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File: 1527655031196.jpg (88.8 KB, 736x1103, 1505778082638.jpg)

No. 83805[Reply]

How strongly do you feel about cheating? Would you dump a partner immediately if they did it once, regardless of how in love you were with them? Would you forgive it to a point? Would you sweep it under the rug even if it was a regular occurrence? How much blame do you place on the person they cheated with (assuming they knew they were taken)?

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Have you ever been with a taken person? Share your experience.
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No. 100849


ty anons.

Bonus points for her posting on twitter later that week about having bpd lel

No. 100858

File: 1542312911808.png (587.72 KB, 642x701, disgust.png)

all of this is just vomit inducing. i had a friend group just like that once and they all joked about their "incest" because everyone had dated each other. they were really shitty people despite being extreme SJWs and stuff. sage for blogging

No. 101996

I don't blame somebody who sleeps with somebody who's in a relationship and they don't know. But if they know? Trash people. Don't need them in my life.

No. 102037

I don't blame my mom for cheating on my dad now that I'm an adult and can admit that he was an alcoholic, abusive POS.

What I don't forgive her for, however, is never leaving him.

No. 102207

god, my family has had the same situation.
my mom cheated on my dad recently, she even told him she was cheating.
he put our family into deep debt, all he would ever do when he got home from work was demand food be ready for him and complain to me about 'doing nothing around the house'. anything else he did was sleep and watch football replays. he never paid bills, except bills for our old house he refuses to sell and 'rent' to my uncle's ex-wife, who won't even pay rent so that's even more money my dad's shilling out trying to be the "good guy". he crashed every car my mom has had.
his existence was basically nothing to us. he got his license taken away one year and he made me drive him to work an hour away despite having a coworker that gladly offered to carpool him, he refused because she wanted to leave earlier than he liked.
i demanded my mom kick my dad out of the house because of how much we all disliked him. it worked for a few weeks, then my dad came back because my mom let him. i saw who my mom was cheating on my dad with and i so badly waited for the day my dad was out for good. it never happened. i'm sure she told him she was cheating so he would change, but it won't. they went to a financial advisor and everything and in the back of my mind i'm repeating to myself "he's the problem, kick him out".
my mom's a narc too. i bet she didn't want to seem like a failure to all her facebook friends, but she's failed in my eyes for letting my dad stay.

File: 1491145477349.png (4.05 MB, 1917x2089, Galko_Green_Attire_Stitched_Ca…)

No. 57461[Reply]

How does one give themself a makeover, an upgrade? How do you work out exactly what will suit you best?

I'm working out in order to get a fitter body because I let myself go in uni but while I'm at it I want to get my hair, makeup, nails, everything else sorted!

How do you decide what to work on and where do you take it from there? Does anyone have any tips to becoming healthier and more beautiful with hair care/skincare and the rest?

The same goes for giving wardrobe a makeover and the rest. Are there any resources?

I don't know where to begin or what threads here to start on and end up aimlessly lurking but without a solid plan.
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No. 101902

Try to get rid of any leftovers you have left that are causing this problem. If what you were doing before was working, go back to that.

No. 101937

File: 1543727254557.jpeg (23.59 KB, 540x293, 1542254972603.jpeg)

Feeling better now, anon? We're all so impressed!

No. 101939

So, without the unhelpful bitchy attitude (seriously, what the fuck?) here's some advice. It's really just about calorie restriction. Especially if you can't do any exercise. I've posted in a couple other threads but this past summer/fall, I went from ~170 to ~125 simply by eating less. I have a ft desk job and don't really like working out much after a long day.

Check out:
Calculate your BMR/TDEE and find out your optimal daily calorie intake.

Track it with MFP, and keep yourself accountable with weekly weigh ins. I find weekly to be better because you will see greater drops than daily, and you will begin to become motivated just by seeing your losses! I do it every Sunday.

Also, there are some supportive subreddits out there like r/loseit and r/cico. Say what you like about reddit but many of these people are super friendly and helpful, and there are inspirational stories.

You can do it! Anyone can, you just have to really stay dedicated and count everything you put in your body. If you are tracking properly, you will soon become aware of which kinds of foods "cost" the most and just naturally start to avoid those. Good luck anon!

No. 101974

File: 1543750807723.jpg (40.43 KB, 500x455, b6c41e342f44f3e908f1c560272dee…)

So three years ago I did this big makeover, but now three months in my first-year of uni, I kind of feel that I'm starting to lose myself (not really in appearance way, but more in what I'm really am and what I like). The biggest part then was going from 90 to 65 kg maybe even less idk (I'm 174 cm so now am kind of average), sadly by losing weight I stupidly developed ed behavior .This time I would like to resume my makeover in healthier way and just better-myself even further. I already eat quite healthy by default and do well in my education, but would like to take few steps even further. So here is my plan:

Physical care:
> Stop biting my nails, so I wouldn't need fake ones.
> Eat with deficit, to lose a few more kilos.
> Sort out my style and wardrobe.
> Fix my teeth.
> Grow longer hair.
> Stick to my skin and hair routine.
> Go to gym and take up running again.
> Get my eyebrows and hair professionally done.

Mental and other care:
> Draw more.
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No. 101976

I’m about 130-132 and 5’6/5’7
I have this tummy fat I want to get rid of but no matter how much I diet it won’t go away. It’s pinchable but I have big hips and gain weight there faster/first so I’ve been told it’s inevitable. I see other women my shape and they have flat stomachs…. i just want to know their secret!
My cal intake is probably a like under 1400 /1300but surprise I don’t each healthily much. I eat once or twice a day depending on how I’m feeling.

At this point I’ll try out cool sculpting and see if it makes any difference. I don’t hqve enough fat for a tummy tuck.

File: 1543718073659.jpeg (32.25 KB, 591x336, 8F760678-E476-4063-8E3F-1776FB…)

No. 101926[Reply]

I always wanted to be the type of woman who takes sexy selfies and knows she’s hot as fuck regardless of what anyone says but instead I’m a shy adult woman who is uncomfortable in her own body. I heard faking it until you make it works…but how do I fake it?

It doesn’t matter how hot you are if you don’t have confidence you’ll come off as weird…so let’s discuss that here.

No. 101929


Faking it until you make it really is all you can do if you didn't grow up confident. In the beginning you obviously won't feel confident like whatever you're saying, it'll feel weird and maybe even wrong, but repeating compliments to yourself and taking note of little things you like in your appearance (usually during mornings when you see yourself in the mirror and are about to start the day) can build up. It worked for me and some of my friends so I can say that it absolutely does have results.

Also, practice taking photos that utilize flattering angles. Insta models wouldn't be nearly as sexy/pretty if they didn't have their angles and filters, so just try and do that and DON'T get discouraged if you feel ugly in the first few tries. Doesn't happen overnight. Best of luck.



No. 101930

What about all those really loud and ugly women who go around acting like hot shit?or fat women who wear really sluttt clothes despite their fat spilling out?

No. 101931

Build confidence in something other than your hotness. Take care of yourself, but people who only care about how hot they are have nothing to envy.

No. 101969

Why do you associate taking sexy selfies with confidence? I think it's rather the opposite. I think most of social media hoes seek validation desperately and despite great bodies they're insecure af
It's not self-confidence to show yourself off
Self-confidence would be not giving a fuck and not feeling the need to flash your body for the approval of random people, because what matters is your own acceptance.
I know some may have a completely different take on this. I just don't agree with this "you do you queen! She does this for herself!" sentiment.

So yeah, I think you could improve if you'd sort your views and opinions out… And there's no magical way to become more self-confident, it's a long ass tough process of working on yourself. No one on lolcow can help you, really. You know yourself the best. Do some introspection and try working on your weak points.

File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 101413

That's too much pooping for one day, anon. Lay off the laxatives.

No. 101488

I had a shitty first university year, in History, I relapsed and was very lonely.
Now, I'm doing my first year in languages and I'm so happy ? I don't have anything to do like I get awesome scores by doing nothing at all. feels good. Being happier than ever right now

No. 101944


every person is different. i always poop two times in the morning and one more time in the afternoon. no laxatives, just my ass

No. 101978

This though. As long as there's some time in between bowel movements, it's perfectly fine to poop about 3 or 4 times a day.

For me it's the other way around. I have very few bowel movements (not constipated though).

No. 101991

I’m getting 4.0/3.5 in all my classes, while doing undergrad research. My anxiety is slowly improving, I have long hair and I’m in great physical shape and soon my braces will come off and I’ll have really nice straight teeth.

File: 1536705525129.png (54.33 KB, 648x1122, 2018names.png)

No. 94920[Reply]

Let's talk about names!

>Names you love

>Names you hate
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
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No. 101811

i love that name so much and a little girl being called andie is so cute
basically for most of the names y’all are too scared to use id say go for it (unless they are just too ridiculous) you don’t want to regret not using a name you love cuz you’re scared how others will think
on another note how do y’all feel about the name Pree i’ve being thinking about using it as a nickname for patricia. patricia was my grandmothers name that passed away and we were really close but i don’t like patsy and im not sure about tricia
also i’m a big fan of neutral milk hotel and they use that name and i’ve always loved it

No. 101822

Tfw my name is here. No worries anon, I also hate the way my name sounds.
You jinxed it!!

No. 101913

File: 1543710052186.jpg (143.45 KB, 500x421, i cry.jpg)

i love such weird fucking pretentious names like Roman, Royal, Llewellyn, Star, Beowulf, Aegon, Hailey, Jorah, Fionn, etc. i'd probably name one of my kids this bc i secretly wanna be the woman with the kids with the pretentious names

No. 101917

Low-key child abuse

No. 101919

Roman and Hailey aren’t too pretentious

File: 1439145703006.png (407.18 KB, 500x455, table.png)

No. 51324[Reply]

Ok, so there was already a thread talking about some uni stuff, but I wanted to start a more general thread where we could all let off a little steam, ask for advice, etc.

I'm about to go back to uni to do a post-grad and people on the Facebook group are already pissing me off. 90% of the people on the course are whiny girls who haven't grown up since high school and all they have done is sit and bitch about how bad everything is away to be. I'm feeling really apprehensive about meeting people in person now, because I really wanted to just have a group of friends who I could hang out and study with.

These are definitely not the kind of people I want to have to spend time with if possible, but I don't wanna end up just hanging out with a bunch of dudes all year, so now i'm stressing out. What should I do?
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No. 98424

i'm planning on going back to uni next year but i'm really nervous about it. i get intense anxiety in confined spaces (thank you PTSD) and the last time i was enrolled i had a huge panic attack during a midterm. on top of that i'm worried about the general stress and being able to concentrate in class without overthinking and going insane. has anyone dealt with something similar?

No. 98426


sorry i just wanted to add that i do feel like i'm ready to finally do this and finish my degree. i have a goal in mind and a great support system. the fact that i've failed so many times in the past really gets me down though. i actually have a great job right now and i do have a handle on the anxiety, but thinking about uni really freaks me out lol.

No. 101889

Not to bring back a dead thread but I've seen a lot of art school discourse coming up. I'm going to school for fashion/costume design. I'm honestly not that good at drawing, painting or most 3d things except sewing. I know it wont matter when i'm actually in my major but fpr now its frustration. has anyone else felt like they haven't been taken seriously by their peers because they aren't doing fine arts?

No. 101895

Usually it's the opposite. I'm a fine art grad/lecturer + the attitude towards applied arts and designers is generally that they're making a better career choice than us in fine arts. You'll be great, anon. Don't worry about what people think too much.

No. 102000

Thank you anon, i think some (deservedly) harsh critiques from my classmates and end of semester exhaustion is getting me down. It's nice to hear that from someone in the field. I have nothing against people in fine arts btw its just not my thing.

File: 1439742655325.jpg (139.21 KB, 1000x1167, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)

No. 49363[Reply]

Any of you guys suffering from anything? because I am.
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No. 101844

I'm still trying to calm down from a panic attack I had a few weeks ago. It made my DDD really bad and my existential thoughts came back.
I constantly feel like I'm going to have something bad happen to me like I'm not going to exist anymore. I feel like if I think a certain existential thought, my life will be over or I'll end up back in the room where I had my first panic attack almost a decade ago, surrounded by my ex and his friends.
Sometimes I think about the concept of memories and the present and I start feeling chills. The other day I was convinced somebody poisoned my food with hallucinogens even though no one was in the house with me. Sometimes I feel like the world is something I made up and I'm in some time loop.
This sucks so much, I was doing really well for a good year or so and then I just have this stupid panic attack.

No. 101853

I'm the anon you're replying to and I completely agree with >>101833
>people with BPD will attempt treatment and then give up halfway, and then repeat that process.
This doesn't actually happen as often as people think it does. People with BPD can be very flaky with treatment, however. Like, they won't show up some days so it's very important they have therapists that follow up with them closely and take measures for them to show up. So if they don't have that it's a given they'd just stop showing up completely.

No. 101871

Diagnosed Avoidant personality disorder and depression. I'm still seeing a psychiatrist every couple of months, but I stopped going to therapy after my psychologist retired in August. I didn't trust her anyway, but starting again with a new person sounds overwhelming to me. Thank god I'm on venlafaxine, it's helping me a lot but I'm still a reclusive and a generally useless piece of shit

No. 101877

i've been wanting to seek therapy for the third time in my life again, and i want to really try to get things together this time and really be honest with a new therapist. talking about my interpersonal relationships and eating disorder has been really difficult.

my first therapist was… kind of unethical? she was really rude towards 15 year old me.
my second therapist was kind, but i guess i didn't know how to properly do therapy because i got nothing out of it, but i never prepared anything or was comfortable talking about anything so…

i'm nervous to start going again and i keep putting it off, but i'm so sad every single day and feel so heavy and sick and tired all the time. i try to talk more with my mom and we've both gotten better at communicating in an honest and appropriate way, but she is not mentally ill as far as i know and doesn't really know what to say to help me.

No. 102365

anxiety is literally ruining my fucking life, it's hindering my performance at my new job and making me feel socially incompetent as fuck. I'm on meds/go to therapy and have made progress but I'm plateauing. I just don't really know what to do at this point, I would never actually hurt/kill myself but not existing sounds comforting right now. How does one push past these feelings of utter worthlessness and paranoia of not holding up to others' expectations/expectations of your own?

File: 1526682170305.jpg (19.69 KB, 411x411, 50d68ef1fc4ea2582a000567dd3417…)

No. 82884[Reply]

Post any looks from minimalist to avant garde you think are cute or interesting.
255 posts and 189 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 101821

File: 1543610968615.jpg (69.64 KB, 540x742, tumblr_p893doFHda1v4cioco8_540…)


No. 101823

File: 1543611002290.jpg (92.82 KB, 460x640, tumblr_p893doFHda1v4cioco9_500…)


No. 101824

File: 1543611033997.jpg (89.88 KB, 491x640, tumblr_p893doFHda1v4cioco10_50…)


No. 101839

File: 1543626597808.jpeg (109.36 KB, 1357x775, 1502891889027-f97ce199b149eec5…)

i really love the 70s blue eyeshadow with peachy orange lips/blush but it looks shitty on me

No. 101842

i used to wear this in high school cause my mom taught me to do makeup from when she was in high school. i still like it tbh fam.

File: 1484433696204.png (Spoiler Image, 172.37 KB, 600x305, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)

No. 44407[Reply]

Do you have sick or weird fetishes that you hate having or can't tell people about?

BDSM doesn't get me off like it used to. I'm really into grotesque monsters and guro. The thought of being in a snuff film really gets me off. I want to be used as a limbless fuck doll. Necrophilia and Stockholm syndrome turn me on too.

I can't admit this to my partners. It's not like i actually want anything like that to happen to me anyway. I just feel like an edgelord and a psychopath.
1118 posts and 193 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 89544

there is a newer thread you can post this stuff in guys >>87606
(But damn, that fantasy about taking a younger guy’s virginity was hot as fuck)

No. 89550

My bad! I was only really skimming the catalog and thought that was the "guys youre ashamed to fuck" thread lol. Thanks anon.

No. 91021

Dick kicking. I don't want to hurt anyone, don't think its objectively erotic but seeing it makes me feel funny.

No. 91156

I like traps tho,sometimes i want to develop some kind of sexual realationship to a cute trap guy,put on a strap-on an fuck his brains out

No. 101402

File: 1543111581658.png (450.28 KB, 443x545, disgust (3).png)

i want a giant, obese demon guy to swallow me with his cock.

File: 1515765974248.jpg (34.49 KB, 477x595, IMG_2256.JPG)

No. 73186[Reply]

Is it possible to get to low bmis without being Ana and starving yourself and keeping you skin and face looking healthy?any tips? This is a thread for people who want to discuss getting to low weights in healthy ways. 5'5 at 120 but I'd like to be 100lbs. I use to be 95 lbs in my teens but it's easier to not look completely sick and haggard at low eights when you're young. I've flirted with the idea of losing weight but I don't wanna end up looking like a crack head.
80 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 99817

Forgot to say, it gets a bad rap sometimes, but the /r/fitness subreddit has been very useful to me since trying to drop the weight. I highly suggest checking it out as they have some workout routines stickied on there. Some are aimed a big burly viking men, but they have some available for women to use.

No. 99818

It's possible to lose weight, but you might be setting yourself up for failure with such a low goal to start.
That said, just try planning your meals ahead of time and doing prep for anything that can be prepped on Sundays and in the evening. This includes snack portions. It's helpful to have a food plan for your day.

No. 100119

>>99813 52kg at 178cm seriously sounds like ana goals. Why not go for 56kg? And maybe add some muscle. (then you get the bonus of being able to eat more!)

If you get sick and can't eat you're gonna have a bad time.

No. 100126

I’m about to get clear aligners for my teeth, in part to actually straighten them, but also to keep me from snacking. I’m supposed to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, and brush & floss my teeth and clean my aligners each time I remove them. It sounds like a huge hassle. I can’t wait to simultaneously fix my smile and reach my weight goals.

No. 101756

File: 1543514909252.jpg (35.67 KB, 320x240, BeatYourGreens.jpg)

ngl anon, you inspired me to try and wear my retainers every night, instead of just when I feel guilty. I'm trying to put them in around 8pm, so I don't eat anymore after that.

For what it's worth, I'm currently 5'2, 123 lbs. I never really weighed myself back in the day, but I'd be happy anywhere in the 100-110 range. I honestly feel like exercising never did much for me weight-wise, calorie counting seems to work better for me for whatever reason. Also, I live in the freezing midwest, I love going on long walks but the weather is now making that impossible.
>tfw it's already an icy tundra outside and it's only going to get worse and all you want to do is eat comfort food/cozy carbs in ur pjs

I'm trying to not go too crazy too soon, so my goal is around 1000 calories a day.

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