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File: 1663220654373.png (1.1 MB, 1142x640, Witch Folk Tarot Deck.png)

No. 288268

Welcome to to the divination thread. Here we discuss our experiences with tarot or any other form of divination, be on the giving or recieving end. You can also use this thread to practice reads and ask questions to readers.

>Info for people seeking a reading

If you want to get a reading, please leave a post here with your query and general details about it. It's optional but you can include your age, sex, sign, a picture, a song, or any other info you might feel is relevant, anything that might help the reader pick up your energy better. Some readers may ask for distinct requirement according to their reading style. Although you may post your query here, it is not guaranteed that your post will be picked up by a reader quickly, but it may still eventually happen.

>Info for readers

You can come here and offer readings for anons, how many spots you offer and how many questions you'll answer is up to you. You may also pick up any query from this thread and answer it. Remember to disclose what your requirements for a reading are (age, sex, sign, lenght of the question, etc) and what method of divination you're using. If there's certain questions you won't awnser (death and sickness related for example) be sure to disclose it as well.

>Info for people seeking a trade

As a reader, you may come here and ask to trade a reading, meaning you leave your own question and then wait until another reader picks it up. If that reader answers your question, be sure to reply back as soon as possible. Always disclose what method of divination you're using. Try to match the lenght of the other anon's response, don't leave them hanging or reply with a shorter text than theirs.

>Info for people learning any divination method including tarot

Feel free to come here to practice your skills. You can ask for advice, tips, and feedback. Even if you're not actively learning and are just curious about it, please don't shy away from posting in this thread.

Have fun!
Last thread: >>>/g/144816

No. 288270

Will continue reading for the people who replied to my post last thread, please stay pending.

No. 288283

Hi, never done this, but I'd like a reading if possible. I am 24 years old and a Leo. (Moon sign-Capricorn
Rising-sagittarius, if that matters/helps). I just wanted a general reading, whatever you can give.

No. 288296

File: 1663240792982.jpg (350.83 KB, 547x945, tumblr_187f781da36ee30616f64ff…)

>How this half a year will be for me? What will happen?
>king of wands, the sun, six of pentacles
Your leadership and strong motivation to work will help you accomplish good thingd for the rest of the year. This will lead you to have firm control over your finances and perhaps you'll be in a position to share with others. With confidence, good things will happen.

>Will I meet someone interesting this or next year?
>the hanged man, four of wands, queen of swords
Most likely! It'll be someone who will bring new fun to your life. Seems like a joyful encounter. This person is someone very free spirited and independient. A little quirky, but also very strong.

>What good thing might happen to me next week?
>queen of pentacles, nine of swords, six of pentacles
Despite being stressed, you'll be loaded with money.

>What would be my best shot career wise?
>the emperor, nine of cups, the devil
An authoritative career where you're respected for your knowledge, strong leadership, and wit. You should take on challenges and have a lot of ambition. Consider law, politics, or something to do with properties.

>Did I said/did something wrong? Should I send them a email?
>Nine of swords
Yes you probably said something wrong.
>Nine of wands
No, don't send them an email right now, you will look suspicious. Leave them be for now or you'll worsen the situation.

>what will it be for me career&education-wise in half a year?
>four of swords, six of swords, six of pentacles
The stress will make you need a rest and you will want to be alone for a while. Move on from things and focus on self care. Perhaps ask someone to support you for a while.

I'm done with reads for now, thank you all for participating.

No. 288324

>Consider law, politics, or something to do with properties.
Huh, this is interesting. I'm an artist, working in retail, but that prefers to work as an office person - so you can see why I'm kinda all lost and all over the place. But this is not something I've ever considered. Especially considering I have a degree in Arts lol

No. 288328

File: 1663253277486.jpeg (50.07 KB, 827x544, 4019E1F1-25D4-4BFD-ACCA-DF6A0F…)

Hi there! If any nona is available to do a reading I would really appreciate it. I’m a 21 year old Scorpio. I’d really like to know if my financial ambitions will be achieved in the coming year/years. I have very specific goals (become homeowner, retire parents, etc.) and am starting a business/side hustle by the new year. I’d like to know if I should achieve success or if there could be any obstacles I’ll face, whether from myself or others. Thank you!

No. 288350

File: 1663262474641.jpg (292.92 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20220915-101838_Tar…)

Simply put, no. You most likely will achieve your desires, but not within the time limit you're hoping for. I get the feeling that if this is the case you may start to feel hopeless or like a failure, but fret not. You have the ability to manifest your desires, but not without some large setbacks. You're going to have to get comfortable with failure if you want to meet your financial goals eventually. You're still young and you have a lot of years ahead of you.

Your biggest obstacle is accepting help from others. Don't be ashamed to take some handouts whenever possible, there are people who want to help you. As an aside, the small business may set you back by by quite a bit. Just be smart with your money and don't put all your eggs in one basket and you should be fine.

No. 288370

I appreciate it and that’s pretty spot on. I’m pretty independent so I’ve struggled day to day accepting help. But this helps me put things into perspective for sure. Thank you love

No. 288377

>>Half a year career and education

That's my normal state tbh. I have neither opportunity nor money to do "self care" and there is no one to help me. Thanks for your time still.

No. 288709

File: 1663582523570.png (213.74 KB, 499x382, 1658795671484414.png)

Trading 2 questions, likewise I will read 3 questions for you!
1.What is causing the anxiety, and how can I stop feeling overwhelmed to the point of feeling paralyzed about things?
2.How can I focus more on having fun with art? I have so many ideas that I don't know how or where to start.

No. 288731

if someone could quickly read me. i'm a 22 year old aries sun, leo rising and scorpio moon. i want to see if the person i'm really interested in is going to be worth the while. I met him on september 10th. idk his birthday other than he's mongolian. i want to know his future. i was supposed to meet up with him but at the time i was busy so I tried to reschedule. i want to reach out a try one more time but i'm not sure how to go about this. what will our future be?

No. 288738

>i want to reach out a try one more time but i'm not sure how to go about this.
the moon, death, lovers, page of wands
raise your confidence and go for it. If you manage to contact him, this is a great opportunity to start a new romance. You're clearly enthusiastic about it so this might be a good sign. I see the death card as positive in this reading.

No. 288754

33f, sag sun, virgo rising, taurus moon

first anniversary coming up with boyfriend, 36/libra (unk everything else). just did a pretty great trip, supposed to go on another one. good match?

No. 288803

Still trading before the website goes out later this week!

No. 288805

I’ll do you anon. Can I have your age and sign? It will help me pinpoint for the cards.

No. 288815

If you don't mind as I don't do tarot reads, I can give you some advice how to get back on horse with drawing, just tell what you are struggling with.
I recently got back to drawing regularly as I started finding joy in figure drawing again.

No. 288824

Hello, 26 scorpio! what are your questions?
Sure anon, but what do you need?

No. 288846

File: 1663618679037.png (1.54 MB, 999x1106, bobo1.png)

I don't know if it is fair to tarot readers to not offer a tarot reading in return

No. 288855

File: 1663620519925.png (613.06 KB, 1280x720, 1663620460579.png)

Trading a reading.
>How can I help my small business grow?

No. 288863

Four of cups, four of wands, six of wands
Pinpoint the exact thing that is making you dissatisfied with your work and then think, why has everything become so stale? Are you putting the same energy you as you did in the beginning? Are you still doing the same things without reinventing yourself? It's time to try something new and revitalize the business. Small steps can contribute a lot. Perhaps it is time to ask for help with the business too. Lay your roots for future success and seek people you trust so they can help you out. I see this period frame as a good way to venture into new things, you're already successful and will continue to shine in the coming months.

No. 288867

Thank you, anon. Do you have a question?

No. 288885

My question: I’m unsettled recently, not in an anxious way necessarily but agitated. Why? Is there something I’m missing or I need to do? Taurus 24
Here’s yours:
>> Card One: What is causing your anxiety? Queen of the Thrones of Waters: Reversed
The things you’ve been avoiding are now bubbling back to the surface with no where to go. It’s time for a release so you can move forward.
>> Card Two: What to do about it? Queen of Swords: Advice: Queen of the Thrones of Air
You have to take control and start moving forward for the panic to lessen. You’re still in control and this Queen appears to tell you despite the anxiety there are still moments that no one can take better care of you then you.
>> Card Three: Art: The Empress: Reversed: Daughter of the Mighty Ones
The Empress reminds you art is expressive, just as she is. It’s okay to want to express your self through it, but don’t get so focused on the large and expressive or “perfection” too much. Sometimes the simple act of creating is enough. Both a drizzle and a hurricane are important in the right places.
I pulled two clarifying cards to see if there’s additional advice:
Things haven’t always been easy or fair for you, and you’ve pushed past it and forward a lot. It’s okay to grieve that, and also accept your part in it. It’s necessary to move forward. You’ve grown a lot and you’re in a period of transformation right now. Focus on the present and where you are, when the anxiety starts to bubble do things for you to help you move forward and ground, sketch, push yourself to take a walk, something to stay here and not in the unknown waters.

No. 288903

I do anon! I kinda just want to know, what are the next 3 steps I should do to move on?
Thank you so very much anon. Working on your read now!

No. 288917

File: 1663629830717.png (1.47 MB, 1028x1280, 1663629785127.png)

>what are the next 3 steps I should do to move on?
>Queen of Wands, Eight of Pentacles reversed, Ace of Cups
>Step One
You need to foster your self-confidence. Embody the energy of the Queen of Wands and take action towards your goals. Don't take no for an answer when it comes to your personal growth. Focus your energy on what you really want and cut away what's unnecessary for your self-improvement.
>Step Two
Don't stress yourself out about work. Yes you should seek to perfect your craft, but it shouldn't be the most important matter on your mind right now. You may be the type of person that likes to throw themselves into work to forget about their personal life. This is only a short-term solution at best.
>Step Three
Foster new connections with people who can help you forget about the past. Put the effort into having emotionally fulfilling relationships of all kinds and it will improve your overall satisfaction and quality of life. Good luck, anon.

No. 288926

File: 1663632847481.jpg (111.66 KB, 550x1049, seven of coins.jpg)

>I’m unsettled recently, not in an anxious way necessarily but agitated. Why?
King of swords, five of swords, seven of cups
You have way too many things in your mind that you want to work on, but somehow circumstances in your life have completely sucked dry all the enjoyment from them. What you used to think was fun now has become stale and it's simply not the same as before. It all feels detached, there's an ideal you're aiming for and you seem determined to do it, but the feeling of emptiness and fear of failure makes you not go through your plans.
>Is there something I’m missing or I need to do?
Seven of pentacles, nine of swords, seven of wands
Keep fighting on through the feelings of anxiety, you're pretty capable of making things a reality. Steadily work your way up and perhaps learn a couple more new skills related to something you actually find enjoyable. Don't feel so afraid to move on.
Six of cups, the fool, strenght
Find someone who can help you search for the joy in life again, like a companion or frienship. You need to be more fun and spontaneous and do more things you enjoy for the hell of it. Hang in there nonna.

No. 288940

Thank you very much anon, this was very helpful ♥

No. 288952

I was planning to do something but im backpedalling so hard right now
Id like to know what should i do and what could happen if i go forward with this thx
Im a virgo btw

No. 289000

>seven of wands, two of wands, five of wands
If you're willing to pull up with defensiveness, indecisiveness, and fighting, then yes it's a good match

>seven of swords, four of cups, knight of wands
I would like to know what exactly you were aiming for. You're being hasty and the backpedalling makes sense, try to be more honest with yourself and whatever sneaky shit you're trying to do, maybe think about it twice.

No. 289206

i claim and i just contacted him thank you

No. 289215

Hi, can I ask these questions? I am thankful for any answer I can get:

Will I have a good spouse?

How is my relationship with my family (parents, sister, possible future children?) going to be in the future?

No. 289856

File: 1663960209455.jpg (4.28 MB, 3024x4032, 20220923_120657.jpg)

I'm going to be doing 5 readings with the Angel Tarot. Just give me your query and whatever else you want me to know.

No. 289871

File: 1663962942596.jpg (107.84 KB, 508x800, 20220907_205824.jpg)

Gemini, initials E.G
When will my soulmate come in for me? I am having lots of dreams lately that leave me with intense yearning. I've heard if you start seeing a face clearer in your dream the closer they are to you. Thank you very much.

No. 289872

How much longer will I be living in this city for?

No. 289873

I have to retake an assignment I failed last school year and I'm frankly dreading it because it's on material I struggle with on top of having to take this year's courses. I absolutely have to pass. Will I? I'm a leo, thanks.

No. 289874

I don’t know how specific I should be for a question, but should/will I have to take another year?

No. 289898

>King of Swords, Two of Wands, Ace of Pentacles
Your message is from Mehiel. You will be much older in age and this person will be completely new to your life. They will come in at a time when you are starting a new beginning. I get the feeling that this person will be a little bit overprotective of you.

>Ten of Swords, The Lovers, Page of Wands
At least ten more months. It's going to be hard but at least you might meet some new people who will make it more bearable.

No. 289899

File: 1663969656412.png (89.34 KB, 275x272, F7708B90-2943-4BA2-A6E7-6419BC…)

26, Sag Rising, Sag Sun, and Cancer moon. Got dumped by a man who I thought I had a really great future with and I’d like to see where I should go from here. Thanks

No. 289907

>Wheel of Fortune, Strength, Knight of Cups
Yes, but you need to be disciplined because if you are then luck will be on your side. No daydreaming or dilly-dallying.

Hierophant, Queen of Cups, Six of Cups
Most likely yes, but you will have a pleasant time. Somebody very kind and generous will teach you something.

>Queen of Swords, Six of Swords, The Moon, King of Wands
You have a message from Haamiah. You are being advised to move away from him as you still may have some hope for reconciliation. There could be somebody better for you on the horizon. You are advised to cut through all illusion and deception. Be honest with yourself if this is really over or not. You may be trying to fool yourself.

No. 289911

I have a date tomorrow with a guy that's seemingly too good to be true. How do you see it unfolding?

No. 289914

File: 1663976720719.gif (2.14 MB, 236x498, 1655134857540.gif)

If anyone is willing to give me a read I'd be super grateful!
Sun: Capricorn
Moon: Capricorn
Rising: Sagittarius
I feel pretty stuck. I've been having trouble with finding work because I'm a socially retarded autist, but I'm finally about a year into college (all online) and have a 4.0 which is helping my confidence a bit. I've lost a fair deal of weight too which is always nice. I guess what I'm interested in knowing is if/how I'll find motivation to push myself toward truly living soon, and/or if my loneliness and isolation will go on much longer.

No. 289916

give me the picture with the isopod and I'll read the questions for you

No. 289917

Thanks nonna, I really appreciate it. I do hope for some reconciliation

No. 289919

ANON I saw the picture with the isopod on the internet. If you post it again I'll read your question

No. 289920

File: 1663977623239.jpg (64.52 KB, 680x460, 1663475458117.jpg)

KEKKKKKK it lives!!!

No. 289944

>how I'll find motivation to push myself toward truly living soon
Main card: strenght
The magician, six of pentacles, six of cups
You have to hang in there anon, this loss of motivation will end soon. It feels like you gave up a little, but you need to be stronger, determined. You have to find the inner strength to continue and overcome your obstacles. Get in action and don't let anything hold you back, you're extremely close to what you want anon. Perhaps stop living in the past, and start sharing your present with others now. You have a lot more to give. Don't focus on things that don't matter anymore or already happened, don't keep reliving things. You can push yourself and achieve anything you want.
>if my loneliness and isolation will go on much longer.
Main card: the world
four of wands, ace of pentacles, six of cups
It's the end of a cycle and you'll see soon what is in store for you. Again don't live in the past, share what you have with others now. New things are coming for you.

No. 289945

File: 1663983753234.jpg (60.24 KB, 500x621, 1621020997089.jpg)

I'm trading readings again, same anon from last thread.

I'm very indecisive about this situation:
I want to start a youtube channel about art where I encourage others to seek out art for fun and not worry so much about it. I want to talk about art and share my knowledge. But I'm scared. I'm very scared of everything. Sometimes I wonder if this is even worth it at all, if it will succeed, or if this is all pointless. People hating me or criticizing it is also something that gives me a lot of pain and anxiety. What should I do?

Should I do the art channel or just focus on drawing my other stuff unrelated to it? Thank you! This is very important to me. I have nothing else in my horizon, feels like this is the only chance at a job I have for now.

No. 289953

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to do this

No. 289956

>King of Wands, King of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Nine of Cups
You may find that you have more in common with him than you think. He may show you a different side to himself tomorrow. Things will go exactly how you imagine them to be, or very dream-like in nature.

No. 289966

Thank you for the read!!! That's really reassuring. I hope it'll go that way tomorrow. I may follow up, if possible.

No. 289984

Thank you so so much anon. I honestly needed to hear some of that, it really helped. I will keep pushing forward. I hope you have a lovely day with all the blessings you deserve

No. 289996

If someone could do a reading for me it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm under a bad spell, every time something good happens it gets taken away from me in a matter of days, I'm starting to lose all my faith and everything seems dark and scary. Is there a way out of this? Is something coming my way to guide me out or do I have to do this alone? 29, Gemini btw.

No. 290003

File: 1664018546540.png (2.32 MB, 1280x1210, 567890.png)

still trading this

No. 290005

>Is there a way out of this?
Three of swords - think about what is causing the pain and deal with it. There's yet more things to come but the lesson here to learn is that you should work on what is causing you pain first so you don't keep repeating the same mistakes or drowning on misery.
>Is something coming my way to guide me
Six of swords - You need to do this by yourself, you're the only one who can guide yourself into the light and recover from the pain you've been subjected to. You need to keep moving for your own sake.
>or do I have to do this alone?
Three of swords again - Yes. You unfortunately need to go through the heartbreak alone. I wish you well anon. Things are painful but I didn't see things getting worse. You need to get stronger and you'll find the way.

No. 290007

Thank you ♥

No. 290040

I need a reading asap please, my life is kind of messy atm. I'm mostly worried about love and my future career, is it over for me? Also, there's this guy that really fucked me over mentally and it would be nice if I could know what the hell was all that about, did I miss a bullet?

Cancer, almost all my houses are in cancer besides Jupiter (Gemini), Saturn (Taurus) and Uranus/ Neptune in Aquarius

No. 290072

Thank you so so much! It's very helpful, bless you nona

No. 290088

File: 1664059116577.jpg (77.67 KB, 520x675, 25dcc4693fe61b2ebf1d024e8df66c…)

>ace of pentacles, ten of wands, ten of pentacles, all reversed
i can practically feel you trembling on the precipice of this decision nona. it must be really hard for you to figure out what you'll do going forward, so you're placing a lot of importance on this decision– and therefore a ton of pressure on yourself. i think the biggest thing holding you back right now is your self-doubt. that is not me saying
>what are you worrying for?! don't overthink it, just start your youtube career!
in fact i would very much advise the opposite: to get to the bottom of your fears "of everything", especially of being hated and criticised. of course nobody enjoys those things, but it seems that this fear has held you back in more ways than one. perhaps this self-doubt has been a really big obstacle for you all along?
i don't know what your life has been like, but i would recommend you read about building self-esteem and perhaps healing from trauma. there are tons of self-help book recommendations in the advice threads. maybe you could try therapy, too? basically just don't try to stuff down your worries and fears. by acknowledging where they come from, then you can learn to tolerate them.
tl;dr don't rush into this youtube career until you have a stronger sense of self. without the proper foundations, even if your channel manages to succeed you will still be plagued by fear and worry. for now just stick to drawing things that make you happy, or at least things that don't cause you so much anxiety. i'm not really sure what kind of art you do, but maybe you could take commissions or make adoptables just to have some income. and if you already have the skills to be a youtuber (e.g. video editing) perhaps you could freelance those as well.

No. 290107

File: 1664063743288.gif (1.85 MB, 498x498, lucky-star-anime.gif)

I sent someone a gift but i didn't say it was me because i'm embarassed
What did they think about my gift? Would they be annoyed if I gave them another one? Do they think it was me? Sorry for the little context. Asking because I felt weird giving something and being shit when it comes to socializing doesn't make this any easier

No. 290113

Girl put down the tarot cards and learn direct communication.

No. 290114

Kek thanks anon
But no.

No. 290115

>is it over for me?
Five of cups, seven of pentacles
See the thing is, it's not like it's "over", I don't think you should think in such a catastrophic way. This is a period of grief you will have to go through in order to rebuild yourself, starting from the bottom. It's going to be rough and perhaps won't be pleasant in the emotional and work related department. But it's just for now, if you play your cards well and give yourself some time to get going into it it'll all be worth it.
>did I miss a bullet?
The fool, three of cups
The short answer is yes. You'll be happier this way.

No. 290116

>This is a period of grief you will have to go through in order to rebuild yourself, starting from the bottom
Wow this really hit close to home, i just went trough some shit and it really feels like i'm starting over after a very chaotic era just finished but i was worrying too much
>The short answer is yes
Sorry but, could you elaborate? that situation felt inconclusive and confusing all around

No. 290119

Thank you anon, do you have any questions you would like to be answered with tarot? You're super sweet. I'm very grateful!
>What did they think about my gift?
Six of wands - They thought it was very flattering and felt like they were being recognized for their efforts.
>Would they be annoyed if I gave them another one?
Nine of cups - No, they would feel super happy and lucky that someone is giving them gifts like that. A sense of accomplishment if you will
>Do they think it was me?
Knight of swords - Not really, they have no idea. Are they angry at you?
>that situation felt inconclusive and confusing all around
The moon, the tower - Yeah, this was a very shitty situation and it would be better if you moved on. I feel some disillusionment and the tower is never a good card to get in a reading since it means sudden destruction. Just be happy it's over

No. 290126

Oh thanks for the cards anon!
>They thought it was very flattering
that's nice to hear
>they would feel super happy and lucky that someone is giving them gifts like that
that makes me glad because i was planning to give them something else lol
>Not really, they have no idea.
Good to know honestly kind of a relief
>Are they angry at you?
No i'm pretty sure not, thanks again for the reading nona

No. 290127

I'm curious, was it like, a streamer of some sorts? lol

No. 290128

>I feel some disillusionment and the tower is never a good card to get in a reading since it means sudden destruction
Jesus Christ i knew it, i'm glad i followed my intuition
Thank you anon!!!

No. 290195

>You're super sweet. I'm very grateful!
how kind of you to say! i'm glad that i could help
>do you have any questions you would like to be answered with tarot?
yes, if you don't mind. i have struggled for many years in bad relationships, lowering my standards and debasing myself for "love." now that i've been single for a year, i feel very lonely but i don't want to go back to my old ways. honestly i don't feel fit for any relationship, not even a healthy one when i myself am so dysfunctional and unworthy. i'm wondering, when will i escape the compulsion to attach myself to someone else? and in the meantime, how can i cope with loneliness and emotional deprivation without hurting myself or others?

No. 290302

Hi I've never used this thread but I have a question about this crush I have on someone who is older than me and more experienced in my field. I'm too nervous to interact with him one-on-one because he's attractive even though he could be really helpful. I've seen his first name twice in the past 2-3 days in random contexts and it's not super common.
Can you tell me what relationship I'm meant to have with him (purely professional or something more) and should I seek him out as a mentor? I'm 24 and a Taurus sun and a Scorpio moon & asc if that helps.

No. 290340

>Can you tell me what relationship I'm meant to have with him
Seven of cups - As of now, the relationship you actually have is one of admiration, you're putting him in a pedestal and dreaming way too much about him. That's on your side.
Six of cups - He probably sees you as a colleague and someone he must take care of.
Ace of cups - The relationship can grown into a joyful nice time for both of you but you need to take the right opportunities in front of you and know what's best for you.
>(purely professional or something more)
Two of cups, six of cups - Heh. Anon you're in good luck. Two of cups is a card of amicable relationships that can turn into potential love. Six of cups comes again saying "he thinks you're cute".
>should I seek him out as a mentor?
The hermit, 5 of cups - No, try something else.

No. 290341

samefag, alternatively the ace of cups could mean the feelings you will have for him could grow and overflow. I wish you luck anon.

No. 290342

I'm feeling a little lost right now with my living situation. I moved to a new city with no connections a few years ago for school and now I've graduated and am working. My friends have all moved away one by one and the one friend I do have here is planning on leaving in a year or two. I don't know if I like the city I'm living in all that much, but even if I were to move I don't know where I'd go. I'm not sure if I should stick it out here since I'm already familiar with it or if I really am unhappy here and should move somewhere else, even though moving would mean having to start over. Another alternative I have considered is staying in the same state but moving to a smaller city or town, although I know that has its drawbacks as well.

My question is: Am I meant to stay where I am right now or would I find more fulfillment living elsewhere? And if so, what sort of place should I be thinking of moving to? Thank you!

No. 290345

>Am I meant to stay where I am right now or would I find more fulfillment living elsewhere?
The star, queen of cups, two of coins
sometimes the grass really does seem greener on the other side and the thought of you moving out of where you live is something that you're actually looking foward to. Those are your true feelings. You're only indecisive because you're unsure if this is the right choice or not, but I think it is a good plan to have. New prospects and stability could come to you if you move.
>what sort of place should I be thinking of moving to?
Ace of coins, queen of swords
Somewhere you have enough money and independence but without it becoming a cold and lonely place, think about it through.

No. 290348

Thanks anon! I appreciate it.

No. 290351

Hey tarot anon, can you tell me if I have [ancestral] guardian angels watching over me and/or my family members? I have a lot of interest in my heritage and my ancestors and feel somewhat connected to them. My dad has had a lot of stories of miraculous near death experiences, as have I. My dad's parents died when he was young (one was cancer and the other was alcoholism) and he's always said that they were looking out for him from above. It could also be possible that they're other ancestors as well. My dad is a Cap sun, Leo asc, Virgo moon. I'm the Taurus sun, Scorpio moon and asc anon. I'm 24 if that helps again, thanks anon!!

No. 290352

File: 1664157715039.jpg (211.03 KB, 900x1125, Skeleton-Tarot-Card-The-Lovers…)

>when i myself am so dysfunctional and unworthy
First of all, this is completely false nonny. You're not unworthy of anything. You're a very sweet person and I even threw in a tarot card to prove it: You got the high priestess and nine of swords. You are incredibly smart and empathetic even if your depression takes away the best of you. I wish you could see it yourself.
>when will i escape the compulsion to attach myself to someone else?
strength, ten of swords, the lovers
When you realize you are actually a very lovable person and you deserve true love. You've been deluding yourself all this time thinking you aren't, thinking you're bad, having nightmares about things that haunt you. But you're strong nonny. You're very strong.
Hierophant, Chariot - It's time to move on nonny. Is this really the path you want, or are you simply punishing yourself and not letting yourself love and be loved? You need to see yourself as your higher self. Try to start vibrating higher.
>how can i cope with loneliness and emotional deprivation
Two of wands, the devil, queen of swords
The hollow way to do this is by becoming cold and detached, and shackling yourself to your own misery. Is this really wat you want? Seems unfulfilling.
Page of cups, eight of pentacles
Work on your emotions, learn to feel again like a child would, come back to innocence. Understand your emotions and senses and be gentle with yourself.
Death - You need a radical change nonny. Do you want to let your emotions simply die or do you actually want to be benevolent and kind to yourself and let you feel without judging your feelings? You deserve way more.
>without hurting myself or others?
The lovers, page of wands, the fool
Accept that people love you and like you and they'll be there for you. Accept that people might be attracted to you. See the world with new and more innocent eyes, find the joy in things again, and you won't hurt or hurt others. Attract all the good and positive things and everything will be okay. Stop attracting misery and hurt.

No. 290356

>can you tell me if I have [ancestral] guardian angels watching over me and/or my family members?
The high priestess, five of pentacles, page of cups
Yes, you are actually pretty sensitive to your guardian angels and can manifests them pretty easily. Talk more to them, they want to help you whenver you are in need. Your spirituality is on point.

No. 290364

Thanks again anon, I appreciate this sm!

No. 290447

File: 1664200475112.png (23.98 KB, 320x320, 350759021@2x.png)

i'm blown away that you would produce such a detailed reading for me. it seems you put a lot of time and thought and care into this, for which i'm extremely grateful. i'm not sure what compelled you to go to such lengths for me but i want you to know that you have helped me enormously and a lot of your words really resonated with me.
>You need to see yourself as your higher self. Try to start vibrating higher.
this in particular really stood out to me. you helped me realise that as i've been compartmentalising myelf (which is personally helpful for labelling) i've been able to accept certain parts as "me", but not this one. thinking of my higher self as being outside of or beyond me makes it seem at best aspirational and at worst unattainable. but of course it is me, and has been all along. that's what the "self" is for!
>Accept that people love you and like you and they'll be there for you. Accept that people might be attracted to you.
excellent advice, thank you. all your advice has been excellent actually. i have been working on recognising my emotions and just letting them play out, instead of fighting or avoiding them. it's slow but honest work. this reading has bolstered my strength to continue on this path of healing, and to own the feelings/desires that have been more difficult to claim.
you've already done so much for me, i'd be willing to trade another reading (or two, or three, or however much you like!) to ask a bit more about this:
>You need a radical change
what kind of change? more specifically, which area of my life should I be looking at?
again thank you for everything. i sincerely hope that everything works out for you. you'll always be in my thoughts as someone who treated me kindly when i needed it most.

No. 290490

I am crushing on a coworker who I barely see because we work remote and are in different departments. Since this thought has been bothering me for some time, I was been wondering if there is any chance things could work between us? He is close to my age but at a well established position while I am sort of new. I will see him IRL at company gathering in less than a month.

I am 28,
sun: Sagittarius
moon: Taurus
rising: Aquarius

No. 290544

>is any chance things could work between us?
>Six of Cups, Six of Wands, Ace of Swords
Absolutely, but you really need to jump at the opportunity to have a conversation with him. If you do things should run smoothly as something wants to manifest here. He'll be a kind and generous and if you were to enter a relationship he'd be the type of partner you'd be proud to show off. Good luck, anon.

No. 290554

Anon! I will reply to you soon!

No. 290620

Thank you nona!

No. 290663

File: 1664280870485.png (74.07 KB, 750x900, kawaii-pastel-goth-art-the-dea…)

I want to preface this saying if you need someone to talk to sometimes you can leave a post on the friend finder thread nonny and I'll get to it!

>You need a radical change

>what kind of change?
Death, knight of wands, eight of pentacles
You need to be more confident and sure of yourself. You're a charming person, but that is always muddied by your own insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. You need to let yourself experiment a little and trust that people will love the real you, you don't have to hide anymore. Be the warm person you actually are inside. This, of course, will take a lot of time and guts for you to open up to the world but it will be worth it nonny. There's nothing to lose and even if you feel weird of fail you need to keep on working on it, hence why you got the eight of pentacles. You need to start believing in it. Believe you can do it, believe you can work it out for a better future for yourself. Be kind and understanding to your own feelings. This decision to change will come very quick and suddenly, and then it'll all be a slow burn up from there. I think you can do it!

>which area of my life should I be looking at?

Page of swords, the empress, king of pentacles
Definitely one of the areas you lack the most is your self confidence and self love. You are your own worst enemy and you say so many bad things about yourself that it's super sad and damaging to your own feelings and mind. You need to heal your own spirit, we come to this world to try and love ourselves nonny. No matter the circumstance and how much you hurt inside you need to head onto a better headspace where you can feel more comfortable with yourself, the way you talk to yourself matters. Learn to forgive yourself, and try seeing yourself as a friend. Not your worst enemy. If a friend fucked up you would forgive them or give them advice right? It's the same for you, people that love you will never, ever see you as bad as you think you are. You need to let love wash over you and ignore the negative comments, sure you can always learn from self criticism and it's important to stay grounded, but is it really necessary to always keep hurting yourself?
As for another way to interpret these cards, I feel like something you must really work on is your interpersonal relationships. Here's some key words for that: mutual respect, maturity, and trust. I know you have a lot of difficulty with this, but again, I think you'll be able to figure this all out as you work on your own issues.

If you have more questions let me know! I will answer them here. I also have other questions myself but I need to think about them a little bit longer.

No. 290670

this has been another really helpful reading, thank you so much. your words mean a lot to me. i'm doing my best to take your advice, and i even feel as though i'm already sort of in the middle of it. in any case i've left my email in the friend finder thread in case you ever want to get in touch. even if not, i will keep an eye on this thread to do another reading for you when you've thought more about your queries. best wishes to you nonny

No. 290676

File: 1664282726654.png (925.02 KB, 560x1096, mangoes.png)

>also what's a good way for bonding with your cards?
Wish I could really answer this question for you kek. I know some people cleanse their cards a bunch, sleep with them beneath a pillow, or give them a special place in their altar and do other types of ceremonies with them but that's up to people. I don't particularly do anything, but I always wait until I'm in the right headspace to use them or the message gets muddy for me. If my head hurts or I'm moody and emotional then my cards won't respond to me the same. There's decks that sometimes reject me, and some others we get along great. Unironically one of the best decks I feel a connection to isn't even physical, I use an online tarot card generator with no card descriptions so I can figure it on my own (link here https://serennu.com/tarot/onecard.php), some people have problems with that but it always responds to me pretty well and I love it, very convenient. I guess you gotta trust a bit more on your deck and believe in them cards, your prejudice can make your relationship with them a bit iffy. But don't be scared to go back to your cards after so many years or months of not touching them. Cards can be finicky to get into but they are also a good friend that you can revisit whenever, they aren't going to be mad at you. They'll be glad you're re-bonding with them and fulfilling their purpose. Just go for it!

No. 290680

samefag, I'll give you a quick read
>i've been wondering if i should talk to him again
Three of cups, Page of pentacles
Sure, go for it. Do it in amicable terms and reconcile with him taking in account your own needs and his needs. Be realistic and know that the friendship will start gradual.
>i think we might be good friends again if i reach out, but i'm nervous that it'll go wrong
The lovers, six of wands
Nah, he still has some feelings for you, more of love than endearment tbh but I don't see this as being absolutely bad or catastrophic. I see him or you being wary of each other for a bit but if you sort shit out it'll be alright.

No. 290699

File: 1664287198690.jpg (68.53 KB, 459x704, download (1).jpg)

Thank you nonny! I'll try messaging you today. I'm trying to not use lolcow as much because of how distracting it is to my everyday life but I have this thread bookmarked and I like revisiting it often to respond to random queries or trade. Best of luck nonny!

No. 290737

File: 1664297970640.png (88.88 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

hey im willing to do a reading trade
24(f) sag sun/Pisces moon/aries rising
This is pathetic i know but despite what happened i cant seem to stop thinking about this person i feel alot better about things then i did before but i still can't help but yearn and idolize something thats unlikely to be. so tldr guy(Aquarius) who was in a local band i listened to admitted to having a crush on me at a party we were at. however he had already moved somewhere within the same state but is admittedly a 4hr distance between us. we had spoken and seen each other a few times at shows and would have short conversation on discord i suspected he might've been interested in me and i did have some interest in him but wasn't sure enough to pursue anything. I tried to get closer to him after the fact but he mentioned not being into doing anything long distance i kept things up with him not only because i was starting to like him but i didn't want him to have the impression i was only talking to him frequently in hopes of going out with him. me and him were texting one day and i sent him a video of me playing a bass cover of a song in that video i didn't realize the camera was still on and took off my shirt so i can get ready for a shower. He responded better than i expected and i thought that maybe he would still be more open to something serious because of it. we had a short kind of sexual thing over call and text however i would always mention or ask about us possibly dating or me going to where he lived for a date and he'd hit me with a maybe or I'll see. one day I decided to push the idea a bit more but he just reiterated not being interested in anything long distance. i think i made things awkward since he's less willing to talk he says i dont have anything to be sorry for but i feel like he has the impression that i just want to get something out of him.
ultimately I just want to insight in what he might think of me now or where things could go for me/us from here?

No. 290739

The culture on here compared to /x/'s /div/ is so funny. Anons always post their life stories with their queries.

No. 290778

Is that bad/wrong? Idk much about tarot I just felt like I should provide a bit of context.

No. 290790

its usually because personal context can give a better understanding of the situation. I feel like being vague doesn't leave a lot of room to work with especially if its about a specific problem

No. 290792

for more context i expected him to be uncomfortable or upset and i didn't watch the video through until after i sent it.

No. 290806

I used to read on /x/ and I see nothing wrong with anons posting as much context as they need tbh. /X/ is full of scrotes and schizos anyways

No. 290807

No nonny, you're fine, anyone who does this is fine, its ok to have a different culture to 4chan kek. This is a slower thread anyway

No. 290851

if no one wants to trade you nonny I'll do your query, I'm waiting in case someone wants to do it first though

No. 290860

I'd rather read for the anons here than on /x/ because all of the moids there are annoying and the content there makes my head hurt because everyone just keeps on making schizo threads. There is no good place online to talk well about magic or occult or paranormal stuff because it attracts all these schizos.

I believe that decks should be given as a present from a friend or someone close to you. You should choose the deck tho, but it should be given to you. I sometimes kiss the tin or cards and they have been very very good to me. I sleep near them and I put holy water on the tin I keep my cards on. Sometimes I also ask querents to shuffle the deck when I'm about to read for them.

No. 291039

I could do a trade i honestly doubts someone’s picking my query up anytime soon

No. 291068

I will nonny, let me get to you today (will take me a couple hours though since I'm busy)

No. 291091

File: 1664396284136.jpg (28.32 KB, 188x340, pagan-cats-08680.jpg)

Hi, I hope this is not going to be intrusive, since this thread is mostly for queries and readings, but I thought we could also talk about our personal tarot practices. Since there may be anons like me who are not yet comfortable to give readings, esp if they are online!
So I thought about some questions to get it going
>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?
>what is your favorite deck?
I love The Uncommon Tarot. It is very colorful, diverse and easy to read intuitively.
I have also been looking into purchasing Pagan Cats Tarot and the Pagan Tarot because it is very female-oriented.
>How did you start your practice?
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
And ofc
>Your favorite card
The Death. I am obsessed with the themes of transformation and stories of phoenix rising from the ashes. It is my beloved card

I could do many more prompts lol but we will see how it will go

No. 291104

>I could do many more prompts lol but we will see how it will go
go on nonny

No. 291121

File: 1664403182161.jpg (82.13 KB, 421x714, f354a0523167cffe1c3618bc27a6b9…)

>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?
I have more than a few. I'm not collector-tier but I do like buying pretty decks for their artwork.
>what is your favorite deck?
The Harmonious Tarot, it's just the one that I vibe with the best.
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
No. I don't like reading for myself and will get a second opinion whenever possible but that's only because I have a hard time looking at the cards without bias whenever I read for myself. I still do it quite frequently.
>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?
I'm interested in the occult and recently started working with angels.
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
I guess I take it pretty seriously but only insofar as how accurate the reading actually is. I don't typically use it to ask mundane questions.
>Your favorite card
Probably Justice.

No. 291133

Evening nonnas, might sound a little bit dumb but I feel like I need to know if my dog forgives me after she was put down. I want her to know that I didn't want it to happen and that I think about her everyday knowing full well she'd be a cranky old lady doge if she were still here and I wish I could have done more to prevent what happened. It was a freak accident and I was out of the house when it happened and I don't think I could ever forgive myself for it.

> 22, Sagittarius

No. 291139

>Two of Wands reversed, Nine of Wands reversed, Two of Swords reversed
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don't think she's having an easy time in the afterlife. She doesn't understand your decision and I get the feeling that she would have wanted to keep fighting for her life instead of giving up easily. The way she views you has changed a lot and her connection to you seems unbalanced, like she can't make up her mind. The answer is no, sorry.

No. 291145

File: 1664408633028.jpeg (69.73 KB, 355x620, 7D8B3763-7A12-418F-870A-905DEB…)

>Are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?
Right now I only have one but I would like to have another, just to collect pretty artwork. My current deck is kind of meme-y anyway so I'd like something a bit more refined, or at least less ridiculous
>How did you start your practice?
I used to use a magic 8 ball all the time, especially when I was stressed out, and after a while I started craving a more in depth kind of divination. So I bought an unused deck (still in the plastic!) secondhand and never looked back
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
I didn't even know about them until after starting. I was shocked to learn that your first deck is supposed to be a gift, I felt so nervous that I actually asked the cards if I'd made a mistake! I can't remember what the spread was but the general consensus was "it's fine, but you're habitually impulsive so you should slow down and do more research before making decisions" kek. In general I don't believe in them. I don't do anything special to "charge" or commune with the cards either. They just sit on my shelf until I remember I have them
>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?
I'm into astrology as well, a bit moreso than tarot. I also like Angel numbers and numerology in general
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
Seriously enough that I think it provides genuine insight into people's lives and futures. It's not a big part of my life, I'm kind of a casual, but I appreciate what it can do for me and for others. And I love this thread!
>Your favorite card
The Tower and The Hanged Man. And I don't know what they're called but my favourite "group" is swords. Maybe that could be a fun prompt: rate the 4 groups from favourite to least favourite. Mine is swords, cups, pentacles, wands.

No. 291212

i will never stop loving her as long as i live and breathe, thank you anon

No. 291223

I've always asked about the present or the inmediate future, but now i kinda want to know about my dreams. How will my dreams unfold, if they ever do? I will have a family, if so how? 20-Sun aqua, moon pisces and libra rising

No. 291236

File: 1664420327727.jpeg (57.54 KB, 537x537, 556D0C67-E3FF-4B7C-9B3B-0C3CFC…)

I don’t want to post too much personal info, all I’ll say is I’m female and my name begins with H.

Can you please tell me how my ex bf from 2021 feels towards me nowadays? We had an extremely painful relationship that affected us both badly and a very unpleasant messy breakup that left a lot of unanswered questions and open ends.

No. 291272

File: 1664435049058.jpg (229.08 KB, 575x960, eeeddc2310d62621248de08c528140…)

Hello nonnie, I'm back to read your queries!

>i feel like he has the impression that i just want to get something out of him.

ten of pentacles, the world, five of swords
It's possible, he knows he's in a good spot in life, both financially and in terms of recognition. He's living a good life and he's a someone who values family and tradition a lot, so this is why he does not like long distance relationships. He needs something more tangible. He doesn't want to get in arguments and feels like you being insistent is sneaky. Unless you go there and stay with him, I don't see him changing his opinion.
>I just want to insight in what he might think of me now
nine of wands, six of swords, nine of pentacles
He's not thinking of you romantically anymore because you're just not present in his life at the moment. You would have to move in closer like I said before. He's moved on now. He's just focusing on other things right now like being succesful.
>where things could go for me/us from here?
ace of swords, four of pentacles, tower
You need to move on because his choice is final, like I said unless you were there nothing would happen. You know the tower, if you keep insisting this all would become tragic. Things could go south and become too emotional, move on from him, not sure if he's worth it. Let him be miserable with his wealth and success all for himself. In a way it feels like you've dodged a bullet.

My query is: What's up with my friendships from college? Can I move on from them now? Will J (female) continue being in my life / should I keep her around despite her moving away? And how can I attain peace knowing that I feel in a limbo after graduating. What should I do so I finally feel some closure from all that?

No. 291274

>How will my dreams unfold?
I deleted the "if they ever do" part because I don't want you to be defeatist
>ten of wands, the moon, page of wands
You will keep following an ideal that you've innocently constructing in your mind, and it will be tough for you, however…
>the world
You will be a fulfilled individual that feels complete and happy in the future, no matter what you decide to do!
>I will have a family, if so how?
>three of pentacles, king of swords, page of pentacles
I think so! You're meant to be a teacher of some sorts for inexperienced young people. That could mean having a family or being a mentor. You will become a rational and justice seeking mother/teacher, be careful about becoming too authoritarian though.

No. 291275

>how my ex bf from 2021 feels towards me nowadays?
ten of wands, the magician, five of wands
He remembers the struggles and the fights you both had, probably wishes none of that ever happened. But he thinks about you and manifests you in his mind a lot

No. 291276


No. 291278

Thanks a lot <3

No. 291289

File: 1664438669637.jpg (78.91 KB, 477x764, my melody tarot cards.jpg)

>but I thought we could also talk about our personal tarot practices.
of course! it's in the OP lol

>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?

I see them as a collection of some sort, I like the functional side better than the art side, so I like having different types. I feel "more resourceful" the more decks I have, but this isn't like, a necessity or something I strongly stand by, it does not make you a more skilled reader to have more cards. You can do just fine with raider waite. I also feel iffy about recommending this lifestyle because half of my collection I really don't feel that connected with or I haven't had the time to really get to know them. The ones I mostly don't feel a connection with are religious-themed ones. In a sense I don't blame myself for trying different decks because it helps me understand which ones I am more adept to using and which ones I'm not as good with. It's not like I consoom them or have a bazillion decks anyways. But yeah, now I feel kinda bad about this kek, but I've only started to read 3 years ago so I need more experience as a reader and one day I hope I can find me some more decks that I actually get along super well with.
>what is your favorite deck?
Raide Waite, can't go wrong with that. Would love to try Lenormand at some point.
>How did you start your practice?
I actually started in middle school, but I stopped because I felt very stupid and foolish at the time. I'm not a religious person but I'd like to think I have some small spiritual side on me, back then I was told none of this was real and that I was retarded for believing so I stopped. I re-learnt how to read 3-4 years ago when I was going through a difficult time with a break up. Nowadays I go from being like "tarot is just a way to get and give advice" to "I like being spiritual". You have to trust your heart despite all the outsider influences I guess
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
I do. I don't read for myself, I don't think that would work because I'm biased to get nice results kek. I don't read unless I feel level headed and I stop when I get tired or my head hurts. I used to believe you always had to get some compensation for your readings or else you would lose your power or some shit but turns out that isn't true. I also used to be wary and not let people touch my decks, but Idgaf anymore. I guess I could do some rituals with my cards but I would like to not feel stupid doing so due to people telling me it's stupid to do it. The "your deck should be gifted" thing was something I've never heard before but if that's the case then it makes sense why I'm not connecting well to my own cards. All in all I would love to see what other nonnie's superstitions are.
>Do you research any other occult practices?
I like researching other types of divination and/or how to have a more enjoyable tarot reading experience. I've done jar spells before. I find praying to your jar spells more effective than just letting them sit outside in the sun moon or w/e, also, you definitely have to hide them and not let prying eyes touch them. I believe in astrology but I'm not knowledgeable enough in it besides the basic stuff. I don't believe in deities but I believe in the soul and the energy of things. Maybe in a way I believe in spirits too? As the representation of certain ideas and feelings. And I like manifesting.
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
Unfortunately depends on my mood and who I hang out with, I would love to be like "yes I believe in it 24/7" but some people close to me would think I'm wrong or plain schizo. Never go full schizo, never do these things while experiencing psychosis, just chill and enjoy the advice me thinks
>Your favorite card
I like many of them but I resonate with this particular version of the empress a lot kek.

No. 291316

File: 1664459867867.jpeg (527.77 KB, 704x1347, 9D328689-5AB3-4B31-B959-3214A4…)

>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?
I only own two, one as a gift from a living friend and one as a remain from a dead friend.
>what is your favorite deck?
The pagan cat tarot is absolutely stunning I could look at it all day. I generally prefer versions that have the original symbolism on point, also kek’d at the reigen one. Ideal would be to diy your own deck. Pic related is the world from the Visconti deck, one of the oldest ones that still exist until today. They were handpainted with oil colors and gold.
>How did you start your practice?
The mother of a friend used to do it with us.
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
Yes and no. For me Tarot is a tool for reflecting and gaining clarity about specific things. It also teaches the importance of asking the right questions, which is something a lot of ancient stories are about for a reason. They remind us that formulating a question or wishing for something specific can be very telling and ambiguous and is already part of the process, if not the process itself.
>Do you research any other occult practices?
occasionally but only out of interest. For me Spirituality is humanized concepts that help us cope with complex things. I see no problem in being spiritual for fun though, I do believe that there is a lot we don’t know and humans are very creative when it comes to filling the gaps, which is fascinating but it should never turn into dogmatism. My favorite divination technique might be Alectryomancy, I don’t have chickens but the idea of it is cute.
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
Quite serious. I only do it when it feels right and my head is clear and never interrupt a session. It’s like therapy for me.
>Your favorite card
The fool.

No. 291320

File: 1664462651723.jpg (53.37 KB, 316x540, trr8re.jpg)

Thank you so much for this was honestly a tough pill to swallow esp the sneaky part because I didn't want him to come off with the impression that I only saw him at boyfriend material. or that the initial video sent was an attempt to goad him into something he didn't want.

>What's up with my friendships from college? Can I move on from them now?

ace of cups reversed, seven of cups reversed, seven of pentacles
you aren't experiencing as much joy and feel a need to not really express yourself to your college friends as you used to your starting to wake up from whatever fantasy you may have had about your closeness with them and want to make a clear decision so you should back up and really look at if your gonna get a return from the effort of keeping things up.
>Will J (female) continue being in my life / should I keep her around despite her moving away?
four of sword, five of pentacles,8 of cups reversed
you need time to process the move and meditate on how things can change before trying to reach out. you may feel a since of abandonment because of this or that things will fall apart but even if this does you still have others willing to help ultimately you shouldn't force yourself to keep up with things if it looks like the distance may dampen things if letting go is what's necessary don't be afraid to do that.
> how can I attain peace knowing that I feel in a limbo after graduating. What should I do so I finally feel some closure from all that?
the star reversed, 8 of wands reversed, 7 of cups reversed
you should find the thing that made you passionate about the thing you studied take the time to reconnect and regain that lost hope and motivation to be more patient about the fruits of your labor and to try and slowdown and get around the restrictions your facing also get your heads out of the clouds so you can make a clearer decision about your path.
hopefully this resonates I am newer to tarot so I'm sorry if this wasn't as clear as your reading on me.

No. 291335

Thanks anon i was having a mental breakdown yesterday when i wrote that post kek. It sounds a very plausible future now that i'm a bit calmer.

No. 291366

I'm this anon, I've 3 more questions: should i try befriending her? is there a curse upon me? what is his perspective of me?

No. 291391

File: 1664484992044.jpg (70.7 KB, 411x714, pagan-tarot-the-hermit.jpg)

Thank you all for the replies, I loved reading them! I am glad you liked my original post! I hope my reply won't be exhausting lol
Since you mentioned working with angels can you maybe tell a little more? I am simply curious, do you use John Dee's Enochian magick or something else? I guess you have worked with other entities before, since afaik angel magick is pretty advanced. Have you seen Notoria tarot by Fabio Listrani? It is based on Ars Notoria and while art is beautiful, both Notoria and Goetia decks have artistic choices that are imo questionable in the tarot context

>had to get some compensation for your readings or else you would lose your power or some shit but turns out that isn't true
Honestly, when I started out I too didn't know what to do and thought I needed some special rituals to "appease" the deck
And I relate with you not telling others about tarot, personally I am in the STEM field, so not the best place to talk about your hobbies rooted in spirituality and intuition. Though personally I disagree with your shizo take simply because I don't think tarot on it's own can cause mental issues (though I see your psychosis point) but tarot is an entry point to many practices where you can for real lose your mind if you are not careful and become an /x/ tier schizoposter. I have seen a lot of those in the LHP/demonolator circles. Doesn't help a lot of spirituals are into drugs too

love to see that you appreciate the Pagan Cat tarot as well! I think it is both deep and whimsical. I like your opinion about the right questions, something to think about especially when thinking about archetypes and associated myths. Also
that is like a wholesome ouija board lol

As for myself:
>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?
At the beginning I wanted to buy as many decks as possible and even ordered some off of aliexpress, but now I am extremely picky.
>>How did you start your practice?
I've been interested since I was a kid and decided to go for it when I got my first salary. I felt that this is the right path to connect with my spirit guides..and I wasn't wrong honestly, I now experience crazy amount of synchronicities and even get answers to my questions & requests.
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
No, I don't believe in any. I think you are the one with the power and the tarot is just a cardboard that channels your energy and intent. Though I've had decks get mad at me lol
>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?
Rn I am serious and systemic with learning about RWS cards, but once I am done, I am curios to learn more about numerology (I look at numeric patterns a lot in readings), sacred geometry and Jung. Alchemy sounds interesting, but it is something for much later, just like general kabbalah basics. I also would love to get into Thoth system
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
I am serious about it both in spiritual and self-actualization sense and in how it gives me excuse to research occult, since I have always been into the appeal of "secret sciences" lol

No. 291395

File: 1664485863250.jpg (55.11 KB, 462x693, 71DW o6oa5L._SLDPMOBCAROUSELAU…)

I use picrel to make my petitions and IMO the ritual is actually as simple as it gets for an introduction to angel magick. I have worked with Goetic entities before but had terrible experiences with them and ended up in the mental hospital. I don't even want to get into it. I haven't seen the Notoria deck until now but I do own the Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry and that includes an evocation ritual in the guidebook.

No. 291398

File: 1664486708569.jpg (613.83 KB, 1170x942, lvl-99-necromancer.jpg)

This is what I find interesting, how everyone has completely different experiences concerning work with angels and demons. There are people like you and then there is the opposite, where they had horrible experiences with angels but only good with demons. Even in the withcraft thread on /ot/ (?) there is anon warning against goetic spirits (maybe it is you) and then other anon is working close with Buer. I wonder where the difference comes from. Maybe we are all building our own unique spiritual world
And thanks for the reply, I have always thought angelic magic is dangerous and complex (mostly because of what I have read from enochians). Though idk when and if ever I will get to rituals. I do believe my spirit/s that are watching over me are angelic of nature

No. 291401


>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?

as of now i have a rider Waite deck and the Morgan Greer deck.
>what is your favorite deck?
as of now i love my Morgan Greer deck it just has a lush feminine energy to it and i just love the late 70s look it has to. but in terms of decks i don't have the golden art nouveau deck.
>How did you start your practice?
I was going through some tough times and 2020 I've always wanted to pick up tarot but never knew where to start.
>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?
honestly no but I'm trying to keep them in mind.
>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?
I'm trying to have deeper understanding of astrology but genuinely don't know where to start i want a greater understanding of esotericism in general.
>How seriously do you actually take tarot?
I don't think there set in stone the outcome is dependent on how closely you heed the warnings of a reading or how well you follow the flow of advice given by a reading. they provide good insight and an outside perspective but the outcome is ultimately up to the seeker.
>Your favorite card
Ace cards their always the mostly visually striking and i like that they represent the untapped potential of a suite.

No. 291405

>there is anon warning against goetic spirits (maybe it is you)
You caught me. I don't know where the difference comes in or why they specifically chose to target me but they still harass me to this day, and tbh I fucked up so badly that I don't have any spiritual protection against them. Even when I was working closely with Asmodai, and nobody else at the time, they were trying to ruin my relationship with him for some reason. He's the only goetic spirit I trust now. I know this is going to sound schizo tinfoily but they literally told me that they don't like radical feminists and wanted to teach me a lesson. I was raped multiple times by an incubus and nobody helped me.

No. 291418

Hmm, yes it does sound weird, but I am not knowledgeable enough on these matters to give any real input. I am sorry it happened to you and I truly hope you will be able to find your strength and peace once again.
I had something a little bit similar happen to me, but to a way lesser degree. When I was a teen, I was really into guided meditations/astral projections. But whenever I would try some, I would feel attacked. Like my meditation would be interrupted by violent intrusive thoughts with images I couldn't tie to stuff I have seen. Since then I have believed I am cursed/haunted and that I should just stay in my lane and not venture or connect to any other planes since I will end up being attacked by whatever it is. This experience even would completely turn me off even from basic meditating for a very long while, since I was scared to enter any trance state. So a couple of days ago I while reading "Tarot Interactions" by Deborah Lipp, this quote resonated with me
>When there are parts of yourself that cannot be released - parts you may not even know about - it means there are places in your psyche where you simply cannot go. Your subconscious will stop you cold
>I had a student who was invariably attacked during guided meditation. We'd be going on an inner journey, and regardless of the instruction, it would turn violent. [..] My student wasn't aware of how unusual - and upsetting - these incidents were, and had no conscious memory of violence in her past. [..] We were unable to proceed with our meditation work until she did the psychological work necessary to free herself from these violent from these violent and violating images

This really made me think. I shared this with hopes maybe it will find an echo in you as well, though I do understand your experience is way more extreme and not really related to meditation. Either way, I wish your path will take you to more empowering places and maybe there are other anons in this thread who will like this quote

No. 291421

Thank you for your kind words and for not judging me. In regards to the intrusive thoughts, it 100% sounds like how they operate. They do the same thing to me whenever I try to connect to my spirit guides to ask for protection. I'm surprised that they haven't interrupted my angel work, but I guess they know when to stay in their place. I recommend doing shadow work to get your subconscious mind under control. This guided meditation helped me a lot.

No. 291423

File: 1664490971213.jpg (199.06 KB, 579x1000, MO78_5_1.jpg)


>are you a one deck type of minimalist girl or do you have many?

Definitely more of a minimalist. I currently own one deck, but can't see myself having much more than two or three. I'm very picky with what art of a tarot deck resonates with me.

>what is your favorite deck?

Tarot of a Moon Garden (pic related), for nostalgic reasons. I had an older sister into witchy stuff as a little kid and she owned the deck. I remember looking at is a young child and being so entranced with the imagery and colors, the fantastical world it felt like a glimpse into, never forgot it.

>How did you start your practice?

I was always interested in the supernatural and the occult from a young age, so I wanted to learn tarot for a long time. But it wasn't until HS where I bought myself a deck and started learning and giving readings to others.

>Do you believe in Tarot superstitions? Like never read for yourself, don't buy your own decks or other?

Not really. I do readings for myself more from an angle of psychoanalysis than a spiritual or occult one. Using them to guide myself on exploring my own subconscious, the emotions & mentality related to events in my life, past, present and future, to give ideas on how to grapple and move on. I don't like having to ask someone to buy something for me, so the decks I have owned I bought myself.

>Do you research any other occult practices? Maybe related to tarot like astrology, alchemy, Quabbalah, hermeticism?

Astrology was a discussion between my elder sister and I from young age. I continue to look into, inquire and learn about my own and others astrological charts. Not sure if it counts, but I've always been interested in the interpretation of dreams. Can't say I'm very involved in any other kinds of occult practices. But I am interested in looking more into occultic beliefs, systems & practices, in order to reconnect to that spirituality, connection and faith I had in childhood.

>How seriously do you actually take tarot?

Not super seriously, I use it as more of a general guide & explorative tool for myself and others.

>Your favorite card

It might sound edgy to some people, but probably Death. Even outside of the tarot, death as a concept is something that I've toyed with & mulled over from childhood. But the card itself represents to me how everything must end, but things must end so there can be new starts. A reminder to let go in order to begin again. It brings to mind rebirth and release from the old ways, transformations. Something I highly value, I feel like every era of my life I've cast away some part of myself. Old set in ideas, beliefs, thoughts & limitations that I held onto that I needed to let go of. To make room for new thoughts, a new view of the world, a new self, new explorations and been made better for it. To never fear change, I'm always in a stage metamorphosis as everything in the world is. That the true death, and only death to fear is stagnation. Nothing ever truly ends, only ever begins again anew. I truly believe that

No. 291424

Why can't I find love?

No. 291427

Your reading was good and it reasonated. Thanks!

No. 291433

>Though personally I disagree with your shizo take simply because I don't think tarot on it's own can cause mental issues (though I see your psychosis point)
thats not what I said tho kek, of course tarot cards don't cause psychosis or schizophrenia silly goose.

No. 291438

div nonnas, i have a hard time being secretive. im very open, and tell my dreams, plans, hopes, goals, what im manifesting for, etc. to probably too many people. by that i mean i always tell my parents, friends, and sometimes even coworkers if the convo has pulled in that direction. anyway, ive been in a tough spot lately and ive been very agitated, having a really hard time changing my situation for the better - im starting to feel a little desperation. i've just followed a local lady who does readings and stuff and she posted on her story something along the lines of "never ever tell anyone what you are manifesting for." bc attraction of negative energy and what not. is their any way to know if anyone's low-key wishing bad on me? is their any way to find out who it could be? sage incase not the right thread to ask

No. 291439

File: 1664496554054.png (180.38 KB, 388x480, DCA79CE2-7CA0-4587-B788-FA0939…)

Do any anon have recommendations on books related to tarot I want to start really diving in on the topic but I want to avoid sources that are to new agey/ self help related if that makes sense

No. 291450

Hi, nonnies, I would like to know if I will get a job soon, please? How the end of my year will be? And last but not least, does my boyfriend truly love me? Is his intentions serious?
I am a Virgo, 26 year old, my bf is a Scorpio, 24

No. 291593

File: 1664570536598.jpg (22.47 KB, 267x400, holistic tarot.jpg)

I think the classic books are a good start like 78 Degrees of Wisdom or books by Mary K. Greer. I have also read Tarot 101, though wasn't a fan of the journaling/workbook approach - each chapter is followed by several questions you should ponder on, and preferably journal about. But overall it is a very solid book, the card meanings are a little short (especially compared to 78 Degrees) but still go in depth.
The real MVP though is Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen, it is a literal encyclopedia and she has squeezed in many topics into the book. Goes deeply into practice. Not really a sit-down-and-read book though, you should look through it and take what is useful for you. The book is appropriate both for beginners and advanced practitioners imo.
These books are all about RWS. For Thoth, Lon Milo DuQuette's book has good reviews.

No. 291681

Email nonny I sent you a response!

Will read soon-ish, hold on!

No. 291953

Prefacing this with: I don't think telling what you want to the ones you love is that damaging, but I would rather keep my manifestation private, and I would never say it to strangers or people you don't know that well, like acquittances, friends, or coworkers.
>is their any way to know if anyone's low-key wishing bad on me?
Yes there is, do a cleansing with the egg method and you will see. But anyways:
4 of wands, 8 of wands, 5 of swords
Being overly friendly with people is acting to your detriment. It's not clear "who" it is, it might be a multitude of people or just one. This is why I recommend the egg cleansing method. The way I could read this is, someone who you think is your friend is actually wishing that you actively fail and gossiping about you. Honestly, imagine going to someone and telling them all about you, they will absolutely talk to you to other people. Maybe even make fun of you for being naive. Don't trust others so much with your information, this reading says. Things can quickly go south or rumours might spread. What you think is a nice chit chat can become bad in no time.

No. 291955

>I would like to know if I will get a job soon, please?
>How the end of my year will be?
I will read these two together
-8 of wands, the moon
-the fool, the hanged man
You have your hopes very high up to find a good job, but unfortunately your hastiness is getting the best of you at the moment. You keep thinking if you ignore the warnings that your intuition / inner feelings says everything will be alright. You will have to do some light adjustments to get what you're aiming for.

No. 291985

I bought a pack of tarot cards online and the package either got lost or stolen or misdelivered so I never received them. Is this a sign to not try reading tarot? Or was the deck wrong for me?

No. 292027

If you truly want to try it, I don't think you should give up on tarot. Maybe this is the universe asking you what you really want to do, or challenging you to persevere despite obstacles. Are you prone to giving up on what you want? Or doing things you don't really want to do, just because you felt pressured? Think about what tarot means to you, if it's something you are genuinely want to learn, and how badly you want it.

No. 292028

That deck was wrong for you, pick another one.

No. 292029

There are two types of witches lmfao

No. 292044

just buy it again man, nothing cray about it. Just go to amazon and get one, or even better go get it at an irl store

No. 292114

File: 1664791358729.jpg (46.59 KB, 570x706, il_570xN.2454926287_9mod.jpg)

Would any nonny here be interested in a thread about spell jars or spellcasting in general?

No. 292217

Thank you so much for taking out some time and effort to make a reading for me, nonnie. It was a very accurate reading. I guess I have to stop and think on my next steps, introspection is very important. I will have this in mind.

No. 292230

ty nonna for your time, been thinking of you since you posted and did an egg cleanse just now (first time!); after reading up on interpretations it looks like you're right, there are envious people surrounding me acting as energy vampires, and actively wishing ill on me…sucks but i feel better knowing I got rid of it and know now to try to avoid that energy. knew it was time to move on anyways

No. 292312

Out of protection purposes, how do I know if I am raped by an incubus? There are times in the morning where I have sleep paralysis then I orgasm in my sleep. I am not sexually active so it surprises me every time. I didn't even know at the time it started happening that that's what an orgasm was. I always assumed that something paranormal was going on because I've actually had ' sleep paralysis' where I am levitating for some time.

No. 292424

Take this retardation to /x/.

No. 293172

Do you feel any weird sexual energy while all this is happening, and what are your dreams like? Incubi usually visit you in your dreams.

No. 293680

Can I get a reading for my next relationship if possible? The Pattern shows that I’m going to enter the cycle in 2 weeks to meet a partner of destiny. Im curious of the sex of the partner as I just recently started to want to date women but prior to that I was fixated on it being a male partner due to only dating men. Can you tell me more about this person and what I should look out for? Thanks.
Taurus sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising, and Aries Venus if that helps

No. 293752

File: 1665615434695.jpg (292.39 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20221012-155528_Tar…)

It's going to be a passionate but difficult relationship. I get the feeling that you're going to check out of the relationship pretty early, but the other party is going to keep fighting to keep the relationship alive. They may even attain some level of commitment from you, but the honeymoon phase will be shortlived. The lack of interest may get frustrating and your partner may cheat or start to look for love somewhere else. One of you will be hiding their true feelings and pretending like everything is alright, but are left feeling unsatisfied on the inside. Advice is to move away from this connection. If you cut your losses when the going gets rough you can save yourself some extra heartbreak. There's not much masculine or feminine energy here in the cards, but if I had to guess your partner will probably be male.

No. 293759

File: 1665620011162.gif (3.23 MB, 498x498, thinkge-thinking-pepe.gif)

how do they feel?
will things change or be the same from now on?
will things change for better or for worse?
should i apologize? or explain myself? i have no idea
im giving no context ik ik sorry

No. 293760

Thanks so much anon ugh that’s so disappointing/sad

No. 293771

Wait anon to be fair, do you think this is the “partner of destiny” relationship? It sounds like this is a short lived fling that I’ll regret, not a serious relationship

No. 293774

When can I meet my soulmate? Will they be a man or a woman? I'm getting a lil impatient, I really want a charming romance like in the Hallmark movies already lol

I'm a cusp Cancer, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon. I'm in college rn trying to get a high paying job (and also a future partner)

No. 294238

File: 1665906724366.jpg (35.98 KB, 602x463, why.jpg)

same anon as before. i sent him a friend request and i'm like 85% certain he blocked me but at the very least i worked up the courage to do that whereas a few years ago i wouldn't have the guts to.

No. 294415

Hi if someone could do a reading I would really appreciate it! Haven't done this before but I'm a 21 year old Virgo and I found out recently my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex he promised he would do nothing with. I just want to know if he even feels bad at all and where I should go from here… I also still question if a different ex of mine is the one for me since we only ended because of distance and I do think about him often…

No. 294590

I don't even need to pull out my deck to answer the first part at least- he doesn't, and won't, and if you take him back he'll do it again. If he cared or felt bad he wouldn't have done it in the first place, speaking from experience. You're so young, don't waste your time on someone who is a POS. It's gonna hurt and suck to cut that tie but don't feel bad about grieving losing someone who was a shitty person, it's okay to mourn the loss of someone who should have been better to you but wasn't. I'm really sorry that happened to you nona.

No. 294756

I've asked a lot of things in this thread, some vage and some concrete. But the feedback that I received was bastly positive. Frankly i don't see it, i think i'm in an all time low now. Maybe the nonnies here really wanted me to get better but that's not happening.
I don't know how to explain this, but i'm getting trigged by everything now. I'm very worried about an acquaintance. She's a lovely and carefree young woman but i can't shake the feeling that something terrible is lurking around her. She isn't naive at all if anything she's more street-smart than me but here i am, worring so much that I even dreamed about talking about this with her best friend (that i only saw twice). As a result I moved away from her a little because i truly didn't wanted to be here if shit hit the fan. Now i'm seeing that was an stupid decision but i'm still too scared to actually have a friendship with her. I think she's a cutie and it would be beautiful if we actually were friends but i can't shake the feeling that something really bad would happen.
the same thing happened with another acquaintance, this time a guy. Technically i knew him for a long time, he's on and off depression and now he's better but one day i was reading some posts from him and he started giving me very rancid vibres. The post weren't anything crazy just your average male jokes but something about him creeped me on an spiritual schizo level like something shifted on me. The guy was nothing but nice with me for all these time and even hinted to meeting irl but i can't even think about it know.
I usually i'm one to trust my intuition and gut feeling, as it salved me a few times. But this is too much. Now i'm thinking something is tampering with me. Maybe i was too arrogant and fucked with an energy i shouldn't touch (i'm not a witch not a believer, but i'm retarded enough to touch something i shouldn't. It happened before) or actually i'm right about this and something is trying to protect or alert me (also happened before kek). Maybe i'm consuming/exposed to something that it's fucking with me too, like some bad vibes. Maybe some tarot nonnie can help with this? It's something protecting me or tampering with me? My gut feelings are right or it's complete nonsense? 20/Sun Aqua/moon pisces/libra rising

No. 294757

Samefag. Forgot yo say that aside from those two examples i'm kinda overwhelmed with everything right now. Even the things i enjoy. I pretty much isolate myself from the world a few weeks ago and just recently i'm incerting myself back. Overall i'm a very werid place right now and those horrible feelings that assault me every time i could interact with someone to calm my neurosis aren't helping me. Sage for retardation.

No. 294765

File: 1666165977012.jpg (92.6 KB, 542x664, 308800816_424587809780030_3842…)

Can anyone do a general for the next 3 months? I'm a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, Pisces rising. Can pull 3 cards for you in exchange, bear in mind, I'm a shitty amateur.

No. 294779

File: 1666173262590.jpg (69.79 KB, 343x599, 7c0633e41594e5869883e1cd0ee17f…)

Not sure if it's a good thread for this, but how to start with tarot? Are there any specific things that have to be done first? Specific mindset? Could nonnas that do readings here share their experiences? I think I'd like to do it myself and I'm really curious how the beginnings were for others

No. 294783

Nothing to it, just doing daily readings routinely becomes really fun with dedication because you very quickly get to know the images and after a while intuitively known exactly what they mean. I started doing them because I had this incredible experience with an Irish gypsy I received a reading off who dealt them out into a pancake and flipped them in the air and knew absolutely everything about me, even down to the obscure work my parents do, and made me wholeheartedly believe in psychics. Enough time has passed now where have started to doubt the experience and think she might have somehow been being fed information through an earpiece or something…though I just remembered she even knew I'd fallen out with friends that summer which isn't something anyone could google and she got angry that my friend was secretly recording her under the table which she couldn't have known either… Either way imo these cards have nothing to do with telling the future and are about conversing with your subconscious about who you are and where you want to go. They help you make decisions about which paths to reject or accept, and you read into them things you sort of already know and can help you admit things about yourself or situation you might not otherwise be acknowledging fully, in order so you can take action. For example, a reading from the cards once told me that I was in a bad spot because of terrible substance addiction which I was just kidding myself was some kind of lifestyle and I was able to admit this to myself and change. Someone not in the same position as me but with the same cards might have had a completely different reading.

No. 295028

Scorpio sun and moon, unsure of rising. Could someone please give me a career reading? What my future prospects are regarding career? I feel hopeless and like I don’t belong anywhere.

Some details: My job (where I was for about 9 months) ended up having an internal investigation (shady practices and extreme harassment went on) and it was so bad to the point I had to be temporarily moved to another department doing a completely different job. I realized how much I hated my old job (I was on call 24/7 and always stressed) once I moved to this temporary position. This new job started okay (it’s been 2 months) and I even expressed making this position permanent, but since someone is now unexpectedly quitting, I’m taking over their job and it’s incredibly stressful now. Once again I’m being expected to work overtime, but this time without pay. I can’t go back to my old position yet because the investigation isn’t over, but even if I wanted to, all of my old coworkers, including old boss, hate me and have threatened me. I plan on quitting the company completely when I can (once I hit the 1 year mark), but I have absolutely no idea where I can go or what I can do next. I’m tired of getting jobs where I work myself ragged and don’t get compensated.

I know the situation above is vague but I can’t be too specific. If a tarot nona can help and give some insight, I’d really appreciate it!

No. 295033

I wouldn't say you need a specific mindset to read the cards, but it does take some practice to get good at it. It's one thing to pull some cards and read about their meanings, and quite another thing to apply that to your situation in a way that makes sense. I would say just buy yourself a deck of cards and keep a tarot journal. You'll figure out what you're doing eventually.

No. 295400

File: 1666480420676.jpg (164.19 KB, 900x1200, 22f057c0a9220412e95bc4867d584b…)

Would we truly get along or have stuff in common? Why did they even caught my eye? I feel like i think about him so much but idk why altough i also have other 2 people in my mind too often so i wouldn't think it's too important ig
I'm a virgo and hes a capricorn if thats of any help?

No. 295411

Been meeting a lot of people in college lately, some of whom I’m really interested in but unsure of how to get to know better. Finding it difficult to know if people actually want me around or not. If anyone could give me some insights into my relationships, both actual and potential, I’d be really grateful, especially potential romantic relationships. I’m a Libra sun/Libra rising/Pisces moon with Venus in Leo and a 12th house stellium. I’ve also been worried that I might be on the spectrum lately but I don’t know if that’s relevant. Thanks in advance to anyone who looks at this — I would offer a reading in return but I’m not very skilled!

No. 295527

File: 1666541682277.jpg (384.95 KB, 1080x1591, 83727284836262672.jpg)

I did a compatibility reading for you. It appears that this relationship will only end in struggle and heartbreak. You do have some things in common and can get along pretty well superficially. You may even have intellectually stimulating conversation, but the connection is spiritually barren and lacks depth. He may even be verbally abusive, or conniving and aloof in some way. Your advice is to use him purely for sex with the Devil card there. If you do you can mitigate some of the damage done, but you seem like the type who will ignore my warning anyway and take on more burdens than is necessary.

No. 295559

File: 1666554508829.jpg (30.94 KB, 500x375, 1c401d40b1d5863273e098f0b933d8…)

>It appears that this relationship will only end in struggle and heartbreak
>the connection is spiritually barren and lacks depth
Damn that sucks because i always disliked the superficial aspect of relationships both in dating and friendships and the part of him maybe being shitty also sucks lmao.
>you seem like the type who will ignore my warning anyway and take on more burdens than is necessary.
i won't ignore it anon! altough i won't even bother to use him because i wouldn't like to go through the annoyance.
Thanks anon!

No. 295561


Could you do the same for me, nonna? Or anyone else. I'd appreciate it!

There's been someone in my life for half a year now that I tend to meet by 'accident' a lot, or maybe it's fate, I don't know. He's very kind and takes me out to restaurants etc. but we have not had any private moments yet. I do feel safe when I'm with him, and I also get butterflies every time we meet. We also text now and then, but nothing much. He's not into texting etc.

No. 295564


ah, i feel this way about someone too if any nonny wants to read me.
we bump into eachother a lot, but im always too nervous to say hello or make plans. i had an idea that id gift him something, but im unsure. would it be worth it? should i go for it? would be suit eachother?

wishing you two nonnies luck & success in your relationships

No. 295678

Sorry for a late response but thank you anons! I wish I had your experience >>294783 meeting someone really knowledgeable about tarot who would be able to read so much about me from the cards, it must've been shocking but it a good way.
I really like how it's so much about tapping into subconsciousness, thank you both for being encouraging with how it's not some steep learning curve for a beginner to get into. I've read up more about tarot journaling and I'm looking forward giving it a try♥

No. 295759

Hello anons, can I please have a reading about my relationship with the person I’m romantically interested in?

I’m a 20yo scorpio sun and venus, aries rising and aquarius moon. He is a 22yo gemini sun and venus (I don’t know his rising and moon). Are his feelings as strong as mine? Is there hope for this relationship?

No. 295774

Can another tarot anon help me? Is this relationship worth my energy and time or am I being misled? Double Taurus.
Can trade if you want.

No. 295782

File: 1666641211164.jpg (487.59 KB, 1080x1605, 8374739486272839493.jpg)

It seems like you're ready for a connection here, but he isn't. He's disconnected from you and every one around him, and not really interested in romance. I see that this could be a stepping stone towards a better relationship for you, but only if you're interested in something casual with him. Otherwise, your connection seems to amount to pure friendship. If you were to get together there could be some inequalities in the relationship that would drive you apart. Your advice is to forget about any notions of a serious connection with him and look for a meaningful relationship elsewhere. You're better off as friends than anything else.

No. 295804

Can someone do a reading for me please?
What would a relationship with Z look like.

No. 295870

File: 1666679104172.jpeg (228.29 KB, 603x1016, D4A44971-4C74-4E79-B40E-BAEE0A…)

Can a sweet nonna read for me? Its my 30th birthday and Im curious to see what is in the cards for me this year. Thank you!!

No. 295879

Thank you so much again. I had to go through this alone and I did it with my own power and I am at a much better place now.

No. 296383

File: 1666919363231.jpg (52.99 KB, 564x531, 0c4ef6341c658de89a3477dd670bf7…)

How do people percieve me? i'm curious because i feel like i'm not even noticed sometimes wich is kind of cool because i like to be alone most of the time
What others say/think about me always made me intrigued

No. 296797

File: 1667173169302.jpg (227.46 KB, 600x800, wheel-of-fortune.jpg)

What do readers think of the card the wheel of fortune? I love thinking about this card for some reason, and in the marseilles deck it has a handle/lever which I think adds an extra dimension to this card in its originality.

No. 296806

I have a deck of tarot cards on my coffee table, one time after the cleaners left I noticed the lid to the box the deck is in was off and the devil card was facing up. What this mean? Also are things going to look up for me next year?

No. 296813

help me nonnas!! is my relationship going to end soon?
Virgo sun 22 years and
Gemini sun capricorn moon 23

No. 296817

Hmm, do you have any vices or addictions that shackle you down? Or are you in a stressful time in your life and feel restrained?

No. 296854

File: 1667191685937.png (198.72 KB, 500x500, MPE0Rio.png)

I'm still a beginner tarot reader and learning how all the cards interact with each other - I did a reading for myself about making a career change and whether or not it would be worth it and I pulled the Magician, High Priestess reversed, and Six of Pentacles. Judgement also jumped out at me. Is this a good sign? I get good vibes from the Magician and Six of Pentacles, but the High Priestess reversed is throwing me off, especially with Judgement in there too. What do you nonnas think about these cards?

No. 296865

Well I'm currently struggling to keep my family together and also I'm unemployed so I just sit in an empty house with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. I have a history of addictive behavior and I fantasize about having sex with dead gay guys?

No. 296887

I'm a beginner too, so take this with a grain of salt, but I say just ignore reversed cards for now. Just put 'em right side up! To me your spread reads as having the courage to take control over your own life. Of course things are not perfect, there will be obstacles ahead no matter what, but if you trust in your own ability to succeed— or rather, your resilience to survive failure— then nothing will ever keep you down. If making this career move, for you, is following a dream or tapping into something you feel called to do… then do it! I believe in you Anon

No. 297150

File: 1667347385888.jpeg (288.74 KB, 1080x1433, 7624B912-13EA-4FF9-A511-6E4CAB…)

Nonas I’m very lost right now… this year has been the worst for me and I am so depressed. The last few weeks have been so bad I just feel so tired and empty. I keep telling myself I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this, but I have no idea what to do. I wonder if someone knowledgeable in tarot can do a reading for me on what (if anything) I can change so I stop feeling this way. I can give more context on what is stressing me out if that helps but I don’t want to blogpost and idk how helpful it’ll be. I’m 24 and a Taurus sun Virgo moon.

No. 297521

File: 1667517399473.jpg (42.62 KB, 334x500, 51Z7GlnsxTL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Has anybody used tarot for stuff other than divination, I mean like in spells and rituals? I just downloaded pic related and I'm excited to start working with it, and would like to know if anybody has any positive experiences using tarot in their magical practices.

No. 297791

I have, and it worked wonders kek

No. 297796

It represents life itself. Sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. I like the card too, one of the most mysterious for me personally.
You don't need to read reversed cards if you don't want to, like, ever. It's all up to you. But if you ever decide to read reversals, just reverse the meaning of the original card.

No. 297799

File: 1667664602428.jpeg (94.15 KB, 750x808, 1636067703480.jpeg)

With zlibrary down I wonder how thew fuck I'm going to find this book kek. I'm very interested. You can always always just wing your own type of rithuals and spells, it's all about the intention and what you do anyways. But I would like to read what others consider a good ceremonial magic too. I'm iffy about trusting "how to do magic" books as much as I also distrust most self help books, but this one I might give it a try.

I see so many queries in here that I would like to answer but man I have no time and I don't use lolcow anymore. I wish more readers stepped through because I feel bad for the nonnies with unanswered questions. Kind nonnies deserve all the good in this world, wish we had more readers in the community.

Actually, how many of you would consider yourself a tarot reader? Well seasoned or complete noob, doesn't matter. I want to see how many of us lurk lolcow, please reply to this post!

No. 297800

>Donald Tyson
>Also wrote: Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Spirits

No. 297823

Actually read the book now and it's just "how to position cards in order to make them look like ~magick~ it's not actually helpful or a real rithual and it's written by a man so no thanks.

No. 297829

File: 1667675650528.jpg (1.49 MB, 903x1200, spottotea.jpg)

I've read tarot for a decade now, but haven't posted in this thread before. If there are nonnas with unanswered queries, I'd be happy to help!

No. 297831

Hey, I'm not sure if you're directing this towards anons who haven't gotten their queries responded yet but if you're not.

What practices or advice should I integrate to become my true self? I'm at a point in my life where I'm empty (in a good way) and I think I'm being tasked to becoming I was supposed to be before the world screwed me up.

No. 297832

File: 1667676459399.jpeg (272.52 KB, 1600x900, 93EAC181-E635-4EC1-AE24-82DF24…)

hi anon i know there’s a big backlog but id really appreciate a reading!
19 scorpio sun aquarius moon scorpio rising.
Is this chapter of my life going to come to a satisfying conclusion? Also is that past relationship truly over?

No. 297844

Hi nonna, I’m >>295411 and I’ve been getting to know a guy since I made that last post. I’m wondering if I could get any insights into the future of our relationship because it’s been a little confusing for me.

No. 297847

File: 1667680564422.jpg (80.22 KB, 735x490, 94c993bf5b9220c3313b8d4f20ca0d…)

Is my future looking promising in the next 6 months? As in, better job, traveling, health wise, maybe something more? Aquarius here. Thanks in advance!

No. 297848

File: 1667680733941.jpg (93.85 KB, 500x846, pageowands.jpg)

Heyo nonita! For your question I drew five cards across as many categories: Body, Mind/Brain, Interpersonal (social stuff), Structure (life organization), and General/Misc. Each card is intended to read as a suggested course of action to help that category.
Two of Swords, which is a card about guarded stress but without knowledge of threat. Most depictions of the Two of Swords have a woman seated, blindfolded, and with a titular blade in each hand. She's constantly guarded, but does not know what threats are around her. In short, you need to manage your stress for sake of your body. This kind of constant edge and fear will wear you down and can actually kill you. (The Ten of Swords fell out of my deck when I shuffled your query and I'm choosing to ignore it, but if you believe in signs please prioritize managing your stress.)
Eight of Pentacles, the craftswoman card. If you can, find something creative that you enjoy doing with your hands. Doing so will keep your brain focused on something new and productive instead of ruminating where it's been.
Page of Wands, which has a very specific meaning in my deck. She's a scholar partway through her journey down a long staircase, guided only by her titular torch and her own sense of self. The Page of Wands is forever curious, and her journey is always partway through but never complete. This is advice to be curious about the people around you, and to open yourself up to the potential of others while in your journey. If you look at the top of the stairs in this card, there's a sinister red glow above. Wherever you're going, it's probably better than where you've been when it comes to people.
The Empress. The Empress is a card of mature feminine energy, she is the beacon of life to those around her. Most often she is depicted sitting in the middle of a garden or greenhouse and surrounded by birds and butterflies. This might sound odd, but have you considered gardening? Plants provide structure and meaning to their keepers because you have to structure and prioritize your own life to take care of another living thing.
Six of Wands, leadership incarnate. The six of wands is an encouragement to build your own confidence and find enough of a voice to share your confidence with others. In my deck, the Six of Wands is depicted by a young woman giving a speech in front of her peers, while flanked on either side by three of the titular torches. She has everything set in place and is confident because she prepared herself.
This reads really promising, Nonita. I think you have a lot of avenues ahead of you and many different ways to be the kind of nonny you're meant to be!

Hi nonna! For your question, I pulled two cards to answer for yes/no and hopefully each card provides context.
>Is this chapter of my life going to come to a satisfying conclusion?
I drew the Six of Pentacles which is associated with charity, both giving and receiving. Whether or not this is satisfying might depend on whether you're the one in a position to give to others, or in need of assistance yourself. However, it is more optimistic than the Five of Pentacles, which is often associated with poverty and struggle. I get two vibes from this card with your question:
1) You're going into some form of social work or similar "charity" careers, or
2) Your life recently taught you lessons that you can use to help others struggling in similar ways.
Both seem pretty positive, whether it is satisfying has more to do with how you react to your circumstances.
>Also is that past relationship truly over?
I drew The High Priestess. This is less of a yes/no answer and more a prediction that you'll spend this post-relationship time improving yourself and gaining confidence. The High Priestess is often associated with youthful/young adult feminine power, the kind that you build and grow into at your age. My read is that this relationship is over, but that might be better for your growth and development right now.

No. 297849

can i please know what my relationships are looking like in the future?
i want to know if it looks like i'll have any friends, or maybe even a romantic partner.
currently i have absolutely nobody in my life, and even my family won't be here with me anymore, so i'm hoping there won't be stagnation, i want to know if the hope that i'm holding onto is not for nothing… if not then at least i'll know to face it

libra sun pisces rising f

No. 297865

File: 1667685031412.jpg (152.61 KB, 500x847, deathnotdeathdesu.jpg)

Sorry if these take awhile nonnas, I read away from my computer desk and then return to write replies
Howdy nonners! For your question I drew two cards out of a spread, one for future insights and one for potential advice. First card pulled was the Nine of Wands, which is a card about being guarded and prepared. It features a woman standing while holding an upright torch, while flanked by four more on either side. Whatever lies ahead, she is ready for it, and this is reflected by the caution on her face. But the Ten of Pentacles slipped out alongside the Nine of Wands, so I took it for the prediction card. The Ten of Pentacles is optimistic, as it features an old man seated and petting two dogs while his family talks among themselves in the background. It's implied that this man lives a happy life surrounded by his loved ones and this is a great card to pull for a future prediction. The problem is I honestly cannot tell you whether the Nine of Wands cautions you to guard yourself more, or less. It's left ambiguous, but the way the cards fell shows the woman in the Nine of Wands looking out ahead, and when you put the cards together it appears like she is looking at the scene depicted in the Ten of Pentacles. The best insight I can give is to keep your eye ahead on what you want out of life, and keep your sense of self unshakable regardless of how your relationship progresses. Your outlook looks happy regardless of whether this guy is in it.

Hey nonichka! For your question I drew three cards as a general outlook for the next 6 months: Three of Cups, The Tower, Age of Pentacles. This is overall positive, but The Tower almost always involves trial and tribulation. The next few months are probably going to be a bit up and down, and probably frustrating in a lot of places. However, Ace of Pentacles is the concentration of the Pentacle suit, which involves material comfort, prosperity, and abundance. This looks good for your job prospects and health, but be careful not to overindulge, as The Tower implies instability. The Three of Cups is a card for solidarity and friendship, it features three women standing over baskets of collected vegetables, as each raises a glass to toast each other. I think the something more might be new or enduring friendships if you open yourself up to it, this is a very comfy card!

Hiya Nonette! I tried to do a three card read of general advice for yours, but an extra card flipped when I turned over the deck. The Ace of Swords hangs over each card in your reading, an invitation to nurture your body so that it is as strong as steel, and nurture your mind so that it is as sharp as a blade's edge. Plus swords in my deck feature fairies, so being a little above-it-all is encouraged!
First that came up was the Three of Pentacles, a card about growing up and staking out on ones own. It's usually a kind card that denotes distant parental support, but that might not be the case for you and I'm sorry if that's so. Regardless, it implies that you'll be able to make it on your own, even if your parents aren't directly with you, you still have everything that you've learned from them both good and bad, and can use that to inform your own life. This is especially true because the second card to come up was Death (Transfiguration in my deck). Death isn't actually about Death, that's usually Ten of Swords, Death is about profound change to one's life and often their self. This card features a butterfly man rising from smoke out of a skull, he is metamorphosed from his chrysalis. It seems like you might be in a similar place yourself. The third card I drew was the Ten of Pentacles, and I won't babble for a whole paragraph describing what the card looks like or represents. It's still an optimistic reading and says good things about your relationships in the future. You have a happy outlook in your life, but it's going to take a lot of change and adjustment to get there. I look forward to when you see what kind of butterfly you become, nonnie!

If it's okay with you all, I need to take a break. My cards spit out unhelpful replies after too many readings and I'm glad they went for five in a row without being rude. Blessed be all of you and I'll gladly read more often if you'd like!

No. 297872

Any nonnies can look if it is possible that my bf will cheat on me? Ik it is a stupid question
And what would be my professional prospects in the next 6 months? I am a virgo

No. 297878

>one time after the cleaners left I noticed the lid to the box the deck is in was off and the devil card was facing up. What this mean?
i think it means the cleaners are messing with you anon

No. 297879

like in a prank way not a spiritual way

No. 297888

I'm the first anon, thank you so much! You're so kind to do all of this. Your reading makes a lot of sense to me, I'll especially keep that part about knowing what I want out of life & not losing my sense of self in mind. Thanks again nonna.

No. 297892

Thank for your quick response anon. I do have issues with stress and I had big health scares around it. In fact, when I pulled cards for myself I was told that my self-criticism had wiped all my imperfections, creating the ground to start from square one, but a lot of stressors came from goals and aspirations I truly didn't want. So, I need to learn to let go and let god on a lot of areas in my life.

Additionally, I do have a lot of baggage when it comes to other people (my environment was very transactional and didn't care a lot of my emotional or mental well-being) and it led me to become a recluse and very pessimistic towards relationships. I study a lot of vedic astrology, and I have Rahu in the 1st and Ketu in the 7th (relationships). I'm at a point of my life where relationships are going to test me and even break me in some areas. Therefore, I'm wary of your advice but I'm going to trust you on this. I need to learn to be more "scholarly" and detached from this whole process, at least for my mental health.

As far for everything else, I feel should aspire to become more witchy but it's very vague. Gardening and doing some creative endeavors would be nice for me but I would rather do those things alone. I feel the general theme of raising life and investing my energy into that would do me a lot of good. I absolutely agree that everything is pointing me to being more confidence and standing in my truth since I have Rahu in the 1st house.

I have a lot of doubts in a lot of areas but this confirmed and illuminated a lot things for me. Thanks again nonita.(don't use emojis)

No. 298046

thank you so much sweet nonnette, im the reading you did. im really worried because i hate change but i knew i had to face it one day, this just really confirms it. thank you again!

No. 298128

Do you know when I'll meet my soulmate, and where I might meet them?

No. 298173

how successful am i in passing an entrance exam next year? Kinda feeling really low rn with my progress and how vastly different and advanced and difficult the questions are in the practice tests to the pdfs, videos and notes i'm making.

No. 298190

This brings up an interesting topic. How can we tell time with tarot and how accurate is it? I have a lot of contradicting information and want to know how it will be.

No. 298756

File: 1668185918265.jpg (33.68 KB, 221x356, crepusculum.jpg)

Hi Anon, I can try to do the reading (I'm a beginner and ESL).
I did a past-present-futur reading.

I pulled reversed justice and reversed cavalier of pentacles.
Did you had issue with paperwork, court case, with possible toxic young man bringing issue with money too?
It looks there was a lot of anxiety and that the situation was overwhelming.
It's about to be over though. You need to focus on new goals.

For the present: reversed magician and Jugement.
Don't trust "too good to be true" and be careful, manipulative people could still be arround you. Cut out all toxic relashionships.
You have the potential to be free and move on.

The futur looks better: Hierophant and High priestress.
Still some obstacles ahead, but you need to focus in new skills.
You have the potential to learn a lot. This will bring you a better place mentally.

See the half-full glass, not the half-empty. Don't turn your back on new opportunities.

No. 298757

I'm the Anon above, I can give a try but I'll have more time at the end of the month. I'll use a moon card so you can tell it's me.

No. 299185

Hi nona, that was really kind of you to try and do a reading for me! I'll say the main source of my stress I think was starting my new job in August, so there has definitely been a lot of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Paperwork definitely resonates as well since there is a lot of paperwork at my job! I'm happy to hear that the future sounds more optimistic. I've been trying to incorporate hobbies into my life so I can have a better work-life balance- maybe those are the new skills I can focus on. And hearing that I have the potential to learn a lot feels comforting too. I am going through a really hard time with this new job and I hope that at the end of it all that it'll make me a stronger person rather than just wreck me mentally.

Thank you again for the reading anon! I'll try to take your advice to see the glass half-full and to keep my eyes open for new opportunities.

No. 299618

File: 1668598784893.jpg (55.43 KB, 450x583, 9b21d10ea1c01949503abecb67585a…)

Hi anons. I'd like to ask for a reading. For context, I've lost my best friend recently (she didn't die, we just fell apart) and I've been spending most of my time alone. I'm pretty social but don't really have friends to see on the days off anymore.
Will my loneliness stop anytime soon?
Is there a specific kind of person who's drawn to me? I seem to attract people who I don't feel any connection to and people whose company I do enjoy usually aren't looking for new company. Is there a way to change that?
I am 22, a Taurus sun, Cancer moon and ascendant.

No. 299741

I just did a reading for myself and it was all sounding good, telling me to express my emotions and tell my person how I feel and all that. Only for it to end with "But your year will end with struggles, frustration and giving up." So it'll be a bad outcome then. So why bother?

No. 299742

Maybe giving up now or later isn't the solution. Maybe its more of a foreshadowing. Id use it as a warning to stay focused and motivated through the challenges.

No. 299887

I am bored and want to brush up on my tarot skills.
Willing to do next 5 queries.

No. 299890

What information do you need?
Just for fun an sillyness For my future spouse, what personality will she have?
Gemini, E.

No. 299892

How do I work out my destiny? Cancer/cancer

No. 299894

File: 1668720679559.jpg (131.15 KB, 736x736, 5c206601f1dd00816a386d6ab25805…)

Will my life change for the better soon enough?

No. 299910

How do I start to get out of this depression hole? Aqua sun, leo rising, virgo moon if it matters. Thank you.

No. 299918

How does my future love life look like?
i'm a virgo taurus rising thx nonna

No. 300162

Ok thanks nonnies. I will do them tonight after work!
Don't judge my readings though and don't look too deeply into them. I'm just doing it for fun and am a novice kek.

No. 300222

card 1 (future true love): three of swords
- your future true love will come with baggage and emotional issues you will have to work out with them. It is either you or them who has underlying trauma you will have to work out with together. This will make your bond only stronger.

card 2 (instant attraction?): king of pentacles
a man of dark complexion (dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes). the attraction will be slow at first and not a physical one but one that is built upon emotion and shared values.

card 3 (what will the person be like?): two of wands, reversed
the man is a real adventurous go-getter who loves to make plans and get a taste of adventure. however, it may take a toll on you as you feel like he is too spontaneous and not grounded enough

card 4 (challenges): queen of pentacles
you will offer him more than he offers you. as the queen of pentacles is very nurturing and loving, you may be taking on too much of the relationship compared to him ( a man of fiery, passionate wands). pentacles is a very grounded and realistic mature suit.

card 5 (what will help): two of swords reversed
a hard decision that will hurt the other party member will come into play. it may hurt in the short term but will help your soul, emotion and mind in the long-run

card 6 (time frame):
Dec 23 – Mar 20, year unspecified

No. 300600

>if it is possible that my bf will cheat on me
Real question would be: why would you think your bf could cheat on you?
Is it low self esteem or is he actually acting in a way that ruins your trust (is so, you may rethink being with him).

No. 302125

Unsaged for update:
Can the anons who didn't get a reading ask their question again?
Don't need age/starsign, but a picture that describes your feelings.

No. 302129

File: 1670092077891.jpg (24.51 KB, 330x462, moon t c.jpg)

The other anon didn't came back. So I'm giving a try if it's ok.

Current situation:
Reversed devil + 5 wands
There's a lot of anger and conflicts, possibly a pattern of addiction (don't mean drugs, but something you really need to let go).

6 pentacles + 5 spades: Lots of anger and possibly love/hate relashionship with people trying to help you and possible toxic co-dependency. It possible people arround you are not helping with good intentions.

Knight of Spades+ reversed 7cups:
Focus on your objectives. Don't turn your back on things that matter for you. Time to drop the mask/illusion and cut off toxic behavior and toxic people. Go for healthier and more independant lifestyle. Happiness is on your reach.

No. 302254

File: 1670162418558.png (75.65 KB, 640x408, student-g98fb366b6_640.png)

I have an important exam next year and i want to know how successful am i in passing?

No. 302267

File: 1670169459144.jpeg (139.11 KB, 685x455, 1DD1242C-9D3F-48B6-8956-4EDCA6…)

I’m in a total rut and have realised the person I am now is completely horrible and reductive. I have a lot of self hatred and have been feeling very close to ending my life. I guess my question is if and how I will get out of this rut and also if my attachments to old relationships and people are holding me back or have power to change and renew me. Should I focus more on myself or try to connect more outwardly. Thanks xoxo

No. 302269

File: 1670170696114.jpeg (332.63 KB, 600x451, 130EA876-2559-4B8D-B439-0C9689…)

What are my job prospects in the future? Are career suggestions possible?
I’ve had depression and have hated going to this job. It didn’t used to be so bad, but I feel no fulfillment or mind stimulation, and it feels like the time passes so slowly. It bores me and I don’t care if I’m late or look “unprofessional” anymore. I have no idea what other career to switch to though, and worry my skills and degree won’t be enough.

No. 302280

File: 1670177175424.jpg (66.37 KB, 342x714, moon-tarot.jpg)


Situation: 4 pentacles + reversed 6 pentacles + death
People arround you didn't helped you the way you would have need.
I can see greed in the people arround you, there are issues related to money and the lack of sharing (money and affection).
It's possibly your family were more worried about financial matter than taking care of you.

Obstacles: Reversed 2 cups + 7 wands:
People might be presuring you a lot and you feel trapped.
Seems that there a lot of hold.
Do you (or them) keep you feelings hidden or are you open about it whith them?

Advice: 6 cups + 5 cups + Reversed pentacles
You need to reconnect to your inner child and reach who you were then and what you enjoyed doing.
There are some unsolved issues from were you were a kid (maybe conflicts with your mom) and you really need to work on that.

I can see some strong tie with nature and how you need to reconnect with nature now, make peace with our environment, have a walk in a quiet parc, plant tree, do some gardening or go nearby the sea.

Sun + page of cups
You have power to change and renew you, no one else could do it for you. You need to accept your feelings and reconnect to the real you.
Sun card means success, brighter times are ahead anon!

No. 302485

I'm having someone over tomorrow and we have real chemistry. I've lately been feeling like I want to venture into relationships again after being celibate for nearly 3 years. I've had a really chaotic few weeks though, even though things are fine now. I sometimes wonder if I seem to want relationships when things are unstable or have been stressful. I'm wondering if it's something I should pursue in my life right now. I feel like I need a reading because I haven't had one for a while. Thanks.

No. 302803

File: 1670427716887.jpg (65.72 KB, 736x736, 3a18ca9c012ea2a1d3ee13771f0f1b…)

Can some wise nona help me, if they have the time?
So, 95% of my plans for this year (and by extension, next year's as well) have been foiled. I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it didn't even matter.

I just wanna know if I'll still be on this same dead end job by the end of January? I've been trying so hard to get a new job.
What do I have to do, what do I have to improve to get where I wanna be? I feel like I've tried a lot, but nothing is ever good enough. Maybe I'm blinded by my own incompetence, but I'm so tired…

Aquarius star sign, Rooster chinese sign.

No. 302815

File: 1670431261906.png (258.59 KB, 749x832, and-u-are-left-to-reflect-on-y…)

If anyone is around and offering atm I'd be grateful for a reading. Its my bday and I'm just wondering whats ahead in the next few months. Feel like the last year was stagnant. Any changes ahead, love life?

Sag, scorpio rising

No. 302816

happy birthday!!

No. 302861

File: 1670440364103.jpg (13.23 KB, 163x310, t moon b.jpg)

Curent: The hanged woman: You feel trapped into you job indeed. Your visions of life doesn't align with the situation you are now.

Obstacles: Reversed 4 cups+ Reversed 3 cups + 10 pentacles + knight of Spades
There's a lack of connection with other people (maybe you have a network you don't use or are very isolated) and you definitivily feel stuck and bored. This is the end of a cycle though.
You also have the wits for more challenging jobs, something requiring mental strenght and eloquence.

Advices: The tower+ 1 cup + 5 wands + the fool
>worry my skills and degree won’t be enough
This are not the problem. You need a complete change and finding your own way. Something linked with social and feelings/relashionships. What about fighting for others?

No specific career but you need to make your own path and see where it goes.

No. 302865

File: 1670441018098.jpg (2.81 KB, 91x156, Mc.jpg)

Quite successful. However be careful not to exhaust yourself physically and mentally. Get good sleep. This cart is about bringing balance in your life and not going in the extremes.

No. 302874

File: 1670444652134.jpg (200.42 KB, 770x1162, 6747307-HSC00001-7.jpg)

I am crushing on a guy from work really hard. I see him occassionally and last time I saw him (5 days ago) we had fun hanging out together.
Now I will see him again in a week and after that longer time might pass before I see him again so I was wondering if there is possibility of anything happening between us in a romantic sense. I am shy and probably won't be the one to make a move first.

No. 302891

Let's try this. I'm a massive skeptic, but y'know, a tarot reader predicted how one high school relationship of mine would turn out with a scary level of accuracy and despite the reader changing what they thought a certain card meant after I got scared. The first read was totally spot-on.

So, here's what I'm asking about. I'm high-functioning autistic and stuff and have spent pretty much a decade at a few different levels of hikikomori. Sometimes I'd have a very thin social life (college/those rare times I've been in romantic relationships), other times I was literally full NEET living off my parents' money and rarely leaving my room.

I feel like that's been turning around lately. I've felt a bit more motivated this last year after noticing a career option that pays very comfortably and which I could train for quickly, and around my 30th birthday I met this girl who I clicked with hard and started to develop serious feelings for. Like, tons of shared interests, seemingly shared values, and our conversations feel super comfortable. It's a long distance thing but as a trust fund baby I have the money to make that work, I could no joke get a first class ticket to the other continent she lives on tomorrow. This made me feel even more motivated. Like, I don't know, there's someone who sees something in me and also who I feel encouraged to get off my butt for to help out of her own slightly-above-NEET situation.

I confessed my feelings and it went well, she was hesitant because her feelings my way aren't as strong but she saw potential, and seemed pretty open to the idea of e-dating. Then my social retardation screwed everything up, I went on this really TMI rant pouring out my heart and soul including info that to be fair she 100% needed to know if we were going to date. It made her take a step back, she was uncharacteristically distant for a few days. So, I decided to take a month off to clear the air, let fond memories restore themselves, focus on some employable skills-related things too in the meantime. I left her with a (romantic-content-free) list of things I thought she should take pride in, she beats herself up often and imo there are so many positive qualities she obviously has.

I've periodically checked in with a bit of um, probably-creepy social media stalking. Because I miss her, and because there was this other person interested in her (looks like their semi-relationship's ended) which I was convinced would hurt her so I felt a need to keep track of that. At first things seemed like they were going well; she kept listening to songs that seem off lyrics alone like they'd remind her of me. She recently changed her Insta privacy settings though and um, there have been a few Last.fm listens to stuff you might interpret as about a stalker. Sometimes this last week I've thought everything backfired, other times I think "the only way she could've noticed was LinkedIn which also looks like a borderline-dead 0-connection account - and like two visits there isn't that creepy either, you're just panicking over nothing like usual."

Tl;dr past 'sperg oversharing, the question: am I overthinking things? Did I screw things up? Actually you know what, just focus on the long-term thing I care about, what's the future of my relationship with this girl?

I'm Scorpio, Taurus rising, Sag moon and that birthday was recent if that helps any.

No. 302898

Anon, I got you. Me and you are similar in more ways than one. I can tell how you're dead set on her. I'll get my cards out but promise if my reading is negative you'll still see the situation through to the very end ok?

No. 302899

Sure thing. I mean, and more points for "maybe there's something true about astrology given that sun/rising combo," I'm the most pathologically stubborn person I know. I'm hoping for something positive obviously, but I was going to "go down with the ship" even on a negative reading anyway.

No. 302902

I'm glad to hear that. Im honoured to do a reading for a scorpio since i like them.I'm about to start. Can you give me the first letter of your name and post a picture of an animal you really like or are in tune with?

No. 302904

File: 1670454231072.jpg (162.47 KB, 1200x1200, ezgif-3-a73505f04c.jpg)

Glad to hear it! And first name J, last name C. Being an absolute stereotype here with the animal but it's not my fault they used to fly above my house at night as a kid, and one got in our basement once.

No. 302916

File: 1670458140056.jpg (4.13 MB, 4032x3024, 20221207_160842.jpg)

Well my friend JC, here is your reading.
These are the questions I asked for you .

How does she feel about you?

She feels that she has to return to you and the situation that both of you are in eventually. She has a desire of returning to fix the situation that she once wanted to leave. It seems the journey that she had by herself was very important for her to undertake any decision. However, right now she feels she is at a stalemate with you and your situation. She is confused and unsure, there is a discrepancy in her feelingings and her logic that is causing blockages to move forward with the connection. They are very gaurded and I do not think that anything might happen soon between you and her. She is on the defense and guarding herself. I wonder what happened to cause this? Is she not wanting a relationship and she's blocking you from entering? There is conflict within her mind

What are her intentions toward you?
Her intentions are more confusion? It seems she does want to balance out the situation with you but at the same time the situation itself is blocked from achieving fairness. She is not moving due to lack of courage and self power. She is looking toward the distant horizon and looking at all sides of this situation to come to a proper conclusion, for now she is waiting because she does not have any clear vision on what she wants to do concerning you. I do have to give you a personal warning, whenever the queen of swords in reverse comes out in my reading I always believe whoever this is talking about is a sociopath. Take that as you will but I really did feel the need to warn you. In my readings the queen of swords in reverse is someome who is unfair and someone who doesn't care about anyone else's emotions but themselves and can seem selfish in a childish way or gives excuses on the account of self preservation. If this doesn't pertain to your situation discard what I've said. This person has no empathy.

Potential outcome?
The potential outcomes is that you will have an ending in this relationship and the illusions that you had once will also end and clear your head of all doubts. It will be an ending that will have very honest truths that you will find and learn from so you can be reborn and have a fresh new start. Your relationship will have a very much needed transformation and completion, that will result in a lot of healing due to this ending or opportunity not seized.

Piece of advice for you concerning this situation.
Look toward the future in this situation, you are in the middle of preparation for the next phase in your life. Stay hopeful and Renew the faith you have in yourself and align yourself with truths no matter how painful because it is time to take action. What I mean by its time to take action, is that without you even realizing a new phase in your life is occurring. Victory is imminent for you despite heartbreak. Take comfort in knowing that everything is in course for your personal achievement and goals, because despite the pain in your heartbreak you will be able to balance your emotions and counter them with a loving heart. Interestingly enough, the past and future are showing in your readings by the picture of the God Janus, he came out on a card using the words flattery which advises you to use soft words instead of angry words concerning your situation. I will be blunt and honest, this card when drawn out could be deceptive courtship or imagined romance.
That's what I have for your reading. I hope it wasn't too bleak but I had a strong calling to read for you. I am sorry it isn't what you might have hoped. But remember tarot is a potential outcome, ill hope for the best and I'll think of you.

No. 302928

Thanks for the reading, and for your kind thoughts. :) The warning too; some of the more negative qualities she seems to have (I wouldn't have fallen for her if my view wasn't overwhelmingly positive but I'm not blinded) are chronic indecision (mixed with surprisingly bold bouts of decisiveness) and occasional flightiness, so the childishness can track - also to her astrological chart, she's a Gemini sun/Pisces moon. I've never gotten anything close to the impression she's a sociopath though. Moody, which to be honest I like both because it's relatable and because it triggers protective/encouraging urges, but she's also always come across as kind and seems extremely nervous about letting others down. That whole now-over situationship she ended up in with my "rival" in this, someone who seems like a bad person on multiple levels (numerous NPD traits), was mainly born out of fear of hurting that person's feelings.

To clear some other stuff up, maybe also oversharing but for context: the "next phase" thing does track, I've felt for about a year now like my life is reaching a turning point. Besides the career bit I'm starting to realize my self-worth, that despite blessedly-fading hikikomori tendencies I'm not just "socially retarded person who knows a lot of useless facts," also that despite a past as basically a horribly selfish living-anime-villain creature (who my mom was convinced would grow up to be a serial killer or something - due to a mix of anger issues, making creepy art, and having a cousin who's a sort of infamous true crime case) I have a moral compass, genuinely can care about people, and can be a good person just like the heroes I admired as a kid. Because of that past behavior though, the Janus is probably directed at me. One of the things I divulged in aforementioned TMI rant was basically a long long history of compulsive lying, later after loserdom fully set in living out totally made up fantasies online, etc. I feel a strong urge to shield her from that side of me, to not end up with her by dirty means or guilt-tripping or anything like that. Actually this is, while not the strongest serious attraction I've had for someone, the most selfless (i.e. not "I want you so imma have you") one by far - first and foremost I want to lift her up, be there for her.

Tl;dr I was a preteen emo kid and Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional has been going through my head a lot lately. That sums up a lot of this.

No. 302929

*Gemini sun/Cancer moon, whoops

No. 302932

We are very much alike it was very nice reading for you. Down to the person we're interested in and a potential rival, lesbian I assume as well. The card Janice is in Gemini, so it pertains to your reading regarding the person you were asking about. Her Indecision was very clear in your reading. Regardless, her intentions to you are not clear and indecision is cruel when you know how the other side feels. The ending I saw in the tarot spread was one of you and her. The relationship between you and her will transform. The cards have advised you to look toward the future with a strong emphasis and warning that you will feel pain and hurt but you will have victory, not in this situation but maybe with someone else.
I felt compelled to do your reading because I was in your shoes ( continue to be) and tarot has helped me look forward and to heal. I hope it may do the same for you and comfort you.

No. 302939

File: 1670464204164.gif (513.73 KB, 500x300, 1009977D-644B-4631-943E-846E3F…)

Can I get a reading please as to advice on what path I should take in the future? I’m at a crossroads in my life and feeling very scared and uncertain, my anxiety is causing me to feel extremely paranoid and my lack of confidence and action is making me feel more stagnated which makes my mental state even worse. I need direction.

My name starts with H, favorite color is pink, birth sign is Taurus. Thank you in advance.

No. 302956

Thank you, nonna. This is very accurate.
>Your visions of life doesn't align with the situation you are now.
Definitely, I'm going to try moving to another city in the upcoming year, so hopefully that opens more opportunities. It will at least give me more freedom.
>There's a lack of connection with other people
Yeah you're right, it was scary reading this part. I had to be moved to another position in another room, and I am alone. It was fun at first since I could just slack off, but it has gotten rather boring and the days drag on. I don't really leave my office and talk to anyone else, but that's also because I have nothing in common with most of the people that work there.
>Something linked with social and feelings/relashionships. What about fighting for others?
Ironically, I am very avoidant when it comes to social situations. But fighting for others does somewhat resonate, maybe something along the lines of an advocate. Something more one-on-one?
Before I was moved positions (my last department came under investigation and I had to be moved due to harassment), my previous job was very physically strenuous, on-call, and also mentally stressful. The only place left open within the company was a PR job and that's where they put me "temporarily". I like the graphic design part of it, but I rarely get requests for that. I dislike managing the company's social media and always having to plan posts, it just seems so pointless but has also caused stress thinking everyday about "what will trend next". I especially hate that they expect me to do stories about people, when I don't like socializing. They expect me to act like a reporter when I am not wired that way, and that's not what I was doing before at all. Maybe I could put more effort in to make things "more interesting", but also, everyone seems fine with the bare minimum and no one has told me anything yet, so why bother?
I wouldn't go back to my old position, but I can't stay in this one. It feels like I've been on two extremes (working too hard vs being absolutely bored at a desk job) and need to find something with balance.

Sorry for the big vent. Thank you for the reading, it was very insightful.

No. 303017

thank you! i've been stress eating and sleeping late. in the earlier months, during october and september, i've barely done any sort of serious studying because honestly i'm out of my realm with what im attempting to do, especially with how envisioned my future. thanks for reassuring me anon.

No. 303059

File: 1670528658944.png (754.47 KB, 1067x1067, 1670469167954.png)

I'm gonna try some bibliomancy with the book King Arthur and His Knights. I'll do at least 5 readings, after that I may or may not do more. Just drop your query and I'll get to it as soon as possible.

No. 303061

What will my future wife's most negative traits be in our relationship?

No. 303072

Will my life stay the same, same routine, alone, uneventful?

No. 303086

Will I enter a relationship with this person in upcoming months?

No. 303092

>So within a day or two he commanded his knights to a great hunting in the forest. And when the king came to the well, he saw a wild man lying there asleep, having a sword beside him; but he knew not that it was Sir Tristram. Then he blew his horn, and summoned all his knights to take him gently up and bear him to the court.

>"Well," said Sir Accolon, "tell you my lady Queen Morgan, that I shall hold to that I promised her, now that I have this sword - and," said he, "I suppose it was to bring about this battle that she made all these enchantments by her craft." "You have guessed rightly," said the dwarf, and therewithal he left him.

She may have a temper and is somewhat lazy and manipulative. She may have a thing for starting drama or gossip. She may also have the tendency to act impetuously, out of ignorance or without thought.

>As soon as this news spread, the citizens all ran together, and, opening the gates, surrendered the city to the conqueror.

>At that Sir Galahad embraced him; and when he had so done the king's eye were opened, and he said, "Fair Lord Jesus, suffer me now to come to Thee"; and anon his soul departed.

No, you will get some interesting news at some point that will shake things up. You may also get some troubling news, like a death in the family or a serious accident. Either way, things won't stay the same forever, the tides will turn at some point.

>Then starting up immediately, both drew their swords, and rushed swiftly together. And so they fell to eagerly giving each other many great and mighty strokes. And as they were thus fighting, the damsel Vivien, Lady of the Lake, who loved King Arthur, came upon the ground, for she knew by her enchantments how Morgan Le Fay had craftily devised to have King Arthur slain by his own sword that day, and therefore came to save his life.
This passage tells me that you may have differing intentions and nothing may happen for awhile, but you should get together eventually. A third party may also try to throw a wrench into the situation and keep you two from being together, but it won't work in the long term.

No. 303095

Same question as this nonny basically. Will I get together with this person I really like?

No. 303126

Was ending it with C a bad idea? Is there someone better for me?

No. 303130

Thank you so much anon. I'm interested, how do you get into bibliomancy and how do you work with it?

No. 303133

>"Yea," said Sir Lancelot; "and would I could persuade her to withdraw her love from me."
>"Why should ye do so?" said Sir Bors; "for she is passing fair and loving. I would to heaven ye could love her."
>"That may not be," replied he; "but it repenteth me in sooth to grieve her"
You may not get together with the person you like, but there could be somebody else who has their eye on you who you will grow fonder of.

>But he by Merlin's counsel had sent over sea to King Ban of Benwick and King Bors of Gaul, praying them to come and help him in his wars, and promising to help them in return against King Claudus, their foe. To which those kings made answer that they would joyfully fulfill his wish, and shortly after came to London with 300 knights well arrayed for both peace and war, leaving behind them a great army on the other side of the sea till they had consulted with King Arthur and his ministers how they might best dispose it.
Yes, I think you did well to cut that person off from you. I believe it wasn't a decision you made over night, it was something that you deliberated on, weighing the pros and cons of it to make the best possible choice you could. I also believe that you will meet someone better for you based on this information.

Bibliomancy is as easy as selecting a random page and a random passage. Before doing this I like to meditate on the question for a few moments to let it sink in to my subconscious, then I try my best to interpret the passage in the context of the question. It's a rather easy form of divination to get into.

No. 303171

You're welcome Nonna. Moving to another city and get a complete change will definitively be good for you.

You're welcome, get good rest nonna.

NB: For the other readings, allow +/- one week.

No. 303196

File: 1670601286867.jpeg (129.57 KB, 480x720, 23FE2F80-4BD8-4C1B-A0B9-98D987…)

I am hoping to get a reading about the coming year and more specifically, what might happen with my partner and I's housing situation and maybe what our relationship will be with his parents (we rent from them so it's all closely entwined).

I've wanted to look seriously for our own home for years now and for one reason or another we've been foiled (rising costs, job losses, pandemic, etc) and i'm sick of renting from his parents who don't respect boundaries, regularly downplay the shitty things they've done to us since renting from them, wanting to offer help and then rescinding because they fear they are "losing" something for helping their son, etc.

Will we still be in the same house or finally, seriously, on the path to buy our house? Staying in the same city or moving away? I've felt trapped in this cycle for several years now and I think id feel some peace if I could get even a little guidance on what the year will be like.

I also do readings, but avoid doing them for myself. Id happily do a reading exchange!

34, F, sun libra, rising cap, moon leo

No. 303199

Reading for next year? Mostly about moving on career wise, what will happen in general and whether or not I may find love. I'm hoping 2023 will pull better cards. With one last final bravo this year I'm thinking I'll be starting this chapter of my life anew

26, cancer rising, leo sun, sag moon

No. 303223

Second anon here, thank you! I think I’m still weighing up the pros and cons after the fact, but I believe I did the right thing. I’m meeting a lot of new people at the moment so hopefully things will work out for me.

No. 303226

First anon, thanks!

No. 303348

Hey nonnas! Could I maybe getting a reading? Im feeling like shit lately because I feel everyone I care about is leaving my life and I wanted to know if Im just unsuferable or if its just life. Thanks

No. 303563

File: 1670786355699.jpg (65 KB, 371x600, moon c.jpg)

(for disclaimer I am a bit sick so maybe the reading won't be as accurate as other)

8 wands + 1 wand + reversed devil
It's possible you already get messages, but you may not have liked the answer.
It seems that despite having skills and qualities, you weren't completely honest in your search of jobs and it's possible your resume and application came off as untrustworthy.
Did you put reliable and verifiable infos on your resume? (recruiters are very suspicious)

Obstacles: Reversed knight of pentacle + Reversed Imperatrice + Reversed 9 cups
I have the feeling you idealize the perfect job, you want to perfect family and life/ social status. It's possible you want to change your job for wrong reasons.

>to get where I wanna be?

Which is where exactly?
It seems you want more than you already have.

>What do I have to do, what do I have to improve?

Reversed temperance + Reverse 1 pentacle + Reversed 9 wands + 5 cups
There's definitively exhaustion, you need to get rest and reconnect with yourself (hope you have some holidays soon).
There might be signs you ignore.
You need to free yourself from material world.
I feel a lot of dissimulation and you are hiding a lot of things from people arround you.

Peace of mind comes from inside, not outside.

No. 303880

File: 1670961052275.jpg (417.5 KB, 2000x2000, monn cat.jpg)

Current: The fool + Reversed knight of cups
Is your life stagnant? It feels more chaotic with of lots of needs of affection/attention.

Obstacles: Reversed Emperor + Reversed 7 cups
You may have a excesive need to control things and people arround you, with a fear to be hurt/disappointed.
You may want to force things too much.

Advices: Reversed 3 cups + 3 spades + 4 pentacles + Reversed 7 spades
Reconnect with family and friends. Meet new people. I feel there is a contradiction between what you want (a non-stagnant life) and your inability to let go (your need to control everything). You need to be more spontaneaous and let people and things come to you.

No. 303890

File: 1670964582577.jpg (9.78 KB, 183x275, index.jpg)

i asked my friend who's a professional tarot reader to pull me a card to see how my saturday is going to go, as i'm driving 3 hours away to look at and hopefully get a new car (audi a5 sportback prestige). she pulled the page of wands, upright. said it made her giggle and that she's never gotten a more straightforward answer in her life, and to avoid interstates because that car is going to be faster than anything i have ever had before. is this an accurate interpretation or should i have her pull a second card?

No. 303892

I can see why she'd say something like that. The page of wands is a very fast paced energy and a bit reckless. I'd say considering the context it's pretty nice she warned you of driving recklessly. Intuitively, I'd have told you to be warry of picking a car so quickly or avoid making brash decisions due to impatience. I'd have asked for 3 cards.

No. 303895

thank you so much for your speedy response! i've been looking at cars for a few months now and have pretty much settled on the audi because it's at a great price point for being as new as 2018, and has heads up display as a feature, which i haven't found anywhere else.

i just texted her and asked her to pull 2 more cards, so i may be making an update post in a bit.

No. 303995

Thanks for taking time to do this nonny, Pretty accurate tbh. You def hit on some things that I need to keep working on.

No. 303997

File: 1671032544397.jpg (67.16 KB, 736x736, 97cef25ed2d313172430d2af1064b6…)

>It's possible you already get messages, but you may not have liked the answer.
I mean, I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I've been rejected from many jobs that I've applied to, so I guess this is it? But is it always going to be like this?

>You weren't completely honest in your search of jobs and it's possible your resume and application came off as untrustworthy.

>Did you put reliable and verifiable infos on your resume?
Hm, I see. But I still wonder why. I've made my resume carefully and I didn't lie or anything. I have been trying a lot of different things and positions, so maybe they don't like my "designer-like" resume? To be fair, since upgrading it to a more modern and prettier CV, I did get more responses, but none (aside my current retail job) hired me.
The last position I've applied to is to a japanese art gallery, hopefully they'll accept me… I speak japanese and I graduated in Arts..

>I have the feeling you idealize the perfect job, you want to perfect family and life/ social status. It's possible you want to change your job for wrong reasons.

I do want the perfect job, but more as an end goal to life. Like, living in Japan and having a cozy job there, that would be my ideal.
For my current position in life, I just want an office job, or at least a job where I don't have to work weekends and carry heavy boxes upstairs. It's been kinda stressful on my body as well, I've been feeling really tired.
What would be the wrong reasons? Legit asking. I just want to be less tired as for now.

>Which is where exactly?

A comfortable job, preferably overseas. But a good job is enough. I have everything else in life (good family, real love, good living conditions), I really would like to have a good job, it doesn't even have to be in my graduation area.

>There's definitively exhaustion, you need to get rest and reconnect with yourself (hope you have some holidays soon).

This is very correct. Tomorrow will be my first real day off in like 2 or 3 weeks. All of my off days I actually needed and used for taking entrance exams, the JLPT and to do some other work elsewhere. I will barely have any holidays, the store I work at will only close on Christmas and January 1st. That's one of the reasons why I wanna leave…

>I feel a lot of dissimulation and you are hiding a lot of things from people arround you.

I legit don't know what it could be. I guess I'm hiding from my mom how tired I am and from my boss that I wanna quit lol
It is still better than being unemployed, tbh.

No. 303998

File: 1671032649625.jpg (57.83 KB, 720x720, 7d345ecc0938050e509e3ce22b5e38…)

Also samefagging to say, thank you for the reading! Sorry I forgot it on my original post.

No. 304009

You're welcome! Glad it helped.

Hello Nonna, you are welcome.
The reading was a bit confusing for me too.
Japan is very tricky in term of fitting, understanding the culture, hierarchy and there's a lot of social pressure.
(I'm not a specialist but network culture works a lot, they need to know the people they're hiring and it's often by recommendation. They like to have foreigners but at certains jobs only. Such as the teaching english jobs which seems to be the easiest and you wouldn't have to carry heavy thing while you'll be looking for something better)
Anyway good luck with your projects!

No. 304015

File: 1671044859277.png (169.41 KB, 583x700, MOON CC.png)

Current: The chariot + Reversed death + 7 wands + 8 wands
Are you planning to change city/country?
You feel anxious about the change and the things you have no control on. You need to change your perspective about the things you need to let go.
Stand up for what you believe in. Good news are on their way, be patient.

Obstacles: 4 swords+ 5 wands+ Reversed knight of wands.
There's a lot of impatience, instability, frustrations, and anger at obstacles and failures. Coming along can lead to a loss of self-esteem and an excess of pessimism.
You need to take a brake from your internal turmoil and get some peace and rest.

Advices: 7 cups + Ace sword + The fool
You should pull all your anxiety in something artistic, it doesn't have to be "good art" but use it as a mean to rid of all negativity.
Or do somethig relaxing like fishing or swimming. (don't know why seems related with water)

No. 304020

File: 1671049017997.jpg (56.29 KB, 460x545, 5fe9c1b584ca14eb752a14f87f1577…)

Thank you, anon. One of the things I do sometimes on weekends is for a japanese association, with japanese higher-ups and all. The president likes me and she has recommended me before (afaik), but even so I am still at the same place. Which is understandable, I'm not entitled to anything. But at least I have some connections and a good idea of the business culture of Japan (although a bit diluted). She actually knows the president of this Art Gallery I've applied for, and if I get to the interview stage, I'd definitely mention it/ask for help, since as you put it, networking is half of the hiring process.
I can't teach English in Japan unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe?) because I'm not a native english speaker. Although my plans to get the JET CIR position were ruined by the lack of the N1 certificate, I'll keep studying and trying. That and some other stuff as well. Sorry for the rambling/vent/derail and thank you again, nonna!

No. 304243

Hope it goes well for you nonna!
Good luck with everything.

No. 304260

File: 1671202469793.png (530.95 KB, 698x1000, moon card.png)


>Will we still be in the same house or finally, seriously, on the path to buy our house? Staying in the same city or moving away?

Current: Reversed Tower, Reversed Hight Priestress
Listen to your voice and wisdom. Seems you struggle to trust your intuition when you have all answers already.
Did you gave up on the current house yet? Seems that it's hard to let go of it, but it's for the best. You won't keep it. And possibly move in another town.

Obstacles: 9 spades, Reversed 5 wands, Reversed one wand, 4 spades.
There's a lot of gossips arround you (from your partner's parents and people they know) and you are facing internal conflict.
Seems you try to avoid conflicts and worry too much on sparing people.
You may be waiting for something else to happen before you pursue this idea, don't let this situation get worse.
Your partner need to be fully on your side and you need to make your intentions clear (move to a place you'll find peace and safety). And p
ut distance with toxics people.

Advices: King of pentacles, 2 cups, knight of spades, page of cups.
Time is great to look for a new house, there might be new opportunities now, especially if creative (ej: house might not look great on the outside but with a lot of pentential inside).
You need to be assertive in getting what you want.
I feel that maybe two or three people (or one in banking?) in the housing market might come to help.
Communication needs to be easy and accurate, you need to state clearly what you are looking for.

No. 304261

>we had fun hanging out together.
>if there is possibility of anything happening between us in a romantic sense.
You mean as a long term?

No. 304262

If anyone is interested in doing a reading for me my question is, is my current relationship going to workout? He loves me a lot but I still feel a bit scared about what’s gonna happen in the future and I’m scared of hurting him cause he loves me more then I love him and we just started dating not too long a while back anyways if you do read my tarot cards thank you!

No. 304269

Yeah I meant that. Though no need to do reading now because I saw him yesterday and dude turned out to be yet another scrote so welp

No. 304280

Actually I did before I asked you and pull a reversed king of cups.
Meaning: the guy is incredibly emotional and manipulative. He is toxic, moody, especially if things do not go as planned. He can be vindictive.

I'm not confortable with "love" readings so I didn't know what to do with that. Anyway be careful with him and keep him far away.

No. 304305

Yeah he set off a huge red flag yesterday and it broke down the illusion of being a "shy but respectful good man".

Thanks nonna for your reading regardless. You have talent!

No. 304326

If anyone is doing readings, could they tell me what part in my life someone I’ve met recently will play? Will it be big/small, creative/destructive, long-lasting/short-lived? Thank you.

No. 304356

This was scarily accurate and I love the cute Moon card, ily nona <3

No. 304367

I recently started talking again with this person I rapidly developed very serious feelings for. It's very distant so far, we had a downright amazing bond and they seemed drawn to me but I screwed everything up by laying something on them in a very shocking way. (The thing that shocked them was not my feelings, for what it's worth.)

Anyway, could some kind tarot anon tell me what their cards say on where is this heading?

No. 304459

Will I ever be in a relationship or am I going to die a virgin?

No. 304584

File: 1671363366086.jpg (74.55 KB, 540x900, moon stars.jpg)

Thank you Nonna. Always trust your intuitions!

Thank you, hope it goes better for you Nonna.

Update for the readings:
It's easier for me with this format >>302125 (with an image describing your feelings)
Can't be something urgent such as needed for the next day/next few days.

There are not many readers and many requests.
Allow one-two weeks, to get it done.
If you don't get an answer after 3 weeks, repost it. Especially if the situation has evolved.

If anyone wants to do readings, please post here.
(I use a tarot moon card so you can tell it's me, anyone doing reading can use another card or differents signs)

Also feedback on the reading is really really really appreciated.
Don't worry about venting/rambling. It's a free space to talk.

No. 304923

I wasn't able to say this before the maintenance mess started, thank you so much for the reading!! It was very illuminating and helpful, i even have some ideas of who it might be you mentioned could help.

No. 304924

File: 1671827712069.jpeg (41.69 KB, 200x339, D99B03B9-DD58-4558-8A44-50810B…)

Also who knows how long this thread will remain open, but i am open to do readings. might be a little long for a response due to the holidays. If it's helpful, i can mark myself with the strength card.

No. 304925

I want one

No. 304944

What do you want a reading about?

No. 304946

can i get a reading anon? i'm worried about not getting into either one of my chosen universities. and im also scared that i won't reach the required percentile rank, gwa, and etc. for them, i'm already treading on thin ice with my dad considering he's the one pushing me to do all of this. im sure he'd be disappointed if i just settle with another school because i couldn't enter the universities we have agreed on pursuing for my academics.

No. 304985

You are welcome. Glad it helped you.
Yes, I think you know/have already meet the people I was mentioning.

Will do within a week.

Thank you Strenght card Anon.

Yes. Would be amazing.

No. 305128

File: 1672027928066.jpg (1.39 MB, 810x1081, strength-card.jpg)

Forgive any formatting issues, I have to post from farmcow.lol to access the site.

>>Will I get into one of the two universities?

Page of Cups (pulled both times) - Yes, you will be accepted to one of those chosen universities and yes you will get the required grades/ranking.

I do have to ask though, is this something you truly want or excited for? It sounds like it’s mostly your dad pushing you in a direction than you getting your own say. If I misread the additional context to your original question, sorry about that and if you’d like any follow up reading with more info I’m happy to do so.

No. 305151

File: 1672061794164.jpg (237.17 KB, 700x1203, 2e257bb4ab29ba2c19287a55db65a3…)

Can any wiser nonnies help me out?

So there's this upcoming job interview this week and it's for somewhat a dream job (not exactly my dream position, but the place itself was one that I've always wanted to work) and everything was going somewhat smoothly (when I was asking my cards if they were going to pick my CV, if I was going to get the interview, etc), but them I decided to ask if I am going to get the job and then the cards started to appear way less favorable. Some swords, reversed stuff, etc.

Could anyone do a quick yes or no read for me so I can confirm (or not) I'd I'm biased? Will I get the job?

I'm an Aquarius. Many thanks!

No. 305153

I want to get into tarot reading, does anyone have any book recommendations or websites? Or where should I start kek

No. 305157

yeah, my dad's been persistent with it for years. it only escalated when i'm close to graduating my bachelor's degree, which i did and was angry that i decided to take a gap year to dabble other things, like jobs and all but even that plan was ruined before it even progress because he's been questioning me of when i'll take or get the necessary requirements for me to pursue medicine. and i get anxious each time.

i never really see myself studying medcine, much more becoming a doctor after graduating. i only managed to resign with the idea once my entrance exam date is getting close. fortunately, if i did enter a university, it'd mean getting away from family and try a bit of independence since med schools tend to be far from home.

can i ask for another reading anon? and maybe expound my academic future if possible, maybe even my career or adult life beyond that.

No. 305160

Hey nonitas! Can I get a relationship reading?
Im a gemini Sun capricórnio moon and my bf is a Virgo Sun but Im not surge of his moon. Will we work out our diferences?

No. 305167

File: 1672069959880.jpg (144.7 KB, 458x676, c147c1b4f5900c76a3bd8f14acf46b…)

I am a beginner too and the app Labyrinthos has been helping me.

No. 305169

thank you nonnie! The app is really cute kek

No. 305233

File: 1672109498785.gif (88.43 KB, 493x498, angry-wojak.gif)

Can anyone tell me uh
what will happen if i go? i kind of want to and kind of not it's all because shit didn't go as i wanted
wojak to represent my current state because godfuckingdamnit

No. 305249

hell no because I don't help wojakposters. Sorry

No. 305369

File: 1672233962213.jpg (108.43 KB, 378x700, fba37b4ea02f7214e8e75ecb77bc14…)

It's happening later today!
If anyone can help, I'd be immensely grateful!

No. 305382

>to get the job and then the cards started to appear way less favorable. Some swords, reversed stuff
What did you pull exactly? Swords and reversed cards don't all mean anything bad, maybe that there will be a lot of challenges at the new job.

No. 305390

File: 1672249436279.png (1.94 MB, 900x1500, moon cd t.png)

>feel everyone I care about is leaving my life and I wanted to know if Im just unsuferable or if its just life

Reversed wheel + reversed 10 cups + 7 swords
Seems you can' t live in present and you keep waiting for something to happen, instead of living your life now and be honest with yourself and other people.
Maybe you are trying to escape from a situation that is not working for you anymore rather than dealing with it head-on. You may attempt to run away from responsibilities. You may procrastinate, letting problems slip and become worse because you do not want to deal with them. Sometimes you just have to face what has to be faced.

No. 305392

I'm not very experienced so please take this with a pinch of salt (I'm only posting since you needed it quickly), but I pulled 6 of swords, the moon and wheel of fortune. I would interpret it as a yes (or maybe), but there may be obstacles as >>305382 suggested. It might be quite a big change that's difficult to adapt to.
Hope I'm not too late, good luck at your interview!

No. 305393

8 of pentacles
The fool rx

8 of pentacles is a great card to have in a career reading, it signifies that if you put in the hard work and effort you will bear the fruits of your labor. This also indicates to me that you are very focused in your career right now in your life, but it is clarified by the fool. The fool in reverse does not signifiy a new beginning and instead signifies reckless behavior and a warning that a naive notion or behavior can lead to disaster. Something will block you from working at your best, from these two cards alone there is a warning to you. Make sure you're not daydreaming too much and watch out because I feel stagnation from this combination.

The lovers
4 of swords rx
Lover suggest a contract and a union in a career reading, with the 4 of swords it suggests that they might put you in a time out before they properly make you sign the contract or you might take a step back once you actually consider and think about this career path. Yet another duo of cards that hints to stagnation in this possible work/job.

No. 305394

2 of wands rx
Queen of pentacles rx
Indeed it isn't looking to well in this job opportunity, but please remember tarot is only a possibility outcome.
I think the cards are warning you that you might not know now,but the company may be underhanded on how they handle things, and there could be a possible instability that could be brought into your life if they were to accept you into your work place.
I dont think this is a very 'positive reading' but I hope it works out for you anon.

No. 305400

File: 1672257240381.jpg (111.01 KB, 582x900, 3f888debc5fc2bf96bf86f1c60629e…)

I don't remember much because I kinda panicked since I was anxious, I wish I'd kept a log with them all. I think there was queen of swords, 3 of swords, 4 of swords, maybe reversed tower and maybe 10 of pentacles?

Thanks anon! I'm super newbie myself, I'm sure you're probably more experienced than I am.
You're not late at all, I'm going there right now! Hopefully you're right and I'll come back with some good news. I'm up for the challenge if that means working on that new place!

No. 305920

hello anons, happy 2023! i am a beginner and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me interpret this tarot draw i did for myself. i could definitely exchange this for a reading or interpretation of cards so i can train my newbie habiliteis.

this reading is about my (romantic) relationship with a person, we are still getting to know each other but so far it seems both are liking where this is going and i really want this to develop into something serious. i got these cards (classic Rider Waite deck) while thinking about this person, his feelings and intentions, and what might be of our relationship in the near future:

Two of Cups
Page of Swords
The Star
The Moon
The Chariot

i have my own interpretation of the cards but scared they might be way too biased since i obviously like him very much and want the relationship to work, there’s definitely something i’m not seeing. i would love to have an outside perception of this reading.

No. 305924

Ok ill try to help anon, can you tell me your interpretation first?

No. 305945

Three of the cards you pulled are major arcana which means this person is very important and will cause significant changes in your life

Two of Cups:
This card means marriage, romance, and a harmonious relationship. This is one of the best cards to pull in a relationship spread because it signifies the start of a serious relationship with a compatible partner.

Page of Swords:
The court cards may signify a person who can help or damage your relationship. The page of swords may be a young woman or child in your life that is clever, rational, and scientific. This person might cause problems by verbally assaulting you or by spreading negative rumors about you. On its more positive aspect, it might mean a smart person who will help you make a decision.

The Star:
Another positive card that is very optimistic and hopeful and means that your relationship will have a bright future. This card is telling you that you should have faith in your future and trust your intuition to guide you.

The Moon:
This card means self-deception, lies, escapism, and illusions. I believe it means that you have idealized this person and you need to think about this relationship more realistically. It may mean that you have built an idealized version of this person in your head while ignoring his faults which may not reflect reality.

The Chariot:
This card means victory and charging ahead through struggle and conflicts. This card is telling you that your relationship will progress fast and you will overcome any obstacles together. It may also mean that you will go on a journey with this person that will bring you closer.

Overall three out of five cards are positive the other two are not very negative but more ambiguous. So there is a high chance of a loving, harmonious relationship.

No. 306338

when i got home for my lunch break today, i pulled 3 cards to see how my day (mainly my date night with my boyfriend) is going to go tomorrow and i pulled the three of swords, seven of wands, and five of wands, all upright before promptly throwing them back in the deck and shuffling just to pull the hermit, the lovers, and the ace of cups on my second pull. i'm still relatively new to tarot but seeing the three of swords scared me and that's what made me shuffle again.

can someone do a reading on what both pulls could mean? my boyfriend and i have been doing just fine recently, very well, in fact, so that's why i'm confused by the three of swords.

No. 306341

samefag but i did some research on the cards and the second spread seemed to align more with the going-ons in my life right now than the first (for example, both wands cards meanings have something to do with competition/haters in one way or another, and i'm getting along swimmingly with everyone in my life at the current moment). so i'm choosing to believe that the second draw was the one i was meant to pull today, but i'd still like an outside interpretation of it, if possible.

No. 306386

File: 1672886148851.jpg (53.22 KB, 564x564, 319d011c3fcb847dae1c2bff9b6f87…)

Did this spread tonight to see where my relationship is headed in 2023, and I'd like some insight on what the big picture could be. All cards were upright.

1 - Four of Cups
2 - Judgement
3 - The Star
4 - King of Cups
5 - Two of Pentacles
6 - The World
7 - The Moon

No. 306522

File: 1672967164385.jpg (124.53 KB, 700x813, 12d69794111d0dfdd8bc84e49c9860…)

Hey anons! I'd like a reading about My relationship with my family and our future. The reason why i'm asking for this is because i've nevera gotten along with them or like super well, probably stopped since i was like…7 or something? I have these very small memories of us getting along and being happy but now i can't remember a lot of good stuff and it gets worse with the years tbh. I feel so disconnected, like i don't care about them or anything they have to say and like everything they say is a lie or fake for their convenience. I also feel like this disgust for my family is more on them but maybe i'm the one who has to change my ways to understand them and be less judgemental

No. 306611

I don't know how to word this without it sounding odd but I'm looking for a reading atm because I have this weird sense of something impending. Not necessarily imepending doom lol but I can't shake this strong but vague feeling. I don't have any history of this happening or have any mental health issues that would explain it. Also live a pretty uneventful life (by choice) so I don't know what it could be.

Sag, scorpio rising

No. 306801

File: 1673122762832.jpg (598.34 KB, 981x1610, moon adrian-cruceanu-the-moon.…)

>My relationship with my family and our future

Past: Devil + 7 spades
Was there a lot of dishonesty from them and possible addiction with alcohol?

Current: Reversed 2 wands
I feel there's a lot of bad blood from both sides. Are you planning to move out? If so you need to carefully plan it, it might take some times.

Advices: Reversed death + Magician + Reversed knight of cups + Reversed King of cups + Reversed king of pentacles

There's a very toxic ambiance and you need to put a lot of physical and emotional distances. It might be very difficult at the beginning.

If nothing's done, it will get worse. You’re having too many people weighing in on your life.
There's something dark about the whole situation.
There's indeed hatred into the family and the world.

No. 307347

I have a confession to make, I double-dipped on readings for the same thing out of curiosity/a bit of skepticism. Same anon both the first reading, and the first one in the second reading, are about. I'm back to say the two basically adjacent results I got are turning out pretty accurate, tbh.

Nobody won the competition over the person I was interested in, my competitor was rejected but my own communication with the love interest has also sort of fizzled out and she's distancing herself heavily. I've also noticed character traits I didn't really notice before which make me question if I'm even interested in her. She's come across as needlessly mean-spirited in a few conversations (not about me) lately. She's also much less of a critical thinker than I thought she was. She's nowhere near as interesting as I thought she was.

Meanwhile my dynamic with a friend, actually someone who gave me advice through my period of obsessing over the aforementioned, has gotten sort of flirtatious. It's on that line between friendly banter and flirting, I'd be surprised if she's seriously interested for reasons I'll get to, but I'm starting to notice our chemistry is off the charts. I don't share as many interests as with the previous love interest, like this girl isn't a weeb and also doesn't read philosophy books for fun, but we do both share outdoorsy streaks. And I also find her brilliant, she actually has more insightful thoughts about politics and tech topics (she's sort of the female version of a tech-bro) without seeming try-hard about it at all. It's not love, it's not even really infatuation, but it's starting to replace my previous infatuation and it's a crush.

I'm a bit antsy about making my interest known though. It's early yet but looks like she may be starting to enter a relationship, she's expressed developing crush-like feelings on someone she's had two dates with via a dating app. Also frankly I think she's out of my league. For someone crawling my way out of NEEThood I'm surprisingly not ugly, but I had some confidence in the last thing working because the person I was interested in was barely one step above NEET status herself and frankly somewhat less attractive (I was - to some fading degree still am - super into her personality). This girl is very successful, significantly more than me, and quite good-looking, a bit more than me.

Anyway, uh, after that tl;dr life update I'd like to know if anyone has a reading on where this might be heading with person #2.

No. 307372

Hey I was the first anon the one who responded with the Janice. I'm glad my reading helped you.i love reading for others and I was drawn to your reading.

No. 307374

Same anon but I'm genuinely interested in your situation so if you want drop an email and I'll read for you. I'm saying because I can tell this might be a long reading.

No. 307377

Heya first anon! I loved how thorough your reading was, I know I thanked you already but thanks again. I still don't think the girl it was about is a sociopath, but there were 100% traits I blinded myself to that make me far less comfortable with her than I thought I was.

My anonymous email is lyrabelacqua1992@gmail.com Total dork username, I know, but she's maybe my second-favorite childhood character and all variations of Hermione Granger were taken. lol

No. 307381

Hey just sent!

No. 307479

is there anyone that can do a reading for me over email? I'm in kinda a bind right now and I would love some advice on this situation!

No. 307538

Post your question and I'll get to it.

No. 307609

Hello tarot nonnies, if you’d do me a favour and give me a reading because I’m desperate
I’m terribly lonely and I don’t have a lot in my life and it’s so hard to meet anyone
So will I meet anyone? Will I get married or have a ltr? And where should I look to find one? I’m a Scorpio sun Libra moon. Thank you

No. 307674


I'm so sorry for being radio silent for so long! I wasn’t in the best mental space at the beginning of the year and didn’t want to have that cloud my reading for you. Here is an expanded reading for your future schooling & adult/post-grade life.

Next Steps, more in-depth school reading:

Overall: Wheel of fortune (r). I see a lot of opportunities for you and potential change here. It might be a time to keep your options open, especially when you feel like you don’t have any (signified imo by it being in reverse). There’s an opportunity to take action and break cycles or to give in and keep playing out the same patterns. Note: I don’t mean this in the sense of choosing to go to med school or not, there’s still a chance it might be good for you, especially in giving you your own space.

Environment of the school overall & classes: The High Priestess & Empress (r). Interestingly, I see a lot of feminine energy here. I think this could relate to the fact, I do see you choosing to go the med school route in general going into something where you care for others or go into a field/study that tends to be either more caring, has a high number of women in the field, or deals with helping women. I’m guessing either psychiatry, ob-gyn, fertility or something like that.

Social Life: 4 of pentacles. I do see overall you’ll be more focused on schooling than hanging out with your peers. Not necessarily because you don’t like your classmates, but that you won’t feel like you have the time, money or energy to give.

Opportunities: 8 of cups. This was incredibly straight forward, you’ll have a lot of them! It might be hard to choose so it’ll likely be important to get clear on what it is you really want to make the right choice for you.

Obstacles - 3 of swords (r). Self doubt and being way too hard on yourself. You have some emotional work to do, likely and ignoring it might cause you to miss out on loads of awesome opportunities.

Outcome - The lovers (r). I think this points to self-love and feeling more confident in your choices. I think though school will be rigorous (the high priestess) and you’ll be very focused (4 of pentacles), it’ll be an overall good experience where you will grow a lot.

Adult life
This is just to give the general vibe of several areas of life, don’t take this as this is what your life will always look like, but moreso early adulthood/post grad.

Career: 3 of cups (r). Overall I get the sense you’ll be happy in your ultimate career path, it might be one that you work in largely alone or I sort of read it as you being the boss.

Friends: Ace of swords. Alongside the 4 of pentacles for your social life in school pull, I get the sense maybe you’re a “quality over quantity” person when it comes to friends. If you don’t already have it, I see you cultivating a close friendship with at least one person who you can share deep conversations with and who sometimes challenges you (in a good way).

Family: 6 of swords. There will be work done to change your relationship with your family, though it might be a difficult and perhaps painful process. I think this is common in general once a child leaves their parents’ home begins to make their own income, etc. But it’ll be a positive change overall that’ll lead to a more peaceful place.

Relationship: Page of cups (r). When I was doing your school reading, I actually had this card fall out after doing the “social life” reading, also in reverse. I didn’t mention it above, since I thought it made more sense just to put it here. Seeing it pulled twice, I believe while you are in school, despite being busy and focused on coursework, you’ll meet someone who embodies the page of cups personality (creative, loving and warm but also potentially emotionally immature and “dreamy”) and continue seeing them post-grad.

Opportunities & obstacles: the world and 8 of swords.
I put these together, since it’s a bit of the same story as the opportunities and obstacles I pulled in your “school” life reading. You have a lot of offer and a lot to receive from life, but you tend to look at situations as either/or and impose restrictions on yourself.

No. 307677


I hate giving negative readings, but
2 of swords - Feelings of uncertainty, which I see as continued conflict in this case.
The hermit (r) - Likely someone will start to pull away from the relationship.

Overall, I see cards that point to a lot of uncertainty - 4 of cups, the moon, 2 of pentacles. I think your partner feels stable in the relationship and that things are going well and perhaps you might have reservations?

1.Four of cups - are you completely happy in the relationship? The four of cups points to someone who is contemplating choices and may not be happy with what they have or may not see opportunities present.

2.Judgement - Seems like maybe your partner is going through a lot right now and that could be causing some stress? Judgement refers almost to a “rebirth” or significant change someone is going through. Are they evaluating any big choices in their life?

3.The star - Seems like you also are going or will be going through a lot of changes a sort of renewal and re-evaluating your life.

4.king of cups- overall they are being or will be a supportive partner for you, they will be compassionate.

5.2 of pentacles - busyness or off-balanced in some way. Perhaps you’ll go through periods of being hot or cold or even at times too busy to be sexually interested.

6.the world - fulfillment, seems like this person is happy and/or having their needs met, though it seems like you might not due to the “business” of your card. Could also point to them wanting to try new things.

7. The moon- overall a lot of uncertainty in the relationship.

3 of swords, page of cups, king of wands (r) and 6 of swords.

it looks like it has something to do with your relationship to someone. Likely some sort of changes coming, but overall it should be taking you to a better place.

No. 307682

File: 1673633016516.png (123.23 KB, 600x654, dbc31e055f4a93361e4e7771bcf12c…)

Can i get a career reading? Any clues of it will go well with what im choosing? animation, it's animation or if i'm making a mistake? I'm so insecure about this because i'm scared of shit going awfully
Virgo forgot the other stuff srry nonas

No. 308097

What's worrying you, the cost of studies, not finding a job after graduation, not liking it?

No. 309825

>Cost of studies
Yesss i feel like i might not be able to afford it for some reason
>Not finding a job after graduation
Also that, it's not really a career with a lot of options where im from
And also what if i'm not good at it? If i fail solely because i'm incapable of performing?

No. 309928

File: 1674406871766.jpg (2.03 MB, 2139x3646, moon c art.jpg)

Disclaimer: choice is yours, this is just a reading
Fool + queen of pentacles, reversed lovers + reversed 3 wands, reversed hermit, the tower + 8 spades:

This career choice will be a lot of sacrifices. There's indeed much anxiety toward the change (is the school far from your home and far from relatives?) something is holding you back and it's costing you a lot of energy.
I don't think it has to do with you not being able to perform, but more with you and your inability to create a useful network/deal with other people and make difficult decisions especially under pressure.

From the cards, you don't seem very passionate about the field. Is it something you really want to do?
If so, you'll need to step up and fight to impose your views, otherwise you might not be taken seriously.
I feel you are way too shy and you avoid confrontation at all cost, which is an issue in a competitive field.

If you think this might not go well to the point you're too scared to go on, maybe postponed it for a while by doing interneship in another field.

Advice: King of pentacles:
Have you tried something related to real estate and finance? I feel you may get some help in this fields from people you know.
And you could still use a way to link this with animation.

No. 310111

File: 1674534399272.jpg (254.72 KB, 668x1280, api7mmjvs__23279.jpg)

How would you describe The Moon in reverse? I drew this card in relation to trying to describe someone and I have a hard time conceptualizing what that would look like. All I know is that it doesn't sound like it would be a very positive description.

No. 310126

It can describe a person who is deceiptful, a liar and a manipulator. As well as someone who is too materialistic and not spiritual.

No. 310166

Thanks nona. That was along the lines of what I was thinking. I guess that doesn’t sound very promising since my reading was to see what potential was out there for my love life this year. That combined with the other cards I drew (Knight of Swords reversed, Four of Pentacles reversed, Eight of Wands reversed, Temperance) makes me think it’ll be another year of focusing on myself and not rushing into a relationship.

No. 310180

File: 1674594013544.jpg (175.1 KB, 736x1200, 56bb2e5c9006fa00eaac0a69990755…)

I'll be starting at a new job in February that I was hesitant to accept at first, but that now I'm kinda excited about as the date approaches. I am still a bit worried/anxious though, because it's something I have no experience in or, at least, very limited experience in. Even my future boss said it can get really hard at times, and it's a job with very little routine to it (with I kinda hate tbh, I love boring jobs).

So my question here for anyone that's willing to do a reading would be: How's this new job gonna fare for me? Will I adapt nice to the job, its culture, my coworkers? Also, will I grow there soon? I accepted the low pay because of the growth prospect.

Thanks in advance!

Aquarius, Leo rising.

No. 310364

File: 1674734839533.png (357.03 KB, 735x1102, tenofcups.png)

In the present position, I pulled the Ace of Wands reversed. This isn’t good for a career reading it signifies that at first, you might not have the energy or the skills to deal with the demands of this job. It’s going to be a rough start and it may take a while until you are used to this new job.
In the past position, I pulled the Three of Pentacles reversed. This card shows a lack of skills and qualifications. In the past, you might have not put a lot of effort into your career or you haven’t tried to improve your skills and education. You will need to be more focused and improve your technical skills if you want to succeed in this job.
In the future position, I pulled the Ten of Cups a very positive card which means you will receive help from the people around you like your family or coworkers. Your coworkers will be friendly and they will want to mentor you to fill the gaps in knowledge and lack of skill. They will be like a family to you and you might even find a good friend among them or even a partner. They will help you grow and bring prosperity and security to your life.

No. 310376

File: 1674744659733.jpg (100.13 KB, 736x920, 0910d9c5200038f871cce75fbb4b5e…)

Thank you so much, anon!
This is more or less aligned with my expectations of the job. Tbf, it's not that I don't have education or didn't pursue my career before (it was honestly always my main focus), it's just that this job is completely unrelated to my degree and previous jobs. I was actually going for another position at the same place, and didn't get that one so they hired me for the other one because they liked me and my references.
I am really happy with the prospect of growth, security and good relationships! Thank you again, this gives me hope even if the beginning is rocky.

No. 310385

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear that my reading resonated with you. Good luck with your career.

No. 310635

File: 1674989355034.jpg (93.5 KB, 648x549, faerie.jpg)

I want to change my job, but the current economic situation doesn't help either. I also do college part time and I'm extremely burnt out. I just want to rest when everything is done.

So my question for reading nonnas is will I find a job with better pay despite the layoffs? Should I keep my current job? Will I manage to pass most of my exams this semester?

Taurus sun, Libra rising

Thank you so much in advance~

No. 310654

File: 1675011672742.jpeg (91.98 KB, 275x179, 2E9092BD-A24A-47BC-994F-A365DD…)

Hello, I’d really like some clarity about my last relationship. I really thought we worked very well together but he kept pushing me away and now I can’t stop questioning my own reality. Sometimes I feel like he really cared deeply for me but just got scared but sometimes I feel like I didn’t matter to him at all because I wasn’t his ex. I’m in my late 20’s and Sag Rising, Sag Sun, and Cancer Moon.

No. 310672

File: 1675020060675.jpg (626.67 KB, 937x1600, 39 - Four of Cups.jpg)

Past Position: The Magician reversed shows a lack of skills or untapped potential. It may be that in the past you didn’t invest enough in your education and now this is becoming an obstacle in your life. You will need to improve your educational credentials if you want to pursue a better job. It may also mean that you have valuable skills that you have neglected and you will need to become more disciplined and focus on improving them to get a higher paying job.
Present Position: The Four of Cups means that you are going through an introspective and contemplating period trying to decide what your goal is and what you want to do in your life. You’re unsatisfied with your current life and want something better. It can also mean being ungrateful rejecting help and not being appreciative of what you have in your life now.
Future Position: The Six of Wands reversed is not a positive card and you should not take risks regarding your career right now. This card means defeat or delayed success and exrememe competition in the workplace. So you should probably stay in your current job for now but since this card can also indicate delayed success you might still get a better job in the future but you will have to wait longer and maybe improve your education before trying to find a new job.

Past Position: The Devil indicates that you have felt trapped in your current circumstances for a long time. You may have been dealing with addictions, too concerned with material success or you have a controlling, abusive person in your life that is causing you trouble. This has drained you and cause a lot of harm to your mental health.
Present Position: The Hanged Man means self sacrifice for personal gain. You have been hurting yourself trying to do both university and working hoping for a better future. However you will be rewarded at the end and your sacrifices will be worth it.
Future Position: The Four of Cups reversed here is a very good sign considering that in your previous reading the Four of Cups was in the present position. It means that the period of dissatisfaction or perhaps depression will end soon. You will no longer feel trapped. It’s likely that you will do well on your exams and then you will go celebrate with your friends/family.

No. 310684

File: 1675025203588.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, tiredcat.jpg)

Thank you so much, nonna. It resonates a lot with how I have been feeling for a couple of months already (except for the abusive person, thank God).

Apologies for the blogpost ahead.

For the job part, I sometimes do find myself ungrateful for my situation, but I feel so trapped in my shitty small hometown working 6 days/week and I hate it, I barely have time to rest and do uni work, not to mention other things like spending time with family/friends and a hobby. I'm kinda lost as I am 23 and feel like I'm wasting my life here, seeing other people my age having fun doesn't help either and I'm at a loss of what should I do with my life. And yes, I do lack discipline and idk how to work with it, I barely do my work tasks lately and dread waking up for work.

Apologies again for vent blogposting, but thank you so much again! Didn't expect to be read to filth kek.

No. 311736

Hi nonnies, can someone say anything on how i'm going to do in this specific exam? It's in May 1st and i'm feeling very hopeless already. Wasted 2 months doing nothing because everyone was on holidays and i suck at self teaching, maybe i could find a tutor this week but my hopes are slim. I dont know if i should take the exam at all at this point, but it's an important one and if i miss it i will have to wait half a year to take it again. I dont know what to do anymore, mom didnt raise a quitter but everything seems so bleak. Aquarius sun.

No. 311774

File: 1675782884270.jpg (36.42 KB, 400x659, tarot-pentacles-12.jpg)

>Five of Swords Reversed
Five of swords reversed suggests that in the past you may have suffered a humiliating defeat or something happened that made you hopeless and depressed. A person may be bullying you. This distracted you from your studies.

>Ace of Swords, Reversed

Ace of swords reversed is another card that signifies bullies and being victimized. The person or situation that made you suffer in the past continues to affect you in the present. The suit of swords corresponds to the intellectual plane. There are two reversed sword cards which means severe obstacles to succeeding in intellectual pursuits. Unless you remove the negative influences in your life that are causing you mental anguish you won’t be able to focus on studying and pass your exams.

>Knight of Pentacles, Reversed

The knight of pentacles represents a young man who is irresponsible, lazy, unintelligent and, may have several debts. Based on the other cards that show being victimized by someone this may be the person who is causing you trouble and will ultimately cause you to fail your exams unless you remove him from your life. Alternatively this card means disappointment, lack of progress and, carelessness so it’s not a good omen for your exams.

Overall you have a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to pass this exams. You need to remove yourself from your current toxic stressful situation, get away from the people who are hurting you and follow a strict,disciplined plan of study to have any chance of passing your exams.

No. 311778

File: 1675784878107.png (2.67 MB, 1800x1200, The-Dawn-of-Everything-1.png)

The Hermit reversed indicates an immature person who lost and doesn’t have much direction in life. This person might seek to enter a relationship so that they can rely on a partner to guide them. It may also suggest that this relationship happened because one or both people were very lonely and desperate.

Death reversed reveals that it was a very dissatisfying relationship that was holding you back. When you were together you didn’t want to leave him because you were afraid of loneliness or of huge changes. But that relationship was preventing your personal growth and finding a better partner so it had to go.

Six of Wands means wise decisions and success and it confirms that breaking up with your partner was for the best. Without him holding you back you will experience success and honors in the workplace or school. The end of your relationship will lead to greater fulfillment and happiness especially when it comes to your career.

No. 312048

The defeat in question is that i failed the exam the first time i did it. Not only that, in first part I got a 10 and in the second half i bombed it and i felt that as an humiliation. Possibly the person that it's hauting me is myself, because i wasn't able to let it go even if the examen was in december. "Carelessness" & "Lack of effort" is a nice way to put my past two months, suffering because i couldn't find a tutor and making a mountain out of a molehill.
Overall yeah, it's a good resumen in how I felt in the past 2 months and half, until that post. Tomorrow i'm going to a tutor and i'm already somewhat planning how I'm going to take the exam this time. Maybe i can snap of this self imposed misery and get it done once and for all, thanks nonna.

No. 312123

Hi nonnies can someone give me a relationship reading?
I really need know if Im just being anxious or if its my intuition telling me something is iffy about my bf

No. 312129

same anon, never got read

still looking for an outlook reading for this year regarding love and career advancement. last year was rough and I am hoping for a better year without too much turbulence

No. 312143

May I also have a relationship reading, if possible?

No. 312179

Would have help with an image describing your feelings.

No. 313117

anon, idk if you'd read this but i got the result for my exam today and while i didn't reach the score needed to enter my dad's first choice of med school. i was still happy with the score i got! i never thought i'd reach it tbh, i expected less than that but knowing now that i'm capable of reaching that kind of academic excellence, i'm more driven to retake the exam once more in a few months.

i'm also actually one more point away to be qualified with my dad's second choice of med school so that fact inflated my ego too kek. idk why but i feel grateful towards you. i just thought it's necessary to tell you the good news.

No. 313140

I got a tarot deck last week and I'm surprised at how accurate it is. I believe in and love these types of things, but I've never tried something so… exact.

No. 313144

File: 1676642593391.jpg (94.44 KB, 480x720, 5.jpg)

Begging you, nonnies, is there a way to check if i am cursed?
I'm unlucky and attract such aggressive hatred (even with positivity and good intentions).
My guess - grandmother, she was very possessive of my father and never accepted other women in his life.
What can help me against the curse?

Sagittarius, Taurus rising, Leo moon

No. 313145

Ask if you're cursed and depending on the card it's a yes or no.

No. 313159

File: 1676649219100.jpeg (94.69 KB, 750x708, 922D175F-D33B-4720-B7F9-4CF570…)

Lately I feel like this

No. 313379

You could also try to do an egg cleanse.

No. 313385

If you have a bathtub you can do the uncrossing ritual. It will remove all negativity from you life and dispel all curses. watch The video for more info or google it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H9EG7wUQY7M&list=PLWL-f1YBw48NKF1PasvuAM5oyiT73A12i&index=17

No. 313491

Two quick questions.

1) Relationship reading time!!! I feel pretty good about my dynamic with one person who I have very serious romantic feelings for. I've had these feelings for months, confessed them months ago even, but I also made the dynamic rocky by doing something very very stupid. There's nothing "there" yet, but they're no longer distancing from me and a few nights ago even sounded ambiguously non-platonic.

I've had a handful of very interesting I Ching readings about this dynamic which all point in the same direction. "It'll be slow to build and a lot of taking care of them, but now is a good time to start something" was all clear, a long-term positive outcome/helping each-other grow (which tbf could mean a few different things) also was. But, let's see what tarot says. Where is my dynamic with my object of affection heading?

2) I don't want the pic in Google Images since um, I don't want them to see this post, but a Discord friend of mine had a reading and nobody online was willing to decipher it. I couldn't because I'm just not knowledgeable enough on tarot. If anyone could hash that out over email or Discord, I'd be super-grateful.

No. 313672

Thank you! I'll try it.

No. 313868

File: 1677071080674.jpg (102.33 KB, 700x1200, moon cc.jpg)

>love and career advancement.

Love: Reversed 2 cups, reversed 3 wands, resversed 10 wands.
Anon, it feels that you don't love yourself enough/at all and you struggling under overwhelming negative feelings.
Seems you are really scared about rejection and you are closing yourself off from new opportunity and limiting your potential.

You need to accept and appreciate who you are. People are not going to fill the emptiness you feel, if you don't learn to fill it yourself.

When you come from this place of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect, you will attract fulfilling, loving relationships. It all starts with self-love.

Career: Reversed 9 wands, 10 cups, Queen of spades
You are struggling to keep working towards your goal.
You are close to completing this challenge. Draw upon your internal resources – your resilience, inner courage, positive self-talk and mindset – to keep you going. You have it in you to turn this challenging situation into a fantastic success.
The Queen of Wands asks you to be bold in your undertakings and actions. Don’t be afraid to own your real power and put it out into the world.
Believe in yourself and what you stand for, and don't be afraid to speak up and be heard.

Advices: Reversed 5 wands, Knight of Pentacles
You are facing internal conflict and are unclear on where you stand on important issues. You need to focus on your goals and how to achieved them.
Take your time to reflect on yourself and don't rush anything from now.

No. 313875

File: 1677074163772.jpg (38.47 KB, 735x616, 973f3b689f1de35ad807890f40974e…)

Please help!! I'm a cancer, i really need to know if I'm truly compatible with this person , I rejected them but I'm not sure about my decision yet, they're an Aries btw
>Cancer sun, Libra moon, Venus mercury and Mars on cancer too

No. 314265

Thank you for the reading nona! I'm trying to strengthen my sense of self despite all the exhaustion I'm feeling

No. 314572

You are welcome, hope you'll get good rest and reconnect with yourself.

No. 315267

Why did you rejected them in the first place?

No. 315471

File: 1678062512928.jpeg (208.54 KB, 1028x1028, 232836B8-B625-4B94-851B-692F98…)

Anyone interested in reads?
> gender of all involved
> sun sign also helps

No. 315473

File: 1678063169117.jpg (14.62 KB, 400x405, mrgrgr.jpg)


I'm 24F, Taurus Sun Sagi Moon and Virgo Rising.

Will I get a boyfriend this year?

No. 315474

Four of cups
Nine of wands
Queen of cups

Yes if you do some self care and put yourself out there more.

No. 315497

File: 1678074132338.jpg (17.9 KB, 400x304, black-cat-path-mer-ate-kzltu.j…)

24f, sagittarius. Am I ever going to hear from my friends again? All women. Taurus, aquarius, and leo.

No. 315551

23F - Virgo. Is there any point in putting any effort and trust in M26 Sagittarius?

No. 315581

Virgo sun
Aries moon
Scorpio rising
Will I find love soon? Love as in a sexual relationship ideally, or at least a very loving and all encompassing companionship that fulfills me?

No. 315665

Female Sag
Male Libra

does he finally pop the question

No. 315669

Sagittarius, fire signs on everything including Chinese shit, someone please tell me if love is on the cards or am I just ovulating??

No. 315696

I don't need tarot to say you sound unhinged.

No. 316709

File: 1678662744470.jpg (24.81 KB, 679x679, EHBAISMXYAU5j9y.jpg)

Early last month, me and my good friend had a huge argument and are now giving each other some space. I'm worried about the future of this relationship since she keeps giving me mixed messages afterwards. Please help, Nonnas.

Pisces sun, Libra Moon, Taurus asc

No. 316790

sorry no answer for your question but seeing lowlife made me so excited, love them. I hope your wishes come true nonnie!!

No. 317038

File: 1678908610746.jpg (39.05 KB, 363x643, the world anima mundi.jpg)

We need an update for this thread, this is becoming very messy:

>Info for people seeking a reading

>Although you may post your query here, it is not guaranteed that your post will be picked up by a reader quickly

-If you ask for a reading, lurking here is a good way to start.
-Allow 1 - 3 weeks to get it done.

Some anons ask for a reading and never answer back once the reading is done:
-Readers can't improve if there is no feedback. If the reading is not accurate, tell us so.

- If anons had answered my readings, I would have done way more readings. More than the half did not answer.

This thread has very few readers who seem to get tired of this thread after a while.
And if everyone does that: drop a quetion + never answer back, readers will just simply stop helping.
Because why bother?

Learning tarot takes time and dedication.
Doing a reading takes time, focus and energy.

I hope the anons who asked for a reading are ok, but seriously,
asking for a reading and not answering is super rude and disrespectful:


No. 317049

I trust in your power

No. 317070

thanks for your time and services nonnie.

this should absolutely be included in the OP.

No. 317083

I really want to do a reading for someone but I'm very new to this and don't feel confident reading for someone who is not physically present with me. Maybe I'll get the courage someday… Big thank you to all the nonnies itt that do readings! You're so cool!

No. 317147

Thank you for your support and understanding.
I was considering to make a new thread as it seems OP is not coming back.
I also think it's better to separate reading thread and discussion about tarot and divination, otherwise the thread is very difficult to follow.
If some of you are interested, let me know and I'll do it in few days.

I think you should definitively try. You can start with easy yes/no questions.
But as I said, if there's no feeback, you won't have any material to progress.

No. 317170


>>317070 here, am also >>315665

might have a while before feedback but will give you what I got.

No. 317213

Understandable Nonna, I'll try my best to give you or anyone feedback. I'm >>316709

No. 317215

Asked tarot about the results of my husbands heart aneurysm. Got 3 of swords. Thought it was really bad news about his heart.

His condition sent him into a spiral, he started going out drinking for 8 months. Couldn't do anything about it. He ended up cheating on me.

Turns out the 3 of swords was for me.

No. 317247

File: 1679050158189.jpg (256.14 KB, 2048x1365, c3e2293cef49be291465f61d57a_bf…)

I wonder if some anon could be so kind to do a reading for my love life in the future? I'm a beginner reader myself but this question feels too big for my beginner skills to handle, so far I'm only comfortable doing this kind of "daily guidance" kind of thing.
For a potential reader to see if she can resonate with me in any way to get a clearer reading:
I'm 31 / Libra sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising / picrel very well portrays something - a moment, a place, a feeling - that has always deeply emotionally resonated with me ever since I remember so I thought it's a good idea to add it

No. 317249

I'm sorry, that's awful. Hope you're in a better place now.

No. 317265

I'll try to do it this weekend or within a week.

What do you want?
A wedding? Or you want your bf to take the relation more seriously or to know if this will last or something else?
I know this look kind of the same but it's actually very different.
If the question isn't more precise, I can't do a reading on this.

No. 317266


no worries, i appreciate you letting me know this.

let's go with if the relationship is going to last.


No. 317302

stop spacing like a newfag

No. 317305

Would you be willing to take my reading request? I'm happy to give feedback and any additional details you need, I'm >>315497

No. 317401

File: 1679116157955.jpeg (245.25 KB, 1920x1080, 91BF8483-13D8-4890-A138-E3DC76…)

Hello, I will do a 3 card reading for anynonny interested. Info needed:
>Age and sun sign
>Open ended question (how, why, what should I do, etc), not yes/no or future prediction
>Pic of your husbando/waifu/fav character
I will not do love readings for male partners, crushes, or even hypothetical future interests. Sorry girls I'm gay and you're on your own.
Feel free to ask as much as you want! I'll try to get back to everyone within a few days/a week of their query. Best of luck and bless you all.

No. 317406

File: 1679119181468.gif (558.69 KB, 640x480, 1678983949205492.gif)

Oh, I want to try!
Age: 25
Sign: Pisces
Husbando: I'm a tffag, so please accept this humble offering
Question: I guess I landed myself a pretty good job, but I feel it's too good for me, cause it's actually a great place and I never expected to get it. The problem is, I feel very nervous that I will do something wrong on my first day. What sort of problems I might expect?

No. 317432

Ok will do it. Either this weekend, either within a week.

No. 317496

File: 1679163546385.jpg (29.01 KB, 300x453, moon mm.jpg)

By the way, was the argument about money/money loss? Or a well paid offer you got?
I feel that the other is upset about some financial advantages they think (you?) got.

Temperance + 9 spades
Fear, stress and negative thoughts weigh heavily on your mind. You need to get rid of all those negative feelings because they lead nowhere. De-escalate things.
Temperance advices for bringing balance, patience, calm.
Don't not rush anything.

Star + king of pentacles, Reversed strength + reversed 5 pentacles
Don't force anything because things will get better.
Just give it a little more time.
However it seems to be very tight related with money, if so, I'll need more info in this.

No. 317540

File: 1679194493852.jpeg (74.59 KB, 750x1060, F8A67141-F415-4400-AD69-339B6B…)

>age: 27
>sign: Libra
>Just how will I know if I’ve found the right job?
>husbando: pic related is my Angel, he always makes me happy.

No. 317570

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

No. 317612

File: 1679246703136.png (93.93 KB, 380x576, 6 wands.png)

>Knight of Pentacles, Knight of Wands (reversed), Six of Wands
First of all, congratulations! I'm very happy to hear that you got a good job. I can tell you must have worked very hard to get where you are now. Going forward, please keep up that steadfast effort. In the end, all we can do is our best, and sometimes even our best efforts result in mistakes. I don't know what you're imagining, but you will not make any mistakes that you can't recover from. After all, you're new. People will be expecting some trouble here and there. Remain cautious, but cautiously optimistic, especially when trying something new. And don't be afraid to let more experienced people help you!
It's normal to be nervous in a new situation, but your nervousness is encroaching upon self-defeatism. Those problems you're anticipating come from within. The cards are begging you to be kinder to yourself, to recognise the effort that you continuously exert, and to pat yourself on the back for your achievements. At risk of sounding trite… you are a winner! You've won!!! Clearly, you were hired because you deserved the position. Your employers feel confident that you can do your job well. Trust that they've accurately assessed your skills and that they're seeing you for who you are.
I think it's about time you relaxed and finally told yourself "I've done good work and I'm proud of all that I've accomplished." I've said it to you several times now, of course, but you need to hear it from yourself. It might feel cheesy, but please say it to yourself now, out loud. Don't be shy! You deserve it.
In summary:
>Do not fixate on negative possibilities
>Focus on doing your best work and showing up as your best self
>Ask for help when you need it and accept it when it is offered
>Remember that you deserve the success you have earned!
>Celebrate yourself, please

No. 317616

Did it on the new thread.

Will do on the new thread.

No. 317619

Thank you nonna, your reading made me feel so much better! The cards just told me what I needed to hear, cause I'm that sort of person who wouldn't stop worrying about the most miniscule thing until somebody else tells me to stop. And I feel very relieved to hear that I earned that position, cause again, I was absolutely struck that I got it in the first place. But you are right, nobody would hire me if they knew that I can't do my job. I'm so happy to hear it. Thank you again!

No. 317624

What about me too

No. 317630

File: 1679255237182.jpg (98.06 KB, 605x806, sketch103.jpg)

If any kind nona could offer me a quick reading… I'll think of you when manifesting good things.
>Taurus Sun
>Cancer Moon and Rising
What should I do escape loneliness?

No. 317642

Something about your post spoke to me so I picked up my cards right away. Here is a reading for you dear.
>Two of Cups, Ten of Pentacles (reversed), Three of Swords
This is quite a hopeful reading for you. The potential for love, friendship, connection, and intimacy is very near at hand. It is your desire to love and be loved that will carry you forward.
However, in order to experience that connection, you will have to face your fears. "Fears" meaning whatever it is that has brought you to this lonely point in your life. For example: sabotaging relationships, feeling afraid of others, seeking out toxic partners, etc. Obviously I don't know what you've been doing or why, so I just hope get the general idea. Basically, you need to acknowledge your mistakes, admit your complicity in your loneliness, and vow to treat yourself better.
Don't be afraid of change, Nona. It is an unavoidable part of life. Even if it's scary at first, you've been stagnant for so long that it's time to try something new.
I hope this helps. I hope you "escape." Please, no matter what, be kind to yourself.

No. 317650

Thank you for the reading anon, I wish you all the best! teared up a little bit ngl

No. 317674

File: 1679269186079.jpg (83.76 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_o8wf8d1kgO1u8uwpyo1_128…)

Thank you so much nonna!

The argument wasn't directly related to anything money or finance related. I said something innocent to our boss (we are co-woker friends, but in different departments) about something that when she found out, she got super upset and she blamed me on saying the "wrong" thing and now makes her look suspensious to our boss. At the time, I had NO knowledge she was in my bosses crosshairs for…. well, she never told me and never will, So I can only guess what it might be.

I had apologized for the misstep but she kept shooting me down and we had a bad argument in the car (not the best place, and I tried to dissuade her from the topic but she blasted past my boundaries and why this turned into a heated argument).

She is having some financial trouble and I think was a bit jealous when she found out I made more than her (by like 3 dollars/hr). So while not the main topic of the argument, that part of the reading is right somewhat.

Temperance + 9 Spades:
Yes, this is on point. My depression and self-hatred has been worse than usual over this. Whenever she walks into my department, I feel on-edge and sadder. She walks out and my mood improves. I am doing/thinking happier things to keep my mind off of this.

The other 2 cards:
We are both keeping our distance and giving space. I won't reach out to her until she feels like she's comfortable enough to do so on her own. We only talk if it's job-related, nothing else.

She did tell me in the past that she wants to keep this job for a while longer (how long? I dont know, but job availability won't get any better in the future, so I can understand where she's coming from on this.). I just unknowingly stepped on a landmine of her's that blew up in my face….

No. 317803

You are welcome, I'm glad it helped.

The situation is not your fault:
> (she) was a bit jealous when she found out I made more than her (by like 3 dollars/hr)
Yes. Your friend has money issues and it made her toxic as she's really envious of you. She doesn't hate you, but she sees in you the advantages she was denied (even if it's some few dollars/hours).
As I said
>the other is upset about some financial advantages they think (you?) got.
I suggest you watch >>317614 for stress relieve and not let the negative feeling getting you.

No. 317807

Are you >>317266 ?
If so, I'll do it on the other thread, maybe this week or later.

No. 317837

No. 318091

File: 1679523899604.jpg (299.2 KB, 1124x1936, img_6440.jpg)

Sorry for the wait, Rook-chan. I hope you've been doing well the past few days. I actually pulled two sets of three for you because I wanted to be sure I gave you a good answer.
>Queen of Swords, The Magician, The Emperor
>The Chariot, The Tower (Reversed), Nine of Swords (Reversed)
The cards agree, unequivocally, that you are ready for something new. Maybe you're feeling stagnant, yet too afraid to act. Certainly, your current situation has left you feeling unsatisfied and unsure, full of worries that just won't leave your head. Though it sounds very surface level, when it comes to having the right job, you'll know when you know. When you've found it, these worries won't occur to you at all– you'll have something else on your mind!
Right now, your best strength is your ability to know yourself and your own intentions, both through self-reflection and gut instinct. To start, try asking yourself clarifying questions about your ideal job, like…
>How often do I want to interact with other people? (coworkers, customers, etc.)
>What did I like about my previous jobs? What did I dislike?
>Do I prefer following orders from a superior, or would I rather be my own boss?
That's not from tarot or anything, just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are lots of questionnaires like this available online… and you might benefit from researching 'ikigai' as well But my real point is that you already know the answers. It's clear to you what you need in your career. It's just that, for some reason, you have been unwilling or unable to admit it. The cards are asking you to be true to yourself. That means you must go boldly into the unknown, knowing you are strong enough to withstand whatever obstacles come your way. Take a risk. Believe in your own abilities. And most importantly… be honest with yourself!

No. 318184

I need a picture describing your feelings.

No. 318192

Are you >>317247
Because you could make it so much easier by linking your query, you know.

No. 318232

File: 1679629907555.jpeg (Spoiler Image,762.01 KB, 2400x1600, 0DDBF72F-AEFF-4EA7-BF0B-18E485…)

this is probably the closest thing i can think of. thanks again for taking the time.

No. 318266

File: 1679668181512.png (22.86 KB, 576x300, 105206-16-2868838123.png)

Im >>315581
Sorry if it seems boring or gives off a bad vibe; I do not have the best intentions. I just want to know if I will find love or if I am even capable of love.

No. 318281

Did it on the new thread.

No. 318308

How do you learn tarot?

No. 318383

I'l do it either this weekend, either within 2 weeks on the other thread.

No. 318384

The other thread has been locked, If >>317843 read here, I'll post the reading here since I've done it but I can't post it on the other thread now.

I don't know if I'll take anymore readings besides >>>>318266
As I said, this thread is too messy and I needed a new one.
So I guess I'll have to wait until this one reach 1100 something posts.

No. 318416

you sound like a crossposter from /x/. You aren't special, go back.

No. 318418

You made a shittier thread and then demand that shit is changed in order to fit your needs? Narcissistic piece of shit. We don't want shitty readers like you here. You clearly don't know how things work over here.

No. 318419

File: 1679769378408.jpg (66.95 KB, 700x700, 491135e9060537579977b2c3391631…)

Ignoring the bullshit that just happened, I'll be giving out reads. Reply to this post and write your question along your sign. Don't just tag, write it again so I can see it easier please. I'll wait for them between today and tomorrow so multiple anons can reply. Max 2 questions per post please.

No. 318421

nonny don't worry, that anon has rancid vibes, the typing style really feels like a faggot from /x/.

No. 318428

Hi anon. That's nice of you. If I may
>how can I go change my current life?

No. 318449

Hi nona, thank you! That's very kind.

My brain is being very annoying and I can't stop having dreams about being in a relationship and things like that, but irl I can't trust men enough to get close to them (no trauma, just sheltered I guess). Plus I am very busy and have no opportunities to meet them. My question is: What are the chances that I will meet someone in the coming year (when I turn 25) who could be a romantic option for me? And if there is a possibility, is there any advice I should keep in mind or signs to look out for? Also no need to sugarcoat, if things aren't looking good for my romantic life in the coming year I am very content with continuing to be a volcel kek. My sign is Taurus, thanks again!

No. 318450

File: 1679788336496.jpg (56.74 KB, 640x642, d5c1ebe688ffe4221387bc470b561e…)

I just had some absolutely devastating stuff happening to me today, so I just wanna hear some good news. Is my life going to turn around for the better now to balance it out? Will I get some good, life changing news?

Aquarius. Many thanks, I hope the weekend treats you well.

No. 318470


nice scrote behavior. it’s absolutely guaranteed that you’re not chipping in or contributing to this thread even a little bit while divination-nonnie is doing her best to deliver. fuck off back to wherever you came from.

No. 318480

your "divination nonnie" sounds like a scrote

No. 318486

Idk about you nonnie, but someone making a whole 'nother thread because they didn't like this one (and lowkey making it about themselves) without knowing that the rules say to not make duplicate threads of existing ones sounds suspiciously scrotal to me

No. 318534

It's simply against the board rules to make a duplicate thread and we don't make personal board here either.

No. 318577

Have you given reads before? No? Shut up.

No. 318606

(I just caught up with all this and gonna move my question from the other one to this one, thank you nonnie!)

Sagittarius Sun/Moon, Scorpio Rising

Where do I go from here now that this chapter has closed?

No. 318619

So my sister gave me one of her tarot decks and I’m wondering if a reading should have 6-10 cards pulled? I usually thought three was the norm, maybe it is for a quick answer. Also is it possible to divine for yourself? Or do you always have to do a reading for another person? Also what is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?

No. 318627

File: 1679881471988.jpeg (76.07 KB, 828x607, 8808DD55-2785-4CED-9347-0854C1…)

(Thank you for offering reads!)
My question is will I ever work up the courage to participate more in the spaces/activities I kind of passively admire from afar?
Scorpio sun, Aquarius rising, Cancer moon

No. 318674

File: 1679897508367.png (74.97 KB, 728x792, 14fd61824cc0973769011486232.pn…)

How many cards you pull is something each reader has to decide, if you feel like 6 is better for you then go ahead! There's also many pre-made spreads online if you search for them (pic rel is one that you might find if you search for "tarot love spread"). There's also traditional ones like the Celtic cross spread. I like doing 3 cards and then clarifying by pulling more. You can divine for yourself, it's not against rules or whatever. Some people do self impose the rule of not reading for oneself though, I don't do it because I wouldn't want to be biased to check for a good result lol.

No. 318679

File: 1679898898991.jpg (41.03 KB, 236x404, 3pents.jpg)

>how can I go change my current life?
nine of wands, eight of wands, three of pentacles
You need to let go of your paranoia and resentment towards people. It's hindering on your progress. Changes will come rapidly and inevitably whenever you're prepared or not, so what you need to do is start learning new coping mechanisms and just listen to people that will guide you into a better future.
>What are the chances that I will meet someone in the coming year (when I turn 25) who could be a romantic option for me?
nine of swords, five of cups, seven of wands
The chances are zero to none because you wouldn't be able to know how to control the situation and it'll give you more pain than joy to be with some male at the moment. You want a relationship but in this spread I see anxiety, grief, defensiveness. Learn to soothe these thoughts first.
>And if there is a possibility, is there any advice I should keep in mind or signs to look out for?
ace of pentacles, the chariot, king of wands
It'll be better if you focus on flourishing and healing mentally, moving onto better things, than just trying to find a boyfriend. Once you have these things in balance your life will be able to open to any kind of situation you manifest. It also has to do with your financial situation. Stay strong and optimistic.
>Is my life going to turn around for the better now to balance it out?
the emperor, six of wands, seven of cups
Yes, things will balance out, but you have to stay centered and keep chasing the dream you're chasing. You will be very successful in the future, I see it in the in your work and career, you'll feel fulfilled. Keep the ambitions up.
>Will I get some good, life changing news?
five of cups, death, page of wands
After you go through a period of grief you'll begin a new chapter in your life. This will make you open your eyes to new possibilities, perhaps seeing everything with brand new eyes again, very enthusiastic times ahead.
three of pentacles, knight of pentacles, nine of wands
Go learn new things about yourself, perhaps learn a new trade or something that will make you financially stable so you can make what you wish for a reality. This will require a lot of patience and resilience, however.
>My question is will I ever work up the courage to participate more in the spaces/activities I kind of passively admire from afar?
Three of pentacles, five of cups, three of cups
yes, stop being so discouraged and sad and just go join a club and chat with people. The cards are telling you so. You'll make new friends.

I'm suprised the 3 of pentacles came up so much today. Readings are closed now.

No. 318682

Hi anon
>What should I do to get better with my social anxiety?

>Will I be able to get this house and support my family and stay afloat?

No. 318709

Thank you reader anon, I believe this applies to me definitely, specially the “learn something new/new trade.” Currently re-learning aspects of my personality now that I don’t live in fight or flight mode, and also decided to learn and create my own podcast!

Well wishes

No. 318781

Hi nona! I'm >>318449. I appreciate the honest, straightforward advice. I'm not surprised with the cards that came up. The idea of dating sounds nice in theory, but it's exactly as you said that I get a lot of anxiety and become defensive when I actually try to meet people. Guess I will continue to focus on my mental wellbeing and do my own thing for now. Thank you!

No. 318823

anon's reads are closed for now but I'll take your questions nona
>What should I do to get better with my social anxiety?
knight of cups, lovers, page of swords, devil
you want to have friends but your paranoia gets the best of you. be open to love and warmth without being so ready to cut people off or ready to be enslaved to them.
>Will I be able to get this house and support my family and stay afloat?
king of pentacles, yes

No. 319339

Question for practitioners. Have you told anyone irl about your Tarot practices? I have been thinking about it, but am also a bit scared of being rejected and ridiculed. But on the other hand I am really into Tarot and think it would be cool to branch out and give irl people readings or just let my friends look at my decks because I simply want to share my interests (and the art really pretty). Anyone has any experience? How do normies react?

No. 319340

I'm not a reader, I just bought a deck for fun and all my friends were stoked to get a reading even though I told them I don't know shit about tarot. They still wanted to do it just for fun. I was surprised as they're not at all into any spiritual stuff, but then again neither am I. When I was "reading", it most reminded me of when we were in highschool and did personality quizzes for fun. I doubt you'll get negative reactions

No. 319399

File: 1680295535059.jpg (79.39 KB, 419x640, b79ff746401c974578f3ef09872f79…)

Okay so I want to do this, but as for the second card being a representation of my lover, what if I do not have a lover yet? Is that my crush? Is it possible to divine a card for someone else like that? Or must I do a normal six card spread in order to divine for a future relationship? In fact all of these cards seem to divine for another person, I don't know if I can channel that since the person in mind is not my partner.

No. 319447

Thank you reader anon for the no nonsense encouragement. I was >>318627 and I’m gonna try to silence my negativity so I can actually get involved!

No. 323987

I did a spread on my love life, tried to interpret it myself, but I’m struggling to understand it. Can a tarot nona please help me?
> Opportunities: 6 of Wands
> Challenges: 4 of Swords
> Outcome: Knight of Pentacles

No. 324173

Hi nonnie, without details on your specific situation I'm just going to give you a general vibe, hopefully it helps and if not you can specify further and I can try again if you like

>Opportunities: 6 of Wands

Victory card, also related to others (a specific group of people or more general, like your community or society at large) perceiving you positively. What comes to mind is a social event where you will be noticed in a positive light. Maybe you're going to make a really good impression on someone?

>Challenges: 4 of Swords

Generally meaning rest, adequate recuperation or a period of waiting. On the flipside it could also mean anxieties or restlessness, but I don't really feel it here though, so it depends on how you feel about it. This could mean impatience and an unwillingness to take things slow and easy.

>Outcome: Knight of Pentacles

Pentacles are Earth, which is a slow moving energy. This Knight gets things done slow and steady. The key word here is stability and longevity. (This could tie in to the previous point of impatience or waiting!) Overall something real, tangible and with a potential of being very long-term.

I am just a hobbyist and a stranger, but overall I got very good vibes from this nona, hope it helped however little and I'm rooting for you either way!

No. 324176

have a national entrance exam tomorrow. what are the chances of reaching the percentile scores of the schools i'd like to enroll?

No. 324201

Thanks anon!! I don’t have any specific person, my love life just feels really stagnant and almost cursed as of lately. Here’s to hoping it picks up sooner rather than later kek.

No. 324782

Wow! I've never tried any sort of divination myself, but my Dad passed away a few years ago and left me an old copy of the I Ching. I finally decided to try it out last night on a whim because I've been extremely disquieted lately, and I got some very interesting results from the coin throwing… The two hexagrams I've received so far, 28 and 64, are both so symmetrical looking, and both of my questions were about the same thing. Omg I am starting to believe… The results really applied and I don't mean in just a general way (I would divulge further but I don't think anyone will care lol). They even told me what season it is right now for me and what that means. Do any other nonnas like the I Ching? I can't believe that I have not read it sooner, especially since I am Chinese!

No. 324801

I haven't done it but it was something that was suggested to me to try in a reading. I'm not Chinese though and I think a lot of the intricacies of Chinese proverbs will go over my head since I don't speak it/am not Chinese.
Really glad you found something that works for you though. Since your dad used to do it, it's highly likely that he would communicate with you through that imo.

No. 324844

You should definitely give it a try!! it's really so easy for anybody if you're open to it. I'm very Americanized, I've never spoken Chinese and have only read some proverbs, a lot of it definitely goes over my head and I feel like I'm missing a lot and feel pretty bad about that lol. But it just takes practice and going easy, and there are a lot of different translations you can read online. Thank you for your reply nonna! tbh I didn't think anyone would be interested ahah

No. 329559

Is there anyone willing to do a quick reading? I desperately need to know if I passed this important assignment for uni.

No. 330090

File: 1684785542687.jpg (22.93 KB, 700x688, aaaaaa.jpg)

I pretty much had my last straw at work today and idk what to do, it was regarding summer holiday and me and my colleague both have the same dates, but one has to give up on it and I planned it since last year fml and most likely I have to give it up…
Can some nonna read if I have any chances of finding a better workplace or nah? Or will the situation get better? Please, I'm desperate.

No. 330102

I can’t read tarot but, why would you have to be the one to give it up? What kind of work do you do?
I don’t wanna clog up the tarot thread with general advice, but if it’s between keeping your job and taking the holiday that’s been planned for a year, unless it’s super super lucrative or you can’t survive on savings for a month, I think you can find a new job.
Tarot nonnies please help anon out!

No. 330669

Can anyone read my tarot cards and see if anyone has a crush on me LOL if so how would i know who they are

No. 330696

I could literally feel him liking me how come he rejected me can someone please tell me about my love life?

No. 338308

File: 1688115206557.jpg (128.35 KB, 1076x519, 1668650894777.jpg)

I just refused a job offer and idk how to feel, my main reason is wanting to move away and I feel so guilty about it.

Can some nonna read what the future brings? I want a new job as well, will I find a better one or I just shot myself in the foot? Or should I unalive myself for being this dumb?

No. 339851

Is the thread dead? Can any nona read cards for me please? I am in dire need of some sort of answer about things, mainly about a job and finances. I want to know if I will get one jobs or anything that pays really

No. 343427

dead thread but I'll ask anyways. How does one begin shadow work?

No. 343967

I'm a tarot noob so I did a 3-card reading with only major arcanas. You got:
- The High Priestess: intuition/inner voice
- The Hierophant: conformity, social groups, education, knowledge
- The World: harmony, fulfillment
I'm interpreting this to mean that you feel some sort of calling to a path already that you're suppressing out of fear that it'll close doors for yourself. It feels like you're trying to innovate or find a loophole in a way that will lead to financial security, but that a tried-and-true method may be best, in this case. Things will be okay, don't go too against your instincts, and hard work won't betray you.
I heard of shadow work as mostly reflective journaling prompts - there's online lists out there that you can sit with and write to, one at a time. Someone I know described it as "[Shadow work] refers to the psychological concept of the shadow self, meaning that part of yourself that unconsciously influences your choices, decisions and behavior. Learning to understand your trauma, your childhood, your mindset, what stops you from growing, is beneficial, because… Well… Awareness is the first step in healing."

No. 346244

I know this thread is kinda dead but I wanted to shoot my shot here cuz I'm desperate. Fair warning though, my query is turbo spergy. I'm not sure it's possible to do a decent read for but thank you in advance if you take the time to try. Leo is my star sign.

This is gonna sound crazy but, I'm terrified of putting things out into the world lest they become true in another timeline/universe. When I do character writing for example, no matter how fantastical it is, my ego won't let me get into it because it's too afraid I might impose on who I'd be writing about on the off chance that I do end up manifesting things in some kind of distant world. They're fictional characters and OCs yet I can't get past wanting to respect them as if they're real people, so I navigate around this issue by keeping everything in my head as if preparing for a future conversation which means I rarely actually create anything. This fear paired with my lack of an ability to self-validate has put me into a rut. From this problem I have a few questions:
-Is there a good reason for this fear or is it my inner child trying to express a need I'm yet to understand? Where should I start if the latter is true?
-If the above mentioned characters were able to send me any kind of message regarding this issue, what is it most likely to be?

No. 346254

off the top of my armchair seat, it sounds like you project personal issues and your fears of what would happen because of those issues onto your OCs and so are terrified to write, fearing it'll come true by happening to you
1st question results: The Moon, The Empress, The Fool
- the Moon: yes, there's work to be done with your inner child, things in your unconscious that would be good to untangle
- the Empress: you should be kind to yourself and take care to make yourself feel secure in whatever deeper issue is troubling you. where is the disconnect coming from? combined with The Moon - dig deeper than you have before, you can find safety and comfort again
- the Fool: new beginnings await you in the future, you'll start off fresh with the blank slate. your writing won't manifest baggage into your life. don't trouble yourself with the shame of having waited, find joy in that you're starting. this mental block of yours is just a block, you're able to start writing as you really want to any time

2nd question: Death, the Devil, the Wheel of Fortune
- Death: you should change. end some current cycle you're in. it's a good card despite our cultural associations with it - you can start anew and refreshed
- the Devil: the cycle you're in makes you feel trapped and helpless, there's some sort of addiction you're letting run amok over you. this is the main source of your troubles. combined with the 1st question - a cycle of behavior that's been with you for quite a while such that it might've taken different forms while all pointing to the same root cause. what are you running from - loneliness? (potential) failure? something else? you HAVE to break this, the alternative is keep letting it control you
- the Wheel of Fortune: there's a stroke of luck that'll help you change all this and get better, just keep going despite feeling helpless and futile. keep your spirits up and your ears sharp. just keep going

I think all the change-related cards are quite hopeful, things are lined or lining up for when you're ready to break the cycle you're in. Lmk if you want more readings, tho I think you can help yourself way more than these questions can already - the Moon feels like it's suggesting you know the answer already, you're so close to realizing it fully. Don't run from it - or at least, figuratively pace in place and chew over the issue at a bearable but uncomfortably aware distance.

method: tarot, 3 card spread, major arcana only. I hope this helped hut if it didn't, I'd be down to read more questions

No. 346279

I’ve been trying to do tarot readings on my own but I suck at interpreting the cards and listening to my intuition of which one to pick. So looks like I’m back here oops.
Can I get a reading for how a person sees me? I’m a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon and he’s a Leo with a Virgo Moon.

No. 346309

I took time to think and I'd like to ask some additional questions after I clarify some things for detail, if that's alright. I genuinely appreciate you for taking the time. I wish I could give you a hug or buy you a coffee/tea… thank you so much!

I'm not afraid of things I write happening to me irl, but rather the part of me that would be inhabiting my OC. It's 100% projection, and escapism has always been a main coping mechanism. Yeah it's wacky to be afraid for a fantasy version of myself, to want control for someone who will be living their own existence down the line were it to be real (the way I see her is not as the me this world knows, but as an existence my soul will give life to, thus having all the qualities of myself but manifested in ways more fitting for her & the world she exists in). My creativity should be a healthy outlet, not another way for me to hate myself… yet I can't seem to understand how to break away from this. I know for certain it comes from a fear of failure as well as a general lack of self-confidence/self-trust due to years of not knowing, or being able to know myself (past traumas, very late-identified spectrum disorders, inability to recognize my own positive emotions due to the mentioned trauma & therefor properly self-regulate in healthy ways, etc). My main goal is to learn about myself so these fears don't get translated into my creative endeavors anymore, which I'm doing recently by seeking help both irl and from this thread!

In regards to the readings - eerily spot on. The Moon, Empress, and Fool represent my personality as well as my inner child to a tee just with their basic meanings tbh. I feel a certain attachment to the image of the blank slate mentioned, which makes me feel like the Moon's message of "finding safety and comfort again" is where my focus should be. I have an idea that I'll be asking about below!

Death, the Devil, and Wheel of Fortune all also fit way too well with the characters I asked about. Tears left my eyes before I could even realize I was crying because the impact of those cards is so extreme. Amazing, really. I believe the addiction is chasing perfection & the subsequent need for control over any situation I consciously decide to be in. Afraid of failure, the fear creates uncertainty, try to obtain control in attempt to silence fear, control leads to being ego-driven, which then leads to a need for perfection… the cycle loops infinitely.

Here are my next questions:
-Is the luck I'm meant to experience coming from an outside source, from within, or a mix of both?
-What exactly are the personal strengths I should be honing in attempt to get out of this rut and positively progress my life's journey?
-I'd like to create an understanding of what my own positive emotions should be like, as I believe it'd help my inner child feel safer. Where should I start with this as someone who has no concept of her own emotions outside of neutral or negative?

No. 346351

No problem, I'm glad it helps! The readings got so long, I'm keeping my responses brief, but this is definitely an obstacle you can overcome

1st question: the Hanged Man, the Star, Temperance
- the Hanged Man: there's so sacrifices you have to make and bide your time while reflecting. this isn't just waiting for the change to come, but preparing yourself and setting the foundation for things to come
- the Star: you've gone through a difficult period, and you kept your hope up through it all - that in itself is its own reward, and yes, good things are coming soon, you're going to need your hope and faith to act and meet it
- Temperance: balance is key! conserve your spirits and energy, but don't be scared to act. between the contrast of the first two cards, it seems like it's saying - the new balance you have to strike is an active choice. this balance is not about setting the right course once, but setting it again and again, adjusting as you need to - like growing something rather than a set-and-done stagnancy

2nd question: Judgement, the Sun, Temperance
- Judgement: self-evaluate, make good firm choices that you'll hold to! this is less about ~staying in touch with your emotions~ (tho it's not suggesting to abandon them) and more about being objective. this is a milestone in your life, if you let it. if you choose it, and choose it again, and again, etc. be firm, be a judge, put your foot down on the things you need to, you're not doing that anymore.
- the Sun: life, vitality, warmth, and its radiance. your good spirits bring cheer and can bring the people around you closer together. at the same time, stay grounded, don't lose sight of where the vitality comes from
- Temperance: balance again! One of the cornerstones of this solution is this active and measured control over yourself. It's repetition suggests that this act of balance might bring you the most trouble of it - but you can get all the more comfortable with it

3rd question: the Lovers, the Sun, the Chariot
- the Lovers: this doesn't mean romance, exactly - it could also be about close friendships and people you trust, your own connection to yourself. what values do you prioritize, what do you stand for? what do you like and what about it? get to know yourself more and try new things with your inner child, see what she likes
- the Sun: vitality again! the sensation of being alive is an important one to keep stoking. be present with yourself, don't run away, keep checking in with yourself and your inner child. notice what things make you feel faded. at the same time - the Sun is about the groundedness of life - maybe some of your neutral (or even negative) emotions have tinges of positive ones that you can practice feeling more consciously. contentment, satisfaction, relief, etc. getting to know those nuances could help in a lot of ways
- the Chariot: this is another balance-related card that also talks about ambition. set goals and achieve them, where do you want to go? what direction do you want to grow in? willpower, discipline, focus are emphasized here - you want your inner child to feel safe, that means you also have to show her that you're a good nurturing figure that she can trust. don't slip into the pitfall of overindulging or helicoptering yourself, take risks that make you nervous, be strict about being good to yourself in all the boring irritating ways (no doomscrolling, floss every day, etc)

No. 346480

Your readings have unlocked knowledge I didn't even realize I had and given me a starting point after so much time of struggling. I've come up with some new plans and potential routines to get me on the right track. You've single-handedly changed my life and I really can't express my appreciation enough. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

No. 347384

Maybe im delusional but i want a reading concerning this situation ive put in my head kek. Dude prob noticed i like him but tbf i was obvious w my attraction and since then he is now the one to look at me whenever i pass by and not i to him. At the same i feel guilty if he think diff w the situation since i tend to like laugh or giggle or just give knowing glances to my friends whenever he is near so he prob thought i was making fun of him. Its been long since ive felt this way, crushing that is so im out of depth w how much i should invest in this scenario. I also want to know if ill ever get into a relationship while im currently doing my post grad? Even if it means its not w the guy im crushing about.

No. 347551

Bump, can a reader anon pls help

No. 347575

Tarot anons I would like advice on my life rn

No. 347583

File: 1693952378052.jpg (21.19 KB, 399x380, 409da2c02d09949d6064a573daf2cb…)

I was just thinking about this thread and it was bumped so why not. At worst it'll lead to nothing.

I've had multiple readings (including anonymous ones) saying that I'll probably be somewhat famous but… How? From what? I'm 30 and I don't put myself out there at all and I don't necessarily care about fame, I'd like to have financial security more than fame itself.
Sometimes I fear I'll become a famous corpse a la Black Dahlia or that I'll get to name a new disease. I hope not.
I guess I just wanted to know what could possibly lead me down that path.

No. 347587

Giving someone a reading with the tease of fame is just a way to flatter them and hope they come back with $5 to add to their venmo

No. 347600

I never paid for any of these readings though, and some were from nonnies itt

No. 347624

Some people are late bloomers anon. Is there anything you like to do, a hobby?

No. 347631

Well they never specified what type of fame, soo…being a lolcow is a claim to fame too in a way. So don’t give up the dreams!!!

No. 347668

rapid fire basic readings since theres like 5 ppl
idk astro that much but reversed wheel and strength. current situation isn't good and there would be past baggage that would need to be mucked out. you both could overcome it with enough compassion and control, but jeez, kind of a struggle bus. arent taurus and scorpio super possessive in different ways? his leo sun seems ok for a taurus compatibility, but coupled w a virgo moon i think you two are going to piss each other off by defining commitment and proof of it differently
empress and star. this is a time for you to focus on your own growth and self. dont invest much thought or time about relationships during postgrad
about what, exactly?
moon and reversed emperor. idk what this means but focus on yourself and what you need emotionally and spiritually. dont linger on this question and let it make you stray

No. 347698

Like a career reading?

No. 347699

Yes or no has been an easy form of tarot for people who get confused

No. 347703

I am thinking about moving to a new state where I don’t know anybody and I just get a fresh start. I’m also thinking about putting it off til I finish school but I’m so bored and tired here.

No. 347787

Hi nonas
i'm a virgo and i'm having a small trip in a couple days and i'm a bit nervous about it, id like to know how it could go.
If anyone would like to give me a small reading i'll update them about how it went after i come back!

No. 347789

Im an aquarius

No. 347894

File: 1694211932222.jpeg (76.92 KB, 640x804, Fqf3jkCX0AExmWG.jpeg)

Does someone mind reading their cards for me please? I'd like to know if I will be in a long-term romantic relationship anytime soon. I'm 28, female, Gemini Sun/Aquarius Moon/Virgo Rising

No. 347919

the fool, reversed emperor, reversed tower
I know you feel super tired and drained and just want to do things instead of toiling through uni work, but you getting your degree right now is the best starting position for where you want to go in life. Don't move states to cut off all connection to what you have and who you know. Not only is that the easy/short-sighted way out, it will NOT end well. You want change but that is a terrible, terrible type of change you shouldn't make. You will get your shit fucked up if you do. You're doing fine as you are, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I dont like vague questions about romance so maybe that influenced it. But reversed lovers and reversed high priestess. Don't worry about it, don't let the question sap your energy. Focus on yourself instead of some nebulous other person you want to live around.

No. 347921

Hey there, if you're still reading I have a query.

I've been thinking about someone for the past couple of months, will this become a professional business connection or bloom into a romantic one? What can I expect moving forward?

No. 347923

sorry nona but i dont like vague questions, especially about romance… id say dont mix business with pleasure but thats just me, not the cards. if u have more specifics abt what confuses you in the situation than 'what should i expect' then idm doing sth simple

No. 347924

hello anon. i haven't read for anyone else in a long time but read myself often. i hope this helps:

1. the hermit
2. two of wands
3. page of cups

you may feel the need to spend time alone in order to cope with struggles you feel during this trip. conflict could arise on this trip, but you will be able to solve it. surprisingly, it could lead to something good coming from this storm. either way, a message is on the way to you. perhaps you are correct to be nervous about the uncertainty of what's to come, and that's natural.

No. 347948

I'm feeling really anxious in my relationship and towards becoming stable on my own as an full-grown adult. Would someone be able to do a reading for a three-month period so I could have a better idea of how to process things? I received one in the previous thread that was pretty spot on following the reading, but if that's not possible it's alright! 29, Libra sun, Capricorn moon, and Leo rising

No. 347963

Thanks for the reading nonna, I understand vague questions are annoying. If I asked something a bit more in-depth would you do another reading? (feel free to say no I understand this is asking a lot)

No. 347981

Thank you anon.

No. 347992

I'm >>346279 thanks sm anon!!!!! <3
We have an academic relationship which I thought would work out since we were kinda similar. But when I actually chose him as my advisor, he was super avoidant when I would ask for help, then blamed me after I made all the effort that semester to email him and try to set up meetings in person.

No. 348029

yeah I'd be down to read for sth more specific. You're not asking for a lot, this is all just text on an imageboard - I think you should trust yourself more and take more chances. It's just hard to do vague questions bc then idk what directions to analyze the spreas meanings and your situation for
kisskiss nonas, I hope things go well. You can do it!

I'm still an amateur so these might not be the most accurate. Still:
>reverse hierophant, reverse sun, reverse strength
Things will get a bit rough as you adjust to this new life phase and explore more of your independence. You might lose touch of what drives you for a bit - letheragy, lack of desire, or getting your head in the clouds. There's some issues with discpline and staying on track with your new goals - to which I add that it's not necessarily fortelling your doom. Your goals might be too high, or your new habits might need to be done very VERY consistently for you to achieve the standards you set. It'll be a trial, but then again, you've gone through all the ones that came before and you're still here. Reversals aren't meant to be just "bad stuff coming," but for both our reassurance, I did a no-reversals reading for your same question.
>the Chariot, the Moon, Death
Keep your head and ambitions high as you set the next decisive goal for your life. Stay motivated, don't lose sight of what you came all this way for! You can do it, it's just going to be hard. The Moon - make sure you stay in touch with yourself through this process to not overdo and underdo things. Death - congrats, change and rebirth is on the horizon! It can be scary but it'll be bearable, as such transformations are.

No. 348030

Any kind nonnie can please make a reading about my career prospects? I am in kinda need to money and some job but I feel like everything goes wrong
I would be very thankful!

No. 348032

Thank you! I appreciate it very much!

No. 348033

File: 1694317081953.jpg (99.02 KB, 550x1036, 5dfbe09f10b8fde41903041614683f…)

Tarot senpais, I want to ask for your help on a reading and interpretation.

Today I asked my cards about some troubles I've been going through. If I ask about what is happening, then I also like to ask follow-up cards on what to do to improve my situation in the near future. When I asked my follow-up question of "how do I keep negative thoughts from consuming me right now?" I got 8 of Cups Reversed. Picrel is my lovely Golden Wheel Tarot. I have seen this lad SO MANY TIMES. When I got this deck and did an introduction session, asking "What is one of your most important characteristics?" I got this exact reversal. I have gotten it often since, which fair enough, I ruminate on my emotions as though it was an Olympic sport. It has come up several times when I ask for action guidance. However, I'm stumped for understanding its wisdom for my current question of keeping negative thoughts at bay. I am having trouble sleeping. There have been bad things, some of my own doing some unlucky, that are torturing me. I have been treated badly by people around me. I try to distract myself with friends, light activities like watching funny videos, short drives, etc to stop ruminating. However, doesn't 8 of Cups (R) say not to dwell on your past? That one must let things go and improve their low self-esteem? I get that, that's my current state of mind for a while, but I still don't get the card's advice.

Does anyone have some thoughts on this? I would love to improve my skills and see if I'm not seeing or misinterpreting anything.

No. 348074

Thanks anon, I just wanted to be respectful of your time as you're doing a lot of readings here for free. I'm >>347894 just so I don't need to repeat my age or my star sign.

What I'd like to ask is: I've recently started a new job, it's not exactly what I want to do but its in the same industry and it's adjacent to the path I was on in previous roles. But what I would like to know is will I have better success (income and progression) in this part of the industry than the one I was working in previously? Will this success come in a few years or will it come over a longer time frame (5+ years)? Will this be within the same organisation or will I need to anticipate relocating for more roles?

No. 348181

Can I please get a reading for my job searching issue? Any advice would be helpful but pls use whatever spread you think will be best or whatever spread you’re comfortable with. I have been unemployed for so damn long since graduating and I really want to fix it but nothing has worked out. At this point I’m wondering whether this is a sign to start my own company (with no money, doesn’t seem feasible at all) or if I just need to keep applying in order to land my first full-time job. I also am wondering if there was any purpose to me being unemployed this long (like getting a better job or a bigger reward) or if I just screwed things up by my own free will. Do I need to move? Agh sorry for all of the questions, I’m just so frustrated and I feel like a major failure.

No. 349152

Sorry but I'm bumping again if a tarot reader can please help me.

No. 349957

Bumping it in hopes some kind nonas will help us please

No. 349972

hey nonnie i’m not a tarot reader but i guess i can give you some advice, first things first what job do you want?
also ill try and ask someone who’s a tarot reader if she can help you but now i’m not promising anything

No. 349976

Ntoa, but I would like this too nona please I am in dire need

No. 350027

Hi sorry nonnie i forgot to respond!
but yeah the need to have complete alone time was a struggle and i felt awful at some points but i've changed my mentality a bit since what happened so perhaps that was part of the message.
Something good did come out of it btw! just don't want to say what

No. 350038

Youre flipping between extremes. The first
>ruminating, fixating
>over identifying with thoughts
>Telling yourself untrue is true
>"All these bad things are real and I have to fix it all ASAP!"
The second
>avoiding, ignoring
>pretending to be unbothered
>Telling yourself true is untrue
>"Everything's fine, I feel no need to think about that, if i just wait it then it'll go away."
I believe 8 of Cups (R) is encouraging you to accept your situation, acknowledge it as it is. You're having troubles. You feel anxious about it. You wish you could do something to fix it all, and to keep your spirits up in the meantime. It's ok to have troubles and it's normal to want to fix them or to feel hopeless about them. You might not like feeling anxious or hopeless, but it's okay to feel those things.
My advice is to sit still and let the emotions come over you, without too much thinking. When thoughts come, just say "oh I was thinking again," and then go back to the emotions, your breathing, your body. Once they've been felt (honoured, respected, accepted) then you may be able to move on.

No. 350065

first things first question why didn’t you get the job (maybe not enough experience? only you know). then improve whatever made you fail the application. then make a list with the jobs you want and try to apply to all of them. i tried to contact this girl i know that does tarot readings but she didn’t respond, i’ll try later on today. if i still won’t get a sign from her, you can do a free online tarot reading (or you can ask people you know if they know any tarot readers)

No. 350177

File: 1695808820642.png (1.21 MB, 922x962, Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 7.46…)

Hi nonas, I have always been curious about tarot but have never had a reading. I'm a 19 year old second year university student, humanities. Gemini Sun + stellium 4th house, Aries Moon and Aquarius Rising. Also considering this is a love reading my Venus is Gemini(part of the stellium) and my Mars is Cancer
I have two questions about love if possible. Firstly, can cards tell me why men don't ask me out? People are shocked and don't believe me every time they find out I've never dated before. Secondly, I want to know if I will meet a love at university? It's a bad trait but I feel sort of impatient when it comes to love, I'm very attracted to educated men so I feel like uni is my only chance until I'm in the real world.. Thank you!

No. 350198

File: 1695821254855.jpg (146.67 KB, 743x751, image.jpg)

I have applied to a remote job offer and I have been told that it takes a while until they interview you. It's been 2 weeks and I'm fucking losing it.

What do the cards say, nonnas?

Deleted the post and reposted just to add a picture

No. 350226

File: 1695835773972.png (805.9 KB, 832x631, 1695789444067.png)

I might do some readings next week, will pull 3 cards per question. Please reply to my post with your questions (max 2 questions per anon but if you really need it you might ask for a 3rd), and if you already posted in this thread above me please don't just link your post because I might get confused (lol sorry) so please re post your question so I can see it easier!

No. 350227

Did this very quick
Strength, ace of wands
You will get interviewed, please hang on tight

No. 350228

Why men don't ask you out?
Eight of swords, seven of wands, the emperor
You have extreme anxiety and trust issues, guys can easily see that. The kind of man you need is someone very caring and generous. Otherwise you will never open up
Will you find love in university?
The hanged man, three of wands, the world
Probably, you need a lot more confidence and just have fun, but without putting yourself at risk of course. The cards are in your favor if you take the initiative

No. 350290

I'm originally this anon >>348181 still having the same issue
> What should I do with my job search?
> Do you get the vibe that I'll have to move cities/states to land a full-time job?

ty anon

No. 350303

>will my family's financial situation ever get better?
>how is my social life (all types of relationships) looking in the future ?
thank you in advance

No. 350313

>Will I ever get out of my shitty financial situation?
>Are my ideas/plans for the future realistic?
Thank you so much for your time nonna

No. 350399

Thanks anon!
>>will I find someone who I will be attracted to & want to have a romantic relationship with me soon?
>>how do my career prospects look in general?

No. 350554

File: 1695989678852.jpg (34.29 KB, 434x706, images-2.jpg)

Ok will hopefully do them today
If anyone else wants to participate please reply to my original post!

Also just leaving this here for future reference

No. 350588

I'd like a reading, please, for this simple question:
Will I ever get to be with him?

I'm 31 years old, Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, and since this is a love question, Virgo Venus and Scorpio Mars.

No. 350589

File: 1696009516243.jpg (409.35 KB, 1000x718, 4b4c08f09a6d0e6cd36e4e1a365de6…)

Wanted to put this pic too, oops

No. 350602

I'm having trouble finding the exact post, but I just want to thank the nonnie who took the time to respond request for an answer about my friendships about a year-ish ago. I'd asked about if I was going to ever find another platonic soul mate as I was experiencing real loneliness and lack of connection. I ended up becoming best friends with an old co-worker and she's given my life so much color and meaning! You helped me hold onto hope until I was able to find something - thank you so much.

No. 350619

I hope I am not too late, thanks for the reading nona!

No. 350620

Will I get a good job soon?
How my relationship will be in 3 months?
Thanks for your generosity!

No. 350621

Do I have a chance with that guy?
Thank you, nonnie.

No. 350677

Sorry for replying late Nona but thank you! There is someone at uni that I have in mind and I’ve now been trying to be way more chill around him and honestly I feel much better about the dynamic. I get too anxious about crushes and you reminded me to chill. The initiative part is also interesting to me as I’ve been considering asking him out first, even if it’s just so I know how we stand. Seriously thank you!!!

No. 350694

> What should I do with my job search?
8 of pentacles, king of wands, judgement
This is a time of self reflection for you, you are very good at what you do and you really want to do some kind of entrepreneur stuff, but perhaps you should take a step back and not be so impulsive. There's a lot for you to learn in the future. You have high expectations.

> Do you get the vibe that I'll have to move cities/states to land a full-time job?

Four of wands, the star, queen of pentacles
In this spread I can see you being the queen of wands, someone who is hardworking, happy, financially stable. The cards are telling me that you should seek out your dreams and go to a place that feels like you will be able to flourish in. I hope this helps

No. 350696

>will my family's financial situation ever get better?
Judgement, page of swords, four of cups
You've been meditating about this for quite a while, but the cards tell me that in order for things to flow, you need to let go of the worries you have, and reevaluate your priorities
>how is my social life (all types of relationships) looking in the future ?
King of cups, the star, ten of wands
You will have to put effort into this, but I see you being pretty social, you will have a lot of opportunities to socialize in the future.

No. 350707

>Will I ever get out of my shitty financial situation?
Four of pentacles, six of pentacles, nine of wands
The short answer is yes, but you need to be very careful with your money. You tend to be paranoid about it
>Are my ideas/plans for the future realistic?
The hermit, king of pentacles, queen of pentacles
Probably, but it requires you to be business savvy, and a shit ton of introspection / being alone. The king of pents is telling you to create the life you want knowing your abilities.

No. 350709

>>will I find someone who I will be attracted to & want to have a romantic relationship with me soon?
Queen of cups, the emperor, five of cups
I'm inclined to say yes, but it'll be a very quick fling, it'll maybe even make you depressed. Good luck nonna, the cards could be wrong
>>how do my career prospects look in general?
Justice, ace of wands, nine of swords
A lot of new projects, creativity flowing, but also anxiety and sleepless nights because of it. Put in the work and you'll have exactly what you need!

No. 350711

I like your pic
>Will I ever get to be with him?
Ten of swords
Card says no, I'm sorry
Nine of cups
Card says yes!

No. 350712

File: 1696096047319.jpeg (30.39 KB, 451x383, IMG_9707.jpeg)

Will we ever get together? I’m 28, female, Aries. He’s 30 and also an Aries.

No. 350714

>Will I get a good job soon?
Strength, seven of swords, two of swords
Hang in there, if you're jobless you'll probably get a job but I'm scared that the job you get won't be the best of jobs. It'll be something you'll have to turn a blind eye to.
>How my relationship will be in 3 months?
The high priestess, the emperor, five of pentacles
Very caring, almost spiritual, unfortunately finances won't be so good, but it'll be fine between you both

No. 350715

Page of cups
Yes. Express your feelings to him

I'm done reading for now nonnas. Thank you everyone!

No. 350717

Thanks, nona!

No. 350719

Yes I love that kind of inky artstyle and I thought it looked like a Scorpio fairy lol
Oh, I was afraid of that..I guess I'm not really surprised..so I'll try not to be too sad

No. 350722

Can I get a quick 3 card reading please about the near, medium and long term future? I just feel so lost, unmotivated and directionless atm. I have no idea what to do with my life.

No. 350814

File: 1696154128127.jpeg (94.03 KB, 750x583, a8942c31-34cc-4141-b7ed-0851bc…)

Does he like me?

No. 350855

It's yet to be determined, he at least tolerates you
>Can I get a quick 3 card reading please about the near, medium and long term future?
Sure but I'm done reading for now
Near - page of wands, ace of pentacles, seven of cups
I see a positive near future, a lot of energy and new possibilities, just be prepared and don't be too impulsive, try not to fall into delusional thinking. But overall I see a lot of good things happening
Medium - three of cups, queen of swords, nine of pentacles
If you played right in the immediate future, then you'll be doing extremely good at this point. It'll be fun, lots of going out with friends, you're strong, well dressed, and abundant.
Long - two of cups, high priestess, the star
Well it seems like you'll find a partner or at least someone who shares your points of view on life. You're a smart woman, your dreams for the long term will come true.

I'm done now for real, sorry no more readings from me from now on, until next time

No. 350872

Thanks sm nona for this, it's not super specific but I'll keep meditating and thinking about what I really want in hopes that it'll guide me towards the right opportunity.

No. 350877

Will I reach stability if I continue with my life the way things are, or do I need to do something drastic?
Is my nigel the right person to raise a family with?
And, where should I turn to renew my creativity?

Thankyou for considering lovely cartomancy nonas.

No. 350879

Oh thank you so much nona bless you <3

No. 350901

Is it ok if I do one or two cards per question very quick for you?
>Will I reach stability if I continue with my life the way things are, or do I need to do something drastic?
Page of cups, the magician
Do you have a creative block? I think you're capable enough to do the things right, but you shouldn't shy away from expressing yourself. Whatever you chose, you have the power and skill to make it happen.
For the drastic part, you got judgement and knight of wands. Reflect on what you really want, and then take action!

>Is my nigel the right person to raise a family with?

Ten of wands, five of swords
No, unless you want to carry a lot of weight and burdens, be careful

>And, where should I turn to renew my creativity?

Ah well that answers my previous question! Six of cups, strength, three of pentacles
Three things basically: reconnect with your inner child, look at what made you happy in the past, or think about what you're nostalgic for. If you have a home to return to, and old friend, or a family member you appreciate, you could spend some time with them. Second, you need to work on your resilience and not give up so easily, you have the tools to do anything you want. Third, you need a mentor of some sort. Consider getting advice from someone knowledgeable in your field, take some classes, watch things that could help, or go to a counselor

No. 350906

should i try to do something and express myself regardless?
is there any hope in reconnecting with him?

thanks in advance nonitas

No. 350933

Will he message me today?

No. 350935

Two of cups, yes
>should i try to do something and express myself regardless?
Eight of wands, page of wands,
Yes, have the courage and take action
>is there any hope in reconnecting with him?
Temperance, nine of swords, four of swords
Not right now it seems

No. 350947

thank you nona, i got a burst of creativity/inspiration after posting my questions so i believe it's the right thing to do

No. 350954

Feeling a bit stuck and aimless in my job and creative pursuits. How do I get out of this rut and where should I focus my attention?

No. 350993

Am I close to finding a job soon

No. 351087

This is perfect nona, I'm wildly grateful. This was really motivating, (and I promise I won't mate with the moid).

No. 351411

What is the near future of me and my gfs relationship?
Am I skilled enough to apply to a newer job?

No. 351461

File: 1696559801277.jpg (662.85 KB, 1536x2560, rq2uvQnnZnkZmxD9Leh1--1--lvrl9…)

Gonna do five (5) tarot readings in my free time in honor of my deities.
>a picture of Itzpapalotl, Coatlicue, or some other Aztec goddess
Please take a moment to honor one of the aforementioned goddesses before asking your question. The easiest way to do this is to research the goddess' mythology, but you can even say a short prayer or give a small offering of incense or water. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

No. 351462

File: 1696562201140.jpg (90.62 KB, 282x270, Itzpapalotl.jpg)

What is the connection between me and him?
What is the reason why we met?
What does he want to tell me?
(BTW nona I love learning about Mesoamerican cultures so as I read some more about Itzpapalotl I will continue to do so when I'll come back home later. She sounds fascinating! The symbols reminded me of some of my important dreams too.)

No. 351467

File: 1696566931294.jpg (81.19 KB, 600x790, coatlicue.jpg)

Is a connection with this moid worth pursuing?

Your goddess is very beautiful and cool.

No. 351490

File: 1696580562508.jpg (233.86 KB, 768x1024, batch_13801053.jpg)

She is quite fascinating. I was drawn to her instantly when I first heard of her.
>What is the connection between me and him
>8 of Wands clarified by Knight of Cups
There's no confusion here, your connection was meant to be short and sweet. Even if you were in a long-term relationship, it wasn't meant to last forever. I'm reminded of the song Summberboy by Lady Gaga. That's the dynamic I'm getting here.

>What is the reason why we met?

4 of Cups reversed clarified by Page of Cups reversed
Simply you were both in a position where you were ready to sow your wild oats. It seems like maybe this came after a period of withdrawal for either of you. Maybe one of you was also just getting out of a relationship or healing from a heartbreak. Whatever the case may be, you were both ready for a fling.

>What does he want to tell me?

Ace of Swords reversed clarified by Pages of Wands reversed.
The Ace of Swords reversed definitely gives me the impression that there's a lot he wants to say but can't exactly find the way to put it into words, or can't bring himself to say it, so I definitely needed a clarifier card. Maybe he's just sad that things didn't work out the way he was hoping and wants to let you know. He could also be hoping to start a new chapter in your relationship, but he's hampered by how complex the situation is and feels like he can't go to you.

>Your goddess is very beautiful and cool
Thank you. Words of praise also count as honoring the goddesses btw.

No. 351517

Thank you!

No. 351524

File: 1696600033287.png (3.66 MB, 1152x1853, Coatlicue.png)

I love Coatlicue! I love her so much! I remember when I first saw her in Mexico City. I felt like o fell in love. I've wanted to draw her and her daughter Coyolxauhqui for ages, but I feel unworthy of doing it, if that makes sense. I'm happy to see her again! Praise her!

I'm Scorpio 27 female if that helps!

I've got some questions here, if that's ok for you
>Why am I so unmotivated and anxious to draw? Am I lacking something?
>Will things start moving favorably for me if I start drawing more?
>Have I entered a new stage in my life, or am I close to doing so?
>Should I get a normie job for the money despite not being able to see my boyfriend if I chose to do so, or continue aiming for something better related to art and have free time but no gains?
>Should I just do art and not care about how others might perceive it? I am scared of not looking "professional enough".
>Did I do good / am I doing good in not contacting R again? He was a special friend to me. Will he contact me or should I contact him myself? I feel like things won't be the same between us.
>And lastly, how are things going to be for me from the 22th of October to the 3rd of November this year? A big important trip is coming up for me later this month. Any advice?

Thank you so much!

No. 351675

File: 1696673138502.png (921.79 KB, 720x975, IMG_20231007_040416.png)

Are you still here anon?

No. 351676

File: 1696673155287.jpg (104.37 KB, 512x512, batch_13856202.jpg)

Two readings still available if anybody wants them.

>Is a connection with this moid worth pursuing?
>Strength, Nine of Swords reversed, Nine of Wands reversed
Depends on how much you're willing to put up with. A relationship with him will definitely test your boundaries and cause you some worry and anxiety, but it will be nothing that you haven't gone through in a relationship already. You just have to decided if the struggle he causes is worth the love.

>I've wanted to draw her and her daughter Coyolxauhqui for ages, but I feel unworthy of doing it, if that makes sense.
I feel like she would really appreciate that, and I would love to see some more art of the Aztec goddesses. Go for it, anon.
Those are a lot questions, so I'm going to choose a few of the ones that I resonate with the most.

>Will things start moving favorably for me if I start drawing more?

>Eight of Cups, The Fool, Five of Cups
Yes! You will have to lose something very meaningful to you, like an aspect of yourself as an example, but major new beginnings should be on the horizon. The loss will be very painful but necessary for your growth.

>Have I entered a new stage in my life, or am I close to doing so?

>Ten of Pentacles, Page of Wands reversed, Nine of Wands reversed
You've just completed a big cycle in your life, especially when it comes your home, finances, or career. However, you're being a bit resistant when it comes to taking new opportunities that have been laid out for you. That could stunt your transition into a new beginning if you're not careful.

>Should I just do art and not care about how others might perceive it?

>Strength reversed, Magician reversed, Four of Swords reversed
Hmm, difficult cards. While The Magician reversed implies that you're not making full use of your talents, the flanking cards imply that you need to take a moment to rest and relax. You may be burning yourself out by worrying too much about other people's perceptions of your art, which could also be the root cause of the anxiety and demotivation. This could also be holding you back from honing your craft, as part of learning is making mistakes. I say just take a more spontaneous and intuitive approach to your art and allow yourself to fuck up every now and then without worrying about what other people think. Your craft will improve.

No. 351677

Hahaha I did say I would do them in my free time. I'm a little bit busy with school right now, but still wanted to find a way to honor my deities.

No. 351685

File: 1696675604245.jpg (140.05 KB, 725x544, aus_175_00_2.jpg)

I'd like a reading about picking between two moids. Which one of them is worth it? One of them is old, one of them is new.

No. 351697

Thank you so much for this reading ♥ I really need to relax more like you said

No. 351703

File: 1696687455251.jpg (983.51 KB, 768x1024, d83yh7b-9dc51729-34d9-40b6-ad4…)

Are things between me and L(Libra,male) going to be okay for the rest of October?
Is our relationship going to flourish and get better?
How can I stop thinking about past mistakes so I don't hurt him anymore?
Anything else you might see if the cards? Thanks

No. 351724

File: 1696700298426.jpg (7.78 KB, 275x223, 1688887975211.jpg)

A reading about my future, if a kind nonnie can spare the time. Will I move oversees sometime soon-ish? What can I expect in the next year or so? What should I be focusing on to most benefit myself and my loved ones? Thank you!

No. 351741

I'll do it anon, just give me some time ok?

No. 351754

four of cups, page of coins
you need to be more practical, think of the now. Be more open to experimenting.
nine of swords- try not thinking too hard. I know you have big dreams, but for now, they're just stressing you. Chill out
the world, yes
>What is the near future of me and my gfs relationship?
Someone in the relationship is being extremely possessive, controlling even. A lot of apprehension. It has to do with love, but also material things. But you have a good outlook despite that
>Am I skilled enough to apply to a newer job?
two of cups, page of swords, ten of pentacles
yes, yes and more yes! do it for the sake of your partner, you're very smart and agile, so you shouldn't be afraid.
>Will I move oversees sometime soon-ish?
tried pulling multiple cards, I got plenty of positive ones like the queen of swords and the empress meaning you're probably ready to tackle this on. And I also got eight of cups twice, which has to do with abandoning something or going away, so perhaps, yes.
>What can I expect in the next year or so?
page of pentacles, eight of pentacles, nine of wands
a lot of new experiences, more learning to do, and you need to put your ideas into action. Be confident.
>What should I be focusing on to most benefit myself and my loved ones?
ten of swords, three of wands, the magician
heal your wounds, they're pretty deep. Work towards your goals, but remain flexible. You are in such a good place in life right now, you can make your dreams a reality, I saw it in the other cards too. You just need to not let anything hold you back.

No. 351774

File: 1696720706258.jpeg (965.12 KB, 828x1056, IMG_1588.jpeg)

Can I get a reading please? 23F Capricorn, this summer I met the man of my dreams while travelling, we had an amazing time but we live on opposite sides of the world. Will we ever be together again?
I have applications in for two really good job opportunities, one closer to home for decent money that I think would help me grow, one working hard in a major city on the other side of the world for money than I could imagine here. Will I hear back from either of them?

No. 351825

File: 1696741203550.jpg (85.26 KB, 1080x856, IMG_3589.JPG)

I (Cancer sun, Gemini moon, Sagittarius rising; 25) haven't heard from my on-and-off-for-2-years ex-turned-FWB (Taurus sun, Libra moon, Scorpio rising; 30) in a couple days.

Last week, his mom was in the hospital for 3 days with a high fever and I saw him for a bit the day she was discharged. She was diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer in December 2022, which went into remission this past August. However, when I asked him how his mother was doing the day before she was released, he said her "m levels spiked" so I'm wondering in the back of my mind if that means her cancer's back. I have not asked him that directly since I know he'd bring it up himself – he does have issues with opening up, in that he thinks he's bogging me down with his issues. It took him 2 years to tell me anything in detail about his childhood.

Anyway, we usually hang out a bit on Sundays since I moved closer to him (pure coincidence) in July. Before my move, we always lived 2.5-3 hours away from one another. Distance, and then a partner I was stuck with were the obstacles. I saw him and we hooked up when I was on a break with that aforementioned partner. Anyway, the current obstacles are my trauma I need to work through, and his familial problems. I ghosted him from late Dec 2022 - July 2023 while trying to maintain a terrible relationship, and he's forgiven me since then.

When I saw him a week ago, he was in good spirits but cried after we had sex. I've never seen him cry before. I'd told him beforehand that I'd missed him (hadn't seen him in ~2 weeks) and he kissed me hard in response.

He is still watching my stories.

TL;DR Long-term ex and current FWB has me concerned since my messages haven't been read in about 2 days (literally: "how are you doing?" at like 2 PM on Friday; "I hope you're having a good day" ~5 PM today) but he's still watching my stories. I'm wondering if he's ghosting me like I ghosted him? And why are we so chained to each other?

No. 351846

File: 1696754526205.jpeg (155.43 KB, 842x1325, IMG_0779.jpeg)

Will I find the one this year?

No. 351864

There's no rush - the future will wait heheh. Thank you!

No. 351889

File: 1696784564324.jpg (168.36 KB, 1024x770, John_Simmons_-_Scene_from_A_Mi…)

I've had the shittiest week ever my girlfriend's cat randomly got super sick and needed to be put down, and I was suddenly let go from a fun well paying job along with other odd random bad happenings and I'd really appreciate a reading if any nonna can do one. I have a few questions:
>Will the bad luck end sooner rather than later? Is there something I have to do in order to rid myself of this bad luck?
>Is it worth fully pursuing an art career where I'd be happiest, or should I seek regular employment where it would be more stable?
>Should I take a leap of faith, or stay where I'm already comfortable?

No. 351897

nonnies if you let me I will read these later (maybe today maybe tomorrow) just be patient ok?

No. 351898

nonnie your reading is here! >>351754
threw in a quick card, knight of cups, it's a positive one so maybe. It's an invitation to date from a guy, so let's see

No. 351906

File: 1696792546463.jpeg (26.42 KB, 342x342, 1665366948622.jpeg)

Graduated at the end of the summer, have had no luck finding a wfh job, been thinking about leaving my current relationship since July but I can't see anything working out for me. Will my life change (soon)?

No. 351931

Omg I totally missed it lol. You're a doll, thank you. Lots of truth in what you saw…food for thought.

No. 351985

Thank you nonna!!

No. 351988

File: 1696840842095.jpg (114.55 KB, 453x604, 1674397843.jpg)

Hi, I would like to get a reading.
19, sagittarius
So, my friend recently started dating a moid who is older than her for 13 years and I've been burning with concern (that he might take advantage of her young age and trauma) and jealousy.
I would like to know how will it all end, will my friend and her moid stay together or whether she drops him, will I remain friends with her or not and will she fall in love with me or not ?

No. 352005

>Queen of Wands clarified by Six of Pentacles reversed
You may be the one putting all of the energy into this relationship. The connection seems lopsided, but in a way I feel like you kind of enjoy chasing him and taking the lead in the relationship. If this rings true, then he might be worth it.
>Page of Pentacles clarified by Ten of Cups reversed
Yeah, definitely not this guy. He's offering you some stability, but it seems like he doesn't have much experience with this. The relationship will be overall unfulfilling and not in line with what you desire.

Wish you the best.
>Are things between me and L(Libra,male) going to be okay for the rest of October?
>Is our relationship going to flourish and get better?
>Judgment, Three of Pentacles, Knight of Wands reversed
Somebody in this connection seems a tad-bit irritable, but things should get better. There are spiritual forces pointing towards a renewal in your relationship. Maybe at some point you'll decide that you're better off as friends or some other kind of shift will happen. Either way, you'll be able to work with each other better.
>How can I stop thinking about past mistakes so I don't hurt him anymore?
>Ten of Wands, Six of Wands reversed
His mistakes or yours? You need to focus your energy and attention on other things when those thoughts pop up. Maybe even throw yourself into work to keep yourself from replaying the same thought patterns over and over. You kind of just have to nip things in the bud is the impression I'm getting.

No. 352019

>Yes! You will have to lose something very meaningful to you, like an aspect of yourself as an example, but major new beginnings should be on the horizon. The loss will be very painful but necessary for your growth.
Late, but I interpreted this more as in I need to get over myself trampling over my own progress and probably need to relax… not gonna lie this stuff scares me, but I'm very grateful for it

No. 352020

Thanks anon, I think I am the irritable one who needs to leg go of his mistakes… I think we're going to become more of a serious couple this month, that's the shift. Here's to hoping… thank you

No. 352440

Bit of a silly question but I will be able to buy a new laptop soon nonas, please?
Kek I need it for my duties

No. 352742

Will i ever find love? I wanna joke about it but its hard to ignore the thought during the rare moment of loneliness. im scared that im only living my life so that i can meet the needs of my family and never mine especially in the romance department. I just wanna experience loving someone and beign loved at the same time regardless if its fleeting but i hope itd be a long lasting relationship too.

No. 352835

File: 1697271637889.jpeg (149.38 KB, 750x560, ddfdeb74-c997-4286-9126-9111eb…)

Will he reach out to me again?

No. 353409

I'm back and this time I will be using my Jade Oracle deck to deliver some messages from Aztec deities. Since these readings will be more complicated than the other ones, I will start off by reading for 3 anons and maybe do more if I have the time.

Please keep in mind that we will be petitioning ancient gods for their guidance, so try to ask important questions you need profound messages for. Something like
>where am I going on my spiritual journey?
Is preferred over
>will he text me back?
And similar questions.

This time I will also be limiting it to 2 questions per person. Thanks in advance for your queries.

No. 353414

File: 1697524703735.gif (56.33 KB, 100x120, s035.gif)

Hello Nona, thank you for offering your services to us.
Lately I've been in a deep depression, one which I theoretically know how to get out of, but I've not found the willpower, or have been too afraid, or just got comfortable in my suffering. I'm not sure. So I want to ask the cards
>What am I needing that I can't see or haven't thought of yet?
>From where can I draw the strength and energy I need to move forward?
Thanks again for your time.

No. 353418

I lit some copal incense as an offering to the gods for their time and patience.

>Huehueteotl/8 of Cups reversed
The ancient god of fire. He has a message for you about returning to a situation you walked away from.
>What am I needing that I can't see or haven't thought of yet?
>5 of Swords, The Emperor
I get the feeling that a conflict in your life has caused a large amount of resentment that's eating away at you. This could be causing you to expend a lot of mental energy and tiring you out. You may have swallowed your pride and decided to take it on the chin, but Huehueteotl urges you to reexamine the situation. What you may really need is to confront what's making you feel this way, or even the person causing you such grief in the first place. You need to balance the scales and restore order in the situation so you can finally feel at peace.

Another way I can read these cards is by assuming that you were the instigator in this situation, and now you feel regret over what you've done. If that is the case, you may want to take steps to make amends and free yourself of guilt.

>From where can I draw the strength and energy I need to move forward?

>Magician reversed, Strength
This is very on the nose. Your current path isn't working out for you, so you need tap into that part of yourself that is in alignment with your highest good, and summon your inner power to persist despite all odds. Huehueteotl wants you to embody that inner fire in you, so really consider what makes you burn up inside and take action towards it. Even if you have to return to a situation that you had previously walked away from to gain some closure.

Please let me know if this is accurate or resonates in anyway. I really appreciate feedback because it lets me know if I'm on the right track or not.

No. 353428

Wow, yes it certainly resonates. One of my major character flaws is avoidance and I run away even faster from things that are good for me. Just now, I put off reading your reply for an hour and a half because I was worried you might actually be able to help! So to hear, "you walked away and now it's time to go back," definitely holds some significance for me. I can easily think of more than a dozen things that I would like to return to, with two or three really important things at the top of the list.

>a conflict in my life

No conflict comes immediately to mind, though I suppose that's natural when asking about something I can't see or haven't yet thought of. Interestingly, The Emperor was my "monthly" card during the beginning of my recent breakdown/backslide, the cause of which is still a total mystery to me. For all my distress, I never bothered to explore what might have triggered all this in the first place, and I'd resigned myself to its apparent randomness. I guess this means it isn't random and I ought to look closer!

>embody that inner fire

I understood this much more readily, because lately I'm kept afloat by my passions alone. Indulging in those passions tends to come with some caveats, though, so I'm hearing this as encouragement to shed my inhibitions and just go for it. Let go of the baggage and feel the passion itself, love for love's sake. I've had some recent success with this and already feel confident that I can do it, but this has helped me to feel even more sure of myself.

Thank you very much, Nona and Huehueteotl, I'll keep you in my prayers. May all your kindness and generosity be returned in full.

No. 353450

Hello nonna welcome back! I hope you and your deities have been well.
My questions have to do with the fact that only now I feel as if I'm finally getting out of a rut, finally figuring out what I want to do. My dream has to do with doing art for a living but after graduation from college I was super confused on how to do this. I lost a lot of things in the pandemic and with that my motivation also went away, so besides some odd jobs I've been jobless all this time. Some months ago, I talked to a teacher and he asked me if I wanted to write for the local newspaper, which I said yes I would love to, but so far it's not like I have a blog or a page where I could show him my writing because I mostly just write for myself.
So I guess my question is, is this the right path I should take for my career and financial needs? Do you think the spirits/deities are pushing me towards that path? I'm scared they'll say no to me after all this time.

My second question is that I've been feeling an odd affinity towards Santa Muerte recently. Long story short, I asked for money at some point, cleaned her Wikipedia page, and I think she granted it to me. I've heard that she takes things away if you upset her, like loved ones, so I'm a bit scared of her taking away my mom (she's sick) or my lover (he's everything to me). I was raised catholic so they always tell me to be careful with spirits. So, do you think there's some type of affinity there? Am I going to be ok if I contact her? Is she a vengeful deity? I think she really was nice to me that one time. Thank you.

No. 353451

File: 1697548130567.gif (26.04 KB, 500x500, d8jd1ek-5d07ccc6-a47e-4ef8-aa7…)

Welcome back!

I'm going to meet my long distance boyfriend this Sunday. Is there anything I should be conscious or aware of? And, do you think he's the one for me? I feel strong "he's the one" vibes from him. What do the spirits say?

No. 353459

Hello again anon! Really appreciate your services.
I have two questions, feel free to rephrase them if it's easier for the cards.
>What do I need to do to put my life back on track?
>Is it better for me to pursue my passion or secure stability?
I would like to make an offering myself to those deities as thanks if you choose to read for me. What do you suggest?

No. 353460


thank you for your services, nona.

i'm probably going to get married and i think we're looking at starting a family soon after.

>what can i do to help meet gaps that are unspoken in the relationship?

>is there anything to be done to prepare better for motherhood?

best to you, nona.

No. 353542

>No conflict comes immediately to mind
Ah, then I would interpret it as some inner conflict between your current path in life and the path you are actually meant for. You should definitely consider taking my advice and returning to some of the things you had left behind, as you're throwing yourself out of alignment with your highest good. I'm glad the rest of the reading was able to resonate with you.

>Medicinal Arts/Ritual Calendar/Rabbit/Uixtocihuatl/The Hierophant
It took me about 4 pulls before I finally got a deity card. The spirits certainly have a strong message for you about your life path, and it comes from Uixtocihuatl, the goddess of salt and sensual desire. She wants to teach you something about faith and tradition.

>is this the right path I should take for my career and financial needs? Do you think the spirits/deities are pushing me towards that path?

>Knight of Swords, Seven of Cups, Page of Pentacles all reversed
I get the feeling she may want you to rely on your own inner voice to decide if this is the best course of action for you. I also get the feeling that more opportunities may come to you in the future, and you will again have to wade through those to decide what is the best fit for you. Whether you decide to follow this path or not, you will eventually be taken in a different direction. Medicinal Arts and Ritual Calendar tell me that she wants you to live more in alignment with your inner desires and the universe. If you take the time to ground yourself, you will be able to decide in which direction you want to go in. Considering the Hierophant, you may also find it easier to decide if you start to identify with a certain worldview and try to live your life in accordance with those rules and regulations. Overall, it's up to you if this is what you want, as I don't feel like whatever decision you make will seriously affect your life path. Considering the Rabbit and the reversed Seven of Cups, she may also be warning you against sexual overindulgence. Just a random thing that I picked up on.

>So, do you think there's some type of affinity there? Am I going to be ok if I contact her? Is she a vengeful deity?

Before I get into reading the cards, I would just like to share my story with Santa Muerte and give you my own advice based on experience. A couple of years ago I asked her for help with my small business, and she delivered, but I didn't keep my end of the deal. The worst thing she did was take away my sales. In general, you don't have to worry about being severely punished by a REAL deity as long as you approach them with respect. The real thing you should be worried about is impostor spirits and parasites. I had my own run in with them last year after I tried reaching out to some daemons, and I'm still healing from the trauma it caused. For a long time I thought it was the real daemons screwing with my life, but in reality real deities are not typically as ruthless as you may expect unless you really go out of your way to offend them. As long as you do your research on what the deity likes and dislikes you should be okay. Like I would never consider sacrificing any living being to Quetzalcoatl as in myths it is said he was once a human ruler who eschewed human sacrifice. I've also heard of people having bad experiences if they give him money as an offering. That type of thing.
>Ace of Cups reversed, Five of Cups, King of Cups reversed, Ten of Wands, Eight of Cups
I asked how you would fare if you reached out to Santa Muerte and it seems like you will experience some sort of loss. I doubt it would be a physical death, but she may expect you to shed a lot of old aspects of yourself and things that no longer serve you. Her intentions will be for the greater good, but her energy just may be too intense for someone like you, and it could cause you to have the wrong perception of her. Overall I see you getting burned out and then needing to move on. Uixtocihuatl may want you to follow a more traditional spiritual path, as going off the beaten track may not be good for you. You mentioned your family being Catholic, so you may want to consider reaching out to some of the more canonical saints that resonate with you. They will be safer for you to work with.

No. 353559

I've finished my three readings but I may be back later to finish up the next two in the queue. In the meantime though, I'm going to force myself to do some homework.

>Cihuateotl(Divine Woman)/Nanahuatzin/Nine of Wands
Nanahuatzin, the poor and sickly deity who sacrificed himself to create the sun. The message seems to be about being distrustful due to some past loss.

>Is there anything I should be conscious or aware of?

>Queen of Wands, Four of Pentacles
You may be trying too hard to control circumstances and it's setting you back in your relationship. I can understand wanting to maintain control, especially if you've experienced something that has caused you to be on your guard, but you don't have to micromanage every detail. You should try to take a more laidback approach and let some events unfold as they may. Queens in the tarot are all about controlling things behind the scenes and utilizing soft persuasion. You may have more success if you embodied the energy of the Queen of Wands, a charismatic figure with a strong personality, but not overly-domineering.

>And, do you think he's the one for me?

Based on the previous cards, I can see that you may be a bit paranoid due to something that happened in your past, but you shouldn't let it control how you view this relationship. When Nanahuatzin had nothing else to give he offered pieces of himself, and then finally jumped bravely into the fire to sacrifice himself for the creation of the sun. Cihauteotl are also women who have attained elevated status due to losing their lives during childbirth. I'm getting the overarching message that despite what you have lost in the past, you can still venture on to create beautiful experiences. Nevertheless, I will a pull a couple more cards to better understand your connection.
>The World, Three of Swords, Temperance reversed
This is a strong message that not everything lasts forever, but while your relationship may one day come to an end, it doesn't mean that it wasn't worth it. The World doesn't just talk about finality and completion, but realizing fulfillment and accomplishing goals. This relationship will be important for your growth is what I'm getting, but understand that all things come and go, and one day you may both decide that you don't really mesh and you're better off parting ways.

No. 353790

Thank you for your kindness, nona! My main question is if I will ever find some sort of fulfillment in next years, mainly with fulfilling my goals and ambitions and what I should do to achieve that
The second one is how I can help myself and my loved in our relationships with our parents, sort of a double question, sorry, but it is very tied to how I should act on that as well

No. 354399

File: 1698024834408.jpg (279.78 KB, 1080x836, IMG_20231017_205437.jpg)

Anons how will I get rich to pay mine and my parent's debts? Will it happen soon?

Picrel are my birth cards


No. 354988

Will he ever unblock me?

No. 355195

Pls answer :(

No. 355209

File: 1698334605932.jpeg (47.74 KB, 481x415, IMG_3605.jpeg)

Samefag, never mind. Don’t even waste your fucking time, I’m moving on. Use the spare time you’d use doing that reading to treat yourself.

No. 355274

hello, nothing has changed here (yet) if any kind nonnies are able to answer for me! thank you very much in advance

No. 355952

Can a nonna give me reading on whether or not I’m being delusional about this one guy liking me. He’s not bad, I might pursue if I’m not being delusional.

No. 356112

If you want readings why the fuck are you sageing

No. 356308

File: 1698884432844.jpg (95.63 KB, 1600x1600, 61bueMdnn0L.jpg)

I'm weirded out because one of my friends is getting oddly dependent on me
i never know whats up with her and she always hides everything, she broke up with some guy she had been dating for months and she first hid it, and later on she lied about being a way shorter time, she also called him the dependant one so i assume she's projecting on some way kek.
Can i get a reading for her? whats with her personality or her true intentions and how does it relate to me. She's an aries btw idk if that helps

No. 356383

File: 1698941036303.jpg (117.2 KB, 621x629, golden art nouveau.JPG)

Tarot nonas, what are your favorite decks? Or least favorite, if you have one.

I was given the original Rider-Waite one as a gift a few years ago but recently I found picrel at a flea market and impulsively picked it up because I love art nouveau and it came in a little metal box (I am a huge sucker for little metal boxes). I wish the cards were bigger, but for most of the cards I like the art better and I think the small details are easier to see. Even though the art is basically just the RW art but in a different style, it's changed how I interpret some of the cards, which is making me want to branch out and maybe collect a few different decks for different kinds of readings. Do any of you do that?

No. 357197

why the fuck not. it’s not urgent

No. 359940

Bumping in hopes that the >>353409
nona will see my question

No. 360318

My favourites are those who subtly enhance the classic cards without changing them too much and the one where all the characters in the cards are replaced with white cats.

These days I'm feeling very depressed with regards to my future and career. If anyone can do a career reading for me I would appreciate it. (Taurus 20's)

No. 360401

I enjoyed this audiobook.

No. 363457

I've always been skeptical of this sort of thing, but screw it, I'm going crazy and a reading might help set my mind at ease or help me act or something.

There's this person I've been ridiculously into since college, a decade ago for me now. Pretty attractive and even more for me since they're 100% "my type," best smile I've ever seen, kind-hearted, hipster-ish but that gave them cool interests… we never dated and didn't really know each-other well but based on stuff this person said to my then-roommate who was their FWB for a bit (I missed my chance at one party and still kick myself), the attraction was actually mutual. I didn't think it was a strong attraction, but I noticed in stories I'd write I was unconsciously basing love interests on them, and my thoughts have on and off wandered to them for years. Especially lately since I decided to do a teensy bit of cyber-stalking (nothing too bad; just public photos and seeing what music they're listening to lol), they seem like they're in a bad place in life and I really wish I could somehow help them out. Or at least re-connect with them and hope it goes somewhere, even if there's nothing there to "fix."

I won't make any decisions based off this alone, but to try and assuage my nerves I used a divination method I've gotten scary-accurate results from before (I Ching) and got pretty positive readings. I'm curious to see what someone's deck says, so… tarot nonnas, is something romantic likely to happen between me and this person?

No. 363459

strong* attraction on their end, or even mine,

No. 363460

Gahhh, that's what I get for not using this site in forever. The reason the * is after "strong" is because I tried to italicize it like in my post, plus have the pound-sign to say it's an edit/clarification. Anyway. Enough possible-OCD rambling from me.

No. 366792

Does he really like me? Is he being honest? Do we belong together? Will he accept me as I am?

No. 366803

Thank you for the recommendation nona

No. 367165

Do you tarotanons think that certain cards represent certain people? I know someone who I used to have a crush on that I did a lot of readings on and he would always show up as a certain King card. Now that I have that card and some other indications of someone reappearing in my life my immediate thought was him but I also recognize that there's plenty of people who could be that card.

No. 367250

yes that's what the court cards are for. they represent people.

No. 367629

Pls someone help

No. 367769

I asked the cards and they said men are worthless wastes of time. Get over him and do something actually important with your life.

No. 367957

You did not ask the cards you fucking liar.

No. 370763

File: 1704297101308.jpg (141.84 KB, 680x680, 40e44b44ac6322b4be3a5852ce4e8b…)

Any anons still doing readings?

How will 2024 fair for me?
>Money and career
>Health, mental and physical
>Relationship, family and friends
>Special opportunities and events

Aquarius, Leo rising.

Thank you very much in advance!

No. 371000

This is slightly off topic but how based was the tarot reading for Trump? I so hope it is true, can you imagine the uproar…Trump loss predicted by tarot. (I’m not an Amerifag and don’t want to derail about politics)

No. 371452

If anyone is interested could I get a reading please? I’m a cusp Scorpio and ascendant Cancer (weirdly a lot of the charts regarding this are correct and helped me work on my less desirable traits). I’m pale with dark features. Hopefully this is useful for getting a good reading (I’m not kidding about being a quintessential Scorpio).

My request is a reading for this coming year; what’s coming, what to expect? Just a general query as to what the new year will bring for me and my family.

No. 371687

I need the moon sign and then I'll get you a reading

No. 371689

File: 1704599287292.jpg (1 KB, 318x159, JNSyf7h.jpg)

>I’m not an Amerifag
No you are not. If you were you would know that a Trump win in a given. Cope and seethe, Eurotrash
Btw, when Trump is back that means not more US military protecting you from Russia. Enjoy living the rest of your life as slave to semi Asiatic masters(derailing/infighting/offtopic)

No. 371703

Thank you nonna, my moon sign is Virgo.

No. 371735

Can I get one as well nona, please?

No. 371820

File: 1704650320296.jpeg (65.94 KB, 605x597, IMG_5646.jpeg)

Can I get a reading for a general outlook on 2024? I'm really hoping this year will be better


>love life
>future plans

am a leo sun, cancer rising, saggitarius moon

No. 372024

your personality profile (you need Vedic astrology, which I don't know how to do, if you want to do accurate future predictions):
-quiet and soft spoken, but very intense
-ultra perceptive
-very strong opinions and obsessed with sharing them with others even though nobody cares
-appear to others as detached and aloof, but you are actually not
-perfectionst; to the point that it is actively irritating to others
-your annoying tendency to point out every little flaw is often turned inwards and is the source of much stress for you
-frustrated with the rest of humanity for not living up to your bullshit standards
-self righteous and preachy
-very strong ethics
-ultra magnetic; charismatic without needing to speak very much; people intuitively understand that you have true wisdom
-determined and ambitious
-not particularly fun loving as you gain your meaning through your work
-very responsible with a strong sense of duty
-you were probably meant to be an investigative reporter, but they don't really have those anymore so God know what you are currently doing; may want to consider becoming a detective
-want an active sex life but you yourself are fairly inhibited irl. Because of this, you somewhat prefer DiY over actual sex because your fantasies you can really be true to yourself and aren't held back by your inhibited nature. Also, there appears to be a bit of a clash between your ethics and what gets you off, this is somewhat of a guess, but based on other charts I've seen like this I'm thinking that maybe some of the stuff you are into isn't very feminist and this makes it difficult for you to fully enjoy your natural sensuality even in your own fantasies given both your own feminist beliefs and your very strong personality. You are too self aware to fall for the "it's just a kink" shit (which is good, kink shaming ftw!)
-sex may not be where you want it, but you are really good at relationships; effortlessly able to balance being a good and supportive partner without being subject to being taken advantage of; your strong sense of self respect and boundaries actually allows you to be an even ~more~ supportive partner; ultra loyal, you would NEVER have taken Redford up on his indecent proposal under any circumstances
-ultra organized
-very sensitive to emotional signals in other people; would be a natural at interrogations; may want to consider a career in law enforcement, military or intelligence
-reserved exterior belies very warm, generous and supportive personality underneath
-not quick to make new friends; takes you a long time to build connections with others
-moody; often impatient and short tempered
-very touchy, easily hurt
-natural at writing and/or art
-financially prudent; build wealth via slow and steady accumulation
-bitter over others not seeing recognizing you for how great you imagine yourself to be
-most the big obstacles in your life you got out of the way when you were young; mature and confident by the time you had reached adulthood
-round face; expressive, bright, captivating eyes; skinny extremities; slight rolling gait (look up Sailor's Waddle)
-very imaginative
-very kind

Keep in mind, there is only so much I can do without the place, date and time of birth. You even mentioned that you are a cusp Scorpio so whenever your near the edge for any of your signs it makes it even more difficult still

No. 372052

Ily nonna, this is amazing!
> frustrated with the rest of humanity for not living up to your bullshit standards
Kek, thank you so much for taking the time. I’m gonna print this out and put it in my planner.

No. 372073

no prob. What percentage accurate was it?

No. 372116

Like 80-90%. The main outliers:

-self righteous and preachy
-determined and ambitious
-very responsible with a strong sense of duty
-moody; often impatient and short tempered
-financially prudent; build wealth via slow and steady accumulation
-bitter over others not seeing recognizing you for how great you imagine yourself to be

I don’t really think of myself as great and I try not to act superior over others but I think sometimes my convictions make me come across like that. I’m patient and I’ve learnt to hold my temper, it was difficult but I’m a lot better then I was. I’m pants at saving but I know if I create a bank account and just drop money into it I will forget about it and not touch it so this is making me think I can do better in that regard.
Everything else is pretty accurate with mild deviations. The part about my gait was hilariously on point and the same with my hang ups regarding sex, which makes me wonder if you know my posting history somehow kek

No. 372120

>same with my hang ups regarding sex which makes me wonder if you know my posting history somehow kek
no I definitely do not. But you do enough of these you start to recognize certain patterns and the incongruent sexuality is ultra common when you combine a Scorpio/Sag hybrid with a Virgo moon. At first I thought you had a dominatrix thing but by looking at the rest of your chart I realized that while you might find such a kink silly, you wouldn't feel guilty about it.
Do you have any interest in detective work or investigative reporting?

No. 372158

File: 1704755202579.jpg (145.06 KB, 576x635, pearl1_birth.jpg)

nona, can I get a general reading for 2024 as well please? Sun Gemini, Moon Aquarius and Virgo Ascendent

No. 372184

Sauce on this art? It’s gorgeous

No. 372185

any type of "this happens this year" can't be done without a specific place and DOB and even then it can only be done using Vedic astrology. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Your general personality profile:
-great conversationalist
-unique insights on a variety of issues
-balanced and practical
-charming and witty; entertaining
-extremely detail oriented, to the point where you are sometimes seen as overly critical by others
-strong work ethic but difficulty focusing; have ADD
-very wide array of interests
-ultra curious about everything
-very intuitive, especially about what is going on inside other people
-views that are far too "advanced" for normies, you often don't even bother trying to explain many of your views because normies are too retarded to understand them
-always thinking about the future, not someone who is able to just live in the moment
-detached, aloof
-seeing others being sad causes you to short circuit because your own detached nature makes it impossible for you to truly empathize with them. You desperately try to cheer them up and while you are too emotionally retarded yourself to know the right thing to say, the ~way~ that you say it is so charming that you do succeed in making them feel better
-not interested in contemplating yourself; You regard inner work as "gay"
-your moods vary greatly but you never lose your temper
-You REALLY need your freedom. Not being able to do what you want, when you want causes you extreme anxiety
-Obsessively fantasize about some ideal romantic partner that it just a collection of characteristics and attributes that you find appealing
-when you do find someone you like, you immediately but them on a pedestal and then start to lose attraction for them over time as you realize they aren't the idealized version of themselves that you had imagined them as
-analytical; very logical thinker; you were very good at physics in high school/college
-obsessed with small, stupid details that nobody else cares about and instead of realizing that you are just obsessing over bullshit, you instead grow angry at everyone else for not being as much of a sperg as you are
-highly accomplished
-obsessive desire to solve, fix, finish things on your own. Before GPS's, you would have been one of those people who refused to ask for directions
-strong dislike of flying
-poor health in childhood
-oval face, wild eyes and a slight build that is belied by strength and vitality

No. 372194

It's Edward Dulac, google reverse image search

No. 372195

As a kid I wanted to be a detective and then as I got older it was an investigative journalist. Investigative journalism had died before I got to uni so I decided against it and was thinking forensics but realized I probably couldn’t stomach it.
I was big into dom/sub shit as a teen and young adult but came to realize I was just using it as a form of selfharm and I didn’t actually like it. Now I’m pretty staunchly antikink and proud to be a prude!

No. 372204

I have to admit that my reading for you was more dead on then I ever get for using just the big 3 signs.
>I was big into dom/sub shit as a teen and young adult
Isn't that every teen and young adult now? When I was a kid, we didn't even know what those things were
>I was just using it as a form of selfharm
That's half the fun
>Now I’m pretty staunchly antikink
Anyone who is into kink should be sent to live with Frank Cotton and the Cenobites

No. 372237

File: 1704786889446.jpg (37.93 KB, 564x845, b038c7637c4bd52ed697cd0c06d28d…)

Could I please get a general reading for 2024?
Vedic big 3: Leo sun, Cancer moon, Libra rising

No. 372295

>That's half the fun
Nah, that’s mental illness luv

Thanks again, I really enjoyed your write up! Hope you continue to do more of these for others, it’s always good fun when it all lines up.

No. 372994

Can I ask for help interpreting a spread? some of these are clear to me, and some I do not quite understand/not sure how to interpret. I would like a second opinion on the whole thing. The question I asked was about my energy right now and in the immediate future, in relation to my relationships with people (friendships and dating). I am at the damn bottom right now, so the 10 of Swords was spot on.

All positions were one card in the original spread, but for some of them, I kept drawing two cards, so I decided to do what the deck hinted at and use the two cards.

Your Past Self - How has your history affected this current situation? Queen of cups
Your Current Self - Who are you now? What is your current situation? Ten of swords
Your Higher Self - Who is it that you are meant to be, without all the baggage that currently limits you? Four of cups
Challenge - What prevents you from realizing that higher self? Five of pentacles
Family Patterns - What are the lessons, positive or negative, that you have unconsciously learned from your upbringing that affect you? Three of swords
Personal Issues - What insecurities, coping mechanisms, anxieties and fears are active in you that make this choice so hard? King of wands, Knight of swords
Conscience - What does your conscience say you “should” do? What do you feel is the “right” thing to do? King of pentacles
Desire - What do you really want to do? What would you do if you knew that nobody would judge you? The chariot, Six of cups
Lesson - What is it that you must learn to be the best version of yourself? Wheel of fortune
Advice - Some advice going forward Queen of wands, Ace of swords

No. 375941

File: 1706352305723.jpeg (41.59 KB, 282x512, IMG_5462.jpeg)

I pulled picrel for a first impression of someone. I understand the type of person the six of swords can represent but I’m having trouble interpreting what it can mean for a first impression.

No. 376180

can I please get a reading on a new romantic relationship? I’m a leo sun and she’s a sag sun

No. 376194

File: 1706485639022.jpg (74.54 KB, 440x440, tumblr_65c6e9341c592fdaab884fa…)

If any nonna is available to do a reading, i'm 25+ y/o libra. Don't know my birth time, would like to know about my career and love life if possible!

No. 376195

Not a reader unfortunately but any readers might also need your moon and rising signs. Could you approximate or leave your birth time blank and see what your moon and rising (also called ascendant) signs are?

No. 376492

File: 1706645004890.jpeg (28.69 KB, 540x374, IMG_8788.jpeg)

Will I pass this semester's exams? I'm starting the exam season in a couple of days and I keep forgetting all the information I just read. I don't care about high grades, just to pass.
Taurus sun, Libra rising

No. 377828

22F aquarius sun/moon cancer rising
i just quit smoking weed cold turkey today and i want to reset my life and become the woman i want to be. i want to be driven, ambitious, and motivated again. i need some advice or to ask if my future looks bright ahead and if i am on the right track. thanks!

No. 386005

No. 386007

File: 1710783254824.jpeg (41.63 KB, 1200x400, Aquarius Sun Aquarius Moon Can…)

You don't need to give your age. Just your sun/moon/rising signs.

-anxious and high strung
-super energetic with an intense interest in exotic subjects
-into weird shit that nobody else cares about
-inconsistent with effort, have a hot and cold motor
-very intuitive, can sense what is going to happen
-magnetic personality
-struggle to form intimate bonds, or even close friendships. Many friends but they are relatively shallow relationships
-basically an eccentric weirdo who others tend to be wary of
-need a job where you have a lot of independence as you struggle to work under others
-very popular with men. I don't know what you look like but you have a vibe that is very alluring to many men
-open and willing to share
-tolerant and forgiving
-not much of a romantic, but you do have a strong need for companionship

No. 386402

new to this stuff. asked about my relationship with a friend.
"who is x to me?" death.
what could this refer to? end of the friendship?

No. 386409

File: 1710950546092.jpeg (108.76 KB, 650x650, IMG_3217.jpeg)

Ahhhh nobody ever interpreted mine

No. 386412

-very enthusiastic and fun loving
-obsessed with adventure and romance. Probably loved (or would love) "Anyone but You"
-immune to depression
-hyper optimist
-ultra honest and direct, to the point it is sometimes seen as rudeness by others
-confident go getter. Would be a great entrepreneur
-obsessed with recognition and status
-tend to start massive projects and then not finish them
-arrogant and patronizing. I would not want to be friends with you
-control freak; insist that others defer to you
-charming and dynamic
-very loyal but with a tendency to be too trusting of others
-tendency towards brief but very passionate romantic relationships

No. 386418

If you are still here, could you interpret mine? Libra sun, aries moon, scorpio rising.

No. 386419

File: 1710954813354.jpeg (331.42 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_5642.jpeg)

>-very enthusiastic and fun loving
>-obsessed with adventure and romance.
accurate, esp adventure over romance
>Probably loved (or would love) "Anyone but You"
I still need to see it kek
>-immune to depression
>-hyper optimist
one could say I'm manic depressive and hopeful for the world but I do fall into pessimistic polly territory
>-ultra honest and direct, to the point it is sometimes seen as rudeness by others
this is an emotional gut punch but it's not wrong
>-confident go getter. Would be a great entrepreneur
would be great if I could ever finish anything
>-obsessed with recognition and status
I want to be known, but not for my face
>-tend to start massive projects and then not finish them
oh stabbing me in the gut with this one
>-arrogant and patronizing. I would not want to be friends with you
>-control freak; insist that others defer to you
no I swear I'm not (maybe a little)
>-charming and dynamic
>-very loyal but with a tendency to be too trusting of others
>-tendency towards brief but very passionate romantic relationships
don't forget the passion is typically tumultuous and often painful

Thanks so much nona I appreciate your read!

No. 386426

First I want to remind everyone that a reading off of just the big 3 signs is very general and that a proper reading requires your time, date and place of birth

-struggle to sit still; would have hated the mindfulness meditation craze that was big in the mid 10's although doing some meditation may actually benefit you, look into the Jon Kabat Zinn body scan (50 minute version) on YouTube
-restless and independent
-strong need for novelty
-extremely prone to boredom
-natural devil's advocate
-the real world is too bland for you; prefer to live in the realm of fantasy
-prone to wild mood swings
-prone to self pity
-romantic but self centered: it's always mainly about you, not him (or her). You need a lot of attention from your partner. You sound exhausting to live with

No. 386439

Astrology anon pls do me
> western: Taurus sun, Scorpio moon/rising
> Vedic: Aries sun, libra moon/rising.

No. 386444

I don't know how to do Vedic. That's way harder even though it gives much better readings.

-ultra serious
-suspicious, untrusting, paranoid
-pessimistic and cynical
-courageous and sensual; Probably somewhat kinky. Dominatrix maybe?
-explorer as a youth but become jaded and disinterested with age
-perceptive and very sensitive
-struggle to express your feelings
-afraid of your own emotions, worrying that they will overwhelm you if you allow yourself to express them
-dark, brooding demeanor
-strangely, you are actually a warm and supportive person underneath the ice queen exterior, you just aren't comfortable revealing it
-extremely strong willed and always achieve what you set out to do
-very imaginative; look into art, writing or poetry to channel your creative energies
-can spot a liar from a million miles away. nothing gets by you
-generous lover but prone to psychotic jealousy

No. 386449

Sorry but can someone do a two card pull for me for two options? I’ve tried doing some readings but they keep alternating with no clear answer. I need to know which one is better.
> option 1: current job/industry
> option 2: the job/industry that I went to school for and dreamed of doing
I’m the same anon as >>386439 if that helps. Ty anons.
Tysm nona! Kek you were fairly accurate. A lot of these things are qualities that I didn’t like about myself because they make it harder to fit in with others but I actually wanna learn how to channel them so I can stop trying to be something I’m not and just embrace who I am. Thanks again.

No. 386452

Hey nonas, I was wondering if anybody could help me do a reading for my beloved friend. Last time we saw her, she was struggling through health issues but she wouldn't reveal what they were. She's been missing since around Christmas time, and we're all really worried about her because she hasn't spoken to any of us since. People close to her have been lying to us as well to try and make us worry less, but none of us believe them. She's 42 years old. Her sun sign is Capricorn, her moon is Cancer, and her rising is Leo. I just want to know, is she safe? Will she recover? Will she return? Thanks in advance.

No. 386463

no way for me to tell how she is doing with just her big 3 signs. Even if I had a date, time and place, I wouldn't be able to do anything as you'd need a really skilled Vedic astrologer to do something like that. Here's her personality profile, though:

-tries to maintain a cool and detached image but is actually a basket case underneath
-extremely insecure
-rough childhood
-independent and cynical
-strong feelings of self hatred
-very warmhearted and compassionate underneath the hard shell; the hard exterior is purely a coping mechanism she developed to survive her crappy childhood
-outside the box thinker
-very good memory and very witty
-blunt and outspoken
-keen eye for detail
-natural leader; very charismatic
-despite the above, this person will shy away from taking on leadership roles; this person will be a lone ranger or "sigma" type personality
-likes to isolate themselves even though this can be very harmful for their mental/emotional health
-desperately needs to be loved, but so emotionally fucked up they often aren't willing to accept it

No. 386467

Scorpio sun Leo rising Sagittarius moon

No. 386468

Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon, Cancer rising
Main problems: sense of self, identity, feeling like I'm losing progress and getting worse at everything, devolving
If you wouldn't mind, please also tell me the cards you pulled.

No. 386470

-very strong willpower
-passionate about humanitarian causes
-spiritual with a mystical aura; may want to consider starting a cult
-often seen as arrogant by others, but you really aren't
-iconoclast; think you have all the answers
-prone to phobias
-your independence is more important to you than anything else
-ultra blunt; no tact whatsoever
-devoted and affectionate romantic partner
-not a particularly hard worker
-natural leader and feel entitled to leadership positions

No. 386495

File: 1710985018079.jpeg (3.14 MB, 4032x3024, A78A101D-E108-44E5-A409-C356B6…)

Gemini sun Sagittarius rising Aries moon

No. 386498

File: 1710985980338.jpg (79.92 KB, 600x900, 432661270_3244531649175742_281…)

26F, Cancer sun, Leo rising, Aquarius moon
Song: Hopper - Baby Oil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5e_bF07Ht8&pp=ygUPaG9wcGVyIGJhYnkgb2ls
Will I get a job soon
Will I find love soon
And maybe some general reading, thanks

No. 386546

-always moving, exploring and learning
-can't learn from books, only by actually doing/experiencing
-get bored easily
-this boredom applies even to your romantic relationships and makes them difficult to sustain; your partners can't hold your interest
-impulsive; make rash decisions
-prone to burnout
-crappy memory
-repeat the same mistakes over and over again
-self centered
-no respect for, or even interest in, the views of others; yet you still expect people to listen to your own nonsensical views
-impatient and addicted to instant gratification
-high sex appeal which you use to manipulate people
-not particularly interested in marriage or ltr's

No. 386548

-needs emotional connection
-very supportive of others
-despite above, strongly independent and this can cause you to self isolate, causing mental/emotional strain
-playful and creative
-opinionated and seen as arrogant by others
-white knight when young but you likely have grown out of that by now
-have become bitter and cynical over the years
-tolerant, trusting and generous as a romantic partner, but despite this you are difficult to live with due to your moodiness and temper tantrums

No. 386612

File: 1711054034380.png (92.17 KB, 622x443, catherines birth chart.png)

Thank you for the reading, I will post more information about her for any other nonas that want to help me out. Her full chart is:
>Sun: Capricorn
>Moon: Cancer
>Rising: Leo
>Mercury: Aquarius
>Mars: Libra
>Venus: Aquarius
>Jupiter: Scorpio
>Saturn: Libra
Picrel is her birth chart. If anyone could do a tarot reading regarding her potential whereabouts, I'd really appreciate it. She was last seen before Christmas and we're all wondering if she is at least safe. There is some suspicion that she was sick and underwent some kind of surgical treatment, but we're unsure if this is true. Thanks again everyone.

No. 386623

recently found out my birth time was wrong and ive been a libra rising this whole time instead of a Virgo rising! thoughts on this:

gem sun, merc, mars
libra rising
taurus venus
aqua moon

No. 386655

Nta but a lot of legit tarot readers won’t do readings on health even if you pay them because they don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. And you have to be careful because the ones who will do a health reading are often scam artists that will do any reading as long as they get paid.

No. 386658

At this point we just want to know if she's safe, she's been missing for nearly 3 months and there's been no word from her since. Even if she isn't safe, at least we'd know. It's very distressing because she is a very popular woman and many people are her friend.

No. 386659

was the reading accurate? Didn't you say in your initial post that the people closest to her had told you that she is fine?

No. 386660

It was pretty accurate. People close to her say she's fine, but it's hard to believe them because in the past she's been at odds with them and they don't have a record of being very trustworthy. Nobody has seen her in like 3 months, so it's getting really weird and a little bit scary.

No. 386661

have you considered kidnapping and torturing one or more of those people until they divulge her whereabouts?

No. 386662

Unfortunately that's against the law where I live and also she is married to very rich and powerful family so it's hard for anybody to get through to her

No. 386677

Can you do a reading about my present and future? Scorpio sun, pisces moon and gemini rising. Thanks!

No. 386735

File: 1711119489614.jpg (4.27 KB, 275x183, scorpio.jpg)

I again want to reiterate that future predictions can only be made by a Vedic astrologer who has the date, time and place of birth. The big 3 signs can only give you an extremely general personality reading.

-magnetic, complex and enigmatic
-very intense on the inside but come off as light hearted
-excellent communicator
-endless pursuit of knowledge and self discovery
-constantly overwhelmed with thoughts about life direction/career path
-many friends; capable of being the life of the party when you are motivated to do so
-tells lots of white lies to avoid hurting others
-strong desire to be "saved" by someone else
-even though you are social and have lots of friends, you will occasionally go through detoxes where you isolate yourself from everyone but a select few, you then come back when you feel better
-intuitive to the point of almost being psychic
-into lot's of weird occult shit; believes in reincarnation
-fascinated with new things but frequently afraid to actually try them; if I offered you the chance to go on a DMT trip you would resolutely turn it down but a huge part of you would want to do it
-see yourself as weak and cope by putting on a facade of strength
-your inner growth comes in spurts: you are fine, then go through turmoil and then come out stronger. I know they say this happens to everybody but it REALLY happens to you and it's pretty frequent
-have the ability to manipulate people when you feel it's necessary but it isn't something you particularly enjoy
-ultra adaptable, even if you were sent to a maximum security prison you'd adjust quickly and effortlessly
-tend to settle for less

No. 386836

File: 1711158581045.png (213.47 KB, 842x802, scope.png)

Bless this mess. Soon, hopefully, I'll be in a position where I'm out of survival mode and can start thinking about what to do with myself, with my life, to seek future and fulfilment. Do the stars have any guidance for me here?
Equally, will I definitely be able to get out of this survival state, or will it be an indefinite struggle? What do I need to do to make sure I can have this future? So much gratitude in advance.

No. 387001

i found out last month that my mom got my birth hour wrong but the minute right for all those years? so instead of being a sagittarius rising like i've always thought, i'm a capricorn rising.

sun: cancer in 6th house
moon: gemini in 5th house
mercury: cancer in 6th house
venus: taurus in 4th house
mars: gemini in 5th house
rising: capricorn
midheaven: scorpio in 10th house
n node: virgo in 8th house
chiron: scorpio

No. 387008

A single hour can effect your rising that much? Picky ass mfers

No. 387017

i’ve heard anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour can change your rising’s sign. my mother was off by 4 hours though.

No. 388684

i need someone else's input regarding a reading. it's about this person who's showing romantic interest toward me. i'm still unsure how i feel about them or how sincere their intentions are.

i tried a very basic reading: what i want, what they want, outcome. i pulled judgement (reversed), six of wands (reversed), three of swords

kinda have an idea but i would like to hear what other people think

No. 388868

Does any nonny can do a reading to see if this desolate nona here has any hope in future, please? I am a virgo
I would be ver glad

No. 388872

I can, but can you be a little more specific? What do you need to know?

No. 388972

I need at least the moon and the rising as well. And even that will only give you a personality reading. If you want a reading of future events you need a Vedic astrologer. Western Astrology does not work for predicting the future and anyone who tells you that it does is a faggot

No. 389075

File: 1712214661620.jpg (319.98 KB, 876x980, 91TAggamSGL-3428791003.jpg)

I'm in desperate need of a reading, I can trade if necessary. Please if a nonna is kind enough please reply to my post then I'll read for you too.

No. 389102

What kind of reading do you want? What's the question?

No. 389103

It's a very vague question but I want to know how can I fix things in my life. What am I supposed to do. I feel like I'm not supposed to exist. I don't know if I want to elaborate much, I just think I'm a bad person and I'm scared of the future. There's not much in my life right now.

And what should I do about F. He's someone my bf knows and it feels iffy.

No. 389122

Ntayrt but why doesn’t western predict astrology yet Vedic does?
I struggle a lot with trying to reconcile the two. I relate more to my western zodiac signs more than my Vedic zodiac signs BUT my nakshatras are spot-on and honestly even better than any zodiac sign description kek. Are the transits more accurate in Vedic astrology or something? I just learned about Hellenistic astrology and apparently that one is good for accurate predictions.

No. 389124

Western astrology is more for predicting your overall personality whereas Vedic is about specific events/characteristics. Western astrology is too imprecise to make accurate predictions about the future. Even Vedic astrology isn't great with future predictions

No. 389127

Cab someone do a two card pull for me for two options? I’ve tried doing some readings but they keep alternating with no clear answer. I need to know which one is better.
> option 1: current job/industry
> option 2: the job/industry that I went to school for and dreamed of doing

No. 389128

I disagree so much with those assumptions. Both charts explain your personality, your life, your soul path, everything. You can use both charts to predict events, people do that with Western charts all the time. A Vedic/sidereal YouTuber I fairly like Claire Nakti does good/in-depth explanations on nakshatras and how they influence your appearance and personality.

No. 389179

Option 1: nine of swords, four of wands
Option 2: hanged man, six of cups

No. 389206

Sorry, nona, I meant for the next 6 months, mainly career and money wise

No. 389506

This will be a short read
Queen of cups, the world, five of pentacles
Be careful with your finances because you will be struggling if you don't save up. Don't give your money to others so easily even if they need it because despite you being empathetic it will end up draining you out. Career wise you will have a lot of fulfillment in your job.

No. 389535

File: 1712444052380.jpg (178.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3892580237.jpg)

I'm still trading. Please if a nonny is kind enough, I will return the favor

No. 389592

Tysm anon I appreciate it

No. 389842

Many thanks, nona!

No. 390757

Sadly still trading

No. 390829

I can give you an astrological personality profile if you give me your sun, moon and rising. Can't do tarot, sorry

No. 390967

Would that be divination?

No. 391177

H-hello, will i find success in love in the next 6 months? i am a Libra(learn2integrate)

No. 391336

File: 1713131672930.jpg (129.77 KB, 672x520, thorn_rose05_2.jpg)

would a kind nona doing a reading for me please? it concerns a moid if that's going to be an issue (I know some anons don't like doing relationship/romantic readings)

No. 391578

do you have his date and place of birth? Ideally his time of birth too. If you give me all that I can give you a general reading of his personality and you can decide if it's someone you want to pursue things with

No. 391836

Sadly I don't have any of those I'm afraid. So that's why I was wondering if a tarot-reading anon could look at the cards for me & see if it's worthwhile perusing him?

No. 392978

See that's why this is called the tarot and divination thread, most of us are looking for tarot or cartomancy readings. Not discrediting the other anon with astrology though

No. 392979

Please give me more deets, I might read it for you

No. 393101

File: 1713904293375.jpg (185.42 KB, 560x420, 1558957991765.jpg)

Will I finally get to live in Japan by next year?

Will my dreams come true, reader nonnies?

I'm an Aquarius!

No. 393120

Is this pixyteri? Kek

No. 393178

File: 1713928239158.jpeg (274.34 KB, 736x1322, star.jpeg)

I'm a pretty amateur reader, so take all of this with a grain of salt. If this feels totally off, feel free to completely ignore this.

So I drew the eight of wands (reversed), seven of wands (reversed), and the Star. I would interpret this as a no for this year, but, I do think that you will be able to live in Japan eventually! The reason why I think this is because the Star represents fulfilled hopes and dreams. It's a very positive card! However, the two cards that came first (and which came out at the same time) can indicate impatience, things taking longer than we anticipate, and feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. I think the answer to your question is that it's better to take your time and that the road ahead will not be easy, however ultimately you will be rewarded with your dreams coming true. Be patient with yourself and make sure you aren't rushing into big changes without thinking things through or making impulsive decisions/cutting corners (the three of pentacles almost came out as well, which I take as a message that any kind of support or collaboration you can get from the people around you will be a big help in this entire process)

No. 393181

File: 1713929436043.jpg (14.1 KB, 564x564, 1000019746.jpg)

I'm a Libra
28 years old
And I've been listening to the ultimate silly playlist for boost energy on a loop for days.
I have a bunch of questions:
>will I get hired?
>will I get paid monthly for at least 3 years?
>will I be able to solve my financial issues?
>will I have a financial stability soon?
>will I be able to travel soon?

No. 393184

File: 1713929968168.jpeg (148.55 KB, 1104x1380, firstsnow.jpeg)

I'd like to keep my age private, but I am a female Pisces. My favorite song that I enjoy repeating almost daily is "I Need My Girl" by The National. I dream of being a creative director someday. Remotely, of course, because I want to travel.

My question so that I can get a reading: When and where will I meet my future wife?

Thank you.

No. 393192

>And I've been listening to the ultimate silly playlist for boost energy on a loop for days.
Based, I like your vibe. I will read for you hold on

No. 393195

>will I get hired?
Six of cups, four of wands
Yes. You will get hired and people close to you will celebrate it with you. Happy times!
>will I get paid monthly for at least 3 years?
Ten of pentacles, king of swords
Yes, but be wise with your money. No sudden rash choices, ok? Be stern.
>will I be able to solve my financial issues?
Seven of swords, five of pentacles
No, unfortunately not all of them. You have someone in your proximity (I'm hearing family) who tends to be a leech, a beggar, someone deceitful. Careful
>will I have a financial stability soon?
Queen of pentacles, ten of cups
Yes, you will, and again it feels like it benefits others too. You like giving a lot to others. Don't be easily manipulable.
>will I be able to travel soon?
King of cups, five of pentacles
Not really, but these cards are telling you that when the time comes, the beggar in your life will try to manipulate you and you need to stay calm and be smarter than them.

Have this nice playlist that I loved, nonny. I hope you like it too, best of luck

No. 393234

Could I get a one card prediction reading for each phase aka the present, the near future and the long term future?

I am feeling completely rudderless, and just got out of a miserable long term relationship. I’m trying to start afresh with everything but am struggling to pick myself up. I would be so grateful if someone could give me a reading. Thank you.

No. 393512

willing to trade a reading if anyone is interested. let me know your age, zodiac sign, and your question.
might be a little slow if work comes in.

No. 393519

I can trade, let me know yours. Fem 28 Scorpio
What is my life lacking right now? Has to do with my lack of motivation I guess. There's days when I feel like I'm not supposed to exist. My manifestation levels are low.

No. 393536

File: 1714066085382.gif (1.56 MB, 220x220, 1709073269495.gif)

I'd like a reading please. I'm 33; Aquarius Sun, Pisces Rising, and Pisces Moon. For the past two years, things in my life have fallen into place exactly as I dreamed they would, almost to the exact detail as if I unconsciously manifested it or something. But I need to know, is moving in with my boyfriend the right step? That's the course my life is naturally taking at this point, but I'd like to know if it's something I might regret later, or what the future holds for me in that regard.

No. 393540

working on it, nona!

fem, 33, leo
am i overthinking things? should i try to do something about this situation or should i be patient and wait to see what happens next? or should i just give up and move on?

No. 393612

File: 1714081307868.jpg (40.44 KB, 415x599, Imgp0791-1.jpg)

Thank you for the reading, nonnita!

Just a small correction though: I'm trying/planning to do it next year, not this year. Not sure if that affects the reading that much!

Yes, it is kek my former queen! >>393178
Thank you for the reading, nonnita!

Just a small correction though: I'm trying/planning to do it next year, not this year. Not sure if that affects the reading that much!

Yes, it is kek my former queen!

No. 393613

File: 1714081408215.jpg (1.8 MB, 3024x2908, 1000004441.jpg)


(sorry for crappy photo)

>what is my life lacking right now?

the will and discipline to overcome this sense of
isolation that is clouding your thoughts. although the grief is deep, the struggle is mostly mental, and if you decide to take matters into your own hands you will overcome it. let go of the past, cut ties with whatever and whoever hurts you, staying where you are is not good for you. focus on the path ahead, don't let yourself wallow in the negative thoughts. make a plan and set goals, push through the pain and see them through. even if you have to start with baby steps, just push yourself a little, it will get easier. tell yourself that things will get better until you believe it, and they will get better. your manifestation levels are on the rise now, so it's time to go for what you want.

No. 393654

File: 1714094618746.jpeg (196.54 KB, 828x824, IMG_6386.jpeg)

hi nonitas, i have a couple of questions i’d appreciate a reading for! if astro placements matter, i’m a cancer sun, gemini moon, capricorn rising.
>will i get the job i have a follow-up interview for tomorrow?
>is my on/off ex that i felt most comfortable with truly finally done with the push and pull? he still seems emotionally invested and usually pops back up a month or so after one of us breaks it off
(he’s a taurus sun, libra moon, scorpio rising)
>**when i move, will i move back to the place i felt happiest (~3 hours away), or will i stay closer to my family?**

No. 393667

for your first question i got the two of pentacles, which is a very 50/50 question. if you wanna get the job, be ready to make a good impression. don't show you can't deal with stress.

No. 393668

i'm willing to answer short queries in the following hour

No. 393674

Hi nona I'd like to know, is there any point in me continuing my current career path, or should I change careers again? I'm a Taurus, 31 years old.

No. 393675

page of wands, strength

it would not be a good time to make an abrupt decision like changing career path. you might not a have a concrete plan yet and might be thinking about dropping everything out of a desire to scape your situation. if it's something you really want to do, give yourself time to plan for it

No. 393696

Knight of cups, you shouldn't be afraid. Move in, it'll be alright.

No. 393698

>Eight of pentacles
Time to step back and work on yourself.
>Near future
>Page of pentacles
After taking some time for yourself, invest on things that really matter. y
You'll find more enjoyment in your life that way.
>The lovers
You will find true love, perhaps in another person, or perhaps in yourself.

You'll be ok.

No. 393701

File: 1714111465529.jpg (54.62 KB, 419x732, images-1.jpg)

Thank you so much nonna. It resonates a lot, I'm seriously so grateful.
>am i overthinking things?
Six of swords, eight of swords, ace of wands, king of wands
There's definitely a source of anxiety here that is making you want to run away. But you need to have some perseverance and stay put. Your creativity will help you succeed, have a strategy. There's something new brewing for you on the horizon.
>should i try to do something about this situation
Knight of wands, three of cups, high priestess, six of wands
Definitely, but you don't have to do it alone. Be smart and intuitive, there's a big social aspect to this. Others can help too, in fact, it feels like others want to help and encourage you. Two of wands, queen of cups. It's true that the fear is paralyzing, but have a vision, and step out of your comfort zone.
>or should i be patient and wait to see what happens next?
Ace of wands, king of swords, the moon, ace of pentacles
Ask yourself what you'll be missing out if you don't do what needs to be done. You need to take this in your hands, not doing anything will only give you a false sense of control.
>or should i just give up and move on?
Ace of wands, eight of pentacles, five of swords, ten of pentacles
A false start, you can keep things to yourself but if you don't do anything there will be an obnoxious situation that could had been prevented earlier. If you go down this route though, be sure that the people close to you will be there and help you out.

If you need more, you can ask! I wouldn't mind trading again

No. 393702

op here >>391336 sorry I only just saw you had replied, what other information are you looking for specifically before I just infodump on you

No. 393706

Kek you can infodump if you want

No. 393759

Thank you

No. 393780

Thank you nona I love you and hope you have a great day.

No. 393901

No problem! I think the message of the reading will still stand (whether it happens next year or later). Be patient and make sure that you're preparing adequately for the move. Don't rush things and you should probably expect some delays or setbacks to come up, but it's all part of the process so be patient with yourself. It sounds like you will get there eventually!

No. 393904

File: 1714170672792.jpg (5.67 KB, 233x216, elmuchacho.jpg)


Really, nobody could do a quick reading for me?

No. 393909

File: 1714171132498.png (81.58 KB, 640x360, anime-sad.png)

would it be wise to slowly distance myself from a friend who's starting to troon out? we initially connected so well it felt spiritual. i really don't want to lose the friendship but now i'm getting weird vibes from her and i don't know if i should keep that kind of energy in my life.

No. 393936

Stop being so entitled you fucking bitch.

No. 394036

Short answer is yes stop being friends with people who troon out. You don't need tarot to know this
What kind of creative director and how old are you? Anyway I'll do your reading real quick.
>When and where will I meet my future wife?
Ten of cups, eight of pents, seven of pents, the moon
What I see here is that your career comes first and you'll find someone after working for a while to achieve your dreams. I think she will be someone working on your same field.

No. 394087

File: 1714240604676.jpeg (315.48 KB, 740x590, IMG_0207.jpeg)

hi nonnie I’m an amateur so pls don’t get mad at me if i’m sort of wrong kek
>will I get hired?
I drew eight of coins (clarified by the world), nine of coins, six of wands, the devil. I can’t say if you will or not tbh I’m not really at that level, but it’s looking pretty bright and I can tell you’re a very skilled, resourceful and hard-working person, but for some reason I get the impression you might wedge yourself into a hole due to past experiences with finances or spending habits, you might like to indulge and exceed your living standards and I feel like I have to give this as a warning perhaps if you do get this job? It’s almost like you’re working hard, finally get the paycheck after 2 weeks but then one bill or a huge expense, and then you have to work tirelessly again or and don’t really get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and so you’re pigeonholed if that makes any sense. You posted this 3 days ago so idk if you got it or not. Six of wands talks about personal achievements and being recognized for your own work, but it can also signify pride and the vices that can come with it and vices vary from person to person, so you may think you’re invincible by accomplishing getting a job but you will have to entirely change the perspective of your own life and how to achieve your own financial stability. The Devil again with imprisoned habits and addictions but for some reason I’m getting another precaution about employment contracts, documents and obligations, so be wary about that idk what you do for a living and don’t want to guess.
>will I get paid monthly for at least 3 years?
Knight of coins, The chariot, Ace of cups, Four of Coins, The Hermit, Queen of Swords. It suggests money and finances will come gradually that is consistent with the amount of work you do, but I feel like I should include other sources of income by believing in the confidence of skills that can take you to other ventures or opportunities. Ace of cups could suggest this new job could provide you with connections as well. Four of coins is about reserving assets and resources so definitely save the money. The Hermit and Queen of swords is about saying no to yourself when it comes to the fore mentioned financial issue.
>will I be able to solve my financial issues?
Ace of Wands, Queen of Swords, Five of Cups, Knight of Coins, and Two of Cups reversed. I addressed this question in the previous responses but for this one it really is weirdly cryptic with the advice and what I got is “if you are willing to”, so there’s probably an underlying emotional issue going on that needs to be addressed so you can tackle your financial problems. So you definitely have the creativity, intelligence and work ethic to do so and to get yourself out of it but there’s some sort of emotional baggage holding back your ability to manifest and take action. I clarified the five of cups with four of cups and this could signify a feeling of being undeserving of these opportunities or imposter syndrome potentially?
>will I have a financial stability soon?
look at above answers
>will I be able to travel soon?
Nine of cups, The Magician, The Emperor reversed, Seven of Cups reversed, Ace of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles reversed, The Tower, Six of cups.
The answers I got are strange and I’m gonna do a lot of guessing so take it with a grain of salt. Nine of cups and the magician again tells me that you are more than capable of achieving the conditions so you have enough money to go and travel but there are also other obstacles and maybe people who might get in the way of this? I feel like you have moochers around you or I could be wrong, someone connected to your childhood or something, there are just other people who could stop this from becoming a reality. I feel like you like giving people money as well kek. I also have this feeling that traveling would throw you off your goals and invite the same conditions that produced your past problems.

No. 394089

Nonna pls wanna trade tarot reads?

No. 394090

Fuck I didn't tag this
This read >>393195 was for >>393181

No. 394094

hi nonna these are the cards I pulled, they were a lot because I hate men and don’t trust them
>queen of pentacles (double clarified with the devil and three of wands), queen of cups blocked/reversed (clarified by king of cups), eight of wands and high priestess, death reversed (double clarified with king of swords reversed and the hermit), judgement, strength reversed, nine of swords reversed, wheel of fortune, six of pentacles reversed

alright, my first initial impression and based on what you said is that focusing on the high priestess energy and the wheel of fortune and eight of wands, you’re definitely being tested in exchange for what you manifested in your life currently through luck (fate and destiny being represented with the wheel of fortune) and this may come to your discernment with this nigel you want to move in with. I decided to clarify the high priestess once more and you’re very naturally adept at manifestation, you should try doing it more often it gives me straight up genie energy, “what I want deep down is what I will get” and sometimes you can regret wishing what you want after the fact. Tl;dr I honestly just think this scrote seems fine and whatever but he will definitely drag you down due to his own baggage he hasn’t dealt with (death reversed). Seems emotional needy and it does something to you that potentially turns you away (queen of cups reversed and king of cups). he seems secretive and also manipulative with his words (king of swords reversed and the hermit - he may even hide or do certain things where an opportunity may come to you and decides not to tell you, that sort of thing), it seems like being around this scrote can sometimes bring you some sort of shame in public or even in your own head but you probably bury it (judgement and strength reversed), strength reversed again he will suck the energy out of you, nine of swords I see like the ten of swords where pulling out all of those swords will cause all of the blood to come out, he will bring out all of your thoughts/second guesses and mental tribulations out in a way you won’t be prepared for from the lack of strength and will make you uncomfortable. six of pentacles is just straight selfishness from the scrote. take everything I say with a grain of salt KEK

sure you give yours questions first

No. 394131

Thanks nonna. I feel like my life is directionless right now. I could be more specific but to be honest I would really like to have a general reading on:
>Depression (I have an avoidant attachment style)
>Life advice

No. 394134

File: 1714255102751.png (6.81 MB, 2362x2362, IMG_0216.png)

would you be able to give me your age and sign nonna to make it easier

No. 394136

why do you need their sign to do a reading? And by sign, do you mean their Sun sign? Wouldn't their rising sign be more useful?

No. 394138

Are you an alfregfag? Kek I love you, those nonnas are cool
My age is 28 and my rising sign is Sagittarius I think

No. 394139

names/selfies aren’t allowed on here so sun sign or big three including age is the closest to “connecting with their energy”
yes kek, thanks nonna will do your reading soon

No. 394151


Thank you!

No. 394152

Thank you

No. 394157

Here’s your reading


Pulled two of pentacles, wheel of fortune, seven of wands, king of pentacles (clarified by two of swords), strength reversed, the star (clarified by temperance). Ok first impression is that I feel like you are not the type of person that vibes well with traditional career structures or I could be entirely wrong. There’s this energy of wanting to play by the rules of the corporate world but also balance and pursue your own ambitions with perseverance (seven of wands) and have full control over your inputs and decision-making, something is telling me this is about creative decisions. King of pentacles and two of swords is a mental dilemma between corporate vs. your own freedom. The two of pentacles, wheel of fortune, the star makes me envision someone in an office job (this is hypothetical) juggling a bunch of tasks while daydreaming about giving up their stable life and paycheck for van life. Strength reversed is about a blockage or personal obstacle about checking your hidden ego at the door when it comes to business and career development, you don’t want to say the wrong things in a battle of who gets control. The Star and Temperance is again being able to compromise and balance the dreamy and creative qualities, sometimes you will have to get your hands dirty and a job it's a job to keep yourself afloat.
>Depression (I have an avoidant attachment style)
Pulled Strength reversed (clarified by the empress), ten of pentacles reversed (clarified by seven of pents. reversed), king of swords (clarified by the moon), the tower (clarified by the chariot reversed), the hermit (reversed), nine of wands, temperance (reversed), lovers (reversed). Your depression is directly sourced from your upbringing and dysfunctional family. I feel like you think you’re set back than others due to generational poverty and the trauma you experienced, the power taken away from you and insecurity that followed. This may have been an older figure that was able to exploit your insecurities using mind games. It also seems like they were one of the main ones responsible for bringing the family into chaotic and abruptive situations that you could not control and it has imprinted on you since this day, even when you grow up there are emotions and memories that travel to the surface. Strength reversed and the empress is about reclaiming this energy and passion that was torn away from past traumatic events and manipulation and that you can gain a sense of control and grounded feeling about your own image and sense of self. Last bit of cards talks about working on paranoia or “world out to get me” mindset, it could be stopping you from fulling realizing your potential and personhood, it could become a self-contained prison. Also another reminder as cliche as it is to say to people with mental health, there’s an emphasis about taking care of your physical health as well and stop worrying about the motion and drama of other people’s lives.
>Life advice
The devil reversed (clarified by page of cups), ten of swords reversed, temperance (reversed), eight of cups reversed.
This is about reinvigorating the self or releasing yourself from mental entrapment. A renewal of what you once believed in, hoped for and relied on. Once you get rid of obsessions and baggage you will be able to clear a foggy mirror and see a clear image of yourself and be able to know what you want and what you truly need with full confidence and assurance without all of the mental distractions pulling you in different directions.

No. 394158

Why would you need a selfie? A fake name, a color, a shape, it all works just fine. Use your imagination

No. 394159

hush, it matters

No. 394167

Have you ever tried doing reads on /x/?

No. 394227

File: 1714291345267.jpg (41.39 KB, 480x640, a374caf828e433cc61f5392f41be07…)

Thanks nonna. Would you mind if I asked for some clarifications? Mainly:
>a blockage or personal obstacle about checking your hidden ego at the door when it comes to business and career development,
>reclaiming this energy and passion that was torn away from past traumatic events and manipulation and that you can gain a sense of control and grounded feeling about your own image and sense of self
>working on paranoia or “world out to get me” mindset, it could be stopping you from fulling realizing your potential and personhood, it could become a self-contained prison
>reinvigorating the self or releasing yourself from mental entrapment. A renewal of what you once believed in, hoped for and relied on. Once you get rid of obsessions and baggage you will be able to clear a foggy mirror and see a clear image of yourself

And also… Where do I even begin? What should I do? Recently I lost all hope when someone said I'm simply not good enough. I see myself as a bad person that shouldn't exist. Sorry for these additional questions.
And what would your questions be? Have an Alfred as thanks.

No. 394242

Anon can you trade with me too? My question is: How can I fix things in my love life, with my bf's family, and with my art, I love art but I haven't been able to draw in so long.

No. 394252

File: 1714310414264.jpeg (133.85 KB, 736x913, IMG_0229.jpeg)

>a blockage or personal obstacle about checking your hidden ego at the door when it comes to business and career development
I asked for clarification and I got the fool, knight of wands reversed, the hermit reversed, the lovers reversed, justice reversed, queen of swords reversed, page of pentacles, page of wands. The Fool is the start of a journey, specifically someone breaking out of their shell into new and unfamiliar worlds, a personal rebirth equivalent to doing a spring cleaning. Knight of wands reversed could indicate a lack of direction or discipline on where this new youthful bohemian energy could be directed to. The advice is sort of harsh in that if you have aspirations and goals, you need to be able to materialize them through realistic philosophies or simple understandable mindset, wallowing gets you no where. A lifestyle, job, respect you want just can’t come flying at your door and the Hermit reversed advises you come out of your shell because you have much more to offer and do not leave yourself in a despondent and dissociated state where people would be able to exploit that vulnerability. Lovers reversed signifies that you must develop self-love and self-confidence in order to know what you really want and establish strict boundaries and limitations with any jobs you come across. Overall the main impression I’m getting carried by the energy of Justice reversed and Queen of Swords is that in past job and career settings, you may have been exploited, misunderstood, singled out, people running in circles around you and that’s encouraged to develop better self-esteem. Your mental health and your career journey is interlinked because they will show you similar lessons. Page of Pentacles is about by taking time to compromise, absorb and learn from others who know better while balancing the page of wands of wanting to prove themselves and their own worth.
>reclaiming this energy and passion that was torn away from past traumatic events and manipulation and that you can gain a sense of control and grounded feeling about your own image and sense of self
>working on paranoia or “world out to get me” mindset, it could be stopping you from fulling realizing your potential and personhood, it could become a self-contained prison
>reinvigorating the self or releasing yourself from mental entrapment. A renewal of what you once believed in, hoped for and relied on. Once you get rid of obsessions and baggage you will be able to clear a foggy mirror and see a clear image of yourself
>where to start
I decided to just combine these because I hate yapping (typing) a lot, sorry anon kek. Clarified with queen of wands, the tower, the devil reversed, seven of cups reversed, three of pentacles reversed, eight of cups reversed. This is about majorly trimming the fat. Becoming your own aggressive vetting system. Being your own club bouncer who decides what person gets to go into your own club. Dissociating from people who are of no good to you but you’re afraid of releasing these relationships because that’s who you think are the only people who would want to associate with you. They are no good for you, and the Tower energy is an event that is supposed to uproot all of these bad elements from your life. I decided to clarify that card with the seven of pentacles is the things you reap for allowing these things to be removed from your life. Sorry if my readings were confusing and was lackluster. I’m 21, Aries rising, my only questions are
>what are my untapped talents/skills?
>what career would be best for me?
>how to break out of my isolation?
sure nonna, gibs age and signs

No. 394256

I'm 27 scorpio, what will your query be?

No. 394285

File: 1714324808973.jpeg (97.93 KB, 600x450, IMG_0231.jpeg)

Hi nonna.
>How to fix things in your love life/bf’s family
Pulled Eight of Pents reversed (clarified with strength and seven of swords), King of Wands, the Hermit reversed, The High Priestess blocked/reversed, Five of Swords (clarified with Queen of Pentacles, Four of Cups, Knight of Cups reversed, and Ten of Swords), King of Swords, Four of Swords, The Hierophant, Nine of Wands.
Your love life and these family issues you have with your boyfriend is definitely connected anon kek. I’m gonna start with the biggest thing in my spread is The Hierophant which explains difference of traditions, lifestyles, even cultures, in some cases in terms of romantic love and courting I would feel like it would signify formal arrangements and marriages. The idea I’m getting overall is that there must be a cultural difference that’s causing these disputes between you and his family. For some reason I’m getting more advice for your boyfriend and not you which makes me want to laugh tbh. This situation reminds me of a potential well-respected feminine figure from his side that does not approve of you dating him for some reason and because of family loyalty, his affection and attempts to build the relationship between you two has closed off or faltered and is causing you mental stress and sadness. My intuition leads me because of the way this has been affecting his family you guys probably had a conversation about how to remedy it, but your boyfriend himself lacks the confidence to do so. It reminds me so much of “yeah I’ll fix it, I’ll fix it!” scrote shit and he still didn’t do it despite you telling him. Tell your boyfriend he needs to man the fuck up and fix this if you care so much about this relationship, not you.
>How to get back into art
Seven of Swords (clarified with Ace of Pentacles reversed and Queen of Swords reversed), Six of Pentacles reversed, The Empress, The Fool reversed, Five of Cups, Six of Wands, Nine of Pentacles reversed, Justice.
I would suggest exploring different creative avenues, hobbies or simple recreational activities that could reignite your loss of interest with art. Life, your nigel, and other things could be distracting you from sitting down and doing the things you love that make you inspired enough to do art. Hope this was helpful, I’m extremely rusty.

No. 394301

This was the best reading ever thank you, you were really accurate
What would you like to trade?

No. 394307

File: 1714328490228.jpeg (25.11 KB, 206x209, IMG_0228.jpeg)

Please be truthful anon cause I will be willing to redo if I wasn’t really accurate. 21, leo
>what are my best qualities
>what direction should I take in life
>how do I gain respect from people
thank you!

No. 394308

Everything was true except it's a male in his family

No. 394316

>what are my untapped talents/skills?
Ten of cups, six of wands, strength, emperor
You are someone that is well liked and people look up to you a lot, you have an aura that show others authority and charisma, you're very fun to be around and tend to offer good advice. Strength, empress, four of swords, two of cups, your skills lie on how you make others feel and how much they can lean on you. I think you are someone pretty dependable, and a good listener too.
>what career would be best for me?
Two of wands, six of cups, four of swords, lovers
Definitely getting "caregiver" of some sort, perhaps therapist, psychologist, counselor, as long as you get to be chill and not too thrill seeking
>how to break out of my isolation?
King of wands, world, knight of cups, empress
A bit of luck (luck is on your side), using your natural charming self, and being determined to put yourself out there. Manifest it nonna, believe in your warmth

No. 394318

>what are my best qualities
you can be overly optimistic to a fault but this only works on your favor. the sun, seven of pentacles, wheel of fortune, two of swords
>what direction should I take in life
you need to get more in touch with yourself. I get the sense that you pull up a lot of spiritual energy and yet you still have self doubts about yourself, stick to your guts and be firm about what you really want in life, and also talk to more people. hierophant, magician, queen of cups, queen of wands, six of cups, high priestess
>how do I gain respect from people
use your natural charms, talk to people who are worth it, but have boundaries and don't play games. you can get carried away but if you stand your ground you'll be ok. the sun, the emperor, four of wands

No. 394326

File: 1714334580807.jpeg (97.37 KB, 736x726, IMG_0236.jpeg)

kek why do I always get the advice of being a psychologist even though I can’t stand helping people anymore because they never listen to me. thank you nonna for the exchange and good advice ♥

No. 394346

is my boyfriend the right one for me? he has some positive traits ive never seen in any other guy until now but also a lot of flaws so im not sure if i should break up over those flaws since i still love all of his good sides

No. 394380

I am (desperate):
Sun-Cancer, Moon-Pisces, Rising-Libra, born in 2000.
I have always had a hard time truly opening up to people, so I give 100% of myself to the very few people I can let "in". That was the case with my ex, who very recently dumped me out of what seems to be fear of further commitment ( we were in a long term relationship) and (what seems to me ) exhaustion from overwork. Everything was genuinely so amazing between us. I am terrified that I will never find that sort of love again, that nobody will accept me 100% like he did. I want to know if we have another chance? Maybe he will wake up and realize what he gave up on, discover he wants a future with me afterall? Basically, the cliche.. will we get back together?
I don't know how my heart would feel if the answer is no. Do you think will I ever find someone to accept and love all of me? Is it really worth it to give all of my love to someone again?
He's a Capricorn ( doesnt know time of birth ), born in 1998. Not sure if it matters but I'm 99% sure he is autistic. He said he felt incredibly happy and relaxed with me.
I'm sorry if I sound childish or pathetic.

No. 394398

File: 1714352103168.jpeg (53.44 KB, 736x736, _.jpeg)

Could I get a career reading please? I'm 25 years old and a Taurus. My job has been impacting my mental health and I'm not sure if I should switch careers or learn to cope with the anxiety and depression that it provokes. If I should stick it out, what can I do to be better at my job? And if I should switch, is there a timeframe for how long I should wait before switching?

Thanks in advance. I could even do a reading in return, but I'm still new to doing readings so I'd feel more confident answering a yes or no question.

No. 394406

I don't have my cards on me at the moment so this will be intuitive based:

Switch. You're miserable and there's nuance to the situation that tells me that even if you managed to settle yourself for a while, you'd get to a point where your realized it wasn't working and had to quit on the spot, when you weren't ready. I suggest trying to find something new while you do your best at this job.

To make it better: use the promise of a new job and imagine possibilities and how nice it'll be to look back on all this misery from a pov of something so much better. I would suggest distraction, where you're able. Focus hard on the work where possible. If you can occupy yourself during work (music, headphones, podcasts, whatever) do that. Try to look at everything as positively as possible as exhausting as that may be. Take time in your evenings to disassemble the anxiety around the work and try to find small solutions for it.

Your sign is equative to pentacles in tarot– most stereotypically you value comfort, security and mental steadiness along with reliability. Though there may be some points to this job that are positive – ease, perhaps pay, or some other convenience, it's ultimately not worth the mental strain.

I feel like you're not the "standard" stereotypical Taurus (as one myself), there's a lot of airness to your energy and that may be contributing to the difficulties plaguing you aside from the anxiety and depression of this job.

You may find difficulty in finding something new, but continue searching and broaden your horizons but I want to stress: not too much. Don't go for things you know you'll hate. Be honest about what you are and aren't willing to do so that you can avoid periods of joblessness or having to go back to your job.

Lastly, there will be some difficulty when you find something new where your risidual anxiety /depression may lead you to want to call out or do things that might end up jeopardizing your new position. Avoid that as much as possible if you can. Once you're over the hump of damage from your old jo