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File: 1567295775781.png (2.26 MB, 2048x1328, 1566942631943.png)

No. 861615

ProJared/Holly Conrad/DCA/GG: The "Return of the Worm" Edition

Last Time on “The World’s Worst Rollercoaster”:

>Jared RETURNS with a new, temporary “I’m so sad, look how sad I am” appearance, releasing a 42 minute video entitled “You Were Lied To”

>video just HAPPENS to coincide with Heidi being out of town at DragonCon
>spends most of the video calling his accusers “liars”, showing screenshots proving that he asked about age
>attacks Chai’s creditability by mentioning their brain injury and memory loss before slamming both Chai and Charlie for having GG cartoon porn blogs on tumblr
>ends the video by claiming to have not cheated on Heidi, and asks his followers to NOT harass her or Holly
>request backfires, Heidi gets the most harassment since the beginning of the ProJared saga
>Heidi claims to now be distressed and in bad place mentally due to constant attacks from Jared’s incel army
>Holly is too busy posting pictures of Jared with her animal horde in honor of his birthday to notice, as well as prepping the release of clothing to profit off of her “cancellation”
>The great “Jared was right!!” movement commenced
>Pamela Horton apologizes for accusations against Jared, followed by an apology from Amelia Talon
>Videos that were critical of ProJared begin being unlisted or deleted entirely
>Considering the timing of Jared’s new video and the sudden backtracking, tinfoil is that he has been slapping people with cease and desist notices and/or slander/libel lawsuits. Heidi has confirmed in the past that Jared had been harassing her via legal means offline.

>Jared releases screenshots of a conversation with his and Heidi’s mutual therapist, with the therapist claiming Heidi used talk of suicide as a manipulation tactic against Jared

>Therapist tells Heidi that wasn’t what she was doing, furthering the cycle of gaslighting against Heidi
>Heidi admits that she had been institutionalized at this therapist’s recommendation at one point

>Jared gains $6000 in a twitch stream where he admits to jacking off to Charlie’s nudes, but it’s okay apparently because he THOUGHT they were legal

>Heidi hints towards a possible livestream when she gets back from DragonCon to clear the air and put the “truth” out.

Image Credit: >>859021
Thread Credit: >>861568

Previous Threads (The ProJared Saga Begins):
1: >>785476
2: >>804540
3: >>808888
4: >>812124
5: >>816967
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11: >>852741

Character Descriptions and Stats:

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)
>Heidi accuses Jared of threatening legal action if she speaks up. Unfortunately Heidi casts “Absorb Elements” just like she did for his initial divorce statement. Jared takes an extra 1d6 damage on her next melee attack.

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 5
Intellect: 15
Stamina: 10
Luck: none
Charisma: send noOds

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (current power-level):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Claims to have not cheated on her ex-husband despite his refusal to make one comment about the situation in her defense
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though
>Compared Etika’s suicide, a popular black YouTuber, to her own suicidal ideation by showcasing they both received clown emojis as “bullying.”
>Suffers backlash from the black community, Etika’s fans and Twitter
>After being called out for taking advantage of a person’s suicide, Holly infamously deflects criticism by tweeting, “I’m sorry. I’m mentally ill.”

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: uwu
Intellect: 4
Stamina: 100
Luck: ran out
Charisma: clown emoji

Holly Conrad’s Previous Stats:
>Holly is a “talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community”, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to her grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

For More On Holly Conrad:
>A History of Holly: >>838840 (Source: PULL)

Strength: uwu
Dexterity: 20
Intellect: 17
Stamina: 22
Luck: 100
Charisma: Not Suzy

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>Non-lewd cosplayer, talented craftsman and elf
>Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth
>Has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time
>Married to Jared Pedodick Knobslob
>Was in a poly relationship with Jared
>Claims Holly was the reason it didn’t work out
>Outed Jared’s infidelity and set twitter ablaze
>Working on her current divorce and perhaps a defamation against Holly Conrad for trying to claim she had BPD and that psychologists have deemed her “unfixable”
>Has started to become more vocal on that drama since Holly’s Etika sperg
>Claims emotional abuse by Jared and gas lighting, and also seems to insinuate her enjoyment of sex has decreased
>Blocks overtly sexual cosplays because of the ProJared controversy
>Currently living alone in a new home and trying to start up her business and craft in a way to support herself
>Accuses Holly of being vindictive enough to have done everything in her power to end her marriage and happiness

Strength: 90
Dexterity: 71
Intellect: 82
Stamina: 64
Luck: 20
Charisma: Zinfandel

Dan Pirro from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Dedicated white knight of Jared and Holly’s that created a campaign to prove #heidingthetruth
>In direct contact with Holly Conrad Flying Monkey

Jessica Slater from the Honorable House Pigeon
>Holly stan and dedicated “sister”
>Runs a clearly objective truth blog on tumblr while putting down Heidi on twitter

Participation Trophies go to the following for their dedication:
>BorkScorpion, RainbowTressym, TigerNightmare, UnicornHoodlum and others
>May or may not be sockpuppet accounts
>Tier 3 WKs, to be mostly ignored
>Autism awareness is sometimes being aware of who to avoid

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Normal Boots:


The Expanded Universe:

**Game Grumps
Previous GG Threads:**
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being her BEST FRIEND despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.

Game Grumps:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


About Dice, Camera, Action:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

>Wafflecrew/Dice, Camera, Action:


Filed Under “Other”:

Ross O’Donovan
Do Not Bother Ross O’Donovan
>Game Grump and animator
You May Support and Subscribe at:
>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:

Reminder from Mods:
>Subjects have to be 16+ to be discussed on lolcow. Do not include Holly's 15 year old friend’s face or social media posts here.
>This is also a reminder that cowtipping is also against the rules, do not contact the girl or her parents because of her relation to Holly.
>Keep whiteknight posting to when they actually spill milk.

No. 861618

Hey Mods - I listed the wrong link to the last thread - Can we get that corrected??

Sorry y'all

No. 861622

File: 1567296625122.jpg (205.13 KB, 947x604, jeezman.jpg)

Can I say that I'm worried for Heidi's well being? Her social media is nonstop hate, she has mentioned not having much in the way of an income, and now this thing with her marriage counselor. Especially with the content of what the marriage counselor disclosed, I hope that her friends stay close and support her.

No. 861624


Heidi's been doing good so far at just blocking those who seek only to harass - but jesus, a person can only take so much.

I am legitimately worried about her right now. Jared wanted to talk about "Holly might kill herself over clown emojis!", but like, Heidi is getting actual fucking death threats and has already expressed to Jared that she has thought of suicide.

I'm with you Anon, I really hope her friends remain in close contact through all of this.

No. 861626

the attacks towards jared and heidi seem so different, jared's hate usually had a joking twist or was serious criticism being voiced whereas heidi has to face nothing but pure hate and threats… then everyone feels sorry for jared but heidi is attention-seeking if she expresses her struggle

No. 861629


Exactly - The people "attacking" jared and Holly used clown emojis and MAYBE called him a pedo and her a homewrecker, which - while admittedly not great - isn't even on the same playing field as those threatening to track Heidi down to rape and kill her for speaking against Jared.

No. 861631

How could this therapist even agree to transmit information to Jared like that? Even if Heidi and Jared thought it was an idea, any proper therapist would say "no". I'm not sure how they knew this chick but she's exploited Heidi as well in this whole process. I have no doubt she's close to Jared.

No. 861632

File: 1567297674821.jpg (76.86 KB, 625x626, stop.jpg)

On a somewhat similar note, the regular brigades/raids that show up here: I've noticed that lots of anons are just feeding the trolls and giving them exactly what the want, encouraging them to come back and do it again but harder.

Things that make this variety of trolls continue:
- calling them straight/white/men(makes them close themselves off in their identity group and keep trolling. Makes a fantastic screencap for them)
- calling them privileged(proves everything they already believe)
- generally cussing them out (feels great, but encourages them because it makes such a nice screencap to bring back to their group)

Things that might get them to leave:
- Screencaps of Jared and Holly being feminist, anti-white, or anti-Trump
- Asking them how they'd react if a ~35 year old man sent dick pics to their 16 year old sibling/child in exchange for said child's nudes. If they're being honest with themselves, the groups trolling here would have an extreme, not necessarily legal reaction to such behavior if it happened to a child they loved and tried to protect.
- NOT REACTING TO THE TROLLS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Report and move on. If you don't react, you're boring and you're ruining their fun in the most effective way.

I might not have the time tonight, but I'm considering combing through that super seducer video for a few decent FeministJared screencaps once I get the chance. I've never seen the video before, nor any of his other videos, so if anyone else has better screencaps of Jared/Holly please beat me to the punch if you feel like it.

I'm not sure if this type of post is welcome here, but it's so embarrassing to watch anons fall for the same thing again and again and again.

No. 861633


It's one thing for a therapist to contact a spouse about their partner's mental health if they are concerned about something like suicide - but when your patient reveals that they feel as if their spouse is emotionally abusive, YOU DON'T CONTACT THEIR ABUSER - regardless of if they had permission from Heidi or not, that therapist could have exposed Heidi to a world of harm, had Jared been physically abusive and not just emotionally abusive.

No. 861634

I know this is pure paranoia, but when Heidi made that tweet about being at the Elven Lantern Procession of Sunday, I got REALLY nervous.

No. 861636


Nah, Anon - I'm sure she was concerned too. The only saving grace is that most of theses big events have SOME kind of security (be it metal detectors or physical security staff) guarding events like that.

No. 861640

Seeing as it will be a 'procession', she will be among many other close by, so anyone trying anything will most likely be apprehended quickly.

No. 861646


If she told her therapist that Jared was emotionally abusive, why would she complain about the couple's therapy making him break up with her?

No. 861647


If she told her therapist about vulnerable things like her suicidal thoughts, I REALLY doubt that she wouldn't have said "I feel as though my husband is emotionally abusive"

Maybe she viewed the couple's therapy as the final straw - like, maybe they were like the couples where one desperately wants to make it work and will do anything while the other person won't do a goddamned thing and puts forth very lack luster effort but will claim to want to make it work

No. 861648

some people believe their partners can learn how not to be abusive. it's naive but it's not uncommon.

No. 861649

Heidi mentioned that Jared lied constantly to their therapist so Jared probably told her the same shit she told Holly.

I couldn't imagine the trauma of knowing that your therapist, the person you finally forced yourself to let your guard with to get help, it providing your soon-to-be ex husband/abuser advice about you being suicidal to make him stay. Heidi is living a nightmare.

The threats are kind of shocking, but I think Heidi will be fine for the most part. Just fat gamers and 14 year old kids. I wish Heidi started a fund for her legal fees. I'd donate so fast.

No. 861652

Because she was still completely latched onto him despite that. Heidi does need REAL, properly boundaried therapy.

No. 861654


Unfortunately, I think this "therapist" fucked up a good, honest therapist/psychologists chance at really truly helping Heidi.

I can't even blame her; Therapy is hard enough as it is, but to know that you trusted your darkest secrets to someone who then spewed them back to your husband but reframed as "She's using threats of suicide to get you to stay" essentially? That's fucked.

No. 861655

yes please find some decent caps. we're on a boring loop with the troll visits.

No. 861657

She's not fucked forever anon, don't think like that. She can shop for a decent, registered, well-reviewed person with a traceable professional or academic history and zero connection to her social circles or field os personal interest. That right person will be protective of Heidi and her personal information. If she doesn't seek help sometime in the recovery from this, she remains vulnerable to predatory people in the future too.

No. 861659


Definitely the latter.

No. 861661

File: 1567300282688.png (120.01 KB, 720x893, 20190831_210950.png)

The list of current mods on Heidi's Twitch…




No. 861666

can she get rid of those mods? i don't know how twitch works, but the creator of the twitch should have that power to un-mod someone at any time.

No. 861667


Oh, I'm not saying that I think she shouldn't pursue counseling - she absolutely should. I'm just saying that her faith in the system has been shook, it's going to be awhile before she's able to loosen up again.


I saw that. I'm glad that alpacaash is willing to step up and keep helping, though

No. 861669

Isn't Nulyu the person Heidi dated for a short period of time?



wtf is this madness? I def hope she can unmod them.

No. 861670

What's fucked up is touting Holly's "HEIDI IS UNFIXABLE" as gospel truth, anon. Real therapy work usually involves trying on different therapists before finding one that works for you, especially if you're dealing with a mix of specific trauma.

No real accredited therapist will ever share your details or story with anyone who isn't a fellow healthcare professioal actively working on that case or someone who does not have a big fucking court-appointed stack of papers to make them do so.

No. 861671

She can, it was more of an issue to remind her to do so before she started. I couldn't even imagine what the hell would happen if she didn't realize they were still mods before she started streaming.

No. 861672


I've literally never said that Heidi was unfixable. All I said was that this therapist might have scared her away from therapy. I think therapy has great benefits, but the shitty therapists (like this Sara person) make it SO. HARD. for the good therapists to make headway.

No. 861673

That's actually a really good reminder. The fuck. I wonder what kind of data Jared and Holly still can see through their mod options.

Makes me wonder if Heidi's channel is deemed community property in the divorce and she can't touch it to modify the mod team before it's finalized.

No. 861674


In that case, she'll just have to create a new one or stream on YouTube or something.

No. 861675

She's not saying you're saying heidi is unfixable, she's saying the therapist is.

No. 861677


Ah, I misread it. Sorry about that, >>861670

No. 861679


I can't imagine Jared didn't go through his mods to weed out anyone who may not be one of his apologists (was Heidi ever a mod?) so I don't see why she wouldn't be able to too.

No. 861681


I doubt Heidi was a mod for Jared; That's allowing way too high a likelihood that he would've stumbled onto something incriminating between him and Hoelly

No. 861682

I find it kind of interesting that Holly and Jared were all over twitter the last couple of days, but now that Heidi has called out the bullshit, they've once again retreated to silence (Other than the occasional liked post)

No. 861683


This definitely shows how close they all were & how much she trusted them.

No. 861684

File: 1567302069271.png (19.7 KB, 411x80, Screenshot_240.png)

God, the WK's are so fucking desperate to be part of the inner circle…

No. 861685

kayncli is an artist who works with/for Holly

No. 861687


I wasn't talking about Kayla - I was talking about GeraldoGuacamol, who is one of the very very Pro-ProJared people over on PJ2

No. 861688

GeraldoGuacamol is a DCA fan who was obsessively tweeting Jared. Let's move on from the whiteknights.

No. 861690

Isn't it against Twitch ToS to trash other partnered streamers? Even if it's true Heidi could get a temp ban for saying shit about wormdick.

No. 861695

New posts up on imgur


No. 861697

File: 1567302741008.png (359.49 KB, 582x384, f2d756b2ea4e87c6dc0e6e2a0ea309…)

Heidi seems to be doing alright so far, she's heading out for tonight

No. 861698

It's against the rules, yes. Heidi isn't big enough or important enough to get around twitch's ToS like Alinity.

No. 861700

Fucking yikes.

jared went to fuck holly after his therapy, knowing Heidi wouldn't wonder why it was taking longer as therapy is vital.


Didn't think he could get worse

No. 861704


Sara - Breakup part 2


No. 861705

File: 1567303417213.png (303.86 KB, 669x588, Screenshot_241.png)

I see that Jared's "I can't remember!" schtick isn't new

No. 861706

File: 1567303525946.png (381.87 KB, 644x519, Screenshot_242.png)

"I never cheated on Heidi!"

But apparently admitted to her that he did (why would Heidi lie to her shrink? Answer: She wouldn't)

No. 861708

Wow holy shit.

No. 861713

The images have already been removed from her imgur - so thanks to whoever archived

No. 861714

This is Heidi's therapist? What? I'm so confused.

No. 861715


Yep - From what I can tell, Heidi was using a text/call based therapy

No. 861717


It looks like Jared stans found them quite quickly, judging from the comments.

No. 861718

she probably removed it from public view

No. 861719

but fuck them up, Heidi.

No. 861720

File: 1567304139314.jpg (76.07 KB, 640x956, HvXQ4AW_d.jpg)

This totally sounds like the suicide baiting, gold digging, career ruiner that Jared and Holly have been talking so much about. These texts alone are so hard to read. I can't imagine sharing such personal texts with my therapist but thats really what its come to.

No. 861723

These texts are gold. Holly is trying to claim Jared was being abused while she is demanding he kicked Heidi out of their home?? Haha!

No. 861726

So Jared has a journal he keeps to help with his memory and needs it when he's anxious
But the victim with memory problems isn't credible…projecting much Jared?

No. 861728


They're going to have a hard time pushing this "uwu abused jared" narrative with these texts now being out there. Heidi went out of her way to not provoke Jared, and to let him stay in the house if it helped him feel safe.

That isn't something an abuser would do.

No. 861735

File: 1567305314391.jpg (5.06 MB, 1507x28655, Sara - Breakup Part 1 1 screen…)

caps for posterity

"Sara - Breakup Part 1"

No. 861736

File: 1567305357557.jpg (4.98 MB, 1526x27684, Sara - Breakup Part 1 2 screen…)

"Sara - Breakup Part 1"

No. 861737

"Jared was being abused!!"

Yet he constantly returns home despite having full control of their money and a mistress he can stay with. He has to be asked to leave home by his wife. Heidi feels sympathy for him and offers to allow him to sleep in the home if he feels safe there even though SHE feels uncomfortable and he fucking STAYS despite her giving him a complete out to go. Sounds like he started to short circuit the moment he realized he no longer had control over her.

No. 861738

>42 minute video:
>a few text messages between two people:
lol tl;dr don't care

No. 861739


Exactly. Heidi grew a spine, used it, and immediately WormDick went full defensive "Save-your-own-ass" mode.

No. 861740

File: 1567305550857.jpg (5.13 MB, 1511x28673, Sara - Breakup part 2 1 screen…)

"Sara - Breakup Part 2"

No. 861742

I don't know anything about defamation or slander lawsuits, but is there any way Jared could come after Heidi for releasing all this stuff (and possibly making a stream about her side of the story)? I'm hoping and assuming no, but I just want Heidi to be okay at the end of all this. She mentioned having trouble with finding and affording a lawyer I think, and she said her savings will last her till about the end of the year.


Also, reading those texts between Heidi and Sara, Jared is such a cowardly piece of shit. Yeah, admitting you did shitty fucked up stuff feels bad and is uncomfortable, but being held accountable for your actions isn't abuse or oppression.

No. 861743

File: 1567305680409.jpg (5.01 MB, 1583x28800, Sara - Breakup part 2 2 screen…)

"Sara - Breakup Part 2"

No. 861744


He theoretically could try - but he would have to prove that what she said was not only wrong/not true, but that it affected his income- and since youtube/twitch is so fickle, he'd have a hard time proving that one.

No. 861746

File: 1567305901430.jpg (3.25 MB, 1514x18849, Sara - Breakup part 2 3 screen…)

"Sara - Breakup Part 2"

No. 861747

These texts absolutely make me take Heidi's side 100%. I don't care about being an unbiased jury member or whatever, this girl was so calm and accommodating to ProlapsedJared. The screenshots of her losing her shit were obviously provoked. The whole time she was seeking therapy (and being honest with her therapist) and telling Jared exactly what she needed from him. He just wanted the easy way out. "Let me fuck my side hoe and jerk off to my fans in peace you abuser!"

No. 861748


And you just fucking know that he would say "Okay, I'm off to therapy" and Heidi (until she saw the texts at least) probably thought that he was actually trying to do a good thing. This ProlapsedAnus took advantage of his wife's desperation to make the marriage work so he could fuck his side ho.

No. 861749

it's her conversations, she's able to release them. just because she's talking about him in them makes no difference.

No. 861756

File: 1567306879073.png (918.23 KB, 1075x1419, two different stories.png)

So much for they broke up in October 2018.
So much for she wouldn't let him leave.
Jared's first two statements made it clear he was still trying to work it out with Heidi behind the scenes. Holly, Jared's lying to you too you dumbass.

No. 861763


the part about him frantically scanning his journal when she confronts him is batshit

does he have no long-term memory so he stores his self-persona in his journal? or does he just use it for keeping track of his lies, or both?

No. 861764

My guess is he didn't know where Heidi got the information from and was trying to see if she got it from his journal. I think he was startled that she knew something and he couldn't figure out how she knew it. Just my guess though

No. 861765


Why does Hoelly think she gets to say that Jared wasn't the one cheating?
It's not your relationship, Hoelly. Just because you shoved yourself between something already cracking doesn't mean you get to say what is and isn't cheating for them.

No. 861766

There is clearly something mentally detached in his head. No wonder he can’t understand why people are mad about him soliciting nudes from fans and why he can’t hold himself accountable for anything.

Heidi was clearly unwell and has some dependency issues, but with her it seems like she invested a lot in her marriage and just couldn’t believe someone would just want to throw it all away. I hope she heals.

No. 861767


propedo doesn't seem like the type to actually confess to his journal

"dear diary, today i filmed a clip for Nickelodeon Online and elicited/received 17 nudes from young women of unknown age. i am continuously trying to improve myself and will attempt to make it 20 nudes tomorrow"

No. 861771

Oh boy bitch, are YOU in for a shock when the next pick-me comes along to replace you and Jared tells her “Holly and I have been over, we’re just keeping it off of social media.”

Have fun!

No. 861772

I assume people will end up using Heidi’s continued pressing for Jared to make their marriage work as her ~forcing Jared to stay in the relationship~ even though she’s right. The point of getting married is to promise to stay committed to a person and at least attempt to try to fix things when the marriage starts to break down. You don’t bounce at the first sign of trouble.

It must suck to realize that Jared wasn’t giving up because he couldn’t bring himself to try to fix things but because he was too much of a coward to break things off earnestly before committing to his side ho. He figured Heidi would do all the work in divorcing him first so he could just pretend he and Holly only started fucking after. What a piece of shit.

No. 861781

From what those text say and him not remembering, it does seem like he has a psychological problem. A deep one, though that is no excuse for his behavior, but just jfc. This is a mess

No. 861783


"Heidi feels sympathy for him and offers to allow him to sleep in the home"…

You mean the home Jared owned/co-owned and that was likely being paid for with money he earned? While I believe Heidi that Jared was an asshole and manipulative, she couldn't force him out of the house unless there was legal involvement. Even then, she would have to prove it was a threat for him to live in the same house as her (think domestic abuse.) Jared could have fucked himself over by leaving and not coming back, that's something a lot of divorce lawyers will advise against anyways.

No. 861784

Fuck…I think Heidi was deeply in love with Jared. For whatever reason, I'll never know, he's dull and hideous, but people sent nudes. Anons already spoke about the appeal, but some of us will never get it.

Those messages document everything in real time. Wow…what a fucking narrative. The great thing is Heidi doesn't make herself innocent, but she does try her best to be a good person. It's genuine, if not always #remembertobekind #unfixable

The therapist is absolutely horrible and any anon who's had a half assed decent one would tell you that. The sad thing is Jared got in person sessions and Heidi got this cheap hack that she shared with Jared? WTF?! I mean Heidi wants to set up clear boundaries with Jared and advise him to stay away from her because she feels danger after knowing more about him and the therapist is like "oh no…just do this passive dumb shit and don't resolve anything." It really sounds like she doesn't know what she's doing. Jared wasn't physically abusive so I don't understand why she was giving Heidi the instructions to leave him alone and pretend things were okay…

No. 861785

I've noticed that, while reading the messages it seems like they are both mentally unwell, just one is worse than the other. But then I remember the isolation bit and pushing your victim to isolation is how codependency starts, so the dependency issues more than likely came from that.

No. 861787

I've noticed that, while reading the messages it seems like they are both mentally unwell, just one is worse than the other. But then I remember the isolation bit and pushing your victim to isolation is how codependency starts, so the dependency issues more than likely came from that.

No. 861790


"Heidi feels sympathy for him and offers to allow him to sleep in the home"…

You mean the home Jared owned/co-owned and that was likely being paid for with money he earned? While I believe Heidi that Jared was an asshole and manipulative, she couldn't force him out of the house unless there was legal involvement. Even then, she would have to prove it was a threat for him to live in the same house as her (think domestic abuse.) Jared could have fucked himself over by leaving and not coming back, that's something a lot of divorce lawyers will advise against anyways. >>861737

No. 861792

File: 1567310889455.png (37.55 KB, 601x380, Capture.PNG)

It can't be easy dealing with all the shit Jared and Holly have thrown at her. I'm glad she's not totally backing down.

No. 861801

It seems more like plain narcissism, of course his events of things are skewed.

No. 861806


> "After….extensive individual therapy"

After which you went to fuck Holly every time, PedoDick.


It also ruins the "Jared filed first!" narrative, considering Heidi had been speaking of doing so herself. I think Jared did it for a metaphorical leg up over Heidi.


If Heidi's name was on the lease/deed, she absolutely could have said "I do not feel safe with him here" and if he had somewhere else to stay (like friends or something), the cops would have asked him to do so if for no other reason than to keep the peace. Long term, it would've been a matter for the courts to settle.


I like that the stans use "HE left YOU" like an insult. At this point, I am 99% sure that Heidi is more than glad to be the fuck away from the power-abusing, emotionally abusive potential pedophile, regardless of who ran with their tail between their legs.

No. 861809

Can we also talk for a second about how this "therapist" told Jared that she knew Heidi was making it hard for Jared to leave…..but Heidi has the texts TO THE SAME THERAPIST where she keeps saying "I want Jared to leave" and the fucking therapist keeps saying "Don't confront him, let him stay, etc."?

She's playing both sides (the therapist, not Heidi)

Talk about "clout chaser"….

No. 861810

The therapist also encouraged Heidi to lie and be kinda shady??
This person should have whatever tissuepaper license they got torn up

No. 861819

It's not shocking that it's an unprofessional therapist, it's not uncommon for a therapist to just be in it for the money and not actually care, I feel for Heidi because shitty ass therapists like Sara makes it hard for people to find a good therapist.

No. 861830

One of the things that really gets me about Heidi’s therapist is how clearly disinterested she seems in Heidi. Granted, we can’t see the whole story, so some details like phone calls are missing, but she seems quite brief or flippant in her responses. She also often doesn’t respond for hours on end when Heidi’s having a breakdown. Sure, she’s busy and can’t be expected to reply 24 hours a day, but seeing Heidi freak out and write paragraphs on paragraphs on what happened and her emotions only to be completely ignored is very saddening. The therapist was quite quick and more detailed in her responses to Jared however.
Sage for tinfoil. Just something else to think about.

No. 861832


Hell, at this point, I would 100% not be surprised to find out Jared either tried to fuck or actively WAS fucking the therapist too.

This is just tinfoil, though, as from the sounds of it, Heidi's therapist is in another state.

No. 861834

oh man, i don't know about this. heidi was clearly delusional about the situation if she legitimately believed this dude was "mentally short circuiting and couldn't speak" because of a legit psychological issue. he's just a fucking narc who lost his shit when he was caught in the act and didn't know how to get out of it. now we all know this is basically his defence about literally everything he does.
>>861706 just seals it for me. it's not a mental issue, it's just lies heaped on lies until someone believes him

man, love will fuck you up. i hope this woman isn't drowning in these well-meant delusions anymore

although i am laughing at the image of this dude floundering and grabbing the nearest notebook to check if he's written down "today i fucked ross's bitch wife without a paper bag over her head" in order to remember what he's done. jesus

>sara: how are you
>jared: i dunno
>sara: ok here are 25 ways you can start detaching from your wife because she's going to threaten suicide any day

>heidi: sara i know you're busy but i'm lost and scared, i think my husband is abusive, i don't know what to do and i'm losing my shit

>sara: read at 2:47PM

No. 861835

Shoving an entire tinfoil hat all into my throat so hard I’m going to shit cans, but a small part of me is almost wondering if Jared and Holly is trying to push Heidi to suicide. I know it sounds stupid and her wellbeing is pretty much none of their business, but considering how hard Holly’s been pushing the narrative towards Heidi being pretty much Satan herself and Jared being completely fine with how his flying monkeys harass Heidi to these extremes with the only thing he’s saying about it being “oh btw don’t harass her, I guess” as a footnote.
I don’t think any of these people are evil enough and are just narcissists that don’t care what happens to others as long as they benefit from it, but it’s just a very dramatic thought that popped up seeing the intensity of the situation

No. 861836

It's not that crazy of a tinfoil and I wouldn't put it past them. They absolutely seem like the type of self-centered cunts to push someone to suicide and not feel any remorse about it.

No. 861838


I had that exact same thought earlier, Anon. For all their "Cancel culture is bad!", they sure are pushing to have Heidi cancelled and aren't really stopping their horde of fans that are currently sending graphic rape and death threats her way (beyond the "nobody go harass her!" half-assed comment in the video).

I could absolutely see Holly saying something like "This would solve all of our problems! Heidi the Whore would be gone so I could have you all to myself and we could finally be happy!"

God, those two couldn't be bigger pieces of shit if they actually tried

No. 861839

Holly has already used Etika's suicide to her own benefit. Them trying to get Heidi to kill herself seems pretty realistic at this point.

No. 861841

I hope people at WotC are watching all of this go down, along with the rape and death threats. Even Nate was man enough to stop his retarded fans from attacking his ex.

No. 861842


That's the part I don't get. Jared doesn't have to like Heidi, but he should have enough respect for her as a human being to see how much further his supporters are taking it than HEidi's did (death threats vs clown emojis) and to at least TRY to put a stop to it.

Instead, he's hanging out with Hoelly's friends and her chickens and have a grand ole' time while Heidi is being hunted and threatened with rape and murder.

No. 861844

I had thought about this, too. Holly seems to absolutely hate Heidi to the point that she won't ever stop pushing this bullshit until Heidi's killed herself.

I feel bad for every person that was cheated on by the DCA people. None of them deserve the suffering they're being put through.

No. 861847

man, i hate twitter incels. remember when holly gave "I HOPE YOUR BIRDS GET TAKEN AWAY" as an example of the "intense hatred and harassment" she was facing? here heidi's getting literal death threats.

and i can not put into words the massive douchebaggery required to dismiss your wife's travails in a single sentence of "oh yeah don't harass her maybe", while a few hours later you go on stream and say "HOLLY IS THE BRAVEST PERSON I KNOW" (yes, jared did that)

No. 861848


To an extent, Holly and Jared are worse than the others as they are truly trying to villanize the wounded party here and make THEMSELVES into the victims some how. The others at least eventually acknowledged it, kept their heads down, and moved on. ProWorm is fighting it every step of the way, in addition to being a potential pedophile and general creep.


Oh, man, He seriously said that?

What a fucking douchebag.

Holly sure is brave, what with her standing up to those clown emojis and ripping off a cancer survivor for a few thousand dollars! I HOPE I CAN BE HER WHEN I GROW UP! /s

No. 861849


Jared will never have a job at WotC again. WotC has blacklisted people for much less. They are an incredibly image conscious company.

No. 861850

In her defense, it takes some big granny balls to make a person's suicide all about yourself, especially a well-loved person. If Heidi committed suicide and incels celebrated, Proturd and Hoelly would be liking and retweeting from left to right. I hope they continue to get ghosted by WotC.

No. 861851


Are they? Still visible to me, is anyone else having problems accessing them?

No. 861852


Holly would be liking left and right….until she realized that "OH MY GOD I NEVER WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN, I FEEL SO GUILTY!!" card would garner her sympathy votes from their "fans".

Jared would go all weepy and sad like he actually gives a fuck about anyone but himself and UWU Bird Mom.

THe rest of the internet (and probably the cops tbh) would be side-eyeing them like fucking crazy.


You can view them through the archived links above, you just can't access them directly through Heidi's imgur

No. 861858

sage for no new content.
I'm personally not siding with anyone anymore in this conflict.

Jared and Holly's mistakes are obvious, but with Heidi releasing the texts between her and this therapist it's obvious to me at least that Heidi suffers from reactive abuse from Jared lying/manipulating/neglecting/abusing her, but that doesn't make her own actions ok.
It's clear to me that she did indeed threaten to ruin his career if he didn't stay in the marriage and it is clear to me that she did stop him from leaving.
There's of course a hundred factors here, Jared is still a scumbag who solicits nudes in minors spaces, Holly is still a narc, but I am genuinely sad for Heidi now because this isn't okay to do.

Let me spin this story for you:
You're Jared, you are in a bad place, maybe you are starting to shift blame, and starting to justify. You have a therapist, and they're telling you, "you are right, she is an abuser you are being manipulated"
Now you are still shifting blame, still justifying, but now the person you went to professionally to stop that is telling you, "you are right".

I'm starting to see why everyone involved is so sure the other person is a demon unwilling to compromise.
Let's flip the script again:
You are Heidi, you are legitimately manipulating Jared, who wants to leave your relationship, you are using suicide and threats of violence and defamation as a means to keep him there.
Your therapist Sara is telling you that Jared is a monster incapable of thinking of anyone besides himself and is only concerned with how things effect him.

All this shows me, is that Sara is willing to say absolutely anything to anyone and nothing they say holds any weight.

Notice if you will this entire exchange, even though Sara is been exposed in lying and is saying whatever they can to make Heidi feel better. They refused to ever once say Jared was abusing her, or manipulating her.

To me, this is starting to sound more and more like the dangers of being mislead by a supposed professional

Two people who were on the rocks, perhaps because of Jared's infidelity, perhaps because Heidi was manipulative, perhaps because of both, went to seek medical professionals, and the shit they were told in private validated all the fears and nightmares that they had about the other person, and now they rifle through logs of things they were told by the professional to continue the insane twitter attacks on each other, which they justify completely because the other person is a "monster". After all, the professional said so.

No. 861859

>I told Jared that divorce is a "breach of contract". I think those words really hit him.

Remember when Jared dramatically insisted that "contracts can be rewritten" in his DnD game? Kek I still can't believe they actually larped their affair in front of everyone.

No. 861860

she would never, she's done nothing wrong!

Instead it would be
>if only she had gotten the help she needed, we'll talk about it on the next Mental Health Monday uwu

No. 861862

Even if Heidi went crazy and threatened shit I still think it's Jared's fault for not just fucking communicating with her, even if it was over text or something. It seems like Heidi mostly just wanted an explanation for why he was so distant and cold and why his actions didn't match his words. Maybe she was scary when upset and that's why he couldn't being it up, who knows. She did mention trying to keep her voice calm and not crying too much. Maybe Jared is just one of those emotionally immature guys who can't handle that shit at all and shuts down. So instead of bringing up that he wanted to separate he just acts like a passive aggressive little shit for a year and cheats on her, making everything 1000x worse lmao. What a clusterfuck.

No. 861866

I already saw a few comments on the second Reddit saying that Heidi is doing the Livestream to bait harassers. So if something like that were to happen (god forbid) they'd either turn around and do a "Man, I hated her but I didn't want this to happen" or just say she did it as the ultimate fuck you to make Projared & Holly look bad.

I find it hilarious how the moral to Projared's story to them is, "Don't believe everything you see, Cancel culture is BAD!" yet everyone hates one person. Heidi is the punching bag. She's been called a whore from keemstar, has a whole reddit stalking her every move even though their god projared said NOT to send hate anyone's way and now somehow Heidi's the bad guy.

I also saw someone say that hated that Heidi slut shamed Holly, yet they've been calling Heidi bitches, evil AND attacked Ethan because he DARED to have another opinion.

The subreddit has become a witch hunt.Excatly what they all hate.
It's fucked up people are already dismissing what Heidi has to say.

I thought they wanted the truth?

No. 861869


They only want the truth if it confirms what they already thought. I’ve never seen a group so resistant to the idea that maybe they’re wrong to the point that they are cherry picking what and who they want to believe (“You can’t believe Chai/Charlie, they have an issue with memory!” - “It’s okay that you don’t remember, Jared!” Lolwut?)

No. 861870

I just want to see Heidi’s livestream, although a part of me hopes that she disables comments (is that even a thing on twitch?) so she can at least get her thoughts out before they begin the biggest part of their “how much can we cancel someone before the ‘cancel culture is bad’ bit becomes hypocritical?” Routine

No. 861871

i kinda agree with you.

these texts show plain as day that two individuals - both deeply wounded and broken, no matter their intentions/goals - misguided in most capacities - and trying to deal with their pain - were outright taken advantage of by a quack who has been thoroughly exposed and still can only say "i didn't intend this"

jared is literal trash and scum of the earth, but he was still misguided even further by this insane person who thinks telling him his wife was going to off herself would somehow help
heidi has fucked up plenty but there's no denying how miserable she was, and this genius goes and tells her to suppress herself to not trigger her husband who somehow has it worse

sara has definitely contributed to this trashfire of the century more than any mental health professional should legally be allowed to

No. 861876

Ok am I wrong or did Jared admit to recieving nudes from an underage fan in his response video, but just showed he asked them if they're 18+? So many people online are acting as though everything was fine because the tumblr was 18+, but that doesn't matter if he actually recieves nudes from a minor…

No. 861877


From what I can tell, he showed that he asked if they were 18+ (they said they were which was fucked up, I will admit) - but yeah, he acknowledged that he received the pictures and that they had lied about their age.

I didn’t watch his last twitch stream, but someone said he admitted to jacking off to the photos.

If it was a body positivity blog, what the fuck is Jared doing masturbating to the photos that people trusted him with?

No. 861878

that's the reason women are blowing a gasket all over twitter, in fact
the MRA/incel army is all like "he ASKED! so THERE!"
and denica the WK that's been there from the start is still arguing that charlie and chai should be sued and face jailtime for exposing jared to their nudes lmfao

No. 861880


I think everyone is lending too much weight to her talk of ruining Jared’s career. It came off to me as someone that is desperately trying to get their partner to listen, so they start swinging at things the person cares about.

In this case, Heidi knew Jared cared about his career, so she said (essentially) “talk to me or I’ll ruin that”.

It was a “threat” made by someone who was at their breaking point because their husband refused them even the most basic courtesy of communication.

No. 861881


That’s because that crowd is still trying to push the incorrect belief that Jared had to KNOW they were minors to be held responsible for possessing child porn.

They also like to push the narrative that Chai/Charlie are automatically guilty because they both locked their internet presence down, instead of acknowledging that they were silenced by the internet hate mob and again, violent threats.

No. 861882


so he is still legally in the wrong, he still received those nudes and (in my opinion) definitely didn't do enough to prevent that from happening. I feel like I'm in some alternate universe where people stopped caring about youtubers ultimately taking advantage of younger fans for sexual gain (I'm not saying he wanted them to be younger fans, but he basically walked into his own trap here.)

Not to mention Jared "exposed" that they were grump fans, so there's no way to deny that the nudes were sent because it was Projared asking for them.

No. 861883

It was a "sex positive" blog too. So disgusting that predators like Jared used "sex/body positivity" to make vulnerable people feel safe sending them photos when they just wanted free nudes.

No. 861885


That’s the thing. If someone WANTS to show their body off, they’re going to do - but for him to admit to using them as jack off material (which, I’d imagine, a lot of those who submitted did NOT consent to) is so fucking disgusting and a MONUMENTAL breach of the trust that they placed in him.

Even if you take the pedophilia out of the equation, he still wildly abused his power - there’s no getting around that.

No. 861886

Of course they lied about being 18+. If you look at the context of >>859376, it's clear that nudes were promised before Jared bothered to ask for age. They aren't going to be honest at that point with the chance they are going to get someone who they admire in trouble or get pissed off at them .

No. 861887

i feel like what's happening right now is jared is throwing A. his incel army or B. his legal weight towards whoever dares to call him out on this point.

the two people who have given me any hope for him not being able to talk his way out of this situation in the longer term, are based jenny and (somehow) ethan (of all people. wow)
they're too big for him to silence, basically. they're being taken seriously too, or at least jenny is, with very few clowns or insane wks in their mentions.

still feeling like the situation could do with a couple more bigger youtubers calling this piece of shit out. i don't understand either how this is just being ignored. more and more it's becoming a case where:
>jared: yes i asked for nudes on tumblr, yes these two people were minors, yes they lied to me, yes i see why you guys say there's a power imbalance, no i'm not sorry
>twitter: wow jared you proved you are innocent of all wrongdoing

No. 861888


I don’t even so much think the lie came about because they were scared of getting Jared in trouble. I think they were so desperate to interact with their “celebrity” favorite that they lied.

I’m not defending the lie - it was an incredibly stupid and fucked up thing to do - but the lie would NOT have came about if Jared wasn’t abusing his fame to get free nudes from fans who are practically wetting themselves at the prospect of a celeb telling them that he finds their body attractive.

If it was actually about body/sex positivity and he was NOT abusing his fame, he would NEVER have attached his name or the ‘sinjared’ persona to the blogs.

No. 861889


I think DeFranco is eventually going to snap. Jared’s legion of WKs are attacking him left and right, demanding that he review Jared’s new video and explain why he’s deleting comments about Jared (which I think we all know are just the same harassing douchebags that have been going after anyone who speaks against him)

No. 861890

That "therapist" sounds a lot more like a life coach than anything else, what the response is "omg yay!!!!"?
But i do agree that she comes off as very distant towards heidi, more like shes placating her rather than making her understand shes in the wrong. I guess that's the catch of therapy, that they cant outright tell you why and how you're wrong, but surely they need to be better at communicating so that the patient doesn't think she's bein abused when it's the other way around.
Just when you thought everyone involved was a dumb bitch and you decided which is the worst, a new challenger appears to fight for the title lol

No. 861891

That absolutely does not make her actions justified or okay though. This is an absolute train wreck and Heidi is only making it worse.

Honestly these two people need to realise the have both been lied to and been abused, they need to realise how incompatible they were and how much of a fuck up their therapist is. This isn't worth all the trouble. They both need to put their hatches down.

No. 861893

i think the one thing we're missing here is how if jared was left to his own devices he may well have put his hatchet down, or it may never have got this bad. he's a servile worm – heidi's texts show just how far he would go to avoid confrontation. and, he's kept the porn blog stuff under wraps for years at this point, fair to assume he might have gotten away with it entirely.

things went way, way, way south when holly got involved. things went south when holly suddenly got sexually awakened for jared, and then when she started demanding jared leave his marriage, and then when she started going after heidi with a disturbing fucking vengeance.
this will never be over in the way you say, because holly will never let heidi have the upper hand or even let her have her peace, and heidi will not sit down and take continuous kicking from one demoness who sics people on her + the internet who just wants their favorite neckbeard youtuber to make more videos

No. 861895

Out of all industries having their #metoo moment, nerd industry (aka video games, comics and anime) is fighting hardest against it.

Vic Mignona defenders fighting hard to shut down every woman that has testified against his abuse which has been going on for years. Female game devs getting shit on for mentioning abuse in gamedev industry that has been going on (not talking about Zoe Quinn). Crunchyroll, which is an American company, completely funding an anime where a main hero (incel) gets falsely accused of rape for no reason, just because the woman is a "bitch"…

This whole ProPedo thing where a whole subreddit of incels works hard to dismiss female victims of abuse is a cherry on top.

If Holly thinks she has won, she has a very unpleasant surprise coming up and it's not going to be from Heidi.
Now that Jared had his "redemption arc" (barf) , he can now go back and fuck around with even less repercussions than before, seeing that he is not married anymore and has a personal incel army ready to attack.

He is not going to commit to Holly and she won't be able to stand it. The second she starts to complain, entirety of his Incel Army that is now defending her will turn against her. I have no idea how she managed to delude herself that she is special enough to make him be loyal to her…

No. 861896

Sara to Jared when he talks about potentially breaking up with Heidi:
"I know that she will threaten suicide."


Heidi: "Jared broke up with me today"
Sara: "You wanna talk about this at 3?"
Heidi: "Yes please, I'm having a difficult time. I'll catch you up until then"
Sara: "Actually gotta postpone til 3:30 see ya"

Dismissive for someone who apparently KNEW Heidi definitely WOULD be threatening/attempting suicide at that point. Shouldn't you be calling authorities if you were so sure about your patient's actions?
Why would a "professional" even use terms like that in the first place? So much about this is making me lose my mind.

No. 861897

Heidi admits herself that she was pressuring him on a daily basis to stay in the relationship. That is abusive behaviour. There is no way around it.

No. 861898

Online accounts aren't "property" fortunately, they're considered personal communication like phones or paper mail so even when they're married the spouse doesn't have access to them legally

No. 861899


No, she was pressuring him for answers. If he had ever said “Heidi, I’m done with this marriage for X, Y, Z” reasons, it probably wouldn’t have gotten to that point - but because he could give his wife the courtesy of a conversation, she didn’t understand why you would go from “I want to fix our marriage” to “peace out bitch, I’ve been banging the swamp troll for the last several months too, lmao suck it”

No. 861900

He legit said, I want to leave and she said no.

No. 861909

Wait what comment?

No. 861910

the context for this (possibly. i wasn't there either) is that jared kept telling heidi for the longest time that she was messing things up in the relationship and she kept saying "then tell me how to fix it" and he'd go "lol i dunno". she said this right from the start, in fact >>803398
it makes it far more understandable that heidi would want to take responsibility and give the situation her all before just giving up on her marriage

No. 861911

Yeah, I think a judge would say Chai, Charlie and the other people who received his nudes could have accounted for all the loss in subscribers and views and therefore he can't prove Heidi was responsible. But defamation is a civil claim so he doesn't need to prove things "beyond reasonable doubt", just a "preponderance of evidence" which means there's a 50% chance or more the defendant did what they're accused of.

No. 861913

I don't understand how you can make that conclusion with a severe lack of evidence towards it.
Idk how things were before holly, but once she entered the picture I believe Jared started looking for ways out and instead of letting him go Heidi doubled down that he needed to try harder for the relationship. Why couldn't she let it go?

No. 861914


Heidi's texts are from February. Jared's are from November. You can guess something changed in these three months.

No. 861916

In defense of that particular point, not disclosing the full extent of your feelings and knowledge to protect yourself from possible harm isn't necessarily shady. I still think Sara is a terrible therapist but honesty isn't always the best policy, especially in an abusive relationship.

No. 861917

Well the tinfoil's supposed to go on your head but it's a possibility, at the very least they encourage behavior that could push Heidi to do something rash while maintaining their "be kind uwu"/"don't harass my lying whore of a wife" facade

No. 861922

>Why couldn't she let it go?
In her texts to Sara she says
>I said that his giving up feels like an insult to all the work I've put into the relationship and being good to him.
Classical "sunk cost" fallacy, really a textbook case.

She couldn't accept the fact that she made a huge mistake by investing a lot of time and effort in this creep and getting nothing but shit in return. So she doubled down on that mistake trying desperately to make all that time and effort not be all for nothing, pouring even more time and effort down the drain, instead of just bailing out and accepting her losses.

No. 861926


I’m so tired of you stupid fucking teenagers tinfoiling and talking about marriage VOWS and PROMISES like “lol if u were abused just leave” or “take dat L bitch” it’s a fucking promise they made to each other that she tried to honor and make the best of because, as love goes, you believe and love someone a lot of times IN SPITE of themselves. No shit she tried to save her marriage, is the effectiveness of therapy or self improvement lost on you basket cases? Not to WK heidi, but all parties involved shat the bed and I have no idea why the prospect of saving her marriage is so beneath all of you. There are couples who literally spend their entire lives together and while that’s not the norm, it’s literally the fucking goal of saying “till death do us part.”

No. 861930

You can't save a marriage by forcing your partner to stay in it and harassing them on a daily basis

No. 861934


Rofl. Yet having your partner say, and yes it was screen capped and posted, that they don’t know who they’re being manipulated by, is all Heidis fault?

Iuno, some people in this thread need to take their adolescence ass back to reality and realise it is TWO people who are RESPONSIBLE for a marriage.
i know a lot of people under the age of 25 don’t understand the word responsibility, but fuck, he as a married man was supposed to be responsible and he wasn’t.
You’re supposed to work at a marriage and not just go, ohhh side chicks and lies that’s fine!

No, it’s not. Not ever. You’re just a piece of shit. Like Jared is a piece of shit

No. 861938

Ayrt, I'm 38 yo. I've personally seen people around me cling to the sunk cost fallacy and stay in doomed relationships and careers until they reach rock bottom. I recognize this mechanism when I see it.

You're taking this too personally and are resorting to angry insults and baseless presumptions. I sugest you smoke a joint now.(blogging)

No. 861940

Or it's just really hard to sever ties with someone when they're a big part of your life? Doesn't matter how you're related, when your finances, hobbies, social circles etc are all combined it can be really difficult to detach without also losing a lot of connections, money or assets.

No. 861942

also wasn't heidi with him even when he wasn't a famous youtuber? like when he was still working regular, boring jobs or even unemployed? She's been with him from the start, in a way, and if I was with someone for so many years you bet your ass I would be trying to save that relationship

No. 861950

If THAT is what kept her desperately glued to him (despite him being a cheating predatory PEDO), imagine how she would be like if they had children! She'd fucking chain herself to him lol.

No. 861953

File: 1567341170694.jpeg (299.86 KB, 746x599, 4B101F4A-987C-4109-A9E3-31D506…)

old screenshot from a thread 2 month ago. Did Jared share his therapy texts with Holly?

No. 861955

Probably cherry picked the ones he showed/or read out loud to her
Also, Hoelly is disgusting. I can't even believe I used to be a fan of hers, but now when her real personality is out there for everyone one to see, I just feel dumb for not picking up the small hints along the way. I guess if you play the "victim" for 30 years you become pretty good at it. Disgusting.

No. 861956

Seems very likely

No. 861960

You know I think Heidi was trying to fix their marriage because she didn't know if Jared was cheating on her. A lot of The supposed "abuse" Jared was getting from Heidi was when Jared started getting romantically involved with Holly not before. It wasn't until Heidi found out herself of Jared's cheating that she wanted to leave the marriage. Jared wasn't communicating with Heidi the truth about why he was unhappy with Heidi and Jared should have just divorced Heidi right away when he was catching feelings for his troll mistress or fucking Holly instead of just stringing along Heidi thinking she could find ways to make Jared happy and fix their marriage.

No. 861967

File: 1567344529692.jpg (34.16 KB, 412x293, IMG_20190831_181930~2.jpg)

In the conversation Heidi showed on her Twitter, she kinda implied that Jared tried to break up with her during couple's counceling.

No. 861968

Then Jared should have divorced her. I think Jared was finding reasons to shift the blame on Heidi why their marriage isnt working so that Heidi can blame herself. But Heidi is under false pretenses that she can save their marriage because Jared won't tell her he is already romantically involved with Holly therefore Jared is trying to find ways out of the marriage with the blame on Heidi's hands.

No. 861971

Holy shit he is so manipulative. And people actually believed him saying the same crap in that drawn out video too.
“If I don’t remember it, it never happened. And if someone else doesn’t remember everything, they’re crazy. And if they do remember, they’re a liar. And if you have evidence, I’m sure I didn’t really mean to do it.”

No. 861972

He sounds awfully like the narcissist's mantra

No. 861973

I can't actually believe that a few of you are actually saying Jared is in the wrong for wanting to leave the marriage. You are NEVER obligated to stay in any relationship whatsoever.

No. 861974

Tinfoil, but I have a feeling he's cheated on her before & though she was hurt, she probably blamed herself for not 'meeting his needs' enough. Both of them felt bad, he probably swore up & down that he would never ever cheat on her again as long as they work on their marriage together.
Then, as he began to stray again, she decided not to fight it & tried to embrace & accomodate his lust, but it never really felt right.
(The result being those lewd texts that Holly posted to slut-shame & discredit Heidi - which should also count as 'revenge porn', btw)

No. 861975

I'll take your bait. But I think Jared should have divorced Heidi when he didn't want to be with her anymore or was "abused" by her.

No. 861977


Heidi's outburts seem to be spurred by confusion. So it's likely that he probably never flat out told her that he wanted to leave. He probably beat around the bush about it, or just never gave Heidi a straight answer.

And judging by his video, he says "I don't know"/"I don't remember that happening/doing that" a LOT.

No. 861978

No one is disagreeing with that. But Jared even stated that he was going to therapy to fix his marriage (though he didn’t want to admit he was cheating). Holly is the only one who claims that he consistently tried to leave.
> October: Jared tries to leave, Heidi asks if they can go to marriage counseling to see if they can fix their relationship. He agrees. Jared starts sleeping with Holly regardless of this.
> November: Sara reaches out to Jared and gives him ammo for his narrative that she’s threatening suicide to get him to stay.
> January: Still working on their relationship (while still sleeping with Holly)
> February: Jared officially breaks up with Heidi. Heidi doesn’t understand why but seems to accept it. They start going to therapy to mediate things instead of fixing their relationship.
> March: Jared tells Heidi he doesn’t love her anymore. Yet still doesn’t file for divorce?
>April: Heidi finds evidence that Jared is cheating on her. Also finds out Jared is now an alleged pedophile. Wants to leave immediately.
>May: Divorce papers are signed, Jared makes a public statement excluding the fact that he was cheating from his statement. Heidi announces that he was cheating with Holly. Girls come forward about Jared soliciting their nudes.

No. 861981


I mean, did you see his video?
Disheveled appearance, sad, sunken eyes. Sighing. Hell the whole video begins with him slumped into his chair, almost reluctantly pulling himself up to speak.
The guy obviously loves to garner sympathy. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that that excludes his own wife. He probably tried his damndest to excuse his stalling as part of a mental illness of his just to make her feel bad whenever she asked him the 'hard' questions & go back to being 'gentle' with him.

No. 861989

Usually the first response when someone suggests things aren't working in a relationship isn't "k bye". Especially in a marriage.

Its pretty typical for many people to want to work on things so there are no regrets. Sometimes there are problems in a relationship that can be worked on in therapy. Sometimes there is enough good in a relationship to salvage while the couple constructively works on the bad. There are many cases in which frustration can lead someone to say things they don't fully mean, like when a couple is in an argument or things are tense.

I don't fault people who want to honor the comittment they made by giving one last concerted effort so they can at least feel like they tried everything they could. In this case, I would especially understand if Jared's request to breakup came out of left field
It sounds like Heidi felt like she wasn't given a chance to fix what he felt was wrong because he didn't communicate it. I think its fair in a situation like this to want a chance to rectify things.

When people always bail at the first sign of difficulty, they often leave the relationship having learned nothing and are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in the next relationship. This is where we get people who get married 4 times.

No. 861991

Sage but can we take a moment to appreciate Sara the shitty god-awful therapist? She's been working hard behind the scenes for a year to produce milk by traumatizing her patients and enabling terrible behavior patterns.


>I know that she will threaten to commit suicide

>It's not about lying or telling the truth. It's just about keeping the peace, for both your sakes… which is always better going into a divorce

>if you feel that the only way he can hear you and respect your boundaries, then that is your choice

>Oh my god, that's crazy! Congratulations!!!

>I should have insisted on working with locals and set better boundaries, but I worried that if I didn't continue therapy that you would feel abandoned and wouldn't get any help and it would continue to get worse

>I'm sorry that you aren't able to read my care and concern for you from our conversation last night.

Keep in mind we have the briefest snippets of interaction. Yes our favorite narc rodent-worm / bird-opossum duo have done their share of their work as well.

But the incredible contributions of Sara the shitty schlemiel therapist and her online LMT cert are really under-appreciated.

No. 861993


I'm beginning to wonder if Holly 'recommended' Sara to Jared?

No. 861994


Jared wanted to leave the marriage, but only after thoroughly gas-lighting Heidi. Thus taking the time and energy - at least five months that we know of - to manipulate Heidi and therapists.

Even after he's ditched Heidi for a month and been fucking Holly on the side for five months, he's even being considerate enough to meet with her and a therapist and make sure he's gaslit the ever living fuck out of the woman.

Incredibly thorough work. On a side note, given that Jared was raw-dogging uno-girl, a rando fan he just met, I look forward to how he makes Holly feel that the inevitable and forthcoming STD is her fault.

No. 861995

it would explain why Holly would know all these intimate details on what the therapist had apparently told her about Heidi, It wouldn't surprise me in the least

No. 861998

I like to add this to your post, many marriage/couples counselors are ignorant or unable to handle person with personality disorders or prevent themselves from being manipulated by one of the clients that has a personality disorder.

No. 862001

Sara was Heidi's therapist first. Heidi allowed Sara to share her information with Jared to help him understand her more (assuming here). Jared used ans shared that knowledge to make Holly believe that Heidi was suicide baiting him, because her own therapist put that in his mind.

No. 862002

File: 1567351247868.png (191.51 KB, 720x747, 20190901_111958.png)

Looks like the flying monkeys have reached PushinUpRoses & Jessie Pridemore.
Keep an eye out for their next moves.

No. 862003

File: 1567351810184.jpg (593.88 KB, 1564x1564, 482775825.jpg)

Sara admitting she was manipulating Jared into being nicer to Heidi by exploiting Heidi's suicidal thoughts in their conversation is just wild to me. What kind of therapist is this?

No. 862006

It's pretty obvious Jared wanted to put the blame on their failed marriage solely on Heidi instead of sharing the blame that they just wound up being incompatible in the end.

Jared seems like he's incapable of taking responsibility for his actions, which is why he goes on a forty minute tangent about why it wasn't wrong for him to solicit nudes because everyone told him they were of age. He's image obsessed and wants to be blameless. It's why he couldn't listen to the one request Heidi had of him by saying a part of the reason for their divorce was because he was cheating on her. Because admitting he was cheating on her while they were married would mean he would have to take an iota of responsibility.

Most people here don't see Heidi as pure and innocent in all this. She clearly has issues, some of it probably from Jared gaslighting her. She clearly should have separated from him instead of clinging to a guy emotionally and mentally checked out. But all of us here see Jared for what he is, and we also saw Holly show her true colors too.

All of them are bad, it's just that Jared is the worst of everyone involved in this situation, with Holly a close second.

No. 862008


>"…to get him to approach you delicately."

>"I didn't trust that he would…"

But Heidi's the abuser amirite? /s

No. 862010

The bullying tactics are so obvious.

No. 862013


It seems like the Keemstar fans/incels/ 14-year-olds are the most vicious & easier to just bat away.
The actual Jared & Holly/DCA stans/PJ2 subs are the ones that are taking a more manipulative & browbeating approach.

It's sad how you can see right through them while they think they're being clever.

No. 862018

File: 1567355541314.jpeg (362.3 KB, 1077x707, 58737C15-3895-49E1-9E97-F8A6BA…)

She publicly posted the caps from last night. Seems like there is more to come.

No. 862019


It's exactly like Onision but- and I can't believe I am writing this- actually worse.

No. 862026


Glad to see gamer-twitter is taking completely consistent positions on Heidi and Jared clearing their respective names.

No. 862040

File: 1567357781497.png (47.06 KB, 720x289, 20190901_130608.png)


Can you turn off comments on imgur?
I don't doubt more flying monkeys will brigade the shit out of this.

>"bought you a car"

>Implying that an abuser would not buy their victims things to keep them quiet/compliant.

No. 862041


Not sure why this is so hard for you to understand, so for your sake I'm going to assume yall are just emotionally stunted.

Here's some relationship 101 spoonfeeding that even you should be able to understand:

-If you are in a long term relationship or marriage and one parter just says "I'm out," you don't respond with "k bye" and just go about your day.

-Trying to get more information to understand what your partner is going through and encouraging your parter to communicate is NORMAL. Especially when married. Especially if you are having relationship trouble.

Heidi checking in with Jared, asking questions about how he feels, and encouraging communication is not abusive in the slightest. What the everloving fuck. In fact, every single way mentioned she communicated was absolutely healthy. She specified she was careful to use a gentle tone, never put him down for his answers or shut him out, plus she gave him TONS space. Which he clearly took advantage of.

-If your committed partner cheats on you, it is NORMAL to be angry. It is also normal to say things you don't mean.

Jared ruined his own career. He is the one who made everything a big public spectacle and blocking her at the same time, after not giving her a lick of information about his true feeling, leading her on, lying to her, and cheating on her. Of fucking course she is going to say something. Also, he is the one who chose to collect nudes.

Heidi was lied to for over a year. He had been sleeping with Holly when going out for "therapy." While telling Heidi he wants to work things out. Intuition picks up on that shit and when Heidi was constantly told he had no secrets? Of fucking course that is going to make someone go crazy when they are trying to work on a marriage with someone they love and said person is closing off. Anything she said out of anger is normal in the place she was in. What is NOT normal is to not be hurt and unprovoked by behavior like Jared's.

This is a plain as day cheating situation. This shit happens all the time and it's not okay then. I guaranfuckingtee if the roles were switched and Heidi was the one who cheated/lied and collected nudes, she would have zero supporters and just be labeled a cheating whore.

Jared was too selfish to be honest about his feelings. Instead he went crawling to Holly, his own personal echochamber, and got validation from soliciting fan nudes.

People like you who call Heidi abusive are the reason why abuse still exists and so many people don't take victims seriously. Your mental gymnastics completely distort the meaning of the word.

It's not just you anon. I hope Heidi sues the shit out of her because this "therapist" 100% made things worse.

Still love the tinfoil that Sara is actually Holly who somehow applied to be a life coach, hence why Jared wanted to use her (also it's hilarious she also lives in LA) but Sara's replies are still just a skosh too intelligent to be Holly.

No. 862043

Eh not worse but a different kind of predatory evil.

Onision (and Lainey) actively groomed and housed teens he groomed to have sex with while Jared just used so-called sex positivity and body positivity to get nudes from insecure fans of his on tumblr.

No. 862045

has anyone reported his underage nudes drama to the police?

No. 862046

Sorry I should have been more specific:

I was referring to when Onision collected photos of young fans and told them if they were hot or not, fat or not, etc. IIRC a lot were in their underwear or bikinis, too.

No. 862048

All the people who seem to support Jared and see Heidi as abusive are people who probably think trying to talk things out is abusive behavior.

They're shut-in gamers who close themselves off the moment someone wants to have an adult conversation based in reality and not through a DnD campaign.

No. 862049

Fucking hell, Heidi can't do anything without being subjected to criticism at the hands of these sexist defenders.

>Heidi stays quiet

>"She's not defending herself because she's lying"
>Heidi speaks up for herself
>"Stop whining and being so emotional"

These a great points, anon. Unfortunately the people you're talking to probably have never been in a relationship and will likely continue talking out of their asses.

> She clearly should have separated from him instead of clinging to a guy emotionally and mentally checked out.
>All of them are bad

What? Seems to me that Heidi cared enough about the relationship and Jared to wanna salvage–and it seems clear that Jared manipulated her during most of their interactions. I don't see how she's a bad person for falling hardcore for his manipulation.

No. 862051

The anonymous third minor who accused him on Reddit said she'd contacted the DOJ to report him, and Heidi said there were legal proceedings going concerning the nudes

No. 862055

I guess I meant more bad in terms of handling their emotions and the situation at large. Heidi's situation is definitely more sympathetic because she was clearly being gaslighted the entire time.

No. 862056

Read through all the texts Heidi just posted. From what I can see, Heidi 'forcing' Jared to stay in the marriage was completely normal? She may have thrown out sucide a few times out of confusion because it looked like her world was crumbling for no reason. Seems like once she knew there was Holly bull shit going on she was completely okay with ending the marriage. So much of this bull shit would have been over if at the beginning he just said 'I want to be with Holly and not you anymore'. Like he couldn't think of a good honest reason to divorce her other than to be with Holly but he didn't want to admit to that either. This honestly encapsulates why I've been pro Heidi from the start. A lot of this just starts from Jared's dishonesty to her. And while something like this shouldn't be in the lime light as much, Jared completely threw his divorce tweet to the wolves for supportive asspats and to control the narrative right when it seemed like Heidi was going to just move on and make it through, I don't think she would have revealed the affair if he was just fair to her and their marriage.

Heidi seems broken and flawed but my God the people treating her like trash are what got her there in the first place.

No. 862058

THANK YOU for pointing this out to people who need to be spoonfed.

No. 862066


This is an excellent summary, thank you. It’s just a shame that it’s going to be ignored by those who need to hear it the most.

No. 862069

They'll probably all say "lol tl;dr hurr hurr, BUT DID YOU EVEN WATCH THE VIDEO?!?!" I did. All 42 fucking minutes of Jared's hideous face and I honestly listened to all of it and tried to be sensible about what he was trying to say. If the title was different and he wasn't acting so pathetic, it would have been a decent response to allegations. I mean it is a bit mitigating that he asked for an age even if it was half assed and especially important because Charlie said HE DID NOT ASK for his age. Not like it makes it a whole lot better, but a cheap attempt at checking for age is better than none. He lost me when he mocked a child calling themselves a "baby" then had this disgusted face talking about their cartoon porn commissions or whatever nonsense kids do. After that I realized he's a bad person. A really, really bad person. Not to mention adding in he didn't cheat which is a lie, called his abuse of fans "unhealthy" as if implying that he was only hurting himself and not taking advantage of his fans, AND talking down to everyone for talking pedophilia allegations seriously, as if he made an argument that he didn't engage in pedophilia.

No. 862070


Dude, forcing to stay in relationship is not normal. Get yourself checked.

No. 862071

Would Jared like to release the full-context of his convo with Sara concerning the breakup?

…Or can he not, because he admits to cheating in them?

No. 862076

Anon… attempting to work things out in a marriage is not forcing. You really need to work on your empathy and emotional maturity if you want to have a healthy relationship.

No. 862077


Addendum: This shit wouldn't have gotten so bad if Jared & Holly just admitted that they cheated on their partners. Cheating is a dumb thing to do in the first place, but cheating is far from uncommon, & seeing as most of their supporters believe that marriage is unnecessary/outdated, they should all still get along fine, right?

No. 862079

It comes from Holly's refusal to believe she was the other woman. Her refusal that she could be anything but kind and sensitive. I'm not sure how much Holly believes that to be truth or how much Jared has told her, but right about now Holly has firmly planted her feet into her "innocence." She just wants to save public face and she was a strong contributor into why Jared couldn't leave Heidi and HAD to leave Heidi. It's really the most cluster fuck situation and I think Heidi, despite her mistakes, has managed fairly well considering…

No. 862080

File: 1567361960540.jpeg (684.29 KB, 1125x1432, E69AA432-4332-4E1C-B1AC-4277EB…)

I love how this is happening on Holly’s launch of Trash Coven. Feels like karma.

No. 862081

that's honestly the weirdest part of this whole situation, Jared and Holly refuse to even entertain the idea that they cheated together, both consistently deny it despite admitting that they were indeed involved and are apparently still engaged in a relationship. It makes no god damn sense at all.

No. 862082

If Jared didn't want to be in the marriage anymore he should of divorced Heidi right away or told Heidi the truth that he became emotionally invested in Holly. Then most likely Heidi would have left him and not "forced" him to be with her. When your spouse is telling you they are unhappy you try your best to please them because you love them. What Heidi didn't know is Jared was sabotaging the marriage because he wanted to leave the marriage in a way where it didn't seem that his fault and all her fault and didn't want to admit to Heidi he was cheating on her.

No. 862083

With the way Heidi reacted in February when he properly broke up, I can't honestly believe she was abusive and forced him to stay before when he first "asked"
It's more like he was icing her out and wanted her gone and she was confused because she didn't understand where it was coming from. But when he flat out said "we're breaking up" Heidi accepted it after months of trying to fix it

No. 862086

File: 1567362256976.png (184.19 KB, 1204x580, Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 11.54…)

yeah sorry for the WKposting but this kind of shit is starting to clog her tweet threads and it is so frustrating

No. 862087

File: 1567362316909.png (699.63 KB, 1054x787, ew.png)

Sage for non-milk, but what a weird fucking thing to have nude fanart as your profile pic on your facebook (which he has his family on)

No. 862089

File: 1567362388228.png (526.88 KB, 478x1286, Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 11.56…)

i have no idea why #FUCKjared isn't trending on twitter

this is the saddest thing i've ever read jesus

No. 862090

File: 1567362403226.jpg (19.13 KB, 256x197, face.jpg)

Looks nothing like him

No. 862092

File: 1567362475397.jpeg (437.43 KB, 1536x858, 3371ECFC-C4D6-458C-9D61-62906D…)

Sad takes from the peanut gallery; it’s Heidis fault that she was being abused because she ALLOWED Jared to remain depressed(Whiteknight posting)

No. 862093


He lost me at the porn blogs. You don’t take advantage of fans, full stop.

No. 862094

I swear it seems like he wanted her to file the divorce papers first for some weird reason.

No. 862100


Because then he could play "poor little Jared" with big, bad Heidi.

No. 862104

Here's something important…why wasn't Heidi seeing a therapist in person. They kept mentioning there was no one "local" but Jared was seeing someone…Did I miss something? Heidi need one to one serious therapy by someone with at least a Masters Degree. She was clearly confused, suffering and dealing with an emotionally manipulative relationship. I've seen domestic violence counselors with less educational experience be able to tell an abused woman the patterns they can expect to see and it honestly helps the woman get out of the relationship earlier. That's what Heidi needed. She needed a counselor to say things like "Listen, Jared is going to lure you back in with some token. He's going to make you feel validated, or even provide some affection and then shut you out." That's how emotional abusers cycle. This was clearly happening to Heidi but no one informed her!! She kept making excuses and talking about how sweet he was or getting excited about the smallest gesture. It's so heart breaking to see the cycle of her confusion.

No. 862105

Oh, now it's Jared's turn to say "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill", is it?

No. 862107

Yeah, regular psychotherapy seems too little based on what we now know, I think she needs an actual psychiatrist but with the state of American healthcare and her lack of insurance I'm not sure she can afford one

No. 862108

Reading through the texts between Heidi and her friend…Jared was obviously telling Heidi he was going to hotels to "think things through" and then meeting up with Holly to fuck. He is so an abhorrent rat of a person.

No. 862109


I don't remember the specifics of the screenshots right now but wouldn't be surprised if Hoelly was the "therapist" he was seeing. Since Heidi gave permission to Sarah to talk to Jared, at least through text they could communicate, so why would he leave the house to talk to a therapist? well, remembering that HE had a car and she didn't I guess, but she was forced to be at home and talk/text to someone far away and he had the opportunity to move around wherever he wanted? seems sus

No. 862110

I bet that's when he'd tell Holly, I tried to leave Heidi finally! Only to say she kept pulling him back in and wouldn't let him leave.

No. 862111

Welp, I wouldn't doubt it if he was lol, but it still wouldn't excuse anything.

No. 862113

I would not be surprised in the least
Not to armchair but clearly, that boy ain't right

No. 862115


It can be an insurance thing, it can be a personal choice thing (Ex: Agoraphobic; Internet/text/phone based therapy works MUCH better for me)


This is a big thing. Sessions can cost several hundreds of dollars for a one hour session - and if she had no insurance, this would have been nearly impossible.


This is definitely a possibility, since Heidi said he was coincidentally meeting up with Holly to fuck around after every session.

No. 862117

Shouldn't Heidi and Jared be insured living in one of the most liberal cities in the world with Jared's money and financial success? I mean they go to cons constantly, plane flights, trips, etc. I could buy the agoraphobia, but aren't there more reputable places because clearly Heidi was seeing a counselor that was $1 a session. I don't know, but why didn't Heidi have a car before? It almost seems like Jared controlled the money and kept her dependent.

No. 862119

The unfortunate truth is unless Heidi releases communications between her and Jared where he says he is trying to work on the marriage, he isn't cheating, or that Holly is being crazy, a big chunk on people will just continue to bury their heads in the sand.

Of course a lot of these instances probably don't exist because couples who live together tend to speak to each other in person. So it feels like she is fighting an unwinnable battle right now. I support her doing anything that makes her feel better but this sort of evidence is going to having people continuing to dismiss her.

No. 862122

Having one car for two people who mainly worked from home doesn't seem too strange.

Don't get me wrong I'm sure Jared was controlling the money since he was the main breadwinner, but at the time one car for a couple isn't weird.

No. 862123

I don't know their exact situation but one of the Sara texts mentions her lack of insurance so it's definitely a factor. And no, she didn't have a car until the divorce and she mentioned at some point that she now thinks him encouraging her to depend on him financially was part of his control over her.

No. 862124

I think it was partially Jared being cheap, choosing text therapy and that Jared needed the car for HIS therapy (and extra massage therapy from Holly) so Heidi can't use it.

No. 862126

File: 1567364396961.png (629.78 KB, 609x773, UwGwl0v.png)


What was Holly tweeting about the night of Jared's hotel visit?


No. 862128


actual shrinks rarely do talk therapy anymore afaik. it's mostly medication management.

No. 862129


You say, as if Jared would have allowed Heidi to use HIS money, considering he acted like giving her a car/house was such a burden.


The people who are going to bury their heads in the sand would have done so anyway, to avoid recognizing that someone they look up to is actually a pretty shitty dude.

No. 862131


I somehow think even if she did show 100% evidence of him admitting to all of it they’ll be a lot of them burying their head in the sand

Cause somehow Jared showing proof = “all good, he showed his side”

Heidi = “omg how dare you be so abusive and showing this, he should sue you”

No. 862132


They're already pulling that shit, screaming that he should sue her (and knowing that human turd, he'll probably try).

At this point, if I were Heidi, I'd take the financial hit just to get the truth out there. She could always do a GoFundMe to get legal fees; I'd back that shit.

No. 862133

Mine does both but I also live in a country where healthcare makes me able to afford seeing a psychiatrist regularly rather than just occasionally for meds

No. 862135


Exactly. Might as well just come out & admit that he DID cheat on his wife, since no one would even give a shit anyway…

No. 862138


Didn't he already make legal threats towards her like, a month or two ago? AFTER trying to get her to sign an NDA at first?

No. 862139

Yeah, he did, but I think he was just trying to intimidate her by way of cease and desist without planning any real legal action

No. 862143


Washington is a two-party consent state - if Heidi release communications without the other party's (Jared's) consent, she presumably commits a crime.

Jared has been trying to blur this line by having Holly release texts between he and Heidi. That the few texts from Heidi we've seen weren't that damning says something

No. 862145


Yep, but he did them very discreetly then. I think with everyone suddenly backtracking, people are starting to connect the dots that he must have slapped them with lawsuits/cease-and-desist


I meant the texts between herself and Jared - he could theoretically pursue charges, but then he'd have to answer for how Hoelly was able to release the sexts between Jared and Heidi (when Holly was NOT privy to the conversation in any way)

No. 862146

Does that mean PervJerd committed a crime releasing Sara's texts?

No. 862148


It's toeing a thin line. It seems like it COULD be, but for all any of us know, they signed a form with the therapist that gave them the discuss the texts/post the texts, etc.

I just think that if Jared's stans want to go after Heidi for releasing it, they'll have to stop and realize that Jared did the same shit - but worse, since he allowed his mistress to release sexual messages between himself and his wife.

No. 862149


True, but they'll deny every bit of that.

No. 862151

Considering the "therapist's" response to the messages being posted, I think it's safe to say she did not give her permission to release those texts.

No. 862152


looks like Wikihow illustratons.
"How to cheat on your wife and keep your youtube career"

No. 862162

Jared should have just up front and told everyone he cheated, and I doubt he would have lost followers. Most of his incel fans would still criticize Heidi and say it's her fault Jared cheated.

No. 862170

I think that was something she originally wanted too. It was back when everything blew up but she wanted him to just be transparent with the fans as to why they were splitting up. Considering so many people like to say "oh well he cheated it doesn't matter to me" then he would have taken a hit but he would have avoided pedo allergations, emotional abuse claims, and probably losing his DnD show. This whole situation could have been completely avoided by Jared. But it looks like he's as messed up as Heidi but in different and more malicious ways. Ofc only Heidi is going to be called crazy and the fans will just think 'poor abused Jared just didn't know better'

No. 862173

That is what set this all off. Jared trying to save face by not doing the one thing Heidi asked him to do when he announced their divorce.

To think it would have saved him in the long run, though I guess it’s for the best because we now all know what a true creep he is besides him cheating.

No. 862177

File: 1567369552296.jpg (288.09 KB, 1491x845, screencap.jpg)

There is a big difference between Jared's words and his actions, for sure.

No. 862183

From what I can gather, Jared & Holly both pride themselves on appearing to be good people with good morals, especially Holly with her "wholesome birb-mom uwu" image.

They're both clinging desperately to their morally-superior egos as this drama has unfolded & an entire ugly mess of lies, manipulation, & overall callousness has come out.

No. 862186

If he told Heidi that he wanted to leave her because he loved Holly this whole situation would have been avoided
All the woman wanted was transparency.
But when you play stupid games…

No. 862188


Jared probably doesn't have a problem with admitting he cheated, but outing himself would mean outing Miss "uwu Wholesome Quirky Birb-mom uwu" as a horny conniving homewrecker, which isn't very 'wholesome or 'quirky' at all… :(

No. 862189

File: 1567370866497.jpeg (173.36 KB, 750x1075, 38C0D97B-A19D-422A-889B-AE3D2F…)

Just reading through some comments on Heidi’s posts. It looks like someone recognized the text format as being from Talkspace.

No. 862193

File: 1567371095608.png (330.88 KB, 1280x853, unspecified.png)


Well I'll be damned!

No. 862194

Reminding myself to never use Talkspace, no matter how many podcasts shill for it
Sara was definitely a big part of their issues later on

No. 862196

Big yikes.

No. 862199


After looking at a few reviews it's… not good.
Also looks like most of their therapists take forever to respond to clients & aren't much help either.

"Licensed Professional" my ass

No. 862202

Nah. I've watch Phil for years and honestly, he will keep doing what he is doing. He is a lot better about trolls and hate than most.

No. 862204

File: 1567372364071.jpg (232.88 KB, 1472x814, dont.jpg)

He looks so disappointed that the pickup artist has more class than he does

No. 862209

And people bitch on twitter that people didn't watch Jared's entire video and have no right to say shit about him. Hypocrisy at it's friggin finest.

No. 862211


Same thing they're doing to h3h3 too. Whatever happened to "Listen to both sides & form your own opinions" Jared?

No. 862214

Kind of true to an extent, because people (especially here) immediately jump to: "did you read what heidi stated blah blah blah"; So don't you think it makes sense people would say the same regarding the other parties involved?

No. 862215

Unfortunately I am aware.

No. 862220

Could this be our HIPAA violating Sara? Searched LinkedIn for Saras that had Talkspace in their work history, and this is the only one that has ties to LA (Heidi's Sara mentioned coming to see her face to face in LA)(Don't post personal information of those not involved.)

No. 862223

File: 1567373851328.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190901-173710.png)

Hollys clothes website has a typo right at the top

No. 862225

Columbia and Harvard Med? QUESTIONABLE

No. 862227

If it is her than, yikes.

No. 862228

There is literally no need to doxx the therapist wtf anon

No. 862229

One thing his incels can't argue is the fact that the GGs have been completely silent.

They deleted all the video collabs with him and dropped him like a hot potato. Isn't that a huge amount of evidence that Jared is in the wrong because they know Ross' side and threw Jared away like trash immediately?

What a spotty work history.

No. 862234


I hate Arin & Suzy for lots of reasons, but Arin became a GREAT businessman.
Removing the videos wouldn't be because of them caring about Ross and knowing Ross' side, but because the GGs are trying to avoid any damage to their family friendly poop and fart joke brand they've reduced themselves to.

That being said, Ross could know more damming evidence he revealed to the GGs, or someone with a reasonable amount of evidence contacted them (pretty sure the Charlie's and another person that was unnamed) and that's why it was removed.

No. 862236

Reminder that doxing thread subjects is against the rules, this includes the therapist.

No. 862239

File: 1567374701450.jpg (85.11 KB, 1080x367, 5818858283.jpg)

This is the text between Sara and Jared that started all this. Could the cutoff be "knows about you and Holly"?

So the whole sentence would read, "I dont know how, but I know that she knows about you and Holly"

Perhaps this conversation was around the same time Heidi told Sara she found proof that he was cheating with Holly. I will reread to see if Heidi's conversation with Sara fits this theory.

No. 862240


I honestly can't believe the people saying this shit aren't either literal fucking children or socially stunted shut-ins. They were (are still) MARRIED. Marriage is not just a fancy word for a relationship+ that you can just decide to leave whenever you feel like it, it's a LEGAL CONTRACT. A wedding day is not just a larp of a loving relationship, it is a public and legal declaration of your relationship with someone else and when you marry someone, you are combining your assets and becoming one legal entity. From that point on you have legal responsibilities and obligations to your spouse, and even if one party wants to leave they are still, in fact, legally and socially obligated to remain in the marriage until the other party amicably agrees to begin the legal process to dissolve the marriage.
Hard sage for this rant but I just can't fucking stand these idiots acting like they were just dating and Heidi was abusive for trying to get him to work through their problems. You have no obligation to stay with your shitty boy/girlfriend but they had obligations to each other because they were (still are) LEGALLY MARRIED.

No. 862241

Go watch his video at the 37 mark,its not cut off there. Its about how heidi will threaten suicide.

Sara best counsellor.

No. 862242


it was something to the tune of "I know she will be upset" and "I know that she will threaten to commit suicide"

which is what makes dear sara a horrible therapist

No. 862244

That's exactly what these people don't realize. Marriage is LEGALLY BINDING. That's why you involve the LEGAL SYSTEM to dissolve one. That's why some states have LAWS regarding them. That's why some states have LAWS regarding CHEATING. You can say you're "broken up" all you want, but in some states (unfortunately, not WA) if you cheat while still legally married, you're fucked.

No. 862247

Honestly, this could be about Holly. The woman who was being talked about was never specificity? He could have just swung it in his favor.

No. 862248

Honestly, this could be about Holly. The woman who was being talked about was never specificity? He could have just swung it in his favor.

No. 862250

It was about heidi. They talked about the logistics of a break up earlier in the screenshot.

No. 862251


Best Therapist Sara:

>suspects distance client will commit suicide

>doesn't call police

>gossips about suicide with pathological liar husband

No. 862264

Who the hell is saying Jared is in the wrong for "wanting to leave the relationship?" That is such a total understatement. ONCE AGAIN, the man might have gone to therapy but he 1. lied to his therapist and 2. went merrily to fuck Holly afterwards. Like Heidi said, these actions weren't not that of a "desperate, abused man" everything he hid and lied about was calculated. When given countless opportunities to be honest with his wife he instead shut down on her then baited her with the hope of counseling just to double down on "ehh I don't really feel like it" when it came to resolving any issues they had.
You people really need to lurk more before trying to give your smug two cents on the matter.

No. 862268

This, so much. They think encouraging healthy communication and becoming depressed/in a bad place when the love of your life is shutting you out without saying why is abuse.

That is a good point. I am confused why Jared's incel supporters don't harass GG about putting the videos back up though if he is so not in the wrong.

No. 862269

r/Rant Grumps (when I last checked) were just upset that the main game grumps page wasn't letting them talk about it. They also were mad that the accusers were GG fans and held that against the Game Grumps.

I haven't checked recently that sub went to shit.

No. 862271

I've seen plenty of tweets & YT comments linking Jared's video and/or demanding they put the videos back up.

No. 862272

File: 1567377641028.jpg (712.99 KB, 1564x1564, Hmmmm.jpg)

Well, the dates of Heidi's conversation with her friend about Jared ignoring Holly line up with Holly acting histrionic on Twitter.

No. 862274

This coupled with how awful Holly was during the fallout following May makes it crazy that people still support her.

No. 862275


They need to prove her innocence because if her or Jared are actually guilty than that means DCA is OVER!!! (crying emoji)

DCA is love
DCA is life…

No. 862280

Holly deleted all of her tweets before January 28th. I thought only liars delete information that might incriminate them?

No. 862281

File: 1567379075124.jpeg (239.94 KB, 632x366, 3DD5FE91-BACE-4BF5-A36E-8BDAEE…)

Did it mention Heidi by name? As in, ending it with Heidi specifically. Sorry for being a brainlet about that, there's a lot of shit in these threads to shift through and a lot of cherry-picking between everything Holly, Jared, and Heidi all carefully release. I don't trust any of these people.

No. 862282

He mentions needing to buy her a house and car, so it's Heidi

No. 862293

They may just be hidden. I'm looking at some of the October 2018 tweets right now.

No. 862296

Girl should just delete her entire Twitter to get rid of incriminating evidence that can be used against her, honestly.

Though nobody’s going to forget about how Holly Conrad made Etika’s suicide all about her.

No. 862299

You can't hide individual tweets. You might be looking at her replies, those you can see, even ones from years ago, but she's removed all her tweets before January 28, 2019.

No. 862301


Probably deleted the more incriminating ones.
Some of her non-reply tweets are searchable.

No. 862306

Its because the GG are men. Jared’s supporters are incels who only feel safe attacking women.

No. 862321


That's the thing - He wanted to claim that he hadn't cheated to save his image, and in his effort to remain squeaky clean with lies, he did more damage than just being up front and honest probably would have.


Watched H3H3's review of Jared's "apology" video and he read some email that a stan sent telling him to apologize to jared or Ethan would learn pain or worse and just #fucking yikes.


At this point, I think people are just thinking of her as an off-shoot of Jared (like when you friend has a significant other that you hate, but you put up with them because you adore your friend). The tides will turn again the first time she says something stupid - and suddenly having a crowd of incel/MRA supporters won't seem like such a great idea.


Deleting it wouldn't do shit. First of all, internet doesn't forget - Second of all, I doubt she could stand not being the center of attention for two seconds.

No. 862325

File: 1567387944084.gif (601.62 KB, 500x281, sigh.gif)


This is going to sound like a wk for Jared so let's nip that early. I don't think any of these 3 nerds have the emotional intelligence or access to proper therapy they ever genuinely needed. I believe even Ross was left hanging by anyone who could genuinely help any of them at the time. Sometimes it seems like all of them had the best of intentions, then fucked it up.

Without being able to apply time periods this is what I’ve gathered throughout this whole circus, if anyone wants to take the time to put together something chronological to my half-observation and half-tinfoil please feel free.

>Ross and Holly's marriage is failing, probably because Ross was too beta and Holly felt too superior to be designated to "Wife of Ross" (Plus, if Ross was depressed that's a pretty big strain on a relationship even if people think For Better Or Worse-I honestly think their divorce for the most part was pretty natural whether or not Holly was being heartless and despite it obviously hurting Ross. Divorce is not easy.)

>Holly feels FeElInGs for Jared (Most likely spurred on by romanticized DND ship where she gets attention and basically called second-hand beautiful for the fantasy life self-insert she created) and is looking for a new relationship anyways I'm guessing (Dat rebound)
>Holly and Jared probably start "seriously" flirting at this point, whether or not it develops into a fling or not IRL/via roleplaying is ??? in the timeline because I honestly don't know or care
>Jared at this point is probably still relatively happy being with Heidi because she gives him free reign and doesn't apply many boundaries at all, Heidi is publicly priased often by Jared as being An Real Life Anime Girl etc etc
>Holly gets caught calling Heidi abusive, both Jared and Heidi confront her about that and say it's not true-which she apologizes over and over for, prostrating herself and putting Heidi on a pedastel
>Jared wants to be single or open whether because the seven porn blogs aren't enough or the idea is exciting for both Heidi and him (Maybe even Holly lowkey suggested it to one or both of them, since Holly was inserting herself in Heidi's ear at the time)
>Heidi encourages Jared and Holly to be open about feelings, most likely hoping for rejection from one or the other because Holly is married and she thinks Jared might be too in love to pursue Holly
>Heidi doesn't want to be polya after attempt, so they try and fix things (Jared wasn’t invested, encouraged by Holly and in too deep with the sexual attention he was receiving)
>Heidi says ok Nope (Revokes consent, breaks up with bishie long distance animu dreamboi Nulyu to show she’s serious)
>I'm not sure if this happened before or after The Infamous Walk but at some point Holly and her flock move to be near Jared, unsure as well on the timeline if this was before or after she started drunk-bawing about her "abused friend" she wanted to help/passively suicide-baiting/sad-posting on Twitter
>Jared is unhappy and distant, Holly becomes more exciting and is a tit to cry on
>Heidi gets rightfully paranoid and lashes out, probably because isolated and lead to believe Jared genuinely wants to fix things rather than give it a try
>Jared makes no change in behaviour, their relationship is probably punctuated by fights (that friends/aquantances noticed awkwardly) and absences while Jared tries to make Heidi happy and Heidi is clearly in love still tries to put the spark back into their marriage despite knowing in her heart it's probably not going to work
>Jared gets depressed (?) whines to Holly and friends, Heidi tries to react to paranoia by trying to create boundaries
>Heidi is gaslit and stonewalled, I don't in any way want to defend Jared because I believe he's absolutely horrid but I doubt he knew that's what he was doing and during the whole time he was encouraged to do these things when he spoke to his therapist (Who in turn tried to have Heidi give Jared space or not confront him relatively often it seems?)
>Holly is left out if the loop entirely, is histrionic and emotionally manipulative because constant need of validation/Not getting what she wants for once right away
>Jared continues to mostly be uninvested in Heidi, enabled by ”therapist” to be distant/end things
>” Therapist” encourages Heidi to not engage or talk things out with Jared because she worries Heidi is going to lash out (Which is fair, but also Heidi at least in communicating to the therapist seems to be self-aware and transparent about even her irrational feelings which should have given an actual therapist a lot to work with)
>Jared tries to be nice to Heidi but is sitcom-level idiotic about how to handle a relationship, literally avoids the situation and tries to resolve in passive ways by trying to please Heidi with food and car
>Heidi asks him to stay away from the house

(Just wanted to ad here I want to say idk why people overreact to this when Heidi can’t leave their shared home as easily. I'm guessing lack of car and lack of friends left her pretty isolated and lonely despite her hobbies being a good and healthy distraction. To lord Jared ”owning and paying” for the home and Heidi ”letting” him come by as if this isn't a normal thing in broken marriages and when Heidi clearly has nowhere to go he is essentially put in the dog house as they say-whether or not that sounds unfair to Jared he seemed happy to leave so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

>” Therapist” challenges none of this, encourages no communication, encourages no mutual supervised conversations, mishandles sensitive information and acts more like a busy-body friend who enjoys helping than an actual professional-which they could have definitely afforded so ???

>Holly is mostly left in the dark, only sees Jared is unhappy and has feelings for him so is vocally and emotionally invested in his side-supporting whatever he tells her
>Heidi and Holly are fed individual stories, Jared seems mostly avoidant about emotional situations so he turns to one or the other when he needs different coddling
>Heidi thinks Holly is "planting seeds" essentially, but is coming from a dumbass misguided place thinking she is helping her Lover and at the same time thinks she's helping him (Both for her own ego, it seems she is only self-invested or helps others if it benefits her. She clearly loves to play benevolent Birb Mom.)
>Things come to a head, Heidi searched his phone (public property, and she was validated in her paranoia-but isn't right to do despite that. Good that she did, however, so they could finally break up properly)
>Heidi moves out, celebrates too loudly on FB and triggers Holly to feel Jared wasn’t exaggerating if not lying completely
>Divorce announcements etc happen suddenly, it was clear Jared at least wanted to be single but Heidi also wanted validation for the time she feels she wasted on the marriage
>Holly feels fine with the cheating, because Jared was unhappy and she got what she wanted in the end

And then begins the he-said-she-said song and dance drama kek

I want to make it very clear this isn't ignoring Jared having a serious problem with porn addiction (his responsibility, definitely within his control and not like alcoholism etc but definitely an unhealthy dependence to the point he didn't care and jerked it to minors. Whether they lied or consented (which doesn't count as consent because MINOR) that is a crime and most people who exchange nudes verify age literally by ID blacking out other personal info besides birth date-Saying 18+ only and being like ”ur 18 right” isn't good enough when being sexually active with young teens no matter how many people want to defend that.

Also, IMO still fucking creepy he's mid-30s (?) and is ok with people under 20 in general engaging in covering/nude exchanges with him???

These people were nerds who lived online and had a warped view of how to navigate difficult relationships because their access to real-life situations and even success were all through vidya/anime/social media or weird environments like Cons or Youtube offices.

The quack they spoke to gave them shit advice and wasn’t able to help anyone do anything, wasn’t able to foresee any of the genuine issues that ended up coming up, and basically only added to the raging fire with ”Are you sure?” type of answers she may have well been an internet psychic scam for all the help she did or the cold-reading barely advice. She didn’t have anyone be introspective or accountable despite having both sides of the story (whether or not both sides were exaggerated or biased, the pieces were there and she could have helped them).

From what I can gather after the therapy texts, they were all doomed from the start. Might as well be teens dating on Tumblr in a SJW cosplay community. These adults clearly have no idea what they’re doing and Jared had way too much access and power for someone so fucked up and irresponsible.

I do feel bad for Heidi because shit sucks, I do feel Holly is a POS because emotionally cold to Ross and emotionally manipulative to fans and friends-but holy shit.
As far as I’m concerned these idiots just have no idea how to properly socialize with others and instead of getting genuine help are too internet-based and dependent to navigate anything with tact or proper conduct.

Apologies for the longest post in the world but wow, besides Jared and Holly’s personal fuck-ups and crimes respectively this is literally otherwise a hot fucking mess. I thought it was a lot more abusive or toxic before the "therapist" texts reveal, but it appears to be a million times less deep than I had thought in previous threads because of Heid/Jared/Holly's "proof". It's mostly crying wolf.(tl;dr)

No. 862328


> "It seems like all of them had the best of intentions"

How in the holiest of hells did Holly ever have the best of intentions for anyone but herself??

> "Plus, if Ross was depressed that's a pretty big strain on a relationship"

The only time Ross truly showed depression was upon his divorce, after god knows how much of Holly's "I am only sexually attracted to our mutual friends' husband"

> "is looking for a new relationship anyways I'm guessing (Dat rebound)"

"looking for a new relationship" implies that they hadn't already been involved, which, seeing how she moved to Washington within one month of her divorce announcement, seems less and less likely.

> "Heidi doesn't want to be polya after attempt"

Heidi didn't want to be poly when it became clear that Holly just wanted Jared for herself and for Heidi to not even be in the picture. Also because Jared proved he couldn't even be open with communication which was like the one and only thing Heidi asked for.

> "I doubt he knew that's what he was doing"

I'm sorry, but there's no way he could've thought he was in the right by lying to his wife about "We'll work on our marriage!" and then going to meet his mistress after every therapy session for a quick fuck

> "Jared tries to be nice to Heidi"

Dude bought her a McDonald's Meal. What an awesomely nice dude. /s

> "this isn't ignoring Jared having a serious problem with porn addiction"

This isn't even a porn addiction, though. This is a dude who abused his power/fame to get fans to not just submit nudes but to fuck at various cons (we at least know of unogirl; Who knows how many others there are?)

No. 862332

File: 1567388712889.png (6.06 KB, 419x83, Screenshot_243.png)

The description of the 'cancelled' shirt on Hoelly's website

It reads to me like she's still insisting she didn't even step out of line or that neither she or Jared did anything wrong (other than the whole "jerking off to minors' photos" bit)

No. 862333


a fan fic unmoored from time? i'll pass on that one, anon

No. 862335

>without being able to apply time periods

You should probably refer to earlier posts and threads where time periods can and were applied to events before typing out so much next time, anon.

No. 862340

I like how randos keep telling Heidi that the therapy texts make her look bad/worse…

Like… she was clingy & hopeful? THAT HORRIBLE BITCH!!! BURN HERRRR!!!1!

No. 862342


"This is making you look worse! You look desperate!"

Yeah, motherfucker. I know it's hard for your little incel brains to wrap around, but most people actually MEAN "for better or worse" when they recite their vows, not "For better or until I find the Golden Pussy of my friend's wife"

No. 862343


I also like how each one throws in their opinion about how useless/outdated they think marriage is, etc. Like okay we get it, you don't care, yet you do care enough to leave a comment?

No. 862348

This is lolcow not a college dissertation. Fuck off.

No. 862353


i'm legitimately crying at these texts. it actually hurts my fucking soul to read this, because i am seeing everything as it were. that feeling of loving someone and desiring their touch, affection, attention, and being pushed into the cold with no real explanation is so fucking brutal

god my soul actually hurts, this sucks

No. 862356

>if Ross was depressed that's a pretty big strain on a relationship even if people think For Better Or Worse
Were you aware of any of these people before the divorce announcement and/or do you know anything about Holly? Why is it only Ross' depression would be a strain on the relationship, but not any of Holly's anguish that she often talks about openly online? That'd have meant Ross dealt with her and her inner problems for the entire marriage, and then once he started to show his own, Holly ditched him. Which is dandy to you I guess.

>Ross and Holly's marriage is failing, probably because Ross was too beta

lol yes, Ross is a betacuck soyboy, not man enough for Holly's tastes, so she fled to muscular bad-boy Earthworm Jared

I don't think you're a wk or anything imo, but you should read through old threads more

No. 862357

I can't get over the amount of youtubers that are back-peddling so hard.

No. 862361

Some of the stuff she says does seem a little iffy on its own, and I think that the "therapists" responses don't help much.
However, when you consider the larger context including Jared's hot and cold behavior towards her it makes sense that she would try and use manipulative tactics to try and get him to work with her. It's all but confirmed that he had multiple narratives. Heidi, Holly, their friends, the therapist were all being told radically different stories and it's clear that Jared was trying to maintain a sort of double life where he was both the loving husband with a happy relationship and the abused, beaten down desperate man having an affair because he has no other choice. Maybe he believes both of these things to be true, maybe not. But the fact remains that when he could no longer maintain control of the situation he immediately started crafting a new narrative with no regards to the feelings or needs of anyone else involved.

No. 862366

File: 1567397787808.png (84.55 KB, 685x998, hollytweets.png)


Fun fact:

Holly's tweets were mysteriously disappearing during the time she had been "checked in to the hospital" because of her mental state when Heidi first dropped the truth bomb on twitter that Holly and Jared were cheating. You know, when she said she didn't have access to Twitter and couldn't see what was happening online, "for her mental state".

Unfortunately this site doesn't go as far back directly, but you can see she was still deleting tweets then.

If anyone can get a source from further back, would be thankful.

No. 862367

File: 1567398197400.png (27.45 KB, 533x350, hospital.png)

No. 862368

File: 1567398227203.png (30.12 KB, 533x277, hospital2.png)

No. 862388

Lol I genuinely despise this dumb bitch. Such a fragile crazy bird lady uwu! Had to go to the hospital because I got outed for being a cheating piece of human shit while I was able to delete incriminating tweets while getting help for being suicidal uwu
I hope she stays with Jared and gets cheated on too, these hideous failed abortions deserve each other

No. 862392


This even not milk powder at this point cause it was discussed profusely 3 months ago - she had someone handle her social media at that time.

No. 862394


It is SO. HARD. to see Heidi's hope in the last few messages where she is actually excited for the future only to hit that wall of "I woke up and Jared blocked me and made an announcement of our divorce on twitter"


They're backpeddling because PedoDick potentially slapped them with cease & desist notices.

Don't worry - when they realize that his denial of "I asked!" means literally nothing when he admits to using the pictures to jack off during his twitch stream, they'll go right back to hating him again.


She actually DID visit the hospital during that time (Not defending Holly, she's the dumbest bitch), had a picture of her hospital bracelet from that admission on her twitter


I don't think Holly would give a fuck if Jared sleeps around, is definitely the type to convince herself "It's okay if he does, because he comes home to me".

What I hope is that he cheats on her with someone even crazier than she is or that the other woman pulls the same "I only have romantic/sexual feelings for your WormDick" and stomps her foot in a tantrum until Jared bails on Hoelly too.

No. 862395


Did she tell them which messages to delete?

No. 862396


I'm assuming at this point that Holly really only has like three friends (other than Jared), so it would probably have been BlueJay (idk her name, it's her old roommate though, IIRC), Kayla that she does Spooky Saturdays with, or like one other person

No. 862398

Did anyone save that stream? Because i really hope someone did so they can put him in jail for admitting to receiving CP and jacking off to the nudes he receives. He put his nail in The coffin for admitting that so publicly especially after crying over being the victim.

No. 862400


I hope they did, though no one has posted a link here yet. He's literally providing the cops/courts the evidence they need, and even if they DID buy the "well, he didn't know they were minors" bit, they're not going to let a 30+ year old dude admit to jacking off to the photos of potential minors.

No. 862404

>I don't think Holly would give a fuck if Jared sleeps around, is definitely the type to convince herself "It's okay if he does, because he comes home to me".

No way, she is not doormat type ala Lainey. She'll try to control every move and follow him everywhere instead.

No. 862414

She probably used one of those mass tweet deleter tools, those are very unreliable and sometimes skip some tweets by accident

No. 862423

File: 1567424150777.png (456.83 KB, 1280x720, sarathemillionaire.png)

This came to me in a dream and I had to make it

No. 862429

chef's kiss so good!

No. 862430

Im starting to think it's not as much about who abused who, but that:
- heidi probably is controlling and prone to outbursts (she told her friend she was glad she didnt scream), which of course doesnt look good from the outside
- wormdick is a weasel that gladly exploits his power and influence to get what he wants, but cowers away and immediately starts crying when confronted about it. One of those people who you need to tiptoe around not to hurt their precious feelings. Also, wouldnt be surprised if he turned out to have an humiliation kink lol

Also, will always be miffed about how americans throw accusations of abuse for literally any rude behaviour

No. 862434

If Heidi was controlling I doubt Jared would have the sexual freedom he was given in their relationship. Heidi was not an angel in their relationship but I doubt she was controlling and more looking for answers to why Jared was unhappy. And being gaslit for months can make you reactive or have outbursts.

No. 862436

You're not wrong

No. 862441

yep. in truth, Heidi had no spine until she reached her breaking point and realized who Jared REALLY was. all of these accusations of abuse piss me right the fuck off. it's clear Heidi let herself be disrespected and walked all over, abused, mistreated, out of love for her husband and in an attempt to keep them together, so gaining a backbone seems like "abuse" now. everything documented thru texts is more reasonable than I ever would've been. she held her composure beautifully considering she was being betrayed on every front. feeling powerless and suicidal and telling your therapist is not abuse. there was literally nothing controlling about Heidi's behavior. she was a fucking doormat to the highest degree until she saw Jared's true colors. she was incredibly charitable and empathetic and is receiving 0 recognition for it, and is instead being punished for it. it infuriates me.

No. 862454

it amazes me that up until the very end when she finally realizes Jared's true colors, Heidi was using really affectionate and understanding language. she seemed to always try to understand where Jared was coming from, called him sweet and made excuses for his really immature behavior, and he took full advantage of that.

Heidi isn't an angel but she gave Jared so many excuses for his behavior towards her. he probably was hoping for her to snap so he could walk away as innocent.

No. 862463

I kind of don't want her to do a livestream, she should just use a video so it can be concise.

No. 862467


I disagree, I think she needs to be detailed so there is no room for Jared to fill in the blanks with his bullshit and so she can immediately answer counterpoints or questions. Plus, Jared wasn't concise with his 42 minute video. I bet she'll have chat moderators to filter the chat from abusive messages and provide her the questions & counterpoints people have so she doesn't have to filter through them herself.

No. 862483

It's just, i dont know if heidi explaining her side of the story is going to do her any good: her """therapist"""" looks like shes taking jareds side, and heidis text to her friend are just that, her texts, with no proof anywhere of what shes saying. If this were jared's we'd be speculatin he's making everything up.
Im on heidi's side and im genuinly worried about what a livestream of airing her dirty laundry is going to do her harm

No. 862488

A narrative that abusers love to pull is that their partner was "not supportive" of them or "mean", "controlling", "abusive", etc. when the victim doesn't let them do whatever they want.

When Heidi finally drew a line in the sand, Jared got upset that she wasn't allowing him to get away with questionable behavior. Thus he saw her/painted her as "abusive" once he was caught doing the shit she asked him NOT to do behind her back.

He is trying to spin himself as the brave hero of the story, while painting Heidi as the wicked one.

"He wanted to leave!" Probably threatened to leave, hoping that Heidi would erase that line in the sand and let him go back to doing whatever he wanted.
But she didn't back down. And Jared fought back. And she still didn't back down.
And here we are.

No. 862501

It's really, really common for these boundary-stomping abusers to also doube down when confronted with any sort of line in the sand; they tend to kick off and try to beat you down by just shitting all over whatever boundary you're setting.

You want me to communicate? Fuck you, I'll give you the silent treatmen til you snap. Etc. Anything and everything to get a reaction from the other person and make everything look like their fault.

No. 862504

File: 1567444584102.jpeg (247.95 KB, 1257x433, A240775D-3100-41A9-ADA8-9F1FF5…)

Hoelly, once again acting like she knows what a healthy boundary is

Getting pissed at the wife of the dude you’re fucking behind your own husbands back? That ain’t it, chief

No. 862511

Wonder if Jared fucked the therapist as well kek

No. 862512

The only place I've been able to be critical about the Projared situation aka not 100% up his ass, is the Unjerk sub on gamingcirclejerk.

Everywhere I mention him a bunch of incels from his sub come flooding to defend him like they are being paid for it.

No. 862513

File: 1567446200107.jpg (221.32 KB, 1496x807, screencap 10.jpg)

It is odd to me how the incels/alt lite/right types are defending this guy whose beliefs are counter to everything they value.

No. 862515

and Holly probably was a huge FAN of cancelling people who voted for Trump/white people. Makes no sense that "anti-cancel Culture incel" crowd loves these two.

No. 862516

File: 1567446395259.jpg (21.54 KB, 268x211, face 3.jpg)

Can you provide some images of this?

No. 862517

I noticed that some of the stans & WKs are trying to move the goalposts by claiming that Heidi knew about the porn blogs & 'encouraged' it - Conveniently omitting that she said Jared had been lying to her about a lot of that as well.

No. 862519


I wouldn't worry anon. 2020 is another election year. They'll all find out eventually.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if Holly & Jared suddenly decided to keep their mouths shut on their political beliefs out of fear of losing their new wave of 'supporters'…

No. 862520

I have some spare time right now but I'm social media illiterate, so if someone pointed me in the right direction, I could find some of it.

No. 862522

No. 862526

File: 1567447500365.jpg (220.06 KB, 1351x714, screencap 2.jpg)


No. 862547

The thing with alt-right/alt-lite/etc people is that for the most part, their convictions are formed by emotion and then they look for what will prove them right, so they're willing to embrace contradictory people and ideas to keep that conviction intact. In this situation, you have a straight (passing) white man in a difficult position and his "adversary" is his wife. So instead of seeing two people with a number of beliefs, they only see a case where they can defend the straight white man from his wife who doesn't know her place. They have no interest in Jared as a person, just him as a "victim" of something they feel threatened by (the #metoo movement), and will likely drop him like a bag of shit when this is over, unless he does what Pewdiepie did after his "heated gamer moment" or Jontron after the infamous livestream and tweaks his new content to be friendly to alt-right/alt-lite/incels while maintaining plausible deniability.

No. 862552

Again, wouldn't be surprised if both Jared & Holly started pretending to be 'enlightened centrists' just to keep their new fanbase

No. 862555

They'll have a lot of disavowing to do before that can happen

No. 862556

File: 1567449477503.png (77.07 KB, 605x282, Capture d’écran 2019-09-02 à…)

Heidi's doing ok, but it seems she's semi-retiring from cons

No. 862557

File: 1567449507592.jpg (279.55 KB, 1477x806, screencap 7.jpg)


Sorry, dropped the pic

No. 862563


The very definition of 'virtue-signaling' right here

No. 862565

The cartoony captions are Miss Editor's commentary, though.

No. 862574

Jared still approved of them. Maybe he told her to add those in?

No. 862577

File: 1567452070694.jpg (241.33 KB, 1474x805, screencap 9.jpg)

I have some of his actual words

No. 862578

File: 1567452106283.jpg (51.57 KB, 729x265, screencap 6.jpg)


No. 862580

File: 1567452833832.jpg (243.17 KB, 1477x782, screencap 5.jpg)

It was actually difficult to get screenshots because his main way of expressing himself seems to be saying things very sarcastically which doesn't translate well into a screencap. Also, the youtube captions doesn't differentiate between different speakers and he mostly talked right over the game.

No. 862621

rofl this is pure art, anon

No. 862629

This is sad. She's incredibly talented as a seamstress and someone who makes cosplay for fun. I hope she gets more gigs and doesnt let Propedo and hoely ruin her fun times.

No. 862630

I've never heard of this 'game' but it looks like the worst game ever made and completely male pandering. also, why would he play this trash after everything going on? i cant stand his disgusting, obnoxious self.

No. 862640

Here's a problem; I see plenty of accusers on Twitter who refuse to recant their stories, but I don't want to post them here out of concern that Jared & Holly are going to seek them out & threaten them either legally or just sicc their stan-army on them.

No. 862641

It was an old game from a couple years ago. He played it at someone's request, and made fun of it the entire time. A lot of his comments didn't age well (esp. the one where the game tells the player not to send dick pics). The creator of the game was very offended by his and other players' reviews and made a second game in which the story has an option to shoot a missile at a youtuber convention. The gamemaker sent Jared an early access code for the game the second time.

No. 862643


Plus, seeing as there have been plenty of WKs invading the threads recently, I don't doubt that the members of the PJ2 subreddit & discord server are keeping a close eye on lolcow

No. 862646

Another set of texts from Heidi: https://imgur.com/gallery/mb4kPaA

No. 862649

well, the DID part is a bit out of left field

No. 862651

I want to see how they’re going to keep pushing the “Heidi is abusive!” story when she repeatedly tells her therapist that she is concerned for Jared or scared for Jared.

Like, even after everything, she was still thinking of his best interests. She didn’t want him back, but knew that Hoelly was definitely going to make things worse for him

No. 862652

Really wish she would've kept that part out of it. Worried it could be used as ammo against her. People aren't smart enough to get that she's speculating, not claiming, like Holly did.

No. 862656


I mean, kinda, but I am cynical and I don't trust Jared not to fake being confused. I think Heidi was maybe trying to see the best in him still and instead of just saying "he's playing an act and pretending to be confused and lost" she thought "oh my god he really IS blanking out on so many parts of his day, maybe he's got a mental health problem, maybe this is serious and he is a danger to himself and others"

I've had a Jared in my life, and I was Heidi in this case, and he also managed to turn everyone against me and make them think I was a psycho stalker ex. And even then it took me years to say that he's not just mentally damaged and/or confused, he's just an asshole. So I get it. Heidi was trying to find "reasons" for his behavior that explains it. The missing puzzle piece that unravels his messed up plot.

I'm guessing the blue-ed out name is his specific therapist since they both mention her and mention she would know how to reach him.

No. 862658

I think what separates Heidi from Holly/Jared is that she shows things that put her in a semi-bad light too. Granted here it's minor she's simply asking her therapist if Jared could be this.
She doesn't cherry pick and puts it all out there

No. 862680

I think it's very telling that most of the accounts telling Heidi to stop & that she's "digging herself deeper" only have like, 1 or 2 tweets total…

No. 862686


Almost all men too. The incel army is strong.

No. 862690

Exactly. She's willing to show that she's no angel to get the truth out there.

No. 862692

Not strong, just more annoying.

No. 862704

File: 1567462995494.jpeg (129.53 KB, 1256x222, FB577E37-2920-49EE-BEA9-5D5408…)

She says, like she’ll still have a career out of being anything but a neurotic harpy homewrecker by then

No. 862719

I wonder if her and Jared would even be allowed to attend big named conventions considering we all know he masturbated to underage nudes and apparently made light of it on his Twitch stream.

No. 862722


and that's in addition to the whole "I fucked UnoGirl at a con", so any organizers can pretty much just make an educated guess that he'll be using the con to find new fuck buddies and not represent whatever it is that he is still trying to do

No. 862724

Jared is streaming Magic…..another game frequently played by minors….

When is twitch going to learn that this dude who has admitted to jerking it to nudes of minors is a danger to allow on their platform??

No. 862726

I actually wonder how much longer Jared and Holly would be able to stay together if DCA never gets picked up again. Because that’s clearly when Holly’s infatuation for him began.

What’s a relationship between two abusive personalities like. Who will abuse who first?

No. 862728


I think still expecting DCA to come back (or at least with Diath/Strix) is a pipe dream. Even if the allegations WERE false, that's way too much controversy, especially considering the way those two can't leave their mouths shut and have been attacking several big name YT news channels in addition to old coworkers.

> "Who will abuse who first?"

Theoretically, Jared's already been abusing Holly emotionally if he's lied to her the way he was lying to Heidi - but Holly's just as batshit insane.

Maybe their mutual abuse of each other will open a portal to a new dimension that they'll disappear into never to be seen again.

No. 862729

The link doesn't work anymore?

No. 862734

File: 1567465662187.jpg (1.55 MB, 784x26242, sara - the aftermath.jpg)


even the archived copy doesn't work for me anymore (shows blank) but thank god I'm one of those people that open tabs up and forget about them so here's a screenshot (also I believe I dl'ed each one individually too but I'd want to double check)

apologies for insanely long screenshot but thought it best instead of reuploading each one separately

No. 862736


It's strange that no one brings up enough that Jared only 'debunked' accusations concerning one of seven blogs!

Why would anyone need to mod seven porn blogs?

Is it because he wanted first dibs on any submissions, just in case any other mods would disapprove them?

No. 862738


People must be reporting it. Bullshit.

No. 862739

Thanks anon.
I bet Jared didn't like that his therapist didn't dispute Heidi believing he has DID. He probably reported it. That's hypocritical though since he posted the conversation with Sara about Heidi being suicidal. All's fair.

No. 862740

Oh, but if it "makes Heidi look WORSE!" then why would they want it removed so quickly???

No. 862741


I’m not surprised that the Jared stans hate the idea of being confronted with the truth. Saw one who accused Heidi of releasing g Jared’s private medical information, ignoring that he had done exactly the same himself and that he had allowed Hoelly to straight up diagnose Heidi, whereas Heidi just said “I think he may have characteristics of this”

No. 862742


Denica probably stalks her because she literally has no life

No. 862744

Unfortunately that's gonna be the stans new 'gotcha' anytime someone brings up Holly & friends armchair-diagnosing Heidi…

No. 862745


Except Homewrecker diagnosed Heidi and declared her unfixable.

Heidi just said “I have some thoughts, I’m worried about HIS safety”

No. 862747


I know, but their stans don't wanna listen to logic

No. 862748

File: 1567466727783.jpg (151.51 KB, 1059x463, 492i548.jpg)

I've seen on other sites that he had a blog for his favorite submitters and relegated the rest to the other blogs. Also, someone tried to bring this issue up before Jared made the divorce announcement on Twitter.


No. 862750

People are insisting that Heidi is deleting the texts off imgur, but if she was, wouldn't she be deleting the tweets linking to them as well?

No. 862751

File: 1567467123961.jpg (16.83 KB, 604x107, recent tweet.jpg)

I don't think it was her.

No. 862752

File: 1567467145556.png (69.02 KB, 720x329, 20190902_193107.png)



No. 862753

Holy cow this got swept under the radar.

No. 862754

File: 1567467383077.png (98.41 KB, 720x499, 20190902_193639.png)



No. 862755


I really doubt Heidi would put the screenshots out there, let herself get hate from the ProPedo stans, and then delete them after the damage is done.

It reads to me like Jared, Hoelly, or their assorted stans are reporting them as inappropriate.

No. 862757

File: 1567467797683.png (57.4 KB, 720x288, 20190902_194353.png)

No. 862758

File: 1567467811989.jpg (122.88 KB, 1077x321, Getem.jpg)

No. 862761

File: 1567467875108.png (239.7 KB, 720x951, 20190902_194335.png)


Looks like you might be right.

No. 862762

Funny, if these texts somehow make Heidi look 'worse', then why are people flagging/reporting them until they're removed???

No. 862763


Because it says something not great about their precious Jared.

No. 862764

They don't follow the narrative that Heidi was a cold bitch who didn't care at all about Jared and his well being.

No. 862765

It also proves Jared was cheating, which they are ignoring.

No. 862768


That moment when you realize SocialRepose in his pathetic 'apology' video was more honest than Jared…

No. 862769


lbr theres nothing these people would accept as proof of him cheating at this point. even if he went on stream, swore up and down to tell the truth, and said "i cheated on heidi" theyd just say he was manipulated into saying that, or other endless excuses. they really dont give a shit about anything but destroying heidi

No. 862772


I wouldn't worry too much, Anon. 99% of the people who are going after Heidi are shell accounts since she blocked their mains for being harassing turds.

Once this "hysteria" around PedoWorm's apology dies down, he'll go right back to being some miserable douche living in bliss with his homewrecking side piece…..until he goes back to thinking with his dick and not his brain, and winds up fucking someone else, only this time, he'll actually knock 'em up or catch some STD.

No. 862775

Man, I feel so bad for Heidi. This anon just went through an incredibly similar divorce (poly, husband dated a friend who said she could only feel feelings for him, downward spiral of husband no longer giving a fuck…) and my heart goes out to her, because this douche is so much worse.

Might be projection but my opinion is Jared was absolutely faking the distress when she confronted him, its exactly how my ex reacted too. The overblown shock, long stares into the distance to convey "I am devastated," the long sighs…I've lived that man, it takes years to see it for what it is.

Sage for no milk, just an opinion.

No. 862777

His shock was just the fear of finally being caught. He has no remorse for his actions and wants Heidi to suffer
Watching that fucker get donations on twitch and dance to the music was so sickening. Immediately after posting a video where he dolled himself up to look like a broken man.

No. 862778


That's what's fucking me up the most right now. He puts out a "uwu woe is me, look how sad and dejected I am" video, and then literally the next day, he's laughing and playing on twitch - while everyone apparently expects Heidi to wallow forever (but not too much wallowing, because then she's trying to milk it for fame)

No. 862779

File: 1567470105715.jpg (98.98 KB, 625x633, twitter.jpg)

stay classy

No. 862780



No. 862783

Because they're angry incels who will never be wanted by pretty girls and will rarely be wanted by ugly dog turds like Hoelly.

No. 862784


Exactly, its an act and hes more upset he got caught. Like this is some (armchairing a sec here) sociopathy level detachment from fault. All of Heidis texts about made me cry because I reacted exactly the same way, its devastating and completely fucks up your worldview for months or even years after realizing the person you are closest to has been putting on an elaborate act and lying to you. I don't see her overreacting, I see her being driven to outbursts because her worldview is being turned on its head.

No. 862786

File: 1567470757486.jpg (152.38 KB, 595x510, 20190902_203117.jpg)

Yes, good idea, linking the PJ2 discord in Heidi's recent twitter thread, maybe her supporters will get a good inside-look into their activity…

No. 862787


Speaking as someone who was in the PJ2 discord for awhile (not blogging), that's a terrible idea. They are literally looking to dogpile and try to gaslight and harass you into being okay with PedoJared and Hoelly's backstabbing, gaslighting antics.

No. 862789


I know this looks more like a pathetic attempt to change the minds of her supporters, but maybe it's not a bad idea to sneak a peek since they're definitely active again…

No. 862790


I wonder if they actually admit to cheating in there…

No. 862791


I doubt it. It's probably just everyone screaming about "SEE? JARED PROVED HIS INNOCENCE" and "HEIDI IS A MANIPULATIVE WHORE AND THIS JUST PROVES IT!"

Hard pass.

No. 862792


From what I could tell, Jared and Hoelly aren't in there unless they're on back accounts. It's mostly just the regulars from r/ProJared2 saying the same shit they've been saying repeatedly.

I guess the whole "If you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth" thing applies to them

No. 862796

I'm sure they have hidden channels where they talk about wanting to rape/hurt Heidi, since they do it on the subreddit just fine

No. 862799


They don't need a subreddit for that - They'll just go right to Heidi's twitter and say it directly to her.

These assholes have no shame. If I were Heidi, I'd be looking into hiring some security for awhile.

No. 862801


yeah sure, no money for therapy or cons but here's this bodyguard. get real

No. 862802


Heidi isn't stopping cons necessary because of funding - but because it seems like every time she goes to one, Jared starts his shit up again.

A-kon? Rumors that he was there.
Dragoncon? Release a bullshit apology video.

I didn't say it was possible financially, but with constant rape and death threats? I'd be looking into SOME kind of security - even if it was just a home security system of some kind

No. 862814

ProJackass stans: "Where's your PROOF that you didn't abuse him???"

Heidi: (Posts proof)

ProJackass stans: (Mass-reports proof posts until they get removed by the site) "SEE GUYS? SHE DELETED HER PROOF!"

No. 862824


You're forgetting the cardinal rule, Anon: It's only okay when Holly does it.

No. 862832


how are the texts with her therapist AFTER the drama was stirred on twitter proof of anything except her monologues with her?

No. 862833


Have…have you not seen that the dates on the texts (the vast majority at least) started MONTHS before shit went down on twitter?

No. 862840

Obviously not. PJ2 WKs conveniently ignore things that would discredit the narrative.

No. 862842


But they didn't take down the earlier threads, they took down this one?

No. 862843


I don't fuckin know, you'd have to ask them why. It doesn't mean that it isn't proof of PedoDick being a nutjob.

No. 862856


I think because it included personal info about Jared's mental health. Imgur deferred to the reports, probably for that reason. The other threads don't contain the same kind of personal info

No. 862858

No. 862861


So can Earthworm Jared's apologists find some excuse as to why Heidi would lie to her therapist and her best friend about why her and Jared were sharing a bed well into November despite Holly claiming otherwise? Could it be because JARED WAS LYING TO BOTH WOMEN?

No. 862862

I mean we all already knew this but reading the texts make me so angry on Heidi’s behalf.

Cheaters are the absolute worst, and he tops it all off with getting nudes from fans without even vetting their ages. Bet he and Holly were going on double dates with the other two cheaters from DCA.

No. 862864

double reply, sorry, but if Jared was lying to Holly about when he stopped sleeping in the same bed as Heidi, I hope she’s seeing these texts.

Not that Holly has any sense of self worth because she thinks Jared is such a catch, but maybe it’ll plant seeds of doubt at the very least.

No. 862865

lol, I love how in her texts she says she has sick burns for him but she still chooses to not say anything mean or rude to him.

No. 862866

These posts are interesting. I feel like there is still so much dirt under the rug. The time factor has made it more difficult to obtain evidence as Jared has done a lot of history revision and covered his tracks.

No. 862867

>what happened to Ross
Pretty ominous and doesn't play into the "he was cool with it" narrative Jared and Holly want to throw around.
It's amazing how Heidi has had the same story and perspective for months before the twitter blowup. Almost like its the truth

No. 862868

I bet Anna and Nate are the names blacked out in those texts. Holly and Jared would meet up with Anna and Nate to do double dates. Dice Camera Infidelity!

No. 862869

I hope Heidi got tested.

No. 862873

We know Normalboots was approached about Jared around April, right? Before all this blew up?

I wonder just how much got swept under the rug following Jared’s silence and Holly’s spergfest. The timing of that initial tweet is uncanny.

I still think Jared is an idiot, but he’s someone charismatic and it may be a bit of a tinfoil but I bet those other underaged fans that guy was alluding to haven’t come out of the woodwork because Jared might have nuked their evidence.

No. 862874

I don't understand the imgur commentators at all.

No. 862878

I like how Jared's supporters keep demanding Heidi to post revenge porn

No. 862880

Reading all these texts from Heidi, Holly really is the biggest piece of shit for pushing this. It seems like she didn't care at all about any of Jared's well-being and was more preoccupied with winning him over fully than letting him disolve his marriage properly. She probably felt the only way to win him over was to just start sleeping with him. Jared's still the shittiest person of them all, but Holly is a close second. I wonder if all their issued from last November solely came up because Holly said 'now that I'm seperated you need to do it too' before Jared was ready. Then he got too spineless to leave Heidi or stand up to Holly and tried making both work.

Holly set herself up for a truly terrible relationship and even if things still don't work out great for Heidi I'm glad to know Holly will always create suffering for herself

No. 862885

>I wonder if all their issued from last November solely came up because Holly said 'now that I'm separated you need to do it too' before Jared was ready.
Well, Holly didn't file for divorce until January.So I can only believe that Holly was waiting for Jared to end it with Heidi to officially file for divorce.

No. 862886

Holly could have just kept quiet and saved her reputation. Instead she carried on for months making an absolute idiot of herself, and only finally stopped the worst of it when she got shit for making Etika’s suicide about her being held accountable for helping Jared gaslight and cheat on Heidi.

No. 862887


Jared will not publicly admit to cheating because Holly refuses to believe she's just the other woman. Jared needs to double down on the lie to appease his terrifying hagraven.

No. 862888

Her twitter comments are even worse, honestly. A woman vents her trauma and they’re still demanding “proof” and telling her she’s ruining her reputation by… replying?

No. 862890

the imgur comment community is of a special, autistic breed. they bitch about any post that is made "public" but does not cater to their needs. it's not even a fucking community but they make it one, that's how autistic they are.

No. 862891

They're incels from proturd's subreddit and discord.

No. 862892

imagine basing your “community” around an image dump created for reddit, lmfao.

No. 862893

File: 1567482799093.jpg (14.73 KB, 526x214, mvsp5xt14xg31.jpg)


At this point I doubt DCA will come back. If it does, it's going to have an entirely new cast. The entire wafflecrew are a walking PR nightmare, especially Jared and Holly.

No. 862895

Nate and Anna were pretty shitty, but they must be seething at Hoelly and Proturd being responsible for them losing their jobs. Karma bit all of their asses.

No. 862898

This is kinda getting old. I was on team Heidi but starting to lose faith. She has posted NO SOLID proof about pedodick. NONE.
Both sides are still a bunch of he said she said. And my fuck, she loses her shit so much and people reply to her with about 3 words.

I want actual proof of at this point. Even texts message from pedodick.
Her rants are NOT proof. The crap with the fake therapist isn’t proof either. This is on both sides.

No. 862900

Anna and Nate played their characters in different games at PAX West though.
I think DCA is dead but given Anna and Nate avoided a trainwreck of stupid they and their characters will probably stick around in some capacity, either in new shows or as recurring faces in other shows.

No. 862902

Anna and Nate played their characters in different games at PAX West though.
I think DCA is dead but given Anna and Nate avoided a trainwreck of stupid they and their characters will probably stick around in some capacity, either in new shows or as recurring faces in other shows.

No. 862903


Please please please let DCA die.
I hope the other players can get into another DnD show, but letting DCA go on after it turning out to be a way for them to cheat out in the open is so disgusting.

No. 862904


Anna and Nate have careers outside of DCA. In the end I don't think either cares very much. The whackos who larp their characters in all facets of life are the ones without jobs.

No. 862907

It’s just d&d to them probably. Jared and Holly are wrapped up in their characters and actually believe they are their boring ocs.

No. 862909

They spoke in person about their marital issues. Would you like her to go back in time and record their conversations? What reason would she have to lie about his infidelity to her therapist and her best friend? I'm not really understanding what sort of proof you want here that she can legally provide.

No. 862913

It's proof enough that she isn't lying about the cheating for attention, like everyone said. Or out of jealousy, since she was clearly still in the relationship
Sorry she isn't posting sexts between Pedo and Hoelly, but she isn't shitty like them

No. 862918

Proof of what, Jared cheating? What kind of proof could she give you for that that she hasn't already/that wouldn't put her in legal hot water?
Or do you mean proof he had relations with fans? She's not necessarily the one who would have proof for that, and that's not something she's even talked much about.

>And my fuck, she loses her shit so much and people reply to her with about 3 words.

I watch her twitter and I haven't seen this before. She doesn't reply much to anyone afaik

No. 862919

>And my fuck, she loses her shit so much and people reply to her with about 3 words.

No she doesn't and when she does reply, who can really blame her? She's been dealing with months of death and rape threats. Hoelly only had to deal with clown emojis.

No. 862921

There would be proof somewhere which has messages to holly from pedo before October. So far all there is is sob stories and her falling apart, massively (which is understandable) to friends and pseudo therapists. That’s not proof of anything and doesn’t hold up in court.
It is, now, also making her look unhinged and that it is possible she made pedo stay with her after he apparently wanted to end it in October.

These recent texts, to her friend, are from April this year. Where’s everything before October of last year?

I wouldn’t care so much if she stopped shouting she HAS proof, doesn’t post it and then instead posts a mental melt down

No. 862922


Yeah, so they can nail her to the wall legally for revenge porn.

Besides, we've all seen Jared's weird ass dick any way. Ain't nobody needs to see Hoelly's probably-std infested self.


There is literally NOTHING stopping Holly from playing as Strix again (unless there's a contract in place with DCA). She just can't actively play it with her cheating buddies is all.


Right - Hoelly spoke of the clown emojis like it was the end of days, while Heidi is over her getting actual threats of rape and murder.

No. 862924


>There would be proof somewhere which has messages to holly from pedo before October."

Heidi isn't involved in those texts, so her releasing them publicly would land her in hot water legally. While I'm sure you PedoDick stans would LOVE to see her get locked up, that'd be so fucking dumb.

> "That's not proof of anything and doesn't hold up in court"

Washington is a no-fault state. Cheating literally bares NO weight on their divorce proceedings.

> "Where’s everything before October of last year?"

Probably saved on her phone. You're not OWED the entire text history of her life, bud.

> "then instead posts a mental melt down"

Yeah, how dare she post what she wants on her page! /s

No. 862925

>she explodes if people make so much as a three word reply

I’ve been watching her twitter since this broke. Have yet to see of such an instance. Would you care to provide screencaps since you’re, you know, making a claim on an image board?

No. 862926


She CAN'T show the proof, because it has Hoelly's NUDES, which her posting would be illegal among making her current divorce proceedings harder.
Are you paying attention?

No. 862927


Heidi did not have proof that Jared was cheating on her until she found the messages on his phone in April. She had suspicions but Jared was constantly gaslighting her and telling her she was imagining it. He told her Holly was obsessed with him and that he made sure to set up boundaries with her. He made her feel guilty for questioning his fidelity. The messages she found dated back to at least October of last year. She can't share them because they are between Holly and Jared.

No. 862928

I just find a certain level of irony in the fact that all of the MRA/Incel crew supporting Holly/Jared are screaming that what Heidi said/did is abuse - while those of us who've been through emotional abuse can recognize Jared's bullshit for exactly what it is: Emotionally Manipulative Abuse.

No. 862931

There’s more than just “post nudes” of the home wrecker for proof. A simple interaction before October or an interaction of anything other than Heidi break down, for proof, would be nice

I never said Heidi breaking down was on Twitter, just look at the recent images posted here. Don’t be lazy.

And I’m starting to side with the wk. I’ve been here, on Heidis side, since the beginning.
But fact is, she’s posted no proof. None. It’s a fact.
And you guys are getting well up her ass because of the situation. This board used to be about proof and stopping speculation, this thread is just speculation and WKing Heidi now.

No. 862932


See >>862927
They are not her messages to share. She legally can't post them. And Jared knows that.

No. 862935

You all sound the same, everywhere you post.
'Where's the proof', 'i used to be on heidi's side', 'wk's'
shill harder.

No. 862936

Something to remember is Heidi and Jared lived together and both worked from home mostly (outside of cons and shit)
So they probably didn't text each other much. All she'd have to show are mundane "how's the trip" texts which people would rip her apart for since its "irrelevant"
Plus she doesn't seem to be done with showing texts, so she might post more from last year, who knows. But she also might not want to post convos between her and Jared since she can't get his consent and would be criticized for it

No. 862938


Keep in mind she's out of town and mentioned being away from some proof. Got a new phone in December. It's not over yet.

No. 862939


No, you don't understand. Married couples conduct all their squabbles through text! It's pretty clear that they spoke about their problems privately in person and at marriage counseling. There is records of Jared and his whore mistress talking because Hoelly was a secret for him to keep while he continued to live with his wife.

No. 862941


> "A simple interaction before October or an interaction of anything other than Heidi break down, for proof, would be nice"

An interaction of what? Heidi CANNOT legally post any interaction between Jared and Holly - and she said that Jared hadn't even admitted any of this until later (and has since walked back that admission)

Also, I'm curious as to what you deem to be a Heidi "break down". I've seen her express feelings to a friend and a therapist - but nothing that would lead me to say she's breaking down unnecessarily or in an overdramatic fashion.

> "I never said Heidi breaking down was on Twitter, just look at the recent images posted here. Don’t be lazy."

Again, I don't see her acting irrationally. I see someone who's husband told her one thing and then did another, leaving his wife wondering what she could actually believe or not. That shit would drive anyone insane.



No. 862942

The new phone too, she likely doesn't have old old texts. Thanks,
I couldn't remember if she got a new phone or if I misremembered

No. 862945

I’m married and “abuse” my husband through text quiet a bit. Even when I caught the cunt cheating after I miscarried.

There’s proof, there’s ways around providing that proof without showing nudes, exclusive texts between holly and Jared and without breaking the law. She has literally shown nothing besides her paragraphs or rants to others.
Hell. She could show a bloody bank statement that he was in a hotel he shouldn’t have been in. Especially if it was with a minor at a con.

If she just keeps showing her mental anger, soon enough, more people like me will just say she’s just as full of she as Jared. Cept, he and holly are still vapid cunts(no one cares about your husband)

No. 862946

Of you have to post paragraphs upon paragraphs to ANYONE and get a a few words back, that’s not healthy nor normal.
That’s all she’s posted and it makes her look insane

No. 862948

That's not really fair, though. Heidi's in a "damned if I do, damned if I don't" situation. She was quiet for months and still got death threats. She spoke up and guess what? Death and rape threats. She's currently releasing what she legally can while away from home. Bitch and moan after she gets home and doesn't release anything more concrete. Sorry about your miscarriage, but not every cheating situation is similar to yours.

No. 862949


> "There’s proof, there’s ways around providing that proof without showing nudes, exclusive texts between holly and Jared and without breaking the law."

Yeah, this is just blatantly untrue. You CANNOT legally share the messages of two people when you are not one of the two people. You're literally trying to get Heidi to commit a crime to satisfy whatever bullshit desire you have to get "proof"

> "She could show a bloody bank statement that he was in a hotel he shouldn’t have been in"

Because nothing says internet safety quite like demanding to see someone's personal bank information. Absolutely nothing bad could come from that! /s

Also, that'd be easy for Jared to explain away and would immediately be torn apart by his stans.

> "more people like me will just say she’s just as full of she as Jared."

People already are. You can run back to the PJ2 discord to join your buddies if you're so sure that Heidi is a lying sack of shit.

No. 862950

I get where you're coming from but revelations where you realize you're being abused/getting away from your abuser, you feel the need to tell people you trust.

A supportive friend will mainly just listen, not try to derail the conversation

No. 862954


>You're literally trying to get Heidi to commit a crime to satisfy whatever bullshit desire you have to get "proof"

This is what Jared, Holly, & their stans are hoping for.

No. 862956

Wait didn't Holly break a law then? She posted a text convo from Heidi and Jared. The one where she said she wishes that DND group thing stopped being an occurrence.

No. 862960

Yes. 100%. But like none of their stans give a shit bc that would mean their idols are wrong.

No. 862961


Not if she had permission from Jared.

No. 862965

>A simple interaction before October
Why would before October matter?

Plus you know she can't post anything that was strictly between Jared and Holly. Its iffy if she can even post stuff between herself and Jared (regardless of Holly posting their convos without Heidi's consent)
When your husband is hiding the fact that he's cheating on you from you, its hard to have receipts that you can legally share with the worldwide web. Other than Jared texting or handwriting to her in a letter "Yes I've been cheating on you with Holly" and giving permission for her to post it, I don't know what you're expecting to see.

>I never said Heidi breaking down was on Twitter, just look at the recent images posted here. Don’t be lazy.

What specifically are you talking about though. Her being upset about getting cheated on? I want to know a specific screenshot you're talking about. Its an imageboard, show us.

No. 862966


She also royally fucked up by releasing the texts between Heidi and Jared that mention things that her then-ldr wanted to see sexually


Washington is a two-party consent state. Jared can say "Okay", but if Heidi didn't also say okay, it's still illegal.

No. 862967

>She could show a bloody bank statement that he was in a hotel he shouldn’t have been in. Especially if it was with a minor at a con.
If he's at a con, of course he's going to have a hotel room. What kind of receipt is that? That'd just make Heidi look bad and desperate.
Other hotel rooms (like to suddenly meet up with Holly) may not have been paid for by him. Who knows

Heidi's friends may have been giving their own chunks of text but Heidi is interested in showing how it affected her, not how the situation affected everyone she knows. Its a play-by-play of what happened over a couple of months. What her friends say is pretty irrelevant.
And i mean sometimes you gotta get it out, and know that even when your friends can't say much, they are there supporting you and listening to you

No. 862968


Not to mention the fact that I'm sure Heidi had conversation with her friends that did NOT directly involve Jared or Homewrecker in anyway; The general public doesn't need to see her making lunch plans with pals, or talking about something stupid one of their significant others did or anything like that.

No. 862975

Why do some of you keep bring up wanting Heidi to show proof after everyone said 40 million times, not only on this thread but on other ones, that she'll get in trouble for doing so?

No. 862976

Stopped reading this as you clearly can’t read and have no concept of how to redact things.
You CAN show a bank statement, you remove the personal details? Like the account number? Or is that just something that you can’t process in your head.

For the THIRD time, i didn’t say messages between holly and Jared. Fucking re read.

I’m starting to think the people here that are just here for Heidi haven’t been here for long at all.
This has all been a he said she said, WITHOUT proof even though both parties keep screeching they have proof. There is none!

And to say one person can’t do it but the other can, holly HAS already posted things she had no authority to.

Take a step back and actually look at the situation without your head up your ass. This thread has become one massive speculation, poor Heidi joke.

No. 862977

K so then wait till Heidi gets home

No. 862980

Yes, because going over there would basically be the same as come here now, since everyone wants to be up Heidis ass.

Without proof, what’s the point of this place? Just so newfags can cry with each other about how they know abuse and feel what Heidis going through?
What a joke.
This is a dead thread and literally just he said she said.

And literally the only people that think Heidi is winning, is this thread!

She’s not winning, at all. Which you’ve also pointed out. And I know none of you cunts are jumping in with you “facts” gathered from here as it’s against the rules.

Without proof, she’s now lost, the internet hates her and have gone with Holly’s and Jared’s story.

No. 862982


>Without proof, what’s the point of this place?

Buddy have you ever spent time on lolcow.farm

No. 862984

i think this is the new b8 team
just ignore on and continue documenting the thread, and whenever heidis back she'll either post more evidence of the situation at hand. if not, the pj2 incels will believe theyve had their day and just shitpost, like they're evidently doing now. not being able to understand a social context and ignoring the very obvious reasons as to why heidi is acting and releasing things as she is now is purely retarded

No. 862988


It seems like she’s releasing new bunches of texts on average of once a day, so we shouldn’t have to wait long. Plus, she should be getting back to Washington and to her computer/evidence/recording software soon, too.

I’m pretty eager to watch her video and/or livestream, if she still chooses to do it, tbh

No. 862993

I mean I feel bad for Heidi, but in the end I don't care if she "loses" according to these flying monkeys. It is just getting annoying them repeating the same shit about them wanting Heidi to get herself in legal trouble.

No. 863000


That’s the shit part of it all - There is NO winner or loser here. It’s not like some arbitrary committee will get together to declare “Jared won the internet war!” Or something like that.

It’s a shit situation all around.

Actually, I take that back. Ross is the only winner in this scenario (and even he endured some unnecessary shit from being married to the craziest bitch since Jim Jones)

No. 863001

File: 1567498625505.jpeg (212.45 KB, 1125x768, E5679A9B-C6A7-401D-AA99-AA62F4…)

oh look, the incels have at least one braincell, they’re trying to learn the language and integrate. how cute
Jared and Holly, do you really feel good about having all these MRA woman-hating incels harassing Heidi? is this what you wanted?
it seems fucking CALCULATED based off of all of their actions over the past month. like it’s really not a coincidence that Heidi’s harassment has gotten worse than ever. and no, really quickly saying “pls don’t harass” under your breath doesn’t free them of that responsibility. i hope that their guilt keeps them up at night.

ideal end goal: Holly and Jared have an inevitable falling-out. (fun fact, relationships founded upon infidelity or any kind of FAILURE IN HEALTHY COMMUNICATION is at a much higher risk of flopping!) Holly is finally de-dickmatized, and Heidi realizes how far deep she was in this trash fire. they come to an understanding that it is so much more important for grown-ass women to support each other than care about some cheating spineless worm manlet. they mutually end this shit-slinging and fucking eviscerate Jared. and then they kiss (jk)

No. 863003


She has already posted messages between her and Jared that contained her telling him how much she loves him and him replying nothing. So there isn't any explanation why she won't post messages between them two from October or before - the two times she was in Atlanta and they were communicating over texts for example. She's basically posting just her own rants - same rants too because she doesn't have even sense to write different stuff to different people and just copy/pastes - about how brain damaged he is for not wanting to be with her anymore. WTF. Patting herself on the back for not yelling at a person that had crying tantrums?

No. 863007

I’ll preface this by saying I firmly support and believe Heidi, and she’s been consistent in her telling.

HOWEVER- I agree she hasn’t posted “proof”. Don’t forget that Jared was also lying to friends and therapists and floating this imaginary narrative about Heidi being aBuSiVe this whole time. He could easily post those convos as “proof” too, showing he’s been pushing this narrative since long before it was public. Jared/Holly texts aren’t proof either, because Jared will also be pushing his false narrative in those.

The only thing that’s going to be PROOF is texts between Jared/Heidi showing her revoking consent and/or asking questions which he lies about. I hope she has those and all those convos weren’t in person. I will be heartbroken if she can’t prove her story.

No. 863013

What are the laws of divorcing in the US?(>>google)

No. 863017

File: 1567501942179.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 562.png)

Compelling stuff. And it does contain a grain of truth about what this thread has turned into. Then again, the whole site is going that way.


No. 863020

That's a really broad topic, especially since there's 50 states each with its specific laws. In Washington where they live, it's a no fault state meaning divorces are a 50/50 split no matter who cheated, abused the other or abandoned the family. It can be different if there's a prenuptial agreement but Jared and Heidi didn't have one.

No. 863021

sage for blog but one thing that ticks me off about Jared's "I don't remember this" defence is that it reminds me of myself in middle school, when I got in trouble I suddenly "couldn't remember" doing whatever I was in trouble for. I grew out of it by age 16, this mf is twice that and still using the same shitty tactic. If he genuinely has a dissociative disorder then okay, still a garbage person but okay, but I really don't buy that this isn't just the stupid thing he landed on when panicking or more gaslighting

No. 863024

She most likely did it in person, considering how Jared handles confrontation. Besides, even if she did have those texts, it wouldn't matter. Jared would most likely play his "I don't remember" card again, or claim that they worked it afterward and she gave him consent again.

The stuff that can't be refuted cant be shown without getting herself in legal trouble, and that is what sucks about all this.

No. 863032

Here's a video from youtuber Nicholas DeOrio discussing the aftermath of the Jared drama.

It's a really level-headed deconstruction of both his apology and the reactions to it, and he ends the video pointing out what can be learned from it all.

I recommend it here because i found it to be informative (didn't know Jared blew off the mainstream media like that), it brought up some good points that were neglected, and was well articulated.

No. 863045

and now the wks are selfposting videos? my god.

No. 863046

aaaaand it's already gone

No. 863048

go back to bed nick

No. 863050

Even when their relationship disintegrates, Holly will never admit fault in anything. She’ll just go from vilifying only Heidi to vilifying both Heidi and Jared. She won’t apply those statistics to her own situation because she doesn’t consider herself to be ‘the other woman’. As far as Holly is concerned Holly has never really done anything wrong in her entire life, except maybe being too hard on herself UvU

Yeah, it’s a bullshit get-out-of-consequences-free card for people who aren’t able to improvise a convincing lie on the spot. Maybe he was genuinely panicking but only because he was being confronted about his behaviour, not because he had gaps in his memory. That’s what happens when you can’t keep track of the different lies you’ve told to different people. Heidi must have been incredibly naive and desperate to think the best of her husband to come up with this DID theory. I bet these memory lapses only ever happened around Heidi and didn’t affect the rest of his life much if at all.

No. 863062

Nope, still there. Try copying the link or viewing it straight from his channel if you're interested.

No. 863074

Dude, believe what you want I'm not here to change your fucking monkey brain. I'm here for the fucking drama, but I'm more inclined to believe Heidi from personal experience. I think Heidi was giving Jared a benefit of a doubt that he wasn't malicious when she was armchair diagnosising him. But honestly Jared is malicious bastard because he doesn't give a fuck about Heidi or her well being, only about his public image. As others have said not all her conversations with Jared are going on text anyways because they did live with each other or could have been phone conversations and she did get a new phone in December.

No. 863084

Why bother giving a WK a click?
Here's the video's message: Jared didn't do it uwu

No. 863091

File: 1567517819733.jpg (148.49 KB, 1341x1002, IMG_20190903_153716.jpg)

Holly the trash narc liked this tweet lmao

No. 863092

Holly made an embarrassment of herself. Making a black kid’s suicide about her partaking in Jared’s infidelity and him putting down a minor for their mental illness isn’t brave.

The relationship she has with Jared is built on big fat lies anyway. We’ll see how long they manage to last once their honeymoon phase is over.

No. 863104

It won't be long before she's suicide-baiting for sympathy over how Quasimodo's bug-eyed brother cheated on and used her.

No. 863106


"Loyal" tho. She sure is brave to be pressuring her cheating lover to leave his wife when she sees him after his marriage counseling. Sure is brave to offer mental health advice for 30 bucks when you're in no way licensed. Sure is brave to in the same breath either out someone's private medical history ("multiple professionals") or armchair diagnose someone and declare them unfixable. Oh but remember, if you pay her 30 bucks you're not unfixable even if you have the same thing. /s

No. 863107


Heidi diagnosed both of them and still claims Jared lied to his therapist which she knows … how?

No. 863110

It's probably just Holly or Denica trying to shill.

No. 863113

Some food for thought:

Jared had been assuring Heidi he wanted to work on things, see therapists, fix their marriage, and set boundaries with Holly/that he had NO secrets to hide- while texting the mutual 'therapist' he wanted to get out of the marriage AND sleeping with Holly.

Heidi is not delusional and wouldn't be texting their mutual therapist this if she was making it all up. Jared stated in his 40min video he had been trying to leave the entire time, but what he was telling Heidi is the exact opposite.

Heidi cannot release the texts between them both, so her releasing conversations showing this was the case is the best proof that Jared IS a liar.

She also posts about the events detailing he acts as though he has memory issues, which according to HIM entirely disproves what he said about one of the victims not being credible because of her memory issues.

Also, the texts prove she did not know about the blogs and the minors and that she frankly had a very rational and shockingly considerate approach to this entire situation.

No. 863115

What did Heidi armchair Holly having?

No. 863117


Heidi speculated in private. Holly made it a statement, not speculation, on Twitter at large AND takes money for mental health advice.

No. 863121

And not to WK but Heidi is making these speculations in an attempt to understand what happened to her and Jared’s behavior.

Holly meanwhile was doing it to try to make Heidi out to be a bad guy/unfixable.

No. 863133

File: 1567522891089.png (59.77 KB, 533x231, Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 17.0…)


No, she said it in public. In the original storm, in reply to PBG.(Calm down, Denica.)

No. 863138

This isn't armchairing. She's stating a fact that Jared lied to his therapist.
I'm pretty sure his therapist wouldn't advocate for fucking Holly after each session

No. 863139

I think anon was saying Heidi was spectuating in private about Jared having some sort of mental illness to try to understand his behavior with her therapist not about Jared lying to his therapist.

No. 863143

Probably similar to how Heidi's "therapist" contacted Jared at times. I wouldn't be surprised if Jared had his therapist contact Heidi to reaffirm all the bullshit he told her.

No. 863156

So you cant’t provide even a single screenshot of Heidi flipping her shit?

So much for lecturing us on not providing proof, PJ2Scrot.

No. 863164

Weren’t you just whining that this thread was nothing more than “he said, she said speculation?”

Well, what do you think this video is? Hmm?

No. 863169

>Weren’t you just whining that this thread was nothing more than “he said, she said speculation?”
Not me.

>Well, what do you think this video is? Hmm?

>It's a really level-headed deconstruction of both his apology and the reactions to it

No. 863170

Friendly reminder to ignore and report the whiteknights.

No. 863181

File: 1567527025839.jpg (107.58 KB, 917x1533, IMG_20190903_180829.jpg)

>brave, loyal, strong, bold , beautiful

No. 863184


>It's a really level-headed deconstruction of both his apology and the reactions to it

is using the fancy label of "deconstruction" your way of trying to paper over this half-assed cock-and-bull tale?

i'm no pomo fan but i'm fairly fucking sure that's not what jack derrida meant

No. 863187

She always sounded like a granny to me, and now she looks like one.

No. 863199

Who is this woman trying to convince with all of these dumb tweets? No one (save close friends/family) needs to know about your gross details. You were both wrong. Shut the fuck up.

Or don't, and watch your Twitter follow numbers continue to plummet, and watch as you fade into obscurity and you become known for being "that woman who was married to ProJared who went on a one-sided rampage to strangers on the internet". I'm sure you'd LOVE that.

I think I'll subscribe to Jared's twitch just to spite you and your braindead followers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863201


Sage goes in the email field. Use it when you don’t have anything to add.

No. 863205

Why are so many people triggered by Heidi's tweets? kek, If it is making Heidi look bad to Pedodick's WK, why do they want her to shut up?

No. 863207

can't stand her standing up for herself, they want Jared to come out scot-free and she won't let him

No. 863210

Heidi's making them question their narrative. Even though Holly is a shithead even I can admit that Holly was lied to by Jared as well.

No. 863212


Woman bad, pedodick good.

Incels are not a logical bunch. You’d be wasting your time trying to apply logic any deeper than that to anything they do.

No. 863214

Agreed. Holly is too stupid and too infatuated with her fantasy of beating a girl prettier than her and having her prized man to realize that he’s been lying to her since they hooked up.

It sounds like Jared is a compulsive liar too, so he’s probably still going to lie to Holly throughout their relationship.

No. 863233

>so desperately tried to save her marriage that it badly affected her mental health
>wks: “Controlling abusive whore!”

>romantically pursued and repeatedly slept with her married coworker while still legally married to her husband, publicly declared that said married coworker is the first man to awaken romantic/sexual feelings in her despite having been married to her husband for years
>wks: “She’s so loyal!”


No. 863241

Friendly reminder that any 'proof' Heidi has is most likely convos between Holly & Jared & her posting them would be illegal.

Also friendly reminder that Holly has posted snippets of private convos between Jared & his wife. She can say Jared gave her permission all she wants, but her word alone can be trusted as much as Heidi & Jared's.

No. 863245

And even if Jared did agree, I think she needs Heidi's approval as well

No. 863259

What the texts show me is that Heidi tried to give Jared an 'out' for his issues.
Even after she found out he was cheating, she was still making excuses for him (eg:"Maybe he was confused/scared? Maybe he has a mental illness/past trauma?)
Of course in hindsight it wasn't the best thing to do.

Even in May, she was doing it.

Jared went 'crazy' by keeping everything inside & 'protecting' her from the ugly truth.

Heidi went 'crazy' by stretching herself so thin to please & accomodate him, because if he wasn't going to give it his all, then she might as well fill in for him.

No. 863263

File: 1567534776120.jpg (149.04 KB, 944x622, projared.jpg)

It is beyond me why you lot chose this guy to stan for

No. 863264



Heidi still has the wrong impression of Holly, imo.
She thinks that Holly 'changed' him & 'convinced' him to cheat, but he did that all by himself. Jared clearly loves getting sympathy. He told Holly that his wife was crazy & abusive, so that she'd feel bad for him & give him a good pity-fuck or two at first.
However, Jared didn't count on Holly actually committing to 'saving' him because she genuinely believed he was in an abusive relationship.
But hey, why waste a good thing? She was giving him SO much sympathy, so he thought "Might as well keep it up!" & humored her on this whole 'abuse' thing. Around the same time, Heidi was also babying him & trying her best to meet his needs. Win-win, right?

Well he got a little too comfortable with it & Heidi reminded him that marriage requires a team-effort & that she can't do everything herself. So Jared went & cried to Holly.

(Sage for tinfoil)

No. 863265

The DID thing is interesting. When I watched his, "you've been lied to" video i thought it was strange that he said initially he believed the accusations too because if he was being accused it must be true. Like that's not something thats out of your control.. You either KNOW you did or didn't do it.

No. 863271

Seems like you're the one who is obsessed, amigo. What he decides to dress as is none of my business. I'm just glad a human being's career wasn't brought to complete shambles because of lies.

No. 863274


It's a bullshit excuse on why he went missing for a few months. What he meant was:
>I realized my pedo escapades got revealed to public so I went into hiding. Thankfully my flying incel monkeys did all the work to galight the public.

If he didn't do it, he would be able to prove it right away. He knows he did shady shit.

No. 863277

He's still pretty fucked, buddy.

No. 863278


If he had denied it outright, even if it was just denial, he'd still give the impression that he did not intend for something like that to happen.
But that sounds like he expected it, so he was ready to take the blame?
"Remember when I had all yhose nude/porn blogs? I bet some of those people were probably underage at the time, so they'll probably accuse me of pedophilia or something like that eventually… damn."

No. 863284

>Nonstop stream of apologies from YouTube "news reporters"
>Nonstop stream of twitch subscribers
>Making new videos that will probably up being more popular than his previous ones
>His only enemies are mentally ill lolcows on Twitter

I think he'll do just fine. It's only a matter of time(ban evasion)

No. 863286


What lies?

Pedo allegation? The dude still whacked it to teenagers pictures AND ADMITTED IT. Still illegal, doesn't matter that he didn't know. It's 100% his responsibility to make sure they were of legal age, and asking does not count as viable proof. If a teen was trying to get in a bar and the bouncer asked, then the teen said yes I am 21 and was let in, do you know who gets in trouble?
Hint: Not the teenager.

He did it, it's a fact. He admitted it and then went back on it, but just because he's saying he didn't doesn't make it just disappear. If your partner says you were cheating, it's because you broke their trust.
Hoelly cheated on Ross, and Jared cheated on Heidi.

No. 863289

I'm also glad that a man who used his social media career to pursue sexual interactions with minors can continue his career appealing to and profiting off minors. After all he is a human bean uwu

No. 863290


It actually shocks me that people still try to argue that Holly and Jared didn't cheat. Ross could have easily put out a harmless statement saying "Holly did not cheat on me. Please stop attacking her on my behalf." yet he said nothing. Instead he thanked people for their support and said he has moved on. Now Jared is saying Ross broke up with Holly as if that is some sort of proof that Holly didn't cheat. No Jared, he was sick of being cheated on, abused, and being her punching bag and he stopped trying to save his marriage. You know, just like your wife?

No. 863291


I don't know if this is true, but I heard from a few people that Holly made Ross sign an NDA, & if that's the case, then he won't talk about it because he can't talk about it.

No. 863293

It also makes me sick that people are magically coming to the conclusion that Ross approved of it because JARED (not Ross) confirmed it.

No. 863295

I honestly can't tell who is controlling who in Jared's affair with Holly, is she defending him to her last breath because he dickmatized her and she genuinely believes his lies OR because she's the worst narc of the two, convinced him he was abused and needed her help, and is now losing her grip on her little world?

No. 863296


Not only that but I actually follow Ross, he's the last GG member that I like.
He was BROKEN. Constantly drinking, depressed, when the divorce was going on. He barely showed up and when he did it was heartbreaking to see.
He did not want this, and then he asked to be left out of the drama and Hoelly and Jared keep dragging him in now name dropping saying he was okay with it, as if the last half of that year didn't happen.

Then after with this Jared shit, Holly saying Jared is the first person she felt sexual attraction to that she only loves him.
Holly destroyed this man for her own selfish reason.

No. 863300

Ross looked depressed and tired as fuck during all the first few 10 Minute Power Hour vids he was In in the GG channel.

No. 863301


I think it hurts Holly to know that. Which is why she doesn't want anything to do with Ross now.


Could be both.

No. 863303

Yeah, a combination of the two seems likely

No. 863305

I don't think it hurts her at all. This is a woman who openly admits to the world that Jared sexually awakened her and made he feel things for a man for the first time despite being married to Ross for years. She has no qualms about humiliating and destroying him. She wants nothing to do with him now because he is an inconvenient bump in her and Diath…oops, I mean Jared's love story.

No. 863308


It 'hurts' her because it reminds her that she fucked up & she's one of those "Positive Vibes Only! uwu" types of people.

Fuck I'm glad Ross is taking a break. He doesn't deserve to see this bullshit.

No. 863310


I agree, she's not acknowledging him because she wants to pretend she did nothing wrong. They're both unable to take even the most reasonable responsibility for their actions.

Another anon said he may be a complusive liar, which could track with having a notebook. Nice, convenient way to keep track of your lies and who you've told what.

No. 863324

File: 1567539571743.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1333x1652, 592B1162-A192-43A8-9C35-4C3A54…)

Holly liked both of these and the lack of self awareness continues to astound me

No. 863325

ScarletMoth and Holly also tried to collude to try and release private information about Ross anonymously. Of course Moth is a tard who doesn't know how to cover her tracks so she was immediately exposed and Ross and Heidi both unfollowed her on Twitter.

Holly is an enormous piece of shit who will never take an ounce of responsibility for her actions. Her and Jared will implode beautifully.

No. 863326


Next up: Holly pulls a rabbit from a hat and tries to make out that Ross was secretly abusing her too (since the whole “Heidi abused pedoworm” dog will no longer hunt)

No. 863332

File: 1567539939464.png (16.3 KB, 498x239, MwIE8VS.png)


She already tried to imply it. When ProJared's anonymous asexual mod turned friend came out to say how Holly's marriage was toxic for her.

Anyone want to bet the toxicity was people laughing at her for crying at a sushi restaurant? Or how Ross forced her to go to Taco Bell even though she can't eat anything on the menu?

No. 863333

Ross is a man, with a lot of fans. If she tries to pull that shit she'll be pulverized. Incels will support Jared against Heidi but they won't defend Holly accusing a man.

No. 863334


I could still see her do it, she hasn’t exactly been making smart moves this far.

No. 863335

I mean, I'd grab the popcorn, but however dumb she may be I still think she realizes how shitty of an idea that is

No. 863340


Oh fuck, I was trying to go through the ProJared stream last night (which sucked by the way, got an hour in before I started falling asleep and zoning out) and Jared said something to the point of "Hope that made you cry, Holly." in a tone that came off kind of jack assey, though he tried to play it as a joke after thanking her. I wrote down the timestamp, it's around 34m 17s in.

Wonder if that's why she's liking it.

No. 863343


God, that’d be great, if that’s why - Them already having passive-aggressive tweets towards one another rather than “manning up” and having an adult conversation.

I generally don’t wish bad on people, but considering how many others got stepped on and decimated in order for Hoelly and PedoWorm to get together, those two don’t deserve happiness. I hope they do end up fucking miserable - It’d be their comeuppance

Unfortunately, I know Hoelly released some bs shirt that said “boundaries”, so she’s probably alluding to that instead

No. 863367

Heidi put up a new link to her imgur "text to bff - the allegations" one whole minute ago

and the link is already broken. The ProStans are moving fast these days.

No. 863368

People also love Ross. People have been saying "he's the only victim in all this" before Projared made his video.

Also, he has the Game Grumps fans AND the Rantgrump fans. So they aren't going to take Holly's side if she fucks with Ross.

And yes, he's also a man.

No. 863369

File: 1567543808028.png (Spoiler Image,18.84 MB, 3841x26216, screencapture-imgur-gallery-EI…)

No. 863370

If Jared is SO innocent why do they feel the need to silence Heidi and hide her evidence?

No. 863374

Fucking yikes.

Brian Sirk wasn't making it up - Jared was going to slap his ass with a slander lawsuit over even allegations, which to me, says that they were true.

No. 863376


> "I'm sorry you had to find out like this"

Like what? That you lied about continuing to run the blogs - or that you got nudes from minors, you raging fucking pedophile (Jared, not you anon - thanks for the screenshot)

No. 863377

Thanks for archiving, the WK report campaign is way too effective for comfort

No. 863379

What would be a good way to find out your husband of 4 years is a pedophile?

No. 863380


There isn't one. This dude's lies snowball, and every day, we're finding out just how much he got Heidi to cover for him.

No. 863383

Holy shit.

This is really incriminating. I hope she gets this back up soon.

No. 863391

File: 1567546518036.png (23.31 KB, 575x204, Screenshot_246.png)

Apparently Heidi removed the images herself

God, I wish she could've burned him, but I understand why she didn't.

No. 863394


>that tweet

are there new allegations?

No. 863395


Not so much new allegations; But they were her discussing that Jared told her to keep her mouth shut about the pedophilia thing, and were threatening someone with a lawsuit.

Someone screencapped them here >>863369

No. 863397

She's speaking about the pedophilia allegations. She somewhat implied Jared doctored the images.

No. 863398


She said she THOUGHT he MIGHT have done something, but she wasn't sure. It's important to point out that Heidi hasn't accused him of these things, just spoke to friends or a therapist about her suspicions - never outright said that Jared did or did NOT do them.

No. 863400

As futile as this sounds, it would be much easier for her to leave the accusations for the accusers themselves to handle.

No. 863401

I kinda wish she didn't post it at all because people are gonna jump her shit even if it got deleted almost immediately. But they're gonna jump her shit with anything she posts so I guess there's no difference

About Jared possibly doctoring something. How easy is it to use Inspect Element and change the words of tumblr DMs? Gotta wonder

No. 863402


It could also potentially open her to slander/defamation lawsuit from WormDick, who I think is looking for any avenue to fuck Heidi over one more time.

No. 863405

Just tried it and it's very very easy
Not to say Jared did do that, but he could. I'm an idiot and I could

No. 863406

This! She shouldn't post anything involving the pedophilia allegations.

No. 863408


It's not terribly hard at all. Hell, there's probably online generators out there to assist with it and do the hard work for you.

If PedoWorm was able to convince people to get naked for him, it probably wouldn't take too much work to convince someone to alter a tumblr message.

No. 863413

Good to know. I mainly ask because I remember a small discussion about how whoever-it-was's way of speaking must've changed because it was way more casual with the initial screencaps we got. Sometimes conversations go that way, no doubt, but it made me wanna ask. Thanks anon

No. 863421


I mean, the illusion of "Why did he wait three months??" would make more sense if he used that three months to alter screenshots. It doesn't take any three months to ask your lawyer "Hey, what can I say?" - It would take one 30-60 minute session for your lawyer to say "You can say A, B, C, but not D"

No. 863425

The sad part is I already know how the PJ2 crew is gonna spin this;
"She was LOOKING for things to make him look bad! ABUSE!!!"

I mean if I heard my famous husband had been taking advantage of his young fans, I'd be tempted to retrace our past & do a little investigating myself…

No. 863427


> "She was LOOKing for things to make him look bad! ABUSE!!!"

Or she was looking for shit to make sure she wasn't just imagining things and that he was being sketchy. It irks me how far backwards the PJ2 stans are going to defend PedoDick when he would throw them all under the bus in a fucking heartbeat, if it would benefit him in any way.

No. 863432

>try to leave numerous polyamorous (KEK) marriage multiple times
>Get told "no" and pressured into staying

No. 863433


Oh but he took the fall & resigned from NB to 'protect' them!
Such a noble, selfless HERO of a man! (swoons)


No. 863438


More like he resigned from NB because he knew the blowback was going to potential decimate everything in its path - but because his stans were willing to do everything short of murder to clear his name, they got victims to retract statements and hide in silence.

He sure cleared his name alright! /s

No. 863448


Let 'em. All Heidi has to do is say "I posted them, realized I made a huge mistake, and took them down with 2 minutes"

At least she can say that about texts showing her ex in an ill light. PedoWorm has to say "I delete the blog on which I solicited and received nude photos of minors that I then jacked off too - but there's no evidence because I deleted it!"

He's still losing in every scenario.

No. 863461

He is so manipulative I swear

No. 863463


The only people who can't see how manipulative he's being at this point are the people who've never been manipulated by an ex.

Once you've been through it once, you can spot that shit a mile away - and Jared the WormDick is easily the most vile as he's actually manipulating his fanbase to do his bidding rather than stepping up and doing any of it himself.

No. 863470


>start multiple nude blogs and snap chat

>agree to polyamourous marriage on the condition its only physical and not emotional
>wife asks to stop nude blogs and snapchat
>continue anyway
>get nudes from underage fans
>start fucking the asexuality out of friends wife
>friends wife now in love
>wife is upset and asks to end polyamory
>agree to wifes request
>continue fucking friends wife anyway
>roleplay cheating affair on a webshow and pretend it is just rp
>start therapy with wife and claim to want to work out problems
>continue to fuck friends wife
>divorce wife after friends wife tells you it is time

No. 863472

I agree, it's so easy to see, especially the video he put was full of red flags.

How he starts "panicking" and "crying" when confronted is just a way to try and manipulate the person who dare to question him. To make THEM feel bad for bringing up in the first place, seeing a grown man cry or go into some kind of shock. I'm sure he looked up panic attacks and then just act it out to fool his wife.
Also the "I dont remember"; as if what he's done have had a traumatic effect on him, blocking those "terrible memories" of how he took advantage of people with low self esteem or those wanting to feel closer to their idol.

No. 863473


The kicker is the "I don't remember!"

Nah, motherfucker. You can't claim you don't remember when there's evidence all over the internet of you being the skeeziest.

No. 863474

Exactly!! And that's why a lot of his supporters are dirty neckbeards and incels who have never had experience with a real women , yet alone an ex-girlfriend in their lives.

No. 863484

Any pics/evidence for this? So far, the only suspicious shit I got from ProJared is that he deleted his tumblr. Or that the hacker did. I just want the whole story.

No. 863485


You could, I don't know, read the 11 previous threads instead of expecting us to do your leg work for you.

No. 863488

LOL I am so here for Jared and Holly being that messy couple who passive-aggressively subtweet and retweet things so that the other will see instead of… communicating face to face. You know they're both cowards with wet spaghetti for spines and manipulative tendencies for days. If they do stay together, it's going to be entertaining as hell.

No. 863491

I meant the pedophile allegations, I haven't seen any proof even when I lurked. I should of been more specific.
I've only seen Brian saying that he was pedophile. No pics or evidence of it.

Or you could, I don't know, show proof and not be a spastic bitch?

No. 863493

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 863494

If you're gonna act like a whiteknight at least learn how to sage. Lurk more if you want proof of the pedo allegations, it's literally the first few threads which shows that you either didn't bother or here to whiteknight. Most likely both.

No. 863501

Yawn. Report the sealioning little whiteknight pls, let's not feed the trolls.

I find it hilarious that there's already trouble in paradise with Holly and Jared. I give it a year before she's bleating on about how "he's changed, he was so nice when we started!"

No. 863505

Okay, pics are shown but what are the context for the pics? For all we know they could of lied being 18+ to Jared. They instead give statements about it instead of actual texts. These people with the allegations STILL HAVEN'T shown the entire convo's with ProJared.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 863509

It's great. Jared really shouldn't even bother with relationships because it's clear that he doesn't want to be in them. He had a window of opportunity to call things off with psycho granny but decided to keep dickin' her. He was chatting up the naive cumrag unogirl and is probably still talking to her on the side. I give it six months before we're going through Proturd 2: Electric Boogaloo. The difference is that Hoelly isn't going to get the support that Heidi did, she's going to get a lot of "I told you so" but her tune will be the same, "Sorry, I'm mentally ill."

No. 863518


Not to mention that she won't have the support of all the Incel/MRAs that she has now (by association of them defending ProPedo)

It's coming. The question is how long until we all start to smell that bunny stew?

No. 863526

Yeah, you best believe everything will be Holly's fault then, too, just like it's supposedly Heidi's fault now. Cause feeeemales.

I don't know, though, maybe they'll beat the odds and make it beyond the first three years - and even after the bloom is off the rose, they're so pathetically right for each other. Holly will let him do anything as long as she gets to cling to him, and he can just use her as camouflage - she's the perfect pseudo woke, mental health awareness accessory girlfriend for Jared.

No. 863527


Oh hell, they won't make it three years. Jared will get bored LONG before then when it turns out that Holly's adoration is for her horde of animals and discovers that she won't dote on every word or cave to every whim like Heidi was willing to.

No. 863531


Yeah, Jared & Heidi barely made it to 4

No. 863537

I got the feeling atleast for Jared that he is already past the honeymoon stage if he is already verbally degrading Holly. Since Jared is Holly's first romantic/sexual awakening she will be hella clingy, controlling and demanding of him. The only thing I wonder if Jared is also placating Holly so he can use her as his sugar momma for a bit until he picks himself up financially. I think Jared also checks kiwifarms and probably knows in the end sticking with Holly is a bad idea. Only Holly fans will defend Holly, when shit hits the fan again.

No. 863544


Jared may check kiwifarms (especially since they're notoriously Anti-Heidi), but that ain't got shit on the power that a positive twitter feed has over Holly; She'd do literally anything for a pat on the head from her twitter followers, including armchair diagnosing her next boyfriend's wife.


Well, I think we know now that Jared isn't above bitch slapping someone with legal threats (though Hoelly has Grandpa's money to help fight it off), and will absolutely 100% throw ANYONE under the bus if it serves a purpose for him.

No. 863553

File: 1567562929201.png (26.72 KB, 585x173, Screenshot_247.png)

Anyone want to hedge bets on Holly trying to turn PedoDick into the "UWU BIRD DAD" to her "UWU BIRD MOM"?

No. 863555

File: 1567563053058.png (353.62 KB, 595x620, Screenshot_248.png)

When is she going to understand that there was literally not one single thing preventing her from playing D&D before? She could've taken Strix elsewhere, or just made a new character.

No. 863561


> jack_p


No. 863592

File: 1567567854312.png (36.01 KB, 592x335, Screenshot_249.png)

I wonder if Holly sees the shit that the people she follows tweet out and draws the connection to the shit she and PedoWorm are going through.

(sage for no new milk)

No. 863598

>"Pressure by fans"
christ, again with the "your honor, the slutty children MADE me ask them for tit pics!"
i hope holly never stops degrading herself for this pedo lmfao

>psycho granny
>naive cumrag
anon you are literally killing me

No. 863608

Female game dev emotionally abuses & cheats on her boyfriend of 5 months → GamerGate and the rise of the alt-right

Youtube gamer dude solicits & sends nudes as a power trip, received nudes from minors JOKES about it, cheats on his wife for half a year & gaslights her into oblivion → no, the kids are LIARS and MANIPULATORS who somehow tricked a successful man twice their age; and his WIFE is the insane one, obvs, she showed EMOTIONS

I still can't get over the hypocrisy of pj2 stans

No. 863609


Female game dev also caused someone to commit suicide with (probably) false allegations that he "dragged her around the house by her vagina" whatever the fuck that means

But one has a pp and made idiot mankids laugh, while the other one made a shitty game

No. 863610

I wonder if she was threatened with a libel lawsuit behind the scenes

No. 863616

No, for whatever faults she may have, she's a smart girl, she knows it could land her in deep shit if she says something that can be seen as slander, especially if its about Jared, because those supposed allegations doesn't involve her so speaking up/about it without actually knowing 100% is how you play yourself.

No. 863636


I wouldn't be too surprised, Anon. Some of the shit that they're trying to crucify Heidi for is the same shit that Jared/Holly have been pulling for weeks, if not months.


Heidi said a few weeks back that Jared was pulling all sorts of shit offline, so I wouldn't doubt that he hit her with one THEN - but the photoset from this morning was only up for MAYBE 2-3 minutes before she took it back down. Even if Jared saw it in those 2-3 minutes, there's no way he would have had time to have his lawyer draw up and deliver a cease-and-desist notice to Heidi in less than a few hours.

No. 863640

File: 1567580673812.png (151.29 KB, 589x444, Screenshot_250.png)

Called it. That art looks suspiciously like a witch (like Hoelly refers to herself) and a giant bird dude.

She really is going to try and make jared into the "UWU bird dad" to her "uwu bird mom".

God, Jared - can't you treat her like shit like you did with Heidi??

No. 863642

Holly Conrad - full transcript. https://t.co/H38EpgA37Z

No. 863643

File: 1567581007595.png (175.88 KB, 1080x1061, Screenshot_2019-09-04-08-10-43…)

Links down already. These stans are fast

No. 863644


Even archive broke, RIP.

No. 863646


Could be that imgur banned/blocked her from uploading after the ProStans mass reported her

No. 863647


No way Commander Hoebag has enough stans that these are being mass reported in a matter of minutes. You must only need a dozen reports or something by imgur standards. Not sure why Heidi hasn't moved to a different site yet.

No. 863650


If that was the case, they probably would've removed her two remaining posts, too.

No. 863651

Try going here https://imgur.com/a/61PBric
(replaced "gallery" with "a")

No. 863652


Hoelly better grab her ass. These are blowing her defense out of the water.

No. 863654

> "I'm goign to tell Ross everything after Anna's party"

But I thought he knew, eh Hoelly/Jared??

Lying sacks of shit

No. 863655


God I fucking love that Heidi kept all of her text messages.

No. 863656


Me too, Anon. Let's see the Bird Parents try to talk their way out of this one.

No. 863657

File: 1567582423033.jpeg (210.08 KB, 750x1188, AA702553-6246-4CB9-9B6D-C59B47…)

>Ross is much less perceptive than you

what a weird thing to even say

No. 863658

This whole thing is fucked up.

Holly admits that she was wrong about calling Heidi an abuser, and said "I have PTSD, I can't be yelled at for something that was an accident" as a way to get out of dealing with Heidi being rightfully angry.

Everytime I think I can't despise this woman more, I do. It's amazing.

No. 863659

Would it be cowtipping to make a YouTube video with a compilation of these texts?

No. 863661

the way holly acts in general is unbearable. I guess that’s trauma/mental illness or some shit but if you’re going to choose acting like a wounded puppy to avoid further scourge, you probably shouldn’t make the pretty severe, venomous claim that someone is an abuser behind their back….what did she expect…

No. 863663


I don't know if it'd fall under cowtipping, but I also don't want to see you get into trouble should Jared throw a cease-and-desist your way too.

No. 863664

I'm not a US citizen so I don't hie a shit lol.

No. 863665


I'd say more mental illness than trauma. Holly comes off as very manipulative, compared to Heidi who is just hurt and angry.

No. 863666


WAIT. I thought Holly was trying to push ScarletMoth into revealing Ross and Holly were in an open relationship "for years". Holy shit. Does Holly think the fact that her husband hypothetically saying he'd be okay if she hooked up with a woman means she is in an open relationship? This fucking messy bitch. She even acknowledges that Ross didn't know about her and Jared's "walk" and that she doesn't know if he'd be okay with her being with a dude.

No. 863667

Considering that Holly used a guy's suicide to try and get people to stop calling her a bad person (which she is), it's pretty obvious she'll take advantage of every possible opportunity she gets while also being a complete fucking idiot.

No. 863668


From what I can tell, Ross had okay'd Holly getting with another woman, but hadn't okay'd her being with a man - especially not his married friend.

Jesus, it just gets worse.

No. 863669

File: 1567583348755.png (105.9 KB, 609x376, Screenshot_251.png)


No. 863670

Seeing the “he loves and respects me” at the cutoff breaks my heart even more for Ross, and makes it look even more like she just used him
I ended up just skimming through the transcript, Holly just frustrates me too much at this point.

No. 863671


You should read the whole thing. It gets worse and is DEFINITELY Hoelly taking advantage of the way Ross loved her.

No. 863672

"Heidi!! Don't yell at me!! I have PTSD from you yelling at me for this shit the last time I did it!! uwu"

holy shit holly

No. 863673


If Ross did eventually give the okay for her and Jared to see each other, he was obviously coerced. She probably began threatening suicide and doing her usual song and dance of manipulation. At this point in February he had no idea they were exploring feelings and Holly did not have permission to see other men. A few months later they are separating. Totally sounds like a guy who gave Jared and Holly complete thumbs up to pursue something!

No. 863674


Especially considering Holly said "He loves and respects me" like she was going to coerce him into letting her do it by using that love and respect against him.

She's so fucking slimy.

No. 863675


I've never been so proud of some random internet celebrity I found out about through drama until now
Heidi, I wish you the best in life. Hopefully soon Holly and Jared will just be something you can laugh about soon.

No. 863676

File: 1567583912732.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 79E697DB-EFC5-4E6F-BD47-963916…)

sorry for the shitty cropjob but this is what was after that.

No. 863677


People should read this album and immediately go and watch the VR Chat video with Ross about emotional abuse in relationships. Try and pretend he wasn't talking about Holly after reading this shit.

No. 863678

And PJ2/KF are SILENT.

No. 863679

The pathetic white knights in the replies are giving me life

"All aboard the train to lonelyville!"

Bitch, Heidi is giving us life and watering my crops. Get fucked back to Holly's salt bath, next step: venereal disease.

No. 863680

Its extra hilarious that people are still saying like "stop airing dirty laundry" and "why even post this" as if Holly didn't cherry-pick from one of these exact goddamn conversations and Heidi is just giving it extra context.
Didn't ol' beaten up Jared speak out against cherry-picking screenshots? Shouldn't they be happy?

No. 863681

Remember all those "Holly posted screeenshot proof, why can't you Heidi?"

lol, what a bunch of pathetic pieces of shit

No. 863682

File: 1567584793986.png (326.79 KB, 1440x2560, chSbPkJ.png)

"I never brought it up again"

But guys, an anon on Reddit said Ross and Holly have been in an open relationship for years!!! Ross totally had a girlfriend!

No. 863683

Holly is literally the fucking worst. I didn't think I could loath her even more that I already did, but here we are.

Those ass backward, insincere, pathetic apologies and so many fucking EXCUSES. She is so slimy and calculated and manipulating, mental issues my ass. She knows exactly what she is doing. It is so easy to see right through her shit. Also, the "I didn't know/I can't remember" song and dance is pretty common with her and Jared, dear lord. We need some more bingo cards.

And helloooo proof that she DID cheat on Ross behind his back.

I can't wait to see her try to weasel her way out of this one.

No. 863684

And holly was online 26 minutes ago, so you KNOW she's seeing this shit.

No. 863686


She tries to buy Heidi's forgiveness with empty compliments and gifts. It's super manipulative and disgusting.

No. 863687

File: 1567585368178.png (651.06 KB, 529x913, journal.png)


Is it just me or does this picture look like it was taken during the day with sunlight?
Meaning she waited to post this until 1am?

Seems like she's trying to ignore it/redirect.

No. 863689


It could just be the lighting of whatever room she's in - though I wouldn't put it past her to try and redirect the situation, rather than acknowledge that giant bomb Heidi just dropped at her feet.

No. 863691


"keeps a journal"

Does he psychotically flip through it when he is confronted with his lies and infidelity??

No. 863692

File: 1567585499795.png (51.8 KB, 292x456, Capture d’écran 2019-09-04 à…)

If it took him 3 months for a couple screenshots he's a dumbass

No. 863693


I mean…..yeah, he's not the brightest bulb in the box. He stuck his dick in crazy, after all

No. 863694


They streamed the DnD campaign 6 hours ago. You can see in her room it gets darker as the time goes on.

Unless she carries her DnD RP items around and sets up "impromptu" pictures, which, lets face it she probably does.

Link if anyone wants it

No. 863695


Hell, I don't know. I want to give benefit of the doubt (lighting is weird in my house, I get it) - but she just makes it impossible to think of anything but disdain.

No. 863697

Do these texts between Heidi and Holly provide us with any new information or is it confirmation of old suspicions?

No. 863698


It's pretty much confirming that Ross did NOT know about any of this and that she once again apologizes for calling Heidi abusive (because it was a fucking lie)

No. 863699

This is from February 2018 right? I still think Heidi's behaviour was abusive (if reactive abuse) in 2019.

No. 863700


It was someone pushed to their breaking point after MONTHS of ongoing gaslighting and emotional abuse.

No. 863701

>> By this point, Holly and Jared had been exchanging, commissioning and writing pornographic fanfiction and art about their D&D characters for several months. They did this without actually consulting me or my comfort level at all, despite the fact that we had never had a conversation about polyamory at this point. I didn't push them together – I got pushed to the point of calling them out.

What the fuuuuhuuuck

No. 863703

Don’t bother, Anon. It’s a PJ2 stan; they’ve been reading our threads so long they’ve tried to integrate by using terminology we use here.

No. 863704


This just confirms that Hoelly really IS trying to play out some weird Diath/Strix fantasy.

No. 863706


Ah, my bad. Heidi has every right to launch Homewrecker and PedoWorm into orbit after the torrent of death and rape threats she's been receiving because of his "truth" video.

No. 863707

File: 1567586571700.png (12.71 KB, 375x62, Screenshot_252.png)


Also Holly: "I just want you guys to be happy!"

No. 863708

I know. That's why I said reactive abuse.

No. 863709

Yeah, I agree; Heidi deserves vindication and the right to be heard, and Jared and Homewrecker deserve to rot in Holly’s bird-shit encrusted house.

Also Holly: let me help you outta that there totally ABUSIVE MARRIAGE Jared! I only want to help using my vagina tho, uwu~

No. 863710

A cease and desist has no legal weight except as proof that the receiver was warned the sender didn't approve of whatever the C&D is about, so unless he actually files a lawsuit you're fine

No. 863713

'be careful what you wish for', right?

No. 863714

File: 1567587069743.png (73.22 KB, 1440x602, 8932752987543.png)

I recoiled at this bit.

No. 863718

Holly is so fucking slimy holy shit. Every other word out of her mouth is "sorry" but it doesn't mean a single thing

No. 863720


Right? Like how the fuck do you get THAT carried away that the line between reality and fantasy gets blurred? Play The Sims if you wanted to be with him so fucking bad - You don't blow up several marriages to get your rocks off.


Exactly. Sorry doesn't mean shit when you say it repeatedly and keep on doing the same shit you were before.

No. 863721

ill never get over her stupid fucking fake naive "Ive never had those feelings EVER I didn't know what was happening" bullshit. She's a grown woman and we're expected to believe she essentially went through some form of belated sexual awakening… when she was already fucking married. Bitch, please.
Even if she genuinely had never had sexual thoughts or feelings, at her age she should have had enough maturity to handle them with grace lmao. It's just such a lame fucking excuse.

No. 863724


Pro-tip: Asexuals aren't fucking stupid. They still understand what sexual attraction IS, they just know that they don't experience it.

Holly's "Uwu I'm too innocent to know what these feelings are!" narrative is 110% bullshit.

No. 863725

Exactly, i wouldnt blame her for crushing on a close friend, esp if her current relationship is more of a close friendship than anything. But it's unforgivable that shed start to act out like a bratty child demanding all of jareds attention because that's what is healthy for HER, fuck anyone else.
Jared is an idiot for trying to play them both, of course, abd i fully believe he'd try to weasel out of responsability saying that he felt manipulated but didnt know by who

No. 863726

Heidi posted her entire message history with Holly and people are replying that she is cherry picking. It's like these wks all learned a new word from PervJared's video.

No. 863727


THIS. Therapy 101 is how to acknowledge that your actions have real life ramifications for others - There's NO excuse for her continued behavior. Surely her shrink would've set her straight (unless Sara the Genius is also hoelly's shrink)


That's exactly it. It's the buzzword of the moment is all, just like when he used the whole "tainting the well" or what-the-fuck-ever he said.

No. 863732

Narcissists, by and large, are really fucking stupid, in terms of both IQ and life choices. Which, hey, we have not one but two exhibits of right in this thread lmao

No. 863734

File: 1567591097648.png (256.07 KB, 574x711, shirt.png)

Funny how Chai is considered unreliable and malicious because of "e-begging", but Holly's petty cAnCellED merch line is all ok and healing uWu. Heidi's got a point though, this would make a great and empowering shirt!

No. 863735


In that specific screenshot, Heidi said "I wish we would have gotten to have a full conversation about boundaries before they were repeatedly violated"

I had a white knight argue that that means that the boundaries didn't exist, because Heidi didn't explicitly tell Holly not to fuck her husband.

Hoelly's crew is on the next level of stupid.

No. 863738


Isn't it funny how in the span of a couple days Jared releases his response, begins streaming on Twitch again, and Holly opens her new clothing store? Talk about taking advantage of a situation! And it's all in time for Jared's birthday!

No. 863739


Begins streaming on Twitch again…..where he admitted to masturbating to the minor's nude photos, like a fucking idiot……

No. 863740

File: 1567591610947.png (858.86 KB, 518x794, uwutrash.png)

No. 863741


I s2g this better be the next thread picture.

No. 863742


Except it's not Heidi's job to explain the boundaries of her marriage to her husband's potential "lover". Jared should have told Holly the clear boundaries him and Heidi had laid out but instead he was a coward who forced Heidi to be the bad guy. He went home and let Heidi know all the boundaries Holly was crossing, pitted them against each other, and forced Heidi to clean up his mess. Such a fucking pussy.

No. 863744


Did anyone get a clip of this? Twitch has banned for a lot less.

No. 863745


From what I can see, the streams are all still up on his twitch - and that's after he's been reported. Then again, twitch has let people air all sorts of terrible shit…

No. 863746

Here's an archive link of that Holly text thread in case that imgur album also goes AWOL mysteriously:


No. 863750

File: 1567592977515.jpg (106.97 KB, 767x606, sadr.jpg)

Troons, tumblr, polyamory, not even once lol. This shitfest is what peak heresy looks like.

No. 863751

File: 1567593042675.gif (982.76 KB, 500x216, serveimage.gif)

>"I love Ross and care for him.
>I'm totally gonna respect your boundaries, Heidi.
>I want my relationship with Jared to be based on trust

No. 863756

The stans are openly admitting to reporting Heidi for her tweets against Holly - but this same person didn't say shit when it was pointed out that Holly released sexts between Heidi and Jared.

Talk about double standard.

No. 863759

Tbh i think they are all messed up but im really enjoying watching holly getting knocked off her high horse.

Probably because miss 'im ace im pure, i never cheated on anyone' is the slimiest of the bunch.

Ah sweet schadenfreude. How i wish Heidi would drop her texts between Jared.

No. 863760

As much as I don't care for JonTron , seeing Jared having crawl his way back the top and try to cater to Jon's audience after he threw Jon under the bus when Jon got fired from NormalBoots while Jon himself is thriving is some sweet karma.

No. 863762

So that same day he took pictures of his dick and sent them out into the web?
Fucking lmao.

No. 863765


Jontron is ok, his big crime was making a few remarks that people didn't like, uninformed or controversial as they may have been i don't believe it warrants such vitriol, it was really shitty how Jared and all the guys from that group turned their backs and use his situation to virtual signal, its really disgusting in hindsight,specially since he was supposed to be his friend, the hypocrite prick got it coming.

No. 863766

Even worse when Jirard in the beginning of this whole mess called out on Jared's creepyness and even donated to charity, only to take it all back and follow Jared again and even donate money to him on his streams. Super disappointing…

No. 863770

even then it sounded like virtue signalling at MAXIMUM. like, a friend of yours turns out to be a pedophile (allegedly) and your first response is not denial, is not anger, is not sadness, it's throwing 15k at charities to try and contain the shit spilling as much as possible?

at least the money went to a good cause, lol

No. 863771

i mean the guy is a white supremacist, bizzarely so being poc, but sure it's not that serious.

cant deny he's crazy talented though

i remember Hbomberguy almost spilling the beans about knowing that JTron has drug abuse problems, would love to see that milk

sorry for offtopic, will await judgment

No. 863774

sage for blog but I had my sexual awakening at 27 and I still have never been able to be selfishly sexual at the age of 29. It's possible.(Blogposting)

No. 863775

do you have any past trauma that you could use as a shield for shitty abusive behaviour, though? i think you're missing out on ruining your friends lives!

No. 863776

Nah, how she chooses to abuse that situation is her own choice. I'm just saying it doesn't HAVE to be made up.

No. 863777

there's a jontron thread but it's very dead and there's no mention of drug use there so idk

No. 863778


Also risking a ban to say that white supremacy is a big fucking deal. Jesus, what is the GG fandom?

No. 863779

File: 1567596947394.png (13.01 KB, 683x83, hoellypls.PNG)

So by Hoelly logic people who are abused can't empathize with others' pain? I can't tell if it's just her being manipulative or if she really thinks that's normal, and that her lacking empathy for others isn't something she should be having professionally addressed.

No. 863780

Can't say I'm shocked but the response to these new texts over at the PJ2 subreddit is abhorrent. None of these people have any idea about boundaries and don't seem to understand emotional cheating exists.

"She was jealous of the relationship between Diath and Strix!!!"

Well when your husband is commissioning porn of his OC fucking his friend's OC yeah…that's crossing a fucking boundary. Especially when Strix and Diath are obviously self inserts and the lines between reality and their game are being blurred by their out admission.

"She freaked out as soon as feelings were involved"

No, she freaked out when she found out Holly didn't love Ross romantically and only wanted to be with Jared. How fucking hard is that to understand? I know you people lurk here and discuss things on your Discord. Have an ounce of empathy and put yourself in Heidi's shoes and see how you'd feel. Also Holly admits that Jared got angry with her when she accused Heidi of being abusive. He immediately showed his wife the texts where Holly called her abusive. Doesn't sound like the actions of a man terrified to upset his wife.

No. 863781

>White supremacist
>last name: Jafari
>both parents are immigrants

Ok, lol, people really took a few shitty remarks and really ran with them for virtue signaling. He leans conservative, big whoop, he is not even a political youtuber and doesn't bring any politics into his own channels and work.

Sorry for derailing but just to put emphasis on the point that being accused of a wrong opinion is not the same as being accused of being a fucking pedophile and abusing his fans like Jared was.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863782

Honestly I feel bad because I don't think anything Heidi posts now will make the threats and their opinion of her change. She could literally post anything at this point and people would still just say she's lying. Her imgur links crashing has already got people saying she's being manipulative by deleting her posts. I want to see her btfo Holly and Jared more, but nothing will change the backlash at her at this point it seems.

No. 863787

Hopefully this whole ordeal has given Heidi a bit of spine because she has no self respect in these messages. There's being accommodating and then being a doormat. I hope she sticks with her righteous indignation.

No. 863797

kek I didn't know outright racism and white supremacy are """leaning conservative"""

Go watch JonTron's debate with Destiny, he's all over the place with his racist xenophobic nonsense.(Derailing)

No. 863806

>Holly: I’ve been abused so I turned off the part of me that empathises with other people
>Also Holly: If you pay me $30 a month I’ll send you a mental health tip!

But if she genuinely believes that people who’ve been abused don’t have to empathise with anyone else that certainly explains a lot.

No. 863812


So how are the white knights going to play the 'Ross and Holly were in an open relationship!' card when she literally says that Ross was ~MAYBE~ cool with her fucking other dudes?

No. 863813

I'm starting to think Ross did sign a NDA.

No. 863817

holy shit, poor Ross. imagine trusting your married partner for years, and they go off and start a fantasy DnD romance without telling you?
if Ross and Holly had actually talked seriously about having an open marriage, then why didn’t she tell him about Jared earlier, before shit went down??? just… wow. Holly truly sucks

No. 863818

File: 1567607604163.png (81.93 KB, 608x299, Capture d’écran 2019-09-04 à…)

You KNOW they would, though maybe Jared isn't too excited to get hitched again

No. 863819

Im so sorry for heidi, but that nightmare sounds hilarious lmao

No. 863823

Same here, otherwise there would be no way in hell that Jared or Holly would get away with putting words in his mouth like they've been doing

No. 863826

Props to Heidi for finally sticking up for herself, even when it makes her look bad. Out of all people in this scenario to me second to Ross I sympathize with her.

No. 863838

File: 1567610009731.png (15.83 KB, 551x135, Screenshot_20.png)

Holly attempting to emote like a human.

No. 863839

File: 1567610012892.png (13.2 MB, 1511x61342, 2019-09-04-18-16-imgur.com.png)

Full page screenshot, just in case

No. 863845

sage but the number of dndcels with 5 followers in Heidi's mentions is incredible

they're filled with rapey notions about consent and absurdly skewed notions of what constitutes verbal abuse. it's enough to make you think that the crazy Christian moral crusades against DND were inadvertently on to something

No. 863855

File: 1567611325879.png (423.16 KB, 1230x1442, ZGc4fEj.png)


Holly rediscovered her PTSD in February 2018 just in time to use it as a shield against talking to Heidi on the phone three days later

No. 863856

I wish people would stop leaving hate comments or empty gotcha questions on all of them. Even Hoelly and Pedoworm and I don't even like those two narcs. I keep seeing the WKs saying shut up or get over it to Heidi, when they could just block or mute Heidi.

No. 863860


>"shut up, get over and move on with your life"

>has posted ~50 unanswered tweets about Vic in the last 5 hours

No. 863862

Remember how Holly said she bought Heidi a gift as a way to try to coerce Heidi into forgiving her? And how it upset her and was borderline abuse that Heidi didn’t forgive her?

It was fucking coffee stout. That Heidi thanked her for.

No. 863864

maybe there were other gifts later, Holly has more money than empathy

No. 863882

The thing about NDAs is that they're hard to enforce even if someone did sign one in good faith. You can't penalize someone for using their right to free speech like that - same as those clauses on employment contracts forbidding employees from discussing their wages don't hold water in court. It's more about spooking people into compliance over actual enforceable consequences.

Can't blame Ross for not even wanting to fart in the general direction of this shitshow though.

No. 863885

It seems like it but it would be pretty unlikely. They would technically both need to sign one since Ross is actually more successful than Hoe, who has been running her mouth about how he feels/what he said.

The only real reason to sign one would be regarding assets, right? Like, don't say shit and I'll give you xyz? It doesn't seem like Ross kept half of the house profit since he was couch surfing after the divorce. Nor does it seem like he got half of her trust fund money. Holly immediately bought a house an such an expensive area that would equate close to what her house sold for, with a bit left over for savings. It appears Ross got shit, so an NDA would make no sense.

He may just want to keep quiet and have as little involvement as possible. If Ross says anything, it is going to kick up a huge amount of involvement for him through raging incels and his fans. He probably just does not want to deal with that wave of bullshit because in the end, Jared and Holly are just shitty people. The best it would do is give Heidi some validation, but I am not sure if they even knew each other so in weighing the pros and cons it may just not be worth it to him and his actual struggles in being cheated on and thrown away.

No. 863886

I know I'm screaming into the void, but she is so vile.

Weaponizing your mental illness and using mental illness to get out of accountability is so fucked up, Holly.

No. 863887


Ross' silence is deafening. He could have cleared Holly's name easily while revealing close to no personal details yet he chose not to. That to me is proof enough that Holly is everything we think she is in this situation.

No. 863888

File: 1567615626776.png (19.83 KB, 581x143, Screenshot_254.png)

Hoelly liked this post - She's so fucking stupid

No. 863889

She must have hurt him real bad for him to prefer his peace over setting straight the lies she's been peddling about him and their relationship

No. 863892

Oh absolutely. I mean, the proof is out that she cheated on him and then said doN't wORry hE wilL uNDerStand. Then threw him away. Him not defending her is huge and totally understandable after that.

>Holly, Jared, and their incel stans: cancel Heidi
>Heidi: releases proof
>Holly, Jared, and their incel stans: OMG CANCEL CULTURE IS BAD

No. 863898

People are trying to attack Heidi for bringing Ross into it now. Holly and her friends misrepresented the situation with Ross and deleted their comments several times back in May, first of all. Second, Holly got her buddy ScarletMoth to contact crazy Dan Pirro to give an interview where she lies and claims Ross and Holly were in an open marriage for awhile before the shit with Jared and that Holly's marriage was "toxic" for her at times. Then Jared brings up Ross IN HIS FUCKING VIDEO. So please tell me…how is this Heidi's fault?

No. 863902

Holly: "actually Ross was okay with me discovering romantic and sexual feelings for another man after years of marriage so it's fine"
PJ2 incels: "nothing to see here"
Heidi: publishes texts that mention Ross in passing while proving Holly was lying
PJ2 incels: how DARE YOU bring him into this you horrid whore

No. 863904

File: 1567617091092.jpg (46.58 KB, 545x545, shirt.jpg)

So does this imply that Holly's "Boundaries" shirt with the bird on it is an even more passive-aggressive dig at Heidi?

No. 863905

As an aside, can I just say I love that Jared linked a "Bring Back DCA" petition in his shitty apology video and it's not Dan's petition? None of them want to publicly touch that guy.

No. 863906


Considering every shirt from the new release works in mention of the drama (be it "cancelled" or "boundaries"), I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 863909

Holly making money off referencing the emotional abuse she put Heidi through is disgusting. I’m surprised she hasn’t been unverified yet for her abusive behavior.

No. 863910

Figures she admitted she doesn't actually experience empathy, I mean "turned it off due to her mother's abuse."

No. 863911


I haven't even heard from DanDan the man in a few days - thank God. Heidi needs to be able to say her peace, even though people are spamming that PJ2 link again, quoting it as evidence.

No. 863915

The word "boundaries" comes up so often in these texts where Heidi is explaining what Jared and Holly are doing wrong there is zero chance Holly isn't intentionally referencing this with her new merch alongside all the other smug, shit-eating "cancelled" crap.

No. 863920

who could have seen holly of all people being so mercilessly exPOSED in all the history of the lolcow GG threads?!
heidi is truly That Bitch tho! agree with the other anon saying they've never respected any e-"celeb" half as much kek

No. 863930

wym, it's not

No. 863932

File: 1567619464151.png (115.65 KB, 670x492, polyamorykek.png)

>I'm still willing to let Jared explore that in our relationship

But I thought Heidi was the big bad slut who opened their marriage and then regretted it? It sounds more like she realized she couldn't satisfy his raging nerd lust, allowed him to physically cheat on her, and then told herself "physical monogamy isn't necessary for a strong partnership" over and over to cope.

No. 863933

Fuck you're right, my bad.

No. 863936


She could post a video of Holly and Jared talking about how they're going to plan their posts and lie to make Heidi look like the villain and PJ2 would still screech "SHE'S MAKING PRIVATE PROBLEMS PUBLIC AND VIOLATING THEIR PRIVACY REE" instead of admitting that their favorite mediocre youtuber could be a creepy piece of shit

No. 863937

Honestly, I think it was obvious from the start. I genuinely don't understand if people who accuse Heidi of being wrong to control openness of her marriage are really that emotionally stunted or saying that on purpose to express their anger at something or some shit like that.

No. 863942

Nah, there's just being a shit person. Trauma and mental illness isn't an excuse to act like this, and she uses the whole tactic of "not fully understanding" that kids use to get out of trouble. And when that won't work, she pushes on her mental illness as a way to make whoever calling her out seem like they're ableist. Not realizing she feeds into how ableist society can be and make everyone else going through shit look bad, like, I get mental illness can cause you to have a warped view of things, but it doesn't make you this childlike "I don't udnerstand" way. Nor does it make you use it as a clutch, he'll, when most mentally ill people don't realize what they're doing they don't think it's their mental illness causing it.
And when they figure it out, if they're a decent human being they own up to it, if they're shit, they'll just victimize themselves and look for a pity party.
And this me speaking from experience of trauma and mental illness, as well as, dealing with people who I'm either friends or was formerly friends with.
When it comes down to it, what defines you as a trash person with mental illness is how you react once you've to gain self-awareness. You can either own up to it or you can double down and think being mental I'll justify your actions, we all know what Holly does.
And if her mental illness and trauma are that bad where she lacks the self-awareness of how her terrible actions affect herself and others, she would've been gotten help with that if she really was a good person at heart.

No. 863948

I meant to put "she would've gotten help by now if she was really a good person at heart."
But same difference, Holly is just a manipulative and terrible person at heart and just don't give a fuck about other people when it comes down to what she wants and her "needs" and well opt out to victimizing herself to get out of facing any repercussions for her actions.

Ross did himself a favor when they divorced, people like that are toxic as hell and need to fix themselves before even having any type of friendships with anyone, let alone a relationship.

The worse part is, because of PC culture people want to treat mentally ill people as people who can do no wrong because we're usually portrayed in a bad light, like, I don't think PC culture is inherently bad. But some things make it come off too black and white and ends up letting people like Holly get away with terrible shit because people are too scared to call out a mentally ill person.

No. 864056

Not a Zoe Quinn thread, take your unrelated tinfoiling elsewhere.

No. 864073

Lurking the SamandTolki subreddit. Since Boogie has went dark the people from PJ2 are taking over the place to make it an anti-Heidi reddit. It's amazing to me that they are praising Jared for the same shit they annihilate Boogie for.

Anyway, I expect Jared and Holly to ignore the new texts that Heidi revealed since there is no way to defend it. I'm sure the wks will say they are doing it to respect Ross eventhough Jared invoked his name in his video a week ago.

No. 864085


> "praising Jared for the same shit they annihilate Boogie for"

I've seen more than my fair share of PJ2 stans referring to Heidi as nothing more than a female Boogie - completely ignoring the fact that all she's done this far is expect her husband to communicate.

> "Ignore the new texts"

Nah, Hoelly will just passive-aggressively like tweets that anyone with half a brain cell will know where against Heidi until she finally snaps and pulls the "Seriously, just tell me why you hate me, what did I do wrong????" card again.

> "They are doing it to respect Ross"

The number of people jumping down Heidi's throat for mentioning Ross (in like one, maybe two sentences) while ignoring the way Homewrecker and PedoWorm brought him up in a much bigger context is just…..astounding.

No. 864089

File: 1567637534903.png (56.67 KB, 591x223, Screenshot_255.png)

Someone who's lost all will to live, go watch this and see if he mentions Heidi at all - We know his dumbass can't stay quiet for long

No. 864094

I feel bad for Ross especially with his mom having cancer. But Heidi doesn't really owe Ross anything. I think Ross hated Heidi too after being fed lies from Holly that Heidi was abusiving poor lil PedoWorm. Like I said before too bad Holly didn't have the guts to tell Ross at that moment that she no longer had feelings for him and that she wanted to save PedoWorm with "sexual healing".

No. 864095

Turned it on for 10 seconds. He looks like a middle aged butch lesbian today. I doubt he'll mention Heidi though. He only brings her up in any controlled instances where he has time to spin a narrative.

No. 864096


I also think we're doing a lot of speculating on "Well, Ross felt X, Y, Z". We should focus on the definitives instead of the "maybes" since he refuses to speak out (as is his right). Like, we know for sure that Holly went into this whole thing with PedoDick while hiding it from her husband and without any idea if he'd even be okay with her in a relationship with ANY other man.


I mean, the dude apparently admitted in a different stream that he jacked it to the nudes of the minor, so clearly he goes by the "open-mouth-insert-foot" school of thought.

No. 864097

File: 1567638258466.png (494.38 KB, 1064x698, firefox_2019-09-04_19-01-34.pn…)

late with the shirt stuff but i feel like we need a screenshot of the "canceled" shirt for the lols

No. 864098

Heidi said a while back she felt Ross hated her, that's why I stated that. But you are right we don't know the full story.

No. 864106


I still think the "Ross hates you" thing was something Jared told her to keep her from personally asking Ross about PedoWorm and Hoelly fucking around. It's an isolating tactic that emotional abusers use frequently - convincing them that everyone hates them, so that the only person they feel they could depend on is their abuser.

No. 864107

This model looks like a palette swapped Boris Johnson

Well, all of Holly Conrad's "designs" looks stale and zero effort, but hey. That's so her.

No. 864109

File: 1567639493276.png (20.34 KB, 1111x266, sandt.PNG)

No. 864110

This is such a stupid fucking shirt and leave it to Holly to only understand the bare bones of the evil eye for aesthetic reasons.

No. 864112


The kicker is that she's already shoving the blame onto the photographer (or will, when it starts getting critiqued) - and was bragging about having given the photographer creative license to be "unique".

ProPedo recommended him as someone to do cosplay photos in the PNW

No. 864114


>ProPedo recommended him as someone to do cosplay photos in the PNW

Are you kidding? He's recommending Heidi's friends to Holly?

No. 864115


That Ukelele_punk is friends with Heidi? That'd be fucked if he wants to be friends with her and still be all jokey/friendly with Hoelly and her brood

No. 864116

File: 1567639985673.png (102.41 KB, 596x683, Screenshot_256.png)

I guess it was for DnD, not cosplay - my mistake

No. 864120


I loved the post where the guy calls Heidi a crazy cunt and then when you read the comments he admits he didn't even read all the texts. Then someone says Heidi is sleeping with multiple dudes and someone asks for proof of that. Instead they are buried in downvotes with no proof shown.

No. 864121


Matched only by the ones on twitter who keep saying that Heidi essentially forced Jared to fuck Holly when all she did was ask them to confront their feelings to figure out where they stood, not to suck 'im off after every therapy session.

No. 864125

File: 1567640514560.png (16.23 KB, 461x167, Screenshot (13).png)

This is one of the only bits of negativity in the chat that I spotted so far.

Holly then joined the chat shortly after.

No. 864126

Yeah I noticed that one
>"Heidi acting like a crazy cunt towards Holly!"
>"I skimmed it. Didn't sit well with me how Heidi seemed to be taking all her anger out on Holly."

No. 864133


I "love" that reaction. We watch that stupid video, have a differing opinion and are told "DiD YoU WaTcH tHe ViDeO???"

They, on the other hand, don't even read the entire text thread, and that's supposed to be okay.

No. 864136

Now she’s posted proof, the amount of comments saying it’s now her fault for making this public and to stop is just fucked.
The actual fuck is wrong with people?

No. 864137


>"Heidi fucked tons of other guys!!"

>Someone asks for proof
>"Well she admitted to fucking other women!"
>Once again ask where is the proof she slept with multiple men
>Person points out Jared slept with other women as well during their marriage

No. 864154

If it involves a woman, all logic goes out of the door.

No. 864162

File: 1567648551780.jpg (11.89 KB, 113x242, pervsmods.jpg)

Looks like Wormboy rewarded two of his flying monkeys with moderator status on his Twitch. Dan Pirro, aka SweetestRads, the man behind the pathetic sub 1k petition in favor of Jared and Holly. Most recently known as the man who tried to drag Ross' name through the mud by revealing details from ScarletMoth about how Holly and Ross had an open marriage for years and how their marriage was toxic for Holly. "Leave Ross alone!!" btw. Oh, and there is CupcakeValkyrie! Serial Twitter harasser and acclaimed author of the TUMBLR TRUTH BLOG!

Jared once again throwing his power and weight around by giving his most loyal fans approval and affection for their undenying loyalty.

No. 864173


Better yet, wait until the VOD has been mirrored. Don’t give him the extra view.

No. 864179

why does the model have a busted face and a bloody nose, are they trying to imply that being "cancelled" is on par with being physically abused/beaten? Not a good look.

No. 864180

Holly forever painting herself and everything she creates as a victim. The internet metaphorically beat her up, the innocent uwu bird mom harmed by cruelty.

No. 864192


Dan lost any semblance of credibility when he started that "I COULD release this evidence - It's SUCH good evidence - Will release tonight…..oh no wait, hoelly told me not to, so I won't!" bullshit.

CupcakeValkyrie….tbh, I'd be surprised if Jared wasn't dicking her down or at least having some weird cyber affair with her. She is way too fanatical about things for there to NOT be something going on (tinfoil, I guess)

No. 864195

File: 1567659011067.png (400.4 KB, 557x440, screenshot18.png)

For what it's worth, Nate and Anna were at PAX West peddling their new "Fantasy Inspired Streetwear" clothing line. I guess it's their new business venture together? Bet it drives Holly insane that they're able to just fly under the radar with zero consequence like that lmao. Cristina Vee was also apparently there.

No. 864196

File: 1567659023165.png (392.62 KB, 587x496, Screenshot_260.png)

PedoWorm is NOT a man of mystery.

We've already seen all there is to see, including his weird dick.

Now, if by "mystery" you meant "Man of complete and utter bullshit", then you may be on to something…

No. 864198

The level of cringe in this twitter post is revolting.

No. 864199


> "the true key is covering yourself"

Nah, the true key is covering your head with a paperbag and never leaving the fucking house again, lest you potentially run into another minor you'd like to masturbate to, you fucking cringy douche.

No. 864200

File: 1567659403329.png (1.05 MB, 950x595, screenshot19.png)

Brand is called "Cantrip", flipped through their little book thing, they had a whole portfolio at their booth of just the two of them modeling their shirts etc. Are they publicly together now? Did I miss that? I guess PAX was the "debut" of some of their shit. https://www.instagram.com/cantripbrand/

No. 864201

Jared is so devastated the he and Holly feel the need to cash in on him being a pedophile.

Seriously fuck these people.

No. 864202


The difference is that their clothing is unique and wearable - whereas Hoelly's clothes are literally just her trying to cash in on the current drama with some "uwu look how not like other girls" flare in terms of the color and eye thing.

No. 864205

Holly's release of that ProWorm pic the very same day as Heidi dropped the bombshell texts?

It comes off as "Oh yeah? Well, I got jared!" move that you'd expect from 12 year old girls on the playground.

Jared's no fucking prize, Homewrecker.

No. 864209

for some reason i thought this picture was cropped like how twitter cropped it, (as in from the neck up) but his face is literally in there, in the whole picture. 'man of mystery' my ass i've seen his whole entire weird ass mushroom dick and i can never forgive for that

also the way homewrecker is profiting off them being 'uwu cancelled' is hella gross. more and more homewrecker side ho and peenjared come off as extreme narcs

No. 864212


Just checked the store website

They also have a bunch of shirts that say "boundaries' (which is HIGHLY ironic), those shirts that just say "cursed" and that weird "I eat shit I guess" art that Hoelly drew.

The CHEAPEST thing was an $11 coffee cup.

So in addition to profiting off of her being a homewrecking idiot, she's also ripping people off to wear her buzzword-of-the-moment.

No. 864213


Even more ironic is that the majority of her shirts aren't even designed by her, she has an artist she partners with. In before she says the artist ripped her off when she doesn't deliver on her goods.

No. 864215


Eh I looked on the photographer who took the merch photos and he said Holly let him do whatever. He also posted a side by side of the cancelled merch photo with the body face, and an Andrew WK album cover(I think that's who it is??) Where the artist has a similar bloody appearance and"how he's surprised no one made the connection yet."

No. 864220

File: 1567664038493.jpeg (90.92 KB, 370x370, 4DF6A76D-9055-4035-B697-47A6C8…)

>he's surprised no one made the connection yet

Imagine being so deluded about your level of talent kek

No. 864221

Holly should totally make a shirt that says, "Ahkshually, It's ephebophilia". I'm sure some of Jared's fans will enjoy it too!

No. 864222

holy shit
her incel/MRA stans would go ham for that
it's like their fucking battlecry anyway lmfao

No. 864225

rantgrumps was crying about this, as if Jared didn’t directly mention Ross and speak for him. But nope, Heidi is an evil bitch that’s dragging Ross into it.

“The age of consent in most of the US is actually 16”

No. 864231

File: 1567666219006.jpg (10.41 KB, 540x540, mockup-93d2ff50_540x.jpg)

I'm still laughing over charging $40 for this hideous thing.

The model pics are all kind of trash tbh. It's mostly distracting from the product and there's pictures of models yelling and mid blinking? I guess it's all just too artsy for my hater brain.

No. 864234


> "age of consent….16"

I had one try to argue that anything above 12 didn't count as pedophilia because the states could, theoretically, make 12 the age of consent. It's pretty fucking disgusting.


It's literally just primary colors in a puffy font. Who the fuck is going to pay $40 for a $5 white sweatshirt with an iron-on transfer slapped on there?

No. 864239

File: 1567669871389.png (40.04 KB, 596x603, Screenshot_263.png)

This just in from our royal hoeness' liked posts:

If you don't think an alleged pedophile and abusive homewrecking piece of trash belong in the limelight, you're a troll, choosing to remain uninformed, or have "admitted to fantasizing about destroying the show" (cough cough HEIDI)

No. 864246

I just love that she STILL can't accept her role in this shitshow - It's clearly just the "haters", not her boytoy who admitted to jacking it to minors or the fact that she started trying to bang him while she was with Ross and Heidi was with Jared.

Narc at it's "finest"

No. 864247


12k is such a measly amount too lol

No. 864253

Nobody's giving them their show back knowing that Jared's defense is shaky at best (if you're not an MRA incel), and outside of the whole cheating scandal Holly constantly creates controversy like when she made Etika's suicide about herself. Companies won't sponsor them, and I doubt their old co-hosts will want to to near the people who cost them their jobs in the first place. The best they can do is start a new one and make new characters that they can use as self-inserts to fuck each other. Better yet, Jared will do the same with one of the new co-hosts and Holly will get to experience what they did to Heidi herself.

Side note, that nightmare Heidi had really couldn't be more accurate. The two of them are clinging to this show because without it, they have to be together as the people they are, not as fantasy characters engaged in some ~mystical~ love affair.

No. 864254


I bet she was losing her fucking mind when MatPat drew connections between Etika and Cancel Culture the last few days. She was probably on cloud 9 "SEE? ITS NOT JUST ME THATS A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!"

No. 864255

File: 1567673675629.png (205.51 KB, 591x362, Screenshot_264.png)


Yep, I think you're right.

Both of them are WAY too attached to their characters because they realize THAT is what their relationship was based on, not a genuine fondness for one another

No. 864262

I gotta say they have pretty cute stuff, the black hoodie on Anna looks like something I'd wear

No. 864263

Why that screenshot? It's a Final Fantasy thing, no relation with DCA

No. 864264


Anon must've gotten it mixed up with a Dca thing. you squint hard enough and two of the characters look kind of similar to Strix and Diath

No. 864281

dont do ff9 dirty like that lol

No. 864306

File: 1567687272599.gif (975.5 KB, 299x223, NO-Gif.gif)

>squint hard enough and two of the characters look kind of similar to Strix and Diath

No. 864313

>It's literally just primary colors in a puffy font.

It’s comic sans, making it even worse. She only made this shirt to spite Heidi calling the splatoon cosplay (that Holly barely working on) cursed.
Holly is a bratty child.

No. 864380


Is literally every part of this girls clothing line just trying to slap Heidi in the face?

And PJStans say Heidi is the one obsessed… lol

No. 864383


The world doesn't revolve around Heidi, ffs.

No. 864387

That's the point.

No. 864406

It is so painfully obvious everything Holly does is just… desperate and derivative. No originality.

And her "clothes line" (fucking lol) exhibits her absolutely shit taste. No eye for aesthetics, quality or apparently partners, either. I still can't believe she jettisoned someone like Ross for someone like Jared.

No. 864419

It's kind of hilarious that Holly tried to accuse Heidi of benefiting off of Jared being exposed because she got some new followers. In that time she never once made a Youtube video, streamed on Twitch, or sold merchandise that referenced the situation.

Now we have Jared immediately returning to the public eye after his video. A video that basically said "yeah, I jacked off to underage nudes but I didn't realize it!" He is streaming on Twitch every day. Holly launches her new website. On it she references the scandal and tries to profit off of it with merch. Both are trying to take advantage of the situation and make money from it. Sure looks like the actions of traumatized abuse victims!

No. 864435

>Sure looks like the actions of traumatized abuse victims!

Now, not defending these two, but even abuse victims have been caught profiting off of it before, that isn't anything new.

No. 864444

Yeah, I guess that's the point? DnD shit that doesn't necessarily look like DnD shit. I don't play but it was some pretty cute stuff tbh. I guess I'm just more confused about what their deal is now? They're publicly starting a business together? Just interesting in contrast to Holly and Jared, you'd think they'd still be laying kind of low, especially since Geoff passed. I wonder how Cristina was doing being at the same con as them.

No. 864449

Hoelly Cumrag: “I’m so broke because of cancel culture, I will have to work at a coffee shop. The HORROR!”

Also Hoelly: “I’m gonna buy an expensive fur suit black to make another bird OC!”

No. 864498

Goes to show how Heidi was a scapegoat for Jared when the porn blogs blew up. No one really gives that much of shit about cheating and affairs. Celebrities do it all the time and still sell tickets. Jared was caught in an abuse of power.

No. 864503


That's actually one of the WK's biggest arguments, about people who sell nudes.

"They run websites where minors could see the porn - what's the difference?"

The difference is that they're not abusing their power to get nudes of their fans - In fact, I'd imagine most of them don't WANT to be sent nudes.

Jared slapped his name on the blogs (sinjared? fucking what?) KNOWING that it would coerce his fans into sending the nudes to his blog, one of the seven at least.

No. 864505

File: 1567714230376.png (57.06 KB, 596x454, Screenshot_265.png)

Heidi's still planning on doing the livestream - I'm curious to see what evidence she hasn't released yet

No. 864510

File: 1567714392093.png (22.59 KB, 592x235, Screenshot_266.png)

Let's see how PedoWorm and Hoelly's far right supporters like seeing this shit under her liked posts

No. 864513


It's creepy af, worse with underaged people, but it's still creepy and morally wrong to get/send nudes with fans

They act as if they don't know what fan obsession is, that some people will do literally anything to be even acknowledged by someone they idolize. The same people going out harassing Heidi in the name of Jared. The lack of self awareness is uncanny.

But then again I guess they don't know what it's like to have anyone fawn over them. Their obsession with defending Jared is worse than it is to think what he did was okay

No. 864522

If Johnny Depp opened up a "body positive safe space for consenting adults only" on tumblr, he would get shit for it - and rightfully so. Jared acts like he's a household name until he gets caught fucking up, then suddenly his fame is irrelevant and everyone criticizing him is just a prude. You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to lament the fact that your audience is mostly male, trade nudes with people who consider themselves fans of yours, and then throw your arms in the air when children get involved. This outcome was entirely predictable. No well-adjusted adult calls themselves a fan of Projared. They may watch his content and enjoy it, but normal people don't go out of their way to try and get the attention of some guy who makes youtube videos about super nintendo games. That's immature, or maladjusted behavior.

No. 864528

File: 1567718307193.png (348.12 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190905-171455.png)

I don't think she copied them, but I was thinking that this reminded me of something. For $10 more, you could get an actual hoodie, with a better color scheme, and an embroidered logo.

No. 864529


I would 110% not put it past Hoelly to see that, copy it (with tweaking it JUST enough to scrape past any sort of copyright infringement), and then claim "OMG LOOK AT MY TOTALLY ORIGINAL IDEA PROFITING OFF OF MY FUCKBUDDY'S WIFE'S RAGE!!"

There's enough similarity there for whoever runs Smosh's merch to issue some kind of legal warning to Holly.

No. 864532

File: 1567718614553.png (157.97 KB, 590x511, Screenshot_267.png)

This is saltier than Salt Lake City - and I am living for it.

No. 864539


Right. Even if the allegations weren't true, I'm sure several people wouldn't be too comfortable associating with him.

I can see Jared & Holly rallying their stans to browbeat WotC into accepting both of them

No. 864541

File: 1567720117339.png (119.71 KB, 593x540, newmerch.png)

No. 864542


Yeah, well, little do they know that by activating their fans into harassing these companies into bringing them back, all Homewrecker and WormDick are doing is pissing them off and making it LESS likely to bring them back.

No. 864543


Price tag: $6000 and the low, low cost of your soul

No. 864546

There was a drama in the French Youtube community (#BalanceTonYoutuber) because youtubers were taking advantage of young women (and underaged women) to have sex/nudes etc.

And the thing is, men don't think it's wrong to use your power and influence over your fans to get nudes. They don't think it's wrong because they want to be in Jared's shoes.

No. 864565

Sadly, given the D&D social media manager is Hoelly stan Lysa Chen, she's probably telling her superiors that the support for Hoelly and WormJared is super great and positive.
That Chris Perkins never stopped following either is also a sour sign.

No. 864567


That's the worst part. Dude can openly admit to having jacked it to naked minor(s), and still have a career afterwards.

No. 864569


Yep. Both Jared & Holly are all about paying-off & pulling-strings to get what they want.

No. 864570

I'm hoping cooler, higher-up heads prevail and they remain blacklisted.

No. 864571


I can't imagine bribes are cheap; She'll blow through Grandpa's money soon enough and be left with nothing to disguise her god awful personality and her manboys pedophilia choices.

No. 864572


Same, but I doubt it. Jared & Holly are just sitting back while their thirsty & abusive fanbase tries to strongarm them back into the picture.

No. 864573

File: 1567723242718.png (19.42 KB, 590x179, Screenshot_268.png)

That awkward moment when someone who cheated on their husband quotes the catholic pope

I'm pretty sure that "Thou shall not commit adultery" is one of the commandments, isn't it Anna?

No. 864575

I'm sure it'll be a gradual thibg.
First Hoelly guest stars on Tales From The Mists (Lysa Chen's show on the official D&D Twitch, Hoelly's friend Kayla is also in the cast), probably followed by an appearance by WormDick somewhere, and then they revive DCA.

No. 864578

Both Nate & Anna seem like they want to move on…

Meanwhile, Holly & her stans are pushing that petition around…

No. 864582

Yeah, I'm sure WotC, which is owned by Hasbro, is going to be strongarmed by a few internet crazies to bring back and showcase a sexual predator. They'll love explaining to parents that they are employing a guy who you can't Google without the words "underage", "nudes", and "porn" popping up.

No. 864586

Have Anna and Nate signed it?

No. 864588


I tried to see, I don't think there's any way to know.

Though I did see one commenter literally comparing the "cancel culture" of this whole thing to Lynching…..so that's a thing that's happening….

No. 864592

File: 1567725277342.jpg (159.86 KB, 601x446, 20190905_190703.jpg)

Their fanbase is beyond entitled & impatient.

"There! He's 'innocent'! Now continue DCA!!!"

No. 864596


> "All parties have been (presumably) exonerated"

Yes, Jared showing ONE (1) text of him saying "real quick, you're 18+ right?" has SURELY wiped away the fact that just one day later he admitted to masturbating to the minor's nude photos.

But you cannot honestly believe that out of SEVEN porn blogs, only ONE minor sent him nudes. You don't have to be a statistician to know that the likelihood is that there were many, many more.

No. 864598

WotC won't want Jared back. I remember the quartering got banned for life by WotC for harassment. Like others have said before WotC banned or/and fired others for less. Jared tries to say he mostly has adult fans but fails to realize WotC wants to appeal to minors. They don't want to depend on just adults with nostalgia, they are looking for their new generation of customers to continue making that money.

No. 864599

Yeah I'm sure they are cool with Jared using the DCA fanbase as his own personal porn provider. Clearly the CP allegations were the only issue with continuing DCA.

No. 864602


They can't even say D&D is just for adults, anymore. With Stranger Things centering around D&D, it's been opened up to a whole new generation.

Maybe the majority of Jared's fans are in the 20-40 age range, but if there's even just ONE minor in there, then the adults need to step up and protect that minor from people like ProPedo who would cause irreperable psychological harm (I mean look at unogirl and how fucked in the head she is to actually believe Jared's lies that she's special, etc.)

No. 864603

Boogie is also blacklisted for some incredibly shitty takes. WotC doesn't fuck around.

No. 864612


You know for a fact that if Nate/Anna signed it, that Holly and Jared would post about it for an hour and why more people should join too.

No. 864616


Remember, Jared has been around since Nov 20, 2006
I don't know how long he's uploaded for, but that's 13 years. His 20 year old fans probably started when they were 7.
His oldest video on the channel is 8 years ago (Though he probably made vids before that, just deleted them). That would be an army of 12 year olds that grew up watching him.

Even more likely, children tend to lie about their age when they make accounts so that content isn't locked for them, so the age average is already heavily screwed with.

No. 864620

File: 1567727479471.png (12.34 KB, 568x105, Screenshot_271.png)

They're kidding, right? Judging is all you geniuses do.

No. 864623

>We here at TrashCoven.com do not judge.

"Heidi is unfixable!"

No. 864624

Everyone posting the viewer age stats on Jared’s channel conveniently miss the fact that the stats are taken from 2018.

The guy was soliciting nudes from fans in 2014. It’s like they forget how people age.

No. 864626


"Heidi is abusive…..just kidding, I said that because she yelled at me for trying to fuck her husband….BECAUSE SHE IS ABUSIVE FOR NOT LETTING ME FUCK HER WORMDICKED HUSBAND!"

No. 864637

I was scrolling through the petition to bring DCA back and couldn't help but notice a lot of responses saying "don't watch" or "don't really do D&D, but I want to show my support!" Kek at the non-fan, gross neckbeards that try to shut down any rape allegation made and don't give a shit about Holly or Jared as performers. I'm not trying to say it's mostly non-fans signing, but I find it hilarious Mr. Feminist and a SWJ with a TERF hair cut, manic panic are getting the exact crowd that would ruin the image they spent so long polishing.

No. 864651

File: 1567732055515.jpg (18.14 KB, 207x207, whut.jpg)

He's not exactly the posterboy for the alt-right, that's for sure, and Holly got really upset when people called her "Mom" because she claimed it was sexist.

No. 864674

sage for zero contribution and major tinfoil but on today's episode of twilight princess (which are recently recorded because they'd taken a break), but at 2:52 basically Arin accidentally drops a bomb right at Link's feet, checks his menu, runs off (Dan notices this and says he should run) and eventually the bomb explodes and Arin is all "what just exploded?" and Dan is like uh, the bomb you just dropped earlier, and Arin is all what bomb?, acting dumb about it, and Dan and Arin laugh and Dan goes "are you gaslighting me right now?" and they both giggle and make gaslighting jokes

idk it just seemed random but also oddly relevant. Especially since this is proooooobably after the whole Jared side of the drama. The date at the beginning says 9/11 but that must be a fluke of the console because it says Tuesday and 9/11 fell on a Tuesday in 2018, not this year. I'm guessing they probably haven't updated the date and time for some reason.

Even random youtube comments are vaguely alluding to this scene and also implying it's related to jared/holly/heidi.

No. 864681


I only saw one comment that could allude to being about Holly/Jared/Heidi.

Also the comments are saying this was recorded a month ago…

No. 864683


the comments I saw personally weren't calling it for what it is, but just mentioning that scene. Idk, that's why I said major tinfoil, it's just that I've been watching GG for years and Arin doesn't usually play dumb in that sense. He plays an angry/stupid character yes but he rarely if ever does those types of jokes, that's all

No. 864685

This is the biggest fucking reach lol

No. 864719

This was posted threads ago and it was a reach then too
They don't do jabs at people to keep out of hot water. Plus they've been doing gaslighting jokes for a long time

No. 864729

I wonder how many nudes Jared is going to get now that his new fanbase is a bunch of 'Gaters/neckbeards/incels? Kek.

No. 864730


Jared doesn't need to get the nudes now that all it takes is a kind smile and "How are you?" message to get people like unogirl to actually fuck him upon request.

No. 864850

Why hasn't there been any posts for the past 13 hours?

No. 864854

His character had its mini from GF9 cancelled and was also yanked from Idle Champions, but Strix is still in both so sadly Holly at the very least will possibly be allowed back.

No. 864857

No chance that'll fly, WotC is not a small company who could be swayed by a few thousand idiots. DnD is in full renaissance thanks in part to marketing it as diverse and inclusive and they won't compromise that by supporting an abusive pedophile. Even if he "disproves" part of the allegations against him there's too much reprehensible behavior there for WotC to ever touch him with a ten foot pole.

No. 864859

It was a different video, this one was just released yesterday. I don't think this is a reference to Jared either though.

No. 864899

File: 1567789514631.png (218.48 KB, 1170x648, JGkeiF2.png)

Since she got back from the hospital, Holly has repeated spoken of her experience as a victim of her mother's abuse. It is part of the reason that she claims she can recognize that Heidi was "abusing" ProPedo.