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File: 1530920905360.jpg (77.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 87606[Reply]

Last Thread: >>44407

I know others posted about their nazi fetishes in the last thread, but I want to BE the nazi. I've become interested in Irma Grese lately, just because she was so much of a sadist. It would be nice to come home and beg your nazi husband after a long and hard day at the camp.
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No. 116740

imy bf is from around black country in england but he has that kinda of english-gentleman vibe mixed with an artsy loner type thing but he’s really cheeky too- (his dad is definitely your typical english gentleman type too). he still has the accent though and i love it cause i’m american and ik not familiar with it. we tease each other about the differences but we do love it a lot and he actually does love my accent. most british boys are disgusting though and not english-gentleman like at ALL. and btw anon, i’ve found a lot of a decent british dudes are into our accent, so it sucks ur bf isn’t into it like that.

No. 116741

This is the most normal and basic of kinks, don't beat yourself up about it

No. 120807

I love big boobs and sucking nipples.I need a bbw mistress to take control of me and lead me by a cockleash.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120834

necrophilia, kinda. I fantasize about my bf killing me during sex, accidental or not, and continue fucking my corpse until he comes. Also butchering me, dead or alive, before fucking whatever remains

No. 120884

Use the new thread

File: 1564417058899.gif (1.1 MB, 500x280, 88zk04sl1r41.gif)

No. 120388[Reply]

Well, we got a cosplay board, why not use it?
>Cosplay Questions/Help
>What are you working on currently?
>Dream Cosplay?
>What cons are you going to?
>What region are you in?
>Regional Conventions/Cows/Dramu
>Convention Horror Stories
>Seagull Nostalgia/Vintage Milk
>Etc Etc

Related Threads:
>Costhots General: >>33300
>Vintage Milk Usagi Kou: >>54057
>Anime Critical: >>>/m/40244
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 120711

Ooooh and back then photoshop didn’t have the liquify tool yet and photo editing appa didn’t exist yet so girls couldn’t literally change their faces and bodies unless they got plastic surgery and hit the gym a lot

No. 120739

File: 1564833601600.jpg (149.01 KB, 600x450, 1350480927670.jpg)

Oh yeah, no doubt she's prettier than Nigri. But at the same time her face always looked too mature to me? Like her features just scream I'd like to speak to your manager.

As far as why she left, it's all fuzzy but I assume it had to do with seagulls obsessing over her and harassing her. Like, did she really do any other cosplays besides Velvet? I remember there was a scandal about her being a dancer previously or something? Which is an absolutely absurd thing to be up in arms about compared to what cosplayers will do now for a quick buck. Some olde seagull historian probably knows the deets better.

No. 120741

Photoshop still had the dodge and burn tools which a lot of people used, though they were a lot more obvious

No. 120748

I guess all that matters is she’s doing better now. From what I know from other threads, she became Christian and started a family. That sounds like a huge improvement over being a cosplay thot.

No. 120761

Because at the time she was a coke-snorting stripper who wanted to act like she was better than everyone else for the fact that she was "hot" and that superiority complex didn't improve as she switched to being a /fit/izen and tried to insert herself as some kind of savior into peoples' lives like when she tried to "fix" Pixyteri?
Miyu was seething jealous of Jnig too.

If it's true that she finally bagged a man >>120748 and is pretending to be a good Christian woman, then that and minding her own business is the best thing she could have done for herself. And considering she's closing in on 40, it's about time. All the og thots who stuck around to grasp for Jnig-tier cosplay success just wound up being Patreon whores.

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 120319

File: 1564348687181.jpg (81 KB, 960x1024, vhuxs3rn3j631.jpg)

Last night I was at a party with my current one-and-a-half-year boyfriend who is the best thing to have happened in my life. My ex of 5 years was also there. At the tail-end of the party my bf talked to the ex a lot about video-games they both (and me as well of course) like. My bf of course mentioned how we play those games together. Afterwards I saw my ex just staring blankly into space as he tried to keep the conversation between them going. He stopped looking into my eyes as well. I hope its because he realises what a wonderful relationship he threw away and instead was so abusive to me all those years. I hope he misses being able to love another person and love the same games and stories. I have it now with my current bf. It used to be what I wanted with my ex but he abandoned it and I would never want to be back with him again. As far as I know, he's still single these past 3 years and I hope it stays that way cause no one deserves that kind of person. I was pretty stressed out about seeing my ex at the party, but seeing him in that state made me at least a little bit happier.

No. 120323

Why’d you two break up

No. 120328

My grandfather died and I realised that even in very hard situations he remained the same cruel person he always was. Then soon after he went on an exchange program for three months and made out with a girl there and started regularly meeting her. He said he did it because he thought I would be okay with it since I laughed when he was showing me the flirty messages she was sending him.

It was overall a really crappy relationship so I think him being in the exchange program in another country just helped me finally pull myself out of it.

No. 120337


glad you took out the garbage, anon. your ex sounds like a shit person.

No. 120722

File: 1564809812690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1536x1534, 5196FE2F-17F4-48C8-9A78-7E6204…)

I’m not in the country anymore (Omw out rn) and look nothing like I did when we dated so I’m safe to post this

>house full of roaches

>piles of cat poop everywhere including under his bed
>no car license
>refused to shower
>same wharehouse job since he was 18 (I was 16 and new to the country)
>incest fetish that he forced me into
>mom coddled him and overfed her Autistic brother so much he was fat and his brother was around 230 kilos at 13
>untreated ADHD
>weeb cringe
>used to scream at me on the street for “looking at guys” and a used me of cheating on him often
>he left high school in 2012 and I saw him on the street in 2016 still wearing his school uniform
>he made my dye my hair red style when he got mad at me for something petty

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File: 1564687827207.png (357.96 KB, 800x688, 3A9B1567-F577-44A2-9830-FBDE27…)

No. 120606[Reply]

No. 120611

>feeding fetish
i don't think so m8

No. 120615

Completely unrelated to the feeder fetish quiz, but the Granblue boys are wasted on a shit game.

File: 1514393639095.jpg (44.58 KB, 500x408, 154h.jpg)

No. 72061[Reply]

New makeup thread because >>45820 is being locked.

Anyone try the new Fenty foundations and are they suitable for oily skin?
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No. 120254


i’ve heard that castor oil can potentially cause dryness & break outs

No. 120262

Maybe try mixing some coconut oil? I've tried this with an eyeshadow that was kind od dry I guess, and it spread more easily.

No. 120265

I feel like Vaseline or oil would just slick straight off my eyelids. They're very oily so always need primer. I went and bought something called Duraline off Amazon anyway, which apparently is good for precisely this use. Thank you for your replies anons.

No. 120275

Do they just not make non saturated concealer/foundation? No matter what brand I try, looks orange, yellow, or pink on me. Even if the undertone technically matches, the saturation is way higher than my skin so it looks like paint. JFC. I tried sheering out and stuff, just doesn't work. Doesn't match my fucking skin. Just wanted something for the undereye from Sephora bc I'm tired of ordering Glossier but the shit there is all extremely thick, bright colored pastes.

No. 120380

a little kind of off topic; i use maybelline clear mascara for my eyelashes and they legitimately grow, surprisingly - they also advertise it as a brow gel so that might work in that case as well? no idea if it's an actual solution but i hope it helps !

File: 1548488226520.jpg (22.18 KB, 564x564, ea6acfee243ad71cdc123f0bf1fde2…)

No. 106527[Reply]

Ask questions, post cute nail art and polish swatches, discus trends, techniques, products, professional services, etc.

What's on your nails right now, farmers?
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No. 120196

my reason for using them is wanting fancier nails than i'd bother getting in polish or gel for an upcoming trip, so i don't have to wreck my nails with acrylics for just 1-2 weeks of wear. sizing is a big factor in trashy or not trashy too imo, if they can pass for natural/acrylic or not.

No. 120211

Anyone here watch Nail Career Education? I'll admit I never really got into nails being an avid nail biter but watching her series makes me want to grow them out and do all kinds of designs. She even has a seires where she shows the progress of nail biters nails with acrylic over them. Now if only I wasn't ashamed to go to the salon…

No. 120212

Ive been wanting to do fake nails because my job doesn't allow me to wear nail polish that isn't nude colored and have long nails. There's tons of reasons why someone would prefer to have fake nails. Not risking getting written up at work is a common one.

No. 120229

Try press ons. You can paint them as well and they‘ll keep you from biting.
Tbh I think gel and acrylics demage the natural nail too much, especially if its already fragile from nail biting.

No. 120230

Try gels

They are a lot better and softer

File: 1478366070812.jpg (52.94 KB, 736x494, friends.jpg)

No. 44295[Reply]

This is a thread for females seeking female friends.

If you see a male post in this thread, report them then ignore their post. No need to point it out or reply.

Please include the following info in your post:

> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
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No. 120114

File: 1564116506096.png (374.33 KB, 2358x1048, 0BD1C819-FCA7-415B-B41E-500738…)

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Conspiracy theories, radical feminism, YTPs, anime, MLP. Honestly my hobby is just sperging about random shit idk. I need friends, I’m quite isolated atm and it would be nice to meet some likeminded people from here.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
(Central) Florida, near Tampa area. Would meet if we became good friends

No. 120116

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
movies, books, anime, video games, horror/scary stuff, self improvement, conspiracy theories, occasional politics, art, fashion, cooking. i isolated myself for a couple years, just trying to get back on my feet and socialize more.
> Contact info
discord tag: o1o1oo11#1271
>other info
EST timezone, only fluent in english.

No. 120118

File: 1564133630858.png (4.04 MB, 2436x1125, 4A27FA8C-1A9C-4C9C-9422-F01092…)

“Knock off yesstyle Lolita”

No. 120132

File: 1564160363161.jpg (477.05 KB, 1280x1810, tumblr_o81gbpb1N61tal7e1o1_128…)

Your age

>Preferred age range for friends


>Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

I love to read! Mostly fantasy nowadays, but also horror and non-fiction. I'm interested in history, especially medieval Europe and Heian period Japan. Women's history is very interesting, I really don't care about much wars and such. I like video games, Legend of Zelda, Bloodborne and horror for example. I'm also interested in radical feminism and other political themes.

>Contact info


>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

I'm from Finland, but people can add me from all over the world.

No. 120204

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
Anyone 20+
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Movies and animation (esp. traditional). Books, mostly southern gothic, grotesque, surrealist, and absurdist lit. Comics are cool, but not big on cape. Have much appreciation for fine art.
Weebshit: Junji Ito, Taiyo Matsumoto, Katsuhiro Otomo, Shintaro Kago, 20th Century Boys, Dragon Ball, Berserk, Masaaki Yuasa. Favorite manga is the highly underrated Castle of the Dragon, which fulfills everything I need and expect of a manga, from a sense of pure childlike wonder and adventure to weird, morally ambiguous fetish trash.
I go through phases of compulsively playing and then abandoning video games. Lots of survival (I take great pleasure in the grind), but I also like horror and RPGs.
I'm very interested in anything related to nature. Animals, insects, mycology, ecology, evolution, hikes, beaches, and bird-watching.
Crafting/DIY is pretty much my only "active" hobby at the moment, mostly crochet (amigurumui), but I also like needle felting and embroidery.

Looking for friends here because I grew up very shy and isolated. Even now as an official adult/25-year-old womanchild I'm unsure of how to open up to others. Like most people here, I have trouble finding people in real life who share my interests/humor.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)
English, PST. I have a job that frequently forces me to interact with misfits and degenerates, so occasionally I'll have some funny work stories

File: 1562182729585.jpg (90.62 KB, 768x1152, Redhead-768x1152.jpg)

No. 118179[Reply]

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No. 118606

most of the time, i think freckles kinda contribute to the plain jane look which i’m not really a fan of. they can be cute on some girls though

No. 118657

I have a lot of freckles but I also have a lot of zit blemishes too so you can’t really see them. I wear heavy coverage foundation anyways so you can’t even see my freckles most of the time. I personally love light freckles. They’re too cute. Especially when they’re sprinkled on the nose.

No. 118673

My freckles are nice. I think I‘d look too plain without them.

No. 120093

Freckles (and redheads) are cute and sometimes I think about how much makeup my ginger classmates would wear to hide 100% of it, it must be so uncomfortable and expensive. Nobody should feel like they need to do that, freckles aren't flaws, at least not to me.

No. 120167

No, they begin to look like age spots when there is too many of them

File: 1564169591218.jpg (111.58 KB, 720x1280, Reier dood.jpg)

No. 120152[Reply]

Hey girls. I'm nice man and look for conversation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120157

File: 1564171924311.jpeg (68.63 KB, 980x625, 88CA6254-B6F6-4EBC-8762-DADD0B…)

Meddl loide

No but srsly, fuck off and go back to pr0, lachschon, kc or wherever the hell you’re coming from.

File: 1445077805481.jpg (17 KB, 460x288, babyBlues_1661772c.jpg)

No. 49996[Reply]

This is probably an odd talk, but can we talk about pregnancies, babies and all that kinda shit? I'm sure some of you farmers have kids here, while some of you are feeling the pressure to have kids and whatnot.
938 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 119517

I know exactly how you feel. I am scared of being pregnant, of giving birth and of being a bad mom because I am not 100% stable mentally. I also hoped that this confusion and fear would go away, but it didn’t so far and I am already 28. My SO keeps talking about how we will have a baby within the next years and I don’t say anything against it, but it really scares me. Sorry anon, I can’t really help you, but I am kind of hoping that another anon will come and say that everything will be good.

No. 119721

I'm in my mid-20s and I honestly can't stand babies but I think I'd make a good mom lol. Most likely I'll adopt an older sibling pair close in age that were in foster care. Kids that already have a developed personality that want to be in a small family.

No. 119722

Samefag but small family as in parents and some pets but no other siblings.

No. 119875

How do you know you actually want kids?
I’ve been thinking about it for years now and still don’t know. My fiancé is amazing, we’re in no place to have kids right now but he’s who I would want them with for sure. There’s no possibility of ~leaving it up to fate~ either, as I got pregnant the very first time I didn’t have protected sex (years ago, had an abortion) and he has a young child (three miscarriages prior) who’s not in our lives for legitimate reasons so.. clearly we’re both fertile as fuck and I’d probably get pregnant the second I got off birth control lol. Despite thinking about it so much, I can’t say I definitely want it or not.

No. 119884

Anyone here had a baby with a younger man? My SO is almost a decade younger. I'm happy with him but everyone looks at me like I'm crazy and say I shouldn't be wasting time with someone that young now that I'm in my 30s.

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