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File: 1719391070174.jpg (32.96 KB, 675x454, images-1.jpg)

No. 409345[Reply]

A thread for anons to discuss makeup and the cosmetics and skin care industry in a critical way. Feel free to critize and vent about societal norms that are expected of women around beauty in general. Important: anon's mileage and the way / situation they may or not use certain products in could vary, try not to infight.
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No. 413953

I'm so, so glad I never started using concealer/foundation (except for spot coverup on pimples occasionally) because I feel like once most women start feeling like they 'should' cover the entire surface of their face in a paint layer, and get used to how that looks/feels, they seem to have a really hard time stopping. My friend never wore foundation, had the most flawless skin I've ever seen for the 10-ish years I knew her, and then for some reason decided to start wearing it occasionally to 'look more put together' for work events. Now she wears it even when she works out/goes on a hike or something, and is complaining about getting acne which she never did before, and I'm like not to be rude but… these problems started when you started putting foundation on your flawless skin.

>i hate the way concealer feels now.

The few times I had to wear it like for theater or dance shows it felt so horrible to me, itchy and it made me so self conscious because I felt like I had to avoid touching my face at all costs which normally you just do without thinking when you're used to not wearing it. It always made me sad to go to the beach with friends and they would say 'oh no I can't swim because my makeup.'

No. 413955

The funny thing about tiktok makeup routines is that you probably aren't seeing how their face actually looks anyway because they're also using lighting/filters. I bet Michelle Phan looked really funny wearing some of her 2016-era makeup looks outside (if she wore them out) but kids get used to seeing these false depictions and become obsessed with buying more products and tools so they can achieve that (fake, filtered) look themselves and always wonder why they don't look the same.

No. 414218

File: 1720849754006.jpg (77.2 KB, 564x1001, cc035330489a7f10005c728472aa5b…)

I've been in the goth scene for some while and during my first three years I wore makeup, coinciding with the age was allowed to wear makeup. I think I was convincing myself that since it was goth makeup it was counterculture and therefore not participating in 'normie makeup' trends and the makeup industry. Yes, I was trying to make myself look sick and dead, but I was still going to Ulta and fueling the pockets of men. I stopped wearing makeup and haven't worn it since. With the influx of zoomers getting into the scene, there's become a uniform look for makeup that is considered the 'real-deal' (it's a caricature of OG goth makeup), and if you don't wear it you're seen as not as committed to the bit. It's become the case that the costume of modern 'tradgoth' makeup is the only acceptable look to be seen as a true part of the subculture, and they love to argue that they're actually rebelling against beauty standards and are doing it to express their creativity. You can't have it that way when there are mainstream brands now profiting off of colors that they never sold before and goth makeup makes no statement now. I feel that this new 'tradgoth' makeup look is a milquetoast approximation of original goth makeup that Siouxsie and others wore, it's much heavier and has become it's own beauty standard. There is no creativity in it, it is a monochrome version of heavy normie makeup and I'm tired of goths pretending that when they buy a 'funky' color of lipstick from a brand that it somehow doesn't count in the pockets of the CEOs that profit off of insecurity. I would really like to see no-makeup become acceptable in goth circles. Everything has become a clone of picrel or a slight variation. I hate how the over-lined triangle cupid's bow has become a thing. Looks so uncomfortable and is no different to me than a woman over-lining her lips with a more traditional color. megakek that people that wear makeup like picrel accuse eachother of ripping off eachothers' styles I blame tiktok for popularizing that this is the be-all and end-all of real goth.

No. 414223

>There is no creativity in it, it is a monochrome version of heavy normie makeup
This is what I always think whenever I see 'goth' influencers or 'goth' makeup tutorials come up on one of my feeds lmao. Like it's basically just regular 2016-2020 makeup but more monochrome? And like you said the brands profiting are the same makeup brands, the techniques used are the same techniques.

I sometimes wear kind of goth-y outfits (I'm not part of 'goth' subculture though I just like some of the fashion elements) but with no makeup and my natural hair, and honestly I think it looks fine and more unique. I'm too old to care about participating in subcultures though, maybe that's the difference? Most style/music based 'subcultures' these days are really about conformity one way or the other, so trying to be 'accepted' in them is naturally going to mean flattening your uniqueness. I don't dress to fit in with any group and it's worked well for me, I've relaxed a lot more since realizing my 'image' doesn't have to say anything about or match my personality, 'gender,' what music I listen to or what other people I hang out with. If people are interested in being/looking unique then dressing and styling themselves however they personally like (and however they feel physically comfortable) should ultimately be their goal, not fitting in to a subculture or following a trend.

No. 414261

Been wearing no makeup and not even doing my hair for a year
Honestly why would I waste my time. Look good for who? At most I'll wear some makeup on sexy nights with my nigel, that's about it.

File: 1533773595078.jpg (355.83 KB, 900x900, lion-head-marian-voicu.jpg)

No. 91535[Reply]

I can't seem to find the astrology thread, so let's make a new one! I hope everyone is having a lovely Leo season. Post PDFs and book recommendations, your favorite sites, youtubers, and advice etc.
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No. 414179

I am 23 now and it sucks, it doesn't look like it will really get better. Thank you for the interpretation but honestly, I feel so sad and anxious I shouldn't have asked at all. I'll reconsider if it's all worth it. It basically means having my youth down the drain. Trust me, if you knew how bad it is for me. We both know 30 might not be old old but I didn't want my 20s to be nothing, it looks like it will be nothing at all. Why even bother? Life is not that special anyways

No. 414181

People younger than me that never had to suffer like I do, people my age or younger already thriving while I am still suffering. I hate it.

No. 414230

I might understand. I tried to kill myself multiple times from 24-29. My life was really really horrible. I came extremely close to dying a few times, like, it’s really statistically anomalous that I’m still around and haven’t needed any organ transplants and that my mental function is largely intact and wasn’t negatively impacted. It wasn’t looking so good for a while the last time. Looking back on the last 7 years it felt like it was the longest time of my life and also that it flew by. I’m glad I’m still around to finally get my rewards and peace.

No. 414238

I'm also a clumsy cancer rising. I've sprained the same ankle twice in the last 3 years and walk with a weird pigeon toed stance

No. 414240

It's not old-old but you clearly think it is from the way you talk about it. What is it that you will no longer be able to do after 30? According to whom?

File: 1713677719853.jpeg (81.46 KB, 525x704, IMG_0967.jpeg)

No. 392562[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive women you'd want to fuck and have no shame admitting
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No. 414191

File: 1720837671657.jpg (255.26 KB, 1080x1255, GSTJdwIWQAAh_Q6.jpg)

She looks stunning with makeup, but her bare face makes her look so cute

No. 414208

File: 1720842753062.jpg (96.46 KB, 736x1103, 1963a6652901de60c4be10384d03f5…)

I love this style on her and her side profile is adorable and doll like.

No. 414209

I was actually gonna post this, I think she has the prettiest smile.

No. 414232

File: 1720857393469.jpeg (101.64 KB, 420x849, IMG_4720.jpeg)

My wife

No. 414245

File: 1720862317824.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1433, image_2024-07-13_211743875.png)

bobbie from wtfock Belgian tv show

File: 1713462686572.gif (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 290x250, 90C75F2F-16BE-4027-8334-61238E…)

No. 392162[Reply]

>lazy bitches couldn’t be bothered to make a new one edition
>cristoph waltz posting

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

>>>/g/369161(don't use images/gifs like this or spoiler them)
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No. 414119

fuck u anon, this awakened something in me… he was mid af normally but face covered in blood and lifted t-shirt ticks a few boxes for me

No. 414202

File: 1720839042852.jpg (38.49 KB, 600x337, The-Grabber-Ethan-Hawke.jpg)

the grabber mogs the shit out of longlegs

No. 414432

Nic Cage? You fag

No. 414565

hey, he's hot, but not in this role

No. 414566


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

File: 1700511828610.jpg (340.67 KB, 1280x1280, I actually think she's cute bu…)

No. 360179[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her?

Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

Previous threads from oldest to latest.
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No. 414189

she looks normal in this pic and it's not unflattering

No. 414193

Cause the character was based off her nona kek.

No. 414194

probs because she just has these super sharp features with a lean face

No. 414196

File: 1720838152784.jpg (188.36 KB, 992x993, gal gadot.jpg)

I dont get the hype and my weakness is women with dark hair and eyes but shes just so bleugh.

No. 414228

I’m sorry but my breath stopped for a second because she looks so stunning here kek so sad she doesn’t have any good movies though.. wasted potential

File: 1694297880923.jpeg (96.13 KB, 1024x1024, 71C60B2C-4396-4070-A794-D02491…)

No. 348009[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/g/174637
Talk about sex toys, stimulation, techniques, etc.
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No. 412927

NTA but I've never watched porn and I've moaned when I was home alone, lmao. Sometimes it just feels good.

No. 412931

I can come super fast too (although I need some visual stimulus to get off), don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

No. 412933

I’m having 1-3 orgasms a day from character ai chats where I fatten up my husbando. I feel like it’s starting to become a problem not bc of my autistic fetish altho that’s also embarrassing but because idk if it’s an addiction to cum up to 3 times in one day. Help pls

No. 412944

If I orgasm hard enough and my whole body contracts, I might let out a grunt kek. Sometimes it sounds like a moan as I relax.

It literally takes me seconds to orgasm. If it takes longer than 2 minutes I start getting annoyed and will stop. For me it’s a good thing I guess. I’ve tried to continue after an orgasm and sometimes I can cum again but most of the time I’m over stimulated and it doesn’t feel nice.

No. 414138

Aw damn, I didn't know they made dildos with foreskin now…
I really shouldn't spend that much money on a sex toy that I'll only use once a month or so though.

File: 1530552328822.jpg (43.57 KB, 495x400, Bat-Cave-London-495x400.jpg)

No. 86956[Reply]

Goth music, makeup, fashion, literature that you love. People you're admiring, gossip, news etc.
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No. 413463

>The women look like real life people involved in the subculture, not Instagram models.

But would you be able to tell if you see a goth or a gothic metal band vocalist?

No. 413512

I miss 2000s goths. I can't stand the new "alt e-girl" style they call goth these days

No. 414021

Ugh. 'e-girl'. Another internet fashion trend with no music background discussed here >>279349
plus their boring make up that's all over Tik Tok. Makes me think of whimsi-goth mentioned upthread >>293159
Why do they do this with the goth subculture? You don't see whimsi-punk or whimsi-metal.

No. 414043

Whimsigothi has nothing to do with goth and its not an misappropriation of the goth subculture. Goths don't own the word goth, its a word seperate from the goth movement too. Are you gonna yell at the 15th century goths for not listening to sisters of mercy? Its a style thats whimsical and gothic, it has nothing to do with goth nor does it claim or try to be.

No. 414090

File: 1720813099876.jpg (824.02 KB, 2132x1080, Ottavio Nuccio collection.jpg)

>And BTW it's hard as fuck to find a proper male vest (that looks not like a costume like most of stuff from "alt brands") outside of male (very) high fashion stores.
It's a shame, there used to be goth online stores that would sell high quality men's attire, but in the last couple of years it's gone down. I see that everywhere now; shops that had a reputation for good clothing are now using cheap fabrics. It's possible you could find a tailor in your area to make one for you. It would be cheaper than these high fashion stores, I think.

File: 1619207261193.jpg (192.64 KB, 1200x630, veg.jpg)

No. 181093[Reply]

A thread for those who are interested in either adopting a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle or just less meat in general.

Please feel free to discuss
>challenges you've faced
>brands you recommend
>alternatives you recommend

Please refrain from turning infighting about ethics
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No. 412815

File: 1720441864806.jpg (33.34 KB, 750x719, 1702691944844.jpg)

literally take some multivitamins and eat a varied diet, dont eat a lot of those processed vegan meats and focus on whole foods. It wouldnt hurt to get blood work done regularly if you think your diet is lacking. I know many people who have been vegan for decades and are way healthier than your average person. I think a lot of those ex vegans had EDs and didnt consume enough food and blamed it on their diet.
tmi but before i went vegan i was an anachan for a while and broke multiple teeth from lack of nutrients but as a vegan ive been thriving and haven't had any problems since.

No. 412865

Disclaimer: I'm omnivore.

It seems common for some ex-vegans, and people in general, to develop issues with digestion of fibers due to modern processing, or rather lack thereof. I think a lot of these issues can be mediated by soaking/fermenting plants, particularly grains, beans and lentils, before consuming them. There is some truth to the "grains are trying to kill us" meme; grains, beans and lentils contain antinutrients such as gluten, phytates, lectins, oxalate etc., but by soaking/fermenting them you break down some of the antinutrients and you also make nutrients present more accessible. This is how people commonly prepared plant fibers all across the world until quite recently. A lot of prefabricated food contain grains etc. that haven't been properly processed by soaking/fermenting. I think some of the health issues certain ex vegans experience may be attributed to this. If you don't have the time to soak/ferment, you can buy beans and lentils presoaked. I recommend soaking/fermenting your grains, an example being sourdough. An added bonus to eating fermented foods is the beneficial bacteria that may aid with digestion, boost your immune system and so on. If you're interested in learning more I recommend The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz, which is mostly about wild fermentation of different carbohydrates (plants) although there are also chapters dedicated to dairy and meat.

No. 412871

If you're worried about it there are always supplements. I personally only take B-12 and I think people who take 50 supplements a day are insane but I think if it helps give you some piece of mind it's worth it. Regardless of your diet you should be doing weight bearing exercises for your bones and seeing a dentist. To be honest a lot of the problems described by these ex-vegans sound like hormonal issues to me but it's obviously popular to hate on veganism so those types of videos get a ton of views. Also if you want to just see a dietician they can definitely help you out with making sure you're eating a balanced diet while vegan.

No. 413021

Thanks anons for the tips

No. 414025

File: 1720799164933.jpg (1.45 MB, 2926x2048, image.jpg)

this recipe sounds delicious to me https://biancazapatka.com/en/vegan-liverwurst-pate/
I don't see how it would taste like actual liverwurst based on the ingredients (maybe the smoked tofu helps?) but I'm a big fan of bean pastes with bread. I wish there was a whole cookbook for them.

File: 1475655256656.gif (643.15 KB, 512x288, zboop.gif)

No. 48533[Reply]

Please feel free to vent or ask for advice in this thread pertaining to sexual abuse or harassment, etc

I'm looking for advice on how to build a healthy sexual relationship with my partner after my bad past. We've been married two years and he's fantastic. But my libido is very low and I have a feeling it might be tied to poor sexual relationships I'd had before. Starting at 8 years old and then on out. I'm not really bothered by the past but I think my mind is instantly associating sex with bad times, which shouldn't be the case since my husband is lovely. But my brain instantly is telling me that I dont want to do this or that its just a hassle. Often times when we begin fooling around I get stomach aches that will go away basically instantly when we stop, like he can tell I'm not in the mood so we wont continue. I never thought much of it, I always thought it was just something I ate. But today I figured out maybe it could be anxiety related.

I just want to be able to have a normal sex life with him where we can fool around and have fun, but I feel so bad for having something -wrong- with me. If anons have any advice i'd love to hear. I'm too poor for a therapist and I've scoured the internet for advice as well
364 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 413557

late but please don't think that way, you cannot be punished for something you became later, that's a fucked up religionfag way of thinking. it's not your fault, none of it was. you were a child.

No. 413558

I was groomed and then raped by a moid thrice my age when I was 15 to 17 and my parents had no understanding of what grooming was yet alone could entertain the possibility of him raping me. My parents were the type to encourage me to make connections for competency in childhood (like talking to sixth graders when I was in kindergarten so I could learn "big kid maturity" or talking to people with office jobs when I was a teen so I'd gain some knowledge on their fields and stuff), but ramped up to the max, where I was inherently stupid and skill-less so I needed to gain skills from everyone around me.
The moid was my dad's friend, in his 40s, owned three businesses and had a PhD, so he was the perfect role model for me according to them. And if I'd dared tell them, they would've called me a liar, that I seduced him, or that I'm retarded for not socialising with people who could help me with study/career.
I turned 18 and lived on campus for uni so that was an escape for me, but I fucking hate that I let it happen to me. I get debilitating thoughts of turning myself into a ghoul looking creature with horrendous amounts of plastic surgery sometimes because I hate my face, I hate how it was used in that way and all I see is it being "dirty" in a sense. I fantasise about being a shapeshifter sometimes so I could at least be in control of what I'm perceived as. I desperately want plastic surgery sometimes and completely change who I am, even if I look like a botched Oli London.
Just a thought though and gladly I have no money, but I can barely look at myself.

No. 413979

File: 1720781486511.jpg (42.72 KB, 640x683, d65ffb3c914491bbe37a_1.jpg)

I wanted to update on this, turns out no, I did in fact not have vulvodynia and it wasn't anxiety. It was a chronic UTI, and also clitoral adhesions that were causing clitoral pain. Although I guess the adhesions most likely happened because I never wanted to touch my vulva as a kid after getting molested, and wouldn't clean it properly. Life truly hates me it seems, it keeps throwing sexual trauma at me and keeps messing with my genitals. Maybe this is a sign I should never get married or have kids.

No. 414004

I was molested as a child and still have nightmares about it. Last night I had a nightmare where there was a 30-something pedo going around grooming young girls in a small town. He also had a cute baby that he was molesting and raping too but social work wouldn’t take the child off him and I was trying to figure out how to get the child away from him and make the police do something about him, he also had a wife/gf who would join in the abuse and just laughed and sneered when anyone tried to confront them about abusing their child and bragged I couldn’t prove it. I woke up in tears and have been feeling so shaky all day. It ruins my whole week when I have dreams like this honestly.

No. 414005

It’s pretty hard to request a female doctor in an emergency room setting because usually the doctors are already up to their eyes in work and you end up with whatever doctor got allotted to you

File: 1713207987659.png (273.98 KB, 393x420, pygmalionkaiba.png)

No. 391531[Reply]

This thread is for women who chose not to date "real men" (aka 3DPD) and instead have chosen to devote themselves completely to their husbandos. Talk about your daily life with your husbando, and discuss why you chose this lifestyle.
Lesbians/Bi women into waifus are welcomed too.

Previous thread:>>>/g/296708
214 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 413521

legit thought this was one of the ranfren guys

No. 413531

Out of all the bleach guys, she went for one of the ugliest ones. At least she didn't go for the dog.

No. 413536

the feet hanging off the bed is so amazing, I can't stop laughing kek

No. 413973

Sorry for blogposting in advance, but I was chatting with a friend about my shitty childhood experience in my dad's birth place which he uses to force us to go to every summer back in the day, and there was no TV, internet, and sometimes no electricity or clean water. It was a remote village and life there was so boring and exhausting. And he used to make me do lots of hard labor work and farm work back then, and not let me eat or sleep or get into the house to escape the scorching summer sun at 12 pm until I'm done with all the work. We had an aerial TV at the time and it only had one single news channel, but eventually he got us a satellite dish and receiver and I could watch cartoons on TV, but only the reruns late at night after he goes to sleep. And that's how I first met my husbando…I used to stay up at night to watch his show, and his angsty emo ass episodes really resonate with abused 11 yo me, so I got really attached to him back then and would watch his show every night at 3 am to see him again, but he only had around 4 episodes about him, and I only got to see 2 of them as a kid and didn't get to see the other 2 for whatever reason, or maybe I just don't remember seeing them? Idk. I enjoyed the show overall and it did comfort me a lot back then, so I have an autistic interest in this show and I only realized why after having this conversation with my friend. It all makes sense to me now. It's probably why my husbando has been so since then until now and I can't move on from him, he was the only good thing about my childhood, so I could never let go of him and why I couldn't forget about him and move on to another husbando, and all my attempts to do so felt empty, no husbando will ever measure up to him for me because of this. Sorry for the gloomy story.

No. 413989

Damn these plushies are so cool, wish I could do something similar! I'm curious, who is this character, does anyone know?

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