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Townhall Chat on Friday, March 20 @ 2PM GMT

File: 1522136019089.jpg (84.88 KB, 700x525, 00277.jpg)

No. 77187[Reply]

which country do u want to visit one day??
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No. 129146

Over the summer I went to England (London), Scotland (Glasgow) and Northern Ireland (Belfast). London sucked and was super overrated IMO, most everyone was snooty and I even had a cashier think I was homeless. Glasgow was decent, weather was bad and since we were dumb and got a cheap Airbnb, we were in a bad neighborhood and didn’t feel too safe. Overall, meh. Belfast was the highlight of the trip, everyone there was incredibly friendly and interesting. Once again we got a chepa Airbnb and were in a VERY Protestant area, with UVF flags literally outside the windows and the some of the murals right down the street. We still felt very safe, although some uber drivers were hesitant to drive us there lmao. We walked through the Shankhill (Protestant area within a catholic area) and a very drunk and mentally old man talked us into touring his house where he told us about his service in the British Army, and he had a gnarly scar across his hand from supposedly protecting his throat from an IRA soldier? He was also missing a finger. The restaurants and pubs in Belfast are great, they have a great nightlife scene, and it’s really quite beautiful. We got to go to the Game of Thrones exhibit when it was touring there, since a lot of GoT was filmed in Northern Ireland. The zoo is really nice too, significantly cheaper than any American zoos I’ve been to and the animals aren’t all locked in glass, a lot of them just have fencing besides obvious ones like tigers and monkeys. Overall I highly recommend any anons here to visit Belfast, just don’t make political statements to locals and definitely don’t answer anybody if you’re catholic or Protestant (through nobody asked us besides the elderly British army guy).

No. 129186

Hey slavanon. Do you want a Murican penpal? I'm trying pretty hard to learn slav.

No. 129212

No. 129213

Very likely.

No. 129226

Ew no. I'm majoring in slavic linguistics at college so it's my goal to be fluent in at least 3 Eastern European languages before I turn 25. Tried talking to these Russian guys on Interpals but they were major creeps.

Anyway you ppl are mean too so I'm out.

File: 1439145703006.png (407.18 KB, 500x455, table.png)

No. 51324[Reply]

Ok, so there was already a thread talking about some uni stuff, but I wanted to start a more general thread where we could all let off a little steam, ask for advice, etc.

I'm about to go back to uni to do a post-grad and people on the Facebook group are already pissing me off. 90% of the people on the course are whiny girls who haven't grown up since high school and all they have done is sit and bitch about how bad everything is away to be. I'm feeling really apprehensive about meeting people in person now, because I really wanted to just have a group of friends who I could hang out and study with.

These are definitely not the kind of people I want to have to spend time with if possible, but I don't wanna end up just hanging out with a bunch of dudes all year, so now i'm stressing out. What should I do?
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No. 127579

I was exactly like you. If you go to a good university chances are you'll change your mind once you start learning stuff and you'll become kind of an elitist yourself, but not in the way you think.
There's actual knowledge to art, the fact that it's subjective doesn't mean that anything flies.

No. 127585

I'm too embarrassed to meet with my success coach because I last met with her many years ago and I'm on my fifth year now… should I suck it up and go anyways to ensure I stay on task?

No. 128342

I need to start working on my thesis but I have no idea how to start or to find a teacher. I sent two emails to one teacher, but she didn't reply. Ugh…

No. 128354

i have two weeks left of my third year of my bachelor degree. after this i have two years left. i’m doing a double degree and i’ve basically finished my arts degree so the next two years are going to focused on my law degree aside from two subjects. ugh i don’t know how much longer i can take with this. i’m over halfway through which is good but i don’t have much motivation

No. 128498

I'm struggling with a random class that's required to graduate and it has nothing to do with my major or minor yet it's needed and writing intensive. I'm struggling to balance everything so I'm neglecting classes I'm doing well in so I can study more for this one..

File: 1575196709021.jpeg (77.09 KB, 483x1074, 9FF06606-8F4E-4AFE-8118-A85CC2…)

No. 128335[Reply]

Everything Pokemon post it

Thoughts on this “grass trainer concept art”?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1574869854362.png (477.13 KB, 575x381, A999E24F-4E3B-46A1-80B5-CA61E5…)

No. 128131[Reply]

I am a caddy for my part time job (best job for an unskilled highschooler or university student btw). There is this cute guy there I have a crush on, but he seems quite shy and just likes to read his book while waiting for a golfer. The few times we’ve talked he seems quite pleasant.

I’ve always known men were stronger than us, but it’s another thing to see it in person. I’ve noticed that when he caddies, he carries the entire golf bag with one arm by the handle up and out to his side, kind of like the pose when flexing your bicep, and he fucking SPRINTS with it. He runs ahead on each hole to see where the ball lands, and he runs significantly faster than the golf carts.

He doesn’t even look like some sort of muscle beast from /fit/. He’s just a tall, thin, toned guy who might lift a few times a week. He could probably kill me with a single punch, and then follow up with 80 more without running out of breath. I would probably have a panic attack if we got in an argument and he got angry and started shouting. I don’t even know how you could have an equal relationship with someone when the difference in power is so immense. They say it’s borderline rape when a CEO fucks an intern due to the difference in power, but what about physical power?

I was already a little afraid of men’s predatory instincts and behavior, but to see it reinforced that whenever I’m around men I’m only alive because they permit it freaks me out. How do you cope with this?

No. 128134

i first realised this when i was like 10 or 11 and my dad wanted to teach me that men are usually stronger than women so i would know to not go messing with men. he clasped my wrist in his hand and told me to try and remove his hand. i couldn’t do it and i guess his lesson has been ingrained in my head forever. when i’ve played wrestled with my girlfriend she has beat me easily so i’ve accepted the fact that i’m a very weak woman and if a guy ever wants to rape me i have no chance at fighting back. sorry op i have nothing in the way of reassurance

File: 1534719388629.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x482, 3e0c309f2c772280a33b1ec5c6ae1e…)

No. 92614[Reply]

Girls who like tattoos thread?

What are some of your favorite artists/tattoos? What tattoos do you already have? What do you want to get in the future?

The only other tattoo thread I could find on this website is a thread on /ot that had mainly comments that were anti-tattoo, but it would be nice to have a thread for girls who are tattoo admirers/enthusiasts!
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No. 127750

Don't get anything in that style. As stated by
>>127743 it will fade drastically within the next 10 years and you'll have massively pissed your money up the wall for nothing. Design wise, that's up to you, as it's going to be on your body. I am heavily tattooed (trad style) and have 2 pet tattoos - one is for a current pet the other is a memorial. The memorial one is the nicer of the two. It's a simple heart with a banner that wraps around it with my dog's name on it, framed by a few little flowers. Simple tends to be best, imo.

No. 127843

File: 1574382835854.jpg (49.08 KB, 600x751, cat-memorial-tattoo-_artitys_-…)

I think it's beautiful when people have tattoos for their pets. I considered getting one after my cat passed as a memorial type thing.

as other anons have said, the tattoo you posted is really pretty but you don't want to pack too much detail into such a small space as the tattoo will not last.

I know that's not what you want to hear as you said you wanted something smaller, but the bigger and the bolder the lines the better the tattoo will hold up.

No. 127844

what is the most you've ever paid for a tattoo - what was the tattoo of/how big? how about the cheapest?

No. 127845


420$ was the most I paid for a tattoo, it covers most of my rib cage. The cheapest would be the tattoos that I have done one myself

No. 127846

Most I've paid for one is £220, it's on my back just below my neck and across my shoulders. You never want to skimp on price because you tend to get what you pay for with tattoos.

File: 1574089105374.gif (1.26 MB, 350x197, tumblr_mxgpinyLDk1t2wbmao1_400…)

No. 127623[Reply]

Continued from:


No. 127624

There's like 100+ posts left tho

No. 127627

>anime OP pic

no thanks

No. 127628

the old thread has an anime pic, idiot.

File: 1514392731113.gif (465.03 KB, 300x225, makotocleaning.gif)

No. 72052[Reply]

Not trying to force any muh tradwomyn stuff onto anybody, but does anyone else genuinely enjoy home care/cleaning, etc? We can also discuss interior design!

I'm not a mom yet, but I've been going to this lady's site for a few years now because I enjoy her cleaning recipes: https://wellnessmama.com/?s=cleaning

The recipe section leaves much to be desired, but her makeup recipes also aren't too bad. Not even gonna venture making that foundation though.

I'm very fond of those dryer satchels that can be made by sewing some fresh lavender into the pouch. Its a nice alternative to dryer sheets. I also have experimented cleaning with a concoction of apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. I've found that lemon juice/oil does cut through grease and lavender oil is potent enough to kill staph. Plus, its a great antibacterial and its even used in hospitals to this day. I began to use natural cleaners after I had a bad reaction to bleach fumes.

Also, do you prefer incense or candles?
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No. 127027

I make a lot of my own cleaning products too and they're mostly baking soda and mild acid (vinegar or lemon juice) based. My husband pokes fun at me because I "use baking soda for everything" but it just works so well especially for stains and unpleasant smells.
The only problem I have is that it leaves a bit of a chalky residue sometimes and I'm not sure how to prevent that. It's easy enough to sweep away but it looks kinda gross.

No. 127039

What are the most important things you want to change/keep tidy?

I used to be a very messy person myself but I realised how much having a clean and tidy living area improved my overall mood so I slowly developed some good habits.

You should start small with one or two things that are most important to you, or the worst habits you know that you can change. Here's some of my habits that I slowly developed over time after moving into my own place:

- On sundays I do laundry, vacuum the floors and do a little bit of tidying up. Just getting things off of the floors or straightened up.
- I empty the dishwasher as soon as it is clean and dry, so that I can put whatever dirty dishes I have straight in the machine rather than letting them stack up. I am still trying to get better at washing pots and pans right after using though…
- I get rid of things I no longer use/need so that I am not drowning in clutter. Donate or recycle things you haven't used, and don't see yourself using in the future. Yes you love these brown shoes, but you know that you always reach for the black ones instead.
- Most importantly I try my best to always put something back where it belongs. Pasta containers go on the shelf for pasta after cooking, Books I am currently reading go on either my bedside table or the coffee table. The rum bottle goes back in the liquor cabinet after DnD-night rather than remaining on the desk for a week. (DnD-hating Anon stay away from me)
- I always hang towels and dish rags to dry out before putting them in the laundry basket. If you leave wet/damp things scrunched up they will get moldy and stink up all of your laundry even after washing.

No. 127049

also put music on loud while you clean if you like to dance around, it's lame as but I picture I'm in like a movie montage and it makes it fun/go quick. if you're not that kind of person then listen to a podcast

No. 127059

TBH the only thing that motivates me to clean is when I know someone is coming over. Invite someone over and it'll force you to clean. I also try and envision what 'done' looks like in my mind and use that image to motivate me

No. 127079

Start by doing smaller tasks and work your way up to the bigger things. You'll probably find that it's not as bad as you think and you may actually enjoy the feeling of satisfaction you get from looking at a nice clean, tidy room. Do the washing up after you've eaten rather than leaving dirty plates there all day. Vacuum a room and then see if you feel like doing another.

For bigger tasks it's better to spend time thinking about why it happens. Areas and surfaces should be clear because it takes less effort to clean meaning that you're more likely to do it. Everything you own should have it's place. Not having enough storage space can be a reason for why mess gets out of control.

File: 1573376319008.png (6.92 KB, 300x300, 1566790511655.png)

No. 127019[Reply]

Hey ladies, feel free to let out your anger here.
Heres mine:
Does anyone else feel like lately theres been a huge rise of incels or just assholeish guys? Even back in 2017 guys werent like this. Im talking about loads of guys on twitter just genuinely disliking women, and as someone who spends most of their time on discord, ive only found about 5 guys out of like 40 over 3 years on discord. It seems like its going back to edgy /b/ humor with young men lately. Ive noticed that a lot of these new men are defending ebophilia and pedophilia as well. Is this really how the world is..?

No. 127023

there's a vent thread on OT.

No. 127069

who cares

File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 126915

>go no contact with crazy mother
>get internship with biggest employer in country
>confess to bff and it doesn't go to shit
>bff-turned-bf is even more perfect than anticipated, agrees to live with you and to make dream goals come true together

Life is pretty good, anons.

No. 126979

I have a cute face, short, heart shaped with big giant almond eyes, plump lips and a medium defined nose. I love my face.

No. 126989

I can speak 4 languages even though I live in a 3rd world country in south America where every land around is Spanish-speaking. Mind you I achieved it without spending a dime, just by being a loner in school, way too much time on internet and niche interests and content that was not translated in Spanish.

No. 127035

Good for you anon, I hope you get to make the most out of your language skills!

No. 131372

I've lost 36+kg / 80 lbs since Feb 2017, since I'm short (160 cm/ 5ft 3 in) I went from an BMI of 37.8 (obese class 2,at almost 97 kg/217 lbs) to a BMI of 23.6 (normal, at 60.3 kg/133 lbs) and during that time lost around 30 percent of my body fat, so now I'm at a healthyish 24 percent body fat category

File: 1570979796575.jpeg (78.19 KB, 640x640, FC9EE8A0-0F56-45AE-9DE7-AC338C…)

No. 125185[Reply]

What’s it like to take a boy’s virginity?
What’s it like to take a HOT boy’s virginity?
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No. 126454

Not great. My first boyfriend and I lost it to each other and it was "that's it…?" He had a really small dick though. I cried during sex once or twice after that because he liked me on top and I couldn't feel anything in that position. He was pretty chub so that didn't help matters much. It was super disappointing.

The next guy whose virginity I took was a little better. I wouldn't have done it if I knew he was a virgin though. He was a sophomore in college and partied a shit ton so I assume he already would have fucked someone…nope.
We were banging with me on top and instead of using just his butt muscles for quick thrusts he was kinda like lifting his whole torso. I can't describe it well but it reminded me of a wooden board that was moving up and down. I couldn't imagine anyone having sex like that if they actually know what they are doing. I was really tempted to ask him during the act but I decided it would have been a lose/lose situation. If he said he was a virgin I would have stopped immediately/it would have been weird for me and if he wasn't a virgin that would have been super insulting to him.
I found out a few months later I did in fact take his virginity.

No. 126476

Well she was kind of manipulative but your points are valid. He’s going to the military so he wanted something cas and probs saw it as a good excuse. Idgaf if he leaves me cause like…we ARE just using each other for our bodies. Either he he has to leave me or I gotta leave him, can’t last forever

No. 126494

I unknowingly took a guy's virginity. After we slept together one of this friends told me. He ended up being super clingy, wanting to hang out 24/7, told me he loved me, etc. It sucked and was annoying af

No. 126501

HE TOLD YOU HE LOVED YOU???!!!!! I am so sorry

No. 126507

How truly awful, what a fucking creep, he should have just pump and dumped you.

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