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File: 1569067880320.png (350.02 KB, 694x422, mb.png)

No. 123870[Reply]

What do you know about swinger clubs?
Have you ever been to one?
Are you intrigued by the swinger lifestyle?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 123872

What is this pickme hell

No. 123874

File: 1569071157190.jpeg (70.83 KB, 1080x889, 7EA22D58-5D14-442C-B62E-8A5AA4…)

No. 123875

No. 123876

Didn't you make this thread and get told to fuck off just yesterday?

No. 123880

File: 1569073874103.gif (178.86 KB, 220x211, A064DBBA-5480-42C3-898D-B2EDBC…)


File: 1539312875345.png (278.25 KB, 920x768, chronicalillness.png)

No. 98077[Reply]

Any farmers here with chronic illnesses? I was recently diagnosed with IBS-PI and wanted to have a thread where people talk about their chronic illnesses, life with them, and how they handle them. I was hoping I could also get some tips on how to deal with IBS, if anyone else here has it.
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No. 123307

I feel you….
Honest to god, period diarrhea is one of the shittiest experiences.

No. 123437

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome all my life. I checked all doctors possible. I checked my thyroid, heart, blood, minerals and vitamins in blood. Nothing. Living like that is a hell. I don't even sleep that much, but I feel dizzy and have realy bad brain fog most of the time. There are times where I can function quite normally (i don't feel that dizzy and don't have that extreme brain fog), from one week to even month or two. But most of time i feel bad. I also have a big problems with short attenion span and weak memory.
Of course, I'm a neet now and I don't feel that's gonna change in the the near future.
I take NADH pills for now. I'm taking these for a few months. I don't feel any changes for now, but I'm gonna keep going.
If my life gonna look like that, I'm gonna kill myself when my parents will die. Fucking hell.

No. 123451

I have had chronic migraines for 14 years over half my life is how I haven't kms get but I recently started a biologic med called Ajovy that I think is helping with minimal side effects. I can't handle triptans at all n nothing relieved them besides this anti inflammatory shot the neurologist will give me when I go in with a bad migraine. Is I why they can't just prescribe that to me.

I also have some kind of auto immune issue that causes severe eczema all over that was truly he'll until I started a biologic called dupixent but I'm still extremely sensitive to Sun and heat that leaves me housebound most the time. I wanna move some place where it's dark and cold all the time..

All this shit has left me all sorts of fucked up I'm majorly depressed.

I had a life with a career and was self sufficient but then it got worse n worse and I had to move home.
Idk how I keep going.

No. 123489

That sucks, anon. Do either of your parents have it? That seems more common when it starts from childhood. I hate the name chronic fatigue syndrome. People tell me they get "tired" too or that I have the symptoms of depression

I can't sit up or stand more than a minute. I'm starting to lose the ability to communicate, because writing, reading, listening, and speaking cause such bad symptoms. It's scary to think of being trapped inside my body but conscious.

I hope research finds something for us.

No. 123722

None of my parents have it, my mom sleeps a little more, but it's still normal amount. Yes, i have this all my life. And yes, no one, even doctors takes me seriously, just "sleep more" they say.
>I can't sit up or stand more than a minute. I'm starting to lose the ability to communicate, because writing, reading, listening, and speaking cause such bad symptoms.
That sounds scary anon, I don't have such extreme case of it. I just feel extremely tired most of the time.
I wish you well anon, I hope that our illnesses gonna pass soon…

File: 1565921815789.png (49.68 KB, 1024x500, MovingOnAfterABreakUp-1024x500…)

No. 121656[Reply]

Hey ladies, can we get a breakup support thread for anons who don't want to clog up the relationship advice thread? We can share stories and advice for moving on after a breakup.
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No. 123610

I guess it feels like it //should// be taking longer since I was in the relationship for so long, you know?

No. 123611

what's a time frame you feel is acceptable? i feel like if you were the one broken up with there shouldn't be an expectation that you need an extended period of time to "be respectful". he lost that privilege when he broke up with you.

No. 123615

File: 1568728818632.jpg (90.55 KB, 960x960, 1567365257113.jpg)

>got fucked over by a girl
>people warned me about her in the beginning, but none of them were close with her so I thought it was just her being "controversial"
>decide to keep her as a friend because I really like her company and she likes mine
>can't forget her even though she's VERY below my league under every point of view, as confirmed by everyone who knows both of us
>meanwhile she just keeps on flirting with everything that breathes
I really should love myself, huh… doesn't help that I'm living in Bumfuckville until this winter and dating apps fucking suck. I deserve much better, my brain gets it but my feelings don't.

No. 123629

You are more than likely attached to the only thing you consider safe even though it isn’t because it doesn’t allow you to grow in in a relationship.

Where do you see yourself?
Chasing this girl at 33?

Find someone else and if you get feelings again imagine her shitting trust me it works

No. 123646

Thanks. I don't think that's pathetic at all, if it brings you peace and makes you happy you shouldn't feel embarrassed about your coping mechanisms. There are much worse things to do to distract yourself than self-care.

I don't know if I'll ever get into a massive skincare routine but I should probably get back onto the basics, I've neglected myself a little too much lately due to stress. I really appreciate the support and advice.

File: 1568581707603.jpg (67.45 KB, 639x363, IMG_2393.JPG)

No. 123487[Reply]

How do I convince my adventurous bf to get fat for me

No. 123488

Similar situation. My bf doesn’t stop working out. It’s pissing me off and I’m tired of it. Either he starts getting fat or it’s over.

No. 123490

Let’s switch, mines already fat

No. 123491

you go to therapy and find out why you want to slowly kill your boyfriend for the sake of a fetish anime conditioned you to have

No. 123493

The absolute STATE of /g/.

No. 123496

How would anime ever condition something like that fr

File: 1532723958463.jpg (65.7 KB, 395x558, actor_427421_1762.jpg)

No. 89948[Reply]

Okay so I saw a few post about Xander Corvus and James Deen so male pornstars thread? male pornstars thread!

Post your favorite bi/straight/gay male pornstars.

>In pic chad white, he eats pussy like his life depends on it.
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No. 118965

File: 1562955835567.jpeg (132.77 KB, 1000x1023, 59ba6bc907ff33.50374005.jpeg)

I recently came across this pornstar called Jay Smooth (lol) when clicking on random vids. most men in straight porn aren't even remotely hot so I was actually taken-aback to see a guy who looks like this

No. 118966

but 99% of men in straight porn ARE fugly

No. 119394

I rarely watch pr0n so I need help finding a hot guy to my tastes: tall, muscular, blond, bit of stubble, sharp jaw, narrow eyes — kinda like captain America lmao

No. 119449

File: 1563380117768.jpeg (62.66 KB, 402x620, 2F50E339-4564-47B2-B6AF-ADCC2A…)

Male porn stars do nothing for me so I don't even bother watching them, but I've been binge watching Xander's vids since reading this thread. It's rare to see a guy in straight porn who's so attractive, damn

No. 123478

File: 1568570186302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.84 KB, 1110x1500, 312-set-3x.jpg)

Bruce Venture has a nice dick and what I like about him is that in every scene he's in the actresses give me the impression to not be faking pleasure, that he is good and that his dicking works on most of them despite being just another day on the job for these women.
In the last period I've been interested in TJ Cummings' scenes because he has a body type similar to a guy I am currently obsessing about.

File: 1568008055043.jpeg (125.35 KB, 1000x1000, AD133DB0-7F99-4624-B769-17C7D5…)

No. 123029[Reply]

Can we have a thread where we just talk about the nice things about our relationships & partners? We have several threads for negative things, a positive one might be nice.

Tell us about nice moments/dates, things you love about your partner, ways your partner makes you feel good… ect.
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No. 123191


I love my bf so much,
I didn't grow up in a emotionally healthy household so he's been very patient with my shortcomings

This year we took a flight to the US and visited Disneyland together which was my dream since I was 5.
He supported my career as a freelance artist and does anything he can to help me, even taking time to help me table at Artist Alley events without asking for anything in return.

A few months ago he had to move away to the big city to pursue his career in making games at a company, and offered for me to move there and he could support me financially and I can do art at home.

When he's not working he comes and visits me as often as he can.

I applied for a job opening at the company he works at last week (in a different department).

I hope I get it so we can spend our lunch breaks together getting bubble tea

No. 123442

My bf and I went on a two hour drive so he could pick up some furniture and were able to talk about our future and how comfortable we feel around each other. Sometimes I get emotional about how I can be 100% myself around him because I've never had that before, not even with friends and family. He never makes me feel bad about anything that I share with him and he's not only supportive but understanding. He knows some of the shit I've kept hidden for so long and it doesn't change how he treats me which I never thought would happen.

I used to think that I had to know someone for years and years before I'd ever feel safe enough to open up but, with him, it's all natural. I've never felt so loved and so in love. The idea of being in love used to be so terrifying to me but that's changed.

I spent so long trying to fix people and not work on myself. It's nice that I've finally gotten to a place where I'm happy with who I am and I'm with someone who has their shit together too. I know this probably makes no sense but I just needed to say something somewhere because today was really reaffirming for me.

I've never been more thankful for a breakup before because, if I'd spent another year trying to make things work with my ex, I never would've met such an amazing person

No. 123447

File: 1568515810191.jpg (385.2 KB, 540x540, IMG_20190702_224556.jpg)


Your post really hit close to home and it is seriously heartwarming to hear about such a treasure of a connection to someone that you have. The last part about you meeting him at the opportunity that you did instead of working it out with your ex makes me think about my own situation. Thanks for sharing with us… wishing you two the best!!!

No. 123458

My boyfriend and I have almost been together for 4 years now. The first 2.5 were really turbulent. Lots of huge fights and breaks during what I thought was supposed to be the honeymoon phase.

About a year ago we were on a trip with our friends at the beach. The two of us had gone on a walk by ourselves. We kept walking and walking until we and sat down by the water as the sun was starting to go down. We were just smiling back and forth without speaking and for some reason we were both tearing up a little. It’s hard to explain. I think we were just really happy.

I remember saying, “You know we’ve had some really rough times. But I’ve never loved anyone like this before. That’s why I’ve always tried so hard to make it work.”

And then he turned to me and said, “I’ve never loved anyone like this before either. I’m sorry if I’ve made you ever feel otherwise. I hope we never forget this moment.”

A friend caught a picture of us walking back because she said we were looking at each other in a cute way. I made a little watercolor of that photo for our 3 year anniversary, and he keeps it on his desk. I sometimes find it on his nightstand like he’s been looking at it.

We haven’t had a single fight since that day.

No. 123468

I would generally give anyone the advice that if things are that turbulent during the honeymoon phase to dip and not waste years, a relationship like that is -nearly always- doomed

Glad to hear you've been in the minority to turn that around though, that day almost sounds like an epiphany for you both

File: 1522455929121.jpeg (129.78 KB, 636x894, fat.jpeg)

No. 77493[Reply]

Post them.
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No. 123056

File: 1568031074838.jpg (51.45 KB, 300x188, 00134814.jpg)

Not this. It just doesn't look right

No. 123058

File: 1568034577906.gif (1003.6 KB, 500x375, 2f5a689539d5d07a34df4d45cfe79b…)

Am short n' white. It's not working anon.

Though I'm not down for a hookup, but bf after 1 date is ideal.

No. 123070

File: 1568052845138.jpg (41.25 KB, 720x717, my love and affection.jpg)

Don't lose hope, maybe try working out more and see if there's anything you can improve? You'll get one of them eventually, don't worry.

No. 123448

File: 1568517427809.jpg (22.37 KB, 400x400, ORpIGrzF_400x400.jpg)

i get why hes attractive from an "objective" standpoint but his face is way to chizzeled and square and he just gives off this frat boy vibe

No. 123461

>>1230555 is that shota and ryuhei matsuda's dad?

File: 1557177718135.jpg (128.51 KB, 1200x749, DD_90_KF_mob2.jpg)

No. 114445[Reply]

Everything keto and low carb!

Share recipes, videos, experiences, tips, science papers, whatnot.

Each body is different, so it's not for everyone. If this doesn't work for you, just simply ignore the thread.
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No. 115676

I completely quit sugar cold turkey on saturday and have been having max 30gr of (non sugar) carbs per day since then. It was going ok but last night I had huge cravings (I didnt give in) and now I feel kinda deppressed. I don't even crave carbs that bad but I feel really low and deppressed and I know eating chocolate would help…

No. 115835


Eat 70% chocolate!
The one I buy only has 5g net carbs per 8 squares. And I usually eat only four.

If it's too bitter for you, try mixing it with a bit of hot heavy cream with a taad bit of sweetener.
You could eat it hot, but I like putting it in the fridge for a while. It gets super creamy and nice.

Sorry I don't have the exact measures, but usually for one choco bar I use one 200ml of heavy cream and one tbsp of sweetener.

No. 116102

Sharing one of my go to salad recipes for the summer. I like to make a big bowl of it in the morning, then eat it as a side with meals and as a snack during the day. It's also popular at barbecues with non-keto eaters, they like putting in burgers with mayo.

>50g spinach

>50g romaine lettuce
>30g rocket
>50g watercress
>80g cucumber
>25g red onion
>80g pancetta cubes
>125g mozarella
>30g Parmigiano Reggiano grated
>20ml olive oil
>5ml balsamic vinegar
>salt and pepper

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 117415

I know Keto is shit for you physically but it actually helped me so much with my depression and anxiety. I wish there was something that didn't fuck up your kidneys and eventually give you high cholesterol and heart disease but at the same time helped you manage mental illness as well. Anybody have good experiences with vegan/plant-based keto?

No. 123363

if you want to get rid of depression just stop eating refined sugars and exercise more.
no need to try wacky diets.

File: 1527655031196.jpg (88.8 KB, 736x1103, 1505778082638.jpg)

No. 83805[Reply]

How strongly do you feel about cheating? Would you dump a partner immediately if they did it once, regardless of how in love you were with them? Would you forgive it to a point? Would you sweep it under the rug even if it was a regular occurrence? How much blame do you place on the person they cheated with (assuming they knew they were taken)?

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Have you ever been with a taken person? Share your experience.
167 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 113806

I cheated on a bf with a friend who was married. We had been online friends for 8ish years and were close. I moved to his city for work and school and we ended up meeting and hanging out in group/party settings (usually with our partners present) on occasion. maybe 4 or 5 times a year. After about 3 years of living in the same city we hung out alone for the first time and things escalated so fast with a little alcohol. I regret it so much. We ended our friendship and I miss him sometimes. I feel like maybe I loved him a little but I never want to actively open that can of worms.

No. 113807

I just realised I definitely shouldn't know this much about their relationship and sex life in the first place. He is sharing too much.

I love when it's the guy who wants to open up the relationship and can't find anyone to have sex with, but it's super easy for the woman lmao

No. 113820

The single fact that he is telling you all of these things is highly disrespectful to his wife and weird af. Total dirt bag.

No. 114033

She should just cheat on him with someone who actually makes her cum, then proceed to inform her balls and chain as to why she did it.

Males only learn that something is wrong if you do it right back at them.

No. 123281

Started emotionally cheating again. Whoops. Time to break up with my LTR.

File: 1568175174984.gif (2.84 MB, 640x347, original.gif)

No. 123168[Reply]

We all gotta pay that pink tax, so let's talk about how we make and spend money.
>Full-Time? Part-Time? Multiple jobs? Side hustles? Career goals? College? Debt? Gig economy jobs? Online? Offline? Sex work? Sugaring? Camming? Escorting? Costhotting? Patreon? Thrifting? Used panties? What works? What doesn't? What's worth it at the end of the day? Do you like what you do? How do you treat yourself? What do you spend your money on that makes you happy?
Y'know, lady stuff.

Previous thread dedicated to Sex Work ( >>90992 ) fell apart to infighting/opinions on sex work. This is not a thread for your opinion on the morality of sex work. This is a thread for personal experience, insights, information etc. We have multiple dead threads vaguely addressing some of these, let's consolidate and continue the discussions.

No. 123203

File: 1568217399122.png (348.95 KB, 640x480, 8677965b73936a4d9cacfec85e93a6…)

Anyone have (current/recent) experience selling used undergarments? I'm not looking to do it long term really, I just cleaned out my closet and have a bunch of pairs of old shoes or panties that I would rather sell than donate/trash if possible. What payment method involves the least risk? It's impossible to hide your real name/info on paypal right? so are there good options other than say eBay for shoes? (Do people still get away with selling fetish shit on ebay?)

No. 123220

Wait, so is this a thread specifically about selling our bodies in a variety of ways, or is it about finances in general? The latter would be interesting, but I don't see why sex work can't kept in the sex work thread. It's not like it warrants a new one just because it attracted negative responses, this thread could end up full of them too. I'd love to discuss investing and budgeting and not be constantly faced with the fact women have to prostitute themselves to get by.

No. 123244

Seconded. The sex work thread is still there, isn’t it? This thread is unnecessary and equaling girl money with sex work is weird. I think a finances/job thread would be more interesting, but the career thread in /ot/ might be the place for that?

No. 123279

Agreed. The emphasis on sex work for a thread titled "Girl Money General" is troubling. Maybe there could be a separate thread for SW-specific financial discussions?

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