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File: 1646772554123.jpg (62.83 KB, 640x742, 59e3c682a33feffc333f9fd63242b8…)

No. 248328[Reply]

The good, the bad, the ugly. Share your experiences here, what are the best apps to use, your success stories, cringeist interactions, horror, etc.

Previously >>>/g/82463
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No. 306078

Because he's into chubby women and does this shit to neg them. Don't fall for it.

No. 306084

What are six face photos? And I find it hilarious when guys make petty demands in their profiles, as if it wasn't common knownledge that men struggle to get any attention from women in those apps. The more they expose their red flags, the better, but you'd think they'd try to be a bit smarter.

No. 306086

File: 1672692140453.jpg (33.87 KB, 555x557, evJAtIr.jpg)

>25yo moid that's balding, actually he already looks bald
>for whatever reason has a photo of himself asleep in a hospital bed with a tube up his nose
>"choke you"
why would any woman want to pay for an ugly scrote? the overconfidence in that he thinks he'll get a sugar momma kek

No. 311091

File: 1675310972646.png (96.32 KB, 720x938, 485674585688.png)

Lex is absolute trash in my area, the only things posted near me were cringe-ass poetry, ftms, and girls begging to be sugar babies. And this one post kept floating around, this is straight up a dude posing as a 'cis queer man' looking for pussy, not even trying to hide it. Wtf. I mean it was entertaining to see what kinds of post were there but I deleted it because I have no intention of interacting with any of these people. What a shame.

No. 311107

I want to post a positive experience.

I met my boyfriend off an app 5 months ago. We spoke about a month before meeting and our first meeting went over 8 hours and ended with a goodnight kiss and that was basically it.

I meet 4 guys off of apps. No real nightmare situations I mean I talked to nightmare men online but never met them. Those 4 men had to work to get me to meet them so I was optimistic nothing mental would happen and nothing mental did. Two guys I didn't want to meet again. Third guy was cute enough I wanted to experience friends with benefits but he fell in love his words then became an asshole and dumped me publically on fb which took me a couple of hours to realise, but fb did lol. He has since tried to meet me but I've been with my now boyfriend and even then I wouldn't want too.

I just held out hope I'm on the apps and I don't think I'm undateable so there must others like me. I saw my bf on plenty of fish where you can just message without having to match or swipe you can click these other ways of seeing people in a list close by and I just immediately thought my bf looked hot. He gave me his number before telling me his name so he's just been hottie in my phone ever since. He was on the apps cause he works long hours like me and is an introvert so you wouldn't find him out in bars, maybe at a football game idk. Basically it all lucked out for me because he's wonderful. Ive had two serious partners before him, one fiance and I feel like I can judge where and how I want to be with a partner.

To be clear I've been on the apps since the first lockdown on and off and it took me until October 2022 to have a big success. The best thing is just talk to people you're attracted too and see how it goes. Conversation flowed so easily with my boyfriend and it still feels so electric and amazing to have this now irl. I wish all my nonnies the best and hope you can find your hotties

File: 1656261772128.jpg (130.67 KB, 720x1280, 5cad2ea422c333b4ac89530faa21d7…)

No. 272194[Reply]

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.

Previous thread: >>>/g/194587
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No. 310903

Get better rollers

No. 311009

Yeah I just use a plastic headband to push my bangs back when Im doing skincare shit. I also make sure that they're wet (like after I take a shower) when the headband is on. That way, when my skincare stuff has dried and soaked in, it won't affect my hair. Then I just blow it dry.

No. 311082

File: 1675305466841.jpg (16.99 KB, 500x500, 41acTkFX3-L.jpg)

clip roller

No. 311084

velcro rollers are evil, unironically just try different rollers.

No. 311096

Nta but i never knew these existed??

File: 1615294114303.jpeg (82.53 KB, 720x484, 50F67D27-09F4-4467-844E-929F2B…)

No. 174637[Reply]

Talk about bits, toys, techniques, etc.

Previous thread: >>>/g/48662
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No. 310564

What if my bladder isn't full sometimes

No. 310575

i have an innie and i can orgasm from humping a pillow

No. 310578

What the fuck is an innie versus an outie?! It's a vagina not a belly button. Vagina versus prolapsed vagina? I don't get it.

No. 310589

An outie is when the labia minora (inner folds) sticks out of the labia majora (exterior folds) kek not prolapsed

No. 311032

Think of it like rubbing your pubic bone against the pillow, don't try to angle your clit on the pillow or anything it literally doesn't matter you could do it fully clothed

File: 1670520606142.png (360.84 KB, 500x391, 1628493229956.png)

No. 303045[Reply]

Previous thread: >>170544

Post anything and everything makeup here: product reviews, product questions, cool looks, etc. Thinking of compiling a document with products that get mentioned a lot for future OP posts so feel free to suggest your faves!
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No. 309916

Samefag, sorry for the small picture

No. 310940

What's a good primer for large pores? I have combination skin, so nothing too matte or too dewy either

No. 310944

Her eyes are gorgeous idk anything about makeup

No. 310958

Just try different places and see what works and what doesn't. Makeup is trial and error.

No. 310966

**placements not places

File: 1667582717573.jpg (124.75 KB, 954x954, ohgod.jpg)

No. 297612[Reply]

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No. 310840


No. 310853

File: 1675130600923.jpeg (7.94 KB, 254x84, 5888F7FA-F6AA-4324-83E9-B6AC01…)

No. 310916


No. 310933

Idk I guess it caught me off guard and I just didn't want to address it. I hope he was just being and affectionate drunk (happened last time when he was tipsy as well) and that he won't do it in the future again.

No. 310938

Did your friend see him doing that? Because if he did it behind her back very suspicious. And weird in every case. Make it clear that you dont want it if he tries anything again. I have a friends bf who would buy me drinks in a bar. I thought he was trying to show off his money and buying everyone but turned out it was just me. I always refused since then and been trying to avoid him as much as possible.

File: 1657906086463.jpg (73.52 KB, 640x442, ps.jpg)

No. 275449[Reply]

Post your experiences and future plans – have you had plastic surgery? Would you like to get anything done? Tell us about it.

Old thread: >>203731
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No. 308214

Calling other women spiritually weak is very nlog behaviour actually. Also implying that all women want children and want to pass down our genes. Fuck off

No. 308218

Why are there so many anti-plastic surgery spergs in the PLASTIC SURGERY thread.

No. 308219

Seriously, fuck off.

No. 310640

File: 1674998514610.jpg (259.74 KB, 1200x1152, kate-beckinsale-before-and-aft…)

What procedures did she have?

No. 310646

I know a thing or two about cosmetic dentistry. She had a "gummy" smile before, which means a part of her gums were visible, its more common on women and 100% genetic. There are two ways to modify it
>Brackets, if her gummy smile was simply caused by malformed teeth
In her case, her front teeth were slightly downturned which she surely fixed with brackets, as you can see in the right pic, her teeth now looks straight
>Surgery, if that's just her facial anatomy
In her case, her upper lip was too short to cover the gums anyway so she got injections, too. Now her upper lip looks fuller

File: 1664650184726.jpg (178.19 KB, 692x886, Storm Thorgerson.jpg)

No. 291804[Reply]

previous thread >>187179
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No. 308294

Nonnas, I every once in a blue moon get little cysts down there, I've had it checked before and it's all okay, maybe sensitive? Well now I've got one right on the inner lips and it kills. Any advice?

No. 310836

Nonnas, I've got my second pap smear in a few days. My first time was horrible and I was really struggling, any tips to help it feel less painful and tense this time around? My friend said drink before but it's first thing in the morning.

No. 310843

Not sure if this is the right thread, but is bleeding after sex normal? I only lost my virginity about a month ago so I don’t have a great sense of what’s normal for me in this regard, but it has never happened before. It was enough blood that if I hasn’t just finished my period I would have thought it was just beginning (I don’t have very heavy periods though). What is going on??

No. 310856

Tranny hands wrote this

No. 310859

It’s not super common but it’s usually nothing to be concerned about especially within the first few months of losing your virginity.

File: 1663220654373.png (1.1 MB, 1142x640, Witch Folk Tarot Deck.png)

No. 288268[Reply]

Welcome to to the divination thread. Here we discuss our experiences with tarot or any other form of divination, be on the giving or recieving end. You can also use this thread to practice reads and ask questions to readers.

>Info for people seeking a reading

If you want to get a reading, please leave a post here with your query and general details about it. It's optional but you can include your age, sex, sign, a picture, a song, or any other info you might feel is relevant, anything that might help the reader pick up your energy better. Some readers may ask for distinct requirement according to their reading style. Although you may post your query here, it is not guaranteed that your post will be picked up by a reader quickly, but it may still eventually happen.

>Info for readers

You can come here and offer readings for anons, how many spots you offer and how many questions you'll answer is up to you. You may also pick up any query from this thread and answer it. Remember to disclose what your requirements for a reading are (age, sex, sign, lenght of the question, etc) and what method of divination you're using. If there's certain questions you won't awnser (death and sickness related for example) be sure to disclose it as well.

>Info for people seeking a trade

As a reader, you may come here and ask to trade a reading, meaning you leave your own question and then wait until another reader picks it up. If that reader answers your question, be sure to reply back as soon as possible. Always disclose what method of divination you're using. Try to match the lenght of the other anon's response, don't leave them hanging or reply with a shorter text than theirs.

>Info for people learning any divination method including tarot

Feel free to come here to practice your skills. You can ask for advice, tips, and feedback. Even if you're not actively learning and are just curious about it, please don't shy away from posting in this thread.

Have fun!
Last thread: >>>/g/144816
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No. 310385

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear that my reading resonated with you. Good luck with your career.

No. 310635

File: 1674989355034.jpg (93.5 KB, 648x549, faerie.jpg)

I want to change my job, but the current economic situation doesn't help either. I also do college part time and I'm extremely burnt out. I just want to rest when everything is done.

So my question for reading nonnas is will I find a job with better pay despite the layoffs? Should I keep my current job? Will I manage to pass most of my exams this semester?

Taurus sun, Libra rising

Thank you so much in advance~

No. 310654

File: 1675011672742.jpeg (91.98 KB, 275x179, 2E9092BD-A24A-47BC-994F-A365DD…)

Hello, I’d really like some clarity about my last relationship. I really thought we worked very well together but he kept pushing me away and now I can’t stop questioning my own reality. Sometimes I feel like he really cared deeply for me but just got scared but sometimes I feel like I didn’t matter to him at all because I wasn’t his ex. I’m in my late 20’s and Sag Rising, Sag Sun, and Cancer Moon.

No. 310672

File: 1675020060675.jpg (626.67 KB, 937x1600, 39 - Four of Cups.jpg)

Past Position: The Magician reversed shows a lack of skills or untapped potential. It may be that in the past you didn’t invest enough in your education and now this is becoming an obstacle in your life. You will need to improve your educational credentials if you want to pursue a better job. It may also mean that you have valuable skills that you have neglected and you will need to become more disciplined and focus on improving them to get a higher paying job.
Present Position: The Four of Cups means that you are going through an introspective and contemplating period trying to decide what your goal is and what you want to do in your life. You’re unsatisfied with your current life and want something better. It can also mean being ungrateful rejecting help and not being appreciative of what you have in your life now.
Future Position: The Six of Wands reversed is not a positive card and you should not take risks regarding your career right now. This card means defeat or delayed success and exrememe competition in the workplace. So you should probably stay in your current job for now but since this card can also indicate delayed success you might still get a better job in the future but you will have to wait longer and maybe improve your education before trying to find a new job.

Past Position: The Devil indicates that you have felt trapped in your current circumstances for a long time. You may have been dealing with addictions, too concerned with material success or you have a controlling, abusive person in your life that is causing you trouble. This has drained you and cause a lot of harm to your mental health.
Present Position: The Hanged Man means self sacrifice for personal gain. You have been hurting yourself trying to do both university and working hoping for a better future. However you will be rewarded at the end and your sacrifices will be worth it.
Future Position: The Four of Cups reversed here is a very good sign considering that in your previous reading the Four of Cups was in the present position. It means that the period of dissatisfaction or perhaps depression will end soon. You will no longer feel trapped. It’s likely that you will do well on your exams and then you will go celebrate with your friends/family.

No. 310684

File: 1675025203588.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, tiredcat.jpg)

Thank you so much, nonna. It resonates a lot with how I have been feeling for a couple of months already (except for the abusive person, thank God).

Apologies for the blogpost ahead.

For the job part, I sometimes do find myself ungrateful for my situation, but I feel so trapped in my shitty small hometown working 6 days/week and I hate it, I barely have time to rest and do uni work, not to mention other things like spending time with family/friends and a hobby. I'm kinda lost as I am 23 and feel like I'm wasting my life here, seeing other people my age having fun doesn't help either and I'm at a loss of what should I do with my life. And yes, I do lack discipline and idk how to work with it, I barely do my work tasks lately and dread waking up for work.

Apologies again for vent blogposting, but thank you so much again! Didn't expect to be read to filth kek.

File: 1555467906048.png (413.66 KB, 577x353, Screenshot_2019-04-17 perfect …)

No. 113303[Reply]

ITT:Just brag about your boyfriend or husband and what he does for you
mine does the cooking,cleans the bathroom,does the yard-work,works out so he's fit,cares for his sick grandmother and loves me unconditionally even when I'm not as fit as I used to be
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No. 310354

Yeah what I hope she just means he likes her to eat what she wants and was making a joke cause…. Side eye(don't use emojis)

No. 310360

read the rules tiktokfag

No. 310415

>Can cook
>can clean
>is so nice to me but knows when to strike the balance of jokingly being mean to me (am weak for that kind of thing)
>holds doors open and other stuff like that for me
>taller than me
>can pick me up and lift something like 160lbs
>so respectful (never had that happen before)
>doesn't pressure me about sex and shit because he wants to wait for marriage
>lets me lay all over him like a lemur
>so nice and understanding when it comes to shit like my mental illnesses and chronic shit
>i can have intellectual and philosophical conversations with him without feeling like it's turning into an argument (except for that one time)
>will pay for shit because I'm a broke ass college student
>understands and is willing to wait for me to finish college and find a job in my field before having babies and shit
>holds me to high standards like he does for himself
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 310416

>Can cook
>can clean
>is so nice to me but knows when to strike the balance of jokingly being mean to me (am weak for that kind of thing)
>holds doors open and other stuff like that for me
>taller than me
>can pick me up and lift something like 160lbs
>so respectful (never had that happen before)
>doesn't pressure me about sex and shit because he wants to wait for marriage
>lets me lay all over him like a lemur
>so nice and understanding when it comes to shit like my mental illnesses and chronic shit
>i can have intellectual and philosophical conversations with him without feeling like it's turning into an argument (except for that one time)
>will pay for shit because I'm a broke ass college student
>understands and is willing to wait for me to finish college and find a job in my field before having babies and shit
>holds me to high standards like he does for himself
>handy around the house (he works in a trade so that's to be expected)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 310666

> Is the main cook in the house. When I tell him I'm coming home from work, he prepares food so it's fresh when I arrive.
> Doesn't watch or look at porn. We often have discussions about how terrible it is for people's brains and how it ruins relationships and people's bodies. He also doesn't masturbate when he's horny and would rather wait until we have sex so it's more intense for both of us.
> Loves to see me get excited for dumb shit like salads and things I plan for us to do together.
> He's my workout partner. We lift weights together and he helps me keep my form.
> Is aware of my trauma and lets me know he's there for me. I'll let him know I'm experiencing uncomfortable symptoms and he'll suggest things we can do or reflect on the days surrounding the time to see if we can pinpoint why I could be feeling this way.
> Doesn't get angry when I say I'm not feeling up to doing something we planned. We figure out something else to do together instead.
> Lets me know how amazing I am and how grateful he is to have met me often
> Takes consideration into things I tell him I believe are important to us.
> We have savings accounts set to help us in our future when we get married and have children
> Already is doing things to prepare to having children. We talk often about what media we want to show to our children. He recently made a first aid kit with the main reason of us becoming parents in a few years. He asks me questions often on how we want to go about raising our children, like the topic of allowances and discipline.
> Family oriented. Despite him having a bad childhood being raised by his parents, he still tries to keep in contact with his father to catch him up on each other's lives on a weekly basis.
> Wise spender. Doesn't want to waste money on useless things. He'll try to DIY something or take it apart and fix it himself. He finds excitement in renovation.
> Very respectful of my belongings. He will call me or text me to let me know if he moved something of mine. He swears to never look into my purse, he says he has not dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1665080375580.jpg (181.74 KB, 640x1448, fxgebmanr4671.jpg)

No. 292698[Reply]

Post feminine men you are attracted to.
38 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 296033

Even though Prince was a massive piece of shit, his style and music were incredible.

No. 296047

I just need to tell you all something the biology book at the christian conservative school actually troonwashed him a decade ago and held him up as an example of a transgender person

No. 296054

File: 1666773084206.gif (883.54 KB, 200x200, D7D98F2A-BE55-42A9-B278-51CD7C…)

What?? What school?

No. 296123

File: 1666803554507.jpeg (55.16 KB, 446x687, 25A2D25C-A424-4626-BA89-337B89…)

Plastic surgery is evil
Just accept aging and continue being gnc.

No. 310629

Look at the muscles on this lad. He looks like a fuckmachine.

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