find alt right people or SJWs and no one in between.
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No. 328952

File: 1684301463238.jpg (35.37 KB, 564x435, wwasadsd.jpg)

>Weirdly I found an ex-farmer and she's my hairstylist now and whenever I get my hair done we talk about the usual topics I'd browse lc for
wtf I'm kind of jealous. If you're still here, anon, what boards did she frequent?

In one of the FB groups I'm in, a woman posted about how she recently moved around where I live and hadn't been able to make friends since. That invited a lot of other women to comment and I wanted to chime in so bad. Most were around my age, but they all stated they wanted to connect with other women who have children in their introductions, which I can understand. The few who said they didn't have kids look like I wouldn't connect with at all, judging from their profiles. I never leave the house so I thought this was a nudge from the gods, but I guess not for me.

No. 328971

This is something I wonder too. Most women my age and in my occupation IRL are married with kids, and social media/online spaces tend to skew younger (I'm at a point where 25 is young to me), have NEET types, or are full of both right and left political extremist crap. I've managed to find online friends that lived nearby by pure chance, one time I got a DM from someone who used to live in my city, but we drifted apart due to circumstance.

No. 328981

I also have this issue. I just can't stand people who are internet illiterate. I have been on various imageboards for more than 10 years and I just can't be friends with anyone who doesn't have at least a tiny bit of autism. I used to post on /soc/ on 4chan and met a lot of gross moids but a few okay friends over the years. I tried adding only women but they were all really crazy and not in the fun way. I used to be in the crystal Cafe discord but I left due to insecurity and then when I tried to go back, I found it had been deleted.
Friend finding apps don't work for me because most people say they have creative hobbies like writing or sewing but they're only vaguely interested in them yet slap the labels on like accessories.

No. 328982

I also have this issue. I just can't stand people who are internet illiterate. I have been on various imageboards for more than 10 years and I just can't be friends with anyone who doesn't have at least a tiny bit of autism. I used to post on /soc/ on 4chan and met a lot of gross moids but a few okay friends over the years. I tried adding only women but they were all really crazy and not in the fun way. I used to be in the crystal Cafe discord but I left due to insecurity and then when I tried to go back, I found it had been deleted.
Friend finding apps don't work for me because most people say they have creative hobbies like writing or sewing but they're only vaguely interested in them yet slap the labels on like accessories.

No. 328983

I also have this issue. I just can't stand people who are internet illiterate. I have been on various imageboards for more than 10 years and I just can't be friends with anyone who doesn't have at least a tiny bit of autism. I used to post on /soc/ on 4chan and met a lot of gross moids but a few okay friends over the years. I tried adding only women but they were all really crazy and not in the fun way. I used to be in the crystal Cafe discord but I left due to insecurity and then when I tried to go back, I found it had been deleted.
Friend finding apps don't work for me because most people say they have creative hobbies like writing or sewing but they're only vaguely interested in them yet slap the labels on like accessories.

File: 1620037764421.jpg (203.95 KB, 500x723, bread.jpg)

No. 183298[Reply]

A thread regarding baking and cooking.

Feel free to:
>share recipes
>post what you've made
>show what you want to make in the future
>ask questions about what you're struggling with
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No. 314944

GF Pizza. Make doughs in advance

No. 318602

I want to make a soup with gnocchi in it. If I want to save up the rest for leftovers (because I'll definitely have a lot of soup), do I need to worry about the gnocchi soaking up the broth? I remember once I made a ton of chicken noodle soup and by the next one or two days the noodles had soaked up all the soup and there was no soup left

No. 318691

Gnocchi are potatoes and flour, they'll soak up any broth or sauce. Always put away leftovers separately.

No. 328734

Can anynonnie please recommend me a recipe for when you have nausea?
Something easy and possibly vegetarian, ethnic food is super okay, too
My neck pain and chronic headache is killing me and eating my usually comforting 'rice-cooked-in-milk' every day for almost two weeks is getting tiresome…

No. 328742

If you have a blender I'd recommend trying a carrot ginger soup! There's some good easy recipes online and you can make a lot at once so you have enough to eat multiple times.
Ginger also works really well to reduce nausea as an added plus, and soup is easy on the stomach.

File: 1620974567088.jpg (38.91 KB, 465x465, 51ac69076c0077c023407d9e5926d0…)

No. 189175[Reply]

What is your experience with body dysmorphia/hating how you look in general? How to cope?
361 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 320452

Body dysmorphia is destroying my life. I sit hours in front of the mirror and nitpick my face. I only go out with make up and I redo my hair 1000 times and then just put on a cap. When my hair looks nice I want to cry because It feels like I put lipstick on a pig. I watch make up tutorials on Pinterest and think if I were just so pretty. Its so vain right. I rarely make selfies because it makes me want to cry and hide for ever. But when I see a two weeks old selfie of myself I think oh I was cute! But it feels like no now its over now you are busted. This all makes no sense and I feel like I can really not see what I look like at all. I guess I really need to stop obsessing over how I look. It feels like some kind of OCD. Is that a thing?

No. 320453

>when i see a two week old selfie I think cute
This is because selfies reverse/mirror your face so if you look at them rightt after you take them, you'll seeyour face mirrored and it'll make asymmetries more apparent because you'll be comparing your face to the mirrored version. If you don't understand what I mean look up people taking videos applying inverted filter, that's what happens and asymmetries and flaws become more apparent to the eye because of the comparison.

No. 321397

I hate how I look different in every single photo. I feel like I have no idea how I "actually" look. Is it the mirror? the selfie? the photos other people take? I look like 3 completely different people.

No. 321437

Are you me? I am the same, I moved on to fictional characters but even then I started to feel bad. I would start sabotaging my own fantasies and think "if he was real he would despise me, he would think I was hideous". Things got better, but I still feel like this from time to time. Right now I am on a bad moment in my life and I am back to thinking all this. I am always uncomfortable in public.

No. 328733

Got the worst attack of dismorphia yesterday as I saw a girl with small toned thighs and a beautiful bubble butt
I just want to have normal thighs instead I have the body of a Slavic babushka with huge thighs and hip dips which make my butt look so stupid
It's not like I'm overweight, I have a muscular physique thanks to my job but I still don't look neither toned nor actually muscley
The even stupidest part is that I love big thighs, like soft cute warm thigh? Yes please sit on my lap and squish me you beautiful marshmallow! Huge muscular thighs? Here's my face please sit on it and let me die between your magnificent logs!
I just wonder why I was build this ugly I want a refund

File: 1646772554123.jpg (62.83 KB, 640x742, 59e3c682a33feffc333f9fd63242b8…)

No. 248328[Reply]

The good, the bad, the ugly. Share your experiences here, what are the best apps to use, your success stories, cringeist interactions, horror, etc.

Previously >>>/g/82463
490 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 328588

Why don’t you actually mean it tho?

No. 328590

Mean what?

No. 328596

ayrt (romanianon tier spergfag) and I was replying to this anon >>322717 and not this thread in particular kek, and I autosaged because I know I'm a blackpilled sperg

Getting back to dating apps I've tried all 'major' ones like hinge, coffee meets bagel, okcupid and they all have the same batch of men I sperged about. TLDR is they all suck in their own way. Okc has the ugliest and fattest ones, coffee meets bagel moids are somewhat decent but can't keep a convo + megaboring, and hinge is basically same thing as moids looking for hookups aka tinder.

No. 328597

Tbh even though basically everyone uses dating apps they're all pretty trash. Especially if you're only looking for a male partner. It's like they get on these apps and manage to be even worse versions of themselves because they aren't interacting with you IRL.

No. 328598

I know anons will accuse me of victim blaming but personally I don't think posting your face online is the smartest idea in 2023. There's scary tech and ill intentions out there, better not.

File: 1639196986268.png (363.97 KB, 902x620, ouguouggo.png)

No. 216852[Reply]

This thread is for all kinds of wild, crazy, weird, funny, hilarious, gross etc encounters we find on shein or other similar cheapo online clothing store brands. For some reason, the cheaper it is the cringe it gets. Shein in particular has a lot of weird reviewers with no shame and lack of self awareness. Post away.
194 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 328047

File: 1684031618525.jpg (13.8 KB, 299x460, 16635194143683f8d962a5081a1542…)


Kek not only the dress is the most ugly crap I have ever seen, it is also riddled with troons with actually wear this kind of coomer weeb shit

No. 328055

Is that a troon? I literally thought that was a hispanic auntie at first and was really confused as to why she would buy that.

No. 328214

I have a hard time believing that they ever make more than one item in any particular size. It's not like you're paying for quality control. Every item is probably unique in some unfortunate way.

No. 328323

this reminds me of those tight-fitting skirts with a random drawing that you can buy from redbubble. I never understood those type of skirts and I have never seen anyone buy them or wear them. I'm legit sureprised to see people call this dress pretty. tight clothes with a stretch drawing looks bad objectively

No. 328548

File: 1684170800087.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.22 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230515_131305_Gal…)

This troons(?) Face and lingerie set.

File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207[Reply]

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.
498 posts and 133 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 327934

File: 1684005834526.jpg (321.23 KB, 1478x2048, Ful5bNZWIAA3Fca.jpg)

He looks so much better with facial hair it's insane. And being platinum blond doesn't suit him at all. Usually I think the reverse but h's the exception. I want that pink jacket so bad.

No. 327945

Isn't Ken supposed to be the ultimate pretty boy?
WTF were they thinking

No. 327955

he looked pretty in his youth, especially in that scene in the football movie where he kisses some guy

No. 327978

I could never find him attractive because he looks so much like a younger blue eyed blond-ish version of my uncle, in-law uncle but still, he's also a retarded conspiratard boomer.

No. 328094

I think Ken is supposed to be a washed up old fag in the movie, but dont quote me on that

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