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File: 1602086965734.png (9.7 KB, 300x217, thumb_rexuality-me-wow-this-is…)

No. 154272[Reply]

last thread: >>115141
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No. 200032

So your kink is being tied up? Or are you specifically into pictures of Barbie dolls tied up?

No. 263005

I want to have sex with a pre-op MtF tranny. Despite me absolutely hating these degenerates, I can't help but want one to fuck me. I think it would be a reminder that he'll always be a man and all he can do is wish that he was the one in my position being pounded instead. Getting impregnated and telling him that i'm aborting his child would be a cherry on top

No. 263016


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 263018

New thread here: >>>/g/263017

No. 264068

Keep being ashamed anon, that is abhorrent

File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082[Reply]

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.
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No. 262508

>Really broad shoulders and no hips, on either gender
men with wide hips look weird imo. ..boyega-chan?
also what does flat face mean?

No. 262934

Why do Indians have Dirty skin?(racebait)

No. 262972

If he's an Apple fanboy I'm out

No. 262978

>moles on the face specifically disgust me, but I hate them anywhere in general

Okay, you can pay for all my mole removal surgeries

No. 262998

Nta but I like moles on faces, as long as they're not hairy.

File: 1638458776340.jpg (188.71 KB, 1080x1080, 8038f9631152d388461bbbe2ea9b0a…)

No. 215679[Reply]

A thread for people with sugar cravings / sugar addiction / sugar detox
>What are you craving right now?
>What's your favorite treat or dessert?
>Optional: add a pic
>Are you addicted to sugar?
>Does sugar make you feel happier / more active / soothes you / etc?
>Are you trying to detox from sugar?
>Do you have any tips or resources for people who want to detox?
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No. 262904

What thread do you think you're on? Chill out ana chan

No. 262927

Nothing fancy but I remember having orange kit kats years ago and then they just stopped selling them where I live. It made no sense to me given they sold other flavours that didn't seem all that popular. I'd see new flavours pop up from time to time and I'd wonder if mint or orange were ever coming back to my country again.

Just found a pack of the orange ones. Never thought I'd be so excited over a kit kat but I am.

No. 262983

I love macarons too! I made some with lemon Italian buttercream. I dyed the shells yellow to match.

No. 263002

You can enjoy food without gorging on it burger chan.

No. 264468

its okay, i know imageboard users' insults are always self-directed and nothing to take personally!

File: 1500857002384.jpg (195.36 KB, 800x1068, Funny-Hairy-Minka-Kelly.jpg)

No. 65399[Reply]

Can we talk about body hair?

Here are some questions to get the thread started

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

Post opinions, problems, horrors stories, anything
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No. 262807

>Could it be that different parts of my body have changed as I got older?
>No! It must be unexplainable magical razors…

No. 262828

File: 1652197805713.jpg (135.11 KB, 685x913, https- upload.wikimedia.org wi…)

I know women with facial hair catcha lot of flack for embracing their hair but I would say go for it anon, it takes a lot of guts to rock your facial hair (and I say this as a woman with hirsutism) but there is nothing more badass than a woman who is apologetically herself. and honestly, you can't even wear gender neutral or traditionally masc clothes these days without something thinking it's gender related unfortunately, people will think what they'll think, but don't let their narrowmindedness hold you back. have you ever heard of Harnaam Kaur? she's such a huge inspiration for loving your facial hair and sticking two fingers up to bullshit beauty standards. I love the dwarf woman and magestic braided muttonchops.

No. 262829

It's kinda difficult to immediately think of the latter, when women not shaving their legs when they are out is quite rare. I don't exactly have anyone around me to compare myself to.

No. 262832

File: 1652198911091.jpg (44.46 KB, 334x890, 61ud exEktL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

nona it's a common misconception people have, you'd be shocked how many adults still believe shaving can have an effect on your overall hair growth. give her a break.

which types of exfoliation have you tried? I always found most types to be less than ideal. I bought a salux cloth last year, the super hard kind. I keep it in the shower and give my chest, back and legs a good scrub with it, I get less ingrowns now. I also recommend using a lotion or moisturiser with an AHA, or as >>262730 said, a BHA like salycilic acid in it, it's a chemical exfoliant and helps to slough away the dead topmost layer of skin. don't use it the day you've shaved though, it'll sting. also it's fine to be a little vain, but please don't think you'll suddenly stop being hot or attractive just cause you're over 35 or whatever, don't buy into that bullshit!

No. 262899

>>262832 I'm not rly a skincare nerd but I've got one of those shower puff things which I usually use with some shower gel. Idk if that's good or could actually be causing more problems. I've also used a few different body scrubs with little bits in. I might try using a chemical exfoliant like you've suggested. I've never heard of salux cloth before but I'll give that a try too.

And thank you! I know I'm not going to turn into an old hag overnight but I definitely have to make more of an effort than I used to. I'm starting to look like my mum which is freaking me out kek.

File: 1605972550482.jpg (171.51 KB, 1071x1057, ageeh.jpg)

No. 160656[Reply]

Ever since I can remember I have felt old, even as a child in elementary school. Back then I told myself it's silly and I'm still a child but now, after turning 20, I am slowly starting to stress over my age again despite still being very young.
I am convinced that many women and girls feel the same as social media is especially obsessed with youth which must be rotting our brains to a degree.

>What are your thoughts on getting older? Do you struggle with accepting it?

>Have you ever had an experience in which you were perceived as lesser due to your age?
>How do you cope with the unrealistic age related expectations put on women?
>Do you have any tips to help other women with the problems mentioned above?
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No. 262843

Having your first child at 36 would automatically put you at high risk for pregnancy complications. After 35 is considered a "geriatric pregnancy" and the chances of having a child with autism, down symdrome or any other type of birth defect skyrocket.

No. 262861

>birth defect skyrocket
This is more than a bit dramatic. There's an increase but in terms of autism it's not a skyrocketing of rates like people often claim. There's a steady increase in all those rates and both parents ages play a role. Again.. it's steady. Teens are at inceased risk too weirdly enough. Older men with much younger women have an increase and they don't know if the age gap itself plays a role or why that happens. There's some golden years with the least amount of risk on paper but.. you also have to have kids when you feel ready to have them. People have to weigh up those factors too. Scaring women with claims of 'rocketing birth defect rates' is some weird shit to be doing on this thread of all threads lol
>Why do older men have higher odds of fathering children with autism? The most prominent hypothesis is that the sperm of older men has accumulated many spontaneous mutations that the men pass along to their children.
>Sperm divide more often than egg cells do. With each division, a cell’s DNA is copied, presenting an opportunity for mutations to occur. One study in Iceland showed that spontaneous, or de novo, mutations accumulate more rapidly in men than in women. Another study in the same country suggested that with each passing year, a man transmits an average of two more of these mutations to his child.
>Some studies have suggested that a woman’s chance of having a child with autism also increases steadily with age. The number of de novo mutations in egg cells increases with age, although to a lesser degree than it does in sperm.
It's worth looking into the stats but rates don't shoot up by your mid thirties. As long as the father isn't a much older man.. it's not that dramatic.

No. 262864

But I thought men age like wine. Shouldn't these silver foxes be out slaying younger women?

No. 262869

This isnt true unless you you marry an expired man.

No. 263086

It's like you only read half of my post. It's not just birth defects, after 35 you're also at higher risk for all pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, stillbirth/miscarriages/premature birth etc. There is a reason doctors consider women after 35 "high risk" by default, it's not just doctors being misogynist or ageist or whatever you think. Also if you want more than one child you might not be able to have that if you start so late, the recommended time between having kids is 18 months. it is much harder to get pregnant and then keep the pregnancy the older you are.

File: 1649510145392.jpg (82.34 KB, 728x750, 1649230292327.jpg)

No. 255346[Reply]

thread for harm reduction, support and venting
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No. 262860

Can you do smth about your belly?
Yes…pet, pet, pet!
Saged, I know it's not easy to love your imperfections, I struggle with it too, but we'll get there!
Never had a flat tummy, ever since I remember, oh well, I still eat what I want, but I exercise, too. If I feel good in my skin, that's what matters!

No. 262884

Love you too

I feel like I have to look perfect or I deserve no love. Because I had the no personality but at least cute kind of thing going. Now I try to also invest in my personality/life. And working out is a thing that gives me huge self esteem boost and the feeling that I actually have a life and that Im more than just my looks! Im happy you are feeling good in your skin. I believe that we can all do it somehow

No. 262889

Nayt but I too love you noni, you deserve to be happy in the body you're in, you deserve to feel full of life and energy, no scrote's opinion should be important enough to devalue your relationship with your body.

No. 262891

I'm rooting for you, I know you can do it. We are more than just our looks; we deserve fulfillment!

No. 262897

File: 1652214047140.png (1.66 MB, 1024x946, 1632324553025.png)

You have no idea how much you touched my heart

File: 1497223265731.gif (530.61 KB, 500x281, f3e05e008d8d5e0eda6c0fa8f559ab…)

No. 62754[Reply]

I'm going to be starting college soon and I can already see myself getting overwhelmed between schoolwork and a part time job. I'll be living with my parents so I won't have to worry about rent but they don't buy me anything expect for birthdays and holidays. Do any of you guys make money online? Please share, I'm pretty desperate. Also, how much do you make?

Inb4 Camwhoring, Not an option. I live with my parents.
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No. 116891

Nope, it's a different one, but the Texkings seems like a similar gig, though not available in my location. American one that I found is called Chatoperatorjobs.com

Sure you can find threads about all of these companies in reddit and elsewhere, no matter how strict their policies are.

I actually tried Gotranscript myself, but I was so ridiculously slow doing it that I gave up, it took me like more than 2 hours for a 10 minute file, pathetic.

No. 116899

It's really good that you gave up. The pay is insanely low for the work that you do and the editors are getting way more aggressive and unfair with ratings these days. I started way back when you could have easily climbed to the editor status in matter of days which meant better pay for presumably less work. There was a larger number of files with decent audio quality and the editors were okay most of the time. Now, it's pointless. It's difficult to maintain a good rating with editors being nitpicky and being an editor isn't that great either because it's more difficult to raise a bad rating (a lot of clients have high standards for the shit audio they give). Rev as terrible as it is at least pays a bit better and there are interesting files to choose from. I have completely stopped doing any transcription or captioning work. The crisp clear audio files are given to the AI, the potato recorded focus groups or foreign people speaking in English are now the staple of human transcribers. Sadly, there are people willing to work with such files and for such a low pay.

sorry for the vent.

No. 117132

Neevo is worth joining. There aren't always tasks available as they come pretty sporadically, but when it happens, one can make an extra buck. I got $244 last week and will be getting even more this week.

No. 117558

Do you think it would be possible to earn at least 200 euros per month like that? I'm kind of in a tight situation but online jobs for europeans (not from UK) are scarce.

No. 262811

Maybe we can revive this thread yet again. I have a full-time job but trying to hustle and move closer to my family this summer. Would love any side hustle suggestions!

File: 1607944363854.png (290.03 KB, 449x490, ERQdWN6WAAIdq19.png)

No. 163246[Reply]

We have threads about people you wanna fuck but what about the people you wanna befriend? Male or female, shamefully or not, it all goes here
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No. 262076

File: 1651943849442.jpeg (79.01 KB, 720x816, D21D38CA-E322-4031-B36E-107352…)

maybe watch him from a distance and eventually become friends and then more!!

No. 262218

would absolutely befriend brutalmoose he seems like he's good vibes

No. 262546

I really want to go to a diner with David Lynch and talk about art and movies with him.

No. 262547

File: 1652090703707.jpg (257.6 KB, 400x529, Judith-Halberstam.jpg)

Probably going to get a lot of shit for this.

No. 262552


File: 1606763732349.jpeg (116.99 KB, 1920x1080, 570D081D-D543-4A02-918B-B6B134…)

No. 161744[Reply]

Anons, do you think true love is real? Like real, unconditional love? Have you ever experienced it? Do you think it’s a lie? I want to know.
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No. 262536

I think it does but it's incredibly rare and most relationships are not true love. Everything that has felt like love to me has faded after the puppy love phase.

Also I think 99.9999% of men are incapable of love. So yeah.

No. 262537

I disagree. 11 years in and we're still chuffed with eachother the same way we were when we first met. Granted we are very silly and enjoy the little things with eachother but it really helps. We still hug and kiss as much as when we first met.
I think true love exists and I hope other anons find it.

No. 262538

I found her from an interview on "Zomergasten" and you apparently missed my disclaimer

No. 262541

Which is why I said it was rare, not impossible. I'm happy for you anon

No. 262543

true. sorry friend.
I know it's out there, don't worry, you'll find true love I promise.

File: 1599488887875.png (1.35 MB, 752x1062, marika.png)

No. 150474[Reply]

Last thread reached the limit so here's a new one.

I confess that I've always had crushes on unobtainable people, e.g. anime characters and internet personalities, more than people I actually know. I feel like the fact they're out of reach makes them more attractive, and I kind of don't mind I'll never date them as it's fun to just daydream about them as escapism.
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No. 262329

File: 1651989552361.jpg (208.22 KB, 1152x2048, E8IiMTCWQAUIgLH.jpg)

idk nonna, probably projecting insecurity.

No. 262331

Nancy Boys. Season 4, episode 21

No. 262501

Good Dale one. I love how sweet he is to Joseph in that episode.

No. 262519

File: 1652082976417.jpg (72.05 KB, 484x566, Catherine_II_of_Russia_by_Vigi…)

No. 262522

File: 1652083704286.jpg (185.68 KB, 1167x1509, Tumblr_l_531094178391410.jpg)

Im so physically ill from liking this guy its been 5 months for me but I'll know it will never come to fruition. I know nothing will ever happen because I am in another part of the world where I know I'll be able to go to. I'm fucking laying in bed thinking about stupid scenarios. I'm in a constant cycle of this dude is nasty as hell he should die and I like him.

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