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File: 1662189597322.jpg (119.35 KB, 596x805, bestie trauma.JPG)

No. 285054[Reply]

This thread is for talking about the trauma girls get from losing a best friend. Stories, advice, and venting welcome
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No. 332121

I know it hurts but at the end of they day you’re not entitled to people’s time or energy. If someone wants to stop being friends or to ghost you, you just have to get over it and accept the friendship came to an end. Your friend probably doesn’t believe people can really change and I would agree with her.

No. 332131

Anon, this is so specific, most of this happened with me with the girl. Does her name start with Y/J?

No. 332162

Follow up! I asked her to meet at a boba shop on Thursday and she agreed. however I didn’t make it clear that I wanted to like actually hang out? So I hope she gets the gist but I guess I’ll have to bluntly be like “Do you want to stay and have a drink and chat?” This is so awkward. I know it will be awkward for her too. But I just feel like it’s necessary and it has to happen even if it goes poorly. And worst case if she ends up being horrible or ghosting me then I know it’s just indicative that she’s an insane clusterbee and I’m better off without her. (Obviously this is me telling myself this to calm my nerves kek)

No. 332173

Bruh sorry but some of you are so retarded, asking someone to join you for tea is the same as asking to hang out.

No. 332501

It’s the worst. Like I have no real ill feelings towards her (aside from some resentment here and there) but she’s so insufferable to be around. We had another close friend (I guess you can call us a trio) who moved out of state and whenever she comes back, she wants all of us to hang out ~*like the good old days. Sometimes I feel like the only person out of us who’s well aware that those days are long gone.

I get the sense my parents are finally getting sick of her shit, albeit very slowly.

File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132[Reply]

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses
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No. 331888

kek c'mon, nonnie, let her have this

No. 332263

i'm incredibly attracted to blonde body hair on women especially the arms and bush but this is the benign thread it doesn't have to be natural. it just makes me crazy, especially the way it looks in the sun and other sources of light turns me on so much.

No. 332268

He has BPES but it just makes him look like Markiplier so it's ok

No. 332303

They don't exist, sorry

No. 332492

let a girl dream..

File: 1615294114303.jpeg (82.53 KB, 720x484, 50F67D27-09F4-4467-844E-929F2B…)

No. 174637[Reply]

Talk about bits, toys, techniques, etc.

Previous thread: >>>/g/48662
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No. 330914

Kek reminds me when I got a monster dildo and I didn't realize how huge the fucker would be, I can't use it at all especially since the tip is blunt and can't penetrate easily. I don't want to get rid of it since I ordered a special coloration, so I just grind on it.

No. 331672

An update: I was like, “well I paid for this thing, so it’s gonna make me cum at least once.” So I tried again and basically refused to take it off my clit until the goal was achieved. And well, I came… but I didn’t like it? Kek. I’ve never had an orgasm I didn’t like before. I guess it felt like when someone tickles you against your will— you’re laughing but it’s not actually funny. I guess I join the ranks of what must be like 2 other women in the world who don’t like vibrators at all.

No. 331743

god there's nothing worse than getting a sex toy and realizing it's not going to be as practical as you'd hoped so you just kinda keep it.

No. 331747


I got a vibrator with a "tongue" for "licking" sensation and the tip is so hard, I have to use tons of lubricant so it doesn't hurt. The vibrator works amazing, don't get me wrong, but why did I buy one with a "tongue" if I can't use it correctly?

No. 332475

I usually do it by clenching my tighs together (did so all my life) but I'm trying to get rid of this habit and do it with my hands, but whenever I do so, I have pain in my lower stomach afterwards similar to period cramps even though I don't even put anything inside. Is there some explanation for that?

File: 1656261772128.jpg (130.67 KB, 720x1280, 5cad2ea422c333b4ac89530faa21d7…)

No. 272194[Reply]

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.

Previous thread: >>>/g/194587
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No. 332446

I have a theory that what they teach people in beauty school is seriously outdated sometimes, especially for bobs. when i had a bob my stylist was giving me an old fashioned bob cut (especially the way she did the back) just under my jaw that required a blowout to look perfect and was just too round in general especially when viewed from the side. a more modern bob needs to be less rounded the way its cut

No. 332449

You got the wrong kind for your face shape. They have the opposite effect on me so it's definitely not bobs as a whole. Many of them are also trendy now (I am a bob apologist)

No. 332493

This won't work with ashy colors. Unless OP doesn't care about losing the ashy tone of her hair ofc. If she did want to keep that tone she would have to do another dye treatment.

No. 332557

why wouldn't it work on ashy colors? if anything it should just make ashy blonde hair ashier.

No. 333073

I think there has been like one study about rosemary oil producing similar results to topical minoxidil. Saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil help in hair loss because they block DHT. I take both as supplements, and its not a meme, my shedding has greatly reduced. Topical in shampoo, conditioner, and/or oils works too. I also use it in conjunction with minoxidil though, which is honestly probably the best way to approach hair thinning, by using multiple tools. Or just shave it.

File: 1633556790870.png (403.49 KB, 472x499, imagen_2021-10-06_164238.png)

No. 208345[Reply]

Since /cgl/ has been invaded by scrotes and trannies, let's discuss general things about the fashion here, from new releases to your dream dress. Share makeup looks and diy's, or your favorite coords. Talk about the comm you are in and your lolita friendships. Ex lolitas and newbies are welcomed too. Etc.
For drama, check out the tread on /w/: >>>/w/143376
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No. 332178

Is there anywhere we can post pieces and ask "wtf do I wear this with"? The coord help threads on /cgl/ were kinda one single main piece-centric (and reddit threads would obviously be too), but I think it would be cool to be able to past a bunch of pieces somewhere and let people go through things and give any ideas they have.

No. 332212

yeah it really sucks weirdos like that are allowed into comms. and they're inescapable online too, feels like there's nowhere to go to get away from them sadly
that's a good point but there's a possibility the local creep goes to every comm meet like what >>332063 has experienced. the harassment brigades are the main reason more people don't start their own comms or keep the weirdos out of existing ones it seems

No. 332347

File: 1685590070633.jpg (428.78 KB, 1201x1800, -5-cd58889428.jpg)

yes nona it's absolutely gorgeous… I've been considering getting the white x blue tablier because I love how it almost looks like porcelain. It wouldn't be very versatile with my wardrobe tbh, but still tempting

No. 332786

Does anyone else think that with the new Barbie movie coming out sweet OTT pink pastel vomit looks will be better received, at least for a while? I don't get hassled much in sweet but I have read horror stories about it. I do get a lot of questions and stares though- I feel like maybe more people will think it's a costume thing, which isn't super ideal but it's better than being bothered all the time.

No. 333009


They may start calling you Barbie and asking "Where's Ken?" instead of calling you Lil Bo Peep and asking where the sheep are at.

I imagine it'd be more of the same, maybe slightly better since the general public will view pink as trendy.

File: 1634543592155.jpg (247.98 KB, 1486x836, Gardening.jpg)

No. 209934[Reply]

This thread is to do with all gardening related matters!
Feel free to ask for advice or post progress of your garden, indoor plants etc.
Or just have a chat about gardening in general.
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No. 331402

yes they work. if buried too deep the seedlings can struggle to make it up through the paper and the soil (depends on the plant though). when I tried the mI feel like they were slow to start but the ones that made it ended up being pretty strong plants.

No. 331637

that's great nona, I'm glad the flower made it through

No. 331920

Just noticed Botanical Interests is having a Memorial Day sale. thank god i noticed at the end of the day I really can’t be buying 50 types of flowers I don’t have room to grow… or can I?

No. 332298

I saw a wildflower I liked growing in a difficult place so I pulled it out by the roots and put in a bare spot on the edge of my yard/garden with similar qualities to where I found it (clay soil against a brick edge). Hope it works, I sort of have an erosion problem there because I got rid of the lawn grass (I hate grass lawns)

No. 332512

kick ass, you did an awesome job! are those irises? i've never seen that color before.

File: 1677506068636.jpg (45.03 KB, 1280x720, kurumi-drying-off-sawakos-face…)

No. 314525[Reply]

Share tips, vent, advice, similar experiences, how to get out of such a rut, what can be changed, what helped you personally, where to meet women you can relate to.

This thread is for:
-those of us who spent our formative years on 4chan/other male dominated spaces and got internet poisoning from it
-those of us who realised men aren't your friends but are now alone
-gender dysphoric women especially socially dysphoric
-ex-TIFs who have come to terms with being female but are now adrift
-those of us who are gender non-conforming in personality, not only appearance
-assorted spergs/speds who have difficulty understanding social norms, unwritten rules, tone of voice, and reading between the lines
-low-empathy or low EQ women
-general loners and NEETs

This thread is NOT for humblebragging about how cool and rational and edgy you are. Please.

For example, I find it difficult to tell lies, even white lies. When I lie it's so obvious it makes it worse. All my friendships with men ended for obvious reasons. I would genuinely like to make female friends so hopefully we can help each other.
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No. 332142

late but I relate so hard annon <3 wishing you the best(<3)

No. 332214

i have avoidant personality disorder.
its made having friends so incredibly difficult. i lose all of my friends because they think im a major bitch.
i find it difficult to relate to other girls more socially functioning than i am. i almost think men are easier to be around because they seem to expect less and just generally let me do my weird avoidant shit.

i dont know what to do, i feel so isolated and like my university class hates me and i am stuck with them for 3 more years.

No. 332229

NONNIE this is my problem too. exactly this. thankfully my best friend is just like me and i couldnt be happier, but i want more female friends just like me, who accept my weird self (and who are women not theytards or something, i'll literally lose my mind if i meet a woman with the same interests/hobbies as me whos not a theycrap, and again, for the record, not every woman whos into my interests/hobbies is a theytard, but there are lots who are loud as fuck) speaking of male friendship, your situation is the same as mine. most of the times i feel like i can act myself with almost every man i meet (though it depends) because they most likely accept me as myself. but for example if theres a big group and the women there don't share at least one of my interests/hobbies then i cant really open up and be friends w them because they'll probably think im weird lol but i dont care i love my weirdness! love yourselves nonnies <3(<3)

No. 332255

I have a weird situation where I have some friends but I barely connect closely with most of them. I hang out with all of them one on one, but all except one are women that I feel I can share my deeper self too. I've been trying to go to friend-finding events and doing my best but it's hard to find people like me.
My more recent circles are also insanely social media focused and it's so aggravating. I hate when friends want to take pictures of me and post them on instagram. It's not natural for me and I don't really wear makeup or style my hair.
I'm stylish and I like fashion, just not someone who does myself up with the anticipation of getting photographed, because I want friends who don't feel the need to parade our friendship on SM.
I just want to meet women who have a dark sense of humour and can chat shit with me, really. But most of my friends are quite tightly wound and I can tell they aren't willing to be themselves around anyone. They're not bad, just not on the same wave-length as me.
Making friends is so hard as an adult, it feels like dating and the best friendships I found have taken so much time into nurturing which is hard to do when you balance work and other friends and self care.
I guess this was a ramble but I do relate to a lot of anons in this thread being the silly little autist I am.

No. 332935

File: 1685817732124.jpeg (51.71 KB, 647x1405, 7915EF56-827B-45E1-A416-8015C3…)

I have been so lonely and friendless for about 6 years. Diagnosed sperg. Even thinking about trying to make friends depresses me. The last friend I had was a family friend that molested me. Other than that, I have had no friends. It was extremely difficult to connect to the female students when I was in elementary school, I was so stupid that I would follow the groups of girls playing and observe them while not saying anything, and then eventually they would tell me to leave them alone or run away from me and I would chase after them. I really want female friends. It saddens me that so many girls who relate to me are now tifs. I’m waiting for those girls to detransition. I don’t know what to do. Especially since all the autism resources in my area are male-centric. I just want someone to sperg about dinosaurs and tf2 with. I can’t tell if I’m ugly either. So if I wanted make companionship, I wouldn’t know where to start. I really want a partner, it feels like I’ve been in ovulation for months. I feel so depraved of attention or any acceptance. I hate that the only people I’ve ever related to were mostly men, like Morrissey, Gary Numan, and David Byrne. Some girls I have related to are fictional book characters and Daria, but I’m not as stuck-up as her. And I’m not really one for fiction anyway. I don’t know what to do. I skipped a couple grades while I was in high school. I’m in college right now on summer break. I want to connect to the students but I can’t even look at them in the eyes. The only person that was a girl that I could talk to was my female chem prof.

File: 1685282405590.jpg (85.17 KB, 735x854, 00000008877641.jpg)

No. 331392[Reply]

Last Thread: >>252508

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 331994

fair enough, didn't mean to cause offense , sorry.
I don't think it needs to be sweet or respectful I think my issue is maybe its more influenced by what men wanted femdom to be, so it just makes me feel like its an imitation with roles switched.

I'm all for rough and cruel (if there's consent) but I'd rather wish it came about naturally than originally springing from men.

I think im just misunderstanding and having a poor grasp of language to find my answer.

Like I wish femdom could be for and by women and self serving towards womens interests first rather than having a need to placate or dial it down with a guise of gentle femdom or whatever.

This but with romance involved and slight fear

No. 331997

mem want femdom to be mommy slave doing everything for them/absurd latex fetish porn with fart gas masks, not women toturing men

No. 331999

Some men want that torture too, so ideally it should be men that women find attractive, dressed well, preforming well for women's entertainment yes ?

No. 332001

>Like I wish femdom could be for and by women and self serving towards womens interests first
Agree completely. As long as the woman is doing it of her own will and isn't doing it because she's been socialized to sexually pander to men or coddle/take care of them, then I think it counts

No. 332037

nta but I don't even know where to look for these men? I dont want to give up but I feel like all the moids I run into are shit

File: 1677904493632.png (1.36 MB, 1200x772, 714D167B-4AFB-48DD-995C-AAEA10…)

No. 315174[Reply]

To the lesbian anon with a 2D crush, here is something to consider:
>think of your husbando
>really visualise him
>remember all the things you like about him
>now… ask yourself
>what if there were boobies under there?

Welcome to the Lesbian Hornyposting Yumejo Thread, the illegitimate daughter of the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting Thread and the Female Fantasies Thread. Here you are free to imagine your favourite fictional woman in any scenario, sexual or otherwise, and post about her to your heart's content. Even better if, in her source material, that woman is a guy.

Example posts
>I just know Komaeda's pussy tastes like battery acid
>I want to fuck Goro Akechi until she is too overstimulated to monologue
>(3 paragraph description of a romantic date with Neku TWEWY which ends in passionate tribbing)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 326792

File: 1683597634701.png (20.84 KB, 174x508, 3732647.png)

Mary Miyabi from cyberbots, I just love her design and maybe we could adopt a child since she seems to have a soft spot for them, I'd image she has to act tough since she's a soldier but when she comes back from piloting I'll be a shoulder for her to cry on, I'd sooth her and tell everything's gonna be okay and I'm here for her, afterwards we can cuddle up while we watch television and our child is playing outside in the grassy field.

No. 327177

She’s femme but nonna you would love Ichijiku from Hypmic. She’s exactly how you described and as a bonus is a man hater who thinks moids don’t deserve human rights. My #1 wife of all time.

No. 327205

It's Gina from Gangsta! Unfortunately she doesn't appear that often but she fits pretty much half of your description lol.

No. 331950

File: 1685425707009.jpg (53.66 KB, 563x773, f4f03b6c0a382e3430537e22c9d352…)

God her fingers would feel great inside me, whispering in my ear how pathetic I am squirming on her lab table making a embarrassing mess for her, her little test subject. sorry.

No. 332526

So true! Honestly I have a project rn where the main characters are both lesbians. If we want to see more characters that appeal to us we have to make them.

Maybe not the best thread to ask but does anyone else struggle to read gl? I find that it has two main 'schools' of art style: yuru yuri moe garbage or true beauty unnies and barely any inbetween. It really sucks because I find that bl seems to have a way more diverse set of art styles. I wish that some of those artists did lesbian stories instead so I had more to read.

File: 1621550463878.jpg (104.85 KB, 1200x1200, file-20170918-8245-fvelv2.jpg)

No. 186820[Reply]

Talk about your favorite colors and color theory, including:
Your favorite colors to wear
Your favorite colors to use
The colors you feel the most attracted/attached to
Your favorite nail polish color
Favorite accesory color
Color theory

52 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 267619

File: 1654133883993.png (9.1 KB, 474x339, th-1211191401.png)

I think a blue like this + a dark brown is really nice

No. 267678

omg are you literally me

No. 331523

File: 1685305689158.png (598.59 KB, 494x741, Journey in a Dream (night).png)

i love how pip & pop uses so many colors in such a harmonious way.

No. 331715

File: 1685363893789.jpg (839.9 KB, 1920x2400, fav colors.jpg)

My favorite colors are lavender and forest green

No. 331924

File: 1685413937558.jpg (185.19 KB, 720x1290, 8e5e4f9cd3ed15b2d70f75caf8d458…)

I love beige with white. It's simple, comfy and cozy.

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