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File: 1558259325590.png (3.27 MB, 1300x1733, 1558224033782.png)

No. 808888

In the last episode, our protagonist PedoJared, after being publicly accused of soliciting nudes from minors, released a second statement completely ignoring said accusations and blaming his soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi for all other inappropriate behavior. Highlights from last thread include:
>Jared still attempting to paint Heidi as the abuser and the unreasonable, jealous bitch, as well as saying she was the one who wanted to go poly and encouraged him to show his dick to fans, despite evidence from the time showing Jared was enthusiastic about sleeping around and distributing nudes while Heidi was not really into it. He also tries to make himself look kind and generous by paying for Heidi's new place's deposit, a car for her, and telling his lawyers to make sure she gets her dues in the divorce, as if the money used isn't their common property by virtue of them being married.
>Jacque Khalil receiving evidence of Jared's pedo shit a month before the scandal broke and conducting an "internal investigation". He may or may not have contacted authorities about it, but if he did he opted not to say. Meanwhile, Holly received the same evidence and apparently warned Jared immediately.
>Holly and Ross' divorce being caused by her affair with Jared, which has apparently been going on for over a year, and was the reason Holly moved close to Jared right after her divorce.
>Jessica Merizan and Holly's best friend Renae going to bat for Holly while not acknowledging any evidence of Jared's pedophiliac tendencies and claiming "mental health uwu" for not looking at said evidence (after requesting it be shown to them). Tinfoilanon theorizes one of Holly's WKs in the thread is Jessica herself.
>Chai, one of the minors accusing Jared of misconduct, publishing all the receipts on Jared's nude sharing, her communications with Normal Boots, and Jared's subsequent non-apology.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/804540

Our main actors:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:

https://www.instagram.com/commanderholly/ (private)
https://twitter.com/HollyConrad (private)

>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge. (Pic related: Top is GG, Bottom is Dirty Pair)
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 808889

From end of previous thread:
Is Holly known for having a smol apostrophe use disability?

No. 808890

Love the level of detail, kudos

Was gonna add this to full thread but people really think Heidi is in the wrong for changing her mind about having an open relationship? What if the spice had been pegging, exhibitionist activities, etc? It's a mutual sexual agreement, it can be ”taken back” at any time.

That's what consent is. Both people have to agree, relationship boundaries need to be respected. If you entered a monogamous relationship with someone and tried out dating other people without positive results, isn't it more unhealthy for the relationship to proceed as non-monogamous because of the foundation it was built on?

I would only hope my partner could be mature enough to handle being told No. It's not that ”things didn't work out after therapy” it was manipulation, cheating, lying, and adults refusing or unable to feel empathy for the other person in the relationship.

Regardless that's small potatoes to engaging in sexual behaviour with minors, which isn't a Separate Issue but just another representation of Jared thinking with his dick and they don't take kindly to kid diddlers in jail. He's going to get karma regardless, min I expect him to end up as a registered sex offender.

No. 808892

File: 1558260218112.png (102.21 KB, 400x273, bingo.png)

I think his dick caused some type of brain damage or shit to Holly. But sHow tHe rEceIpT' S eVen tHOuGh I reCievED an EmaIL fROm cHaI. Just gonn wait for her "apology" on youtube.

No. 808893

Holly has now deleted from her (private but I have access) twitter her tweets saying "you guys know me, I would never hurt anybody"

No. 808894

File: 1558260377040.jpg (40.43 KB, 275x217, 1556543704377.jpg)

i was going to comment this on the last thread


How convenient for Heidi. i bet if the tables were reversed you would be defending your Queen´s right to sleep with other people since her cool husband allowed it and dump him for the new man if she so chooses. She simply wasn´t the cool girl she pretended to be and ended up butthurt about it and playing victim for damage control when the poly shit backfired on her.

>was he also being the victim when he sent all those dick pics to those underage fans?

Heidi approved and encouraged that behaviour too, like she even said how they high fived after watching the pics together and it was no secret. But now that Heidi is butthurt she gets to take it all back and retroactively erase her previous consent for Jared´s actions, she was cool with him sexting her friends too and is obious from her own comments that she knew about Holly too and saw her nudes, she was not being lied too or manipulated, she decided to play that stupid game and won the stupidest prize.

Now she says it was Jared playing jedi mind tricks on her all along, and we are supposed to automatically believe her despite evidence.

Bottom line:
None of these people, including Heidi should have ever been married, they are all inmature dumbfucks who are not fit for commited relationships. Also, poly love is a stupid idea and somebody always ends ups hurt. Who could have foreseen that in an open relationship one partner would fuck another woman and decide he/she liked it better? uncanny, impossible!

Heidi knew about the affairs and allowed it, the inevitable happened and her husband got feelings for another woman, decided to dump her and Heidi went full drama queen mode to exploit the situation and play the victim. Heidi is the biggest lolcow here since she is the one milking the drama for attention and to scapegoat herself completely out of her own mistakes.She doesn´t get uwu victim and i am upset to have been so much on her side before i knew the whole story. Her marriage was alreday ended, Holly´s marriage ended long ago, Heidi was the one making it into a media circus.

No. 808895

She isn't, her syntax is usually perfect, but maybe it's different when she's agitated and typing fast

No. 808896

Fuck off Jessicanon, we can all tell it's you WKing Holly up and down. At least sage your insane rants.

No. 808897

>Regardless that's small potatoes to engaging in sexual behaviour with minors

Except that is not so clear cut, he was requesting nudes from people, not minors in specific, the teens who send him pics only admitted to what age they had just now and most likely he didn´t know. It wsa retarded as hell of him not to ask what age were the people in his inbox sending him shit but theres plausible deniability.(Once again ban evasion, if you want jareds peenus this much just Snapchat him some noods)

No. 808898

>Pretending to be someone else while still using "`"s and replying with an image and in the end just full on bashing Heidi
Kek, how retarded do you think we are

No. 808899

File: 1558261687179.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, 14COhR2.png)


> is aware his demographic is primarily minor people

> why would minors send nudes to someone they admire and look up to!!11!!1111!

No. 808900

why would you dig a hole for yourself defending something that has the potential to go really bad? do you really exhibit such little judgement in your life? you yourself have no idea what he did do or didn't do. you're not attached to his dick 24/7 - much as it seems you'd like to be.

No. 808901

File: 1558261814122.jpeg (17.97 KB, 460x377, 679E5097-7EB7-413B-A3D5-D79A4F…)

Love the level of detail, kudos

Was gonna add this to full thread but people really think Heidi is in the wrong for changing her mind about having an open relationship? What if the spice had been pegging, exhibitionist activities, etc? It's a mutual sexual agreement, it can be ”taken back” at any time.

That's what consent is. Both people have to agree, relationship boundaries need to be respected. If you entered a monogamous relationship with someone and tried out dating other people without positive results, isn't it more unhealthy for the relationship to proceed as non-monogamous because of the foundation it was built on?

I would only hope my partner could be mature enough to handle being told No. It's not that ”things didn't work out after therapy” it was manipulation, cheating, lying, and adults refusing or unable to feel empathy for the other person in the relationship.

Regardless that's small potatoes to engaging in sexual behaviour with minors, which isn't a Separate Issue but just another representation of Jared thinking with his dick and they don't take kindly to kid diddlers in jail. He's going to get karma regardless, min I expect him to end up as a registered sex offender.

I wish but it looks like it's lazy attempt for attention
>If I say Holly I’ll get taken more seriously

Homeboy may be an idiot, it may not have been intentional, but when you fuck around with 15-year-olds you're still a pedophile.

Haven't you been a senior watching freshman come into Highschool? They look like middle schoolers still. There's no way a 30 something dude didn't know he was fucking with a kid, he probably just hoped he wasn’t. There’s a reason porn sites have a ”barely legal teen” section, grown men don't give a fuck.

No. 808903

> your Queen

I didn't even know who ProJared or Heidi were until this, I’d been following Snooze and Katie antics. I knew about Ross, had no idea who Holly was, though.

These people may have had a bunch of fans, but to most of the public they were forgettable side-characters. If the milk dried up I doubt I’d think of any of them besides in passing when mentioned in future threads.

No. 808904

still ban-evading i see

No. 808906

Ah nice, I was waiting for one. I think it's a bit too tame tho, I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up revenge porning Heidi in some way or another.

No. 808907

>>808897 Just admit he's a creepy pedo salamander and move along. His demographic were younger teens. One of the minors had their age in their bio, he couldn't be fucked to check just a liiiittle bit further. If you're not a turbo autist about making sure those nudes are from adults, you shouldn't be solicitating them.

No. 808908

>was he also being the victim when he sent all those dick pics to those underage fans?

>Heidi approved and encouraged that behaviour too

Nice dodging the actual question. Nowhere does Heidi approve or encourage him solicitating minors' nudes, but if it helps you sleep at night defending a predator and his enabler. They high fived over ADULTS, and I don't think I need to parrot everyone with a brain agreeing she is allowed to have boundaries.

No. 808910

Just ignore weird apostrophe jessicanon, they're either a close friend who somehow thinks clearing holly's name on an anon board will change anything, a troll xd or just a dumbass that chose to die on this hill. I know it's fun but they absolutely love the attention.

No. 808911

imagine being this thirsty for some scrawny retard's chode

No. 808912

Yeah, you're right. The autism was hard to resist at this hour

No. 808913

This. It was fun at first, but now it just shits up the thread.

No. 808914

No worries, I thought it was too tame too. I'll make an updated version with more "muh mental issues made me send nudes".
saging this properly this time though.

No. 808915

I'd just like to say I'm grateful for the red text calling them out on ban evading. It's pretty obvious that it's the same person each time, but it's nice to have it confirmed.

No. 808930

File: 1558268273169.jpg (139.99 KB, 1340x533, 909.JPG)

kiwifarms really are a bunch of annoying clowns, just blame heidi for everything lmao

No. 808937

>most likely he didn't know [that he was soliciting child porn]

is that a hill you want to die on? "most likely"?

also are people forgetting the multiple screenshots from the past few years where Heidi is VERY clearly not interested in an open relationship?

No. 808939

The site is mostly made up with younger men who hold incel-tier viewpoints. What else can you expect? They have a fucking giant thread in Deep Thoughts about discussing how women apparently hate other women.

No. 808940

Are kiwifarms users a bunch of incels?
Who would you rather believe: a dude with influence that has had serious allegations of pedo behavior and cheating or an ex-wife that only her husband knows she had an affair?

No. 808953

Apparently Ross has been cheated on before, yikes.
(Also mentioning how he subconsciously goes for more controlling personalities in relationships - Holly totally had emotional control over Ross.)

No. 808954

Kiwifarms are deadass more up in arms about the fact that J's a cheater rather than, you know, the whole "getting nudes from teenager" thing. I honestly wouldn't even care if he just cheated on heidi (beside the juicy gossip and the basic level of human empathy for the parties involved). Buy how can you possibly be so stupid to trade nudes with fans and not suspect they could have just lied about being 18 (best case scenario) when your fanbase is so young lmao

No. 808955

This is so sad :(

No. 808958

This comment's been negative rated to hell. I'm glad there's other users on KF who agree the user is retarded

No. 808959

I think what's worse is he coulda got nudes from anywhere. He's aware of 4chan and one anonymous post on their will get you the nudes you want.
Instead he went to his fans, many underaged (probably especially after Game Shakers). He wanted people who admired him and kissed the ground he walked on. I wouldn't doubt it if he got off more on the high of being efamous and getting nudes for being such.

No. 808960

Sage for blogposting, but honestly this whole mess has made me sort of side-eye a lot of male YTers I really like, pondering if they're maybe also soliciting nudes from young fans behind their partners' backs

No. 808963

I'm happy that pedo Jared can't weasel his way out of this one by deflecting blame. I love his salty use of the word "vitriol" in his recent tweet to refer to the shitstorm. Just shows how victimised and attacked he must feel and how mad and in denial he is. Beautiful.
Pedo polytard weasel Jared, you may have the backbone of a jellyfish but the internet is like an elephant, it doesn't forget and it doesn't forgive.
He should play a dwarf in his roleplay games because he loves digging a hole
diggidiggy hole, digging a hole

No. 808964

Yeah, esp when they're so openly positive and focused on forming a "good and wholesome community". My heart would fucking break in two if Day9 turned out to be this level of a creep ahahah

No. 808965

File: 1558275096170.gif (908.86 KB, 397x293, ichabod-crane.gif)

Heidi knew he was soliciting fans, she knows the average age range of his fans.

Why can't we agree that everyone is garbage? Heidi for closing the relationship when it seemed she was going to lose her wallet? Jared for being an underage creeper. And Holly for cheating on her husband with fucking ichabod crane.

No. 808967

Heidi said adults. Heidi said no nudes. Heidi has been painfully monogamous for years as evident by screen shots.
Just stop, you're just as much a clown as Jared

No. 808968

I mean, Heidi WAS financially dependant on Jared, before this whole mess she stated on tumblr she wasnt making any money from cosplay, and in a recent tweet she said that Jared was the one pushing for this arrangement. Even if shutting down his relationship with Holly was a purely cold calculation on her part (and not even a tiny bit of the fear of losing the love of the man she chose to marry), can you blame her?

No. 808972

i get the impression that when jared says heidi was the one who suggested an open relationship it was after jared had already had instances of sharing nudes & sexting with people and he wasn't going to stop, so suggesting an open relationship was the only way heidi felt like she could at least be involved and have some say in what was going on.

No. 808973

File: 1558276386509.png (65.05 KB, 605x356, 1558199241791.png)

I'm just suspicious of what she says now because it was originally.

"He cheated on me, and sent nudes!"


"Oh we tried polyamory, then I shut it down."


"Oh I told him he could sent tease pics to fans, just no nudes"

Why should I keep taking her at her word?

No. 808974

That's usually how it goes with people like him.

No. 808976

Heidi was either really dumb/oblivious about Jared's true intentions behind the "body positivity" blog or both were using it to get off ("we high five each other each time we got a fan nude!!!").

I understand why anons are being defensive about her though, it's because we have people claiming it was all her idea which definitely doesn't line up at all and she didn't know he was also having sex with fans(they were poly at one point but, it went against her rules in it).

This doesn't make Heidi look good at all, I don't think she's that much of a victim (the real victim in all of this is Ross) but, to claim she's just as bad as Jared or Holly is crazy and at the very least, while she's probably doing it to benefit herself, she exposed them before they could get away with their actions.

No. 808977

File: 1558276852922.jpg (103.76 KB, 622x601, cheater.jpg)

According to her tweets she alludes she was banging people on the side, but when Jared and Holly developed "feelings" for each other, thats when she decided to shut it down. That's what she considered cheating, when Jared may have left her for Holly.

No. 808978


she's been transparent from the beginning about how they had an open relationship and she was comfortable with him sending & receiving lewd pics (but not nudes) at one point and how jared took advantage of the terms of their relationship and was sneaky and dishonest about it. she wasn't comfortable with his relationship with holly because of her actions and wanted to put a full stop to it but he maintained his relationship with holly behind her back anyway. that's why it's cheating. why is this hard to understand?

No. 808979

File: 1558276924511.png (360.81 KB, 953x755, HeidiTweet2.png)

whoops wrong tweet

No. 808980

You can bang people without having feelings for them. Having FWB is not the same thing as falling in love with your wife's best friend.

This whole mess is because of the poly relationship, but to me it's pretty clear what boundaries she had.

No. 808982

I'm confused about the rules though, we bang whoever we want, just don't send nudes to fans, only tease pics?

Fuck open relationships

No. 808983

Guys like this will let their wife or gf know, subtly or not-so-subtly, that she’s not enough for him and he’s going to be looking elsewhere for affection, validation or sex regardless of her feelings. The wife or gf can then either stick her head in the sand, agree to poly or an open relationship to pretend like she still has some say in the matter or admit that the relationship is over and end it. Historically most women go with the first option but nowadays we’re taught that cool and progressive girls should go with the second one. It takes a lot of strength to be honest with yourself and go with the third.

No. 808985

Are you high lmao

No. 808986

We don't need to know the specific ins and out of the rules they set tbh. Open relationships and poly relationships actually have WAY more rules than a standard monogamous relationship. Some people even sign contracts to make sure what they are comfortable with an uncomfortable with are properly laid out.

Fans are fans. Those are the people who pay Jared's bills and look up to him. She probably didn't want him sending/recieving nudes from fans specifically because thats a clear abuse of power (and as we've seen it most definitely was)

No. 808987

I'm not in their head and another issue is that certains rules may have been at certain point in times. So noone fucking knows ahah!!!!!!!
To my understanding, it may be that they stopped the whole open as in go fuck anyone around 2017 (Jared in his ""apology"" talked about a '17 affair and I think the snapchat takedown was around the same time?) but Jared didn't stop. Also, I'm biased because I empathize with Heidi, but to me if she got pressured into expanding her rules or anything it's not exactly giving consent.

But yeah, fuck open relationships. I'm a salty ass but it's either porn-damaged sex-crazed creeps or immature kids who can't commit, never ends well.

I don't think we'll ever know the full story anyway.

No. 808988

File: 1558277643705.png (88.8 KB, 619x647, HeidiFriend2.png)

No. 808990


Wow, what a way for Heidi to dodge the question.

Her true colors are coming out, she just wanted to be open when it was convenient, the moment it hurt her feelings then its shutdown time baby, cool girl time is over, now is full vendetta because her ego got bruised. And now she wants to clarify how she was the one who ended it and not that she got fucking dumped for Holly. Its so petty it hurts.


Heidi knew what the fanbase was, Heidi high fived without knowing if those were underage kids. The "lewds but no nudes :3" shit is dumb, and everyone should stop just swallowing every excuse Heidi makes.

No. 808991


"Omg i don´t want to be implicated in shit i condoned for years "(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808992

File: 1558278122345.gif (369.17 KB, 500x281, insane.gif)

No. 808993

Are you guys being willfully obtuse? This is not that hard to understand. Either of them had the power to end the open relationship at any time thats how this works. If Jared really wanted Holly so bad he could have divorced Heidi way back then instead of stringing them both along for 2 more years

No. 808994

I think by "I ENDED it" she's saying "I retracted my consent for having an open relationship once Jared wanted to bone my best friend Holly, who is married to our other friend. that is going too far and I was uncomfortable. Jared agreed we would go back to strict monogamy but he was lying and had been lying about everything for a long time and that is cheating"

that's what she's been saying all along

No. 808995


maybe we can spell it out in ways your childlike brain can understand.

let's say there is a jar of cookies. your mom says "you and I can eat 2 cookies after dinner as long as you've eaten your vegetables."
you eat 2 cookies before dinner and 2 cookies after dinner and haven't eaten your vegetables. you've also had a piece of chocolate cake. mom takes away all dessert privileges.

No. 808997

>You can bang people without having feelings for them.

I can't(no1curr)

No. 808998


that's nice, others can

No. 808999

she says in >>808979 when Holly developed feelings for ONLY Jared, thats when she wanted to shut it down.

As to how she found that out?

No. 809000

All these people being mad that Heidi closed the relationship when "her feelings got hurt"
Uh yeah. That's kinda part of the deal with an open relationship. Once you are no longer comfortable you have every right to close it.
If Jared didn't like that, he could have divorced her then, since he was enjoying that fan pussy and Holly snatch so much

No. 809007

I think that's missing a vital part of male psychology where you can't give a guy free rein, give him freedoms, drop rules for them and then close that down. Men are obsessive about everything they do. Think about how porn opens floodgates which they can't close. They can't go to the edge and then come back. You can't erase the rules and then bring them back in.

It was always goin to continue after she "closed" it. He was never gonna give up his teen nude priviledges. It's a stupid thing for people to focus on. Their relationship was over the second she obliged to the blog and the "poly" status.

No. 809008

And here's the thing too, Heidi definitely knew Holly was lying to Ross and everyone else with the whole "muh asexuality and trees" thing she tried to portray. Heidi only said something after Holly responded to Jared's "My wife and I filed for divorce" statement. I think a lot of people are forgetting about that.

No. 809009

We know that, but Heidi probably wanted to think of her husband as a responsible adult with basic impulse control.

No. 809010


lol men aren't wild animals. if other men who had sex with women before a marriage can stop after getting married then a man who had sex during an open relationship can sure as hell stop after an open relationship. give men some credit.

No. 809013

>not all men
Are you a scrot or a handmaid?

No. 809015

Can Holly’s friends please stop shitting up the thread?
Your friend is in love with a man who she knew received nudes from kids. Get the fuck over it.

No. 809021

So why did the 16 year old sit on this for years until she needed ammo for her friend? Why hasn't she pressed charges yet?

Stop being so naive. You people fall for any made up bullshit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 809023

What are you even talking about

No. 809025

I dunno, Jared apologizing to Chai sure wasn't made up.
People like you are the reason people are afraid to speak up when they're sexually assaulted.

No. 809026

if she went to the police with the texts and pics i would believe her instantly duh

No. 809027

That's because KF is full of incel types who would gladly fap to those underage nudes at the first opportunity

No. 809029

goddamn it's almost like people are afraid to speak up when someone, especially a "celebrity" takes advantage of them.
not to mention that the police aren't exactly known for taking sexual assault cases seriously.

No. 809030

She openly shared all of that information from the beginning, and only repeated it and expanded on already public information to respond to Jared and Holly's WKs trying to pin the blame on her

No. 809031

it was soliciting nudes from minors with recorded evidence, not sexual assault.

No. 809032

Pewdiepie also just uploaded a video on it and briefly talked about the saying Heidi knew about everything, so expect even more retards to show up

No. 809033


No. 809034

Um, you can if the man in question isn't a piece of shit

No. 809035

Look, I'm a tumblrina SJW feminist and even I can admit that there are men who respect their partners and are able to handle an open relationship or the end of one without betraying the boundaries that they both set together. This isn't the "nature of men" or any of that bullshit, it's Jared being unable to respect his wife's comfort zone and expectations of the relationship, because he's garbage. Implying the contrary is making excuses for him.

No. 809037

Wasnt pewdiepie a gamer? Is he a drama channel now?

No. 809039

it's ok i don't think men need our help to clear their name, ofc there are good men, who cares

He's some sort of variety channel now I think he's bored with life

No. 809040

But she's right, it's irrelevant if she had sex with other partners while the relationship was open. They had agreed to it being open, and she was doing this within the boundaries they had set. Then she realized the situation wasn't good, and she retracted her consent. Any girl Jared banged while they were open is equally irrelevant. The problem was him not staying within the agreed boundaries, and then continuing sleeping with girls, and specifically Holly, after the relationship was no longer open and he KNEW Heidi wasn't okay with it. She did things they had agreed were fine, he did things they had not agreed were fine and were in fact specifically things Heidi didn't want to happen. That means he cheated, and she didn't. It's not that hard to understand.

No. 809043


Here's what gets me: They are in an open relationship (we don't know who started or why). Heidi says that the situation with Holly is what made her go "okay, this is a boundary I don't want you to cross".

Jared in his 2nd statement goes on to say about ~all the men Heidi has slept with~. But he never once made it sound like Heidi was crossing one of HIS boundaries. Jared sounds like "owo Heidi was sleeping with menz but when I sleep with womenz, she mad!" okay well, were you UPSET she was sleeping with menz? Did she tell you, was she transparent about it? Were you okay with it? If Heidi operated within Jared's boundaries of the open relationship then it doesn't mean squat later down the line. Would Heidi have been equally as uncomfortable if you slept with a stranger rather than your close, married friend?

He sounds like when someone in a relationship gets mad about something and when the partner asks if they are okay they say "I'm fine" but later down the line during an irrelevant argument they bring it up like "I hate when you did that!" Okay but you didn't TELL me you had a problem back then. If Jared didn't have a problem with who Heidi slept with, assuming it was all true, then he has no right to bring that up later. Both parties can have differing boundaries and that's why shit gets discussed.

No. 809045

I think Jared is trying to blur the lines of what was okay and is straight up slutshaming her.

No. 809050

Yeah, he's trying to twist it to make it look like the problem was just him sleeping around so Heidi having done the same completely negates his own wrongdoings. But in truth, the problem was him using his power over his fans, lying to his wife, gaslighting her, doing things she specifically asked him not to, and how could we forget soliciting nudes from minors. His strategy relies on him making it look like the problem is the former rather than the latter. That's why it's important not to focus the whole discourse on responding to his accusations but rather on how he's trying to make people talk about anything but the shit he pulled.

No. 809068

Chai lives in a completely different country from Jared so reporting may do absolutely nothing. There is however a 3rd minor who has reported him due to the others coming forward. Jared is in possession of child porn. Please learn how to keep up with the information if you’re going to whiteknight a paedophile, newfag.

No. 809071

Exactly. She realized she wasn’t comfortable with the idea of them both sleeping with other people and didn’t enjoy it and so she decided to be faithful to only her husband and asked that he did the same for her. However he’s the one having trouble controlling his sexual desires and still continued to sleep with other girls even when she told him to keep the relationship between them. Yet he’s slut shaming her?He’s a man whore.

No. 809074


I want to be allowed to cheat but the moment my husband does it is haram uwu

Polyamory is totally not retarded you guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 809075


idk why i keep giving into this bait but heidi was okay with jared sleeping with other girls and even sleeping with holly until a certain point when she was no longer comfortable with it and wanted it to stop. jared kept doing it behind heidi's back after he said he would stop.

No. 809080

>heidi was okay with jared sleeping with other girls and even sleeping with holly until a certain point

I don’t believe she was ever okay with him sleeping with other women, especially Holly. She claims in one of her tweets that she wasn’t okay with it because Holly was married.

No. 809083


i must have misunderstood. i had the impression that she was ok with it until holly said she only had feelings for jared.

No. 809089

File: 1558289996257.gif (3.23 MB, 500x281, B2C9A7F9-CEE2-47F7-B461-3848DC…)

Yeah, he's no Austin Jones but it's along the same lines of exploiting fans using your position of internet notoriety.

>Haha I respect women so much, body positivity!

>Hey wouldn't it be so funny if people started sending me nudes lololol

People with Heidi is complicit because she was aware of it, they've never been in a situation of being gaslit and what an abuse cycle is. Holly would be more likely to be the complicit person in this situation since there's actual receipts.

People don't care about who’s actually ”responsible” but more they have an opportunity to whine about metoo and cancel culture.

No. 809092


I can see why she wouldn't want Jared to sleep with Holly. 1) Holly was married, 2) Holly was a friend of both people and Jared was a friend of both GG and Ross, 3) there is a difference between "I just want to fuck someone, no feelings attached" and "I have romantic feelings for this person" and Jared claimed that he had feelings for Holly. For all we know it wasn't just the sex but also emotional cheating.

No. 809093

it's nice that people are playing devil's advocate but there can only be one lying and cheating pedo Jared

No. 809100

File: 1558290786203.jpeg (109.2 KB, 1200x675, 83027725-7A84-4AC9-B879-5CF416…)

Devil's advocate would be a relief at this point, ban evader is just doing ye olde straw man

No. 809109

What's sad is Jared's update partially worked. All the scrots saw the phrases "Heidi asked for poly" and "Heidi had other partners" and basically that's all they read and focused on and forgot any other details.

They don't care about the underage girls, they don't care about consent, they don't care about the lying and the manipulation. All they think is Heidi asked for poly so she's not allowed to object to her husband doing anything anymore.

No. 809113

Satine Phoenix has come in a sort of defence of Jared and Holly a few days ago
Do you guys think Matt Mercer and the rest of the dnd celebrity crew are going to say anything about this?

No. 809117

I noticed that Matt at least unfollowed Jared on twitter.

I imagine something will be have to be said soon because of DCA. They've kept quiet about it so that Jared's grasshopper dick wouldn't cast an undeservedly long shadow over their launch event this weekend.

No. 809121

File: 1558294438732.png (115.52 KB, 620x513, Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à…)

You mean this?

No. 809125

File: 1558294720413.jpeg (491.3 KB, 1125x1275, 6EF44265-3784-4AF9-981A-8F5536…)

Not even Jared’s twin brother is supportive of him.

No. 809127

File: 1558294964945.png (39.32 KB, 587x153, Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à…)

From Jared and Holly's DCA co-star Nate

No. 809128

I wouldn’t say this is even sort of defending him, it’s only telling others to not send death threats.

No. 809129

File: 1558295006183.png (203.19 KB, 584x475, Capture d’écran 2019-05-19 à…)

No. 809131

VR chat where Ross talks about the divorce and that he knew Holly was cheating. I know some anons were speculating how much he knew, he mentions in the comments that this video was filmed a long time ago. It's good to see that he's doing well.

No. 809132


he was talking about cheating from a past relationship, not holly

No. 809133

Keep and co’s hypothetical that Heidi was abusive someone having a reaction that it means the abuse she suffered and her experience are falsified is so messed up. It could have been a two-way street of a toxic, harmful relationship-but that doesn't mean she's lying or dealing out half-truths in her favour. People just don't want to be understanding of the potential complexity and see it as black and white.

No. 809134

How many times is this going to be posted

No. 809136

ot but goddamn. The first guy is such a boring storyteller. Ross comes across as very charismatic and eloquent in comparison.

No. 809141

if you are going to publicly call out your husband as a cheater, at least give people the full story and don't keep quiet because it will hurt your image.

Here >>808973 she talks about a "primarily platonic" relationship she was having with someone. So I guess he just wasn't good at sex? lol(ban evasion)

No. 809144


you’re trying rly hard aren’t you

No. 809145

Not replying to that idiot directly but I think it's important to remember that just because we want the full story and to feel secure in ”support” or just want more milk its not anything we’re actually entitled to. If a whole story or all details aren't posted on any side that isn't lying by omission or else Holly being the quietest would be the most abusive in the crew when she was just being a sloppy lay.

No. 809146

That's Jared's twin? He looks like a pretty normal guy, guess Ratface got every single ugly gene in that family kek

No. 809147

Alexa this is so sad, play despacito.

I love how the whiteknights are completely forgetting that Jared is more or less a pedophile and Holly is now complicit because of her failure to report him.

No. 809148

talk about being the hot twin. he looks like a normal human being. but I guess that's all it takes in this instance

No. 809149

` and not ' again … ?

No. 809153


he is jareds older brother, not twin

No. 809155

File: 1558299673105.jpeg (627.55 KB, 1125x1355, 8C28EA3D-0EA4-418C-A034-297ED5…)

Nah apparently it’s his twin. He’s the older of the two.

No. 809176

File: 1558301088671.jpg (166.04 KB, 1200x919, C2mT5RBWgAAP5Pm[1].jpg)

It's not his twin. He has a twin brother and an older brother - Derek is the older one.

No. 809186


if derek was his twin the sentence wouldn't make any sense. how could jared be the elder twin but the younger brother? derek is his older brother and jared also has a twin who is not derek

No. 809194

lol hotter twin statement still holds true tho

No. 809211

Well now that we've gotten that cleared up, Jared's own family isn't supportive of him throughout this scandal. That has to suck.
But hey, at least he has Holly and her friends (that he's also probably fucked)!

No. 809220

>he's wearing a flame shirt
He's too old for this to have been ironic, right?

No. 809231

that was definitely fashionable at the time kek

No. 809234

File: 1558307246169.png (74.7 KB, 582x530, derek.png)


Yep. Older brother.

No. 809270

Holly seems to be slowly deleting things on Twitch as well, mostly mental health mondays by the looks of it. There used to be 22 videos available, then 19 yesterday, and only 17 as of today. I guess they must have had something incriminating in them?

No. 809274

probably things like "mental illness is not an excuse to be an asshole" and "always hold yourself accountable"

No. 809297

It's pretty sad the amount of misdirection that's gone around since Jared's 2nd statement came out. We already knew they were in an open relationship, that was never a question. But suddenly Heidi is complicit in this because she also slept with other people, in their marriage that was OPEN AT THE TIME. None of this cancels out the fact that Holly was cheating on Ross, and that Holly had caught feelings for PedoJared in spite of this fact, that Heidi very explicitly closed the marriage in light of these facts yet Jared went behind her back anyway. That's not even touching on the fact that he was sending dick pics and soliciting nudes from minors. People will really go the extra mile to vilify a woman.

No. 809313

I wonder if Holly will ever come out with a statement lol. She's basically fucked at this point, even if she does try to come out and defend herself, there's no way she can without admitting that she, while in her non-poly marriage, cheated on Ross. Wonder if she knew Jessica essentially threw her under the bus by admitting it for her

No. 809321

Same, I had that same experience with an ex who even after couple's therapy and me kicking him out insisted that we could make it work if only I would be more "flexible" aka overlook his cheating and in return I had the option as well. I'd bet Heidi felt like that was the only way to still feel control over the situation and the relationship at all without him just doing it anyways and begging forgiveness later, but as we see she ended up having it used against her. She set specific boundaries and rules for communication in the relationship, like any FUNCTIONAL polyamorous couple should, and he ignored those too (but fed his side chicks half-truths about Heidi knowing and being cool with it).

I really feel for her and especially with how he's trying to turn that compromise on her part against her and use it to paint her as equally bad or as lying about consenting to this when its clear she had lines she didn't want crossed and he gave no fucks. What a little ratfink.

No. 809323

Since she's been slowly deleting tweets and videos without a word I reckon it will be a long time before she makes a statement or returns. She's lost pretty much everything - her audience's trust, her public image as a kindly mental health uwu bird bean, her D&D spots, the prestige of being Ross' (ex)wife, etc. Now she's just the thot who cheated on Ross, ruined 2 marriages and lied to everyone.

I am surprised that she hasn't come out blaming her mental illness and how she's TOTALLY working on it now and going to be a better person. Maybe even she's intelligent enough to know that you have to practice what you preach.

No. 809333


I would not be surprised that within a few weeks we’ll get that statement from holly about mental illness and…well other things said in statement to make this situation worse

Jared did this when all he had to do was literally say nothing but yet here we are…

No. 809359

File: 1558319757574.jpg (91.63 KB, 615x410, pedojared.jpg)

PedoJared ducking accusations of fucking fans and knowingly exchanging nudes with underage fans (2019, colorized)

No. 809396

I'm not watching people play Dungeons and Dragons for 3 hours but things get uncomfortable at 2h 33m.

>Strix. Diath. You can't be together. The relationship that you have cannot exist. It can't exist and have the prime material exist also. You knew it perfectly well, or you should have. It's a very straightforward proposition. Walk away. I have intimate knowledge of the familial contract that maintains this peace. I am not unreasonable (for a god), I am open for business. If any of you clever mortals have a solution to this problem, I'm ready to hear it.

>(Chris Perkins chimes in) But my patience has limits.

No. 809398

Jared - "Contracts can be rewritten and broken."
Holy fuck they both get so uncomfortable, like twitching faces and looking around uncomfortable. I wonder if the other team members knew and felt weird about them roleplaying their affairs through their characters?

No. 809403

I wouldn't be surprised if most of them at least suspected

No. 809412

It's extremely irritating me the amount of people who apparently don't have any reading comprehension. It seems like a huge amount of people are conflating her saying she "knew Jared was interested in Holly from the start" with her knowing they were fucking, and also conveniently become blind when they see her say her poly history was a long distance platonic guy. Her story remains pretty clear and correct of a timeline to me. Here's how I understand it:

>Marriage is failing

>Before this point, it seems clear that she is against breaking monogamy as evidenced >>808281 >>808161 by how she is vocally against it
>Something happens leading to them opening their marriage, I agree with the people suggesting she was pressured into it to save her marriage due to the evidence above showing she clearly didn't want it. speaking from experience, that's how gaslighting and abusive relationships like this work
>Now that they're "open", she gets closer to one (1) male friend who is a >>808973 "long distance platonic moral support connection", which may previously have been considered emotional cheating. she now relies on him directly
>Jared starts the "lewd" tumblrs, they set rules of no dick/full nude, no sex, just sharing suggestive pics as per >>808988
>in the meantime Jared starts soliciting fan nudes
>She finds out, is upset because using your status of fame to solicit nudes is pretty fucked, and asks him to take them down. As shown in >>808125, the reason she did not realize the continued extent of the problem is because she literally asked him to stop it and assumed he would actually stop, but he didn't.
>She catches on that Jared is into Holly and they have feelings for each other. NOT aware that they are fucking. This is bad for a number of reasons (Holly is Heidi's close friend, Holly is married) >>808125 and Heidi says >>808123 "address this", which obviously in this case means STOP THIS and not "you guys should totally fuck" as some people interpret
>This is probably the tipping point of "failure of transparency" where she says "ok, no more poly. I don't want this" and makes clear to Jared that is now off the table

Fast forward to the divorce.
>She finds Jared's old phone which shows that not only has he continued pursuing Holly but they've been actively having sex
>Jared's statement comes out, she's blocked, and her tweets about her revelation drop
>fans start coming forward of his (recent) activities of soliciting nudes
>She is further baffled >>808988
>1 week later Jared claims she was sleeping with many guys while they were open

That's a timeline that has proof backing up most of its consistency, unlike the claims flying around.

I still don't see any inconsistencies with her story at all. I don't see how she's just as bad or even bad at all in this situation either. I do not see any proof of her sexing countless guys and being just as slutty as Jared. Her most damning acts suggesting she was poly for other guys is the one long distance platonic guy and getting angry and defensive here >>808977 b/c people keep asking her about her involvement in being poly (which is, again, the one LD platonic guy). And no, she does not "allude she was banging people on the side", she clearly stated that she had 1 LD platonic guy. I do see mountains of evidence that Jared is a lying gaslighting abusive cunt which would give reason to believe he was lying about her banging other guys- he was even gaslighting the underage kid in his bullshit "apology" >>808879 here.

The worst thing you can accuse Heidi of that is provably true is that she tried too hard and was too desperate to save a failing marriage, and trusted Jared too much. Maybe was too naive, too invested in the relationship. Citing the few times she seems to be the Cool Girl like being ok with the lewd tumblrs fails to account for how abusive relationships work. God damn, I'm pissed. Sorry for autism I hate misinformed idiots

No. 809414

File: 1558329913468.png (156.62 KB, 1108x768, 1558148236217.png)

Not sure why one of the post tags failed but this is one of the more important ones; the blog post from 2 years ago where she clearly expresses disliking the idea of breaking monogamy. >>808161

Reposting the image and link for posterity anyway. Sage for correction.

No. 809417


Yo this is a good round-up, autism or no. Thanks for making it. There have been so many WKs and illiterate little fuckwit trolls in the threads trying to muddy the water, it's really useful to have something like this.

Some people just have zero grasp of causality it seems.

No. 809420

Sheesh. So there was some plot line where they weren't supposed to be together even as their characters too? Art imitates life I guess.

No. 809426

Jessicanon uses ´, not ’

No. 809427

The people getting confused just don't care enough to follow everything she's tweeted. The best way to fix people going after her is for her to upload a written statement to twitter that explains her side or a well edited video that does the same. Until then people will just keep cherrypicking the one tweet and saying
It also doesn't help that ecelebs are uploading updates to the drama and saying the same thing because they don't care enough to research since they'll rake in views anyway.

No. 809429

Good timeline, she may have had sex with LD guy a couple times while they were open ("mostly platonic" as she puts it) but it barely changes a thing since they were poly at the time

No. 809434

ok they do look all kinds of shifty, but my question is, is it normal for DnD players to get this into their character? jared looks like someone is straight up murdering his lover lmao. sage for ot but this is a really weird roleplay to watch.

No. 809435

I watch Critical Role and they get really into character but they're all actors, it's a professional habit

No. 809497

File: 1558357678893.png (13.33 KB, 365x59, Capture d’écran 2019-05-20 à…)

Happy 800K Jared

No. 809505

No. 809508

I just watched that, it's a good overview but it was made before Jared's second statement

No. 809562

Biddet fellow critter
I also watch critical role and they do get really into it but it’s all discussed previously behind the scenes and everyone is nice and not creepy about it
Which if I’m not mistaken was one of the reasons they parted ways with Orion, he was being quite disrespectful with the girls

No. 809563

Well, that and his drug problems

No. 809594

Arin and Suzie aren’t following Holly on twitter anymore.

No. 809612

That basically confirms that she was cheating on Ross, they're probably unfollowing just now because it would've ruined the whole friendly "we divorced because we are part of diferent ecosystems" bs

No. 809622


official grumps account still is, and so is ross, and some other big youtube names like dodger and jesse cox, among others

No. 809627

Chai seems like a Stan to me. No proof he ever talked to Jared, just a story. He left his full name on Twitter (oops) and wrote an article about being homicidally psychotic during the same time he was supposedly talking to Jared.

No. 809629

File: 1558381914589.jpg (44.11 KB, 960x720, 40301217_2034508399903815_3323…)


please learn to sage your bullshit

No. 809630

But did he fuck around with 15 year olds? Where is the proof? I saw the grooming post on reddit where there was no evidence about ages… chai and charlie also don't have any evidence about ages. Chai it turns out was literally psychotic…. The nudes were leaked by of-age people who were pissed at Jared for "cheating" on poor sweet angel Heidi.(newfaggotry; whiteknighting)

No. 809634

sage cause I doubt this really matters but it looks like Suzy deleted/archived her pics with Holly on instagram lmfao

No. 809638

unrelated to the current drama, i've been watching some of Ross' recent streams, and something about Blink-182 was brought up. i don't keep up with their threads, and Google gave me nothing; does anyone know anything about this, or can direct me to the appropriate thread? thanks.

No. 809640

what kind of something?

No. 809646

Hoping she replaces those pics with Holly's nudes instead. Just for meme value.

No. 809648

Ross asked the chat not to bring up the band, or talk about it at all, that he no longer listened to it and wanted to move on, etc. it just spiked mg curiosity, he addressed it pretty vaguely, but seriously.

No. 809658

it was just a joke lampshading the actual elephant in the room since he clearly doesn't want people to bring up the real drama or harass him over it

No. 809661

ah, makes sense, thanks for the clarification!

No. 809668

I think Ross is not following Holly on twitter anymore

No. 809669


he still is. literally just checked

No. 809671


Oops, my bad. I think holly is the one not following ross or I think my twitter is messed up

No. 809673


you are correct. ross is still following holly (as is game grumps & pbg) but holly is not following ross.

No. 809680

File: 1558390054466.png (21.83 KB, 120x120, face-with-party-horn-and-party…)


No. 809686

I guess she's not trying to conceal her guilt anymore. Looking back it's so funny that she thought she was going to get away with this shit with her "uwu u know me" tweets.

No. 809704

This might be irrelevant too, but Holly deleted the most recent pic of herself on instagram (the one showcasing her new dress).

No. 809723

Jared apologised to someone who hallucinated the whole thing? What a nice man!
>I know not to feed the trolls but give me this one time.

No. 809726

File: 1558398258818.gif (1.69 MB, 307x179, 1532546650514.gif)


nayrt but damn that made me actually cackle out loud, good job anon (and good point too)

No. 809727

He needs to mew or something. he looks like a chihuahua

No. 809737

Holly's Twitter is unblocked and she's posting about the situation now.


No. 809738

File: 1558400803037.png (937.69 KB, 1072x1806, Screenshot_20190520-200454(1).…)

The creamy creamy Milk. The "art" says "side ho"

No. 809739

File: 1558401015300.png (516.51 KB, 1070x1729, Screenshot_20190520-200458(1).…)

No. 809740

File: 1558401150536.png (564.46 KB, 1052x1879, Screenshot_20190520-200505(1).…)

No. 809741

File: 1558401154036.gif (3.86 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

The milkman cometh, can't wait to see these receipts. What a shitshow.

No. 809742

File: 1558401228431.png (576.02 KB, 1064x1851, Screenshot_20190520-200513(1).…)

Goddamn flood detection

No. 809744

File: 1558401281302.png (562.98 KB, 1079x1901, Screenshot_20190520-200518(1).…)

No. 809745

This is already sounding sus as hell. I don't know how she'd be able to prove this through receipts

No. 809746

"Even though @ProJared and I had a longstanding professional and platonic relationship, Heidi never wanted us to speak again. She became extremely jealous and vindictive. Both Jared and I were scared of her."

So that's when we respected the wishes of a friend and wife respectively by no longer maintaining any clandestine relations.

No. 809747

File: 1558401431258.png (812.13 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20190520-201547(1).…)

No. 809748

File: 1558401462030.png (905.35 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20190520-201556(1).…)

Oh no uwu not the gold play button!

No. 809749

just took a screenshot of the thread and the contents of the images too, will compile

No. 809750

File: 1558401507959.png (737.52 KB, 1078x1900, Screenshot_20190520-201601(1).…)

Okay last one

No. 809751

Wait wait wait, if Jared has receipts why did he still get fired for underaged noods? Also why is Holly fighting his battles? Makes ya think doesn't it.

No. 809752

Raise your hand if you knew she would pull the mental health card!

No. 809753

So…… Receipts?

Holly really left the internet for 10 days to come up with whatever this is supposed to accomplish

No. 809754

She knows she can just plead 'legality' or 'privacy' for why she doesn't back up her claims or shows a HIGHLY clipped snippet. I'll bet that exchange >>809744 in context is something else.

No. 809755

Either she and Jared are in cahoots, or Jared professionally manipulated them both to think that one of the women is ruining his life.

Like, he constantly hinted Heidi that she isn't enough even when she pulls a "cool girl" by allowing him to send lewds to the internet, made her super jealous to the point she loses her shit in public, so that everyone including Holly would see that and assume that she is an abuser. And when Holly appears concerned, he, again, hints that it's him who is abused, which concern Holly even more since she "discovered her feelings for him".

All while exchanging actual nudes and having actual sex with third side chick (from the con), and maybe who knows how many more! Yeah, sure, poor abused guy.

No. 809756

technically she didn´t, but she is evading the blame by "defending" Jared.

No. 809757

I love how shes bitching that Heidi was talking about getting recognition from Perez Hilton but shes going on and on about Keemstar. Also why is she stalking Heidi's social media. Holly seems like a desperate loser and a bunny boiler.

No. 809758

jessicaanon pls.
>uwu i have been in the hospital, uwu self harm and art therapy, uwu now let's attack

No. 809760

File: 1558401981660.jpg (91.5 KB, 622x1280, D7DVCpDXYAUneDo (1).jpg)

No. 809761

She did in the very first screenshot.

No. 809762

>If Heidi truly felt that she had to "flee" her "abuser, would she ever go back to the house of the person she claims abused her?
>Leaving an abuser is DIFFICULT. It takes survivors an average of 7 TIMES to leave for good.

How the fuck does she manage to immediately contradict herself like that? What a mental health advocate.

No. 809763

Jared and Holly should get together. It's gonna go great.

No. 809765

File: 1558402068303.jpg (77.56 KB, 528x982, D7DWAgKWsAEEiUM.jpg)

Posting the receipts from that twitter thread.

No. 809766

Seriously, I'm confused if she's sharing Jared's messages to Heidi or if they're messages between her and Heidi because it's the same exact UI layout. It smells fake.

No. 809768

This dumb slut really thinks yelling is abuse. Also it's a lie, the people she claims witnessed this backed up Heidi's claims that he kept her separate and far from his friends to make sure she didnt expose any of his lies. Where is Holly's proof?

No. 809770

Still reads to me like someone who's trying really hard to appease someone else, at any cost.

No. 809771

File: 1558402257023.png (252.69 KB, 431x779, 3.png)

No. 809772

Ugh, this. I'm still not sure how to feel about all of this but that stuck with me so hard. I would be losing my fucking mind, too.

No. 809773

File: 1558402355287.png (208.18 KB, 426x848, 4.png)

No. 809774


Don't get me wrong, obviusly she went to the hospital because "Im a victim too, look how sad i am" and all that stupid public act.

Im saying that she didn`´t play the mental health card (yet) like Jared, because she didn't used it to excuse her behaviour. In fact she didn't adress anything of all yet.

No. 809776


Sounds like Jared using Heidi's phone. Monster Dong? Lol that thing is average at best, hes pushing his balls down so hard in the pic to make it look longer that it looks like his balls are gonna pop.

No. 809778

File: 1558402459749.png (206.91 KB, 440x816, 5.png)

No. 809779


Heck I predicted this would happen in a few weeks

….didn’t think it would be be next day though

No. 809780

She probably didnt even go. What proof is there? Her friend tweeted they were taking a break from the internet before anything even came out. Sounds like another lie from a dumb whore.

No. 809781

She sounds really unsure of the situation. It seems Jared is the one who asked to be open, no Heidi. Jared agreeing to fuck 2 different people in the guest room on the first night sounds like it was his idea. Not Heidi's.

No. 809782

File: 1558402575506.jpg (47.31 KB, 800x600, 6.jpg)

No. 809784

So Heidi is clearly upset and having a breakdown over her cheating husband and his ugly side ho. Not sure how this helps Holly. It just shows she knew how bad this hurt Heidi and she didnt care as long as she was getting her smelly puss plowed by Earthworm Jim. This makes her look like a mega cunt.

No. 809785

She prefaced her entire spiel with it. By putting one thing in front to the other, she used it as context.
It's been said before but stop wilfully whiteknighting, it makes you look sad as fuck.

No. 809786

You'd think that miss mental health guru uwu would recognize someone having a breakdown over their husband being a god damned degenerate and lusting after her best friend.

No. 809787

File: 1558402680561.jpeg (67.71 KB, 669x242, B2C21DCC-9D66-48A2-A144-E22CA5…)

Smug thing to add in, “platonic” my ass

No. 809788

File: 1558402685234.png (756.97 KB, 764x811, 7.png)

Some of these aren't even receipts but just Heidi saying "mean" things but I'll archive them here anyway since they were included in Holly's twitter thread and have to do with the drama either way.

No. 809789

not wking these bird body loons but this is a pretty crazy way for a person to act, cheated on or not. very like, high school. that visual novel was surprisingly realistic about their interactions kek

No. 809790

Do they know how easy it would be to prove these were shooped? Seems like the ball is in Heidi's court now and unless Holly is absolutely telling the truth, Heidi could destroy her with receipts.

No. 809791

Agreed. I smell Onision "trinity" vibes. I bet he pulled the same shit with Heidi that Onion did with Lainey."I'm gonna fuck your friend whether you like it or not so just deal with it because no more boundaries"

No. 809793

File: 1558402761687.png (383.61 KB, 790x594, 8.png)

No. 809794

I think these messages are only about Holly. Diath and Strix are their D&D characters. No wonder Heidi was uncomfortable with their D&D game after finding out Jared and Holly did spergy sex roleplay as their characters.

No. 809795

I doubt she went, seeing as how she was deleting things during the break.

No. 809796

File: 1558402853282.jpg (46.72 KB, 800x600, 9.jpg)

No. 809797

Holly's really coming off as even more insufferable with her side of the story. She's going to get a lot of hate from everyone who's ever had the unfortunate experience of being cheated on
Don't you know? You have to be super chill and positive no matter what's going on, or else you're abusive!

No. 809799

She only cares about her own mental health, fuck the wife of the dude I'm cheating with. Shes evil because shes pretty and has the man I want. Hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 809800

File: 1558402948203.jpg (59.62 KB, 800x600, 10.jpg)

No. 809801

the facebook messages are almost crazier than the texts, and surely those are real, since people who know her on fb could debunk pretty quickly

No. 809802

To be fair, we all know Holly is retarded, just look at her fucked up eyes.

No. 809805

File: 1558403057721.jpg (23.69 KB, 930x240, 11.jpg)

Last one.

No. 809806

Without any context whatsoever sure this looks like emotional abuse…

To me it’s nothing short of the natural rage of being emotionally cheated on by your husband. That’s raw pain.

No. 809807

To clarify, the blocked out name is probably Chris Perkins, the DM for their game.

No. 809809

Heidi seems like an immature person from her interactions (assumed these are real and all her worst moments cherrypicked) but anyone who knew of this was gloating about his demise, his play button, the press coverage etc. I don't see why she can't. It's not 'abusive' to be pissed off an laugh at him.

But Heidi's made a big fucking mistake trying to be the 'cool girl' and she's gotten played hard, very hard by these two. They can pull up shit against her but she can't show their private conversations for any context to that.

Jared's still not going to get his job and rep back so their point seems to be to drag her through the mud as hard as possible for…? These two gaslighters deserve each other. And Heidi needs therapy.

No. 809811

I completely agree tbh. Having said that, these messages don't do anything to make Holly or Jared look like better people either, they just make Heidi look a bit childish as well.

No. 809813

So this was in motion as early as Feb 2018 according to Holly. Was Ross just chill with this, or what? They were still married.
>Diath and Strix
I guess Jared and Holly were irl larping their shitty D&D characters while "totally chill being poly" Heidi cheers for it in the back like a cuck. Then later lashes out in a jealous rage from time to time because she can't get out of the mess she helped create. Not that Holly and Jared care about that. These "receipts" just make all 3 of them look foolish and childish.
What a fucking mess.

No. 809814

I guarantee Jared is not going to stay fucking Holly. Shes ugly, stupid and weird. He likes the thrill of the chase and fucking around behind his wifes back while she tried to fix the marriage. Shes nothing to him now because it wont be fun. Holly is a reminder of him losing his job, being publically humiliated and hopefully going to jail.

I want to point out that Holly is defending his soliciting nudes of fans and claiming he "knew the ages of everyone who sent them" bull. Ahit. We know he went after underage nudes, there's proof. Shes so dumb and soon, I bet Jared will get desperate and throw her under the bus.

No. 809815

Yeah, it makes Holly look like a stalker because shes clearly been following Heidi's social media and saving it all to use against her. Its fucking creepy.

No. 809816


Im saying that she deflected all the blame on her by defending jared.
And didn't apologize or talk about cheating on ross.

Nobody is defending crosseyes quasimodo
I dont care if she went or not.
Going to an hospital wouldn't prove shit
>>ooh yaz im deprezz.. herez my money. where is my room?

No. 809817

There are sooo many inconsistencies and contradictions in her story. And people are eating it up.

No. 809818

Shes literally threatening his victims with this revenge porn shit. Really, Holly?

No. 809821

"He confirmed the ages and consent." Fuck. Off. That's a lie and she knows it. He probably had thousands of fans he swapped nudes with and there's proof at least one was underage. So that's a blatant lie.

No. 809822


She also made that tweet about how posting someone else's nudes online is revenge porn. Sounds like she's threatening people who posted his peen?

No. 809823

Suppose that Heidi was always the 4d Chess master Machiavellian psycho all along. If that's the case why give her ammo? You break it off cleanly first and have other relations second.

No. 809824

Her fans are retards like her, no surprise there.

No. 809825

Even if Ross was cool at the time I can imagine that after Heidi decided against keeping the relationship open she probably spoke to Ross about it. Whatever period of time passes with both Heidi and Ross assuming the other two cut things off, then they realize they're still banging and Ross decides to cut things off while presumably Heidi still hangs on trying to make it work or gather her bearings before she can leave Jared.

No. 809826

Holly is basically now Shoe0nHead, the only thing she's gonna do now is defending Jared for a few years.

No. 809827

File: 1558404091643.png (131.92 KB, 1080x745, Screenshot_2019-05-20-21-54-02…)

I'd like to know how minors sharing their stories was illegally obtained.

No. 809828

Yeah considering he likely sent it to hundreds of people there's nothing he can do. He put it out there en masse, of course it's going to get out.l, especially when you are sending it to underage kids.

No. 809829

i really want to hear ross's side of this. i feel like he's the only level headed person in all of this, and because of that he's not going to say anything.

No. 809830

I can see that, Ross seems like a really private guy so cutting it off is his obvious go-to. Heidi was being gaslighted and mentally fucked with so of course she snapped and tried to make it work. Ross keeps dropping little hints that he knew Holly was slutting it up with Jared. Why else would she leave Ross to move to Jared?

No. 809832

"She slutshamed me" aka held me accountable for my shitty actions.

Hint for Holly: you wont be slutshamed if you aren't being a slut.

No. 809833

She doesn't look great, but it's also pretty likely that she was in the midst of a nervous breakdown. People do weird shit when their relationships are falling apart.
>and people are eating it up
It probably won't last long. Someone's going to release something in retaliation for sure.
She's giving me hardcore flashbacks to my histronic/dependent housemate
>make extremely selfish and destructive decisions with no consideration of who'll end up in the wake of destruction
>shit predictably blows up
>immediately regress to child-like state, wonder "why is the world so cruel? why is everyone mean to poor old me??" while everyone affected is trying to pick up the pieces
>rinse and repeat

No. 809834

"I tried to apologize with gifts and words" She didnt want gifts she wanted you to stop fucking her husband! Damn Holly is so fucking dumb.

No. 809835

>All she did was scream go away
>I hung up on Heidi in fear

Top fucking kek, how terrifying it must be to have someone not want to talk to you over the phone about how you banged her husband.

I seriously cannot see what is so 'abusive' about any of this. Anyone would scream and say nasty things to a cheating husband and his mistress. If she had better receipts than Heidi yelling maybe the abuse claim would hold weight but she hasn't mentioned much else.

No. 809836

File: 1558404595106.jpg (77.59 KB, 540x286, tumblr_inline_ph71q60Rbd1r0ejm…)

so essentially Holly's take of events is that Heidi encouraged Jared to confess. Jared told Holly "hey I have feelings for you" and Holly suddenly had to process this information. Heidi suddenly does a 180 and begins acting out and being a turbo bitch at both of them even though they hadn't become physical yet. Meanwhile Holly is trying to support Jared in all this and Heidi starts threatening to ruin their lives because Jared confessed….

this is way above my pay grade honestly, it sounds like Holly is implying there was zero physical intimacy between them because Heidi was being a wifezilla and a controlling freak? I wonder if all this was before or after she moved to Washington. Ie. before or after the divorce.

And wonderful glossing over the fans/minor stuff.

Honestly this situation is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 809837

File: 1558404597058.png (168.13 KB, 608x748, ross.png)

Holly just confirmed that Ross asked to be left out of it so he almost definitely will not speak publicly about it.

No. 809838

These "receipts" don't actually really mean anything. It just proves Heidi is talking about what happened to her on her personal facebook, which isn't suspicious by itself. She's really reaching

No. 809839

Yeah I bet Keemstar will knock her down a few pegs since she decided to drag him into this, is fans are mass tagging him. She just made things way worse on herself because Keem is a huge asshole and he isnt gonna hold back on ruining Holly. I cant wait, to be honest.

No. 809840

What the fuck does asexuality have to do with "feelings", Holly? And Feburary 2018 is a long time before you and your husband divorced.

No. 809841

>Heidi trying to find the humor and positives in this whole fiasco of a divorce on Facebook
"Totally receipts guys!" - Holly

No. 809843

File: 1558404838896.png (309.62 KB, 573x519, 1558290689310.png)

Holly saying Jared's fan nude swapping shit is just a "poor decision" and just completely disregarding possible victims is so fucking hypocritical of her "uwu mental illness activist" persona. She is the exact type of person who would jump and point out how toxic it is if someone else did it but, because Jared is totally a victim of EVERYTHING, he only makes "bad decisions" because making a fake "body positivity" tumblr totally wasn't intended to be anything but innocent, amrite?

I could give two shits about the whole poly/cheating shit between her and Heidi, she's already proven to be a crazy bitch for trying to twist his nude swapping as just an innocent mistake.

No. 809845

You'd think there would be better messages to screenshot if she's been spending so much time trying to help poor wittle Jared escape ~abuse~. Like abusive messages, or discussion of the abuse… not understandable reactions to being cheated on

No. 809846

Yeah it's pretty funny isn't it? Even in her own version of the story she's a bad guy. A friend's husband confessed to having feelings for her and she didn't immediately shut him down completely. No inkling of empathy or integrity or loyalty whatsoever.

No. 809847

I guess the concept here is to imply "this is just the tip of the abusive iceberg guys!" while in truth showing little. Meanwhile she's safe and sound knowing Heidi can't leak whatever vitriol was on Jared's' old phone.

No. 809848

File: 1558405096337.jpg (39.27 KB, 623x486, IMG_5230.jpg)

>Heidi openly fantasized about ruining our D&D show because it meant so much to us. She would use this threat to control him.

No. 809849

In my opinion no. Heidi seemed like in the message where she cheered him on and didn't get a response until way later already insecure and not happy about it. She was trying her best to do what he wanted but the amount of messages and how forced it seemed she truly didn't want it but seemed like she had no choice.

As someone who's been abused and gaslighted this is something we do. We will try so hard to make them happy we will say anything do anything to make them say that they are happy with your response.

No. 809850

How hard was it to say no then?
>"Ok but did you cheat on Ross?"
That she responded to the inquiry with anything by a no can't really be read as anything but a yes.

No. 809851

File: 1558405184333.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 385.jpg)

>i made this psych ward art out of a Keemstar quote!

this is golden

No. 809853

If she was in a mental hospital how did she hear about keemstar?? Not to mention all the photos, videos and everything else she deleted.
Her story has more holes than swiss cheese lmao

No. 809854

can confirm have been checked into wards for self harm and that shit is a no no. fuck off holly.

where is heidi, because you KNOW that messy bitch is going to let the gates of hell open on her ass

No. 809855

And who has been taking down all the Mental Health Monday videos?

No. 809856


you can have visitors in psych wards…

No. 809858

if some idiot visits me while im in a precarious mental state to quote keemstar's tweets I would block them from visiting again

No. 809860

Imagine being Ross. You marry this "asexual" girl, because even if there's no fucking you guys still love each other right? Wrong. She cheats on you with a human meerkat and then publicly talks about feeling romantic feelings for the first time ever with him.

No. 809861

File: 1558405604844.png (200.23 KB, 500x376, 1471744453174.png)

God bless this post

No. 809862


i can imagine it was nothing more than jared visiting and saying "i can't believe this is all happening. even keemstar made a video, called you my side ho." and they laughed and that was the extent of it. it's completely within the realm of reason

No. 809863

File: 1558405664599.jpg (110.11 KB, 675x1200, IMG_20190520_222652_208.jpg)

No. 809864


Again goint to an hospital wouldn't prove shit.

Is fucking easy to enter in a hospital for no reason.

I have a friend that once activated a suicide watch protocol because she went full emo to a doctor and lied about taking a lot of pills.

No. 809865

These "receipts" literally prove nothing. All they show is an insecure girl having a breakdown over her failing relationship, none of the abuse they're claiming is proven here.
All of the people involved are cows but, all these screen shots prove is that Heidi was not comfortable with the situation and Jared did nothing to help that

Heidi's reaction to both Jared seeing Holly and Heidi seeing another man absolutely reek with insecurity, she wasn't comfortable with either lol.

I just don't get what they thought any of this was proving? Because all I got was confirmation about the open relationship (we already knew), Heidi being uncomfortable about the open relationship, then Heidi acting manic because her husband was having an affair

Heidi is loathsome, but if nothing eks these receipts only helped to back up her story

No. 809867

File: 1558405708757.jpg (107.08 KB, 675x1200, IMG_20190520_222653_706.jpg)

No. 809868

File: 1558405746023.jpg (109.21 KB, 675x1200, IMG_20190520_222656_082.jpg)

No. 809869

>check into mental health facility due to upsetting situation
>invite people to come discuss the minutae of said upsetting situation

Makes sense. What actually makes sense is starting off your weak defence seeking pity and presenting yourself as a suffering victim so people will be more sympathetic and willing to believe you.

No. 809870

File: 1558405772633.jpg (112.1 KB, 675x1200, IMG_20190520_222657_958.jpg)

No. 809871

Whatevs, he's still a badass. The longer this shit goes on the more that we'll all love him.

No. 809872


i know how easy it is to get into a hospital, that's not what this is about. people are acting like it's impossible to hear about the outside world when you're in there.

No. 809873

when im in a goddamn locked down psych ward because im considering hurting myself, since the internet is out for my blood and shit is being spilled, that the man I fucked while he was married (and I was at one point as well), and some goddamn fucking moron, the pidgeon dick himself, waltzes in to laugh about some jackass TMZ hack on twitter I would be moved to jail for murder.

holly is a fucking liar and you do not making funny ha-ha mental health uwu shit in psych ward when being razed online. you talk to a fucking therapist and try to figure out what went wrong. stop WKing her she was never in psych ward she was sucking ProJared's dick and trying to make this look good for both of them

No. 809876

What the point of dicussing that if we both agree that being in an hospital doesn't prove shit?

No. 809877

Lmaooo holly btfo by her own fucking texts

No. 809878

File: 1558406045333.png (245.41 KB, 618x812, heidires.png)

No. 809879

this is the goddamn funniest thing ive read all day

No. 809880


crazy that you can speak from the exact same experience as holly. i've been in a psych ward multiple times, it's not just sitting in a corner rocking back and forth only to talk to therapists. i'm not defending holly in any other sense but she's right that sometimes you have to laugh at what's hurting you, and that comes after therapy and time processing what's going on. you guys are acting like being in a psych ward is just being locked in a padded cell with no communication outside of therapists.

No. 809881

My mom was in a mental hospital for the same shit Holly is claiming to have, I want to know how she was allowed all these art supplies, they didnt even let my mom have chapstick because she could choke herself with it but Holly gets probably toxic paint and art supplies? I call bullshit.

No. 809882

>I want my husband to think of me not you during sex!!
Jesus christ, imagine marrying below your league to a Jenna Marbles' dog looking dude only for him to fantasize about a cross eyed butterface during sex
That shit must take a toll on your mental health and self esteem

No. 809883

Holly trying to give this 'uwu' image, but she just comfirmed she cheated on Ross. Fuck this bitch. Did you have to put herself in a sychward when she decided to cheat on him? Hate when people use the mental illness excuse

No. 809884

Art/occupational therapy. You can use them in the designated room under supervision.

No. 809885


art therapy is pretty much the norm in most psych wards, your mom's experience is not the norm

No. 809886

Non-toxic finger paints.

No. 809887

I have been to mental hospitals 4 times. Art therapy is a thing. You are supervised. Mental hospitals today are not like they were in the 70s. I'm sure she checked herself in and was there for like a day because she isn't mentally ill. Can we move on

No. 809888

>Feb 2018

No. 809890

no, I have been in a psych ward in a VERY similar situation and I did not want some drama hungry bitch to come in and tell me all the details. I had visitors that came and talked about how they hoped I was doing well, working through shit. who the fuck makes funny art about KEEMSTAR?

if she went, which she didn't because that would require disengaging her mouth from Jared's balls, her therapist would tell people dont talk about the thing that triggered her. art therapy is usually for abstract, feelings, not doing tweets like some fucking idiot looking for cutesy mental illness uwu points online

No. 809891

File: 1558406362266.png (302.95 KB, 619x869, heidires2.png)

the tweets that prefaced the caps:

No. 809894

File: 1558406446299.jpg (52.98 KB, 720x1099, IMG_20190520_224050.jpg)

Wtf is going on

No. 809895

File: 1558406532951.png (55.97 KB, 621x489, heidires3.png)

No. 809896

it just links to the start of her twitter thread. ig she thinks she's being cutesy or some shit by using the clown emoji since thats what people keep calling her and jared

No. 809898

Meanwhile, Holly is focusing on the cheating aspect to avoid any conversation about the kiddie nudes.
I'm loving the fact that Heidi is calling her out but the cheating is the least horrible Holly and Jared have done.

No. 809899

I'm assuming all those screenshots are from her personal facebook, so she's promoting herself to…her friends? What the fuck are you talking about Holly

No. 809901

Pretty much, yeah. If she really thought that even sending nudes to the abused person in an abusive/controlling relationship would help them it's a wonder how she was ever trusted to use scissors.

No. 809902

holly's minions are playing the "she's a smol emotional widdle bean uwu" meme

"she was afraid of heidi" no fucking shit, what would you be around someone who's husband you're fucking? lmfao

don't let this cunt play up her mental illness to get out of her psychotic behavior

No. 809903

cmon anon didn't you know that you aren't allowed to be happy for yourself on your own personal facebook

No. 809904

why on earth is heidi sharing all of this crap and not leaking anything

it is absolutly ridiculous that no one has guessed this idiot jareds passwords for his absolutely exists shrine of holly trophy images

No. 809905

Can confirm, they are from her private facebook.

No. 809906

Even in the "exposing" tweets Holly shared about Heidi's fuck buddy, Heidi talks about wanting to include Jared. And even compliments Jared's dick. (I'm hesitant to believe these texts are even real "monster dong")
Jared clearly never wanted Heidi near his extra sex. He wanted more pussy

No. 809907

>I never expected to have feelings

your husband?? what about your fucking husband, holly? the real victim here is ross, no doubt.

anyway, the messages aren't really damning in themselves. yes, heidi doesn't look like the most stable person, but most people aren't when their marriage is falling to pieces. what I think is telling is that none of the messages actually point to anything except heidi was emotionally compromised.

No. 809910

File: 1558407194843.png (72.32 KB, 616x730, heidires4.png)

No. 809911

File: 1558407307500.png (67.77 KB, 589x783, Screenshot_2019-05-21 Heidi O'…)

okay holly is not innocent but i love how heidi in all of this until now conveniently left out her own side dick from the narrative because it was "irrelevant" lmfao

No. 809912

I bet you anything heidi is taking jared to court for shit and thats why she isnt leaking

No. 809913

If it was sidedick from when they BOTH agreed to try being poly/open then it's absolutely irrelevant.

No. 809914

she can't leak the contents of jared's phone, that's not her conversations. maybe she can describe what she saw but that's it.

No. 809915

the side dick thing was revealed during jared's 2nd statement, keep it. it IS irrelevant because it was a long distance emotional affair during a period where their relationship was open in the first place. holly and jared fucked after heidi told them not to, which is entirely different.

waiting for holly to respond to this with "i only said that because i was so scared of heidi uwu!!! she was yelling and i was scared for my life!!!"

No. 809916

File: 1558407692104.jpeg (37.6 KB, 400x462, 1528149435427.jpeg)

>side dick
Did you not read the "long distance" part?
Sexting your husband about things said boyfriend wants to do with them BOTH isn't sidedick. Sidedick implies he doesn't know about said dick.

No. 809917

I can just imagine Holly in a room with a bunch of other people doing finger paints and just showing off her Side Ho - Keemstar "art" to the supervisor with a smirk on her face
She feels really accomplished with this KEK literally Holly did nothing except the fact she fucked a married man while she was married herself. UwU asexual af!

No. 809918

She never left him out, she literally openly admitted his existence >>808973 and as everyone else already replied to you saying, it was during the part where Jared was banging holly and they were open already.

No. 809919

File: 1558408003412.png (279.66 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20190520-220641(1).…)

Kittie has a say in this

No. 809920

Shit, forgot my sage. Sorry.

Will add with some observations I have:
Holly saying that you're not a real victim of abuse if you go back to your abuser's place is a major fucking yikes.
Doubly so since she is supposedly a mental health guru type.
One of Holly's tweets says Heidi never revealed the long term BF she had during the poly time, but she did.

No. 809921

Means holly is irrelevant too, technically.

No. 809922

No? Because he fucked Holly AFTER the marriage closed and consent was taken back?

No. 809923

The entire point of all of this is Holly/Jared continued when it shouldn't have and Heidi stopped the whole poly thing, including her own long distance platonic guy.

No. 809925

Wait… Did Holly just say she hung up on Heidi (who was on Jared's phone) and then texted Jared about it? Why? She knew Heidi had Jared's phone so Holly shouldn't be texting Jared since Heidi will intercept

No. 809926

No, not technically at all? I think poly bullshit is the dumbest shit ever but it literally necessitates consent and transparency. If Heidi said not to fuck Holly and he did, that is cheating. If he didn't tell Heidi not to have a long distance thing with some dude, it's not cheating. It's not hard to understand, poly doesn't equal free for all with no boundaries allowed.

No. 809927

File: 1558408449702.jpg (102.06 KB, 499x385, hIAask4.jpg)

No. 809928

File: 1558408490432.gif (926.25 KB, 160x160, tenor.gif)

I know art therapy is a real thing but I just can't stop imagining this scenario where orderlies monitoring mentally ill patients who are possibly a harm to themselves or others watch some kooky gremlin with bird shit in her hair fingerpaint "SIDE HO" -KEEMSTAR 2019 and just have to be like "uh huh wow good job expressing urself, wonderful improvement! [whispers to other orderly] what the fuck is a keemstar?"

No. 809929


i know relationships like this and heidi absolutely has photos and has photos that were sent directly to her phone

No. 809930

Bitch that's not abuse, that's a woman being manipulated by her husband and in full paranoia mode.

No. 809931

File: 1558408553227.png (564.91 KB, 960x723, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.1…)

Okay but did Heidi just low-key confirm Holly was cheating with that reblog or am I reading too much into it…?

No. 809933

Nope you're right she's confirming she was cheating on Ross

No. 809934

No, because even Holly admits Heidi wanted them to stop.

No. 809935

I feel like all this just proves that open relationships are a dumpster fire waiting to happen. Even when people have this ideal of everything being orderly and consensual it almost always ends up with power imbalances, jealousy, hurt, boundary-pushing and damaging escalation of extramarital romance and sexual physicality. Heidi probably thought she could save their tanking marriage and then tried to piece it back together begging Jared and Holly to end their contact realizing that Jared was suddenly way more interested in Holly than her because looks aside she was still a shiny new toy for him.
Also interesting it's been confirmed through the date of the events and Heidi that Holly was cheating on Ross. Explains why he said he moved on "a long time ago" now but makes it impressively mature of him to not want to comment about things at all.

No. 809936

poor Ross

No. 809937

Yup. One of her most blatant fuck ups that keeps getting overlooked.

No. 809940

File: 1558409169578.png (170.14 KB, 588x574, Screenshot_27.png)

No. 809941

File: 1558409220113.jpg (216.5 KB, 1152x2048, D7D3N0LVUAAaGM0.jpg)

No. 809942

File: 1558409360481.jpg (345.41 KB, 1152x2048, D7D3OQ4UwAABMUK.jpg)

No. 809943

Yikes, February? Didn’t Ross and holly divorce in September ?

No. 809944

File: 1558409549862.png (154.95 KB, 630x702, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 11.3…)

Well. We know the origin of monster dong.

No. 809945

File: 1558409554616.jpg (217.32 KB, 1152x2048, D7D3OvVVUAA83fs.jpg)

fucking flood prevention

No. 809946

Wow Holly…instead of owning up to fucking your best friend’s husband who’s a minor-nude-solicitor, you’re posting caps of a woman flipping out because her husband and friend are cheating gaslighting assholes. Literally her statements are just
>BTW I was in hospital totally wanna commit die pls no bully I’m birb bby

No. 809947

File: 1558409600142.jpg (229.85 KB, 1152x2048, D7D3PPQUIAArXTG.jpg)

No. 809950

File: 1558409758857.png (60.06 KB, 586x736, Untitled.png)

No. 809951

she's really losing it

No. 809952

File: 1558409842651.png (31.14 KB, 581x397, no peeking.png)

No. 809955

I'm really loving how Holly made everything worse for herself. Especially how she just came back and tried to pull the
>"uwu I'm a gently birb leave me alone I'm suicidal and didn't do anything? Heidi's the bad one!!!!"

No. 809956

I'm hoping this is the case because anyone with a brain cell can see the problem with Holly's "expose", but it seems like a lot of retards are believing it without applying thought at all and jumping at Heidi saying her caps are only proving Holly's supposed damning evidence.

No. 809957

File: 1558410102138.png (31.85 KB, 572x351, Untitled.png)

Fuck I keep forgetting to sage when switching from posting new caps to providing my opinion. Here's a cap that hasn't been posted yet that confirms what I was thinking about that original screencap.

No. 809958

Metokur stream with 15k viewers right now:

No. 809959

sageing for totally unrelated but geek remix was following heidi before this very recent debacle between the two and now she seems to no longer be following heidi

unrelated because they aren't part of the drama but if you watch geek remix you know Mari is strongly opinionated, which makes me wonder why she'd unfollow. people are already showing boredom at this tennis match

so I'm wondering if people will start unfollowing because of this mess or because they are taking sides

No. 809961

This is playing out incredibly similar to three relationship meltdowns I witnessed during undergrad. If it turns out to be like those times, I can tell you exactly what's going on. Holly and Heidi are, as people, about average levels of decent. Kind to friends but will can be cruel to enemies. PedoJared, meanwhile, gets at both their insecurities and plays them against the other. Literally all of the times that's what it was: an asshole who wanted to fuck around but didn't want to deal with having his fuckbuddies interacting so he drove them against each other until one of them snapped. And once the first one did, the other would feel justified in snapping back and it would just keep escalating.

No. 809962

Why didn't Heidi rush to Ross to tell him about the situation and why did she encouraged/supported Jared to fuck Holly in the guest room ?

Why is Heidi not adressing that and ignoring the question ?

No. 809963

Great. But the really damning stuff is on Jared's old phone, and it's between Jared and Holly. Ergo Heidi cannot leak the most damaging stuff.

No. 809965

Why didn't Heidi rush to Ross to tell him about the situation and why did she encouraged/supported Jared to fuck Holly in the guest room?

No. 809967

File: 1558411207669.png (91.18 KB, 578x361, 11112.png)

Sounds accurate based on these tweets. Jared ignores Heidi until she reaches boiling point, telling Holly nothing except that Heidi is crazy. Holly thinks Jared is a victim meanwhile Heidi has been trying to get Jared to talk to her seriously about their relationship for weeks.

No. 809968

Maybe Jared or Holly told Heidi something along the lines of "uwu unsure of the marriage with Ross" or "Ross let me explore my sexuality"

No. 809970

Actually, now that I think about it, all three of those guys were seniors who liked to sleep with freshmen during. I'm sensing a pattern here.

No. 809972

Holy shit. I never imagined that, out of everyone in Game Grumps, the people to go out in an abso-fucking-lutely nuclear shitstorm would be Ross's friends.

No. 809973

Remember, Holly had an "arrangement" with Ross according to her friend. >>808207

No. 809974

Holly also implies Ross knew about it in the first tweet in >>809740 with that whole "transparent with all parties involved."

No. 809975

It was a huge misstep for Heidi to not bring up her polyamory or the fact that her and Jared's marriage was open when all this went down. She was right that it shouldn't have been brought up because it was irrelevant but considering how manipulative Holly and Jared are it seems pretty obvious they'd exploit her not bringing it up to make her look like a liar.

No. 809976

>>80996i think she did but what do you wanna bet Holly pulled the "Heidi is crazy and abusing Jared! I'm just trying to help!" Card. He probably wised up before the divorce with her wanting to move it probably clicked that Heidi was telling the truth and he divorced her.

No. 809977

I thought she was asexual until she started wanting to fuck Jared. Imagine being married to someone who wont fuck you then fucks your friend. I doubt they had any agreement, her friends are just as big of liars as her.

No. 809978

File: 1558412412594.jpeg (444.78 KB, 800x800, 7ABE93AB-09BF-404A-B6BB-EE9D06…)

>You’re not abusive Heidi and I’m glad Jared called me out when I said you were abusive v_v
>You are so valid, your anger is valid, you are not the bad guy, I understand now what's really going on and I was in the wrong

So why is Heidi wrong now? Because it's public? The flower crown has slipped and Holly is resentful about it?

That's what we like to call narcissistic injury, but tbh it could be Holly considers herself so free of blame because she said sowwy and was taking accountability in private back then.

No. 809980

File: 1558412448609.png (65.28 KB, 627x674, heidires5.png)

No. 809982

File: 1558412649053.png (43.15 KB, 486x110, tobecontinued.png)

For anyone who doesn't really want to read holly's massive text drop, and all of heidi's responses this is how it seems to have went down if you combine their stories and timelines.

Jared just decided to straight ignore Heidi for WEEKS, while on a trip with Holly who Heidi had orginally been very supportive of them being together as part of their open relationship. During that time Heidi is constantly trying to reach him, and ask about whats happening and etc, but hes just DEAD silent. Holly is like "oh whats up with heidi??" and jared is just like "shes just being crazy dont worry about it" till it eventually reaches a boiling point and heidi is actively pissed and asking what the fuck why arn't you talking to me.
AT THAT POINT jared shows holly what heidi is saying, and it just looks like heidi is insane.
so holly tells jared "shes abusive break up with him" then heidi sees that, and the two girls talk and holly admits that projared had skewed things against heidi and she wasnt fully aware of what was happening, and had said somethings out of line.
So heidi tells them both, ok you two can't be trusted together because you are both incapable of just being honest with me about whats happening.
they dont stop though.

Things noticeably strange about holly's post:
She refers to the fact that she is absolutely aware that projared was doing the snapchat thing, and merely says "he made bad choices"

Holly very clearly cut around parts of the convo and removed all context from what heidi is saying so that you can't see WHY it led up to that. (if you want to say she was doing that for no reason, she could have shown that and it'd have been more powerful evidence but the way its cut reeks of cherry picking)

A lot of the things she posted are private facebook rants to friends and are VERIFIABLE PRIVATE, holly implies they are public.

Things noticeably strange about heidi's post:
It's pretty fucking clear SHE IS WAY WAY more into the open relationship idea than jared was.

It's pretty fucking clear she is OBVIOUSLY TURNED ON by semi-cuck aspect of it and wants to both SHARE ALL THE DETAILS and RECEIVE all the details. Jared seems actually turned off by this.

No. 809983

what i'm not understanding here is how holly was married to ross for 5 years and claims that jared is the first guy she's had feelings for. that makes no sense.

No. 809984

Yeah that's pretty much it. Her Muh Asexuality Uwu Sorry Ross I Need To Move Closer To "Trees" I Have Anxiety schtick ain't looking too good right now.

No. 809986

it's called marrying someone for clout

No. 809987

That's not what Heidi said. She said Holly told her Jared was the ONLY one Holly had feelings for, not that he was the first.

No. 809988

What clout? Ross wasn't even remotely close to being as famous as he is now when they got together

No. 809989

Keemstar is trying way too hard to make heidi the bad guy
It's like a retarded version of sour grapes, it's pathetic that he's THIS mad over someone not making a video

No. 809990

oh damn my bad then.
I guess there are other reasons. security is one.

No. 809991

Heidi wouldn't give him an interview so he's big mad.

No. 809992

File: 1558413195982.png (41.59 KB, 636x148, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.3…)

nyart but look what HOLLY said

No. 809993

File: 1558413222626.jpg (202.13 KB, 1080x1317, IMG_20190521_003056.jpg)


No, Holly, it's not abusive if Jared's WIFE is upset, suspicious and even angry about you fucking him when she'd explicitly mentioned she couldn't let that continue. What a terrible person, regardless of her mental health state.

No. 809994

Holly being like "wow how dare Heidi be MAD at poor smol bean uwu me when I'm just TRYING TO FUCK HER HUSBAND! WHAT AN ABUSER! pls don't crit - I have suicidal tendencies!!1

No. 809995

>Things noticeably strange about heidi's post:
>It's pretty fucking clear SHE IS WAY WAY more into the open relationship idea than jared was.
And Jared having 7 tumblrs to solicit fan nudes while banging Holly isn't being into the idea? Her one long distance mostly platonic dude is peanuts compared.

While I see what you're saying, if Heidi was so into the open relationship thing for her own sake she wouldn't have been so quick to immediately shut it down after everything with Holly went south.

No. 809996

I agree with you, but I thought it was worth mentioning just as a "thing to notice" people can decide for themselves what that means, if anything.

No. 809997

I can only imagine what hers and Ross's marriage was like at this point if she's like 'I've never had feelings like this before'

I mean why even marry Ross to begin with???

No. 809998

tbh it seems to me like she's overcompensating by trying to please him and show him how "cool" and "open" she is about this whole poly thing he was pushing, while lying to herself. Seeing that he wasn't giving a fuck despite her best efforts was part of what drove her to the edge, not that I blame her.

No. 809999

That's so fucking sad holy shit. Wonder if Holly pressured Ross into an "open" thing too.

No. 810000

i think she's just lying about never having those feelings before as a way to make her homewrecking look innocent or maybe to make jared think he's just so hot he cured her asexuality lmao

No. 810001

File: 1558413903671.png (72.09 KB, 619x636, heidires6.png)

No. 810002

He's literally stonewalling her. Where are those pictures with their ”Maybe your crazy ex-girlfriend wasn't so crazy” type of Tumblr recovery blog posts?

Heidi reacting like that is literally just cementing stonewalling, gaslighting, and manipulation was going on. He probably couldn't talk because he had his hands full of Holly.

Is Jared supposed to look calm and abused in this? He sounds like a sociopath, and he's saying he tried to make things work between them while completely avoiding her with 0 reassurance isn't a great look.

Jared showed Heidi what Holly said, Jared was probably like, ”Look babe, Holly said you're abusive isn't that fucked” and let Heidi to be the one to confront Holly about it who went full tail between legs and groveled while dealing out flattery ”Gosh, Heidi…you're so pretty it intimidates me, you're so right everything you say is so right”

No wonder she resents Heidi, she's probably humiliated she prostrated herself for nothing.

I have a strong feeling Holly was quiet because she was here obsessing over the situation and getting herself banned.

No. 810003

Sage for blogpost but as someone who's been in that same position of being manipulated into letting my partner fuck other girls (lots of "wow you're so controlling" when expressing unhappiness with it and "wow that's so cool and based of you" when approving) that's the exact mindset. You can really see it clearly and how much she's forcing herself in >>809760
, I've even experienced the exact same panic and need for reassurance that you're still wanted and liked right after trying to show your "support". It's a huge toll on the mind and emotionally. I can really understand why she got so desperately angry in those screencaps.

No. 810004

Notice that Heidi keeps bringing it back to Jared as opposed to Holly. She seems more tight-lipped about Holly except when necessary

Holly sure was quick to talk about how uncomfortable Heidi made her feel though

No. 810005

Ross is significantly more internet famous, is from a very wealthy family, and is nice/naive enough that he's easy to manipulate. She didn't need to have any actual feelings for him for the marriage to work out for her.
>He's less famous now though
Which is likely also part of why she started monkey branching. The wife that loves her husband is always loyal no matter what. The asexual opportunist that marries for convenience is always on the prowl for a bigger, better deal.

No. 810006

Maybe she pretended it was smol asexual feelings and he let himself get emotionally cucked for a while and once he found out the extent of it, that's why the divorce? Just tinfoil.

No. 810007

Regardless, Holly is clearly dickmatized over Jared's garbage dick and for a while maybe Heidi was too. Having been there myself and regretting it immensely I can understand those feelings but that doesn't make Holly any less of a stupid gremlin cunt. I hope she wakes up and realizes what a selfish dumb shit she's being and what a mistake she's made with her life in this regard albeit I doubt it'll be soon.

No. 810008

why does anyone believe this "asexual but sexually attracted to people" bullshit lmao

No. 810009

Yeah, nailed it. She's overcompensating.
Been in the same situation as Heidi. Acted like "I don't care" but also trying to be extra open like "So did you sleep with anybody while I was gone?" Jared knows what he was doing.

No. 810010

>It's pretty fucking clear SHE IS WAY WAY more into the open relationship idea than jared was.
>It's pretty fucking clear she is OBVIOUSLY TURNED ON by semi-cuck aspect of it and wants to both SHARE ALL THE DETAILS and RECEIVE all the details. Jared seems actually turned off by this.

I see it more as Heidi trying to be honest and transparent about her side relationship, and letting Jared have the opportunity to get involved without actually being involved (like, seeing the guy during.) I agree Jared seems turned off by it.
Jared is the type to like to secretly cuck more than openly. Jared probably didn't love the fact that she was being lewd with others, but knew that it was the only way to get away with his degeneracy, whether it be with Holly, or fans, or whoever else. He dealt with it so he could fall back on "Heidi also participated in the open relationship!!" excuse when she inevitably wanted it to stop.
Heidi seemed so desperate to please Jared in those texts asking for him to record videos for her LDR. Almost to the point of it looking like her trying to show Jared "See, this kind of respect and transparency is what you should be giving me back"

No. 810011


Maybe she was referring to another platform?


I wonder what was said between these two screenshots?

No. 810013

People seem to also be forgetting Holly called Heidi a nobody 'lol come on you guys, you know me' when the initial shit dropped. That seemed really telling on her end to call a once-best-fried that.

No. 810015

That's why I'm not buying any of Holly Homewrecker's crap, she's a two-timer and a cheat

No. 810016

"lol u guys know me, would never cheat"
"okay so yeah we were doing things but everyone consented"
"okay so heidi didn't consent but that's cause she was abusive and made us anxious"
next: "okay so sneaking around heidi is what made us anxious but idc i'm a smol bean asexual would never do nuthin wrong uwu"

No. 810018

Those were basically one after the other. If you look closely it continues from the cut off sentence that you can barely see from the first screen shot

No. 810019

we been knew she was cheating, as far back as feb 2018 when she ~caught feefees 4 da first time ever~. even if they weren't fucking yet, an emotional affair is still cheating.

u know i fucked up i am uwuuuuuuuuuu

god, holly is such a shit fucking person. i hope she never comes back from this.

No. 810020

File: 1558414947379.png (70.12 KB, 579x798, thank you for the endless milk…)

No mercy, Heidi. Tear them to shreds

No. 810021

Heidi seems literally fucking insane. They are all mentally ill in different ways but these Tweets and Facebook posts look bad for her. Crazy goes Jared, heidi, holly from most to least.
>do anything you want it's cool!!!!
>goes insane

No. 810022

File: 1558415137748.gif (744.57 KB, 268x226, F555F9BE-841C-4258-8E7F-BED3F2…)

If she had continued to stay silent she would have eventually looked pretty good after everything. At least more mature, maybe even able to have the doubt it was as bad as Heidi said.

She had to post these, for healing for everyone!

If she had actually been getting mental help they would have told her to not react, to leave social media because it was causing her to have a breakdown. She has no concept of what crisis care is like and I would be genuinely be surprised if she’d seen any type of therapist in a long time. One of the first things you are taught is impulse control.

>This isn't it chief

No. 810023

At first I couldn't imagine anyone over six actually talking like that, but then I imagined her Kermit the uwu Frogmouth voice it suddenly worked perfectly.

No. 810024

You summarized it perfectly. Hoelly is so unlikable jesus christ

No. 810025

>Least Crazy
She literally pulls the "I'm literally suicidal uwu don't cwiticize me uwu" card

No. 810026

What is so insane about this exactly?

No. 810027

She would've looked guilty if she had stayed silent for a long time. at least now she's given her fans material to white knight her endlessly with.

No. 810028

Nah that seems like she was having a temporary breakdown out of exhaustion and desperation(which assuming prolonged gaslighting is completely justifiable). Insanity is when you behave in an erratic manner consistently. So like a better example of actual insanity would be how Holly ALLEGEDLY returning from a stint in a crisis care center just to dig her own grave deeper.

No. 810029

seriously. both jared and holly pulled "crazy-making" on heidi. her hysteria in these texts doesn't mean anything except that two fucked up people gaslit her until she lost it.

unfollowing ross and deleting her tweets and mental health videos already made her look guilty. at this point she's just digging her own grave for anyone who has 2 brain cells to rub together.

No. 810030

I wouldn't be surprised though if she was in crisis care for a bit.
I mean, I too would be super suicidal if all my mistakes and infidelities came to light at once to come disrupt my fake internet persona of being a uwu mental health advocate and decent person.

No. 810031

File: 1558416275699.png (92.27 KB, 609x968, heidires6.png)

No. 810032

reminder that Holly gave the children's information to Jared after they contacted NormalBoots to let them know Jared had been grooming them. Her pretending she had no part is complete bullshit. She's complicit in the abuse.

No. 810034

But then you wouldn't jump straight back into the lion's den after, would you?

No. 810035

In these texts her huge issue is they didn't answer their phones for a few hours on their condoned, approved of, no holds barred date

I have no sympathy for any of them. A bunch of idiots.

No. 810037


It's undeniable too, he messaged the minors after he found out so he could start apologizing and dismissing blame.
He knew he fucked up, he tried to keep it hush-hush.

Holly worked with him to try and keep the minors he traded nudes with quiet.

Also, wasn’t Holly supposedly at a friend’s? Did she even bother to keep a consistent storyline?

No. 810038

100% serious question: how is it possible to be this fucking stupid? Can ANYONE explain to me what she actually thought she was accomplishing with this?

"If Heidi truly felt she had to 'flee' her abuser, would she ever go back to the house of the person she claims abused her?"

LITERAL NEXT TWEET: "Leaving an abuser is DIFFICULT. It takes survivors an average of 7 TIMES to leave for good."

What the fuck? I feel like I'm going insane. Literally HOW is it possible to be this fucking stupid. HOW CAN YOU TWEET THESE TWO THINGS ONE AFTER ANOTHER WITH ZERO SELF-AWARENESS????? HOW??????????

No. 810039

File: 1558416846443.jpg (398 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20190520-222936.jpg)

dropped image

No. 810040

Wow, all of Heidi's messages are so sad. You can feel her flailing for him and hoping he'd just give her some kind of acknowledgement. She didn't seem to be handling it that bad, honestly. He clearly was abusive, this is honestly enough to tell.

No. 810041

Her responses are so concise and straightforward and there are no inconsistencies, it's so obviously coming from a place of truth and accuracy compared to Holly dancing around the issues, playing the victim and making non stop emotional appeals rather than real arguments. It's easy to defend yourself when you've been doing the right thing all along.

No. 810042

File: 1558416952339.jpg (29.48 KB, 337x404, 1555841136820.jpg)

Holly, you dumb bitch.

No. 810043

File: 1558417006512.png (33.2 KB, 579x406, is chris hansen going to have …)

No. 810044

It's not a stupid as you think it is if fangirls still eat it up. Every follower that's convinced by even the worst argument could be another dollar in her bank account tomorrow.

No. 810046

Same thing happened with her previous tweets about 'not trusting randos on the internet' followed by 'you can trust me, you guys know me' on the internet.

Dumb broad can't keep her tweet stories straight

No. 810047

She's trying to victim blame but forgot she's a "umU mental illness advocate" so she threw a statistic in there. Jared is a fucking man, he could've left also. It doesn't make sense she was trying to paint Heidi as possessive where he couldn't fucking leave? He left the house to fuck Holly, didn't he?

No. 810048

And that's the crazy conceited part about Holly.
I can only imagine I'd go back to that den of lions is if I deceived myself into thinking my new stockpile of weapons and time to strategize will somehow make me overcome this.

Holly had at least a week to gather up her argument, cherrypick her screenshots, and twist the narrative in her favour; and this is all we got?

No. 810049

Holly on twitter
>Heidi yelled at me and I got scare!

Holly irl
>Heidi, I am so sorry I caused this situation you don't deserve this I’m glad Jared called me out on this


No. 810050

UM how dumb do you need to be to contradict yourself literally like seconds after, on Twitter

No. 810051

Not to WK but I think she was saying it was different somehow because Heidi was not talking about going back to Jared out of fear or being gaslit but simply stopping by sneaking around to steal from him if she could find what she wanted, not saying that makes the conflicting statements OK but that was probably her intent behind them.

No. 810052

Jared is fucked no matter what. No matter how hard he tries to win this drama war with Holly's help, he can't cover his ass on the pedoshit

No. 810053

Even if I did have a bullet proof defense I'd still pass it off to a friend and have her handle it.

No. 810054

File: 1558417613287.png (47.2 KB, 590x386, opgof'pgyikf'p.png)

So Holly knew all along.

No. 810055

I guess this is true and that's why it's so scary that 90% of people responding to her, even those against her, are just letting that slide.

I genuinely believe reading her tweets that Holly is legitimately thick and doesn't possess the ability to analyze her own behavior. She lacks emotional intelligence, so her reasoning in this situation is always going to boil down to, "Okay, so I'm morally right because .. I'm me! Duh, easy one. And the boy I like must ALSO be in the right because, uuuumm, I'm attracted to him! And this girl was mean to me, so she's evil. She got angry and yelled at me when I did something bad – that must be that 'abuse' everyone is always talking about online …"

It's really unfortunate that her fans view her as a public representative and educator about mental health topics when she doesn't even possess the ability to examine the way SHE treats other people. So many female narcissists avoid confronting themselves their whole lives because they misidentify feelings of guilt and shame from MISTREATING other people as part of a separate, unrelated species of maladaptive mentally ill thinking. No. You are an insecure narcissist who lashes out at other women.

No. 810056

You realize things happened between "I'm cool with it" and "don't sleep together anymore", right? It didn't happen overnight in a vacuum lol

No. 810057

File: 1558417841088.png (32.64 KB, 597x316, YIKESS.png)

No. 810058

That's why those tweets make her look bad. Because they clearly demonstrate she has so little self-awareness that the only difference between those two situations is "When I (or my paramour) do it = good" vs. "When pretty girl who makes me feel bad does it = bad!!!" Literally a child's mind. She is a child in child's clothes who's mad e a child's life for herself that revolves all around interests for children.

No. 810059

>Holly believed me immediately


No. 810060

File: 1558418219823.jpg (234.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-005118_Chr…)

She does it a lot in the thread, cant even keep her lies straight

No. 810062

File: 1558418331952.jpg (306.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-005103_Chr…)

She hung up with Heidi using Jared's phone….then texted him?

No. 810063

Not to be conspiracygrump abt this, but what if ross's marriage was a green card one? Granted, all my green card knowledge comes from the movie "Green Card" (lol), but im guessing that esp if you're a public figure you need to show commitment and affection without meaning it not to be suspicious under the government scrutiny

No. 810064

Honestly, as much as I dislike Holly she’s as much of a victim of Jared and Heidi and the underaged fans her groomed.

This is triagulation to a T. I’ve had this happen to me with a narcissist in my life as well, and it ended up destroying a very good friendship/circle.

He probably relished in the drama, and how much Heidi and Holly reacted to it all.

No. 810066

It wasnt. You could tell he had genuine affection for her which makes this an extra layer of sad and depressing.

No. 810067

*as much of a victims as Heidi is, and the underaged victims he groomed.

damn my keyboard had a stroke there

No. 810068

File: 1558418719497.png (1.3 MB, 1039x2015, holly.png)

No. 810069

File: 1558418727442.png (347.83 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20190521-010320(1).…)

Jared's Instagram comments are all clown emojis lmao

No. 810070

you have 30mins to delete and repost you know

No. 810071

Woah there, let's pump the brakes on the empathy there.
Holly CHOSE to sleep with Jared. Whether or not Ross knew or cared is mute
She wasn't tricked or manipulated into sex, she chose every time yo cheat and then continue like nothing happened

No. 810072

This probably isn't a contradiction. She probably let slip that Jared has another phone which Heidi didn't know about or couldn't access.

No. 810073

Hiding phones from spouses is completely normal and innocuous behavior.

No. 810074

Holly is a grown-ass adult. Stop infantilizing her.

No. 810075

Heidi did say she found the incriminating texts on an "old phone" of Jared's…

No. 810076

File: 1558419504742.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1979, Screenshot_20190521-011716(1).…)

So apparently the other guy Heidi was in a relationship with during their open marriage was a guy who goes by Nulyu. Here's a picture of him and Jared in Sailor Moon cosplay.

No. 810077

It looks like Holly deleted the clown post on Instagram

No. 810078

File: 1558419579370.jpg (83.14 KB, 640x800, 36477856_248924895892884_78307…)

KF may have identified the guy who "wants to watch me suck your monster dong". (front/left), which-



No. 810079

>cheats on her husband
>cheats with her friend's husband
>complicit in Jared soliciting nudes from underage fans
>ignores the many times Heidi clearly stated how much it was hurting her
>attempts to manipulate public opinion with lies and attacks on Heidi's character rather than addressing her own behaviour

She may not be as bad as Jared and I'm sure he did manipulate her to some extent, but she is not a victim letalone anywhere NEAR as much as his fucking wife or the vulnerable fans he took advantage of. She wronged people over and over and somehow still thinks she isn't at fault.

No. 810081

God damn, he's really attractive. Especially next to ratface mcgee.

No. 810082

This. Holly is being incredibly spiteful and malicious here. She's posting screenshots of Heidi being anguished by Jared's infidelity and refusal to cooperate with saving their marriage as "proof" of how "abusive" she is. If my slimebag earthworm of a husband was cheating on me for months with one of my closest friends and basically flipped me the bird every time I tried to talk to him about it, I'd probably be yelling too. Holly has been branding herself as a "mental health soft bean advocate uwu", where's her understanding of mental wellbeing now? Or do you have to gain your right to be depressed by tweeting about it for a certified time?

The only thing these receipts proved to me is that Heidi was being truthful about Holly's manipulation. In all honesty Holly's the one who's being vindictive here grasping at straws trying to make Heidi look bad with cherrypicked screenshots (trying to pass shit like >>809793 as proof is just sad), and never addressing herself cheating on Ross or the whole fucking thing about Jared not leaving Heidi despite fucking Holly for a YEAR.

You made your bed Holly, now you have to lie in it. Heidi wasn't the one holding a gun to Jared's head telling him to fuck her, it was your own fucking choice to do it for months on end.

No. 810083

File: 1558419755460.jpg (110.3 KB, 851x583, tumblr_pqc5d2utjm1r4v9a3_1280.…)

>hey guys, i'm back from the loony bin - i checked myself in there because i'm suwucidal~~~!!!!
>anyway, here are some cherry picked receipts and hole-filled tweets
>i was just TRYING to save my GOOD FRIEND from an ABUSIVE MARRIAGE……………… BY FUCKING HIM
>also icheatedonmyhusband and his pedophilia?? just some mistakes guys lol everybody has those wacky mental health days!


No. 810084

that dude certainly is a step up from Jared.

No. 810085

File: 1558419760169.png (738.35 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20190521-012205(1).…)

Someone made a throwaway account finding this out for Keemstar three days ago

No. 810086

File: 1558419796151.png (67.68 KB, 601x664, 8237548937.png)

Oh I recognize that name. He's the same guy I saw Keemstar lashed out at.

No. 810087

Holy cow, he's beautiful. I wanna know the timeline where Heidi married him instead.

No. 810088

Is that actually a guy and not a fakeboi…? He looks way too cute to actually be male. If he is, wow nice job Heidi.

No. 810089

I thought Heidi's poly loverr was a cute girl until I read the caption. Jared on the other hand still looks like a monkey and a worm had a baby, and I think that's with filtering too

No. 810090

Goddamn, Holly sounds like a doormat. Like a dog staying completely still when you're facing and then attacking when you show it your back.
The true villain idiot in all of this is Jared, Holly should realized she was played as well instead of trying to save that sinking ship of a relationship with an exhibitionist

No. 810091

… are all these posts complimenting Nulyu samefags? It’s really weird.

No. 810093

Newfag here but what does "sage" mean?

No. 810094

Is he just remarkably pretty or ftm? Instagram description even has the male symbol stereotype.
Better that Jared, regardless.

No. 810095

Nah, he's just better looking than Jared.

No. 810096

File: 1558420087521.png (480.86 KB, 586x460, heidi-nulyu-attack-on-titan.pn…)

>We were walking around the con and a girl asked for our photo so we just did a basic pose, then she was like, "can it be a pairing photo?" Anyway that made my day, (CENSORED) forever.

(CENSORED) being HangexLevi.



put it in the email field to not bump

No. 810097

Idk about the other ones, I was the first one to comment on it and I doubt it? Dude is just kind of really attractive, it's probably extra amplified because of Jared's face lol.

No. 810098


read https://lolcow.farm/info and also https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting anything else

No. 810099

File: 1558420189237.gif (477.95 KB, 320x240, nulyu shirtless.GIF)

No. 810100

Nice work anon. The dates line up and everything.

No. 810101

lol no I have never heard of him (or any of these people really other than holly and ross kinda but mostly the other grumps) but he's just very cute and

wtf this is the most confusing now, is he ftm???? I thought he was cis but now I can't tell. if he is dude is just hella androgynous. he looks like an anime girl.

No. 810104

i think he's just a next-level twink, desu

No. 810106

Either keyhole or he is cis and genetically destined to cosplay anime boys.

No. 810107

An average of 24/7

No. 810108

He must have some dirt on Jared if Heidi was relying on him emotionally. Can't blame him for not wanting to get involved though.

No. 810109

Wow, I was scrolling through his insta, becoming more and more sure he's pre-hrt ftm. Now I'm not so sure. Technically could have scars under ths straps I guess. Hot either way.

No. 810111

he looks cis. just very femme

No. 810112

Evey time I remember that Holly's apparently first ever feelings uwu (cuz fuck Ross, apparently) were for this ugly piece of shit I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

No. 810115

true but also he's in those kind of libfem circles where that's normal even for cis people.

And biiiig same.

No. 810116

File: 1558421016566.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20190521-013924(1).…)

More photos of the other guy. Also bonus Jared in cosplay.

No. 810118

don’t drag innocent people into this

No. 810119

Seems like she was pretty open about it all along.

No. 810120

the other guy kinda gives me knock off Elijah Wood vibes. and Jared looking like a 2/10 per usual.

No. 810121

Sometimes all you need to be is funny

No. 810122

File: 1558421264111.png (991.12 KB, 950x718, ss (2019-05-21 at 04.46.26).pn…)

Here's a screenshot of the post, dated.

No. 810123


This reeks of self-posting

No. 810124

God Jared really sucks at cosplaying. Not just because of his face. Everything sits awkwardly on him. The wigs look so… Round and bulbous and weird. And you can tell he's uncomfortable. How unphotogenic.

No. 810125


twitter thread proving Holly was complicit in Jared's abuse of minors.

No. 810126

I was only the last one. Some people just like femme dudes. Clearly Heidi does since she only goes for guys with 100% smooth, undefined torsos, small shoulders, and frail arms.
We should probably stop shitting up the thread with unrelated Nulyu though.

No. 810127

Take your meds you paranoid fuck

No. 810128

It's really not I swear lol I'm taking it to /ot/ because I'm honestly baffled but don't wanna clog the thread

No. 810130

File: 1558421898447.png (12.51 KB, 573x159, tbt.png)


Nulyu may poke holes in Holly's "Heidi was sleeping around too" defense though.

No. 810131

File: 1558421931349.png (5.16 MB, 1920x6259, screencapture-twitter-teacupof…)

Might as well cap it, considering we're on an image board.

I was >>810104, there's no self posting here. He just looks like one of those sadboi BJDs that were popular on tumblr a while back, which is why probably why everyone's frothing in their knickers over it. I'm not fussed on it, but it's pretty obvious that he's not a fakeboi

No. 810133

This was posted last thread, friend.

No. 810134

Honestly this guy looks gay as hell or at least bi and more attracted to males. I could see Heidi cling onto him for emotional support. Do you think Heidi lied about this Nulyu guy saying he wants to watch her suck Jared's monster dong in an attempt to seem more accepting of the open marriage?

No. 810135


She could mean text on a different platform/app.

No. 810136

That's what I meant by "unrelated." Such as his appearance and what not.
Not all Nulyu is OT.
I'm all for posting him as long as it doesn't devolve into zoom ups of his nipples with red circles around a cluster of pixels.

No. 810137

Ah, I couldn't remember if it had or hadn't been, but I thought I might as well. Better to cap it twice than not cap it at all.

No. 810138

>It's pretty fucking clear SHE IS WAY WAY more into the open relationship idea than jared was.
No she is not.
From the pattern of the messages, it is glaringly obvious that it is a conversation between a girl super desperate to appease her husband and have him pay attention to her, while the guy is ignoring her and giving her the cold shoulder in favour of being with Holly. The polyamory bullshit was pretty obviously a desperate attempt to get Jared back, so to speak. She is hamming it up way too much to be sincere. I've been in that role before and I can tell.

No. 810139

Nulyu locked his tweets
Boy oh boy

No. 810140

>Do you think Heidi lied about this Nulyu guy saying he wants to watch her suck Jared's monster dong in an attempt to seem more accepting of the open marriage?
Either that or a sad attempt to make Jared jealous in the same way she had been all along.

No. 810141

Insta too. That was quick.

No. 810142

File: 1558422613235.jpg (170.82 KB, 1440x1101, IMG_20190521_090948.jpg)

god i hate this bitch

No. 810143

i’m a friend of his and when i noticed this i alerted him(cowtipping)

No. 810144

Why would you do that you moron

No. 810145

? someone is trying to drag his name into this and is very creepily going through his shit for whatever reason

No. 810146

He's part of the discussion you weirdo. Don't fucking cowtip, doesn't matter if they're you're friend.

No. 810147

It's an always sunny reference

No. 810148

Yeah nobody sees tweets like that, of someone saying they're completely cool with a spouse's extramarital relations, and actually thinks they're cool with them. Except apparently Holly, who is either lying her ass off or is the single most oblivious and autistic person alive.

No. 810149

I almost don't blame you, I'd probably want to do that for a friend too, but no one in the thread has tried to shit on him yet, other than that anon who thought anyone who complimented him was the same person.
You should try to get him to unprivate soon. If he and Heidi have been more or less honest thus far, it can only help their situation to have it out in the open and not hide like Holly did.

No. 810150

That would be a magnum dong

No. 810151

Looks aren't everything, I agree, but is he even funny? Or…anything at all? He is 10/10 a garbage person AND a pedophile, his appearance is just the cherry on top.

>i was literally in the hospital but 100% up to date on social media and planning my comeback where, instead of apologizing for my behavior, i attacked the actual victim in this story while casually sidestepping cheating on my husband or the fact that i am the mistress to a pedophile

No. 810152


So was she deleting her mental health monday videos while she was in the hospital then? Interesting.

No. 810153

AMA with Nulyu when

No. 810154

>I was literally too busy deleting posts and locking my social media profiles to bother trying to think of a way to defend myself

No. 810155

They're just going through his insta because they wanna fuck him.

No. 810156

sorry its true. i want him to cream me and then I can cream him

No. 810157

I hate the idea that that's why the phrase "magnum dong" shows up in the text messages Holly posted. Imaging if after sexting with a fan who called your dick a "magnum dong" you started using it frequently enough that you w i f e started to do so too

No. 810158

you’re so?? angry
i just don’t like the idea of him being here, i’ve been lurking the thread for a while just idly, and that’s all. chill

No. 810160

So sorry we hurt your feelings but you're breaking rules of the site here whether you "lurk" or not. You announced you cowtipped.

No. 810161

sorry i replied to myself cuz idk how this shit works(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810162

Didn't Holly give one of the underage victims' contact info to Jared without consent at some point after she (the victim) reached out to Normalboots? Mental health advocacy is my passion!

This. She keeps tripping over her words and contradicting herself, it's almost painful to look at. I've seen snakes like her a lot of times in my life and recognize this behavior, she knows she's lost the battle but is trying all the dirty tricks in her bag to come out sparkly clean. Too bad it backfired on her immediately because Heidi has no fucking mercy with her (absolutely justified) wrath.

No. 810166

but this isn’t even about to him…..

No. 810167

Yeah, no kidding considering you thought the people replying to you were the same person and no sage. Nobody's dragging your friend into it any more than he was already involved. Read the rules, someone linked them upthread. Having him lock down his stuff just because some anons here (myself included lol) found him surprisingly attractive is silly and may be damaging to Heidi's case. I suggest you explain to him that there's nothing to fear from her- the worst concern would have been Keemstar's retards exposing that he was Heidi's connection, and nothing came of it. Maybe Kiwifarms. But we're sympathetic to Heidi here.

No. 810168

No. 810170

i understand, and he won’t be private forever, but someone evidently is trying to drag him into this and yeah

sorry for pooping the thread

No. 810171

File: 1558423561307.png (70.58 KB, 1359x511, broofs5.PNG)

Most of you probably already check the KF thread but for those who don't want to know how nulyu is suddenly known as Heidi's bf.

The names line up, and Heidi mentioned cosplaying and getting asked to do a "pairing" pose and it made her day, the name/shipname was censored so her bf is probably cosplay related.

He does cosplay with her a lot, and was in a lot of the twitter stuff defending her.

No. 810172

File: 1558423826676.jpeg (60.13 KB, 750x503, AE94341B-06D4-4EA6-887B-03FE15…)

The autism…

No. 810174

gotta squeeze in under the LGBT+ umbrella SOMEhow. being just an average cishet woman is so terribly unhip.

No. 810176

It adds up if you consider that it takes 6 months for a divorce to be finalized…

No. 810177

Give it a rest anon, he's not the subject of the thread. If I'd just stumbled across lolcow and saw that a friend of mine who was currently drama-adjacent was being posted I'd worry too.

There are a couple of anons thirsting over your friend but we're in support of Heidi and the proposed creeping is mostly just to see if they can find anything that corroborates her story.

Whenever you make a post that doesn't have fresh/pertinent info (e.g., opinions, shitposting, anything vaguely off-topic), put "sage" in the email field so it doesn't bump the thread. You can click on the number of the post you want to reply to, and it will pop up in the reply box (which you seemed to have figured out by now).

No. 810178

File: 1558423967869.jpg (766.47 KB, 499x749, download (1).jpg)

It's a woman and this photo is either photoshopped or it's post-op with the straps covering the scars.

Now stop derailing.

No. 810180

File: 1558424146322.png (168.65 KB, 374x258, 934534895734.png)

>derailing about the possible transness of someone who is barely related to the topic
>"Now stop derailing."

No. 810181

Sage for blogposting, but this collective shitting on Jared has literally gotten me through my last finals week of undergrad. Whenever I felt anxious, I just remembered that no matter what I did, I wouldn't fuck up nearly as much as he did.

No. 810182

Those texts read to me like Holly is genuinely afraid of Heidi.

No. 810183

He's not a woman nor has he ever been one
Stop with your paranoia that you think a slightly pretty man = FTM(derailing)

No. 810184

File: 1558424437708.jpg (52.76 KB, 800x800, 912b55d506f4eaace71f5cbba2d36a…)

I could see him having two phones with the excuse of "business vs personal", but it's more likely Jared kept them both played against the other because he enjoyed them "fighting over him".

If he showed Heidi the messages, told Holly that she was wrong and called her Holly for saying that…is it wrong to assume Jared was beside her and handed Heidi the phone to call Holly? Then Heidi handed the phone back and they talked about how off base Holly was?

Holly was groveling to Heidi, she wanted back in and not have Jared "cut off" from her. She got exactly what she wanted, and it only took a year of being an absolute snake. Jared kept Heidi to stay by saying he'd change, Jared got Holly to stay by saying he would leave his wife when things got rocky.

What pisses me off is Holly considers herself the main character in EVERYONE'S life, not just hers. She's misunderstood, she's the hero and the victim! Jared was so unhappy, what else was she supposed to do but repeat over and over that Heidi was abusive til he got annoyed enough by Heidi saying no to him and just straight up ignored her texts?

I don't feel bad for Holly or Jared because they lied and manipulated each other in equal amounts and without the thrill of going behind Heidi's back they will have nothing, I say go off Heidi let it all out and enjoy it. Not many women get to see their abuser face consequences for their actions.

I've seen this happen so many times and everyone sticks by the abuser, and they still would have this time if the pedophile shit hadn't come out-which is FUCKED. It's like other anons said, this situation happens way too often.

Anyways Holly better watch out, her old position just opened up kek

No. 810185

obviously. wouldn't you be afraid of the spouse of the person you're secretly cheating with? lmao

No. 810186

Usually I'd make the same assumption but given the context I think it was probably just an excuse not to fuck her husband. Maybe she even believed it for a while, if she wasn't attracted to him at all. The only way I can fathom lusting over an ugly cheater like Jared is if she is into slutty, overtly sexual sleazebags, and Ross does not seem like one of those.

No. 810187

ITT: everyone attracted to Nulyu thinking he's FTM is suddenly a little more gay

No. 810188

File: 1558424926987.png (288.81 KB, 689x1557, clip (2019-05-21 at 05.47.01).…)

Heidi's approval for the poly bullshit hinged on Ross knowing. She doesn't know what they told him, but it looks like she did her due diligence.

No. 810189

>Holly was groveling to Heidi, she wanted back in and not have Jared "cut off" from her.

This. If we are to believe that Holly was an uwu asexual bean until Jared showed her how to love for the first time or whatever, do you really think she'd let go of the relationship without a fight? She needed to be on Heidi's good side so she could slide on Jared's dick without suspicion.

No. 810190

What if it said Holly though, let's add more tinfoil

No. 810191

Holly doesn't fit, Danny doesn't either sexbang did not sexbang heidi

No. 810194

This is so fucked. They promised to tell Ross… after they already decided they wanted to be together? What the fuck? It’s not poly/open if you decide to fuck someone and THEN tell your spouse, that’s still just fucking cheating. What if Ross said no? Did it even matter?

No. 810198

I just think it's especially telling that throughout all of this, Holly has in no way publicly acknowledged that she ever did anything wrong or felt bad. Even a half-hearted, "maybe we stepped out of line", or "we should have communicated better". I feel like anyone who actually had empathy would at least feel bad about the situation they directly caused, whether or not they thought they were in the right.

No. 810201

She's desperate to be the victim. It's the only role she knows how to play. She could've headed a lot of the backlash off at the pass if she'd just admitted she did something wrong, but she's incapable of taking responsibility for herself.

No. 810202

File: 1558427308173.png (283.27 KB, 500x500, 60708161_2050503111743232_2495…)

No. 810203

Holly is the ultimate manic pixie dream girl for Jared

No. 810204

File: 1558427406413.jpg (28.39 KB, 459x297, twe.JPG)


I hate it that, after she predictabbly pulled off "mental health uwu i'm a victim" card, people instantly fell for it. Even though her screenshots prove nothing and she managed to contradict herself.

She posts this "thanks tweethearts for believing in me uwu" and replies are full of support, just what the fuck.

Her first tweet after the fiasco refers to Jared as "someone I (Holly) helped get out of abusive relationship" and not only that, she denies him being a fucking creepy pedo too.

Yet people believe she in the right while demonizing Heidi for being a cringy cool girl who later turned angry.

Holly's response screams blatant narcissism.

No. 810205

>It's the only role she knows how to play.
She can't even play it well, have you SEEN her in >>809396? I don't think Holly is capable of experiencing and processing normal human emotions, let alone convincingly expressing them.

No. 810206

Has she been hacked?

No. 810207


Lol, you still side with Heidi despite knowing both sides of the story and knowing she consented and decided to ruin Holly and Jared when she got jealous

Fuck heidi, she is no victim.

No. 810208

File: 1558427699652.png (122.56 KB, 800x578, Screenshot_2019-05-21-01-32-08…)


This lurker popping in helped a little.

No. 810209

I mean, she did say Jared's dick was big when she first exposed him. Maybe the poor girl has really only gotten smaller dick than his so far.

No. 810210


but Heidi isnt complicit after all the high fiving he did to those pictures, wow.

No. 810211

Did you learn how to cherry pick from Holly herself, or did the two of you just go to the same seminar?

No. 810212

I feel like not enough people understand what it's like to have been gaslit and abused for what seems to be well over a year. She was acting insane because she was GOING insane. She knew she was bad and she admitted it, and it's not to defend her shitty outlook/attitude, but when you're in a dark place long enough you become dark as well. Holly knew seemingly well what she was being put through and is still trying to use it to shame someone who was abused for years into being the Cool Girl.

No. 810213

>that filename

No. 810214

Except Holly proved that Heidi made it public first?

Until Ross says his side of the story you can't assume that it was actually cheating, for all you know Ross was aware and accepting of it.

No. 810217

Someone like Jared is guaranteed to be bad at sex. Dick size has nothing to do with it- Holly is just warped

No. 810219

File: 1558428908557.gif (1.03 MB, 500x281, tumblr_pi1lednMV31v05izqo1_500…)

No. 810220

She did the exact same thing in the beginning, "you guys don't know Heidi, don't trust her" immediately followed by "you guys know me, trust me"

No. 810222

Well, except that children don't generally cheat on their husbands with their best friend's husbands

No. 810225

Why aren't people pressing Holly more over Jared's pedo actions?

"He was aware of their age" bravo Holly, not only a SJW but also a pedo apologist.

No. 810226

No, she didn't. Making a private FB post is not "going public" you absolute dipshit.

No. 810227

Idk if ross was aware, I just remember that he deleted the divorce tweet (the one where he said holly wanted to be with uwu trees~) when the projared shit started

No. 810228

Oh my god put the tinfoil hat down, he's just hot

No. 810230

He doesn't want to get dragged into this, I would probably do the same, who wants their entire past combed through by hundreds of internet strangers over a tangential bout of drama?

No. 810231

He has his moments, that's why he had a million followers. Not funny enough to keep them when the scandal hits though

No. 810232

"Private facebook post" oh come the fuck on, as if that should would have stayed "private." She knew what she was doing.

No. 810233

they say monster dong though, not magnum, maybe it's just an unrelated in-joke

No. 810234

The post was shown for friends only. It's technically not public. Strangers don't know, you can't go to her page and see it, only whoever has her added as a friend on Facebook.

No. 810235

We're tinfoiling hard now

No. 810236

who gives a shit, his genitals have no relevance to the drama at hand

No. 810237

You really aren't getting it. Are you that dumb? "Friends only" -and who might that be? Heidi's undoubtedly large FB friends list is not "private."

No. 810238

File: 1558430235590.png (941.14 KB, 690x970, Heidi.PNG)

There is a clear difference between making a vent post with a "friends only" setting on FB vs. making an announcement on a very public Twitter account with hundreds of thousands of followers. If you don't understand this, then you are being willfully ignorant. If you read Heidi's FB post, it even says that she hasn't gone public with the information.

No. 810240

File: 1558430500485.jpg (37.28 KB, 600x355, 1526606400669.jpg)

Who cares? Jared is a pedophile. None of that would have came out if Heidi didn't come forward.

No. 810241

>Heidi's undoubtedly large FB friends list

Its not like, her cosplay page, its her actual friends and associates. Despite how "large" you assume it to be, it would have only stayed within that friend group probably. It only came to light when she posted publicly on twitter. Telling friends is not being "public" any way you look at it.
If she had posted to a cosplay page, then I'd agree with you. But it wasn't. It was her personal account.

No. 810242

I think people should focus on underage pics soliciting and not the details of their "poly" relationship. Focusing on Heidi is what they want to sweep pedo allegations under the rug.

Holly claims he isn't pedo and has "proof", she should show it then.

No. 810243

magnum condom, monster dong, it's just one word swapped for the other

No. 810247

>249 reactions
>100+ comments

No. 810249

She literally said she can’t because of legal reasons. Once all of that is over I’m sure we’ll hear more about it.

No. 810250

sorry u only have 14 friends

No. 810252

>it would have only stayed within that friend group probably

You’re an absolute tosser and you know full well that wouldn’t have happened. Nothing that juicy would have stayed “private” and Heidi was fully aware of that.

No. 810256

File: 1558432642893.png (77.26 KB, 591x791, Screenshot_32.png)

Meanwhile, Holly's friends are still pushing the narrative that Heidi is abusive while forgetting that Holly is fucking and defending an alleged pedophile.

No. 810257

do these people think they're watching a TV show lmao

No. 810258

is it still alleged when he admits his guilt in his apologies to his victims? haha

No. 810260

File: 1558433234001.png (89.34 KB, 618x708, cunty.png)

No. 810261

Why would Holly, the mental health guruwu, find having to tell twitter (which is now the whole world, I guess) she checked into a psych ward confronting? What a load of shit lmao

No. 810262

File: 1558433450928.png (19.26 KB, 896x198, jessica_reddit.png)

Jessica (at least I believe it's the same Jessica) is whiteknighting Holly in r/projared.

No. 810264

keyword: alleged

No. 810265

God I'm so glad they're getting divorced. She could've done so much better this whole time. She's lucky to not be tethered to someone so gross anymore. Really a blessing to have circumstance push this asshole out of your life, because these kind of malignant assholes are the types that will fuck up your life on purpose and for fun.

No. 810266

Okay, but sexually explicit texts and nudes don't equate to physically fucking. And Holly literally does have an answer for that, and it's Heidi saying it was all fine and dandy.

No. 810267


And here I thought 'Slut shaming' was shaming single women for sleeping around and having a high sexual partner count.

No. 810268

It's honestly really annoying to see her being glorified for going to a psych hospital considering it is actively manipulative and was done to garner sympathy. It's not hard to do when it serves your purposes, it doesn't take strength to tell anyone when that was the whole reason you did it. It just takes being a coward who has no legit defense for their actions and wants to avoid criticism.

No. 810269


Go away Jessica

No. 810270

File: 1558433782171.jpg (45.1 KB, 500x375, 7D3.jpg)

How exceptional they all are

So turns out Heidi was never a monogamous pure angel but that she pushed for the polyamory relation, had her own affair and her own boyfriend, she knew well in advance about Jared and Holly and was okay with them fucking, she encouraged it and was cool with not telling Ross ever, she was okay with Jared sending nudes and requesting nudes from fans and encouraged too and high fived him. Yet Heidi wants really hard to be a victim so we are suddenly led to believe she was an innocent angel that got manipulated, just because she eventually got salty about Holly and Jared's feelings. Just THEN she decided it wasn't kosher no more, but the open relationship was great when she was the one getting dick.

Everyone here is an inmature asshole, Heidi is just another snake on the bunch, she obviously has money on her mind and the true moral in this is never ever date gamers and cosplayers and never fall for the poly trap.(Ban evasion)

No. 810271

it's like you've found a way to ignore everything that contradicts with your narrative.

No. 810272

We get it, you can't read. Please stop posting here.

No. 810273

Are you really trying to argue they maybe didn't fuck? If it was the case Jared and Holly would have said so when Heidi first accused them. There's no way at this point for them not really having fucked to make sense. I'm amazed you could say something this dumb.

No. 810274

The more I think about the "uwu I saved my FRIEND from his abusive marriage by FUCKING him" excuse the stupider it is to me.

Let's say Holly actually believed she was doing the right thing and that she was actually afraid of Heidi. Why would fucking Jared put him in a better position? If anything sleeping with an allegedly abusive woman's husband would only make her more dangerous. Even if you tried to reason it with "oh it'll give him the confidence to escape," all it would do is make Heidi even more psychotic. It's so poorly reasoned and I can't believe people are actually buying it.

Also lol @ calling him a friend, but in the same thread saying they had feelings for each other (and apparently for Holly she never loved anyone until him).

No. 810275

And Heidi has texts saying the exact opposite where Holly even apologizes and says Heidi is right and she is wrong, so…what's your point?

No. 810276


Given the responses and furious WK of Holly and attempts to discredit Heidi and any of the fans stepping out, it's very likely her

No. 810277

Let's be honest. I stopped caring about Holly and knew she was a piece of shit when she defended Pewdiepie after he did his racist shit. Her argument was always, waaa he's a nice guy he's always been nice to me uwu he's not a racist for real!!!

No. 810278

I wondered why pewdiepie went to bat for holly and tried to muddy the waters

No. 810279

Damn, hope you did your stretches before you performed that Olympic level mental gymnastics routine

No. 810280

Does it even matter if they actually fucked or not? That it was clearly their intention to is damning enough by itself.

No. 810281

I mean, Heidi has texts between them where they talked about their previous fuck sessions, but even if that's not true, she has proof they sent each other nudes and sexted a lot which is bad when you're both married to different people.

And even if ALL THAT isn't true. It's undeniable fact that he willingly sent nudes to someone underage and coerced them to send them back knowing full well the person was underage

No. 810282

Yeah how incredible that she was brave enough to tell us she checked into a mental hospital as a result of backlash towards her being a shitty person.

To be honest, I'm not even sure why in her narrative she'd check into a mental hospital. She said she didn't even do anything wrong. She clearly doesn't feel bad about herself or her actions, and literally none of her response in anyway reflects any kind of soul searching or closure. It's just more shit flinging.

No. 810283

>Holly&Jared: Caught at conventions making out and being too close to each other AFTER the dates after all these texts where Heidi literally demands it to stop.
>Heidi: Messes around with one long distance chick WHEN THE RELATIONSHIP WAS STILL OPEN (even if they identify as male, we all know men like jared are more excited than jealous of their gaslit partner being with a "kweer wahman" than actual bio male even as a long distance thing. It puts him at ease and in even further control of the situation)

Whack that some people even wanna attempt to believe holly or jared in this situation because even the sideclit heidi did have is the same type of person an abusive perv like Jared would be ecstatic to enter their poly-shitstorm. Its onision 2.0 with the genderbender shit being more ok than knowing your wife is actually being swooned by somebody who can actually their place.

No. 810284

Is she getting paid for this? Why the fuck is she all over the place about this?

No. 810285

Pretty sure none of this should be happening over social media, for legal reasons, but they're dragging each other posting receipts. Legally, you're not supposed to be doing that either.

No. 810286

I haven't heard of this. This is great. Holly will literally make anything seem okay as long as she puts in her one personal experience and dresses it up with uwu speak… And people fall for it.

No. 810287

She's desperate to prove to herself that her best friend isn't a bad person because that would make her bad by association

No. 810289

Because people were saying mean things on the internet.

No. 810290

100% sympathy points. She has a record of poor mental health. Half her persona is depressed manic pixie girl
People stick up for their friends even if they find out they were doing shit because it's not a ride or die situation, it's a "oh fuck I was too dumb to realize this person is shit but I dont want to come to terms with my poor judgment so might as well back them whole heartedly".

No. 810292

Under normal circumstances, yes it should he private, but their entire job is being a public persona. If someone shits on you and makes you look bad, that's less followers on Twitter, less influence , and no job.
We fucking get it, bla bla it should be private , this isn't the same as finding out your barista cheated on their wife, that guy still has a job slinging coffee.
Jared's first divorce post made Heidi look like she was at fault and because she too is public persona , had to defend herself which shes constantly been having to do. Well that and mainly because shes been having to deal with this shit for a year and needs to air our the shit laundry.

Holly on the other hand is just trying to save any face she has left because her only job is being an uwu insta mental health advocate influencer. You cant be talking about safe coping mechanisms when you're a fucking cheating homewrecker

No. 810293

Jared and Holly are probably lovebombing her at the minute. She seems desperate enough to take that as currency. Maybe she'll be next in the poly gang uwu.

No. 810297

super non-contribution but it's absolutely breaking my heart that not only was heidi made to find out about her husband's infidelity over fucking text messages, she then needed to ALSO confront the two assholes THROUGH text messages and wasn't even awarded the courtesy of sitting down and talking things out. she was basically left alone with her thoughts while these two fucked around and made out all over cons.

mental health and self harm my ass. holly can eat shit, and >>810260 >>810256 can get fucked right alongside her

No. 810300

But the Facebook post did stay private for two weeks, until Holly decided to publish it. In the meantime, Jared had already slapped his statement on Twitter and thus, made the divorce undeniably public. So if Heidi's Facebook post was so juicy, why didn't it leak earlier?

No. 810303


It's as if there's a shitty constant in this equation… now what might that be…

Holly and her flying monkeys continue to astonish with their martyrdom. And that Jess bitch is working the passive-aggressive spin angles like she's getting paid.

No. 810305


that's exactly what you are doing here lmfao. Imagine being so deluded as to still portray Heidi as a victim. The only reason you are banning everyone and erasing dissent from the main opinion is because you are either someone close to Heidi or are hypocrite tumblrina Fujoshis just like her.

Because it was like open but not open. and i like approved of everything but not, so like woe me - Heidi(Ban evasion)

No. 810306

I swear to God go be autistic back on kiwifarms

No. 810307

jesus anon go take your meds already

No. 810308

File: 1558438862675.jpg (32.68 KB, 1021x205, 12456.JPG)

stop spreading your autism everywhere

No. 810309

File: 1558438957964.gif (461.66 KB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

Holly checking into the hospital for her victim card

No. 810310

What's with Holly's weird double talk? She contradicts herself every single post.

Here we go heres all of them
>With no hate, not to spread hate, I encoruage you to spread healing not hate
>Shes a liar, an abuser and psycho

>I don't approve of him sending nudes

>Ive seen all the nudes and they are A-ok and check out.

>We went on a walk and didn't do anything and nothing happened at all

>Also it turns out jared was in love with me and I realized I wasn't asexual anymore

>We were completely transparent

>logs of them not responding for weeks

>All she wanted was for me to not talk to her husband anymore

>So I called her husband

>She had projared phone

>so I texted projared on his phone :^)

>She had projareds phone

>Projared showed me on his phone

>I tried to apologize

>I didnt even know what I did and I dont think I did anything wrong

>She wanted me to leave jared alone

>I told her I wouldnt and was happy to just be friends with him

>Heidi announced it first in public

>shows private post

>Showing explicit illegally obtained texts is wrong

>heres some texts I shouldn't have that are explicit for me to show you.

>Why didn't she just leave if she was being abused?

>it takes victims up to 7 times to elave for good.

No. 810311

File: 1558439062483.png (146.67 KB, 1080x881, Screenshot_20190521-064317(1).…)

Yeah definitely this user, correctly going back and forth between the KF and LC threads

No. 810313

lmfao I thought the resident anti-fujo sperg obsessed with derailing threads to screeching about fujos was just spreading bait but it's an actual kiwifarms autist at work, thank you for this anon

No. 810316


She wants to full-on shit on Heidi, but also wants to protect her "uwu birb sweetie uwu" persona at the same time.

No. 810320

Did anyone ever drop the holly nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810323

I hope nobody does, Holly would turn it into an "uwu #metoo feel sowwy for me :(" while simultaneously getting off to autists fapping to her.

No. 810324

She's desperate, that's why. She doesn't really listen to herself, she's grasping at straws trying to save her reputation by taking Heidi down. People like her can't just accept the L and put their guns down, they're willing to embarrass themselves to ridiculous levels instead of apologizing. She knows she's lying out of her ass (or at least twisting the truth) but I doubt she cares at this point. The most important thing is that she doesn't have to admit to doing something bad. Not ONCE does she apologize for cheating on Ross, for not causing Heidi pain and for defending Jared taking advantage of underage fans, she's just sticking to the "I saved a man from an abusive crazy wife by fucking him" story like her life depended on it.

No. 810328

Yeah, that's exactly the point. Using the "can't for legal reasons" kind of gets thrown out the window when you have what they're doing going on.

It's like how in all of this initial shitstorm Heidi conveniently left out she participated in the poly stuff AND had someone, it was just "jared did this blahblah I have proof."

So at this point, they all kind of broke any legal obligation they had lol.

No. 810329

why is she prolonging the inevitable? eventually she’s going to have to apologize so what’s the point of dragging her heels and making everything worse

No. 810330

File: 1558440081734.jpg (39.08 KB, 640x480, bHpS94X.jpg)

who is this retarded? nice find, nonnies.

No. 810331

It reinforces that she's an uwu smol bean who cannot be held accountable for what she's done because her mental health is so fragile she might hurt herself. Threatening self harm when confronted with their own hurtful actions is a classic DARVO move.
>You telling me I hurt your feelings hurts MY feelings so who's the bad guy now, huh?!

No. 810332


Its a long term strategy:
>I was triying to save Jared
>I was manipulated by Jared too, I'm sorry

No. 810333

She thinks people will believe her if she keeps uwu-ing

No. 810335

She was also upset about the Pink Pill threads existing on /ot/, unironically defends Vic Mignogna, and shits on girls from both LC and PULL. Kind of a trip to see my suspicions about certain specific spergs on this site were true. Now all I need is to find out that she's actually a tranny who's been complaining about GC threads on top of it all.
Makes me wonder why she keeps coming back just to ban evade, bitch about getting banned, and bitch about the site and its users as a whole. Such people might as well stay with their beloved neckbeards of KF.

No. 810339

If that's her long term strategy she's going about it in a very stupid way. Personally attacking Heidi with weak screenshots, as well as acknowledging that she knew all about Jared's sollicitation of minors and thinks it's no biggie, both point towards her being fully in the know and complicit and will make it harder for her to play the innocent manipulated victim later. I think she genuinely believes she can still discredit everyone speaking out against her and Jared and come out of this smelling like roses. I also get the impression she really dislikes Heidi with a passion and is letting this opportunity to publicly attack her cloud her judgement, as evidenced by the constant contradictions and backpedaling:

No. 810369

So you're saying it's Heidi's fault if someone she thinks is close to her and who she can trust leaks her fb posts? Are you brain damaged?

No. 810381


… everyone needs a hobby? All kidding aside, every forum seems to get its own tired old kebab bitch, and maybe Jess is looking for a new home.

Maybe she's not getting enough attention and Cool Girl points from KF any more? Hit a wall, have we? kek

No. 810420

uwu… holly is such a bwave birb for checking herself into the hospital uwu #mentalhealth~~~

God I can't believe all these fucking retards are in their 30s

No. 810453

File: 1558452011961.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20190522-011844_Ins…)

No. 810454

I understand Heidi not mentioning her other partner since they were together in 2017 when the marriage was open
Heidi isn't angry about any partner Jared had in 2017 (Altho she isn't thrilled it was a fan for obvious reasons), she's angry about sex he had once the marriage was closed.

No. 810455

Is she fucking trying to make the people calling her out feel bad about it? Honey you're over 30 you should know how ridiculous that is

No. 810457

File: 1558452213449.jpg (289.01 KB, 1051x1361, SmartSelect_20190522-012127_In…)


I'm assuming Holly is attempting to "take the higher ground" and trying to act like the haturz don't matter. Holly you can't save face anymore

No. 810462


She immediately goes passive aggressive right in her next sentence, like wtf? Absolutely no sense of guilt or wrongdoing. Apparently she feels entitled to Jared regardless of what Heidi has to say or feel about it at the time. Like just "Fuck everybody else who thinks differently, only my opinion matters"

No. 810465

Kiwifarms keeps pushing this "heidi is evil!111" narrative because she wasn't 100% honest about something that changes nothing she said

No. 810467

She wasn't even DIShonest about it, she just didn't give the details and minutia because it would derail the focus, and she was right, it did.

No. 810469

I don't go there, but the reason someone would push that sort of narrative is PART OF THE ISSUE AND WHAT IS BEING USED AS AN ARGUMENT TOWARDS JARED she herself is/was also a part of.

So the reason she feels it would distract is because she comes off initially as Jared is the only one in the wrong and like she was just the doting wife going along with it and not participating.

So finding out she DID participate it in as well is why people focus on it. If she would have been honest from the start, you wouldn't have people hanging onto that narrative.

No. 810470

You know it honestly amazes me that people somehow think everyone is to blame (except for Ross) as if Heidi did anything bad. How dare she have emotions at all.

No. 810471

But Jared knew about her other partner and was seemingly okay with it. He only brought it up because he wanted idiots to doubt Heidi’s side. Sadly, it worked. The difference between Holly and Heidi’s partner was Heidi ended things romantically after she realized she wasn’t comfortable with polyamory and Jared continued to mess around with Holly behind Heidi’s back while telling her nothing is going on between them or that he’ll talk to Holly about how they can’t be a thing.

No. 810472

people should keep shitting on her so she checks herself into ~~~hospital~~~ again and stops posting

No. 810477

Sage for tinfoiling but I still think this is playing out TOO nice for Jared. Which might sound hilarious, right? But now that Holly is on the attack, Heidi is forced to defend herself against Holly, and Jared remains a silent, forgotten pedophile who 1) cheated on his wife 2) with her best friend 3) who was married to his friend. This ain't it chief

No. 810480

It's only working out nicely for Heidi because any semblance of her not being "innocent" is met with vitriol.

No one forgot what jared's done nor holly lol.

No. 810482

I think with Holly's recent tweets and Heidi's response the focus has shifted to who is in the right Heidi vs Holly and Jared is almost forgotten

No. 810483

The only thing she’s guilty of is being a pushover who lashes out at her cheating husband and his retarded mistress(which could be seen as reactive abuse).

No. 810486

this ~healing~ vs. ~harming~ shit is just buzzwords to generalise and deflect criticism but it's infinitely more stupid than ordinary fake positivity.

her reclaiming things such as the clown emoji or the side hoe quote ("gotta take hard things with humor teehee~") and acting like the bigger person to look good is NOT working

all this wait for her to do something, anything and now I can't wait for her to shut up again

No. 810490

Yeah, obviously Holly is in the wrong having a romantic/sexual relationship with her friend's husband knowing that her (ex-)friend was against it from very early on as Heidi clarified, plus that it's dubious at best that Ross really consented to the situation (she told him after she already became involved with Jared and Ross probably just gave up on their marriage then and there since Holly was already not fucking him for ages beforehand). However Holly as a mistress is not anywhere near as culpable as Jared who was really puppeteering them, pitting them against each other by withholding information from Holly, making Heidi look crazy and presumably backing up Holly about that rather than agreeing with HIS OWN WIFE, and giving his wife the silent treatment while continuing to cheat on her. We definitely should not forget that Jared is the biggest villain here and also proven to be a pedophile even though the focus now has shifted to the debate between Holly and Heidi. Jared needs to see legal repercussions for the child pornography.

No. 810491

This just reads "people didn't feed into my bullshit so I need to try 5th grade bullying mechanisms to get them on my side"

No. 810492

Well, firstly…
"child pornography" doesn't fall onto Jared unless he still has the pictures/videos. Secondly, DISTRIBUTION carries the harsher charge, so as much as we wanna see Jared burn, the underage people will get in far more trouble far sooner, because Murcia.

No. 810495

Seriously? That's fucked. Land of the free unless you're a child being groomed into doing things you can't even truly consent to by an adult, then have fun being exploited and punished if you try to get legal help.

No. 810496

Did holly ever say she stopped having sex with ross? Or is it an assumptiom based on her asexuality claim? I know plenty of asexual ppl who still bang, one is even a mother

No. 810497

Actually, those laws vary by state. In some states, minors won't be charged with distribution if it's being sent to adults

No. 810498

This. So far Heidi has been truthful about everything and admitted to open marriage when it was addressed, while explaining the details of their deal. Yet still we have an army of autists yelling "WELL SHE WASN'T HONEST ABOUT THAT ONE THING WAS SHE NOW" like it disregards everything else she has said.

No. 810499

File: 1558456949016.png (103.36 KB, 760x429, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.4…)

These reddit comments summing up my thoughts quite well.

No. 810500


And across state lines is federal.

No. 810501

I know. It's turning into "pit the two women against each other to tear each other apart while the (much worse, actually criminal) man watches silently from the sidelines and maintains his 'innocence.'" like can Holly (and Heidi to a degree) just stop for one second and think about how this is exactly what Jared wants to happen? have them spiral into nothing but public hatred and attacking each other's character, while he runs away to find a new life to ruin? they should talk it out seriously behind closed doors, and realize he's manipulated both of them into wanting the other woman to go down more than the cheating pedo.

No. 810502

She checked herself into a hospital but made time to quietly sneak off to dndLive I’m LA on Sunday.

No. 810503

ugh THIS.
I wish people would quit fighting over whether Holly or Heidi is worse and focus on the dude that clearly played both sides.

His responses to all of the texts between him and Heidi that Holly posted were all meek and in agreement with Heidi's frustrations but i'd bet anything that his messages to Holly are singing a different tune.

Dude is a tool. He's the one everyone should be focusing on. These two women are just a product of his douchbaggery.

No. 810505

Cognitive dissonance up the wazoo. I genuinely believe Holly has so deeply internalized the idea that Heidi is the abuser that all the information saying otherwise is making her feel the need to justify her actions to herself.

Don't get me wrong, what she's doing is bullshit. But I think it's more of an "average people do shitty things" bullshit than anything else.

No. 810507

So its confirmed that Heidi not only knew but encouraged Holly and Jared fucking despite knowing full well that Holly was married, and she never said shit to Ross or was bothered by it until she got the jelous, same as with the fan nudes and the tumblr page, very cool witholding that info until after the divorce and after people already reached out normalboots about it.

Wow Heidi, just wow…(once again ban evading.)

No. 810508

Don't bother posting if you didn't read everything. Jesus fuck.

No. 810509

You know, I was about to give a really detailed response taking apart all of your sentences, but why bother with trolls.

No. 810510

What the fuck does this bitch even mean by "healing"

No. 810512

It's her uwu speak. LMAO she sounds exactly like cutehospital from the weeb artist thread

No. 810514

I keep seeing Holly pop up on my feed and it's never good. Mental health community is pissed.

No. 810515

good, fuck her for trying to excuse her behavior and make people asspat her

No. 810516

File: 1558459374756.gif (1.1 MB, 300x226, tenor9.gif)

>healing healing healing uwu
I don't know Holly, did Jared's dick heal you or hurt you? Did his dickpics heal or hurt his underage fans?

No. 810519

The ironic thing is her defending Jared is actually why I'm inclined to believe she's less a the behind-the-scenes manipulator than Heidi thinks. Like, if she's really some heartless narc, she would've known that the pedophilia allegations would turn Jared poison and she would have jumped shipped instantly

No. 810525

She refuses to give up Jared because she's completely infatuated with him on top of being incapable of taking the L. You can be manipulative without being a cold hearted narc.

No. 810526

Keep in mind she did receive a mail from one of his underage victims detailing all the proof and this was month before the cheating scandal.
She chose to ignore the evidence. Now she says all victims were confirmed to be adult.
She can't really jump boat since there is proof that she knew what was going on.

No. 810527

She probably believes that Jared is all she has now since no one will want to be with her ever again once they find out about all this drama

No. 810529

She'll feel like such an asshole once Jared dumps her like a sack of potatoes for the next piece of desperate ass. Although I doubt Jared will ever recover from this socially now that everyone knows what a dumpster fire he is.

No. 810530

She couldn't claim to be a victim of Jared because she knows Heidi has texts proving otherwise. It's easier for her to just point the finger at Heidi and claim she's the master manipulator 4d chess player in all of this because of the text caps she has of her and Jared makes Heidi look bad out of context(she certainly doesn't look great either way). She's all about that "uwu mental health* but, thinks it's perfectly find to point hate in the other direction and dismiss Jared's fan nude exchanges as "bad decisions". She's fucking retarded.

No. 810534

Why does Heidi's head look so big here? also, that's definitely a fakeboi or at least FTM

No. 810535

So, Heidi's "side dick" is actually irrelevant. They're confirmed to be FTM and Heidi bringing them up is solely to validate their fakeboi ass, no actual dick involved, just emotional support. This is literally just a man playing with a ton of women. I'm sure Heidi knew she'd never be able to be with another male if they made the marriage open so she suggested the poly thing in an attempt to please the man. Either that or Jared was the one who suggested the poly relationship and Heidi quickly jumped to roleplay with Jared using her FTM friend as the "other dude", also in attempt to please the man.
So it's confirmed Jared is into all types of females, he's a horn dog in and out and only sees these women as walking vaginas to expose his dick to. This makes the Chai story seem less fake.
Of course Holly is being manipulated as well, but she's such a narc she can't see it because she's getting her way right now.

No. 810540

this seems pretty correct. all the women involved are crazy and selfish to varying degrees but jared used that to pit them against each-other and play them all.

it sucks how they're all trying to drag ross into it as leverage, saying he knew or supported it or whatever when he clearly didn't and cant defend himself.

No. 810543

File: 1558462167880.png (92.65 KB, 1160x282, Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 11.39…)

confirmation that this rat bastard is fucked

No. 810544


Basically Heidi's idea of poly relationship was larping with a fellow cosplayer.

While Jared idea of poly was fucking his fans and her best friend.

No. 810545

what clip is this from?

No. 810547

oh shit, this rabbit hole just goes deeper

No. 810549

File: 1558462379611.jpg (82.75 KB, 1368x975, IMG_7200.jpg)

Look what kf found

No. 810550

File: 1558462397155.png (202.49 KB, 1212x804, Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 11.43…)

saged because this is not as important/not really milk, but it's good to see people aren't absolutely blinded by holly's uwu bullshit

No. 810551

File: 1558462403138.jpg (58.33 KB, 1369x1017, IMG_7201.jpg)

No. 810552

anon this is stalkerish and creepy, and why the fuck is this even important?

No. 810553

File: 1558462433465.png (19.42 KB, 580x168, Holly-JC2.png)

Holly thinks she can pull a James Charles reversal, & of course her fans are eating it up.

No. 810554

File: 1558462441502.jpg (169.72 KB, 1368x1601, IMG_7202.jpg)

Last one, and with a restraining order

No. 810555

I swear he better fucking end up in cuffs like the one Youtuber who got like 4 years and was also manipulating his underage fans for sexts/nudes

No. 810556

File: 1558462606562.png (252.77 KB, 1077x1289, Screenshot_20190521-131623(1).…)

Mods please stop banning Jessica, it made her have a seizure! KEK

No. 810557

File: 1558462652315.png (11.1 KB, 580x98, Hollystan.png)


>"everyone who was dissing them are real quiet now"

You sure 'bout that bud?

No. 810558

the petitioner is jared. if i'm reading this correctly (non-US anon here) HE is the one who asked for a restraining order? did he think that would work as a replacement for an NDA kek
i still maintain that this is creepy as shit though. we don't need this until it's deets on a child grooming case or something similar

my fucking sides

No. 810561

File: 1558462956966.jpg (81.47 KB, 780x487, 1465090908457.jpg)

>stress induced seizure

No. 810562

File: 1558463041604.jpg (274.77 KB, 1080x983, 8488585.jpg)

It likely has nothing to do with domestic abuse but rather an order that is commonly used in divorces to keep people from messing with bank accounts and other assets until the divorce is final

No. 810563

uh huh
definitely didn't just look it up online, saw the symptoms and suddenly believe you had one or talked to someone in your "uwu my mental health" group who is totally a doctor and claimed that was what you had

No. 810565

Wonder how Nulyu being FTM (kf found receipts) is gonna play into things. 'Cause anyone with half a brain is gonna see a difference between "waaaa heidi's been riding some guy's dick for years now" and his actual relationship with her. Of course no one will say it because twansphobia but c'mon

No. 810568


>I'm in the forest of an MRI machine

lmfao wtf

is this the same ~uwu hospital~ that holly went to?

No. 810569

agreed. the idiots in holly's tweets keep ranting about it and somehow conveniently forget heidi stated, multiple times, that it was an LD platonic relationship. smdh.
wonder if this is why nulyu privated his stuff? i'm no troon but having your trans status broadcasted all over the internet because of a cheating skank who caused drama can't be pleasant, i'd think.

No. 810570

Agreed, he played them all. People trying to turn it on Heidi for also seeing someone while they were poly are people that must be critical of the concept of an open marriage itself imo. There's no other reason they should classify a side dick during an open relationship "cheating" bc it's been agreed upon by both parties so… Heidi's entire point is that they redefined boundaries and Jared trampled them. People have got to be willfully ignoring the mechanics of a polyamorous relationship in order to still think less of Heidi in this story.

>Forest or MRI machine
Try the bottom of a cliff henny

The trans shit is so irrelevant. Even if Heidi doesn't believe in trans being a real identity, she could just be bisexual. Platonic or not, it doesn't make a difference bc it was sanctioned by their OPEN FUCKING MARRIAGE. It was a relationship that took place while the poly was going on and Heidi's argument is that boundaries were set and then crossed by Jared. This Nulyu person extremely doesn't matter.

No. 810571

Oh I totally agree (re: Nulyu), he's totally irrelevant. I just mean from a drama standpoint, I wonder how it will shift the dialogue.

No. 810574

conveniently missing that Heidi posted her own receipts where Holly admitted she was wrong

No. 810575

Tbh I think it does matter because at this moment it seems like Heidi was insecure the entire time and the first person she goes to once they open the marriage is an FTM, I saw the tweets between each other and they seemed more like close friends than lovers. Heidi made herself out to please both Jared and Jeremy. Jared for his horniness and Jeremy for his trans validation as a side dick.

No. 810576

they could easily delude themselves with “uwu look at how scawed Holly was, she was just agreeing so the big meanie Heidi would stop yewwing at her!!”

No. 810577

I see. I'm a bit worried the narrative is going to shift too much and Heidi's gonna let people derail from her initial, solid arguments. She needs to stick to her shit till the end bc she is right and Jared is obviously the one in the wrong. Holly is shit too but to a lesser degree.

The side dick situation is simply outing retarded people that don't care about boundaries and only care if a woman sees people on the side in an open marriage.

It changes some of the tertiary context but I don't think it's important compared to all the other aspects of the situation, such as Jared's obvious stonewalling shown in Holly's own receipts. Whether Heidi agreed to poly due to manipulation or not is more nebulous ans difficult to convince people on. I think arguing on more solid terms such as Jared transparently violating the terms of their relationship is a better strategy here.

No. 810579

Ok if they are FTM this adds much needed context to how upset Heidi got when he seemed disinterested in them having a threesome. Because he was't interested in a female dynamic with a cis woman and a ftm, but was interested in a whole bunch of lone females like everyone he messaged and Holly. The "open relationship uwu" was the worst cover for sleeping with other women. He is intentionally vague by saying she had multiple guys on the side when she had one ftm on the side which is very different due to how the sex would play out. Even if they were a cis male, he doesn't match with the narrative Peded is spinning, and if they are trans it makes Holly's inclusion of those texts about dicks seem more manipulative to the audience

Heidi was a fool for attempting to play along with the poly thing when she clearly wasn't coping with it at all

No. 810580

File: 1558464127239.jpg (134.82 KB, 1074x449, Lmao.jpg)

Heidi going for the jugular

No. 810581

Someone upthread is friends with him and cowtipped, I assume he didn't want his feeds dissected by internet strangers to prove a point

No. 810582

File: 1558464190623.png (68.83 KB, 580x554, Hollystan1.png)


Ah yes, the real problem here is that damn 'Cancel-Culture'

No. 810583

She came out as bi years ago

No. 810584

Hell hath no fury indeed

No. 810585

File: 1558464324969.png (32.12 KB, 584x326, Hollystan2.png)


Love how they're trying to manipulate the story to other Youtubers as well…

No. 810586

oh my fucking god, first shuwu tries to insert herself into the beauty community drama, and now this midget chipmunk can't shut up.
go away, no one wants your 20/20 hindsight wisdom

No. 810588

There really isn't an "implication" here, Holly herself has said she's uwu so fwucked up uwu.

No. 810591

I'm so fucking mad that people can't see the obvious stonewalling Jared inflicted upon Heidi to make her so batshit in the first place. It's in Holly's receipts…

Ok fuckface but minors themselves have come forward so…?

No. 810592

"Hmm, should I believe two 16 year olds accusing an older man they trusted and looked up to of inappropriate behavior, with ample screenshot evidence, or the same man's mistress who cheated on her husband with him?"

No. 810593

>heidi and her fanbase
are you serious??
post-drama numbers for their respective instagrams:
heidi – 34k
holly – 223k
what the fuck is this idiot smoking

No. 810594

File: 1558464547314.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

>Holly is clearly afraid of Heidi and her fanbase
Wtf, if anybody has a fanbase to fear it's Holly, GG fans have been up her ass for years about Holly being an uwu manic pixie soft smol bean bird girl. There are only so many people defending Heidi because they feel bad for a woman who got cheated on by a scumbag rodent.

No. 810595

Anyone who actually followed their DnD shit, when did Strix and Diath become an item? I'm curious if that relationship informed their current one, as is typical with roleplayers.

No. 810596

Apparently the world would end if their characters fucked.

No. 810597


What Chris is saying is right, but only to a certain degree.
Many victims of abuse have been isolated to the point in which the only way to finally say anything about it is just 'screaming out into the void'.

I'm sure if Jared didn't make that public post about their divorce, this whole thing wouldn't have blown up like it did.

No. 810598

Yes >>809396 people drew fanart of the characters fucking and both Holly and Jared loved it

No. 810599

When did the DnD relationship start though? Was it before Feb 2018?

No. 810600

File: 1558464888579.png (24.71 KB, 584x258, CRG1.png)

Chris, stay out of this if you want to live.

No. 810601

no, no, let's let him run his mouth. i'd absolutely love to see him end his own nonexistent career too

No. 810603


…You're right.
I'm surprised Shuwu isn't inserting herself into this.

No. 810605

June is definitely rooting for Holly. She would know LMAO.

No. 810606

File: 1558465181776.png (244.91 KB, 1194x870, Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 12.29…)

just thought of checking up on what jessie (heidi's friend) has had to say, and she's not letting up either lmao

she's too busy trying to get jeffree/tati/james charles' attention kek

No. 810608

It's been a huge "will they/won't they?" thing for a long time. Who we should all feel sorry for even more than Ross, is Chris Perkins their DM who probably feels some guilt over this AND has to do damage control for his own show while also working for Wizards of the Coast who's D&D brand is looking real shitty right now. I'm sure they are super afraid that someone is going to write up an angle about how D&D is a horrid game that enables people to fantasize and cheat on their spouses

No. 810612

The more I read about it, the more this sounds like a typical poly relationship: emotionally greedy and immature people that think they’ve in all their mediocrity figured out how to transcend human nature but aren’t able to take what they dish out.
And Jared being a creep to minors in an unrelated bit of awfulness.

What sort of idyit gets married and then wants to open it up? That’s antithetical to the purpose of marriage, and if you need both peoples agreement to open it, I’m not buying that suddenly you can close it on your own when your feelings get hurt.

Three scummy retards thought they could pull one over one each other and they all got burned in the end, at least according to the story as I’ve currently read. Heidi wanted to be promiscuous but didn’t want to risk her status as main bitch (which you pretty much voluntarily give away by initiating opening a relationship btw, pro tip), Jared wanted to shit where he ate by fucking around with someone in their mutual friends circle and involving his degeneracy into his professional sphere, and Holly was just a two bit trick the entire time.

No. 810617

only tangentially related but this is why DMs should not enable romantic/sexual relations between player characters (except between actual couples). Most players simply aren't mature enough to handle it, regardless of age, they just can't make the distinction between their characters feelings and their own. It almost ALWAYS gets weird and lines get blurred. I've seen so many groups fall apart over this, even among veteran players.

No. 810619

And here I thought the amish didn't have internet

No. 810621

>and if you need both peoples agreement to open it, I’m not buying that suddenly you can close it on your own when your feelings get hurt.
let's go over this again.
1. husband wants an open marriage, wife doesn't – NO open marriage
2. wife wants an open marriage, husband doesn't – NO open marriage
3. both husband and wife agree to open marriage – YES open marriage
if this is valid at the time of starting an open relationship.
why is it not valid at the time of wanting to return to monogamy.

christ on a cracker why am i feeding the trolls

No. 810624

I mean you're right, but even poly retards have rules and without everyone consenting it's just hearing. Poly isn't supposed to mean you get all the strange dick/pussy you want and then come home consequence free to your spouse, though that's how most of the people who are stupid enough to call themselves poly treat it. Your partner is supposed to be informed and consent to who you are bringing into the relationship, and if there's a disagreement then it's cheating to proceed anyway.

No. 810626

I think it’s way more complicated than just that. Heidi loved him and wanted to save her failing marriage, so I think she only made it open just so he wouldn’t leave her or hurt her career. She probably thought making it open would save the marriage as a last ditch effort. Even she didn’t seem to like it, which is why it made her so uncomfortable she closed it back up, as any sane monogamous person would do. Jared didn’t listen to that.

No. 810628

This, it does twist the narrative upside down. They keep saying that Heidi took full advantage of the open marriage by keeping a long-distance relationship with another man to justify the claim that she was "completely fine and even partaking" in the poly thing. If you have the image in your head that she's actually seeing another man, of course you'd think she's "just as into it as Jared". But when you see realize it's just her making couple cosplays with a fellow female cosplayer larping as an anime boy, it suddenly becomes a lot clearer that Heidi WASN'T profiting that much from their "open relationship" setting. At least compared to Jared who was sending nudes to minors and fucking their mutual friend who returned the infatuation. And yeah whatever Heidi identifies as ~bisexual~ blah blah blah but let's not dance around the obvious here.


No. 810629

By "main bitch" do you mean being his only romantic interest/wife? She was open to it when it was casual sex (even then she wanted to include Jared in her sex with cosplayer man), she didn't like it when Jared and Holly weren't transparent and then it moved to more actual romantic feelings.
It's valid of her to be upset that clearly Jared just didn't want the marriage anymore, but also didn't wanna give up dedicated pussy from Heidi

No. 810631

File: 1558466624475.jpg (460.67 KB, 1080x1664, 20190521_202257.jpg)

I had to laugh at this response

No. 810634

File: 1558466680337.jpg (248.68 KB, 1438x1450, IMG_20190521_212323.jpg)

>Let's stop talking about my lover being a pedo and focus on my pigeon dying instead

No. 810635

File: 1558466694352.png (76.57 KB, 629x362, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 3.24…)


No. 810637

got 'em

No. 810639

That’s a common misconception, basic telecom isn’t permitted fairly often.
Also “but that way of thinking is old” is just an appeal to novelty. People haven’t considered polyamory largely a poor idea for a marriage because tradition says so, it’s because human nature hasn’t changed in many thousands of years and some things just werk. The word marriage itself comes from ancient roots and literally meant the union of one man and one woman. It’s dumb to try to buck that almost universal cultural trend because a bunch of nerverts didn’t get it on enough in their early 20’s

That’s the issue with opening your relationship. An exclusive relationship built on trust is a marriage. Opening a marriage inherently drives a rift through its foundation. It’s a pandora’s box. Most people like exclusivity with their partners, men especially so. Even if it’s just the illusion thereof. The reality of the matter is that you are slashing whatever level of respect a man has for you, consciously or otherwise, if the two of you are in an exclusive relationship and you approach to make it inclusive. It won’t matter what rules and regulations you put on it. If Heidi seriously thought she could make a move that would outright kill a lot of marriages and remain Jared’s emotional #1 then she’s either naive, stupid, or pretending to be. If anything she should have initiated the divorce if the circumstances are as you describe them.

No. 810640

File: 1558466907627.png (97.89 KB, 619x500, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 3.28…)

Heidi keeping us focused on the important things

No. 810641

LMAO at these two side-by-side

No. 810642

File: 1558466972558.png (44.22 KB, 596x356, MeTooHolly.png)

Yeah, okay, "#MeToo" is the problem here

No. 810644

can we sage the marriage fuckery?
bless you anon. i was just going to post this. fuck Jared, he knew exactly what he was doing with his "statement" and holly's.

No. 810647

File: 1558467300173.png (539.81 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20190521-143348(1).…)

No. 810650

God the fact that she posted this pisses me off. It's such a clear manipulation of "oh, look, she was okay with getting passed around and I've never seen the PeenJared uwu" but knowing that there's only one male involved just. Pisses me off. It changes the dynamic so much and it's infuriating.

No. 810653

She's a piece of shit but I'm glad she rescues pigeons. The only thing is that people who tend to be this shitty and selfish with people, who also "rescue" animals, aren't great with animals behind doors.

No. 810655

I get the feeling that a lot of the people being deliberately obtuse and accusing Heidi of being the bad guy in this situation are the same kind of people who don’t think women should have boundaries or be allowed to revoke consent in general.

No. 810657

>that's a common misconception
>continues to parade the ideals of polyamoras relationships as some sorta new ideal that breaks tradition while monogamous marriages are completely western ideals initially created and enforced as a means to secure land and status.
>Polyamoras relationships go further back than recorded history but muh traditional ideals equate to only my perceived knowledge of history through the lens of dated high school knowledge

No. 810660

This just screams of " I've never been an adult relationship/marriage, this perceived knowledge of how they should work is completely constructed from the outside looking in"

No. 810663

If you all honestly believe advocating for monogamy is somehow indicative of having never been in a relationship and consider polyamory a legitimate pairing strategy that didn’t fall out of use the moment societies started developing for a reason, I can’t imagine a single one of you has ever had a healthy long term relationship.

No. 810667

Yeah, the only poly relationships I've ever seen work out were closed triad made up of three chill people who didn't get jealous easily

No. 810670

Ive never seen a poly relationship work, someone always cheats or leaves the primal person for the new one

No. 810674

File: 1558469186281.png (163.77 KB, 615x674, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.05…)

I feel so bad for laughing. God I'm glad that's not me.

No. 810677

I don't think so. I think it's more that people like to have FULL INFORMATION because despite your sperge, people 99% of the time will NEVER take a male's side, so all of a sudden we get more info she just happened to leave out, it's going to raise some eyebrows.

Normally that pushes you into being suspected of lying, but since she's a woman she gets a pass. Imagine if Jared left out stuff and suddenly revealed it after someone else made passing mention?

People would crucify him even more than he's gotten in this timeline.

No. 810681

Dude, people were immediately siding with Heidi cus she's a pretty girl and sounded like she had been betrayed. Once it turned out she (gasp!!) wanted to try polyamory, KF immediately found a photo of her without make up to say how ugly she is and what a slut she is for.. i guess enjoying sex?
If you want to hate on Heidi for being an emotional person during an emotional time, fuck off to kiwifarm

No. 810682


>>810562 is correct. The restraining order maintains the status quo of assets during the separation until the dissolution is final so that, for examples, the spouse with health insurance can't remove the other spouse from the policy or the spouse whose paycheck deposits into an annuity or who holds stocks can't cash out, transfer, or otherwise hide the asset.

No. 810683

I think its more that everyone (except Holly) can agree that Jared is a fuckwad waste of life so there's no more need to deliberate on that subject unless new info comes out

No. 810685

File: 1558469968323.png (103.62 KB, 633x504, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.19…)

Guessing this is about Nuylu

No. 810687

Finally caught up reading the whole thing, this is fucked up.

No matter how you spin it now it feels like Holly's equally as bad as Jared. Heidi's story is not a new one and definitely deserves pity.

No. 810690

I find it interesting that lolcow has been so much more understanding than Kiwi farms on this one. Like we’ve actually been trying to understand Heidi’s side and sympathize with someone who was lied to, gaslit, and cheated on. Yet kiwi farms just keeps screaming and circle-jerking on the idea of Heidi being an "ugly slut" and contributing nothing of importance

No. 810691

File: 1558470511368.png (90.22 KB, 1873x928, a5c255481aa9af9adef68cdbefb640…)

Went to check on the 4chan archives and for some reason I thought they'd be more supportive of Heidi.

Go figure.

No. 810694

It might be because lolcow hates Holly more than either of the other two.

No. 810695

Maybe I'm imagining things, but I always got the feeling there are more women on lolcow than the other two, so more people who have probably experienced this kind of thing first hand

No. 810696

Because the kiwifarm thread attracted incels who can't fathom that a woman was a victim so they're trying to make the abused woman the villain

No. 810697

Sage for OT, but the more I see of this the more I can relate to Heidi as a victim of a guy lying and going behind your back for months. Fuck Jared.

No. 810698

Really is sad and pathetic to read. I’m no hardcore feminist or anything but you’d think they’d at least have the decency and common sense to believe Heidi. On other threads such as the Schofields they have all these empathy towards abused children but then when it comes to a woman who was fucked over, they defend Jared.

No. 810700

KF is predominantly virginal men and alt right edgelords, of course they hate women. Hilarious that they went from jerking off to Heidi while calling Holly an ugly toad, only to do a complete 180 and now Heidi was the fugly slut the whole time, without a trace of irony.

No. 810702

File: 1558471320508.jpg (103.96 KB, 960x720, HomerForeverNothing.jpg)

No. 810703

I believe people can do whatever they want, hell if someone wants to have 300 partners at once it’s none of my business about what happens in people’s bedrooms.
However, the people on here who are saying that poly relationships have a lot more issues than monogamy have a major point. Unless all people involved are chill and emotionally detached, there’s usually problems about 80% of the time. Which obviously doesn’t mean we should harass people for it, but that doesn’t make it the best and most stable route in life. Every one of these poly arrangements I’ve seen always end up in drama and fighting, regardless if seen from a more liberal progressive or traditional conservative viewpoint, it’s a statistical fact.(no1curr what you think about relationship dynamics)

No. 810704

That wasn't always true actually if you look at past grump threads, Holly was always viewed neutral/okish on here because snooze was always seen as the way worse female grump(for obvious reasons).

It wasn't until this whole drama did everyone realize she's a complete bitch (beside for a few anons who always found her uwu smol mentally ill persona shady).

Heidi brought the fucking milk so it's hard to go against her even though she's guilty of being an idiot (never agree to poly with your husband EVER) and probably could have handled things better but, bless her for bring this crazy shit to the internet. Plus, she gave Jared's victims a voice, they might have never spoken up if she didn't bring this all to light.

No. 810705


In this post Heidi says she filed for divorce. Has this been explained?

No. 810706



I think many of us have personally or witnessed somebody like Jared (or even Holly) in their private life or felt for people like this.

No. 810707

every single monogamous relationship I've ever seen has had people fighting over dumb fucking shit regardless of who's "chill". It's not unique to any type of relationship. can y'all drop the OT conversation

No. 810708

more partners more problems

fuck Heidi, who cares about her. Holly is just trying to shift the narrative from Jared creeping on teens. Don’t let her.

No. 810709

Previous GG threads seemed mostly positive or at least neutral on Holly, though. Personally I only knew her as “the GG wife who’s not Suzy” and I’d never even heard of Heidi or Jared before. It’s just so obvious from all the evidence and the timeline that’s come out so far that Jared is a manipulative scumbag and Heidi, while certainly not perfect, is the one who’s been gaslit and emotionally abused.

No. 810713

She probably meant that they started the process of filing together or something like that

No. 810716

File: 1558473360452.png (59.23 KB, 588x546, HollyVictim.png)

No. 810719


Can Holly just leave the internet already? Every post she makes is just digging her own grave. The best thing she could have done would to be ignoring the people who pissed her off. She just keeps making it worse.(ban evasion)

No. 810730

It doesn’t take four years to separate wtf.
I’ve known far wealthier people than Heidi to separate with kids and it’s a six month affair at worst provided the split is mutual.

No. 810749

This shit boils my blood.

Holly, it's not about YOUR feelings. It's not about your self diagnosed depressed asexual homewrecking ass. It's not about how worried YOU were or how all these feels were new to YOU. None of this is about you, but you made it only about you. Only your feelings mattered in every choice you made, which is abundantly clear since you thought it was appropriate to fuck a married man while you were "helping out of a toxic marriage." God just fuck off. Saging for spergout but oml she is so self centered throughout this.

No. 810750

Spoiler alert: poly relationships never work and it's always the men who want them anyway. Heidi was obviously doing that shit to 'please her man.' Let's be real. She got cheated on and now she's mad, but none of the parties are innocent here, especially since Heidi knew about the sexting thing.

No. 810752

Untrue, women also initiate poly relationships. I believe the dynamic is typically different depending on who starts, though. I used to know a poly couple in which the female initiated opening the relationship but it fell apart after the guy was having an easier time bringing in new women than the girl has bringing in new men.

No. 810754

Blog post. No one cares guys. Polyshit doesnt work and there's too much evidence proving it. Heidi fell for Jared's bullshit and now she's gotta reap what she sowed.

No. 810755

I feel like every new tweet Holly makes, she is just digging a deeper ditch

No. 810756

>big claims
>citing nothing

sorry you got cheated on. get over it. some of us can handle ourselves in poly relationships.

No. 810757

Ah, another anon who can't read.
>none of the parties are innocent here, especially since Heidi knew about the sexting thing
She found out about the sexting in 2017 and said "that's fucked," demanded Jared to stop, and assumed he would stop. Like him sexing Holly, he did not stop. >>808125 "The reason I thought it ended then was because I demanded he end it, because it's unacceptable."

No. 810758

ITT autists who can't stop sperging about polyships

No. 810761


Four attempts.

No. 810762


She said she had already filed during the three weeks prior to May 7th. Dissolution of marriage is not filed jointly.

No. 810765

I mean I imagine they do exist when there are the bare minimum feelings but at that point you’re just FWB.
There’s a more common term for people that age comfortable having noncommittal sex with multiple partners though.

No. 810766

File: 1558478617339.jpg (152.47 KB, 1440x1080, Db3grpwUwAEdJh8.jpg large.jpg)

go away incel. you're unwanted

No. 810769

ah yes, flawless logic: Heidi exposing PedoJared and CommanderHOElly as cheating, lying bastards + Jared sending and requesting nudes to minors with HOElly's knowledge does juuuust as much damage as them lying, gaslighting and abusing Heidi's trust and boundaries, plus y'know, the whole goddamn pedophilia issue that people seem to be sweeping under the rug

No. 810770

You’re free to demonstrate the superior feasibility of polyamory any time.

No. 810771

Literally no one swept it under the rug.

Stop being retarded.

There's nothing new in regards to Jared himself, this is literally about shit between Holly and Heidi, now that Heidi is starting to admit to things herself.

No. 810772

works for some, not for others. same as monogamy. go sperg somewhere else manlet

No. 810775

same cant be said for your dry dick but here we are, hearing all about how you've never been able to get laid

No. 810777

>Support your claim
>Nah I’d rather spout buzzwords
Truly the bastions of emotional maturity that make monogamy an obsolete concept.(ban evasion)

No. 810779

If the maleposters from kiwifarms can take their sperging to the vent thread on /ot please. You're ruining a good thread full of delicious fresh milk with your offtopic relationship opinions.

No. 810782

just stop man it does work sometimes you just might not have seen it working

A poly relationship is less to manage per person but it can be more to manage total and neither mono or poly is easier too many differences in each situation

Please try to get two or three fwbs at the same time at some point in your life or just be mad and never try it it’s up to you

Also some people are good at setting and keeping expectations unlike Jared and Heidi who let’s be honest were never going to make it monogamos or poly it seemed like a crutch and how are you going to have any normal relationship with Jared

Heidi is either not really that mad at holly or does not have nudes on hand anymore because she already crossed that line of destroying a reputation over a situation that is mostly Jared’s fault and at least somewhat her fault possibly more than the side chick’s(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810789

i already didn't like holly because her whole vibe threw me off and now all of this comes out. i wouldn't be surprised if she got her ass kicked next time she left the house honestly. she's a lying snake and i'm glad people are shitting on her.

No. 810808

Heidi said that Holly and Jared din't start fucking until October… when Jared dumped Heidi's ass the first of many times before she was finally forced to jumped off the gravy train. so no, they weren't fucking when holly apologized

No. 810809

Jesus christ shut the fuck up about your relationship argument shit and sage your shit and stop infighting
fucking newfags

No. 810811

Yeah he definitely shows it in the Game Grumps Instagram takeover videos, I loved his takeover videos but it's honestly pretty sad to watch them back now, especially the part where he's so enthusiastic about Holly's crafting skills.

His first takeover with Holly is at 1:38 and the other takeover with Holly in it is at 8:38, 10:28 definitely did not age well.

I genuinely hope Ross finds someone who actually cares for him. I'm just glad he seems to be doing well despite this entire shit show.

No. 810814

LOL ross was a nobody, he hadn't been on game grumps yet

No. 810817

it actually did, she changed her mind in fewer than 12 hours.

No. 810818

Ross is doing great and his response was great

He convinced me he was a good guy and he’s the one who really deserves a million subscribers

please don’t have a scandal ross

No. 810819

Ross for the most part was so sweet and loving to Holly, she did not deserve him

No. 810820

Could you newfags and KF wash-ups please learn to sage already, jesus fucking wept

No. 810821

can you learn to sage or stop double-posting or w/e? christ

No. 810825


So fucking what? Your completely irrelevant shit is still not saged.

No. 810828

yikes how newfag are you? can't sage your shit, can't even reply to the correct comment

No. 810830

My apologies, can only do some much typing in mobile my dude

No. 810832

File: 1558486676851.jpeg (470.17 KB, 1125x1496, CCABA314-8AD8-4100-96E9-22A3EF…)

No. 810848

I mean one of the victims said he liked looking at the nudes from people and get hard during stream
He probably kept them regardless to keep getting hard in front of his under-aged stream audience

No. 810859

I have never rolled my eyes this hard in my life, this manipulative absolute bitch lmao

No. 810861

Probably Holly sockpuppeting tbh

No. 810863

>Everyone who was dissing them real quiet now
Heidi's response to holly has like double the likes and retweets as holly's response

No. 810872

File: 1558492552463.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1623, 6A151716-B309-4F36-8A28-D35A3C…)

sage because it’s not totally related but people are hounding Ross enough that he’s taking a break from streaming. not only did Holly ruin their marriage but her opening her mouth only made it harder for Ross to ignore this bullshit

No. 810875

Will this debacle be what finally pushes Ross over the edge? Will Ross go full nuclear and at last set off the powderkeg that is Game Grumps? Will Jon continue to eat popcorn, laughing as Jared loses years' worth of subscribers?

No. 810876

I know Ross doesn't want to get involved and understand completely, but I almost wonder if it would be better for him to give some sort of statement. It would end the speculation about whether Holly had his permission or if she did cheat. I know he won't because he still cares about her enough to not throw her to the wolves.

No. 810878


I bet Jon wants to be involved in this mess just as much as Ross does.

No. 810879

No. 810883

most of the comments on that thread are siding with heidi

No. 810887

Not only would it clear up speculation, it would stop people like Jessica from speaking for him.

No. 810898

>he still cares about her enough to not throw her to the wolves
anything he says will immediately trend and be used as kindling on this already colossal dumpster fire. He doesn't give a shit about her. he's looking out for himself (rightfully so).

No. 810901

> I know he won't because he still cares about her enough to not throw her to the wolves.
Tbh Ross not defending Holly is very telling. He has at least some obligation/motivation to defend his own ex wife if she's being slandered and lied about all over the internet, especially in regards to how she treated him, like whether she cheated on him or not. The fact that he hasn't spoken up in her defense makes it obvious that it must be true, even if he doesn't want to encourage people to attack her.

No. 810903

Let's be real, pro Holly really means pro Jared (no pun intended), and reddit hates women like it's their job. Of course they're all "pro Holly"

No. 810908

I wonder if he told Jessica to take down the tweet about him or if she realises she was way overstepping in a rare moment of insight.

No. 810909


LOL even broken clocks are right twice a day, yeah? Poor poor Jessica needs a hobby and a real job, that level of pig-headed involvement isn't healthy.

No. 810910

She deleted the Ross related tweets shortly after it was posted here that Arin (and Barry and Vernon) still followed her, wondering if her tweets would make them unfollow her. It lines up with the theory that the asshat that keeps popping up here is Jessica.
I hope its what you said though. It'd have stung a lot more for her.

No. 810913

No one else thinks he isn’t involving himself because holly has some dirt on him he knows she can use against him?

No. 810914

Honestly, I think it's just cause he's too nice too. That, and it seems like he just got over the whole cucking thing to begin with only to start getting spammed about his wife that betrayed him.

No. 810916

I think he just wants to be done with Holly and her sinking ship of autism.

No. 810918


This. Imagine marrying Holly, realising what sort of dumpster fire you've caught yourself in with that sort of uwu narcissistic uwu bullshit, then managing to finally divorce her ass… only for people to try and drag you into the whole mess again? I'd be running screaming for the hills at this point tbh.

No. 810922


Well he did say as much as he did say he’s leaving it in the past and moving on

I just wish other people would respect his wishes on the matter though

No. 810923

Tinfoil hat theory, but I wouldn't be surprised if Ross's Grumps contract has a gag-order clause that prevents him from getting involved in any sort of internet drama.

No. 810933

Honestly it's their business if she cheated or not. If Ross says she had permission, he wouldnt see the end of it. If he says she didnt, she would be even more crucified by his WK's. I'm not defending Holly, but the problem should be the CP alligations by the parties involved (yes, even Heidi, it could be very well come out she knew about the young fans), not the fucking messy infidelity. They're gaming people, ffs, not monogamy marriage spokespeople. Why are yall so fixated on who cheated on who.

No. 810934

>why are yall so fixated on the drama on a board about drama!!
We've talked about the underage nudes PLENTY, it's not one or the other. Both can be discussed and cheating alone does indeed make people shitty and worth criticizing/discussing, get off your high horse.

No. 810935

Because they all put their business out there for people to read about? How is this such a foreign concept? They all decided to spill their dirty laundry so naturally everyone's going to be curious.

No. 810939

Man, Jared sure loves taking walks… He took a walk with Holly as well… Kek

No. 810940

Im on no high horse, i enjoy the drama too. Im referring to harassing Ross into speaking about this situation like he owes it just because his work is making animations on the internet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810941

1. read rules and usage info.
2. no one here is harassing ross. speculating on a website he doesn't even know about is not harassment.

No. 810942

This is like the third time I've had to say it this thread,
>yes, even Heidi, it could be very well come out she knew about the young fans
She knew about the tumblrs' existences back in 2017 and asked Jared to close them all and stop, expecting him to stop, and didn't pursue it until the recent discoveries because she (like any sane person) thought he actually would. Because it's bad. But he didn't.

No. 810952

I'll bring it back up because it's kinda relevant but during that whole Holly being cool with Pewdiepie during his whole racist fiasco, Ross was also defending him, and when people attacked Holly about it on her tumblr, Ross got super aggro mad and told people to fuck off and leave his wife alone.

That was just people sending her mean anon messages, the fact that her whole character is being publicly questioned and he doesnt chime in means that Holly really fucked over Ross. I think it really cements that Holly cheated on Ross cause if that wasnt the case and the marriage was open or left on good terms, he'd at least say ANYTHING to help out Holly.

No. 810953

I can't with Holly's shit. Her "I'm so sad and stressed and I had to go to a HOSPITAL and I'M so hurt mentally ;n;" shtick while flinging words like 'insane' at Heidi (which isn't a remotely accurate word for Heidi's meltdown in the texts. A meltdown, yes, not insanity..) AND spouting out "mental health" and "abuser" facts…. it's so fucking messy?? It's clearly a poor me boo her thing she's trying to pull and I can't tell if she's doing it on purpose of if she's just fully delusional.

I had a friend who used to do the same thing, she'd lash out and be down right nasty to people and the MOMENT she was called out on it, it was "you can't tell me off! I'm MENTALLY ILL" like bitch so are all your friends, birds of a goddamn feather and all that shit. Gross and lazy.

No. 810954


Learn. To. Sage. Your. Shit.

No. 810958

Jared and Holly did

No. 810959

Ross doesn't have any obligation to say anything on the situation whatsoever.

No. 810971

In reddit they are talking about how the screen capture of Heidi being crazy may be fake.
Some redditor used an internet website to check artifacts on the images.

These are normal ones, that has similar artifacts

This is the one that might be edited, in which heidi's replies has no artifacts

I have no idea of how this stuff works.
Maybe anyone here knows more about this shit and the validity of this claim?

No. 810972

Interesting, can you link the reddit thread? I think if they were fake that Heidi would have noticed and called them out but I'd like to see what other people think

No. 810973

No. 810974

File: 1558521389511.png (150.13 KB, 770x519, Capture d’écran 2019-05-22 à…)

Thanks, I'll include caps of the thread in case the commenters delete their posts

No. 810975

File: 1558521414553.png (159.95 KB, 776x575, Capture d’écran 2019-05-22 à…)

and the first reply

No. 810978

Yeah I don't buy it, this is conspiracy to the point of being nonsensical. The third screenshot is not any more "damning" towards Heidi than the second one, and the second one ends with the same text bubble that the third one begins with. Not to mention that all three screenshots have entirely different artifacting from compression and only look superficially alike, and that the third image has a different compression level than the first two.
If it were faked, I would expect Heidi to have called it out immediately, not to mention to have the receipts to prove it to be false (since her replies are presumably coming from her phone, which she presumably still has access to).
Accepting it as true doesn't mean much anyway, it only seems shocking because it's cut entirely out of context. Heidi is losing her mind after, as she says in the screenshots themselves (and no one denies), weeks and/or months of Jared either lying to her face about the situation with Holly or outright ignoring/avoiding confrontation when he knows he violated the explicit agreement they had about the open marriage. Jared did something wrong, violated Heidi's trust and/or agreement, and then chose to avoid dealing with it for weeks like a cowardly snake rather than own up to it from the start.
Not to mention, there are some very weird allusions to bits of conversation that were cut out of the screenshots that call into question what exactly Holly was doing in this situation. Jared mentions having to "talk to her" because he doesn't want to watch Heidi suffer, and then says that "she probably wasn't going to do shit". Was Holly threatening to do something to Heidi? Was Holly supposed to be initiating talks with Jared, but failed to do so? Is this perhaps a double failure on both Jared and Holly to uphold promises and agreements to Heidi, and the constant betrayal of trust is what led to the breakdown in text? Methinks so.

No. 810981

The only one here who is innocent and a victim is Ross. All the other 3 were doing retarded shit and being complicit on cheating behind his back.

No. 810982

I agree that opening up the marriage in the first place was a stupid move, but Heidi was told that Ross knew about and approved of Holly and Jared's relationship.

No. 810983

Heidi might have gone full retard due to Jared's crazymaking, but she didn't condone cheating on Ross, see >>810188

No. 810984

File: 1558524073556.jpeg (719.32 KB, 581x2052, A6F08B6E-6E10-4933-8F48-5CA4C5…)

>i WaS iN tHe HoSpiTal

Is that why she was the samefag who was WK herself and responding to herself and agreeing to herself AND ban evading for about a week, then got her own name tag three days ago AFTER the new thread was already made trynna bump that shit to post limit.

Wow, I wish I had access to lolcow and VPNs in psych wards, we got a fucking king of the castle here.

No. 810992

Wait, did the farmhands give those posts that nametag or did the poster enter it themselves? I'd honestly love it if the ban-evading wk got a site-wide tag, whether it's Holly herself or not.

No. 810993

Given the ` in the last post I'm inclined to believe that's Jessicanon

No. 810994

Thank god for Chai consistently cutting through the bullshit, honestly.

No. 810995

I think it was just newfaggotry. Mods would have announced it in giant sparkly letters upon outing a cow

No. 810997

The nametag was written by the poster from the start. I saw them within like 20 minutes of them being posted, and wondered why no one was freaking out that Holly was posting to the board WITH her name, but assumed that wiser anons somehow knew it wasn't her or was just a tragic WK

No. 811007

Agree. Ross really got the worst end of this and i hope he remains kept out of all this gross drama. He deserved better

No. 811018

File: 1558529629591.png (169.26 KB, 611x1291, manipulative ass shit.png)

Here she goes again, posting more "oh woe is me!!" shit.

No. 811023

"All this virtue signalling is not a PR stunt guys! See how I was sure to say so."

No. 811025

"Hey you may hate me for being an hypocritical victim-blaming homewrecker but think about how much worse it is to be chronically ill than the things I did! By the way did you know my mom is dead?"

No. 811027

I'm just kind of laughing at how all this is happening around her birthday though.
Also how is this NOT trying to Garner sympathy when you still make it all about you with your birds and mental healt

No. 811028


sageing cause not contributing but how often does Holly actually swear? I don't know if her uwu persona has corrupted my memory or something but I really don't recall Holly ever using swear words in her videos, tweets or tumblr

No. 811030

imagine supporting a pedophile ebegging in the same day

No. 811031

at least it's a charity and not her Patreon

No. 811036

I haven’t noticed this till this point, but she really is the worst lmao.

No. 811037

File: 1558532573714.png (328.33 KB, 460x526, Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 7.11.…)

>my mother had MS
>i'm thankful i'm alive
>pls save the pigeons from dying, help the animals
>muh mental heal– i mean muh bar is so low today
>did i mention i had to deal with watching my MS-ridden mother

yeah poor holly :( I wonder why anyone would accuse you of trying to garner sympathy?? i bet you anything they're goons sent by heidi to harass your totally uwu smol mentally ill person and scream at you insanely juuust like she did.

i stg this bitch.

No. 811039


As a former fan of Holly, I remember her swearing very little unless around friends that cursed, ie Game Grumps
However this part (around 3:52) from one of her old videos does make me laugh in hindsight due to how fake it all is now.

No. 811043

what do you mean?

No. 811044

seeing shit like this just baffles me to no end that she willingly let go of a guy who looks at her this lovingly.

No. 811045

(same anon)
sorry 5:52, had a brain fart

No. 811048

File: 1558533395228.png (59.59 KB, 1311x460, ss (2019-05-22 at 11.50.55) (1…)

Did we all see this comment from Jirard on the treesicle video btw?

No. 811050

Now that's milk

No. 811052

>I always try to share real things
Uh, sure Holly…

No. 811053


that's interesting. Also the treesicle video was the most respectful and concise video I saw on the matter that didn't capitalize on the drama and use huge figureheads to promote their own channels (coughkeemstarcoughsmalldramachannelscough)

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that NB people didn't know about the minors deal with jared, but probably heard about Heidi since Jared is married to her. They probably didn't hear about Holly, just Heidi "being a bitch" to Jared for "no reason". They got a skewed turn of events and nothing on the nudes

considering the emails, I'll bet that was handled totally privately between the manager and jared, if it even happened at all, and kept away from the others to avoid inside bickering and fighting. as it stands after this, satchel left, so it's not in their best interests to cause chaos internally before any public statements in the first place

No. 811057

File: 1558534241274.png (163.33 KB, 1080x502, Screenshot_20190522-091026(1).…)

Holly's on a roll today ladies

No. 811058

She didn't think her career was dead enough yet

No. 811059

does she realize she's on twitter and not tumblr, or is the strabismus returning in full force?

No. 811064

Funny how Holly's just now having all of these 'feelings' about her sexuality and acting like a high schooler in terms of maturity level.

Her childhood must have really messed her up if she just now acting like this at the age of 33.

No. 811066

File: 1558535957224.jpg (55.39 KB, 1023x682, 1558280680626.jpg)

Imagine cheating on this cute funny nerd boy with fucking Jared

No. 811078


Holly: 'gets a husband with a cute accent, handsome face, like all the same things you like, even supports your business and hobbies'

Holly: lol nah Imma get me that ProJared penis

No. 811088

This whole affair is bizarre as fuck. From polyamory to pedophilia, it's really the saddest cluster fuck.

It's like how Prince Charles left Diana for an old woman. Both Jared and Holly left more attractive partners, but maybe they were trying to date with their within their leagues again.

I suppose Holly is a distraction from the pedophilia allegations, but man did she really FUCK up her response. The sheer inability to understand her being involved with someone else's husband is going to be anxiety inducing hell is hilarious. She wants to act like a victim while posting the wife's upset texts and acting like she's being attacked? Holly really planned this out with several tactics. Blaming Heidi, portraying Jared as a victim, claiming mental health issues and using an ill defined poly relationship as an excuse to convince a woman's husband to leave her. In all of this, it's pretty telling that Holly claims she was allowed her relationship with Jared when also talking about how she got her friend out of an abusive relationship. She both tries to say Heidi was supposed to be okay with her trying to steal her husband?

No. 811091

File: 1558538243629.jpg (42.92 KB, 416x522, lul.jpg)

lmao these niggas

No. 811095

I had an ex who gaslit and abused me for years and he definitely was trying to see if he could talk me into the whole "open marriage" thing. But one of the things he said he wanted was to see another guy screw me. So to me, her messages came off very reminiscent of that whole situation and I got a strong feeling that he was into the same thing and she was trying hard to appeal to that side of things. Especially when she says how she is feeling insecure and needs him to respond because she can't handle the feeling of insecurity she has about all of this. It's clear she is going into new territory and is really unsure about the whole thing and afraid she has gone too far, or not far enough or that she is somehow doing things wrong…(no1curr)

No. 811098

This makes me wonder just how common this whole “poly trinity” is with youtubers, since it seems to be a growing trend esp in conjunction with gaslighting, violating poly boundaries (treating it as a “free for all” a la onision “I’m going to fuck her even if you don’t want me to”), and past histories of cheating.

We got onision, cyr, dasha, game grumps crew with projared, holly, Heidi, and maybe even ross? I’d bet money that more of the GG crew does similar “relationships” along with a slew of other youtubers. Wonder who else is hiding a trinity.

No. 811105

I thought this too for a bit, but we have had cows like that annoying scottish cosplayer that would selfpost constantly in her own thread. She didn’t get big sparkly letters. She was posting as anon, then got banned a bunch, ban evaded and kept posting as anon and then had her name put in the name field for her by mods just like that. Also same thing with Edwinsgeneration and the onision fangirls posting caps and others who posted in threads that involved them. If it was an anon idk why they would write in the name while responding to their own posts pretending to be someone else. Esp since tons of post prior had similar writing and were suspected to be holly herself. And if it was a troll they probably wouldn’t have written stuff like that. Or at least not sound like holly unsarcastically, defending Jared and asking themselves for receipts (most likely to use it as an “in” to post receipts, ie: “well some anon asked!”). Idk though, both are equally likely.

No. 811108


Yup, I remember seeing Emzotic outed like that in some of the pet tuber threads (general or TND, can't recall). I kind of low-key love it in a "we know it's you, dipshit" kind of way. Not giving them a big high off getting more attention.

No. 811109

I wonder the same thing. Affairs are pretty common as much as I don't want them to be. Personal experience the more affluent my dad got the more obnoxious he got with affairs, my mum apparently knew of a mistress but he got caught fucking a neighbor at a party and the whole thing went to shit ending in divorce. Is polyamory how 'public figures' have easier affairs since their jobs reputation matters more so.

Even Jared's mistress wasn't enough he needed to solicit nudes and have sex with fans in hotel rooms. Away on business. The whole thing makes me fucking sick

No. 811114

Lol remember “can you feel the lactation?!?!” Good times. Usually the big sparkly letters are for more egregious violators and popular selfposting cows who post tons in a short period of time or extremely violate the sites rules/piss of staff. But smaller cows and sources are namefagged like normal. As well as some cows who’ve been namefagged sometimes didn’t have previous post named, but just all future posts after ban evading to clear confusion. It makes me chuckle to entertain the thought that holly might be somewhere out there crying to an unlistening Jared, yelling through his balls that are currently 24/7 couch surfing in her mouth, “dey p ut muh nam on muh posd muh metal helth ver deeprsed!!1 ha-ow wil i WK muh jayrd?!”

No. 811115

Definitely how I think it went. Jared marries Heidi, at first it seems perfect. But Jared keeps hinting that he wants to fuck other women, Heidi doesn't satisfy him, she's not enough, etc. Heidi is desperate to make him happy and fulfil his needs, so she gives in little by little. Sharing lewds? If it makes you happy, if it makes you feel better about yourself. Openly hitting on other people, telling her how much he wants to fuck other women? Well, men are like that, he needs to express his sexuality. Opening the marriage? I'm not fulfilling his needs, if we don't he'll leave for sure and find a better woman.

So they agree, they can see other people. Heidi decides to have a thing with a friend she made, a fellow cosplayer who is kind and understanding, cute, and also non-threatening. They vaguely sext, and Heidi shares everything with Jared to show him how happy she is that they're poly, and doesn't he find that hot? Meanwhile, Jared fucks random fans, is gone for weeks at a time and barely tells her a thing about who he's railing. If she asks, he ignores her. When she feels anxious and uncomfortable about things, he leaves her on read. If she complains about something, how dare she treat him like this? Didn't she agree to this deal? Is she trying to control him while she gets hers? How can she not trust him after all he's done for her?

But that's not all, fans are easy to get. He has his eye on something more interesting. Holly is his close friend, and she's always had a thing for him. Sure, she's married, but so is he. He makes a point to compare Heidi to her. Holly supports me, Holly is there for me, Holly treats me better. And have you seen her body? Sure, Heidi, you're hot, but you're not enough. Are we in an open relationship or not? Holly, Holly, Holly.

So she caves. If she makes him happy, maybe we can save this marriage. If Ross is okay with it, go ahead and fuck her. And oh, of course he's okay, I swear he said so! But as it turns out, it's not just that. But as it turns out, that's not what they have in mind. Now when he's gone, he's gone with her, and she doesn't hear a word from him in days. When he's home, he talks about Holly more than about Heidi. He hardly wants to touch her, and if she says anything, well, doesn't she have a boyfriend too? Doesn't he get to do it if she does? She's just paranoid.

So she snaps. This is not working, things have never been worse, and if she wants to save the marriage the poly stuff can't continue. She gets pissed, tells Jared she doesn't want it to happen anymore. In no uncertain terms, she tells him the lewds and the Holly fucking has to end. She blows up at Holly, who is the centerpiece of their problems, and tells her to stop fucking her husband. She breaks up with her own boyfriend, and gets to work on fixing the marriage. She thinks now he'll stop it all and work with her. We're going to couple's therapy now, we can fix this and go back to how nice it was when we were just married.

But he doesn't give up like that. Heidi said it had to end, but he's not that kind of guy. He just has to do it when she's not looking. How hard can that be, now Holly lives in the same town, and they're gone to one con or another every month. Heidi won't look into his phone, he's careful, and doesn't she trust him? Wanting to control his communications is a big sign or abuse, and she doesn't want to abuse him, does she? No, you can't hang out with my friends, I know you'll just try to pit them against me.

And then, Heidi finds out. He was sloppy and forgot to wipe his old phone. When hers breaks and she borrows it until she can get a new one, she finds the texts, and the pictures, and a ton of evidence that he kept doing everything she was convinced he had stopped. She's devastated, she goes to her friends for supports, but she doesn't want to make a stink. She loves him so much, she still thinks she has a chance.

She confronts him, and he turns it all on her, how awful she is to him and how horrible he feels all the time because of her. He needs to do those things, otherwise he'll hurt himself. Holly supports him because Heidi is such a terrible, abusive person. But maybe he'll break up with Holly for Heidi. Or maybe he won't.

There's a back and forth. Sometimes Heidi wants out, but how can she abandon him? Doesn't she know how sad and broken he is, how can she threaten to leave him alone? Sometimes Jared threatens to leave, but Heidi has no income, and nowhere to go, and she still loves him. It takes a while, but they agree. Heidi gets a car, finds an apartment, and they'll file for divorce.

And like that, Heidi is out. She's not completely out, there's still the legal stuff, but she has her space, she isn't under his roof or his thumb anymore, and her friends are there for her. She can think clearly, and she is pissed. Every horrible thing he's done to her bubbles to the surface and she realizes how bad it was. She's at her boiling point.

And then, the straw that breaks the camel's back. He blocks her on Twitter, and makes his one-sided statement when they had agreed to collaborate on a joint statement. It was the push she needed to go nuclear, and go nuclear she does.

The rest is history.

No. 811124

Wow, better than any reality tv, that's for sure.
But seriously, this does seem to me the most likely imo.

No. 811126

I know, get Rosamund Pike on the phone, I have a pitch for Gone Girl 2: Even Goner

No. 811128

Bravo, anon. You're on point with your analysis for sure. I'd be surprised if this WASN'T how it went down, or at least a near identical unfolding of events.

No. 811134

Hes so cute, she deffo has mental issues to prefer El Chupacabras instead of this qt geeky guy

No. 811141

Ngl, my first reaction when I caught up on everything going down was "I can't believe she didn't Gone Girl his ass"

Turns out he Gone Girl-d himself by being a pedo

No. 811148

I don't understand why people are so upset about Heidi leaving out the poly shit. By the time she found out about the affair she and Jared had been monogamous for almost a year. I can see why she would think it wasn't worth bringing up.

No. 811149

File: 1558545341747.jpg (84.63 KB, 713x587, 22.JPG)

this is the tumblr of Mari, one of the two from Geek Remix. Seems like Jared was also trying to get nudes from her.

Mari is very outspoken usually but she hasn't talked about this situation too much (compared to others on twitter who shove their nose in drama), but this is interesting information

She is definitely legal, and very outspoken/open about sexuality and generally not an uptight person, she is also plus size

(note I don't hate Mari I'm actually a big fan of Geek Remix but it seems like he was also going to other Youtubers too, not just random fans)

No. 811150

File: 1558545393009.jpg (77.13 KB, 723x875, 33.JPG)

No. 811152

File: 1558545649352.png