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File: 1593097386479.jpg (47.76 KB, 605x367, f.jpg)

No. 142752[Reply]

there's a fuckton of guides on how to become a real man
gymbros, nofap, jordan peterson, looksmaxing, spirituality

but "g**gle" literally gives absolutely nothing on how to be a good woman, future mother, love urself, respect urself, not be an ethot

everything is riddled with shitty cosmopolitan tier astrology, feelgood selfish crap, makeup and yoga crap
what's something equal to jordan peterson but for a girl?

i can't find anything and it's quite scary, pls help
if it wouldn't be all religious would be good
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No. 143063


I bought this book because I thought it contained a powerful message about the beauty myth, then I found all of the factual inaccuracies that she continually feeds into her work and was turned off from reading it to the end.

No. 143082

can you say more on the topic or post some links?

No. 143396

>Self-Esteem: A Proven Program of Cognitive Techniques for Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Self-Esteem by McKay
is this book worth buying for 20 euro? Normally I'd just pirate it but it's not available through my usual source (the irony of admitting this in a wholesome-thread fucking lol)

No. 143460

Great, makes me happy to hear it helped you too!

Funny you mention this; I was debating mentioning Stoicism. I found it several years before CBT, and you're right that some of the techniques are similar.

Honestly though, Stoicism made me sad sometimes. I know thinking on the temporary nature of things is supposed to make you cherish the present and/or realize the bad won't be around forever, but imagining my friends/family/self dead was rough. It also deals with personal development in a pretty detached way, which was a double-edged sword because it helped me handle other people's negative emotions better, but didn't do much to help me handle thoughts about myself. Still, I keep a copy of Aurelius' Meditations on my shelf.

I've heard about Women Who Run with the Wolves in passing - will have to check it out!

It's not a full copy but if you search for the site "book2look" with the title they have 66 pages available. That should give you a decent idea of what's in store. I imagine the authors would rather someone feel better/get support from their work than not read it at all, or at least that's what I tell myself.

The author is a PhD in Clinical Psychology. It's not a "woo woo" pointless feel good thing with inspirational quotes. It's a workbook that will have you doing the same exercises/homework they'd give you in therapy. (Can confirm - I spent some brief time with a therapist and she gave me worksheets that were almost identical.) Benefits to you doing it yourself: no crazy counseling fees, no having to talk with a stranger, you can go at your own pace and focus on areas that seem most relevant to you.

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No. 143466

damn hope he sees this sis

if you're a normie straight woman and this is mainly about dating, looksmaxing and not being a ethot you should try non-cucked tradthot ideologies like the "new femininity" or whatever. like this person https://instagram.com/not_ur_typical_woman?igshid=1xf01jzcvy14c, but there are many others. if you're not easily butthurt on behalf of scrotes, you can try r/vindicta lmao

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 143054

use a dildo. i thought i had vaginismus for my whole life and avoided the fuck out of sex til recently when i started using a dildo now i really enjoy penetration. give it a shot. you definitely have to figure out what works for you, just like regular masturbation. everyone is different.

No. 143115

I refuse to believe a woman wrote this.

No. 143444

I have endometriosis so half the time I stick to small toys and can't take deep penetration without sharp pain, the other half of the time I crave deep penetration like crazy. Most of the guys I've dated have been smaller which I guess suits me as long as I have bigger toys for those days when I'm feeling up to it

I remember I used to browse the smalldickproblems subreddit and one time a woman started a thread saying she had severe endo and preferred 4 inch dicks (or below) because of it. All the small dicked losers that spend their days wishing a woman would say those exact words to them.. told her to fuck off because nobody wants to fuck a diseased/damaged woman.

No. 143450

Reddit is just a cesspool. No matter what subreddit or topic you’re talking about, the answer is always going to be at least 50% more degenerate than the average answer. Even higher chance if it’s a painfully insecure guy with a tiny wiener that’s answering.

No. 143475

it's 100% a dude. women don't talk about how "tight" they are, that's scrote speech

File: 1556975796138.png (507.36 KB, 658x966, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.14…)

No. 114320[Reply]

In this looks obsessed world. Especially as a woman, honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society.
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No. 143304

I guess lol

No. 143326

I've been feeling progressively worse and honestly, I don't have anything going on for me except for ass maybe but it has dimples and it isn't the best shape ever… I hate my face so fucking much, I have flap small lips and hyperpigmentation everywhere including huge big dark circles, my nose is big and wide, my eyes are small and round and my overall face is hideous, my breasts are saggy and have always been like that since I was 13, my personality is rotten, I'm broke and unpleasant to be around, I don't niche interests like books or anything and I'm not good with words my speech and language skills are subpar I don't know what I've been doing all this time that I spent alive, 'it gets better' is just a statement that gives you false hope leaving you more devisated. I don't even have the guts to kill myself and I have to live through the suffering until fate gives me the mercy of death, but until then I'll live every day hating myself and knowing that it will bever get better.

No. 143345

You made my day. Use your face to your advantage and be big mama, it pays out to look mature sometimes. MILF hunting is a legit thing among guys.

No. 143438

I literally look like a mixture of a pig and a rat. Big and crooked nose, fat cheeks despite being skinny everywere else, crooked teeth, underbite and bulging eyes that look dead most of the time. I look ridiculous with makeup and hideous without. I look like I have some kind of problem, fuck this shit. Even thinking about being with someone while looking like this makes me cringe.

No. 143627

I tell myself I’m unconventional looking, though I am just fugly.
I am short and thanks to quarantine I’m out of shape more than ever. Not only that but my skin has always had a cellulite look to it, even when I was skinny as a teen.
I have PCOS but v mild symptoms, so I have a lot of baby hair on my face plus I have oily skin and hair.
I have one boob at least a size bigger than the other, forever permanent sperm eyebrows from over plucking in the 2000s.
I cope with it by pretending I don’t care, but deep down I do. I am dating someone who is a 2/10 but his personality is a solid 9 (I feel awful for saying it but it’s true).
I have always settled for much less because I know I’m ugly basically.

File: 1514393639095.jpg (44.58 KB, 500x408, 154h.jpg)

No. 72061[Reply]

New makeup thread because >>45820 is being locked.

Anyone try the new Fenty foundations and are they suitable for oily skin?
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No. 143351

You could buy food grade rosewater and add preservative to it. Smells good, two ingredients. You can add a little glycerin for hydration.

No. 143365

I want to get Colourpop x sailor moon lip gloss, is there still any website from where i can buy it?

No. 143384

Nope, not at the minute. There will be 1 more restock, the date is currently unannounced. Go on the item you want and click "email me" for a in stock notification. It is best to check on their social media for a release date though, so you know when to be ready. The collection sells out fast (like in a few minutes) so my advice is to pre-fill out your details.

Colourpop's only other official stockist is Ulta which I doubt will ever be restocking. There is also resellers (ebay or depop) but I wouldn't recommend bc they sell for waaaay too high.

No. 143391

What's a decent vegan pencil eyeliner (preferably self-sharpening) that comes in brown and isn't a million dollars?

No. 143395

Thanks anon, this is super helpful! I'll definitely go through this list and see what's available here and do some swatching at the store.

I think I'm going to get the cloudpaint in puff

File: 1558229627691.gif (4.03 MB, 500x280, download.gif)

No. 115141[Reply]

last thread: >>87606
No shame no gain
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No. 143314

>First off, money is coercion

this is like a radfem version of an incel saying women have no agency.

No. 143316

File: 1593861898397.jpg (3.78 MB, 2116x3136, Heinrich_Lossow_-_Die_Versündi…)

No. 143321

why would you reply to this 11 month old post. just post your embarrassing fetish or jog on.

No. 143332

Having a threesome with twins.. From preschool to 9th grade there were these really cute twins in my class that I had a crush on. Actually kissed one of them when we were pretty young.

Too bad it’s a really gross creepy fantasy

No. 143334

>He's an ugly-cute skelly with long hair and a bubble-butt.
>I would rape the ever-loving shit out of him if he weren't insufferable in conversation.

Is there anything like shy quiet guys anymore or are they all incels ?

This is giving me a sort of purfication fetish , like making them functioning members of society through hard fucking

File: 1439742655325.jpg (139.21 KB, 1000x1167, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)

No. 49363[Reply]

Any of you guys suffering from anything? because I am.
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No. 142596

I can't help you with your economic problem, nor I know about Canada, but I can answer the other issue.
If you can, get help. It doesn't matter what age you are, you are always able to change and get better (it's hard, but it's possible only if you want to). My parents had the same opinions about therapy and they gaslighted me for wanting to get help. After years of not knowing what was 'wrong' with me, I decided to go when I Was 28. I wished I have gone earlier! I wasted so many years being sad and angry. Now I'm happy and I no longer have anger issues.
Life gets easier when your head is clean of anger and you know yourself better.

No. 142606

Yes it’s worth it. Learning healthy coping tools and emotional regulation is always helpful, even without having experienced trauma.

No. 143235

what kind of mental disorder would it be when you can't form healthy relationships with anyone? whether it's family, friends, or dating. when you just can't seem to get along with other people in general.

No. 143237

Those are attachment disorders. I encourage you to read about those! There are many types and they might help you to identify what other problems in your life might cause them. You should also seek professional counseling, if it's available

No. 143238

Anon, if you are in Ontario (not sure what it's like for other provinces) you can go to your doctor or even a walk-in and ask to be referred to a psychiatrist. They can diagnose and prescribe meds for you and all of this is covered under OHIP. A diagnosis and working with a professional can vastly improve your quality of life at any age

File: 1544649867735.jpeg (76.11 KB, 462x791, 8FEA21A2-692F-4F12-BEDB-480F0F…)

No. 102943[Reply]

No I am not a troll. I am 100% serious. I am tired of dating ugly shitty guys, and I want to date a perfect rich handsome guy. In this thread we discuss how to achieve said thingy. Whether it is improving yourself to climb up the league, or simply going to certain events/places. How does one acquire a rich handsome man?
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No. 135894

> I feel like shit watching rich peoples lifestyles
>I'm fat
>all I can do is live vicariously through watching reality tv about rich women

No. 137474

for years now i've been working the late night shift at an upper middle class cornerstore and there's been this one super hot guy who only shows up rly late at night to buy some goods. i've never seen any1 like him. he's definitely an ultra rare (pls excuse the autism) exotic chad with the perfect face/body etc. it's been years now and i still haven't worked up the courage to manage anything more than a 'hello' or 'goodbye'. furthermore one time, he bought rubbing alcohol so i used it as an excuse to check his id. i now know his full name, looked him up and couldnt find any social media to stalk. so can some1 also explain why a guy as attractive as him doesnt have any social media? and how can i even approach him!?!

No. 137864

>so can some1 also explain why a guy as attractive as him doesnt have any social media?
god, I love it when men don't have social media.

No. 137892

some people have their social media under fake or slightly altered names for privacy reasons.

No. 143518

Just be hot. Also $500 is a lot for me.

File: 1540218123296.jpg (36.3 KB, 852x480, 43589089.jpg)

No. 99091[Reply]

As a counterpart to the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread I thought it'd be nice to have a thread were we discuss general turn-ons, sexy shit, what you are attracted to. Things that won't make other anons wonder if they should call the police, heh.
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No. 134693

File: 1584905013508.png (91.34 KB, 497x278, 1q.png)

the taste here…impeccable

No. 134859

File: 1585088258519.jpg (21.47 KB, 400x500, 3980e277325d4f6d829d66cc832f54…)

Adam's apples are such a huge turn on

No. 134877

File: 1585118998017.jpeg (266 KB, 1200x1200, FBA303D9-C4F3-4AD8-A003-401324…)

Fuck anon, Boris is so hot to me.

No. 143111

My dreams inspire scenarios I fantasize about. Last night I dreamt about a horror-themed amusment park (inspired by Gremoryland, though I've never read it).

It involves a female journalist, investigating a horror-themed park, and its enigmatic owner. I like male love interests in my fantasies to be goofy so an insane, passionate theme park owner is right up my alley. They play a cat-and-mouse game as she tries to figure out the park's and his secrets. The park opened and became popular instantaneously, but there have been a few controversies or things she finds ominous. At first, he doesn't take her seriously and flirts with her. Obviously, things escalate and he becomes just as emotionally torn over distrusting but also lusting after her. The specifics of the "secret" aren't a big deal, only that the park is dangerous and the park owner has the advantage over the plucky female journalist.

No. 143205

What the fuck, why can't I have this?

File: 1521655205118.jpg (1.55 MB, 3672x2568, redflag.jpg)

No. 76727[Reply]

We've had a lot of mentions of red flags in various threads, so here's a way of collecting them all.

Which friends do you forsake? Which dates do you dump? Which co-workers do you cut off?

Farmers, what are your red flags when it comes to people?
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No. 141716

idk why so many women keep saying wearing makeup is a societal standard. you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to. if never gotten shit for not wearing it and i don’t like to because it feels gross on my face

No. 141737

I think a lot of teenagers go through a phase where they just can't leave the house without makeup on, but most people grow out of that? I rarely wear makeup too, can't be arsed on most days.

No. 141770

it’s a ridiculous thing to bitch about, honestly

No. 141802

I felt sorry for you at first but you sound extremely irresponsible regarding your pets. They're your "babies" but you had to rehome them bc of your apartment? Then find a different apartment. You sound like pnp

No. 143047

A big one I see is any guy who is enthusiastic about wanting a threesome, wanting to open the relationship or go poly. The pretentious ones will pretend to be progressive and woke about it.

File: 1581002180158.jpeg (574.45 KB, 1784x1576, 1_2sn8nYhJaqFSYH9BxPMdVQ@2x.jp…)

No. 132467[Reply]

A thread to outline and share how you're going to glow up this year. Accountability encouraged! Common areas of improvement include:

>Looks (above the neck

>Body (below the neck)
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
>Work/study (delete as applicable)
>Personal achievements (ie. leave destructive relationship, pick up new hobby, get drivers licence, etc)

How are you going to be at the end of 2020, anon?
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No. 139497

>Looks (above the neck)
- Maintain a consistent skincare routine that includes actives like Vitamin C, AHA/BHA and Retinol
- Experiment with new makeup looks that would better compliment my features
- Make a consultation appointment for PDL or IPL treatments. I might also try Thermage or Ultherapy in the far future
- Whiten my teeth

>Body (below the neck)

- Follow a simple, clean diet primarily made up of home-cooked meals paired with intermittent fasting
- Maintain a consistent workout routine with cardio, Pilates and barre
- Start dry brushing

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

- I prefer fall and winter fashion. As a consequence, I have no clothes for this brutal summer heat. I need to find lightweight pieces that still fit my aesthetic

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 139563

File: 1590020133964.jpg (38.08 KB, 608x608, ea5855b5b6c2590fb1a41826721b33…)

>Looks (above the neck
Keeping up with skincare and invest in good products. I want to get tan without the dangerous UV so I want a good self tanning face serum
Keeping up with my eyebrows more regurarly
Learn how to style my hair in different ways with my hair iron and also keeping up the optimal health of my hair
>Body (below the neck)
Keep on going to the gym at least three times every week
I want to see a clear different in the summer in my bikini, building up my lower body and general strenght

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

Shop mindfully and make the best of my already big wardrobe
Have my living area tidier
Start fucking cleaning more often

>Work/study (delete as applicable)

Currently I need to step it up and do like 12 school assignments and such, in the two remaining weeks of my course
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 139664

I ended up making a list of all my faults. I thought this would be demotivating but now I know exactly what to work on!
I'm going to kick my already dwindling small porn addiction, stop devoting any time to KPop or lolcows, work on my anger issues, kick my sugar addiction, shower more often and get my driver's licence (have a test scheduled for July).
I also want to become a better, more reliable friend and widen/strengthen my social circle in quarantine.

No. 139688

>Looks (above the neck
I started doing facial yoga and I'm already seeing results, I'm also practicing good facial posture and I'm looking to change up my skincare with products that are better suited for my skintype. I've also quit using shampoo on my hair and I wash with conditioner which is better for my hair(and cheaper tbh).
>Body (below the neck)
Currently restricting my intake and upping my cardio to get back to my 17 bmi. Also gonna try to do some home workouts to tone up.
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
I can't really afford a lot of new stuff, but I'm getting better at keeping my place clean and tidy rather than a filthy depression-nest.
>Work/study (delete as applicable)
I'm planning to take up more shifts at my workplace so that I can have more money to spend on myself.
The above.
>Personal achievements (ie. leave destructive relationship, pick up new hobby, get drivers licence, etc)
I intend to get proper treatment for my raging BPD which I hear is hard and time-consuming so I won't have much time for hobbies.

No. 142896


>Looks (above the neck)

Keep up with cgm and skincare routine. Drinking plenty of water is helpful.

>Body (below the neck)

I'd like to build up some muscle tone.

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

Right now, I'm cutting out buying new clothes and looking into making my own clothes. I've managed to redecorate my room into this calm space with nice plants. Just need to replace the carpet and buy some wall shelves and it's done.


I can't wait to go back to work. It's my plan to save some money before I start studying a Masters. Also want to do a music theory exam so I can progress to higher grades on my instrument.


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