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File: 1702144809212.jpg (135.69 KB, 736x981, 1000006183.jpg)

No. 363824

The follow-up thread to >>199512

A place where black women can rant about the good, the bad and the ugly in the community. This is also a good thread for the women who are curious about the black community and the black female experience.

No. 363829

Surprised these threads get to continue here but I'm glad for it. Doomerism has been gripping me and making me reclusive, thinking that no one would ever associate me with anything pleasant or equal or worth treating with humanity. It's nice to see what you all write here. Baiters and insane people notwithstanding

No. 363844

Jesus what's with all the newfags making new threads when the old one still has plenty of posts left

No. 363849

Not OP but it's fine, we can just come to this one when the old one's full!

No. 363873

Reading up on Stoic philosophy has reduced some of my doomerism. I recommend Ryan Holiday's book "The Daily Stoic: 366 meditations on Wisdom, Perserverance, and The Art of Living" I read it on one sitting and I plan on re-reading it as necessary. Especially on the first chapters on Clarity. That and less social media time. one of the reasons I like lolcow is because I don't have to log in or worry about my account being shown to an employer

No. 363993

Black women are the most stoic women on earth there’s nothing a man can teach us about stoicism kek

No. 364049

Doomerism is on my mind a lot recently. I feel like the anti woke and conservative movement that’s trendy now is just code for anti black. People aren’t even hiding their racism and disdain for black people and it’s got me worried for the future of back women and children. And knowing intelligent black thinktanks predicted this 40 years ago, that white people would become more racist than ever in the future (aka now) and blacks would be pushed down even lower on the social scale seems eerily accurate. I’m worried for black people. I really am. I’m trying not to be negative, but I’m scared for them.

No. 364051

Black women**

No. 364059

File: 1702174300132.jpeg (80.93 KB, 1200x630, 589b79c52800001f00997b3c.jpeg)

I wish we were allowed to talk about how we're represented. Black characters with certain personalities are always portrayed by mixed black women especially when they're "quirky". But when they have a more hardcore personality then they have to be darkskin. I just want black women with dark skin to be able to be portrayed in different ways. I'm so happy things are finally changing with shows like Abbot Elementary, I may destroy you, and insecure. It feels so refreshing to see interesting, down to earth, realistic portrayals of black women finally. It felt like black men were the only ones starting to get some range in representation, especially in gaming and stuff.

No. 364065

File: 1702176293431.png (128.7 KB, 421x504, depressed black girl wojak.png)

Welcome fellow black female doomer. Sometimes I have a little hope and think that this problem is mostly insular to America. Sure there is racism in Europe that exists, but it is nowhere near as emboldened as it is in AmeriKKKa. At this point, to salvage what's left of any sanity in the black community, the only thing that could save us is a world wide disapora back to Afro-centric countries- taking all of the resources we have been given by white society and investing them instead into rebuilding our own african countries.

No. 364071

I believe it, the widow of opportunity is closing and social mobility is decreasing. Black people are expected to have $0 in net worth by 2030, and I have a hit load of student debt. Add the racist Latinos and Asians who are increasing in population and you might as well remain celibate. It's child abuse to have black kid in modern times.

Could only work with adequate AGI and automation. I don't trust black men to do the work of rebuilding and industrializing the continent.

No. 364072

Stay off social media. People say such ugly things on there and for some reason controversy gets people more intrigued, and social media boosts those sorts of comments. Also remember that there are bots. Being on instagram and TikTok makes you feel defeated because it’s meant to. Racists are miserable idiots

No. 364118

Every black person ive met who’s travelled said europe was far more openly racist than the US. In certain countries in Europe they still make monkey noises at black soccer players on the pitch with no repercussions, and at blacks in public too. I have black friends who’ve been spit on, stared at, attacked, stabbed. If you’re a black person in Europe people are going to assume you’re an African refugee until proven otherwise and there’s a ton of racism towards Africans. I actually think Americans don’t know how good they’ve got it, as flawed as the US system is.

No. 364120

File: 1702198038892.png (1.79 MB, 1620x2613, 760F07ED-4A0A-430A-BD7C-475C95…)

No. 364131

If you are a Eurofag and not an actual American you have no room to talk. You can walk around Europe with the fear of getting "spat on or stabbed", but how about the fear of actually being lynched? The fact that there are actual towns in southern America known as sundown towns where black people literally can't be outside past a certain time for fear of running into the Klan. And you still think that Europe is in any way worse than America?

No. 364132

I’m from Europe and have lived in both America and Europe. Europe is far more racist than america for black people. You think neo nazi towns don’t exist in europe? Top kek my sides. I lived right next to one in Germany. Plenty of those areas in Europe and you would absolutely get lynched and stabbed if you were a black person walking through there. Btw how’s dying from being stabbed or having your head kicked in much different to dying from being lynched? You’re still dying at the end ffs. And in Europe you’ll get like 2 years for manslaughter for killing a black person.

No. 364133

>Hyperbolizes about how so many neo nazi towns apparently exist in Europe
>Can only name one town in one country and the country happens to be Germany

KEK. You're so narrow-minded you know nothing about the little bubble you live in. You have a whole continent full of different countries to live in, you have your pick. If you're retarded enough to choose Germany of all countries, that's your problem.

No. 364134

Jfl at Americans thinking Europeans are some civilized nice little harmless people who would never hurt a black person. Neo nazism is currently experiencing a HUGE resurgence in Europe. There are whole white nationalist enclaves in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Poland etc where almost every moid has a swastika or KKK tattoo and where they get rankings based on how many immigrants they assault or kill. My friend who is white and Irish had a Celtic cross tattoo and in Germany and Austria moids were giving her hell hitler salutes and cheering sieg hiel at her because they thought she was one of them.

No. 364135

You’ve never even set foot in europe yet think you’re an expert on race relations here, stfu retard.

No. 364139

Southern, Northern, Eastern Europe are even more racist than Germany. Americans try not to comment on an issue they know absolutely nothing about challenge.

No. 364140

They already tried that with Liberia and it didn’t work.

No. 364141

Austria literally has Hitler’s holiday homes still standing and turned them into beer gardens for the public. I’ve heard terrible experiences from black people travelling in Austria, Sweden and Italy particularly.

No. 364142


Lived in France so you can stfu. The worst thing a French person could ever do to insult you is not give you a la bise LOL. You European blacks really don't have it hard

No. 364144

Every Black European or African I've ever known that was so sure of themselves that they had it soooo harrrrd had the culture shock of their lives when they came to America and they practically wanted to kill themselves it;s so bad in the US LOL. Quit being whiny bitches when you don't know anything that you're talking about. Even 4chan statistics show that 80% of poltards are American users, nothing beats the vocal majority of racists that are prevalent in American culture

No. 364145

Maybe because 4chan is an American board made for English speakers? Idiot

No. 364146

This is not true at all and I don’t think you even lived in France. French people are the most racist in Western Europe by far. Gangrapes and stabbings of black women happen all the time in Paris and aren’t even investigated by French police.

No. 364147

Try getting punched in the face and told to fuck off, retard.

No. 364149

ive seen French shop staff refuse to even serve black people. they wave their hands at them and shoo them away like theyre pests and if you don’t speak french fluently they’re even more rude. that anon has clearly never left their bumfuck nowhere town in the US.

No. 364150

Literally never saw that. Where was it, Paris? Paris is a shithole.
Though then again, I have a black coworker who confessed to being called a monkey by customers, so… maybe I just didn't see it.

No. 364151

Europeans killed 60 million of each other just to off a few million Jews and gypsies (who are far more white passing than us) yet Americunts think Europe is some kind of peaceful woke utopia. Kek.

No. 364152

You can't be woke and an utopia. Just look at California, or Seattle. They're trying to be utopias by being woke, and they're shit.
(inb4 "hey stupid seattle IS in california")

No. 364154

File: 1702204236188.jpeg (190.47 KB, 1316x1107, CC18471A-D5CD-45EB-9E9E-932444…)

French people are rude to everyone but far moreso if you’re black or brown. Maybe not as much the young/zoomer generation, but people who are 30+ in France are definitely racist as hell. French men are all weird cucks but also extremely racist. This was some French nationalist scrote complaining about how young white women are racemixing with African refugees and leaving young white French men ‘sexually miserable’. This is what I mean. They have a fascination with BBC porn and cuckolding and interracial sex, but are also racist as fuck in real life towards black people. They hate black men as they see them as sexual competition, and they hate black women because black women have more kids and birth more black children and in their paranoid coomer minds are trying to replace them and sexually cuck them and bring about their weird perverted bnwo fantasy. You have to wonder how terrible French scrotes must be if French women are choosing literal broke homeless refugees over them like they say. I would avoid French moids like the plague personally.

No. 364155

Money is power. American wages are like 3x higher than ours. Even if I get a scholarship in a stem degree here in europe I’ll be earning like 40K-50K a year max plus being taxed up the wazoo.

No. 364157

>one frog is stupid
>therefore the entire country is racist
Right. Then I must conclude that literally all American are inbred rednecks wanting to build walls and make Mexico pay for it?(derailing)

No. 364159

I don’t like Andrew Tate but didn’t he talk about how when he was in France he was invited to a pool party for rich people and it turned into some weird cuck orgy? They invited some random immigrant from Africa to fuck a bunch of the white French mens wives as they watched and masturbated and Tate said it was the nastiest thing he’d ever seen and he had to leave as he was so disgusted by it all. I’m pretty sure they scouted him for the party because he’s half black and looks kind of North African. Anyway I believe it because French men are so mentally ill and weird cuckolding or swinger parties among wealthy people in Europe are pretty common here.

No. 364160

Rich people are stupid everywhere. Stop shitting on my country already, you hurt my feelings.

No. 364161

Go back to 4chan.

No. 364162

Can't, it's firewalled here and I'm bored.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364166

I hate europe but free healthcare is the one thing I’m glad I don’t live in the US for.

No. 364185

This sounds like a poorly written racebait. I'm brown and Muslim, I'm open about my beliefs too but I've never had white French men harass me and the most racism I faced was dark humor or weird white men telling me they like brown girls like me.
On the contrary the nonwhite(not just black) French men I spoke to were absolutely demonic, literally sexually harassed me and called me a "sand nigger". It just depends on the person but usually most nonwhite men are internally racist and since I'm not white they tend to treat me like shit to cope with their own self hatred.
Though I must say the white men KIND OF have a point. I had one white guy tell me his sister was dating a brown man who abused her and he then left her to marry a virgin after years of dating her and physically abusing her. He said she had become suicidal because of this.

If a group of men are abusing your local women, committing crimes that are violent in nature, etc. they will be feared and therefore disliked.

Also stop watching so much bbc porn you schizo, the mixed dude that sexually harassed me literally had a 12cm dick and most black/brown dudes that harassed me and sent me pics were in that range. I don't get how dick size, bbc or interracial cuckold porn being used as a gotcha though. Some crack whore fucking men on camera isnt the reason why French people dont want illegal immigrants.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364186

take your bbc, cuckold and weird racial fetish shit to 4chan. You sound like a brown dicklet trying to cope by saying all men are jealous of your bbc which is such a weirdly fetishizing thing given most men watch bbc stuff because they think girls stooping low enough to fuck black men is humiliating.

No. 364193

Go back to 4chan, Blaine.

No. 364194

Weird how suddenly every black nonny lives in France and is an expert on French race relations and penis sizes, kek. The amount of white moids in this thread LARPing as black women is beyond pathetic at this point. It’s clear that gay white moids and poltards will be stalking black womens spaces until they die.

No. 364198


I hate personalityfagging but this is for everyone who is accusing me of being a moid or racebaiter. I’m sorry not sorry that your tranny ass got triggered lol.

No. 364199

And excuse the loud feedback in the background I am talking on a shitty ipad mic on my balcony and it’s windy outside.

No. 364203

I agree with you, nonna, but just know that if the moid is here, he's probably going to say some deranged shit like "You are white and/or you paid a white French girl to say this, everyone knows REAL black women have deep voices!" and samefag hard. His goal is to shit up the thread and gaslight any actual black women for attention.

No. 364206

That’s funny I thought my voice was already kinda deep for a girl. Anyway he’s just some annoying Israeli troon who accuses every poster that doesn’t worship pale scrotums or says free Palestine of being a man. He’s nothing but shit on my shoe.

No. 364211

This post was 100% written by a white male poltard.

No. 364213

How bad it is in the US? I heard it was costly and assurances covered little, but I never heard any real numbers.

No. 364219

Obamacare reduced the uninsured black population from 1 in 5 to about 1 in 10. Hispanics are actually far more likely to be uninsured than black Americans. In states that voted against Obamacare like Kentucky I think it’s still very bad for black women, they have a high mortality and maternal death rate.

No. 364222

Didn't Trump turn that one off?

No. 364225

Nope. Trump wanted to abolish/repeal it but it was denied. Trump wants to cut it if he wins in 2024 though. Obamacare/ACA is still valid and the law of the land in most states. Around 3 million more Americans enrolled in it in the last 2 years, it’s too popular to kill off.

No. 364227

No. 364230

Another empty promise. How sad…

No. 364231

This is why I laugh when people tell us to vote Republican. The Republican Party literally just wants all black people dead. They want as many black women as possible dying in childbirth and from back alley illegal clinic abortions. Old Republican white men want poor black women dead and aren’t even trying to hide it. The democrat party may be flawed and currently headed by a neocon demon, but at least they’re not trying to deny black women the right to live and have healthcare.

No. 364233

You think it’s ‘sad’ that Trump wasn’t allowed to fulfil his promise to kill off more poor black women???! I hope you’re being sarcastic.

No. 364235

I remember being legitimately terrified while Roe vs Wade was being repealed. I was so scared for so many black American women. All the little girls potentially being forced to give birth to rape babies. All the women potentially dying in back alley clinics. I was reading stories from nonas here who were pregnant and freaking out. I never want to see anything like that ever again.

No. 364238

I mean it's sad that another president got elected on empty promises.
That the promises are stupid is worse.

No. 364240

Oh okay.

No. 364241

Don’t wanna derail too much about politics but anyone else had a Republican phase and is now over it? I remember the free speech frenzy that was big a couple years ago. It was strongly shilled by republicans like Peter Thiel and people on his payroll. Irony is that republicans like Thiel and Hulk Hogan were trying to dismantle media outlets like Gawker and Jezebel and Trump was trying to dismantle CNN. Apparently now this is why liberal media outlets are afraid to touch these stories and out people like Thiel because of what he might do to their companies.

Anyway I was pro free speech for a long time (and still am, I kinda hate censorship) but I now I realize that whole movement was mostly just for white racist men to feel comfortable saying the n word in public while trying to silence and shut down liberal and pro black media outlets and I feel gypped by it all. I don’t really trust dems but I don’t trust repubs either. Race relations really have worsened since 2016 imo and rampant racism is everywhere and unhindered. I am so worried for my future children and all children in general growing up in this hideously racist world.

No. 364260

youre still pornsick to unironically use porny fetish terms to defend your case. no one is going to take your rant about racism seriously when you say white men are intimidated by black mens dick in sexual competition, nonpornsick people dont view people as a sexual competition and dont think someone is stealing x race's women when they see an interracial/cultural couple.

No. 364273

The fact that Trump wasn't able to fulfill that promise is actually a good thing. I'm not American, but Trump's election was portrayed as… well, seen Dead Zone? The movie? Yeah, he was compared to that guy.

No. 364275

>screeches that I’m a black/brown man
>gets btfo
>screeches that I’m pornsick and obsessed with dicks instead
How does it feel being wrong 100% of the time? It’s no secret that moids are deeply insecure about their pps and ‘their’ women being stolen from them. Maybe that’s why you lopped yours off and now harass black women 24/7 in their own thread, stupid moid.

No. 364282

How will the resident xirsister tranny ever recover.

No. 364283

Everyone knows men are pornsick, especially French men. Fuck off scrote.

No. 364294

racism existed before porn, retard. no one is racist because of bbc porn or interracial couples. Theyre racist because they just are. Do you think men enslaved africans because they loved bbc porn and thought africans would steal their women back then as well? Youre pornsick and obsessed with racial fetishization.
men and women apparently judging by how anon thinks everyone is watching bbc cuckolding porn and feeling jealous of black men because of their performances in porn

No. 364296

File: 1702230249452.jpg (181.8 KB, 1920x1080, little-cute-monkey-7tlezcbq01y…)

I have what might be an unpopular opinion that I don't feel like I can state anywhere else. Monkeys are adorable, and it makes me sad that some people use them as a slur or insult. They don't deserve to be pushed into those retarded racist's spergouts. A single baby monke will always hold more inherent worth than any inbred football moid or his brain-damaged pickme, just by virtue of existing.

No. 364297

nobody said interracial porn caused racism, idiot. but white men get so triggered over it they literally kill people. the guy who shot larry flynt was a neo nazi who got triggered by a black man and white woman on the cover of hustler magazine. white guys make sites like coalfax where they obsessively post doxx of white women who date black men and encourage people to try and kill them. it’s pathetic.

No. 364300

and inb4
>why do you care about mixed couples they’re all traitors anyway blah blah blah
at the end of the day their kids are gonna be little mixed black children, so yeah i do care.

No. 364301

It’s funny how that monkey has light hair eyes and skin but racists will still insist we look more like it despite being black, kek. Ive never understood the monkey insult towards black people but it’s whatever. Monkeys are fucking awesome.

No. 364303

>theyre afraid black men will charm their women!!
>Ahksually they were scared foreign men would rape them!
see those two are very different things but I doubt you care about what women face at the hands of men so you dont care long as you get to racebait and weird racial sexual stuff.
>They have a fascination with BBC porn and cuckolding and interracial sex,
>They hate black men as they see them as sexual competition
anon thinks they hate black men are better at "sexual competition", when asked for proof "she" instead talks about how white men were scared white women would get raped by foreign men. Not really the same thing.

No. 364305

why are hou calling people in interracial relationships traitors and talking about their hypocritical kids, creep? you two are the only ones obsessing over bbc porn and interracial relationships, literally no one else cares enough to imagine how a random couples future kid is going to be like because they dared to date someone they loved.

No. 364307

File: 1702231156653.jpg (338.44 KB, 917x925, Screenshot_20231210_205930.jpg)

repost since you deleted the post you admitted white men disliked foreign men because they could possibly hurt white women, not steal them.

No. 364316

File: 1702231804295.jpg (278.43 KB, 1080x1350, 219599067_187162369961671_2566…)

Tbf Senegalese women are among the prettiest in the world even today. I'm not really surprised the British moid acted so weird. The rest is bizarre, though.

No. 364317

Anywayyyyyy, moving on from the baiting moidwars and interracial sperging above, any nonas have a good recommendation for a super deep conditioning treatment? I bleached my hair last year and regret it, I have extremely dry 4c hair and the bleach dried it out so badly. I usually use olaplex and shea moisture conditioner but even that is failing me now. my hair also grows super slow, probably less than 0.5cm a month. Does anyone have a recipe or product recommendation for extremely brittle frizzy hair?

No. 364318

Oh wow she’s gorgeous.

No. 364320

last thread had this >>363205
Republicans want to make an example of all (black) women because they believe it's our god given duty to suffer

No. 364321

The only person obsessed with interracial porn is you, and I’m pretty sure you’re a moid at this point. You should probably shut the fuck up already. Nobody cares about your penis insecurity, go mald over it with your bros on 4chan and Reddit.

No. 364322

Republicans are so funny. They cant decide if they want the entire black population to be culled, or if every black baby matters.

No. 364324

Not really, but I had a former friend that went libertarian before becoming moderate. In theory, I agree with the free speech activists but yeah, they only wanted to throw slurs around. If you had a genuine opinion on religion, for example, they were the first to censor you. They were hypocrites and for that I'm glad they flopped.

On race relations, it's not going to get better and I sincerely believe we will see segregation again in our lifetimes and people will look back on the Obama years as a loving memory

No. 364325

I don’t know why but I’m laughing my ass off at the mental image of some fat hamfaced British moid redcoat who looks like Piers Morgan coming across a goddess like this in the 1700s and spilling his spaghetti then immediately running back to his cabin and fishing out his diary to write about how pretty Senegalese women are.

No. 364326

They see it as a form of legal bestiality and punishment for the women.

No. 364327

I didn’t really like Obama at the time but seeing how bad things are for black people now, those days were a picnic.

No. 364329

Kinda agree. I know in theory monkey is an insult, but I don't really feel anything when a person calls me hat. Just "huh? What a weirdo" and then I move on with my day.

No. 364330

can you shut the fuck up about interracial porn already, literally nobody asked for an armchair psych analysis of cuckold brains. NO ONE CARES.

No. 364334

I’m only half black so idk if I should post this here, but I hate the superiority complex some girls have over their curl pattern. Both sides of it too, but I see it more with girls who are either very loose or very coily. Loose curl girls usually just brag about how little they have to do to look good, but coily girls can get really salty when someone who doesn’t have the tightest curls also needs curl care

No. 364335

I love Dr Claud Anderson. Intelligent articulate awakened men are so damn attractive and his predictions were eerily accurate. He’s absolutely right about black peoples vote.


>When blacks first came to this country they were enslaved and didn’t belong to any political party. We got slavery out of it.

>From the 1860s to 1930s, 96% of blacks were republican and we got Jim Crow laws out of it
>Now 96% of blacks belong to the Democratic Party and we got benign neglect out of it

We should only vote for the party that promises and delivers to help black people most, regardless of party.

No. 364336

this but he won't accept it and thinks bbc watchers are white women who totally desire him and white men who wish they were him.

No. 364341

When are mods gonna ban the bbc porn obsessed troon already. I’m sick of him derailing the thread. Who pissed in this moids cereal.

No. 364342


No. 364343

This one of the reasons the natural hair movement flopped. Mixed women with loose curls were made to be the face of a movement meant to center 4b/4c women. No wonder weaves and relaxers are still popular.

No. 364345

That wold require more parties than two but the elites benefit from the people only having two shit choices

No. 364346

I was surprised and then disappointed in the amount of replies this thread had.

No. 364349

Moids really can’t keep their disgusting grubby porn and dick obsessed paws off our black female spaces.

No. 364352

Interesting that he’s spamming different color dicks and interracial porn on 4chan right now at the same time he’s posting ITT, it really is the same obsessed butthurt israeli troon kek.

No. 364357

Why don’t black people form our own party?

No. 364364

can you drop the porn discussion or carry it to discord or something?

No. 364383

Damn how depressing that there’s a cumbrained moid troon lurking here 24/7. Why can’t black women be left alone.

No. 364384

Genuinely don’t feel comfortable posting here anymore knowing that probably 80% of anons ITT are baiting moids/troons. What happened to the black woman only discord idea? Please can someone think of something, if I have to look at another moid post I’m gonna scream. This board is too compromised.

No. 364445


I stand by you and I believe you nonna. Men of color will forever be my enemy and I will not trust a single one. Dating or marrying a man of color will forever be a downgrade. Don't be swayed by these pickmeisha's and Fix It Felicias on this thread with their brains too lobotomized with Stockhold Syndrome wanting to salvage relations with shitty black moids because "muh black lineage must not die". If only they'd realize that black men personally have signed off on diluting the black race years ago when they forfeited their blackness in favor of white acceptance and becoming both the White Woman and White Man's mandingo whore (which debunks the theory that you're a white moid because even white moids have a weird psychosexual fixation of wanting BBC). Black men have memed themselves into becoming community dick for the entire world because they yearned so much for white acceptance.

No. 364462

>their brains too lobotomized with Stockhold Syndrome wanting to salvage relations with shitty black moids because "muh black lineage must not die".
nobody even said that

No. 364469

Every single time an anon has typed on this thread making some critique on black men it has always received pushback from schizo accusations like yOu'rE A GaY WhItE Moid or yOu'rE A PoLtArD. It's tiring and retarded as hell. You guys don't have a point you're just schizo posting and imagining something that's not even here.

No. 364472

File: 1702251001415.png (1.49 MB, 966x1668, weird but wholesome.png)

I'm not even a moid but I'm going to post this just to spite the annoying pickmeisha's on this thread that ride or die for black scrotes, the same scrotes mind you who would happily sign off on a black woman's death wish if they had the slightest chance on social upward mobility on kissing up to the white race's demands. Not everyone who doesn't kiss black man's ass is a fucking moid, retards.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364485

Nothing about this is wholesome, this looks like it's from some racist white scrote with a fetish. Especially if he's calling people niggers.
>INB4 "pickme! you love black men!"
I'm the first person to criticize black men, but men who fetishize black women aren't a catch either. To me it's disgusting when people make it seem like our options are either misogynistic black men or coomer scrotes who only like black women for their fetish or fantasies of pissing off black men.

No. 364509

He's samefagging, look at the way he quotes.

No. 364511

how was this show? I remember when it was popular black guys (and girls) agreed that the main character Michaela Coel was too african looking to be attractive. Ugh

No. 364513

File: 1702255717880.jpg (51.02 KB, 404x418, f1ef380b6225d9d3a536b1e44805af…)

>criticize black scrotes
>"self hating bitch! Go suck white dick since you wanna be a race-traiting divestor so badly!"
>criticize nonblack scrotes
>"oh so you're ignoring the abuse and murder that black men do to black women?? Hope he picks you sIs"
What I definitely dislike about manhating online with other black women around is that we can never unite on distrusting men. No matter fucking what, when, and where, there's always black women who'll tear you a new asshole for saying anything remotely "mean" about the type of men THEY like. I had to abandon circles of supposedly pro-black AND divestor women because of their male-defending behaviors. The "pro-black" women point fingers at divestors for being "pickmes" for white men, yet divestor women point fingers at "pro-black" women for being "pickmes" for black men. Well guess what? You're BOTH humongous pickmes because you both act like undying maidens for the type of men you think are attractive, so you can EACH join the circus as clowns, you dummies.

No. 364522

There is nothing wholesome about this. This is just the black version of what most white men with Asian fetishes believe. Do you know how many mixed kids have inane racial complexes and mental health issues because of the racism from their parents? It's actually sick.

True, if these are your options, then your dating pool is shallow and bleak. More BW should look into celibacy. Either as a permanent choice or until she vets for the right person but in the meantime, no contact with racists or black men with baby mama drama.

No. 364523

>More BW should look into celibacy.
gay nona here, there should be a third (and best) option of black women dating and loving each other.

No. 364525

that's a good option for gay chicks but sadly I'm striaght

No. 364527

fingers crossed you find a worthy Nigel!

No. 364529

I'm gonna work on this during the week

No. 364538

File: 1702259249059.jpg (21.2 KB, 320x320, 1691681683669.jpg)

thank you nonny! I hope so too!

No. 364548

No, because it was very blatant that it was just about republicans wanting to say the n word. How can you be that dumb.

No. 364550

I never really had a republican phase, but i always knew i felt embarrassed of sjw types and it made me fall out of love with the idea of being a leftie. I believed in feminism, but i was embarrassed of libfems and vehemently disagreed with sex positivity going off the rails to condone degeneracy and sex work. I never liked how sjws and the black community at large would make excused for the high crime rates, offensive lyrics in rap songs and the overall low vibrational energy of the black community. I've never really seen anyone have my thoughts so i thought it had to be a form of self-hate. I consumed some anti-feminist content, but i could never get deep into that stuff because of the rampant woman hating and the way they would act like black people were the "other", even if they were trying to appease them. I watched it, but none of the ideology ever stuck with me because i don't believe that i should feel guilty for existing as someone who is black and is a woman. There was a huge ick i thought i needed to ignore for the sake of being smart and rational, but i am glad i just gave into my own emotions and gave up. I just don't give a fuck about left vs right anymore, there is no place for me on either side. Both sides have glaring hypocritical tendencies, are unable to take criticism and I've always felt a strong sense of that they are only in it for the chance to be able to look down om people and have an enemy to spit on.
The natural hair movement did absolutely nothing to help black women like their natural texture at all. I still hear women irl talk about how much they hate their hair and wish it was loose. I think it just stems from long hair on women always being what is desirably, it's hard to have that when you have shrinkage.
Based as fuck.

No. 364552

No it’s just weirdly sus that that you can talk shit about any race of man you want itt (which is fine and dandy, it’s lolcow after all) except white guys and if you say one bad word about white guys some deranged lurking poltard jumps out of the woodwork and starts screeching for hours about bbc porn and penis sizes kek. I’m not even the only person who’s noticed it, other nonas are noticing too. It’s so obvious it’s a white moid.

No. 364553

>posting memes made by a scrote
>its even got the creepy 4chan anime style art
Is that white man gonna call his black children n*ggers too? I fucking hope not. This is disgusting.

No. 364562

You're being too nice by assuming he's gonna ever get a chance to start a family at all.

No. 364564

I do rosemary hair oil 10-60 mins before showering and gently massage it in with a soft scalp massager. Mielle and kitsch are the oil brands I use.
And I glob in a ton of shea moisture castor oil hair masque when my hair is wet and scrunch in some extra as it’s drying. My hair is also bleached and just totally saturating it with moisture like that is all that helps make it look healthier.

No. 364565

It’s like if too many women from their “tribe” critics their men, then it causes cognitive dissonance because the divest chicks put their boyfriends on a pedestal and can’t stand even the smallest criticism and go fucking crazy. Especially that BlackBarbiepresident chick or something online. I blocked her ass because she wouldn’t stop calling black women sheboons, even if they disagreed on one thing. Typical internet clique politics. It’s the same wherever you go

No. 364566

I thought oils were bad for curly hair?

No. 364567

Well said.

No. 364576

Likely a very insecure one.

No. 364586

I haven't interacted here ever because i'm white and i just check in sometimes, but i feel like i've been seeing some weird and salty individual for at least 2 times now and it kinda creeps me out
Aside anything others replied, why in the world are you posting something with an ai generated picture with literally bleached edits?? i try to not judge fetishes but keep them out of serious discussions, i seriously don't get if i'm not following some arguments because i don't relate to them or if i'm reading a weirdo's fantasies and so far i think it's the second option
I'd be happy to be wrong though

No. 364592

French people are frogs though. Slimy and smelly. Le Piss smell perverté

No. 364603

>blames racism on bbc porn
>calls others channers

No. 364605

this. some "anons" suspiciously get super butthurt and call them traitors whenever someone says they are dating a nonblack man. it just sounds like someone with racial fixation or an upset black man rageposting because after realizing white and asian women dont want them, they realize most black women dont either.

No. 364612

You've been sperging for 24 hours because someone made fun of moids.

No. 364616

not the same anon as the one youve been fighting with unfortunately. i just think its retarded that someone itt is going to judge black women no matter what race of men they decide to date. yall even said that black women should choose celibacy which is wild, everyone deserves to be loved if thats what they want.

No. 364618

Never said black women deserve celibacy, personally.

No. 364619

Being 2% Persian and lurking a womans space 24/7 doesn't make you a Muslim woman Blaine

No. 364623

from what i've seen the complaints are not about dating itself, but when some people claim that white men in general treat bw better, or say that they're "safer" as a whole (there were a few times posters even said that they're "less likely to be pedos" which is baffling)

No. 364627

We know all men are trash, nobody said black men are good, it’s just stupid how you’re just not allowed to criticize white moids specifically without some white scrote sperging out about it for literally hours. That’s all.

No. 364641

No one says one race of men is better, the issue is anons who have black and white thinking. They say white men only want black women to humiliate them OR black men are %out to get you.
Either of those statements sound like they're written by racists and I'm not gonna believe an actual black woman told others to stay celibate because no one can like them as a person. That's so undermining. These same anons call black women race traitors for dating random men and say they care because of the women's future kids without even thinking that she might not have kids and if she does have kids, its none of their business.

No. 364676

No it’s the way you use oils that’s bad for your hair. I’ve been natural for 10 years. The second I stopped using oils. My hair fell out. I swear by olive oil it’s the most effective and easiest to access. Honestly hate these new age naturals changing up recipes! If you go on any natural hair forum from the early 00s they were using oils and swearing by it! Google moisturize and seal! That’s what it used to be called back in the day before it switched to the LCO/LOC method! If you have 4c hair and not using oils you crazy!

No. 364772

Agreed, personally I have had HORRIBLE experiences with multiple races of men.

Black men, I would say 90% or more of them cheat. Zero self control. Always made me feel inferior to a lighter skinned woman, made fun of my ass and boobs because they were small. Sometimes decent in bed at foreplay, thats it. Stingy. 2/10.

White guys were all creepy Ebony/raceplay fetishists who wanted to use me as practice then wife/commit to a white woman. Disgusting. Probably 75% of them cheat depending on how attractive they are. Selfish in bed. Ever so slightly more trustworthy than black moids but still hardly. Will always see you as subhuman in the back of their mind. A little more generous than black men. 2/10

Asian men. Super self conscious about being seen in public with you. Less manwhores than black and white men, but the very good looking ones are just as slutty as black and white moids. Non stop family issues when you’re black. A little more trustworthy than black and white moids. Also stingy. 2.5/10.

Dated a maori guy who abused me. Big dick. Good in bed, handsome, but nasty person. Don’t wanna target a whole race based on one person but I was left traumatized. Love bombed the shit out of me. Broke. 2/10.

Not dated a latino, or native, would have liked to but I’m done with men completely now.
If you can find a man who loves you and shows true commitment to you and doesn’t have a gross sexual obsession with your race then congrats you have wom the lottery. The amount of trauma I have received from men made me hate them all.

No. 364844

File: 1702343135049.jpg (141.19 KB, 960x960, s-l1200.jpg)

I hate when non-black people get mad at black women for having blond hair because "Ohhh but it's cultural appropriation when WE wear dreads or braids?!". When did the specific black woman you're mad at ever say that? Are people really so dumb they think all black people are a hivemind who share the exact same opinion? Believe it or not, not everyone cares in this bitch of an earth.

No. 364849

I know this thread is black girl problems but jesus it’s probably the most negative and doomerish thread on the board right now

No. 364858

>negative and doomerish
>"black girl PROBLEMS"
well yeah.

No. 364860

chewing gum is really funny and i wish it got more seasons. i'd highly recommend it.

No. 364873

If Indian scrotes were on that list, they would get a negative score. Those moids are the perfect amalgam of every garbage trait in males. I only met a hand few that were actually okay to converse with. I feel bad for Indian women because their males are pedophilic hot garbage and always make them look bad.

No. 364874

My least favorite version of this is the backhanded compliment. It's usually something like
>Well, blonde hair just doesn't suit black women anyway. They should stick to something that flatters their beauty instead of copying white people
I'm so sick kek

No. 364879

File: 1702356130026.jpg (101.9 KB, 683x1024, 1000005707.jpg)

As a blasian myself, seeing all of the comments on this thread has truly helped me to realize that no matter how hard I try, I will never fit in with American society as a mixed race woman of color. I grew up mostly by my East Asian parent who raised me, their influence dominated the household, and I realize just how out of sync I truly am with the black American community when I see this thread. You guys have no solution as to where black women can belong? Well as a blasian, I personally see that there is nowhere a cultured black woman can belong. As much as American black people try to see themselves as separated from whites, in the end you guys truly are the two different sides of the same coin. Both white and black Americans derive from a diluted culture that has given them no firm foundation of heritage to rely on. White Americans and Black Americans EQUALLY don't know themselves. As someone who has Eastern influence, I was raised to be disciplined. To wear my emotions proudly on my chest and be not afraid to speak my mind. And no white man or black man is suitable for me to date. Both are equally disastrous races of men, they're too poisoned by Western influence. I will happily be moving out of America by next year and will find a place to live in my Eastern country where my heritage belongs to. Black women, if you know your cultural ties, whether you're mixed or solely African (or West Indie), I suggest you do the same. America truly is the place where one's rich heritage comes to die.

No. 364882

Itʼs true though.

No. 364883

It's bitterness 9 times out of 10, too. I already see one trying it now, kek.

No. 364885

LARP and in the .1% chance this is real, I really hope you realize how racist East Asia is. Not just towards white people - especially towards you.

No. 364887

No offense but this is the black girl thread. You not relating to black women and our issues, feeling more Asian and wanting to move to Asia isn't very relevant here.

No. 364888

File: 1702357583229.png (6.04 MB, 3447x1686, image (14).png)

It's not anything race specific, blonde is just a tricky color. I don't think people realize how important tone and color is when it comes to blonde hair. Blonde is the most easily unflattering color, even white people have to find that specific shade that looks good on you. Take Ariana Grande for example, both of these blondes are pretty similar but the one that's a tad cooler with dark roots is way better looking.
Anyway, kind of OT, sorry.

No. 364892

You're self-hating and mentally ill nonny.

No. 364893

Did the East Asian side of your family ever accept you, anon?

No. 364894

Nta but it's literally true that Asians can be super racist

No. 364928

It's pretty well known Asians openly hold racist norms and values within their own communities anon.

No. 364947

I always thought she’s so weird looking, I mean her face and nose are cute and stuff but her eyes are so beady and close together and her new style of makeup just emphasizes it. She looked so much better on the right, she just looks like a 50+ year old Sicilian grandma/nona now. She’s also an absolutely awful person kek.

No. 364948

Imo mixed girls will almost always feel closer to their moms race than their dads race. I also feel like sadly, men have less parental investment in their mixed race children than if their child was the same race as them, and that goes for literally any racial pairing. My guess is that it’s because men dislike children who don’t look exactly like them. Male humans and animals have been known to murder offspring because they don’t physically resemble them. Terrifying and disheartening.

As a mixed person myself I would recommend cherrypicking the best parts of each culture and keeping them for yourself and discarding all the bullshit that comes with each culture. It’s your path to carve out and you can live and do whatever you want. There are a ton of mixed people in America, if anything America or Brazil would be the easiest place (not easy, but out of all the countries) for a mixed person simply because there are far more people who look like you. I’ve been to Asia and although I did get stares I would say that overall I felt much safer than I did in the US. I also know I’m much less likely to get robbed, raped or shot over there too. I always wanted to live in Asia because im kind of a weeb, and I also had a pretty nice time on vacation. But on the other hand there are far more people who look like and can relate to me in the US, and I feel like I get stared at less in the US too, so I don’t know about actually moving there. (For the record I have a good friend who is a dark skin weeb, gothic dressing, 32 year old black woman with dreads, who lives in Tokyo, and apart from some people asking questions like where are you from or trying to touch her hair, she said absolutely loves living in Japan and doesn’t want to come back)

Also there are quite a few beautiful and successful Blasian women in media, I would recommend reading interviews with them and their experiences and seeing how they managed to achieve success, or finding other Blasian women online you can talk to and who can relate to your experiences.

No. 364949

File: 1702384997946.jpg (56.86 KB, 680x673, F1F_CHdXgAIkahN.jpg)

I don't entirely know how to put this into words, but I've noticed that people don't really have a good theoretical mindset when it comes to things like beauty, hair, fashion, etc. I feel like we always have some assigned duty to prove people wrong on our beauty in re: our race (and when we do, then freaks start insisting things about our DNA without any kind of knowledge, trying to ascribe our features or mentality to other races, etc), whether we can "pull off" xyz fashion style or hair, etc. They haven't seen it (and it's obvious that they won't be shown things that don't match the current media status quo, but of course they're too dumb to comprehend that), so they assume that it must be impossible and we shouldn't even try. Or they have reductive, backward ideas about us as a whole ("uhh black women hypersexual and aggressive", "uhhh black women all have big ass and big tiddy", etc) and get triggered when reality doesn't conform.
It's exhausting to battle stereotypes, it seems like the mainstream is invested in only depicting us in the most alienating ways, and I don't think other races of women can really relate. It's tiring to be a "pleasant surprise" or an "exception" instead of just being allowed to be yourself.

No. 364950

I wish we could ban the one annoying retard who doesn’t contribute anything to the thread or discussions except calling everything bait, accusing everyone of being a moid, or replying single line negative statements that are clearly meant to cause infighting.

No. 364953

Your post is a bit hard to read (no offense) but I kind of see what you’re saying. There are stereotypes about black women and if you don’t conform you can get a lot of invasive questions or curiosity about yourself. However the simple solution is to stop giving a fuck what people think. Seems a lot of nonas in this thread are hyper-preoccupied with how others perceive them and judge them and accept them or not. Some of you need to work on your sigma female grindset and stop craving approval and validation from third parties.

No. 364955

It's really not about giving a fuck or being validated, it's about the fact that this is inescapable. We have to live in society with retards who don't see us as human, just cartoons or political chess pieces. I would rather be ignored than weirdly gaslit about what I can do/look like, or have people make assumptions about my character based on my race, my hair, how dark or light my skin is, my accent, etc. I can not give a fuck all day (in fact, it's what I have to do just to live), but it will still weigh down on me.
A lot of the time, even self-proclaimed "feminists" can't put two brain cells together and not treat us as some kind of monolith. They complain about misogyny, women being stereotyped, etc but can't help pushing that on black women.

No. 364984

Calling it "curiosity" is so weird and euphemistic tbh. It's quite often bizarre hostility and passive aggression. Mildest example, something as simple as being quiet and minding your own business gets people assuming you're mean, or trying to "humble" you because they take it as an attack somehow. Don't even get me started on shitty backhanded comments. It is psychotic how black women and little girls are treated.

No. 365022

File: 1702410975460.jpg (70.44 KB, 546x680, EBStCIUUcAADQMf.jpg)

Please try to ignore those people because you're playing a losing game. Their preconceived notions are their problem and you should see it as a problem with their view on the world as opposed to something that's wrong with you. You are just a person with a personality, like 8 billion of us. I used to feel the same way. Any positive trait of mine was attributed to some distant non-black ancestor. So I went through a massive pro-black phase and read older black literature.
Ignore them and focus on your own life and being your best self.

No. 365023

>A lot of the time, even self-proclaimed "feminists" can't put two brain cells together and not treat us as some kind of monolith. They complain about misogyny, women being stereotyped, etc but can't help pushing that on black women.

lmao, tell me about it! Their own mental model of women is themselves and it's silly to expect black women to have any solidarity with them. They will never understand it from our perspective so talking about it or trying to do activism is a useless venture.

No. 365063

They aren’t great. They prevent water from going into the hair and can often aid in the hair drying out. Use oil sparingly and when you do use oil always wash it out with a stripping shampoo.

No. 365065

If you grew up in America you also grew up with diluted East Asian culture.

No. 365073

You're right nona, and that picture is so true. I do recognize that the problem is with them in the end, I just wish we lived in a better world.

No. 365092

Especially with a black parent. Old-school Asian-Americans don't usually like their kid even dating out of the ethnic group, let alone another race, let alone one that isn't the dominant status symbol race.

No. 365104

I didn't have a conservative phase and I don't think I ever will outside of maybe getting called a terf. But that's standard for lolcow. Too many conservatives are unironically pro-life or like to shill to men's rights activist.
this most asians I know find diasporans annoying and try hard. I feel the same with carribbean/african immigrants in north america or europe they are always weirdos.

No. 365112

File: 1702456417505.png (319.05 KB, 398x650, Screenshot_2023-12-13 EHLIEN S…)

Do y'all notice how quickly black men are able to capitalize on misogynoir for their benefit? Original context is a young boy seeing his mom twerk on another man in public and his facial reaction has become the stuff of memes.

Notice how people worldwide will march for men like George Floyd and black men are dedicated to making us look terrible in comparison. Especially when they make memes to invite other groups to hate on us and be violent towards us. Similar to the last thread's discussion on the masculinization of BW.

No. 365126

Hell fucking no. My family comes from Congo and my mother straight up said she will never move back there because the country is filled with criminals. I feel zero connection to my "homeland", it's literally a shit hole destroyed by self-indulgence, greed and the materialism from both the western countries who like stealing from them and the politicians who only care about lining their own pockets and aid the westerners in their theft. I'm content with being a person of no culture and doesn't know themselves.

No. 365128

Yes i have. It's a huge part of their victim narrative that they are stuck with the most UnDeSiRaBlE women in the world. It's been proven time and time again, that they not appreciate a black woman who is educated, elegant and poise. Being ratchet and loud is what gets you attention from them, they like that because it means you're easy. I had to delete twitter because of black men and masculina pickmeishas taking every chance to shit on black women. The only way you can get approval from black men is if you hate yourself and even then, it's not enough.

No. 365133

You don’t have to be male to realize this behavior is disgusting nona. I’m a black woman and find what she did gross.

No. 365146

It is. It's also gross to turn that child's pain and humiliation into a meme so that people all over the world will mock him for having a degenerate for a mother.
You know what's extremely gross? That video of a bunch of black men filming themselves at a woman's house (she was just this random white woman, allegedly a prostitute or a druggie, according to commenters), talking about running a train on her while she chatted happily with them, then going into her unprotected son's room, waking him up, filming his face and laughing at him. You know what black women didn't do? Turn it into any kind of meme, because it was just sad and disgusting.
Stop making excuses for nasty moid behavior, dumbass.

No. 365204

this guy went on fox news and blamed black for women for the mass single motherhood problem, funny when you remember BMXF relationships also have high rates of single motherhood. Not to sound bitchy, but when I remember black men don't treat non-black women all that better, I feel less weird and awkward about such relationships

No. 365207

I agree, and it feels alienating when you are the only person around to mention this

No. 365225

That’s on her for being a sex worker pickme and putting her child in the line of danger. She deserves to hang for traumatizing her child like that. Exact same would apply if a father put his kid at risk for that.

No. 365228

>inb4 but it was the moids faults
If you’re a parent you have a duty to protect your child from harm. Letting a group of Johns into your apartment to make contact with your child is like intentionally letting a pack of ravenous wolves into your apartment with your child inside on purpose. You failed to protect your child and you are just as guilty and culpable. Now, it would be a whole different story if they broke in and raped her of course. But if she let them into the apartment that’s vile, evil and on her.

No. 365291

I agree with with she did was disgusting but the fact that black men are so quick to lay the blame on all black women is sus. They wouldn't do this with any negative behavior a black man does nor would their liberal allies

No. 365293

they are quick to find bad examples to paint us as a whole. you don't see much average or normal black woman representation in media when there's plenty of us. not interesting or rage inducing enough

No. 365325

File: 1702546657376.jpeg (807.45 KB, 3024x3024, IMG_0219.jpeg)

In your honest opinion, why do you think other people (especially non-black) are more offended by the existence/presence of quiet black women compared to loud black women? Not saying one is better than the other, but there feels more animosity for the former compared to the latter. Which is funny considering the stereotype.

No. 365340

They’re not, I think you’re just looking for a reason to feel persecuted. Loud unruly black women are universally hated and despised by men and women of all races and are much more likely to be killed by police or put in jail.

No. 365353

because it disagrees with the narrative that we're all loud, unintelligent and ghetto. so when they meet someone that isn't like that they don't know how to deal and just accept us

No. 365378

You can tell who the genuine black women are ITT and who the larpers arguing in bad faith are imo, because literally no black woman on the planet claims or defends horrorcows like the prostitute who let Johns into her house next to her son or the woman who twerked in front of her child. We certainly aren’t going to die on that hill of defending such awful trashy people just because we’re black. We always call them out on here, twitter and LSA. If anything it’s white people always trying to paint the worst black men and women (even violent criminals) as innocent angels and trying to campaign for sympathy and clemency for them. In the real world, black women are always the strongest voices against black horrorcows like Lashay Hinton, Lovelypeaches etc. It’s only white liberals I’ve seen trying to defend them, as black women we certainly don’t defend or claim them whatsoever just because they’re black. Fuck that.

No. 365383

The prostitute was literally a white woman who let a group of black Johns into her (also white) son's room to humiliate him, so someone defending her would have nothing to do with blackness. To begin with, I didn't see anyone try to defend her behavior in this thread. The point is that black men like highlighting the worst black women and pretending they're the average. We could easily do the same thing to them (not that they don't already have a reputation for being deadbeats, violent, etc), but because women typically aren't as evil on a mass scale and don't enjoy including children in their tirades, we don't.

No. 365387

File: 1702568470104.gif (78.86 KB, 666x499, 1675880215402.gif)

This. I've had so many people assume I hate them or act weird toward me because I'm quiet. Loud black women get treated badly too (because black), but their behavior keeps certain people comfortable. It's in line with the narrative that's been set for us. They can be sassy, loud, comic relief, the hypersexual life of the party and/or the angry political footsoldier to do their dirty work for them. What are they going to do with black women who are reserved, or maybe just kind of shy? We're not "supposed" to just live without filling some sort of archetype.
I genuinely believe something like 30% of first worlders are giga consoomers who think real life is exactly like their garbage TV shows or whatever public freakout video went viral last week. They think being black determines your personality.
Sidenote, I remember a post from a black anon where she described minding her own business in public. Some scrote (white) got close to where she was and started blasting a Trump-related video and looking over at her to try and get a reaction. She didn't react because she didn't care (though she had been reading Shakespeare before he interrupted) but she could see what he was doing. I can't imagine what was going through that man's head, but it's all very bleak.

No. 365404

The clemency white women get is insane, I was looking at a reddit post questioning whether Lucy Letby is guilty and it had hundreds of comments saying they think she’s innocent and it is a miscarriage of justice. Same if you go on dailymail or other conservative media outlets, thousands of people are calling for a reinvestigation and claiming she was framed. Can you imagine if she’d been black? There would be endless takes about what monsters black women are and using scientific racism to justify it. She probably would have been murdered by an officer, guard or cellmate by now.

No. 365410

>I think you’re just looking for a reason to feel persecuted
A lot of quiet women have experiences where people think they're being rude or stuck up just because they're not sociable or keep to themselves.

No. 365411

"Are you mad at me?”
"Why are you so mean?”
"Can you even talk?"
"Why are you so quiet all the time?"
"You act white."
"You're not like the 'other ones'"

No. 365414

my hair. it's long and thick (goes all the way down to my upper back pre-water) and wash day is fucking absolute hell. i don't see why it has to be so difficult kek. aunt jackie's knot today has helped a tonnn with de-tangling it but my god even detangling takes upwards of 30 minutes, at best. a few hours at worse. i want to wear it down and i don't want to get braids

paradoxically i also really hate shrinkage kek. WHY does it draw up so much this is not fucking fair.

No. 365458

you are seen and heard. It aches my heart that so many of us have similar experiences. I've also had run ins with people trying to provoke me thinking I'll react. It's so exhausting, I'm just trying to exist

No. 365464

>people think I’m rude or stuck up
Oh wow, you must really suffer, how terrible, abloobloobloo.

No. 365475


No. 365480

File: 1702600474980.jpg (15.68 KB, 262x275, 1657184744051.jpg)

>"quiet women aren't treated badly for being quiet, ridiculous"
>proceeds to keep bashing random quiet women for being quiet

No. 365485

I'm pretty sure it's the moid who exclusively comes here to start infights and bash black women. He was in the last thread too.

No. 365486

Not a moid, it’s just pathetic that you think you deserve victim status for being quiet and occasionally getting accused of being rude. Victim card players are the worst. Get over it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365490

The jealousy really jumped out

No. 365491

I swear you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being a moid because you’re trying to egg them on to post their tits or something and prove you wrong, gross.

No. 365496

If you went outside and interacted with people, you might be able to understand how it can be an issue for people to think you're mean.

No. 365498

Yup, definitely him. And he threatens to spam porn when called out.

No. 365500

Literally. Anyone with a brain capacity higher than a 12 year old (or a late 30s manchild) understands what's being talked about.

No. 365501

Wut? Ew.

No. 365520

Ignoring the idiot who replied to you first, i think black women are highly likely to face being stereotyped at sassy and loud right off the bat, people feel a lot more comfortable doing this, especially if they are a non-black. You can tell they are getting agitated by being wrong and are scraping for reasons to be right sometimes, usually out of racism. Outside that, i think extraverted people are just extremely obnoxious and expect everyone to be as eager to talk to people as they are. They think in general people not wanting to say hi to them or having a curiosity in them is offensive, but that's my own personal opinion and not a fact. I cannot fathom why anybody cares about anyone enough to want to presume anything about them or expect something from anyone. Tbh, i just hate humanity in general and pray for for a great cleansing of humanity, myself included because i am not special. Extroverts don't understand that they are not special or important.

No. 365529

reminds me of middle/high school. complete strangers ould literally hit and harass me just so I could start a fight. but I never did. You get detention just for having your ass beat. No one says anything or stands up for you

I wish I could be treated normally

No. 365602

can you guys please stop responding to bait and just report it? it will stop if you just keep doing that

No. 365611

File: 1702659056415.png (308.55 KB, 670x555, axcc.png)

I feel really bad for black Saudi women, and black women/girls raised in MENA countries in general. The racism there is virulent, and they don't seem to have laws against it like the US does. This woman is getting bashed and told to "know her place", "slave", etc by swathes of balding Arab incels for the sin of posting a selfie and a perfume she bought.

No. 365653

Black men have told me to forget about being in a relationship with a white man as they only see black women especially dark skin black women as sexual fetishes & i’m starting to believe it is true .
I unfortunately have had really bad experience with white men and I do have a preference for them. When i was younger i kind of kept it under wraps because in my head it was like “oh they don’t like black girls” only white women or if poc an asian so I just got embarrassed and stuck to what I knew. When i would tell my black male counterparts of my attraction/ preference they would just clown me and say “trust me white guys don’t really like black girls only for sex or just to experiment” “black girls are ghetto and undesirable no one wants that” “you’re too thick for a white guy they like skinny girls” “they’re racist they’re family won’t like you” this caused a lot bitterness & insecurity within me not not even try. I always felt inferior. When i got older I thought i would try and it’s literally the same thing. Hyper sexualising me , asking me invasive questions about my hair , wanting to do race play (to the point where i thought i was into it but im really not and that put off guys that weren’t into that) getting all racist when they’re mad calling me the N word. Or i’ll meet a really nice guy they’ll tell me how much they like bw & it’s just their preference/ attraction then when we have sex they’ll just ghost. Seems like i’m just a sexual object to them. Maybe i’m just not attractive & the white men I like are just out of my league ? It really sucks & im losing hope :(

No. 365662

Why are two of these dumb threads active?

No. 365664

Because newfags

No. 365677

True. Also Mena women are just as if not more racist than the guys tbh. Like they really truly hate black women. There’s a lot of videos of mena women beating their black maids I mean slaves.

No. 365678

I wish newfags would hide threads they dislike instead of seeking attention in them.

No. 365682

I think white, Asian, Latino, whatever moids can feel lust towards us, but never genuine, real, deep love. I don’t even think this applies to just black women tbh. I’ve noticed white guys treat their Asian, Latina and whatever other race wives the exact same: replaceable objects, placeholders, the ‘that’ll do’ option when they failed to secure white Stacy. I’ve never seen a white guy cry his eyes out over a black, brown or Asian woman. I’ve never seen a white guy heartbroken and suicidal over a black brown or Asian woman. It’s always the white girl breaking their hearts and making them suicidal. Whereas it feels like with us, they think ‘meh, I can just replace her with an identical woman again’ I genuinely believe more white people are faceblind than not. White people get the privilege of being considered as special, unique individuals. With black people, we’re always a group and a monolith. Not individuals in the white mind. I stopped believing men can love us a long time ago. Likewise, the way black men ‘love’ white women doesn’t seem that genuine to me either: it feels more like it’s born out of needing validation that they’re attractive enough to secure the plantation owners daughter. And I think a lot of black women feel pressured to attract the plantation owners son. My experiences in dating in general have been absolutely awful; but one of the most depressing realizations I came to is that I’m not even sure if genuine love can exist between races anymore, as cynical and controversial as that sounds. It feels like interracial love (with a few couples exceptions, like those people who genuinely don’t see color and come together simply because they like one another so much) is almost always conditional, fetishistic or opportunistic in nature, which sucks for me because I want to date outside my race but have had nothing but bad experiences (and inside my race too).

No. 365709

maybe it's just me but I feel like it's gotten worse after October, for obvious reasons. And to think liberals love these people and defend their racism in the name of cultural relativism

No. 365711

File: 1702692929782.png (31.04 KB, 275x272, 1698176393700.png)

If a black man is telling you that, it's a form of mate guarding.It's never smart to tell men what your preferences are because they always try to hassle you down or out of them, especially if it doesn't benefit them (in this case). I'm not gonna deny the existence of perverted white guys but there are normal guys if you are willing to vet. If necessary, please take a break from dating and work on something important to you

No. 365712

This. You can date pretty much whoever you want as a woman, especially if you're pretty. Stop internalizing lies from worthless moids who want you all to themselves, or negging losers trying to keep you accessible to bottom of the barrel shitstains. Know yourself and the kind of person you want/need, learn to vet. Stop paying mind to those who just want to use you. Don't ever just take validation. Never let some moid push you into raceplay or other degenerate fetish.

No. 365715

Unpopular opinion but these basic ass cat memes are incredibly irritating.

No. 365716

File: 1702695287596.jpeg (331.83 KB, 1541x1497, 554BD75D-8D1D-4470-87E7-F1C7F3…)

As black women we are more likely to be single than any other race. Lets not kid ourselves. Also, interestingly, we are most likely to report being happy and satisfied being single than any other demographic. What does that tell you? The majority of black women have decided that when it comes to moids, the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze, and who can blame em.

No. 365718

File: 1702695655514.jpeg (304.65 KB, 1575x460, A1CBA72C-842B-41BF-8907-681D10…)

It’s actually wild that black women were the only demographic who reported being happier while single. Think that says everything about the state of modern dating as a black woman tbh. If you can find a moid who worships you, does everything and anything for you, will go to the ends of the earth for you, then you’re onto something good. Otherwise, it’s simply not worth it.

No. 365719

>As black women we are more likely to be single than any other race. Lets not kid ourselves.
Are you insinuating that stat is because nobody wants black women or something? I can't really see how else it'd apply to me saying "You can date pretty much whoever you want as a woman, especially if you're pretty", but I want to be clear on that before I respond, kek. This thread attracts a lot of strange individuals.

No. 365723

Why are you intentionally misreading what I said? I literally just posted that black women have collectively decided men ain’t shit and for good reason

No. 365724

Slightly OT but sometimes I think Jodi Arias is a cautionary tale against divesting imo lol
>attractive but self hating ethnic woman falls for schlubby unattractive white Mormon moid
>he’s a hypocrite and degenerate and using her as a bootycall but she wants more from him
>lets him do anal and whatever else to try and maintain his interest
>dyes her hair blonde to look whiter and desperately tries to appeal to his racism, goes full tradwife larp
>but he’d still rather be with a frumpy Mormon white woman because he’s racist and can’t see non white women as fully human like he can with white women
>moid toys the fuck out of her emotions, plays her, leads her on, understandably Jodi is hurt by this and leads to stalking/irrational emotional behavior
>he continues seeing fat and frumpy plain jane white women behind her back
>she snaps and ends up killing him and getting life behind bars, totally wasting her own life on a 4/10 fatass who wasn’t worth it
Shits honestly so sad. I wish she’d seen the light.

No. 365728

Because the "let's not kid ourselves" coupled with everything else reeks of the same negging nonsense incels like, but repackaged in "No, choose volceldom" blackpill faux feminist form. Of course we don't need to date, but we can if we want to. There's nothing wrong with it, black women don't need to be martyrs because something something clownworld.
I've seen so much weirdo blackpill bullshit around our demographic specifically, only for my actual life and dating experiences to turn out completely different. It's just manipulative and old, and once I learned why certain groups like this narrative, it became a joke to me.

No. 365730

No that’s just your paranoia speaking. Nobody is telling black women to go volcel 4 lyfe except one troll ITT. It’s not manipulative to point out that the majority of black women self report as being single, nor is it a ‘blackpill’ or manipulative to point out that black women are happier being single than every other group, including black men. If anything it shows black women are the most self sufficient and least pathetic demographic. You can see the awful way moids treat literal white supermodels and celebrities, now imagine how badly they treat black women. There’s a reason we are most likely to be raped, assaulted or murdered. No wonder most black women would rather be single and are happier for it.

No. 365731

your post reeks of ‘not all moids’ whattaboutism. all moids ARE like that.

No. 365732


No. 365733

Jodi Arias looks like a regular white woman, even without blonde hair. I didn't even know she's "ethnic" until this post

No. 365734

to the ‘give men a chance’ poster: sis there’s a reason you’re posting here alone on a friday night with the rest of us, don’t act like you’ve got it figured out and that you know better than black women with a shit more ton of life experience than you, or that your dating life is going well.

feel free to spew your ‘not all men’ copium, the rest of us aren’t bluepilled pickmes who believe men are capable of good.

No. 365735

I’ll take that as you conceding I’m right.

No. 365736

Why post multiple times on this? I'm not alone either, kek. I honestly just don't care about online misandry larp. Half the women posting on this site saying all men bad still go to bed with their boyfriends and husband at the end of the day, lmao. Men do suck, but I'm not going to go around telling black women they specifically have no hope and should be single if they actually want to date, sorry. As I said before, black nonnas who want to be in a relationship: Love yourself, know what you're looking for, vet heavily, don't let any dumb scrote drag you down, treat you like porn or make you feel like you don't deserve something over your race. That's all, anyone who gets mad at this doesn't have your interests at heart.

I think you're backtracking, but don't feel like arguing further.

No. 365738

It's convenient for people to make us feel like we're undesirable or that we shouldn't be with any men (unless it's black men, of course). People want us to either be lonely not to say that there's anything wrong with being alone, but that's besides the point or to be in shitty relationship, and to not realize our worth and that we're wanted so that we're desperate and deal with any man even if they're trash. If black women all collectively realized their worth, a lot of shit would fall out of place.
I will say as someone who also does the whole interracial thing, I've noticed a lot of young black girls on social media asking men of other races (especially white dudes) if they like black girls. It just looks so pathetic but I also understand it because they've probably been made to feel unwanted like so many black women have been.

Do not use emoticons btw. Read the info page, integrate and stop being a newfag.

No. 365740

>Point out that 85% of young black women are single, point out that black women are happier single than other groups, point out that black women are the most victimized race by men, all backed up by evidence
>Terminally online retard troll (you) pops up out of the sewer again to misinterpret it and frame it in the most negative context possible, start an infight, then claiming that I hate black women and want them to die alone being eaten by cats and any post reminding black women they can survive on their own and to watch their backs with moids is a saboteur, blah blah blah my moid would NEVER
Eat shit retard.

No. 365741

Yeah and I’m sure you’re really happy with your nigel who totally exists. That’s why you’d rather post here on a Friday night than spend time with him right? Thank you for admitting men aren’t shit lol. No one here is a troll except you, evidently. And probably a man too.

No. 365742

>greentexting absolute strawman horseshit because you're mad somene posted basic dating advice
Take your meds

No. 365743

No. 365744

>If black women all collectively realized their worth, a lot of shit would fall out of place.
Exactly. There are so many people who want to screw us over and keep us down (including our own people sometimes). It seems like it's always either verbal abuse or concern trolling.
I agree on the social media thing, too. I get that it comes from being told all their lives that they're "undesirable", but it makes them look desperate, I dislike it. This is also why I don't like kpop stan culture, but that's a conversation for another day.

No. 365746

How men treat you has nothing to do with self worth. Plenty of black (and other race) women have high self esteem and still end up abused and cheated on by moids.

No. 365747

I didn't say it did. Did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 365749

Honestly I’d say it’s the happy confident women who get abused, cheated on and murdered most.
Look at the women who get murdered by scrotes. The descriptions of them by family and friends are always that they were happy, outgoing, bubbly, confident, etc.
Barely any women who get murdered are actually the submissive obedient doormat stereotype. Abusive men don’t even want doormats because there’s no challenge in that. Men like to break down happy, confident, disobedient, high self esteem women because they’re the ones they can’t have and are therefore most valuable and high status in their eyes. Plenty of women with high self worth and high self esteem have been murdered, raped, abused etc.

No. 365751

Black women actually have the highest self reported self-esteem of any race. Black women absolutely do realize their own worth. But just because you think you’re valuable and beautiful and worthy of respect doesn’t mean others automatically will. And that’s a harsh lesson everyone has to learn.

No. 365752

I know it's the black girl problems thread, but both (or maybe it's one?) of you sound genuinely miserable and hostile toward black women who aren't living like you. Not everyone comes here because they're single or sad or even lonely, this thread is for black women to discuss black issues. There are tons of more 'femcel' oriented threads.

No. 365753

>Black women absolutely do realize their own worth
So many black women partake in and glorify toxicity and male worship. A lot of black women date shitty men who are not in their league. I'm not saying that black women hate themselves, but if we all truly realized our own worth a lot would change.
Just to be clear, I realize pickme-ism and all that stuff is not specific to black women. But this is the black girl thread so I'm speaking specifically about black women.

No. 365754

Nothing wrong with asking a man if he likes black girls before asking him out. 100% better to find out upfront than spend hours trying to rizz him then get hit with ‘sorry but I’m just not into black girls’ later. Asking this question has saved countless hours of my time, and I appreciate the honesty: if they are willing to exclude an entire race from their dating pool and proclaim that Meghan Trainor is better looking than Iman because Meghan is white, then they’re not someone I would ever want to waste my breath on anyway. Btw, there’s millions of moids on this earth who think Beyoncé is ugly, so you shouldn’t even take it personally.

No. 365756

Samefag, by both I meant the statistic singleton anon and the one who said anything else is 'not all men'-ing.

No. 365758

I guess our approaches are just different, I don't really ask men out. I was specifically talking about on social media though, so these are guys who these girls probably will never even meet.
>Btw, there’s millions of moids on this earth who think Beyoncé is ugly, so you shouldn’t even take it personally.
I don't care if someone doesn't want to date black women, it doesn't bother me.

No. 365759

The "nooo your bf can't exist because you're on lolcor" thing makes me think it's a baiter who fantasizes about black women being automatic femcels, that's when I stopped bothering.

No. 365760

I can understand black women asking ‘do men like black girls?’ on social media because they’re curious. It kinda makes black women look desperate, but I understand the fact they’re unsure of themselves and are looking for a male opinion because they themselves are unsure of what to believe. But asking it on the internet is stupid because you’re going to get met with the ‘all black women are hideous n words’ brigade of wignats, the desperate lonely moids who would date a woman even if she was purple and will say anything in hopes of getting a reply from a woman, and the weirdo black woman fetishists. None of these represent the general moid.

No. 365762

File: 1702702172033.jpg (90.79 KB, 550x940, 1701980064246.jpg)

Some ladies love cats

No. 365765

Depends on a lot of things. If there are regular visits, which is still long-distance but not a totally online relationship. If there's an actionable plan for taking it offline within a couple years at most. etc.

No. 365766

Cat pics are fine and cute. I just hate those pointless lolcat style memes with the unfunny text (it’s fine if the meme is actually funny) I just always assume the person using them is an aspie millenial loser.

No. 365767

No. 365768

discord relationships are not real and never will be

No. 365770

Nta, what does this have to do with black girls though?

No. 365771

I read up about the case some more and found that there was a male doctor working a lot of shifts alongside her on the night babies died. So there’s conspiracy theorists who think he was actually the baby murderer who would kill babies to get an emotional reaction out of her and bond her to him, and that Letby was framed to cover up for him. Or that they did it together as some kind of weird thrill kill thing and she got off worse and took the fall for it because she wasn’t a high status male doctor like the moid was. I do actually think the moid was involved somehow but I think Lucy was the main killer. Simply because a lot of the babies died of injections or IV tampering and doctors generally don’t administer those things in wards, nurses do.

No. 365772

It's that one schizo from last thread trying to derail to his discord daddy life, don't reply.

No. 365773

No idea who you’re talking about but it hit a nerve clearly. E-relationships are a meme.

No. 365775

It seems like kind of a reach to say it's a "divestment" thing, she was white-passing. A lot of white women seem to like her because they relate to her frustration, so I think it's more just a moid thing than an interracial one. I don't understand why any woman would pick a Mormon scrote to begin with, not going to lie.

No. 365776

Idk who you mean, but you're probably right. They seem to really want us to talk about e-relationships for some reason, it's creepy.

No. 365780

File: 1702707270866.png (369.89 KB, 560x312, Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 12_31…)

I know I'm being whiney and maybe dramatic but I feel so hopeless sometimes especially about travelling and stuff. It feels like everyone is desperate to hate black people and I'm tired of it…not even just black people, it's like everyone has a feverish obsession with hating one another and being racist. I can't help but wonder why. I don't understand how or why everyone holds such disgusting opinions towards entire groups of people. I understand that some people are shitty but why should their entire race have to pay for that? How does it make sense to blame thousands of people off of the shitty behavior of a few hundred ass hats? I noticed how when I was young I tried to rationalize the ways of thinking of others and I'd try to be "one of the good ones". I was bent on turning the other cheek but all of that pain and bullshit I dealt with is for nothing because no matter what there are massive groups of people all over the world that see me as somehow less human. I just want everyone to stop acting like retards. Treat each other with respect, how hard is that? I used to think that every case of racism was just a rowdy 12 year old and I'd say to myself "kids have their edgy phases" but now I'm realizing I was not like that at all! I was a normal 12 year old and I was never a racist asshole so I can't excuse that behavior and I find it disturbing that such a strange lack of empathy is so unbelievably common among young white boys. And it's also weird how many of them become trans later,idk, I find that to be terrifying. Sometimes I just wanna curl up and exist within my own neet bubble where I can easily shield myself from that stuff and continue to be a race-less blob quietly floating through the internet but I crave new experiences and as I'm looking into the new experiences I'm interested in having (travelling), I am realizing I may be setting myself up to experience some uncomfortable things…like racism. I don't know. I don't want that part to scare me back into a shell or something but I can feel myself starting to tuck away at the thought of having to experience these things in real life.

No. 365800

File: 1702717693082.jpg (85.63 KB, 680x453, GABDZNmW8AAXpYY.jpg)

>Lets not kid ourselves
and you wonder why people got on your ass

>If anything it shows black women are the most self sufficient and least pathetic demographic.
Online BW see this as an insult because it implies no one sees them outside of the mule archetype

Very off topic for this thread

It's so cringe when she ask that. Too many young women without home training. No wonder why they fall for femininity scams

All sides benefit from concern trolling. Being told I'm undesirable just made me want to disconnect and disappear Best thing for BW to do is to disengage and avoid outsiders.

Wrong. All persoinalit types get abused. Doormat women are often socialized and even groomed by their families to be doormats. No one is born a doormat. Anyways, the fault of abuse lies with the abuser

Wrong. That was based on an old survery that is very much out of date. If anything, the more inclusive society tries to be with black women, the more hate she gets and the more she hates herself. Black people were so much better off with their own stuff. Black women have to spend decades of their lives building up basic building blocks of self esteem that other women get for free from birth.

No. 365802

90% of BW problems are related to the men she dates. The more BW decenter men and focus on creating a life worth living, the better off she, her kids and the rest of the world will be

No. 365804

me too. you're just lying to yourselves if you think you can make it work

No. 365805

File: 1702718255055.jpg (546.57 KB, 1920x1080, 1693416803087.jpg)

>I just always assume the person using them is an aspie millenial loser.

some of use are lmao

No. 365806

There's way more evidence of her committing the crimes. Either way, Lucy deserves to be beaten and executed. Of course, Europe being cucked and not having any capital punishment doesn't help(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365824

File: 1702731831198.png (417.34 KB, 679x432, GAMP1FoWIAEMKUF.png)

>an aspie millenial loser
yes, and?

No. 365834

I also found it funny how so many racist chuds end up transitioning, a lot of the troons you see are edgy former poltard weebs who ended up taking hrt. Also, conservative white males have the highest suicide rate and general death rates in the US, turns out being a nasty hatefilled racist pos is bad for your health, who would have thought!

No. 365835

This. It’s funny that misandrists encouraging black female independence are being called moids/trolls, with the ones encouraging women to be pickmes and compete for a shit prize are being called real women, guess the trannies and scrotes itt are playing 3d chess with their accusations now.

No. 365844

File: 1702737557831.jpeg (340.02 KB, 1154x1200, bitch crystals.jpeg)

You're right. IMO, this thread either has a troll who will start shit about literally anything because they want attention, or a deeply unhappy person with unaddressed internalized racism calling everyone paranoid pickmes for not buying into their misery loves company tactics and snide comments. It's not normal for someone to have a vested interest in black women being alone and foaming at the mouth when they're not. I don't even see self-proclaimed misandrists trying to fight with anons in the relationship general or vent threads on how they shouldn't be dating.
Making like two posts in one sitting telling black women they'll be murdered and/or abused if they dare to be self-confident, trying to drag down anyone who doesn't fit in their worldview by saying they must be lying about having relationships or that we "shouldn't kid ourselves" if we think we can date, etc. It's just very freakish. I feel like literally no other group of women seems to get targeted in this way, and I wish these "people" would leave us alone.

No. 365851

I feel you, anon. It really feels like some sort of existential horror. Everything we do is wrong to some people because they want to hate us. It's not even about us, at a certain point. It's about their view of the world, their place in it and trying to feel "affirmed" by stepping on us. No matter how normal, kind, and well-spoken we are, idiots will always find a way to sperg about (or at) us.
If you want to travel, please don't do it solo (both for general safety and for possible incidents). Go with friends or loved ones who are emotionally present and supportive. I understand the desire to want to hide away from the world, but you can't let miserable pieces of shit trying to confiscate your very humanity control your life. You deserve to have fun, you deserve to be happy and you deserve to experience things any other woman can. It's not good to isolate yourself, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

No. 365855

File: 1702739530339.png (29.48 KB, 598x213, Screenshot_2023-12-16 (1) Eli …)

Do you have any strong opinions on modern politics? Came across a thread that made me think. On one hand, I strongly dislike on how modern politics and how the left exploits our real worries on how we fit in and how we contribute to modern society. And I am very well aware on the open hatred of the right. Mixed feelings all around


No. 365856

and those guys end up being worshiped in leftist spaces. Couldn't get your white girlfriend, so he "became" his white girlfriend! Huzzah, a win for the white race!

No. 365858

The sheer amount of racist and rapist trannies are what peaked me out of libfem pro-troon stuff, honestly. The dysgenic scrote sucking at Hitler's dead, powdered teat and writing about how you are inferior for being a black woman is actually so desperate, self-hating and pseudo-scientific that he believes he can be turned into a woman by giving himself a hormone disorder, then having a surgeon give him a necrotic wound he'll go on to call a "vagina". The biggest joke comes when after that, they and their defenders try to make their racism #woke and #progressive with takes that boil down to "I (a mentally ill, brolic white man) am just like you (an actual woman) because you're black. You facing racism and being dehumanized is just like me not being allowed to act out my AGP fantasies IRL. You being a human being is as much of a fantasy as me being a woman. We're sisters, defend me."
I'm kind of glad they and the wifebeating conservative moids kill themselves, but I feel bad for all the kids and naive adults they groom.

No. 365861

File: 1702741846792.jpg (223.17 KB, 1400x1742, 1_6VfMSpnus1vQaV_WSjO5Mw.jpg)

"Just stop thinking about race, it's all about merit" sounds very soothing, especially to non-black people's ears, but it doesn't really work IRL, and we all know why. I don't agree with the left making everything about race in the most hideous ways, but I think the right-wingers trying to deny every political and historical move that lead to the current state of race relations is hideous, too.
But on the Twitter thread: This man isn't black, and I don't think anyone besides people who know who his dad would ever guess he actually has something like 1/4th black ancestry. I can understand why he'd think it's all about merit, but IMO, his experience has little to do with any black person's. I think it's delusional of him to act like "That was almost me, guys! I was almost The Minority and put emphasis on my skin color!". You know that's not true, Eli. Don't pull a Halsey.

No. 365869

File: 1702745598430.png (97.66 KB, 540x957, Screenshot_2023-12-16 Untitled…)

I wish more women talked about the gross race science progressives use to coerce young black women into supporting gender politics. I know I have nothing in common with a sissy white man! It's insane that women like me get pushed pout of womanhood and coerced into spending money to look sufficiently feminine while everyone kisses sissy ass. Fuck leftists!

No. 365870

I wish I could not think about race but when I'm constantly reminded of my race by everyone around me, especially by racist conservatives online and at work, how could I?

No. 365893

No. I believe they're all fake and gay.

No. 365896

when i read that thread, i was operating under the impression that he was a very light mulatto, but it turns out that he’s only 1/4th black. the one drop rule is insane. that is a white man!

No. 365916

Holy shit, this is why the one-drop rule must be abolished

No. 365926

I’m so sorry but it’s almost hilarious to me how society wants to push this idea that black women are masculine. but it’s less funny when i realise how much people’s biases cause people to buy into stereotypes like this and genuinely believe them. black women, renowned for their full lips and feminine fat distribution… but masculine. how are you going to push two stereotypes that are contradictory. do people hear themselves?

No. 365927

Individualism achieves nothing, politically speaking. Only movements with people working towards one common goal.

No. 365934

This is why the modern left has been flailing at every thing. Can’t even critique anything without some wanker whining about “my choice”

No. 366039

Any masculine trait traditionally found on white women is not masculinized. Having no butt, thin lips, low brow bone are masculine traits that they are often praised for. Being tall as well. If Karlie Kloss or even Taylor Swift was black, with the exact same face they’d be called manly.
Conversely, feminine traits on black women can be seen as an aggressive excess and therefore masculinized.

No. 366052

One of the bullshit reasons I always saw posted online is that dark skin is seen as masculine. if that's the case, why are white men not seen as the most feminine men on the planet?

No. 366110

Dark skin is seen as masculine. White men have the worst inferiority complexes compared to black men. Regardless, having dark skin isn’t a inherently gendered trait. That’s just racism used to justify slavery and imperialism.

No. 366125

It's really all down to blackness. We can't win in a rigged game

They should be, considering how prone they are to trooning out and wrecking havoc on everyone around them.

This is directly related to the BBC/Cuck fetish. The evil Black buck "raping" the pure virginal white wife,with the white man helpless to do anything. Very common in BDSM circles.

And all discussions of race is related this triangle of WW, WM, and BM. You see this dynamic play out in the media over and over again.

No. 366127

I’d honestly go as far to say that black men try to benefit from these stereotypes. If people think black people are inherently masculine, they feel as though that makes them better than men of other races. It also gives an excuse for self-hating black men to date other races, “Oh but black women are just more masculine and aggressive!” while dating latinas who have the same flavour of stereotypes that we do, just destigmatised.

No. 366134

I agree. Black men get a boost from being seen as inherently masculine, so they don't have to do anything to prove said masculinity.Even white supremacists openly praise the black masculinity, but then claims he has to kill black men to protect his women or whatever

Black women are the only group to suffer for their stereotypes. Not a single benefit to be found. Maybe that is why they are the most likely to push back on stereotypes?

No. 366135

File: 1702844943616.jpg (61.56 KB, 680x656, GBYk1MGX0AA2IPE.jpg)

Honestly, this worries me

No. 366138

I don’t understand, why is this the case in the USA? What does this even mean?

No. 366144

File: 1702847096519.jpg (80.8 KB, 828x508, F-ZDUiQW8AAnD2n.jpg)

Don't forget, our representation in American media isn't coincidental or objective.

No. 366145

Not surprising. The same psychotic moids obsessively bashing black women online and calling them ugly/masculine go and coom to videos of black women being sexually exploited.

No. 366172

File: 1702853731942.jpg (52.86 KB, 680x496, GBeZDH1XkAAvFzf.jpg)

I don't care about Taylor Swift but I hate how racist her fans are. Especially the so-called feminists

No. 366185

I don’t know if this makes it better or worse or you but it’s like this because they stopped showing “teen”, “barely legal” and “school” in these retrospectives because of bad PR, since they were almost always the no.1 most searched categories. More men are pedos than they are race fetishists.

No. 366186

Not even surprised either, i feel like it's getting worse.
I was already horrified by how popular anal was and when you put that in perspective, now everything is 10 times worse, jesus. On that note, i wonder if they think showing ebony and arab being popular is their sick way of being woke.

No. 366187

>More men are pedos than they are race fetishists.
The sad thing is when you remember how many men are both (see: sex tourists in places like Kenya and SEA countries)

No. 366188

Yeah, that chart doesn't make sense. Men on reddit used to spam those things everywhere years ago and only the pedophilic categories were prominent. What's worse is that these graphs are released as meme material and any race of idiot can spread it saying omg they're so attracted to me

No. 366197

Isn’t that why she constantly has all these lavender relationships that eventually fizzle out with her paid male beards? If she came out as lesbian (which I strongly believe she is) then it would ruin her sales. Dolly Parton was the same since all of her fans were rednecks.

No. 366198

Yeah, the truth is that all races of women get fetishized because pornsick moids love to prey. I do notice that black women are often uniquely hypersexualized/fetishized and attacked simultaneously in the US, though.

No. 366199

If you look at searches by state, then you find the US south and Africa search for ebony porn most because of the black male populations there. Pretty sure that’s all it is.

I think there is a pornifying of black women recently however. First it was Asian women getting fetishized, then Latinas, then Muslim women, and now I guess black girls are the final frontier. Men like to violate every race and creed of women in existence and leave no stone unturned in their quest to coom. For instance in Israel, Nazi female and Palestinian female porn are very popular. I also heard in China, Uygur female porn is popular. Men like to fetishize oppressed women a lot because it’s part of the psychological degradation of a people, and it’s very much a political thing too.

No. 366200

True. I remember a few years ago there was a strong push and demand for porn featuring Muslim women in hijabs and burqas. I guess they got bored of violating nuns and catholic schoolgirls in their pornos. The more modest a group of women are seen as, the more desire moids have to violate them.

No. 366202

True, they took out teen, jailbait, barely legal, virgin and schoolgirl because it was bad optics for their company, which is already in trouble for letting the footage of rape of underage girls be spread on their platform.

Truth is teen, jailbait, schoolgirl etc are always #1 in popularity in porn, if you go on the front page of any porn site, videos featuring girls who look as young as possible are basically the default videos so moids don’t even have to search to find them.

I remember using Russian sites to pirate movies and music, and there would be a ton of popup ads that led to a paywall site, fully clothed girls but in compromising poses and the girls on these porn site ads literally looked 12 or something, it was vile. In Europe they seem to be much more open about their pedophilia, probably because their aoc is lower. Afaik CP is actually still legal to posess in Russia and another couple of European countries really dragged their heels in making possessing CP illegal when the EU called for a total ban of it. It’s very creepy.

No. 366203

Wow that’s depressing to read. US media seems to be racist as fuck and have a really strong objection to casting black people or just non-whites in general as romantic leads, which makes me so mad. I remember one white director, the guy who directed Romeo Must Die, took a risk by casting an Asian man and a black woman as the romantic leads, and it literally made the critics seethe so hard, even though tons of people loved the movie. It’s very weird. It feels like if a Hollywood movie casts any non white male as the lead, or any non white female as the lead, critics and white audiences shit themselves in rage and cry about it, even if they weren’t going to go see the movie anyway. So fucking weird. It feels very politically motivated.

No. 366204

File: 1702863998183.jpg (93.43 KB, 640x636, 1698364564943.jpg)

eh idk about that, and there was some degree of backlash when she once dated a racist (and then immediately after did some shitty collab and photos with ice spice to make up for it) but this might be too off topic

No. 366205

I agree with Dr Claud said, that anything that divides black people weakens us. Having individualistic mindsets is fine in a personal sense, but politically it’s a death sentence. Republicans gave black people Jim Crow laws. Democrats gave black people neglect and prioritized other minorities over blacks.

Black people used to make up the labor class/unpaid working class for nearly 3 centuries.

Now that black people have won their civil rights, and demand a fair wage, the US govt said ‘FUCK YOU’ and imported a ton of Latinos who will do the jobs for a much lower wage than black people demand. They don’t need us anymore and they know it, so they hold all the bargaining chips, and they have what they see as an excess of blacks now. That’s why imo they’re fine inciting and glorifying gang behavior, encouraging blacks to shoot each other then spend the rest of their life rotting in jail until death, introducing drugs into black neighborhoods, encouraging abortion in black neighborhoods etc. Lets be fucking honest: the US govt wants black people dead. And anything that speeds up the process is fine by them. This is why black people shouldn’t feel they owe any party their vote, only the party that actually helps black people. Unfortunately with the two party system and massive amounts of Hispanic + illegal voters. It’s too easy to rig elections. This is why black people have been left for the wolves. They’re trying to reduce the black population to zero or near zero.

No. 366206

Actually the done thing in right wing circles is to draw attention to the emasculated state of BM, ever since Tariq Nasheed's "Buck Breaking". They've been reposting "thug hunter" clips as well as harping on homosexuality rates amongst BM being so high

No. 366207

Poltards are literal retards and will flip reality and history to fit their agenda. See: how they claim Jomon Japanese native islanders were white, and that Jomon men raped Yayoi Asian women, even though DNA tests show the opposite happened.

No. 366208

Jim Crow laws were from Democrats

No. 366209

Yes forgive me the mistype, but old school Democrats/Dixiecrats would be classed as republicans today. They’re nothing like what we know as dems now.

No. 366211

Poltards are just white hoteps aka snowteps. Instead of claiming every historical figure was black like hoteps do, they claim every historical figure was white. Not just white but specifically blonde and blue eyed. I’ve seen them claim Buddha, Tutankhamun, Jesus, Muhammad, and countless other historical figures were blonde blue eyed Nordic men.

No. 366212

File: 1702865577982.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.68 KB, 500x315, 8d390bf2-443e-4e6d-b7b2-bf4012…)

It's honestly not new. Even back during slavery and the Jim Crow, black women were heavily sexually objectified and fetishized with the "Jezebel" archetype and works based on that. Not even female children were safe, there were tons of postcards and ads like pic related. It seems like this was the most common archetype (along with the "Mammy") up until the late 90s or early 2000s, and I suppose it became more profitable to push "Sapphire" and "Mammy" more.

No. 366213

I feel so sad for all the little girls and women who ended up being raped on plantations. Their stories and voices will never be known, it’s terrifying what moids have done to women all these centuries and never been held accountable for, and makes me hate men even more than I already do. The fact the age of consent in the US in most states was 10 years old almost up until 1900 tells you everything.

No. 366215

Kek, i like snowteps. I've also seen them claim the native Americans, as if that makes sense.

No. 366217

File: 1702867954906.png (98.18 KB, 923x372, Human zoo - Wikipedia.png)

Reminds me of this. The full page story of Saartje's life is pretty depressing too, she was treated as a literal animal at times.

No. 366226

How do you deal with anything? This is mostly aimed at those in western civilizations, but how do you deal with all of it? Just the subtle racism, the loud racism, the microagressions, the fact that there are Nazis in the White House (not that they ever left or were better than before). I look up to so many black women who face adversity and I see myself as not as “strong” as them. I know no one is born such a way but is forced to adapt and I don’t want us to have to adapt. It is entirely unfair, and I know many poc friends of mine who aren’t black that face adversity, but my Asian and Hispanic friends face a totally different type of racism than we do. I’m not going to go explaining it but you get it. I’d argue most Arabs (especially currently) face very similar issues at least in media. I’m just so exhausted, I’ve been at protests, I’ve been politically active, I have a supportive group that supports me, but my god. Even being on the internet you can’t even have a video of a black woman doing anything without knowing the comments are going to say something about her blackness. It literally feels like a disability at times, like I have to bring it up in white spaces just to make others comfortable ( I usually settle things with comedy as a cope for awkwardness but I have a lot of boundaries now). I honestly am just so scared for the next generation of children growing up online and seeing all the hate in video game lobbies, any Internet forums, TikTok, people complaining about anything that might even dare to alleviate people of color. Suicide rates of young black girls are up and I worry so much for them all the time, because I know how it feels and how unfairly overwhelming it is to be a woman alone and a black woman at that on top of it.

No. 366232

that's why Mia Khalifa got so popular, she perfectly fit the niche

No. 366234

I agree. I hate the ghetto stereotypes but I also hate race swaps. I know it's not impossible to make something new. Critics love their race boxes.

Speaking on raceswaps, does anyone else feel like black women get the most heat? We didn't even ask for this stuff. It feels planned to me

No. 366235

File: 1702874948316.jpg (46.17 KB, 533x680, F_VY3z4WkAAWE1v.jpg)

Scary. I think they might be successful this century, thanks to gene-tailored illness and AI controlled killing machines. Just waiting for the right moment.

>encouraging abortion in black neighborhoods

Black women are the least likely group to abort and the most likely to keep the kid, and becoming a single mother. Other groups have their daughters on BC from puberty and they have no qualms on abortion unlike the fake-Christians of the black community

One of the reasons I think there's been a lot of illegal immigration is to bulk up the military and use the promise of citizenship to retain the men

No. 366236

Even the Arabs who enslaved black women pushed that archetype. It's so much easier to say a child slave was a whore than to admit you raped her.

Honestly, the mammy archetype feels omnipresent in modern (leftist) politics. Like the amount of Arabs harassing black women to go and march is insane to me.

No. 366237

And the French kept her body parts until the 2000s, fucking freaks

No. 366243

im moving to the nordic/baltic area in a year or so, am i going to get hate crimed? my finnish friends say i should be ok but is that true or should i be worried

No. 366249

Don't you think the people who're from the area you're moving to know better than random people here.

No. 366252

reminds me of the "akshually Ethiopians are part white/Arab" shit, but I'm pretty sure it's also caused by the western/global north (including many black/Afro-descent people in the west/global north sadly, hoteps really don't help either) perception of Africa (or "Subsaharan Africa" at best) as a homogenous monolith of "black people" with no ethnic or cultural diversity that wasn't brought by colonization
>they claim Jomon Japanese native islanders were white, and that Jomon men raped Yayoi Asian women, even though DNA tests show the opposite happened
they also tried it with the "akshually it was African male slaves who raped Irish female slaves om American plantations" revisionism to validate their own obvious raceplay fetishes

No. 366253

I guess Anon is specifically looking for answers from Black women living in the area

No. 366274

To be fair some ethiopians/somalis do that too, they go on about how they're not really black + borderline racist to other black people but when they need something they're suddenly panafrican and asking for other black people's help/solidarity.

No. 366284

objectively stupid behavior IMO, especially the ones who ass kiss Arabs

No. 366291

you're right and also the Muslim ones are more likely to act like this ime. actually non-Arab Muslims in general are very often Arab asskissers, even when Arabs look down on them

No. 366297

Nordic and baltic are two different areas. The culture in Lithuania, Lativa and Estonia is different from Sweden, Finland, etc.

Anyway, google "Black woman in $country$ youtube" and you can probably find videos from a black woman there talking about her experience.

No. 366301

Do you guys have experiences with interracial relationships? I'm dating a latino guy and it's not nearly as bad/a struggle as I thought it'd be. We have cultural differences but it's more ethnicity based.
One thing I didn't expect was the amount of strangers and homeless people who have an issue with it. Sometimes when walking down the street we get comments or glares, which is surprising since we live in a city.

No. 366303

Reception isn't as bad as I thought it would be either, also a city dweller. Homeless people in cities seem to always have a highly racialized angle of aggression so it's best to try and ignore them unless they attack you physically. Do things go well with you and his family and the reverse? My family praises it as dating up but his family is still weary of me after so much time. It feels easier to date "outside" when your lifestyles match more than anything.

No. 366305

I get where you're coming from, and honestly, it's overwhelming. The best I can say is to limit internet use and avoid people who rub you the wrong way. I'm a big fan of blocking and muting anyone and anything. Don't let the algorithms wear you down, you can and do have the ability to curate your experience, IRL and online.

No. 366310

All the whining on affirmative action is really just Asians whining about the existence of black people in higher academia

You are competing with 30000 other teens with PERFECT scores who have been preparing for this since birth for the same 1500 spots. It's not a right to go to Harvard. Leave black people out of your discussions

No. 366313

Wasn't affirmative action thrown out anyway? It just feels like some people are obsessed with blaming a black boogeyman for their own failures.

No. 366314

It's sad how black hispanics feel excluded by other hispanics in the US. I was talking to a girl who said said that some hispanics in her college don't seem to consider her one because she's black even though she grew up in Colombia.

No. 366316

Hispanics had a racial hierarchy before America even exist. They were raised with the "Mejorar la Raza" mentality before they even went through puberty.They're eager to assimilate into the greater white class and thew presence of black hispanics ruins it for them. It's an ego game

No. 366319

File: 1702925865354.png (191.2 KB, 800x528, 1000012714.png)

Funny how people like to complain about Affirmative Action just to call black people "lazy" and "reliant on handouts" for education, yet the erasure of Affirmative Action hit whites and asians the worst.

No. 366331

i've asked my finnish friends yes, but i just wanted to ask here since a lot of you others seemed to have experience in Europe and figured maybe at least one had been to finland before and could give me an honest answer that finnish people probably couldnt, since white people usually dont actually notice racism at all
ok will try thanks. im considering estonia or finland so ill try to maybe lurk around youtube or r*ddit i guess
im currently in the college mill and its dire out here about that. white and asian people swear us black people are stealing up all the spots, but when you go on ivy league campuses, you might only see one black person and if youre super lucky, you'll see two. there's literally basically none of us. the fight is between asians and whites, but they both refuse to get that even when the truth is right in their faces on campus. the white person look at the single solitary black person in a room full of asians and detest them for taking another white persons spot lol

No. 366339

I've read a couple of news articles on white flight from neighborhoods with higher Asian populations, and some Asian people complaining that it's racism keeping them out of CEO positions and university admissions. It's kind of crazy to me that after years of attacking black people for "pulling the race card" whenever they discussed race, blaming affirmative action/black people for them not getting into prestigious universities (athletes + kids of rich white men will always take priority, duh), and insisting everything's a meritocracy, some of the exact same people want to talk about racism. I feel like wealthy racist establishment types really lead them on with the "You're not like those blacks, we're buddies!" to get them to help end AA, just to freeze them out anyway because they're racist lol.

No. 366341

File: 1702930936144.jpg (70.24 KB, 661x758, VAGZ33I.jpg)

Not to sound like an Nlog but I hate how so many black women obsess over representation. Like I get that the narrative of bw being unattractive is a sore spot for a lot of us. But when people start saying whining about how black lesbian characters or black characters who have short hair or are fat are making them look unattractive. I have to roll my eyes.
One thing I think about a lot was people on twitter reeing at a mixed artists fanart for not giving the character a crop top.

No. 366343

File: 1702931920176.png (33.16 KB, 551x287, 215593AB-60F1-4FB7-BED4-7F4A6A…)

I’m not sure where you got the
>black women are least likely to get an abortion
from. Black women consistently have the highest abortion rates per capita, although abortions for all races are falling each year anyway. But afaik around 1/3 of black fetuses are still terminated each year. The government is fine with this as they want to keep the black population down anyway.

I’ve noticed there’s much less racism against Hispanics than any other race in the US. My guess is it’s because America knows Latinos will do double the work for half the wage, and that they need illegals to win elections, so they let them mass immigrate to the US while blockading Africans, Afro Caribbean black people and other groups like Haitians from entering the US. I actually heard that more Latinos are returning home than ever because quality of life and cost of living is better in Mexico than it is in the states nowadays.

No. 366344

File: 1702931992472.png (305.37 KB, 643x467, trixie.png)

I like beauty, and I like pretty/cute black girl characters, so I'm personally fine with it. It's not even particularly a racial thing, a lot of modern cartoons look ugly and have a generic, off-putting art style. The more audiences tell designers and producers it's bad to look at, the better.
From a racial stance, I'd think it was fine to have one or two non conventionally attractive black female characters if they weren't like….the only main black female characters we often get, sometimes the only black girl in an entire show. Unfortunately, execs don't typically want too much diversity (racially or otherwise), and I guess it's easier to also make the black girl the fat one, the butch one, etc. Trixie's old design was both tomboyish and cute and they should've kept that IMO. Also, why does Rose (the blond girl) get a crop top, kek?

No. 366346

>Finland or Estonia
Sorry but are you joking? Why would you go to the most racist whitest blondest most racially homogenous white places on earth where you’ll stick out like a sore thumb? Not to mention it’s right next to Russia and Putin is supposedly planning another invasion soon.

No. 366348

Samefag, apparently that was just a fan redesign anyway? I thought it was a reboot, lmao. I still don't think it looks great, but now I can't really fathom why people complained enough that she changed it. There are all sorts of fan renditions of well-known characters.

No. 366350

I had a massive crush on a handsome moid coworker from Honduras. He was really good looking, tall for a Latin guy, excellent white teeth, kinda looked like a more caramel color less busted and more healthy Richard Ramirez (without the murders and awful mouth). Of course he acted like I was completely invisible no matter how much I flirted with him and I could sense nothing but vague contempt from him. I saw his gf one day and she was this very pale very skinny ginger white woman with no boobs or ass. It was obvious he was one of those mejorar la raza types who found the whitest person he could find to procreate with. I feel like Hispanics in general are very racist towards black people and aren’t interested in interracial dating unless it’s with a white person. They see us as a downgrade, basically. I’ve found most men I like don’t return the same feelings. This is why I actually just ask guys right off the bat if they like black women now, saves me a lot of trouble.

No. 366351

I would argue there isn’t enough fleshed out tomboy archetypes for black girls. You grow up in an environment where your natural body is reviled but your male counterpart is praised for the same features you posses. You’re encouraged to spend thousands trying to chase an unobtainable ambitious beauty ideal. You’re bombarded with the idea that you have to be extra feminine to compensate for your blackness, like it’s some kind of disease. That’s why level-up/divest/swirl spaces are so toxic and deranged. It’s a losing game and the only way to win is to not participate

No. 366353

Who is raising these kids anyway? Black mothers are already struggling taking care of the kids they have and you whine about quantity?

No. 366355

Pointing out someone is wrong isnt whining about quantity, retard.

No. 366356

Glad you learned your lesson but it’s cringe to just ask a guy that. Much easier to observe and come to your own conclusions

No. 366357

*ambiguous, not ambitious

No. 366359

File: 1702933092925.jpg (60.96 KB, 564x700, onL1RIc.jpg)

that's my thing it was a fan design that she made in her freetime and they bullied her into changing by saying she was colorist for making trixie a tomboy. I thought the og redesign was cute in a 90s Aaliyah way
it's insane, especially when it comes to hair.

No. 366360

Observing a moids dating habits and tastes takes too long. I’m not about to investigate every guy I have a crush on and wait for his gf reveal. I’ve never had a guy have a problem with me asking either, they usually appreciate the directness and are happy to answer.

No. 366361

I don’t Aaliyah was a tomboy it was just trendy to wear baggy clothes in the 90s. Everyone from little kids to grown ass men and women dressed like this.

No. 366367

File: 1702933668245.jpg (42.58 KB, 601x800, GBecbIPWgAAsXdu.jpg)

I agree with you, except that black men aren't praised for having things like big lips, rounded noses, or big hips (obv not all black people have these traits). Dark skin and kinky hair are often masculized or considered "unkempt" in us, but praised on black men, though. I think black women's issue is that we get this doublespeak of being pushed as "masculine" for things like our skin color, while our "feminine" features are either ignored (bc the status quo is to bash us specifically) or made into dehumanizing, hypersexualized spectacles. It genuinely is the kind of thing that often made me want to hide myself growing up, for safety.
I don't exactly consider picrel a tomboy, she just has a natural look and short hair. She's a full-on model and is dating this footballer or something idk

No. 366371

I agree with this, but also, I typically just don't flirt with guys unless they approach me or show interest first.

No. 366384

Look like the obsessed failmale is awake. Report and ignore, nonnas.

No. 366414

idk i talk to a lot of them and none of them cared about race at all (but of course i cant speak for those i havent met, yet which is why naturally im still unsure) and im sick of the high crime in america so i for sure know i want to leave here. i dont care what the reason is that our men commit so much crime, im tired of being around it and living in fear of it, so i figured id just move closer to euro friends. but if you can, can you recommend any other countries that you think would work? again, my goal is literally to just flee america. so im all ears to anything sisters

No. 366427

Some Ethiopians and Somalis do have a high West Eurasian admixture, up to 50% in some tribes
>Pickrell et al. (2014) found that West Eurasian ancestry peaks in the Amhara and Tigrayans at 49% and 50%, respectively.[54] In Pagani, Luca et al. (2012), this non-African component, is estimated to have entered the Horn of Africa roughly ~3,000 years ago and was found to be similar to the populations in the Levant. The paper goes on to say that this coincides with the introduction of Ethio-Semitic languages into the region.[51] Gallego Llorente, M et al. (2015) discovered extensive admixture in Eastern Africa from a population closely related to early Neolithic farmers from the Near-East/Anatolia.[55] López, Saioa et al. (2021) found that when comparing Ethiopians to external populations only, Nilo-Saharan speakers (as well as the Chabu, Dassanech, and Karo) in the southwest shared more recent ancestry with Bantu and Nilotic speakers, while Afro-Asiatic speakers in the northeast shared more recent ancestry with Egyptians and other West Eurasians

However I don’t think anyone except the most insane snowteps and self hating Africans would argue they’re ‘white’ which is a generally meaningless term anyway (even snowteps can’t agree whether ‘white’ means European ancestry even if you have dark eyes and hair, or if white only means blue/green eyes and red or blonde hair but you can still have non white features and overwhelmingly non European ancestry)

East Asians and desi Indians are very weird, they are the biggest worshippers and ass kissers of white people even though white people are incredibly racist towards them and have committed the most atrocities towards them in history. They have an absolutely burning hatred and disgust for black people even though we’ve done nothing to them historically. I will never understand it. The brainwashing and self hate in them runs so deep.

Even though black people are seen as the bottom of the racial totem pole, face the most discrimination and hate of any group, and have been treated as a slave caste by nearly every other race, I never see ANYWHERE near the amount of white worship, self hate or desire to bleach their genes out in black people as I see in Asians, Indians and Hispanics. I actually think we are the least pathetic group like that, which I’m proud of.

No. 366429


I've also been looking into relocating to finland in the future.
I'll be keeping my eyes open for your posts just incase you find something out about the experience.
So far, I've found some videos of women talking about living in finland, though they don't talk very much about experiencing racism.

This is the most recent video I could find (by a woman) that focuses on racism.

I did find some posts that discussed it, I'll see if I can find them again.

No. 366436

I think with those people at 50%, you can usually tell. If it's 30% or less, I still think of them as black and IMO thinking otherwise is a cope (usually one for racists who insist pretty Somali women "have white features!!1", but they'll just turn around and call them black if/when the moids commit crimes in Europe anyway). I took on this outlook when I realized most African-Americans have like 10-30% white ancestry on average, but literally no one claims they're not black over it.

No. 366438

I agree with you nona, just got curious so looked up the wiki then copy pasted the info.

No. 366452

The right wingers want everything to be determined by a single score instead of student being well-rounded. Go ahead. They'll still squeal at the site of a negro in the universities.

Not to mention how many kids kill themselves after a failed entrance exam in East Asia. Imagine wanting to bring that over here, when we have enough standardized tests

Starting to think after black people, white people are the most tolerable group. After the year I've had, I can't stand certain groups of the Asian persuasion(Racebait)

No. 366507

>The right wingers want everything to be determined by a single score instead of student being well-rounded
No they don't kek, if they did more red states would have admissions like the UC ones in California
Personally I'm glad it's gone no more scapegoating black college students and now maybe people can stop obsessing over ivy league schools. We need to start idolizing state/public schools again. Their student population is closer to the average person vs ivy league schools which are just insufferable type As. Saying this as someone who went to an elite school. The only based thing about biden is that he graduated from university of Delaware.

No. 366509

You will experience discrimination as a foreigner anywhere in northern Europe, not necessarily in an unpleasant way, they are just very anxious about foreigners not conforming to local social norms.
I've been living around the Nordics for 6 years. Finland felt the most welcoming and tolerant. In Denmark and Sweden there was a more racist undertone to some situations, but it's very unlikely you'll experience hate crime or even get called a racist slur in the Nordics, especially in any of the major cities. I'm not sure about the Baltics.

No. 366510

this is what makes the somalis arent black discussion so stupid to me! Most black americans have probably more white DNA than the average somali. Are we white now? HELL NO NOR DO I WANT TO BE LOL. Its insane the amount of discussions on tik tok live i see about this. Featurism is a disease.

No. 366512

File: 1702991468569.jpg (118.06 KB, 828x810, 1677967511690957.jpg)

I've been seeing a lot of faux-progressive people on places like Twitter insist "Black women are naturally more masculine. Gender doesn't apply to us and we shouldn't even bother, femininity itself was invented by white people and isn't for us" and it annoys me, because not only is it 100% designed to help racist white trannies cope with their male bodies/existence, it's just not true, and it ignores the history of our treatment, cultural norms and lives both in and outside of the United States. I think some people need to stop mistaking bad treatment with being treated or being seen as a man, because it's often the exact opposite. My skin color will never allow me to escape the aggressively gendered treatment that comes with being 5'3 with a pear-shaped body, wide hips, small waist, prominent lips, a short face, etc. Not even being underweight, refusing makeup or wearing baggy clothes actually hides it. At most, I might be mistaken for a short man or teen boy if I cut my hair, start binding and taking steroids, but none of that is natural to being black, so it kind of defeats the point. Hell, even women with exact opposite of the traits natural to me don't get seen as men. I'd be kind of happy if I could get a taste of male privilege. Instead, I and other women with my phenotype/race just face misogyny and heavy racism at the same time, lmao. Fuck off.

No. 366514

Samefag, but tbf, I've also seen similar takes pushed by certain radfem-leaning types, but it often just reads as one of many attempts to box black women into a specific set of aesthetics, values, and hobbies/common interests for what boils down to political reasons. Yes, hyperfemininity consumerism is bad for all demographics of women. No one should be feeling pressured to spend thousands on makeup, hair, etc, but no one is ~*naturally*~ GNC, tomboyish or at odds with femininity itself because of their race or skin color. That's almost like arguing brunettes are inherently butch because Barbie is blond.

No. 366517

>East and South Asians mindlessly worshipping white people and hating black people
unfortunately that is the logical conclusion of the extreme colorism that has already existed in their cultures for millenia. they're so obsessed with "fair skin good, dark skin bad" that not even actual history matters to them.
>I think some people need to stop mistaking bad treatment with being treated or being seen as a man
unironically I've even seen actual white MRAs try to gain common ground with black women by claiming we don't experience the same "female privilege" that white women do

No. 366520

This also ignores the fact that different cultures at different times have had different standards of masculinity and femininity. Literally no one can be ~*~naturally GNC~*~ because gender is not natural or static in the first place. I have already complained before about how so-called "gender abolitionist radfems" still treat gender performance as an innate trait (I guess they still conflate it with sexual orientation?) but that's for other threads tbh

No. 366525

Arabs are the last and closest cultural descendents of Romans, every imperialistic practice white people had Islam does too but it wasn't reformed. When slavery was abolished internationally Muslims just killed all 18 millions black slaves to guarantee no race mixing.

Now because there's nobody to tell the story they're barely a foot note and nobody knows about this.

Palestinians are not even native to that region, they're imperialistic , they literally had black slaves and treated them so badly American slave owners were appalled by it. The fact people are equating them with the struggle of black and indigenous people is 100% because Muslims are so bad at imperialism they get their ass handed back to them royally.


No. 366543

>Arabs are the last and closest cultural descendents of Romans
That's just not true, ancient Roman culture goes much beyond slavery practices. Vikings, the chinese, the Aztec Empire, Sumeria and so many more ancient cultures had slavery, it was such a common practice in old civilizations. Slavery in muslim countries and even in pre-islamic Arabia is not linked to the Roman Empire.

No. 366546

thank you for this, lately I've been drinking the GNC Kool aid

No. 366548

File: 1703010972089.jpg (311.01 KB, 1080x1062, 1696417801534.jpg)

People will twist reality to pander to white sissy men. Breadtube makes their money on how great ass-kissers they are to "former nazi" philosophy students, fucking twats. I fucking hate trannies and sissies

No. 366550

Males who were born male and socialized male… grow up… to behave like males? And it doesn’t change just because they start wearing lipstick? Color me surprised.

No. 366560

No. 366561

Islam claimed to be a heir of Roman traditions for a long time, slavery was just one piece of it.

"This was the result of Ottoman conquests in the Levant, Arabia and North Africa having turned the empire from a multi-religious state to a state with a clear Muslim majority population, which necessitated a claim to legitimate political power rooted in Islamic rather than Roman tradition."


No. 366562

But I agree that African slavery was a whole different thing unrelated to Roman style slavery.*

I still think people who are defending Muslims know very little about them and are just following the herd.

No. 366567

Islam can claim whatever they want but that won't make things true. I understand that when the Ottoman Empire took over territories that the Romans used to control they felt their ''heir'' in some political way but culturally there's nothing similar between those two empires. Your quote exemplifies it perfctly with the weight of the muslim religion in the conquered land. Romans and Muslims had a very different religious approach to political dominance, for instance Romans didn't care about the natives original religion as long as the Roman Gods had the main altars in the new cities of the conquered territories (Britannia, Gallia, Germania… all of the natives kept their pantheons by simply adding the Roman cult and giving it priority in urban spaces).
>I still think people who are defending Muslims know very little about them and are just following the herd.
I agree. Muslim men in general love telling women of all ethnicities how they think they should behave, it's disgusting. I'll stop sperging about Romans now.

No. 366568

Oh wow you know a lot more than I do, thanks for the info, that makes sense, you're right

No. 366608

I’ve heard a loooooot of poc Americans, especially black people, say they weren’t prepared for how racist Europeans are when they traveled to Europe for vacation.

America might have its own set of problems like police brutality, drug addiction, systemic racism etc, but there’s no way you would be refused service or called the n word by a worker in the US for being black, and even if you were you could sue the fuck outta them.

No. 366609

File: 1703026614579.gif (3.71 MB, 640x640, FBDB82BC-D385-4CC8-AF38-C6112E…)

Idk if it’s because I was raised on the internet or it’s where I live (diverse area), but I don’t understand this whole notion of victimhood a lot of younger black women (in the US) keep going on about today. I’ve faced legit racism in Europe (like denied services + visible disgust from white people) and it seems like a lot of you don’t know how good you have it in the US. Some of y’all should turn off CNN and just say hi to people outside your house. Also, I love my skin color and my heritage but looking back I just never fit in with stereotypical African American girls. I was always looked at funny and called an oreo during grade school. And looking at thread pic I still don’t click with most black women, especially the beauty and dating culture most indulge in—but that could be because I’m a NEET kek. Anyway that’s my experience and black girl problem lol.

No. 366610

A lot of trannies are just nasty racist hateful Chuds who watched too much anime then got porn addicted and transitioned, which is why I will never feel sympathy for the trans community or see them as allies of black women. If you go in any tranny server or a server where trannies are overrepresented (those fanart servers especially) theyre all calling blacks people n*ggers and hating on/making fun of actually vulnerable and oppressed groups, calling people the n word, joking about raping kids, making fun of disabled people etc, no matter how much lipstick a racist pedo white moid wears he will always be a hateful racist pedo white moid at the end of the day and that’s why I never want anything to do with their community.

No. 366611

I heard a native-american chick traveled to a country Europe and straight up got refused service because the restaurant workers thought she was a gypsy. Fuckin' hell.

No. 366612

Sorry fixed a mistake so I had to repost. But yeah! Isn’t wild?

No. 366615

I’m really tired of the gender discussion tbh. Men are men and women are women. Simple as.

No. 366617

On this subject, at what ratio do black nonas consider someone black or white? I heard some people use the one drop rule, some people use blood quantum, some people use appearance, personally I have a problem with all of these methods because they’re flawed. It kind of breaks down the race discussion for me and makes me realize what an illusion it all is.

No. 366622

why would going off appearance not work? someone can have black DNA but pass for nonblack. what's so hard to grasp about that?

No. 366623

honestly I’d still consider someone black if they grew up in some sort of black culture and are more than 1/4. But the one drop rule is stupid, it seems to me as a british person that mixed (black and white) people in the US don’t even consider themselves white.

No. 366625

>grew up in black culture
but people who are not white and grow up in white culture are not seen as white, or for other cultures. why are black people so inclusive at the expense of fully black people?

No. 366626

Because it delegitimizes their ancestry. Is an albino black person white?

No. 366627

File: 1703027925081.gif (1.82 MB, 275x275, 1660048640318.gif)

I wanna know too. I see the standard constantly being changed. Other races can identify who's fully aligned with their group's genetics, yet the standard is very diluted for African-Americans. One minute, biracials count as black people too. Next minute, they don't because "it takes only two fully black parents to make a black child". So if a person has a black parent, and a half black or a part black parent, what would that person be if only two fully black people can make a black child? Then there's idiots who think a black person MUST have some genetic admixture just because they have a lighter skintone. I don't even get it anymore kek

No. 366628

lol that's not the same and you can still tell they're black. this has to be bait

No. 366629

>you can still tell an albino person is black

No. 366631

>at the expense of fully black people
You’ll struggle to find a ‘fully black person’ who is 100% African outside the deepest remotest parts of central Africa. Even many Africans have European admixture from colonialism. By your logic, 99% of African Americans aren’t valid because they’re not ‘fully African’ (25% European on average) that’s just nuts

No. 366632

by this logic there are fully black peoples who wouldn’t be considered black too… I’m fully sub-Saharan African but can pass for another race to people who are unfamiliar with different kinds of black faces. why would race be just appearance? It’s a combination of things.

No. 366633

I dislike blood quantum because it was historically used to erase people’s cultures and forcibly assimilate them to white colonial American/European culture and dehumanize people with more non white ancestry (they did this a lot with native Americans, Greenlanders and black slaves)

No. 366638

Finland and Sweden tried to culturally and physically genocide Sami people, Torné Finns and Laestadians (who are mostly white passing anyway) and forcibly sterilized indigenous women to cull their population, I can’t imagine what they would have done to black people at the same time if given the freedom to.

No. 366639

OK I concede some of my point there but still consider - why are so many more people allowed to be considered black when they're less than half black? you don't see Sasha and Malia Obama being considered black or accepted into white culture.

No. 366640

Thanks a lot nona! Yeah I found a video of a black guy talking about his experiences, but I figured there would likely be a difference between how black men and black women are treated, so this helps a lot actually. I should be flying there either this coming summer or the next, either way I can report back after spending enough time to have a good weighed opinion too. Thank you again
Understood. That's great to hear though. I guess one of the huge differences between somewhere like that and USA is that as a black woman as some of the other nonnas have stated, there's this expectation that we're supposed to be loud and in peoples faces, and that if we're quiet, we're treated really weirdly. I for sure have experienced that too. So I guess part of it is wanting to be somewhere where being quiet is the norm, and I think they like quiet people there so that's what attracts me. I can take a slur here or there, I already hear them here in USA as it is anyway. I already see blatantly racist nazi sign graffiti here in my hometown. Only difference is here I can be shot vs there probably not.
Most of the time I hear these stories though, they come from places that I think we should all know already openly hate our guts, like Italy, or France, or stuff. Which I guess to be fair, are huge tourist attractions which is what makes them want to visit to begin with. but even stuff like South Korea. They make a point to show how loathed we are there all the time, yet a lot of us still travel there anyway. I remember one black girl that said an old man came up and hawked a loogie on her and told her to go back to africa or something, but you'll still see excitement from others about still going and staying anyway which is so weird

No. 366650

That’s why I don’t believe in things such as the “black community.” We’re all so different.

No. 366654

based, pisses me off whenever i see retards on places like twitter try to call out the black community like there will be a response from everyone and the "problem with the community" will just be fixed somehow.

No. 366655

being considered white*

No. 366657

very true. Especially when you're a sperg you're generally not accepted into the "black community"

No. 366660

You are so right! We are pretty diverse when you think about it, in terms of our mother tongues, religons, cultures and even our appearance. Like for example, in London when i am about to hear a black person speak, you have no idea what accent will come out of them a lot of the times. We may have our little diaspora wars online, but it's always been the most fun thing learning about our differences.

No. 366664

It only makes sense in America, where they identify as black and have their own history.

Of course, you are a Caribbean or African, you are not going to conform with American rules. You have a different starting point compared to African-Americans

No. 366666

ntayrt but when these discussions happen on the internet it’s always ‘black people’, black community’ when what they mean is “african-americans”, as if this is the default black person and everyone on the internet is american. I still feel like lumping all black americans in with each other is faulty and no one says ‘the asian/white/native american community’. both people who are black and people that are non-black almost behave as though we’re a monolith and that’s a problem.

No. 366669

something ive noticed as well. in USA every time there is some sort of form, there's different types of asian, and different types of other races, but then for black people its always "black/african" or even worse "african-american" they always assume no matter what we're african. people have tried to talk about this, but then the african americans got all indignant and uppity saying "well even if youre caribbean, you're still ultimately african!" ok? the very first traces of human life are african, so then everyone originates from africa. thats not the point? the point is some of us are from entirely different countries and have our own language and cultures. will never understand why asians get to be seperated by korean, chinese, japanese-but you get to black people and its "youre all african, shut up. stop thinking youre different and special, your culture doesnt matter, youre african"

No. 366676

All African Americans whose ancestors have been in the US for at least a couple hundred years basically came from a similar place in Africa and went through an extremely similar traumatic experience that shaped them. African Americans have more in common with each other than not. Black people in America went through slavery and Jim Crow as a group and came out of it as a group. This is an English speaking American site with mostly American and British users and most of the black users will be African Americans or Afro Caribbean Brits whose ancestors came to the west through slavery. So of course African Americans/Afro Caribbeans are going to be the main groups talked about and sharing their experiences. There’s room for everyone and no reason to tell African Americans to shut up.

No. 366677

White hands typed this.

No. 366678

Not sure what you’re talking about, in America people refer to the ‘Asian community’ and ‘Latino community’ all the time.

No. 366679

haitian actually. i don't think it's unfair to wish there was an option/mention for haitian-american or whatever other type, if there's happily options/mentions for korean-american and their other types. i just think it should be more balanced is all. if we can acknowledge that not all asian people speak chinese, we can acknowledge that not all black people speak african
no, i said that i meant when it comes to filling out forms and things. i just think its lame that the other races get their breakdowns but we're always just under one same umbrella. i dont know if its just an in-state thing and maybe for you its not there, but here when it comes to documentation, we're documented as african. which is shitty. its just as shitty as a korean having to document themselves as chinese

No. 366687

Just wanna say I hate Amerikkka with every fibre of my being and can’t wait until that disgusting shitty hideous racist empire that was built on the backs of black people falls and crumbles into dust forever.

No. 366688

alright. but honestly even if it’s just semantics it’d be nice if americans specified that they’re talking about black americans, and they’re not speaking on black people across the globe. I am british myself.

either way I still think referring to ‘the black community’ is unhelpful not only because you are specifically talking about americans, but also because viewing racial groups as a single entity can lead to problems.

No. 366707

Honestly this all sounds like jealousy and hatred for America. WHich i get hate america it is a very self centered place. But you are literally on an american imageboard and are probably using American Apps so of course the black american experience will be centered. We also just speak out against injustice more while yes we have the biggest platform by being americans. We also just are not in denial about still being oppressed. So many black brits etc genuinely cosign the bullshit belief that Europe is less racist than america. Even though there are places where africans get treated like subhumans to this day there. Its just annoying because I always see discord on TikTok of black people living outside of America having the MOST smoke for us African Americans. And 9/10 they are upset that we call out our oppressors instead of trying to be besties with people who are actively subjugating us Like a LOT of Caribbean, european, and even african black people do. Its insane how the community only comes together when its time to put black americans in their place. YOu dont understand how depressed I was when I saw online jamaicans and africans yelling at black americans for saying nonblacks getting braids is cultural appropriation. Instead of listening to us to understand the vast majority SIDED with white people. And guess what its US black americans who have to deal with the racists with box braids cuz YALL put the battery in their back. Focus on why the black community only has ire for Black Americans and then il listen to your other complaints.

No. 366709

Personally i dont think its shitty. And if you are haitian american you can easily fill out Hispanic if you want to be othered from Africans so bad lol. Literally no one is stopping you from doing that.Also it doesnt matter if they added every African and Caribbean country they are all umbrella terms for BLACK. Same for koreans, chinese, in america they are lumped in as ASIAN as soon as they tick off a box.

No. 366710

one more thing you should be glad they dont have even more categories to fill out because i can assure you Haitians will get the short end of the stick.

No. 366714

You couldn't be more wrong.
>American imageboard/app
American made or owned imageboard and apps that all provide and sell their services internationally.

People are just annoyed with the American-centric behaviour online, that's all.

No. 366715

Center yourself then its not hard to do. Talk about your nuanced experiences and assume everyone is from wherever you are from. And if they arent they will let it be known and move accordingly. Its not that deep.

No. 366718

NTA but it's not even a race thing. Americans always assume everyone on the internet is American, kek. I've seen Europeans complain the most about it.

No. 366721

its literally not its a nationality thing tbh. Americans just naturally center ourselves but also the world has been groomed to naturally center us too. but thats not black americans issue lol thats their country's government's issue lol.

Anyway I wish in the next thread the title can be changed to For Black Girls or something instead of black girl problems i feel like we have enough spaces for self loathing the black woman experience i feel like titling this "problems" just brings negative topics naturally.

No. 366724

Yeah, I thought it was weird and suspicious this thread was made so early when the other thread wasn't full yet. it should just be called "Black Girl General"

No. 366745

Why do people act like the US is the worst place for black people?

Do people have no fµck!ng perspective?

America is the best best place for Native Black Americans and Black Immigrants.

No. 366749

If the US is so racist and so bad for blacks, then someone please explain to me why blacks and POC from all over the world are breaking their necks doing double flips, selling their first born son, swimming in sharks infested waters, going through jungles in Latin America, jumping over barbed wires, paying coyotes an arm and a leg, just to set foot in this land and beg to be allowed to stay??

I'd love to live in the US. I don't get the "Amerikkka" folks at all.

America is racist, but name a non racist country where Black people can live freely…..and live a 1st world lifestyle?? A few countries in the Caribbean maybe.

No. 366750

same with the uk, but more so brown people

No. 366752

Most Racist Countries in the World (WaPo and BT results combined)*:​
South Africa
South Korea
*Full survey results below

Why are black people expected to be jumping hoops to lend legitimacy to Palestinians again?

No. 366753

> we have enough spaces for self loathing the black woman
use LSA for that, why do we have to segregate here for different races, so stupid. why don't we have an asian girl problems thread then?

No. 366754

> South Korea
seeing black/brown and even white koreaboos who think moving there for a cute Kpop looking boy are so blissfully ignorant that the country is racist. why should they have to accommodate for other races anyway

No. 366755

Arabs are crazy racist. I laugh when Black people stay saying “Free Palestine”. These same people would call you a monkey unless you’re giving them money.

No. 366756

exactly kek it is really sad

No. 366761

No, America IS pretty racist and there's abundant evidence for that. The reason why black people outside of the US want to go there so badly is because every other country is either just as bad or even worse (mostly worse), and chances are they're moving from a country that's so shitty that it makes America look perfect.

No. 366762

why is there so much shit flinging all of a sudden that people who live in certain places don't have it bad? we all have issues let's not make it a contest please.

No. 366766

Hi nonnies, I am white and would like some insight: is digital blackface a thing? And is it a problem? By this I mean using reaction gifs or images with black people in them or using memes w the n word in them. I have seen this be a problem in a lot of online spaces but I wanted your guys' opinion on this, and not Twitter kek.

No. 366771

It's not real. We don't care.

No. 366778

ive never heard of such a thing. i dont think it matters really. nonissue.
they just have it much worse, nonnie. they get reallly bad harassment, while america you still get harassment, itll just be much more sparsely. what adds onto the anxiety though is that someone might get mad enough to kill you here too-and thats beyond race at times. it could be because some white person felt threatened by you, or it could be because some white person had a bad day and decided to let loose into a crowd. it could be a black man whos advances you rejected, or it could be a black man who was on a crime spree and came to hit you next. also all our food here is poison and we have much higher maternity deaths than white women. so its a few things that someone whos escaping what theyre going through might not even know yet, or they know and it still seems better than what theyre dealing with which is absolutely plausible.
yeah seeing that made me wonder, why on earth do so many of us co-opt struggles of people who've shown to never do the same?? everyone always has to puff out their chests and virtue signal as hard as they can meanwhile those people hate our guts either way

No. 366782

File: 1703099992762.jpeg (570.94 KB, 828x1440, IMG_4121.jpeg)

I think it’s real, but massively overblown in how severe it is. Conner Weissmann exclusively using NBA reaction images on Twitter, or Brandon McBayArea slipping in a “finna” here and there are non-issues. Digital Blackface is only a concerning when it’s freaky skin-walker shit like picrel. Even then, there are bigger social/cultural fish to fry.

No. 366804

>why don't we have an asian girl problems thread then?
They can start one. I don't think anyone will stop them. MENA anons have their own general, and IIRC they've talked about race without issue. Different Euro anons (English-speaking and not) have their own threads to discuss their culture and whatever else they want, too. Why is it suddenly "segregation" and a problem when we have one? I'm not going to go to LSA, and it's for the same reasons a white anon might not go to Tattle Life or the Daily Mail comment section. Figure it out.

No. 366806

Non black people frequently using black reaction images/gifs makes me very uncomfortable. Like black people don’t exist to be your personal jesters. There’s a racist undertone to it like they’re laughing at black people not with them and I don’t like it. It’s very passive aggressive and feels like blackface/minstrel show.

No. 366807

The ‘Asian girl problems’ thread will be filled up with white moids LARPing as Asian women just like this thread is already full of white moids LARPing as black women.

No. 366808

Oh look the Zionist moid is back and poisoning the well again.

No. 366816

It's not really that deep IMO. Black reaction images typically come from comedy skits and TV shows that weren't (usually) made under some sort of racial duress, so I don't get minstrel vibes. It's weird if the person is racist because it suggests a level of self-identification, but I've noticed racists in general are strangely obsessed with black music, slang, simp for Kanye West, etc. I don't know if it just comes with having black people live rent-free in their minds, or if they just lack anything creative or fun in their own "club" and know it. Probably both.

No. 366821

honestly, i feel like this is an issue that happens every single time any black space is ever made for any reason. theres always an immediate backlash from asians asking where their own stuff is. they will sit there and watch us create a space, and then ask us when we're going to make a space for them too, like we're their parents or something despite them openly hating our guts. ive always wondered, is it because they simply lack initiative, or do they see us as somehow being more powerful than them?
i guess i can see where you're coming from. if its a lot of usage to the point where it seems like theyre intentionally picking black reaction gifs (specifically if its super sassy ones) over and over again, then ok i agree too that its a little weird. but i personally think that if its just like, someone using all races, but then some happen to be black people, then that should be fine really.

No. 366870

are you arab? just curious, since you come up whenever we mention arab racism and slavery?

No. 366883

Oh, you thought that was an argument? I was affirming a fact, they do call you monkey in public with support.


And if you think I'm being islamophobic you haven't seen half of me. As an ex Muslim I can confirm that islam is barbaric. Muhammad is a pedo and he was a deranged epileptic. Y'all worshipping that man's delusions. There's literal Hadiths of him cheating, effing multiple women in one night without washing in between. Sahih Hadiths prove he was suffering from seizures and spouting bs after each one. Majority of Quran verses were conveniently revealed to appease his wants, Aisha even takes notice of this and comments on it. xes slaves and slaves are permitted ( via convenient revelation).

I was indoctrinated into that vile religion and I'm disgusted I followed for so long. And the religion itself is anti black asf. Do actual research. Set aside your fanaticism for pedo Muhammad and look at the texts objectively.

No. 366884

ntayrt but I think this is a slippery slope. There are Asians who use this logic to justify their hatred for black people.

No. 366890

File: 1703138695575.mp4 (9.25 MB, 576x1024, 1000002408.mp4)

Why does it bother me so much that she did a grand entrance just to tell us shit we've been knew.

And if I didn't like natural hairstyles that Cynthia-do definitely wouldn't make me

No. 366892

some people act like having 4c is a disability or something.

No. 366893

right. The way people talk about 4c hair has always made me feel like I’m being gaslit or something.

No. 366894

I use Luster's curl activator on my hair and it locks my coils and leaves my hair super moisturized. It makes the hair very manageable when you just want to wash and go. The con is that it can leave a sticky residue but it's a small price to pay.

No. 366896

Samefag The most annoying part about this is that she's using her experience as a content creator to make a statement about 4c hair as a whole. Idk it just feels a little manipulative to evoke that pain because your tik tok's not blowing up. I've had a racist white mood compare my hair to wool but I've also had white people compliment my hair. I've had black girls call my hair nappy but the majority have also complimented my hair. In this age of young women being chronically online I wish these clout chasers would take some responsibility for the messages they send out. What exactly is a young black girl supposed to even take away from this whiny ass video? That her hair is ugly? He hair is a detriment to her success? All because miss I-think-a-scrunchie-over-one-jumbo-twist-is-creative is mad that Becky won't watch her videos because that's what this is really about

No. 366898

There's no way you're black saying this

No. 366899

I agree and feel the same. Social media broke people. I think it broke like 5% of people because irl people never act like this but they're a loud 5%.

No. 366900

It really is. Chronically online leading the chronically online and the normal black girls are posting their cute videos and leaving so then we only have these types talking about stuff

No. 366902

In what? having an honest conversation on Islam and how Arab-on-Black racism shaped the continent's history? How they were more successful than the Europeans in colonizing us? In how many Africans they kill every year due to the harsh and vile kafala system, directly connected to the religion? It's so frustrating to be told over and over again on I and many other exmuslims can't speak on real history without some out-of-touch, anti-intellectual liberal telling me to shut up.

No. 366903

women like her need to take her self-hatred and throw it into a diary and therapy sessions

No. 366906

Sorry if I sounded like I was invalidating your experiences / argument. What you’re saying makes sense. But should people only be able to show compassion if it’s returned? I’m still going to be against genocide.

No. 366909

File: 1703143759952.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1619, 1000002417.png)

No one told you to shut up. We're just well aware of the fact that this is an anonymous sight so any ole Zionist can just use arab racism to manipulate us. But yes I agree arab racism is also wrong but I've never heard black people really not acknowledge.

Also me having to see this is my black girl problem #134. Box braids just don't look good on them

No. 366912

I never denied it's wrong. I simply take issue with the censorship and dismissal of such non-western racism from western women because it doesn't fit neatly into their narratives.

Also I don't really care about box braids

No. 366914

Yeah my unpopular opinion is idgaf about white women do to their hair so long as they’re not using it to mock us or perpetuate stereotypes. That discussion has always been something I’ve never understood. I think it would be better if there was less cultural gatekeeping eg I’ve seen people on TikTok get mad at non-EA women wearing kimonos or cheongsams. It’s very bizarre to me and feels like going backwards more than anything.

No. 366921

It’s the idea of having one of the few things unique to your group being appropriated. The index that white girls are the default girls and already have the whole spectrum of acceptable fashions and aesthetics.

I don’t agree with the idea but I strongly believe it revolves around the fear of losing out on (black) male attention

No. 366927

File: 1703151191985.jpg (75.42 KB, 736x1308, 19247c05d9e7fbf3c4a71058cc62dd…)

I agree with you. On the flip side, I notice there's a lot of hostility aimed at black women with blond hair. What's driving that? Other non-white groups wear their hair blond sometimes, but I've literally only seen people mald at black women for it.

No. 366952

Gatekeepers are the worst. Asian girls seem to get super mad when black girls wear kimono or cheongsam but they’re passive aggressive towards us because they’re scared of us and need to ride on our oppression coattails lol. They’re really openly aggressive towards white women who do it tho. It’s very strange. Personally I don’t give a fuck who wears braids or locs or outfits. Imagine trying to gatekeep a hairstyle or a piece of cloth ffs.

No. 366954

Blonde hair on black women can be stunning but this color ain’t it. Too old fashioned brassy blonde and the cut and style is a kind of middle aged style.

No. 366955

>> 366427 This may ruffle some feathers but I can’t help but chuckle when other black people proclaim we’re less white worshipping/white loving then other races. Our people literally sold each other into slavery to white people, and see lighter skin, more European features, and looser hair textures as more desirable. Black men heavily desire women with these features and black women mimick women with these features. I have witnessed so many white worshipping behaviors online and irl from black people it’s comical how you guys think we’re better than other POC in this (racebaiting)

No. 366961

white hands typed this

No. 366962

>Our people literally sold each other into slavery to white people
This wasn't because they worshiped them for being white, but because they wanted money and were already enslaving people in wars.
>and see lighter skin, more European features, and looser hair textures as more desirable
And this is because of hegemonic influence from colonization, slavery, the one drop rule, sanctions against black hair, etc. I'm not saying other races never had any influence to make them that way, but black people do seem to have faced an intense level of it, and are also the ones who've been bucking the hardest against it with things like the "black is beautiful" and natural hair movements both historically and at present. For better or worse, it always seems to be black people at the forefront of all the race politics, and other groups kind of slowly follow along (or just straight-up copy with no sense of reciprocity) to get their own sort of liberation.
That said, you're still right that there are a lot of white worshipers, but at least you can count on other black people to call them out around half the time. I can't really say the same when I see Indian moids bash women of their own race for being dark-skinned, and all the replies are a bunch of other Indian moids agreeing, or when I think about the Hispanic "mejorar la raza" mindset that many of them still believe in.

No. 366963

This. Afaik. Black Americans actually marry outside their race the least, too. Despite being steeped in horrible remnants of colonialism and forced to hate themselves for centuries, blacks people love black people the most.

No. 366964

I suspected the same thing, but didn't want to assume, kek. Suspicious and weirdly hostile wording.

No. 366991

>But should people only be able to show compassion if it’s returned?

Yes? I'm not caring about people who want me dead in more than one way. Is this too much? I'm extremely compassionate, I always try to see where people come from, but wanting me dead is a line I'm not willing to cross.

If you want me dead I'm not supporting your imperialism biting you in the ass. Palestinians are not native to Jerusalem, if the indigenous want it's land back and are better at getting it so be it.

They're one of the most historically anti black mysoginistic lesbiphobic societies on Earth. The comparisons people make with black civil rights and Palestine also makes no sense, Black Panthers were at the historical forefront of supporting sexual freedom, female rights, homosexual rights, they were intersectional and compassionate to a fault. We are not some imperialist band that got their ass whipped from religious delusions.

The average arab from that region wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.

I’m staying out of it. Already certain sjws have tried to pressure me into speaking against Israel and when I refused, they act shocked. I’m not people’s * or work horse.

I only think of the African maids and house help continuously abused in the Middle East. Maybe someone will fight for them someday.

No. 366994

Notice the Arab community is quiet about what Sudanese Arabs are doing to the Africans there but suddenly they are champions for human rights when it comes to Palestine?

No ma’am.

No. 366999

I like it, I'm into alt and classic/vintage styles so it reminds me of that.

No. 367001


EXACTLY! What has Sudan gained from this alliance but decades of civil war? When Sudan sent aid to the Palestinians, they were sanctioned by the West and the average person suffered financially for that. And then you have educated BW her in America shooting themselves in the foot for people who are vocal in their disgust for black people. And I feel like I've hit my limit for being harassed into any new social justice projects

No. 367002

I honestly think they look ugly with it. They never pull it off and I'm not gonna go into a while historical thing about it

No. 367003

I feel bad for the children, black people and animals stuck in Palestine right now. I think Israel is most in the wrong, but I'm not really taking either side because both hate black people and have shown it many times. I'm more concerned with Congo and Sudan (as you said). We can try to help others when they start doing the same for us.

No. 367008

They don't actually care. It's just a gotcha. Kind of when moids bring up how women can be abusive too only the blonde hair argument is dumber. Blonde hair and straight hair isn't specific to any culture or race. Also the idea of seeing a bunch of white girls with box braids makes me gag, they legit look weird with it on

No. 367016

Palestine had their own BLM protests, there's actually a long history between Palestinians and black rights activists. Can't say the same for lilly white most special of special victims of hate Israelis.

I wouldn't engage with that anon because they clearly have an agenda.

No. 367025

>How they were more successful than the Europeans in colonizing us
Africans have been Muslims for the longest time, I'm not a Muslim but it makes sense for an African person to be Muslim than any other religion. I couldn't imagine caring about how Arabs view black people when most of them are fleeing their countries on boats
>historically anti black mysoginistic lesbiphobic societies on Earth
Are you okay?

No. 367031

>Africans have been Muslims for the longest time, I'm not a Muslim but it makes sense for an African person to be Muslim than any other religion.
NTA, but not by will. It's the same with Christianity, but even worse because Islam is much more repressive, woman-hating and bloody. Even Arabs suffer under it.
The west recgonizes racism as wrong. Arab countries are still busy selling African women and children as slaves, and their incels love bashing black Arab women. Even as their people are trying to flee to Europe on boats and living as refugees, they still somehow make time to abuse others. It's a level of hatred and inhumanity I'll never understand. Of course I still see Arab people I meet as individuals who deserve a chance, but I'll never defend or stick my neck out for their culture or religion. It's done too much damage, with absolutely no amends or olive branches extended. Before anyone mistakes me for the Zionist scrote, I also don't support Israel after witnessing their racism multiple times, watching how certain Ashkenazi people move in the US, seeing how they talk about "goyim" and "schwartzes" and learning about them sterilizing black Jewish women. It's all just such nasty business.

No. 367033

You're right. I don't know why anons are calling you a moid, you're literally just right. The Arab slave trading of Africans (especially women and children) was such an atrocious section in history, it tortured and killed more people than the American enslavement of Africans by multiple times the amount. It also carried for way longer. The fact that it's still even happening over there just goes to show how sickening Arabic nations are for black people. Arabs just never mention it, and USA schools never bring it up because both the USA and Arabic nations took on a long, obsessive habit with just wanting to use and destroy black people; and one of the ways you take power away from a group is by cutting their knowledge.

No. 367038

blonde hair is a genetic adaption to the European environment, and those with European ancestry still have blonde hair into adulthood so I would say it's exclusive to them

No. 367039

as do you, just because some Arabs spray painted a portrait of a known criminal into their walls doesn't mean I must support them.

No. 367041

Melanesians and Australian Aboriginals have blond hair too, as do albinos of all races. It's definitely most common to Europeans, but not exclusive.

No. 367046

It was by will, stop the historical revisionism kek.
both groups mentioned have European genes iirc

No. 367047

nta, but it’s been established their gene for blonde hair evolved separately. Not to mention for all we know the black women wearing blonde hair could be mixed and I’ve definitely seen mixed people who are blonde or ginger. How is that “wanting to be European” if they’re already part European?

No. 367051

thank you for your post. It's the external pressure of other people wanting to push you towards a certain side, without regard of either history that frustrates me so much

No. 367052

Okay, you're definitely an Arab, or at least not black kek. I'm sure you can ignore the historical and ongoing slave trade because it's not you or your people, but at least don't demand we go along with you. I'm tired of others haming us and getting mad when we won't deny it to uplift their causes, the entitlement is disgusting.

No. 367053

Also the aborigines evolved from the group that first left Africa and thus has the least amount of genes in common, despite similarly adapted traits like curly hair and dark skin

No. 367054

I have donated to organizations helping women and children in Palestine, Sudan and Congo. It just makes me sad to see people suffering over political conflicts.

No. 367059

File: 1703187133722.jpg (95.23 KB, 486x679, F5ARiw1XsAAX4l4.jpg)

What are some black woman focused blogs you read? I read these two:


these two are more femininity focused but I think their insights on some topics is interesting. If you have more to recommend with differing perspectives, please share

No. 367061

Not everyone who disagrees with you is Arab or non-black, my people have never been Muslims and never will be so don't try to assume I'm a Muslim who wishes to be Arab next kek. Go cope harder on murtad reddit
coloured wigs look tacky ngl

No. 367062

Wtf is murtard? It's so obvious you're not black and don't belong here, go back to whatever reddit community you're sperging about. No sane woman is pro-Islam.

No. 367069

Learn how to read

No. 367071

File: 1703189428867.jpg (29.64 KB, 680x428, F7-z1ZjWMAAyu3j.jpg)

>murtad reddit

Angry Arab Alert, leave black women alone! Slavery is illegal and we will not mule for you on the internet!

No. 367081

Blonde hair doesn’t serve any purpose nor does it aid survival in any particular environment. Even some Neanderthals had blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 367083

>The west recgonizes racism as wrong
Only superficially. The average white person is much more racist in their personal life than MENA people.

No. 367084

no, the average white person doesn't think that hard about racism and most white liberals self-flagellate to thew point of insanity and cringe. Arabs have no problems raping and killing their Ethiopian maids

No. 367086

>The average white person is much more racist in their personal life than MENA people.
I really, really just do not fucking believe that. What you said reminds me of when fags on Twitter whine about their 1st world country being "super evul" just because they got mildly bullied in middle school. Nah. As terrible as America can be to black people, it is objectively nothing compared to how MENA will treat you. Even if MENA wasn't super racist to black people, we're still black women and MENA fucking hates women KEKKKK

No. 367087

Jews and Arab Jews ran most of the western and MENA slave trades. There are ancient Chinese records from the silk roads thousands of years ago talking of Jews trading Chinese and African slaves. Jews had posts in Samarkhand and Bukhara where they traded slaves from Africa, Asia and Russia. Same with the Radhanites who traded slaves across Eurasia and the Middle East. Sorry but this is established fact. Their trade was being merchants after all.

No. 367088

That picture is so true kekkk

No. 367090

File: 1703192212387.jpeg (351.55 KB, 1379x520, B416A4BF-08D1-4B30-A7D1-602099…)

Black professors and scholars who’ve actually researched the slave trade already know about this. Malcolm X talked about it.

No. 367091

yes because knowing words in another language makes me arab kek
Watch them deny this and call you an antisemitic arab moid

No. 367092

Nothing in my post says anything defending or attacking Jews, what are you talking about?

No. 367096

Go back

No. 367097

Also, the anti Jewish Spanish Inquisition happened in 1492, same year Columbus set sail for the New World. Christopher Columbus and his men transported the first Africans to the Americas in the late 1490s on his expeditions to the island of Hispaniola, now Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Many Jewish merchants escaped the Spanish Inquisition by changing their names and hopping on the boats set for the new world. They ended up trading in tobacco, cotton, and yes black slaves. In fact, 1/4 of Hispanics and many African Americans have Jewish dna from how much raping Jewish men did in the Americas.

No. 367098

File: 1703192744385.png (81.27 KB, 275x206, 1698689912857.png)

I once had a friend that said jews were fairly responsible for the pain and enslavement of Africans across the world. I was a fucking retard, and assumed she was "antisemitic". But over time, the more I learned and realized that she was 100% right and not "antisemetic" at all, the more I hated myself for drifting away from her. She was telling me the truth, but my dumb ass wanted to be all goodie-goodie and PC. I'm sorry, Canadian girl, you were right about everything.

No. 367101

Should there be a white girl problems now that there’s an asian girl problems?
it’s not bait y’all, I just wanna see if we’re egalitarian

No. 367102

No. 367103

File: 1703193523671.jpeg (958.92 KB, 1416x1840, 9ABE88A3-92E5-4A14-8319-0D0485…)

Even the Jerusalem Post talks about this. Many conquistadors, slave owners and slave merchants were Portuguese, Italian and Spanish Jews who set sail for the new world. Notice how the article pretends they were just harmlessly seeking asylum in America, but glosses over how 1/4 of Hispanics manage to carry their dna. Obviously it was through rape, which conquistadors were well known for.

No. 367109

Go back to twitter, you have the reading comprehension of an 8 year old

No. 367112

Yes but make it "White Girl General" instead

No. 367113

>raging at a two-letter post
You're talking about yourself, kek. No1curr, leave.

No. 367116

File: 1703195503870.png (24.16 KB, 500x350, tumblr_oulp4fgfMq1r04qsho1_500…)

go right ahead

all anyone wants to do is whine about the I?P conflict anyway

No. 367117

File: 1703195803427.jpg (41.45 KB, 480x360, CXxKh0sWkAARgI9.jpg)


Imagine wanting to waste the afternoon on lolcow and coming to this thread to see idiots whining about the evil Jews and evil Arabs. Thanks a lot assholes, for ruining another thread

No. 367119

File: 1703196155571.gif (289.57 KB, 200x158, FB9B66D0-9CA4-4794-9DBA-EFA6A9…)

They’re just relevant topics, chill mah sistah.

No. 367121

that's just the rest of the site kek

No. 367122

No. 367124

That's what I thought about the Burger thread in /ot/ that was created after several international threads kek

No. 367127

I read OTN. I agree with a lot of what she says but I also don’t agree that finding a rich old man is necessary. She has a point about maximizing our visual appeal through “blackness” though. Made me consider wearing my natural hair as an Afro, and getting a curly cut.

No. 367130

Who killed Malcolm X girl(bait)

No. 367134

Yeah, how dare random black users on an imageboard talk about whatever the fuck they want.

No. 367136

The CIA.

No. 367137

How do you think black people got to the US? Osmosis?

No. 367138

File: 1703199089005.png (339.72 KB, 500x507, 72424070-797B-4105-87CF-02EED6…)

The online reaction to the Jonathan Majors case is insightful in that it highlights a long standing value within the black community: racial loyalty. There are thousands of comments on Twitter and the wider internet on how Majors shouldn’t have gotten with a white woman (Grace Jabbari) at all, implying a black woman would have kept her mouth shut on the abuse. Not only is this an insanely sexist take, that takes accountability from Majors and places it on the woman who (correctly) called the cops and went to court over this.

It’s a sad reminder of how men see us, how insidious patriarchy is and how the failed activism of BLM has only entrenched this sick ideal.

No. 367139

It’s sad how black women haven’t gotten to the most basic step of feminism which is to stop caping for men.

No. 367140

>black woman doesn't cape for men
>"wahhh bitter black bitch ur just jealous anyway lol "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" stereotype omg you're just like incels why can't you be nice like white women everyone hates you fucking feminist"
>black woman capes for men
>"wow this clearly represents all black women ever wow black women are the biggest pickmes omg black women can't even get to the first step of feminism"

No. 367143

Don’t get it. How is Majors in the wrong if he’s the victim? His girl has been arrested. I also don’t believe anyone thinks black women would shut up about abuse. Both black and white women like to put things on blast especially the trashy kinds of women who try to pregnancy trap professional athletes, and let’s be honest, many of these guys are literally bordering on retarded IQ.

No. 367159

No, it was Muslims

No. 367161

Farrakhan assumed the murder and called him a traitor, it was not the CIA (unless the CIA convinced Malcolm to denounce Islam)

No. 367167

NOI was heavily infiltrated by feds.

No. 367168

Any other ENTPs here? I've never met another one.

No. 367173

They believed in an even more retarded version of Islamic creation myth, anyway.

No. 367184

I feel like it's a bunch of anons throwing their wild takes on here to judge all black people based on our responses. Why even ask this as if we're the ones who have to give them permission

No. 367201

File: 1703221737670.jpg (39.1 KB, 404x303, F-B_bTEWAAIcTPD.jpg)

>throwing their wild takes on here to judge all black people based on our responses.
That's exactly what it is. How wild is it that this site has so many women who hate being reduced to stereotypes or flat concepts, but somehow, a lot of them refuse to pay women of other races the same respect? I can't tell whether those types are low-empathy, or just not smart, but I wish we could all just be seen as individuals.
Only sort of related, but I've been in different online communities before and randomly gotten accused of being white or Asian (I never mentioned my race prior). I usually didn't bother correcting them (because it doesn't matter on the internet), but the few times I said I was black, they just called me a liar. It's happened often enough that I think a frightening number of people are too dumb to understand that people outside of their own in-group(s) aren't just walking stereotypes.

No. 367204

One of the things I liked about old internet culture was the fact that there wasn't this need to expose yourself in order to qualify your reasoning on some topics. It's not just a lack of privacy but a regression in the culture to be so tightly defined by your race

No. 367223

>I think a frightening number of people are too dumb to understand that people outside of their own in-group(s) aren't just walking stereotypes.
I experienced what you're talking about, and it's always annoying and tired. "Why do you sound white?". Like, I have this voice because I'm a military brat, you nosey dumbfucks. Why do people still think sounding a certain way have to be exclusive to a race??? fuck, it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but when you've been asked that question for virtually your whole life, it gets very old.

No. 367231

File: 1703237303203.jpg (82.89 KB, 700x467, ezgif-2-64dd289b49.jpg)

I'm not against interracial relationships, but I've always resented the idea that it make you a morally superior person."Our love breaks boundaries! It's so forbidden!"

Also is it just me or is WMBF more likely to involve large age gaps?

No. 367240

Not black but I wanted to ask how many of you were told that they were trying too hard to "act" white for being yourselves? I've been told this for a long time, and my black friends were told that too very often, and I can only assume it's because we're weebs who don't fit into stereotypes whether it was about hobbies, fashion, our accents, the fact that we were good students, etc. and I always thought it was such a weird thing to say.

No. 367244

ive never been told that

No. 367246


I was but then I saw the denominators in people like that were that they were either insecure because they fit a lot of stereotypes or they were one of those twitter fag militant types who didn't fit the stereotypes themselves. The average black people just saw me for what I was, a nerd

No. 367251

I don't think it's morally superior either. I do admire older generations who still got together when there was a stigma because to me that must've meant they really loved each other. I think age gap relationships are always gonna be more common when it's men from other races dating us only because that's how it is for women in general. But I was watching a reaction to 90 day fiance and this girl said when she went to Africa she saw a bunch of old fat white women with young African men and old fat white men with young African women. One of the men even walked with their white partner to the ATM kek

No. 367317

File: 1703272590158.jpg (68.44 KB, 680x558, GBqEJnoXYAAoIb-.jpg)

Where is the shame?

No. 367321

this trend is so embarrassing

No. 367327

I'm not saying that YouTuber is doing this, but in general, it's weird how there are so many black women who get almost upset at other black women for dating white men, and try to undercut them as a whole by mocking things like their hair/wigs, makeup, etc. Like why does it matter, why all the pettiness? Does everyone have to be on the whole sister souljah thing? If it has to be a problem, IMO it's purely a problem between those black women who date out and black men.
Plus, black men don't get anywhere near the same heat for their dating choices, even though they often (statistically) mistreat both black and non-black women.

No. 367335

File: 1703275333810.png (24.89 KB, 598x138, black millenials.png)


>Not black but I wanted to ask how many of you were told that they were trying too hard to "act" white for being yourselves? I've been told this for a long time, and my black friends were told that too very often, and I can only assume it's because we're weebs who don't fit into stereotypes whether it was about hobbies, fashion, our accents, the fact that we were good students, etc. and I always thought it was such a weird thing to say.

Black people have a very strong sense of in-group preference. They want the members of their group to be easily recognizable and to be representative of the later group. To fall in line and "fight the common enemy". Black people compared to white people are more collectivist in mentality. You can say there are certain historical reasons for this, like slavery and religion. And you don’t grow up up with the idea of being a "default" person, especially if you are the only black kid around.

And I see some parallels with troonism, like you’re not seen as a real Black/woman unless you conform to the stereotypes and any deviation from that norm means there’s something wrong with you. Of course, a weird black kid can’t larp as another race without (rightful) mockery nor would any institution defend that delusion. So more often than not, the weird black kids either become self-hating or overcompensates via activism to prove they’re real Blacks. We should spend more time talking about the internalizations of these negative stereotypes, stereotype threat and how it all ties into the modern social justice scene.

No. 367350


There literally is one now because nonblacks copy everything we do. We truly are the blueprint.

No. 367356

I'm glad nonna above mentioned our collectivism. It's like nonblack people can't grasp that we're apart of a different culture from them. "Why do you do this", "Why do you like this" because we are us and you are you. It's fucking ridiculous, like what do they even want from us. Yes, we do like to break away and talk amongst ourselves. Why do we have to be something we're not because nonblack freaks feel slighted.

No. 367359

Samefag and I can't speak for anyone who's not American but I we've never wanted to just blend in with the majority. We do our own thing

No. 367360

> It's like nonblack people can't grasp that we're apart of a different culture from them.
people did grasp there was a difference once, so black people were slaves(racebait)

No. 367361

I think this kind of a relationship the moid has some kind of fetish or kink

No. 367362

You're slow

No. 367363

im the nona who said this and yes at first i used to solely side eye white people because (obviously) but as ive gotten older and saw just how indoctrinated and WITH THE SHITS every other race is when it comes to their collective feelings of disdain and contempt coupled with envy that made me realize ALL of them are rotten. Obviously there are good people and I would never be so ignorant as to assume everyone is antiblack. but you dont have to be antiblack to be conditioned in an antiblack environment and subconsciously think you are better than us. Which literally every race doees! White people are just the obvious scapegoats. But all of these nonblacks as SOON as they come to america lap up yt supremacy dogma like water. They will literally live in community with us knowing that its OUR dollars keeping them afloat and still look down on us and not try to be in solidarity. They all nonblacks to me and they deserve to be othered and feel uncomfortable around us. Just like they make it a point to make us feel unwelcome in their spaces! When they go low i will always go to hell!

>>367360 CASE AND POINT nonblacks are all devil beings threatened by black people for some strange unfounded reason. They always make it known too. Demons always show their tail(racebaiting)

No. 367364

No. 367365

hi, i have extreme hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs and I’ve been so insecure about it for years and idk how to get rid of it, any tips?

No. 367366

I read somewhere that a white man has to earn an extra 200K a year to date a black woman. So that’s probably why a lot of the white guys are rich and old. These women are securing the bag.

No. 367369

did you read that on black twitter?

No. 367373

Anyways does anyone have any lipstick recommendations for two toned lips

No. 367374

No it was an interracial dating and marriage study from UCLA.

No. 367377

NTA and don't even agree with that anon but
>i can't leave other people alone
>this is their fault!!! they should be slaves!!!!
Entitled tranny/incel mentality, which probably fits you perfectly kek

No. 367384

Try kojic or papaya soap, nona. Just be sure to moisturize well after, those can be drying.

No. 367389

>the few times I said I was black, they just called me a liar.
this is the most relatable thing ever i didn't know other black women experienced this. it's so odd to me because people will say im lying, but why would i even lie about that? i feel a little relieved that other people have gone through this though lol, it can get so annoying when it happens

No. 367392

I’m an ENTP and black woman

No. 367395

File: 1703281953255.jpeg (7.97 KB, 174x290, download (3).jpeg)

To tackle the source which seems like irritation from friction, you can get some bodyglide or even use deodorant to prevent friction from running and if you're fat, loosing weight will help but I know that lots of black women just have thicker thighs

No. 367396

I was an entp but then i developed anxiety and my myers briggs results changed so what does that mean

No. 367397

thank you! I’ve lost a lot of weight but a lot of it still is on my thighs, gonna hit the gym to get rid of it

No. 367398

I’m an enxp so i guess so too

No. 367400

where can I get them from? Apparently Amazon products are fake

No. 367405

I've never met another one, do you feel you often get into trouble with activist types for questioning everything? I feel people assume I'll be a hardcore leftist but I'm more of a libertarian. I almost never find people who see things my way.

No. 367407

Use a lipliner that's the same/close to your bottom lip, then apply whatever lipstick color you like. That's what I do.

No. 367413

>These women are securing the bag
by fucking old ugly men who wasted their lives? By being their second chance fetish? Gross

No. 367428

File: 1703290741388.jpeg (947.61 KB, 1120x1664, D1E62097-FDF6-45B3-B230-18DA4F…)

Asian girls get upset when a white or black woman wears a cheongsam or kimono but have no problem appropriating other ethnicities and cultures and love making fun of black people in their media

No. 367433

Yeah, honestly I don't give a shit about who wears braids, silk bonnets, or whatever either. Only people with nothing better to do actually get mad at random people wearing braids kek

No. 367436

Mind you its just third gen western asian girls, no one else is threatened by you looking cute and honoring their traditional wea

No. 367445

This. People only try to bring you down for stupid reasons when they feel like you have something positive that you don't deserve (and that they lack). Once you understand that, a lot of pointless sperging falls into place.

No. 367452

Yea, all the time. If something doesn’t make logical sense to me I’m always going to question it. A lot of these activists types want you to blindly accept their words simply because they belong to certain demographics and that doesn’t fly with me

No. 367456

I understand the black community is an unhealthy sexist environment, but is interracial dating the only option? Date out or else be trapped in the permanent underclass? The woman in the video is cringe for even drawing unnecessary attention to a dying joke, but the idea of white men even being thought of as a prize saddens me. I can just tell those ladies never grew up around white men.

No. 367470

Ive noticed that it’s always the sjw American Asians getting upset when other races I’d people wear Asian clothing whereas actual Asians don’t give a fuck or even like/encourage it

No. 367471

To be honest, I noticed the same kind of behavior with African-Americans. I think when Adele wore braids in her hair, a bunch of American black people were mad on Twitter, but Africans didn't give a shit and even appreciated it lol

No. 367472

Theres safety in numbers

No. 367475

Nothing to do with race. It’s embarrassing as fuck to see couples like the ones in the video, regardless of their races. Some old divorced ugly loser moid and a much younger woman with very bad styling and looks cheap and weird and obviously just wants those coins. Of course people are gonna clown on those couples kek. Why do you think 90 Day Fiancé is such a laughing stock?

No. 367502

>interracial dating the only option?
I think it's because there's a very specific lifestyle a lot of women want to aspire to where you are taken care of, can afford luxuries and are well off. A lot of black women simply do not trust black men to provide this for them imo. Even the black women who can easily earn it themselves still seek to marry and they still want the same kind of men who will throw money at them. I've just noticed an ugly trend with wealthy black women who will just date some random black man who literally does nothing and is completely beneath them, i think we can all name names. Not that i don't think the couples are cringe like this anon here >>367475
I'd rather be poor than suck dick for a gucci bag personally.
If i ever see a white person with braided hair, i know 100% that some random african auntie did it. They literally do not care.

No. 367510

youll suck dick anyway, so its better to do it for a gucci bag instead of a fast food date.

No. 367512

I’ve never sucked dick and I never will, certainly not for a cheap bag

No. 367547

i love sucking dicks

No. 367565

No one asked. Love yourself.

No. 367567

i love sucking dicks too but thas because i have an oral fixation and sucking your thumb as an adult is frowned upon lol.
Its not about the braids or the bonnets its about respect. I think black women who think its not that big of a deal are not looking at the bigger picture. When these people don braids and bonnets they usually do it while putting on a black woman minstrel show. THey also (although they are starting to now) rarely if ever CREDIT US. they just rebrand it as something else and then cast it aside as a fad once its no longer"en vogue" . Notice how everyone knows kimino's are japanese? Because everyone actually respects japanese culture and isnt like "well ahksully they got it from the chinese). Personally I think everyone should wear silk bonnets. But people like to be willfully ignorant when something was made popular/founded by black people ESPECIALLY if its black women. I am tired of us being shitted on while all of our shit gets disrespected. SO yeah i will give the nonblacks dirty looks lol.

No. 367570

Yeah thats because asians in asia and africans in africa are obsessed with white validation to a larger degree than african americans and asian americans and truly believe they are above experiencing racism from them. Like they truly believe racism is an american only thing. This is no shade its just a fact. Obviously africans in africa or jamaicans in jamaica are not gonna care about white people donning braids because thats their money maker. Asian americans/Black americans get upset in a way people from their motherland dont because white people are not the majority in those countries so they dont have to deal with their micro/macro aggressions. Like i thought we all knew this already.

No. 367575

What are you guys' thoughts on headwraps in the workplace? I recently got a corporate job for a beauty brand and although its "casual" i dont feel comfortable as a black woman going into corporate america with baggy sweaters and dirty vans like my coworkers. But im trying to grow my hair back and honestly dookie braids and wrapping my hair is how i got most of my length. Its also winter so wrapping is a must imo. Box braids dont work for me because I have a sensitive scalp and its actually hella drying if you use fake hair. I tried wigs but i hate wearing other people's hair on my head lol. Its so annoying because headwraps are my fave protective style because it actually protects and covers my hair and i have 100% access to my fro. Not only that but its quintessentially black imo. but i notice people dont like them and they are often associated with wearing bonnets in public. I also got told after an interview once that if my headwrap isnt religious that i cant wear it if i get hired. Which was so wild because after that interview i went into my actual job with the same wrap on lol.

No. 367576

She could be Siberian or something. Also, have you guys noticed the influx of Indians in Ghana/West Africa? It's sad to see other Africans support it when we are discriminated against in their countries
Funny how Americans claim that Asians and Africans are white worshippers when most African American men would rather date a light-skinned/white woman, even in African countries with a large white population African men still choose to marry African women. It's the same with Asian FOBS, they still date other Asians.

No. 367577

clearly you're one of those who think that you are better than americans lol. WHy do yall always bring up marriage and who men procreate with as if its some sort of gotcha. Watch any street video of dudes interviewing east asians and they will all describe their ideal type as a white woman! Even if they dont expressely state it or dont expressly marry them. Also the fact that their are parts of Africa with majority white populations says a lot more about africans than it does about african americans. They probably still marry african women becuase its probably illegal to marry the white colonizers lol.

No. 367581

Same nonnie. I used the wrong **there whatever lol. also also after about a generation in america/Europe etc. All of you so called pro african africans start marrying out too. I wonder why? Also look at the 1st gen african boys/men and how disgustingly they speak on black women and girls. Those are all UK kids with parents straight from the motherland. If they saw beautiful
African love in their household why are they so against it as soon as they step foot in white majority lands? . Im not tryna make it a diaspora war but you will lose fr. We live in a globalized society now you can lie all you want about how africans/carribbeans etc are not white obsessed but i see the white worship all on the WORLD wide web! Play with your food dont play with me.

No. 367583

>diaspora war but you will lose fr
you clearly are by calling africans white worshipping bussin fr fr

No. 367584

and you claiming east asians in asia arent white obsessed shows how ignorant you truly are to the world around you.

No. 367585

nigeria has a huge skin bleaching problem, look at all of south africa…do you want me to continue?

No. 367586

also all i said was fr are you that triggered by acronyms? Does fr trigger you more than kek? i wonder why LMAO

No. 367587

Yeah, I agree that no race of men should be seen as a prize, and I dislike a lot of spaces that preach it as a lifestyle. The whole thing seems like a grift for some, honestly.

I'd agree if it was about dating ugly old moids for money, but some women in the community are definitely not okay with interracial dating when it's a woman doing it, kek. If you watch the video and TikToks, they never mention the age gap. It's specifically the racial difference they focus on.

No. 367589

You seem obsessed

No. 367590

Stop trying to start diaspora wars, it's cringe lol

No. 367593

They sound ignorant, too.

No. 367595

>Also, have you guys noticed the influx of Indians in Ghana/West Africa? It's sad to see other Africans support it when we are discriminated against in their countries
I hate it, it's gross.

No. 367596

stfu all i did was point out the hypocrisy in saying its just americans who are white obsessed its literally EVERYONE in the diaspora that is white obsessed. But to put all of it on americans is what i was calling out. But you guys can back to talking about men since thats where the TRUE obsession lies. Yall are all obsessed with men of other races. Its actually very embarrassing.I can barely follow black women online because almost all of their content is catered to attracting a man. Thats what all of you truly need to decenter from..the obsession with being picked by a man.

No. 367597

because africans have no backbone largely.

No. 367598

No. 367599

No. 367600

File: 1703330197292.jpg (150.94 KB, 750x1000, take your medication roman.jpg)


No. 367601

nah but this >>367231 polly does

No. 367605

No. 367606

File: 1703331322724.jpg (61.84 KB, 564x547, 73e25be4346bad6259e7a20878fcdf…)

Why are like 3/4ths of your posts about white dick or anti-other black people in some way, anon? Enough, it's Christmas. No more mental illness.

No. 367622

Black women being beaten into submission and being killed in this pwn communities and having every terrible thing being blamed on them for their “crime” of being “unfeminine” has created a delusional shame. The obsession with having a man, any kind of man, feels like refutation, proof that someone wants you. Within your family, your community and the greater society, you’re constantly told you are unworthy, last place, a scourge onto western civilization, a placeholder for certain kinds of men, etc. It talked active effort from your youth to believe you are human and can do better for yourself. You need a loving environment to work through self-hatred and to reach your human potential. Many people don’t have that. Some of us had hateful parents who trauma dumped onto us, or who beat us silly. A community that barely exists, puts you in harm’s way with their defense of violent criminals and then expects you to go and march for said criminal. Wanting a man to love you is like the fantasy of being taken care of, of being seen as worthy enough to protect, as worthy enough to defend. That’s why there is endless debate on getting a man.

No. 367669

White people want everyone to be obsessed with them.

No. 367671

Slavic is an ethnicity. A white one. She’s not Slavic. Also, Asian Russians aren’t Slavs.

No. 367674

I guarantee you if you it was any other racial combination of a young trashy woman dating an old creepy billionaire, people would be clowning them just as hard (and do, because I’ve seen people making fun of every race combo with this dynamic) the WMBF one just gets a little more attention because it’s such a rare pairing anyway

No. 367682

West Africans can't be anti-immigrant, them alongside north africans have emigrate the most and are the first to complain about xenophobia in other african countries. Can't be fascist at home and progressive overseas.

No. 367686

these men are always have some ungodly combination of pedophilic and racial fetishes. the only women who should be going for them are sex workers who know exactly what they are dealing with and are trying to empty these men's pockets then leave. anyone else clearly has a learning disability if they choose to date these men just for fun

No. 367689

File: 1703355779304.png (615.42 KB, 1015x747, jw.png)

Just found out Jessica White got surgery to have lighter eyes. It looks like she had some other procedures, too. It makes me sad, she was so naturally gorgeous. Now she looks like every other surged up Hollywood dweller in heavy IG makeup. The eye implant stuff always look so bad and dull/dead-looking, too. I'm pretty sure Tiny had the same thing done.

No. 367690

what kind of surgery is this? did they insert a colour into her eye like those heavily tattooed people that get their eyeballs inked black? or did they somehow suck the pigment out of her eyes?

No. 367693

They insert a pigment.
>Keratopigmentation is a novel procedure that permanently changes the color of the eye by means of creating an intracorneal tunnel with the aid of a femtosecond laser and inserting a special pigment in front of the natural pigment of the eye.
I don't see why anyone would go for this tbh. If you just want your eyes to "pop", contacts look so much better and have less risk.

No. 367694

File: 1703356995782.jpg (22.76 KB, 457x672, images.jpg)

Tbh I can't get over it, she had this "siren" beauty.
IMO this is why it's important to be around people who love your phenotype and appreciate your natural beauty. No colorist moids like her ex, Nick Cannon or fake friends lmao

No. 367697

What's the source for West Africans immigrating the most? Most immigrants are from North Africa, last time I looked this up.

No. 367701

oh my god no I was in love with her, what happened? Why do so many beautiful women seem to have some kind of body dysmorphia kek. I can’t think of any other reason to keep getting pointless procedures.

No. 367703

She looks absolutely awful, this is tragic. I hate fake light eyes. Reminds me of those black Koreaboo twins who went to Korea and got a bunch of surgery and constantly wore green and blue contacts because they were desperate for Korean dick and thought skinwalking white/Korean women was the only way to secure it. Sad. Anyone remember their names?

No. 367704

File: 1703359589170.jpeg (55.88 KB, 543x445, 88851177-0104-4FB0-B1F5-9EB728…)

Imagine going through multiple painful surgeries to look like an alien, because you’re obsessed with a Korean man with a 3 inch dick and hope he picks you. So embarrassing.

No. 367705

The largest African immigrants in Europe and North America are from North African + west African countries. Moroccans and Nigerians are the biggest immigrant group is some countries in Europe like France, UK and Germany.

No. 367706

No, most black people in the UK are Afro Caribbean

No. 367707

>"Siren beauty"
Get off tiktok
People have surgery never stop at just one

No. 367709

File: 1703359801640.png (663.23 KB, 1302x462, 251B9155-4314-43C1-8AEE-E3E988…)

They dont even look like the same person. It’s like they tried to erase every African feature they had and trying their hardest to larp as a Korean or White woman. I hate this. It makes us look so desperate for moids approval. Why can’t black women be allowed to embrace our natural looks?

No. 367710

I don't use tiktok, stop malding. She was just striking, end of.

No. 367711


No. 367713

File: 1703360026534.jpg (61.36 KB, 570x570, abc86f8fc8983726a68bc9e11a4c48…)

I genuinely feel like she had jealous morons filling her up with nonsense for years and just cracked. It makes no sense why someone like her would go down this route otherwise.

No. 367716

File: 1703360231717.jpeg (615.15 KB, 1620x602, 5855B20B-1EFF-4FD0-B0E9-DB7830…)

Whats even sadder is Sonia and Celia ended up leaving Korea anyway because they still didn’t get picked by their idol oppars. Imagine going through all that pain, spending all that money (Korean surgery isn’t that cheap) and the moids you’re trying to impress STILL didn’t pick you because you’re not pale enough or pretty enough to meet their insane standards. They’re back in Albuquerque now and faded into irrelevancy.

No. 367717

She looks middle eastern in the after, not white. She used to be really pretty and the after looks shooped as fuck so Im sure she's still pretty and the surgery looks more natural irl compared to those pics. Korean clinics are known to shoop before and after pictures like this one.

No. 367719

I reverse image searched and it just looks like she's a random mom who went to SK to get surgery rather than some influencer chasing Korean moids.
I'm iffy on surgery, but I actually don't think this is that bad. She just looks younger, not like an entirely different race. She didn't have to go as far as she did, though IMO (forehead reduction for what? and RIP to her model jawline). Looks very tame compared to >>367709.

No. 367720

They looked awful irl, Michael Jackson-esque, and yes the after is shooped to hell and back. In their candid videos and images they looked so bogged and botched.

No. 367722

Korean dudes are some of the worst to impress. Isn't the Korean beauty standard to have a perfectly "clean" face without even so much as a freckle? And aren't they extremely anal about any form of weight gain? Don't idols over there get crucified if they look just slightly "fatter"? Like I said, Korean dudes seem super hard to impress and while I still feel sorry for those girls, I have to ask: when are Koreaboos going to learn?

No. 367724

They’re setting themselves up to fail. You can bleach your skin and get as much surgery as you want, but you’ll always be considered ugly in Korea if you’re not a 10/10 pale skinny Asian woman, or a 10/10 skinny teenage white girl from Russia. Koreans don’t appreciate any other kind of beauty.

No. 367727

I wasn’t talking about this woman specifically, there’s tons of black zoomer koreaboos living in Korea to try and get Korea dick and hacking up their faces with saws to try and be picked, and they always look like uncanny aliens afterwards. AND don’t get picked. Which is just embarrassing. I hate it. And then they cry about it and expect sympathy.

Yes, Korean beauty standards are insane. Freckles and moles are seen as disgusting. Anything darker than NC20 skin is considered darkskin, and good luck finding any foundation in shades darker than that. If you weigh more than 110lbs you’re considered obese.
>when will koreaboos learn
Maybe after trying to date in Korea, most of them seem to give up and come home because they realized Korean men aren’t like their fantasy idol oppars. The average man there is like 5ft7 with a 4 inch penis, why would you break your neck to try and land one of them?

No. 367728

I think in a way it’s about validation. Korean men are known for being super picky, so if a foreign girl gets a Korean bf, she thinks ‘I’m good enough for a Korean man? Yay! This means I’m beautiful and look like a female k-idol!’ At least that’s how I think they see it. It’s pretty egotistical and fucked up.

No. 367729

File: 1703361541069.jpeg (329.81 KB, 2132x1016, f02f1b5f560f4623af3e3841f045c5…)

I thought you were referring to these other twins who got surgery to fit Asian beauty standards. That's wild that there are two examples of this.

No. 367731

it’s depressing how much self hate black women who chase white and asian men usually display. i get wanting to date outside our race because black men are awful. but chasing down asian or white moids and begging them to give us a chance and asking if they find us pretty aint it. the dick isn’t worth it anyway.

No. 367733

This is insane lol. They look like pale Filipinas.

No. 367734

i actually think she looked pretty after the surgery. not a fan of the egg head shape, but each to their own.

No. 367737

File: 1703362263681.jpeg (452.72 KB, 1620x1438, 2842B52B-70A2-41EB-8782-71B713…)

I’ve heard Japanese men are more open minded about different types of attractiveness, and most black women I know who have been to Korea and Japan said that Japan was more accepting and less racist. Still, black weebs are kind of embarrassing.

No. 367739

I have a lot of questions about this. Most black women don't go this far for white validation. Yes, there's skin lightening, nose jobs, etc, but the end result/goal is typically looking a bit more like a mixed race person, not literally Caucasian. These twins, on the other hand, are straight-up attempting to look Korean. Not blasian, not ambiguous, not "like ourselves but a bit more Asian haha". They're literally at Michael Jackson levels of unrecognizable. In spite of racism in the west, nobody goes this far to look white. So, does being a koreaboo really just fuck some people up that much? Is it another level of dysmorphia? What happened to these young girls?

No. 367740

its not just black women who do this, ive seen brown women do it too. negin vand had a koreaboo phase and started lightening her skin and shooping herself to look more asian and doing that asian style makeup and she even moved to korea for awhile. i heard she even dated an asian man (he wasnt even a hot asian guy) but he dumped her because his family didn’t want a brown daughter in law, she ended up deactivating her socials then when she came back she was doing a completely different aesthetics and had deleted all traces of her korean phase.

No. 367743

Yes, it really messed with your head and I say this as a former koreaboo myself. It went from just enjoying a few kpop bops and buying Korean cute makeup products, to developing OCD, jumping though hoops to try and date a Korean man, rejection. crying and self hatred, and trying to bleach my skin. Kpop stanning is a really dangerous avenue to go down tbh, it starts out as harmless fun but it will kill your self esteem if you really immerse yourself in it. I think what makes you feel ugly is that you see all these gorgeous idols on tv and the hosts or viewers are making fun of little flaws about them, and then you start questioning your own flaws and thinking you’re ugly and fat. You start thinking plastic surgery is the solution to all your problems and that you’ll only be happy when you’re perfect, then you remember and see more flaws about yourself and feel back to square one. Also koreans are incredibly openly rude about people’s appearances. They’ll just straight up call people fat, ugly, dark and burnt in public etc. I’m not surprised their suicide rate is so high.

No. 367745

Can confirm about Korean rudeness. I remember I was talking to this pretty nice Chinese dude I met from college, and we went for lunch and he had brought his Korean female friend with him. After we got home, and his friend had gone, I had heard them talking about me so I asked him what she thought of me, and he said ‘I didn’t want to tell you because I know you’ll be hurt but she said you look old for your age’ (I was 17 btw and literally looked like a baby) another time I was talking to a Korean guy on omegle and he said ‘You’re pretty but you’re too fat, you need to lose weight’ out of nowhere when I didn’t even ask kek. It’s actually insane how rude these people are, I can’t imagine living there.

No. 367750

I can't understand why they'd do this. South Koreans don't even like their own natural features. It seems like that country's entire beauty standard is essentially samefacing, sperging at eachother for not samefacing well enough, and then having an occasional coom over an "exotic" foreign woman, usually Eastern European (recently, I've seen articles about them doing the same with certain brown, mixed and black models). Why would someone sign up for that?

No. 367751

File: 1703364993120.jpg (48.28 KB, 640x607, KM2VYA1.jpg)

No. 367752

File: 1703365101232.jpg (307.24 KB, 1080x1107, GpGYL4m.jpg)

No. 367753

Seems like Indians immigrate way more, which makes them often being racist to the locals of the countries they move to really crazy to me.

No. 367758

Every immigrant group tries to act like they are better than the locals even the african ones when moving to other African countries. Especially them because they think they are entitled to being in other countries just off the strength of being african too kek.
As far as I'm concerned clearly indians, Ethiopians, Egyptians, moroccans and nigerians have no room to be complaining about immigrants in their country

No. 367779

File: 1703370924299.png (513.14 KB, 731x782, kbgvfgc.png)

I'm glad people are noticing. So many black women get so pressed about relationships between black women and white men that it somehow splashes onto women like Mindy Kaling. Is it because she has dark skin? Who cares in either case, what does it have to do with us?

No. 367780

No one cares if the woman is attractive. Mindy Kaling is very ugly which makes her chasing men all the time look super desperate and cringe.

No. 367782

She is (and she's racist lol), but I only saw black women talking about it. Not even Indian women. It's weird.

No. 367783

black women have a lot of shame surrounding their femininity and think having a foreign guy pick them, it proves they are worthy of protection, of being seen as delicate and feminine.

No. 367787

It' ties back intot he weird idea of race loyalty. Black women are very race loyal, to a level not seen in any other group except for some extreme white supremacists. That's why she's obsessed with marching for men who hate them, defednding thei cruel comment sin interviews, making stupid youtube videos and documentaries, etc.

So Many ladies see a woman not being race loyal and lusting after white men to a cringe degree an thus she feels like the balance is not right. But a woman like Mindy Kaling has no reason to be race loyal, not only does she not fit the beauty standards for Indian culture, she lives in a mostly white environment.

No. 367806


If box braids are irritating then it's probably because you are not soaking and rinsing the hair in apple cider vinegar

No. 367807

All this discussion about "black women" but what about the lesbians
How come it's always about straight black women. At this point you should all just be celibate because I'm tired of hearing all the theories and the think pieces kek

No. 367835

I hate to break it to you, but something like less than 2% of the world's population is gay. If you're black and want to post about the black lesbian experience, you can do so here or in the lesbian general. Reeeeing about the hetties is dumb and pointless though lol

No. 367837

I'm already celibate, I can't change my sexual orientation. If I could I would have done so. God forbid I'm stuck as a straight black woman in 21st century America.

No. 367840

nta but 2% is awfully low, it’s definitely higher for most English-speaking countries and on the internet. I don’t think it would need it’s own thread.

No. 367860

Don't worry, i am already celibate. I've been seeing these discourses for so long and on top of it all, i am an objectively unattractive person. I was not made to be in a romantic relationship and now i am at a point where i simply do not care anybody because my sex drive has been murdered by anti-anxiety medication, i can unironically claim to be asexual right now if i felt like it.

No. 367870

Things are really not as bad as some of you nonnies say in my own personal experience, but I understand this is a thread to air out problems.

No. 367894

I know it’s not as bad as before like pre-1960s, but I feel we have fallen since the 1990s. That was the last and best decade to be Black. I partially blame social media and cringeworthy, cheugy, insecure millennials/Gen-Xers for all their stupid jokes and references and normalizing “woke” and their hypocrisy lust for white people after flaming white guilt for years.

No. 367897

Ikr? Like wtf happened.

No. 367898

I was just thinking this. It feels like wokeism has made being a black person in society worse in some aspects. I’m glad that people have more awareness on a lot things now (like police brutality) but even that is just used as a virtual signalling circlejerk, which is what happened with BLM.

No. 367913

>In certain countries in Europe they still make monkey noises at black soccer players on the pitch with no repercussions
That's not even the full story.
There's also racial slurs, throwing banana peels, and other shit.
Worse yet it is the home team's bigots attacking their OWN team's black players.

No. 367914

That's awful

No. 367915

Lol europeans like that are such a massive L. Imagine hating a race so much that you'll boo your own country's players even when those players are bringing your country closer to a win. Football-brained Europeans be on some embarrassing fuckshit.

No. 367917

What are people's thoughts on the Simone Biles things

My thoughts: She's always been a pick me self hater and she bullied Gabby with the rest of her team. I'm not surprised she married this man

No. 367918

Definitely a LARP.
>i'm blasian
>single asian mom w/ no black dad around stereotype story
>tries to starts beef betweeen asians and blacks
>stereotype americans as having no culture
>baits replies by saying something stupid and ignorant like going back to asia and expecting 0 discrimination
>also suggests blacks to go back to africa
White euro moid hands typed that post.

No. 367925

Just going to throw this out there since a see a lot of posts here about black femininity. Like how white media or nonblack society feels it's immediately "masculine" even if it's not.

Always felt it weird how the "tomboy" is always looked upon positively for having masculine traits. Black women immediately get looped into masculinity regardless of it being masculine or not (white girls be hair AF but no one ever calls them manly).
Yet black women aren't viewed as "tomboys" or having tomboyish traits (often viewed positively) and instead labeled with "masculine" instead.

Just wondering if others also noticed this or how they fell about it.

No. 367927

White women will talk about getting bullied for being hairy growing up. I even remember this white woman talking about how she had been shaving her arms since she was 12 because she was made fun of. I think this is why it's important to know what goes on with other races of women. I've noticed that with the rise of a particular type of rhetoric online between other black people there becomes this sort of essentialism where we think we're completely alone and isolated in our struggles and honestly it's unhealthy.
I've only experienced being treated more masculine by racists and self hating black men. They look down on black people and see black women women as an easier target because we're less likely to kick the shit out of them like our moid counterparts. Dismiss those people and don't sweat it. They're fucking weirdos

No. 367933

I've noticed this too. There's this idea that we should know better. I won't lie and say I don't also contribute to that way of thinking. Like for example with Simone Biles. I did say she's a pick and and this and that just up above but then it's like let's also consider

> She was adopted by two white parents & probs didn't have a chance to be integrated into the black community culture wise

> Subject to lots of scrutiny online in regards to how she presents herself

So in that sense her reaction to this controversy makes sense. What I do is that I give extra grace to black women but I know if I voice my true discomfort I'll be accused of race-baiting. I also do feel like we're very conditioned to center men in our community. It's just that people think we're more feminist for some reason

No. 367934

Mindy doesn't even like white dudes, she has a Jewish fetish. People care because she always picks the same nerdy Jewish boy trope as the love interest. Even when the other option is cuter or has more chemistry

No. 367935

Because black lesbians aren't whining online about how the world is masculinizing them and stopping them from dating men.
Also black lesbians (and sometimes black bisexual) are the target ire among black females because they are seen as "bad" rep. Same with black tomboys

No. 367940

Yes it gets to be so tired and hurtful. It's like you can be open about being a lesbian but you have to be very much like a stud so they know how to deal with you. This could just be me but I feel like studs get treated better than femme lesbians

No. 367943

Samefag and I'm also over the feminity conversation because like do you enjoy feminine things? If yes then do that but if you're not into it be yourself. I will say Id rather have our stereotype of being matriarchal. I do empathize with that other nonna though because when you're viewed as masculine, you're either treated like one of the guys or just like shit. It think that's moreso what nonna is referring to

No. 367945

Imagine being both a dyke and a nigger. Pick a struggle.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367950

>I've only experienced being treated more masculine by racists and self hating black men.
This exactly. I had no clue about this stereotype until the internet showed me. I've never been read as masc or expected to be that way.

No. 367960

File: 1703417593168.jpg (102.41 KB, 753x900, FkrBRQ9WQAANvD5.jpg)

Tbh no matter how bad things get, I'm just glad I'm not some slackjawed, seething white tranny with botched surgery seeking attention on women's websites and malding at them on Christmas. This is what happens when you trade a loving family for a polycule.

No. 367966


I'm so glad I wasn't born a mentally ill male striving to be something he'll never be with his man body.

No. 368000

File: 1703434538554.jpg (917.58 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_1679704458778.jpg)

He's been trying to stir shit up in the Asian Girls thread too. Can we get the 41% rate of tranny suicides to 100%?

No. 368018

didn’t realize how unattractive the world thinks u are if you’re a mid black women without curves

No. 368020

black women without curves and don't have that stereotypical plus size 'curvy' aka fat, body type are cute

No. 368024


are u a woman

No. 368025

feel like i might as well kms i don’t exist

No. 368029

Nope, that's the brick-shaped troon from the caucasus mountains who's been raging in all these threads.

No. 368633

please don't respond to baiting scrotes at all, just report and move on.

No. 368635

i remember someone said the owner of kiwifarms did a whole podcast dedicated to reading posts on lsa and I know kfers are on here, so it makes even discussing race so hard to do online. Racists are obsessed with black women. They claim to hate us and want nothing to do with us but we live rent free in their brains. I wouldn't be surprised if the clear racist/fake bw on lsa came after that racist decided to inform his racist followers of the sites existence. Shit like that makes discussing bw issues so hard, because not only do you have self hating/misogynistic bm trying to come in, or make identified woman but retarded racists who want to "troll" and spread their racism

I think a lot of the subtle racism on towards us on this site is from women who are in racist spaces. They don't want to banned and they aren't blinded with rage like the retard moods who just spew outright racism.
So they say certain things about bw that could come off as "criticism" but you know they don't feel the same towards non black/white women. Like how the celebrity thread in ot acts like black female celebrities are the only ones doing certain things and say subtly racist shit.

Just leave us alone, damn.

No. 368652

File: 1703448525831.png (614.3 KB, 1080x978, 1000002456.png)

Hair mayo and aphogee protein treatment

No. 368733

File: 1703471327949.jpeg (171.56 KB, 385x1023, tropical-splash-1.jpeg)

I am upset Disney blackwashed Ariel when there was a perfectly good black mermaid they could have given a backstory to.


No. 368743

Do you think Black Americans will ever receive reparations? Why or why not?

No. 368747

File: 1703479634883.jpeg (103.14 KB, 851x1192, 1680830697493.jpeg)

No, mostly for practical purposes. They should have been given them post-slavery but considering the violent aftermath of the war I know that was difficult to do. You have to figure out how much, for which families (some families has married into other races and their descendants could receive reparations), who is giving it - the government (federal and/or state) or the families that made their money from it? It's been over 150 years since the civil war, do the statute of limitations run out? What do modern reparations entail exactly? Scholarships? Actual money? What policies?

I know the community deserves better but I don't see a practical way for reparations.

No. 368750

Nope. I think it's kind of a bad idea to do it now because realistically, most people will blow that shit on material goods or living expenses. If anything, the best form of reparations should be stuff that will actually better people such as clearing some debt that people may have, scholarships for college or helping people pay their mortgages. That's what i'd do personally.

No. 368755

File: 1703482137827.jpg (74.22 KB, 686x386, tfw.JPG)

Does anyone relate to the YouTuber Oh Stephco?

No. 368757

Jesus Christ, what adult genuinely cares about the race of a mermaid.

No. 368765

Thatʼs right, nobody wants to fuck black chicks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368767

I see /g/ is being raided by the schizo baiting moid again

No. 368768

It's always either this thread or the Asian Girls thread. Seems that scrote has a "preference" for who to beg attention from.

No. 368769

White racist moids are well known to larp as black and Asian woman online and stalk woc spaces, and harass woc. I’ve seen countless examples of them being exposed by actual black/Asian/other poc women on tiktok and reddit. Reminds me of weirdos like Peter Coffin who literally pretended to be a Japanese girl.

No. 368770

Wrong, nobody wants to fuck you. Do the world a favor and rope.(responding to scrote)

No. 368773

they always larp as stereotypes or as self-hating chicks. I think they're just jealous we have lower suicide rates despite our circumstances wile they rope at Stacy not giving them a glance.

No. 368775

File: 1703487198990.jpg (72.72 KB, 736x559, 1000012896.jpg)

That, and I think it can come with a mental illness. Made the foolish mistake of searching for a "black girls" discord server some years back, and discovered some German white guy who had his pfp as a black instagram modeling woman, and several other European men who were in the server with random black women's selfie pics as their ppfp. I asked them why they were in the server if they were just white guys, and all of them said they basically had a fetish for black women and frequently wondered what it would be like to live as a black woman, so they stayed in the server to watch actual women talk about different things. That instance taught me that a lot of these larping dudes pick their "disguises" of woc because they literally want to be their disguise. It felt like trannyism with extra steps, AKA a mental illness.

No. 368777

Ive noticed that men who are into kpop girl groups or black female singers often develop gender dysphoria and start literally wanting to become Asian or black girls. You’re definitely right that their race obsession with certain women often devolves into tranny shit and gender/racial dysphoria. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that so many white twitter gays and troons are extremely obsessed with Asian and black celebrities and singers and often start to larp as them, using them as their pfps and talking in woc’s slang about their nonexistent ‘pussies’ and such. Stan twitter for instance is just a bunch of gay and trans moids constantly reporting Asian woman and black woman reaction gifs and memes and LARPing as them online.

No. 368778


No. 368780

>all of them said they basically had a fetish for black women and frequently wondered what it would be like to live as a black woman, so they stayed in the server to watch actual women talk about different things. That instance taught me that a lot of these larping dudes pick their "disguises" of woc because they literally want to be their disguise. It felt like trannyism with extra steps
This is so creepy and gross. But I believe it. Moids are really pathetic tbh and insecure. They’re constantly seeking reassurance that they’re not repulsive to women. You see it in every corner of the internet where moids are heavily represented. They literally search for, cherrypick then compile whole images with random mixed race XMXF couples from google, to validate their desperation to feel wanted. And then you have full blown porn accounts run by x race of moid LARPing as y race of women, pretending to have a fetish for that x race of moid. Or constantly spamming interracial porn with one specific race of men to try and flatter themselves. I guess men are just pathetic and loser incel types can only live vicariously through other men. Admitting that they’re repulsive as an individual and will never get laid is too painful for the moid ego, so they live through other more attractive men, and porn fantasies.

No. 368784

maybe that's how the digital blackface argument become a thing

No. 368804

that so weird and scary lmao

No. 368847

Stop responding to obvious bait

No. 368852

File: 1703527111728.gif (3.11 MB, 400x224, nichijou-tissue.gif)

Incels are invested in having a "main" group of women to attack, and they want to keep young and/or impressionable women as easy-access as possible through negging. From time to time, very online non-black women who might not feel or be considered desirable within their own communities watch this happen, and they decide to fixate on not being black for self-esteem (even if it might veer into unrealistic or delusional levels).They often make a hobby of attacking black women to get validation/attention, too. The men still mock and abuse them for their appearances, being "used goods", "BPD attention whores", "hitting the wall", etc but they're fine with it, as long as they can get the temporary validation that comes from bashing other women. It's unfortunate when they attack us, but I'd rather be myself than either of those groups any day. They just strike me as sad and pathetic, including the ones who can't even stop doing it in a space meant for women to chill out.

No. 368865

Kind of? I relate to the sentiment of being the unattractive one in the group that never gets noticed by moids. However i view it in a different way, i am more bothered about my friends being taken away from me by moids and just being left alone when it was promised to spend some quality time with them. I don't really get much opportunities to socialise, so when moids hijack that opportunity, it's upsetting and makes me not even want to bother trying to hang out with other women if they are so easily swayed by male attention. Another thing is that i've always seen the perception of attractiveness based on how an individual is treated by others around them rather than physical traits.

No. 368884

I don't, and to be honest, I don't think it's a race thing. I've seen way more women of other races complain about being that friend who goes unapproached. I feel like it has more to do with things like presentation/styling and weight. The only reason it'd have to do specifically with race is if someone lived in a racist area IMO.

No. 368905

File: 1703546096068.jpg (118.78 KB, 1200x900, 1000006620.jpg)

Do you prefer your hair natural or relaxed? Which one do you like more?

I keep my hair natural, but it is definitely not easy for me nonnies, I can see why many black girls out there use perm.

No. 368908

Same, it's such a struggle. I've also been growing it for 7 years so it's LONG, but it's so high maintenance. Each wash "day" is a multi-day endeavor. I tried braiding my own hair for christmas and I kinda had a breakdown lol
My friend has been getting a perm since she was 16 and she always looks good. Some girls yelled at me once when we were at the beach together because of how messy my hair looked and she immediatly said "they obv weren't talking about me" she apologized later but that was so bad I felt like shit.

Anyways my hair looks pretty sometimes.

No. 368910

Relaxed but only because it's easier to manage, I don't even like the look of it. I'd prefer something in between (so wavy basically) but to get to that I'd still have to straighten it to some extent.

No. 368911

Natural because relaxing is difficult to maintain in regards to new growth and I like wearing an afro

No. 368915

I really like the way my hair looks like in twists, it motivates me to keep going natural

No. 368921

Natural, because I refuse to risk cancer to look like a knock-off

No. 368923

I’ve always been an average looking woman but the idea that some is ugly because they’re black is weird to me. Like you think you can’t dress well or have friends because of something you were born with? Sounds incelly to me

No. 368930

Natural but it's typically underneath wigs. Imo there's no sense in getting perms when you can just use wigs.

No. 368933

Black women really are the most disrespected, least protected women in the world. I’m not just talking America, but everywhere. I see so many cases of femicide on black women, and the murderer will get out even if he’s guilty as fuck. So many organizations exist to help women in Ukraine and Palestine, but there’s so few that protect women in Congo, or really anywhere in Africa. It’s really depressing sometimes to just hear people straight up admit they don’t feel sad watching black women suffer the way they feel sad watching people of their own race suffer

No. 368934

It is. I think for some, it's easier to chalk every rejection up to their race, rather than themselves.

No. 368945

I will NEVER relax my hair. I have 3c hair which is arguably an easy texture to maintain. If i ever felt the need to have straight hair permanently i would not choose a relaxer, i'd just constantly do silk presses instead. I know people make the argument that relaxed hair is easier to maintain but i completely disagree, i think it's so much harder to maintain because of the breakage and my hair is already super dry. When my mother used to use texturiser on my hair it always felt like a scouring pad.

No. 368948

I am >>368865 and I don't see my unattractiveness as a consequence of my race at all for the record. A lot of the friends in question were also black, but they are the type of women with expensive weaves, well done makeup and classy clothes. I am generally a very frumpy person, i have bad skin and i suck at styling myself. I am also just not a good looking woman in general and i am autistic so i come across as very strange, i know i need to pick a struggle, kek I blame my unchecked autism for my social failure tbh because i am held up to normie expectations i cannot meet and i never get the chance to interact with people as spergy as me. I spoiler of all this because this is something for a different thread. I've witnessed many black women get attention from all kinds of men, so I've never seen it as a race thing at all.

No. 368950

I used the term friends very generously btw, they were just random cousins or girls i knew i would be forced to hang out with.

No. 368958

I think she's becoming a cow of her own

No. 368967

Spoiler: every non-black ethnicity is inherently anti-black.

No. 368979

Digital blackface is real

No. 369000

doesn't that shit make you blind

No. 369014

It's really corny when black men try to pit black women against other women, or when other women try to do pickme olympics with black men as the prize. We already know men treat women badly, but black men are one of the worst groups by far. A lot of those women end up getting the abuse, single motherhood and femicide they were so convinced only black women would get (because they think we somehow "deserve" it or bring it on ourselves for being black and female, and that black men would never do that to them ig). We've seen it so many times. Like I don't want to be mean, but I can't comprehend the mindset of any woman that worships or seeks validation from black men. It's like if some women fought desperately over Muslim moids.

No. 369016

Black men are the fattest demographic in the US. Never forget

No. 369020

exact same thoughts on the matter, took the words right out of my mouth. It doesn't happen much (thank god) but sometimes with couples where the guy is black and the girl isn't, it's like she goes out of her way to get my attention? it hasn't happened in a while and only a handful of times but it's so pathetic. most of the time they act normal but ew leave me alone I don't care.

No. 369031

And then they have the gall to whine about black women being "mean" and "racist" (lmao) to them "just for happening to date a black guy" like most of the time it's not them (both the non-black women and their black boyfriends) who are absolutely misogynoiristic and obnoxious about their "twoo wuv that knows no cowow"…

No. 369040

I think a lot of them get into interracial relationships specifically to seek out validation they have trouble getting in their own community. The same goes for the men (eg the "beat it chick" meme), but there's the added element of self-hate. Both seem to react very badly when "their" respective men/women date out, too, even if they know it's hypocritical. I wish people would just not be unhinged about dating.

No. 369046

it's a blatant form of narcissism. Having women fight over him makes him feel good and masculine, without effort on his part.

No. 369063

File: 1703619589454.jpg (154.36 KB, 726x881, MV5BMDhlMTk1YzAtZTk5Yy00ZmMzLT…)

How do you feel about the Black Panthers? I respect the work they did for the civil rights movement but I can't help but feel conflicted about the fact that so many leading figures (like Eldridge Cleaver, serial rapist and white woman fetishist) were the vilest possible kind of scrotes.

No. 369076

That's valid for you to feel

No. 369084

File: 1703625042959.jpg (59.49 KB, 735x490, 1000012449.jpg)

I found a video of a biracial woman talking about the hypocrisy and animosity of black men towards black women, and even towards women in general. She mentioned a Black Panther member planning to rape white women as "revenge" for how whites treated black people…and practiced that plan by raping black women and girls first. Combined with the Black Panthers holding misogynistic attitudes towards black women that wanted to help their communities in their own ways, and the fact that MLK cheated the fuck out of his wife with white women just says it all:
The Black Panther is a great example of why men can't be trusted to be "leaders" or role models, because the fundamental flaw with men being held to high regards is that men are objectively fucked up and backwards excuses for human beings. They say that "power corrupts", but I just don't see it that way. At least not with men. Power doesn't corrupt them, it just brings out more of what they really were the whole time; because men, no matter how rich, middle class, or poor they are will always be the main fuckers who do atrocious, violent things to each other, women, and children. I'm talking about 90% of violent crimes across the world, anons. Even for the ones that don't commit any crime, wasn't there a study revealing that one in three college moids would basically rape women if they felt ensured to get away with it? That could be any "normal" scrote sitting next to you in class. I'm sure there's exceptions to this rule, I'm sure maybe 10% of the male population are genuinely good men that would never abuse a soul……but the general rule of thumb is that you just can't trust a man to not bring his fucked up tendencies when receiving a power. Men running politics is why there was so much conflict and bloodshed before and even still now. Nothing is a better example of why men shouldn't be in power, more than men being in power.

No. 369109

File: 1703631804339.png (618.13 KB, 747x871, kko.png)

Anyone else think it's weird how white people are the ones that coined the term "person of color" or "colored person" to "other" and exclude people for being black (or otherwise non-white), but these days, racists get triggered about the term not "including" them and obsess over calling themselves the "real people of color!!1"? Sorry, your trad ancestors certainly disagreed with you. It's almost like the moment black people make something used to stigmatize them "cool" or even just neutral, they get extremely mad and want it for themselves. What mental illness is that?

No. 369122

File: 1703636303985.jpg (42.03 KB, 615x409, 3_FEATURE-Mystery-behind-Ostri…)

The fact that there are no shoes made for Vadoma women with ectrodactyly is incredibly racist.(bait)

No. 369124

>moid baiting using women with congenital disorders
May his dick get shoved into a blender.

No. 369132

I saw a really racist pol meme with wojacks on Twitter that essentially echoed this and the jealousy is so obvious to me.

No. 369137

Whining about true diversity after decades of whining about purity? Loser mentality. Never met a normal sane white parison who would even propose this thinking

No. 369139

To me their legacy is tainted. It felt like a gun shot to my chest the day I found out about that. I used to think this blatant misogyny was a recent cultural development but seeing patterns repeat is so depressing

No. 369143

Naaah, he's a scrote, unless the blender's shaped like a kid, he's not interested.

No. 369199

File: 1703673421141.jpg (207.9 KB, 1178x752, Screen-Shot-2023-06-28-at-1.48…)

What percentage of African does someone need to be to count as black?

No. 369201

No. 369205

File: 1703675828289.jpg (23.46 KB, 453x301, 4f176574e822a99a057ad073edd8fe…)

0%, it's about phenotype. Native phillipinos are not African but they are black. Rachel Dolwzal, Martina Big and others who go out of their way to be racialized as black are also black.

No. 369220

Not sure why this got weird bait responses, but this thread is full of non-black people and moids looking for attention, unfortunately. Anyway, the one drop rule is a ridiculous legacy from slavery, and "political blackness" is as valid as transgender ideology.

No. 369229

Agreed. Those people have unironic "reeeeee center me" troon mentality, they're just more openly hostile about their envy.

No. 369231

It has more to do with how one appears and how others react towards you. The logic of race existed centuries before actual genetic testing. SO If you look black, people will see and treat as black. If I had to guess, around 50-60%.

No. 369240

File: 1703693073307.jpg (32.62 KB, 635x414, 31870376_623028948042377_67101…)

I think it's interesting that only black people are really expected to be kind of loose with what it means to "look" black. For example, a Filipino person with brown skin and curly hair is still Asian, but there are some Americans who'd insist they're "black" due to stereotypes about what Asian people are "meant" to look like. 9 times out of 10, if you place them next to an actual black person (ie African or African-American), the difference is stark. The only exception I would make on this is for some indigenous groups from the Andaman Islands (eg the Jarawas people), but no one's ever really talking about them when this topic comes up for some reason, kek.
IMO, people who are 50% black typically look exactly what they are (a mix between two races). The only reason they've been pushed into blackness alone is because white people have historically stigmatized having even just a tiny amount of black ancestry. The logic is based in racism, rather than reality. This is also why both in and outside of the black community, they don't get treated the same way as people who are 60-100% black.

No. 369249

I don't know if this is "problem" enough but during the pandemic I started using cheap kiss impress press on nails and I have never looked back. I hate the passive aggressive energy in those nail shops. Hate sitting for an hour while you learn while doing my nails. Hate the conversations around me in other languages which I always assumed were about me.

Never looking back.

No. 369252

File: 1703701202658.jpeg (108.4 KB, 618x618, IMG_8590.jpeg)

I’m not even trying to bait but how do you anons feel about this post making rounds on Twitter? Also have you guys noticed the amped up racially charged comments being posted on Instagram as well?

No. 369253

The white male is racebaiting again, kek. Will you also larp as a russian/ukranian/etc. white girl next like you always do? Those slav bitches would blow your brains out for 3 euros.

No. 369254

It's actually so annoying. Like we've been black our whole lives but they think some racist memes are gonna send us into a frenzy like tf do you want us to say? Racism exists, who knew?

No. 369255

You're not alone nonnie. I was lurking on the Asian girl thread and I did hear that they mostly never ate talking about customers and ate just talking amongst themselves if that makes you feel better but in this economy doing your own nails is always worth it

No. 369261

Hes just trying to anger women, it's funny because the white women he fetishizes would rather kill him than fuck him.

No. 369263

File: 1703703697260.jpeg (25.71 KB, 164x166, IMG_8592.jpeg)

Lmfao I’m not even trying to bait, it’s just something incredibly offensive being posted around social media and I was trying to start a convo. I don’t know why newfags easily get their panties in a bunch thinking that every single person is a moid, tranny or lurker trying only to result in getting innocent people getting unfairly banned. That type of unnecessary paranoia makes the site unbearable to visit and post on, we’ve already went through that era of calling everyone a man and it sucked complete clit, just chill and get over it. Learn to use proper discernment if you think it’s the male poster, I clearly was not baiting. If you can’t determine who is or isn’t an obvious troll then maybe you shouldn’t be on this website. Chill tf out

No. 369267

File: 1703704195975.jpg (242.41 KB, 891x745, 1000012915.jpg)

Interesting that I've already somewhat debunked this when I sperged out in the confessions thread. He also tried posting this same opinion in the unpopular opinions thread, and now he's doing it on /g/. I guess he's not done crying about it, but hey, whatever makes this moid want to believe we're just "degenerate".

No. 369275

I wonder which black girl screwed him over so he got this obsessive lol. I bet its because some black girl in his class got in a better university or position than him and he's butthurt him being white and male wasnt enough to be better than her.

No. 369276

Kek, I wouldn't doubt that theory. He is really obsessed with trying to make black people seem like we're just a bunch of dumbasses, so it feels like a personal issue with him KEK

No. 369278

File: 1703706727079.jpg (50.04 KB, 723x999, 9_row-brush.jpg)

What's a tool, style or product that's really helped you with your hair? For me it's the Denman brush!

No. 369280

I mean this thread is full of moids he’s just one of many

No. 369286

But it's true. The vast majority of black majority schools have terrible test scores. HBCUs are so bad the only reason people attend them is culture. Blacks are a minority in the ivy league despite being more numerous in America compared to Asians and Jews and getting an affirmative action boost.

No. 369289

File: 1703707437360.jpeg (28.03 KB, 764x765, shopping (10).jpeg)


No. 369292

see >>369109
All the losers going "reeeee nooo!! wewuz colorz n shiet!! look at my hair and eyes and fake tan reeee" need to argue with their forefathers, who made the term for us, instead of malding that they don't get to feel special. It's genuinely not our fault (or our problem) that these people considered themselves and their progeny colorless, so I'm not sure why they're bringing it to us. Being "of color" stopped being a bad thing specifically because of the people it was used against, so "taking it back" doesn't really work.

No. 369297

Kek and now he's in this thread talking about "b-bu-but but test scores! And schools and a-affirmative action!!1!". Moids seem to be very illiterate when it comes to reading statistics that isn't just telling them what they WANT to hear, because the main ones that benefitted from Affirmative Action aren't even black people kek

No. 369299

A lot of black people have undiagnosed adhd for which they never receive treatment. I knew a black kid who was super smart but his problem was he couldn’t concentrate on anything to save his life and had no willpower/executive dysfunction. Luckily his parents got him on medication and last I heard from him he was progressing a lot and passed the bar to becoming a lawyer.

No. 369312

>the main ones that benefitted from Affirmative Action aren't even black people kek
Exactly. Plus, affirmative action is already over, but you just know that these failures will spend the next 10 years blaming race for their own lack of progress.

No. 369315

No. 369319

File: 1703711047425.jpeg (Spoiler Image,94.39 KB, 800x600, 9BA04A52-AD6F-4FB4-A6E0-4FFFCA…)

Sometimes I wonder if this applies to me because I’ve always had trouble focusing even before I got a smartphone. I’m worried I won’t be taken seriously if I went to a doctor. Is it ADHD or a result of the culture I currently live in?

No. 369320

It's a moid with a baldness fetish. Ignore and report.

No. 369328

Love that picture nonny

No. 369347

At the risk of sounding controversial, there’s a theory that adhd is more prevalent in people of African descent than whites and Asians because many parts of Africa were Hunter gatherer cultures for thousands of years rather than agricultural. There’s a theory that ADHD is a leftover mechanism from Hunter gatherer days and that it was advantageous in those circumstances. If you look at google it says white kids have the highest prevalence of adhd then black kids, but I’d wager that’s because a lot of black children never receive clinical psychiatric and neurological assessments, whereas more white kids do.

No. 369361

How many times are we gonna have this conversation though

No. 369363

Yep it was white women who mainly benefitted

No. 369418

File: 1703739770137.jpg (429.05 KB, 1079x888, 1000012267.jpg)

You got banned for responding to a scrote, but I agree with your premise. It's so weird that moids on the internet even come on this board talk about how ugly they think we are: when chances are, black women wouldn't even want to fuck them anyway. Even though they think we're soooo "ugly", they still keep thinking about us and attempt to make their little opinions our problem instead of writing it in a diary. It's strange.

No. 369423

These men talk about about easy it is to rile up black women and make money from engagement on twitter and to a lesser extent, the rest of the internet. It’s very easy to make that your niche, because misogynoir is not taken seriously by either black activist groups or modern feminism. The mere presence of a black woman is enough to be political and drive discourse. In the short term, the best thing you can do is block, mud and delete any negative interactions. Curate all your media and adjust the algorithms in your favor. In the long term, learn to control your emotions and reactions so that others may not make money from it.

No. 369426

I think this is true. At least with me, i only got diagnosed when i was in my late 20s and I can't help but feel like if i was allowed to receive help for autism when i was a child, i could have had it dealt with and my trajectory in life would have completely transformed. Now i am playing catch up to fix the damage that years of executive dysfunction and depression because of underdeveloped social skills which will probably never be fixed tbh. The fact that a lot of black parents think neurodivergence is some white people shit or just want to pray on it does so much damage.
I was worried about the same thing, but it got to the point where i just heavily related with people with adhd so much that it was undeniable that i had it and I had zero issues being taken seriously.
I agree with you anon. I really wish the mods of this site would finally implement a feature to hide posts they way that we can hide threads. It would make using this thread and others so much better. I pretty much hide almost all political discourse, especially on twitter, you should just nuke it all. I can feel that after muskrat bought the site he started pushing conservatoids to the top and they are the most angry and disgusting people filled with negativity and hate, they give me the same ick as tras a lot of the times, who i also always block too.

No. 369466

Theyre intimidated by black women and have penis envy for black men that they take out on you because they view you as more vocal and independent, which is why they worship the idea of Asian women for being submissive and silent. It's all racial fixations they develop and nurture aggressively to distract from their obvious inferiority complex.

No. 369701

I think you are hard on yourself. Give yourself a break. You come across as funny and charming in your posts.

No. 369709

Why do people (especially nonblacks) keep saying that Eminem is "goated" or is the "greatest rapper alive"? I don't listen to his music at all, so can any black Eminem-listeners please explain to me why so many edgy white teens and men love this asshole so much?

No. 369710

I hate Eminem and I always have.

No. 369715

Hi everyone, I'm not black but I have this question I'm curious about: is being an imageboard user as common among black people as other races? I always thought most American Nonna's were white/latin because as a foreigner imageboards are stereotyped that way. Am I wrong?

No. 369754

Not sure if common, but I have met some black moids on ibs.

No. 369803

Yes, we do. There's two major sites just for black people. Of course we're less likely to be on incelchan or incelfarms because they are nastily racist. Lolcow is only better because people rarely talk about race but whenever it does come up, racism comes out.

I don't know much about rap but this YouTuber put out a really good video explaining it. Nowadays when it comes to the music industry it just feels like we get what "the gatekeepers" allow to be put out. Since it's self hating black scores who are often the gatekeepers, what we get isn't that good

No. 369850

>is being an imageboard user as common among black people as other races?
No. There are black people who use image boards but it's not a high demographic (fortunately, I'm glad we don't).

No. 369911

File: 1703917082410.png (639.69 KB, 520x516, GAw3sBRXkAAvkRQ.png)

My 2024 goal is to spend less time on black spaces, especially black women's spaces. They always talk about the worst aspects abut being black and talk down on themselves as "everyone hates hates!" vibes. I've never hated myself as much as I did being in "divestment" spaces. The occasional picture of a Sudanese model doesn't dispel the animosity online.

Constant nagging about black women are so stupid and lost and how the evil dumb blackie refuses to date out and how she is doomed, constant hatred towards black tomboys and lesbians for the "sin" of "masculinizing" the black female image, open lust for non-black men and daily debates on interracial dating.

I keep coming back for the small crumbs of wisdom, but I feel like it's not worth it. Deactivating twitter and getting back into my "nerd" hobbies feels more humanizing and worthwhile.

No. 369912

I see his appeal. I always thought it was because of his novelty of being a white guy in a black space. He has some fun rhymes but I've never been a fan.

They've always been there but they've always been a small portion of the population, like most places.

No. 369928

I agree with you. also attracts a lot of bad faith actors to stir the pot. one of the examples of how having an online space isn't helpful

No. 369934

Divestment spaces mostly sadden me because I feel like it really was an opportunity to actively get better but it seems to perpetuate a cycle of seeking negative content, getting mad and sad about it and then “explaining” the issues with black women. No matter how much black women complain about negative representation I also feel like we don’t really actively seek out positive representation. It feels pointless to complain if we make no effort to change it.

No. 369966

This applies to a lot of things. We hate rap, but don't put effort into seeking other musical acts. We hate violent men, but too many chicks defend them for "abolitionist" purposes. We want to see high ranking/earning people, but constantly focus on the behaviors of the violent lower class. Start with yourselves first.

No. 369990

File: 1703971278773.jpg (41.41 KB, 602x599, 1000013016.jpg)

Black imageboard users are like black emos. They exist, they're just not very common and almost rare.

No. 369992

Really? I’m not black either but I thought there was an average amount of black gals who post here. Although I am (embarrassingly) really bad at gauging things beyond a person’s personality, especially in terms of text only with no visuals. I can’t really differentiate ethnicity here unless a person exclusively says if they are Mexican or French or black, etc. even worse in real life my gaydar is so far off I don’t even notice when someone is blatantly a lesbian or I’ve assumed guys were gay that totally weren’t at all. But in terms of on here I have seen a handful of anons mentioning they are black in relation to the subject at hand so assumed there were likely many who just didn’t say as well and figured there were an average amount on here..?

No. 369993

Samefag but I hope I don’t sound like an asshole for asking this but can black anons tell when another anon is black? As far as I can tell everyone sounds more or less like just a person to me. Including anons who are bitchy or ignorant or trolling, nothing ever stands out racially to me even in that context.

No. 369994

I can tell sometimes

No. 369995

Omg I’m so sorry for triple fagging here but i haven’t read any of this thread yet and my comments were merely based off of that one comment/image I saw from the front page of the site. I’ve started reading this thread though and I quite like it. (sorry if any questions I asked have already been answered btw that’s my bad).

No. 369996

I’ve never been on any other image boards so don’t really have much to base off of but this site in particular has such a wide coverage of subjects beyond the main attraction of the cows (I suppose) I find a lot of anons here quite intelligent and often am glad to hear the various perspectives everyone has. I am also not a very internet oriented person and have never had social media before but I like that the anonymity sort of puts everyone on the same plane to voice their opinion or ideas. (And yes I understand the negative aspect of being anon as well) but this is something I find interesting.

No. 369998

I also find this interesting since, according to the theory of revolution, all humans evolved from monkeys, not just black people. Also that is an adorable baby monkey.

No. 369999

File: 1703973779047.jpg (162.47 KB, 719x923, GCmDyTDXoAA94Pk.jpg)

Black women face extremely high levels of sexual assault and violence. Moids, libfems and retards obsessed with the "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" stereotype love to gaslight about this subject, downplay it or outright deny it.

No. 370000

File: 1703974184008.jpg (24.73 KB, 500x375, tumblr_24238cf79f5ad65a91f7a6b…)

Not related but I love black scene/emo girls lol

No. 370001

yes, we can. usually through slang or just the perspective anons have on certain things.

No. 370003

No. 370006

Yes, it's always very obvious to me when an anon is black

No. 370014

Yh I wouldn't trust this world to be that much better. Slavery has shown us how certain groups of women have the capacity to subjugate us. Maybe if this lack of trust was addressed things would be better but all you get is gaslighting and empty words.

No. 370058

Does anyone else watch the YouTuber Flower Tower?

No. 370064

Does anyone 30+ get annoyed when you get told you look much younger because you’re certain you look your age.

No. 370069

I've been divorced from the divestment space for quite a while now. I cannot relate with the way so many divestor's are very obsessed with moids or if they aren't, they have really obnoxious type A personalities i cannot relate with, but good for those women i guess. As someone who have decided to just remain celibate, there is nothing to gain from listening to stories about how awful black women are treated through dating. I tend to try to avoid those when scouring through radfem content too. It's just not relevant to me and i don't really need that in my life. I feel like i am exactly what a lot of divestors hate. I am not glamorous, i don't really care about what men think of me tbh. Having images shown to me of insanely beautiful black models doesn't empower me, if anything it just triggers my body dysmorphia a lot of the time because i have never really liked the way i looked anyways, but i also enjoy the freedom is just giving up and being scruffy. I don't believe it is my job to be a good representation for all black women. I feel like some divestors' get bothered by being lumped with other black people who are terrible. If people want to judge me for the actions of another, that is their own issue. It just means they are stupid. I am only myself and i want to live life in a way that makes me happy. They are going to have to put up with my hairy armpits and lack of sex appeal.

No. 370074

You make a very good point nona. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was about the divestment movement that gives me the ick (apart from the desperation to be accepted and picked, and dick worship) it’s the fact that we’re expected to be a good example and prove to men somehow that black women can be beautiful too! What a thought! This is exactly why I’m sick of that whole movement. It’s not my job to be the ‘hot black girl’ that defies stereotypes in the desperate hopes that some moid might call me attractive. My job is not to look like a model and try to entice moids to give me a chance, or try to convince them that black girls can be beautiful too. Why should I? How is that my job? I refuse. I’ll look the way I want to and moids can either take or leave it. I don’t care about their validation or acceptance of me.

No. 370076

Do you rinse your chicken and beef before cooking it, or do you just cook it out the package?

No. 370089

I think imageboards can be quite racist at times and I don’t think black people want to put themselves in those spaces. There are mostly black forums like LSA though.

No. 370096

Pat dry with paper towel, season, then cook. No rinsing.

No. 370194

Ayrt (I just noticed the typo and it’s supposed to say not including trolls etc.)
Super shitty that you can’t even use anonymous boards without experiencing racism. What is lsa like? Is it like celebrity gossip or a broad range of topics like here? Just curious. I am not internet savvy at all and actually took quite a while to learn how to use this site. I haven’t seen anything blatantly racist here outside of very obvious trolls or moids but there are so so many threads and I also think I subconsciously skim over ignorance. I hope it doesn’t sound too ignorant on my behalf but I’m sorry you have to experience such things and can’t just navigate the difficulties life already has without piling on the weight of racism. I’m honestly not a people person at all and rescue and rehabilitate animals for a living so for me people are either garbage or compassionate and neither of those are racially exclusive. I enjoy and value the insight of this thread and hope you ladies all have a good day.

No. 370196

LSA isn't even a black forum, there's plenty of big name users being revealed to be white/latino/asian/etc. They love using the site for (old) tea and larping as a black person.

LSA hasn't been good for gossip since 2015. Most people lurk for the reactions

No. 370197

you're supposed to cook it from the package. Washing it in the sink will just spread germs. At most you can use a vinegar soak

No. 370317

Well I do think some anons are fine with racism unless it’s from troons. But that’s to be expected. Not to beat a dead horse but that Paris Hilton example, where the anon was fine with racism because she was white I think is a prime example. There is an idea that woman=white and so any racism from white women tends to be dismissed because they don’t really consider us women. I don’t necessarily consider that ignorance tbh. To be fair I don’t expect white women to fight our battles. But it would be nice if they weren’t such apologists of racist white women.

No. 370328

I'm 37 and get told I look and get treated like I'm 19.
The curse of good black genes.

No. 370370

I don't think it's easy to spot, personally I can only tell if a poster is autistic.
This reminds me of being a preteen in 2010 and googling "scene girls black skin" for inspo/tutorials because "black scene girls" would return girls with black hair lol.

No. 370469

I literally never understood where white guys get off thinking they’re the prize tbh. Growing up in a largely white school I saw the little white moidlets display a lot of emotional and physical weakness in front of me (like some incidents I can recall was one ginger kid peeing himself next to me in assembly kek, another boy fainting after being stung by a bee, coming to school with self harming wounds or trying to attempt suicide by jumping out of the second floor window, or crying after getting into a fight with another kid etc) my perception of white moids was always that they’re kind of mentally weak, pathetic and lame and I honestly felt mostly sorry/pity for them. Most men are big babies tbh, not just white guys, and get coddled by mommy, and I have absolutely no tolerance for it. So when white moids try to assert themselves as alphas I just kind of chuckle to myself because I think of them as little moidlets and it seems like they need constant coddling, reassurance and validation. Probably because most of them are spoiled brats tbh. I’ve always been very turned off by seeing emotional weakness in men, as bad as that sounds, which is why I never liked city slicker moids, ‘shy sensitive guys’, depressed guys etc. They’re usually just covert narcs in my experience.

No. 370482

Lol they're so insecure about even the porn genre THEY created and popularized BBC that now they're trying to come up with their own version of it BWC kek

No. 370485

Do white men think they're the prize? All I see is other women treating them like that. Your attitude sucks btw and shows why this >>367456 ends up happening in the big picture(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 370486

>butthurt that I insulted his precious white moids
>w-women worship us btw
>y-you’re just a black woman with a bad attitude!
Lol. Begone insecure moid.

No. 370488

continues to prove her point
what did he mean by this????

No. 370489

Cooking destroys all the germs anyway so what’s the point of washing it? I always thought that was a racist stereotype tbh to try and prove that black women are low IQ or something and don’t understand germ theory. I don’t know a single black woman who washes meat before cooking it lol.

No. 370492

File: 1704177677264.gif (669.32 KB, 154x190, 1000013075.gif)

Oh my god what a FUCKING LOSER KEK all these forums, imageboards, websites, and social media he can surround himself with other white moids on, and he still chooses to come here and actually whine about some random black women being "mean" when he and his father probably said way worse things about black people as a group KEK it's so stupid to me when white scrotes still find a way here and get offended, like close your fucking eyes then you mollycoddled faggotrons KEKK so much of this world is already male-dominated and caters to them, but they STILL need coddling from random black women on an imageboard? What more do they want from everybody?? Kekk
Man, for virtually all my life, my mom and dad made it a house rule to rinse and massage raw chicken and beef in water to "wash" it. Even when I learned that it was pointless, they clowned the info. Then again, my dad also thinks medium rare steak is just asking for salmonella, so I guess parents can't know everything.

No. 370499

Don’t even respond to butthurt scrotes. They are desperate for attention.

No. 370570

not a man just pointing out what you said doesn't even make sense when there are women in this thread talking about "divestment" or whatever

No. 370584

File: 1704220242984.jpg (207.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

any tips for managing/styling 4c hair? I like silk presses but there's not much longevity there and I can't get them too often to mitigate heat damage
I was thinking of getting locs but they seem so permanent and I like changing up my hairstyle. Any nonas here with locs?

No. 370590

I have 4c hair and have no idea nona. My hairdresser told me my hair is too dry for that much heat so I’m stuck. Also my hair grows extremely slowly.

No. 370591

all I can say is moisture is your friend. 4c isn’t difficult to manage IMO, dry hair is, and there’s just a lack of investment into products that are properly designed to effectively moisturise our hair. I think constantly putting hair into extensions and heat damage and the like worsens the issue.

No. 370598

How do I actually get moisture into my hair tho? I feel like nothing really soaks in properly. I feel like I need some kind of hyaluronic acid treatment or sth.

No. 370614

File: 1704236810501.png (153.28 KB, 1433x1600, 4FKLTv7.png)

4C hair is best styled with the LOC method as it's designed to retain moisture

No. 370627

It depresses me how black/brown children are ‘adultized’ so early on in life and not afforded the luxury of childhood innocence that’s usually granted to white kids. White people are allowed to behave like children and commit selfish, reckless, impulsive dumb acts until well into their 30s and are still infantilized for it. They can play off everything bad they do as a ‘learning curve’ or ‘just part of growing up’ but black children are seen as wicked, lewd, aggressive, tainted and sinful from when we’re prepubescent. White kids who smoke weed or snort coke all the time are just seen as harmless hippies or silly rich kids experimenting with substances for fun, meanwhile black kids who use drugs are evil dangerous felons who should probably be shot. From childhood we are viewed as more mature, more sexualized, more intimidating/threatening, more dangerous, in less need of care, kindness and compassion and parental guidance. Meanwhile whites are coddled well into adulthood and given carte blanche for all kinds of immoral activities.

No. 370664

I can’t help but hate the cultural direction post-2020. Everything feels worse, especially being black. I hate when black elders tell you you’re living in the best time to be black, surrounded by TikTok cringe and DEI and everyone looking down on you and constant disrespect. I hate the older folks for not trying to be better people or building up their own communities and schools. I hate their white worship, which plays well it’s white guilt, creating this toxic co-defendant relationship for all of America to gawk at.

I hate modern life and I hate being told to be grateful for all this “woke” stuff. I never asked for this stuff, you liberal narcissists.

No. 370665

Blame the parents for not talking childcare seriously. Most people on earth should not be parents and that goes for double for black people, triple for poor black people.

Jus t saw a video of a grown woman beating the crap out of her daughter for being raped, and laughing at her. Contrasted with a video of a 4 year old speaking in full articulate sentences on how his parents made him feel upset.

The contrast is heartbreaking to me.(racebaiting)

No. 370669

I think a lot of black people just find children to be a huge burden from my own experience. My parents found me and my siblings annoying and a drain for sure, they even told us that verbally. I know as an African, most people have children because they are expected to have them, not because they want them. At best, they just put up with their existence and try to ignore them as much as possible or do as many things to try to get them to shut them up and help them act more adult by giving them a whole bunch of responsibilities they really shouldn't have. I've confronted my own parents for their behaviour and their excuse is that their parents were harsh to them so they think they should do the same. They probably see the gentle parenting thing as something that is destroying children, but the real reason why they hate it is because they can't be bothered to give a shit about us. Shouting and spanking is much easier more convenient and easy, you don't need to manage your own feelings and it gets your children to fuck off and stay quiet much faster so you can get back to being a couch potato. I keep going on, but today my uncle who is a millennial was talking about how fatherhood is a gift and how much he loves his son and my dad was just quiet as fuck lmao. It doesn't help that none of us are really the children that he and my mother wanted. I genuinely don't believe my parents see me and my siblings as human beings deserving of our own agency, thoughts and opinions.

No. 370671

Outside how a lot of black parents are with their children, i do believe that racists straight up don't see non-white children as human beings capable of being pure or innocent, deserving of protection. I do think a lot of issues with the black people would be healed if more people were nicer to the children, especially the girls since they are so much easier to be steered in the correct direction compared to black moids who imo there kind of isn't much hope for as long as the gangster culture and toxic rap music keeps getting shoved down their throats.

No. 370689

>I hate when black elders tell you you’re living in the best time to be black, surrounded by TikTok cringe and DEI and everyone looking down on you and constant disrespect.
Compared to literal segregation that 65+ year old black people grew up in, they're right about now being the best time to be black in the US.

No. 370701

They had everything in the 90s but threw all that away for rap and hip-hop. They literally worshipped OJ Simpson against all odds and reasoning. Millennials had the nerve to be edgy and then turn around and nag us for jokes.

Everything sucks and it’s only going to get worse. Thanks for nothing.

No. 370714

File: 1704278141840.gif (4.19 MB, 640x360, 1000011232.gif)

>goes double for black people, and triple for poor black people
My mom and stepfather are black and both grew up in really poor, trashy households. Guess how fun the first thirteen years of my life were? Not very fun. My mom became something like a counselor for rape and abuse victims but if you knew what she really thought about people who got molested, you'd want to kill her. I want to say or believe that you're wrong, but based on my experience and the fact that almost every single black person I've met went through the same or similar family dynamics…you're unfortunately right. Growing up, it really felt like a cultural aspect for black people to hate their own fucking kids, and to lack so. much. empathy towards other black people and subjects like rape, molestation, or abuse. Like, it even feels generational for black families to be fucked up because for my mom and stepdad, their parents treated them like dogs and didn't even believe in children having meaningful emotions. It feels so ingrained for countless black people (at least for African-Americans) to pretty much loathe their own children, it's seen as a normal standard to whip out a belt and beat kids as young as four with them (for punishment). It's precisely why I had quite a period of self-contempt for my race.

No. 370715

White people have spent hundreds of years murdering and raping little poc kids everywhere from Africa to the Middle East to Vietnam.

No. 370717

Kys salty white moid.

No. 370719

Multiple black advocates have pointed out that America doesn’t need black people anymore because we won’t perform free labor for whites anymore. They’ve got all the Mexicans they need to do that now. African Americans are simply seen as a problem that must be solved in the US, and you better believe the government wants black people dead and gone so they can rinse their hands of us. Peddling abortions in black communities, glorifying the hustler/gangster lifestyle, getting famous black people to represent gangs and rap about how good it is to kill people and import drug shipments and spend time in jail, shooting and robbing each other, introducing crack in the 80s and encouraging drug use instead of black people actually dealing with childhood and ancestral trauma in a healthy way etc, all serves white supremacy more than anyone else, all it does is hurt and genocide black people. And yes it is intentional. They want African Americans gone. This is also why divestment keeps getting shilled so hard lately, it’s not any different to slavery days when they would also accept quadroons or octoroons into white society based on blood quantum. Whites would like to see black genes eradicated out of the American gene pool and every black person who mixes is 50% closer to being assimilated, which benefits them.

No. 370733

Cap, black children report having the highest self esteem, higher than whites, Asians and Latinos. Fuck off with your ‘all black parents are trashy and neglectful’ nonsense.

No. 370743

File: 1704291533785.jpg (41.42 KB, 968x645, chrystul kizer.jpg)

>Outside how a lot of black parents are with their children, i do believe that racists straight up don't see non-white children as human beings capable of being pure or innocent, deserving of protection.
Yes. For black children specifically, it stems back to slavery and moids wanting an entire class of vulnerable kids to abuse and victim blame with impunity. If you want to see it playing out today, look how they've been trying to put a teenage girl in jail for rightfully dispatching the 33 year old piece of shit moid who sex trafficked her since 16, pimped out girls as young as 12 and made/hoarded CP (he made multiple videos of her specifically, too). One of his other victims reported him, and the police had evidence of all his acts, but released him that same day. Cyntoia Brown went through the same. They'd rather protect pedophiles over children of certain races.

It's funny how failure white moids and their retarded sycophants seethe whenever these topics are brought up, then proceed to demonstrate that it's all true whenever they make disgusting comments about underage black girls (most recently, I saw them do it to a 14 year old actress) and "effeminate" boys.

No. 370746

NTA but same nona. Thanks for sharing. it's so frustrating to know that mostly my mom (my dad just goes with whatever my mom wants) and dad just see me as a burden to raise and as soon as I become an adult I'm some investment or something and I need to give them all my money and assets. It's so cold because my mom was my number 1 bully growing up and now she expects me to just do whatever she wants. I wish black families were kinder and more empathetic to each other. It doesn't really matter how other people view and treat us when we don't treat our own kindly and with compassion.

Vid rel it talks about how black businesses/employees tend to not treat black customers well. I've noticed this a lot too when I've been out and about how black employees will treat me like garbage lol. At least more people are aware and talking about it. hopefully things will start to change

No. 370747

If it makes you feel better child abuse happens across all races. Belt beatings and switches etc is more of an Evangelical American Christian child rearing thing than a race thing (even if you’re not a practicing Evangelical most people in the US are Christian and it’s in the culture).

No. 370750

NTA but it definitely doesn't help to know it happens to others. I've also found at least in my experience, people who do share similar abusive backgrounds but aren't black will use it on some level to be like "well at least I'm not black" and distance themselves from us. You would think having that common ground would help bring people together but idk. Maybe other people have had different experiences but in mine it doesn't help in getting close to non-black people

No. 370751

>If it makes you feel better child abuse happens across all races.
Why would this make anyone feel better kek

No. 370753

Sure, but black children are statistically three times more likely to die from abuse and neglect than white children. Like, even though black kids are only 16% of the child population, they make up 30% of kids that are noted to suffer abuse and neglect. That's a huge proportion. And who do you think is doing it? The fact that those kids can pick themselves up and move away from their abuse doesn't mean the abuse isn't common. And where are you even getting that black kids are emotionally invincible? Because there's multiple articles exposing black kids to be at a higher risk for depression and anxiety. And gee, why do you think that is?
>fuck off thinking all black parents are trashy and neglectful
I didn't even say all of them were like that, I'm just pointing out that abuse seems extra common among black communities. You're making a strawman argument, calm down.

No. 370755

File: 1704294423998.jpeg (824.68 KB, 1481x1332, B97A342C-6BC2-418A-B8F9-812BA5…)

White men don’t see their mixed race daughters as fully human (aka white, like themselves) Men are literally more likely to chimp out and murder children who don’t resemble them because it triggers their subconscious fear of being genetically cucked, doubly so if the child is a girl. There’s always some weird dynamic there, either cold distant and unfeeling or incestuous and lacking boundaries. If these men have white kids, they have a strong preference for those kids while sidelining their mixed kids at best and actively abusing them at worst.

No. 370756

Also there’s been studies done on mothers of mixed kids. The parental behavior and mental health of the mothers was the same in both mothers of monoracial kids and mothers of mixed kids. Yet mixed kids are at much higher risk for incest and abuse, so that shows it’s the fathers committing nearly all of this abuse.

No. 370757

File: 1704295023413.png (42.5 KB, 800x800, 04E96C86-69C8-4690-935C-406EDA…)

Infanticide is associated with young maternal age, and black people have the youngest mothers on average. Black kids are also much more likely to live in poor condition housing with lack of security and impoverished neighbourhoods with higher crime.

No. 370758

lol sorry I was being acerbic because the topic depresses me, obviously I don’t literally think that would make anyone feel good. Just saying it’s a humanity problem (and to some degree a Christian American problem) not a race-specific problem so there’s no need for nona to hate being black because of that (maybe she still will but I don’t see the point of that on this topic.)

No. 370761

first anon you replied to. from what she posted it sounded like her self contempt is from the past. My issue is that despite similarities across racial lines it doesn't seem to bring people together and still used as something to look down on black people for despite going through something similar.

No. 370764

I shouldn't have read that, this filled me with so much rage. That poor girl. Death is too light of a sentence for him, he should suffer the same fate. Not even by other man, but by some torturing robot, idek.
Sage for alogging

No. 370768

Couldn't possibly be systematic, no way, absolutely not. Impossible.

No. 370769

idk if anyone else got the same vibes, but the series of messages, pictures and statistics graphs gave me scrote from /pol/ vibes. that's a very common talking point and trope for them. they're obsessed with racial crime and percentages. Just report and ignore those types of posts, notice how black and white (lol) they always are and never offer any sort of positivity. The next thread should just be a black girl general so they stop shitting up the thread with horrific shit

No. 370770

Agreed. I think it's the same moid who posts underhanded insults toward black women while pretending to be one of us, then throws a tantrum whenever he's clocked. He did the same "muh graphs" thing last thread more than once.

No. 370772

File: 1704298689521.jpeg (496.7 KB, 1620x903, 8ED6C16A-62A1-4CDA-A355-781222…)

>traumatize an entire race of people for 200 years
>depression and trauma are literally proven to be transmitted from mother to fetus
>why are black American children feeling so fucked up?
Slavery. Duh.

No. 370775

Obvious samefag is obvious. Nobody here wants your white dick, scrote.

No. 370776

so fucking disgusting. at least he got the death penalty.

No. 370777

Speaking of these posts, anyone else noticed that you can trash every race ITT (including trashing black women) no problem but as soon as you trash white guys some anon crawls out of the woodwork, starts sperging out and accusing that poster of being a man and desperately tries to deflect attention away from news stories that show white males in a bad light? Like be less obvious retard. Scrotes can never blend in they’re always so painfully obvious kek.

No. 370778

>multiple people see through me? s-samefag, n-no u
You type and act the same every time, and are obsessed with shitting on black women. You will never be a woman.
There's a difference between actual black anons talking about Chrystul Kizer, and some of the deranged posts that came after when some moid tried to take it as a queue.

No. 370780

exactly. he's so delusional and self centered he keeps talking about "white dick" because that's ultimately what he wants us to talk about. don't bother responding to him though, they just encourage him to post more

No. 370781

You’re so clockable because you only seethe whenever white moids are brought up in a bad light. You aren’t fooling anyone. Go back troon.

No. 370782

He's having the tantrum.

No. 370783

They also found that replacing traumatized babies mothers with a loving stepmother figure and good upbringing wasn’t enough to reverse the damage/trauma. Trauma literally starts in the womb.

No. 370784

weird how the tranny never got upset when someone said black people shouldn’t be allowed to breed and that all black parents are abusers who want to harm their kids and that all black moms are shit. but he started reeing when a screenshot of a new story about a white man who raped and murdered his mulatto daughter is shown. interesting.

No. 370785

nta but in case you're also a black nona, I don't think it's so much white guys being brought up in a bad light in this instance, but just posting absolutely terrible shit when it's uncalled for and how it was posted. It's so extreme and off-putting. I would have the same reaction if he posted a crime report on a black mother murdering her child and then saying something like all black mothers don't see their children as human.

No. 370787

because posts that obvious are just being ignored and reported. everything would just be so much easier if we stopped replying to bait and just report it for the mods to clean up. Also not all bans get red texted. Can we please move on now?

No. 370788

Look at the posts above that, retard. Someone was literally trashing black parents and implying all black people want to kill their kids and resent having them and only have children because they’re expected to. Interesting how you weren’t upset about that but got extremely butthurt about the white man being slandered. Very interesting lmao.

No. 370790

You and some posters in the last day seem to be very keen on spreading this idea that black people hate each other. Your posts are weird and reek of concerntrolling and divide and conquer bullshit.

No. 370792

My interpretation of this post is how black children are more likely to be shot by police, become victims of violent crime, be given less clemency by the law and be tried as adults even when underage etc. For some reason, a few weirdos took it as a cue to bash black moms/parents in general and talk about how black families are terrible. Odd.

No. 370793

>divide and conquer
my post is literally saying we should do the opposite and should be kinder and more compassionate to each other. Why are you starting shit?

No. 370794

Saying that black businesses don’t like their black customers and projecting the idea that black children are burdens just because your parents see you as one is divide and conquer bait. You’ll take any opportunity you can to trash black people and paint them as terrible and unkind lol.

No. 370795

File: 1704301315414.png (1.1 MB, 1340x917, mentoillness.png)

It's not a black nona. It's some guy who only comes here to freely sperg at black women while LARPing as one. He probably goes on LSA and does the same.
I reported the post saying black people in particular "shouldn't reproduce", and I'm also reporting any thinly veiled nazi tripe I see. 90% chance he's going to reply to this post accusing me of being him, then make more obvious posts bashing us for breathing while he's cooming at his PC to the concept of being a self-hating "blackpill" black woman saving and reposting graphs from /pol/.

No. 370797

thanks, you're right. I fell for it for a second. What an evil person.

No. 370800

Tbh I agree we should just make the next thread "Black Girl General". The posts that are just personal venting, discussing racism and sharing struggles feel so different from the ones that sound moidish, say nasty things about all black people and have "we" pronouns haphazardly shoved in. It's like when there's an obvious male in /ot/.

No. 370805

Just for clarity, the tranny has not been redtexted in this thread because he was already permabanned for being on his usual bullshit in another thread (and redtexts are per ban rather than added to every post). Normally we'd delete all his posts, but when there's a lot of replies like there are in this case it makes the thread hard to read/follow after the purge. Try not to reply to him in the future, it only encourages him!

No. 370808

ty farmhand

No. 370826

lmao, if anything we need more abortions in this community. The less kids born to poor teen moms the better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 370827

this could be applied to every group n the planet, especially for the kids born into war zones

No. 370841

1/3 of black fetuses are already aborted…your post smells like bait.

No. 370842

Is this a white tranny who larps as a black woman? Wtf.

No. 370843

Something like 1 in 2 black families will be investigated by CPS for abuse at some point. Most of these cases are dismissed as no evidence was found. However: black children are most likely to be taken into care. The social workers who do this don’t actually care about black children, 99% of them anyway. And a care home is not a better place for a child unless extreme abuse is occurring at home. I know multiple black kids who’ve been through the foster care system and got raped by police officers, care home workers and social workers. The government won’t leave black families alone even when there’s no real problem. I had social services called on me by a nosey racist white neighbor even though there weren’t any issues going on. I’m lucky my mom fought it and I never ended up in foster care, but she still had to go through months of extreme stress and anxiety to clear her name of false allegations.

No. 370846

This. Come the fuck on now lol. How is this timeline worse than Bondage and forced labor/Jim Crow? I swear some people are so out of touch with reality.

No. 370847

I’m interested in how Black nonas who want children intend on raising their kids. Presumably none of us want to raise our kids in the hood or expose them to drugs, violence, gangs or other bad influences. However as a Black woman who went to a private school and then a prestigious mostly White + Asian college (Black students only made up 4% of the students and the other races avoided us like the plague mostly) I know exactly how racist bougie American Whites/Asians can be and those intellectual circles aren’t exactly healthy environments for well educated black children (however they are much physically safer). I want my kids to be high self esteem, well educated and live in a nice neighborhood but I’m well aware of the drawbacks for black children that come from being raised in an overly white-centric or black-centric world, and I don’t really want them to be part of either of them, but there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.

No. 370859

There's a middle ground between raising them in the hood and raising them in lilly whiteland. Overall, the biggest issue today is that parents aren't parenting. That goes for all races of kids but I think it's especially brutal when black kids are surrounded by racist teachers, self hating entertainment and self hating schoolmates. I'm hoping to adopt and I want to get them involved in extracurriculars outside of school. There's cultural dance programs, sports, lots of places where they can be exposed to many different kids. I just want their school to have a sizable black population but I won't sacrifice the quality of education for that. Not when they've got mostly black ballet classes and girl scouts troops.

No. 370871

File: 1704328251416.mp4 (5.56 MB, 720x1278, ️Snoopdogg posted this on inst…)

About media presentation.
Snoop Dogg posted this McDonald's advertisement from the 70s on his insta. It got mixed reactions in the comments arguing whether it presented black people in a respectful way or not.
What do you think?

No. 370883

You have to go by what black people in the 70s thought. There was a time where the term "negro" was preferred. What we think of the commercial today isn't gonna mean anything. I just see an old commercial.

No. 370915

File: 1704346699218.gif (1.03 MB, 388x388, 1000013110.gif)

Well the idea of trauma having a genetic component across generations is an interesting, but tragic concept to consider. But between having a PTSD gene and a child being raised by abusive, immature adults, I’m gonna believe that those adults have a much stronger impact on how badly a child will turn out.
You’re right. I think a lot of it has to do with poverty, as it does have a factor in taking a toll on people’s mental health. One can put two and two together, and realize that families with lower income are gonna have a tougher time contemplating life and raising their kids. And there are quite a lot of black families in poverty, so it figures that child abuse is unfortunately more common in the black populace.

No. 370932

I can't really say that it evokes any kind of emotion out of me. It just comes across to me as they wanted to pander to black people very hard and make an advert that will stick in people's head. Honestly, advertisements in general are always going to portray humans in a very strangely artificial and uncanny light as the idea that any company cares so much about people is laughable.

No. 370946

File: 1704362181017.jpeg (78.14 KB, 637x519, 2119A094-2704-4FB9-AD68-3FCDEA…)

I think the reason why I gravitate toward online black spaces is because I didn’t have anything like that growing up. I hated being the only one of my kind at school. Being the odd one out in a way I can’t hide and then having adults harass me for silly little things. Grown adults asking me for my opinions on segregation and affirmative action. Even as an adult, I still crave that feeling of normalcy. I’m wish I was part of a group, a normal non-cringe group with normal behavior. I still wish I was a normal person, just one of many and not a token or a target.

No. 370950

I'm not an amerifag but I was wondering, how come y'all have schools that can have only 1 black person? What kind of hillbilly schools do you go to?

No. 370951

Nta but surely that’s not uncommon? I was the only black person at my school in England, most places outside of London lack diversity. It definitely does something to you though because those kids have never interacted with black people before and some of them only know what their racist parents have told them.

No. 370953

but it isn't tokenism, the white people you interact with (assuming your American) genuinely do look up to you and want your approval. A lot of them actually want to ~be~ you, or at least when they were young. That probably gets old in it's own right but you might also miss it if it was gone. Key and Peele even had a skit about being the only black person in the group
And places like lipstickalley are hardly "black spaces". Most of the people there are gay, white men who are larping as black women

No. 370957

nta but am another amerifag, because white people are just the majority in most states. it's not even a hillbilly thing kek a lot of northern states are the same, especially like waay upstate NY ime. there's exceptions in some cities though.

No. 370963

Oh god, school was something else. The constant singling out. The patronizing very speshul episode way the teachers had of speaking so they wouldn't be offensive, which was more offensive than whatever they'd have said otherwise. The total alienation when you weren't needed for photo ops. Teachers speaking over you and twisting your words or just flat out ignoring anything you said that didn't fit what they wanted to hear. Diversity and Inclusion speeches, presented by the resident Diverse and Inclusive student, aged 8, who is definitely not sick of being singled out for this shit. Being bombarded with questions if your thoughts and opinions didn't exactly match another Diverse and Inclusive person's, even if you were a child and they were in their 60s and a different race to boot. Fucking everything about school sucks when you can't hide your differences. Not all of us want to celebrate being speshul, if we did we'd be gendies.

No. 370976

I can't really see how the ad itself would be disrespectful. It's just a nice black family and their grandma going to eat before church? Seems better than some of the current ads and media messaging. McDonald's is unhealthy, though. Granny should've helped make breakfast, kek.

No. 371011

I’m so sick of Chrissie and others colorism crybabies.

No. 371013

File: 1704394336230.jpg (115.12 KB, 702x558, 362.jpg)

>instead of saying eggnog the local whites keep saying nignog

I think it's time we cancel Christmas.

No. 371014