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File: 1552327353452.png (713.69 KB, 1039x819, blocks ur path.PNG)

No. 785476

Suzy has posted so much shit since September 2018 so It’s hard to gather info

>Suzy is no longer going to be posting on vids on her KittyKatGaming account, apparently having been told by a Youtube Rep to “stop uploading” (based). Is planning on making a twitch account.

>She’s been making a lot more merch, like tees, pins and hats
>Game Grumps release new merch collection titled “Game Gyaru” which has Arin and Danny reimagined as 80’s animu girls

From the previous thread:
>Suzy has lost weight and refuses to get surgery for her thyroid problems, anons are speculating that it’s lipo
>Stampy keeps insulting Suzy on twitter, calling her fat
>Barry left GG
>Good Game is released, it’s shit.
>some artist drew DD genderbend fanart and got sent death threats over it
>Daddy Dating Simulator gets released, people have mixed Suzy is voicing Val in it
>Game Grumps started a podcast
>Suzy and Arin buy a new, mutated munchkin kitten, name him Otto after some youtuber’s recently deceased cat

Last thread >>>/snow/338648

Suzy's shit:

The Let's Player formerly known as Egoraptor:

Dan Avidan:


The Reality Show Cosplayer:

her husband, Ross O'Donovan

No. 785477

File: 1552327468934.png (76.79 KB, 1424x391, KT.PNG)

Old udder, fresh milk? I was reading the old threads and found Arin's DeviantART again, specifically that portrait he drew of "Katie".
Well, apparently she found it a day before me and now she's replied to some curious fan (or farmer). It's definitely her, is this old news, or did Katie just spill some milk?


No. 785478

Suzy and the Grumps have had little to no drama in the past year and a half, so I don't understand why a new thread was necessary, especially since the last one was never full.

No. 785481

Yeah this thread is pretty unnecessary, the only "drama" I could think of is Ross and Holly's divorce which OP somehow missed that making the thread, and even that wasn't anything special since they're still friendly to each other. No milk to be seen.

No. 785482

As you said, that's barely milk–if anything it's skim milk. As for Suzy's weight loss, she's been gradually losing more and more throughout the year so I highly doubt it's lipo, and if it is, how is that any problem? She's not claiming to have lost it in any specific way like Momo had been.

No. 785483

why did they get divorced?

No. 785488

From what I remember Holly hated LA and wanted to move somewhere better for her birds, Ross is in a contract and can't leave LA, so they separated. They're still close, Ross kept Orph, they talk to each other frequently on IG and Twitter and sound really amicable.

No. 785494

I would have posted in the last thread if it wasn't full, anon.

I didn't include it because I don't follow GG news, just wanted to post that image in case it was important

There's no harm in having a thread in case drama comes up though, it can sink to the bottom of snow, but it will be here if anything comes up in future.

No. 785496

If you don't follow GG news, why is a thread even needed? Are you just looking for whatever stale milk that might be sitting around? At least try to give us some updated milk if you feel like a thread is warranted–having a thread "in case drama comes up" isn't necessary.

No. 785499

You should've included the fact that Dan finally went public with his girlfriend.

No. 785500

did you even read what I'd written?
>I was reading the old threads

I found something I thought could be potentially new news, so I went to post it in the most recent gg thread, and guess what? It was full. I made a thread to post something that I found of a subject that has filled, what? Like 3 full threads? Didn't seem like much harm to me in case something new came up.

No. 785502

New news? Theiy're making merch and Suzy lost weight, that's such milky news anon, thank you for giving it to us. /s


I honestly feel bad for his girlfriend because of the way some of the GG fans can be–there's tons of 'fan accounts' on instagram posting pictures of her and Dan talking about how good looking she is and how much of 'goals' they are. I understand why he kept it private for so long.

No. 785503

you continue to ignore my post, I'm talking about the DeviantART comment that has Katie saying how Suzy admitted to manipulating Arin into not talking to her.

No. 785504

nayrt but it straight up says Suzy apologized for that… in 2010. 9 year old milk is now considered fresh these days? Damn.

No. 785505

Katie has talked about that drama before, the reply itself is the only thing that's new. I'm not ignoring your post, I just fail to see how that one bit of milk is enough to make a whole new thread.

No. 785676

well there we go, I didn't know that. That's the reason I made the thread, you answered your own question

No. 785680

That is the dumbest reason for a divorce I've ever heard.

What's all this about Suzy being asked by a YT staff member not to upload?

No. 785682

I think it’s more complicated than just wanting to move, Holly owned/inherented a house in Washington (?) after her grandfather died and wanted to leave LA. She talks a LOT now about having codependency issues and claims she is asexual and demisexual (lol) so maybe there were other factors and wanting to live in her grandfathers house was just the final straw

No. 785729

File: 1552393528930.png (73.17 KB, 781x611, 12653436535458.PNG)

nta but it's pretty logical to make a new thread for info you think is new if you can't post in a full thread

yeah I saw something about that on twitter, it was back at the start of the year. I was going to post it but I assumed someone had already lol

No. 785730


Agreed. Yet another milkless thread in /snow

No. 785739

My sub feed has always worked perfectly fine and the comments of the vid she made on this issue were full of people saying stuff like "oh no it's working for me but i'm so sorry it's happening to other people!!"
Her gaming channel was never popular and seeing her blame it on youtube is equal parts sad and hilarious

No. 785909

File: 1552422816758.jpg (85.44 KB, 824x776, 1338058486252.jpg)

From what I read on Arin's kiwi thread, Holly didn't like being called a 'Grump' and being associated with the channel because GameGrump fanboys would draw disgusting nsfw fanart of her and suzy. I wont link any because fuckthatshit but, there is a whole subreddit dedicated to gamegrump rule 34 where they sexualize their girlfriends and wives and them. It's fucking gross. Most of the top post on there are related to Holly. While I don't know much about her tbh, from what I have seen she doesn't purposely ever sexualize herself in pictures or videos etc and yet the top post on there is someone who capped a pic of her butt when she had to bend down on a stream or comparing her to so some naked chick or the many lesbian porn drawings of her and suzy.

So, I completely understand her wanting to cut all ties with a divorce. While obviously GameGrumps can't stop their manchild fanbase from making rule 34 of them, I'm shocked that Arin apparently endorsed it(I don't have proof of this but, that's what a kiwi post said)and that Suzy once was also was ok with it but, then later changed her mind because she probably got mad seeing most of them only drew porn of her when it involved Holly and got jelly they prefer Holly over her or some shit. Either way, just shows how messed up their community is.

Danny is going to regret wanting to bring his gf into the community if he cares about her because they're already discussing if it's "allowed to post dan's gf on here??". for those who are curious just go on r/polygrumps and try not to vomit.

No. 785915

File: 1552423676618.png (30.63 KB, 639x251, 1.png)

Here is a tweet of Suzy supporting polygrumps back in 2014.

No. 785940

??? When has this EVER happened? Why would Youtube personally come forward and be like "Hey Snooze stop posting videos." Like, that's so weird. There's plenty of failed/failing channels that still upload a ton and no one is telling them to cut it out. Is there any more context for this?

No. 785972

God, I never thought about that. I’m so used to rule 34 of the guys because that seems to be passed around a lot more but I never thought about anyone targeting the girls. If that’s the case then I feel really bad for Holly, and Dan should’ve kept his gf’s identity hidden at least to prevent the same from happening to her. The GG fan base is such a cess pool.

No. 786112

Of course Suzy was okay with it, they drew her skinny and sexy, or shopped her onto some fit pornstar

No. 786122

She talks about it around 1:30. I think it's more likely that she kept whining to them about not getting enough views on her shitty vids so they eventually just told her "hey, if you really think it's your channel you can just make a new one" and she made it sound like they told her to stop posting.
Her videos never got any views because she has 0 personality and is so dumb watching her play is physically painful. Not to mention her makeup channel failed too. But I guess it's easier to believe someone is erasing her subs and views than to accept that this isn't the job for her.

No. 786598

Holly gets depressed a lot, and so needed a location that helps with said depression.
Ross moved to LA from Perth to become an animator, and so for the time being is locked in to LA.
To me that really seems like a weaksauce reason to break up a marriage over, and not even close to the entire story. Thing is though they both seem lovely so there's no way I'd ever pry.

No. 786765

To me Holly just…doesn't seem like wife material, and I don't mean that in a bad way. She appears to prefer the companionship of her birds and isn't really interested in being in a romantic relationship. Her and Ross always seemed mostly platonic to me anyway. Maybe it was a visa marriage that eventually burned out. Who knows.

No. 786956

All I know is that whenever I'm down I can watch a video where the two get a taco, and it makes me less down. Maybe because he acts like a giant bird himself.

No. 786961

I loved watching this back then! I wish they still made vlogs like this. They were so cute and entertaining esp. doing the most mundane things. Suzy could never

No. 788784

File: 1553136060238.png (280.47 KB, 540x395, yfkltiadfy.png)

>there is a whole subreddit dedicated to gamegrump rule 34 where they sexualize their girlfriends and wives and them
>the top post on there is someone who capped a pic of her butt when she had to bend down on a stream or comparing her to so some naked chick or the many lesbian porn drawings of her and suzy.
>"allowed to post dan's gf on here??"
Christ…..good for her for getting away from that shit, whether that was the reason for the divorce or not. I hope she gets some good therapy and doesn't just become a damaged bird lady shut in. I can totally see Ross (or any of the guys) being shitty gaslighting assholes about something like that though
>ugh what do you want me to do? just have them NOT draw porn of you?
>this is my JOB!! you think we could afford this house if I didn't work so hard?? and you want me to be ungrateful and tell them to stop drawing fanart???
>it's a compliment!! you're totally overreacting

No. 789137

My initial reaction was to WK hard for Ross when you said that. Then I remembered they Jon under the bus for reasons that TotalBiscuit took to his grave, so it wouldn't be without precedent.

No. 789175

>Arin apparently endorsed it
Basically he said he didn't mind porn of himself existing, even shipping him with his friends but he obviously can't speak for the others
Well Jon turned out to be a gigantic white supremacist piece of shit so I won't shed a tear for him, and I wouldn't be surprised if his sudden departure had to do with that

No. 789180

did any of GG ever say anything about the jontron/destiny debate?

No. 789181

Friends don't let friends become white supremacists in the first place. Especially if they're Persian coz that makes no sense at all.

No. 789185

Not a lot. They normally prefer pretending that he never existed at all.

No. 789193

Jon is a grown man, his friends shouldn't be "letting" him be anything. He became a white supremacist by his own fault, blaming arin for this is ridiculous.

No. 789478


That and what exactly are they suppose to say? In the case of Jon turning out to be a racist git, Arin and Dan did the smartest thing possible by not bringing it up. Only 1/1000 of their fam still gives a shit about former Not So Grump, anyway. The rest are SJWs who think they have the moral high ground of Mother Theresa. Water + gasoline = a loss in their retard revenue. They were right to stay quiet.

No. 789696

>He became a white supremacist

So, he's confirmed a white supremacist?
I kept hearing that when it was going on but everyone else made it seem like a joke. I never knew who to believe, but Jon seems shaken from the entire thing.

No. 789802

Seconding this. Not that I don't believe it, seems totally plausible but I think I must've just missed any uproar about it – what's the story here? Last thing I remember was Jon defending his use of "retarded" (but I never actually followed any of the GG crew themselves, I just followed the last GG threads until they lay dormant here for however long. I suppose there's some catching up to do since then)

No. 789850

Long story short: Jon believes white genocide is real and that America is a white country and working to keep it that way "isn't racist or bad"

No. 789890

Oh yikes, the uproar makes sense now
That’s really weird coming from Jon since he’s mixed lmao. No wonder he was constantly getting into fights with his friends.

No. 789902

I don't wanna impose stereotypes but mixed kids seem so obsessed with race, I mean look at Brittany Venti

No. 789970

Yeah he even wore an ss uniform as a “joke”
Didn’t he respond to that by saying that all that mattered was his skin tone?

No. 790007

File: 1553473332174.png (200.5 KB, 1239x522, Screen Shot 93.png)

Sheesh….no kidding. I thought Jon was such a nobody at this point that I figured "Gee, no one is stupid enough to be OPENLY racist in this day and age, especially not a public figure. The only people that pay any attention to him anyways are his diehard fans/the GG community, and even then they probably had to piece it together from odd comments here and there or who he was following on twitter or something. That's why I missed it, obviously." but yikes it's literally in his Wiki bio at the top of the page:
>In early 2017, Jafari faced backlash from media outlets and fans after making public comments on race and immigration. Jafari's comments were characterized by news commentators as aligning with far-right or alt-right politics. Shortly after the backlash to these statements, he stepped down as an active member of NormalBoots.

I thought I'd have to find some random vendetta tumblr with screenshots piecing it all together and EXPOSING him but nvm he really is that stupid. Holy shit.

No. 790008

This sounds like some deep-seated self-hatred concerning his ancestry. Therapy is cheaper than destroying your career.

No. 790051

I agree, I remember on a GG episode or two he would refer to his father as “foreign” which was kinda strange imo. There were also screenshots floating around on an old account suspected to be his, that Jon used to get yelled at by his parent/s. Not sure how credible those were tho.
Maybe he was actually cut from GG because of his strange attitude towards things like that, but Jon probably wanted to leave and go on his own anyway. Arin is suspect too, but who knows.

No. 790068

Sure, Jon and Arin on game grumps is ancient history by now but this is easily searchable.

No. 790073

Oh shit, I forgot about that
Jon really is insane

No. 790159

What an annoying bitch. Any normal person wouldnt want their partner being buddies with someone they loved before and never got together with solely because it was one sided.

No. 790197

File: 1553525158444.png (1.1 MB, 750x1176, screenshot.png)

This thread made me look at Suzy's insta for the first time in years, not gonna lie the caption on this one made me kek. Their fans really are insane. I wouldn't blame Holly at all for wanting to get away from that, and Snooz must be overjoyed that she gets to be the the only ~gAmEr gUrL~ now

No. 790212

He's not a white supremacist.
He's not even white.
There's plenty of POC in his videos that he's 110% chill.
He's used some of their talking points in a debate with Destiny tho, so I guess he's branded forever.

No. 790214

>That and what exactly are they suppose to say?
Yo Jon that thing you said one time, you were joking about it right? I bring it up because it seems kinda bad for our brand and a little, a lot plain wrong. You wanna schedule a time where we can parcel it out in private?

No. 790223

Yeah, but any normal person would also try to resolve the issue in a way that doesn't involve gaslighting their current partner.(samefag)

No. 790254

File: 1553532586246.png (1.19 MB, 1175x752, 1.png)

Fuck I shouldn't have checked because her fucking reselling Chinese jewelry shit fucking enrages me.

>each made by me

no. you did not fucking make this you lazy sack of shit. At fucking most you drew a basic ass scorpion and commissioned it for a real jewelry designer to make. I fucking hate how she claims she makes all her shit because none of her fans know what it even means to make and design something from scratch. Just fucking stop deluding yourself.

Btw, there is a video where she basically confirms she has someone make her shitty jewelry, she just sends a badly drawn concept to an actual designer(probably with Arin's GameGrump money)and has them do all the work and she just resells it to her stupid followers who think she's actually talented at something.

No. 790256

Video I'm referring to.

No. 790262

she lost a lot of weight. her figure looks great.

No. 790556

>Jon can't be racist because he has black friends!


No. 790558

Racists don't have black friends. They're scared of black cooties.

No. 790562

Whoever posted that is likely the same tard (or one of the tards) who's been shitting up /ot/ with /pol/ shit. Don't take what he says seriously, his IQ is room temperature.

No. 790579

Ross and Holly were such a sweet couple. very sad to hear about the divorce. the fanbase is toxic and vile, filled with socially awkward neckbeards. I'd be pissed too if they were drawing porn of me (if i were holly) cuz she already has social anxiety and is self conscious about how she looks. she also respects herself, unlike Suzy. Hope everything gets better for Holly.

No. 790680

Things were going pretty great for her after her move, but then her car was stolen from her own backyard. They never found it.
But it's been a month since then and she's doing good again. She on new medicine I believe. I really hope her and Ross do well separately.

No. 790837

They did find her car, she tweeted about it awhile ago. Both of them seem content separated, or at least they're putting on a brave face on social media.

No. 791498

That they're being so respectful now is evidence in itself that they're quality human beans.

No. 791545

I'm glad she got it back. Yeah, i would have been frustrated too if my car immediately got stolen after moving to a new state. It sucks LA was the deal breaker, but i can understanding not wanting to live in a city you hate, and LA is awful. Good for her and her mental health.

No. 792008

File: 1553964360990.png (354.95 KB, 1125x2001, 87EF53B8-1AFA-4EDF-AE91-F84930…)

This fandom really is the worst.

No. 792053

File: 1553968054698.png (47.52 KB, 590x401, suz.PNG)

>foot privileges
They really need to be more firm with their fans, and I feel like sometimes Suzy encourages the behavior.
Maybe they don't want to upset the people that give them money, but it bites them in the butt when their psycho fans show up at their house.

No. 792092

Suzy does encourage it, so she's a massive hypocrite.

No. 792194

File: 1553985313791.png (19.76 KB, 900x202, god wtf.PNG)

Out of curiosity I did go look, and honestly what the fuck.

No. 792239

Gross. These people really need to find their own significant others.

No. 792372

Why am I not surprised that Suzy is the kind of nutcase that schemes to isolate Arin from any female friends so she can dig her claws into him?

No. 792392

Did I miss something? What did she do?

No. 792407

This is highly disturbing… Who even gets off drawing youtube celebs this way? And the fact that suzy is okay with it. I hope Dan's gf stays far away from this shit

No. 792538

Arin is not allowed to have any female friends unless they are already in relationships or else Snoozy gets jealous.

No. 792637

Part of me wishes Arin didn't end up with Suzy, as their relationship seems a bit unhealthy. But I'm wary of Katie replying to a 4-year-old comment to stir shit up again about her and Arin. That's some shady shit.

No. 792641

How much are you guys willing to bet that Katie regrets marrying said boyfriend, and now that Arin's e-famous and rolling in Jewtube Bux, she won't let go of the three lousy years Arin and her were friends over a decade ago.

No. 792682

Why else would she be looking up Arin's old stuff and answering several year old comments to talk about how much he liked her and how evul Suzy made him stop talking to her? She probably realizes now that she missed out on marrying a millionaire and is bitter.

No. 792734

Arin, Snooze, and Katie are officially living out the lyrics to Sk8er Boi.

No. 792751

Re: Stamper, its not just Twitter. I remember in one of Suzy's Q&A vids she mentioned being offended after one of the guests on Table Flip insinuated she was fat. I'm 99% sure she was referring to Stamps. The convo according to her went a bit like this:

Guest: "Nice costume"
Suze, jokingly: "We could switch"
Guest: "Yeah, and I bet I could fit in it too."

No. 792765

File: 1554150264205.jpg (316.13 KB, 1080x1604, IMG_20190402_042237.jpg)

>if I hadn't turned Arin down he and Suzy wouldn't be together and Game Grumps definitely wouldn't exist

Calm down, sis.

No. 792770

>you're welcome i guess

yea this chick just sounds like someone who would brag about a celebrity who went to their highschool once 6 years ago. she just regrets passing on arin when he was a weeby angsty highschooler now that he is rolling in youtube bux.

No. 792777

>He knows he's always welcome back in my life with open arms

Seems sketchy. I wouldn't be surprised if that the email between Arin and her that Suzy found was dripping with desperation, hence Suzy's "back off" message.

Suzy and Arin are toxic, but at this point they've been married longer than this Katie chick was ever friends with Arin.

No. 792784

I'm torn because on one hand Snoozy seems exactly like the kind of person who'd be paranoid of other girls and think they're out to get her man.

On the other hand the Katie girl really does seem like exactly the kind of person who would sneakily try to steal her man, under the guise of innocently rekindling a friendship.

No. 792793

Are there a bunch of newfags in the snooze thread now that havent read the heaps of old receipts backing up Arins neckbeard love life of chasing after his female friends & snoozes whole regina george gf attitude or is Snooze herself bored posting on LC to kick up some relevancy after "youtube" fucked with her "algorithm".
(Why even start up a new thread on her and the group when its reduced to nostalgiafags)

No. 792820

File: 1554158587240.png (30.68 KB, 625x202, suzy u can have her.png)

Apparently Arin and Suzy have been plotting for Jacksepticeye and Girlgamergab(?) to get together while Jacksepticeye was still with his ex? I might be wrong.

No. 792849

IIRC Jack and Gab both separated with their partners around the same time last year, in October, before announcing they were together this year. So I think their relationship checks out.

No. 792883

File: 1554171442687.jpg (439.65 KB, 2048x1366, DSC06554_2000x3000_c7b57aad-f6…)

Welp. Arin and Dan body pillows. This is what it's come to. (also in the Game Gyaru version, of course)

No. 792884

File: 1554171490910.png (256.19 KB, 1093x478, Screen Shot 101.png)

No. 792893

Does that really come as a surprise? Mad people wanna fuck Dan.

No. 792897

Ok, I thought this was an April Fools prank, but I got as far as it wanting credit card information at checkout so…I guess it's real. And that's sad.

No. 792907

why is their fanbase so gross and weird? arin is kind of gross and degenerate but aren't the rest of the guys kind of normal? are they not weirded out by this?

No. 792912

This is fucking nasty I swear to God. Game Grumps fans are on par with Hamilton fans and I don't doubt there's a big overlap of the two.

No. 792935

Are we even surprised tho? Stamper always liked to shit on people like that and then go whine that anyone who didn't go along with it was a humourless dick. If anything, he and Snooze are both similar in that they go running to their Twitter hugbox full of thirsty fans up their ass, telling them they can do no wrong. Sage for ot.

No. 792946

I wouldn't take that bet. All the notoriety of being Arin's GF also comes with all the drawbacks. Plus the brand is dying isn't it? I don't know that he's smart enough to make all of it last.

No. 792955

>you can ask me anything else
>I don't mind answering question
>replies to a question from '15

I dunno, she seems pretty eager to spill dirt recently for some reason.

No. 792970

Yeah we're here to shit on Suzy and co., but this is just stupid. It's clearly a joke. Yeah some weirdo will probably hump them but it's still a harmless silly joke.

Sage goes on the email field, it's not enough to just say "sage for w/e"

No. 792973

It's more than a joke if they're actually producing them to sell and people are buying them for $50 a pop. Both Dan and Arin ones are sold out now.

No. 794011

File: 1554250041634.gif (1.08 MB, 268x175, ewdavid.gif)

>Both Dan and Arin ones are sold out now.
goddammit….I want to believe they made 1 each and just one deranged fan bought both. I cannot believe people would actually buy this shit

No. 794022

it's even weirder because they're like, real people in actual relationships with other real people. and they wonder why their fanbase is comprised entirely of hypersexual retards?

No. 794034

>Harmless silly joke
Ok I get you're upset this ain't Suzy milk but Game Grumps is part of the thread as well. Also people who ship actual people are weird and if you've seen some Game Grumps fanart, there's a lot of Dan and Arin yaoi involved.

No. 794099

No. 794103

File: 1554267490701.png (363.12 KB, 1440x1766, Screenshot_2019-04-02-23-57-39…)

This one caught my eye

No. 794106

this is an imageboard

No. 794107

While this milk might've been vaguely interesting, it is incredibly curdled at this point. This chick's chance to spill tea and make waves is long gone. It's been over a decade, it's seriously way past time to get over an internet friendship.

No. 794138

File: 1554285193293.jpg (96.87 KB, 584x776, yikes.jpg)

Wow, Suz confirmed for right. KT was a bad friend after all. You don't publicly shit on your friends like that KT.

It's this one that really stood out to me though. Knew Arin was older. Didn't know he was that much older.

No. 794143

He's not. Arin was born in 1987, Suzy in 1989. She just posted pics of her 30th birthday on IG. Not sure what Katie hopes to achieve by exaggerating their age gap.

No. 794145

File: 1554287919616.jpg (228.05 KB, 1080x1352, IMG_20190403_183448.jpg)

Lmfao I can only hope to strive to this level of passive aggressiveness

No. 794147

File: 1554288860138.jpg (299.01 KB, 1080x1445, IMG_20190403_185357.jpg)

No. 794148

File: 1554288954973.jpg (136.94 KB, 1080x741, IMG_20190403_185412.jpg)

I don't think she's aware that she's actually doing Snooze a favor by acting even crazier in comparison.

No. 794150



this katie bitch is crazy

No. 794151

File: 1554289890291.gif (1.72 MB, 403x250, giphy (3).gif)

No. 794154

This is like Skt8r boi by Avril Lavigne except it's W33b boi instead.

No. 794156

Feeling kinda bad for KT's husband right now.

No. 794158

Snooze getting a taste of her own crazy bitch medicine is the funniest thing Ive seen in a while, bet shes seething while trying to take the moral highground despite her own egomaniacle nature kek

No. 794159

Does this girl have more milk? She's displaying some prime cow qualities here

No. 794160

File: 1554293131356.jpg (80.28 KB, 599x667, cookoo.jpg)

There's zero chance she doesn't. Arin clearly has a thing for bananas.

No. 794162

File: 1554294630378.png (182.1 KB, 750x1334, EB1D5BAB-E3E4-4BFB-8448-474318…)

No. 794163

OK then

No. 794164

Sorry for samefag but this is creepy, sounds like she wants to wear suzys skin

No. 794170

Holy hell she is batshit crazy and raging that she’s not a “millionaire housewife” like Suzy is. Arin dodged a bullet.

No. 794177

File: 1554297623443.jpg (268.07 KB, 1080x1256, sk8erboi2019.jpg)

>I can't judge their relationship
>judges it

Arin sure can pick 'em

No. 794180

File: 1554299487228.jpg (79.96 KB, 1080x476, IMG_20190403_192846.jpg)

Watch out, Dan.

No. 794184

Fucking shit, this looks so much like she's trying to "pave the road" in case Arin wants to drop Suzy. Like "Yeah Arin, remember me? I was your first crush and I am still such a nice girl teehee I wish you the best! Oh yeah, and your wife is a jealous bitch, unlike me!"

No. 794185

Ikr? If someone would have told me three years ago that Arin's dream girl actually turned out to be a creepy stalker Suzy-clone waiting in the wings, I never would have believed it.

No. 794188

Or maybe you could be their waitress if they're ever in Chicago. Anything is possible!

Why hasn't she got friends that will tell her she's being pathetic, and why isn't she listening to them?

No. 794197

File: 1554303041158.jpg (150.78 KB, 1080x976, heavybreathing.jpg)

I think you're right.

No. 794200

File: 1554303138340.jpg (256.51 KB, 1080x1704, smallestviolin.jpg)

No. 794206

i cant believe theres a cow so insane that 1. shes jealous of suzy bc of ARIN (okay, it’s money, but still) & 2. I FEEL BAD FOR SUZY

No. 794236

Lmao, why would you feel bad for lying, scamming Snooze? Especially when she can just block Kat and move on with her life. It's not like she's new to dealing with crazy when your average GG fan is fucking nuts.

No. 794238

She doesn't have to. Looks like Suze and Arin both ignore all KT's attempts to tweet at them, reply to them, or quote-tweet them.

No. 794241

File: 1554309450327.jpg (270.54 KB, 1080x1163, bigyikes.jpg)

If she held on to junk like this all this time and is parading it around now, I'm 99% there's like a shrine to Arin somewhere in her house.

No. 794242

A good move, imo. A block would still be an interaction, meaning prince arin and witch Suzy saw her tweets and were triggered by her truth bombs

No. 794245

God, her poor husband. It seems to me she must talk about him a lot if it's enough to make him jealous. It's not a bad thing to save artwork or memorabilia from past lovers or people you've had flirtatious relationships with in the past, but it's innapropriate in my opinion to keep them in sight of your current significant other. In all honesty to let them know it's there at all and not have it tucked away could cause unneeded hurt. For many, that kind of behavior would be a deal breaker or at the very least, a great hinderance on the relationship. He should drop her like a hot potato

No. 794246

File: 1554310216515.jpg (217.73 KB, 1080x1063, 937261.jpg)

Seems like she was doing exactly that even before they were married.

I guess she's already divorced, if she married that boyfriend like she said, but now refers to him as her ex.

No. 794266

Yeah the tweets shared here actually make her look insane.

It feels a lot like she just wants any type of “iNtErNeT fAmE!1!” but because she has no way of getting attention herself she just brings up arin and snooze whenever she can. But she needs to realise that it just makes her look crazy jealous. Why would she want to be friends with Suzy so bad? Any normal person would have let it go years ago

No. 794273

Trying to be friends with Suzy feels really disingenuous. She's so transparently bitter about the whole thing. Like she pretends Arin is her secondhand scraps, but you know that the first chance she gets, she'll try to grab him right from under Suzy. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be friends with you, if you had the gall to call their husband "my Jorah"?

No. 794281

This is a lie, Arin isn't that much older. Arin would have been 15-16 at the time he met Suzy. Damn this bitch is crazy.

No. 794290

She vaguetweets a lot about how Suze isn't good for him, but if Arin had ended up with KT instead, he'd be absolutely no better off. Maybe even worse.

No. 794314

If what she says is true about her husband physically abusing her, that is disgusting and not okay under any circumstance, but it's disgusting to blame arin for that. he's a lazy piece of shit but she needs to take some accountability and not blame arin for her abusive husbands actions. thats unbelievably manipulative.

No. 794320

File: 1554323404103.jpg (45.06 KB, 451x401, Capture.JPG)

i can't believe i'm defending suzy but i can understand why she felt so threatened by katie

No. 794322

If it's true absolutely. All spouse beaters should hang. Only what makes you believe her? How exactly is she credible?

No. 794325

Given what we've seen of her so far it's at least as plausible that she was hitting him.

No. 794326

File: 1554323798160.jpg (60.36 KB, 998x641, melissa.JPG)

>huge inspiration behind Egoraptor's character Melissa

She proudly brags about that 15 years later, knowing Arin uploaded "Melissa" nudes on his deviantart.

No. 794327

File: 1554324028857.jpg (177.17 KB, 1044x832, melissa 2.jpg)

No. 794334

I'm not saying it's true or not because there's no other details, I'm saying whether or not it's true, it's awful to blame arin for that.

No. 794335


No. 794336

File: 1554324985359.jpg (42.1 KB, 475x511, 5.JPG)

No. 794337

File: 1554325405056.jpg (41.64 KB, 647x461, 8.JPG)

No. 794376

Wow. This girl is actually worse than Suzy, by a lot. It's been like 15 years, get some fucking therapy.

No. 794396

File: 1554335774961.jpg (309.58 KB, 1080x1724, suzynoticeme.jpg)

What's with her enormous fucking sense of entitlement? Why does she keep acting as if Arin or Suzy owe her anything? She comes across as so obnoxious, smug, and condescending. The lack of self-awareness is mind-boggling.

No. 794399

File: 1554336339600.jpg (133.91 KB, 1080x917, sweetteeth.jpg)

What even is this answer and why is it so needlessly creepy? Does she mean "sweet tooth" but was too dumb to remember, so to be safe she just included every tooth in his gaping maw?

No. 794403

Didn't she recently drag Suzy for attaching herself to the "Ego brand"? And now she's doing the exact same thing by bragging she inspired Melissa, an OC that Arin doesn't give 2 shits about anymore and is at least a decade old?

This may be old milk, but no one loves chugging it more than KT here.

No. 794410

>"sweet tooth"
aww cute, you like sweets! teehee uwu
>"sweet teeth"
I have never been more appalled in my life. Are you a serial killer? I'm calling the police. Don't ever speak to me again.

No. 794415

holy shit, just read through everything posted here and honestly KT deserves her own thread at this point. like this is beyond creepy

No. 794421

File: 1554343200567.jpg (56.35 KB, 1080x492, healthyiswonderful.jpg)

>"Again I understand she has a lot of mental illness, so I can't be upset. But I can ask that you please get some help, y'know? 'Cause clearly you do need some. And getting help isn't admitting defeat, it's saying,' I have an issue that I need to get better' and that's a wonderful thing. Growth is a wonderful thing. Anyway, if it was anybody else, this situation would not be as disturbing. Being copied is one thing, but being copied by the one person who manipulated and lied to and convinced my best friend who was in love with me at the time that I didnt care about them so you could be with them romantically, also while emulating my persona and copying my interests in order to get their attention or whatever, this is what's extremely disturbing to me. Not being copied, but the extent of the nuanced situation behind this specific person copying me."

KT implying that she apparently has the market cornered on being a fake snowflake goth, and saying Suzy needs to get professional help. Top kek.

No. 794429

This bitch is out of control. I love it. This is so incredibly hypocritical.

No. 794434

File: 1554344658959.jpeg (249.33 KB, 750x838, 8EEE113E-3581-46D3-AD09-AF6230…)

Holy shit. She vaguetweets so much. Is she insane?

No. 794436

She's taken to calling Suzy 'mini-me', too. Anything to ride dem coattails, right KT?

No. 794437

File: 1554345052854.jpeg (162.9 KB, 750x783, FB94AD4B-1356-45E3-8EBA-B22030…)

Oh god. More. Oh god.

No. 794440

File: 1554345090842.jpg (133.91 KB, 1080x590, eXtReMeLy.jpg)

No. 794441

>suzy why won't you be my friend? why?

KT's multiple personalities are at it again.

No. 794442

Isn't she just being passive aggressive or sarcastic? This sounds like she's saying suzy needs her because she's so negative?

This woman is fucking batshit. I mean, we're mostly women here, I'll avoid a blog post, but a lot of women deal with a male friend falling in love with them and it being unrequited. Aren't most women really happy someone they're not attracted to has moved on? It looks like she wasn't attracted to Arin, but loved his money and obsession with her. It would suck if your friend stops talking to you, but it's like watching a kid grow up. Move on.

Man, never thought Suzy's jealous behavior would have saved him from a pyscho. Weird how things work out.

No. 794443

File: 1554345581067.jpeg (157.43 KB, 750x790, 435717E9-01FD-4BE1-96B6-1D96A0…)

Sorry for the dump. Currently on mobile and can’t put screenshots all together.

No. 794444

He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
He was a weeb
She was insane
What more can I say?

No. 794446

They need a fucking restraining order on this bitch, holy shit. Has she been talking about them like this their entire relationship+marriage??

No. 794449

File: 1554346935106.png (36.19 KB, 524x654, 123.PNG)

what the fuck lol I feel bad for arin, kt is insane. if someone has an unrequited crush on you why on earth would you keep telling them you love them (even as a friend, I would hold back out of courtesy) or ask them to marry you? I looked at his early profile comments. I think it's fucked up to ask your spouse to stop talking to a friend but uhhhh KT was definitely leading him on, it's just not healthy

No. 794450

File: 1554347222735.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 1DCCC6C0-C6D2-4B3C-8575-FCE48A…)

Threw this together kind of shitty and quick. Scrolling through all those months of tweets made me see how absolutely crazy she is and how often she vaguetweets or talks about him.

No. 794454

Looks like she has regrets since he got famous. She's still insistent that she doesn't want him romantically while still trying to lead him on like she did when he was infatuated.

No. 794455

File: 1554347863786.png (1.11 MB, 752x976, Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.5…)

Wow, reading about the mythical Katie has been a wild ride. It's pretty sad that this seems to be all she has going for her, it makes her look even worse than Suzy. I wonder if she browses here.

Sage because this is a bit stale in comparison to the milk flowing now but to elaborate on the game gyaru line:
- Suzy posted on Instagram that she launched the line herself.
- It's a pretty straight dirty pair rip (see pic attached).
- Some people called them out on that but no one at game grumps cared. The closest thing to an acknowledgment was Arin randomly tweeting that he was rewatching dirty pair.
- The company (the Odd Gentlemen) that actually drew the art (because Arin can't be arsed to draw his own shit) is the same company that stole over a million dollars from Andrew Hussie when he did a kickstarter for a homestuck game.

No. 794457

File: 1554348053985.png (1.5 MB, 1366x938, Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 11.2…)

included Suzy's insta post.

No. 794459

She's insane, but i'm living for this cow

No. 794460

If I remember correctly, they were very open with the fact that it was inspired by/an homage to Dirty Pair. They mentioned it a lot in episodes
As for Suzy taking credit, that's bullshit since Arin is the one who actually likes anime and they got another artist to do the designs

No. 794462

Don't think this was posted yet. Suzy stuff is great, but I'm a bit on a Katie high.

No. 794463

File: 1554348716787.png (77.27 KB, 639x321, Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.27…)

Whoops. Forgot pic

No. 794464

File: 1554348829867.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1547473895369.gif)

This is probably the worst thing i've ever read. Arin has damsel in distress issues- whatever the princess saving syndrome is called. He really wrote about a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin? Big Yikes

No. 794465

File: 1554348918009.jpg (286.06 KB, 2048x872, suzyiscopyingme.jpg)

No. 794466

File: 1554349121313.png (35.95 KB, 658x159, Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.37…)


>how dare suzy poision my best friend against me!!! I miss him!!!

No. 794467

> She clings her pillow tight at night, kissing it, and whispering to it, hoping and dreaming that someday, her and Egoraptor will be together forever.
holy shit he predicted the future 15 years in advace

No. 794473

I never thought i've ever think Arin's ex is worse than suzy, but here we are. She's actually insane.

No. 794474

Did Snoozy really not credit the artist for this design? Imagine a world where Arin drew his own art again. Did he seriously stop drawing for good?

No. 794481

She's not even his ex. That's the really disturbing thing…well more bizarre. She's just his ex-friend that rejected HIM. He just got a girlfriend and turned out she didn't like him being close to a girl he was in love with. Whether Suzy is a jealous bitch or not, a healthy thing to do is limit the friendship for the sake of Suzy and Arin's relationship. I mean it sucks to lose your friend, but clearly she's insanely salty and jealous over Suzy. All these years I thought Suzy was the nutso. >>794138 Ironically, she posts a message with Suzy that makes Suzy sound a bit reasonable. She doesn't say KT did anything wrong, but says that Arin was trying to buy her love. Looks like Suzy put the responsibility on Arin.

No. 794484

Seems circumstantial at best. Hope Katie didn't sprain anything with this reach.

No. 794486

File: 1554351628472.jpg (121.03 KB, 1080x652, minime1.jpg)

She sounds paranoid tbh. If what Katie says is true and GG wouldn't exist if she and Arin got together, would they still be a couple today? Doubt she'd be this ride or die if he was still a struggling animator.

No. 794488

I'm embarrassed she wears a hat like that in current year. Homegirl is REALLY struggling to move past the mid 2000's, hey.

No. 794489

Suzy was 100% justified to cut Katie out of his life. She's entirely inappropriate towards them, and it's been FIFTEEN. YEARS.

No. 794491

File: 1554352031434.jpg (145.73 KB, 1080x915, popular.jpg)

I'm guessing she's stuck there because that's when she peaked. In high school.

No. 794497

>hides her scars from the rape and abuse bc she doesn't want Egoraptor to think she's ugly
Massive red flag if this is what he thinks of when designing a gf for his self insert OC.

This girl is gonna be a school shooter.

No. 794498

File: 1554356429088.jpg (122.45 KB, 1080x838, minime2.jpg)

If katie cares bout these things so much, why doesnt she do it herself? What business does she have telling people what to do or tweet? Damn I don't like suzy, but I'll take her over katie. I can already imagine how she dreams about taking over GG if she just had an in.

No. 794499

File: 1554356500483.jpg (68.95 KB, 1080x434, danny.jpg)

I mean, at this point she'll take what she can get anyway. Suzy, Arin, Danny, doesn't matter.

No. 794502

She's pretty clearly living vicariously through Suzy, so she needs Snooz to do things SHE would do to fulfill the experience.

He was a teenager when he designed this.

No. 794505

She thinks Suzy is copying her when you can find girls all over insta and twitter that post the same shit as both of them
They're both just basic, ~30-year old, faux-goth girls

No. 794506

Yeah, and some of the story reads like he's taking the piss, e.g. She hugs her ego raptor pillow at night

No. 794516

I wouldn't be surprised if this girl was posting on the old suzy threads.

No. 794519

Yeah I would not be surprised if she had the time of her life reading through the many suzy/gg threads on here. Could even be how she got the idea that Suzy copied her goth persona from her.

No. 794521

File: 1554365315734.jpg (339.83 KB, 1080x1468, didsomebodymentionart.jpg)

Sheesh leave Ross alone, you nutcase

No. 794545

File: 1554372142605.jpg (16.13 KB, 500x281, 69jjdzbzs7mz.jpg)

I doubt she was posting in the old threads, seems like she just emerged recently with 15+ years of butthurt considering she was replying to devArt comments from a million years ago. She also has a pretty distinct way of posting (by that I mean her tweets look like your weird internet-inept aunt who just comments on everything you do on social media) I feel like she would be a pretty obvious newfag if she posted here.

What do you think brought this all on suddenly? Did she get divorced and start googling her "exes" or something? Did she really not know about GG or anything before now?

>art don't work like dat
not the point of the cap I know, but that reply made me kek

No. 794560

File: 1554378080251.jpg (135.12 KB, 1080x585, wat.jpg)

Katie screaming into the void again.

No. 794562

>Know what I did when my husband told me I couldn't talk to you? Told him to fuck himself.

She's such a garbage person. She strings Arin along for years, resents him for finding an actual girlfriend/wife, and keeps pining over Arin in front of her own husband? She's like the Bizarro to Suzy's Superman: a despicable, eve ln worse version of Suzy. And to think I don't even like Suzy by any stretch.

No. 794565

> I'm drawn to emotional intelligence, that's why I married the guy that beat me for talking to you, and why I'm trying to fuck/be your wife 15 years later.

No. 794567

I'm guessing divorce, too. And now she's a divorced waitress stuck in the same city she grew up in… whereas Suzy+Arin moved out of Florida, became millionaire celebs, and vacation overseas regularly. Damn. It must eat KT up inside, kek.

No. 794569

File: 1554382244107.jpg (22.77 KB, 465x252, 77.JPG)


>why won't you become my friend suzy?!?

>btw i'm gonna condescendingly call you "mini me" and order you to talk about trannies so i can pretend i have control over you

No. 794571

Katie always talks about mean girls, but if she and Suzy became friends Katie would be the ULTIMATE mean girl. I wouldn't put it past her to give Suzy backhanded compliments, Regina George-style, boss her around and give unsolicited advice, all while flirting with Arin behind her back. She seems that two-faced.

No. 794574

File: 1554382966993.png (101.12 KB, 1208x438, Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 9.01…)

kek, she really believes that arin will come running back to her any day now. he may not be the smartest man but he ain't that dumb.

No. 794575

File: 1554383058885.jpg (87.44 KB, 484x564, 98.jpg)

She convinced herself that Suzy has been copying everything she does and that if she posts something on the net, Suzy will do the same. She thinks that Suzy will immediately advise Game Grumps on giving 100% of the merch sales to charity now that she (Katie) has posted about it.

"freebie" - advice/stuff/behaviour that Katie thinks Suzy is copying from her.

No. 794588

Jesus Christ, I really wouldn't be surprised if she goes full bunny boiler and tries to hurt Suzy and/or Arin. I kinda feel sorry for them, this bitch is criminally insane.

No. 794592

File: 1554387031537.png (61.79 KB, 684x539, 1.png)

These tweets are fucking hilarious.
Most saltiest shit I've read in awhile. I hate Egoraptor but, I hope he gets off seeing this bitch suffer after leading him on for years only to deny him. now all she has to brag for is "rejecting him romantically" years ago and thinking she's the reason he got with suzy. this is some crazy ass karma.

No. 794616

>3 years 3 years 3 years
>I was honest about my feelings!! I rejected him!
Jesus girl… how many times has she posted the same thing worded differently each time

No. 794623

I agree with everyone that she definitely lead him on and was totally milking him for attention but my goodness the negs she spews towards him while simultaneously trying o win him back. Make it seem like the short friendship they had was probably super shitty and abusive.
> Does he even draw even more?
> We didn't date because YOU'RE the narcissist
> My influence on his life caused GG so I'mm take all the credit for his hard work
> You can do it, you can get on the big screen!
The last one really gets me, Fake cheering him on as if he hasn't reached at point in success where he, his wife, and his friends are set for life and he doesn't need randos form his past spouting platitudes about him on twitter (say what you will about the state of GG but none of them are poor or needing any pity in that regard).

In a weird way it makes me see Arin and Suzys marrige in a way better light. he has no self esteem to the point that he put up with constant insults form someone like katie for years until suzy came along and boosted his ego. Sure she may enable some of the crappier parts of his personality, but damn is he in a much better place than he was then

No. 794624

Lol but let's be real if we worked a dead end waitressing job and a spiritual "magick“ card reader on the side, we'd be hung up on the should've-would've-could've too.

No. 794625

I have to give Suze credit: one of the few things she's done right is save Arin from this barracuda.

No. 794626

definitely dodged a huge bullet, but barracuda is kinda generous. she might think she has a magic pussy that can wreck marriages but clearly she's a sad pathetic girl who is all alone and can only mope about what other people have instead of fixing her own life

No. 794627

KT likes to vaguetweet about Suzy forcing Arin to give up on his "dream" (presumably animating), but maybe that did lead to a more lucrative and comfortable life for them. Who knows what could have been?

KT really needs to stop saying she indirectly helped create GG. Because it's only making me think that maybe it's Suzy who actually deserves that miniscule credit.

No. 794631

File: 1554394153291.jpg (253.02 KB, 1080x1215, IMG_20190405_000728.jpg)

She made a big stink about not giving suzy any more "freebies" then turns around to dole out more commands about how suzy should run her life. Katie really can't help herself. Sad.

No. 794637

File: 1554394812727.jpg (299.29 KB, 1419x1774, IMG_20190404_181808.jpg)

I searched a bit on the net to see if Arin has ever mentioned Katie in the recent times, came across this.

No. 794640

I can't tell if Katie was the money leech or the emotional leech, because honestly, it could go either way.

No. 794648

If it had to be one or the other I'd guess she's the emotional leech, because she's a special brand of attention whoring crazy that's really a notch up from plain old greed, but honestly I think she's was both.

No. 794658

File: 1554397458001.jpg (88.4 KB, 1080x385, IMG_20190405_010249.jpg)

Hide your husbands, ladies! Confirmed that Katie is single and on the prowl.

No. 794667

File: 1554399024621.png (12.31 KB, 582x119, 6tygb.png)

>spends years rejecting him
>gets jealous when he hooks up

seems like she had it lol this girl is a trip

No. 794668

File: 1554399465432.jpg (135.42 KB, 1080x609, nyd.jpg)

This was what Katie was busy tweeting while everyone else was still celebrating 2019. Happy new year.

No. 794673

File: 1554399840007.jpg (145.27 KB, 1080x532, IMG_20190405_014312.jpg)

Arin, on the other hand:

No. 794674

File: 1554400408400.gif (1.8 MB, 250x250, 25c60b5d60943adbdf487897f6b661…)

>i just needs me a person who understands to leave me the fuck alone
Then Arin really is her dream guy cause he's been leaving her the fuck alone for….what, 10+ years? What's the problem then?

God, I would LOVE to see her try and bring a court case against Snooz for "cashing in on her persona" (a la Poppy/Mars Argo). It doesn't seem like it would be that out of character, if she's really that delusional. I mean I find Suzy insufferable but like, I can't even wrap my head around Katie's thought process here. She thinks Suzy's entire personality is based off of a friend of a friend she knew only over the internet 15 years ago? How is that possibly enough information for Suzy to create a "whole personality" around? So somehow Suzy is skinwalking Katie even though Katie disappeared from their lives/the internet for 15 years? How Katie? You think she was sitting outside your window for 15 years watching and taking notes on everything you did? Just to keep Arin interested?

No. 794676

I spent 5 minutes on the dragon ball wiki like a dumbass trying to remember who the fuck cyarin was before I realized she was referring to two real life people. How fucking creepy and sad.

No. 794678

I can't believe we now live in a world where the mysterious Katie Arin put on a pedestal turned out to be a total psycho, whereas Suzy actually lost some weight and cut down on the inner eye liner. What a time to be alive.

No. 794680

I'd pay good money to see that happen. This is some Perfect Blue shit right here.

No. 794693

Snooze is still scummy though. nevermind her looks, her entire jewelry business is done by others while she claims full credit and over charges because she's efamous.

But at least she's living an actual life, this Katie person sounds legit insane and can't get over the "what could've been".

No. 794703

Unrelated but what the hell is going on with bowsette's arms?

No. 794711

another layer of irony: she thinks she's cyarin, who is a shitty artist who does nothing but skinwalk loish, so, she's kinda right in that regard

No. 794716

I was wondering that too. I’m guessing they’re gloves..?

No. 794738

File: 1554410363145.jpg (34.45 KB, 583x473, io.JPG)

>I spent 5 minutes on the dragon ball wiki like a dumbass trying to remember who the fuck cyarin was

LMFAO same here.I thought it was DBZ Piccolo's gf or something.

>she thinks she's cyarin, who is a shitty artist who does nothing but skinwalk loish, so, she's kinda right in that regard

That cyarin girl seems equally as self-obsessed as Katie since she constantly draws kawaii auto-portraits of herself. Birds of a feather flock together I guess.

>Katie's "art"

even suzy can draw better than that

No. 794750

I'm confused. Is she pro-Suzy or anti-Suzy?

No. 794751

>dat art

wait what? shes been on da for nearly 2 decades so I thought she would've been actually talented. this girl really has absolutely nothing going for her except that time she was friends with Arin in high school. Jesus.

No. 794752

Anti-suzy in the guise of trying to be a positive person.

No. 794761

>piccolo hooked up w/ a fan who made them famous but influenced their art to not be as good
>hooked up w/ a fan who made them famous
This is so confusing. Is she trying to say that Suzy is the one who made Arin famous? Like, Arin picked Suzy over Katie because Suzy would make him famous?? I'm familliar with the artist cyarin but not picolo or this backstory. What the hell is she talking about?

>peak picolo & cyarin

>picolo hooked up w/ a fan who made them famous
>a lot of ppl remember
So she's trying to say that she and Arin weren't famous, and then Arin got together with Suzy who MADE him famous, but somehow people remembered and cared about his personal life….before he got famous? Back when nobody knew who he was? Bruh I can't do this mental gymnastics…

No. 794772


damn, this is sad

No. 794773

ot by cyarin is a flake in her own right, not as good as this tasty fresh bunny boiler milk we're getting here but definitely a flake nonetheless

No. 794780

I like the way Dan phrased that. He's loved for a reason. Is there any milk on him besides his being a pushover former hobo?

No. 794782

They're opera/bridal/evening gloves for sure. Bowsette is a brawler, but she's also a classy dame.

No. 794785

Anything he's done that's milky is from like ages ago. Like not understanding some PC language etc.
For the most part he's an old man who just listens to music and keeps to himself

No. 794824

man this is the most fun ive had reading a thread on lolcow in a while. This bitch is certifiable.

How far do her crazy tweets go back? She claims she is "new to game grumps" but I find it hard to believe she is just now looking up Arin after all this time of being clearly obsessed with him and Suzy both.

No. 794827

File: 1554433142302.png (102.91 KB, 573x601, ktscreenshot.png)

Unless I'm mistaken her tweets only go back to the end of November 2018, but she started tweeing about Arin and Suzy in early December, so, about a week after she made the account. She was most likely obsessing over Arin for much longer as she referenced her ex-husband smudging/ruining art he drew of her that she had saved for several years.

No. 794830

File: 1554434049388.jpeg (168.67 KB, 750x744, B1FCF175-F27B-46A7-A211-288BC4…)

I’m 300% sure this violet girl reads here. Imagine the reaction when your milk fodder source for your Suzy hateboner turns into a thread about yourself instead, get help with your midlife crisis lmao

No. 794840

File: 1554436996894.png (80.92 KB, 721x481, Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 11.0…)

Random tidbit: KT attend college in 2011 but apparently never graduated or ended up doing nothing with her degree

No. 794841

File: 1554437112777.jpg (55.7 KB, 1080x215, meangirl.jpg)

Katie has a serious case of "I'm not like Other Girls™" syndrome.

No. 794843

File: 1554437297473.jpg (159.25 KB, 1080x912, cali.jpg)

Interesting. She also was supposed to move away to California to pursue her dream of being an actress. Looks like it didn't work out, kek. It must suuuuuuck to end up as a waitress back in your old city, while seeing the guy you rejected become a famous millionaire.

No. 794845

Snooze is definitely scum for lying about her etsy garbage. But I don't care about the psychic circle crap, because jewelry casting services have always been a thing. They're used for private label jewelry manufacturing, and I'm just surprised Suzy didn't try to hide the fact that she commissioned that service for her pretentious jewelry line.

No. 794847

Wow, that is really pitiful.

I'm not too well-versed in Game Grumps stuff. Can anyone provide me with a brief timeline? Egoraptor started animating in 2004 and quit sometime around 2012 to do Game Grumps. KT and Arin were friends for three years during that time, and Arin also met Suzy then. Anyone have more specific dates?

No. 794872

I doubt Katie is a reliable source, but according to her:

>He pursued me from the end of 2003 to about 2006; Arin & Suzy met in the summer of 2004.

But in "Arin Wikipedias Himself" he says that he and Suzy started dating in 2002 or 2003, it was a long time ago so he doesn't exactly remember when.

No. 794873

Idk if Katie should be believed since she claimed that 13 year old Suzie pursued 19 year old Arin

No. 794878

I don't even get why it matters so much to her the exact dates he met Suzy. Does it even change anything? It's not like they secretly dated behind Suzy's back so why is her spergy little brain so fixated on the dates?

No. 794883


It's crazy because she claims Arin and her were never together, but is obsessed with the exact timeline of when Arin and Suzy got together. It's so pathetic how she pores over the little details of someone else's relationship.

She keeps talking about being "written out of history" but honestly, no one gives a shit if Arin had other crushes before meeting his soon to be wife. Katie is less than irrelevant. Read Arin's LJ and you'll see he had a crushes on lots of girls, not just Katie, before meeting his first girlfriend Suzy.

The only difference is that those many other girls that Arin crushed on as a teenager moved on with their lives. Katie is the only one with of them who demands some kind of recognition, for what exactly? Being some pimply teenage nerds crush in the 2000s? Does Katie think future historians are going to care about this shit? Get a fucking life. 1

No. 794886

I think Katie is seething because Suzy and Arin kind of had an LDR thing too initially. But at least they lived in the same state, and would meet up in person, even if those visits were few and far in between. Katie still thinks those phone calls she and Arin had mean shit in comparison to the time and effort Arin and Snooze took in their own relationship.

No. 794887

What do y'all think would Katie be doing if she and Arin ended up together instead? With Suzy we have overpriced crap jewelry, but I kek at the thought of Katie using that YT bucks to professionally pursue and promote herself as a spooky-ooky magickal mystic.

No. 794890

Well if she had been dating Arin since 2003 or whatever I guess she wouldn't have married her abusive ex and maybe be more adjusted? Maybe that's why she's so salty, because instead of the millionaire waifu timeline that was literally at her fingertips she got the abused mentally ill one instead.

No. 794894

KT hasn't given us a reason to believe she is in any way a reliable source. I wouldn't blame her ex for how she turned out, just like I don't think Katie should be blaming Arin for "taking abuse" from her ex for three years. She chose to marry that guy. She chose to reject Arin. I think Katie should be held personally accountable for how shit her life turned out. She really has no one else but herself to blame.

No. 794895

I didn't say anywhere in my post that she shouldn't be held accountable. She's the one who led Arin on and kept him at arms length to use as an emotional punching bag because she clearly never thought he'd actually get a girlfriend. But it wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly how she sees it, that she was "robbed" of a good life because Suzy and Arin.

If her ex was actually abusive though then I'm sure it took a toll on her mental health, but maybe she's always been insane.

No. 794896

File: 1554450661806.jpg (193.89 KB, 1080x1094, sour grapes.jpg)

Katie didn't become an actress in California because she chose not to, guys! That's why she wanted to become a waitress in Chicago instead. See? Dreams do come true.

No. 794897

That's true. But that's also a big if. Physical abusers deserve no quarter.

But Katie by her own admission talked about Arin enough and show off his gifts to the point of making her ex uncomfortable. Shows zero consideration and respect for a partner's feelings. I wouldn't want to be treated like that. I wouldn't hit someone over it, but I'd definitely peace out.

No. 794898

I didn't say you wrote that in your post. I stated that I personally believe that someone like Katie should be held accountable for what they do. Relax.

No. 794899

She could be lying considering her track record, but even if she was a shitty partner herself she still could've been subject to emotional/physical abuse. Chances are it was a toxic relationship on all sides.

I was just clarifying my stance, anon.

No. 794904

The more she chimps out the more she's making me root for Suzy.

No. 794906

Same here. She seems like the kind of person who's going to spend all her life blaming other people because it's more convenient than actually getting her shit together.

No. 794907

File: 1554457577412.png (18.83 KB, 522x392, datzw7-0649792e-9704-4352-ad0a…)

I think she really wants the egoboost she had during high school back.

This is a drawing she did back in the day, basically saying "i'm a nerd girl with boobs, look at all these guys wanting to marry me!"

She's not ~*the special magical purple haired cool and nerdy girl with green eyes who all boys want uwu*~ anymore, she's a 30-something washed up nobody still wearing tacky 2000s fashion.

Also Katie is angry at Suzy because she thinks she's so much more special and original, she should've gotten internet fame and money instead!

No. 794910

File: 1554460259722.png (94.3 KB, 847x732, ssssssss.PNG)

This isn't really milk, but someone bought what feels like every ticket to the grump live show ever and is selling them on ebay for 500 bucks.
There are three pages full of this shit.

No. 794916

tinfoil hat: Arin met suzy before katie realized because arin purposefully kept the info from her because he was so desperate for a shot with either of them

that or she's just crazy because he also thinks they're 6 years apart when they're only 2 lamfo

No. 794923

Sounds to me like she didn't take snooz seriously as a threat until Arin finally got into a relationship with her. She probably thought Arin would chase her forever. Sorry sis, you had your chance.

No. 794924

File: 1554463927371.jpg (77.3 KB, 1080x275, 405_011326.jpg)

>stalks Suzy's profile to see if there's anything vaguely similar between them
>accuses Suzy actually being the one stalking her

Huh. Okay then.

No. 794925

most of her Twitter posts that aren't about GG are about how she's a super strong awesome psychic/witch who trains other psychics out of the pure kindness of her heart and asks for nothing in return but the satisfaction of being a teacher.
She's got serious eight grade syndrome that she has yet to grow out of.

No. 794926

> super powerful witch
> couldn't kick start her acting career
> couldn't move to cali
> couldn't get a job she doesn't hate
> couldn't stop herself from marrying a person she claims is abusive
> couldn't keep arin interested

Suzy also says she's a powerful witch in her bio and I know she's not super serious about it like kt but damn is she a better witch than kt because no matter what she does she still has wealth, love, an endless supply of opportunities she doesn't deserve, and constant support. she's demonstrated way more witch powers than kt

Most of her recent tweets definitely seem to be directed at arin/suzy though, I think her obsession is slowly ramping up over time and I'm so excited to see where this ball of crazy goes

No. 794928

The longer they ignore her, the more insane she's going to get.

No. 794931

File: 1554465231968.jpg (136.73 KB, 1080x500, brokeaf.jpg)

Comparing your broke divorcée ass to victims of a house fire. Gross.

No. 794933

File: 1554466646524.jpg (225.8 KB, 1080x1496, IMG_20190405_201545.jpg)

Being ignored is not the same as being mistreated. Getting this worked out over a fan wiki is ridiculous.

No. 794950

how in the hell does she think she's been mistreated? Cause he online friend from high school grew up and moved on?
Damn I hope she DOES see this thread so she can get some perspective on how insane she looks.

But then again, someone this crazy is probably too far up their own ass to ever see it.

No. 794955

That's why it's hard to believe they only just divorced. There's no way that anyone with any self respect would put up with her with long… though just typing it out the obvious also occurs, that nobody with self respect would have married her in the first place.
Was also wrong for guessing it was her below average face and atrocious diva attitude that stood in her way. She just knew her calling was elsewhere! Also, what are sour grapes?

No. 794956

After reading through this read, I'm sure she's already got laundry list of excuses she likes to tell herself so she doesn't have to own up to her situation now. Who among is even remembers most of the guys we knew in high school? Clinging to glory days like this is just sad.

No. 794958

Scalpers gonna scalp. You don't even need to be a GG fan to know a (scumbag) business opportunity when you see one.

No. 794959

Yeah and I'm curious about what went down in that marriage, because we have her side of the story, but if she were the kind of girl who liked to dangle her admirers like Arin publicly or in her boyfriend's face, I have a feeling she's been the way she is for a long time.

No. 794992

File: 1554479239847.png (640.47 KB, 1063x913, screencapture.png)

yeah, that sounds like some plausible early 2000s weeaboo boy nonsense

nah, yall are giving her WAY too much credit here, she's far too dumb to have made it this far, she can barely understand twitter

how much longer until she drives to California in a diaper with a bunch of weapons like that one astronaut? We can't be far off

No. 795000

File: 1554480219195.png (37.47 KB, 1103x328, 114.png)

Has this masterpiece been posted yet?
>I love this. I had to submit it.

(ot but is anyone else living for this 2000s deviantART/internet weeb community cringefest? I can feel *teh glomp xDDDD RWAR WAFFLES!! lol so random!! ^__~* in my blood)

No. 795006

Damn that's just sad. I'm living for this throwback cringefest, though. Katie, like Snooz, cosplays too. The really low-budget kind, which fits into Katie's "Walmart-brand Suzy" aesthetic.

No. 795033

File: 1554484113242.jpg (119.98 KB, 675x1200, Deauv9LWsAsxUD5.jpg)

why would anyone ever want to copy this girl's "persona"? She's just a homely weeb who styles herself like its still 2001.
Say what you want about Suzy, but she's about 100 times better looking than this crazy B

No. 795034

She's one of those women who think that "gamer nerd girls" are some rare thing and she's a jewel to be had
When in reality she has a surface level interest in games and a batshit brain.

No. 795038

Wait, how old is she? Are we sure she's around Arin's age? Because she doesn't look like she's in her early thirties to me?

No. 795047

She is in her 30s, Arin's 32 and Suzy's 29/30 I think. So….yes? She also posted a vid on twitter talking about how she quit smoking and had been smoking since she was 15, so maybe that's throwing you off?

No. 795048

this one my be the most pathetic. She thinks Suzy stalks her twitter, so this is obviously a message to Suzy saying "He may have drawn this for you but he STILL LOVED ME!!!1111 REEEEEE"

No. 795051

Damn if she's 32 that sure is a rough 32.

No. 795052

Is this girl stuck in 2005? She seems really obsessed with the Nightmare Before Christmas, FFX, and Kingdom Hearts. Not that it's wrong to like those things but I don't get how you haven't grown a bit since then.

No. 795070

She doesn't look old; she just looks busted. Genetics have not been kind to her.

No. 795072

And the smoking, and how fried her hair looks, don't help.

No. 795074

reminder to please sage your noncontent

No. 795079

>zelda shirt
every time.

No. 795122

Not really any milk on Dan. Him and Barry were genuinely the best grumps and most liked.
I always hated Ross. He's said some sexist shit in their Sierra (King's quest) old play throughs. Surprised Holly took that shit

No. 795130

even though I knew she was arins age it still didn't quite click in my head how fucking old she was until I saw this pic, it's really tragic she's still hung up ion people she knew in hs who don't give a shit about her

No. 795136

This bitch needs a thread

No. 795137

I get what you mean. I wouldn't think much of this kind of behavior from someone who was still only 15-16 years old. But Katie is in her 30s, has a job, and has been married. She should know better than to act like this. Does she really think Arin is just gonna swoop in and save her from her humdrum little life to his mansion in CA? Say what you will of Suzy, but she put in the time.

No. 795139

It's a little hilarious that Katie would repeatedly bring up the couple of drawings Arin doodled for her, when Arin literally wrote Suzy HUNDREDS of letters in a span of a year.

Hands down, no contest.

No. 795140

File: 1554500697065.jpg (111.29 KB, 1080x679, cursedimage.jpg)

don't give katie any ideas, now

No. 795146

Lol that comment seems like it was made by her

No. 795154

Yikes, what kind of sexist shit? He always seemed so off to me.

No. 795272

there's almost no way it wasn't. who is 'katie' to GG fans, realistically? literally nobody. why would any one but herself be talking about herself in reference to them? it's mind boggling. but if that's true, it's even creepier lmao. like she's practically larping this idea she should be in suzy's place, super e-fame hungry.

No. 795284

I actually went through this user's post history because I don't have a life and it's not Katie. It's a guy, he even has pictures of himself meeting the grumps. Still weird he mentioned Katie, though.

No. 795325


Thread was made by a GG/Egoraptor fan who saw Arin's deviantart is filled with Katie fan art. I don't think it's unusual for fans to get curious and Katie must've noticed that - that's why she is replying to years-old comments with "yes it's me!!! arin's original and TRUE love". She's trying to get some game grumps clout.

No. 795327

File: 1554556188684.jpg (44.7 KB, 547x519, dov.JPG)

>arin will become next bill cosby


No. 795333

>Arin, you're turning into a monster and I'm the only one who cares enough to help you turn it all around

Classy, Katie. I never though I'd see someone with a victim complex and a savior complex at the same time.

No. 795334

She's trying to force this bullshit narrative that Suzy made Arin into a worse person, but now she's coming to the rescue by being a "positive influence" on him. Or her. Or both of them. She's out of her damn mind.

No. 795378

Does she even talk to him anymore ? Do you think she is lighting up his DMs on the regular? One look at her twitter would tell him to stay far far away, no matter how much he “looooooved her” when he was 15

No. 795405


She seems to have this really idealized version of Arin in her head. The 15 year old Arin.

It's pretty manipulative of her to want him to literally not change, or if he does it has to be on her checklist of what she deems acceptable. That's some pretty finite "unconditional love" that she professes to have.

No. 795420

It doesn't seem like she has an idealized version of him in her head as much as it sounds like she's just a plain old manipulator. She's a really shitty one, but she tries really hard. There is no reason to say that Arin will be "the next Bill Cosby", he may be a childish or a slob, but there is no reason to believe he is a rapist or sexually assaults people or will do so in the future. She's only pulling that card because she want's to bait out an emotional response, it's completely illogical for a normal person to say something like that even if they were putting old Arin on a pedestal. Bill Cosby has nothing to do with 15 year old Arin or 32 year old Arin.

Until I saw what Katie was like, I did think that Suzy made Arin a worse person. Now that I see what kind of "friendships" he was in before Suzy, I fully believe that he's way better off with Suzy. She enables some shitty behavior, but over all she's a way better person to have around if the only other choice is Katie.

I'm dying to know this too, or is she only tweeting publicly as a form of triangulation and not actually trying to contact Arin directly at all? Either way it's shitty and manipulative.

Reminder to all: sage any non-contributions or we'll be put on auto sage even though this milk just started to flow.

No. 795433

Katie is probably certified crazy at this point. She is like that homeless woman who thought Prince Charles communicated his love to her through curtains.

No one has acknowledged her and she goes on strong. I think lolcow emboldens her.

No. 795436

she hasn't spoken to him in a decade but she knows and loves him best. lmao.

I doubt she knows about this place unless she was googling Suzy hate or something.

No. 795444

>I doubt she knows about this place unless she was googling Suzy hate or something.

she was 1000% googling suzy hate

No. 795447

I agree I think she was, but I don't think she's found lolcow yet. Seems like she has a very surface level view of Suzy's fuck ups (referring to her actual fuck ups not the ones Katie is straight making up), so it seems like maybe she found rant grumps or something like that. I think if she found these threads she would have dumped more on Suzy's actual wrong doings instead of reaching so much.

No. 795512

Agreed. At the very least, I think she'd be vagueing us on twitter.

No. 795569

Gail Chord Schuler vibes too. The schizo lady on YT who thinks various famous people ranging from Vladimir Putin and the guy that plays Data in Star Trek are secretly her lovers on a "marriage list" and that Jesuits are trying to control her with lots of clone business. Also bukkake bombs. She's kind of an interesting cow herself though she's clearly profoundly mentally ill and is harmless to others so no thread is warranted on LC unfortunately.

This site comes up when you google "suzy berhow liar" and some other variations of this so there's actually a pretty high chance she's seen this site. Prob doesn't know quite how to navigate since chans are a bit unique but I'd be shocked if she really never saw a thread here.

No. 795572

I think she's at least read the Suzy threads, but may not have replied to them. But on the farms she's reveling in the idea that everyone hates Suzy just as much as she does.

No. 795597

>consent is dumb and inconsistent

Put this guy on a watch list. Game grump fanboys are some of the most disturbing creatures.

Yeah, it's easy to find all the lolcow shit about Suzy, especially when she was prime scamming people with her cheap jewelry. I'm sure Katie has read through at least one or two threads. She's probably lurking now

No. 795600

She's too egotistical not to vague us if she saw us shit talking her. We've seen her attempts at manipulating Arin and Suzy: she's not good at being subtle, and she has no shame in acting pathetically desperate online. There's no way she could have held in her spaghetti if she found the latest thread. She probably loves the early ones where she's mysterious and assumed to be a nice person.

For someone stuck in 2005 she's probably browsed a fair bit of 4chan, but perhaps she's only gotten though the older threads and hasn't read this current one yet.

No. 795643

File: 1554661954865.png (260.19 KB, 1280x723, tumblr_oassa6QwAj1ulnkeko8_128…)


That post is genuinely disturbing.

A little OT but most of the Grumps have given consent (or fueled the fire) regarding polygrumps. Kevin was the only person asked who straight up said he didn't want himself involved in shipping. Dan had no problem with Dan/Arin ships but got a little testy when Brian was reading a NSP fan fiction about Brian sucking him off. Maybe it was because Brian is a little more blunt with his humor and didn't have the hint hint nudge nudge wink wink totally joking tone that Arin put on for the most part.

My guess is that they endorsed that shit to keep their fans happy but let it slip their minds that not all of their fans are self-aware and understand boundaries. On the flip side, I can't feel an ounce of sympathy for these 30-40 year olds selling fucking body pillows to a fanbase that consists predominantly of manipulable children with their mommy's credit card pin.


So far it looks like most are just whiteknighting for her to look like the better fans. "Let's not shut up about how this woman needs to be protected to prove that we're better than those creepy fans!" yeah ok.

No. 795648

undoubtedly that picture was taken for a lul. i guess its shocking to people that someone would be alright with lewd drawing of them or gross fanfics but at some point people have to realize that they know they are scrutinized so harshly and maybe in comparison some cartoon titties or some fangirls fanfic fantasy is less offensive than pointing out that a particular player in the group is ruining their business or bringing up scamming or the dumb shit they got into in highschool.

maybe its because they like that kind of stuff or maybe its because they can assess what really matters but it seems like a situation that anne rice got in or orson scott card when they bleated about people to stop writing fanfics about their fiction. just because you say no doesnt mean people will respect it

No. 795672

they definitely encourage their creepy fans. This is pretty try hard.

No. 795703

File: 1554682525862.png (852.34 KB, 1106x1915, ego.png)

Not sure what their "official" timeline is, but judging by some deviantart snooping, this much is clear
>2004: Suzy & Arin know each other and are at least friends
>Feb 2005: Arin posts Valentine's Day pic of someone who is most likely Katie, so they were still involved at this point (whatever that means)
>Feb 2006: Katie is married, and had been for how long?

So the 2006 mentioned here >>794872 is at least true….but probably only cause she got married? There's several submissions from Arin of him and Katie before 2005, so as much as she likes to claim she didn't lead him on or was clear about her feelings….sure don't seem that way. Especially with stuff like >>795000
Anyways, I'd just as easily believe Arin's an idiot and doesn't remember exactly when he and Suzy got together cause he was probably flirting with several girls online. Not so sure about Suzy though, I'm sure she believes her version of their "love story". Katie's definitely the most frequently drawn/referenced, but she's not the only one. It's entirely possible she's believing her version of events because she just doesn't know the full story.

We all had crushes on a nerdy boy over the internet between 2000-2010 who was definitely talking to several other girls, right? I'm sure if I went into a cryogenic sleep during that time and just woke up now I'd be as upset as she was (or at least that's how she's acting, anyways)

No. 795716

wait, wasn't arin like writing suzy love letters for years or some shit before they finally got together? when was that?

No. 795717

the real crazy isn't if the 'timeline' adds up or not, but now fucking obsessed KT is over it. like who gives a single shit if suzy and arin started dating in 2002 or not? how is this even something that would matter as a 'lie' were they intentionally lying?

she's just batshit

No. 795718

I think in Katie’s warped brain, Arin and Suzy being together earlier somehow lessens his supposed great love for her. She wants the story where Arin was completely devoted to her for some number of years. She doesn’t want suzy taking any of those years from her.

No. 795727

Tinfoil hat: this dumb bitch got married too young, or too early. And now that her marriage all went to shit it eats Katie up inside that Arin and Suzy are still married and going strong.

This timeline stuff is just Katie's sad attempt to undermine the fact that Arin and Snooz are the stereotypical childhood sweethearts who got the happy ending.

No. 795728

File: 1554690385336.png (70.26 KB, 1106x409, suzy.png)

Oh yeah I mean, she's for sure the craziest one here, but now I'm just too wrapped up in the nostalgia to look away. It's like a beautiful period drama.

This was a comment on the Suzy pic Arin drew, kind of the only one that seems to imply a relationship (but could also just be a teenage girl sperging). But again, surrounded by a dozen pics proclaiming his love for Katie, before AND after the Suzy drawing.

No. 795737

You're right, the timeline is a bit muddled. I would agree with you that Arin probably had his eye on several girls; Katie just happened to have more art dedicated to her. Katie is nuts to cling to the belief that she was his one and only love.

No one had a gun to her head, forcing her to marry a guy at 19-ish. I would not be surprised if that were the reason she never moved out to Cali to pursue her dream of being an actress. Arin, otoh, was motivated by Suzy to pursue a new dream, and they're a couple of millionaires as a result. That's gotta sting, kek!

No. 795857

File: 1554744539380.jpg (306.28 KB, 1080x1532, whipped.jpg)

More of Katie vagueing about how Suzy has "whipped" Arin. 🙄

No. 795860

File: 1554744645542.jpg (123.08 KB, 1080x852, IMG_20190409_013002.jpg)

Never seen anyone seenzoned this badly, kek.

No. 795896

its funny that she says "high school life is small" when she knew arin in high school. Not sure what she was trying to point out by this. it would make her in the same "group" as Suzy if thats what shes implying.

No. 795913

she's just pissed Arin is still with Suzy after all this time. She's probably hoping they'll divorce and she can swoop in and be the "millionaire housewife".

No. 795960

I wonder if he even remembers her. She was obviously a prominent part of his life when he was a teenager but he's in his 30s, happily married (presumably) and has skyrocketed to fame. So much has happened, he has so much going for him now, he casually meets celebrities all the time. Does Katie really think he ever spares a thought for her?

No. 795992

remembers? sure. You don't draw a bunch of fan art for someone you'll easily forget. But whether or not he thinks at all about her now? probably only when she is tweeting at him and Suzy, forcing them to have a conversation about how batshit obsessed she is.

No. 796006

File: 1554775256579.png (873.86 KB, 1078x1361, Screenshot_2019-04-08-20-33-34…)

This gave me a good laugh. She's really blurring the line between confidence and delusion. Okay, it's just delusion.

No. 796024

Believe it or not this is one of Katie's more flattering pictures. Yikes.

No. 796043

You know something's wrong when they think an angle like this is better & more flattering than a straight on shot

No. 796089

File: 1554802491856.png (1 MB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20190409-193020~2.p…)

how is it that they have 5 million subs yet most of their recent videos don't even hit 1 mil? they seem so popular but their fans don't even watch their videos. how are you going to get celebrities like finn wolfhard and jamie lee curtis on your channel but your engagement is this bad.

No. 796108

GG is so dead that even their threads have turned into mass posting about Arins past infatuation bc shes neurotic/ slightly weird cause now they can't even call snooze fat.
Autosaged when?

No. 796246

Slightly weird? Are we reading the same thread?

No. 796551


I never do the [hi cow] in threads, but who the fuck would call her neurotic/slightly weird while mentioning she's a past infatuation? KT is obsessed to the point that she's tweeting Arin and HIS WIFE OF YEARS after not talking to them for 15 years. As I was posting caps I finally stopped because there's so much milk that anons might as well just go to her twitter instead of flooding here. Maybe you meant slightly deranged since she hasn't assaulted anyone yet.

GG isn't enjoying their former fame, but I wouldn't say they're dead. Just on the decline.

You know, going back to GG and mostly Suzy, I really disliked her and it was fun seeing someone who mooched off of her husband get fat and whine all day. Her etsy is a scam and she thinks she's entitled to youtube success, but she's not all that horrible for her to be a genuine cow. Just an obnoxious unlikable person. It's good that she lost weight because there's health benefits and gotta give props to someone who keeps weight off even if some of it was with lipo. As we've seen with Momokun, lipo can't help fatasses alone. Well, I suppose there's those that believe Suzy ruins GG, but I never liked it anyway. Best part was the editing but Barry left. KT is a way more interesting cow than suzy ever was. At least for some temporary milk.

No. 796590

So in this video Arin is going through his old art and at 10:42 he mentions Melissa, saying she was based on a girl he had a crush on in middle school and that they even ended up in the same class once. (Girl had a boyfriend who worked at gamestop)

Katie claims Arin based Melissa on her but she never went to the same school with him since they lived in different states? Or am I missing something?

No. 796594

File: 1554920348437.jpg (156.25 KB, 1080x767, growthtranscript.jpg)

>If you care about somebody who doesn't understand how to care about themself. Like, if you love a masochist, I find… I mean, it's a very painful situation because you care so deeply about someone who just doesn't understand like how to take care of themself. And they just like… theirself, sorry. And they just keep going back to like these unhealthy behaviors or thought processes or types of people and it just gets to frustrating because you care about them and like maybe you've even been in the situation before and you know from first-hand experience. But like it's so hard… it's so painful to care about someone who doesn't care about theirself. Themself. Because, like, how… care is health, right? It's always like the best, it's growth, it's not causing pain. Like, if you keep hitting yourself, like you're like, "What the fuck, why am I always in pain?" Stop fucking hitting yourself, okay? Like, if you have a tendency to go towards abusive people and relationships, recognize what it is that is so familiar or drawing or comforting. Like, what is attractive to you is probably because it's just familiar. And once you recognize what it is, you need to be like, "Okay, I get it. I'm drawn to this type of guy because my own brother was the same personality type, or my dad was the same personality type, or my mom was very similar." Like, whatever your reason is. You're drawn to things because they're familiar, more or less, blah, blah, blah. I'm getting off-point. I'm gonna cut this out. But it's just awareness. It's making conscious efforts. It's not going back to that same thing that is hurting you. And then like, once you stop going back to the things that hurt you, then you reached neutral territory, and that's kind of step one after becoming a masochist. It's like just neutral territory, just not being in pain. And then you get used to that, and then you're like, discover healthy people and like good people and like… I know I don't believe in good or bad, but like, you know what I mean by good people. Like, people who don't intentionally hurt others and then they like do things to help others like… there's like… it's just so many different… steps on the road to becoming healthy. It's not…. you don't wake up healthy, man. You might wake up being less unhealthy, but you don't wake up being healthy. And I mean, I used to be human wreckage when I was a teenager. Like, I had a fucking horrible life when I was younger. I'm not gonna get into it, but like there are things that people go through that might make life worse. Like, if you go through a trauma, you're gonna get fucked up. It's trauma. I mean like, yeah nobody expects you to be like this two-dimensional comic book hero, you know? You're not like, "Okay, that's over, I'm good." Like, you have feelings and a mind and a soul, if you believe in a soul, and all that bullshit. Like, sometimes things take years to get over. Sometimes, people don't get over things. But if you want to get over things, that's the key, is like… that's not all there is to it, like there's so much, like… but motivation is always number one. If you go through a trauma and you hide from your pain and you get triggered and you fucking shut everything down and you embrace… you just crawl into that cave of yourself, you're never gonna heal that way. You gotta crawl out of that cave. You have to get through it. You have to get over your trauma. And then you're like that much stronger and that much cooler. And you might be… you might have like PTSD for a while or whatever. Like, healing… there's no finite amount of time for healing. There are no rules when it comes to the healing, okay? Just however long it takes, whatever you have to do. Like, obviously, don't hurt other people. But like, if you need to fucking call somebody up and be like, "Hey motherfucker, you hurt me!" Like, do that. It's okay. If somebody hurt you, it's okay to do that. If they don't… there are no guarantees that they're gonna give you resolution, but like, at least you're making the effort and you go from there. Just like with anything in life. Your dad fucking walked out on you when you were seven years old, and you're like 30 and you wanna track him down? Fucking track him down! Do whatever you need to do to get closure! And, I dunno man, like personally I had really… I did not have good parents. I really didn't. They… they provided for me, like I had a house. But we weren't rich, we were very fucking poor. Like, food stamps and Goodwill in the nineties when it was gross, kind of poor? And like… but I had a house. I had a meal. I didn't have good parents. Like, they never… my father was physically abusive, my father was really, really mentally unstable. I'm not gonna go into his history, but… I'm getting off-topic. I'm gonna cut this, too. Not gonna talk about personal stuff. Anyway, where was I going with this? I was just like… when your mind is like a thousand miles an hour in no specific direction… you just get like a million half-a-thoughts. That's horrible. It was not like this before the fucking seizures and the CTs and stuff. Like, legit, I noticed the difference. Anyway, what was I talking about? I was talking about unhealthy patterns and behaviors and preferences and adjusting that and just getting away from unhealthiness and focusing on just being okay. That's what it is, it's just focusing on being okay for a while. Just focusing on not being damaged. And then once you're not in pain all the time and once you're okay, then you can be happy. Then it's just steps and recognizing what unhealthy things to not go for and then like, developing healthy tastes. That's what I'm going to… but yeah, I'm gonna wrap this up because I'm losing my train of thought, so um I hope this helps somebody. This is really just like… I just think a lot. Thinking is one of my favorite hobbies. And I like to apply personal experience to my thinking, because that's just how I am. And like, I dunno, I'm just trying to be the guidebook that I wish I had when I was a teenager. So I hope that helps someone. Alright, um, okay, bye.

No. 796604

This girl is absolutely batshit but whoah
Supposing she’s not pulling this out her arse and her dad really was physically abusive, that sucks
It would make marrying at 19ish a more sensible choice than staying at home getting beaten

No. 796615

I mean, obviously I can’t speak for every single fan, but even though I do consider myself one I don’t watch every video, just the games I’m actually interested in? Sage for slight blogposting

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Melissa wasn’t based on her at all. he could have easily just said it was a crush and she assumed it was her

No. 796633

Seems we were correct to assume Arin had lots of crushes during that time period and Katie just assumed she was his one and only or that he was "her Jorah", as if he lived only for her. What a self involved cunt.

No. 796681

If there was proof of melissa existing before arin met katie that would really be juicy, especially since she's so obsessed with the "timeline". unfortunately i don't think he was online back then.

Also melissas backstory is already super gross, but knowing it's about a middle school girl is really ew. middle school arin really didn't think very highly of women

No. 796698

is there a reason why she types 'favourite', etc? is she canadian?

No. 796799

lol I have no idea why she's comparing herself and Arin to Picolo and Cyarin, they have nothing in common. They were both already famous before they became friends, I think Picolo was even working for DC already? They've only met irl once or twice, he lives in Brazil and she lives in Europe, again nothing like KT and Arin. It sounds like KT ships these two even tho they're real people and Cyarin is apparently lesbian? yikes

No. 796822

Man, Katie is going to waste the rest of her life feeling like the abuse she suffered in the past now makes her entitled to other people's attention and love if she wants it on demand. That's not how it works. I feel for her if her stories are true. But there is a difference between demanding answers from a dad who abandoned you, and demanding answers from a friend you knew 15 years ago and who since outgrew their crush on you.

What exactly does she want? An apology? For what? "Sorry I'm no longer showering you with gifts and time? Sorry I moved on with my life? Sorry that Wikipedia doesn't accurately reflect the 3 years we briefly knew each other, as if anyone gives a shit?" I think villainizing Arin for simply growing apart from her is ultimately what makes Katie so fucking unlikeable.

No. 796867

her twitter bio says US, so who knows.

whose wiki article even reflects total nobodies they were friends with once upon a time? can you imagine if some famous actor had a whole paragraph dedicated to a literal who they crushed on in high school then moved on and never spoke to them again?

No. 796896

I'd class myself as a fan too, but I honestly feel like a lot of their fans are slowly outgrowing their content. Their humour hasn't really changed in all the years that I've at least been watching them, and since they haven't made an effort to even throw some variety in there, it's no wonder their content is starting to stagnate.

No. 797271

Yeah, and it really sheds light on how her mind works. No wonder she won't stop vagueing and tweeting Arin/Suzy, if she believes that tracking people down and confronting them is justified to get closure for any slight, real or imagined. She's already convinced herself that she's been mistreated by Arin or Suzy, so she doesn't feel bad acting this way. Thinking that you can do "whatever you have to do" is scary. She puts some caveat like "oh as long as you don't hurt people" but how does she know where that line is?

No. 797293

Arin has no reason to lie. Wouldn't surprise me if Katie made the whole 'Melissa is based off me' lie up. Melissa is a shit character (and honestly creepy wtf…) to begin with, but Arin probably has no reason to lie about who she is based off of on camera.

No. 797298

I definitely think everyone's outgrowing GG's content. The whole let's play fad seems to be dying. (But I don't really frequent the gaming side of YouTube anymore, so maybe gaming channels are still going strong idk)

No. 797330

I watch GG occasionally because they can usually make me laugh but god damn I hate Arin's "look how gross I can be" schtick that he employs so frequently on 10 minute power hour.

No. 797369

Not really milk but I’m curious as to what people think of the new starbomb video/song? Obviously starbomb were never the highest quality band but this song seems to me a lot lazier than anything from their first album? Not sure if that’s the general opinion or if it’s just me

No. 797384

He's a fuck boi who was chasing multiple girls are once (shown by how he drew his matching KT bracelet into the drawing of him hugging Suzy, always responding to lovey dovey comment from KT and Suzy at the same time, etc), so it seems plausible that maybe he first wrote Melissa for his middle school crush (gross) but then he went on to tell every girl he was interested in that they're the basis for Melissa (since Melissa is Egoraptor's love interest). It makes his OC's love story sound more romantic than if he actually made a new love interest OC for every crush he had.

No. 797398

Does anyone else find the age gap between Dan and his girlfriend kind of gross? She's 25 and he's 40, but they've been secretly dating for a few years so she would've been 21-23 and he'd still be in his late 30s. I remember years ago him talking about his "friend" Ashley, while also talking about how he would only want to date 26 and older. Clearly that wasn't true…

I know she's an adult and it's perfectly legal, but I give major side eye to age gaps that big. Especially when the younger person was barely an adult when they started dating.

No. 797409

If Danny was a typical 40 year old, I'd be concerned. Despite being the most mature GG, he's not exactly the most mature adult. So it might not be a terrible age difference considering he runs around in Spandex making sex jokes.

No. 797424


I don't get why people itt are so disgusted by a character made by a literal teenager. Yeah, he "strung along" a bunch of girls at a time when he wasn't mature enough to understand that, and yeah he was very nonchalant about giving his oc an insensitive rape back story. As if he should have know better at the ripe old age of what, 16?

I know it sounds like I'm wking, but it sounds like anons are being wilfully ignorant of the fact that he was a kid with a vague understanding of important things.

No. 797434

That's still fucking gross to imagine that your ~dream girl uwu~ is a traumatized rape victim whose only concern is for her beloved not to be repulsed by her scars.
He was fetishizing rape (or treating it like a moe point) and that's disgusting.

No. 797444


>barely an adult.

At 21-23 you're old enough to make your own decisions.

No. 797457


“Barely an adult” does not negate a 21-year old being able to make their own decisions. That’s irrelevant.
If being 18+ is an “adult” by American standard, the statement that she’s “barely” an adult makes sense, anon.

No. 797520

Because people did stupid shit back in the day and you can still call em out on it. Maybe i'm a normal teenager, but i didnt draw my childhood crushes as rape victims who cant do anything with me /needing to be saved. it's creepy, especially considering how Arin is. No idea why you're defending Arin so hard.

basically this.

No. 797528

I'd be concerned about a kid writing detailed rape and abuse stories in middle school. While I can understand where it comes from seeing his background and the stuff he was into at the time, it doesn't mean it's not unsettling, just like if a girl in that age was writing about fucking their adult teacher, on some level I get it a lot of girls have crushes on their teacher at that age and they may be learning about sexual concepts they don't fully understand, but I still think that their parents or some other authority figure needs to sit them them down and have a serious discussion to straighten them out because it's a red flag and when they get older they ought to feel some shame about it because it's pretty gross.

No. 797592

yes, it was gross, but he was a teenager. lots of teenagers have very fucked up views on love, sex and relationships. i knew plenty of girls in high school who romanticized the fuck out of rape, for instance. i sincerely doubt he feels that way as an adult considering he married a normie whose idea of abuse is her mom telling her she sucks at modeling.

No. 797602

but it's obviously implying something by wording it that way.
It's infantilizing tbh. Treating people (women) like they're dumb babies until they're 25+

No. 797833

I'd like to cut Arin a break for his shitty OC, since he was a weeby idiot teenager at the time. What bothers me more is that Katie is turning 32 this year, and she hasn't fully grasped how fully cringey the Melissa character is. You'd have to be fucking deluded to think, at her age, that Melissa could any way be helpful for a teenage girl. Arin grew up and hopefully he's embarrassed as hell this. As opposed to Katie, a full grown woman who still 100% believes that Melissa means shit to anybody else but her.

No. 797881

I agree, at least Arin had the good grace to not explain her backstory too much in the video. It's pathetic that Katie still wants her to be some sort of advocate/role model for abuse victims. Fucking yikes.

No. 797883

I highly doubt that’s what the other anon meant. I get your point but I don’t think they were trying to minimize the agency of young women.

the point was that age gaps that large can create weird dynamics within a relationship. Someone with comparatively less lived experience is going to be inherently vulnerable to someone who’s much older. it’s a power imbalance thing but I doubt it holds much ground in their relationship like >>797409 said. dan’s got some major arrested development just like the rest of the GG crew, although you do have to consider the public persona isn’t going to be the same as the private person is the relationship.

what’s more concerning is probably the clout that Dan has wrt his fan base and general internet presence - that would create more of a power imbalance between the two than an age gap.

No. 798073

The majority of this site is female, no one is infantilizing young women here. You haven't finished developing just because your age starts with 2. On top of that, you've probably just left your parents and, for the first time, have to find your own path in life.
So yeah, at 21 you are very vulnerable and any concern over an age gap like that is completely justified.
Of course every situation is different and we can't accurately judge it without knowing them but if she were my friend I would definitely be wary.

No. 798119

yeah, this sucks. they already lost their touch

No. 798246

The Zelda one I think is a bit better but still.. just nothing in comparison. Ah well st least it should be the last album.

No. 799140

I think you might be right anon. I’ve noticed a lot of game channels are dying but I think that’s because of the rise of twitch streamers. It’ll be interesting to see how long GG and their fan base will stick around. They just released Easter themed merch, and I don’t get why they did that. I know it’s for the money but it seems so excessive to have themed merch for a not so popular holiday.

No. 799734

post pics of the merch? Yeah, def sounds dumb to release holiday themed merch for a holiday barely anyone celebrates.

No. 801788

File: 1556807697620.jpg (307.69 KB, 1080x1586, thirst.jpg)

Back at it again with the desperate thirst tweets.

No. 801816

File: 1556816458196.png (547.32 KB, 1906x1584, asshole danny.png)

Can someone tell me why they keep blaming the algorithm and not because their content has gotten downhill? Do they not have any self awareness?

No. 801823

OOF Dan, get off your high horse

No. 801845

>I'm sorry the truth has upset you

Ouch, I guess Arin's behavior has rubbed off on Dan or he was always like this and was good at faking it to this point.

No. 801949

I don't really have proof but most gaming channels are getting hit hard. Idk if because of streaming or algorithm but it's true most of my gaming channels who did long series do one offs or vlogs now and I stopped caring. Many claim algorithm changes made it hard for longer running series and that you needed to be within 20min mark etc.

This happened with animation back in the day too the algorithm/trend killed egorapter and he made gg because of it.

Saged this for blog post with no proof

No. 802027

supermega is leaving game grumps because they want to “become full time”

No. 802032

I'm surprised they stayed that long with them tbh

Chris and his groupies didn't even last a few months

No. 802047

I dunno why people are upset they're doing streams anyway since they get put on Youtube as a VOD eventually. So people can still watch them. This person is getting aggro about fucking let's players
Also GG has a whole office of people to pay, so I'm not gonna blame them for trying to get more money. I just hate their new stream managers that try and act like they run the whole show

No. 802061


the fan on reddit said "why not be honest that it brings more money" and that's the crux of the issue. so many lets players are moving to twitch and gg is becoming one of them, more frequently, and with the "core" duo of arin and dan. I would have appreciated the same honesty as well. I don't necessarily want to watch a full 2-hour stream filled with arin being a giant manchild but it's a bit easier to digest in smaller portions.

in other news dan has again annoyed me (a feat he rarely accomplishes tbh) in the recent twilight princess playthrough he was talking about American Pie and the scene where one of the females is masturbating and she's being broadcast/recorded without her knowledge, and how he finds this scene funny (forgive the hazy details but it's been literal years since I've seen this movie) and Arin is like "wait, so she's not aware she's being filmed?" and Arin's conclusion is "gross". To be honest I agree with him, I didn't like the stupid film then, I don't like it now, and Arin points out how it's icky that it happens and she's not aware of it, and Dan honest to god is like "are you going to SJW me over AMERICAN PIE?" and Arin is like "dude I'm not criticizing YOU, I'm saying that part is gross" and Dan is honestly acting like an incel neckbeard defending his uwu peak of comedy movie

and it seemed so unlike him. Yeah, we know he likes immature humour and I get he's probably looking at the movie with rose tinted glasses of nostalgia, but to ACTUALLY AGREE with Arin Hanson was shocking. He had a reasonable answer to that scene and was actually being sensible about it. I don't know what bee stung Dan in the ass, maybe he had a bad day or something, but you never expected "uwu the lovelies are the best, peace and love" Dan to be defending a shitty early 2000s movie about a guy trying to get laid

Added the video with a timestamp but if it doesn't work, they start the conversation at 9:02 and it continues in fragments

No. 802064

I've also noticed Danny has been getting weirdly grumpy lately, and it seems to be in response to Arin trying to be less "offensive" in his language. like he's turning into an inflexible old white man. Arin has innocently said things like "I know this word can be derogatory, but that's not what it means in this context" and Danny immediately responds "ugh, shut the fuck up man." (in the psycho waluigi LP)

GG has NEVER tried to be ~SJW~, but you don't have to reflexively shit on someone trying to be considerate for 5 seconds. I've noticed him do this in multiple ways with increasing frequency and tbh that's what's made me stop watching as often. Danny is getting meaner.

No. 802065

Hasn't Dan been like this for years now? Under that crusty bath salts ~uwu~ exterior he's the guy who only has time for girls who look young and willing to let him exfoliate them with his carapace.

His convos tended to take weird and gross turns during the Dark Souls 3 playthroughs as well but I don't remember Arin ever jumping in with a "wait what?"

No. 802074


it's funny because dan was always the "soft" one of the two that tried to diffuse offensive jokes or situations by being like "we don't mean it that way" or whatever. Arin has the shadier history with the whole "needing to yell out the n word repeatedly after meeting his black friend". Which was really shitty then and now but damn, when it comes to social issues, I'm siding with Arin sometimes, because he often has a sense of common decency like "yeah, but I don't NEED to act like an ass so why be one?". He needs to work on his racial accents humour but that's another thing.

I thought Dan would have calmed down now that he has his longterm girlfriend Ashley (is she even the same Ashley he used to mention eons ago?). And we knew that he was already morphing into old man territory by sticking to his old retro games and his Rush music. He doesn't know ANYTHING about new games unless Arin tells him or they play them on the channel. I didn't really mind until now because I liked Dan's mellow vibe especially next to Arin. But he's just getting worse.

At first I thought his fallout with Kati caused a lot of issues; after all him and Holly basically gave her housing, promo and lots of opportunities and she gossiped about them behind their back to her theatre group. Then she left, disappeared from the internet and wrote some sob story about making mistakes and how flawed people are. And Dan seemed close to Holly at least due to Kati at the time, and now Holly has left. I thought maybe he was just a bit salty still about it and especially since he can't really "talk about it" publicly because people would ask "hey where's kati???" since they posted all the time about each other.

I thought him reconsidering the idea of marriage and family meant he was like… softening? Chilling out? He's just becoming worse. Yikes. I never was against the idea of Dan calling out where it's due, like when Arin doesn't pay attention in games and then blames the game, or calling out bullshit online or offline, but he's not really choosing his battles wisely. Is American Pie really the hill he chose to die on? He was SO stubborn about that damn movie, let it go Dan, it wasn't that good back then and it's not that good now.

No. 802084

I'm surprised they stayed that long too tbh. Supermega have a really loyal fanbase, their content is entertaining and I feel like they're gonna get bigger than GG in the near future. Their content is a lot more varied and "less PC" than GG with the Drunk Drawing segments and their podcast and stuff.

No. 802116

The weirdest part to me about super mega is that they used to be markipliers editors and lived with him in his house.

After marks friend committed suicide their friendship was strained due to the fact mark is a total asshole about editing and just God in fucking general. So gg took sm under their wing after Mark kicked them out of his house and unemployed them.

Now look at them blowing the fuck up and being almost better than gg is.

Kinda funny to me

No. 802123

I feel like any time I watch GG Danny's being super horny at any mention of sex if he's not inserting it in there. Not surprised at all he's probably jerked it to a shitty old movie.

No. 802173

>"less PC" than GG

kek as if GG was PC in the first place
Dan is a shit but the episodes with Jon were even worse

No. 802175

I genuinely wonder how it'll work out for them, despite having 600k subs most of their videos barely break 100k views

No. 802366

I feel the same way, which is weird because first of all he has his gf and second he's way too old to act thtat way

No. 802546

It's really clear to me that this girl was the type to keep dropping hints and leading Arin on while claiming she's not interested.

Just from how she talks about him now. You'd think they were past lovers or something.

No. 803066

Good on Arin for being disgusted with a scene like that. A lot of movies from the late 80s and early 2000s use a lot of non consent 'humor' and women are always the butt. (panty stealing, watching them without consent, etc etc…) So good on Arin. Dan using the term 'SJW' on him reminds me of when Jontron used to use uncomfortable 'jokes' and Arin was always visibly uneasy with them.

Dan needs to fuck off. He is the definition of a nice guy .

No. 803391

File: 1557377334913.png (344.35 KB, 603x705, Screen Shot 12.png)

holy shit, y'all seein this going down right now? hopefully ok to post here cause it's holly is (was) gg related

No. 803393

File: 1557377484147.jpeg (198.84 KB, 1125x972, CDF87E09-B24A-4691-9D9F-DC8519…)

Was just about to post this kek

No. 803398

File: 1557378072396.png (615.52 KB, 648x2721, caps.png)

I was scrolling leisurely on my phone and was so startled I had to jump to my laptop to read it, I've never been lucky enough to see milk AS it was happening (more caps)

No. 803399

holy shit!! and to think how high and mighty this asshole used to act about 1. jontron 2. sex positivity 3. having an "open marriage" and whatnot?? i've been following this toolbag for ages and my god, i feel unclean lmao. heidi drag his ass, spill more milk

No. 803400

File: 1557378207970.png (38.54 KB, 584x338, 2019-05-09 15_01_ _ Twitter.pn…)

she just posted this on twitter and the comments are annihilating her, what the fuck is going on lmao

No. 803402

File: 1557378334555.png (469.46 KB, 620x1035, projared.png)

Jared's statement

No. 803406

File: 1557378583648.jpeg (110.15 KB, 1125x655, 704C655D-6569-4E04-A205-C8E92A…)

She posted this right before Heidi exposed her and Jared

No. 803407

read as: yes i cheated on my wife but dont think im a bad person uwu

i wonder if this was happening while ross was still in the picture?? im honestly shook but ive always gotten bad vibes from holly, so if this is true im not surprised.

No. 803408

I have so many questions now. Was this part of Holly and Ross' reasons for divorcing? Did she move there just/partly for Jared? Why would anyone have sex with ProJared in the first place???

No. 803411

My thoughts exactly how could multiple women be fighting over Jared of all people? jeez this is wild

No. 803412

File: 1557378916805.gif (934.88 KB, 350x197, giphy (1).gif)

Blocking her was the most guilty thing he could've done. God I hope she drops some receipts.

No. 803414

File: 1557379233382.png (93.59 KB, 607x711, 2019-05-09 15_19_57-Heidi O'Fe…)

More from Heidi.

No. 803415

File: 1557379338655.png (175.5 KB, 1154x653, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.1…)

Holly and Ross announced their divorce in September and I can't help but wonder if her and Jared were already fuckin' but she couldn't bring herself to be honest with Ross about it.

No. 803416

File: 1557379379807.png (94.73 KB, 626x797, ss (2019-05-09 at 03.20.21).pn…)

Wow the fucking DARVO on that is incredible. Christ almighty.

I only lurk on a really casual basis so idr when Ross and Holly split but Heidi said Holly and Jared have been hooking up since last fall.

No. 803417

File: 1557379473306.jpg (122.48 KB, 500x690, 2GSqWZ3.jpg)

holy shit lmaooo, good catch

>Why would anyone have sex with ProJared in the first place???
This is really the big question. Can you believe a man with that little chin somehow conned 2 moderately attractive girls into having sex with him?

I was wondering this too, but if it was part of the undoing of Ross & Holly, did Ross not know? Or has he just kept quiet about it? Seems like they were (at least publicly) amicable about it.

No. 803418

File: 1557379490947.png (68.4 KB, 1322x237, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.2…)

Reddit is down so I can't screencap but people were noticing how Holly was always away back then too.

No. 803421

File: 1557379609121.png (105.24 KB, 584x1016, 2019-05-09 15_24_14-Tweets wit…)

peanut butter gamer has been defending jared in the comments and saying "~he knows more~" and talking about how heidi is mentally ill. i really don't know what to believe. heidi posts receipts girl

No. 803422

File: 1557379660163.png (481.74 KB, 611x893, 2019-05-08.png)

Ross's tweet on the divorce was dated Sep 19 last year. The timelines are pretty close.

No. 803423

um, WHAT

No. 803424

Ross dodged a fucking bullet holy shit.

No. 803425

File: 1557379750306.jpeg (4.49 KB, 258x195, images.jpeg)

i'm just as confused as you are, anon

No. 803427

File: 1557379790053.png (374.55 KB, 1104x1286, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 10.59…)

heidi aint stopping anytime lmao
and she shouldn't if idiots like PBG keep trying to clean up this mess and fail

No. 803428

No. 803430

Oh come on, she's crazy. Heidi that is, you'd be dumb to think any of this is true.

No. 803431

File: 1557379836611.png (23.39 KB, 585x141, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 01.30…)

holy shit

No. 803432

File: 1557379840040.png (127.09 KB, 619x997, 2019-05-09 15_29_48-Heidi O'Fe…)

Still going…he solicited nudes from his fans too.

No. 803434

you have got to be kidding me. jared is implicating himself pretty seriously by blocking heidi, and i'm more inclined to believe a woman who's posting what sounds like real anecdotes rather than a man who put up a half assed "cheated on my wife" apology and then shut up

No. 803435

allegedly* do you believe everything you read, anon?

No. 803436

File: 1557379968053.png (57.16 KB, 1092x206, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 11.02…)

receipts about to come out. prepare your milk mugs

No. 803437

This fucking bitch.
Everyone thought she was golden and that her and Ross ended on good terms.

What the FUCK is this timeline.

No. 803440

File: 1557380259634.png (32.8 KB, 630x280, ss (2019-05-09 at 03.37.37).pn…)

No. 803441

File: 1557380276557.png (35.85 KB, 584x303, 2019-05-09 15_37_39-Heidi O'Fe…)

Oh boy here we go.

No. 803443

it begins. still hoping she drops the convos between holly and jared though, i'm way more interested in that.

No. 803444

File: 1557380388406.png (58.78 KB, 637x534, ss (2019-05-09 at 03.39.36).pn…)

No. 803445

He could have blocked her for a number of reasons, and if she is actually spewing lies would you want to see them thrown across your twitter feed? Also I didn't read his post as a "cheated on my wife" apology at all. Everyone other than Heidi seem like they're all very concerned for her mental health, which suggests she's gone off the deep end.

No. 803446

File: 1557380492262.png (27.47 KB, 532x565, D0xY5trWkAE9AZe.png)

allegedly, huh?

No. 803448

anon do you have a link to the tumblr?

No. 803449

God PBG too? This is insane

No. 803450

If she were spewing lies you'd think at least SOMEONE would have denied this by now. Yet neither Jared nor Holly have even tried to disprove it.

No. 803451

Where's the link and proof that this is actually him?

No. 803454

What are you on about? Multiple people have denied there being any truth to what she's saying. You don't have to outright say "this is a lie" for it to be an obvious denial.


Yeah, god forbid that someone wants to see some concrete evidence before believing something at face value. You're an absolute moron.

No. 803455

File: 1557380867308.png (76.55 KB, 605x827, jesscap.PNG)

No. 803456

File: 1557380878539.png (120.29 KB, 612x886, RvxmgjU.png)

Here come the defenders. This is a big accusation..

Whole situation is fucked.

No. 803458

File: 1557380990931.png (241.5 KB, 612x2292, heidi twitter replies.png)

I screenshot a couple more of Heidi's replies re: the tumblr/snapchat

No. 803459

File: 1557381003507.png (23.25 KB, 595x148, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 01.48…)

No. 803460

Safe to say Holly was probably fucking Jared before the divorce.

No. 803461

File: 1557381039976.png (14.67 KB, 560x247, D0xY1iwWoAAfyvw.png)

I mean, he pruned all the messages but people had their tabs open and took screenshots (which you can easily search for on twitter) and here's a reddit post from way before all of this that thought he was being gross with his fans as well. Don't be obtuse

Bonus pic of him being an embarrassing thirstmonger

No. 803462

File: 1557381100832.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.8 KB, 900x1200, D6GlYL1VUAATzhx.jpg)

found some pics in the twitter thread

No. 803463

File: 1557381111488.png (Spoiler Image,824.54 KB, 1197x858, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.5…)

Spoiler because EW and there are a ton of people in her replies corroborating that he had an 18+ Snapchat and made a lot of sexual comments on his Tumblr.

No. 803464

File: 1557381126479.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.81 KB, 900x1200, D6GlYL0UUAECkKm.jpg)

No. 803465

Heidi is almost certainly abusive and batshit crazy, Jared probably turned to Holly for support which sent Heidi off the deep end, resulting in the tirade she's gone on now. Of course she doesn't have any actual proof of what she's been saying because there is none.

No. 803466

File: 1557381151560.png (457.34 KB, 609x821, screencapture-twitter-seppelix…)

Even worse though cause he didn't even post an apology for cheating on his wife, he didn't acknowledge it at all, he tried to make is sound mutual/amicable
>we all deserve to be happy uwu
>u may see rumors but don't believe them!!
>respec our privacy in this v trying time

I mean like….he's doneso right? There's no coming back from this career-wise, right? And Heidi will become Sheena Duquette 2.0, cosplayer continuing to ride the wave of their ex-husband's fame and sympathy. Holly on the other hand….woof. She's double doneso?

yikes, completely unwarranted ultra defensive un-saged wk right out of the gate? hmm….gotta be either holly or jared, it's far too soon for anyone else to deny it this hard
>Multiple people have denied there being any truth to what she's saying.
care to share those caps? do you have better proof than "c'mon man she's crazy!"

No. 803467

A blade cuts both ways. I don't think there should be a competition for who was "more abusive"when it's apparent they both have fucked up in some way. They were not happy and fell apart. I knew something was afoot when they had the flooding last year? Anyways..

No. 803468

who the fuck would want nudes of this mouth breather? or SEND him nudes? this is wild.

i want to believe heidi re: holly fucking jared shit, but without proof, idk. there's a lot of "big" names staking their rep on both sides. why can't heidi post the messages if they're real? she doesn't have to post holly's nudes, just the conversations.

No. 803469

Why is it that whenever a woman rightfully gets upset that her husband is a piece of shit once she stands up for herself she gets denounced as crazy? Honestly I didn't even know ProJared was married so I can't say anything about Heidi's character but looking at all these people corroborating the fact that Jared was interacting inappropriately with his fans tells me that at least SOMETHING was going on. Holly may or may not be implicit in cheating but Jared obviously was crossing the boundaries of their 'open relationship'.

And before you say I just want to tear him down I did actually use to watch and enjoy his content a lot.

No. 803470

i am pretty sure at this point, that she WILL post the proof sooner or later. jared has people defending him and there's a constant demand of proof from both sides, plus girl has nothing to lose. and at the rate that she's outing jared and holly this can only lead in one direction. hopefully soon?

No. 803471

>gotta be either holly or jared, it's far too soon for anyone else to deny it this hard

I could literally say the same thing about people like you who are willing to instantly believe Heidi, just for the sake of "tea" and "drama" - Does that make you Heidi?

>care to share those caps? do you have better proof than "c'mon man she's crazy!"

There are already caps in this thread, I don't need to spoonfeed you. People in the community who know them better than us, who know them personally, are taking Jared/Holly's side. Hmmm, I wonder why.

No. 803473

He legit just confirmed Heidi that they where cheating while defending him.

No. 803474

yeah this makes sense if you knew nothing about heidi ever at all. the whole porn snapchat bit is coming out like a flood, and having done that alone while being married to his wife is proof enough of cheating. if proof of cheating with Holly comes out that'll just be an addition to this other fuckery.
it's a wonder the girl didn't go insane living with such a piece of shit husband.

No. 803475

What about all of ProJared's vidoes on GameGrumps being hidden since a month ago? Seems like they took sides too.

No. 803476

File: 1557381947288.jpeg (473.06 KB, 640x1136, 7BD52F74-6C84-4510-99BE-A9B19A…)

Lol sure Holly is a pure innocent little bean you all love. SURE

No. 803477


No. 803479

>the whole porn snapchat bit is coming out like a flood, and having done that alone while being married to his wife is proof enough of cheating

Even though she said herself that she allowed it, that she ALLOWED everything he did in terms of sending nudes etc.

Sis you can't just give your partner permission to do something and then "woops changed my mind" after the fact and call it cheating

No. 803480

maybe you missed reading her tweet where she said "i drew a hard line at nudes".

No. 803481

File: 1557382235772.png (178.42 KB, 1228x588, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 11.40…)

before you go off again on "yes but where is the proof"

No. 803482

That's not proof fam. That's someone claiming he sent them nudes.

No. 803483

Did you not see upstream >>803463

No. 803484

That's not full nudity????

No. 803485

File: 1557382443121.png (371.39 KB, 1162x1288, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.1…)

Since all these wk's seem to not be reading the thread I'll post these again. Seems like he was spinning things to seem more innocent than they were and she was dumb enough to fall for it.

Dear god please refer to >>803463

No. 803486

File: 1557382446846.jpg (27.57 KB, 592x185, V0ffRWZ.jpg)

No. 803487

yes. none of this is proof. it's more "he said she said" stuff. as i said before, until actual proof comes out, forgive me for willing to side with a woman who's gone through something terrible and can still present herself as a reasonable person rather than someone who literally posted "don't believe the things you hear" and then shut up

No. 803488

GOD this is genuinely nauseating

I'm guessing because they're on his phone….why would she have private messages/nudes between Jared and Holly on her phone? She would have had to take a screenshot of Jared's convos and text them to herself, or take pictures of his phone from her phone, etc etc. Guessing if he was being shady about it for months he kept any obvious access away from her.

>There are already caps in this thread, I don't need to spoonfeed you
Every cap in this thread is talking about how shitty Jared is, what the fuck are you talking about?

>People in the community who know them better than us, who know them personally, are taking Jared/Holly's side

Again, who are you talking about? >>803456 isn't even denying it

No. 803489

File: 1557382501888.png (1.23 MB, 1198x1286, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 11.45…)

also – fuck off

No. 803490

Sorry, where's the full nudity again? I'm not seeing it?

No. 803491

File: 1557382593690.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 832x1256, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 11.46…)

No. 803492

looking at projared's tumblr on the wayback machine atm. there's definitely a lot of thirstposting/horny shit but nothing terribly incriminating yet. anyone else feel like deep diving?


No. 803493

Still not seeing any dick.

No. 803494

god you WK's are fucking delusional.

No. 803495

i remember seeing posts on the subreddit about how he posted his dick picks to tumblr on the day they made nsfw content against the rules, but deleted them. some were saying they were legit but others said it wasn't an actual pic of his dick at all.

No. 803496

maybe you could hit him up on snapchat. plenty of dick around there i'm told.
again, why are you here? what's been posted is incriminating enough for me and for many other people on heidi's twitter. if it's not enough for you, maybe wait for proof to come out? like you keep asking us to do?

No. 803497


why are you so adamant about seeing projared's dick

No. 803498

File: 1557382819979.jpg (49.11 KB, 588x265, ROhAon2.jpg)

Not even trying to cover the fact that she may have been a horrible abusive partner

No. 803499

if you want to see dick add him on snapchat yourself, no one here wants to see that

No. 803500

There is a big difference between posting risque images on snapchat vs physically banging another woman.

No. 803501

Still doesn't justify cheating on her.

No. 803502

Metokur Stream Now

No. 803503

r u mad because u didnt know about his snapchat at its peak dickness

No. 803504

is that supposed to balance out the fuckery projared committed?

No. 803505

So like how many scandalous photos of Jared does it take for WKs to believe he was not a fucking angel in this situation?

No. 803506

Easy to say when you're not in the abusive relationship. Also, basically anything qualifies as cheating to an abusive partner.

No. 803507

It's also fairly plain to see that anything that Jared would have done in this situation would have been interpreted as malicious by Heidi

No. 803508

File: 1557383065787.png (148.33 KB, 2254x1127, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.2…)

I'm really confused as to where the boundaries were drawn for these two in their """marriage"""

No. 803509

I wonder if she gave the okay for that one too

No. 803510

File: 1557383201996.jpg (25.47 KB, 720x708, 56892253_819069965142885_28869…)

I know I'm a dumb fuck for taking the bait, and I know that you're just being deliberately obtuse, but you ARE aware that testimony IS considered a form of evidence, right? There are dozens of tweets in Heidi's replies, from people all corroborating how skeevy the tumblr/snapchat bullshit is. If we shouldn't believe all those tweets, why should we believe one (1) thread from one (1) singular fucktard about how nice of a guy Jared is and abloo bloo bloo how mean and abusive Heidi is?

No. 803511

same. if she's as mentally ill as everyone insists she is, then why even negotiate this kind of shit in a relationship? you're really going to try and have an open marriage with your BPD wife?

No. 803512

File: 1557383256735.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.38 KB, 963x542, D6GuGTEUYAAQlup.jpg)

this enough dick for you? kek

No. 803514



Get rekt whiteknights

No. 803516

How the hell is the WK not seeing that that's is common form for gaslighting abusers? He called in to question her mental health distanced her from friends so if she tries to defend herself she's the crazy abusive one, so of course they're choosing his side because they probably don't know her as well as they know him.
Get off your high horse and see that he's a gross dick.
Sage for ranting

No. 803517

okay. um, i'm beginning to feel like i'm feeding a troll here.
do you read? that is literally what i said. if there's proof of the snapchat fuckery (yes yes i know you don't consider it proof. do you do the same shit on your own time?), then it becomes more believable that he did cheat and heidi isn't just a crazy bitch ranting online.

sincerely thank you anon. all my love to ya

No. 803518

CHRIST what is that. game over, jared

No. 803519


Holy. Shit. Dude's fucked. So fucked.

No. 803520


No. 803521


Sorry but why do you think HE'S the abuser/gaslighter but it's impossible for her to be?

No. 803522

damn this is crazy. do you have the source?

No. 803523

File: 1557383503581.png (39.58 KB, 189x157, https___pics.me.me_i-want-kiss…)

No. 803524


No. 803526

awww, i'm so glad he was able to cope with his abusive wife by sending his lil rat dick to teenagers online /s

this is clearly a case of some fug nerd getting too big for his britches because he got some internet fame. happens every time.

exactly. if i told my friends my wife was a crazy abusive harpy and it was making me sooo sad but i was doing my best, they would believe me because i seem like an upstanding person and a good friend otherwise. i bet the people who are claiming to be close to this situation only know what jared's been feeding them - she's abusive, he had to cheat because something something his self esteem, you guys just DONT GET IT!!!

because no one is claiming jared is mentally ill or abusive. just a cheater.

No. 803527

File: 1557383592996.png (71.2 KB, 585x487, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 02.32…)


No. 803528


Jontron Wins Again Baby

No. 803529

>because no one is claiming jared is mentally ill or abusive. just a cheater.

Heidi did?

No. 803530

this is getting painful to read. i'm pretty sure so, so many girls can relate. and then people ask them "if it was so bad why didn't you dump the person".
i'm seriously feeling for heidi right now.

do some work, give us the caps

No. 803531

omg, where did you find this?

she never called him abusive. she mentioned it was an abuse of power to get nudes from his fans and that there was a power imbalance in their relationship financially, but i don't see anything in these tweets that calls him mentally ill or abusive.

No. 803532

File: 1557383837136.png (18.57 KB, 606x114, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 02.35…)

No. 803533

I do feel bad for Heidi, speaking myself as a victim of cheating and mental abuse. I don't blame Heidi for going off. She's been silence for a long time. She's going off, because he and his friends have been silencing her to the point of breaking. She's had it!

No. 803534

No. 803535

File: 1557383949739.png (52.63 KB, 596x358, abused.png)

No. 803537

I'm seriously getting the vibes that the whole 'open' aspect of their relationship was because another insecure/possibly mentally ill girl was taken advantage of by an abusive guy who knew that he could push the limits of their relationship to the extreme while having the safety net of an established wife. Now that he's getting his comeuppance all he can do is cower into a corner and go 'N-no you!' despite all the flood of evidence showing that he was AT THE VERY LEAST being sexually promiscuous with his fans which is a whole 'nother morally bankrupt thing.

No. 803539

bc the WK is an obtuse retard who isn't capable of any degree of nuance. WHEEEEEEEREEEEEEE'S THE PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF

No. 803540

File: 1557384174846.png (Spoiler Image,267.55 KB, 638x846, ss (2019-05-09 at 04.42.46).pn…)


No. 803541

File: 1557384200595.png (21.48 KB, 1596x76, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 12.13…)

No. 803542

File: 1557384224817.jpg (43.14 KB, 594x301, gqZs19f.jpg)

Welcome to gaslighting 101

No. 803544

>I know that you're just being deliberately obtuse, but you ARE aware that testimony IS considered a form of evidence, right?
God, I want this post on a plaque. This is the most polite and coherent response to bait I've ever seen on this site.

No. 803546

File: 1557384255468.png (219.16 KB, 434x528, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 02.44…)

No. 803547

It's not a testimony, I'll consider it a testimony when all this shit goes to court

No. 803548

It's so common for cheaters/abusers to say that their spouse is the 'abusive' one to whoever they're cheating with doesn't ask questions as to why they're still married. It would make sense if Jared spun this whole narrative of Heidi being abusive so none of his close friends questioned why he was posting horny shit on his tumblr or why him and Holly were so close.

It's like one of the oldest tricks in the cheating book kek

No. 803549

Gaslighting and guilting someone into doing something they have no choice but to do what they are told because they have no freedom in the relationship is a very powerful thing. Jared had her on a leash. He went around to cons with Holly using Acquisitions Inc as method to meet and cheat out of town. It’s so damn easy to see that.

No. 803550

Oh man. I've given up on getting sleep at this rate.

Please sage your shitty WK posts. You're frothing at the pussy for a skinny mouthbreather, we get it.

No. 803551

Thank you

WK get fucked

No. 803552

It was Pax West

No. 803553

ProJared's Twitter got de-verified

No. 803554

File: 1557384627794.jpg (107.04 KB, 276x491, a4qc2MB.jpg)

No. 803556

File: 1557384680765.jpg (82.77 KB, 276x491, owl5SyZ.jpg)

This is coming from Heidi's "close friend" who apparently just shared nudes with Jared rather than warning him against it

No. 803557

wow. never seen that happen, wtf

No. 803558

File: 1557384778655.jpeg (48.85 KB, 540x516, bitchwtf.jpeg)

Wow, Holly's ugly ass is a homewrecker. I love this timeline so much.

Eagerly waiting for the text receipts, though the snaps are already gross enough. Ross prob won't say anything resembling an opinion on this whole shitstorm tbh. I fucking knew there was more to their divorce than "she wanted to live in a state with trees". TREES, nigga?

No. 803559

>Holly and Ross separate in September last year
>Holly immediately starts hooking up with Jared via conventions where Heidi isn’t going?

Part of me is thinking this runs a lot deeper than what even Heidi or even Ross knows about. Jared’s honestly just a horny fuckboy.

No. 803560

File: 1557384856601.png (89.54 KB, 321x635, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 02.50…)

No. 803561

File: 1557384900224.png (106.45 KB, 323x630, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 02.50…)

No. 803562

File: 1557385046262.jpg (59.03 KB, 596x357, P0hlltQ.jpg)

So like I totally just got nudes from your husband anyway can I send some back????

Totally explaining that she was 100% okay with the nudes sending so long as SHE WAS INVOLVED????

No. 803563

Maybe not trees, but a bush if you catch my drift

No. 803564

open couples/swingers r like that anon, i dont do them myself but both partners are supposed to be involved and know everything thats going on. thats a healthy relationship. he was obviously keeping shit from her if this is all news to heidi

No. 803565

No. 803566

Are you familiar with Onision and his “trinity”, anon? Because it looks like something very similar was happening here.

No. 803567

File: 1557385334830.png (Spoiler Image,266.81 KB, 365x648, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 03.02…)

No. 803568

File: 1557385361496.png (242.45 KB, 1204x862, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 12.32…)

now all i can think of is all the creepy porny shit the DnD wafflecrew fans draw for Strix (holly's character) and Diath (jared's character)

No. 803569

File: 1557385374016.png (Spoiler Image,186.46 KB, 360x591, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 03.02…)

No. 803570

File: 1557385412255.png (197.87 KB, 1166x746, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.02…)

These nudes make me want to throw up, how does he have all these girls lusting after him

No. 803571

Considering that the two of them were both in on it I don't know why Heidi is acting surprised here

No. 803573

It sounds like he was sending full on dick pics to this Kittie girl despite Heidi saying she wasn't comfortable with that, and he led Kittie to believe that Heidi WAS involved/comfortable.

No. 803574

File: 1557385633520.jpg (454.96 KB, 250x150, irVeEbh.jpg)

No. 803575

If Heidi was trying everything in her power to make her man happy, maybe she thought this was a chance to do it. Alot of people can be emotionally tugged into doing something they really don't want to do. But I agree, this seems a little too late. So sad.

No. 803577

Teenage girls will fuck anything if it's popular (or infamous) enough. That's how even an inbred caveman like onion has fangirls.

So did they have an open marriage or not? What the fuck is going on here.

No. 803578

Kittie herself stated that the only reason they interacted by sharing nudes was because she was aware of what was going on

No. 803579

File: 1557385696295.jpeg (23.22 KB, 253x275, 050C7239-3962-491C-9071-A66E65…)

Would it be that weird if they found it really kinky and fooled around in their cosplay in the hotel after pax?
If that’s the case then it’s been going way longer than Holly’s been divorced FOR SURE.

No. 803580

game grumps removed all videos with projared

No. 803581


sounds like she allowed some lewd sharing but sharing nudes was crossing a line. sounds like heidi was ok with some stuff if he told her about it, the problem was he wasn't being honest about it and was gaslighting her

No. 803582

File: 1557385764421.png (286.53 KB, 566x645, Screen Shot 17.png)

hooooly shit

>Considering that the two of them were both in on it I don't know why Heidi is acting surprised here
What >>803564 said, and also clearly he would have done it with or without Heidi's "permission", if he gaslights her into thinking she's ok with it then he just does whatever the fuck he wants and gives her credit for being a COOL wife, even if she's miserable with the situation

No. 803584

why did they take down the videos in the first place? unless they knew something was about to go down

No. 803585


Gamegrumps took down their videos with Projared like a month ago.

No. 803586

File: 1557385917719.png (29.29 KB, 888x200, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 12.41…)

found this on reddit but i don't spot anything on /v/. there's a comment in this reddit thread saying they're getting purged though

No. 803588

Anons familiar with Onion already are primed for this new drama. We know how far abusive dudes can pressure their insecure wives to open their marriage and then keep pushing the boundaries bit by bit. People defending this mouth breathing dork can't possibly be anything but fangirls.

Never seen poly relatioships that aren't clearly abusive or mutual mental illness so maybe I'm hating too hard but STILL

No. 803589

ffs screen shot, this is an image board

No. 803590

[SPECULATION] but what if Ross has been silent about it but gave GG a heads up??

No. 803591

do you guys think maybe Ross got wind of Holly and Jared fucking around and asked for the videos to be quietly hidden?

No. 803592

I wouldn't be surprised if he found out awhile after the divorce and kept quiet to save face. He's been liking stuff on twitter while this has gone down and hasn't reacted to any of it and if that had happened to me I'd appreciate my friends silently trying to cut ties with that person.

No. 803593

File: 1557386184335.png (492.76 KB, 597x797, pj.PNG)


it's a video but here's a screenshot

No. 803594

Yea, jannies fucked up and delete every thread.
Check fireden for /v/ threads

No. 803595

You never know how people are until you put them in sunlight.

No. 803596

File: 1557386698160.png (354.89 KB, 1740x588, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 12.54…)

tried. still not seeing a lot, but man 4chan sometimes just makes my day

No. 803600

"why make a thread with no milk" lmao if only the farmers could have seen what was coming

No. 803602

File: 1557388010844.png (181.11 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20190509-174458~2.p…)

PBG still putting his foot in his mouth

No. 803604

His body and dick look like a fucking 10 year old boy’s. Sad that women go for this disgusting sack of shit.

No. 803605

File: 1557388221389.jpeg (160.57 KB, 757x768, 1_yHRDTB_GGsqFYiUySDtb2w.jpeg)

>So did they have an open marriage or not?
Obviously not, the phrase "open marriage" implies that both parties are in agreement with the terms and boundaries of their relationship which clearly they weren't. Like, if in an open relationship the agreement is "you can kiss other girls but NO farther", and they fuck another girl that's not an open relationship, that's cheating.

Also "open marriage" implies that both parties were engaging – doesn't seem like Heidi was benefitting in any way on her end from the "open-ness" (obviously info could still come out). I mean if the options are "I'm going to sext with other girls, you can either be ok with it or not be ok with it but either way I'm gonna do it" of course the easier option is "well…I guess I have to be ok with it?" even if you're not. It's the same shit from gross dudes everywhere
>guilt their gf who has no interest in other people that they're being uptight and controlling by not letting them openly cheat
>they can either shut up or leave, won't stop it from happening
>you wanna be a cool gf right?
>guy fucks around
>girl does not engage with others at all, because she had no interest in the first place
>completely one sided
>it's not cheating, it's totally chill! we're in an open relationship!!
>[narrator voice] it was not totally chill
source: been there done that

No. 803606

File: 1557388304808.png (2.29 KB, 107x41, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 03.51…)

holy fuck its trending on twitter

No. 803608

File: 1557388462470.png (24.52 KB, 652x314, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 03.53…)

The search results after just a few hours

No. 803609

I hope Heidi goes hard on him in divorce court, adultery is adultery regardless of "consent" and she's got clear cut evidence lmao

No. 803610

File: 1557389290373.png (62.92 KB, 583x564, 2019-05-09 18_07_35-Tweets wit…)

This scumbag is playing stupid and backpedaling even though his buddy's dick has been blasted all over the internet.

No. 803613

holy shit this is buck wild

No. 803614

File: 1557389952245.png (624.02 KB, 762x1111, projaredunderage.png)

so somebody has come out saying that jared accepted nudes from/sent nudes to them knowing they were underage.


No. 803615

File: 1557390080617.jpg (17.49 KB, 336x336, acWQa8P9_400x400.jpg)

As someone who's been through a similar relationship I'm honestly so jealous of Heidi like she's living the dream here. Of all the people in the world who get cheated on or abused and have to deal with the repercussions of that the rest of their lives with no closure or vindication….what percentage of them get to publicly destroy the careers of the people that wronged them AND watch the internet collectively point and laugh at their cheating ex's small dick. And not over the course of years, over the course of HOURS.

Obviously it's weird to say she's lucky, but when you go through all of that and the internet doesn't laugh at your cheating ex's small dick….it hurts guys

No. 803616

>None of you know what you’re talking about! Jared is a wonderful husband and his wife is crazy! I know what’s going on and you don’t, so shut up!
~five minutes later~
>Obviously I had no idea about any of that stuff and I don’t wanna LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU

No. 803618

File: 1557390409132.png (70.44 KB, 1154x216, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 2.26…)

No. 803619

he really screwed himself over. I can't imagine why jared thought blocking his ex and her friends would make this whole thing happen smoothly.

No. 803620

No. 803621

With his wedding ring in the photo! How fucked can you get.

No. 803622

Why would you just kill your YouTuber career like that.

No. 803623

File: 1557390882963.jpeg (127.56 KB, 1024x892, 5CD3007F-E9BC-4FAD-8BA4-8DB1BB…)

FROM /b/ ( I know, but that's not important right now)

No. 803624

It's over for him, and possibly the rest of Normalboots

No. 803625

>And Heidi will become Sheena Duquette 2.0, cosplayer continuing to ride the wave of their ex-husband's fame and sympathy
I don't think she will, she's been adamant about building her own brand and not using Jared's status for clout. It's inevitable that the partner of a semi-famous person will get some following by virtue of being with them but she doesn't strike me as the type.
I think people who received full nudes are not posting them because that would be revenge porn and the last thing they need is no-chin suing them.
Probably a video of him pounding Holly
Well I didn't need to see that but that's fairly irrefutable
What, are you looking for the uncensored version?
I didn't even know that could happen
Who needs enemies with friends like these?

No. 803626

File: 1557391088303.png (36.09 KB, 585x180, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

I'm fucking screaming

No. 803627

>Probably a video of him pounding Holly
the wk is probably gonna respond with "his dick is inside holly, it isn't visible! still not seeing any dick!"

No. 803628

File: 1557391424957.jpg (84.75 KB, 1024x576, S00LWZd.jpg)

Is this legit? I'm not Twitter savvy. I found the tweet in the image that Heidi made but couldn't locate Ross or Holly's.

No. 803629

File: 1557391513091.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x2560, 19-05-09-04-44-15-036_deco.jpg)

No. 803630

File: 1557391539968.jpg (195.75 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20190509-044309_Twi…)

No. 803631

it's real but it's from 2017. they must've deleted the tweets

No. 803632

yes because men on the internet or known in entertainment never exploit their positions, amirite?

No. 803633

No. 803634

damn, Jessie's really coming through. I'm glad Heidi has her support, it must be so hard going through this after Jared has basically forbidden her from speaking to his friend circle

No. 803635

File: 1557392029624.png (64.83 KB, 664x495, D6HE2dhWwAAb3XL.png)

Full caps for anyone who's doesn't wanna go on twitter

No. 803636

File: 1557392054756.png (53.99 KB, 649x442, D6HE2diXoAAPb4P.png)

No. 803638

oh my god. jared and holly are so fucked.

No. 803639

Overconfident man thinking with his dick. He probably thought he’d covered his ass well enough by isolating her from his circle and telling everyone she’s crazy so he never expected this much backlash. Men with successful careers cheat all the time, but usually their wives don’t have nearly the kind of social influence required to hold them responsible so publicly.

No. 803640

File: 1557392596081.gif (523.55 KB, 480x270, Chrishansen.gif)

No. 803641

File: 1557392792120.jpg (86.15 KB, 1024x576, d45a99e0-a721-4627-b83b-61b9d6…)

that fucking normal boots dating sim (that holly played WITH ross) makes me fucking cringe

No. 803642

I'm fresh to this drama, why are people saying Heidi is/was abusive?

No. 803643

Jared told his friends she was abusing him. We don't have any more details but it's common for abusers to make themselves look like the victim. That's why PBG was defending him until he saw the nudes and backpedalled.

No. 803644

No. 803645

File: 1557393013576.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.38 KB, 236x377, 0e996de92faf002fa7f9436a6788e0…)

>tfw you wanna see a sloths dick but not go to jail for it and lolcow's not delivering

No. 803646

Yeah I didn't even realize Heidi was married to ProJared until much later, I only know her through cosplay stuff which is why I'm here lurking and trying to fully figure out who this Holly character is. I doubt she'll become another Sheena, Heidi tends to be super smug about her craft but she's still a legit cosplayer who actually makes her shit as a standalone brand.

I'm fucking howling anon

Because they're whiteknighting Jared and claiming that "He only sent those dick pics to teenagers and fucked a mutual friend to cope with his abusive wife!!!" with no proof of Heidi being abusive at all.

No. 803647

File: 1557393312842.jpg (393.49 KB, 1297x740, fa156c3b723249afc947908b8d47c4…)


Looking back on this is so awkward….

No. 803648

The TLDR on Holly Conrad: Holly was married to Ross, who is a member of Game Grumps. Ross and Holly announced their divorce last September citing the fact that Holly wanted to live up north but Ross didn't want to leave his job in LA, a reason that a lot of people found weird if their relationship was healthy and happy otherwise. Fast forward to today, where apparently Holly has been banging Jared since at least October, leading to speculation that it's been going on for longer and that he is the reason she moved to Seattle, and also the reason Holly got a divorce.

No. 803649


No. 803650

No, and I doubt Heidi will post them. Take your boner elsewhere.

No. 803652

i see twitter has begun to leak already

No. 803653

The difference between a man and a woman's nudes is staggering.
No one WANTS to see the man's nudes and they only get posted to be laughed at.
Yet a woman's nudes are requested so people can beat off.

No. 803654

>I doubt Heidi will post them
It's not like she likes the girl

No. 803655

reading through some twitter threads and these wks are embarrassing

No. 803656

If it's worth anything, you made at least one anon laugh at your ex
Kind of makes me sick how many of us have been through the same thing though

No. 803657

Imagine cheating on a cute, funny nerd boy like Ross with fucking Sid from Ice Age

No. 803661

File: 1557394029753.jpg (34.72 KB, 640x515, IMG_20190509_052616.jpg)

My heart genuinely breaks for Ross. Whether he knew exactly what was happening back then or not, to have to relive it again has to be miserable.

Especially thinking about all the D&D stuff Holly and Jared did together, ugh. Chatting for hours, doing con appearances together, their characters having a relationship? It all feels so skeevy now.

No. 803662

Jared sent nudes to anyone who asked and then some. Holly sent them privately so only Jared and Heidi have them. That's why he's getting posted and not her.

No. 803663

File: 1557394273014.jpg (918.03 KB, 1920x2560, 19-05-09-05-31-10-559_deco.jpg)

No. 803664

Jared just got removed as a mod of his own subreddit, the place is about to get spicy

No. 803665

Keemstar is pathetic

No. 803667

ok this is just going to muddle the milk… i don't like this a lot. especially when we're getting all the receipts straight from the horse's mouth.

No. 803668

File: 1557394699448.jpg (321.08 KB, 1080x892, ehphxqyl05x21.jpg)

reddit mod drama can be delicious really

pic from the reddit, didn't see it here yet?

No. 803669

File: 1557394811401.jpg (348.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190509-113959.jpg)

No. 803672

File: 1557394987239.png (388.72 KB, 423x2411, friendship.png)

No one other than that one whiteknight was saying that here, with zero proof. Ignore >>803644. This drama only started 5 hours ago >>803391, there's still time to catch up without being spoonfed.

Anyways, here's this for what it's worth. Obviously all the Jared unfollowing could have happened in the last <5 hours, but that just seems unlikely to me since it all seems so coordinated and they all seem to have stayed off twitter in that time, if they really did hide his vids on the GG channel weeks ago….sure seems like someone knew something. Like, it feels like weeks ago they must have had a business meeting and been like "Ok and the last order of business….effective immediately everyone has to unfollow and Jared."

No. 803673

light entertainment, watch his subs fall live

No. 803675

anyone else kind of worried holly might hurt herself? she might be a homewrecker/cheater but it would be tragic if she did. this is going to be a huge blow to her mental health.

No. 803677

File: 1557395196977.png (152.1 KB, 1192x454, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 3.16.…)

not too much

No. 803678

nah, fuck holly tbh

No. 803680

Don't care. It's pretty obvious her "mental health advocate" thing is a facade for more clout.

No. 803682

GG not following him, especially Ross, seems pretty indicative.

I feel like we're not even seeing a fraction of the potential backlash, isn't it pretty late in the US right now? Just wait til people start waking up and seeing the damage.

No. 803683

Yup it is 3am on the west coast. All I care about is that Ross is okay and healthy

No. 803684

>other factors

We had no idea what was coming did we.

No. 803685

File: 1557395817021.jpg (84.45 KB, 485x767, arin-like.jpg)

this also from reddit
it's claimed to be from arin's likes but if he really did like it, he's since unliked it

No. 803686

yeah the fact that they hid all of those videos is already suspicious enough. idk much about the game grumps but if she did cheat on ross I'm surprised they're still following each other. maybe it's just to save face
they're probably just going to hide from social media for awhile. I'm curious if Jared will make a reply now that the pedo allegations have been revealed.

No. 803687

sounds like spending time with jared will be a huge blow to her mental health. girl should drop him.

No. 803688

Holly "I came from a rough past " Conrad turns out to be the kind of chick that will fuck a man while isolating the woman who is actually in a relationship with him with super misogynistic tactics like saying the wife is the one hurting JARED, when he is the one with his dick in Holly because.. feefee's.
Honest to christ I love this 180, it was sus enough that she hung around costhots like Sheena but hey we all are alittle too nice at times but no. Shes just another cow.
I think Ross and Barry are the only ones left without any real spilt milk around them im cackling.

No. 803689

boy this didn't age well

No. 803690

Apparently she thought it meant "I don't wanna fuck my husband, only someone else's husband"

No. 803691

I am STINGING to see Keem get balls deep in this bullshit. also wanna see Jon comment on it because he's been exiled for so long it'd be straight fascinating
wonder who is going to be the first of the commentary community to tackle this one, shit is coming so thick and fast receipts-wise it's going to be so gloriously milky, nay, creAMY

also anyone else wanna hate fuck keem or is that just me? want to punch his goblin face while I ride that dick to the moon

No. 803692


Not to be that person but Ross had that cosplay guy raykay at his house directly after the fact of his scandal

Ross isn't that clean either but smarter

No. 803693

The thing I'm wondering about is if Ross knew Holly was banging Jared (and presumably told the grumps) and that's why they got a divorce, why did nobody say anything to Heidi?

No. 803694

> also anyone else wanna hate fuck keem or is that just me? want to punch his goblin face while I ride that dick to the moon

anon, love yourself

No. 803695

I'll try <3

also this dropped a couple ago, aye nice to have it in vid form i'm going crosseyed from trying to real all these different sources

No. 803696

Are you saying Ross rode raykay's dick or what?

No. 803697


Couple of possibilities:

He knew she was cheating but didnt know who with.


Heidi waited till today to drop the bomb.

No. 803698

During his scandal while in the midst of just saying he would talk no more about raping his gf he went over to rosses and streamed with him on his channel. I forget what it was but I think it was skyrim on vr.

Anyways Ross had to have known the drama and ignored it

He's Def not a wholesome bean as everyone wants to picture if he allows scum like that around during a scandal and raykay just had another one where another girl said he raped her just recently.

Just saiyan

No. 803699

I suspect she knew about the texts for awhile and waited until they were done for real (filed for divorce) before spilling.

No. 803700

Heidi said she found the Holly texts in a phone he used until December so she didn't know about the affair back in September when Ross and Holly got divorced >>803698
That's gonna be a yikes from me bro

No. 803703

>just saiyan
Kys you newfag
You seem really misguided if you think any anon finds ross to be a "sweet innocent bean" when the only thing that has happened is Holly being a cheater and Ross seemingly having nothing to do with it;
Just post receipts instead of moralfagging we are here to shit on all of GG, hence why I even wrote "I think" when referencing Barry & Rosses less shitty track records compared to dan,arin,suzy (and now) holly.

(Sage your non milky posts anon)

No. 803704

File: 1557398062706.jpg (752.36 KB, 1080x3624, Screenshot_2019-05-09-12-30-32…)

r/ProJared is going wild

No. 803705

What did Dan do?

No. 803706

Nobody is gonna spoonfeed you, read the GG threads and catch up on the drama.

No. 803707

god lmao

No. 803708

So you dont know? Lol you could have said he killed a dude etc like sorry that's super hard. I'm lazy and dont care enough to look thought someone knew.

No. 803709

Nah I agree with anon,I'm caught up and I didn't see any Dan milk

No. 803710

See I figured dude was being rude. I've never heard of any Dan drama except the fan fabricated Dan vs Jon shit. Dan seems pretty chill and to himself. Even talking to Ross he said he hardly sees Dan and they work together. That's why I was confused.

No. 803711

The newfags have arrived from twitter

No. 803713

Nah I usually just got to the momokun boards but again you have posted an insult instead of just saying tldr: Dan did x. That's really not that hard yet no one can seem to do it. Is it because you're all self absorbed entitled teeny boppers who think the tea is worth any real valu and that newfags havent earned their place here? I'd you dont know then say so or dont say anything. I'm going through all the gg posts right now and you're all obsessed with Suzy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 803714

This board calls everyone newfags that don't remember every word of 5+yo threads, the meme is basically dead at this point

No. 803715

We are gonna need some Holly nudes in here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 803716

They were sent privately so really no, we aren't.

No. 803717

*doesn't, I typed too fast
We're not going to get them, only Heidi has them and I don't she would do that

No. 803719

dude… heidi legally can't do that afaik. unless holly has been as profligate with her pics as jared has, you will have to remain thirsty

No. 803720

Also gross, if you want fap material there are way hotter women who share them willingly

No. 803721

bear in mind anon that jared might leak them if he thinks it will make heidi look like the guilty party. he doesn't seem like a guy who gives much of a shit about anyone.

No. 803722

Begone scrote, go wave your dick somewhere else

No. 803723

>"you have posted an insult"
It's a meme you dip

No. 803724

File: 1557399982747.jpeg (225.05 KB, 750x990, BF266252-9BAC-43A3-989E-1813B0…)

Massive reach, but since Jared is a hot topic rn, did anyone get the feeling he was was warming up to come out as bi or something? That or it was just a whole lotta queerbaiting.
>teehee i love yaoi ad infinitum

No, we don’t, scrote. It was bad enough seeing Jared’s.

No. 803726

Going to bet my money on this being ironic because gamer guys love to treat gay stuff as a joke. The whole Dream Daddy thing for example was just an "ironic" parody take on visual novels.

No. 803728


Still an insult asshole I wont be cutting my insults to "cute little half swears uwu" bullshit at least have the balls to call me a dipshit. I'm over the nonexistent Dan drama nice job dealing me back in with your bait though now fuck off

No. 803729

anon you get called out because you won't do a simple Ctrl+F on the same page that you currently are at.
>>801816 this wasn't even that old

No. 803731

nta but chill, "it's a meme you dip" is an old joke


No. 803732

>unsaged posts
>tumblr writing style
you are a newfag though aren't you

No. 803734

These replies are hilarious in retrospect.

No. 803739

>Style and Grace
Is this dude really attempting a Donkey Kong meme?
Holy shit I've been mutuals with Kittie for years, I had no idea she was this close to these guys

No. 803740

jared leaking them would constitute as revenge porn, so no, he really can't.

No. 803743

He's just been exposed for gaslighting his wife and soliciting nudes from minors, he might as well diversify his portfolio. He could do a little bit of shoplifting and a bit of arson, to really round it out

No. 803745

The more you refuse to sage the more obvious your butthurt newfagging is.

One of those replies was me and it feels bad, man. Should've figured the chick with chronic self-esteem issues would fuck someone's husband.

kek. I want to say not even he is that stupid, but I've been surprised before….

No. 803749

well this aged badly

No. 803751

Time to place your bets, who in their little gaming YouTube circle will back Jared, who will disavow him and who will cautiously shut the fuck up?

No. 803752

Bitch ain't a "smol bean" anymore, she's obviously devious.

That's the persona she tried to give off and it worked so well up to this poinf, don't let it fool you.

No. 803755

File: 1557406311238.jpg (75.57 KB, 384x313, 1lj6ra.jpg)

i'll bite, i used to watch all of these idiot neckbeards religiously for ages. now i just feel bad.
from the normalboots crowd:
well lmao
i think the realization that he fucked up defending jared will sink in soon enough, and he'll be smart enough to post an apology for his personal behavior and opinions and that'll be that. plus he's anyway above 2M subs so he won't be hit too hard.
probably going to stay away from commenting on this situation entirely, going by how his stream went last night.
same as jirard tbh, he was quite based when the jon shit went down too
he's already having a field day with shady gifposting on twitter. pretty sure he isn't going to comment on this at all though, this bridge has burned long ago
>furst (the new manager guy)
he doesn't seem smart enough to backtrack on what he's said so far. he might sink with this ship
he doesn't even have much of a youtube presence anymore, the only reason i even know he's still alive is i saw him in a normalboots upload some time back. will stay away but it doesn't matter what he says or doesn't say, he's trying for a decent (offline i think) career in indie cinema or something like that.
then the hiddenblock guys:
doesn't associate with these people anymore as far as i'm aware
another dude i'm not even sure is still alive, he just streams on twitch now afaik and he wasn't close with jared even way back when. probably won't involve himself in the drama a lot.
does PB&Jeff series with PBG. he might comment on the situation, or some fan might ask him to, but i hope his response isn't PBG-tier bullshit because he usually stays out of drama.
he's just gone off the deep end doing weird microwave meal reviews and science videos and whatnot. i don't think anyone is holding their breath to hear what he has to say. harmless and does his own thing though.
>jimmy whetzel, balrog et al
i have no idea lmao, their youtube 'careers' died long back so i don't think anyone cares. whetzel used to be friends with holly though so idk if there's any milk to be had there, doubt it though.

the plot kinda got away from me lol sorry! anyone else?

No. 803758

File: 1557407154364.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.36 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20190509_090429.jpg)

CW: Uncensored version of >>803512. Haven't seen the original until now, the censored version is the one making it's way around. Only posting for posterity's (and your sick curiosity's) sake.

No. 803760

What about the Grumps? Arin and Dan probably won't acknowledge it just like they didn't acknowledge Jon's racist comments and new alt-right friends, but Suzy might come out in support of Heidi. I'm curious about Ross and his divorce from Holly but I think he might not want to talk about that anymore.

No. 803761

I wish I'd had the determination not to open this

No. 803763

Yeah Holly can go fuck herself, actually being malicious enough to convince someone that his wife is being ~abusive~ just to get to fuck him AND avoiding responsibility by a shoddy "y-you shouldn't believe strangers on the internet brb twitter break!!" statement screams nasty bitch.

No. 803766

File: 1557408810360.png (61.86 KB, 605x604, skywilliamsandheidi.png)

No. 803767

I have to say, the memes on twitter are flaming

No. 803768

The tip of his dick looks like it hurts coming out.

So many people are coming to Heidi with some more stuff, I hope she releases more milk in a few hours. I honestly wonder how Holly's doing with that big of a fuckup.

No. 803770

File: 1557409122153.png (10.94 KB, 379x44, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

Meanwhile, on Youtube

No. 803771

File: 1557409354569.png (113.59 KB, 593x871, heidi_yearofsuppressing.png)

No. 803773

I don't know or care about these people but this guy is so fugly, I can't believe anyone is fighting over him or defending his pencil dikk

No. 803774

File: 1557409633399.png (64.05 KB, 607x413, projared_is_officially_dumber_…)

did anyone catch this? he tried to make his wife sign an NDA to shit up about his cheating????

No. 803775

>after a year of suppressing
So she may have known about it back when Holly and Ross split? I'm not 100% clear on the timeline but I really feel for Heidi and Ross, this must have been so painful
Yeah hold up I saw that in passing but it didn't really sink, what the fuck is wrong with this man

No. 803778

what the fuck, this is crazy

No. 803782

This was one of my favourite threads even though there wasn’t much milk and today I am having way too much fun

Were they definitely fucking when Holly was still with Ross or is that still just speculation? I can’t tell what’s real on Twitter anymore

No. 803783

File: 1557410539370.png (330.56 KB, 1218x1172, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 7.31.…)

i love that she also let us know she wouldn't have aired any of this. the creepy fucker shot himself in the foot and i'm creasing.

No. 803784

Unconfirmed, but likely. She got divorced and immediately moved to the same city he'd moved to less than a year prior. Heidi also said they had hooked up on work trips before Holly moved to WA and I believe that was immediately after the divorce which would place said work trips before she got divorced.

No. 803787

Okay, rumor has it that the Grumps deleting videos with Jared last month is unrelated to the cheating and might have been because some of the girls that he traded lewds with (including at least one minor) tipped GG off to them possibly going public with accusations. This is 100% hearsay but given all the girls who replied to Heidi saying they thought she knew about the dick pics and agreed, it sounds very plausible

No. 803788

what an absolute fool. he could've gotten out of this relatively unscathed but instead divorced her on fucking twitter and THEN blocked her. I cannot believe he fucked himself over so badly.

also fuck PBGs condescending "don't you think this is a bad idea?" fucking tool.

No. 803789

File: 1557411036142.png (201.57 KB, 858x517, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

Oh, and some guy on the GG subreddit has future vision apparently

No. 803792

PBG backtracked when he saw the nudes but he would have done well to take his own advice and wait until more information came out. Instead he opened his mouth and became Booboo the fool

No. 803793

File: 1557411315471.jpg (64.28 KB, 1200x833, D6Gt3AbW0AAIvIV.jpg)

Reputedly from Heidi's tumblr.

No. 803795

Heidi has said she initially agreed to him sending lewds but drew the line at dick pics, and didn't mind him receiving nudes until he told her he had stopped in late 2017. I also don't doubt that his gaslighting involved telling her it was controlling and abusive to ask him not to do that.

No. 803797

it seems that game grumps, ross, and other big YT names are still following holly, I wonder if it's just to save face or if they're just lazily loyal to holly as opposed to jared

No. 803798

File: 1557412534226.jpg (511.96 KB, 1080x1080, Twitter.jpg)

Just posting some Tweets which amused me (dickpic already posted upthread but included for context)

No. 803799

File: 1557412685484.gif (717.18 KB, 355x264, 1411167823673.gif)

>this thread
holy fuck i literally just wanted to check on snooze, arin's stalker and grumps drama only to get visually assaulted with proskelly nudes.

No. 803801

that reads pretty sarcastically

No. 803804

Literally who would be attracted to this wet noodle of a man? Ugh

No. 803808

I honestly think it comes out of liking his videos more (not to say I do, I don't think I've ever watched any of his videos,) I've seen this especially with younger viewers, it's less about what they look like, and more about idolizing him as a creator. That's why this whole "fans send me nudes" thing is so fucked up, it gets in their heads, because that's a oneway ticket to validation town.

No. 803810

File: 1557413836857.png (545.43 KB, 512x768, disgust.png)

Yo, who the fuck cares about the mental health of this cheating cave troll lookin ass bird freak? I always had a bad gut feeling about her and here we are. She's not gonna get to hide behind some flimsy mental health excuse on this one. Even the profoundly mentally ill have agency and their actions have consequences.

No. 803811

I wonder if how many of the people in the previous cosplayer/costhot thread that were shitting on Heidi for acting elitist and using Jared to 'advance her career', are now backtracking those feelings.

No. 803812

He has one of the most unattractive male bodies I've ever seen, his face is already rough as is it is. I know nothing about his ex wife but, she was way out of his league in looks.

No. 803815

File: 1557415078215.jpg (94.14 KB, 912x534, cock.JPG)


No. 803818

> She's a nobody why would you trust her over US, the youtubers who you personally know and love.
kek, sure, pile onto the abuse by dismissing her as a crazy nobody, not like you two didn't shoot videos together of you enjoying whole trips and cons together and act like bffs in the past. sure, holly, she's a nobody.

Don't hurt yourself with that reach

Didn't need to see that but bless you for shutting the wks up. It's in his fucking recording room too.

Literally who?

top kek

He was to used to "winning" the manipulation game when it came to mutual friends, he wrongly assumed that he'd "win" with the fans too.

Also to the jared wks: Just because people agree to an open marriage doesn't mean that they can't set rules or have boundaries. If you tell your be you don't want to be hit in bed but later agree to a threesome with your bf does that mean he can start hitting you in bed just because you agreed you a threesome? That makes no sense, heidi agreed to an open marriage but she mentioned that she clearly set certain boundaries. You can call her dumb for agreeing in the first place but you can't say she deserved to have her boundaries violated with stuff she clearly didn't consent to.

I hope nb gets cancled for protecting this creep.

bless her for being so ride or die

jared also played it with heidi

I remember when she had a falling out with her business partner and ex bff jessica marizan and people sided with holly saying that she didn't personally cheat a cancer patient and that it was all on jess while jess ended up being bullied out of cosplay and I thought it was suspicious because Holly was a capable fabricator on her own and could have made it right if she wanted to (while jess was only an okay fabricator compared to holly and focused mostly on the sewing) so it seemed unfair to shove all the blame on jess, but everyone wanted to go easy on Holly because she leveraged her mental health so much. I am starting to see a pattern here…also wonder where the rough past thing came from because I recall from the CoH era it was jess who had the rough past (druggie family, shitty parents, poor, etc) and holly said she was lucky to not deal with the stuff jess did, I wonder if holly pulled a narc copy cat move and stole her whole backstory.

yikes, I feel like ross hides behind his cinnamon role persona so he can get away with not caring about how shitty his friends are because "uwu I don't want to publicly drag someone that's too mean!" probs why he posted such lovey dovey messages about his divorce even though he probably knew.

if he was it wasn't because he was really bi, it's because wanted to lure even more vulnerable teenage girls by pretending to be bi for oppression points/kink points. if he was really bi we would have seen some proof of him soliciting nudes from male identified people by now. He's onision in my eyes now.

WOW holly is covering her tracks real hard.

Also re: GG deleting/privating/renaming videos with jared, around march of this year I recall seeing some chatter on reddit about this, people were saying that jared had slowed with content in general and had said somewhere that he regretted branding himself with his real name and was going around asking friends to remove/private/remove his name from the title of collab videos for this reason. Can't find it now (maybe jared removed it while he was still mod) but I'm now thinking that it was a coverup for either a.) him doing damage control for people calling him out for soliciting minors b.) him putting all his energy into ruining his marriage.

No. 803820

this is excessive and i hate it

No. 803823

File: 1557417669663.png (342.94 KB, 750x423, god.png)

>he might as well diversify his portfolio

dang, a lot of smart/funny anons in this thread (it really shines when there's very little infighting/mini-modding/trolls) I've laughed aloud several times. Active drama in the GG thread not clogged by nonsensical arguing and trolls….feels like the good ole days friends

No. 803824

>Literally who?
It's a meme

No. 803825

current sub count for jared's main channel: 996,917
LP channel (admittedly not hit as hard): 301,436

bless your heart

No. 803826

File: 1557418121833.jpg (94.9 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20190509-120746_Chr…)

Does YouTube take their play button back

No. 803827

Yeah I totally believe him gaslighting Heidi about it. She mentioned in one of the tweets concerning the lewds that it was supposed to be "body positive" for him so I'm pretty sure Jared was guilt tripping her with sob stories about how he's insecure about his body and he needs validation from teenagers, and if she's not allowing it she's being a-a-abusive.

No. 803828

File: 1557418473130.png (25.19 KB, 612x132, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.1…)

Holly doesn't deserve to be outed as an abuser, manipulator, and cheater but Heidi deserves to shot down for sharing her personal experience with abuse?

You're really showing your colors here, PBG

No. 803829

why does he want to be on the wrong side of history? He should keep this shit private and in dms.

No. 803831

she probably out there fuckin him too

No. 803832

The poor boy doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut

No. 803833

Nah, let him implicate himself. He's the most popular normal boots dude and has the most clout (not counting former member jontron). Normal boots was covering for a pedo and anyone who knew and used their power to try and suppress it should do down with the ship.

No. 803834

File: 1557418961789.jpeg (78.26 KB, 1266x680, 3C0C8677-37DC-4B97-A5C5-AB9CAF…)

I was so ready for so many people to side with Jared after all this finally came out. Glad it played out the way it should have.

No. 803837

Hope it stays this way though. The DMs with young fans are pretty damning but youtube stans have swept worse under the carpet for other creators.

No. 803839

Why would people side with a manipulative liar? There's tons of proof of Jared's infidelities, but nothing from Heidi saying the feeling was mutual from het laid out boundaries…

No. 803840

File: 1557419571300.gif (8.31 MB, 320x211, pm.gif)

Holly leaving twitter and any accountability or consequences behind

No. 803842

PeanutButter Gamer is already doing that. Soyboys sticking together.

No. 803843

just noticed that pushinguproses isn't following jared on twitter anymore. IDK if she was right before the announcements this morning, but they have been friends for a while and pur mentioned him as recently as three months ago in her last QnA vid on youtube (possible more recently on twitter if someone wants to dig) so it's surprising. Hope she says something about it.

fans on the internet don't care if their idols are garbage. He's been slacking off in the months before hand so I hope his fanbase has waned enough that he actually has to face consequences in the long run.

No. 803844

he doesn't ever really involved himself in drama. i also…really enjoy his microwave meal reviews, it's kind of wholesome and nice in comparison to game grumps videos where all they do is scream.

have the grumps really ever done much with projared when it comes to gaming videos? they don't follow him on twitter and i know supermega rips on him a couple of times in their podcast. i can't see them really defending him at all.

No. 803845

They did quite a lot, but all the videos he appeared in were set to private about a month ago. There's speculation as to whether this is related to the current situation or not.

No. 803846

File: 1557420217240.png (295.91 KB, 1320x1076, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.3…)

This tweet didn't age well. Does anyone else remember in a diff thread (I can't remember if it was a cosplayer thread or youtuber thread so I'm struggling to find it now), jared posted himself in a waffle crew cosplay on twitter and someone asked if holly made it and heidi just replied "I made it" and people were nitpicking her over being terse?

I thought it was a dumb criticism at the time and I still do, but I do wonder if maybe heidi really was biting back some rage.

honestly I outgrew pro jared before this milk even hit but I love brutal moose and I'd be so sad if he comes out as an abuser (hypothetically speaking)

No. 803847

Can someone provide me with the cap where Heidi's responding to someone, I think they're saying she's being mean or something and she responds with "She had sex with my husband."

No. 803849

File: 1557420439687.png (141.05 KB, 665x692, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.4…)

No. 803850

File: 1557420646296.png (90.91 KB, 629x737, screenshot5.png)

(dumping a few of my fav responses I haven't seen posted here yet)

No. 803851

File: 1557420682244.png (317.55 KB, 594x385, screenshot6.png)

No. 803852

i know lol. honestly his stuff is really weird, but at the same time it's just relaxing that he speaks in a normal tone of voice and pace for 30-40 mins and you can just shut off and let your mind drift. it's soothing.
also i really appreciate that unlike some other people in this thread he despite being gay doesn't make a huge deal of his sexuality like. ever. he just acts as a regular chill guy.

honestly this woman is brave and badass despite risking herself looking like a bit of a clown lmao. heidi i love you for this blessing of the milk you have provided today

No. 803855

File: 1557420815534.png (43.7 KB, 597x255, screenshot7.png)

No. 803856

File: 1557420955775.png (59.26 KB, 601x339, screenshot8.png)

No. 803857

File: 1557420960028.png (100.42 KB, 1768x412, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.5…)

Holly has shed quite a few close friends over the years in unamicable ways and coincidentally she seems to like changing her whole persona when it happens, as cows like to do. I always wondered how much her shit actions had to do with it. Glad she's getting outed as an abuser so she can't push herself as a mental health advocate anymore.

Also I wonder how much of jared's relatively recent love of birds is a result of fucking holly. Maybe if someone can trace when it started they can figure out when they started banging.

No. 803858

File: 1557420969333.gif (183.78 KB, 220x132, 2A9AEB09-AE38-4140-942B-F37B2E…)

Holly tweeting to Jared saying she’s here for him if he needs her after the divorce is the biggest social media oopsie of 2019

No. 803860

what a perfect gif, if this spins off to it's own thread I vote for this to be the thread pic

No. 803861

File: 1557421059321.jpg (100.48 KB, 1242x913, D6Ik1l_UEAI1eBN.jpg)

No. 803862

File: 1557421078198.jpg (65.17 KB, 750x467, 2dc80e32-15ba-4d2d-8edc-ac812f…)

No. 803863

at the very least a banner


No. 803864

ok i laughed really hard lol i love this

No. 803865

File: 1557421279154.jpg (71.14 KB, 656x754, D6IqE6kVUAMdLBu.jpg)

No. 803867

Not milk, but some feel good news. Really glad she didn't end up like sharla.

too accurate

No. 803868


Well, Twitter took his blue check back.

No. 803869

here's hoping she leaves the D&D circles too.

No. 803870

File: 1557421447240.png (406.18 KB, 617x960, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.02…)

i am a dumb ass dropped pic

No. 803871

File: 1557421457674.png (263.89 KB, 585x412, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

No. 803872

File: 1557421484068.jpg (65.57 KB, 1080x266, Screenshot_20190509-122456_Twi…)

I didn't even know Ian was gay, huh. Yeah, I really dig all of his stuff. His old PC game reviews are very sweet, and the humor in his food reviews is quiet and weird and really gets me.

No. 803873

Aries MVP

No. 803875

File: 1557421734370.jpg (176.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Additional proposal (I'd post the vid but I think the thumbnail is the best part). If the thread maxes out the next one should probably be more "GG General" and less "Sooz and also GG"

holy shit

No. 803876

File: 1557421741604.jpg (40.64 KB, 299x322, D6HxVwzXoAAtZdJ.jpg)

No. 803877


>Stream suspended for policy violations

Awww, boo!

No. 803878

File: 1557421869066.png (101.19 KB, 502x591, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

No. 803879

Vid if anyone wants, nothing too interesting from skimming it. Gotta say though – I always thought Holly was cute in a mpdg/so quirkie!! kinda way, but Heidi looks like a certified babe next to her in this vid tbh

No. 803880

File: 1557421988336.png (325.45 KB, 507x625, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

No. 803881

i agree, GG general is a better idea than a thread for this specifically. pretty sure this whole mess is going to have a very definite and final end

No. 803882

At this point maybe a Let's Players general is more appropriate? Though maybe that's too broad, GG + Normal Boots general?

No. 803885

GG+Normalboots is good. these guys don't seem to be paragons of virtue to me anymore. there might be more milk incoming, they have added a chick to their roster recently (Tamashii hiroka someone who i've never seen before their videos) and seem adamant to not even let her speak in the vids. they legit just talk over her so i don't know what the point is to even have her there.
anyway, point is, more milk might be flowing from the NB side so good to keep them in the thread topic. good thinking anon!

No. 803887

File: 1557422483173.gif (1.28 MB, 200x200, 61E794CB-A32D-4E43-A6D4-BC75BF…)

>Heidi helped them make their cosplays of their DND characters back in 2016.
> Asagao academy (the dating sim) main protagonist was a Holly Conrad look alike
> traveled together for wafflecrew shenanigans sometimes just the two of them represented the group in the exhibitor halls at cons.
> Holly planned to move near Jared before her divorce became public
> Caught being too friendly at Pax (West???) this year

No. 803888

File: 1557422484483.png (90.92 KB, 604x407, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.20…)

This has made it's way to the waffle crew community, I hope it kills it because they really let it get to their heads since WotC got involved.

No. 803889

>Caught being too friendly at Pax (West???) this year
I think it was Pax East in March, West isn't until September, unless it was last year's

No. 803890

Let's Players is waaaay too broad imo. GG + Normal Boots could work, though I think GG General is fine as well, the implication being that anything related to them (Normal Boots, Jared/Holly/Heidi, Jon, Suzy, Katie, etc) is allowed.

I think a "Let's Players General" outside of this would be fine too, I just think GG now has too much milk for that

No. 803891

not only that, holly and heidi were shopping for materials together when heidi picked up stuff for the diath cosplay. check >>803647.

i don't envy all the peace heidi is going to lose (or has already lost) making connections like this

No. 803892


I'm usually a bit iffy about leaking peoples nudes, but anyone got Hollys?(no)

No. 803893


for the last time NO

No. 803894

Actually it probably was pax west or pax unplugged. Right after Holly’s divorce last year.
Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch

No. 803895

File: 1557423026387.jpg (595.5 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20190509-133025_Twi…)

Some PAX posts.

No. 803896

File: 1557423077672.jpeg (84.53 KB, 680x621, 4D09B717-2315-41B4-A9DA-9E877E…)

Holly posted this pic in January when they were at a con together. In hindsight, this kinky hotel stuff was wild.

No. 803897

File: 1557423142129.jpg (305.23 KB, 1079x830, Screenshot_20190509-133210_Twi…)

Obviously none of its verifiable but

No. 803898

Why. On. Earth. did she cheat with that guy? He's so ugly.

No. 803899

god what the fuck I thought someone photoshopped his head on a dog or something

No. 803900

File: 1557423227796.png (309.81 KB, 623x866, 1557415560854.png)

No. 803904

File: 1557423637229.png (76.83 KB, 615x369, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

New testimony inbound

No. 803905

File: 1557423688787.png (118.48 KB, 615x529, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

No. 803908

I went to bed for a couple hours and woke up to him going under 1 mil. I can't believe it. And still no word from either Holly or Jared?

No. 803909

File: 1557423756891.jpeg (625.94 KB, 2000x1334, C_-udLGUMAElKyK.jpeg)

Was gonna say, the only interesting thing from >>803879 >>803875 vid was Heidi saying
>I'm really tired, I'm completely wiped out from staying up and making Jared's costume all week
…so he could cosplay with Holly. I've only ever followed Heidi for her cosplay work (much higher quality than the norm, whatever personality aside) but that statement made me so sad for her. Doesn't seem like she even cosplayed at the event?

no, fuck off

No. 803910

File: 1557423792089.png (120.42 KB, 602x528, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

website please let me post

No. 803911

File: 1557423816604.png (151.69 KB, 621x624, Capture d’écran 2019-05-09 à…)

No. 803912

File: 1557423836791.png (444.7 KB, 863x649, 1410387190076.png)

>Holly is obsessed with birds
>Projared has a giant beak of a nose
I'm staring to understand how this happened

No. 803913

Not since Holly said she was leaving for a while

No. 803917

Didn't projared go on some disney channel tween show a few years back? This puts why he decided to go for it into a new perspective

>>803912 someone save her pigeons, they're next at this rate

No. 803920

File: 1557424540154.gif (2.31 MB, 320x235, 006FD432-F8EC-47B4-9E67-BEB48C…)

Holly announced she was going to be at Pax Unplugged (right after the divorce with Ross and the move) VERY last minute.
The story writes itself.

No. 803926

What a pathetic piece of shit. Trying to honestly backpedal out of this and play the victim card. Holly comes across as a narcissist just like Jared, "I'll be there for you" is a great line they use when they're in the wrong but deny it so hard that they turn into some sort of comforting messiah. It's just fucked.

No. 803927

Honestly, and Austin got married a few years ago so his wife better watch out

No. 803928

She sounds like such a cuck lmao

~i let my husband solicit nudes bcuz it's body positive uwu~

No. 803929

I'm convinced they were fucking while Holly was still with Ross and soon as the divorce happened, the move then suddenly the last minute visit to the con she jumped on his dick instantly any opportunity she could get from that point onwards.

No. 803931

He did fuck her up in the head so anything he did that isn't deemed normal in a relationship she just thought was a "joke" or perfectly okay. When you're that deep in a toxic relationship you do and think some crazy shit.

No. 803932

It's hard to say no when he was basically already doing it.
"Don't you wanna be a cool couple? Don't freak out and make everything think you're a bitch"
You trick yourself into thinking it's okay when it isn't

No. 803936

File: 1557425917251.png (203.76 KB, 324x324, 418EBE86-0730-49F1-BB54-BF53D9…)

Fuck you Jared

No. 803939

Can't wait for holly to come back and give a statement about how she "didn't know that the divorce wasn't being handled right" and how she had "no idea" the kind of person jared is and that she's the victim of his lies and manipulation too guys 4real you gotta believe me

No. 803941

ngl I think if she did that at the beginning, she'd have a lot more defenders now

No. 803942


Don’t forget her mentioning mental illness or something about anxiety

No. 803943

Glad people are seeing right through her shit. She knew exactly what she was doing and acting like a soft birb mom who has deep feelings for mental health isn't going to work. That fake persona is shattered beyond repair now.

No. 803945

File: 1557427019223.png (722.35 KB, 591x4000, werwe.png)

PBG is going to a deleting spree so here is a cap of his tweets right now (might have missed a few b/c too slow).

No. 803946

I love it when fake online personas get shattered. Always a good thing.

No. 803948

File: 1557427134527.gif (1.82 MB, 300x236, 49CA7BBF-EE47-4E24-88CF-1EDBA6…)

Lmao idiot should have kept HIS mouth shut like everyone else

No. 803949

i hope for his sake he's deleting so he can ditch projared like a hot potato

No. 803951

projared is a scumbag, but my favorite thing about this is Holly getting exposed too because because people used to white knight her all the time

No. 803953

File: 1557427419873.jpg (28.9 KB, 600x450, 9ac4f7190a2e9bf7a6741cde390cbf…)

if PBG was smart he'd fucking stop
He's making himself look bad too kek

No. 803954

No. 803956


Surprisingly enough he's deleted his apology about speaking too soon. Looks like he's doubling down on defending jared and participating in the continued abuse campaign against heidi.

No. 803958

This. I posted >>785909 assuming Holly & Ross got a divorce because how gross the gamgrumps fandom is, I feel awful assuming she was some innocent person in all of that.

No. 803959

File: 1557427766501.gif (674.6 KB, 308x170, benis.gif)

this is why I'm surprised the majority of people aren't defending her right now.
Holly was the "Grump fandom's little precious bean who can do no wrong"

Out of everyone she could cheat with I'm surprised it was Jared and NOT Jon. Then again wasn't Jon's GF at the time crazy "controlling" or something?? Maybe Holly was trying to get in his pants?

No. 803960

with you in this anon. today i've posted on lolcow more than all my past history combined, and it's basically all because i used to watch projared and think he was one of the better youtubers around and all the sexual fuckery was "just a joke" like so many other fans thought. it feels like shit to not have been able to judge someone accurately but these fuckers are too good at hiding their true colors.

No. 803961

I think the waffle crew success + fan shipping strix/whoever jared plays + them being on the road together a lot to promote wc (even being alone w/o either of their spouses or other wc members for quite a few cons) pushed them together. wouldn't be surprised if she did want into his pants and started rumors about his gf being controlling though, it's such a common tactic for home wreckers.

No. 803962

File: 1557428014394.jpg (53.31 KB, 651x420, e57.jpg)


for all of jon's yikes opinions on race and politics he is definitely the more handsome and charming man of the two, without a doubt. Why on earth would she cheat with a fuckin bob's burgers lookin' guy

No. 803963

I honestly don't understand what was going through her mind. Out of the whole group Ross is probably the best looking.

No. 803964

I honestly think it has more to do with clout than looks.

No. 803966

posted this tinfoil in the sheena thread, but ross might've cheated as well, which would explain ross/holly's really amicable separation, and why holly went for such low-hanging-fruit lookswise.

No. 803967

File: 1557428705413.jpeg (800.92 KB, 1125x1894, CAB1F62A-0588-4F60-A347-4CD42E…)

Yikes lmao

No. 803969

10 bucks she'll blame her actions on "self diagnosed bipolar disorder"

No. 803971

People with internet followings need PR agents or SOMETHING. It's entertaining as hell but it always baffles me how chaotic and impulsive people act in crisis when they have social media.

No. 803973

She'll definitely pull a MundaneMatt with a "I was in a dark place and couldn't control myself" defense. Just watch.

No. 803974

This happens to women constantly. "Crazy ex girlfriend" trope.

Woman are abused, gaslit, and feel like they're going crazy. They are put into a state of disorientation and it sounds like people most likely knew what was going on and lied to her face constantly. She may have lashed out, and is lashing out, but shit like this is so dismissive and I would hate to be in her position because even people without followings are often dismissed as crazy or abusive for finally breaking as the truth of their situation comes to light.

Heidi may be messy with this situation, but to say there's no proof about her claims then say she's certainly abusive and crazy is bullshit.

No. 803975

lol, even if they weren't best friends the initial tweet is still dumb. she didn't get played she knew jared was married and fucked him anyways, he used to have it in his profile and mentioned heidi all the time, used to always raid her stream and heidi would introduce herself as his wife when people asked, plus there are many documented instances of them meeting and hanging out going back years.

being someone's best friend and fucking their husband is pretty bad, but just knowing and doing it anyways is bad enough in itself and holly definitely knew. in no version of this story is holly the one who got played.

No. 803976

File: 1557429879435.png (2.06 MB, 1044x1357, oof.png)

Can we talk more about how gross Asagao Academy is in hindsight now?

PBG's WIFE Danielle Hargrave(@unicornism) helped make it And the rest of the main Ilustseed team, Nikki (@pterrify) has called youtubers "scum" and Cara Hillstock (@Cheratom) has liked all of Holly's tweets about the issue and various others supporting her and Jared.

Can we also talk about main girl who is a shy sweet bean and Mai the redhead who is outgoing and has a crush on JARED.

Jared in the game is excessively flirty and a model. He's the school hearthrob and sells pics of himself. HMMMMMMM

Heidi is a natural redhead and so is Mai
At the time of the game, Holly's hair was pink and so is Hana's

No. 803978

Jesus, el chupacabra…

The memes are dropping on twitter. I'm scrolling through all the threads to have a hearty kek.

No. 803979


you can also date jon's bird and it's the run where she's the most insane and obsessive over her date

No. 803980


and in some of the runs mai dates jared if the main girl doesn't

No. 803981


also forgot to add that if the main girl does choose jared then mai is upset about it

No. 803983


No. 803985

File: 1557430533815.gif (1.2 MB, 440x300, 1547053898606d.gif)

No. 803986

This seems like a reach. yes you can date jared but the "default" love interest is PBG. I don't think hana and mai are in any way related to holly and heidi, it's even mentioned in game that their character tropes are just "main character" and "friend character", and that's why hana has pink hair. Dissapointed that Cara is supporting the abusers in this case, I don't follow unicornism much but Cara seemed like a compassionate person until now. Hope she's not chasing jared's clout.

The characterization of jared is now hilarious in hind sight though.

No. 803988

File: 1557431002402.png (52.14 KB, 289x319, BCdh-8WCcAAkfO9.png large.png)

we truly live in the best timeline lol

No. 803989

It may seem like it, but after Holly and Heidi's popularity skyrocketed I think maybe they decided to model the characters after them, after all, the game isn't affiliated with Normalboots, so it was some clout chasing BS.

After Heroes of Cosplay, Holly's popularity in the cosplay and gaming scene rose, and people flocked to her cause she was cute and relatable.
Makes scene to me to base something on someone rising like that, especially since they were married to a game grump team member (since GG was also staring its big boom) but it's all speculation.

No. 803990

File: 1557431230246.png (38.98 KB, 521x217, firefox_2019-05-09_15-46-58.pn…)

No. 803991

Apparently it was a Nickelodeon show created and produced by, surprise surprise, Dan Schneider.

No. 803992

File: 1557431233912.png (447.76 KB, 586x673, oney.PNG)

oney's response if anyone cares

No. 803996

File: 1557431360540.png (49.06 KB, 602x420, 2019-05-09.png)

No. 803997

Isn't this dude a massive freak too?

No. 803998

File: 1557431567668.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, 1395163124486.gif)

awwww pwoor projared ):

No. 804000

File: 1557431659679.png (922.48 KB, 1024x706, Oh boy.png)

Speaking of that game, this was the title of one of the parts before he changed it.

No. 804001

No fucking way.

No. 804002


holy shit

No. 804003

Of course not, it's clearly photoshop

No. 804004

Love how jared white knights on twitter are backpeddling and saying that even if there was abuse a marriage is a private matter and it should have been kept between them. Completely ignoring the fact that JARED was the one who moved to make it public by releasing a statement without heidi's consent or even a heads up, and heidi only posted because she was frustrated that her abuser was publicly claiming to speak for her.

No. 804005

>the other woman he played

ha ha, oh wow. imagine thinking holly was played by some FAS looking ass dude, no, she chose to be stupid

No. 804006

File: 1557432056070.png (96.17 KB, 475x243, FUCKING.PNG)

Certified Twitter Moment

No. 804007

I feel terrible for Heidi and Ross but, this is one of the funniest youtube/gaming scandals of all time. The memes have been sooo good and the fact that most everyone is against Projared, Gamegumps, Holly, PBG, & normalboots in all of this.

No. 804011

File: 1557432764346.png (526.5 KB, 600x845, firefox_2019-05-09_21-12-00.pn…)

No. 804015

File: 1557433249626.gif (3.73 MB, 460x258, d5ad3fffgh.gif)

>mental illness
>on and off meds
>big drama

I'm worried.

No. 804016

>Tamashii hiroka
Damn, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. tl;dr she did Pokemon Romhack story videos in the mid 00's when that was a thing, met her internet Jizg who also had a channel, and eventually they broke up. She still did (does?) Pokemon vids a few years back when I revisited her channel. Not really much milk from her (apart from maybe being like 16 when she started dating Jizg, who was 17 or 18), but she's probably the been youtubing the longest out of anyone in normal boots.

No. 804017

I'm not. RIP Holly god damn

No. 804018

Holy shit I’m wheezing. Get rekt projared

No. 804020

File: 1557433607288.png (297.56 KB, 750x1334, A37271BD-B0CC-4C41-9B5C-E2FE1D…)

She's gone private lmao

No. 804021

Holy shitttt. I was literally just scrolling through her insta, reloaded it, and now it'a private.

No. 804022

Bummed that Cara supports jared considering that she has spoken openly about abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex best friend, and about how it's damaging to not allow victims speak publicaly about their experiences. Yet here she is, liking tweets that dismiss heidi and tell people to ignore her.

No. 804023

I feel like I'm falling into Holly's mental health persona but yeah I hope she doesn't do anything drastic, and I say this ONLY because I don't want her to go to the extremes and nothing else. Other than that she needs to face the consequences.

No. 804024

Oof Trash witch is right
And I used to think she was the most likeable of the crew. I guess her and the gg friend group really are all insane.

No. 804025

File: 1557433955176.jpg (24.72 KB, 350x350, 1135199644_sGoodIdeas.jpg)

if someone got access to her nudes and spilled them over the internet yeah tots pigeon wouldn't be around the next day, i have no faith in her stability

No. 804026

she just deleted her cosplay facebook https://www.facebook.com/CommanderHolly

No. 804027

This isn't her first time ruining friendships, plus she has a big support network in seattle (PBJ and many other you tubers who are supporting here live there). Her mental health persona is relatively recent, but her manipulations are not and she's used to dealing with them. she'll get over it.

No. 804028

File: 1557434270528.jpeg (47 KB, 540x523, 1541386584267.jpeg)


ah yes totally the action of an innocent person lmao

she could just block or unfollow people who mention her in tweets or whatever, but going private is big guilt sign

No. 804029

I think she cares about her pets too much to do anything stupid (that is more stupid than sleeping with Jared). Most likely she'll just delete/hide all social media and go completely silent while her friends coddle her ass.

No. 804030

No. 804031

comments on her youtube vids have been disabled too lmao

No. 804032

File: 1557434672947.jpeg (37.28 KB, 521x498, 90182FE2-84A0-4F64-8D8B-50FF8F…)

This makes me cringe so hard I am dissolving.

No. 804033

File: 1557434706728.jpeg (82.74 KB, 784x1168, AFACA709-7334-412E-9AD2-1A767F…)

Not saging as I’m bringing further milk

No. 804034


Aaand no one archived it.

No. 804035

No. 804037

File: 1557434911043.jpg (20.88 KB, 480x270, nno.jpg)

VERSATILE?!?!? Holy shit

No. 804038

so far we have
- deleted cosplay fb
- privated twitter
- private IG
- disabled comments on youtube..

so shes guilty.

No. 804039

>My dick is very versatile. It can fuck Holly, fuck Heidi, and be sent in image form to underage fans!

No. 804040

File: 1557435087594.png (24.38 KB, 592x197, k5f3yd73a8x21.png)

Yall are buying into her mental health persona bit much. She's had other personas, this "caring nurturing anxious mental advocate" persona is just one of many, and she's been riding it for brownie points, but that doesn't mean it's her.

Unrelated question but why did this even get so big? I've been following jared and related youtubers for a while, but I'm surprised it got big enough to be trending on twitter and is talked about by so many people who are much more famous, see pic.

No. 804041

>yaoi dick

I bet he’s into guys too, he seems like the type that’ll fuck anyone

No. 804042

File: 1557435134248.jpeg (73.5 KB, 720x677, 2F07DE51-0E0E-4925-81D0-E38DB7…)

>yaoi dick

No. 804043

All y'all who sent noody and lewdy pics to Jared are gross, like HOW do you find a man that looks like a twisted scrotum attractive?

No. 804044

following holly on insta and she's removed comments on her most recent post
basically they were wks and people telling her how disappointed they are in her

No. 804046

It's because Ross is very entangled in the twitter art community. By association, people followed Holly.

Because Heidi cosplays, anime reviewers follow her.

Everything is kinda interwoven.

No. 804047

It's been said already. It's less about the looks and more about being noticed/"liked" by someone "famous". If someone is a long-term fan and Jared reaches out to them to talk and then starts asking for lewds, of course they're going to want to "please" him to keep him around and feel "close" to him and get that sweet sweet attention&validation

No. 804048

I think it could have to do with the cosplay community too. Heidi is, I think, a fairly well known cosplayer and that community tends to band together and pitchfork pretty quickly (it’s entirely deserve this time)

No. 804049

cheaters are always so overbearing and pushy and flirt with everyone and have zero self-awareness. Euw. Thanks for all the milk, everyone, this is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. A day blessed by the milk gods

No. 804050

File: 1557435523788.png (332.98 KB, 595x676, 1557382891239.png)

No. 804052

File: 1557435694247.jpeg (46.06 KB, 716x360, D6JVX7ZWsAITFia.jpg large.jpeg)

Tinfoil hat about Holly: She's clearly been riding the mental health bandwagon for ass pats while simultaneously acting like a completely different person in her personal life. What if her declaring herself to be asexual is another case of her lying online, not only for internet praise, but also to subtly gaslight Heidi if Heidi was already suspicious/had already found out but was trying to work on her marriage/was being misled by Jared into believing that it was over?

No. 804053

File: 1557435762567.jpg (27.06 KB, 607x225, pj.JPG)

not a new tweet but basically confirms that he tried first to block everyone mutual that could drag him before he made his statement, the dude basically dug his own grave

No. 804055

File: 1557436084403.png (73.36 KB, 585x339, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 5.05…)

No. 804056

yes, Ross! That's a big ol' "fuck you, good riddance" to Holly

No. 804057

Anyone know how many patrons Holly had before the fiasco? I checked recently and refreshed, in 10 minutes she went down a patron to 208

No. 804058


honestly the best response. it's basically a "not my problem now".

In a way he dodged a bullet, but damn, they spent years together and looked so good, I actually thought they were the good couple

God now I wonder if Kati actually knew something and badmouthed Holly back then and that's why she got kicked out of the house. You'd have to say some pretty big stuff to warrant being pushed off rather than have a conversation about it like "hey what you did was uncool" considering Kati lived in Holly's and Ross' house

No. 804059

Good for him. He shouldn't be expected to speak on this.

That being said,
>thanks for the kind words
definitely sounds like he acknowledge he got out of a relationship with a cheater. may not 100% confirm it but, this makes Holly look guilty.

No. 804060

No. 804062

I agree he has no obligation to speak on the matter, but if your theory is true and he knew but didn't tell Heidi then I think he's cowardly.

We'll never know though because I doubt he'll ever talk about it again.

No. 804063

File: 1557436807472.png (22.29 KB, 209x458, 8b967b729ad5e1a0bbd63228754630…)

Deleted off the Normal Boots channel list.

No. 804065

File: 1557436885499.png (200.84 KB, 2060x1370, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 11.2…)

He's been removed from the normalboots website guys, dude is so fired

No. 804068

File: 1557437035452.png (1.07 MB, 1834x970, Untitled.png)

No. 804070

>but if your theory is true and he knew but didn't tell Heidi then I think he's cowardly.
for all we know he might have just known she was sending nudes to someone and didn't figure out it was Projared or maybe she cheated on him with other people before she got with Projared.

Either way, it's safe to assume she probably was the cause for the divorce and not the bird excuse she made up for it. But I agree, if he knew he should have told Heidi.

No. 804072

What a fucking downgrade. ProJared looks like a rat & is a pompous ass while Ross is so cute and sweet. I hope she didn’t cheat on him but it wouldn’t surprise me

No. 804073

I would assume he thought Heidi knew or at least knew Jared liked to mess around and Holly was just another girl to Heidi. Especially for someone who doesn't know about open relationships/marriages, I would rather have not even asked or hinted because at least I know some people in open relationships who get offended if you ask about how they date other people.

No. 804074

It's easy to say that, but thinking about it from that potential perspective, that's gotta be a really hard thing to do. Not only are you basically admitting your relationship is over, you're potentially torpedoing someone else's too. That's a huge emotional burden for anyone, especially when you don't know if you'll even get a positive, supportive reaction from the person you're telling it to.

No. 804076

Jared might have removed himself/asked to be removed while he tried to wait things out.

If they did decide to kick him, then that's a good step 0 but they really gotta up their game and actually address it. And not in a "this is a mutual, positive thing and we wish each other the best!" kind of way, like they did with Jon. Furst and PBG were not only defending Jared but implying that Heidi was crazy, abusive, and spiteful. They were implicit in the abuse against Heidi. They were also implicit in trying to cover up Jared's abuse of power towards fans too, in blowing off the email from an underage fan and also trying to suppress Heidi from talking about what he did. Letting him leave quietly at this point is not enough.

No. 804077

File: 1557437360940.jpg (130.59 KB, 1079x665, D6Jvv7TXoAQi-dI.jpg)


Ross and Holly are still following each other so I don't know what to believe. I don't know if he's being diplomatic and isn't getting involved at all, or what.

Somewhere in the thread there was a screenshot of the email between a fan and the normalboots manager, well seems there was a second email later where they basically deleted the images because it's inappropriate. Way to deal with your problems, guys, sweep them under the rug

Also Holly liked ForrestFurst's tweet at ProJared saying "Love you, bud" which was a reply to jared's divorce statement

No. 804078

unrelated, but where is this image from? it looks all too familiar but i can't put my finger on it

No. 804079

at this point, with the speed with which Holly announced their divorce and then hopped on Jared's dick, I think it's likely they were at least flirting/sexting before her divorce, if they hadn't already sealed the deal. They announced the divorce in September and by October they were fucking. Also the way she like zoomed up to Washington real quick (to be closer for banging without having to leave town?)

No. 804082

Honestly, all of Normalboots should be under fire for sweeping pedophilia under the rug

No. 804083

I agree, in the hypothetical situation where he knew all the detail, it's still a lot to ask of him, especially considering that Holly also has a big following and could paint him as the abusive villain as revenge.

But I don't feel that Ross is the sweet little innocent bean some people make him out to be. He doesn't care if the guest on his stream has been accused of raping multiple women/has openly discussed raping women, and in the hypothetical scenario where he knew all about what was going down, he didn't care that Holly and Jared were abusing Heidi.

I can respect that he's smart enough to be a private person and keep all that off twitter, it just annoys me that people assume that means he's a good person. He's not someone you want as a friend because he's going to look the other way when something bad happens to you if it means avoiding "drama".

No. 804084

it's more likely that Heidi and Ross found out around the same time and that Heidi and Jared have been in discussion about all of this for over a year, possibly even trying to save their marriage.
Who knows how long they may have known before coming out about all this.

Just remember that Steam Train stopped near the end of 2015 when she started to involve herself with Jared and Wafflecrew started less than a year later in February 2016.
Ross hasn't been active on much Game Grumps things since then, and after the official talk of their divorce she stopped making youtube content.

This thing runs at least 3 years deep.

No. 804085

To be fair, not all the creators may have been aware of the content of administrative emails, and administration might not have said anything to them because they suck at their job and want to cover it up.

They still have an obligation to openly address it though, but I'm willing to give them some time to do so. At least Caddy was subtweeting against Jared. PBG jut wants to dig his own grave though.

No. 804086

Tyson Heese's "Boxer Hockey"

No. 804087

File: 1557438098052.jpg (13.33 KB, 609x144, pro-patrickstarfish.jpg)

this comment is so accurate.

No. 804090

Literally sounds like he's known this the entire time which is why the divorce happened out of nowhere but is keeping a professional image and not discussing it any further. It's sad, but obvious this has been a long term affair.

No. 804091

File: 1557438298180.png (378.44 KB, 911x451, hollylikes.PNG)

just to be thorough with these receipts

No. 804095

Don't care. Should have thought about that while fucking married men.

No. 804096

File: 1557438413665.png (716.86 KB, 1250x784, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 5.46…)

I hope Holly and Jared get married after this all settles down and they ruin each other.

No. 804097


No. 804099

>disabled comments

No. 804100

Nah she's a narc. That's exactly what she wants people to think that she's the "victim" of all of this because of her mental health problems. Wasn't thinking of Heidi's mental health when fucking her POS husband so she can do one.

No. 804102

She wasn't just fucking Heidi's husband but was also actively campaigning to smear her reputation among mutual friends and persuading them to turn against her while also pretending to be one of her closest friends. The mental health talk is just talk, she's not the vulnerable one here she just likes to play the victim.

No. 804103

File: 1557439165557.jpeg (52.63 KB, 750x378, 0D1C18AD-8012-40C4-BA02-0BD3ED…)

I have my doubts as well.

No. 804105

♪♬Commander Holly Plays! WithTheHeartAndEmotionsOfHerHusband!♬♪

No. 804106

Best response he could have had. You know thinking about some relationships I have seen, couples usually don't officially break up/divorce for awhile even if their relationship is technically over. Holly and Ross could have agreed to see the other people while they were still married and waiting for the right time to divorce and move away from each other. Might explain why Ross doesn't seem burned at all. Holly may have been seeing Jared while married, but maybe Ross and her had quietly broken it off for awhile.

No. 804108

File: 1557439626245.png (87.53 KB, 717x690, Capture _2019-05-09-18-02-07.p…)

sage bc just posting memes

No. 804109

File: 1557439635585.jpg (84.41 KB, 894x894, striath_5ever_by_misfit_mimi_d…)

Honestly people shipping their characters that are clearly self-inserts probably didn't help too.

Sounds like they possibly got turned on by that.

No. 804110

"I've long since moved on" definitely sounds like an admission. Poor Ross.

No. 804111

oh yeah they definitely RP'd with that shit no doubt

No. 804112

File: 1557440415588.png (79.24 KB, 555x386, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 6.17…)

Does anyone have the full exchange between pbj and heidi? Heidi still has her tweets up but he deleted all his.

No. 804113

As far as I know that’s is the end of them talking to each other, PBG made a few replies to other people shading the whole situationand low key blaming Heidi for it. He also tweeted Holly that she didn’t deserve all of this, but I think all of that was before he found out about the nudes