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File: 1537855371827.jpg (109.51 KB, 568x824, b8bae5eb-1308-41ba-b4ed-26bbac…)

No. 96747[Reply]

Feeling nostalgic for a death aesthetic? Post here!
I miss the kinderwhore aesthetic and the grunge Revival of early 10s
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No. 155169

File: 1602694122097.jpg (90.16 KB, 573x960, 2000.jpg)

Absolutely love the 'elegant' 2000s fashion's obsession with ugly shades of browns and wrinkled satin,
not the best pic but still

No. 155170

Do you know who the designer is for that? It's cool, it gives me kind of militant dominatrix vibes. Used to love looking at runway fashion in magazines as a kid in the 2000s.

No. 155178

File: 1602696804588.png (421.55 KB, 580x383, gyaru.png)

a literally had couple of pictures of decora fashion on my wall in 2009! such a fun style. there's still decora girls out there and they bring me such joy.

i used to love it in highschool.

mine would be 2000's over the top gyaru. kuro, yamamba, anything that took gyaru to this crazier level. most gyarus from that time are "normal" gyarus now (so, japanese girls with dyed hair and a more western style i guess lmao).

No. 155209

cultural appropriation much?
sorry, i'll see myself out

No. 155232

gyarus should be burned at the stake

File: 1526682170305.jpg (19.69 KB, 411x411, 50d68ef1fc4ea2582a000567dd3417…)

No. 82884[Reply]

Post any looks from minimalist to avant garde you think are cute or interesting.
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No. 122786

File: 1567650593469.jpg (190.8 KB, 600x859, purple-and-yellow-eye-shadow-v…)

No. 122787

File: 1567653283362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.44 KB, 640x768, Sliced-Face-Halloween-Makeup.j…)


why this? there are so many better executions of this. Spoilered for slight gore

No. 122805

this is the makeup looks thread not the blatant photoshop thread.

No. 155165

File: 1602692759592.jpeg (59.06 KB, 639x1048, mauve makeup.jpeg)

Sorry for bumping a year old thread but I want this thread to come back. I'm interested in getting into makeup again (not even trying to look pretty- I just want to do interesting things with my face) I love a lot of these looks and styles but I don't know how practical these looks would fair in real life. I feel like a lot of these looks are just made for a picture then wiped off. Not to mention it probably takes a lot of time for the more elaborate ones to be an everyday look. I am into the 'artsy' scene but work a regular job that I move around a lot so I don't usually wear heavy makeup anyway. I don't know where I could wear like pic related out without getting some weird stares. Does anyone here do some crazy makeup and then go out with it?

No. 155168

I've seen experimental looks at contemporary art shows and artsy raves or punk shows. Basically any subcultural venue that welcomes unusual fashion decisions

File: 1554835018124.jpg (81.87 KB, 600x600, 55b79f22c573266d0d0b4903c096d7…)

No. 112815[Reply]

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.
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No. 154180

Anon, are you me? I have the same height and weight, and also fairly muscular. I cannot go in a significant calorie deficit because I am breastfeeding, but I have been exercising and not getting empty calories. I want to hear from you in two weeks!

No. 155058

5’10”, 174 lbs, 10 of those are Covid weight. I’m at the high end of healthy body weight but I have an extreme pear body type so almost all of my fat is in my hips/butt/thighs, so there’s a 11” circumference difference between my ribcage and thighs. I think it’s what makes it painful for me to sleep since I’m a side sleeper and it’s only gotten worse since the rona. I’m taking my sleep back!

Want to get down to 150, we’ll see how long it takes. I also have a problem with my appetite being very inconsistent. Usually I don’t feel hungry until long past the time I should have eaten, and then it hits me like a bunch of bricks and I end up overeating. Then in past times (as well as now) when I’m watching what I eat I have to be hungry 80% of the day in order to have any deficit. It’s not super fun to go to bed and wake up hungry every day. So if anyone has a similar experience and tips I’d love to hear.

No. 155062

>so there’s a 11” circumference difference between my ribcage and thighs
Do you mean both thighs together, or each? Does each have a 40"-50" circumference? Truest pear, if true.

No. 155096

Wait, I thought that when you considered body shape circumference that it went by overbust.

No. 155110


Haha no, that’s combined circumference going around my butt and thighs. Would be ultra mega pear in that case.

File: 1569753862506.jpg (273.83 KB, 1080x1053, original.jpg)

No. 124317[Reply]

>>72269 previous thread

General discussion thread for everything fashion related.
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No. 154697

they’re called “skirt hikes” and are very popular in the steampunk scene. you can find them mostly handmade on etsy or find a tutorial to make them yourself! very useful, would recommend for anyone looking to be fashionable yet functional.

No. 154702

So… I'm a Brit and I grew up on clothes thrifted from charity shops, the clothing sections at ASDA and Sainsbury's, Primark. Shops like Gap, H&M and M&S were too pricy. Now that I'm independent I feel like the places I go to for clothes are really creeping into sweatshop quality where the materials are thin and won't survive a few washes, PU shoes that get holes and never break in after a few months are the worst.

I'm willing to pay for 'rich people' quality but… where do they shop? How are we supposed to know what's still a good brand from like, the 1900's and which has gone to sweatshop hell? It makes me sad the internet is so shit that if I want to search for cute pan collar dresses all I get are low quality results from Amazon and sketchy Chinese Ebay sellers, I don't know how to look deeper.

[spoilers]if anyone can help I wanna know where to find those dresses and the 'grounded' non-goth, non-surreal stuff Mars Argo used to wear, I have a look in mind but idk what it's called[/spoilers]

No. 154710

New thread >>154681

No. 154713


miss patina sounds perfect for you anon.

No. 156409


new thread

File: 1535256863386.jpg (412.09 KB, 701x775, 1458089511020.jpg)

No. 93278[Reply]

Whats it like having an older/ younger brother?

I wish I had a brother
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No. 154341

I'm sorry for your loss anon this is so sad. Can't imagine losing my older bro, feel like my life wouldn't be as complete if I was an only child even tho it'd make things easier like getting into the uni I like. Only children that have no cousins look so sad to me, even if they don't realize it.

No. 154352

Frankly I'm glad to be an only child. While I have a few friends who love spending time with their siblings, most of them only have casual contact, are actively annoyed by them or outright estranged. I enjoy being the most important person to my parents and am fairly introverted, so if I had to grow up with someone else constantly in my space I'm pretty sure I would've disliked the experience even if I loved my sibling as a person. I have plenty of other close friends who I consider family even more than some blood relatives, because they are the people I've chosen to love and have in my life rather than those I was simply forced to interact with due to birth. It's cool if you enjoy having siblings and see that relationship as a big part of your life, but it's dismissive and self-absorbed to paint all people who grow up as only children as lonely hermits by comparison.

No. 154571

take my younger brother. he’s nothing but a little shit and I wish my mom had stopped at my little sister, who is sweetheart most of the time

No. 154576

I dunno, I think I love my brother and want the best for him, but I am also really realistic as to the type of person he is.
Him and I are two years apart, with him being older. He was also the only male born in our family in our generation, I.e. all my uncles and aunts had girls. And because we lived in a 3rd world country shithole, everyone was fawning over him because "male heir". He never had any responsibilities, and if asked to do something, he would throw a fit (literally till he was in his 20s, probably still does kek) and would be let go. My grandma, who was extremely abusive towards me, would baby him and compliment him and love on him. And he treated her like crap and never wanted to spend time with her, but she overlooked all of that. One year, for christmas, she gave him a computer and gave me a disposable camera. He would do really bad academically, almost failed out of high school, my parents paid big bucks to send him to a private university cause he "wanted to be a lawyer" and when, in that same year, I was being kicked out of my flat, they told me that I should stay there, even though the landlady was starting to evict me. Because they didnt have money. He is now 32 and his last gf was 19, he has no education and still works service industry jobs, changing employment every couple of weeks. I find it hard to hate him though, as he was always really kind to me and was my best friend when we were growing up. I think i resent my family and my parents for the shishow that out childhood was, and I sometimes feel those negative feelings towards him, but all in all he was just spoiled.
In conclusion, it's great to have siblings, especially if your parents are sound.

No. 154595

My older brother was the golden child and got his way all the time. He's always been a snarky asshole and bullied me a lot when we were kids, just straight out sociopath style abuse. My parents blamed me for all the shit he did and I have no idea since he was so much older and clearly acted on his own behalf. As an adult (we're both 30+) he's still a misogynist asshole, into altright bullshit and overall a huge dick to me. We meet maybe once a year during Christmas and don't talk at all. I can't imagine what it's like to have a brother that doesn't feel like an irritating stranger you just have to tolerate because he's blood related.

File: 1489546672286.jpg (51.22 KB, 800x496, c.jpg)

No. 56468[Reply]

i know there's some kind of lgbt thread on here already, but bisexuality is always the one that gets the least focused attention. It's also probably the one that is taken least seriously in a way, because of so many attention seekers who fake it, and the fact that there are actually people who can't wrap their heads around it being an actual thing??

I'm like perfectly 50/50 bisexual. i have this huge, equal thirst for both body forms. (not to be confused with pansexuality, i'm talking about only being attracted to biological males and females)

295 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 151597

>I'm very much sexually attracted to women
Everything you wrote after that was you bascially saying lesbian sex seems shit and not worth your time. Girl come on now.

If you can dismiss the idea of sex with women before you've ever even tried it.. go live your straight life and don't worry yourself about the 'what ifs' that you'll never even explore anyway.

No. 151616

I have dealt with one guy implying I'm not bi or "bi enough" because I don't objectify women like dudes do with locker room talk, and another guy who lowkey made me feel like I'm somehow lesser because "bi girls can leave for a woman" and that's bad but leaving for different/more dick is fine. Why can I not just be myself and how is this really that bad and different from the straight option? I don't feel "that bi" since I've had a guy preference for a while and been with a dude for ages but if things went south I had actively considered not dating men anymore.
I just am being reminded of how alone I feel sometimes and how I used to hate/doubt who I am over this. I used to doubt I was really in love with my ex because I didn't want to be bi, even though I was completely heartbroken when she left. I feel like it's totally natural for me to be open to whatever gender if I find the person attractive inside and out, and unnatural to make a big deal out of it. Being bi isn't a huge part of my life since I've been monogamous for so long, and I don't want to be one of those annoying girls with bfs who insert themselves into bi/~queer~ stuff, but I hate having to put up with the judgement. I just want to be without it being a big deal or having people push their assumptions on me instead of judging me for who I actually am personality wise.

No. 152393

The problem is you're giving scrote's opinions WAY too much credit. That's it. Don't talk to them about your sexuality, don't argue in your head with their stupid soundbites that they've forgotten saying, don't try to convince them of anything. Straight men's opinions and your actions/feelings are a whole universe apart.
I say this as somebody who was very hurt when my ex boyfriend told me I wasn't 'really' bisexual because (at the time) I hadn't slept with any women. Then I realized he was just talking bullshit about things he knew nothing about, as usual. The kicker was that he was always extremely, confidently straight, AND I TOOK HIS VIRGINITY. He didn't need experience to confirm his sexuality, but I did apparently. He even said he wished he was bisexual because they 'had more options'. That should have clued me in to how little he knew about bisexuality.

Work out where the judgement is actually coming from, and learn not to care. If you're pre-judging yourself based on what you think others are thinking? Fine, you can just work on your insecurities. From cumbrained scrotes? Literally not even worth considering. Bitter gatekeeping lesbians? Not anything to do with you.

People will literally always be annoyed at you for being yourself, in any situation. You will always be misunderstood and disliked for reasons that are nothing to do with you, because people view the world through a lens of their own bullshit and issues.

No. 154437

Is this like being a pickme but for dykes?

No. 154453

>It's also frustrating to me that lesbian sex can't be 'mutual' in the same way that PIV or male-on-male PIA can be
How bad does your imagination have to be to think this?

File: 1551074290248.jpg (43.34 KB, 500x499, 1610088979cda14918f0f90b673fd3…)

No. 109507[Reply]

The last thread of this is a year old, SO, NEW THREAD! Post your room inspos/ideas/decor

Selfposting welcome
486 posts and 306 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 154349

as someone who has fuck tons of plants: no, not really. If I need to do something with them I do it on the balcony or bathtub.

No. 154419

Why do people think plants houseplants attract insects. Your house is probably full of spiders and shit as it is.

No. 154424

You're more likely to bring in bugs if you move plants indoors after being outdoors. There are ways to clean them and remove bugs though.

No. 154426

No. I have a whole ass vegetable garden on my balcony and bringing in my carrots or potatoes has never given me any issues.

No. 154449

Moved to >>>/m/110436.

File: 1601957052133.jpeg (314.16 KB, 782x684, 69C170D2-DD53-470D-941D-83B671…)

No. 154073[Reply]

Every time I put a photo into this I get a woman I admire but a man that is so ugly that it hurts my feelings kek
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 154108

It’s been a few hours and I’m in mental anguish because mods haven’t deleted this and you bumped it? Cruel

No. 154113

He's not that ugly, you need to get over yourself and stop expecting every guy to look like Leonardo Dicaprio or whatever male celebrity women thirst for.

No. 154127

It's because as a man we'd all be uglier. Women are just prettier in general.

Exceptions on both sides ofc.

No. 154150

What website is this anons

No. 154152


File: 1597163104146.png (601.59 KB, 1076x669, kms.png)

No. 147192[Reply]

for all the gross, weird, embarrassing shit your body does. shame is optional.
133 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 153441

Anons what do I do…. my ass is covered with pimple scars (and my back to a lesser extent). It looks so ugly and idk how to make it go away. I take a shower regularly and exfoliate and I don’t seem to be a very acne prone person because my face is pretty clear. How do I make this go away, it’s been like this forever. I also have eczema and I’m not sure if that’s a contributing factor…

No. 153443

Physical exfoliating or chemical? Try stridex pads to the booty

No. 153446

You know how they do like, skin peels for people’s faces for scarring? Maybe see if there’s a body-safe version. Probably wouldn’t be pleasant but if it’s really weighing on you it could be worth it.

Eczema can definitely mess your skin up. Partner has chronic eczema on his butt and back and when the skin breaks he sometimes gets staph colonisation. He’s got some burn looking scars from it.

A urea/SA moisturiser like the cerave urea cream might help smooth out the bumpiness and help prevent the pores from blocking up again. Hope you find something that works

No. 153835

this is currently happening to me and i lather myself in deodorant and someone said i smelt like a boys bathroom. legit wanted to cry. i really hope theres some sort of medication that can prevent this.

No. 153922

Does anyone else get this white substance in their belly button? I wash myself in the shower but it always comes back. I am starting to use alcohol q-tips to dry the inside and see if it helps a bit.

File: 1527231140139.jpg (41.99 KB, 500x351, family.jpg)

No. 83389[Reply]

Of course you can't predict the future, especially if it involves having a family or being married, but it's always fun to imagine!

Discuss how many kids you'd like, ideal husband/wife, pets, or where you would want to live with your family, etc.

I'm terrified of ever becoming pregnant because of stories I've heard but I've always wanted to adopt a child in the future. Along with getting married and either living out in the countryside or somewhere in the city in Europe. I know my current boyfriend and I have talked about wanting to have a dog and cat if we ever lived together!
78 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 90908

Did you ever fallen in love with him when the show did. I saw this thread cause of the doctor's personnel tales and the one who had felt this the female ones. I have a regular old straight, upturned nose.

or when I'm having serious anxiety or when guys wear sweatpants and they can just cuck imagine that blue eyed people only make up something that I am sorry.

I made the switch the same time, I wanted so dearly to avoid whatever it is without exception. Get a full cycle or until the end of the fake moans. I've literally never shampoo your head feel like anything permanent and I can't take the cat got hurt.

No. 153607

No. 153635

you bumped this thread to post this. ok

No. 153699

Bruh this thread hasn’t been active in two years, the anon you are responding to might not even be alive anymore.

No. 153759

>the anon you are responding to might not even be alive anymore.
nta but please don't hurt me like this

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