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No. 378416

Previous Thread: >>>/g/363824

A place for black farmers to discuss experiences and topics related to being a black woman and the black community. The positive, the negative, the rants, the raves - it all belongs here.

Follow site/board rules. Avoid infighting, report and ignore bait.

No. 378417

Finally got us a new title and thread description. I wanted to get a group of women for the pic, but I couldn't find one that I didn't think would make some anons bitch kek. Here's to a new thread!

No. 378426

Maybe when I was young, but no. Not anymore. I'm not saying this in a supremacist way but I think being a black woman is the best regardless of the issues I've experienced related to it, or how other people may perceive me. I can't imagine being anything but black, and I don't want to even consider not being able to fully understand and appreciate other black women like only another black woman can. I don't feel like my race is an inhibitor. I feel as if I can do anything any other woman can, imo my social anxiety and economic status has held me back more in life than my race actually.

I also recognize now that there isn't a big difference from me and other women. Black women are one of the groups most afflicted by misogyny but life sucks for all women.

No. 378506

File: 1707600576855.jpg (33.95 KB, 527x664, sadgirltime.jpg)

When I was young I always felt very weary of other black girls despite being black myself, because even though I went to a majority white school, the few black kids (and teachers) that were there, especially black girls, were just downright villainous towards me. I still get nervous interacting with other black people which is pathetic, I want that to stop. I want to be more in touch, I want to understand my own community so that's why I made the first thread which I still cringe at. I really didn't know that was an Asian woman…Anyway these feelings that I had in my youth, this fear of other black people became self loathing eventually. It became source of extreme insecurity. I started to feel like I would be perceived as scary too, and that I was a hypocrite in a way. How can I be nervous around people who look like me, will I become jumpy around my own reflection? Those are the kinds of things I'd ask myself. but now I've had the pleasure of getting to share my experience here and getting to hear yours and seeing that I still share a lot of experiences with other black women, I'm not an outsider. And I think these threads and the people I've been meeting through social media have really helped me work through a lot of my issues, especially in recent times. I remember when these feelings really started. it was in 2016, I was in middle school, I was having lunch with my friend (it was some kind of event because I remember lunch was outside) and a girl came up to me and said that she was going to jump me or something along those lines, she told me that I called her ugly and I was flabbergasted, I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, then I look over and see my long term on and off again bully smirking at me from behind this girl and I knew then that something was very wrong. I go and tell the counselor, the only black woman on the school staff, and she says she'll take care of it… She didn't. That very same lunch break she was outside twerking and dancing to some terrible music with the girls who threatened me. Me and my friend were speechless, to say the least. When my friend's mom was driving us home she mentioned what happened to her mother. Her mother said something I will never forget. "You should be happy you're not like them. You're civilized. Don't let them get to you." It wasn't something I processed as racist at the time but looking back on it the comment about being civilized weren't necessarily kosher. Maybe she didn't mean it in a racist sense, maybe I'm making assumptions and turning it into something it wasn't. But I remember feeling a sense of pride "I'm civilized, that must mean I'm a good girl, good for me!" but that experience shaped me in my youth I think because from then on I would avoid other black girls as much as I could. I had another bad experience that I think might of led to my inability to date black men no matter how nice they are which I feel very deeply guilty about because I know a few nice black guys now that are really cool and all but I just can't date them or be romantic with them, my body physically won't allow it. Which sucks because I feel like if I had a black friend or boyfriend I would feel absolved of my wrong doing, like I've atoned for all the times I've walked across the street when I've seen a group of black people approaching. Stupid, I know. These feeling are complex and hard for me to describe but I'm happy I'm chipping through them. I just wanna be a proper black person, whatever that means, and I don't want to be called white washed at family events anymore.

No. 378541

Cheers for choosing a more tasteful thread pic this time, the last one was weird thirst trap male gaze shit

No. 378643

Are we the only race of women who are better off single than in a relationship?

No. 378644

No, we just have higher self esteem and a lower bullshit tolerance than other races of women have, and are less likely to tolerate disrespect and cheating or let it slide. That’s why men have grown to hate us and instead go for women who are more likely to put up with their crap like Asian girls and low self esteem white girls.

No. 378652

Does anyone else struggle being mixed race? I’m a lightskinned black woman who looks around 1/4 black. You can’t really immediately tell I’m black apart from my coily hair, dark eyes and I guess my nose is a little flatter and broader than a fully white person. I live in an area that’s like 0.2% black and never see other black people around apart from maybe once a week on the street. Everyone else is white or Asian.

I feel like being ‘almost white’ but not quite fully white has made my dating life really hard. I’m not sure what it is about this generation of moids, but they seem to be really autistically obsessed with race. The men I talk to always seem to be either super racist, or have a fetish for ethnic women. Unfortunately or fortunately, this presents a lot of problems for me when trying to date.

I dated a couple guys who didn’t actually realize I was black, and when I told them, they got cold feet and I noticed afterwards they sort of backed off, as if they thought less of me for being part black and didn’t want to get involved with me, which makes me feel shit. I’ve also had dates who would question what our kids would look like and seemed to be unhappy with the fact our kids would be partially black, and were generally just racist as shit. Dodged a bullet I guess.

The other moids I talked to who accepted me for being black were basically white men with a fetish for black women. These men would also make me feel shit about myself because I usually didn’t fulfill their fetish criteria: my skin wasn’t dark or ‘chocolate’ enough for them, my hair isn’t an Afro it’s just curly, I don’t have a big ass or anything, I don’t dress in thotwear or listen to rap or hip hop and couldn’t ‘hook them up with some obscure dope black music’. I’m basically just a spicy white girl to them, and they would openly fetishize darker women or sexualize other black women in front of me, but act like they were willing to ‘accept me’ and use me as a placeholder until they found a black woman who could fulfil their fetish needs. Again, dodged a bullet. Both these types of men have caused me a lot of psychological pain and blows to my self esteem. And unfortunately I seem to keep encountering these same types of men over and over again.

I feel so out of place and not accepted by anybody it makes me want to cry. I wish I could meet a normal guy who doesn’t care about race but it feels like Gen Z is really obsessed.

No. 378668

No, the statistic showing that women are better off single is really about all women. I kind of agree with this anon here >>378644 that a lot of black women put up with less bullshit. IMO, the attention and coddling other races of women has made them weak, made them feel special so when they get treated like they aren't shit, it's a huge shock for them. It also makes them susceptible to falling for more traps that men lay for them. Not to say all black women are this strong, but i feel like in my family it helps that i have family members who will go out of their way to bully a lot of my aunties no good husbands/boyfriends so that even if they are too weak to break up with them on their own, the man will run away because of the pressure. There has been cases of this in my family so that's why i bring this up. I for one appreciate black men and other men being so honest about their hatred for black women, it makes it easy to accept their awful behaviour and act accordingly much faster and my way of dealing with it is permanent celibacy.

No. 378675

I always found it interesting how black women supposedly have the lowest male response rates on dating sites yet report the highest self esteem, meanwhile Asian women have the highest male response rates on dating sites and yet report having the lowest self esteem.

It’s almost like finding a low self esteem doormat woman who will put up with all his garbage/baggage is what most men are looking for in a gf/wife and that women with a lot of self respect are less attractive to males because they know she won’t tolerate it. Really makes you think. On the other hand it’s also hopeful because it means female self esteem does not have to be tied to desirability or male validation and can evolve in women completely separate from men.

Honestly I just hate male sexuality. It really is a pathology at this point.

No. 378683

I’m tired of liberals painting black men as angels all the time. Why are we not allowed to talk about black male violence. Black women are their biggest targets after all.

No. 378690

>That very same lunch break she was outside twerking and dancing to some terrible music with the girls who threatened me. Me and my friend were speechless, to say the least.

adults who do this are fucking losers trying to relive their youth. Fuck her

No. 378691

yes, because we have the least amount of healthy male suitors and dating out isn't a very good long term solution. At most two generations might be able to.

I strongly disagree. Low self-esteem is far more common in black women, especially when you observe their fashion habits and dating choices. The term "pick-me" originated form the black community to describe submissive women who debase themselves for lack male attention. Her self-hatred leads her to act out for attention, via hyper-sexual rap or social justice. I think low self esteem stems from parental neglect and societal hatred.

No. 378692

>white men with a fetish for black women
Never met a sane WM like this, I wish death penalties were still a thing. Glad you avoided him

Have you ever thought about dating a mixed guy, any combo?

No. 378694

Black men are more normalized and assimilated into mainstream society. Post-civili rights, black men made serious efforts nto getting white spouses and moving away from the community. they're omnipresent in all media genres compared to black women and popular in men's sports, which is more popular and better paid than women's sports. The first waves of diverse characters in media had black men as the stand ins for the black race.

An entire generation of white people have better experiences with black men. Defended them and their rap music to their parents.

No. 378696

It’s slim pickings out here in a cold white preppy town. Most men here are outright racist or outright fetishists, with little in between. I went out with one guy for a while who seemed good and then one day confessed to me that he’d love to get me pregnant and ‘make sure my children come out white’. That was already a weird red flag for me but I ignored it, and then a bunch of other stuff he did (including cheating on me) ended up being the final straw. I would happily date a mixed guy because we would immediately have some common ground but they’re also very rare out here and the ones I did meet seemed to have a strong preference for white women and I wasn’t white enough for them. I’ve noticed that European men I’ve talked to were way less race obsessed than American white men are which was refreshing, but I’m not interested in LDRs so looks like that’s not happening either.

No. 378707

>least amount of healthy male suitors
Does this also apply to African women?

No. 378711

that one blasian anon that's currently forcing herself in the asian girls thread is the main reason i'll never be pro-interracial relationships or 'divestment', whatever you wanna call it. sooo many mixed kids fucking act like her, no matter which parent is black - they're hurt because the black kids they went to school with don't and have never actually worshiped mixedness/lightskindedness like their parent(s) do! those types consistantly get rejected by their non-black family members/community, and yet, they never call them out on it! completely unlike how they will on literal black fucking strangers for having the audacity, the gall, to not be on their knees, sucking their metaphorical dicks about their mixededness~ "i am half (insert race here)/lighter than you, so im literally better than you, if you disagree on this, you are just a jealous, bitter black bitch!" sooo many of those types are all up and down black women's online spaces autistically screeching at us those sentiments, including blasian anon! like, how are you gonna come to our thread saying we have no culture when you are literally half korean kek!

No. 378712

Maybe if the black parent stuck around to actually raise that blasian girl she wouldn't be so annoying

No. 378715

File: 1707709231799.png (233.76 KB, 603x537, 1653950428524.png)

I know the type that you're talking about, but I don't think it's right to assume that's how all mixed people are. I don't even think the blasian anon is like that, it's not like she was attacking black women. She just wants peace with both sides, I can understand it.

No. 378720

i severely doubt it, even a good percentage of mixed people who come from two parental family homes act like her
it's not all of them, true, but it is most. and blasian anon was shitting on black women, nona, did you read what she said about us in the previous thread? did you read what she posted in the asian girls thread? she doesn't like black people, period kek and that's fine, honestly,that's her perogative, but does she really need to try and rally up anti-black bullshit to the asian girls? stop asian hate/black-on-asian crime literally stopped being being reported on mass media after a white man massacured an asian massage parler/underground sex brothel in atlanta

No. 378725

How do you feel when non black people hold their bags closer or make a note of looking at you when they lock their cars? I’m trying my best not to feel offended when this happens.

No. 378727

If I get a chance I do it back to them.

No. 378734

File: 1707719453820.jpg (78.66 KB, 720x709, bc8151a5649c396ef05d1370729bd1…)

I find it so weird that when mixies cry about getting bullied, they always have some form of saying "it was all black people's fault", yet have zero smoke for any other race they're part of. If Logic, tiktok, and IRL biracials with mommy issues are anything to go off of, mixed kids are almost always abused by their nonblack parent or side of the family. It's always the whites calling the kids "niggers", it's always the asians calling the kids "darkies", it's always the nonblack latinos seething at the kids for messing up their "mejorar la raza" bullshit. But noooooo, compared to complaining about black people, mixed people never have anything to say about their other side of the family. Nothing to say about any of those nonblack family members and even grandparents who never wanted to see them as a baby. Mixed people always, always, ALWAYS blame black people for 100% of the psychological issues they have going on. I think deep down inside, mixed people KNOW that their nonblack side hates them objectively more than the black side (in general). I think mixed people have so much hatred towards black people because their nonblack family and society makes them feel like having black blood is a failure, and so they get mad at us because some of their DNA is ours and they don't want to be related to us at all. If only they understood that black people as a whole never begged for their existence. I'm not saying black people never act weird about biracials. I have family members and even a mom like that, and it IS obnoxious. I just roll my eyes when mixed people act like it's always/only black people that get weird about biracials, even when their nonblack family members are still calling them "niggers" and gatekeeping them out of their own culture just because they're half black.

No. 378757

Sigh. Another triggered black moid hijacking the thread. Amazing how black men rape beat and murder black women the most yet still expect our undying loyalty and respect.(infighting)

No. 378759

ur probably imagining it tbh

No. 378760

I hate to break it to you, but fully black women are far more likely to be brutalized by black men than anyone else, mostly because BW associate and live with BM more than anyone else. My issue was with black men being violent towards women of all races, particularly black women, but now you’re going off on a schizo tangent and ranting about biracials being evil if they don’t want to associate with black moids and how all their family members secretly hate them. Take your goddamn meds.

But ok keep whining about muh eebil biracials being boogeymen and ignoring the actual problem. You don’t care about black women, if you did, you wouldn’t be capeing for the group most likely to kill them. Most of us just want to be left alone ffs.(infighting)

No. 378768

So true nona. I always find it interesting how women from ‘safer’ cultures fetishize bdsm and abuse. Most of my white and asian friends who came from cushy sheltered backgrounds love fanfics and media centred around abusive bad boys, have kinks that involve choking and being spanked and stuff, all want to meet a daddy dom type guy. Meanwhile most black women I know are desperately trying to avoid any kind of abuse, dislike violence especially during sex and are genuinely just looking for a man who is kind to them and doesn’t hit them.

No. 378770

I don't mind biracial people, but a lot of them have complexes about their race and it does make them kind of weird. I came across a YouTube channel a few days ago, and it was basically just a mixed woman making a bunch of videos talking about how black women are soooo jealous of her looks and always mean to her. It looked like she made 3-5 videos about that stuff every single day. I even saw comments of biracial women saying that even when a black woman is nice to them, they think there's some underlying hatred or jealousy. A lot of them are also very weird about black people saying that they don't see them as (full) black, which I think is so strange because other races will say the same thing (not seeing them as full white, Asian, etc…).

I think whether or not a mixed person is weird depends a lot on how their parents treat them and how they raise them to see their race

No. 378771

>how black women are soooo jealous of her looks
I reckon these folks just need to touch grass. I have interacted with plenty of biracial people in real life and have not felt that vibe.

No. 378781

Rihanna was bullied in school for being lightskin. People would say her parent got cucked and stuff by a white person. Black people can be bullies and roasting people over their appearance is a massive part of black culture, let’s not pretend otherwise.

No. 378786

I never said in my post that black people absolutely are never unwarrantedly mean to mixed people. You came to that conclusion on your own.

No. 378806

Anyone ever feel sad over the fact that neoliberal society has eroded the relationship between Black men and women just to make the 1% richer?

No. 378807

I feel like it spawns from the fact that so many of them are always rejected by whatever other community they come from and are desperate to assimilate into the black community, but they know they will never be black no matter how hard they try. I've always found it retarded that they never bother to make their own community and look to each other for belonging instead of trying to be the faces of the black community. I get that black people can be irritated at them for this specific reason, both men and women. My dad is biracial, is incredibly white passing but grew up in an African country in the 60s-90s and he talked about everyone bullying him for being white. I look completely black, but my brother and sister have an outward biracial looking appearance and if you tell them they aren't 100% black, despite our dad looking white as fuck, they literally throw a fit. I think they get even more enraged when a white person wants to know what they are mixed with knowing that historically they threw all black adjacent people into one box, it's like they want the one drop rule to come back. I get that they go through stuff, but i wish they would understand that they need to stop trying to fit into boxes they don't belong in.

No. 378808

File: 1707754929625.jpg (76.07 KB, 750x1009, 1000014227.jpg)

>I hate to break it to you, but fully black women are far more likely to be brutalized by black men than anyone else, mostly because BW associate and live with BM more than anyone else.
And I'm not talking about that subject, so I don't know why you're coming at me with this sad little swill you got going on.
>My issue was with black men being violent towards women of all races, particularly black women
Again, that's not what I was talking about, so save your woe is me statistics for a Tedtalk.
>but now you’re going off on a schizo tangent and ranting about biracials being evil
Bitch, I never said they were evil. I'm calling out that biracials like little blasian-chan always want to verbally fight with black people about race instead if confronting their white/asian-indingenous/mestizo grandparents for calling them niggers. Never said they were evil, only said they like to act dumb.
>if they don’t want to associate with black moids and how all their family members secretly hate them. Take your goddamn meds.
You think you got me with this point and that super cliche "take your meds" clap, but if we're going by your logic of biracials not wanting to affiliate with black people because of abusive moids, why do they always have beef with black people as a WHOLE and never specify that they only mean black MEN? It's because biracials seem to be emotionally overreactive and insecure, which blinds any proper judgment. Kind of like you, sweetie!
>But ok keep whining about muh eebil biracials being boogeymen and ignoring the actual problem.
Lol. I just don't like that they act like black people saying a few jokes about their lightskin to them is anything comparable to their white fathers going on reddit to ask the other scrotes how he can love his son if he's brown, or hearing aunts and uncles make slave jokes at Thanksgiving. Plus, nonblack people can be and are often super abusive too. Remember that white lesbian couple that killed their adopted black children? It's suspicious that you're painting the hatred biracials have to black people as justified just because black men are often abusive.
>You don’t care about black women,
I AM a black woman. You act like me calling biracials out on their bullshit is me hating black women. Again, you're acting hysterical, and black women and biracial women are not the same. Stop trying to turn this into a feminism issue, feminism is clearly just a copout for you and biracials to justify not wanting to associate with black people to any degree.
>if you did, you wouldn’t be capeing for the group most likely to kill them.
Again, why do you lump all black people together if it's just black men? it is so obvious that you and so many other biracials look down on black people enough to use so many weak excuses to cut off anything black from your identity. You hate being part black, you hate black people, and you hate blackness because society taught you that black is bad. So now you're trying to make it seem like your obvious self-hatred is justified just because a lot of black men suck? Girl bye. Get over yourself.
>Most of us just want to be left alone ffs.
Then you might as well leave the fucking thread because it's not for you in the first place. It's for BLACK WOMEN, not half breeds. this is why nobody likes you. You hate black people but you still want our help, our statistics to justify your emotions, and our spaces. Take your own advice: leave us alone.

No. 378809

Did black women and men ever really have a good relationship though? From my observations, a lot of black men still can't heal from being subjugated by white men and constantly project it onto us and they get coddled for it. Also, they have historical and still do oppress black women outside the western world without any outside influence. Imo, this is the primary thing that holds black people back so much.

No. 378816

>>especially when you observe Their fashion habits and dating choices.
You clearly aren't black and probably aren't a BW why are you here?

No. 378817

File: 1707758787877.jpg (27.87 KB, 311x311, 1663569353016814.jpg)

I don't have any problem with biracial people tbh. I just wish internalized racism didn't exist and cause so much friction on either end. Seems like a losing game for everyone.

No. 378831

I do the same to them

No. 378833

true, while I would not deny the misogyny within the community, there's a lot of antagonism towards random black people, especially black women. IMHO, interracial relationships should be rare and based only on the love of the participants. Most mixed people are born from a fetish and thus lack that solid loving ground.

No. 378834


This thread is so disgusting. Pickmes would rather be the ones that are abused by black scrotes.

No. 378835

there's something to be said about the popularity of BDSM in upper class liberal social scenes. Always found it weird and gross people who claim to be loving and progressive turn around and larp as slaveowners

No. 378838

honestly, the community has been dying off for decades. Black men were and still are hostile towards black women and black women refuse to actually look at this issue head on, because that would imply feminism and feminism is only a white woman's thing.

No. 378840

I am. I'm just saying the popularity of wig wearing, skin bleaching, wasting money on getting dangerous BBLs just to appeal to men who openly hate you is very stupid

"Stop beating beating white women who will report and beat black women who won't!" Imagine being so desparate for male attention you defend this

No. 378843

You’re calling biracials half-breeds but you want us to believe you don’t hold strong antagonism against us lol?
And it might surprise you, that some of us have indeed non-racist white families and that the most hatred we experience is with black people. It angers you because it destroys your pro-black fantasy about how y’all are gods & angels and everyone else is evil.(infighting)

No. 378845

Skin bleaching is not at all popular with american black people, maybe Africans/Jamaicans but it's not all popular with the average african american woman. Most black women don't have BBLs and we aren't the only women slicing and dicing our bodies for male attention. Black women aren't even on the top of the list for the people with the most surgeries.
It's a misogyny issue. I do not believe you are black person or woman.

No. 378846

So then leave us alone, you are two races, if one treats you how you like and the other doesn't, go to them. Stop constantly coming into black spaces to bitch at us, it's weird.
Even when Some biracials have great relationships with their non-black side, they still want to be in black spaces and agrue with us. Just go.

No. 378847

Nobody is reading your wall of butthurt, moid-kun.(moidfoiling)

No. 378850

I actually don’t know any African women who bleach their skin to try and look paler/fairer or more white. There is skin bleaching cream in my cabinet right now, but I use it on my armpits and elbows and knees only because those areas of skin are significantly darker than the rest of my body and I’d prefer to have skin that is all the same shade on my body. That’s it. I’m not trying to look white nor do I use it on my face. Afaik most skin bleaching creams are used for this purpose, not for bleaching our entire bodies and trying to look lightskin. That would be pretty stupid and pointless tbh as it’s clear we will never look white even if we removed all the melanin odd our skin, also being pale usually doesn’t suit our features. I know a few AA celebrities like Nicki have done skin lightening but it’s kinda pointless because it barely makes a difference and she’s still obviously black (and Indian), my guess is she did it for a male with that preference.

Most African Americans are biracial you know. Stop embarrassing yourself and sperging out so hard please.

No. 378851

damn I can’t believe anons here are more mad at biracial women on lolcow than black men who are murdering black women at this very moment. im gonna assume it’s the baiting tranny until proven otherwise.

No. 378852

>they still want to come into black spaces
Black biracials are black too lol.
>and try to argue with us
Only when you say dumb shit. Stop trying to silence people who don’t agree with you lol. You sound like a male hotep.(moidfoiling/infighting)

No. 378853

>most african americans are Biracial
No we aren't. Why is it that whenever someone is mixed with black they are black, but they aren't whatever else they are mixed with? How come nobody calls Rihanna/Obama daughters white because they are 1/4 white, but people try to call women with no/one black parent like Ice Spice/Cardi B/Saweetie Black?
It makes no sense, most african americans may have SOME non-black heritage but it's not enough to say we are all biracial.

No. 378854

The slaveplay shit disgusts me so much. I know a couple black pickmes engage in that but in general I think black women avoid this crap the most. It’s always weird musty ass redditor types who are into this. Mostly middle to upper class whites who have never really undergone abuse or hardship, as you said.

No. 378856

It’s really sad. I’m really starting to believe that some DSBW are fine with abuse, femicide, cheating, etc as long as they feel like they’re being picked over a LSBW/mixed/non-black woman by a black scrote.

No. 378857

Your bait is retarded, nobody is saying that fuck off.

No. 378859

Nothing to do with liberalism imo. In Africa black men beat their wives and cheat too, it’s very common. Naturally women grow resentful and unhappy and stop giving a fuck about moids and just want their kids and some money to help take care of them. Black women are naturally pinkpilled on men because we see the worst aspects of men all the time.

No. 378860

File: 1707766535491.png (1.22 MB, 1074x682, Capture.PNG)

Also, Nicki is the same color if not slightly darker now than she was as a teenager.

No. 378863

I think there needs to be a bigger conversation on the effects of mass fatherlessness in the black community. Unfortunately you can’t bring up this topic without triggering people or getting a ton of jokes on the subject, and understandably, it’s a painful topic for many people. But I really do think it needs to be addressed.

Liberalism is partially to blame at least in the US because it gave financial incentives to women who were single mothers. However I also don’t believe liberalism is all to blame because as said above, in Africa single motherhood is actually very rare but women still get abused and mistreated and cheated on all the time and still do 99.9% of all the child rearing anyway to the point they might as well be single moms. I think the biggest reason for single motherhood in America is the fact men cheat and can’t commit. No woman wants to cohabit with a cheater and it creates a low trust dynamic between the man and woman. The stress and emotional pain is often too much for the woman that she would rather be alone and not have to worry about it than have a man in the house who she needs to constantly sheepdog away from other women. And unfortunately all men are horny opportunistic coomers, black men are no exception to this.

I really do feel like lack of love and parental stability hurts black men and women in so many ways. With black women it can make them need a man to the point of self sabotage and pickmeism. It creates a sense of devaluation because if your own father couldn’t stick around to care for you then what other man will? At least that’s how it can feel. For men it creates a permanent emotional instability and without a good male role model a lot of men turn out like crap, and I also believe it’s part of why so many men are bisexual or on the DL in the black community, because they’re craving that male presence in their life. I don’t know what the solution is. Any nonas care to chime in with their experiences?

No. 378866

No one actually said that though. And also, I've literally seen anons be accused of being moids for talking shit about black men in this thread. I miss when this thread was slower, now it's just constant infighting calling everyone moids.

No. 378867

Also it’s interesting because for the longest time fatherlessness was associated with black people. We do, overall, have the highest rates. But whites are actually catching up very quickly. Many African countries have the lowest single motherhood rates in the world. The countries with the highest single motherhood rates are the US, Canada, Russia and Western Europe. I think we’re also witnessing the fragmentation of white communities and I suspect fatherlessness also plays a big part of it. The incel rhetoric young white males are spewing nowadays is stuff black men were saying about women 20 years ago, a lot of ‘redpill’ talking points is the same misogyny patented by black men. Most of these white incel misogynists come from single mother households and hold a massive resentment towards women. It also feels like there is also a low trust dynamic now between white men and white women that’s beginning to echo the breakdown in trust between black people in the 90s and 2000s.

No. 378868

I stand corrected, I think I was thinking of this older pic comparing her two skin tones then and now where she looked significantly darker in the past. But yeah looks like she’s always been kind of lighter-skinned. There are black celebs who’ve done it like Lil Kim. Personally I hate artificially lightened skin it always looks uncanny as fuck like with Sammy Sosa.

No. 378926

>black biracials are black too
i think i finally understand why i see an increase of comments on black online spaces saying that biracials aren't black at all, they're biracial. still have mixed(kek) feelings on that subject, but i get it now.
>And it might surprise you, that some of us have indeed non-racist white families and that the most hatred we experience is with black people It angers you because it destroys your pro-black fantasy about how y’all are gods & angels and everyone else is evil
so you admit it, a majority of biracials recieve targetted racial aggression from their non-black sides

No. 378928

>I don't bleach
>I use it on my elbows and knees

No. 378929

Acknowledging biracial women's disgust and projection towards black women isn't hatred

What else is new? 95% of all dumb black women decisions are motivated by male attention. If she decentered men, she would have a chance at a normal dignified life

No. 378935

Yes we get it hon. Biracial women are the devil. Black men are angels. Yawn.

No. 378936

Never thought about the lack of trust aspect. What do you think is the solution? I don't have an idea but I prefer being separate from violent men in the first place

No. 378938

Low trust environments and upbringings basically destroy society. Same when there’s a lack of trust in relationships. Black men and black women do not trust each other, usually because they’ve both been hurt and betrayed by each other in the past. Sad thing is I don’t know if there actually is a solution. Maybe if we end up being able to genetically programme males to be monogamous and faithful. Or if we can like invent a procedure to dope men up with oxytocin and vasopressin and other chemicals to make them intensely bond to their female partner for life. Until then, I don’t think it’s going to change.

No. 378939

>I never actually SAID I hate biracial people, I only post endless retarded sperg outs about how they are annoying horrible people
Also, what the fuck do those lesbians who drove off a cliff with their adopted kids have to do with being biracial kek

No. 378946

Thanks for not understanding my point, you non-sager. If you hate black people just avoid them

No. 378964

this video on that subject is good

No. 378979

She feels very liberal, but I did enjoy the video. I guess somethings don’t change.

No. 378985

>equating dealing with hyperpigmentation to bleaching
NTA but are you dumb? Are acne treatments and scar removal the same as bleaching too? Kek

No. 379025

If it’s any consolation, I’m blasian and knowing what it’s like being the “bad type of mixed” and growing up in all Asian environment, I think simping for any racial acceptance is dumb as hell. Racial violence does exist between races but I think pretending like Asians have never showcased anti black sentiments is ridiculous.

No. 379026

The reason that didn’t happen, at least in america is because there are power in numbers and if they made a caste system similar to South Africa black people would end up receiving racism from both white and “colored” (aka mixed race) people. I agree that being biracial is different from black but I think you’re blatantly ignoring history.

No. 379027

Biracial means of two different races. You guys are biracial and in denial.

No. 379032

File: 1707832132660.jpeg (218.3 KB, 800x600, IMG_4316.jpeg)

I like VNs if that makes you feel better (I also live in the UK too kek). I don’t interact with western otaku spaces because they tend to be cesspools and I’m sure other black women feel the same.

No. 379044

I’m 90% sure the post you’re responding to is that same baiting white moid who shits up every thread. He really expects to be spoonfed basic ass shit that’s been rehashed 100000000 times already by us like ‘defining blackness’, brings up a random bunch of celebrities as proof of his claims and now claims biracial black people aren’t black and that part white part black AAs aren’t biracial kek. And instead suggests they should be referred to as white lmao. And not him using terms like ‘Little blasian chan’ he thinks this is how black women talk lmao, yeah he’s definitely a moid. Just ignore him, he baits in every thread and has a hateboner against Asian women because he gets rejected by them.

No. 379047

This is…embarrassing. And all this seethe just because a farmer said she didn’t like the fact that black men assault black women. What a weird hill to die on. Your whole post is so weird.

No. 379050

Naw you’re right. The simple truth of the matter is black men aint shit. They werent shit when we were living in Africa, they weren’t shit during slavery, and they still aren’t shit. But we can’t say anything about black moids lest sperg-kun starts textwalling and mass reporting all the posts who disagree with him.

‘She’ is totally a black shieldmaiden btw who think mixed black girls are all out to get ‘her’ and will happily die on the sword of ‘her’ moid masters no matter how many women they rape and kill. ‘She’ is totally not just a butthurt baiting moid trying to make black and mixed women hate each other, instead of focusing on our common enemy which is abusive black men. No chance.

No. 379052

nta but by this logic, most european americans are biracial too. do you believe that? not judging if you do

No. 379058

I hate how you swear everyone is the same person. I'm >>378853 and I'm not white or a moid. Nor did I say some shit about "blaming chan" or made any comments about Asian people. I'm someone who simply finds people claiming all black people are biracial is retarded. I didn't day half the shit you are accusing me of because I'm not that/those anons.
I'm a black woman who has been in this thread and the last having a discussion.

No. 379068

NTA but I thought biracial meant having parents of two different races? I never saw it applied to people with white ancestors from hundreds of years ago if the parents they're directly born from are both black.

No. 379071

Yes, that's how it's used by most normal people. I think calling yourself "biracial" when your parents are the same race would generally be considered weird IRL. I feel like that anon has weird fringe political beliefs, or just doesn't know you can have a somewhat mixed background without falsely equating yourself to someone who's 50/50.

No. 379072

Samefag but I wonder does this logic apply to white people with a small drop of black ancestry too?

No. 379075

Probably not. I notice people tend to not use these weird rules when it comes to white people. They don't want black people to gatekeep what it means to be black, but white people really do gatekeep being white. They will NOT call Obama's daughters white despite them having a white grandmother, but they will call Halsey/Cardi/Ice Spice black for having one black parent/one biracial black/white parent and/or no black parent but black ancestry.
It's the one drop rule, everyone with some black in them is black, but not everyone who has white in them is white. It will never make sense to me, when I first heard the "Biracials aren't black, they are biracial" i thought it was silly until i really thought about it.
How come some people push for biracials who are half black to be called black or 'Black biracials"? When they aren't just black, why do people get so mad when you point this out?

No. 379076

and i'm not saying they are white, they are both and can (if they are accepted, which is a whole nother can of worms) exist in both communities. Also Biracials can call themselves whatever they want, I do understand that some do connect to their black side due to many factors, maybe they look more black, or maybe they were raised around black people/their black family, maybe they went to a majority black school etc.
For some biracials they have no choice but to be accepted as what they look like etc. I have no hate towards Biracials, I can imagine it's hard.

No. 379082

I think much of it has to do with perception by society. For example, my brother and I are both biracial from the exact same parents, but our appearances are different, he looks way more Asian and I look way more Black. So our socialization has been very different, it even shows in our families treating us differently, the friends we make, etc. And re: people who are mixed with White, I think it is the modern one drop rule–that is, if you don't look 100% White, they automatically reject you. I knew a Hapa girl who would get asked where she's from and genuinely didn't understand no one was asking about her White side. No one saw her as White, if she called herself White people would have laughed at her. Mixed White biracials are defined by their "other"ness in predominantly White societies. I think as the world gets more interracial, this all might change because then there will be more people with these experiences. You're not wrong, but it's hard to make generalizations on this topic because biracials are so different even from each other.

No. 379084

Does anyone else have a lightskin mom who bullied them for being an unambiguous dark skin black woman?

No. 379090

No, but my dad who is biracial and a lot of people on his side of the family would always get on my case for being dark or getting a tan. When i started using skincare apparently my skin lightened even though i noticed nothing and they were less aggressive about it. At one point he even suggested i bleach my skin. The thing keeping this shit from getting to me is because most black people who bleach their skin look like vybz kartel with their lips looking like they have no blood circulation.

No. 379110

Yes. I come from a country where it’s actually ethnically homogenous.

No. 379111

African Americans aren’t all black people nonny.

No. 379112

File: 1707865331493.jpg (59.85 KB, 846x288, african.jpg)

No. 379226

i am black and jewish, but my skin is dark and my hair is curly so i am perceived as black, despite identifying as half black and half jewish. other people will identify you as what you look more like to them, it's just going to be like that.

No. 379236

File: 1707929685889.jpg (70.85 KB, 680x676, F0oikUjWwAI2dgS.jpg)

I think that's a fair take. IMO, the only problem is when people start getting huffy specifically at black people for saying that they perceive biracial people not as black, but mixed (or as being closer to the "other" race), as if black people are some kind of "cast off" group for every other community.

No. 379244

People forget how much of an impact the one drop rule and the ability to "blend in" in general has on how we perceive this. Black communities in countries where the slave trade took place have had biracial people as part of communities for a long, long time, and that influences the reception that biracial people get.

That said I myself as someone that grew up in the West Indies haven't seen anyone my age with a complex about their blackness/not belonging. But the West Indies and my island in particular is a lot more like what someone was erroneously trying to say about Black Americans, where many people are some form of mixed.

No. 379275

What I meant was that they aren’t the only representatives of black people.

No. 379276

I just feel a type of way about this because anytime I see anyone trying to create a “biracial space” for biracial people black people come out the woodwork booing.

No. 379381

Do you try extra hard to show that you’re supportive of a black male/non-black female couple amongst your social circle so you don’t read as racist?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 379386

For real, black people can go all day talking about wanting to be included but will go out of their way to make biracial people feel bad for existing.

Kind of off topic but I remember watching one black female YouTuber names amandabb who was becoming a doctor who said some real hateful stuff about biracial girls. It’s like she forgets her dads a doctor but cause she’s dark she can call biracial girls weird and say we act like animals. Like ok girl.

No. 379392

This meme is stupid. I’ve never had a white person tell me how to identify in my entire life. Meanwhile black people make it their job to tell us if we should identify as black or biracial like bipolar lunatics.

No. 379406

>black girl thread being overrun by biracials
As a fully black woman I'm sorry this happens to y'all. I fully agree biracials need their own safe spaces. You guys aren't black or the other race you're mixed with. Biracial is its own thing and more people need to understand that.

No. 379407

According the stats most American Africans are at least 11% European.

Explains when I saw the girl shit herself when her DNA results came back from one side of her family she was white.

No. 379409

isn't this sort of thing what leads to white americans claiming to be native american just because their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma was one kek

No. 379416

which is also funny because whenever white americans take dna tests, their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great native american grandma almost always turns out to be just black kek

No. 379515

File: 1708034035325.png (344.98 KB, 597x885, knnkl.png)

Any other African anons here? Looking at the comments on this post enraged me. Chinese men killed off all their baby girls, so now they're going to poorer countries to pick up young girls and women to be wives. They typically do this in SEA countries, but now they're expanding to Africa.

If you look at the thread, this fat, ugly old moid literally lives in worse conditions in China than the girl and her family in Zambia. Meanwhile, worthless moids/incels are cheering this on because they wish they could passport bro and sex traffick their way into exploiting pretty young girls too, and ignorant western cuckubine libfems with sugar daddy pipe dreams are going "Get that bag girl slayyyyyyyy". This, those Chinese scrotes who go to African countries and filming themselves sexually harassing young girls on their way to school and exploiting/physically abusing children for clicks/money from their fellow roach males back home and other cursed shit I've witnessed make me wish for total male genocide.

No. 379516

I hope the children grow up to be radicalised and commit terrorism in China as adults

No. 379517

She’ll have a way better life in China than Africa. I don’t really see the problem. I’d want to escape that continent too.(racebaiting)

No. 379518

The biracial hate ITT and among the black community is retarded and typical divide and conquer shit to keep black people hating each other and prevent us uniting. I don’t trust anyone who peddles it, they’re either a white person arguing in bad faith and trying to divide us or a self hating person who’s been brainwashed to resent other blacks.

No. 379531

>She’ll have a way better life in China than Africa.
You sound like a retarded burger and/or scrote who knows nothing about life in rural China or the continent of Africa as a whole. Even Chinese netizens said her family's house was better. An old pedoscrote husband will never be an upgrade.

No. 379538

I grew up in West Africa and only left last year. Stopped reading your shit at the first sentence, lmao. I did see the last sentence, I invite you to read about how much China's police gives a shit about their own women being raped/murdered and beaten by their bosses, teachers or family members. Spoiler: They don't. Now look how they feel about non-American black people in any of their communities, how they treated Nigerians during COVID (I know Americans don't care, but West Africans saw and discussed it), the black woman who got punched by a male higher-up while teaching in China (they literally tried to lock her in the building, female teachers participated too), or how Chinese males in general behave toward ANY foreign women, much less dark-skinned women.
Stop defending sex tourism, retard.

No. 379541

File: 1708037959100.jpg (92.49 KB, 462x720, chinese man kills nigerian gir…)

>How dare an African person disagree with my China simping!!!
I know you want to type "Africans are too dumb and illiterate to use the internet like me", so go ahead and do it kek.
If you're a scrote: Die in a mining accident, Li Huang.(alogging)

No. 379553

You're the moid, and that's why you're triggered by me shitting on moids and passport bro bullshit. I have nothing against any race of women because they actually behave like humans. Useless, misogynistic men don't, and you repeat the same behaviors from country to country.
I hope the Thai child bride you probably seek out poisons you and gets no jail time.

No. 379559

What is "African slang", lmao? Do you think we all speak the same languages? Even pidgin differs from place to place. You're so full of shit, and have no "relatives from Africa". I'm not going to start bashing you on being FBA like some others would since I know you'll play victim, but I know exactly where your stereotyping bullshit about me "not being African" is coming from. You're not fooling anyone.
The only blasian people I've met were decent and kind, so stop projecting your own racial hatred.

No. 379561

Imagine crying "larp" and "scrote" after trying to cover for rape ape sex tourist moids and betraying how little you know about the people you're poorly trying to speak for. Thank god your bloodline will end with you.

No. 379569

>You’re the one trying to claim west Africa is a good place for women and that the moids there are better somehow kek. Even though Nigerian moids are notorious for rape and murder of women all over the world.
I never said this, you schizophrenic pickme tard. I despise Nigerian men and want them to be region-locked and sterilized, but that doesn't mean I'm going to pretend moids from China are better. They're even worse because they don't see us as human, just slaves and incubators.
You don't have a West African father, you've never been denied the right to own an apartment because you don't have a husband, you haven't been sexually propositioned by college professors and you haven't gone through 1/4th of what any Nigerian or Ivorian woman has in your sheltered burger life. Stop trying to speak on the behalf of women like me to defend pedophilic sex tourists because "uwu it's better". It's not better unless you also think prostitution is a "valid choice" and not coerced. Hang yourself.(infighting)

No. 379575

>1/3 of Nigerian women have their clits cut off
You don't give a shit about FGM victims, let's be real. When is the last time you even discussed this except to simp for China in this instance?
>60% of all children trafficked to Europe are Nigerian children, being used for god knows what.
So they should go to China instead? Thank you so much for your service in solidarity to POC moids, clap for yourself.
>Massive HIV rates and African moids who think raping kids is the cure to AIDS.
This is a South African issue. You're a retarded, racist bitch who thinks Africa is a monolith and China is perfect lmao. Ghana also has a lower murder rate per capita than the USA, which is funny because Ghana is still horrible to live in.
>Imagine dying on a hill for African moids and claiming west Africa is a good place for women to live. Top kek my sides.
More delusions to cuck for a country that treats African women like vermin. Do you have a Chinese Nigel? Go live with him there if you like it so much, stop wishing it on us.

No. 379579

>You’re screeching about a black woman daring to move to a more developed country
You're stupid as hell. Her parents exchanged her for money, this is how it goes for third world women. You're absolutely one of the retarded western sugar baby wannabes projecting her fantasies onto an exploited young woman.
>trying to gatekeep African women
This is how I know you're a moid. You can't allow us to marry and date men without some framework of an old/evil piece of shit taking advantage. That's outside your world view, and you see us as cattle than be "gatekept" from your fellow moids, not independent humans. She could've been sent to a school or a decent job abroad, and find someone who's her age and isn't just trying to knock her up to boost shitty birth rates. You can't conceive that, in typical black fashion.
I didn't stay in Nigeria, but you should be sent there, thrown in a prison and get violated by other men.


Are you the circumcision sperg who was spamming /ot/? We really don't care, FGM is still a million times worse than your lost foreskin, castrate yourself.

No. 379585

Stop comparing your mutilated chafedick to FGM. I know you have male narcissism and have to center your penis in every way, but no one wants to hear about your dick, your cuck fetish for Chinese men or your gross fantasies.
Once again: No actual woman thinks an ugly old pedoscrote improves her life.


>doesn't deny being the circumcision scrote
>doesn't deny thinking African women are cattle
>just accuses others of making more of his own posts
You always do this. Kill yourself, I'm so serious.(infighting/alogging)

No. 379588

This is just a lolcow problem in general, to be fair. I want to vent about scrotes, but I'm not against other topics.

No. 379589

>Sorry to dash your hopes but I’m a biological woman
No, you're obviously not. You're a man with a dick obsession who gets mad when women don't adhere to your porn and exploitation fantasies.

No. 379590

I wish all pedophilic men and rapists, regardless of race, would die.

No. 379593

>n-n-no u
No woman thinks sex tourism is a net positive, try again.

No. 379594

Especially the one lying about "muh african relatives" and defending his fellow circumcised Chinese pedos, kekkk

No. 379598

>Nobody said sex tourism is a net positive you fucking retard kek.
You literally said it improved women's lives. You don't want us to succeed or be happy, you want to trade us with other men, or you get off on fantasizing about being exploited like all third world women are as the world gets worse and coomers keep coooming. Your larp is so shit you can't even talk about the horrors of FGM for one second without bringing up your ugly foreskinless penis and non-existent vagina.
>women would rather die en route to Asia and Europe
Nope, we'd rather be given actual opportunities to leave and have good lives. You're the one who wants us to die, and we already know it.
>I know you’re upset that there’s one less woman for you to perform FGM on, sorry Obinna.
And you're joking about FGM because you're not affected by it, and don't know anyone who has been. You're not a woman, definitely not a black woman or we're truly cooked.

No. 379605

This is the same poster. Chinese pedo moids have never been brought up in these threads before, either. YWNBAW, you'll never convince any of us that white, black, arab, jewish OR asian rapists are good. Give it up.

No. 379609

i honestly just think you guys are esl

No. 379611

Why does the tranny always ask for hand pics? Pretty sure he did this in one of the last threads, too. It's gross and creepy.

No. 379613

>"I hate sex tourist moids and think they are bad"
>"You're a LARPing male for saying sex tourist moids are bad, what about local moids? You're defending them"
>"Local moids are bad too, I never defended them. I want something better than sex tourist pedophiles or abusive pedophilic local moids"
>"You're a LARPing male"
There's a really weird samefag in this thread.

No. 379614

File: 1708044759387.png (22.8 KB, 1726x210, 193193.png)

And now he's deleted his post after getting clocked.

No. 379618

Can we stop derailing? This is ridiculous. If you thing it’s a moid then ignore it, jesus

No. 379621

I don't know why he always asks for women's hand pics.

No. 379627

I said her family's house is better. If you look at the twitter thread and compare the rural Henen building to her parent's compound, anyone could see that, and the OP says those were the words of other Chinese people. You're so delusional you literally make up posts. It's unreal, just 41% already, I'll never feel bad that you lost your foreskin.

No. 379630

This is a moid who wants to say "nigga", but is scared it'll blow his cover (as if the rest of his posts don't).

No. 379634

The fact that he's 36 and told his cousin to "find him a wife in Zambia" is enough for me to distrust him tbh. If he was a good man, he'd want to meet her first and help build her life with school or work. He's a predator looking for a broodmare. The UK is definitely a better option, there are good unis there. I agree that marrying an African man is a shit idea, I just don't like seeing African women get screwed over by other backward moids either. A normal Asian, latino or white man around her age would be leagues better.

No. 379635

YWNBAW, Blaine, and no one here will post their hand for you.

No. 379636

File: 1708046057043.png (5.02 KB, 358x73, 1955.png)

And he deleted this too. He's pretty much admitting to being a male, and it's not even the first time. At least the mods will see. I wish there was a surefire way to ban him.

No. 379641

>tee hee i'd totally post nudes for an internet argument fellow women
Okay, now we know to ignore him.

No. 379643

sounds like something a tranny would say

No. 379648

And he's still samefagging pretending to be someone who agrees with him. I'd point out what part makes his posts obvious, but it's probably better that he's in the dark.
The farmhands will be able to tell, anyway.

No. 379649

honestly cracker trannies are always so obsessed with black women, this guy is so typical

No. 379657

Yup, first the "post hand", and since that's not working, he's trying to pull shitty reverse psychology to make it seem normal and something a woman would totally do to post your body on imageboards to "prove" you're female to scrotes. The hand thing is what happened in the last black girl thread, too IIRC.

No. 379658

The weird tranny in here is probably the same one that camps in /meta/ constantly replying to themselves to infight and bait others into responding. He's been going into /ot/ to racebait too but probably just found this thread to continue his retarded antics. He changes the nature of his spergs every so often to avoid detection but it's always the same bullshit. This time he's on a racebait train.

No. 379661

Literally. They try to block us from discussing moids of any demographic being bad (including black men) and make snide posts like >>379381 to racebait.
The weird nude-baiting stuff makes him even more obvious. No woman on earth wants to see an ugly tranny body.

No. 379666

File: 1708047823777.jpeg (284.76 KB, 1205x862, FC93F3A4-FDF7-416F-8595-B69742…)

Virginity testing is legal in the US.

No. 379668

Glad the baiting Blaine tranny got banned.

No. 379670

The mods actually finally deleted the WMBF and WMAF fetish porn he was posting across the board. Wtf. Actually based mods? Rare mod W.

No. 379671

Same, thank you mods

No. 379673

1 in 10 American doctors have done a virginity test on a young girl for her disgusting patriarchal moid dad or husband. This is actually so depressing. This is why I will never ever EVER trust the medical field. Doctors are fucking evil, especially when it comes to black womens bodies. Aren’t they literally using black womens stem cells from the 1950s for medical research to this day? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 379674

>Archbishop Johannes Ndanga said girls as young as 12 are examined by church elders. If a man marries a woman who is not a virgin, he said she must then find a virgin for her husband to marry in a polygamous union as compensation.

I want to cry. Please make it stop.

No. 379676

File: 1708048622999.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1620x1855, 8B83D0E6-AAF2-44A6-BB03-583C6E…)

Gotta love how plots that are literally straight out of some dystopian body horror movie are just reality for black women. Whenever I see some horrifically disgusting story about a coroner or morgue worker raping corpses, women being medically experimented on without their knowledge, a little girl being sold for drugs then being tossed away like trash or being sex trafficked and nobody even bothers to look for them, it’s almost always a black female victim. The most horrifying news stories are always black female victims. I’m so fucking tired of it. Why are black women never safe to just live their lives.

No. 379677

File: 1708048834030.jpeg (320.62 KB, 1351x607, 141B6A3F-0CB9-45F2-83AF-9EC045…)

White doctors would literally give black patients placebos without their knowledge when they went to the doctor instead of actually treating their illnesses. These experiments went on for 4 decades and no one was ever told about it until the 1970s. I fucking can’t. The state treats black bodies like public property.

No. 379678

stolen stem cells, no less

No. 379679

i would know, i was taken to a doctor to confirm my virginity/intact hymen. doctors will do anything if you pay them a few hundred bucks.

No. 379682

That can’t be good for your soul, something so creepy about black womens cells and body parts just sitting in a lab and companies making billions off them

No. 379683

True. I feel like anime spaces became more (overtly) racist in the 2010s. I miss my early memories of interacting with new fiction and new forums. I miss the old internet sometimes

No. 379685

I think it’s the opposite. Tinfoil but I think these threads are full of American larpers who pretend to be third and second world women just out of boredom and wanting attention. There’s been a lot of anons who claim to be ESL and live in Europe Africa Asia India etc but somehow they always have a perfect grasp of English and talk with Americanisms that most ESLs wouldn’t even know. It’s possible but still highly sus imo.

No. 379686

not trying to invalidate your experience but mine was really the opposite, the only spaces ive felt truly accepted and tolerated were weeb and otaku spaces for some reason. all the moids were huge spergs and seemed to be way more interested in the anime and games than my race, they didn’t even notice me or pay attention to me most of the time. and there were a lot of woc at japan culture exchange and comic cons too, i met a lot of nice asian girls. latinas and other black girls. this is why ive always liked weeb shit, it kind of unites all races and nationalities under one love for japanese nerdy shit. then again im sure there’s racists who spoil it sometimes so i understand.

No. 379687

NTA. The average person who finds a site like Lolcow while not being American is more likely to have a good grasp of the English language, and know about American slang. It's not like American online culture is obscure, lol.

No. 379689

and i also agree that poltards and racist trannies have started invading weeb spaces more in the last couple years because they idealize japan as a homogenous nation with barely any black people. at every con and meet ive been to, race was never brought up and there were all colors and creeds of people represented which was nice. luckily in my state the chud tranny and poltard craze isn’t very strong so ive never encounter it firsthand but i have heard that a lot of racists are beginning to coopt weeb spaces so that really sucks. i wish racists would fuck off and die, the otaku community is my comfort zone and ill fight anyone who tries to shit it up with racist crap.

No. 379690

also i literally met my first gf (who is also a black woman) at a japanese matsuri con in 2011 lol so i have very fond associations with these events. we were literally two black women who would walk around holding hands and never had any harassment luckily, but again i guess it completely depends on state and what kind of people attend. i guess im lucky.

No. 379691

sorry for blog posting btw

No. 379695

I didn’t know inciting terrorism was legal on lolcor.

No. 379704

Og great a whole new generation of self-hating blasians to be made. China should deal with their consequences of killing their girls by making life in China a utopia for Chinese women. Stealing poor African girls is a recipe for geopolitical disaster.(racebaiting)

No. 379708


Imagine defending this trafficking instead of wanting a better life to be built in Africa

No. 379709

Ooh great the biracial hating sperg who quotes every sentence followed by a textwall and hates Asians and ‘half breeds’ is back. Why don’t you shut your racist ass up. Who hurt you.(racebaiting)

No. 379711

Imagine pretending to care about African women’s rights then being Muslim and saying ‘inshallah’ like it’s not one of the most misogynistic religions on earth. You don’t pass here. Go back, moid.(infighting)

No. 379713

Nothing in any of those first two posts says anything about biracial people or calls them "half-breeds" (disgusting term btw, you sound like a porn addict). The third post is probably yours, no one else would use that term. You're so obviously the tranny ban-evading, ywnbaw.

No. 379714

Can you even read, retard? You called them half breeds here
Nobody is falling for your racist ass divide and conquer shit, you just have a hateboner for mixed (especially blasian) women.

No. 379715

You’re painfully obvious by your posting style. Just say you hate mixed women and blasians and go.(infighting)

No. 379716

NTA but that was obviously said as a joke.

No. 379717

Yeah it’s sooooo funny to joke using a religion responsible for millions of rapes and thousands of kidnaps of black women and girls. Jihadi loving twat.(racebaiting/infighting)

No. 379718

It's the moid again, he's trying to start another infight.

Also, I'm >>379575, and no other posts he's attempting to lump together. As I said here >>379559, the blasian women I've met have been wonderful people. Pedos, rapists, sex tourists and their defenders like the obsessive moid are not. He's very upset actual women want to live life freely.

No. 379719

literal sci-fi horror

Call me a conspiracy theorist but I fear more experimentation this century, especially with the rising cost of living and the "benefits" of blood/bone marrow/egg donations

No. 379720

Stop pretending you aren’t the same poster as the one calling mixed girls half breeds lol you literally have the exact same syntax and posting style as him. Fuck off and die.(infighting/alogging)

No. 379721

once again offline reality is superior to online falsehoods

No. 379722

>exact same speech style
>exact same syntax and post formatting
>has a hateboner for blasians and mixed girls and calls them half breeds
>immediately starts ranting about blasian women again as soon as he gets the chance
>but it’s totally not me guise! i love blasian girls!

No. 379724

I was making a joke

I don't hate biracials I just think America is the best place to be blasian. And I think age gaps are disgusting and trafficking is immoral

No. 379725

inshaallah = if gods will it

No. 379726

Yeah it’s so funny to use terms from a moid religion that’s currently responsible for kidnapping and raping little girls and enslaving millions of black women in the MENA region and joke about how you hope kids grow up to be jihadis. You’re seriously fucking mentally ill. Get help.(infighting)

No. 379728

He was joking about FGM and equating it to male circumcision. He's not offended by the "inshallah" thing, just derailing and seething bc we're "kink-shaming" him.

No. 379735

I think you're over-reacting to a bad joke. I'd rather this sex trafficking thing not exist. I wish Africa wasn't so religious and I think they're only like that because the living conditions are so terrible

No. 379741

I miss when these threads were slow and genuine. Now all of them get filled up by 200 bait and infighting posts a day by trolls.

No. 379743

File: 1708057842744.jpg (18.7 KB, 350x408, mLkdg.jpg)

I wish I grew up in the age of Brandy. I miss that time period, I love her music, and I think she's peak cute teen black girl aesthetic, something the modern world is sorely lacking.

No. 379745

Nobody days inshallah as a joke. It’s not even funny.

No. 379746

In fact the only people I’ve ever seen use this term jokingly are incels and moids when hoping for or congratulating some terrorist attack or an attack on women. No woman especially the kind of woman who browse lolcow wants anything to do with Islam. Most of us are strongly against any religion.

No. 379747

Samefagging newfag, look here:
It's been a meme here for years. We don't all say it, but it's not uncommon.

No. 379749

Looks like it’s all the same poster who posts the same unfunny meme pics alongside it.

No. 379750

No. 379755

File: 1708061920569.jpg (39.95 KB, 446x680, GD_E7QiW8AAir4e.jpg)

just gonna post beautiful women

A shame a perfect 10/10 beauty turned out to be so evil

No. 379756

How is Nana evil?

No. 379758

No. 379759

File: 1708062301369.jpg (36.21 KB, 439x680, GDF7tSlWoAImHbh copy.jpg)

No. 379760

Hmm. She seems to have disavowed him tho and said what he did was disgusting. I don’t think Naomi was that bad because she was never named as a recruiter or pimp for other girls afaik (correct me if I’m wrong). My guess is she probably had to keep sleeping with these disgusting scrotes for money and modelling gigs. They say that Jeffrey Epstein slept with pretty much every VS model and was their unofficial recruiter/agent. I don’t think Naomi is a bad person I think she just wanted the bag and slept to keep her career going. She’s kind of a victim honestly. I heard a weird rumor that she slept with Putin and he was so violent with her that he broke her arm. Not sure if true or not, anyway I don’t think Nana is exactly a nice person but I don’t think she is evil just because she was on the list, I think the moids and stuff on the list were definitely pedos tho, like Leo DiCaprio.

No. 379786

Russian men are extremely violent during sex. I can believe it.

No. 379792


Fuck off, schizo tranny. You do this every thread.(report and move on)

No. 379805

Not a tranny. Go shave ur 5 o clock shadow, manbeast.(infighting/moidfoiling)

No. 379809

Only two pics? Please post more. I could do with some pretty girl blackspo.

No. 379824

To be fair I think there is still a lot of cute black girl content, it’s just no one cares about it. People only started listening to Chloe x Halle when they started singing about going to the club but, they had cute teen girl stuff before then too.

No. 379827

File: 1708085724935.jpeg (40.87 KB, 452x678, 15E797A0-DF85-489F-BDC9-68BDB0…)


No. 379828

File: 1708085762071.jpeg (51.78 KB, 678x452, 258C1415-F3A6-403B-B300-4F39B9…)

Angella summer

No. 379830

File: 1708085784119.jpeg (37.62 KB, 400x400, B2167C0F-8534-4896-B04F-B985A7…)

Anok yai

No. 379841

File: 1708088443873.jpg (83.48 KB, 512x680, E5erCKVXEAQYHWY.jpg)

as you wish

No. 379842

ywnbaw, ywnbb(infighting)

No. 379843

File: 1708088561808.jpg (97.66 KB, 544x680, Fp4__utWYAAPpT3.jpg)

No. 379844

File: 1708088641368.jpg (96 KB, 720x883, 1642877845966.jpg)

a massive shame, I feel hurt thinking about it

No. 379846

File: 1708088715532.gif (430.15 KB, 238x238, tenor (5).gif)

No. 379847

File: 1708088802828.jpg (26.34 KB, 555x452, vintage-somalia20152.jpg)

she has such a perfect smile

No. 379848

File: 1708088992548.jpg (68.19 KB, 728x728, DhsKfyvXUAEba4D.jpg)

>People only started listening to Chloe x Halle when they started singing about going to the club but
I feel like they were somehow more liked and respected before they started trying to be "hood", but I see what you mean. I wish things had turned out differently with them.

No. 379850

File: 1708089228385.jpg (135.31 KB, 1179x1890, F5b_qk3XwAEOm_d.jpg)

everything went wrong when they took the shaderoom and adjacent seriously. Especially Halle, she had so many rooting for her via TLM and her stupid love drama with DVD, pisses me off. She had Beyonce's support! How could you fuck that up

No. 379852

File: 1708089536557.jpg (65.22 KB, 388x680, F6Nl6opXAAAmTee.jpg)

(do not spam pics)

No. 379853

File: 1708089633047.jpg (99.89 KB, 750x926, Fsoe3QwXoAAJ4XU.jpg)

No. 379854

File: 1708089737919.jpeg (116.42 KB, 1080x1327, IMG_0122.jpeg)

I agree its the same tranny as before, but pretty please stop replying to him. Report his smelly posts. Just post pretty black women like the other anon.

No. 379879

This is not a picture spam thread anon. If you're going to do it and tell other anons to, at least encourage some kind of actual discussion.

No. 379887

I agree with you about reporting, but I'm kind of worried the mods might leave this and the Asian girl thread to rot because they're becoming too much trouble.

NTA, but I see both sides. If every time we try to discuss something, one moid (or two) shits up the thread, samefags, says we're him, demands photos of us and accuses us of posting xyz schizo style, anyone would rather look at pictures for a while instead. At least until the farmhands do something.

No. 379889

Or you can just learn to ignore and report scrotes. Not to be rude but is literally everyone here a newfag?

No. 379891

I do report them, but who the fuck wants to see them posting back to back unquestioned?

No. 379903

Any response, even picture spam, is food for trolls. Report and ignore. It's not that hard.

No. 379941

please just report the baiting infighting, do not even respond or give them any attention.

No. 379945

YWNBAW. Go shave ur 5 o clock shadow.(infighting)

No. 379946

Leaving this thread and the Asian girl thread to rot would be the best thing possible. These threads are not productive at all and full of bait, men, and infighting shitflinging tards who are super annoying.

No. 379947

I dislike these pic spams, the pics they use always feel moidy and I swear most of them are saved from a ‘fuckable black girls thread’ on 4chan which makes their origin and the person who saved thm even more sus. Just feels moidy to me.

No. 379956

Where I live there are a shitton of black anime, cosplay and nerd groups popping up left and right, and they're full of black women. Even online I've found so many more black woman-centred spaces for all types of hobbies in the last few years.

If as a black woman on the internet you haven't learned to just put your horse blinders on when it comes to that sort of thing already, you're setting yourself up for failure. This applies to real life too but especially the internet where there's no real idiot standing there in front of you.

No. 379964

File: 1708125997072.jpg (234.45 KB, 900x1200, 1000008163.jpg)

I was the creator of the previous thread, and looking back I definitely should have waited for more feedback on that image since a lot people ended up not liking it when it was finalized. It seems like the best thing for us to do in the future is that we suggest several images, and we all vote on which will be the best one for the next thread.

No. 379967

I save pics like that from pinterest…

No. 379977

Anons not talking about the thread pic, they're talking about the picture spam that someone was doing no one really had an issue with the last thread pic except for one anon. And honestly that post screams huge bait so I would ignore it.

No. 379980

There's nothing wrong with those pictures. The poster you're replying to is probably the same baiter that seems to hypersexualize black women and sperged out about the last OP picture.

No. 379984

File: 1708135469042.jpeg (338.25 KB, 1242x1537, 912C700F-C1B1-4618-9136-751B0D…)

I just wanted to post something positive and uplifting. Notice how none of the pictures I posted were pornographic. I focused on style. Are there specific pictures you’d prefer?

No. 379992

NTA but the women look gorgeous, there isn't anything sexual or pornographic about them. I remember someone in the very first thread repeatedly bringing up 4chan moids when no one asked, then spamming violent porn and screenshots of racist 4chan threads about black women saying "look at this, isn't it terrible??". They want attention.

No. 380083

File: 1708187590066.jpg (54.08 KB, 515x658, 1000008177.jpg)

Really hate all the baiting, so I'll bring up something more lighthearted. Which way do you have your hair styled nonnies? Mine are in twists like picrel.

No. 380084

File: 1708188126018.jpg (77.72 KB, 488x731, a874a3f0dc9370993b96cfeed8c541…)

This is silly but I figure this thread needs some posts that aren't so serious.
Anons, what would you do with your hair if the end of the world came? Honestly, I think about this more than I'd like to admit since I consume so much apocalyptic content and I lowkey think the world could always just completely flip over. Realistically it makes the most sense to have locs, right? But in games and tv shows, it's actually pretty rare to see black characters with locs. Michonne from TWD and Maria from the TLOU show adaptation are the only characters I can think of who have locs.

No. 380085

I used to have them in twists and braids for the longest time, braids are nice cause you can have them colored without actually dying your hair. As of now, I've decided to embrace a more natural look so I'm wearing it out and letting it breathe for a bit. When I go out I usually style my hair in an afro with it coming forward a bit on my forehead and ears. However, I did dye it a nice red yesterday so it kind of defeats the point of going natural I suppose
>Anons, what would you do with your hair if the end of the world came?
Shave it down, it seems like the most manageable style during the apocalypse. It wouldn't be flattering on me but that doesn't matter when the world is ending.

No. 380146

Her hairstyle is very cute, I usually wear mine in a bun

No. 380147

I'd keep my hair as short as possible. Mostly for water scarcity reasons. and I think that's the best excuse for short hair

No. 380157

File: 1708208884464.jpg (145.45 KB, 736x800, ef69a67168b9e2fb5329c5e70cbbdc…)

I shaved my head a while ago so my natural hair is just super short right now. I usually wear wigs over it when I'm out. I'm very tempted to start sisterlocs when my hair grows out enough because it means a cute low maintenance natural style that i can also wear wigs over, but I would be so sad to not be able to get braids anymore.

No. 380179

This is how shiny my hair looks like when I straighten it. I like the way it looks but I don't do it too often because of the effort.

No. 380184

File: 1708221331576.jpg (897.05 KB, 1813x2048, 1000002813.jpg)

I saw the cutest braids yesterday on twitter!! Can't imagine how heavy her head felt but I loved this

No. 380210

whyd you make the last thread when the first one was not filled? there were also several requests to make it a general like this. what were you thinking?

No. 380247

This and jade braids are so cute. I love experimental black hairstyles

No. 380248

Locs are always the answer I think.

No. 380249

File: 1708248331107.jpeg (297.71 KB, 1080x1346, BBA8BFD9-34E9-4B8B-8E74-C8745D…)

Side part mini twists, but my hair has layers so it’s less uniform than picrel

No. 380250

I’m really thinking of doing a more neo soul/Afro futuristic clothing style. I’m sort of in a mental space where I really want to reclaim femininity for myself. I feel like if I lean into something that feels natural for me, then no one can take it away from me.

No. 380403

is it really sex tourism if the man is poorer than the woman? not bait, genuinely curious.

No. 380411

he probably lied about being rich to her and her family. passport bros do it too.

No. 380437

File: 1708345649517.jpeg (274.29 KB, 1600x900, B29821D8-78D3-41A5-964B-4CD66B…)

I wish I had black female friends. I wish I had that connection and normalcy. I spent most of my life in white environments and being the token. I never felt normal and to this day I still have that strong desire to be normal. One of the reasons why I prefer a black boyfriend is so I can be normal and be introduced into a black friend group. I want the freedom to speak honestly and be silly without fear.

I secretly dislike when my non- black co-workers would ask me about a black topic. I usually say very little and try to redirect them to a book or website. I know they ask those kinds of questions because I’m not normal, I’m not one of them. I wonder how long do I have to keep myself restrained and polite. I feel like being independent will become financially impossible for me as I grow older and I’ll be forced to forever play the token role just to maintain a living.

No. 380448

File: 1708354773678.jpeg (98.54 KB, 640x768, F4C01AE1-B6B0-46D3-BD77-06E925…)

2023 was just a bad year to exist as a black woman. I never felt so demoralized about existing.

No. 380467

File: 1708368062510.jpg (141.14 KB, 1024x748, prf_10_14_11.jpg)

Does anyone else have brown lines on their nails? I have them in varying shades on most of my nails. I always see people say dark lines on your nails is a cause for concern, but honestly I think it must be normal for people with more melanin.

In general, I think a lot of medical advice in regards to skin conditions doesn't really keep people with brown skin in mind.

No. 380545

How so? I feel like things were worse in 2014-2020. Nowadays black women are being humanized a bit more. Before we were just seen as ghetto troublemakers

No. 380554

File: 1708408042712.jpg (122.68 KB, 1079x1343, NJjiavn.jpg)

I have other black friends but I'm genuinely considered dropping some of them. They never make time for me in their plans. Last year I had my toughest year and had to face it online because they were constantly to busy for any of the plans I made with them. And yet when I check their socials, they're going partying, clubbing, brunches, all the things they were too busy to do with me.
This year I want to have friends who make time for me, I want to be included in all the moments worthy of taking pictures to remember. Not just a back up friend they call when no one else is available. My breaking point was seeing these girls make galentines plans. It was at that point I realised that nope it's time to find new friends.
Trying to get into the indie/artsy scene in my city because it does have a decent amount of black people. Especially the DIY music scene.

No. 380745

File: 1708492497817.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, 0F613F7F-1C8E-4643-8CD9-D12311…)


I think she was spitting. Too many black people desperate for external validation and set themselves up for failure.

No. 380748

This is still reality if you attend public schools. Black people dropped the ball when it came to making our own institutions the older generations were so desperate to integrate and mix in with the greater non-black population that our own stuff fell to pieces. You can’t complain about poor representation when you don’t own any production networks. You can whine about networking when you refuse to build up the networks. It’s a constant pattern. From dating out to migrants, it’s so much easier to just run away than to build up.

No. 380760

Oh look the Jewish moid is back and arguing in bad faith again and trying to divide and conquer. Israel is not a real country, get over it dude.("hi moid")

No. 380762

Lol another self post?
>go to profile
>zero posts
>go to their linked website
>its just a blog crying about how evil and unempathetic black people are for not constantly virtue signalling on social media about Congo

No. 380767

It’s about black women refusing to be social justice mammies for other people especially when she gets nothing in return for her behavior. It’s an extension of religious behavior and hoping to get external promise for doing what God/society thinks of you

No. 381013

File: 1708593339980.jpg (165.71 KB, 828x786, 1669746020359657.jpg)

Yeah, this is why I don't concern myself with collectives of people anymore. The human race is pretty much cooked. Retards would rather fight over skin color, religion and territory than live decent lives or be kind to eachother. It's been like this since before I was born, and it'll likely continue to be that way long after I die, so why should I concern myself with causes for the same people who'd hate me for my ancestry? About the only things I do are avoid going out of my way to bash any demographic or mock their suffering, and I try to treat people as individuals. Even that's still much more than I can say for some others - we've all seen how randoms love to bash black women and girls completely unprovoked. Even some so-called feminists throw us under the bus (both libfems and radfems). I think some people will always despise us on principle. It's almost like they think we're a hivemind, and only they are capable of individuality. I can't relate to their hatred, and tbh, I don't want to participate or try to prove them wrong. I'd rather just let them eat eachother's faces off and mind my own business.
I still care about animals, the environment and my loved ones, but that's pretty much it. I'd rather save an innocent cat or dog than some homeless scrote who'll spit in my face, call me slurs, and/or make sexual comments at me.

No. 381254

File: 1708710961725.jpeg (182.86 KB, 1429x811, GG-qVXtXUAAmwco.jpeg)

I can't lie, it feels great to get paid more than others based on skin color. This is reparations.(racebaiting)

No. 381268

>look at me im so doomer and societypilled
God shut up

No. 381281

>reeeeee why don't the black foids care about me after i bashed them
Keep crying, faggot. No one is "doomer", I care about me, those important to me and the planet. I know you can't relate when your whole life is spent crying about muh pronouns and the 97th battle of scrottenstock on moidmountain.

No. 381290

what do nonas think of lipstick alley? last time i went was….2020-ish and i stopped going because i kept running into "well i'm a white male but…" posts

No. 381291

only good for the influencer gossip threads

No. 381296

I feel like the userbase is mostly homosexual white men pretending to be black women.

No. 381301

yes, i have a few. was worried that i had skin cancer (lol) for a while until went to the doc.

No. 381308

it could've been based with how many terfs are on that site but its ruined by tards simping for michael jackson

No. 381355

Why are other black people I barely know feel entitled to share their opinion on my single and childfree status? Strangers of races might gossip at but they generally don’t bother me about it.

No. 381377

I feel like back in the 2010s it was really fun for reading about milk to do with influencers and random internet personalities, but it bugs me that their website isn't the best for archiving things as say this site or kiwifarms. There was some stellar milk that's now lost to the sands of time and it makes me sad. Aside from that, i don't really like the userbase, but it blows me away that the nurse ratchet user is still there after all these years. To me, if you want to learn about the ace family or any family channel, lipstick alley is the first place to go since they are probably on their 50th thread.
They are probably seething and jealous or feel somewhat threatened by your bodily autonomy. I don't really like talking about this, but some black women just have children as if they have no control over their bodies or because they feel like it's a requirement to have kids, either for religious purposes or to keep their partner from leaving them.

No. 381382

No. 381385

this is very pessimistic, but probably a huge amount had a child in traumatic or just really bad/unplanned circumstances so seeing a woman just existing probably makes them feel less in control because it is a reality check. crabs in the bucket mentality?

No. 381422

The milk has been dry for over a decade now, the women’s re whining and always get into screech feasts, self-hatred and delusional self-worship collide daily, the men are just KS clones, the memes are millennial-tier, the hidden boards are just celebrity porn. It once had a decent hidden GC group but it was infiltrated by tranny loving woke mods (who came in around 2022) and I haven’t been back since. I used to be addicted to that site because it felt like a place where I could be normal, amount who I thought were my peers and say/read things that are impolite in regular conversations. A corpse of the old internet. Sadly you can only deleted certain posts but not the whole account

No. 381616

Sometimes I see all those stan accounts who put in so much time and effort showcasing whatever media (whether is a singer or a tv show or anything else) and I do wonder why there isn’t more attempts to push positive depictions of black women in media like that.

No. 381679

File: 1708915410710.jpg (62.34 KB, 680x572, F-LcydlWMAAEW0q.jpg)

positive representation is not profitable. Corporations love putting people into boxes because it makes marketing easier. Positive black female representation make others uncomfortable as well.

>i'm likely going to sound schizo, but i believe there's a silent agreement the west has on "black" being less a race (see: the one drop rule and its continued prevalence), and more an underclass. an underclass needs to perform its role, and be easily visually marked. everyone has to do "their part". part of the black woman's role is to embody at least one of the three archetypes: jezebel, sapphire and mammy. i'm sure i don't need to explain what those are in detail. if you perform none of them, you are upsetting the delicate racist balance set in place by the society you live in, and not in the current media-sanctioned way deemed "empowering" (though it's actually just more of the same). a lot of black people have completely swallowed "black" being more than a race, but a specific personality, likes/dislikes, etc under the banner of "culture" (ignoring that there are multiple black cultures, and that culture does not dictate the entirety of anyone's being, unless they have literally no self-awareness or individual thought). they don't see it as bad, because it's been repackaged as "cool" by shitty burger media, and they've effectively been pacified via small concessions. most black people will not question why we're still not really in charge of our own representation, why "our" music so often has destructive, anti-social messages, and why those in charge of the record labels, media companies, etc pushing this stuff are old-ass degenerate moids who aren't even black. none of it is in good faith, but they can't see it.

>unlike some other minorities, there is also no way for a black woman to not be visibly and clearly black, so we can't really just "blend into" any subculture and live in peace IRL. our existence constantly gets politicized, and since a lot of people are dumb and don't see what's going on (or, you know, just racist), they'll blame every single one of us for it. easiest example is spergs who believe a black character in anything is automatically "woke". a black woman not "doing black things", "talking black", "acting black" or "dressing black" becomes a betrayal of what it means to be "black" (which, again, is not a race, but a position, and it's not one to be defined by us as individual black women, but everybody else, lmao), and a sort of challenge to the established status quo. you can literally just be a person with hobbies or interests, and a bunch of freaks who think we're all in some kind of race pyramid or ant colony will essentially screech at you to get back "in line" (and "in line" for us means shaking our asses, being loud, illiterate, masculine and/or morbidly obese so that we can be constant sexual/comedic entertainment, living "proof" that it's natural and totally healthy to be fat so that fat hyperlibfem white women can feel better about themselves ala the fat acceptance movement, and allow other races of women to appear "softer" and "more feminine" - irish women were made to play the last role before the irish were considered white). you're enraging black people who think it's your job and "actually powerful!!!1" to conform to identities you never signed up for, and also making racists uncomfortable because you don't fit into the autistic set of "traits" they applied to you and regurgitated to each other like a religion. all of it is just very insidious.

>i think more black girls and women are picking up on this, and media execs can see the fatigue building up, so they've been throwing a bone here and there by allowing actresses like ayo edibiri who don't fit stereotypes to show up in movies/shows, but the main representation still is (and probably always will be) the jezebel, mammy or sapphire because it's what sells and keeps the racist/lowbrow majority comfortable. all of it just makes me sad, honestly. it must be so peaceful to just be allowed to have your own individuality.

No. 381710

>ayo edibiri
Looks like the type who is comfortable playing a black best friend.

No. 381724

she's a better deal than what we've gotten in the past few years, I just hope it opens the door to less cringe

No. 381726

I hate the fact there’s so little representation of black girls who are super close with their moms and dads and have a very loving positive relationship. I keep seeing white, Arab and even Asian girls showing off their super close relationship with their mom and talking about how she’s their best friend and love of their life, but I never see black girls doing that. It’s so depressing.

No. 381817

I literally never meet men I find attractive.
Will moving to a place with a higher proportion of Black people help?

No. 381818

99% of men are ugly. It’s the same all over the world.

No. 381834

Tbf, i do encounter a lot of this on social media, but people just prefer drama and messiness.
It's a sign to not bother with dating. If you have to go out of your way like that you aren't that interested in the first place.

No. 381867

Lol what? I moved to a country that’s full of the specific nationality of men I’m most attracted to and it’s heaven because I see endless hot guys each day. Compare that to my home country where every male was ugly af to me.

No. 381884

Good for you anon. I've always been in a racially diverse environment and spoilt for choice in moids but i personally have never found a single one sexually appealing once and i am pushing 30. I unironically only get turned on by 2d moids, never 3dp. I came to the decision to not to bother forcing it and it's been a good decision.

No. 381947

Thats mento illness luv x

No. 381956

You guys need to start saving this conversation thread

No. 381984


No. 382056

>hate the way black men treat black women, become convinced black men can’t genuinely love or care for us, want nothing to do with them
>start dating white guys because they’re supposed to be the respectful and feminist race or something
>find out they’re all perverts, coomers and degenerates under that nice boy facade
>realize they can’t love black women genuinely either because they can’t see us as fully human like they are
>realize they’re all simping for the same bpd white girl who rejected them and using desperate non white women as a placeholder until she messages them back and they’ll come running
I’m disappointed but not surprised. Can any race of man love or are they all like this?

No. 382059

No man can love women.
Black women are blackpilled on the nature of men as men collectively treat us worse than every other race of women.

No. 382060

Yes they’re all like that. What you desire is a fantasy that has never been proven to exist. get some SSRIs and kill off that sex drive. Get your money up and move to a quiet beachfront. You missed out on the golden age of dating for no other reason than your age. Accept it and move on

No. 382082

The people more satisfied with their relationships with their parents are less likely to feel a need to compensate for something by sharing it online. I am biased though, I have a great relationship with both of mine so never felt a need to seek similar dynamics out online.

No. 382116

I wish that locked LSA hate thread was unlocked. I'm noticing this gross trend of them calling any man whose 24-25 dating a woman in her 30's, a "Little boy" or "Child" meanwhile, they regularly harshly judge 25 and even younger black women for making choices with men that are wrong or being immature.
There's a thread about a football player or boxer, who has 2 kids by 2 women and he's like 26. He's dating a woman who has 2 kids by 2 men and she's in her 30's. People are calling him a "Child" or a "Kid". No he's not, he's a grown man with 2 kids.
Compare that to any thread about any black woman who ever does anything, I rarely see them calling 24-25 year old black women "little girls' or "Babies" in age gaps. And if they ARE calling them a "Little girl" it's in a insulting way.
>This little ass girl needs to sit down somewhere
And it's usually people being mad at a young black woman for not being mature/smart or wise in a situation involving a man.
Even when lsa is critical of age gaps, it's just, "She could be his daughter" it's never pretending the woman is not an adult.
Even in my personal life, I was expected to make all the right choices at all times, rather it came to dating, or navigating the world while my brothers could do whatever and up until they were in their 30's it was, "They are still young" or "they going to make mistakes", my mother would always come at me hard.
I was expected to "know" how to be right and be wise. I wasn't allowed to be immature or figure shit out without EVERYONE on my back. Meanwhile, as we can see black men/men in general are allowed to be immature or reckless and still not be judged as harshly, if at all.

I can tell a lot of the genuinely black female posters on lipstick alley are male identified and probably treat their daughters differently then their sons.

No. 382117

Same anon, I've had friends who told me their mothers gave them the same identical speech of, "I'm harder on you because this, that and thrid" or "I don't want you to be like me". It's so fucked up how many black women, I know now who have expressed they were treated harshly by their mothers when it came to dating or really anything compared to their brothers. My mother even NOW comes at me and my sisters with an weird agression she doesn't my brothers. Flat out told me once, "I don't care if you are mad at me, but i care if your (named some of my brothers)". I'm constantly being told, "yeah I treat you differently, because you are a woman and-"
I think a lot of women like me who grew up in single mother households, have mothers who are jaded and beat down by the failures of black males and their own decisions, plus their mothers decisions. It's a ever ending cycle, of broken women, trying to "fix' their mistakes with their daughters, by treating some of us like we are their equals instead of their child. While not treating their sons like that OR if they do, they are treated as the man "of the house' meaning they are given a certain amount of respect and authority.
I hope this makes sense.

No. 382172

Should black women go on strike from relationships and babies until men learn how to treat us proper?

No. 382194

Korean women are doing it

No. 382200

Aren't we kind of already doing it? I feel like it's a popular thing to do among certain black women even if they don't intend to do it to punish men.

No. 382201

I've always felt like with black people they always act like every single little girl is one step away from making an onlyfans.

No. 382287

Black women have already been doing that for decades and it hasn’t changed anything or made us get treated better. Moids know that no matter how much we withdraw from them and deny them sex, they can always go find some impoverished third world woman who will put up with his shit out of desperation. The passport bros meme was literally started by black men, although white moids were doing it first with importing impoverished uneducated SEA women. I’m not sure what the solution is men will always be shitty regardless of how you behave for them.

No. 382351

How does one deal with loneliness in their 30s if they’ve decentered men but realise that hat most of your real life friends are male centred?

No. 382461

Where the Black (lesbian) women at?

No. 382473

File: 1709298969289.jpeg (942.79 KB, 1160x1112, 72E7ABC1-F68B-4D38-9BD6-B2CBD8…)

Hate how normalized extreme surgery in the black community is, I’m tired of black women being pressured to look like Bratz dolls and ridding themselves of their features as much as possible. You just know the moid surgeon asshole intentionally took the pic on the left at a harsh angle to make her look as cartoonishly negro as possible. And her edges, I’m weeping for them, literally tearing her hair out and looking like MJ on the right.

No. 382476

This is on of many reasons why I never want to have kids. I got that same lecture as well and was parentifed. So much trauma exists and is never spoken for

No. 382477

I do as an individual but don't hold your breath for a statistically significant minority to even try.

For economic reasons. I swear it's easier for people to focus on the "gender wars" than even acknowledge extreme capitalism and competition for scraps created their situation

No. 382479

I'm not surprised. Black women have been told form birth, inside and outside their communities, that they are ugly and unloveable because of their ugliness. Even if you had a feminist mom who tried to raise you with self-love, it's hopeless in the age of social media.

You see how much better mixed/non-black women are treated, how powerfully true pretty privilege is and how easy it is to access plastic surgery. If I had more money, I would have gotten full body plastic surgery. I know how much better people treat you and think of you when your are pretty and mixed.

I don't have a solution or answer to this. It's so hopeless.

No. 382480

why do they always wear makeup in the after pic? How are you supposed to actually compare the two pictures like this?

No. 382481

>”I think there needs to be a bigger convo on black fatherlessness”

>blogpost incoming btw kek

No, we just need to breed responsibly and stop birthing black males. Fatherlessness is only a problem when you keep generating a bunch of children particularly (and mostly) black males who love shooting, looting and killing while the women are placed with most of the brunt of the domestic affairs, financial and political burdens (ex. picking up the laundry AND picking up and explaining why Tyrone’s dead body has been littered on a gas station floor and having to lie to the media that he ain’t “du NUFFIN!!! mah son would never be a menace!!”) that tires and exhausts us out way more than other groups of women who have better fuckability/beauty mandate points that grants them a crumb of at least fauxprotection from this BS. The faulty normie logic that always permeates these conversation is the false equivalence that black men and black women (even POC) have always been subject to the same kinds of oppressive conditions, despite half of our community being women and also being subjected to sex-based oppression on top of crippling racial oppression and negative racial outlooks despite us again doing most of the heavy work that gets us mistreated and bombarded with thankless jabs of us “weave wearers and black male birthers” from everyone globally. We’re the ones who need radfeminism the most and yet we constantly reject it because white women who unfortunately all happen to be libfems/sex-pozzies for a status signal/“good girl” boost unconsciously aid into the hypersexualized negative image of black women and other groups of women we see today, having us run on a circular hamster wheel of male validation and hand pats. My rant is going everywhere and some of it isn’t related to anything to your post or in this thread and the jannies might find this post sus but time after time I think we understand that black males lack of responsibility for their own children and desire of fatherhood goes beyond space and time, wayyy before the Diaspora and it’s something that can’t be fixed through “socializing” and “rehabilitating” bc those disgusting ass creatures who have always been black women’s enemy from day one. We should be moving like those 4B korean women and carefully, surgically thinking about which XY we continue to shit out to the world and evaluate why were even continuing to have sex with our close-quartered oppressors who have contributed to our bullying, harassment, degradation and suffering with other groups of men while hiding their hands and whinging to any black XY sympathizers who will listen to their distorted POV about the detriment of racism and white supremacy, because their language is always coded with male-entitlement and unfettered access to other groups of women without any laws getting in their way from that happening (the main optics of the civil rights movement). They don’t like it when the shit hits for them but will promote it for their own female counterparts. We keep reproaching this “fatherless” issue countless times and running in circles anons, it can’t be solved by wasting time trying to include them thinking in the past that there hasn’t been measures to incentivize them to keep their useless asses in the home (apparently there have been!!!!). We have to completely take them out of the factor and deal with them as it really is: the average man’s aversion to caring for something that’s way beyond himself and beyond his small egocentric world of individual goals and obligations. Women especially black women have to take total control of the reproductive/childbearing process that still lays in the hand of patriarchal society, trying to restructure the home into a model that’s been oppressive for women is not gonna solve the reason why black males are defective. Black males are defective because they are men.

No. 382622

It's not just an upsetting situation but a lonely one as well. People ostracize, mock, treat us like we're not human and when the sorrow sets in she's told no one thinks that way. It's her fault for victimizing herself. Some of us try so hard to only be barely tolerated.

No. 382628

Some of you start to sound like racist white moids when black men are mentioned. You use the same exact lingo as they do it’s honestly pathetic

No. 382631

File: 1709377177606.jpg (428.64 KB, 1098x910, 1705285023060.jpg)


No. 382634

>No, we just need to breed responsibly and stop birthing black males.
This is unrealistic and even if black women did stop right now, there's still hundreds and thousands of black children already in this world

No. 382642

This isn't normalized anywhere but online, most black people are walking around with the features that God gave us. I swear I feel like people keep trying to convince black women every black women has a bbl or chopping up her nose on average. Even online this shit isn't normalized, people don't treat Szas surgery like it's normal. People acknowledge it and praise her for "looking better" or they trash her for changing her features/body. Megan the3 stallion is praised for not having surgeries because all the female rappers do, not because shes the rare bw who didn't touch her face in general.
Most of us are natural. There's diffently cultures where plastic surgery is normal, it's not the black community.

No. 382644

also anon where did you get this picture from?
>made her look as cartoonishly negro as possible
If thats how her face LOOKS and how she came in how is it on the doctor? It sounds like you think her natural features look cartoonish. It's a simple front on picture, probably one they took right before surgery.
And you're picking at her edges and natural looks but then pretending to be weeping about the "Normalized" plastic surgery in the black community, when again MOST of us don't have extreme surgeries let alone surgeries at all.
This whole post sets off my bullshit alarm. I ask for a source because the second picture looks clearly edited or as if it has some kind of filter on it. I'd like to see how this woman looks without that.

No. 382648

>Du Nuffin!!
>Mah Son!
>that tires and exhausts "us" out way more than other groups of women who have better fuckability/beauty mandate points that grants them a crumb of at least fauxprotection from this BS
Something I notice is that there's BW who exist who can criticize black males without using 4chan/white supremacist like language. I could be wrong but I know for a fact that racists tend to target black female spaces to rant/discuss our issues to spew racism towards us or about their obsession with black men.
If you are black maybe you should work on how you talk about this subject, you say the 'jannies" may find this sus, but any black woman whose recognized the type of language used by racist would as well.
They know it's unrealistic.

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