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File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 107944

File: 1549889774485.gif (889.44 KB, 500x280, 16160844.151741_9874.thumb.gif…)

I'm finally over my ex WOOO-fucking-HOOO
I've been looking forward to this moment for months keeping myself grounded with the thought that the longing and pain will pass and reminding myself of a hard break-up before and that I had gotten over that. I be taking care of myself and loving myself and no douchebag can rain on my parade

No. 108010

I'm a depressed slob and to combat heavy legs, I started walking a little more on my forefoot every now and then and walking stairs differently and I think it's helping and my legs are a little stronger. It's low-effort and easy for me to do everyday. Walking more alone didn't really help. There are some things to keep in mind about foot and knee health here but I feel like it's helping me. Weird flex I know

No. 108033

I'm so grateful to have a father who's semi well known in the Latin music scene. Growing up a poorfag, I was rarely ever given opportunities and never been able to do much. I recently found out he was my father and once he told me he makes 6 digits a year, I didn't know how our relationship was going to pan out. It's been so good, anons. He's helped me buy some things I've been wanting for a while and he took me on a much needed vacation a few months ago. Sometimes I feel like I'm being spoiled, but this is how he treats his other children, I'm not used to it yet, but I'm grateful to have my dad in my life.

No. 108038

Yay I hope to be like you soon

No. 108184

> Will be graduating out of my undergrad with no debt (made it out in 4 1/2 years)
> Haven't failed any of my college classes
> Lost some weight (hitting the gym three to two times a week and eating right)
> an actually attractive dude said I was q t, it made me feel pretty
> got a part time babysitting gig with a super well behaved kid
> my dance teacher is a eye candy

File: 1439145703006.png (407.18 KB, 500x455, table.png)

No. 51324[Reply]

Ok, so there was already a thread talking about some uni stuff, but I wanted to start a more general thread where we could all let off a little steam, ask for advice, etc.

I'm about to go back to uni to do a post-grad and people on the Facebook group are already pissing me off. 90% of the people on the course are whiny girls who haven't grown up since high school and all they have done is sit and bitch about how bad everything is away to be. I'm feeling really apprehensive about meeting people in person now, because I really wanted to just have a group of friends who I could hang out and study with.

These are definitely not the kind of people I want to have to spend time with if possible, but I don't wanna end up just hanging out with a bunch of dudes all year, so now i'm stressing out. What should I do?
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No. 107972

I always procrastinate please gib tips.

No. 107988

Congrats anon! I hope you enjoy it there

No. 107989

Download something like Stayfocusd, saw it recomended on here once and helped me stay away from here long enough to pass a test
Set alarms for tasks, stick to alarms, if you procrastinate too bad you need to move on to the next task now bitch, and then go to bed on time

No. 108003

File: 1549971285916.jpg (24.04 KB, 343x263, Výstřižek.JPG)

My prof drew a little smiley face on my essay. I'm so chuffed haha

No. 108024

File: 1550002861249.jpg (33.91 KB, 480x260, 1533841578583.jpg)

Same anon here and I'm sure no one cares or is reading, but I heard back after another interview this weekend. They said they enjoyed talking with me and that since I'm not graduating just yet (will be done in August……), they wanted to reconnect after my graduation and see what the next steps will be.

I don't really know what to make of this and I'm just feeling like poop because I wanted this job so, so much. It would have taken me out of this country I hate and put me in a place for a new beginning. Argh. Is this just a soft rejection? Or should I take it verbatim, that they do actually want to hire me after I graduate?

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 107739

File: 1549676906695.jpg (97.65 KB, 640x800, taylor_white_5.jpg)

Idk if this is the right place to ask. If not, my bad.
Is Tigerlily Taylor aka Taylor White an escort? She's always travelling and I've been curious for a while. I've been following her but there's no indication besides all the travel.

No. 107752

Doubt that. She comes from an affluent family, is a model and has lots of connections. But who really knows

No. 107756

Ohh I didn't know her family is wealthy. That explains a lot.

No. 107991

What sites should I advertise myself on? How much should I charge? How do I make sure I don't get arrested? My minimum wage job can barely pay rent

No. 108015

Is sexploitation a word? We should use it in place of "sex work" from now on.

File: 1498354159195.jpg (86.32 KB, 767x767, body-positive-blogger-megan-10…)

No. 63860[Reply]

anyone else annoyed with the weight gaining trend? I understand if it's an anorexic girl recovering, but I'm talking about the girls who look fine but shove every little debbie and pizza they can find down their throat and think it will go straight to their ass and tits then come to the sad disappointment when everything BUT their ass and tits get larger
it's trending on the internet and being encouraged by moronic men who think gaining weight will make a girls butt or boobs bigger, it's sad when perfectly thin petite girls with slight curves become average chubby girls because of the weight gain shit

anyone had experiences with this or anything like this? thoughts on the weight gain trend?
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No. 107714

Haha you're so angry.
But yeah, continue to hatefully go off about this girl's body to prove to me how you so obviously don't have issues.

No. 107781

holy fuck this thread is ridiculous
stop sperging you fucking idiots get off the internet for a second

No. 107783

Tfs going on in here?

No. 107785

Anachan bumps her thread once a month to post someone who she thinks is "meme fat" and then there's a fight. This thread needs to be locked, nothing good has ever come from it.

No. 107786

File: 1549734975316.png (317.47 KB, 912x1108, stronk-chan.png)

Ana-chan can't even lift a fork though

File: 1534719388629.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x482, 3e0c309f2c772280a33b1ec5c6ae1e…)

No. 92614[Reply]

Girls who like tattoos thread?

What are some of your favorite artists/tattoos? What tattoos do you already have? What do you want to get in the future?

The only other tattoo thread I could find on this website is a thread on /ot that had mainly comments that were anti-tattoo, but it would be nice to have a thread for girls who are tattoo admirers/enthusiasts!
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No. 107719


Sure is! Her instagram is private (not sure if related to tattoo or not), but I always wonder what people with face tattoos do for work, nevermind something this extreme.

No. 107725

I wanna get a "tramp stamp" but people keep insisting that I shouldn't since it has a bad reputation. I don't know what exact design I want but I want it all black so when I have to reink it doesn't take long. I also want a tattoo on the back of my neck but I don't want to have a basic bitch tattoo

No. 107729

Unpopular LC opinion : i love "shitty tattoos". Stick n pokes, poorly done shit, ugly tattoos. I generally have a soft spot for a lot of "ugly" shit.

No. 107751

File: 1549683590337.jpg (46.11 KB, 480x480, 18812501_1510536405631289_1611…)

Me too. I enjoy the "trashy" look and what it implies.

I think this looks amazing, and props to the people brave enough to put this on their body for all to judge. I shudder imagining myself with this kind of ink.

No. 107755

Anon, just do it if you want to, no matter what kind of tattoo you'd get and where people would still judge

File: 1523523432841.jpg (100.28 KB, 900x1200, modnye-kupalniki-na-leto-17.jp…)

No. 78920[Reply]

Post your inspiration

Note: There's already a Thinspo Thread, but it's 2 years old and it turned into "if you don't like Snejana Onopka's BMI 14 body, you must be a fatty!", so i guess it's okay to make a new one.
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No. 107736

File: 1549676004478.jpg (104.88 KB, 640x799, anothaone.jpg)

No. 107740

File: 1549676924343.jpeg (529.48 KB, 1125x935, 7D52D23D-ADBA-4D70-9B19-690928…)

No. 107768

File: 1549715215583.jpg (47.73 KB, 488x488, hot dog buns.jpg)

those are some sad buns

No. 107774

It works with her body type though, not everyone can be Kim K

No. 107893

Just eat alot and you will reach her bigness

File: 1523183444319.jpg (201.02 KB, 750x750, seen-on-badchix-start-to-schoo…)

No. 78397[Reply]

Years of spending all my free time on the internet (especially on boards) has left me completely fucked up.

Of course, staying true to yourself is important, but in order to find friends, get a career, etc. fitting in is also necessary.
I just want to be a "basic" girl that takes care of her body without feeling the need to look like some anime chara or idol, that takes care of her skin normally, without worrying about shit like "nasolabial folds", that dresses cute, but doesn't stand out in a negative way, but how to do that?
How do normal girls do their makeup or hair, how should i dress and most importantly how should i behave so that other girls will like me?
There's nothing i want more than having girlfriends for simply having movie nights together, eating pizza and chatting…
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No. 104573

It's not about your appearance, tons of normie girls are friends with homely or tomboy girls.
Women are not going to chase you like some thirsty dude for your friendship, they might take some initial steps but if you're hesitant they will back off.
You just have to make an effort, if a girl comes and chats you up and you can barely respond, it's also pretty awkward for them. Open up, be more positive, make plans too.
That can require anything from just pushing yourself a bit more to intense therapy and medication, but it is what it is.

No. 107657

This is really really good advice.

I did this, and the amount of self-cringe is well worth being comfortable in conversations, fuck. People don't care.

No. 107679

I’m starting a job at an upscale place soon
22-25 yr Farmers what do you wear to work?

No. 107702

Uh…whats the occupation?

No. 107720

Like >>107702 said, specifics. But just look at "business casual" on pinterest. Everything on pinterest is normie

File: 1549342391636.jpg (76.55 KB, 570x822, image.jpg)

No. 107439[Reply]

General thread for women who are in high-power positions, well-educated, career-oriented, well-paid, etc., or women/girls who are interested in becoming professional women.

Some topic-starters:

- What is life like for you?
- What are some hurdles you've had to overcome?
- What is your perception on how social media is influencing womens' values and path to success?
- What's your office culture like?
- What advice would you give to girls interested in your career path?
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No. 107469

Does anyone have advice when it comes to networking?

No. 107475

There are all types on imageboards, anon. Not to mention that you can be high-achieving in your 20's if you enter certain fields and/or play your cards right.
What's your specialty? Was med school worth it?
What field are you interested in? Here's some general advice:

- Join linkedin (I didn't do it but I heard that it opens a lot of doors)
- If in college, join special interest clubs. If out of college, join special interest meetup groups (especially one for people in your field).
- If in college, look at the research that the profs in your department are doing and volunteer to help. This is absolutely necessary if you're going into a scientific/research-based field (I think the same goes for many of the humanities as well).
- If in college, do as many internships as you can. Depending on what you are interested in, you may be able to do volunteer work for an NGO and put that on your resume + meet people in the field.
- If out of college and struggling heavily to find a job, join Americorps.
- If you're interested in an academic field and have the money, go to conferences. If you're in a big enough city then you may be able to find free lectures/speaking events and establish a correspondence with a speaker that you're interested in.
- Join your local Toastmasters. Not only does it help you gain soft skills, but they're usually full of high-powered people.

If you are having trouble networking or otherwise entering a field, demonstrating raw passion and willingness to learn goes a LONG way. A very long way. I managed to break into my very competitive field after digging myself into a giant hole because the interviewers could tell that I was very passionate about what I do and committed to life-long learning.

No. 107488

The Americorps thing- do you have any experience with it? I am currently unemployed and having a hard time

No. 107500

I'm still a general doctor but I want to get myself into family medicine
where I live at least is extremely worth it, it gives you a nice salary and you can always find a job as soon as you finish it, however is the most expensive thing to study and it's 7 years long (the longest career, most are 4-5 years long here)

No. 107504

I haven't done it, but my SO is in it. Depending on what career you're interested in, it may not ultimately get your foot in the door (though it might!), but it'll give you more work experience and part of completing the program involves career help like excel certifications and resume advice. You get a stipend towards education for completing the program, which is also nice. It doesn't pay well (just a shitty stipend), but one of the great things about it is that it gives you a lot of time to think about what your action plan is going to be, in addition to support for the program. You don't have to worry about applying to jobs for a little while, or about things like what the job gap will look like.

It's been good for my SO- he started the program with no experience outside of academia and no career-related practical skills, and since starting the program he's grown some important soft skills and a knowledge base that would make him a really good candidate for a government, service, or educational job in our area (NYC).

If you're interested I would recommend attending an info session to see if it's for you. I can definitely envision cases where it wouldn't be the best path to take.

File: 1441217974900.jpg (334.22 KB, 506x507, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)

No. 43395[Reply]

Any of you guys have an actual doll face?
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No. 61386

Venus doesn't look Slavic, and besides, she isn't.

No. 61390

Wow, I never expected lolcow to be full of tiny, petite, doll-like girls lol

No. 107375

I've had people say I have a doll face before. But I don't see it.

I knew a girl in art school who had a face that looked like with the right make up she could pull of a BJD look.

No. 107377

Depending on my makeup people at work tell me I have a doll face. I have a round face and small but plump lips, and that's about all. My eyes are too small, my forehead is too big and I hate my potato nose. I look like a fatface mix between Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lawrence.

No. 107381

Of all the threads to necro, why this pile of cringe?

File: 1535085693379.png (1.19 MB, 1713x1211, clothes.png)

No. 93056[Reply]

post yours, ill reply with blank
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No. 105339


I think bodysuits have crotch snaps.

No. 105384

File: 1547071648665.jpg (110.24 KB, 960x960, mlcv2vffbas01[1].jpg)

Speaking as someone who wore a lot of leotards/tights, pull everything down and pee topless.

No. 105504

File: 1547155182815.jpg (1.63 MB, 2690x2113, um.jpg)

I love just… so many of these looks

No. 105540

Thank u kind anon!
And yeah, bodysuits with crotch snaps are easy to use.

No. 107334


i love your style anons!! do you have any favourite stores that you would recc?

where did you get that jacket n dress? They look amazing!

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