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File: 1604847595422.jpeg (634.4 KB, 1068x947, 1C9CF2BB-C559-4097-84CD-A6A0AD…)

No. 158895[Reply]

We have threads for men, but how about our bi and lesbian farmers on /g/? What women are you ashamed to say you'd fuck or crush on for any reason?
>unconventionally attractive?
Share your thirst, farmers.
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No. 362709

fuck u i need a girlfriend that looks like a twinky moid

No. 362724

you wouldn't get it

No. 362727

Just say you love scrotums and go

No. 362728

You have issues.

No. 362729


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

File: 1681924761452.gif (1.54 MB, 498x267, AlainDelon.gif)

No. 322417[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous Thread: >>286849
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No. 362708

I'm glad he managed to find peace later in life but I'm also thankful his best years were committed to film.

No. 362719

Men always talk about the wall but I think the wall in men is much stronger and more noticeable. I’ve noticed I hardly find a single male over 25 attractive and I’m assuming it’s because my brain knows their testosterone has fallen and they aren’t as attractive, healthy and horny anymore. On a personal basis I avoid dating any men over 25 in general simply because I’ve found that’s the age most moids begin their toxic misogynist phase, after their first real relationship with a girl who broke their heart falls apart and they decide to start hating all women forever because of it.

No. 362836

Their misogynist phase starts WAY earlier than that. Have you seen the shit teenage zoomer moids say?

No. 362988

File: 1701785976394.jpg (29.31 KB, 480x429, 6a92653eadd0db2c26a1308c48ee50…)

Kaneshiro my love

No. 362989

Depends on the people they hang with and for the most part, its just an act or pose because they're ignorant or their friends/idols do it. Older guys on the other hand are more genuine about it.

File: 1692078257143.gif (1.94 MB, 500x256, D21492CC-F7A4-4260-822A-541373…)

No. 344673[Reply]

Unsure if you're actually straight? Actually gay? Anything in between? Ask for advice here.
Previous: >>153246

Also welcome are "late bloomers" who realized their true selves long after their teen years who'd like to share their experience and tell others what signs to look out for.

Please be kind to questioning anons, no matter how "obvious" it might seem to you what they are.
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No. 362535

ntayrt but if you're always thinking about sex with women, what is making you wonder if it's not genuine attraction? the lack of experience? if you're not already dating someone and you've never crushed on anyone but also never slept with a woman, it sounds a bit to me like you're kinda young and dating women would be good for you. I'm gonna repeat the theory I just posted like two posts ago where some women (esp very online nerds like you and I) don't have many crushes at a young age because they just don't go outside enough or live in the right place to encounter people worth having a crush on

No. 362542

>what is making you wonder if it's not genuine attraction?
Well one thing is growing up in male Internet spaces where women are depicted and talked of almost exclusively sexually. The other is the early contact with pornography and yuri at 13yo. Maybe these experiences affected me and made me think I'm more attracted to women than I really am? Like you see lesbian fujos saying they can be fujos and still lesbians, then I think maybe even though I only consume yuri I'm also not attracted to the real deal? Honestly it's pretty hard to tell.
>I'm gonna repeat the theory I just posted like two posts ago where some women (esp very online nerds like you and I) don't have many crushes at a young age because they just don't go outside enough or live in the right place to encounter people worth having a crush on
This makes sense. I suppose I just need to meet more people and see if I become attracted to someone.

No. 362557

I get the thing with early porn exposure and the male gaze and stuff, but if you're actually masturbating to this stuff… I don't know, it feels like feeling your stomach drop and heart throb when consuming f/f media and especially f/f porn is totally different from straight girls being able to recognize that Jenna Ortega is beautiful because they're tapped into how the male perspective assesses women. that said, you're so right about the lesbian fujo thing being confusing as hell. when I was in middle school, I TRIED to gaf about yaoi and shipping because so many girls were obsessed with it online, and I just could not, but yuri comics definitely had an actual effect on me that made me a little scared. I am into stuff like brokeback mountain simply as an lgbt story that is meaningful to me, so I could maybe understand if lesbian fujos are very confident about their interest in pussy irl and approach yaoi like that ig. but also like… girl, you should start dating women because everything about anime is unrealistic, but also pales in comparison to real life.

No. 362606

Cringey question but do you have crushes on fictional characters? I used to be in the same boat as you minus liking lesbian porn and I had crushes on female characters, but I wrote it off that it "didn't count" because it was fictional and I'm inexperienced. It turned out I was a shut-in with low self-esteem (I liked yuri ships because I thought I was too ugly to imagine myself having sex) and after going out more, I found a woman IRL that I had a full blown crush and attraction to. I think you need to just expose yourself to more people IRL, I don't care for celebs because they're too conventionally attractive but I lost a lot of interest in yuri when I discovered my type of women IRL.

No. 362662

>do you have crushes on fictional characters?
Maybe? I certainly feel sexually attracted to many anime girls, but I can't say the same of IRL women.
>I think you need to just expose yourself to more people IRL
I see many people agreeing with this so I guess I must overcome this anime brainrot and interact with real people…
>but I lost a lot of interest in yuri when I discovered my type of women IRL.
That's interesting. Hope it doesn't happen to me though, yuri makes me feel less lonely.

File: 1698347793746.jpeg (3.33 MB, 275x275, image0.jpg)

No. 355199[Reply]

A home to post your nerdy crushes here. Whether he just wears nerdy glasses, or if has nerdy hobbies, or is just, a plain nerd.

Previous Thread: >>287864
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No. 362608

holy shit. dudes massive. actual ham arm

No. 362713

Chinless mouthbreathing inbred hillbilly phenotype.

No. 362779

lol nona i hate to admit it but i had it too even if he was annoying. When i saw how he ended up i was shocked but he looks like he's so conscious and ashamed of his looks that it makes me feel kinda bad about it.
Even if he would lose some weight he would still have no chin, maybe he's growing beard hoping that it would cover it? Karma really hit him but he looks so miserable

No. 362947

File: 1701761838516.jpeg (410.98 KB, 854x794, 663783BE-49A6-4148-8964-CFA310…)

Thought you girls would appreciate him

No. 362948

File: 1667396287877.jpg (96.08 KB, 735x735, 50c3ed187326c7274baff568b8522d…)

No. 297242[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>215102

>Don't forget to stay anonymous. Don't give key details about you like your real name or address. Have basic cyber security common sense.
>Don't organize any type of discord/telegram/etc group in this thread or anywhere else on lolcow. Organize it elsewhere.
>Don't get discouraged if you get ghosted or don't immediately click with someone, shit happens. Keep trying.
>This website is 18+ only, don't post here if you are a minor.

Guidelines to consider:
>How long this contact will remain active?
>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
>How would you describe yourself?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 362611

>reminded of a nona I added on here who hasn't responded in a long time
I hope she's doing well. I remember she told me she was going to a trip to Japan this fall, and I was wanting to hear back from her on how it went. Ah, well.

No. 362637

i like old cartoons (w.i.t.c.h included!!) and historical fashion too, you should add me if we haven't added eachother already nona!!
my post is >>350637

No. 362698

All sailor moon fans are based terfs in my experience.

No. 362763

Hi, I sent you an email but wasn't sure if you're still active due to the 3 week statement. I figured I'd message to check!

No. 362913

I accepted your request!

File: 1685880135702.jpeg (67.44 KB, 750x776, IMG_7531.jpeg)

No. 333126[Reply]

second thread is finally due to be locked, so here's the new one to discuss bisexuality.
thread #1 >>56468
thread #2 >>199767

if you're still extremely unsure if you're bisexual, the questioning thread is likely a better fit. talk about your gender preferences, how you discovered you were bi, what's your type in men and women, how you feel in the community, any struggles you've had with bisexuality, etc.
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No. 361821

Nothing hurts more than that one straight woman who could never and will never love you back.
Men are fun. Men are easy.

But none of them are her.

No. 361890

samefag, because I’m still thinking about this… it really makes me feel like a shallow, terrible person. Even though I know I don’t have any control over it. And every time I enter another cycle I think, naively,
>maybe this is really it!
>maybe this is the real me and I’ll stay like this forever!
And because the cycles last for so long, I always really start to believe it as the months (or sometimes years) go by. I’ll let myself be convinced. Which just makes the eventual let down hurt more.
I’ve started to get really bitter about hearing about other people’s dating and married lives. I wish I could just be happy for other people or even just neutral but instead I am filled with burning jealously. It’s actually keeping me from making and keeping friends. Because when they bring their partners around and be loving with each other I just can’t keep it together inside. I just start thinking about how much I want to die and I mentally zone out through the rest of the time and can’t enjoy myself. Which I know makes me kind of selfish.
Shallow and selfish.

No. 361956

nta but how?

No. 362322

I don’t really understand the idea that a bisexual woman could never date a lesbian that a lot of people like to say. I am a Newfag on lolcow, but an oldfag in LGBT spaces. Without revealing my exact age, I was old enough to participate in stonewall if I lived in that area at the time. In my years staying in older pride spaces, lesbians and bi women have always gotten along pretty well. I think it’s all the fake bisexuals that are tainting us and giving us a bad reputation. I’m not talking about bisexuals who date men and women but ended up with a man, because if you are genuinely attracted to both, you’re bi even if you end up with a man. But a lot of youngsters are just saying they’re bisexual to not sound boring and straight, then they give lesbians a bad impression when their disgust for women in sex comes out. I hate to grandma post but things were so much easier before

No. 362326

I feel this so much nonna, going through this right now. So many smiles and glances that I know I'm reading too much into. So much time staring at my phone trying to think of the perfect witty cute thing to text her. Worrying that she'll think I'm a creep and not want to be friends with me anymore if she learns how much I long for her. So much time spent consoling her about her relationship drama with her Nigel, wishing I could tell her that I would treat her like a queen.

File: 1677904493632.png (1.36 MB, 1200x772, 714D167B-4AFB-48DD-995C-AAEA10…)

No. 315174[Reply]

To the lesbian anon with a 2D crush, here is something to consider:
>think of your husbando
>really visualise him
>remember all the things you like about him
>now… ask yourself
>what if there were boobies under there?

Welcome to the Lesbian Hornyposting Yumejo Thread, the illegitimate daughter of the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting Thread and the Female Fantasies Thread. Here you are free to imagine your favourite fictional woman in any scenario, sexual or otherwise, and post about her to your heart's content. Even better if, in her source material, that woman is a guy.

Example posts
>I just know Komaeda's pussy tastes like battery acid
>I want to fuck Goro Akechi until she is too overstimulated to monologue
>(3 paragraph description of a romantic date with Neku TWEWY which ends in passionate tribbing)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 357528

File: 1699419184388.jpg (67.13 KB, 736x981, 839f65974c8f2866329777dccd60a3…)

She's not my husbando but my waifu my dear Damara Megido has been in my thoughts a lot lately. She was my sexual awakening like she is what made me realize I was into women. I feel like such loser confessing that the fake-japanese troll from Homestuck who speaks in Google translate is my first crush but she was. I love her so much whenever I think about my fangame (im a mage of light btw) I imagine that we meet in a dream bubble after I finish killing the rest of the players in my session as revenge for bullying me/betraying me and we become friends over our shared love of anime. At first shed speak in the broken English she uses for humans but once she realizes that I know some (shitty otaku flavored) Japanese that is when we really start communicating and becoming friends. Slowly her walls would break down as we exchange human and troll anime and I'd send her vocaloid videos idk how YouTube is still working but let's assume that vocaloid is eternal anyway as we become friends we open up to each other about the bullying we went through and how much we wish others cared (Damara was very much a sweeter and kinder person before she was betrayed by rufioh and bullied by meenah) slowly as we become friends we start to develop feelings for each other but are largely unaware that the feelings are red/romantic in nature. I have prior exposure to troll culture and know how their relationships work. At some point Damara brings up becoming moirails. I agree because to my understanding it means bffs/platonic life partners and I've never been somebody's best friend before. During this stage we spend time together a lot and slowly I'll see that Damara is sabotaging the other players (fair but I don't want her to be under Doc Scratch or Lord English's heels) I'll try and convince her to put her happiness above anything else including her rage (like we can totally make them suffer but not towards the benefit of the enemy) and shed resist at first because she's been so hurt and practically nobody did anything to help her. I'd try to enlist the help of Porrim and shed agrees and we'd both try to be there for Damara as she to struggles with her desire for revenge against those that wronged her, her desire for control over her own life, and her own happiness. Perhaps I'm too pushy and Damara lashes out at me because I have trouble reading the room sometimes and we have a fight and stop talking to each other for a little bit. I'd be so sad and perhaps I'd turn to Rose, NepetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 357532

Just realized I got so engrossed in the development of our relationship that i forgot the horny part. Anyway during the later part of our moirailship we start cosplaying couples a lot, and we roleplay them. We never do full on sex but there is a lot of groping. Totally in character of course. But after we become girlfriends/matesprits we do roleplay anime girls having sex since Damara and Rufioh canonically cosplayed Usagi and her bf i like the the idea of her dressed as Usagi and me as Minako or Rei and the scene is me comforting her after they had a fight and we end up making out to soothe her and afterwards we bathe together on her idea and washing each other and when I imagine the scenarios where it's me and the Handmaid our relationship starts off more black and she sees dominating me as a way to experience control. Im a push other so I wouldn't need much force if a hot demon looking alien wanted me to eat her out. I like to imagine that she tastes like period pussy she'd start off as a sadists but become endeared by my willingness to submit her. As my session continues she sees how the others disregard my visions and advice and helps me to kill them. In exchange I help her escape Doc Scratch. I like the idea of her giving me a uniform and collar to wear and her yanking it and slapping me of I fail to please her sexually Damara and I are equals but the Handmaid and I have a clear power imbalance. I'd be her kitten her silly rabbit and shed make sure I knew it.

No. 362140

i love my waifu so much. not going to add a pic because she's from a very niche media, but i daydream about her all the time. i imagine her sitting next to me on the bus, cuddling together in bed, holding hands as we go on walks by the river… even at the most mundane moments i think of her. i want to braid her hair and fuss over her when she's had a hard day at work. i want to steal her hoodies cause they smell like her. in-universe she often feels lonely and undeserving of love, so i want to kiss her and tell her i love her. i've never felt so attached to a fictional character before. i just love her so much.

No. 362154

You love Lucy anon?? Based. Morally questionable women are my weakness too. With Lucy though, she was molded into what she was by her environment. I always wanted to be her friend and comfort her. She deserves so much better than Kouta.

No. 362247

I'm not reading all that but I'm truly, sincerely happy for you and the enthusiasm that allows you to gush about your waifu like this. May you have many happy years together.

File: 1685701747174.jpeg (131.1 KB, 800x1200, IMG_8216.jpeg)

No. 332611[Reply]

I’ve been here for quite some years and I know a lot of you have been, too. Surely a percentage of posters here are around 30, or over 30. For those of you that are - how are you handling it?

Share your successes, insecurities, and life wisdom. Share fashion and beauty advice.

How do you feel about nearing 30/being over 30? Have you found the incel cope about 30+ women to be true in any way? What were your biggest fears, and what are your biggest triumphs at your current age?

Absolutely no Zoomers allowed in this thread, unless you’re an elder Zoomer. Zoomer ageism is peak stupidity and we won’t have it here.
610 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 362233

I don't think he's teasing every late twenties person in his life about being for being "old"

No. 362236

What do you mean

No. 362241

Nta but I assume she meant he’s hitting on you or has some interest in you. Do not entertain it if that’s the case.

No. 362406


How is it not? That's relatively close to 30 and being 25 or 26 is definitely a lot different than being in your early 20s..

No. 362607

Men are very well aware of the fear of aging and utilize it as weapon to neg or just be a dickhead. Definitely "banter" with him about his receding hairline or his pouch see if he likes that. Most men age terribly yet they think of themselves highly. Or even better, cut all communications with him unless it's work related.

File: 1618939381421.gif (2.05 MB, 500x278, tumblr_p205498WeM1vkg43bo1_500…)

No. 180491[Reply]

A thread for anons who sew. Feel free to discuss anything related to sewing, ask for help and advice or show off your projects!
423 posts and 114 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 362116

File: 1701435578916.jpg (25.29 KB, 679x545, 61euS2miJ9L._AC_SX679_.jpg)

Do any nonnies have a Singer Heavy Duty? Some sewing youtubers I watch recommend it and it's within my budget, but my local craft shops don't have it so I can't give one a try before committing. I make simple things (soft toys, bags, want to start making clothes) so I wonder if something called "Heavy Duty" would be overkill? My main requirements are for the machine to have several speed settings and not get stuck when I'm adding lining to things. I've only ever used a garbage "toy" machine so far so I have no idea what's normal or needed for a real machine.

No. 362150

My own machine isn't heavy duty, but from my understanding heavy duty machines have stronger motors and can sew through more layers than usual, which I assume will lead to the machine getting stuck less often. My non-heavy duty singer machine normally runs great, but betrays me when I try to sew 4-5 layers of minky fabric when making plushies. It might be worth getting the singer heavy duty if you wanna make thick bags that use lots of layers or clothing that uses tons of thick fabric like denim. If it fits your budget I'd say go for it as long as you are buying from a reputable shop with warranty and refund options.
From the pic you've posted I don't think this machine has multiple speed settings. It's something I really wanted before I actually bought my machine and was sad mine didn't have it, but after actually using my machine I don't feel the need anymore since it only sets the max achievable speed, the foot pedal is actually what one uses to control the speed by applying different amounts of pressure. The speed of the sewing also changes based on your stitch length and fabric type, my motor sounds ready to croak when I sew small stitches on multiple layers of minky lol.

No. 362155

I highly recommend getting an old school sewing machines second hand.

No. 362157

I've read that it doesn't live up to it's heavy duty name lol.

No. 362240

I have this machine! It's great for sewing through multiple layers of thick fleece, and I've also tested it on denim. It's never gotten stuck. It doesn't have speed settings though, so it might be challenging to use for a project where you need really precise stitching.

File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207[Reply]

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.
851 posts and 213 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 361914

He's not a prettyboy, he's what hollywood men in power push to be prettyboys because they don't want actual young attractive men in the industry. Look how every time a young attractive man gets into the industry he just kinda loses momentum and people forget about him.

No. 361983

i've always wondered why moids are so asymmetrical too. is it the testosterone? is it the faulty y-gene? we'll probably never know.

No. 361984

and yet here i am

No. 362037

Facial symmetry indicates genetic quality. The Y also does decay with age, in addition to being innately more fragile. There's a myriad of reasons why males tend to be more genetically defective.

No. 362070

i like his acting, but he is definitely average looking

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