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File: 1670271172438.jpg (374.83 KB, 1080x2041, newthread1.jpg)

No. 1719268

Last time on "The Fall-Out" Edition…

>Holly backed off of her blatant rape allegations against Ross, but continued to insinuate the SOMEONE she just so happened to have been married to committed marital rape against her >>1703329 / >>1704115

>Ross spoke out, said he might pursue legal action for the allegations and is asking people not to go after her due to her being mentally unwell >>1704253
>Anons unearthed Holly's "private" twitter where she and her defenders regularly trash talk people behind their backs >>1706234
>Jared began courting the idea of creating an OnlyFans again >>1710257
>…until it turned out that it was mostly gay men requesting it >>1713316
>and now suddenly there's no interest in it >>1716546
>Jared is now fancing himself to be some kind of male model >>1716722

Social links:
>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:

>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


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Our last thread devolved into nonstop infighting, bait, and garbage as white knights infiltrated.

For the quality of future threads:
-IGNORE BAIT. Anons who post random milkless potshots at Heidi or Ross are trying to spark infighting. Ignore and report.
-STOP posting stans on either side. They aren't milky and it shits up the thread.
-Common interests between Holly and Heidi are not milk. Two people liking popular things is not proof of copying on either side. Bringing it up causes infighting.
-STOP nitpicking Holly. It adds fuel to her claims that she's being bullied for no reason when people bend over backwards to try to find things to nitpick at. She has given us plenty of milk on her own. Let it flow.

No. 1719271

Don't forget about jared buying a professional grade camera for several thousand dollars to take selfies.

No. 1719274

kek the ~fashun~ arc is pathetic and hilarious

No. 1719276

Jared is the ugliest cow on this site.

No. 1719395

He bought that camera to lean into OF content. You can't convince me otherwise. Plus he wants the tax deduction. It's why these splurges are always made in December. He didn't fucking need that exact camera for taking pictures of his wormdick. He could have gotten any number of sub 1k cameras. If he was desperate for Sony the ZV-E10 is basically the entry level version of the one he got and it's only $800 with a lens. Not that any of it matters. He doesn't know how to use it. The photos won't look any better than his typical iphone modeling. He would have been better off paying a local boudoir photographer for a few sessions if he wanted to kick start his gay porn career.

No. 1719398

Even if he just wants insta selfies, paying a photographer who knows what the fuck they're doing, how to get good angles, how to edit, etc. is still cheaper in the long run than a nearly $4000 camera he doesn't know how to properly use.

No. 1719426

anyone wonder if Holly actually sees them as broken up? Or if they’re “technically” on a break AKA ProWorm is done with the relationship and he asked for “distance”? she uses the phrase “my partner has left” but she doesn’t use ex. she says partner in the present tense which is weird.

that or she just doesn’t want to bring attention to it.

No. 1719434

File: 1670285255411.jpeg (230.4 KB, 827x1292, 1665762703109.jpeg)

Seeing what he's gonna use this camera for and how this clown probably owns and uses an iphone there is nothing his new camera offers him over what he could already do for his specific case if he knew what he was doing.
His main problem is probably a very different one.

>why do I look like a 40 something out of shape weird old fart with AIDS on all my photos??? It must be the camera!

He's too much in love with himself to admit his fading youth his repulsive to him, because he failed to build up any masculine qualities that make older men attractive to younger women.

Technically he could have splurged on studio lights, reflectors and lighting gels, but even then he'd have to work with what he got (a out of shape 40 something serial masturbator body that has never seen a single day of working out or physical labor in his life)
He probably thinks the "big boy camera"-magic will make him look like a photo model, because he still isn't facing reality about where he is at looks-wise.

No. 1719439

I think Heauxlly is probably still holding out hope that they get back together because the reality of facing that she ruined her life for some WormDick instead of just buying a decent vibrator is just not something she's willing to do.

Personally, ProWorm has made his escape and would be pretty stupid to jump feet first back into the crazy pool now.

>"failed to build up any masculine qualities that make older men attractive to younger women"

So much this. No 25-or-younger female is out here, fighting off other women for a subpar string bean-looking man who is nearing 40 and finds himself involved in drama more often than not.

No. 1719456

>So much this. No 25-or-younger female is out here, fighting off other women for a subpar string bean-looking man who is nearing 40 and finds himself involved in drama more often than not.
This is the fate of all "twinks" or skinny boys who coast along with their boyish or girlish looks and fail to bulk up in their late 20s btw.
When they hit their mid to late 30s they all end up looking like diseased weird malnourished zombie men or junkies.
Skinny wrists are only cute on a 19 year old skater boy with a mop haircut, not on a balding 40 year old man with glazed eyes.

No. 1719493

He's too much in love with himself to admit his fading youth his repulsive to him, because he failed to build up any masculine qualities that make older men attractive to younger women.
You mean looks or personality?

No. 1719495

Either and/or both. The cocky attitude is just barely tolerable from the best looking of men, lesser so from Earthworm Jim here.

No. 1719516

File: 1670291868731.jpg (59.95 KB, 634x635, 13463386-7025673-image-m-28_15…)

He's always been under the delusion that he's some cloud strife or squal leonhard style squaresoft twink, so he tried hard to play up his "boyish" or feminine qualities. It's not like he ever was a looker, so even that shit was rooted in his troon-like delusions about his own femininity.

But no woman under 30 and certainly not under 25 who is into "daddy types" is looking for a malnourished looking self-absorbed narcisstic ghoul who looks like they're gonna find him going through their underwear drawer at night jacking into their panties.

So in videogame terms, he just put a lot of points into the wrong skill treet that his class cant utilize.

No. 1719544

She did refer to it as a break up on the instagram account she has for her chickens >>1710255

I don't think she's acknowledged it as such on any of her main accounts though

No. 1719587

Maybe she's learning that the best thing to do is stay quiet about the whole shitshow. But I think as Jared starts to flaunt how single and horny he is, she'll have a new meltdown.

No. 1719593

File: 1670298133630.jpeg (174.18 KB, 828x1164, A1FBC4E7-CD57-44F7-AE79-67B198…)

Hmm, is she throwing shade at Wormdick?

No. 1719602

Faster than me, nonnie. Let the sadposting over Jared begin. I actually hope she ends up spilling more beans on the breakup

No. 1719616

>"all the bullshit you put me through"

All the bullshit you put yourself through in pursuit of the WormDick, Heauxlly. You're no victim here.

No. 1719619

nah, she'll just vaguepost unless PedoWorm comes out and says something about the breakup. I still think the funniest thing would be for PedoWorm to throw his support behind Ross. That'd be what'd spill the beans for sure.

No. 1719677


I honestly still think all the shade she posts is for Heidi still, she is OBSESSED and I think she views Heidi as the cause for every problem in her life. Jared left her? Heidi's fault. bird died? Heidi did it. I think Heidi is her own personal lolcow

No. 1719680


Same anon, just had a thought…. maybe Heidi is the one he kissed that Holly was tweeting about on her alt Twitter. maybe they had a meeting about the end of their alimony arrangement or whatever and he tried pulling the "Save me Holly is abusing me" card

No. 1719683

File: 1670308336570.png (6.02 MB, 1242x2208, 14B6B01E-169F-4F99-A883-9AF0AF…)

this is absolutely about pedoworm. way too much shit about “going through stuff for him” when ross didn’t really have any melt downs/public hardships or scrutiny. next time don’t be afraid to unsage, i would’ve missed this milk.

looks like she’s still vague posting too, it’s from a “softcore_trauma” account too.

are you both delusional? heidi isn’t going back to that worm three years later. from what she’s even posted just last year she clearly hates the guy. and moids will always hate the girls who brought them down a peg, they turn semi-murderous even when they won’t say it.

No. 1719684

File: 1670308442291.png (5.96 MB, 1242x2208, 76BA26A1-6E83-4CC1-83E5-7D0C9B…)

this is either her attempting to self soothe herself about being cancelled or it’s just cope to try to not to see jared as completely evil.

No. 1719696

File: 1670309482207.jpg (550.75 KB, 1440x2122, 20221206_005026.jpg)

It's like high school all over again. Jared won't read those quotes, Holly

No. 1719707

and i know this is a fake scenario to demonstrate what a person would say in response to an “i miss you” text, but the only person who could possibly have sentiments of missing her or still feeling hurt about it would be jared. Ross hasn’t missed her in a long time and he’s in a happy relationship right now.

No. 1719733

This is 100% her crying about being cancelled.
>I behaved like an ass on my public social media over an extended period of time and now people want nothing more to do with me, this is cruel and unusual punishment! How dare they paint me as a bad person, I’m not unfixable like that other bitch!

Yeah it sucks when people don’t respect your boundaries and demand unconditional acceptance without caring how their actions affect you, doesn’t it.

A minuscule part of me is holding out hope that Holly will have an epiphany one day, realise that she participated in and enabled all the abusive behaviour she’s complaining about now, and apologises. If these narcissist quotes are about Jared then she’s so close to getting it. All she needs to realise now is that this behaviour forms a pattern and she’s not the only partner he’s treated this way… But that would mean giving up her top spot in the victim hierarchy so it will probably never happen. He only mistreated poor Holly. That other ex had it coming.

No. 1719803

She's such a dumb doormat. It's also pretty clear now, that she's the kinda person that always needs a catalyst to act, because she's such a fucking coward.
She won't attack jared, unless a new guy rushes in and tells her to.
She'll just vaguepost, eat it up and become more mentally ill, but she'll not talk straight, because that's the "game grumps" school of doing things. Hushing things up.
Problem for her - hushing things up always benefits the people in power in a situation and she's neither in power nor does she have to gain anything by keeping the drama low.
If she goes all out then there'd at least be more of a public eye on her. But she chose the path of a battered housewive.

No. 1719804

oh my god keekkkkkk
>"The only people who get upset that people have boundaries are selfish toxic people"

So glad you've finally gained some self awareness, Heauxlly. Now apologize to the one whose boundaries you openly mocked.

No. 1719829

Is he trying to LARP as a fashionista with a camera in order to try grooming other women?
Inb4 he would try saying how special he is for being into clothing as a man, and would keep asking some random women for photoshoots so he could get in their heads.

No. 1719840


I could see him doing this, maybe as a way to try and lure in the egirls if he offers to do photo shoots for them. He did take some pictures of Heidi for cosplay shoots so he could always say he has experience.

No. 1719841

op pic is actually fucking scary as hell

No. 1719916

I could see him do that, too. It's the same kind of predatory behavior that got him in the initial SinJared trouble too, so it wouldn't be too far outside of the realm of possibility

No. 1719919

love that Holly is trapped being Strix for any roles… now every show she books she has to be the character that destroyed two marriages for Diath lmfao. I hope she is thinking of Jared every time she is on stage next to Anna who married her DCA affair partner- why didn't that happen for you, Hoelly?

No. 1719921

That's the part I love. Nothing Jared/Holly did was that much worse than what Anna/Nate did, but the latter kept their mouths shut and eventually the internet went "Welp, guess that happened. Okay then" and moved on.

No. 1719934

I dunno I mean they both had affairs but nobody on the Nate/Anna side threw accusations of abuse, and Nate definitely wasn't running any tumblrs and snapchats for getting and sending nudes with nothing but the honor system to make sure everyone's of age…

No. 1719940

The absolute lack of self awareness. How dare she of all people talk about boundaries after mocking Heidi for the same thing.

No. 1719969

That's the thing though, nonnie - We wouldn't know if there WERE allegations because everybody kept their mouth shut and head down, whereas Heauxlly and PedoWorm couldn't have tried any harder to conduct all of this in the public sphere at every turn.

No. 1720136

File: 1670351490703.jpeg (115.7 KB, 828x635, FB958343-AA0B-46AF-B7EC-D03B9E…)

Even some of Dickworm’s fans aren’t thrilled with some of the Lensa app stuff kek. That bottom comment is so true, his eyes really are all over the place.

No. 1720162

I've always suspected that one major reason Anna became such good friends with Holly so quickly is because she knew she could rely on her to help cover up their affairs. They both had dirt on each other, so they had to stick together and try hard stay on good terms.

Holly seems to be a master of projection. Everything she accuses other people of is something she has, would or is currently doing herself.

>>1719434 Just saw the caption for this and I think I threw up a little in my mouth reading it. If that was meant to be tongue in cheek, it did not come across that way. Sounds like he legit thinks that.

>>1719593 Oh my god. This is way too specific to be anyone other than Jared. How surprising that the guy who abused his ex wife ended up being abusive in the exact same way to his new partner.

No. 1720172

File: 1670353402707.png (138.8 KB, 1080x816, Screenshot_20221206-125910~2.p…)

Also noticed his new target retweeted a post about the AI art app he's been spamming being bad. Wonder if his narcissism will win out over his desire to lovebomb her or vice versa.

No. 1720386


He’s probably having a big sad that she friendzoned him and she’s not happy with that app he seems to love so much kek.

No. 1720490

Just realized he might be taking those ugly creepy "dreamy teenage girl staring into the distance as re-enacted by a 40 year old man" selfies to impress rae rae with his hallucinated "final fantasy main character looks".
Its one of those situations when a freshly-single dude will suddenly increase his photo output on social media (lifting, snowboarding, etc) to impress a new girl he's stalking/targeting.

No. 1720642

Exactly, why did he feel the need to post his divorce announcement on twitter??? Most people just get divorced and maybe months down the line someone goes “where’s Heidi?” And you just say “oh we divorced.” And maybe there would be a few Reddit threads and speculation but it would die down.

Anna/nate did no such thing about announcing their divorces to their fanbase

No. 1720690

>Anna/nate did no such thing about announcing their divorces to their fanbase
Yes they did.
Geoff, Anna and Nate all sent tweets out when their respective splits happened.

Difference is, nobody involved there was a piece of garbage sex pest, and everyone was for the most part civil.

No. 1720773

File: 1670389603634.jpeg (59.67 KB, 828x466, CEF164DD-3F32-410C-9ACC-F20BD7…)

The comments got even better on his recent pics kek.

No. 1720776

KEK I knew your pic would lead me to this thread.

No. 1720824

I’m too lazy to go back to the old threads but IIRC Nate’s ex did get quite messy (had a mental breakdown?) on twitter and Anna’s ex made snarky comments as well. They a lot more vague about what happened than Heidi but you could tell they were upset about what Nate and Anna did and frustrated that they were getting away with it unscathed. Nate just wasn’t stupid enough to run seven nude blogs under his own name and if he did fuck fans at cons they didn’t come forward about it. I think the other exes saw what was happening to Heidi after she spoke out and decided vaguetweeting was the safer option.

No. 1720866

That and, iirc, nobody tried to pull a PedoWorm "This is a mutual decision, I care deeply about her mental health. FUCKING SYKE SHE WAS ABUSING ME BY KEEPING ME FROM STICKING MY DICK IN A MARRIED COWORKER!!" with their respective divorce announcements.

No. 1721433

I feel like the (for the sake of infighting anons let me use a more neutral sort of term here) announcement of her revealing she neither consented nor denied consent when her ex-husband wanted sex ended up just being a big tease.
Her having a gross and sad sex life is extremely believable but regardless of that her tweets about it are an obvious attempt at trying to get that targeted attack campaign from another big audience directed at herself. It flopped because it was just plain depressing and since she got cut off by Ross’ almost complete non-engagement she’s been denied that high she’s addicted to. What I’m excited for is to see what her next big bait is going to be for that sweet, sweet attention.

What do we think anons? Polyamory thruple? Rebound with a girl? Growing out her hair long like the girls Jared likes? Trying to collab with Mike Tyson for a children’s book about pigeons? Lip fillers?

No. 1721503

I'm still hedging bets that it's going to be something between ProWorm and Heauxlly, like her losing her last 2 iq points when he gets a new public girlfriend to use as a cover for all of the shady shit he's doing

No. 1721504

Going the "traditionally good looking" route might be a normal reaction to spite the worm and show him what he's missing out on, but she's made playing ugly already too much of a part of her personality.

No. 1721515

Went full autistic - looked Heauxlly up on some court document websites and found where her/her grandpappy's trust transferred the deed of a house back in 2018, roughly around the time she and Ross would've been divorcing/separating. Googled it and yeah, it's definitely Heauxlly's old house.

Zillow estimates that the property at time of transfer was around $1.1 million

I don't ever want to hear her bitch about money again.

No. 1721516

It's also a bit harder to go back to "traditionally good looking" when you get a whole-ass chest tattoo from tits to neck.

No. 1721521

What! And that's just the property. I'm sure there were other assets he left her.

No. 1721528

That's just the one property I've seen so far. Grandpappy apparently had a trust set up of which he made Heauxlly the trustee; I really doubt someone would make a whole trust just for one house.

No. 1721532

File: 1670454226336.png (25.98 KB, 748x105, Screenshot_65.png)

I am however loving that on this official government document for some weird llc she coowned with Jessica Merizan, Heauxlly listed her official job title as "commander"

No. 1721534

She did do a breakup bleach but I truly doubt she would ever set her goals even as high as ‘tumblr girl covered in tattoos who thinks she’s a pinup model’
I think she’d sooner Elliot Page herself

She’s had almost 5 years of frivolous spending, a divorce, moving costs, a new house, a pornsick leech, expensive hobbies she abandons almost immediately, and a thousand sickly chickens between then and now so seeing that she’s doing things like selling her grandfather’s original art she must either be hurting bad or trying to get money for something specific she can’t afford right now. She probably has Disney stock income and is living comfortably but I really doubt she has any real money anymore compared to assets

No. 1721544

The house was in Burbank in LA too, one of the film industry's big centers of operation. It's not cheap to live there, I knew that house had to be worth a fortune

No. 1721571

She still had a chunk of change leftover, it said she bought the seattle house for $697k in October 2018.

No. 1721586

If she properly invested the rest of her trust, she wouldn't need to work. I wonder what she did with the money. Besides throwing it at Jared.

No. 1721598

Maybe that's what she's been living off of. You figure $20-23,000 for 4 years of property taxes, monthly utility bills.

It certainly provides another explanation for her recent panic of "I need money!"

No. 1721616

File: 1670458423067.png (2.98 MB, 828x1792, CFC84C32-A7AB-4392-95CF-00AC49…)

He's live on instagram.

No. 1721621

live but still somehow managing to look like a reanimated corpse.

No. 1721632

File: 1670459026154.png (4.68 KB, 272x54, Screenshot_66.png)

unsurprisingly saffronette is in the livestream watching too. He was literally only talking about using creamy peanut butter…

No. 1721638

File: 1670459137491.png (5.82 KB, 422x63, Screenshot_68.png)


No. 1721640

He literally looks like he's suffered a stroke
He even styled his hair over to the side that's drooping with the more severe jowl kek

No. 1721644

He keeps leaning over to stir and you can see how thin his hair is getting on top kek

No. 1721648

Chat keeps trying to get him to eat a banana which, idk, gives strong "THE GAYS WANT TO IMAGINE HIM SUCKING A DICK" vibes.

No. 1721651

He looks like that scene in A.I. where the kid eats a green bean and his whole face started melting and drooping

No. 1721654

He confirmed that he lives alone, though - so he's paying at least $1000+ a month on his own

No. 1721666

It is probably hard to find a roommate when you're a living jumpscare

No. 1721668

File: 1670459746402.png (7.76 KB, 426x88, Screenshot_70.png)


No. 1721676

"My Mom taught me this recipe but now that I'm a grown ass adult"

Sir, you're almost 40. Stop it.

No. 1721685

I haven't seen him look this pathetically unkempt since he deliberately did it for the You've Been Lied To video.

No. 1721689

I can't tell if he just has an awkwardly lanky torso, or if his pants are falling down, despite wearing a belt…

No. 1721699

I think what anons thought was highlighter was either just his greasy face and/or under eye concealer
Wonder if he got a new camera for selfies so his pics could be edited less obviously?

No. 1721727

It really seems like Jared straight up used Holly for her financially stability and when she started having financial trouble (probably because she was spending money on him in a desperate attempt to keep him interested and stop him from straying) he bailed.
Like he clearly thought he could do better than heidi, he clearly thought he was going to fall into a harem of women and probably hoped sugar mommy Holly would keep him and when that didn’t pan out he just sat back and did his time.
Wonder what he told Holly when they broke up? How did he spin it? Is she actually upset about what he did or does she think she has no right to be… or more likely she knows if she says anything what little support she has will dry faster than most womens vaginas at the sight of proworm.

No. 1721730

She seemed upset initially but she's been fairly radio silent since she openly called her ex a rapist. She might've been busier on insta but I don't use the platform.

No. 1721736


Yeah, his hair is looking pretty thin. That hairline ain’t great either. And he just looks plain dead in general.


I looked up his property and it said that it’s being rented for $3.5k a month. So he’s living all by himself in that big townhome and spending all that rent? That’s just wild. Wonder if he was hoping he’d be sharing it with Australian Heidi kek.

No. 1721824

Based anon. Remember folks, court documents are public information

No. 1721916

Did he get work done? He looks even more off than usually

No. 1721917

In that area it's more like 3 to 10k per month.
1k ain't gonna cut it

No. 1721922

If he did he needs to get a refund. I think since he has no filters on you can see how haggard and worn out he is in irl.
When I watched his stream I was surprised at his voice sounds so different from what I imagined. He sounds like a scrawny teenager and not like a worm pushing 40.

No. 1721927

Either he's had a stroke or work done from that screenshot. His mouth just looks super weird.

No. 1721943

He does look really worn out and not like a "I pulled a couple of all nighters" worn out but a "I'm nearing 40 and trying to live like I'm still 19-20 years old max" worn out.

to be fair, nonnie, he sounds like he's a scrawny teenager because he's still trying to use mannerisms and terms used by that demographic.

No. 1721961

hahaha i love whoever chose the thread pic, he truly looks like a jumpscare

No. 1721989

Interesting timing. Wonder if she divorced him so she wouldn't have to split all of her incoming assets? Regardless of who deserves what in a divorce, it seems pretty shady unless they had a prenup.

No. 1722003

Is this the cosplay company with which she scammed the cancer survivor?

Imagine getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and running into this creature in a dark hallway

No. 1722044

>Wonder if he was hoping he’d be sharing it with Australian Heidi
I hope Australian Heidi doesn't fall for Jared. If he manages to convince her to move to the US, it would be easier for him to isolate and abuse her.

No. 1722076


Yep. He’s still living under the delusion that 18-20 something egirls will be falling at his feet.


Hopefully she won’t. She’s got him in the friend zone so far, so that’s at least something.

No. 1722082

It is indeed a cosplay company she had with Jessica Merizan - idk if that's the one that was scamming the cancer survivor but probably.

The LLC was originally under Heauxlly's name as a Stock Corporation. I don't know shit about business, but for whatever reason, she dissolved it and within a very short period of time, Jessica reopened it as an LLC. The whole thing folded within a couple of years.

No. 1722084

File: 1670503030286.png (37.72 KB, 612x260, Screenshot_73.png)

I take it back. Looks like they rebranded as an LLC because it benefited them on their personal taxes and when it inevitably went tits up, creditors couldn't go after the over $1 mil in assets that Heauxlly had access to.

Smart in a dumb sort of way.

No. 1722089

And coming soon to a potential twitter meltdown near you: "Hoelly Cumrag: Tax Fraud"

No. 1722205

Fortunately for her, it seems unlikely at this point. Jared posted like 3 pictures of himself with her from that convention but so far she's posted none with him. She's been posting pictures of herself with another guy instead, who seems to be her best friend and a way more wholesome person in general. Jared's crush is very publicly one sided.

No. 1722217

She posted one, it's in her general Twitchcon post.

No. 1722230


Yeah, she did post some pictures with him, but it does look like there are other guys that she seems to be closer to that she posted many more pictures of her with. Too bad for Wormdick.

No. 1722231

imo, in the pic PedoWorm posted with RaeRae and the other dude, she looks hella uncomfortable.

No. 1722262

Share images with the imageboard

No. 1722274

File: 1670524472373.jpeg (293.38 KB, 828x1159, 3C2F3A13-A42A-41F5-A8BA-83FF61…)


This one?

No. 1722373

is his hair greying?

No. 1722402

Jesus his eyes are so glassy and red… wtf has he been doing? Lich arc inbound.

No. 1722438

This looks like one of those scare tactics anti drug PSAs but for exposure to Holly Conrad.


No. 1722465


His hair does look like it’s greying there. He must’ve forgotten to touch up or slap a filter on lmao.

No. 1722467

He looks like a delusional, creepy stalker there. Brutal.

No. 1722469

Is it normal to grey in your late 30s/early 40s as a man?
Isnt that more of a 50+ thing?

No. 1722477

Yes, it's normal. Some men and women go gray even earlier. My aunt's hair turned gray before she even had her firstborn child.

No. 1722481


I think it’s pretty average for that age range.

No. 1722526

The grey sweatpants he’s pulling back, I’m gonna fucking hurl

No. 1722532

Fuck you, you got me to look at his crotch. I hate you.

No. 1722537

“See something, say something” doesn't apply to everything. It was a good day until this.

No. 1722562

He's so desperate for people to see his nasty worm dick again

No. 1722574

File: 1670540729587.png (241.26 KB, 368x600, 7E41BB51-8BD0-4C38-95F6-6CF388…)

If I go down I’m dragging you all with me but at least we can hold eachother’s hair back while we all puke

Also Jared in a mask looks like Jitters

No. 1722583

He's really digging in his thumb into his leg wtf lol

No. 1722589

That huge baldspot right on the forehead KEK

No. 1722591

What makes it the creepiest to me is it feels like something done on purpose because the girl is taking the photo. It’s like he’s a flasher.

No. 1722598

ayrt Fuckin KEK nonnie you made me chortle.

No. 1722614


Fucking hell, I didn’t notice that all. Barf. And for someone who touts that he’s all about fashion, I’m surprised he was wearing sweatpants to begin with.

No. 1722622

File: 1670543839703.jpg (131.75 KB, 1000x667, GOT7-6.jpg)

I can explain this.
He fancies himself fashionable and probably bought them because he saw all those k-pop idols in adidas tracksuits and didnt realize that tracksuits arent all the same and theres a lot of factors that make them fashionable or just slobby if worn outside of sport activities or home.

No. 1722637


yes, it happens to PLENTY of people in their 20s.

>You must be over the age of 18 to post here

No. 1722660


Yeah, he’s definitely doing it all wrong if this is what he’s trying to emulate. Just throwing on a pair of sweatpants from the pile in the corner of your room is not the same.

No. 1722672

File: 1670548678091.png (65.28 KB, 666x578, DCAsecret.PNG)

some potential milk. I don't think this was posted here since the threads only started rolling recently, and this reddit post was from a month ago, but it looks like ALL members of the wafflecrew are still actively playing DCA behind the scenes together.

This throws a wrench in some things. (1) has holly been playing DCA in secret with jared even up until October-November of this year? That would be pretty much after they break up from the looks of it. And (2) is she still going to play that way?? shipping strix and diath after the break up??

No. 1722673

Embed is the interview the reddit posts are talking about, but I'm confused because the time stamps they provide aren't really helpful or as explicit as they're saying.

No. 1722674

File: 1670548912867.png (13.14 KB, 528x249, DCAsecret2.PNG)

and ofc, chris is allegedly still DMing for them.

No. 1722676

to be fair to WormDick, I got a huge grey patch in my hair in my early 20's. Sometimes it's just a shit genetics thing.


I don't think that's as milky as you might think. DCA, despite being used as the front for the affairs, was never the problem. It was PedoWorm running a nudes blog, getting nudes from minors, fucking fans at cons, and sticking his dick in the crazy that is Heauxlly Cumrag while being married to Heidi that was the milky problem.

No. 1722677

Since Holly plays Strix as having this overdramatic, self-sacrificing love for other party members I’m sure it would mean the world to her to project her unresolved feelings back onto Jared’s character in hopes of feeling any type of affection from him even if it is (and always has been) based in fantasy IMO.
Jared liked the community attention and fan engagement, I don’t see him rejecting the ship if this whole thing is actually happening.

No. 1722680

Watch Holly's Idle Insights interview. She says the same thing, that Chris dms their game. She revealed new lore from their game on Twitter a few weeks ago. But it doesn't sound like they play all that often with Chris. Holly wants it to sound like she does to stay relevant imo

No. 1722685

Yeesh. That's gotta be awkward with the breakup.

And what's a little sexpestery between friends?

No. 1722708

i think it's at least worth discussing their weird attachments to the characters that ruined at least two of their careers. And it still does complicate the timeline of when Holly broke up with Jared. I have a weird feeling they were on a "break" and took distance and only truly called it off off very recently and not when they moved earlier this year.

No. 1722715

I think him moving out was his version of Quiet Breakup (like the quiet quitting shit people were talking about awhile back). He was slowly easing his way away from Heauxlly because he smelled the meltdown coming a mile away.

That might be the smartest move he's made in all of this tbh

No. 1722746

Wonder if he shoved some NDAs in Holly's face expecting her to sign like he did with Heidi back in the divorce. And Holly did sign them and that's why she tried to get back at Ross instead.

No. 1722757

she's enough of a pushover that I think she would but then immediately regret it. Granted, NDAs don't hold up for shit in court when it's just interpersonal issues. A lot of people don't realize that and just stay quiet. NDAs are mostly just powerful when it comes to like business operations, patents, recipes, etc.

No. 1722759

I wonder if Holly's sudden aggression turn toward Ross is due to the reason why Jared left. Maybe something along the lines of Jared sex pesting Holly after the honeymoon phase was over and she went back into her ace form. She finds herself in the same situation all over again since Ross apparently did the same. Her partners want sex more than once a year, she decides she's suddenly ace and either denies it or starfishes. What could go wrong?

As we all know, denying a chronic sex pest like Jared is probably not going to end well. He gets tired of sex with Holly which was probably terrible to begin with, got worse with time, and leaves her. Holly is still upset the internet calls her a whore. She feels she can't possibly be a whore due to disappointing not one but 2 men sexually. This is constantly bothering her because it's holding a mirror up to her failings. "The internet needs to know I'm not a whore but also a victim" she thinks. She would love to lash out at Jared for being a sex pest but as stupid as she is, even she knows she will be dragged mercilessly for turning on wormdick so quickly. So she drags the next best thing for the same grievance, Ross.

TL;DR Holly disappoints men sexually and being called a whore is triggering because of it. Lashes out at Ross because Jared is temporarily off limits. Expect her to turn on Jared as soon as he is in his next relationship.

No. 1722767

I think she wasn't expecting Ross to respond so she could claim his silence is proof that is true. It's interesting how the Holly whiteknights were so aggressive when the allegation came out and now they have completely vanished.

But Jared used money to get Heidi to agree to sign a NDA, what could he use as leverage for Holly?

No. 1722770

Probably her feelings for him and his totes real trauma from Heidi betraying his trust. Her signing an NDA is tinfoil though, so it doesn’t matter.

No. 1722772

be careful how you word this anon. "Disappointing men sexually" feels weird. She clearly is more sexual than she gives herself credit for, I just think she falls for a complete fantasy of a man that doesn't exist (pedodick) and then once the reality sets in, it's the men who sexually disappoint her

I agree that the label of her being a whore (one can be a whore without sex, homewrecking comes with the title) is probably irritating the fuck out of her because she definitely loved appearing as a pure NLOG for ugly as sin nerdy men. that image is completely broken.

No. 1722819


No. 1722821

I think the anon who theorised that Holly is only attracted to men when they embody a fictional crush of hers (Ross in his Garrus cosplay, Jared as Diath) was right on the money. She’s attracted to the fictional characters and not the real men so when the fantasy fades she’s no longer sexually interested in them. That must suck to find out when you’re already married but complaining about “starfishing” (a woman lying back and dissociating while the man uses her body as a masturbatory aid) is scrotey as hell. Women don’t owe men sex, even in long term relationships.

No. 1722834

except neither Jared nor Ross ever "complained" about Heauxlly starfishing; it's just a random anon, talking shit rather than typing out "She merely laid back while each man used her as a living, breathing fleshlight".

Nobody suggested that she owed them sex either.

No. 1722853

I think Jared was long gone. Holly was the polar opposite of Heidi looks and personality wise. The affair was only fun it was a secret and when it came out he didn’t want a shitty fling to tarnish his image so he had to go along with the true love narrative holly was so stuck on. I think it would’ve dented his pride if he didn’t come out with something after all that drama. (I say something cause proworm doesn’t see women as people)
I also believe holly was never asexual either. She just thought Ross was gross. They never seemed really into each other and it always looked like Ross was the one trying present the facade of loving couple, for the purpose of saving face around his peers.
She grasps at labels to feel special like all the other boring libfem pickmes. Asexual and pansexual are just accessory badges to supplement her nonexistent personality. I don’t holly has much of an identity besides a bunch of idiosyncrasies like being witchy, looking like a homeless person, being a pickme that needs male validation, and hoarding birds. There’s nothing to her except superficial things and mental illness. What are her dreams? What does she want to accomplish in her life? What does she really desire deep down? Because it doesn’t look like recovery.
Anyway proworm desires and intentions are so obvious Lmao

No. 1722908

Very good analysis

No. 1722945


I'm not sure how accurate this assessment is. On a stream once, Holly actually sat in Ross's lap unprompted and just hung out there the whole time. This was later in their relationship, too.

I think some people are buying into the story Holly is probably fabricating here. I think there is a very good chance Ross was completely blindsided by the fallout. It was all but implied by GG that Ross was a total mess for awhile following the end of their marriage, and that typically doesn't happen when you and your partner have been checked out long-term and just hiding it for the camera.

I think the anon who said she's chasing after fictional men hit the nail on the head. If they were still playing DCA all this time that means that Holly was able to consistently project her fantasies of Diath onto Jared.

No. 1722965

Holly seem like the pushover type where they just bottle up their feelings for months or even years and then periodically explode. All the while they grow extremely resentful of their partner because they “don’t care” but in reality every time their partner tried to ask what was up they would just repeatedly say I’m fine. These people are so immature and non confrontational they think their partners need to somehow read their mind and be in sync with them 24/7 and if they’re not it’s not true love.

No. 1723022

>Holly seem like the pushover type
That might be true with her relationship with Jared but Ross seemed like the pushover in the marriage

No. 1723028

Where did any nonnie suggest that Holly owed them? I don't think that was their take. If Holly decides she is no longer sexually attracted to her partners after the initial rush (or as others have suggested, once she realizes they aren't the fictional character she fell for) and shuts down sexually, that's her choice. But it will still disappoint the men she is with. That's just how you describe that situation as an outside observer. The men are upset and feel owed even if they shouldn't. Holly is the one upset at being called a whore when to her if she WAS a whore maybe she could have kept Jared around. That's whats bothering her about the whole thing.

No. 1723040

>"Ross seemed like the pushover"
because he knew he had some stakes at play. You can't convince me that Heauxlly never pulled the 'If we get divorced, you lose the marriage visa and will have to go back to Australia' card (since, afaik, Ross likely came to the US on a marriage visa, not a work or vacation visa)

No. 1723047

ayrt, yeah which is why i was saying they should be careful to not describe holly in that kind of way, it feels like they're blaming her for not being sexually arousing enough for men which is just a scrotish thing to say.
But i agree, them embodying a fictional man is literally what she was into.

No. 1723062

I know this might fall on deaf ears to the ladies here who are extremely anti-man in all cases, but being in a relationship where you have no sexual chemistry and feel palpable disinterest and lack pf enthusiasm towards sex is very distressing and hurtful regardless of whether you're a man or a woman. Holly absolutely does not owe her partners sex, nor does anyone. But what she DOES owe them is the spine to communicate like a normal fucking adult when she isn't in the mood or when her feelings have changed. Part of being in big girl relationships is having uncomfortable conversations and not just shutting down and saying everything is fine until you do something stupid like cheat.

No. 1723072

??? Of course we know that anon. The thing is, she didn't put her big girl pants on and communicate properly did she

No. 1723080


NLOG elsewhere, anyways we know all this

No. 1723093

File: 1670605523735.png (27.82 KB, 937x672, redditcomments1.PNG)

Found a cool website that lets you look through old reddit posts, which is great because the waybackmachine no longer supports searching archived user posts/comments from reddit. Holly luckily deleted her account so she can't go back and actually delete the posts that pop up on here. Jared did delete select posts I've noticed, which just shows he was protecting himself in ways he wasn't sharing with her. picrel is some striath stuff.


God it's honestly so bad seeing how far back she was hitting on jared, writing fanfiction of her and diath, and just obviously vicariously living through them.

No. 1723094

Isn't it kind of inappropriate, on many levels, for her to be engaging with DCA fanfic? That's not meant to be a space for her.

No. 1723137

Wasn’t there allegations when this shit first hit the fan about DCA paying people to write fic or do fanart of their characters, sometimes NSFW works?

No. 1723140

And to be THIS down bad that she was simping Diath/Strix on Christmas Day.

No. 1723145

>"Holly absolutely does not owe her partners sex"

Again, I'm dying to know where you're reading a single anon here saying that she does. Us saying "It's fucked up that she stayed in a marriage with someone who wanted sex when she did not" is not us saying she owed Ross sex; It's us saying that if she was that unhappy, she should have left - not stuck around and then claimed rape years down the road when not a damned thing can be done about it.

No. 1723146

Oof, that's depressing. I actually feel sad for her with how little she has in her life outside of the internet. Her writing style in these comments reminds me of a 15 year old with their first xanga account. It's legit shocking to remember she graduated college and is a millionaire in her thirties.

No. 1723156

File: 1670610397127.png (13.08 KB, 903x204, redditcomments3.PNG)

pretty much, picrel. Even worse, I saw a screenshot on twitter of her encouraging real people fanfics. I'll look for it

KEK i didn't even catch that

No. 1723163

File: 1670610712233.png (152.81 KB, 423x700, fanficew1.PNG)

back and I found it. What the actual fuck? She seriously was chill with this shit???

No. 1723164

Nah, that's tumblr behavior 100%. Most people eventually grew out of that phase, but guess not emotionally stunted adults despite to live their larp fantasies out.


Why would she be embarassed at people writing fanfiction about her (not her character, HER) when she was doing her damndest to make Diath/Strix real life too.

No. 1723256

Yeah retard, I'd be happy to spoonfeed you the post where someone gets their panties twisted over another anon using the word "starfish" and extrapolates somehow that they think Holly owes him sex.
As you can now see, the people responding to that specific phrase didn't just decide out of nowhere to use it. That anon clearly made a bad faith argument and people are tearing it down. I know it was a few posts above mine so it might be hard for you to read but I hope now that you were directly linked to it you understand!!

No. 1723258

>"extrapolates somehow that they think Holly owes him sex"

For the third fucking time: Not one person in this thread has said "Holly owed Ross sex" or "Holly owes Jared sex" - not one. I get you're desperate to make poor Heauxlly into a victim again, but cmon now.

>"That anon made a bad faith argument"

says the one trying to claim that we're all demanding Heauxlly spread her legs for whatever person she's dating or married to, despite us repeatedly clarifying that noone owes anyone else sex.

Go whiteknight for the homewrecker somewhere else.

No. 1723266

I know you're not paying attention because if you were you'd see we're on the same side. You're just jumping at shadows and putting words in people's mouths. I think Holly is one of the dumbest BPD/narc bitches on this site.

No. 1723552

Holly needs to take this chance and move on and rebrand(learn2integrate)

No. 1723554

Like she can be better without Jared dusty ass , she’s not ugly and untalented. I hope she stops chasing him.

No. 1723555

That's the problem, anon, she doesn't want to. She's had the three years since the initial drama broke to rebrand herself and instead, she's done the same old shit, revictimized herself every couple of months, and now that PedoWorm left her in the dust, she in typically Heauxlly fashion, had a twitter meltdown and accused her ex of rape.


Pre-Worm, I agree. She used to be really pretty, but this bog witch aesthetic is doing her no favors.

No. 1723565

Jared is uglier post Holly

No. 1723591

Just write sage in the email field, not your actual email. Please read the site rules.

No. 1723641

Projared is a jumpscare of a human being.

No. 1723814

Hi Pastelthyme from gmail.com

No. 1723841

Not ugly and untalented? Holly? Go to rehab, anon.

No. 1723994

Ok pastelthyme@gmail.com

No. 1724011


He’s just ugly period. Not sure how anyone finds him attractive.

No. 1725140

File: 1670797342550.jpeg (534.13 KB, 828x1593, F6D85856-E088-45F5-8BC6-F511A6…)

I thought worm was wearing shorts and tights but these are some horrible pants

No. 1725141

Oh lordy he's shopping at the same places as fellow sex pest creeper Vic Mignogna.

No. 1725143

File: 1670797635436.jpeg (307.86 KB, 828x902, 3C8FD919-69EF-42DA-B2A5-76A3AF…)

The ass shot killer me. The blue appliqué looks like basketball shorts peaking out of his pants Lmao

No. 1725160

….is he wearing his pants lower than his boxers like a grungy 90s teenager?

No. 1725189

"Are those pants or are those tights?" is not a question one should ever have to ask about a man who is closer in age to 40 than 30.

No. 1725191

At this point, I wish he'd just make an OnlyFans and move on, so this shit can quit popping up on insta.

No. 1725204

He has to be trolling, right? Right?? These "fashion" posts keep escalating in how awful they are and at this point I'm starting to think he's just doing it for the attention.

No. 1725210

girl did you read the post you’re responding to? there you will find your answer

No. 1725225


Um they look like shit Jared burn them pls

No. 1725244

File: 1670806689916.png (373.24 KB, 971x740, Screenshot_75.png)


Mans paid $45 for some pants on amazon and fancies himself a fashionista.

No. 1725245

File: 1670806811834.png (21.87 KB, 453x249, Screenshot_76.png)

No. 1725286

File: 1670809342589.jpeg (95.51 KB, 879x767, 1670798665019595.jpeg)

Just saw this and thought it looked like jared, kek

No. 1725290

Every time I see the "Where the fuck's your chin" panel from Preacher referenced I think of Jared.

No. 1725334


These pants look like someone is literally trying to blend leggings with baggy jeans. They’re fucking horrible. And from the wormdick who’s trying to pass himself off as some sort of fashionista kek.

No. 1725464

File: 1670829044411.png (520.46 KB, 864x1064, Screenshot_20221212-020743.png)

It's not those it's these, literally 30 bux wasted on these shits.. also easily found on AliExpress too. He is quite the male model

No. 1725520


omg nice find nonnie!

No. 1725534

File: 1670853225841.jpeg (23.9 KB, 828x176, AA656512-F3DD-48EB-BDBE-95E084…)

Some of the comments are great. I’m glad to see it’s not a flood of support kek. I’m sure he’ll block the naysayers soon enough.

No. 1725565

I just think it's funny that the ones made the lewd comments he's desperate for are the gays who were pushing for the OF. "The third picture makes me say yes" or some shit, when the third picture was the one of his ass.

No. 1725676

Projared will never stop giving milk he’s so cringe

No. 1725700

File: 1670869625096.jpeg (22.75 KB, 828x168, 980AC984-A759-402E-83EC-807DDC…)


Yeah, clearly the gays are still hoping he’ll start up that OF lmao.

This comment cracked me up, it’s been deleted (I’m guessing they probably got blocked?) so I’m glad I grabbed it.

No. 1725719

Wtf why is he built like that. Why are his shoulders so tiny kek

No. 1725773


This guy has the worst taste in fashion ever.
He's wearing all this cringe-core teenage weeb stuff while being 40 and out of shape. His safest bet would be to wear the most basic dresspants and shirt combinations ever because thouse wouldn't draw attention to his aesthetic and bodily flaws as much.
Even bluejeans might be a bit too spicy for wormdick's out of shape 40 something junkie body.

No. 1725876

I refuse to believe he was not a reference for that side view. Christ.

No. 1726024

File: 1670896683138.jpeg (256.79 KB, 828x1296, BD1C5053-5250-4FF9-8A04-66138E…)

He also posted this on Twitter a day or so ago, but NO.

No. 1726027


No. 1726037

pastelthyme@gmail.com holly is a ugly untalented hack please be serious newfag

No. 1726090

Is he at a Spencer's Gifts? I don't know why anyone would want those other than a gag gift, but he either needs to make the onlyfans or stfu about "modeling," ugh.

No. 1726118

Sir please clean under your nails, you nasty goblin

No. 1726134

Idk whether to feel sick or worried that he thinks he should go modeling underwear when he can barely look like a human in normal clothes.

No. 1726158

File: 1670907227874.png (289.02 KB, 864x1307, Screenshot_20221211-111611~2.p…)

I saw this and was laughing at some of the responses. Clearly this person hasn't been subjected to his instagram.

No. 1726164

File: 1670907882569.png (447.83 KB, 595x665, doritos.png)

Australian Heidi liked it

No. 1726168

because Australian Heidi probably thinks he's just joking about buying a gag gift while anyone that knows about his sex pest days knows that he means "so I can model them"

No. 1726226


Ugh, I noticed that too. Gross.


Kek. Clearly Wormdick doesn’t seem to mind reminding himself that he nearly ruined his own life with his spicy content since he keeps posting weird thirst traps hinting he wants to continue being a sex pest.

No. 1726229

File: 1670916728850.jpeg (74.24 KB, 828x359, 32D4A674-9B6C-4ACB-96B3-72A548…)

No. 1726297

This is so fucking funny is that a random moid?

No. 1726320


I believe so.

No. 1726528

I feel like farmers are commenting on his stuff now

No. 1726548

Probably, they've been doing it off and on since the beginning (which yeah, is a big no no). The thing about ProWorm though is that even without prodding, he eventually gets milky when his desire to get his dick wet outweighs any form of rational thought (which is pretty often tbh)

No. 1726609

sometimes moids can be a little funny if it’s moid on moid violence

No. 1726691

File: 1670968625268.jpeg (208.74 KB, 828x1329, 03FBA171-11A7-4C27-B846-A4845C…)

Yikes, this is practically a jumpscare.

No. 1726693

File: 1670968668742.png (32.72 KB, 1019x646, jaredstream.PNG)

Am i a retard or is this new? I have never seen anyone's twitch stream marked this way when it's just let's play content? If he's that paranoid by minors, maybe he should idk, act normal.

No. 1726695

Yeah, I'd hazard a guess that he put age-restriction on so he could make unlimited dick jokes w/o getting called out for doing so around kids. At least he's doing more than the "real quick, 21+ right?" of before.

No. 1726698

No faggot would fuck him even if he was 14 and had his entire face done. El creaturo. Das ist ein HIDEOUS CRETIN!

No. 1726740


Yeah, that’s at least an improvement over his past lack of age checks. I don’t watch his streams but I can only imagine the weirdness from that scrote.

No. 1726742

I tried to watch the insta live he did a few days ago when he made Puppy Chow and it was just awkward. He kept trying to finger wag at chat "No chat, behave!" but idk, it gave creepy vibes

No. 1726778

File: 1670977017931.jpg (229.08 KB, 828x1329, NewCanvas1.jpg)

Yup, passes the jumpscare test.(put it into image editor of your choice and just turn down brightness and crank contrast up a bit)

No. 1726781

File: 1670977482672.jpg (52.42 KB, 2880x2160, curse_of_the_worm.jpg)

I think his new insta posts will make for a amazing jumpscare collage. I'll keep adding onto it.

No. 1726792

Omg nonnie please do it, this has such great potential.

No. 1726796

File: 1670979955553.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 441.86 KB, 1170x1172, 92D11A01-819E-46E3-AB67-45F6F4…)

Great potential for an Ao Oni sequel; Aka Oni: The Wormening

No. 1726799


Yeah it's pretty obvious that's what's happening. Anons will post a screenshot here, and within minutes that same exact post is getting comments saying something similar to what we're saying here. Having anons cheer on your comment is nice and all, but all it does in the long run is give fuel to the Jared/Holly obsessive fans that they're being "persecuted" or whatever.

No. 1726815

cowtipping is bad, but in this case its hard to tell. No way the 5 people writing gossip ITT are the only ones who think jared is cringe.
This is different to moids from kiwifarms hounding a mentally handicapped man likw cwc and getting him to do stupid shit that will destroy his life.
Someone commenting "your pants suck" under jared is not really persecution and might just be one of his many ex-fans who sees him for what he is (a pervert?).

That being said, I personally would never interact with any of his social media accounts in this kind of a capacity simply because the idea of him crawling through my phone's screen at midnight and haunting me is way too real with that mug.

No. 1726836

>"the idea of him crawling through my phone's screen at midnight and haunting me is way too real with that mug."

Rumor has it, if you say "ProWorm" in the mirror three times, he pops out in a Sailor Moon costume and asks if you're interested in seeing his OnlyFans

No. 1726850

Its midnight and hissing noise wakes you up, the entire room smells of sulfur and you feel a weight on your chest.
Suddenly a anthropomorphic man-worm hybrid approaches you through the darkness and asks you if his ali express pants for 2008 teenagers make his ass look fat.

No. 1727153


lmao all of these are great.


His Twitter post is currently sitting at 719 likes and his IG at 1306, so I think it’s pretty safe to say that there aren’t scads of people out there dying to see him in a pair of orange underwear.

No. 1727703

File: 1671077177163.jpeg (364.36 KB, 828x1355, F4DD3BF1-B4E8-4C64-AD45-44DFF9…)

Exactly how many more of these same pictures is he going to post of him in the snow on his street???

No. 1727746

The filter doesn't help. Whatever decrease in ugliness instead ramps up the uncanny valley.

No. 1727767

What is the weird fascination with snow? Doesn't Washington get snow on a pretty regular basis?

He looks like a dude who got to the bus stop right as the bus pulled away and you know the next one won't be there for another 20 minutes.

No. 1727851

File: 1671097849246.jpg (60.52 KB, 950x968, How-to-wear-a-scarf-men-ascot_…)

His sense of fashion is so ugly. He couldnt dress more missmatched for his body type/age/combinations in themselves if he tried.
Also he seems to be entirely ignorant over the purpose of a scarf.

This really feels like when one of those horror movie psychopaths like leatherface tries to emulate "normal" people.

>oh normal people like snow in the winter, better sit my ass onto cold, snow covered concrete while wearing a breezy autumn outfit.

No. 1727889


Yeah, the filter is pretty bad. We all know he doesn’t look like that IRL.


He also grew up in Wisconsin and there’s no shortage of snow up there either. I think it’s that he’s so damn boring, there’s not much else for him to post about.


I guess just throwing a scarf around his neck with no thought to it plays into his weird sense of what he thinks fashion is.

No. 1727892

Is it just me or does that "scarf" look like it's part of his weird ass shirt dress?

No. 1727959

Literally pure faggotry. At this rate he might as well already make an onlyfans for the 3 gay men in his audience whose standards are so low to actually want to see his pencildick

No. 1728007

File: 1671119121305.jpg (156.8 KB, 800x1066, tokyo-super-potato-in-akihabar…)

>I think it’s that he’s so damn boring
That's the craziest part. Wasn't his hobby/job actually doing retro videogame and nerdy shit?
You don't actually see him posting about any of that, it's all just desperate narcissistic attempts by him to fish weeb e-girl with his ca. 2004 fashion statements.
Aren't there tons of interesting retro game things he could post?
Seems like he forgot that part of his job/origin story already and thinks people were watching him for his looks or fashion sense, instead of nerds just liking to hear someone prattle about retro videogames.

No. 1728012

I think he's finally realizing that there are only so many people looking to watch content on games that were released 20-30+ years ago, and struggles to break into the scene of newer games (primarily watched by millennials and gen z who ain't with the fuckshit).

Once upon a time, someone told him he was decent looking and it went right to his ego.

No. 1728063

yeah honestly, I think being with heidi fucked his ego because she's waaay beyond his league, so I think due to her he thinks he can get girls like her or better. He doesn't realize he got lucky and will most likely have to date controlling mentally ill goblins like holly if any girl even goes near him. I'm sure he's been trying for that rae girl but I'm sure he hasn't realized he's kind of doomed himself. Karma is real lol.

No. 1728099

File: 1671131549149.jpg (1.24 MB, 3456x2304, IMG_5938.jpg)

To be fair there's entire worlds of vintage retro games he could get into, with some some real computer archeology, digging through used computer shops in japan, etc.
That would require him to actually care about his supposed "hobby" beyond surface level boomer nostalgia mario, final fantasy shit though and have him get into the nitty gritty of retro digital entertainment.

But since he's a pornsick lazy assclown, he'd rather prance around to gameboy music in his drab suburb like a fruitcake, while wearing weeb apparel from aliexpress for "content" (dont forget, he still thinks of himself as a "content creator"), while hoping some barely legal teenage girl falls onto his tiny penis.

No. 1728238

Yeah, digging through old shops like the pic you included can be really fun - but He'd have to invest his own money into that, though, and considering the way he was e-begging "If anyone has any old games they're not playing anymore….I'm trying to rebuild my collection" awhile back, I doubt he'll ever sink his own rapidly dwindling funds on it (because even with whatever minor ad revenue he's bringing in, it ain't enough to sustain a $2-3000 apartment in a high cost of living area like PNW by itself long term)

No. 1728374


Exactly. If he really was serious about being some sort of influencer focused on retro games you’d see him going to more stores or arcades taking pictures and videos and such. But instead he just… doesn’t. It seems like he sinks any extra funds into his game collection and that’s it, and then he just keeps taking pictures and videos of himself in his neighborhood instead of doing anything new and engaging. I can’t imagine him being able to sustain this for long, especially with how expensive the Seattle area is.

No. 1728399

A 40 year old man filming himself making "puppy chow" and thinking he's doing some sacred christmas ritual is cwc levels of sad and delusional.

No. 1728535

I had whole body cringe from what you said he’s probably the most pathetic lonely person I’ve ever seen

No. 1728971

It's not even that. If he was doing it to be like "This is a sweet thing I did with my family growing up" and worked it into an almost personal vlog type of situation, it would have been fine because the holidays ARE the time for that kind of sentimental shit. Instead, it was like ProWorm-Goes-Julia-Childs and just fell incredibly flat. The best part was the chat trolling the entire time.

The kicker was towards the end of the stream, he was going to walk to the store to get more supplies and someone asked if he was going to live stream it (I think they meant when he got back but whatever). He was like "No, I won't live stream it, that would doxx me!" as if the entirety of the internet hadn't seen the insta story where he more or less doxxed himself with the street sign.

No. 1728977

Did anyone archive this shit?

Also I suspect wormdick doesn't even realize "puppy chow" is not a real meal but just something lazy moms make to keep the kids entertained/sugared up.

No. 1729458


I’m glad to hear that the chat was trolling him the whole time kek. All he did was make a snack, and he made it like he was cooking up a three course meal or some shit.

I don’t think Wormdick realizes that it’s pretty damn easy to find where he lives. But yeah, he already doxxed himself from his ig story, it doesn’t even matter now.

No. 1729706

File: 1671317030764.jpeg (259.98 KB, 1292x725, 6BB0DF72-AAA5-4197-9DE3-3A50C3…)

Jared: Yay it snowed!

Heauxlly: oh fuck it snowed :( :(

No. 1729896


she literally posted herself finding a shit ton of mushrooms this year

No. 1729916


Yeah, I saw a reel she posted recently of her finding mushrooms and SOM cooked them up? So what is the truth, Hoelly?

No. 1729921

Oh, did she keep him in the divorce?

Or is this a shared custody thing?

Or is part of the reason they're keeping the breakup hush hush is partly to keep such valuable dickriders as him and his wife?

No. 1729924


I think she officially got custody, I haven’t seen him defending ProWorm on social media in a good long bit. But he still has the whole “I’M A MOD FOR PROJARED” on his Twitter profile.

No. 1729930

File: 1671349890873.jpeg (228.57 KB, 828x1543, 564475F0-D0A3-495B-B335-A764C6…)


Annnnd I just saw this and now I want to go throw up.

No. 1729936

Yeah, I need to hurl now too.

No. 1729991

Holly has the most inappropriate parasocial relationships with her fans/friends. These people are absolute freaks and I think Jared recognized that and that's why Holly kept them in the divorce.

No. 1730041


She really does. It’s also always been suspicious that som only came into the picture when the initial drama happened. Seems kind of opportunistic to me.

No. 1730138

File: 1671389286786.png (189.24 KB, 864x1075, Screenshot_20221218-004207~2.p…)

Holy shit. That is so very wrong. This is giving me flashbacks to Jared playing Ahegao Academy and "dating" the Holly character as Heidi sat there next to him dressed up as her. These guys are using their wives as vehicles to act out their crushes on Holly.

Maybe SoM is getting ideas now that Jared is out of the picture? Is this the start of an SoM / Geraldo / Holly poly with poorly defined boundaries arc?

Also, Jared seems to be trying to get into the vtuber space and this made me laugh. I wonder if he's trying to mimic Ross's success.

No. 1730175


No. 1730190


Seems like Wormdick will try to do anything to make himself relevant. The response of absolutely not is sending me though lol. He tries to play off that his reputation isn’t as trashed as it really is. Guess he shouldn’t have been doing all that sex pesting.

No. 1730208

Fuckin gross. I ain’t even about to kink shame, but keep that shit to yourself.

No. 1730211


At least he’s admitting that he’s on the older end of the YouTuber/vtuber spectrum. Ross may be older too, but he’s adapted his content whereas boomer ass pedoworm wants to keep putting out the same tired content

No. 1730317

“boomer ass fleshtuber” is such a vile series of words

No. 1730320

Yeah, an "ass fleshtuber" is an adequate description of that creepy sexpest.

No. 1730362

Nauseating. What has to go wrong in someone's psyche to do some weird shit like this? Strix and diath are basically just jared and holly in different outfits. All the fanart I've seen itt is drawn to look like them. I'm having trouble fully expressing how odd this is to me lol it's not like they're literally dressing up as jared and holly but given how "striath" bled into the real world, they might as well be.
I assumed it meant something much worse at first glance

No. 1730474


Yeah it’s pretty fucked up that they basically want to roleplay their friends having sex. I don’t normally kink shame either but this is just disturbing.

No. 1730676

It's real creepy how those two moved from Florida to Seattle in November 2019. I've always thought they moved to become besties with Holly and Jared after the drama. But regardless, Holly clearly enjoys having "friends" who are obsessed with her and think she can do no wrong. The fact her friends write disturbing sexual shit about her doesn't bother her because she doesn't understand parasocial relationships or power imbalances between fans and creators. That's why she wrote how her friendship circle was better now that she no longer has other content creator friends. She can't handle friendships with people who aren't constantly emotionally validating her or friendships with other creators because they don't treat her with hero worship.

No. 1730677

This would actually be hilarious if it shows that Strix/Diath can ONLY last as a couple if they are NOT Jared & Holly.
That would absolutely gnaw away at her.
That couple is cringe for putting that imagery out online, but at least they still like each other.

No. 1730873

Oh my god. I had no idea they moved that far (literally across the entire US) to be with them. That makes it so much creepier. I hate to use that word because it sounds harsh, but I'm not sure how else to express that this is not normal behavior.

It takes a lot to convince people to move that far jobs that they really want, and from what I've gathered they moved for… what? To be a better mod for Jared's twitch stream? To support their "friends" who are only paying attention to them in the first place because SoM is willing to do free labor for them? Holly might genuinely be friends with them now, but Jared would have no issues leaving them if they ever asked for something in return that would inconvenience him.

I hope Jared is at least paying those two well to account for the increased cost of living in Washington, but somehow I doubt that's the case.

And yeah, I don't mean to kink shame either. I think if GG and SoM were two random fans who'd never met or interacted with Jared and Holly IRL, the role play sex would be weird but at least somewhat normal. The fact that they're all close friends is what tips it over the creepy edge for me. It means that now they're not just cosplaying as two characters from a show they like, they're also cosplaying as their friends… Super uncomfortable. Reminds me of a story I read about a girl whose mom borrowed her dresses for role play sex with her dad. Skinwalking your friends and family is always going to be invasive.

Seems that the trend of SoM not understanding normal personal social boundaries has been going on for a long time.

No. 1731136


Whoa, I had no idea that SoM and his wife actually moved cross country just to be close to Hoelly and ProWorm. That’s even more messed up. It’s one thing to move across the country for your significant other or a relative or your ride or die friend, but to move across the country for someone that you’ve only been friends with for a few months? That’s some seriously expensive clout chasing. But also severely creepy for sure. I do wonder how much money SoM has dropped just to be friends with them. It’s not cheap to move cross country, and SoM also dropped sub money on Jared’s streams for a little while when he was starting up, plus the cost of living of FL versus WA is pretty massive too. Even minus the whole weird role playing stuff, that’s just kind of fucked up on its own.

No. 1731211

You still look as generic and bland as your character, Jared.

I love the rejection that he gets whenever he tries to fit in somewhere.

No. 1731283

File: 1671507463144.jpeg (92.13 KB, 828x488, 92E643ED-3DC7-4EDB-83FC-8143D4…)

So Wormdick had his big con comeback this weekend but he’s been suspiciously quiet about it as a wannabe influencer. No pictures, no videos, just a tweet? Makes me think that it was likely a flop. I looked at the con page and they had YouTubers advertised, but it makes me think he was just part of a panel of several folks rather than just getting his own lone panel.

No. 1731285

File: 1671507609625.jpeg (258.12 KB, 828x830, 26927222-8949-4368-B553-BE25AE…)


(Here’s the ad I’m talking about. All the YouTubers are all grouped up in one square as opposed to the other bigger guests.)

No. 1731295

File: 1671508725330.jpeg (431.2 KB, 828x1469, 9899AF8B-2B48-4208-B57E-FBAC40…)


Found one picture on the bird site from the con. He’s wearing those stupid pants kek.

No. 1731588

File: 1671873948279.jpeg (281.94 KB, 828x1433, FAD18938-AE0E-48A9-8219-4F0062…)

Anyway while lolcow was down, ProWorm was doing the usual which is taking pictures of himself in the snow in all of his usual outfits.

No. 1731809

Does he have veneers? His smile never looks human.

No. 1731814

his proportions are so comical. matchstick lookin ass

No. 1731888

That is such a creepy facial expression why would he think smiling like that for a model shot would be a good idea?

No. 1731900

That shirt.. is ol Jerry going to troon out?

No. 1731907

The way he's standing in that bush literally makes him look like a peeping tom

No. 1731984

File: 1671993781365.jpeg (481.22 KB, 828x982, B2880408-917F-4586-950D-C6EC19…)

It’s insane that despite how messy she was with the drama Holly is still getting industry invites to shit. Jared was more down low about everything after the initial blow up but he’s only getting scraps from cons and has barely any sponsors. He’s just a boring has been sexpest and I’m wonder how he’s even making a living if he’s not really doing much besides streaming and making boring videos.

No. 1732015

Holly and her "I'm not like other girls" face

No. 1732019

File: 1672006972225.jpeg (696.69 KB, 828x1203, AACD556F-843B-4E16-822D-EB5D3C…)

Merry Christmas from everyone’s favorite worm looking like an alien occupying an ugly human’s body and trying to act natural

No. 1732156

Jesus he looks haggard

No. 1732183


Well I guess for once he’s not outside in the snow. But yeah, this looks creepily unnatural. He’s trying way too hard.

No. 1732202

He's the first person I've ever seen who somehow looks worse after getting Invisalign

No. 1732207

Is there anything funnier than seeing this ugly scrote try and pull off basic instahoe poses and utterly failing at it

No. 1732227

File: 1672063808319.jpeg (122.23 KB, 448x435, A456830A-4CF4-4A3D-9286-D48F1D…)



No. 1732237

This is pure nightmare fuel anon. The comb over is just ridiculous

No. 1732300

Not having an insecure nerd girl to emotionally torture is really taking a toll on him.

No. 1732327

willies wonderland jump scare lookin ass lmao

No. 1732345


It sure seems like it. He’s trying his hardest to lure another one in, but all he’s doing is making himself look like a creep. You know he still thinks he’s a FF bishounen or some shit, but in reality he’s just a sexpest whose hair is rapidly thinning, his career is dying and he’s pushing 40 with not much to show for it.

No. 1732632

I like how in this ~candid casual looking away from the camera~ pic he wasn't smart enough to hide the hand he has the remote in.

No. 1732782


omg that’s hilarious. Not a good attempt to hide it lmao.

No. 1732818

So he posed for a faux candid photo, alone in the house, pretending he is laughing along to something the invisible person off-camera said, at Christmas. I think Holly probably had a better Christmas than the worm based on this, and all he has now are gay men in his DMs and no babes

No. 1732934

File: 1672184200779.jpeg (448.22 KB, 2048x2048, DF5C81FE-1E58-4C63-87BC-F25051…)

No. 1732936

(I should add, at least the dog is actually cute though)

No. 1733007


Yeah, it sounds like Hoelly definitely had a better Christmas than the Worm. She’s got custody of SoM and his wife, she’s also friends with that teenager and his weird mom, and ProWorm has got… no one. I do wonder if his family wants much to do with him after all of his sex pesting came out. It seems like he had a lonely Christmas and around Thanksgiving he literally went back to Wisconsin for one day.

No. 1733054

File: 1672201252401.jpeg (335.4 KB, 828x1506, 97D8F497-5438-41C1-9998-EC0CD0…)

That hairline is looking ROUGH. And him placing 4th in a MK tournament at a small time video game convention isn’t the flex he thinks it is.

No. 1733056

4th place out of 20.

No. 1733147


Yeah exactly. 4th out of maybe 100 would be more impressive? 4th out of 20 not so much.

No. 1733293

>they make me look so focused in some, but also just having fun in others!
Does anyone else find it profoundly annoying that he described his own facial expressions in the caption?

No. 1733307

He looks like steve buschemi with old man makeup here. Christ.

No. 1733373


Yes, it’s super annoying and he does this kind of stuff all the time in his captions. He’s such a damn narc that he can only talk about himself, what he's wearing, why he wears certain clothes, why he plays certain games, etc. Or he’s so devoid of a personality that’s all he can think to talk about.

No. 1733507

Mans looking like he in the final stages of AIDS circa late 80s. Gaunt as fuck. Why would he post this? He really thinks it looks casual and inviting?

No. 1733528

No his insta is so cringe and hard to watch, like he really needs to get with the times. I think a lot of his content was better back in the day cause he had girls with some kinda taste backing him maybe even telling him what’s good and not but now it’s just so cringe. I can’t.

No. 1734466

File: 1672425630804.jpeg (96.92 KB, 828x1176, 2782B440-6483-448E-AC0E-EC600F…)

Saw this on Heauxlly’s Insta a couple of days ago, think she’s silently calling out Wormdick again? We all know she’s not going to call out her own repeated behavior kek.

No. 1734796

The third photo in that series is the worst!

No. 1734858

File: 1672495909945.png (Spoiler Image, 84.49 KB, 240x266, Screenshot_20221231-090954-191…)

I'm sorry but the first one…dear god…The lifeless eyes and phony smile. This man is miserable and gross to look at at.

No. 1734861

What's with the uneven hair? It looks like he got caught in a wind tunnel

No. 1734870

once again a post that wouldn’t make sense if it was about ross, since she couldn’t have experienced anything “repeatedly” in awhile.

what i wanna know is, by repeated behavior, does she mean what jared did to heidi and now he’s done it to her? because that would be maybe a little reflective, despite how late it is.

No. 1734879

File: 1672500233112.jpeg (243.77 KB, 828x1476, 71834022-C89A-4F64-8947-C739A3…)

How much do you want to bet he’s fishing for more “You’re so hot!” comments.

No. 1734880

he doesn't even look human like he looks like a monster from a horror movie

No. 1735060

File: 1672527920904.jpeg (17.72 KB, 300x168, AD7DA1A4-CEEF-44C4-9218-08B7F5…)

No. 1735606

File: 1672620925988.jpeg (197.51 KB, 828x1233, 38593663-4EBE-46D9-97FD-D3651E…)

No. 1735773

This fucking moid. Imagine the amount of mental illness it takes to have a mug this ugly but can't stop putting it in front of a camera.

No. 1735774

File: 1672650661950.jpg (148.92 KB, 828x1233, gross_worm.jpg)

Why is he so weirdly glossy?

No. 1735775

This genuinely scared me when I clicked on the front page kek

No. 1735778

Please don't touch RGG… I bet he is going to try self-inserting himself as one of the characters. Yawn

No. 1735782

File: 1672651679251.png (555.18 KB, 2880x2160, curse_of_the_worm_wallpaper.pn…)

Here's a nice wallpaper for you.

No. 1735784

I'm surprised he's even playing it, considering the game is rather testosterone fueled and he has cultivated his absolute lack of manlyness as a general missunderstanding of the final fantasy 90s bishonen trope into some "I'm a androgynous sephiroth / cloud strife" cope.
But maybe he realized most girls these days prefer RGG to final fantasy and tries to hook into that.

No. 1736060

If you colored this blue it'd look like Ao Oni

No. 1736272


Yeah, he clearly thinks he’s as hot as the egirls that he’s trying to emulate ugh.


I’m guessing that the RPG’s he’s been playing hasn’t been bringing in the views so he needs to try something else. Joke’s on him though, him playing the Yakuza games isn’t the major event that he seems to think it is.

No. 1736460

File: 1672752422548.png (531.03 KB, 2880x2160, curse_of_the_worm_wallpaper_bl…)

Here you go.
I like the red version more tbh, because all I'm doing there is to crank up contrast and turn down brightness, so it's all natura wormdick.
turning him blue takes off some off the gross natural edge he has, its almost too artistic and takes away from how incredibly repulsive he is IRL.

No. 1736486

File: 1672755910702.jpeg (117.48 KB, 1507x1252, 0AD52B3D-8A44-4E14-B01D-42F873…)

>will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

No. 1736536

Can I kill myself instead?

No. 1736652


Oh my god, this is the stuff nightmares are made of.

No. 1736654

>I love how so many of these make me look so focused in some, but also just having fun in others

Dude talks like a fucking robot. A lot of his captions are just pointing out the obvious rather than saying anything meaningful or interesting.

No. 1736655

New cover for The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

No. 1736923

File: 1672798919876.jpeg (144.94 KB, 827x1141, 562048C3-32AC-4384-9119-64F237…)

The correct answer to this question.

No. 1737114

This fucking guy is so mentally ill with his constant narcissism: Not even vloggers who'se entire job revolves around talking about themselves are this narcissistic.
Meanwhile this sperg who only got propelled into "fame" by being a nerd who talks about gameboy shit at the right time on youtube thinks it's all about him, when people just looked for someone to validate their childhood nostalgia with 50 minute reviews.

No. 1737178

File: 1672850452102.png (18.02 KB, 300x100, 106.png)

Made it into the new banners! Unless I've just missed it by RNG before now.

No. 1737246

It's been a banner for a long time now, I keep seeing it.

No. 1737795

File: 1672931591603.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1360x1753, AFA57306-063B-4148-A73A-D9363A…)

The pictures of raerae were so popular because everyone was laughing at how pathetic it was for him to be lusting after this girl who looks like his ex and is pretty clearly not that close to him.

No. 1737809

Hopefully the fact that none of his awful outfits made it to the top will teach him nobody thinks he looks good that way.
He looks borderline human in that suit and tie, though.

No. 1737824

He looks like a mad eye moody from the harry potter series.

No. 1737833

He had to tag her like the creepy fucking moid he is.
He is that beta nice guy everyone knew from college and highschool who would keep on tagging you on old photos to get your attention.
"If she sees this old photo of us she will maybe finally realize WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER ALL ALONG"

No. 1737834

>He looks borderline human in that suit and tie, though.
He looks like he could be Reviewbrah's sex offender cousin

No. 1738432

File: 1672980017603.jpeg (222.51 KB, 828x1291, 1F69DC28-E195-49F2-88F7-88C078…)

So how much filtering do we think he did to his face here?

No. 1738437

take both and hope i fucking overdose

No. 1738562

Why is he posting like a teenage girl? Is this ironic thing?

No. 1738587


Nah, he’s just such a narcissist that he thinks everyone wants to see his face all the time.

No. 1738605

File: 1673012537339.jpeg (235.84 KB, 828x876, 1C43F893-E9A3-47AE-AE38-2A0314…)

Do we know what Heauxlly is talking about here? I thought she was still getting D&D gigs, or is there something else going on?

No. 1738682

File: 1673019765632.png (176.53 KB, 828x925, so_invested.png)

Another one for the pile.

No. 1738697

Long story short, for over two decades D&D has had an "open gaming license" that basically allows 3rd party content and even completely new games to be built upon its architecture. Other popular systems like Pathfinder and 13th Age are built from the OGL.
But now with the advent of One D&D, Wizards of the Coast is also updating its OGL and nulling the old one, putting a whole bunch of restrictions into it that really punch any third-party creator that helped this game flourish back into popularity square in the fnards.

This is her saying "Yep I know WOTC is trying to monetize this brand even harder but I still have a soft spot for old settings and lore", basically.

No. 1738885




Thanks for the explanation nonny. I’m not in the D&D sphere at all, so I had no idea what the current angst is there.

No. 1739057

him having no eyelashes makes this so much creepier

No. 1739121

File: 1673078776993.jpeg (224.82 KB, 828x1445, 5300EA6A-08F6-4275-B971-D3CC28…)

…I don’t even know what he’s doing anymore. Wormdick is either extremely bored or just extremely boring.

No. 1739128

I vote both. Says a lot that Holly of all people has more personality than him.

No. 1739173

File: 1673097928960.png (1.01 MB, 1498x1679, progeria.png)

He's trapped in his narcissism-spiral.
He expected young e-girl pussy to flood over him now that he's single again, but turns out there's a limit of where e-fame can take you these days when you're a washed up, ugly nerd weakling. Doesn't seem to register properly with him though, so he's doublig down on putting himself out there, instead of interesting content.
It's hair raising how much his idea of what makes for interesting content mirrors that of some talentless full of herself teenage girl who uploads tiktoks and selfies all day.

No. 1739174

File: 1673098154607.jpg (137.95 KB, 936x1688, blankie.JPG)

Who over the age of 5 calls a blanket a "blankie"? I know he's trying to be cute… but in his case its not cutsey but sounds like something some leatherface-type mentally stunted psycho from a horror movie would say.
It puts the lotion in the blankie or else it gets the hose again.

No. 1739180

2015 Walmart Tween Girl Clearance Section Couture

No. 1739194

I stopped coming to this thread after the Holly accusations, but why the fuck does he think he's so attractive? Also years ago on reddit I saw someone saying that Pro-jard was bisexual

No. 1739198

Wow, he's very emotionally stunted and doesn't seem to be remotely aware of it. It's almost like he's regressed in age over the last few years.

No. 1739247


Someone who’s pushing 40 who’s so delusional about his appearance that he thinks he can lure in barely 18 egirls, that’s who.


He’s claimed that he’s pansexual, but in reality he’s only interested in people who have vaginas.

No. 1739359

Pansexual probably sounded nicer to him than "part-time pedophile".

No. 1739360

Yeah, it seems like he mentally regressed a ton or developed cwc-style autism.
He moved into that expensive seattle suburbs expecting to live a crazy sexual bachelor life, pulling lots of e-girl pussy.
Instead he seems to mutate into a delusional manchild who runs around outside in his hot topic pajamas and filming himself playing in the snow or making literal baby treats for himself while doing the male duckface thing with the raised eyebrows into the camera constantly.
So weird.

No. 1739399

I have a weird feeling too that she wasn't the one who ended the relationship. she describes it so much as "im sad, i had a breakup" which is normal, but she never describes it in a way that sounds like "I had to make a hard decision recently" or "it was for the better." She comes off like the dumpee.

Like i can totally see Projared thinking he can continue on as some hot bachelor so he got cocky and dumped holly.

No. 1739418

it’s sad because jared actually looked like an attractive, cute nerdy guy. and then, he fucked his career by being a horny sex pest moid. and i’m sure he has nights about it once in a while, hence his dwindling appearance. his youtube has been stagnant on close to a million and hasn’t changed in a while, he’s single, paying off expensive alimony, and alone.

No. 1739420

samefag but it’s so funny because he could’ve went the markliplier mode. not be sexual to your fanbase, open an onlyfans, and distance that shit away from his young impressionable child fans.

No. 1739426

File: 1673135253711.jpeg (12.67 KB, 600x341, FXLThSZ.jpeg)

>jared actually looked like an attractive, cute nerdy guy

No. 1739431

Time for new glasses, anon.

No. 1739440


Yeah, he definitely seems like he’s regressed back to when he was married and was running the SinJared blog. Back when his efame had a little more clout and he could be a sexpest with wild abandon. I mean, he’s under the delusion that his YouTube channel isn’t doing as well due to the algorithm not favoring him. It can’t be because his videos aren’t interesting and that the sex scandal hurt his reputation, nope. Gotta be the algorithm.


Oh yeah, she basically said that he up and left her. Which tracks with past issues when he was married. I imagine that they had their problems, and when Heauxlly would try to bring them up, Wormdick would just exit the situation because that’s what he’s been known to do. He just runs away from his problems and ignores them, like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.
Come to think of it, he does remind me of an ostrich with those bulging eyes of his.

No. 1739441


I kind of agree with that anon he was oddly attractive when he was younger but his personality these days would make you drier than the Sahara

No. 1739444

Bad taste in men is not milk, please sage.

No. 1739454

Jared had a cosplayer/photographer wife who dressed and took pictures of him, I attribute any good photos of projared to Heidi. He was always an ugly human being, but Heidi built up his confidence and edited/took his photos. I swear older pictures look better because someone else is posing him, he didn't do any Zoolander shit back then, like he does now.
Now he doesn't have Heidi, his outfits are toddler tier, the small amount of confidence he had 5 years ago got overinflated by all the Tumblr nudes he received. Now he looks smug in all his pics, like he's doing everyone a favour with these crappy timer selfies. He has no idea how much he fucked himself over kek.
Heidi being gone is also a large reason why he's stepped away from retro tech kek, it's an increasingly expensive hobby and she was always more into it, he just mooched off her interests.

No. 1739504

Le epic poncho mode blankie ecks dee
Shut up, Earthworm Jim's sex pest brother. These posts make him like he's trying to groom kids on the internet in 2012.

No. 1739551

File: 1673149495246.jpg (50.73 KB, 637x643, D6HwGuVWwAAusoF.jpg)

>it’s sad because jared actually looked like an attractive, cute nerdy guy
No. Even in his "prime" he was ugly as fuck, off-putting and creepy. Guess some people just mistake e-fame for attraction.

No. 1739552

>and distance that shit away from his young impressionable child fans.
What makes you think he wants to avoid that situation? It seems more like he's trying to "accidentally" expose himself to underage fan again.

No. 1739555

lmao THIS, I was just thinking about that in terms of girls who think he was okay looking. If he were just some random dude who was a friend-of-a-friend they’d think he was creepy too

No. 1739559

File: 1673150148698.jpg (28.91 KB, 482x496, smug_worm.JPG)

>Now he looks smug in all his pics, like he's doing everyone a favour with these crappy timer selfies.
Spot on lmao.
What's he even doing?
This isn't videogames at all, it's just some retard pervert prancing around in his bedroom in yoga pants, barely hiding his autogynephilia wormcock boner and a security blanket.
Maybe it's some strategy where he thinks when he acts like a teenager teenage girls will flock to him?

No. 1739560

jared didn’t look too bad back then, you guys are just salty fat single bitches

No. 1739561

i’m sorry nonnies. my taste for skinny white men is impeccable

No. 1739566

File: 1673151509123.png (754.96 KB, 923x1588, fashion_worm.png)

>30 minutes into gameboy and chill and he gives you this look

No. 1739567

File: 1673151517017.gif (459.59 KB, 500x282, AlarmingJaggedArachnid-size_re…)

Good one, nonnie.

No. 1739648

The shirt has its own nipple piercing lmfao, no wonder the gays love him

No. 1739669

He was always one of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever seen, not joking

No. 1739676


Damn, his hairline is disappearing fast. And wtf is that shirt? It’s like someone took a random sewing project and turned it into a t-shirt.

No. 1739703

how did he do it? how did he manage to win the ugly olympics of avgn clones when he was competing against spoony and jontron.

No. 1739710

File: 1673178422566.jpg (137.18 KB, 624x669, IMG_20230108_064553.jpg)

Or just women with taste kek. As a degenerate who even likes some skinny white nerds, Jared really is bottom tier. Maybe his personality came off better on screen prior to the divorce? Sometimes girls can be swayed by a guy who appears non threatening. The Heidi situation pretty much destroyed that aspect of his though
His "invested" look looks more like a guy faking being scared. Also if you look at his eyes and mouth separately you can tell how fake the emotion is. He literally just opened his mouth then opened his eyes real wide into Sanpaku Eyes like an actual sociopath imitating emotions. (picrel related, not based in perfect science but it's amusing nonetheless)

No. 1739711

who did you scribble out in orange?

No. 1739722

Nta but Casey Anthony kek

No. 1739741

What, when did he ever say he was pan? Weird they hed never bring it up for brownie points, i guess his sex scandal attracted more of a gamergate crowd and theyd also leave his ass if he reminded everyone he's part of the lgbt's

No. 1739831


At one point he had an LGBT flag on his Twitter profile, but I’m pretty sure it was mentioned on the SinJared blog.

No. 1740025

I didn't recognize her so I cut her out in case she was a girl who snapped and killed a shitty moid kek, my bad

No. 1741927

speculating that if he is lurking here like some nonnas have said, he'd probably find some way to use any slightly approving comment on his appearance to feed his ego

why does he like wearing all these weirdly cut shirts. i don't understand it.

No. 1742340

Nonnie that's so funny I love you

No. 1742626


Because he thinks he’s being fashionable and he also thinks that it’ll drive more people to his YouTube, stream and socials. Instead he just comes off as being way out of touch.

No. 1743949

I've been listening to Holly's recent twitch streams and it sounds like that kid Callum is living with her now Jared has moved out. Callum has been in the background in most of her streams. Holly says she's letting him have a home away from home to do crafts in her basements (creepy). She then says she recommends adopting a youth to keep in your basement (creepier). So yeah, I guess she's so desperate to avoid being alone that she's resorted having this kid live in her basement?

No. 1743959

Also she did a lot of complaining about haters, saying how much she doesn't care about them, basic bitch shit like 2023 is going to be her year, opening up her chat and daring the trolls to come insult her, saying she's coming out of a great darkness or recent depression and hinted it was because of Jared leaving her, saying she's going to stream all the time now because she's over her trauma, complaining about the things she hates like video game music as it triggers her trauma (besides Baldur's Gate and Planescape)…so basically the same shit she's been repeating over and over ad nauseum for the past four years. You didn't miss anything.

No. 1744078

what trauma does she have about video game music now?

No. 1744135

She wanted background music for her stream so she weirdly put on 1920s big band music. I think people questioned wtf she was listening to and she went on this long rant about how she hates lofi because it's overdone, she gets mad when she hears it and she can't get any work done, it makes her want to commit a murder (her words). Anyway, she then said that she can't listen to video game music either because it reminds her of "the bad times" and specifically mentioned chiptunes.

She's just super neurotic about basically everything and that's why I enjoy watching her solo live streams. She's so nervous streaming and has nothing to talk about, and she ends up blurting out her fears and things that make her uncomfortable. It's really funny and weird.

No. 1745122

Makes me think her entire fanbase are people with stunted emotional growth because grown ass adults would just find that cringe (or watch it ironically for the comedy of it all).

No. 1745303

File: 1673777963012.png (8.32 MB, 2048x1536, FPDJ38YVsAES9V1.png)

The projared discord server is filled with asexual neets who spend all day talking about Persona. Everyone is walking on eggshells because people take offense over the pettiest difference of opinion. Recently the mods had to referee several discussions over whether modern JRPG's are good or what is a metroidvania.

I noticed that the wife of SadOldMagician left the server and the old projared2 server. I'm pretty sure that she's a friend of Holly since they went on a hiking trip with her. picrel.


Another interesting thing is that the trolls discovered that Projared was having this birthday card that was going to be read on stream. It was in a channel on the discord server, a lot of trolls swarmed it at once and filled it up with pictures of his nudes as well as pictures of Heidi. The moderator ChibiAcer was saying that the authorities had been contacted and the trolls had better been hiding behind a VPN.

I think it's insane that Projareds previous behaviour has just been swept under the rug. Minors shouldn't be allowed in his discord server, he's definitely creeping in the DM's of young women.

No. 1745335

Kek sounds like Holly got SOM and his wife in the divorce if she left the server.

No. 1745337

Or she got full custody of Geraldo, and shared custody of SOM, since he seems to be hanging around PervJared still.

No. 1745342

File: 1673782045504.jpg (170.77 KB, 1114x1009, 1.JPG)

Something else that I find very strange about the discord server is that if anyone is having a bad day or is going through something unpleasant a moderator will immediately step in and tell them to stop "trauma dumping".

I went to find a few instances of it and it turns out that the moderators have been deleting the logs to hide their tracks. I did catch this completely tonedeaf performance from pedojared.

No. 1745345

Herd members?

Christ, Jared, I know they're all total sheep for still flocking to you after your sexpest ass got exposed but still.

No. 1745346

File: 1673782453107.jpg (97.86 KB, 1046x699, 2.JPG)

In this screenshot someone preempts a moderator bringing up the "no trauma dumping" and then the moderator acts like they're a victim. The conversation that was happening prior to this screenshot was about breakups.

It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It's like paedojared wants to build a community without the community and just twitch subscriptions and donos. Give me your money but don't expect anything in return. Purely extractionary and milquetoast.

Jared only found success because he was consistent and started early. He is completely untalented. I recently tried to watch his review of Final Fantasy VI which according to him is Squares magnum opus, the best JRPG ever made and the game that taught him things about himself.

He can barely string sentences together and is completely mush mouthed. Despite being at the YouTube game for over a decade there are teenagers that make better content with a couple of months of experience.

No. 1745347

Fucking hell, an entire discord of Stepford Smilers.

Also, someone calls themselves Aspergian in there?

No. 1745348

Stepford smilers perfectly describes the situation and I'm stealing that. You'll notice that whenever there is an altercation within the discord someone will then say something innocuous to move the conversation on like "soooooo, who likes puppies". It's super unnerving and unhealthy.

It's like sitting around the dinner table eating with your family while your mother is sobbing with a black eye and your father is trying to make casual conversation like nothing happened.

It would be one thing if it only happened one time but I've seen it OVER and OVER again. I'll hunt for some examples.

No. 1745352

File: 1673783444489.jpg (160.75 KB, 1111x828, 1.JPG)

Found some more stuff about trauma dumping that hasn't been deleted, one of which featuring Geraldo Guacamole who I assume will now employ the Nuremburg Defence now that she stands with Holly.

No. 1745369

"No trauma dumping"

Holly immediately banned from the server

No. 1745550


Is that RaiRai the same as the Australian Heidi? And what’s the point of the Discord if you can’t just talk about random shit? What a stifling environment.

Not shocking that Wormdick is still courting young girls, I guess the nickname of ProPedo is still applicable after all. It makes sense with all the stuff he’s recently posted, like him making Puppy Chow and calling a blanket a blankie. He’s clearly trying to cater to a younger crowd. God, he’s still so fucking gross and it’s disgusting that people defend his behaviors and work for him.

No. 1745604

Maybe the rules against trauma dumping is so the drama jannies shut up kek. Talking about basic kid issues like getting over a crush is "trauma dumping" but sympathy baiting the kids you're moderating for making a joke is a-ok. While I will say it's based to tell the kids to go somewhere else to complain about their issues (you can vent elsewhere, not every discord needs to cater to your need to talk about yourself), put people in a room together and they'll inevitably get into arguments. You need to have a system for issues and telling people to just stop arguing in the middle of a problem (then belittling them by talking about waterfalls and puppies) instead of solving the issue is just going to create worse problems in the long run. At least tell them to take it to DMs instead of shutting down the discussion. Jared is just going to end up chasing away his last super fans who actually wanted to know him.
For the love of God at the very least don't space between the quote and your reply if you're determined to refuse integration. Your average site poster has graduated from reading children's books with double spaces, if you can't read you are free to change your spacing and font settings on your device.
I can't wait until the next hellweek if the site survives to one

No. 1745651

He has already scared off one of his biggest fans with his shitty mods and management of his server. There was a trans identified male called Guerilla Grue with 70,000 posts in about a year and a half.

No. 1745758

If he’s been scaring off his big name fans, I can imagine that they’re not the only ones who have been fleeing from his streams and server. Serves the sexpest right.

No. 1745966

The thing that gets me is that in all those discord screenshots, the members were resolving it themselves… Don't get me wrong, I think that rule of no drama is stupid, and what a toxic "community" when the only thing allowed is to be happy and silly and worship the worm dick or else gtfo, but like… I've never stepped in on something in a server if members resolved shit on their own and conversation was moving past that. Heck, that's when we'd DM folks and say thank you for resolving it, keeping the peace, following the rules, etc. Why are these mods being such dicks and kicking folks when they're already down? I'm sure it's upsetting to hear "you're trauma dumping and need to stop" but to have it said twice every time? FFS.

Also Jared's stupid tone-deaf reply is enraging. What a douche.(learn2sage)

No. 1746008

Any topic of conversation that isn't family friendly is immediately nixed. People will call the mods if they even catch a whiff that someone might tangentially break a rule in the future. It's very weird, you'd have to be if you spend all day watching Projared and think that he makes good content.

The most prolific people in the server have tens of thousands of posts, they're spending their life in that server. It's mind boggling.

No. 1746010

File: 1673867777310.jpg (62.29 KB, 596x754, anemic ferret.JPG)

It sickens me that this anemic ferret had a tumblr where he solicited nudes from his audience. He creeps me out.

Do you remember that reddit post about how he arranged to fuck a fan at a convention? He met up with the fan, fucked her and then left her there, she said that she felt used. She was told at the time that Jared and Heidi were in an open relationship and that it didn't matter.

He wants to be the king of the autists and enacts the law of Prima Noctis on all of his moderators. SOM probably let him fuck his fat wife who is just a more rotund version of Holly.

No. 1746160

Yeah, it’s pretty wild that he even has a following since his content is boring as fuck. There have been other people in the past who have come out to complain about his discord, but they’d always get shooed away by people like SoM and get convinced to delete their complaints from social media. The defense of this milquetoast worm is pretty gross.

I think the fan fucking may have been posted on tumblr as well? If I remember correctly, the fan went to Heidi (or she approached the fan) and the posts were taken down so that she could use the evidence provided to her in their divorce case. And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that SoM let the worm fuck his wife too kek.

No. 1748335

File: 1674157877577.jpeg (153.64 KB, 828x1097, 3C831955-12BA-4343-AC29-F7FC40…)

what possessed him to post this

No. 1748494

File: 1674172016600.jpeg (42.3 KB, 828x374, 45A43EB4-5699-4DDF-8B36-F8880A…)

I dunno, but it’s gross as hell. He’s probably trying to lure in the barely 18 crowd again. This reply cracked me up.

No. 1748985

File: 1674236503889.png (86.74 KB, 630x178, redemptionarc.png)

Zero offers "miss you boo" chapter begins?

No. 1749034

This man is so unbearably ugly im shocked by it every time he posts a picture

No. 1749322

File: 1674274879572.jpeg (17.57 KB, 283x178, C5DA205A-BF17-4CDF-AC58-D057AD…)

that’s a moray

No. 1749494

File: 1674303532562.gif (2.24 MB, 498x373, dino.gif)


No. 1749626

What's he trying to convey with those photos of being a depressed sofa/bed blobfish?
It's insane how this guy lives in a really expensive suburb but his lifestyle is trailer trash type squalor.

No. 1749666

I think he’s trying to give off a “hey don’t you want to join me in bed” vibe. Ick. His rent is so expensive, he probably doesn’t have much extra cash to spare other than what he uses to spend on increasing his game collection. (When fans aren’t sending him donations that is.) It’d also explain why we don’t see him much outside of his neighborhood.

No. 1749821

File: 1674348728088.jpg (49.82 KB, 750x500, 295683599.jpg)

You can even see a plushie in the top right corner. LOL

But his bed doesn't even look comfortable nor luxurious.
Not with those ugly-ass wall-mart pillows.
He really should've though this through some more and used the money to buy a luxurious home out in the boonies instead.
He literally fails to qualify for a single "interesting 40 something bachelor" quality that might attract young women who want a daddy-scrote.
Either offer screw the rules type comfyness and adventure or wealth and security.
He looks like a desperate and broke divorced 40 year old guy from accounting.

No. 1749899

Oh god, I didn’t even notice the plushie. Ew ew ew.
But yeah, with all the money he’s spending on rent you’d think he would have bought a house somewhere even if he had to move away from the city. He doesn’t have a job associated with WotC anymore, so there’s no reason for him to live near Seattle. He literally has nothing to show for himself being almost 40 except for his game collection and whatever cheap furniture he bought to furnish the home that he doesn’t even own. Along with his cardboard personality, he’s got nothing going for him.

No. 1749915

This is a hotel room kek, do you think any single man on earth would have a place decorated like this by himself, let alone this turd?

No. 1750192

File: 1674399765611.jpg (842.92 KB, 1439x2252, Screenshot_20230122-085948_Ins…)

Holly is inviting people to come and talk about how Jared most likely got tired of her not being an uwu gamer egirl then dipped kek

No. 1750276

File: 1674414200914.jpg (475.61 KB, 2000x1314, 6867c5c80a5f6838cd66f302d7206d…)

Upwards of some levels of income a furnished appartment and a hotel room basically look the same.
If you're looking to be a "sugar daddy" you better have a bachelor pad looking like this. Don't care if your housekeeper drapes the bedsheets to look like that or you call in your interior decorator before every date.

But a 40 year old guy looking like a human earthworm, warpped up in a zelda blanket on grey, dusty-looking walmart pillows is not a appetizing image for any younger woman looking for a older guy.

No. 1750282

I’m glad Holly gave up tryna chase the worm she’s in her coping and painting saga.

No. 1750284

His curtains are also ugly as sin.
If he bough that expensive appartment only to furnish it with the cheapest looking shit he can find he's really something else.
If he's renting furnished there's only so much he can do, makes it even more pathetic though to spend your whole day holed-up in a ugly furnished appartment with the drapes pulled shut and jumping around playing poncho with your polyesther blankets.

Also where the fuck did he even get those ugly as sin glossy fake lace drapes?

I dont even think you can get ugly curtains and drapes like that in wallmart or target, he must've bought them on aliexpress or wish.

No. 1750481

File: 1674445715444.jpeg (285.1 KB, 828x1137, 1AAA2A27-2227-4123-AFD1-E6194D…)

At least he did us all the favor of covering up most of his face with his Zelda blankie.

No. 1750643

So pathetic than seeing this aging fully grown scrote degrade mentally to the point where all he posts is photos of himself on his ugly bed, probably in payamas (not that his causal wear looks different)wrapped in kiddy blankets.
Something about this all seems really off-putting, like he lost control of his life.

No. 1750682

Projared age regression arc happening now, 40 is knocking on his door and he's refusing to open it.

No. 1750746

Ultra kek'd at this. Just sad, sad reality. I also love that his bachelor life is sad and ugly. It's funny that Heidi and Holly had so much personality in their decor. Especially Heidi. You realize what an empty person Jared is. Even his retro stuff was Heidi's. He really just uses women.

No. 1750932

Yep. He used women for everything, his personality, and his hobbies. He was thinking that he was going to be drowning in pussy when he dropped Holly, but he’s probably now realizing how lame his life really is. I mean, his videos and streams are boring, his discord is too strict to be any fun, he doesn’t go anywhere or do anything exciting, he’s ugly and his fashion sense is nonexistent. Does he have anything going for him? Maybe this is the karma of being a sex pest hitting back hard.

No. 1750983

Yes, this so much. I don't like Heidi or Holly, but damn do they know how to decorate a room. They're creative and artistic and their living spaces reflect their personality. Jared's room is bringing American Psycho vibes. I've always thought he was an empty, soulless husk of a human and this is just another example.

No. 1751148

File: 1674535225131.jpeg (78.21 KB, 828x525, 6B86B3A3-D2E5-43EA-A57D-F5BE95…)

He’s live on IG right now, who’s gonna go in and spy kek.

No. 1751177

I caught a bit of his stream.
>was talking about staying relevant and asking for video ideas
>begging fans to request conventions to book him lol
Things are looking bleak.

No. 1751283

Probably hid his lower face for this yakuza post so his eyes and mouth wouldn't look mismatched like the last one kek

No. 1751323


thats the Snom plush Holly got him lollll

No. 1751370

Big kek. Thanks for hopping in there nonnie. He knows his relevancy is dying fast, but yet he thinks he has enough for cons to want to pay for this worm to host a panel? This guy is delusional with a capital D. He’s really scared he might have to get a job someday, isn’t he.

No. 1751415

File: 1674571200228.png (260.17 KB, 359x641, garfield.png)

Is he trying to reel in children?

No. 1751419

i physically gagged. gross.

No. 1751678

I wonder this too. He’s making it pretty obvious if he is.

No. 1751933


Think it's a reference to when he was playing the Garfield game on one of his streams.

No. 1751962


>It's funny that Heidi and Holly had so much personality in their decor. Especially Heidi. You realize what an empty person Jared is. Even his retro stuff was Heidi's

nta but Jared started doing retro stuff and youtube before he even met Heidi. Granted "retro" is his entire personality tho.

No. 1752289


I'd wager a guess that this is probably why they broke up - Holly has been welcomed back with open arms by several companies while Jared continued to be blacklisted & she got tired of missing good opportunities by doing the whole "…Not without my poor, downtrodden bf!!!" -schtick

No. 1752320

He's dollar store Bateman. At least that guy had the money to substitute taste with luxury.
Wow. What a fucking loser.

No. 1752547

>Granted "retro" is his entire personality
i feel like even that's generous for him anon. retro can be interesting, he's just cringe and desperately trying to appeal to a younger demographic given the screenshots of his posts shared here kek

No. 1752550

it's an interesting theory, but i am still leaning towards the idea that jared broke up with her because he was bored of her self-victimizing but is now realizing he has absolutely nothing going for him. his posts especially recently are either so bleak or just creepy kek. as cow-ish and not as self aware as holly pretends to be, at least she's more interesting in comparison to him

No. 1752575

File: 1674710484944.jpeg (175.85 KB, 828x1316, 70D69E15-52A7-4B08-A599-761791…)

Come on Jared, your ex-wife has always been into forestcore and fantasy stuff, you can’t tell me you don’t know what a nymph is. For context, in his latest IG reel he says that he went to a thrift store and bought a VCR and this was the tape that was left in it. I’m guessing he’ll probably watch it on stream to react to it or something equally as lame.

No. 1752582

File: 1674711352601.jpeg (45.69 KB, 640x496, 4F1BF9CC-F194-4449-BA1C-800341…)

this is such a poor attempt to try to generate interest in some random thing. he could have easily googled what it is. also kek that someone in the comments said what it was anyway despite him saying not to look it up or spoil.

No. 1752594

forgot to add that even though you're right about the nymph part, i'm very sure he confused nymph with nympho and just believed it was sex-related given some of the comments immediately assuming it was porn too. what a clown

No. 1752614

What's he buying a VCR for?
Is he trying to horn in on the So Bad It's Good movie reviewer scene since his boring ass gaming content isn't generating views?

No. 1752705

Didn't Holly recently say she found an old vcr on the side of the road and she's been starting a little vhs collection? Either this is a strange coincidence or Jared just copied her

No. 1752707

File: 1674734298526.png (214.27 KB, 1080x1088, ragnymph.png)

On one hand, no Jared, it's not a porno lol. On the other hand, the comment acts like there's no sexual theme at all which isn't true either.

No. 1752799

These comments made me laugh too. He was trying to hype it up with NO SPOILERS and someone already spoiled it in the comments. Kek.

He was probably secretly hoping it was a porno so that he could start watching it on stream and once it started getting spicy he’d have to shut it off. Then cue the DM conversations he’d undoubtedly have trying to lure people into private viewing sessions, yuck.

No. 1752895

ngl i think this contributed to him deciding to end it. she's not doing as well as she did before, but she's clearly getting by and has managed to maintain a fanbase of sorts. he miscalculated in breaking up with her, he probably didn't even realize who would side with her in the break up lol.

No. 1753092

IMO Jared never wanted a long term monogamous thing with Holly, I think he was planning on basking in the validation and attention from dca and being ‘striath irl’ while still screwing and exchanging nudes with as many fangirls as possible. Unfortunately for him the ensuing drama clusterfuck followed by covid put a stop to that. Wasn’t his whole reasoning for divorcing Heidi she ‘wouldn’t let him be poly’? Holly is so pathetic it would have been extremely easy for him to get her to go along with it, all he’d have to say was ‘I’m so glad you’re not like mean evil Heidi and let me fuck whoever I like without question, you’re so much better than her

No. 1753349

But see I think Holly would be upset with the stone wall, and when she tried to ask or work out what was wrong he probably used that as an opening to leave. TBH Holly was dumb for thinking Jared wouldn’t do the same thing to her as Heidi, but as fellow dumbass who’s let men fool them, I feel bad for her and low key want her to do well and Jared to fall even further.

No. 1753396

>"She hates lofi because it's overdone"

Well yeah, nonnie. How tf can she be "not like the other girls" if EVERYONE (read: terminally online people) is into lofi too?


If dude didn't want his dick to be all over the internet, he should probably not have sent his dick shots to anyone who asked - Isn't that what his stans were shouting at those who felt the SinJared blog took advantage of them?

No. 1753421

my tinfoil hat theory is that corporations boosted interest in lofi to drive sales for the now dying vinyl and cassette hype from the 2010s hipsters

No. 1753930

File: 1674844788422.jpeg (121.49 KB, 828x1159, 05074E9C-88DC-4056-A889-55AEE7…)

Maybe the realization that he really is becoming irrelevant is keeping him up at night?

No. 1754187

Ironically 5am is a normal time to get up for a lot of working adults. He acts like it's a Freak occurance not to sleep through til noon, like the manchild he is.

No. 1756310

File: 1675054816414.jpeg (305.34 KB, 828x1163, 8B52AB19-DECE-4E64-913C-6B8C9B…)

Anyone have any idea what this might all be about? I saw that she’s back in CA, but that’s all I know.

No. 1756321

she seems quite liberal with her usage of trauma lately, jesus. I can't tell what it could be, but if she's back in CA it could be family related?

No. 1756323

What like, moved back to CA or just on a visit?

No. 1756326

I’m guessing just for a visit.

No. 1756398

File: 1675067510845.jpg (202.81 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20230130-032828_Ins…)

Of course Holly immediately starts with the woe is me suicide bait right after announcing her "traumatic weekend"

No. 1756444

She must have heard some lofi during her trip

No. 1757065

i think what this nonnie meant was a lot of his retro games were actually heidi's, so even his brand is half because of her

No. 1757162


NTA but Jared was doing Youtube before he met Heidi, his early videos still have shelves full of games in the background. I think they both had their own huge game collections and Jared was being a lazy ass about shipping Heidi's collection to her post-divorce.

No. 1757182

File: 1675150243523.jpeg (317.73 KB, 828x1438, 59D63EE7-959F-478D-8D8B-E603B9…)

Amazing, he left the house.

No. 1757205

Probably had to go and check in with his relatives in the Esoteric Order of Dagon that hang in the lake.

No. 1757414

He's always so oddly descriptive. "Here I am standing in the sun at a pond next to my anxiety and depression inducing rich people suburb"

No. 1757443

Maybe Ross actually persude those legal actions he mentioned taking in response to Holly's allegations?

No. 1757757

He posts like a boomer on Facebook or 2014 Instagram, hashtag sun. Like who wants to subscribe to this. These sort of things aren't even good enough to be Instagram stories. I swear every Youtuber millennial male is utterly devoid of talent and charm

No. 1757881

millenial males have never had to try for anything, they've been told yes their entire lives. they make their whole personality one thing and then steal their partners interests to seem deep.

No. 1757914

He legit might be losing his mind.
Does he think people used to follow him to get a lukewarm lifelog of his boring-ass boomer retirement life activities around some boring far off gated community?

Hashtag lake.

Also hillarious how he tags this as seattle like he's living in the city and not as far outside as humanly possible so he doesnt have to encounter any darkies.

No. 1758166


that's what I'm thinking. her "trauma" was probably having a meeting with him and his lawyers about defamation, and probably her old LA friends wanting nothing to do with her after what she said about Ross. inb4 "Ross is basically r*ing me again by making me go through this!!!!"

if she never follows up on the LA trip then we know it's the Ross situation, no way she is stupid enough to help his case by talking more about her fake allegation BS

No. 1758269

i imagine she probably would receive a cease and desist first before needing to meet with anyone. Cease and desists are also interesting because they usually want you to agree to the terms they set out, and if you refuse, then they’ll actually try to sue you.

No. 1759440

this and some of his other uncanny looking instagram posts deserve to be part of the collage >>1735782

i agree, it's so weird. who does he even think these posts appeal to? he seems desperate to make his mundane activities sound interesting but it screams sad and out of touch. the only thing entertaining about this is how he's trying to clutch at straws after losing almost everybody's respect and interest.

No. 1759539

File: 1675374920850.png (121.68 KB, 920x1448, haunted_worm.png)

Gotcha covered.
His newest video was good material.

No. 1759674

i appreciate your work nonna, this is absolutely terrifying kek

No. 1759725

omg this is such nightmare fuel kek.

No. 1760238

File: 1675448960583.jpeg (133.13 KB, 828x1318, 4B1EEC2B-C3A2-4261-A217-C5F3AE…)

His hair is disappearing fast.

No. 1760462

ilu nonna. these wormdick jumpscares make my day

No. 1760566

File: 1675472999476.jpeg (154.59 KB, 828x1254, 78C06A38-DA0B-42A1-B942-0D62F3…)

The worm is clearly desperate for attention wtf.

No. 1760597


If I had photoshop skills I'd make the Nintendo light say ProPedo

No. 1760761

File: 1675491397967.png (542 KB, 828x1254, propedopretty.png)

No. 1760815

This is perfect nonnie.

No. 1760835

he looks extremely dead in the eyes holy hell. i vote for the entire pic as next thread pic, but also with the darkened creepy filter and bright red (and/or blue) hue like the others. i could try to do it, but i don't like the idea of saving this guy's face so whoever's doing these edits i commend you kek.

as much as the collage makes me laugh, i'm wondering if we should keep adding more of the worm being a creep and see how many we have by the next major blowup of drama (or even by the end of the year?)

No. 1760849

Well, it has been five minutes since she reminded everyone how sad and mentally ill she is.

Nonnie jesus. Warn a bitch before hitting us with gems like that.

No. 1760850

Ah, I wonder if he saw his shadow to predict 6 more weeks of winter.

No. 1760851

oh my god that would be perfect. As it turns out, you can't just publicly accuse your ex of being a rapist without it biting you in the ass, heauxlly

I don't know - rape allegations are a big one, they might not play around with C&D on something that big.

No. 1760852

next thread pic

No. 1760860

File: 1675509808192.jpeg (195.22 KB, 1363x2048, 60F63F62-9080-428C-8FE6-9E6913…)

i gave in and tried my hand at making it worse kek. sorry nonnas, it's not the best quality.

No. 1760861

File: 1675509985439.jpeg (70.92 KB, 640x744, 4506AC69-3698-4513-8CA3-D0B660…)

he captioned the actual post with the same damn thing. these aren't the top comments but spotted these on the post. wonder if the second comment will get deleted because almost every other comment is positive kek.

No. 1760867

That's how it comes across. pedodick is really out here, nonconsensually involving everyone in his praise kink.

No. 1760882

and fancying himself a style icon with that #mensfashion. what fashion? have none of his followers told him he's being delusional

No. 1760893

File: 1675513393477.gif (1.22 MB, 228x128, duck-laugh.gif)


Thanks for making my stupid joke a reality nonnie

No. 1760898

Nona can you please start sageing. Every time this thread is bumped is a jump scare

No. 1760915


Jared AI Voice. Any requests?

No. 1760960

It cracks me up that the praise kink comment is the most liked comment. Despite most of the positive comments, seems like lots of other people aren’t a fan at this obvious cry for attention.

No. 1760974

Make him say this:
“ So I (M18) I like dressing as a girl, wearing things like high socks, skirts and chockers. My pigeon on the other hand is very masculine, he is fit, plays football and is always surrounded by chicks. Yesterday it was his birthday and he invited me to a party he was having with his friends and family, so I decided to go there wearing a blue shirt, a pink skirt, white high socks and a pink and blue hoodie. As soon ad I arrived I noticed that pretty much everyone was drunk, so much so that my pigeon was flying around, revealing his massive pigeon wings which made all the girls at the party clap like they were in some sort of theater. And then he saw me, "Oh, hi there human, stole that outfit from your sister?" he asked, mocking me for dressing in a feminine way. "Actually, I only stole the skirt from my sister." I simply replyed, used to my pigeon begin an asshole, before leaving the room and heading into the kitchen. There I met some of my pigeon's friends, they were drunk and immediatly mistaken me for a girl, surrounding me and starting to flirt with me before offering me some alcohol. I didn't want to be rude so I took it and drank some of it, needless to say that before I knew it I was drunk as shit, kissing one of the guys that were flirting with me as the others watched. At that moment my pigeon flied in and stared at me kissing his friend like a little slut. "The hell are you two doing? He is a human!" He shouted as he grabbed my arm and dragged me away from his friend, who just pointed out how I was still hotter than 99% of the chicks at the party. Another few hours passed and soon me and my pigeon found ourselfs alone, everyone else got home and a couple of his friends gave me theyr numbers. "The hell were you doing with my friend? You shouldn't have kissed him! Now all the girls will know that my cousin is a useless human!" He shouted, to which I simply replyed "They did enjoy it tho.". "Mh, doubt, you wouldn't be able to turn anyone on." My pigeon replyed, which caused me to sit look at him to let out a grin as I slowly touched his wings as I asked him if he was sure about it. Now, in my defense, I was really drunk and horny, I probably wouldn't have done that if I was sober, but whatever. He asked what the hell I was doing and asked me to stop, but I could see the boner forming under his feathers. "Awh, I turned you on!" I jokingly exclaimed as I looked down at my pigeon's legs. "Stop it, that's not funny…" He just mumbled as he blushed, trying to hide his massive boner. But I was just too horny, I grabbed his pants feathers and took them out of the way, causing his massive bird dick to come out pointing straight at my face. "No!" He screamed, but I just asked him to shut up before starting to lick the top of his penis, kissing it as he looked down at me. At that point he couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed my head with his strong masculine wings and forced his entire dick down my throat, moving my head like if it was a mere toy. At first I had trouble breathing, but soon I got used to it, moaning softly as my useless boypussy face was begin fucked by my own pigeon, and Jesus Christ did I absolutelly loved it. "Take this you stupid bitch!" My pigeon then groaned as he came in my mouth, his delicius sperm running down my throat as I tried to breath. After a while he let my head go, getting up without saying anything and closing himself in his bedroom. Am I the asshole for doing this?”

No. 1761029

How is such an ugly man so into himself? He needs to get bullied more honestly this is pathetic

No. 1761132

Take your meds nonnie

No. 1761160

File: 1675545421855.gif (26.69 KB, 220x179, what-did-i-just-read-why.gif)


No. 1761837

File: 1675642696036.jpg (17.83 KB, 410x410, 1563573609345.jpg)

I used to send nudes to Jared and even I think you need help wtf?!

No. 1761849

File: 1675643982672.jpg (50.61 KB, 1280x720, you a victim.jpg)

why admit this…

No. 1761932

hmm seek help

No. 1762347

File: 1675703628973.png (138.34 KB, 828x1254, puts_the_lotion_on_the_snes.pn…)

Good job girl! Glad someone else started to join the effort!
If you need some pointers on how to make great wormdick jumpscare faces - I personally like to dial up the contrast and dial down the brightness to really get those nasty protruding ridges in the open.

No. 1762574

ayrt thanks nonna! i may or may not try it again soon but these are good pointers. yours looks much more terrifying kek. combined with the propedo addition will make it a perfect thread pic

No. 1762596

File: 1675734893612.png (58.27 KB, 567x440, worm_sign.png)

Wow, just realized I shooped the photo with the wrong sign in the background. lmao
Have this one too.

No. 1762769

File: 1675751312297.jpeg (366.3 KB, 1363x2048, 941C1D6B-86C5-4308-BCF7-431929…)

nonna you are a godsend, thank you. i had some time just now so i shooped that into the full image and thought about adding some glowing eyes. again, my edits aren't the best quality, i'm doing this on a phone kek

No. 1762771

File: 1675751434814.jpeg (147.41 KB, 1363x1363, 31F55782-D2CA-4B29-BE32-20D315…)

also did this one in case the story format wasn't preferred

No. 1763295

The laser eyes sort of hide his cross-eyed choptop incest freak eyes. Maybe better without them.

No. 1764448

File: 1675961052580.png (2.74 MB, 960x2079, F35C3733-0952-4A67-8AA0-4893DC…)

For shoop nonnie

No. 1764518

agree, better to not have flash eyes.

No. 1764701

I just looked at the comments and the people calling him pretty are almost all dudes lmao. And comments are turned off now

No. 1764766

>single late 30s balding man soy facing over nintendo games

Very comical, keep it up Jared

No. 1765311

That’s pretty hilarious that he turned off comments. I guess he was hoping more ladies would call him pretty but he got tired of it being mostly dudes? kek.

No. 1765405

File: 1676078731298.png (47.4 KB, 960x2079, curse_of_the_worm.png)

Wow, great material.
If I wasn't so busy I'd animate a gif with his jumpscare visage slowly emerging from the shadows and then going fullscreen.

No. 1765733

File: 1676128366118.jpeg (218.39 KB, 828x1424, 9E81A067-FD5F-4091-9F53-9579C0…)

The worm fishing for compliments again wearing the same fucking turtleneck that he’s worn in so many past pics over the years. And still wearing that dumb etsy keep fucking going bracelet.

No. 1765758

Basic-ass grey turtleneck and he tags it "men's fashion"?

No. 1765782


He is honestly the ugliest creature I’ve ever seen. His confidence is phenomenal for someone who looks like a gutter goblin

No. 1765911

He made his brand with videogames, why does he think his utterly terrible dweeb fashion sense is something people follow him for?
He's constantly wearing some of the most unfashionable shit possible and fancies himself some fashionista.
Like what kinda weenie wears some basic-ass wallmart turtleneck and goes "hey ladies am I hot OR WHAT?"
Like not only are the sleeves too short for his lanky-ass body the fabric looks like cheap walmart pajamas cotton blend polyester shit and because he bought it in S it makes his weird body look even more malnourished. Like his head is way too large for his body.

No. 1765912

Who tags their shit like this?

No. 1765933

And when everyone can see all the gray kek. Must be feeling self-conscious. My personal favorite is #mensclothws

No. 1765966

File: 1676148761159.jpg (129.9 KB, 827x801, IMG_1929.jpg)

Anyone else notice how he labels his twitch streams… jfc.

No. 1765981

Yeah, maybe he thinks the grey turtleneck will disguise the grey hairs. Nope, we still see them Wormdick.

No. 1766018

File: 1676153917113.png (22.95 KB, 876x99, 2023-02-11_17h18_32.png)

It's even more pathetic.

Muscles? On that twig of a twerp?

No. 1766042


Single??! I just spat out coffee, rip my keyboard but YIKES

No. 1766043



No. 1766054

Attractive? Handsome? Smart? Funny? Muscles? He is absolutely none of these things. I’ll take narcissistic and delusional for $200 Alex.

No. 1766068

You nonnies really taking this obvious joke at face value?

No. 1766083

So ProJared is admitting he is neither smart nor funny with these tags?

No. 1766111

File: 1676164102605.png (53.21 KB, 265x619, sailor_worm.png)

Everyone here has seen his "male model" arc he's going through on instagram and the "call me pretty" begging he's been doing lately.
If anything adding a bit confusion if he's being ironic or real with his tags by putting something like "muscular" in the mix puts it into "haha just kidding - unless" territory, which is on brand for him.

No. 1766115

File: 1676164406155.jpg (55.06 KB, 576x879, 3b0.jpg)

A classic jared joke from the same humoristic mastermind who brought you "yaoi dick".

No. 1766165

File: 1676168955559.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 6E596BA1-5A1D-4347-B068-FCDEB7…)

This tracks with how he seems to think that he’s an uwu anime boyo. But ugh, that whole conversation is so cringe. Nice cleave? Seriously? Who the fuck says that?

No. 1766174

He's so ugly…Holly has ruined her life for this

No. 1766244

File: 1676179364239.jpeg (397.82 KB, 960x1853, 065BA47F-10F7-4FD2-B39F-9C45F9…)

Is this his attempt of hopping on the y2k train?

No. 1766251

Some days I wonder what Heidi saw in this scrote. He's so ugly even his momma must hate him, he has no personality at all, and he's so over the top narcissistic that the only followers he's ever had are incels and pick mes.

No. 1766275

replying to curdled milk at this point but lmao, the mental image of him wrapping the blanket around his head, then making that face and knitting his eyebrows, and holding up his phone above his head to the side to capture the picture while he's alone in the room is just hilarious to me

No. 1766280

File: 1676182293470.png (1013.96 KB, 891x1356, Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 10.1…)

Oh my god, imagine how much scarier he'll look when he goes bald. jesus

No. 1766292

He’s so fucking cringe christ. I do love that a couple of the comments are people telling him to go to the gym kek.

No. 1766317

I wonder this every time I see a post of his. He has no interests or hobbies besides gaming, and he doesn’t even really seem to care about that anymore. He’s got the personality of a can of Lima beans

No. 1766319

His painfully pathetic narcissism leaking out on social media now that he has no supply has been hilarious. I pray he gets even milkier as time goes on, he is so fun to bully.

No. 1766494

I've seen "gamers" in his age range that at least seem to care about fiddling around with the stuff, either restoring old machines, or building arcade machines for their Pac-Man computer etc.
This guy just likes to own stuff but there seems to be a inability to go a level beyond what he did as a teenager. That's why his content is him playing the same 30 year old final fantasy games he played as a teenager over and over. Rather than go to Japan and find rare final fantasy merch or books from the 80s, etc or try to interview the creators, etc.
It's kind of revolting how shallow and surface level his "interest" in his supposed hobby is.
Guess his "hobby" is "projared" that's why the only thing he seems passionate about is talking about himself and doing more selfies than your average teenage girl.

No. 1766542

Maybe he's shallow but only autistic people are interested in things the way you describe. Go tp Japan and find rare merch? That's really autistic

No. 1766563

Well guess I prefer autistic men then.

Laying on your bed, wrapped in your zelda blanket while desperately asking the internet if you're pretty while you play some gameboy game you played since you were 8 is infinitely more pathetic than every man who got proactive interests other than being a passive couch potato.

No. 1766567

File: 1676222170093.png (173.3 KB, 891x1356, haunted.png)

You've been

No. 1766570

File: 1676222386185.png (117.12 KB, 828x1792, gross_and_greasy.png)

Video screenshots from when he can't put a snow filter over his mug to hide all the blemishes really bring out the best texture to turn him into a gross jumpscare.

No. 1766677

Adding the Nintendo propedo sign under "haunted by" would be so good
I also love the thought of adding little sparkles around the propedo sign but there might not be space for that

No. 1766680

I think part of this is because he’s lazy and also that he doesn’t have much disposable income after spending $4k a month just on rent and living in a HCOL area. More prolific streamers/YouTubers are creating content daily, but he doesn’t want to do that, he’d rather just have his followers donate games to him or beg conventions to bring him on as a guest. So yeah, for someone who’s pushing 40 the maturity definitely isn’t there. What he was doing prior to the drama blow up and everyone finding out what a sex pest he is seemed to be working for him back then, but it sure as fuck isn’t working for him now. He just looks pathetic trying to fall back on the same shit he was doing 15 years ago, especially when it’s well known what a slimebag he really is.

No. 1766752

omg this came out perfectly scary nonnie. It helped that his face was already all greasy and sweaty kek.

No. 1766756

Is it confirmed he's renting or did he buy that Appartement when he was still making crazy YouTube money?

No. 1766763

File: 1676240424569.png (72.31 KB, 714x737, gloss_worm.png)

Glad everyone is enjoying those.
I feel like he's a untapped treasure trove of creepypasta jumpscare images.

No. 1766820

He’s renting. You can look all that stuff up and find that information online. The guy has not much to his name other than his game collection.

No. 1766823

He’s probably doing pretty well financially, despite everything. He’s probably making a couple thousand a month from YouTube, maybe more depending on how much of his content is still monetized. And he streams most days with a consistent 400+ viewers. I think he’s just a dumbass and doesn’t spend his money wisely.

No. 1766879

Renting a $4k appartment in a retirement community when you're self employed is utter lunacy.
That can't be real, he's not that stupid, is he?

No. 1766954

File: 1676264509427.jpeg (74.15 KB, 828x637, B33D062F-4FE0-4E69-BBC4-22A1EE…)

Seems like he is that stupid. $3500 and not $4K but close enough.

Nope, according to the YouTube income thing online, he’s been making just under $1K a month the past several months. Pretty sure most of his income is going to his exorbitant rent and alimony payments if he still has them.

No. 1766965

That's just Youtube ad revenue.
He also makes money off Twitch, and sponsorship deals.

No. 1767036


>and alimony payments if he still has them.

I was thinking about that. Doesn't Prodick still owe Heidi a ton of alimony cash? He spent a lot of time trying to weasel out of paying (saying Heidi ruined his income, etc) and when that didn't work, he started dragging his feet about actually paying her. Pretty sure he still owes her a lot of back alimony, and he's probably using his high rent as an excuse not to give her a penny. And since YouTube isn't a traditional job, he probably won't get his checks garnished, so he probably thinks he can duck out of paying her forever, which sucks because he also made sure he left her with nothing to her name.

No. 1767133

So he's probably burning through his savings?
Weird guy

No. 1767171

Yeah but he’s likely not making a crazy amount of money there either. Which explains why when he does travel, he either only goes to places within driving distance or that are short (cheap) flights. And why he still shows off the same tired clothes he’s been wearing for years kek. And why he’s been begging his followers to put in a good name for him at cons to invite him.

Yeah, seems like he most likely is. Spending $3.5k a month at his age and not investing it in
property is not smart. That’s just money being thrown away.

No. 1767224

This is down to him not admitting he's fallen off and NEEDING to live in seattle to keep up appearances even though he's a midwestern hick originally.
So now he's paying $40k per year just to live in some ultra remote seattle retirement community, confined to his ugly bedroom, warpped into walmart novelty blankets and taking pouty face selfies with curled up eyebrows just to live the illusion that he's still somehow "in with the entertainment industry", even though that ship has long sailed.

No. 1767300

File: 1676305445310.png (50.33 KB, 500x500, grossjared.png)

What's the deal with the alimony situation btw?
Wasn't there also stuff about him trying to lift his ex-wives videogaem collection or some shit?

No. 1767486

Oh yeah I remember that. Heidi had to fight to get her games, but then she ended up having to auction off most of not all of her game collection because Jared refused to pay alimony and Heidi has to pay bills somehow. It was really fucked up too because she had some really rare games she had to sell, all because Jared was/is still dodging his alimony payments.

No. 1767534

How is that legal?

No. 1767543

It’s not, but I’m guessing it’s hard to garnish wages if the money is coming from places like Twitch and YouTube. Maybe this is another reason why Wormdick doesn’t own property, because if he really is avoiding alimony payments, they can’t have enforce a lien if he doesn’t own anything. Either way, what a scumbag, he needs to just pay up and get over it.

omg this picture is truly terrifying!

No. 1767647


None of this is true. Washington is a no-fault state and alimony is typically determined by the length of the marriage. Every 5 years of marriage is worth about one year of alimony, and they were married for just under 5 years. Any alimony she got is long gone. There's no evidence of anything else.
If Jared owed Heidi money, she would tweet about it. Or there would be some kind of civil record. But there's nothing.

No. 1767693

She could have had spousal support as well though, especially since he was the one with all the cash in the relationship. It’s not just as cut and dry with how long the marriage lasted. The alimony could be gone, sure. But he may have had to pay spousal support for a longer time.

No. 1767713


Not only that but just because he should have been paying her for a year doesn't mean he actually paid her a dime. He was avoiding Heidi's lawyer for at least a year after they divorced, and there was never anything saying he finally talked to the lawyer so he could easily still be refusing to speak to them or pay Heidi. Could even be that he moved to make it harder for Heidi's lawyer to track where he lives.

No. 1767738


She usually doesn't tweet milk anymore, she mentioned starting a private account a while ago. Anyone here get in?

No. 1768391

File: 1676432287481.jpeg (239.38 KB, 828x1388, 3D55EC2F-3D25-4159-A86D-7E7064…)

Ew, no.

No. 1768405

Fuck, give me the confidence of a fish-faced stick figure. JFC.

No. 1768541

>On the carpet
How revolting.

No. 1768602

File: 1676467056160.png (59.16 KB, 818x745, carpet_worm.png)

In what parallel universe is that a enticing proposition?

No. 1768610

KEKK this is horrifying

No. 1768611

File: 1676467599880.jpg (46.88 KB, 800x399, CC10.jpg)

wOulD yoU lIkE to LaY on ThE CaRpeT?

No. 1768660

Maybe if I was a 10 year old playing on my SNES, but I’m an adult now. There are couches and chairs, I don’t need to be laying on my floor. This seriously gives off Saturday morning cartoons energy.

Oh my god.

No. 1768705

I nominee picrelated as the next thread OP. It looks perfect, and putting 'tell me im pretty' on it would be a cherry on top. All of those edits would fit a random indie horror game.

No. 1769083

They're all great.

My favourite jared jumpscare is this one
because the carpet pick-up line is so utterly odd and weird and his blank stare paired with the hint of a duckface makes it so repulsive.

No. 1769085

File: 1676505070762.jpeg (87.2 KB, 1363x1363, 2B125DBA-EEB2-4EA6-8E41-B945BE…)

i agree with this. i did the edits with the terrible laser eye additions, here's one with the laser eyes removed and some tweaks. thanks for the other editing nonnas' advice and contributions, it's kinda funny being part of this whole thing.

No. 1769113

Great work!
This is so disgustingly unhinged looking. lmao

No. 1769133

This is amazing anon! It definitely needs to be the pic for the next thread, it’s perfect.

No. 1769169

File: 1676514889519.png (115.33 KB, 567x440, tellhimhespretty.png)

I had this idea a couple days ago and then forgot until now. It might be a little much though lol.

No. 1769179

File: 1676516514829.jpeg (480.57 KB, 828x1394, 06F7ECAA-1C89-4992-99DD-8098B2…)

No. 1769202

what the f….

No. 1769231

This looks like either bad bondage that went horribly wrong or he doesn’t know how to wear a tank top. wtf.

No. 1769232

File: 1676522770525.jpeg (104.81 KB, 828x936, 50BD6944-1A30-4F83-BA18-359728…)

The comments though kek.

No. 1769233

File: 1676522848644.jpeg (127.95 KB, 828x985, AA010140-A6D8-4A21-8BAE-88D37B…)

No. 1769278

I thought 'have I been under rating turtlenecks' >>1765733 would be the limits of high laughter. Nope.

No. 1769300

File: 1676536628934.png (47.23 KB, 828x1394, cutoutworm.png)

This guy can't go a day without uttering something utterly baffling and strange in his attempts to appear hip, youthful and fashionable.
Like he's some mutated worm person still learning how to appear human.

No. 1769301

Hide the pain Harold

No. 1769302

>all that "usually youre fashionable" cope
lmao he always dresses like a retard dweeb, only this time it was bad enough even his fanbase of probably equally unfashionable autists is catching on

No. 1769310

low budget 50s/60s sci-fi henchman couture

KEK the resemblance is actually uncanny

No. 1769317

File: 1676538399195.jpg (397.22 KB, 1080x1343, hotlimit.jpg)

Worst part is that socklike polyester-cotton material his ugly wish.com top is made of.

What he'd want to look into is spandex and there's TONS of choices in gay fashion when it comes to cutouts, net-shirts, etc, but normal synthetic cotton-mix fabrics aren't tense enough to make a cut like that work.

He probably thinks he looks like pic related with his new clown shirt.

No. 1769359

he looks like a model for a clothing line at kohl's specifically made for retards

No. 1769362


No. 1769416

special looks for special people, only at Kohl’s

No. 1769518

File: 1676565494644.jpeg (19.58 KB, 828x169, DC2AFE4C-EDF1-4CAC-97CA-EE81DC…)

This hidden comment though kek.

Yeah I really think this is what he thought he was going to look like. Anyone notice that some of the stuff he says and does he tries to have a subtle sexual tone to it? Like the dumb legs in the bathtub pic or the “let’s lay on the carpet” together comment. He probably thought that this new pic would launch all the hot young egirls into his DM’s but he just looks like a moron.

No. 1769631

He's also trapped in this 90s mentality where unkempt 90s weeaboo fujos in the west wanted to "glomp" bishonen androgynous men and jrocker.
If he wants the egirl crowd he better start lifting and get face tattoos or some shit.

No. 1769738

thank you nonnas! i think it's the eyes kek

No. 1769750

>there just aren't many designs out there
then get off your lazy ass and actually make something instead of buying weirdly cut clothes off wish, posing in these pointless pics and tagging them as #mensfashion. at least then you can claim your weird creations as uniquely yours and you can finally have a hobby instead of posting a bunch of photos doing nothing.

>usually got some good drip
kek the others were good???

this edit plus the edited caption highlighting cutouts makes it seem even more unhinged kek, good job anon

oh my lord, you're right. if i had the time i'd try to shop him onto harold.

kek at picrel and also, you're right. always being a sexpest. as if his whole schtick now is (poorly) trying to get girls after losing both heidi and holly.

No. 1770478

What really bothers me about this one is that he's implying that his body is falling apart because he played DDR once 20 years ago.

It's more probable that he's got chronic pain in his knees and this mangled medieval dungeon prisoner body precisely because he didnt keep playing stuff like DDR and avoided movement in general.(sage your shit)

No. 1770495

Kek at wormdick throwing away his marriage for an ugly unstable girl he didn't love just to throw that relationship away. Now he's so desperate for pussy he's posting fugly thirst traps to lure in another naive woman. Kek. He doesn't know how good he had it with Heidi and Holly. Early midlife crisis incoming because he doesn't have a woman to bone and stroke his ego and he's getting older and fuglier KEKKKKKK!

No. 1770575

Holly isn't even that ugly when she styles and colors her hair in a way that fits her face shape and distracts from her lazy eye. If she wasn't such a self victimizing narc she'd be considered pretty cute for a woman her age who still runs in geek circles.

Jared is never going to find another woman his age. At least, not a woman his age that he thinks is hot. Sad for all his future victims but we'll probably see ProPedo play out again soon.

No. 1770591

Whatever attractiveness Holly still had went out the window when she got that trash chest tattoo with the two cocks.

No. 1770596

File: 1676678673108.jpg (273.39 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20230218_000359.jpg)

idk why he's pretending to be into men's fashion. nobody tell him rick owens exists

No. 1770653

i was about to be like "why is he making that face" and then remembered thats just his fucking face

No. 1770672

He doesn't have the money for Tricky Rick anyways. I don't know why he doesn't just buy a women's top if he wants it. He's slim enough to fit, it'd feed into his weird androgynous FF char fantasy, and it isn't like he has to worry about a nip slip.

No. 1770861

Exactly. The dude looks like he’s never set foot into a gym his whole life.

Sadly you’re probably right. If he’s really trying to focus on egirls as his next target, they’re at least 10-15 years younger in age than him. Ick.

His face is weird as fuck for sure. He tries so hard it comes off as looking super unnatural.

No. 1771448

I'm sorry, what? Do you have a pic? I must have missed this happening

No. 1771482

File: 1676780520049.png (2.21 MB, 1200x714, 2023-02-18_23h21_38.png)

No. 1771625

>"All the comments come pouring out"

This is the most teenage "I'm so fucking ugly someone pls tell me Im not ugly jk yes I ammmm stooop" shit that I have ever seen.

>"a couple thousand a month"

His apartment alone probably runs anywhere from $1000-1500. Add on monthly utilities (not even factoring in "fun money") and that "couple thousand" in YouTube money is already done and gone.

No. 1771628

That's the part I can't get over. He's from the midwest (Wisconsin, I think). There's not a singular thing that he's doing in Seattle right now that he couldn't also be doing in Wisconsin, which has a significantly lower cost of living and has the snow that he was losing his fucking mind over a few weeks back.

>"Anyone here get in?"

No, because it's not milky anymore. She's shut up and moved on - The only reason anyone even gave a fuck about heauxlly's private was because she's a fucking idiot that was using it to talk about the drama again.

No. 1771661

Wow. That's a choice.

No. 1771731

File: 1676812872074.png (95.71 KB, 1080x472, movingon.png)

>She's shut up and moved on

Heidi hasn't moved on, but she stopped talking publicly about it. Probably why she got a private account in the first place, so she can keep her private life out of the public eye.

No. 1771816

His apartment is $3500 a month just in rent. Then factor in utilities and all the other stuff and he’s spending a good chunk of his money in just living expenses. We also don’t know how much money he’s had to give to Heidi from the divorce and what debt he might have had prior to all of that. It really seems like he’s just pissing his money away.

Exactly. His ties to the PNW are probably pretty limited now. His relationship with Holly is over and even SoM has seemingly picked her over him, his job with WoTC is over, so why does he stick around in such a high cost of living area? He can stream and make videos anywhere in the US. The anons that speculate that he’s doing well money wise, I don’t think someone who outright asks his followers to donate games to his collection, and who begs them to put in a good name for him to cons so that they’ll have him as a guest is doing so hot with cash.

No. 1772299

File: 1676865287516.png (484.94 KB, 864x1206, Screenshot_20230215-221959~2.p…)

This one is just absolutely bonkers to me considering how much Holly has used social media to slander people.

No. 1772356

"Rules for thee but not for me", the motto of rich white bicches.

No. 1772357

I feel so fucking bad someone has to walk around with that.. Jesus..

No. 1772504

People will talk about respecting their bodies and be all holistic and then get a shit tattoo like this.

The drama thing she retweeted is from the veronicaandjelly fallout, right?
Looks like her personal drama is being eclipsed by the newgrounds clique relationship desasters.

No. 1772598

Just Holly continuing to do hypocritical Holly things.

No. 1772664

File: 1676918083312.jpeg (161.76 KB, 828x1175, 51F0758B-449C-4C7A-BE02-71CF65…)

Looks like Holly is back on her anti cancel culture crusade again.

No. 1772712


Ah yes, the great "rules for thee, not for me" that Heauxlly is a pro for.


>"a person who is truly well…..humiliation rituals"

Do you mean like releasing private sexts between a then husband and wife to embarass the wife for speaking out - or about lowering your standards so deeply that ProDick is seen as a win to you? Both humiliating for YOU, heauxlly.

No. 1772714

also love the continued "Respect your boundaries!" from the she-beast who mocked her fuck buddy's wife for having….boundaries.

No. 1772964

Those are her likes, not retweets

No. 1773562

Imagine living in this perpetual spiral of turmoil for a pedophile who dumped you after sacrificing your entire career for him. Feels really good to not be where she is right now.

No. 1773688

File: 1677033039888.png (156.52 KB, 864x675, Screenshot_20230215-222530~2.p…)

Yeah, it was in her likes. So not as big a deal as a retweet. There was also this one. If this is true, then what was the whole thing where Holly, who promotes herself as a mental health ally, called Heidi unfixable and said she has BPD? Anyway, yeah, just more of the same.

No. 1773709

Holly is a mental health profiteer, there's a difference.

No. 1773721

File: 1677035197783.jpg (2.75 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230221_210257024.jpg)

Unrelated, but I saw this woman named Gina Gershon who looks weirdly similar to Holly and also apparently has the same type of awful takes defending alleged predators. This is her defending Woody Allen.

No. 1774606

File: 1677110778736.jpeg (258.12 KB, 828x1352, 86B52EAC-26D3-4BB4-8E04-FB9749…)

He must have been so pressed to put this reel out about his teeth that he didn’t notice that this faint red X keeps popping up throughout the entire video kek. Guess he could only afford to straighten his top teeth.

No. 1774615

…..was he trying to run a facial filter and failed?

No. 1774721

does she realize that the reason why anyone would still hold her past against her is because she keeps referring to it without taking any actual steps to apologize or make amends with those she hurt??? pretending to be self aware does her no favors.

for me there's always something that wards me off from people who constantly share shit regarding toxicity and mental health if they've recently been toxic themselves and unfortunately, i also personally know people who do the same thing. like they're trying overly hard to prove they're good people and in the right. you can spot it a mile away.

No. 1774733

>"can we quit slandering people because of break ups"
not if the guy decided to cheat on a caring partner instead of honestly talking to her and the other party knowingly participated. 1. why not keep your dick in your pants if you didn't want to deal with scrutiny and 2. lol why shouldn't people like that be criticized

No. 1774783

File: 1677123162517.jpg (162.37 KB, 404x316, 8569737.54780f069d23e.jpg)

>After Invisalign, my teeth now look like this! Please asspat me in the comments because my amazon men's fashion posts aren't getting me much positive attention.

No. 1774995

File: 1677153580377.jpg (1.09 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20230223_115735243.j…)


Had a giggle at these comments on his reel

No. 1775034

File: 1677158171001.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.75 KB, 1125x1321, 638D2370-5FA1-4EAB-B4C7-950ED6…)

shop nonna I did my best

No. 1775139

File: 1677169793340.jpg (120.31 KB, 739x415, Hide the pain Jared.jpg)

I'll have you anons know I installed GIMP on my dinosaur of a laptop for this lol

No. 1775237

That’d be hilarious if it was a filter fail.

omg these comments.

lmao thank you for your service nonnie. This one is great.

No. 1775393

LMAO amazing work!

No. 1775536

File: 1677210456455.jpeg (241.18 KB, 828x1475, 7DC63E13-0E53-41F3-A7C7-A5C257…)

Fuck no, no one’s thirsty for this sex pest creep.

No. 1775596

jesus jared, these genuinely awkward posing type of snaps attempting to be funny or relatable died like 7 or so years ago i feel like. this screams 2015 to me.

No. 1775911

This just reminds me of fellow video game YouTuber “funny man” pedophile fan fucker sex pest Ryan Haywood of Rooster Teeth. I tuned into precisely one of his streams once where he was cooking noodles and going, “Send noods!” wink wink. All these pathetic middle aged predatory scrotes are the same

No. 1776175

Fucking kek

No. 1776203

I feel for the poor socially inept egirl that would actually fall for this.

No. 1776411

File: 1677322611799.png (321.38 KB, 828x1475, tea_Worm.png)

I figured out what his posting style reminds me of.
That weird-ass cursed potato knishes video.

No. 1776736

Oh god yeah, fuck Ryan Haywood too. Ugh. Why these sex pests still have any sort of audience is beyond me.

No. 1778730

File: 1677544432377.jpeg (230.04 KB, 828x1069, F7AD71B0-BF18-4812-9CAC-8D91B0…)

Ah yes, Wormdick clearly still thinks he’s some sort of anime bishounen. Also, who the fuck wants to be reminded of THAT picture?

No. 1778747

There's something way off about the art, too. Is it AI?

No. 1778751

File: 1677546073628.jpeg (31.49 KB, 828x226, CA3CFDDB-7D31-4227-8551-EF452B…)

Seems like it is AI.

No. 1778827

It's 100% AI. I didn't notice it at first, but look at his eyes and you can see the lines aren't even connected. Even on the clothes have blemishes on them and Jared's arm is kinda off.

No. 1778841

Last thing I heard about him was he reached out to one of girls to apologize and say how he's going to therapy and working on fixing his marriage.

After that he got disowned by Rooster Teeth and his Twitch channel got banned.

No. 1778928

Oh yeah, every time I look at the pic I see something that just doesn’t look right. AI for sure.

Nice. Now if only Twitch would ban other sex pest accounts as well.

No. 1779516

File: 1677625249700.jpeg (58.42 KB, 828x280, 8FD198D1-0C7B-4141-84B5-EA3618…)

When sex pest creeps are clamoring for attention. Aww, poor thing.

No. 1779578

"I have to remind people that I exist"
Or maybe they don't care about you as a friend and only ever thought of you as a colleague before you ruined your career and that's why they never message first?

No. 1779620

File: 1677635997626.png (113.33 KB, 938x1696, wormsmile.png)

This wouldn't be an issue if he actually made stuff people would wanna see for reasons other than to photoshop him when he's doing marketing for adult braces.

No. 1779704

Yeah he can’t be surprised at how many people might have dipped out of being acquaintances or friends with him after his creeper ways were revealed. Being the narc he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he expects people to reach out to him unprompted, but he only reciprocates if he needs or wants something.

lmao exactly. People have got to be getting tired of watching him play the same games over and over and his wannabe fashion aspirations.

No. 1779889

File: 1677661270122.png (57.71 KB, 590x641, 2023-03-01_03h44_36.png)

Considering he's still the FIRST name that pops when people talk about sex pests with NSFW spaces for their fans, maybe he should focus on reminding fewer people that he still exists.

About a third of the comments on this vaguetweet thread from January are bringing Projared up specifically, and not one "buh he did nothing wrong" among them.

No. 1780035

>cocks and mushroom dicks
Glad Ross got the fuck away from this one.

No. 1780057

pick-me for sex pest physiognomy kek

No. 1780111

Glad to see that people aren’t forgetting what this gross scrote did, no matter how much he tried to just sweep it all under the rug.

No. 1780402

File: 1677721266460.png (3.03 MB, 828x1792, C4D72603-2E4F-4204-87D7-60EF8E…)

Sometimes I don’t even know what he’s trying to accomplish with these pathetic suggestive jokes

No. 1780450

It gives off such “Hello fellow kids” energy, but then it also just seems like he’s vaguely hoping that someone is going to send him nudes. You can’t ever trust if this guy is joking or not.

No. 1780535

"Is he joking or not" is also how a lot of people defended his old "Mandatory, send nudes" comments.

No. 1780571

It feels like he's trying to play the reverse psychology card. At first he tried with vague scenario posts and asking for complements, now it's "Oh I'm above that, I don't need sexy pictures"

No. 1780572

File: 1677732500812.jpeg (48.83 KB, 828x397, 7BFC17DE-B953-4921-BF07-803840…)

Looks like this person knows he exists kek.

Ugh yeah, very true. ProDick doing the usual ProDick things.

No. 1780663

you know what, i'm glad most people don't seem to care for his poor desperate attempt to convince people that he has any charisma or an attractive personality, but he also comes off extremely delusional about how he really comes across to the public, like he's oh so quirky and relatable and surely he'll snatch up a cute waifu soon! (not)

he has nothing to appeal to anyone outside what little fanbase he has remaining, and to anyone with common sense they would see this for the embarrassing little tragedy it is.

No. 1780676


WTF is that Lucky Charms box though? "Now I'm all about people sending me a leprechaun trap"? Jared shouldn't be using it for his own sex charged "jokes" given his personality and past but that box screams "corporate goons trying to get with the times and not understanding what they're referencing".

No. 1780733

So pathetic to see how his main mission in life seems to be to desperately beg for sexual attention.
He entirely forgot that the girls he groomed on his Tumblr were starstruck, but now he's not nearly as popular anymore as he used to.
Like maybe work at bettering yourself or make actual content first, before trying to fall into those habits again?
Pretty sure it would be easy as fuck to catfish him now.

No. 1780807

File: 1677775559481.jpeg (475.47 KB, 1800x1080, 5BF4FC60-7754-4C9F-A6EB-3F54CD…)

What’s wrong with the box? It’s just a cute thing for kids. Jared’s the one who added all the filth to it

No. 1780898

If he gets catfished now it’s his own damn fault kek. But yeah his MO just seems to be who he can get lure into bed ew.

Right? Fuck him for always needing to add some sort of sexual innuendo to everything. I guess that’s all he’s got nowadays.

No. 1781146

Since everyone has found out that he's a sexpest, might as well double down and just be open about it all the time.

No. 1781155

Imagine if it read 'Irish Femboys' kek

No. 1782058

File: 1677889528372.jpeg (211.42 KB, 828x1470, E553A52C-E31E-4BC5-AD44-C166DB…)

Note the subtle lift of his shirt at the bottom. Yuck.

No. 1782070

File: 1677891295450.png (228.32 KB, 942x1696, auntworm.png)

wow that legit made me gag when I noticed it.

Also his fashion sense is so fucking bad. How you can be 40 and dress like a 15 year old boy first time shopping "cool" kingdom hearts outfits without mom?

No. 1782330

He really has some serious arrested development going on with how he dresses and chooses to present himself. It’s so cringe.

No. 1782822

File: 1677984013168.png (1.49 MB, 828x1792, 1ED9AF38-2E84-43BA-8625-23509D…)

Who’s gassing this nigga up? He has no business posting shit like this

No. 1782946

Yeah who has been asking for this? Other than the gay moids maybe. He looks like he decided to wear all of his black shirts at the same time.

No. 1782969

Cracks me up how he tries to do the dissociative model stare on every of his "fashion" photos, but he just ends up looking like a complete fucking retard.

No. 1782983

He looks 50 years old his hair is thinning and he’s like fluffing it up
And what is this ensemble? Looks like he’s caught in a ball of yarn

No. 1782990

File: 1678023835867.jpg (138.98 KB, 600x819, angel_sanctuary.jpg)

His sense of what's "fashionable" is still rooted in 90s fujoshi manga.
There's also this screencap where he tried to flirt up some underage girl, bragging about his "yaoi hands" or some shit.
He's entirely stuck on his 90s anime club aesthetics without realizing things have moved on a lot since then.

No. 1783003

Yeah you can really see the gray hairs puffing out at the front kek. I don’t think he realizes how bad the angle is.

Oh yeah didn’t he say something about yaoi hands and his yaoi dick? Gross. He really is stuck in time somewhere 20 years ago.

No. 1783014

He needs to find a new way to style his hair because he is very much thinning right down the middle front.

Heidi used to dress and style him outside of his videos. He is desperately trying to mimic her effortless layering and mix match style but she actually knows what she is doing and he is nothing but a colorblind, inept, sad scrote in rags.

No. 1783062

This explains why it seems like he only wears black or greys. Seems like he can’t match for shit.

No. 1783070

File: 1678035690899.jpeg (24.84 KB, 184x274, 2A889C18-0367-4872-8A9D-351CA4…)

This is some straight up Lovecraftian shit

No. 1783229

Did he delete it already? He probably realized how bad it made him look lmao(did you sage yet?)

No. 1783239

File: 1678055476993.jpeg (327.15 KB, 828x1475, 038B8A52-F1EA-4EC7-9913-3AC128…)

Nah, it’s still in his stories along with this. I doubt anyone is waiting with bated breath to see what this scrote has been writing. Also he needs to clean off his damn keyboard.

No. 1783260

LMAO he legit sits down with his tablet and bluetooth keyboard at starbucks in hopes someone recognizes him or some art-girl starts befriending him?
Man, he probably sits down in his local coffee shop in his GARRISH clown outfit and thinks any second now the artsy goth chicks will come running.(sage your shit)

No. 1783264

That place he's at looks a lot like Caffe Ladro in Issaquah btw.

No. 1783266

That's Issaquah Highlands Lake loop, probably 3 feet from his house. Lazy bastard won't even bother doing a proper hike.

No. 1783294

lmao you’re so right nonnie, it’s literally around the corner from his house.

He probably does and is shocked pikachu face when the girls aren’t falling all over him in his ridiculous outfits.

No. 1783298

Is that some Angel Sanctuary? Loved Kaori Yuki's stuff back in the day, but story wise some of it doesn't hold up so well through today's lens imo.

No. 1783402

that's exactly where he is, you can see the logo on the cup. kek

He's not doing a very good job not doxing himself. Especially after his shit attempt at censoring out the street sign in his god awful snow dance clip he posted. Maybe he is hoping some fangirl will wander through.

No. 1783404

If some poor fangirl does come through, she'd be forced to sleep on his uncomfortable couch with scratchy pillows after letting him have sex with her for a minute. Then he'd ghost her and hope to repeat the cycle again in 3 years.

No. 1783533

i know this is weird and nitpicky to point out, but why on earth did he decide to bother letting everyone know what he was drinking and the amount
>16 Oz vanilla latte
as if he thinks that his followers are that intrigued about what he's doing in his life to the point that they care about what boring beverage he's drinking? it's just a standard coffee, seeing a coffee mug in anyone's stories at a random cafe doesn't make me care about what it is because they all just look the same. could be different if it was some special drink.

No. 1783542

He really comes over as some kind of robot or alien brainslug trying to imitate humans.
>yes fellow hoomons I drank the 16 Oz vanilla latte in a coffee consumption place while having rags layered over me, any female hoomons willing to mate with me now?

No. 1783544

Both the coffee shop and the lake are right next to his home. So this guy's entire life radius for the last 2 years has been what? 20 yards?
20 yards in a retirement community full of grandpas and grandmas and weird gay uncles.
If he wants to find young women to date, maybe don't move to a place where there are no young women (other than the ones visiting their grandparents)
His life is full of utterly baffling choices.

If the house he's living in isn't some investment he made at some point when he was still earning and he isn't just trying to be frugal but actually paying rent there then he's really the biggest clown.

No. 1783560

Oh he’s definitely a clown. You can look up the property and see that he doesn’t own it. He really is renting it for $3.5k a month and he really does have nothing to show from when he was actually earning some decent money.

No. 1783615

He better own it. Spending that kind of rent for something that far off any urban center while all he does is stay inside and go to the coffee shop around the corner is too stupid even for the pedoworm.

He basically spent more than 60k already just to roll himself up in a blanket with the shutters closed.

No. 1783754

He’s pretty dumb then kek. If you input his address into the real estate lookup for his county his name doesn’t come up as the owner. He’s totally renting.

No. 1783772

Just looked it up in the king county parcel viewer.
It's listed as Condominium(Residential) under "current use" as opposed as "apartment" if it was rented out. So there's a chance it's owned by a fan and he's just lodging there or it's really owned by him (probably still paying it off as some kind of retirement home he planned on moving to way later in his life)

No. 1783842

Typically these real estate databases are only updated when there is a change in property assessment or property sale. They don’t change status on these sites when a property is being rented out. The “Current Use” you’re referring to is the Land Use description which is describing what it is: a Residential Condo. I guess there could still be some wild chance it’s owned by a friend/fan and he’s paying them rent, but he absolutely does not own it, his name isn’t on the deed according to the database. You can also go look up on one of the real estate sites (I forgot which one, Realtor dot com maybe) and see the exact dates it went up for rent and when it was rented out back in July. He really is pissing away $3500 a month in rent to live in a retirement community.

No. 1783886

honestly, he really does and it shows in how he words his awkward ass, unnecessarily wordy captions and how he poses in photos. like he doesn't know how to function as a normal human being. as another anon said earlier his choices are baffling, i'd even go so far to say that many of them are downright stupid. i don't know what he was like before the cheating scandal broke, but it looks like he's fallen extremely far. i'd say heidi, and even holly (as annoying as she is with her victim complex) dodged a bullet.

No. 1783950

Holly is out there living her best life in comparison to him. She’s still getting work with her DnD stuff and M:TG and he’s out begging his dwindling fanbase to contact conventions to have him as a guest. Both Holly and Heidi dodged a bullet for sure. His judgement has always been sus considering he thought it would be a good idea to make a blog solely to solicit his fans for nudes, it makes me wonder how he ever got this far in life lol.

No. 1783966

>He really is pissing away $3500 a month in rent to live in a retirement community.
This is insane to me.
And why of all places Issaquah? It's expensive. It's full of retired microsoft engineers and it has nothing to offer to a bachelor in his late 30s.

No. 1783968

>unnecessarily wordy captions
That's another good observation!
It always reads like some of mice and men simpleton bullshit when he in elaborate detail explains how he went outside and ate a carrot or some dumb shit or writes a huge cringe essay over fashion while he has his sweater on inside-out and looks aloof into the distance.

No. 1784322

How did she not notice it looks like cocks and dicks all over her chest? Did the tattoo artist prank her? No wonder she never shows it off.

No. 1784505

The guy's writing style just screams "habitual or pathologic liar". For some reason weirdo liar-scrotes have this tendency to overexplain really odd and mundane details.
Shit like "all the compliments come pouring out", his mom probably told him once a turtleneck looks good on him 30 years ago.

No. 1784998

File: 1678289264842.jpeg (310.88 KB, 828x1412, B49D138A-35F6-4C39-8696-C959E5…)

These comments on Twitter cracked me up.

Probably kek. I mean who tf is telling this weirdo worm that he looks good in anything? Anything to keep his ego pumped up I guess.

No. 1785022

Probably realized this shit-tier content was an algo killer for his main channel.
Still shocking he gets 5 digit views on the latest ones. Makes me wonder if views still count if people click off as soon as they see his Innsmouthy mug.

No. 1785110

I’m sure it’s like a jump scare, people see his face and immediately click tf out lmao. But yeah maybe he’s finally realizing that being who he is isn’t good for his brand anymore.

No. 1785131

File: 1678303442155.jpeg (852.03 KB, 1080x3221, 65381202-0903-4F17-AD25-57A7DA…)

Lol he must because he started out putting his face in the thumbnail and then recently stopped. The difference in views is hilarious

No. 1785194

Oh wow that is a good find nonnie. Soon he’ll become one of those streamers who never turns on the facecam because he loses viewers when he does kek. Too bad for him the internet never forgets.

No. 1785276

For a guy with as much unwarranted narcissism as him that gotta sting

No. 1785419

So out of morbid curiosity, I took a quick look one of his videos and to no surprise, it's boring. It's not like an deep dive into one obscure game and more like reading off basic info/facts about different games. Honestly the only interesting thing is that once he stopped using his face in the thumbnail he started getting more views lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1785425

File: 1678350335439.png (1.84 MB, 1299x823, 2023-03-09_03h24_16.png)

You COULD make the excuse that this was the channel's early days before the algo boosted them (PervJerd has a Community post on his channel bragging about how YT will give him an algo boost for being a "rising creator")

BUT the one time he snuck his ugly fishmug back in there, it's the lowest viewed vid out of all his latest ones.

No. 1785504

File: 1678370392471.png (360.4 KB, 440x531, Screenshot_20230309_085608_com…)

I really want to know what face he thought he was making for these thumbnails because it just looks pained and mildly constipated. Maybe best not to try imitating YouTubers putting a reaction shot of their face in thumbnails when you can't even fake an exaggerated emotion or look

No. 1785586

lmao you're right. What the fuck expression is he trying to convey there?

No. 1785597

File: 1678382998533.jpeg (159.1 KB, 1169x681, C66EA5AF-0EE8-4D22-ABED-7AD97C…)

Wait so this mf’er really uploaded the same video two months later after his alrgorithm boost and still got the least amount of views of any of his recent stuff? Fucking lol

No. 1785807

File: 1678405678245.jpeg (200.94 KB, 828x1473, 66343F7E-4ED9-43B9-B6A0-176875…)

Yeah I think I’ll pass.

No. 1785808

to be honest with most youtubers the reaction faces in thumbnails are annoying and cringy, but jared’s attempts are especially bad. he looks more dead in the eyes than most.

kek is he really so out of it to not notice that at all?

No. 1786053

Why is anyone watching this aging moid play ancient games?
By now everyone mustve either played the game or watched another streamer finish it.

No. 1786774

Y'all I think Heidi will start being milky again did anyone see her twitter?

No. 1786826

There's nothing on her twitter suggesting anything of the sort.

No. 1787100

Well she certainly hasn’t moved on that’s for sure. Wish I still had the screenshot because of course she deleted the tweet now, but back in December or early January she tweeted something like, “Developing a crush on another human for the first time in a while despite not being over all of my past trauma,” and I’m sorry, I know it’s nitpicky as fuck but I cannot stand grown ass adults who still use that hoomin speak. A crush on another human, as opposed to what, Heidi? A crush on a piñata? It’s been almost four years now and she’s still subtweeting her ex husband on her public Twitter account when she has a private one where she could vent. I have sympathy for her but at the same time cheating scrotes are a dime a dozen. Time for her to get herself together and move on from this loser

No. 1787191

File: 1678609390931.jpeg (108.35 KB, 828x1175, 6A9414D5-4FA7-4514-BFAD-425E02…)

Yeah, no.

No. 1787194

>Woman who Heidi thought was her best friend spread rumors and fucked her husband behind her back for months.
>Now ex-friend and ex-husband slanders her on their social media when she doesn't take his fake positive divorce announcement laying down and sics their fans after her.
>Said fans keeps harassing her for months and spreads even more rumors to humiliate her.

Yeah I'm sure Jared cheating on her is the major trauma in this situation.

No. 1787201

What a one-track mind. No wonder he was such a sex pest.

No. 1787245

Should call himself sexjared like that other sleazy as fuck game grumps rapist type.

No. 1787296

Or maybe PervJerd.

No. 1787315

*still a sex pest
I have no doubts that he’s still trying to figure out a way to solicit his fans but without tanking his career for good.

No. 1787664

In the event Jared does get immediate ass and ends up with a new girlfriend, will Holly spiral if he starts to post her? Especially if he posts about her often and open acts like he's happy with her? I can see it now kek

No. 1787670

I don't know how he could. What remains of his fans are annoyed by his thirst posting and fishing for compliments. Most people still remember his scandal and even if they didn't it just takes a quick google search to learn about him.

I think his career has already sank, or at least his public image has. He's not invited to cons, nobody wants to collab with him, no one cares.

No. 1787749

I certainly hope so. There’s some other YouTuber who was accused of some stuff and of course people are talking about how the worm was actually innocent which is kind of disheartening considering what he did.

No. 1787811

Kwite? People are idiots, his and ProTurd's situations aren't comparable at all

No. 1788018

I think Holly will definitely spiral if he starts posting other girls, but I’ll say this, He probably won’t because he wants to look readily available to e-thots.

No. 1788026

Yeah, that’s the guy. But yeah you’re right, they’re not the same situations so it’s kind of annoying. I guess a lot of people swept the sex pest stuff under the rug like ProWorm did.

I can definitely see this, he’s hoping all those e-thots will be sliding into his DM’s for sure.

No. 1788092

I'd say what she went through was a fair bit more than the typical cheating scrote situation and extremely emotionally/mentally taxing with all the BS from Holly and ProJared's flying monkeys. Things are only recently starting to settle down for her, but I wouldn't blame her if she ended up not wanting anything to do with men altogether after enduring that slimy worm. She's going to feel some type of way for a while until maybe meeting someone who values her for her true worth. Not saying her value should depend on anyone else, but after a shittastic relationship sometimes we need that person who can make us look back on our trauma and laugh about it because we've come so far when we thought we couldn't. I wish her all the success inverse to PervJared's utter descent into a washed up malding loser to whom not even the most desperate of pickmes will offer a pity fuck.

No. 1788184

Holly will lose it. She already has a deep savior complex - that’s why she rescues pigeons- trash birds that no one likes- well Holly will save them! Unfortunately there is no way she can properly care for the 50+ birds she has (plus illegal birds she shouldn’t have) in her hoard. She’s a hoarder.
When Jared moves on- without ever even having claimed her - she will lose it. She wants so badly to project this image of “I’m good and everyone else is bad”. But girl- you is the toxic trash.

No. 1788200


I think thats wishful thinking on your part.
She probably fucked him because he looks like a human pigeon and was available, but the chance of her finding a fuckboy is a lot higher than scrotejared finding ass that he would publically flaunt ever again.
Like that train has moved on. He'll find some weirdo cat ladies and 30 something e-stalkers, but if on the height of his fame the best he was able to pull was holly you can imagine how dreary his chances are now.

No. 1788212

File: 1678745670537.jpeg (39.75 KB, 828x397, 3B6BA038-4C94-452C-93EA-B4132A…)

Is this supposed to be appealing? Hey guys, join me in this game I have to play so that I get money for it. Like no fucking thanks. I guess for the losers who actually like PedoWorm it might be exciting, but it sounds more like a bad consolation prize to me.

No. 1788335

He really writes like a brain slug has taken over.
"Fellow hoomons join me for some fun advertisement"

No. 1788401

File: 1678804003464.jpg (189.45 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20230314_102625_Twi…)

Just found out Holly's old cat Orph that Ross kept in the divorce passed

No. 1788423

The cat that she let her horrible rapist husband keep?! He must not have been that bad if she felt ok leaving her cat with him. Another Holly lie.

No. 1788495

File: 1678819309865.jpeg (103.57 KB, 828x890, E0CEECFC-40DC-445A-90EA-C62B0C…)

Ah yes, Holly being Holly again. Crying over the “drama” that she helped cause.

No. 1788504


Was she actually okay with him having the cat? If she says she wasn't happy with Ross keeping the cat she'll catch shit for starting drama, but if she doesn't confirm whether or not she was happy about him having the cat it's assumed she was okay with it and it's proof that she lied about her relationship with Ross. I know Holly can't handle speaking about herself publicly without metaphorically shitting the bed, but this sounds like a "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't" situation.

No. 1788534

If I remember correctly since it's been several years, at the time Holly was more focused on shacking up with ProWorm and transporting her pigeons. Orph was barely even mentioned until someone asked.

No. 1788544

She was no one before ross, and she is no one post ross. Why is she surprised?(sage your shit)

No. 1788568

Also I believe they had two cats, Ross kept Orph and Holly took the other cat. Didn't she tweet about moving stressing her cat out and pissed on her bedsheets?(sage)

No. 1788613

Both were pets Holly had before the relationship. She had Orph for a long time. I wouldn’t abandon my beloved cat with someone I claimed abused me.(sage)

No. 1788718

Funny that she calls Ross and his GF “his owners” here, as if she’d rehomed the cat to strangers or something

No. 1788719

Hollys twitch streams are generally so-so, but this last one was unbearable. Just talking to her “nephew” off screen and painting an owl. She doesn’t even engage chat. At one point they were just texting back and forth. What a way to grow your audience

No. 1788731

Is this her actually nephew or is this the kid that staying in her basement?

No. 1788793

basement kid

No. 1788882


fr she's like "I wish the circumstances were different" like she's the victim for them not letting her see Orph as if she didn't falsely accuse him of rape a few months ago

Anyway RIP Orph, I'm glad you got to spend a few years away from the pigeon horde

No. 1789028

File: 1678888004682.jpg (29.78 KB, 828x226, deserve_love.jpg)


Late to the convo but you're right, Heidi isn't moving on and still tweets somewhat regularly about the divorce and drama around it. We rag on Holly for not letting the drama go but Heidi won't drop it either. They both need to take this to their respective therapists if they're still dragging it out four years later.

No. 1789038

Isn’t this the same stuff she was pulling at some other DnD-type YouTube show some time back? Guess she hasn’t learned that the audience doesn’t want to see someone staring down at their phone the whole time. But nah, it’s the algorithm on social media that’s against her, it couldn’t possibly be that she’s just not engaging.

No. 1789054

I'm sorry she has a what

The person who helped groom and gaslight minors into having sex with PervJared is keeping a kid in her basement that's unrelated to her? Does she have no one in her life to say "hey thats a bad fucking idea"?

No. 1789133

It was mentioned a while back, but apparently Holly has invited this kid who's a runaway to stay at her house. Also real quick she wasn't helping Jared groom fans, but she did ignore a fan when they told her about Jared's inappropriate behavior.

I do fully believe it's a bad idea, especially if she's now calling this kid she may not know too well her "nephew". I could imagine it getting bad if the family wants their kid back or the two of them getting into arguments.

No. 1789178

Yeah, she was sure quick to push aside the fact that ProDick was using the facade of a body positive nudes blog for jerk off material from his fans. She was real desperate for that mushroom dick.

Her having someone’s kid living in her basement is definitely weird, apparently since I believe she knows the mom? The whole situation sounds sus as hell.

No. 1789255

The difference between Heidi and Holly is that Heidi is a victim of circumstance, while Holly caused her own downfall. One has a right to feel hurt and carry trauma, the other is laughable because her situation is the result of action and consequence. However you are right in that they both indeed need therapy.

No. 1789257

She had the kid model her new sweaters. The whole thing feels off. Why doesn't Holly have friends her own age? It screams that she can't be alone now that Jared is gone.

No. 1789468

File: 1678938286095.png (1.01 MB, 602x912, nephew.png)

Even weirder when you see the photos from him modeling the sweater tbh. Is Holly grooming teens now too or is he just a young looking 20-something?

No. 1789471

A lot of people really never entirely get over their divorce and remain bitter from it and retain some underlying self consciousness sometimes for basically their whole life after, honestly normal people have all kinds of mental and personal issues like this and social media just makes it more obvious. I’ve seen divorcees be angry and hurt twenty years later in real life. But if she’s tweeting stuff like this four years later she definitely needs more professional guidance if she can get it, for the sake of her own happiness. Jared is a fugly piece of shit creep she should be glad to be rid of in retrospect anyway.

No. 1789497

File: 1678943565454.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1322, 5747484i4i.png)

He looks young because he's actually a FTM. She's 18 so still a teenager, but at the very least Holly probably isn't going take advantage of the girl sexually herself since Holly only dates men despite trying her hardest to be queer (this would be the worst way for Holly to prove me wrong though).

No. 1789505

Whoops you triggered Holly. She came here and read your comment and tweeted out about how people are “hate watching her streams still”. Yep. Be glad Holly- if we weren’t hate watching- you wouldn’t have any viewers.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1789511

File: 1678945608957.png (28.83 KB, 732x501, boohooholly.png)

No. 1789512

we have no reason to suspect anything inappropriate is happening. i'd believe a lot of bad stuff about holly, but her being a predator isn't one of them emotional vampire, on the other hand…

…but–hypothetically–having a troubled teenager living with her is exactly the kind of thing where if anything ever did come out you'd look like a real idiot for not being suspicious in retrospect. her most recent ex preyed on teens. not that women should be judged based on their dating history, but yikes.

No. 1789515

Should've known from the eyes, but the chest was surprising. Still mega creepy that this 36 yo woman is adopting some 18yo TIF and calling her "nephew".

Honestly wondering if this is Holly subconsciously continuing the cycle of emotional incest that she's accused her mother of.

No. 1789520

She's been an internet personality for so long she should be aware that there are ALWAYS going to be hate watchers, she most likely had a few already before the drama. She is old enough to not care, she is making a big deal out of nothing as usual. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE EVERY THING YOU DO AND SAY HOLLY and crying about it only makes you look pathetic. Grow a fucking spine already.

No. 1789565

Honestly, can't blame her for looking into this thread to get some break-up relief from people shitting on wormdick.
She's not been very milky recently and jared on the other hand gives off so much material simply by existing.

No. 1789569

Exactly, she’s always going to have haters, there have probably been people hate watching silently and not necessarily even from lc or kf. She needs to get over it.

I guess she thought she was safe to lurk here since Wormdick gives a lot to talk about? Kek.

Yeah. It’s so strange to me that literally right after the Worm left, this kid moved right in. I guess she was that desperate to not have an empty house? I dunno.

No. 1789570


If Holly gets over it, she won't be able to act like a victim anymore for sympathy/pity and that's her defining character trait. She'll be a 40 year old woman still crying about bullies on the internet because she never mentally matured past her teenage years. That's why her current bestie is an 18 year old. They're at the same maturity level.

No. 1789596

To be fair that's a lot of 30 and 40 something women I knew growing up that you're describing there.
A lot of the moms of friends during highschool were alcoholic single moms who wouldn't shut up about how they were jilted by some scrote years ago and let their daughters know it.

With incels being so incredibly loud and whinny (+ trooning out) it kinda shifted the focus from how fucking toxic hateful 40 something alcoholic women are and how much of a untreated psycho epidemic it is.
Like I hardly know any girl who came out of a relationship like that undamaged.

And the women in question were all stuck mentally during their peak years (be it being the prom queen or being really popular in college before they fell off). So it's hardly a holly thing or unique.
If anything her doing art and taking in another fucked up person might be some form of therapy.

No. 1789810

>just to make things up about me
when is she going to realize she's doing this to herself? she can honestly just stop talking about a years old scandal that people only still talk about because she's insistent on rehashing the past, genuinely take a break from the internet and maybe hopefully grow as a normal person aside from making "being a victim" her entire personality

you're right because holly shouldn't be vicitimizing herself forever. it's just miserable for her and everyone around her

No. 1789833

I can, its absolutely not the kind of thing a therapist - who I still suspect she isn't actually seeing - would condone her doing since it disrupted her mental health so badly in the past that she went on a grippysocks vacation.

But why would she do anything to actually improve her mental state when she can just continually spiral

No. 1789897


tbf I think in this particular case it's less about the 4 year old drama and more about people strongly suggesting that she's grooming a child.

No. 1789907

Maybe she shouldn't constant post and stream with that child then? You think she would have learned, at the very least, to be more selective and careful with what she posts and keep friendships to herself.

No. 1789914

Fuck. I follow the youtube retro gaming community and some were confused that Jared started following their channels about a year or two back. They're pretty small channels and he like started following them all at once. I asked some of them a few weeks ago if he still follows them and he unfollowed them awhile ago. I knew the shameless bastard was trying to poach ideas and the community. He was definitely preying on smaller niche channels. I know I can't accuse him of copying the titles because people have been doing "Nintendo's worst game in history!" for awhile now, but I knew he was following certain niche groups for a reason.

No. 1790074

It just goes to show that he has no ideas of his own and that he really is just a boring person. I feel like he was doing something similar with some other smaller Twitch streamers as well.

>If anything her doing art and taking in another fucked up person might be some form of therapy.
I guess she moved on from taking in all those pigeons to straight up people now lmao. It hasn’t worked for her yet.

No. 1790321

>I feel like he was doing something similar with some other smaller Twitch streamers as well.
Shameless ugly moid. It angers me because he's singling out small communities without much power. Most of these people do this because it's their passion and don't have the views and subscribers to quit their day job. In fact, most don't really do youtube to quit their day job, they just love their hobbies and need a creative outlet. Meanwhile, Jared is able to afford 3.5k a month at his early retirement home while thinking he can do their ideas better. I told one creator about Jared trying to weasel his way into the community and steal their ideas thinking they'd be annoyed or angry and they responded with "HA! He'll fail."

No. 1791095

Fortunately it seems like he’s already failing and he’s probably finally realized that any association with him isn’t positive. It’d explain why he moved some of his retro videos to a whole other channel and started using thumbnails without his face. Or maybe he’s just doing that to make it easier to rip off people’s content. Either way his engagement is down, his views are down and he’ll probably never find the success he had before the scandal due to his actions. He probably hopped to streaming out of desperation once YT wasn’t providing the cash it used to, just so that he doesn’t have to actually find a real job. Much respect to those who do the YT thing for their passion as a hobby, people like that are way more genuine than Wormdick could ever be. I bet he was following those other retro folks in hopes that he’d get followers back to boost his numbers or whatever. Pretty slimy of him to just bounce on them later, especially if it really was just to steal their ideas.

No. 1791259

File: 1679228371198.png (93.81 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20230319-081147.png)

Holly's fans are such karens. "Can we report this review?" Really? Holly admitted she screwed up the order. It makes me side eye Holly that she didn't flat out tell this person, "no, do not report my customers. This was my mistake." It's evidence of how manipulative she is and how she plays the victim over things that are clearly her fault. Really not a good look for her but she doesn't care because she manipulated someone into pity buying two pins from her store.

No. 1791471

Holly’s got plenty of good reviews, she’s acting like that one review is going to tank her Etsy store wtf. She fucked up, she needs to just move on from it and do better in the future. But it wouldn’t be Holly if she didn’t act like some sort of victim about the entire situation.

No. 1791477

>WAAAH I fucked up but YOU are the awful one for holding me accountable
Holly in a nutshell. Makes me wonder how she was as a child.

No. 1791786

People like Holly are so annoying, like obviously she's hurt by tweeting about it in the first place (and dramatically to boot) but the second her fans want to escalate it it's "no no, it's no big deal, I'm strong!" She's genuinely incapable of letting things go and recognizing how behavior like this is why people think she's a manipulator

No. 1791830

Hm I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the 1 star review is because after all that they still didn’t get the pin that they paid for. Nowhere does she say she sent them the right pin kek. I’m guessing they wanted the pin more than their $10 back, hence why they paid $10 for the pin in the first place. Not rocket science, Holly
Etsy’s retarded about punishing sellers for any review that isn’t five stars, so that one review actually could end up taking her store if her sales end up slowing. In order to have star seller status you have to have a 95% positive rating in the past 3 months with your store’s eligibility being re-evaluated on the first of every month. Doesn’t matter how many total reviews you have. So that one star will hurt

No. 1791850

What might be good for her is to get a journal to vent out her frustrations out rather than use Twitter. I mean she's not gonna cause she likes people kissing up to her, but I could see it being like a stress relief since she could vent about anything and wouldn't need to worry about what strangers are gonna think.

No. 1791980

File: 1679311089010.png (167.13 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20230320-071536.png)

There's a long back and forth between Holly and this person, and this part made me laugh pretty hard

No. 1791981

I mean, the person isn’t wrong! I love that Holly thinks they came from LC kek. No Holly, not everyone that disagrees with you is from here.

Yeah, she may have refunded their money but I didn’t see anything about her sending them the correct item either. Clearly the person wanted what they originally ordered.

No. 1792060

Since holly is monitoring this thread, she might as well give us some fresh milk on wormdick

No. 1792120

I mean, she gave a bit of milk in her latest twitch stream

No. 1792125

What’d she say nonny?

No. 1792136

Ross wanted to fuck some other girl, so basically their relationship was open, Jared left her, some guy at a con she respected touched her inappropriately.
There was other stuff, but I was in and out.
Also, her and the basement kid were laughing about stalking lolcow, so there’s that I guess

No. 1792177

Did she give a name for the guy assaulted her at the con? That's pretty fucked up.

No. 1792192

Went back to check because, again I was in and out, but looks like she deleted the stream. He worked on some game. Said she really looked up to him then that happened and it tainted it for her. Would’ve paid more attention, but basement kid’s comments were annoying and I didn’t know she was going to delete the stream. Not that surprised, though. She said some incriminating stuff if true

No. 1792200


Thanks nonny. I wish she would commit to her accusations and name names. I don't want to support whoever touched her if this is a bigger developer who makes popular games

No. 1792216

File: 1679342568442.png (265.53 KB, 586x462, 2023-03-20_15h58_53.png)

Holly loves to whine about being cancelled and losing opportunities so why is she, a two-time sex pest apologist (Jared AND Koebel) invited on a charity stream raising funds for rape victims?

No. 1792252

Agreed, I wish she'd actually have a tiny bit of spine on all these accusations. Her saying them and then dirty deleting with no proof just makes it look like she's lying or exaggerating for attention/victim points. She hurts her own case and all people who stand up against SA when she's this wishy-washy about it.

No. 1792381

Exactly. The hypocrisy of her actions juxtaposed with >>1792216 is really something else. I've never seen someone love misery and pity so much.

No. 1792494

Think she'll just be on her phone like last time or actually engage with everyone?

No. 1792545


Does holly not think it's weird that her friends stalk this page and give her updates? you'd think they would encourage her to block this and never look but instead they are on here more than we are. fake friends

No. 1792549

Would confirm my theory that Ross was just a proto Jared and is better at hiding it.
He has those same weirdo pervert vibes to him, is kinda ugly and scrotes worship him for some reason. (Same with Jared)

No. 1792550

Probably the only interesting and exciting thing going on in her life rn.
Good cause is a good cause. Wouldn't shit on her for that. It's a bit weird though how the majority of hosts are male.

No. 1792565

I think Holly attracts friends who are equally as stunted and mentally ill. Professionals with families who work don't have the time or emotional energy to get caught up obsessing about bullies or lolcow. That's why Holly's closest friend right now is 18. I always thought it would help Holly a lot if she got a full time job and spent more time around working adults her own age.

No. 1792997

>it would help Holly a lot if she got a full time job and spent more time around working adults her own age.

I feel like this is argument often made by hikikomori, school kids or the unemployed who fantasize about having a job.
Mentally ill people like holly do not get more stable in a job.
Have you ever worked in an office setting with mentally ill women?
At home in her basement painting owls holly is only bothering people seeking her out to get upset over her, in a actual workplace she might be a liability for other people.
Also you write like a scrote.

No. 1793134


Kek holly isn't at the level of mental illness where her only option is to be housebound. This is a person who is more than capable of working: she travels around the world for cons, she's been on a tv show, worked customer service jobs, lived overseas for school, streamed to thousands of people. Her gg personality was much different than this current one and she didn't play up the anxious victim shit until she started playing strix. Sorry but holly isn't sooooo special that she can't work or be around people

No. 1793143

So suggesting that unemployed middle aged ppl stop hanging out with teenagers and get a job is scrote behavior? That's a stupid take, but I agree that Holly should stay in her basement painting owls to keep her from destroying other people's lives.

Holly in the deleted vids with Ross is her true personality. Her anxious bird mom thing is an act. She could work if she wanted but she's rich and doesn't need to.

No. 1793161

Is she really that rich though? She likely doesn’t have house payments after selling her house in LA, but she was crying on Twitter about $10. Both her and Jared seem to be of the mind that they’re entitled to make money off of what they do on the internet because it’s worked for them in the past. Both of them have also been soured on online, and that’s even besides the marriage/relationship drama. In the outside world, people change occupations all the time when something isn’t working out, so what’s stopping either of them from doing something different?

No. 1793171

Rich is a relative term, but she's pretty well off thanks to her inheritance. She could sell her house for close to a mil if she wanted. It's the difference between her and Kayla. Kayla hasn't had time to do their podcast because she's struggling to find work after losing her job, while Holly can afford to sell cheap pins as her main source of income and be fine. But you're not wrong though. Nothing's stopping her or Jared from working. It's like you said, they've grown entitled to the influencer lifestyle.

No. 1793221

Then $10 pin was most likely because it ruins your etsy reputation. Frustrating thing about Holly is that she announces it, gets asspats then says "no worries it's fine" because it'll get lost in her positive reviews anyways. It's especially stupid because it was her mistake, but she's like "buuut I tried to make it riiight." Once again showing how she thinks she deserves no penalties for her mistakes. I personally wouldn't leave 1 star for a simple error, I get why someone would be annoyed at the person when you refund them and let them keep the product, but don't announce it to your followers. Just shows how some of these retards need to get off of social media. Tell a friend, complain to a real life person while having tea and don't immediately run to twitter where it comes off badly.

Holly was more cynical and cranky when interacting with Ross and her gg persona? I can't really remember, but I remember she was well liked in comparison with Susie because she came off as real. Then again, I think it was Holly herself who was posting here.

No. 1793249


>Both her and Jared seem to be of the mind that they’re entitled to make money off of what they do on the internet because it’s worked for them in the past.

That reminds me of this tweet she made a year or two ago, I don't remember exactly what she said but she basically told her followers to use the money they get back from taxes on her store because being an e-celebrity means she always owes taxes. Wish I thought of getting a screenshot before she deleted it but that was some of the most entitled sounding shit I've ever read from her.

No. 1793255

omg wtf. That is super entitled and bratty. News flash Holly, we all pay taxes.

No. 1793268


Imagine being so entitled and up your own ass that you would actually think of asking for sales from people's tax return money. Alot of people look forward to getting their tax returns to buy necessities, and Holly's going to go public with "Actually, you should spend your hard earned money on me instead!". Ugh, what a Karen.

No. 1793279

Right-wing incel scrotes spotted. This whole "why don't you get a job?!" trad-tard larp has the stench of neet incel dweeb.

Have either of you ever worked in a job with a mentally unwell catty coworker?
I wouldn't wish holly on any office or workplace and it is unironically for the best of society if she keeps doing whatever she does, even if it pisses you scrotes off, because it goes against whatever boomer worldview you have cultivated.

No. 1793316

No one cares.

I also thought Holly posted here back when the thread was about Susie. It makes sense why she became obsessive about lolcow since it turned on her. It's wild to me that she STILL posts and talks about cow the amount she does, almost like a narc injury

No. 1793321

>She always owes taxes
She doesn't understand how being self employed works, you mean. When you're employed your employer will always put the % you designate towards your income taxes every paycheck. If you overpaid, then come tax return season you get some of that (but not all, hence why its better to try to have a very small return) back. If you underpaid, you owe the IRS whatever you didn't pay. But self employed people don't have their income automatically deducted for taxes, so if they're SMART they pay every quarter. But Holly has probably never had a real job for more than a couple months so she doesn't realize she pays income tax just like all her followers, she just has to keep track of paying it herself. She's unbelievably stupid and sheltered to be nearing 40 and not know this. Her grandpa's ghost probably wishes he'd had a vasectomy watching her blow all his money and assets on bullshit while having absolutely no life skills of her own.

No. 1793385

Scrote confirmed.(derailing)

No. 1793400


I'm taken aback by how demanding that is. "I don't get money back from taxes so I deserve yours!" She's been an obnoxious brat all this time, but this is a new level of bratty behavior.


100% guarantee Holly would be that coworker starting drama between other coworkers just for her own narcissist entertainment. I've known people like that, I wouldn't wish that type of asshole on anyone.

No. 1793413

>Good cause is a good cause.
nta but i think the thing about it is that she contradicts what it stands for, and as another anon described as her wishy-washy attitude regarding her own serious accusations towards others makes her unreliable. if someone doesn't know her already and learns more about her they're eventually going to find out how she's been tight with known sex pests. i just wouldn't nominate her as a representative for something like this.

No. 1793495

Iirc she leaked cherry-picked tweets from Susie’s private Twitter during the initial Jared drama because she was trying to detract from hate being sent towards her. The delusional cunt. Shows she was planning it for a while. She’s always had a lot of jealousy towards her and it shows.

No. 1793498

The texts the Heidi posted shows Ross and Holly talking about an open relationship (long before the drama) and was fine with her having on with girls but guys where a maybe. It wouldn't be a surprise that Ross may have had a private side relationship especially if he was as sexually persistent as Holly has tweeted about. He is just better at keeping his mouth shut, look at all the drama GG had since the beginning.

No. 1793649

it's interesting to think that suzy has no milk now because i don't know (or think) that she does. i remember finding out about her and reading the old threads on her and believing she was very much a cow at the time especially with the scamming that it made holly look somewhat more normal. holly just seemed quiet and awkward back then. obviously that's changed now.

No. 1793820

Could also be that her "milk" dried up once she stopped being friends with Holly and Jared. I really subscribe to the semi tinfoil that Holly pushed a lot of the hate and leaked a lot of her private shit to continually come off as the normal down to earth one. Now that the façade is broken and Susie isn't letting her see her shit, she doesn't have anyone else she can safely scapegoat.

No. 1793869

Would it be possible to check those old posts and compare them to her ip address at the time- like they did for creepshowart?

No. 1793976

suzy's scams was pretty cow-like behavior, though. i can buy that holly was always a bit messed up, that she stayed more lowkey about it previously and potentially leaked the private stuff to make herself look better, but plenty of people agreed that suzy had her issues and cow tendencies back then. just about everyone associated with game grumps has milk of their own.

No. 1793981

File: 1679606490914.png (269.34 KB, 640x1136, 666A0E61-F8E8-4016-815B-B2A4E4…)

and here i was thinking we might know peace. jared's back again, wondering if he's expecting people to be concerned or start asking him "oh no, what happened?"

No. 1793992

She was also cringe. She was so obsessed with using GG fame to propel herself forward. It was obnoxious that Suzy just inserted herself into Aaron's fame and she wasn't interesting or funny. It was especially shitty for women with gaming channels who WEREN'T just selling the image of "grrrrl gamur." It's like how dudes in bands put their talent-less girlfriends to play the tambourine or something. At the end, Suzy sort of wised up, stopped being so obnoxious and game grumps got less famous so we stopped caring. The threads were so dry that we'd just make fun of her for gaining weight. Then she started losing weight and the ProJared scandal happened, outing Holly as the final boss. I have no idea about what Suzy and GG are doing these days. I've never even seen a mention of them outside of this thread.

No. 1794016

>She was also cringe. She was so obsessed with using GG fame to propel herself forward. It was obnoxious that Suzy just inserted herself into Aaron's fame and she wasn't interesting or funny. It was especially shitty for women with gaming channels who WEREN'T just selling the image of "grrrrl gamur."
oh yeah, this was definitely a part of why she was so disliked too. she was so obnoxious about it as if she was special for doing it and didn't even seem to have that much passion about it compared to the girls who genuinely had an interest in it. at least she's calmed down now but that was definitely what she seemed to be like in the earlier days.

No. 1794019

Yep, he’s fishing for attention again. I’m sure the next post will be him crying about people forgetting about him on social media.

No. 1794101

Is he implying he's in the closet to fish for homo attention again?

No. 1794150

kek we're probably going to see the instagram version of this >>1779516

No. 1794319

Honestly Suzy is still lowkey milky imo. She fancies herself a real magical "witch" as a career and makes cringey little potion and spell videos. She lives off Arin's GG fame to pursue her pretend practice and other hobbies as jobs that wouldn't carry her afloat if she didn't have her famous husband's money. She also thinks she's goth and Satanic, but refers to bands like Korn as goth. So she's still a poser too.

No. 1794328

Was Holly as into witch stuff before or after she became friends with Suzy?

No. 1794432

File: 1679674037574.jpeg (63.46 KB, 828x540, D1F396BE-6646-41DB-A741-95C283…)

Or something like this. If it’s such a slog then why doesn’t he do something else? No one’s holding a gun to his head to keep on being a mediocre YouTube personality.

No. 1794436

But anon he has no other marketable skills and no work history. He, like Holly, probably thinks he's above "normal jobs" too.

No. 1794793

>She also thinks she's goth and Satanic, but refers to bands like Korn as goth. So she's still a poser too.
kek i would think she's the type to remain a poser tbh, because she never really put any effort into anything and clearly just coasted off being the wife of a game grump and sounds like she still is. even though she's seemingly more quiet now, and that's probably one of the more wiser things she's done.

No. 1795060

File: 1679779009296.jpeg (272.35 KB, 828x1461, 76C4818C-3488-4238-8429-715980…)

Read the room Wormdick. Absolutely no one has been asking for this.

No. 1795267

Is he trying for a shift into fashion influencer? He should probably take some classes or practice on his own some more first, he's not exactly getting a warm reception for his awful coords. Even his gay fans aren't that into all his looks

No. 1795351

File: 1679822572631.jpeg (62.81 KB, 640x1358, 62E8B5F2-7EF3-48ED-957C-45B32F…)

i was curious to see what he got so i looked at the website and this looks similar to the seams of whatever shirt he bought. couldn't be fucked looking for the pants because you know it's just going to be some basic shit.

No. 1795354

File: 1679823343084.png (Spoiler Image, 757.56 KB, 640x1136, 0177314F-9BBF-4E4B-8FE4-8EF873…)

kek at the contoured single pair of abs, but jesus everything about this screams awkward and uncomfortable.

No. 1795368


Gaurentee Heidi made this for him… smh

No. 1795489

Its crazy how much money he spends on shit that looks like he got it from the cheapest wish.com cosplay stores.

No. 1795491

c r i n g e

No. 1795504

from the neck down it's almost okay? cringe but a lot of cosplay is. from the neck up it is just a worm man in a bad wig, trying to look badass but is actually so pathetic it's not even funny

No. 1795524

You are a saint for spoilering that, anon. Heidi, honey, what were you doing?! I wonder if Heidi is the reason for Jared's inflated ego. She definitely loved him and showered him with attention, supported his hobbies with her own skills and let him do whatever he wanted by being the "cool girl." Along with the dumb ass tumblr community normalizing sending nude pictures to everyone and their mother - it really created the biggest ego on one of the ugliest men. I remember reading Heidi's texts during divorce and how she was happy Jared was acting more like his old self which was a shy sweet person. I just cannot see how a man so ugly has such an ego. We can be pretty cruel here, calling a 31 year old an old lady at death's door, but Jared is really, really ugly. Even nerds his own community know he's ugly as fuck even if they can relate to him.

No. 1795606

Not the makeup to trick the eye into thinking there's half an inch of muscle under that pasty white torso…..

No. 1795626

Oh yeah you know Heidi made this for him. I find it interesting that he posted this considering the agenda he and Holly pushed that Heidi was some big abuser. I don’t think I’d want to bring up memories associated with someone who abused me.

He sure is ugly as fuck. How the hell does someone get so gassed up that he really believes that he’s super hot?

No. 1795643

File: 1679857623003.png (105.47 KB, 841x476, E8EC08F2-3E3A-41A7-85BB-BB94DC…)

well it’s a cosplay and that’s how the character looks though. is he not supposed to try to make himself look like the character? it even has the same shadow under the tits. not to wk, just seems like a nitpick

No. 1795651

File: 1679858001831.png (116.55 KB, 396x711, sydney.png)

>shadow under the tits

Anon, please. That is because Sydney is really lean and has visible muscle definition.

If Jared actually worked out he wouldn't have to draw anything on. Instead he is built like a popsicle stick

No. 1795681

File: 1679861591823.jpg (120.28 KB, 1080x885, atelierheididotcom.jpg)

>I don’t think I’d want to bring up memories associated with someone who abused me.

Not defending ProDick posting that unflattering cringe, but to be completely fair…

No. 1795740

She is part of the reason, the other part is some Tumblr teenage girls would literally fuck anyone who is popular on YouTube, which gassed him up even more.

No. 1795741

He's trying to weasle back to heidi or still fishing for/cgl/ pickmes?

No. 1795742

It's shocking how ugly he is

No. 1795806

His head is way too big for his body. The character has noticeably broader shoulders than him.

No. 1795807

Skinny fat men are so fucking revolting, it’s not so hard for him to hit the gym and get some muscle definition, what a waste of resources.

No. 1795808

I can't believe he spent that much on >>1795060. It looks so cheap.

No. 1795813

>I wonder if Heidi is the reason for Jared's inflated ego
Imagine: you're a nerdy woman in your 20s, and you think you've found the one. this man is your funny valentine: he's not classically handsome by any stretch of the imagination, not charming or socially competent or impressive to your friends or family, but you're not dating him for the social status. when you look at him, all you can see is your own love for this sweet, shy guy who's been by your side through some of the happiest times of your life, playing video games and going to anime cons together. yeah, you do 90% of the housework… yeah, you cover a lot of bills and he stays up late on the computer when you want him to cuddle you in bed… sure, maybe he's "just not a holiday kind of guy" and you can't remember the last time he got you a gift. you don't even mind that he's never touched a gym in his life, because you're happy to have someone who appreciates YOUR beauty, and you're not that shallow anyway. but at the end of the day, you're just so happy to have a life partner by your side that you'd do anything for him. you pamper and baby him and treat him like your little princess, you make him little costumes and gas him up all the time, and you picture him thinking to himself, "I'm so lucky to have her, I love her so much." and then the culmination of your love and support is that the goblin thinks he's such a catch that he deserves a whole harem and he starts harvesting titty pics from weebs who are still in high school kek
disclaimer: not wking heidi, don't know anything about this besides jared's hideously ugly face and cheating and his hilarious sinjared tumblr

No. 1795815

God this board is full of spergs lately

No. 1795858

>"not wking heidi"
>writes an entire fanfiction about Heidi in the most self insert character kind of way

No. 1795877

This also literally isn't true. A lot of popular channels make 1-2 videos a year

No. 1795881

idky anons responded negatively to this, I think you're dead on about the ugly man/pretty girl dynamic. A cautionary tale.

No. 1795898

Spot on.
Going for ugly men because you think they wont cheat on you and will value you for who you are is almost always a bad choice, because ugly unfucked men turn into fucking monsters the moment they let the sexual attention get to their head. Then you get sex-begging, hystrionics, tantrums, stalking, revenge por, etc.
To be fair the same thing happens when butt-ugly chicks get some guy dating down to them, it also goes to their head.

Either into ugly nerds or ugly nerds themselves.

No. 1795901

File: 1679887884114.jpeg (36.17 KB, 467x473, 1558856785005.jpeg)

It's funny how the jared-holly drama basically absorbed all the milk egoratpor and game grumps could've given. They just kept their heads low and let jared and holly make fools of themselves.

No. 1795924

omg anon this picture lmao. It’s terrifying but great. I wonder if all the people who dropped ProDick after the drama and the sex blog stuff are relieved they got out unscathed from being associated with him.

No. 1795950

File: 1679893716018.jpg (50.4 KB, 454x718, 1559127205230.jpg)

Jared should ask idubz to fill in the vacant slot in the new e-celeb boxing shit he started.

No. 1795951

And? She made it so it's up on her website for display with all her other pieces. Meanwhile proworm is just posting old pics of himself in someone else's design in hopes that he'll get thirsty dm's from his nonexistent fangirls.

No. 1795969

he'd probably look better after a few punches to the face, couldn't get much worse anyway, he should take the risk and the free nose job

No. 1795987


I don't think it's the description of the pretty girl/ugly guy dynamic, it's that >>1795813 wrote a fantasy version of Heidi where she had next to no agency in her marriage. Plus some parts aren't true, i.e. saying Heidi was the one paying the bills. Jared was the one making money while they were married, that's why Heidi had to scramble to get her shop off the ground on short notice, Jared was going to leave her high and dry without a steady income to live on.


IMO the problem I see with it is she has pictures of her abuser front and center of the page when she has other means of showing the costume, plus the "got to keep it in the divorce" part sounds unprofessional, almost smug in a way. IDK I don't think I would be showing my professional portfolio of my achievements and boldly talk about the drama filled divorce.


It really bugs me that there's still fairly well known youtube people that still openly associate with him, like Peanut Butter Gamer and Space Hamster. They're complicit in Jared's abuse of Heidi and helping him keep a foot in the door as far as staying relevant on youtube goes. Unfortunately, none of them are being called out for supporting a known abuser since Jared did his little "I'm not guilty" video.

No. 1796028

Wait SHE has that pic on HER page? I would've assumed it was something he put online.
Wow yeah that's weird

No. 1796050


Yeah it's a bit weird since Heidi's said a few times that Jared's face triggers her trauma responses, but she keeps his pics up on her site. I get that the costume is part of her portfolio and is made good enough to show off, but keeping her abuser's face on there along with the costume is weird to me.

No. 1796052

I can see the "they get back together" arc coming.
She's absolutely the type to take this horrorclown back since she's the one who gassed him up in the first place.
As far as I know she was even cool with him sexting minors.

No. 1796065


I don't know kinda sounds like Heidi is done with dick and is going for women this time.

No. 1796079

I don't buy it. The only reason she hasn't gotten a new scrote is probably because she's still hung up over him.

No. 1796086


NTA but Heidi did tweet recently that she had(has?) a crush on a guy and that she's still into men. She deleted it before anyone could get a screenshot, but a few anons here have pointed out that they saw the tweet.

No. 1796107


He was oddly cute when Heidi was with him too bad his personality is a trashfire

No. 1796109

Agreed that it’s kind of weird but I think she did it more as a dig at Jared and Holly. It’s petty as hell but I get it considering J&H’s whole relationship was based off of RP sex.

No. 1796137

Tbh Heidi should have let him keep the costume and blur out his face in the photos.

No. 1796184

Nah she should have both kept the costume and blurred his face out. Fuck ‘em.

No. 1796248

That's what I assume too. It would be a lot better/funnier if she blurred his face, but I don't think it's a suspicious move or implies anything like this >>1796052 . I got the feeling that it was a taunt, like "look how good you used to have it".
Please, for the sake of our eyes. At least he and holly were a looks match.

No. 1796510

File: 1679960962845.gif (1.05 MB, 400x234, giphy-2.gif)

No. 1796515

>"look how good you used to have it".
It probably is. Shes a special kind of pick-me. I feel like everyone here always forgets there is women who stick with rapists, abusers and some even offer up their children to get some sex pest stay with them.
So her trying to lure wormdick back in might be rooted in that kinda psychology, where sure he's the world's ugliest man, he's a sex predator, he's a pervert and he has no skills outside of playing videogames, but he's HER sex pervert freak predator gamer goblin and it's a point of pride for her to get him back.
I've seen scenarios like that play out IRL, where other women tripped over themselves to get the shittiest possible moid back into their life to fuck it up a bit more the moment he became available again, even after years of claiming they're over him.

No. 1796602


Why would either of them WANT the other back though? Jared refused to treat Heidi with any level of respect while they were married, and Heidi went full scorched earth at Jared when they divorced. I don't think either of them would let their pride take a hit by trying to get the other back.

No. 1796633

You sound insane. What is with the sudden influx of Heidi hate/tinfoils around here lately?

No. 1796715

>Why would either of them WANT the other back though?
Because people are retarded and interpersonal relationships aren't always 100% logical you retarded scrote. Way to give away you're male with your "facts and logic" approach to relationships.
>"heidi hate"
Facts. She gassed that gross worm up, she let him solicit nudes from underage kids and left his perversions run wild. The fact that her pet scrote turned on her is sad for her, but not unexpected.

No. 1796723


You okay there, anon? I can hear you hyperventilating through my phone screen. You also got my gender wrong, but that's beside the point.

No. 1796750

But nailed the sex probably. Get lost scrote.

No. 1796817

I don’t remember completely, but I’m pretty sure the pictures have stayed on her site ever since the scandal came out. I don’t know if the description is different though.

No. 1796834

can we stop attacking and accusing other anons of being scrotes just because they disagree? i also don't think jared or heidi would want to take the other back but obviously that remains to be seen. i don't think it would be likely though.

right? this was a relatively peaceful thread before.

No. 1796876


Got that one wrong too, anon.


Seems like it's one anon trying to start a bunch of infighting. Or they got caught up in this weird fantasy about Heidi and Jared getting back together, and now they're mad because nobody is giving their idea the time of day.

No. 1797118

File: 1680017596172.jpeg (445.99 KB, 2048x2048, D896AA61-57AE-48C9-8EF4-48FFCD…)

The duality kek. I wonder if Wormdick will pay up just to keep his vanity checkmark.

No. 1797220

Or you know, she could be like any person who's been through an extremely toxic relationship and having trouble trusting again.

Absolutely this. A tale as old as time. Women are taught to be less picky about looks and put up with a lot more shit for a lot longer partly due to socialization. Plus the bar for men is pretty low generally, sad to say. I think most straight women have been through this at least once in relationships.

No. 1797310

Ayrt that is not what I was saying at all and you sound insane
Agreed, the thread reeks and we know holly has her friends reading here so I'm willing to bet the shit-stirring is deliberate. I'm not saying she personally organized a psyop or anything lol but it is known we have lurkers itt so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause.

No. 1797367

if she's still having trouble trusting again after FOUR years she needs therapy

No. 1797405

of course she does, but that's her business. if she's more willing to delve into a new relationship now and all the old shit gets dredged up again because she hasn't gotten back into dating for a long time is it really necessary to crap on her for it? she hasn't been publicizing any struggle she's had with it nearly as much as holly has in the past four years. it would be different if she was constantly publicly making an issue out of it

No. 1797458

>everyone who is not on board with this pick me who enabled a predatory abuser as long as he didnt jump ship is the other dumb broad who enabled a predatory abuser
lmao or people don't have to take sides when they shit on lolcows and you overidentify with her

No. 1797477

you tagged like three different people anon. people can disagree without starting shit itt and i don't even like heidi. sorry for sympathizing with her?

No. 1798266

Nah, miss me with that fake "above it all" bullshit. You come off as Holly, her flying monkeys, or someone who hasn't been following the thread for long. People who sympathize with her have a better grasp of emotional intelligence and just maybe more experience than you do with relationships. You might have some ground if her relationships followed a certain pattern, but most of us have endured some bullshit like this at least once and have either seen or personally experienced being the dumbass, permissive girlfriend. It's not over identifying to recognize that. You don't have to take any side but disagreeing with your take doesn't make anyone a WK, either. And yeah, not everyone who disagreed with you is the same poster lol(sage your shit)

No. 1798291

you come off as heidi tbh(hi cow)

No. 1798292

that being said… I think a heidi simp is more likely because of the obvious male writing style

No. 1798344

I agree. Not diminishing her experience, but every woman in their 30s has a scrote ex boyfriend trauma story. The point is that you're supposed to learn from it and find someone better.

By now she should have a Nigel paying her bills and treating her nice, or have an already moved-in butch gf and posting cakes they made together, but there's nothing.

No. 1798355

maybe she thinks shes better off alone. some people dont see the point of putting so much effort into a relationship if it might not work out.

No. 1798419

can anons itt please stop accusing each other of being moids or being holly/heidi/stans from either side just for having different opinions? i just want to come here to discuss and shit on the scrote projared (which i'm sure is the one thing we can all agree on) now and again. the infighting is getting tiring. heidi likely needs therapy, holly definitely needs therapy and both are better off without lameass projared.

No. 1798420

i agree with you but someone's already complained about you on /meta/ for not saging

No. 1798497

Here we go with the "everyone who disagrees with me is a moid/scrote" shit again. Nothing in my writing style is male, do you think men give a shit about empathizing with a woman? They're more likely to say Heidi deserved it because she foolishly agreed to open the relationship at the time because they lack emotional intelligence and critical thinking like some anons here. And I highly doubt Heidi's seen this thread and probably has other shit to do than bicker with anons.

No. 1798527

A few anons in here act like they'd be big, bad Stacies and cut off their longterm partner as soon as he suggested opening the relationship. In hindsight, that's the logical thing to do, but when you're married to someone you've been with for a while it's a lot more difficult to walk away. She was blind to his bullshit until he got outed as a sexpest who was selectively soliciting underage fans for pics. Heidi was gaslit by both ProPedo and Hoelly but tried to deal with things rationally/civilly while going through therapy, meanwhile Hoelly's making up some narrative in her head that Heidi's being "mean and abusive" to wormdick for starting to question him and catch on to his bullshit, which he gladly agreed with because it allowed him to deflect responsibility for going out of bounds as to how open they were going to be- unsurprisingly, Holly was just projecting about all the shit she had been doing to Ross, like a typical narcissist. If anything, Holly's the biggest pickme and has NO EXCUSE to not have seen what was going on because she consciously conspired to take Jared for herself, victim blamed, and enjoyed the ride, until the same shit happened to her, because apparently it only matters when she becomes a victim.

No. 1798550


What's funny is in the end, Holly did Heidi a favor by convincing Jared to file for divorce. Heidi's way better off with prodick taking himself and his narcissism out of her life.

No. 1798580

this. heidi certainly has her flaws and isn't perfect, but what gets me about holly is that she only seems to think of herself and what she wants while constantly operating under the guise that she's a victim who cares deeply about mental health issues and her impact. she posts all those mental health infographics and quotes on her instagram stories while either a) not realizing how not self-aware she actually is in continuing to perpetuate her self-victimizing habits or b) she knows that she's been inconsiderate and is just trying to make everyone believe that "i'm not that terrible of a person, look how self-aware i appear to be and i'm definitely working on my mental health" while not actually working on it

No. 1799090

File: 1680210883725.jpg (231.05 KB, 1468x1710, fashion worm big boy pants.JPG)

I'm in favor of making a seperate jared thread and one for the holly/heidi drama so whatever fans they have can tear each other's hairs out and I can laugh at jared and do photoshops of his ugly mug.

That being said - new fashion worm just dropped.

No. 1799221

That side profile is not flattering whatsoever, ew.

No. 1799247

Worst of all - I suspect he even might have photoshopped it a bit or it's just depth of field gone wrong. Like his arms also look like they're melting and his entire profile has some weird line around it, almost as if he tried to chisel it up with the clone stamp tool.

No. 1799289

sadly the thing is there is no real holly/heidi drama right now and i suspect whoever started it just wanted to argue. this thread is leaning more towards jared's antics anyhow so anons just need to stop infighting and handle a discussion maturely.

No. 1799342

File: 1680230750250.jpeg (153.45 KB, 828x1465, 376B4E8F-5B93-4E85-920A-ABE8A3…)

The worm posted this yesterday in a reel. He’s likely trying to be relatable to the younger crowd with this pic but I can’t help feel like it’s pretty tone deaf after the pedo allegations.

No. 1799421

That's a lot of tinfoil, anon. Fruit Rollups have been around since the mid 80's, it's a nostalgia candy for a lot of people born around that time. And it's a pretty common ironic joke to say "I have candy because I'm an adult!" ProDick did a lot of shitty things, but saying that him holding candy means he's trying to appeal to kids is a stretch. It's one of the reasons why nobody is taking allegations against him seriously anymore, even the ones that were proven true.

No. 1799496

I think anon is alluding to the old stereotype about pedos that they try and lure kids with candy (irl), not that him posting a reel holding candy would actually work to lure kids on the internet.