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File: 1548488226520.jpg (22.18 KB, 564x564, ea6acfee243ad71cdc123f0bf1fde2…)

No. 106527[Reply]

Ask questions, post cute nail art and polish swatches, discus trends, techniques, products, professional services, etc.

What's on your nails right now, farmers?
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No. 127753

the false nails idea might work - but definitely buy a little extra glue (because you'll probably pick them off and want to reapply). maybe your brain will register the feeling of picking false nails off with the same sensation it gets when you're biting them? granted it's not the best way to restore nail health but it's at least a relatively inexpensive thing to try.

good luck to you, anon. i was also a chronic nail biter but i seemed to just randomly stop doing it one day so i don't have any experiential tips!

No. 127931

shoudl I cut my side of my nails?

No. 127933

Look into fidget spinners or fidget cubes. They could possibly help.
This may be overkill, but when you start set a timer every few minutes or put a picture or Post-It on something by you to serve as a reminder to check what you are doing with your fingers.
If it's hard, try delaying it. "I will not bite my fingers for the next 5 minutes." Set an alarm to patrol yourself, then repeat. "If I made it 5 minutes, I can make it another 5 minutes"

No. 127942

Cuticle picker support group? I can't help it and I kind of hate it and I feel bad going to get my nails done when my fingers look like I stuck them in a wood chipper. I used to be a chronic nail biter, so I started getting my nails done professionally to dissuade me from biting them off, but now when I'm stressed out I find myself picking around them. I wash my hands a lot because I work in a large office where people are always passing colds around, which leads to dry hands, which leads to little peeling bits of cuticle, which leads to me picking at them. I keep Lubriderm and cuticle oil at my desk to try to keep them hydrated so I won't be tempted, but I can't seem to kick it completely. Anybody else?

No. 127943

Cuticle picker support group? I can't help it and I kind of hate it and I feel bad going to get my nails done when my fingers look like I stuck them in a wood chipper. I used to be a chronic nail biter, so I started getting my nails done professionally to dissuade me from biting them off, but now when I'm stressed out I find myself picking around them. I wash my hands a lot because I work in a large office where people are always passing colds around, which leads to dry hands, which leads to little peeling bits of cuticle, which leads to me picking at them. I keep Lubriderm and cuticle oil at my desk to try to keep them hydrated so I won't be tempted, but I can't seem to kick it completely. Anybody else?

File: 1534719388629.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x482, 3e0c309f2c772280a33b1ec5c6ae1e…)

No. 92614[Reply]

Girls who like tattoos thread?

What are some of your favorite artists/tattoos? What tattoos do you already have? What do you want to get in the future?

The only other tattoo thread I could find on this website is a thread on /ot that had mainly comments that were anti-tattoo, but it would be nice to have a thread for girls who are tattoo admirers/enthusiasts!
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No. 127750

Don't get anything in that style. As stated by
>>127743 it will fade drastically within the next 10 years and you'll have massively pissed your money up the wall for nothing. Design wise, that's up to you, as it's going to be on your body. I am heavily tattooed (trad style) and have 2 pet tattoos - one is for a current pet the other is a memorial. The memorial one is the nicer of the two. It's a simple heart with a banner that wraps around it with my dog's name on it, framed by a few little flowers. Simple tends to be best, imo.

No. 127843

File: 1574382835854.jpg (49.08 KB, 600x751, cat-memorial-tattoo-_artitys_-…)

I think it's beautiful when people have tattoos for their pets. I considered getting one after my cat passed as a memorial type thing.

as other anons have said, the tattoo you posted is really pretty but you don't want to pack too much detail into such a small space as the tattoo will not last.

I know that's not what you want to hear as you said you wanted something smaller, but the bigger and the bolder the lines the better the tattoo will hold up.

No. 127844

what is the most you've ever paid for a tattoo - what was the tattoo of/how big? how about the cheapest?

No. 127845


420$ was the most I paid for a tattoo, it covers most of my rib cage. The cheapest would be the tattoos that I have done one myself

No. 127846

Most I've paid for one is £220, it's on my back just below my neck and across my shoulders. You never want to skimp on price because you tend to get what you pay for with tattoos.

File: 1461186818849.jpeg (499.78 KB, 1280x1714, image.jpeg)

No. 48662[Reply]

Hi! I don't know if this belongs in /g/ or here…but most of us will never have a sexual partner so here we can give masturbation tips to each other to improve our solo sex lives! DIY sex toys for those of us who still live with their parents, sex toys recommendation, rub techniques, tips and tricks for multiple orgasms, kawaii pastel sex toys, kawaii sex videos etc…
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No. 127744

I used to masturbate to music all the time. The pieces I would listen to all had a slow buildup towards a more "orgasmic" climax, and that worked really well as a masturbation guideline. Pressure building and getting released in music can feel very similar to the way it does with sex.

No. 127769

If anyone ever has a solution to this please share because it’s frustrating af

No. 127771

i usually get off with my clit, then i put something in. but for me whenever i get off with my clit i have a strong desire to have something inside. maybe try it tho?

No. 127842

well I sometimes make noises. I was used to trying to be quiet because I live with others. but over the last few years I kind of just allow myself to make some noise if it happens (as long as I know no one is within earshot) it does make me feel more aroused too tbh. it's not strange

No. 127869

I love the feeling of having something inside me as well and I sometimes use dildos or vibrators. But I genuinely can’t move them or I won’t be able to get off. So it’s more like a vag-plug.
I mean, it works this way for masturbation, I guess, but it sucks for actual PIV sex. And I would also like to actually mimic some sort of thrusting and still feel something. It’s just frustrating.

I also feel like the orgasms tend to be way less intense when I insert something very early on instead of when I’m already super close.

I don’t know. I feel like my vagina is super weird because of it.

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 127474

>A lot of sex industries don't let the people (women) who are the only reason it exists actually profit from it
No industry at all does that. If you want to make money you need to be a producer or distributor.

No. 127735

A lot of the negetive opnions here seem to be from America. Not that I haven't knowen local sex workers who have had their emotional states destroyed due to it but they're a minority. On and off I strip coupled with a normal office job (it used to be my full time employment but is now just a supplementary thing I do every couple of years for a few months) and very rarely do I meet someone doing it because she doesn't want to. We have some really solid laws, prostitution is legal and it stays in brothels and doesnt come into clubs, etc, which doesnt stop the fact some women are working as strippers out of desperation rather than enjoyment but the number is significantly less than stories from America lead me to belive. It is incredibly grating to hear the same story about how everyone regrets it and hates it after they stop working, most women are trafficked or doing it for drugs or pimps or low self esteem. Perhaps in America but not everywhere. Most girls here just want to be able to afford a house one day.

No. 127741

Nah most American girls in sw are doing it because they enjoy it and because it's profitable af! The whole "poor lil trafficked uwu sw bb" is a myth. I had high hopes for this thread as a chill place to discuss actual sw shit, but unfortunately it seems to have gone off the rails and just turned into a sw-bashing thread.

No shade thrown at you, anon, just wanted to clarify that it's truly not like that in the US. If anything, it's just the girls who had bad experiences (prob due to their own naivete/low self-esteem to begin with, tbh) who come onto anonymous boards and talk shit about sw.

I wish there were somewhere to discuss sw openly without being hammered by prudes, but it seems this is not the place…maybe that other anon's discord will take off, in which case I will TOTALLY be the first to subscribe!!

No. 127754

the majority of sex workers enter the field at the average age of 13, most aren't rich college kids wanting a quick buck along with attention, they're starving women who need food lol. basing your view of sex work off the lives of genuinely privileged americans is a bad choice and misleading when it comes to the grim reality of sex work

No. 127762

Strip clubs and prostitution are two entirely different things and girls stripping speaking as they experience the same as prostitutes it's bad because the two jobs have barely anything in common, whether it is legalized or not.
Furthermore, speaking from your experience in a narrow field, doesn't speak for thousands of women trafficked everywhere, because I can tell you in european countries where prostitution is legal it is anything but empowering, even more women are trafficked, even more women have to suffer because of this, even more women can't speak up about rape or have to compete for a low salary in a market that totally treats them as objects to buy and customers are under total protection because privacy bullshit.

File: 1492361448856.jpg (51.95 KB, 854x1280, tumblr_lrq1hzcsz11qmyhpuo1_128…)

No. 58242[Reply]

Post the (Somewhat reasonable) Dreams you always had but are literally Impossible.

I always wanted to be a model, since i was a kid but i never grew past 5'1 and ended up being allergic to cosmetics.

Still makes me lowkey suicidal when i think of it.
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No. 127586

wtf it's like i wrote this.

everything is the same for me anon, except that my country had a nice comic and animation industry but it fell apart a decade ago with the rise of the internet, so my daydreams include me being the one to revive it lol

No. 127596

Literally came here to complain about something similar, I play bass and can somewhat sing and always wanted to be in a band ( preferably an all girl band but whatever ) but no one i know is music oriented or the people i do know already have their own bands. Just want to be in a band and play house parties and shows and have fun and wear cool outfits and play instruments. Let’s start our own band anon.

No. 127635

I wanted to be a model too but I got shoved into a fireplace as a kid and broke my nose. It used to be straight but it's now uneven and hooked.

No. 127656

Why not get a nosejob to correct it?

No. 127714

You know what, I'll go for it. I'm just gonna throw some stuff online and see how it goes. I'm nervous but I have to try at least.

Thank you anons

File: 1574089105374.gif (1.26 MB, 350x197, tumblr_mxgpinyLDk1t2wbmao1_400…)

No. 127623[Reply]

Continued from:


No. 127624

There's like 100+ posts left tho

No. 127627

>anime OP pic

no thanks

No. 127628

the old thread has an anime pic, idiot.

File: 1514393639095.jpg (44.58 KB, 500x408, 154h.jpg)

No. 72061[Reply]

New makeup thread because >>45820 is being locked.

Anyone try the new Fenty foundations and are they suitable for oily skin?
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No. 126890

File: 1573171692099.png (186.33 KB, 790x482, NjZ77AP.png)

i alternate between a combo of pic related throughout the day. i do a lip scrub once or twice a week but most of the ones i've tried have all been pretty similar so i don't have a specific recommendation there.

how old is the foundation?

if it's only one shade off you could only use it for slight brightening at best tbh.

No. 127028

I have kind of a stupid question but is it normal to be really sensitive to makeup and is it possible to like, build a tolerance or become more comfortable with it? I want to wear makeup but it makes my eyes so dry and irritated. I've tried all kinds of eyeshadows, liners and mascaras. High end,low end, and in between. I've tried different formulas that are supposed to be less flaky or have no fallout or whatever and it seems like they all just make me want to die. I just want 1 good eyeliner and mascara and maybe a couple of shadows that won't make me feel like I'm on Mars without a space helmet

No. 127553

No. Makeup allergies are pretty common, unfortunately. I have the same issue. Try switching to smaller natural makeup brands (Etsy), or making your own. Natural makeup tends to be kind of shittier and doesn't last as long, but it's better living with an allergic reaction all-day.

If you're really pasty you might be able to get away with using mineral sunscreen as a 'tinted' moisterized to cover redness and blemishes.

No. 127566

have you tried physician's formula?

No. 127567

i started using the ordinary retinol in squalane to clear up ance/scarring/prevent wrinkles and a strange side effect was that the overplucked areas of my brows are growing back after years of patchiness/baldness

File: 1555467906048.png (413.66 KB, 577x353, Screenshot_2019-04-17 perfect …)

No. 113303[Reply]

ITT:Just brag about your boyfriend or husband and what he does for you
mine does the cooking,cleans the bathroom,does the yard-work,works out so he's fit,cares for his sick grandmother and loves me unconditionally even when I'm not as fit as I used to be
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No. 126213

>basically a cat with opposable thumbs

This sounds like an actual healthy relationship. Good on you anon

No. 126240

They're not scrotes she's just abusive anon.

No. 126493

Stay salty anon

No. 127554

>super educated
>makes six figures
>never pressures me into doing anything I don't want to do
>empathetic and gentle
>pays for dates
>is okay with me being/wants a SAHW
>loves cooking and is very good at it
>liked me since middle school and never stopped
>compliments me
>never puts me down
>loves animals
>good in bed
>not into degenerate porn
>his family loves me and treat me like part of their family
>my family also loves him
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 127956

bullshit, lol either that or your mans is gay but he is still in the closet.

File: 1554258134113.jpg (192.93 KB, 1000x970, 249834753289.jpg)

No. 112369[Reply]

Didn't see a thread specifically for this kind of stuff so use this for discussion about things relating to bathroom stuff, advice, how to better your gut, how you personally maintain a healthy gut, general frustrations if you have an unhealthy gut (IBS, Crohns, etc) and/or how you manage it, asshole insecurities, etc.
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No. 126808

It makes it bigger, soft and in one piece. Honestly it fixes my poop issues no matter what, just remeber go drink lots of water.

No. 126817

Thank you.

No. 126851

It might have just been a one-off reflex syncope, but I really think you should see a doctor just in case since that combination of symptoms could definitely be something more serious.

No. 127480

I feel really embarrassed when I poop. Not every single time I poop, but some times (especially if I've been holding it in) when I poop I just get this intense rush of embarrassment and I feel like people are watching me or something

No. 127524

Woke up with a stomach ache this morning. Went to use the bathroom and just shat out clear mucus and this has been going on all morning should I be concerned

File: 1533385564260.png (117.52 KB, 500x397, you-cum-yet-7374789.png)

No. 90960[Reply]

I can't be the only one who constantly has to deal with selfish and clueless guys who've obviously got their idea of sex from watching too much porn.

So let's share our worst and cringeworthies sexual experiences in this thread!
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No. 127355

i dont really have any advice for you but i can tell you i have the opposite "problem", but it's not really a problem. i cant cum with my boyfriend (or anyone else i suspect), and he really tries, but it just doesnt happen. i still really enjoy it and feel very much fulfilled afterwards. is your main problem that you're just bored of routine and want some changes in where and when? if so that should be relatively easy to fix.

No. 127357

Are you attracted to him?

No. 127432

Doesn't sound like you're that attracted to him, or maybe you're not really getting the emotional connection you want. For me it's the latter, my bf is very low libido and also has a reactive sex drive, so I never really feel that passion or emotional connection during intimacy even though he says he loves pleasing me and always puts the focus on my pleasure and orgasm. Like you I am very grateful that he pleases me, but it feels like there's something missing and often feels very mechanical.

No. 127478

My first boyfriend was very stupid so he would lie to me about liking giving me oral and I was left to think something was wrong with me. That feeling of self consciousness has never left me, and it's been nearly a decade since. All he had to do was just say he didn't like it, but he'd look me dead in the eyes and tell me he enjoyed it… yet he never did it. When he did do it after I asked, he had no idea what he was doing and stopped quickly.

Now I have a bf who desperately wants to eat me out but I have such a hard time allowing it. I have to be perfectly showered and shaved beforehand and even then I'm not confident… It sucks also because I have a very tiny clit so it's hard to find, and my bf has never eaten a girl out before. He says he loves my natural smell, he compliments my looks, and for some reason it doesn't fix my insecurity. I hate this situation.

No. 128459

I dated a bpd transgender guy (huge mistake) and could see red flags everywhere - love bombing and 'abandonment issues' - but stayed like the stupid idiot I was because I found him hot and charming. His whole identity was basically that he has sex and he constantly overcompensated by talking about how good he was in bed and acting really flirty all the time. I assumed he was being like those lesbians who brag about being good in bed but ACTUALLY are good and not like those men who flex but actually have no idea what they're doing, plus he had a high body count. I go on a few dates with him and needless to say I'm pumped to be fucked good by this absolute sex chad.

>his idea of foreplay is lightly making out for ~45 minutes (im bored the entire time)

>eventually i have to initiate sexual touch, i move his hands to my chest, he kind of squeezes then moves them away
>like an idiot i have to say "d-do you like touching breasts…?" and he's performatively-enthusiastically like "hell yeah!" and then he gingerly squeezes my breasts through my bra
>i take off my bra and he pokes my nipples with his index fingers
i give up on this
>move my hand down and start fingering him
>he makes the most exaggerated cum faces and seems to legitimately cum within 30 seconds of two fingered penetration
>ask him if he wants to touch me
>"i guess yeah"
>fingers me, but tries too hard to rub my gspot, ends up scratching his disgusting filthy nails against my vaginal walls
>humours him and lets him do it for a while
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