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File: 1561470425648.jpg (659.09 KB, 1024x1024, waw.jpg)

No. 826388

Since Holly isn't associated with Game Grumps anymore, and DCA/ Waffle crew turned out to be filled with cows, I think they deserve their own separate thread.

>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)

>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad:
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>History of scamming and whining
>Was married to Ross O'Donovan of Game Grumps fame
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though

Anna Prosser and Nathan Sharp
>Remaining members of the waffle crew
>Their D&D characters also had an on-going romance
>Meanwhile Anna was married to Geoff Robinson
>Nathan was engaged to a well-known voice actress Cristina Vee
>Nathan's engagement got suddenly called off at the same time as Anna stated she is divorcing
>Cristina Vee tweeted (and deleted) few tweets that revealed that Nathan was cheating on her with Anna and also became instantly friendly with Heidi after she tweeted about Jared's infidelity.
>All in all, these people who are in their 30s decided to ruin their marriages/engagement because of a D&D game romance

Previous thread (used to be Game Grumps general) >>>/snow/820703

If you are new, please read the rules/posting guide and lurk before posting:

No. 826390

File: 1561470844032.jpg (41.05 KB, 582x510, 90.JPG)

No. 826391

File: 1561471007474.jpg (67.68 KB, 563x924, 4.JPG)

Holly pretending she's ~positive uwu softie~ again, while few days ago she literally called Heidi "unfixable"

No. 826393

File: 1561471797063.png (367.98 KB, 1276x1260, snakesnakesnate.png)

> Cristina Vee tweeted (and deleted) few tweets that revealed that Nathan was cheating on her with Anna and also became instantly friendly with Heidi after she tweeted about Jared's infidelity.

Does anyone have caps?

Sage because this is old, but I'm new to these people so I've been reading their old tweets. Seems Nate has always been shady? Also I wonder if fame was a factor in him perusing Vee, especially since it seems like all the DCA cast have bloated heads.

No. 826399

>Cheating on Cristina Vee
What is it with these asshats always trading down?

No. 826400


Should have kept her with the Grumps. DCA is too private to be milky and being lumped in with GG would get under Holly’s skin.

No. 826405


Seeing the other DCA members get called out for being cheaters will also get under her skin. She believes that they're all so justified in their delusional fictional romances.

All these people threw their real life partners in the trash just to feel special roleplaying romance for an audience.

And Holly is a milky cow. Let it flow!

No. 826417

True, but consider the age of these threads. We were hitting 1200 every week and a half based basically just on this (now these) cow(s). The people that want grump milk shouldn’t be subjected to their unrelated garbage anyway.

No. 826421

The only real grump involved is Ross and he's told this drama to fuck off since he's only related to it by proxy.

I think it should have been a Projared thread. The only reason Holly is shat on is because she's constantly uwuing on twitter about the situation. I really don't care of the entire wafflecrew cheated because cheating isn't enough to warrant cow or even snowflake status. You have to be an egregious and repeat offender.

Well thanks for making the thread anyways, OP. No one was making it and I had one in the works but I suck at making new threads.


As I said earlier, we should totally just make it a projared thread. That way Holly is only being acknowledge based off of who she's fucking or not in the case of Ross.

No. 826425

I guess we’ll just retitle it on the next thread. That said, I think cheating based off your D&D campaign is pretty milky in itself. Also I think there’s more to the Nate/Cristina business since she keeps deleting tweets alluding to this. Considering Jared wanted Heidi to sign an NDA, do you think Nate did that to Cristina?
(btw not OP)

No. 826429

Yikes. Having known some of the outlier people, all I can say is birds of a feather flock together, so not so surprising.
I just don't get how anyone is eating up how insufferable Holly is with her "be nice/don't insult" bs.

No. 826430

Well it is interesting because it's related to projared and hilarious because they're all living their D&D ships which is really, really sad. But as anon said, it'll probably dry out, but we can spend this thread enjoying any potential milk that might come out of DCA.

Especially because she constantly targets Heidi then says "LOOK WHO IS BEING VINDICTIVE WHO IS TRYING TO HURT." She seriously uses victim terminology and articles to give her ammo to not only victimize others, but herself. It's like a tweet in the last thread where she learned the word "unjustified guilt" or something and she seemed to run wild with it. She definitely tries clever tactics to get away with acting like an asshole, but her execution of it is sloppy since she's 13 year old girl mentally.

No. 826431


Nate is actually a LOT more famous and wealthy than Jared. Cristina is probably afraid of legal action from him.

Geoff seems like a softie who would rather take the blow than call out Anna for hurting him.

Can we appreciate that Nate and Anna are supposed to appear on a DIFFERENT D&D live show (with their same characters) called "Hell Hath No Fury"? Fucking irony

No. 826432

Wasn't Nate just an engagement? That doesn't have the same legal contract implications as going through with a marriage then divorcing.

>Hell Hath No Fury

Kek. Anyways, at least I've heard good stuff about their characters. Jared was boring as fuck and Holly was one a terrible player.

No. 826433

this is why I want to know when they actually filed for divorce. if they filed in February right when Holly told Ross she never felt anything for him but she worships the worm's cock now, why would he still be asking her to snuggle in July? makes me believe they announced their divorce in October when Ross found something out that made him finally pull the plug.

they lived in LA before the divorce? or WA state? I've never looked through public records before but I'd really like to gain some insight into the timeline of their marriage legally ending. It just seems so shady to me, and if it didn't end in February or maybe March, I think that pretty much confirms at least an emotional affair.

No. 826435

File: 1561477130373.png (207.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190625-113756.png)

samefag/doublepost but OH SHIT they didn't even file for divorce until THIS JANUARY


No. 826437

>Nate and Anna are supposed to appear on a DIFFERENT D&D live show (with their same characters) called "Hell Hath No Fury"? Fucking irony
fucking kek

Did not know that Nate was that famous, I feel bad for Cristina. I used to watch Geoff back on Swan Song/whatever the first RollPlay campaign was, and Anna on whatever the first Missclicks campaign was. They always brought each other up in super sappy ways when they were chatting with the rest of the crew, though Geoff brought up Anna's looks/being a former Miss Oregon A LOT which was cringey, but still what a dick move on Anna's part. I remember her thanking him for being such a good husband and roleplayer at the end of one episode randomly and it made me gag a bit it was so cheesy and cutesy, how the hell did she move on top hopping on Nate's engaged dick?

No. 826439

Crazy Denica has been peddling out her story that Holly and Ross separated back in February '18 and just had to wait out the six months for their divorce to finalize you. No cheating Holly's wks said! Oh no no no.

No. 826445

Denica should be payed. That shit is loony the way she stans for Holly.

Fascinating. I wonder if Ross tried to go the Heidi route and suggested counseling but was shut down by Holly. It would probably make sense why she was so angry at Heidi for not "letting" Jared leave her. Jared agreed and Holly did not.

No. 826446

or Holly saying she never cheated on Ross, while legally she is still committing adultery right now (assuming the ProBoner hasn't replaced her yet) because the divorce isn't final.

this just raises more questions though lol if they announced their divorce publicly in October, why wait until January to file? was Ross still hopeful or something?

No. 826447

Has Holly gone quiet since she heard that Heidi might sue her?

No. 826449

She might have gotten a cease and desist, HOWEVER, Holly is a moron. We'll wait and see. Twitter has calmed down a lot too. Only like one or two trolls on Heidi and Holly's twitter posts.

No. 826450

This is something that gets me. Jared is wording it as “attempted to leave,” but it really sounds like, if it “began” in October 2018, that was the first time they considered divorce.

My parents “considered” divorce for 3 years before they finally did. Sage for blogposting, but most people take awhile before they decide to get a divorce, and bringing up “hey maybe we should” even if you have already mentally checked out of the relationship, doesn’t count as a breakup if you’re agreeing to continued therapy.

Anyway, yeah. It sounds like Holly was able to tell Ross “hey I never loved you actually and I really love Jared. If you care about me, you’ll let me sell the house and run off to Washington to be with him!” Meanwhile, Jared cannot play that card, cuz he never claimed to be asexual and they, at some point, had a real fucking marriage worthy of trying to preserve.

That said, Heidi dodged a bullet. Rather get cheated on and be done with my husband for months before I found out he’s a gross pedo than feel loyal to him and try to help him through this “difficult time.”

No. 826452

But!! But the petition!! Don’t you know the petition and tumblr will turn everything around!!! kek

No. 826455

>tumblr will turn everything around

Funny because Tumblr was Holly's primary target for pandering, users there saw through her manipulative shit and have turned away against her.

Outside of few dozen of her loyal loony fans like Denica, the only ones who support her are incels lmao

No. 826461

File: 1561479824486.png (86.2 KB, 603x693, Screenshot_19.png)

No. 826465

File: 1561480045138.png (657.05 KB, 602x750, Screenshot_20.png)

Someone tipped the cow but she hasn't sperged out about it yet. Probably trying to figure out who the anon is.

No. 826470

Ugh I wish they wouldn’t bring this into twitter. I doubt Ross will see it there, but I don’t want her to take it to him now that it’s branches out of lolcow.
I know they were at least in semiregular contact around January (for obvious reasons) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she cries to him about it.

No. 826471

>I'm going to keep trying to get the truth out

This is such an onision-tier response

No. 826472

If she does contact Ross, I hope he leaves her on "seen" because he's too busy with his new gf.

No. 826473

Luckily, lolcow links don't work on twitter. I'm surprised we haven't had Holly's 5 whiteknights haven't come and tried to shit up the thread again.

No. 826476

Okay, there it is. this proves Holly divorced her husband only after it was finalized that JARED was going to divorce his wife. some strong tinfoiling here but it makes me wonder if she was keeping him around to be able to return to as a plan Z, seeing how her and jared's affair had been going on for 11 fucking months at the date of her divorce with no assurance/action from his side.

No. 826477

This is why we can't have cream. Dumb fucks who need to be confrontational when it's clearly more milky to avoid cowtipping. Let's see if Ross doesn't hear about this or his friends. And "granitesunshinemoon" don't lurk here anymore. You're a retard.

No. 826483

I’m honestly not sure she really wants the “truth” out. Her truth? Sure. But I feel like Heidi’s sitting on dynamite with their text history. Holly probably doesn’t see it that way because she’s so warped that she thinks everything she does is justified, but we’ve seen the awful shit she’s willing to say publicly already…

But as hilarious as it would be to see people tearing Holly to shreds over that, Heidi has pretty much shown herself superior by keeping shit like that to herself while Holly foamed at the mouth and spewed her “proof” everywhere.

No. 826488

If Heidi was as vindictive as Holly claims she was she would have leaked a bunch of ammo she has on Holly's marriage.

No. 826493


Holly and Ross lived together in LA, in a house that Holly inherited from her grandfather. She sold it specifically to move to Washington to be with Jared. She followed Jared across the country while he was still "happily married" in the public eye and assuring his wife that everything was fine.

So Ross lost his wife and his home in one fell swoop, just because Holly got hungry for wormdick. And Heidi had to watch Holly desperately follow Jared across state lines, probably aware of why.

No. 826494

Right? I would absolutely love this milk, but alas, it's almost as funny that Holly's claims are so demonstrably false by her staying classy.

No. 826506

Really hoping Heidi filed a cease and desist against Holly. Holly has been really ugly about all this when the worst Heidi said about her publicly was a full month ago, and it was only about how self conscious she looked in her nudes.

No. 826507

I forgot how glorious that tweet about Holly looking self conscious in her nudes was. Heidi is badass.

No. 826512

File: 1561486749576.jpeg (101.67 KB, 589x713, B1CBEE15-1A8E-4230-A8AF-85D6A5…)


You will love this then..

According to Holly’s minion, Holly decided to divorce the minute she first found out Jared wanted to bone her, and waited the exact legal amount of time before divorcing.

Which implies Holly and Ross weren’t an official item between Feb- Sept? I dont think so Denica… Ross AND Holly posted plenty from Feb to their divorce in September implying they were happy and monogamous.

I mean Ross’ tweet repeating “my wife mt wife my wife” ?

Holly cheated on Ross. Maybe just emotionally, but she did.

No. 826513

Heidi tried to keep the focus on Jared's behavior. She probably thought Holly was being manipulated too, and wanted the attention on the true cause of this mess. But as time has gone on, Jared has been smart enough to shut up and use Holly to WK for him. Which has successfully diverted the narrative from Jared's shitty behavior to a wife vs side ho catfight. And Heidi isn't going to stoop to that level.

No. 826514

It's not even funny anymore how delusional Denica is. Her real life must be in shambles if she has enough free time to keep both her twitter white knighting and her presence here. Does she also shit post on KF and PULL?

No. 826517

File: 1561487756709.png (50.66 KB, 609x451, 0002.PNG)

impressive how fast she made it about her.

No. 826520

Shes disgusting for this. Was Etika ever even cancelled?
She sure twisted the narrative to her.

No. 826522

From a cursory search on google, Denica also seems to have a PhD and works as a researcher. But for some reason she keeps stanning for Holly's dumbass on twitter. Her life must be really empty.

No. 826523

A few people might've cancelled him, but most people just really wanted him to get help & get better.

No. 826526

File: 1561488311825.jpeg (501.81 KB, 1125x1607, ADE88F06-198E-4F36-ABB3-A69399…)

To my knowledge he was never canceled, people were worried about him because he was posting things implying he wanted to commit suicide. He had a mental breakdown due to untreated mental illness not cancel culture. Holly is a dick for making it about her and her dumbass drama.

No. 826528

File: 1561488383052.jpeg (435.81 KB, 1125x1036, 5932AF29-5A99-4096-AFB7-272681…)

No. 826530


Pretty much this

Holly just making it all about her per usual

Next tweet she’ll casually mention her mom yet again

No. 826531

File: 1561488482777.jpeg (147.33 KB, 1226x894, 37C46609-E5CC-4673-A76E-5503CD…)

No. 826532

Their announcement in September did say they were "separating" rather than "getting divorced"

No. 826533

File: 1561488542415.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.38 KB, 1080x1350, 1560819319094.jpg)

>when fucking momokun has more sense than you >>>/pt/672836

No. 826534

File: 1561488564464.jpeg (217.65 KB, 1241x1269, 2A963955-6ED1-480E-8048-3C7E24…)

I can’t wait to see people call her out for making someone’s death all about her.

No. 826535

>tfw u rich white girl but u cant get back the worm

No. 826536

File: 1561488764740.png (39.07 KB, 610x125, Capture d’écran 2019-06-25 à…)

>"For research"
If that's what you want to call it…

No. 826537

Says the same person calling Heidi abusive and unfixable. She’s such a narcissistic hypocrite.

No. 826538

maybe dont destroy your marriage and another. u can do better.

she literally thinks shes her oc, i fucking cant

No. 826539

She'll probably claim it's not about her at all she's just trying to saaaave someone else from bullying related suicide. Even though that's not why Etika did it. She probably didn't even know him or watch his vids.

No. 826540


Oh dear god. This bitch would spin this as “I AM ACTUALLY A WITCH WHO KNOWS MAGIC AND THESE ARE 2019 SALEM WITCH TRIALS”

No Holly. You’re a cheater and were exposed. That is all.

No. 826541

Many are, but of course her WKs are there to limply justify her actions

No. 826542

lmao @ comparing 'cancel culture' to the inquisition and witch hunts

No. 826543

File: 1561488978303.jpeg (547.17 KB, 1125x1053, A40729A5-02F5-4D68-8FC7-7D1254…)

Heidi and Ross show more tact than their exs ever could

No. 826544

Etika; shows signs of serious mental struggle, is urged to get help by his fans, sadly gives in to his struggle

Holly; is called out online for breaking up two marriages and defending someone who solicited nudes from minors

Also Holly; these are the same

No. 826545

Does she not realize every mildly famous person ever has haters? Every other day is some news article featuring "so and so famous bitch claps back at Instagram trolls". You are not special Holly. People are trolling the shit out of Heidi and Jared through all this too and yet they aren't sperging out about it. The more you sperg the more you get trolled. No matter what any of us do in life there is going to be someone who hates us. There would probably be 3 less cow threads if she had just kept her twitter private and moved on.

No. 826547

File: 1561489502669.png (78.47 KB, 622x333, Capture d’écran 2019-06-25 à…)

muh research

No. 826548

She needs to publicly apologize to Heidi for all the nasty things she said about her before going on and on about being kind to others.

No. 826551

plus they filed for divorce this January, so her entire "proof" is completely made up. Holly began a physical relationship with Jared (October 2018, by everyone's account) a full FOUR MONTHS before she filed to divorce Ross.

No. 826553

File: 1561489995210.jpg (588.29 KB, 1080x1920, 20190625_141053.jpg)


Not only that, Heidi spoke out against cancel culture immediately after the whole thing went public.

Holly is obsessed with hurting Heidi, not the other way around

No. 826556

Jesus, Holly, it’s not about you.

No. 826558

Holy shit holly is literally fucking vile
>I’m not doing this for sympathy
Yes! Yes you are! You literally took a mans suicide and made it about yourself. You didn’t express your condolences first, you spoke about your situation and didn’t even mention him until much later. Stop posting, stop trying to make yourself out to be a good person when you clearly aren’t you self obsessed goblin. Just stop. This shit grinds my fucking gears.

No. 826559

Holly needs to stop fucking suicide baiting, she's such a narcissist

No. 826562

She's autistic. She must be. "BUT I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP AND HEAL" Uses it as an opportunity to post the hate mail (that Heidi and everyone involved, even Ross I'm sure, has gotten), then when called out says it's about research. Research for Etika? >>826547
>I didn't know Etika

Then shut the fuck up and give condolences.

No. 826564

Holly clearly believes that if she announces her intentions, no one is allowed to draw their own conclusions about them.

>I'm not being vindictive!

>I'm not doing this for attention!
>I'm choosing kindness!

No. 826565

And Holly continues to live up to standard we’ve all set for her as a disgusting cow.

Really Holly? You’re going to take a man’s suicide as a threat to your haters that “It could of been me! Now forgive me”

Absolutely gross.

No. 826567

File: 1561491312176.png (36.57 KB, 586x357, Screenshot_21.png)

These are the same people who use Chai's mental illnesses against him to prove Jared and Holly are innocent.

No. 826574

File: 1561492520733.png (33.63 KB, 404x174, uNcontroLable.png)

Mostly been following the Holly/Jared drama but now that people have pointed out how the rest of DCA is its own clown show and I've been catching up on the rest of them. Just noticed that Anna was still using her "wifey" name when addressing the DCA fans on reddit (her ex's handle when he was a pro SC player was iNcontroL, she used uNcontroLable).

Not significant, being too lazy to make a new account after the divorce isn't creamy in itself, just thought it was funny. She rode his coattails into the Esports arena and later on into celeb tabletop, and it really fucking shows.

No. 826575


>Now forgive me

Forgiveness is earned, not granted. This is why you still feel guilty, even after people like Pewdiepie, Keemstar, & TheRewiredSoul deemed you 'innocent'. You know in your heart what you did. No WK can vouch for that.

No. 826576

Lmao there was an entire south park episode right after the weinstein thing about all the dudes being retarded and dressing up like witches (huh makes you think) and saying it was witch hunt when they got called out for shitty behavior. Holly's worldview is a literal south park joke.

No. 826577


Anna's insistence in how much she believes in marriage and "tried to make it work" is absolutely disgusting now in context that she was really just cheating

No. 826584

I share this tinfoil. She strikes me as someone who can’t bear to be single for long and would rather hop from relationship to relationship without bothering with any introspection in between.

No. 826585

I don't get it, who did she save?
>I saved them, hundreds of them
She's sounding more and more like Onision these days…

No. 826586

I've watched them play a few times and most recently in January. To be honest, Nate's character is pretty funny and Anna's as well. Their characters are memorable while Holly and Jared's are forgettable. Jared's character even looks hella bland like Great Value Adventurer™.

PedoJared is trying to stage his comeback by getting the girls who spoke out about him to change their tune so he can make a "clean" break back into the public eye. He's already going back to cons even though he's not wanted there and will probably end up getting the shit beat out of him.

>I didn't cheat! We were already divorced!
>He didn't cheat! He was already divorced!

They were both unfaithful assholes to their spouses in the end, just like the majority of people believed.

You cheated, lied, keep lying, and your birdtoy is caught up in a child porn investigation. That is why you two can't go back to playing for a company that doesn't like drama.

You can tell they're a newfag because they're cowtipping and doing it badly.

No. 826587

I think she meant she saved the 'kill yourself' messages.

No. 826588

She's saying she's saving messages and replies calling her names and insulting her, which is a very healthy thing to do

No. 826589


Sooo she may have saved a few choice messages from here?

No. 826593

>I have a good support system and concerned and caring friends

Utter bullshit. If she had those things, there would have been no way in hell she would have lost her mind on Twitter for a whole fucking month.

You mean being in the public eye, lying to make yourself look good and sleeping around on not just a person, but a good person, will get you a bunch of angry fans? Say it ain't so!

She seriously needs professional help for a long period of time, not just a few days. She genuinely thinks that she's Strix and PedoJared is Dickath.

A lot of her issues would go away if she just admits to being fucked up and fucking up. Trying to make someone's recent suicide about her just makes her 100% more vile.

No. 826595

File: 1561497169201.jpeg (469.21 KB, 1125x1129, D4E62A7D-1600-429D-AAAD-7314B1…)

No. 826596

File: 1561497323072.jpeg (673.14 KB, 1125x1693, AF711182-F9F3-47A6-9B41-3CBE94…)

No. 826597

File: 1561497340142.jpeg (529.69 KB, 1125x1556, 167D6F70-2F3B-4879-8771-ED5A33…)

No. 826599

File: 1561497470941.jpeg (529.88 KB, 1125x1674, 295510EA-E30C-4E45-AAAF-42462B…)

Victim complexes are a helluva drug.

No. 826603

Watch her now reply
>How is it shitty that I ask people to be kind? How? I don’t understand! UvU
to every post ad nauseam

No. 826604

Can someone please call her out on how she publicly went on and on about how Heidi was abusive, unfixable and how she constantly attempted to character assassinate her and why we’re not buying this “we need to be kind” bs from her when she can’t even apologize for what she said about Heidi?

She is really dense.(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 826606

She is insane levels of manipulative.
1) Dismiss criticism with a "no"
2) Make it out like you're being attacked

I wonder how happy Ross's friends and family are that this vile creature is out of his life?

No. 826607

This reads like she is saying he killed himself over fucking emoji spam. Honk honk.

No. 826610

>they spammed emojis at him and at me and jared too!!!! muh cancel culture!!!
good lord this manchild

No. 826612

>clown emoji drove him to suicide
>you guys keep sending me clown emoji too, beware

my fucking god, i had no idea this woman could be this abhorrent. someone died and all she had to say was "you should hope you internet mob don't drive MEEEE to it" in a million fucking words.
i hope people can stop calling her sick in the head or autistic or whatever, this is the work of a supremely fucked individual and no sickness will ever touch this

No. 826613

Semi-off topic - but why were people spamming the clown emoji at Etika? Did that have anything to do with bullying or … what the hell is Holly talking about?

No. 826614

>"I'm sharing my unique experience"
Everything she says just hurts my brain trying to comprehend all the bullshit.

No. 826615

“He was being spammed with clown emojis just like me!!!!!!”
…is she really using this as an argument to make this about herself..jesus christ

No. 826617

He had multiple mental breakdowns on social media so some people started to assumed he kept doing it for attention and entertainment and started spamming clowns

No. 826618

File: 1561498420340.png (123.53 KB, 1160x514, Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 3.02.…)

oh this bitch is so transparently baiting

No. 826619

I'm glad people are calling her out on it even her fans that stiill have faith, but of course the WKs are running to her defense on every reply

No. 826620

off topic but people keep forgetting that people did try to help him, but his new group of friends got him out of the hospital and kept supporting his breakdown while he closed off all of his old friends that legitimately cared about him

No. 826621

Thanks, anon. That's really pathetic for Holly to grasp at. She has no idea about what that poor guy went through. I suppose she sees all this tragedy and wanted Etika's attention. Sick.

No. 826622

File: 1561498729538.png (156.68 KB, 720x965, 20190625_173711.png)


>"Also, Heidi has been consistently spreading lies about Holly."

Bitch where?

No. 826625

Maybe Holly didn't look insecure in her nudes and was a proud bird bitch?

No. 826626

Literally the last time Heidi even acknowledged Holly was last month, after Holly accused her of being abusive.

No. 826629

Considering she seems to have only two default expressions for pictures…

No. 826630

File: 1561499148503.png (73.96 KB, 720x540, 20190625_174429.png)

>"…and winning"

Ah yes, because it all about the 'winning team' amirite?

No. 826631

File: 1561499579136.png (140.02 KB, 720x998, 20190625_175221.png)

Who is this weirdo?

No. 826633


>your numbers dwindle

why is this guy speaking like he's in a LARP?

No. 826634

Because there's an 80% chance he's just another DCA fanbrat

No. 826635

Very happy. She was insufferable.

No. 826636

Holly: Muh unique experience
Also Holly: His experience is the same as mine just look at the clown emojis!

Holy shit this girls mental gymnastics. Etika was not a victim of cancel culture even the slightest bit. He was likely bipolar, not taking his meds, and sounds like he surrounded himself with awful people. There is nothing in common between Holly the sperg cheater and Etika fighting a losing battle with himself. The only thing they share is being known on the net and clown emojis.

No. 826637

Holly: Muh unique experience
Also Holly: His experience is the same as mine just look at the clown emojis!

Holy shit this girls mental gymnastics. Etika was not a victim of cancel culture even the slightest bit. He was likely bipolar, not taking his meds, and sounds like he surrounded himself with awful people. There is nothing in common between Holly the sperg cheater and Etika fighting a losing battle with himself. The only thing they share is being known on the net and clown emojis.

No. 826640

It's always incredibly guilty, harmful people who hate cancel culture. Go figure.

No. 826643

Think she realizes that by liking this shes basically admitting that her behavior is unstable and erratic?

No. 826646

sage for OT but Etika was very sick, likely not on or off his meds, cut himself off from helpful resources and supportive friends. His suicide has nothing to do with cancel culture or clown emojis. It had everything to do with his illness.

He needed to get help. Holly literally has no idea what the Etika situation really was, and is too busy sniffing her own asshole to see it’s not related to her situation at all.

No. 826648

File: 1561501035166.png (88.22 KB, 720x508, 20190625_180122.png)

Ah, so Heidi is 100% responsible for the actions of her supporters.
Got it.

Tell ya what, Holly fans, try to keep that same energy before you continue to slander Heidi on Holly's behalf, okay?

No. 826649

File: 1561501205978.png (125.56 KB, 720x700, 20190625_181858.png)

Okay Jessica Slater…

No. 826650

Yeah, it's actually disgusting she's trying to say it was cancel culture that caused his suicide and not the fact he had a mental illness and refused to get help for it. Sometimes people just dont want help and nothing you can do is helpful… His death is sad since he was young and helped a lot of people through his videos. Holly really is trash to think she is anything like him or her situation is the same. She caused her own pain by betrayed multiple people.

No. 826651

This is mind blowing. Even without clown emojis, etikas suicide would have happened all the same. He was very, very ill, she just had an affair they are so far from being the same thing.
The way she barely even mentioned him because she was too busy talking about herself, this is just so extremely offensive

I like that even prefaced with "I'm trying to say this as nicely as I can" she's instantly assuming this is a hater. She's that bad at taking criticism that she assumes anything negative is about her affair and beyond that she can do no wrong

No. 826654

File: 1561501508713.png (81.56 KB, 720x530, 20190625_182110.png)

…Hey Jessica, you know what happens when someone brings Holly up to Heidi these days?
Nothing. Because Heidi said her piece & has moved on.
Holly on the other hand jumps at every opportunity to smear Heidi over anything she can. You know who does that?
Guilty people.

No. 826657

Obvious sockpuppet made by one of Holly’s WKs if not Holly herself.

No. 826660

File: 1561502065744.jpg (124.71 KB, 579x701, NastyHolly.jpg)


Thanks for this Anon! Was looking everywhere for a court date. You da real MVP.

Also, lets see what Holly was up to on the day her divorce was finalized..

No. 826665

Holly is framing it in a way that only suits her agenda. She doesn’t care that Etika died by suicide from his severe mental illness. She just sees this as him dying from clown emojis.

So much for being a mental health advocate.

No. 826676


For me that’s the disgusting part of it all

Holly could have used this as a chance to address mental health and stress how important it is to reach out for help like the way Ross did.

Instead she does not even offer condolences and makes it about her and cancel culture

No. 826679

Holly is a self serving narcissist who can only relate things back to herself. She sees the terrible attention this is getting. No doubt she'll share some bird pictures soon to try and take the heat off of her.

No. 826680

Cancel culture is fucked up; most of the 'very online' assholes who rightfully get 'cancelled' are just pissed that they're on the receiving end. Note how they are silent about it at the least and active participants at worst before the cancellation.
At this point it's clear that Holly is unable to think about someone outside of the context of herself. She really does sound like Onision

No. 826684

aaand on days when no one brings Heidi up, Holly will go searching twitter for her or Jared's name to comment on.

No. 826686


She’ll do that and mention her moms abuse

No. 826691

File: 1561505528510.png (121.42 KB, 440x606, Capture _2019-06-25-18-29-11.p…)

Holly: Can we choose some kindness?
Also Holly 10 minutes later: Heidi is still a vindictive and angry liar!

Okay there.. She's sperging right now about this Etika situation still and how it relates to her.

No. 826695

File: 1561506015511.png (100.09 KB, 720x638, 20190625_193925.png)

It's definitely Heidi guiz!

No. 826696

Bring awareness to the internet! How grandiose you are, Holly. Meanwhile your ex, doesn't mention anything about himself and bring awareness of general mental health and self worth while offering resources. Oh, but uwu'ing about yourself is so much better because you offer a unique experience concerning Etika's tragic death. I'm so aware now.

No. 826698

Please stop using Etika's death as your rally cry against cyber bullying. He wasn't fucking cyber bullied. How is she not getting this? Funny how she never gave 2 shits about cyber bullying until it started affecting her.

No. 826701

I'm pretty sure Holly has shared about 10 times more the information about the situation than Heidi has. Heidi said you slept with her husband behind her back. Which you did. Heidi had nothing to do with the women who came forward with allegations about Jared. Get a fucking clue.

No. 826704

File: 1561507121954.png (169.78 KB, 720x922, 20190625_195727.png)

Just S T O P

No. 826706

File: 1561507299158.jpeg (46.27 KB, 498x378, 1AAB495C-480F-4DE3-9C78-7FC1A8…)


No. 826708

Did you show Heidi kindness when you fucked her husband behind her back? Or rallied your autistic incel fans to attack her? Or repeatedly called her crazy and mentally ill and "unfixable"? This cow is so busy victimizing herself she doesn't know how retarded she sounds.

No. 826709

It happened a month ago and she's the one who keeps prolonging it, but she wants people to put it behind them? Maybe she should consider that advice for herself.

No. 826714

Holly refusing to shut up is truly the gift that keeps on giving

No. 826716

…However, according to her WKs she's "Standing STRONG Against the Haterz!"

No. 826717


Take a shot everytime Holly says "vindictive"

No. 826718


having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.

Since it's Holly's favorite word, what did she do to Heidi that makes Heidi want revenge?

She's literally choosing a word that means "wanting revenge" not "unjustified hatred"

No. 826722

File: 1561508870780.png (179.84 KB, 720x1010, 20190625_202556.png)

Ah yes, a true Mental-Health Warrior-for-Kindness would use a term such as "The Empathy Police"

No. 826724

The claims about Heidi's mental illness(es) are one of the most fucked up things Holly has done. As someone who claims to be mentally ill herself, she should know how hurtful it is to say someone is "unfixable." I can't think of a much crueler thing someone could say.

But Holly has been unable to admit she's done even a single thing wrong, which is telling enough that she's a shit human being. She can't even cop to a lesser mistake than breaking up a marriage, like the damaging words she's had for Heidi or the pain this situation undeniably caused her ex. She's really just such a bad person.

No. 826728

Do you mean Heidi’s ex? Cuz I feel especially bad for him in this situation

No. 826729

Holly is such a horrible person.

In one breath is telling people to leave her alone, and in the next hijacking a twitter trending topic to bring more attention to herself.

No. 826730

I was referring to Holly's ex, Ross. If by Heidi's ex you mean Jared then lmao.

No. 826732

Oh no, I meant the cosplayer.

No. 826734

She only wants to keep pushing the idea of Heidi being some irredeemable harpy because she doesn’t want to admit that she fucked up.

Heidi isn’t a bad guy she was just angry and upset and had a shitty marriage, and Jared isn’t some shrinking violet you “saved.”

Holly needs to accept she did a bad thing, that she’s hurt people who aren’t bad people, apologize and move on. It’s so obnoxious how she keeps acting like Heidi is some bad guy.

Plus it’s Jared’s fault his career is ruined. His creepiness was going to leak out regardless of what Heidi said.

No. 826736

For sure, her inability to admit any fault shows how narcissistic she is. And I honestly do think it's an inability rather than a refusal; I think she really believes she's a martyr and champion of truth and justice and has done absolutely nothing wrong. She needs help and one of the only pitiable things about her here is that she doesn't have a single person that cares about her enough to tell her to get the fuck offline and do some hard introspection.

No. 826738

This is exactly it. The only way she can sleep at night is painting herself as a hero and Heidi as a villain. By her own fucking timeline admission she slept with him while he was married. She knows she was wrong, but she can't be wrong if she's the hero! She's just saving him from his horrible bitch of a wife! Hint, even if Jared had one foot out the door, one was still in. You made that choice, you deal with it now. Hope the dick was worth it.

No. 826739

I'm sure all the time she spends in fantasy worlds makes it especially easy for her to see herself as the righteous protagonist of this mess. Sad as fuck.

No. 826741

It’s honestly by the books BPD. She should really get offline and talk to an actual therapist about her issues instead of making things worse by being online.

She says she’d be happy working in a coffee shop again, so why doesn’t she.

No. 826742

While they were both married* Remember, Holly and Ross didn't get divorced until January.

No. 826743

Agree on these points, also two of the parties are keeping their relationship under wraps, and DCA is over. May as well just have made a Holly/Jared thread if the mission was to get Holly out of the GG thread since someone has been so pressed about that.

No. 826749

File: 1561512645793.jpg (395.16 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20190625-182945_Twi…)

This guy fucking gets it. Glad people are calling her out for this shit, even her top replies are people shitting on her making this about her

No. 826750

It warms my heart to see Etika's fans & other people clapping back

No. 826751

File: 1561513241122.png (180.12 KB, 616x788, uSU4tF6.png)

now her wk brigade is leaving their trail of shit comments on this person's tweet. They didn't even @ hollyconrad

Specifically he meant that Holly's statement was worse than darksydephil or boogie's

No. 826752

The one thing that gets me is Holly genuinely seems to think that EVERY accusation is wrong. It really makes me struggle to see her side and how she keeps fervently insisting the same thing. How has she warped her emotional and then sexual affair with Jared WHILE SHE WAS MARRIED TO ROSS as NOT a. cheating and b. enabling cheating. How does she justify supporting Jared EVEN IF the 'nudes to minors' thing is disproved, because manipulating YOUNG fans using your fame for sexual gratification (and to cheat on your wife) is still shitty and wrong behaviour?

No. 826754

>"I don't understand how this is about me. Please tell me."
This shit again? Like anyone believes she would actually listen.

No. 826759

File: 1561513736658.jpeg (591.73 KB, 1125x1583, A00C41EF-E064-454B-BBCF-DBEFC9…)

lmao god this bitch is dense

No. 826760

File: 1561513761070.png (88.86 KB, 625x741, DvuZ1Lb.png)


No. 826761

"No matter what you say, I'm still right and you're still wrong."

Can this bitch fall into a ditch already, holy shit she's infuriating. Your situation is not the same as Etika's and Heidi is not your mom. Stop projecting already, Holly.

No. 826762


I was the anon who suggested keeping it a GG thread, but you and other anons bring up good points so I relent. I do agree with making it a ProJared thread, however.

Ross doesn’t deserve to be connected to this.

No. 826764

Right because kindness is fucking your former friend’s husband and trying to convince everyone that SHE’S the bitch.

No. 826766

I don't know anything about Etika so forgive me if I'm wrong, but from what I've gathered the clown emojis she's fixating on started happening after he was already in the middle of a breakdown. Like, he was showing signs of mental illness, so people made fun of him. And she thinks the part where people made fun of him is why he killed himself? Not the fucking mental illness that caused it in the first place?

She's beyond stupid and hypocritical. How about she focus on being kind to Heidi?

No. 826767

It's nice to see even more people in the replies calling her out for making it about herself

No. 826768

Totally not irresponsible to insist the the only action that needs to be taken to help those with severe mental illness is "being kind." As an advocate that is seriously all she has to say on the matter? Clown emojis and a lack of kindness are not the big issues here. Jesus.

No. 826771

What does Holly think she'll gain from all of this? She just keeps digging a bigger hole for herself

No. 826772

File: 1561514118887.png (83.72 KB, 627x664, RKx755w.png)

Love it whenever she brings out the "I'm sorry"

No. 826776

But your own experience has literally nothing to do with what happened with Etika! Why doesn’t she get that?

No. 826777

She's mad because people are pointing out that this isn't about her or clowns, it's about someone who was well-loved killing themselves because their mental health declined to the point where it was no longer coming back.

For a mental health advocate, she sure is narcissistic. She said more about herself than mental health and THAT is what people are angry about.

No. 826778

I really hope everyone just keeps piling on her shit to her. I cant believe she still hasn't apologized for anything but doubling down that shes in the right

No. 826779

File: 1561514521844.png (131.9 KB, 567x922, stiqdPd.png)

Holly's having a twitter meltdown and it's hard to keep up the screenshots. I don't know if I'm being too spammy.

No. 826781


Keep the milk flowing, some of us are already blocked and too lazy to sign out just for her

No. 826782

File: 1561514676495.png (394.11 KB, 487x845, RpJ2CYQ.png)

Retweeting the "harassment" now

No. 826783

Then she shouldn't have said anything. She should have given her condolences and that's it. But nah, she's still talking about it and has now made it into her own problem and refuses to see why despite his fans telling her to stop.

No. 826784

She really needs to relinquish her twitter to a friend, give them the okay to change the password, and then not get the password from them until she detoxes and goes to talk therapy for however many months she needs.

This is just sad.

No. 826785

It's not about the clown memes.

No. 826786

> be 30 year old woman on Twitter
> say something offtopic and unrelated about a youtuber's suicide and compare it to your own personal unrelated situation
> get promptly called out on it
> double down instead of recognizing you messed up

No. 826787

It's like she didn't hear or understand Etika's message at all about social media being dangerous and addictive.

No. 826788

She already lurks 24/7 so sadly, this stupid tweet wasn't even needed

No. 826789

File: 1561514872584.png (173.06 KB, 1136x520, MEmeMEmeME.png)

>>>I just want people to be KIND! Except to vindictive abusers like Heidi. WHY ARE YOU ALL HARASSING ME? I just said to be kind to EVERYONE. (except people I don't like, don't agree with, who are mean to me, question my bullshit, or try to have my best interests at heart by telling me I need to log off and get help).

This level of hypocrisy is astounding.

No. 826791

File: 1561514885150.png (17.49 KB, 588x133, aX9dPAV.png)

No. 826792

File: 1561514974076.png (53.29 KB, 609x498, X5tqeTG.png)

>earning respect is such a waste right lol just BE KINDDDD

No. 826793

File: 1561515015590.png (147.88 KB, 720x1017, 20190625_220838.png)

Peep the one Etika 'fan' trying to defend her in the replies

No. 826794

Welcome to the internet holly! Jfc

No. 826795

No. 826796

She thought Etika's suicide was her ticket to shut up all her critics, even thought the situation has calmed down and she had like 1-2 people trolling her in the sea of asslicking WKs.

How can this woman not understand that her manipulation tactics won't work on general public?

No. 826797

It’s obvious she’s addicted and has no life outside of the internet. She really needs to get offline or at the very least put her Twitter back on private.

I get that she made her living off being an Internet personality, but honestly this isn’t worth it. Her WKs defending her don’t realize she needs to get off Twitter and stop being a public face for a few months if not longer.

No. 826799

Jesus, and this is just in one tweet.

No. 826800

Holly needs to log the fuck off and stop making a fool of herself. Also, I hope Heidi is enjoying some white zinfandel while watching this trainwreck go down.

No. 826801

The only way her situation is similar to Etika's is that like him, she is refusing to get the helps she needs. Log off Holly, get help.

No. 826803

Heidi probably isn’t even watching which is honestly even better.

No. 826806

Woooooow, she even has KF against her now. Didn't see that coming honestly

No. 826807


I….what? Am I crazy now? The “earn kindness” remark seems fairly reasonable to me

As someone else pointed out, she really needs a friend to step in and tell her to stop

No. 826808

She is blowing the clown emoji thing waaay out of proportion. It’s just a stupid little nod to someone who has done something fucked up. And really easy to ignore if you’re on the receiving end, at that. Like. It’s an emoji. Who cares?Besides, Etika didn’t commit suicide because he was getting them in his comments?? He ACKNOWLEDGED that he did fucked up things. He took ownership for doing them. (Even when it became apparent that it was because he was suffering from mental illness) Holly has NOT ONCE taken ownership of her actions. The fact that she thinks her situation is even comparable is so self-centred and vile. She’s a complete narcissist.

No. 826809

A kiwifag is the one who sent her this and she fell for it like an idiot.

No. 826810

Was she happy when she heard about Erika's suicide? Was she like "Yes!!! This is it!!! This will shut up all my haters!!"

No. 826811

Wow, this incident was all it took for them to turn on her, huh?

No. 826812


Yep. I doubt Holly even watched his "I'm Sorry" suicide video. Just saw a ticket to try to get sympathy for herself. He literally talks about how him not being able to drop his ego and admit he was wrong fucked him up.

No. 826813

I was expecting it sooner or later. She's the exact type of person they would've called a Tumblrina/SJW/ect.

No. 826815

File: 1561515935250.jpeg (456.31 KB, 1125x1023, 5EA53594-D5AC-4A86-99FC-8E4BF4…)

Check who liked it. Holly blocked Heidi though so she can’t see the original hot take.

No. 826816

Holy shit I take it back. This is better.

No. 826818

File: 1561516141743.jpg (354.45 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20190625-192836_Twi…)

Well this is incredibly disappointing to see

No. 826819

Unfortunately now Holly's WKs will see this as justification for continuing to slander Heidi

No. 826822

yikes seems boogie also tried to make the guy's suicide about him

No. 826823

Love how she hasn't attempted to explain what her "research" is for

No. 826824

File: 1561516518935.png (110.4 KB, 631x956, jwEKOQB.png)

Well thought-out responses from Ross

Well, it is. It's just ugly coming from Holly.

No. 826826

She's just going through a narc rage after people saw her real intentions and didn't buy her shit.

She reminds me of Onision more and more each day.

No. 826827

Tinfoil but since Holly gets irrationally triggered by clowns who wants to bet she had a bad time at the circus when she was 5 or something lol. Photoshop idea anyone?

No. 826829

Clown Emojis are apparently very effective against guilty people.

I can't imagine if she was innocent how clown pictures could trigger her so badly. I mean, she laughed at the Jared Gif, but if you POST THE CLOWNS - SHE MIGHT JUST OFF HERSELF

No. 826830

And there are so much ruder and more hateful things to say online. I mean "kill yourself", "you're ugly", and "no one loves you" all cut deeper then "quit clowning" which is all that emoji means. I think I'd take clown emojis over any of the aforementioned insults any day.

No. 826831

my theory is that she's going to make a 20 minute long video essay on why she's an innocent martyr

No. 826832


Of course it sets holly off

She doesn’t like the reminder of who she really is when she looks in the mirror

No. 826834


Don't forget "She's Unfixable"
But nah, Clownin Emojis are taking it too fast.

I'm calling Holly taking another vacation at the psych ward soon. She'll do anything at this point to make her story seem more legitimate to the masses.

No. 826835

File: 1561517432097.png (206.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190625-224427.png)


Of course she had to reply to this person's tweets with "Tell me why you think I'm so bad, uwu"

No. 826836

This guy had the patience to lay out the whole deal in the replies and she's too chickenshit to look at it. What a fucking joke.

No. 826837

And I completely encourage it. She's not well. And she keeps preaching how shes doing all this squawking to prevent another death maybe she needs to practice what she preaches. I don't speak for everyone but I feel like most of us don't want her killing herself over this shit. I certainly don't. I just want her to do more self reflection and repent for having sex with someone's husband and then calling that person insane and unfixable.

No. 826838

>Not to get attention, I don't give a shit about that.

Sure, Holly. Suuuuurrrrrrrrrre……

No. 826839

This poor soul. Holly has never once said "you're right" and changed her opinion. Ever. It's like arguing with an autistic person. Honestly. They can't be proven wrong.

No. 826840


I really just want her to stop with the whole "mental health advocate" crap when she's clearly encouraging harmful behavior

No. 826842

Was he already deceased by the time of these clown emojis? I mean really Holly this is distasteful af.

No. 826844

>She's not well.
Eh. Prioritizing her own reputation over the right thing and desperately wanting to be considered the good guy in this story is just being an asshole, not a symptom of any mental health issues. Just a really, really bad personality. She wants everyone to think she'll kill herself (linking her unrelated issues to a person who killed himself is an obvious attempt at this) so they'll stop calling her out and be on her side. It's calculating and manipulative af.

No. 826845

File: 1561517918230.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3840x2880, 0EF57B17-1CFB-4F7A-802F-32BD37…)

sorry for the alignment; I’m on mobile.

No. 826850

She followed Keemstar after he harassed Heidi & called her a liar.
That was ALL she needed to forgive him after he reduced her image to 'Side Ho'

No. 826851


She made the "Side Hoe" art first, to get on his good side. She forgave him instantly, probably by rationalizing that it's HEIDI'S FAULT keem thinks she's a side hoe

No. 826852

File: 1561518622771.png (57.63 KB, 623x515, auhNeny.png)

The tweeting has stopped. She got assblasted so hard by twitter that she finally came around, with double I'm sorries.

No. 826853

Holly only followed him because she saw that she can potentially use him. This entire scandal has just proven she’s an opportunist.

No. 826854

File: 1561518738128.jpg (593.35 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190625-231053.jpg)

A cosplayer both Heidi and Ross follow weighing in on Holly being a piece of shit.

No. 826855


She IS being a piece of shit, and she will likely never own up to it. Everything bad she ever does is always someone else’s fault.

No. 826856


She thinks that if she just shits out empty "I'm sorry"s everyone owes her kindness and instant forgiveness

It all makes sense

No. 826861

this is basically public self-flagellation at this point. Holly take a note and go get some help and don't let mental illness and social media ruin your fuckin life omg that's the one way you could seriously spin this into a recovery for yourself

No. 826862


And just when I thought Holly couldn't be any more scummy and reprehensible.

How is this woman 33 years old and acting like this???

No. 826863

Oh my god Holly what are you doing?

Can you imagine how fucking pissed Jared must be right now? Right when he was seeing the benefits from putting in the work towards swinging the backlash over to Heidi.

No. 826864

Was she this bad at being a victim with Ross around? He must be so fucking happy he's not a part of this. I also love that Heidi retweeted him.

Noticed that Etika had recently retweeted Ross too. So I'm sure he's feeling pretty disgusted with Holly right now too.

No. 826866

Someone on PULL quoted and linked an article about the struggles the black community faces in particular with mental health so it's extra ugly of Holly to have made this all about her.

Typical white girl behavior.

No. 826867

File: 1561519643990.png (32.42 KB, 623x89, Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 9.20…)

Not to get SJW or start up a convo about race, but the black community's statistics regarding untreated mental health issues could really stir up some shit with Holly's natural tumblr tendencies.

I'm seriously thinking she's autistic. Any normal person over the age of 14 would understand how she's coming off to people affected from Etika's suicide.

No. 826868

My theory is everything wen to shit when her dad left her disabled mom. It was Holly's aha moment. Ya mean I can just walk away from all my problems and pretend they don't exist?? She has never had to grow or adapt. She always gets what she wants. Why do you think she married Ross. He's great but he's a self described pushover.

No. 826874

black tumblr/twitter hates pedophile apologists and white narcissists so this was the absolute worst cry for attention and sympathy. This is going to blow up in her face in more ways than one.

No. 826875


Etika repeatedly called himself a "bitch nigga" for having mental health issues and emotions. If Holly actually went to any of his socials you can see, while the man got hate recently for his mental break down, he wasn't being "swarmed with clown emojis" on every outlet. He was loved and there were many people reaching out and eventually trying to find him when he went missing. His brother died. Deal with mental health in the black community can make you feel alone and outcast.

She is arguing with grieving Etika fans, who actually followed him, and trying to tell them how they took her twitter posts were WRONG.

Why doesn't she practice the kindness she preaches and stop something that is clearly upsetting a shit ton of people.

No. 826876

I didn't notice she retweeted Ross. That probably means things are amicable between them. Ross really did a good job at speaking about the Etika situation with empathy and tact.

No. 826879

Good, I hope it does. Some black gossip sites seem to already know about her using his suicide as a tool and seem pissed.

No. 826880

Can't ever say sorry without an if afterwards… Turned into that mom she hates.

No. 826881

She needs to take a big seat because this is absolutely where the conversation surrounding Etika is going to go in the next few days and she's about to get railroaded by the black community for trying to speak for him. Choo choo.

No. 826882

>she only brings up Heidi when someone else does
and that makes it okay somehow? Her stans are an actual menace to society and equally as terrible a human beings as Holly herself.

Holly is honestly so fucking emotionally and mentally unstable right now. I would be terrified to be on her single white female "hurt feewings" hit list.

No. 826883


Oh god she is going to say she has a more valid voice than the black community cause of her mom

Quote me on this when it happens…

No. 826886

She deserves that wake up call for her white nonsense.

No. 826887

The fact that Holly followed Keemstar after he switched sides and started attacking Heidi exposes her true motivation. She is only concerned with herself.

No. 826889

Wasn't Keemstar the one who made that old man cry about false pedophile allegations, too?

Ironic, considering the man she's defending.

No. 826890


"My mom abused me and I went to the mental hospital because I wanted to kill myself! How can you all like and respect Etika and NOT ME?"

Just when we though the milk was drying up.

No. 826891

Anon she probably doesn't see race. Just hurt. Stop hurting people. Be kind!

But she seriously, she knew so little about Etika, she was probably excited to see how she could retell her plight after noticing clown emojis. Probably explains why she doesn't understand why people are infuriated since he wasn't really even affected by that and still largely loved by his fans.

Man, don't remind me about why I hate keemstar so much.

No. 826892

Holly knows nothing about Etika and thought he was as hated as her when she made that first post.

It sure is confusing Holly that a man who made mistakes in his life due to his mental illess is still widely loved, and she's not.

No. 826893


I think it helps that Etika didn’t ruin marriages

No. 826900

She has the emotional capability of a child, no wonder Jared was so attracted to her.

No. 826901

File: 1561521731814.png (89.8 KB, 720x540, 20190625_235914.png)

Something to consider…

No. 826903

File: 1561521669757.png (328.9 KB, 1360x1396, forfuckssakeholly.png)

If she's upset about not receiving ~*kindness*~ now she's really going to hate it the more people get a hold of it.

She finds the strangest hills to die on.

No. 826904

Ross doesn't follow Heidi back though.
Tinfoil: either holly pressured him into unfollowing her, or he just wants nothing to do with her at all because he sees that his own divorce was indirectly caused by Heidi opening her marriage.

No. 826907

File: 1561521937889.jpg (116.62 KB, 623x416, NnRSode.jpg)

A blue check bringing some sanity

No. 826908

I’m willing to bet that she didn’t do any digging beyond seeing him trending on twitter and finding out he killed himself. She probably saw that, probably confused him for someone else who was called out heavily, and thought this was her ticket to get everyone on her side.

Well, look where it got her.

Even if he had killed himself due to internet bullying like she originally claimed, the situations still aren’t comparable. She wrecked two marriages, attempted (and is still trying) to demonize Heidi for trying to stop her, and continues to be a shitty advocate for mental health, all of which she’s being called out for justifiably. She may have gotten a few death threats here and there, that’s the internet for you, but close to all of what I’ve seen (and believe me, I’ve seen a ton) has been only moderately-mean criticism, at the worst. Which is what she deserves for cheating with Jared and trying to claim it as “saving a victim from an abusive relationship”, what a vile thing to try to claim. If anyone has been truly bullied throughout all this, it’s Heidi, with the subreddits full of people attacking her and making up lies about her staging the underaged nudes thing, and Holly’s wks continuously harassing her.

Just when I thought I couldn’t hate this woman more…

No. 826909

I really hope an anon is archiving all her ridiculous tweets before tomorrow when she realizes how unhinged she is being and deletes them.

Has she really never heard of "pay it forward" or "you get what you give"? Really makes you wonder how Holly was raised…

The clown emoji is such a mild form of harassment comparatively and it really shows how easy she had it in the beginning before she started to flip a bitch on twitter and out her disgusting personality.

It's amazing to me that fucking Jessica Nigri has a more well thought out and mature response than holly. Also, can you imagine all of Holly's butthurt if Jessica was Ross' new secret girlfriend lol (even though she's probably not)

No. 826910

If he were following Heidi, someone would've definitely pointed it out, dragging into this mess.

No. 826913

comparing the clown emoji spam to his suffering is SO fucking tone deaf, especially because Holly ACTIVELY SEEKS OUT hate to respond to and 'collect'.

If you actually want to stop seeing people be 'mean' to you, Holly, turn your fucking notifs to mutuals only. Stop obsessively searching your name and Jared's. Turn off comments on instagram. Ignore DM requests.

She won't, though, because she has a gigantic victim complex and nothing is ever her fault and she has absolutely no power to stop or limit the hate she sees you guys!!

No. 826914

File: 1561522755770.png (298.5 KB, 666x597, Screenshot_22.png)

Guess who else Holly follows?

No. 826915

Holly getting destroyed by everyone is amazing

No. 826917

He switched when Keem & Pewds did, so of course she's gonna e-fellate him

No. 826918

She won't delete the tweets. That'd require her to have self reflection, shame, or even just a bit of a brain. She believes she is right and would never back down from HER TRUTH.

No. 826920

File: 1561524370036.png (163.89 KB, 720x971, 20190626_004238.png)

Ooooh, someone's butthurt that a blue check told Holly off!

No. 826924

File: 1561525520684.png (48.73 KB, 623x499, Screenshot_23.png)

Another blue check enters the fray

No. 826925

File: 1561525784922.png (65.97 KB, 800x382, Screenshot_2019-06-25-21-58-07…)

No. 826926

File: 1561525985959.jpeg (153.62 KB, 750x456, 394B23E0-27CB-4BC1-BA2D-CE59E4…)

>I’m using my experience to show
>How am I making this about me?

The clue is in the tweet, Holey

No. 826928

If it wasn't so tragic I would be laughing right now about this birb fwend being racist by ignorance and by inserting herself into the narrative of the suicide of a young black man she has fucked up on Twitter more than she ever has before

If I was her I’d delete my Twitter right now because now she's going to be dragged for real

I don't think she even has a clue how badly she screwed herself over with this because she probably considers herself woke

No. 826929

File: 1561526626597.png (155.68 KB, 584x430, sure jan.png)

No. 826930

People like Holly are the reason why so many white women are self-loathing lol

too little, too late in true holly fashion.

No. 826931

"I deserve to be shamed."
Is there… ever a time when this bitch isn't trying to manipulate her followers? Like does she ever stop?

No. 826932

Bro that’s literally the same image Ross tweeted. See: the cut-off from a text up in the left-hand corner.

No. 826933

File: 1561527040763.png (456.46 KB, 614x644, stop.png)

No. 826934

i mean if someone points this out to her, i'm sure she's going to return with a volley of "I can't do anything right!!! What do you want from me!!!" but by god that is not how you apologize. saying "i deserve to be shamed" means she is STILL more concerned with the supposed hate she's getting, rather than reflecting on what she DID.
i am utterly disgusted.

No. 826935

Right? She's so predictable and couldn't sound sincere if she tried.

Honestly at this point there's not much she could say to make herself look legitimately remorseful. It would take a spectacular apology to undo the damage but even then, she's shown her and nobody has any reason to believe she's a decent person.

No. 826936

I was just typing that out. What? Without that seemingly sarcastic remark the rest would be somewhat fine if not, lacking…

Sounds forced only because of how hard she went. I wonder why the sudden tone shift? She can't handle the black community? Or maybe it was KF turning on her. I shake my head all this nonsense. That poor guy lost his life and this is the clown show we're reading about. I wish for the twitter god to send all of Etika's clown emojis he received to Holly.

AAAANNNNND that's what she did. Pathetic.

No. 826938

This bitch is so cluster-B it's not even funny. I love that she needs to preface an apology and acknowledge of mistake with "LOOK I ALREADY DID THE DAMAGE, IT'S ALREADY DONE OKAY? I CAN'T UNDO THE DAMAGE SO STOP PUNISHING ME FOR IT", only to immediately follow it up with "PLEASE KEEP PUNISHING ME FOR THIS SO I CAN SERVE MY SENTENCE OH WOE IS ME"

No. 826939


i know this is terrible, but holy shit i just laughed out loud. she really is so 'woe is me' isn't she..

No. 826940


Sometimes it's hard to believe that her fans aren't getting paid

No. 826941

Yes, but in this instance it looks like she's so insanely passive aggressive that it warps into self flagellation.

Meanwhile 13 year olds always use the argument "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT. I'M WRONG OKAY. I'M A MISTAKE."

No. 826942


Playing the victim yet again. She’s constantly trying to manipulate the public with her fake apologies and passive aggressive tweets/responses

No. 826943

I followed Etika's breakdown since his first one in October. If Holly thinks that "online bullying" was the cause of it, it really shows that perhaps she doesn't have a grasp of what actual mental illness is. Nobody who has actually dealt with psychotic, manic episodes like Etika's would ever have the gall to say "it was the clown emojis i tell you!"

Maybe I'm super misguided here, but I think, atleast for me, this calls Holly's own experience with mental illness into question. I don't doubt that she actually is ill, that much is clear by the way she acts. But if she thinks that Etika's behavior was caused by CLOWN EMOJIS, and not a chemical imbalance in his brain, I wonder if she actually understands that mental illness comes from a deeper place than "my feewings are hurt :("

No. 826944

File: 1561527571512.png (790.09 KB, 609x5025, screencapture-twitter-HollyCon…)

Screencaptured what I could but I'm not sure how much or what she deleted.

No. 826945

Classic Boogie1488 tactic. Have an incredibly shitty take, double down, then apologize is an overly dramatic fake self-hating way in order to manipulate people into feeling sorry for you and shower you with praise.

No. 826946

The ONLY thing she'll ever take accountability for

No. 826949

next she'll be posting pictures of her birds the same way boogie posts his poor dog lol

No. 826950

aaaand she just deleted this.

No. 826951

"I want to show I was wrong" aka "I want to cover my tracks and hide what I said since I'm being destroyed on Twitter"

No. 826952

I believe the only reason she's apologizing is because this shit-storm was so self induced that she couldn't possibly blame anyone else.

No. 826953

File: 1561527889014.jpeg (908.62 KB, 1242x1912, FF71B229-802F-4E21-9C1A-28A4D5…)

No. 826955

She actually already does this shit as well. Sammie…I mean Bird shield activate!

No. 826956

she has to, this is one angry twitter horde she can't cry and deflect and hide from because etika was way bigger than she ever could be in her dreams.

No. 826958

this girl is genuinely so pathetic, why does she insist on continuing to post on twitter? if she has a support network why are they not telling her to get the fuck off social media? she keeps self destructing and then having a pity party over it. just…. log off?? close your eyes?? damn. she really is addicted to being the victim

No. 826959


Thankfully she didn’t try to suggest to meet in the middle of this situation

No. 826960


fuck that bitch up bren-bren

No. 826961

Deleted, but the response "Ok, i'M soRry" cracked me up. Childish but appropriate for Holly.

No. 826962


She is used to getting nothing but asspats and thinking she can't do no wrong. Her narc brain just can't stand criticism to the point that she used someone else's suicide to try and make people stop criticizing her.

No. 826963

File: 1561528353732.jpeg (395.67 KB, 750x742, 54A7F657-923F-498B-8C5B-8901B0…)

>MFW I realize Ross was the only thing close to a conscience she had, she probably still lurks his stuff to parrot those aspects of him

She's hitting that backpedal hard but still going, ”There is nothing I can do….but I can do this, the bare minimum…reposting this image I grabbed from lolcow of a Ross tweet that I cropped to remove his name from…..and I’m sorry you think that and I’m sorry you feel that way. What else can I do?”

Too late though
>Failed tact roll
>Failed sympathy roll
>Failed mental health advocate roll

Roll for tweeting ”Maybe it’d be better if I was just gone”, Holly

No. 826965

File: 1561528561878.jpeg (271.72 KB, 640x763, 8E6E096E-3291-4087-8F5F-609523…)

“i tried to delete as many as i could” wtf bitch just delete them all?

holly STILL has tweets up comparing herself to etika that she didn’t bother to delete, like the clown emojis kill ppl one lmao

and the tweet publicly insulting heidi while in the same breath saying to be kind and not bully anyone

No. 826966

If this whole fiasco with Holly proves anything it's that she isn't getting the emotional support she obviously needs. No friends good enough to step in and try to help her. Obviously Jared isn't going to support her through her mental breakdowns. That's a given seeing how absent he was as a husband. She lives a pathetically sad life where all she has is her birds and her online wks.

Seriously, I can't understand how not ONE of her supposed friends has stepped in and given her the hard truth. I guess she had that support with Ross and the Game Grumps family (she cited Ross, Suzy, and Arin as people who helped her tremendously) but she threw that away for her new life.

No. 826967


she probably doesn't actually have any genuine friends. Anyone who's smart enough would have chosen Ross if they had any mutual friends. All of her friends are probably into the same "uwu victim" shit she is, so they wouldn't see any reason why she should stop.
What a miserable life she must lead

No. 826968

>I want to show I was wrong

It's called apologizing without inserting some self victim statement into it
It's saying, ”I was wrong and I fucked up, don't defend me for this one” or ANYTHING

Even silence would be better
She's so goddamn messy
Really makes you believe in karma

No. 826969

Well she certainly has to keep the tweets up where she shits on Heidi. She has to remind people that Heidi is the bad guy. Maybe if she says it enough people will believe her.

No. 826970

also notable is how quickly all her IRL friends (jessica, that bitch who claimed to be her sister, bluejay her roommate) dumped her as soon as she started sperging out wilder. not a peep out of anyone for weeks.

No. 826971


Holly has been suicide baiting ever since the scandal broke and she went on her adulterer retreat (mental hospital vacation)

Now Holly is vicariously threatening and committing suicide with someone else’s death, insinuating with her very first tweet about his suicide, that it could have been her and could still be her. Instead of giving condolences to a man who was found dead in a river today, that came after several paragraphs of her self-victimization. This is so fucking disgusting

No. 826974

File: 1561529256300.jpeg (36.56 KB, 563x268, 376C6CF6-B7AC-42BA-AF0D-D78A70…)

Heidi rn

No. 826975

It's amazing how she threw away someone who would be there for her through anything for a worm who's hiding away "reminiscing" with other women he fucked.

At this point it's not even all that funny anymore, it's the same shit over and over. Heidi has moved on, so has Ross and very clearly Jared. It's so sad she'd rather cling to all this negativity than accept reality, she could salvage the fans she somehow still has and do something better. But then she can't be the victim

No. 826976

embed this properly, and say what it is

No. 826977

File: 1561530051377.png (406.36 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20190626-161805~2.p…)

it's heartening to see that at least Tumblr thinks she's a fucking clown. most of the comments are destroying her.


No. 826978

I have a theory that the only reason she fell for Jared is because she was so excited by the fact that a man would somehow choose her over his beautiful wife. She was in love with the idea of being the "weird girl" who finally beats the "pretty girl" she always detested. Except the "pretty girl" still won in the end because she doesn't have to be married to an neglectful abusive pervert anymore.

No. 826979

File: 1561530103097.png (57.12 KB, 630x520, wow an actual apology.png)

No. 826981

oh whoa, am i reading this right?? congratulations lolcow, we taught her something!

No. 826982

Cue her white knights telling her how brave she is and that she has nothing to apologize for.

No. 826983

>she could salvage the fans she somehow still has and do something better
I'm imagining a revived YouTube channel with average views below 10k, restricted comments, and likes/dislikes disabled in her future.

No. 826985

File: 1561530558282.gif (553.23 KB, 220x150, E0EB5C21-5082-4D8E-81A2-CFE451…)

Oh she's cooked, Holly is going to have racist attached to her name regardless now of whether it’s because of her lack of understanding how stigmatized mental illness is for a young black man or because Tumblr users want to use her to virtue signal for SJW points

The community she relied on has turned on her, its gonna come in a wave

No. 826988

What I really don’t get is that, unlike other youtubers, Holly seems financially well off enough to just… walk away from this for a while. Take a long break. She really must be addicted to social media.

No. 826989


I agree with you that Jared has moved on

Heck that other girl he was grooming on reddit (assuming she’s real) is probably his way out of dealing with holly

No. 826990

Actually came to this thread because I saw Holly absolutely melting down in the worst way regarding the Etika situation on Twitter and noticed there was some info in here regarding Anna and Nate. Now… I know that everything is super milky right now with Holly being her usual tone-deaf victim complex self… but I happen to fall into the outer circles of Nate, Anna, and Cristina's lives (that don't involve DCA) and I can confirm that Nate and Cristina's split has nothing to do with Anna and instead has to do with the Cristina/Nate engagement and relationship mostly being a really rushed and forced rebound after his split from Morgan . I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm FRIENDS with anyone involved; but definitely close enough to the situations (when the started AND ended) to know that Nate didn't cheat on Morgan with Cristina and didn't cheat on Cristina with Anna.

Anna's relationship ending, however, could be loosely tied with some un-publicized JEALOUSY regarding Nate and Anna's characters being romantically involved. Though I wouldn't go as far as to say it's the direct cause. I can also say with relative confidence that Nate (and Anna) was not a fan of the relationship between Jared and Holly and voluntarily distanced himself as quickly as possible when this all started to go public. As far as I know, both he AND Cristina happened to side with Heidi after the Jared/Holly news went public. I think Anna wanted to stay somewhat off the radar regarding all of it so that rumors surrounding her divorce wouldn't get tied to the whole thing.

No. 826992

Cristina WAS cheated on by Nate, unfortunately. She’s said so herself.

No. 826993


What's hilarious is I feel Holly is reading this right now and that's she backtracked and is frantically apologizing. Too bad we have caps. Waiting for the black community to blast her ass. Its ludacris how she thought she could compare herself to Etika. Glad this bimbo is getting called out everywhere.

No. 826994


Why is Holly's favorite phrase 'i'm sorry' ? Does she think by saying that it magically makes everything okay? Her 'im sorry' arent genuine at all. She's so fucking fake and loves to play victim.

No. 826995


I love how this is the bare minimum, and what she should have said to begin with, but for Holly it’s an improvement lmfao

Obviously she’s just backtracking and covering her ass because she can’t win. Now everyone is against this abusive narc, it gave her more publicity and critics than the PedoJared scandal and she keeps digging her hole even deeper

No. 826996

It's kinda doubtful. A lot of money went to taking care of all her birds. Not to mention that all her income sources have taken serious hits, and will probably get worse after these events, and the guy she planned on being with also now has no career, so she probably isn't in a good place money wise.

No. 826998

File: 1561531662528.jpeg (765.09 KB, 1125x1784, A2B10B79-4588-4DD3-852B-19BCBA…)

No. 826999

No words. What a cunt.

No. 827000

Holy shit. She actually went there.

No. 827001

Looks like the stans are gonna be working overtime the next couple days! :^)

No. 827002

And there we have it ladies and gentlemen. The moment we have all been waiting for.
“I’m mentally ill, sorry uwu”

No. 827003

What better does she have to do though?

Her relationship with Jared if it continues will mostly be online or through text if at all, she won’t have anything at all but a fantasy world that is getting creepier the older she gets. She should log off and find local D&D groups to be an energy vampire in or quietly LARP like other quieter nerds. Office affairs don’t last, and she’s really bringing down the already sinking rep of her ”office” deeper each day

No. 827004

lol I can't believe a word this bitch says. It's almost sad. even if she were to genuinely come around to the criticism and start making sincere apologies I'd just assume she was trying a different angle of manipulation.

No. 827005

Of course, they'll argue that because she's mentally ill she can't help it. Never mind everyone else with mental health problems who don't act like a cunt.

No. 827006


the saddest thing is….they do it for free

No. 827007

One thing I'm confused about: Are Jared and Holly in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? If not, why is she constantly defending a broke eceleb with so many awful allegations against him?

No. 827008

I hope she gets a lot of hell for pulling this card in the context of someone else's suicide. Like damn, you couldn't even wait until more time passed before making it about you so soon after apologizing for doing exactly that?

No. 827009

If her stans are actual abuse victims like they claim it could be that they’re addicted to gaslighting, unstable personalities like Holly’s

No. 827010

I'm sure she wishes. Like her stans, Holly is defending Jared and attacking his wife for free. He's already moved on and the ugly turd hasn't even noticed.

No. 827011

Her WKs who run that shitty TRUTH Tumblr are currently using the minors mental illness against them, trying to prove they aren't credible sources. Meanwhile Holly is shouting she is mentally ill from the roof tops but her account of events is to be trusted without question. Really makes you think.

No. 827012

File: 1561532461988.png (280.46 KB, 582x863, Breakup_Tweet2018.PNG)

When? As far as everything I've seen behind the scenes, this statement released by the two of them is very close to, if not exactly, the entire story.

No. 827013

File: 1561532570015.jpg (97.21 KB, 820x540, 35.JPG)

even lipstick alley has noticed her

No. 827014

She thinks they are but he's probably trying to get into the pants of any other girl that still wants his worm dick on the side

No. 827015

I was wondering the same thing… You'd think Jared would be keeping her company, or trying to get her off the internet for a while.

Setting your entire career and life aflame for some guy that, I assume, isn't even brave enough to tell twitter to leave his girlfriend alone, yet takes the time to write to a one night stand is very telling..

No. 827016

>Her WKs who run that shitty TRUTH Tumblr are currently using the minors mental illness against them, trying to prove they aren't credible sources.
I always thought this was such a ridiculous argument from them that makes the allegations against him even worse. Not only did he allegedly take advantage of someone who is underage, but brain damaged as well!

No. 827018

File: 1561532806537.jpg (50.26 KB, 536x497, f.JPG)

i'm glad she is getting stomped on and her WKs can't control the echo chamber anymore

maybe if they didn't constantly asspat her and act like her guard dogs, maybe she would've have shut up sooner before she fucked up even more

No. 827019

That's what got me about Holly's "Heidi is horrible and bipolar" argument. If she was bipolar, then it makes the way she was treated by Jared even worse.

No. 827020


When trying to piggyback off the death of Etika doesn't work and you gotta remind people youre uwu mentally ill. You're disgusting, Holly.

No. 827021

File: 1561532948541.jpg (40.2 KB, 556x338, fg.JPG)

wk brigade rekt

No. 827022

Holy fuck. Coming from a mentally ill person, that has absolutely nothing to do with being an absolute bitchy narc who only thinks about herself and what she wants, and how everything else in the world are her playthings and nothing more. Glad she’s getting called out on social media, even though I’m willing to bet this will spark a month of her going “oh wou is me, I’m so picked on, I’m gonna commit staples and it’ll be all your guys’ fault!”, because she freaking deserves it.

No. 827023

It must be easy to become delusional when you have a group of obsessed neckbeards (and Denica) taking everything you say as a sacred gospel.

No. 827025

File: 1561533273117.jpeg (352.37 KB, 750x766, DCF994DD-8E56-4BFA-8768-725395…)

Oh so it throwback Thursday already?

No. 827026

Denica will be up soon for her 12 hour shift of policing Holly's Twitter. She might have to work overtime today.

No. 827029

lol poor denica, what a shame no one pays her!

No. 827030

Oh good. If it wasn't enough for the black community to get pissed off at one stupid white woman, a second one could only make it better.

No. 827032

7,046 notes. Meanwhile the "truth" tumblr DCA psychos are running has 10 notes or less per post despite putting in hours of work. Gotta love it.

No. 827035

So much for Holly/Jared being the winning team

No. 827037

Was looking at a Holly stan twitter, and he posted a picture with his desk partially visible and the thing is coated with dandruff lmao

No. 827041

Of course not. She would be with him now if they were. They would've gone to that con together, and she wouldn't be sperging on twitter for 8 hours a day like it's her job if she was getting the wormdick. Which makes it doubly hilarious that she was so desperate to pretend like that reddit chick and Jared "reminiscing" about their purely sexual history was innocent. She can't handle the truth, which is that Jared has no interest in committing to her or even fucking her again. She's outlived her usefulness, which was to be a stepping stone to escape his marriage and pretend he was a victim. The illusion was shattered as soon as DCA broke up and there was no more Strix and Diath to LARP as.

No one who loved or cared about you would let you destroy yourself on twitter like this. He's content to sit back and let everyone hate Holly instead while he gets drama-free pussy from some other insecure chick.

No. 827042

It's already at 9k notes. Homegirl is done. The only people who give a shit about this dunce are the last dregs of her neckbeard fans and 14 year olds.

No. 827043

Can you share the link?

No. 827044

I wonder if he has already started telling his other side pieces that Holly has also been aboosing him or if he’s saving that for later.

She does treat it as a magic spell, and part of her ‘evidence’ that Heidi is a bad person is that she rejected an apology for not being good enough. People are supposed to instantly forgive you once you say the magic words!

No. 827045

How many times did she stomp on Ross then say 'I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" I wonder?

No. 827046

All he would have to do is say she's crazy and show the new side ho Holly's twitter.

No. 827048

>Does she think by saying that it magically makes everything okay?

100% yes.

No. 827058

She keeps changing her story about the hospital. Did she go because she was thinking of self harming or was it suicidal ideation?

God I can't deal with her, she's such a manipulative victim. This passive aggressive thing of "deserving to be shamed" is about as offensive as making his death about her to begin with. She's so loathsome

No. 827062

Did you think it was drying up? She was circling the drain for a while and I was expecting her to dive into real sewer quality milk any day

No. 827063

kinda fucked up that only verified users are allowed to be taken seriously by other verified users

No. 827065

Took them long enough

No. 827066

>There's nothing I can do about the tweets already sent
Ever heard of the delete button Holey?

No. 827067

Next thread pic? With some edits maybe, like Jared's dick pics on the computer screen

No. 827069

File: 1561541772833.jpg (180.25 KB, 1126x749, 2019-06-26_05-29-19.jpg)

If Holly had shut her mouth, accepted responsibility, and taken a break from social media like 90% of the comments told her to, it wouldn't be biting her in the ass now. This is what happens when you stubbornly refuse to accept the consequences of your actions.

No. 827076

It's pretty funny to me that somehow boogie2988 has come out more dignified in his terrible apology than Holly. Like he's not in the clear either but compared to Holly he seems like a saint

No. 827077

Damn, Hulk laying down the law

No. 827078

Honestly I knew Holly was shit before but now she actually makes me nauseous, making someone else's suicide about her and blaming her bullshit on muh mental illness after she used accusations of being bipolar against Heidi. Can't wait to watch her throw the last crumbs of her career into the fire.

No. 827080

File: 1561543423411.png (426.7 KB, 607x638, ty.png)

No. 827081

File: 1561543520917.png (279.54 KB, 614x644, Holeythefool.png)

I started one too but I like yours

No. 827082

File: 1561543712243.png (281.87 KB, 614x644, 1561527040763.png)

Boom, fusion

No. 827084

I loved Etika and I'm mad tight at her for even fucking using his death to push her dumbass agenda, like bitch tf? He wasn't even canceled, that's how you know she didn't even know about him until now.

No. 827087

I’ve never seen so many different communities gang up on one person since the first ProJared fiasco. Maybe it’ll be a wake up call for Holly but I’m not holding my breath.

No. 827089

Probably not, but at least she can’t blame this backlash on Heidi. Or if she does find a way to do so it will make it even more obvious how unhinged she is.

No. 827090

She still thinks everyone hates her gentle birbself for no real reason and that she is a victim of a smear campaign.

I bet she is trying to ghrow witch curses on Heidi right now lol.

No. 827092

Next thread pic needs to include this.

No. 827093

It's gonna be a hard choice between that and the 'I deserve this' clown edits.

No. 827094

File: 1561545729885.png (13.02 KB, 508x129, vee001.PNG)

She did on her personal Facebook last week. I didn't take photos of the post since I was on mobile, but she does have up a post of her talking about how she deleted it.

I recall specifically her wording it in such a way that I felt, "Good for you" since it seemed to have really fucked up her self confidence.

No. 827096

side hoe is a nice touch

No. 827097

It'll be easy, just need another fusion.

No. 827098

File: 1561547320622.jpg (24.14 KB, 607x173, 2.JPG)

Caps from KF.

No. 827099

File: 1561547350457.jpg (517.39 KB, 1080x1598, 20190625_221050.jpg)

No. 827101

File: 1561547392679.png (81.63 KB, 629x741, 1561528056560.png)


No. 827103

File: 1561547480571.png (771.99 KB, 586x837, clown holly.png)

No. 827104


Holly is consciously making herself the eneny so her and Jared have more in common, and be outcasts together.

No. 827106


Who didn’t see this coming? Kate has been trying to climb the dnd ladder as fast as possible. Gotta suck that holly dick

No. 827107


I think this one is the absolute worst. A man's suicide in research for you find a way – get your D&D show back? Get in Twitter's good graces? To find some scientific explanation on why you aren't a terrible human being?

No. 827110

As a person whose black, I can confirm what that person said on PULL with what the black community faces with mental illnesses. Sadly, our community makes mental illness seems like "some white people shit", won't talk about family dysfunctions, depression, feeling suicidal, being molested, etc like EVER.
All that shit will get swept under the rug by the older gen that it isn't even funny, and when you start to lash out due to it they either brush it off and don't get you help, make it seem like you're just weird, talk shit about you and your mental health behind your back to the rest of the family, or all three.
They'll see you act out and don't do shit about it then wonder why you killed youself, which is why his death hits us so hard, and seeing Holly do this pisses me off to no end.
Like cancel culture didn't kill him, his mental illness and stigma we get with being mentally ill in the black community are what killed him. I'm glad that now my gen is starting to talk about it, but there's not a lot we can do to erase said stigma.(blog)

No. 827112

And to add onto what I said, the only reason why niggas were sending ole boy clown emojis was either edgy people or niggas who thought he was doing it for attention and saw being mentally ill as something black people "don't do."
not whatever holly out here trying to make it seem like, bitch was literally just reaching for this shit.

No. 827115

File: 1561548827313.png (56.42 KB, 590x632, AttentionNeeded.png)

Here's a screenshot from when she had pinned the clown tweet on her twitter.

No. 827118

If she'd just left it at that first tweet, it'd be fine. Express your condolences and move on. Okay.

But this bitch thinks a dead person who ultimately succumbed to his mental ilness is somehow… research materials for herself? And then she has the fucking gall to go on a tirade how It Is All About Me Me Me and how she's the real victim here. I have no words.

Other people really are just things for you, huh, Holly? Not really real people at all.

Fuck this cow right in the ear.

No. 827119

This, so much. She always had to cling onto being not like those other (prettier) girls, but Heidi is prettier, has all the same hobbies as Jared and Holly, and also is a better cosplayer and crafter than Holly so Holly had to steal her husband just to feel better about herself.

No. 827120

File: 1561550209334.jpg (207.34 KB, 1440x1235, IMG_20190626_135301.jpg)

>“i tried to delete as many as i could” wtf bitch just delete them all?

I figured it out. She deleted only those that were quoted in massively popular responses like pic related.

Those that weren't she kept them to keep her victim image since she isn't truly remorseful.

Every single step this bitch makes is actually calculated to manipulate her audience. Too bad she's still dumb as fuck.

No. 827121

How very narcy, kek

She really is so textbook it's laughable. Or it would be if she wasn't shitting over a suicide victim like a giant self-involved pigeon…

It's all about me! I'm the victim here! I just don't know what you want from me! I'm innocent uwu! I don't understand the consequences of my actions despite being 33 years old!

The only good thing about narcissists like Holly is that they're too fucking stupid to realize how fucking stupid they really, really are. Works nicely with the inflated sense of self and absolutely no self-awareness or capacity for taking responsibility.

No. 827122

Having watched this unfold from the beginning, the sheer fucking irony of all of this is that even if it was true that Heidi was horribly abusive towards Jared, she would still come off as a much better person than Holly has been.

No. 827123

These were all posted upthread

No. 827126

I would say 'wow good luck on Holly's career coming back from this' but that would imply that I want her to be successful, which she clearly doesn't deserve for being such a narcissistic, ignorant, "boohoo woe is me", back pedaling, up-her-own ass, UGLY (inside and out at this point) bitch.

I feel so sorry for her birds tho, all that money she's supposed to make go to their care and she's on the internet doing stupid shit like this.

No. 827127

Yeah, "weird irony" is the carrying theme of this whole dumpster fire lol

Behold! Holly Conrad, self-appointed mental health advocate, demonizes her former friend as BPD and "unfixable"! Gasp from the crowd - what next? Why, making a man's suicide a platform for attention whoring because it was trending on Twitter! For the finale… well, we'll see, I'm sure the amazing Holly will think of something!

No. 827130

Way to preserve your grandfather’s legacy, Holly.

No. 827137

doesn't she live off of her grandpa's money anyway? i had to laugh at her being like "boohoo my income was halved and now i have to work at a coffee shop" when im pretty sure she's set for life.

No. 827139

File: 1561551663296.jpg (446.27 KB, 1434x2345, IMG_20190626_141834.jpg)


I'm sorry Dorset, but turns out it was your granddaughter'ego after all


I don't know if she's set for life but she's selling her grandpa's house for 1 million dollars which will at least make her live comfortably for some time

No. 827141

Oof…the amount of spinning this man must be doing in his grave could probably power a city block.

This man wished all the best for her and left her a house…only for her to be a complete bitch and sell said house just to be with some creepy dude who she left her own husband for.

No. 827142

Exactly. It's really telling that her grandpa's house - valued at a dainty 1 million – went to Ross in the divorce. Meaning Holly is far from destitute and her income being "halved" probably means very little to her beyond asspats.

No. 827145

File: 1561552739823.png (64.58 KB, 759x259, I'm sorry..png)

11/10 reaction image Holly. This should be edited into a cow banner with Heidi's tweets about her sending nudes to Jared and cheating etc faded in the background.

No. 827146

LOL the irony. She is maybe mentally ill, but Holly Conrad is not sorry - at least outside of feeling sorry for herself.

No. 827151

Lol she seems so unhinged without Ross there to hold it together.

No. 827152

File: 1561554988278.jpeg (749.68 KB, 1125x1918, 3F81BF2B-6111-48F8-9F6B-0DB2BA…)

No. 827153

Denica is pumping out those defense tweets like crazy today. She is saying Holly's apology was sincere and going on her Heidi smear campaign per usual. Sorry I can't post caps rn. It's insane how fucking obtuse Holly's wks are.

No. 827155

Oh good, someone else post them. I can't tell if she is fucking stupid or just pretending.

No. 827156

She’s the quintessential white girl. Rich white girl posturing herself as a poster child of mental health awareness, so much so she makes a young black man’s death all about HER struggle.

I’m glad she’s getting called out on this. It’s horrible and she needs a wake up call, though it’s obvious she’s not going to actually understand what she did wrong.

Poor Etika. I hope his friends and family are doing well in the face of a tragedy and don’t know anything about this Twitter mess.

No. 827158

Looks like you aren’t as close as you think. There are reasons she can’t say anything more publicly.

No. 827159

>She’s the quintessential white girl. Rich white girl posturing herself as a poster child of mental health awareness, so much so she makes a young black man’s death all about HER struggle.

Right. That kid isn't even in the ground yet but Holly just had to use his death for her own ends. Poor Little Rich White Girl indeed.

Nothing and no one will get through to her until she hits rock bottom, I think. Her WKs coddle and asspat her, and narc that she is she just thrives on the attention.

No. 827160


Agreed. I also know the people involved and there definitely was cheating on both sides (Nate AND Anna). Nate's statement even kinda hints that he's at fault, despite not sharing details.

The statement is extremely vague so claiming it as a "full story" makes no sense, even if you believe he didn't cheat.

No. 827162

You don’t need to post caps tbh
It’s just your typical holly did nothing wrong uwu bs

No. 827163

Can we stop with the inside baseball and stick to milk that can actually be verified and discussed? Thanks.

No. 827165

How much you wanna bet these are the kinds of apologies Heidi wouldn’t accept? “Sorry, mentally ill! I gooootta suck you husband’s cock.”

No. 827171

LOL! "Too mentally ill to stop dick-hopping! So sorry uwu!"

No. 827172


"I've been asexual all up until now, Heidi. But Jared invoked my sexual feelings, it must mean something! You must let me fuck him okay?!? Or do you want to be ABUSER OF THE MENTALLY ILL, HEIDI!?"

No. 827174

If she is she's even stupider than we thought. Jared will drop her like a flaming turd if he hasn't already. Wonder where he's gone off to.

No. 827175

shes more psychotic than i thought possible, holy shit

imagine the autism to find which were quoted and making sure to cover your tracks

No. 827178

File: 1561558743517.jpg (204.04 KB, 1395x1314, IMG_20190626_161640.jpg)

Imagine getting one of the most useless degrees because you love kiddy wizard books.

>inb4 Heidi is a Slytherin

No. 827180

This is about the most rich quirky white girl shit I've ever read.

No. 827182

File: 1561559205568.gif (2.01 MB, 300x313, 1410810879442.gif)

Placing bets this is all part of Holly's "research", her and Promomo are trying to make a documentary to prove how TOXIC the internet is and how they were totally witch hunted due to "wrong info" spread by the evil succubus abuser Heidi and they will paint Jared as a classic "overlooked male victim" and try to get MRAs on their side.

Except, Holly is so self absorbed she's now making it about herself being the biggest victim of them all when she wanted to spread LOVE and KInDnESS. It'll be called "I am not a clown, I am mentally ill." Boom Boom shake the room.

No. 827185

File: 1561559333032.jpg (45.89 KB, 942x570, 8y9n9ju1tm631.jpg)

Reddit has good memes sometimes

No. 827190

“I’m sorry your scawwy unfixable BPD drove your husband into my arms UvU”

No. 827205

"Adult Harry Potter fan" really is the biggest of red flags.

No. 827206

It's rather more telling she's not made a career out of it. Sure, a lot of people get bullshit degrees with few career opportunities, but usually people who have had to work for things put those degrees to good use, too. Holly has… uh… sure applied herself. And stuff.

No. 827208

File: 1561562057202.png (73.53 KB, 597x429, 9E002EA5-F5D8-469A-8781-4A078D…)

Just want to repost for those who missed it.

Holly talking about her income has been halved because of her online drama.

Maybe don’t continue to make a clown of yourself online if you work online? She can believe whatever the fuck she wants and post it on her personal social medias, but its pathetic she’s blaming anyone but herself for her career crashing and burning so quickly.

No. 827213

I think she was trying to, what with her cosplay and DnD. She even talked about finishing some book that her and her high school friends started back then.

But DAMN her chances of any career after this just got Thanos-snapped because of her entirely unprofessional behavior. And it's even sadder because there are adults who started with less than she has that have applied themselves despite having useless degrees or not even finishing college/high school. Two big examples of that I can think off the top of my head are her former friends, Arin Hanson and Suzy Berhow. And if those two can make it then damn Holly you're fucking up real bad.

No. 827215

File: 1561562413670.jpg (180.07 KB, 560x373, 1555271002350.jpg)

I'm disgusted for her behavior, but the fact that she's now forever triggered at the sight of clowns is absolutely hilarious. Developing ptsd and Coulrophobia because of a Twitter emoji… you can't make this shit up

No. 827217


Just noticed something about the way she talks:

>my income has been halved

>more than halved

She contradicts her first statement in the second by exaggerating it. If she's correcting herself, she could just delete the first sentence before posting the tweet. But she's not trying to post strictly accurate information, she's making a point of escalating her woes.

It's uh…Trump-esque

No. 827225

Any career in geek entertainment circles for sure, but if she published that book or turned to like, writing romance novels, I don't think this whole thing would prevent it. After all, the audience for those novels loves fucked up unhealthy relationships.

No. 827226


He talked about this situation last month if you guys want a watch. (A bit difficult since he talked about his stay in the mental ward, and trash talked a friend that tried to help him..)

Something tells me Etika wouldn't appreciate Holly using him as a way to deflect criticism from herself.(Embed YouTube)

No. 827227

Gonna apologize for the time stamp. Can't seem to fix that issue..

No. 827236

It's also all in passive voice. You know, things just happen to poor Holly! None of it has any connection whatsoever to her own obnoxiousness, her inability to be her own best friend, or even conduct herself like a civil adult online.

Holly, if your livelihood is online and tied to your online persona, you can only blame yourself if your income takes a hit when you show your ass like that and go off the fucking rails. This is the real world - no one is obliged to like you or buy your tacky, uninspired merch. And do not act like you're suddenly on foodstamps, Ms I Inherited a Million Dollar House from My Grandpa…

No. 827237

Might try making Strix: A romantic novel
aka Holly's self insert fanfiction

No. 827241

Hey, it worked for E L James, and a thousand flies can't be wrong. Shit is real real popular.

It's a more viable career option than trying to get a real job anyway. Imagine Ms Holly try to compete with the current workforce who's used to working two or three jobs just to survive lol. Although maybe she could make a killing cleaning restaurant grease traps or something, she obviously likes nasty wormy greasy things…

No. 827266

This part did not age well. God, they were so obvious and obnoxious about it. I don't know anything about these people but they look so annoyed with them…

1:10:35 if the timestamp doesn't work.

No. 827267

Is this bitch for real? The clown meme has to be the tamest, most innocent internet ""bullying"" meme ever existed, and she's having a mental breakdown over it? It's just clowns. They're not calling you an ugly bitch, a slut, or, as you said of other people, "unfixable and mentally ill". It's literally just a clown picture.
Holly has to be the biggest baby ever, with that thin skin.

Lmao, if black Twitter hops on the train, she's 100% gonna be nostalgic of those clown emojis…

Her "apologies" always sound so fake and empty. It's like she's reading a script. I don't believe a single word she says.

…Here we go.

For real, there's only kpoppies missing.

No. 827273

File: 1561565506914.jpeg (69.66 KB, 750x386, DEC51F49-CAA4-4B27-A946-ACE3F7…)


Not to mention her Grandpa got her a job at Disney when she was first starting out. Which she either got dropped from when he died, or she left to pursue her dream of being some crust on Jared’s cock. You really did throw away everything because you finally hit puberty at 32, didn’t you Holly?

Also attached, more evidence of her richie rich upbringing.

No. 827278

Wow that's the second video I've seen where someone asks if their characters have ever had sex and they have this embarrassing red faced reaction. This one was apparently before October of 2018 so if Holly is to be believed they hadn't had sex yet. But knowing Jared she probably choked on that wormdick a few times.

No. 827283


Man she really pissed on her opportunities. Like was this not good enough for her or something?

I wish I could just get a job at Disney cause my family member was a legend animator or inherit a house from them though I’m glad Ross got the house in the divorce

No. 827285

Did he? I thought she put the house on sale and that's why he had to live with arin and suzy for a while.

No. 827288

She took the money from the house, that’s why she could buy a house in Seattle. Ross lives in an apartment now.

No. 827297

File: 1561567711483.jpeg (866.63 KB, 1205x1538, E9DC5622-75A8-4049-B2CF-B32FB0…)

In other words, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”
She has learned nothing

No. 827301

>"Deleted the last tweet because some people thought it was manipulative"

Because it was Holly, as is this tweet. And whatever therapy you're getting clearly isn't working. Take this 'poor crocodile white girl' tears and do better.

No. 827303

Better delete and remake these posts, they're confusing as hell

No. 827306

And this new post is just as manipulative, Holly! Stop making this about yourself.

No. 827307

File: 1561568117076.png (50.71 KB, 474x254, Capture _2019-06-26-11-54-14.p…)

Wouldn't be surprised if this guy is her "therapist".

No. 827310

Yes the Semi Official Time Line is:

Feb. 7 2018 - Jared and Holly go in their walk

September 18, 2018 - Holly’s grandfather’s house that she and ross lived in officially listed for sale

September 19, 2018 - Holly and Ross announce divorce

Oct - December 2018 - Ross given three months to move out of his home and find a new place

January 2019 - Ross and Holly officially divorce in court and both officially in new living spaces.

// thanks anon i forgot i could delete.

No. 827311

Even when Holly admits she is wrong her ass patters can't just shut the fuck up and let her learn a lesson. They are all enablers.

No. 827313


And yet she cant comprehend why Heidi was upset enough to YELL and express EMOTION. How abusive!!

The big meanie said FUCK YOU right to poor Jared’s face!

No. 827321

File: 1561568865764.jpeg (297.5 KB, 1199x817, 88541F60-1FEA-413B-8D6A-566CD1…)

No. 827323

Watched all of 1 minute of that. How many times does she need to fix her fucking hair? Her hair doesn't even look that good, "fixed" or "unfixed".

No. 827327

No money from DCA, no money from online activities, and I still think she edited for Jared (whoever did was shit at it, either way)

No. 827330

Can someone compare the two tweets? The only difference I see is that she doesn’t say she deserved to be shamed.

No. 827335

>defends someone who solicited minors and is also a cheat

yeah wow, saint holly did nothing wrong

No. 827340

File: 1561569806992.jpeg (343.74 KB, 1125x1765, 6CB21F5B-3C15-4792-A17A-DE3C37…)

Looks like Holly and her whiteknights are trying to get people’s accounts suspended for stupid shit

No. 827341

File: 1561569861685.jpeg (69.12 KB, 540x405, 90FA8E93-0F80-488D-8502-BEB210…)

Holly when she saw news of Etika on Twitter

No. 827345

Perhaps her hair was what's really "unfixable" all along… kek

No. 827351

Has Jared defended Holly at all during this shit storm? Are they even in contact with each other? It just seems like he completely bailed her lol.

No. 827354

File: 1561570590307.jpg (154.67 KB, 540x405, 1561569861685sdf.jpg)

No. 827355


Perfect, would vote for next thread pic

I would have added a first panel with homer driving pass the clown school ads

No. 827356

File: 1561570720932.jpg (153.33 KB, 540x405, 1561569861685df.jpg)

Sorry fixed the head

No. 827363

>I didn't actually want to make Etika's suicide about myself, I was just baiting you all so you could attack me because I wanted punishment

stop lying bitch, you have NPD

No. 827367

File: 1561571528869.jpeg (605.39 KB, 1125x1801, 78F62106-5248-4F56-8012-0E5F61…)

No. 827368

File: 1561571534472.jpg (65.76 KB, 586x218, divorcenotfinal.jpg)

Am I missing something, or are Ross and Holly technically still married? While their official date of separation is September 2018, California law has a 6 month waiting period from the date you FILE for divorce, not the date of legal separation. Holly filed on January 22, 2019, so their divorce can't be final until July 22nd, 2019, which is a month from now. The case even says it's still open.

The separation date is only used for the division of marital assets, as any earnings after that date are not considered communal property.

No. 827369

Nope. He has been completely silent about everything, at least in public. Behind the scenes he is manipulating every woman he knows to take the fault for him. Holly chased him to area 51 when he ran away from his problems but he did not post anything at all in her defense.

No. 827378

File: 1561571920559.jpg (45.26 KB, 438x612, gettyimages-615966492-612x612.…)

there was this one time, one time where she managed to get a haircut that actually fits her and doesn't look like she uses bird shit as a hair gel but she changed it back to the ramona flowers tumblrina mess few days later for god knows what reason

No. 827379

yikes, their reactions are definitely ones of people who have been caught and are trying to laugh it off. Esp Jared going completely red.

No. 827380

Not sure this matters tbh - divorce proceedings take a long time but they are obviously separated and living separate lives.

No. 827384

Mainly because Holly's WK have put forth the timeline that they filed in February 2018, with the divorce final six months later in September, and therefore Holly never cheated on Ross and was totally upfront with him after her "walk" with Jared. This puts a definite hole in that narrative.

No. 827388

File: 1561573081683.png (153.92 KB, 274x329, 57F78837-FF94-48C9-9D98-A6B99F…)

No. 827389

>what did i do wrong? uwu

in b4 im sorry tweet reply

No. 827391


Six months before Jan 22 2019 was July 2018. Was anything milky happening around then or were Ross and Holly still acting like a couple on twitter around then?

Man Ross’ recent tweet about his mental struggles made me feel really bad for him. He mentioned one thing he’s struggled with was feeling invisible. I can only imagine how invisible he must have felt with Holly engrossed with Strix and Diath, D &D and going to cons to fuck Jared behind his back.

Even now he recently asked someone to help him learn how to become a Dungeon Master.

I wonder how often Holly ran her fan fiction past Ross?

I am SO glad he is out of that relationship.

No. 827394

I mean i think at the very least we can say Ross and Holly were feeling both emotionally that the divorce was finalized before they announced it, even if only slightly before.

I do feel like she emotionally cheated but in the grand scheme of things that’s the smallest thing she’s done that you could relate back to a normal ending of a relationship-rather than this mess.

Whatever happened behind scenes otherwise definitely kicked him while he was down, but then again he wasn’t from the US and had to navigate a divorce with Miss Martyr Complex. If Ross didn’t have connections he could have been in a much worse state.

No. 827396

generally I would not have had the heart to sell the house I inherited from my dearly beloved pappy. I'd maybe rent it out so that it's still mine but she must have needed those quick bux real fast if she sold her precious grandfather's house she got from him just to fuck off to seattle. that always rubbed me the wrong way.

maybe for rich folk over there a house is nothing and just some random property. maybe she never even cared for the house in the first place but she got it so she may as well use it. but damn it seems cold to me

No. 827400

File: 1561574109153.png (40.51 KB, 622x411, hollystans.png)


No. 827406

>I edited the tweet to have less manipulative content in it. I decided I'm gonna say the manipulative shit in a reply to that tweet instead


No. 827407

Wow, he went there. It's not often that you see WKs that unhinged.

No. 827411

These are the people siding with Holly lol

No. 827412

A narc is surrounded by enablers who let her say anything she wants as long as it doesn't involve them, this probably includes still defending Jared despite them not even being together. As long as she gets her way and doesn't lose her argument. She'll hang on defending Jared because it's already set in stone she believes she's always right with everything.

No. 827416

File: 1561576018182.jpeg (143.81 KB, 750x742, C9BCD356-539F-47C1-ADB3-A21E72…)

Holly just changed her twitter profile pic to a pigeon.

Guess she tires of seeing caps of her face next to her ignorance?

She must know this shit is spreading like wildfire.

No. 827419

I still want holly to apologize to those female youtubers that were subjected to jared's gross behavior online and offline. I want her to refuse that anything happen and suckle his dick some more as she closes her eyes and ears to other beautiful nerdy women who jared was being a creep towards. I want her to say "he just did a mistake" as she fumbles to justify why he acted that way towards them, and somehow bring heidi into it even though it's not relevant to her directly. I want her to be seen as a terrible woman who doesn't support other women because she's uwu scared of them

No. 827423


No. 827430

File: 1561577591782.jpg (339.93 KB, 534x810, honkhonk.jpg)

No. 827433


Does anyone find it weird she doesn’t list anything about her being a prop maker in her bio? It was her claim to fame during the Heroes of Cosplay/Commander Shep/Spurlock Documentary.

Looks like she went full retard for a streaming/D&D career and now her entire community hates her.

That whole karma thing sure sucks doesnt it Holly? Or is all this Heidi’s fault still?

No. 827439

File: 1561578358078.jpeg (733.82 KB, 1125x1809, 584A41D7-1543-4F65-9879-829A33…)

No. 827441

I thought I read in the PULL thread that her and Jessica got other people to make the props for them and then took the credit?

No. 827444

That is fucking brilliant. Seriously, bravo.

No. 827449

okay, wow, now i'm starting to feel kinda bad for this moron. i would feel really bad if she showed the first genuine sign of remorse but right now it's just a "jesus she can't catch a break" kinda feeling.
i just know if she doesn't get off the internet right this instant she is going to have a very public and very damaging mental breakdown and i wouldn't wish that on anyone. holly log the fuck off, no amount of wormy dick is worth it

No. 827452

File: 1561578920987.png (111.4 KB, 572x845, Screenshot_24.png)

No. 827456

am I the only who reads her "I'm sorry"s as extremely passive aggressive? I know it's hard to get actual tone through texts but, it just sounds like she's forcing them like "are you happy now???".

No. 827458

File: 1561579157523.png (82.02 KB, 598x700, 123aq4572.png)

No. 827460

whos this bitch again?

No. 827464

holly's roommate, and clearly holly/her "friends" lurk here since just today these things were mentioned:

No. 827469

I don’t think she’s doing this for Jared’s approval anymore. She’s throwing this pity party for herself and enjoying all the attention on her. Being ‘bullied’ seems to give her some kind of thrill.

No. 827472

Twitch have announced a new feature to stream only to subscribers. It might be her way to worm back into streaming.

No. 827473

Oof. Holly's friend/roommate doesn't even want to deal with the mess Holly's made… At least she still has Denica.

No. 827476

This is true, Holly is a grown woman in charge of her own life but you live with her and she's the one vicariously dying through someone else's suicide. Like it or not you have to be on suicide watch since you gotta see her every day. Why not change the wifi password and treat her like a fucking child since she's starting to ruin your life too?

No. 827477

File: 1561579885510.jpg (263.26 KB, 534x810, hollysnewmarch.jpg)

I hope you don't mind an addition to your spectacular contribution anon.

No. 827479

This but with the strix face and a clown nose and I’m sold

No. 827480


No. 827481

Hide some relevant shit in the background

No. 827500


Put the puppets on her hands since she wants to be the puppet master so badly.

And maybe a gold play button in the background?

No. 827503


She really does have NO friends whatsoever. Wow!

No. 827519

I don't think that Holly and Bluejay live together, Bluejay looks to live alone or maybe with a partner?

No. 827529


It feel bad for anyone who has to know this chick personally. She is definitely the type who throws out sorrys without ever changing her behaviour that caused the problem in the first place.

You can only say sorry so many times to someone before they stop caring. Bluejay looks close to that point

No. 827531

Good thing she left all her friends in LA /s

Shes going to run out of Seattle friends quick.

No. 827534

Wow. It’s pretty fucking obvious she deleted her ‘sorry, I’m mentally ill’ tweet bc people were actually linking to a page describing manipulative apologies… and she goes and makes a bunch more manipulative apologies. Yikes.

No. 827537

You know I was thinking about that reading most of these threads, she seems tiresome to deal with. Probably why she doesn't have a lot of true friends, I want to feel bad but at the same time, she does it to herself. But she really needs to go to therapy or something about that because this shit is just gonna result in her getting fake friends like Jessica and no one who would actually sit there and try to teach her about rectifying her behavior.

No. 827539

Seeing as how most of her friends enable her behaviour, they re part of the problem and I don't feel bad for them. This bluejay person is the first of any of her friends that I've seen that seems to have any sense.

No. 827547


Holly’s “apologies” are passive aggressive & ingenuine. She’s forcing it just like she did to Heidi in those texts, when she said she was “abused” into apologizing.

That’s how Holly sees everyone, she believes her critics are abusing her into apologizing. She’s not sorry, she doesn’t even understand what she did wrong in the Etika and Jared situations. She’s just constantly saying it to perpetuate her victim complex

No. 827552

God, what a fucking bitch.

You can tell she's never had to face consequences before in her life. "I'm sorry" was her get out of jail free until now.

No. 827553


She says "Sorry" for the sake of saying she apologized. That's it. She's never going to prove that she's "Sorry" through any actions. It's all words with her.

No. 827555

if you want to save yourself, u need to move out and escape the bird woman tbh

No. 827556

I bet Holly pays for it.

No. 827560


>vicariously dying through someone else's suicide

hit the nail on the head. this is why everyone is upset. holly will NEVER understand she did that

she made a mentally ill black man’s death all about herself on the day his body was found. holly used his suicide to threaten her own suicide and to tell everyone, it could’ve been her. disgusting

No. 827561

A genuine apology incapsulates behavior that the offender believes hurt the other party/parties. Has she pointed out specific behavior in any of these apologies? At this point, I’m just skimming over the “I’m sorry” and reading the rest of her replies — it’s still all empty.

Man she reminds me so much of my shitty, exploitative exes. Never sorry for their behavior, just sorry that I wasn’t going along with it.

No. 827562

Even worse after black twitter eviscerated her because she didn’t and cannot really understand the mental health stigma in the older black community.

No. 827563


It’s more disgusting seeing how she yet again plays it off as “what did I do wrong?!!? Tell meeee”

Like why does few people call her out on that? How many times must she keep saying that?

No. 827564

File: 1561587382706.png (313.24 KB, 605x855, cypr012.png)

This TrueAfricanHero freak is the one who keeps spamming the heidingthetruth tumblr, even on Heidi's tweets. He's comes off as a blatant kiwifarms MRA, and Holly's WKs always side with his bullshit.

No. 827566

This is backed by her saying Jared apologized, and implying he should be forgiven for just that act.

No. 827567


Ha what’s next holly?

“He said he was sorrrrry! Is he not allowed to work with people again or something?!”

No. 827574

Definitely.I also think to her it proves her "point" about being unfairly witch hunted" like "look I was bullied into apologizing! This is my form of self harm boohoo wah I'm just too kind for this world!" shit. It's really fucking annoying to watch because I bet she thinks of herself as being deep* for doing so.

No. 827575

File: 1561588998671.jpg (109.77 KB, 675x1200, D7D3N0LVUAAaGM0.jpg)


a notable example of a Holly Apolly

No. 827597

>I'm sorry I apologize I I I I I I I'm sorry I I

No. 827598

How the mighty have fallen…

I remember when everyone was comparing her to Suzy, and thinking she was the best person in the Grump group.

I wonder how the people who didn't like her even back then are feeling RN?

No. 827599


No. 827600

File: 1561592582054.png (135.04 KB, 573x398, 37f800d66a042ca37f2f5bcc4bea83…)



No. 827604

File: 1561593138953.png (60.44 KB, 622x597, hollys pussy is a puppet.png)


But Heidi stole her precious puppets!

No. 827606

I wish it was possible to link directly to the comments on this post. They're so good. And the few people retarded enough to meekly defend her is getting absolutely roasted.

No. 827609

File: 1561593716396.jpeg (871.9 KB, 1242x1725, 118A0D07-C5F4-41DA-89B1-22E3DE…)

Welp. She locked her account.

No. 827610

lol she went right back to not being sorry and doubling down on her shitty atttitude

No. 827611

lol I literally said I wasn't close to her, our social circles just overlap quite a bit

However, I AM close to people who work with her on the TECHNICAL side of productions; to whom she's spoken with rather candidly about the breakup. So either those people are changing the story to protect her image, or she's straight up lied to them to save face to make is seem like she didn't get cheated on. Either way, if that IS true, then more power to her for reclaiming it and not allowing it to overtake her image. IIRC, Nate is significantly younger than her, so maybe she'll be able to chalk it up to immaturity.
As far as the accusations I see about Nate cheating on Morgan with Amanda; I know those are PATENTLY false because I am rather close with her new boyfriend and was there with that group at the convention that was going on while they were breaking up. Morgan got insanely wasted and ended up going on pretty long tangents about her and Nate's breakup. There wasn't any cheating; it was all pretty standard "two kids who got together really young ending up on incompatible life path" stuff. He did end up kicking her out for getting with her current boyfriend so quickly, though.

At the very least they're all handling the situation better than Jared/Holly. I've kept close tabs on the Etika situation since he went missing and to see her pop up in the "Top" tweets made me sick to my stomach. This seems to be very on brand for her.

No. 827612

File: 1561593959598.png (46.73 KB, 312x603, 2019-06-27 10_02_00-(5) Likes …)

Just picture a thousand comments and reblogs like this. Tumblr despises her.

No. 827613


not only that, her asking her followers to report other people means she's making her WKs do the dirty job for her just for breathing in the wrong direction, she's going to purge until it's a hugbox

No. 827614

Cheers to that person!! You cannot use 'being bullied' as an excuse to be a piece of shit. It's the same guys who rape people cuz they had an awful childhood. whaaa whaa

Holly's cognitive dissonance is insane.

No. 827618

October 29, 2017 - Texts provided by Holly show Jared and Heidi in an open relationship as far back as October 2017

January 2018 - Heidi confronts Holly and Jared because she can see they have feelings for eachother

February 7, 2018 - Jared and Holly take a walk to discuss their feelings for eachother. Holly claims this is the date she discovered she had feelings for Jared. They claim they forgot their phones at home during their walk and Heidi freaks out sending Jared multiple texts asking where they are.

Febuary 22 - June 17 2019 - Ross still refers to Holly as his wife promoting her D&D twitch. Even guesting on Holly's D&D stream in March.Holly tweets "Happy Birthday to my kind and wonderful husband" at Ross for his birthday in June, calling him a force of good in her life.

July 22, 2018 - Ross jokingly tweets Holly should snuggle him instead of her rats.

September 18, 2018 - Holly puts her grandfathers house up for sale

September 19, 2018 - Holly and Ross announce their divorce on twitter

October 2018 (Heidi's side)- Heidi claims her and Jared were still married and not open during this period. Claims she has texts that proove Holly and Jared have been hooking up since October - December 2019 on all their work trips and ever since Holly moved to Seattle. Says texts include sexual images and desciptions of the times they've met for sex.

October 2018 (Jared's side) - Jared tweets he tried to leave Heidi starting October 2018. Says he tried several times but each time he tried Heidi would threaten to destroy his career.

October 2018 (Hollys side) - Holly tweets that she didn't sleep with Jared until late 2018 and that they had both ended their relationship at that point. She says Jared tried to leave 4 times, and that Heidi only agreed to move out after obtaining the texts from Jared's phone.

December 12, 2018 - Holly tweets she is drunk and sad, and asks a random follower advice on how to not go insane watching her friend struggle to leave an abusive relationship.

January 22, 2019 - Holly and Ross officially start divorce proceedings. Unverified if this is their official divorce date, or if this marks the start of the mandatory California 6 month wait period.

February 2019 - Jared finally breaks up with Heidi privately.

May 7th, 2019 - Heidi moves into her new home

May 8th 2019 - Jared and Heidi's Public Annoucement and Fight over their divorce

May 21, 2019 - Heidi tweets that Holly and Jared have been legally advised against talking about the pedo allegations

June 20, 2019 - Jared is seen at a convention. Holly @ mentions anyone expressing concern while stating the truth is more important than her career.

June 25, 2019 - Holly uses the trending topic of Youtuber/Streamer Etika's suicide to compare her harrassment online. Saying they both were spammed by clown emoji, implying cancel culture caused Etika's death. Etika's fanbase and many others call out Holly rightfully so. Holly mass deletes her posts and apologizes for her comparison.

June 26, 2019 - Holly locks her twitter account stating she is not mentally well.

No. 827619

Pfft what a coward and a hypocrite.

No. 827620

File: 1561594275630.jpeg (688.18 KB, 1242x1503, 859BD26A-DB63-46E3-B9CD-01F753…)


No. 827634

File: 1561595391924.jpg (185.37 KB, 640x692, divorcedocs.jpg)

>>>January 22, 2019 - Holly and Ross officially start divorce proceedings. Unverified if this is their official divorce date, or if this marks the start of the mandatory California 6 month wait period.

It's the start of the 6 month waiting period. You can look up the case at http://www.lacourt.org/casesummary/ui/index.aspx?casetype=familylaw with case number 19PDFL00117. The last activity was March 15th when Holly mailed Ross the divorce papers, and he had 20 days to sign and return them.

No. 827636

Constantly asking people to tell her what she's done wrong is total sealioning.

No. 827638

File: 1561595725508.png (21.72 KB, 290x421, oof.png)

sorry for the yellow ting, flux is doing it and i can't figure out how to fix it
sage for OT

No. 827639

File: 1561595789111.jpg (326.08 KB, 534x810, iwasreallybored.jpg)

No. 827640

Oh wow look a money-grubbing narc with zero qualifications in mental health supports Holly. Congrats.

No. 827641

Should start spreading that they weren't even divorced at that point now that we know she didn't actually file until January.

No. 827644

File: 1561596030831.jpeg (148.61 KB, 1125x371, F8AF187C-5BF3-49A2-B81E-01E2B2…)

How old is this bitch again

No. 827646

>Keeping count of the H8erz you block from your no-criticism safe space
this is astronomical levels of pettiness and narcissism.

No. 827647

The hug box she created is fascinating

No. 827648

You’d just get “Well they broke up in September!!” as a response. None of Holly’s fans care that Ross was her backup plan if Jared didn’t divorce Heidi.

No. 827653

File: 1561596795048.png (626.63 KB, 602x471, main-qimg-648a98e3b45c9fe3ab1f…)

For those not in the know, the term came from this comic.
And it's literally exactly what she's doing.

Seriously, though, Holly needs to go volunteer, or go hiking, camping, or just any damn thing where she can contribute to society and/or get away from social media.

She needs to be productive. Watching her do all of this when she claims to be such a """"mental health advocate"""" makes me feel queasy.

She's like an alcoholic who acknowledges that the beer she's holding is a huge problem for her but keeps drinking it anyhow.
You are clearly acknowledging the issue, Holly, now do something about it, for fucks sake.

No. 827654

File: 1561596846388.png (21.43 KB, 290x404, what the fuck.png)


Here's the post itself if anyone wants to take a look at the comments.

No. 827659

Oh my God, you're amazing

No. 827660

You would have to disable it from the quick tray and then enable it again when you're done.

This kind of obsession over a person can't be good. She's going to go all Perfect Blue on Holly someday.

This is exactly what Holly does. Even goes as far as searching for her name when no one is paying attention to her whining.

No. 827661

Why can’t she just deactivate Twitter? Like honestly? It’s obviously making her insane.

No. 827662

her delusional twitter WKs are probably the only semblance of positivity she gets any more, now that Jared has another hole to crawl into

No. 827664

Forcing strangers to participate in your punishment without their consent is actually disgusting.

No. 827667

Do we really believe she's 'punishing' herself? That's makes it sound like all the nasty bullshit she says is not her genuine feelings and doesn't reflect her personality, but is her intentionally acting like a bad person to encourage negative backlash. Meaning she isn't really responsible for what she says, she doesn't actually mean it, she is such a poor, suffering victim that she's just pretending to be horrible as a form of self harm and therefore criticism is not warranted.

No. 827668


OR she knows she is guilty deep down inside, no matter how much she denies it.

No. 827670

I don't think she's "punishing" herself in the sense that she feels guilty and wants to be punished for it – I think she's intentionally sealioning and giving the worst possible apologies so that people will continue to criticize her, so she can continue to wail about muh mental illness uwu abused as a child. I think she's doing weird shit like retweeting clown memes "research" so that she can continue to feel like everyone hates her and she's just a sad little abused baby who needs to be rescued and coddled. If she's still getting mocked and sent hate, she can continue to point the finger at the evil bullies who are clearly the ones in the wrong, rather than examine anything she's done to earn the vitriol.

She's not doing it to punish herself, she's doing it to attract criticism so she can continue to victimize herself.

No. 827671

I wager on some perhaps unconscious level she's punishing herself and emotionally getting off on it. She seems to want to be all small and uwu pathetic because it fits the outsider girl persona she's built up in her head. So while she hates the fact she has haters, in some way it's also satisfying since all the unwarranted (in her mind) abuse just makes her even more into an irl Strix.

No. 827676

Terrifying, I love it
You truly delivered anon

No. 827687

File: 1561601808145.jpeg (67.38 KB, 500x466, C9C7E4BB-7124-4050-9750-65B86B…)

>Sorry for all the lost sleep
>I know Jared just told you everything

But her argument is she was Terrified because Heidi yelled at her! This isn't a scared person, or person displaying any type of learned helplessness from Trauma so I’m not sure how she thinks that is easily twisted. She knew Heidi was suffering and knew she was being two-faced and lying about Heidi to try and drive a wedge in.

These are the texts of someone who overstepped boundaries being told on by Jared to Heidi and she's trying to save her ass by grovelling. I know these are old milk by now but Jared wasn’t on her side at that point and seemed like he wanted to triangulate these women against each other. Holly being a sloppy, emotionally manipulative mess just made that extremely easy for him.

I have a feeling after this Heidi dished out less p*ssy because she was pissed and so Jared went to Holly and they played office affair, Heidi obviously knew that shit was weird but Jared gaslighted her. He stonewalled her when she was trying to figure out her reality.

That gave Holly and Jared receipts they wanted after crazymaking Heidi to back up Holly’s original accusations (And gave Jared a wall to hide behind).

She broke up a marriage all because she couldn't take No for an answer, and it took her a lot of work to do but she eventually got what she wanted. Lay in your bed, Holly.

No. 827695

File: 1561602387924.jpeg (258.26 KB, 1242x570, 58641F62-8D81-4DD9-807B-49ED8A…)

No. 827696

no caps! no proof I'm lying or twisting words, or contradicting myself! only differing opinions, don't you dare start proving me wrong with facts!!!

No. 827699

No clowns lmfao. This bitch is actually fucking beyond triggered by clowns.

No. 827704

Anyone expressing a differing opinion is still gonna get blocked because Holly equates disagreement with being shamed.

No. 827709

Not to mention anything but uwu positivity only will get swarmed by her WKs who have confirmed they are mass reporting anyone they disagree with.

No. 827710

File: 1561603796555.jpeg (912.91 KB, 1236x1543, 0A9E3BF1-B49F-490D-AAE3-4F6611…)

A get well card

No. 827711

File: 1561603855561.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, 3A9A66DA-1519-4416-A9DA-2CB96B…)

I guess she’s… recovered

No. 827722

File: 1561606187657.jpg (275.78 KB, 720x999, 20190627_002835.jpg)


No. 827725

pigeons on a what in the what now? kek
at least she's privated her shit so she's going to have safer interactions now where no one calls her out on her crap and denica can lick her butthole as much as she wants. at least she isn't going to drive herself to something idiotic.
then again knowing this stupid bitch it probably isnt going to last long, she can't not talk about this, she absolutely needs the attention

No. 827728

Imagine being a fan of holly and cosplaying her trash witch… Big Yikes. What a great parent, being okay with lying, gaslighting women and affairs with married men.

No. 827729

kek she can avoid all those things but Jared will still never love her.

No. 827733

Holly will still be searching her and Jared on Twitter. She'll still be lurking here. Hi Holly!!

No. 827735

of course she's going to be lurking, she needs to see if people are capping her uwu sad tweets >>827695

I guess seeing her shitty apologies triggers her along with clowns.

No. 827736

*rats with wings

No. 827745

This reeks of going into hiding from black twitter

No. 827746


Does anyone have screens of black Twitter coming for Holly? Didn't get to see it myself

No. 827748

I don't think it's manifested but she doesn't want it to happen. We were posting about it here before she started backpedaling, now she's withdrawing further

No. 827751


>This isn't a scared person, or person displaying any type of learned helplessness from Trauma

The thing is, she was never 'scared' of Heidi at all. Heidi was an obstacle to her.

No. 827756

>She's beyond stupid and hypocritical. How about she focus on being kind to Heidi?

This, so much. Based on what she is tweeting she should be kinder to Heidi who, according to Holly, is struggling with mental illness. Not villainizing her and sleeping with her husband.

No. 827757

File: 1561613392078.jpeg (275.84 KB, 1196x525, BC0B3A8E-642F-41B9-B71E-C3C069…)

I haven’t found many popular black twitter tweets but I found this in my search instead lol

No. 827760

i'd love to see holly get roasted by black twitter kek she won't be able to talk back at them like everyone else because people would start side eying her.

No. 827763


>Rebecca Black

Oh look, Someone else who wasn't 'cancelled'!

No. 827768

For some reason my phone isn't letting me take a screenshot, but two of the people who were just on Holly's posts last night telling people to leave her alone and stop bullying are now harassing Heidi on her latest reply.

CHOOSE KINDNESS, GUYS! Unless it's against Heidi of course.

No. 827776

That’s pretty typical of those losers. It was never about truth or decency with them, just about getting good boy points from their favorite washed up eceleb.

No. 827777

Why does clownposting trigger her so much? lmao

No. 827778

I used to feel so bad for Ross after cheating scandal was revealed, but looking at recent events .. well GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE ROSS. He might as well be thankful to PedoJared for freeing him from female Boogie and letting him experience healthy romance instead.

No. 827782

Yeah, I originally felt terrible for Ross and Heidi. Now I see they dodged the biggest bullet ever and are free. Ross has a new girlfriend and Mario Maker 2 comes out today. Heidi will have absolutely no problem finding love again, and in the mean time she seems happy with her cosplay and home remodeling. Meanwhile Holly is marginalizing mental health on Twitter while Jared has a pedo title attached to him forever.

No. 827783

I think she expected to be called a whore, slut etc…female oriented slurs that she would use to start preaching about sexism and shaming women etc. She even painted the "side ho" insult Keemstar has thrown at her and was like "yes, i am another female victim of internet sexism witch hunt" etc…

But being a clown isn't really a slur. It's people telling her to "stop clowning", that nobody is buying her victim act and that it makes her look foolish. She couldn't really use it in her favor because it isn't offensive enough.
Then Etika commited suicide and she found some people posted clowns before he died and was like "SEE??? CLOWNPOSTING KILLS PEOPLE! I COULD'VE DIED" and made a total clown of herself, yet again.

All in all, she's a narc who used tumblr rhetoric as a shield. She just couldn't apply the same rhetoric on being told to stop clowning.

No. 827784

Wow, that’s actually really insightful. Thanks anon.

No. 827791

Someone please show Holly's little hench-trolls in Heidi's twitter that neither couple are legally divorced yet so Holly & Jared 100% cheated on their marriages?(Encouraging cowtip)

No. 827793


the most important bit is holly knew. holly the one person who was getting divorced and who chose to enter a relationship with a man who was getting divorced, knew that neither she nor her lover had separated from their spouse when they started seeing each other. and she's point blank refused to admit it many, many times. she will never admit it, there's no point confronting her with the truth, and if she doesn't there's no way her WKs will.
i mean, we've already had some brilliant takes on the matter like "once even one person has checked out mentally/emotionally the relationship is irrevocably over and all behavior that would otherwise look like cheating is justified!" so i don't really expect that to go anywhere.

No. 827795

The illiterate nutjob with the petition is going wild after being called out. That might send him over the edge.

No. 827824

Because she clearly doesn't have any friends, and is more interested in THE TRUTH

No. 827827

I love how she's stopped spamming "THE TRUTH" and is now instead saying "BE KIND".

No. 827828

She literally cannot handle the truth kek

So now she's just "be nice and kind uwu! except to that BPD-ridden whore bitch meanie Heidi, she's so mean and irrational, do go harass her! she's unfixable, you know!"

No. 827829

I'm positive if you tried to tell her or any of her fans to be kind to Heidi they'd sperg out. Or ignore you.

No. 827839

Her stans don’t ignore anything. Make a slightly critical tweet about her right now and I guarantee it’ll have at least three spergy replies within 24 hours. If you’re ever feeling down, just remember you’re not spending all your free time policing a washed up pigeon collector’s twitter mentions.

No. 827841

File: 1561628374930.png (74.95 KB, 614x585, hollyp.png)

Snagged this off KF

No. 827842

I noticed Jared un-favorited two tweets recently. One of them was some lady criticizing “cancel culture” and the other one was someone defending his unresponsiveness. He’s certainly lurking.

No. 827845

They'll say you're horribly problematic for telling a victim of abuse to be kind to her abuser.

No. 827846

File: 1561629358328.jpg (31.15 KB, 550x535, world-s-smallest-violin-550x53…)

No. 827848

File: 1561629662999.png (354.23 KB, 528x591, Capture d’écran 2019-06-27 à…)

Holly's most recent retweet

No. 827850

Ross has a new gf? Where'd you find that out, anon?

No. 827856


covered here in the last thread

No. 827870

File: 1561635264592.gif (331.23 KB, 400x266, bwwFjQx.gif)


No. 827873

That tumblr is so laughable
>here is an objective write-up of all the drama that has happened
>but dae heidi bad?

No. 827898

we had it already >>827609 no need for the KF recaps

jared has the luxury of sitting back and watching the reaction to holly. didn't holly retweet that cancel culture tweet recently? he may have withdrawn his like so as not to be such a target of the hate she draws. good old supportive jared.

No. 827902

Jared is probably feeding Holly lines about the divorce and that's why he can't defend her on twitter or be seen with her. When it's actually because he's a shitty person who has no desire to help because he doesn't want the backlash. But as we've seen Jared is somehow very persuasive and able to bend women to his will so Holly would never believe that. She'll buy whatever Jared tells her hook line and sinker.

Jared is not a good friend Holly, he just makes you believe he is. You're out here getting clowned on while he looks on and does nothing to help while telling you "gee babe I wish I could shoulder this burden for you 1000 times over. It makes me cry seeing you cry. It kills me to see this happen to you." Bla bla bla other fakey sounding platitudes.

No. 827904

pardon, she liked it not retweeted it

No. 827905

I wonder if Holly realises that she isn't going to weasel her way out of this entire situation by apologizing and saying how SHE doesn't see it like cheating cus neither loved their spouses so it was okay. the general public has already made it very clear they disagree. That doesn't mean they are buying into lies but that their stand on marriage and poly is vastly different from hers.
I don't think she's ever felt the hot seat like she's doing now. What baffles me even more is why doesn't she just fall suit after Jared and go radio silent? He's been accused of being a paedophile and she's getting much more flack than him which is insane if you think about it. It wouldn't mean people would start liking her again but at least she wouldn't be a public spectikal like now. Why doesn't Jared tell her to just get away for longer than 24 hours? You think he's really not chiming in BECAUSE she's taking so much heat of of him?

No. 827921

tbh I really wonder what Jared and Holly's conversations look like right now. That is, if Jared hasn't been slowly fading her out.

No. 827924

>Why doesn't Jared tell her to just get away
I bet it's because they either don't talk much, or he doesn't respond that often and does it very one-worded. He totally dropped her already, so he would not bother to give her any valuable advice.

No. 827941

File: 1561644547547.jpeg (872.62 KB, 1242x4353, A0A2CDB2-F35D-4E44-AAD8-04545F…)

No. 827942

Plus, with the internet tearing Holly apart daily, there's a lot less focus on him and his much worse behavior. He's not going to tell his shield to step out of the way. He really did manipulate these women into the perfect positions as scapegoats for all blame he deserves. Including the random fan who came back to recant her statements and defend Jared, just because Jared sent her a "hey wat would u be doin if I was there right now ;)" text, months after using and then ghosting her.

No. 827943

File: 1561644630571.jpeg (445.63 KB, 1242x1672, 37F35134-3A57-457F-A534-283DB5…)

No. 827944

File: 1561644952959.jpeg (696.02 KB, 1242x1569, F679EFB8-1D0E-450B-B254-D10D2C…)

No. 827948

I am always the victim in every situation. they laughed at me!! when I saw fish die to make sushi, which I've been eating for years!!!!! my whole life I've just been uwu pure bean enough to have them killed on the other side of a wall, so I don't have to confront where my meals come from. just like I don't have to confront where this internet hate comes from. what did I do? what did I do? why is everyone laughing? IM NOT A FUCKING CLOWN WTF

No. 827949

We need to start a drinking game every time Holly asks someone what she did wrong.

So even just tagging Heidi is enough to trigger her, Pathetic.

No. 827950

File: 1561645562384.jpeg (805.03 KB, 1242x1625, CC0BE78E-E2F9-4966-AB11-41BDA7…)

Holly’s wks are responding to this recent tweet Heidi made to clarify some of the sexting that went on behind her back

No. 827952

File: 1561645590684.jpeg (1018.93 KB, 1242x1938, C80DA8B4-D324-4AC3-8463-713A71…)

No. 827954

File: 1561645698320.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1219x1804, CCE289F6-03F8-49F4-8B8C-E18F60…)

No. 827956

File: 1561645963149.png (28.71 KB, 741x232, heids.png)

I bet the reason Holly is blocking people for mentions of Heidi is because the truth is so triggering for her/conflicts with her delusions

No. 827958

File: 1561646062257.jpeg (975.42 KB, 1242x1954, FB668072-78FF-4AFB-B717-F9E3D4…)

It happened right here. Yikes

No. 827959

it's like these people can't comprehend stuff like borrowing someone's old phone when you broke yours or something. There are plenty of reasons why she would accidentally find these texts, and even if she was "snooping around", it's just cruel to fault someone whose partner actively made them feel like they might be doing something behind their back for checking just in case. The fact that she found those texts is enough for me to feel like I can't blame her for doubting him.

No. 827962

File: 1561646919667.jpeg (921.47 KB, 1242x1593, 9B6D8EC1-E3B3-4C51-8F25-E11946…)

No. 827964

File: 1561646987935.png (204.2 KB, 542x650, Screen Shot 25.png)


No. 827965

I don't think it was a "I broke my phone, can I use your old one for the weekend" deal. Heidi highly suspected the cheating (she does have eyes after all) and was within her rights since they were still fucking married at that point and it was communal property. The fact that tapeworm Jared had two active phones at one point was so insanely suss in the first place. You would have to be the most obtuse person in the world (aka Holly) to not notice his fucking around.

No. 827966

an anon pointed out the op replied and basically said it didnt reply to idiots like jared. he probably read that + that we noticed he was liking things but being silent

No. 827968

File: 1561647279718.jpeg (926.83 KB, 1125x1769, 8386E50A-A4F4-4DA9-B67C-26729D…)

If this is angry to Holly anything can be abusive to Holly.

No. 827971

File: 1561647374476.jpeg (389.38 KB, 1125x898, 8E2AE0C0-8B2E-4491-9E66-FB784A…)

No. 827972

File: 1561647392056.jpeg (412.55 KB, 1125x932, ED57EBEF-64E1-4F40-BCCC-763C48…)

No. 827974

>Heidi bodyshamed and bullied me
Bitch, "ashamed and insecure" is not a body type.

No. 827975

Lol she's such a piece of shit

No. 827976

>here's proof of u bein a meanie h8r!!!

this is so embarrassing

No. 827980

Can someone ask this bitch to clarify already on what exactly heidi was "lying" about? This should be simple enough to resolve, just ask what the "lies" were and then ask for proof of those lies, and if none can be produced then YOU AIN'T GOT SHIT

No. 827982

Holly doesn’t want people to know the truth, she just wants people to side with her.

No. 827984

This means Holly, being the nutcase narcissist that she is, went snooping through all of these person's tweets just to find any negative mention of herself just so she could "invalidate" and ingnore this person's point. Can't believe she has the audacity to call other petty and unfixable.

No. 827988

genuinely thought Holly was gonna be taking a break from all this bullshit after making her twitter private. glad to see it took her less than a day to start painting herself as a victim again.

lol @ the fact that cheating on his wife and soliciting nudes from minors gave poor Jared PTSD. what a poor defenseless baby uwu

So now Heidi is an abuser, BPD, unstable, unfixable, vindictive, a liar and a body shamer! next thing you know, Holly is gonna say that Heidi steals candy from babies or some other asinine bullshit

No. 827989

File: 1561648628840.jpeg (336.87 KB, 1125x775, 7ACFA647-2DE6-4D2B-BC4B-538B2B…)

“Bodyshame and bully me”
You slept with her husband behind her back. Meanwhile Holly is moping, Heidi is thriving.

Unrelated but I’m pretty sure that Holly and Jared only brought up Heidi’s partner 1) to hurt Heidi (and her credibility) and 2) so their newly acquired incel fans can out him. Her fans (especially Denica) were hellbent on bringing him up even after it was clear he didn’t want to be apart of the drama. They saw him defending Heidi and wanted him to suffer for speaking out.

No. 827990

no, guys, i for one totally support holly's decision of asking the girl to unfollow her. she just disagrees with holly after all and –
can she get fuckt already?

No. 827993


Hi it's that girl. She blocked me lol.

No. 827994

File: 1561648921358.png (311.94 KB, 720x1009, 20190627_111948.png)

No. 827996

File: 1561649054382.png (152.62 KB, 720x653, 20190627_111930.png)

This honestly just goes to show why Heidi is the one facing going to a con and working on healing right now, and Holly is the one locking her twitter account and sperging out. The maturity levels between the two are so vastly different.

No. 827997

pardon the tinfoil - but the last time holly's WKs swooped down on heidi was right before momocon (or some other) wasn't it? what are the chances holly is sending them to sabotage heidi's con visits? wouldn't put it past the crazy bitch.

No. 827999

What mental health advocate and LGBT ally wants to out someone? She’s disgusting.
I don’t think it’s tinfoil. She did a shit job censoring his name, and jessicanon was spamming shit about him here right after.

No. 828000

>I didn't cheat, I was completely transparent.
This is the exact same logic Onision uses for why he didn't really cheat on his wife. He told her he was going to do it whether she liked it or not, so it's not cheating!

Just like scamming a cancer survivor out of money and being insufferable on some shitty tv show gave Holly cosplay-related PTSD. They're perfect for each other.

No. 828002

Jessica was also the first to tweet about heidi having a boyfriend (now deleted).
it was def orchestrated.

No. 828004

Her reaction of blocking the guy cus he mentioned Heidi's name really seems like the reaction you have when you do something stupid and you're too ashamed to face that person and even mentioning their name makes you feel like a dumb idiot

Also her hurt/heal thing triggers me

No. 828009

Jessica was also telling Keemstar to DM her for details. Holly and her friends are more vindictive than Heidi ever was. Holly is the only one looking to harm people.

No. 828010

Tinfoil and I’m sure at some point in these threads it was mentioned, but I’m sure Holly doesn’t believe Jared gaslit and manipulated Heidi, so she was only seeing Heidis lashing out at face value and saying it was abuse. Tinfoil thinking because 1. She didn’t personally seent the gaslighting and manip so it didn’t happen, although she seent the multiple therapists diagnosing Heidi, 2. Knew but didn’t care because rose-colored glasses, 3. Didn’t think Jared was capable of it despite probably being manipulated and gaslit herself. Holly wasn’t seeing manipulation, but seeing the end result when Heidi was catching on - in the form of lashing out, screaming, cursing, etc. which is a reasonable reaction to feeling like what you’re suspecting is REAL, but Someone’s so adept at manipulation that it suddenly seems like a false lead. Is it really so difficult to extend his behavior into manipulating holly by crying and “overreacting” to Heidi’s screaming? But what Holly sees is just abuse because she’s not seeing the origin of Heidis behavior.

Jared has shown time and again through receipts that he’s manipulative; look at his wording, timing of his actions, and what he omits.
Holly has shown time and again that she doesn’t appear to see situations in a grounded light. She goes over the damned top and reaches for conclusions or reasons to justify what she believes is happening. It’s in so many fucking past examples and current ones (Etika May he Rest In Peace, Heidi and her HIPAA violated diagnoses, etc).
So if Heidi is an unfixable and abusive person, and apparently has always been this way from the way Holly asserts her other claims about Heidi, where them receipts at? Not talking a live journal where Heidi acts openly like a high school girl growing up in a 2000s high school petty environment. Where in the past has she screamed at people, cursed at them, done anything similar with how Holly ( and by proxy Jared ) describe her to be? Any and all material so far hasn’t shown Heidi acting NEARLY how Holly/Jared say she does. The only examples Holly ever points to are to the texts when Heidi appears to suspect shit going on behind her back (their “walk”), Heidi threatening to burn Jared’s career down (lashing out after being gaslit consistently), and when Heidi made shit public (KIND OF an expected response to infidelity? Idk man). None of those point to a pattern. And where are Heidi’s other victims at? This was all over Twitter, so like it makes you think if there ever really was one

Anyway, two of these fuckwads have a consistent pattern of behavior, and one doesn’t.

Holly pls respond with receipts of Heidis consistent pattern of abusive behavior outside of anything related to infidelity. People respond “abusively” to infidelity because it’s the anger part of the grieving process.

No. 828011

Even though Heidi may have handled a few parts poorly, I don't understand how anyone can think that she's anywhere near as bad as Holly.

> "Vindictive" and "unfixable" are totally neutral and objective, it's just me spreading TRUTH when I use them it's not me being negative. VINDICTIVE IS AN ACTION, not a totally subjective adjective.

> It's bullying to remind me that I cheated even though there is extensive proof that objectively I took these actions knowing full well that it would hurt someone.

This is crazy to the maxxx and I hope all the nerdy DnD boys she might play with in the future after Jared dumps her take note and avoid her.

No. 828013

>no caps
>except the ones I take to use against you

No. 828019

It feels like she had an emotional LDR more than anything else. Probably as a result of Jared's neglect. Ironically, she was honest about it, vs his constant infidelity.

No. 828024

> Jared has shown time and again through receipts that he’s manipulative; look at his wording, timing of his actions, and what he omits.
> Holly has shown time and again that she doesn’t appear to see situations in a grounded light.

Holly has shown plenty of manipulation on her part. She doesn't manipulate in the same manner as Jared (he uses typical thirsty white boy tactics, she uses white savior/tumblirina white girl tactics), but it's manipulation nonetheless, it's not her just being blind to the situation. Even going back to when this started, her "Heidi is some internet rando you don't know but you guys know ME" tweet she was always trying to manipulate. Listing off the manipulative tweets since then would be akin to writing a fucking book so I'm not going to bother.

No. 828027

Samefag, but ah yeah forgot all about that first tweet she made. Fair points on the rest, too

No. 828033

Super late on this, but the whole situation with her addressing Ekita's suicide (RIP) reads like she jumped into the whole situation without knowing anything and made it all about herself THEN she actually read stuff when people started yelling but she was so fucking self centered and dense that the only thing she learned from her "research" about Ekita was that people sympathized with his mental illness so she can pull the fame trick to garner sympathy. Nothing about how his race affected the situation, or how he took responsibility for his actions even when he was having a breakdown due to his illness, or that people did try to help him but there were various societal reasons why it didn't work.

Her research boiled down to "Ekita had a mental illness so now I'm going to play the mental illness card."

No. 828036

Holly and Jared stans are psycho enough to believe Jared's nudes and women coming forward with his unwanted advances is Heidi's fault. Heidi has NOTHING to do with these things. The only reason she even came forward with Jared cheating on her is because he fucking blocked her and then tried to make a joint statement about their divorce, putting words in her mouth. His disgusting worm dick was provided by the women he sexted and exchanged nudes with.

I also believe that a lot of the hate Holly is getting is from Ross/Game Grump fans. People are pissed Holly cheated on Ross and that Jared is a pedo. People feel sorry for Heidi because Holly continues to act like a blameless psycho on a daily basis.

No. 828045

Someone following Holly but doesn't kiss her ass on every post has to stop but Holly never has to stop searching for drama on twitter and replying to people who don't tag her and make an effort to obfuscate her/Jared's name.

kek she really is a fucking child, no wonder Jared was into it.

No. 828046

slight blog, but I'm so glad to see that not everyone drank the pigeon kool aid. When Pdp defended Holly I thought it was game over. Seeing this clown get dragged gives me life.

No. 828047

It’s hilarious that Holly outted herself being so triggered by the clown emoji.

That shit is gonna follow her the grave every time she fucks up.

No. 828051

Well to be fair she's been vegetarian for a long time… I dont like her either but cmon

No. 828057

All of Holly’s friends have left her, including Jared. If she had literally anyone to talk to, she wouldn’t still be engaging Twitter. Her WKs are all she has now, that’s why she’s been so active.

No. 828059

even when someone brings up something a former friend said that could make her look good she can’t help but to shit on her former friends

No. 828061

File: 1561654497654.gif (971.44 KB, 294x154, 2Z56z1rbwnve.gif)

Y'know, coming at it from the Jared/Holly angle and not knowing anything about DCA I will say….I'm much less offended at being forced to picture these Anna and Nathan people fuck than Jared and Holly at least. When I look at Jared and Holly both ruining their marriages to hotter people for each other it's hilarious. When I look at Nathan and Anna it's more like "Eh, I mean sure. I get that". It's just not as interesting as Holly and Jared's complete shitshow. (sage for ignorant opinion based entirely on the looks of these two people, knowing nothing of their history or personalities)

No. 828065

When are we getting a Holly banner?

No. 828068

File: 1561655135372.jpeg (310.44 KB, 1125x1145, A05A8D9A-73D3-4A89-8128-7A68E2…)

Holy fuck…she has to disparage Heidi every single fucking day. This is pathetic. (1/3)

No. 828069

File: 1561655167639.jpeg (297.76 KB, 1125x1126, 15AFA039-AADB-40F7-83AA-E7B97F…)

No. 828070

File: 1561655273302.jpeg (278.51 KB, 1125x1060, 3C3340F9-7300-413C-B23C-A07C05…)

No. 828071

It'S aN AcTiOn

No. 828072

I didn't know that about her, makes a little more sense. Mostly don't care, because she immediately used it for more victim/pity points. "I'm just so fragile and broken, and everyone thinks it's funny. boohoohoo I'm just a sad clown"

dang. forget ruining her marriage and career, she's gone for total life destruction. No wonder she's having a breakdown online. I hope she gives up before she decides to do something drastic for more pity points.

No. 828073

What is she trying to say by this? That because Heidi was a big meany and Jared disengaged with her that it was ok for her to pretend to be his new wife? Also newsflash, couples sleep in separate beds for plenty of reasons and it's not all because their marriage is ending.

No. 828075

Whoring is an action, too. That's why people call you a whore.

No. 828076

File: 1561655622632.png (68.95 KB, 621x592, Screenshot_25.png)


No. 828077

BoDy ShAmEd mE

Bitch where? By saying she looked guilty? I can’t with her. It’s getting more and more creepy how obsessed she is with Heidi.

She can’t bitch about these getting posted when she posted things from Heidi’s private FB.

No. 828080

File: 1561655766552.jpg (108.34 KB, 1080x1378, sketch-1561655628067.jpg)

sorry to go full dictionary, but it's borderline malicious ignorance here. vindictive is an adjective, not a verb or "action". it describes a person or an action, it is not an action. you can't "vindictive someone".

also, Holly, take a peek at those synonyms. they don't seem to be very neutral, they seem pretty hurtful.

No. 828082

Guess all that suicide baiting she did on Twitter in October/November last year was about Jared not leaving Heidi.

I hope Heidi releases the texts at this point since Holly has continued to lie about her.

No. 828083

Yeah, Holly definitely knew. That's why she waited 4 months to file for divorce. Staying with Ross was her backup plan confirmed.
Probably told Jared that she gave up her life in LA for him so he HAS to break up with Heidi.

No. 828084

She also posted private messages between Heidi and Jared that she was not a part of AT ALL.

No. 828088

File: 1561656295266.jpeg (192.28 KB, 1125x423, 259F86E3-6EE9-4C08-BAFD-267209…)

>he stopped interacting with her in September 2019 (she means 2018)

That’s not true Holly lol

No. 828093

>not wearing a wedding ring
What an absolutely bullshit "proof". Her and Ross never wore rings. So I guess they were never together?
Most modern couples don't give a shit about rings. I don't remember Heidi ever wearing one either

No. 828094

I also wish she would consider why she keeps using a word that means a strong desire for REVENGE to describe Heidi's angry behavior towards her.
Yes, Holly, Heidi was angry at you and maybe you felt like she wanted "revenge". Because you spent a year cajoling her husband trying to make him leave her and actively engaging in an ongoing affair that steadily escalated from romantic confessions to sexting/nudes and then sex which was always your goal.
Heidi calling that out isn't "bullying" and she never "body shamed" Holly in any of those tweets kek. I love Holly reimagining what happened based on her inferiority complex about her face. Still so scared by pretty Heidi she's playing out a mean girls movie in her head and has forgotten what really happened.

No. 828095

He stopped interacting with the wife that he was STILL CURRENTLY LIVING WITH. Please Holly. You're embarrassing yourself. Just admit Jared fleeced you for some sex before he broke up with his wife.

No. 828099

She just deleted this tweets anon posted.

No. 828100

>she isolated him
that's why she stopped going to cons while he continued going on DnD trips?

>Jared attempted to leave her

>she refused to leave
which one is it? Jared can only leave her if she gets out of their joint property?

No. 828102

LOL Holly be reading lolcows again then. When isn't she though?

No. 828103


Good. Keep her on her toes.

No. 828104

tinfoil here, but maybe Jared isn't saying anything to defend Holly because he knows everything Heidi is saying about the situation is true, I can believe Holly BELIEVES that Jared broke up with his wife but in reality he didn't. he was just trying to keep two women sated by telling Heidi he was ending it with Holly and by telling Holly he was ending it with Heidi. He knows he either has to come clean about it or keep his mouth shut or else Heidi leaks more text messages to completely annihilate any form of "defense" he currently has left. Holly should really be seeing it as a giant red flag that Jared is doing absolutely nothing to publicly help her in this situation aside from giving her out of context text messages in private and probably other info like Heidi's "diagnose" in private.

No. 828105

which tweets? she's on private so we can't all see which tweets disappear, and she has been sperging for hours. you could be talking about anything lol

No. 828106

Honestly she and Jared had heat only because of their DND characters. Like really that's all I can see. I don't think Jared cares a lick about Holly because he hasn't publicly defended her once from my knowledge.

No. 828107

File: 1561657101244.jpeg (762.02 KB, 1125x1803, 57CF69AE-77FC-40AA-A407-E581F7…)

This is why you don’t out yourself. Holly and her whiteknights are lurking.

No. 828109

>man who controls household scared of wife

lol sure holly.

No. 828112


Who cares her WK were always going to be lurking

No. 828113

I like how they are always mentioning kindness when they are never kind themselves and are rude as hell to people. Like kindness begets kindness Holly you can't expect it when you yourself aren't kind.

No. 828114

That guy is really trying to smash once Jared inevitably leaves Holly's life for good huh

No. 828115

>based on her angry messages to him

I just realized that Heidi probably won't ever release the messages for fear that Holly will sue her. Holly is a trust fund kid after all.

No. 828116

Intresting how he stopped interacting with her the month she and Ross announced their divorce. It's almost like this is premeditated.

Also tweets can be deleted, so using that as evidence is weak.

No. 828118

What a minute she is? No wonder girl is pulling all these stunts she's never received criticism before. I bet she never heard no too.

No. 828119

Maybe the cancel culture tweeter just blocked him for being scum the message doesn't apply to. I know I would.

No. 828121


Also, there's no way to prove that was actually the girl, but keep believing it.

Besides, Holly. Numerous people who know you irl already have eyes on this thread and your actions. That is a fact.

No. 828125

Since Holly and her wks lurk here you’d think they’d take some of the advice or at least see how awful they are being. I can’t imagine being that ignorant.

No. 828126

Crazy Denica reporting for her 12 hour shift to protect Queen Holly again. How sad. She'll never be able to flick her bean to DiathxStrix moments again since WotC doesn't like child predators or their apologists. Oh, and is Matt still threatening people on his alt Twitter?

No. 828127

So much this. Her fans are the worse and yet they preach to be kind. Like fam, don't preach it if you aren't going to practice it.

No. 828128

Unfortunately, the girl made it obvious she was cowtipping. >>827993
Luckily, some of us know how to keep posting milk without making it obvious. I wouldn't doubt if one of her whiteknights was posting here as well.

No. 828131

>we went on a walk
Didn't she herself admit they started having sex in October 2018? Whether that's true or if they started messing around earlier than that is irrelevant to the fact she now insists they were just "talking", after openly admitting otherwise. Why is she like this?

No. 828133

That's the point she is trying to make with these tweets. That they were sleeping in separate beds so their marriage was over and she was allowed to fuck Jared to her hearts content. Even though sleeping in separate beds does not = divorce. She slept with a married man and she knows it but she's trying to tell us why it was ok for her to do so.

No. 828136

They went on a walk to discuss their feelings. Then Holly told Jared she only wanted to be with him. He told Heidi and she freaked out because Holly was married and confessing to Jared she only wanted him. Heidi also felt threatened because Jared was her husband. She told Holly this was not okay and she didn't want Jared and Holly to interact outside of work. A perfectly reasonable request. Holly then began to inundate Jared with articles about abuse. He told Heidi that Holly was trying to paint her as an abuser. Heidi gets furious and confronts Holly. Holly admits she was wrong and tries to gaslight Heidi. Jared and Holly then go behind Heidi's back for months having an emotional, and probably physical affair.

Jared told on Holly TWICE. It took Holly almost a solid year of manipulating Jared with abuse articles for him to leave his wife. In this time Holly casually baited suicide to her audience on Twitter as a way to pressure Jared even more into leaving his wife. Holly is the real abuser here.

No. 828138

Wow that…that is fucking horrible. I always thought Holly was the abuser especially after some videos of her and Ross together, but reading this damn. Girl is full of shit ain't she? She just can't accept she's an abuser.

No. 828139

File: 1561658364161.jpg (463.49 KB, 1060x1489, 1560012522806.jpg)

Remembering your lies is HARD. Be kind.

No. 828140

She demands kindness without reciprocating. What a pathetic big baby leech.

No. 828142

I've been over Holly's bullshit for awhile now - but jesus christ, I'm getting real sick of her "I'm a mental health advocate!" shit in between bursts of her openly talking about her suicidal feelings as if that isn't going to potentially trigger one of her followers.

No. 828143

Learn to integrate if you want to be a twofaced shit denica.

God I would love mods to look into the sus denicaposting itt

No. 828146

The funny thing is Holly herself admits to constantly sending Jared articles about abuse because he didn't believe he was being abused initially.

No. 828148

Holly is spending most of her days tweeting,researching and getting her wks to lurk here while Ross is creating good content and Heidi, while she'll respond to some things, is just doing her cosplay stuff. Holly rather waste her entire time for Jared who wont even be bother to help in her tard crusade. She'll judge twitter trolls for sending her clown emojis when she's no better then them in the fact she's literally doing nothing of value with her time besides making herself look worse.

She likes to claim that it's her form of "self harm" but I think it just shows she has nothing else going on in her life, which is the only truly sad thing about her.

No. 828149

File: 1561658597808.png (309.21 KB, 500x495, pizza-aliens-bands-im-so-rando…)

I seriously cannot with this corny privileged white bitch.

She screetches her "BE KIND!" one-liner just like onision laments about "TRUE AND HONEST!" Never in my life has a human with so little self awareness existed. She really is mentally ill, not in the totes quirky manic pixie way she dreams of being, but in an honest to god psychopathic avoid at all costs way. She needs so much real help not uwu platitudes about how ~abused and damaged~ she is when all of her problems stem from being an actual retard and not any lived struggles or hardships. She's had the comfiest life possible.

No. 828150

File: 1561658613745.png (35.54 KB, 578x307, sexual relationship.png)

Here's even her top whiteknight stating they started sleeping with each other in October of 2018.

Holly is just claiming they broke up so she can feel better about getting what she wanted.

No. 828151

How old is this because it wasn't tweeted today

No. 828154

Sorry, forgot to include the post number.

These 3 tweets:

No. 828157

June 8th, 2019.

No. 828158

I find it amusing that even with her echo chamber she is still making it worse. Like how can one person have such terrible PR skills?

No. 828160

they're still up, you got blocked

No. 828162

Well you know earning kindness is such a sad way to live. For Holly at least, because her idea of kindness is crying over dead sushi, while exploiting someone's suicide with no regard for the people who loved him and are grieving the loss.

No. 828163

File: 1561659429302.jpeg (393.78 KB, 745x837, 36615F16-5C94-4567-9E82-F020E5…)

Says the woman who spends hours every day arguing with people about someone else’s relationship.

No. 828165

I don’t think Holly realizes that, no matter how much she states her “truth”, people have already picked sides, and the ones that dislike her will continue to dislike her unless she shows new evidence to back up her claims. She just keeps spouting the same shit over and over again, with no real evidence, and that only solidifies what others think of her.

No. 828168

And also apparently lurks here like it's her job. Hi Denica. Maybe spend some of this free time at the gym or learning a hobby instead of white knighting a confirmed adulterer.

No. 828175

She cares more about animals than people. Classic.

No. 828176

Denica, I know you think you know everything about this situation, but Holly STILL isn't divorced, today. Separated in October, maybe, but they were still FOUR MONTHS away from filing for divorce when she "started" sleeping with Jared. Get your facts straight before you use them to fuel your (still wrongful) crusade.

No. 828183

That fact that neither Ross nor Jared have come out once to defend Holly is extremely telling. I realize that Ross doesn't want to be a part of the situation but a simple "I was aware and Holly did not cheat on me" would go a long way. However, we all know that wasn't true and that Jared and Holly were carrying on an emotional affair for months until Holly asked for separation in October. She probably even did give him that phony excuse about wanting to be somewhere with trees.

Jared has reached out to people privately to clear his name, but he has not once defended Holly. He continues to let her bury herself. He knows she is mentally ill and suicidal but still he continues to let her sit on Twitter all day and defend him. What a man.

No. 828191

>Jared told on Holly TWICE.
When was the second time?

No. 828193

He first told Heidi that Holly confessed to him that she only wanted to be with him. This is while she was still married to Ross.

Later, Holly told Jared that Heidi was being abusive because she yelled at her. Jared then got angry with Holly and disagreed, then told Heidi what Holly said. Heidi confronted Holly about this and Holly apologized saying that she was wrong and even Jared corrected her and said it wasn't true. We see this through messages both Holly and Heidi have shared.

No. 828198

Pretty sure Denica knows she's lying, she's an unhinged selfposter who alternates between kissing Holly's ass on twitter and insulting her here. A lot of the unsaged posts bringing up WKs and just bitching about Holly are probably her, since she's still too dumb to integrate.
Remember that she posted a screencap of her tweet that showed it was from her own account a few threads ago.

No. 828200

I wonder if Jared regrets picking the wrong girl.

I mean, sure, Heidi was dragging him down by asking for some basic LOYALTY, but even if we ignore the whole pedo fiasco (which I find to be the milkiest part of this, personally), Holly's twitter right now should be enough to make any man's tick shrivel up and fall off. This level of crazy can't be sexy to him.

No. 828201

Jared has probably done everything he can to distance himself as far as possible from Holly at this point. He knows she will be his end, considering:
1) She has been his most vocal and well know supporter.
2) She claims to have all this evidence that proves he did nothing wrong
3) Publicly said that his underage victims are lying and dishonest.
4) Not to forget that she outed his victims to him when she was contacted by the about his behavior.

And now we have all seen what a disgusting full of shit person she really is.

I suspect that him contacting all of the girls he fucked is him desperately trying to find people other than Holly who can defend him if needed.

No. 828203

> Remember that she posted a screencap of her tweet that showed it was from her own account a few threads ago.
It was actually multiple screenshots! And one slipped through even after it was pointed out, kek. Not tagging them though because I'm lazy and also because Danica has become her own flake in my eyes so I feel like spelling out all her tells is cow tipping at this point.

No. 828213

Imagine going this hard for someone and taking all the heat for them, only to be thrown away because you're a liability. She probably hates clown emotes cause she feels like Boo Boo the fool.

No. 828215

File: 1561665099261.png (1.44 MB, 1125x2436, 497A1A47-31C3-4653-81B4-F777FF…)

Sorry to burst your bubble but the anon who posted those caps grabbed them from Denica’s Twitter posts. That doesn’t mean she isn’t lurking though.

No. 828218

File: 1561665749049.jpeg (383.7 KB, 828x1028, 1560397051230.jpeg)

This woman has no shame, like damn. she already outed herself as an attention addicted cowtipper here >>812735, as pointed out by this anon >>821525 two threads ago, yet she's still out there cozying up to holly and playing her like a damn fiddle.

No. 828220

I like how she is incredulous that Heidi could block her for such a heartless statement, yet Holly is blocking people just for posting a clown.

No. 828224

No. 828226

I don't know why Denica Bozhinova pretends to know and is friends with these people irl when it says right on her profile she lives in bumfuck Sweden, a million miles away.

No. 828227

From a rapid scroll through her Twitter stream, she's definitely lurking. But I did that to check the image here vs the original on Denica's twitter, and they are identical. One is a bit larger on my screen because I probably have a different resolution than the anon who posted it. But when I make them the same size and layer them in PS, there's not a pixel of difference. So unless there are other examples of screens posted here that Denica didn't post on Twitter, I'm pretty sure she is not self posting. Too bad, I was ready to start calling her Denxotica.

No. 828228

"he was a victim of abuse" okay..Let's pretend that's true. Despite that, he was still married when you fucked him. this clown bitch, i swear.

No. 828229

he was so terrified of Heidi, that's why he had control of all the money in the house. okay, yeah .

No. 828230

>i cried at sushi place because the cut fish, that means i'm very emphatetic and can't do no wrong


No. 828232

Right? I was putting together this whole image of a bored sociopath, playing both sides because to her, Holly's life is just cheap entertainment.

Would've been a helluva twist. Now we're back to "Historical RP: heroically defending a woman falsely accused of witchcraft."

No. 828233

Why are her only two female stans frumpy old maids? lmao

No. 828234

they were posted almost simultaneously on the 25th… Call me tinfoil here but no had brought her up prior to this, people where more focused on Jessica, and she has admitted to post/lurk here.

No. 828238

Also, if it is true and Jared was supposedly abused and does supposedly suffer from PTSD or what have you, it means that Holly was taking advantage of someone vulnerable. It's hilarious that she parrots this as her "truth" when in reality, if it was true, it would make her an even worse person than she seems now.

No. 828243

By Holly's own admission she was preying on a victim of ongoing abuse. He was so psychologically damaged he was sobbing and hiding under tables from his evil wife. She took advantage of someone with a fragile state of mind. Once again Holly shows us with her own words that she is an abuser.

No. 828246


its pretty fucked up neither jared and holly could keep it in their pants for a few months until jared actually left Heidi. Holly even admits Heidi wouldnt leave until she obtained the texts (which im assuming was december as she moved out early jan?)

So everytime Heidi and Jared would fight, Holly would jump on Jareds worm?

Seems like Jared would fuck Holly by telling her him and Heidi were over, than immediately go back to Heidi. Than Jared used “abuse” as an excuse to keep Holly coming back.

She even tweeted that “it takes an abuser seven attempts to leave!”

Must tear her up that her pussy wasn’t enough to make Jared leave his wife until Heidi found those texts. I feel like Jared would of kept Heidi around if she hadnt found those texts and finally left.

Doesnt get said enough that Jared is a POS

No. 828252

File: 1561671543939.jpeg (420.75 KB, 1125x1446, C4BCF960-E03B-49E0-A460-C8032D…)

uwu kindness

No. 828254

File: 1561671745265.png (77.69 KB, 620x798, denica1.PNG)

Personally I think she just lurks. This is one of her only direct references to lolcow, and she seems really unconcerned about supposedly being caught self-posting.

As for how she knew about her tweets being posted there, somebody cow-tipped her (as you can see in this old thread >>821717).

It's a fun tinfoil, but I'm going with Occam's Razor on this one.

No. 828260

What is it with these Pick Me bitches and "kindness uwu". Was it kind when you fucked someone else's husband? You've somehow managed to give DND a worse reputation with this LARPing your adultery.

No. 828279

> being vindictive is a behavior that was directed towards me
yeah how fucking dare Heidi be mad at you for fucking her then-husband behind her goddamn back and then acting like a goddamn bitch about it. Heidi should've been kind and let you shit all over her like you did anyways, you retarded cross-eyed bitch. i genuinely hope your ugly birds gut your eyes out, Holly

No. 828282


I read it as "saying…is an action", ie. saying is the subject of the sentence. Look at the context of the thread.

No. 828289

Body shaming, bitch where? She said you looked insecure in your nudes, not that you're fat and your titties are as lopsided as your lazy eye. Maybe don't send pictures of yourself fisting your pigeonhole to someone's husband if the wife finding out constitutes "body shaming".

No. 828293

>Which is a website I did not know about before

What an inconspicuous thing to say, Denica

No. 828311

that somehow makes even less sense to me. "Calling someone a vindictive person isn't saying something negative about them. Calling them vindictive is an action." what? so actions can't be negative? what does this mean? also, calling someone vindictive is absolutely calling them something negative. Either way, she doesn't know what the word vindictive means, either in denotation or in connotation.

No. 828312

It feels like she's just repeating lies Jared told her in order to keep her happy and to get in her pants.
"Oh she's not even wearing her wedding ring anymore, we are defiently not happy, I promise", "oh we sleep in seperate beds", "oh she's being so abusive again, could you feel sorry for me and suck my dick?" and so on. Also isn't it a bit wierd that Jared got mad at Holly for her claiming that Heidi was being abusive towards her?

No. 828325


It’s just holly bad attempt to justify her actions againist heidi

I’d give holly credit if she was “be kind but not to her” cause that’d be honest

No. 828331

Not wearing a ring could just as easily be signs of him neglecting/cheating/etc holly you retard

>Definitely remember telling her to be kind
This girl is 5 years old

She's just tacking "I'm sorry" onto the end of all of her sentences now and she can't understand why no one finds here sincere. You can't refute someone's claim and apologise for it in the same breath, it's offensively fake

No. 828332


Thats a bingo. Jared would of kept fucking both of them if Heidi never found his old cell phone/"the texts"

And Holly would still be sucking his sack trying to infuse enough magic to give him the strength to leave his ABUSIVE relationship.

No. 828337

Good for Heidi. But she should probably consider getting restraining orders or at least alert security at cons that Holly and/or her fans might be there and are very mentally unstable.

Holly and her whiteknights seem like the type to physically hurt someone because of how insane they are. The way they've been harassing her every day should be proof enough for con security especially in Denica's case since the only thing stopping her from physically shoving her tongue up Holly's asshole is distance.

No. 828339

File: 1561681562829.png (1.52 MB, 1151x1079, heidi vs holly.png)


Either ProJared deleted his tweets, or he was very aware that Holly was watching his twitter. But he was very clearly still keeping up the front to Heidi IRL. And Heidi still was interacting with him publically.

No. 828340

Part of this reads like Holly trying to self-soothe by constantly repeating how much better she is than Heidi. She really is just a giant toddler who was told she couldn't have someone else's toy. It's so maladaptive.

No. 828343

He definitely removed any interaction with her. There was some before and I think some were posted in thread.

No. 828347

Look at how abusive Heidi is. Constantly praising her husband and complimenting his photography skills.

No. 828352

Funny how both Holly and Jared cheated on spouses who loved them and praised them and treated them way better than they deserve at this point.

No. 828355

File: 1561682594757.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

>And Holly would still be sucking his sack trying to infuse enough magic to give him the strength to leave his ABUSIVE relationship.

my fucking sides. And agreed, Holly would have kept up the secret DND affair if Heidi didn't find those txts. she was lying to multiple people, but she's a selfish clown, so, ya know.

No. 828356

It's actually really sad. Both Ross and Heidi constantly raised their SOs up and praised them. They really deserve better. Couples fight, but there's no way in hell you can make me believe Heidi was abusing Jared. He's trash and Holly is too fucked up in the head. She's rather defend a pedo than a female friend.

No. 828357

wow, I hadn't seen glamour shots of Heidi before. I know this is gonna sound sus, but. she's fucking stunning. Not in a conventional way (she is still kinda odd looking) but something about her just makes me want to gaze at her face for a long time. Very unique and yet classic beauty. Reminds me of someone like Marie Antoinette.

I can see why Holly was so jealous, and hell-bent on stealing her husband away. whoever speculated that the affair was Holly's "beating the pretty/popular girl and feeling superior for once" fantasy seems pretty bang-on. and why she used "you're so pretty and scary" as an excuse when Jared ratted her out for calling Heidi abusive. that's what she's focused on, probably the shock that anyone would choose her over Heidi. To be fair, in terms of looks and personality, Holly and Jared are way closer to each other's league.

I hope Heidi can heal and maybe find someone more in her league to be with. At least a nicer person than the worm she found under her shoe and decided to bring home.

No. 828369

I think she felt threatened by Heidi's confidence too. Heidi was out there in cosplays and getting pictures taken of her constantly, meanwhile Holly is incapable of taking a normal photo without pulling the ugliest face because of how terminally insecure she is.

No. 828375

File: 1561684181784.png (937.36 KB, 1260x672, oct 24.png)

October 24 is last time Jared is wearing his wedding ring on Dice Camera Action stream.

Episode 115 is the stage show at Twitch con, on November 9, 2019.

Some fuckin happened at Twitch Con and I hope to god it wasn't in costume

No. 828379

I don't see him interacting with you on Twitter either, Holly.

(Anons, can feel free to locate any tweets in the past year where he tweeted Holly. I quickly skimmed and found none)

It's almost like he was a two-timer and hiding his interactions from both women!

And if their relationship wasn't a secret from Heidi or illicit in any way, why hide it from their followers? How is it not cheating when the divorce announcement was what kicked this scandal in the first place?

The breakup announcement came after Holly and Jared had already fucked and sent nudes to each other.

No. 828380

I'd love an exact date that Holly and Jared first had sex. She only says "October 2018" right? But if it was any time before October 24th that's a pretty big fucking sign he still considered himself married when they fucked. She can squawk about separate bedrooms all she likes but Jared still CHOOSING to wear his wedding ring after they fucked would be a huge setback to her narrative.

No. 828383


Holly has tweeted that she didn't sleep with Jared until late October 2018. This is pretty late in October…

Heidi has tweeted she has texts dating back from October - December before he got a new phone. But I don't think she has given specific dates in October.

No. 828384

I'd be curious to know if Holly and Jared fucked and sent nudes before of after the couples therapy for Jared and Heidi. How could he have tried to break up with her but also take actions to save his marriage to Heidi? Couples counseling doesn't sound like Heidi or Jared thought they were broken up.

No. 828385

File: 1561685750365.jpg (229.63 KB, 1200x900, Dqca5GCU8AETsEW.jpg)

October 26 Dinner - The look of love in both DCA women

No. 828386

File: 1561685879594.png (481.33 KB, 641x738, hiding his ring.png)

Looking through some tweets for Jared wearing his ring and find this photo from October 26th.


No. 828387

That's actually a really good point, anon. I forgot about the couple's therapy thing completely. Did Jared or Heidi ever mention when this counseling took place?

No. 828390


That live DCA show was actually filmed October 28, 2018.

Holly says they fucked late October.

Im betting cash on the 28th as they fuckaversary. If not during twitch con (not sure how long it ran)

No. 828391

im in tears with how much jared looks like the chestburster alien in this photo

No. 828392

shit, good find anon

No. 828393

I wonder if Jared really only meant to string Holly along for some easy on the road lay and never actually wanted to divorce Heidi, I think it's pretty obvious from the texts he was telling them both different stories and aside from being conventionally more attractive then Holly Heidi also seems as a way more stable partner. (who wants a girlfriend who is going to fucking cry in a sushi restaurant jfc) but when Heidi found the text messages things got way out of hand and he couldn't salvage it anymore. also explains why he seems to have pretty much dropped Holly like a rock, he was never going to choose her even after he divorced.

No. 828394

File: 1561686478281.png (908.74 KB, 1027x812, attached.png)


Notice the dates. They were attached at the hip all Twitch con 2018.

No. 828395

God, I try not to insult a person's looks too much but Holly looks like she fucking smells. She also looks nothing like her ultra facetuned photos. She has such a moon face.

No. 828396

I honestly am not sure about this. Obviously from an outside perspective Heidi is the much more attractive, stable and mature partner, but like… the most beautiful women in the world get cheated on and left.

I'm not disagreeing about stringing along Holly for an easy lay - it's clear she was only ever meant to be a sponge for his jizz and marriage issues and is far too much baggage to actually be girlfriend material - but I think Heidi and Jared's relationship was coming to an inevitable end re: Jared's incessant need to exploit fans for sexual gratification

No. 828397

Jared comes off as a sex addict.

No. 828398

I think the divorce was always going to happen, since Jared wanted to spread it around to whoever would take it whereas Heidi was actually invested in the relationship. And I think he probably was into Holly at first (see the RP stuff between their characters from DCA) but he must've realised pretty quickly that Holly is a fucking psycho. Things between them were never going to work if he didn't have someone else at home and a bunch of damaged fans like uno girl.

No. 828399

that's what I meant, Holly didn't "steal" Jared away from Heidi, his cheating ass just caught up with him and it was going to happen regardless

No. 828400

Her face looks like it's in the middle of an allergic reaction. She's so puffy.

No. 828401

Being a hideous person on the inside leaks through to the outside.

No. 828403

holly really out here looking like the moon emoji

No. 828404

File: 1561687940543.jpg (128.37 KB, 1270x1248, 1561687798203~2.jpg)

it's hard to see since his body is hidden by that other guy's hands, but with his posture and neck he reminded me more of Franklin

No. 828406

I think the divorce mostly stems from the fact the Holly was clearly intent on being more than just a fuck buddy. She wanted Jared for herself and was doing all she could to force the issue, sending him shit on abuse and divorcing Ross and moving to be near him. Heidi clearly wasn't going to have it, and as we all have seen, Holly will clearly never accept no for an answer. Jared fucked himself into a deep pit.

No. 828408

File: 1561688338529.png (657.45 KB, 1021x580, commanderspud.png)


Holly out here looking like a Spud

No. 828409

this is what I don't get .. She was clearly pining for the ProBoner, chased him out of state, Ross announced they were separating… why wait four more months to file for divorce? why not file in October, right when they announced their separation, after she got a helping of worm dick? Why the delay?

I really just don't want to believe that Holly could be so fucking selfish, cruel, and heartless to give Ross false hope of coming back together while she was doing everything within her power to force Jared and Heidi apart. so she could have him all to herself (and every other fan he banged.)

I wonder how she felt finding out Jared was cheating on Heidi with multiple other women who weren't Holly. And why she would continue to want him at that point.

No. 828410

Holly is everything she preaches hate about. It must be an absolute miserable existence for her, to be hypocritical every step of the way. I wonder if she's aware that she is her own enemy? That if she met herself somewhere, she'd hate herself and call herself an abuser?

No. 828411

File: 1561688650632.png (413.25 KB, 623x796, poor soul.png)

Oh no. This poor soul got a DCA tattoo…

No. 828412

Maybe Holly is ok with other women fucking Jared as long as she takes the position as the one who gets the emotional loyalty. That's why she wanted Heidi to go away because being the side hoe probably affected her.

No. 828413

God they look like the type of dirty people who will fuck each other in a public restroom and think it's romantic

No. 828420

File: 1561690547318.jpg (428.56 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20190627-215527_Twi…)

whoa what

No. 828423

File: 1561690864571.jpeg (167.4 KB, 994x745, F615D911-4523-4A82-ABFE-6A2019…)


Holly is so ugly and insecure she pulls a female soyboy face

No. 828425


wow i hope it was some bizarre look alike. i go to cons and so does my abusive ex. knowing you're in the same place as your abuser and can run into them at any moment is hell. hope she stays safe.

No. 828429


Hopefully she manages to avoid him.

No. 828430


"16 Jun 2018"

No. 828431

That's probably it. They fucked in a hotel room for sure after a weekend of larping their romance away from Heidi.

Still fucked he was choosing to wear his ring just days before. Really fucks her narrative that he was checked out well before then.

No. 828433

Plenty of ugly losers with giant noses like him. I doubt it's the same person.

No. 828435

I hope it isn't him, if it is I hope someone makes fun of his gross dick.

No. 828436

Can you imagine how much it would suck to be a ProJared lookalike? Not only would you look like that, you'd get mistaken for Jared

No. 828438

It wouldn't surprise me if he went to A-kon just to keep tabs on her and see if she talks shit or uses the situation for attention. He's a scumbag.

Alternatively, he's trolling for more pussy.

No. 828439


Photoshop anons please make chestburster Jared a reality.

No. 828441

They lived in Dallas before they lived in Seattle and often went to A-kon. If they see him I'm sure the staff will yeet him out of the area.

Also, what would be the point of him having a temporary restraining order if he's going to go to a con his ex-wife is a guest at?

No. 828443

I would be inclined to believe this person to be safe rather than sorry, but also because he's got a well-known face and voice from having so many videos of himself speaking and talking. it would be easy to distinguish him if you were someone who watched his videos regularly

didn't someone confirm the restraining order didn't restrain them from seeing each other but rather restrained them from selling shit/redistributing money to hide it from the divorce lawyers during the split

No. 828445

Cue Holly blowing up Jared's phone…

No. 828447

that feel when ur stoned and type "speaking and talking" instead of speaking and acting kek whoops

you're so right. has she been searching projared stuff as well as her own name for "research" on Twitter?

No. 828448


Wouldn't be surprised if she was indirectly coaching Jared to fuck with Heidi's head some more to film some 'evidence' of Heidi being 'abusive'

No. 828453

File: 1561693609168.png (28.74 KB, 543x234, heidiatacon.png)

Friendly reminder that Holly isn't the only one being harassed. Heidi just doesn't constantly post screenshots of people harassing her for 'research' (aka begging for pity).

No. 828454

File: 1561693679088.png (136.99 KB, 1141x549, chrome_TFiiuX7uGv.png)

People aren't too happy about him being there either.

No. 828456

this has already been posted & discussed lurk more & keep up

No. 828457

File: 1561694308278.png (30.75 KB, 592x264, iv.png)

Hi Dan

That's a mighty BIG claim you're making here….

No. 828458

File: 1561694331380.jpg (107.07 KB, 1080x1006, IMG_20190627_235759.jpg)

Not sure if legit, but

No. 828461

I thought he just checked into a Marriott? or is the hotel where the con is happening

No. 828462

holyshit, is this recent? why? they're all a buncha liars and cheaters. this is so embarrassing. it will be lasered off or covered up in 2 years tops.

No. 828463

This post >>828454 in the A-kon facebook group is gone so I'm sure staff did something. Yikes Jared.

No. 828464

Heidi has confidence. And she's actually a naturally open and honest person. I've been following her on twitter/IG for a while and she's gotten really great at crafting and inspires others to do the same. She's the polar opposite of Holly. This is such a shit situation and i really do hope she is able to move forward and get into a much better place than ProSalamander.

No. 828465

ross’ mario maker 2 steam is super positive and wholesome, plus he’s getting tons of subs and support in chat. his genuine excitement is very cute and i can’t help but to feel happy for him for avoiding all this holly/jared drama and livin his best life’s

No. 828466

I lost a few brain cells going through this guys replies.

No. 828468

Can't wait for Jared's stans to spin this one. If Jared was abused and afraid of his wife why would he willfully go to an out-of-state convention she was attending? This isn't a local MTG convention. This is an airplane ride to a convention Heidi is very publicly attending as a guest judge for a cosplay competition.

No. 828471


"He Came Out to Have a Good Time and He's Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now!"

No. 828472


sage for tinfoil

but a set up by Jared so he can later say she is ruining his professional career/life by getting him kicked out of conventions? Maybe a calculated move for his divorce case or pedo case?

No. 828474

File: 1561695769951.png (29.83 KB, 584x260, creepyjared.png)


No. 828476

File: 1561695876853.png (40.65 KB, 622x472, psychos.png)


Pretty close.

No. 828478

File: 1561695969193.jpg (605.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190628-062457.jpg)

There's a post on Twitter going around about Holly's "I'm sorry. I'm mentally ill." post right now.

No. 828479

It's odd Jared would attend a con where Heidie is present after staying out of the public eye for so long obviously trying to avoid drama, technically he's been very careful about anything he said up until now and has not said anything bad about Heidie, perhaps he was hoping to get in contact with her behind Hollys back? It would be pretty funny if he ends up coming out with a statement denouncing Holly and claiming he never wanted any bad blood between him and Heidie, that hes sorry about how the relationship ended and he made major mistakes. and he doesn't know what the crazy bird lady is screeching about and she doesn't speak for him.

No. 828481

Clearly if a victim of abuse willingly knows and still goes to a con that their abuser is a guest at, then the abuser should leave so the victim can have a good ol' time!

That logic took at least 67 brain cells away.

No. 828482

File: 1561696067216.jpg (575.06 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190628-062506.jpg)

No. 828483

Doopie had an ED page when she was only like 13 or some shit so I'm not shocked that she'd supporting another cow.

No. 828484

Except it's not over since Holly constantly brings it up.

No. 828485

Going to cons where your terrifying abuser is a guest judge is a super normal thing for an abuse victim to do, righ?

No. 828486

Wonder how Holly feels about her man travelling across to country to be at the same con his "abuser" is at.

No. 828487


Inb4 Holly starts screeching
"Oh no! He's trying to go back to her because she has SUCH a hold on him mentally! I MUST GO FUC-… I MEAN SAVE HIM AGAIN!!!"

No. 828489

"He called me underneath his hotel bed begging for help because she was controlling him with bad magic! He was there against his will!" -Holly Logic

No. 828490

The most shocking thing to me is that Holly somehow managed to spin her fuck up with etika around to be about Heidi again.

No. 828491

File: 1561697312647.jpeg (135.8 KB, 800x1200, E53711AA-8320-426D-B24A-752202…)

I think what he really wants is some con puss to thrust into.

No. 828492


Jaltoid and Doopie need to shut the fuck up. Holly is the dumb bitch who constantly picks fights with people then cries about no one liking her. Then she had the nerve to bag about having a support system unlike Etika.

No. 828493

Ross confirmed he has a girlfriend on stream, so happy for him!

No. 828494

Which streams? Anyway you can clip and show

No. 828495

On his Twitch stream, he's live right now making Mario Maker 2 levels. No clip, sorry.

No. 828496

That absolutely disgusting skinny fat physique.

No. 828498

Bitch is already on her way to the airport I'm sure. Well get some wacked out "maybe I'll go to Texas 2 clear my head uwu~~" tweets soon enough.

No. 828505

File: 1561699924726.jpg (47.1 KB, 1010x365, birb bitch.jpg)

The fact he's going to the con Heidi is going to says a lotttttt
I wonder how Holly feels about this?
Anyway, snagged this off of tumblr

No. 828507

Too good to be true, anons.

No. 828510

I still really doubt he was there. I'd love if it was true though.

No. 828511

Christ almighty I really hate this "uwu so sensitive" shit when people do it. I knew girls like this in highschool who would start BAWLING when someone stepped on a spider or they'd find a dead lizard squished on the ground. You're at a fucking SUSHI PLACE. OF COURSE FISH WILL DIE THERE YOU FUCKING INBRED. Jesus… tell us… how much "not like other gurlz" are you, Holly???

No. 828513

Gonna have to agree. Won’t stop Holly from freaking the fuck out over the rumor though. Since it definitely seems like Jared isn’t with her atm.

No. 828515

This isn't middle school. No one has to pick a side because they think Holly is a daft cunt.

She's too stupid to see that though. It's borderline Onision tier, US VS THEM/THE WORLD logic

No. 828519

dat autumn pic tho

Probably just Holly in costume, begging Jared to put his on.

No. 828521

File: 1561703037521.jpg (308.28 KB, 611x1633, BananaStan.jpg)

And unfortunately, she's not alone.
Lysa Chen, the person basically in charge of the D&D social media presence, is stanning hard for her.
So basically if you even speak out against Holly you risk being "blacklisted" by her.

Oh, and Chris Perkins and others still follow her.

No. 828525

The others still following her is more of a saving face thing, I believe. You've seen how crazy Holly's asslickers get towards people and I doubt the rest of the crew would want to deal with that kind of harassment from them.

No. 828526

File: 1561703681391.png (499.19 KB, 1220x784, Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 12.03…)

i'm thinking that they're waiting for a lull in the drama waves to be able to unfollow her without making too much noise, except holly keeps going at it full-pelt

i like to think she is going to further enhance her birdshit haircut at this lmao. has she been tweeting today?
meanwhile, here is another screenshot of her WKs spreading kindness in heidi's direction. but of course holly is the one who's been getting unprecedented unparalleled levels of hate and namecalling. sure.

No. 828529

I know restraining orders don’t physically keep people away from eachother but i feel like people are playing up BS while forgetting stuff like that

No. 828532


What restraining order?

No. 828533

Most divorce cases require a restraining order be issued mostly for money issues

No. 828535


I know. Why are you talking about EPO restraining orders?

No. 828537


That's nice, dear. But this isn't the Ross fan thread. We knew he had a new gf last thread. We don't need running updates that he is still happy.

yeah, the 'phone died' excuse seems a bit convenient. Still, Holly will probably chimp about it anyway

No. 828538

Person 9,381 that thinks the restraining order is the keep 50 feet away from me kind, when it's the keep your hands off the financial assets kind, and applies to both of them.

No. 828540

I've been away from this drama for a week and now Anna and Nathan are having an affair and Cristina was being cheated on? Jesus christ what a bunch of retards.

These read fake and ingenuine as fuck. "beautiful cosplay anime loving wife" who the fuck writes that unless they're 100% a troll or a really unhinged and autistic, and I'm pretty sure these are from the same nutjob and she didn't get "thousands of these". And of course she's making Etika's suicide all about her, how else would it go down.

No. 828541

Except, again, she's stanning, so clearly she isn't angling for a stealth unfollow.

But man. One can hope, I guess. Would be the ideal outcome. Better than the alternative, "She can't be abusive, she was always nice to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

No. 828544

I'm just looking forward to the eventual blow up when Jared says something.
At this rate he could clear up his name if he said holly was the one who pushed for the relationship and he felt threatened by her insane behaviour so he just wanted to go along with her for his own safety.
If it turns out the minor allegations are fake then him cheating on heidi is probably the worst thing he has done.

No. 828545

Holly what the fuck, people calling you out for being a cheating home wrecker and lying about it isn't the same as people making fun of Etika's mental breakdowns. I can't believe this bitch is actually trying to whine about fucking clown emojis to ride Etika's suicide's coattails.

>But let me post cherrypicked texts of Heidi having a mental breakdown after months of gaslighting and mental abuse and use them as proof of what a crazy fucking bitch she was and out to get muh DD show while I know fully well I was slithering on the ground calling her ~pretty and nice~ when she confronted me!!!!

If she. Just took the L and went with it, publicly apologized for being a piece of shit and maybe took a LONG break from the internet until it calmed down, she would've probably come out okay in the end. But instead of that she took a few weeks off, came back with a vengeance and started posting bullshit caps calling Heidi every bad thing in the psychology book, showed absolute maliciousness to everyone not buying it and continued this for weeks on end. It's a case study on how to not handle things when you get caught doing immoral shit.

No. 828546

i was talking about chris and the other DCA people. this lysa chen person can just hope she doesn't get caught in the backlash

i don't think that's going to stick, because the narrative that he did the exact same thing with heidi, that is "she kept pushing to keep the marriage and he felt threatened/aBOOOOSed by her insane behavior" has already been peddled left right and center by his stupid mistress. it becomes a transparent excuse if he tries to repeat it

No. 828547

Or if she went down the "I was lied to by Jared" route, she'd even be able to gain some victim clout. Her and Jared's roleplay must have made her feel real special if he's the hill she's dying on in the end.

No. 828550

I actually think Holly is a worse person than Jared now.

No. 828551

Lysa Chen is an official WOTC employee who runs the social media side of D&D. She's also featured in one of D&D's official streams alongside super-Holly-stan Kayla Cline. And then there's also Bluejay.
When this many people working in official capacities with WOTC can still feel comfortable stanning for Holly…

No. 828552

imo she could have easily recovered if she claimed he manipulated/gaslighted her just as he did to Heidi. It's probably true, for one, she's just too deluded and infatuated to see it. But it also would provide an avenue for her to a) make up with Heidi because they were both victims, and b) deflect any criticism because Jared was the cheater and should be the focus of any hate, otherwise it's MISOGYNY. I know I was ready to hate on him the most because I blame cheaters more than the people they cheat with, and I'm more comfortable hating men than women. But Holly has just been so awful and obnoxious in so many ways and becomes more and more hateable by the day. I still think Jared is more in the wrong, but it's hard to maintain a consistent feeling of annoyance when he keeps quiet and doesn't keep digging his own grave on twitter.

No. 828553

I'm actually starting to believe that Holly was the abuser all along and is the one who forced herself on Jared (not like rape, but forced herself into a "relationship") with him based on his complete silence and her pushy nature to shove all blame onto Heidi.

No. 828554

File: 1561707705214.jpg (37.51 KB, 542x336, hoely.JPG)

Holly callout post on tumblr reached 50k notes in 3 days.

Considering how Tumblr has been somewhat dead recently, that's a fucking lot.

No. 828556

I'm really proud of how tumblr has been developing lately, seems like all the stupid fucks moved over to twitter.

No. 828557

The other theory discussed is that she's doubling down on this because this is her victory as the "unconventional girl" over the "conventionally attractive" one.

No. 828560

I'm convinced she suicide baited him for months while simultaneously drowning him in abuse articles. His marriage was already on the rocks and his role on DCA was probably more important to him. Apparently Holly was sending him angry texts and he probably felt like if she did off herself the blood would be on his hands. So yeah, I too believe she basically forced herself onto him.

No. 828562

50k notes exposing Holly vs 10 notes on the victim hit piece written by the crazy DiathxStrix fans. The truth about Holly is certainly out there, kids.

No. 828563

I absolutely believe that Jared did Heidi wrong, but I don't think it was out of malice, I think he was just a retard. Same with the minors on tumblr. He seems like the kind of guy who thinks with his dick.
Now Holly seems 100% malicious and vile, so I can definitely believe she suicide-baited him this entire time.
sage for tinfoil

No. 828564

In some ways, yes. Overall, Jared is obv the worse.

You feel Holly is worse because she WONT. STOP. TALKING.

No. 828565

Saying his worm made her stop being asexual was probably a huge boost to his already inflated nose/ego.

No. 828567

Jared is an absolute piece of shit who opened up a porn blog just to collect nude photos from his fans. He is a completely stupid prick. He also was an neglectful husband who constantly promised his wife he'd stop fucking around and try to work on his marriage, then do the exact opposite. He then painted the wife he gaslit for months (maybe years?) as an abuser because she dared to stand up for herself. A lot of the shit Holly is spouting is probably directly parroting what Jared has told her. So I think it goes beyond him being a retard.

I do think Holly is a malicious, vile, abusive bully though. It's hard to say who is worse.

No. 828568

Thinking with your dick instead of considering other people IS malice. Making your wife feel so jealous and insecure she goes full cool girl and allows an obviously one sided open relationship is malice. I don't believe for a second she was ever comfortable with it, just desperate to keep him, it just went too far when it was Holly.

No. 828569

I don't know if Holly is abusive, she could be or she could come off that way because she is mentally ill spoiled rich girl who has never not gotten what she wants and hasn't gotten long term proper therapy for her mental illness. Plus as much as Holly could have manipulated Jared, Jared could have found ways to manipulated her because she is mentally ill and couldn't empathize with Heidi and he took advantage of that.

No. 828570


You guys are right, fuck both of them.

No. 828575

File: 1561709573983.jpeg (85.22 KB, 640x627, 82A5DED4-A083-4C19-BF60-F8FC5F…)


My partner looks like a blonde version of Jared…kinda disturbing.(absolutely no1curr)

No. 828578

My partner is also a skinny guy with a pretty big nose and light brown hair. Luckily he has a chin, though. Jared's eyes are the absolute worst part though. That is what really gives him the creep factor for me.(stop comparing the ugly men in your life to Jared.)

No. 828579

If Holly never posted those receipts and shit talked about Heidi I would have sided with her. Being a side hoe doesn't always mean you are a bad person. Most of the time it's understandable that cheaters lie to their lovers. I have been in both situations myself as the side hoe and been cheated and what's funny is both situations were with my Jared look-a-like ex. (Transference I know) My Jared look-a-like ex was obsessed with having lots of female friends too. I don't think Holly has ever been cheated on either so she can't relate to what Heidi is feeling so she just sees it as her being controlling and "abusive".(no1curr)

No. 828591

"But it isn't unkind is it's trUwU" - Holly, paragon in the fight against cyberbullying

No. 828595

She gives them hope that they too can fuck an ugly but wealthy and mildly famous married man one day

No. 828596

check the date, it was done in december

No. 828597

I hope it's not him, but he's a pretty recognizable kind of ugly

No. 828600

my condolences

No. 828602

They're serial killers.

No. 828604

If Jared really got asked to leave the con, it probably has a lot more to do with the minors issue than anything else.

No. 828614

Also the fact that Heidi is a guest and they likely care more about her feeling safe than about Jared

No. 828620

>Still fucked he was choosing to wear his ring just days before. Really fucks her narrative that he was checked out well before then.

Wouldn't be shocked if she encouraged him to ditch the ring and was the first one to push for it, using the excuse he could be free of the aboose and yells she was trying to convince him he was a victim of

No. 828622

It’s because she doesn’t understand how different the situations are. For her she can literally WALK AWAY. She can shut off her computer, deactivate her accounts, and accept that yeah social medial is gonna suck for her now if she participates (he own damn fault and punishment) but she can still live her life if she makes the right choices. Etika didn’t have that option. He was sick. Even if he shut off his computer and never went online again, he’d still have mania, delusions, physical uncontrolled hurdles he couldn’t just overcome. It’s…not even close to her situation and as a mental health advocate the fact that she didn’t understand that and had to have it spelled out for her is pathetic

No. 828629

File: 1561725028412.jpg (59.31 KB, 400x720, Vs-sydney.jpg)

Jared cosplaying Sydney from Vagrant story pisses me off so much.

holyshit, i'm so happy the clown memes are making their rounds.

No. 828635

Id pump and dump him tbh, hes hot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 828642

File: 1561726466411.jpg (164.11 KB, 1000x1002, 5da.jpg)

Dump him where? In the compost heap with the other worms?

No. 828647

Hes hot, let a bitch fantasize.

No. 828657

Anon, love yourself.

No. 828664

You've even seen his dick and you say these things.

No. 828665

File: 1561727667554.png (5.63 MB, 1242x2208, 7ECEC116-8745-46DD-A02B-75C54F…)

Holly’s recent story on insta. I wasnt sure to sage this or not but i feel like it might have something to do with her haterz.

No. 828667

I think the combo of blonde hair covering up his face a bit plus the picture angle makes you notice his weak chin less. Or maybe that anon has a thing for lanky white guys.

No. 828669

I'm gagging

No. 828675

Whats wrong with his dick tho? Like I keep seeing people saying its all kinds of fucked up but it looks right to me????? What is it??(love yourself, anon)

No. 828681

Dicks are not the most attractive parts on any guys, i think it's extra ugly cus it comes attached to jared lolol

No. 828684

she's flipping through it looking for job ideas?

No. 828685

File: 1561729245054.jpg (637.68 KB, 2410x1771, chrome_Z2I7t0ewnl.jpg)

Jared was still wearing his ring February of this year. So Jared wasn't wearing it around Holly, but he was wearing it everywhere else.

No. 828686

OT but what a nice cat

No. 828688

I live for the detective work tbh. Good job!

No. 828690

Aries is the best

No. 828692


I searched for ever last night and there are no traces of him wearing his rings in public past November 2018 despite there being many of pictures of him ringless until now.

old pic? or whot? wasn't heidi moved out officially at the start of january?

No. 828693

i legit thought it was some generic shit

No. 828697


No, not until May of this year. When the announcement went public.

No. 828699

File: 1561730391310.png (1.59 MB, 2097x1609, chrome_HCE6s8jGj9.png)

No, she was moving out when they publicly announced their divorce. This photo was taken and posted Feb. 2nd after Aries could be touched after his surgery.

No. 828700

File: 1561730464365.png (1.53 MB, 1298x721, progaywristbands.png)


Wow so he would never wear it publically and only with around her? thats fuckin weird.. like here here is Dec 10 2018 on Normalboots twitch channel. and after twitch con 2018, he never wore it on DCA streams

No. 828704

File: 1561730710572.png (1 MB, 1259x832, no ring.png)

and here is he is Feb 6 2019 on DCA with no ring?

No. 828705

Remember, he was telling all his friends he was being abused by Heidi around this time.

No. 828707

File: 1561731054642.png (311.03 KB, 598x562, cheese the moose.png)

No. 828710

>private facebook

No. 828711

This reeks of 'boys will be boys' mentality. Might wanna adjust your moral compass there, Anon

No. 828712

Makes sense - he was feeding his friends the abusive wife story so they probably didn't question his lack of ring. But wore it around Heidi so she didn't expect anything was wrong.

If you pointed this out to Holly I'm positive she'd spin it into " She MADE him wear it and he was scared cuz she might yell at him!! abuse!"

No. 828713

My first thought as well. What a conniving little shit.

No. 828715

Oh no I mean just that there's no point in treating someone who is too stupid to understand with vitriol because then they won't learn, you have to approach stupid people differently than willfully malicious ones.

No. 828720

File: 1561732031990.png (125.39 KB, 622x822, cheeseyvagina.png)

does anyone have any ideas of when heidi found the texts?

Early February she was still posting Jared and saying he was that man she married in a tweet. so maybe around the time of this tweet? she doesnt tag him much after this

No. 828724

File: 1561732867522.jpg (455.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190628-093950.jpg)

No. 828725

Does anyone have the screenshot she posted?

No. 828727

[citation needed]

No. 828728

Didn't it happen right before the announcement? Holly says Heidi refused to leave until she found the texts so that was right around the time she moved out and the stuff went down on twitter. Heidi said Jessie was there with her while she cried the weekend the texts/nudes were found because they were at a con together. She and Jessie were at Louisianime on April 21 so it was probably that weekend.

No. 828732

Even if she said “Yes Jared and I were involved with one another and were hoping to keep things private.” and then bounced from Twitter for a bit, came back, and carried on Tweeting as normal while ignoring hate she could have been fine.

Instead she had to come back to WK Jared and defend his and her honor in the worst way possible. This was a big shitshow on all sides but Heidi comes out looking fine because the only people buying the “Heidi is crazy” bs are women who look like Holly and men who are mad women like Heidi wouldn’t give them the time of day so they like the crazy ex wife idea.

Jared still has the nudes with minors shit to deal with.

No. 828733

Or follow his example and go complete radio silent

No. 828738

File: 1561733798098.jpg (188.6 KB, 824x1172, D7DV2jDWkAAxazK.jpg)


this is very old content anon, but here ya go

No. 828742

Okay I have been seeing posts saying Jared's flown down to A-kon where Heidi has a booth is this true? Cause if it is what a creeper. Then again Jared's a pedo so not surprising if he'd sink that low.

No. 828745

Also true. She didn’t have to say anything. The worst crime she committed at the time was being the other woman.

Now in her quest to prove that Heidi was the abuser all along, she’s the only one looking crazy and showed her true colors, more now with the whole Etika bs. All Heidi did was get mean and angry which is normal for a woman with a shitty husband.

No. 828746

Holly replied and said it wasn't true, for now it has not confirmed.

No. 828748

File: 1561734210157.jpeg (70.1 KB, 611x508, B5FF3010-81D1-4D49-A84F-EDC65C…)

>Goes private
>it’s for my mental health uwu
>still looking for any mention of Jared and her

No. 828749

What does she have a tracking device on Jared or something?

No. 828750

I really hope he hasn't gone there people are speculating it because he wants to intimidate her and that'd be fucked up.

No. 828751

With that May 7th FB post that seems like a likely timeline.

No. 828757

File: 1561734692695.png (585.6 KB, 574x911, heidi finds out.png)

Heidi found out April 21st or April 22nd when she was attending a convention as a guest with @JessiePrideMore

Jessie has publically called out Jared on her twitter in support of Heidi.

No. 828759

Heidi may have omitted info about her and Jared’s poly attempt (which wasn’t exactly relevant since they stopped being poly), but her timeline has been very consistent unlike Holly’s.

She gave information as needed and is a much more reliable narrator than Holly.

No. 828762

This is the first Ive ever heard of Nate cheating on Cristina. No screencaps of any of these deleted tweets from her.

Also youre all being manipulated by Heidi so easily just because you want to smack down this group its amazing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 828765

File: 1561735063810.png (23.01 KB, 587x174, WHOT.png)