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No. 83742[Reply]

Fantastic people and not touched upon too much on the board. Related is Katherine Ryan opening Live at the Apollo four years ago, her Beyonce bit is just hilarious. Never thought I'd love someone who mostly riffs on celebrities but here I am!
Other than K.R I find Iliza Shlesinger great, though of her two Netflix specials I think 'Confirmed Kills' is better. Also Mo'Nique and Leslie Jones are amaze. Leslie's 'Problem Child', (also on Netflix can you guess where I get my stand-up fix from?) surprised me for how much I liked it actually. Tall-girl-troubles realness, she is not afraid to get riiight into the audience…

Enough about mine, which ladies are on your likes list? Dudes are hilarious too but I'm sick of their saturation so we can overlook them for now ~
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No. 101746

Loved the Sarah Silverman Program, it cracked me up so many times.

No. 101977

I have always disliked that bitch and it was gratifying to have my instinct proven correct re: her comments on Louis CK

No. 102211

There are definitely a lot of unfunny women in stand up though. Whose whole thing is just ohh she's kinda hot but also burps loud and makes dick jokes. But I just don't really like bro humor regardless. The anon who said relatability in comedy matters was on point.

Side note, I recently decided to stop giving unfunny people polite laughs/chuckles and so far more women have made me genuinely laugh than men have.

No. 116062

Everything else itt that was posted didn't even make me chuckle once but it did make me cringe. The one I posted however? It is art (I am shocked) and it is funny (I am laughing uncontrollably hard at her)

But to be more serious: Female comedy never really existed in history and nowadays is not properly developed (yet?). Charisma in males and females seem to be entirely different in proportion too. Partly due society that's to blame both the genders and partly due biological nature. Even if men weren't shit and women weren't a little bit less shittier, most males can't really get to be an oil painting that easily but the average woman can get beautiful with a quick fix and if she worked as hard as a groomed lifting guy on a strict diet r9kroties refer as "chad" they'd be goddesses compared to chad.

I say give it a lot of time before we notice actual funny female comedians. Non-comedian funny women aka your friend that everyone would find funny? They exist in some quantities too.

No. 116075

Moved to >>>/m/34079.

File: 1514392731113.gif (465.03 KB, 300x225, makotocleaning.gif)

No. 72052[Reply]

Not trying to force any muh tradwomyn stuff onto anybody, but does anyone else genuinely enjoy home care/cleaning, etc? We can also discuss interior design!

I'm not a mom yet, but I've been going to this lady's site for a few years now because I enjoy her cleaning recipes: https://wellnessmama.com/?s=cleaning

The recipe section leaves much to be desired, but her makeup recipes also aren't too bad. Not even gonna venture making that foundation though.

I'm very fond of those dryer satchels that can be made by sewing some fresh lavender into the pouch. Its a nice alternative to dryer sheets. I also have experimented cleaning with a concoction of apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. I've found that lemon juice/oil does cut through grease and lavender oil is potent enough to kill staph. Plus, its a great antibacterial and its even used in hospitals to this day. I began to use natural cleaners after I had a bad reaction to bleach fumes.

Also, do you prefer incense or candles?
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No. 115345

Add tea tree oil to your machine and let it run empty.

Wash your stuff with a few drops afterwards

I have a cat and it’s the only way to get smell out

No. 115370

Mildew is very well possible but if so it’s coming from my walls not my washing machine.
Ugh… welp. Thank you.

Thanks, I’ll try that

No. 115585

Anyone here into "natural" or non-toxic cleaning? I made my first vinegar spray and actually really like it, I'm using it to clean the faucets, sinks, countertops. It helps with the hard water stains on the faucets. I used 2 parts white vinegar to 1 part water and added orange essential oil. It does smell a bit vinegary but the citrus seems to mask it pretty well. I still use "toxic" or abrasive cleaners too as needed, I just like making my own cleaners or using ones with few ingredients. Bleach is a godsend as far as harsh stuff goes. Back on non-toxic, does anyone use Castile soap? I'm curious about it but wasn't sure how well it works.
I also tried a stain remover made from hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda, and it worked pretty well on old perspiration stains! If anyone is interested I'll look for the link to the recipe I used. I just like feeling a bit more self-sustainable or environmentally friendly using stuff that's easy to manufacture.

No. 115586

sage for samefag but I forgot about the word filter on toxic, making me lol

No. 115601

Well it's good you wash the oil out. Tea tree oil can be toxic to pets.

"Tea tree oil contains various types of chemicals called terpenes. These are the chemicals that make the oil effective against bacteria and fungi. They are also the toxic agent. Terpenes are rapidly absorbed into the body whether taken orally or on the skin. This means topical application of concentrated oil can result in the same toxicity as accidental oral ingestion. Given the tendency of pets to groom, especially cats, the toxicity risk of topical applications is amplified."

So uh, just be careful anons out there who want to use the oil but have pets.

File: 1557868389099.jpeg (153.76 KB, 750x937, 2BF8A6F5-486D-4CF6-9FF4-55A57C…)

No. 114816[Reply]

I feel like I’ve always struggled with finding the motivation or discipline to do necessary things unless they are at my doorstep, then I go into overdrive mode.

I can’t even begin to find the motivation to study anymore and I used to go to them gym everyday and now I can barely get myself to go.
How do you guys manage to stay on top of things like hw, exams, routines, health and just looking for opportunities?
I know girls that are always looking for opportunities for scholarships, programs etc but I feel like a baby with it’s head in the sand about to enter a time where you need to be way more responsible.
Do you guys have any tips?

No. 115321

I'm still struggling with that myself.

But I've found that keeping a small schedule works best to prevent inevitable workload that comes from putting things off to the last minute. List at least one thing you have to do for each day of the week. After that's done you're free for the day. List the rest days too that you specifically allow yourself to take care of your mental health, doing whatever makes you feel relaxed. Personally I like to go stare at ducks to nearby pond as watching animals just do their thing is a good reminder that there's more to life than feeling sad and inadequate.

It's tough, but try to be kind to yourself. Some are slower to learn the ropes in adulthood than others and that's okay.

File: 1558044480425.jpg (123.44 KB, 856x1200, DygcyjIVsAACsas.jpg)

No. 114987[Reply]

Do it! Positive-self affirmation thread.
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No. 115206

I'm determined to become better and better in my field (2D artist, illustrator), and hopefuly reach my dreams one day.
I may be distant, but I really do care about people and I'm just bad at expressing it.

No. 115209

I've been through a lot and have trouble trusting a lot of people, but it makes me a stronger person who knows how to keep herself safe and see true genuineness in others..

No. 115242

Despite my problems, I'm smart and well-liked. I'm pretty even if sometimes I can't stop nit-picking my face or my body. I'm a better and more healed person than what the people who still blame me and think I could never change. Someday I will do something great, I don't know what, but something.
>>115209 I feel this. I'm glad you've found genuine people, anon, and stay strong.

No. 115300

I'm finally getting help for bpd after years of refusing and lashing out with really toxic behaviour. It's only been a month and already I can feel everything improving, and this wouldn't be happening right now if I hadn't been disciplined enough to recognise that I need medical treatment. Sometimes I chastise myself and convince myself that I'm making it up and that I'm just damaged and worthless, but in moments of clarity like this I'm really proud of myself for taking the first steps towards improving myself. At the core, I did this because I care about myself and don't want to give up. I'm proud of me.

No. 115315

I have slowly managed to undo my emotional numbness towards myself and others around me over the last seven years. Though it was painful to realise I had been unpleasant to socialise with- i.e friendships remaining surface level cause I never asked or told about personal stuff- I put in effort to change myself. Feels nice.

File: 1558071652986.gif (391.01 KB, 500x284, giphy.gif)

No. 115009[Reply]

When's the last time you cried? Was it over something stupid/serious?

I cried at a funeral today, not neceissarily over the death, but over my having to deal with being around my family's emotions & drama and not being able to leave.
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No. 115247

I don't understand the charcoal thing but it sounds bad. Please stay safe. Your problems can be solved without harming yourself

(sorry if I'm misreading the post)

No. 115258

It's a suicide method.

No. 115275

Killing yourself will ruin your kids life worse than leaving your partner will.
Get help,reach out to an emergency suicide prevention line now if you don't have any close friends. Then speak to your school about your home life and mental health issues to see if you can extend or resit.

No. 115278

Last time I cried was 2 hours ago over my granddad — who's like a father to me — possibly having to go into hospice soon. I feel like I jinxed everything somehow by asking him in December if he'd be around for my 21st birthday (which is next month) and since then he's rapidly gone downhill. I've been helping take care of him since I was 17 and it'll be the first major loss in my life.

No. 115286

Last time I cried was a few weeks ago, when my narc mom threatened me with law enforcement, because I didn't answer her texts as I was trying to get ready to go to work. I called her screaming to leave me alone. I went no contact a couple days after that.

File: 1551723463804.png (55.53 KB, 324x367, tumblr_inline_pdgg7yMkdW1upx1e…)

No. 110716[Reply]

Has anyone ever seen yandere shit in real life? Or had an unhealthy obsession with someone that could be classified as such?

I had a friend talked all the time about wanting to kill her ex's new girlfriend. She would write extremely detailed rants on her tumblr about it and peaked when she attacked her in the hall one day and carved his name into her arm when she was sent home. Her parents ended up pulling her out of school and homeschooling her after that. I heard through the grape vine that she regularly attempted contact with him for several years after high school to the point where he had to delete all social media.
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No. 111117

Lmfao sadly true! Underrated post.

No. 115104

I realize this thread is kinda old, but can anyone let me know if I'm a yandere?

>meet someone online like 2 years ago

>try my hardest to be with them despite being a depressed, fat, sack of shit
>still doesn't like me (makes sense), but I fell really hard and have never felt this way before and thought there was a real connection there
>a year passes and I move out of town following a psychotic/suicidal break (partially fueled by lack of progress/them getting into a relationship and saying marriage was on the way)
>another year passes, haven't talked to them since last november, but I still keep expecting them to call/text

Right now, I'm in the middle of learning how to crochet and learning how to 3D print so I can send them a bunch of gifts

I guess I'm not really looking for advice because I'm pretty sure that if I could move on, I'd just be jaded and go into any potential relationship just weird
I just wanted to know if I was yandere

I used to text everyday and rarely get a response so I just stopped because
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 115105

That’s not what yandere is but you definitely have a lot of issues.

No. 115106


No. 115148

I do have these kind of thoughts that I don't want anyone around my boyfriend and that if he would die while dating me he would be mine forever and not able to be with anyone else ever again.
Also the sweeter I am and not picking unnecessary fights, in case of breakup, will make him miss me so fast when new gf starts getting moody.

Then again I know I have issues and would rather be just sweet girlfriend who is not possessive or jealous. Or if i am a jealous i try to play it down little bit and seem cute about it.

File: 1558216295463.jpg (34.95 KB, 400x400, nSpZceNa_400x400.jpg)

No. 115124[Reply]

[link removed]

I will do any comissions, check me out, OC's, traditional as well as digital, whatever you feel like.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 115133

You should take a few years to improve. Your art is of very low quality, not worth the money.

No. 115134

what's wrong with it? i see worse people getting $60 for ridiculous, no effort needed commissions

No. 115139

File: 1558226057683.jpg (41.68 KB, 400x344, tumblr_pqqgdiu3iY1r84rxu_540.j…)

>A few years
mf you can improve your art to a decent level in three months, sounds like you never drew in your life

File: 1479229922340.jpg (79.74 KB, 728x515, IMG_1664.JPG)

No. 44548[Reply]

New relationshit general since the other has reached post limit.

Any ideas on how to get partner to try rougher sex (choking, etc)? He's so afraid of hurting me or leaving marks but I'm into that shit. I guess it doesn't help he personally knew my ex who did sexually abuse me.
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No. 114957

Made sure you go get some emergency contraception asap and use a condom from now on. The relationship is a mess obviously, so don't add any more misery by bringing a baby into it.

No. 114959

How would you feel if your male partner suggested opening up the relationship? It has not happened to me but to a close friend and I would be devastated. If I'm not enough to someone I'd rather not stick around.

No. 114967

I'd break up if they really wanted to do it. Theres no saving a long-term/serious relationship when one partner wants to fuck around with someone else that isn't you. I would think they have already moved on in their head and just want my approval so they don't feel guilty.
I know it can work out, i guess, if there is a bunch of consent, rules and no jealousy but its rare and usually ends bad.

No. 114973

Use the newer thread >>>/g/108637

No. 114974


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

File: 1557878270537.gif (Spoiler Image, 999.42 KB, 975x406, tumblr_nhzwy2Y96h1tqtfrjo1_128…)

No. 114841[Reply]

What are your thoughts on casual sex?

Personally, I am extremely against it. I think more bad comes from it than good. I don't judge people for doing it, I just think it's a bad idea. I'm not saying you should only be with one person your entire life or you fucked up, I'm just saying that sex with someone you don't know that well or are in a relationship with us a bad idea.

No. 114842

>sex with someone you don't know that well or aren't in a relationship with is a bad idea.

Sorry, I'm drunk.

No. 114843

I was extremely against casual sex then I went through a phase and I wanted to experiment, didn't do it often but I found that it's just not worth the trouble (in my opinion)

No. 114844

Opposed, not for any moral reasons but because we just don't win with it.

Men get
>an ego boost
>a status/reputation boost
>bragging rights

We get
>maybe pleasure if we're lucky but an orgasm is unlikely
>a drop in status/reputation
>a potential drop in self esteem depending on how shitty the guy treats you in and out of bed
>pregnancy risks

It's literally letting a man look down on us and think we're easy sluts (not necessarily fair or true but that's how they think), and making him feel good about himself/rewarding him for it with pussy. Unless he is so crazy hot that the dick is worth it, or he is an uncommonly kind guy who won't think less of you for it, it's not worth it. Some girls like the validation and attention but I really think, overall, it's a net loss to our self esteem and confidence.

No. 114845

Moved to >>>/g/114835.

File: 1439145703006.png (407.18 KB, 500x455, table.png)

No. 51324[Reply]

Ok, so there was already a thread talking about some uni stuff, but I wanted to start a more general thread where we could all let off a little steam, ask for advice, etc.

I'm about to go back to uni to do a post-grad and people on the Facebook group are already pissing me off. 90% of the people on the course are whiny girls who haven't grown up since high school and all they have done is sit and bitch about how bad everything is away to be. I'm feeling really apprehensive about meeting people in person now, because I really wanted to just have a group of friends who I could hang out and study with.

These are definitely not the kind of people I want to have to spend time with if possible, but I don't wanna end up just hanging out with a bunch of dudes all year, so now i'm stressing out. What should I do?
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No. 112083

File: 1553884506427.jpg (307.4 KB, 1280x1137, 7fd7b206-ccd4-4f23-9604-26904f…)

Good luck anon! You're doing great!

No. 112088

I have to work on my dissertation that I have to complete for June and my laziness is catching up to me. I wrote over half of it already but it's been a while since I've had enough time to do anything about it so I have to re-read everything I wrote from the beginning so I can make sure I didn't forget anything. But I don't want to. I've been thinking about going to the university's library everyday so I can focus, instead of staying at home, but public transport from my home to the library is trash and the library is always crowded and closed early during the weekend.

No. 114543

I'm going to study Fine Arts the next year, but I have the feeling that the place would have some elitist teachers and students. I can't stand that behaviour in art related subjects, it makes me sick and I always disagree with every person who presents themselves as a "know-it-all" who speaks the "absolute truth" in terms of "aesthetic" or "technique/art theory". (but in fact, they are just insecure and jealous people who want to tear down other's work).

Fine Arts anons, is this true? Have you encountered this type of people there? I just want to prepare myself mentally for it lol.

No. 114554

I am 1/3 through an internship which I hate. Worst thing is, I have only another year to go through my Master's and I have no idea to do next.

No. 114587

I've got like 10 classes left for my graphic design associates and I'm not sure I'm going to make it through… it's taken far longer than expected and I'm ashamed of myself for going so slowly. I can't imagine getting a bachelors at this point and I don't have a sufficient enough graphics portfolio to get a good internship atm unless I can sucker one of my professors into getting me a recommendation. I don't know what I'm going to do after I get out. Die I guess?

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