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File: 1523006975489.jpg (256.15 KB, 1400x1900, 4b24f15b7c6f89a435947d05d53420…)

No. 78109[Reply]

Like many others i somehow can't manage to lose weight, so i figured it would be the best to simply come to terms with my new body.

But how to style yourself when overweight?

I'm not talking about simply squeezing yourself in whatever you want à la tumblr, but how to dress the most flattering to conceal some of your weight, same with other things like hair styles or beauty tips in general.
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No. 101279

>sorry but no, that's just what fatties want everyone to believe

Lol, why are there posters here who always talk like there's a covert hivemind of fat people who are trying to trick you into thinking whatever the fuck you want?
It's not a conspiracy. Nobody cares what you believe.

The fact still stands that descriptors like "curvy" or "thicc" are used by people to describe fat distributions that they find aesthetically pleasing and that is absolutely subjective.
What's ""thicc"" to one person might be considered morbidly obese to you.
Stop gatekeeping meaningless shit.

No. 101289

Admin why do we have this thread spreading fat propaganda? How's it different to a self harm or anachan thread? Fat people should move more and eat at a healthy deficit. It's ridiculous to spread fake fatlogic otherwise. You will never look cute if you're overweight, we are biologically designed to find it a turnoff in order to maximise our health.(no one cares about your dick)

No. 101290

I'm not even fat and this is just a driveby comment but you're making obvious false equivalences. Being a bit overweight (or underweight) isn't ideal or healthy, but it's not as inherently, overtly harmful as self harm or full blown eating disorders.

And it's just plain nasty and wrong to say 'you're not cute so don't even try'. Should ugly people not bother trying to dress nicely either? Or people with deformities? Old people? None of those things are biologically designed to be attractive. Fashion is not that unforgiving, people can dress in ways that do make a less than perfect body look more flattered and it's absurd to just give up because being overweight isn't attractive. A fat person is fat whether they dress in conventionally cute outfits or live in sweatpants, there's no reason to dress frumpy and make themselves look even worse if they don't want to.

No. 101293

Just hide the thread, dude.
Let us be unfuckable to you in peace.

No. 101305

this is probably bait but I'm biting anyway for the sake of insecure people - no one is advocating staying fat or getting fatter, just being able to dress a fat body because you make the most of what you currently have. Most people in this thread want to lose weight or in the process of doing so but obviously that's not an overnight process, people still have to go out to run errands, go to work, hang out with friends or go on dates (anachans try to ignore this, but fat women do enjoy romantic relationships and sex). There's a huge difference between fashionable fat women and frumpy, unkempt fat women.

File: 1526853542583.jpeg (27.93 KB, 540x436, EF8AD041-D22E-41EA-B37A-7157B1…)

No. 83058[Reply]

We have a general fashion thread, as well as one for J fashion, makeup, etc.
How about a shoe thread!
Any shoe lovers here?
Any brands you recommend?
Any shoes on your wishlist?
Any you think are absolutely ugly?

Shoes are the one area I personally fall behind in. I’m tall so I usually just wear flats or vans. Trying to wear more sophisticated and interesting shoes moving forwards and I’d like to hear your opinions! I did search in a case a thread like this already existed and nothing came up
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No. 100604

you have any recs for winter boots, docs or such, we have actually cold and slippery winters here and my last shoes broke.

No. 100607

I wouldn't recommend docs for winter, it's the fastest way to lose your teeth lol docs are extremely slippery on snow, especially this freezed morning snow. Last winter I literally tip-toed every day through an uphill to my school because it was so damn slippery in docs. They're warm enough though.
I have secondhand Timberland winter trekking boots and they're amazing. Super warm. Not very presentable though, if you need to look clean-cut or whatever. But I think they have some charm combined with a thick sweater. The mountain chick look

No. 100676

File: 1542117577041.jpg (22.11 KB, 680x680, 10016383_3-4_front.jpg)

Not the prettiest, but Ariat's extreme waterproof boots are amazing. They're fully insulated and I've walked through soggy, melting snow and stayed perfectly dry after keeping up with reapplying waterproofing every few months. If you have a tack shop near you, they often sell them cheaper than online. I don't even ride horses but I wear English paddock boots all the time because they're cute but actually durable.

No. 101285

File: 1542868980167.jpeg (123.53 KB, 640x753, F4BFB533-FF80-41D0-B1AF-D42E76…)

Bought another pair of these despite that my previous one’s heels caved in due to one of the heels being very hollow due to shit quality. But they’re so comfy during the cold season and are easy to walk in.


No. 101424

Anon it's time to love yourself. You can find other, better options than shitty Hot Topic boots that cave in at the heel.

I saw your post days ago and I've been perplexed ever since.

File: 1534795651462.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 92682[Reply]

Ever wondered why certain clothes don't look as good on you as on another girl with similar stats?

How to find your type:

Aly Art has many videos with very good tips on how each type can dress and style themself to look their best.
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No. 101126

Late but if you’re short you’re probably gamine, and very likely not dramatic at all. You’re overcompensating yang answers because you feel like your lines are manly but you describe yourself as “narrow,” and dramatic is broader. Retake the test and try to be more objective.

No. 101127

Maybe you are a soft classic then, or theatrical romantic

No. 101142

Is it possible to be a mix between soft gamine and soft classical?

No. 101153

A: 1
B: 2
C: 4
D: 8
E: 1

I can't figure out what this means, and Aly didn't mention anything like me in her video.

I'm tallish (173cm but usually mistaken for shorter) with broad shoulders, wide hips (~0.72 WHR regardless of weight), long legs, long hands (19.5cm), big feet (US 11), a small but soft waist, average boobs (usually a D cup regardless of weight), and a rounded diamond face with a round nose, slightly full lips, soft cheeks, and roundish almond eyes. I gain weight pretty evenly, I always look slightly soft no matter how much weight I lose, and when I eat healthily my BMI sits around 22.5 (it's currently down to 19 due to an illness, and I look super weird). My hair is soft and slightly wavy (2a), and although the strands themselves are fine, I have a lot of them, so it looks fairly thick.

I'm not soft enough to be a romantic, but I'm too soft to be any of the others. Maybe I'll try again when I've gained my weight back - I really need a new wardrobe.

No. 101179

It's stupid that the body and faces are lumped into a category. I think it makes more sense to separate face types and body types.

File: 1541219693991.jpg (30.9 KB, 720x470, momOOZUlW2djtg2DhA0pz0DlbdVRJd…)

No. 100016[Reply]

What do you think of mgtow?

No. 100019

Would be perfectly fine if they actually went their own way, but it's just a community for misogynists to pretend feminism ruined their lives and women.

I would consider myself a WGTOW, the idea of not needing a relationship and focusing on yourself works for me and I couldn't blame a man if it worked for them. I just dont blame my choice on men not being good enough.

No. 101103

Agree with the other anon, would be nice if they actually shut the fuck up and went their own way, but they're too immensely bitter about women to leave us alone without making "clever" comments like the pic posted.

"h-haha w-women are NPC sluts!! I was too good for her anyway!! I-im too good for all women!" we get it buddy you're bitter over your break up learn how to cope with emotions lol

No. 101105

Whyd u bump this smelly thread it doesnt even belong in g

File: 1533406856055.jpg (240.03 KB, 1499x2048, IMG_20180804_201847.jpg)

No. 90992[Reply]

Share any experiences and opinions on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically? Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

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No. 100167

So… let's get back on track!

What's your favorite site? I just started on ELM a few weeks ago and I'm pleasantly surprised to say that I LOVE IT!! The custom request section is a goldmine once you filter out the cheapskates, and I like how quickly the buyers tend to respond - unlike straight clip sites where you upload and then wait for sales, you can actually hustle a bit more in real time. I don't know why more sites don't have that feature!

Also, a lot of the requests I've done so far are just all around cool vids that end up reselling really well on my other sites. I can't believe how much my earnings have increased since starting there!!

Anyone else have experience on ELM?

No. 100783

It was only a few years ago and it was tumble-tier libfems (asked for advice on a sex positive feminism page and got encouraged, older students at my high school encouraged it by telling me how cool it is and how empowered I must be etc). I went to a rich high school for reference full of wealthy white girls who had no idea what prostitution is like (myself included up until that point). When I bring it up in feminist circles now (I go to a very liberal art school) I get told how "but some people CHOOSE to do sex work and it IS empowering" and that I shouldn't "put down sex workers for their choice just because I had a bad experience". Radfems have been an absolute breath of fresh air lol.
do you live under a rock? sex positivity is all about this shit, constant memes about how empowering it is and how you're so strong and dominant and cool for it.
dude whats wrong with you. me: talks about how I was groomed into sex work as a teen and repeatedly abused. you: wow I feel so sorry for your parents :/ must be tough having a failure as a daughter

No. 101000


calm down edgelord, some women got forced into that lifestyle.

No. 101013

File: 1542534472517.jpg (29.19 KB, 236x201, opa_spurdo.jpg)

Wow, you guys really are fucking sluts, aren't you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101031

Its the sex work thread.

File: 1542490433322.png (711.89 KB, 492x900, 1542480556782.png)

No. 100983[Reply]

Wbh what are your turn on's

No. 100986

There are already threads like this

No. 100987

My turn on is people checking the board before they post a thread that is already on the board

File: 1539898403745.jpg (52.47 KB, 610x405, Favim.com-boys-broken-broken-h…)

No. 98619[Reply]

Is it ever ethical to lie about your sexual past? I feel like I've dealt with a lot of shit and even though I've had tons of partners that's not who I am now.

Asking on lolcow because let's face it, most of us here have a phase or two where we've had sex with men we barely know, hooked up with losers, slept with men we met online etc. We've all been there so I want to know there's light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm just tired of that life now. Want to settle down.
43 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 100678

Well, I’ve never cheated on anybody. My biggest reason to avoid such men is because they all cheated on me. One of my manwhore ex-boyfriends even gave me a STD.
Another point is that I’m pretty happy with monogamy. I never felt the need to go after other men while I was dating.

No. 100698

>Is it ever ethical to lie about your sexual past?
>I feel like I've dealt with a lot of shit and even though I've had tons of partners that's not who I am now.
How about trying to prove that you've changed by at least being sincere to your new partner?

I was never in a situation like this but I think I wouldn't care about how many girls my bf had prior to me IF he's honest right from the start. This is a huge and important part of ones life, you can' t just keep it a secret. If I was ever lied to like this I'd probably slap the shit out of him.
Being a whore is one thing, but thinking you don't have to disclose that important fact to your new innocent and loving partner is just disgusting. On the other hand I'd also understand if people would reject somebody if they've had such a past. In a sense it would only be natural, why risk anything with a person like this, if you could also be with a normal one?

No. 100701

tbh I kinda feel like it's okay to reject or not wanting to be with someone if they've slept with lots of people, especially if you want it to be ~special~, it's hard to feel that you will not be just another hole to themn

No. 100744

>what he know won't hurt him
is a meme by this point it's still true.

No. 100967

i kinda feel like going through a slut phase just to make up for being such a prude as a teenager

File: 1479223639377.png (937.65 KB, 659x686, 1479207324715.png)

No. 43180[Reply]

post pictures of awful makeup and makeup trends you hate
661 posts and 223 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 100834

She looks kind of rough without makeup. She's apparently 8 years younger than me (making her 21) but really doesn't look it.

No. 100842

Where did you get that info from? afaik she's about 27 or 28.
I don't know for sure but she's used to constantly talk about how 90's she is and how she's so much older than the average youtuber.

No. 100846

looks terrible! she's very plain normally and her makeup is in no way a transformation from that. she just looks plain but with ill-suited makeup.

No. 100879

I googled her and it said her birth year was 1997. Might be wrong though, no idea. She looks kind of rough anyways, even if she was my age.

No. 103116

File: 1544752705044.jpg (1.17 MB, 2200x3300, Sofia-Boutella-Feet-2820566.jp…)

Did she do her own makeup or something? The smeared eyeshadow just looks like a kid could do it

File: 1540218123296.jpg (36.3 KB, 852x480, 43589089.jpg)

No. 99091[Reply]

As a counterpart to the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread I thought it'd be nice to have a thread were we discuss general turn-ons, sexy shit, what you are attracted to. Things that won't make other anons wonder if they should call the police, heh.
83 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 100671

This so much! I don't know what it is about it that my heart skips a beat when I see a guy rolling up his sleeves with the forearms exposed. He doesn't have to be muscular at all, just show me some of that forearm hnnnnnnggg

Curiously, bare forearms without rolled up sleeves don't have the same effect. I wonder if there's some psypop explanation for this?

No. 100672

I like looking at man hands too

No. 100673

Yes it's all about those blue veiny hands on pale skin. Also their fingers like…what they do lmao let me suck on em!!!!!

No. 100674

OP here. People are allowed to cringe at weird stuff that better fits the fetishes thread. Otherwise, keep up the good work horny anons!

No. 102278

Men who are humble or men with empathy are the biggest turn ons. Too bad these types turn out to be subby in bed.

File: 1493017390864.jpg (94.69 KB, 800x450, Senran-Kagura-01-Large-26-1024…)

No. 58830[Reply]

I know everyone has different results but my own personal question is about breasts. I'm a large B cup, maybe a small C and honestly my breasts sag.

I'm going to work out and do work outs for the chest. But I'm wondering if anons have any tips for really shrinking them down on their own without losing every once of fat on them.
Or Coughs if any of you anons had good surgeries to just reduce them to a very small size.
149 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 100446

What are some good anti breast sagging exercises?
Also, are there other anons from Europe here?
My best fit is a c cup but by judging pictures of that real breast gallery, I'm more of a G cup. The biggest cup size in the stores that I shop is c cup which is why for a long time I thought DD was like the biggest possible cup size available except for some monstrous exceptions. Is it the same in the rest of Europe?

I don't have any back pains luckily.

No. 100448

I've had saggy c-cups my whole life mostly because of shit genetics (my mom told me she had same issue her whole life). I really want to get a lift but 1. it's fucking expensive 2. the scars are hideous 3. a lot of the before/afters i've seen look really bad. I honestly just want to get an elective mastectomy and get rid of them all together and minimize risk of breast cancer.

No. 100487

My breasts were already uneven and are now probably 2 cup sizes different after excision surgery. The weight of the larger exacerbates my neck and shoulder pain from an injury. Debating on having it reduced, but my experience healing the cancer boob was traumatic. I had an infection and massive hematoma with fluid after the second excision.

Also it would be nice to be able to have bras fit both of them and wear fitted clothing again.

No. 100577

I think A and B cups are so cute. I think it might be attainable for me if I lose weight (I'm D cup) but I'll be doomed because I'm tall and have broad shoulders which would probably make me look like a boy. Broad shoulders are such a curse.

No. 100603

I have DDs but they don't look big until I take my top off for some reason. It kind of bothers me. I have great tits, why can't they look great/big clothed too? Maybe I should buy myself some padded push up bras.

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